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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 66, no. 77 (May 17, 2011)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
May 17, 2011
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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. Celebrating 66 Years In The Tampa Bay Area c:c Q -a: Q -J u.. SEE PAGE 3 VOL. 66 NO. 77 TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011 24 PAGES 75 Pedestrian Killed By Hit And Run Driver SEE PAGE 2 S._te Rep. Sponsors Trip For Students SEE PAGE 6 WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Men's Confab Seeks To Leave Positive Mark SEE PAGE 8 That's what these young men are singing after they won the championship game last Thursday at the Salesian Boys and Girls Clubs for 5-8-year-olds. The Salesian Hawks defeated the Brandon Boys and Girls Club by a score of 14-8. Coach Doug Fiedler is shown with the team members as they show off the trophy. Team members are M. Paulk, A. Bradley, K. Browning, J. Sheppard, J. Reddick, A. Esquilin, J. Nichols, P. Oden, D. Washington and C. Allan. (Photog raphy by BRUNSON)


Local ...,: ,.. Pedestrian Killed BV Hit And Run Driver AARON CORDES Tampa Police detectives have arrested a suspect in a hit and run after developing > leads that narrowed down the description of the vehia:: cle. u. Police said at 12:43 a. m. Friday, Aaron Keith <( Cordes, 52, was pushing a shopping cart as he crossed c soth Street near Broadway. ffi An SUV was traveling on ::::: 50th Street and had the green t-light for the intersection, iJ: witnesses told police. Police said the driver of w c w l: en ::::i m ::::: D.. JASON BURNHAM the SUV struck Cordes and continued traveling without stopping to render aid. Sev eral witnesses did stop. Cordes was rushed to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead several hours later. After witnesses came for ward, detectives were able to identify the vehicle and later they arrested a suspect. Tampa Police have charged Jason Burnham, 30, with leaving the scene of a crash involving death. z i= w ..J ..J ::::: m ..J w z FREE Professional Service i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J u. Alert: The Florida Law States That You May Be Entitled To $1 0,000 For-Loss Wages And Medical Care ... Service Support and Help from the beginning to the end. Attorneys An Attorney will come to you at home or work -No Recovery, No Fees Investigators If there is a dispute on how the accident occurecl Transportation Available Auto Repair Body Shop Medical Care Provided Specializing In: Car Bus Bicycle Motorcycle Slip& Fall Pedestrian Incidents Loss Call Michelle B. Patty Local: 813 Toll Free 1 Available 24 Hours A Day /7 Days A Week Michelle B Inc. Separate Fires leave Several Families Homeless Two separate fires Sunday at apartment complexes have left several families homeless. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue personnel responded to a call of a fire at 5 a.m. in volving the roof of 936 De laney Circle at the Charleston Landings Apartments Initial units reported heavy smoke and flames visi ble from a distance, and two other units were called. Once all of the occupants were accounted for, fire crews withdrew from the in terior of the building and the fire was brought under con trol in 35 minutes. At least 8 housing units sustained fire damage and 8 other units suffered smoke and/ or water damage. Offi cial said 12 families were dis placed and alternative living arrangements were made for them. The initial investigation reveals the cause of the fire to be a lightning strike. At 11:49 p.m. that night, Tampa Fire Rescue units reported a fire at the Moon River Apartments on North Boulevard. On the scene, fire fighters reported flames com ing from a two-story building. Personnel made sure all of the occupants were outside and stopped the This was the damage done to apartment buildings at Charleston Landings. flames from spreading. An investigation has re vealed that while fire crews were responding to the scene, Latrina Gillyard, 29, awoke to find her apartment on fire. She has three chil dren. She only had enough time to grab her youngest, a baby, and get outside. Still trapped inside were two young children. A neighbor who happens to be a National Guardsman, Loved One Jesus Broche, 25, was out side and heard Gillyard screaming. He ran into the burning apartments, grabbed the two young boys and got them out to safety. Investigators are on the scene looking into the cause of the fire, and have said it doesn't appear to be suspi cious. Red Cross is assisting 7 adults and 2 children dis placed by the fire


Feature c: m CJ) 0 Patron Brutallv Beaten Bv Store Owner, Emplovees Over $1 Bau 01 Peanuts BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor T\vo employees of an East Tampa supermarket were arrested for allegedly beating a patron. The man was accused of stealing a $1 bag of peanuts. The incident took place on Tuesday, May 10th at the B & D Supermarket, 4015 E. Hillsborough Avenue, shortly after 3 p.m. According to the police report, during the interview Darwin McNish, 28, stated that this was his first time going into the store and that he had gone in to purchase peanuts that were on sale 2 for $1. "I went through the checkout line and paid for the peanuts with my EBT card .... I did not take the receipt from the cashier. I did not want the receipt. I walked out of the store. "As I was walking to the bike rack, two of the store managers were following me. One of them asked me if I paid for the peanuts. I told them "yes, I paid for them." He asked for the receipt. I told him that I paid for the peanuts and had to go to work." McNish said in the report the two men began talk ing in a foreign language, and as he began to get on his bicycle, they both snatched it. He also stated that they snatched his bicycle lock out of his hand as well. As they attempted to walk him back into the store, McNish said he pulled away. As they continued to ask for the receipt, several other employees came out side, he told police. McNish said he was struggling to get away as three or four of them grabbed his arms and were holding him. He stated that the first manager who confronted him outside began punching him in the face several times. "The other man who had my bicycle lock in his hand started swinging the lock at me. He hit me in ... Charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon Darwin McNish, II, is shown in this photograph after allegedly being beat-; en by store employees at, the B & D Supermarket,. 4015 E. Hillsborough! Avenue. the head a couple of times with the end of the lock." "Others were kicking me while I was pushed up against the glass, but I could not see who. While I was pushed up against the glass, they put handcuffs on me and walked me to the back of the store," McNish ..... told police. The Sentinel has received numerous calls about the incident that took place at the store by B & D cus tomers complaining about the beating. One of the witnesses who the Sentinel chooses not to identify stated that she called the police after wit nessing the incident. "He wasn't trying to fight them back and kept say ing he paid for the peanuts. One of the managers started punching him. They handcuffed him and took him in the store. "He was bleeding really, really bad and I called the police. I saw one of the managers with the 2 packages of peanuts. I call it racial profiling because that is all it was." After police arrived at the scene, they conducted an investigation. Officers obtained a receipt was dated 5/10/11, 1508 hours. The receipt indicated that there was a purchase of $1.00 made. The receipt indicated that the purchase was made from an EBT card ... whose last four digits were the same as the card pos sessed by McNish, the officer wrote in the report. McNish was not arrested after police determined ;!! during their investigation that he had paid for the 0 peanuts. ::D Police arrested store owner Jose Aybar, 48, and charged him with battery. He was also charged with CJ) obstructing or opposing a police officer. m -Richard Meregildo, 34, identified as a Stock Z Clerk, was arrested and charged with aggravated bat-::::! tery with a deadly weapon. According to the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office web page, the rweapon listed was a bicycle cable lock. m When the Sentinel contacted B & D Supermarket, ? we were told that Aybar would not be in to work runtil Wednesday and to call back then. z


FLORIDA SENTINEL B U LLETIN wo,oootroops, bigtanks, big (USPS 202-140) guns and to the tune of $ 2 bil-2207 21st Avenue Tampa Florida 33605 (813) 248 -1921 lion doll ars or more a week. Published Every Tuesday and Friday By >-FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., We h a v e been fighting this !': Member of National Newspape r Publishers Association (NNPA) kind of war for ten ye a rs and en we are no clos e r to victory Time TO Change The Strategv P .O. Box 3363 Tampa FL 33601 I Th w A AI Q d Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa, FL n e ar gaiDSI -ae a c a: u. c z c( c en w ::l .... w > w c w :I: en ::::i m ::l D.. z tu ..J ..J ::l m ..J w z i= z w en c( c a: 0 ..J u. C. Blythe Andrews 1901-1977 (1945) W. W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 1930-2010 (1977) S. KAY ANDREWS PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER ALLISON WELLS-CLEBERT, CFO GWEN HAYES EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER Subscrlptlons-$44.00-6 Months Both Editions: $87.00-Per Year Both Editions. Opinions expressed on editorial pages of this newspaper by Columnists or Guest Writers do not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher. President Obama's Grandmother At Risk When we heard about AI Qaida agents were plotting to murder President Barack Obama's Nigerian grandmother, the blood ran cold in our veins. Revenge was the reason AI Qaida gave. Outrage was the response that was registered by most people we talked to who heard as we did, about the threat against an elderly woman who seldom read the newspaper or watched a television. But throughout the history of human hatred, the innocent have always died. Three thousand innocents died on September 11, 2001. Grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, and children perished without ever being given an opportunity to know why they died. Where was the justice in their deaths? Where is the justice in any death wherein the victim is of the crime he or she has committed, if anycruneatall? So, we are outraged that President Obama's grandmother in Nigeria would be targeted for a death whose anger she would never have known. Indeed, we pray for her safety. But we also pray for the safety of all the innocents of the world, and we make this final comment: "Fellow human beings, we cannot continue to live as savages." I Keep Your oav Job (for NowJI D o our eyes and ears deceive us? Is it true, what we hear about Governor Rick Scott's possible race for United States presidency? You've read the paper. So, you know as much as we do. However, what you don't know is what we think about such a possibility. So, let us tell you what we think. Well, first, let us tell you what Governor Scott thinks. He says he's not running for the U.S. presidency. But political prognosticators have already postured themselves to throw his skull-cap into the ring, quite like they have already thrown Newt Gingrich's britches into the ring, as well. No doubt, by the end of the year, an army of Republican Tea Partiers will be set to stump for America's top position during times like these. Nevertheless, here's what Governor Rick is NOT saying. He is NOT saying he's never entertained the idea. What with his present record of running a Florida governmental administration as if it were his very own wishing-well, the question, which comes to certain mind, is "IF he can do it here in Florida, why can't he do it there in WaShington, D. C.?" Do what? Veto every humanitarian bill passed since Bill Clinton? Roll back Civil Rights to a time before Re9'. Dr. Martin Luther King? Make being disabled a sin and a financial sacrifice once more? Make big businesses (including his wife's business) outrageously rich while ren--.:t dering middle class and poor simply in w outrage? C!J Such is what Governor Scott has done .for Florida. Cf Should be given an opportunity to do the same for all We read and hea r all the time about the war in Mghanistan. We hear and read all the time that the war is all about seeking out and destroying the terrorist group called Al-Qaida. Government lead e rs say that this must be done because the group is out to destro y Ame rica. Well if all of this is true, then the United States is fighting this war all wrong. Our strategy is all wrong and we may even be fighting in the wrong country. The head lines will hav e us believe that Al-Qaida is only located in of Mghanistan. There is strong evidence that Al-Qaida is operating in countries all over the Middle East. In fact, some say that there is less than so AlQaida terrorists left in Mghanistan. I t's exciting to be born and raised in a state (Mary land) that many Bla ck hi s tori cal figures have also called home. The life of Josiah Henson is one that gives a sense of admiration and inspiration and was the real-life model for the popular book and movie Uncle Tom s Cabin. Born into slavery in Rockville, Charles County, Maryland Henson was sold three times before the age of eighteen. Unfortunately, Henson's father, a proud and rebellious slave, was hor ribly beaten and mutilated while Henson and his mother watched when Henson was a young boy. His father had beaten a white overseer for attacking his wife. Later, Henson was separated from his mother and brothers and sisters at a slave auction. Eventually, Henson was reunited with his mother when he was purchased by her slave owner. Henson's work ethics and demeanor earned the re spect of his new ow_ner, Isaac I understand that America has some 100,000 troopers in Mghanistan and along the Pakistan borders To maintain our troops in this area is costing us big time. This i s an amount that we cannot afford to keep spending. In fact it may even be a big waste of taxpayers' money We need to learn something from the Osama bin Laden situation. Mter putting to good use some good, intelligence gath ering, the United States was able to capture Al-Qaida's top terrorist, Osama bin Laden, wi t h about a dozen men, about a dozen guns and three helicopters. Maybe America needs to go exclu sively to this type of warfare. It makes no sense to continue to march around Mghanistan with some Riley, to the extent Riley made Henson the supervisor of his farm, located in Mont gomery County Maryland (now North Bethesda). Having been transferred to Isaac Riley' s brother in Kentucky Henson married and fathered four children. By 1829 Henson had saved enough money to buy his free dom; however, his owner tricked Henson into paying him $3so, and then raised the price for his freedom to $1,000. Learning that his owner intended to sell him to owners in the Deep South, Henson took his wife and children and fled slavery, walking from Kentucky to Canada in 1830. Once Henson reached Canada, he worked on farms until he earned enough money and financial support to purchase 400 acres of land in Kent County, Ontario-: There Henson established a home for his family and a Black town and school called Dawn Township The town grew to 500 residents and prospered by "exporting blade walnut thing and e xpect a different result? We need to bring our troops back home, step up our intelligenc e gathering all ov e r the East and ex ecute well planned, quick and destructive operations wher ever the problem is. It should be clear to all government officials that Al Qaida doesn t just exist and operate out of Mghanistan and Pakistan, but they are also present in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and other countries throughout the Middle East To fight terrorism wher ever we find it, we need spe cially trained troopers that can go into an area, strike quickly and return to their base. Realize this America, the time has come for America to change its strategy and to get out of Mghanistan. lumber to the United States and Britain. Soon, Henson became a Methodist minister, mill owne r, and abolitionist speaker on routes between Tennessee and Ontario Canada. Henson returned to the South frequently to liber ate other slaves. During the Canadian Re bellions (1837 1838), Henson served in the Canadian Arm y as a military officer leading a Black militia unit. Later, Henson made several trips to London where he met with the Archbishop of Canterbury who asked him what university he graduated from. Henson's reply was "The University of Adversity. Hav ing met Harriet Beecher Stowe and having told her his life story, Henson's life expe. riences became the subject of her well-known book Uncle Tom s Cabin. She acknow ledged this fact in the intro duction to Henson's autobiography, published in 1849 Today, Henson is the first Black man to be featured on a Canadian stamp. Historic sites featuring Henson's birthplace and home are located in Maryland and Canada. Among Henson's rela tives are other famous Blacks such as Matthew Henson (first man to set foot on the Nort4 Pole) and actress Taraji Henson. So, our his tory is not only about the past. But it is also about the present and the future. Harambee! the 50 states? We think J;I.Ot. In fact, we say, "Governor Scott, keep your day job at least until next election!"


______________________ Horoscopes T a urus (April 2 0 M a y 20) -Liste n ca r e full y t o a lo ve d o n e a nd/or a c hild. Som e thin g gets re v eal e d that leads t o a prize. Ac c e pt ackno w le dgment from far awa y and rem e mb e r g ood tim es. Gemini (May 21-June 21)-Although you lo ve action, s ta ble peace and quiet serv e s y ou bette r. Be a good li s tener, and a partner provides a delightful solution for positive change. Cancer (June 22-July 22) willingness to learn new technology gives you an edge, and y ou produce better results than expected. Play by the rules and gain stature Accept a nice benefit. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) -Find love in unusual places, pos sibl y closer to home than you ever would have thought. Tak e ad vantage of your pers onal magnetism, but don t get arrogant. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -Plan your next vacation now, if you haven t already done so. Delegate some of the work, and part with some of your treasure for the good of all. Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) -For about four weeks, you see new possibilities in your finances. You re learning to be success ful. Dig deeper in your instinct. It's easy to find the right words. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)-G e tting and giving support is much easier now. Invest in your home, family and infrastructure, or assume things will stay as they are. You can afford it. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)-A brilliant idea solves the problem after shifting the perspective to reveal new informat i on. Express your love and accept the same. You're irresistible Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.19)-For the next month, you're lucky in love Reaffirm a commitment. Reward a partner or a friend. Think of something, being polite should be practiced Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)-You're entering two days in the emotional limelight, and four weeks of love and family. Friends come up with fabulous questions and answers. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)-Let your imagination loose. It' s helpful, if you're working out a compromise. Somebody out there loves you. Listen carefully. Let the winds carry you. Aries (March 21-April19)-An expert can open your eyes, and a partner can provide the answer. You learn quickly together. Keep things quiet today. Be a good listener, and keep all secrets. Soaps ALL MY CHILDREN -Asher is severely injured ; Griffin con templates killing Ricky ; Caleb thanks JR for being there for him. Erica's captor takes things to a new level ; Jackson confesses to kiss ing Krystal; Ricky proposes to Kendall. Kendall works to get Ricky to open up to her; Erica s family and friends are around Erica s cap tor; Greenlee brings Emma to the hospital to see her sister. BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL -Ridge asks Da y zee to help Thomas deal with his experience on the island; Brooke has flashes of memory about what transpired between her and Thomas; Tawny continues her text-message ruse ; Liam considers moving in with Amber. Taylor is unresponsive to Whip s advances; Dayzee sur prises Thomas with a romantic dinner, wh_ere she asks him to re count his experience on the island ; Brooke asks Ridge to promise that he lllove her forever. Bill talks to Justin about his feelings for Steffy and his distrust in Katie; Thomas grills Steffy about what has been going on between her and Bill; Katie confesses to Brooke and Donna that her relationship With Bill has been strained DAYS OF OUR LIVES-Melanie wrestles with her feelings for Dario ; Chloe begs Justin to check on Parker; Sami rails at impostor Rafe for the evil he's perpetrated on her life; Vivian attempts to exact her revenge on Kate ; Quinn apologizes to Chloe. Taylor realizes Nicole has something on EJ; Jennifer receives her final divorce pa pers; Quinn urges Chloe to give him another ch a nce; Sami admit s to Rafe that she slept with the impostor. Brad y offer s Victor a partial s take in Titan; Hope e ncourages Maggie to k e ep an open mind; Lex ie confronts Nicole about blackmailing EJ ; Victor e ncoura g es Melanie to r econcile with Mag gie ; Justin g ives Chlo e hope r ega rdin g P a rker GENERAL HOSPITAL-Sonny a nd Dante work to overcome Suzanne and get Brenda 's real son back; Jason vows never to make the mistake of giving up a child again; Sam confides in Alexis about her doubts of being a mother, Lisa continues to lay groundwork for her next attack on Patrick and Robin; Brenda confronts Suzanne about her treachery ; Carly threatens J ax with a dirty battle over Josslyn's custody. Ethan discovers that Kristina has been taking an addictive drug, courtesy of Lisa; Lucky almost succumbs to his pill addiction; Jason warns Michael to back off searching for the hit woman who framed Abby. ONE LIFE TO LIFE -Marty tries to make her escape through Angel with Liam, but bumps into Matthew and Destiny; Todd tries to wheedle a confession out of Tomas; Matthew confronts Destiny about her distance in the wake of their losing their virginity together.Ford discovers his ex-wife is now a man; Rama and Crist ian have an electric moment; Cutter tricks Wes into stopping by the Minuteman, and he takes off his shirt. Brody and John discover Dr. Buhari's dead body; Clint offers a million dollars for information leading to Liam's return; Dani spies Destiny and Matthew kissing. YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS-Tucker suffers life-threaten ing injuries; Billy and Victoria risk a visit with Lucy Abby knows the truth; Victor is infuriated by Diane's statement. Among the guests enjoying the Seay-Scott wedding celebration were (L-R): Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Chatham and Mrs. Geraldine Bramwell. Many friends, colleagues family members attended a banquet for Coach Jim Williams. Among the many who attended were: Aaron Wilds, Curtis Wilds, Linda Mitchell and Eddie Mitchell. s: r-0 ::c CJ) m z ::! z m r-m c: r-m ::! z ""0 c: m r-c;; m c m < m c: m CJ) c :J> z c ::c c During homecoming week, Miss Middleton and royal were pres4mted to the student body. Seated is: Miss Middleton, Joyce Lee; left, Miss Freshman, Brenda Alford; center, Miss Junior, Brenda Gambrell; and Ji.ght, Miss Sophomore, C) Cynthia Owens. !!:


Local ,...: ..... women's Organization To Meet In Tampa >= ct The International Women of Confidence will be W in Tampa at the Sheraton ::;) 1-Tampa Riverwalk Hotel, 200 c a: u., c z a: w > w c w J: en ::::; m ::;) c. z i= w ...1 ...1 ::;) m North Ashley Drive, June 1-4,2011. The IWOC is a Service Organization established 16 years ago with Chapters throughout the United States and South Africa, whose motto is "Lord, How Can I Help". The organization s scripture is taken from Isaiah40:31. The organization consists of women from all denomi nations and backgrounds who engage in monthly proj ects to be a blessing in the local, national, and interna tional communities. IWOC projects have touched the lives of others through the distribution of food, clothing, toys, school supplies, lap blankets to nursing homes, honoring and providing gifts to grand mothers raising grandchildren and foster care BISHOP DORIS NElSON mothers, scholarships to col lege students, foreign mis sion, and setting the captives free in Sudan. IWOC also offer prayer, Bible Study, workshops, retreats, prayer breakfasts, seminars and conference meetings. Bishop Doris Nelson, Ph.D., is founder and international president of the In ternational Women of Confidence. Her educational background has earned her dual Doctorate Degrees in Counseling and Christian Education as well as Degrees DEBT PROBLEMS GETTING YOU DISTRESSED? HOUSE IN FORECLOSURE, WAGES BEING GARNISHED? WE MAY BE ABLE TO HELP BANKRUPTCY: CHAPTER 7 & 13 ASSET PROTECTION PAYMENT NEGOTIATION PROBATE &WILLS GUARDIANSHIP SOCIAL SECURITY IMMIGRATION PERSONAL INJURY FREE INmAL CONSULTATION FOR BANKRUPTCY REASONABLE RATES & PAYMENT PLAN Attorney 109 N. Armenia Avenue Tampa, Fl33609 (813) 254-8717 Th4 hiring of lawyer en Important decision that shoutd not be baaad aolaly wpon adnrtls.mants ou daclchd, ask us to sand ou FREE wtlttan Information about out uallflca11on 1nd .... erlnct ELDER MICHELLE B. PATIY in Business and Theology. She was consecrated to the Office of Bishop of 2001. Bishop Nelson is married to Dr. Willie Nelson and is the mother of three sons. Bishop Nelson has traveled extensively singing and preaching the gospel in countries such as El Sal vador, Canada, Argentina, South Africa and Mexico. She preaches, teaches and lectures to various groups and churches. She is an or dained minister and the pastor of Healing Branches Christian Center and World Outreach Ministries in Semi nole, Oklahoma. As pastor, prophetess, evangelist teacher and counselor, she is responding to the call "Go Ye Into All The World. Please join Bishop Nelson, Evangelist Glenda Williams, Elder Michelle Patty, Singer and Recording Artist, Tany LaReese, and other anointed speakers for this special conference. Registration is $58 and includes a formal luncheon on Friday, June 3. For further information, please call 405-303-2651 or email wne8053577aol.com. State Rep. Sponsors Trip For Students Stuilents who visited Tallahassee enjoyed lunch with State Representative Betty Reed Cason Beard, Henry Tillman, Rep. Betty Reed, and Terrance Dorsey are shoWn seated. Standing from left to right are: Lamar Wood, Marqaviuos Hamilton, Rabjae Clark, Charles Davis, Dontavious Sims, Chris Webb, Shyheem Barthel, and Kezio Snelling; BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Recently; a State Repre sentative has sponsored a one-day trip to Tallahassee for some of Tampa's young men. The trip took place dur ing spring break. During the trip, the young men had the opportunity to visit two college campuses. The youngsters are all members of the Men of Vision Mentoring Organization founded by Hillsborough County School teacher Ross Anderson. This marks the fourth year that State Representative Betty Reed has sponsored the event. During their visit, the young men had the opportunity to witness pass ing oflegislation and tour the campuses ofboth Florida A& M University and Florida State University. They were also able to asked questions about the future of Florida's Bright Future scholarship program and how educational budget cuts will affect the scholarship program. Anderson said, "The goal for these young men is to make sure they have every opportunity to attend the col lege of their choice and to know that there are no limits to their success." Ariderson further stated that some of the students are currently taking honors and Advahced Placement classes. They also participate in en richment programs, moti-v-a-tional activities, and' community events, where they are taught to give back to the community. The students who took the trip are both in middle and high schools. Henry Tillman, Hamilton, and Kezio Snelling are students at Van Buren Middle School. Casan Beard, (10th grade), Rahjae Clark, (9th grade), Chris Webb, (10th grade), and Shyheem Barthel (9th grade) attend Steinbrenner High School. Terrance Dorsey, who attends Tampa Bay Technical High School, and Lamar Wood, who attends Jeffer son High School are both in the nth grade. Charles Davis, who is a 9th grade student at Freedom High School, and Dontavious Sims, an nth grade student at Hillsborough High School, also took the trip. Anderson further said, "I look forward to taking the young men to the State Capi tol each y,ear so they can see the process of how laws are passed that affect them. They must take an active role in state government when they turn 18 old as well as exercise their voting rights." In addition to visiting Tal lahassee, the young men also visited the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida campuses in April.


Birthda_y Greetings Happy Birthday CLINTON SIMMONS, III Happy 40th birthday to a loved father and son. We love and miss you. From the Simmons and family, Tiffany Simmons. It's MY Bov's Birthday DRE, a.k.a., ENFORCER Just giving a shout out to the realist there is. We know you ain't out to celebrate, but no worries, we're going to be in the building holding it down for you, getting strawberry wasted. Happy 23rd birthday Bruh. Keep your head up and wild out one time for the viii! Our Militar_y Men And Women Armv Sergeant Presented Distinguished Flving Cross Medal SGT. MATTHEW K.JONES Army Sgt. Matthew K. Jones has been decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal. The medal is awarded to the person who, while serving in any capacity All About You! with the Armed Forces of the United States, distinguishes himself by heroism or extraor dinary achievement while par ticipating in aerial flight. Sgt. Jones, a flight engi neer with three years of mili tary service, is assigned to the 4th Battalion, 16oth Special Operations Aviation Regiment Joint Base Lewis-McChord, in Washington. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross in 2009 for heroic actions taken in support of special operations in Afghanistan He is the son of Jay and Lan Jones, of Tampa, and a 2006 graduate of Chamberlain High School. B. T. washington Alumnioav The annual Booker T Washington Alumni Day Program will be held in conjunction with the Annual Expose on Thursday, May 26, 2011, 5:30 p. m. All former alumni and the community are invited. For additional information, contact Olivia Brown-Andrew or Kenya Jones, Alumni Day Coordinators, at (813) 233-3720. Albanv State Universitv Alumni Association The Tampa Bay Alumni Chapter ofthe Albany State Univer sity National Alumni Association is having a "Meet and Greet Brunch" for ASU alums on Saturday, May 28, 2011, 11 a. m.-12;.30 p.m. at the C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. Public Libt:ary, 2607 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. (33610). All alumni of ASU are asked to attend. For more information please ca ll (813) 962-4925. len leader Of Alpha Kappa Alpha Is Named Jazmine Ransom is the 2011 Lett Leader of the South Atlantic Region of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Miss Ransom received the Stella J. Lett Undergraduate Leadership Award during the 58th South Atlantic Regional Conference held recently in Hollywood Florida. With the distinction of being named Lett Leader, she was presented a medallion, trophy and $1,000 check. Ms. Ransom is a junior, majoring in Accounting at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina, and serves as President of Psi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Her academic achievements include the Benedict School of Honors, the Dean's List and the President's Academic Scholarship. Her campus and community service, along with an internship with the Black Caucus Foundation where she served under U.S. Congressman John Conyers,_ Jr. and U. S. Congressman James E. Clyburn, gave her a decided edge in the competition. In 2010 she was selected to participate in the sorority's coveted Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program. Jazmine's strong sense of global awareness and broad involvements led to her selection for travel to Turkey to serve for a full semester as an ambassador for Benedict Col lege at Yalova University, School of Business, in Yalova, Turkey. JAZMINE RANSOM The $1,000 award is generated annually by the Sonja W Garcia Endowment, managed by Alph;1 Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation, and presented in honor of Stella J. Lett, former President of Gamma Theta Omega (Tampa) and Beta Pi Chapters (Alabama State University) of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Ms. Marsha Lewis Brown o f Gamma Theta Omega Chapter (Tampa) is South At lantic Regional Director and presided over the conference. c }< s: "T1 r 0 ::::tJ c )> CJ) m z ::! z m r Ill c: r r m ::! z 'lJ c: Ill c CJ) ::I: m c m < m ::::tJ -< -i c: m CJ) c )> z c "T1 ::::tJ c


Local C\1 Greater Bethel. ::!: Missionarv Baptist Church Marker Dedication Community leaders will join Greater Bethel Mission ary Baptist Church and the Hillsborough County Histor ical Advisory Council (HCHAC) to dedicate a his toric marker. The event will take place on Sunda y Ma y 22, 2011, at 12:30 p.m. at Greater Bethel, located at 1207 North Jefferson Street in Downtown T a mpa. Greater Bethel w a s founded in 1893 in the his toric downtown area of Tampa, where 118 years later it is still located today The church has been a pillar of C the Black community and fE has the distinct honor of C being the second oldest predominately Black church in ::=:: Tampa. c For well over a century, (f) Greater Bethel has given untiring and committed service 1-to the citizens of Tampa and the Tampa Bay community. W The church played a pivotal [ij part in the Tampa Black C neighborhood then known as the "Scrub near the Central (f) Avenue business district. While the neighborhood ::::: has changed, the church cona. tinues to provide encourage-ment and spiritual w nourishment. Greater -:j Bethel has been recognized ::::: by the City of Tampa as o_ne of the local landmarks in the W historic Central Avenue area. Its legacy includes many cit Z izens who have made significant contributions to the c( c a: community. REV. OSCAR JOHNSON, JR. Th e marker is sponso'red b y the Hillsborough County Historical Advisory Council whose mission is to further the goals of historical preser vation and education in Hillsborough County The Council facilitates a uniform historical marker program in coordination with appropri ate organizations or agen cies. The Council has representatives from Hills borough County including Tampa, Temple Ter race and Plant City. The community is invited and encouraged to attend this historic marker dedica tion ceremony, which takes place following morning services. For other information re garding the marker dedica tion, please contact Greater Bethel at (813) 229-1390. Rev. Oscar Johnson, Jr. is the pastor/teacher. Teacher Named Reading .Coach 01 The Year Recently to Ms. Rosemarie A. Manhertz M.A., M Ed, was chosen as the Reading Coach/ Reading Subject Area Leader and So cial Studies Subject Area Leader for 2010-2011. She is an employee at Van Buren Middle School. In addition to serving as the USF SCAIT Middle School Tutoring Liaison for Van Buren Middle school, Ms. Manhertz is currently Chairperson of the Reading Leadership Team at Van Buren Middle School. Ms. Manhertz has more than 17 years teaching experi ence at the e lementary mid dle, high school, and at the college l evel. MS. ROSEMARIE A. MANHERTZ She is also a member of the Alpha Epsilon Xi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, The Inter national Honor Society in Ed ucation at Walden University. Ms. Manhertz has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and with a minor in Computer Science. She also ha s two Masters Degrees and currentl y holds a M. Ed de gree in Education Adminis':'. tration and Supervision and a M.A. degree in Instructional Systems Development-In structional Designer. Ms. Manhertz has com pleted her doctoral course work and is currently working on her dissertation in Admin istrator Leadership with a specialization in Teaching and Learning at Walden Uni versity. Ms. Manher.tZ is a Master Trainer in Reading. She is certified through the State of Florida in the field of Reading with certification in grades {K -.12), certified in Computer Science (K-12), and Educa tional Leadership (All Levels). Men's Conference Aims To Make Positive Imprint BYRYANT. BOYD For men, balancing a fam ily and demanding careers a r en t easy tasks. There are plenty of requirements and responsibilities that come with being a good husband and father. An honorable husband is a great provider, communica tor, role model, but most of all, a man of strong faith. And it's a dauntingjob to excel in all facets of being a husband or a father or both every day. Learning what it takes to be a dependable man is important in building a strong family. The Men of College Hill Church of God in Christ are hosting their 2nd Annual Triple H Men's Conference and Breakfast on Saturday, June 4th at 9 a.m. at the Col-ELDER CHARLES DAVIS ... Pastor lege Hill Conference Center. The theme is "Recapturing the Head, Heart, Home, and Men Reconnecting with God." The Reverend Dr. Bartholomew Banks, pas tor of St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, will be the guest speaker REV. DR. BARTHOLOMEW BANKS ... Speaker recognize and operate a role model," said Davis, "be cause if you look around today boys are growing up without that role model. And if we are not careful we'll have a lost generation of boys that aren't God-fearing men." g "Sometimes, we come up short in some of those areas," said Derrick Randall, a husband and father of five who attended the conference last year. "I love being a father The pressure that accom panies the responsibilities of being a husband, father or positiv:e role model in the community is a challenging assignment to some To that end, the media, Hip Hop music and Hollywood doesn't help the matter by spinning a positive light on negative as pects of manhood. LL and husband and I'm work ing on being the best' father and husband I can be every day. The conference is a big help to me." Randall said it's even more encouraging to see men of all ages discuss issues that inen are faced with daily I hear other men dealing with the same issues as I do," Randall said. "And it's good to hear their opinions from a biblical standpoint, which en courages me to strive for better as a man for my Elder Charles Davis, pastor of College Hill Church of God In Christ said the men's conference is about making a positive imprint ori men of the future, too. "It's important that men Elder Davis, however, sees the task of shaping boys into positive men as a riot-soarduous chore. "It's not difficult at all," Davis said. "If a man undeJ;"stands his role in life it'S' easy. A young boy should grow up respecting girls and auth9rity anyway, s9 when he a man it's easy to teach others that. We mimic'our environ ment, so what a child sees, then he does. What we are doing is instilling positive role models and ideas in young men, older men and bo y s so we can have better men for the future.


c Guest Appearance Young Sprinter Makes Her AI CommuniiJ Mark On And Oft The Field ...a. _-...J 1\) 0 Center On May 9, 2011 Alexis from Nails by Alexis made a guest appearance at Woodland Terrace Community Center. She spoke with staff and youths that are in the after school girls club about personal hygiene and gave a free manicure to the young ladies. From left to right: Ashtaly Vaile, Zakiya Powell, Beth Lee Ann Valle, Auri 'yana Nobles, Alexis Horton, Janiah Moody, Donyea Davis, Santeana Cooper and Tamera Shaw. BY TAMECA JOHNSON Freelance Writer Ashley McBride is on her mark. She's set and ready to take off on the next phase of her life s journey. The 18-y e ar-old King High senior has sprinted her way through high school, literally and figuratively; and she has the marks and medals to prove it. Ashley will graduate from King's International Baccalaureate (I. B.) pro gram next month with a grade point average of 6.17. She managed to maintain that impressive G. P. A. while spending more than 300 hours volunteering in the community, participat ing on King's soccer team and topping the charts on the school's trackteam. "I hold the fastest time for the 100 meter dash in the county. I also got first place in the long jump in our dis-ASHLEY MCBRIDE trict meet." Those accom plishments easily landed Ashley an appearance at the regional competition last month in Punta Gorda. Suc cess there allowed her to ad vance to the state meet earlier this month in Winter ::: Park where she placed 81 h for the 100 meter dash and sth for the long jump. ''I'm really proud of her for her accomplishments in track and field, says Ashley's mother, Jada McMillon. Howe v er, I'm most proud of her for her academ ics. We always told her if she focused on her academics she could go anywhere she wanted to go." It seems Ashley took that message and ran with it. She heads south in the fall to the University of Miami, where she will study broad cast journalism on a full aca::: demic scholarship. Ashley's dad, Anthony McBride, has no doubt his ., daughter will continue her b path of excellence. "I know ::xJ Ashley is going to be sue-C cessful at whatever she puts )It her mind to and we will be there to support her every step of the way." z m r m Harram Court No. 96 Honors Women c: r r m ::! z Harram Court No. 96 Daughters of Isis honored 9 outstanding women during Women's History Month. The guest speaker for the event was Deborah Barnes There were performances by All in the Family (a mime group), KJ ofHarram's Kids and Katrina Osborne. m DEBORAH BARNES ... Guest Speaker KATRINA OSBORNE KJ ... Of Harram's Kids Honorees with members of Harram Court No. 96: seated, Tempress Solomon, Freddie Jean Hudson, Michelle Walker, Gloria Andrews; sta,nding, Shirley Foxx-Knowles, Betty Smith (St. Petersburg), Attorney Keisha Bell (St. Petersburg) and Attorney Jeraldine Shaw. ALL IN THE FAMILY r u; :::E: m c m < m c: m (/) c )It z c ., c C) m CD


0 ,... Fish* Crabs* Shrimp Fresh & Smoked Mullet Snapper Sheap Live Blue Crabs THE TAMPA IMPROV 1600 E. 8TH AVE. TAMPA, FL 33605 BP.M.Iednesdav, Mav 18, Tickets: $23; VIP $25 813-81 Q-3582 Or Dancing With The Elks There's the televised 'Dancing With The Stars,' but here in Tampa it s Dancing With The Elks." Recently a group gathered at the Elks Club to learn line dancing and the swing. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Greeter Ann Jenkins learned the new line dance. Annette enjoyed watching the dancers. conon Club After Partv After the Funk Fest in St. Petersburg, the party continued at the Cotton Club. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Elks Club member Mike King. Doris Cannon loved the new line dancing. Mr. C. C. at the Cotton Club. Stephanie at the After Party. FREDERICKO MR. PEANUT


ntertainment c: Blues Singer Ena James In cassidv Arrested Big Boi Gives Daughter Record Hospital With Blood Poisoning 10 New Jersev. label For 16th Birthdav i ETIAJAMES Etta James, 73, was admitted to the hospital last week. Etta James is a threetime Grammy winner whose songs like 'The Wallflower' and 'Good Rockin' Daddy' made her a key fig ure in the early days of rock 'n' roll. She is best known for her 1961 ballad 'At Last' which has featured in numerous films, TV shows and ads. The singer has struggled with drug addictions throughout her career as well as battling obesity and in 2003 underwent gastric bypass surgery. Rihanna And Chris Brown Follow Each Other on Twiner RIHANNAAnd CHRIS BROWN The former lovers who were separated by domestic violence have made a small peace territory though the microblogging site. Chris Brown and Rihanna have moved past the assault case and all the bit:terness that came with it The two stars have hooked up online, following each other on Twitter recently. Brown was prevented from having a contact with Rihanna and was told to keep his distance from her following the 2009 tragedy But a judge later lifted the re straining order as requested by Rihanna's team. Suspected ---...... OfMurder Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has reportedly been ar rested by New Jersey cops Saturday (May 14) while traveling in the Garden State on an arrest warrant. The Philadelphia Police warrant squad called the Hackensack Police Depart ment on Saturday morning to tell officers there was an open warrant for Hackensack resident Barry Reese, also known as the rapper Cassidy. "The warrant was for vio lating probation, but Reese is also a suspect in a murder and two atte!llpted murders in Philadelphia, authorities said. Cassidy was reportedly caught off guard when ap proached and arrested. Mariah Accused Of 'Drinking And Drugs While Breasneeding MARIAH CAREY New mom Mariah Carey had an unexpected visitor in the hospital this week: a so cial worker, who according to her husband Nick Cannon, was investigating a claim that Carey was abusing her newborn twins by consum ing alcohol and drugs while breastfeeding. Cannon said that the sit uation might have been trig gered after a nurse suggested that Carey drink a small amount of dark beer in an ef fort to help breastfeeding, and he believes that someone trying to sell the story to tabloids might be behind it. BIG BOI And Daughter, JORDAN Instead of lavishing their sixteen year old with gifts like a number of parents, Big Boi has decided to give his daughter a gift that will last much longer than any thing bought in stores. The Purple Ribbon head revealed that for his daugh ter Jordan's 16th birthday he gave her a division of his record label, Purple Kidz. "I wanted to give my child something that she can grow and build and nurture. So I gave her her own label." 'Road Trip' Actress Mia Amber Harris Dead At36 MIA AMBER HARRIS ... On The Set Of 'Road Trip' ....., 1\) 0 ...... ...... "11 I 0 :II CJ) m z :::! z m I m c: I I m :::! z "tt c: m c CJ) ::I: m c m < m Plus size model, television producer and actress Mia Amber Harris was confirmed dead Tuesday al though an official cause of death has not been con firmed. Her husband, comedian Michael Yard, recently ex-pressed his shock over her ; death and says the model CJ) went in for surgery to cor. rect an old basketball injury -... on her knee. Rapper M-Bone 01 Cali Swag District Dead At22 nul M-Bone (far left) and Cali Swag District Rapper M-Bone of Cali Swag District died late Sunday night. The rapper who helped pen the hit Teach Me How To Dougie," was confirmed dead by group member Smoove Da General who posted on Twitter, "My life changed in the blink of an eye. RIP MBone." MBone died of gunshot wounds last night in his hometown of Inglewood, CA. He was the apparent vic tim of a drive-by shooting M-Bone, real name Montae Talber "Yas 22years-old. c


,... c (/') w ::;) 1-Rose Selected To First 111-NBA Team, Lebron Voted In Unanimouslv c a: LL c z w c w Ex-Dallas RB Ron Springs Dies After Long Coma ::z:: 0 :J m ::;) D.. z i= w _. _. ::;) m _. w z j:: IL------'z w 0 RON SPRINGS

AMBER HENSON Parade Magazine published its 35th annual AllAmerica High School Girls Basketball team, and among the three Florida players making the roster is Amber Henson, a 6'4" forward/ center from Sickles High School. Henson, who has verbally committed to attend Duke University in 2011-2012, was honored as Parade Magazine All-America fourth team member in 2009 and named to the third team in 2010. Henson was honored as a 2010 ESPN Rise Underclass All-American, and named Florida Times Hillsborough County Player of the Year in 2009 and 2010, and to the Times' All -Suncoast first team in 2010. Henson averaged 22.1 points per game, 12.1 rebounds and 4.9 blocks as a junior to help Sickles to a 25-4 record and the sA State region final. She recorded 20 double doubles in 20092010. As a sophomore, Henson averaged 19.2 points per game in helping her team to the region semi-finals. Henson's family moved to Tampa from Round Rock; Texas before her sophomore year. She also plays for the AAU for the Orlando Coments. Henson's brother, John, plays for the North Carolina Tar Heels, and she's a member of the National Honor Society. Henson is a right-handed shooter and wears #33 because her father and brother also wore that number. She says her favorite food is her dad's ribs, and her favorite sports website is ESPN. Her favorite NBA players are Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard, and other than basketball, her favorite sport is football. Former Buccaneer McCants Is Broke, sunerinu KEITH MCCANTS Keith McCants, once a feared defensive player in the NFL and a n All-American coming out of the University of Alabama is now reported l y in constant physical agony because of football injuries. McCants, 43, walks with a cane and has been diagnosed with clinical depression and e arly stages of dementia. It has been reported that sometimes, .he can' t recognize family members. McCants was a firstround draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was given a $7-4 million con tract and the largest signing bonus ever given a rookie defender. McCants, who has a wife in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, moved back to the bay area within the past year. He also had been entered into a drug rehabilitation program. In December, McCants was arrested after police said he was found leaving a n exotic dance club with a crack cocaine pipe on the console of his car. His female passenger had cocaine in her purse, police said. In February, as McCants removed identification from hi s pocket during a police stop, the officer said she notice a plastic wrapper of cocaine. When she tried to h andcuff McCants, h e pulled away and fled. Last week, McCants pleaded guilty in both cases. The judge withheld adjudica tion, sentencing him to the 16 days he had served. He remains jailed on a warrant from Mobile, where authori ties said he didn't appear in court last year on a controlled substance charge. DOC RIVERS BOSTON The Celtics are worki"ng on a deal with coach Doc Rivers that would bring him back for another run at an NBA title with Boston's aging Big Three -and then keep him on the bench to work with the rebuilt roster that is expected to follow. The two sides are nearing agreement on a deal for "more than two or three years," a person with knowl edge of the said. Tiger woods Withdraws From Plavers After 9 Holes Tiger Woods speaks to the media after withdrawing during the first round of The Players Championship golf tournament Thursday May 12, 2011 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -Tiger Woods limped off the golf course and into a future that is murkier th an ever Thursday when he withdrew with leg injuries after hi s worst nine holes at The Players Championship. ''I'm having a hard time walking, he said. Woods shot a 42 on the front nine of the TPC Sawgrass, including a triple bogey on the fourth hole when he didn t clear a water hazard 30 yards in front of him. He constantly walked some 20 yards behind his playing partner, holding his golf club for support, limping noticeably after each hole. SOPHIA This week as our Beauty Unlimited feature, we bring you Sophia, a 25-year-old Capricorn who says her favorite stars are Michael Jackson, Andre 3000, Ms. RareBreed, Jim Carrey, and a few others. Sophia's hobbies are to continue promoting her career as a music artists and model. In the future, Sophia said she will be unveiling The Rare Essential Project; a youth camp for young girls to teach abstinence and safe sex (ages 12-17) in affiliation with the AMPM Movement. Sophia's philosophy of life is to be happy. Congratulations to Sophia as this weekis Beauty feature. If you're interested in being in the Beauty Unlimited or Spotlight, please send your information and photo, including a contact number to: jjohnson@flsentinel.com. Latex Flat White Paint #204 .............. $35.00 /5 6al. Interior Semi Gloss White #14 ..... $14.90 I Gal. 9" Roller ............................. ......... $1 Brushes ........................... ; ........... 99' LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! "T1 r-en m z ::::! z m r-aJ c: r r-!!: z ""0 c: aJ r-Cii ::::t m c m < m --4 c: m en c )> z c "T1 JJ c


,... Notice/Memoriam ,... 0 a: LL 0 z <( 0 en w ::J 1-a: w > w 0 w DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT JOANN DUPONT JoAnn Dupont, daughter of Chartyn Canady passed away Monday, May 9, 2011. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, May 21, 20i1, at 1 p. m. at New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, 123 Ave. Y, Winter Haven, FL. 33881, Rev. Frank O'Harroll, Senior Pastor, officiating. IN MEMORIAM MILDRED A. LAKES 1/1/26-5/19/94 ::I: We love and Iniss you. Your children: Narvell Ill Mitchell, Dorothy Smith, Jane :::1 Gilbert, James Gilbert, a. Ronald Mitchell, Virginia z Coward, Josie Arnold and i= Jinnitta Lakes. w ...J ...J ::I Ill ...J w z i= z Fax (813) 231-0521 W I.etourfumilytnkecare ofyourfumily. en "'We are the k.eytoa fine andqualityservicc" <( 0 a: 0 ...J LL "A Family's Friend In Their Time Of Need" 4605 N. 34th Street {813) 239-3101 JIMMIE JACKSON ... Owner National No senlement Reached, Eddie long Case Mav See Trial After months of clo se d door liti gation between Bishop Eddie L. Long a nd th e four men w h o acc u sed him of sexual misconduct, a settle ment h as yet to be r eac h ed and the case could soon b e headed to tri a l l ater thi s year. The two parties in th e scan dalous case were reportedly close to r eachin g a settlement back in April, but for reasons unknown the y fell through. Judge Jonny Panos, the presiding judge in the case, is now preparing for a trial that could start as early as August EDDIE LONG or September. There was no reason given for the breakdown during me diation when things seemed to be close to finalized. Black lawmakers Press President Obama On Jobs PRES. BARACK OBAMA WASHINGTON Black members of Congress are pressing President Barack Obama for a greater focus on creating jobs in urban areas where unemplo yment is often highest Pres. Obama said h e was trying to fix the economy as a whole, said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. AIKENS FUNERAl HOME Mr. Willie Reddish, Tampa. Mr. Joseph Ben Hagins, Tampa. EASTSIDE FUNERAl HOME Ms. Meshel Philon, 110 E. Hilda Street, Tampa. GUDES, FUNERAl HOME Mr. Horace Lee Simmons, Sr., Tampa. w ...... FUNERAL HOME "Our Business Is Service" 3000 N. 29th Tampa, FL 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 www.wilson-funeralhome.com The exchange happened last week at the first meeting be tween the president and the full Black Caucus. It follows longstanding complaints from some in the African-American community that the nation's first black president hasn' t done more to help minority communities on jobs and other issues. Cleaver told reporters at the White House that ers in the group which has about 40 members, all but one of them Democrats high lighted to the president the dif ficulties of communities beset b y hig h unemployment and stressed the need to address it especially with summer ap p roac hing and teens looking for jobs. The overall unemployment rate is 9 percent but it's 16.1 percent among Blacks. Mr. HARMON FUNERAl HOME Maxwell Gregory, Tampa. Mrs. Lucille Johnson, Tampa. Ms. Nancy Ondulick, Tampa. JACKSON FUNERAl HOME Queen E. Sherard, Brandon. WilSON FUNERAl HOME Baby Yulee, Tampa. Ms. Dorothy Raglin, Tampa. Jurv Convicts Ohio Mom In Babv's Microwave Death DAYTON, OHIO -Jurors in a woman's third trial found her gui l ty Fr id ay of killing her b aby daughter by cooki n g h er in a microwave oven. China Arnold was con victed of agg r avated murder in the death of 28 -d ay-o ld Paris Talley in A ugu st 2005. Arnold could receive th e death pen a lty because Ohio i s a death p e nalty s tate. The se n tencing phase will begin Mon day. Arnold's first trial ended in a mistrial. She was found guilty in the second trial, but that conviction was reversed last CHINA ARNOLD f a ll. An appeals court found there was misconduct by pros ecutors and that the trial court made an error by not allowing a material witness to testify in Arnold's defense. Osama Bin laden Wanted To Kill President Obama U.S. officials have found documents that reveal Osama bin Laden was plotting to as sassinate President Obama. U S officials are anal y zing one million pages of data from the trove found in Osama bin Laden's compound during the raid that killed him and say they have learned more in the past ten days than in the past 10 years. Among the things they 've learned is that the al Qaeda leader wanted to find a way to kill President Obama. The reports also stated that through the discovered writing PRES. OBAMA vs. OSAMA BIN LADEN bin Laden was encouraging his followers to assassinate the President, and find ways to disrupt the 2012 American elections. Chicago Fire Department Must Hire 100 Black Firelighters Talk about a long time com ing, Black Chicago firefighters get their victory. The Chicago Fire Department was ordered by a federal appeals court to hire 111 African Americans who passed a firefighters entrance exam 16 years ago. According to the ruling by The Seventh U .S. Circuit Court Chi town must also pay mil lions of dollars to thousands more who took and passed the same test This serves as another hit to the Windy City which has been on the losing end of court decisions regarding the 1995 test for y ears, including a 2005 rul ing by a federal judge who said the test discriminated against Black applicants and a U.S Supreme Court ruling last year that the candidates did not wait too long to sue the city. Poll: Americans More UpbeatAboutEconomv President Barack Obama waves as he prepares to speak at the Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater, Tuesday, May 10, 2011, in Austin, Texas. WASHINGTON-Ameri cans are growing more opti mistic a bout the U.S. economy a sentiment that is benefiting President Barack Obama despite public with his handling of rising gasoline prices and swollen government budget deficits. A poll shows that more than2 out of 5 people belie v e the U S economy will get better, while a third think it will stay the same and nearly a fourth think it will get worse, a re bound from last month 's more pessimistic attitude. And, for the first time since the 100-da y m a rk of his presidency, slightly more than half approve of Pres. Obama's stewardship of the economy.


c: Crime DNA Links Former Federal Inmate To Rapes MANNOT LUSCA Former federal inmate, Mannot Lusca, 28, has been identified through DNA as the man responsible for rapes committed in Hillsborough County Lusca was an inmate at Atwater Federal Prison in California serving time for cocaine dis tribution. He was released in March. Hillsborough County Sheriffs detectives reported that the first rape occurred October 31, 2002 when the 16-year-old victim was abducted as she walked to her bus stop at 12202 North 22nd Street. The victim was taken to an apartment laun dry room where the alleged incident took place. On February 21, 2003, a 20-year_.old victim reported that she was forced back into her apartment at gunpoint in the 2000 block of 131st Avenue. On March 4, 2003, a 15year-old victim was abduct ed as she walked to her bus stop near 12736 17th Str e et. She was taken to a vacant apartment. On March 20, 2003, a 22year-old victim was walking home in the area of 19th Street and 131st Avenue after dropping her child off a school. The victim was reportedly approached by an armed suspect who took her toward an apartment but she was able to get away when they encountered another citizen. On April 8, 2003, a 16-y e r old victim was walking in the 1700 block of Fowler when she was confronted at gunpoint and forced into some nearby woods. On November 23, 2004, a 16-year-old victim reported that she was approached in the 13,000 block of Firth Court and forced at gunpoint to a deck of a vacant apart ment. Lusca fa c es charges of armed kidnapping, armed sexual battery, and armed home invasion. He is being held without bond at the Orient Road Jail. UNCLE SANDY ... No matter how bad 1, 4, 6, 9 things may get, 12, 15, 19, 20 remember to always 25, 29, 30, 33 count your blessings 36, 40, 44, 49 WARREN DAWSON 221-1800 1461 Tampa Park Plaza @Nebraska Ave. & scon St. ihe n ng of' b:.,er san 1mpo-tan: :e: son :ha: sou' d not be based SMI) upo ad.'er: se"1ents Se'oc ,ou de: c:: JS .s ::sene /C'-FREE :.11t:cn ,n1ormat on abow! q:,ailf1cJ: C% J"d openence' Police Investigate Homicide VICANDI SIMPSON ST. PETERSBURG--St Petersburg Police report that at 3:20a.m. Saturday offi cers responded to 4536 7th Avenue, North on a call of shots beihg fired. When officers arrived, they found Vicandi D. Simpson, 27, laying in the front yard of a residence with several gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said there is no established motive for the shooting and no identifiable suspects. The investigation is ongoing. Two Arrested After Pursuit RASHAD JORDAN ST. PETERSBURG-On May 13th, St. Petersburg Police were working in the area of Child's Park when a 2006 Nissan Frontier truck that had been reported stolen drove through the area. Surveillance was maintained on the vehicle that later drove the wrong way into oncoming traffic and speeding toward uniformed officers. The officers tried to swerve out of the way, but the stolen truck mirrored their actions. The officers were forced off the roadway onto the yard of a private residence to avoid a collision. A pursuit was initiated and later terminated when the stolen truck ran a red light and crashed into a car. Arrested at the scene were Rashard Jordan, 18, and Deondre Henderson, 18. Police said Jordan was dri ving the vehicle and charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, aggravated fleeing and elud ing, possession of cocaine and auto theft. Ch&rges against Henderson are pending. Items Stolen From Deoutv's Cruiser Recovered m en c :!!: ...a. ....... 1\) 0 ...a. ...a. SAMUEL DESTIN POLK COUNTY -This week, the Polk County Sheriffs Office announced the arrest of seven people involved in the theft of sev eral items from a detective's cruiser: Either Friday night or Saturday morning, suspects broke into the unmarked vehicle parked outside the home of a sheriffs detective. Taken was a ballistic vest, a gun belt with two full Glock magazines, a Taser, a Remington 870 shotgun, an Olympic Arms AR-15 rifle, and a laptop with aircard. Detectives received a tip that the stolen items were at a home in the 6oo block of Crescent Drive. A search warrant was served at the residence and all of the items stolen were recovered except the laptop. Four people at the home were arrested and charged with armed burglary, two counts of grand theft of a firearm and grand theft. They were identified as Vanessa Maikisch, 20; Marshall Johnson, 22; Christopher Dewey, 18, ALEX MONPREMIER ANTONIO RAY "T1 r-0 ::c c en m z :::! z m r-Ill c: r rm :::! Z -"tJ c: Ill and James Chestnut, 19. C Later detectives met with Samuel Destin, 20, and m c Alex Monpremier, 17, m who admitted buying the < stolen rifle and selling it to m Antonio Ray. 22. Destin was booked into the c: Polk County Jail, and m Monpremier was taken to the Polk County Juvenile Assessment Center. Both were charged with grand z theft of a firearm and deal-C ing in stolen property. Ray was arrested and charged with grand theft of a firearm and dealing in property. Florida.lnmate Gets Another 43 Years For Killing Cellmate A central Florida prison inmate has been sentenced to another 43 years for killing his cellmate for whin ing too much. A Lake County judge sentenced 23-year-old Phillip Adams last month. He had previously pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in a deal with prosecutors to avoid the death penalty. Authorities say Adams was sharing a cell at Lake Correctional Institution with 43-year-old Marc Rogers in July 2009 when Adams grew tired of listening to Rogers complain about his sentence. He was serving 25 years for fatally stabbing a housemate in Boynton Beach. Authorities say Adams chewed the hem off a bed sheet and us ed it to strangle Rogers. If not for the attack on Rogers, Adams. would have completed his four-year C) sentence for lewa and lasciv-m ious molestation in October. ...a. U'l


-0 N ,.: -:E > <( c en w .... c a: LL c z <( c en w .... f:t w > w c w ::r::: en ::::; m c.. z j:: w ...J ...J m ...J w z j:: z w en a: 0 ...J LL

NOTICE OF INTENT TO SOLE SOURCE FILE NUMBER: SS-P-0174-0-2011/JM Purchase of Verizon Maintenance at the Plant City Police 9-1-1 Center for a period of five years for the 9-1-1 Agency. Hillsborough County intends to recommend the award of a sole source purchase agreement for the maintenance of Verizon Pubic Safety System Equipment to Verizon Select Services, Inc. in the amount of $54,373.20 for components within the 9-1-1 system associated with the Plant City Police 9-1-1 Center. Hillsborough County has pre-existing Verizon components within the Plant City Police 9-1-1 Communications call center. The 911 applications, equipment, and configurations of these components within the 9-1-1 system incorporate patented copyrights, source code programming, and licensing rights maintained by Verizon. Contractors who believe they can meet or exceed the above stated requirement must provide convincing technical data sufficient to sup port their position. The Hillsborough County Department of Procurement Services must receive replies to this notice not later than close of business on May 24, 2011. After ihis date, an award will be made. Responses to this notice will be used to determine whether bona fide competition exists. Send written responses to the Hillsborough County Department of Procurement Services, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd ., County Center, 18th Floor, Tampa, Florida, 33601, Attention Jock McGiathery, or FAX to (813) 272-6290. For further information call (813) 272-5790. II EMPLOYMENT II Associate Dean, (Job #0097) Brooksville laquked: AlosOO f,jree Ylilfl ot loost 18 grodoole lnJts in 100!00;) 6eld; )'OOIS odminiHve fjJiperifJ!Ke; aimiool history be oble 10m Inns. v.eebnls and sp&t sdalule. must be lnxn 0 regionoltf insliMion. _Apiamls who dnim o li JXeferenm oo m, 11 moil dooJmentution li e19b1itr ot the fum of oppliroOOn. Plwfened: llodooJIIJa;Jae; lflree )'OOIS loodq. SliHy nmge is 71,717.10 omoolly. THE (l)Uf{iE IS ruJSEO FRiDAYS THROUGH AUGUST 12. IIPI.Y OIIINE no loler lhon the 26 o leta of illleleSI, restme, ond ot!idol tronsoip1s, by nilnight of 1be dJddine dole, 10: Ann: HUIOOll Remces omra {100 #009n Hew 1\Mt Ridly, R.34654-5199 &neil: HR@plta.aru -11Jx727-816-3315 All APPliCANTS MUST SUBMIT A PH(( ONUNE APPUCATION, lflTER Of INTEREst RE5UME, AND TRAmlPTS. No alba llloleOOis Mil qoolily )W 10 be fiX lhis position. The IlPPi r8'1iew cnn be irlilkJiel v.ilh of lronsaipls; oo.wer, olfiOO hoosoipts must be I'OOliYOO bebe 1be iniiM!w. (qjes of ltmripfs roo be ernoiled 11 foxed. How offioollron!aipls m10 1be linn Reslmes Ollce (ocldtass oba.oe). INClUDE (JOB mn ON AllllfMS SENT TO THE HU RESOURCES OfOO. m help v.ilh roB 727-816-3169 01 727-816-3743. ONUNE APPUCATION, tmER OF INTEREST, RESUME, AND TRANSCRIPTS MUST BE SU8MITTEil NO lATER THAN /MY 26. EOOADA Gxnplioora Nail Tech Wantecl $250.00/Weekly Pay Call Mattie's Natural Hair Care (239) 810-5894 Natural Hair Reignz N Style 2202 W Waters Avenue Ste. #5 Tampa Fl33604 Attention: Seeking Natural Hair Technicians. If You Can Braid, Lock And Twist This Is The Opportunity You Don't Want To Miss Come Join A Team That Is Certified, Bonifide And Qualified To Meet The Needs Of Every Natural Client Desire With An All Natural Hair Care Produc:t Line Evie (813) 312-8883 Or Nikki (813) 764-6061 Felicia's House Of Braids Now Hiring Hair Braiders For A New Salon In Tampa Offering A Fun, Friendly And Professional Environment To Work In Ms. House (813) 369-9936 Looking For Experienced Lawn Care Worker Must Pass Background Check No Misdemeanor Drug Chargers And Absolutely No Felony Charges (813) 270-6887 Paramedits/EMS (Job #0095) New Port Richey Campus This is o (11\11 terms) posi!ioo ot Pasco Hemondo Communily storting tlate is August 16, 2011. mnge is $33,625 $52,455.60 (fur IYl lenns): the maximum salOl'{ is llosOO on edumlion prEionol m .ence DIMVor lull-line looming Required: Associate's degree hom a regionally Q((!ediled insti!ulion; pommroic certmmtion; oment unresl!idOO Rondo !XJmmroic licm; miflimum of os o poromed"K; minimom ti IYl )1m loodlmg in EMS eduartion; M(!ll Heort Wtioo BlS remiartioo; AQS lnslnKiur redifimlion; sotisixroty oimiool ttistOI'{ tm.groond must be able 1o 11M o llooi! -OOim o right of pre9enre must ml, b; moil OOoxnmtolioo d eligiH)f ot the lilre of Prefened: Bodlelol's degree from o oroOOi1al instMon; PAIS ltNrudlx oro PHTIS lnstnKm' remim1ion; 1M A & 8 mm Nofioool &Jkx fdiXDiing EMS li1SlnK!Ixs. THE COllEGE IS OD5ED fiiDm FROM MAY 13 TIIOU6H AUm 12. APPLY ONliNE no lalelllm the Net 26-doodline otMtmoow!OOsAIID b:ormm1 o lm1ef of a, resume, ood oliml midnight of the dole, 10: FascHtemando COIIIIIUIIIIy College Atln: HUIIIOn Resrua5 Ollice Qoo New fort Ridley, fl34654-5199 Fox 727-816-3315 ALL APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT A PHCC ONUNE APPliCATION, lEITER Of INlERESt RSUME, AND TUIISCRIPIS. No o1htJ submitted 10 becoo9de!OO kxlhis !XISffioo. The owlim!ion rS'tiM ptm ron be iniliatOO lli1ll cqM6s inm. bem100 Ill Ilene oftidaf fnlllsaipls seat lo 1he Human lesounes Office (addniSS INO.UDf OOB #0095} ON All llfMS SfNT TO THE HUIMN RfSOURCES OffiCE. for lli1ll ooline opplirntms, ml 727-816-3169 (J 727-816-3743: ONliNE APPliCATION, lEITER Of INlERESt RESUME, AND TRANSCRIPTS MUST BE 5UBMITIED NO IAJER THAll MAY 26. EOf/AIJA Websile: MtmOOW!OOs Church Secretary Responsibilities: Assists the Pastor in routine clerical tasks, as need arises. Manage and maintain office supplies. Routine office skills, organizing papers, filing, etc. Basic computer skills, including organizing files and performing backup (e.g. to CDROM or flashcard). Maintain database of contact information for members and friends. Perform routine back-up of computer files. Document preparation skills (familiar with MS WORD word-processing software, basics of file organization, printing, email, etc.) Able to travel to Post Office to send and collect mail. Responsible of all communications (phone, letters, e-mail and meeting reminders) Assists in maintaining the Church's Calendar of events. Education and Experience: High school diploma with at least 2 years of office experience. Some familiarity with church operations. Characteristics: Capable of working independently with miniJTlal supervision Must maintain a cordial, professional relationship with others, keeping a pleasant demeanor at all times, including when on the phone. Works effectively with other church personnel, and especially the Pastor. Capable of maintaining confidentiality of privileged information. Relationship with Church: No specific litmus test of beliefs, but must be willing to conduct self in a manner consistent with us our non-discrimination and inclusiveness policies Please email your resume to info@allentempletampa.org Attn: Rev. Byron Pressley Sr., Church Business Manager "T1 r-0 J:l II FOR RENT II II HOMES FOR RENT II Homes And Apartments Available Vbor -3 Bedroom/2 Bath 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 2 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, WDH Section 8 Accepted (813) 453-0123 Temple Terrace (56th & Fowler) 2 Bedrooms/2% Bath Town Home Recently Remodeled With Granite Counter Tops $975.00 Monthly Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) 494-0375 East Tampa 4 Bedroom Home North Tampa 1 And 2 Bedroom 'Townhouse New Paint Ceramic Tile, Carpet WDH, Fenced Alarm, CtiA, Small Pets OK Section 8 Ok 813-949-3482 I Bill CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT z m 1704 East Cayuga r-Ill c: 4 Bedroom/2 Bath rr-Home m :::! 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c: m en II APTS. FOR RENT II II DUPLEXES II II ROOMS FOR RENT II 402 Amelia Avenue Tampa Rentals 3405 34th Street 1 And 2 Bedrooms 1 And 2 Bedroom Near Bus Stop Apartments Small Pets OK Very C l ean Security Bars Section 8 Welcomed $550 .00-$600.00 Plus Deposit (813) 340-3085 (813) 391-7046 II DUPLEXES Ybor Apartment Large 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex For Rent $575 00/Monthly Clean 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Includes Water $550.00/Monthly Deposit Required $450.00 Deposit Conveniently Located 1520 E. Eskimo Ave. #B Call (201) 819-5265 NearBusch Blvd (917) 902-4377 813-628-8169 WEST TAMPA North Tampa 2 & 3 BDRM APTS 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Water & Sewer Included Washer/Dryer Hook-up $492.00 $529 00 $575 00/Monthly Tampa Presbyterian $500.00/Security Deposit Village Section 8 Welcome (813) 253-0008 TTY 1-800-955-8771 Call (813) 376-8664 t:i:r Off Nebraska Between Busch And Linebaugh Ybor City Nice 2/1 Duplex (Columbus Drive) Rent $530.00 Studio Apartment Deposit $250 00 Completely Remodeled Tenants Pay Own $450.00/Monthly Lights And Water Plus Deposit No Pets Tile Throughout Section 8 And SSI Granite Countertops Recipients Welcome Call (813) 318-1523 (813) 843-2085 $299.00 Moves You In 1st Month Rent Free An Old Place $50.00 Move In With A New Face Excellent Rental History 1 And 2 Bedroom Required Apartments Good Neighbors $450.00 $550 00 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Monthly Burglar Bars Central A/C Cinnamon Cove 3014-B N. 48th Street Apartments 12401 N. 15th Street $575 00/Monthly Call (813) 971-5254 (813) 238-6353 \hi!: e o f Our CrmunJ.utiJy fot ;'" ... : ;. : .. (813) 248-1921 II Sulphur Springs Area 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex $500.00/Monthly $300 00 Deposit Call (813) 503-5321 Duplex For Rent 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Newly Remodeled WID Ho ok-up Central A/C, Parking Near Everything Call (813) 546-7782 Tampa Heights 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex WDH, CHA $600.00/Monthly Includes Water Deposit Required Call (813) 778-1332 DUPLEX 1504 E. 138th Ave. 3/1, CHA WID Hook up $695 00/Month $300 00/Deposit Section 8 Accepted Ron (813) 920-1085 (813) 690-6664 8217 North Marks 3/1 -Beautiful, Spacious Renovated Duplex Very Quiet, Fenced Yard Section 8 $0 Deposit Accepting 2 Bedroom Vouchers (813) 264-9660 Hyde Park North Cute 2 Bedroom Duplex Apartment Quiet Neighborhood, Porch, Central AC $650.00/Monthly 307 North Fremont Ave. 813-966-3926 12th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Central Heat & Air Washer/Dryer Hook-up $550.00/Monthly Plus Deposit Call (813) 451-1568 (813) 451-1776 Rooms For Rent In Quiet Building At 2913 North 15th Street Tampa Stop By Or Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Ideal For Fixed Income Person Cable TV, A/C Utilities Included $1 00.00/Deposit Call (813) 495-9757 "LOOK" SPECIAL SSI Fixed Income Big Rooms For Rent Various Locations $375 00/Monthly Cable TV $25.00/Key Deposit (813) 325-6499 Room For Rent -Ybor A/C, Microwave Cable And Laundry Relaxed Atmosphere Clean Block For Major Bus Line $400.00/Monthly Call (813) 384-1702 Ybor City Area Fully Furnished Room For Rent With Refrigerator $85 00 Per Week. + $85.00 Deposit Call Bobby@ (813) 545-9307 Mdve In Special Kennedy/Armenia Any Size Room $1 00.00/Weekly $400.00 For One Month ONLY Single, Must Be Drug Free And Employed (813) 384-0387 Ybor Heights Large Furnished Rooms $120.00-$140.00/Weekly Deposit Plus Security Plus 1 Week Rent Cable TV, Laundry Single, Drug Free Must Be Employed Call (813) 247-4724 Room For Rent Ybor Area A/C Cable, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $75.00/Deposit $100 00 And Up Weekly (813) 317-9872 Furnished Rooms For Rent Single Person Free Cable, A/C And Heat $100 00 Per Week No Deposit Call (813) 562-3848 Sulphur Springs Area Room For Rent Very Clean Close To Transportation $450.00/Monthly Plus Security Includes Utilities/Cable Available Immediately Call (813) 842-7902 Busch Gardens Area Plant City Fair Grounds Furnished, CHA WID, Cable All Utilities Paid Next To Bus Lines Quiet Neighborhood $120 00/Weekly Private Entrance (813) 478-1286 II AIR CONDITIONING II Tarpley's A/C LLC Sales & Serviee New & Used Financing Available Call (813) 238-7884 Lie #CAC1815130 ..... 1\) 0 ..... ..... r-0 :::rJ c )> en m z ::! z m r-aJ c: rrm ::! z ""0 c: aJ r-c;; ::1: m c m < m c: m en c )> z c :!!


,.... ,.... 0 N r-: ,... APPLIANCE REPAIRS 1.:;;;;;;;;;;11 =BE=DS=FO=R =SAL=E ;;;;;;;;;;;JII II coMPUTER SERVICE 1 1 I I GRADUATION I I 1,!;;;;;;;;;;11 :: 0 en AIC & Appliance Repair w :::::1 Ice Makers, Refrigeration Stove, Washers And Dryers All Work Guaranteed Twin Full Queen King Call Beds Top Notch $ 70. 00 Computer Services $80.00 Computer Repair And $90.00 Related Services $ 125.00 & Up Call 813-695-7813 (813) 310-0991 Call Prince (813) 695-4343 Fast Friendly Service II ATTORNEY I I I I I I COMPUTER SERVICfJ] I BRAIDING CLASSES I 0 a: LL 0 z w 0 w ::1: en ::i m :::::1 D.. z i= w ...J ...J Filing Bankruptcy? Chapter 7 Or 13 $500.00 & Up Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawfirm.org African American Labor Law Attorney *Workers' Compensation *Employment Discrimination *Labor Union Grievances Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawfirm.org I I Training & Certification We Offer Short Classes Now Is The Time Become Legal. Get Your Hair Bra i ding Licensed Now! (813) 770-8327 BURGLAR BARS Doors, Windows Rails, AIC Cages, General Welding & Repairs We Pick Up Scrap Metal For More Information Call Carl (813) 495-3172 II .:::I ; II AUTOMOBILE SALE II II CARPET CLEANING II i= z w CJ) a: 0 ...J LL 0 N w (!) I I Scratches Or Dents Affordable Carpet On Your Car? Cleaning Need A Bumper/Repair? Deep Sc r ub Complete Auto $55.00 Flat Rate Body Repair Free Estimates Ca$h Call (813) 205-4599 ASAP (813) 484-6757 BARBERS I I I I CHILDCARE II Designs of Elegance Changes Family Barber Shop Childcare Home 6902 S. Westshore Blvd. Now Enrolling Now Hiring License 24 Hours Day Barbers 7 Days A Week VPK Certified Call Andre (813) 805-2575 Call (813) 936-0176 Or (813) 766-3574 .. (Cell) LIC.# FTA 432324 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS Top Notch Computer Services Computer Repair And Related Services Call 813-695-7813 II DNA DNA Paternity Testing Legal Or Personal Testing Available Results In Just 3 DAYS No Collection Fees In Tampa NO BLOOD! Payment Options Available http://dnatestingsolutions.com DNA Testing Solutions 11972 N. Florida Avenue (813) 915-0000 DNA Testing Paternity Test We Come To You! Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24 Hour Service Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlmservices91 @yahoo.com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-5777 II II FORECLOSURE II ASAP!!! Loan Modifications Let Me Help You Save Your Home Please Call (813) 838-0497 Angel F=erguson's Word Processing Investors Needed For Automatic Sound Detector System Contact Us Today For Your Graduation Announcements Which Prevents Children Or Pets From Being Left $ 50 00 Per 30 $ 55.00 If Picture Is Included 813/230-7134 www.angelfergusonswordprocessing.com II HANDYMAN DJ's Home Repair Expert In Roofing And Tile Repairs Drywall Driveways Home Additions And More (813) 418-9655 Small Does It All Handyman Services Specializes : Plumbing Electrical, Painting House Yards Mowed, etc For More Information Call Clint Small (813) 735-3255 II II HAULING II All Junk Removal Furniture, Tree Debris Construction Garbage Or Anything Else No Job Too Big Or Small Fast And Reasonable (813) 285-4674 CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT II In A Vehicle Unattended Great Money Making Investment Call (813) 850-1941 For Detailed Information JUNK CARS We Buy Old Cars, Trucks And Motorcycles Must Have Title Call (813) 352-8356 Or (813) 900-0522 We Will Buy Your Junk Cars, Trucks And Vans Call (813) 478-5133 Or (813) 446-1947 CASH For Cars, Trucks And Vans Free Hauling Lost Title OK Call (813) 626-5733 Or (813) 924-6255 I Buy Unwanted And Broken Vehicles Cash On The Spot Must Have Title Call (813) 574-9052 I Buy Unwanted And Broken Vehi cles Cash On The Spot Must Have Title Call (813) 574-9052 For Your Conve n -ience The Florida Sentinel Bulletin IVIascercara VIsa, MasterCard American Express And oeblt Cards p, ..,,....., ... .,,.... VIa Phone II


c: m en II JUNK CARS II II SERVICE I I 1!=11 =M=ET=AL=;;;;;;;;;;!ill 1.!;;;;;;;;11 1,!;;;;;;;;;11 II We Buy Junk Cars And Trucks CALL J.R. (813) 966-3501 Junk Cars We Buy Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 784-8339 CASH For Junk Cars And Trucks Running Or Not Call Lorenzo (813) 843-8857 I Buy Cars In Any Condition Perfect, Not So Perfect Title, No Title No Problem Any Shape Top$$$ Call (813) 335-3794 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Up to $1 ,500.00 For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal/Appliances For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 LAWN CARE Lawn Care And Tree Trimming Leaves And Edging 50 x 100 Lots $25.00 Special Discounts For Churches/Seniors Call 813-447-7674 II II LAWN SERVICE II 10.00 Lawn Service I Will Cut Your Average lawn For $10.00 Large Lawn $15.00 Extra Large Lawn $20.00 Call (813) 679-9409 "We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service And Complete Clean-Up We Haul: Debris Limbs And Furniture Phone (813) 245-9761 Reliable, Affordable Quality Work Lonzo Hauling Lawn Service & Clean-Up For $25.00 $40.00 Also : Hauling, Debris, Cars, Junk Furniture Pallets Tire P/U w/Disposal Fee Call For Commercial Lawn Rates (813) 900-5828 II LEASE PROPERTY II Nebraska Avenue Just South Of Lake Office/Retail Space Easy Access To 1-275 Bathroom/ Water Included 600 Sq Ft $600.00/Monthly Deposit Free Applications 813-232-3900 Free Pick Up Of Metal Your Old Or Unwanted Appliances BBQ Grills Etc Call (813) 574-9052 Just Ask II MISCELLANEOUS Watkins Products The Time Is Now For Ordering Watkins Products! Vanilla, Gourmet Spices White Cream Liniment Aloe Vera Juice Ointments, Salves And Many More Products Call Today For A List And Price Of Products (813) 373-5604 Cash For Discarded Appliances $10.00 $20 00 Washers, Dryers, Stoves Refrigerators Brands: GE, Hot Point Whirlpool And Kenmore 3803 North 29th Street Phone (813) 223-3479 Cell (813) 850-1643 II LEGAL SERVICE II 11.!;;;;;;;;1 =M=OV=ER=S Cheap Legal Services (352) 358-1312 Simple Divorce No Kids/Property $165.00 Missing Spouse Divorce No Kids/Property $175.00 All Areas Need To Move Or Move Something In A Hurry? 1, 2, Or 3 Bedrooms Call (813) 995.;1753 (727) 709-2789 Appointments Only Divorce With Kids/Property $ 250 00 1!;;;;;;;11 =PA __ RA=LE __ GA __ L Modification To Stop Probation Expunge Or Seal For No Process Judicated Not Guilty For Felonies And Misdemeanors Eviction Stay Weekend Appointments And Payment Plans Available call (813) 415-2114 Cheap Legal Services (352) 358-1312 Simple Divorce No Kids/Property $165.00 Missing Spouse Divorce No Kids/Property $175.00 Divorce With Kids/Property $250.00 Cheap Legal Services (352) 358-1312 Simple Divorce No Kids/Property $165.00 Missing Spouse Divorce No Kids/Property $175.00 Divorce With Kids/Property $250 00 Non-Attorney Special Rates Special Rate On Divorces $150.00 Eviction And Stay Child Support Modification To Stop Probation Seals/Expunge s Felonies And Misdemeanors Motion To Re-Instate Drivers License For Non-Payment Of Child Support Adoptions Court Fees Could Possibly Be Waived Available 24 Hours Saturday Appointments Mobile Same Day Service (813) 415-2114 Gil Robinson Plumbing Installation Of: Kitchen Sink And Cabinets We Specialize In General Plumbing Phone (813) 872-0927 Or (813) 404-9778 Woodard's Plumbing We Specialize In Faucets Leaks, Drain Stoppage, Cabinets Sink Installation And All Plumbing Needs Call (813) 325-4643 Lie# 022650 ..... N 0 ..... ..... ., r 0 ::rJ i! lt.__l ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;R;;;;;;;;;E;;;;;;;;;PA __ I __ R __ -::! S & H Painting & Contracting Complete Home Repairs Experienced Licensed Electricians, Carpenters Roofing, Hauling Harvey (813) 412-9318 Insured/Lie# 199701 z m r;m c: rr m ::! z "'tJ c: m r c;; :::1: m c m < m c: m en c )> z c


,.. ,.. 0 N ; 1.!;;;;;;11 =R=E=P=A=IR=S=;;;;;;;:JII 1.!;;;;;11 II 1111 SPIRITUALIST II c en w :J 1-.J ACM Home Repair Service Painting, Carpentry Roofing Plumbing And More We Pick Up Scrap And Trash Donald (813) 391-3552 Or Gary (813) 403-1349 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling Carpentry, Room Additions Roofing Drywall Plumbing, Ceramic Tile Sidewalks, Patios & Hauling Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Lie #022650 Nail Tech Wanted $250.00/Weekly Pay Call Mattie's Natural Hair Care (239) 810-5894 Licensed Professional Braider Call For Specials Body Plaits, Sew-Ins !z Invisible Part And More w en Chazz (813) 458-6921 ( Facebook Me a: Chazzmeen Queet Wilson 0 .J LL. Summer Special Mattie's Natural Hair Care 7901 N. Nebraska Avenue 33604 Sew-Ins $75 00 Quick Weaves $60.00 Bobs $90.00 Micros $100 00 Invisible Part $75.00 Relaxer w/Style $50.00 Roller Set $20.00 Dred/ReTwist $50 00 Single Waves $40.00 Kinky Twist $100.00 Senegalese Twist $100.00 (239) 81 0-5894 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS Micros Short Hair $65 M icros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 Weaves $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 Spring Break Specials Micro's $100.00 Weave (Whole Head) $50 00 Call Lorraine A Licensed Professional (813) 817-8063 1921 E. Fletcher Across From Krystal's Next To Jerk Pit WANTED Stylist(s); Barber(s); Braider(s) At: Freestylin' Barber & Beauty Shop 1518-B East Fowler Ave. Tampa Fl 33612 Valona: (813) 361-9579 Or Kil: (813) 361-1577 Michelle (813) 300-0404 Spring Specials Up Do $45.00 Relaxer $45.00 Wash-N-Set $25.00 Sew-Ins $85.00 Micros $100.00 Free Eyelashes II With Any Service Mattie's Natural Hair Care Specializing In Hair Loss Treatment 7901 N. Nebraska Avenue 33604 Consultation $25.00 Balding $40 00 Thinning $30 00 Alopecia $40 00 Hair Growth $40.00 Scalp Fungus $40 00 Damaged Hair $25.00 Cancer Patients $40.00 Scalp Massage $40 00 Come Grow Your Hair Back Long And Healthy (239) 810-5894 Felicia's House Of Braids Now Hiring Hair Braiders For A New Salon In Tampa Offering A Fun, Friendly And Professional Environment To Work In Ms. House (813) 369-9936 Braids By Serina 813-458-0441 Senegalese Twists $100 00 Micro Sew-In $85.00 Box Plaits $75.00 Bobs $65.00 Sew-In $50 00 Cornrows $30.00 Ms. D's World Of Beauty 3720 1/2 Dr. MLK Blvd. Specials Up Do's $40.00 & Up Press & Spiral $35 00 & Up Relaxer & Wrap $40 00 Quick Weave $45.00 Phone (813) 247-4368 Roots To End Sew-In $100 00 $40 00 Dominican Relaxer/Perm Call Shelia (813) 802-3255 Senegalese Twist $100.00 For Braids Call (813) 447-6945 SELL YOUR II CAR I Will Buy Your Trade Ins Or Any Vehicle Honda Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, lnfiniti, Acura Or Any Model If You Still Owe The Bank No Problem (813) 335-3794 II If You Need To Sell Your Home And Time Is Of The Essence Call Us For The Best Offer (813) 325-2813 SPIRITUALIST Spiritualist ,... Healer Advisor True Woman Of God Can Help You On Love, Marriage, Business Sister Ava Can Remove Bad Luck, Evil Spirits Call Now (813) 379-1151 Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm, Card Reader Spiritual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores Lost Nature Advise On Love/Marriage Health And Business Special Readings $5.00 Phone (813) 506-9239 II Botanica 11th Heaven Readings That Are Honest And Firm ... Candles, Oils Incense Etc ... Sold Here Sis Harvey (813) 286-7500 Credit Cards Accepted Mrs. Crystal Root Healing I Have God s Given Power To Break Evil Spells Help Loved Ones Marriage, Business Health Success And Other Problems When All Others Have Failed Call (407) 209-4817 MS. ABBY Crossed Up Stumbling Blocks Enemies, Evil All Around You? Health, Finance Problems? Out Of A Job? God Said It Is Time For A New Transformation Of Your Sp i rit. Thru The Lord I Can Help You. He Will Take What Your Enemies Has Meant For Your Harm And Turn It Around Into A Victory! The Battle Is The Lords And Not Yours Appointments By Phone Only (813) 374-4295 14701 Banyan Bluff Drive Tampa, Fl 33613 When The Devil Has A Plan To Take You Out. God Always Has A Plan To Take You ln. Behold 1 am the Lord the God of all flesh Is there anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27 The Lord will curse your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before your face. They shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT Deuteronomy 28:7 Much Love Ms. Abby BLICATION DEADLINES Edition Thursday @ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition Monday @ 12:00 P.M. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1 Words And 50e For Each Additional Word Over 20 This Price Is Each Time You Publish Your Ad


c: m C/) ====s=P=I=R=IT=u=A=L=s=T====:!III II TELEPHONE 11 II URBAN WEAR II Prophetess Annie Mae To Remove, Put Back And Etc., Spiritual Counseling God Is The Key Answer To All Things Call (813) 785-1996 Prayer Also GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayers And Gives Luck! Don't be discouraged if others failed. I can help you rcome bad luck, evil influences spells, unatural conditions surrounding you. Has your loved one changed? in distress? the problem, I can help in one visit. Satisfcation! CALL ME TODAY! 813-677-2971 4927 83rd Street FREE 30 DAYS Home Phone Get Collect Calls On Your Cell Phone From County Jail $2.25 Per Call 813-546-2692 813-222-0195 Classiques Urban Wear We Have Coogi Dresses Betty Boo Purses Dereon, Baby Phat Apple Bottom Lingerie And More (813) 170-8327 GET NOTICED ... Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora@ {813) 248-19 Fax To: {813) 248-9218 or Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com BUSINESS DIRECTORY AUTO ATTORNEY FLORIDA INJURY ATTORNEYS, P.L Have You Been Injured In a Car Accident? Truck or Motorcvcle Accident? Slip & Fall? Dog Bite? Call Today for a FREE Case Evaluation! (813) 817-0788 Thehfrinccr .. llelore)'OU dodd., ado 111 to-yao hewritkn about oouqoulillcahoos ond cq> z c "T1 JJ c


C\1 ,..... .,... BUSINESS DIRECTORY :: (A] .._I ______ A_JT_OR_NE_YS ______ c a: Ll. c z a: w > w c w J: (/) ::i Ill :::;) Q. z i= w ...J ...J :::;) Ill ...J w z i= z w (/) I'My) upon .JtvtrtiwmmtsBe:for-t:)')U Nus to AUTO ACCIDENTS ALL RICKY'' "ASK RICKY'' AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALL RICKY (813) 892-8193; [ -----. -. .. -----------------Or Email: callrickywilliams@gmail.com Available 24 FREE Consultation PHARMACY TIMES PHARMACY 2210 East Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, Fl33610 !Hill sborough & 22"d By AMSCOT) {813) 237-6900 Your Neighborhood Pharmacy We Offer Free Home Delivery Free Gift Card With Prescription Transfers If You Have No Insurance* Call Us For Assistance I RENT AGAR !.ILt W L 3 tiL LOPARDO LA.\-V GROUP. P.l. 1.'\.\\l '.\ -li.'!Ul\-\ FEDERAL & STATE CRIMINAL DEFENSE All Federal Crimes Felonies & Misdemeanors DUI & Traffic Cases Violations of Probation Bond & ROR Motions Domestic Violence DV Injunctions Free Initial Consultation (813) 350-7923 lbc.hbin,g ohn Jtt:CJmey,iun i mporiant .i,lon tflst !hou&d oot be "-lsoklyupon ad,............._ a.ron:)w do


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