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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 66, no. 51 (February 15, 2011)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
February 15, 2011
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 66 Years In The Tampa Bay Area -.... oun VOL. 66 NO. 51 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15,2011 24 PAGES 75 Sisters Network Offers Free Mammograms SEE PAGE 9 'Black Girl Speaks' Debuts At USF SEE PAGE 2 OlD orne 66 Year-Old Faces Child Porn Charges SEE PAGE 18 At-Risk Students Compete For 'Take Stock In Children' Scholarship Awards : On Saturday, February 12th, 100 At-Risk Hillsborough County students competed in the final round of the selection process for "Take Stock In Children" Scholarship Program, sponsored by the Hillsborough Education Foundation. The event was held at 2306 N. Howard Avenue. For the first time, the students were involved in face-to-face interviews with members of the Selection Committee. Approximately 70 of those who competed will receive either 2 year or 4-year scholarships. Shown in this photograph, Scholarship Committee members Attorney Lansing Scriven, left, and Tampa Police Major Gerald Honeywell right, were joined by their spouses Judge Mary Scriven, second from left, and Judge., Charlene Honeywell, both United States District Judges for the Middle District of Florida, at the event.


,... c; Features LO ,... Duplex Fire Act Of Arson A fire at this duplex was an act of arson. On Saturday, Tampa Fire Rescue Units responded to a fire at 5104 East 28th Avenue. Fire crews reported smoke termined the fire was inten tionally set inside the vacant duplex building. coming from a two-story duplex The fire was extinguished ii: quickly and did not spread. LL There was also no one trapped c. 'd z ms1 e. Tampa Police and Tampa Fire Marshals are still investi gating the incident. Hillsborough County Prop erty Appraiser s records indi cate the property is owned by Liu Wei, whose mailing ad dress is the same as the duplex.

-1 State Finds No Wrongdoing In Probe Of Countv OHicials ATIY. RENEE LEE Attorney For Hillsborough County BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Last March, Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin Beckner requested the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conduct an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing. Targets of the probe included then County Administrator Pat Bean and County Attorney Renee Lee. The status of raises without the approval of the board, that Ms. Bean and Attorney Lee received were brought into question. Both repaid .the funds. They were also accused of reading e mails linked to the investigation. On Friday the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office released the findings of that probe. The investigation revealed no wrongdoing by the target s of the investigation. Both FDLE and the State Attorney's Office had conducted investigations. The report stated that although questionable judgement was used pertaining to the raises, no criminal acts had been committed. In March oflast year, Ken Hagan the Chairman of the County Commissioners, publicly demanded the resignation Attorney Lee, Administrator Bean, and Internal Performance Auditor, Jim Barnes. However, Hagan could not terminate the employees without a majority vote by the full board. On M arch 23n1 the Commi ss i one r s voted to MS. PAT BEAN Fired as County Administrator in June 2010 suspend both Attorney Lee and Administrator Bean with pay pending the outcome of an FDLE investigation. In June, as the end of the 90-day suspension drew near, the board voted 61 to fire Administrator Bean, and 5-2 to allow Attorney Lee to return to work. Prior to voting to terminate Ms. Bean, Commissioners had offered her the option of resigning, but she declined Attorney Lee was not been afforded any of the considerations given to Ms. Bean. New Commissioners Four commissioners at the time AI Higginbotham, Ken Hagan, Kevin Beckner, and Mark Sharpe continue to serve on the board. Commissioners Rose Ferlita, Jim Norman, and Kevin White, are no longer members of the board. Sandra Murman, Victor Crist, and Les Miller, Jr., were voted to serve during the last election. When contacted b y the Sentinel, Attorney Lee said, "I a m so happy. I'm happy for me my family, and most certainly for County Government. I'm thrilled." Attorney Lee said she was contacted by her attorney and made aware that the State Attorney's Office was going to release their findings on Friday morning. "I didn t have any idea that it was being released. But I am really appreciative of the way the State Attorney's Of fice took their time and thor oughly investigated," she said Tampa Native Resigns From Georgia Judicial Bench 0 "T1 m m :::0 c: l> :::0 The only African Ame ri can on the Dekalb County Georgia State Court recently resign ed from her office. Judge Barbara J. Mobley submitted her l etter of resig nation, effec tive February 4, -< frenzy and stalking as a dis-..... traction and invasion of her U1 private life. 2011. The re sig nation com es amid unproven allegations brought by her Staff Attor ney, Sylvia Goldman. Judge Mobley hired Attorney Goldman in 2005, the same yea r she was e lected to th e bench. JUDGE BARBARA MOBLEY "As my best friend re-:::: minded me, this judgeship was for a season, which has now passed As a citizen of the world, my shackles are loosed and I am free to train democratically elected legis lators, work with the interna tional rule of law, and on judicial reform around -the world. According to Attorney Jackie Patterson, who i s r epresen tin g Judge Mobley, Judge Mobley re sponded to all of the allegations in a timel y man ner, having not been found guilty of any violation of cri minal laws, her oath of of fice nor the judici a l canons. Attorney Patterson also indicated that Judge Mobley chose to resign rather than continue to work and rule on cases and trials under a cloud, or with allega tions She viewed the media Frank Reddick for Tampa City Council, District 5 ..,/ Jie led the efforts to close Gene's Bar in .. I thank God for this op portunity of growth and en richment and accept the next task that He has for me, Judge Mobley said A Tampa native, Judge Mobley is a 1965 honor graduate of Middleton High School. She resides in Atlanta. He as$isted with getting a 3.8 million dollar r. ......... .,..., .. ,"'lvsldents that will provide healthcare to seniors and center is located at the comer of 22nd St. and Osborne 0' ./ He SUC9essfully secured $1 ,250.000 in recurring funds : projeets in District 5 as a member of East Tampa PartnerShip. ,, .\ J : He SUCCessfully secured $50,000 for the improvement of 11-lo,lrn ....... Uttle League as a member of East Tamp a Partnership. ./ He successfully led the efforts for changing Environmental Commission policies for neighborhood associations. J He successfully led the efforts to remedy air and noise pollution Northview Hills Community caused by a local rock and ocen:tt ./ He was instrumental in preventing a 24 bed facility from locating in East Tampa. '--;:-.. "" .. in closing a landfill in the Nt'l,rth,v.:w ', .., 'J.)He, $ .UbC19B!If1. led community ef:forts to get, the city to i>fl':t6;:'WIIIIilllm's. Park including construction of a I'QI'n:ult'tt'lon Pol Adv Paid for and approved by Frank "T1 r 0 :::0 0 l> en m z :::! z m r OJ. c: r r m :::! z "tJ c: OJ" r en ::::1: m c m < m -1 c: m en c l> z c ., 2:! c


,... editorials/Columns u; ,... > t w c L egislators are currently carping about newly invested Governor Rick Scott's so-called bold budget plan. According to our friends in Tallahassee, "They weren't quite sure what Scott specifically wanted to do in his proposal, which would further widen a $3.6 billion gap due to almost $2.4 billion in tax cuts." Our answer? We tried to tell you before you voted, but you did not want to listen. So, now you're complaining. Nothing personal. We wish Governor Scott and' his administration every Godspeed known to politics. But when both Democrats and Republicans begin scratching their heads about the budget (one of the few times in TallahasSee history when both parties actually agreed), that would seem to be a good sign that something bad is about to hap-W pen. Say sources, their current jitters are further supported :::::i by a growing suspicion that Governor Scott's math is a bit m skimpy. In other words, it doesn't add up. Add to that disK trust, such comments made by so-called arch-conservaZ tives that "a ten percent reduction (as proposed by our Wt-GUV) is a significant cut," and that the Gubernator's of fice "cari't have it both ways" (Representative Janet Adkins saiathat), and we get a sense that Nero is fiddling -and the Florida State Capital is about to burn. And what does Gov. Scott have to say about this? "Let w them eat cake?" No, Marie Antoinette said that. Scott says he's against Federal Stimulus, but school districts might z use that money to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. w School officials are scratching their heads. Hold on, this en ride is just beginning. Countv Administrative ..I LL Stan Has Diversitv I t concerns us when the number of Black professionals and administrators begin to dwindle, both in private business as well as in government. Therefore, we must give applause when businesses and governments achieve diversity, especially during economic downturns when downsizing and layoffs are Consequently, we extend kudos to County Administrator Mike Merrill and his latest reorganization plan. Cutting his executive team in half as part of his effort to streamline local government and increase efficiency, Merrill settled with a cabinet that will include a Chief of Staff, a Chief Financial. Officer and two deputy administrators, adding two new employees. We applaud our new County Administrator's appointment of female administrators, including one Black female. Certainly, we would have questioned his inability to find at least one available and qualified Black professional to diversify his staff had Merrill not appointed females or Blacks. Moreover, Merrill could have argued funding and lack of qualified staff as an excuse. However, Merrill has set an example as to what CAN happen when businesses and governments decide to downsize, layoff, reorganize of do any litany of things that W mean a swan song for Black workers. Regardless of downCJ sizing or reorganizing, diversity must not be ignored. An economic downturn is no reason to go back to the 1960s. The Three Republican Untouchables This article is not in tended to be an attack on the Republican Party. In stead, the purpose of this ar ticle is to call attention to three Republicans who are untouchables by leaders in the Republican Party No, John McCain isn't one of them. Neither is Mitch McConnell or John Boehner. In fact, none of the three Republicans hold office. In this writer's opinion, these three are more sacred and possibly feared than any elected official. Those three individuals are Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. This isn't news. Most everybody is aware of this fact, but almost no one wants to talk about this : Especially Republican candidates, Republican office holders, Republican leaders and Repub lican-leaning talk show hosts. Ask one of these people about President Barack Obama. They are vocal, loud, articulate and very clear in their criticism of the Presi dent. Then, ask them for their opinion on Palin, Beck or Limbaugh. Suddenly, they have a difficult time under standing the question, their conversation becomes mud dled and you can't get an an swer. Ask one of those people if they believe Sarah Palin is qualified to run for the office of President. The answer is always if she wants to run for president, she ought to be able to run. Excuse me please! But, the question was, do you believe she is qualified to run for the office of Presi dent. Guess what? Same an-itizenshiP Granted To Blacks Bv The 14th Amendment T he adage, "If you don't know your history you're bound to repeat it rings true as Americans once again (after nearly 150 years) are arguing the merits of the 14th Amendment. How intricately Black Americans' destiny is tied to that of immigrants and other minorities became apparent due to recent attempts by states and some congressper sons to tamper with the 14th Amendment. Clearly, Blacks should pay close attention to and oppose attempts to change the 14th Amendment, the document that insured citizenship for freed slaves in 1868. Let me refresh the mem ories of many of you and in form others that the 14th Amendment was enacted on July 9, 1868, directly as aresult of the 1867 Dred Scott decision, which was issued by the Supreme Court. In response to a lawsuit filed 11 years earlier by Dred Scott, a slave who wanted to gain freedom for himself and his family, the Supreme Court ruled that no slave or descendant of a slave could be a citizen of the United States Consequently, the 14th Amendment s citizenship clause provided a definition of citizenship that overruled the Supreme Court's decision that Blacks could not be United States citizens. Section I of the 14th Amendment reads, "All per sons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law, which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, nor deprive any person of life, liberty, or: property, without due process of law, nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal pro tection of the laws." Indeed, the language used in the Amendment was designed for four basic reasons. First and foremost, tb prevent the Supreme Court from "ruling the 1866 Civil Rights Act to be unconstitu tional fgr lack of congres sional authority to enact such swer. We know that both Limbaugh and Beck are known for making very outlandish statements, claims and accu sations. Will Republicans take these two to task or even admit that they are wrong or shouldn't make such state ments? Not on your life. In fact, these people have been known to openly and quickly apologize to Sarah, Rush and Glenn anytime they say something they think those people might not like. What it is about these three people that strike so much fear in the hearts of Republi cans? Give Mrs. Barbara Bush some credit. She got it right when she dared to say Sarah needs to stay in Alaska : But, Barbara is just a lady who doesn't hold an of fice, nor is she seeking one. I wonder, are there any other Barbara Bushes in the party. As Obama indicated, it is people like the 'big three' that make it more difficult for the intelligent center to come together and solve problems that concern all Americans. a law', and secondly "to pre vent a future Congress from altering it by a mere majority vote," the Amendment was drafted. Another reason was to void laws called Black Codes that Southern states enacted after passage of the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery. Black Codes were used to keep freed slaves in a condi tion similar to slavery, re stricted their movements from state to state, and forced them to sign "year long" labor contracts. It also prevented them from suing or testifying in court. Sadly, the 14th Amendment did not grant citizen ship to American Indians who did not sever their tribal ties. Last year, Arizona's pas sage of a law that gave police authority to stop and demand proof of citizenship of anyone they suspected of being in the United States illegally was widely opposed. However, more than a dozen states and a handful of Congresspersons are attempting to chaitge the 14th Amendment to deny citizen ship to children born in the United States to undocu mented Just think what would have happened to our ances tors if this discussion had oc curred in 1868 instead of 2011. Our ancestors would have been forced to return to Africa. Indeed, names change, but the struggle con tinues. Harambee! 'I


Horoscopes Today's Birthday --The year ahead is filled with ambi tions but also with satisfaction about how far you've come. You discover new appreciation for your world, your neighborhood and your passions. When you re happy with your life as it is, you'll attract the attention of someone new. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)-Be happy wherever you are. Find comfort in those who lov e you. Joy can be found in the smallest details if you allow it Balance your heart and mind. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)-You come up with creative dinner plans and Valentines. Make sure that your good inten tions are clear, and share the love. A little chocolate can be nice Aries (March 21-April19)-Today especially, you work well with others. You may feel drawn to stay at home for dinner with a loved one. Express your feelings. Why not? Taurus (April 20-May 20) Spend wisely on your Valentine. Use creative methods and chosen words. It's about sharing love with people, not money. Get outside and burn some calories with someone. Gemini (May 21-June 21)-Are you tired of your old role? It's never too late to recreate and reinvent your persona. Balance intelligence with intuition to regenerate character. Cancer (June 22-July 22) The day may start looking gloomy and full oflimitations. Warm up and stretch your mus cles (including your mind), and, soon enough, opportunities open up. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)-The emotions of the day may run amok and turn to frustration. Burn some anguish by getting your heart rate pumping and your body moving. Work it out. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) A wise man once said, "It's easier to love than to be loved." Accept love, it won't be on your doorstep forever. Listen for it and give it away. Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) -As your day proves productive at work, don t get sucked in too deep Leave time for your spe cial ones. Love them, and notice how reCiprocal that is. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Why don t you skip the restaurant tonight and cook dinner at home? You cou ld follow this with a walk under the stars and conversation by a fire. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)-Today's perfect. It's a day for intimacy, sharing and exploring relationships. Don't spend more than you need to. Everything happens for a reason Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)-Be careful, something you try doesn't work. New information threatens assumptions. Ro mance wqrks best later in the day, so get work done early. Soaps ALL MY CHILDREN -Annie reaches her final breaking point; Ryan is shocked to learn that Madison is pregnant; Ryan and Greenlee may be pronounced husband and wife. R yan freaks out when he realizes Emma is missing; David tells Liza he has turned over a new leaf; Asher tries to pursue Colby, who makes things difficult. BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Dayzee confronts Thomas about why he kissed her; Bill warns Amber about the pemilty for extortion; the results of the paternity test are re vealed. Amber sends her mother out of town; Brooke talks to Hope about her daught er's future; Liam makes assurances to Hope. DAYS OF OUR LIVES-Bo and Hope decide they are will ing to start over; Kate and Melanie clarify the terms of their agreement; Philip and Maggie promise to take care of Chloe; Nicole asks Taylor to be in her wedding; impostor Rafe buys the wrong cookies for Allie. Maggie learns about Brady betray ing Victor; Kayla leaves town; Bo and Hope have Valentine's Day dinner with their family; impostor Rafe romances Sami; Taylor turns down a job offer from Brady. GENERAL HOSPITAL Sonny 's wedding ring turns up missing; Dante and Lulu reconnectat the opera; Sam and Jason get the pregnancy results. Sonny realizes the true identity of the wedding saboteur; Lucky and Siobhan find a clue; Lulu gives in to Dante's romantic advances. ONE LIFE TO LIFE There is a surprise wedding; Dani and Nate rock Ford's world with shocking news; Viki, Rex and Gigi worry that Charlie has fallen off the wagon; Tess makes a comeback. Dani and Nate may have sex; John commiserates with Kelly; Blair and Cristian discuss their loveless state. YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Adam proposes to Sharon; Kevin arid Chloe take the next step. Tucker and Kay argue; Kay is suspicious of Colin. These lovely ladies were guests at the Elaine Mortin And Pamela Pollard Bailey-Henry Wedding. They are: Irene were in attendance at the Bridal And Harris and Cheryl Walker. After Five Affair. ''Tis the season to be jolly. Ms. Liz McQuay and Ms. Joyce Hinton were in attendance at the Socialites Travel Club Christmas Party. These four friends were captured while attending the Florida State Fair. They are: Marion and Romeo Cole and Gwen and David Myers. ..... ., r 0 ::rJ CJ) m z ::! z m r I:D c: r r m z "tJ c: I:D r c;; ::::1: m c m < m -t c: m CJ) c )> z c ., :!! c


LONG, DARRYL And DARlEN Happy Valentine's Day, We love you, Darryl and Darien. 0 a: &L. 0 z <( 0 U) w t-H8PPV Anniversarv 'TOMMYAnd HELENENOR BAKER w Happy 24th anniversary J: and Valentine's Day goes out to my wife, Mrs. Helenenor m Baker (a.k.a., Pookie). I'll always cherish our time to Z gether. t= Love you, your husband, W Tommy Baker, Sr. :J Also wishes come from your kids, Tommy, Jr., ...J Tomika and Ebony. w z i= z w U) <( 0 a: 0 ...J &L. CD w MR. RIVER And MRS. RIVER C!J Just want to say Happy Valentine's Bae. I love you. JANICE And WILLIE To my love wife, Happy Valentine's Day and 36th an niversary. With love always. ADRIAN AND LATOYA Hey, Birthday Love. I think of you on days both DARK and SUNNY. You bring me joy in every thought. We are making it through the STORM. Each birthday is another chance to say "I love just you." Enjoy your day, Adrian Howard. Love, MS. TOYA. I'm going to stay right here and rebuild this house 'cause I AM YOUR WOMAN! Concrete ASHLEY, LONG, DARRYL And DARlEN The longer we're together, the more I think about what really matters in life. So many things I once thought were important, don't even make the list. What matters to me now is us, sharing a life, being a family, loving each other Happy Valentine's Day. Love. Long. HIPPV Belated Valenune's oav RICK AND LAINE Every da y is Valentine s Day in our eyes Us against the world is what we' re yelling and we' re still standing QUENTINVAULX Dear Dra, we love and miss you so very much, hurry home. Time is not as long as it was, y our family wants you home. Love always, your family. Happy belated Valentine's Day. TAMMIE And DARRYL DARRYL WALLACE, SR. And TAMMIE WALLACE Tammie, each day I love you more a nd more. Today, more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day, Bae : K9, TOYA, NY' ANDRE, AND NYA 'NI We're wishing our Mom (Toya) and Dad (K9) a happy birthday. Love y'all, Ny' Andre and Ny'Ani. BOOSHEA HappyV-Day Booshea. You say that you're not afraid, you're just fine got it all figured out this time, and all of the plans you out. Deep inside you have your doubts, but you re chngJ.ng to your pride and you just don t know, you're free to let it go. 'Cause even when it rains outside (there is Tight), and even when you cry all night (you re alright), even you lose your way, you'll get through, there is someone watchmg over you. You say you ve been hurt before, you're afraid that you'll never'lmrt again, and why should you take a chance to fall. But you'd rather build a wall than believe that you are loveq. Open up your heart someone needs you as you are .. Someone watches over you. You have a faxruly that loves you. God's promises are real. You have your grandmother dad, Vern, Tweety, Brenda and cousin, Sammy. They are angels in heaven. God is a good God You are blessed and highly favored We love you through it all. The "Walkers, Tolivers and Williamses are a family."


c: m CJ) REHA BER SUPERSTORE INC. i Kenny Rushing CEO/President l. '\; We pay $$00 referral fees .fQr any real ete home leads we ba-y. ----....... REHABBEaPEIISTORE.NET -c: ):> ::c -< "TT II 5 ::c c ):> CJ) m z ::::! z m l tD c: r rm ::::! z c: tD c CJ) :I: m c m < m ::c -< c: m CJ) c ):> z c "TT ::c c Over 1 ,000 homes bought & sold in the Tampa llay area since August, 2000. G> m .......


All About You! ,.. > a: <( :J a: m w LL >=' <( c (/) w :J 1-c a: LL c z <( c ffi :J 1-> a: w > w c w :I: (/) m :J D. z w ..J ..J :J m ..J w z z w (/) <( The Greatest Jov Is The Love Of Bein A Mother HEAVENLY HAROLD, HY'NESS AND TEE TEE Happy Belated Valentine's oav To HORACE DONALD Happv Belated Valentine's oav MR. AND MRS. HAROLD (CORA) HARRIS Happy b e l ated Valentine s Day to Mr. a nd Mrs Harold (Cora) Harris, married on August 18, 2010 F rom your c hildr en and grandc hildr en. C Mr. Horace Donald a: #532991-E4 -208 Lower, g Hardee Correctional In s titu LL tion. "The Voice of Our Col7l.l7lunit:y Speaking for Irself" From your mom, step dad, sisters, nieces and nephews. 813) 248-192 LISA K PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS Gospel Play !< "'f ... : 'The :Jones' Local More Propertv Tax savings Available For Seniors According to Rob Turner, Hillsborough County Property Appraiser, seniors tha t are eligible for a Homestead Exemption ma y qualify for an additional $25,000 exemption. The resident must be 65 years of age or older on January 1st. This exemption ap plies only to property taxes levied by the taxing authori ties granting the exemption. The annual household income, or adjusted gross income, of a ll m e mbers of the hou se hold can not ex ceed the amount published eac h year by the Florida Department of Revenue. The adjusted gross household income limit for the 2011 exemption is $26,203. Applicants for an addi tional $25,000 Seniors H o mestead Exemption are required to submit Form DRs01SC Sworn Statement of Household Income, and return to the Property Ap praiser's office b y March 1st of each year. For more information about this and other property tax exemptions, please con tact your Hillsborough County Property Appraiser s Office at (813) 272-6100, at the website at www.hcpafl.org, or visit one of five offices in Tampa Plant City ; Brandon, or Ruskin. Nominees Sought For Hillsborough Countv Neighborhood Relations Awards H ill sboro u gh County Office of Neighborhood Relations is accepti ng nomin a tion s for the 2010 Neighborhood R ecog nition Awards. Dead lin e for applications is March 11, 2011, at 5 p. m These awards a re de signed to acknowledge neigh borhood organizat i ons that have been active in civic af fairs and worked collectively to improv e and e nrich the ir communities and the lives of their residents. An award will be given in each of the following cate gories for events that oc curred in 2010: Best Association Web site Bes t Beautification Project Bes t Crime Watch or Safety Prog ram Best Environmental Project Best Newsletter Best Umbrella Associa tion Most Successful Special Event Most Successful Youth Program The win n ers will be an nounced in lat e March and the awards will be presented at the Hillsborough County Neighborhood Conference being held at Hillsborou g h Community College, Dal e Mabry Cqmpus on April 2, 20i1 durin g an Awards Luncheon Neighborhood Recogni tion Awards applications are a v ailable in the Office of Neighborhood Relations, County Center 601 East Kenned y Blv d., 1st Floor, in Tampa or b y going to the Hillsborough County Neigh borhood Relations Web page at www .hillsboroughcounty. org/onr. Applicants or nominees must be a neighborhood, homeowner or civic associa tion or a, crime watch group within Hillsborough County, City of Tampa, City of Plant City or City of Temple Ter. race to be eligible. For more information call (813) 2 7 2-5860. Communitv Speaks Out During East Tampa CRA Meetin. g BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Tampa City Council woman and CRA C h airper son, Gwen Miller, jo in ed with East T ampa Community R evitalization Partnership Chairperson Evangeline Best in getting the word out to East Tamp a residents and community leader s. What they were tryin g to ac hi eve was a pack e d hous e a,t the ir January nth CRA meeting, an d the y were s uc cessful. East Tampa residents stepped up b efore the CRA board and sp ok e on their concerns a nd gave updat es on what's h appening in their areas. In r e l easi n g a transcript of what res id ents a nd com munity l ea d e r s h ad to say, this i s our s in cere effort to make su r e everyone knows w h at's bein g discussed at o u r meet ings," said Ms. Best. ''I'm liappy this i s being s hared with the community, espec i ally the ones who were n t ab l e to attend the m ee ting." Among those who spoke at the meeting were Gr a nt Park Comm uni ty l eader, Ralph Johnson, who wante d to know about the un eve n streets in the area that cause flooding. Wh e n the y came in and installed the sidewalks, the y mad e the flooding worse. This is something that needs to be addressed, becl,luse it creates quite a probl e m especially along 55th Str ee t. In response, the CRA board told Mr. Johnson of ficials with th e c ity's s ide wal k program had b ee n on location for the past two weeks, and that as well as stormwater con cerns were di scusse d with bu siness and h ome owners in the area. T h e Board a l so told Mr. Johnson th e s id walks were s l oped so that water runoff will be directed toward the street i n stead of on private property. F l orence V illa/Oak Park Community Leader, Barbara McGill, raised the issue of septic tanks dominating their community. The city's W as tewater Department told us it will cost $2 5 ,000 plus connections fees per home to get con nected to the city's system. The problem is when it rains the septic tanks overflow into our yards." The Board told Ms. McGill State Representative Betty Reed will address the possibility of state funding to correct that problem. Ms. Andrea White, whose home on 22nd Street has a historical designation, told the Board she thinks she should be contacted when the ETCRP or other organi zati ons are looking at conm1ercial and multi-family d evelopment projects a dja cent to her prop erty East Tampa Development Manager, Ed Johnson, said he will pers p nally meet with Ms. White before any proj ects are approve d


-1 Sou l Seekers I n Concert At Deeper l ife C hurch Deeper Life Christian Church is awaiting the arrival of the Soul Seekers, who will be in concert on Saturday February 26, 2011, 7 p m. There is a cost for the concert. This gospel group is made up of a young cast of musicians, producers and composers. Teddy Campbell, drummer for The Tonight Show, is married t9 Tina Campbell, of the gospel duo, Mary, Mary; .Warryn Campbell, aka "Baby Dub," is a hit-making pro ducer and husband of the other half of Mary, Mary, Erica Campbell. Warryn has worked with such artists as Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Yolanda Adams. The other 6 members are: Nisan Stewart, John "Jubu" Smith, Gerald Haddon, Charlie Bereal, Craig Brockman and Eric Seats. The group has also worked with Beyonce', Missy Elliott, Nelly, Diddy, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Bette Midler, Britney Spears among oth e rs. In addition to the concert, Deeper Life s Pastor Cahin Jefferson has managed to have the group conduct a seminar 10 a. m. -12 noon Topics for the event include: "So You Wanna Go Pro," Building A Music Ministry, "The Truth Decay (Being Salt in Today s Music) and Musicians (Effective Rehearsal Planning Techniques). Bishop M. B. Jefferson and Brenda Jefferson are the pastors of Deeper Life. The cost o f the seminar includes attendance to the concert later in the evening with special seating. For additional information call Deeper Life Christian Church (813) 229-6805 or Tampa Christian Supply (813) 8 7 9-6770. Organization OHers Free Mammograms During Black Historv Month "T1 m IIJ JJ c )> JJ -< MRS. SONIA FRANKLIN President, Tampa Bay Chapter of Sisters Network, Inc. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor In recognition of Black History Month, the Tampa Chapter of a national organi zation is offering free mammograms. This is the third year the organization has cel ebrated Black History Month by offering the health screen ing. Mrs. Sonia Franklin, president of the Tampa Bay Chapter of Sisters Network, Inc., said the mammograms are being offered through a partnership with Towers Imaging Center. "We are not hosting a health fair. African American _.. women who would like to .!J'1 1\) have the mammogram, must o contact Sisters Network to :::::: determine eligibility. They must also provide a referral from their doctors. We will then provide them with authorization to have the mammogram at Tower Radiology Center. They can then call and make an appointment with the center. However, they must contact us and receive the authoriza tion by March 7th." Mrs. Franklin further stated that the mammograms are for women who are 40 years old and up and who do not have medical insurance to cover mammograms. She further stated that service is being sponsored by the national chapter of Sisters Network, Inc., and the fund-"T1 ing will end on March 7th. 5 However, she encourages any JJ woman in need of a mamma-C gram to contact heF as soon as possible. "We will help anyone in need," she said. Anyone interested in ob taining additional information can visit the website at www.sistersnetworktampa.or g, or contact Mrs. Franklin at (813) 491-3745. )> en m z :::! z m r IIJ c r r m :::! z Check Out Our Newly Enhanced Website -www. flsentinel.com "'D c: OJ r c;; ::I: m c Sunday, ary 20,2011 THEME: "Coming Together In Love And Unity As We Prepare For Our Spiritual Homes!" ." Behold how good how pleasant it is for brethren to in unity! Psalm 133:1 Service Reverend M. 8. Church 11 a. Reverend William 4 p. m Revere Union M. 8. ... FL .m < m JJ -< -1 c: m en c )> z c "T1 JJ c G> m CD


Local Lt') ,... > a: < :::J a: m w LL. Activist Brings New Businesses To East Tampa c CJ) w BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor :::J Keith Irions believes I-that if an individual plays the primary role in his or h e r life. He also feels that sitting around accomplishes very little. Not only does he apply this attitude to life, he ap plies it to the art of job hunt ing. "As an ex-offender, I realize that it can be hard to find a job. So I believe that if you can't find a job ; then you create one." And that is exactly what he did. Six months ago, Irions opened the doors of his first business On Call Truck ing. It 's a small pick-up, de livery and moving company. About two weeks ago, Irions opened the doors of LL. Quick Wash & Shine Car C Wash at the intersection of N 30th Street and E. Osborne ;:::: Avenue. By March 15 \ that a will also be the home of the CJ) w :::J 1-Pirate Printing Company KEITH IRIONS Activist Brings Two New Businesses To East Tampa Irions, who is a Computer Technology major at Hillsborough Community College, said h e became in terested in the printing busi ness about two years ago. It was advantageous for him to learn the trade inside and out because h e does a lot of printing. Now that he is well versed in the field, he is ready to bring it to the com munity. A lot of people have printing jobs and they have to go to printing companies or do it themselves. This will allow the m to print in the ir own neighborhoods." Irions said he will accept orders and make delivery at the location, but printing will take place at another loca tion. He offers business cards, flyers, banners, tee shirts, car magnets, and all aspects of printing. His cus tomers will also have access to WiFi, computers, copy machines, and faxes. He stated that he encour ages others to becom e small business owners to achieve their goals. Irions, 42 said that in addition to his printing com pany being beneficial to res idents in the area, it will also benefit churches and other organizations in the area. A Tampa native, Irions is a member of People For Christ Ministries. > --------------------------------------------------------------------a: w > w c w :I: CJ) m :::J tl. z t= w ...J ...J :::J m ...J w z t= z w CJ) < c a: 0 ...J LL. Owner Of Historic House wants It To Become Shelter For Homeless Veterans Willie Robinson, Jr. and his mother, Ms. Sarah Jackson-Robinson BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter In 1901, Moses and Sarah Jackson built a six room cottage that later be came a 24-room rooming house at 851 Zack Street. The house was to offer accommo dations to African Americans and other travelers of African descent during the era of racial segregation. During its time, the Jack son House played host to sev eral prominent entertainers such as Count Basie, Cab Calloway, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ray Charles just to name a few. In 2007, the house was added to the U. S. National Register of Historic Places. Over the decades the house has fallen into disre pair, and in 2006, Ms. Sarah Jackson-Robinson passed. The historic structure was passed on to her son, Willie Robinson, Jr. Prior to his mother's death, the two of them h a d sought every solution possi ble to get the house restored. We found it difficult to get grants, and there were no sources of revenue available, especially after the economy went bad. Robinson has been deal ing with the city s Code En forcement Department over .THE JACKSON HOUSE the condition of the house, and said now time is critical to get the repairs done. "Over the past few years, I have become increasingly aware of the plight of home less veterans. That's when I came up with the idea of making Jackson House tem porary housing for veterans in need." In making the request, Robinson has reapplied for a restoration grant and is seeking more letters of support to get the necessary funding. He already has let ters of support from City Councilwoman Gwen Miller, Hillsborough Branch NAACP President, Dr. Carolyn Collins, State Representative Betty Reed, City Council-c4air, Thomas Scott, City Councilman Curtis Stokes, and State Representative Rachel Burgin "Every little bit helps, and the more support I get for this proposal, the closer it can be come reality. I'm still in nego tiations with the Department of Veteran Affairs about my suggestion and to see if they can offer me any funds to get the house restored." Robinson said he' s determined to not allow the house to be razed and is counting on its place in his tory for support.


-f w c Residents Voice Complaints At The Kitchen Cabinet BY TAMECA JOHNSON Freelance Writer Residents of District 3 in Hillsborough County have is sues. Major issues. And now, it seems, they have the ear of Hillsborough County Com-missioner Les Miller. Miller repr e s en ts District 3, the largest and some say, poorest district in the County. He started the job just last month and says his office has been inundated with calls from constituents. "In this District, there are so many issues it's unbelievable. We've gotten 12,000 com plaints in our office in two months time. A lot aren't County Commission issues but we won't turn them away." Commissioner Miller says the issues span the District, but are very sim ilar in nature. He felt it would be best to bring residents to gether to discuss common problems in an effort to reach a unified conclusion. Thus the "Kitchen Cabinet" concept was born. Commissioner Miller says he got the idea from late President John F. Kennedy, who brought peo ple together to discuss important matters around the kitchen table. Nearly two dozen people who make up District 3 came out to discuss a number of is sues, including low income housing code enforcement and foreclosures. Resident Joseph Westbrook owns a home in Palm River. He says a lack of qual ity water in his neighborhood i s just one of his primary con cerns. "The water is horrible." Westbrook says the water from taps in his community flow an orange color with a smell of rotten egg to match He carried water samples to Commission Miller's of fice and says at first glance, the Commissioner thought the bottle was a sports drink. Commissioner Miller says those two bottles still sit in his office as a reminder. He plans to work to get dollars from the county to fix the problem. If he's unsuccessful, he says he will fly to Washing-COUNTY COMMISSIONER LESMILLER ton, D. C., on his own time, to talk personally to U. S. Con gresswoman Kathy Castor. m ::c c )> ::c -< Those who attended the "T1 meeting say it's important for other residents to become more engaged in the issues af fecting their communities and demand results. "We have to hold more than Commis-sioner Miller accountable," says Progress Village resident Hillary Kemp, Jr. "There are three at-large Commis sioners we must hold accountable too." Hillsborough Commissionr 0 ::c c )> w m z ::! z m r m c r r m ::! z ers are now tackling the "'tJ County's budget. A monu-ffi mental task, Miller admits. c: "The County's budget is the W most complicated piece of ffi material I've seen in my life. C It would take a high powered Harvard lawyer to understand m i t." Commissioner Miller pledges to do all he can to get -f the job done because he says, ffi every issue faced by the resi-W dents he represents is impor-tant to him. < Additional Kitchen Cabinet )> z c sessions are in the works. The next will take place within two "T1 months. :!:! c NUCP General MembershiP Meeting Set The Hillsborough County Branch NAACP will hold its February, General Membership Meeting Thursday, Feqruary 17th, 7 p.m., in the Blake High School Cafeteria, 1701 North Blvd. High School students are invited to attend the meeting. The first students attend the meeting will be awarded a free mel).lbership. The membership could lead to eligibility for the national scholar ships awarded at the National Annual Convention. For more information, contact the NAACP Office at (813) 2348683.


Local Lt) ,... > a: <( a: m w LL <( Dr. Martin Luther King Business Expo Rescheduled For Feb. 19th c en The first annual Dr. Mar-the Heart of East Tampa at 2101 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., adjacent to the Belmont Heights Little League field. tin Luther King, Jr. Business ..,_ Expo has been rescheduled for Saturday, February 19, 2011, 10 a. m. -5 p. m. The event was originally sched uled for the Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday, January 17, 2011, but due to inclement weather was post poned. Sponsors of the event in clude WRXB Praise 1590AM, Fifth Third Bank, Belmont Heights Little League, Old School Car Club, Orange Pharmacy, Your Place Med ical Center and many others. The event will feature, entertainment, Kids Village, fun events for the family and ven dors. The Expo Chairman, Don Lee, encourages all residents, friends and business owners to participate The East Tampa Business and Civic Association will coordinate the MLK Business Expo annually in coming years on the national holiday. In addition to celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. King, the purpose of the event is to showcase business and community services available in the East Tampa community. For more information call (813) 748-0952 or (813) 2483977 C The event will be held in a: LL c z <( c en w .... > a: w > w c w :I: en ...J m c.. z j:: w ,, African Hair Braiding Specializing In All Types Of Braiding 1803 N. 22nd.Street & 7th Ave. (Ybor City) 247-1033/(813)234-0104 ..... -----------, i Off!. .._ ____________ ...J -----------------------------------------------...J m ...J EXTRA EXTRA Read All About ltl z w en <( c a: 0 ...J LL N ,... Public works Administrator oners Solution For High Wate. r Bills City of Tampa Public Works Administrator, Steve Dagnault, said his entire staff has gone over different scenar ios as to how to deal with the spike in water some area customers have experienced. Dagnault said what they decided was to suspend the two top tiers that were added last year. The two tiers repre sent what the water company charges when excessive water is used during a drought or when water usage far exceeds the normal use for a business of residence. "Everyone has been briefed and the suspension would be indefinite until the City Council votes to have it reinstated. Currently, the top two tiers indicate a rate of $10.92 per 100 cubic feet of water used or $16.38 per 100 cubic feet of water used. The tier below both of them is $5-46, and that will be the mark during the proposed suspension. "The higher tiers were in stituted with hopes of encouraging people to use less water." Dagnault said there is nothing wrong with their me ters, and they don't see any problems with their software. "We're still reviewing our meter readers and their process. We're also using our internal audit people right now and it will all be reported March1r." On Thursday, the City Council voted unanimously to the suspension of the top two tiers. Know Your Historv Mobile Tour American Legacy Magazine and Regions Bank sponsored the 'Know Your History Tour Bus' January 22 ,2011 at Middl e ton High School. The traveling museum is filled with photos, stories and inter ac tiv e le arning stations that celebrate the African-American experience .. (Photos by BRUNSON Photography) Among those who traveled through the history bus were: Jeffrey Mills, David Christian of Regions Bank, Cindy of Regions Bank, Ersula Knox Odom and William Sanders. Robert and Andria Wimberly of the American Historical and Genealogy Society stopped in to see the history scenes. -Tonya Devane also stopped in to see the African-American history sceneS.


Black Colleges Ignore Countv's Athletes Thousands upon thousands of high school football players have just signed col lege football scholarships. Included among those colleges are: Florida A&M, Texa s Southern, South Carolina State, Hampton, Alabama State, Alabama A&M, Alcorn State and Howard. Also, Jackson State, Southern, Tennessee State, Savannah State, Prair e View A&M, North Carolina Central, North Carolina A&T, Norfolk State, Morgan State, Mississippi Valley State and Arkansas Pine Bluff are all Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) joined with other colleges to sign football pla ye r s None of these school s signed a sing l e play e r from Hillsborough County. Somebod y needs to contact these sc h oo l s and let them knovx that not onl y do we play football in this county, but we have some excellent athle t es Grambling s i gned D. J. Williams, the son of former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Doug Williams. Bethune Cookman signed Quentin Williams, Dominic "Nick" Addison and Kevin Williams. I give Cookman an 'A' for recruiting in our county Grambling a 'C' and all the other HBCUs a 'F.' Wilder-Williams Face Off Plant High School's James Wilder and Jefferson's Quentin Williams did not face each other on the football field last season, but the two hi g h sc hool superstars fac e d off on the ballot for the h onor of receiving the Black Diamond Award for the Top Amateur Male Athlete Of The Year award. Jefferson 's Laurie Beatty and Sickles' Amber Henson are the finalists for the Femal e Ath lete Of Th e Year awa rd All four of these athletes had outstanding seaso n s in their sports While Wilder a nd Williams were football p layers, Henson and Beatty a r e bask etball pla ye rs. The mal e and female winners will b e announced on February 26th at th e Annual Black Diamond Ceremo n y to be held at the Performing Arts Theater loc ated on th e campus of Howard W. Blake High SchooL The public is invited. The event starts at 5A5 p.m. National Black Golf Hall Of Fame Celebrates 25 Years The National Black Golf Hall of Fame will celebrate its 25th year with a dinner and induction ceremony on March 5, 2011 at the Embassy Suites USF, in Tampa. The 2011 inductees will be Joe Louis Barrow, Jr., CEO of The First Tee; Rose Harper, golf industry entrepreneur and CEO of The Grass Ceiling; and Dr. Calvin Sinnette, physician, historian and author of Forbidden Fairways. Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation, will be the keynote speaker. The missiOn of the National Black Golf Hall of Fame is "to recognize and JOE LOUIS BARROW, JR. ROSE HARPER honor the contributions of Black golfers for their skills and, to honor persons, r egard l ess of race or ethnicit)r, who have done the most to promote golf in the Black communities." For more information, contact John Simpson at 407.497.2233, or Mike Cooper at 813.960.0825; or visit www.nationalblack golfhalloffame.com 'All Spons' Founder Celebrates 25th Anniversarv Of Chicago Bears Super Bowl JU( Win TYRONE KEYS BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Tyrone Keys (rear, right) joins some of his teammates for this Super Bowl Shuffle photograph. Jackie Haynes, and Coach others to continue to help Ken Muldrow. those in need. Every time we get together, "The 'Walter Payton Award' we have to talk about Walter is indicative of those players Payton. The media always who have exhibited a com mitment to their community I feel now some 25 years later we have come full circle and still on the quest to help ..... (J1 1\) 0 ..... ..... All Sports Community Service founder, Tyrone Keys, i s joining his 1985 Chicago B ear teammates in celebrating th e 25t h a nni ver sary of the "Super Bowl Shuffle." Recently Keys host ed hi s former teammate, Dave Duerson, w h o came to T a mpa and spoke to students at Howard W. Blak e High SchooL want to know how we felt abo ut Walter not scoring a touchdown in the Super BowL We j ust tell them he is s till scoring in the biggest ga m e of all, and thatis the game oflife. those in need. ., Keys mentioned how proud h e was of former t ea mmates Mike Singletary and Leslie Frazier, who became head coaches in the NFL. How ever, Keys again point s towards Payton as being th e inspiration for hims e l f a nd Keys invites everyone to r visit the Quest alumni center at Blake High School to see 52 the stories on the wall of the -Keys h as r e l ocated his pro gra m to th e campu s of B lake High School and works c lo se l y with the principal, students and teachers coach-es and mentors and pla yers Z an d comm unit y lead ers w ho ::::! z have made it possible for m dreams to live on. r m c: r NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PROPOSED SERVICE CHANGES The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit A uth ority ( HART) will hold community meetings and a public hearing to discuss proposed service c h a nges The public hearing will be held : Thursday, March 17, 2011, 4 to 6 p.m. TECO Plaza TECO Hall North Conference Room 702 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, 33602, downtown Tampa The purpo s e of the hearing is to give individuals and/or groups an opportunity to present their views and comments regarding HART's proposed service changes. Final recommendations will be on the agenda of the HART Board of Dire ctors at their April 4, 20 II meeting, for implementation in July 2011. ROUTES PROPOSED FOR MODIFICATION 6, 20X 23X 24X, 25LX, 30 31, 35LX, 36, 46, 50LX, 87, 88, 89 HART will bold six open bouse style community meetings before tbe final public bearing: Thesday, March 1, 2011, 6:30 p.m. Brandon Chamber of Commerce 330 Pauls Drive #100, Brandon, 33511 Thursday, March 3, 2011, 6:30 p.m. Kate Jackson Community Center 821 S Rome Avenue, Tampa, 33606 Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 6:30 p.m. Temple T errace Public L ibrary 202 Bullard Parkway, Temple Terrace, 33617 Thursday, March 10,2011,4:30 p.m. HART West Tampa Transfer Cepter 4201 N. Himes Avenue, Tampa 33607 Thesday, March 15, 2011, 6:30 p.m. Town N' CountJ:y Regional Public Library 7606 Paula Drive, Suite 120, Tampa, 33615 Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 6:30 p.m. SouthShore Regional Library 15816 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin, 33573 Maps of the proposed changes are available at all HART customer service centers, on the HART website (www.goHART.org) or by mail. Please contact HART if you require the information in an accessible format or other s pecial accommodations -Comments arc welcome and will be entered into the record if received by 5 p.m. on March 18, 2011. You can send us an e -mail a t www.goHART.org by clicking on "Contact Us", or write to: HART Servic e Development, Attn: July Service Proposals 1201 E 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL, 33605. Pursuant to Florida Statutes if any person decides to appeal any decision made by a Jocal Board, agency or commission with respect to any matter considered at a meeting or hearing, that person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence on which the appeal is to be based. HARTinfo Line: (813) 254-4278 I TDD: (813) 626-9158 www.goHART.org HART Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority r m ::::! z "'tJ c: m c en ::I: m c m < m :c -< c: m en c l> z c ., :c c G') m ..... w


,... ,... 0 C\1 1.0 ,... > a: a: m w LL. c en w ::> .... 5 orts Deion Sanders Can't Sell His Overpriced $21 Million Home DEION SANDERS Future NFL Hall of Fame inductee, Deion Sanders has always been known for his flash, his exce ll ence on the field, and having a n over-the-top personality. The asking price for his 29,122 square -f oot home too hi gh according to a report of the appraisa l of the property The Texas h ome worth $5.6 million has b ee n on the market for $21 million since 2009 and hasn t gone down. Covering 109 acres, the ranch features a football field, an indoor basketball court, a bowling alley, a l ake, three dining rooms, two indoor pools and everyt hing e l se one wou l d want to b all out on M1V Cribs Hornets Guard Paul Fined For Verbal Abuse Of Referee CHRIS PAUL NEW YORK -New Orlean s Hornets star Chris Paul has been fined $15,000 b y the NBA for ver bal abuse of a game official following a loss to the New Jersey Nets. NBA vice president Stu Jackson announced the fine on Friday Paul miss e d a s hot late in regulation Wednesday night that gave New Jersey a chance to force overtime, then turned the ball over with 19 seconds l eft and the Hornets trailing by two. His attempt at a buzzer-beating 3-pointer bounced out and New Orleans l ost 103-101. The four-time A ll-Star guard finished 4 for 15 from the field and turned the ball over seven times in the game He said afterward that he felt "like this was my l oss." Pistons To Retire Rodman's No. 10 On April1 DENNIS RODMAN AUBURN HILLS, Mic h The Detroit Pistons plan to retire Dennis Rodman's No. 10 during a halftime cer e mony in April. The eccen tric rebounding specialist help e d the Pistons win NBA tit l es in 1989 and 1990. H e'll be h onored April 1 when th e Pis tons ho s t th e C hicago Bulls, a team Rodman won three c h a mpi onships with from 1996-98 Detroit rookie Greg Monroe currently wears No. 10 and wi ll be a llowed to keep it. Rodman averaged 8.8 points and 11.5 rebounds in 549 games as a Piston. He was the l eag ue s d efe nsive player of the yea r in 1990 and 1991. Havneswonh Charged With Assault Stemming From Road-Rage Incident ALBERT HAYNESWORTH RESTON Va. Washing ton Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has been formally charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a road rage inci dent ea rlier this month. Fairfax County po l ice say the 29-year-old Haynesworth and his attorney appeared at a polic e station Saturday morning. Haynesworth signed a summons warrant charging him with assault and left. He's schedu led to appear in court on March 31. The encounter that led to the charge occurred on Feb. 2 Police said a 38-year-old man to ld investigators he was assaulted by the driver of a pickup truck who was tailgat ing him. The driver was later ide ntifi ed as Haynesworth. Haynesworth's agent, Chad Speck, has said the player is innocent and that his accuser is seeking fame and money. Bonds Facing Fewer Felonv Charges SAN FRANCISCO -Barry Bonds' perjury trial is fast approaching a nd the lawyers and judge are still scrambling to set limit s and rules for the month-long proceedings scheduled to start March 21. On Friday, U.S District Judge Susan Illston ordered Bonds to enter a plea for the third time s in ce h e was initially charged in 2007 with lying to a grand jury about his steroids u se. The new plea was needed because prosecutors the day before filed a revised indict m e nt, cutting the number of charges Bonds faces from 11 to five Bonds is expected to p l ead not guilty when he is arraigned March 1, the same day the judge ordered the s lugger's former trainer to appear in court. Illston BARRY BONDS wants Greg Anderson to reiterate in front of her and under oath hi s refusal to tes tify against Bonds during the trial. Illston plans to jail Anderson on contempt of court c h arges for the duration of th e tri a l if he follows through on his pledge. Anderson's attorney, Mark Geragos, said Anderson wo n t testify. Redskins Kick Returner Banks Stabbed Outside D.C. Nightclub WASHINGTON Washington Redskins kick returner Brandon Banks and a close friend were stabbed early Saturday dur ing an altercation outside a downtown D.C. nightclub Banks received a surface wound to his side that required stitches and was expected to be released Sunday from an area hospi tal his agent James Gould said in a statement. The player's unidentified friend was critica ll y injured and underwent surgery, Gould said. The stabbing occurred shortly after 3 a .m outside The Park at an upscale nightclub. According to D.C. police, a man got into a verbal a ltercation with two men, then pulled a knife and stabbed them. Police did not identify the vict im s, but the Redskins confirmed that Banks was injured in the attack. BRANDON BANKS The suspect -Jason Shorter, 24, of Lanham, Md. -was arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill, police said. Police and jail officials did not know whether Shorter had an attorney. According to Banks' agent the friend was attacked first and Banks was injured while coming to his aid. Banks was not implicated in any wrongdoing, Gould said. The Voice of Our Comnwnity Speaking for Itself' 248-1921


Tiger Muddles Through DiHicult Sundav In Dubai TIGER WOODS Never able to mount any momentum, Tiger Woods closed with a 3-over-par 7S Sunday and tied for 20th' in the Dubai Desert Classic. He finished with a 72hole score of 4-under 284, seven strokes bebind winner Alvaro Quiros of Spain. Woods, who began the final round one stroke off the lead, struggled early, making bogeys on the par-4 second and par-s third ho1es. Pair ed with Sergio Garcia in mostl y blustery conditions, his short game l et him down. After making pars at four and five, Woods secured his first b irdie of the day at the 48s-yard, par-4 sixth, knock ing his ap pro ach shot about three fee t from the h ole. He followe d with three straight pars to make the turn in iover 36, but was still only three shots off the lead On the par-s 1oth hole -which Woods eagled on Saturday he drove into the right rough, gouged his second shot short-left of the green into thick rough, flopped his third shot 30 feet beyond the cup and twoputted for a par WoQds hit arguably his best shot of the day at the 161-yard, par-3 nth, when h e flagged a short iron t wo feet left of the hole for an easy birdie to pull within two strokes of first place. Boston Beats Miami To Stav On Top RAJ ON .RONDO And LEBRON JAMES BOSTON -LeBron James and the Miami Heat couldn't win in Boston in the regular season. And now they might have to do it in the playoffs. Rajon Rondo had a triple-double, and James missed a crucial free throw with 12.s seconds left in the Celtics 8s-82 victory over Miami on Sunday. Boston improved to 3-0 against the Heat this season, taking the top spot in the East clinching the potential tiebreaker for home-court advantage in the playoffs The teams will play again in Miami on April1o. The Heat eliminated most of a 13-point fourth-quarter deficit and trailed 83-81 with 19 seconds left when they brought the ball in from a timeout and got it to James at the top of the key. He drove on Paul Pierce and drew the foul, but miss ed the first shot, then mad e the sec ond. Th e Celtics have won 12 of the last 13 games against Miami, including a 4-1 series v i ctory in the first round of last year's playoffs; they then knocked James and the Cleveland Cavaliers out in the next round. James fled to Miami to join Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, but the Heat still have not beaten the Celtics. NFL Owners And NFL Plavers Far Apan When is a proposal not a proposal? When the NFL and the NFL Players Association are involved According to sources famil iar with the talks, las t week 's negotiations between the NFLPA and the NFL broke off when the union characterized its documents as an "illustration" that NFL officials believed represented a proposal for revenue sharing between owners and players When the NFLP A characterized documents labeled "NFLPA Proposal" as some thing other than a collective bargainin g proposal, the NFL ended .the session, a source familiar with the talks said. League representatives then met outside the room, and returne d only to abort the negotiations without imme diately rescheduling any ta lk s, the source added The day after negotiations broke down, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell con vened a conference call with the owners of the 32 NFL teams and reported the devel opments of the previous day A person familiar with that call said there was complete amorlg the owners Paul Pierce To MRI on ten Foot PAUL PIERCE BOSTON --Paul Pierce plans to have an MRI on his left foo t Monday after the second worst shooting game of hi s career Pierce missed all10 of his shots and scored one point in the Boston Celtics' 8s-82 win over the Miami Heat on Sunday. ''I'm just battling a coup l e of minor injuries to my hand and my foot," he said. "So I think that really explains my tentativeness and m y off shooting today." Pierce said he sprained his right shooting hand in practice Saturday then was hit on it Sunday. "With me playing the way I did and coming up with the win, that's big for us," he said. Vicklo GoOn Oprah Wintrev Show MICHAEL VICK CHICAGO -The NFL star whose name became synonymous with dogfighting is scheduled to be a guest on the "The Oprah Winfrey Show." The daytime talk show host's interview with Philadelphia Eag l es quarter back Michael Vick is set to a ir Thursday. Officials with Chicagobas e d Harpo Productions say the interview will cover Vick's time in prison, his work with the Humane Society and his return to the NFL. Vick served 18 months in prison over a dogfighting operation based on his prop erty in Surry County, Va. In 2007, several dogs were seized from his property. He was reinstated to th e NFL for the 2009 season and has been doing public-service work, including with the Humane Soci ety BEAUTY UNLIMITED SAMANTHA As this week's Beauty Unlimited feature, we present to. you the lovely Samantha. This young lady lights up every room she enters with her smile, energy and honest wit. Samantha to be a businesswoman in the future, but for right now, she'll just continue to work hard and pay her dues. Samantha is not all business, as she does enjoy spending time with her friends. She also enjoys posing before the camera and doing other things to make sure she has maxi mum exposure to anyone interested in helping her pursue her dreams. When it comes to the man in her life, Samantha said he must be as serious as she is about wanting to go somewhere. He must also be handsome, independent, self-reliant, strong, and matu.re. Congratulations to Samantha as this week's Beauty Unlimited feature. If you re interested in being in the Beauty Unli'!'ited or Spotlight, please send your information and photo, including a contact number. to: jjohnson-@flsentinel.com .. ................. 9" Roller ............ ....... ; ................. $1.,50 nt Brushes ............. ......................... 99 LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! c: m (J) c "TT m Ill :II c: )> ...... "TT I'"'" 0 :II (J) m z :::j z m I'"'" Ill c: I'"'" I'"'" m z "'tJ c: Ill I'"'" (i) J: m c m < m :II -< C: m (J) c )> z c "TT :2 c


lt) > a: <( ::J a: m w Eminem Onlv Wins 2 0110 Grammvs LOS ANGELES-The Gram-LL mys lov e Eminem. Over his decade plus career, they've c showered him with 13 Grammy en Awards and gave him two w ::J during this year's ceremonies. 1-But their love for Eminem seems to only e;.,.1:end to the rap categories. Despite being re garded as one of music's ge niuses he has never won a Grammy outside of the genre a streak that continued on Sunday. Eminem, who went into the Grammys as the leading nomi nee with 10 nominations, in cluding in the prestigious album, record and song of the year categories, walked away with just two: best solo rap per formance and best rap album for "Recovery," which was last year's best-selling album and marked a triumphant come back for an iconic figure who stumbled in recent years due to c a former drug addiction. 0: He lost album of the year to LL Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs," and his Rihanna-assisted <( "Love The Way You Lie" lost to Lady Antebellum in the c record and song of the year caten w ::J 1-w > w c w J: CJ) ::J m egories. The night's biggest upset came in the best new artist category, as jazz singer Esperanza Spalding picked up the coveted best new artist Grammy. Spalding, 26, was the first jazz artist to win the award, and beat out 16-year-old pop phenom Justin Bieber, along with Drake, Florence and the Machine and Mumford and Sons. "I feel really lucky tciday," she said backstage. "From the world that I come from this is the beginning of the beginning for me." .. Eminem wasn't the only hip-hop star to lose in the night's top honors: Newcomer B.o.B, who had 5 nods, went home empty handed, while Cee Lo Green's. expletive laden smash, "(Expletive) You," also known as the edited "Forget You," only won best urban/alternative perform ance But Cee Lo had one of the night's best performances: Dressed in a colorful feather getup that made him look like a gigantic colorful bird, he was joined onstage by Gwyneth Paltrow and Jim Henson Co.'s puppets, giving a funny and unforgettable performance of "Forget You." K--------------------------------------------z i= w -l --------------------1

MS. MARIETIE MAZARDDE DALGE Homegoing services for Ms. Mariette Mazard de Dalge, who passed away on February 13, 2011, will be held this Friday, February 18, 2011, at 2 p. m. at First University SDA Church, 2225 East 109th Avenue, Tampa, 33612, Senior Pastor Paul officiating. Interment will 'follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Ms. Dalge was preceded by her father, Mr. Victor Mazard. She leaves to cherish her memory: her mother, Lamicie Nelson; her children, Thomas Mazard, Elsie Lewis, Naderge Gargano, Merline Childs, Nidta Mazard and Dalge; her grandchildren, Khyra Childs, Jason Mazard, Asia Childs, Kianna : Dylan Mazard, Jasmme Mazard-Larry and Tyler Gargano; a host of nieces nephews, cousins, brothers' sisters, other relatives and friends. Wake services will b held Thursday evening, February 17, 2011, from 6-8 p. m. at the church. Friends attending the homegoing service are asked to assemble at the church on. Friday at 1:45 p.m. A HARMON BURIAL MRS.EMMAJ. NATHAN Mrs. Emma J. Nathan of 1807 E. 20th Avenue, Tampa, passed away Tuesday, February 8, 2011. Funeral services will be conducted Friday, February 18, 2011 at 11 a. m. at Pleasant A. M. E. Church, 2615 Ch1pco Street, Tampa, with Reverend Ester Eva, Pastor officiating. Interment will low in Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell. Mrs. Nathan was a native of Florida and a resident of Tampa for 84 years. She attended Hillsborough County Public Schools and was a member of Pleasant Chapel A. M. E. Church. She was employed as a nursing assistant at Tampa General Hospital where she retired. Mrs. Nathan was preceded in death by her parents Luscious and Emma J her loving husband, Nathan, Sr.; brothers, Mose Jackson and Clarence Brown sisters, Essie Mae and Eddie Lee Jones; brotherin-law, David Jones; daughters-in"law, Bernice Nathan and Shirley Nathan-Waters nephew, Roland Jones; niece' Desiree Jones; and daughter, Crissy Small. She leaves to cherish her memory two sons, Rudolph Nathan, Jr. and Rev. Clarence M. Nathan and wife, Deirdre C. Nathan, and two daughters, Ella R. Dilworth and Johnnie L. Small (Robert). She is survived by a loving Robert Daily and wife, Dorothy; loving grandchildren, Rudolph Nathan III, Carol Dilworth, Michaei Dilworth, Debra Nathan Alston, Katrenia Nathan Rodriguez, Leticia Nathan Raymone Small, Nathan Brown and husband Anthony, Clarence C. J: Shoo Penava, Shunna Doster, Cedric Doster and Dejournette Bellamy and husband, Reggie and Lydia s. Nathan; great-grandchildren, Stetson Nash and wife Tyera Rodriguez, Di: Jooae Ddworth, Caleb Micher Jadaya Brown, Tnmty Ddworth, and Serion Bellamy LaKevia Alexander. Mrs. Nathan also leaves to cJ:terish her memory a host of n1eces, nephews, and extended family and friends. The remains will repose from 4 to 7 p. m. Thursday February 17, 2011 at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern Owners. www.raywilliamsfu: neralhome.com. MRS. BEATRICE AUSTIN SIMS Mrs. Beatrice Austin Sims ("Miss Bea"), 96, of Tampa, passed away Wednesday, February 9, 2011, at Fair Oaks Nursing Home. Funeral services will be conducted at 12:00 Noon Tuesday,February15,2011at Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church, 2606 W. Grace Street, with Rev. T. D. Leonard, Pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Born July 27, 1914 in Alachua County, she attended public school in Alachua and Pinellas Counties, completing the 9th grade. She was the oldest daughter of Rev. George Haile and Ms. Gussie Bennett. Survivors include children, Austin (Joyce), Inez S1ms, Rhudine Austin Curry, and Shirley Austin 8 grandchildren and 3 grandchildren. The remains reposed from 4-7 p. m. Monday, February 14, 2011 at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue, and the family received friends from 6-7 p.m. Arrangements entntsted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern Owners. neralhome.com. DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT ONELIO PAZOS, JR. Onelio Pazos, Jr. (Neyo), 4 7 passed away February 9 2011. He was born in Key West and raised in Tampa. He is survived by: his wife, Jamie of 15 years; loVIng parents, Onelio and Kathy Pazos; 2 brothers T ommy and Roy; s1ster, Vicki and mother, Mary Carrerra and extended family. His parents have owned Bob's Market on 40th Street for 32 years. Jamie and Neyo are managers of the market. Services will take place from 11 a. m. 2 p. m. on Saturday February 19, 2011, at Boza & Roe) Funernl Home, 4730 N. Ar-menin Ave. Tampn. Grnveside services will fol low nt Myrtle Hill Cemetery on Mnrtin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. MR. HALTON AUGUSTAS HENRY, SR. Homegoing celebration for Mr. Halton Augustas Henry, Sr. ofValrico, Florida will be held Wednesday, ruary 16, 2011 at 10 A. M. at Fellowship Baptist Church 106 Rolling Hills Blvd rico, with the pastor,' Reverend Robert Stone officiating. Interment wiJi follow in Hillsboro Memorial Gardens, Brandon. Halton Henry, Sr. was born m Jamaica West As a young he JOmed the Royal Air Force. After leaving the military, he worked as an Accountant for the Banana Board. He then became a Scout Master which had 150 boys in his Troop. He travelled to the Cayman Island for seminars. In 1969 he migrated to the United States in New York to join his wife. After three years, they had their first child together, Halton James Henry. Six years later they had their second child. They lived in New York for 34 years. In 2003 he moved to Tampa. In 2006 he became ill with COPD and heart problems. On February 7, 2011 Halton retired to be with his Savior. He leaves behind his wife, Vires Mae Henry; 3 sons, Leroy, Neville and Halton J. Henry, Sr.; 3 daughters Shirley, Janet and Arlette M: Henry; 7 grandchildren; 2 great grandchildren; nieces, nephews and many other relatives and friends. The remains will -._epose from 5 P. M.-8 P.M. and the family will receive friends from 6 P. M.-7 P.M. Tuesday, February 15 2011 at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N 29th Street. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 9:45 A. M., Wednesday. "A WilSON SERVICE" www.wi)son-funeralbome.com. F .ORMER FlORIDIAN PASSES BERRY WALLACE Berry Wallace was funeralized in Birmingham Alabama, on Friday, u 2011. Berry was a 1954 graduate of Don Thompson Vocational High School, Tampa. He is survived by: a son and daughter, Keith and Deborah; and 4 sisters and 1 brother. The Wallace Family. BEULAH 'MAE' WILLIAMS February16 We love and miss you. Happy 70th birthday. Love, family_and friends:,.. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM SYDNEY 'MACK' MCCALLA 2/17/1934 Dad, we know that you are gone away frmn us, but never forgotten. We truly miss you. From: your sons and family. IN MEMORIAM JESSIE WEEKS Dec. 23, 1960 -Jan. 30, 1990 It is not a question of how much. We know, how clever we are, not even how good; it all depend upon the heart's love: External actions are the results of love, the fruit it bears; but the source, the root, is in the deep of the heart. Francois Fenelon Your loving kindness and caring ways will always' remain in our hearts as we continue to do good and honest and love one another. The family. Check Us Out On Facebook "T1 r 0 ::c c )> en m z ::::t z m r aJ c: r r m ::::t z .c: aJ r en ::z:::. m c m < m ::c < -f c: m en c ):lo < )> z c "T1 ::c 6


0 Crime C'\1 Child Pornograohv Charges Filed Against Senior Citizen LOVELL STEPHENS ... Being held on $tos,ooo bond A 66-year-old man was arrested Friday morning and charged with 14 counts of child pornography. The arrest followed the execution of a search warrant at his residence. Police executed the search warrant at the home of Lovell Stephens, 2025 E. New Orleans Avenue, around 8:30 a.m., Friday. Information developed by the Special Investigation Division result ed in the search W;J.rrant. According to police, Stephens admitted to down loading files depicting child pornography from the Internet. The initial scan of his computer reported revealed 14 images, files, and videos of children engaged in sexual acts, ranging from 1-year-old to 13-years-old. Stephens was taken to the Hillsborough County Jail, where he is being held under a $105,000 bond. Homeless Man Charged With Ybor Citv Rape .------: c en w ::;) 1-c w l: en LAMARK ROWELL Tampa Police arrested 35-::;) year-old homeless man and D.. charged him with sexual battery. The offense reportedly tij took place in Ybor City last ...1 September S According to police, m Lamark Dewayne Rowell ..I was taken into custody Thursday. The victim was a t= 20-year-old woman who was Z outside of an Ybor w en City nightclub. The woman was a patron in the Full Moon Saloon, when she became ill on the dance floor She was ejected from the club. Bouncers from the club reportedly left the intoxicated woman in the alley where she apparently passed out. A passerby found the woman and called for help. She was reportedly naked from the waist down when firefighters arrived at the scene. After she regained consciousness, the woman had a sexual battery examination at the urging of police Earlier this week, Rowell was identified by a DNA pro file. He was charged with rap ing a physically helpless person. He is being held on a $soo,ooo bond. t3 a: 0 ..I LL. ,WARREN DAWSON co ,.... 221-1800 1481 Tapa Park Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & scan St. h rrng of ala:.)CI IS Jc Important dc:1s1on that shoul d not be bmd solely uoon ad.-crt1scmcnh 8cfo 1ou dec J\k uo to send ,'Qu FREE :.IItten mfomat1on about oualrfiCJtlons ana ex ocr cncc' Driver Sentenced -To 21 Years In Double Fatalitv A Hillsborough County Judge sentenced a driver in a double fatality to 21 years in pri&on on Friday. He was charged in the deaths of two women in April 2009 traffic accident. Judge Thomas Barber sentenced Randy Archiquette, 41, to 21.3 in prison. He was given credit for the 669 days he has already been in custody. According to police, on April13, 2009, Archiquette, was driving a 2007 Chevrolet Yukon SUV north on Florida Avenue when he struck the vehicle Mrs. Betty Williams, 69 was driving, pushing it into a utility pole That accident took place at the corner of N Florida Avenue and Frierson. Mrs. Williams was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital, where she died from her injuries. Mrs. Williams was a widow and retired Seamstress for Frayne Fashions and did occasional house cleaning jobs After hitting Mrs. Williams' vehicle, Archiquette is alleged to have continued through the intersection, crossed the cen ter lane and struck the vehicle driven by Ms. Brittany McFarland, 20 head on Ms. McFarland's vehicle spun around upon impact and hit a wrecker. Ms. McFarland was pronounced dead at Tampa General Suspect Sought In Sexual Banerv The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office reports their deputies ar. e investigating sexual battery that occurred on February 8th at 2:13 a. m. Deputies say the victim, a 22-year-old female, was walking on 131st venue from Livingston Avenue when a man in a vehicle passed her, then made a u-turn. The victim told deputies the man approached her from behind driving a silver, newer model car. He reportedly got out of the. car grabbed the woman and forced her onto the hood of his car and sexu ally assaulted her. He then fled in the vehicle on 15th Street from 131st Avenue. The suspect is described as a Black male in his late 20s, 5'4" tall, 170 pounds with a muscular build. The suspect vehicle is described as a newer model car gray or sil ver (possibly two-tone with darker colorant on the lower area), 4-doors, tinted windows, blue colored head lights and gray cloth interior. Anyone with information on this suspect is asked to call (813) 247-8200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-Soo-873-8477 RANDY ARCHIQUETfE ... Sentenced to 21 Years in prison MS. BETIYWILLIAMS r Killed in a traffic accident April13, 2009 The 2007 Chevrolet Yukon driven by Randy Archiquette flipped after striking the vehicle driven by Ms. Brittany McFarland and came to rest a haHblock away. Hospital. The driver of the wrecker was not injured. The truck Archiquette was driving flipped and came to rest a half block North of Mohawk on Florida Avenue. Archiquette was transport ed to St. Josephis Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries. Police .said Arcbi"quette had a blood alcohol level of 0 147 at the time of the accident. He was charged with DUI Manslaughter, the scene of an accidenf with serious injury or death, and vehicular homicide. After months of maintain-ing his innocence, Archiquette entered a guilty plea to two counts of DUI Manslaughter last November 2010. Man Who Drove Truck Into River Charged With Careless Driving Tampa Police report that the man who drove his truck into the Hillsborough River last Thursday has been c harged with careless driving. At 8:30 a. m. Dwayne Andre Duke, Jr., 22, was crossing the Brorein Street. Bridge and tried changing lanes. He also had a passenger, Zachary Zachariades, 30. Traffic slowed down in front of him causing him to swerve back to his original lane. He lost control of the truck. Hit the guardrail and went over the side of the bridge. Duke and Zachariades climbed on top of the truck. A Tampa Fire Rescue boat Dwayne Duke, Jr. stands on a Tampa Fire Rescue boat after he and his passenger were pulled from the Hillsborough River. tranSJ?Orted tbem to a local hospital with minor injuries. UNCLE SANDY ... Ifyou're not sure 9, 11, 15, 19 of what to say 22, 25 29, 30 then maybe it would be best 33, 38, 3 .9, 44 not say anything at all49, 51, 55,


II C I --r ..... _, 11111!1_..,_ d"' ; '{3 a s s 1 .. J 1 e .... d J '' .-.:-.. '"C> .. :; ... ... ;,,.,_., ... ;,'" .,,,,-.w.w IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 11th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA FAMILY DIVISION Case No.: 10-35301 FC 18 Florida Bar No. 30686 IN RE: THE MARRIAGE OF SILVIA I. BUCKLEY Petitioner and GERALD THOMAS BUCKLEY Respondent NOTICE OF ACTION FOR DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE TO: GERALD THOMAS BUCKLEY Last Known Address: 9674 Magnolia Blossom Drive Tampa, Florida 33626 LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA Case No.: 2010-DR-17680 DIVISION C MARCIA L. BOONE, Petitioner and DAVID L. BOONE, Respondent NOTICE OF ACTION FOR DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE TO: DAVID L. BOONE 12319 Witheridge Drive Tampa, Florida 33624 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action has been filed against you and that you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to it on Jonathan W. Newlon, Esq., whose address is 38008 Live Oak Avenue. Suite Dade City. FL .33m on or before Monday. March 7. 2011, and file the original with the clerk of this Court at Hillsborough County Courthouse, 800 Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida 33602 before service on Petitioner or immediately thereafter. Notice Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuant To Section 865.09 Florida Statutes II NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the under signed, desiring to engage in business under the fictitious name of Versaggi Properties located at 511 South Westland Avenue. Suite #16, in the County of Hillsborough, in the City of Tampa, Florida 33606 intends to register the said name with the Division of Corporations of the Florida Department of State, Tallahassee, Florida. Dated at Tampa, Florida this 1Qth day of February. 2011 Sole Owner(s) Russell Versaggi Trustee for Manuel J. Versaggi Trust -4 c: m en c "T1 m m ::r:J c: )> ::r:J -< ...... Ul I\) 0 ...... ...... "T1 r-0 ::r:J c )>-en m z -4 z m r-aJ c: r rm :::! z "'D c: m r-c;; ::::t YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action has been filed against you and that you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to it on Petitioner's attorney, Emilo C Pastor, Esquire, whose address is 2655 Le Jeune Road. Suite 700. Coral Gables. FL 33134, on or before February 24. 2011, and file the original with the clerk of this Court at 3100 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, FL 33134 before service on Petitioner or immediately thereafter. If you fail to do so, a Default may be entered against you for the relief demanded in the Petition. m c II EMPLOYMENT II If you fail to do so, a Default may be entered against you for the relief demanded in the Petition. Copies of all court documents in this case, including orders, are .available at the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office. You may review these documents upon request. You must keep the Clerk of the Circuit Court s office notified of your current address, (You may file Notice of Current Address, at Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.915). Future papers in this lawsuit will be mailed to the address on record with the clerk. WARNING: Rule 12.285, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, requires certain automatic disclosure of documents and Information. Failure to comply can result in sanctions, including dismissal or striking of pleadings. Dated: January 11, 2011 HARVEY RUVIN CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: LAURA CAMPOS DEPUTY CLERK ""T ..... E: Copies of all court documents in this case, including orders, are available at the Office of the Leon County Clerk of Court. You may review these documents upon request. You must keep the Office of the Leon County Clerk of Court notified of your current address. (You may file Notice of Current Address, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.915). Future papers in this lawsuit will be mailed to the address on record with the clerk' office. WARNING: Rule 12.285, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, requires certain automatic disclosure of documents and Information. Failure to comply can result in sanctions, Including dismissal or striking of pleadings. Dated: January 28, 2011 PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: CYNTHIA MENENDEZ DEPUTY CLERK Fer Ve._.r S.:..-.tl.-.e.l B._. I I Etl r11 "-.A.......-. .. .-ac:a .. .-. K>-blt -=--m-.-.t "-.... Two Hair Stylists Needed For The Nail Gallery 322 W. Hillsborough Ave. Booth Rental Preferred Contact Dallas (813) 493-Q099 Are You Highly Motivated? To Spend 1 0 Hours A Week And Earn $1 ,500.00 Plus A Month? VIsit: www.nancywellness.com (321) 695-9693 Looking For Experienced Lawn Care Worker Must Pass Background Cheek No Misdemeanor Drug Chargers And Absolutely No Felony Charges (813) 27o-6887 -4 c: m en c )> z c "T1 :!! c


0 N 1.!;;;;;;;;;11 =!Jill 1.:;;;;;;;;;;;1 =FO=R R=EN;;i;=T HOMES FOR RENT II a: m w LL >=' (J) w 1-c a: LL c z < c (J) w 1-w > w c w :::J: (J) :::J m a. z ffi ...I ...I ;::) m ...I w z i= z w (J) < c a: 0 ...J LL Avon Representatives Needed All Areas! Call 813-832-4282 Or E-mail AVONLADYGEORGIA@YAHOO.COM Work From Home And Love It! Earn What You Are Worth Call Me Today At (813) 270-2116 Now Hiring Sales Representatives To Sell Merchant Services To Businesses Commission Only Call (813) 409-8395 Do You Have A (PMA) Positive Mental Attitude? Are You Ambitious? Yes? Call The Tag Lady (813) 417-6654 East Bay Church of Christ (81_ 3) 813-661-4820 Administrator Degree in related field with good organization and leadership skills. Strong verbal and written communication Proficient in Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Publisher 20 hours/week. Manage the daily administrative operations; supervise production of church bulletins, ne\\'sletters, and websites. Preparation and monitoring annual budget and expenditures Must represent the church and its interests in a positive manner. II HOMES FOR RENT II Grant Park Area 3/2 House Large Patio, CH/A Appliances, Storage Shed Large Fenced Yard Small Pets Only Section 8 OK Background check Call 813 Condo Pond View Near Busch 1 Bedroom/1 Bath $600 00/Monthly Gated Community Swimming Pool, Laundry Water And Sewer Included (813) 390-4169 II HOMES FOR RENT II Jackson Heights 2 Bedroom/1 Bath House Fenced Yard $575 00/Monthly $350.00/Deposit Call (813) 482-2234 Sulphur Springs Large 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Block Home Central H/A Fenced $900 00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 503-5321 Palm River Area 5811 12th Avenue 4 Bedroom/2 Bath WDH, CHA Large Yard $1,200.00/Monthly Section 8 Only (813) 621-7493 Section 8Welcome 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Home. Newly Renovated CHA Washer & Dryer Included $800. 00/Month ly $400. 00/Deposit (813) 690-3320 Convenient Ybor City Arts Area 2607 18th Street 3/1, Totally 2009, Washer/Dryer, CHA New Wood Floors Kitchen And Bath Cabinets Appliances, Fenced Back Yard, Alarm System $750.00/Monthly $500.00/Deposit Tenant Pays Electric And Water 813-245-1998 1-5 Bedroom Homes For Rent Now Call 813 321 o East Ida 3 Bedroom/1 Bath House WDH, Fenced Yard No Smoking No Pets Call (813) 453-4968 West Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Block Home Central Heat & Air Tile Floors, Fenced Yard $725 00/Monthly Call (813) 610-8256 3403 North 48th Street 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath With Office Fenced Yard Available 2/1 /11 Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 713-4055 (813) 770-2003 Section 8 Welcome 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Home Newly Renovated CHA Washer & Dryer Included $800.00/Monthly $400.00/Deposit (813) 690-3320 2, 3, And 4 Bedroom Homes North Tampa And Town-N-Country New Paint Ceramic Tile Carpet WDH, Fenced Alarm CHA, No Pets Section 8 Ok 813-949-3482 Section 8 Only Progress Village Available Now 2 Bedroorn/1 Bath $875.00/Monthly 3 Bedroom/1 Bath $900. 00/Monthly CHA, Tile Throughout Deposit Negotiable (813) 390-7715 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Block Home WDH, CHA Fenced Corner Lot Tile Floors Wood Deck $800 00/Monthly $500 00/Deposit (813) 532-0313 Section 8 Welcome 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Block Home CHA, WDH Large Fenced Yard $1 ,000.00/Monthly Plus Deposit Call (813) 453-5690 West Tampa 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Home Central Heat/Air, WDH $800 00/Monthly Plus Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 293-8431 In Special 1 Month FREE!!! 2 3 & 4 Bedroom Houses Throughout Hillsborough County As Low As $500.00/Monthly (813) 48D-9958 Sulph4r Springs 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Concrete Block CHA WDH $800 00/Monthly $500 00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) Or (813) 526-6099 2918 East 21st Avenue 3 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath Home $900 00/Monthly CHA, WDH Deposit Negotiable Call (813) 495-9757 Carver City 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Block Home Central Heat & Air Tile Floors, Fenced Yard $795.00/Monthly Call (813) 610-8256 38th & MLK Boulevard 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook-up Central H/A Fenced Yard $550.00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit Call (813 531-1410 111 09 North 22nd Street 4 Bedroom/1 Bath House CHA, WDH Huge Backyard Tile Throughout Section 8 Welcomed Call (813) 598-6464 II APTS. FOR RENT Near Busch 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment $625 00 $675.00/Monthly Small Pets OK Section 8 WeiGome Call (813) 34D-3085 GET NOTICED .. Place Your Ad In The Business Di""." Contact LaVora@ Fax To: (813) 248 or Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com II


..... c: m en c APPLIANCE REPAIRS ]< 'TI m OJ ::D c: )> Plant City Morgan Woods Apartments 801 Morgan Street 2/1 Frorn $395 & Up WDH, Very Nice On Site Management Chris Cooper Manager (813) 478-2366 Grant Park 1/1 Quiet A/C Large Fenced Yard No Pets Background Check $550 00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit Available Now Call Jackie (813) 704-3555 Ybor City 2912 East Columbus 2/2 Apartment $850 00/Monthly With Washer/Dryer Updated, Very Nice Section 8 Welcome Jacob Real Estate Broker (813) 258-3200 Extension 111 Or 115 $299.00 Moves You In An Old Place With A New Face 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments $450 .00-$550 00 Monthly Cinnamon Cove Apartments 12401 N 15th Street Call (813) 971-5254 USF Area Or Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problemtt FREE APPLICATIONII Low Or No Deposit! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Floors New Appliances New Ceiling Fans $499.00/Monthly Water & Trash Included!!!! 813 244-4551 Angie's Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $750.00 WDH -0 Deposit No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome 813-915-9787 II DUPLEXES II Tampa Heights 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex WDH CHA $600 00/Monthly .Includes Water Deposit Required Call (813) 778-1332 North Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Inside Washer/Dryer Hook-up $650 00/Monthly $500 00/Secu rity Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 376-8664 Tampa Heights 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Spacious Duplex Newly Renovated $750.00/Monthly Section 8 Ok All Utilities Included Call (813) 477-7734 Section 8 Only 0 Deposit $300.00 Move-In 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplexes 2, And 3 Bedroom Vouchers CHA, WDH Large Backyard Nice Area Call (813) 789-3879 II ROOMS FOR RENT II 2409 East 19th Avenue Room For Rent Electric, Cable, Water And Included $125 00/Weekly Call (813) 433-3290 Available Room For Rent lnYbor Heights At: 1 000 East 26th Avenue Please Call (813) 494-3343 West Tampa Rooms For Rent Newly Remodeled Full Kitchen, Furnished $80 00-$1 00.00 Weekly + Deposit Call (813) 476-8748 Ideal For Fixed Income Person AIC $11 0.00/Weekly Utilities Included $1 00 00/Deposit Call (813) 495-9757 Ybor City Area Fully Furnished Room For Rent With Refrigerator $85 00 Per Week + $85 00 Deposit Call Bobby@ (813) 545-9307 Room For Rent -Ybor A/C Microwave Cable And Laundry Relaxed Atmosphere Clean Block For Major Bus Line $400.00/Monthly Call (813) 384-1702 Room For Rent Ybor Area A/C, Cable, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $75 00/Deposit $100.00 And Up Weekly (813) 317-9872 Furnished Rooms For Rent Single Person Free Cable, A/C And Heat $100.00 Per Week No Deposit Call (813) 562-3848 8100 Marks Street Rooms For Rent $125.00/Weekly $125.00/Deposit Central Heat And Air Carpet Free Cable Call (813) 361-6227 Ybor -Room For Rent A/C, Microwave Cable, Laundry Relaxed Atmosphere Block For Major Bu s Line $400 00/Monthly Call (813) 384-1702 Furnished Rooms For Rent Some Available With CHA And Cable Strictly No Drug Activity Allowed A/C & Appliance Repair Ice Makers Refrigeration, Stoves Washers And Dryers All Work Guaranteed Call Prince (813) 695-4343 Fast Friendly Service II BEDS FOR SALE II Twin Full Queen King Bunk Beds Beds $60.00 $65.00 $75.00 $ 110.00 & Up $150.00 Call (813) 31D-0991 ::D -< 'TI r-0 ::D en m z ::::! 1.!;;;;;;;;;11 Must Be Employed Call (813) 965-5931 Large $125.00/Weekly $0/Deposit Small Room $115.00/Weekly $1 r5. 00/Deposit Older adults Preferred Must Be Employed Or Receiving Benefits No Drugs Or Kids Allowed 813-431-1310 II AIR CONDITIONING II Tarpley's A/C LLC Sales & Service New & Used Financing Available Work From Home And Love It! Earn What You Are Worth Call Me Today At (813) 27Q-2116 Do You Have A (PMA) Positive Mental Attitude? Are You Ambitious? Yes? Call The Tag Lady (813) 417-6654 Are You Highly Motivated? To Spend 10 Hours A Week And Earn $1 ,500.00 Plus A Month? Visit: Call (813) www.nancywellness.com Lie ICAC18,5130 (321) 695-9693 BLICATION DEADLINES Edition. Thursday@ 12:00 P.M. c: r r-!!l z 'V c: ID r-c;; :I: m c m < m ..... c: m en c )> z c 'TI ::D 6 Friday Edition -Monday 0 12:00 P.M. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 Words And 50$ For Each Additional Word Over 20 .. This Price Is Each Time You Publish our Ad


T'"' T'"' 0 N LO II CARPET CLEANING II II HEALTH II 1!=11 II LOT FOR SALE II :::> a: co UJ LL ).:' C/) UJ :::> .... c a: LL c z <( c C/) UJ :::> .... > a: UJ > UJ c UJ l: C/) co :::> D.. z i= .UJ ..J ..J :::> m ..J UJ z i= z UJ C/) a: 0 ..J LL Affordable Carpet Cleaning Deep Scrub $55 00 Flat Rate Ca$h ASAP (813) 484-6757 II CELL PHONE II $$Paying Cash$$$ We Buy New Used And Unwanted Cell Phones Bring It To Us Ship It To Us We Will Come To You (813) 440-6440 II CLEANING SERVICE II II Veiga Cleaning Services 4202 Richmere Street Tampa, Fl 33617 Reasonable Rates Resident ial And Commercial Properties Handyman Services Phone (813) 401-1213 Gloria Gass Director of Operations And Owner Gloriagss@ gmail.com CREDIT CARD SERVICES Start Accepting Credit Cards! Low Rates Low Fees Free Set-Up Free Vacation With Every Approval Call (813) 409-8395 DAY CARE Cassandra's Large Day care Private Daycare Has Openings For Infants -5 Year Olds Private Pay And All Programs Accepted (813) 238-0939 II Lie# LTA431809 DNA Paternity Testing Legal Or Personal Testing Available Results In Just 3 DAYS No Collection Fees In Tampa NO BLOOD! Payment Options Available http :// dnatestingsolutions com DNA Testing Solutions 11972 N. Florida Avenue (813) 915-0000 DNA Testing Paternity Test We Come To You! Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Servic.es (813) 928-2753 Dlmservices91 @yahoo.com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-5777 II EVICITION SERVICE Process Entire Eviction From Start To Finish File Eviction With Court House Serve Eviction Paper Complete Forms (Extra Charge) $199.00 Tameka (813) 369-4114 II HAULING All Junk Removal Furniture, Tree Debris Construction, Garbage Or Anything Else No Job Too Big Or Small Fast And Reasonable (813) 285-4674 .-.. ,,.,'t;" -...._ I a It,.,,. e ,.,":! II II <-UL.3. > :::z..._. __ :a. Get Healthy Get Fit Starts With Bio-Noni ( ) Experience Free Tast e Par ty Every Wednesday 7 :00p.m.@ Beef O'Brady s North H i mes Avenue Visit www.tni.com/fit Code:3120055 Call (813) 347-1363 II INSURANCE II Need A Break On Insurance? Low Down Payment Low As $117 00 Down Low Monthly Payments Cheap SR2 2/FR44 Great Rates For '(1omeowners And Commercial Insurance Please Call (813) 988-2857 JUNK CARS Junk Cars We Buy Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 784-8339 CASH For Junk CarsAnd Trucks Running Or Not Call Lorenzo (813) 843-8857 I Buy Junk Cars Up To $500.00 & Up Free Pick Up Of Old Appliances And Metal Call Eric (813) We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Up to $1 500.00 For Junk Cars Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal/ Appliances For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 We Buy Junk Cars And Trucks CALL J.R. (813) 966-3501 II LEASE PROPERTY II 7901 N. Nebraska Avenue Suite 200A Beauty Salon Location Lobby, Wash Cut II And Dry Rooms Bathroom Kitchen $645.00/Monthly $500 00/Deposit Utilities Not Included Nebraska Avenue New Exposure Retail/Office Space Ideal For Insurance/Sales 600 Square Feet Ready To Rent $600 .00/f1.1onthly Plus Tax And Deposit Free Applications II Call (813) 232-3900 II LOOKING FOR WORK II Mature Lady Looking For Work Has Experience In Medical Field Cooking/Baking Nanny Will Start Immediately (863) 877-6117 II LOT FOR SALE II Tampa Heights Drastically Reduced 209 East Oak Avenue Not Far From Future 68 X 123 5 Zoned For Multi-Family Homes Or Office Owner Will Finance EasyTe r ms (813) 932-5006 II II II Vacant Lot For Sale Belmont Heights Area Palifox And 35th Street 500 x 1 00 Square Feet Call (813) 293-8431 METAL .II Free Pick Up Of Metal Your Old Or Unwanted Appl i ances BBQ Grills Etc. Call (813) 57 4-9052 Just Ask Top Dollar Recycling We Buy Any And All Scrap Metal Top Dollar Cash Money On The Spot Also Trash Removai Etc Chuck (813) 900-2683 MORTGAGES If You Are At Least 62 Years Of Age And You Are Struggling To Make Your Mortgage Payment Call Us Today (813) 44Q-6440 PLUMBING Woodard s Plumbing We Specialize In Faucets Leaks Drain Stoppage Cabinets Sink Installation And All Plumbing Needs Call (813) 325-4643 II II Llct022650


II II II I I I I I I II II II SPIRITUALIST II PLUMBING SALON SELL YOUR HOME Gil Robinson Plumbing Micros Short Hair $65 If You Need To Sell Your Prophetess Annie Mae Micros Long Hair $85 Home And Time Is Of To Remove, Put Back And Installation Of : Kitchen Sink Kinky Twists $65 The Essence And Cabinets Box Plaits $40 Etc., Spiritual Counseling We Specialize In Weaves $45 Call Us For God Is The Key Answer General Plumbing The Best Offer To All Things Call For Appointment (813) 325-2813 Call (813) 785-1996 Phone (813) 872-0927 (813) 567-1429 Prayer Also Or (813) 404-9778 Cash In 3 Days Relaxer/Wrap $45.00 For Your House Spiritualist Ava II Wash-N-Set $25 00 Healer Advisor REFERRAL Full Head Sew-In $75 00 Visit www.1888443days.com Micros $130.00 True Woman Of God Kinky Twist $85 00 Call Today!!! Can Help You On Love, Receive 500.00 CASH Senegalese Twist 1-888-443-DAYS Marriage, Business If You Know Someone $100 00 1-888-443-3297 Who Is Loosing Dred ReTwist $30 00 Call Now Their Home To Foreclosure Quick Weave $40.00 For Your Blessing Invisible Part $40.00 II SPIRITUALIST II (813) 379-1151 And Solicit Our Service Please Call Rishonda (352) 277-2184 Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher (813) 440-6440 Sister Berry Roots To End Glam Packages Worried? Confused? Palm, Card Reader REPAIRS II Manicure Pedicure Depressed? Spiritual Cleansing Wash-N-Wrap She Solves Impossible Removes Bad Luck $50.00 Problems Court Cases Evil Spells Albert Williams Repairs Manicure Pedicure Cheating Spouses Restores Lost Nature 47 Years Experience Relaxer And Wrap Reunites Lovers Advise On Love/Marriage -$75.00 Removes Bad Luck Health And Business Painting And Thursday-Saturday Only Immediate Results! Rotten Wood Repair By Appointment Only Lucky Numbers Available Special Readings $5.00 Call (813) 410-7042 (813) 802-3255 (932) 746-0695 Phone (813) 506-9239 Lie #1074070 Exp 12/14/11 BUSINESS DIRECTORY East Bloomlngde le AvenUoN BLVD. PLANT CITY 1813) 762 302 PALMEA S1'. Your nre Headquarters For: .BFGoodrlch' .UN/811YAI:. Yaur tlltadquaWI Far Vlhlr* MII!M!!anot Anc! Rplr A k Ahnu11, Mnnth l .. lltll' A:. C.1.h 4505 East HHisborough Ave. Tampa, Florida 33610 Phone: 813-628-4181 Open 7 Days A Week Catering Availabl e Chitterlings BBQ Ribs & Ch Chops Greens Mac & Cheese Fried Chicken I.IOtJDters Fresh Fish GEl NOTICED ... Place Your Ad In The -Business o"" .. ,., ... Contact LaVora @ Fax To: {813) 8 Or Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com II TELEPHONE II FREE 30 DAYS Home Phone Get Collect Calls On Your Cell Phone From County Jail $2.25 Per Call 813-546-2692 813-222-0195 II II WEIGHT LOSS Lose Up To 30 LBS 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Free Samples Call Lucinda At (813) 270-2116 CONTACT LAVORA @ {813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT Check Us Out On Face book & Follow Us On Twitter At www.twitter.com/ FLSENTI N ELB -f c m (/) 0 l< .., m Ill JJ c )> ...... U1 1\) 0 ...... ...... .., r-0 JJ (/) m z ::L z m r-Ill c r rm :::! z ., c Ill !: (/) :I: m 0 m < m -f c m (/) 0 )> z 0 .., JJ-0 To Advertise In The Business Directory Call LaVora Or Betty At 813-248-1921. DEADLINE For Placing Business Directory Ads Is FRIDAY AT 3 P.M.


,... .... 0 C\1 LO ,... > a: <( :::J a: m w LL c en w :::J .... c a: LL c z <( c en w :::J .... > a: w > w c w :X: ...J m :::J CL. z w ...J ...J :::J m ...J w z z w en <( c .a: 0 ...J LL BUSINESS DIRECTORY WHIDDEN LAW. P. L. ATTORNEYS AT LAW IM. f\\11'\ FIOIUD \ Bond Motions AutoAcclooots Probation Vlolatlons Climinal Defense & Moto"'ycle o\c:cideots Personal Injury BoattogAccldmt's Homicide/VIolent Crime 2 72 22 OO Wrongful Death Claims Sex Olferues (8 }3) -DUIIBUI 402 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602 Free lnfutm!.tion Conce:rrilll! QualiticatiOJIS & Exp


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