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Florida Sentinel Bulletin

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Florida Sentinel Bulletin
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African American newspapers ( lcsh )
African Americans ( lcsh )
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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 65, no. 96 (July 23, 2010)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
July 23, 2010
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
1 773
t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Celebrating 65 Years In The Tampa Bay Area < c 1:1: 0 ...I LL. I VOL. 65 NO. 96 FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2010 48 PAGES 75 Child, 9, With Rare Disease Needs Help SEE PAGE 4-A Chief To Be Guest On Radio Show SEE P A G E 2-A 3 Arrested Aller Dogs AHack Wo11an SEE PAGE 23-A African Pranrb When you follow in the path of your father, you learn to walk like him. l tate ee s e e a t ena tv or icers' i er SEE PAGE 11-A QUART .RLY BIRTHDAY CEL 8 A ION Although th y were ent in varlou dir ctions the Howard W Blake Class Of '72 still gets together The group now has a quarterly birthday party and shares the event with friends They recently had a party at the home of Bertha Bowers Scott. In att ndance were Carol Cooper Rose Harris Joyce Hopkins Alice Whit B rtha Boyer Patrena Arlin Maria Wh rton Robert Se i on Mlk King Janice Cl rk R e ginald Nick on James Cross and Reginald Bolton seat d (Photography by Sylv t r Hartl Trea ured Mo ment )


o ..... Features -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(") C\1 ::J .., c a: LL. Communitv Hopes Actions 01 Heroes Will Improve RelationshiP BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On orne occasion s we ma y find our elves b e in g criticized for doing what we believe i s the right thing. But we a l so come to re alize that whi l e orne may choo t o c ritici ze our ac ti on o th r s may c hoo to off r upport and th a n ks. During th a rl morning hour of June 29th, M Delores Keen, Ms. Rose Dodson, and Ms. Renee Roundtree had no id a wh a t would unfold a th t pp d out of th e door e n rout to th e tor What hould h a v b n an un v ntfu1 trip h a b m 0 a lif e-cha n ging p ri n c f o r a: the wom e n LL. th e were about to I av 0 they heard two gun hot Moment later wh e n the ob erved two Tampa Poli ce 0 cars, they f e lt it wa saf e t o go en out ide. It was a t th a t tim th t th > attempt d t o r nd r a id t o ffic rs David rti and Jeffr y Kocab. Th w m n r a m ai n d with th e offic r s nd II d for h lp Although bo th officers died, th ir willin g n t o h lp is \ hat m a k th m h r in th e eyes o f m a ny. R ece ntly th ni zed by th ounty ommt ton id th r iv d tiv c mm nt for th M Wislande "Ro e" Louis-PauJ Dodson, left, is shown with M R enee Roundtree. play d Mr B tty J. B II, Pr id nt f th Hi g hl and Pin i ghb rh d ocia ti n a n d rim W a t ch knO\ all too' ell what that is lik Although the booting t ook plac on the boundary of Highland Pin and the u pect did not live in the area, th id n o f that area uff: red th b kJ h of n tiv publi Mrs. Bell sai d "These women heard the gunshots, aw a man jogging, and di covered the two officers. Hero d o n t think of danger t o their personal being, they act instinctive! These women checked the pulse of the officers called 9-1-1, and remained a t the scene until em erg n cy help arri ed." After talking with the women, Mrs. Bell learned that they could some help as well. They have six children between them and are in need of assistance. Ms. Roundtree lives in an apartment that leaks when it rains. The Crime Watch Coordinator of Higb4nd Pines located the women and presented each of them with a thank you card and donations from the Highland Pines neighborhood. Last Friday, Mrs. Bell opened the "Tampa Florida s 3 Heroes" bank account at Fifth Third Bank with donations she received. She said "These women need school clothes and shoes for their children and a Hand Up from the Tampa Ba y communities." Mrs. Bell hopes that some good can come from this tragedy. "Our sincere aim is these women' s action during that fateful morning will forge a better relationship betv een Tampa Police Department and the community at large. ffi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> w 0 w ::E: en :::::; III ::J a. z tu _, _, ::J III ..:. w z w en c( 0 a: 0 _, u. Pol.ice c -el Call-n Guest io


11 Feature Baseball Star savs It's His Turn To Speak Out c... c !< "-l w "-l 0 .... 0 According to form e r Major L eag u e playe r Elijah Oukcs when hi s name was being v ilifi e d in th e m e dia no o n e ev e r tried talk' ing t o him. Opinions f were drawn from -4 j what hi s ex wife, NiShca Gilbert, and others s aid about him, hut I h e f ee l s no o n e eve r both e r e d t o t alk t o him a nd g e t his side. Dukes s a id now it' s tim e for him t o speak ou t a nd se t th e r e co rd s traight. Dukes, :26, s aid a lth o u gh h e wa s r e le a se d b y th Wa s hing t on ati o n als thi s yea r h e's till very a ctive in baseball and will r turn. .. Fir t I want to put to r t for ever all th e n e gativ e t hin g that h ave b ee n printe d about m e I' ve b en called a rapi t and o th e r thing by peo p l e who don' t know m Th y took th e word of a f e w p e p ie, a c e pt e d it a fact and ran with it. Dukes aid a l o t o f p pi w nt o ut of th e ir wa y t o d e t r o y him a nd hi c a r eer. "They never gave m e the respect o f sayin g it was all false and th a t it was all made up." Dukes said l os in g his job may have b ee n the best thing that' s happe n e d to him b eca u se it gave him th e opportunity to concentrate more on himself, and re s p ond t o all th e allega tion s. I am n o t a m o n s ter. I've nev e r abused or struc k a woman. There are so m a n y f ac t o r s involved in what I was go in g through "I'm not a ngry but I fee l it's tim e for m e to p e ak o ut o n some things that hav e im pa c t e d me and my family ... Dukes said b cause of th e r e la tion hip h and his f a th e r h a d h e w a alw ay co n e rn d about him, and mi sed him wh e n h e w a in pri on "Wh e n h e wa r e lea eel from pri on, b for e I had a chance t o si t down with him h e died I w e nt into a deep depresion and ta ye d away from ev e r y o n e. I'm p th a t now. 1y eli, r ce impacted me and wen t o n far t oo l o n g I don' t uncle tand wh y Black a thl t a r h e ld at a cliff r e nt t a nd a rd Dukes ai d h e' go in g t o t a k e the world b y storm, and he will return to Major League Baseball. I've n eve r had the chance to sit back and deal with the things that were going on in my life. When the Nationals released me, I stepped away, and got my life in order. "We all have flaws, but no one wants to know about the good things I've done. I've been harassed in other cities because of the image the media has given me. I' ve been humiliated and now I want people to see who I reall y am. Wh e n I've finished repairing the damage done to m e, I'U give back to m y community in a big way. I want to sit back and wa t c h th e kids grow and be u cces s ful. Dukes a id there are some issues he has t o deal with concerning his exw ife that w ill b e coming out in the next fe w c )> months. en Dukes is currently playing with the Newark Bear s of the Atlantic League :::j and records indicate he' s having a spec-tacu lar eason r;-Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, ore-J= mailed at crews@ff.sentineLcom. z "0 c: AUTO ACCIDENT REFERRAL SERVICE m r (i) NEED AFFORDABLE HOME PHONE SERVICE7 WE HEAR YOU. At Verfzon, we know how Important a home phone Is to your family's safety and security. Verlzon Is a proud sponsor of lifeline, a program that offers qualified customers home telephone servfce at a discount. You could save up to S 1350 a month on your home phone bill and up to 5 0% on the Installation fee1 You can even upgrade your voice features at an additional charge. With a home phone, you'll have peace of mind and a 24n link to family, friends and community services such as the pollee, fire department and ambulance. Contac t us today to learn more about Lifeline and find out If you qualify VISIT or CALL LIFELINE TODAY. www. verizon.com/floridll/llfellne 1-100-VERIZON News Alert: The Rorida Law States That You May Be Entitled To $10 000 For Loss Wages And Medical Care FREE PnJIIISSIIID81 Sillflictll Personalized Service -Support and Help from the beginning to the end Attorneys-An Attorney will come to you at home or work -No Recovery, No fee Investigators -H there is a dispute on how the accident occured Transportation Available Auto Repair Body Shop Medical Care Provided Phannacy -Free Delivery Specializing In: Car, Bus, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Slip & Fall, Pedestrian Incidents, Loss Wages, Wrongful Death And More .. chelle B. Patty Local: 813-495-3702 Toll Free: 1-866-352-4200 Available 24 Hours A Day I 7 Days A Week % m c m < m < ...ot c: m C/) c )> z c c


Local N (") C'll ::I ""') c Help Needed For 9-Year-Oid With Rare Disease a: LL BY LEON B CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer :\n urgent pran r rL'ques t ha s been made by Crystal Daniels. 1-le r 9-year-old son. Lloyd Jones, has been diag nosed with hyper eosiniphilic syndro m e and needs a bone marro w transplant. o o n e 1n hi s family i s a matc h L.J. i s the o nl y c hild along with 50 adult s to hav e been di agnosed with th e disease. one of th e m survived. Rev. Samuel Luray of 1an Up 4 Jesus Ministries has started the "'Man Up 4 L J Movement." '"Th e move m ent i s a body of prayer soldiers all ov r th a t will keep L.J. in prayer and con tinue t o put the word o ut tha t m e n s h o uld pray for thi s child of God. LLOYD JONES "L.J. '"I believe that if we all in the body of C hri s t can be with one acco rd a nd pray for a miracle of od for L.J., Jesus ,,;u mov e lik n eve r before and show hi healing power for all th e earth to know that I I e i s th e g reat h ea l er." O n August:!:!, :!010, th e r e will h e th e fir s t ''Mun U J J 4 L..J fund raiser, bon e marrow driv e, and birthday party. L.J. will be turning 1 0 and Rev. Laray said h e would really lik e t o s h ow him th e tim e of hi s life. For 3 h ours there will b e a Chris ti a n hip hop co ncert th a t will feature l ocal tal e nt includ in g m ys If. I hav' planned the event t o be h e ld a t th e niv e r sity Area Community Ce nt e r 140 1 3 orth 22nd Street from 3 p m. t o 6 p m. will be fre e food and drinks, o co m out and let 's Man p 4 L.J." For m o r e infonnation, email Rev. Laray a t 1A 0 M o r call (813) 382-0449. c --MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM a: LL. East Tampa CRA Dollars Continue To Shrink < > In hi pre entation Thursday to the Tampa Cit y Council, ffi Ea t Tampa D v lopm nt ;::, Manager, Ed Johnson, told .,_ the gr up that du t the con tinuing reducti n ofTax I ncr -W ment Finane (TIF) dollar orne of th initiativ of th c East Tampa Community R taJization Partnership hav en tber bee n put on hold, or :; canceJled. The projected TIF rev nue in Q. fi cal year 2009 wa 6.21 2 Z million. In fiscal year 2 10, it dropped t o $4 million and th ..J projected 2011 budget wiJl be 5 8 6,2.45-ID ccordjng to a b dul of ..J w Ea t Tampa hould be a priority. M \ e ne t o bring in bu in for anomie dev lopmen! and job cr ation. and tha t "ill enha n East Tampa by rev-an-z --MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-w en < c ir 0 ..J LL. Public Hearings T o Dl8cua tbe Po.tdoa of tbe Jateraal Perfoaaance Auditor aad N GJDber of Coaaty Co11111118aloaer Dl8trlob I bel Iill rough unl llwh.:r Rc i I will hold lhn."C public lo w h i 1 Renamin g the Tnternal Perfonnm1 udrt r polfit.ion w !nlctnlti.Audilor ond dclcting (in the b def..cription reference to hud et mt st, bhldlm g llll audit commiucc, ILOCl n.-quiting JJoonl d.ln:clion mmuolly on the co nduct of intemol audits 2)1ncreasin thenumherofmn I nemberdtlltrictl from four to live, BOd lhc number of large dis1ricts fmm three to four are encoutn ed to attend the5e publ hearing tu provide lkir input lh I /\II puhli hearings will be h klat: County Ceftler, 2nd"-" loardroom 601 I. hi!Mdy llvd., Tampa. Pl 13602 Th puhhc hearin g 11 ardin th 1100ition oftJ1 lntanal .Pc.: tfonnunccAuditur' ill hckl; ""- Jllty lO, 9 a.m. Tile pubfio hearing!! regllJ'djJ th number of owily (.;oillli1islfiunct l>istrii: will be h ckl : .......... ...... 2, 6p.m. ...... ...,,,.....1 2, 6p.m. l'or m inli rmati n a utlhc lwtcr R .jc Uoonl or publi i isit WW'\ .htll!lhomiJBh un HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY BOtJNJ o/ &.,,.t, &wi41Mri!NU Young Man Wants To Inspire Youth BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer A t th e ag e of 15, Jeffrey Hilaire wa s in volve d in a string of c rim es, including burglaries. A t th e age of 1 6 hi s p as t caught up with him, h e was arres t e d and adj udicated a s a n adult. He was sent to Ori ent Road Jail where he witnessed a friend from hi s n e i ghborhood ge t sentenced to 30 y ears in pri s on at the age of 1 6 '"That ex p e ri e n ce changed m y lif e I vowed after I got a second chance to n o t go down that road again. Hilaire, now 21, got in vo l ved with seve ral entrepreneurial bus in e ses and observed other entrepr e n eurs hi age with similar backgrounds. '11lat' when I realized one of th greatest needs is a support )"Stem. That' when I decided to c reate Hood Success to inpire, moti ate and support all entrepreneurs to O\ e r co m e ad,e rsity. Hilaire said he goes wherever he can to come into contact with young people, and lately that journey has taken him to Moses Hou where he igned on as a volunteer. M I will also itingjm-enile d e t ntion centers t o peak to the in an effort t o give th m all rnati I want them t o know I o' ream my adversiti w nt to co lleg e, and earned a degree in M edica.l Billing and Coding. lf I can do it, I think I can inspire others to do iL Hilaire is currently working JEFFREY illLAIRE on a book, "Criminal At 16 Suc cessful Entrepreneur At 21." I realized that because of my past, finding a job wasn' t going to be easy. That's when I decided to work with groups that try to reach out to our youth and turn their lives around." MI started last year, but things are really moving fast this year. The economy has affected so many people. People are turning to criminal activity as a way out Hilaire said he wants people to reali.ze they have options and if they need support, people like him and others can help. U Giving up is easy, and putting forth a lot of effort can be tough. That s why a Jot of young people take the easy road. f've traveled that road and I can tell you it will only get you in prison or dead." Hilaire said as the father of an 18-montb-old son, be has a vision for him and the example must be set at home. Spots en lilnitect. .. Sign Training will be hdd crt CoYamt Minist'Ms 905 E Juneau St. Tampa, FL 33604 Dlft; Jli( 12, 2010 1+nu9h 2010 'TliM: 9:00am 1 :00pm (Mondar' ftr .,... Dlf c.t.t: Keen Thompson (813) 253..()551 ext. 2.27


Columns/Editorials FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ( U SPS 2 0 2 1 40) 220 7 2 1 s l Aven ue. T a m pa F lortda 33605 ( 8 13) 2481 92 1 Publis h e d Every Tuesday and F r id a y By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., M e m ber o l N alion al N e w s p a p er Publi S h e r s A ssocinl io n ( N NPA) a n d Ama lga m a t e d Publis h e rs. I n c .. N e w Yor k ,c) 1 9 9 0 9 4 C P TimOor I Congratulations, Stokes And Capin I A fter a series of votes and re-vote m ember of Tampa City Council finaJl y made their choice for interim colleague to fill two council vacanci Though we wouldn't have envie d their task w congratulate Tampa City Council for choo ing two most cap a bl citizen N o doubt, you have heard. Form r local P p 1 -dent, Curti Stokes and r tir d bu in own r Yvonne Yolie Capin are now part o f a n lit frat rnity In comi n g w ks and month h oth n c f o l ks-ont h e block will b e put through their p n o n i u tha t span the gamut of city poHti n thing i r rt.ain, b th Capio and Stoke will b plac d nth st r o f hi n eal celebrities. Stoke bas already aid h d o permanent City Council Offi proverbial busine person th open. n o t int nd t o run fo r f o r pin. aJ, a th door ontinu t o b Both n w councilp rson hav prov ha a dream that dr a.m s do, ind d. J e t both of the m get down to th busin Tampa. I The Good Guvs lose Aualn I n what had to beth short st 1 gi lati Florida history ( 5 2 minot ) 1 gi lator con ide r d placing a constitutional am dm nt to pel'Dla:ttently ban offshore drilling on N o mber' ballo t And would you H v it failed? Call e d by Governor barli Crl t th ion b d scorned by R epublicans who lab 1 d th unnecessary, and cho to adjourn th ion without even looking at Crist's onstitutiona.l am ndm nt. No doubt, hlstory and voters will r mind R publicans of their sullen retreat. What mot citizens may not know, i s that -urr nt legislation already prev nts offshore drilling. But what GO Pet'S didn' t say, was s u c h I gislation could be chang d during any furor sion i f -nougb lawmak r s vot to lift the ban. Governor Crist's plan would giv vote r s th opportunity to perman ntly cap offshore drilling. Her why w upport Gov. ris t on this O i -n th present situation ca.u d by th BP oil-spill and its impact on Florida's beach --fl bing and wildlife wh n voters a s k whos e b est interest R epublican lawmak r are championJng, it do s n t take a rocket s i ntis t to figure out the answr "IT ISN'T U VOTEltSI So, Oov-rnor ri8t all d what should hav b n a slam-dunk session top rtnan ntly ban offshor oll drilling In Florida. And one -again th Good O uys, th citizens of Florida lost! Black Voters Must Shock Evervone Wh e n Barack Obama r a n f o r th e Pr es id e ncy o f th e U nit e d S t a t es, Blac k vot e r went t o th e p olls a nd v o t e d in r cord numb e rs. In d o in g s o w e s h oc k e d th e country. Black vot e r s can d o it aga in in th e up co min g 2010 e l e ctio n Th e a -called polit i ca l e x p e r t s a r a ir a d cou ntin g Blac k va t r s out. Th y a r ayin g th a t Black s w n t vot e in l a rge numb rs thi -I ctio n It i i mp rt a nt th a t Black o t m a k e lia o f th e so calle d politica l e.x p erts a nd s hock th e country o nce again. No, this is n o t a pr es idential e l ec tion and Barack Obama's nam e w on t be on th e ball ot. Still this i s a v e ry important e l ec tion year. City, county s tat e and f e d e ral e l ec tions are on the bal l o t. Th e r e a r e e ntir e l y too m a n y seats on th e ballot for Blacks n o t t o make th e ir o i ces h eard. Acco r d i n g t o m o t t a lkin g h a d t h i e l e ctio n will be d id d b c o n ervative R epubli cans th e Tea P arty a nd a n gry Ame rican s. Black v oters need t o crash t h e party a n d l e t the v otes of What Is Wronuil y 'Tm afraid I mi ht co n ce rn e d Africa n Arne ri-c... c: ca n s de t e rmin e th e o ut co m e L e t m e r e mind Blac k v oter s 1\l th a t th ese pro g no s ticator s w ha ve hi s t ory A ch e ck of 1\l r ecords cle arl y d e mon strate s th a t Afri c an American voter 0 turnout is u s uall y not v ery good during non-pre s idential e lection s. That has to change this time around! This election is too important for Blacks to remain on th e sideline. Let us not forget that so many of us are jobless the econom y is bad, deficits are high the liv es of loved ones ar e being lost daily in two wars and there is the party of no seeking to keep these conditions this way. Black v oters believe me th e stak es are too high in this e l ecti on for us not to particip a t e. We ha ve got to v ote. r W e n eed to v ote b y absen-tee ball ot, b y doing so in earl y o voting or b y going to the polls > o n A u gus t 24, 2010. m ciou crim e, us u all y on z :j z m r I tD c: r r m :j z m eo n e w h o eith e r l o oked lik e them o r resemb l ed their moth o r fath e rs tD c CJ) Ind eed one pauses to ask o n e L f wh e n young B lack m e n c u hoo t, kill or rob m 0 how man y tim is their vic-m ti m a tand-in for th eir fa -fii ther? H ow many times ha a ;oung B l ack man quared off a t a m irror imag e o f hi m th r o nl y t o maim or murder a tranger? when th y are babi wh n hold them. in our them ::::0 < -f c: m CJ) 0 > z 0 ::::0 0


0 ,... ('1') N ::J ..., c a: u. c a: u. 0 z < 0 UJ w ::J t-> a: w > w 0 w J: en I :J CD :: Q. z ti A Riner End For A Cop Killer If newspaper stories are ac cu r ate, it seem s lik e Dontac Morris, the man accused of killin g two poli ce officers, a well as two oth e r m e n i s a l ready c rackin g unde r the pressure (pickin g hi s toes until they bleed? What's that all about?). But g iv n what h e's fac in g in term of punish m ent, I doubt a nyon in hi s situation would b e able t o hold it all together. B eing a convicted felon who's already b n down thi road, h hould know act l y what to xp ct. up r -siz d drag e ion by a y t m th a t b lieve in thor u g h indica tion in ce mo t cop kill r s rar l y get captur d alive, wh n a u thoritie have a chanc t o a p prehend o n e, they t nd t o want to set ao example. Thi mean that Dontae may b able to avoid execution if the State decide that death would be too oft of a n o p tion, con idering th circumtances. Given the fact that h on! 24 years old, th y may b more inclin e d t o for h im to thi one out. For member of law enforcem nt and the victims' families nothin g would give the m more a ti -factio n th a n th e thought or him s u f f e rin g for y ea r s unde r the hars hest conditio n s co n ce ivable. Thirty, fort y years from nmv, they s till want him thinking about the live h e' s d tro ye d whil e was tin g away in the dirtiest c r a ppi es t prison Florida h a t o off r. The n again I co uld b wrong. They may want to go the Bib lic a l route and h ave hi head d liv e r d on a silver pl att r. Whateve r the outc m e, th undi puta bl fact i th a t D n t a 's futur i s a b ut a bl ak assi s tin g in his getaway, a t least o n e person wa s abl e t o b e n efit. Th e indiv idu a l w h o negot i a t e d hi s s urrender. I a m a lm ost cert a in th a t this p e r son s till ca n t b elieve that h e or s h e was able to co n v in ce Dontae t o turn himself in on c h a rges of this magnitude. And s in ce they didn't hesitate t o accept the $100,000 reward, when they go to purc h a e their n e w Lexus, it w o uld only be fitting that they g t it per onalized with a TIINKS2DM"li n plat tBut, all i s n o t ompl t ly l o s t f o r Mr. Morri I f by han h finds him If turn in g t o hri ti anity during th trying tim h can alwa look forward t o the great hereafte r Because as far as h i here and now" is con-rned, it' mo t definitely a :: CD w z i= z w UJ < 0 0 Ll. & PARNELL, PA ATIORN YS A lAW PERSONAL INJURY AND WRONG UL DEATH AUTO TR K. M R 8 A:_ t FA L, South Tampa Woman Creates Monuments To Fallen OHicers These three pieces were made by Tonya Wideman in honor of the slain Tampa Police officers. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Tonya Wideman never met Tampa Poli ce Officers Jeffery Kocab and David Curtis. But within 20 minutes of hearing w hat bad happened to them, a nd the announcement that both wer d ea d h e go t to work. \Videman we nt to Brown 's Tr ph y and told them to tart work on m morial pi eces for the lain officer wilh focus being given to the children they left behind. "It took me 30 hours to do the two wooden tatues and two hours f o r th cross, donated b y f ichael Arts and Craft. a l can' t explai n it, but m y thou. g h automatically went out to lhe children who lost their fa-thers. I did this because I wanted them to know there are good people out there. Both men had a lot to live for, and that was their families." In designing the cross, Wideman said she included two large hearts to represent the wives, and smaller hearts to represent the children. One of the pieces was di s played at Tampa Police Headquarte rs. I want all three pieces to serve as monuments on behalf of the officers and for their children to draw strength from when they get older, understanding their fathers were good men doing their job. "This is a time for compassion. and this one hurt me more than any of the others rve done in the past. 505 East .a.ebon St. Sufte 1303 BANKRUPTCY ......... .. REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW I \BOR &: F\JPI OY\JE\ r I \\YYFR fENTD TIO 2:11 I \l.toli n 1 :n-I nq. It _:_:, .. : """' ,,II"'''"'"'-(SI.;1 22.Ll21111 The Law Office Of Angela B. Wright, P .A. Fe.ON AND MISDI!MEANORS AOORDSIYE MOllON MAC'fa 80NO RANTS TRAFm V10LAT10NSil..IC&NSI SUSPfENS(()NS PROIIAT10N VIOlATIONS CERTIFIED EXPERT CRI 300 N I"AANKltN ST., TAMM. Fl (813) 277-0068


Local Water Main Replacements Continue In East Tampa D etours and road clo sures continue to mark the landscape in East Tampa a cit_v c r ew work o n repl acing water main pipelines. Preparations for the ti e-i n of the r ec ntl y installe d water m a in t o the xi ting water main vvill begin Th inte r sec tion of Ea t Hanna Avenue and North 30th Str et will b e clo ed for up to a month b -ginning Thur d ay, July 22nd. Ea t Tampa road clo ur and detou vvill b e: East 1 th v nue from 16th 29th treet from 38th venu e to Palifox tre t i op n to local traffic onl y. Tampa YMCA Joins Whh CDC To oner Diabetes P reventJon Program The Tampa M trop Iitan ea ha joined with the Center For Contr I (CDC) to offer a Diabet Pr vention Pr gram in Hill b rough County. Th Pllcel H rldl Seld II lmncl Gnat PI-1 11131 2481921 Ask For Mr. Adams Feel t ease knowing t t you ve got your daily finances under control. ft comes to rna. gtng your money, find ng the rt ht lance. SunTrust can help wfth to funds to da ty balance te so you n budget effectively save automatically and manase stress. To ftnd out more bout how you can stay fn control of :r finances visit suntrust.com/sotid catl800.SONTRUST or stop by any branch to s wfth a SUnTrust representative. SUNTRUST Live Sohd. Bank Soltcl. 'TI ::0 c c.. c !:( I\:) c.l I\:) 0 ..... 0 'TI r-0 ::0 c )> en m z :::1 z m r-1 tD c rrm :::1 z "'0 c tD c en :I: m c .m < m ::a < -4 c m en 0 )> z 0 'TI ::a c


Local N a: LL. Nine Students Visit Camp Virginia BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel C ity Editor of T a mp a Bay Inc. o mmuni iation Camp \ lrginin i an organi u nion f undcd by Dr. \ illiam Rob rtson mru .. July 24, 2010 5 P.M. Kickoff Prese11ted By Touching Uvea FREE Clothing FREE Food Distribution FREE BBQ FREE Prizes And Glvea\vays FREE Health Screenings Ask The Doctor GoSpel Comedy Showcase Gospel Extravaganza Featuring ERIC NETTLES Renowned Gospel Artist Uve Band 40 Gospel "Reclaimina My Stuff" .__..... ........ Finance Healtll JOb Maniage Family Children Relationships wtld Fire" Mt. Calvary Seventh-Day Actventist Church 4902 N 40th Street T11mp11 33610 Dr. P. E. Vincent. Sen1or P11stor Pilstor Moses Brown. Scrv1ce Overseer Aclclitlonill lnfo rm<1t1on 813-238-1900 Publisher 01 Oprah's Magazine Honors Tampa Journalist/Anornev Jeraldine Williams-Shaw One of th e largest diver sifie d communicatio n s compa nies in th e wor l d r ece ntl y honor e d a l oca l j o urnali s t/at torn ey a t it s Golde n Anniver sary ce lebratio n of th e S c h o l astic Pulitzer Priz e a m o n g coll ege s tud ents Jeraldine WilliamsShaw, th e fir s t Black t o win th e William Randolph Hear s t prestigious national writing award ( 196 7), was featured in an hi storica l video produced b y th e H ea r s t Foundation, publi h e r of 0 The Oprah foundation di patched a producer from San Fran c i co, a l ifomia t o video me a t m y East Tampa la w office in pr paration for the feature," aid Williams-Shaw. I felt both a p erso nal and a r ep r entati' e en e of h o n o r -Williams-Shaw said o n C. Jr. red meat A TIY. JERALDINE WILliAMS-SHAW Shaw said I wrote two articles a week about student news until I graduated from Middleton. "At the end of m y college ca reer, I was inspired to compete among elite journalism tudents nationwide. Wdliams-8haw went on to own and publish the weekly newspaper in Talla hass ee, The Capital Outlook, for eight years. She followed that b y v.rriting for Ebony uth Africa during a fiveyear tint there. Presentl y Williams-shaw practic law at her firm on H ill bo rough Avenue. She is the daughter of the late Judge and Mildred Williams of Ybor City the wife of local bondsman, George Shaw the mother of Attorney Salesia Smith-Gordon and Walter L. Smith II and proud grandmother of Walter Lee smith m. WOMEN' S RETREAT AUGUST 5-7TH 201 .at---....


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------High School Senior Writes Gospel Plav Citv OHicials Give Update On Encore Project BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor In :wo8 Lakeland Prophetess, Zelinda Bailey Hinson lost her battle with t:anc er. ller death had a profound effet:t o n Demetrius 1-Iayncs, a !(enage r w h o had kn o wn h e r for Haynes, who wa s pi red by h e r death, will present hi s third th ea tri ca l performan ce o n A u g ust 1 s t at the Lake Mirror Th eatre in Lake l and. The play b eg in s at 5 p. m Th e gospe l play i s e nti tled rm Still Standing. Haynes the play is about a r ecoveri n g drug addict wh o is trying t o deal with th e death of her mot her. "This p lay is about b e ing saved. Peo ple don' t r alize that after you bewm e your life i s still not perfect," h aid Haynes, who has produced two o th r p ay said he and hi family \Vere exp rie ncin g a lot of turmoil at the time. Things b ega n go in g down hill. A t th e time of Prophetess Hinson's death, he wa s till trying to d ea l wit h th e deat h o f hi s i ster, Brittany Haynes Brittany had b n in volved in a traffic accid nt the da aft r Thanksgiving in Nov mb r 2004 a nd lap ed in t o a coma. h e turned 12 on D cember 6 th and di d on December ?th, never r ega inin g con ciou n DEMETRJ HAYNES ... high school student to present third go pel play for thi s produ tion, Haynes aid, Thi i going t o b e a succ ssful y u r and 'od i doing gr at th ing s f o r me Wh n ch I b gin Hayn will b a nior a t Lak land High hool. 1-1 plan t o ee k a care r in Mortuary ience. H e i currentl y internin g under th e guidanc of Ms. Sonji Coney, of Co n y Funeral H ome. An aerial view of the Encore Project site. City of T ampa Econo mi c Developm nt Administrator, Ma.rk Huey, and Central Park RA Manager, Michael Hatchett, addr e d the Tampa ity Co uncil Thursday t pr e nt an update on the Encore P rojec t The Encore infrastructure is cheduled t o be completed by June 2011, and planning for the makeo,er of Perry Harvey Park will take place in 2011. Then, the roads, sewers, and other areas will be done." Hatchett also said there is a possibility one of the vertical constructions will start before the end of the year. The choices are the 132-unit Trio building, and the 160-unit Ella building that will be for sen-iors. It was also announced that New Salem Primitiv e Baptist Church on Nebraska Avenue, w 1\) 0 ..... 0 I'""' 0 :c c > (J) m I wa ju t going through a l o t o f famil lems I was getting into o muc h troubl e in c hool that with the route I wa taking, I was going t o end up in jail or in h e ll. Haynes id although he mo,;ng o n th re are ill m o m n wh n h becom o v rwhelmed with th e l ofh' is t r.ll namedh. company Brittany H ayn Ent rtainment in her honor. Hatchett said the city has isued a m grading permit and that" \\hat' being done across the street from the En-Z But h e found him e lf in writing and aid everything b ga n t o change. As a 9th grad u dent Hayne wrot produced "Let Go & Let God." II al ha plans t launch nn aft rs hool on th it a t this tim core Project, has been granted a historical marker commem-m orating their 105 year history. r;-After that produ tion, thin g b gan to chang for the youn mao, includin g the impr v mcnt in relation with hi fath r Rodrick Hayn s r. program t o h e lp oun t c min f m a in-gl -parent hom lik him If. llayn i th ld t hild of M Mimi mith. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (81.3) r-248-0724 or e-mailed a lcrews@ffsenti.neLcom. :::j NATIONAL BAPTIST DEACONS CONVENTION OF AMERICA, INC. Deacon Richard Banks President National Deacons Minister Eetelle Love Breakfast Speaker Tuesday, July 27th 7AM. AND ITS AUXILIARIES Returns To Tam a: Ju 26-30 201 0 Rev. Dr. Henry Lyona Monday Noon Speaker Deacon Tommy Robinson Monday Keynote Speaker Rev. Eric E. Campbell Tuesday Noon Speaker Rev. Came Upehaw Wednesday Noon Speaker Rev. Bartholomew Banks Thursday Banquet Speaker Rev.Chrtetopher Jamegan Thursday Noon Speaker Deacons, Deaconesses, Pastors And All Baptist Lay Leaders, As Well As The General Publlc Are Invited To Join Us For A Week Of Worship; Work And Praise. ALL EVENTS WILL BE AT THE HYATT REGENCY DOWNTOWN! Prayer Services 5 a.m. Daily!* Bible Study 8 a.m.-Tues.-Thursl The Preached Word Daily 12 p.m. Hat Show Sunday, July 25 6 p. m. Health Symposium: Monday, July 26th 9 a. m. ** Monday, 7 p. m. Opening Night Musical Featuring Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church Senior Choir And Keynote Address Special Youth Welcome Pro gram Featuring First Baptist Church of Colle.9e Hill Youth Choir ** Tuesday, July 27th, 7 p. m. Observance of the Lord's Supper Pastor Williams Preaching Thursday, July 29th -9 a. m.Youth Presentationi 6 m.: Annual Banquet -Rev. Bartholomew Banks, Preaching! National President's Address: Wednesaay 7P.M. For More Info: (813) 247-3899 z '"0 c: m c (J) % m c m < m :c -< -1 c: m (J) c > z c ., :c c


0 .,... 0 C\1 M N :::> ..., c a: LL c a: LL c z < c en w :::> .... > a: w > w 0 w I: en ::i D :::> Q. z tij ...J ...J :::> D ...=, w z !z w en cc 0 a: 0 ...J LL VICTORY, UNITED AMERICAN FREE Will BAPTIST CHURCH, INC. 7504 C a usew a y Blvd. Tampa, FL 3361 9 813.622.6815 SERVICE TIMES 10:00 A.M. -Sunday School 11:30A. M Sunday Morning Service 7 :30 P M -Friday N ight Prayer B ible Study ElDRISS JAil I S. ommm. Ect. s Pastorffe a c her/Evangeltst c 813 3 2 3 5695 A Growing Giving Church Reaching Lost Souls For Chri st" Sister Debra Opong Yao-Trustee C hair Ebenezer MBC wil be Evangelizing and rnchlng out to tM surrounding communltiu. will be: GMM!S for the Childrenl Food for Ewryont!U -==-:Moon Walk, Face Pmtlng Hot Dogs Cotton Candy Screening Sack Rim a Two-llggtd Race Snow Cones Popcorn. Blood Pres5we Smenlng. Atness Expo Nutrition Expo BloodmobUe, Badl to School ind Oothlng Glw-AWiy July 24, 2010 at 1 0 a.m. to 4 p. Missk>Niry Baptist Church (813 ) 227 9333 Ewngefism/Outreach MJnistry 1212 Scott Street I St. Peter Clawr Flekf '#1 Choir Presents A Musical Hat Tea" NEW PROGRESS M. B. CHURCH 3307 Shadowlawn Av e 33610 Rev. E J Williams, Sr. -PAS 1 OR SUndiV, JUII 25th *11a. m. WOrshiP The m e : I m Still Hold ing On" M otto : Paatm 71:14 MESSENGER: PASTOR AUBREY HODGES St. James P. B Chun:h Mother Mozella Jackson PrnnrAtm C hairma n Local Highland Pines News Among the childre n who p articip a t e d in the youth clean-up w ere (front row): Alexis Wtlson, DY.ja \Vhite hcad D rcyanna Young, Sonja C l ark, and T r a nysh.a Downey. Second Row: Katania Gay h u niyah Higgins, Bm; h a Farme r and J onqu.avia Brown. Third row: Amay a Bowers, Kiara Wils o n and Mar y \ i l.so n cl n up b y th utb in tb area. ean City ims ofTelling Th Truth ti.nistri and hm ts nsisted. of ight ut Jul '2.3rd fro m p m until : p .m. at tb Remington College-Tampa campus oners Compllmentarv Haircuts for lids I ChiCk out our neWfY enhirm J : b lte a t : www .f lsentlnel com


State To Seek Death Penaltv In OHicers Murders 1\) w 1\) 0 ...... 0 This billboard will be located throughout the county in hopes of recovering the handgun used to kiJI Anderson and the two police officers. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor The Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office plans to seek the death penalty in the deaths of two Tampa Po lice officers. Prosecutors announced their decision during a court appearance on Thurs day. Dontae Morris, 24, ap peared in court for the ar raignment of four murder cases. He entered a not guilty plea. Morris surrendered to police on July 2nd after an exten sive manhunt. He is accused of fatally shooting Tampa Po lice Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab in the head on June 29th. With OfBeer Kocab serving as backup. Oftleer Curtis had stopped a car driven by M& Cortnee Brantley at the comer of N. soth Street and E. 23J'd Avenue, because the license plate was not visi ble. Morria was a passenger in the car. Both driver and passenger cooperated by pro viding their identification. When Oftleer Curtis' computer check revealed that there was an active warrant for Morris' arrest for worthJess checks, Oftleer Kocab told Morris be bad a warrant. Morrie allegedly got out of the car to be arrested and fired 2 shots at close range, killing the officers. Morn. then Oed on foot. M8. Brandey Oed in the car, allegedly running over one of the officer's legs to get DONTAE MORRIS ... State to seck death penalty away. She was taken in for questioning later that day. She was arrested on July 3rd and charged with concealing a person from arrest. The charge is federal and could carry up to 4 years in prison if convicted. Although prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the deaths of Officers Curtis and Kocab, they are not seek ing the death penalty in the other two murders filed against Morria. On May t8th, Derek Anderson, 21, was shot in the back in th Kenneth Court Apartments. Police said the shooting was the result of a botched robbery. His death was linked to the deaths of the officers through ballistics test. Pollee said the same gun was used in all three murders. On June 8th, the body of Harold Wrlaht, 25, was discovered on the side of the road. The Hillsborough County Sherill's Office, who investigated the murder, said Wright had been the \ictim of a robbery and had been shot in the head Anderson's murder charge was filed at the same time as those of the officers. Wright's murder charge was filed the follO\\ing week. Family members of all four murder cas<.-s were in court for the arraignment. Mark Cox, spokesman for the Hillsborough County State Attorney s Office said, we look at cases on an indi ; dual basis We look at the f ;Kts and circumstance s of each case. We then look at the applicable law and review each case to determine the appopriate penalty." Cox further stated that the process of determining whether the case warrants the death penalty is determined by the Homicide Committee, which is comprised of a group of seasoned and experienced prosecutors The order in which the three cases wiD be tried has not been determined yet. Cox said that will probably be determined in the near future. He also said that the decision as to whether or not the state wiU pursue charges against Ms. Cortnee Brantley has not been determined. at,ooo Reward Offered For Gun Earlier this week, Crime Stoppers announced that it is offering a $1,000 reward for infonnation leading to the recovery of the bandpn used in the homicides of Andenon Free SUDIDier Food Service Proara10 Condnues Hillsborough County is offering FREE nutritious lunches and afternoon snacks at nearly 100 sites now through Aug. 13. It is not necessary to apply or regist r for this program. Youth ag 18 and younger may simply visit a participating sit to eat a fr lunch and/or aft rnoon snack. The Summer Food Service Program provides a balan d m at r gardless of rae color, s x, disability, age, national origin or lncom during umm r vacation wh n s hoot breakfasts and lunches are not availabJ This d rally fund e d program I s op rat db Hill sborough ounty Family and Aging S rvic Last year, mor than 623,000 fr lunc h and aft rnoon sna k s haVi b n s rv d. For more information, onta tat (813) 2 7 2 -522 Ext 3 51. and the two police officers. doors. Clear Channel has agreed to profile the reward However, on Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investiga tion issued a press release of fering $2o,ooo for information leading to the recover) of the weapon. on 13 digital billboards throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties as a public 5 The reward is the result of an ongoing partnership between the Tampa F. 8. I. Field Office and th e Clear Channel Outservice. Anyone with information about the gun should contact the Tampa F. B. I. Office at (813) 253-1000. Individuals can remain anonymous. Don' AAillla u. For The Rlat. The 8NI. r-. Atw RiDugh And 1-Mnt *'Know 111et &A M4t Feed You Lice Fwnly Mon. Splghetli & Meat Bats, v.g. & ar..d. $6.10 Tues Smothered Pan Chops, Bleok v.g. & 8.-d. $UI Wed. a.ked Chiobft. Bl-* BNns, Rice, v.g & BrMd $US Pot Luok Fri. Shrimp From Voice Your Opinion Hotline #: (866) 977-4820 For Advertisement Or Opportunities Call Cobra 244..()848. ::D c )> en m z ::j z m r-1 aJ c: rrm ::j z ., c: aJ r-u; ::z: m c m < m ::D < c m en c )> z c ., c


Local C") N ::> ...., c a: u. Author Addresses Unique Familv Issue BY LEON B CREWS Sentine l Stuff Writer A uthor C h 1 istine Moore for years tri e d to co m e up with a subjec t f o r a book She had a lot of id e as, but really didn' t kno w what directio n to go. What Moor e didn' t realize at the time was h e r l ife and family situation was the p e r fect settin g for a book. H e r book, "Bl ende d Family Dil emma: A r e You Making It O r Breakin g It?, .. looks into a dynamic of African American fa m ilies few have given thought t o. actually tarte d doing re-earch for my book before I r e alized it. I married a man who al ready had two sons. and I had two childre n of m y own. Therefore, w e created a bl ended family. r l fini s h e d my researc h C I found m y e l f giving advice to ff peopl e who a! o had to deal c with blended family issues. Z There are a l o t of dilemmas < c en that go on that don' t happen in average familie ." CHRISTINE Moore said blende d famili es d e a l wit h identity problems, discipline issues, and who i s the authority figure "One of the biggest problems b lended families have t o deal with is who b e l o ngs t o who. The childre n ,,;11 pit th adult s agains t each other and try t o ca use pro bl e m s by t e llin g o n adult t hut the other did som ething tha t wasn't right." Moores .tid s he's discovered in working with youn g moth-rs that blended families affect a child' academic uccess and othe r ocial problem a l o ari e. .. P eople get a lot o f t echnica l advice that's wrong, because the peopl e g i ving the a dvi ce e i the r have n o childre n or have n o idea what a b l ende d f a mil y i s. "Most teen mothe r s don' t wind up s p ending their lives with the fathe r of the ir c hil dre n Once you s tart lookin g into the issues tha t bl ende d famil ies have t o deal wit h yo u 'll find out how manipulativ e the children can b e." Moore said another prob lem i s so-calle d professionals are making deci s ion s based on o bservations r ather than actual ex p erience. M y book i not meant to question decisions, but instruc t, and give optio n s." Moore will be graduating in AU)?,US t from Springfield Co l lege with a B A degree in II urn an rvices. She plans to return t o earn a Master's De gree in 1ental Health Coun-e ling. Moore i a native of Columbu Ohio and the CEO of PhaZe Enterprises. w ::> .... > a: w > w Youth Theater Presents Rodgers And Hammersteln' s Cinllerella c w Gi ::; m ::;:) 0.. z ti ..J ..J ::;:) m ..:. w z w 0 c( c a: 0 .... &L Th Pat 1 Con rvatory' Youth Th at r alon with a liv e orchestra will pr nt Cindere lla in Fergu on Hall at the DavidA Jr. Straz Center for th e P rforming Arts (formerly Tampa Bay P r f orming Arts nter) on Thursday, Ju1y 29 and Frl day, Jul y 30 at 7:30 p. m In the Pat 1 Con rvntory Youth Theat r production of Cinderella, th -tim 1 ss n c hantment of a magical fairy c( tal will b r born with tb N Rodger s a nd Hamm r t in hallmarks of originality, CJ c h arm and 1 gan if Originally starri n g Jull th tran. fonnation that can aid director L i a nm1 West Shqh Avnm1r! l.unp,J. It .UiiiJ.l 1 J Jon Numlwr 111.1 .11; :l l ill W\\'l,"oi 1'\ rurlnn f IHH IN THE SPOTLIGHT JALYSSA This week's Spotlight feature is the lovely Jaly a. The 21-yea.r-old Taurus said her hobbies are dancing cheering and modeling, and all ofher attention is focused on graduating from the Univer-ity of uth Florida. Jalyssa believes that "'life is too bort to take it for granted," and understands that it t a k trength to overcome distractions in lif, and get to where you need to be. When it comes to the man in her life, Jalyssa said he must be repectful funny athletic, motivated, knows what he wan in life, and have a good head ori his shoul d Congratulations to Jalyssa as this week's potligbt fi ture. Beauty nlimited or Spotlight, please send your inform tion and photo includ.in.g a contact numbe.r to: jjohpson@fisentinel.com.


__ f\_e __ vi_e_w_s __________________ ALL MY C HILDREN Ryan i s hit with an int e n s pain in his h e ad; JR and Cal eb al most co m e t o blows; Madison as k s G r eenlee t o g ive Ryan a c h a nce to mov e o n Cal e b l ea rn s th a t JR dupe d him ; Bianca s u gges t s that s h e and Cal eb live together; Gr eenlee find s David s t a ndin g ove r R yan s uncon sc iou s body. AS THE WORLD TURNS -Lucy i s back in town; Car l y cat c h es Lily and Craig kissing Today i s Molly's bridal s h ower; Parker and F aith beco m e passiona t e in th e woods. BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL-llope inform s Steffy that she won't be moving t o Boston; Liam begins to fe I g uilt y about the information he uncov e r ed; Jus tin put s his d ec itful p l an in motion ; Rick and Amber come face to face for th e fir st tim e in years. e mb ers of th e m edia ga ther a t F orester Creations for a \ ideo tribut e to Brooke that S t effy has crea t ed; Ju tin invite Liam to the I r ess conference; Steffy i s una\\'arc o f tam pering th a t went on with th e video. D YS OF OUR LIVESDaniel disco, rs Ho lying uncon sc ious; hlo e think.< t lling th e truth may b h e r on l y answer; Sami accuses Raf e of being jealous; Chloe seeks out Fath r l a tt a nd t ells him h 's pr eg nant: ami tells she's starting to tru s t him mor Raf breaks into Nicole's apartment; Vivian interf res in Victor and la ggie's relation ship; Roman a nd be p 'Culatc on th identity of Bo's as s ailant; Raf e find s icol ,s coded diary; ami and EJ draw clo r than c \ er. GENERAL HO PITAL J a on mak e a hocking di covery about G neral H o pital ge t s a me age from Franco; Warren goe on a rampa ge. Ja on geL a me sag from Franco; WarTen rampag e at General Ho pitallca, c p ople injur ed: 1..-ye st al back Alcazar' fortune. ONE LIFE TO LIFEAfter learnin g of Je. ica's m dical hi t ory, Ford arrang to tc t him elf; Dani talks to Greg about h r f ar ofl ing her moth r ; ,J hn and Brody b nd. Natalie co n ide r a tough decision; Rex i drugged ; Blair mak s plans to urpri:c Eli. but he i the on who i s urpri ed. THEY UN AND THE RESTLE a my t riou all; hanc : Eric Rob rt u find tl1at n r ation. MOVIE REVIEWS ---_______ _.;_ __,, Inception "Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming" Thi s p syc holo g i ca l thriller directed b y C hri s toph e r alan (Dark Knight) and s t arring Leonardo Dic a prio i s a clas s ic. No. I a t box office $63M. ( Bud ge t $ 160M ) [****] The Sorcerer's Apprentice -A Dis ney fantasy film s tarrin g i co l as Cage. Good s pecial effec ts. Too long (2 hr s /5min)-S24M (BudgetS 150M)[***] Des picable Me 20 I 0 be s t animation over Shrek and Toy t ory! Kid and adults willlovethis mo vie o. I at box office. Made S 119M. ( Budg et S69 M ) [ ****) Predator A fre h toryline makes this Pr edator se rie s cry good. Don t mi it! Made 40M (Budget _40 l****J The La t AirbenderHighl y disappointed! Dir ecto r ight hyamalan could have done a bet1er casti n g. 1 y lillie brother.\\ illiam alia e a the T erie i better. Enoug h aid. Made 115 Budget-S 150M) [** l] The Twilight aga: clip e-The ampire and wcrcw h c j in together to ave B ella (Kri ten Stewart). F r the te n fan don t mi it! Made 26 M (Budget-6 p auld have been funnier tarring dam andlcr and hri Ro k. I till njo ed it. Made 1:! 1 .(Budget-0 )[***] Kni g ht A nd D ay -m rui mo ie. a de nail nJ RATINGS ..,., r-0 JJ c > I en m z ::! z m OJ c: rrm ::! z "0 c: OJ c en z m c m < -< c: m en c > z c ..,., JJ 0 > -< .... -Very Good I u. Good I .. -Average I Wait For Video American Legion CBnnichael-Lagree Post 167 Invite You To Meet Your Future Neighbors During A Fund i r E nt 24,2010 10 a.m. Until 5300 Martin luther Klng, Jr. Blvd. (Between 50th St Andl-4) Our fforts i nclud Community Involvement Supporting Youth Activiti s .. Scholarships To Children Of V< ns Sharing The F lliti With Our N ighb


Tiger Woods To Win Next Tournan1ent All y e a r l o n g Tiger Woods, the wo rld' s # 1 r anke d golfe r has strugg led. In this wtite r 's o pini o n those d a y s are ove r I b o ldl y predic t tha t Woods w ill wi n the n e x t t ournam ent that h e p l ays in. T h a t t ourna m nt, accordi n g t o Tiger's sch e d ul e, i s t h e PGA h ampio n s h ip The P GA C h a m p i o n ship is the la s t major t ourna m ent of the year t o he played Au g u s t 1 2th 1 5th. Tige r u s u ally p l ays a n event two week s bef o r e a major The Turning t o n e Re. o rt C h a m p i o n s hi p is c h d ul d for \ u g u s t th -8th. T h a t is two we k s be f o r the P A hampion s h ip Tig r c probabl y ... viii ski p it. a: T hew ek befor the P A is u.. the\ orld Gol f hampionship. C It i cheduled fo r one we k z ct b for e t h P GA. T iger i the defending champion and he probabl y will p lay in that on From t to gre n, T iger i: pla)ing well. H i hitting his tee h all a s w ell as e v e r !lis pro b le m i s h e can' t make a n y putts Tiger w ill hav e tha t wo rk e d o ut h y the time h e co m p e t e s i n the World C ham pi o n s hi p I f tha t happe n Tiger Woods w ill r eturn t o hi s winning wa ys Get Off LeBron's Back LcBron James is v i e w e d as som e terribl e monster hecau sl' he left the Cleve land Cava l iers t o join hris Bo s h and Dwyan e Wad e in liami llav' fol ks, i ncl u di n g Mi chael Jordan, forgot! n tha t i t i s LeBron's righ t t o d o just that. .'huck.-;, the ew York Yan ke shaw hl'en s tacking their team with superstars fur years in ord r to "in champion hip I n r hear Jordan and the rest of the port world complain about that. Jam c do n t n e d mon n ow. lie need a NBA Wha t 's wrong ''ith him hims If th e b(.st chant"t.' of ''i n -ning o n e ? Wha t s good f o r the Y ankees i s good f o r the 1 l e a t and LeBron. Damon Evans, FAMU'sA. D.? Ev e 1 ybod y k n o w s t h a t FAM i s in t h e process o f hir in g a n w Athl etic Direct or. 'Il1c s a r c h has been n arrowed t o t w o finalislo;. n c r a r e those tha t s a y fir e d ni ve r s it y o f Georgi a A D., D amon Evans, shoul d be consi d red Evan s was the highly r spected, highly paid ,\. D. of the niversityofGeorgia making a hal f million dollar a year. A drunken bing got Evan s pre:sur x.l into r signb a1ts w;L<; glxKI at his job and ran a top-notche d athlc t ic progra m at orgia Evan s is ,;able and belien>d t o be what F.-\.J\I C n to mow its athl ti c program t o the next lcnl. om aY Evans record i too good to ruin him for one lap: in judgment. hould hit the hull 'land hire Evan s TIGER WOODS Joins KOBE BRYANT EW YORK Tiger Woods has dropp d into a ti e w ith Kobe Bryant as the favorit e A m e r ica n s p o rts s t a r Woods had h e l d t h e position alon since 2006. LeBr o n J a mes dropped from t hi r d t o s i xth, bef o r e he l eft I ve l and t o sign with Miami. R tir d N B A t a r M i c hael Jorda n fell from second to cventh. Yanke captain D e r e k J e t c r moved u p o n e pot t o third and quarterback Brett Favre went f r o m ninth to f ourth. I ndianapol is q uarterbac k Peyton Manning was fifth up from seventh. New England quarterback Tom Brady who fail e d to make the t o p 1 0 last year r e turne d a t N o. 8 followe d b y New Orlean s quarterback Drew Brees. Amon g f e male athletes, s is t e r Serena and Venus Williams wer e 1-2 and basketba ll player Lisa Leslie was ninth. LeBron James Purchases S5DM Home In Miami Bron J m cornfeet of


arts ::c c ........... g-r-ee_s_----='="'""He-av-vw--=-eiu--=-hr ___ W_a_d_e To Deal With Titans c:::: For Reference CHRIS JOHNSON NASHVlLLE, Tenn. Chris Johnson's agent say the running back and the Ten nessee Titans have agreed on a r evised deal that will ensure h e r e ports with the rest of th e t eam for training camp. Agent Joel Segal con firm e d th e d eal Monday Segal would not say how much of a rais e Johnson i s getting, but did say th e run ning will get a pa y incr e a se. Johns on will reportedl y earn $2.5 million thi s seaso n und e r the revised d eal. It' s not th e minimum $30 million in guarantee d money the AP 2009 Off e n s ive Playe r of th e Year had b ee n sa)'i ng h e want e d aft e r b e coming just th e s ixth b ac k to run for at l eas t 2,000 ya rds. Dolphin Charged WilhBanerv Against GirHriend PHILLIP .MERLING FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Miami DolphiD.s defeDBive PbDUp MerHna has been formally charged with felony battery against his pregnant girlfriend. The Broward State Attor-ney's Office filed the charge last Friday. The 6-foot-s. 305-pound Merling was arrested May 27 in Weston When the Broward Sheriffs Office arrested him th ey noted that he e ith e r knew or s h o uld hav e known the woman was preg nant. If convicted, the 25-year old could face up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. The NFL also could punish Merlina for violating the league's personal-conduct policy. Merling had 33 tackles and 2-t/2 sacks for the Dolphins last season. Jones Signs Deal, Seals His Miami Return J.AMF.S JONF.S MIAMI --Jam Jon 8 ornpl t d hi s r tur n t th Miami H at, s i gning Monday with the t am that b ugbt out hj s contract I a t month. Th outh Florida nativ d d d las t w k that h 1d In Hometown To World Trade' EASTON, Pa. -Former heavyweight title holder Larry Holmes i s getting a stat ue in his eastern Pennsyl vania hometown Organizer s held a ground breaking ceremony Thursday at Scott Park in Easton, about so miles north of Philadel phia The statue will be 9 feet tall and weigh between 6oo and Boo pounds. It will stand across the stree t from the restaurant and office plaza owned by th e 6o-year-old former champ. The Hall of Fame boxer known as the "Easton Assassin" retired with a record of 69-6, with 44 knockouts. Holmes used the same shovel at Thursday s ground breaking that h e used to break ground on the office plaza. Private organizers hav e sold engraved bricks to raise funds for the statue. It s unveiling is expected b y October. MIAMI--Dwyane Wade i ss ued an apology Monday to those who may have been of fended by hi s use of the phrase "World Trade" while a nsw e ring a que s tion about th e upcoming H eat season Th e All-Star guard made th e remark Sunday before the annual charity basketball game he co-ho s ts with Alonzo Mourning. Standin g a t hi s locker b e for e a group of r e porters, Wade said: 'The re 's going to be tim es when w e might los e o n e, two games in a row maybe two games, three games in a row you never know. It's going to seem like th e world is crashed down You all are going to make it eem like the World Trade has j u s t went down again But it' n o t go ing to be noth ing but a couple basketball ga m es l ost a nd we'll have to ge t back on track." "W hil e it was certainly not m y intention I s incerel y apo l ogize to anyo n e who DWYANEWADE found my reference to the World Trade Center to be insensitive or offensive." AOL Fanhouse reported the guard saying: "If we lose a couple in a f! row this season, it wiD be 0 like the World Trade ::c (Center) is coming down I again." Later, AOL Fan-en house published a differ-ent version of the quote, ::! citing a transcription error and an editor's rnote saying, "we deeply regret the error." rrm ::! z "'0 c: en :I: m c m < m ::c < c: m rn c ,. z c :XI c Tune-Ups Computer Diagnostics & Repairs A/C Foreign & Domestic Alignment Brakes CV Joints Transmission Service New & Used Tires And Morel ____ ..... GREAT DEALS: 205/40/17 215135118 225140/18 225135120 245/35120 245130122 255135120 255130122 265/35122 265/30/22 295130122 .24 .. 26' 28 AND MOR&I


ntertainment Alicia Kevs Terminates Manager Jen Robinson ,..,.. c a: u.. a z ALICIA KEYS And Former JEFF ROBINSON Alicia Keys has ended her lon gtime partne r ship with h e r manager Jeff R obinson Robi nson was a major part in Keys u cc from the b ginning as th r l a tion hip Ia t e d ov r 10 y a r Key and Robi n on a n noun d th n w on Frid ay in a joint t a tement. Alicia' s compa n y, AK W o rk! wid e, will now ove rsee h e r imme nse opportunitie r a n gi n g from t ouring a n d !i ce n in g t o film t e levi ion and n e w bu in s d ve lopm nt. Thi d i ion w ill allow a p e t of h r car r from s in g in g and n gwnttng, to I adin g many bus in e n ture and o ial ca u es." < c ij) w ::> r-Snoop Discontinues Clothing line no p D gg clothin line i s the l a t e t to f e I the w rain of the a ilin g economy. C Rich And Infamou a clothing lin e noop debut d r.tJ in o8 a t the famed La ga :J aJ Magic fa hi o n trade how i ::> being hut down. The lin featured graphic t -shirts ha and coa and' said to pa homage to grea lik e uhammad i Jimi Hendrix and PauJ -Slick' Em Of Prenv Rickv Snorts Cocaine on camera In a n othe r xampl e of \Vh n k epi n g it real go wro n g, Pretty Ricky m m b r lick' m d id d t o r cord him I f addr ing h a t rs \ hil e norting cocain In th video, which w r eportedl y recod d a t an undis c l o ed hot e l in uth Ca r o lina, S lick' Em tell hat to M k p hi name o ut ofth irmouth,or I .M In th midst of hi rant, li k m stat that hi MhighM i. coming down and a for hi. Mtool-. at that point aft r cutting a lin of in h norts it. Emlnem' s fRecoverv' Holds longest # 1 Posmon For 2010 The Dream Responds To Allegations, States He 'Fell Out of love' THE DREAM And CHRlSTINE MILIAN The Dream has finall y dec id e d to open up about what I d to hi s pending divorce from C hristina Milian. According to The Dream, th pictures of his alleged affair i s not what caused the separation, but that there we r e marital problems going on f o r a while. I take F UL L RES PO I-BILITY for mi leading every n into thinking everything was fine and okay The in r turned ac am human and people fall in and out of love all the time ... This is Life. Nothing's promised or perfect, neither am I. I am not proud that I lost something we once had. .. WVE!" The Dream continued. 'Tve always been a loving father, hard worker, generous, stern and eager to prove my self. My faults are I can be irre-ponsible and an ass sometimes but I HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER be a malicious person or wish harm to anyone, especially those I lo e or the mother of my child. Making his marriage ound more like a championship game, The Dream has decided to put to rest any po t ble hope for reconciliation. Amere Changes er me


F ntertainment JJ Bushwick Bill The Whipers lil Kim Working With Dr. : Facing Deportation Ore On 'Detox' Album Bus h wick Bill of t h e Gdo o Boys i s fac in g d e p ortation AI The Forum aft e r the rappe r was seized by U.S. immig r a ti o n officials Tlw rappe r appeare d in A t l anta Immigration Court Thursday for a d eportatio n h earing and co ul d b e sent back t o Jamaica. The exact charges that prompt e d the d eportation hearing a r still unknown. n e of hi possibl e d eportation hit the n e t i n June after the emc e mi ed a d edication t o Rap-A-Lot Records founde r James Prince a t th V H t Hip-Hop Hono r Bill rec ntl y r I a e d hi d but gosp I a lbum Th T stimony of R e d e m p ti o n in 2009. Snoop Dogg Calls Out Mannv Pacquiao o op Dogg i i uing n vid o m ag to b x r Manny Pacquiao and F l y d Mayw ath r The bo. e r ar ill '"danc-ingM around the idea of g tting into the ring after Pacquiao refu ed to testing t en ur he wa not taking p rfonn enhancem nt dru gs. o p' not having it and in a viral ,;de he told th w It r w ight hampion how h r all It sa)ing, MPa quia tak th blood t t, quit being, ar ... g t in th ring. If you really a hm: r show that :. ou ain't M H al o t II Flo d that h iding "ith him and t II. Pa uaio to h lla at m in th rin .. .f m th n r: arv J. and Keri sued For Copvriuht Infringement The Whisp r \vith pecial gu t K J n concert previou ly cheduled for unday, ugu t 15 2010 at th l. P t Tim Forum ha b n forth Au-Pharrell savs N.E.R.D Almost dded Female Singer "H t 'n' Furtado. DR. ORE And LIL KIM Dre on hi s long awaited D etox album. Lil Kim i scalin g back from h r Nicki Minaj beef to fo u on h e r latest projects. The Queen Bee is taging a com bac k and i et t o relea c a new album. I n additi n t o tracks for h elf, Kim's a l o b n in th tudio working with Dr. D etox" was supposed t o land in stores in the fall of 2005, but has been d elayed as Ore continues to work as a produce r and as an entrepreneur \vlth his "Beats B y Dre headphones. r 0 JJ Natalie Cole Memoir Due Out In November Back 'viii c me out in o, em r. \ Nostalgia Music Entertainment, LLC Fea uring: OJ Marvelous "Taking You Back Down Memory Lane liing Out To 'IIie 'True Oft Schoofers 0 )> I


0 c; Funerals N Friends arc asked to meet ut >-..J the church on Satmday fm the service. :::> In li e u of flowc rs please --, make donations to St. Peter C luvcr Catholic School. Q AIKENS FUNERAI.IIOME a: u. Cl a: u. c z r-> a: w > w Cl w J: (/) ..J m :::> 0.. z i= w ..J ..J :::> CD w z z w (/) c( 0 CE 0 ..J u. MR. HARDRICK EMANUEL GAY MllS.S of the resurrection for the repose of the soul of Mr. Hard.rick Emanuel Guy of 4903 S 83rd treet who passed away Tuesday, July 20, 2010 wiU b e h eld Saturday, July 24, 2010, at 11 u m. a t I. Peter Inver Catholic Church, 1203 ebrasku v ., Fnthcr II ugh Chikuwc, pas tor, officiating. Interment will be in Garden of Memories emct ry. Hardrick w ts 11 n rtlve of Jack. on' 11 and 1 r 'Sid nt ofTnmp sine 1964. lie resided in Progress illogc subdivision for many years. lie us a 41-year mploye of th tate of Florida nnd Hillsborough ounty Henlth Depart-n d llomegoing services for Mr. Joseph Jenkins of 4010 E. Clif\on trect. who puss d away Friduy, Jul y 16 201 0 will b e held Saturday, July 24,2010, at 11 u m ut AikerL'I Funernlllomc "hnpcl, :.noH E. Dr. M utin Luther Kin,:t Jr. Blvd.. R v. i\lichucl e ly, offi I Interment will be in Rest lin\ en BABY DEAUNDRE JAHARI KNOTI llomcgoing services for "Hahy" Dcaundrc .Juhari Knott wi ll be held Saturday, July 24, 2010, at :.1. p. m at Aikens Funcrulllome hupel 2.708 E Or. Murtin Luthe r King, Jr. lllv d Prullor M ichael eely, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. DeAundre Jahnri Knott w born May 26, 2.0 10 in Tampa, and depart d thi hort life on Jul y 13, 2.010. lie i..o; pr eded In death b gre 11 unci T. II. Knott S r nnd Richard Knott. llcuundr leuv to mourn hi, pu.N .. inJl: a loving und d -voted mother, T .. u Jan ttu J.:nott ; futh r JumeJ. Bronson, MR. SAMUEL LEE TUGGERSON llomcgoing cel ebration for Mr. Samuel Lee T uggerson who passed away Tuesday, July 20, 2010, will be h eld Saturday, July 24, 2.010, at 3:30 p. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2.708 E Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Tampa, with Rev. Michael Neely, officiating. Mr. Tuggerson was born on November 1 7, 1940, in Citra, FL. Mr. Tuggerson was a vetran of the nited Stat Army. Mr. Tuggcrson had a great love for fishing. lie wa.s preceded in death by his por nts, harlie Dennison ond l.utti Tuggerson Mr. ugg rson urvi ed by: his devoted wife, laudette T uggerson: tepchildren, h;n tewart, abrina Stewart. Tammara Johnson and Trudy grandchildren. Tim thy tewarL BritnayStewart Jarvis Gordon, Tharon Johns n ry Dupree, J mine hley. Monica Robinson nd Kiarrtl Moor ; broth rs. I ren e D nn on (LiLLian) nd B nni D nn n : ld M P t'1 on and H I n Tequ H yn ,;d ; ins, li:r.a th J\, forrow and H I n Turn r: "'peci I friend:. Jo Lou" Johnson and Da,;d M thi : and a host of great grandchildren. ni n phew co i and oth r rrowin r lativ and frin Th ld t Voice of Our Communi Sp akin for .Itself' (813) 248-1921 Check Out Our Newly Enhanced Website At: flsentinel.com 813-237-5775 < h 1 r I a 1 n i h ( 111 \ k l' t Your I ami h ..., MS. LACEY DANIELLE 'MUFASA' DUPONT Homegoing celebration for Ms. Lacey Danielle "Mufasa" DuPont will be held at u a m ., Saturday, July 2.4 2.010 at SL Luke Missionary Baptist Church, 108 S. Warnell Street Plant City, FL, 33563, Elder Larry Sykes, pastor officiating. Interment will be in the Garden of Peace Cemetery. f Lacey DanieUe "Mufasa" DuPont was born on July 11 1988 in Tampa, to Valerie RDuPont McClain Moore and the late Christopher A. Coffee. Lacey graduated from Jeffe.ron High School in 2006. be was converted to the Christian faith at an early age at L Luke Missionary Baptist Church, under the late, Elder Ralph Rivers. At the time of her p ing. be w employed b y the Omni Group Tampa, FL be preceded in death by: her father, hristopber; grandmoth r Betty Jo DuPont; and g;rea t grandm tber Bessie L. "''adswortb -Deering. ur Rea enl Father called m


Funerals/Memoriam MRS. CYNTHIA MARJE JONESMCGILL A hornegoing celebration for Mrs. Cynthia Marie JonesMcGill of 3719 Thornwood Drive, Tampa, who passed away Sunday, July 18, 2010, at University Community Hospital -Fletcher, will be held aturday, July 24, 2010, at 2 p m. at Mt. Olive M. B. Church, 4008 Cayuga t:re t, with the Rev. Dr. P Epps, pa tor, officiating. Interment will follow at Orange Hill emetery. Cynthla Marie Jon was born September 16 1953, in Lakeland, FL She later moved to Tampa, and attended ehool in Hill borough County. She graduated from Middleton Hjgh School and attend d Hill borough Community College and the ruversity ofSouth Florida. Mrs. Jon McGOJ bad been employed with th ity of Tampa and HllJ borough County and recently retlred for health reasons. All that knew her loved h r She was a falthful and devoted member of Mt. Olive M. B. Church, Rev. Dr. P. pp pastor. be w a membe. r of the #2 U ber Board the Young Adult Choir, th Junior Women axillary and th unday School MR. BENJAMIN LEECRUM 11 a. m. in e m tery, MS. TIFFANY DIANA HIGGANS Horncguing services for M Tiffany Diunu Higguns, whu pus cd uwuy July 1 7, 2010, will be held Saturday, July 2.4, 2010, ut 11 a. m. ut Bible-Based Fel lowship Church of Temple Terrace, 8 7 18 N. 46th Street, Tampa, 33610, Rev. Earl B. Mason, pastor, Rev. Patricia Hauser, Pastor of th Potter' Jlou...-.e Deliverance Tabernacle, officioting. lnterm nt will fol low In Mo b erry e m t ry, ffn r, FJ_ Ms. Tiffan lliJtg ns ww. n tive ufT mp t the tim of h r p sing, h e was tud nt at Ev r rt chool of Prot: ions tudying to become th RJ I c PIU HARMON LFD.8lJ 626-8600 JAMES HARMON !5002 N. 40th Street Tampa; Florida 33610 MASTER DEPUTY ANTHONY GREEN Master Deputy Anthony Green of the Hillsborough County Sherift's Department went home to be with the Lord on T uesday, July 13 2010, at 6:15 m Funeral rvices wiU be conducted oturd.ay, July 24, 2010, at 11 a.m. at 34th treet Church of God. 3000 North 34th treel, R erend Doctor Thomas Scott, nior pastor and eulogist., with rendDr.JefferyA.J.Jobn n officiating.. ln terment will foUow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Anthony was compassionate, m rciful and ow to anger. He "' o a peaoeful and kind m.an who lo ed playing golf. You would ften find him beln. g the v ice of n and "'risd om.. Anth ny lea'' behind: h I vi ng and carin_g wife, ara; ho da ugbll Rstralita Green and Ant nia Rl (Antoruo) s1 pdaugbter J amea Moore; h ls beau tifuJ gr-andcbil dren and a h of otber f.mHy and fri en cis "' th the herift' Department., church and wb BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM Rememberlnsyou Ob ur blrthd Ml you and lo you. DEACON CLARENCE JOHNSON Deacon Clarence Johnson of Tam.pa, passed away ,Monday, July 12, 2010. Funeral services will be conduct.ed Saturday, July 24.2010, at u a. m.. at Mt. Olive Missiona .ry Baptist Church, 4008 East Cayuga Street, with Reverend Dr. C. P. Epps, pastor, offi.ciating. In tennent will follow Monday, July 26, 2010, at u a. m.. in Florida National Cemetery, BushneD., PL. Deacon Clarence Johnson was born March 15, 1924. to A. "T1 ::tl c l< c.. c:: 1\,) w 1\,) 0 ..... 0 G. Johnson and Mozell Washington of Leesburg, PL. He was educated in the public schools of Lake County and graduated 0 from Lake County Training ::tl School. C He joined the United States l> Air Force in 1941 and served during wwn. He was awarded CJ> e.ral decorations and retired after 24 years of honorable service. z After serving in the m.ilit:ary m be worked for Sears, Roebuck 1 and Company until he retired m after :w years of dedicated em-C: ployment. r It was during this time that r be moved from l..eesbnrg to m Tampa and joined ew M.t. Silla r.l' 'onary Baptist Cburcb Z under the leadership of Rev. "'0 M Anglin. Also claring this C: tim be met the love of his life, I:D Ve:rdell A. ffidcs and later C joined Mount Om-e M. B. 0 burch. where they were m.ar-:::1: ried on September u m They served together for 28 C years under the leadership of m Dr. C. P. Epps. < Clarence also CIOntinued "'' rlci.ng for several )-ears fur < t until his health :entually declined. an cti member in th m urch laren recog-CJ) nized a dedicated and -C plin child r God and w tn serv on the 'TnlStee Byt84b l> nand Z erfor C "T1 ::tl c


0 Funerals/Memoriam 0 a: u. 0 z <( 0 en w ::;) .... > a: w > w 0 w :I: en ::::; m ::;) 0. z t= w ...J ...J ::;) m ...J w z w en <( 0 a: 0 ...J u. MRS. LOIS DELL MILES Mrs. Lois Dell Miles of Tampa, passed uway Sunduy. July 18, 2010. Homegoing services will be conducted Suturdny, July 24, :.totO, nt :.t p. m ut Tycr Temple nited Methodist Church, 3305 North 15th Street with Reve r end Geruldine hristopher, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Hav n Memorial Purk cmctery. 1n;. Milc.s wo.s born in Sturkc, FL. und Iu ter moved t o Tumpu. wh n he wnH u younR girl. She WlUi ducute d in the puhlic .schools of II County. Sht u gruluut of M lddl ton I I igh hool in 1935 und eurned her Bu hclur., Dcgr 'C in Element I')' Educntion tt F loridu M niv rsity in MR. CHARLES BENFORD MYERS, JR. Mr. Churles Benford Myers, Jr. ofTumpu, FL, pnss<.>d away on Thursdny, JuJy 15, 2010. Funera.l services will be held a t 10 a.m. on Saturday, JuJy 24, 2010, at Ray \ Villiams Memoria.! C hapel JOI North Howard Avenue, with Minister David Hill, officiating. Mr. Charles B. Myers wa a native of Memphi TN, and a re ldent of Tampa for over fort y nrs. wns the on of 'hnrle.'< B nford. r und llordclln (G tUB ), both who pr c<.>d d him In death. ncr the denth of his mothe r harleH w raised b y a loving mother. Z nobia fyers. along ;th his father. Zenobia and r. prccedcd him in t e r Ehony LaShawn Gibson. lie leaves: nine sisters, .Joyce Stennis of Vahico, FL, Octtor Doss, Brooklyn Park, MN, Leona Penn (Willie), Valrico, f'L Mattie Allen (Walter), and Carrie Collins (Isaac), all of Chicago, IL, Maeola Golett (Carl), Bernice Evan s and Loraine Harvey, all ofTexarkana, AK, and Mary Mitche ll (Willie), Toledo, OH; an adopted s i ster, Joyce Dunmore of Chicago, IL. His sister Charles Etta Shaw precede d him in death. H e leaves seven brothers, Floyd Dortch (Mary), Anthony Myers (Carlotta), Sylvester Myers (Joann), and John Dortch, all of Chicago, IL, Richard Dortch (Fannie), Gilbert, AZ, Carl Dortch (Jeannette), Tampa, and Melvin Foreman (Josephine), Toledo, OH. He leaves seven grandcbiJdren: Ana and Claude Ada.ms, Jackson and Cole Myers, Gia.nna Huggins, Bram and Bryson Adams. He also leaves: a devoted friend and father flgu.re, Jessie Lee AJien (Clara); two istersin-law, Brenda Bass and Barbara Brown; brothers-in-law, Harold O'Nel Robert Garcia (Veronica), Robert Garcia Jr. and Ramon arcia. harl also lea a host of nie nephe'\\ who affectionately knew him as ncle Ben, a.long with many friends and co-workers. The remains repo e after 5 p. m .. Friday, JuJy 2.3 2010 at Ray\, \ illiams FuneraJ Hom 301 Howard Avenue. rrang mcnts entTU.Sted to RAY WILLIAM NERA.L H M Rhod Northern. wn rs. MEMORIAM MRS. CAMILLE HEPBURN 'WILLIAMS Mrs. Camille Hepburn Williams of Tampa, passed away Friday, JuJy 16 2010. FuneraJ services will be conducted Saturday, July 24. 2010, at 2 p m. at St. James A. M. E. Church, Progress Village, 5202 South 86th Street, with Reverend Michael B. Price, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven MemoriaJ Park. Mrs. Camille Hepburn Williams was born March 1, 1933, in Tampa, to the late Henry and Camille (Saunders) Hepburn, Sr. Her father, being of Bohem.i.an decent, passed on the suJtry squinty eyes and beautiful high cheek bones which are prominent faciaJ features that are trademark within the Hepburn family. She would often talk about how beautiful her mother was and her won.derfnl childhood.. She loved her family and enjoyed family gatherings. S h e was a proud mother of two and her children and grandchildren adored her. he met and married Henry L. Williams, Jr. (affectionately kn wn Hi-Fi) while he was tationed at MacDill Air Force B in Tampa. The. were married for 35 years until his death


Funerals/Memoriams Hepburn (M111y) of Fltn-ence. SC. and llluold Hepbun1 (Miuganl) of Columbia, SC; :! sis t e s-in-law, A llegra Fnmk ( Alhe t), Sewickley, Pi\, and Shenv Okonmah (Kehinde) of I L; 8 n ephews. Leroy 'Wiiliams. Jr. (Viginia), Rohhy \ Villinms (Jessie), Gtegmy Hepbun1 (Linda). Frank Cail J1. (1\la.-ion), Ge01ge Cail (l.oveta), Malcolm Hepburn ( Angel), Mark Hepbtll'n and Matthew Darryl llepbun (Carolyn); 8 nieces. Caroly n Collins (Norris), Debra Taylor, Alva \Villiams (David), Veronica Rodriguez, Lasharn Cail, Ruthie Johnson of Maryland, Josephine Triplett (Herman) and Barbara Ford (Ben) of Virginia; special neighbors, Virgie M iles, Minnie Williams, Bernice Fedric. k and Orulene Alexander; muny grent nephews and nieces, cousins. F lorida Sentinel Bulletin fam ily, Progress illage Middle School Lunchroom family, St. James Church family, and other relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p. m., Friday, July 23, 2010, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrus'ted t o RAY WlLUMI FUNERAL HOME, Rhode, & Northern, Owners. MS. MARY ALICE WILLIAMS Ms. Mary Alice Wlli&JDS, formerly of 2034 Oregon Te:rnace pa ed Friday, July 16. 2010. Funeral services will be conducted turday July 24 2010, at 2 p. m. at Ray William M morial Chapel 301 Ho rd v nu with R Tend T. D Leonard P or of Tabor Ussionary Baptist burch. offi 'ating. Interm nt will foiJow In R H :n M moria] Par 'I ln.ry WUJiams. I o known .. Boo" wa n tlv of Tampa, and a r -ld nt of Tampa for 53 y nrs. h t t nded th publl hool of HiiJ borough ounty, graduated from Plant High chool, and enter d coil g h w mploy d a an Intak (;Quo -lor at th Sal ation Arm: for 7 year Prior to that mplo m nt, h work! d at i nter for 20 years. Sh was pr d d in death by: her par nts AU M il and P n: ll WIJUams; and 2 isters, V lma Johnson and andraCo!. She I ave to cherish h r m mory: 3 on Ml ha I WUl:iarn s {Shrika), Marlon WJII:lam s (Desire), all ofTampa, and Theodls Williams of Ocala, FL; 7 grandchildren, Mya, Tijal, Raekwon, Michael, Jr., 'trevon Mario and Labron WUllams; a slst r Mariea Pow U ofTatnpa: 2 broth r James Brown and wife Sharon of Tampa, and Rob rt Brown of Marc Ilona, FL; and a host of aUnts, llfl I cousin nJ n pti w and fri nds; devot d fri nd AnnJ Rae Brown John Williams and andra "Mommie" Levy. Th remains will r po aft r 5 p. m., Frlday, July ll3j 2010, at Ray Williams Fun ra Hom 301 N. Howard Av nu Arrangements ntrus t -d to RAY WIL lAMS FUNERAL HOM, Rhode8 &: North rn, Owners. MR. JAMAR VONTAE 'CHIP' EDWARDS MS. SHIRLEY ANN TURNER (MOSES) IN MEMORIAM f I IN MEMORY OF OUR FATHER I Dod, the first guy to ever love us, first to sweep us off our feel, first man to hold our hand or kiss us gently on our cheek. First guy w fell in lov with. You and mom were our first best frien.d. i .rst mao we ever gave our heart to. Our one and only Dad. \! e miss you but we know you always wanted your dignity, so we know you are resting peacefully. Your lo\riog daughters, Glenda Jacqueline, Renaye and Tonja. A Family's Friend In Thei r Time Of Nee(r 4605 N. 34th Street (813) 239-31 01 JIMMY JACKSON ... Owner ilson ttm llome 5. FUNER L HOME :ml N 29th St Tamfl' R. W (IX)) 005-3350. (813) 248--6125 www.wilsoofuneralhome.com don't sell them. wi4lesand Wayne l8right Mana r 'T( I 0 ::D 0 l> en m z :::! z m I DJ c:: I I m :::! z ., c:: OJ c CJ) :I: m 0 m < m ::D < ..... c:: m (/) 0 )> z 0 :g 0 > <


Memoriams/Cards of Thanks c a: LL. c z <( c en w ::> > a: w > w c w en ::J CD ::> 0. z ljj -J -J ::> CD _J w z w en <( c a: 0 -J u. IN LOVING MEMORY OF LEONE. WILLIAMS DELORES JAMES (NANNY) It's been two yenr since God culled you both home. However, in our hearts and thoughts, forever you' ll tay. Love always, your family and friends. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM Rem mb ring ou with rlasting lo and mJ -mg you so muc:b. Your hildr-n: barbara arroU 0 car, H rb rt Paul tt, Carlton, M lvlo and Patricia. n but nd fTi nds. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM in fyneral services for over 70 vears. Ray Williams Fun ral Home RhocMe NortMm awn. ... 301 N. HOward Avenue "nampa fL 33808 Ph: (813\ 253 Fax: (813} Email: CARD OF THANKS MR. WILBERT L. COLEMAN The family of 1r. Wilbert Coleman wish to acknowle dge with deep appreciation the many expres.<>ion of love, c o ncern nnd kindness s h ov.'TI t o u.., during our time of b e r c uvcm cnt. c1 l Y God blcH$ and ke pall o f you T h e o l m a n 111nmpo,11n n n d Di gg,'l f n m ily. Local THANK YOU SIS. REATHA ROBINSON HALL We, the daughters of Sis. Reatha Robinson Hall extend our heartfelt thanks to our many friends and neighbors for their cards, phone calls visits, donations and most of all your prayers. Special th.anks are extended to: Rev. Dr. T. W. Jenkins and the New Hope M. B. Church family, Epiphany Arms Apartments Tenant Association and Harmon Funeral Home. Narcis Hall Hooks, Patricia Hall Louisy and Andreatha Hall-Reeves. an Dies Suddentv, Familv Seeks Help With Burial B IRI B. H L T ntin I ity E(Htor family no idea what caused h r brother, r 'g hip. udden d alb. he B Dr. lVllm J n ill seizures Shipman wo rked a s a carpenter and handyman. is. Dunbar said he was the first member of the family to settle in Tampa. Her brother and everal other family mem bers mo ed here later. Shipman had been living in Tampa for nearly 20 years be saici \Vhen able, Shipman loved fi hing and playing cards. He also enjoyed pending time with his wife, Mrs. Roberta hip man hi 5 children and 2 grandchildren. He is also urvived by 3 isters and 2 broth mote Fear :Bred Lies


"TT :xJ Three People Arrested After Pit Bulls Anack Woman 19-Year-Oid Charged With Rape JAMES GREEN A t 8:30 p.m. l onday, Vanessa Watts wa s riding h e r bi cy cl e on 9th Street whe n s h e passe d a fencedin yard in the 9400 block. Pit bull clogs in the yard b gan t o run in the yard and bark. A t som e point, T ampa Police r eport tha t the dog w r e abl to get out of the yard and they attacked Watts, pulling h e r DEMETRIUS FLOYD off h e r bicycl e and biting h e r o n the arm and both l egs. Watts, 48, broke fre, and made it to h e r house, two b locks away. ffic r s a t the scen e reported tha t after th y saw how badly Watts had b e n bitte n th y called Animal Contro l who cam e a n d r e moved ix dog two of them s ver l y in -LULAGREENE jure d. Three people who lived a t the address wh e r e the dogs were r e moved from were charged wit h animal c ru e lty. They arc James Green, 48, Demetrius F loyd, 3 1 and Lula Greene, so. Watts was treate d and relea eel from a l ocal ho pita! for h e r injuries. Reward onered For Fugitive's Arrest rime topp rs i off ring a reward of up to $ 1,000 for in formation that leads to the a r re t of fugitive, Ray Anthony Chalk. Chalk i wanted by th Hill -borough County heriff fice for po e ion of drug paraphernalia, tre pa ing on chool ground grand th ft, burglary, fraudulent u of a cr dit card, driving with a u -p 'nd 'd li n sc, and dom tic battery Authoriti report that halk has 9 parate acti\"e warrant for hi arr t at thi time. haJk i a Black mal 1 y a o ld. s tall and weigh 150 pound Anyon \\ith information garding hnlk' wh reabou is ru ked to call rim t oppers at 1 -on--:1-4-. Suspect In 1999 Home Invasion, Sexua l A s s ault Charged ST. PETE B RG-In v -Authorhles Search For Clues In Man' s Murder r ... $ -.;,. ,f,. ... ,, '.'(.., .. -:j .. ... ,_ ..... l.AR -During th morning of Ma 1 2010 28 ar o l d Clifton Lamar Davi a s hot and kill din th 1 nrking lot at ak rudg pnrtm n on Ridg R ad. Polic said h di d f m a gun s hot wound to tl1 c h t Largo poli mad no arr ts in t h killin g and didn' t n tif th m dia about th murd rand i n tigntion -----------------------------1., I i j i I .' I I T ampa P o l i ce r e port tha t a 1<)yea r -o ld m a n has h ee n ac c used o f raping a woman i n a park Tuesday. According to r eports, Marcus Jamal Grant was arr es t e d o n a c h a r ge of sexual batte r y a n d i s b e in g h e ld without bond. Polic e said Grant a nd a 19-year-ol d woman we r e wa lkin g to the Takomah Trail Park Tuesday mornin g w h e n Grant allegedly threw h e r onto a picnic table and assault e d h e r. The victim t o ld poli ce s h e MARCUS GRANT told grant to stop numerous times, but h e refused and was t oo h eavy for h e r to escape. c !< 1\:) 1\:) 0 ..... 0 Park Worker's Death Under Investigation ST. PETERSB URGSt. Petersburg Poli ce a r e investigating the death o f a s8-year-old parks worker. According to reports, Alan A ant was found dead in the For t Bluff P arks on Monday. A co-work r reported last eeing him around noon 1onday. Avant ,..,as found l ying on the ground near a riding lawn mower he was riding at 3 p.m. Police said they found no evi d e nce of injury to Avant. Investigators said it appears Avant may have experienced a medical emergency that led 0 The Medical Examiner's Of-:xJ fice in ilie investigation. Couple Jailed After Domestic Altercation c > en m z =:! z m r-1 CD c r rm =:! z c CD !: en m c m < \\ illis in the leg. J hnson then reportedly used < a cooking pan to hit \\ illis. _,. Willis told police be punched ffi Joh n in f-defense. CJ) P lice arrested Johnson and C \ illi because tb y ve con-ilicting ccoun of what hap-> ed z c Johnson' charged with ravated battery with deadly \'1-'ea. n. Willis charged C with battery. Both are held without nd. """' H .T.O. C.A.P .. &J k tt tt, ,.. tet1Hr trh'er alkaae rtlutaM wltllll tt l lU.Iutet4 tf S ,em! Fw over 10 yean C .A.P. S bu Hlped people ith suapaded ud revoted cblvu' a Ucu a pta rebaatateclao they cu drive l Uy aDd 'th0111t fur. dots tlab by D N V ,ud cov.n a re ibilltt J e vietioal. ud o 813-l50-0ll7 ....... We Do ot Drhr ta rl CtU Cltatioa A..tltlat Prftna tM f'or .. "' laf'i r atka


0 ,..... 0 N (") N ::::> .., c a: LL c a: u.. c z c:a: c en w ::::> .... > a: w > w c w en :J m ::::> a. z tu ..J ..J ::::> m w z z w en < c a: 0 ..J LL -Making This Right Beaches Claims Cleanup Economic lnv stment En0ronmental Restoration Heatth and Safety Wildlife For infonnatioo bp.com I am from L.ouisiina and I know ou-besdles ate ou-home. our way of ffe .-ttl our i.eihmd. ProtBc:ting the a:est and ckr#ng !.f) the beathBs is Klr)' pecson;il fo me. ICeith BP a-.., At BP. we have takEn fiJI responsibiity for the cleanup in the Gtif. oommitted to ltoopl ng you mformed LoiiiiUil .. For 01 cloa-tl:ng Gulf Coast beadles 24 hours a diP/. 7 diP/5 a week. When oil is spotiBd. tho Rospon.so Cornma-ld Con tor LS notffied. a Shorn Assessment Team CSCAll is mobiized and begins lmmeciatety. Oeenup efforts are beflg COORinated from 17 llif'tWIS ., LOUISiana. M ississ:tppi. Alabama and Florida. 0wr 33.000 il'l'IIOtYed in the nup openstion.. tf you see oil on the beach. please cal 1-8166-448-5816 and wu'l send a team to dean it up.. C. .... l!l Up the BeldMIS Tho I'UTlbof of poopio 11JUbtizud to \4) the beadles depei ids 011 the size of the affected ms can number in the h:lnhds. and thousands of adcitional 'Mrters ng wi1h Guard. ex. t ams continued rmg l4l unti the last when oil reaches a beadl. i t is tMin t.ions win con tin 111til last of the 1 has been skimmed nd tuaries haYe been deaned up. and the region has been I be pajd by taxpayers long it not .com 1 6 1401 To 'jOUbbe .com/llp


FLORIDA SENT-INEL FRIDAY, JULY 23,2010 B Police Maior's Dream Realized With Successful Year Mentoring Young Men Sol Davis. Sr., center, own e r o f Sol Davi s Printing is s hown with m embe r s o f the "Building T h e Guts T o Lead m entoring Davi s trcnt e d the young m e n t o lunc h a ft e r they t oure d his com puny Busincssm u n D u rryl llow;c shown i n the rear on the l cf\ und Sol Duvis, J r .. i s s hown in the rear o n the r i ght. '11ll men uttcnding the lunc heon were: r i ght t o h fi \Vcndc ll J .. wi.o;, J u t i n Sande r s \ Villiu m J u m un l Kluck, Arthur a n d Frunck C h urlcs. J uan Davis. center. the n ncr ufTampn T C io; n "ith l.kmctre Taylor. John Taylor and Justin Sanu 'rs. Th m mb r of Buildi n g T h e Outs To Lend m entorin g grou p were l nvit d t o visit Blbl -Ba d F llow h l p hur h I n Carro ll wood t o sit d own and t a l k t o the p a t or. R Ar1 Jon The young m e n with PaStor Jones a r : D e mario Bul eth n Sutton. J r .. ArthurCasey, Frank h art ,Cortn Hunt r,Pnstor J o n .. J ohn Tayl o r Jotavious H n .ry and Micha I H uggins. B Y IRIS B. HOLTON S entine l City Editor Aft r more than 20 ar as a Tampa P o l ice Offic r Major G erald Hon ywe ll h a s n ou n t r e d ma n you n gste r s w h o a s p i r d to acco m plis h s uccess in life H e h a s a l s o m e t man who s e m e d o n t h path of d stru ction. I n mo s t cas s M uj o r H o n ywell r ea liz d that s ea l oul d tip either B in g in a po s i t i o n to s h ow lif 's i r u m s t a n ce s can affect th es t e n h e f I t t hat b x po s ing th e m to po s i ti v e nvironments, h e cou l d h e l p t h ese oung men mak po s iti e d ecis io n s about th e ir lives. Ink ping w i th t hat idea, Major Hun ywc ll found d "Building J'lt c Guts To Lend'' M cn torin g Troup Th e progmm i s In March. severn I members The G uts To Lead" group were invited t o the Florida Sentinel newsp a p e r t o meet Flor i d a A & M University, pre.'iident, Or. James Ammons. Dr. Ammons met with the Sentinel Editoria l Bonr d tha t day. T lt e m e n ul.so J.lOt the o ppor1unit"y t o meet Board m embe r s : A tty. \ V a .rren H. Dawson; general contrnctur. former Count) Commissioner, and bu."lll n >.:t month. I wanted th gu) to t bu in m nand \Vl1." T h ung m als


or------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Local Readers Respond To Historic Citv Council Vote Appointed To District 3 City Council Seat BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor sen t o er. e as th a t large Dis t ri e l 3 represent a t i\'e. pre \'i o u s l y h el d b y Linda Suui-Scnn. Yolanda Yoli and Dingfclder are seekin g e lection to th e County Commi ss ion. The app ointment of Stokes m a rks the fir s t time three African Americans have served o n the board simultaneou s l y Some Sentinel r eaders s h a r e d their opinio n about the appoint m e nt. n !onday, th five s ittin g m mb r s of the ity ouncil select e d t o T ampa r sic! nt s t o ser. c o n the board The tw o n e w m embe r s w e r e w rn int o office o n Thursd ay and began e rvin g as in -t erim m embe r c apin was rhosl'll to comple t e the term of John Dingfcldcr, who r pres ntc d D i triLl 4 which cncompas. e o ut h Tampa. B oth M aul-Sena Jam s Ransom said, "'I l avi n g thr c African Amer ican s erving on Tampa Cit y Co 1ncil i hi t o ric, but can be mor e than a moment in time a: u.. c z < c en w = > a: w > w c w :r::: en :::; m = Q. z ti = m ..J w z w en < c a: 0 ..J u.. Public Notice Substantial Amendment to Hillsborough County Fiscal Year 2008-09 Act ton Plan Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Hillsborough tmty pro to I1JlleJl.d the 2 Annual Action P Tile Action Plan guides the Cotmty on how it will spend grant moo rcce:i ed from the United ta Depe.rtmcnt of Housing nnd Urben Dcvclopmcn lllc f oil wi utJinC3 th e hangcs to the prognun year activities to have fundmg urce3 reduced r acti i ties being UlCrensed result o f tlus amendment n.A,...,Il, __,.._, ...... ,,.._FIJI_.,., ... __ u: n. nrw-.no-lhf6WS41,.Hdlto t .. ..,., .. tawa-JJ Public C01'nJnCflts regarding thi amendment can provided from Jut 2 0 UlroughA 4 liillsborough County Affordable Hou.sing Dcpm1ment; Attn: arcn llins: 12 Tech (81) 35-8134 -mail: collinsk@billsboroughcouoty org Para in.forma on 4!n e3pOifol. /lamar al U 1 7 1 Date: "Itnle: Pl.ce: Public Hearioa Wedlladay,Aapst 4 1010 2:00 p.tn. Frederick B. Kart ounty Cen r; 601 Kauledy Blvd. 2nd l'loor Boardroom, downtown Tampa HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY &w,J .ol Oo..wi4"' if they can h e lp to improve the quality of l ife for African Ameri ca n s. I a lso b elieve, during this e l e c ti o n year we must make our vo tes conditional. We mus t seek s pecific action s and get commitments from all e l ec t e d offic ial s that they '-viii follow-up, b e f o r e we cast our vote s for the m. Ms. Robin Lockett AAC P P o litical A c ti o n h a irper o n a id "I think that i f g reat tha t w e hav e 3 African A m e rican o n Cit y Council f o r the ,-er y first tim .. o w l et' take advantage o f the opportunity and mov e a head leap and bound and n o t b e in the a m e xac t pla ce w e are now m onth and I fee l that Mr. Stokes has what i s neede d to tackle issues such as the light rail among others. My sincere congratulations to Mr. Stokes for applying, and to the members that supported him." Atty. Clinton Paris said, "The most important thing that a public servant needs is a desire to erve. Mr. Stokes has demonstrated that he is committed to ser.rice by working '-vi th numerous community organizations and previously running for City Council. Hopefully he will add a new per pective to City Council and provide the kind of judgment and leadership we need in government." Carl \V arren Sr. said I trong:ly believ-e Councilman Curtis Stokes has the ntial and abilities to be an effecti 'ty uncilman. I wi h th t fur I feel h represen th next generation of leadership and I kn w h i full y aware of thi a m task and respon i bili ty. I am I king fur.vard in erving hi progress a 1 ad r that i m re than a ank r


Birthda Greetin 1 We've Got Hood 'love' THE COLEMAN FAMILY: MANNY, TIFFANY, LASHAY, K. J. And NYZIER We would lik to nd a happ birthda t o th p cia l man in our lif e. For tho who g t hurt during ur int rmi ion rry but our lov e will n e r fad a way. Bae. I love yo u fore rand alwa njo y our day Love wifey Tiffany Colema.n, mom, Patrica, ister, AndreU, brother Jeremiah, and kid Shay K. J., Nyzier and Ronald, III. Much love MS. PUDDIN And MS. DEANNA We' v just had our checkup and we test ed positi e r ba -ing mean swag. B. J. And TAMMIE I sought for lov but 1 ran away from me. I sought my sou], but my sought 1 couldn't see. Then I you, and I found all thr Happy birthday, B. J. Lov Tammie. /21 Happ 9th irthd ni Happy 80th Blrlhdav, lana W would lik to wi hour Moth r and our Nana a ry p ial birthday. Word can' t pr how thankful and bl s d w ar to bav m n o ia1 in our liv s. May God ontinu t bl you. With love and appreciation, your family. 0. M.G.!! MS. PUDDIN 0. M.G. Happy 24th b irthday t o m y B F F M Puddin. F rn. h ll B., k p d ing u boo! Its IV Girl's Blrlhdav MS.PUDDIN Still tanding. Beautv Unlimited POOKIE And HOLLY Thi we k feature i s a very handsome, dexterous, noble and 1\) 0 .. 0 I veabl e, Mr. Jesse White. This 6 ft. Leo's favorite star is Holly. Hobbies are playing cards, cooking and fishing. Favorite food is m y pecial red snapper with almonds, whip cream and "11 cherries on top. Philo opb of life: Observe our surroundings b if nothing beautiful is in sight, go fishing! 2:! Happ birthda From our one and only star! en I Hapn Birthday I 1 HIPPV BirthdaY 1 m CHARLES With UNITE MARTHA MS.PUDDIN And MS. DEANNA Birthda. wi bes g out to Puddin. From Deanna and famil I(, p hining boo. 9" Roller ............... -. ..................... $1 50 nt Brushes ....................................... gg; LIMIT 2 WITH TliiS AD ONL VII r I tD c: ,... r m :::! z


All About You! N Happv Anniversarv ..., <( Cl a: LL. JERMAIN And SHAWANDA ROGERS C Through up s, throug h a: down through thi ck and LL. 0 thin through headache Z through heartache thro u g h <( pain, through troubl and ruggle we till t and. C o, I will ay, with G d all things are po ibl i x t n yea and till counting, > happ annive ary t o u ffi Famil and fri nd p l a > "oin u f r our a nni v r. arv w -0 dinn r party unday, 25-10. w W e t Tampa m rican L gjon 6-11 a w c lebrat our ::J annjversary m Q. z 1....-------------. ..J m I ..J w z w en < c ex: 0 ..J LL. CHARLES TAYLOR And ALICIA DAWKIN. Alicia Dawkin and Charles Taylor will b xchangjng w diling vows on July 24th in front of famil y and fri nds. R ption imm diat l y fol lowing. JERMAIN And SHAWANDA ROG RS Happy Anniversary 7-25-10 WEDDING PARTY Oh h ow tim fli Th e entire wediling party would like to wish Jermain and Shawanda a h a pp y a nniv e r ary and we wi s h yo u many many more years of love and happiness. d c ntinu t o bl and k ee p this union as one. Recent Grad daught r fRod ( 1


Birthda.Y Greeting I Sweet Princess I H appy 10th bit thday to m y w e t Prince s. i\ l a v ; od bl e s yo u with m a n ) m o r e birthday D addy lov and mi s e yo u. Al o, happy birthda_ to Antonio Powell (Dawg), R.I.P. Celebration Solomon Jordan Celebrates 10th Birthdav f r Solomon .Jmdan turned 7 0 yea r s o ld recently and hi s family and friends ga th e red at Harris H all in P a lm Riv e r for hi s birthday party. < (Photography b y BRUNSON) church Directory Ministries Inc. PASTOR MOSES BROWN ,... _____ na. ''blalt .... ....___.. ... ..... Tlnal 7 ... ...... =.._ .... .... ...... u ST. JOHN CATHEDRAL 3401 E 25th FL (Comer0f34til St. &25th Ave. Phone: (813} 248-.3737 Or (813) 248-.3651 Fax: 242-8076 Carefine: Bill-. Eddillsztit, Sr. Pastor WEEKLY SCHEDULE 8:00 A. M Enrichment 9 :45 A M Sunday School/ Orientaoon 10:45 Worship Service (Youth Church 2nd And 3rd Sundays) Tlllldlr. 12:00 Noon Prayer wA3ible Study WICMisdaJ: 5 :30 P M Free TutorlaJ 6 :45 P M Adutt & Youth Mid Week Service Email Us At: aol.com Mission Statement: A Ctlurctl of hi inner city the commtllly bytninisterttgtolhe whole man. OU1reoctt Ministry; t-DAH N;./ l-OUSE OF lYDIA N 0 ...... 0


God Is Faithful O n e of the m os t import ant compo n ents of a b elie v e r 's piritua l lif e i pray er. Eve r yone w h o b elie v e in th n a m e of J es u s i s e n courag d to pray and pray d aily Praye r m akes a diff e r e n c e. P a ul b egi n thi part o f h is l ette r to the The alo ni a n in 2 Thessalonians 3:1-15 b y o li ci t i n g th m t o pray. p i fica ll y h r q u t fir t th a t th m ag of th rd pr a d r a p i d l y (us. 1a). i s go in g t o c h a n g e w e m u s t p r a y f o r a m ov e m ent of t h e m ess a ge of God H th e n a sks th e m t o p r a y tha t h e and hi s companion b d eliv e r e d fro m w icke d and vii m n (us. 2). It mat t e r n o t h ow muc h cripture yo u know o r ve r es yo u can q uote, at som p in t f doing the w o rk o f lh Lord yo u will find yourself i n th p r n p opl of d w m u t pray c and a k G d to allow Hi cc wor d to pread throughout LL. the land. If o u r environment c o f w icked and evi l p opl c. Wh a t will h l p yo u ge t out is h avi n g p opl t o p r ay for yo u z < 0 (J) UJ ::::> 1-> cc w > w c w J: (J) ::J m ::::> a. z t= w _, _, ::::> m I _, w z w (J) < c a: 0 _, u. Whe n lh ch u rch h ars that the r e a r e ervan of God 2313 E. 27th AVE. ( 8 1 3 ) 248-5690 (813} 241-6902 WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday School ..... 9 :30A. M Sunday Morning Worshi p .... 11 A M Sunday Evening Worsh i p .... 7 :30P.M. Morning Prayer (Tuesday-Friday) .... 9 A M Wednesday Night Worship .... 7:30P.M. Bl HOP MAnHEW WILLI S Pa s tor "A ChUrch Wlllre The Love Of God Flows And n.e Holy Ghost -In Full CO.abal." "ll" I" I o\ t! 1" 1 ... I ihtrl\! w h o a r e e n compassed b y wic k e d and evil p eo p l e, i t m u s t pray for the ir d e l i ve r a n ce. Altho u g h h e i s aski n g t hem to pray for t h e m h e a l s o d m onstra t es h i s faith b y l e t ting t h e m know that God i s f aithful and H e will tre ngt h n and protec t t h m fr o m the evi l o n e (us. 3). vii and wicked m n d o n o t have faith, b u t t h Lo r d i fai thful. P a ul d not f o u o n th action of the wicked, b u t intead focus on the faithfuln of hi God. The body of St Mar1< M aSS&Onary Baplrst Chu.rch 7221 S Shcmll Street Port Tampa Ronda 33616 (813) 839-5263 "Burldtng On A ftnll N Pstor Ealy MxnhJ W<:mip-7 :55A.M. Slllday M

'Just Us Girls' 'Jus t Us G irl s wa s org ani ze d b y Shirley Hagan-Martin to address th e co n ce rn s o f wo m e n empowe rin g th e m with th e Biblical prin c ipl es o f Go d 's W o rd t o lift a nd e n courage th e m Tw o ses s ion s h ave b ee n h e ld in area churc h es, and according t o Rev. of S hirl ey H aga n M artin Mini s tri es, ano th e r i s upcoming A t th e most r ecent sessi o n the th e m e w a s "The P o w e r o f Pr aye r St. Mark 11:22-24. The group f oc used o n gathe rin g fin a n c ial d o nati o n s f o r n ee d y f a mili es. Pra ye r Warri o r s we re: Winona Hardin, Claudette McAdoo, Viveca Philon and Lue Sheard. The ''Jus t Us Girl "event coordina t o r i s Queen A. Leonard. ommittee m embe r a r e Gloria Taylor, Sandra Thomas, Viveca Philon, Sarah DeValle, Lue Sheard, Tommietta a n d Rilla Delain. Elmot1 Vance s h a r e d ph o tos fro m th e ev nt. The date and l oca ti o n o n th e n ex t sessi o n w ill b e announc d Committee members, l e ft to right: Rilla De lain, coordinn t Thomas, right. &RACE IIAIIY -IIIU.RY wnsr CIUICII 3901 N 37th St 248-3n9 NEW FRIENDSHIP M.B. CHURCH 3107 E. Lake Ave. 24&4127 THE PUBLIC IS INVITED 9"30A 10 45 A C-3()P SP 7P 7"30P MOUNT PLEASANT M.B. CHURCH 2002 N Rome Avenue (Corner of Rome Ave. and Spruce St} P.O. Box 4724 Tampa Dr C. T. llrtdlnd, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail: MtPieasantMB@ aol.com Devotion By Mt. Pleasant Praise Team EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7 :45A. M SUNDAY SCHOOL" 9 : 30A.M. MORNING WORSHIP -11 A M 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM -Family Series Hour (B. T U ) 6 PM-Lord' s Supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM -Prayer Service 7 PM -General Bible Study 7 PM -Youth Bible Study DR. c. TAPE MINISTRY Order On Une At Web Site Or Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch .org GREATER FR Sunday School 9 :45 a m Morning Wor h i p 1 1 m Ev ning Worsh1p 5 p m Pray r ting Tuesday 7 :30p. m V1srtors Are Welcome l Evangelist Shirley Hagan-Martin, founder and director of Shirk-y Hagan-Martin Ministries. HBIITA&E REV. DElOftES JAIIES Pastor llomlng Worship Services 7 :45 A. II. 111 A.ll. Sunday School 10 A. II. lid-WCnhlp Tlllldly 7:00 P .ll. ... Tit' ...... Ckzdl Of Til I I FIIIBII, lrlc. 11530 Walker Road Thonotosassa. Fl33592 REI. 98&3971 610-1252 Pastor eeldy Sunda School 9:30 Sun ng p 1 A ed ig Youth Prayer Service And Bible Study Thurs. ht Prayer SeMce And Bible Study Jbe SinnllfS Md 1 C.. Do AI 7htvs T1wougll CJwist WhO Shi!IJ'hllas Ale. Phi. >4:13 ST. MA11HEW M. B. CHURCH "' 0 ..... 0 ., r-0 JJ c )> C/) m z :j z m r;m c r rm :j z c m c C/) ::I: m c m < m JJ < -1 c m (/) c )> z c ., c


C\1 M C\1 ::> '"") >oct c a: LL c a: LL c z oct c (f) w ::> .... > a: UJ > w 0 w I CJ) ::::; m ::> a. z t= w ..J ..J ::> m UJ z w (f) c( c a: 0 ..J LL Belated Birthday Wishes Happy belat e d birthda y g o es out to Mrs. Mildred Hanna. July 5, 2010, wa s h e r bl e ssed d a y thi s wish comes from famil y and fri e nd s. D o wis h you many, many more birthdays! A happy birthda y wis h and a g e t w ell praye r go es out to Mrs. Hazel Petty, who se s p ec i a l d ay w as 7-13. July Birthdays Happ y birthday to all July cel ebrants who are ce l ebra tin g another year thi s month Thi s includ es: Shane "Thuti" Anthony, IV a nd Ankwon Simon, wh o are c e l ebra t e d th e ir birthdays o n th e sa m e d ay, July 1 7 2 010; and Judy Pritchard, Willie Burns and Glenda Burns Happ y birthday to : Willie Larkins, Margaret Alexander, Jeffery Smart, Bernitha Tooks, Holey Timmons Tamika Floyd, Renee' Jacobs, Barbara Bailey, Gloria Hall, Tishab Smith, Cornelius P. Scott, Janet Waddell, Keziah Smart, Rosemarie Taran, Lisa Woodard, Tangelia McDugle, Breanna Kelly, Delores Mathews, Jocelyn Oliver a nd Tyrone Tlmmons,Jr. Happy b i rth day t o Tavares 1-Anderson, II, former Vii-Creative Braids Providing A ""2 Da y"' Braiding Certi1'lcatlon Course (State Certifled -Acn1a ) Get Started Today!!!! Start A Braiding Business Make Your CNm career. Make Great Money .... And Build Your Future !!!! 813-389-5644 On&ne: www.aeattvebraid.s.com ,.S,__ career Service Assistance WJ.WBEMS Hair ail c d m 5721 East Fowler Avenue Tampa/Temple Terrace _J?.,.... 813 -935-4514 lag er, who re c ently ce l ebrate d his spe cial day with lov e d on e s Mrs. Allie McPhearson, l o n g tim e Villager, r ece ntl y e n j oye d h e r s p e cial day with f a mil y and friend s W e pra y for many more birthday s f o r Mrs. McPherson. Sick And Shut-In His e y e is on the sparrow and I kno w H e watches over me: Julius Robinson, Mary Hunt, Marvin Hunt, Alfreda Ross, Mr. and Mrs. David Shedrick, Eunice Sneed, Geneva Lucas, Lillian Tolbert, George Colleton, Yolando Smith, George Smith, Sylvia Royal, Carli Slack family, Kena Salsbury, Elizabeth Turner, Rudene Lindsay, Mattie Mills, O'Miller Kelsey and Ullie C. Bryant. Unspoken Prayer Unspo ke n p raye r req u es t go ou t t o Washington, Jelks a n d Sarah Jones famili es i n Brooksville, F L Sympathy Con d o l e n ces are exten ded to the followi n g families the Graham, Hunter, Floyd, Jones and Shuman due to the loss of their loved ones, who were funeralized last week, they will be greatly missed. My deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Lucas, Singletary S t ephens R o binson Anderson and Blakely families in t he loss of t heir motlH'r si.ster and daughter Our co ndol e nces are sen t t o the bereaved families of Antoine Green of Vallejo, CA. who passed recently leaving behind: his mother Regina FYI Tamp n ra Thompson; a nd g r a nd m o th er, Patricia McNairEllis o f V alle j o CA; and o th e r sorro wing families h e re in Ta mpa, Mt. D o r a and other lo cation s He was a student at Mor e house College in Atlanta Our condolences are ex tended to the entire family of the late Mrs. Dorothy Rodgers, former Villager, who was recently funeralized. Farewell Camille Friends and neighbors mourn with the family of the late Mrs. Camille Williams, a longtime member of the Progress Village community Mrs. Wil1iams passed away on July 16th. The demise of Mrs. Williams has brought much sadness to many of us. "Ms. Camille" will be remembered and missed by many. Apology M y apology to Mrs Toynetta Wil1iams, She is o n H i ghvie w A venue not Hig:b.land Aven u e. St. James AME Church Of Progress Village The Community Hour Of Power Bible Prayer Band meets each Thursday at 10:30 a m. "ery happy to see Mrs. Mildred Hanna and Mrs. Willie Mae Wright wors h iping at St. James AME Churc h las t Su n day, a fter being shut-in for a w hile. As we say, God is good. Let us keep them in our daily prayers for them to keep getting stronger. First Baptist Church Of Progress Village Every third Saturday of the month between 8 a. m. and 12 noon, the church gives awa y donated clothing, toys and household items at 8616 Progress Boulevard (between 78th St. and Faulkenburg Rd. ) Gregg Temple A. M. E. Church Gregg Tempe A M. E. Church, 4603 42nd Street, Tampa, 33619, Rev. Trmothy Morrow, Pastor, are holding Evangelism Explosion Classes each Monday night from 6-8 p.m. The instructor is Dr. Deon .Johnson. Thoughts For Today "Time is well spent -we must always preserve it because lost time is never found. Scripture (.James 1:19, 20) ---Let every man be swift to hear slow to spealc. slow to wrath: for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness ofGod. F.Y.L Le t us keep President Barack Obama and his family in our daily prayers as he tries to b ring change fo r every one. Remember our service men and women who put their lives on the line daily. Shu-um s Kitchen, for merly Family Deli, (813) 741 -976>-Call your news in to Iradean London-Biggs at (813) 677-6o7J... Be blessed! Yes we CBI!,! on .. on' s To 50 Hospi Is Tampa Ge.nernl HospitaJ has been ranked one of the country' s Top so hospitals in six medical peclalti in U. ews World Reporfs 2010-11 Best Hospitals. Th ix medical pecialti include: Diabetes and Endocrinology, Geriatrics, Heart and Heart Surgery, Kidney Disord rs, Orthopedics and Urology. Tampa Genernl first appeared in the national maguine' rankings of America's Best Hospitals in 2005 for its Orthopedics program 111 progr&nl h earned. plate in the rankings ev.ery year since. This i th fourth co utiv r for kidne di rd -and urol and th third consecuti year forb 11: and h urgery Last -th h pitnl earned Top soh nors for Geriatri and Diabetes. T mpa raJ i a 8 -bed cute care h pi tal that th regi n only center for Level.1 trauma care, mpreh n ive bum care and adult solid organ transplants. It is the primacy ching h -pitalforth nh rsityofSouthFiorida 11 ofMedicin Th h pitalisalsoon oh6comprehen-s ive s trok n rs in Florida and i a ta rtified pinal cord and h d injury ha.bilitati n center. on R n d1 h


Eat Bener And Power Up Here are a few super foods to consider, either as part of your diet or in supplement form Acai Berry -This purple berry is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, anti-aging and anticancer prop erties. Acai may also guard against Parkinson and Alzheimer di ease Acai h as amino acids and plant serol that upport heart health and dige tion and h e lp to boo t en ergy and tam ina l evel Garlic-Garlic a tivat s th e liver and help to d toxify h eavy m tal like m r ury which an c mpromis th im mun y t m cau ing fati u Garlic app ars to h a trong link for tomach and pro tate cancers. However if high blood pre ure medication i in th e picture a doctor hould b conulted prior to taking any garlic upplemen Mango een -The compounds in mang te n anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. The medical use for this dried fruit is for di arrhea and dys entery. If used in an ointment form it reliev es eczema and other s kin condi tion In a mouthwa h form it r mov es oral plaqu e and fight s g in givi ti Wh e n us e d simultan eou l y with and healthy di t and r gu l a r exerci e, it can al o h e lp to timulate w e ight l o Pomegranate A deliciou sourc of antioxidants, pome granate rna h e lp t o reduc blood pr ure, lower hoi t r I, d creas harde nin g of th e a rt ri Pr o t ct again t rtain c n cr guard agai n s t o t a nd arthriti Another Reason To Quit Smoking The more cigarett a p rm k per day, th ir rat of art rial Moffitt Cancer Center seeks submission of qualifications from qualified planning firms to provide master planning services rela ed to campus and facilities space master planning. Antldpn.ct ICOpe of wor"k: Comprehensive facilities space plann fr9, both in short rBIX}e focused, and long raiX}e conceptual to support a multi-campus laff}e academic cancer center. Short raiX}e pl4n to include studies of internal and external adjacencies and i nternal space planning to the proqrammatic bk>d< diaqrsm leveL Loog rBIX}e plan will entail concepts for update of e isting campus plan for the utl/lzstlon of property to outpatient dlnlcs, research, administrative support and b otech endeavors. Please refer to www.MOFFIITorq/mesterpl4nnlngRF'Q for the full technical submission requirements of the proposal. Scllamlulona .. flw AfonUy A..,at 1\ 2010. All proposals, communications, and correspondenc:e required during the Request for Qualifications process must be directed to Gordon Peck In purchasinq, at Gordon.peck moffltt.oro ... ._..,.,rm 12902 Matnotle Drtv Tampa, FL 33612 lt. Ul _,,.,, CAIICU CCIITQ & Ill IIC" 1 ftfuf Q IICI Ill ClNTlll r .-. r, Throat Issues Seek Out Slippery Elm. To sooth a sore throat, slippery elm can help ease pain by coating irratated tissue. Have Some Honey. To control your coughing, take two teaspoons of honey instead of cough medicine. STEPHE N A. WILUAMS, M.D., PA Board Certified Pediatrician 714 W. MLK Jr Blvd. Tel: 813-223-6222 Tampa, FL 33603 Fax:813-223-6020 WWN.kiddlemd.com ln..,._,t Restuiaticwas Wal(-hs & Wekxlrre Most lnslr.n:eh;:ceped Seria Citizen DiscxuTts Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N Boulevard (1 Blk South Of W. Dr. MLK Blvd.) www.tomlinsondentalcare .com Wpr!tsbgps rndydt Sqttnltws !nd\lde : Ask me Doctor Blood PtaSure. Choltstero Dl ..._lthyC "' BrMn ams, Women&; (FREE to who qualify -call b d Is) ::::0 c r-0 ::::0 I en m z :::! z m r-at c r rm :::! z "tJ c at !: en :J: m c m < m ::::0 < -4 c m en c )Ia z c ., ::::0 6


J{ect es C"l GrHHng 101 ... Is All About Having Fun c a: LL. rom Tonia Turne r Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to add flavor without fat. Add a garden salad with a tangy vinaigrette, a refreshing dessert a tantalizing drink a nd the company of a few friends and have so me good old fashion fun. Dry Rub: Grilling 101. .. is not only good for you ... it's good to y ou as well! Enjoy! 1-1/2 cups paprika & 3 / 4 cup sugar & 3-3/ 4 tablespoon onion powder c 2 slabs beef sparerib & 2 lab pork spareribs a: u.. c z DIRECfiON : For The Rub: dd all ingr di nt to a bowl and tir until combined. K e pin an airtight contain r for up to 6 m nth For The Rib : Rin e and dry rib Pla ce on a I an cutting board, pull off the m mbran and trim th ribs of cxces fat. a on both side of thr rib: with 1 / 4 to 1/2 up f th ry Rub. Wrap rib s and r frig rate for at lea t 8 hou t-Pr b t g rill t 25 r F u in hi k ry and harcoal. t; indir ct h at > a: an k with th r d wn. Pl rib m ti r id d wn, n th rill awa UJ > from th coal o k th b f 2 h u r ad ing m r al n d d Turn and UJ 0 cook for 45 minute: more, or until the rib: "bend" and th meat 'a. ily cparate_ from the bon u in g a fork ook the pork ribs 3 hour:. Turn and cook anoth r en hour or until rib b nd. R m v fr m rill. :::; CD :) 0.. z tu -1 -1 :) CD -1 w z UJ c a: 0 -1 LL. '"hl''' J ).1-tard-11 t.P\1


:on es ::c Mojito Fruit Cocktails :JI4 cup diced strawberries :JI4 cup diced pineapple 2 kiwis, peeled and diced 2 oranges, peel and white part (pith) removed, cut in segments and diced 2 tablespoons white rum (optional) 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint 2 tablespoons sugar Jt2 teaspoons grated lime peel Garnish: sugar, red liquid food color (for pink-tinted sugar on glass rims) and lime slices DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingre dients except garnish. Let stand, tossing occasionally, 10 minutes until juicy and sugar dissolves. To garnish and serve: Spread about 2 Tbsp sugar on a plate. :_'I Add 1 or 2 drops food coloring and blend with fingers until sugar is evenly tinted pink. Pour a little water into a shallow bowl. Dip rim of martini or other serving glass in water, then the sugar, to coat rim. Spoon in fruit and juice. Garnish with a lime slice. This is best served freshly made. publ1x com/ad Sweet Tea Mojito "'T1 DIRECTIONS: Steep 4 or 5 black tea bags, 2 cups turbinado sugar and 2 handfuls of fresh mint in 3 o cups simmering water for 5 minutes, stirring to dis-solve the sugar. Strain into a pitcher; add the juice of 3 limes, 1 :j 1/2 cups light rum (optional), 1 cup cold water and another handful of mint. Stir vigorously, crushing the mint with a wooden spoon; chill. ?= Serve over ice with lime and mint sprig. :j z ""D c: CJJ c en N ..... 0 ;;; Publix. 1 WHERE St-iOI'PING IS A PLEASURE. :::t m 0 m < m Dessert 22 Slices ...................................... Ass Va An Ellc n C cl Decadent Dessert Slices, From ltle Publbt 8 l

or-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i Polk County News ""') Cl a: L1. Youth Crusade To Be Held Mark your calendars .... yo u don't want to miss the It's The God In Me Youth Crusade at Praise & Deliverance Temple in Plant City, Minister Jerome Fortson, Pastor. The crusade will be held Au g ust 4-6, at 7:30p.m. Speakers will be Minister Marte Wilson, Anthony DeShazor and Thaddeus Davis, Jr. For furthN information. call (813) 704-48:p. Cl a: L1. Cl z <( Cl (/) w ;:) ..... > a: w > w Cl w X (/) :J m ;:) Q. z Congratulations, Graduates! ti Naquaishia Nicole j Cowart is shown with her :: mother, Vanessa Johnm son and her brother, _. w Rasbad .Johnson, who Z are all smiJes after tb graduation. w U} C a: 0 _. LL Shaw-NaifTalk c ngrat uJat p ial graduat of Lak land High h o l : Naquaishia Nicole Cowart, Jasmyne Ramsey, Rodney Watson and Kristal Calhoun. On aturday Jun 5 2010 th r ce i v d their high school diplomas during omm n m nt xerci es at th e Lak land Center. Naquaisha gradual d with honors and i s making plans to attend Polk State Co11eg in th Fall. Jasmyne was accepted and i s nroU d at Florida A&M niv t ity. Rodney graduated with High Honors with Di tin tion. ongratulations, Naquaisha, Jasmyne, Rodney and Krista!! W m are proud of your a comN plishmentsl Shaw-NaifTallc al so r -c, ognize s and congratu lates th Lak e land High School gradu ates who received awards. The honorees are: Glenda Templeton Award, Paige Licari and Valnick Touloute; Bud Mullens Pa trioti c Award, Brittany Meskinnen and Brandon Hulcher; Elmer Banks Serv ice Award, Sarah Amann and Mark Young. Other honorees includ e d: Joanne Donahue Award, Alexis Hammonds and Brant Musters: \'oic c of th e Drcadnaught .-\ward. Laury Sanchez: Principal' s Award Nicole Cruvcn: !'\ulli Sl'rO!Hius .-\ward. Hannah Pcnnekemp and Ethan Miller: Bridget Fetter l.<.adership Award. Nicole Craven and Kyle Hoisted: Haz e l Haley Kind of Award. Chloe' Latimer and the Denni s F. Dunn Principal' s L ea d e rship Award went to Cassandra Slater and Levi Hicks. Applications Being Accepted Th e Lakeland Hou sing Au thority' s YouthBuild -Lake land is accepting applications for youth and young adults, ages 16 -24, who a re interested in learning the ba i cs of construction. YouthBuild of fers opportunity for parti ipants to work toward eaming th ir GED or high school diploma, while 1 arning job kills b y building affordable hou es for low -income fami lies For further information contact Nick Elzy, Program Coordinator at (863) 687-2911 E.Xt. 247 Birthday Gr eting Wish s for a BIRTHDAYar a l so xt nd to m broth r Lak land g n tleman 0 orge London Sr., who will I brat hi s p cial da on Jut 28th and to Little Miss apharia Ora Dick rson who will c I brat her sp ial da on Jul 30th. Sapharia's birthda i s a two fold sp cia l occa i o n for h r family as the c lebrat h r birthda and r m embe r her late grandfather, Evangelist Ernest Dickerson, who 's birthday wa s al so on July 30th. Birthday celebrant, Alani Van Rivers is shown with her parents. Santron and April \'anRivers. A very special HAPPY BIRTIIOAY gr<>cting goes to Little Miss Alani VanRi\ers, who will celcbrat her birthday on Sunday, July 25,2009. Alani is the daughter o f Santron and April VanRi\'ers. Happy Birthday Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out Thi s week's Shaw-Ntif Shout-Out goes out to faith ful readers of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin and Shaw-Naif Talk at Taylor Correctio nal Institution (TCI) 'C harli Donn. R m ember ... TCl is oruy a foot tep on your path to greatn tay ncourngedl Acquaint now tl1yself with God, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee. Job 22:21 Talk to haw-Nuf r union s, r -union t ., with th r ea d r ship of th Florida Sentinel Bulletin with Shaw-Ntif1'alk b sending an mail to : shawnuftalk yal1oo.com or calling (863) 513-843 SltatvNt(f Talk will s har your xciting n ws with the r ad rship! Mornings With The Mavor Program "Access ibility is key to local government and the Mornings with the Mayor program will allow residents to express their views, ask question s and provide feed hack on issue s of concern."' The Honorable Mayor Gow Fields, City of Lakeland LAKELAND Mayor Gow Fields invites local res idents t o attend a n ew grassroots, face-to-face communication program called Mornings with the Mayor. These informal ses s ion s will be held over breakfas t at (\rea Lakeland re s taurants. Fred 's Southern Kitch e n. 2120 Harden Boule ard will be th e host-site of the first event. which will begin at ;:oo a.m. on Tues day, Augu s t 10, 2010. am very excited about this new endeavor. We are constantly looking at ways of improving the flow of commu nications with our residents and this is just one way for Lakeland citizens to express their opinions in a face-to face S<'tting, Mayor Fields said. Those attending will have MAYOR GOW FIELDS ... Mayor of Lakeland to pay for their own breakfast. The Mornings with the Mayor Program will make elected officials more accessi ble to residents in the commu nity and promote communications. This program allows residents an informal and comfortable forum in which to meet with the Mayor to talk about issues, ask questions, voice concerns and offer comments or suggestions. "It's also an excellent way for us to gather candid feedback about how people feel things are going in our city; what amenities they particularly enjoy, areas they feel could use improvement, or what they'd like to see in the future, .. said Mayor Fields. Founding Mother Of Church Honored Moth r Prin Fortson th honoree, is shown with daughters Jill Glass and Nora Burroughs. u th ning f turda Jun 1 th, th wn. standing room nly, at th App ia tion S rvi and Worship bration for Moth r Princess Fortson th Founding Moth r of T ropl hurch of Faith in Lakeland. Mother Fortson, a/ a Womrul of alor b gan this work more than 30 years ago. H r childr n: Ann, Elnora; Naomi, Jill, Arthur, Elmar, J remiah nnd Jerome (Minister J rom Fortson) were great wom rs sorp times n t by clloi in. th early min:istcy. Dr. Rudolph W. Berry s a a.srf m ny. Dr. Jake C. Smith Superin nd nt of the hurch f God by Faith Alabama i tri rend red th ns ra-tion Prayer Mother Fortson s pastor, Eld r Neal T. Phillips d lh red W rds f xh rt:ation ntitl Inspired Ho '. (Photos by Shaw-NI4f)


Police Major's Dream National 1 continued From Page 1 8 I tiall:-!mplemenlt'd his pro-USDA OHI-CI-al.l'm NOI Sure I'd Take JOb BaCk ..... -------. -. ----' 111 2006, but only met 1-_loneywell's 'v\.' tle) to the with the .vmm men onn a C I I II n The woman ousted from the mistakes and racial reconcilia-!::::: kderal bench ot t ll' M t( t e month. ...... District of Florida. Judge 'That didn't work. Some Honeywell the young men in her speech. Sonw oft he husi ness tield trips included: 2 visits to the Florida Sentinel Bulletin. The first visit was for thl' seniors to mel't the president of Florida A&M University. James Ammons. This was an especially important meeting because 9 members were graduating seniors preparing to enter college (3 in the group were planning to attend FAMU). During the second visit. the entire group got the opportunity to see the Sentinel produced from start to finish. They were also provided lunch. The group visited Sol Davis Company and met with owner, Sol Da,;s, Sr. Davis, also a product of East Tampa, gave them the opportunity to ask questions about his life and operation over lunch. Davis' son, Sol, Jr., and Darryl House, a Tampa businessman, also attended the luncheon. The young men visited Tampa Tee Shirts Company. East Tampa business owner, Juan Davis, gave the group a tour of his facility. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Florida, 'Busch Gardens, was also one of the businesses the young men toured. M.Vor Honeywell ini-of these young men didn't have father figures in thl'ir lins. and tweded to lw sttp portLd all the time." (.;()(!, ga\'l' lllL' thl \'ision, and I had to carry it out." So in :..!OOlJ I told the counselors I wanted to exposure, guidance, and character building. The qualifications include recommendations from a school counselor, at least a 2.5 grade point average, and a desire to he successful." When the school year ended, Major Honeywell officers Sutton, Wade and TPD administrative assistant to the chief of police, Ida Walker, joined the members and congregation at 8ihleBastd Churl'h of Carrollword to host an awards ccnmony for the group. Jastor Arthur Jones and the men of tht> church provided dinner. Each of the young men were presented a plaque and the college hound graduating seniors were presented a "Need scholarship from Ms. Kay Andrews. Publisher of the Florida sentinel Bulletin and President of the Grand Assembly of Uly Security Benefit Asso ciation. Major Honeywell said he hopes the program will expand to other schools in the community. State & Fed. W. C. ClaJms Certified by State Unlverslty All Job-Refated In urte.s Change Treating ysidans Collect Back Pay Hostfle Work Environment W.C./ Rae. DfsalmJnation Adoption Immigration Civil/ Personal Injury Bankruptcy Guardianship Proba-. Social Security W11ts Call Us. We Can Help F. Keml Oguntebl Attorney At Law 1ot N Armenia Avenue Tampa FL S3eOt LAW OFFICE OF PATRICIA DAWSON, Criminal Defense, FamiJy Law & Personal Injury Cypras Point Oflke Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry Bwy, Suite 101 Tampa, Floricb 33618 (813) 386-5730 fQ.TtJlef Hillsborouszh Co ,IJTltY Prosecutor-DepuTy Chief Agrieulture Department over racially t ingt>d remarks that sparked a firestorrn in the nwdi;t said slw was uncertain if she would rl'lurn to her job if in\'ited hark On Monday, Shirley Sherrod resigned fmm a sen ior position with the USIJA in Georgia after edited video dips surfaeed appearing to show her admitting to racial bias toward a whitl' farmer. llowt>vcr when th e full \'ideo of her s peech at an NAACP event was made puh lil', tht> ci\'il rights group re tracted a previous statement condemning her for acting in a racist manner, and said she had been treated unfairly Agriculture St.cretary Tom Vilsack tlll'n said in the early hours of \\'t!lrll'sday that he would l'l'!'Onsidl'r the l.'SI>:\'s del'ision to ask for lwr resigrwt ion. "I am of course willing and will C'IHHiul'l a thorough re, iew and consider additional farts to ensure to the American p<'<)pll we are pro\'iding st.nirt>s in a fair and equitable man -Senate Judiciarv Comminee Approves Kagan Nomination WASHINGTON --l11e n at Judiciary Committee on Tuesday approved th nomina tion of Solicitor General Elena Xapn to becom th e nation's 4th female Suprem Court jusfi s tting up a final l'onfirmation b y the nate. Tb committ ote broke down mo tly along partisan lines with one R epublican joining the pan l' s D e mocrats in sending the nomination to the full Senate on a 13-6 vote. Democrats repeatedl y charatt:eriz d Kagan as a strong l egal think r who would be a fair judge, while Republicans slammed her as an in experi enced activist who would be unable to divorce her l ega l judgments from h e r political opinions. Members on both s id es ex pressed frustration with a co n firmation hearing proc ss many ob erv rs say increasingly yields few clear answers about a nominee's judicial phi losophy. SJIIHI.EY SIIEHHOD ncr," Vilsack said But Sherrod, who said on Tuesday that she was pres sured to resign, said on NBC's TODAY show that she might not want her job back. "I am just not sure how I would be treated there," she said. adding that she couldn't gt>t coworkers to listen to her side of the story about a s he made in March, ed ited clip s of which were re cently shown on a consenati,e website. Sherrod said her com ments wert> part of a larger story about learning from her tion. They were not racist, she fiJ said, and were taken out of w context. fl.) 0 "That's not my message. That's not me," she said on TODAY. "If you look at my life's work, you would know that that's not me. NAACP Was 'Snookered' Tuesday, NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous said that the group was "snookered" into believing that Sherrod expressed racist sentiments at a local NAACP meeting in Georgia earlier this yea r After initially supporting her ouster, Jealous changed his mind and said she should keep her job. The Obama Administra tion's move to reconsider her employment was a reversal on th e position just hours earlier, when a White House official, speaking on condition of 0 anonymity, said President :::0 Barack Obama had been briefed on Sherrod's resig-en nation after the fact and stood m by the Agriculture Depart-ment's handling of it. z m r-Republicans Delav Vote On Jobless Benents 1 al c r rm z WASIIINGTON -Senate Republicans on Wednesday delayed "'0 actio n t o res tore U.S un emplo)ment benefits for those who have C he-en o ut o f w o rk th e longest prolonging a partisan standoff even though the measure is certain to pass. en Some 2.5 million jobless Americans have seen their benefits ffi lapse si nce the end of May as the Senate has deadlocked over c h o w t o cove r the S34 billion cost of extending them through No-m wmber. Congress is all but certain to restore those benefits by the end of th e week after Democrats broke a Republican procedural hur-die on Tuesday afternoon. C: Democrats said the additional delay served no purpose other rn than to prolong the difficulties faced by those who are struggling C to make ends m eet. Nearly half of the unemployed have been out of work for more than six months, the highest level oflong-term l> jobl essness si n ce the government began keeping track in the late 19405. .., :::0 c Spider-Infested ShiP Turned Back From Guam landing HAGA TN A, Guam -Authorities in the U.S. territory of Guam have turned away a ship after thousands of spiders overftowe4 from its cargo. The Guam Department of Agriculture said .hundreas of large spiders and thousands of smaller ones were seen when do res began offloading insulation and beams fur from the ship, the M.V. Altavia. The cargo was returned to the ship and the Agriculture Department on Friday ordered,that the ship not be dock. It was last ported in South Korea.


0 or Your Information M C'\1 ::::> ""') >-" <( 0 a: LL. Positioned To Win In 2010 0 a: u. 0 z <( Declaration Liberty, when It begins to take root, Is a plant of rapid growth. George Washington Empowered Independent Greetings to all This month we celebrated the 4th of July This column I want to encour age you to be sure to celebrate your own independence If you are going to be positioned to win in 201 0 then you need to an nounce your separation from everyone and everything that has held you back from your pursuit of life, liberty and happi ness You have been endowed by the Creator to live an abun dantly good life. To live a life of liberty, free from sin, guilt shame, sickness, disease and poverty You may have been warring with yourself, having an internal conflict, wanting to do what you know is right but yet finding yourself doing things that are detrimental to your physical health spiritual health, financial health and the health of your re lationships be it business or personal. But you need to de clare that the struggle Is over From this day forth you will make sound decisions filled with wisdom knowledge and under standing Declare that every choice you make will be one that will posi tion you to be more than you ever dreamed was poss i ble To 0 ffi Mobile Spyware On The Rise Hackers over the years have > found unique ways to attack our a: computer network system Now hackers are going one step lurw ther by aiming their sights on o controlling our celt phones. PDA's, Blackberries Smart (f) Phones are the most vulnerable iE to mobile spyware ::::> How does it work? Basically a. spyware can be planted on your Z eel phone In the fonn of an aptij plcalion or program but really Is ..J a deYei1y cllglilsed Trojan. The 5 apywate or Trojan wll then monm llor a phone's fNfJfy actMty In_:, clueing call going out and Into w the phone. Thia apyware will even monitor web acceaa and z phone logi. w (/) <(" c a: 0 ..J IJ.. and avoi :a' 5f1 .. it z: >: 'i IJ' Mobile spyware can also in ter cept text messages the same way an Intruder controls a computer Infected with matware. Consumers should not take mobile spyware lightly Phone spyware can drain a phone 's battery life and eat away at your monthly minute plan Who is controlling my phone ? Any one can scour the internet and find hundreds of underground sites selling mobile spyware to any one wiling 10 pay between $59-$99 E-lleafth Is a mobile spywara reacl1y available ttwoogh online download. The program comes wtth the prorme to control just about any phone Our goyem- I ly fin have more than you ever thought was imaginable. And to do more than you ever felt was conceivable Declare that you have victory in every area of your life De clare that you will be the lender and not the borrower. Declare that you will walk in divine health Declare that you will live a peaceable life free from fear, depression and oppression I challenge you to take a few mo ments and write down your own Declaration of Independence Read it daily so that it begins to connect with the essence of who you want to be, where you want to be and what you 're going to be doing Until next column be empowered to declare the things you want out of life. If you have questions comments, suggestions for future articles or would like to contact me please feel free to send an email to : thegUHOOfsUCCUI= yahoo.CQm. ment and Is working hard on shutting down these sites but for now they prosper all over the wor1d. How do I protect myseH? Never open text messages from unknown sources. You should also never i nstall p ira ted software on your ceU phone. This Is one of the easiest ways intruders take over your phone's activity You should also pay dose attention to your monthly phone bill when It anives. took for Wl8Uthorized charges. Guard your phone by watching if it lights up on it's own as you might be infected There are also antivirus programs on the market for eel phones which wil shut down these malicious Trojana In Its tracks. Elfc Hall,. CompnA and II#Qoeoft cetfli'IM llclilfllclln """ oww..., ,... fll.,.,.. .,. and ., be telltllttMIIIt ... II .._,, ""' 'I' .._1 'I I trw., ....... ,.,.,., 10,. .... Don't Just Get Prequalified, Get Approved! Qualifying for a mortgage is always relative to the property you can afford -a calculation that hinges on factors as var ied as your personal financial situation current interest rates and available mortgage terms. For example, lenders typically want you to make all monthly payments using no more than 28 to 44 percent of your monthly income. For in-Ask Deanna! 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There are also some i ssues with you that may cause your husband to be intimidated so he s forced to li e about every thing. However there are no excuses for his double life in which he has committed adultery. The both of you need to invest in a therapist to sort out your issues, organize your mess and clear the air of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities. Ask Deanna Is wviiiWI by Deanna II. Write Ask Deannal Email: --cleanna10-yahoo.-com or write: Deanna II, 264 S. La a.....-. Suite 1283. Beuedy HUla, CA 90211. Website: -=t:diiiW"1LCDIIL


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0 ,.... 0 N C"') N :::> ""') c a: u. c a: u.. c z 1-> a: w > w c w :I: f/) ::J CD :::> a. z w ...J ...J :::> m ...J w z z w f/) a: 0 ...J u.. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN ti m WALTER ELLEDGE t280 the hold e r ol the following certificate h as fil ed sai d certificate for a t ax deed to be I s sued thereon The ce rtifi ca te number and year of issuance. the description of the property, and the n a me s in wh ic h II was assessed are as follows : Folio No : 143849.0100 Cert i ficate No : 7359Hl3 File No : 201().314 Year ot Issuance : 2003 Ducrfpllon of Property: NEBRAKSA AVENUE HEIGHTS LOT 26 BLOCK 9 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 00t4/ 0041 SEC-TWP RGE : t6-26 -19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Narne(s) I n which assessed BANK OF AMERICA NA Said property be ing I n the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certif ica te sha ll be redeemed according t o law the property described i n such certifica t e Shall be sold to the h ighest b idder 111 the Jury Auditor i um 2noOt boddor a t the Jury AodHOtlum 2n d Floot Clooe4to 61\alt bo 501<1 t o !he r-.orboddot at t1>0 Jury AodHO CourthOu&e. 800 EUI TWIQ95 s u..., t FL 3.3602 on the 211b day of AusNIUO lO. AI 10 00 A.M (NOTIC E Ple ase c.aJ ( 8 13) 1 00 ert 4809 t o ""'"ty sale IOCJlt>on) Dated ttvo ettl day of PAT FRAN K Clerk Of The Circuli Cour1 H lllabQtough County. Ronda you .... penon wtlt1 diMblllty wt>o r>Mde any accommodation I n otd8r to In thla you .,. enCftJacl. at no coet 10 you. 10 the prowlalon ol r l ta FCie -Pt.M c:oMKt the C1ettr'a ADA c-...-or, 101 IE. et.d.. T8mpa florida. (113) v.-etoo......,... aas. two C2l _,......,. prtor 10 the ... the ..... Ia MMIMt: If you .. '-"" or wo1oe .......,.., C811111 NotJce Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuant To Section 865.09 Florida Statutes NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the unde rsig ned desiring to engage i n bus iness under the fictitious name of JownNCountry Lions located at 1 0808 Alrvlew Orin, I n the County of Hillsborough in the City of Tampa Florida 3.3..H intends to register the said name with the Division of Corporations of the Florida Dep ar tment of State Tallahassee Florida D ated a t Iamga Florida, this 2.0.th day of July, 201 0. Sole Owner(s) Moms 4 God Inc. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that BRAUNTON MANAGEMENT, LLC t8604, th e holder of the following certificate has filed said ce rtificate for a tax deed to be is s ued thereon The certificate number and year o f issuance the description of the property and the name s in which was assessed are as follows : Folio No : 081279 0004181333.5902 81 333 .5904181 333 5906 Cerliflc8te No. : File No.: 201o-317HX Year of Issuance : 2005 Ducrlptlon of Property: W 1 / 3 OF E 316 OF S l'.o OF NE \4 LESS ROAD R1W AND LESS N J2J FT THEREOF SEC TWP RGE : 15 -28-21 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name{s ) i n which assessed : JAMES R RINI MARGUERITE RINI SCOTT V RINI ALEXANDRA TOOO SaJd property bong tn the County of Hilllborougtl. State of Florida such conrl1C8te shall be redeemed AOOOmll Count>ouse BOO East T "'995 Stree4 Tampa Fl 33602 on the 2llb day of Awusl 2010 at 10-00 A.M t NOncE Please c.aJ ( 8 t 3 I 27fH! 1 00 ert .&809 10 von ) you ... ......,.. with dlublllty wtoo needa eny ecco.,.nodetlon In otd8r 10 pertidpeta In thla pneeeddl 'IJ. ,_ .. enCftJacl. at no coet 10 you. 10 the prowlalon ol ,_,___ Pt.M contec:t the a.tr'a ADA 101 IE. et.d.. T8mpa Florida. (lt3) v.-etoo aas. two C2l _,......,. prtor 10 the ... the .... .. Medad: you -._... voice ......,.,._, C811111 Now Hiring TUtors For Hillsborough And Pasco Counties Earn Up To $60 00/Hourty Must Have 60 Credited Hours/Higher Or Teacher Certification Call (813) 234-0634 Temple Terrace Accepting Applications For Cosmetology Or Barber Ins tru ctors Call (813) 933 -4514 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ABBOT KINNEY MANAGEMENT, lLC 12318 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year ol issuance the description of the property. and the names in which was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 041757.0000 & 41783.0000 Certificate No.: 134586-07 No : 201().318 Year of Issuance : 2007 Oeac:rtptlon of Property: COM AT THE NW COR OF THE SW 14 OF THE SE 14 OF SEC 3 TWP 29 AGE t9 THN ALG THE W LINE OF SO SE 1li S 30 .00 FT THN ALG A LINE PIL WITH AND 30 FT FROM THE N LINE OF SO SW 14 OF SE \4 E 513 .40 FT FOR A POB THN CONT ALG SO LINE E 67 .67 FT THN S 222 1 0 FT THN E 75 00 FT THN S 100 .00 FT THN W 162 87 FT THN N 322 10 FT TO POB LESS THEW 12FT THEREOF FOR RIW SEC-TWPRGE : 03-29 19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name( 5 ) in which assessed : SALTER AND SALTER PAOPRTY INC. SaJd property being in the County of H i llSborough State of Florida. Unless such certificale shall be redeemed according lo law. the property descmed in such certrficate shall be sold lo the highesl bidder at the Jury Audrlorium 2nd Floor Geo<9e E 800 East Tw.ggs Streel Tampa_ FL 33602 on the 2ilb day of Awusl 201 o al 10:011 A.M. ( NOTICE Please call ( 613 ) ext 4809 lo ..-try sele localion) Dated 1hts Dill day of .IIIIX..2Q1ll you- ..-,who ..... eny IC Cl -lllllllllh In ordlr 10 ,_tlc)J II in thla ,.__...., you -..,...., no C08I 10 ,ou. 10 the praowt8lon ol I -. ,..._ ca'll8ct .. a.tl'a AI Cooidll ..... 101 IE. ..... T8mpa Ronda, (113) 27&-1100 ......... 4205, two (2) -'dngd8pptlortothedllethe..W. le M8d8d; I you -r-tng Of voice ......... C811711 Avon Represent& Needed All Areas! Call813--832-4282 Or E-mail AVONL.AmOEORGIAeYAHOO.COM Top Level Manager Position No Booth Rent Work On Commission "'Be The Boss Phone Norman (813) 83o-2987


NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, thai ABBOT KINNEY MANAGEMENT LLC 12318 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certificate number and year of Issuance. the descrlptlon of the property and the names In which h was assessed are as lollows : Folio No.: 070145.02711 Certificate No. : 1 File No. : 201H22HX ear ol Issuance : 2007 DMc:tiptlon of Property: BRENTWOOO HILLS TRACT A UNIT 1 LOT 13 BLOCK 6 PLAT EIClOI z 0 ., JJ m _... ..... l m


0 ..... 0 N C"") N :::> ...., NOTICE OF APPLICATION Q FOR TAX DEED a: LL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that c a: LL c z ct c (/) UJ :::> > a: w > w c w (/) ::::; a:l ;:::) a. z tij ..J ..J ;:::) m ..J w z i= z w (/) a: 0 ..J u.. SAUTERNES V llC 12289 the holder ol the following certificate has filed satd cer lillcale lor a tax deed to be i ssued thereon The certificate number and year of Issuance the description of the property and the names In which i t was assessed are a s follows : Folio Nlo.: 158372 0000 Certlllc:ate Nlo. : 125759-06 File Nlo.: 2010-628HX Veer ollaauance: 2006 Ducrlptlon of Property: HIGHLAND PINES REVISED LOT 63 BLOCK 2 SEC TWP RGE : 09-29-19 SUBJECT TO All OUTSTANDING TAXES Name ( s) i n which assessed DOREEN MCKENZIE ERIC MCKENZIE Said ptOperty betng I n the County ol H dlsboroogtl Slate o f Flo OF SE OF NE .. SEC TWP RGE 1928 2 1 SUBJECT TO AU OUTSTANDING TAXES N amo(s ) tn whteh MSOPo5ed n such cettlflcala shaJ be lOki to the bolide< at the .AJry Audotonum 2nd Floof George E Edgecomb CourthouSe 800 TWIQOS SltMI. Tempa_ Fl 33602 on the a1111 e111y o1 & e.,. 201 o. 1 D:OII A.M. ( NOTICE P1euo cal (8131 27&-8100 ""'-4809 to -rty lale locatiOn) "you petHn wfltl diMMity wtlo needta any In onlar to pettlclpete In '"'-ptOCMdlng. you antlllld. 11 no coat to you. to e. prvoriUcln of _..., .. ,.-. ....... C

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION Case No. : 2010-CA-010961 U S BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION as Trustee relating to Chevy Chase funding LLC Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2007-1 (Plaintiff) vs. Errol Greenidge et al., (Defendants) NOTICE OF ACTION TO: Errol Greenidge Unknown Spouse of Errol Greenidge 12610 Country Meadow Ct. Orlando, FL 32828 YOU ARE NOTIFIED t hat an action f or foreclosur e has been filed agains t you regard ing the subject property wit h a legal descnption to-wit : CONDOMINIUM UNIT 836 BUILDING 800 THE ENCLAVE AT RICHMOND PLACE TOGETHER WITH AN UNDIVIDED INTEREST IN THE COMMON ELEMENTS, ACCORDING TO THE DECLARATION OF CONDOMINIUM THEREOF RECORDED IN OFFICIAL RECORD BOOK 16090 PAGE 1252 AS AMENDED FROM TIME TO TIME OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FLORIDA and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses if ,.ny, to it on Gary I. Gassel, Esquire. Pla i ntiff's attorney. whose address is 2191 Ringling Boulevard Sarasota Flor ida 34237 ( ] within thirty (30) days from the flrs1 date of publica t ion and file the original with the clerk of this court either before service on the Plaintiff s attorney or immediately thereafter ; otherwise a defauh will be entered against you for the relief demanded ln the Complaint ATTN : PERSONS WITH DISABILITlES IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A DISABILITY WHO NE E DS ANY ACCOMMODATION IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING YOU ARE ENTITLE D AT NO COST TO YOU. TO THE PROVISION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANC E PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE OF THE COURT ADMINISTRATOR AT 813 272-7040 WITHIN TWO WORKING DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS DOCUMENT IF YOU ARE HEARING OR VOICE IMPAIRED TOO AT (813 ) 272 6169 OR FLORIDA RELAY SERVICE AT (800) 9SS-8no PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: /s/ SARAH A BROWN DEPUTY CLERK PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Edition -Thursday @ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition ... Monday @ 12:00 P.M. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY Case No.: 08-CA 022994 HYDE PARK WALK CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION INC., a Florida notfor-profit corporation (Plaintiff) v s LAMARCUS LEE SULTENFUSS AJKJA MARK SULTENFUSS HEIDI SULTENFUSSS and SUNTRUST BANK (Defendants) NOTICE OF SALE NOTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEN lhat pursuant to the Anal Judgment of Foreclosure In thls cause I n the C i rcu i t Court of Hillsborough County Flonda I will sell the property situa ted I n H illsborou gh County Florida described as : CONDOMINIUM UNIT NO. 436, HYDE PARK WALK, A CONDOMINIUM ACCORDING TO THE DECLA RATION OF CONDOMINI UM AS RECORDED IN O R 14807 14867, PAGE 164 AND ANY AMENDMENTS THERETO AND THE PLAT THEREOF PUBUC RE CORDS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FLORIDA. at public sale. t o the highest and best bidder lor cash, on the 2nd Aoor. Rooms 2011202 in the H lsborough County Courthouse I n Tampa Florida a t 2 :00 p.M .. on the day of Augult. 2010. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE A ERICANS WrTH DISABIUTIES ACT PER S ONS NEEDING A SPECIAL ACCO ODATION TO PARTlCIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING SHOULD CONTACT THE ADA COORDINATOR NOT LATER THAN SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO THE PROCEEDING AT 800 E TWIGGS STREET TAMPA FLORI DA. 33602, ( 813 ) 2n-704{) ; IF YOU ARE HEARl G OR V OICE IMPAIRED CALL 711. 1701 East Stika (Nebraska & Bu ch) CHA, Til Floors S tion 8 0 $1 ,050. onthly 00.00/Deposit (81 3) 385-2298 Exc llent Location 3503 Ea t 11th Avenue 2 B droom/1 B th All Appli n ces A/C, W sh r Hookup And Mor All This On A L rg Sh d d Lot $600 00 1 M o nthly Drive By Must Show Proof Of lncom PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: /siFEUClA L PATTERSON AS DEPUTY CLERK RENT TO OWN ove-ln Ready Call Brldgette 813-4457 West Tampa Houses For Rent m m Or 4 B ro m $650 $1, 050 PerM nth N w r Kitchen Ap li n s Baths Central A i r Most H ve W sher/Dryer Hookups S otion 8 Vouch rs OK Most Pets OK Av i1 bl -So S Tod yl Call Patrick 813 .. 254-5338 JJ c I1'!-!M1HM!ill 1708 East ldell Street 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 727-6782 12th Street Area 4 Bedroom/2 Bath House CHA, WDH, Fenced $1,250/M onthiy Plus Deposit Section 8 Welcome Keml (813) 728-7510 41 05 East Comanche 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths CHA, Fenced Backyard $1, 150 /Monthly $500. 00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) Historic Ybor City Area 3 Bed room/1 B ath Home CHA, WDH, Comer Lot Large "Drivewa y $800.00/Monthly $500.0010eposit Call (813) 516-0621 4009 East Hanna 1 -CHA Tile Aoors Fenced ReadyTo o e 8 onthly eposit (813) 38S.2298 Clair Mel Area 3 Bedroom 1 B ath Home CHA nte Private Fence Washer. e r H up Section 8 We l come 00. epos l t Call (813) 843-.2309 Or (813) r Rent 1 CHA Hug Yard New Appliances And More $895 nltlly Plus D posit S ti n 0 !< I'V w I'V 0 ...... 0 ., r 0 JJ c l> (/) m z :::1 z m r I m c: r r m :::1 z iJ c: m c C/) ,::::z: m c m < m l:J < -4 c: m (/) c l> z 0 ., l:J c 34th Street N r Hillsborough Avenue Cl m -Call (8'13) 879--5959 cp m


c a: u.. c z .,_ > a: w > w c w (/) :J CD => a. z ..J TAMPA PORT AUTHORITY REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS NO. Q-011-10 PROJECT NO. 11-0381 0 GENERAL ENGINEERING CONSULTANT SERVICES The Tampa Port Authority (TPA) is soliciting Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from qualified Respondents interested in providing general engineering services to the TPA on an as-needed basis for up to three years. All interested firms will obtain a copy of the solicitation instructions and submittal documents and submit a completed response to the Tampa Port Authority 1101 Channelside Drive. 4th Floor Tampa. FL 33602 Submittal s are due by 1 : 00 pm. Thursday September 9 2010 Responses will be op e ned at 1 : 00 pm on the same date TPA will hold a Pre-qualification Conference on Tuesday, August .:. 2010 at 1 : 30 pm in the first floor TPA Board Room 1101 Channels ide Drive Tampa, FL 33602 All prospective Respondents are enco uraged to attend RFQ Submittals shall include a letter ind1ca11ng t h e F1rm' s i nterest and comp let ion of the RFQ Documents including a Vendor's Questionna ire F11 ; failing to subm1t the required RFQ Documents may be deemed non-responsive to the RFQ The RFQ is available through the DemandStar System (www.demandstar com) or through a link on the TPA web site (www tampaport com) TPA encourages the use of registered Small Bus iness Enterprise (SBE) firms to the greatest extent possible on projects and has a goal of n i ne percent (9%) SBE participation TPA will consider SBE participation when evaluating the submittals Questions concerning this RFQ should be d i rected Donna Casey of the TPA's Procurement Department at (813) 905-5044 or e-mail at dcasey O tampaport com. or faxed to (813) 905-5050 CD ..J w z w en ( a: 0 ..J u.. Excellent 312 House Tiled Floors Large Family Room LMng Room D i n ing Area CHA, WDH Large Fenced Yard New K itche n $900. 00/Monthly Section 8 OK 2628 Sulphur Sprlnga Nice Beautiful Newly Remodeled 2 Bedroorn/1 Bath Apartment $550.00/Monthly $250.00/0eposlt Wate r Included Call (813) 298-8245 North Tampa And Temple Terrace Area Angle 's Apartment. 1 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Duplexes Or Town Houses WDH 0 Deposit No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome 813-915-9787 N ow era Senior Hous i ng 1 Bedroom Rent Based On Income C lo se To S hopp ing Cen t ers Public Transportation Security Patrol W ater/Se wer/T ras h In c luded 813.9n.1663 TTY 711 Section 8 Tenants 0 Security Deposit 3 Bedroom / 1 Bath Central Heat/Air Washer / Dryer Hook-up Near Every1hing Call (813) 546-7782 Two Apartments For Rent 3 / 1 Central A ir / Heat i ng Washer / Dryer Big Living Room Easy Qual ifying 4240 E Curtis Street Call (813) 966-6187 Very Spacious 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Apartment $550 00/Mont.hly $500 00/Depos it WDH. AJC New Tile/Carpet D i scount On Cable Call (813) 298-2499 First Month Free $50.00 Move In Excellent Renta l H istory Required 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Wrth Central Station Alarm 2104 e w Beach Street $550. 00/Monthly Security Deposi t Of $300.00 Can Be Paid At $50.00 Per Month For 6 Months (813) 238-6353 Apartment or The Elderty Plant CttyTowers & Plant Ctty Living Center AppllcatJona Avalleble At: 1 03 W Mahoney St. Plant City FL 33563 Or 405 E Damon St. Plan t City FL 33563 One Bedroom Apta. Rent Based On Income 8 a.m 4 p m (813) 752-5116 (TTY)1-800-955-8n1 2 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $499.00 Water Included On Site Laundry Call 813-975-0258 AFFORDABLE LIVING For SENIORS, 55+ Near Downtown Great Vi ews From $398/Monthly Utilities Included 813 253-2868 Monday -Friday 8:00 am -4 : 00 pm Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem!! FREE APPUCATIONI! Newfy Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Aoors New Appliances New Ceilin g Fans $525. 00/Monthty Water & Trash lndudedllll Low Or No OeposttJ Ybor City 2912 East Columbus 2/2 Apartment $850 00/Monthly With Washer/Dryer Updated Very Nice Section 8 Welcome Jacob Real Estate Broker (813) 258-3200 Available Immediately" 1 Bedroom Apartment Utilities Included $579 .00 Per Month Age 62+ EHO Call (813) 87G-1830 Ext. 22 (TTY) 1-800-955-8771 12r Manhattan Place 4033 South Manhattan Tampa, FL 33611 Currently Accepting Applications For Studios 1 Bedroom And Handi capped Accessible Apartments Wrth Section 8 Subsidy Rent Based On Income {813) 831-7115 TTY 1-800-955-8771


APTS.FOR 204112 East Selma Ave. 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath Upstairs Garage Apartment $500 .00/ Monthly $500 / Deposit Available Immediately Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 786-8670 Large 1 Bedroom Very Clean Move In Special $200 .00 Off 1st Month $500 00 / Monthly W / S / G Included Rental References Required (813) 267-4488 Currently Accept ing Applicat i ons For 1 2 And 3 Bed room A partments To Be Placed On The Waiting List At Johnson/Kenneth Court Apartments Please Stop By The Office Located At 5711 Troy Court Tampa Fl 33610 Or Call 813-626-9337 TTY 1-800-955-8771 Presbyterian Homes of Florida Inc. d/b/a Presbyterian Vlllas Senior 62+ Community $318 .00Small Apartment Plus Electric $355 00 Large Apartment Plus Electric Amenities Conveniently Located On City Bus Line Maximum Incom e Limits Apply Call For Application Phone : 813-839-5331 TOO: 800-955-8771 4011 S. Manhattan Ave. Tampa FL 33611 UPPORTTHE FLORIDA SENTINEL Seminole Heights 1 B e droom / 1 B ath Apartment CHA Great N e ighborhood Small Dogs Allo wed $450 .00/ Monthly Plus Deposit Call (813) 601-3101 North Tampa And Temple Terrace Area Angie's Apartments 1 2 & 3 Bedr oom Apart m ents, Dupl exes Or Town Hou ses WDH 0 Deposit N o Appl ica t io n Fee Sect ion 8 Welcome 813-915-9787 Flrs1 Month Free $50 00 Moves You In Excellent Rental History Required 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Upstairs Apartm ent W ith Dec 3625 Pot1er Street B Gated Courtyard And Add itional Lighted Parking In Rear Of 3625 Potter $600 00 onthly Security Depos i t Of $300.00 Can Be Pai d At $50 00 Per Month For 6 Months (813) 238-6353 Tampa Heights Duplex 2 B e droom s/ 1 8 th Was her / Dryer Ho okup $600 00/Monthly Plus $300 00 Security Depo s it Call (_813) 224-9040 Tampa Heights Duplex 2 Bedr ooms/ 1 Bat h Wash e r / Dry er H ook-up $60 0.00 / Monthly Plus $300. 00 Security Deposit Call (813) 224-9040 Section 8 Only 4 Bedroo m/2 Bath Dup lex N ice Area WDH CHA New Paint, T ile Floor s $0 D eposit Call John (813) 789-3879 Section 8 Duplex Quiet 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Washer/Dryer F enced Yard 1919 E 137th Ave $650 00 onthly Call (813) 956-5607 Duplex For Rent Near Busch Blvd. Clean 2 Bed room/ 1 Sa S5 75. 001Monlhly Plus Depos i t Section 8 Welcome Call { 813 ) 628-8169 Sulphur Springs Sect ion 8 Welcome 3 Bedroo 1 Bath Duple Central C WDH 850 00 onthly Depos i t N egotia e Phone (813) ne-7510 (813) 453-3741 Ybor lty Treasure Col}' 2 Bedroo 1 8 th Duplex Central A/C, WID A vail ble 650 00/Monthly 300 00/Deposit Section 8 W elcome (813) 3()()-()243 10001 N. 11th St. 2/1 $525 00 Monthly 4503 N. 15th St Apt C $450 00 / Monthl y Includ es Wat r 1017 Chllkoot Ave 1 / 1 $450 00 / Monthly 1201 E. Seneca Ave 2/ 1 $550 00 / monthly Call (813) 777-3057 For Detailed Information 1011 E. Bougainvillea 2/1 For The Price Of One Quiet Property Beautiful Duple x Fenced Yard Sect ion 8 -0 Deposit (813) 264-9660 Move-In Special Tampa Heights New 4-Piex 3 Bedroom s/ 1 Bath Centra l Heat & A ir Extremely Nice Section 8 Ac c epted Call (813) 477-7734 Busch Area Section 8 Special 2 Bed room Dup lex Burglar Bars WDH $600 00/Mont:hly $200 00/Deposit (813) 503-0493 { 678 ) 62()-.3889 Sulphur Springs Section 8 Welcome 3 Bedroo 1 Bath Duplex Central C WDH $850 00/Monthly Deposit Negotiable Phone (813) nB-7510 (813) Ybor lty Treasure Cozy -2 Bedroo 1 B ath Duplex Central C WID Available 650. on thl y 300 00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) First onth Free $50.00 Move In E cell nt R nt I History Requ ired 2 B droo m/ 1 e th Burgi r 8 rs 3023-B North 48th Street $585 00/M nthl S urity 0 i t Of 0 C n 8 P id At $50 00 P r M o nth For M o nth s 813 .. 238-6363 Section 8 Only 0 Deposit Accepting 2 & 3 Bedroom Vouchers Large 3/1 CHA WQH New Paint Quiet Area (813) 789-3879 Grant Park Section 8 Only 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex WDH CHA New Carpet $700 00 /Mont:hly Includes Water Plus Deposit {813) 417-3455 Cl ean Rooms In Ybor City Includes All Uti li ties & Cab l e From $120 00/Wee ldy O r $475 00 onthly $1 00 .00/D epos it 813-245-1998 Special Value Unive-rsity Area And Near Downtown For A ny Size Room $1 00 .00/W ee kly Or $400. 1st Month Umited Time Specia l Near Bus line 30 A od 9 Must Be Emp loy ed (813) 384--0387 Rooms For Rent County Setting Seffner $90 00 140 00 Includes C Cable Stove & Refrigerator Near Busline Call Mr. Austin (813) 484-1902 Small Room 15 N 813-431-1310 \ J:J c }< c: 1\) w 1\) 0 ..... 0 r-0 J:J en m z ::i z m r- Ill c: rrm ::i z 'lJ c: aJ c en % m c m < m J:J < -f c: m en 0 ):lo z c :::D c m N .... .,


0 a: u.. 0 z < 0 en w :::) > a: w > w 0 w en :J m :::) L z w :::) m w z uJ en < 0 a: 0 u.. m w ROOMS FOR REN l.i I ;i{B I.]' i [.]:II: '11 Rooms For Rent Near Bus Lin e $100.00 And $125 00 W eekly + D e posit $50 00 Phone 813-234-9339 West Tampa R ooms For Rent N ewly R emo d e led Full Kit c hen, F urn ish e d $80 00 $ 100 00 W eekly + Deposit Call (813) 476-8748 New Tampa Area Privat e Room And B ath Male Preferr e d $500 00 / Monthly Includes Utilities No Smok i ng Or Dr inking Call (813) 988-4575 Clair Mel Area Ro om For Rent Private B athroom Shared K itchen And Living Room $120 00-$1 75 00 D epos i 1 Var i es Call (813) 545-9139 Seffner Area Country Setting 1 Week Free $100 00 Move In $75 00/Weekly Ms. Jackson (813) 735-8288 (413) 563-2263 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Year s Of Ag e & Old e r Mu s 1 Have St eady Income $1 00 00/Weekly $100 00/0eposrt Jim (813) 237-1810 Beverly (813) 23&-7934 Jeanette(813)230H5776 Palm River Christian Home Room For Rent $400 00/Monthly Kitchen Acce ss Utilities Includ ed; Cable Not Included Prefer Elderly Person No Smoking Inside 813.442.7720 For Rent Rooms/ Apartments In Qui e t Bui ldin g N o Dru g s Allowed Visit: 2913 N. 15th St. Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Near Downtown/Busline Or Busch/Nebraska Clea n Qui e t Large, Furnish e d Room s Washer / Dry er CHA C a ble Must H ave Job & Drug Free (813) 493-2401 Furnished Rooms For Rent Some Avai lable W i t h Central Heat & Air And Cab l e Strictly No Drug Act i v ity A llo w e d Call (813) 965-5931 West Tampa S o uth O f 1-275 N ear Armen1a F urn1shed $ 1 00 .00-$125 00/W e e ly Includ e s A ll Utilit ie s Cab l e & Pers o nal Fridge Call (813) 545--8074 RUDY Complete A i r Condition i ng & H eating Service On Ali Makes And Models Call (813) 620..1866 LIC ICAC 181446 5 Tarpley's A/C LLC Sal es & Service New & Used F inancing Ava ilable Call (813) 238-7884 Lie #1815130 Filing Bankruptcy? Chapter 7 Or 13 $500 00 & Up Call Attorney Roderick 0 Ford (813) 223-1200 www. fordlawflrm.org African American Labor Law Attorney 'Wori

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