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Florida Sentinel Bulletin

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Florida Sentinel Bulletin
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African American newspapers ( lcsh )
African Americans ( lcsh )
Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 65, no. 94 (July 16, 2010)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
July 16, 2010
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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. Celebrating 65 Years In The Tampa Bay Area c:c c a: 0 ....I LL. VOL 65 NO. 94 FRIDAY JULY 16 2010 48 PAGES 75 Salon Compel s For Hoodie Award SEE P AGE 3A Atty. I Sorority's lnt 111ational President SEE PAGE 2 A SEE PAGE 23A ., Africa n Prov W h a t i s in the s t o m ach ca rri es wha t is i n t h e h ea d Aunt Accused 01 Hindering Manhunt Fired Bv Police Dept. SEE PAGE 3-A Th\: \ \\"an tC'n ln-. 11th ANNUAL BUF F ALO OLDI R MILl A Y BALL


0 c; Features N <0 .,..... Anv. Carolvn House Stewart Elected 28th International President Of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororitv, Inc. O n Thursday, .Jul y 1 5, 2010, A tt o rn ey Carolyn H o use S tewart o f Tampa b ecam th e 28t h Int e rn a ti o n a l Pr esident of Alpha Kappa Alpha oror ity I n corpora t e d T h e convention was h e ld at the t. Loui s Con ve ntion C nt r in St. Loui s, Mis souri. Alph a K appa Alpha memb rs liv in communities in th Unit d Stat and around the world Ther ar approximat l y 9 7 5 chapters wor l dwid with around 250,000 m embers Atty. House-Stewa.rt gradual d from B rando n c High c h oo l Tampa; th A lTV. a: University of South Lt.. Florida Tampa; and the Uni rsity o f uth Carolina Law School. Presently h e is a partner w ith <( McFarlane F e rgu on and McMull n Law Firm Tampa. c h e i married t o tty. D lano t wart a nd ffi he i th m th e r o f o n aught r I h n :l t wart. tty. H u t wart th d u ht r .... > a: w > w c w (/) Automobile Accidents All Serious Injury Claim Wrongful Death Nursing Home Abu e Medical Malpractice lip & Fall o f Mrs. Mary Myers o f Tampa. S h e i s a n active m embe r and f o rm e r trus t ee of Alle n T e mpl e A. M E. Churc h Rev. Michael Bouie P a s t or. Th l oca l c h apter o f Gam m a The t a Omega, Alph a Kappa Alpha orority, M r s D i a n a Allen Quinn, president, ponsored a gal a ce l ebra ti o n o n Thursday ni ght, July 1 5, 2010 a t the Co n v nti onin t.Louis, hon o ring their local c h apt r m mber, Atty. t -wart. Th leg nt I nstallation R c ption w planned b y 1h nd Century Celebration Committee" of amma Th ta Omega, AKA ro ri ty. Alpha Kappa Alp h a ro ri ty, Incorporated was founded in 19 a t H o w a rd niv it y in W b-ington a a college-b rarity and in -corpora in 1913 in W hin g t on, Th fi t gradu t chapt ta r bed in hi in 1 13. Proiect oners Intervention And Treatment Nationally, th e majority of s ub s tan ce ab u se programs t arge t a population fr o m t ee n age r s up to indi v idu a l s in th e ir mid -40s or earl y sos. Th e Florida BRITE Proj ec t s p ecifically targe t s elderly c iti ze n s Th e Bri e f Interve ntion a nd rre a tm e nt For Elde r s (BRJTE) Pr o j ec t i s d es ign e d to serv e individu a l s .55 yea r s a nd o ld e r a nd id e ntify non-dependent substance abuse or presc ription m e dication iss u es, and to provid e e ffe c tiv e service strateg i es prior to th e ir need o f more e xt e n sive or s p ec ializ e d substance abuse treatme nt. For more information on the BRJTE Proj ec t call (813) 232-3200. More Than 60 APPIV For vacant Citv council Seats On M onday, the City of Tampa ended the period in whi c h citize n co uld appl y for two vacant sea o n the Tampa ity Cou n c il. The persons selected will serv e until the elections are h e ld in March 201L More than 6o peo ple applied t o serve as Interim City Council m embers. The u ccess ful candidat 'vill replace Linda Saul Sen.a in District 3 qod John Dingfelder, 4 both resigned to pursu e seats o n the Hillsborough County Boar d of Commissioners. Sitting members of City Council will conduct interviews on Monday, July 19th to select the successful applicants. They will be sworn in to office on Thurday, July 22nd, during the regular City Council meeting. Superintendents Have Concer s bout FCAT Results l.l 1ll' f II,"{,'\ '' r 1 ," \ 1 \'II ,h, J:. \' i' "':':':


"T1 Features :c Salon Competes For Third Chief Said KinshiP Had 'No Hoodie Awards Title Role' In Firing Emplovee The ladies ofM Salon 1 have once again been nominated for the title of "Best Beauty Salon" in the Hoodie Awurd.s CompetWun. Shown in this photograph from left to right ure: Samantha G., Usa C ., Micheline 8., owner, Kym J., CeCc M., und Jcssicn W. BY IRJS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor A Tampa hair a l o n wa r e ce ntl y nominated in th e cate gory of "Best Beauty Salon" category in th e H oodie Award that will t ake plac e next month Thi i the third time th e h o p ha been in the national co m petition Mr. and Mr Anthony (Micheline) Barber, owner of M a l on 1 and s t yli. t s. Samantha G. LiSJl C., Kym J i CeCe M. and Jessica W. are hoping that hi tory repe a t s i t self. The bop wa nominat d in 2008 and again in 2009. They won first place both times. The cu tomers taff and supporters of M Salon 1 Beauty Shop are hoping to cap ture the title for the third con ecutive year. The voting will tak pia on Monday, July 19th from 6 a.m. until 6 p m Steve Harvey, of th Steve Harvey Show, broadcasts l ocally on WBTP 95 The Beat, is the pon sor of th awards how. Harvey a llow s lis t e ners to cast vote s for th bu siness of their choice by log ging on to bj s website After 1 2 h ours of v ting, th vote are calcu l at d and th e t op four winner s for that ca t ego ry a r e cho en. The finali ts are in vited to attend th award h o w Th e own rs h ope th e co mmu nit y will vote for th m once aga in this year. Th 8th Annual Ford Hoo<:lie wards will h e h ld n aturday. ugu s t 2 th a t th Mandalay Bay R sort and Casino in l.as (' a da Steve Harvey will host th h w Harvey c r at d th pro gram in 2001 to recogni1.e bu in in local ommuniti s throughout the nation The p opl c who int ract th p rson, bu i n s or organiwtion mak e th n minalions a n d lVISalon 1 Please Vote For Steve Harvey's Hoodie Awards Nominee M Salon 1 for "Best Beauty Salon,. ----BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Ltst week, Tampa Polic e Chief Jane Castor an noun ce d that Mrs. Car o lyn a to -v ete r an e m plo yee who i s relat e d to a mur d e r s u s p ec t had b ee n suspended with o ut j X I V. On Tue s da y Chief Castor an nounced Mrs. Carol y n Riggins had b ee n termin a t e d a nd that h e r relationship t o th e s u s pect diJ not play a role i n th e t e rminati o n Chief Castor said in a new s r e l ease, /\sour depart m e nt was r ee lin g fro m th e l oss of two fin' officers, it v.;as another deva s tating blow t o discove r a valued Tampa P olice D partmcnt e mploy e worked again$! ou r ef fort.c; t o a t ch th e hard en d criminal. -o t only did Dontae Morris take th e liv of rwo Tampa P olic officers, but a t least two m mbers of ou r com munity and ibly more. Our inv ligation has revealed th a t Carolyn Riggins th with h l d p rtinent informati n that ould hav aided in th e susp ct"s appr hen ion and prO\idcd information t o hi1 asso intcs that int rfered with MRS. CAROLYN RIGGINS .. Fired from Tampa Police Department th e department's abi lit y to track down th e u.spect. ... H e r disrni I i.e; b ased solely on her actio n s that hind ere d th earch for Dontae Morris." The in v t:igation was han dled b y Lt. Kenneth Morman, of the Strategic Inv ligations Divi ion He \\TOte in th e y otice of Di ci plinary Action ft give n to Mrs. Riggins YDuring the investi gation of th e murder o f h\10 Tampa Polic Officers i t was tabli hed that y u \ .,ithheld information p rtinent t o the appreh n ion of the u p ec t who you kn e w w as wanted for their murd er. 1\) 0 "You also provid e d infor-..... 0 mation to your daughter, who i s associated with the suspect whic h hindered the investiga tion. When int erviewe d yo u provided inc o n s i s tent statements a nd made assertio n s contrary to th e findings of the inve s tigation. Mrs. Riggins is the sister of the lat e David Morris, who was Dontae Morris's fath er. Accord ing to police Alaina 25, daughter of Mrs. Riggins, was arrested at the Motel 6 on E. Fowler Avenue a long with Dwayne Calloway, the brother of Dontae Morris, within hours after Morris surrendered on July 2 "" Plans To Appeal According to so urces Mrs. 0 Riggins plans to appeal her :C termination. She is being rep-resented b y Attorney James en Mancuso \Ybo is also repre-senting her daughter Alaina Riggins, and Mrs. Selecia Z Watson the mother of Don-tae Morris. Attorney Mancuso was unavailable for comments at press time. I m c: rrm z 'lJ AUTO ACCIDENT REFERRAL SERVICE c: m c en News Alert: The Aorida law States That You May Be EntiUed To $1 0 000 For loss Wages And Medical Care ... FREEProhlsslonal SIJ/JIICIJI Personalized Service -Support and Help from the beginning to the end Attorneys An Attorney will come to you at home or work -No Recovery, No fee Investigators -H tbere is a dispute on how the accident occured Transportation Available Auto Repair -Body Shop Medical Care Provided Phannacy -Free Delivery Specializing In: car, Bus, Bicycl Motorcycle, Slip & Fall, Ped Irian lncd nts, Loss Wages Wrongful Death And More ... B. a Local: 813-495-3702 Toll Fr :' 1-866 4200 Available 24 Hours A Day /7 Days A W e m c m < m :c < c: m en c )> < )> z c "11 :u c


0 ,... eature Facade Program To Be Modified For East Tampa Businesses ::::> ""') c BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer a: On Tuesday, July 1:1'11 th e East Tampa busin esses have not ta ken advantage of th e program and w e wa nt to change that." U.. East Tampa Co mmunit:. R ev i -C it y of Tampa East Tampa d ev e lopment Man a ger. Ed Johnson, said in th e beginning, o nl y tw o C R A's had fund s se t as id e for th e fac:;acle pro gram. tali zation Partne rship (ETC RP) h e ld th e ir monthly m eeting at th e Ragan Park Center. Thi s m ee ting diff e r e d fr o m o th e r s as it was actually a w o rk shop on th e E a s t Tampa Comme rcial Fac:;acle Pro gram. The ETCRP ha s se t asid e $8oo.ooo in Tax In c r e m e nt Finance d o llar s f o r th e pro gram. ETCRP Economic D eve l o p m e nt Chair, Ernest Coney, said it i s appare nt n o w th a t th e original plan had probl e m s. "W e 'v e h a d 1 8 a ppli ca tion s submitte d and o nl y tw o hav e follow e d thro ugh with th e process. Eas t Tampa bu s in ess owners ha ve contac t e d u s and t o ld u s why th ey h ave n t f o l l owed th ro u g h a nd w e wa nt to turn th a t around. Johnson sa id o n .Jul y 22"", The ETCRP will go back t o th e CRA Board with modifi catio n s t o th e proce ss. MARVIN KNIGHT ... Oriental Fish Market owner wants to see funds used now. be. "T h e plan was initiall y d e s igned for a bu s in ess to co m e up with half of th e fund s t o ha ve th e ir bu s in e ses up g raded. That h as preve nt e d those sam e businesses from t a kin g advantage of th e proj-ect. "So far, w e' v e r educe d th e applicatio n from six pages t o two W e a l so l ooked a t cha n g ing th matching process and it was d eci d e d each CRA w o uld decid e what th e m a t ch ing figur es wou ld be. Bu in ess owner, Marvin Knight, aid he'd li ke to see a 40/60 o r 30/70 plit. C We want t o remove th e ft b a rriers t o m a k e th e proce c m o r e viable We'v e l ooked at a -As f a r a s Ea s t Tampa i co n ce rn ed, w e'll l ook at a 20/8o, 25 / 75 or 4 0 /60 s plit. Ea c h community will d ec id e what th e matching figures will -An!thing would be b etter than what we're w o rking i th right n o w Th e paperwork i exce i\' e. and a a bu in s 0\\11er. I f I if need fund z < c en w ::::> .... w > w c w :I: en :::; m ::::> a. z ...J ...J ::::> m ...J w z i= z w Cf/ i3 a: 0 ...J u.. different process from th e so/so plan and now we want t o ee a m o r e direc t impact. Don't Miss Your Chance To Get PAID$$$$$$$$ Here Is Your Chance To Work On One Of The Most Exciting Campaigns Around. ,,.--------GET ON BOARD EARLY! It's That Time Again, We Are Gathering Our List Of Poll Workers Now. Don't Miss Your Chance. Call The Campaign Hotline Now To Reserve Your Spot, They Won't Last Long You May Also Call To Have A Yard Sign Personally Delivered To Your Home. Call Now, Wait Until The Last Minute, We Have Limited Positions Available RESERVE YOURS NOW!!! ALDAVIS ... County Advisory Council Member. to fix up your place, it houldn 't be this difficult. Community Advisory Council member Al Davis, aid in hi s opinion the fac;ade program has become a fac;ade bec1use nothing i happening. 1 think the entire process need t o be reviewed, and not ju t by a group of peopl e, but by the bu in owners the program i t:J)ing to help. Rev. Willie Dixon said in opi nion. the process n ee d t o be more business friendly. Frm I I "The current process i s very confusing and time consuming." Knight said some Eas t Tampa bu sinesses have b ee n at this for four years. I think some of the $8oo,ooo should be used to h elp the small businesses with their share of the funds. If we don' t use the funds now, we re going to lose it so something needs to be done. We pay taxes just like residents, and we need to get this going because time is running out. It' s time for this program to step up and do what it said it was going to do." Representatives from two lending institutions, Albert Lee of the Tampa Ba y Black Investment Corporation, and Kevin Eugene Bryant of Fifth Third Bank, provided information to assist Black businessowners with financing Coney said the final deci sion will be made in August and they will iron it out after that. "Were i n the second year of using the allocated funds for the program and if need be, we can re-allocate funds to keep it going." The boundaries for the Fa c;ade Program are I -2 7 5 t o the west; 56u. St. to the east; I-4 to the south and Hillsboro ugh Ave. to the north. The area consists of I / 2 miles. dventist C b reb Celebrate Good Health Sunday, July 18, 2010; 10:00 m-3:00 pm


FLOR IDA S E N TINEL BULLETI N to fire the fir s t Black party (USPS 2 02 140 ) chair C.. 22 0 7 2 1st A v enuo. Tnrnpa Flo nda 3 3 60 5 (813) 2 48-1 92 1 C: Publ1s hecl Evory Tues day and Fnd a y By Steele isn't dumb, but he i s FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLET I N PUBLISHING Co., bad for the R e publican Party ...., M embe r o f Nnll o n a l N o w s pnp e r Publl s h o r s Asso c 1 B I1 o n ( NNPII ) an d Arna lgarndt o d Publl s h o rs. Inc .. N o w Y ork. He clearly illu strates that th e 0> ,,, 1990 -9 4 C P Tirne<"l l nl n m ii O n a l Steele Br a nd a nd th e Repub-POSTMASTER: Send Address Ch, m ge To Jica n Party 's brand of politics """"o Florida S entinel Bull e tin Th R b 1 A P O Box 3363 T n mpa FL 3360 1 e epu leans nd jus t don t mix. Steele doe s Ponod1ca1 Pos t ago Pa1d A t Tampa FL hi s b es t to preac h the Repub-W W Andrews 1874 -1931 ( 1919) C Blythe Andrews 1901 1977 ( 1945) C Blythe Andrews, Jr. 193G-2010 ( 1977 ) S KAY ANDREWS PUBLISHER C BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill PRESIDENT/CONlllOLLER GWEN HAYES EDITOR IRIS HOLTON CrrY EDITOR HAROLD ADAMS CIRCULATION MANAGER BETTY DAWKINS ADVERTISING DIRECTOR TOYNETTA COBB PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS CLASSIF1ED MANAGER Subscnpt J ons $44 Q0-6 Month s Both Ed1t10ns S87 QO-Por Y e ar Both Edrllons Opol'liOt\5 expressed on editorial pages o i !Ns -Dy Colunwsts Ot en. do noc relied !he lldolona l atance o l The Florida S.ntlnel Bulletin Ot !he Julv 26th And August 24th Are Important Dates 11 You Are Black sleele Brands Don't MI-X lican brand, but from timeto-time his Blackn ess comes out It i s th ese times when he In my op ini o n Michael Steel e i s a n int e llig e nt m a n I was impresse d with Steele a few y ars ago when h e ran for gove rn o r of th tat of Maryland. Two yea r ago, Steele, a Black R publi ca n was se le t ed as chai rm a n o f th e R e publican Natio nal mmitt It i no seer t that t ele move to the chair of the RN was a f bl a tt mpt b y th R publican P arty t o app al to African Am ric an vot rs Let u rem mb r that Blacks g e11 rally don t ee the R publican Party as a party that h our int e r t on th e ir ag e nd a. Let u al o rem e mber th at a f ew yea r s ago, the highly r espec t e d Colin Powell, a R e publican, s aid th a t th e R e publican Party was n ot the party for Blacks Getting back to RNC Chairman Steele, it is well documented that his tenure has been marked by a lot of controver y. Party leaders are b ginni n g to whisper that teele i not t oo s m a rt and is bad for the party. Many of th mar cal l ing on teele to r ign hi po ition as party chair. orne are demanding that be be fired. The party doesn t really want teele to be fired. They worry that it would look bad finds himself in conflict. Steel e may be a Republi ca n but he is Black first. Steele may not always be a Republican, but he will al ways be Black. In spite of all of his efforts Steele has not been able to blend with the Republican philosophy M i c hael Steel e knows that be differs from his party leaders on many political and soc ial issues. He has had the audacity to say it on ational tel evisio n on several oc.ca-"T1 sio ns. The Repub lican Party 5 bas a r e putation of belng the :c party of the rich. C Readers pa attention to Michael Steel e vs. the Re-m publican P arty z m r I r::c c: r r m :::! z nologi was the ame com pan rece n tly a warded 450 million b the Defen e De-partment during th. e terrible eco n omic. tim Also (J) keep in mind when Hillsbor-ougb County deputy beri.ffs and FBI agen arrived at the n of th theft, nobod at iGov talking! a matter of fa, an iGo l\1 n admitted a that h h d ufi red


Let The Hate Begin I am about t o say something tha t may have peopl e lookin g at m e m e s id ways. As of la s t week I d ec id e d to offi c iall y jump o n the Miami H eat b andwagon. Hold up. Let m e correct that statement ... I p lan on driving the damn thing! I know. I know. In the world of sport it not co I t o b a bandwagon jump r. and I repect the cod e. But ri ght n w tot II th truth, I r all d n't car e Whe n the I-1 a t mad th e neces a r y move t o i g n thr of the b t players in lh B > A., Lebron James, Dwyanc < Wade and Chri Bo h there was n o doubt wh e r e my b as k e tu. ball allegiance woul d f a ll. C After b in g a eli h ard Tampa Bay Bu c aneer fan f o r ?'; most of m I if I decided t o c how th oth r half lived. I en wanted t o cheer for a r nnial pow r t-house instead o f a I After all I'm a gu who rooted for the Buffal o Bill in a t w least two uper B owls. I rode C with the Knicks ev ry tim they played Michael Jordan en Chicago Bulls. :::; m ::::l Q. z ...J ...J ::::l m ...J w z And in 2008 w h e n I shoul d have known tha t the ir C in d e r ella season w ouldn t h av e a fair y hie ending, I lost som e good m o n ey o n th Ra ys in th e World Series. eedless t o say, I think I deser.r e this? And ven though b e in g a Tampa native mean s I'm u p p e t o hate ev ry ports team that comes out o f Mi a mi, I' m pr p a r d to wallow m y prid and root for th M M I .A.Y ." But it will be all worth it ju t t o e the th look on a Lak r fans face next y ar wh n Kobe Bry a nt is d e ni hance a t a L\1h ring. ow, I'll get t o experi nee what it mu t b lik e t o be a Y ankee or Cowboy fan. H a ,ing veryone d pi your team simply b u s th T.V. netwar lov th m and. lik it r t th :!) win mor than th y m pi e seem t o n o t w ant t o see LeBron and 0-Wade s u ccee d I think it would b e g reat if the team f ollowe d Jay-Z's l ead and wore their bla ck uniform for the entire 201 0 season I mean, if they' r e going t o b e treat e d lik e villains, they might as w ell look the part. Adding a Darth Vader mask probably wouldn' t hurt e ith e r Too b a d it only July. Th re are till th more months be-f o r e can this n ew uper team in ac ti o n I n the meantime, I gu 111 do my part t o keep thi bandwagon running moothly. I can onl y imagine how many more people "ill be hopping aboard before the n :-.1 season begin It houldn"t a problem though. TI1i bad boy' got plenty f room. Anyon wantin t o contact laren Barr can reach him F .. 1. 52020 Ben-29512" him mpan. t= z w fl} =____._GIBBS & PARNELL, PA ATIORNEY AT LAW C a: 0 ...J u. State & Fed. W. C. Claims Certified by Michifjan State University All Job-Related Injuries Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C./ Race Discrimination ATTY. RODERICK FORD FREE CONSULTATION! (813) 223-1200 (Except For Pure Title VII CasH) 220 E. Madison Street Suite 1207, Tampa, Fl 33602 Vosi t U Onllne At: WYtw. FORDLAWFIRM ORG (Former U S Army JACC Attorney) / Located At Christ The Church (on The Corner Of 15th & Fletcber) Hosted B y: Alecia Thomas-Christ The Church Pastor f"or More Info Call : 813-SOS-7846 aledaboo51@}'1ilboo[).com Or Tammy umes: 813-401-4972 The Law Office Of Angela B. Wright, Natlcnal Cnnnai Dafense College Aandlo "-x:.ennr.at Oe6ense l..-yers "-x: Cm1nll Oekw>se Lawyers Practice Fedefal And State Courts EXPERIENCE MATTERS

Local Reddick Will lead Communitv Health Charities Of Florida FRANK REDDICK JA KSONV1LLE-At the a n nual Board of Director mee t ing of the Community Health haritie of F lorida, Frank Reddick was e l cted by unanimou vot to b come the first rican-merican to I ad the national organization Florida Divi ion. ommunity Health hariti i a federation of i\merica' pre-mier health organization joined together to rai e charitable contribution in the workplace. ommunity I I alth Charitie i the econd large. t organization in the nit d tate with nited Way b ing fir t. Employ e donati n support memher charities nnd provide re earch, pati nt rvic and outreach t communiti all across the tate of Florida. R ddick will overs as chairman, 54 of the major charitable organizat]on in the nited tates and Florida that are affiliated with Community Health Charities of Florida. The e or-name a hi f Ex-ickJ II i eas ociatioo of Florida, thi as a gr at opportuni to raJ a war o for hi organ-ization. As part of hi s duti h will conval throughout th stat of Florida r pr nting Community H alth hariti Florida. R ddi k stat d that h i "grateful for this opportunity but al o sadd o d that it ha s tak n thi long for an organization that ba b n around for hroni Uln and various di -,Reddick will tak o n thi hall ng to h lp th individual s and famlli to rais a war -n sand funds to b t r l iv R ddi k 2 y ar t rm will b gin inS pt mb r, 2010. Feel at ease knowing that you ve got your daily fin nces under control. W nIt to thing from f st cc ng r money the s nding the right balance. SunTrust can help With everyto funds to d tly lance I so you n budget effectavel save utoma lly and mana st s. To nd out more bout how you n stay m control of your finances v1Slt suntrust.com/solid call 800.SUHTRUST or stop by ny branch to spe k With a SunTrust rep SUNTRUST L Solid. Blink SoUd. 'TI r-0 JJ 0 )> en m z :j z m r- I OJ c: r rm :j z c: OJ c en :I: m 0 m < m JJ < -4 c: m en 0 )> z 0 'TI JJ 0


0 0 "' t-> a: w > UJ c w J: (/) BIBLE M. B. CHURCH 4605 35th Street (@ Palifox) REV. L. C. BLACK, Pastor Family And Friends Day Sunday, July 18, 2010 ** 11 A. M. THEME: Generation To Generation : Families That Pray Together Stay Together 1 Peter 2:1 5 Guest Speaker: ElDER MICHEllE B. PAITY Sister Ro sa Kitchen. Chairper so n Si s ter Sh ajuana Kitche n Co-Ch ai rper so n The Apostles Foundation Church Of Jesus Christ, Inc. 4711 N 40th Street Tampa. F L 33610 (813) 833 5686 o r ( 813 ) 6 2 1 8333 Pastor / Apostle Elroy Huff July 19th, 20th, and 21st, 7:30 Nightty ::; m ::> Q. z JUlY 1a 20l> g..30 AM SUNDAY TlOO AM SERVlC ...J ...J ::> m ...J UJ z UJ (/) ( a: 0 ...J u. Theme: A Family That Prays Together Stlys Together" Motto: Joshua 24:15 (Juty' 12fh.1 fin I Yooth &mnlt .IUtj 17th Conc:biin9 With July 18th At 5:00 P. Come Leam W 1th US' Local Stimulus Funds Award To Citv For Housing Will Be Used BY LEON B. CREWS Sentine l StaffWriter I n a p u blis hed r eport, it was s tated tha t the City of T ampa wa s facing a deadlin e for use of stimulus fund s for hous in g, a n d if those funds w e r e n t used bv that deacl lin l' th ey w o uld be l o st. l n o \ ember 2 o o 8, Mayor Pam Iorio and U. S. Representative Kathy Castor announced tha t T ampa would ge t 13.6 million in federal stimulus money t o turn around one of the cit y's mos t blighted borhoo.:perience a u ful soth reunion. PI p nt and o n tim w need: ur u tion regardin a ti\iti fur the June Class Reunion Planning Meeting Middleton Class 011966 (813) 248-1921 fl r mem union Ianning m who participated in th 2 02 ting.


ocal Educator Is Recipient Of lil Doc' Renews Coveted Turner Award Commitment To The BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentine l City Editor It h as oft e n been said th a t th e d e c i s i o n s we make w ill h av e a l o n g t erm affe c t o n our lives Howe v e r o n e Tampa m a n i s livin g proof th a t lif e of f e r s m a n y opportunities t o ch a n ge our destiny. As a t ee nager in Ca ir o, Geor g ia, Walter L. Smith d eci d e d t o withdraw fr o m hi g h school and went t o w ork. It would b e severa l year before he took the te t to earn his GED. Rec ently, Dr. Smith b e c a m e the r ec ipi ent of the 2010 Corne liu P Turne r Aw ard of th GE T e t i n g rvi ce in the t a t e o f Fl o r i d a o r th t a t e f G or g i a. Altho u g h a n a ti v of Tampa Dr. Smith li d in Geo rgia for e era! years with hi grandmothe r H e wa s 1 6 w h e n h e d ecide d to withdra\ from chool. At the age o f 23, and whit a m emb r o f th rmy, Dr. mith ca m t o realiz th n ed f o r a d ip l o m a Whi t liv-Dr. WALTER L. SMITH in g and wo rkin g in New Y o rk h e w a r e f erre d t o the GE D e a rn e d h i s P h .D. from F l orid a S t a l e U ni ve r s ity. Dr. Smith ha s con tinu e d to serv e a s an exampl e toot h e r s w h o withdre w f r o m school. Among hi s m a n y accomplis h m e n t s, Dr. Smith b e ca m e the 7'" P resicle n t of F l o rid a A & M U ni v e r s i ty and curre ntl y serves a s Presi d ent E m e r i t u of FAMU H e h a s d ocumente d s t a t e hi tory in h i book "The Magnificent Twelve: Florida's Black Junior Colleges, and f ounde d the Dr. W a lt e r L Smith Library, which h o u es a multitude of Africa n Ameri ca n hi t ory. m o n g tho e writing l e t t r s o f r comm nda ti o n f o r Dr. mith t o r c ive th p r t i g i o u award \ r : T ampa Mayor Pam Iorio Tara Goodman ED Ad mini trat o r o f Florida FAM Program. Am-e d -Ta_ l r T ting People Of Tampa BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Dwight "Lil Doc" Gooden, Jr. unde r stand s t h e impo rt a n c e o f n e v e r for g e tting w h e r e y o u co m e f r o m H e a l o unde r s t ands h o w important it is t o m a intain a connection with the peopl e who 'v e always b een the r e for yo u may appear I' ve d isapp eared to some, but I've been quite busy on m y latest project a mixed tap e with 15 t racks o f brand n e w music matte r how muc h time I p nd i n e w Yor k i ty I f I dra vm bac k t o T ampa, p ecially when there's an event that will bene fit the community and the yo ung peopl e." Lil Doc al o known as 11te Pri ne OfThe has d veloped JR Entertainment \\ith the hel p of a d vi -or. Ri hi Ri h and the two a off ring h a t t mixed tape f to the public. DWIGHT 'LIL DOC' GOODEN "My next album will be called All On Me ," and will be a biography of my life as w ell as others close to me. M y goal is to make Tampa a bot place for entertainers and a place they all will want to come to perform or r ecord. I hope I can also make it easier for aspiring entertainers to reach thei r goals and be ery s u ccessful" Lil Doc said be' s a ailable for events and y o u can reach him on m y pace, www.my pace.com fdoc8l3 o r on faceboo k b y typing i n his full name, Dwight Gooden Jr. NATIONAL BAPTIST DEACONS CONVENTION OF AMERICA, INC. What Is It? AND ITS AUXILIARIES.----___ ___, Returns To Tampa: A 76 -Year Old Organization Of Christian Lay Leaders Coming Together For Worship Fellowship Education And M i ssionary Work July 26-30, 201 0 Deacon Richard Banks Pres id e nt N a t i onal D eac on s Rev. Wattet Williams Ho t P t o r Your Hosts New Mt. Zion M. B. Church Reverend Dr. Walter J Williams Pastor Clarence Fort Deacons Chainnan Minister Estelle Breakfast Speake r Tuesda y Ju ly 27 t h 7 A.M. Rev. Dr. Henry Lyons Rev Eric E Campbell Rev Carnell Upshaw Rev Christopher Jamegan Monday Noon Speak e r Tue d a y Noo n Sp k e r Wedn d y N oon S p k r Thursd y Noon S aker Deacons, Deaconesses, and all Baptist Lay Leaders, as well as Pastors are invited to Join Us for a Week of Work! ALL EVENTS WILL BE AT THE HYATT REGENCY DOWNTOWN! H a t show -Sunday, July 25 Prayer Services are 5 A.M Daily! Bible Study 8 A M Tues. Thurs.! The Pre ach e d Word D a ily a t 1 2 P M Opening Night Music a l Key note Address : Monday, July 26, 7 P.M. Health S ympo s ium : Monday, July 26th, 9 :00A.M. Obs rv n c of th rd Supp r : Tu sda July 27th 7 P.M. Pastor Willi a m s Pre c h i n I Annu 1 Banqu t: Thursday, July 29th 6 :00 P M W m n s Au i i i Pre nt t i o n : Wednesday July 28th 2 P.M Y o uth W orks h ops : All W e e k Y ou th P s n tatio n : Thursd y July 29th M National Pr sident 's Address : W dn day 7P. M ...... O'l 1\J 0 ...... 0 r-0 ll I C/J m z ::1 z m r-aJ c: r rm ::1 z "C c: aJ c C/J :I: m c m < m ll < c: m f/) c )> z c :2 c


0 Local Commissioners Honor Women Who Aided Fallen OHicers BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editm 1\vo wetks ag o. three Tampa womtn fE ea m e to th e a id o f two wounde d polic e officers. On W ednesday, I h e IIi lls b o r o u g h l:.loard of County Commisone r s r ecog ni ze d the m for !Jrov idin g a ss istance t o the oft i ee r s who di e d o f the ir in juries. S h o rtl y afte r 2 a m., o n June 29th Ms. Renee Roundtree, Ms. Wislande "Rose" Louis-Paul Dodson, a nd Ms. Delores Keen, w e r e e n route t o the s t o r e when they heard tw o gun s h ots. Afte r lookin g o ut of the wind o w and observing two polic e ca r s with th e light s on, the wom e n f e lt it wa s safe t o go o ut s id e. They didn't kn o w a t the tim e tha t b oth Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab had b e e n f a t ally wounded and l eft o n the s i d e o f the r oad. Ms. Renee Roundtree, Ms. Wislande "Rose" Louis-Paul Dodson, and Ms. Delores Keen were honored by Hillsborough County Commissioners for rendering aid to Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab. c a: LL. c z < c en w :::> ..... > a: w > w c w en :J CD :::> 0. z tu ..J ..J :::> CD w z w en 9 a: 0 ..J LL Coll(g(' Hill Churrh ()f Godin Christ '\mlh llllh 'ln l l.unp.t llmitl.t l lh lfl 11E njo y ing A Divine H!llow hip With Cod And With One Another" FRIENDSHIP MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 4301 Cypress Street-Tampa, R. 33607 Join Us For This Grand Occasion 11th Anniversary Celebration THEME: "Thank God For The Pastor" Romans 10: 16-17 Thursday July 15th Friday, July 18th 7 P.M. 7 P.M. Worship Service Worship Service Speaker : Speaker: Dr. A. L Phillips Rev. Mike Walker Pastor New Bethel M B St. M ary M B Church Church Sarasota, FL Tampa ANNIVERSARY BANQUET Saturday, July 17th 6-9 P. M. S p ak Rev. John D. Anderson Pa stor, New Testament M 8 Church Sh raton Suite s 4400 W Cyp ss St. .. Tamp $30 per person Sunday, July 18th Sunday, July 18th 11 A.M. 4 P M. Worship Serv ce St. James M 8 C hu rc h Speak r: Rev Keith Buckner, Pastor Tltusvill F Worship Servic Mt. 11 bor M B Ch urch Speak r: Rev Ezell Patterson, Pastor Tan vast F Events C TILaU .. A Gospe l Pla y "Finding e" For ......... 11111 115-6511 NEW FELLOWSHIP M B CHURCH OF TAMPA 912 East r .. ll612 .. c.on-Ot 9th And Faitb.nla Sunday School-9:30A.M.. Mom :ng W

JJ HURRY IN FOR THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL VALUES Prices valid 7/15/10-7/19/10 unless otherwi se note d While supplies last. See store for d e t ails. $4998 2 -pack 12 80-Tooth Carbide Saw Blade Ideal for all cutting apphcallon s 10 softwood, hardwOOd ch1p board, or plywood #73714 V1A MAIL-IN REBATE $1 QQ gift card on purchases of '499-SOOS $200 gift card on purchases of '999-'1498 PL HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE 1144243 : 1 53 9 5 5 Let's Build Something Together"' ASK FOR 0/o off YOUR RRST PURCHASP when you open ard LISe a reH l..aNe's'" Busi1ess Crecit Acx:ot.rrt. Some extilsms apply. Offer v en m z :j z m r-1 CD c r rm :j z "tJ c CD r-en m 0 m < m ::0 -< __. c m en 0 )> z 0 ,"T1 lJ 0 ..... "t


Man Given African Name During Trip :::> "") BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Edito1 Cl a: Rl'c e ntl y a lon g tilll l' 'l'a111pa u. resid e nt wa s fortunate enough to r e alize his drea111. H e trave l e d t o Ghana. Afr i c a with a t our group and visited seveal c iti es. During the two-week j ourm\, Leroy Tillman and the group h e travele d with visited Accra, Ghana, and spent time at several touris t attractions including theW. E. B DuBoi s Center, the Kwa m e Nkrumah Memo rial Park, Mako la Market Plac e, th e Bla c k Star Stadium and the Allianz Arts Museum. among othe r s. The group continue d to vi s it othe r s pecial locations such as taking a \ va lk in the s l ave dungeon s of Cape Coa t and Elmina. It was also during this vi it tha t they w e r invit d t o p a rti c ip a t e in a tra-ditio n a l Afri an n aming c r -0 many. Th n aming c r e m o n y i s o n of ritua l s of th Asante peopl e and it in cludes s I cting a name b a e d on the p e r o n day of birth. a: u.. 0 z c:t 0 en w :::> > a: w > w 0 w :I: en :J m :::> z ti ..J ..J :::> m ..J w z w en c:t 0 a: 0 ..J u.. TiJlman, who wa born on a unday, wa g iv e n the name Kwasi" by Prie t Nana Abass, at Aba LcN>y "Kwa.si" Tillman is shown touring the slave dungeons in Cape Coast and E.lmina, Africa. Shrine in th e City of'l'afo The ce r emony al s o r e q 11 i r e d I h e presen ce of th e parents or standin s for th e m. Ms. Barbara J. Mobley, a T ampa n a tiv e and g raduate o f Middl e t o n High School and Lee Jordan, of North Carolina, served as prox ies for Tillman's parents. B oth were r equire d to g i ve p e missi o n in o rd e r for the naming ce r e m o n y t o continue. In additio n t o best wis h es, Tillman receive d a seal e d ce rtifi ca t e document ing the occa ison Priest Abass open e d the ce r emony b y p ouring a libation t o the m e mory and spirits of the ancestors. This was the fir t time that Tillman had vi ited the mothe rl and. IN THE SPOTLIGHT LIZ This week, the Spotlight shines on Liz as our feature. This young lady knows bow to stay cool when it's bot, and he loves to pose for the camera and lighten your world up. Liz is .careful to only associate with peopl who are going somewhere in life and she s alwa_ the center of attention. Liz .is confident in that h kn w be will b u ful and a name that v ryon will know. 'When it comes to the man in her lifi Liz said be must be intelligent spirited, and .mature enough to be in touch with his manhood while und rstanding that a woman needs to be a woman. ngratulations to Liz as this week's Spotlight feature. Beauty nlim.ited or Spotlight, please send your information and photo including a contact number to: ,.


ALL MY CHILDREN Ca l e b kisses Erica ; Greenlee follow s h e r h eart and e nd s up in New Y o rk; Er i ca and .Jackson postpone th e w edding Greenlee ma;. ruin th e r omance b etween Ryan and Madison; David pushes .I esse' s buttons; An g i e questions the h e a ve n s AS THE WORLD TURNS -Dust y i s sus piciou s about Bla c kth o rne's in volve m e nt at WorldWide; Lil y and C raig are caught by F rancoi s e in a compromis in g pos iti o n H enry tell s Vienna h e wants out of th e ir marriage; Barbara focu se s on escape BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL-.Ja ckie tri es to pl a y peacek ee p e r b e tween Brid ge t a nd A g gi e ; Nick makes a r equest o f A gg i e; Brid ge t pl eads with ick t o g i ve h e r a c h a n ce t o m a k e things right; Brook e r e ali zes that Ste ffy' s bl ackmail will n e v e r s l o p and set s o ut t o t ell Rid ge the truth. Stepha ni e makes a ge n e r o u s offe r t o Tay lor ; H o p e b egs Oli ve r t o avoid S t effy w hil e she is gone; Brook e begin s t o unra v e l th e story o f wh a t h appened th e ni ght o f th e p a rt y t o Rid ge and e xpl a in s tha t s h e s b e in g bla ckmaile d b y S t e f fy. DAYS OF OUR LIVES-ico l c tri es t o t ell Sami tha t E.J was b ehind S yd n ey's kidn a p ping; Ch a d pre ses Mad lin e about h r past; H o p e a cc uses B o of m ov in g o n t oo soon ; Victor's pl e ased that Brad y and Arianna have bro k e n up; EJ summo n s Marco t o fin d i co l e and bring h e r to him. Made lin e admit t o Chad tha t s h e was a hook er; Ar i anna remind s EJ of how h to o d up for h e r ; B o and Adri enne di sc uss H o p e' hypocriti ca l b e havi or; ico l e struggles with t e lling Bra d y the truth a b out EJ ; Dr. B a k e r d e m ands t o know w h a t Hope's plan is GENERAL HOSPITAL-pine lli t lis l ax i e tha t h e i lettin g her go; Fra n co pays a v i -it to Lulu; Liz go s into labor. .Ja son's pl a n f o r Fra n co i s d e r ailed; l a ir e s u gg s t tha t onny walk away from the mob; Fra n co's murd ro u pl a n beco m e clear. ONE LIFE TO LIFE-iki a kc:; D a vid t o model swim u it.; Todd mak San admi s ion to Tea; R e x continue t o w o rk n K lly's ca V iki and harlie put their plan in motion; Nat s mothe r In z in i s t o n d in g th ri g ht thing with th mon y; Tea r v a h o kin g information t o Eli THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS-haron decid t o leave Genoa City; \ i c tor i n t ure M egg i e i who h e ay h e i s. N ikki warn Meggi that Victor i off-limits; Ronan in t entio n f o r Ch a n ce a r e reveal e d Movie f\.eviews "T1 :D c Despicable Me 2010 best animation over Shr e k and To y Story! Kids and adults will love this movi e No 1 at box office. Made $57M. (Budget $ 6gM) [****] Predators A fresh story lin e makes this partic ular Pr edator movie very good Don't miss it! Made $25M. (Budget$40M) [***112] The Last AirbenderHighl y disappointed! Di r e ctor M. Night Sh y amalan could have done a better ca ting. Made $ggM (Budget $ 150M) [**112] The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The vampires and werewolves join together to save Bella (Kristen tewart). For the teen fans, don't miss it! Made $235M. (Budget $68M) [***] Grown Ups Could have been funnier starring Adam andler and Chris Rock. I still enjoyed it! c... c: .... 0) I\) 0 .... 0 M a d $11 M (Budg et-$8oM) [***] -n Knight And Day Never miss a Tom Cruise 5 movi You c an bet he s going to bring the action. ::o M a d e $61M (Budget-$117M) [***112] Jonah Hex This western received bad reviews, en but I p e r onall enjo ed it. Made $10M. (Budget-m 4 M ) [***] Toy Story 3 -You couldn t get a better send-off f o r W oo d y Buzz Lightyear and Co. And leaves for ,coli g a nd hi mom donates the to s to ada care. (2 hr l n g) Made $339M. (Budget -$2ooM) ,[** 112] Karate Kid -Excellent f ee l good I drama star-:::! rin ill mith o n Jaden and Jackie Chan. duJ and kids willlo e this one Will and Jada pro-c: du th mo\ Made 164M. (Budget -$40M) [ ** plu orn e ] en The -Team -1980 'IV show gets a remake m th mo r action and new tars. Quinton Ram-0 p e a on pia Mr. T role as B. A. Baracus (2 h I n ) a de 3 ( Budg t-noM) (***lh] Get Him To The Greek -Hilarious corned < a ut th mu i indu t Didd was good in this I finit 1 not for kids. ade 59 (Budget-rn ) [ lh] 0 Kill hitman ( .)> RATINGS Very Good 1 Good 1 Average 1 Wait For V1deo z 0 ., ::D 0


..-0 N tO ..-::I ..., u.. Cavaliers Owner's PsvchoTalk Dan Gilbert. th e o wn e r o f the C lev eland Cavaliers has b ee n e nga g in g in some talk wh e n it co m es to LeBron Jutnes. Jantes beca m e a free agent thi s yea r which meant that h e w as fr ee t o go with a n y t ea m that h e w a nt e u t o. L>on Gilbert did all h e co ul d t o k ee p James with his Cavalie r s. Whe n LeBron James snubbe d the avali e r s and igned with the Mi a mi H ea t. Gilbert wen t c r azy. H e bega n t o e n gage in p syc h o t alk a bout LeBron. H e called Jam s sel fish a cowa rd, a quitter, a selftitl ed king a nd a whole l o t of o ther unOa tt cri n g th ings > Now why would an Ol\ ncr want a player like th is on his team? H e only di covered th ese fE things about James o n ce he c decide d to leave Cl vcland. Z LeBron did abso lut e l y nothing < wro n g. Free agency meant Jame had the right t o leave C eve land if h e o d' ir'd. (f) That i all L Bron James did. H e ex rei d that right. Th > a: w > w c ti rad again t Are You Ready For Some Football'? w (/) It see m lik e it was a decade ago s ince th e NFL Ia t played :J football. In spite of a rena foot ball, profes ional ba k tball, Q. the World up of o cer and Z the trials and tribul a tion of Tiger Wood the port _, _, w orld has been pre tt y dull. W ell. all o f that i s about the c han ge B y thi s tim e next w ee k NFI. t eams will b e go i n g t o pr e sea so n ca mp s ami h y th e follow i ng w ee k e nd th ey will be p laying f oo tb all. So, th e qu st ion is, arc you ready for som e football' ? Th e a n swe r i s an a r ous ing, yes! Eyes will b e o n th Tampa H ay Buccaneer and secon d year coach. Ruheem Morris. The quest ion i s ca n Morris return t he H ues t o a winning t am ? The t ea 111 won t h re<' I as t y l' a r but mu t h ;I\' t' a brcal, tvcn ;,e;L<;on in order for orris to keep hi: job. Eyes will also be on quarter hack Jos h Freeman. Will he show sign of being a fran hi.! e quarterba k The Hue n wly acquired recei,'Crs "ill he under th e micr scope. Little Man With A Arm The best qunrtcrhark in llill sbor ugh 'Olanty i.! littl mnn with n big arm. With all du r peel t o oth r high cho I quart rba k lrffcrson, ucntin \ illiarns thr hcst hack in th county. IIi tronge t point is thnt h can th row th f tball with a great deal fa urn William 'bigg t problem i th a t h is nly 5'10". m Jemea LM of the a.y lk!ccaneen ...:. w z w (/) a: 0 _, u. 1la ls.tll Presefts The 2010 James lee Footbal Cll1ic Hosted t1f tie Wttt Tampa Boys RNerlront Park Footbllll Aefd When: Sahwdey July, 17 2010 SAM-1 PM Who: KJde Agee 8-14 Adfni s lon: .26 (Pr'Kvent Day) tao (Dey of E"nt) Spec tat Retired NFL Chuck Darby Untvenfty ol PltllltM1h OefeMtve End Ooeclt Bernard Clark .. Md ... ....,...NP\..,.... Cont.o c.ctric MoMIUitin 0 11 emllll : o.dmomll11et0YIIhoo oom Antonio Stone 0113-319-2108 email : toflyetone1ei0Yahoo oom Darren Heyward 813-'01 53e0 email : dlh7t ahoo oom The Florida Sentinel Remembers George Steinbrenner BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWtitcr The world has lost a great man. A t the age o f 8 o George Steinbrenner, "The Boss" a nd o wn e r of th e ew York Yankees s in ce 1 973, di e d o f a massive h eart a tt ack Tuesday aft e r b e in g ru s h e d t o St. Joseph's I os pital. A l o t of people have had things t o say a b out Mr. Steinbrenner over the years, som e good and some bad. But if th e r e i s o n e thing that was a lways consist ent a bout "The Boss," wa s that he a lw ays w a nted t o win lie wa s possibly the wors t !>or e loser in professional .sp o rt :\ few local people recall their explri nces ith Every time the late Mr. C. Blythe Andrew Jr. went to R taurant and aw "Th e Bo .-h said Mr. teinbrenner would lea\'e his table and com o er to chat. :\ l-1orida S ntin I Hull tin carri r. Alvin Johnson. recall '(I hi expcri nt'C. "I workld at th hot I h own d. the Bay Harbor Inn I r MI dd doni Hasl m t o th li t o f pln r s taking I s mon to pta for th. Miami H at n xt eason Haslem s i g n e d a fi -ear deal M onda worth around $:zo milli o n roug hl $14 mil lio n I ss tha n h a uld h a r i e d if h a cept d rnor lucrati offers fTom th Dnlla s Mnv ricks and D '11V 1 u gg l s. GEORGE STEINBRENNER July 4 1930-July 13, 2010 t alked to us, and got to know us a little bit. That ju t the kind of man he was. On man from Tampa "The n r ga\'e up on was Dwight "'Doc Gooden. Gooden wa headed t o the Hall of Fame a one of the great t pitcher in hi t o r y before per onal problem derail d him. H and team-r3....._ Caree. r SIN'WctJ ..., AssistJinc6 WJ. WEBIIS Hair cadeiQY mate, Darryl Strawberry, both had their careers cut s hort due to drugs and other proble m s. Whe n the rest of the world ridiculed Gooden and Strawberry and turned the m away, "The Boss" extende d his h and to both m e n and until the day he die d continued to support both m e n b y giving them opportunities to work within the Y ankee organization, and basically being a surrogate father. "The Boss" meant a lot of diffe r ent things to a lot of people, but aside from his addicti o n t o winning he was gen erous and very active in the community, especially inner-city communities, and was a h ands-on man never so affluent he couldn' t get down to earth and talk with people. "The Boss" might have been born in Ohio and owned the N e w York Yankees but as far as the people of Tampa are concerned he belonged to us 5721 East FoWler Avenue Tampa/Temple Terrace .J!_ 813-935-4514,-GB) Of .. $dlool ...... KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INC. nm TAMPA ALUMNI GUIDE RIGHr FOUNDATION PRESENTS 2ND .ANNUAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIP UJNOIBON Saturday, July 24, 2010 12:00pm Crowne Plaza-Tampa $25.00 Visit us


Sports lawrence Tavlor Pleads Not Guiltv To Rape Charge NEW CITY, NY Hall of F a m e lin ebac k e r Lawrence Taylor pleade d not g uilty on Tuesday to an indictment that a ll e ges h e had sex with a 16-year-old girl in a New York hote l room. The forme r NFL star a llegedly paid $300 to the girl, a Bronx runaway, for their e ncounte r in May. Taylor pleade d not guilty through hi lawyer to thirddegree rape, patronizing a prostitute, sexua.l abuse and endangering a child. In the gall ry, b e fore hi ca e wa ca ll d, Taylor, 51, mil d, look d around and ajd, It mu t b a I w n e w Taylor wa arre t e d M ay Lawrence Taylor, and his wife, Lynette, leave a court appearance at Rockland County Courthouse in New City, NY, last Tuesday. 6, ft r th g irl' uncl e co n t act d N w Y o rk 'ity p o l i c H could b imprison d for up to f ur y ars if c nvict d Cavs Owner Fined $100,000, Defends Stance On Lebron CLEVELAN I v land Cavalie owner Dan Gilbert promi d to make hi I a t commeo about the m y heartbreaking plit with LeBron James unde r threat of another 100 oo fine from the NBA. On Monday Gilbert srud he strongly disagreed with Reverend Jesse Jackson's criticism of bi rec nt com me.nts about James who announ ed last w h w a leaving Clev eland aft e r v n sea ons to join f ellow All Star J>wyane Wade and Cbri Bo h on th Miami H eat. Hour lat e r NBA commi sioner David Stern fine d Gilbert $100,0 o for hi "inappropriate" comments about James, and r ebuk d Jackson for bl "mistake n comments. Shortly aft r Jam announcement, Gilbert fir d off an inc ndiary I tt t to Cavalier fans, vilifying th and calling his d e ci sion to bolt Clev land a "narcissistic and "cowardly behavior." H a1s o guarant d his t am would win an NBA titl "bfo. r -th Creative Braid Pnwldlng A "2 Dey" BnlidJng c.ttfk:8Uon eou ..... (State Ce1Jied Florlcla) Get Started Today!!!! Start A Braldi'lg Business ... Make Your OWn career. .. Make Great Money .... And Build Your Future!! !I 813-389-5644 NFL Suspends Chargers Jackson For Violating Policv VINCENT JACKSON A DIEGO-The a n Diego C h a r g r s say Pro Bow l wide receiver Vincent Jackson h as b e n u p e nd e d b y th e NFL for the first thre ga m es of th e 2010 seaso n for v i o l ating the league's sub-l a n e a bu s p olicy. Jackson pl ea d e d gui l ty in F bruary t o hi cond D I sine 2006. Stealers Give Coach Tomlin Three-Year Ell.enslon ::tl c 'Piavsman' Sponsors Blake Sophomore c.. c ...... (7) BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Jill Baker, th e wife of n ew Tampa Ba y Buc ca neer lin e back e r coach, Joe Baker, i s l oca l dir e ctor of Plays mart. Pla ys mart i s a national pro g r a m th a t provid es ass i s tan ce to students t o attend sports ca mp s who ca n t afford to go. The co upl e r ece ntl y s p o n so r e d 7 students from three area schools t o attend the camp at the U niver s it y of Geo r gia Tra n sportatio n was provided b y All Sports Community Service. Howard W Blake sophom o re, Brenden Kellum, th a nk ed Playsmart for h e lping him go t o th e Down and Dirty Football amp in eland, Fl rid a. Mit was a really cool x-perie n ce. I'm glad I got to go I have ahva) liked football. W Befor e I wa in the 8th grad I never got to play becau people said I was too big. Thcr ,..,a no team that had bi on it like m e in Pop Warner. At the camp I mel orne kid from all ove r and the coach' w re tough but good: K llum, who i 16 year ld 6" p tall, and weighs 312 p und aid he wa taught BRENDEN KELLUM .. Blake Linebacker new fundamentals and he f ee l s they will help him play football better next season I learned that every championship scirts with good line m en. I also identified some of my weaknesses like push-ups. I will practice every day and make sure to listen to Coach Harry Hubbard and my other coaches so t hey can help me be the best and do the best I can.. Kellum said be wo rks e v ery da y on getting stronger b y lifting weights and doing pushups. H e also frequents the YMCA to wo r k out, swim 1\) 0 ...... 0 and play basketball. rn Kellum srud his plan is to m take extra cia es and work bard to keep his grades up. z W I know I can' t go to a m Divi ion One chool like Oklahoma tate with bad grades. I know I have to tudy rhard. If I need help I know all I ha ve to do ask. :::! z Magic Agree To Deal With Richardson anoth r r for rlando to Dwight agent. Barnes has aid b would Lik to re-sign with Orlando but that. m in r a ingly unlikely. He QUENTIN wa looking RICHARDSON to capitaliz on a multiyear ntract after tarting the majority of last n Barnes is not a long rang threat like Richardson who h t 3 percent from 3-int rang la t ason for Miami -but on o f rlando b t p r d fend rs


0 Entertainment ,... 0 N (.0 R&B Duo The-Dream, ,... ::J Christina Milian -, 0 Confirm Split a: LL. THE DREAM And CHRISTINA MIUAN NEW YORK Aft e r less than a year of m arriage, s inger/ ongwriter/producer The-Dream and R&B t a r Chri tina Milian hav gon th ir parat ways. The-Dr am, wh r al 0 narn i Teriu Na h confE firm ed hi plit after photo o urfaced of him being intiZ mate \'lith hi a i tant over < the weekend. a h and Milian w e r marri d Ia t ptemb r and W welcom d a bab daughter, ::J > Violet, in March ''Terius 'The-Dream' Nash i s sadde ned t o announce th a t hi s m a rri age t o Christina Milia n was said his r ep in a state m nt. "The couple r eac h ed thi s decision in l a t e 2009, but decid e d to k ep th e n ew private in effor ts t o protect th ir baby d a u ght r Violet. Th ey ask for consid e ration and r es p ec t for th e ir famil y moving forward." T h e-Dream d e leted his own Twitte r account a f e w day earli e r after r ece iving criti ci m for a n intervi w with Parlour Magaz in e in whi h h aid h wa n't h )ping t o rai hi n wborn dau ht er. M I don't b aus ing out' turn into xp ta tion h e aid. I'll get iol t on a late night rna be o n o r tw o tim e but aft r th at. n o. If hri tina tir call th nanny, call Viol t granny. \ got p opl -a: --------------------------------------------w > w c w :I: (/) ::; m anin lawrence Ties The Knot ibb z t; _, _, m I _, w z w CJ) c( 0 a: 0 _, LL food ClothlnS TOYS Some Household Items Mannie Fresh Airs Out Monev Troubles With Cash Monev MANNIE FRESH Once known as th e Msound" of Cash Money Records, Mannie Fresh r e veal s that h e was never properly paid for hi s contributions. Keeping things short and simple, the produce r tate d th a t hi departure wa o l e l b ed on mon and him not iving th funds. man oung artists ge t ting th ir fir t ta t e of th bu ine Fre h admitted that om of the blame co uld ea ily be placed on h i m for ju t not kno\\;ng any b tt r and b ing o con urn d with ju t makin music. ack10 Hh hh $100-Thousand La suit Support The Florida ntin I d Arrest warrant Issued For Suge Knight Marion 'Suge' Kni ght can t see m t o ca tch a break. The former Death Row R ecords h ea d h a d a r es train in g order put him against him b y a man who says Suge trie d to order a hit against him. Before that h e was arres ted for assault with a deadly weapon, take n to court for c hild s upport, faced a $6 mil lion tax lien and had personal items including his under wear s old at auction Now an arrest warrant has been issued for Suge because he missed a scheduled court appearance. That he was supposed to appear in court last week for a charge o f driving on a sus nded license back in 2009. MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT Suge missed the scheduled date in an L.A. court room however and i s set to be taken into custody. He is also still pursuing a million dollar lawsuit against Kanye West because lost a valuable earring and was shot in the femur at a club where Kanye was performing. Jav-z And Black Eved Peas Rake In illions For Touring Alone have been raking in the among t:h top ing tours list h mad


Entertainment ::c ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 Waka Flocka Arrested For Possible Assault Against Female W aka Flocka Flame and hi s entourage are currently under investigation after a woman co mpl ai ned of being assaulted on the rapper's tour bus. According to reports, a woman in Akron, Ohio, is accusing the rapper for an unknown assault that took place outsidt of a Hilton Garden Inn. Waka Flocka was arrested and detained, but later released after police could WAKAFLOCKA not determine the actual facts of th e case Award-Winning Gospel Singer Walter Hawkins Dies RIPON, CA -Walter Hawkins, a G rammy Awardwinning gospel singer, composer and pastor from Oakland, died Sunday. He was 61. Hawkins, who was battlin g pancreatic cancer, passed away at his home in Ripon. CaUf., his older brother Edwin Hawkins s aid. "Today, I lost my brother, my pastor, and my best friend," said Edwin Hawkins. "Bishop Hawkins suffered bravely but now he will suffer no more and he will be greatly missed." WALTER HAWKINS Born in Oakland, Hawkin s studied for his divinity degree at the University of California. Berkeley. \ Nostalgia Music Entertainment, LLC Featuring: OJ Marvelous "Taking You Back Down Memory Lane 1{eacnine Out 'To 71ie True OCt Scfwofers Dinner Parties, Private Parties Social Events Call (813) 394-3316 Whoopi Defends Mel: Know He's Not A Racist' WHOOPI GOLDBERG While Mel Gibson stands acc u sed of many thing s in th e wake of hi s alleged irate rant r ecordings from phys ically abusive behavior toward exgirlfriend Oksana Grigorieva to is s uing a thin ly VPilecl death threat. pal \Vhoopi Goldberg hope s to clear the actor-director's name when it comes to one claim. On Monday's episode of 'The View.' Goldberg insisted Gibson was no racist. Although Goldberg made no effort to deny that it was Gibson's voice heard using a racial slur on one of the tapes. she did point to her personal experience with the tar to counter public opinion don't like what h e did here. but I know Mel and I know he:' not a Goldberg t old unconvinced co--host Joy Behar. Rather than calling him racist. Goldberg repeatedly referred to Gibson a bonehead" for his supposed bad behavior. OPRAH WINFREY Kitty KeUey has optioned the rights to her unauthorized biography of Oprah Winfrey to be made into a movie or ries. Larry A. Thompson, a vet eran produc r who did blopics on LuclUe Ball, Desl Arnaz and Sonny and Cher, has bought the rights. H e plans to release the Oprah biopic to coincide with the final episode of the Oprah Wittfrey Show on S pt. 9 2011. Winfrey was no fan of Kelley's unatuthorized biogra phy, which came out in April. However, s h e has yet to com ment on the movie proposal. Rick Ross Talks New Album And Young Jeezv Beet Rick Ross r ece ntl y sa t down in a n interview to di sc u ss th e release of his new single "Blowin' Money Fast (BMF)" off of his highly anti cipated a lbum Teflon Don Ross r evealed that th e newly released s ingle was not originally supposed to be on the alb um. In addition to discussing th e single, Ross also dispelled RICKROSS rumors that there were any p ending beefs with Young Jeezyoverthe B MF"single. DMI Hits The Studio After Prison Release c... c: ..... 0> 1\) 0 ..... 0 ., r-0 ::c Now that bid in jail i s over, the former Ruff R yder has wasted no time getting back in the studio. Dark Man X was released from jail July 6th after serving 4 months of a 6 month sentence for probation violation. ; c )'' > With his new found freedom, X is back where be belongs; in the studio ing new heat He wa recently caught on camera in the studio with Dame Grease dropping hi Eminem Accused II Up SVnching At Concen Detroit bred and shady emcee Eminem is being accused by fans of being ... weU, shady. According to published reports, fans in Scotland who attended the T In the Park Festival feel Emlnem cheated the concert goers by allegedly lip syoching his entire performance. Emlnem, who was already accused of being a bit demanding after allegedly refusing to walk 40 feet to the Join SISTUHS ofTatnpa for Chicken and Waffles 'tamp 1\lorttl Pro Proceed ben 1f th 3rd Annual BlldqJ (Ill Wh n : turd y, July 2 2010 Wh re: untv rsttyA Communi Cent r Tim : 2pm to 2:00pm Tt k PrJ


0 Funerals/Memoriams :::> ..., 0 a: u.. 0 a: u.. 0 z < c en w :::> .... > a: w > w c w J: en :::i m :::> 0.. z ti ....1 ....1 m w z w en < 0 a: 0 ....1 u. MR. JESSE ANDERSON SISTER CATHERINE (BRANTON) GORDON homcgoing celebration for Mrs. Catherine ordon of 3208 N. ord treet, who passed away on aturda July 10, 2010, will be h ld on aturday, July 17, 2010, at 2:30 p. m. at pring Hill Mi sionnry Baptist hurch, 8119 E. Dr. M. L K., Jr. Blvd., Tampa, 33610, R e Johnny Epps, offici ling. lnterm nt will at R st II n l\1 -mori I Purk m t ry. Sist r nth rine ordon wus born t o the J u t John and The temains will repose on Friday, July 16, 2010, from s-8 p. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel. The family will tcceive f.-iends from 78 p m. Family and friends arc asked to meet at the church by 2:15p.m., Saturday. FUNERAL IIOME MR. LEROY HARDEN, R. ( WEASEL') BRO. CHARLIE R. HUBBARD SR., 'BUBBA' MS. MARGARET DELORIS FLOYD Homegoing services for Ms. Margaret Deloris Floyd, who passed away on June 27, 2010, will be held Saturday, July 17 2010, at 2 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home Chapel, 5002 N. 40th St., with Elder Romel Charles, of the Mount Calvary Seventh-Day Ad entist Cb urch, officiating. Interment will be private. Ms. Margaret Floyd was a native ofValdosta, Georgia. She was preceded in death by her father Mr. Oscar Floyd. be lea es to cherish her memory: her loving mother Ms. El.iz.abeth F1 oyd.; three -t rs. Doris Annie Jean and Anni Doris Floyd ofTampa 4 broth rs Jimmy Knight of v aid Georgia, Artis Ern and T"tmm.ie Knight of Tampa; n phew Charlie ( ba) Johnson, Ervin John-n (K ) of aid Geor-gi and David Smith of Tampa; pecial uncle Willie Jam Floyd, and a host of Iovin aunts uncles nieces, nepb cousins and friends. itati n for Is. Margaret ris Floyd will beheldFri-rening from s-8 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home. Friends attending the bome-iog ce are ed to as--bleat the chapel at p. turda.y HARMO B


Funerals MRS. IDA MAE KELLY Homegoing services for Mrs. Ida Mae Kelly who passed away on July 8 2010, will be held Saturday, July 1 7 2010, at 2 p. m. at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 3005 E. Ellicott St., Tampa. 33610, Rev. Dr. T. W. Jenkins, pastor, officiating, Rev. Henry Washington, eulogi t. Interment will be private. Mrs. Ida Mae Kelly was a faithful m mb r f Mount Olive Mi ionary Bupti t hurch of Palmetto, FL, under the leadership of R v Henry Washington. Mrs. Kelly wa a nati c of Boston, Georgia. She was pr ceded in d ath her husband, Mr. Rob rt KelJy Sr.; her parent Christopher Simmon and Dora Brandon; daughters, Annie Mo e and Mary Hall; and 2 brothers, Winston Carley and Andrew Brandon. She leav t cherish man fond me:mori of her Ufe: 4 daughters, irene Mee and husband Theodore Dorothy Porter llfld husband, tanJey. Martha Hall and WaJt r and Geraldine Connor; n Thomas Hall Jr. and wife Tonya sister Christine Brandon of Palmetto FL; haH-ter Betsy Simmons of Boston G brother George Brandon and wife, Irene o-f Rubonla, FL; ni Betty Lowry and husband Wllll raldin Brandon, Tina Brandon, Buffy of Palmett and nJ Brand n of Rubonia, FL; neph w Tony Brandon grandki Jam 'l'oya b Hall, Ron-ni immon HaJJ ri H JJ andAJli ha J Hall, Alonzo Hall t njo tyl ab-bri 0 Pat Hall. Mario Hall and J and Thorn Hair and La h1ka cousin Renic Wright (Beverly), Robert Wright and wifi and Marvin Wright aU of Tamp p aJ gr t grands Kiant Hall K1 ra Hall-Port r 'I' ri HaJJ Aniliya rtt and Jam tt, Jr. a loving ho t of oth r co11.!ri:ns gr t grandkids and special &i nds. Visitation for M Ida M K Uy will b b Jd Frid ev nlng from 5 8 p m. at Harmon Fun raJ Hom 5002 4oth t. Tampa 33610. Friends att nding th hom going rvi ar k d to mbf, at th church at 1145 p.m. A HARMON BURIAL MS. CATHERlNE RENDER Family Owned & Operated Everett-Derr & Anderson Funeral Home S 117 North 22nd Street Tamp Florida J 813-237-5775 Per s onalized un ral rvic hipping & remati n ( )JJI I .lllllh (:Ill )1!111 l.lllllh .... MRS. OLLIE MAE ANDERSON lU I HARM0NLFD.813 626-8600JA 6002 N. 40th St MRS. MARY SMITH RANCE 'MAG' JENKINS ...... (j) 0 ...... 0 I 0 :0 c )> en m z =1 z m I to cherish many 0, c I I m :::! z "'D c r:D c en ::::t m c m < m -:0 -< -f c m en c -)> -< l> z c _, :0 c


0 Funerals/Memoriam I MR. HAROLD JEROME 'SKINfiGHT' SAlLS Mr. Harold Jerome Skintight'"' Sails of 910 Okaloos u Avenue, Tumpu, passed U\\DY Sunday, July 11, 2010. Funeral services will b' conducted aturday. July 1 2010, nt 11 u. m. n t Ray Williums FuneruJ Home, 301 North Howard Avenue, with Elder Tony Parker, r ., offiC eiating. lnterm nt will follow ct in Orange Hill Cemetery. u.. Mr. Harold ails was anaC tive ofTampa, and a re ident z ofTampa for 59 years. He ate( tended the public chool of > Hill borough County, grnduc( ating from Middl t n High C hool with honors in tr ck and fi ld. H "" a nit d ::> tat N vy Di abl d t t-> ct w > w c w :t: (/) :::; m ::> ll. z tu ..J ..J ::: m ..J w z w (/) c( c ct 0 ..J u.. c( w e:ran. He wa form rl m rri d to orgi nn High mith Sa.il and out of that union one daught r w s born. To n -gela ail Whil in th nited tat avy. h tra -eJed the world and worked a a Boatsman Mat avy hip He was al considered to be one f th dresse:rs in the Tamp Ba area back in hi day. Mr. ails was pre ed din death by bl parents. Edith and It 11 Salls He J av t cb rl b hi memory a daugbt r, Tangela t'Tampa; 3 8ist baron Bailey (Paul), Anlta HudJey (Reggi ) and Kathy Jon (Tony), all fTamp ; 2 broth n, Arnold ail (Dorothy) and K lvin ails (Zandra) all ofTampa 2 sPatricia all of ew Orleans and Mary Sail ofTampa; 3 aunts Rosa Lee all JuanJta ail and Ethal Ma Onmbr U all of Brandl Duru (Ri hard), Tamyko Ball Tonyn Ball TonJ Jon Ang Ia Jon and Monl a 0 Jn (Rob rt): n ph Frnnld Ball Jr. ( rystal), Travi Bailey R ginald Hud-1 Jr., Darren aU (Taro), Dwnyn aJJ urtl oiJs. Jr. and Byron ail ; and a host of ousin and f.ri nds. Th r main will r po aft r 5 p. m. Friday, July 16, 2010, at Ray WIIUam Fu n :raJ Hom 301 Howard Av nu. Arrang m nts ntrust d to RAY WILUAMS NERAL HOME Rhod North m, Own :rs. ec ut ur Newly Enhanced Website At: 0 flsentinel.com MR. WINSTON F. WEBBER Mr. Winston F. Webber of 1 7022 Denni. s Road, Lutz, FL, passed away Wedne day, July 7 2010. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, July 1 7, 2010, at 11 a m. at BibleBas !d Fellowship hurch, 4903 Ehrlich Road, with P!L'l tor rthur T. Jone official ing. Interment will follow in Gorden of Memories emctery. Mr. \V bbc r W l s u nntiv of Jumuica, und u r sident of Tampa for 16 years. H e H t t nded th New York chool of D nt 1 Technology and w s am mber of Bible-Bnsed Fel low hip burch. He w If employed a D nt I Technician t W bb r Dent I Labo r tory. II I MEMORIAM JOHNNY'W' MURRA MRS. DAISY E. WlLLlAMS Mrs DoL'iy E Wi lliams of Tampa, away Monday, July 12, 2010. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, July 17, 2010. at 2 p. m. ot First Baptist Church of Co llege Hill 3838 orth 29th Str ct. with Rev erend Eva n Burrows, pa tor. offici ting. lnterm nt will fol lo w in Re t II oven temori I Park. MS. ETHEL INEZ EVERETI DEACON FORREST GILMORE Homegoing celebration for Deacon Forrest Gilmore of Tampa, who passed away Monday, July 12, 2010, will be held Saturday, July 17, 2010, at St. John Cathedral, 3401 E. 25th Ave., with the pastor, Bishop Eddle Newkirk, officiating. Interment will be made on Monday July 19 2010, at 11 a. m. at Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, FL Deacon Gilmore lea es to cherish fond memories: a loving and devoted wife, Sis. Zarue Gilmore; a son, Phillip Jarrett; a daughter, Jacqneline Gilmore. along -w;th a host of nieces and nephews. Deacon Gilmore was born May 31, 192.3 in Dublin, Georgia. to Mr. and Mrs. Jim.u:Ue (Mamie) Gilmore who preceded him in death. He attended the public schools in Georgia. At an early age he mo ed to Tampa. After moving to Tampa, he m rried Zadie Gilmore. Soon afterwards, they connected to t. John M. B. burch (now t. John Cathedral). He erved God faithfully at St. John in the early years through the umber One boir and continued in the con Ministry until his health began to fail. Even though in recent months he had been unable to attend rvi he continued faithful in the su:pport of this ministry rved in tat Army; worked at Hun Truck Sales and lat r retired from {. L foody Truck Sal Th remains will repose from 5-9 p. m. Friday July 16, 2010 at Wu n Funeral Hom 3000 29th Street. Friends are asked to a -mbl at tb church at ap-proximate 10:45 m., turds.y wns


Funerals/Memoriams j] ... MR. RAYMOND NATHANIEL SMALL RUTH JACKSON cousin, "A Family s Friend In Their Time Of Need 4605 N. 34th Street (813) 239 3101 JIMMY JACKSON ... Owner SC, l>oris Kemp, Bronx, NY; I C... godson,Ar-chestenmd Ocnise TRIBUTE MEMORIAM C 0 f LOVE !< Tampa; special friends, ...... Bernard and Frances Lundy, m l'etersburg, VA, who looked I'V after Ruth as suhstitute care-givers when needed, and 0 Helen Jones, Ruth' s special ''tall gal" at Greenfi ld Reflections of Petersburg, who called "cuz" her special mom. The family may be contacted by calling (804) 458-7700, Benjamin and Barbara Ford. Online condolences a r e wel-comed a t sjnce187a.com, a memorial video may be \ iewed. The r 'mains will repose a t S t o n e's Memorial Funeral llomc, 501 6 N. 22nd treet, Tampu, on Friduy, July 16 2010, from 5-7 p.m. Famil y and friends arc a ked to assembl e a t the church at 1:45 p.m. o n aturdny, July 1 7 2010. Arrang mcnts entrusted t o tone's 1emorial Funeral Hom Edward \ V. tone, Jr., LF.D. AF IEB. TRADITIO AI. I -Fam.ily ] Notice [ __ --_.,__ ------born Jul ll? d ll\ ( July 3. MR. HENRY MICKLES Mr. Henry Mickles leaves to c herish his memories: Marjorie Judge Latasba, Doris Baker and family. DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT IN MEMORIA MR. ROBERT E. WAITES (BOB) Sunrise: July 22 1950 Sunset: February 21, 2010 Happy birthday. I love you and miss you so much. Your wife, Mrs. Theresa Waites and family and friends. IN REMEMBRANCE JAMFS WILSO SR. July1 1939-July 14 2()04 Bl th Lord... whQ crowns you with louin,g l-indn and tender mer. Psalm 103:1 4-n u,._, ., .... in ur hearts forr. \i i1i and family. "TT r-0 :0 c > fJ) m z :j z m r-1 m c r rm :j z "0 c m c fJ) :I: m c m < m :0 < -4 c m fJ) c > z c 0 Q m N .... ,.


Memoriams/Card of Thanks 0 a: u. 0 z < 0 en w :> .... > a: w > w 0 w :I: en m :> a.. z fij :> m I w z w en Cl 0 a: 0 u. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM WILLIE BUSTE R SMITH 7 /15/ 1 5 -5!15/oM Husband CARLOS RENETO CUMMI G / 2 / 6 s / I B /95 Nephw VIVIAN GUZMAN BRANCH 7 / 1 / 1 2 3 / 15/02 G rnndmothc r Happy, happy birthday. W lov you and th re' n othing ou can do about it. Lot s o f love, mi. sing you d rl Y ur wU Vivian orton-mith: grundd u ht r. unti and th re of th family. milh, u7-m n umminw nd orton frunil answer to. 3 e arran funerals, we d n them. lt is our responsibinty to h your wishes and respect your bud t 4 W like meeting famili not Uke you we are a pan of this community e supponin r oogh when they need us. w ............ F lXXl N 29th St Tampa, Fl Iml (fm) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 www.wilson-funeralhome.com Wayne l Bright Manager HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN LOVING MEMORY OF FRANK A. CODY O n July 19th. we eel brntc the m emory of. our life We are forL'Vcr grateful to have been n p art of your life. Your nnm i.!. forever pokcn in our con rsntion. We miss you dcnrly. For ver in the h e rt of: your wif Lori; children n brother, i.ster.. in1 ws, e t ended f amily and fri nd'i. IN MEMORIAM u Upped n bal... CARD OF THANKS MRS. DOROTHY ROGERS FRIERSO N The family of Mrs. Dorothy Rogers Frierson, wishes to acknowledge with deep appreciation the many expressions of love, concern and kindness hown to us during our time of bereavement. May God bless and keep all of you! The Family, Barr, Rogers Turner, Cobb and Peacock. National 'Billboard Linking Obama, HiUerDraws Complaints DES MOI ES IOWA -A billboard created by an Iowa tea part) roup that compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin is drawing harp criti ci m -e n from fello tea party activists who hav-e con demned it as offensiv-e and a


Crime Familv Shocked About Man's Stabbing Death According t o the Tampa P olice D epartment, the II i ll s b oroug h Count y S t a t e Office i s r ev i e w in g the stabbing d eath o f :2:2-yea r -o ld Jamm Edwards. 0 n .J ul y 1 o I h o ff icer s r esponde d t o a 9 1 1 c all o f a s t abbing at 2 7 1 0 E a s t Columbus Dri ve. Whe n the y arri ve d th ey ente r e d th e r ea r b edroom o f th rooming h o use and f ound Edwards, wh o had been s t abbe d in the uppe r body. F ir e R esc u e was call e d and pro n ounce d him dead a t the sce n e It was d e t ermine d tha t Edwards was v i siting the rooming h o use, o wn e d b y hi s olde r brothe r Minister D elvin Lawson. Minister Lawson s a id the famil y i s deepl y g ri ev in g the loss o f Edwards. Edwards attende d Rive r v iew Hig h c hool and accordi n g t o Minister Lawson, e njoyed b eing a joke r and wa a l way h e lpful t o ev e ryo n e. He'd go b y the h o u e t o c h a r g e h i phon a n d th n k e e p mov i n g. We'r r a ll y grievi n g hard ov e r thi s '"What 1'11 mi th most a r th con ve r a ti o n s w d have about od, a n d h d alway a s k m e for advi H e w a m y b rother and b e t fri nd. Be in g the o ldest I play d a big p art i n hi s upbring in g -Phylli Edwards said h e r son cal led h e r everyday j u s t to say h e loved h r. "No matt r wha t h wa JAMAR EDWARDS d oing or w h e r e h e was, h e n e v e r mis e d a day call i n g m M y s o n wa s a v ry s p iritua l young man, and acknowl e dged God everyd ay f r b i ng a part o f h i s lif e. Jamar h a d a n impact o n s o m a n y 1 eopl e, especi a l l y s m a ll c h i ldr n He'd go a roun d the n i ghborhood gath e r t h e m up, and bring the m o v e r t o the h o u s w h e n e v e r w e w e r h a \ 'i n g a g a th rin g. W ar r lly hurt b y h i l o Mini ter Lawson a i d h n o t sur a t thi t i m if h 11 pre id ov r th r vic f o r h i b r o th r. ;mel t h fami ly is still trying to finalin the arran g m nt "Th L r d i k ping me t r n g and t h family i lea n i n g on me for trcngth: Edward ha. a on and five s iblin g Th in v ligat io n i nto the t abbing i c ntinuing and n o arrest h ave n mad Reward onered In Murder 01 Universitv 01 Tampa Student T h e law firm o f Wint r s and Y onkers h a s announc d tha t a $50 ,000 r e w a r d i s b ing o ff e red f o r informa ti o n into th murd T o f U ni v rsity o f T ampa stud nt, Ryan McCall. According t o p o l i e, on Au g ust 1 9 2009, McCall and a fri end w e r e waJkjng north on N orth Boulevard n a r P a l m Av enue. Tb p air h a d jus f crossed th Holtsinger Bridg wh e n t hey w r con f tont d b y a n arm d B lack maJ e The s u s p ct aJleg dJ tri d to r o b McCall and his friend. Both r a n from th s u s p t a s h fir d s h o t s a t tJle m McCaJI was s h o t and pronoun d d ad at t h n c was d a m orning r garding th r w ard. A n qu ti o n s r garding this ca s s h ould b dir t d t o Deputy Li s a Hab r (8 1 3) 3 1 8 5604 o r (8 1 3) 3 3 5 6 UNCLE SANDY Suspect's Behavior Results In Restaints DONTAE MORRIS his b e havior resulte d in his being restrained a t the Orient Road Jail A 24 -ye a r o ld m a n a c c u sed o f killin g four peopl two of whi c h w e r e T a mp a P oli offi cers, h a d t o be r es t rai n ed ov r the w e k nd. H b e havior r e p o rt e dl y b ca m e agg r iv e t o the p oint in resul t e d in r es t ra in ts b y jail p erso nn el. Accordi n g t o Col. Jim Previtcra, who ove r ee the jail Dontae Morris w a r e trai n d f o r thr h u rs o n aturday. p o n r eturning t o h i c II f o ll owing a court appearan ce, toms repo rt ed ly ask d n f mal d t ntio n offic r for t oil t tissue. Af1er she ga, him th ti su h 1'\'llOrtt>dly lx'g;m in front f her. Morris id to have th n pick d at hi to until one began to bleed. H al o refused mcdi al attention. Morri beha,rior impro, ed after he p nt about t hree hour in th r traint c hair. The person' ann and legs are trapped down while i n the chair. 14-Year-Oid Charged With order ft c r an i n csligalio n d e p u t i es arr s l e d Hurl m L. L arr Monda a n d c h a r g d h i m with m urdct. "T1 :c c Two Face Anempted Murder Charges In Shooting c... c: ...... 0) 1\) 0 ...... 0 T ampa P o li ce arrested two m e n aft e r a fight Wedn esday v enin g l eft o n e m a n s h o t. P o lice aid Nathaniel Johnson 2 7 go t in vo l ved in a dis p u t e with Jose CrespoNegron, 23, and Juan Gonzalez, 26, in t h e 3100 block o f Giddens A v e nue. Accor d ing to the r e p ort, Johnson and Gonzalez agreed to fig h t with CrespoNegron tanding by. When Gonzalez did not li k e the outcom e of t h e fight, be allegedl armed himself with a gun a nd h o t John on i.n JUAN GONZALEZ the buttocks. Johnson was hospitalized with a non-life threa t ening i n jury. P olice s a i d CrespoNegron and Gi>nz.alez fled i n a vehicle, bailed out in the 3100 block of West Hillsborough A venue, but f! were found and arrested 0 :tl Crespo-Negron was charged with attempted murd e r and Gonzalez was cha rged with attempted murd e r b ei n g a felo n i n possesion o f a firear m and on an unrelated traffic warrant CJ) m z ::::1 z m r I aJ c: Venue Won't Change In Rape Trial r rm ::::1 z c: aJ n Tue day a jud e t o mov the trial of ide a B lo omin dal w re brutall said. Morris h as a trial d a te t i n th first a for Aug u t 30th An a c KENDRICK MORRIS ... on trial fur sexually assaultit:\g women CJ) :X m c m < m :c -< ..... c: m CJ) c )> z c ., c


0 ..... 0 N <.0 ...-:::J ...., > <{ 0 a: LL. 0 a: LL. c z <{ c en LLJ :::J .... > a: LLJ > LLJ c LLJ :X: en ..J m :::J Q. z tii ...J ...J :::J m ...J LLJ z LLJ en < c a: 0 ...J LL. Making This Right For information vs restore hegulf ov faceboo comlbpam twttter com/bp_ am youtube com/bp Cl2010 p B e a che s Clai m s Cleanup Economic Inv estment Environmental Restoration H e a l th and S a f e ty Wil dl i f e bp co l .()( SSI nee. e sec T r eport 11 on the sh .ne !866 1 JJB 58 6 nc To r eport rnP c WII l fe 1 1557 dQ fiCd To pll r 1 od c i a s I 00) ildQ 08!)8 wwwflond ulfr sponse co I grew up on he Gul Coas I now t hese wa ers And I'm doff g eve ryr hin g I C

FLORIDA SENT'INEL FRIDAY,JULY16,2010 B I Tampa Bav Black Professionals Networking Social I Tampa Bay Black Professional s T h e Col l e cti ve gathered i n th e R otunda Room of The Tampa Club f o r a n etworking soc ial. The event, a n empowe r e d collabo ration connectin g talente d m i nds. was sponsored b v .Johin g co1n and hosted h y The T ampa Club. The social eve nt was presente d by th e Tampa Bay Chapte r of National Bla c k MBA Association, Na tion a l Ao.;soci ation o f Black Accountants-T ampa Ba y Chapter, 100 Black Vkn of Tampa 13ay, George Ed gecomb Bar Assoc iation and Tampa Metrop olitan Alumnae C hapter of Della S igma The ta Sor o ri ty, Inc. (Ph o tography b y B RUNSON) Joseph W. J. Robinson P E., K e n Perry and Freddie :\loon:. Judge Dick Gr o Jr., l eft. and Atty. linton Paris. Wllllnm Boh Snnml'ls n ncl Bl't\lnmin .Jnnw :\tty. Ctcclia llubhcrt. :\tty. !'Ytonicn J William.'>. LaKisha Kinsey-Sallis and Atty. Kamilah Perry attcnch:d the networking Derrick Brown. Prince. hcrwood. Prc..,ident. Phi Beta ig:ma: raig S. McCoy. J\1. D .. President, TI1c rc.,c nt Foundation: Scan Oickl'r.oon. Pre idcnt. 100 Black Men Tampa Ray: and Philip llarri,o,. :'\FBPA. ociaL Othc ts who nttcncllcl the sodnl indudc-d: Glennn Sr nders. BrirlA U<,tt l Wnlkl' t ol\d llumbcrtn S. \'lin.


or-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Local 5-Year-Oid Captures Medals In National Competition JOE QUEZ SMITH ... Wins 2 national championship in TaeKwonDo BY IRI B. HOLTON ntinel ity Editor 0 P e rh a p th e be t k e pt c r t a: in Tae Kwon Do i s Joequez LL Smith. At the age of s. the C young ter recently won two national competitions and thi i onl y the beginning. 0 Joequez was award d th (f) Award ertificat in Junior parring 6-7 Mal R d Fin t-Ca tegory and Junior F orms 6-7 Male Red Over .s lb w The award w re pr nted [j during the N a tion a l & c Jr. Olympi cs, h eld in rlando W June 28th through July 2nd. The son of Mr. and M ::i Walter (Jo nn) mith Joequ z began Tae Kwon Q. Do a t the age of 2 Jf mothZ er recaJis taking the youngfi:i ter to the cia s and th ..J ..J ;::) m ..J w z w (f) C a: 0 ..J LL. Jo quez mith is hown standing b id nume rous trophi m edals, and wards h e h a'i won. instru tor t elling h r he might b t oo yo un g Not onl y did J o quez prove himself, h e became th e younges t tudent of hi coach Mas t e r Jam s Whit to participat e a t th chool. The firs t y ar h compe ted, Jo quez h o wa 2-1 /2. w o n thr gold m dais. Th followin g a r h won thre gold medals again. H curr ntl h. a red belt with a black trip But, h will t f o r hi Black B It in A sports enthusia t Jo qu z ontinues t o train in Tae Kwon D H e al o enjoy playing football with the Fair Oaks Rattlers baseball for the North emin o l es, a nd B asketball for the Junior Training Program oners Opponunitv For The Future ERNEST CO NEY JR. BY 0 B. REWS ntinel ta.ffWriter The arpent r Workbench Training Program is a joint n on-profit, faith-based and pri,-ate ector endeavor headed by The Corporation t o Develop communities of Tampa Inc. The goal of the program is full y train and crejo for individuals wbo barri rs to employment, including ex-offen ders, noncustodial parents, underem ployed and unemployed low income individuals. The trainees will be taught useful kills that can be used by the individual to obtain employment in the construction trades industry. DC Chief Operations Officer Ernest Coney said the CDC provides the train ing through a partner hip with Training far job placement is con rned we make referrals and Abl Body bel u with the on-the-job training." To a ply fo r th training, n y aid come to the hi e rban urn u with


.5irthda Greetin s Hello World! MICHAEL 55-7/17/55 I'm back for my 8th birthday. till t anding tro ng and d an. Thank God and my moth r for nev e r g iving up on m e. I mi yo u Mother, every day. Love, m y brothers and i s t e r for thei r support and J ove. Thank yo u all. M .REEZYAnd DIAMOND PRINC Stay f oc use I on th rn bc ca u e I he. e ill ion Dollar c;irl z are the future. The Iii diva party lik e rnck s tars on their birthday with all th ir famil and fri aturday, Jul 1 at P ncho' M Diamond Prins i the daughter of Anita and J rmaine B noit. M R i the daught r of Linda and Ri k Hargrov Know Your Waterin Day ... and avoid costly fine Mv Other 1/2' NE-NE And WILLIE W e've b n thro u g h all trial s and tribulations and are tronge r tha n eve r You mi ght not be h e r tod ay, but yo u 'll be ba c k t omorrow. Fr o m th o n h e call wiC y. I ''in, yo u l o ( L L)! PEACHES H app_ birthday Peaches! God has blessed yo u to see another g r ea t yea r. Enjo y your s pecial day. With lo e and respect! Your family: Rodney, Daimeiona, Frances and Gene. ERICAndERICA ords can' t xrpress what you mean to me. Just know I lov you. 'TI JJ c... c 1\) 0 ..... 0 'TI r 0 JJ c )> CJ) m z z m r I m c rr m z m < m ::D < ..... Happ birthday -1 anniversary -21. and C: m CJ) Lo M. House. c )> z c


All About You! C\1 ,.... c a: LL. c z < c en w ::::l ._ > a: w > w c 'W :t: en :::i CD ::::l Q. z tu ...J: ...1 ::::l CD ...:. w z t= z w en 0 ...1 LL. Recentlv Wed You don' t marry someone you can live with you marry the person you cannot live without. Jecoliah Willirun and Cory Perkin married May 8th, 2010, at Revealing Truth Ministrie The reception wa h eld at th Quorum Hote l. Th couple honeymoon e d in the Bahama Published : Friday, JuJy 30,2010 Deadline: Wednesday, Juty 21, 2010 $10 Ycu Honor Photo In Child's School: Child's Name: Parents: WILLIAM And JOYCE CHISOLM I give you my l ove and h ea rt in God that we've been mar ried 13 years. H appy anniv rsary Mr. a nd Mr William and J y hi lm r n wing o ur vows o n Jul y 19 a t 4 p m a t 32 2 48th Local Gvden Descendants Will Host FamilY Reunl n Local Students Receive National Recognition As Outstanding Volunteers, Leaders Next week, ten young ste rs from the Tampa Bay area will spend a week in W as hington, D C. They will return home and comp lete a paid int e rn s hip as well. Th e s tud ents will atte nd the Bank of America Charitable Found ation Summit from July 18th through July 23rd. A Leader s hip Summit it is d es igned to teach students to engage in service and to examine critical issues chall engi ng communities in Amer ica. Upon returning home the stu dents will take part in an 8-week paid internship at various charitable organizations in Hill s b oro ugh and Pinellas Counties Five of the stu d e n ts a r e from Hillsborough County. Brittany Bradshaw, a senior at Wharton High School. Brittany will inte rn at Straz Center. Andre Jones recently graduated from Spoto High School. H e wil1 intern at the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa. Ashira Pelt will be a senior at Hillsborough High School in the fall. She, too, will intern at the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa. Craig Moxley recently graduated from King High School. H e will join Brittany as an intern at Straz Cente r John Vtllegas is a recent graduate of Noble Street College Pr e p He will also intern at the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa. Five tudents were also cho en to represent Pinellas County. The students cho en are among 230 high school juniors and eniors from throughout the nation chosen to represent their comm unities The purpo e of the ummit is to inspire the students to con tinue serving their communities to bring about positive change. The tudents wi11 al o participate in a series of interacti e workshop and hands-on activities educational eminars and g u est speakers. Child Abuse Council Host Second Annual Christmas In JuiV t:b Child LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!!


, ::c Apostle cvnthia Forde Hosts Revival Aposte Cynthia Forde sharing the Wor d of God. A p o t i e Cynthia Forde ho t ed a reviva l rec ntl y whi l in T a mpa h e t alk d abou t .. God l ,iving Y o u Your J.if Back" and .. Marriag a nd H ea l -ing." curr nt r ident of Lo Ange l e A postl e Ford return to Tampa often t o har e with hurting m e n a nd wome n Each night man y came t o give their t e timoni e of var iou healings. h e con clud ed the wo hip ervic with an arly mornin g bapti m a t l eanvat r B ac h (Ph o t o by Julia Jackson ) I UNITY M.B. CHURCH 3111 Ybor SL Tampa ,Fl33605 ( 813 ) 248-5955 S'-'Kiay Schoo4 t:30 A.M Morning Wonh l p o 11 A M S iDle Study o TUH. 7:30 P M i Hf PIJE3LIC IS IN VI T 1:-[) P O 13< 290415 Tlmpfll, FL 33687 (813) 784-1021 FeedOu'Chi CJ) m z ::j z m r-1 aJ c: r rm ::j z ., c: aJ r c;; m 0 m < m ::c -< -t c: m CJ) 0 > z 0 ::c 0


Sundai1 School a: u.. God Will Reveal All Evil Workers I n l ife it is a l ways easy to fight an enemy yo u can see. The enemy that is difficul t to ov ercome or defeat i s the one that you cannot id entify or ee. Paul writes in 2 T hessal onia n s 2:7-12 that ther i an evi l power at work in the community. The church and b e li ver mu t know tha t the r e i a n e vil power at work, a lth o u g h gent in it s work servi ce and worship. Whil e you may not openly see a nything h appening, yo u mus t know that evi l i s occurring. There a r peopl in th churc h who will do things retly to work against the work and progress of the kingdom. Ther a r e some who s it on board of autho r ity and hold offic who op rat lik the !awl one. c z ct orne to bring de truction P aul a ur th m tha t in tim th law) n will b r al d and th Lord J u will ov rthrow him nd d tro him (v ) Thi the confidence of the church, that th Lord will overthrow all tho \ ho to the thing of God and Hi C kingdom. The work that he i doing => is secret. Therefore, th > church mu always dili-a: ecretly work to brin de truction t o th work of the kingdom. w > w c w J: (/) :J m :::> 0.. z tJj ..J ..J :::> m ..J w z z w (/) ct c 0 ..J u.. 2313 E. 27th AVE. (813} 248-5690 (813) 241-6902 EKLY OR H I P SCH DULE Sunday School ..... 9 :30A. M Sunday Morning Worship .... 11 A.M. Sunday Evening Worship .... 7 : 30P M Prayer (Tuesday-Fnday) .... 9 A.M. Wednesday Night Worship ..... 7:30P. M ::: Those w h o practice s u c h evi l against God mus t b e serv e d notice th a t th ey shall b e r evea l e d God i s going to b e the person doing the revea ling. Whe n God r evea l s a p e rson th ey will b e fully ex p ose d Their work i s in accord a n ce of Satan (vs. g). As yo u live and d o th e work of God yo u mus t a lso know the work of Satan. Why ? So you can id e ntify the m as yo u work so that yo u will not b e taken b y surprise. There a r e some who will perish b eca use they will not believe the truth and be aved (vs. 10). But we s h o uld a lw ays b thankful to God for those who have believe d For those who are going through these things and b eing stres ed by the tacti of th !awl you mu t b r minded that od a thin It m m ha h or too hard to handle, but th re is a great r glor to be re ealed and hared in You have not been forgotten about nor h God forsaken you. Th greater bl ing are y t till to come. Sl Mar11 f.\tSSIOll31)' Bapi&SI Chun:h 7221 s Shlmln Strwt Port T:JmP-1. Aond.1 33016 Local College Hill COGIC To Celebrate FellowshiP Dav The College Hill Church Of God In Christ will celebrate their 88th Annual Fellowship Day on Sunday, July 25, 2010 at 11 AM. The guest messenger for that day will be Superintendent Gary L. Hall, Sr. of Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Hall is committed to worldwide evangelis m and serves as a team pastor of the International Bridge of Faith Ministry. In this capacity he aids in the development of pastors o n the continent of Africa. H e is the Pastor of the West J ackso n ville Church Of God In Christ and also serves as the enior Pastor of the Harambee Community hur h, an outreach establi hed for the de elopment of Christian discipleship. Dr. Hall is the District uperintendent of the West Jacksonville District and a part of the leadership team of Central Florida First Jurisdi on. SUPT. DR. GARY L HALL, SR. D eacon Clarence G yden, Sr., Chairman of the Board of Trustees, serves as the Chairperson for Fellowship Day and along with the pastor, Elder Charles Davis extends a hearty welcome to all to come out and worship with the College Hill congregation. The church is located at 6414 North 30th Street (corner of 30th and Diana). For additional information please call 813 239-3161. New Heritage Christian Worship Center, Inc. The Place Of The Blessings! orsh p -Sunday 12 P. 7 402 561h St. Bklg. 700, Su 790 pa, F\. 33617


Reli 'ous j;J Deaconess And Ministers' Wives FellowshiP First Bapti s t Churc h o f Co l l ege Hill h e l d its annu a l Dea co n ess a n d M inister s Wives Fellowship last month. The th e m e was "Women o f Wis dom, take n from Proverbs 31:26. The g uest s p eaker wa s Rev. Delores James Cain, Pas tor of H eritage C hri stian Community Baptist Chmc h Program participants w e r e Voices o f Praise, Louise Godwin, Hel e n Godwin, Early Morning Worship 8 A.M. Sunday SchOO 9:30A.M Moming Worship 10:50 A M Bible Study, Wed. 7 P M THE PUBLIC IS INVITED Elvint Pindct, Connie Dtew, Almecta Williams, Catoly n Putnell, First Lad y Ros a BmTows, 1 lelen CatT Stevenson, Dehnt Yeoman, Rev. Nicole Stn.eter, EatIine Keesee, C hairpe rson; Bat bata Reese and FI(IJita Lovett, o -Chairpe rsons ; Margi e N icketson, Ptesident; and Pastor Evan Burrows, pas tor. (Photos by Julia Jackson) EW FRIENDSHIP M.B. CHURCH 3107 E.l...aJ 0 ..... 0 .., r-0 ::0 c l> C/) m z :::! z m r-1 IIJ c r rm z "'0 c IIJ c C/) :J: m c m < m ::0 -< c m C/) c l> z c ., 2:! c


0 GREATER BETHEl MISSIONARY L oca I : BAPTISTCHURCH ...... :::> UOl N.JoHe rsonSL Tampa.fl.336 0 2 [8131 229-1390 sundav SchooL----------9 :15am. ....., Marnlno WarshiP .................................... .... 11 a.m. 0 Prayer service, TuesdaY.--.. -.... -... -.... 6 p.m. a: Awana Bible StudY. ruesday. ____ 8 :30 pm. u. c a: u. c z <( c (/) w :::> > a: w > w c w :I: (/) -' m :::> 0.. z tu -' -' :::) (D 1 -' w z w (/) a: 0 -' LL. m Bible srudV. Tuesdav .............. ..................... 1 p.m. I Can De AJI Tblngs Cbrtst Which Strenllbtneth le. Phllloo!ans 4 :13 REV. OSCAR JOHIISON,JR. Pas lor/Teacher VICTORY, UNITED AMERICAN FREE Will BAPTIST CHURCH, INC. 7504 Causeway Blvd. Tampa, FL 33619 813.622.6815 SERVICE TIMES 10:00 A. M -Sunday School 11: 30A.M Sunday Morning Service 7 :30P. M -Friday Night Prayer Bible Study A Growing Giving Church Reaching Lost Souls For Christ S ister Debra Opong Y a o -Trustee Chair BRO EL B ERT (E.T.) F ORD SINGLE BUT WHOLE July 2 1 8:30 am -3= pm m t ls, ut ph lun h Jul 2..1, 2 1 0 cb www. Ill (8 ) 30 35 1 2 w 0 M llit.ruy /Law unt Val cooks Hostess Aprons Returns To HSN \'ALERl E W I LS O N REED CEO o f Valcooks, LLC ext week, th e ho s t of a popular tcle\'i siu n s how will return for a liv app a ran c h i returning due to an ove rwhelming r pon l\1 Valeri W i l on Reed, CEO of alcooks, LLC, has been invited to return for are s how Thi H ustomer Pick" lin o f full co erage, ge n e rous size d aprons are available in black and white paisley, dots and pink and green paisley with lu ciously long satin sash a nd assy tulle hem with functio nal pockets The a p rons are produced in the A They have the arne quality yo u h ave co m e t o expect from alcooks, but at a great price M Reed currently lives in hic.ago where h e i th e "ife of R ginald Reed an d s ight t h e mother of one daughter. he is a Tampa native and the daughter of M r s Evelyn Jones Wilson and the late Attorney Charles WJ.lson. She is also the sister of J udge Charles R. WJ.lson Anyone purchasing the aprons will also receive a free matching potholder. The apron are a perfect gift for the hoste s b ride, holiday parties and pecial occasions Anyone wishing to o btain additional information can go online to www HS N .com or c.allt-800.


Airmen Graduate From Basic Training AIRMAN EBONI BAILEY Recently, several young adults from the Tampa Bay area completed basic training requirements. All of the training took place at Lackland Air Force Base in S a n Antonio, Texa Each individual was r spon ibl e for compl ting a n inte n ive 8-wc k training program that consi ted of military di cipline and tudie learning core values, phyi cal fitne s, and ba ic warfare principal s and kill Once the training i com-AIRMAN TIFF ANY DUNNE pleted th e e nli s t ees are give n four college credits toward a n Associate in Applied cience Degree throug h the Community College of th e Air Fore Airman Eboni Bailey is a 2 9 graduat of Howard W Blak High ch I. h is t h daught r of Adrian Bail y. Airman Tiffany C Dunne i s the daughte r of Ms. Nancy Dunne. he i a 2007 graduate of Tampa Bay T ec hnical High ch I. Airman ichola. C 2010 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights re3e!Wd. AIRMAN NICHOLAS JOHNSON Johnson is a 2007 graduate of H B Plant High School. He i s the son of Michael Johnson, of Tampa, and the g randson of David John on, of Charlotte, T e nn e Ai rrn an Jordan Lewis i the on of M Karen William and grandson of M Robertine Lewis both of Tampa. H e is a 2005 graduat e of Bay hore Chri tian Hi h hool. Airman ndre D. tok r i th e o n of 0 car AIRMAN JORDAN LEWIS Stoker, of League City, Texas, and Ms. Pamela Nelson, of Tampa. He is a 2009 graduate of Clear Creek Hi gh School in League City, Texas Reserve Airman Simon B. Stolbach graduated from hamberlain High School in 2000. H e continued his education at Hillsborough Community College, where he earned an As ociate s Degree in 2008. Airman tolbacb i the on of Ms. Neva St Ibach. AIRMAN UNDRE STOKER AIRMAN SIMON STOLBACH attcom At AT&T we know access to the lntemet Is no longer a luxury. how we l.-n, ftnd jobs. and connect with family .m friends. tt drtves Innovation, cteetes lneStment and bulds a stronger community. We believe In encness possibilities for all That's why we are Investing In America. bringing broadband access closer to you. Rethink Possible "T1 JJ c c.. c "C c tD c en % m c m < m JJ < -t c m fJ) 0 )> z 0 ., :2 0


Graduation N c a: u.. c z 1-> a: w > w 0 w :I: en ::J m :::> Cl. z i= w -1 -1 :::> m I -1 w z i= z w en sn-4820 rship Opp rtuniti (813) 244-()848


jl -Senator Appointed To Dade Citv District Retired Educator Wants Commission On Capital Cases COGIC Annual Alleged Drug House Torn Down State Senator Atthenia Joyner (D-Tampa ) ha s b ee n app o int e d b y th e President o f th e F l orida Senate t o th e Com mi ss ion o n Capital Cases. Th e app ointme nt i s effect ive imm e diate l y a nd Senator Joyner's t e rm will ex t e nd until July 1 6, 2014. C r eated in 1 997, th e Com mi ss ion co n s i s t s of tw o di s tri c t co urt judges, o n e D e m oc rat a nd o n e R e publi ca n Senator, and one D e mocr a t a nd one R e publi ca n R eprese nt ative. The m e mb e rs are r ecog ni ze d as b e in g kn owle d geable in cri m in a l justice i ss u es and a r c co n s id e r e d expe rt s in th e ir respectiv e fields. The Commi ss i o n mandate includ es reviewing th e admini stra tion of justice in capital co l -School Board Plans Hearings On Class Size The Hillsborou g h County Pub lic c h ool Di tri c t will hold tw o public hearin gs p ertaining t o Florida's Cia Size Amendment. The purpo e of the hear ing is tom et the 2010-2011 requir m e nt s outlin d in th e amendment. The first hearing will tak place on Tu day. July 20th. at 5:30 p m., in th auditorium of the Raymond helton ch I dmini trative Kennedy Blvd. co nd hearing will take place on Augu t 10th at the sam time and location. The public hearings will t a k place following the regularl y scheduled chool Board m t in that wid averages In th upcoming school year, school districts will b r -quir d tom t a m o r string nt c lassr omb y-classroom tandard. Th lassroom p s ar a s follow s: 1 stud nt.s for grad Pr K 3 22 stud nts for grades 4-8, and 25 stud nts for grad 9 -12. These h earings ar to inform the public of th s t p s th Sc hool Board and Sup rint ndnt MaryEJI n Elia hav take n to n sur th district will compl y with th onstitution. During th Nov mb r 2010 Election, th public will h av an opportunity to vat on Pro po s d onstitu ional m nd m nt Eight. Thi am ndm 'ntis d s ign d to provid e more n xi bility for di s tri c t s to campi with th e cla ss ca p s. Th publi c will h ave an op pol tunity to s p e ak ntthe me e t ing ARTHENLA JOYNE R lat e r a l cases, a nd adv i sing and m a kin g r eco mm e nd atio n s t o th e Gov e rn o r th e L eg islature a nd th e upre m e Cou rt It a l so r vi ews th e oper atio n s o f th e Capita l Colla teral R egiona l Coun se l Offices, a gro up consis tin g of a tt o rn eys providing l ega l r ep r esen t atio n for any per so n appealin g th e ir co nvi c t ion and death se nt nee in Florida --99 Convention The Dade C i ty Dist ri c t Church of God in Christ will h a v e it s District Convention July 1 9th through July 23, 2010. Elder Mitchell Davis, Jr. i s Dis trict Superintende nt. The churc h i s locat e d a t 14626 7 th St. in Dade C i ty Activities will include works hops and ac tivities for all ages during the day and anointed sing in g and the Spoken W ord eac h evening at T30 p m Dinncr will b serv e d after the Fri day ni ght sessi o n The co n ve ntion is o pen t o the public and everyon e i s invited. For furthe r information, please call Elder Mitchell at (813) 996-4168. SALE Profectlv No Lye Super Therapeutic Relaxer Kit ..... BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter d o n e." O'l Ms. Miller said the house 1\) 0 For mos t o f h e r lif e, r etire d educa t o r Queen Miller has calle d East Tampa home. She's liv ed qui e tly in h e r home on 28th A venue for decades, and h adn't ex p e ri ence d any probl e m s until a littl e ove r a d eca d e ago. Fo r th e pas t 14 yea r s, Ms. Miller h as been trying to get c ity offic i a l s t o t a k e actio n on a house across from h e r s. "It used t o b e a ni ce pla ce. Now, it' s a drug house, and all kinds of things go o n inside t h a t place. "I've called police and comp lained to the city about t h e house, but nothing has been 599 l owe rs the property values of oth e r houses in th e area and is an eyeso re. She also feels it r epresents a danger to other seniors living in the area and attracts drug addicts and deale rs to her street. I dare not walk past that place at night, and I make sure m y doors are locked and my windows are shut every night. The City of Tampa Code Enfor cement Office said they currently have a case open from September 2009 on the property and two others opened re ce ntl y. They invol v e overgrowth and the bouse being in deplorable condition. SALE Profectiv Re, lax & Refresh No-Lye Relaxer Plus Color Kit sn 8ta or u m Sp e. ..... 0 "TI r-0 JJ c l> en m z :j z m r-1 CD c r rm :j z "'0 c CD c en :I: m c m < m JJ < c m en c l> z c "TI JJ c W mlng: Folio direct on careful/ to vo d in and scalp irritat ion.. M l r brea age and e e injury.# 799 ALE covr OJrt Outen Collection Liquid F ound tlon ... "'"'""'"" ., .. ... ... "" '"''""' ---,..-ol-lo

b <.0 ,.... 'A Golden Year' For Blake's Class Of 1960 T h e I t oward W Bla k e C lass of 1960 ga th e r e d t o ce l ebrate th e ir 0 s o th year r eunio n .June 1 7-:,!0, :2010. '"A Go ld e n Y ear" was th e a: th e m e o f th e ir r e uni o n T h e ir pi c nic was a t A I L o p ez Park aml t h e u. banqu et w a s at the West shor e Hilt o n l l o t el. (Photos b y Trc a s m cd Mom ents, Sylvester HaJTi s )


Roval Jewels' Tea The T ampa C h a pter o f the Link s, Inc. S e r v i c e s T o Youth fac e t h o s t e d the R oy a l .Jew e l s Internatio n a l T e a a t S h ee h y E le m e ntary Sc h o o l as o n e o f th e i r e nd o f th e sc h o o l y e a r eve n t s Eac h m onth th e y oung ladies parti c ipat e in a p a rti cula r e v e nt. T h e L in k s el eg a n t l y dresse d i n h a t s a n d g l ows j u s t for a n aft e rn o o n of t e a a n d gath e r e d a t the sc h oo l t o s hare t e a w ith t hl' R oya l h' w el s. The J ewels a lso w o rt' th e i r hat s and g l o v es. (Photos b y Julia Jackson) F ifth grad e teac:Jlr S abrina T8hl1Ullal Danle lli. L inks S o njiu I.ittl '. Phy llis Lee, 1 argar c t S pears, S e r v ices To Youth C h air; J anice Colli e r d e n t : ern 'kn Rhodes E v e l y n B ethune. 1\farslut L ewis B rown and G l oria Andrews. Presi -c... c ..... 0) 1\) 0 ..... 0 r 0 JJ c )> en m z z m r I OJ c r r m z ., c OJ c en m c m < m JJ < c m en c )> z c JJ c


The Heart Of East Tampa Front Porch Council Assist USF Students Soothe Stings Natural Insect Repellents ..--Ar e yo u inte r es t e d in m e n s h e al t h ? ATIE NTION all m e n inte r es t e d in ass i sting with a USF student pro j ect. A s m all g r oup o f USF g r adua t e s tu d ents a r e seekin g A fri ca n Am e ri ca n m a l es ove r th e age o f 18 t o h e lp with a resear c h proj ec t If yo u a r e willin g t o vo lun teer a b o ut tw o h ours o f your time discussin g m e n 's heal t h and i f yo u a r e inte rested in h e lpin g your communit y t o under s t a nd m o r e a b o ut me n 's health issu es, please contac t Miranda o r Maisha a t 8 13-974-7039 b efo r e July 23. P a r ti c ip ants will b e ente r e d t o w in a gas ca rd. Foc u s groups will t a ke p l ace a t The Heart o f Eas t T a m p a F r ont Po r c h ouncil, 1920 E. Hill s b o r o u g h Avenu Tamp a, FL. Oa t will b g i ve w h e n yo u call. Deodorants B e ve r y co n sc i ne e wh n choosing deodorant s and antiperspirant. In addition to having an allergic r eac t ion, c there i a po. ib l e l ink be a: hveen ome of th e chemicals u. in the e item and breast cane z < c en w ::> t-> ce r Y o u mi ght want t o t ry more n atura l deodorant th a t f rgo ingr eli nt u h a parab n aluminum compound. tri clo an t alc and propylen gly-1. > w c w :X: en ...J en ::> Q. z ...J ...J ::> en ...J w z w C/1 < c a: 0 ...J u. : $50 OFF : Rehne 1 110 ____________ .... ____ ... I f a n in s e c t s neak s past your h e rb a l r e p ellent, yo u ca n L..._ ____ __J l esse n th e s tin g b y applyin g a l oe ver a ge l cale ndul a c r ea m (ge l o r l o ti o n). L avender essenti a l oil o r tea tree e s se n tia l o il. Go Nuts Ea t ing h a ndful of nuts about 2.5 ounce h lp t o l o w r bad chol s t rol. Thi willll'ad to th dedin in bad cholesterol and tri g lyc c rid an d better rati os of t otal cho l e t er'J l and good c hol e t e r ol. :\'ut ar rich in un aturat d fat and th e rich t source of protein in th plant kingdom. Th y a l o contain fiber and ph)10 t rol D Vflth Dinner B lakin a vitamin up-plcrncnt at dinn rtim thi \\;11 h lp your body t o mak bett r u of th nutri nt Go Green Eat Your Beans Get Stress Under Control Ma n y b u g r e p elle n t s use h a r s h p o t e nti ally t ox i c c h e m i ca l s whi c h ca n ca use a d ve rse e ff ec t s on th e bra in p articul arly in d e v e l o ping f e tu ses and yo un g childre n So in s tead o f d o ing more h arm try a f e w o f th ese natu r a l h e rb s and esse ntial oil s to wa rd o ff ins ects. N o t e : As with most essen ti a l oils, add seve r a l dro p s t o a vegetable oil b ase, th e n rub directl y o n the s kin r e m e m berin g t o reapply every f ew h ours. Citronella d e t e rs houseflies, ticks and mosquitoes. Basil, Thyme and Lemongrass wh e n crus h e d r epel Lemon Eucalyptus Oil o r Rose G eranium Oil fights off mosquitoes, sand fli ticks midg a nd stable flies. Pennyroyal ca n b e appli e d di rec tl y t o the s kin i f dilute d with a ve g e table oil b ase It w ards o ff ants, c higg e r s, fleas. Fli es, gnats, m osquitoes and ticks Patchouli Oil not only dete r s mosquitoes, it is also e ff e cti v e agains t infections fr o m 22 bacterial and 12 fungal strains. Neem is a great option for warding off numerous in sects, es p e ciall y mosquitoes. Mint, specificall y Peppermint is anathema to ants. If you see them inside the house, mix one cup of water and two teaspoons of essential p eppermint oil Also dab some d ilute d peppermint oil o n yo ursel f and your picnic baskets to ward off the ants. Pine Oil and Cedarwood Oil sends fleas and h o u eflies running. STEPHEN A. WJLUAMS M.D. PA Board Certified Pediatrician 714 W MLK Jr Blvd. Exams, Cleq & Allings Cosn.tic (llotd., Veneers) Clvwns (c.ps) & lllidges Paw tilllla & Dentures l!xti a;:tian lr11PI-wt flaa:sdorllliuiaa Wale-Ins & 81 ager lcies Wekx:me Most klsllanoeAcaped SenlorCiizen Oiscolllts Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N Boul evard ( 1 Blk South Of W. Dr. MLK Blvd. ) W\!\N'J. t o m h nsondenta lcare com


Healt Holistic First Aid Kit Accidents and injuries are all a part of growing up, especially during the summertime. Here are a few homeopathic remedies that you should put in your holistic tlrst aid kit. Ledum -will soothe bee stings and insect bites. It will also help to treat poison ivy. Apis -relieves insect stings -especially bee stings that result in painful swelling. Arnica-helps to relieve bruises, swelling and mus-cle sprains and strains. It can be taken orally and is available as a cream, gel. ointment or oil that can be rubbed directly onto the affected area. Calendula-in ointment. cream, gel, spray or tincture form can be applied to close up minor cuts. It also acts as a pain reducer. Hypericum l'att bt applied externally for deep cuts. Bclladonnu Can ca lm a throbbing headache (bend head backward) and i s useful for heat cramps. But be cautious that is the condition worsens when tiltinJ?, the head backward consider Glonoine instead. for the fifth con tN 'f ar, T H honored to on for ou ding orthopedi by U News & World R port's li Something To Smile About To prevent cavities, reduce the formation of plaque around the teeth, regulate blood sugar for those with Type :..! diabetes, prevent chi ldhood car infections and support hone health use Xyl itol. a natural sweetener with dual affects. Eat Your Greens lReds & YellOWS) Consuming a wide of nutrients from fmits and \'egetahlcs can help guard against respiratory distress 'l11e intake of fresh produce in the diet goes down. the risk of a sthma goes up. :\ prohiotic supplement is n.'tommcndcd. Our dedicated team of physidans, nu and physical nd occupation I th pis orthopedic care-ran ng from diagnosis. to tJi tment.to rehab. Wh th r you've or need total joint replacement, trust Tampa I Hospital. Physldanflnder Referral Service 1-800-822-00CS AfflNated with the USF College of M Natural Relief Antihistamines provide re lief, but they also have side ef fects lik e drowsiness, digestive upset and depresS IC>tl. llere are a few natural al t ernatives to help relieve and even prevent the occurrence and symptoms of hay fever asthma and allergies. Quercetin -inhibits the release of histamine, which causes sneezing and other symptoms associated with a l lergies and asthma. It can be found in red ,...,ine, grapefruit, onions, apples and black tea and i s also available in caps ules and tablet form. Black currants may relieve lung tis s u e inflammation in people with asthma. the production of corticosteroids, which relieves inflammation and strengthens the lungs. Chrysanthemum flower tea -helps to reduce itchiness and redness of the eyes that occurs during allergy season. Buttcrbur-has petasine, which can be effec tive in re lie\'ing allergy symptoms -without drowsiness. Buplcrum -stimulates Other hay fever remedies to consider are: bromelain, ginkgo, goldenseal, licorice -n and milk thistle. 5 Mushrooms A mushroom called Mane" has been used to treat digcsti\'P ailments. It may also improve mild cognitive impainnent. ORTHOPEDICS :D c l> Cn m z z m I CD c I I m z -o c CD I CJ) :I: m c m < m :D < c m CJ) c l> z c -n :D c


National 5-Year-Oid Shoved Into Tranic Bv Mom's Bovtriend NAACP To Condemn 'Racism' Of The Tea Parties WASHINGTON ---On Tuesday the National As s ociation for the Adv a nc ement of Colored People (NAACP) of fered a r esolution to it m e m bers condemning what it beli eve t o b e rampant r ac i m in the Tea Party m ov ment. T h e r e o lution p a d as th e n atio n 's o l d es t c i vil r i g ht s o r ga ni zation h e ld it s 101st co nventi o n in Kansas City NAAC P Pr esi d ent and CEO Benjamin Jealous t a lk e d to CNN about the controve r s ial loose-knit groups tha t espouse a commitment to the Constitution. "Th e Tea Party mov ement knows that there are tens of thousands of dedicate d racists and ultra nationalis t s in th e ir r a nks," JeaJous said Those g r oup "mus t b e r epudiated b y the r eg ul ar, l aw abiding m mb r or th y mu t tak r pons ibility," Jealous, dd d, aying "they a n t h ave it both ways." Considers Renaming Dorm Named In Honor 01 Klansmen ffi Th niversi ofT xa i prof or nt th in titution nnd m mber of the Ku Klux Klan > con idering changing th w 0 name of a dormitory that wa w named in honor of a prominent Klan man. :J The school relea d a p m relea e saying that ni ve ity President William Pow z Jr. wi1J k th ..J ..J m ..J w z w Adoption Immigrat i on a: 0 ..J u.. Civil/ Personal Injury Bankruptcy Guardianship Pro.,.._ Social Security Wilt Call Us. Wi C n Help. F. Kemi Oguntebi AttQrMY At Law 101 N Armenia Avenue T mpa FL 33109 HIV/AIDS Plan Calls For Reducing Infections WASHINGTON, D C President Barack Obama i s announcing a new nationa l stra t egy for combating HIV and AIDS aime d at h elping r educe the number of infections and providing those living with the virus high-quality care free from stigma or discrimination. The strategy calls for reducing the rate of new HfV infections b y 25 percent over the next five years, and for getting treatment to 85 percent of patient within thr e month of their diagno s i Admini tra ti o n officia l including H ealth and Human ervices Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and dom ti c policy chai nvoman Melody Barne unveiled the trat gy at the White H o u on Tue. Pre Oba m a di u ed the trat-gy at a reception honoring the work of th e HI\" and AID community lat r in th day. SentlneJBuiietin ... "Th Voi of mmunity p r It if Michael Jerome Walker and hi s girlfriend were in a heated argument wh e n Walker hit her in the side of the head while she was driving The young woman immediately pu1Jed over and tried to flag down help, but not before Walker turned his anger and his attention toward her five year-old son. Police told reporters that Walker grabbed the boy and threatene d to hurt him, but the child manage d to free himse lf from Walker. That's whe n the s uspect shoved the MICHAEL JEROME WALKER boy into oncoming traffic. Amazingly, aside from a few bruises and scrapes, the boy walked away unharmed and Walker was taken into custody. Father Beats &-YearOld Son To Death Te.xas police arrested Alex M ,,.., e n Duncan. 34 for the fatal beating of hi on T k rrio Ja n 6 becat h would not fall asleep. Police y he beat the bo for two '"ee after be came to tay with him for the ummer. Police report that Duncan would force the child to et on hi kn and rai e hi arm abo' hi head before punchin him in the ch t. n Frida y at around p.m. li ce Duncan saw th bo flutt r in th apartm nt h hi girlfriend BANKRUPTCY of having a i.zure, was taken to a h pital and pronounced dead on arrival \Vhen the father \\Tas interpolice he told them t h teach him .._ ac.-................ llt RI!AL I!STAT LAW FAMILY LAW


Polk County ews "T1 JJ c Bridal Shower Held On Saturday, June 26t h. the lcGordon 's Learning Center served a the hostsite for a bridal shower for Katrina Holston. The tables were beautifully deco rated in shades of purple and pink. bower coOIdinator Jasmyne Ramsey (daughter of the Bride-tobe) erved as the h o te s for th e afternoon. The g uest enjoyed gr at food and fun game of reate a W dding Dr Bridal Bingo, Fav rit l e m o ri e -Refl ctions of th Bride. Th m enu wa an array of ta t y dishe and treat and of course, a beautiful Bridal hower Cake di playing the phra e Here' to your happily ever after, Randy and Katrina, July 1 7, 2010!" Among the friend and family who attended w r : mother of the bride-to-be. Annette Bro,v n Jill Glass. Jalyssa Glass, Jakayla Glass, M a yme Williamson, Betsy Krywonos, Brown, Ordunia, Hendctson, A m h e r Cynthia Dcbrn Eth I Henderson and yours truly. Katrina re eivcd l o t s of b autiful gifts. On aturday, July 17th, Katrina will b come one in Holy Matrimony with her fian c. Randall Ralph. Non-Violenc Workshops To Be Held The Jim Walte r Partnerhip Center i plea ed to announc anoth r Kingian on-iol nee 2-da or Workshop on July 23rd and 2 th, 2010. Th FREE \ ork hop for adult youth, will in lud Ia ing th diff r nt typ I v I of conflict. The hour. of the workshops w ill b e 1 :oo p m -6:oo p.m o n July 23rd a nd 10:00 a. m -s:oo p. m on .Jul y 24th. Lunch wi ll h e provid e d. Sca t s a r c limit d For futiher informatio n and to regi s t e r v i s it www.jwpc.org Congratulations, Dominique Known for putting th niv r ity of outh Florida Bull bask tball program on th map, Lake \ al nativ e, Dominique Jone has something ven bigger to eel brat n Jun 24, 2010, Dominiqu a 2 o graduate of Lak \' ale High th F B round pick and ounty' fifth fir t-round selection .. o d oubt. l.ak Wales i s s till buzzing over thi s g r ea t n e ws. Congratulations Dominique! Shaw NufShout Out ALBERT NATHAN PHILLIPS This week Shaw-Nuf Talk give a haw-Nuf hout-ut t t. P tersburg high hool graduate Albert Phillip On Wednesday, June 9, 2010, Albert recei ed his diploma, during Lakewood High School commencement exerci es. A nic celebration was hosted b hi parent Elder eaJ Phillip and Regina Phillip at th ir borne in honor of Albert accomplisbm nt. ngratulation Albert! W e ar \ '"eJ! proud of you! Birthday Greetings 1\) 0 Shaw-Nuf Talk extends ..... 0 happy birthday wishes to Kay Fields (July 18th), Jessica Faith Dickerson (July 20th), Sylvester Gordon, Jr. (July 2oth), Mary Catherine Gordon (July 21st) and Tampa lady, Albedean Nash (July 22 nd ). Shaw-Nuf Talk hopes that each of your days are/were filled with the desires of your hearts! May the Lord continue to bless you with many, many more birthdays! Talk to Shaw-Nuf Shaw-NtifTalk wants to hear from yo u. Share news and/or photos of your cele -brations, special e vents, 0 community events, birth-JJ days, anniversaries, wed-dings, family reunions, class en reunions, etc. with the m z readership of the Florida -i Sentinel Bulletin with Z Shaw-Naif Tal. k b send-ing an e-mail to: m sha\'muft:alk@yahoo .com or C:: calling (863) 513-843 Shaw-Nuf Talk will bare your exciting news z "ith the readership! "'0 c:: aJ c en Youth Reach Out To Touch The Common % m 0 m < m The recent District Conference of th Tampa W t a t Di trict the box' to touch others in th community of Lak land On aturday May 29th, chaperon Minist r manu I udJ in Lakeland Upon arrival, the group was giv n a hi tori J o rvi w f th youth vohmt red in vari u ar in luding assisting with th p Later, they walk d the tr of th ommunity, pa ing out n (Photo by Shaw-u:f) hur h f God by Fajth '' pecial and diff rent for the nmtb members they tepped 'outside of y and rlinist r Thoma ina J n a mpanied the) uth on a vi it to Lighthouse linistries Aft r e nj ying luncl1 with m oftb id nt famili the ming youth e nts that are open to th community. -i c:: m en 0 )> z 0


..-0 C\1 "' ..-a: LL c a: LL c z <( c CJ) UJ ::> > a: w > w c UJ CJ) _. m ::> a. z t= UJ ...J ...J ::> m ...J UJ z z w en ( a: 0 ...J &L Class i "f i 'eds NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unabl e t o ef f ectua t e ce rtifi ed mail n otice t o violators of the City Code, n otice i s h e r eby given that a T a mp a Municipal Cod e Enforc e m e nt H e a ring M as t e r h as sc h e dul e d a public hearing on July 28, 2010 at 1 : 00 p.m. to hear the below listed cases. which are in violati o n o f the City o f Tampa Code Information listed below describes the case numb er. property owner(s) violation address co d e section violated and legal description of subject prop e rty in that order. The hearing will b e held in City Council Chamb ers. 3rd Floor City Hall 315 E K e nnedy Blvd., Tampa Florida Affe c t ed property owners will be given the opportunity t o dis c uss the alleged violation s Should anyone h ave any questions r eg arding these cases please cal l the Offi ce of the City Clerk at (813) 274-7286 Please n o t e that i f any per so n d ec1des t o app e a l a ny dec 1 S1on made by the Code Enforcement H e anng M as t e r w 1th re s p ec t t o an y matt e r cons1d e red a t the m eet1ng o r h ea nng. they will n ee d t o ens ur e a verbatim r ecord o f t h e p rocoe d mgs 1s made wh1c r eco r d i nclud es the testimony and e v1den ce u pon wh1ch the Zippeal 1s to be bas ed CASE II 10-08095 CORTEZ, LILLIAN 2216 DAVIS ST., TAMPA FL CODE SECTIONS: 5-111 AND 5 111.4.4 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 TO 42 E 21. 5 FT OF LOT 19, LOT 20 BLOCK 34 AND W 9FT OF LOT 21 190912.0000 CASE II 1 0-08455 BAILEY, ROBERT 0. AND BAILEY, CARMEN E. 2804 NORTHPOINTE LN., TAMPA, Fl CODE SECTIONS: 5-1 1 1. AND 5-111.4.4 NIORTHPOINTE AT BAYSHORE LOT 11 135989.0072 CASE I 1 G-08458 ACHILLES, STEFAN AND COOPER, PAMELA JOY 4710 W. LAUREL RD., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS: 5-111 AND 5-111 4 4 BEL MAR REVISED UNIT NO. 1 LOT 106 122658 .0100 CASE II 10-08465 GRIMM, NEAL A AND GRIMM, DESIREE L. 7316 S KISSIMMEE ST., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS: 5-111 AND 5-1114.4 PORT TAMPA CITY MAP LOT 10 AND W h OF CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON BLOCK 159 138946.0100 CASE I 1 Q-08712 ESP RONALD J AND ESP KET1H A 6815 S. KISSIMMEE ST., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS: 5111 AND 5-1 1 1 4 4 THOMAS TOWNHOMES LOT 29 139316.1258 IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286.26, FLORIDA STATUES PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK' S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTYEIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING. INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR FINANCIAL ADVISOR SERVICES TAMPA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Th e Author ity is seeking qualified lirms desiri ng to be considered for this project. The RFP documents will be available on the Authority 's w ebsi te July 12 2010 at www.tampaairport.com; A irport Business Notice o f S olic i tat ions F or questions regarding the RFP contact D ebbie Northington a t 813-870-7805 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY Case No.: 08-CA.C22994 HYDE PARK WALK CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC., a Florida not...for-proflt corporation (Plaintiff) vs LAMARCUS LEE SULTE.NFUSS A/KJA MARK SULTENFUSS, HEIDI SULTE.NFUSSS and SUHTRUST BANK (Defendants) NOTICE OF SAL NOTICE. lS HEREBY GrvEN that pursuant to the Fmal Judgment of Foredosure in thiS cause in the Ctrcuil Court of H il lsborough County Ronda I Wlft sell the property situated m H i llsborough County Florida described as: CONDOMINIUM UNIT NO. 436, HYDE PARK WALK, A CONDOMlNIUM, ACCORDING TO THE OECLARATlON OF CONDOMINIUM. AS RECORDED IN O.R 14867 14867 PAGE 164 AND ANY AMENDMENTS THERETO AND THE PLAT THEREOF PUBUC RECORDS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY Fl.ORIDA. at pubic sale t o the l'righesl and best bidder lor cash. on the 2nd Floor R ooms 2011202 in the H il lsborough County Courthouse in Tampa. Florida at 2 : 00P.M on t he day o f &mull 2010 IN ACCORDANCE WJTH THE AMERICANS WJTH DlSABIUTIES ACT, PERSONS NEEDING A SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCE EDING SHOULD CONTACT THE ADA COORDINATOR NOT LATER THAN SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO THE PROCEEDING AT 800 E TW1GGS STREET, TAMPA Fl.ORIDA, 33602, (813) 2n-7040; ff YOU ARE HEARING OR VOICE IMPAIRED CALL 711 Dated this 111 day of Julv. 2010 PAT FRANK CLERKOFTHE CtRCUIT COURT By: '-/FELICIA L MTnRSON AS DEPUTY ClERK our ass e r ega vert sement n The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Contact LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 E-mail: ledwards@flsentlnel.com Or Fax 2417 (813) 248-9218 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Competitive sealed qualifications will be received by the Southwest Florida Water Management D istrict Brooksville Florida and public ly opened on August 18 2010 at 2 : 30 p m lor : RFP 002-10Temporary Staffing Services The Request for Proposals may be obtained through the Distr ict' s Internet website at hnpJiwww under V iew our solicitations on DemandStar" or Alternate V iew of our Current Solicitation s : S outhwest F l orida Water Management D istr ict. Procurement. 2379 Broad Street Brooksville Flonda 34604-6899; Procurement@ WaterMatters org ; 352-796-7211 ext 4132; or i n F lorida: 1-800-423-1476, TOO ONLY 1-800-231-6103. Steven M. long C.P.M ., CPCM CPPO Contracts Manager INVITATION TO BID Competitive sealed bids will be received by the Southwest Florida Water Management D i s trict, Brooksville Florida, and publidy opened at the specified time for: RFB 1009-SAWGRASS LAKE RESTORATlON PROJECTOPENS-SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 0 2:30 P.IL MANDATORY PRE-810 CONFERENCE; August 3, 2010 0 10:00 a.m. (SHARP) AT the TAMPA BAY REGIONAL PLANNING COUNCfL, 4000 GATEWAY CENTRE BLVD., PINEllAS PARK, Fl. 33782-6138. BIDDERS FAILING TO HAVE REPRESENTAllON MAY NOT SUBMIT A 810. A MANDATORY SITE VISIT WILL IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW THE MANDATORY PRE-BID MEETlNG. The Request lor Bid may be obtained through the D i strict's Internet website at under "View our solicitations on DemandStar" Of "Alternate V'ffM to our Current Southwest Aorida Watef' Management District, Procurement, 2319 Broad Stfeet. BrooksVille Florida :M6CM-6899; procutementOwatermatters .org; 352, ext 4133; Of in Florida : TOO ONLY 1-800-231-6103. The District reserves the right to re)ect any or all bidsfptoposals reoeiYed with or wfthout causa. Malcolm K wn.on CPPO,MPA Purchaatng ManllgW


NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha t WALTER ELLEDGE M280 t he holder ol the following cer t ificate has filed sai d certi f ica t e l or a t ax deed t o be i ssued thereon The ce rtifi ca te number and yea r of iss uan ce. the description of the property and the names in whi c h it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 143849 0100 Certificate N o.: 7359Hl3 File No.: 2010-614 Year of Issuance : 2003 Ducrlption of Property: NEBRAKSA AVENUE H EIGHTS LOT 2 8 BLOCK 9 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 00141004t SECTWP RGE : 18 28 19 SUBJECT TO All OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In wtlictl assessed: BANK OF AMERICA NA SaJd property betng In the County of HUisbo-29 19 SUBJECT TO All OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s ) on wtllch JAMES EVANS JR Said ponllnator 60t E. Blvd.. Florida. (113) 2'7W100 ..-ton QOS, two (2) -'dnO dllp priof to !he date the MfVIce Ia M8ded: If you .,. '-ing or voice Charming Condo Available Now 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Section 8 OK WID Included Gated, Pool Screened Patio Tiled Aoors (813) 960-8490 1 Bedroom/1 Bath $675 00/Mbnthly Section 8 OK Swimming Pool Access Laundry Facility Water And Sewer Included Near Hillsborough River And Busch (813) 390-4169 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, th at BRAUNTON MANAGEMENT LLC M8604, the holder o f tho f ollowi ng certi ficate has t iled sa1d certi f icate l or a tax deed to be 1 ss ued ther eon Th e certific ate number and year o f issuance the desc r ip ti on o f the prop a rty and th e names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 081279.0004181333 5902 81333 5904181333 5906 Certiflca!o No .: 10396Hl5 File No.: 2010-617HX Year ol Issu ance : 2005 Ducrlptlon of Property: W 113 OF E 318 OF S y, OF NE \lo LESS ROAD AIW AND LESS N 323 FT THEREOF SEC. TWPAGE : 1!>-28-21 SUBJECT TO All OliTSTANDING TAXES Name( I) in wtlldl auesaed: JAMES R R1NI MARGUERITE RIHI SCOTT V R1N1 Al.E.XANORA TOOO Unle$1 IUCfl OIW1Ific:ata shal be radeM>ed loCOOrdng 10 'the property desc;rt)ed ., sudl c:eRA 0 (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERnSEMENT NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ABBOT KINNEY MANAGEMENT LLC 12318 the holder ol th e f ollowing certificate has f iled said certfficate lor a tax deed to be issued t hereon The certificate num be r and year of issuance the description of the property and the names in which if was assessed are as follows : Folio No : 041757 0000 & 41763 0000 Certifrcate No.: 134586..()7 File No : 2010-618 Year of Issuance : 2007 Deec:ription of Property: COM AT THE NW COR OF THE SW \lo OF THE SE 14 OF SEC 3 TWP 29 AGE 19 THN ALG THEW UNE OF SO SE 14 S 30 00 FT THN ALG A UNE Pll WTTH AND 30 FT FHOM THE N UNE OF SO SW 14 OF SE \lo E 513 40 FT FOR A POe THN CONT ALG SO UNE E 87.87 FT THN S 222 10 FT THN E 75 .00 FT THN S 100 00 FT THN W 162.87 FT THN N 322-10 FT TO POB LESS THEW 12FT THEREOF FOR AIW SEC. TWP.fiGE: 03-29-19 SUBJECT TO All OliTSTAHOING TAXES Name(s) in wtllch assessed: SALTEA AND PROPERTY INC UNess such ca1iliade shal be radeemed ecoording 10 'the property desat:Mid In suc:n oer1llicala shall bo Ide! 10 lhe highest bidder m lhe AucMorio.m. 2nd Floor George E. Edgecomb Courhluse. 800 E:lls1 TwWs Sn8L Ft 33602 on lhe 291 day r:J August 2010 at 10:00 A.M. (NOncE Pleue cal ( 813 ) 276-8100 ext. 4809 10 _., 51118 locdon) "you -. pareon with diSIIbllty wt.o nMde eny .......... mododioi. Iii order to per1tclpaU In ttUa poceedli IIJ, you .,. entitled.. e1 no co.t to you. to the pi'OiaOon of cer1ein uai-ICL f'leae com.ct !he a.ft'a ADA Coordi nM.or 601 E. Blvd.. Tempe Aoric1a, (113) eltWMion 4205., two (2J -'clng dllp priof to !he die. the.,.... le M8ded; you -'-tnt .or wlce linpend.. cell 7t1. Includes W/SIG 4 Bedrooml2 Bath $995.00/Monthly $400 001Deposit $225 .00 Off Rent 1 Bedroom Rear Apartment $500 .00/Mon thly $200 .001Deposit $200.00 Off Rent Cell 813) 704-3370 ..... 1\) 0 ..... 0 "T1 r-0 JJ (/) m z ::1 z m r-1 m c: r rm ::1 z "'0 c: m c (/) m 0 m < m JJ < c: m (/) 0 )> z 0 "T1 JJ 0 C) m .....


0 ..... 0 N lO ..... :::> J NOTICE OF APPLICATION Q FOR TAX DEED a: U. NOTICE IS HEREBY G IVEN lila c a: u. c z c (/) w :::> > a: w > w c w :I: (/) :; m :l Cl. z .J .J :::> m .J w z w (/) ( -a: 0 .J LL. m cb N w ABBOT KINNEY MANAGEMENT LLC 2318 tho holder o l tho l ollo wmg cer tlli co l o h as hied sard ce rlrli cn l e l or a l ox tloocl lo llo iss u ed th ereo n Th o ce rt tltcu t e numbe r and year o l r ss uance. tho d osc nptr o n o l tho property. a nd t h e names 111 whrc h tl was sssessed are as foll o w s F olio N o .. 070145 02 7 6 Certrll ca te No.: 138984 -07 Frle N o.: Year o l I ss u ance : 2007 Description of Property: BRENTWOOD HILLS TRACT A UNIT 1 LOT 13 BLOCK 6 PLAT BOOK/PAGE 006710033 SEC TWP-RGE 25-29-20 SUBJECT TO All OUTSTANDING TAXES N ame(s) I n w h. : h assessed : NANCY LUCILLE O BRIEN Said property being rn too County o1 H i llsborough State ol FloO-8t00 oxt 4809 to verify sale location) PAT FRAM< C lertl Of The C ircuit Cour1 Coumy, 9y TERESA L CLARK Deputy Cletta If you .... wtlti. diNbllfty wtlo riMde .,., IICCOI'IIITIOdl In --10 pertlclpetre In Ito.. PfOCHdlng, you -enlleled. .. no _. ao you. 10 the proWon ,__ ,.._ -*Cit h a.rtl'a ADA Coon llliiiiiOf, 101 L iCennedr 8tvd.. T.,... F1ortda. (11 3} ......, C205, two (2) .....,..,. ... tohcllllllh ...... .. needW; ,ou ... '-tile ..... ............ 11 1 FFICIENCY Wes t T ampa 2 Bedroom Eff i c iency $450 00/Monthly $300 00 / Depo si t Tenant Responsible For Water Electric Great For Single Per so n Call (813) 309-161 5 South T ampa 2 Bedroom/1 B ath Townhouse W asher/Dryer Hook up Fenced Patio Section 8 Ready $850 00/Month l y C a ll (813) 4 5 1 -9201 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV E N lh u l ABBOT KINNEY MANAGEMENT LLC 318 lh A h o l dor o l tho l ollowmg cortrlrca t o h as ltiHd Sflld cortrl \cn t o l or n t ax dt:Jod t o be ISSUOd lhO IOOfl Tho COrltii C iiiO llUillbUI a nd your o f r ss u nnco, the Uoscn ptt o n o f tho prope rty and th o narno s u 1 whtch t t was ussessed are as f ollo w s F olio N o 0 67454.0114 Ce rtrflcnto N o 1 3 8679-0 7 Frio N o Year o l Issuan ce 2007 Deacr lptlon of Property: BUFORD PARK S UBDIVI SION LOT 7 PLAT BOOK/PAGE 0048/00 1 6 SEC TWP RGE t!>-29 20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUT S TANDING TAX ES Name(s) rn whoch P HILLIP R. SMIT H TINA M SMIT H SAki propo-8100 11X1 4809 1o sale localion) 9y TFRESA I Ct AAK Deputy Clerll riMde ...., 1n Of'IW ao pertlclpat In this Pf'OC"dlnt. you ... wrt111ec1.. .. no _. ao you. 10 h proWon of -u ,.._ contKt h a..tl'a ADA CoordlliiiiiOf, 101 E.. ICennedr 8tvd.. F1ortda. (113) ......, C205, two (2) -'dng.,. 11'*10 .. cllllllh ..w:. le n.dalct: II you ... '-trig ..... lmplhd.. 0111 n 1 2009 East Id a 3/ 1 Computer Room CHA large Fenced Yard L undry R oom Deposit $300 00 Section 8 Ace pt (813) (813 ) 4011829 Exce ll ent o ca tl o n 35 0 3 Ea t 11th Av e nu e 2 Bedroom/1 B th All Appli n ces NC, W s h e r Hook -up And More All Thi On A Large S h d d L o t $5 5 00 / M o nthly Driv e By NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN thai PLYM OUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC 1 3 05 t he ho l de r o l t he l ollowrng ce rtrlrcal o ha s fllod sard ce rtrli ca l e l o r a t ax deed t o be tssued lh o r oo n Tho co rlth ca t e num be r a nd yoar olrss u ance t he descrrplron ollhe p r ope rty and th e nnmes m whtch t t was assessed a r o a s f o llow s Folio N o 17 1 6 24 0000 Ce rtrfl ca l e N o 148602-<17 Frle N o Year ol I ssuance 2007 Deacrtp tlon of Property: S EDITA S UBDIVI SIO N REVISED E 10FT OF LOT 2 AND LOT 3 AND N I? OF VACATED AllEY ABUTIING THEREOF PLA T BOOK/PAGE ()()29JOQ66 SECTWP-RGE 06-29 -19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTA N DING TAXES NlliT>O( s) n whtch U50S50d EDW AR D WALK ER JR. Sul ptopolty boong "' tho County ol Slllto ol Flog in lhe Cot.nty ol l-tilsborou!1t-Stale ol Aorida. Unless such c:ef1ilicate shaD be redeemed acconing to law, lhe property described in such ceftificate shal be sold to lhe IWghesl bidder at lhe .by Auditorium. 2nd Floor, George E. EGgecoaab 800 East Twiggs snet. Tafl1l8.. R. 33602 on lhe 2lilb day ol ,., .. 2:010 at 10:011 A.M. (NOT1CE: Please cal (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 lo A6lt loallion). By: TERESA L CLARK o.putya.tl .,__ .,._ .... who.,...., eccoatiiiiidlllt In ont.r 110 l*tic:4a* In ............. "" ,_ -........S, no co.t to you. to .. proWon ol C*Urln I oca, ,.._ --.:t h a.tt"a ADA CooidlrtAw, 101 L 8hrd., ...,._ Rorida, (113) ... llillolt 4205, two (2) _..,. .,. prior to .. cllllll .. ...... .. MeiiMI; yau-..... .......... 01117'11, Ybor City Area 1903 East 17th Avenue 2 Bedroo 1 Bath Utility Room Den WDH CHA Fenced $750. onthly ( 8 1 3) 242-08 1 6 (813 ) 919234 1 tfon 8 Welcome Homes 3011 North 16th Street 1 25 nthl 100 17 E ast 2 3 rd Street 1 7 5 onthl 2216 E as t 20th Avenue nth I


:::c NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that SAUTERNES V LLC 12289 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate lor a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certificate number and year of Issuance. the description of the property and the names In which it wes assessed are as lollows : Folio No.: 1583n.OOOO Certlflc8te No.: Fllo No.: y-of 2006 Dacriptlon of Property: HIGHLAND PINES REVISED LOT 63 BLOCK 2 SEC-TWP-RGE : 09-29-19 SUBJECT TO All OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) i n which assessed: DOREEN MCKENZIE ERIC MCKENZIE SaJd propet1y being In the County ol Hlllsboeaadlnt you entttted. at no coat 10 you. to 1t1a pnl'ltalcll'l or -'*' .......,__ ,..... cont11ct ltia c...-... ADA ec-dlnatot. lOt E. Kennedr 8hd.. Tampa (a13) 2n-e100 ......... 4205. two (2) --. ... prtoriO the ..... the .... Ia Madad; I you -'-tne or llllca ............ 711 3102 33rd Avenue 3 B edroom/ 1 B ath H ouse Cen tra l HeaVA i r T ile And Car p e t $95 0 00 /M o nthl y Plu s D e p osi t Call Mark (813) 376-91 06 SPECTACULAR! Block Home! Very Large! Excellent Condition! 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Call John At (813) 309-9988 Discount Management, Inc. TAX DEED NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, th a t TARPON IV LLC 12770 the hold e r o l the follow i ng certificate ha s file d said certifica t e tor n tax deed to be Iss ued thereon The certificate number and y ea r o f issuance. the description olthe properly and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : FoliO No.: 033970.0758 Certnicate No : 13363Nl7 File No.: 2010-eJl Year ollasuance: 2007 DHcrlptlon of Property: HUNTER' S KEY TQV-INHOMES AT NORTH PAlMS VILLAGE LOT 5 BLOCK 18 PLAT 008110033 SEC TWP RGE 23 27 19 SUBJECT TO All OUTSTANDING TAXES Name( a) In wtlidi UMSMCI: Pt\AISA HOMES INC TRUSTEE !LURIA lPPOUTO TRUSTEE JOSEPH 8AAHESS TRUSTEE Unlosa IIUCh C'ef1llicata aha.l be .-ned eccotOII'IQ to law the propet1y dalo'tled 11'1 IIUdl ceroflcale aha) be IOid to the hogha$1 boddet al the July 2nd Floor George E C-632 Yaar of Issuance: 2007 Dnc:riptlon of Property: UVINGSTON AVENUE ESTATES FIRST ADDITION LOT 6 BLOCK THREE PLAT 003510025 SEC-TWP-fiGE: 32-27 19 SUBJECT TO All OUTSTANOIHG TAXES Name( a ) in wtlidi assesaed: AJXSA CORTES RACHEL JENHIFER SERRA tJnlea suc:n 08f1ificale ahal be .-ned 800CII'dng to law, the propany descrbld in suc:n aw1lflcate ahal be IOid to the highest boddar at the July Audilonum 2nd Aoor. George E Edgecxlrm Courthouse. 800 East T...ggs FL 33602 on the 2111._day o1 em wa. at 10;00 A.M. (NOTICE P1eua cal ( 813 ) 276-8100 e:L 10 >y sale locallon) tf you-. s--with. clealbMy who Made.., aad In u:t'l ....... tiOid 10 .. highelt bidclef .... .Jirt Audlorium, 2nd Roor. E CounhouM, 800 East Twiggs S1J-., R. 33602 on the Z8l dlt)' of Apgy11 JIUO at 1it1IILUL.(N011 "*-cal (813) 276-3100 --41109 to _., ... IOcdon). Wyou_,.._wtll ......, who...-Mlfunn DdlllhrtkiCIII'dlr pMtll .. dl "' .. tl"l lllllfll, ,,_. ........... ftO ... you, .... ....... ,... ...... _.... h a.tr'a CocldMlot, lOt 1.,---..... ,... ......... (t'3) I'IM'OO ......_. 4101, two ... ................. .. ....... ...-..;.you ....... ,.. ........ 0111711. TI N r-0 :::c c )> (/) m z ::j z m r-1 CD c: rrm ::f z "C c CD r-u; % m c m < m :::c < c: m (/) c .l> z c :::D c m N ... aJ


a a: u. a z a: UJ > UJ a UJ :X: CJ) :J m ::> Q. z t= UJ ::> m UJ z w CJ) C a: 0 u. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE TRAINEE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II (PLANT/WILDLIFE BIOLOGISl) $24,752 $40 768 HEAD START/EHS EDUCATION MANAGER $40 768 METER READER $22.235 PARATRANSIT MINIBUS OPERATOR $22 131 PROJECT MANAGER II (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) $53.435 REG ISTERED NURSE (LIMITED DURATION) $40 768 VETERANS SERVICE OFFICER (LIMITED DURATION) $31, 5 1 2 Se our w e b sit http://www.hccsb .org or vi i t our o Hice at: 60 1 E K nn dy Boulev rd, 1 7th Floor Tampa, FL. Pref e rence in i n i 1ial apt. will b glv n t o eligib l e vet & eligible s pou se o f vets AA/EEO Employer Barbers/Stylists Wanted Top L e vel M a n age r Position N o B ooth R ent Work On Comm i ss i o n B e The Bo ss" Phone Norman (813) 830 2987 Hiring 1 000 s Immediately (813) 965-7991 Can't Find A J o b ? N eed Money Now? ( F e lon s W elcome DOC Court Ord e red Community Service Hour s Available Drug & Sex OHender s Ac cep ted Wednesday s 12 : 00 p.m Tampa Park Plaza #1449 Din ing Serv i ces at The Unlversl1y of Tampa Is h i ring for all posft l ons l Experienced cooks bo ers. bartenders banqu et server s cashiers. cleric ot. food servic e a n d u ili ly workers w e oller compet i t ive solo r ies and lr e meobl OH-THE-SrOT INlERVIEWSI Every Tuesday Thursday from July 20th Augus141h 9-11 : 30om l 1-Jpm UT D i n ing Services .co I w r:ennedy Blvd Vaughn Cenler 2nd floor room 229 Abso lutely no phone colts accepted EOE MJF/OfV n :tBt*J';' ;' a:il 1701 East Stika (Nebrask & Busch) 4 / 2 CHA Tile Floors Section 8 OK $1 050 00/Monthly $600 00 / Depo si t (813) House or Rent Section 8 Approved 3 B e droom/1 5 B th Convert Den t Into 4 Bedroom N ew l y R e model e d Appli n c C ntr I Air Phone (813) Section 8 Tenants 0 Security Deposit 3 B edroo m / 1 B ath Cent r a l H eat/ Air W ashe r / Dryer H ook-up Near Everything Call (813) 546-7782 Two Apartments For Rent 3 / 1 Central A i r / Heating W as h er / Dryer Big Living R oom Easy Qual ifying 4240 E. Curtis Street Call (813) 966-6187 2 B edroom Apartments Starting @ $499 00 Water Included O n Site Laundry Call 813-975-0258 Very Spac ious 2 B e dr oom/ 2 Bath A partment $550. onthly SSOO. OO/Oeposil WDH NC New Tile/Carpet D iscoun t On Cable Call (813) 298-2499 Large 1 Bedroom Very Clean Mo In Special 00 00 OH 1st onth 500. on lhly W / S/ G Included R ental References Requ ired (813) 267-4488 Flrst Month SSO.OO Move In Exc llent R ental History Required 2 8 droom/1 Bath With Central S t lion AI rm 2104 #8 W Beach Street $550 0 / M o nthl y curity D o i t or S3oo.oo C n Be Paid At $50 00 P r Month or M on th (813) 238-6353 AFFORDABLE LIVING For SEN IORS 55+ Near D own town Great Views From $398 / Mo nthly Utilities Included 813 253-2868 Monday-Friday 8 :00 am -4:00 pm Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem!! FREE APPLICATlONI! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile F loors New Appliances New Ce ilin g Fans $525 00/Monthl y Water & Trash Incl uded !!!! Low Or No Deposttl 813-244-4551 Manhattan Place 4033 South Manhattan Tampa FL 33611 Currently Accepting App lica t i ons For Stud io s 1 Bedroom And Handicapped Access i b l e Apartments W ith Se ction 8 Subs idy R ent B ased On Income (813) 831-7115 TTY 1-3D0-955-3771 Apartment For The Elderty Plant CityTowers & Plant City Living Center Applications Available At: 103 W Mahoney St. Plant City FL 33563 Or 405 E D m n St Pl nt City FL 335 On Bedroom A.pts R nt B s d n In m m.-4 p m (813) (TTY)1..aoo ... gss-8n1 Ybor City 2912 East Columbus 212 -Apartment $850.0 0 / Monthly With Washer / Dryer Updated Very Nice Section 8 Wel come Jacob Real Estate Broker (813) 258-3200 Available Immediately" 1 Bedroom Apartment Ut iliti es Included $579.00 Per Month Age 62+ EHO Call (813) 870-1830 Ext. 22 (TTY) 1..aoo-9ss-an1 Sulphur Springs N i ce Beau tiful New ly Remode led 2 B edroom/1 Ba th Apartment $550.00 onth ly $250 00 / Depos it W a ter Inclu ded Call (813) 298-8245 North Tampa And Temple Terrace Area Angie' s Apartments 1 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Dup l exes O r Town Houses WDH -0 Depos i t No App li cation Fee S ection 8 Welcome 81 J.-.915-9787 204 East Selma Ave. 1 Bedroo 1 Bath Upsta i rs Garage Apartment $500 onthly epos i t A il I Immed i ate! tin8A ted Call (813) 786-.8670 Tu Editi n thursd y 12:00 P.M. Aid Editi n oncs.y 12!00 P .M.


Section 8 Only 4 B e droom / 2 Bath Duplex Nice Area, WDH CHA New Paint Tile Floors $0 D e pos i t Call John (813) 789-3879 Sulphur Springs 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Dupl e x Quiet Area $500 00 / Monthly $300 00 Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 503-5321 Tampa Heights Duplex 2 Bedroom s/ 1 Bath Washer / Dry e r Hook up $600 00/Monthly Plus $300 00 Secur ity Depos i t Call (813) 224-9040 Duplex For Rent Near Busch Blvd. Clean 2 Bedroo m/ 1 B ath $575 00/Monthly Plus D eposit Sect ion 8 Welcome Call (813) 628-8169 1011 E. Bougainvillea 211 For The Price Of One Qu ie t Property Beautiful Duplex Fenced Yard Section 8 0 Depo sit (813) 264 9660 First Month Free $50.00 Move In Excellent Rental History Required 2 Bedroom/1 8 th Burglar Bars 3023-B North 48th Street $585 00/Monthly Security D eposit Of $300 00 Can Be P aid At $50 00 Per Month For 6 M onths Section 8 Only 0 Deposit Accepting 2 & 3 Bedroom V ouchers Large 3 / 1 CHA, WDH New Paint Qui e t Area (813) 789-3879 Sulphur Springs S ec tion 8 Wel co m e 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duple x Central NC, WDH $850 00 / Month ly D eposit Negot iable Phone (813) 728-7510 (813) 453-3741 Grant Park Sec11on 8 Only 2 Bedroo m/ 1 Bath Duplex WDH CHA New Carpet $700 00/Monthly Includes Water Plus Depo sit {813) 417-3455 Rooms For Rent Near Bu s Une $100 00 And $125 00 Weekly Deposit $50 00 Phone 813-234-9339 le n Room s In Ybor ty lnclud s All Utiliti s C I From $120 00/W ekly Or $475 00 onthly $1 00 00/0eposit 813 245-1998 Furnished Rooms For Rent Some Avail ble With Cen t ral Heat & Air And Cable Strictly No Drug A c tivity Allow d Call (813) 965 -593 1 10001 N. 11th St. 2/1 $525 00 Monthly 4503 N. 15th St Apt C $450 00/Monthly Includ es Wat er 1017 Chilkoot Ave 1 / 1 $450.00/Monthly 1201 E. Seneca Ave 2/1 $550 00/monthly Call (813) 777-3057 For Deta iled Inform tion West Tampa South Of 1-275 N ea r Arm enia Furnished $ 100 .00-$125 00/Weekly Includes All Utilitie s Cable & P e r sonal Fridge Call {813) 545-8074 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Y ea r s Of Age & Old e r Mu s t Have Steady Income $1 00 00/Weekly $1 00 00/Deposit Jim (813) 237-1810 Beverly (813) 235-7934 Jeanette (813) 23o-6n6 Special Value University Area And Near Downtown For Any Size Room $1 00.00/Weekly Or $400 00 / 1 s t Month Umited nme Spec i al Near Busline 30 And 9 Must Be Employed Rooms For Rent County Setting Seffner e r Busline Call Mr. Austin (813) 484-1902 Ms Sara (813) 270-4047 N Palm River Christian Home Room For R nt 00 onthly Kitchen Ace ss, Utilities Included Ca le Not lnolud d Pref r Elderly P rson N o Smoking In i 81 3.442.n2o Large 1 25 00/Weekly $125.00/Deposlt Or For Rent Rooms/Apartments In Quiet Building No Drugs Allowed Visit: 2913 N. 15th St. Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Near Downtown/Busline Or Busch/Nebraska Clean Quiet Large Furnished Rooms Washer / Dryer CHA Cable Must Have Job & Drug Free (813) 493-2401 Seffner Area Country Setting 1 Week Free $100 00 Move In $75.00/Weekly Ms. Jackson (813) 735-8288 (413) 563-2263 Clair Mel Area Room For Rent Private Bathroom Shared Kitchen And Uving Room 120 .00-$175. 00 Depos it Varies Call (813) 545-9139 II 1;14: I,]' i [.]:! t: 'II Tarpley s A/C LLC Sales Service Ne & Used Finandng Available Call (813) 238-7884 Uc 11815130 RUDY Complete Air Conditioning H ating Service On All M kes And Models Call (813) 620.1866 LIC tCAC 181<4465 1 Filing Bankruptcy? Chapter 7 Or 13 $500 00 & Up Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawfirm.org African American Labor Law Attorney *Workers Compensation "Employment Discrimination "Labor Union Grievances Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawfirm.org Need A New Or Used Vehicle? It's Your nme To Rride Come Get Your Vehicle 0 Brandon Courtesy Toyota Today! 9210 Adamo Drive Tampa, FL 33619 Call Benjamin (813) 21 G-2871 Dark Secrets Your Pastor Won t Reveal Crime Pays Forbidden Sex Satan Friends The Deadliest S in Politics Religion Author Jake Powell Jr. Purchase Your Copy Today Jones am ly Chlldcare Home In nts -1 Yrs. Old ld I A II (813 ::0 0 c.. c: ...... _a> N 0 ...... 0 r-0 ::0 (J) m z z m r-1 OJ c: r rm z c: OJ r-c;; % m 0 m < m -4 c: m en 0 z 0 ::0 o C') m


0 ,.... 0 N <.0 .-:-:J ::> J c II: LL c II: LL c z < 0 en w ::> > a: w > w 0 w ::z: en ::; m 0.. z w ...J ::> m w z !Z w en < c a: 0 u. Top Notch Computer Service Has Moved To 3428 W. Cypress Street Call For Directions (813) 241-9050 Or (813) 695-7813 Thanks For Your Continued Patronage Tony The Technician DNA Testing Paternity Test W e Come To You! R esults In 3 Days L egal Or P ersonal Testing P ayment Plans 24-Hour Service Mond ay Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlm servlces91 @ yahoo com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651 -5777 ResldenUal And Commercial Complete Electrical Service Breaker Panels And Receptac les Lights Outlet s Service Upgrades Call Rufus Electric Contracting (813) Lie IER13013733 DJ s Home Repair Expert In Rooflng And Tile Repairs Drywall Driveways H ome Addition s And More (813) 418-9655 W .S.F Enterprl es (813) (407) Remodeling Repairs, E l ectric I Plumbing Drywall S tucco Roofing Construction Cleanups Hauling And M ore A sid ntial & Comm rclal Lie #CQCO 1 0 5 Insurance Plus N eed A Break On Insurance? Get Lice n sed R e i nstat e d As Low A s $ 119 00 R enew Tag Or Sti c k e r F o r $58.99 W e Also Offer SR 22 And FR44 Title Service (813) 988-2857 (813) 310-8608 W e Buy Jun k Cars And Trucks CALL J.R. (813) 966 3501 I Buy Cars In Any Condition Perfect Nol So Perf ec t Title No Title N o Problem Any Shape! Top SSS Call (813) 335-3794 We Pay TOP SCASHS Up to S1 500.00 For Junk Cars Truc k s Vans And otorcycles Runnrng Or N o t We Pick Up A ny Junk MetaVAppliances For FREE! 7 Days A Wee ( 813) 695-2438 Landscaping Zeroscape Sodding, Tree Jobs PI nts Sprinklers, H uling Cl anups Lie fCGC061605 New Owner $1.50 Wa h EVERYDAY 7a.m.-10p. m N wly rvic d H o t Dry r Tu d y : HAL F PR ICED DRY AS W sh/Ory/Fold : $ .75/LB S tis faction Gu r nt dl 2102 E. Sll h Av nu Aero From Sligh Mlddl Wayne 's Lawn Care Tre e Trimming Land scap i ng An d Pr ess ur e W as hing Towing Services Avail a ble Call (813) 574-9052 We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY L awn Service And Complete Clean-Up We Haul : D ebris, Limb s And Furniture Phone (813) 245-9761 Tree Trimming And Lawn Care D iscoun t s For Churche s/ Seniors Garage P arking Lot And Apartment Clean-up Available Call 813-447 7674 O r 813-526-6142 I 1111 +a 4' a a;; '''I Offices For Professional Service Business 500 SF Suite $445 00 onthty S400 00f0eposrt Utilities Not Included 7901 N Nebraska Ave. On Hillsborough River Land For RenVLease Comer Of 15th & Fletcher High Vistbil i ty Great Location For Any Type Of FunctJon R For Appointment C II (813) 505-7846 R & 0 Delivery And Moving Service W Sp ali e In Qu i Local ov s Call (813) 352 8356 Carp ntry, Room Addition Roofing Dryw II Plumbing C ramie Til Sid w lk P tlo C II II (813) 25 43 Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 VVeaves $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 Solo Hair Design 14938 North Florida Ave. (813) 244-1899 Quick Weave Relaxer Up Do $5 0 00 M ic ros Tree Bra ids Sew-ln Kinky Twist $100.00 A Woman' s Worth Hair Studio 1043 West Busch Blvd. (813) 374-036 1 *Relaxer Speci al $55 00 Re laxer/Wrap Qu ick Weave Caps By Tasha www..awomansworthhalnrtudl o .com Natural Roots Hair Salon (813) 77Q-7039 (81 3 ) 977-2723 Back To School Specials icros $130 .00 K!nky Ti st $100 .00 Se -In Wea e $ 80.00 Barber Cuts S5 .00 & Up Wash-N-Se 525 .00 :Relaxer $50 .00 Barber, Stylist And Braider Needed I Will Buy Any Honda Toyota, N issa.n Acura Lexus lnfiniti VW, B W ercedes An Car11 I Pay Top$$$ Call ( 813) 335--3794 Sister Gr ce 1907 Ea t Fl tth r Make Two Wishes Ms. Sonia I Specialize In Love And Comp licated Cases For Help Call 1-877-851-0020 Readings By Susan And Sirgay Sp iritual VVork And Cleansing Helps All Matters In Lif e Crystal Oral Pa lm And Phys ic Read in gs (813) 85Q-3165 Prophetess Annie Mae To Remove P ut Back And Etc Sp iritual Counse lin g God Is Th e Key Answer To All Th in gs Call (813) 442-6872 Prayer Also Maxine Brown He l ps Al l Prob lems Removes Bad Luck E vil Reun ites Lo v ers Lucky Numbers By Phone 1--888-839-9888 1-.512-586-3696 Offers Special Prayers And Gives Lucie/ CALL ME TODAY 813-677-2971 4927 83rd Street Free 30 Days Phone Service For H u I 813..S4W692 813 ... 222--0195 Across From cOon Ids At ML Central II


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