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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Tampa, Fla. :
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February 22, 2011
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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. Celebrating 66 Years In The Tampa Bay Area c Q -a: 0 -1 LL. SEE PAGE 3 I VOL. 66 NO. 53 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2011 24 PAGES 75 Locations Change For Early Voting SEE PAGE 10 Fire Damages East Tampa Funeral Home SEE PAGE 2 BLJ-\CK HISTORY OMMITTE E CELEBR.ATION .. ,, .. 2011 Acquaintance Accused Of AHacking Woman SEE PAGE 18 CITY OF TAMPA HOST ANNUAL BLACK HISTORY CELEBRATION On Wednesday February 16th, the City of Tampa Black History Committee held their 23rd Annual Black History Celebration. The event was held at the Tampa Conven tion Center. This year s theme was Enter to Learn Depart to Serve: The Importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Walter L. Smith, former president of Florida A & M University. Edward Waters Concert Choir provided the entertainment. Among those in attendance at the event were from left t o right: Tampa Fire Chief Thomas Forward Ms. Lenoir Russell Ed Johnson, East Tampa Development Manager ; Dr Walter Smith keynote speaker; Mrs Barbara Smith Rev. Thomas Scott, Chairman of Tampa City Council, Frank Crum CTTV Producer/Director ; Ms. Tonja Brickhouse, Director of Solid Waste ; and Rod Carter, Channel 8 News Anchor.(Photograph by Lomax Mcintyre).


Features N Hope Remains < For High-Speed Bailin Florida a: LL. Last Wednesda y wh e n Governor Rick Scott s aid no to $2-4 billion in federal dollars for high-speed rail, he drew the ire of not just De mocrats but members of his own party as well. Scott now is saying he is open to listening to any plan that would take the risk off taxpayers. A rally was held in down town Tampa Monday by backers of the project with hopes of gaining more sup port. Scott has until Friday to accept the money, or it will go > to another state. Last week, Scott said no ii: to the funds, saying the proLL. posal was too costly for C Florida, and could put the :i state s taxpayers on the hook > for nearly $3 billon. He said ridership and revenue projec(1) tions tend to be too opti mistic and would likely t-require ongoing sate governi:J: ment subsidies. He also said if the project failed, the state w would have to refund the c w GOVERNOR RICK SCOTI grant Sen. Nelson and others have urged Scott to recon sider since he made his an nouncement last week. They hope a third party group can take over the project and all liability. Sen. Nelson has gone on record as saying he believes Scott would move forward on the project if he s con vinced Florida won t have any financial responsibilities. (/) :::i m :::J Q. z tu ...J ...J :::J m ...J w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 ...J LL. r -"!"' --*** SPECIAL *** -----: Routine Simple Extractions $99 +Xray I Same Day Service. I -------------------------------------Surgical Extractions$199 +Xray Same Day Service. ------_____________ .... Call And Schedule Your Appointment Today!!! (813) 623-1014 Step Team Continues To Provide Outlet For Youth BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor In 2007, a not-for-profit organization cam e into exis tence geared toward young sters Its purpose was to provide a program that would interest youngsters and young adults. In keeping with this tradi tion Alex Kelly, founder of Theta Phi Beta Co-Ed Com munity Step Team continues to provide youngsters with an opportunity to express them selves through dance. This week Kelly begins tryouts for new members to join the step team. The try outs are being held Monday, February 21st through Friday, February 25th, from 6 p.m. to 9 p .m. Those interested in trying out for the team should visit Temple Park, 7701 Tem ple Terrace Highway, to audi-ALEX KELLY ... Founder of Theta Phi Beta Co-Ed Community Step Team tion. It doesn't matter if they don t have any experience they must just be willing to try. My motto is never say what you can't do Kelly said. Kelly said those who are in school are r:equired to have at least a 2.0 grade point aver age to participate Youngsters and young adults who are interested in trying out must be between the ages of 13 and 21. They must also be able to attend practices held at Temple Park (the same location as the try outs) from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p m. Tuesdays through Fri days. Kelly further stated that he keeps the team interesting because they participate in various competitions throughout the year. "We travel a lot and the entire team travels We have been to New York and participated in the BET 106 & Park Show twice." For additional information about the Step Team audi tions contact Kelly at (813) 918-4822. Fire Damages Funeral Home A fire caused $so,o'oo in damage to Integrity Funeral Home. Tampa Fir e Rescue units were called to a fire Friday night on ih Avenue and 39th Street. According to the report, someone was passing by the Integrity Funeral Home when they saw flames com ing .from the building. When fire crews arrived, they re ported flames coming from the rear of the building. The fir e w a s unde r control in 40 .minute s a nd no on e w a s injured. An investigator with the Tamp a Fir e M a r s hal' s Office d e t e rmined th e fun e ral hom e was closed for the night. The fire started in the condi tioning unit on the outside of the building due to an unde termined mechanical failure. The fire spread up and into the attic space of the build ing. Fire crews were able to stop the flames from spread ing and consuming the entire building. Losses are esti mated to b e about $so,ooo. The inv e stigator did re port tha t th e fir e and smok e damag e was k ept wa y f rom bodi e s insid e the funeral home H e did not say how many bodies were inside A statement from a staff member of the funeral home Gloria Castillo, states their immediate goal is to accoin modate families of de ceased with a funeral service without sacrificing service, quality or dignity. Other arrangements are now being made to ensure we continue to serve the community in their pme of n ee d as well as meet tbe guidelines of the Stat e o f Florida' s Division of Fun e ral C e m e t e r y and Con sume r S e rvi ces.


Feature -4 c: m (/) Caseworkers Suspended In Connection With Toddler's Death c "T1 m I:D J:J c: :r> J:J -< 1\) RONDERIQUE ANDERSON ... Died on February 5th On the morning of Febru ary sth, Ronderique Anderson died at a local hospital. Two caseworkers have suspended in con nection with his death. Last July, Dwayne Poole, the child's father, was granted custody of the child after a judge refused to allow both the child and his mother, Fredreda Scott, who is also a minor, to move in with her grandmother. The reason was reportedly because of an incomplete home study. The 16-month-old toddler had been placed in the cus tody of Poole, 23, on July 8th, by Ms. Kathleen 0'Connor and Ms. Laurie Vincent, case managers with the Children's Home Society of Florida. Children's Home Society of Florida and Hillsborough KidS, Inc., are agencies under the direction of the Florida Department of Children and Family Services. According to a report re leased last week, both case workers visited Poole's home and spoke with his girl friend. Poole was not at home at the time. The two caseworkers allegedly left the child with his father without court approval. A month later, the court granted conditional approval and the judge ordered monthly visits because of Poole's criminal back ground. His background was not discussed in court, al though it had been provided for the judge. In November 2010, the report said, the workers rec ommended the court give Poole custody without su pervision. The court followed their recommendations. When contacted by the Sentinel, Terry Field, spokesman for the Depart ment of Children and Fami lies, said the workers were employees of Children's Home Society of Florida, and that it was his understanding that both had been sus pended. However, he did not have details about the sus pensions and referred the re porter to the Children s Home Society of Florida. Telephone calls to that agency as well as to Hillsbor ough Kids, Inc., who is re sponsible for managing child welfare in Hillsborough County, had not been re turned as of press time. Ronderique was injured on February 1st while in his father s care. Accord ing to police, Poole allegedly threw Ronderique on the bed causing his head to hit the wall or a dr. esser on Feb ruary 1st. The child also re portedly had bruising on his buttocks and legs. Poole allegedly admitted hitting the toddler with his hand and a belt as punish ment for playing near an electrical outlet. Fire Rescue transported Anderson to St. Joseph's Hospital where he was admitted with a skull fracture and bleeding of the brain. Police were told at the time that the child would most likely not survive the injuries. Poole was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse. He was held without a bond. After Ronderique died, he was also charged with first-degree murder. Ms. Tonya Myers, 29, who is Poole's girlfriend, was arrested on February 10th, and charged with Child Neglect. Her arrest came about after she allegedly ad mitted to knowing Poole had knocked out one of the child's teeth earlier. She was released after posting a $10,000 bond. Statement From CEO David E. Wilkins, CEO of the Department of Chil dren and Families said in a written statement: The death of an y child is a traged y The Department of Children and Families and our communit y partners a re s adden e d b y the sen se less death of Ronderique Anderson. Thi s quality assuranc e review was completed to provide a compreh e n sive a ssess ment of this case and to provide us with the insight necessary to do a better job at ensuring the safety and well being of the children in our care. He also said he is direct ing his staff and Hillsbor ough Kids, Inc. along with their case management or ganizations to gather suffi cient information needed to make informed decisions re garding child safety and case planning; to improv e the quality of supervisory over sight and guidance for all cases; and to ensure that the family preservation protocols are followed. He also said his staff will complete a review of all home studies conducted for families with young children and institute ongoing con trols to make certain that all home studies reach conclu sions that are safe for chil dren; and review all cases on children up to age five to en sure that case plans and serv ices are meeting their needs. "I expect to receive fre quent updates regarding the progress of implementing these improvements, and I expect the corrective actions to be completed by April 30. I believe the lessons learned from this case will move our system forward in a way that ensures our children remain safe, healthy, and nurtured. We owe it to Ronderique and his family to do no less, he said. Attorney Releases Statement Attorney Eric Seidel, represel)ting the mother and step grandmother of Ronderique Anderson, Fredrina Scott and Tashia Nunn-Scott, released a statement last week regard ing the investigation into the toddler's death. In Seidel's statement, he says: "I am pleased to see MS.TONYA ... father's girlfriend charged with Aggravated Child Abuse that DCF has admitted re s ponsibility for their role in the senseless and preventa ble death of 16-month-old Ronderique Anderson: "However, I am troubled by certain gaps in the report that do not fully address what my ongoing investiga tion has uncovered "For example, the report does not address the at tempts made by Ronderique's mother and her close family members to take custody of him when it be came apparent Ronderique was being abused by his fa-DWAYNE POOLE ... Baby's father charged with Murder ther. "The report also does not address the unanswered and unreturned phone calls to case workers that could have saved Ronderique's life. 1\) 0 ..... .... "And, while the family is encouraged that the report appears to create some wei-come new measures to pre-0 vent a similar tragedy from occurring in the future, it :r> also raises serious issues that w a local government contrac-tor can receive more than ::! $65 million in funding, yet only perform a review of less r than of the cases involv-ing children in need." r r z ""0 c: m r u; FREE Professional Service ::z:: m c .... u .. -Alert: The Florida Law States That You. May Be Entitled To $1 0,000. For Loss Wages And Medical Care ... Call Michelle B. Patty Local: 813-495 Toll Free 1-5352-4200 Available 24 Hours A Day /7 Days A Week tloheleB. o I m < m -t c: m (/) c :r> z c "T1 :!! c


,.... Editorials/Columns > a: = <( c en w ::J 1-FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202-140) 2207 21st Avenue, Tampa Florida 33605 (813) 248-1921 Published Every Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Member of National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa, FL C. Blythe Andrews 1901-1977 (1945) W. W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 1930-2010 (1977) S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAVES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOVNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER ALLISON WELLS-CLEBERT, CFO Subscriptlons-$44.D0-6 Months Both Editions: $87.00-Per Year Both Editions. Opinions expressed on editorial pages of this newspaper by Columnists or Guest Writers do not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher. American Worke 0 A re Republicans bent on attacking and abandon-fE ing both America's unemployed, as well as its c workers? We ask that question because a week ago, more than 155,000 unemployed Americans lost the opportunity for retraining due to foreign competition. a Other Americans lost job opportunities due to the en refusal of several Republican governors to accept stimulus funds for jobs. 1-Congress, thus far, has failed to extend stimulus aid ft to train displaced workers. Right wing conservatives w believe such workers have already received too many Gj benefits compared to other displaced workers, and. c that the U.S. government should not be "in the busi-. ness" J>f providing supplementary aid. In addition, en three Republican governors (including our Governor :::::l Rick) have already turned down stimulus funds, which would have stimulated rapid transit systems in their D..._.., .., .... .., No doubt, such funding would have fueled al z -most a million jobs. tu And finally, just before last Christmas, millions of ::j unemployed Americans were threatened with loss of benefits due to a failure to approve an extension. Now, ...J we ask you: Does that sound like love, or does it smack W squarely in the face of worker-neglect? Pres. Obama is notthe enemy. American worker apathy is indeed, the Z assassin. WORKERS, WAKE UP!! w en

So a ALL MY CHILDREN -That seemingly nice Reverend Ricky Tor res is not a Reverend, and certainly not nice In fact, he had something to do with Zach's death. Amanda proves she's capable of causing just as much trouble as her mother when the Immigration agents she called come to Pine Valley looking for Cara. And what about Jake and Amanda? "Oops I purposefully called the Feds on your ex" is probably not going to soothe Jake when he finds out what happened. Across town, Ryan, Greenlee and JR are all frantically searching for Annie, who has kidnapped Emma. Colby finally finds out that her mom, Liza, slept with her boyfriend. Colby finds out Asher knew about all this--and didn't tell her. DAYS OF OUR LIVESNicole hopes EJ and Taylor will hit it off when they meet -but what will she do when she witnesses an in tense moment between them? Rafe's doppelganger ( Rafe 2") and Stefano make plans for Allie to disappear. Kate convinces Chloe to throw out her post-partum pills. Vivian finds out that Brady has control over Titan. Abe warns Chad to stay away from the DiM eras. GENERAL HOSPITAL This week is an absolute MUST SEE in every sense. It's not like anyone wa s expecting Sonny and Brenda's wedding to go down without some serious drama and fire works --not with the Balkan commissioning Shawn to kidnap the bride. And not with Carly threatening to expose Brenda and Dante's baby secret. It's that threat that leads Brenda to make the most shocking move of all: she objects to her own wedding. ONE LIFE TO LIFE-The aftermath of John and Kelly sleeping together leads to some explosive confrontations. Tess meanwhile is ready to put her plans into motion. She wants to ma. rry Ford (which will protect her famil y from institutionalizing her, since Ford as her husband, would be the onl y pers on who could). Todd's m e lt down-level reaction to catching Dani and Nate in the act has its con sequences this week when Dani runs away to teach Todd a lesson. This week, Rex threatens to tell Uncle Bothe whole truth and Clint DARES him to do it. All this PLUS : Shan e h a s a revelation about his My Face tormentor. YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS -With Sofia and Malcolm's rela tionship status up-in-the-air sh e turns to Neil--and their attraction becomes passion. Jana's new job sends Chloe into a tailspin. And Chloe, Chance and Heather try to sort out lingering feelings and is sues they have witp each other. Loyalties are tested when Victor tries to lure Abby back to his side. And finally, Daniel supports a grieving Lily, but is it more than grief going on with this new mama? Like ... is she totally losing it? HOROSCOPES ByLindaC.Black Pisces (Feb.19-March20) --Don't rely on an unstable source There may be in communication. Figure out the costs. Discover you're worth more than you thought to someone. Aries (March 21-April19) -There may be conflict with partners today. You can definitely work it out. Put yourself in their shoes. Others appreciate this and ask you for advice. Taurus (April2o-May 20) --To avoid feeling neglected, surround yourself with friends that truly love you. In the face of in tensity, keep your calm. Cultivate your own peace Gemini (May 21-June 21) --Even when your heart's broken, you can still enjoy simple pleasures, like the miracle of a raindrop or a falling star. Find beauty in small things. Cancer (June 22-July 22) --If you can telecommute to work, today is the day. You feel inspired and full of ideas. You could share them through many channels. Your productivity increases. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) --If you've wanted to write a novel and you haven't started yet, now is a good time ; Let the words flow Don't worry about form or grammar. That comes later. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) --Don't be too harsh on yourself Ac knowledge any mistakes and learn from them. They may provide opportunities for making income, ifyou Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) -Get in communication with a client. Make sure to get plenty of attention at home. If you feel ig nored, kindly ask for what you need. Use your words. Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov. 21) --You demand and yet it doesn't seem enough. Perhaps it's time to hang alone and rest. The lack you perceive may be perfection in disguise. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) --Plans for your future may hit some bumps today, but don't worry.You have a bigger team behind you that you even know. Look for them and try again. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) --There may be some conflicts at work. Don't pay too much attention to the details, and focus in stead on long-term goals. Remind others, if necessary. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) -It's a great time to sign con tracts or write a business plan. Don't let work keep you from spend ing some time outdoors, though. This inspires. l; J. .L Smiling for the camera at the Gaines-Southers Wedding Reception were Ms. Roberta Lopez and Ms. Sylvia Reaves. Around the town photographer took these pictures of Lecandis, Joffice and Erica Donaldson as they arrived at Tampa Stadium to cheer their favorite team. "T1 r-0 :::xJ c )> en m z ::! z m r-m c: rrm ::! z ., c: m r-c;; ::::1: m c m <:ll Humanitarian Award Ceremony. These lovely ladies were in attendance: Ms. Christine Curry, Ms. Lucinda Curry, Ms. Louise Williams and Ms. Willie Mae Cross. m en c == .. > \ Samuel Williams, Jr., Samuel Williams, Sr., Henry Brackins and Mitchell Harris attended the Gant-Solomon Wedding. z c "T1 :!:! c


,.... ,.... 0 N Letter To The Editor N N > c: <( ::;:) c: HEARTBEAT OF TAMPA BAY Florida Sentinel Bulletin Ill w The Heartbeat of the LL African American Commu-nity in the Tampa Bay area 0 is none other than the en Florida Sentinel Bulletin. w ::;:) 1-c c: LL The executives, writers, readers, and business contributors are all part of this community's pillar of writing excellence. The Florida Sentinel Bulletin serves as a social informant capturing the evolutionary progress of the African American communities. It reflects the revolution within the African American Community as the baton passes from one generation to the next. It churns the political machine which characterizes, shapes and forms the caliber of candidates seeking office. It reminds the electorate of its civic duties to vote as forefathers and foremothers paid the ultimate price for future generations to vote. The Florida Sentinel Bulletin c serves as the economical -Z barometer of progress or <( the lack of progress within the African American Com-mlmity. w As such, due to its perse::) verance and determina-1-> tion, the Sentinel is very C: influential when impacting wider issues of concern in W thiS diverse community. C The Sentinel Bulletin has buried more of the en community's dead than ::i most funeral homes with Ill ::: its funeral notices. If you a.. want to know who died, the Z Sentinel will let you know. fii The Sentinel has been a ...I constant force in the S African American commuID nity year after year. Well, iii in terms of Black History !: Month, all twelve months 1-oftheyear, this community ffi looks at the Florida Senen tinel Bulletin as a matter of "<( c a: 0 ...I LL fact institution, something that exists and will always be. Moreover, on behalf of this entire community in the year of 2011, the Florida Sentinel Bulletin is noted for recognition and appreciation for a job well done by those who realizes that if it had not been for the Florida Sentinel Bulletin they would not have a voice. You see, the Florida Sentinel Bulletin is this community's pulse, and voice for the voiceless as it gives voice to so many of this community's hopes, dreams, disappointments, injustices and accomplishments. The Florida Sentinel Bulletin has survived other written forms of upstarts in the minority community simply because it brings heart to the matter of many issues facing the community. The staff at the Florida Sentinel Bulletin serves over and beyond their weekly pay check for a community that they care about. When the community is silent, it sounds the alarm requiring action or a response. Some say, I seek rest, I am tired, I just want to sit on my porch and relax but as long as there is a story to tell, injustice that needs a voice, a mother's pain over a fallen child, as long as there is a wedding, a birth, a song to sing, a church door to open, the Florida Sentinel Bulletin will pass the baton from one generation to the neXt so that this community can be heard and counted. In 2011, we salute the Florida Sentinel Bulletin for a job well done. HELEN IACOUNT Tampa Nationa Ex-Death Row Inmate Denied Million Dollar Compensation ANTHONY GRAVES After 18 years behind bars, Texas inmate, Anthony Graves was set free last year d ue to a lack of evidence in the murder case against him. Because the documents ordering his release did not contain the word "Innocent," he is not eligi ble to receive up to $1.4 million in compensation for his time spent in prison. The case however, sets a precedent. Robert Earl Carter was Graves' co-defendant convicted of committing the 1992 slayings of six members of a family in Burleson County, Texas. He originally stated that he set the house on fire but blamed Graves for the killings. Carter then took full responsibility for the murders before his death sentence in 2000. Nicole Casarez, Graves' lawyer said they may initiate a civil lawsuit since this situation is a new one "Usually, these are DNA exonerations, but this was a case where charges were dismissed," she remarked. Anthony remains calm and positive about the scenario stating that he still has faith in the justice system. His mother feels differently, she commented, ''They can't buy back what they took away from him but [the money] could help him, it could help him reestablish his life in society. Mother Charged For Duct Taping 2-Year-Oid To Chair Caira Ferguson, 21, of Nether Providence Township, Pennsylvania is being charged with child neglect. Caira is accused of allegedly duct taping her 2 year old toddler daughter to a chair. The photo, which was on Caira's cell phone, shows her toddler bound and gagged along with Caira standing beside her posing for the picture. Police found further evidence when they obtained a search warrant and found duct tape still at-tached to the chair w h e r e Caira lives Oddly enough, po lice were CAIRA FERGUSON first alerted to the picture when Caira herself went into the po lice station to report that her identity had been stolen. Parents Suspected 01 Using Sons As Drug Mules Five people are in custody for possession of narcotics, includ ing the parents of two children who police say were used as drug carriers. Police fir s t stopped Rodney Saunders, 39, and Christopher Lewis, 29, along the 4000 block of Island Avenue. Police say that the two men were driving a rental car with no lights on. They allegedly found 13 pounds of marijuana as well as $5000 in cash inside the car. Saunders reportedly told police that his nine-year-old and ten-year-old sons were staying at a Marriot Hotel. When police arrived at the hotel, they found the two boys as well as another $5000 in cash Police then say that the tenyear-old boy's mother Senya Saunders, 39, arrived at the hotel where police questioned her. She was then released and left with the two boys while Rodney Saunders and Lewis were taken into custody. Investigators then followed Senya to a house on South 56th Street in South Philadelphia Narcotics detectives conducted surveillance of the home. Later on during the day, authorities say that they spotted Somer Pugh, 33 leaving the home. Investigators say that they Top Left: Christopher Lewis, Top Middle: Neiya Rawlerson, Top Right: Rodney Saunders, Bottom Left: Senya Saunders, Bottom Right: Somer Pugh (courtesy ofNBC phlladelphia), found drug paraphernalia on her after stopping her. Shortly after that, police say that Senya Saunders ordered her daughter, Neiya Rawlerson, 19, the nine-year-old boy and the tenyear-old boy to leave the home. Police believe that the two children were used as "mules" or drug carriers. Rodney Saunders, Christopher Lewis, Senya Saunders, Neiya Rawlerson and Somer Pugh were all arrested. In all, police confiscated 9080 grams of marijuana with a street value of $90,800 as well as $10,476 in cash. The two children are now in the custody of the Department of Human Services while the five people charged remain in police custody.


c: .-----------------,--------, m en REHABBER SUPERSTORE INC. I Kenny Rushing CEO/President > N N 0 _.. ......


Loca Taken BUDDAH c a: LL. A very special birthday wish to my husband, it s your day. Let's explore our world together. G_et ready, set, let's go. Happy birthday, Bae, love your wife, Mrs. Beautiful. c ; 1,....-----,-r-ue_S_u_rv_iv-or--. :l 1-w > w c w :I: en :::; m :l D.. z i= w ..J ..J .:l m ROSSONO AKA TOOT You're an amazing man, and I'm not sure you realize how important you are to me. Everyday I feel grateful for the relationship we have. And remember as long as you believe in man, he'll believe in you. Stay strong! From your wonderful friends. Haoov Belated Binhdav MZ. COUNCIL -45 2-17-11 Happy belated birthday on 2-17-11 to me and Sherry! King. The celebration time was on 2-19-11 with family a nd fri ends. Haoov Binhdav ZSARNE' STRIKER 2-16-04 Happy birthday to m y baby girl, Nae-Nae, who's now 7 years old. From Willie, Zaliria, (sis) and Mommy. We lo ve you "Doonky." Forum Set To Meet Candidates Several organizations will host The West Tampa Meet The Candidates Night," on Saturday, February 26, 2011, at 2 p.m. The event will be held at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, 405 N Oregon Avenue. The candidates for. the Mayor's Office, Council District 5, District 6 seats have been invited to share with the community their vision for the City and the West Tampa community. The forum will b e hosted by the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, the West Tampa Community Development Corporation, the North Hyde Park Neighborhood, the Northeast MacFarlane N eig hborhood, and the West Riverfront Neighborhood, and the residents of West Tampa. For additional information call (813) 857-7657, or e mail westtamDaDeODle gmail. oom... Florida Choice SchooiDav Florida Choice School Day was held in the Expo Hall at the Florida State Fair. Dr. Eric Smith, Commissioner, Florida Department of Education, was in town for the event. He addressed the parents and students. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Florida State Commissioner of Education, Dr. Eric Smith visits with Brenda Kearse, Principal of A. T. Jones Academy. Dr. Phildra Swagger, Principal of Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School and Dr. Kathryn McManus of Lakeland attended the event. Visitors at the Florida Choice School Day exhibits at the Expo Hall were parents, Sadal and Adul Muhammad. -Sylvia Trattles was in attendance representing 'Phonics Can Be Fun.'. Ms. White, K-5 teacher at A. T. Jones Academy, talks with parents, Stacy King and Loretta Cole.


Local Former Central Park Resident, Now Pastor Is Touching lives BY TAMECA JOHNSON Freelance Writer It's 10 a. m. Tuesday morning. The phone rings at Mable Ball's home. On the lin e is a Tampa woman desperately searching for Ms. Ball's daugh ter, Pastor Cynthia Forde. The caller's niece is attempting suicide and there's nothing the family can do They:re desperate and hope Pastor Forde can come over to help Without a second thought, Pastor Forde grabs her keys and heads for the door. Calls lik e this are nothing new for Cynthia Forde. The Tamp a native grew up in Central Park Village and has witnessed and experienced her share of tribulation. I've prayed for people with AIDS cancer, se vere injuries from car accidents, and I've watched God heal them all. God gives people a second chance As in the case of the young lady she was called to help this week. Pastor Forde says the wo m an, in her mid 20s, told her "she was sick and tired of being sick and tired and didn't want to li ve another day." Pastor Forde then told her, "y ou re at the right place to find a Savior." She says the young woman had joined numerous churches looking for answers. "She went do'Yll to the [altar] and said, 'I accept Jesus as my Savior,' but that didn't mean anything because yesterday God had an altar in that hotel room where she was and she surrendered, knowing she was going through a living hell." Pastor Forde believes a "liv ing hell" is what many people are going through today. She feels our country is in turmoil because people believe there is no God. They say it under their PASTOR CYNTHIA FORDE breath, but every law th ey m a d e shows the y fee l it is not God We are supposed to b e one n ation, under God, indivisible with lib erty and justice for a ll But in stead, we are one n a tion under pride standing in our own will and our own way. We don' t want God, but n ee d him to d e liver us from these storms tha t are taking over. Th e r ai n the floods the earthquakes, th e snow God is showing us we can h ave al l the bombs in the world, but He created the elements and can use them to bless us or to curse u s." Pastor Forde beli eves God is proving Himself to us daily, and is using ministers to hel p spread His word. A calling she says she does not take lightly. "They used to call m e 'Apostle Pastor,' now they call me by my nickname 'Cent.'" She says s h e is grateful for the name change because s h e believes she is "sent b y God. Pastor Forde now lives in Los Angeles and says she spends her time spreading the gospel there as well. However since the year began she' s traveled home to Tampa every weekend at the request of fa mil y and friends Check Out Our Newly Enhanced Website: www.flsentinel.com Now With On-line Advertis And More! Artist To Host Gospel Concert And Comedv Show BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Eddie Durant has been singing since h e could t a lk. H e first gained fame as a t a lented te e na ger performing during talent s hows at Curtis Hixon Hall for Th e Gay Pappa Miles Teen D a nces (Mr. Charles C. Miles). Durant h as made quite a jour n ey in his life, and that journey to ok him over so me rocky roads. No w a renowned Gospel singer, Durant look s b ack on his past a nd draws s t re ngth for the futur e On February 25th, Durant will be hosting a Gospe l concert, com e d y s how and dinner at Heaven Destiny Churc h 4104 East E lli cott. The s h ow will b egi n at 6 p m a nd e nd a t 8:30 p. m "Featured will be Living Hope In Christ Outreach Ministries Choir from High Springs Florida ; Heaven Destiny Gospel Choir, Mrs. Winnie Durant (professional poet and comedi a n) Eddie Durant, Jr., Chris On Keys, The Anointed Sisters in Christ a nd more. edy act, she will have you laugh ing all day and night. I want daughters to bring their mothers and sons to bring their fathers, said Durant. I also want grandmas and grandpas to come out and have a good time in Christ, and after war ds we ca n eat plenty of great food. For more information about this free event contact Eddie Durant at (813) 8so-3118, or Teresa Durant at (813) ., I wa nt the people of T a mp a to come out and h ea r so m e of the be s t Gospe l si nging and comedy ever Consi d ere d a true woman of God Mrs. Winnie Durant will be doing some of her poet ry from her new DVD and with her com850-2642 Jurisdiction uthwestern Florida Church Of God In Christ Welcomes You To Our 44th Annual Holy Convocatio February 19, 21-27, 2011 "God's Church, God's People, God's Agenda" Ephesians 5:25; Psalms 100;3; John 9;4 B I SHOP MATTHEW WILLIAMS BISHOP MAm-tEW SCHEDULE OF SERVICES All services will be held at Brown Memorial Church of God In Christ Morning Prayer: 9:30A.M. daily Monday Evening @7:30p.m. Anointing Service Speaker: Elder Jesse Smalley, II Pastor Designate of Emmanuel Cathedral COGIC and First Community COGIC Tuesday Morning @1 0:15 a.m. Official Opening Daily Seminars Session A -10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m "The Power of Praise and Worship" Session B -11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. "Effective Keys for in Ministry'\ Tuesday Evening @7:30p.m. Ordination Service Speaker: Bishop Benjamin J. Ravenel, Sr. Common Wealth of Wednesday Morning@ 10:15 a.m. Daily Seminars Session A-10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. "Utilizing Sunday School as an. Outreach Ministry" Session B -11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. "Fulfilling Your Divine Call" Wednesday Evening @7:30p.m. Annual Men's Conference Speaker: Bishop Darrell Hines Chairman of the Men's Conference COGIC a.m. Daily Session A 10:15a.m. to 11:15 a.m. "'Training Youth Today to Lead Tomorrow" Session B -11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. "SILENT KILLERS" Friday Evening @7:30p.m. Women's Day Speaker: Mottler Alberta Baker, Jurisdictional Supervisor Saturday Morning @ 11 Sunshine Band and Purity Class Day Saturday Evening @ 7:30 p.m. Y.P.W.W. presents Jurisdictional Youth Night Afternoon Official Day Founder's Day 5:0Q p.m. Brown Memorial Church of God In Christ Official Message: Bishop Matthew Williams Jurisdictional Prelate


C'\1 C'\1 C'\1 > a: <( :::J a: Ill w LL c a: LL commissioners .Delav Decision On Contract For Interim Administrator BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer After much debate Wednesday, the Hillsbo rough County Board of County Commissioners de cided to wait until their next board meeting before mak ing a decision on a contract for Interim Administrator, Mike Merrill. MIKE MERRILL Interim County Administrator the job last year. Commissioner Les Miller said he doesn't want to see a guaranteed contract. I have a concern with the employment aspect and the golden parachute issue. I think Mr. Merrill and his attorney should look at this and bring us another pro posal. Commissiop.ers want to hire .Merrill, who has been filling in since the departure of Pat Bean. But in his ini tial contract terms, Merrill wants to be guaral)teed a job with the county until he re-tires in five years. And if e fired, he wants at least fE $250,000. cause of clauses in her con tract In return for the fivey ear guarantee, Merrill said he would take a smaller salary. Merrill is requesting $190,000. Bean's salary was $226 ,000 when she left "We're talking about in creasing Merrill's salary in stead of signing off on the severanc e and retirement issue. There s also a matter of adhering to th e residen c y issu e because of the County Charter. None of the Commission ers were comfortable with the structure of the contract, and Commissioner Ken Hagan suggested Merrill sta y in his old position be cause what he was suggesting is very risky. c Commissioners were hes:i itant in approving the con> tract because it cost taxpayers $5oo,ooo in sbeven erance pay for Bean, ew :::J .... w > w w :I: en ::::; m :::J Q. z iii ...J ...J :::J Ill ...J w z i= z w en <( Q a: 0 ...J LL law Bethei Pragrasslve Missionary Baptist Cburcb 3011 E. North Bay Avenue Tampa, FL 3361 o (813) 238-4339 Invite you to celebrate the: Pastor's Ninth Anniversary & Appreciation Day Pastor and First Lady Rev. Regina I T. Webb and Deborah ./. Webb Theme: "A Spirit-Filled Leader" Zechsrish 4:6 8:30 a.m. Hour of P ower Speaker: Minister Bernard Black, Jr. 9:30 Sunday School Sis. Ruby N. McDonald, Chairperson Sis. Mae Johnson, Co-Chairperson Located 2 Blocks north of Dr. Jr. Blvd, South of Osborne Avenue Between 30th and 31st Streets Locations Change For Earlv v .otinu BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel city Editor During the General Elec tion in November, a record number of people took advan tage of Early Voting. On March 1, voters will again cast ballots to determine the next Mayor and City Council mem bers During the last election, all of the libraries were open for Early Voting, which began on Satur day, February 19th. However, during this elec tion, only 5 libraries will be available for voters to cast ballots. Those locations are: C. Blythe Andrews, Jr., Public Library (formerly College Hill Branch Library), 2607 E. Dr. M. L. King, Jr., Tampa, 33610; Jan Kaminis Platt Regional Library, 3910 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, 33611; Ne\Y Tampa Regional Library, 10001 Cross Creek Blvd., Tampa, 33647; North Tampa Branch Library, 8916 N. Boulevard, Tampa, 33604; and the West Tampa Branch Library, 2312 W. Union Street, Tamp<;J., 33607. Anyone to cast a ballot at the library can do so from 10 a.m., to 6 p.m., Mon day through Saturday. Two other locations have al$0 been made available for early voting They are: the Robert L Gilder Elections Service Center, 2514 Falken burg Road, Tampa, 33619, and the County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Ballots can be cast between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., at these two locations, Monday through Saturday. Early voting will end on Saturday, February 26th. Wednesday, February 23n\ is the last day an individ ual wanting to vote by mail can request a ballot HCC Hosts 2011 Black, Brown And COllege Bound SUDIDiil Hillsborough Community College and the Black, Brown and College Bound Summit Planning Committee are host ing the fifth annual Black Brown and College Bound Summit February 23-25 at the Renaissance Hotel Tampa In ternational Plaza The theme of this year s confer e nce is Courageous Conversations: Taking it to the Next Level with African American and Latino Males. The Black, Brown and College Bound Summit was de signed to bring together national experts, educational leaders and practitioners to discuss the programs and strategies that have proven fective in increasing the aca demic achievement of underrepres e nted males in higher education. African American and Latino males remain histori cally underrepresented throughout higher education and summit attendees are proactively 'tore verse and in crease persistence rates of African American and Latino males in our colleges and universities. This year s keynote speak ers include Jose Antonio Rico, Robert Jackson, Tim TIM KING, FSQ. DR. CALVIN 0. BUITS, ID King, Esquire, Dr. Juan Gilbert, Dr. Calvin 0. Butts, III, Dr. Luis Ponjuan, and Victor Antonio. A special dinner event for students will feature Davi\ Price of the Tampa Bay Rays discussing the importance of education in his life. Visit HCC's website at www.hccfl .e du/bbcb asp x for more information about speakers at-_ this event.


Loca' l A Night 01 Kings And Queens Is Back OJ :a c: )> MC's JOMAMA JOHNSON History Celebration Returns After a brief hiatus, A Night of Kings and Queens celebra tion is set to return to Tampa. This event was originally devel oped and presented over 10 years ago. A group of local business owners decided to res urrect the event as a way to rec ognize and celebrate local African Americans, as well as give back by supporting two local educational institutions. This year, portions of the proceeds will go to Walton PROPHETESS B. SHEPPARD Academy for the Performing Arts and Life-Force Cultural Arts Academy for the Performing Arts. These 2 charter schools focus on pro viding disadvantaged kids with a strong educational curricu lum that includes emphasis on the performing arts. "We are excited about bringing this event back and making it a premier Black His tory celebration. We look for ward to having a wonderful evening", says Lawrence Hires, event chairman. The night will start with PreDinner Reception starting Free Tax Preparation Services Trustworthy Services Provided by United Way & Community Partners Qualified individuals and families can take advantage of a special service of the Prosper ity Campaign of Hillsborough County (in association with United WayofTampa Bay) that provides access to free tax preparation services online through www.MyFreeTaxes.com/Tampa No appointment is necessary, walk ups welcome all senjces are first come, first served. This is a barrierfree location for wheelchair users. Froin February 24 through March 5, 2011, the MyFree Taxes.com personnel will be in the Tampa Bay region at Uni versity Mall. They are part -of a national program where more than 100 community organizati?ns perform outreach, recruit ,, J,. Braiding and train volunteers and pro vide valuable services to help others These partner organiza tions in towns and cities across America will develop sustain able and economically empow ering wa y s to help their clients with the b e nefits of onlin e tax preparation. The free tax campaign now in its third year provides free tax help to individuals and families across the country in three distinct ways People coming in will use computers provided by MyFreeTaxes.com and enter their tax information themselves with guidance from onsite assistants. This national campaign em powers low and moderate working families and people to access free tax services online at www MyFreeTaxes.com/ Tampa. The location is University Mall. (See ad in this issue). Specializlng In All Types Of Braiding 1803 N. l2nd Street a. 7th Ave. (YborClty) .-------------. i $20.00 Qffi I I I With The Ad ._ ________ NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATORY POLICY AS TO STUDENTS The Paideia School of Tampa Bay Inc. admits students of any race color national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or mad available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race color national and ethnic origin in admini s tration of its educational policies admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school admini s tered programs. at 6:30 p.m and program starts at 8 :oo p.m. and will held at the beautiful T. Pepin Hospitality Centre, 4121 N. soth Street, Tampa. Jomama Johnson and Prophetess B. Sheppard, of 95.7 the Beat will be Master and Mistress of Ceremonies. Jazz Musician Shawn Brown will be the featured musical guest and there will be performances by the Walton Academy "Voices oflnspiration and Life Force Acad emy African Ballet Ensemble. :a nic Extravaganza in Tampa. < For more information contact Raquel Lewis at 727-678-evening is "African with a Flair". Tickets are $45.00 and are available at Jibac and EthThe preferred attire for the 1768 or email anightofk-ingsand-queens@gmail.com ...... 4121 N. SOTH STREET, TAMPA FL FOR INFORMATION: (813) 207i'003 HOSTED BY: THE BEAT 95.7 BJOMAMA JOHNSotr & "PROPHETESS B. ""ti'AK COMMUNITY AWARDS RECOGNITION LIVE ENTERTAINMENT BY SHAWN BROWNIDUNDU DOLE URBAN BALLET DANa & WALTON ACADEMY '-vOICES Of INSPIRATION COCKTAILS 6:30PM 7:30PM PROGRAM STARTS@ S:GOPM TICKETS: $45.00 (BUFFET SHOWCASES ETHNIC CUISINE) ncKElS AVAILABLE@ JIBAC GALLERY OF ARTS & CRAm 8612 N. 40TH ST. TAMPA Fl33604 (813) 'MK"41111, AFRICAN EXTRAVAGANZA 1409 TAMPA PARK PLAZA, TAMPA FL 33605 (813) rn ...... AniRE & SEMIFORMAL PORTION OF PROCEEDS TO BENEm LOCAL """nli,; Tickets Will Be Sold At The Door "11 r 0 :a c )> C/) m z :::! z m r OJ c: r r. m :::! z 'tJ c: OJ r c;; .:::z::: m C m < m -f c: m C/) c ?'( )> z c "11 :a 6 ?'(


Local N : Enlistees Complete Air Force Training <( Armv Enlistees Completes Training ::::;) a: aJ w L1. >= <( c a: L1. Sever a l young adults from the Tampa Bay area rec e ntl y completed ba sic training. The trainin g took place a t Lack land Air Force Base in San An-tonio Texas. Air Force Reserve Airman Felix J. Castro Es-pinosa is the son of Miriam and David Castro of Tampa, and a 2010 g radu a te of Alonso Hig h School. Air Force Airman tst Class Sarah R. Edgar is the dau g ht er of Leonard and Melody Edgar of Tampa Fla. Airman Edgar gradu ated in 2010 from Alonso High School, Tampa. Air Force Airman Joseph C. Kohnke is the son of Robbye Mungovan of Tampa, Airman Kohnke graduated from Hillsborough High School in 2010. C Airman Christopher J. a: Lazu is a 2009 graduate of Sickles High School. He is the z son of Juan Lazu, of Tampa. Airman Petrelis gradu-a: w AIRMAN FELIX C. ESPINOSA AIRMAN NICHOLAS A. PETRELIS ated in 2010 from Sickles High School. Air Force Airman Jacob R. Schuyler, who graduated from Seminole High School is the son of Kenneth Schuyler of Tampa, and Beatrice Cressy, of Largo. > ------------------------------------------w c w J: en :J m ::::;) ll. z i= w ..J ..J ::::;) m ..J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J L1. N ,.... AIRMAN JOSEPH KOHNKE AIRMAN JACOB SCHUYLER Airman Ryan A. Vetzel is the son of Lisa Nero, of Tampa, and Robert Vetzel, AIRMAN RYAN VETZEL of Lithia, FL. He graduated from Plant High School in 2007. Completes Armv National Guard Training Army National Guard Pfc. Nicole M. Davis has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson, Co lumbia SC. Pfc. Davis earned distinction as an honor graduate. She is the daughter of Dollena Davis of Tampa and a 2007 graduate of Alonso High School. Members of the U S Army from the Tampa Bay area re cently completed all require ments for graduation. Army Pvt. Jason G. Dela Vega has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC. He is the son of Deborah Dela Vega of Tampa, and graduated in 2001 from Chamberlain High School. Army Pvt. Wilberto Garcia graduated from the Infantryman One Station Unit Training at Fort Benning, Columbus, GA. He is the son of Antonio Garcia, of Temple Terrace. Pfc. Traig Hall is an honor graduate ofMCRD Par ris Island, SC "F" Company 2"d BN. He is the son of Syeeda Hall, of Tampa, and a 2010 graduate of Tampa Bay Technical High School. PROSPERI.AMPAIGN n f1 II I I I. !\ C) u \1 ti It (;" n u N T y United Way oflimpa Bay www.unitedwaytampabay.org/freetaxhelp Find us on Facebook. Follow us 0 UWTB on Twitter.


.. m en c Tampa Native Drives Thousands 01 Miles To Pav Homage B Y LEO N B. CREWS S entine l Staff W riter Las t month, Jessie "Jet Set" Hudson drove tho u sands of m iles f rom H ollywood, Californi a to be i n T ampa fo r t h e Dr. Martin Luth e r Kin g ; Jr. Pa r ade Bad weathe r ca n ce led t h e event, a n d Jet Set returne d to Cali for n ia. L ess than a month l ater, Jet Set agai n h i t the road t h is time coming to Tampa t o attend the fun era l of a c hildhood fri end and t o b e a part of a n h onor h e said was bestowed upon a g r ea t m a n Jet Set c a m e to T ampa t o be a part of the r e naming ce r emony of the College Hill Library to the C. Bl ythe Andrews Jr. Public Lib r a ry in honor the late businessman mentor, and leader. I felt honored to hav e been invited to the event. I was more than happy to come horne, especially for something as important as this "Sometimes, I still see myself as that little boy running up and down Central Avenue during the early From left to right: Tony iStari Smith, Rev. Dr. Henry L yons, and J e t Set Hudson. 1 9 60s selling the F lori d a S entine l Bulletin. I've never f o rgotten tha t p art of m y p as t and it will a lwa ys b e a p art of m e Jet Set said all of u s are on the verge of making history People are full of ideas and dreams, and all they need is to be recognized and heard. "We must empower our communities for the sake of its future and prosperity. We must do whatever it takes to create opportunities fo r a ll Black people." Jet Set said although he doesn' t li ve in T ampa a n y m o re. He will a l ways b e a p art of the c ity, because this i s h o m e and will a lways b e home. I al w a y s t ry to lea v e something b ehind when I come back home. I t ry to create a chance for someone else to r each their goals or a t least point the m in the right direc-ti. on When m y community calls I'll be the re. Look for m e to return next month for the C entral Park Village reunion event." Last 01 The 'Old School' Disc Jockevs Retires "11 m m :::D c: :t> B Y LEON B. CREWS Sentin e l Staff Writer D u r ing the late 19 60s, yo ung B lack males wante d nothing m o r e tha n to be a d i sc jockey T h e notice d h ow a ll the girls crowded around DJs, espe c i a ll y when they w e r e m aking t hose special r e q u ests. This was right o n the brink of DJs taki ng ove r for t h e juke b o x in side of area bars and l ounges. With m ay b e t wo o r three a lread y out there, Floyd "Floyd Joy" Rivers made hi s d ebut a t Big Joe' s B a r on the corner of Rome A venue and L aSalle. Durin g thos e days, our job was t o keep p eople on the dance floor and buying alco hol. "Later, each DJ began to find their own identity, with. names like Boneshaker and The Candyman. I became known as the Singing DJ. Floyd Joy will be the first to tell you, from the 1960s until the .1990s, being a DJ was all he e ver wanted to do in life. However, the club scene quickl y changed from young adults to the hip hop crowd and it wasn t fun any-FLOYD FLOYD JOY" RIVERS more. "That's w h y a f t e r f i v e decades in this busine s s, I will be officiall y retiring as of February 25th from playing music inside of establishments that sell alcohol. I'll do private parties and some spe cial events but I'll mostly be doing Gospel music ." ., Floyd Joy said the prob-rlem is today' s DJs are differ-ent and some need to be C mentored. ):lo "The problem is, the en mature/grown crowd has nowhere to go. It' s just not a -1 good thing for me to continue z to work in conditions I'm not m comfortable "I'm returning to my first C: love and that's Gospel. I= m -1 z "'tJ c: m r-Cii :X: m c m < m -1 c: m en c > z c


.,... N N > a: ct :::::> a: Ill L1J Kobe Wins Founh All-Star MVP L1. LOS ANGELES --LeBron c James racked up a silky-smooth triple-double. :::::> Kevin Durant dropped 34 1-points in 30 minutes. Amare Stoudemire slammed and jammed his way through Staples Center for 29 points. And the NBA's younger stars still were thrilled when Kobe Bryant took home one more MVP trophy from the All-Star game Sunday night, "Everyone wanted him to get the MVP," said Miami's Dwyane Wade, last season's MVP. "He came out very aggressive, as aggres sive as I've seen anybody in an All-Star game." Bryant won his record-tying fourth All-Star MVP award Sunday night with 37 0 points and 14 rebounds in the West's 148-143 win over the East. Bryant was well aware he had a chance to tie West's Kobe Bryant holds up the MVP trophy. Bob Pettit's mark and so were his fellow All-Stars. "He deserved it," Durant said "Thirty-seven and 14? That's unbelievable numbers. I wanted him to get 40, but the old fella kind of tired out a little bit. Michael Vick Cancels Appearance On Oprah MICHAEL VICK CHICAGO Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will not be appearing on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" after all. A show spokesman said Wednesday representatives of the NFL star called late Tuesday to cancel his appearance for personal rea sons. The daytime talk show host's interview with Vick was set air Thursday Feb. 24. The interview was to cover Vick's time in prison, his work with the Humane Society and his return to the NFL Vick missed two seasons and served 18 months in fed eral prison for a dog-fighting operation based on his prop erty in Surry County, Va. He was reinstated to the NFL for the 2009 season and has been doing public service work, including with the Humane Society. 9 Monday Saturday 9A.M. 6 P .M. ------Fish Crabs* Shrimp Fresh & Smoked Mullet Snapper Sheap H Live Blue Crabs 3608 N. 1 Sth (Corner Of Lake) 813.24 7 128 Bobcats Remove Interim Tau From Coach Paul Silas PAUL SILAS CHARLOTTE, North Carolina -The Bobcats removed the interim tag from coach Paul Silas by rewarding him with a oneyear extension on Wednesday after he helped get Charlotte into NBA playoff contention following a miserable start under Larry Brown. "It's a very exciting day for me knowing I'll be here this year and next year and have a chance to really make this team special," Silas said. "There's a long way to go, but we're getting there." Bob Sanders Released BOB SANDERS INDIANAPOLIS -Bob Sanders couldn't stay healthy and the Indianapolis Colts couldn t afford to keep investing in the oft-injured safety. Team owner Jim. Irsay released the 2007 NFL defensive player of the year on Friday, announcing the decision less than 24 hours after he told reporters he would make a decision about Sanders' future before March 3 The move was not a major surprise. Aft e r winning the league' s top defensive honor, Sanders signed a five-year $37 million con tract but played in only nine regular-season games over the next three seasons. Support The lorida Sentinel Advertisers los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griftin leaps Car To Win Dunk Contest Blake Griffin leaped over a car and threw down a twohanded dunk to the accompaniment of a gospel choir, winning the Slam con test in iconic style before his hometown fans on All-Star Saturday. The Los Angeles Clippers rookie caught a pass out of the sunroof from teammate Baron Davis and easily cleared the hood while the Crenshaw Select Choir sang "I Believe I Can Fly" at mid court. The inventive slam drove home the obvious point of the All-Star weekend's silly Saturday: Griffin has both the raw athleticism and the showtime flair to be the NBA's next big star. Finalist Javale McGee of Washington and Toronto's DeMar DeRozan didn't stand a chance despite their own inventive dunks at Staples Center Los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griffin dunks over a car as Baron Davis looks on from inside the car during the Slam Dunk Contest. 3-point shootout Miami's James Jones held off Boston teammates Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to win his first 3-point shootout at All-Star Saturday Buehrle Doesn't Back Oft Critical Comment On Vick GLENDALE, Ariz. Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle isn't back ing off his critical comment about Michael Vick. Buehrle recently told that he sometimes saw Vick play on television and wished ill on the NFL quarterback who served an 18-month sentence in federal prison on dog-fighting charges. "He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game, and I know it' s bad to say, but tl1ere were times where (my wife and I) hope he gets hurt," Buehrle was quoted as saying. MARK BUEHRLE Buehrle reported to spring training Thursday and stood by his remark. "I said it. It's on old story, Buehrle said. "Past history stuff. I said it. I meant it. It's over and we ll move on.


Bucs Will want To Re-Sign Cadillac Williams CADILLAC WILLIAMS The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got more strong performances from y oung players than any other team in the NFL this past season en route to winning 10 games. It's that youthful produc tion that has optimism brew ing in the offseason. One of the players who looks to have a bright future is running back LeGarrette Blount, who offensive coordinator Greg Olson brought along at just the right pace after the Bucs picked him up when he was releas e d b y the Tennessee Titans. Blount is a big, ph ys ical runne r who looks like he ll be able to carry the load But most successful running teams do it with two backs these days, and the question r emains what will become of former firstround draft pick Cadillac Williams. Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times reports there is no question" the Bucs would like to have Williams back in 2011. The question becom es: At what price? Tampa stuck with Williams through knee injuries that wiped out the 2007 and 2008 seasons for him. Williams became a change-of-pace back with Blount during the second half of the season, and he also was dependable on third down He had a career high 46 receptions and was the team's best blocker in the backfield. Mark Jackson's Brother 'Escalade' Dies At35 TROY JACKSON LOS ANGELES -Troy Jackson, brother of Mark Jackson, is dead at 35. Troy Jackson died Saturday whlle visiting for NBA All Star Weekend in Los Angeles. Jackson's cause of death is still unknown; an autopsy has been scheduled. Troy "Escalade" Jackson was a member of 2002' s "And 1 Mixtape Tour". The Queens native that stood at 6'10" and 400 lbs had previously entertained fans on the streetball tour that brought Jackson across the cauntry. He later joined the Harlem Globetrotters. Jackson had lost his older brother to AIDS nearly MARK JACKSON twenty years earlier; he drew attention to the fight against AIDS with a 2005 Sports Illustrated Cover. His nephew, Mark Jack-. son Jr, a walk-on with the Cardinals, tweeted the fol lowing message this weekend. "2day we lost a great man of God in my Uncle @Escalade53 but it consoles my heart to know that he is in a better place WE WILL ALL MISS YOU!" Sbaquille O'Neal also tweeted "My heart goes out to Mark J:ackson and his family who lost his brother last night, Escalade. We lost a great person love u Escalade. I'm sad." -I diiJ\'\ l ( >11 I\.\ tflc. t \I ( hc c I I.., ()ITt I 1 .. :._-f ()llf,llfltf\111, ./{ 1 I ... I ., """'"'"''".-'"" 11-.INII"-JIIB [ fJ "' Dave Duerson's Kin Donating His Brain DAVE DUERSON The Miami-Dade County medical examiner has ruled former Bears safety Dave Duerson's _death late Thursday a suicide. Duerson died of a gunshot wound to the chest,. according to the examiner Before he died, Duerson sent a text message to loved ones requesting that his brain be used for NFL research. Chris Nowinski, codirector of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University School of Medicine, received a call from a friend of the Duerson family and has made arrangements to have the brain prepped for research and sent to Boston. Rodman Amonu 12 Finalists For NBA Hall 01 Fame DENNIS RODMAN LOS ANGELES -Dennis Rodman, Jamaal Wilkes and. Tex Winter were among 12 finalists announced Friday for induc tion into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Rodman was the flam boyant rebounder who won five NBA titles with Chicago and Detroit; Wilkes won four NBA titles with Golden State and the Lakers after starring at UCLA; and Winter was the architect of the triangle and triple-post offense. "I am truly humbled, privileged and honored," said Wilkes, who attended the announcement in Los Angeles, site of this week end s All-Star game. BEAUTY UNLIMITED JALYSSA r-0 ::D g (/) m z -1 z m r-. m c: rrm -1 z "'D c: m -Returning by popular demand as this r-u; weekis Beauty Unlimited feature is Jalyssa. ::t This 2Q-year-old Taurus stands 5i4i and says her hobbie. s are dancing, cheering, and m < modeling. Curren tly, Jalyssa is focused on m graduating. from the University .of South Florida. Her philosophy of life is: llie is too short to take it for granted.i When if comes UJ down to the man in her life, Jalyssa said he must be respectful, funny, athletic, motivat-l> ed, knows what he wants in life, and has a z good head on his. shoulders. Congratulations to Jalyssa for alloWing us to feature her again as this weekis Beauty Unlimited feature. 9" Roller ............. ........................ $1 Brushes ............ ......................... 99 LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!!-


Entertainment N N N > 0: <( ::J 0: Chris Brown Buvs $1.15 Million Penthouse Ill On top of finishing his W new video for "Look At Me Now" featuring Lil Wayne <( and Busta Rhymes, Chris 5! Brown has reportedly ff: bought a million dollar penthouse. Breezy bought a condo in West Hollywood close to its $1.75 million asking price. The three bedroom, three and-a-half bath residence boasts over 3,000 square-feet Photos of Chris Brown's new pad have surfaced. and takes up the entire top floor of the building. Rihanna Rocks Celeb-Studded NBA All-Star Game With a celebrity studded C crowd looking on, Rihanna o: rocked the halftime show at LL the NBAAll-Star game on her 23rd birthday. <( She had other big names helping her sing her hits SunC day, with Drake joining in ffi on "What's My Name?" and ::J working "happy birthday" into the lyrics. Dripping in 0: gold chains, a red-clad Kanye West came out for W "All of the Lights," which is fi3 off his latest album, but fea::t: tures Rihanna. At halftime, the lights inffi side Staples Center went out and the video screens filled z with water droplets, setting i= the stage for Rihanna to emerge frcim behind a wall ..J singing "Umbrella." ffi The red-haired singer ..J soon shed her short black suit jacket and white scarf torei= veal a short black skirt and a z RIHANNA rhinestone halter. She shim mied her way through "Only Girl (In the World)" and did n't flinch when her huge hoop earring fell off her left ear in mid-song. 00 <( c 0: 0 ..J LL Dead Babv Found At Oprah School LOS ANGELES -The body of a newborn baby was found in a plastic bag at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, po lice have confirmed. According to reports, a 17-year-old gave birth to the baby Wednesday. No word whether the baby had been murdered or died of natural causes. A cas e of concealment of death is being investigated. The girl who was a pupil at the school is being treated at a nearby hospital. Since opening in 2007, the $40 million school has come under scrutiny. Shortly after the academy opened, a female school staffer was accused of physically and sexually abus ing students. aig Mommas'.Does Well At Box OHice Making $17 Million Martin Lawrence as 'Big Momma' Thriller "Unknown" topped movie box office charts with $21.8 million in ticket sales during a sluggish week end over the long Presidents Day holiday. Sci-fi adventure "I Am Number Four," landed in the No.2 spot with $19.5 million. Animated "Gnomeo & Juliet" rounded out the top three on Sunday, earning $19-4 million. By Sunday, the weekend's No.4 movie was comedy "Just Go With It" starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Its ticket sales dropped 40 percent to $18.2 million from last weekend and now total $6o.8 million. The weekend's other new major release, Martin Lawrence comedy "Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son" claimed tqe No. 5 spot with a $17 million debut. Tvler Perrvs For Colored Girls' Tops DVD Chart TYLER PERRY LOS ANGELES -Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls" opened at No. 1 on the latest national DVD sales chart, beating a pair of other new releases that did better at the box office. "Girls" ($38 million box office), which documents the struggles endured by women of color as expressed in a se ries of 20 poems, overshad owed "Life As We Know It" ($53 million) at No. 2 and "Paranormal Activity 2" ($85 million) at No.3 Jackson's Estate Earned $310 Million Since His Death. LOS ANGELES (AP) Court documents show Michael Jackson's estate has earned more than $310 million since the singer's death, but is still dealing with a series oflawsuits and finan cial disputes. According to a filing in the singer's probate case, Jackson died with more than $400 million in debt. The filing reported the in come, and more than $159 million in spending, for the period between JackSon's death in June 2009 and De cember 2010. The estate's filing states it is negotiating settlements for several lawsuits, including disputes over Jackson's "Thriller" album. Estate administrators MICHAEL JACKSON have restructured much of Jackson's debt negoti ated deals. Waka Flocka's Mom Addresses Tour Bus Shooting The mother of rapper W aka Flocka Flame is speaking out on reports that her son was involved in a North Carolina shooting. News hit the net last week that shots were fired at the rapper's tour bus.while he had a stereo system installed at a local North Carolina business. One assailant was injured when members of W aka Flocka's security returned fire at the individuals, Waka was not harmed. Now on a six minute long video rant, Waka's mother and manager, Debra Antney is discounting the media's attempts to link her son to the shooting because of his famous name. "It is safe to say we took no part in this. We had nothing to do with this. This was someone else cqming up with random shooting doing what-Waka Flocka with mom, Debra Antney ever else it is that they do. Were they even shooting at the bus? Who knows? there were other cars that were hit, but becaus e the bus was hit and it happens to be Waka Flocka, i.t made good news.


. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM l< ME'RCULEL. HOBLEY-OWENS Funeral services for Me'Rcule L. Hobley-Owens, who passed on Wednesday, February 16, 2011, at All Children's Hospital, will be held on Tuesday, February 22, 2011, at 11 a.m., at God Side Progressive. M. B. Church, 5101 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd., Pastor Danny C ; Osborne, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Little Me'Rcule was born on February 5, 2011. She was preceded in death by her grandfathers, Joe F. Robley and Aruby L. Robley, Sr. She leaves cherished memories with her parents: Tiffaney L. Robley and Andre L. Owens; grandmothers, Rosemary H. Hobley; and Lorena L. Owens; uncles: Joe F. Robley, Jr., Aruby L. Hobley, Jr., and Joseph F. Robley, Sr.; a:unts: Felicia A. Robley and Ciara A. Hills; special cousins, Joe and Quera L. Robley, and a host of great aunts, cousins, and other family. The viewing took place on Mmiday, February 21, 2011, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the church. Westside Funeral Home, 204 7th Street, W., Palmetto,. FL 34221, is in charge. of arrangements. ROBERT E. WAITES "BOB" 7/22/50 --2/21/10 It has been one year since God took you home to celebrate with Him. We love you and miss you. And I will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts, Theresa and the family. BIRTHDAYMEMORIAM AMELIA MANUEL Feb. 21, 1921 --May4, 2010 Gone yet not forgotten. Although we are apart, your spirit lives within us, forever in our hearts. Your loving family. Check Us Out On Facebook "Our Business Is Serilice" 3000 N. 29th Tampa, FL 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 www.wilson-funeralhome.com MRS. ROSE MARIE SMITH 2/22/41 --5/26/03 Happy birthday to our beautiful mom that we love and miss. Love always, your children: Selena, Patricia, Bridgette, James, Katura, Ceceilia, Eric, Russell, and Clyde, Jr. IN MEMORIAM ELLEN DUHART August 12, 1931 February 20, 2008 Mrs. J., it has been 3 years since the morning you woke me up and told me that you had made peace with your Maker and you were going home. At times, I get scared, it's true. But I hold on to something, I can't see something inside of me. And that's what gives me strength to believe. We _love you like no other. You can live your whole life but you only get one mother. No one can take your place. You were not just our mother, you were our best friend. Look how far you brought us. All the things you taught us, money couldn't have bought us. Train up a child in the way it shall go. And when he gets old, he will not depart from it. We are standing in prayer for my sister, Toly. Your loving family. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME m m :0 Mr. Benjamin Chapman, c Jr., Tampa. )> Mr. Garfield L. Farquharson,Tampa. N Mr. Jasper Lee Jolly, Sr., Tampa. Mrs. Aida Mae Parker, Tampa. Mr. James White, Tampa. Mr. Patrick Yeoman, Tampa. EVERETT-DERR FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Julia Semper, Tampa. HARMON FUNERAL HOME Ms. Myrta HernandezAlvarado,Sefnter Mrs. Valencia Michelle Jackson-Wright, Tampa. Mr. Kalvin Newsome, Tampa. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME r-0 Mr. C!trlstopher Britton, :0 Tampa. C Ms. Leandra Sarah Hall-)> Purvis, Tampa. Mr. Jonathan D. Overstreet, Tampa. Mrs. Linda Robinson, Tampa. Mrs. Clara Sheffield, Tampa. WILSON. FUNERAL HOME en m z ::! z m r-m c rrm ::! z 'tJ Mr. Christopher A: Long-C more, St. Petersburg. Mr. William Webb, (i; Tampa. Mr. Lorenzo Calhoun, ::::1: m c Tampa. Ms. Loraine m Fisher, < m :0 Tampa. National Government m Shutdownil GOP, Dems SWap Charges > z WASHINGTON (AP) -In a deepening struggle over spend-2:! ing, and DemocratS c swapped charges Thursday over a possible government shutdown when funding expires ,March 4 for most federal agencies. Read my lips: We 're going to cut spending," declared House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who pledged that the GOP-controlled House would refuse to approve even a short-term measure at current fundirig lev els to keep the government op. eratirig. He pref!}.ced his rem!lrks by accusing Democrats of risking a shutdown "rather than to cut spending and to follow the will of the American people." But moments later, Senate MajoritY Leader Harry Reid,; D-Nev., retorted that Boehner was re-Q sorting "to threats of a shut-m down without any negotiation.


0 Crime N Suspects Sought In Beautv Store Then This surveillance photo shows two women stealing from a beauty store in Citrus Park. c a: LL c z W c Detectives Investigate Possible Homicide w :::E: en :::::i m :::::::) ll. z i= w ..J ..J :::::::) m ..J w z i= z W I"""'"'-"'--"""' en THOMAS MCKINNEY, JR. a: 8 ST. PETERSBURG -LL According to reports, St. Petersburg Police Homicide detectives were called to 6833 19th Street, South con cerning a possible homicide that occurred during a domestic altercation. According to detectives, Thomas McKinney, Jr., 56 was acting irrational and began battering several fam ily members who lived with him. Authorities said McKinney has a long histo ry of mental illness and at one point used a table leg to strike his mother, Catherine Smith, 73, and his sister Yolanda Smith, 32. McKinney's nephew, co Jeffrey Stephens, 20, was ,... calle d and confronte d McKinney outside where he wa s seen striking anoth e r JEFFREY STEPHENS family member, his aunt, Eloisa Smith, 5 2 with his fists. Stephens t ried to inte rvene and police s aid McKinney swung at him as w e ll. Stephens r eportedly punched McKinney in the face with his fist and they both fell to the ground and continued to struggle until McKinney went unconscious. Police and paramedics were called and McKinney was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead Detectives are investigat ing the incident and report that the cause of McKiimey's death has not y e t been determin e d and no charges hav e be e n filed. Non e of McKinney's fam ily m e mbers s uffer e d significan t inju r ies. Suspect Charged With Rape, Kidnapping BRIAN MICHAEL HOLMES On Saturday, authorities arrested a man who allegedly lured a woman to his home, promising to pay her for sex. Police said Brian Michael Holmes, 28, threatened a wom a n with a c a rvin g knife, r es t ra in e d h e r with e l e ctric a l tape, and spray ed L y s o l in h e r e y es before forcing her to perform sexual act s Police said when Holmes s e t the knife down, the woman grabbed it and stabbed Holmes to get away. Holmes is being held without bond on ch a rges of armed s e x u a l battery and false imprisonment. Correctional OHicer Charged With Domestic Banerv JUNIOR BIRD POLK COUNTY -The Polk County Sh e riff' s Of f ice h as reporte d tha t a Polk Correctional In s titut e Office r was arres t e d Sunday and ch a rged with dome s tic battery According to deputies, Junior Bird, 42, and his wife Winfred, got into an argument. The argument turned physical when Bird reportedly pushed his wife a gainst a wall in their home. Deputies said the couple s son tried to stop his father from hitting his mother, and Bird then pushed his son down. Winfred Bird c alled police but Bird had l e ft prior to d e puties arrivin g Whil e deputi e s w e r e con du cting the in vestigation, Bird r eturne d to the r e si d e nce and was arr es t ed. womansavs Acquaintance Raped Her On Saturday, Tampa Police arrested a man who alleged ly kidnapped a woman he knew and raped her. On Friday morning, police said Pierre Larkin; 25, went to the apartment of an acquaintance, put a knife to her waist and allegedly forced her out her window. According to the report, Larkin drove the worrian to his-home and raped her. Afterwards, he reportedly wiped her down with a tee shirt and wrapped the knife in it. Police found the knife and the victim identified Larkin. PIERRE LARKIN Larkin is charged with armed kidnapping and sexual battery. UNCLE SANDY ... Always prepare yourself 1, 4, 9, 11 for bad news 14, 19, 22, 25 as you prepare yourself 29, 33, 35, 38 for the good news 40, 44, 47, 49 WARREN DAWSON 221-1800 1467 Ta01pa Pall Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & scott St. h' ng i : L'qCI S J"i !Jn: t 'J! "'C: 0(1 e wCCr 3C,C' ::e as" -..s se"'c, : ... :. ... .. ,.:riJ:IJ" 3::: ... : .. 1 : .. s .. :


-t c: m Cl --f-d .. .. ..... '.... ; ,j( -:,, -. .. a s s 1 ... i I e CJ) c "T1 m OJ II IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 11th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA FAMILY DIVISION Case No.: 10-35301 FC 18 Florida Bar No. 30686 IN RE: THE MARRIAGE OF SILVIA I. BUCKLEY Petitioner and GERALDTHOMASBUCKLEY Respondent NOTICE OF ACTION FOR DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE TO: GERALD THOMAS BUCKLEY Last Known Address: 9674 Magnolia Blossom Drive Tampa, Florida 33626 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action has been filed against you and that you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses if any, to it on Petitioner's attorney, Emilo C Pastor Esquire, whose address is 2655 Le Jeune Road. Suite 700. Coral Gables. FL 33134 on or before February 24. 2011, and file the original with the clerk of this Court at 3100 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables FL 33134 before service on Peti tioner or immediately thereafter If you fall to do so, a Default may be entered against you for the relief demanded In the Petition. Copies of all court documents in this case, Including orders, are available at the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office You may review these documents upon request. '(ou must keep the Clerk of the Circuit Court s office notified of your current address, (You may file Notice of Current Address, at Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.915). Future papers in this lawsuit will be mailed to the address on record with the clerk. WARNING: Rule 12.285, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, requires certain automatic disclosure of documents and information Failure to comply can result in sanctions, including dismissal or striking of pleadings. Dated : January 11, 2011 HARVEY RUVIN CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: LAURA CAMPOS DEPUTY CLERK LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA Case No.: 2010-DR-17680 DIVISION C MARCIA L. BOONE Petitioner and DAVID L. BOONE, Respondent NOTICE OF ACTION FOR DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE TO: DAVID L. BOONE 12319 Wltheridge Drive Tampa, Florida 33624 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action has been filed against you and that you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses if any, to i t on Jonathan W. Newlon Esq. whose address is 38008 Live Oak Avenue. Suite 2. Dade City. FL 33523 on or before Monday, March 7, 2011, and file the origina l with the clerk of this Court at Hillsborough County Courthouse BOO Twiggs Street Tampa, Florida 33602 before service on Petitioner or immediately thereafter. If you fall to do so, a Default may be entered against you for the relief demanded in the Petition. Copies of all court documents In this case, including orders, are available at the Office of the Leon County Clerk of Court You may review these documents upon request. You must keep the Office of the Leon County Clerk of Court notified of your current address. (You may file Notice of Current Address, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12 915). Future papers in this lawsuit will be mailed to the address on record with the clerk office. WARNING: Rule 12.285, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, requires certain automatic disclosure of documents and information. Failure to comply can result in sanctions, including dismissal or striking of pleadings. Dated : January 28, 2011 PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: CYNTHIA MEN'END.EZ DEPUTY CLERK Fe: r Vc:: ._. r Cc:: Set.-.tl.-.etl B._. I lett I.-. a am ". ..A. ....... -..-c.-... __ ADttrrr..-.c:tl --.,..._ont --Notice Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuant To Section 865.09 Florida Statutes II ll c: :J> ll -< N ,!') N 0 """' """' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the under signed desiring to engage in business under the fictitious name of Eyeful Treasures located at 1338 Coolridge Drive, in the County of "T1 Hillsborough, in the City of r Brandon, Florida 33511 intends to register the said 52! name with the Division of Corporations of the Florida Department of State, Tallahassee, Florida z Dated at Tampa, this 16th day of February. 2010. Florida m r OJ c: r r m -t z Sole Owner(s) ., Mildred T. Petlt-Frere 5j r c;; :1: 1:;;;;;;;;;;;11 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;EM;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;PL;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;OYM;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;EN;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;T Avon Representatives Needed All Areas! Call 813-832-4282 Or E-mail AVONLADYGEORGIAOYAHOO.COM Experienced Teacher Wanted Apply At: Kldz Cove 208 West Frances Or Call (813) 507-6000 Now Hiring Sales Representatives To Sell Merchant Services To Businesses Commissi .on Only Call (813) 409-8395 Are You Highly Motivated? To Spend 10 Hours A Week And Earn $1 500 00 Plus A Month? VIsit: (321) 695-9693 < m -t c: m CJ) c :J> z c "T1 ll 6


,... ,... 0 N N N > a: < ::::> a: III w LL c en w ::::> 1-c a: LL c z < c en w ::::> 1-> a: w > w c w J: en :::J III ::::> Q. z ...1 ...1 ::::> III ...1 w z i= z w en ( a: 0 ...1 LL 0 N w II HILLSBOROUGH TRANSIT AUTHORITY IFB-7890CG CONSTRUCTION SERVICES FOR HART'S YBOR OFFICE BUILDOUT The Hillsborough Transit Authority (HART) will be accepting bids for Construction Services for HART's Ybor Office Buildout. All inquiries pertaining to the solicitation must be directed to: Dam aris Cordova, Contract Specialist Hillsborough Transit Authority 4305 East 21st Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605, (813) 449-4659 or e -mail at cordovad@goHART.org. The IFB documents will be available for download on HART's website at: http:i/www.goHART.org. II EMPLOYMENT II Program Assistant Positions Available At UFL Apply Online At http/jobs.ufl.edu Search Posit ion In Hillsborough County Deadline 2124/11 Looking For Experienced Care Worker Must Pass Background Check No Misdemeanor Drug Chargers And Absolutely No Felony Charges (813) 270-6887 East Bay Church of Christ (813) 813-661-4820 Administrator Degree in related field w ith good organization and leadership sk i lls Strong verbal and written communication Proficient in Microsoft Word Access Excel Power Point Microsoft Publisher 20 hours/week. daily Manage the administrative operations ; supe r vise production of church bulletins newsletters and websites. Preparation and monitoring annual budget and expenditures Must represent the church and its interests in a positive manner. Webmaster/Graphics Specialist Website and Graphics Specialist. Regional government water supplier looking for webmaster graphic designer and graphic jack-of-all trades. Responsibilities include design/manage agency internal and external websites using SharePoint; create graphic illustrations charts, photos, etc using Adobe Creative Suite applications and PowerPoint ; assist with design of collateral materials (brochures annual reports, posters flyers) ; support agency social media efforts; research and analyze technical applications for website maintenance and tracking analytics ; assist with agency graphic standards and pre-press print production for letterhead, business car<:!s, etc Photography skills a plus Salary range $48-$52K More info. requirements and application at www tampabaywater org Send resume, graphic and website design samples cover letter and completed application to Human Resources Tampa Bay Water, 2575 Enterprise Road, Clearwater FL, 33763 by Fri, March 4, 2011. U .S. citizenship or legal authorization to work in the United States is required Tampa Bay Water is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 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II HOMES FOR RENT II II APTS. FOR RENT Sulphur Springs 321 0 East Ida Near Busch Large 4 Bedroom/2 Bath 3 Bedroom/1 Bath House 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Block Home WDH Fenced Yard Apartment Central H/A, Fenced No Smoking $625.00 $675 00/Monthly $900.00/Monthly No Pets Small Pets OK Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 453-4968 Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 503-5321 Call (813) 340-3085 II II 1007 East 28th Avenue APTS. FOR RENT 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Gated, Quiet $850.00/Monthly Ybor City 32 Unit Property First Month Rent (Columbus Drive) Starting @ $395.00 Plus $500.00/Security Studio Apartment Ask About Our Available Immediately Completely Remodeled Move-In Special Call (813) 735-3279 $450.00/Monthly (813) 965-7246 Plus Deposit Tile Throughout Angie's Apartments Ballast Point Area Granite Countertops 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 2 & 3 Bedroom $875.00/Monthly Call (813) 318-1523 Apartments Washer/Dryer Included Starting @ $750.00 Plant City WDH -0 Deposit 5 Bedroom/3 Bath Morgan Woods $1 ,525.00/Monthly Apartments No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 505-5400 801 Morgan Street 813-915-9787 2/1 West Tampa From $395 & Up Grant Park WDH, Very Nice 2 Bedroom/1 Bath On Site Management 1/1 Quiet, A/C Block Home Large Fenced Yard Central Heat & Air Chris Cooper Manager No Pets Tile Floors Fenced Yard (813) 478-2366 Background Check $725.00/Monthly $550 00/Monthly $299.00 Moves You In $300 00/Deposit Call (813) 610-8256 An Old Place With A New Face Available Now 3403 North 48th Street 1 And 2 Bedroom Call Jackie (813) 704-3555 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath Apartments With Office $450 00 $550 00 Ybor City Fenced Yard Monthly 2912 East Columbus Available 2/1/11 Cinnamon Cove Section 8 Accepted 2/2 Apartment Apartments $850.00/Monthly 12401 N. 15th Street Call (813) 713-4055 With Washer/Dryer (813) 770-2003 Call (813) 971-5254 Updated, Very Nice 38th & MLK Boulevard Senior 55+ 8 Welcome Riverfront Community Jacob Real Estate Broker 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook-up Studio And 1 Bedroom (813) 258-3200 Start $380.00 Extension 111 Or 115 Central H/A Fenced Yard $99 Deposit FREE Shopping II $550.00/Monthly Transportation DUPLEXES $300.00/Deposit FREE Internet FREE On Site Clinic Call (813 531-1410 Water/Trash Included Close To Nebraska Planned Social Activities And Bougainvillea Section 8 Welcome Section 8 Welcome Nice 2/1 Duplex 2 Bedroom/1 Bath On Site Management With Big Backyard Home & Maintenance Rent/$550.00 Newly Renovated, CHA And Much, Much Morel Deposit/$250.00 & Dryer Included Call Now 813-985 Tenant Pays Water $800.00/Monthly River Pines Apartments And Electricity, No Pets 7517 North 40th Street $400.00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome tit .. (813) 690-3320 (813) 843-2085 II II DUPLEXES II 1910 W. Chestnut Street Newly Renovated 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Available Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 215-7287 Or (305) 498-2266 Section 8 Only 0 Deposit $300.00 Move-In 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplexes Accepting 2, And 3 Bedroom Vouchers CHA, WDH Large Backyard, Nice Area Call (813) 789-3879 Close To Nebraska And Bougainvillea Nice 2/1 Duplex With Big Backyard Rent/$550 00 Deposit/$250.00 Tenant Pays Water And Electricity, No Pets Section 8 Welcome (813) 843-2085 II ROOMS FOR RENT II Room For Rent -Ybor A/C, Microwave Cable And Laundry Relaxed Atmosphere Clean Block For Major Bus Line $400.00/Monthly Call (813) 384-1702 Furnished Rooms For Rent Single Person Free Cable, A/C And Heat II $100.00 Per Week No Deposit Call (813) 562-3848 Ybor Heights Large Furnished Rooms $140.00-$150 00/Weekly Deposit Plus Security Plus 1 Week Rent Cable TV, Laundry Single, Drug Free Must Be Employed Call (813) 247-4724 II ROOMS FOR RENT II 8100 Marks Street Rooms For Rent $125.00/Weekly $125.00/Deposit Central Heat And Air Carpet, Free Cable Call (813) 361-6227 Room For Rent .Ybor Area A/C, Cable, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $75.00/Deposit $100.00 And Up Weekly (813) 317-9872 Furnished Rooms For Rent Some Available With CHA And Cable Strictly No Drug Activity Allowed Must Be Employed Call (813) 965-5931 Furnished Rooms $475.00/Monthly $120 00/Weekly A/C, Washer, Cable Utilities Included Kitchen, Phone, On Bus Line No Deposit Call (813) 505-5400 East Tampa Area Between 40th And 50th Between Hillsborough And MLK Mature Adult Roommate Wanted Furnished Room $550.00/Monthly : Denise (813) 443-94n Sulphur Springs Area Room For Rent Very Clean Close To Transportation $450.00/Monthly Plus Security Includes Utilities/Cable Available Immediately Call (813) .. ] M Or Emalt ledwll di0flsenlll181.com -f c: m en c .., m OJ :II c: :J> 1\) ,!') 1\) 0 ...... ...... .., 0 :II en m z -f z m r-aJ c: rrm :::::t z c: OJ r-(i) m c m < m -f c: m en c :J> z c .., :II c


..... ..... 0 N -N N > a: <( ::J a: m w LL -c en w ::J .... c a: LL c z <( c en w ::J .... 6: w > w c w :z: en ::::; m ::J a. z i= w ..J ..J ;:) m ..J w z i= z w en g a: 0 ..J LL II ROOMS FOR RENT II Ideal For Fixed Income Person A/C-Utilities Included $11 0 00/Weekly $1 00.00/Deposit Call (813) 495-9757 II AIR CONDITIONING II Tarpley's A/C LLC Sales & Service New & Used Financing Available Call (813) 238-7884 Lie #CAC1815130 -APPLIANCE REPAIRS A/C & Appliance Repair Ice Makers Refrigeration Stoves Washers And Dryers All Work Guaranteed Call Prince (813) 695-4343 Fast Friendly Service II BEDS FOR SALE II Beds Twin $60.00 Full $65. 00 Queen $75.00 King 1 10 00 & Up Bunk Beds $150.00 ca11 (813r31o-o991 II CARPET CLEANING II Carpet Cleaning Deep Scrub $55.00 Flat Rate Ca$h ASAP (813) 484-6757 II CELL PHONE II $$ Paying Cash $$$ We Buy New, Used And Unwanted Cell Phones Bring It To Us Ship It To Us We Will Come To You (813) 440.6440 II CLEANING SERVICE II Veiga Cleaning Services 4202 Richmere Street Tampa, Fl 33617 Reasonable Rates Residential And Commercial Properties Handyman Services Phone (813) 401-1213 Gloria Gass Director of Operations And Owner Gloriagss@ gmail.com CREDIT CARD SERVICES Start Accepting Credit Cards! Low Rates Low Fees Free Set-Up Free Vacation With Every Approval Call (813) 409-8395 II DAY CARE II Cassandra's Large Daycare Private Daycare Has Openings For Infants 5 Year Olds Private Pay And All Programs Accepted (813) 238-0939 Licit LTA431809 II DNA II DNA Testing Paternity We Come To You I Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday Saturday DLMDNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlmservlces91 @yahoo.com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-5777 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL II&. .u .l II DNA II DNA Paternity Testing Legal Or Personal Testing Available Results In Just 3 DAYS No Collection Fees In Tampa NO BLOOD! Payment Options Available http : //dnatestingsolutions com DNA Testing Solutions 11972 N. Florida Avenue (813) 915-0000 II HAULING II All Junk Removal Furniture Tree Debris Construction Garbage Or Anything Else No Job Too Big Or Small Fast And Reasonable (813) 285-4674 II HEALTH II Get Healthy -Get Fit Starts With Bio-Noni (*) Experience Free Taste Party Every Wednesday 7 :00p.m. @ Beef O Brady s North Himes Avenue VIsit www.tnl.com/flt Code: 3120055 Call (813) 347-1363 II INSURANCE II Need A Break On Insurance? Low Down Payment Low As $117 00 Down Low Monthly Payments Cheap SR22/FR44 Great Rates For Homeowners And Commercial Insurance Please Call (813) 988 -II JUNK CARS II CASH For Junk Cars And Trucks Running Or Not Call Lorenzo (813) 843-8857 II JUNK CARS II II LOT FOR SALE II We Buy Junk Vacant Lot For Sale Cars And Trucks Belmont Heights Area CALL J.R. (813) 966-3501 Palifox And 35th Street 500 x 1 00 Square Feet Junk Cars Call (813) 293-8431 We BuyJunk Cars Trucks And Vans II II METAL. Call (813) 784-8339 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Top Dollar Recycling Up to. $1,500.00 : We Buy Any And For Junk Cars, Trucks All Scrap Metal Vans And Motorcycles Top Dollar-Cash Money Running Or Not On The Spot We Pick Up Any Also, Trash Removal, Etc. Junk Metal/Appliances For FREE! 7 Days A Week Chuck (813) 900-2683 (813) 695-2438 II II MORTGAGES II II LEASE PROPERTY If You Are At 62 Years Of Age 7901 N. Nebraska Avenue And You Are Struggling Suite 200A To MakeYqur Beauty Salon Location Mortgage Payment -Lobby Wash Cut Call Us Today And Dry Rooms (813) 44()-6440 Bathroom, Kitchen $645 00/Monthly II PARALEGAL SERVICE II $500.00/Deposit Utilities Not Included Non-Attorney Nebraska Avenue Special-Rates New Exposure During Tax Season RetaiVOffice Space Modification To Stop Ideal For Insurance/Sales Probation 600 Square Feet Seals/Expunges Felonies And Misdemeanors Ready To Rent Motion To Re-Instate Drivers $600.00/Monthly License For Non-Payment Plus Tax And Deposit Of Chiid Support Applications Adoptions Special Rate On Call (813) 232-3900 $175 90 Traffic, Living Wills, Quick Deeds II LIFE INSURANCE II-Power Of Attorney Court Fees Could Possibly Be Waived Available 24 Hours Guaranteed Issue Life Saturday Appointments Insurance Mobile Same Day Service Small Claims, Evictions Been Turned Down? Social Securities No Health Questions! Figueroa (813) 415-2114 Prince & Associates Affordable Life Insurance II PLUMBING II ., 813-421-1146 $20,000 Child Woodalll's Plumbing Life Insurance We Specialize In Faucets Protection-Ages: Q-24 $45.00 Per Year! Leaks, Drain Stoppage Prince & Associates Sink Installation Affordable Life Insurance And All Plumbing Needs 813-421-1146 .. Call (813) 325:'4643 Life Health -Retirement 'I Llcl022650


II II II PLUMBING Gil Robinson Plumbing Installation Of: Kitchen Sink And Cabinets We Specialize In General Plumbing Phone (813) 872-0927 Or (813) 404-9778 REFERRAL II Receive $500.00 CASH If You Know Someone Who Is Loosing Their Home To Foreclosure And Solicit Our Service Please Call (813) 440-6440 REPAIRS Albert Williams Repairs 47 Years Experience Painting And Wood Repair .Call. (813) 410,.7042 II =sA=L=o=N II Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaijs $40 Weaves $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 Relaxer/Wrap Wash-N-Set Full Head Sew-In Micros Kinky Twist $50 00 $25 00 $100 00 $130.00 $90.00 Senegalese Twist $130.00 Dred ReTwist Quick Weave Invisible Part $40.00 $45.00 $45.00 Rishonda (352) 277-2184 Roots To -End Glam Packages Manicure Pedicure Wash-N-Wrap $50.00 Manicure Pedicure Relaxer And Wr'ap $75.00 Thursday -Saturday Only By Appointment Only (813) 802-3255 Lie 11 07 4070 Exp 12/14/11 II SELL YOUR II HOME If You Need To Sell Your Home And Time Is Of The Essence Call Us For The Best Offer (813) 325-2813 CASH For Houses Any Area, Any Reason Any Condition Any Price Range Offers Within 24 Hours Call Buzz (813) 410-3476 II SPIRITUALIST II Sister Berry Worried? Confused? Depressed? She Solves Impossible Problems, Court Cases, Cheating Spouses Reunites Lovers Removes Bad Luck Immediate Results! Lucky Numbers Available ... (832) 746.0695 c m en II SPIRITUALIST II m Spiritualist Ava Healer Advisor True Woman Of God Can Help You Ori Love, Marriage,Business Call Now For Your Blessing (813) 379-1151 Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm, Card Reader Spiritual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores Lost Nature Advise On Love/Marriage Health And Business Special Readings $5.00 Phone (813) 506-9239 --"rh e voiCe QJOIr ciimifiiUr;iy Itself" I See What I Say And I Say What I See The High Priest Of Blessings Bishop S. C. White P.O. Box 1167 Augusta, Georgia 30803 1 Day Blessings, I Can Help You With All Problems Love, Cross Condition Witchcraft etc. Case Work Handled Luck And Success Packages I Can Do Ali Things Through Christ Phili 4:13 Call The Prophet (708) 860.2251 .II TELEPHONE FREE 30DAYS Home Phone Get Collect Calls On Your Cell Phone From County Jail $2 25 Per Call 813-546..:2692 813-222.0195 II m :c c )> :c -< 1\) 1\) 1\) 0 ...... ...... r-0 :c c )> en m z ::::! z m r-m c rr-m ::::! z -a c m !:: BUSINESS DIRECTORY en :I: m c Eall Blooming dale Avenue Brwndon, FL 3351 1 www eouthemtech.e d u 654-8800 I TIRE STORES I s=suasuusenncaau = :as Get A Quote 0 www.ollnmottcom Your Tire Headquarters for: --:' IIIII '< t)&ttM#U'' BFGoodrlch' OLIN MOTT .IINIIIIIYAC. TIRIJ /II//BTDRiiB EA8TTAMPA i813)237-ae4& .. 3741 e AVE NORTH TAMPA' f818) 10i03N. FLOFtlOAAVE 111 9 WEST 1\eNNEDY BLVD TEMPLE li!JUW) (Jt3) 1180-0220 88SO N 56TH ST. BRMOON C813):88S2808 528 W BAANI:;ION BLVD PLANT CITY C813) 71122318 302 PALMEA S1. more .... Far Yelllall Mil,..,.,. And R!!NI!r fl.' k /\htm1 b Mon t h (,,JIIH' fl., C.l', h 4505 Eat H Nisborough Ave. Tampa, Florida 33610 Phone: 813-828-4181 Open 7 Days A Week Catering Available Chitterlings BBQ Ribs & Chops Greens Mac & Cheese Fried Chicken Fresh GET NOTICED .. Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora @ Fax To: {813l 8 or Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com Check Us Out OnFacebook-f & Follow Us On Twitter At www.twitter.com/ FLSENTINELB m < m :c -< -4 c m en c > )> z c :c c > To Advertise In The Business Directory Call LaVora Or Betty At 813-248-1921. DEADLINE For Placing Business Directory Ads Is FRIDAY AT 3 P.M.


0 C\1 C'\1 C'\1 >cr: < ::::> cr: Ill w LL c en w ::::> .... c cr: LL c z < c en w '=> .... >cr: w > w c w l: en. ::i m ::::> a.. z i= w ..I ..I ::::> Ill ..I w z i= z w en < c .a: 0 ..I LL BUSINESS DIRECTORY -------------M T _OR_ N _EY_ S ____________ WHIDDEN LAW. P. L. ATTORNEYS AT LAW IN{, T\\11'\ FIOIUJ)\ Bond M otion s Auto A ccident s Probation Vlol alions Caimin al Defense & M t ....., d A dd t Drug Offen ses o o e c ftl s Fraud/Theft Pe1sonal Injury Boating Acddenb Homld.wvloleotC rime 272 2200 Wl'ongfuiDeatb Cialnu Sex Offerue s (813) -Dlll/BUI 402 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602 Free lnfonnati on Corl:errinl! Qualifications & El


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