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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 66, no. 38 (December 31, 2010)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
December 31, 2010
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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e er ar e s o ea ar SEE PAGE 3-A VOL. 66 NO. 39 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2010 44 PAGES 75 Boyfriend Charged Witb Salllp. g : Aparbnant Fire SEE PAGE 19-A Residents Share Thei. r lew. Year's Resolutions SEE PAGE 2-B Mom Thankful For Son's Transplant SEE PAGE 7-A TOP TEENS OF AMERICA INDUCTION CEREMONY The Top Teens Of America Induction Ceremony was recently held at the Ivy Academy. The youth organization in under the leadership of Top Ladies of Distinction. Dawnette Frazer-Woods is president of Top Ladies and Gary Graves-Barnes is president of Top Teens. Young people recently inducted are: Nicholas Green, Jessie Pollard, Natasha Orford and Nakya Ellison. Each was presented a plaque. (Photo by Julia Jackson)


0 ,.... 0 ('II Features ,.... ('I) a: w lXI :2 w (.) w c Ministers Discuss Reasons For Having Watch Night Services c a: LL BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor One of the earl y childhood memories of many people is being in church when the New Year arrives Some believe its origin centered on the Emancipation Proclamation while others believe the celebration arrived in this country in 1770. When it was learned that President Abraham Lincoln had set the date of January 1, 1863, as the date of freedom for slaves in Confederate states, the event took on a more significant meaning for African Americans. Since that time, it has become the tradition of many churches to 'hold service on > that night. The services continue with speakers, 0: singing and praise until the LL New Year arrives c z c:( c U) w ::::::: 1-w > w c w :::1: U) ::::i lXI ::::::: Q. z _, _, ::::::: m Prophetess JoAnne Gillespie, pastor of The Embassy International Christian Center said, "We wiil be having our Watch Night Service, beginning at 9 p.m., at the Crowne Plai:a Hotel & Center, 10221 Princess Palm Avenue. -' "Watch Night is a time to w z come together first and i= foremost to reflect on the end ifj of the outgoing year and 0 thank the Lord corporately for c:( His many blessings over the c a: 0 _, LL course of the past y ear. Secondl y Watch Night is a time to hear the prophetic Word of the Lord that will give direction, wisdom and. insight for the coming year. Finally, Watch Night is a time to celebrate a new year ripe with new opportunities .uaJ.A;,., pastor of Progressive Missionary Baptist Church said, "We still practice Watch Night. We have two services during the year and many of our members may not see each other. This is a great time of fellowship and a great opportunity for us to come together. We call it our Unity Service Elder Charles Davis, pastor of College Hill Church Of God In Christ, said he sees the night as being symbolic of salvation. "When a person receives salvation, he becomes a new creature. I see it as an opportunity to be free, like walking out of the old life and into a new life. It's about resurrecting Jesus in the new year. "Our Watch Night starts around 10 p. m. and continues into the New Year W e have service, then we have Baptism, we eat, and everyone goes home." Rev. John D. Anderson, Jr., pastor of New Testament M. B. Church of Thonotosassa said, "I believe Watch Night is about the Savior, Jesus Christ. This is a time of joyful celebration and bringing in a new year, with the type of life Christ wants you to have. It's about starting off the year in the right way. "In the past, we used to celebrate with the liquid spirit, now we celebrate with the Holy Ghost spirit." Pastor Antonio Hawkins, pastor of Faith Alive At Mt. Silla Church said, his congregation will l?egin the Watch Night Service at 9:30 p.m. "It is a continuing tradition of our ministry. I believe that it is necessary for the body of believers to bring in the New Year on one accord and in unity." WARNER UNIVERSITY An Opportunity Beyond Belief Pastors Thomas Scott and Jeffery Johnson announce a partnership with Warner University that offers you an opportunity to earn an accredited degree through a Christian University Learning seminars are held on Monday nights at the 34th Street Church of God. BEYOND BELIEF Students can complete their Associates, Bachelors and Masters degree through Warner's online programs Onsite tutors and computer assistance is available at no cost through the ministry of 34th Street Church of God. New classes begin in January. Financial aid is available to all Florida residents. For rriore information or to apply please email 34thstreet@warner.edu or call 863:.638-7115. Don't. let this opportunity pass you by. A degree is closer than you think. West Tampa CDC Prepares For 2011 BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer The West Tampa CDC group is still very much alive, and although they haven't had much exposure, their board members and development manager have been working hard to get things started in 2011. Development Manager, Michael Randolph, said they are working on funding sources and are going to host a candidates night out. "We want the people of West Tampa to ask candidates for City Council and Mayor questions that will affect their future. We want to know what their plans are. "The focus of the current administration has been East Tampa, and now we want our share." West Tampa CDC Vice Chairman, Joseph Robinson, said they are still around waiting to regroup. "The projects Ed Turan-chik brought into West Tampa set us back. But, we're ready to get started now. We've toured the new businesses and agencies in West Tampa, and we plan to meet with them more in the future." Robinson said the most critical thing is for them to tie in with whoever the new mayor will be. "We have assets and think we're sitting better than the East Tampa group. We're trying to keep everything stable right now. We're still in charge of JOSEPH ROBINSON West Tampa CDC Vice-Chairman doing the overlay for West Tampa, and that process is ongoing. We have significant plans that include getting with the people from Tampa General Hospital. They are building a medical facility in our Overlay District that will generate more than 400 jobs. We have also had a lot of small developments in West Tampa." Robinson said they haven't been an organized force for a long time, but they will be applying for grants through the Children's Board. "We've also worked with a community outreach group out of the University of South Florida, and monitoring any new developments." Robiilson said at the first of the year they plan to really get things going "One of the more critical issues we will be dealing with first will be the rail initiative and how it is going to impact the people of West Tampa:. "We are still an we have a board, and we will be making things happen in 2011." Florida Sentinel Holiday ....: .. n.er ..... "' Closed Friday, December In Observance Of New Year's And Will Re-Open On Monday, January 3, 2011 CONNIE HILL KEN ANTHONY Agents


. Feature Lener Points Fingers At Top OHicials In Countv's Head Start Program c m (") m Ill m :::c Earlier this week, the Sentinel received an email that raised several concerns about the Hillsborough County Head Start Program A head start parent, who wished to remain anonymous, also contacted the Sentinel to advise that another meeting of the Head Start Policy Council is scheduled for Thursday, December 30th. Ms. Kymberly McMaken-Baker, former Chairman of the Head Start Policy Council, allegedly signed the letter The letter stated that she is coming forward with the information now because "I am no longer a Policy Council Executive or General Board Member and therefore I can no longer be pushed into hiding information." However, when the Sentinel attempted to contact Ms. McMaken-Baker by email, she did not respond. Copies of the letter were also emailed to Mike Merrill, County Administrator; Dave Rogoff, Department Director; Robert Sheehan, Chief Investigator; and several others. Telephone calls from the Sentinel to Merrill and 'Sheehan were not returned as of press time. The author of the letter stated she has been personally involved in several of the issues currently being discussed. She also said she has been a board member since 2007. The author of the letter wrote, "I had the opportunity as the Chair to review the report written by Mr. Bob Sheehan, (Chieflnvestigator) that has been posted all over the Internet, giveri to parents and citizens by our County Leadership. I in fact met personally' on several different o ccasions with Mr. Mike Merrill, and Mr. Dave Rogoff. I was also involved with the Executive Policy Council's investigations of these cases in June and July of this year and our findings were put together in a report that was requested by Mr. Merrill the then Acting County Administrator as well as to Mr. Sheehan the Chief Investigator. ... Mr. Merrill chose to never submit this report to the media or any other individuals to my knowledge. Mr. Sheehan, to this day, has never even bothered to speak with me personally, although I have copied him on several different emails while holding the position as Chair and being in the middle of these allegations "What is disturbing to me about the report is that for the past several months County officials have made concerted efforts to discredit the Head Start Policy Council's Executive Board, our Head Start Parents, and the Head Start Leadership. As your previous chair, I was instructed to suppress public information regarding the termina tion of the non classified employee Dawn Dasher -by Mr. Dave Rogoff to my executive board and interrupting the process, which we are, required to uphold on the termination process of our Head Start Policy Council, which to date is still not resolved. ... These interviews that were conducted on curtent and previous employees clearly show why the employee turnover rate under Ms. Dasher was at the extremely high rate that originally caught our attention as a board. The author continued, "We directed Mr. Rogoff as the Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd Suite 102 Tampa, Florida 33607 1703 Palmetto Ave. Plant City, FL 33563 new Director to find out what was going on with employee turnover. Mr. Rogoff took it upon himself to handle Ms. Dasher." The author alleges that the Executive Board members were never given information needed to vote on terminating Ms. Dasher and that Ms. Dasher remains a County employee Memorandum Addresses Source Of Book Complaint However, an internal report pertaining to the investigation into the book issue stated, On November 3, 2010, Dawn Dasher was interviewed at Compliance Services con cerning Dasher's allegation that she was going to be terminated due to retaliation for reporting misconduct. "During her interview, Dasher stated that Head Start Fiscal Manager had diverted grant funds to the purchase of a book authored by the Fiscal Manager's wife," the Memorandum stated. The report also stated that during an interview, Louis Finney stated that he knew Jimenez was married, but did not know his wife's name. During his interview, Finney stated that any Head Start purchases under $10,000 are signed off internally, any purchases over that amount are handled by Procurement. Letter Writer Makes Other Allegations The writer also alleges, "County Leader (Dave Rogoff) gave a reporter a termination letter of two Head Start employees, prior to them ever being consulted or given the opportunity for true judgment. I was at the Head Start Policy Council meeting on December 16th, 2010 when he addressed the Policy Council Board and guests as to Ms. (Marie) Mason and Mr. (Michael) Jimenez's sus pension without pay and asked that we not discuss this situation until he had an opportunity to speak to Ms. Mason first "This after he had already given the reporter a (,.) termination letter for both ..... employees." She then outlined several other areas of concern a former Policy Board member complaining about Alpha Phi Alpha recelVlng special treatment and funds, and allegations of inappropriate expenditures that were false; complaints about Louis Finney that were reportedly false or unfounded. The writer stated, "It is my opinion that this board and community cannot just stand by and allow our program and leadership in this Program to be attacked, and slandered in the media." The author concluded the letter stating, .. .1 feel I have been used by Mr. Rogoff as r-0 well as Mr. Merrill, I feel I :::C was deliberately misled, lied to 0 and I want to make sure as an )> Executive Board and General en Policy Council Board members are fully aware of my :::1 experiences before you Z m make any determinations r-based on their information Ill alone." ? rm :::t z AUTO ACCIDENT REFERRAL SERVICE "'C c: Ill r-News Alert: The Florida Law States That You May Be Entitled To $1 0 000 For Loss Wages And Medical Care ... FREE Prohlssional Silnliclll / Personalized Service Support and Help from the beginning to the end Attorneys An Attorney will come to you at home or work No Recovery, No Fee Investigators -If there is a dispute on how the ac cident occured Transportation Available Auto Repair Body Shop : Medical Care Provided ,_ Pharmacy -Free Delivel'}' : Specializing In: Car, Bus, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Slip & Fall, Pedestrian lnci. dents, Loss Wages, Wrongful Death And More le B. Patty Local: 813-495-3702 Toll Free: 1-866-352-4200 Available 24 Hours A Day I 7 Days A Week c;; ::I: m c m < m -f c: m C/) c )> z c c


E Local N -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------T"" i Despite Taped Conversations, Murder Suspect Still Denies i Killing Millionaire ff BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On February 2nd, Ms. Dorice "Dee Dee" Donegan Moore was arrested and charged with murder. The arrested came about after police found the body of a Lakeland million aire. Earlier this week, Hillsborough County Judge released several hours of a recorded conversation that took place in December 2009 and January 2010. The conversations were taped by a police informant and an uncover police offiC cer. In the tapes, Ms. 0: Moore was allegedly trying to find someone to take z blame for killing Abraham <( Shakespeare. Shakespeare's family reported him missing to the Polk County Sheriffs Office 1-November 9, 2009. They had not had contact with the Lakeland resident since W April 2009. c w l: en ::::i m :::l c.. z iii ..J ..J :::l m Ms. Moore, 38, was orig inally a "person of interest" in Shakespeare's disap-pearance, In November 2006, Shakespeare, 42, and a DORICE iDEE DEEi MOORE ... Charged With Murder co-worker, Michael Ford, stopped at a convenience store in Frostproof. Ford went into the store and Shakespeare asked him to buy 2lottery tickets. Ford filed a lawsuit against Shakespeare, claiming that Shakespeare had taken the tickets from his wallet. But, a jury ruled in Shakespeare's favor in October 2007. Shakespeare accepted a one-time payout from the $30 million jackpot for approximately $17 million. Police said Ms. Moore reportedly approached Shakespeare in 2007 about writing a book about his life. ABRAHAM SHAKESPEARE ... Body Found Buried In January 2010 In April 2009, police allege Ms. Moore began using Shakespeare's cell phone to text his relatives and friends; she paid one of his relatives $5,000 to hand deliver a birthday card con:.. taining money to Shakespeare's mother; and allegedly offered to give a home to someone who would claim they had seen the missing man. -On Friday,_January 29, 2010, Shakespeare's body was found buried u'nder a slam of concrete at a Plant City home. Ms. Moore continues to deny she had. anything to do with the murder. She remains in jail without bond Funds Donated To Cover Funeral Expenses Stolen BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer On December 18th, Peggy Elias lost her daughter, Joy Clark, 33-Ms. Elias was at home when she noticed her daughter convulsing, and she immediately called an ambu lance. Joy died within min utes of arriving at the hospi tal. When Joy Clark died, Ms. Elias had nothing to cover funeral expenses, and reached out to the community for help. stores in St. Petersburg were kind enough to allow me to put collection jars in their stores." When Ms. Elias went back to the stores to collect the jars, she was shocked to discover at least two of them had been stolen. "It's a shame that someone could stoop that low. The jars had my daughter's picture on the front, and the reason why the money was being collect ed. "I know these are hard times, but how could anyone sleep at night after doing something like this? There are people out there who just don't care about anyone or anything." Ms. Elias said the store owners apologized to her for the thefts, and made reports to the police. She also said the store owners allowed her to put the jars back into their stores, and even chipped in a little themself. JOY CLARK ... donations to cover her funeral expenses were stolen. "I hope the police catch whoever did this, and I want them to be broadcast on tele vision so everyone will know what they did." "I'm sure there are other people who know what they did, and are just keeping quiet. In my mind, they are just as guilty as the people who took the jars. I hope no one does this to them when they need help." Ms. Elias said the funeral home is aware of the problem, and continues to work with the family ori arrangements for Joy Clark. St. Petersburg Police Department spokesman, Mike Puetz, said one of the jars was stolen from a Shell Station on 34th Street, South, and detectives are reviewing a surveillance tape to identify the suspect.


Columns editorials FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN cause the y are innocent. For c ( USPS 202-140 ) the guilty ones reh a bilitate m 2207 21st Avenue Tampa Florida 33605 (813) 248-1921 them and instill a desire to do Om Published Every Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., no further harm Member of National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) Wish number eight would Ten WI-Shes Fo' r 2011 be for the genie to go into JJ POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P .O. Box 3363 Tampa FL 33601 Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa FL C. Blythe Andrews 1901-1977 (1945) W. W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 1930-2010 (1977) S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROlLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER ALLISON WELLS-CLEBERT, CFO Subscriptions-$44.00-6 Months Both Editions: $87.00-Per Year Both Editions. Opinions expressed on editorial pages of this newspaper by Columnists or Gue s t Writers do not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher. Gazing Into The Future; Thinking About The Past As America prepares to approach a blameless New Year, the collective question that dogs us and. haunts us is "Why are we not content as a society?" Having done what only the nation of South Africa was able to do with integrity and success, having stared down history and in the face of incredulity voted in a Black man for President who, but several decades ago, would have been denied even a seat on the White House porch, still the itch of our ambivalence is so powerful that even a minor scratch draws blood. Consequently, at this critical juncture of our national evolution, we ask someone, anyone, totell us wha,we should do. A voice from history heeds our call. His name is Frederick Douglass. He says, "Power concedes nothing without a struggle. It never did, and it never will." What are we to learn from what Dou.: glass advises? The answer is clear. Yes, we Americans have voted in a Black president. However, ballots must be bolstered bybehavior. And in a society still wracked with racism, no exchange of power is easy. So, in this New Year, as Douglass-would we Americans must sU"uggle to make our dream of a color-blind society a reality. Such is history. Such is the trUth. And we are still infants, the game of nationhood. I The Banle lines Are Drawn I Well, if you thought you had to wait, you didn't have to wait long. Governor-elect Rick Scott seems to have taken several chapters from Teddy Roosevelt's "Talk-soft and carry a big stick" primer espewhen it comes to his New Year's government development plans. And does he have many of them! Take, for instance, what Scott wants to do with what he would call a state-wide school voucher system. Every school child would be eligible for a charter school voucher. Such a move would, of course, infuriate public school systems, but Scott-advisers admit they expected some pot-holes in road. Another maybe-bumpy id,ea is the initiative to ease up on environmental protection whenever such protection butted heads with possible economic advan-:tages. Most certainly, the list continues like a mad Mozart cantata. Indeed, the music for many of Scott's cqmpositions make us wonder whether they would ever be presented to a voting audience, even if the m .ajoritY of the orchestra is Copservative-Republican. Like all progressives, we admire creativity. Thinking outside the box has never been a concept that overshot our interest. However, we have been around long enough to know that everything creative is not necessarily beneficial or even common sense. Thus, we congratulate the Scott ad,ministration for being bold and caution it not to be bombastic. 11 homes, hospitals, rehab cen-I f there was such a thing as a genie in a bottle, and I was lucky enough to find that bottle, uncork it free the genie and get ten wishes for the year of 2011, I know exactly what those ten wishes would be. My first wish would be for a cure for cancer. The scourge of this disease has ravaged the bodies of human beings for ages and has avoided a cure in spite of intense research ef forts. My second wish would be for our economy to prosper in 2011, creating millions of jobs for those seeking employment. I would ask that businesses prosper, families excel and good times emerge once again For my third wish, I would ask the genie to end the wars that are disabling and taking the lives of so many people. In addition to the misery these wars are causing to limbs and lives, the wars are also draining our econom y For m y fourth wish, I would ask the genie to touch the hearts and minds of all hu mans and give them a love for e ach other a respect for each other and r espect for the wel fare and the property of each other. In other words, to end all of the crime that looms as a threat to all of us For my fifth wish, I would request that the hard-working genie make parents be parents and help them to do a better job of raising and caring for their children. Wish number six would be to instill into our children the desire to respect their parents, adults and themselves. At the same time have our children strive to be the best that they can be My seventh wish would be for the genie to go into our prison system and free those who are behind bars but do Selective Ignorance And he said "I do not read the Senator. The WHAT?" said I. "The Florida Senator," said he. Oh, The Florida Sentinel, I corrected. "Yes," he answered, "I do not read that, either!" But thank God that many thousands of people continue to read the Sentinel because if they didn t read it, how would they ever know when they were being bamboozled by the outside world? I was listening to a local FM-radio show the other morning just in time to hear the show host explain to a caller that the problem he had with President Barack Obama was not that Obama wasn t articulate, but stemmed from the fact (or so the talk show host said) that articulate President Obama did not explain clearl y enough to the American people that they (we) must undergo sacri fice before our society got bet ter. Another caller complained Obama had done next to nothing since h e' d been in office. Soon afterward, I heard a caller heroically attempt to exthat President Obama had continuously been on-the-square with the American people, but as was true with the program host certain people chose not to hear what Obama to say. Then the caller used a phrase I will never forget. He said People are selectively igno rant," which means people don't hear what they don't like. The caller hung up. But his words got me to thinking. What people hear or see is what they believe. So, the only way to make people see the truth is to serve it to them like a continuqus glass of ice-cold One hot day, they will have to take a sip. Therefore I want to share some of the achievements of the Obama administration with you as we hurtle toward a brave New Year. Take, for instance, the issue of funding. President Obama cut salaries for 65 bailout executives. He closed offshore tax safe-havens and tax credit loopholes, while making major banks repay 75' percent of TARP funds, to bring the cost down to $89 billion, as ofJune of this year Pres. Obama crea t ed the Financial Stability Oversight Council to monitor of the financial system and iridi. vidual firms; new requirements for reporting fi nancial data; provided for or. derly liquidation of financial companies; limited trading activities of banks (Volker ters, nursing homes and doc tors offices and heal those ...... who need healing and to pro-o vide relief and comfort to those th a t need it I can t forget the homeless so with wish number nine I would want my genie to find a solution to dealing with the homelessness. The homeless are humans in need of help. I would ask the genie to set them on a path that will lead them away from their home lessness Finally, for wish number ten I wish for the entire world a happy, prosperous and an even better 2011 than 2010. But wait! I don't need a genie to wish for these ten things. Instead, I can bend my knees, raise my head toward heaven and pray to God for these things to occur. I invite all humans to join ;!! me in a word of prayer to the 0 Almighty for these things to :!:! c l> en come true. R].lle) beginning two years after passage; created a Bu reau of Consumer Financial Protection Act; created the Credit Card Responsibility and Disclosure Act, as well as the Credit Card m z ::j z m I'"'" aJ c: I'"'" I'"'" !!I z Technical Corrections Act; es-"tJ tablished a credit card bill of 5j rights, and created new crim inal penalties for mortgage fraud. All of these financial re forms have given America the strongestconsumer financial protection in the history of our nation. But the Obama administration's accomplish ments don t stop here. I'"'" u; :t m c m < m -f c: m U) c l> z c Let's look at Employment Pres. Obama created the Jobs for Main Street Act, cre ated the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010; dedicate d $100 million in Energy Training Partner-ship gr:een jobs trainhig "" grants; dedicated $150 mil lion for Pathways Out of. Poverty green jobs training grants; pushed through a $33 billion jobs development package in March 2010; pushed :through a $2(> bi llion aid to statespackage in Au gust 2010; cre ated a $5,000 tax credit for every new worker; found 3 7 million jobs due to stimulus funding; created 682 370 jobs uri'der the Recovery Act and added 90,000 jobs to the U. S. econ since April of this year. Indeed, the list of accom plishments is virtually end less. How come you haven t heard' about it? The answer is "Because you h a ven't looked! Check out the Internet. Read C) the Sentinel Bulletin. Begin m yourNewYearwith the truth!


0 A Reason To Be Thankful se a son. But l believe it's safe to assum e that whate v er dis comforting dilemma any of us are facing over here pales in comparison with the lit eral life-or-death struggles that some go through in other places. Because even in our dark est hours when we feel as though everything is against us, at least we have a roof to suffer under and a pillow to hold our tears. And that in it self is a blessing we should never take for granted and one we should forever be thankful for. Happy New Year! 0 a: After enjoying festive cel-u. ebrations last week and while preparing to bring in a new year, I wonder if those of us still basking in the glow of good cheer to all men are truly thankful for our good fortune? Because whether we know it or not, the only thing separating us from the mis ery we witness everyday on our television screens, in places halfway across the globe, is pure chance. The woman being gang raped in Sudan, the man having his arm dismembered by machete-wielding goons in Rwanda and the child dying from cholera in Haiti, their hardships could have o been put upon anyone reada: ing this, if not for divine u. 0 z c:( favor. It was the decision of the Creator to place our souls in the care of our parents in stead of theirs. If not for that, things could have easily been reversed. And it would be them looking at us with pity while trying to determine where the best party will occur this weekend. I say "us" because even in my situation, where my grief is the direct result of my own actions, I know that my con dition is far better than many who wouldn't think twice about trading places with me in an effort to escape their own dire circumstances. Of course, I'm not saying everyone in America is happy-go-lucky this holiday Anyone wanting to con tact Clarence Barr can reach him at: Clarence Barr, II, 43110-018; Bennettsville F.C.I.; P. 0. Box 52020; Bennettsville, SC 29512; or by email at clarence.barr798gmail On Ice is by the Florida Sentinel Bulletin Publishing Company. 0 en w ::::> .... Florida Sentinel Holiday Sch w > w 0 w ::I: en ::J m ::::> a. z i= w ..J ..J ::::> m ..J w z i= z w en c:( 0 a: 0 ..J u. c:( I CD w Closed Friday, December 31 In Observance Of New Year's And Will Re-Open On Monday, January 3, 2011 & PARNELL, PA ATTORNEYS AT LAW A P. GIBBS. ESQ. MATIHEW KOCHEVAR. ESQ. THOMAS E. PARNEll, ESQ. ERIC M MOORE, ESQ IS RATED BY MARTINDALE HUBBELl THE HIGHEST RATING FOR LEGAL ABILITY AND ETHICAL S T ANDARD, WORLDWIDE. 11m! S h o ul d No/ B e B ased Solel y Upon Adver l ise m en/. Abou1 Our A n d Sickle Cell: The Foruonen Disease BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Frank Reddick, COO Of the Sickle Cell Association of Florida said they are facing severe budget cuts and are trying to find ways to increase their revenues. Sickle Cell Anemia is a ge netic blood disorder charac terized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal, rigid, sickle shape. Some studies in. dicate the life expectancy of a male with the disease is 42, and 48 in females. The study also indicates that 1-in-s,ooo people in the United States have the disease, and 1-insoo Black births have Sickle Cell. Reddick said the biggest problem is Sickle Cell is still a forgotten disease. "We need to create more awareness. You don't see ad vertisements on television about this disease, and there is no cure or research being done. Yet, more people die each year." Reddick said one problem is it's hard to find adult hematologists to treat Sickle Cell patients. "There's only one in the area that will do it The others won t accept be cause all they have is Medi caid. That creates a crowd in the emergency room, because they have no other place to go." Reddick said one thing FRANK REDDICK he wants to clear up is that Sickle Cell is only an African American disease. "Hispanics have joined African Americans as pa tients. More and more of them are reaching out to us for services. "We must find a way to get more public about this dis ease. Right now, the budget cuts will have an adverse af fect on services to the pa tients, and as of now, they have no alternatives We'd have to minimize the service we provide to keep going, and that in turn means we won't be able to treat as many peo ple." Reddick said he will con tinue trying to bring more attention to the disease and that includes seeking out politicians to get a Bill passes or some legislation that will at least provide more federal dollars to keep the program going WARREN DAWSON 221-1800 14&1 Taoa Park Plaza @ Nebraska Ava. & scott St. Tre 11 rrng of a la:.,cr san 1mpotant de;1s1cn :hat shoJIO ro: be based soc, .p:" lc,e: scrre"tS Before 1ou dec de asr us to send /OU FREE :. ttcr 1nfor'at C aocut cual k:.t c's J"O expel ence'


, Son's Transplant Has Mom Thankful As 2010 Ends c m (') BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Editor Throughout her inter view, Ms. Shirley Norman kept referencing the year 2010 as the year for her family. She gets overjoyed when she thinks about the good ness of the Lord and his blessings upon her. 'I'm speaking from a mother s point of view," she says of her 39-year-old son, Diaad Numan, who is still going through the infant stages of a double lung trans plant 4 months ago. At 71-year-old, she m 3:: Land. She knows I've talked aJ about going to 'the' Holy Land. That visit was such a w ...... blessed, anointed event. The praise was in the air -I felt it and so did Michelle," she explained The following morning, Tampa General Hospital called and said they had the lungs for her son. Dr. Cedric Sheffield was the surgeon. chokes back the tears when she thinks about she may not have been here to see her son get better from the ailment that he suffers. Ms. Shirley Norman, center, with her children, Michelle Whittington, Daniel Numan (Atlanta), and Diaab, who received the lung transplant. Diaad stayed in ICU for a month, flat on his back. Eventually, he was moved to the 8th floor. A mother's constant prayer and the prayers of others, along with her faith, saw her son get up and begin to take steps. "This has been a blessed year for us and a mother's prayers were answered. I didn't know if I'd make it to Numan suffered from Sarcoidosis for the past 10 years, which led to pul monary hypertension. His ailments started when he was 29 years old, but it took 2 years to diagnose his con dition, his mother exjllained. His life expectancy was 2 years. He was put on Floan (medication he took intra-venously), that he took for 7 years. "When they told us what it was, none of us knew what it was or how to treat it," she says. Since then, Mrs. Norman has spent numerous hours researching the dis ease, and has even connected with the local support group after reading about it in the Everyone Is Welcome To Attend!!! Sisters in the Spirit Ministry, Inc. Presents The Annual Prayer Breakfast 1lte-ollifasldan Gome Blessed{ for information : -'" Dr. Julia McMillan Guest Speaker Pastor, New Dawn Restoration center Sentinel. That was in Febru ary, 2010. She met Emma Carroll, who she says has been a blessing to all of her family. Ms. Carroll established a foundation after the death of her daughter from Sarcoido sis. Just as she found out about the support group, Ms. Norman would like for F1 I Musical $ rma Griffin, Chair ie Perry, Co-Chair January 08, 20 I I A Saturday 6:00 P. M. M. B. Church 2002 N. Rome Ave./ Tampa, Fl 33607_.;/ NG Greater New Jerusalem M. B. Church Lakeland, Florida 16,2011 3:00P.M. others in despair or don't know where to turn to know about J anine Sarcoidosis Outreach Foundation (out of Houston, TX) and to reach them at 832-248-6621. Mrs. Norman's birthday is on August 4th. Her daughter, Michelle Whittington, wanted to take her mother to Orlando's Holy see my son recover, but I prayed that the Lord would heal him. He's not out of the woods, yet," she cautions; "because his surgery is in in fant stages, but he's much better than he was." Diaab is the father of 2 daughters, Derrielle and Janae. Fast the Faithful Word in Sound Doarine : Titus: 1:9 -REY. HERBERT D. DDEN New Birth M. B. Church Tampa, Florida January 09,2011 Sunday 3:00 P.M. Pre-Anniversary Banquet Aaron Burney/GW Mitchell Fellowship Center 1732 West Spruce St. Tampa, FL 33607 Janu _ary IS, 20 I I Saturday 5:00P.M. Adults $25 Children $1 0 Chairperson: Sis. Marnicia Young ..; General Chairperson: Deacon Author Tolber Co-Chairperson: Bro. Charlie Tolliver Sis. Barbara Wimbley Wright For Information, Contact Committee PR, Chair: Debra Hepburn Taylor (813) 253-5714 "\' 0 c )> (/) m z ::! :z m r-aJ c: r r-!!l z "D c: m !: (/) :I: m c m < m -< -1 c: m (/) c )> z c ., c


Local ,... ('I) a: w m w (.) w c Summit Targets Young Black Males On Saturday, January 291 \ the Tampa MetropoliC tan Alumnae Chapter of fE Delt a Sigma Thet a Sorority c a: LL c z c:r: c en w ::::: fi: Inc. will host a summit targeting young African Ameri can males. The event is free. However, space is limited and reservations are re quired. The event is entitled EM BODI Summit III. EMBODI is an acronym for Empower ing Males to Build Opportu nities for Developing Independence. The event will take place from 11 a.m to 1 p.m., at the Oaks at Riverview Community Cen ter, 110 E. Kirby Street The program is designed to draw attention to the fate of young African American males who fail to reach their fullest potential in the areas of education, socially, and emotionally. Members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., partnered with community lead ers who share their vision. FELECIA HARVEY Tampa Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. President Their goal is to bring mean ingful programs that bring about opportunities to dis cuss important issues per taining to youth. Ms. Miranda Pringle, Program Chairperson said, Participants should leave the event with a deeper un-derstanding of how violence negativ e l y affects the m and their community how to bal ance spiritu a lity with other aspect s of the ir lives the many c a reer and education options available to them outside of sports and how to dress appropriately for everyday and special occasions. The program targets youth between the ages of 11 and 18 to participate Several guest speakers will be on hand to discuss such topics as O v ercoming the Odds, "Dress For Suc cess, "Spirituality," "Domes tic & Street Violence," and Career and Educational Op portunities among others. For more information contact Ms. Miranda Pringle at (813) 778-5212 or embodi @ tampametrodst.org Ms. Felecia Harvey is the president of the Tampa Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. w > w c w J: en :::i m Emancipation oav Service Date Changed ::::: D.. The annual Emancipation Oay Service, hosted by the tij Baptist MiriiSters Alliance, will be held on New Year's Da y Saturday, 1, 2011. ...J Previous advertisements w z i= z w listed the service date as Mon day, January 3 2011. The 10:30 a. m service on Saturda y will be held at Greater Friendship M. B. Church 3325 E Emma (33610) Rev. Madison Murray, pastor. The speaker will be Rev. Samuel Maxwell, Pastor, First Bap tist Church of Progress Vil lage en c:r: c LIGHT OF THE WORLD DELIVERANCE CHURCH a: 0 ...J LL Cgrdially Invites You To A. WATCH NIGHT SERVICE FIRST FRUIT HOLY GHOST REVIVAL Decembor 31, 2010 -Januarv 2, 2011 With The Anointed Vessels Of God ,.PROPHETESs MAXINE THOMAS & : c PASTOR JEROME THOMAS A Radical Approach To Panhandling Is Not The Answer. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer In spite of what's happened in St Petersburg the Tampa City Council and the Hillsborough County Board Of Commiss i oners have not made a d e cision on what to do about panhandling in the city City Councilman Joseph Caetano first brought the issue to his colleagues, be cause he alleged panhandlers in New Tampa were running up to cars begging for change and intimidating drivers. However, some Council members continue to see the current on panhandling as being too broad. Spencer Kaas, President of the Virginia Park Neigh borhood Association and part of an umbrella group that in cludes other neighborhood was unsuccess ful to get 18 ,000 signatures on a petition to get a referendum put on the March 2011 ballot so the voters could de cide. City Council member, Gwen Miller, s aid she thinks the existin g ordinance needs to be revised to allow people actually vending to do that. The existing ordinance is too broad and covers more than just panhandling. In ad dressing this to our legal staff, they said we have to. make sure the language is appropri-GWEN MILLER ate to avoid being sued by other groups. We are still working on getting the ordi nance revised." Councilwoman Miller said everyone out there isn't begging for change. "It's easy to separate the vendors from the beggars. One group that will be hurt the most by a ban on panhandling will be the Shriners. They depend on funds they collect to help children at their hospital. I'm surprised none of them have come before the cm.mcil on this issue "I also feel the County Commission should take some kind of action. Right now, it's not a part of their agenda. Council Chair, Thomas Scott said on December i6th that he and the City Attor ney s Office were working on an ordinance to address panhandling on major city roads and it may be ready for dis cussion in January. A LETTER TO PARENTS Please Read! MT. PLEASANT MIDDLE SCHOOL is a tuition free, public charter' school. The school is currently in its 8th year of operating. The school exists solely for the purpose of educat ing and developing 6th 7th 8th grade stu. dents. Educating students is the number C?ne gaal of the school and ?hildren are the top priority. MT. PLEASANT "MIDDLE SCHOOL believeS that educating children requires teacher dedi cation and parent involvement. For that reason MT. PLEAS ANT parents to visit our school at any time. Come see what we are doing, check on the prog ress of your child, ask questions, make sugges tions or you can volunteer. You and your child are always welcome at MT. PLEASANT MIDDLE SCHOOL. Call 813-253-0053 for questions or adPitional information. YOLANDA WAITRESS Principal RANDOLPH KINSEY Board Chair


Happy New Year!! December Celebrants Joyous wishes to the December birthday celebrants: Sharrye Underwood, Major Milligan, Ashlee Thelma J. Anderson, <)rnthia Roberts and Tanya Jackson. Congratulations On the 21st of December Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Atkins celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. May your coming years be filled with many blessings from God. They spent their anniver sary down in Daytona Beach. HomeForThe Holidays! Benjare McLendon was home for the Christmas holidays, visiting with family and friends. He returned to Pensacola on Monday. Benjare is the son of Steven Anthony. Sick And Shut-Ins God is good all the time, GOD IS GOOD! He may not come when you need Him, but He is always on time! Let's keep the following folks in our daily prayers: Mr. and Mrs. David Shedrick, Thelma Singleton, lradea:p. Biggs, Annie Laura Jelks, Matjorie Guest, Betty King, Eloise Leeks, Bertha Washington, Homer Hemmingway, Willie Mae Wright, Rufus Mitchell and Vernelda Filer Jones. Deepest Sympathy Our condolences to the Morris family in the passing of her loved one, Arthur Morris. May you seek the Lord for comfort, guidance and strength during this time of bereavement. Prayers are needed for the families of: Jacquelyn Collins, Anthony Williams, Daniel Boyd, Ruby Roney, Anthony F. Hall, Gloria Buckner, Joyce E. Johnson, Demarco Mann, Jr., Tavares Miller and Virginia Wiliiams, who re cently lost their loved ones. St. James AME Church Of Progress Village News The Community Hour of Power Bible Prayer Band meets each Thursday morn ing at 10:30 a. m. This is a group of God's children gath ered together on one accord to learn the Word of the Fa ther. Everyone is invited to come and share. First Baptist Church Of Progress Village News Every third Saturday of the month between 8 a. m. and 12 noon, the church gives away donated clothing, toys and household items at 8616 Progress Blvd. (between 78th St. and Faulkenburg Rd.). My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry For FREE Bibles and cards for Florida Prison In mates, write: MB2K Min istry, P. 0. Box 89174, Tampa, 33689-0402. Please keep the incarcer ated brothers and sisters in constant prayer! Congratulations to Samantha Kenney, who graduated from Culinary Arts Cooking School. Her release date is June 2011 and she is The Church Magazine ; .. That's On-Que! For You! Place Your Advertisement Today! can (813) 325-7078 (Deadline 1 o, 2011) looking for a Faith-Based Transitional Housing facility. If you have information, please contact the ministry. She has also been actively working on Bible studies. Scripture (1 John 3:18) My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth Thought For Today "The golden opportuni ties are not seeking in your self, it is not in your environment, it is not luck or change or to help others, it is yourself alone." F.Y.I. Remember our helpers at Shu Lon's Kitchen, (813) 741-9760. Let's keep President Barack Obama and his family in our daily prayers. Let's also keep our service men and women lifted up as they continue to protect our country. Let's keep praying for each other and for our incar cerated loved ones. Call your news into Gloria McNair at (813) 9285293. Tax Service Hosts Successful Tov Drive Iris Rojas (far right) and the family who came out to the toy drive. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter On December 21st, Iris Tax Service hosted a toy drive for children in het com munity. Iris Rojas, CEO of the tax service, said it was a thrill to see people come together as one for the children. "It was amazing seeing the children's expressions as they a toy of their choice. Along with The We Foundation, we were able to bring joy into the lives of a few children, and we hope in the future others will join us." One of the long-term goals of Ms. Rojas is to unite the African American com' munities with the Hispanic community. "I think this toy drive helped to accomplish that. Both groups came together for this event and there was nothing but harmony. "To take a quote from Booker T. Washington, 'Suc cess is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to suc ceed.' We must help each other to make things better in our community, home, work, school, and most im portantly, our 1\) 0 ..... 0 "TI r 0 :2 c )> en m z -4 :z m r m c: r r m :::! z "'D c: m r c;; ::I: m c m < m -4 c: m en c )> z c "TI :2 c Ci) m


c a: LL c 'IV The Soul' Are Tampa's Unique Event Promoters ANTHONY LONG BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Jazz and Jokes has be come a popular stop for entertainment at Whiskey North. Seeking to take it to another level, the founders of Jazz and have reinvented themselves, and are now known as IV The Soul. SEAN WOOD AND CURTIS BEMBOW "We wanted to create events that we could hang out with our peers as well as our families," said founding member Anthony Long. IV The Soul is a collection of e ducated and talented young men who bring quality events and sound business expertise to the area. Jazz and Jokes was held on Sundays, but inove to Saturday nights, because the founders felt they had a quality event a lot of people were missing because it was on Sunday evenings. Z Feeling there were pa-

__________________________________________________________________ Amar'e, Designer Mille Brown Makes Teaming Up 1n san antonio Good: ESPN Hires i AMAR'E STOUDEMIRE Amar'e Stoudemire. is getting into the fashion busi ness the Knicks' power for ward is launching a clothing line with designer Rachel Roy. The insiders said the line will be a part of Roy's contemporary label for Macy's, Rachel Rachel Roy, and is being planned to launch next fall. Although details are still being squared away, we hear the collection will be for women. Amar'e Stoudemire Stoudemire has had his size-15 foot in the fashion world since arriving in town aft e r h e signed a $100 million deal to join the Knicks. During Fashion Week, Vogue editor in chief Anna wfntour per sonally invited the 6-foot-10 NBA star to the Fashion's Night Out runway show at Lincoln Center. Later that week, Stoudemire sat in the front row at Tommy Hilfiger's show. Stoudemire shared his obsession with clothing with Page Six Magazine in September, saying, "I love fashion ... I love watches. I love shoes. I make sure that every time I step out of the house, I'm feeling comfortable and fashion-forward. Depending on the occasion, I dress the part." Auburn oa cam Newton Wins AP Plaver 01 Year : : CAM NEWTON AUBURN, Ala.-Cam Newton lifted Auburn from the back of the Top 25 to No: 1 in the nation. The Heisman TJ,"ophy-win-ning quarterback led the Tigers into the national title game against No. 2 Oregon with a mix of flair and poise and enough highlight reel plays to widely split the vote among a handful of coaches and teammates asked for their favorite. Newton has already raked in the Heisman Trophy and Davey O'Brien and Maxwell award!) for his spectacular, season. He added AP Player of the Year to his collection on last Wednesday. An NCAA investigation into Newton's recruitment, which threw his eligibility into doubt during Noyember, had no effect on how he played down the stretch or the voting for the 1\P award. It was about as lopsided as the Heisman vote. Newton received 51 votes from the 6o-member AP football poll panel. Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore received three, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck_ got two and four ballots went unreturned. 9" Roller ............... ; ..................... $1 "50 nt Brushes ....................................... 99. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! CARMELO ANTHONY SAN ANTONIO Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony has left to be with his family after the death of his sister. The team said Wednesday night that Anthony's sister, Michelle Anthony, died of a pre-existing medical condition Tuesday in Baltimore. She had four children. Nuggets coach George Karl says the situation "brings us down to earth" and reminds his team that there are more important things than basketball. Anthony has been the sub ject of trade rumors since he spurned the team's offer of a three-year, $65 million contract extension last summer. He's averaging 24 points and 8.3 rebounds this season. The 26-year-old Anthony has recently been hampered by a strained right elbow. Ravens' Kindle Arrested For DUI SERGIO KINDLE JESSUP, Md. -Baltimore Ravens rookie linebacker Sergio Kindle was arrested early Sunday on drunken driving charges, court records show. Kindle, 23, was pulled over shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday in the Jessup area. He was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding and related offenses and was freed on $10,000 bond. Asked how much he had to drink, Kindle said: "It wasn't much, but I guess it was enough. I guess it was enough for me to fail a Breathalyzer. It was over the limit." Coach ..... CLEVELAND -Former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown has been hired by ESPN as an analyst. Brown, who was fired in June after the Cavs lost to Boston in the Eastern Conference semifinals, began his TV stint on Christmas Day. Brown will also contribute as an ESPN studio analyst throughout the sea son. Brown was the most suc cessful coach in Cavs history. He went 314-177 in five seasons and was the league's coach of the year in 2009. But Cleveland's failure to win a title despite having the league's best record and LeBron James the past two MIKE BROWN seasons led to Brown's dis missal. Brown would like to return to coaching one day. He helped coach one of his son's football teams this fall and has been enjoying more time with his family since being fired NBA Star O.J. Mavo's Dad Fa.ces Murder Charges HUNTINGTON, W.Va. -The father of Memphis Grizzlies player O.J. Mayo was charged with attempted murder Thursday after he hit a police officer with his car and dragged him for several feet, police said. Two officers were searching for someone else at about 3:30 a.m. when they saw 39year-old Kenneth Maurice Ziegler of Huntington in a vehicle trying to hide, police said. When they confronted him, he put the vehicle into gear, drove into one of the officers and dragged him; they said. Police chased the vehicle for several miles through a Huntington neighborhood O.J.MAYO before disabling it with spike strips. Ziegler was captured m after a short foot chase and charged with mur--1 der, two counts of possession C:: of a controlled substance with rn intent to deliver, obstructing, C fleeing in a vehicle and fleeing on foot, police said. )> z c takers' Anest Announces Winner Of Ring Raftle LOS ANGELES -Ron Artest has absolutely no regrets about giving away his Los Angeles Lakers cham pi. onship ring to boost mental health awareness. In fact, it just encourages him to go out and get another ring. Artest announced the win. ner of the charity raffle for his ring late Saturday night at a club across the street from Staples Center. The ring was won by Raymond Mikkael, a father of four from Calif. Artest came up with the idea to give away his first NBA title ring after putting a spotlight_ ori mental health by thanking his psychiatrist after Game 7 of the Lakers' triumph over Boston last June. While some laughed at another stunt by one of the NBA's biggest characters, Artest's candid declaration '.i r sparked an interest In normalizing mental 'health care, which snowballed into this unique charitable gift. Although he doesn't yet know the firi.al figures, Ai1:est's raffle has .raised well over $soo,ooo for his Xcel University charicy, which will work with high-risk youth on ::!:! mental health issues. Artest C) said he already wrote his first m $so,ooo check from the pro-:::::! ceeds to the charity. )>


....... --________________________________________ Shaq Fined $351 For Blasting Refs M a: UJ CD ::E UJ () .UJ c Bucs Travel To New Orleans For Season Finale c a: LL #JOSH FREEMAN Every Tampa Bay Buccaneer player, coach, and fan was glued to the television Monday night to watch a piv-otal game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New LL Orleans Saints. c The Bucs were cheering for Z a Falcon victory because that <1: would mean if the Bucs could win their season finale against the Saints, they could possibly make the playoffs. t-However, the Saints prevailed 17-14, and now the w challenge is whether or not Gj the Saints can beat the Bucs 0 and take the NFC South title away from the Falcons. (J) Whatever the outcome, the :J Bucs (9-6) have had an unexpectedly successful season. a. Fielding the youngest team in the NFL, not only did the tJj Bucs manage to win nine ..J games, but they did it with 10 ..J ki :::;) roo e starters. CD The odds were against the ..J i= z w (J) C a: 0 ..J LL Bucs having a winning sea son, as every week a starter was lost to season ending injuries. After Sunday 's game against the Seattle Seahawks (the Bucs won 38-15), Earnest Graham and Arrelious Benn joined the casualty list. Several players have stepped up their game this season, and none better than quarterback Josh Freeman. Freeman has gained the admiration and respect of other NFL players, coaches, and analysts. Another treat has been the play of LaGarrett Blount. Believe it or not, Blount needs only 59 yards to record a 1,000 for the season, and he accomplished this feat without starting all of the games. Head coach Raheem Morris has been mentioned as a candidate for Coach of the Year, and there is still talk about what his fate will be at the end of the season Although they've already secured a playoff spot, the Saints desperately need to beat the Bucs Sunday to steal the NFC South away from the Falcons. The Bucs will be going into the game as spoil ers. It was also announced that of all the NFL teams this sea son, the Bucs were the only one to have all of their home games blacked out SHAQUILLE O'NEAL NEW YORK--Shaquille O'Neal has been fined $35,000 by the NBA for his public comments about the officiating. O'Neal criticized the referees following the Boston Celtics' 86-78 loss at Orlando on Christmas. He was angry after picking up his sixth foul when Magic center Dwight Howard fell to the ground as they were wrestling for posi tion. O'Neal said: "I just wonder why I've never gotten that call in 20 years. Don't pick and choose when you're going to make the call .... That's what happens when you've got con trol freaks." 49ers Fire Coach Mike Singletarv SANTA CLARA, Calif. -Mike Singletary was fired by the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night after two disap pointing seasons, including a 5-10 showing this year for a franchise expected to win the NFCWest. San Francisco began the year with high hopes of win ning the West and reaching the postseason for the first time since 2002. Singletary finished with an 18-22 record in two-plus seasons. Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers Being Black And wealthv comes With A Price BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer (An Analysis) It has long been document ed the problems professional football and basketball players have in some cities. Virtually all of them have fallen victim to the "being Black and driving an expen sive car." I don t ever recall a white athlete being stopped or harassed because they were driving an expensive car, or just because they were traveling in an affluent area. Today's case in point is undefeated boxing champ; Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Mayweather's exploits and success in the ring have made him a multi-millionaire and able to afford the finest luxuries life can offer. Among those luxuries is a multi-million dollar home Mayweather owns in a gated community in Las Vegas, Nevada. But, a funny thing happened to Mayweather on December 19th. Mayweather approached the gate to enter his commu nity, and was refused entry because the security guard on duty didn't recognize him. When the guard asked Mayweather for identification, he went ballistic. He tongue lashed the guard for not recognizing him and not allowing him to get to his house. Now, in any other situation, the guard would have been the villain, but once the media got hold of this, they jumped on Mayweather and painted him to be dis ruptive, thuggish, and wor-Contlnulnp Education, 16-Hr Braiding Certification And Technique Courses FLOYD MAYWEATHER, JR. ... a guard refused to open the gate and let him go home because he didn't recognize him. thy of being charged with a crime. As it turned out, Mayweather was charged with a crime, not the guard who refused to allow him to get to his house. Why is there a different standard for affluent African Americans? Why isn't a successful African American treated the same as a successful white person? TMZ1 the trash collectors of journalism, released a story that makes Mayweather look like an out-of-control man that needs to be locked away. They wanted their readers to see Mayweather as nothing more than a rich street thug and not a man who deserves the same respect as anyone else. No matter how much it is denied, there is a doublestandard that involves race in this country, and to those who say different, I invited them to stand on this side of the line and see for themselves.


TYLER PERRY ATLANTA --Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry is offering to rebuild the home of an great...: grandmother who lost all her belongings in a fire. Rosa Lee Ransby and her 4-year-old great-grand daughter escaped the fire last Tuesday that destroyed her home of 40 years in Coweta County, southwest of Atlanta. Coweta County firefighters began soliciting donations, and calls flooded in. The Atlanta-based filmmaker visited Ransby's neighborhood Thursday and pledged to rent her a house for a year, pa y for her utilities, buy her furniture and then build her a new home. Coweta Fire Chief Todd Moore said Perry's decision "made my Christmas." Teen Charged With Breaking Into Tvler Perrvs Home An 18-..------. year-old woman has b e e n charged with break ing into the Atlanta home of Tyler Perry. Police said Perry's bodyguard caught Chloe Ware early Thursday morning, but two others escaped. She was charged with prowling and criminal tres pass, then released Police are still searching for two other suspects. Perry directed this year's film "For Colored Girls" and co-directed last year's "Precious"with Oprah Winfrey. GAME Rapper Game, recently took to twitter to express his anger and tell a story of how he and his friend were robbed of $75,000 dollars, by a mall valet service a day before Christmas. "So, heres my day: tried 2 do last minute shoppin 4 da kids & valet stole a Louis Duf fle out @avanterose 's car & we 2 chains & $75,000 short." Game has not given his fans on twitter an update of the situation since, but con tinues to entertain them with funny stories and pictures. I\) 0 ..... 0 BERNARD WilSON Then Now Singer Bernard Wilson, a member of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, has died at the age of 64. The baritone vocalist died on December 26 from undis closed medical complications in Voorhees, New Jersey. Wilson was part of the classic Blue Note lineup that also included lead singer Teddy Pendergrass. The group had a huge inter national hit with "If You Don't Know M e By Now and Don't Leave Me This Way." The dance track The Love I Lost has been credited as one of the first disco records The singer's cousin Faith Peace-Mazzccua said that Wilson "left home at 16 as a pauper and came back home a millionaire". She said her cousin kept performing until recently, adding, "He didn't take no "TT stuff and he loved people 5 ::::0 C/) m R&B Icon Teena Marie Dead At Aue 54 z :j z m r-m c rrm :j LOS ANGELES--Teena Marie, who made history as Motown's first white act but developed a lasting legacy with her silky soul pipes and with hits like "Lovergirl," "Square Biz," and "Fire and Desire" with mentor Rick James, has died. She was 54. The confirmation came from a publicist Jasmine Vega, who worked with Teena Marie on her last album. Her manager, Mike Gardner, also confirmed her death to CNN Teena Marie, known as the "Ivory Queen of Soul," was certainly not the first white act to sing soul music, but she was arguably among the most gifted and respected, and was thoroughly embraced by the Black audience. z c She was first signed to the m legendary Motown label back fg in 1979 at age 19, working with James, with whom she )> would have long, turbulent z but musically magical rela-0 tionship. :H Marie had a daughter and 0 had toured in recent years after overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs. Jackson's Posthumous 'Michael' Debuts At No. 3 Michael Jackson's posthumous album isn't q u i t e thrilling U. S. audiences. Despite fin ishing on top around the world in countries like Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, Michael debuted at No. 3 on U.S. charts, according to Reuters. The album has performed better even in Canada and Belgium, where it fin ished at No. 2. (It sits at No. 3 in Japan; and at No. 4 in Britain, France, and Denmark.) :-c Though Epic was anticipat-ing a sales number nearing m 400,ooo, Mic h ae l only sold 228,ooo copi es i ts fjrst week. i>


ntertainment Chris Brown Done taurvn Hill Cash Monev Records ,.... M a: w Ill :E w () w c With Violence Program To Begin Filming Movie c a: u.. c a: u.. c z w c w J: en ::J Ill a. z i= w ...J ...J Ill ...J w z i= z w Chris Brown is continu to put his past behind him. On last Monday, the singer "u>a.ah>ri a photo showing he. completed a court-or dered domestic violence wealth Catholic Charities." The certificate was dated December 20, 2010. ''I' m done with class," he added. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg complimented Brown on ad hering to the conditions of his probation sentence for beat ing ex-girlfriend Rihanna back in February 2009. The judge said Brown had consistently worked hard to satisfy his six-month commu nity labor sentence. Schnegg also noted she had read positive reports from a domestic violence counsel ing program attended by Brown. The singer was sentenced last year to five years proba tion and six months of com munity labor. Brandv Served Meals For Christmas Angeles Mission on Eve The "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, who will be announcing a new record deal in the new year, put on a red apron as she and "The Hills" star Stephanie Pratt with host Jennifer Love Hewitt served mash potatoes and other holiday meals. Brandy also discussed how her daughter Sy'rai had an expensive Christmas list this year, after finding out that Brandy was actually Santa. I got her list, and it is ridiculous. When she believed in Santa, she had a smaller list. But now that she knows I'm Santa Claus, she went crazy." a: 0 ...J u.. LAURYNHILL For those who thought that Lauryn Hill was done per forming after this summer's performances-think again. Lauryn has announced a winter tour and plans to hit cities across the country be tween December 27th and February. Although there is no offi cial date on when/if an album will be released, Lauryn plans to rock out on at stage near you. G-Dep OHiciaiiV Indicted For Confessed Murder G-DEP Former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep may have finally got ten the peace he was looking for but at a hefty cost; 25 years to life. A New York grand jury offiGially him for murder Tuesday after he confessed to shooting a man three times in the chest when he was 18 and fleeing the scene. Since his confession, Dep, real name Trevell Coleman, told The NYPost that he didn't know his victim died when he decided to come clean on the cold case. According to Dep, he just wanted a clean conscience. "I was surprised for some reason, I really didn't think that he died," the bald and bearded Coleman said in a jailhouse interview. "When they told me, I was like, 'Oh, I'm not going home after this." His lawyer, Michael Alperstein, claims Coleman was prompted to confess to the crime as part of a 12-step program to conquer his battle with drug addiction. Dep remains behind bars pending his sentencing. Cash Money Records Film and A New Hollywood Produc tion, will begin filming a movie in January based on a story by rapper Glasses Malone. The screenplay is written by Charles Penniman, and Malcolm M. Mays (Open Door). The producer is Darryl Lucky Rodgers (ASsistant Director, S.WA.T.: Fire Fight). Executive Producer is Glasses Malone ("Sun Come Up" ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Birdman). In the film, L.A.P.D. Nar cotics Detective Richard Lasaro tracks the elaborate business dealings orchestrated by rapper, and drug kingpin, Glasses Malone. Under the command of an unforgiving GLASSES MALONE Police Captain, with the fire power of a highly trained, but jaded S.W.A.T. team, Lasaro proceeds to organize the as saulting arrest of Malone, in the interest of finally shutting down Blu Division's illicit op erations that are centered in south central Los Angeles Watts district. Jamie Foo: Mv Daughter Helped Mv Music Career NEW YORK -The Oscar and Grammy winner, Jamie Foxx said his 16-year-old daughter, Corinne, gave him the best advice when he began recording music. "When I first started I was doing this little slow music, you know, just R&B ... and my daughter walked in and said, 'What you doing?' I said, 'I'm working on the album.' She said, :r hope you don't put that on there because you going to put everybody to sleep,"' Foxx said. His daughter told him reach out to younger artists to aid in his music career. And that's ex actly what the 43-year-old did In 2005 Foxx released "Unpredictable," a double-platinum album that featured JAMIEFOXX Kanye West, Ludacris and Tank. He followed that with 2oo8's "Intuition," another platinum CD that featured the Grammy-winning party jam, "Blame It." And this week Foxx released "Best Night of My Life"; the album has col laborations with top acts like Drake, Justin Timberlake, Rick Ross and T .1


Movie Reviews VIE Little Fockers-In-laws Jack (Robert DeNiro) and Greg (Ben Stiller) go head-to-head again in this off-beat comedy that was surprisingly funny. Not for kids. No. 1 at Box Office. Made $4sM. (Budget $10oM). [***112] True Grit-This well-written Western starring Jeff Bridges and directed by the Coen broth ers (No Country For Old Men) needed more action. Disappointed. Made $36M. (Budget $38M). [***] Gulliver's Travels-Jack Black drops the ball in the remake of Gulliver's Travels. Could have been funnier. Made $6M. (Budget Not Available). [**] Tron Legacy -The Control Program is booted back up in this revamped Tron film. Made $87M. (Budget $170M). *** The Chronicles OfNarnia-The kids return to Narnia to help the Prince save the world. Made $62M. (Budget $155M). **112 The Tourist-A tourist (Johnny Depp) meets a woman (Angelina Jolie) who drags him into a dangerous world of espionage. We are used to seeing Jolie in action films. Made $40M. (Budget $10oM).** The Warrior's Way-An Asian Assassin is forced to America after refusing to kill a new born. The movie dragged until the end. Very bloody. Made $sM. (Budget $42M). [**112] Faster -The Rock is off the chain in this thriller about an ex-convict seeking revenge for his brother's death. George Tillman, Jr. (Notorious) is the director. Must-see! Made $24M. (Budget $22M). [****] Tangled-A Disney Classic! Kids and Adults will enjoy this animation. Made $143M. (Bud get $26oM). [****] Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallow, Part 1 -The first of the 2 films with Harry and the gang being chased by the villain, Lord Voldemort. A little slow in the beginning, but picks up with serious action in the end. Part 2 may be the best movie. Made $272M. (Budget-over $2ooM). [***112] The Next 3 Days-Russell Crowe stars in the ho-hum thriller about a college professor plotting to break out his innocent wife from prison. Made $21M. (Budget $30M). [**112] RATINGS **** Very Good I *** Good I ** Average I Wait For Video Horosco es/Soa s HOROSCOPES Capricorn -Circumstances allow for shift in feelings. Personal m changes don't mean you love others any less. You have time for every-one and love to go around. S: Aquarius-Take time today for personal reflection. A walk out-IIJ doors may be the perfect thing. Listen to your own heart as you con-sider plans for the coming year. (,.) Pisces -Physical power and emotional control join forces to pro-....... duce great luck in a game today. Use every opportunity to gain ground. N It all works out to your advantage. g Aries -Creative ideas find their practical place in your career o plans. By working today you set up future opportunities that you might otherwise miss. Plant a seed. Taurus -Team members needed to keep the ball rolling but are out playing. What's keeping you at work? Sometimes giving in to fun allows for huge increases in productivity. Gemini The team comes together easily as you create a new plan. Resources fall into place, and a degree of luck balances the equation. Work with intention. Cancer -Allow someone else to be in charge. Respond to changes with practical action. You can create something glorious with minimum effort. Add your personal touch. Leo Focus your energy on the practical elements of your work. Creative ideas come from dreams or intuition. A female shows you how to achieve change within your abilities. Virgo -Coworkers pair up to do their work now. If they tackle one task at a time, more gets accomplished. Focus your efforts on basic, practical tasks. Libra :-Prepare a creative breakfast moment for two. Then dive into work, knowing th.at a new opportunity is on the horizon. Bring new ideas to the table. Scorpio-Your greatest success today comes from sharing love freely. Mention your feelings, and accompany them with a small gift. It could be something you made yourself. Sagittarius -Physical energy applied in ordinary chores allows for creative thinking. Whether at home or work, give yourself space to think. This opens closed doors. SOAPS "'T1 r 0 c ALL MY CHILDREN-JR gets upset when Marissa expresses her l> concern for Scott; Annie confides in Amanda that she doesn't trust m Marissa's intentions; Natalie and Brot's relationship continues to grow Z BOLD AND THE BEAT.ITIFUL -Hope is devastated by Liam's :::! confession; Tawny has an idea for Amber to deceive someone; Ridge Z tells Taylor about Whip's role in the backstage photo; Whip confronts Ridge about badmouthing him. IIJ DAYS OF OUR LIVES-The truth about Parker's paternity comes C: out; Vivian shows EJ the pictures of Nicole and Brady together; Caro-J= line explains why she switched the test results; Nicole weighs her op-m tions. EJ forces Nicole to choose between Brady and Sydney; Brady :::! and Kate plot to kidnap Vivian; Daniel and Melanie confront Chloe and Z Philip; Kayla points out the illegality of what Carly has done. ""0 GENERAL HOSPITAL -Dante and Lulu promise to move for-C: ward in their relationship; Lisa drugs Johnny; Spinelli overhears Diane working on a novel and is delighted Tragedy strikes many residents of u; Port Charles; Spinelli hides the truth about Brenda and Dante's secret ::I: from Jason; Ethan warns Johnny to be careful around Lisa m ONE LIFE TO LIFE-Rex snoops in Aubrey's room; Bo begs Nora C for forgiveness; John and Natalie plan to m3.rry as Marty plans to drop her bombshell. Langston refuses a date with Ford; Starr goes to a New m Year's Eve party with James; Cristian and Blair share a kiss. YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS -Daniel takes action to protect himself and his daughter; Kevin realizes he may have been wrong. Sharon returns home empty-handed ; Chloe makes her choice. m Balloon Drop oj Ml Raffle For A Free Bottle Of Alcohol & $100 FREE Food 9 P.M. -11 P.M. Party Favors OllWNrdEB/ & Sunday Drink FREE 10 P.M.:.12 A.M. Women 21 & Older Men 25 & Older $5.00 Adm. (Men & W9men) For More Info Call CHINA (813) 900-6459 Want To Host An Event Or Throw A Pat1y Call: 813-253-0505 'j,: .:r. en c l> z c "'T1 :::a c


or------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Funerals ..... M a: w m :lE w u w c ><( c a: LL c a: LL c z <1: c en w ::: 1-> a: w > w Q w :::1: en :::::i ID ::: Q. z ..J ..J ::: ID MR. JOHN HENRY DAVIS Funeral services for Mr. John Henry Davis of 1708 W. North B Street, who passed away Sunday, December 26, 2010, will be held Friday, December 31, 2010, at 6 p. m. at Mt. Tabor M. B. Church, 2606 W. Grace Street, Pastor T. D. Leonard, officiating. Interment will be private. Mr. Davis was born Janu-ary 27, 1938, in Madison County, Alabama, to the late Willie Lee and Marie E. Davis. At an early age, John confessed Christ and was baptized while residing in Huntsville, Alabama. He entered into the U. S. Navy in 1955 and received an honorable discharge after serving his country with pride. Late in life, John became a self employed contractor. In addition to being a hard worker, he took pleasure in spending time with his family and friends. John Henry was preceded in death by: son, Lorenzo Davis; his parents, Willie and Marie Davis; 2 sisters, Jessie Mae Burnett and Betty Gratton; and 3 brothers, Emmett !)avis, Hosey Davis and Mayco Davis. He leaves to cherish his memory: a loving and devoted wife, Rosemary Davis; 4 sons, John Willie Davis (April) of Moody, AL, Emmett Davis (Dorothy) of Imli,ana, Tony Surles of Huntsville, AL, and Calvin Davis of Leeds, AL; 2 daughters, Judy Montgomery, of Pinson, AL, and Kathy uj Thomas (George) ofWashingz ton, DC; step-son, Stephan i= Jackson (Sukandra) of z Tampa; 2 step-daughters, w Gwen Washington (Eddie) of en Fultop.dale, AL, and Yolanda c( Jackson (Reginald) of Tampa; 0 loving and very devoted ii: brother, Willie Lee Davis 0 (Dorothy Jean) of Tampa; sis..J ter, Marie Humphrey (RooLL sevelt) of Tanipa; sisters-in-law, Georgia Davis of Tampa, Annie Price, Ruby Lewis and Lillian Jackson, all of Birmingham, AL; brotherin-law, James Jackson of Cleveland, OH; 20 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and other sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains.will repose at Mt. Tabor M. B. Church on Friday evening, 1 hour before the service, from 5-6 p. m. The family will receive friends at that time. Family and friends are asked to assemble at the cllurch Friday for tl:te service. Professional services and arrangements entrusted to Chandler's Funeral Chapel, 1425 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Way,Sarasota,FL,34234, Mr. Todd Chandler, owner, Ms. Ka Tina N. Davis, Licensed Funeral Director. Floral tributes can be sent

Funerals/Memoriams MR. FREDERICK (PEE WEE) GRIER Homegoing celebration for Mr. Frederick (Pee Wee) Grier of Tampa, who passed away on Wednesday, December 22, 2010, will be held Thursday, December 30, 2010, at 11 a. m. at Grace Mary Missionary Baptist Church, 3907 N. 37th Street with the Pastor, Elder Dr. T. J. Reed, officiating. Interment will follow' in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. He was preceded in death by: his parents, Freddie Lee and Vernell Grier; brother, David Bumpers; and grandparents, Bonnie and Adell Grier, Joe O'Neal and Emma Holder O'Neal. Memories ofhim will be left in the hearts of: his son, Thomas Elliot Smith; granddaughter, Janae Smith; two devoted sisters, Donna Minatee and Vernett Pride and husband, Robert; and his fiancee, Quilla Williams, all of Tampa; nephews, Lester Minatee (Jacinthia) of Kansas City, MO, Jamar Sampson (Sedrika), Zaki Grier and Eric Pride; nieces, Keisha Minatee, Tahsweah Grier, Zakiyah Grier and. Erica Pride, all of Tampa; uncles, Andrew Grier (Dorothy) of Monks Corner, SC, and Reverend Raymond Grier (Linda) of Newark, NJ; aunts, Florene Gardner of Tampa, Delores Bowers of Jersey City, NJ, Clyde Grier of Tampa, and Therlene O'Neal of Selma, NC; and a host of other nephews, nieces and cousins; friends including, Robert and Jernice Gandy, Katie Stewm;t and Ronnie; and other sorrowing relatives and friends. Pee Wee was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, to the parentage of Freddie Lee and Vernell Grier on January 25, -1960. He was the third offour children born to this union. Pee Wee accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior at a young age. He was educated in the Newark school system. He was employed as a laborer. Pee Wee moved to Tampa in 1996. The remains will repose from 5-8 p. m., Wednesday, December 29, 2010, at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street. Friends are asked to assemble at the funeral home at ap10:45 a. m., Thursday. "A WILSON SERVICE" DEACONESS ERLENE J. SMITH Funeral service for Deaconess Erlene J. Smith of Tampa, who passed away December 24, 2010, in a local hospital, will be held Friday, December 31, 2010, at 1 p. m. at First Mt. Carmel A. M. E. Church, 4406 N. 26th Street, Pastor Delores Washington, with Rev. Raleigh Allen, III, officiating. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Deaconess Smith is survived by: son, Gerald L. Griggs; daughter, Geneva Sue Mandy; grandchildren, Michael A. Mandy, Jr., Teresa M. Walker (Emory), Lawrence A. Holton, Jr., Reneshia W. Smith, La Wanda J. Earley (Kero), Pamela T. Griggs (Ferrante), Kevin L. Griggs, Willie Marshall and Jay Bee Washington; great grandchildren, JaMela M. Washington (Jimmy Davis), Dontavius L. Mandy, Erick T. Walker, Ebony L. Walker, Malik A. Mandy, Zavon Mandy, Shaquille Mandy, Aiyetora Mandy, Donladi Mandy, Michael A. Mandy, III, Mykiela Mandy, Jalisa and Tatiana Worrell, LaKera and Keron Earley; great, great Mia Michelle Davis; sisters, Frankie' Mae Griggs and Jeannine Mitchen (Ernest); aunt-in-law, Louise Coffee_ ; sisters-in-law, Louise Joseph, Annie Pearl Smith and Frances Robinson; daughters-in-law, Sheryl and Mae Vivian; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins; godchildren, Jayla, Janae, Jackson, Kennedy, Grant, Kim, Lisette, Teaka, Tasha, Katina and Annie; special friends, Maynard A. Berggren and wife, Jan, Diane Spire_$ (Marion), Lori Staley (Ricky); and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of Trenton, FL, Deaconess Smith had resided in the Tampa area since 1963. She was a faithful member of First Mt. Carmel A. M. E. Church, where she served as Deaconess, as a Mother of the Church, a member of the Adult Choir and was a member of several other auxiliaries in the church. The remains will repose on Thursday, December 30, 2010, from 5-8 p. m. at Wilson Funeral Home and the family will receive friends from 5-6 p. m. in the chapel. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 12:45_p. m., Friday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www. wilson-funeralhome.com 301 N9rth Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 Phone: Fax: 13.251.4912 MS. DELORES MARIA HARRIS Funeral service for Ms. Delores Maria Harris of Tampa, who passed Friday, December 24, 2010, will be held Thursday, December 30, 2010, at 10 a. m. at St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church, 3708 E. Lake Avenue, with the pastor, Rev. W. D. Sims, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Ms. Harris was preceded in death by: her mother, Dorothy White; and nephew, Tony Hunter. She is survived by: her devoted and loving children, Joseph W. Harris, Jr. and wife, Zebaot of Tampa, Mark E. Harris of Tampa, David J. Harris, El Paso, TX, and Sherold K. Haynes and husband, lloyd, Jr. of Richmond, TX; father, Robert Lee Hunter of Tampa; devoted and loving sisters, Jeanette Days and Barbara Hunter, both of Tampa; 12 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren; nieces and nephew, Jocelyn Hunter, Launell Orr and LaCurtis Jackson; devoted daughtersin-law, Denise Harris ofNorth Pole, Alaska, and Silvia Neubert; close friend and companion, McArthur Comer; and a host of adopted children, beloved friends and other sorrowing relatives. A native of Savannah, Georgia, Ms. Harris was a resident of Tampa for the past 45 years. She was a faithful member of St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church. The remains will repose at Wilson Funeral Home on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, from 5-8 p. m. Friends are asked to assemble at. the church at approximately 9:45 a. m., Thursday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.Wilson-funeralhome.com IN lOVING MEMORY OF MRS.OZIE MOBLEY SHEPARD 12-30-93 Though your smile is gone forever and your hand we cannot touch, we still have many memories of the one we loved so much. Your loving daughter, Dorothy Pauldo; loving son, Preston Mobley and wife, Florence; and all the grandchildren and great grands. MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOMMIE, EIGHT YEARS IN HEAVEN MOTHER MINNIE KENNEDY Sunrise: May 1, 1909 Sunset: December 31, 2002 Mommie, I know you've been baking sweet potato pies for the Lord, eight precious years. I'll always have you, Mommie; in my heart. Forever, your (baby) daughter, Brenda. "Good night Sweetie." as no sorrow that heaven can not heal.' ,_._,,,., ... _: me:_. :O _, .. ::s_ t .. :-.:. .. ,. :.. just o11r for :. ." we don't sell them. ". 'It is. ?ur tohonot your wishes and budget. 4; \VeJike meeting faitlilies, not goals. .. like you,. we are a pan of this community supporting our neighbors when they need us. 5 We spen4 time with you, Arranging a fitting tribute is importantto you, and you dont deserve to be rushed. FUNERAL HOME 3IXKl N. 29th St Tampa, FL 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 WNW.wilson-funeralhome.cQm Wayne L Bright Ma ., JJ 0 }< 0 m n m s: m m JJ (1.) ..... 1\) 0 ..... 0 ., r-0 :!! 0 en m z ::! z m r-m c: r rm ::! z "tJ c: m r-Ci) :::1: m c m < m JJ < -1 c: m en c z c ., :!! c


Memoriams/Card of Thanks .... ("') a: w m ::; w u w c > ct c a: LL c a: LL c z < c en w ;:) .... > a: w > w c w ::1: en ::J m a. z i= w ...J ...J ;:) m ...J w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ...J LL < -' 00 .... w CJ BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM JOYCE MARCUS 12/24/45 Dear Mama, this holiday season will never be the same, but we will celebrate it in your honor with the love you have given us throughout the years. We love and miss you so much. Happy birthday, Mom. Your husband, kids and grandkids. IN lOVING MEMORY OF MOTHER DELLA MAE LOCKETT 'Jan. 1, 1911-Feb. 17; 1999 With love from, Apostle Otha B. Lockett, Deacon James Lockett, Sister Lula Jones Lockett and the members ofResurrectim:i Temple House Of Prayer. IN lOVING MEMORY FLO RETIA HODGE JONES 12-31-1999 Mom, you are so sadly missed by your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and daughter-inlaw. You are absent from the body, but present with the Lord. We love you, but God loved you best. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM MRS. MABLE T.SHEPHARD January 2, 1926 Thinking of you on your birthday and thanking God for such a wonderful Mother. Missing you daily. Your daughter, Dorothy; grandson, Mike and Zek-e IN lOVING MEMORY OF MINNIEL. MCNEAL JOHNSON Sunrise: March 15, 1938 Sunset: Jan. 1, 2010 When someone we love becomes. a memory, the memory will be reassured. We will always love and miss you. Husband, Ray Johnson and kids. IN MEMORIAM KENNETH L. DANIEL 10/10/55-12/24/07 Your identity is eternity and your homeland is heaven. Life is a temporary assignment. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can' t see now will last forever. So, rest in peace, my Dear. Your wife, Rosia Daniel and family. IN lOVING MEMORY OF EJ,m.OLL. STRAKER 4i11/45-12/27/09 It has been one year since you left us. Gone, but never to be forgotten. Our lives are forever changed, for those left behind, you are missed, rest in peace. Forever love, wife, Barbara, children, grands, family and friends. THANK YOU MRS. OLE.THA WILLIAMS CAINES We, the family, would like to express our thanks for the love shown through our time ofbereavement. Special thanks to: Jackson Funeral Home, True Faith Inspirational Baptist Church, the Williams family, the Streeter family and friends. We love you and please keep us in your prayers. GOD TOOK HIM TO HIS lOVING HOME TAV ARIS MILLER Local God saw him getting tired, a cure was not to be. He wrapped him in His loving arms and whispered, 'Come with me.' He suffered much in silence, his spirit did not bend. He faced his pain with courage, until the very end. He tried so hard to stay with us, but his fight was not in vain, God took him to His loving home and freed him from the pain. Love, Fruanswa Yowig, Breanna Williams, Uncle Rodney and great grandma, Catherine Ferguson. Year After Triple Murder, Two suspects Await Trial Date VINCENT THOMAS ... Murder Victim ESTABAN MERCHAN ... Facing 3 First-Degree Murder Charges BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel Ci_ty Editor Shots rang out after mid night on December 29 2009, shattering the peace of a quiet Brandon neighborhood. In the wake of the shooting, three young men lay dead and a fourth seriously injured. A year has passed since the triple murders took place. Within two weeks after the triple murder two young men were charged. They both have disposition hearings on Febru ary 2, 2011. Prentiss Earl Jackson, 1g, was arrested in Osceola County on January 4 He has been at the Hillsborough County Jail since arriving in Tampa on January 7, 2010. He was charged with 2 counts of first degree murder and 1 count of attempted first degree murder with a firearril. Tlle U. S. Marshal's Office and the York Police Depart -ment learned that Estaban Merchan, 20, was in York, Pennsylvania. The York Police Department's SWAT Team captqred him on January 11, 2010. TONY BLACK. .. Murder Victim PRENTISS JACKSON ... Facing 2 First-Degree Murder Charges I Merchan arrived at the Hillsborough County Jail on January 25, 2010, and is being held without bond on 3 counts of first-degree murder, 1 count of attempted first-degree murder, and 1 count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Deputies responded to 507 Oakwood Drive, and found the fatally shot bodies Thomas, 22, who lived at the address ; 22-year-old Tony Black, of Brandon. Rafael G. Guadalupe, 21, of Tampa, was stabbed to death. Ralph Arroyo, 21, of Lutz, was attacked and beaten however, he survived. According to the investiga tion, witnesses told police that the four victims were in the backyard when several sus pects arrived -at the residence in a red Mustang. The suspects went to the backyard and a confrontation between the victims and suspects took place. The confrontation ended in the triple homicide. Within days after the mur ders, theMustang identified as being at the crime scene was recovered just outside of Orlando. ''


., Crime :!:! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 Bovtriend Of Woman's Daughter Charged With sening Fire WILLIAM J. BOONE On Christmas morning, Tampa Fire rescue units responded to a fire alarm at the Meridian Pointe Apartments on East Hillsborough Avenue. The fire was at building 9, a three-story unit with 24 apartments. When units arrived they reported a fire in 905. The fire was under con trol iri 20 minutes and resi dents were evacuated safely. An investigator with the Tampa Fire Marshal's Office determined someone burglarized then set a fire in the bedroom of apartment 905. The building sprinkler system held the fire in check until units arrived. The apartment sustained moder ate damage from fire, smoke and water. A downstairs apartment sustained water damage. The tenant of apartment 905, Vanveline Campaz, 48, was not at home when the fire started and arrived after fire crews finished most of their work. On December 27th after two days of interviewing witnesses and associates of Campaz, investigators arrested William J. Boone, 37, and charged him with burglary, arson and grand theft. Boone is. the boyfriend of Campaz's daughter. Police Investigate Armed Robberv Of Busi-ness Composite sketch of robbery suspect. LAKELAND -Lakeland Police responded to Infamous Clothing, 807 North Florida Avenue, at 2:20 p. m. on December 22nd. The victim, J erimiah Thomason, 26, was in the business when three Black males wearing masks entered armed with handguns, police said. Police said the robbers held Thomason at gunpoint while they collected clothing and cash. As the suspects fled on foot, Thomason armed himself with a handgun and chased thein. He fired one shot and chased them until they were out of sight. A composite sketch was released of one of the suspects. Anyone who may be able to identify this suspect is asked to contact Lakeland Police at (863) 834-6917. UNCLE SANDY .. As you travel 6, 10, 14, 18 through life, make sure you 20, 22, 28, 29 know the difference between 31, 33, 36, 39 admiration and love 44, 48, 51, 55 ((The Voice of Our Comi111Anity Speaking for (813) 248-1921 Fatal Shooting Being Investigated MANATEE -Manatee County Sheriffis Office detectives are investigating the slaying of a 19-year-old man who was shot to death Sunday night in Palmetto. Ledarius Watkins was found lying on the floor at a residence in the 700 block of 20th Lane East by deputies. Deputies had reported hear ing several guns shots in the Oakwood area. When they found Watkins, they began CPR and paramedics took over. He was pronounced dead a short time later. A friend of Watkins told deputies she didnit see any thing, but heard the gunshots. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriffis office at (941) 747-3011 to reach Detective Stephen Ives;: Ext. 2493,-or Detective Debra Kirkland at Ext. 2557. Suspect Sought In Carjacking, Abducdon ST. PETERSBURG-St. Petersburg Police are currently investigating a carjacking/ abduction that occurred in the parking garage of the Beacon House Apartments Thursday morn ing. Police said the victim, Kelsey Fakes, 31, was standing near her car prepar ing to leave for work when the suspect approached her from behind holding handgun. The suspect reportedly ordered her into the car. The suspect got into the driveris seat and drove out of the parking lot with the victim being held at gunpoint. The suspect drove to the area of Campbell Park and ordered Fakes out of the car. Fakes was shaken but not injured a'nd returned back to the downtown area where she called her husband and together they contacted the police. The suspect is still at large. The suspect is described as a Black male, 18 to 25 years old, s's" to s'8" tall with a thin build. Suspects In Metal Theft Ring Arrested c m (") m s: m m ELLIS FORD, JR. _POLK COUNTY -Polk County Sheriff's Office detec tives report they have made several arrests in a metal theft ring that was operating out of Ft. Meade, Florida. ESTRANA STEPHENS w .... N 0 .... 0 ., r 0 :!:! c )> (/) m z :::t z JAMETRIS BROWN m r m During the months of September through December 2010, several thousand pounds of mine material was sold at Gregco Recycling in Lakeland. The majority of the material was high grade stainless steel common to the mining industry. from the transactions reveaied nine separate peo-h;, ple sold thousands of pounds :j of stolen stainless steel to Z Gregco over the last several months. The investigation m revealed the have all been linked together as ::::t being involved in an orga-nized course of conduct with m the intent to defraud both < Because there was such a high volume of sales by pri vate individuals of this material, representatives of Gregco contacted the Sheriff's Office. Working with detectives, each time an individual would sell suspected mine materials, representatives of Grego would contact detectives and set aside the materials for inspection. Further investigation revealed the materials had been stolen from the proper ty of Southern Salv(lge in Ft. Meade. Scrap transaction tickets ,, 4-Hair Braiding Specializing In All Types Of Braiding 1803 N. 22nd Street &: 7th Ave. (YborCity) (813)247-1033/(813)234-0104 j $2Qi:0eQ -Off-New York Style m victims and with the intent to :::0 obtain property and mo_ne-< tary gain from the victims by 2 false and fraudulent pretens-rn es and representations. c Each person arrested has been charged with scheming )> to defraud, dealing in stolen i property, and grand theft. ., Charged were Melvin :!:! Clark, 26; Estrana Stephens, 35; Ellis Ford, < Jr., 32; Jametris Brown, 19, and Simpson, 20. Also arrested were Donnovan Beckford, 38 and Lorenza West, 39. Detectives have warrants for the arrests of Kenrum Mosley, 37; Andre Jones, 37; Kentyua Goodson, 36, and Chanell Johnson, 24.


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AKA Chapter Celebrates Anniversaries Gamma Theta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. recently celebrated the anniversary of the organization and the anniversary of their incorpo ration. More than 200 attended the event co-chaired by Darele Campbell and Phyllis Lee. Aheba Salter-Woods was the mistress of ceremonies. Program participants were: Deborah Barnes, Chaplain; Dianna AllenQuin, Chapter President, Seventy Years Sister Singers, accompanied by Quincy Jennings, Betty Wiggins, Gamma Theta Omega Chorus, Barbara J. Ragin, directress; Demoris Rhodes and Ruby W. Brown. An outside reception in a covered tent followed the program, with the 17-piece Cigar City Big Band and Darele Campbell provid ing entertainment. Among the achievements of the Gamma Theta Omega Chapter are: First International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. -Carolyn House Stewart, Esquire; First Regional Director of the South Atlantic Region -Sonja Garcia; Longest Serving Member -Nancy Andrews; Eldest Member -Mary Allen, who was president of Gamma Theta Omega when the sorority house was purchased and Gamma Theta Omega, Inc. was formed; the late Stella Lett was the first facility coordinator; Anthena Brown, first contributor to Capitol Asset Program (CAP); Arnetta Moore, president of Gamma Theta Omega when the mortgage was burned; first attorney for chapter, Carolyn House Stewart; Ivy Academy was added in 2000 and serves as the hub for the youth programs and small group meetings. (Story and photos by Julia Jackson) i. l t Chairladies Darele Campbell and Phyllis Lee. Ruby Brown introduced the Walk of Fame honorees. Freddie Hudson, Birdie Underwood and M. Salter attended the celebration. La Cheryl Aikens and Electa Dempsey Davis attended the anniversaries. Lillian Andrews attended the celebration. James and Joanna Tokley were among those who attended the celebration. Pink roses were presented to these firsts: Lucille Franklin, first chairlady of Miss Teenage Tampa Scholarship Pageant; Betty Wiggins, first chairlady of Acquisition Housing Committee; and the eldest member of the chapter, Mary Allen. Dr. Sharon Andrews accepted roses from Birdie Williams Underwood on behalf of her mother, Nancy Andrews, longest serving member of Gamma Tht?ta Omega Chapter. Jewel Warren and Atty. Jeraldine at the celebration. Michael Reid and Ray Campbell supported the event. The Gamma Theta Omega Choir sang for the c elebration. J eneil Thomas attended the celebration. Darele Campbell and Cigar City Big Band provided outside entertainment.


,... (") [t w co :aE w (.) w c Residents Share Resolutions For The New Year BY IRIS B. HOLTON away. Sentinel City Editor >=' t-w > w c w :::z:: en ::::i m ::> 0.. z .i= w ..J. ..J ::> m or tasks they wish to accom plish before the year ends. Some are successful while others find themselves falling short of their goals. Some residents ha-ve taken the time to share their resolu tions for the upcoming year. Ms. Louise Vincent, President of the Black Public Relations Society of Tampa said, "I wish to complete my Ch ristian Communication, Th.D." Mrs. Antonia Barber said, "My desire is to continue to touch as many lives in this community with activities and programs that help them live better. Feeding men fish is easy but teaching them to fish is worthwhile. "2011 should be a year for making sure we capitalize on all our resources to make it a profitable year physically, economically and otherwise." Dr. George Foxx said, "I hope to eliminate the chaos that potential clients have be fore coming to me with their tax and mortgage issues in the New Year. Once they become more astute regarding taxes Joe Robinson said, "The one thing I am working on is to make a difference by help ing increase the number of Black contractors and busi nesses that get work on the upcoming Florida High Speed Rail Project from Tampa to Orlando, so that in 2011 and beyond, we can begin the great economic comeback uj that right now seems so far z and mortgages, they will save more money for themselves." oMrs. Joanna Tokley said, ."MyNewYear's Resolution is to take the personal time i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J u. m I N w Cl State& W.C. Certified by Michi1Jan State University All Job-Related InJuries Change Treating Physicians Collect Back ()ay Hostile Work Environment W.C./ Race Discrimination DEBT PROBLEMS GETTING YOU DISTRESSED? HOUSE IN FORECLOSURE, WAGES BEING GARNISHED? WE MAY BE ABLE TO HELP BANKRUPTCY: CHAPTER 7 & .13 ASSET PROTECTION PAYMENT NEGOTIATION PROBATE &WILLS GUARDIANSHIP SOCIAL SECURITY IMMIGRATION PERSONAL INJURY F. Keml ()guntebl Attorney At Law 109 N. Annenla Avenue Tampa, FL 33609 (813) 254-8717 FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION FOR BANKRUPTCY. REASONABLE RATES & PAYMENT PLAN. The hiring or lawyer Is an Important decision that should not be baud solely upon edvertlsementa. Before you decided. uk us to_ send you PRI!e written lnlormatlon about our qualltlcetlons end MRS. JOANNA -TOKLEY needed to complete an inspi rational book for women that I've been working on spo radically." Danny Green said, "I hope the Lord will continue to bless me to travel all over the world again in the New Year again! The Lord has blessed me, and most of the time, I accomplish everything I want to do and more. I just want the Lord to keep bless ing my health and family." Howard Harris said, "I am going to get back to walk ing at least 10 miles per week, and going back to the YMCA at least three times a week. But, my main goal is to work with the kindergarten stu dents at least twice a week." f Ms. Ann Porter said, "First, I will continue to walk that Christian walk. I also plan to get with my Voter's Registration Committee and register as many people as possible, especially the young voters. "I feel that if we educate and encourage our young people to become more active and involved in their commu nities, then they will become more serious about the fu ture. "During the Civil Rights Movement, a lot of us participated in the sit-ins. Now, there is another call and if we educate and encourage them, then they can answer the call for the next generation." Citv Council Chair Has No Problem Balancing Religion And Politics BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter The late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did it. Andrew Young did it. Other Mrican American clergy have done it. The issue ofbalancing reli gion and politics often is raised by opponents of those who've managed quite well to wear both hats. Rev. Thomas Scott has managed to balance religion and politics, first as a County Commissioner, and most re cently as Chairman of the Tampa City Council. "From a historical standpoint and the Civil Rights Movement, the church has been iri the forefront of politi cal functions in this country," said Rev. Scott. "From a Biblical standpoint, David was King of Is rael and a worship leader. I think I've liad role models who've managed q:uite well to balance religion and politics." Rev. Scott said his strat egy is to first have a staff in place to serve politically and another to serve religiously. "On many issues, I've had to make the separation be tween religion and politics. I follow the doctrine of the Bib}e, and that's how I get it done. "This year, an issue con cerning Human Rights came before the Council, and I struggled with it from a religiol,ls standpoint. I don't be lieve any should be discriminated against simply because they may have a dif ferent lifestyle. Protecting REV. THOMAS SCOTI Pastor Of The 34th Street Church Of God and City Council Chairman ones rights as a citizen may come in conflict with my du ties as a clergy, and I understand that." Rev. Scott said when you're on City Council, you have to be aggressive. "As Chairman, I take my role seriously. That means, I can't allow my colleagues to push me aside and take over a meeting. I also must always be in charge, and let them know I'm in charge. ''The fact I'm a clergy has ne:ver been a focal poi!lt when I'm running for office : There will always be oppqsition, but I think the people respect me in both roles." Rev. Scott said being both helps him do his job better and strengthens his position. ''I'd love to. follow in the footsteps of Dr. Kiitg, Jesse Jackson and others who served as examples that reli gion and politics can sit in the same room without any conflict." -BARBARA]. PITTMAN Practicing Law In: Criminal Defense Family J;;aw Personal Injury Attorney & Cozuzselor At Law. PointO(fice Park 10014 N.OaleMabry, Suite 101 Tampa, Florida 33618 (813)269-9706 Fax:(813)960-0641 Tbe hiring of a iawyer ir an important decision that should .not bo based solely upon adverosmcrits. )leforc }"OU decide, osl< \IS to llelld yw free wnum.iuCoomtion about our qualificatious ondc;qx:ric:ncc. 505 East Jackson St. Suite #303 ...Barrister's Building Tampa, FL 33602 ( _813) 387-7724 BANKRUPTCY Stop Fonclo.ure & Creetltor's Harassment REALESTATE LAW. FAMILY LAW


All About You! :o Happv Birthdav, 74 Years Old! You're The King Retires From u.s. Armv c DALLAS Baby, you mean so much to me. Our love is untouchable, no one could compare to you. People want you to fall but you keep getting back up. TEMEEKA And DALLAS Just want to say happy birthday on December 28th. You will be celebrating big. Love, your wife, Meeka. 2010. KB, 'E', And E.J. Happy birthday. Hauuv Binhdav To Mv Son, Eric And His Son, Eric, Jr. GRANDMA D., E. J. And MARKE We love you both. Enjoy your day!! BOBBY Happy birthday on De cember 30, and remember I love you, always and forever. Ms. Vette. Enjoying Gibbs annual Class Reunion, St. Peters burg, FL. Congratulations to our brother, son father and friend, Jeff, on his pending retirement. Jeff will be retiring from the United States Army after 27 dedicated years of service on January 1 2011. Jeff graduated from Leto High School in 1983 and joined the Army on July 7, 1983 Jeff earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from FAMU in 1990, a Master's degree in Business Adminis tration from Troy University in 2002 and a MBA in Public Administration in 2005 from Syracuse University. During Jeff's years with the military, he has held ranks ranging from sergeant LT. COL. JEFFREY L.CHAPMAN to retiring as Lt. Col. Os U.S. Special OPNS at MacDill AFB. We wish him well in his future endeavors. JORDAN 'JUV' THOMAS Wishing you a prosperous "New Year!" Looking forward to your return! We love you, DJ, Mom, Kiki, Kiona, Ty' and family. "Letters are appreciated." m 0 m m m :0 w ..... 1\) 0 ..... 0 r 0 :0 c )> en m z :::! z m r m c::: r r m :::!. z "'0 c::: m r c;; ::::t m c


E Local m St John Pro gress ive Missionary Baptist Church presented Lady Vanessa Banks in an Annual u Christmas R ec ital and CD release on Sunday, D ece mb e r 19, 2010. The theme was Sounds For Your Season. (Photos by Julia Jackson) >=' <( c a: LL c a: LL c z <( c en w :::1 1-fj: w > W c w l: en ::::i m :::1 D. z i= w ..J ..J :::1 m I ..J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J LL Rev. Dr. Bartholomew and Lady Vanessa Banks sang their annualduet. The St. John Youth Praise Dancers presented a tribute. BROWN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E. 27th AVE. (813) 248-5690 (813) 241-6902 WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday Schoor ..... 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship .... 11 A.M. Sunday Evening Worship .... 7:30P.M. Morning Prayer (Tuesday-Friday) .... 9 A.M. Wednesday Night Worship ...... 7:30P.M. BISHOP MAnHEW WILLIAMS Pastor "A Church Where The Love Of God Flows And The Holy Ghost Is In Full Control." Jesus Is love! Jesus Is Liberty! One of the talented Banks children -Rev. Baron Banks. Pam Green served as hostess for the evening. Sl Mark Missionary Baptist Church 7221 S. Sherrill Street Port Tampa, Rorida 33616 (813) 839-5263 Building On A Firm roundaUon Sunday School -9:30 A.M. Sunday Morning Worship -10:55 A.M. Wednesday Night Prayer Service & Bible Study -6:30 P.M Transpo rtation Services Available wicked, but .,. .... surrounds the one who trusts in the LORD. Psalm 32:10 Ms. Clara Thomas and busi-Dr. Davis was the nessman Marvin knight at the tress of ceremonies for the recital. evening. Ms. Mae Alice Judge gave Deacon William and Betty words of thanks. Ford attended the recital. Joyce Turner Austin, left, with piano accompanist, Maurice Jackson. NEW MT. ZION M. B. CHURCH, INC. 2511 E. Columbus or: (813) 248-8101 or (813) 247-3899 -REV. WALTER J WIUJAMS Pastor Early Morning Worship-7:55A.M. Sunday Morning Worship-9:30A.M. Morning Worship-10:55 A M. Wed., Family Night-7 P.M. For Transportation Call (813) 486-7890 Dea. Clarence Fort, Deacons Ministry FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF COLLEGE HILL 3838 N. 29th St. TampaJ..FL 33610 (813) REV. EVAN BURROWS SENIOR PASTOR SUNDAY SERVICE Early Worship 7:50a.m. Sunday School 9 :45a. m Morning Worship 10 : 50 a m TUESDAY SERVICE Prayer Service 6 :30p.m. Life Enrichment University Visit our website at www.tbcch.org or Email us at info@fbcch.org Morning Worship 11:00 A M YPWW-6 :00P.M. Evening Worship 7 :00P. M TUESDAY & FRIDAY Evening Service 7:00P.M


Sunda School presence By sweeping the Lord. God did it! And 0 God Has Done so Much As we approach a new day and a new year, it is important for every believer to know the power of God. God is omnipotent; He is all-powerful. With God there is no need for anyone else to rule or have authority in your life. The Lord God is able to handle all of your life's issues, He is able to an swer all of your questions, and He is able to fight and defeat all of your enemies. To help you gain the vic. tory in your life Isaiah writes to the people to let them know that in spite of their past they have a better future ahead. Consider his words in this week's lesson Isaiah 44:21-28. He opens with a command to the people to remember (vs. 1). When it comes to serving and trust ing God you must not de velop spiritual amnesia. You cannot forget the things God has spoken, revealed, or promised. Too often there are some who the mighty works and promises of God. Here they are commanded to remember that it was God who formed them and it is God who they serve (vs. 1). You must serve God and God alone. Your faithful-MOUNT, PLEASANT M.B. CHURCH 2002 N. Rome Avenue* (Corner of Rome Ave. and Spruce St.) P.O. Box 4724 *Tampa Dr C.T. Klltdand, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 *Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail: MtPieasantMB@aol.com Devotion By Mt. Pleasant Praise Team EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7:45A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL* 9:30A.M. MORNING WORSHIP -11 A. M 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM-Family Series Hour (B.T.U.) 6 PM-Lord's Supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM -Prayer Service 7 PM -General Bible Study 7 PM -Youth Bible Study. DR. c. T. KIRKLAND, Pastor TAPE MINISTRY Order On Une At Web Site Or Call Church wEB : SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch.org ness and commitment is to God and God alone. You were created by God and it is through Him that you have your life and your being. God knows all the things you have done in your past. He knows all of your faults and all of your sins. Speak ing to these things, He says that He has blotted them out (vs. 2). God has looked at all of the things you've done and has removed them from His sight. He has swept them away as a person sweeps away trash. He has no de sire to keep them in His GREATER FRIENDSHIP M. B. CHURCH -3325 E. Emma St. Sunday School -9:45 a m. Morning Worship-11 a.m. Evening Worship -5 p.m. Prayer Meeting Tuesday -7 :30 p.m. Visitors Are Welcome! FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF PROGRESS VILLAGE 8616 Progress Blvd., Tampa, FL 33619 Church_Qfflce: (813) en-1948 Pastor's Office: (813) 672-0389 Academy Office: (813) sn-5988 Fax: (813) 672 E-Mail: DR. SAM MAXWELL, SR., Se. nior Teaching Pastor Adult/Children Worship Tim$S 7:30 AM. & 10:55 A.M. 4:JI:I!J1i1HIIft Sunday-9 :45AM. -Adult & Youth/ Children Tuesday-11 A.M. Adult Wednesday -7 P.M. -Youth/ Children 7:30 P M Adult A Campus Fer Faith Bible Institute "Growi1g The Chllch For Global Change' (Acts 1:8. Rom. 1 :8. 1 Thes. 1 :8) them or blotting them out, it because He did it, you can m (") means that He has given you shout rejoice and give Him m a new chance and opportupraise for what He has done. nity to live right. In verses 24-28, God m He not only blots out talks about all the things He your transgressions, but He has done to their enemies ...... also extends to you an in vi-and the things He has done tation to return to Him befor them. God has done so c; cause He has redeemed you many great and wonderful (vs. 22). God does not things for you in your life. force you to come back to There have been times God Him; He does not command has worked things out for you to return. God simply you and you did not realize extends to you the initiation it. and lets you know that it is God has frustrated liars Him who is making it possifor you; people who thought ble for you to live. they were smarter than you The redeemed's response and who tried to make you to being redeemed is to re. look dumb, God turned it joice and shout (vs. 23). around on them. God has When you look back over spoken a word into your life the days and weeks of the and then gone further and year and you conclude that made it come to pass. It is you were sinful and had God who has taken what yc;m fallen short, but in spite of it thought was dead and made all God gave you another it live again. chance, that is reason to When you move forward 6 shout. in your life, remember what :::a You did not do it by God has done for you. Know C yourself. It was not because that it was God and not of your craftiness or your yourself. -It was not because strength. You are still here of you, but it was in spite of ::::! because it was nobody, but you. New TeStament M. B. HERITAGE CHRIS'nAN COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH Church Of Thonotasassa, Inc. 11530 Walker Road. 14801 N. 15th Street Lutz, FL 33549 Mailing Address P.O. Box 273757 Tampa, FL 33688 Thonotosassa, FL 33592 REV. (813) 986-3971 (813) 610-1252 \ Pastor Weekly Services: Sunday School 9:30 A .M. Sun. Morning Worship A.M. REV. DELORES JAMES CAIN, Pastor Wed. Night: Youth Prayer Service And Bible Study Sunday Morning Worship Services 7:45A.M. & 11 A.M. Thurs. Night: Prayer Service And Bible Study "Saving The Sinners And Educating. The Believf!_rs" SUnday School A.M. Mid-Week Worship Tuesday 7:00P.M. "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. -Phil. 4:13 ST. MATTHEW M. B. CHURCH 3708 E. Lake Ave., Tampa, FL 336'1 0 (813) 628 .. Website: www.stmatthewchurch.org Email: rsims@tampabay.rr.com Break Of Day Worship 7:45 A. M Sunday School 9:30a.m. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Prayer Service Wednesday 7 p.m. Study of the Bible Wed 7:30 8:30 p.m. Praise & Worship .Service Wed. 8:30 -9 p.m Children & Youth Bible Study Wednesday 7 -8:30 p .m. Saturday Prayer Service & Bible Study 10a.m. Youth Bible Institute .. 12-4 p.m. Teen Night R Friday before the 2nd Sunday 7 -1 p.m. EV., W. D. s, Pastor rID c: r r-z ""D c ID !: C/) J: m c m < m -1 c: m CJ) c > z c c


Local T"" C") a: w m :!: w (.) w c High School Marching Band To Panicipate In london's New Year's oav Parade BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor C For many, events that take fE place in high school have a lasting effect on teenagers about to enter adulthood. Oftentimes, the memories of high school stay with us for the remainder of our lives. If this is the case, then about 135 students who attend Bloomingdale High School will always remember this winter vacation. Sheldon Davis is one of the students who will participate in the 25th Annual London Da y Parade Sheldon Davis and his mother, Mrs. Cassandra Davis, will be in London when the New Year comes in. Sheldon is a sophomore at Bloomingdale High School where he plays the saxophone. The 15-year-old is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl (Cassandra) Davis. Mrs. Davis will also take the trip event. We are very, very excit ed about the trip, participat ing in the parade and touring the city The students left Orlando on Monday for the week abroad. They will participate in the parade on New Year s Day, and have an opportunity to tour the city. as a chaperone. Jon Sever is c the Band Director. The school was one of two schools in Florida, and one of 25 in the world invited to per form in the parade. a: LL c z < c en w ::J .... fj: w > w c w :::1: en :::i m ::J D. z i= w ...I ...J ::J m ...J w z i= z w en ( a: 0 ...J LL m I CD w (.!) Mrs. Davis is a teacher at Seffner Elementary School and was recently chosen as a finalist for "Ida S. Baker Diversity Educator of the Year" Award. "This is an opportunity of a lifetime to be able to part take in such an UNITY M.B. CHURCH 3111 Ybor St., Tampa,FL 33605 (813) 248-5955 ELDER H. H. HUNT, PASTOR Sunday School 9:30A.M. Morning Worship A.M. Bible Study Tues. 7:30 P.M. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED SERVICE TIMES Sunday School 1 0 A. M. Morning S e rvice-11 : 3 0 A M Eve ning Servi c e 7:30 P. M Bible Study -Tue sday Evening Bible Band -7:30 P M. The band was invited last year after being chosen to participate by a panel of judges. Known as the Rajun Bulls, the Bloomingdale Marching Band is the largest high school band m NEW FRIENDSHIP M.B. CHURCH 3107 E. Lake Ave.* 248-4127 Pastor Weekly Acti vities Sunday Church School 9:30A M Morning Worship 10:45 A M Bible Class 4 : 30P M Evening Worship 5 P M Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7 P.M Bible Study 7 :30 P Thursday Evening -YPWW-7:30P.M. 1st AiKJ 3rd Friday Evening Women's Outrea c h Ministry 7:30 P M. Hillsborough County. More than 250 members make up the band, a component of the school s 6oo-member Music Department. Since the school opened in 1987, the band has continual ly distinguished itself, receiving top ratings. The band takes part in competitions throughout the state and the southeastern United States. The band' s 2010-20'11 half time show is reflective of their invitation to London. They perform such songs as The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" and "We Are The Champions by Queen. The band will return home next Monday. GRACE MARY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 3901 N. 37th St (813) 248-3779 Pastor Early Morning Worship8 A.M. Sunday School -9 :30 A.M. Morning Worship-10:50 A.M. Bible Study, Wed. 7 P .M. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED Rainbow Ministries 1405 Park Street Seffner; FL 33584 813-381-3937 Pastor: ELDER JOSEPH B. GREEN First Lady CHERYL GREEN Weekly Worship Schedule Sunday School 10 A.M. Sunday Morning 11:30 A.M. 'Monday Morning Prayer 9 A.M. Wednesday Night WorShip Prayer Service 7 P.M. Bible Study 7:30 P.M. Saturday Morning Prayer Warriors Service Every Second Sal Of Each Month "Come A Table Has Been Prepared" www.rainbowministries.webs.com Checkers Tournament Planned For Youth BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Editor A Checkers Tournament is being planned for January 2011 at the HOPE Center on N. 22nd St. Sharla Jenkins, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Daniel Dean at the HOPE Center, said the tournament will be held January 22, 2011 beginning at 10 a. m. Youngsters will compete in 2 age groups: 8-11 and 12-15 years old. Trophies will be presented to the winners The tournament should be over about 1 p.m. The tournament is the outgrowth of an idea from Arthur "Moochie" McCarr. McCarr, a champion checker player, has been working with the youth at the HOPE Center for the past 3 years. He has held several tournaments with the children, but would like to see more involved. "I want people to see that there are kids out here doing some good things," he said of his reason for the tourna-BAPTIST CHURCH 1281 M.J8118rst11St. TIIIIIII.R,33682 (8131 229-1390 SUnday SChool--.,-----ARTHUR "MOOCHIE. MCCARR 2008 Tournament winner ment. Also, that kind of participation helps their minds as they grow," he said. Although he voluntarily works with the young people (8-11) who attend the HOPE Center, he's willing to help any youngster interested. "I want children from around the city to come and learn," he says. To insure that the kids stay competitive, McCarr holds a weekly tournament at the center located on 29th St. and Lake Ave. Youngsters interested in participating in the Checkers Tournament may call (813) 234-3181. Morning Warshlp .... MoMoooo-uoMo11 a.m. Prayer service, TUesday ... ---------6 p.m. AWana Bible StudV. TUesdaY------6:38 p.m. Bible SludV. TUesday ..... 1 p.m. I Can De All ThlniJs lbruuah Christ Which REV. OSCAR JOHNSON, JR. Pastor/Tiacher ST. JOHN CATHEDRAL 3401 E. 25th Avennue,Tampa, FL (Corner Of 34th St. & 25th Ave. ) Phone: (813) 248-3737 Or (813) 248-3651 Fax: 242-8076 Careline: 248-HELP Bishop Eddie Newkirk, Sr. Pastor WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday: 8:00 A M. Spiritual Enrichment 9:45A.M. Sunday School/ Orientation 10:45 Worship Service (Youth Church 2nd And 3rd Sundays) Tuesday: 12:00 Noon Intercessory Prayer w/Bible Study Wednesday: 5:30P.M. Free Tutorial 6:45 P. M Adult & Youth Mid Week Service Email Us At: stjministries @aol.com Mission Statement: "A Church of the inner city reachingout to the community by ministering to the whole man." Outreach Ministry, : NOAH COMMUNITY, .INC./ HOUSE OF LYDIA BISHOP EDDIE NEWKIRK And PASTOR NEWKIRK


"T1 Five More Countv Head Start Emplovees Facing Disciplinarv Action c m ("') m s: llJ m BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Last week, two Hillsbo rough County Head Start employees were suspended without pay as a result of an ongoing investigation. The Sentinel has learned that five other employees will also face some level of disci pline. According to David Rogoff, Director of the Department of Health and Social Services, Civil Service dictates the method in which employees must be notified of disciplinary actions. But during the holidays, many people are on vacation and although letters have been mailed, they are unsure if the employees have been notified. However, Rogoff said administrators will take action against the employees ranging in severity from being written up to a more severe punishment. "According to Civil Serv ice rules, we must notify em ployees by mail and have a hearing to determine the level of discipline that will be taken," he said. The investigation con-Civic Association Meeting The Thonotosassa, Seffner, Mango Civic Associ ation, Inc. will hold its regular monthly meeting on Monday, January 3, 2011, 6:30 p. m. at Sterling Heights Park, 11706 Williams Rd., Thonotosassa (33592). All members are urged to be present and on time. Fam ily, friends and neighbors are welcome Please bring your con cerns, questions and sugges tions. For more information, call (813) 986-3300. Pauline Larry Grant, President. Monday-Saturday 8A.M.-7P.M. Sunday By Appt ONLY 3}977-7818 C II Ab t 0 S ecials!!! FREE Synthetic Hair Human Hair Available I I I We Specialize In All Kinds Of Braids Address: 10020 N. 30th St. *Tampa, FL 33612 (At Poinsettia Plaza-Behind Busch Gardens We Accept Credit Cards "The Finest In Wigs, Hair Care and More "---" We are celebrating 2 years at our new location in Brandon at Regency Centers Still the Vel}' Best in: Located@ 2452 W. BrandOn Blvd. (2 doors from Marshalls) (813) 684-1999 or visit us on the web @ www.thewigboutiqueandsalon@aol.com Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 a m.7 p m Booths Available For Licensed Cosmetologists & Braiders cerns a children's book written by the wife of Fiscal Services Manager Michael Jimenez. It was published and distributed lishing the books was di vided so that it could fall under the authorized amount the department heads could approve. Marie Mason, Family and w Mental Health Manager, ..... were suspended without pay. The suspension went c; into effect last Friday. The County alleges that Jimenez did not disclose that his wife was the author of the book. The County also alleges that the cost of pubThe cost of the book was never brought before the Hillsborough County Com missioners for approval. Mike Merrill, Hillsbo rough County Administrator said the money used to pay for the book was federal grant funds. Both Jimenez and Br-ing in Flyer for .. an Additional \_'-.. I 0% OFF! Shampooilla Condltlonlna Law 1n Condltionlna DRC (For Shedding) Hair Mukn.tment AlfM' Calcium Hot Oil Treatment $10.00 DlndnlffTreaonent Hair Removal $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $7.00 RinM $15.00 Semi-Permanent $20.00 Permanent Color $30.00 Spiral Set $20.00 '. $1 0 .00 Sister Set $25.00 $1 0 .00 Candy Set :_ $2().00 $$11 0 0 .. 00 00 Pin Curls ;; $2p:,Po Finger Waves _!'IV, $2g;pp $10. 00 Scrunches 'ii'1tt$f.W:f!J $15.00 Bucker Waves $20 00 $6.00 Pop Com Waves 2o:OO $10.00 Ocean Waves : : '!'f $6.00 Plain French '' t ''*' $8 00 Designer Rolls:. ..... '>-" l PRICES BASED lEN All WORK PERFORMED EXCLIDSIVELY '"$'' Edp Up $3.00 Updo's i e,.brow Arch $3.00 Krimps Facials $7.00 Krimp Styles wfWeave $-<15.<1S j. Facials wfWax $10 .00 $-<15.00 Permanent Waves Curl Texturizer Relaxer Combo VIrgin Relaxer Sensitive Relaxer Corrective Relaxer Relaxer & Set Press & Curl Cap F r osting Relaxer Style Cut $40 .00 $40 .00 $30 .00 $40 .00 $40.00 $40,00 $40.00 $35.00 $30.00 $35.00 $50.00 $25.00 Designer Style 7Gut $35.00 Wrap/Hoc Curl $25. ,oo: Hot Curl $20.00..-" Trim/Wrap $28:00 Wrap/Peels $25.00: Ponytail w/Hair $20.00 Pon}'tail w/Hair/Twist $25.00 Ponytail w/Hair/Krimps $25.00 Ponytail w/Hair/Peels $20.00 Stack Ponytail/Style $45.00' Sew-In (Full Head) Style $75.00' *BY APPOINTMENT ONLY "Full Head Bondlng1Sty1455.00 PlalnWrap $15.00 Ooo Wrap $20.00 Bondlns (per1l-ack) $10.00 Quldc Weawt $55.00 $35.00 $30.00 $7.00 $1100 $20.00 $4.00 $20.00 $1100 $9.00 $9.00 \' $4.50 .i ; $fOO '""L: _.. .: ... '.: .. .... .. \:: ::' t )U}N J :'-. .. : ... students' al)d staff of the) 1 lnstitu,tes thank you for your patronage. All work is done by : _:' students. WWW.TAMPABAYBEAUTYINSTITUTE.COM "T1 r-0 c )> en m z :::! z m r-aJ c: r rm :::! z "'tt c: llJ c en :t m c m < m -< -4 c: m en c )> z c "T1 c


,.... M a: UJ m ::l: UJ () UJ c c a: u. c a: u. c z <( c (/) w ::::) .... w > w Q w J: (/) ::::; m ::::) a.. z i= w ...J ...J ::::) m ...J w z i= z w (/) i3 a: 0 ...J u. m I co w es ... .. 2 ... 1. Happv New Yearl 1 .. 'i f i ... H8PPV New You I From Tonia Turner New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, looking forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) ... and not only to make then but to resolve to follow through on those changes, too! Help Yourself To Successtullv Achieve Your Resolutions With These Tips .... Think of You. Take "me'' time to rest, relax, shop or exercise for stress relief. Stress hormones have been tied to weight gam. Break It Down. Have an ultimate goal, and then break it into mini goals that are easily achievable. This makes the road to success seem easier and allows you to celebrate along the way. Get Your Zzz. Snooze your way to weight loss. Getting enough sleep is critical to keep the hormones that control your appetite in check. Don't Multitask. Turn off distractions like the TV and computer while eating or you could lose track of how much has gone in. Tune in to your body's hunger and fullness cues to know when to eat and when to stop. Fish *Crabs* Shrimp Fresh & Smoked Mullet Snapper Sheap Live Blue Crabs 3608 N. 1Sth(corner0flake) Red Bartlett Pears (8 Count) $2.99/pkg Green D 'Anjou Pears (8 Count)-$3.99/pkg Sweet Potato $0.39/lb Cooking Yellow Onion (3 lbs)-$1.29/pkg Maya Golden Raisins (1 lb) $2.99/pkg Pink Champagne Fruit Salad 1 can mandarin oranges 1tbs.Superfinesugar 2 tsp. grated orange zest 1 pineapple, peeled, cored and cut 2 cups strawberries 1 cup blueberries 1 bottle pink champagne, chilled Fresh mint springs DIRECTIONS: drain mandarin oranges, reserving 1/4 cup syrup. In bowl. Combine sugar, orange zest and reserved syrup. Add oranges, straw berries and blueberries, toss gently. Duncan Hines Cake Just before serving, di vide fruit mixture among 12 glasses Pour champagne over fruit and garnish with mint Apple Packs (Fuji, Golden, Granny Smith, Red)-$2.99/pkg 9" Paper Plates (1 00 Plastic Cups 16 oz (80 Cou White Paper Towel Roll Bacon (1 lb) $2.39/pkg Chicken Leg Quarters (1 0 Boneless Center Cut For A Special Presen tation: Ccoat your serv ing glass rim in sparking sugar. Mix 3 tbs. white decorating sugar with 1 tbs. pink decorating sug_ar; transfer qnto a plate. Dip the rim of each glass into water, 2621 E. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL 3361 0 (Ne.xt To Burger King) 813-234-8428 We Accept EBT shaking off excess, then dip into sugar to coat.


Recipes Mini Stoned Mushrooms 2 cups unseasoned small croutons 3/4 cups hot water 112 cup Hidden Valley Cracked Peppercorn Dressing 30 medium fresh mushrooms 3 tablespoons butter 1 cup chopped green pepper 112 cup chopped red pepper 3 tablespoons chopped green onions 1 large clove garlic, chopped DIRECTIONS: Combine croutons and hot water in medium bowl; cover. Let stand 5 minutes. Stir in Hidden Valley Cracked Peppercorn Dressing; set aside. Original Ranch Spinach DiP 1/2 packet Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dips Mix (0.5 ounce) 1 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt 1 cup light sour cream c m 0 m s: m m ::c (.,) ...... I\) 0 ...... 0 Remove stems from mushroom caps; chop stems. Cook and stir mushroom caps in butter in large skillet until lightly brown and ten der. Arrange caps in shallow baking dish. Add 1 12-cup mushroom stems, peppers, onions and garlic to skillet. Cook and stir 3 to 4 min utes, or until tender. Stir vegetables into crouton mixture. Spoon mix ture into mushroom caps. 1 box (to ounces) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well-drained 6 t/3 cup chopped walnuts* ::c DIRECTIONS: Combine Ranch Dips Mix, yogurt, sour cream, spinach, and walnuts. Broil 6 to 7 inchesfromheat source for 7 to 9 minutes, or until lightly brown and heated through. Chill 30 minutes or until just before serving. Serve with whole wheat crackers and raw vegetables. -publix.com/save 0 (T) N ;:;; X P b I I HAppy N E w yEAR Pt.blix \\ill stdy open p 111 on I \'t' dilli i p.':l. U I X on Ne\\ Yei'll s Da). We w1sil eve r)one a v.omlerful 2011. --_ ful l of good ilealtll and g reat 11app1ness 0 -,_ ...................................................................................................................... ........................... : ..... ............. .. Shrirnp ... ._ ................................ -... 799 Ib Cut and Wrapped Free, Publix Pork, All-Natural, Full-Flavor SAVE UP TO 1.20 LB . . . : A Good Source of Vitamin C Peeled and Deveined, Farm-Raised, and Potassium, bag Previously Frozen, 21 to 30 per Pound SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICE SAVE UP TO 3.00 LB ..... ., ................................................. Carrot Bar 499Publix Deli Korbel 999 : -12-Pack Budweiser, 899 Cake......................................... Fried 599 Brut Champagne .. _........ -Miller, or Coors Beer .. -Or Red Velvet Bar Cake, Both Topped Chicken Tenders.......... Or Rose cir Extra Dry, 750-ml bot. : Assorted Varieties, 12-oz can and/or bot. With Our Delicious Soft Cream Cheese Icing, Assorted Varieties, Hot or Fresh Chilled, : SAVE UP TO 2.00 : SAVE UP TO .50 From the Publix Bakery, 16 or 19-oz pkg. Hand Breaded, Fried in Trans Fat Free Oil, (18-Pack Assorted Busch or Natural Beer, SAVE UP TO 1.00 From the Publix Deli 12-oz can and/or bot. -9 .99) : SAVE UP TO 1.70 LB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -..... Prices effective _Sunday, December 26 through Friday, December 31, 2010. Only i n Hillsborough, Pasc o Pinellas, Highlands, Hernando, Citrus, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Collier, Lake, Sumter, Polk and Osceola Counties. Inc luding Publix at Stoneybrook Hills Village I n Mount Dora. Any Item carried by Publix GreenWise Market will be at the Publix advertised sal e price. Prices not effective at Publix SabOr. Quantity rights reserved. en m !i z m r-m c: r r-z ""D c: m l en :::E: m c m < m -t c: m en c )> z c "11 22 c


E Health N ,.... M a: w m :E w () w c a: u.. m 0 ,... w e, The Truth Behind Mom's Cold And Flu Advice Remember our children do not only learn by listening, they also learn by observing! Don t forget to wash your hands." "Have a little chicken soup, dear." "Feed a cold, starve a fever." "Bundle up, or you'll catch your death of cold." "Don't go outside with wet hair. "Are you sure you're getting enough sleep?" "Drink lots of fluids." "Take vitamin C." "Take a shower." "Cover your mouth when you cough." SCHOOL PHYSICALS STEPHEN A. WILLIAMS, M.D., P.A. Board Certified PediatriCian 714 W. MLK Jr. Blvd. Tel: 813-223-6222 Tampa, FL 33603 Fax : 813-223-6020 www.kiddlemd.com Accepting New .com/drstevens Patients 0 -21 ANGEUA TOMUNSON DDS, PA Accepting New Patients, Including Children Exams, Cleaning & Fillings Cosmetic (Bonding, Veneers) Crowns (Caps) & Bridges Partials & Dentures Extraction Implant Restorations Walk-Ins & Emergencies Welcome Most Insurance Accepted Senior Citizen Discounfs Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N Boulevard (1 Blk South Of W. Dr. MLK Blvd. ) www.tomlinsondentalcare.com Nail Deformities Corn & Calluses Sports Medicine Wound Care NEW Medi-Pedicure Bunions Available PAULL. SHEEHY, JR., D.P.M., P.A. Board Certified Academ y Of Ambu/atoryr Foot & Ankle Surgery 10 Heart Anack svmptoms People Ignore Heart attacks don't alw ay s strike out of the blue --there are many symptoms we can watch for in the day s and weeks leading up to an attack. 1. Indigestion Or Nausea One of the most oft-over looked signs of a heart attack is nausea and stomach pain. Symptoms can range from mild indigestion to severe nau sea, cramping, and vomiting. 2. Jaw, Ear, Neck, Or Shoulder Pain A sharp pain in the neck or shoulder area, or it may feel like it's running along the jaw and up by the ear. Some women specifically report feel ing the pain between their shoulder blades. 3o Sexual Dysfunction Having trouble achieving or keeping erections is common in men with coronary artery disease, but they may not make the connection. Just as arteries around the heart can narrow and harden, so can those that supply the penis --and because those ar teries are smaller, they may show damage sooner. 4 Exhaustion Or Fatigue A sense of crushing fatigu e that lasts for several days is a nother sign of heart troubl e that's all too often overlooked or explained away Women, in particular, often look back after a heart attack and mention this symptom. 5 Breathlessness And Dizziness When your heart isn't get ting enough blood, it also isn't getting enough oxygen. And when there's not enough oxy gen circulating in your blood, the result is feeling unable to draw a deep, satisfying breath -the same feeling you get when you're at high elevation. 6. Leg Or Pain When the heart muscle isn't functioning properly, waste products aren't carried away from tissues by the blood, and the result can be edema, or swelling caused by fluid reten. tion. Edema usually starts in the feet, ankles, and legs because they're furthest from the heart, where circulation is poorer. In addition, when tis sues don't get enough blood, it can lead to a painful condition called ischemia Hillsborough County Healthcare Provider (Tampa Family Health Centers) Auto Accident Insurance-PIP PPO Insurance Plans Slip & Fall Injuries 7 Sleeplessness, Insomnia, And Anxiety Those who've had heart attacks often remember experi encing a sudden, unexplained inability to fall asleep or stay asleep during the month or weeks before their heart attack. 8. Flu-Like Symptoms Clammy, sweaty skin, along with feeling light-headed, fa tigued, and weak, leads some people to believe they're com ing down with the flu when, in fact, they're having a heart at tack. 9 Rapid-Fire Pulse Or Heart Rate One little-known symptom that sometimes predates a heart attack is known as ventricular tachycardia, more commonly described as rapid and irregular pulse and heart rate. 10. YouJustDon't Feel Like Yourself Heart attacks in older adults (especially those in their 8os and beyond, or in those who have dementia or multiple health conditions), can mimic many other conditions. 813-237-1364 FAX REFERRALS: 813-237-1365 OR Office: 221 0 E. Hillsborough Ave Suite 5 Corner Of 22nd & Hillsborough Beside Am scot Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine: Spinal Manipulation, Acupuncture & Physiotheraphy Massage Therapy I Myofascial Release -MM 18219 Physiotherapy: lnterferential I Moist Heat Packs I Therapeutic Exercises /Intersegmental Traction Medical Doctor: Prescriptions For Pain I Muscle Spasms Extended Office Hours: 10:00 A.M. To 7:00 P.M. Monday Thru Friday And 10:00 A.M. To 2:00P.M. Saturday Doctors of Chiropractic Frequently Treat Individuals With Complaints Such As Whiplash, Headaches, Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Low BAck Pain And Sciatica. Chiropractors Also Treat Patients With Osteoarthritis, Spinal Disk Conditions, Carpall\Jnnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Sprains/Strains And Chronic Pain.


"T1 ::0 ealth Tame PMS! Whv You're Not Sleeping Take Dandelion Extract To Beat Bloating. This h e rb is rich in hormon e -bal a ncers that flush out e x cess fluids *Warm Your Belly To Ease Cramps. Using a heating pad or heat wrap improves blood flow to tender tissues soothing cramps. Master The Munchies By Eating Often. Eating every 2-3 hours cuts cravings by stabilizing blood sugar. Conquer Crabbiness With Chasteberry. This herb reduces anxiety, depression and bloating It also helps your body release progesterone, which counters the estrogen ex cess that can cause crabbiness. Pomegranate: A Nutritional Jewel Pomegranates offer a multi tude of health benefits because they are esp e ciall y high in h ea lth-promoting a ntio x i dants. A few benefits include: low ering bad' LDL cholesterol, in creasing blood flow to the heart for people with heart dis ease protecting against pro s trate and breast cancers, improving erectile dysfunc tion, enhancing recovery from exercising, protecting against heart disease and diabetes, the flu. alleviate symptoms of menopaus e such as hot flashes. Used topic a ll y to the skin pomegranate s reduce d a mage from the sun. Used in mouthwashes it reduc es plaque and protects against gum disease For overall health, antioxi dants protect against environ mental damage and the ravages of aging while increasing resistance to Pomegranates can help to Also, unlike other fruit juices, pomegranate juice does not raise blood sugar. ANSWER YOUR CANCER QUESTIONS AND CANCER ONLY ::. Cancer isn t one of the priorities at Moffitt it's our only priority. This clarity of mission not only sets our 4,100 member cancer team apart from other hospitals, it leads to breakthroughs in prevention, treatment and one day -a cure. If y our s l ee p i s import a nt to y ou pa y atte ntion to so m e po s sibl e r eas on s you ca n t c a t c h a n y z's ("') Falling Asleep With The TV On. Watching televi sion perpetuates insomnia be cause you engage your mind in the show's content. Turn off the television and allow your self to drift off in peace. Popping A Decongestant Pill. Medications such as decongestants often pack a stimulant to counteract the drowsiness typically associ ated with related medicines. one g lass of wine. Running or Hitting the Gym. Exercising right before bedtime actually i your energy rather than tigue you. Not only does heat up the bod y 's Lc'""'c' ture (we sle e p best when ou tempe ratures ha v e dropp and w e 're in cool en v iro ments) but it rev s up mind too Hopping Into Bed Soon as You Chores. Plopping onto m s: m m ::0 (1.) ..... 1\) 0 ..... 0 Face booking Right Before Bed. Staring at the computer screen right before bed wreaks havoc on sleep The mtifici allight may trick your bra in into thinking it is daytime and hinder the bod y 's production of m e la tonin (th e h o rmone tha t makes us sleep y). after doing chor es "T1 j" You're Preoccupied pretty appealing but "'" ,."-" 0 About Upcoming Events. Between 3 a .m. and 5 a.m., it is pointless to spend your time thinking about things because your mental capacity is at its absolute lowest of the entire day. bod y needs a little ::0 time. Even if you feel pletel y tired, take 10 CJ) to read or have a bath. m You Chowed Down !j Close to Bedtime. Z Two Glasses of Wine Too Close to Bedtime. Drinking alcohol may help people feel relaxed but it has a contradictory alerting effect. After 7 p.m. limit yourself to DR. COLLEEN CAMPBELL Board Certified, Internal Medicine is now at CTM Healthcare Internal Medicine Clinic Delivery Compassionate Thoughtful Meticu l ous Adult Medicial Care Accepting many insurances including: Humana Commercial, Humana Gold Plus and Medicare. Located at 5503 E. Busch Blvd. (SW Comer of Busch & 56th) Confidence Begins With A Beautiful Smile! Improve Your Sm11e Today \V1th StratC)htP.r T<>Pth From ''The House 01 Beauttful Smtles" Fnendly Personal Care Most Insurance Plans Accepted Zero Down Payment Plans Available F l exible and Affordable Monthly Payments Family Discounts BRACES FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN William F. Marsh, DDS, PA Pr e ferred Orthodontist For Over 30 Years 813-238-3384 1nvasalagn 4119 N. Taliaferro Ave. Tampa Just Right Of The 1-275 Northb ound Entran c e R amp Of M. L. K Bl v d m j" m c: j" j" m -t z ""C c: m j" c;; :I: m 0 m < m -t c: m CJ) 0 )> z 0 "T1 0 ..... ..... I m


National ,.. C") a: w m :: UJ (.) w 0 Mass Prison Protest Leads Georgia NAACP And Advocates To Visit Prisons On Fact Finding Mission 0 fE By Robert Rooks and Edward Dubose Twelve da y s ago a g roup of inm a tes in differ ent prisons around Georgia began a massive, coordinated peace ful protest in support of jus tice and human rights. They used the principles of nonviolence Mahatma Gandhi pioneered while leading the Indian independence movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. utilized in the struggle for civil rights. These men have refused to work or eat so that their voices might be heard on issues like improved health care, better a: educational opportunities, LL nutritional meals, and yes -0 fair parole decisions ::i These protesters are wards of the Georgia Department 0 of Corrections prisoners of cn different races and religions who nevertheless banded 1-together across ethnic and geographical lines in support g;! of a common cause They are w petitioning for civil treat-0 ment and opportunities for personal betterment in an cn institutional system that is ffi supposedly designed to not ::::l only contain, but also to D. reform and improve. And they are human beings with w human rights, guaranteed to ::J them by many international ::::l covenants to which the U.S. is a party. One of these is the w International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights z (ICCPR), which states, "All W persons deprived of their libCJ) erty shall be treated with humanity and respect f or the inherent dignity of the human person."(ICCPR, Article 10) The rights of prisoners -the exact points around which the inmates in Georgia have raised concern are further laid out by the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, approved b y the U.N. in 1957. Unfortunately, there have been credible stories that guards have responded violently to these non-violent protests. At least four prisons have been placed on lockdown. According to reports from prisoner advo cates, guards have allegedly used violent measures to force the men back to work. The reports include stories of beatings, guards destroying prisoners' property, withholding heat and hot water and denying access to family members. a: 0 ...J LL NAACP Supporting the National HIV I AIDS Strategy According to the "The stigma associated with HIV remains extremely high and fear of discrimination causes some Americans to avoid learning their HIV status, disclosing their status, or accessing medical care Hillsborough Branch NAACP is Facing AIDS by supporting the Natiortal HIV I AIDS Strategy Get HIV I AIDS tested at these sites: Hillsborough County Health Department Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan THAP Youth Ed Services DACCO St Joseph Tampa Care Clinic (813) 307-8064 (813)226-2141 (813) 933-2598 (813) 384-4028 (813) 870-4460 OEPAif!MtHT Of HEALTH GIIIUTittOIII.I.Itll.tmml10101.1. Last week a coalition including the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP approached the Georgia Department of Corrections for information -information on the allegations of abuse, but also information on the conditions that caused prisoners anguish in the first place On Monday, the DOC allowed a fact-finding team composed of NAACP envoys and other prisoner rights advocates to visit Macon State Prison in order to interview inmates, assess liv ing conditions and explore concerns that led to the strike. The delegation was able to confirm some of the concerns that the prisoners expressed, and will continue .to engage to bring justice for the prisoners. Prisoners may lose some rights when they are judged guilty and receive a jail tence -by no means a subjective process our penal system -but they are still human beings with legitimate needs. It is inspiring to see incarcerated men practicing non-violence, and encouraging for the redemptive power of the criminal justice system We just need to ensure that prisoners are given the chance to redeem themselves. Robert Rooks is the Director of NAACP Criminal Justice Programs. Edward Dubose is President of the NAACP Georgia State Conference (8131248-1921 Pres. Obama Caps Quiet Christmas Bv Visiting u. s. Troops President Obama, left and first lady Michelle Obama, right visit members of the military and their families during dinner at Anderson Hall on Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe, Hawaii, Saturday, Dec. 25, 2QlO. HONOLULU-Presi-dent hall at Marine Corps Base Barack Obama is calling on Hawaii .Jt' s the third year in a Americans to find ways to row the Obamas have visited support U.S. troops during the base on Christmas. the holiday season as he and With U.S. troops serving in his wife delivered their own Afghanistan, Iraq and other thanks personally. outposts around the world, Obama capped a quiet the Obamas also used the Christmas Saturday with an unannounced visit to a president's weekly radio and Marine base. The president Internet address to encourage and Michelle Obama spent Americans to remind troops more than an hour shaking that, in the president's words hands and hugging service "America will forever be here members who had arrived for for them, just as they've been Christmas dinner at the mess there for us." Jimmv McMillan Of 'The Rent Is Too Damn High Panv' Announces Presidential Bid Jimmy McMillan, folk hero, internet sensation, and leader of New York political party The Rent Is Too Damn High," recently announced he has. his sights set on the White House After being catapulted to fame following a quirky yet impressive_ performance in the New York g1,1bernatorial debates this fall, McMillan attained rockstar status, win ning more than 40,000 votes in this year s New York gover nor's race. Now he says he's ready to take on President Barack Obama in the quest for higher office. "If you don' t do your job right, I am coming at you," he said, complaining about the president' s bailout of General Motors. I know Barack Obama is an hog. I JIMMY know he MCMILLAN knows that I am out there. But what he hasn't heard yet is that Jimmy McMillan is running for President of.the United States of America. McMillan urged Obama to call him up on the phone and invite him to serve in the administration That scenario aside, McMillan said he would register as a Republican to avoid a prima. ry challenge from the presi dent FREE HOME DB.IVERY OF YOUR-Pharmacist MEDICATIONS DIABETIC SHOES & SUPPLIES FAST & FRIENDLY SEANCE $4. DRUGS NOW-AVAILABLE ON MOST GENERIC MEDS WE ACCEPT HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY PLANS, SHARE COST, MEDICAID, MEDICARE & OTHERS. Let Us Be Your Pharmacy Call Us Today At (813) 989-1351 www. superionnedialcenter.com


', THE SEASON1S BEST SALES EVENT FROM CADILLAC ENDS SOON. 2011 ESCALADE @ SEASON'S BEST PERl. MONTH ULTRA-LOW MILEAGE LEASE FOR QUALIFIEO LESSEES $4 474DU E AT SIGNING I AFTER ALL OFFERS 39 MONTHS $0 SECURITY DEPOSIT DUE Tax, title, l icense and dea ler fees extra Mileage charge of $ 25/mile over 32 ,500 miles. INCLUDES CADILLAC PREMIUM CARE MAINTEN .ANCE2 4 years or 50,000 miles? including: Oil changes Tire rotations Multi-point vehicle inspection Engine and passenger compartment air f ilter r eplacement VISIT YOUR CADILLAC DEALER OR CADILLAC.COM TODAY. 'Exampl e based surny. Each dealer sets lls own price. Your parmtnts mar varJ. Payment; are for a 2011 Cad i lla c E scalade with an MSRP of $04,110; 39 monthl y payments total $23,3&1. Option to purchase a t l ease end for an amount t o be determined at lease signing. Ally must approve lea s e Take delivery by l/3/11. M i leage c harge of $.25/mile ove r 32 ,500 01iles. Lessee peys for excess wear and tear charges Payments mey b e higher in some states. Not availab .le with some othe r offers Residency apply. 1Visi t www.c.adUiac.com/premium-care for d e t ails 1Whichever c ome s first. See dealer for d etai ls. C2010 General Moto rs, Escalade tt :::c c )> c m ("') m s: OJ m :::c w ..... r-0 :::c c )> en m z ::::t z m r-1 OJ c r rm ::::t z "tt c OJ c en ::I: m c m < m :::c -< -4 c m en c )> z c :::c c ..... w I OJ


or--T"" 0 C'\1 Community Christmas Worship Service Held PASTOR E. T. PICKETT, III On Saturday, December 25, 2010, the Interdenominational Minister's Alliance (IMA) Reverend Pierce Ewing, President, hosted a community Christmas wor-ship Service. The host-site was C the First Baptist Institutional a: Church (FBIC) in Lakeland, LL Dr. Alex Harper, Sr., pasO z tor. <1: The FBIC Choir sang scings ::=: of worship. Pastor E. T. ..... Pickett, III, pastor of Word Alive Ministries served as the w 1-w > w c w :::t: en :J m a. z t= w -I -I m messenger. Pastor Pickett delivered words of teaching and encouragement, which included scriptures: Isaiah 9:6, Luke 1:26.-35, John 10:17-18, Hebrews 1:8 and Philippians 4 Among those in attendance at the service were dignitaries City of Lakeland Commissioner Phillip Walker and Lakeland Police Department's Interim Chief Charles Thompson. Pastor Jesse McNeal, who was in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day, was also in attendance and doing very -1 well. w z t= z Soccer Game Held To Support the United Way <1: A large crowd of supporters C gathered to watch a recent a: soccer match between the g Polk State College (PSC) LL championship girls' soccer team a.k.a. Lady Vikings and the PSC staff. The day was a lot of fun and a good workout for the-players. Among the staff members who represented were President Eileen Holden, Steve. Hull, Tracy Porter, Reggie Webb, Justin Bean, Ernie Ivey, Bill Eberts, Sheila Rios, Cindy Freitag, Jude Ryan, Claudy Fenelon, Obenson Morajeune, and Neal Steigher. Arthur Mattson coached the faculty team. Watch Night Service ToBeHeld The Tampa West Coast District Church of God by Faith, Elder James E. Williams, III, District Superintendent, will host a III Watch Night Service on I o::t Friday, December 31, 2010 beginning at 10:00 p m. The G host church will be Church of (f God by Faith, 407 South Knight Street, Plant City, Minister Jerome Fortson, pastor. Everyone is invited. Happy Anniversary Shaw-Nuf Talk extends belated happy anniversary wishes to Elder James Williams, III, and his lovely wife, Lillie Williams. The Williams' who celebrated 42 years of wedding bliss on December 26th. This was a dual-purpose da y of joy for the Williams' as their newly wed daughter and her husband, Jason and Audrey Sherman, celebrated their first wedding a nni ve rsar y on the same day! May God continue to bless both of these unions with many more years! Happy Birthday Shaw-Nuf Talk extends happy birthday wishes to Lakeland gentlemen, James Bennett (Jan. 2nd); and Bishop John W. "Bobby" Smith (Jan. 5th); Ms. Shameka Dickerson (Jan. 4th); and Bartow gentleman, Maurice Johnson (Jan. 7th). Belated happy birthday wishes to Winter Haven twins, Shavon Borders and Shavonnie Borders who celebrated their natal day on Dec. 29th; Austin Landers (Dec. 3rd); Ronida Durant (Dec. 4th); Elijah Landers (Dec. 14th) the grandson of Minister Anthony and Myrtice Landers; Reshad Williams (Dec. 15th) and Joyce Bentley (Dec. 25th). May God continue to bless each of you with many more birthdays. Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out This week's Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out is extends wishes for a Happy New Year to all the readers of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin and ShawNuf Talk. May the blessings of the Lord be upon each of you and your families during this year and in the years to come. And we hope that your Christmas was filled with the love, joy and peace of the Lord. As we cross over into a new year, a new decade, a new season of life, remember ... Jesus is the reason for the season, not just at Christmas time, but everyday! Talk To Shaw-Nuf Shaw-Nuf Talk wants to hear from you. Share your exciting news and/or photos of your celebrations, special events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family reunions, etc., with the read ership of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin and Shaw-Nuf Talk by sending an e-mail to: shawnuftalk@yahoo.com or calling (863) 513-8437 un '8WS Couple Exchange Wedding vows On the afternoon of Friday, September 17, 2010, at St. James A.M.E. Church in Auburndale, childhood sweethearts, Larry V. Coleman and J ordaeshia R. Green exchanged their wedding vows before a quaint gather ing offamily and friends. The couple chose to not have the fancy wedding gown, tux 'n tails, flowing bouquet and other traditional wedding things. The Bride was escorted by her fathers, John R. Green and Michael R. Shaw. Michael Shaw, II, Mr. and Mrs. Larry (Jordaeshia) Coleman, the newlyweds. Taquera Murray is shown with Mr. and Mrs. Coleman. Ms. Sandra Worlds, aunt of the bride, was among the wedding guests. Wedding guest Herman Johnson, III, Owner of Above & Beyond Limo Service, had a surprise in store for the newlyweds served as the Best Man. Reverend Billy Shaw was the officiator of the wedding vows Larry and J ordaeshia sealed their unity by the lighting of the unity candle. Simplicity was the theme of the ceremony and reception, which was held at one of the couple's favorite restaurants, Fred 's Market in Lakeland. However, a hint of luxury came at the conclusion of the ceremony. Michael Shaw escorted the 'eyes covered' newlyweds to the outside of the church where Herman Johnson, Jr., a.k.a. Uncle Ricky (family member ofthe Bride) and Owner of Above and Beyond Limo Service awaited their entrance (on the red carpet) into his Godfather Edition Excalibur Roadster, complete with the Godfather theme horn. The newlyweds enjoyed the fancy ride (and highway attention!) from the church in Auburndale to the restaurant in Lakeland. (Photos by Shaw-Nut) The Colemans prepare to enter their wedding chariot Reverend Billy Shaw shown with the Bride and Groom. JoAnn Crumity, mother of the Groom, is shown with the newlyweds. The Bride and Groom with his parents, Larry and Wendy Coleman. The Bride and Groom With Father of the Bride, Jonathan R. Green

For Your Into Whv Do People Decide ToBuvAHome Typically it's the frustra tion of watching the monthly rent check go up in smoke that pushes renters into the home buying market. You can't get ahead paying rent, they reason. And, beyond the agreement of a rental lease, there' s no way to hold down rising rents. By contrast, mortgage payments generally 'remain stable from year to year Whether married or single, homeowners gain tax in centives that renters do not. A sizable portion of your mortgage interest and property tax can be deducted if you own a home. And the longer you own a home, the more equity you establish in your property. Essentially, owning a home becomes an investment, a valuable asset for future opportunities ALL Mortgage Questions May Be Mailed To: Yolanda Y. Anthony Licensed Mortgage Broker P.O. Box 21472 Tampa, FL 33622 Celebrate Your Wins 012010 "The more you praise and your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." Oprah Winfrey 1 YOU begin tO COUntdown ( ... s, 4, 3, 2, 1) the final seconds to the end of the year remember to "Celebrate Your Wins Of 2oio." No matter how miniscule or grand your accomplishments were this. past year, they are worth celebrating. If you should have been dead and gone and you still have life in your body -celebrate. If you had some failures, setups and setbacks and you're still a force to be reckoned-with-celebrate. If you would've, should've, or could've caught a charge and didn't -celebrate. If you wanted to give somebody a piece of your mind but instead you kept it yourself -celebrate. If you started something new and closed the chapter of the book to something old -celebrate. If you still believe that you can and will achieve great things in life let's celebrate the end of 2010. And get read ito be on a steady course of acceleration steppin' in 2011, celebrating the launch ing of a New Year of endless possibilities, renewed hope, desired outcomes and extraordinary measures Looking forward to bigger and better things steppin' into 2011. See you next year! 2 Tampa Locations: 7211 North Dale Mabry Highway, Suite 203 813-985-4747 11333 North Nebraska Avenue 813-972-4761 Ask Deanna! Is an advice column knownfor its fearless approach to realitybased subjects! Dear Deanna! I went on a beach trip with my closest friends. As married women we agreed that what ever happened while traveling would stay in its place. This agreement went well for two years. One of the ladies in the group went through a divorce and she told our husbands about our sexual affairs and has caused so much drama. I'm concerned about them but my husband is taking things pretty hard and feels he'll never trust me again How do I repair this damage? Embarrassed Katie Wichita Falls, TX Dear Katie: You should 've honored your vows instead of running behind your girlfriends The first thing is to forgive yourself Unfair Prison Sentences After Passage 01 The Fair Sentencing Act 012010 PART II OF II Third, had the individual been found to have dealt 28 grams of powder cocaine as opposed to 28 grams of crack cocaine, he would have been sentenced to at least 5 years less time in prison. This is one example of an unfair sentence that the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 was in tended to prevent. Even Senators Dick Durbin and Patrick Leahy, the leading congressional advocates of the new law, in a November 17, 2010 letter asked Holder Attorney General Eric to in struct his line of federal prosecutors to urge the federal courts to rule that sentence re ductions should be imposed for crack sentences issued after passage of the new law. A link to this letter can be found on our website blog What Can You Do? Contact your local con gressmen and urge them to: 1) amend the law to make it retroactive; 2) take action to ::0 c an d see k for g iven ess fr o m G o d Fr o m that p o int conf ess 0 to y our hu s band and a sk him m to for g ive y ou a nd t o work (") with y ou to fix the marriage. You have viol a ted y our hus-m bands honor and his heart. m You both should be open ::0 minded to professional coun-seling In the future, if you do "' dirty things, do them alone so that your secrets won t be re-o leased. Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email: askdeanna1@yahoo.com or write: Deanna M, 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Website www.askdeanna.com. ensure that sentences are con sistent with the Fair Sentenc ing Act's reduced mandatory minimums for those arrested, but not yet sentenced, regard less of when their criminal conduct took place; 3) pass a new Fair Sentencing Act of 2011 that makes punishments the same for powder cocaine and crack cocaine offenses. Criminal Defense Attor-0 neys T. Federico Bower and ::0 Mark J. O'Brien are both for-mer Miami prosecutors, and en handle exclusively federal and select state criminal defense =! cases. They invite your crimi-Z m nal law questions by submit-r-ting an online inquiry on their m website at www. obrien-bower.com or contacting them at 511 W. Bay St. #330, :::! Tampa, FL 33606 (813-250-Z 3533). All questions will be "t1 c: answered and those questions m relevant to the most people C will be featured l.n an ing newspaper article. m c


0 ,.. 0 C\1 ,.. C") c::: w al :E C I ass i-f.ied. s .. .. ,., w u w c c c::: LL c a: LL c z c( c U) w ::::> .... rt w > w c w % U) :::l al ::J a. z i= w ..J ..J ::J al II INVITATION TO BID Pursuant to Chapter 69-1119, Special Acts, Laws of Florida sealed Bids will be received by the Director of Purchasing, City of Tampa in his office until : 2:30 PM ON 1n/11 BUCKETS, PAILS, CANS AND COOLERS 3:00 PM ON 1n/11 SAFETY BOOTS 3:30 PM ON 1n/11 METALS (NON-INVENTORY) then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read. Bid documents are available at the Purchasing Department (Phone No. 813/274-8351) It i s hereby made a part of this Invitation to Bid that the sub mission of any Bid in response to this advertised request shall con stitute a Bid made under the same conditions for the same contract price and for the same effective period as this Bid to all public enti ties in Hillsborough County. Dated: 12/31/10 Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, FL 306 E Jackson Street Tampa, FL 33602 11.:;;;;;;;;;;;;1 z w U) ( a: 0 ..J LL Dining Services at The University of Tampa is hiring for all positions! Experienced cooks. bakers bartenders. banquet servers, cashiers. clerical. food service and utility workers. We offer compet itive salaries and free meals! ON-THE-SPOT INTERVIEWS! Tuesday, January 4 2011 9:00AM 3:00 PM Monday, January 10,2011 9:00AM 3:00 PM Tuesday, January 11, 2011 9:00AM 3:00 PM UT Dining Services 401 W Kenneq y Blvd Vaughn Center Absolutel y no phone calls accepled EOE M/F/D/V CONTACT LAVORA @ (8"13) 248-"192"1 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION Case No.: 2010-CA-010961 DIVISION H RF SECTION II U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, as Trustee relating to Chevy Chase funding LLC Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2007-1 (Plaintiff) vs. ERROL GREENIDGE and all unknown parties claiming by, through, under and against the above named Defendant who are unknown to be dead or alive whether said unknown are persons, heirs, devisees, grantees, or other claimants; UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF ERROL GREENIDGE; THE ENCLAVE AT RICHMOND PLACE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC.; RICHMOND PLACE PROPERTY OWNERS' ASSOCIATION, INC; TENANT I UNKNOWN TENANT; and TENANT II/UNKNOWN TENANT, in possession of the subject real property, (Defendants) NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to the final judgment/order entered in the above noted case, that I will sell the following property situated in Hillsborough County Florida described as : CONDOMINIUM UNIT 836, BUILDING 800, THE ENCLAVE AT RICHMOND PLACE, TOGETHER WITH AN UNDIVIDED INTEREST IN THE COMMON ELEMENTS, ACCORDING TO THE DECLARATION OF CONDOMINIUM THEREOF, RECORDED IN OFFICIAL RECORD BOOK 16090, PAGE 1252, AS AMENDED FROM TIME TO TIME, OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FLORIDA. at public sale, to the highest and best bidder for cash, at 2:00 P.M., on the 2nd Floor, Room 202 in the George E. Edgecomb Courthouse at 800 E. Twiggs Street Tampa, Florida 33602, January 27th. 2011. The highest bidder shall immediately post with the Clerk, a deposit equal to five percent (5%) of the final bid The deposit must be cash or cashier's check payable to the Clerk of th e Court. Final payment must be made by 12:00 p.m. the next business day. ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY OWNER AS THE DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. ATTN: PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A DISABILITY WHO NEEDS ANY A CCOMMODATION IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING, YOU ARE ENTITLED, AT NO COSTTOYOU, TO THE PROVISION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. PLEASE CONTACTTHE OFFICE OF THE COURT ADMINISTRATOR AT (813) WITHIN TWO (2) WORKING DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS DOCUMENT IF YOU ARE HEARING OR VOICE IMPAIRED, TDD AT (813) 272-6169 OR FLORIDA RELAY SERVICE AT (800) 955-8nO. Dated this 23rd day of November. 2010. PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: /s/ FELICIA PATTERSON DEPUTY CLERK INVITATION TO BID Sub bids requested from W/MBE Subcontractors and/or suppliers. Hillsborough County Hillsgrove & Stearns Drainage Improvements Bid Date: January 6, 2011 Sub bids due no later than January 3, 2011 Trades/Services Requested: Audio Video, Asphalt/Milling, Concrete, Clearing & Grubbing, Erosion Control Fencing, Landscaping, Survey Pipe Supply Kimmins Contracting Corp. 1501 2nd Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 813-805-8627 Contact Person: Carolyn G. Seals Email Address: cseals@kimmins.com Equal Opportunity Employer HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY INVITATION TO BID II Sealed bids will be received from bidders by the Owner in the Terminal Building front office located on the third level/blue side, Tampa International Airport for the Project listed below until 2:00 p.m., January 26, 2011. No bid will be considered unless received on or before the time and at the place designated above. All bids received will be publicly opened and read aloud shortly thereafter in the Service Building Lobby Conference Room B, second level/red side: Airport Name: Tampa International Airport Authority Project Number: 5410 09 Project Title: Hillsborough County Mosquito Control -Site Remediation A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held in the Authority boardroom, located in the Landside Terminal Building, third level/blue side on January 11, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. For more information and to register to receive automated e-mail notifications of future business opportunities, please visit our website at www. tampaairport .com; quick links; airport business. Florida Sentinel Holiday Closed Friday, December 31 In Observance Of New Yea Paper Will Be Monday. December 27th And Wednesday, December


:!! c II TAX DEEDS II m NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha t PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 t h e h older of the f oll owing certifica t e has filed said certifica t e for a tax d ee d t o b e issued t h e reon T h e c er tificat e number and yea r o f iss u a nce, the d esc rip t i o n o f the prop erty, and the n a mes in whic h i t w a s asse s sed are as f o llo w s : Folio No.: 189010.0000 C e rtifi ca t e No.: 179413-08 F il e No.: 2011-42 Year of Issuance: 2008 Descript ion of Property: GARYTOWN W 42 7 FT OF NV.. OF BLOCK 1 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 02/2 2 SEC -lWP-RGE: 17-29 19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name( s ) in which assessed: ESTATE OF MYRA LEE COACHMAN ESTATE OF MANCEY COACHMAN Said p r operty be ing in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property desc r ibed i n such certificate s hall be sold to the h i ghest bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs St r eet Tampa FL 33602 on the 2mb day of January. 2011, at 10 : 00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276 8100 ext 4809 to verify sal e location) Dated day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceed ing, you are entitled at no cost to you to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Flo r ida (813) 276-8100 extens ion 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the serv Ice Is needed ; If you aie hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. II II 1 06 W. Floribraska Ave. Buy Me For $49k Ready For Move In Call 813-221-4457 Bridgette 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Mobile Home For Under 1 Ok In Town N Country Located In Subdivision Off Of Memorial Highway Completely Remodeled v & v (813) 259-4663 www.myflnancialconnections com NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, tha t CLARINET 1 LLC #3196 the hold e r o f the f ollowin g certificat e has file d s aid certific at e f o r a tax deed t o b e issu e d thereo n The certific at e numb e r and y e a r of issuance, the o f the property and the n a mes in w hich it w a s assessed are as f ollo ws: Foli o No : 038945 5196 C e rtificate No.: 159373-08 File No.: 2011-43 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: PLACE ONE A CONDOMINIUM UNIT 98 TYPE B .00421 % UNDIV INTEREST IN COMMON ELEMENTS EXPENSES AND SURPLUS PLAT BOOK/PAGE : CB03 / 45 SEC-lWP-RGE : 2728-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in w hich assessed : CECELIA H CALLAHAN Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest b idde r at the Jury Aud i tor ium, 2nd Floor George E Edgecomb Courthouse 800 Eas t Twiggs Str e et, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2mb day of January. 2011, at 10:00 A.M (NOTICE : Please ca ll (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale loc ation) Dated this 3rQ day of Decembe r 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to partic i pate In this proceeding you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the servi ce Is needed ; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. II RENT TO OWN. II 1404 E. Louisiana Ave 3 Bedroom/2 Bath $900 00/Monthly Rent To Own Call 813-221-4457 Bridgette "The Voice of' Our Coinrn. unit:y S peaking for Itself" (813) 248-1921 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX. DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, tha t CLARINET 1 LLC #3196 the h o lder o f t h e f ollowing c ertificat e has fil e d said cer t ific ate f or a tax dee d to b e issu e d ther eon. The c ertificat e numb er a n d yea r o f i ssuance, the d esc ripti o n o f the property, and the n a mes in whic h it w a s asse s sed ar e a s f o llo ws: F o lio No.: 0328n. oooo Cer tific ate No. : 157218 -08 File No.: 2011-44 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of LES JARDINS DE FLORIDE L OT 64 ON BLVD AND LOT 11 ON HWY IN SW Y.. OF SEC 33 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 01/ 150 SEC-lWPRGE : Cl3-32-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: ROBERT R POPE LOLA D POPE Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unles s sucti c.ertificate s hall be rede emed according to law the property descr ibed in such certi ficat e shall be sold t o the highest bidd e r at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2l!th day of January. 2011, at 10 : 00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale locat i on) Dated this all! day of Pecember 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the serv i ce Is needed ; I f you are hearing or voice I mpaired call 711. II Temple Terrace Area 2 Bedroom /1 Y2 Bath Condo $700.00/Monthly Move-In Special Call (813) 960-1579 Adran Management, Inc. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, tha t PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the h olde r o f t h e following certifi c ate has f il e d said c e r t ifi c at e f o r a tax de e d t o b e issu e d there o n The c e rtifi c a t e number and y ear o f issuance, the d e scripti o n of the pro perty, and the n a mes in w hich it was assessed are as follows: Folio No: : 183412.0000 Certifi c ate No.: 178806-08 File No.: 2011-46 Year of Issuan ce: 2008 Description of Property : RIDGEWOOD PARK W 50 FT OF LOT 13 BLOCK D PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 10 /06 SEC-lWP-RGE: 14-29 -18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which as sessed : EDDIE LEE JONES Said property being In the County of Hillsborough,_ State of Florida. Unless such cert i ficate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditor ium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the 2mb day o f January 2011, at 10:00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276 8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location ) Dated this 3rd day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice I mpa i red call 711. FOR RENT Condo Pond View Near Busch 1 Bedroom/1 Bath $650.00/Monthly Gated Community Swimming Pool, Laundry Water And Sewer Included (813) 390-4169 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha t CLARINET 1 LLC #3196 the h olde r o f the f ollowing certificate has fil e d said certificate for a ta x d ee d t o b e i ssue d the reon The c ertif ica t e numb e r and y e a r o f i ssu a nce, the description of the prop er ty, and the n a mes in which it was ass e ssed a r e as follo ws: F olio No. : 005049 2806,2822 2824,2826 2828 Certif ic ate No.: 153423-08 File N o : 2011-45 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property : SHOPPES AT SHELDON LOT 3 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 113 / 227 SEC -lWPRGE : 26-28 17 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: JOHN NAYLOR BURGESS SHELDON LLC STRATEGIC COUNSEL LC BURGESS SHELDON LLC PHILIP O'MAHONEY STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT LLC SHELDONG OFFICE PARK LAND TRUST NO 1 Said property being in the County of State of Flo r ida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Audito r ium 2nd Floor George E Edgecomb Courthouse 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 20th day of J8nyary. 2011, at 10:00 A .M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to parti cipate In this proceeding you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Flor i da, (813) 276 8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice I mpaired call 711. II South Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath Townhouse Washer/Dryer Hook-up Fenced, Patio Section 8 Ready $850 00/Monthly Call (813) 451-9201 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS m m ::c w ...... 1\) 0 ...... 0 ., r-0 :!! CJ) m z -1 z m r-III c: rr-m -1 z c: III r-u; :::1: m c m < m ::c -< -1 c: m CJ) c :t> z c ., ::c c ...... ....... I m


0 ,.... 0 N ,.... C") a: w m w (.) w c >"' a: LL. c a: LL. c z <( c en w > a: w > w c w ::r:: en :J m D.. z i= w ...J ...J m ...J w z i= z w en a: 0 ...J LL. m I co ,.... II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 178701.0000 Certificate No.: 178268-08 File No.: 2011-47 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property: MAC FARLANES REV MAP OF ADDITIONS TO WEST TAMPA W 213 OF LOT 10 BLOCK 2 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 03/30 SEC-TWP-RGE : 14-29-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: RHONDA M. HUNT (LIFE ESTATE) PAUL LAVARDIS HUNT BRANDEN RASHARD HUNT Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2Q1b. day of JanuarY. 2011, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verity sale location) Dated this all!. day of December 201 0 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) ex1enslon 4205, twp (2) working days prior to the date the service is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder ol the lollowing certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 180912.0000 Certificate No : 178487-08 File No.: 2011-48 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: BAYAMO LOTS 7 AND 8 BLOCK 5 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 01!77 SEC-TWP-RGE: 15-29-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: LEROY BRIM GLORIA M. BRIM Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2Q1b. day of January, 2011, at 10 : 00 A .M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verity sale location). Dated this ;rut day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person w i th a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 ex1enslon 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. TAX DEEDS NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance the description of the property and the names in which it was ass essed are as follows: Folio No.: 188139.0000 Certificate No.: 179274-08 File No.: 2011-49 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property : PRINCETON HEIGHTS LOT? AND 8 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 11/01 SEC-TWP-RGE: 08-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: FRANK A STEWART VIRGA STEWART Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2oth day of January. 2011, at 10:00 A .M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this ;rut day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hlllsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk s ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-81 00 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed ; if you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number ana year of issuance, the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 179125.0000 Certificate No.: 178320-08 File No.: 2011 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: MAC FARLANES REV MAP OF ADDITIONS TO WEST TAMPA LOT 22 BLOCK 24 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 03/30 SEC-TWP-RGE: 15-29-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: MORTGAGE PROS OF TAMPA INC. Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury AuditQrium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 20th day of January. 2011, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verity sale location) Dated this ;rut day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 ex1ension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed ; if you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED II NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 187958 0000 Certificate No.: 179254 08 File No.: 2011-51 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: CAMPOBELLO BLOCKS 31 TO 45 LOT 2 BLOCK 45 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 02/29 SEC-TWP RGE : 08-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : TRUSTWORTHY TRUSTEE CORP TRUSTEE Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse BOO East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 20th day of January, 2011, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this .arQ day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability, who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service is needed; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call 711. Gann & Gann Rentals Call For Rent (813) 229-8696 Or (813) 373-2515 407 E. Floribraska Ave. Apartment 806 Floribraska Avenue Room For Rent CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 F O R DETAILS ON PLACING RTISEMENT Upstairs 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Condo Near Chamberlain HS Screened Patio Gated Community, Pool Must See!!! 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II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 186755.0000 Certificate No.: 179067-08 File No. : 2011-52 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property : SEIVER'S SUBDIVISION LOT 11 BLOCK 6 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 01/1B SEC-TWP-RGE: 07-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: ANNETTE FAGAN Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor George E Edgecomb Courthouse, BOO East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 221!!. day of January 2011, at 10 : 00 A M (NOTICE: Please call (B13) 276-B100 ext. 4B09 to verify sale location). Dated this am day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 276-81 00 extension 4205 two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711 II 3606 North 15th Street Ybor City 2 Bedroom Wood Frame House CHA, Ceiling Fans $695.00/Monthly Includes WSG ($150.00 Off Rent) Call (813) 704-3370 CONTACT LAVORA @ {813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT NOT I CE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 184205 0000 Certificate No. : 178856-08 File No.: 2011-53 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property: OSCAWANA LOT 3 BLOCK 14 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 04 /BS SEC-TWP-RGE: 23-29-1B SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: BONNIE CULM JOEL CHESTER ALDAY LUKE JEFREY ALDAY Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, BOO East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the 2.!!!h day of JanuarY. 2011, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE: Please call (B13) 276-B100 ext. 4B09 to verify sale location). Dated this am day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. 'cLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the. service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. TAX DEEDS NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the follo w ing certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: folio No.: 187869.0000 Certificate No.: 17923B-08 File No. : 2011-54 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property: CAMPOBELLO BLOCKS 31 TO 45 LOT 9 BLOCK 37 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 02/29 SEC-TWP-RGE : OB-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : KATINA MCCLINTON Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor George E Edgecomb Courthouse. BOO East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2l!ll!. day of January. 2011. at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE: Please call (B13) 276B100 ext 4B09 to verify sale location). Dated this am day of December 201 0 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. HOMES FOR RENT University Mall Area 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook-up Fenced Yard Section 8 Ready $850.00/Monthly Call (813) 451-9201 East Seminole Heights 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Newly Renovated CHA, WDH Fenced Yard Concrete Block $1 ,250.00/Monthly $500.00/ Deposit : Section 8 Welcome Harold (813) 293-2677 For Rent 2 And 3 Bedroom Homes Section 8 Welcome Free TV With Rental For D etails Call 813-287-1591 Green Light Realty LLC Jackson Heights 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Home Newly Renovated Concrete Block, Carport $950.00/Monthly $500.00/ Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) 293-2677 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 186915 0000 Certificate No. : 179084-08 File No.: 2011-55 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: BONNIEHAVEN LOT 4 BLOCK 2 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 02/04 SEC-TWP-RGE : 07-29 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: JOHN H MOULTRIE Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law. the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse BOO East Twiggs Street Tampa FL 33602 on the 2l!tb day of January. 2011 at 10:00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (B13) 276-B100 ext. 4B09 to verify sale location). Dated this am day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed; if you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate h a s filed said certificate for a tax deed to b e issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance. the description of the property and the names in which it was assess e d are as follows : Folio No.: 182520.0000 Certificate No : 178663-08 File No.: 2011-57 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: MAC FARLANE HUGH C SUBDIVISION REVISED MAP E 50 FT OF W 1 OB FT OF N PF BLOCK A PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 07/37 SEC TWP -RGE: 12-29-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: VALMONT MOREAU MARIE CELINE MOREAU Sai<;l property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificaie shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse BOO East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2.!!!h day of January. 2011, at 10 :00 A.M (NOTICE: Please caiJ (B13) 276-B100 e xt. 4B09 to verify sale location) Dated this 3rd day of December 201 0 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceed ing, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa -Flori da, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service is needed; if you are hearing or voice call 711. II Clair Mel 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Fenced Yard CHA, WDH Quiet Neighborhood $780 00/Monthly Plus Deposit Section 8 Welcome II HOMES FOR RENT II (813) 210-4339 Section 8 Welcome 1708 East ldell Street 4 Bedroom/2 Bath (813) 727-6782 -h h{ 'tt'::.:::.:::::: :----;;. ..... ,.......c..----c..-........ =z--7-z. z c:::>:r--. Z-1.. ;,--<:::::::: ::> 7''?"Z.7"?"Z. L-L :11"7. z: _r-::> ,.-, ::c c }< c m (") m 3: m m ::c w ...I. 1\) 0 ...I. 0 r-0 ::c CJ) m z :::! z m r-m c r rm :::! z "D c m !: CJ) ::I: m c m < m -f c m CJ) c )> z c :!:! c


0 ..... 0 N ,... ("') a: w m :E w () w 0 0 a: LL. c ii LL. 0 z c en w :::::1 .... fi w > w c w :::1: en :J m :::::1 a. z i= w ...J ...J :::::1 m ...J w z i= z w en ( a: 0 ...J LL. m I 0 N w NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOT ICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha t PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC # 1305 the h o lder of the fol lowing certificate has tiled said certificate lor a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certi fica t e numbe r and year of i ssua nce, the desc ription o f the prope r ty a n d the names in w h ich i t was assesse d a r e as follows : F o lio No.: 187655 0000 C e rtif ica t e No.: 1792()()-()8 File No.: 2011-58 Year o f I ss u anc e : 2008 Description of Property : BANZA BANZA LOT 1 LESS RIW FOR 21ST AVE AND LOT 4 BLOCK 3 PLAT BOO K/PAGE: 02/68 SEC-iWP R G E : 07-29 19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name (s) in w h ich ass essed : BETTYE K. GRIFFIN Sa i d prop e rty b e in g i n the Coun ty of Hillsborough State of Flor ida. Unless s uch c ertif i cate shall b e r e deemed a cc ording to law, the prop e rty describ e d in s uch c e rtif i cate shall be sold to the hig hest bidder at the J ury Auditorium, 2nd Flo or, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the .2llth da y of JanuarY. 2011 at 10 : 00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call ( 813 ) 276 8100 ext. 4809 to ver ify sal e l ocation) Dated this ant day of December 2010 PAT FRANK Clerk OIThe Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy C lerk II you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In thi s proceeding you are ent i tled at no cost t o you to the provi s ion of certain assistance Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 276 8100 exten s ion 4205 two (2) working days prior to the date the servi ce i s needed; II you are hearing or voice Impaired call 711. II 2918 East 21st Avenue 3 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath Home $1 ,200 00/Monthly CHA, WDH Deposit Negotiable Call (813) 495-9757 Beautiful Homes For Rent 3/2-Block 1 ,200 Square Feet Newly Built All Section 8 Approved Move In Ready (813) 269-4656 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR T AX D EED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, t hat PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC # 1 305 the holder of the following c ertifica t e has tiled said certificate f or a tax deed to be issued t h e r eo n The cer t i fica t e num ber and year o f issuance t h e description o f !he p r operty and the names in which i t w a s assesse d a r e as f ollows: F o li o No. : 181115.0000 C er t i f ica t e No.: 178499 08 File No.: 201160 Year o f Iss u a n c e : 2008 Description of Property : WOODLAWN PARK REVISE D PLAT LOTS 2 0 AND 21 BLOCK 5 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 0 7/ 0 6 SEC-iWPRGE : 2 3 2 9 18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in whi c h a ssesse d : RIVA CONSTRUCTION INC Said pr o pe rty b ein g i n the C o unty o f Hill s bor o ugh State o f Flo r i da. Unless s uch certif ic at e s hall b e red ee med acc ording to law, the prope rty d esc rib e d in such certificat e sha ll b e s o l d to the hig h e st bidd e r a t the Ju ry Auditorium 2nd Floor Geo r ge E Edgecomb C ourth o use 800 East Twig gs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 22th da y o f Janyarv. 2011, at 10;00 A.M. ( N OTICE : Please call (813 ) 276 81 00 ext. 4809 t o verify sale locat ion). D a ted this ant day of December 201 0 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceed i ng you are entitled at no cost to you to the provision of certain ass i stance Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 276-8100 extens ion 4205 two (2) working days prior to the date the serv ice is needed ; II you are hearing or voice impaired call 711. HOMES FOR RENT 1-5 Bedroom Homes For Rent Now Call Linsy 813-221-4457 Jackson Heights 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Newly Renovated Concrete Block Carport $1 250.00/Monthly $500.00/ Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) EMPLOYMENT II 1!;;;;;;11 ==H=O=M=E=S=F=O=R=R=E=N=T==o;;;;;JII Avon Representatives Needed All Areas Call 813-832-4282 Or E-mail AVONLADYGEORGIA@ YAHOO.COM Two Hair Stylists Needed For The Nail Gallery 322 W. Hillsborough Ave. Booth Rental Preferred Contact Dallas (813) 493-0099 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities ACCOUNTANT I $38,646 COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER $27,414 SENIOR UTILITIES MAINTENANCE WORKER $27 976 UTILITIES MAINTENANCE WORKER $19 905 See our web site at http : //www hccsb org or visit our office at: 601 E Kennedy Boulevard 17th Floor Tampa FL. Preference in initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of vets AAIEEO Employer II 321 0 East Ida 3 Bedroom/1 Bath House WDH Fenced Yard No Smoking No Pets Call (813) 453-4968 2-3 Bedroom Homes North Tampa And Town-N-Country New Paint Ceramic Tile, Carpet WDH Fenced Alarm CHA No Pets Section 8 Ok 813-949-3482 8431 North 39th Street 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath Down Stairs Apartment Ceramic Tile CHA $600.00/Monthly $350 00/Deposit (813) 299-3838 East Tampa 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Built 2006 $1 ,000.00/Monthly Visit GetFiap.com Property ID: 115 Call 813-200-8332 West Tampa 3/1 Plant High District Family Room Laminate Floors New Counter Tops New Appliances $895 00 + Deposit (813) 879-5959 Grant Park Area 3/2 House Large Patio, CH/ A Appliances, Storage Shed Large Fenced Yard Small Pets Only Section 8 OK Background Check Call 813-325-2147 Near 301 & Fowler Ave. Sect ion 8 Preferred 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Block House Central Heat And Air Washer Dryer Hook-up Screened Front Porch Utility House (813) 986-1438 3418 North 49th Street Section 8 Only 3 Bedrooms / 1 Bath CHA WDH, Fenced Yard Available Now! Call (813) 770-2003 Or (813) 735-5295 Several Homes Available For Rent 2-5 Bedrooms Starting At $595.00/Monthly Investors Choice Realty 727-580-9184 3 Bedroom 1 Bath Homes Starting As Low As $700.00 Completely Remodeled Busch Gardens Tickets Being Given Away With Promotion! V &V (813) 259-4663 www.myfinancialconnectlons.com Clair Mel 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Newly Renovated CHA, WDH, Fenced Yard Concrete Block $1 ,250 00/Monthly $500.00/ Deposit Section 8 Welcome Harold (813) 293-2677 Progress Village Section 8 Preferred 3 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA Tile Throughout $965 00/Monthly Available Now 4 Bedroom/1 Bath Available January 2011 (813) 390-7715 HThe Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself" (813) 248-1921


2:! c II HOMES FOR RENT I I II APTS. FOR RENT II II DUPLEXES II 0 m :s: llJ East Seminole Heights 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Newly Renovated CHA, WDH, Fenced Yard Concrete Block $1 ,250.00/Monthly $500.00/ Deposit Section 8 Welcome Harold (813) 293-2677 Great Family Rental! Grant Park Near MLK & 56th St 4 Bedroom/1 5 Bath House Large Fenced Yard II 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath With Office Fenced Yard Available 2/1/11 Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 335-0076 Or (813) 885-5226 Ballast Point Area 3 Bedroom/1 Bath $875.00/Monthly Washer/Dryer Included 5 Bedroom/3 Bath $1 525.00/Monthly Call (813) 505-5400 APTS. FOR RENT II WDH, Great Locafion Free Applications $925.00/Monthly Deposit Required 9215 North Hyaleah Road Section 8 Welcome (813) 232-3900 Sulphur Springs 7805 North 14th 5/3 CHA, WDH $850.00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit Klondyke 3/1-CHA Washer Hook-up $750 00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit 8518 11th Street 2/1 $700 .. 00/Monthly $300. 00/Deposit Belmont Heights 1515 Rodney 3/1-WDH $850.00/Monthly $300 00/Deposit Ybor 2506 Columbus Drive 2/1 WDH, CHA $750.00/Monthly $300 00/Deposit (813) 61 0;.4319 (813) 610-4206 No Calls After 5 p.m. One And Three Bedroom Apartments $575.00 $900 00/Monthly Electric Water, Trash Sewer And Cable Included 813-899-1742 Large 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments Very Clean $470.00 $525.00/Monthly Includes Water, Sewage And Garbage ca11 (813) 267-4488 Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem!! FREE APPLICATION!! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Floors New Appliances New Ceiling Fans $499.00/Monthly Water & Trash Included!!!! Low Or No Deposit! 813-244-4551 For Your The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Accepts :.__ J v=-. IVIso=t-rC:lEIIrd .A.m-rlc:-'"' E::Jepr-s:s: .A.Inld D-blt Csords: p -y...-.-'"'t v-Ph.:.'"'-m Section 8 Welcome :II 3 Bedroom /2 Bath 3812-A 51st Street $895.00/Monthly Call (813) 960-1579 Adran Management, Inc. 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Totally Remodeled New Laminate And Tile Gated And Fenced $750.00/Monthly Section 8 OK (813) 748-1566 New Year Special 3/1 Beautiful And Quiet $780.00 Monthly Discounts Available 2920 21st Avenue Section Citizens Welcome Call (813) 986-0830 Duplex Apartment Large 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Tile Floors, CHA Large Yard $500.00/Monthly Includes Water Call (813) 230-8968 8217 North Marks 3/1 -Beautiful, Spacious Renovated Duplex Very Quiet, Fenced Yard Section 8 $0 Deposit Accepting 2 Bedroom Vouchers (813) 264-9660 Beautiful 3 Bedroom1 %Bath Duplex Move In Ready CHA, WDH Carpet Fenced Yard Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 495-5865 8512 North 11th Street 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Duplex $875.00/Monthly $400.00/Deposit WDH, CHA Section 8 Accepted (813) 335-0076 (813) 885-5226 1\) 0 ...... 0 r 0 2:! g (/) m z :::! z m r llJ c: r r z ., c: llJ r Cii ::::t m c m < m -4 c: m (/) c )> z c 2:! c C) m 1\) ...... I ar


0 T"" 0 N T"" ffi II DUPLEXES I I II ROOMS FOR RENT II m := w u w c a: LL c a: LL c z \. ) a: g;! W i c W ::J: UJ, ::::i al: ;::) -D..: z ;::! l :_, 'lil Z i=z w UJ <( c iX 0 ..J LL Sulphur Springs 8524 Semmes #A 3/1 WDH, CHA $725 00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit 9415 Brooks #A 2/1 $550 00/Monthly $300.00/De posit University Area Special 12703 Street #D 3/1 $700.00/Monthly $99.00/Deposit 12703 N. 15th Street #E 2/1 $555.00/Monthly $99.00/Deposit (813) 610-4319 (813) 610-4206 No Calls After 5 p.m. 'I ROOMS _FOR RENT Ybor Heights Large Furnished Rooms $140.00 $150 00/Weekly Deposit Plus Security Plus 1 Week Rent Cable TV Laundry Single, Drug Free Must Be Employed Call (813) 247-4724 East Tampa Area Rooms For Rent Clean And Drug Free Please Call (813) 527 5012 Available Room For Rent In Ybor Heights At: 1 000 East 26th Avenue Please Call (813) 494-3343 Furnished Rooms For Rent Single Person Free Cable A/C And Heat $100.00 Per Week No Deposit Call (813) 562-3848 Ideal For Fixed Income Person Cable TV A/C $135 00/Weekly Utilities Included $1 00 00/Deposit Call (813) 495-9757 West Tampa South Of 1-275 Near Armenia Furnished $75 .00-$100.00/Weekly Includes All Utilities Cable & Personal Fridge Call (813) 545-8074 "LOOK" HOLIDAY SPECIAL SSI, Fixed Income Big Rooms For Rent Various Locations $375 00/Monthly Cable TV $25 00/Key Deposit (813) 325-6499 Busch Gardens Area Plant City Fair Grounds 30 Yrs/Oider Preferred Furnished, CHA WID, Cable All Utilities Paid Next To Bus Lines Quiet Neighborhood $120 00/Weekly Private Entrance (813) 478-1286 West Tampa Rooms For Rent Newly Remodeled Full Kitchen Furn i shed $80 .00-$1 00 00 Weekly + Deposit Call (813) 476-8748 8511 N. Seminole Ave. 3634 Northbay Must See!! Nice Room For Rent Older mature Person Preferred All Utilit i es And Cable Included Call (813) 217-2462 Seffner Area $130 00/Weekly A/C Cable Share Kitchen/Bath Stove Refrigerator Near Busline Mr. Austin (813) 362-7618 Ms. Sara (813) 270-4047 Furnished Room For Rent Older Adult Preferred SSI, Fixed Income Central A/C Cable Optional Fenced Home With Burglar Bars (813) 494-1811 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Years Of Age & Older Must Have Steady Income $1 00.00/Weekly $1 00.00/Deposit Jim (813) 237-1810 Beverly (813) 235-7934 Jeanette (813) 230-6776 Large $125.00/Weekly $0/Deposit Small Room $115.00/Weekly $0/Deposit Older adults Preferred Must Be Employed Or Receiving Benefits No Drugs Or Kids Allowed 813-431-1310 Rooms For Rent Near Bus Line $100 .00 Weekly + Deposit $50 .00 Phone 813-234-9339 5619 Chelsea Rooms For Rent $125 00/Weekly $125 00/Deposit Central Heat And Air Carpet Free Cable Call (813) 361-6227 Temple Terrace Area 2 Rooms Avai lable In House Cable Central A/C $110.00/Weekly Older Males With Income Preferred Phone (813) 690-2833 Ybor City Area Fully Furn i shed Room For Rent With Refrigerator $85.00 Per Week + $85 00 Deposit Call Bobby@ (813) 545-9307 Furnished Rooms $475.00/Monthly $120.00/Weekly A/C, Washer Cable Utilities Included On Bus Line No Deposit Efficiency Available Also (813) 505-5400 Room For Rent Outside O f The Main House Free Cable Water And Electric i ty Call (813) 433-3290 Room For Rent Jackson Heights Area Central Heat And Air Kitchen And Washer/Dryer Access $115.00/Weekly Call (813) 237-8485 Gann & Gann Rentals Call For Rent (813) 229-8696 Or (813) 373-2515 407 E. Floribraska Ave. Apartment 806 Floribraska Avenue Room For Rent Room For Rent Ybor Area A/C Cable, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $75.00/Deposit $100.00 And Up Weekly (813) 317-9872 Clair Mel Area Rooms For Rent Private Bathroom Shared Kitchen And Living Room From $320 00 $640 : 00 Monthly Deposit Varies (813) 545-9139 ----" ,. :;!" t.


., ::0 0 II II EFFICIENCY II II BARBER I I BUSINESS II I CLEANING IIELECTRICALII 0 m SHOP OPS SERVICE (') m s: OJ m ::0 w Efficiency For Rent Supreme Style Work From Home Veiga Cleaning Services Residential And ..... -Barber & Beauty Shop 4202 Richmere Street Commercial Complete 1\) 0 No Selling, No Buying ..... Cable, Central Heat 8643 North Nebraska Tampa, Fl 33617 Electrical Service 0 Strictly No (Corner of Yukon) No Scam! Drug Activity Allowed Must Have Internet Access Reasonable Rates Breaker Panels And Must Be Employed Haircuts $5.00 Guaranteed Income For Residential And Receptacles, Light Outlets Call (813) 965-5931 Monday & Thursday Commercial Properties Service Upgrades Call The Tag Lady Call (813) 919-4023 (813) 417-6654 Phone (813) 401-1213 Call Rufus Gloria Gass Electric Contracting AIR I Director of Operations (813) 348-6148 CONDITIONING II II And Owner Lie #ER13013733 BEDS FOR I CARPET Gloriagss@gmail.com SALE CLEANING Tarpley's AIC LLC II II II II FINANCIAL Sales & Service Beds Affordable Carpet DNA New & Used Cleaning Financing Available Twin $60.00 Deep Scrub If You Are 62 Or Older ., Call (813) 238-7884 Full $65. 00 $55 00 Flat Rate DNA Paternity Testing r-0 Lie #1815130 Ca$h Get Cash Out Of Your ::0 Queen $75.00 Legal Or Personal 0 Testing Available Home Now l> King $ 110.00 & Up ASAP (813) 484-6757 No Credit Or Equity CJ) II II Results In Just 3 DAYS m ATTORNEY Needed z Bunk Beds $150.00 No Collection ::! C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning z Fees In Tampa Call1-866-962-7160 m Call (813) 310-0991 NO BLOOD! r-Filing Bankruptcy? 1-3 Rooms OJ Payment Options Available c Chapter 7 Or 13 ONLY $29.95 Remove Negative Credit r-II II http://dnatestingsolutions.com r-BURGLAR Including Deep Cleaning In 30 Days m $500.00 & Up "::! BARS No Hidden CHARGES! DNA Testing Solutions z Call Attorney 11972 N. Florida Avenue Gain 1 00 Points ., Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 325-4330 Money Back Guaranteed c (813) 915-0000 OJ (813) 223-1200 Doors, Windows, Rails, c Call 1-866-962-7160 CJ) www.fordlawfirm.org A/C Cages, Gates For Detailed m General Welding II II DNA Testing Information 0 & Repairs DAY CARE m African American Paternity Test < m We Pick Up Scrap Metal ::0 Labor Law Attorney We Come To You! II HANDYMAN II < Results In 3 Days --t *Workers' Compensation For More Information c Call Carl Linda's Day Care Center Legal Or Personal Testing m CJ) *Employment Discrimination (813) 495-3172 3402 ....:. 32nd Avenue Payment Plans 0 Phone: (813) 248-3073 DJ's Home Repair Labor Union Grievances 24-Hour Service l> Now Accepting Children Monday Saturday z Call Attorney Expert In Roofing And Tile 0 Roderick 0. Ford II, BUSINESS II Ages 18 Months Repairs Drywall, ., DLM-DNA :!:! (813) 223-1200 OPS To 12 Years Testing Services Driveways, Home Additions o -www.fordlawfirm.org Two Meals And (813) 928-2753 And More Snack Included Dlmservices91 @ yahoo.com Need Money? Also We Have Now Servicing Nationwide (813) 418-9655 AUTOMOBILE VPK Program 1-888-651-57n Want To Get Paid? REPAIRS Small Does It All Call (813) 407-2054 Handyman Services For Detailed Information Tom's Mobile Auto Repair Specializes: Plumbing Call (813)368-5037 Electrical, Painting House Home Workers Guide Florida Sentinel Holiday Yards Mowed, etc. All Makes And Models 48 Years Experience Everything You Need For More Information Reasonable Prices To Start Your Closed Friday, December 31 Call Clint Small Own Home Business (813) 735-3255 Send $5.00 In Observance Of New Yea (Money Order Only) Plus A 9x12 The Paper Will Be Available .lllllll SUPPORT THE Self-Addressed FLORIDA SENTINEL Manila Envelope Monday. December 27th ADVERTISERS To: Joseph Richardson CONTACT LAVORA ;g And Wednesday, December @ (813) 248-1921 G) P.O. Box 55-21 07 m FOR DETAILS ON PLACING 1\) Miami Gardens Fl 33055 YOUR ADVERTISEMENT w I OJ


0 ,_. 0 N ,_. ('t) a: w Ill :E. : w : o : -W': o : ct c -a: LL. c a: LL. c z a: w > w c w :I: CJ) ::::i m :::::) D. z Iii ...1 ...1 :::::) m ...1 w z i= z w CJ) a: 0 ...1 LL. L!;;;;;l L!;;;;;ll =R=E=P=A=IR=S=;;;;;;;:,III 1.!;;;;;1 ==SA=L=O;;;;;;;;N=S=;;;;;;;;:,jll IISPIRITUALISTII II II II All Junk Removal Furn i ture Tree Debris Construction Garbage Or Anything Else No Job Too Big Or Small Fast And Reasonable (813) 285-4674 JUNK CARS We Buy Junk Cars And Trucks CALL J.R. (813) 966-3501 Junk Cars We Buy Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 784-8339 I Buy Junk Cars Up To $500.00 & Up Free Pick Up Of Old Appliances And Metal Call Eric (813) 764-3968 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Up to $1 ,500.00 For Junk Cars Trucks, Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal/Appliances II For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 LAVVN SERVICE Lawn Care Discounts For Churches/Seniors Call 813-447-7674 Or 813-526-6142 "We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service And Complete Clean-Up We Haul : Debris Limbs A n d Furniture Phone (813) 245-9761 II 7901 N. Nebraska Avenue Suite 200A Beauty Salon Location Lobby, Wash Cut And Dry Rooms Bathroom K i tchen $645.00/Monthly $500. 00/Deposit Utilities Not Included Nebraska Avenue Great Exposure Reta i l/Office Space Ideal For Insu r ance/Sales 600 Square Feet Ready To Rent $600.00/ Monthly Plus Tax And Deposit Free Applications Call (813) 232-3900 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling Carpentry Room Additions Roofing Drywall Plumbing Ceramic Tile Sidewalks Patios & Hauling Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Lie #022650 S & H Painting & Contracting Complete Home Repairs Experienced Staff Licensed Electricians Carpente r s Roofing See Jobs www.shpaintingcontracting. c o m Harvey (813) 412-9318 Insured/Lie# 199701 II Remove Negative Credit In 30 Days Gain 1 00 Points Money Back Guaranteed Call 1-866-962-7160 For Detailed Information If You Are 62 Or Older Get Cash Out Of Your Home Now No Credit Or Equity Needed Call 1-866-962-7160 MOVERS All Areas Need To Move Or Move Something In A Hurry? Call (813) or (727 r 7o9-2789 II II PLUMBING J Gil Robinson Plumbing Installation Of Kitchen Sinks And Cabinets We Specialize In General Plumbing Phone (813) 872-0927 Or (813) 404-9778 NewYear's Special!!! Braids By Serina 813-863-2868 Senegalese Twists $115.00 Mic r os $95 00 Body Plaits $80 00 Kinky Twist $75.00 Micro Sew-In $65.00 Cornrows w/Bun $30.00 Mattie's Natural Hair Care Tired Of Short And Damaged Hair? Come See Mattie To Grow Long And Healthy Hair Sew-In Kinky Twist Body Plaits $75 00 $75.00 $75.00 Invisible Part Weave $75.00 Senegalese Twist $85.00 Goddess Braids (Up To 6) $40.00 Starter Dreds Re-Twist Dreds $60.00 $50 00 Natural Ha i r Braiding $40.00 Specializing In Balding And Thinning Hair (239) 810-5894 Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 Weaves $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 Sister Rita Helps All Problems Removes Bad Luck Evil, Reunites Lovers Lucky Numbers By Phone 1-888-839-9888 Prophetess Annie Mae II SELL YOUR HOME II To Remove, Put Back And Etc., I f You Need To Sell Your Home And Time Is Of The Essence Calf Us For The Best Offer (813) 325-2813 WeWill Buy Your Unwanted Or Foreclosed Home We Pay Cash Call Now For Detailed Info 1-866-962-7160 II SPIRITUALIST II Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm, Card Reader Spir i tual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores Lost Nat u r e Advise On Love/Mar riage Health And Business Special Readings $5.00 Phone (813) 506-9239 II Spiritual Counseling God Is The Key Answer To All Things Call (813) 785-1996 Prayer Also Mama Amanda Spiri tualist -Advisor Knows All And Can See All Lawsuit Cases, Court Cases Reunites The Separated One Day One Way Hits (313) 629-3921 Spiritualist Ava Healer Advisor True Woman Of God Can Help You On Love, Marriage Business Call Now For Your Blessing (813) 379-1151 TELEPHONE II FREE 30 DAYS Home Phone Get Collect Calls On Your Cell Phone From County Jail Offers Special Prayers And Gi.ves Luck! Don' t be d iscouraged if others failed. I can help you overcome bad luck evi l influences, spells, unatural condi t ions surro\Jnding you. Has your loved one changed? Are you in d i stress? Whatever the problem, I can help in one visit Satisfcation! I CALL ME TODAY! 813-677-2971 4927 83rd Street II $2.25 Per Call 813-546-2692/ 813-222-0195 WE BUY HOUSES We Will Buy Your Unwanted Or Foreclosed Home We Pay Cash! Call Now For Detailed lnfo1-866-962-7160 Fe:.-'V"c::::. ._. .-c:::= c:: .-. .-. i .-. "'The Flc::::.ridCJa .:s .... II


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