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' < Celebrating 66 Years In The Tampa Bay Area : SEE PAGE 14 -

Features NAACP Meets With I & D Supermarket Vice President BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Friday morning, mem bers of the Hillsborough County Branch NAACP met with the Vice President of the B & D Supermarket. The store has been the topic of discus sion after employees report edly beat a customer thought to be a shoplifter Lisandro (Lee) Diaz, Vice President of B & D Supermar ket, met with Dr. Carolyn Collins, President of the Hillsborough County Branch NAACP, Dr. Samuel Wright, Sr., First Vice Pres ident, and Attorney Brenda Townsend Walker, Chairman of the NAACP Legal Re dress Committee. The meeting took place at a neutral location. During the meeting, Diaz recounted the circumstances that led to his approaching 28-year-old Darwin McNish. He stated that he DR. CAROLYN COLLINS. President, Hillsborough County Branch NAACP (Diaz) observed McNish, who was wearing an orange jacket, eating something and then putting something into his pocket. Diaz also explained he be came suspicious because peo ple frequenting the store have often eaten food or consumed drinks leaving the discarded wrappers on the shelves and leave without paying for the items. Diaz said he asked the cashiers if McNish had paid for the peanuts, two said he had not gone through their line, and the third did not re spond. McNish had already left the store when Diaz approached him and asked for the receipt. Diaz also said the incident quickly escalated and that he wants to ensure that nothing of this magnitude ever happens again. He also stated that he has laid off one employee in the meat department and reduced the hours of another. The cashiers' hours have also been reduced. Diaz said he was not blaming the loss of revenue solely on the incident, but the business has also been hurt by several months of road construction at the inter section of N. 40th Street and E. Hillsborough Avenue. &-Year-Old Needs Help To Get To Math Olvmoiad PEARLY ANA UEMFIELDS BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Editor Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. (Yustina Rusmaryanah) Fields would love for their 6year-old daughter to partici pate in the Aloha Day Math Olympiad. They have already registered her for the event. The Olympiad will be held in Somerset, NJ on Sunday, June 5, 2011 from 9 a. m. 5:30 p. m. Pearlyana Liem Fields, a student at Lee Elementary School, has excelled beyond her grade levels. She's the Kumon Reading and Mathematics curriculum. Pearlyana was moved into first grade in January after being able to recognize 40,000 words. Nearing the end of the school year, she is at 178,ooo words, her parents explained. Pearlyana has been com peting on all levels in all areas since the age of 3. She has first and second place trophies, gold cups and superior ratings in piano, dance, gymnastics. She also has outstanding ratings in writing and math competi tions. Last Saturday, she took the 1st place trophy in Chinese Writing class, where she wrote a 3-page story in Chinese on her father. She spends 5 hours at the Tampa Bay Chinese School at the University of South Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Fields are hoping that they can raise $2,500 to mike the trip to New Jersey, arriving on Friday. "We're hoping some organiza tion or business will help her and she can in turn bring them a report on the competition." Those who would like to con tribute, may call Fields at (813) 416-7483 for additional information. Pearlyana has 2 other sib lings -Christiana Cynthia Fields (3) and Justin Parker (11). FREE Professional Service Alert: The Florida Law States That You May Be Entitled To $1 0,000 For Loss Wages And Medical Care ... Service Support and Help from the beginning to the end. Call Michelle B. Patty Local: 813-495 Toll 1-352 Available 24 Hours A Day /7 Days A Week Michelle B Patty Advertising Inc.


Features longtime lincoln Gardens Resident Passes Mrs. Lillian R. Harris Cusseaux quietly transitioned to her heavenly home on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at St. Joseph's Hospital. On April 28, 2011, she celebrated her 86th birthday at home with her family. Mrs. Cusseaux, affection ately called "Lil", a Tampa na tive born to the late Ira and Adaline Harris, was raised in Hyde Park and educated in Hillsborough County Schools, beginning at Dobyville Elemen tary, George W. Carver Junior High and Don Thompson. She was from a very large family blessed with the gift of music, singing and preaching. Her siblings included Lorenzo, Reva, Charles, Frances, Anna, Richard*, Albert, Fannie, Gloria and Harry. Deceased siblings are Freddie, Vivian, Nathaniel and Richard. The Harris family wor shipped at New Salem Mission ary Baptist Church in Hyde Park, and many still are mem bers today. Mrs. Cusseaux worked for several years as a domestic helper in the home of the Spartlin family. She and her husband, the late Mr. Wright "Cherry Red" Cusseaux, Sr., were married for over 40 years and were one of the origi nal families to move in the newly developed "Lincoln Gar dens" subdivision. Their children were Wright Cusseaux, Jr., Carolyn Baker, Flint, MI, Dan Cusseaux, Sr.; Maryland, Rev. Allen Cusseaux, Sr. (Sherryl), Veronica "Bonnie" Cusseaux Dixon (Jerry), Dwight Cusseaux, Sr. (Saundra), Dexter Cusseaux, Joy sabrina DENTURE RELINE: *** SPECIAL *** $50.00oni Each Denture Reline I In House Lab I Offer Not

Columns/editorials FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 2 02 140) 2207 21st Avenue Tamp a Florida 33605 ( 813) 248-1921 Published Every Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Member of N a tional Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and Amalgamated Publishers Inc. Ne w York. 1990 94 CP Time lnternational POSTMASTER : Send Address Change To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa FL W.W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Bly1he Andrews 1901n (1945) C. Bly1he Andrews, Jr. 1930.2010 (1977) S KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER ALLISON CLEBERT, C.F.O. GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR HAROLD ADAMS CIRCULATION MANAGER BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER Subscriptions-$44 00 6 Months Both Editions : $87 00-Per Year Both Editions Opinions expressed on editorial pages of thi s newspaper by Columnists or Guest Writers do not necessarily reflect lhe editorial stance of The Florida Senti nel Bulletin or the Publisher Needed: Fair Taxing Of The Oillndustrv c z c( c C/) w ::: .... > a: w > w c w :::r: C/) :J m ::: 0. z i= w ..J ..J ::: m ...:. w z i= z w W e pray for the day when more voters will wake up and begin to question the actions of their Congressional representatives. We encourage voters to investigate and learn about key votes occurring in all of our legislative bodies -city, county, state and national. However, many of our elected officials behave arrogantly simply because voters do not write, call or contact them to either support, or protest their behavior. Consequently, they cut domestic programs to avoid fairly taxing corporate interests. For, instance, three key issues should have caught voters attention, and should have caused them to contact their Congressional representatives. While gasoline prices approached $4 a gallon and oil companies continued to deposit billions of dollars in untaxed profits in foreign banks, GOP representatives fought off President Obama's attempt to end tax loopholes for the oil industry that would have generated at least $25 billion to bring down America's debt. At the same time GOP representatives tried to speed up the oil drilling permit process and lease sales for oil companies that would have allowed drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coasts of Alaska and Virginia. We certainly hope voters wake up soon and realize that the unfair tax advantages that some corporations have in America contribute to our country's rising debt. But until such happens, our economic roller coaster ride shall continue. 01-----------------------------------------=1 ==W=h=e=re=T=he=J=o=bs=A=re=== state of Black unemployment has long been a vexing issue in our eyes. Thus, you can imagine our alarm when we discovered that the figures for Black unemployment rose again for the month of April. Remember that we have encouraged you who have children to guide your children in selecting education, vocational training, and career goals in such occupational categories that show current and future growth trends. Few living-wage career jobs currently exist for anyone holding a high school diploma without some form of certification and/or advanced training. Today's entry level jobs require at least computer proficiency skills, certification and/or vocational training. According to labor market statistics, occupations in the health, medical, and technical fields are experiencing growth with unmet needs for trained personnel to fill job openings. Given today's economic climate and employer reluctance to hire people who have been unemployed for more than six months, being trained and prepared for today's job market is crucial to the survival of many Black families. Therefore, we urge all unemploye_ d and underem-ployed Black people to secure training and/or certifica"':t tion in an occupation showing future job growth. Your w very survival will depend upon how prepared you are for e, the job market and how willing you are to reinvent your professional self. I n just a few days the school year will be over and thousands upon thousands of children will be free of their 8-hour school day and parents will struggle with the question of what do I do with my children? There are a wide variety of answers to that question. But, whatever you decide to do with them, don't let the summer swallow them up. Don't let them waste the summer. Find them something useful to do. For those old enough to work, try to help them find a job. There is nothing wrong with youngsters working dur ing the summer. They can help to buy their school clothes for the next school year. Find programs that they can enroll in that will prove educational or beneficial to them. Try to get them enrolled in a summer school program. Mt Pleasant Middle School will host a Math, Science and Reading Academy at the school this summer that will be FREE to 6th, 7th and 8th graders Some libraries will have summer reading programs that you can enroll your child in. Then there are the Boys and Girls Clubs, the City and County Recreational Centers, and many churches will have summer programs to keep your child busy. There are so many things that can be made available to your child over the summer. Find something constructive for your child to do You know the age-old saying, 'an idle rv Samuel Charlton, Oliver Cromwell, And Jordan Freeman 7\. To, I didn't forget Cris.1. pus Attucks! Usually, when asked to name Black patriots who fought during the American Revolution, most of us can name Crispus Attucks as the "first to die in a protest incident in Boston, Massachu setts when British troops fired on a group of protestors. However, many other Blacks, whose names we should all know, and whose names will remain unknown fought and died during the American Revolution. At least 10,000 Blacks served America during the American Revolution. Three of them are the topic of this column. Samuel Carlton, Oliver Cromwell and Jordan Freeman all engaged in combat and fought valiantly during the American Revolu tion. At the young age of 16, Samuel Charlton was en listed in the American forces as a substitute for his master Fighting during the battles of Brandywine, Monmouth and Germantown in the Pennsyl vania, Maryland and Delaware areas, Charlton joined the more than 700 Black troops who participated in General George Washington's historic attack on the British as they evacuated Philadelphia. During the often talked about cold winter that Washington's troops spent at Val ley Forge without adequate food shelter, and clothing, Charlton and most of the other Black troops did not desert the Army as did many of their white counterparts. After the war Charlton re turned to slavery and was not freed until his master died leaving Charlton his freedom and a small pension. Charlton and his wife moved to New York City, where he lived out the rest of his life. Oliver Cromwell is often pictured as the lone Black sol dier in the boat With General George Washington as he crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776. Serv ing in the American Revolu tionary Forces for 6 years and 9 months, much longer than most of the other patriots, Cromwell enlisted in the Second New Jersey Regiment. Under the command of mind is the devil's workshop'. You don't want your child's mind to be the devil's work shop and you surely don't want to turn your child over to the "streets" to keep him or her busy during the summer. You may not like the results. Parents, do your share to make your children's summer as productive as possible When your child returns to school next school term, we don t want them reporting that they spent their summer in and out of juvenile court. It is important that you don't let your child's mindset idle over the summer. If you can't think of any thing for your child to do, then ask someone else, they might have some ideas. Cromwell fought in the bat tles of Trenton and Princeton (1776 1777), Brandywine (1777), Monmouth (1778), and Yorktown (1781). When dis charged from the Army, Cromwell was awarded a pension of $96 a year in recognition of his honorable service, and settled on a farm in New Jersey, where he raised a large family. Jordan Freeman died valiantly in the Battle of Groton Heights (1781), one of the fiercest combats of the Revo lution. Even though he had been assigned to "non-combat battle support functions, Freeman met the leading British commander as the British stormed Freeman's unit's fortifications. During hand-to-hand com bat, Freeman killed the British major. Lambo Latham, another Black non combat soldier, died along side Freeman that day, as they had both volunteered to fight instead of retreating to safety. While the names of the ma jority of unknown Black in fantrymen who fought during the American Revolution re main unknown Charlton, Cromwell and Freema11's names join the list of Black men who fought bravely and valiantly for American free dom Harambee!


fictures from The Fast ..;;S;;;__o_a..._s ___________ -trn Alpha Wives and Sweethearts at a Christmas party at the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Jackson were: (L-R) Mrs. Alfred Barnes, Mrs. Monroe Mack, Mrs. F. A. Smith, Mrs. Hames Campbell, Miss Irene Kilpatrick and Mrs. Martin Silas. Jerry Bell, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, is shown passing out Easter Boxes to members of the community. Also pictured at the outreach event are: Willie Reeves, Ida Smith and Ken Nuznoz. Guests a t New Salem M. B. Church Anniversary were as follows: Vivian Knight, Quiani Whaley, Sylvia Taylor, Reva Taylor. Rev. Harry L. Harris, Fannie Rodgers, Murtel Mitchell, Ann Drayton, Rev. C. C. Drayton and Lillian Cusseau,x. c Soaps ALL MY CHILDREN Tad s feelings grow for Cara; Greenlee 3: goes off on Ricky David is suspicious of Erica; Scott agrees to move out if that's what Madison wants ; Angie consoles Madison w BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL-Whip turns to Jackie for sup-...a. port after the breakup of his m a rriage; Thomas has his first encounter N with Ridge since his confession; Stephanie urges Taylor to tell Ridge g how she truly feels about him Thomas takes the blame for what hap-...a. pened on the island; Steffy asks Ridge about his breakup; Stephanie and Eric don't see eye-to-eye regarding Ridge; Taylor and Ridge rem inisce about the good times they shared throughout the years. DAYS OF OUR LIVES-Brady confronts Daniel about Jennifer ; Taylor urges Nicole to set EJ free ; Stefano worries that impostor Rafe has fallen in love with Sami; Melanie advises Dario not to give up on Rafe; Hope helps Jennifer realize that Daniel likes her for who she is. EJ is devastated to learn that Taylor left town; Chloe is overjoyed to spend time with Parker ; Rafe grills his lookalike to get information on the DiMeras; Brady finds Nicole crying in the park; Vivian is pleased to learn Maggie and Victor have split Nicole asks Stefano what he intends to do about Rafe; Dario blows up .at Melanie; Daniel is puzzled by Jennifer's behavior; EJ plans to eliminate impostor Rafe. GENERAL HOSPITAL-Johnny offers Michael a job in the Za cchara business; Lisa puts a curse on Patrick; Sonny and Brenda fight over how they handled parenting Kristina Kristina asks Dante to con vince Sonny she can date Ethan; Anthony unleashes a plan to mess with Sonny, Brenda and her son; Jason confides in Sam his concern that he is a poor role model for children. ONE LIFE TO LIFE Matthew suffers a life-altering complica tion; Rex confronts Clint about his public confession; Ford reaches '11 out to Shane, who responds positively to his advice. Bo and Nora spi-rral into shock and denial after receiving devastating news; Viki and 0 Rex bear witness as Clint's heart gives out; Rama and Aubrey fight. :a YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS-No Updates Available. C/) m z ::::! National Man Freed After 2009 Conviction Overturned BALTIMORE -A Baltimore man has been freed after an appeals court over turned his conviction. Darryl White, 25, was charged in the attempted murder of 3 Baltimore police officers in 2008 that claimed the lives of his 2 cousins. He was convicted on weapons charges and served two years in prison. The Maryland Court of Special Appeals overturned his 12-year sentence and his conviction on conspiracy and carrying and transporting a weapon in avehide charges. z "D c:: tD r-c;; :X: m c "I'm just re-DARRYL m lieved. I'm glad WHITE fii I can put this behind me and move on. Words can't express how I fii feel," White said. en The court determined the evidence presented against ...... White was insufficient. c '11 :a 6 5535 S. 78TH ST. 813-735-3840


All About You DESTINY Happy sweet 16 to the lovely redbone, Destiny Marcus, who celebrated her birthday May 28, With family and friends. Wish you many more baby girl. Love, mom, dad and family. look At Me Now!! DESTINY Mav God Keep Blessing You June 1st, you will be wiser and smarter. You have been there for me and others. We appreciate you and we love you. God sees the best in you, just like I do. Happy birthday, Baby. I love you. Divas & Ballaz Clothing. Happy Binhday Yeah, it's your boy coming through wishing myself and thanking God for seeing another blessed birthday! MYKAL SLATER a.k.a., MyMy Love, mommy. TERRI And EARLS. God has blessed me to find a good man with a good heart. I let you slip away once and we managed to find our hearts back together again. You are my love divine. Happy birthday, Baby. COOGIBOITONY To my lover, my friend, my husband, I would like to wish my Bae a happy birthday and welcome home. I love you Bae. Love, LadiLTrapster. Happy Binhday MYKAL SLATER a.k.a., MyMy MyMy, top left, Peter and Justin; bottom, Farose and Mykal. Happy birthday, MyMy. From mom, Charlene; sister. CraigShawndra; and big Lil Mike. Hope you enjoy your day at the Pet Farm. We love you.


Local When I woke up Saturday, May 21st, to clear blue skies, a blazing sun and a steady ground free of shakes and trembles, I wasn't surprised. Even after hearing and read ing about the prediction of a massive earthquake that was supposed to end life as we knew it that morning, I still planned on watching the Miami Heat play the Chicago Bulls on Sunday May 22nd. That's because I can only be Y 2K' d once. After that debacle 11 years ago, I realized that not only are people wrong 99.9% of the time when fore casting these world-ending events, but they're often a lit tle nuts as well. Case in point. The pastor, Harold Camping, who spent hundreds of thousands of his church's money to spread the word that the end had indeed arrived, has now come out and said that his calculations were off a smidgen. Instead of May 21st, he's now stating that God has re-sched uled our demise for October. I guess there was some type of scheduling conflict. In response to Pastor Camping's new assessment, I only have one thing to say .... Stop ... Please ... Stop. I mean it's bad enough that he led people down this same road 17 years ago. Now, in stead of giving us the obliga tory, "My Bad," apology for once again giving out bad in formation, he insists on killing us all off to satisfy his own apocalyptic fetish. I get the fact that he's 89-years-old and can probably al ready smell the inside of his coffin. But what good does it do to take us with him? The saddest part is that, more than likely, there is at least one family in Oakland California, where Camping's church is located, who gave away all of their belongings in anticipation of his predictions coming to pass. While I don't harbor much sympathy for those who follow fools, I can't help but wonder what they're thinking right now. It may be time for the government to step in on this issue. Since they enjoy mak ing laws barring just about everything, maybe they can protect the extremely gullible by passing some kind of anti false prophecy legislation. Something with a penalty stiff enough that it will make peo-Big Bru's Barbecue Sponsors 'The Extreme Tour' BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Cornelius, owner of Big Bru's Barbecue, has dedicated himself to helping those who can t help themselves. Every week, he and other family mem bers travel to the Salvation Army to help feed and clothe the homeless. On June nth from 10 a. m. until 9 p. m., Cornelius will be the host for "The Extr e me Tour," a free event with live music health screenings, and other treats. "We want to target troubled teens and offer them alternatives from the lifestyle that has sent so many of them to prison or worse." The live event will be held outside of New Beginnings Church, 1611 East Bougainvillea. Cornelius said none of this would be possible without the help of The Walk Church, and "the continuance of bringing heaven to Tampa. pie think twice before spewing their doomsday B.S. Until then, I imagine we'll have to keep surviving these alleged brushes with death, including the big one that's suppose to occur on December 21, 2012, before people stop being so concerned with when they're going to die and start focusing on how they're going to live. Anyone wanting to contact Clarence Barr can reach him at: Clarence Barr, II, 43110-018; Bennettsville F.C.I.; P. 0. Box 29512; or by email at clarence.barr798@gmail. com. Reality On Ice is by the Florida Sentinel Bulletin Publishing Company. All About You HAPPY83RD BIRTHDAY SIS. ORA D. FEDRICK Gail, Carmen and the rest of the family. We love you. PEN PAl JULIAN (KNOT KNOT) WILLIAMS Julian (Knot Knot) Williams is seeking friendship and sincere cor respondence. For more information, write to: Julian Williams, #29646034, Federal Prison Camp Montgomery, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, 36112. N 0 .... ....


C\1 ,.... Senate Democratic leader Urges Gov. To en Preserve Correctional 0 a: LL 0 z

Local A. T. Jones Academv Rebounds With New Program BY TAMECA JOHNSON Freelance Writer The school year is quickly coming to a close for students across the Bay Area. For the staff at A. T Jones Academy in North Tampa, the wind down brings reflections of extreme highs and minor setbacks. Through it all, they've endured and now feel they have more to offer educationally because of it. Jones Academy came under fire by the Hillsborough County School District when it discov ered administrators had mistak enly enrolled nearly two dozen four-year-olds into the public charter school program. Hills borough School officials forced Principal Brenda Kearse to withdraw all of the students in question, leaving the school in jeopardy of having to repay nearly $8o,ooo in state funds used for the children s educa tion. Ms. Kearse and the Board of Directors at Jones Academy quickly put together a plan to implement a new program called Accelerated Scholars, de signed to continue the acceler ated learning the toddlers had been exposed to since enrollment. The program is now up and running. It is independent of Jones Academy, but is located at the Ehrlich Road campus. Ms. Kearse says the plan was an immediate hit. "The par ents of many of those students were determined to wait until the new program was in place. Fourteen students are enrolled. Jones Academy is a K-5 free charter elementary school that specializes in Math, Science and Technology. This reporter toured the campus recently and visited a classroom of four and fiveyear aids who were working hard at addition problems and cursive writing. They also sang in Span ish and French. A class of second graders was completing math problems in the Chinese language of Man darin There was also a h i gh tech power point presentation on the rise and fall of Osama bin Laden presented by a group of fourth graders Adrian Anthony is a 9year-old 3rd grader who trans ferred in December to Jones Academy from Baycrest Ele mentary. He proudly admits, "Baycrest didn't have technology, so I never knew about this stuff until I came to A.T. Jones." Ms. Kearse says getting through this year was a shortterm goal. The 37-year veteran of public schools says she plans to continue efforts to keep Jones Academy on the cutting edge of technology, with help from such sources as Apple Computers. Apple representatives toured the school and verbally committed to providing Jones Academy with more of the latest iPad


Sports Middleton Sends Three To Baseball All-Star Game c a: u. c z II( c en w :::: w > w c w ::t: en :::i m :::: Q. z i= BY LEON B CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Middleton High School baseball coach, Vernon Slater, is a very happy man. Of the 25 baseball players from Hillsborough County that played in last Wednesday's .Senior All-Star Game, three came from Middleton. The only other Hillsborough County School sending three players is King. Coach Slater said he and five other coaches from Middleton selected infielder Jordan Morrell, pitcher Eric Comstock, and outfielder Demetre Taylor to represent Middleton. Taylor, who also plays football, has been given a football scholarship to Eastern Illinois State University where he'll also be able to play baseball. "I'm alright going that far from home, although I am a momma's boy," said Taylor. Eric Comstock will be attending Eastern Michigan University on a full scholarship, and Morrell said although he's committed to the University of South Florida, he's still not sure. "All of the Major League scouts were there a.nd that's big with the draft coming up," said Coach Slater. "There were also scouts From left to right: Eric Comstock, Demetre Taylor, Jordan Morrell and Coach Vernon Slater. From left to right: Demetre Taylor and his mom, Joyce; Tim Comstock, Nate Butler, Jordan Morrell, and his mother, Michelle Morrell. from junior colleges and uni versities evaluating the players. But, this game was mostly for the Major League Baseball draft." Coach Slater said this is the fifth year the game has been played and this year it was held at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. "Hillsborough County has won the tournament every year," said Coach Slater. "This was my first year selected to coach at the game. This was also an excellent opportunity to promote the program at Middleton. We've had more than 17 players who've either gotten scholarships or signed Major League contracts." Taylor's mother, Ms. Joyce Taylor, said the coaching staff at Middleton ..J ..J :::: m ..J w z i= z w en Organization Gives StudentAthletes A Second Chance g a: 0 ..J u. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer In January of this year, Ricky Sailor founded an organization called Unsigned Preps. His mission is to help high school athletes in their efforts to succeed. "A lot of kids don't get scholarships, and I want to make sure they at least have an opportunity to attend col lege." "My personal journey took me from West Tampa to Texas Tech University and now lim trying to find a kid to take the same journey." Sailor said working with Tyrone Keys and his organization, All Sports Community Services, Unsigned Preps has helped more than 70 kids nation-0 wide to attend college. "The new program I've W started with the help of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a Q; RICKY SAILOR preparation session with kids who have already gotten scholarships. I want to give them the tools they need to be successful. While they are in college, the support will still be there." Sailor collaborated with Eric Vance, Tampa Bay Buccaneers player development, to devise a program to benefit college bound high school student-athletes. Seniors from Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties participated in a one day symposium. The curriculum was designed to promote awareness and ease the difficult transition from high school to college as well as tackle common challenges faced by numerous collegiate level athletes. The program deals with real life issues which often arise and adversely impact many college football play ers. Unsigned Preps is looking forward to expanding and creating many future partnerships which enable them to continue annual programs and events to uplift youth, athletes and more importantly, the community. Heat Is Mavs Again, And Miami More Than Wade Now Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah, right, gets boxed out by Miami Heat forwards LeBron James (6) and Chris Bosh (t) during the second quarter of Game 5 of the NBA basketball Eastern Conference finals Thursday, May 26, 2011, in Chicago. At left is Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3). The Heat won 83-80, and advanced to the NBA Finals. An unstoppable one-man show against Dallas five years ago, Dwyane Wade is bringing LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the rematch. And the Miami Heat, who celebrated like champions last July, can throw an even bigger party if they can beat Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks again In the first season with their Big Three, the Heat welcome the Mavs back to Miami on Tuesday (tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC) for an unusually early NBA finals, the first in 25 years that will begin in May. The Heat clinched the first of multiple finals appearances that were forecast for them last summer, when James and Wade led a late rally to beat Chicago 83-80 on Thursday, setting up another series with Mark Cuban's team. "There's no sense of relief right now," James said. "We still have lots of work to do. We have a little bit of time tomorrow to go over what we accomplished. We don't take for granted this win and being Eastern Conference champion. We have a lot of work to do still and we look forward to the challenge." Winslow's Knee Pain Free For First Time In Years Tampa Bay Buccaneer tight end Kellen Winslow was missing one thing as he caught passes from quarterback Josh Freeman this week. Winslow ran several pat terns with precision and ease. He visualized defenders and fought them off before haul ing in one catch after another. There was nothing Wmslow could not do during a practice organized by Freeman to keep players sharp during the NFL lockout. For the first time in years, Winslow was without pain in his right knee. His knee felt so good, he did not have it scoped this offseason. The last time he went without that traditional offseason procedure, he thinks, was in 2008. One reason or Wmslow's newfound health is his learn ing to use a knee simulation machine more effectively. Winslow had 66 receptions for 730 yards and five touchdowns last season despite knee problems. Freeman looks forward to see ing what his tight end can accom-KELLEN plish while WINSLOW being pain free. Winslow could have trained in San Diego, where he resides, to prepare for the upcoming season, but committed to working out with Freeman this offseason. In the future, Winslow plans to work out at the University of Miami with several alumni, including Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson and Jere my Shockey. Wmslow is trying to convince Freeman to .take the trip with him because he loves the close relationship they are developing.


Sports LeBron Flanered, But Thinks Jordan Is Best Ever MICHAEL JORDAN And LEBRON JAMES MIAMI --Scottie Pippen said LeBron James may be basketball's greatest player ever. Among those who disagree: LeBron James. The Miami Heat forward provided his reaction to Pippen's comparison between James and Michael Jordan on Saturday, essentially saying he was flattered by the sentiment but simply does not believe he's done enough to merit mention among the game's highest echelon. "I'm not better than Jordan," James said. Pippen -who won six championships alongside Jordan in Chicago during the Bulls' epic run in the 1990s told ESPN Radio on Friday that while Jordan is "probably the greatest scorer to play the game," James "may be the greatest player to ever play the game." Pippen even backed up the comments later on Twitter, hours after his words sparked a bit of a firestorm, though tried to clarify a bit by saying that while he thinks Jordan "is the greatest," James "could" reach that pinnacle in time. James seemed mildly uncomfortable by the discus sion. "Michael's an unbelievable player," James said Saturday. "I've got a long way long way to be mentioned as far as one of the all-time greats. Not even just Jordan. There s a lot of great players who have played in this league. Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, all these guys who are floating around with multiple rings, Bill Russell, all these guys who have pioneered this game. "I'm gracious. Humbled by Scottie's comments, espe cially with him being a teammate of his and seeing Michael on a day-to-day basis. But as far as me, I'm not going to sit here and say I'm better than Jordan. I'm not better than Jordan." Buccaneers Aqib Talib Indicted Two months after being arrested for aggravated assault, Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib is being indicted for shooting at his sister's boyfriend Police have said that they believe the football star and his mother shot at the man, Shannon Billings, on March 21, but he was not injured. The cornerback, 25, was let out on bail at the end of March, totaling $25,000 bond. The charge is a seconddegree felony, which could mean five to 20 years in prison. The indictment does not mean Talib has been convict ed of a crime, but there is an official charge at hand. Talib denies the accusa tions that he shot the gun, but his mother tells police a dif ferent story. NBC says that Talib's mother, Okolo Talib, told officials that she did hear a gunshot and it could have been from her son. The cornerback is also accused of whipping Billings with the pistol. The police have said that while talking to Talib, they received many confusing statements and opted to indict him in relation to the events. BEAUTY UNLIMITED SHE MARA Apparently, you really liked what you saw Friday, because the requests are still pouring in ior another look at Shemara. We aim to please, so here she is once again, this time as our Beauty Unlimited feature. In case you got up looking at her photo and not reading what he's really like, here's recap. Shemara loves to model and when it comes to posing for photos, she is at the top. Shemara loves to entertain and be enter tained, and when she's not enjoying her quiet time, she can be found hanging out with her friends. The man in Shemara's life must be a strong man capable of holding his own and his lady as well. He also must be ambitious with positive goals, and respectful of all peo ple. Congratulations to Shemara as this week's Spotlight feature. If you're interested in being In the Beauty Unlimited or Spotlight, please send your information and photo, including a contact num ber to: jjohnson@flsentinet.com. latex Flat White Paint #204 .............. $35.00 /5 Gal. Semi Gloss White #14-510 ..... $14.90 I Gal, 9" Roller ...................................... $1 Brushes ....................................... 99. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! c: m en 0 :!:: (.,) ...... IIJ 0 ...... ...... .., r 0 :!! en m z ::::! z m r III c: r r z "0 c: III r c;; :I: m 0 m < m c: m en 0 )> z 0 .., :!! 0


ntertainment Oprah' Finale Scores Biggest u aoosie' accused KeiiV Rowland's Audience In 11 Years ::U:me #1 On Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop c en w ::l .... OPRAH WINFREY NEW YORK -Preliminary figures show Wednesday's finale of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" scored its highest audience in 17 y e ars. The Nielsen Co. said Thursday that the final episode delivered a 1 3.3 household rating in the nation's metered markets. It was the highest number since February 1994. That's when an "Oprah" episode called "People Shed Their Disguises" got a 13-4 rating. luther uncle luke' Campbell Loses Mavoral Race c a: LL c z <( LUKE CAMPBELL c 2 Live Crew front man f3 Luther Campbell made a ::l valiant attempt to run for .... mayor of Miami-Dade w > w County He wasn't actually heavily favored but he did end up in fourth place in a special election after 88 percent of voters chose to recall now-former Mayor Carlos Alvarez in mid-March. Campbell's platform included taxing strippers and he took home 11 percent of the votes. Former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina and former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez will battle in a June 28th runoff election for the mayoral position. c w :I: en :i m ::l a.. Bevonce Accused 01 Stealing Billboard Performance z j:: w ...J ...J ::l m ...J w z j:: z w en BEYONCE a: Beyonce is facing harsh 0 criticism for her 2011 Billit board Awards performance C\1 ,_. w now that a number of people claim she stole it from another singer. The Destiny's Child star is accused of ripping off Italian pop star Lorella Cuccarini, who gave a similar performance last year. Beyonce has since re leased a statement admitting that she was "inspired" by Cuccarini after being shown the routine by her makeup artist. "My makeup artist showed me the performance of Lorella Cuccarini a year ago, and it inspired me so much," she told AOL Music. "I then met with the talented people who worked on it. The technology and concept were so genius 3608 N. 1 Sth (Comer Of lake} 81 a.; LILBOOSIE LOUISIANA-State police say rapper Torrence "Lil Boosie" Hatch is facing al legations he schemed to try to smuggle codeine syrup into the state penitentiary at Angola. Lt. Doug Cain says Hatch, who is serving time on an unrelated drug charge and awaiting trial on a murder charge, sought help from two fellow Baton Rouge residents in the alleged scheme. Hatch was booked Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal institution and inciting a felony. Last year, Hatch was in dicted after he allegedly paid someone to kill a 35-year-old man who was fatally shot in his home through a window authorities said. Two others also face charges "Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz ," debuted at No 7 on Billboard's Top 200 chart in 2009. DMXGranted Earlv Release From Prison DMX Earl "DMX" Simmons is serving a year-long sen_tence for violating probation that began back on December 16th. X will be released early on July 1st under supervised watch until August 12th. The judge ruled that Simmons possibly suffered from bi-polar disorder and was admitted into the Fla menco Mental Health Unit at the facility The multi -platinum rapper was arrested in Arizona in 2010 for his 13th incarcer ation. Hopefully DMX can keep himself out of the penitentiary this time. His maximum prison sentence ends on August 25th. Kelly Rowland may have finally stepped out of Beyonce's massive shadow For the first time ever the former Destiny Child's member landed the #1 R&B/Hip-Hop song on Bill board. The single, "Motivation," featuring Lil Wayne debuted on the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B charts 10 weeks ago, and finally made its way to #1. This is Kelly's second #1. "When Love Takes Over" landed on top of the Hot KELLY ROWLAND Dance Airplay & Dance Club Songs charts iri 2009, but Black people really checking for Kelly's alterna tive solo music, so this #1 means more now. Photographer savs He Almost Killed Nas During Photo Shoot H e r -aided photographer Danny Hastings said that an on set mishap nearly killed Nas during the NAS 1999 photo shoot for I Am. Hastings, famous for capturing images for such iconic hip-hop albums as Big Pun's Capitol Punishment and Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, says God's Son nearly suffocated while being fitted for a clay mold in order to capture the King Tut image used for I Am's cover art. "During the first attempt, N as was getting asphyxi ated. We almost killed Nas," Hastings said. But "We cleaned him up, and he was like, 'Let's do it again!' Kelis Talks Nas Divorce Kelis isn't second guess ing her decision to part ways with the God's Son Kelis doesn't have any re grets in divorcing N as, after just two years of marriage. "I'm not a big regret person," Kelis said "I don't re gret it. I'm a big believer that if a bad situation happens, it is a lesson that needs to be learned, just once." -Kelis, who is touring and recording said, "I'm a mother and Ldo what I love for a liv ing, and I have enough money to do what I want, but -not so much that it's a stress. I think happiness is a momentary feeling, but I'm very content. I feel really good." Kelis should feel good when she's getting $10,000 a month in spousal support from her ex-husband Snoop Tells Reporter ore Has The Wrong People Around Snoop Dogg spoke with UKradiojockeyTim Westwood candidly about the hold up on Dr. Dre's Detox album. He claimed that after such a long wait, Dre is being a true perfectionist that doesn't want to give peo ple anything subpar and be subject to scrutiny. Snoop goes into detail about what the hold up is and he sights himself and rapper, The as the m1ssmg ingredients."He's got a strong work ethic and I'm gon' say this and I don't know if it's gonna ruffle any feathers, I just think the wrong people is in the envi ronment. Snoop credited D.O.C. for showing him how to put songs together and went on to say that what's missing from Dre's situation is "the SNOOPDOGG gangsta rhymes from me [Snoop] and the structure from D.O.C." "You got music, it has to go hand in hand, that's holy matrimony, and right now it's holy macaroni," said Snoop. Snoop even freestyled 'off the top of the head' a little about the topic spitting, "call the D-0-G and the D-0-C and the D-R-E will be back on the T-0-P."


c BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM 100 SEE IT, PUT IT IN THERE!' MS. PEARLIE MAE MELVIN Sunrise: 5/31/28 Sunset: 5/30/09 Another year has come and gone since you left us and went home. We. miss you more and more each and every day. At times it gets hard living without you, but we know that you are in a better place. For we know that you are in Heaven looking down on us. Today as we your sunrise and sunset we know that you are with us. Happy birthday, Mama! We love you always, Anthony and Marian, Rudy and Helen, and the rest of the family. IN MEMORIAM HOWARD WILLIAMS JR. HOWARD WILLIAMS, SR. Not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts. We miss you_ The Mills and Williams family. Fax (813) 231-0521 Let our family take care of your family. "We are the keyma fin e andqualit;yservice" FUNERAL HOME "Our Business Is Service" 3000 N. 29th Tampa, FL 33605 (800)605-3350. (813)248-6125 www. wilson-funeralhome.com "A Family's Friend In Their Ttme Of Need" 4605 N. 34th Street (813) 239-3101 JIMMIE JACKSON ... Owner IN MEMORIAM DEA. MERCELL DAVIS Six years have gone by but the pain of losing you is still fresh. I love you, Granddad. The Mills family. MRS. LILLIAN R. HARRIS CUSSEAUX Homegoing services for Mrs. Cusseaux, who passed away Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at St. Joseph's Hospital, will be held Friday, June 3, 2011 at 1pm at The New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church 2511 E Columbus Drive. Rev., Dr. Walter J. Williams, Pastor, Elder Harry Harris, Eulogist. Entombment will follow at Garden of Memories Cemetery. Mrs. Cusseaux, affectionately called "W," was a Tampa native, born to the late Ira and Adaline Harris. She was raised in Hyde Park, and educated in Hillsborough County Schools, beginning at Dobyville Elementary, George W. Carver Junior High and Don Thompson. Mrs. Cusseaux worked for several years as a domestic helper in the home of the Sparling family. Mrs. Cusseaux and her husband, the late Mr. Wright "Cherry Red" Cusseaux, Sr., were married for over 40 years. They were one of the original families to move in the newly deyeloped "Lincoln Gardens" subdivision. She was preceded in death by her siblings: Freddie Harris, Evangelist Vivian Knight, Nathaniel Harris, and Richard Harris. Cherishing her precious memories are her 12 children: Wright Cusseaux, Jr., Carolyn Baker, Mt. Morris, MI, Dan Cusseaux, Sr., Marlborough, MD, Rev. Allen Cusseaux, (Sherryl), Tampa, Veronica "Bonnie" Cusseaux Dixon (_,.erry), Dwight Cusseaux, Sr. (Saundra), Dexter Cusseaux, Joy S. Hendricks-De'Parkinson (Marlon), Zsa Zsa Cusseaux, Sheila "Gigi" Cusseaux, Monica Tartabull and Robyn Townsend (Garrett) of Alpharetta, GA. Her loving 29 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren, 10 great, great grandchildren, and a host of nieces and nephews. Her siblings: Dea. Lorenzo Harris (Naomi), Washington, D.C., Mr. Mrs. Reva Taylor, Elder Charles Harris, NJ, Evangelist Frances Boykins, (Edmond), NJ, Mrs. Anna Drayton, Mr. Mr. Albert Harris (Ann), NJ, Mrs. Fannie Rodgers (Eli), Mrs. Gloria Foster, (Nathaniel), and Elder Harry Harris (Deborah), Eustis, FL. Her sisters-in-law: Mrs. Margaret Mount, Mrs. E. N. Cusseaux, Mrs. Maggie Cusseaux, and Mrs. Ann Cusseaux, Miami, FL. Her beloved friends and families, Mrs. Viola National Latson, Mrs. Ruby Brown, Mrs. and Mrs. Eli (Ruth) -Flemming, Mr. Nathan S:: McCalla, Ms. Theresa Flucker, the Spain, Sims, Jennings, and Cail fami-lies, and a host of other rei-atives and friends. ..... The remains will repose Thursday, June 2, 2011, from 4-7 p. m., Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements are entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes and Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralhome.com Sean Kingston Moved To ICU After Watercraft Crash r-0 :0 MIAMI Hip-hop singer Sean Kingston has been sta bilized and moved to the inten sive care unit at a hospital after crashing his watercraft into a Miami Beach bridge, his publi cist said Monday. The publicist, Joseph Carozza, said Kingston's family is grateful for everyone's prayers and support. Ki ngston and a female pas sen ge r wer e injured wh e n the w atercraft hit the Palm Island Bridge around 6 p m Sunday, Florida Fish and Wildlife Con servation Commission spokesman Jorge Pino said. The Miami Herald reports that a passing boater saw the accident and took the two on board his vessel. Both were hospitalized early Monday at Ryder Trauma Cen ter, but Pino said he didn't know their conditions. Authorities are investigating the crash, and nothing at this point would indi cate that al cohol played a role," Pino said. SEAN KINGSTON c > C/) m z :::! z m r-Ill c: rrm :::! z Kingston rose to fame with his 2007 hit Beautiful Girls and was ffi also featured on songs by C artists including Justin cn Bieber. His self-titled debut ffi album sold over 1 million C copies worldwide. !;g On Twitter Bieber posted m a message of support for Kingston. -t Got my friend Sean C: Kingston in my prayers rn tonight," Bieber tweeted early C Monday. A true friend and big bro. Please keep him in your > prayers tonight as well." Bishop Eddie long senles With Accusers :0 c ATLANTA-Bishop Eddie Long, the Atlanta based megachurch leader, has r e ached an out-of-court s e ttle m e nt with four young men who accused him of sexual coercion. B. J. Bernstein, the attor ney representing the men said in a statement that the lawsuits against Long and his church have be e n resolved. Bernstein's two-para graph statem ent said that neither she nor the accusers would talk about the lawsuits "now or in the future." Art Franklin, a Long spokesman, said Thursday that the pastor settled because it "is the most reasonable road for everyone to travel. This decision was made to bring closure to this matter and to allow us to move for ward with the plans God has for this ministry," Franklin said in a statement. Long is an internationally known televangelist who trus a d e d against gay BISHOP EDDIE LONG marriage, and the lawsuits against him drew national at tention. The settlement comes eight months after Long, the senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia said from the pulpit of his 25,000 member megachurch that he vowed to fight the accusations against C) m him, with the congregation ..... cheering in response. W


Crime. Mom Jail After Toddler Eats Drugs w ::J .... INDIA COUCH Tampa Police arrested a 22-year-old woman Monday and charged her with beating her one-year-old for eat ing her marijuana. Police said India Couch faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, child abuse, child neglect, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Investigators said that the child, who had been left unsupervised, found the marijuana in Couch's purse, and ate some of it. Police said that's when Couch beat the child with a sandal and then hit him hard enough to leave welts. Police said she also attacked her live-in partner with a dumb bell. Arrest records indicate she's being held under a bond of $7,500. c a: LL c z Police Release Sketch 01 Rape suspect <( c C/) w ::J .... w > w c w ::1: en ::J m ::J z i= This is a composite sketch w of a suspected rapist. ..J ..J ::J m Tampa Police detectives uj are investigating a report of z a sexual battery complaint. Police said an incident occurred at 7:30 a. m. in the area of 16th Street and 6th Avenue. Police said the victim, a 24-year-old white female, was in her home which is a renovated bus. A man reportedly entered the bus and sexually battered the victim. She was taken to the Nurse Examiner's Office and detectives are investigating. The suspect in the incident is described as a Black male, 6 feet to 6'2" tall with a short beard and last seen wearing a light blue shirt and tan shorts. 1467 Tampa Park Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & scott St. hrrng of ala:,1er .san rn'por:ant cec. s ron that sr;ou d ,o: be based solely upon ad.er: semets 8e'ore you deer de. .; to sene: ,'OU FREE mformat on Jbout qualrfrcatrons ana expwc-.ce' Man Accused 01 Shooting His Brother DONALD DOCTOR Tampa Police are investigating a shooting between brothers that occurred early Friday m orning. Police said Brandon Cade, 26, and Donald Doctor, 29, were involved in an argument, and during the argument, Doctor allegedly shot Cade in the right elbow. Cade was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Doctor is being held without bond on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. suspect In April Shooting Arrested EUJAHBOOZE CLEARWATER -According to U. S. Marshal's Office, a shooting suspect that caused a standoff and school lockdown in April has been arrested. Elijah Booze, 21, was arrested at a home in Clearwater Thursday. He was sought after his sister was shot in the leg during some type of altercation in New Port Richey ori April uth. He has not been charged in that shooting. Marshals arrested Booze on an outstanding warrant. Drive-Bv Shooting Chase Ends In Crash, Three Arrests DEOTRIST BERRIEN CRAIG GORDON PINELLAS COUNTY -Pinellas County Sheriffis deputies report that four men suspected of being involved in a drive-by shoot ing Sunday night led them on a chase before crashing into a Clearwater business. The shooting reportedly occurred at Ulmerton Road and 119th Street. Deputies in the area reported seeing shots fired from a vehicle and initiated a chase. Deputies deployed stop sticks that flattened a tire on the fleeing vehicle. The dri ver continued, making a turn onto Fairmont Street and running into the green Market on North 4th ORlAN RECKLEY JEFFREY DIXON .. wounded in the drive-by shooting. Harrison. One of the passengers jumped out of the suspect vehicle and fled. Deputies arrested the driver, Deotrist Berrien, 18 and charged him with aggravated fleeing and eluding. Passengers Orian Reckley, 19, and Craig Gordon, 19, were charged with pos session of marijuana. The shooting victim, Jeffrey Dixon, 21, was hit in the thigh and hospitalized. Deputies also reported recovering two handguns that were thrown from the car. Fiuhtleads To Fatal Shooting LARGO -Authorities arrested a man they believe is responsible for a shooting that left one man dead and a woman injured Saturday. Jimmy Ray Hickman, 32, faces charges of second degree murder and attempt ed murder. According to authorities, Hickman fatally shot Olester Clemons, 30. Also injured was Ericka Satchell, 20. Deputies said the three had gone out together Friday night and to Hickman's home. At some point, Hickman and Clemons began fighting JIMMY RAY HICKMAN about Satchell, who was Clemons' god-sister. Hickman shot Clemons, who died at Bayfront Medical Center. Satchel was treated for an abrasion.


IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, OF THE 13TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA Case No.: 11-CA-002044 DIVISION B ROCKWELL FINANCIAL GROUP, L.L.C., Plaintiff, vs. DJACK, LLC, DARRELL LAMONT JACKSON, the DIVISION of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and TOBACCO of the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT of BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL REGULATION, the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT of REVENUE, Defendants, NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 45 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to an Order of Final Judgment of Foreclosure dated May 19. 2011, and entered in Case No. 11-CA-002044./ Division B, of the Circuit Court of the 13th Judicial Circuit in and for Hillsborough County, Florida, wherein Rockwell Financial Group. L.L.C. is the Plaintiff and Djack. LLC. Darrell Lamont Jackson. the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. the Florida Department of Revenue, are the defendants. I will sell to the highest and best bidder for cash at 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida 33602 Rooms 201/202, at 2 o'clock p.m. on the June 30. 2011, State of Florida Quota Alcoholic Beverage License 39-00312 series 4COP for use in Hillsborough County Florida NOTICE: ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE A CLAIM WITH 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES WHO NEED A REASONABLE ACCOMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING ARE ENTITLED, AT NO COST, TO THE PROVISION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. PLEASE CONTACT THE ADA COORDINATOR, AT (813) 276-8100, EXT. 4205 WITHIN (2) TWO WORKING DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THIS NOTICE. IF YOU ARE HEARING IMPAIRED, CALL 1-800-955-8771 Dated this 23rd day of May. 2011. PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: /s/ GLENDALY MARTINEZ DEPUTY CLERK I I HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES REQUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS Hillsborough County will receive sealed bids and/or proposals for the following, until the stated date and time when they w ill be publicly opened. JUNE 14,2011-2:00 P.M. ITB-P-0163-0-2011/BG 44 FOOT ROLL-OFF TRAILERS **** Information on these and other Requests for Bids, along with Bid/Proposal results may be accessed at www.hillsboroughcounty org/procurementservices. This is a Hillsborough County Governmental .Purchasing Council Bid Minority and women owned firms will be afforded a full opportunity to participate in these matters and will not be subject to discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color or national origin. Questions regarding the above projects may be directed to Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners, Department of Procurement Services, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 18th Fl., County Center, Tampa Florida, 33602, (813) 272-5790, during regular business hours. EMPLOYMENT Felicia's House Of Braids Now Hiring Hair Braiders For A New Salon In Tampa Offering A Fun, Friendly And Professional Environment To Work In Ms. House (813) 369-9936 WANTED Stylist(s) ; Barber(s); Braider(s) At: Freestylin' Barber & Beauty Shop 1518-B East Fowler Ave Tampa, Fl 33612 Valona: (813) 361-9579 Or Kil: (813) 361-1577 Church Secretary II Responsibilities: Assists the Pastor in routine clerical tasks, as need arises Manage and maintain office supplies Routine office skills organizing papers filing, etc Basic computer skills, including organizing files and performing backup (e.g. to CDROM or flashcard). Maintain database of contact information for members and friends. Perform routine back-up of computer files. Document preparation skills (familiar with MS WORD word-processing software basics of file organization, printing, email etc ) Able to travel to Post Office to send and collect mail. Responsible of all communications (phone, letters, e-mail and meeting reminders) Assists in maintaining the Church's Calendar of events Education and Experience: High school diploma with at least 2 years of office experience. Some familiarity with church operations. Characteristics: Capable of working independently with minimal supervision Must maintain a cordial, professional relationship with others, keeping a pleasant demeanor at all times including when on the phone Works effectively with other church personnel, and especially the Pastor. Capable of maintaining confidentiality of privileged information. Relationship with Church: No specific litmus test of beliefs but must be willing to conduct self in a manner consistent with us our non-discrimination and inclusiveness policies Please email your resume to info@allentempletampa.org Attn: Rev. Byron Pressley Sr., Church Business Manager Two Hair Stylists Needed For The Nail Gallery 322 W. Hillsborough Ave. Booth Rental Preferred Contact Dallas (813) 493-0099 Designs of Elegance Barber Shop 6902 S. Westshore Blvd. Now Hiring License Barbers Call Andre (813) 805-2575 Or (813) 766-3574 (Cell) Make Money! Make Full Time Money Working PartTime From Home Start Today Paid Weekly FREE Training!! 813.389.0860 Looking For Experienced Lawn Care Worker Must Pass Background Check No Misdemeanor Drug Chargers And Absolutely No Felony Charges (813) Natural Hair Relgnz N Style 2202 W Waters Avenue Ste. #5 Tampa Fl 33604 Attention: Seeking Natural Hair Technicians. If You Can Braid, Lock And Twist This Is The Opportunity You Don't Want To Miss Come Join A Team That Is Certified, Bonifide And Qualified To Meet The Needs Of Every Natural Client Desire With An All Natural Hair Care Product Line Evle (813) 312-8883 Or Nikki (813) 764-6061 1'1,) 0 .. .. ., r-0 ::tl c )> C/) m z ::! z m r-m c: rr-m ::! z "'C c: m r-c;; % m c m < m ::tl < -1 c: m C/) c )> z c ., ::tl c G') m .. Ul


9--0 N :1 II HOMESFORRENT II ::!!: >= en w :::l 1-c a: u. c z <( c en w :::l 1-> a: w > w c w :I: en :::::i m :::l a. z i= w ..J ..J :::l m ..J w z i= z w en a: 0 ..J u. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT INVITATION TO BID The SCHOOL BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY Florida, seeks sealed bids from qualified bidders for Roof Replacement at Dunba r Elementary School. Project scope includes roof replac e ment of selected buildings with an est i mated construction cos t between $ 158 ,4 00 and $369 600 Qualified firms can submit bids to the Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) Procurement Department on the 3rd Floor of the Raymond 0 Shelton School Administrative Center 901 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa F lo rida 33602 until bid opening at 10: 00 a .m. on Tuesday, June 7, 2011. The bid documents include specific bid submittal requirements HCPS maintains general requirements applicable to all construction-related bids on the HCPS web site at http :l/ 168.254.1 35/documents / standards/index.htm HCPS will host a non-mandatory pre bid conference at 3:30 p .m. on Thursday May 26, 2011 in the library at Dun bar Elementary School, 1730 Union Street Tampa, FL 33607, followed by a tour of the job site. Attendees must sign in and present a photo ID to gain access to the conference The bid documents identify specific requirements for bid and surety bonds, and insurance. The successful bidder must provide evidence of required insurance pr i or to proceeding with the work Bidders are subject to the HCPS Small Business Encouragement Program as described in the bid documents. Bidders may obtain a complete set of b i d documents in PDF format on CD at no cost from ROJO Architecture, LLC, 5701 E Hillsborough Avenue Suite 1130 Tampa FL 33610 Phone : 813-630-5508. HCPS reserves the right to award the bid to the lowest and/or best responsible bidder, to waive any informality or irregularity in any bid or to reject any and all bids received. THE SCHOOL BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA MARYELLEN ELlA SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS II HOMES 'FOR SALE II II FOR RENT II East Tampa Business Temple Terrace And (56th & Fowler) Civic Association 2 Bedrooms/2% Bath 1219 East Cayuga Town Home 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Recently Remodeled Single Car Garage With Granite Counter Tops Up To $60,000.00 $975 00 Monthly Available In Deposit Down Payment Assistance Section 8 Welcome (81.3) 248-3977 (813) 494-0375 1-hi c t:> 1 ?{ Our Comnzu.nity Speaking for ll.oelf' : ::. : .. (813) 248-1921 Temple Terrace Area 3 Bedroom/2 % Bath Condo $950. 00/Month ly Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 217-3434 (813) 293-8431 Homes And Apartments II Available Ybor -3 Bedroom/2 Bath 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 2 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, WDH Section 8 Accepted (813) 453-0123 USF Area 13050 20th Street 2 Bedroom/1 .5 Bath Town home Water Included $100.00 Section 8 Move In Special $750 00/Monthly Call (813) 220-3633 Upstairs 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Condo Near Chamberlain HS Screened Patio Gated Community Pool Must See!!! Section 8 OK Call (813) 960-8490 3/1-Duplex WDH CHA Quiet Location Ready June 1st Also Available 4/2 -Grant Park Ready June 1Oth Section 8 Welcome (813) 966-6187 East Tampa 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home North Tampa 1 And 2 Bedroom Townhouse New Paint Ceramic Tile, Carpet WDH, Fenced Alarm, CHA, Small Pets OK Section 8 Ok 813-949-3482 3 And 2 Bedroom Palm River Town Homes 4 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath With Garage CHA, WDH Washer/Dryer Hook-Ups Big Fenced Backyard Section 8 Accepted Starting At $950/Month Section 8 Only Call 813-956-5607 Call (813) 621-7493 4 Bedrooms HOMES FOR RENT II As Low As $900 00/Monthly Section 8 Welcomed 1701 East Stika (Nebraska & Busch). Call V&V www.myfinancialconnections.com 4/2 CHA, Tile Floors 813 259 4663 Section 8 OK $1 ,050.00/Monthly 2914 East 27th $800.00/Deposit 5 Bedroom/2 Bath (813) 385-2298 CHA, Carport Homes WID Hook-Up Fenced Back Yard 1708 East ldell Street Call Jonda 4 Bedroom/2 Bath (727) 320-731 0 1317 Warrington Way 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Grant Park Section 8 Welcome 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Call (813) 727-6782 Fenced Backyard CHA, W/D Hook-up East Tampa Laundry Room 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $995.00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome Carport A/C, Ceiling Fans Large Front Porch Call (813) 310-0177 WID Hook-Up Utility Room, Fenced 2109 E. 23rd Avenue Section 8 Welcome 211 Newly Remodeled $850.00/Monthly House (813) 857-2863 WDH, CHA, Fenced Yard 3414 East 9th Street And Carport! 4 Bedroom/2 Full Baths Rent $800.00 Family Room Deposit $800.00 $1 ,200.00/Monthly Call Jonda Section 8 Preferred (727) 320-7310 Available June 1st East Tampa Rev. Tyson 3003 East 18th Avenue (813) 770-2003 4 Bedroom/1 Bath Darryl Hall $1 ,050.00/Monthly (813) 735-5295 South Tampa Won't Last! 5309 Idaho Street Grant Park 2 Bedroom/2 Bath With Garage Beautiful! 4/2-Available 1 0 Years Young C H/A, WID Hookup $1 ,000.00/Monthly Spacious South Tampa Attached Laundry Room 6717 Hesperides Section 8 3 Bedroorn/1 Y2 Bath Bring Deposit $1 ,025.00/Monthly Call Today 813 245-7009 Recently Remodeled Tomorrow Might Be Section 8 OK Too Late Call (813) 787-5736


c: m C/) 1609112 Marks 3/2 Beautiful Spacious Home Very Quiet, Fenced Yard Section 8 $0 Deposit Accepting 2 Bedroom Vouchers Call (813) 264-9660 3 Bedroom Homes As Low As $800 00/Monthly $500.00 Security Deposit Section 8 Welcomed Call V&V 813 259 4663 www.myfinancialconnections.com North Tampa 4 Bedroom/2 Bath House Storage Shed Included $1 ,250.00/Monthly Section 8 Only No Pets Call (813) 217-3434 (813) 381-3540 Forest Hills 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Totally Remodeled Wood Deck Close To Adams And Chamberlain HS Utility Room, Fenced $950 00/Monthly (813) 601-3101 Progress Village 5203 86th Street 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Central Air, Carpet WDH Section 8 Welcome $850.00/Monthly $850.00/Deposit (813) 677-9449 (813) 943-6804 3007 42nd Street North 2 Bedroom/2 Bath With Den That Can Be Converted Into A Bedroom Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher And Microwave Included $800.00/Monthly $800.00/Deposit Background Check And Rental History Required Call (813) 895-0175 II Tampa Heights 3/1 Block Home 2 Car Garage AC, WDH, Large Yard $950 00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome (813) 453-5690 Sulphur Springs Large 3/2 Home Tile Flooring CHA, Privacy Fence $800.00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 503-5321 2009 East Osborne 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Home $550.00/Monthly 1st And Last Month Rent To Move In Mary (813) 681-4696 21 09 E. 23rd Avenue 2/1 Newly Remodeled House WDH, CHA, Fenced Yard And Carport! Rent $800.00 Deposit $800 00 Call Jonda (727) 320-7310 Near Hillsborough Ave. And 40th Street 3/1 Carport, Fenced Yard, WID Hookup, Carpet And Tile Section 8 Ready $900.00/Month $300. 00/Security 813-451-9201 APTS. FOR RENT Apartment 2406 East 12th Avenue 1 Bedroom /1 Bath Nice And Clean $475.00/Rent $4 75.00/Deposit Call Maria (813) 846-6422 SUPPORT THE; FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS II 3015112 N. Sanchez St. Includes Water Sewage And Garbage Cozy 1 Bedroom Rear Apartment $395.00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit Call (813) 704-3370 402 Amelia Avenue 3405 34th Street 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments Very Clean, Security Bars $550.00-$600.00 Plus Deposit (813) 391-7046 $299.00 Moves You In An Old Place With A New Face 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments $450 .00-$550.00 Monthly Cinnamon Cove Apartments 12401 N. 15th Street Call (813) 971-5254 29th And East Columbus 2/2 -Apartment $750.00/Monthly 3/2 Apartment $950.00/Monthly Washer/Dryer Included Updated Units Security System Very Nice Section 8 Welcome Jacob Real Estate Broker (813) 258-3200 Ext. 111 Or 115 Meridian Apartments 1 & 2 Bedrooms Starting @ $545 00 FREE Rent On Select Units Convenient To Downtown USF, 1-75 & 1-4 Screened Porches WID Hookups, 2 Pools New Appliances And So Much More ... 8501 North 50th St Call Today! 813-985-4419 Angie's Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $750.00 WDH -0 Deposit No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome 813-915-9787 USF Area Section 8 Accepted 2/1 Apartment WDH, CHA Carpet, Tile $650.00/Monthly Includes Water Plus Deposit (813) 417-3455 WEST TAMPA 2 & 3 BDRM APTS Water & Sewer Included $492.00 $529.00 Tampa Presbyterian Village (813) 253-0008 TTY 1-800-955-8771 USF Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem!! FREE APPLICATION!! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Floors New Appliances New Ceiling Fans $499.00/Monthly Water & Trash Included!!!! Low Or No Deposit! 813-244-4551 Apartment 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook-up $800.00/Monthly Central Heat And Air Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 849-3265 2/1 Apartment For Rent Only $550.00 Includes Water 1 st Month Free With Security No Credit Check Onsite Laundry 813-971-0341 Villa Palms Apartments 1/1 $525.00 2/1 $599.00 $200.00 Deposit $200.00 Off 1st Month Special Water Included On-Site Laundry Facility Contact Cynthia Logan (813) 975-0258 1/1 Recently Remodeled A/C, New Vinyl Tile Floors Very Close To Bus Lines Convenient Ybor City Area Includes Water/Sewer/Trash No Gas 1001 East 12th Avenue $650.00/Monthly Deposit Negotiable Tenant Only Pays Electric 813-245-1998 UBLICATION DEADLINES uesday Edition 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition Monday @ 12:00 P.M. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 Words And For Each Additional Word Over 20 This Price Is Each Time You Publish Your Ad w ...... N 0 ...... ...... ., r-0 :::c c )> C/) m z :::! z m r-ID c: rr-m z ., c: ID r-Ci5 :z: m c m < m :::c < c: m C/) c )> z c ., :2 c


,.... ,.... 0 N c a: u. c z w c w :::E: en :::::l m ll. z i= w ...J ...J m ...J w z i= z w en a: 0 ...J u. Tampa Rentals 1 And 2 Bedrooms Near Bus Stop Small Pets OK Section 8 Welcomed (813) 340-3085 Sulphur Springs Apartment 2 Or 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Central Heat And Air No Pets Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 810.7725 Apartment 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook-up $800.00/Monthly Central Heat And Air Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 849-3265 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments Gated, Quiet 32 Unit Property Starting @ $395.00 Ask About Our Move-In Special (813) 965-7246 USF Area Section 8 Accepted 2/1 Apartment WDH CHA Carpet Tile $650.00/Monthly Includes Water Plus Deposit (813) 417-3455 Senior 55+ Riverfront Community Studio and 1 Bedroom Start $380 .00 $99 Deposit FREE Shopping Transportation FREE Internet FREE On Site Clinic Water/Trash Included Planned Social Activities And Much Much More! Section 8 Welcome Call Now 813-985-4419 River Pines Apartments co 7517 North 40th Street ,.... Very Spacious 2 Bedroom/2 Bath $550 00/Monthly $500.00/Deposit A/C, New Tile/Carpet Discount On Cable Call (813) 298-2499 Ybor City (Columbus Drive) Studio Apartment Completely Remodeled $450.00/Monthly No Deposit With Approved Credit Tile Throughout Granite Countertops Call (813) 318-1523 II DUPLEXES II Duplex 2 Bedroom /1 Bath, WDH Refurbished Kitchen Quiet Neighborhood Deposit Negotiable Section 8 No Deposit Call (813) 503-0493 Tampa Heights 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex WDH, CHA $600.00/Monthly Includes Water Deposit Required Call (813) 778-1332 8217 North Marks 3/1 Beautiful Spacious Renovated Duplex Very Quiet, Fenced Yard Section 8 $0 Deposit Accepting 2 Bedroom Vouchers (813) 264-9660 DUPLEX 1504 E. 138th Ave. 3/1, CHA W/D Hook-up $695.00/Month $300.00/Deposit Section 8 Accepted Ron (813) 920-1085 (813) 690-6664 II Duplex For Rent 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Newly Remodeled W/D Hook-up Central A/C, Parking Near Everything Call (813) 546-7782 North Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Washer/Dryer Hook-up $575.00/Monthly $500.00/Security Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 376-8664 1st Month Rent Free $50.00 Move In Excellent Rental History Required Good Neighbors 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Burglar Bars Central A/C 3014-B N. 48th Street $575.00/Monthly (813) 238-6353 ROOMS FOR RENT Rooms For Rent In Quiet Building At 2913 North 15th Street Tampa Stop By Or Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Ideal For Fixed Income Person Cable TV, A/C Utilities Included $135 00/Weekly $1 00.00/Deposit Call (813) 495-9757 Move In Special Kennedy/ Armenia & University Area Any Size Room $1 00.00/Weekly $400.00 For One Month ONLY Single Must Be Drug Free And Employed (813) 384-0387 II IVIast:erCarc:l Visa, MasterCard American Express And Debit Cards Pa VIa Phone ===


..... c: m en II II II II c II ROOMS FOR RENT II APPLIANCE II BRAIDING CLASSES II CHILDCARE FORECLOSURE REPAIRS c.,) ..... Room For Rent Ybor A/C & Appliance Repair Training & Certification Changes Family -ASAP!!! N 0 Childcare Home ..... A/C Microwave Ice Makers, Refrigeration We Offer Short Classes Loan Modifications ..... Cable And Laundry Stove, Washers Now Is The Time Now Enrolling Let Me Help Relaxed Atmosphere And Dryers Become Legal. 24 Hours Day You Save Your Home Clean All Work Guaranteed Get Your Hair Braiding 7 Days A Week Block For Major Bus Line Licensed Now! VPK Certified Please Call $400 00/Monthly Call Prince Call (813) 936-0176 (813) 838-0497 (813) 695-4343 (813) 770-8327 LIC.# FTA 432324 Call (813) 384-1702 Fast Friendly Service Save Your Home! "LOOK" SPECIAL II BURGLAR BARS II II COMPUTER SERVICE II II II Loan Modification SSI, Fixed Income ATTORNEY Loan Reinstatement Big Rooms For Rent Forbearance/Payment Plan Various Locations Doors, Windows, Rails, Top Notch Financial Assistance $375 00/Monthly Filing Bankruptcy? A/C Cages, Gates Computer Services In Some Cases, We Can Free Cable TV Chapter 7 Or 13 General Welding & Repairs Computer Repair And Even Lend You Money To '11 $25.00/Key Deposit .-$500.00 & Up Related Services Catch Up Your Mortgage 0 We Pick Up Scrap Metal (813) We Can Even Pay You Call Attorney For More .Information Call 813-695-7813 Cash For Your House Roderick d. Ford en Room For Rent Call Carl m (813) 223-1200 Call Or Email Now! z In Nice Home (813) 495-3172 ::j www.fordlawfirm.org Jennifer (678) 499-7531 z II II m 30 Years Of Age & Older DNA relief2008@ gmail.com .-Must Have Steady Income OJ II BUSINESS OPS II c: $1 00.00/Weekly African American .-.-$1 00 00/Deposit Labor Law Attorney II II m DNA Paternity Testing GRADUATION ::j z Jim (813) 237-1810 Workers' Compensation Make Money! Legal Or Personal "'tt Beverly (813) 235-7934 c: *Employment Testing Available m Jeanette (813) 230-6776 Make Full-Time Money Angel Ferguson's .-Discrimination Results In Just 3 DAYS c;; Working PartTime No Collection Word Processing ::t *Labor Union Grievances m II AIR CONDITIONING II From Home Fees In Tampa c Contact Us Today m Call Attorney Start Today NO BLOOD! For Your Graduation < m Roderick 0. Ford Paid Weekly :D Payment Options Announcements < (813) 223-1200 FREE Training!! -1 A/C Tune Up and Repair Available $ 50 00 Per 30 c: www.fordlawfirm.org http://dnatestingsolutions.com m LIC # CAC1814475 813.389.0860 $ 55.00 If Picture en c DNA Testing Solutions Is Included Call (813) 417-6399 II II II CARPET CLEANING II 11972 N. Florida Avenue )> BARBERS z Ask For Dario Mesa (813) 915-0000 813/23Q-7134 c '11 Tarpley's AIC LLC Designs of Elegance DNA Testing Affordable Carpet Sales & Service Barber Shop Cleaning Paternity Test II II New & Used 6902 S. Westshore Blvd. We Come To You! HANDYMAN Deep Scrub Financing Available Now Hiring $55.00 Flat Rate Results In 3 Days Call (813) 238-7884 License Barbers Ca$h Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans Mr. Jay's Handyman Lie #CAC1815130 Call Andre ASAP (813) 484-6757 24-Hour Service Moving Service (813) 805-2575 Monday Saturday Is Your A/C Or (813) 766-3574 (Cell) No Job Too Small Blowing HOT Air? C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning Can Do It All DLM-DNA Need More Freon? 1-3 Rooms Testing Services Concrete, Tile, Plumbing Call Today II BEDS FOR SALE II ONLY $29.95 (813) 928-2753 Light Electrical We'll Be There Including Deep Cleaning Dlmservices91 @yahoo.com Pressure Washing Right Away! No Hidden CHARGES! Now Servicing Nationwide Prince (813) 695-4343 Call (813) 325-4330 1-888-651-5777 Call (813) 298-8053 Beds Parham Air Summer Special Twin $70.00 $35.00 Service Charge Full $80.00 Senior Citizen Discounts Queen $90.00 Call Andre King $ 125.00 & Up @ (813) 770-6786 m For An Appointment Call (813) 310-Q991 ..... co


,.... ,.... 0 N II HANDYMAN II II :E >-0 DJ's Home Repair w :::1 1-Expert In Roofing c a: u. c z c( c U) w :::1 l-it w > w c w :1: U) :::::i m :::1 a. z j::: w _. _. :::1 m _. w z j::: z w U) g a: 0 _. u. II II And Tile Repairs Drywall, Driveways Home Additions And More (813) 418-9655 Small Does It All Handyman Services Specializes: Plumbing Electrical, Painting House Yards Mowed, etc. For More Information Call Clint Small (813) 735-3255 HAULING All Junk Removal Furniture, Tree Debris Construction Garbage Or Anything Else No Job Too Big Or Small Fast And Reasonable (813) 285-4674 INSURANCE Final Expense Life Insurance Don't Be A Burden To Your Family. We Can Help Call Today! Prince Affordable Insurance (813) 421-1146 Aflac We Pay Cash Benefits Directly To You 7 Policies That Will Enhance Your Everyday Living -Accidents Sickness Disability Dental Cancer Hospital And Life Tishia Ladson -Agent (813) 531-1025 (Cell) Tishia_Ladson@ us aflac com An Independent Agent Representing Aflac II II II INVESTORS II Investors Needed For Automatic Sound Detector System Which Prevents Children Or Pets F r om Being Left In A Vehicle Unattended Great Money Making Investment Call (813) 850 1941 For Detailed Information JUNK CARS We Buy Old Cars, Trucks And Motorcycles Must Have Title Call (813) 352-8356 Or (813) 900-0522 CASH For Junk Cars And Trucks Running Or Not Call Lorenzo (813) 843-8857 I Buy Unwanted And Broken Vehicles Cash On The Spot Must Have Title Call (813) 574-9052 I Buy Cars In Any Condition Perfect, Not So Perfect Title, No Title No Problem Any Shape Top$$$ Call (813) 335-3794 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Up to $1 ,500.00 For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal/ Appliances For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 II II JUNK CARS II We Buy Junk Cars And Trucks CALL J.R. (813) 966-3501 Junk Cars We Buy Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 784-8339 We Will Buy Your Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 478-5133 Or (813) 446-1947 CASH For Cars, Trucks And Vans Free Hauling Lost Title OK Call (813) 626-5733 Or (813) 924-6255 II LAWN CARE II Lawn Care And T r ee Trimming Leaves And Edging 50 x 100 Lots $25.00 Special Discounts For Churches/Seniors Call 813-447-7674 II LAWN SERVICE II $10.00 Lawn Service I Will Cut Your Average Lawn For $10.00 Large Lawn $15 00 Extra Large Lawn $20.00 Call (813) 679-9409 Reliable, Affordable Quality Work Lonzo Hauling Lawn Service & Clean-Up For $25.00-$40.00 Also : Hauling Debris Cars, Junk Furniture Pallets Tire P/U w/Disposal Fee Call For Commercial Lawn Rates (813) 90Q-5828 II LAWN SERVICE II "We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service And Complete Clean-Up We Haul: Debris Limbs And Furniture Phone (813) 245-9761 II LEASE PROPERTY II Nebraska Avenue Just South Of Lake Office/Retail Space Easy Access To 1-275 Bathroom/ Water Included 600 Sq Ft $600.00/Monthly Deposit Free Applications 813-232.:.3900 II LEGAL SERVICE II Secretarial Services Modification To Stop Probation Expunge Or Seal For No Process Judicated Not Guilty For Felonies And Misdemeanors Eviction Stay Weekend Appointments And Payment Plans Available II II METAL Free Pick Up Of Metal Your Old Or Unwanted Appliances BBQ Grills Etc. Call (813) 574-9052 Just Ask MISCELLANEOUS Cash For Discarded Appliances $10.00 $20.00 Washers, Dryers, Stoves Refrigerators Brands: GE, Hot Point Whirlpool And Kenmore 3803 North 29th Street Phone (813) Cell (813) 85Q-1643 Watkins Products The Time Is Now For Ordering Watkins Products! Vanilla Gourmet Spices White Cream Liniment Aloe Vera Juice Ointments, Salves And Many More Products Call Today For A List And Price Of Products (813) 373-5604 II II (813) 766-6685 II MOVERS II II LIFE Protection When You Need It! Peace Of Mind If You Don't. Prince & Associates Affordable Insurance 813-421-1146 II All Areas Need To Move Or Move Something In A Hurry? 1 2 Or 3 Bedrooms Call (813) 995-1753 (727) 709-2789 Appointments Only .. --.:--;.. .... -ii :.c... ..llloC .... ....... 7 .c .. -_,. .;R: ..-,-c::_--;..-..;..,_..,.., ... :r. .lf"':.P"'.:r....Jl!..JI!. '.I'".Z .. r!E' .... .?, _T"".-c_;:o .,.-


-4 c: m C/) c 1.!=11 1..!;;;;;;;11 ======s=A=Lo=N=s ======-o!ill Secretarial Service Gil Robinson Plumbing Modification To Stop Installation Of : Probation Kitchen Sink And Cabinets Seals/Expunges We Specialize In Eviction And Stay General Plumbing Felonies And Misdemeanors Motion To Re-Instate Phone (813) 872-0927 Drivers License For Or (813) 404-9778 Non-Payment Of Child Support II REPAIRS II Adoptions, Living Wills Power Of Attorney Special Rate On Divorces S & H Painting $155.00 Court Fees Could Possibly Complete Home Repairs Be Waived Experienced Available 24 Hours Carpenters, Roofers Saturday Appointments Hauling Mobile Harvey (813) 463-6492 Same Day Service Insured/Lie# 199701 (813) 766-6685 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling II PIANO LESSONS II Carpentry, Room Additions Roofing, Drywall, Plumbing, Ceramic Tile Children, Parents Or Sidewalks, Patios & Hauling Any Other Individuals Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Who Are lnteiested Lie #022650 In Professional Piano Lessons Please Contact: II SALONS II Jerome Thomas Minister Of Music (813)628-0282 Designs of Elegance Barber Shop 6902 S. Westshore Blvd. II PLUMBING II Now Hiring License Barbers Call Andre (813) 805-2575 Woodard's Plumbing Or (813) 766-357 4 (Cell) We Specialize In Faucetsleaks Two Hair Stylists Needed Drain Stoppage, Cabinets For The Nail Gallery Sink Installation 322 W. Hillsborough Ave. And All Plumbing Needs Booth Rental Preferred Call (813) 325-4643 Contact Dallas Lie# 022650 (813) 493-0099 \kJice of' Our for Itself" lf Sentinel Bulletin 'KITJ:J:V Braids By Serina 813-458-0441 Senegalese Twists $100.00 Micro Sew-In $85.00 Box Plaits $75.00 Bobs $65.00 Sew-In $50.00 Cornrows $30.00 WANTED Stylist(s); Barber(s); Braider(s) At: Freestylin' Barber & Beauty Shop 1518-B East Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl 33612 Valona: (813) 361-9579 Or Kll: (813) 361-1577 Prom Specials Micro's $100.00 Weave (Whole Head) $50 00 Call Lorraine A Licensed Professional (813) 817-8063 1921 E. Fletcher Across From Krystal's Next To Jerk Pit Premium Salon Ms. Marcia (813) 245-5068 Relaxer With Wrap $40.00 Sew-Ins Quick Weave $85.00 $45 .00 Nails By Kim (813) 270-3194 Full Set Refill $20.00 $15.00 Includes 2 Finger Designs Walk-Ins Welcome Relaxer/Wrap $50.00 Wash-N Set $25 .00 Full Head Sew-In $100 .00 Micros $130 00 Kinky Twist $90.00 Senegalese Twist $130.00 Dred Re-Twist Quick Weave Invisible Part $40 00 $45.00 $45.00 Rishonda (352) 277-2184 Ms. D's World Of Beauty 3720 1f2 Dr. MLK Blvd. Specials Up Do's $40.00 & Up Press & Spiral $35.00 & Up Relaxer & Wrap $40.00 Quick Weave $45.00 Phone (813) 247-4368 Summer Special Mattie's Natural Hair Care 7901 N. Nebraska Ave. 33604 Sew-Ins $75.00 Quick Weaves $60.00 Bobs $90.00 Micros $100.00 Invisible Part $75.00 Relaxer w/Style $50.00 Roller Set $20.00 Dred/ReTwist $50.00 Finger Waves $40.00 Kinky Twist $100 00 Senegalese Twist $100.00 (239) 810-5894 Roots To End Sew-In $100 00 $40 00 Dominican Relaxer/Perm Call Sheila (813) 802-3255 Senegalese Twist $100.00 For Braids Call (813) 447-6945 Michelle (813) 300-0404 Spring Specials Up Do $45.00 Relaxer $45.00 Wash-N-Set $25.00 w ...... 1\) 0 ...... ...... .., r-0 :!! C/) Sew-Ins $85.00 Micros $100.00 Free Eyelashes With Any Service SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS -4 z m r:m c: r-rm :::! z "tJ c: m r-u; ::z:: m c m < m -4 c: m C/) c )> z c .., :c c C) m 1\) ......


0 C\1 c a: u.. c z < c en w ;:) .... w > w c w :::t: en m ;:) D.. z i= w ...1 ...1 ;:) m ...1 w z i= z w en Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 Weaves $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 Felicia's House Of Braids Now Hiring Hair Braiders For A New Salon In Tampa Offering A Fun Friendly And Professional Environment To Work In Ms. House (813) 369-9936 Mattie's Natural Hair Care Specializing In Hair Loss Treatment 7901 N. Nebraska Ave. 33604 Consultation $25.00 Balding $40 00 Thinning 30.00 Alopecia $40 00 Hair Growth $40.00 Scalp Fungus $40.00 Damaged Hair $25.00 Cancer Patients $40.00 Scalp Massage $40.00 Come Grow Your Hair Back Long And Healthy (239) 81 0-5894 II C\1 C\1 w (!) I Will Buy Your Trade -Ins Or Any Vehicle Honda Toyota, Nissan Lexus, lnfiniti Acura Or Any Model If You Still Owe The Bank No Problem (813) 335-3794 If You Need To Sell Your Home And Time Is Of The Essence Call Us For The Best Offer (813) 325-2813 I Pay Cash In 3 Days For Your House Before I Buy Your House I Can Provide You With: 1. Proof Of Funds: Proving I Have The Cash To Buy Your House. 2. References: Phone Numbers Of People I ve Bought Houses From Recently 3. Occupational License: That I Am A Legitimate Business Owner Before You Sell Your House To Some Scrupulous Person Make Sure They Can Offer You The Same Credentials Some Investors Make False Claims That They Have The Money To Buy Your House But Really Do Not. I Also Encourage You To Consult With Your Attorney Before Selling Me Your House Or Anyone Else. We Value Our Relationship With The Community And Appreciate The Continued Support Over The Years. I've Helped Hundreds Of People Get Cash Fast For Their House Since August 2000. I'm Here To Help You And Will Not Let You Down. Call Me For A Free Consultation: Kenny Rushing, President Rehabber s Superstore, Inc. (813) 675-7040 Extension 11 .II SPIRITUALIST II Botanica 11th Heaven Readings That Are Honest And Firm ... Candles, Oils Incense Etc Sold Here Sis Harvey (813) 286-7500 Credit Cards Accepted CONTACT LAVORA (@ {8"1 3) 248-"1 92"1 FOR DETAILS O N PLACING YOUR ADVEATISEI'V'I E N T Mrs. Crystal Root Healing I Have God s Given Power To Break Evil Spells Help Loved Ones Marriage Business Health Success And Other Problems When All Others Have Failed Call (407) 209-4817 Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm, Card Reader Spiritual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores Lost Nature Advise On Love/Marriage Health And Business Special Readings $5.00 Phone (813) 506-9239 3rd John Verse 2 Beloved I Wish Above All Things That Thou Mayest Prosper And Be In Health Even Thy Soul Prospereth. Call For An Appointment Consistent Of Prayer And Propehtic Words Spiritual Advising And A Counseling Session Glenda (813) 863-3723 MOTHER GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayers And Gives Luck! Don' t be discouraged if other s have failed. I can help you overcome bad luck, evil influences, spells unatural conditions surrounding you. Has your loved one changed? Are you in distress? Whatever the problem, I can help in one visit. Satisfcation! CALL ME TODAY! 813-677-2971 4927 83rd Street II Prophetess Annie Mae To Remove Put Back And Etc. Spiritual Counseling God Is The Key Answer To All Things Call (813) 785-1996 Prayer Also TELEPHONE FREE 30 DAYS Home Phone Get Collect Calls On Your Cell Phone From County Jail $2.25 Per Call 813-546-2692 813-222-o195 II II WE BUY HOUSES I Pay Cash In 3 Days For Your House Before I Buy Your House I Can Prov i de You With: II 1. Proof Of Funds: Proving I Have The Cash To Buy Your House. 2. References: Phone Numbers Of People I've Bought Houses From Recently. 3 Occupational License: That I Am A Legitimate Business Owner. Before You Sell Your House To Some Scrupulous Person Make Sure They Can Offer You The Same Credentials. Some Investors Make False Claims That They Have The Money To Buy Your House But Really Do Not. II URBAN WEAR 11. I Also Encourage You To Consult With Your Attorney Before Selling Me Your House Or Anyone Else Classiques Wear We Have Coogi Dresses Betty Boo Purses Dereon Baby Phat Apple Bottom Lingerie And More Call (813) 77Q-8327 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS We Value Our Relationship With The Community And Appreciate The Continued Support Over The Years I ve Helped Hundreds Of People Get Cash Fast For Their House Since August, 2000 l 'rri Here To Help You And Will Not Let You Down. Call Me For A Free Consultation: Kenny Rushing, President Rehabber's Superstore, Inc. (813) 675-7040 Extension 11 UBLICATION DEADLINES uesday Edition. Thursday@ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition Monday @ 12:00 P.M. CLASSIFIED. ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 Words And 50e For Each Additional Word Over 20 This Price Is Each Time You Publish Your Ad


If You Need To Sell Your Home And Time Is Of The Essence Call Us For The Best Offer (813) 325-2813 CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 I Will Buy Your Trade -Ins Or Any Vehicle Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, lnfiniti, Acura Or Any Model If You Still Owe The Bank No Problem (813) 335-3794 Dave's Well Drilling And Pump Service Call (813) 986-0125 Or (813) 732-9098 {Cell) Ask For Dave Angel Ferguson's Word Processing We Specialize In Tools To Enhance Your Business Business Cards, Brochures Business Forms Etc. www.angelfergusonwordprocessing.com (813) 230-7134 TICED .. Your Ad In The ness Directo ora liThe Voice of Our Communizy Speaking for Itself' FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT Fa.:x IC): (8""1 3) -92""1 8 c:::>r Ema.il: entinel_com BUSINESS DIRECTORY AUTO ATTORNEY FLORIDA INJURY ATTORNEYS, P.l. Have You Been Injured In a Car Accident? Truck or Motorcvcle Accident? Slip & Fall? Dog Bite? Call Today for a FREE Case Evaluation! (813) 817-0788 TheMiol or .. -is ilopMiol "'"'alloukl ... be-sokly Bef""' you dceidc,.-. us to send you free wriUcn infcnnatioft tb1nclloos Ul>IY $tt M z c ., ::xJ c


n===============================;;==================================;;===========-,..._ C\1 :2 .................................................................................. I AJ ...._I ______ A_JT_O_RN_E __ YS ____ ( __ _____.I BUSI.NESS DIRECTORY c a: LL. c z <( c en w ::::J .,_ > a: w > w c w J: en :::i m ::::J a. z i= w ...J ...J ::::J m ...J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ...J LL. WHIDDEN LAW. P. L. ATTORNEYS AT LA\N -SfltVING TAMI'A, Bond l\Iotions AutoAcddents Probation Violations C1irninal Defense & Motorcycle Accidents Personallnjury BoatiugAa:idmh Homlclde/VIoknt Crime 272 2200 Wrongful Death Claims (813) -402 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602 Free lnfutmatim Concerning Qualifications lJ:. Elqlerienee Available Upoo Rtque& Th: An Attorney !sAn importantDccisiooThill ShooldNot Be BJ>Sed Solcl}'UpooAdvertisemenl!l. Bd'lll'<' Yoo Decide,Alik Us To Send You Free Written lnfOilllatiM. Arrested and Concerned About Your Legal Rights? Call Tanya Dugree (813) 418-5253 Payment Plans Available With NO CREDIT CHECK ATTORNEY Crilllnallaw faBJiiV Law Pnbate Discrimination The Miles Plaza 308 MLK Blvd., Suite E FL 33603 237-2392 Office 236-5717 Fax BAIL BONDS_ Hillsborough County (813) 391-2493 Polk County 328 Dorsett Avenue (863) 678-0772 Lake Wales, FL 33853 PHARMACY FREE HOME DEliVERY Of YOUR MEDICATIONS $4 GENERIC DRUGS NOW AVAilABLE FAST & FRIENDlY SERIVCE -=t Let Us Be Your Pharmacy. Call Us Today At N (813) 989-1351 State & Fed. W. C. Claims Certified by State University All Job-Related InJuries Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C./ Race Discrimination AUTO ACCIDENTS ALL RICKY'' "ASK RICKY'' AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? PHARMACY. TIMES PHARMACY 2210 East Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, Fl33610 (Hillsborough & 22ncl By AMSCOT) (813) 237-6900 Your Neighborhood Pharmacy We Offer Free Home Delivery Free Gift Card With Prescription Transfers If You Have No Insurance* Call Us For Assistance LOPARDO LAW GROUP, P.L -\rl l)ll'<.l\A,AI L-\1\ IA.\II'AI llllWA FEDERAL & STATE CRIMINAL DEFENSE All Federal Crimes Felonies & Misdemeanors DUI & Traffic Cases Violations of Probation Bond & ROR Motions Domestic Violence DV Injunctions Free Initial Consultation (813) 350-7923 lbchiring of an .norney is an imj)Oit'n di,Jon tt111*".ddnot be booed solely upon detid<..,k us to....t Online Advertising I RENT A CAR RENT A CAR I LU. X Ut 11JJULIL&.LJLW1 1. 1L .1 1 At t .!.! .HI 2 L


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