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African American newspapers
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Celebrating 66 Years In The Tampa Bay Area c Q a: Q ...1 LL. SEE PAGE 3 VOL. 66 NO. 73 TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2011 24 PAGES 75 Residents RespondTo Dlh Of Bin Laden SEE PAGE 2 Retired DJ To Host Car, Motorcycle Show SEE PAGE 10 Local Freedom Riders To Appr On 'Oprah' SEE PAGE 3 GEORGE EDGECOMB BAR ASSOCIATION PRESENTS SCHOLARSHIPS The George Edgecomb Bar Association held its 28th An(Jual Law Week Banquet on April25, 2011 at the Downtown Hyatt Regency. The keynote speaker was Tonya Lewis Lee, Attorney-at-Law, wife of Spike Lee. Reverend Dr. Thomas Scott received the Francisco r Rodriguez Award and Attorney Delano Stewart was the recipient of the Diversity Award. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of scholarships to high school students. Jane Rose, Esquire, Hillsborough County Attorney's Office and Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, presented the scholarships. The 2011 scholarship recipients are: Kelly A. Martin, a senior at Tampa Bay Tech High School; Jasmyn Simmons, (Prepaid Scholarship recipient), a 9th grader at Leto High School; Fatima Kamara, a senior at Freedom High School; Kayvious Campbell, a senior at Plant High School; and Dante A. Pascucci, a senior at Brandon High School. (Photo by Julia Jackson)


Feature c a: LL c z 4( c C/) w : ..... w > w c w .en :J ttl : Q. z i= w ..J ..J : ttl ..J w z i= z w C/) 4( c a: 0 ..J LL Tampa Residents Respond To Death Of Osama bin Laden PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor DR. GEORGE FOXX ROSS ANDERSON DR. SAM WRIGHT BILLY WHEELER HOWARD HARRIS Late Sunday night, local programming was interrupted for a special news break. At about 10:30 p.m., President Barack Obama announced, "Tonight, I can report to the American peo ple and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaida, and a terrorist who's responsible for the murder of thousands of in nocent men, women, and children." As the news traveled throughout the country and the world, people have re acted in different ways. Some Tampa residents shared their response to the news of the death --of Osama bin Laden. Ross Anderson said, "We can rest a little bit easier knowing that the one that caused so much evil and de struction across the world is no longer with us. There is still much to be done to bring our troops home. "God bless America and our Commander and Chief, President Barrack Obama!" Dr. Sam Wright said, "Thanks to President Barack Obama and our U. S. military! They all are on their jobs. It is for certain that President Obama is on his job, and is the leader for such a time as this. I am FREE Professional Service Alert: The Florida Law States That You May Be Entitled To $1 0,000 For Loss Wages Aild Medical Care ... Call Michelle B. Patty Local: 813 Toll Free 1 Available 24 Hours A Day /7 Days A Week Michelle B. Patty Advertising Inc. sure his ratings will be much improved now!" Kevin E. Bryant said, "After 10 years, the victims of 9/11 have finally been laid to rest. My deepest condolences and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims of 9/11. "A special thank you to all of our Armed Forces Troops for their special sacrifices and endeavors they took on make this mission com plete!" Billy Wheeler said, "Osama bin Laden's death should be marked as a victory for President Obama, although his de tractors will probably seek a way to downplay the signifi cance of his achievement. "It may provide a sense of justice and closure for those who lost loved ones during the attacks against the U. S. Our involvement in the history of the unstable region and its politics are compli cated, so we should remain both prayerful and watchful." Dr. George Foxx said, "This most challenging task, authorized by our Com manderIn-Chief President Barack Obama, has demonstrated that he is ca pable of executing orders that get results that prior commander-in-chiefs were unable to do for more than 10 years. "The end results bring closure for many families whose loved ones were lost. We will have to wait on anticipated responses, but usu ally, when you cut off the snake's head, the body goes dead. Congratulations are in order for our President Obama and the Navy Seals he commands." Bobby Bowden said, "I think that it is a testament to President Obama's leaO-ership as the Commander in-Chief (?f this country and his overall strategy to defeat Al-Qaida. "This serves as vindica tion for those families that have lost love ones and have been affected by bin Laden's terrorist acts. Job well done, Mr. President!" Howard Harris said, "Let's keep "C" students out of the White House who can't tell the difference between acts of war and criminal behavior. The Government of Afghanistan did not commit acts of war against the USA. "However, bin Laden abetted criminal acts against American citizens; and crim inals are tracked down by good intelligence and a few good men with training to do so; not armies seeking re venge against innocent civilians. "The "C" stuP.ent unnec essarily expended thousands more young American lives tlian the casualties of the original attacks. "The loss oflife and damage to the minds bodies Fish Crabs* Shrfmp -Fresh & Smoked Mullet Snapper Sheap Live Blue Crabs 3608 N. 1 Sth (Corner Of lake) MAURICE KEMP KEVIN E. BRYANT of young Americans did not cause the demise -of bin Laden, good old-fashioned police work did." Maurice Kemp said, "My feelings are mixed. On one hand, his death brings closure and reasonable justice for the violent cam paigns he's led against the U. S., the bombing of two U. S. embassies in Africa, the bombing of the USS Cole, and the bombing of the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93. "On the other hand, I am deeply concerned that his death has elevated him to the status of a martyr and that it could incite and escalate a rash of terrorist attacks on the U.S.; retaliatory attacks that are more difficult to track and-to stop because they lack leadership and di rection." Quinton Robinson said, "I think this proves that intelligence is critical when protecting America and its citizens. President Obama made a crucial decision based on the facts he was -presented, he has proved himself to be analytical and strategic and deserves to be in the White House another term. "He's so methodical he even thanked former President G. W. Bush for starting something that he could have finished, yet opened us to war on two fronts and bil lions of unnecessary dollars spent. I'm proud that it was the Obama Administration that got the job done!" -'Yillie J. Stokes said, "If we had developed that in telligence sooner instead of diverting our actions to Iraq we would be in a much better shape and a lot fewer lives lost for no apparent. reason. "However, we must commend our President for a willingness to be decisive in order to achieve a necessary outcome. How can we not appreciate his efforts to re solve or complete a missi ,on or missions he inherited in a positive, but beneficial man ner?"


Features woman Found Dead After Apartment Fire Early Sund ay morning, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue responded to an apartment fire at the Terrace Square Apartments on 59th Street and 122nd Avenue. According to officials, a woman identified as Katrina Colbert, 37, and her dog died in the fire. A man managed to escape the fire that out at 6 a. m. Also, a neighboring family of three managed to escape Their unit, along with the one where the woman was found dead, suffered water and flame damage. When fire crews arrived, they found smoke a,nd flames at the building. Colbert's body was found after the fire was out. Red Cross is assisting the neighbors, and the State Fire Marshal s Office is investigating to determine the cause of the fire It should also be noted that the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office is also con ducting an investigation into the fire. A source reported that Colbert's family members live in North Carolina. Local Freedom Riders Appear On Oprah .... c: m en c w 1\) 0 ..... ..... More than 200 Freedom Riders joined Oprah Winfrey for the taping of the show which airs in Tampa on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of Studios) BY TAMECA JOHNSON Freelance Writer The heroic story of the Freedom Riders takes center stage on the Oprah Winfrey Show this week. Nearly 200 men and women, who defied the segrega tion laws of the Jim Crow South to end segregation along inter state travel in the 1960s, will tell their story to Oprah during Wednesday's (May 4) broadcast. Apollo Beach resident, Kredelle Petway, is one of the original Freedom Riders invited to participate in the show's tap ing in Chicago. She told her story to the Florida Sentinel in March in celebration of the movement's soth Anniversary and premier of the made for television movie Freedom Riders, which debuted at the downtown Tampa Theater last month. She says her appearance on Oprah was a once in a lifetime experience : "Five family members trav eled with me;" she says, "my daughter, my brother, who was also a Freedom Rider, his wife and their two children. It was an excellent and worthwhile ex perience; one that I will never forget." ., Petway says she and other I""" Fre edom Riders were especially moved when Winfrey paid 0 tribute tci them by acknowledg-)> ing she stood on the "shoulders en m of giants" and would not be z where she is today were it not ::::i for the them. Pfi The show airs Wednesday at r-4 p. m. on NBC affiliate WFLA m 8hannel8. ? ..... m :::j z ""D c: m ..... c;; ::::z:: m c m < m .... c: m en c )> z c ., :::D c


T"" Editorials/Columns c a: u.. c z a: w > w c w ,::t: en ::::i m ::J a. z tu FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202-140) 2207 21st Avenue, Tampa Florida 33605 (813) 248-1921 Published Every Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Member of National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa, FL C. Blythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) W.W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 1930-2010 (1977) S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER ALLISON WELLS.CLEBERT, CFO GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER Subscriptions-$44.00-6 Months Both Editions: $87.00-Per Year Both Editions. Opinions expressed on editorial pages of this newspaper by Columnists or Guest Writers, do not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher. Protect School Funding When election time returns, we hope you voters will remember how your current Conservative-majority legislature has acted during 2011, and that you will vote accordingly. Most certainly, if you have school-age children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, you will recall how Conservative Tallahassee left hundreds of nonessential items tax-free and gave businesses $150 million tax incentives while cutting funds for education. In addition, we hope you will remind your local legislators that investing in education reduces the amount which the state will have to spend on prisons and juvenile detention facilities. Only four days remain to make your voices heard since the legislative session ends, Friday, May6th. We are convinced taxpayers would much rather sacrifice a tax reduction than live in fear of being victimized by uneducated or undereducated youths. Favoring tax breaks for corporations at the expense of Florida's school-children, is unacceptable and shows just how little regard our present state government seems to have for our future generation. ...J ...J ::J m Call your legislative delegation TODAY. Tell them to uj change their minds about cutting school funding. z t= z w Racism Behind Obama a: g CitizenshiP Doubters N ot even the Biblical 'Doubting Thomas' would have been amused at the persecution leveled at President Barack Obama's heritage. For, only since America has elected a Black president has this nation's president been challenged to provide original copies of his birth certificate in order to prove his American legitimacy. Once again, since l\rnerica has elected a Black president-regardless of his Harvard University educationhas this nation's president been dared to release copies of his college transcripts to show what grades he received in school. What's next, a blood test? No doubt, racism is the real reason for this latest rash of presidential persecution. And we challenge the challengers to state otherwise. The late J. A. Rogers, author of the book America's Five Black Presidents, is no doubt, laughing in his grave. For, had aU of our presidents been subjected to the hereditary scrutiny being leveled at President Barack Obama, American history would have been an extremely different story, starting with Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Warren Harding, Dwight David Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon, and yes, Jimmy Carter. Therefore, we recommend, if President Obama's birth w certificate is to be questioned, go question the birth cerCJ tificate of George Washington and others. Then tell us what you find. Most probably, we Will all be surprised. Kennv Rushing Wants To Change Your lite Through Real Estate Real estate guru Kenny Rushing has been inspired to help others learn how they can make money buying and selling real estate. Rushing will do this through his Buy America Real Estate Tour. The first event is slated for May 6-8 at the In tercontinental Hotel in Tampa. At this event, Kenny Rushing and 24 of the coun try's foremost real estate in vesting experts will teach you how to buy real estate at a bargain price and sell it at a profit. America is for sale at a steep discount and right now is the best time to buy real estate in a decade. This is the mindset of Kenny Rushing, the founder of Rush Capital Fund in Tampa. Rushing buys and sells properties all across the nation. There is a perception that nobody is making money in real estate in today's eco nomy. Rushing said interest rates are low, and there are basement bargain properties available because of the large number of foreclosures. In order to take advantage of current conditions, you need new strategies that are proven to work. Without these new strategies, you won't make money. Anyone, even a novice, can get involved in buying African Presence In India: The Bonda People In Orissa, India I f you travel to the eastern coast of India (near the Bay of Bengal), you will find a large African population re miniscent of visiting Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, or some other African country. Indeed, India's largest population of direct descen dants of the country's earliest African settlers, the Bonda people, are found in the state of Orissa, and constitute at least 25 percent of the state's population. At least 62 other tribes of various ethnicities who share African features also live in Orissa. Historically, Black men and women known as Dravid ians built a powerful civiliza tion that was discovered in 1920. Referred to as the Indus Valley civilization, this "Ne groid" population flourished between 2500 and 1500 B. C. Excavations in that area of India uncovered the remains of highly developed cities and towns with multilevel homes "laid out in grid patterns and served by elaborate sewage systems" that included running water, flushing toilets and a refuse disposal system. There is also evidence the Dravidians domesticated chickens, planted cotton and rice, developed the windmill and may even have invented the game of chess. Documenting the early presence of Africans in India for more than 2000 years are the writings of historians and explorers such as Marco Polo, Diodorus Siculus, andApollonius ofTyana. Furthermore, ancient arti. facts with "Negroid" features from the 2000 B.C. era in India were found during exca vations. No doubt, wars, mer chant trade, and English slavery played a role in intro ducing Africans to India as well. The Bonda people, also called Bondo, number more than 6,ooo, speak a language known as Remo, and live in the isolated rural and hilly re gions of the Malkangiri district of Southwest OriSsa. Referred to as one ofthe oldest and most primitive in mainland India with their culture little changed over a thousand years," the Bonda are small in stature. Often referred to as "the naked people," the Bonda women wear scanty skirts and cover their upper bodies with "hundreds of strands of yellow, orange and and selling real estate. If you know how to structure the deal, you can get started as signing contracts without using any of your cash or credit. You can also partner with others who can offer the cash to buy, with you receiv ing an equity share for acting as a promoter. First-time homeowners will gain useful information about why this is the best time to buy, what a buyer's market means, how to buy short sales or foreclosure homes at big discounts and how to obtain a mortgage among other things. All of this will be covered at the Buy American Real Estate Tour. Rushing named this event the Buy American Real Estate Tour because he is striving to change the mindset of Americans who believe that real estate is no longer an ideal investment. Rushing believes that investing in American real estate will con tribute to home sales, stimu late the economy, provide jobs, and promote growth in the United States economy. white beads; beaded skullcaps over shaven heads, and large silver hoop earrings, bangles and thick silver neck rings similar to the dress and je welry of some tribes in Africa. The Bonda tribe depends on the women for survival, as their numbers greatly exceed the number of men. Indeed, women search the forests for food, hunt, work in the fields and sell crafts and produce in open markets. Living in the poorest region in India, 46 percent of the Bonda people live below the national poverty level. As in other developed countries, the Bonda people are marginalized with a "caste system based on skin color with darker skinned people oc cupying the lowest rung of so ciety." Considered "short-tem pered," fiercely independent, and aggressive, the Bonda have a high tribal murder rate and a problem of alcoholism. Outsiders avoid venturing into Bonda territory because of the high crime rate and negative perceptions of the tribe. Still living and practicing the cus toms, dance and music of their ancestors, the Bonda people have resisted attempts to bring civilization and technology to their district. Learning about the Bonda people sadly reminded me of the seemingly universal condi tions in America's Black com munities and Native American reservations. Indeed, we and the Bonda people would seem to have much in common with each other. Maybe, we could learn from each other, and thereby save ourselves. Harambee!


Former Tamoan Hosts Event Young Man Continues To For Kidnev Excel Despite Handicap SHERR! D. THOMAS Community Advocate for Kidney Awareness and local business woman, Sherri D. Thomas, hosted her 2nd An nual Carrie Charity Bowl Fundraiser, on Saturday, April 30th, at FunTime Bowl, At lanta, Georgia. It's a 3-game bowl Charity Bowl, with shoes included. The 2011 Theme: "Striking to the 6o's." Bowlers and spectators were invited to come dressed in their favorite 6o's attire. During the Charity Bowl, there was a Silent Auction, gift card and raffle ticket give-away! It was a Family Affair event, and we welcome all to join with celebrating Kidney Awareness. A portion of our proceeds benefit the NKFNa tional Kidney Foundation. Ms.Thomas,foundedthe Charity Bowl, last Spring, in honor of her daughter, Carrie, who suffered from Kidney dis ease and would later have a as an infant. Carrie, will be celebrating her 6th birthday in May. She's an active Kindergartner and Girl Scout-Sun Beam. She enjoys Sunday School and playing with her younger brother, Ross. Ms. Thomas resided in Tampa for 13 years and was a member of Beulah Baptist Insti tutional Church. She is now a member of the historic Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. Ms. Thomas is currently working to establish a non profit organization for high risk pregnancy mothers experienc ing Hydronephrosis. Ms. Thomas is a Commu nity Advocate for Kidney Aware ness, as she'll be participating in her 5th, NKF Annual Kidney Walk, which will be held on Sat urday, May 21st, at Turner's Field, in Atlanta, GA. The event sponsor, Chick-Fil-A, will be hosting a reception following the walk, from 2-4 p. m., at their store location, 1901 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30309. Donations may be made on Ms. Thomas', NKF Website: htt;p: I I donate.kidney.orglgotol caringforcarrie For additional information contact: Ms. Sherri D. Thomas, Email: caringforcar rie@yahoo.com, Ph. 404-4680283. Labrawn Saffold is surrounded by (from left to right): Tampa Bay Buccaneer cornerback Ronde Barber, Page Hunter, Tyrone Keys, Buc Head Coach Raheem Morris, Jeanie Knowles, and Charles George. BYLEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Labrawn Saffold went through periods of depression and anger after an accident that claimed the life of his cousin and left him paralyzed from the waist down. The enormous outpouring of support he received from the community, medical personnel, and others he never met restored his motivation and drive to keep going. "I found myself being a mentor to others and a moti vational speaker. Imagine me motivating others after what I went through." Now, Saffold is attending Florida State University, studying toward degrees in history and mass communica-::::: tion. Last month, Saffold was recognized as a ChairScholar recipient, and gave an emo tionally charged speech about how he was feeling hopeless and useless after the accident, but found the resolve to move on. "Yinkee Alegee, who had benefitted tremendously from All Sports Community Serv ices, encouraged me to return to school and resume my role as senior class president," said Saffold. "It was Alegee who sent me to All Sports where I met Tyrone Keys. He was so im pressed with me, he hired me as a program director." Saffold has traveled to Canada, Mississippi and the Nation's Capitol and attended 6 a Super Bowl as a guest of Chicago Bear owner, Mrs. C McClaskey. Saffold told a crowd of m people when he received the ChairScholar not to heed the negativity of qoctors, and shared his motto, "If the dream is big enough, the facts don't matter." z ::! z m ,.. m c: ,.. ,.. m ::! z "'D c: m c en ::I: m c m < m :c -< c: m en c l> z c c Is your Part D carrier WeiiCare of Florida or UnitedHealth Group, Inc. I AARP? If so, call 888-853-3922 or email advocate@60plus.org and learn what you can do to make your prescriptions more affordable. This ad paid for by the 60 Plus Association. For more information, contact the 60 Plus Association at info@60plus.org


E; fictures From The fast N C") :E c CJ) w ::;) ..... c a: u.. c z w c w :I: C/) :::::l m ::;) D. z w ..J ..J ::;) m ..J w z Z w C/) C a: 0 ..J u.. These lovely ladies attended a wedding reception for Sandra Farragut-Hemphill. Seated (L-R): Stacey Clayton, St. Petersburg; Gwen Clayton, St. Louis, MO; Candi Felder and Lillian Andrews of Tampa. The Florence Crompton Council, an auxilary of the Lily SBA celebrated a Spring Tea at the home of one of its members. In attendance were: Council Sisters, Susie Padgett, Johna Belle Andrews, Ethel Broadnax, Mamie Blue and Creola Morgan. COMMUNITY REPORT GATHERINGo NEI.GHBORHOOD VOICES The Center for Equal Health held a ''Gathering of Neighborhood Voices" event on October 23, 201 0 at Middleton High School in the East Tarripa Community. The Center for Equal Health was introduced to the community one year ago. In an effort to fulfill the center's goal to actively be involved in the community, the Center for Equal Health hosted the "Gathering of Neighborhood Voices" event. The purpose of the event was to: Increase community members' knowledge and awareness of cancer health disparities; Obtain feedback from the com!'llunity about their needs and their views of cancer; Answer ques tions about cancer health disparities the community might have; Educate the community about the Center for Equal Health; and build a partnership anQ trust with the community. The event included a local celebrity news anchorman, Rod Carter of WFLA News Channel 8 as the moderator. The five panelists who were experts in the healthcare industry, as well as community leaders included: Dr. Richard Roetzheim, MD; USF Family Medicine/Co Director of Center for Equal Health; Dr. Deanna Wathington, MD; USF College of Public Health; Stephanie Jones Theaker, COO of Tampa Family Health Center; Dr. Kevin Sneed, PharmD; Dean of USF College of Pharmacy; and Mr. Colin Forde, PhD; CEO of The Forde Group. Important results from the event that are useful for the community and forthe Center for Equal Health are supported by feedback of the event's participants: 60% of participants had not heard or were not sure about the Center for Equal Health prior to the event 63% of participants had never heard of the term health disparities or knew very little at the start of the event. 97% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that health disparities exist within their community by the end of the event. 64% of participants attended the event because they wanted to know more about health or were interested in community events in their neighborhood Future recommendations include: Have mere Gathering of Neighborhood Voices events in communities within Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco County; Have events with smaller audience participation, ex: "Talking Circles" and/or Breakout Sessions for more in depth discussions on specific diseases; Develop more partnerships in the community to spread the word about Center for Equal Health programs and endorse its mission statement, ex: Middleton High School; and finally, try to address the needs of the community in order for them to feel better satisfied. Our goal is to continue to engage the community in the work of the Center for Equal Health. The success of the center will be dependent on how strong our relationships are with the community. This event is one example of how we plan to get feedback from the community on the issues that are important to them. Thanks to all of you who took the time to participate in the Gathering of Neighborhood Voices event. It would not have been. successful without your attendance and participation. We also want to thank the many volunteers who provided support during the event. We hope to see you at the next gather inglll THE NEXT "GATHERING OF NEIGHBORHOOD VOICES-CANCER 101" will be held at the Community Survival Day Event, August 20, 2011, Please contact us for more information: Center for Equal Health, 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. MDC 56 Tampa, FL 33612, 813-974..;7039, or email your request to: info@centerforequalhealth.org. (Paid Advertisement) Horoscopes Today's Birthday --This year could be perfect to develop your own business, or take on side jobs related to your passions. You're adaptable, brave and thrive on a good challenge. You have the resources and partners you need to make it happen. Taurus (April 20-May 20)-Try again at something you failed at before. Accept invitations to visit. New things are possi ble now that weren't previously. Let folks know what you want and need. Gemini (May 21-June 21)-Take some time to catch up. Completion fosters creativity, and you may want to plan your next adventure. Ask your friends for advice, and a revelation sheds light. Cancer (June 22-July 22) -A social phase sets in for the next few days. Your friends are really there for you. Get together for business meetings and to create the next adventure. Go out and play. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) -Conditions look good for a roman tic adventure. Delegate some of the work, and part with some of your treasure for the good of all. Keep an objective in mind that benefits the community. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) For the next two days you find it easier to grow, whether by going on an adventure or by getting in touch with your spirituality. Imagine. Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) Now's a good time to focus on business. Don't let a windfall slip through your fingers. Entering a practical phase. Make use of subtle artistic elements. Replenish your reserves. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)-You're growing more inter ested and curious. Extra effort earns a bonus. You can find the resources for the project. One good friend leads to another. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) -Two days of fast-paced, creative work lie ahead. Dive into it, and give it everything. Use your imagination; share your influence; and anything's possible. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)-Romance and other crazy ideas present growing possibilities over the next few days. You have a satisfying dream. Continue to repay your obligations. The perfect solution appears. Aquaiius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)-Get fully into a household project, and use your imagination. Catch up on the news from friends, and consider long-term plans. Share down time with family. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)-A solution to an old problem is becoming obvious. Completions and new beginnings open up in your education. Take time for a walk to think it all over Aries (March 21-April19)-New profits become available, as you enter a two-day financial phase. Cross off the things you can't afford now, and pudget them for later. There's change at home. Soaps ALL MY CHILDREN Greenlee gets a call from Emma's school that's she's missing; Scott's upset when JR informs him that he plans on tearing down the gatehouse where Stuart once lived; Ryan asks Greenlee to remarry him. Greenlee contem plates telling Ryan that she knew about Madison's pregnancy; Jesse continues to struggle with the memories of his dead baby; David taunts Greenlee about Ryan. BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Steffy recalls losing Phoebe; Stephen comforts his family as they await word about Brooke; old feelings of jealousy resurface for Whip when he thinks about Taylor spending time with Ridge. The search-and rescue team calls off the official search, so Ridge heads out on his own; Nick delivers the bad news about the search to the Logans and Forresters; Bill attempts to buy more time from those who are assisting him. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Stefano insists that EJ put his di vorce plans on hold; impostor Rafe formulates a plan; Nicole re ceives DNA confirmation that Rafe was held prisoner; T suggests Will and Gabi take their relationship to the next level; Rafe stag gers through the woods. Sami tells impostor Rafe he crossed a line and wants him out her life for good; a feverish Rafe awakens in a convent; Melanie and Brady go out for drinks; Brady and Daria reach a truce; EJ asks Nicole for a divorce. GENERAL HOSPITAL-Jason breaks into Johnny's pent house, only to discover a suspicious woman in the doorway; Jason asks Sam what she wants to do about the fertility proce dure; Brenda unravels with Lucian's disappearance, accusing Sonny of not caring about her son. Jax threatens to take Carly to court to win custody of Josslyn; Jason and Abby have a heart-to heart about Michael; the identity of Lucian is revealed. ONE UFE TO UFE Tea and Todd have an emotional re union after he wakes up; Marty kisses, and tries to seduce, John; Deanna tells Starr and James she wants to find her birth mother. Todd makes an accusation as to who shot him; Dorian needles Cutter about Aubrey's involvement with Joey; Ford is forced to relinquish his son to Joey and Aubrey. YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS-Phyllis threatens Billy and Victoria with a custody battle; Jana hides Kevin from the police. Devon is suspicious of Daniel; Abby refuses to attend Ashley and Tucker's wedding.


90% SOlD-OUT ure Homes Probate Hom :es Problems with Tenants Condorniniurtl Delinquent Taxes Multi-Family ; Vacant Home Pretty Homes 040 www.reliabberssuperstore.net uses bought and sold since August 2000 "TI r-0 JJ c )> fJ) m z ::! z m r-aJ c: r rm ::! z ""D c: m l en :I: m c m < m JJ -< -t c: m fJ) c )> z c "TI 2:! c


All About You! look Who Turned 801 c a: LL c z < c en w ..... > a: w > w c w ::t: en :::i Ill D.. z PHILLIP HICKMAN, SR. OF WALDORF, MD, MARYBELL HICKMAN AND ARTHUR HICKMAN OF TAMPA Congratulations Grad ti VEDA VIRGIL ..J ..J I am the proud motlier ofVeda, who is the proud sister of Ill Sherika and Willie, who is also the proud parent of 5 kids, irl Tamara, Gregg, Quinton, Quindell and Emani. Z Vda will be graduating on May 5th at 6 p. m, from U ; S. F. with a Bachelor's degree. w Please come celebrate with us at Tampa Live on May 6th at en 8p. m. ; Veda, may our Father in Heaven give you strength to be D: strong in all walks of life. 0 Love,Mom ..J LL MARYBELL HICKMAN WITH FAMILY ANI;> FRIENDS Enjoying her 8oth birthday. BRONSON FYI 1tep It Up'2011 Step Show Clear Video Internet Broad casting (CVIB) in conjunction with the International Associa tion of Step arid Dance Teams will host what is being billed as "The Step Show of 2011". Rooted in the traditions of Mrican-American fraternities and sororities, stepping has crossed over into schools, churches and a variety .of other organizations. Energy, creativity and ex citement can be found at Uni versity Community Center on Saturday May 28th. Step teams from all over Central Florida will compete in three divisions (High School, Middle School, and Ele mentary) for a chance to cash and prizes. This year's event is being hosted by Tampa's own Arthur The Comic and will not only include Arthur's words of wis dom, but other noted entertain ers as well. So STEP IT UP for THE STEP SHOW of 2011, Saturday, May 28th at University Commu nity Center 14013 North 22nd St Tickets are being sold in ad vance. Doors open at 5:30P.M. a nd the show starts at 6:30P.M. For additional information about the event or to sign your team up to participate call 813972-3409 or 813-766-2303. THELMA And DARRELL Happy birthday to my son, "Darrell Hill." Love, mom and dad. DARRELL Birthday wishes go out to a wonderful and special brother and brother-in law. Wishing you many more to come. Love, Greg and Kim Hill. CHRIS KENNEY Mr. CJ, "happy birthday," May 2. Just keep on handling your business. Love, Dad. Pen Pal JOHN EDWARDS NYC native seeking a fe male, age 25-45, with entre preneur spirit and fun, who will appreciate realness and willing to explore the mind of an independent and produc tive man. Write to John Edwards, 26499-083, FCC-USP2, Cole man, FL, 33521.


local Inventor Remains On The coning Edge 01 Creativitv Mark Winters and his invention, the Dunamis Machine. BY TAMECA JOHNSON Freelance Writer Mark Winters is at it again. The local developer has come up with a new product he hopes will change and shape the lives of many, literally. He's created The Dunamis Machine, a device he says works the abdominal, lower back, hip and pelvic areas while at the same time, massaging the calves. "The word dunamis means dynamic, something that's powerful. I named it the Dunamis Machine be cause I feel that I have some thing superior than the other machines that are currently on the market." Winters spent just a few weeks developing the device after getting Divine inspira tion. "I always give God the glory. I never take for granted what He's given me. I know it's due season for me and I never take credit for what He's done." He's also gotten help from other sources. Childhood friends Robert Gadson, Desmond Gadson, Keith Mosley and Craig McDaniels work with him, along with a few family memhers. This is just the latest in a string of inventions Winters has developed. Several years ago he put together a patent for a battery operated vehicle. The Sentinel was first to re port the story that generated interest with other media outlets and manufacturing companies. However, Winters says mainstream inter est in that product died down when other companies put together similar products and had the necessary funding to move the idea forward. Winters hopes this time he's able to sell the patent of the Dunamis Machine to a major corporation, or gener ate enough money to manu facture it himself. Meanwhile, he will work to reintroduce to the public the very first creation he de veloped called, the "Heat Dis sipation System." It's a device used to pull hot air out of a parked car. "We needed more funding for that," he says. "However, we're com ing back out with it later this year and hope to sell the patent." For more information on Mark Winters' products email him at Markwin ters3@yahoo.com. Standing Tall And Strong '6 Footahs' Taps The Untapped Social Scene BY TAMECA JOHNSON Freelance Writer Picture this, six stat uesque Mrican American professional women on a mission to make a difference. That's the aim of the 6 Footahs social group, an or ganization of skilled women who stand at least six feet tall in heels. Attorneys Kamilah Perry, Kimberly Madison, Monica Williams, Erica Williams, Desiree' Demonbreun and Nikki Shade make up the group. They formed in 2005 to serve a need in the Tampa Bay area. "Tampa is a beautiful city, but in terms of a social aspect there just wasn't a lot to do," says Monica Williams. Williams, her sister Erica and the four other women decided to do something about it. They sent out an email blast inviting other young Black professionals between the ages of 25-35 to The "6 Footahs" members are, left to right, Erica Williams, Desiree Demonbreun, Monica Williams, Kimberly Madison, Nikki Shade and Kamilah Perry. (Photography by BRUNSON) join them at a South Tampa restaurant for Happy Hour after work one Friday. To their surprise, about 30 peo ple showed up. "[It was clear] we did it at a time when people were really eager and itching for some thing to do that wasn't a club scene. We got to mix and mingle with people and pro vide an opportunity for Mrican Americans to get to know each other." The group has also delved into the political scene. In March the ladies hosted a Candidates Forum and in vited the contenders for Mayor of Tampa. That event drew a crowd of several dozen people. "T1 The ladies are also com-b mitted to giving back. They :!:! hosted a fundraiser last year, raising $2,500 to help sup-en port a school in the Mrican m country of Rowanda. They're planning other philanthropic Z and social awareness events J!! in the months to come. m To learn more about the 6 C: r Footahs, log on to www.six-r footabs.com. z A Mother's Day Celebration! ., c: m r Seventh Annual Women's Conference VVomen of VIrtue: We Belong To God Pastor & Sister Webb Saturday, May 7, 2011 8:30 a.m. -12 Noon New Bethel Life Center 3011 East North Bay Street, Tampa, Florida 813-238-4339 or 813-231-2922 "We Need God's Grace to Finish the Racen By Free To The Public I Continental & Lunch Provided "Experiencing Freedom Through FOI'JNeness" By By Sister Joyce T. Steele Sister Sandra A.Mins Sis. Helen E. Lewis u; ::::1: m c m < m -4 c: m en c )> z c ., :!:! c


Local Honor R.oll Retired OJ To Host His First Annual Car And Motorcvcle Show Young Middle Magnet School PARENTS: Altelio and Dionne Moragne. GRANDPARENfS: Nathaniel and Elizabeth McQuay; Alice Robusky; Alfredo Moragne. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer He may be retired from playing music in clubs, but Floyd "Floyd Joy" Rivers is still very active in the com munity. To o_nce again show his appreciation to the peopl e who supported him for more than four decades, Floyd Joy is planning a Ath of July event that will b e one of a kind On the corner of Progress Village Boulevard and Madi son Street Floyd Joy will host his first ever Car and :::; Motorcycle Shqw, and a among the special attractions a: will be special guests Chris LL Brown and Justin Beaver. "I'll always be around <( doing one thing or another. This time, I'm giving back to c the children by providing ffi them with a twin 100-foot :::l water slide, and other treats. 1-Kids and grown-ups are asked to bring their bathing w FLOYD JOY suits and swim trunks and be prepared to get wet." Floyd Joy said the first 100 people will get free gas for their cars and there will be trophy giveaways. I will be giving away a 2010 F250 Ford Truck, and the winner of the best motor cycle will get a 2005 Desoto Dodge Ram Truck. For more information about this spectacular event, call Floyd Joy at (813) 802-2164. DESARAI JACARA DECOSTA HONORS: High Honor Roll and Citizenship. PARENTS: Darren De Costa and Wanda De GRANDPARENTS: Mrs. Tommy Lee Miller and Mrs. Theresa Powell. GODPARENTS: Mr. Wilnion Walker and Mrs. Lillie Mae Walker. HOBBIES: Reading, Writing, Skating, Talking on the phone, Shopping and Spending time with her dog, Brisco. CHURCH: M o u n t Tabor Missionary Baptist Church. PARISOSAZE HONOR: Principal's Honor Roll. PARENTS: Dora Grant and Martin Osaze, Sr. GRANDPARENfS: Thomas and Barbara Dixon and Peter Osaze. HOBBIES: Listening to Music, Dancing, and Using the Computer. BRYCE MORAGNE HONOR: High Honor Roll. HOBBIES: Basketball and Xbox360 CHURCH: Allen Temple AME PRINCESS JACOYA HARGROVE HONORS: Honor Roll, Citizenship, .and Student of the Month. PARENT: Fredria Brown. GRANDPARENTS: Fred Brown, Jackie Davis, Michael Hargrove, Sr., and Alma Childs. HOBBIES: Facebook, TaJking on the Phone, Science, and Math Activities. CHURCH: Springhill Baptist Church. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 w ::I: en ::::i m :::l a.. Z Iii ...J ...J :::l m ...J w z z w en <( c a: 0 ...J LL 0 ,.. w CJ YOU KNOW 10 .. ; -IF so YOU ARE EliGIBLE FOR THE LOTuS AWARD. YOU COULD .,_ WIN A 3 DAY 2 NIGHT TRIP TODISNEY FOR A 'PARTY OF 3 AND' AN Extf3EME MAKEOvER. YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE. IT! TELL YOUR STORY' ON VIDEO. NOT -TOO TECH SAvvY? -. WI.LL YQUR FOR sUBMISSION, CALLUS.FOR'DETAILS. TO.O AFRAID TO ON TAPE, JUST SUBP,11lYOUR $TORY IN-WRITING, WE WIU YOUR IDENTITYSECfla.IF YOU LIKE, YOU CAN PRE-REGISTER .TO -EVENT. THIS GETS YOU GUARANJEED'SEATING. A SPECIAL DRAWING FOR A 32' FLAT 5TH ANNUAL HEALTH & BEAUTY FAIR EXPOSING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DEADLINE FOR PRE-REGISTRATION: ""MAY 14,2011 DEADLINE FOR LOTUS AWARD NOMINATION: MAY 14,2011. --@Taproot Gooomu 14ft3,Jiippa Park Plaza Fl33605 For infonnatiOn: (813) 423-1 Sponsored by Fruit of Glory Ministries, inc.


-4 ntertainment c Mariah And Nick Parents 0 1 Twins MARIAH CAREY And NICK CANNON NEW YORK---Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated their third an niversary with another mile stone -becoming parents to a baby girl and boy. The singing superstar gave birth Saturday at 12:07 p.m. EDT at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles. Berger says the baby girl was born first, weighi:ng 5 pounds, 3 ounces, and was 18 inches long; her brother was next, at 5 pounds 6 ounces, and was 19 inches. Rev. AI Sharpton Renews Vows For Carey, Cannon A day after becoming parents to twins, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renewed their vows with a hospital ceremony conducted by the Rev. AI Sharpton. Saturday was the couple's third anniversary --and also the day when Carey gave birth to a girl and a boy in Los Angeles. On Sunday, Sharpton blessed the babies, and also over a ceremony where the couple renewed their vows. Cannon tweeted words of thanks to the civil rights ac tivist and said: "Yep we just had a wedding in the hospi tal!" Sharpton tweeted that Carey looked "great" and that the babies are beautiful. EARLIE WILLIAMS, (813) 344-6964 House Of Pavne Canceled After 5YearRun Tyler Perry's fledgling c omedy 'House of Payn e will come to an end this year. Ac cording to Perry, breaking the news last Tuesday, the se r ies has taught him a lot about television "Working on House of Payne taught me a lot about what it takes to make a suc cessful television series," Perry said, citing a new series slated to begin production this summer. Over the years 'Payne' has garnered consistent recogni tion from viewers and organi zations such as the NAACP. In the show's five year history, it garnered over ten NAACP Image Awards including Out standing Comedy Series, Out standing Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for actor Lance Gross and Outstanding Actress In a Comedy Series for Cassi Davis ('Madea's Big Happy Family'). 'House of Payne,' which premiered in 2006, will close at 222 episodes this year, mak ing way for Perry's forthcoming series 'For Better or worse'. 'Fast Five Races To Biggest Opening 01 The Year LOS ANGELES --"Fast Fiv e ,'' starring Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, has left the competition in the dust with an $83.6M debut to grab the No 1 spot at the weekend box office according to studio esti mates Sunday The No. 1 movie the two previous weekends, "Rio" raised its total to $103.6M. "Fast Five" set a record for best April debut ever, VIN DIESEL And DWAYNE JOHNSON speeding past the $71M haul of its predecessor, "Fast & Furious," two years ago. Birdman Buvs SB Million Mavbach CJ) 0 s: 1\) 0 ..... ..... "11 I 0 ::::tJ BIRDMAN'S MAYBACH EXELERO CJ) m z Birdman may have just taken "his #1 stunna" status to a :::f new level now that he's rumored to have bought an $8 million Maybach.The rapper who's known for his penchant for luxury I vehicles previously mentioned in an interview that he'd heard about the Maybach Exelero and "had to have it." 1 I m :::f z "tJ c DJ I c;; ::I: m 0 m < m -4 c m CJ) 0 )> z 0 "11 ::::tJ 0 C) m ..... .....


.,.... Serena, Venus Williams Mum Tiki Barber: Comeback Is About A ooal,' Not Monev On When Thev'll Return en injury; Serena has been out since July after two foot operations, then blood clots in her lung w ::::> 1-Serena Williams to return to tennis in summer Serena Williams, left, and her sister Venus Williams talk during the 10th anniversary celebration of the Southeast Tennis and Learning Washington. Center in WASHINGTON-Serena and Venus Williams aren't ready to tell the world when they will return to the tennis tour. They were on adjacent courts on Thursday, offering coaching tips and playing points against kids aged 7 to 17 during a 45-minute clinic to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. The next major is the French Open, which starts onMay22. "It's a great event, and we definitely want to be there," Venus said. "We just take it week by week, evaluating, and the good part is we both get better every week." TIKI BARBER And TRACI L. JOHNSON NEW YORK -Tiki Barber says his attempt to return to the NFL after four years in retirement is not about money The who own a combined '20 Grand Slam singles titles, declined to say on Thursday when they will c compete next. Both sisters moved around the_ court without any visible hitches on Thursday. Their connection to the center dates to before the $5.1 million facility was built, when former Washington D.C. first lady Cora Masters Barry, the center's CEO, spoke to the Williams' mother about plans for the center. Their older sister, lsha Price, is a member of the cen-ter's board. The 36-year-old former New York Giants' running back has asl 1-> ffi ICZ>:z:::======== > w c w ::I: en ::i m ::::> D.. z i= w ...J ...J ::::> m ...J w z i= z a: 0 ...J LL N ,.... EPA Announces the Availability of the Administrative Record for the Arlda Terra Property Superfund Site, Thonotosassa, Hillsborough County, Florida The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces that the Administrative Record for the Arkla Terra Property Superfund Site located in Thonotosassa, Hillsborough County, Florida, is available for public review. The Administrative Record file includes documents that form the basis for 'selection of the removal action. A removal action is a short-term cleanup intended to stabilize a site that poses an imminent and substantial threat to human health or the enVironment. Documents in the record rpay but are not limited to, preliminary assessment and inspection report, test results, and the Action Memorandum. All interested persons are encourage

sports BEAUTY UNLIMITED Bucs' Top Pick savs This Is Where He wanted To Be ADRIAN CLAYBORN The 2011 first-round draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, DE Adrian Clayborn, said he grew up cheering for the St Louis Rams, but he grew into becoming a Tampa Bay Bucs fan during the draft process. That process culminated in Clayborn being selected in the first-round (2oth overall). Clayborn said he had a few very anxious moments where he felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest, first when the Browns traded up to No. 21 in an effort to draft him, and then as he waited for the Bucs to make their pick. Clayborn said a text from his agent telling him the Bucs were going to draft him didn' t ease his tension. It wasn't until he got a call from general manager Mark Dominik that he believed he was coming to Tampa Bay. Clayborn said he was too excited to remember much about the phone call, and that he really wanted to be a Buc, although he also knew other teams wanted him. Reggie Bush: 'It's Been Fun New Orleans' REGGIE BUSH NEW YORK-It wasn't long after the Saints traded back into the first round that they drafted Mark Ingram. And it wasn't long after the Saints drafting Mark Ingram that Reggie Bush let the world know about his future. In a not-so-cryptic tweet, Bush seemed to say peace out literally to the Big Easy. "It's been fun New Orleans," Bush tweeted shortly before midnight EST on Thursday. To sum up: it seems like the Saints and Bush will be part ing ways before the 2012 sea son. That seemed inevitable, barring Bush taking less money, but perhaps the ability to acquire Mark Ingram meant that New Orleans won't have to even worry about paying Bush's poten tially exorbitant salary. The odd thing, though, is that Mark Ingram isn't a replacement for Reggie Bush. 9" Roller ........................ ............. $1 nt Brushes ....................................... 99. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! .. \ '\ This time of year, things heat up real quick, and you can definitely say that about this week's Beauty Unlimited feature, Mila. This young lady is definitely the one you would want to spend a quiet evening on the beach with, or just sitting across the table and exchanging glares. Mila has an enormous amount of energy, and if you can't keep up with her, make sure to get out of her way. Mila promises that her success will get the attention of a lot of people, and give her an opportunity to reach back to those who helped her along the way. The man in Mila's life must be handsome, financially secure, serious, and very mature. Congratulations to Mila as this week's Beauty Unlimited fea ture. Heat Wins Game 1 Against Celtics MIAMI The facts of postseason life were turned inside-out by the Heat Sunday. One team lacked cohesion and trust, and it wasn't Miami. Was it arrogance or uncer tainty that undid the Celtics throughout their 99-90 Game 1loss? All they knew was that Paul Pierce (19 points and four turnovers) had himself thrown out the game after being outsmarted by Dwyanc Wade with seven minutes remaining in the game. Pierce made two mistakes uncharacteristic of a future Hall-of-Farner who should know better. Just 59 seconds before his ejection. Wade and Jones (25 effi cient points) had dumped the Celtics in a deep 87-74 hole at the time of Pierce's ensu ing run-in with Wade, which makes Pierce's ejection less the cause and more a symptom of Boston's openinggame downfall. Wade was running the baseline defen sively when he bore through a Pierce screen. Referee Ed Malloy instantly called dou ble technicals on both stars, and then pointed Pierce to the locker room. Rick Ross To Walk Out With Mannv Pacqu_iao For Shane Moselv Fig_ht Rick Ross and Manny Pacquiao were both ii).volved in the Nike "Boom" commercial and now the two stars are merging lanes as Manny will bring out The Bawse during his fight with Shane Mosley. This seems like a direct move-against the combo of Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent since they are rivals with Manny and Ricky. The bout takes place May 7th and this is the first time Pacquiao is walking out with a rapper. Last week, Pacquiao's life-RICK ROSS AND MANNY PACQUIAO long friend and assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez endorsed Ross' Maybach Music Group rocking the label's shirt in this Youtube video. Minor lniurv Keeps Tiger Out 01 Charlone Tiger Woods announced Tuesday that he will miss the Wells Fargo Championship because of a minor injury. Woods suffered a Grade 1 mild medial collateral ligament sprain to his left knee and a mild strain to his left Achilles tendon while hitting .1 Doctors have advised rest ., r-0 :IJ CJ) m z :::! z m r-Ill c: r rm :::! z ""0 c: Ill c CJ) :r:: m c m < m c: m CJ) c )>. z c ., :!:! c "I was trying to get through a screen," said Wade. "I ran through it. He (Pierce) followed me. Paul had some words for me and the referee thought it was a little too much." a difficult and awkward sec ond shot from the pine straw under the Eisenhower tree left of the fairway at No. 17 during the third round of the Masters. Woods was able to continue playing at Augusta and then later decided to seek a medical evaluation. and cold-water therapy, and soft tissue treatment will also occur later this week. There is no definitive time frame for C) healing, but Woods, hopes to m be back in a few weeks.


MR. HERBERT MAURICE MOORE Mr. Herbert Maurice Moore of Tampa, passed away Thursday, April 28, 2011. Funeral services will be conducted Thursday, May 5 2011, at 2 p. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Interment will follow at MacFarland Park. Mr. Herbert Maurice Moore was a native of Tampa, and a resident for 43 years. He attended Plant High School and Kansas State and graduated from Iowa University. He was employed as a financial analyst C at MetLife. He was preceded in death by ff his aunts, Pauletha Thomas and Rubye Williams. He leaves to cherish his <( memory: his wife, Sheila > Moore; children, Bria, Maurice, < Nyah Moore and their mother C Karla; stepchildren, DeErica C/) and Matthew Brown; father, W Herbert Moore; mother, Rosi= alyn (Rev. George) Richardson, Jr.; sisters, Tymie (Kevin) Solomon and Shavette Green; W brothers, Leonard Green, Jr. > and Rashad Moore; special W cousins, Karen (Warren) C Mitchell, Nicole Williams and W Brodrick Williams; mother-in::I: law, Estella (David) Thrower; sister-in-law, Sandy Bexley; Ill brother-in-law, Roman Simon :::J (Lana); and a host of other a. nieces, nephews and cousins; z his lifelong friends, Kelvin Poli= lie and Tyrese; and the players w of the Spartans and the Yellow ...J Jackets for whom he served as ...J a dedicated coach for 15 years. ffi The remains will repose ...J 10 a. m to 2 p. m., ThursW day, May s, 2011, at Ray z Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 i= N. Howard Avenue. z Arrangements entrusted to W RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL C/) HOME, Rhodes & Northern, <( Owners. www.raywilliamsfuC neralhome.com. a: 0 ...J u.. 2708 E. DR. MARTIN LUTHER KI N G, JR. BLVD. TAMPA-IoFL33610 Ph. [8131 232-Bt25 Fax (813) 231-0521 1st our tamily1ake care of }OUr tiuniJY. '"We are the key to a fine andqualityservice" MEKA (From The Block) It's been 3 years since you've been gone and ever since you were called home a wh'ole part of me let with you. Mama, I miss you so much, words can't even explain, but I'm going to keep you alive by carrying myself as the young lady you raised me to be. Love always, Reenica, Terranton, RoKobe and friends. CASSSANDRA BASS-MCCAULEY Dear friends and family, we want to express our sincere gratitude for the thoughtful gifts you sent. We know Cassandra would appreciate your kind gestures Thank you. The Bass and McCauley family JACKSON FUNERAl HOME "A Family's Friend In Their Time Of Need" 4605 N. 34th Street (813) 239-3101 JIMMY JACKSON ... Owner "Our Business Is Service" 3000 N. 29th Tampa, FL 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 www. wilson-funeralhome.com National President Obama: Osama Bin Laden Has Been Killed Osama bin Laden, mas termind of the September 11, 2001 attacks and the world's most wanted man, has been killed in a U. S. operation in north-western Pakistan, Pres. Barack Obama has an nounced. "Justice has been done," the U.S. president said in a state ment that America has been waiting a decade to hear. AU. S. official said Bin Laden had already been buried at sea. U. S. special forces launched a helicopter-borne assault on a closely guarded compound in Abbottabad, 30 miles north east of Islamabad, on Sunday night, Pres. Obarna and U.S. officials said. Bin Laden resisted the at tackers and was killed along with three other men in a fire fight. The operation lasted 40 minutes. The dead included Bin Laden's most trusted courier, who carried his mes sages to the outside world, and one of Bin Laden's sons, ac cording to reports. A woman also died, accord ing to some reports. It is not clear whether she was one of Bin Laden's four wives. U. S. forces "took custody" of Bin Laden's body, Pres. OSAMA BIN LADEN Obama said in a televised statement from the White House. Bin Laden had been buried at sea, the AP news agency reported. Senior ad ministration officials said the body would be handled accord ing to Islamic practice and tra dition. That practice calls for burial within 24 hours. Pictures on the Pakistani 1V station Express 24/7 showed flames rising from what is said to be the site of Bin Laden's last stand: a building sur rounded by trees and high walls. There had been years of speculation that Bin Laden was hiding in the remote tribal areas of Pakistan or across the border in Afghanistan. But the town where he was found, Kakul, lies a short distance from Islamabad and is home to the country's main military training institution, the Pak istan Military Academy. The fact that Bin Laden was killed in a urban area of Pakistan will raise questions about how the six-foot-four fugitive, one of the most fa mous faces in the world, man aged to survive there for so long. Pres. Obama praised Pak istan for its "close counter-ter rorism co-operation". But officials said the US was the only country that knew in ad vance of the operation. An official with Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence de clined to comment other than to say that it was a "highly sen sitive intelligence operation". The dramatic news closes one chapter in the global turmoil sparked by the September 11 attacks on America that killed 3,000 people in 2001. The event triggered the war in Afghanistan, was used as a pretext for the invasion of Iraq and inflicted grievous damage on America's moral authority after the CIA torture of al Qaida suspects and the deten tion of more than 700 people at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Pres., Obama Pledges Help For llleuallmmiurant Grads MIAMI Stepping up his demand to change the nation's immigration laws, Pres. Barack Obama on Friday promised graduates at a vast, multicultural commu nity college that he'll keep working to help students not legally in the U. S. to become American citizens The president's renewed endorsement of the DREAM Act, which has become a ral lying cry for Hispanic and other students around the country, drew enthusiastic applause from more than President Pres. Barack Pres. Obama gives the commencement address at the Miami Dade College North and West Campus graduation, April29, at the James L. Knight International Center in Miami. 3,000 graduates of Miami Dade College at their commencement ceremony. The students are part of an in creasingly important political constituency in a state that will be crucial to the presi dent's 2012 re-election hopes The college graduates more Hispanic students than any other higher education institution in the U. S. Pres. Obama took note that some students had recently identi. fled themselves publicly as immigrants without legal sta tus in the country. Pres. Obama Mocks Trump Aild Sell At Gala Dinner WASHINGTON -Pres. Barack Obama exacted his revenge Saturday after weeks of attacks from his would-be Republican challenger Donald Trump, joking that the billionaire businessman could bring change to the White House, transforming it from a stately mansion into a tacky casino with a whirlpool in the garden. With Trump in attendance, Pres. Obarna used the White House Correspondents Asso ciation annual dinner to mock the reality 1V star's presiden tial ambitions. The president said Trump has shown the acumen of a future president, from firing Gary Busey on a recent episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" to focusing so DEATH LISTS AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Mr. Murry Young Sr. Tamp a Mrs Veronica E. William s, T ampa Mrs Geor g ian Hobley, T a mpa. Mrs. Emmagene Francis T ampa. Mr Ronald Russ, Tallahassee FL. First Lady Michelle Pres. Obama chats with. Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live at the start of the annual White House Correspondent's Association Gala on Saturday. much time on conspiracy theo ries about Pres. Obama's birthplace. Pres. Obarna took tiine to rib some of those among the Republicans jostling to succeed GUDES FUNERAL HOME Alklen Akins of Tampa. HARMON FUNERAL HOME Malik Dyrell Brown, Tampa. Curtis Williams. Mr. J a mes Edward Peterson, Tampa. RAY WILLIAMS him. He said he'd heard that Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota was running for president, adding, "which is weird, because I hear she was born in Ca. nada." He then singled out Trump. After a week when Pres. Obama released his long form Hawaii birth certificate, he said Trump could now focus on the serious issues, from whether the moon land ing actually happened to "where are Biggie and Tupac?" "No one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than 'the Donald,'" Pres. Obama said, referring to Trump's claims the same day that he was responsible for solving the issue. FUNERAL HOME Ms. Hicks, Tampa. Mrs. Rosie Johnson, Tampa. Mr Eddie Marshall, Tampa. Mrs Betty McKenzie, Tampa. WILSON FUNERAL HOME Mr. Leslie Dennis, Tampa. Ms. Vivian Antoinette Virgil, Tampa.


Crime c: Jurv.finds Man. Guiltv In Slaving 01 Mother 01 Their Twins CEDRICK "WOOGIE" SALTER ... jury finds him guilty of murder After 12 hours of deliber ating over two days a jury Friday ruled that the shooting death of Saquanda Simon was premeditated murder. Cedrick "W oogie" Salter, 30, now faces a mandatory life penalty when he is sentenced Thursday. Simon, 29, was the mother of Salter's 18-month-old twins when she was shot to death September 8, 2009. Jurors listened to testimony from members of Si-SAQUANDA SIMON .... gunned down as she held one of her twins in 2009. mons' family that Salter had sent Simon a series of threatening texts the night of the shooting. They said an angry Salter burst into their Grant Park home when Simon had refused to return his calls or texts Witnesses said Salter pulled out a handgun and shot Simon twice at pointblank range while she held their daughter in her arms. Salter's attorney argued that his client was guilty of manslaughter at the most Baggage Handlers Accused Of Moving Drugs To Detroit DETROIT, MI --Federal investigators said baggage handlers working for Delta Airlines conspired to smuggle drugs from airports in Houston and Jamaica to De troit. A total of 12 people have been arrested so far. Ten of them are current or former bag handlers. Two men, LaDale Callaway and Yohanis Watson, were arrested in Houston. One group is accused of smuggling pot and cocaine from Jamaica to Detroit. The Houston group is accused of smuggling pot. Federal Agents said the bag handlers would put the drugs in suitcases, mark them with either an "X" or tie something to the handle and then load the bags onto planes bound for Detroit. Investigators said once in Michigan, the baggage handlers would know what to look for. "All of the suitcases had a proper airline bag tag in the name of actual passengers," said Moskowitz. "But the suitcases did not belong to the named passenger Authorities said this operation had been going on since January 2010. If con victed, those accused could face prison time and be forced to pay hefty fines. Man Charged With Raping Woman In Allev Early Saturday, Tampa Po lice arrested a man minutes after he allegedly dragged a woman from a sidewalk on Fourth Avenue and raped her. Police said Varrow A. Davis, so, was charged with sexual battery and kidnap ping. He is being held in jail without bond. According to reports, at 5:15 a.m., Davis reportedly grabbed a woman by the arm and dragged her frorri a side walk down a dark alley in the 2000 block of Fourth Avenue. There, police said he forced the woman to perform a sex ual act on him. He then told her to take her clothes off She tried to flee, but he cornered her by a fence, pushed her to the ground, and raped her, po lice said. Police fo\lnd Davis com mitting the act when he was arrested. Taxi Driver Shoots Passenger LARGO Early Sunday morning, Largo Police reported that a man, angry he was being kicked out of a cab started shooting at the cab driver but was shot several times himself after the driver pulled out his own gun. Police said Travante Myles, 19, was hospitalized after he was shot at least three times. His wounds are not considered to be life threaten ing, police said The shooting occurred after the driver stopped the cab between 2 and 3 a.m at Roosevelt Boulevard and Bay Vista Drive to kick Myles out after he started acting suspiciously, police said. Myles reportedly got angry, pulled out a gun and. opened fire The driver tried to run way, but ended up shoot ing Myles. Police said they intend to arrest Myles on charges of attempted first-degree murder, carrying a concealed firearm and aggravated assault. The .taxi driver, whose name was not released; had al license and permit to carry a gun. Polk Countv Man Gets Death Sentence In Slavings c s: w I\) 0 ..... ..... LEON DAVIS ... sentenced to death. Last Friday, the man who set two women on fire after pouring gasoline on them was sentenced to death. Polk County Circuit Judge Michael Hunter followed the jury's recommendation when he sen tenced Leon Davis, Jr., 33 Davis robbed an insur ance office on December 13, 2007, pouring gasoline over employees Yvonne Bustamante, 26, and Juanita Luciano, 23, and s e tting them on fire Luciano was pregnant ; her son died three days after being delivered prematurely. The two women were sisters-in-law. Jurors had convicted Davis in February on three counts Of first-degree murder. Judge Hunter sen tenced Davis to death for the murders of Bustamante and Luciano and gave him 'TI life in prison for the death of Luciano's unborn son. He also received life terms for at-c tempted murder and armed )> robbery, along with 30 years for arson. Z -l Court Grants New Sentencing For Mumia Abu-Jamal z m r-m c: r rm MUMIAABU-JAMAL PENNSYLVANIA-Con victed police killer and death row activist Mumia Abu-Jamal was ordered a new sentencing hearing by a federal appeals court on Tuesday. The federal appeals court :::f z found for a second time that the death-penalty instruc tions given to the jury at Abu-Jamal's 1982 trial were m unclear. Last year the U. S. Supreme Court ordered the :::1: Third Circuit to review that decision. m Abu-Jamal's conviction < m ruling of first-degree murder ll for killing officer Daniel < Faulkner in 1981 still c:! stands. m en c But a new sentencing could mean a lesser punishment for Abu-Jamal, who has been fighting to have his sentence overturned for years. )> z c 'TI ll c WARREN DAWSON 1481 Tanipa Parll Plaza @ llebra&lli,AVI. & Scott St. t '' :: .. c ... ::c: s: :;: : :: ::c :):::c: c ; v:: =::.c : ::: 9c:c: .. .. .-: .. ... J


,... ,... 0 C\1 M' ::1: > <( c (J) w 1-c ir LL. c z c( >-en w l-it w > w c w :I: (J) ::::i m a.. z i= w ..J ..J m ..J w z i= z w en ( ir 0 ..J LL. CD ,... II LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE 13TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL CIRCUIT CASE MO.: 09-CA-015523 FIFTH THIRD BANK, a Michigan Banking Corporation, (PLAINTIFF) v. UNION STATION TAMPA, LLC, a Florida limited liability company; LESLIE AROUH, ari individual; FREDRIC NEWMAN, an individual; ACCARDI PROPERTIES, LLC, a Florida limited liability company; MD UNION STATION, LLC, a Florida limited liability company; and UNKNOWN TENANTS IN POSSESSION, individually, DEFENDANT(s) NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO FLORIDA STATUTES CHAPTER 45 NOTICE IS HEREBY PROVIDED that, in accordance with the Final Judgment of Foreclosure entered on April 26, 2011, in the above-styled cause, the Clerk of the Court will sell to the highest and best bidder for cash at the 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Building, Rooms 201/202 located at 800 East Twiggs Street, in Tampa, Florida, on June 7. 2011 at 2:00 P.m. the property described below: Lots 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, and 6, Block 1, MAP OF BINKLEY'S ADDITION TO FT. BROOKE, according to the map or plat thereof, recorded in Plat Book 1, Page 41, of the public records of Hillsborough County, Florida, together with the following described property: PARCEL 1 : A parcel of land lying 25.00 feet South of a Seaboard System Railroad main track and North of BINKLEY'S ADDITION TO FORT BROOKE, according to map or plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 1, Page 41, and including a portion of Lot 25 of MITCHELL SUBDIVISION AS RECORDED IN Deed Book "E", Page 127, lying Southeasterly of a Seaboard System main track and West of the West right-of-way line of Nebraska Avenue (S.R. 45) all lying in Section 13, Township 29 South Range 18 East, Hillsborough County, Florida, being more particularly described as follows : Commence at the Southeast corner of said Section 13; thence North 00'26" West along the East boundary of said Section 13; a distance of 141. 66 feet; thence South 89'34" West, a distance of 25.00 feet to the Northeast corner of Lot 1, Block 1 of said BINKLEY'S ADDITION TO FORT BROOKE and the West right-of-way line of Nebraska Avenue (S.R. No. 45); then along said right-of-way of Nebraska Avenue (S.R. No 45) North 00'26" West, a distance of 29.16 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING; thence along a line 25.00 feet Northerly of and parallel with the North boundary of said BINKLEY' S ADDITION TO FORT BROOKE SOUTH 58'11" West, a distance of 79 72 feet; thence South 65'21" West, a distance of 33.76 feet; thence South 64'33" West, a distance of 34.74 feet; thence South 66'19" West, a distance of 34.06 feet; thence South 67'47" West, a distance of 34.11 feet; thence South 69'18" West, a distance of 33.88 feet; thence South 72'36" West, a distance of 33.4 9 feet; thence South 76'13" West a distance of 78.76 feet; thence South 79'09" West, a distance of 34.49 feet; thence South 81 '50" West disiance of 34 83 feet; thence South 84'44" West, a distance of 34.08 feet; thence North 88'11" West, a distance of 19 38 feet; thence South 80'25" West, a distance of 43.29 feeno a point that is 1!5. 00 feet Northerly of the North boundary of the Southern Ice Company Subdivision, according to map or plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 8, Page 51, public records of Hillsborough County, Florida; thence South 89'25" West 73.11 feet to the point of curvature of a curve concave Southeasterly, said curve having a radius of 2,049 09 feet and a central angle of 02'07", thence along the arc of said curve a distance of 86 50 feet (chord bear ing South 88'52" West chord distance 86.50 feet), to a point 25.00 feet South of a Seaboard System Railroad main track, thence North 79'17" East, parallel and 25.00 feet South of said main track, a distance of 197.55 feet .to the point of curvature of a curve concave Northwesterly said curve having a radius of 1444.9 feet and a central angle of 19'31", thence along the arc of said curve a distance of 495.90 feet (chord bearing North 69'01" Eastchord distance 493.47 feet) ; to the intersection with the West right-of-way line of Nebraska Avenue (S.R. No 45) South 00'26" East, a distance of 47.22 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING. PARCEL2 : A 25.00 foot wide parcel of land lying North of and adjacent to BINKLEY'S ADDITION TO FORT BROOKE, according to map or plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 1, Page 41, and lying 25.00 feet North of and adjacent to Southern Ice Company Subdivision, according to map or plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 8, Page 51, including a portion of Lot 25 of Mitchell Subdivision as recorded in Deed Book "E" Page 127 lying Southeasterly of a Seaboard System main track and West' of the West right-of-way line of Nebraska Avenue (S.R No. 45) alllying in Section 13, Township 29 South, Range 18 East, Hillsborough County, Florida, being more particularly described as follows: Commence at the Southeast corner of said Section13; thence North 00'26" West along the East boundary of said Section13 a distance of 141.66 feet ; thence South 89'34" West, a distance of 25.00 feet to the Northeast corner of Lot 1, Block 1 of said BINKLEY'S ADDITION TO FORT BROOKE and the POINT-OF-BEGINNING; thence along the North boundary of said BINKLEY'S ADDITION TO FORT BROOKE South 58'11" West, a distance of 66.11 feet; thence South 6S004'21" West, a distance of 34 92 feet; thence South 64'33" West, a distance of 34.97 feet; thence South 66'19" West, a distance of 34.89 feet ; thence South 67'47" West, a distance of 34 86 feet to the Northwest corner of Lot 6; thence along the Northerly projection of the West boundary of Lot 6, North 21'46 West, a distance of 12.34 feet to a point on a curve concave Northwesterly (said point being 9.0 .feet South of a spur track) said curve having a radius of 862.39 feet and a central angle of 19'12"; thence along the arc of said curve a distance of 294 06 feet (chord bearing South 80'19" West chord distance of 292 63 feet) to the point of tangency; thence South 89'25" West, a distance of 20 78 feet to the intersection with a line 25 00 feet Northerly of the North boundary of the Southern Ice Company Subdivision, according to map or plat thereof as receded in Plat Book 8, Page 51, public records of Hillsborough County, Florida; thence along a line 25 00 feet Northerly of and parallel with the North boundary of said Southern Ice Company Subdivision and the North boundary of said BINKLEY'S ADDITION TO FORT BROOKE, North 80'25" East, a distance of 43 29 feet ; thence South 88'11" East a distance of 19.38 feet; thence North 84'44" East, a distance of 34.08 feet; thence North 81'So East a distance of 34.83 feet; thence North 79'09" East, a distance of 34.49 feet ; thence North 76'13" East a distance of 78 76 feet, thence North 72'36" East, a distance of 33.49 feet, thence North 69 18" East, a distance of 33 88 feet ; thence North 67'47" East, a distance of 34 .11 feet, thence North 66'19" East, a distance of 34.06 feet; thence North 64'33 East, a distance of 34 74 feet, thence North 65'21" East a distance of 33 76 feet, thence North 58 '11" East, a distance of 79 72 feet to the West right--of-way line of Nebraska Avenue thence along the West right--of-way line of Nebraska Avenue, South 0'26" East, a distance of 29.16 feet to the POINT-OF-BEGINNING Property Address : 700 N Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, Florida ANY PERSON OR ENTITY CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS, MUST FILE A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A DISABILITY WHO NEEDS AN ACCOMODATION IN ORDER TO ACCESS COURT FACILITIES OR PARTICIPATE IN A COURT, PROCEEDING, YOU ARE ENTITLED AT NO COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVISION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE TO REQUEST SUCH AN ACCOMMODATION, PLEASE CONTACT COURT ADMINISTRATION WITHIN 2 WORKING DAYS OF THE DATE THE SERVICE IS NEEDED: COMPLETE THEREQUEST FOR ACCOMMODATIONS FORM AND SUBMIT IT TO 800 E. TWIGGS STREET, ROOM 604, TAMPA, FL 33602 Dated this 21th day of APRIL. 2011. PAT FRANK CLERK OFTHECIRCUIT COURT By: /s/GLENDALY MARTINEZ AS DEPUTY CLERK II II Legal Notice District Board of Trustees, Hillsborough Community College Collaboration Studio Renovations/R emodeling Address : 1602 North 15th St. Tampa, FL 33605. This project consists of the build out of the 4th floor which is an empty shell, of the existing 4 story building. The first 3 floors of the building are built out. Major parts of the work includes a new data center, and new Police Dispatch Center which will both have 2 levels of power and AC backup. Total space to be renovated and built out is approx. 17,000 sf. There will also be structural upgrades to the existing 4th floor steel structure beneath the new data center. Subcontractors and vendors interested in submitting a proposal for this project shall contact James Knoop at Biltmore Construction Co., Inc CGC 040464 (Construction Manager) to obtain further information regarding pre-bid, bid dates and project schedule. Construction Manager con.tact information: phone 727-585-2088 fax. All bidders must be pre-qualified prior to submitting a proposal for this project. Please email Janice Hajek at Jhajek@biltmoreconstruction.com for the form. Pre-Bid Meeting is Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 3:00PM at the Jobsite. Bid date is Tuesday, May 17, 2011 by 2:00PM. EMPLOYMENT II Looking For Personal Assistant Experienced Lawn Care Worker Must Pass Background Check No Misdemeanor Drug Chargers And Absolutely No Felony Charges Needed Urgently, To Handle Personal And Business With Good Benefits (813) 270-6887 Interested Al')d Qualified Candidate Should Get Back As Soon As Possible With Resumes And Details At: sodgen5291 @gmail.com H. & S. Swansons' Tool Company PRECISION MACHINING o TOOLING o ENGINEERtNG PINELLAS PARK, Driver/Packer Immediate ft opening. Must have min 6 i'non. Shipping/receiving and driving experience with a clean driving record. Knowledge of UPS & Fed Ex shipping highly desirable Must be computer literate & be able to work flexible hours when needed. Email resume to human.resources@hl?swansons.com, fax to 727-388-0765. DFW EOE/AA


-4 c: m en PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT INVITATION TO BID The SCHOOL BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY Florida, seeks sealed bids from qualified bidders for several projects. Separate bid documents will be issued for each project and separate bid responses are required. Qualified firms can submit bids to the Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) Procurement Department on the 3rd Floor of the Raymond 0. Shelton School Administrative Center (ROSSAC), 901 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33602, until bid opening at the times indicated below. The bid documents include specific bid submittal requirements HCPS maintains general requirements applicable to all construction-related bids on the HCPS web site at http:/1168.254.1.35/documents/standards/index htm Construction Design Pre-Bid Project Cost Professional Conference Bids Due Davidsen Exterior Painting $260,0003:00p m 2 : 00p.m (0171FAC) $605,000 Atelie r Architecture 5/2/2011 5/17/2011 Rodgers Interior and $305,000 The ArQhitectural Practice, Inc. 9:00a.m. 3:0. 0 p.m. Exterior Painting (0174FAC) $710,000 5/9/2011 5/19/2011 Fire Alarm and Intercom Replacement at 2 Sites $380,000-Tanase & Associates Note 1 3 : 00p.m. (Wilson ES, Temple Terrace ES) $885,000 Inc. & KBA Engineering Inc. 5/3/2011 5/17/2011 (0173FAC) Blake Stage Lighting $180,000-Tanase & Associates 2 :00p.m. 3 : 00p.m Replacement (0172FAC) $420,000 Inc. & KBA Engineering Inc. 5/4/2011 5/18/2011 Note 1: Temple Terrace-10:00 a.m.; Wilson-2:00 p.m. HCPS will host non-mandatory pre-bid conferences at dates and t i mes indicated above. Attendees must s i gn in and present a photo ID to gain access to the conferences. The bid docu:nents identify specific requirements for bid security, surety bonds, and insurance The suc cessful bidder must provide evidence of required insurance prior to proceeding with the work. Bidders are subject to the HCPS Small Business Encouragement Program, as described in the bid documents Bidders may obtain a complete set of bid documents in PDF format on CD at no cost from the respective design professionals identified above. HCPS reserves the right to award the bids to the lowest and/or best responsible bidders, to waive any informality or irregularity in any bid, or to reject any and all bids received. Riverfront House Temple Crest 2 Bedroom/1 Bath With In-law Apartment Near 40th Street Bus And USF $209,000 Call813-240-1155 East Tampa Business And Civic Association 1219 East Cayuga 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Single Car Garage Up To $60,000.00 Available In Down Payment Assistance (813) 248-3977 THE SCHOOL BOARD O F HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA MARYELLEN EllA SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Attention Renters!! Rent To Own! Are You Ready For A Change Of Area? Ready To Move Out. And Be Independent? Section 8 Welcomed Call Us Today (813) 675-0983 CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT Temple Terrace Area 3 Bedroom/2% Bath Condo $950.00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 217-3434 Or (813) 293-8431 East Tampa 4 Bedroom Home North Tampa 1 And 2 Bedroom Townhouse New Paint Ceramic Tile, Carpet WDH, Fenced Alarm, CHA, Small Pets OK Section 8 Ok 813-949-3482 N 0 ...... ...... "T1 I"'" 0 g en m z -4 z m I"'" ll'J c: I"'" I"'" m -4 z c: ll'J I"'" c;; ::::1: m c m < m -4 c: m en "< ,.. z c "T1 :II "<


T"" T"" 0 ==-=-11 II DUPLEXES II :: CJ) w ::I 1-c a: LL c z w c w CJ) ::l m ::I 0.. z ...J ...J ::I m ...J w z z w CJ) a: 0 ...J LL co T"" 2009 East Osborne 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Home $550.00/Monthly 1 st And Last Month Rent To Move In Mary (813) 681-4696 4308 West Arch Street Beautiful 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home $1,1 00 00/Monthly $1 ,300.00/Deposit Washer/Dryer Hook-Up Fence.d Call (813) 879-2200 Sulphur Springs Large 4/2 Block Home CHA, Fenced $900.00/Monthly Also 3/2 Available Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 503-5321 Near West Tampa Elementary 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Totally Remodeled Work Shed Good Neighborhood $1, 150.00/Monthly Plus Deposit Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 601-3101 Progress Village 5203 86th Street 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Central Air, Carpet WDH Section 8 Welcome $850.00/Monthly $850.00/Deposit (813) 677-9449 (813) 943-680o4 Grant Park Beautiful! 4/2 Available CH/A, W/D Hookup Spacious Attached Laundry Room Section 8 Bring Deposit Call Today 813 245-7009 Tomorrow Might Be Too Late 1704 East Cayuga 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 727-6782 II APTS. FOR RENT II Sulphur Springs Apartment 2 Or 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Central Heat And Air No Pets Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 810-7725 Apartment 2406 East 12th Avenue 1 Bedroom /1 Bath Nice And Clean $475.00/Rent $475.00/Deposit Call Maria (813) 846-6422 3015112 N. Sanchez St. Includes Water Sewage And Garbage Cozy 1 Bedroom Rear Apartment $395 00/Monthly $395 00/Deposit Call (813) 704-3370 $299.00 Moves You In An Old Place With A New Face 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments $450.00 $550.00 Monthly Cinnamon Cove Apartments 12401 N. 15th Street Call (813) 971-5254 1/1 Recently Remodeled A/C, New Vinyl Tile Floors Very Close To Bus Lines Convenient Ybor City Area Includes Water/Sewer/Trash No Gas 1001 East 12th Avenue $650.00/Monthly Deposit Negotiable Tenant Only Pays Electric 813-245-1998 Angie's Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $750.00 WDH 0 Deposit No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome 813-915-9787 Ybor Apartment Large 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $575 00/Monthly Includes Water Deposit Required Conveniently Located Call (201) 819-5265 (917) 902-4377 USF Area Section 8 Accepted 2/1 Apartment WDH, CHA Carpet Tile $650.00/Monthly Includes Water Plus Deposit (813) 417-3455 Senior 55+ Riverfront Community Studio and 1 Bedroom Start $380 00 $99 Deposit FREE Shopping Transportation FREE Internet FREE On Site Clinic Water/Trash Included Planned Social Activities And Much: Much More! Section 8 Welcome Call Now 813-985-4419 River Pines Apartments 7517 North 40th Street ri) Looking For An Apartment To Call Home? Whispering Hills Apartments 612 Bass Court Dunedin, Florida Taking Applications For: 1 Bedroom $451.00 $485.00 2 Bedrooms $476.00-$513.00 3 Bedrooms $513.00-$574. 00 Call (727) 733-2169 For Income Guidelines 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments Gated Quiet 32 Uni t Property Starting @ $395.00 Ask About Our Move-In Special (813) 965-7246 Villa Palms Apartments 1/1 $525.00 2/1 $599.00 $200.00 Deposit $200.00 Off 1st Month Special Water Included On-Site Laundry Facility Contact Cynthia Logan (813) 975-0258 29th And East Columbus 2/2 -Apartment $750.00/Monthly 3/2 Apartment $950.00/Monthly Washer/Dryer Included Updated Units Security System Very Nice Section 8 Welcome Jacob Real Estate, Broker (813) 258-3200 Ext. 111 Or 115 II DUPLEXES II North Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Washer/Dryer Hook-up $575.00/Monthly $500.00/Security Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 376-8664 Sulphur Springs Area 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex $500 00/Monthly $300.00 Deposit Call (813) 503-5321 Nebraska & Busch Area 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex $550.00/Monthly Plus Deposit Small Pets OK Section 8 Welcomed (813) 340-3085 Tampa Heights 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex WDH, CHA $600.00/Monthly Includes Water Deposit Required Call (813) 778-1332 3/1-Duplex WDH, CHA Quiet Location Ready May 1st Also Available 4/2-Grant Park Section 8 Welcome (813) 966-6187 3405 34th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Very Clean Security Bars Ceramic Tile, Carpet $650.00/Monthly Plus Deposit (813) 391-7046 BLICATION DEADLINES IDI!'nl!llll Edition Thursday @ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition Monday @ 12:00 RM. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1 Words And 50$ For Each Additional Word Over 20 This Price Is Each Time You Publish Your Ad


c: m II DUPLEXES II II ROOMS FOR RENT II II AIR CONDITIONING 1 0117 North 1Oth Street 211 Beautiful, Spacious Renovated Duplex Very Quiet, Fenced Yard Section 8 $0 Deposit Accepting 1 Bedroom Vouchers (813) 264-9660 North Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Washer/Dryer Hook-up $575.00/Monthly $500.00/Security Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 376-8664 DUPLEX 1504 E. 138th Ave. 3/1, CHA, W/D Hook-up $695.00/Month $300.00/Deposit Section 8 Accepted Ron (813) 920-1085 (813) 690-6664 3405 34th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Very Clean Security Bars Ceramic Tile, Carpet $650.00/Monthly Plus Deposit (813) 391-7046 Section 8 Only 0 Deposit $300.00 Move-In 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplexes Accepting 2, And 3 Bedroom Vouchers CHA, WDH Large Backyard Nice Area Call (813) 789 10005 North 14th Street Apartment #B Off Linebaugh 211-Duplex CHA, WDH, Tile Throughout $350.00/Security Water Included Section 8 Welcomed Call (813) 986 Or (813) 31 Q-8598 Duplex For Rent 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Newly Remodeled WID Hook-up Central A/C, Parking Near Everything Call (917) 796-7400 Duplex For Rent 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Newly Remodeled WID Hook-up Central A/C, Parking Near Everything Call (813) 546-7782 8721 12th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Central Heat & Air Washer/Dryer Hook-up $550.00/Monthly Plus Deposit Call (813) 451-1568 (813) 451-1n& 1st Month Rent Free $50.00 Move In Excellent Rental History Required Good Neighbors 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Burglar Bars Central AIC 3014-B N. 48th Street $575.00/Monthly (813) 238-6353 II ROOMS FOR RENT II Rooms For Rent In Quiet Building At 2913 North 15th Street Tampa Stop By Or Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Ybor City Area Fully Furnished Room For Rent With Refrigerator $85.00 Per Week + $85.00 Deposit Call Bobby@ (813) 545-9307 Room For Rent -Ybor A/C, Microwave Cable And Laundry Relaxed Atmosphere Clean Block For Major Bus Line $400.00/Monthly Call (813) 384 Ybor Heights Large Furnished Rooms $120.00-$140.00/Weekly Deposit Plus Security Plus 1 Week Rent Cable TV, Laundry Single, Drug Free Must Be Employed Call (813) 247-4724 Sulphur Springs Area Room For Rent Very Clean Close To Transportation $450.00/Monthly Plus Security Includes Utilities/Cable Available Immediately Call (813) 842 Move In Special Kennedy/Armenia Any Size Room $1 00.00/Weekly $400.00 For One Month ONLY Single, Must Be Drug Free And Employed (813) 384.0387 .. lif Our Com11U.i.ttity Speakin. g }or :--: ; : .. (813) 248-1921 Ideal For Fixed Income Person Cable TV, A/C Utilities Included $1 00.00/Deposit Call (813) 495-9757 West Tampa Rooms For Rent Newly Remodeled Full Kitchen, Furnished $80.00-$1 00.00 Weekly + Deposit Call (813) 476-8748 8100 North Marks Rooms For Rent $125.00/Weekly $125.00/Deposit Central Heat And Air Carpet, Free Cable Call (813) 361 "LOOK" SPECIAL SSI, Fixed Income Big Rooms For Rent Various Locations $375.00/Monthly Cable TV $25.00/Key Deposit (813) 325-6499 Furnished Rooms Fpr Rent Single Person Free Cable, A/C And Heat $100.00 Per Week No Deposit Call (813) 562 Room For Rent Ybor Area A/C, Cable, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $75.00/Deposit $100.00 And Up Weekly (813) 317-9872 Room For Rent Central @ 1-275 Aic, Cable, Phone Queen Beds, Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $85.00 Deposit $1 00.00 And Up Weekly 813 598 4262 Tarpley's AIC LLC Sales & Service New & Used Financing Available Call (813) 238-7884 Lie #CAC1815130 APPLIANCE REPAIRS A/C & Appliance Repair Ice Makers, Refrigeration Stove, Washers And Dryers All Work Guaranteed Call Prince (813) 695-4343 Fast Friendly Service II ATTORNEY II Filing Bankruptcy? Chapter 7 Or 13 $500.00 & Up Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawfirm.org African American Labor Law Attorney *Workers' Compensation *Employment Discrimination *Labor Union Grievances Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawfirm.org II AUTOMOBILE SALE II Buy Any Vehicle At Auction Prices Griffin & Sons Auto SaleS" For Additional Details Phone: (813)451-5015 1\) 0 ., r-0 :D en m z z m r-m c: r-r-m z c: m r-(i) :::z::: m c m < m c: m en < ):lo z c ., :D <


..... ..... 0 N i II BEDS FOR SALE II 1.!;;;;;;;;11 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;c;i;;;;;;;;;;;EL=L P;;;;;;;;;;;;;Ho=NE=-=-i.lll 1.!;;;;;;;;;11 =;;;;;;;;;;;;;oN;;;;;;;;;;;;;A II GRADUATION II 1.!;;;;;;;;11 > rn w Beds 1-Twin $70. 00 c a: u. c z < c rn w I-ii: w > w c w l: U) :J III D.. z ..J ..J Full Queen King $80. 00 $90.00 $ 125.00 & Up Call (813) 310-0991 II BRAIDING CLASSES II Training & Certification We Offer Short Classes Now Is The Time Become Legal. Get Your Hair Braiding Licensed Now! (813) 770-8327 II BRAIDING CLASSES II Training & Certification We Offer Short Classes Now Is The Time Become Legal. Get Your Hair Braiding Licensed Now! (813) 770-8327 lll;;;;;;;;;;l z i= z w (/) a: 0 ..J u. Doors, Windows, Rails, A/C Cages, Gates General Welding & Repairs We Pick Up Scrap Metal For More Information Call Carl (813) 495-3172 II CARPET CLEANING II C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1-3 Rooms ONLY $29.95 Including Deep Cleaning No Hidden-CHARGES! Call (813) 325-4330 Affordable Carpet Cleaning Deep Scrub $55.00 Flat Bate Ca$h w CJ ASAP (813) 484-6757 $$$ Paying ,Cash $$$ We Buy All New Used And Unwanted "Smart Phones" GSM & COMA T-Mobile Verizon I Phones (813)675-0920 II CLEANING SERVICE II Veiga Cleaning Services 4202 Richmere Street Tampa, Fl 33617 Reasonable Rates For Residential And Commercial Properties Phone (813) 401-1213 Gloria Gass Director of Operations And Owner Glorlagss@gmall.com II COMPUTER SERVICE II Top Notch Computer Services Compute_ r Repair And Related Services Call 813-695-7813 II CREDIT SERVICES II Bad Credit? Repair Your Credit In 60 Days! Money Back Guarantee Get Your Life (And Credit) Back .... Invest In Your Future Get 50 -1 00 Points On Your Credit-Call Now (813) 675-0919 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS DNA Paternity Testing Legal Or Personal Testing Available Results In Just 3 DAYS No Collection Fees In Tampa NO BLOOD! Payment Options Available http:/ /dnatesti DNA Testing Solutions 11972 N. Florida Avenue (813) 915-0000 DNA Testing Paternity Test We Come To You! Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlmservlces91 @yahoo.com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-5777 II FOR SALE II Church For Sale And Day Care $399,000 Cash Or Best Offer (813) 546-9529 7411 E. Comanche Ave. FORECLOSURE II Foreclosure Looming? Is Your Home Close To Foreclosure? Tired of Paying High Mortgage While The Value Of Your Home Depreciates? Interested In Getting Out Of Your Current Home? Short Sale Your House Now! Refer Someone You Know And Earn $50P As Extra Relief Cash. Call Us Today (813) 675-0922 www.b2bholdinggroup.com Angel Ferguson's Word Processing Contact Us Today For Your Graduation Announcements $ 50.00 Per 30 $ 55.00 If Picture Is Included 813/230-7134 www.angelfergusonswordprocessing.com II HANDYMAN DJ's Home Repair Expert In Roofing And Tile Repairs Drywall, Driveways Home Additions And More (813) 418-9655 Small Does It All Handyman Services Specializes: Plumbing Electrical, Painting House Yards Mowed, etc. For More Information Call Clint $mall (813) 735-3255 II II HAULING II All Junk Removal Furniture, Tree Debris Construction, Garbage Or Anything Else No Job Too Big Or Small Fast And Reasonable (813) 285-4674 CONTACT LAVORA 0 (8'13) 248-'192'1 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVEATISE,_,ENT Junk Cars We Buy Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 784-8339 I Buy Unwanted And Broken Vehicles Cash On The Spot Must Have Title Call (813) 574-9052 CASH For Junk Cars And Trucks Running dr Not Call Lorenzo (813) 843-8857 I Buy Cars In Any Condition Perfect, Not So Perfect Title, No Title No Problem Any Shape Top$$$ Call (813) 335-3794 CASH For Cars, Trucks And Vans Free Hauling Lost Title OK Call (813) 626-5733 Or (813) 924-6255 For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk MetaVAppliar:aces For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 For ur Conver,ience -. The Florida Bulletin iii


-f c: m fJ) &.;;;;;;;11 II LEASE PROPERTY II --R--E--PA--IR __ s=--;!.111 We Buy Junk Cars And Trucks CALL J.R. (813) 966-3501 II LAWN CARE Lawn Care And Tree Trimming Leaves And Edging 50 x 100 Lots $25.00 Special Discounts For Churches/Seniors Call 813-447-7674 II LAWN SERVICE "We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service And Complete Clean-Up We Haul: Debris, Limbs And Furniture Phone (813) 245-9761 1 0.00 Lawn Service I Will Cut Your Average Lawn For $10.00 Largelawn. $15.00 Extra Large Lawn $20.00 Call (813) 679-9409 Reliable, Affordable Quality Work Lonzo Hauling Lawn Service & Clean-Up For $25.00 $40.00 Also: Hauling, Debris, Cars, Junk Furniture Pallets Tire P/U w/Disposal Fee Call For Commercial Lawn Rates (813) 900-5828 'W ........;, I J I, ........ I i t"l'\. H. I; l '\. : C!l" Our Speak.in.g f.:nc flse/f'"" (813) 248-1921 II II II II II II Nebraska Avenue New Exposure Retail/Office 600 Square Feet Easy Access To 1-275 Bathroom Water Included $600.00/Monthly Deposit Call (813) 232-3900 LEGAL SERVICE Terminate Your Probation I File Can File Your Motion To Terminate Your Probation For $200.00 Call Today For Details (352) 358-1312 METAL Free Pick Up Of Metal Your Old Or Unwanted Appliances, BBQ Grills Etc. Call (813) 574-9052 Just Ask MISCELLANEOUS Cash For Discarded Appliances $10.00 $20.00 Washers, Dryers, Stoves Refrigerators Brands: GE, Hot Point Whirlpool And Kenmore 3803 North 29th Street Phone (813) 223-3479 Cell (813) 850-1643 MOVERS All Areas Need To Move Or Move Something In A Hurry? 1, 2, Or 3 Bedrooms Call (813) 995-1753 (727) 709-2789 Appointments Only II II II II II Musician And Drummer Wanted For Small Growing Church Call (813) 631-0507 For More Information PARALEGAL Cheap Legal Services (352) 358-1312 Simple Divorce No Kids/Property $165.00 Missing Spouse Divorce No Kids/Property $175.00 Divorce With Kids/Property $250.00 Non-Attorney Special Rates During Tax Season Special Rate On Divorces $150.00 Eviction And Stay Child Support Modification To Stop Probation Seals/Expunges Felonies And Misdemeanors Motion To Re-Instate Drivers License For Non-Payment Of Child Support Adoptions II Court Fees Could Possibly Be Waived Available 24 Hours Saturday Appointments Mobile Same Day Service (813) 415-2114 PHARMACY II Welcome To ProvlslonRX Providing FREE Discount Pharmacy Cards www.insights.provisionrx.com Johnny & Vanessa Rainey Johnson 1-478-238-3332 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling Carpentry, Room Additions Roofing, Drywall Plumbing, Ceramic Tile Sidewalks, Patios & Hauling Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Lic#022650 SALON II June's Beauty Bar (Hair Salon) Inside The International Flea Market Fowler Avenue & Nebraska Avenue Wednesday -Sunday (813) 735-6375 Walk-Ins Welcome (FREE Gift) With Hair Service $25.00 & Up Braiding Eyelash Extensions, Natural Hair Care Waxing, etc. N 0 ...... ...... "11 r-0 fJ) m z -f z m '=" aJ c: rrm ::! z "'0 c: aJ r-Cii :::1: m c m < m -f c: m fJ) c )> z c "11 c


.,.. .,.. 0 N II SALON II II SPIRITUALIST II icC c C/J w :::::1 1-c a: LL c z < c (/) w :::::1 1-f:t w > w c w J: (/) ::J m :::::1 0.. z ..J ..J :::::1 m ..J w z i= z w (/) C a: 0 ..J LL Cutting It Low Experienced, Licensed Barbers Wanted 60/Parsons Brandon Area Call (813) 217-2462 Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 Weaves $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 Jema's Hair And Beauty Salon (813) 644-6927 Sew-Ins With Free Lashes $85.00 Relaxer/Cut $55.00 Wash & Set $35.00 Eyelashes $15.00 Mother's Day Specials!! B!aids By Serina 813-458-0441 Micro's $130.00 Senegalese Twists $125.00 Body Plaits $75.00 Bobs $60.00 Sew In $50.00 Cornrows $35.00 Mattie's Natural Hair Care Specializing In Hair Loss Treatment 7901 N. Nebraska Ave. 33604 Consultation Balding Thinning Alopecia Hair Growth $25.00 $40.00 $30.00 $40.00 $40.00 Scalp Fungus $40.00 Damaged Hair $25.00 Cancer Patients $40.00 Scalp Massage $40.00 Come Grow Your Hair Back Long And Healthy (239) 810-5894 ; .. 1 .. ) '>' 'Th,. U1h e Our l.mmruuu' ry s,,t'!uki.Jx fur (813) 248-1921 Relaxer Or Wash-N-Set $30.00 *Free Color Rinse* Quick Weaves Diva Cuts $40 00 $35.00 Please Call Chandra 813-374-8829 Salon Solo Attention: Student Specials Sew-Ins $80.00 Quick Weaves $40.00 Eye Lashes $18.00 Dread Re-Twist $40.00 I Am Licensed And In A Shop! Riley (813) 446-9955 WANTED Stylist(s); Barber(s); Braider(s) At: Freestylin' Barber & Beauty Shop 1518-B East Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl 33612 Valona: (813) 361-9579 Or Kil: (813) 361-1577 Spring Break Specials Micro's $100.00 Weave (Whole Head) $50.00 Call Lorraine A Licensed Professional (813) 817-8063 1921 E. Fletcher Across From Krystal's Next To Jerk Pit Mother's Day Special Mattie's Natural Hair Care 7901 N. Nebraska Avenue 33604 Sew-Ins $75.00 Quick Weaves $60.00 Bobs $90.00 Micros $100.00 Invisible Part $75.00 Relaxer w/Style $50.00 Roller Set $20.00 Dred/ReTwist $50.00 Single Waves $40.00 Kinky Twist $100.00 Senegalese Twist $100.00 (239) 810-5894 Roots To End Sew-In $100.00 $40.00 Dominican Relaxer/Perm Call Shelia (813) 802-3255 Senegalese Twist $100.00 For Braids Call (813) 447-6945 Mother's Day Specials Complimentary Breakfast 5/7/11 Up Do Relaxer Wash-N-Set Sew-Ins Micros $45.00 $45.00 $25.00 $85.00 $100.00 Michelle (813) 300-0404 Michelle (813) 300-0404 Specials Up Do Relaxer Wash-N-Set Sew-Ins Micros $45.00 $45.00 $25.00 $85.00 $100.00 Free Eyelashes With Any Service Now Hiring Barbers And Stylists II II I Will Buy Your Trade Ins Or Any Vehicle Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, lnfiniti, Acura Or Any Model If You Still Owe The Barik No Problem (813) 335-3794 SELL YOUR HOME If You Need To Sell Your Home And Time Is Of The Essence Call Us For The Best Offer (813) -2813 II II Prophetess Annie Mae To Remove, Put Back And Etc., Spiritual Counseling God Is The Key Answer To All Things Call (813) 785-1996 Prayer Also Mother Bushba Helps All Problems Removes Bad Luck Removes Evil Reunites Lovers Free Readings By Phone 1-888-899-9186 EMPLOYMENT Human Resources Manager II Aerospace and Defense contractor is currently looking for a Human Resources Manager to oversee all generalist areas of human resources. Primary areas of responsibility include managing turnover, recruiting, payroll and benefits administration, driving positive employee relations and monitoring and ensuring compliance with the Company's legal obligations as to the FMLA, ADA, EEO/Affirmative Action, Workers' Compensation, Unemployment, and other employment laws. Safety is also a key focus for the HR Manager who is responsible to ensure employees are trained on company safety policies and procedures, and to emphasize a culture of safety at the location overall. A bachelor's degree and 5 years Human Resources experience or 9 years experience in the HR field. Sound knowledge of the principles and practices of human resources administration. PHR/SPHR certification preferred Excellent customer Service skills Effective verbal and written communication skills Thorough knowledge of employment law, employee relations and effectiye HR practices Ability to maintain confidentiality with highly sensitive information Ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment Attentive to detail Ability to effectively prioritize tasks Ability to handle multiple tasks and respqnsibilities simultaneously Good PC skills Send resumes to: george .lawton@ hsswansons.com EOEIAAIDFWP BLICATION DEADLINES Edition Thursday @ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition Monday@ 12:00 CLASSIFIED AOVERTISEMENl RATE $8.00 Words And For Each Additional Word Over 20 This Price Is Each OTime You Publish Your Ad


II SPIRITUALIST II Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm, Card Reader Spiritual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores Lost Nature Advise On Love/Marriage Health And Business Special Readings $5.00 Phone (813) 506-9239 In Tampa May 12th & 13th The Louisiana f'r(]IJ)hete5s Spiritualist Healer Advisor True Woman Of God Can Help You On Love, Marriage Business Sister Ava Can Remove Bad Luck, Evil Spirits Call Now (813) 379-1151 MOTHER GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayers And Gives Luck! Don't be discouraged if others have failed. I can help you overcome bad luck evil influences, spells, unatural conditions surrounding you. MISSIONARY GLORIA NED Prays for people everywhere, she was born gifted by God, she has helped people from all walks of life. Has your loved one changed? Are you in distress? Whatever the problem, I can help in one visit. Satisfcation! What Is Your Problem'l Call Prayer IJne 1-225-77 4-7607 CALL ME TODAY! 813-677-2971 or Write P.O. Box 29 70714 4927 83rd Street AUTO ATTORNEY H 0 Jj 0 3 li L .. I ILJJJ. Ji FLORIDA INJURY ATTORNEYS, P.L. Have You Been Injured In a Car Accident? Truck or Motorcvcle Accident? Slip & Fall? Dog Bite? Call Today for a FREE Case Evaluation! (813) 817-0788 ENTERTAINMENT ... J l il Out There That Are Feeling ... II TELEPHONE II II FREE 30 DAYS Home Phone Get Collect Calls On Your Cell Phone From County Jail $2.25 Per Call 813-546-2692 813-222-0195 WE BUY HOUSES If You Need To Sell Your Home And Time Is Of The Essence Call Us For The Best Offer (813) 325-2813 II II YARD SALE Huge Yard Sale Lots of Great Items 1102 North Willow Ave. Tampa, Fl 33607 Saturday-05/07/11 7 a.m. -2 p.m. II.URBAN WEAR II Classiques Urban Wear We Have Coogi Dresses Betty Boo Purses Dereon, Baby Phat Apple Bottom Lingerie And More Call (813) 770-8327 Angel Ferguson's Word Processing We Specialize In Tools To Enhance Your Business Business Cards, Brochures Business Forms Etc. www.angelfergusonwordprocessing.com (813) 230-7134 CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT T'I-IE .A..I:'V'E Cars Dollar You C811ed The Rest, Now C8111be BesH 528-3607 HAIR AND BEAIJIY SALON WeSpeclalza. ln 813-644-8927 $55 Relaxer And Cut $35 wash & Set $15 Eye Lashes II --t c: m en c 3: Jll 1\) 0 .... .... "11 r-0 :::tl en m z --t z m r;m c: r r-z "'0. c: m r-u; :::E: m c m < m --t c: m en c ?( l> z c "11 :::tl -<


N C") BUSINESS DIRECTORY lii._ ................................................................................ ll c (/) w :::) .... WHIDDEN LAW. P. L. ATTORNEYS AT LAVV SHt\'INC, TAMPA. fiORIIM Bond Motions Auto Acddmts Probation Violations Cnmmal Defense & Moton:ydeAcddents Personallnjury Homlclde/VioleotCrime 272 2200 Wrongful Death Clauns (813) -t!"' 402 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602 Free lnfoonation Coooening Qualilicatioos &. Available Upoo Request The Of AnAncmeyl s Anlmporllnt That Sboold Not Be Based SolelyUpooAdvertisemenb. Belllre You Decide, Ask U s To Send You Free Written lnfonnatioo ATTORNEY J Ji I JLi ._L SU ... I Li L 1 .... ........ CriiiiMII.IW F811111W ......._ The Miles Plaza 308 MLK BlVd., Suite E Tampa, FL 33603 237-23920fflce 236-5717 Fax BAIL BONDS ORGE E. S BAIL BONDS HlllsboroughCounty (813) 391-2493 Polk County 328 Dorsett Avenue (863) 678-0772 Lake Wales FL 33853 PHARMACY N. 56th St., Temple Tenace, FL (SE Comer Of Fowler & 56th.) FREE HOME DB.IVERY OF YOUR MEDICATIONS $4 GENERIC DROOS .NOW AVAilABLE FAST & FRIBtDLY SBUVCE ATTORNEYS State & Fed. W. C. Oaims Certified by State University All Job-Related In uries Change Treating hysicians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C. I Race Discrimination FREE CONSULTATION! (813) 223-1100 (ExceptFor"-TitleVIIC.ses) 2;zo E. Madison Street Suite 1207, Tampa, Fl33602 VIsit U. Oft-line At: www. FOROlAWFIRM.ORG 1""-U.S. Ami)IJACC AttorM)I) upan....,_d.......,ts.lldilro-do:dd<.Musto AUTO ACCIDENTS L J .. JJ LL. ''CALL RIC ''ASK RICKY" AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALL RICKY (813) 892-8193 Or Email: callrickywilliams@gmail.com JJLUL L Available 24 FREE Consultation PHARMACY TIMES PHARMACY 2210 East Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, Fl33610 [Hillsborough & 22nd By AMSCOT) (813) 237-6900 Your Neighborhood Pharmacy We Offer Free Home Delivery FNIA Gift card With PreScription Tnlnsfers If You Have No I l!i&l .. RENT A CAR 1 1 11 1 I LOPARDO LA\\' (iROUP. P.L. \' \1 L,\\ h\t:; FEDERAL & STATE CRIMINAL DEFENSE All Federal Crimes Felonies & Misdemeanors DUI & Traffic Cases Violations of Probation Bond & ROR Motions Domestic Violence DV Injm1ctions Free Consultation (813) ....... OOibo ...... ............... ,.,.------....-..a .......... HAIR SALON


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