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June 17, 2011
African American newspapers
African Americans
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Tampa (Fla.)
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0 Features N Teenager Takes On Responsibilitv Former Funeral Chapel Owner Dies Of Raising Eight Relatives c a: u. c a: u. c z <( JAVAY MACELUS ... cares for his 8 younger relatives ASHANTI BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter c en w :: 1-> The story of former Tampa a: Bay Buccaneer running back, Warrick Dunn, captured W the hearts of the entire c w :r:: en :J m :: D. z i= w ..1 ...J :: m nation. In 1993 Dunn's mother, Baton Rouge Police Corporal Betty Smothers, was shot to death during an ambush at a bank. At a very young age, Dunn found himself raising his four siblings, sacrificing a personal life or time he ...J would have otherwise spent w with friends. z i= z w en a: 0 ...J u. In Tampa, Javay Macelus faced a similar scenario. In 2000, Macelus's sister died after being diagnosed with pelvic cancer. She left behind seven children and her mother, Judy Macelus, took them into her home. In 2009, Ms. Macelus passed away after suffering a heart attack, and once again the fate of seven children rested in the hands of the judicial system. At the time of her death, Ms. Macelus was living in public housing (North Boulevard Homes), and one of her children, Javay, had been sent off to the Job Corps to get him away from the trouble that prevailed in the area at the time. With just 37 days left, J avay had to return to Tampa from Kentucky to attend his mother's funeral. After the funeral, once again the fate of seven nieces and nephews rested in the hands N of the court. w CJ "Different family members if said they'd take some of DESIREE DONNESHA them, but not all seven. I didn't want them split up, so I petitioned the court to give me custody." After some counseling, a judge agreed to give custody to Javay, and at the age of 19, he found himself being responsible for seven people. "A lot has happened over the past two years since I took up raising them. I can tell you it hasn't been as hard as a lot of people think." Javay said the downside of accepting this responsibility is he has to get up early in the morning to make sure they are ready for school, and he constantly has to visit their schools for conferences and other events. "The time I spent in the Job Corps helped me mature enough to deal with this great responsibility. My family is always there to help whenever I need them, and that's been a plus." J avay said now he has 8 to look after, because his niece recently gave birth. "My oldest niece will be 19 in November, and the youngest child is 11. Discipline is not a problem, because we grew up in the same house together. "I don't have children of my own, but I feel I know what it's like to have a family of my own." Javay said what he's most happy about is that they've moved out of public housing and are now living in a nice house in West Tampa. "I hated living in public housing, and I had to get out of that area. I didn't like it when my mother was living there." KEVINNESHA HAROLD JONES ... former owner of Morning Glory Funeral Home A former Tampa funeral home owner died on Wednesday fol lowing a lengthy illness. He was 62 years old. Mr. Harold Jones opened the Morning Glory Funeral Chapel in Tampa, and operated it for several years. The busi ness closed in 2009. MONTRAEAND DONNELL Mr. Jones died at a hospital in Rochester, New York. Hisser-vices are planned for June 25 in Rochester. "When we moved it was a big surprise to the kids, because public housing was Lanitra Sanchez-Moo the only home they knew. Now, they have more room, and we have a yard. We real ly feel like a family now." Javay said he's taken the test to get his GED, and he'll try to apply for scholarships to attend Hillsborough Community College. He wants to become an tary school teacher. News Alert: The Florida Law States That You May Be Entitled To $10,000 For Loss Wages And Medical Care Personalized Service Support and Help from the beginning to the end. Attorneys An Attorney will come to you at home or work -No Recovery. No Fees Investigators If there is a dispute on how the accident occured Transportation Available Auto Repair Body Shop Medical Care Provided Specializing In: Car Bus Bicycle Motorcycle Slip & Fan, Pedestrian Incidents Loss Wages Wrongful Death And .... Call B. Patty Local: 813-495-3702 Toll Free 1-866-352-4200 Available 24 Hours A Day I 7 Days A Week Michelle B. Advertising Inc.


Local Former Commissioner Kevin White Indicted On 10 Federal Charges BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Early Wednesday, agents from the Federal Bureau of In vestigation arrested a former Hillsborough County Commis sioner at his residence. The ar rest is linked to his time in office as a County Commis sioner, and serving on the Pub lic Transportation Commission Kevin White, 46, and George Hondrellis, 45, were both charged with conspiracy to commit bribery; 4 counts of bribery; conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud; mail fraud, wire fraud, and making false statements to law enforcement. White appeared before federal Judge Thomas B. McCoun Wednesday after noon. Judge McCoun set his bond at $25,000. White was also told to removed guns from his home, surrender his passport, and check in with the court weekly. He is also re stricted from leaving the jurisdiction of the Middle District of Florida U. S. Attorney's Office without permission. According to the indictment, White served on the Public Transportation Com mission from 2006 to 2010, first while a member of the Tampa City Council, and later as a County Commissioner. White served as Chairman of the Public Transportation Commission, which oversees permits for vehicles such as taxis, limos, tow trucks, and ambulances Hondrellis is the owner and operator of Tampa City Towing Company. His bond was set at $50,000. White's father, Gerald White, who died May 23rd, was also named as a co-con spirator, the indictment stated. The indictment stated that as part of a conspiracy, Hondrellis opened a towing company and was place on the list for county rotation. He al legedly conspired with others to get on the rotation list White is alleged to have used his influence and position to help facilitate getting the company on the rotational tow ing list. He is also said to have made telephone calls in order to get the towing companies on the rotation list. White re ceived more than $10,000 in 2010, the indictment stated. The federal investigation began in September 2009, Hondrellis met with an con fidential informant and al legedly "explained that the PTC was giving away towing certifi cates for money "The towing certificates enabled companies to be eligible to get on the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Officer and KEVIN WHITE ... Former County Commissioner. Tampa Police Department rotating lists." The indictment further stated that in November 2009, the Confidential Informant al legedly met with Hondrellis and paid him $1,000 in cash. "The payment was for the CI's half of the $2,000 payment previously made to Gerald White, Kevin White's fa ther." Hondrellis introduced the CI to Gerald and Kevin White in January 2010, and the CI was reportedly told to give the men $1,000. The indictment alleges that the CI gave Gerald White a Lincoln Navigator and stated that his son could assist the CI and his company. The indictment alleges that several meet ings, some of which were recorded or videotaped, took place. Kevin White allegedly met with an undercover federal agent, known as ''Darryl," on April29, 2010, for the first time at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. The two men allegedly discussed getting the towing company on the rotation list. "Darryl" al legedly gave White $1,000 in cash after the meeting. In May 2010, White allegedly told "Darryl" over the telephone that his application had been approved. "Darryl" allegedly gave Kevin White $5,000 in June during a luncheon after White had indicated he needed $10,000, the indictment stated. It further stated that on June 18, 2010, White called the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office and attempted to assist the Tri County Auto Towing, Inc., ("Darryl" and CI's com pany), be placed on the Sheriffs rotation list. The charge of untruthfulness came about following a meeting March 2, 2011, White _had with two federal agents. During the meeting, White told the agents "Darryl" "did not provide him cash on any occasion and never solicited his influence for helping" his ("Darryl") towing company. If convicted, White could face up to 20 years in prison. *See Page 4 for full investigation timeline. Familv Center Encourages Foster Parenting c.. c: z m ..... ....... 1\) 0 ..... ..... BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor As a means of protecting children from abuse, law enforcement often removes them from their homes. In some in stances, the children are returned to their parents. However, in other cases, the children remain in the custody of the state and are placed in foster care. Mrs. Olga Stirrup, Executive Director of the Family Enrichment Center (FEC) said, "There is a need for families willing to accept all age groups from birth to 17 years old. At this time, there is a critical shortage of families who are able to care for children under the age of 5 and large sibling groups. We are reaching out to the community to help us meet the need for foster homes." A 19-year veteran of the providing foster care services, Mrs. Stirrup further stated the community has seen an in crease in the removal of children from their homes and caregivers. There are numerous reasons for the increase, MRS. OLGA STIRRUP Executive Director, Family Enrichment Center JEFF RAINEY CEO Hillsborough Kids, Inc. ranging from physical abuse to neglect. As a result, Hillsborough Kids, Inc., is partnering with the Family Enrichment Cen ter. The joint venture will shorten the time of pre-service training for prospective foster parents. The classes, which will begin on June 201h, will be held two a week. There are no fees involved for anyone wish ing to participate in the class. FEC provides an invaluable service to our children and families by using their grassroots approach of engaging families who may be inter-., safe, nurturing home. C "Their faith-based model )> offers support systems through the church and the Z local community that other ::! foster families may not hav,e." Jeff Rainey, CEO of Hillsborough Kids, Inc., said, "Hillsborough Kids has a long standing partnership with the Family Enrichment Center. Anyone interested in .learning more about the foster care program can contact the rFamily Enrichment Center at J;; (813) 237-2530, ext 34 ::! So Can You Moffitt Cancer Center is committed to providing all qualified suppliers an equal opportunity to participate in its Bid and Request for Proposal (RFP) opportunities. Upcoming BID/RFP Opportunities Landscape & Lawn Maintenance Labels Indoor Plant Care Window Cleaning IIi Print Management Plumbing Supplies A list of current and future Bid/RFP opportunities is available on our website at www.MOF"F"ITT.orQ/suppllerdlverslty. (Click on the "Supplier Opportunities" link to view and download all Bid/RFP details.) MOFFITTQ CANCER CENTER \r'll. z ., c: Ill !: (J) ::I: m c m < m ::Jl -< -1 c: m (J) C )> z c ., ::Jl c H. LEE MOFFITT CANCER CENTER & RESEARCH INSTITUTE, AN NCI COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTER-TAMPA, FL 12902 Maqnolia Drive, Tampa, fl 33612 G) 1MOFfiTT (1-3488) I MOffiTT.orq m w I )>


; Local Kevin White Investigation Timeline :::) ""') ><( OCTOBER 23, 2009 C o-Defendant G eorge Hondrcllis met \vith the confidential informant c and discussed setting up a towing a: company \vith the confidentia l inLL forma n t OCTOBER 28, 2009 Defenda n t George Hondrelli s m e t \vith the confidential informant and discus s e d setting up a towing company toget h e r to get on the HCSO and TPD rotational towing lists. They also discussed completing an application to the PTC to get the towing certificate that would be a prerequisite to getting on the rotational towing lists. Defendant George Hondrcllis further stated that he could set up a meeting with defendant Kevin L. \VItite the Chairman of the PTC, and Gerald \Vhite (who died suddenly May 23"'), the father of defendant Kevin \Vhite. NOVEMBER 4, 2009 Defendant George Hondrellis met with the confidential informant and stated that he had made a loan of $2,ooo to Gerald \Vhitc. Defendant George Hondrellis explained that it was about helping defendant Kevin L. \Vhite's family. > NOVEMBER 19, 2009 HCSO and TPD rotational towing helping defendant George Hondrellis t-and the confidential informant. Also, > defendant George Hondrellis rea: quested $1,000 from the confidential W informant to pay for half of the pre>W vious payment to Gerald \Vhite. 1--------------------c w J: en ::::i m :::) a. z i= w ..J ..J :::) m NOVEMBER 24, 2009 Defendant George Hondrellis met with the confidential informant, who paid defendant George Hondrellis $1,000 in cash. The cash payment was for tlte confidential informant' s half of the $2,000 payment previously made to Gerald \Vhite. Defendant George Hondrellis further explained to tlte confidential informant tltat tlte $2,000 previously given to Gerald \Vhite would be a loan to Gerald \Vhite, which would not be repaid by Gerald \Vhite. ..JI----------------------W DECEMBER 3, 2009 Z Defendant George Hondrellis j:: met witlt the confidential informant z and advised tlte confidential informW en c( c a: 0 ..J LL ant tltat he had received an application in tlte mail from the PTC. Defendant George Hondrellis provided the confidential informant witlt tlte original mailed application. DECEMBER 7, 2009 Defendant George Hondellis met with tlte confidential informant, and d efendant George Hondrellis wanted an assurance from the confidential informant tltat he had not shown tlte package received by mail from PTC to anyone. Defendant George Hondrellis requested that the confidential informant return the package, which he did. Defendant George Hondrellis assured the confidential informant that they would get on the rotational towing lists. Defendant George Hondrellis told the confidential informant that defendant Kevin L. \Vhite was backing him. JANUARY 7, 2010 Defendant George Hondrellis met with the confidential informant and advised tltat he had completed the form for the fictitious name for the company that he and tlte confidential informant were going to use for the rotational towing lists, that being AAI4 Towing and Recovery. Defendant George Hondrellis stated that he used the name of one of his drivers as the owner of the company. JANUARY 7, 2010 Defendant George Hondrellis introduced the confidential informant to Gerald \Vhite and defendant Kevin L. \Vhite. Defendant George Hono::t drellis instructed the confidential inW formant to give $1 ,000 to Gerald (.!) \Vhite and defendant Kevin L. \Vhitc. "/!!-Defendant George Hondrellis in.... formed defendant Kevin L. \Vhite that he would be submitting an application to the PTC in the name of an acquaintance Defendant Kevin L. \Vhitc informed defendant George Hondrcllis t hat his application or a certificate from t h e PTC should fl y through. FEBRUARY 9, 2010 G erald \Vhit e met with t h e c o n fi dential informant. Gerald \Vhite r e queste d the confidential informant's assistance in getting Gemld \Vhite a new vehicle. Gerald white stated that he could go through his son, defendant Kevin L. \Vhite, and his son could assist the confidential informant and his company directly, independent of the joint plans with defendant George Hondrellis. FEBRUARY 10, 2010 Gerald \Vhite met with the confidential informant for a lunch meeting. Gerald \Vhite invited defendant Kevin L. \Vhite to the meeting. Gerald \Vhite told the confidential informant that he could not pay for the vehicle the confidential informant was procuring for him, but Gerald \Vhitc could help the confidential informant get on the county rotational towing lists with the assistance of his son, defendant Kevin L. \Vhitc, who appeared at the lunch meeting. Gerald \Vhitc, defendant Kevin L. \Vhitc, and the confidential informant discussed the application process with thePTC. FEBRUARY 12, 2010 Gerald \Vhite met witlt the confidential informant and told tlte confidential informant tltat his son, defendant Kevin L. \Vhite, could help the confidential informant by getting him on tlte county rotational towing list. FEBRUARY 19, 2010 Gerald \Vhite met witlt tlte confidential informant. Gerald \Vhite suggested that the confidential informant give a $500 campaign contribution to defendant Kevin L. \Vhite. The confidential informant returned $1,500 in cash tltat Gerald \Vhite had given tlte confidential informant previously for a vehicle tlte confidential informant procured for Gerald \Vhite. The confidential informant stated tltat he did not want money for tlte vehicle, just help form Gerald \Vhite, who indicated that he and defendant Kevin L. \Vhite would be able to help tlte confidential informant with his business opportunity. FEBRUARY 19, 2010 Gerald \Vhite met witlt tlte confidential informant, who delivered a Lincoln Navigator to Gerald \Vhite. MARCH 4, 201 0 Gerald \Vhite met with tlte confidential informant and tlte undercover federal agent. Gerald \Vhite discussed how he would help tlte confidential informant and tlte undercover federal agent get on the county rotational towing list tltrough defendant Kevin L. \Vhite. Gerald \Vhite requested tltat tlte confidential informant give him $150 at this meeting, which the confidential informant did. MARCH 8, 2010 Gerald \Vhite met with tlte confidential informant and discussed what was holding up defendant George Hondrellis with the PTC application and discussed the confidential informant getting his own company on the county rotation list. MARCH 9, 2010 Gerald \Vhite met with the confidential informant and discussed he details of setting up the confidential informant's business on the county rotational list for the Brandon/Riverview area of Hillsborough County. MARCH 15,2010 Gerald \VItite had a conversation with the confidential informant in which they discussed the confidential informant's need to meet with defendant Kevin L. \Vhite. MARCH 16, 2010 Gerald \Vhite met with the confidential informant and discussed the confidential informant giving Gerald \Vhite dinner money, which Gerald \Vhite could give to defendant Kevin L. \Vhite. MARCH 19, 2010 Gerald \Vhitc met \vith the confidential informant who gave G erald \Vhite $ 1,ooo to give to defendant K evin L. \Vhite. Later, defendant Kevin L. \Vhite met \vith Gerald White and the confidentia l informant. They discussed d e f endant K evin L. \Vhite assisting the confidentia l informant in g etting the confidential informant's company approved and on the county rotational towing list. MARCH 24, 2010 Gerald \VItite m e t with tlte confidential informant, who informed Gerald \Vhite that the name of the confidential informant' s company was Tri-County Auto Towing, Inc. and that it would be registered in another person' s name Gerald \Vhite advised the confidential informant that he would make sure that defendant Kevin L. \Vhite knew the name of the company. APRIL 21, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite met with the confidential informant for a dinner meeting at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. The confidential informant paid for dinner. APRIL 29, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite met the undercover federal agent, Darryl, for the first time, for a dinner meeting at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite and the undercover federal agent discussed getting the towing company that he and the confidential informant allegedly had an interest in on the county rotational towing list. The undercover federal agent discussed the fact that the company would not be in the undercover federal agent's name, nor the confidential informant's name, but that it would be in another individual's name. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite advised that would not be a problem. The undercover federal agent paid for dinner. After the dinner, the undercover federal agent provided defendant Kevin L. White with $1,ooo in cash. MAYS, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite had a telephone conversation witlt the undercover federal agent, in which tltey discussed the Tri County Auto Towing, Inc. application tltat was scheduled to be before tlte PTC Board on May 12, 2010 MAY 11, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite had a telephone conversation with tlte undercover federal agent, in which tltey discussed the Tri County Auto Towing, Inc. application that was scheduled to be before tlte PTC Board on May 12, 2010. MAY 13,2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite had a telephone conversation witlt tlte confidential informant. Defendant Kevin L. White told tlte confidential informant tltat his application was approved at tlte previous day's PTC meeting. MAY 14,2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite had a telephone conversation with tlte undercover federal agent. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite told the undercover federal agent that his application was approved at the previous day's PTC meeting. MAY 17, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite met the undercover federal agent for a dinner meeting. They discussed plans to add a second company to the county rotational towing list after tlte process was complete on the first company. The undercover federal agent paid for tlte dinner. MAY 28, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite had a telephone conversation with tlte undercover federal agent. The undercover federal agent asked defendant Kevin L. \Vhite what would it take to get a second company on tlte county rotational towing list. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite discussed his campaign with tlte undercover federal agent and advised the undercover federal agent that he needed $10,000. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite informed the undercover federal agent tltat if he turned in an application to tlte PTC he, defendant Kevin L. \Vhite, would walk it straight tltrough. JUNE 3, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhitc and the undercover federal agent had a telephone conversant and they agreed to meet for lunch the following day. The undercover federal agent t old defendant Kevin L. \Vhite he would h a v e anothe r application r eady for the l Y f C JUNE 4 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite and he undercover federal agent met for a lunch meeting at the Longhorn Steakhouse in Tampa, Florida. The undercovet federal agent provided $5,000 to defendant Kevin L. \Vhite, who reviewed the second application for a certificate from the PTC and advised the undercover federal agent that it would not be a problem getting it through the process. JUNE 10, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite had a telephone conversation with the undercover federal agent. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite advised the undercover federal agent that the PTC had done its part and that the undercover federal agent now had to go to the HCSO. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite further advised that the nominee owner should be the one to go to HCSO. JUNE 16, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite called the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in an attempt to assist Tri County Auto Towing, Inc. to be placed on the HCSO rotational towing list. JUNE 18, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. Wnite called tlte Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in an attempt to assist Tri County Auto Owing, Inc. to be placed on tlte HCSO rotational towing list. JUNE 19, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite had a telephone conversation \vith the confidential informant. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite helped the confidential informant make arrangements to drop off a $500 loa n to Gerald \VItit e JUNE 23,2010 Defendant Kevin L. \VItite had a telephone conversation witlt tlte c o n fid ential informant. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhitc and tlte confidential informant discussed the status of tltc confidential informant's and undercover federal agent' s business getting on the county rotational towing list. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite advised that they were working on it. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite also told the confidential informant that he did not want to talk about it on the telephone. JULY 8, 2010 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite had a dinner meeting with the undercover federal agent at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. The undercover federal agent paid for dinner. OCTOBER 29, 201 0 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite had a telephone conversation with the undercover federal agent. Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite asked the undercover federal agent to borrow $1o,ooo. MARCH 2, 2011 Defendant Kevin L. \Vhite was interviewed by two agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Among other things, defendant Kevin L. \Vhite stated tltat Darryl (tlte undercover federal agent) did not provide him cash on any occasion and never solicited his influence for helping Darryl and his towing business. ALL IN VIOLATION OF TI1LE 18, United States Code, Section 371. '"PROFESSIONAl CAPABLE AND READY TO HELP." MANY PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO FIND AN ATIORNEV BUT DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT ATIORNEY FOR THEIR NEEDS. "YOU CAN TRUST OUR TEAM" MEDICAL & LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE *All PRO AUJO ACCIDENT* REFERRAl SERVICE "WHERE THE PROS ARE" FREE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO UP TO $10,000 FOR LOST WAGES AND MEDICAL CARE! GET THE HELP YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! FROM OUR TEAM OF PROS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Transportation AvaUable Auto Repair -Body Shop Medical care Provided Pharmacy-Free Delivery Attorneys Provided AND MORE .. SPECIALIZING IN: Auto Accidents, Bus, Bicycle, Motorcycle, SUp & Fall, Pedestrian Accidents, Lost Wages, Wrongful Death and More .. 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Indeed, it reminds us of the sign over the gate of the Nazi Buchenwald concentration camp, which gleefully read, "Work makes you free!" Claiming illegal drug use among the poor is rampant, GOP lawmakers have overwhelmingly passed legislation, which, in any other decade except the Antebellum Confederacy period, would be a violation of human rights. However, as we continue to consider our governor's insistence that all welfare recipients pee i:O: a cup, since being governor might also be seen as a "welfare position," we politely say to Governor Rick, when it comes to being tested, "YOU GO FIRST!" Black Folks Need A RealitV Check On AIDS I f you are Black and believe AIDS in the Black community is being reduced because of public information and because of increased awareness, you'd better think again .. and fast! For, the opposite is true. Nationwide, AIDS in the Black community is on a rampage, and continues to be the leading cause of death among young Black women. If you are in a room with 50 men, you can count on at least one or more of them being infected with AIDS. Put your hands down. Stop counting and listen! Another surprise among AIDS victims is the growing number of elderly victims, a situation, which makes up the fastest growing segment of the HIV -positive population. In fact, people past 50 years of age account for nearly 30 percent of an estimated 1.1 million HIV infected Americans. Experts say, within five years, nearly 50 percent of all AIDS victims will be over the age of 50. How will they get it? Doctors say older Americans will fall victim because of having unprotected sex and by believing people their age simply can't contract a communicable disease suchasHIV. Are you listening? To be ignorant is one thing. To be stupid is to court being dead. Which do you choose? Wake up! The life you save may be your own, or your grandmother's. Republican's Pres. Obama Bash Must End The Republican Party and their ever growing field of candidates are having themselves a ball, no, make that a love fest praising each other while bashing President Barack Obama. Man, I have never seen so much love among so many candi dates for the same office. Republican presidential hopefuls recently had a debate in New Hampshire and though they must beat each other before facing Pres. Obama, they spent the en tire evening making nice re marks to each other and blasting the President. I hope they realize that sometime soon they will have to forget the President and turn their attention to blast ing each other. They have got to take Mitt Romney to task for his Massachusetts Health Plan, his flip-flopping and his plain ol' boredom. Tim Pawlenty must an swer for his high unemployment rate, while the governor of Minnesota. Newt Gingrich has to ex plain his multiple marriages and campaign meltdown. Herman Cain has to ex plain his Muslim comments. Michele Bachmann's Tea Party ideas have to emerge and Ron Paul, well he is just Paul. I assure you fun time is just ahead It is obvious that the Re publican Party is really not satisfied that any of their an nounced candidates can beat Pres. Obama. New candi dates enter the race almost daily and the Party continues to recruit still others who have already said that they aren't interested in running. Rickv Ricardo And The local Latino Dilemma When I visit the Board of County Commis sioners chamber, I love to sit on the back row. There I can see the "Big Picture! Indeed, it's as if I was watching a three-dimensional movie. I was sitting on the back row, last week when Latino and Black Hillsborians petitioned Commissioners to consider creating a predomi nantly Latino voting district without gutting an already predominantly Black voting district. One-by-one, I watched them speak, both Blacks and Hispanics, until I began to re alize that if I closed my ears and watched their complex ions, most often, I couldn't tell who was Black and who was Latino. Oops! Did I offend somebody? You probably don't re member Sylvia Rodriguez Kimball. In the 1990s, she became Hillsborough County's first Black county commis sioner. But quiet as it was kept because of her Cuban heritage -Ms. Kimball also became Hillsbo-rough County's first Latin-Hispanic county commissioner. At a Charter Review Com mittee session a while ago, one of the committee members brought that subject up before a group of local Latinos who had come to discuss the neces sity of a Latin-Hispanic Hills borough County Commissioner. If records serve correctly, one of the Latinos politely but-curtly reminded Charter Review Board members that Sylvia Rodriguez Kimball was embraced by the Black community as Black. "But how did the Latin-Hispanic com munity perceive Sylvia Rodriguez Kimball?" asked one of the review board mem bers. To this day, there has never been an answer. So, in the Latin-Hispanic Hillsborough Community, who is Latino and who is Black? In Miami, Latin-His panics have answered such a question quite handily for years. Say they, "Some Latinos are 'White Latinos.' Other Latinos are 'Black Latinos.'" So, what have we here in Tampa? While the BOCC delibe rates on how to create a new ethnically unique district, per haps its members need also to work on the definition of Latin-Hispanic. Who is legiti mately and officially Latin Hispanic? Are Spaniards Latin-Hispanic, even though attacking an y bod y He isba-c_ sic a!ly sittin g back, r a ising m o n ey and waiting to see m who e m e rge s from the R e -..... -""" public a n free-for-all. N If y ou listen to the Repub-licans, Pres. Obama is the ..... worse President in the his tory of the world. The love fest among the Republicans is so thick now until they are now willing to say openly that even Sarah Palin is a good candidate for the presidency. By the way, where is Sister Palin? What is she going to do? What role will she play during the entire election process? Once the Republican can didates go into their attack mode against each other, who will be the first to drop out? Will it be Cain? You see, Cain is Black and the elephants will never accept a Black person. Will it be Newt? His campaign is in a 'T1 mess and he has no money. 5 The Republicans are hav-:D ing fun now bashing Pres. Obama. Stay tuned, that has en to change. The internal bash-m ing will start soon. they speak Spanish, but come from Europe? Are Cubans Latin-Hispanic although many of them sport complexions, which would make them right z m r tD c: r r m ::! z at home in any Sub-Saharan "'D African nation? And what C: tD about Puerto Ricans, who often joke about being mis taken as Black? Well, what is Black, anyway? !: en ::I: m 0 Is it a color Black, I m < mean? Or is it a language? m Maybe, it's a location. What are the requirements for being -t Black? Furthermore, could C: m Latinos qualify as Black peo-en pie? What does the question C "Y tu abuela, donde esta" mean? )> z 0 In English, it means, "And your grandmother, where does "T'I she come from?" And it's :::z:J taken from the assumption that if you dig deep enough, you'll probably find a Black grandmother in a Caribbean or South American Latin-His panic's family tree. So, BOCC has a problem. If it creates a Latino voting dis trict, will it be for WhiteLati nos, or Black-Latinos? Most Latinos would say, "Latino es Latino!" (Latino is Latino!"} And don't they wish that was true. But "Racismo" is as viru lent throughout Latinodom as Racism" is rampant outside the White House. 0 =< And by the way, what color was Ricky Ricardo? Some say he was "Blanc9" (White). But whatever was his skin color, no doubt he would say to Hillsborough County Latin-Hispanics about their ethno-C) politics, "You got some m 'esplaining to do!" t


PageSix .. :::> -:I LL I Who Turned on The Heatit I This must be what humble pie tastes like, bitter, dry, sour, slightly stale and com pletely disgusting. It is con sidered the staple diet of the over confident. And, unfortu nately, it's what thousands of Miami Heat fans, myself included, have been forced to digest since our team's Sunday night loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA finals. It wasn't supposed to end this way. When I jumped on the bandwagon last summer following LeBron James and Chris Bosh's decision to join Dwayne Wade in > forming a super human ic( alliance in South Florida, no one could tell me that this LL team wasn't built for domiC nance. Two of the top three :i players on the planet teamed up with another in the top 0 fifteen, how could they lose? en After the welcome to Miami celebration where .,_ LeBron promised, "Not it: one ... no ... two ... not three .. W not four ... not five ... not six .. Gj not seven" NBA titles, I was C sold. W I didn't care about what :I: en anyone said about me being ::i a fake fan or how much of a m :::l chump LeBron was for join-D.. ing a stacked team. Two of z i= w ..J ..J :::l m my favorite players were wearing the same jersey and I was going to ride with them through hell or high water. The hostility that came along was expected. In fact, it was embraced. It was the motivational fuel that carried us through a tumultuous sea son of highs and lows where all other fans seemed to unite under an umbrella of Heat hatred. None of it bothered us though. Because at the end of the season, we knew that once we secured a championship, the silence would be as golden as the trophy we held in victory. At least that was our vision. Apparently, no one told the Mavericks to go along with the program. And, after it was all said and done, it was them, not us, who had the last laugh. The craziest thing is that we were undone by a guy who looks remarkably like the caveman from the Geico commercials and a bunch of journeymen on their last legs. That just wasn't supposed to happen. This column was meant to be an, "I told you so," follow up to the one I wrote last year when everything first came together. Instead I sit here foiled b y the most unlike l y of scenarios while th e r es t of th e wor ld t oas t s to m y t e am's downfalL I mean i t's bad e nough t o have Lak ers fans, C eltics fans, Bulls fans and Knicks fans taunting you. But wh e n you h av e a toothless, 4'11 Mexican immigrant from Texas, whose only recognizable English is, Go Dirk Nowitzki," piling it on, it just doesn't get any worse. It has been said that in every instance there exists a teachable moment. And over the course of the last two weeks I've come to realize a few things. I learned that a man should never be labeled a king if he has no crown. Never celebrate a victory before the race. Mocking a killer with the flu is a terrible idea. And most importantly, I learned that if Scottie Pippen, or anyone else ever compares any player without ten scor ing titles, five league MVP's and six championship rings to Michael Jordan again, he should have all the taste slapped entirely from his mouth. Happy Father's Day. Anyone wanting to contact Clarence Barr can reach him at: Clarence Barr, II, 43110-018; Bennettsville F.C.I.; P. 0. Box 52020; Bennettsville, SC 29512; or by email at clarence.barng8-@gmail.com. Reality On Ice is by the Florida Sentinel Bulletin Publishing Company. GIBBS & PARNELL, PA ATTORNEYS AT LAW NURSING HOME NEGLECT OR MEDICAl MALPRACTICE. All SERIOUS INJURIES. (813) 975-4444 1-800-711-5452 722 E. FLETCHER AVE TAJ\1\PA. FL 33612 vV W vV. C I B B SAN D P A R N E L l C 0 J\,1\ nte /Jiring If A Lawyer Is An Important De.ricion That Should N o t Be Ba.

Local Friends Of librarv Take Partin Fundraiser Continuing budget c uts have l eft many bu s ines ses a t temptin g to find fund s t o sur vive. Recently, memb ers of WEDU Channel 3 h e ld a fundraiser. Several m embers of the Ada T Payne Friends of the Urban Libraries were on hand to provide assistance. The volunteers answered telephones and accepted pledges from local callers. The fundraiser took place during the Andrea Bocelli: Vivere-Live in Tuscany and ,Josh Groban: 10 Years with Public Television programs. Recently, Channel 3, one of two local Public Broad casting System learned that Governor Rick Scott had cut $434,000 from their budget. The fundraiser was planned to help offset the effects of that cut The station raised more than $16,000 from viewers. Members of the Ada T. Payne Friends of the Urban Li braries who volunteered for the program included Ms. Brenda Staton, Ms. Mary James, Ms. Myrna Shuman, Ms. Julie Carson, Ms. Kathie Bridges, Ms. Delores Lewis, Ms. Robin Gibson, Ms. l.inda Rodriguez, Ms. Melodee Suarez, Howard Harris, Carl Bridges, and Willie Robinson. The Ada T. Payne Friends of the Urban Libraries is a group of community volun teers who provide support for the West Tampa, C. Blythe Andrews, Jr., and Robert W. Saunders Public Libraries. The group also raises funds for the libraries through book sales and events. These funds are used to pay for programs that are not available through tax dol lars. The group successfully lobbied to have a covered walkway that connects Booker T. Washington Ele mentary School to the Saun ders Library. Its next project is the rebuilding of the struc ture. For more information about the Ada T. Payne Friends of the Urban Li braries, call the librarian at (813) 273-3649 Among those participating in the fundraiser are on the front row: Brenda Staton, Mary James, Myrna Shuman, and Howard Harris. Participants shown standing are: Julie Carson, Carl Bridges, Willie Robinson, Kathie Bridges, Delores Lewis, Linda Rodriquez, Robin Gibson, and Melodee Suarez. .Tampa. .. ft ... ". .ou.. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING TAKEN FOR THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES: 1, 2, 3, and 4 BEDROOM UNITS ONLY: Gardens at SouthBay, 6720 South Lois Avenue, Tampa, FL 33616; Oaks at Riverview 202 East Broad Street, Tampa FL 33604; and Belmont Height Estates 2419 East 31st Avenue, Tampa FL This application is specifically for subsidized units in which the rent is based on household income. Applications for these developments can be picked up at the locations mentioned above, on our website at www.thafl.com/forms, or: TAMPA HOUSING AUTHORITY1529 WEST MAIN STREET OR WEST TAMPA NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER 2103 N. ROME AVENUE OR DEPARTMENTOF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES-9393 N.FLORDA AVENUE Families can submit an application for all or one of the properties by marking the appropriate boxes on the application Failure to select a property will automatically apply the family to all properties. ALL APPLICATIONS, ONCE THOROUGHLY COMPLETED, MUST BE MAILED TO: 1529 West Main Street, Tampa, FL 33607 between June 20, 2011 and June 30, 2011. HAND-DEUVERED APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT ANY OF THE ABOVE-MENTIONED LOCATIONS. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT JUNE 30, 2011. APPLICATIONS RECEIVED PRIOR TO JUNE 20TH AND AFTER JUNE 30, 2011 WILL BE REJECTED. DUPUCATES (COPIES OF) APPUCATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Applications received will be assigned a number and then drawn through a lottery process. Only 3,000 appl i cations will be RANDOMLY selected based on the lottery and will be placed on a waitlist list for the above-mentioned subsidized units THE DATE AND TIME THE APPLICATION IS RECEIVED DOES NOT MATTER BECAUSE IT IS A LOTTERY. IF APPLICATION IS RECEIVED AFTER THE CUT-OFF DATE OF JUNE 30, 2011, IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE REJECTED. Once the lottery is conducted, all selected preliminary applications will be placed on a waitlist specific to the properties selected as the units of interest if the HUD income guidelines are not exceeded. All eligible applicants will receive a letter notifying them of their preliminary acceptance. ''i.t I Changes of address must be made in writing and submitted to the Tampa Housing Authority. Families with disabilities requiring reasonable accommodations to receive the full of this program, must do so before the cut-off date of June 30 2011. AGAIN, DUPLICATE (COPIES OF) APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! ., ::0 c c... c z m ., r 0 :!:! c )> CJ) m z :::! z m r m c r r m -4 z -a c m r c;; ::::t m c m < m -4 c m CJ) c )> z c ., :!:! c


Father's Da Celebration C\1 A Communitv Celebration For Fathers z :::> ""') >c a:: LL DWAYNE JOHNSON, JR. Bishop M. B. Jefferson and Deeper Life Christian Church invite the community to "A Night Of Praise & Laughter" (A Community Celebration To Fathers) on Sunday, June 19, 2011, at the Deeper Life Christian Church, 3300 N. Nebraska Avenue, in Tampa, beginning at 6 p. m. Doors > open at 5 p. m. This 'Free' event features the funny, the humorous, the LL hilarious nationally known C comedian Broderick Rice. Broderick has performed ::C for and among some of the C biggest names in entertain(!) ment, including Pattie Labelle, Gladys Knight, t-Oscar Award Winner Kerry ij: Washington, Kirk W Franklin,. Yolanda > w Adams, Donnie Mc-C Clurkin, Fred Ham-mond, The Williams (f) Brothers, The Mighty :::l m :::> 0. z BRODERICK RICE Clouds of Joy, John P. Kee, and Smokie N orful. You may have seen him on The Lou Rawls Parade of Stars, and on The Word Net work. He has also appeared on BET with Dr. Bobby Jones and most recently on TBN. He is best known for his ability to impersonate fa mous preachers such as Bishop T. D. Jakes, Benny Hinn, Rod Parsley, Fred Price, Joel Osteen, and the legendary Rev. James Cleveland. Sharing the platform with Rice will be renowned Worldwide Entertainment recording artist, 23-year-old R&B, Jazz, and Gospel Saxophonist Dwayne Johnson, Jr. (Sumter, SC) 'D.J.' plays soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones. He has opened for Neena Freelon and N ajee at the historical MOJA Arts Festival in DEREK SMITH Charleston. In addition, there will be a performance by "The Gospel Music Prince of Tampa," recording artist Derek Smith. He has starred in stage plays, and just recently hosted a DOO WOP Telethon on PBS televi sion, with 'Grease' superstar 'Bowser.' Derek has performed ex tensively throughout the U S., and has shared stages with legendary artists such as Lee Williams, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Shirley Murdock, Angie Stone, Betty Wright, Clarence Carter, and Millie Jackson. This is a 'FREE' event! For preferred seating or questions you may call, (813) 229-6805. Visit us online @dlcctampa. com. i= w ...J ...J :::> m ...J w Join Us For The 2011 United Fellowship Conference z m 11We Shall Overcome By Counting Up The Cost" Luke 14:28, Revelation 3:28 a: LIGHT OF THE WORLD DELIVERANCE CHURCH 4701 N. 15th St Tampa 33610 ** (813) 234-9115 (813) 294-2215 <( I Q) w 0 DR. AlAFAYE VICKERS PROPHETESS RUTHIE JONES Conference Host PROPHET JAMES WILUAMS June 21-26, 2011 1:30 P. M.lliuhtlv June 24th & 25th-Morning Seminan BISHOP WIWESANDS PASTOR BETTY OATS BISHOP A.J.WIWAMS Housing Authoritv Takes Part In National Father's oav Initiative BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Friday, members of the Tampa Housing Author ity will host a program in recognition of fathers. It is a national movement spearheaded by the Department of Housing and Urban Develop ment. Mrs. Lillian Stringer, Public Information Officer for the Tampa Housing Au thority said, "This is the First Annual Father's Day Initia tive. All housing authorities from throughout the country will participate in this event." The program will take place Friday, June 17th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts. Mrs. Stephanie T. Brown-Gilmore, Director of Program and Property Services will provide the opening remarks. Father Hugh Chikawe, pastor of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, will give the Invoca tion. Others participating in the program include James Tokley, Poet Laureate for the City of Tampa, will recite "A Toast to Fatherhood." Housing Authority Board member Rubin E. Padgett will give the Occasion. Mrs. Karen JacksonSims, Deputy Administrator, Region IV, HUD Atlanta, will introduce Edward Jennings, Jr., Regional Administrator, Region IV, HUD FYI JEROME RYANS ... CEO, President of the Tampa Housing Authority will serve as the Master of Ceremony Atlanta, the guest speaker. The program will also feature three children who re side in public housing sharing their reflections on father hood. Noah Bryant is a 6year-old resident of Oaks at Riverview; Allizae DeLaughter, 12, and Destini Duckette, 13, both residents of North Boulevard Homes, will also share their thoughts. One of the highlights of the program is a surprise presentation to a Tampa man chosen as "Father of the Year." Sean Dickerson, dent of 100 Black Men of Tampa Bay, Inc., will make the presentation. The KU UMBA Dancers will provide the entertainment. Rev. Bartholomew Banks, Interim Director of Hillsbor ough County Family and Aging Services, will deliver the closing remarks. Central Park Reunion Drawing Closer Time is running out for preparation of the third annual Central Park Village Reunion Celebration. The reunion will be held June 24 through the 26th and in honor of Jessie "Jet Set" Hudson, whose family was one of the first to move into the complex in 1954 A meeting will be held Monday from 5 p. m. until 6 p. m. at the Robert Saunders Library on Nebraska Avenue For more information, contact Clarence Jones at (813) 458_ 6432.


., Local 1-4 Accident leaves Driver Devastated BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Last Friday afternoon, an accident on Interstate 4 left two women dead and two seriously injured The survivors are recovering, but the emotional injuries have left the driver of the vehicle devastated. The four Tampa women, Ms. Shantel Lawton, 47; who was the driver, Mrs. Amanda Evans Coleman, 48; Mrs. Brenda Evans Richard, 56; and Mrs. Windelon Tolbert Seymore, 66, were going to Orlando for the weekend. When travel ahead slowed, Mrs. Lawton slowed down as well. How ever, police said Jo,shua Russo, 36, of Deltona, failed to observe traffic slow ing down ahead of him. The 2006 Ford truck he was driving collided with the back of Mrs. Lawton's ve hicle. Mrs. Richard and Mrs. Tolbert, seated in the back, died at the scene. Mrs. Lawton was ad mitted to South Florida Bap tist Hospital in serious condition. Mrs. Coleman was taken to Tampa General Hospital, in critical condi-MRS. WINDELON TOLBERT SEYMORE ... Killed in Accident tion. Both women are recov ering from their injuries at home. Mrs. Rona Roberts Pryer, sister of Mrs. Lawton, said Mrs. Lawton and the other three women were very good friends. "She is still undergoing flashbacks and is deeply saddened by this tragic accident that claimed the lives of two of her friends. Our family would like the community to know how this has affected our loved one." Her family has endured four deaths in the last two months. They have lost their father, Homer Hemmingway, Charlie Everhart, m ..... been employed with Hills-borough County for more IIJ than 20 years. She is the ..... mother of two sons, Wayne, II, and Ryan. Mrs. Pryer said there has been an outpouring of love from Mrs. Lawton's co-workers who are wishing her a speedy recovery. The traffic accident on I-4 last Friday left Mrs. Amanda Evans Coleman, left, and Mrs. Shantel Lawton, center, seriously injured. Mrs. Brenda Evans Richard, right, and Mrs. Windelon Tolbert Seymore died. Mrs. Pryer said her sister suffered injuries to her neck and left side of her body. However, the emo tional scars will last long after her body heals. "She is so devastated be cause there was nothing she could have done to prevent the accident. She is having a very hard time and has been very, very distraught. Sr&, who was the grandfa ther, and two cousins in the last two months," Mrs. Pryer said. Mrs. Pryer further stated that although her sis ter, affectionately known as "Shine," knows it wasn't her fault, she is deeply hurt. Mrs. Lawton and Mrs. Coleman became child hood friends and were al ways together at social events and church functions. Mrs. Coleman was a bridesmaid in Mrs. Lawton's wedding, Mrs. Pryer said. "One thing that will be remembered is that the four ladies always spent time together during the Labor Day Weekend in Daytona with family and friends." A Tampa native, Mrs. Lawton grew up in West Tampa and attended the public schools of Hillsbor ough County. She graduated from Tampa Technical High School. After graduation, Mrs. Lawton earned her B. A. Degree from St. Leo Univer sity in Human Relations. She continued her education at Argosy University, where she earned her Master's De gree. Mrs. Lawton has "We are praying for the other families and we're just at a loss for words. We're ., very, very sorry. We all have 5 suffered a great loss, but :XI God is too wise to make a 6 mistake," Mrs. Pryer said. l> A longtime member of First Baptist Church of West Z :::! Tampa, Mrs. Lawton en-z joys traveling, shopping, m .cooking, reading, and m spending time with family C: and friends. m :::! z '"D c: IJJ r-Ui :I: m c m < m .... c: m tn c )> z c ., :XI 6 For Your FREE Copy Or To Advertise Call (813) 325-7078 Arthur McKay-(813) 748-7299 Kay Richardson Powell (813r 484-G945 (!) R1 \ TRL'II! \.oJU!I:\11\Il"ii\:\\I.I.\\IP \,ll..nrHH 1 Koo-(1UI-l.Jl.J i Donald Dowrldge (813) 394-5875 Don't Be Left Out Of The Next Issue! Call To Advertise (813) 325-7078. C) m t H I < I I I I! 0 I I '\ I '" II II I\ II I \ I I I I <, I H l I II

oLoca N .,_:-w z :::> ""') Dozens Of Children Audition For The Chocolate Nutcracker BYTAMECAJOHNSON C Freelance Writer a chance to grow, learn a new level of dance and experience something new, she says. a: LL Children from counties across Tampa Bay showed up in large numbers for the opportunity to audition for and land a part in the popular stage production, The Chocolate Nutcracker. The performance is an urban take on the holiday classic, The Nutcracker. It incorporates African, Ballet, Hip-Hop and Jazz while telling the story of a young girl named Claire and her Chocolate Nutcracker as they travel the world in a dream; from Harlem, to Egypt, then West Africa. Charra Luton is a Blake High School student major ing in dance. The 15-year-old and her family drove from Jay Henson is Artistic Director of the production. She says participants learn more than just dance moves. "It's really a great tool to motivate our youth to aspire to excellence through the arts. They learn how to set goals, achieve goals, then use those concepts throughout their life." Choreographers from Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Miami will work with this year's performers, bring ing a fresh look to the production that celebrates its 14th Anniversary this year. > Wimauma Saturday to audition in St. Petersburg. "I 0: wanted more experience and LL Shows for The Chocolate Nutcracker take place Saturday, December 17th at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg. Show times are 2 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. (Photos by T. Johnson) c z <( c C/) w :::> 1-ft w > w c w :::z:: C/) :J m :::> D.. z j:: w ..J ..J :::> m ..J w z j:: z w C/) ( a: 0 ..J LL <( I 0 ,... 6414 North 30th Street Tampa, Florida 33610 10th Annual "Healthy, Wealthy And Wise" (Information by health and finance professionals) Sablnlav, June 25, 2011 9:00AM unUI1 PM Mrs. Darlene Davis, President Business and Professional Women Elder Charles Davis, Pastor Saturdav, June 18th a A. M. -12 P. M. Come join us for health screenings get educated on different health topics college information give blood nutrition seminar Guest Speakers : Dan Foster And lashonda Coulbertson From Momtt Cancer Center Springhill M. B. Church 8119 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Tampa, FL 33619 (813) 626-7070 REV. EUGENE GARNEn, SR., Pastor Camryn Dacosta holds her form of acceptance with her mom, Alexis. Kourtney Kershaw, 11, of Hernando County is congratulated by Artistic Director, Jay Henson on her acceptance with the Chocolate Nutcracker. Charra Luton traveled from Wimauma with her mom, Gwendolyn Jackson and cousin, Tashona Jackson, to audition. Shamaya Williams, Kyndall Johnson and Angel Lalor will perform together for several dances in the Chocolate Nutcracker.


First African American Business Summit Planned z businesses. The organization m ALBERT LEE Consultant to the Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Thursday, June 23rd, the first African American Business Summit will be held at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, 111 Fortune Street, be ginning at 6:15p.m. The pur pose of the event is to help business owners cope with hardships. Albert Lee, Managing Principal of Heights Capital Group LLC and Consultant to the Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation said, "We are trying to get as many African American business owners out to this event to net work. The event is free and open to established and aspir ing business owners. "It is important in trying times like this that we create as many opportunities to in crease business as possible. We are trying to promote the exchange of ideas through net working and the sharing of in formation," he said. Ms. Frances Wimberly, President of the Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation said, "The mis sion of the Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corpora tion is to help develop and expand successful Black-owned businesses in the Tampa Bay area. The refusal of credit intraditionally underserved busi-Chess Team Ties For State ChampionshiP Title Academy Prep Center Cobra Chess Team members shown from left to right: Louis Mayer, Antavious Jordan, Chris Custodio, Antonio Johnson, and Randal Hernandez. ness communities has locked African American entrepre neurs into financial stagnation that has lasted for generations. To reverse this trend, the TBBBIC developed loan and loan press purpose of serving the fricais Best Organics, No-Lye or Touch-up Plus Relaxers or Texture My Way Hair Lotion W aminq: Follow d irect/ens c a nd injury. 1s1 off l Milani All Eye Part Deux All infinite, Eye Tech l & Liquif'Eye Metallic Eye Liners I Sal e Thurs 6/1 6 thru Sal. 6/ IS/11 J ..................................................... credit needs of the African American business commu nity. The Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corpora tion was established in 1987 to provide economic assistance to African American and small has become a catalyst in grow-ing businesses in both Hills-1\) borough and Pinellas Counties. ...... Anyone wishing to attend the event is asked to RSVP by calling (813) 425-2043. 249 SALE Smooth 'N Shine Styllnq Mousse 9 oz. 249 SALE Fade Style Men Hair Styling Products 6 oz. J49 SALE Wave Curl Style Gel 6oz r-0 ::0 c )> CJ) m z :::! z m r-OJ c rr m :::! Z ., c OJ c CJ) m c m < m ::0 < -i c m CJ) c -)> z c :!:! c


C\1 ...: ..... w z ::::::1 '"") c a: Citv council Delavs Decision On Panhandling LL c a: LL c z < c en w ::::::1 t-ii: w > w c w J: en :::l m ::::::1 a. z BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter At Thursday's workshop on panhandling by the Tampa City Council, numerous people spoke on the issue. Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn addressed the Council and said he's in favor of a complete ban. He also said he's \-\rilling to look at all op tions. "There is no single solu tion. Panhandling is system atic of a larger problem, but it must stop. We also must look at a comprehensive plan to deal ffith homelessness. My staff has put a lot of work into this and we're ready to move forward." Representatives from the Westshore Business Alliance, the Downtown Business Group, a representative from Tampa Crossroads) a home less organization), Florida Sentinel Bulletin Publisher, Kay Andrews, and represen tatives from the St. Petersburg Times (an attorney) and Tampa Tribune, one after the other, spoke on the issue from their perspective. Some spoke in favor of a complete panhandling ban, some requested a compromise that would allow panhandling only on Sundays, and others who don't feel there should be any sanctions at all. In addressing the Council, Ms. Andrews told them CITY COUNCILMAN FRANK REDDICK Tampa is a unique city ffith three newspapers. Councilman Reddick (District 5) said he is not in support of a 6-day ban at all. "Last week, more than 40o,ooo people applied for unemployment benefits. We also have the state's highest foreclosure rate. We're going to lay off employees, and we're sitting here talking about denying people the right to put food on the table. We're sitting here in judgment of people who deserve a right to take care of themselves." Councilman Reddick said the point continues to be raised that panhandling is a public safety issue. "To me when I travel and see all the boarded up homes and the kind of people at tracted to them, I see a real public safety issue. "When you talk about pan handlers these people don't want to be out there. We might see some of our employees out there after they are laid off." Councilman Reddick also said he doesn't think it's right for representatives from the St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune to support a 6-day ban and ignore the Mrican American newspaper that comes out on Tuesdays and Fridays. "The Florida Sentinel Bul letin helps a lot of kids and gives them something to do. I \-\rill not support any ban that would negatively impact the Sentinel Bulletin." In a 5-2 vote (Councilwoman Yolee Capin and Councilwoman Lisa Montelione voted no), the Council decided to take a look at an or dinance accepted in Jack sonville, Florida that bans panhandling, but exempts the sale of newspapers. Councilman Frank Reddick made a motion for the city's legal department to bring back a draft ordinance similar to the one in Jack sonville. That was approved unanimously. Councilman Harry Cohen made a motion to have the Pasco county ordinance re viewed on the 6-day ban. That was also approved unani mously. The Council \-\rill return on August 4th ffith their decision. w ..J ..J ::::::1 m ..J w z Swimwear Designer would like To Host Show In Tampa z w BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Editor en Strolling along the beach in South Beach in 2009, Tampa a: native, Alton McCullough 0 had no idea the sffimwear he ..J LL w CJ wore would attract such atten tion from other beach goers. What he wore was his own unique creation. A professional model, sffimwear designer, interior designer, show producer and counselor, McCullough de cided after such comments he'd spend more time design ing sffimwear. That's when Beach Bling Sffimwear LLC was founded. The first line of ALTON MCCULLOUGH men's sffimwear was launched in 2010 and the women's line earlier this year. Beach Bling Sffimwear, LLC hosted its first Annual Spring and Summer Heat Fashion Explosion during the spring (2011) in Atlanta, where he is based. More than 500 at tended the sell out show to see what is new in 2011 for men and women's sffimwear. Representatives were there from various magazines and even America's Next Top Model. He's hopeful, however, that folks in Tampa \-\rill have an in terest in what he has to offer as a successful entrepreneur ffith more than 30 years of experi ence and want to host a fash ion show. McCullough is the son of the late Mary E. McCullough and Earl McCullough of West Tampa. He graduated from Florida A&M University, and The Art Insti tute and The American College for Applied Arts, both in At lanta. McCullough has owned several businesses in the At lanta area: Interior Designs By McCullough, Top It Off Acces sories and Top It Off Wed dings. He is active in his church and in the community. IN THE SPOTLIGHT ANISSHA This week's Spotlight feature is a fresh face, Anissha. This young lady enjoys having a good time, and is careful when it comes to those who enjoy the good time with her. Anissha wants to be a successful woman and create opportunities for other young women. She loves to pose for the camera, and isn't shy when it comes to being the center of attention. When it comes to the man in her life, Anissha said he absolutely must be strong, dependable handsome, self-reliant, and has plans for his future. Congratulations to Anissha as this week's Spotlight feature. If you're interested in being in the Beauty Unlimited or Spotlight, pleaSe send your information and photo, including a contact number to: .ijohnson@flsentinel.com.


Businesswoman OHers Former Tampan Art Classes For Children Uses Sports Firm m ..... 1\) 0 During The Summer To Reach Back Into ..... ..... BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter It's going to be a long, hot summer, and with so many government agencies facing budget cuts, some parents will be struggling to get their children into any kind of summer program. Candy Lowe, owner and operator of Candy Lowe's Tea Time, has come up with an idea to take some of the pressure off parents during the summer. An accomplished artist, Ms. Lowe decided to offer children 7 and older classes in painting, drawing, and arts and crafts. "I was shocked to see how CANDY LOWE art has been taken out of our school system. That's why I decided to offer the kids this opportunity discover some hidden talents they may have, and allow them to be creative." Ms. Lowe said she and a group of volunteers will be conducting the classes from 8:30 a.m. until noon at 904 112 East Henry Avenue. ''I'm working with a group of kids now, and they are re ally into it. Parents who are home-schooling their children may want to get them involved." Ms. Lowe said all they ask of the children is for them to be creative. She also said they can work with about 20 to 25 children, so anyone that's interested in these classes needs to call (813) 394-6363. New Program Teaches Values To Teenagers BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Pastor Emerson J. Morris had an idea that will help teenagers become suc cessful in life. His goal is to build character through fit ness and service. On Thursday, June 23rd, Pastor Morris and his group of 10 young men will undertake their first project of the summer. He said they will go downtown and feed the homeless. Pastor Morris, founder of Extreme Life Ministries, has created a program known as Y-MO, or Young Men Obey. The program tar gets young men between the ages of 14 and 18 in Hillsbor ough County. "Our objective is to keep them from entering prison or jail and dropping out of high school. This pro gram creates a positive and sterile environment for these young men to retreat," he said. The young men who en rolled in the program will at tend a summer camp known as the Summer Achievement and Strengthening Camp. He further stated the young men will have an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. His goal is to provide a solid curriculum, provide en couragement, love, but still have high expectations of the young men. Each week the young men will concentrates on one of the seven principals: serving, PASTOR EMERSON J. MORRIS listening, humility, forgiving, submitting, respect, and love. During a summer camp, Pastor Morris said he will focus on a principal each week as well as focusing on service. He also plans to take the young men on field trips to such places as the Salvation Army, nursing homes, and jails. He will also invite mem bers of the community to talk to the young men about being success. A native of Miami, Pastor Morris graduated from the U niversit)r of South Florida with a B. A. Degree in Criminal Justice. He became a licensed minister while at Jesus People Family Worship Center. Last September, Pastor Morris was or dained and founded Extreme Life Ministries, Inc. He is also an educator with the Hillsborough County School District. Pastor Morris and his wife, April, are the parents of a daughter, Emoni. The Communitv BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Editor -Chris Martin grew up in Tampa, took the route most professional football players took by starting with youth leagues. He went on to make a name for himself at Jesuit High School, Northwestern University and even had a short stint with the Chicago Bears. Most of the times, ath letes are expected to give back to their communities and Chris is no different. Currently, he heads a Sports Management Team in Chicago -OTG Sports Man agement -and says much of his success is attributed to the recruiting success in the Tampa Bay area. Although a young up and coming sports agency, Martin says, "my goal is for our agency to stick our OTG Sports Management Flag deep into the soil in Tampa and become the face of the Sports Management world. "My plan is to parlay my background, experience and relationships as I continue to foster strong inroads within the community and ensure that the young men from the area are best represented by a firm who epitomizes core values, character and in tegrity and whose actions match their words," he ex plained. Joining Martin, Presi dent, on the team are: Anthony Johnson (Director of Player Development), Sean Smith (Director of Marketing) and Tyrone Keys (Life Coach). The team is comprised of former play-.... "11 r-0 :a TERRELL MCCLAIN g ... On Draft Day 2011 en m z ers "who share the same pas-:::! sion, preparedness, and punch as our clients." r-In the recent 2011 NFL DJ c: Draft, Terrell McClain out r-of the University of South J;; Florida was selected in the :::! 3rd round (65th pick overall) Z by the Carolina Panthers (DT). He is a client of OTG DJ Sports Management. en Included among the ::::1: clients from Tampa are: Ronnie McCullough (LB), m BC Lions (CFL), Hillsbor-ough High and Bethune-:a Cookman; Torrey Davis (DT), Calgary Stampeders c: (CFL),ArmwoodHigh/Jack-rn sonville State; Eric Ortiz C (LB), Tampa Bay Storm (AFL), Alonso High/Bel-)> haven University; Peter i5 Hendrickson (OT) highly ., rated priority free agent, :a Tampa Jesuit/Tulane; C Jarred Fayson (WR) highly rated priority free agent, Hillsborough High/Illinois; and Kevin Brown (S), potential free agent, Jefferson High/Middle Tennessee State. Ci) m ..... t


rts w z :=1 ""') c a: LeBron's Finals Struggles Due To Girlfriend Cheating With Rashard Lewis LL LeBron and longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson. Rashard Lewis (right). Update: Rashard Lewis has shot down this rumor as bogus, and doesn' t know where it originated from. A rumor has been circulating that LeBron James' struggles in this NBA Finals > series have to do with the (3 infidelity of his girlfriend. a: After ESPN journalist LL Stephen A. Smith reported that LeBron is going throug h some p ersonal issues, the interne t went 0 abuzz with the rumor that Washington Wizards forward Rashard Lewis slept with James' girlfriend, Savannah Brinson. Brinson and LeBron have two kids. Lewis has just gotten engaged to his pregnant fiancee. If it is true do you think you would be able to function, if you found out your significant other was cheating on you? Let us know wha t you think at -face= book.com/flsentinelb. w ------------------------------------------------w :=1 1-> a: w > Birdman Lost His S2M Heat B e t But Still Parties With Mavericks w 1.--------------, c w bit mor e desp o nden t than the rest of u s Appa r ently wa t c hin g his t eam a nd b a nk a ccount lose didn' t stop Baby f rom having !:1 good time las t night. He still donned his finest bling got into the back of a Ma y bach and headed to LIV to party with the Mavericks. ...J w BIRDMAN Z Sunday night was brutal for There's no telling whether Birdman's $ 2 million bet claim was legit, but consider ing this is the guy who once gave Lil Wayne $1 million in cash for his birthday it seems like something he'd do !z Miamians, but considering W rapper Birdman had boastW ed he made a $2 million bet on the Heat in the NBA a: Finals, we figured he'd be a 01---------------------------------------...J LL I -=t ,.... w 0 Stop Looking! Come With Us! Or We'll Shop For You ... Wholesale/ Auction Prices Now Available To The Public. GriiHiin & Sons 813-440-6440 25 Years Exp. Get A Quote @ www.olinmott.com IIIII OLINMOTT TIRE JllllsroRES Your Tire Headquarters For: JjSWf/tif/,11 BFGobdric!j EAST TAMPA !8131 237 3741 E HILLSBOROUGH AVE NORTH TAMPA (813) 936-3164 10103 N FLORIDA AVE. WEST TAMPA (813) 253-3183 I t 1119 WEST KENNEDY BLVD TEMPLE TERRACE (813) 98IHI220 1 8850 N 56TH ST. 1 BRANDON (813) 686-2!108 528 W. BRANDON BLVD. PlAHT CITY (8131 762-2388 302 PALMER ST. .UN/ROYAC. We Employee ASE Certified Technicians W Ask About 6 Months Same As Cash Dallas Mavericks Star Busted For Public Intoxication STEVENSON Dallas Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson w a s arrested for public into x ication in T e xas Law enforcem e nt sources tell us, police received a call about some drunk guy wandering around an apartment complex in Irving, TX, and when cops showed up, they found Stevenson ... who said he was lost Stevenson -who does not live in the a partment complex then flunked a field sobriety test .. and was arrested for public intoxic a tion He post e d $ 4 7 5 bail and was released. NFL Plaver Allegedlv Destrovs Ex's Apartment CHRISTOPHER OWENS Atlanta Falcons cornerback Christopher Owens is under investig a tion in Georgia for allegedl y smashing up his baby mama' s apartment and dousing her most valuable possessions in bleach. Cops in Gwinnett County responded to the apartment Sunday night ... after Owens' ex, LaTia Terry, claimed the NFL player entered the apartment when she and their 9-month-old baby were out and trashed the place Sources say the two had a heated argument over their custody arrangement the night before. According to the police report, LaTia says 24-year-old Owens -a 3rd round pick in the 2009 draft -smashed holes in the wall, destroyed expensive electronics and even broke the baby s crib. Also, Owens allegedly grabbed handfuls of LaTia's valuable jewelry, designer clothes and pictures of the for mer couple threw it all in a pile ... and drenched it with bleach ruining everything. She estimates her total loss to be around $15,000. LaTia has obtained a restraining order against Owen. Dallas Mavericks Go Clubbing On South Beach Well, insult has been definitively added to injury. After they beat the Miami Heat 105-95 in game 6 the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks .and owner Mark Cuban -went clubbing on South Beach Dirk Nowitzki who was so cool walked into the locker room alone after the Mavs clinched the title, stormed into LIV at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach with the Larry O Brien Trophy. Shaq In Middle Of Kidnapping, Robberv, Sex Tape Case Shaquille O'Neal, is e mbroil e d in a criminal c as e in which 7 gang members allegedly kidnapp ed, beat up and robbed a man who claimed to have a tape showing Shaq having sex with other women while he was married to Shaunie. Law enforcement sources say Ladell Rowles -a member of the Main Street Mafia Crip Gang in L.A. who is friends with Shaq -along with 6 other members went on a search and destroy mission in L.A. on February 11, 2008. They believed a man named Robert Ross had the sex t ape and they tried getting it back with the help of a gun or two. According to the police report, the 7 gang members met up with Ross at a conve nience store Pink Dot on the Sunset Strip. The men allegedly surrounded Ross' Rolls Royce Phantom with guns drawn, jumped into Ross' car and ordered him to drive to Rowles' house in South Central L.A. Once there, Rowles alleged ly pistol whipped Ross and demanded that he turn over the sex tape. Ross said he would get the tape and bring it back to them. The 7 men then allegedly took Ross' Rolex, diamond chain and earrings along with $15,000 in cash then let Ross go The 7 men have been arrest ed and charged with robbery, kidnapping and other crimes. They are currently in the mid dle of a preliminary hearing and being held in jail. SHAQUILLE OiNEAL Ross has a history with Shaq. Shaq and his business manager, Mark Stevens, have a record label and allegedly told Ross they would give him a so% cut in any artists he brought to them. Ross claims he deliv ered Ray J to Shaq, but got cut out of the deal. Ross told cops after his falling out, he threatened Shaq by him about the sex tape, threatening to release it unless Shaq paid up. As for the tape, Ross claims Shaq brought women to Ross' home and had sex with them while he was married to Shaunie. Ross told Shaq a "security camera" captured the action and it was all on tape. But Ross told cops the security camera recycles periodically and the video no longer exists. And there's a nother twist. Around the time Shaq and Ross had their falling out, Shaunie separated from Shaq and Ross claims he began having an affair with her.


Sports Hoben Horrv's Old Daughter Dies ROBERT HORRY Ashlyn Horry, the 17year-old daughter of former NBA player Robert Horry, died from isevere respiratory issues and a host of other complications requiring a six month stay in Texas Childrens Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit," according to a report. Ashlyn underwent numer ous tests and multiple surg eries, according to the report, and nearly died on several other occasions. She was eventually diagnosed with the 1p36 Deletion Syndrome, a rare chromosome disease that is characterized by intellectual disability, delayed growth, seizures and respira tory problems. Former NBA player Robert Horry is mourning the loss of his daughter, Ashlyn. Horry played for 15 seasons in the NBA on four different teams -the Rockets, Suns, Lakers and Spurs. He was on seven championship teams two in Houston, three in L.A. and two in San Antonio. Ex-Buckeves QB Prvor Apologizes, But Doesn't Specilicallv sav Whv TERRELLEPRYOR MIAMI BEACH, FL -Terrelle Pryor ended his silence Tuesday for exactly 97 seconds. Speaking out, albeit briefly, for the first time since his college career at Ohio State ended embroiled in scandal, Pryor appeared with agent Drew Rosenhaus and gave a brief statement. He apolo gized to the Buckeyes, to his former teammates and to now-departed coach Jim Tressel for his role in the mess that may take down one of America's proudest programs. "I say sorry to all the Buckeye nation and all the Buckeye fans across the country," Pryor said. "I never meant to hurt anybody directly or indirectly with my conduct off the field and I am truly sorry." 9" Roller ...................................... $1 Brushes ....................................... LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! Mavs Hope To Keep Chandler, Barea TYSON CHANDLER AndJ.J.BAREA DALLAS -Jason Terry has figured out a simple way for the Dallas Mavericks to bring back their entire roster to defend their NBA title. Terry says he and Dirk N owitzki should march into team president Donnie Nelson's office and lobby him to immediately re-sign Tyson Chandler, Caron Butler, J .J. Barea and the rest of the free agents-to-be. If only it was that easy. Even if the Mavs wanted to keep everyone, the players would have to agree. Chandler and Barea espe cially raised their value during their run to the franchise's first NBA title. Heat Extend QualifYing oner To Backup Point Guard Chalmers MARIO CHALMERS MIAMI--Getting in position to try and keep Mario Chalmers has become the first personnel move of the Miami Heat offseason. As expected, the Heat extended a qualifying offer Wednesday to Chalmers, making him a restricted free agent and giving Miami the right to match any contract he receives over the summer. Chalmers has said he wants to remain with Miami, though he will likely generate some interest once free agency begins. He made $847,000 this season. "We're encouraged by Mario's progress," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said earlier this week after the team's exit meetings." ., c Plaxico To Work With Anti-Violence Programs NEW YORK Head down, eyes focus e d on the ground, Plaxico Burress swayed back and forth like a receiver in the huddle waiting for the next play. He wasn't on a football field, hasn t been on one for more than two years. Burress was listening to an introduction at the National Urban League before he spoke his piece. When the time came, Burress couldn't have been more positive about rehabili tating his image. PLAXICO BURRESS Center to Prevent Gun Violence. "I'm a champion on the field, and my goal is to be a champi on in life and off the field," he said. Burress, released from prison last week after spend ing nearly two years in jail on a weapon possession charge, will work with the National Urban League and Brady The 33-year-old former New York Giant and Pittsburgh Steeler said Monday he will be mentored by Magic Johnson and Tony Dungy. "T1 He'll volunteer at Urban 5 League youth programs and JJ recruit other pro athletes to the program, and he'll speak out for gun control. LeBron Clarifies Postgame Remarks, savs He's 'Not Superior To Anvone' -MIAMI Everyone wanted the circus to end. That is, until the circus actually ended. Such is life for the Miami Heat now, beading into the offseason. A season of intense scrutiny, criticism, attention and intrigue 'ended without a championship, and while get ting out of the spotlight for a while this summer may be of some consolation to LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, nothing will completely soothe the fact that Year One of the Big Three ended with a loss in the NBA finals. "There was really no way to prepare for a season like this," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Tuesday, after Miami gathered for its exit meetings. Even at the end, James found his words overly dis sected and, he said, misinter preted. His offseason began with a clarification of something said after Sunday's night's seasonending loss to the new cham pion Dallas Mavericks, when part of his answer to a ques tion about people being happy to see the Heat lose included the phrase "they have to wake up tomorrow and have the LEBRON JAMES same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal prob lems." On Tuesday, James tried to clean up the mess he inadver tently created. "Basically, I was saying, at the end of the day, this season is over and with all the hatred not only myself, everyone else has to move on with their lives as well," James said. "They have to move on with their lives and their day-:to-day, good or bad, and I do, too. At the end of the day, I've got to move on with my life. So it wasn't saying that I'm superi or or better than anyone else, any man or woman on this planet. I'm not. JUST BUILD IT License# Ssrvlng 1116 TII/TII)B Bsy Al8ll *New Construction *Structural Repairs *Renovations 1412 E. MLK Blvd., Tampa, FL 33603 Phone: (813)-447-2307 Fax: (813)234-5065 Email: JBILl@verlzon.net z ::f z m r Ill c: r r m ::f z "'tJ c: Ill r c;; :::J: m c m < m -4 c: m C/) c ,. z c ., JJ ,,. m ..... U1 I >


Entertainment N Reggae Star Buiu Banton w Gets Leners 01 Support c a: LL c a: LL c z < c en w ::I .... > a: w > w c w :r:: en :::; m ::I Q. z BUJUBANTON TAMPA-Actor Danny Glover and one of reggae legend Bob Marley's sons are voicing their support for Grammy-winner Buju Banton, who is scheduled for sentencing in a drug traffick ing case on June 23 The Jamaican singer was convicted in February in Tampa fed era l cou rt of con spir in g to se t up a coca i ne dea l i n 2009. He faces a ma nd a t ory mi ni m u m ISy ea r pri s o n s ent e nce. In c ourt do c um e nt s fil e d Thursda y s e e kin g a s ho r t e r s entence, Banton's attor ney, David Markus, in cluded letters of support from the singer's fans and some of his IS children Glover wrote that Banton is a role model and spir itual leader. Reggae singer Stephen Marley wrote that Banton "has inspired and uplifted many" throughout his career. Atlanta Hawks basketball player Etan Thomas wrote that he still hopes to include Banton in a book he's plan ning about fatherhood. Dwight Gooden among Cast Members On 'Celebritv Rehab DWIGHT GOODEN Drew on VH1. The other ca s t members really stretch the definition of celebrity: Michael Lohan, Jeremy Jackson, Bai Ling, and Tareq and Michaele Salahi. ti Tampa native and former :I Yankee and Mets ace ::::1 Dwight Gooden will be part of the cast for the upw coming season 5 of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. z Gooden was a Belmont Height LL product, high school star under the tute lage of Coach Billy Reed and company, and went to the major league at a superstar pitcher. Over the years Gooden has made head lines due to his brushes with the law and downward spiral due to drug use. w en a: 0 ..J LL < I CD ..... Sickle Cell Association of Hillsborough County Presents D : '; f ,,_ : > : J Music of the "60s" "70s" & "80s" When: Saturday; June 18, 2011 Where: Zendah Grotto 4402 W. Ohio Avenue Time: 9:00 PM-2:00 AM BYOB & FOOD-DJ Floyd "Joy" Donation: $10.00 in Advance/$15.00 at the Door Door Prizes for the best "60s", "70s" & "80s" Outfits AU prPCfb Ill HINjlt SkU. C#l ,.,_ Donations are Tax-deductible Ticket Outlet: Sickle CeH Oftlc:e 3402 N. 22.,. ST-247-!999 Shawtvlo Signs To G-Unit SHAwrYLO Shawty Lo has officiall y made a ne w career move and is now signed to so Cent's GUnit label. The rapper a.k.a. Bankhead Carlos hinted that he might sign with GUnit in an interview He confirmed his signing last weekend Soulia Bov Goes on on White Supremacisf SOULJABOY Soulja Boy recently took to his official FaceBook page to lash out at the people leav ing negati v e comments. Aside from going at haters general Soulja Boy seemed exceptionally steamed with white boys" who he said are, "holding Black people down who are trying to do some thing positive CashMonev Records Sued Again, Over Illegal Use Of Sample C a sh Mon ey R eco rd s has been thre aten e d with litiga tion onc e again. Thi s tim e Bridgeport Music filed a law s uit in Cen tral District of C a lifornia Western division (June 10) accusing Birdman and Lil Wayne of illegally using a sample on the 2006 album 'Like Father, Like Son.' Bridgeports says the song in question "You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks" off Funkadelic's 1971 LP Maggot Brain was used without permission on the Birdman and Weezy track Gunz ." Cash Money and Young Money Records continue to rack up the lawsuits. Kan Willliams Arrested Again Katt Williams was b ac k in jail over las t wee k e nd aft er a n incid e n t with a trac t o r t railer driver in Palmd ale, CA on S a turday. Law enforcement s ource s sa id a m a n doi n g tracto r w ork on a P a lmdal e home w here Katt w a s staying claims three women ap proached h i s vehicle and began attacking him with rocks and dirt clods. The man, who says he suf fered facial injuries in the at tack, called his wife to pick him up --but when she ar rived Katt pulled up in an SUV and blocked their exit That's when the man called 911. The L.A. CQunty Sheriffs KATT WILLI.Al\1S Dept. quickly arrived to the scene -arrested the women for with a deadly weapon and busted Katt for felony intimidating a wit ness. Katt was hauled to a nearby station, where he was booked. Bail was set at $50,000. Williams was re leased later that night. Morgan Freemen Receives Award CULVER CITY, CA -Morgan Freeman ac cepted the American Film Institute's Life Achie v ement Award recently Clint Eastwood, Sidney Poitier, Helen Mirren, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Robbins and Forest Whitaker were among the stars who feted Freeman during a ceremony last Thursday at Sony Studios, former home ofMetro-Gold wyn-Mayer In a room filled with hun dreds of his colleagues and friends, Freeman listened to star after star share what they admire about him and his work. The 74-year-old MORGAN FREEMAN Oscar winner sat at the head table near the center of the room, beaming. Freeman is the 39th re cipient of the AFI honor, which recognizes those whose talent helps advance the art of film. Carl Gardner, Coasters Lead Singer, Dies At 83 PORT ST. LUCIE FL Carl Gardner, original lead sin g er of th e R&B group the Coasters, h a s died. He w a s 8 3 Gardner's wife, Veta s aid h e r hu sband died Sun da y a t a Port St. Lucie hos pice following a long bout with congestive heart failure and vascular dementia. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, the Coasters had a string of hits in the late 1950s, including "Searchin '," "Poison Ivy" and "Young Blood." Their single "Yakety Yak" reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 following its 1958 release. It also spent seven weeks as the No 1 rhythm and blues song. "He loved his singing," Veta Gardner said of her CARL GARDNER husband of 24 years. "That was his whole life." The Coasters have con tinued to perform over the decades, with multiple changes to the lineup. Gardner has always held the rights to the group's name, and his son, Carl Gardner Jr., took over as lead singer when his father retired in 2005.


Entertainment ore's Beats Electronic Hit With Lawsuit DR.DRE Super producer Dr. Dre's compan y Electronics LLC has been hit with a law suit by Signeo USA, a rival producerofheadphonesand high end audio products. The l aws uit w hi c h was filed o n June 2nd in Th e U nit e d States District Court for th e Northern Dis trict of California, also names Mon ste r Cab l e as a defendant. W hil e Beats Electronics i s known for Dr. Dre's popu lar h eadphone lin e Beats by Dre, Sign eo USA i s known for ma r keting Ludacris' brand of headphones, Soul. Beats Electronics was founded by Dr. Dre and In terscope CEO Jimmy Iovine in 2006. Kellv Rowland's Estranged Father Reaches Out KELLY ROWlAND The estranged father of Kelly Rowland is reaching out to his daughter hoping to reconcile with her after 23 years without contact. Rowland, who is cur rently judging Simon Cowell's U .K. X-Factor, has reportedly not seen her bio logical father Christopher Lovett since she was seven years old. Now Lovett, 65, hopes to change that and sat down for an interview where he spoke on his failed relationship with his daughter. Choking back tears he said, "Kelly, I love you with all my heart. Please forgive me and let me be your dad again." According to Lovett, he failed to provide for his fam ily, had a drinking problem and a 'vicious temper' that tore his family apart, but says he loved his daughter from the very start. While Rowland hasn' t had contact with him in over two decades, she previously spoke of her father "I don't know where he is, but I hope he's not dead. That would break my heart. I remember my dad being drunk and aggressive to wards my mom, but not me. I don't know if he knows who I am or what I've done He must be hiding under a rock if he doesn't." Lovett also made sure to add that he's not after his celebrity daughter's money, but just wants to be in her life during his old age. I own a big home now and have retired so I don't want any of Kelly's fortune. Prodigv Agrees With Fiasco's Obama Comments PRODIGY In an exclusive interv i ew Mobb Deep's Prodigy re vea ls that h e shares the same sentiment as Lupe Fiasco in regards to Pres. Obama being, "the biggest terrorist." "I would have to agree with him," said P. "Most of these politicians and these government officials ... most of them are the real terrorists." He says despite his incar ceration he kept a close eye on Pres. Obama's politics. He said he has a full grasp on the misgivings of politicians and the U S. government. Clarence Clemons suners Stroke CLARENCE CLEMONS Saxophonist Clarence Clemons, 69, of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band has suffered a stroke Clemons is known as the Big Man in the E Street Band and his sax has been one of the most defining ele ments of the band's sound. He has suffered from nu merous ailments over the last few years. He had double knee surgery and performed from a wheelchair at one point. But his health seemed tci be improving. Just last month, he performed with Lady Gaga on the season fi nale of ''American Idol." Nicki Savs No To Spears Tour Nicki Minaj shot down rumors that she will perform on the European leg of Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour. "Sorry barbs, contrary to the recent reports, I will NOT be supporting Britney outside of the U. S. on this tour," the Young Money first lady re cently posted on her Face Book page Nicki is scheduled to make rounds with the U.S. leg of Brit's tour, which started Thursday (June 16) in Sacramento, CA. ., :::0 0 Associate 01 Jimmv Henchman Admits To Shooting Tupac r_ c: z m TUPAC SHAKURAnd JIMMY HENCHMAN A man has admitted to shooting Tupac Shakur in November of 1994 inside of New York's Quad Studios, after being paid $2,500 dol lars by James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond. Reports stated: Dexter Isaac, a former friend of Rosemond, is an inmate currently serving life in prison for murder, robbery and other offenses. Isaac came forward Wednesday (June 15th) with the information on the eve of what would be Tupac's 40th birthday. He confessed to his in volvement in the November 30th, 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur after Jimmy Henchman identi fied him ip a statement, re lating to Henchman's indictment for dealing nu merous kilos of cocaine. Henchmen, who is cur rently on the run from Fed eral officials, claimed that Dexter Isaac, along with other incarcerated inmates were cooperating with the government in an investiga tion of his alleged drug deal ing activities. Dexter Isaac said that he decided to confess to the rob beries to prove Jimmy Henchman's involvement, in addition to clearing his conscious for the shooting Isaac said he was com fortable going on record re-lating to the robbery and g shooting, since the statute of limitations had expired. Legally, no one can be pros-cn ecuted for the assault at this time. The November '94 shoot ing of Tupac Shakur was the beginning of a deadly feud between Skahur and the Notorious B.I.G., who Tupac accused of being in volved in the shooting. Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. were both murdered years later, and their murders were never solved. Black Eved Peas Concen canceled NEW YORK ..:_ A sched uled Black Eyed Peas benefit concert in Central Park was canceled due to severe thunderstorms. The concert, which was expected to draw up to 6o,ooo spectators, but was delayed an hour and then canceled all together be cause of the weather. :::! z m r-Ill c: r rm :::! z ., c: OJ c (/) :::1: m 0 m < m -4 c: m (/) 0 > z 0 ., c :1:1!' ,. .....


,..... ,..... ....: ,.... w z :::> ""') c a: Super 8-A group of kids use their 8 millimeter camera to u. shoot a movie but ended up capturing something Super. Take your kids to Muvico Starlight and watch it in the D-Box seating (Extra $5). This is the bomb! Also, watch the movie after the credits. No. 1 at box office. Made $36M. (Budget $50M). >-Hlf2 Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer-Can't say to catch it on video. Wasted Money! Made $6M. (Budget $2oM). x-X-Men: First Class-How it all started. The movie might be the best of the X-Men series. A little long (2 hrs./11 mins.) but very good storyline and action. Made $98M. (Budget $160M). **** The Hangover Part II -The crew flies to Bangkok for an other unforgettable wild weekend to see their friend, Stu get married. The first movie was funnier but this one is crazier. Made $215M. (Budget $8oM). *** Kung Fu Panda 2-Po (voice of Jack Black) and his Kung Fu friends set out to stop an evil peacock trying to conquer China. Kids will love this movie. Made $126M. (Budget $150M). ***112 Pirates Of The Caribbeans -Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) returns to find the Fountain Of Youth. This movie dragged until the mermaids scene. Too long-2 hrs./20 mins. Made $2o8M. (Budget $250M). *** Priest-The Priest (Paul Bettany) is on the hunt for his 1:i: niece who is kidnapped by vampires Should have left the cowC boy concept out. Still had a lot of action. Made $27M. (Budget 0: $6oM). *** u. Bridesmaid-A female version: of the movie "Hangover." Very funny. Must-see for the ladies. Made $123M. (Budget Rock and Vin Diesel. Must see! Made $205M. (Budget t-$125M).**** plus some. i;: w > w 20 :::1: en ::J m :::) L z ti -' -' :::: m HIP-HOP SINGLES 1. Motivation... Kelly Rowland Featuring Lil Wayne 2. Sure Thing ... Miguel 3 I'm On One... DJ Khaled Featuring Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne -1 4 My Last... Big Sean Featuring Chris Brown 5 She Ain't You ... Chris z Brown 6. Far Away ... Marsha Ambrosius i!i 7 Look At Me Now ... a: Chris Brown Featuring Lil g Wayne & Busta Rhymes u. 8. Unusual ... Trey Songz Featuring Drake 9 Hustle Hard... Ace Hood 10. All Of The Lights ... KanyeWest 11. So In Love ... Jill Scott Featuring Anthony Hamilton 12. Best Night Of My Life: .. Jamie Foxx Featuring Wiz Khalifa 13. How To Love ... Lil Wayne 14. Cupid... Lloyd Fea turing Awesome Jones 15. I Smile... Kirk Franklin 16. Racks ... YC Featuring Future 17. Love Faces ... Trey Songz 18. Man Down... Rihanna ver Tess; Rama continues to lie about her pregnan .cy; Tea learns devastating news. Ford asks Cutter to Tess; lives hang in the balance at the hospital; Rama blackmails Cutter; man with Todd Manning's original face sees Blair. YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS-Daniel and ,Victoria are devastated at the custody hearing; Michael and uiuren sev.er their friendship with Phyllis. Phyllis and Daisy seek Lucy; Jack and Adam take ad;v!lntage of bad new!l; -.


MS. FLORA JEAN FLOYD Funeral services for Ms. Flora Jean Floyd, who passed away Saturday, June 11, 2011, will be held Saturday, June 18, 2011, at 2 p. m. at the First Missionary Baptist Church of Seffner, 6720 County Road 579, Seffner, FL, 33584, Dr. Nathaniel Love, pastor, with Rev. Willie Jackson, eulogist. Interment will follow at Rest Haven Memorial Park. Flora was born to Robert Lee Jackson, Sr. (deceased) and Juanita Howard in Tampa. She attended Middleton High School and later was employed as a housekeeper with various hotels until she became ill and was no longer able to work. She leaves to cherish her fondest memories: a loving mother, Juanita Howard and friend, Troy Chaney ofThonotosassa, FL; a devoted fiance, William Donnell Jackson; brother, Warren Leon Jackson and wife, Leah; nieces, Trinee Jackson and Chanelle Jackson, all of Tampa; a godsister, Yvonne Smith and fiance, Prince Roberts of Thonotosassa, FL; cousins, Barbara Grant of New York, NY, and Gladys Gilbert of Tampa; along with a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. Public viewing will be held Friday, June 17, 2011, from 6-8 p. m. at Aden Funeral Chapel, 8037 E. Dr. MLK Jr., Blvd., Tampa, 33619. Family and friends are asked to assemble at the church no later than 1:45 p. m. on Saturday. ADEN FUNERAL HOME MR. WALTER 'SQUEEKY' CHATMAN Homegoing visitation services for Mr. Walter "Squeeky" Chatman of Tampa, who passed away on Tuesday, June 7, 2011, will be held on Friday, June 17, 2011, at 5 p. m. at Aikens Funeral Home, 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Rev. Michael Neely, providing words of comfort. Mr. Walter "Squeeky" Chatman was preceded in death by: his grandparents, Charles and Irene Renfro, Robert and Julia Baldwin; and his brother, Reginald E. Chatman. He leaves to cherish his memories: his loving mother, Shirley Ross; fathers, Walter Thomas and Joseph Chatman; brothers, Ray Baldwin, Alfred L. Chatman and Robert L. Chatman; aunts, Patsey Crawley, Sandra Thomas, Sylvia Maxwell, Barbara Garland and Carolyn Sanders; uncles, Henry Thomas and Bernie Maxwell; nieces, Courtney, Whitney, Ashley, Brittnay and Aria; nephew, Alfred Chatman, Jr.; cousins, Sheihi; Mike, Cedric, Donna, Lauranette and Rosalind Crawley, Cynthia Davenport (Puppy), Kim Davenport, Sheila Reese and Tressa White; and devoted friends, Robert and Steve. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME RJSIS FUNERAL PR c CRMX110N ICES JOHN HARMON LFn.813 626-8600 JAMES HARMON LFD 5002 N. 40th Street Tampa, Florida 3361 0 -'301 North Howard Avenue ., 9 Fax; 813 2S1.49l2 Homegoing services for Mrs. Mary A. Carroll of Tampa, who passed away on Friday, June 10, 2011, will be held on Saturday, June 18, 2011, 10 a. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Minister Bernice Keaton, officiating. Interment will follow at Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Mary Carroll was born on May 5, 1940, in Tallahassee, FL, to the parents of Ike and Viola Reed. She enjoyed going shopping to the flea market on weekends. She was preceded in death by: her parents; and brother-in-law, Arnett Carroll. She leaves to cherish her memories: her husband, Joseph Carroll; her children, Linda Horton and husband, J. C., and Angela McCleod; grandchildren, Andrew Hightower, Nicole Lawton and Zachary Gordon; great grandchildren, Kamea Lawton and Kaden Brown; and sistersin-law and brothers-in-law, Georgia Carroll, Helen Jenkins and husband, William, Earl Carroll and wife, Marilyn, Barnestine Marshall, David Carroll and wife, Irene, D. C. Carroll, Jr. and wife, Callie Mae, Fred Carroll and wife, Carrie Mae, Roy Carroll and wife, Mildred, Bernice Keaton and husband, Winston, JoAnne Carroll, Samantha Lightfoot and husband, Kenneth, Kent Carroll and wife, Alesia, Kari Mitchell and Tony Carroll and wife, Konda. The viewing will be held at Aikens Funeral Home on Friday, June 17, 2011, from 5-8 p.m. The family will receive friends from 7-8p. m. Family and friends are asked to meet at the chapel at 9:45 a. m. for service on Saturday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME JESUS LOVES ME MAR QUIZ THOMPSON We love and miss you yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. Thompson, Brown, Askiew and Reed families. Homegoing services for Mrs. Brenda E. Richard of Tampa, who passed away on Friday, June 10, 2011, will be held on Saturday, June 18, 2011, at 11 a. m. at New Salem Primitive Baptist Church, 1605 N. Nebraska Avenue, Rev. Antonio Hawkins, officiating, with Elder Theodis Lane, pastor, presiding. Mrs. Richard was born on January 9, 1955, in Tampa. She is the daughter of Ella Hayes Evans and the late Randolph Evans. She was preceded in death by: her father; and brother, Michael Evans. She leaves to cherish her memories: daughter, Talicia Nash (Tampa); a devoted mother, Ella Evans; brother, Freddie (Gail) Hayes, Sr.; three sisters, Jacqueline Evans Herring (Bowie, MD), Beverly Evans (Jacksonville, FL), and Amanda Evans Coleman (Tampa); grandmother, lola Evans (Cobb, GA); three nieces, Brittany Herring (Bowie, MD), Michelle Sims (Chicago, IL) and Breanna Evans (Tampa); two nephews, Freddie (LaToya) Hayes, Jr. and Damien Hayes; and a host of other relatives and friends. The viewing will be held at Exciting Faith Alive at Mt. Silla, 5705 32ndAvenue, Friday, June 17, 2011, from 5 7 p.m. The family will receive friends at 5:30 p. m. Family and friends are asked to meet at New Salem P. B. Church at 10:45 a. m. for the service on Saturday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY DARLING WIFE BLONDELL MITCHELL May 5, 1948 -Jwte 20, 2010 Baby, I know that we missed you a lot of time, but when we met again it was love at first sight. The day you left, only the tears to flow. I never wanted to be without you but, God knew best. You will always be in our heart. From, your husband, Anthony Mitchell an"-family. MR. JOHNNY SPIKES (JUNIOR) A memorial service for Mr. Johnny Spikes (Junior) will be held 'Friday, June 17, 2011, at 2 p. m. at. Gudes Funeral Home, 4050 E. Hillsborough Avenue. He was preceded in death by: mother, Lillie Mae; father, James Thomas _(Sport); sisters, Gracie Gundy and Angelo Gundy; and nephew, Tony Gundy. He leaves to cherish his memories with: daughters, Lisa Spikes, Salerina Tift, Charlene Tift of Trenton, New Jersey; sons, Mark Spikes (Zena), Atlanta, GA, and David Tift (Iona), Maryland; brother, Inyssee Gundy; sister, Linda Ramsum (Stanley), Trenton, New Jersey; aunts, Cora Lee Parham and RosaleeTaylor, Palmetto, FL; 16 grandchildren and 2 great grands; a host cousins and friends. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM MRS. MAUREEN KAY CENTERLASING 6/20/53-8/21/10 When you were set free, I was a witness. It was Jesus. There's no doubt, nobody but the Lord, what an assurance in my soul and I dare not ask who it was. He who the Son set free is free indeed. Kay, when you took your last breath, I can't help but to continue to keep my eyes Jesus. All my help comes from the Lord. Coming Tuesday is your birthday. We all love you (even more) day-byday, more than words can express. Happy birthday: husband, (Mike) Rodney; sons,.Kevin, Sr. and Kevin, Jr.; the Center, Padgett and Lasing fanilly and ... "'""" 1\J 0 ... ... ., r 0 ::0 6 )> tn m z ::! z m r m c: r r z "'C c: m r c;; J: m c m < m ::0 -< c: m tn c )> z c ., :!! c


MR. SAMMY JOHNSON Homegoing services for Mr. Sammy Johnson, who passed away on June 12, 2011, will be held Saturday, June 18, 2011, at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th St., Tampa, 33610, Pastor Cynthia Ford, officiating. Interment will be private. Mr. Sammy Johnson was a native of Brevard County, FL. relocating to Tampa, he attended Hillsborough County schools and graduated. He was employed as a Fumigator. He ::C fishing and was known by C friends as 'The Real Fish a: LL c z <( ::c c (J) w 1-> a: w > w c w l: (J) :::l m ll. z j::: w ..J ..J m He was preceded in death by: mother, Mrs. Carolyn Johnson Poole; and sister, Mary Ann Poole. He leaves to cherish his memory: loving and devoted wife, Orlanthea Johnson; 2 sons, Samuel Blacknton and Augustus Stokes; 2 daughters, Jamika Minor and Sammyyana Johnson; 4 stepchildren, Allen Griffin, Artanisha Nash, Kennethia Hester and Dominic Harris, Jr.; special nephew, Ricky Poole, Jr.; granddaughter, Jisell Jackson; 5 brothers, Leonard Poole, Rudolph Poole, Ronnie Johnson, Rickey Poole, Sr., and James Johnson; 2 sisDaisy Belle Poole and Holland; 5 sisters-inand Gillena LongChaka Zellner, Ann and Katrina Jones; uuu .,,, ",..,, .. ., Willie Carr; devoted friends, Antonio (Dirt) Viverette, Doretha Rolle, Kenneth (Dunnie) Henderson, Antruan (Tony) Brown and Eduj ward (P. P.) Taylor; a host of z nieces, nephews, cousins and j::: other family members and z friends. W Those attending the home(/) going service for Mr. Sammy <( Davis are asked to assemble at C the funeral home at 1:45 p. m. 0 ..J LL IN MEMORIAM MR. MILTON PEOPLES, SR. <( 0 You're in the land N where you'll never grow W old. From, your wife, chil-if dren and grandchild.J,oen. MS. EUNICE CARTER Ms. Eunice Carter of 7314 S. Westshore Boulevard, passed away Sunday, June 12, 2011. Funeral services will be conducted Friday, June 17, 2011, at 11 a. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 North Howard Avenue, with Rev. Roy Young, Jr., officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Cemetery. Ms. Eunice Carter was a native of Cuthbert, Georgia, and a resident of Tampa for over 50 years. She met and married Willie Lee Carter, Jr. on January 8, 1943 To this union 5 girls and 3 boys were born. To her family she was caring and did all she could to keep them happy. Please don't mourn her passing but rejoice, for Eunice accepted Christ as her personal savior and her memories will always be dear in our hearts. She was preceded in death by: her mother, Sula Thomas; husband, Willie Carter, Jr.; a daughter, Martha Gilley; a son, Timothy Carter; two grandsons, Isaac Carter and Christopher Hagans; two granddaughters, Gloria Carter Patty and Juanita Cannon Serrano; great grandson, Byron Patty, Sr.; and greatgreat grandson, Byron Patty, Jr. She leaves to cherish her memory: four daughters, Mattie Carter, Teresa Cannon (Darnel), Maxine Sellers (Cornelius), and Regina Cross (Nathan); two sons, Willie Carter (Wendy), and Vince Carter (Mary); sonin-law, Bennie Gilley; twentyfour grandchildren, Joseph Gilley, Benjamin Gilley, Menyan Gilley, Rance Gilley, Dewayne Gilley (Stephanie), Latonya Gilley, Colleen Cannon, Andre Flagler. (Tichina), Curtis Smith, Marvin Carter (Tamika), Willie Carter, Beyonce' Carter, Vince Carter, Precious Carter, Jasmine Carter, Lajuanee Carter, Joanne Etheridge, Jacob Carter, Valencia Carter, Candice Carter, Ernest Carter, Mikala Carter, Brittany Carter and Yyoung Williams; forty-two great grandchildren, ten great-great grand-children and three great-great-great grandchil-dren; and a host of other sorrowing relatives; a very devoted caregiver, Carolyn Harris; and very special friends, Robert Col bert and Ashley Battley; and special supporting friends, South Tampa Health andRehabilitation Center. The remains will repose from 4-7 p. m., Thursday, June 16, 2011, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywimamsfuneralhome.com MRS. LULA MAE CRAWFORDWATSON Mrs. Lula Mae CrawfordWatson passed away Saturday, June 11, 2011. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, June 18, 2011, at 11 a. m. at Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church, 2606 West Grace Street, with Rev. T. D. Leonard, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Mrs. Lula Mae CrawfordWatson was born in Bessemer, Alabama, on December 15, 1919, to the late Mr. Louis Crawford and Mrs. Ruby Crawford Warren. She and her late husband, Randolph Watson, moved to Tampa in 1945 She worked for twenty years in a private home and later worked as a crossing guard for the Hillsborough Sheriff's Department. She joined Mt. Tabor M. B. Church under the pastorate of Rev. W. J. Glover in the late 40s. In the 1960s, she moved her membership, along with her late husband, to Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church where she served as a Deaconess. Following her husband's death, she returned to serve at Mt. Tabor. While there, she served as a member of Choir #2, Deaconess Ministry, and Golden Ministry. She was preceded in death by: her husband, Rev. Randolph Watson; son, Sylvester Watson; and grandson, Willie Shaw. She is survived by: her children, Amelia Robinson and Robert Watson; eleven grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren; 4 sisters, Anne (Joseph) Tramell, Marie (Earl) Lewis, Laurine (Virgil) Jacobs and Ophelia (Ullyses) Saffold; brother, Columbus (Anita) Warren; sister-in-law, Wilma Warren; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, June 17, 2011, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. The family will receive friends from 7:30-8:30 p.m. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywimamsfuneralbome.com ... Mr. Sammie L. Livingston of 2102 E. Annie St., Tampa, 33612, passed away Thursday, June 9, 2011. His homegoing service will be held Saturday, June 18, 2011, at 2 p. m. at First Baptist Church of West Tampa, 1302 N. Willow Avenue, Tampa, 33607, with Reverend Rayford Harper, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow Monday, June 20, 2011, in Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, FL. Mr. Livingston was born in Waycross, GA, June 11, 1934, to the late Mrs. Ruth Thomas. He attended Center High School in Waycross, GA After finishing high school, he enlisted in the Army during the Korean War. His rank was PVT-2; he had an Honorable discharge. He received three medals while in service: Army of Occupation Medal (Germany), National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal. After leaving the Army, he worked for the Union Camps and later at Tampa General Hospital where he retired after 25years. Mr. Livingston was preceded in death by: his mother, Ruth Thomas; 4 beloved children, Darlene Daniels, Debra, Sammie, Jr. and Victor Livingston; and beloved stepdaughter, Veronica R. Hayward. He leaves to cherish his memory: a loving and devoted wife, Blossie Livingston; 2 loving daughters, Pennie Westt and husband, Wayne, and Faith Varnes and husband, Melvin; 5 stepdaughters, Barbara Bass, Debra Higdon, and husband, Clarence, Tynia Thomas, and husband, Charles, Angelia Thomas, and husband, Walter, and Juanita Singleton, and husband, Clinton; stepson, Sylvester Hayward; devoted brother, Dewey Wilkerson, and wife, Louise; 2 sisters, Anita Daniels and Loretta Thompson; 2 cousins, David Benson, Jr. and Calvin Payne, and wife, Jackie; a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and a host of other sorrowing. relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, June 17, 2011, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuperalbome.com IN MEMORIAM ESTON L. BATTS June 17, 2009 Loss in undoubtedly an event we all will experience. Papa, we miss you. Happy Father's Day, From, your loving fantily. MRS. WINDELON SEYMORE Mrs. Windelon Seymore of Tampa, passed away Friday, June to, 2011. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, June t8,' 2011, at 2 p. m. at St. John Cathedral, 3401 East 25th Avenue, pastor, Bishop Eddie Newkirk, with Dr. AlaFaye Nelson-Vickers, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Born August 13, 1944; in Tampa, to the late Pernetta Tolbert and Robert Austin, Sr., Mrs. Windelon Seymore was educated in the Hillsborough County Schools, graduating from Middleton High School, class of 1963. She was employed at the University of South Florida for over 15 years and retired from Hillsborough County, having driven school buses for 31 years. She later returned to the Lee Davis Center in Administration, only to retire again. "Muddy," as she was affectionately called, was well known as the neighborhood Mom. Mrs. Seymore was preceded in death by: her mother, Pernetta Tolbert; father, Robert Austin, Sr.; son, Edward Sims, Jr.; grandson, Tremaine Singleton; brothers, Elroy Tolbert and Tom Austin; sister, 'Lois Warren; and sister-in-law, Doris Tolbert. She leaves to cherish her memory: husband, Howard Seymore; daughter, Carla Williams (Isaac); sons, Timothy Tyrone Simms (Doris), Tommie Simms (Michelle), and Michael Simms (Veda); stepchildren, Thomas, Marcus, Curtis, Patricia, Darryl and Lakesia Seymore; sisters, Audrey Black, Linda Green, Sharon Ivory (Johnny), Iris Austin (Willie), and Andrea Logan (Clifton); sisters-in-law, Charlie Mae Tolbert, Carolyn Austin, Margie Pearson, Mae Laura London (Richard) of Atlanta, GA, Bertha Mae Logan of Alabama, Ruthie Seymore, Dorthy Milton and Cassandra Bullock; brothers, Ozell Tolbert, Rudolph Tolbert (Lillian), William Tolbert, Joseph Austin (Jan), Robert Austin (Phyllis), Sam Austin (Bertha), and Ronnie Austin (Susan); brothers-in-law, Willie Warren, Willie Seymore'(Liz), Ellis Seymore and Seymore; Tommy Simms, Jr. (Lydia), DWayne Williams, II (Angel), Tyrone Simms, Jr., Dwana Williams, Jameshia Bell, Breanna Evans, Ferlia Simms, Alexis Simms, Patrice Simms, Sabia Simms, Imari Johnson and Arianna King; great grandchildren, LaMaya Bell, Dwayne Williams, III, Avianna Williams, Daylan Williams, Amani Williams, Damir Williams, Janaya Williams, lsys Williams, Tommie Simms, III, Olivia Kayla Simms and Kiara Simms; special nephew, DeQuan Moody; special cotisins, Altamese Coleman, Mattye Phillips and Walter Smith; special son-in-law, Dwayne Williams; and a host of loving relatives and friends. '" The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, June 17, 2011, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. The family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. Arrangements e11trusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.rjmyilliamsfuneralhome.com


MS. SONYA THERESA WILLIAMS Ms. Sonya Theresa Williams of Tampa passed away Monday, June 6, 2011. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, June 18, 2011, at 11 a. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 North Howard Avenue, with Rev. Prentiss Davis, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Ms. Williams was born December 9, 1965, to Tommy Williams and Fannie Thomas in Clearwater, FL. She attended school at Seminole High School. She graduated from Wilfred Academy of Hair Design & Beauty Culture. She was a native of Clearwater but resided in Tampa for the last 23 years. On June 6, 2011, God saw Sonya getting weary and a solution was not to be. So he wrapped her in His loving arms and whispered, "Come with me." She faced opposition with courage until the very end. She tried so hard to stay with us, but her fight was not in vain. God took her home to be with her loving child and brother and freed her from her pain. Sonya worked at SweetBay Supermarket, and then at until her health began to fail. She was especially devoted to her many nieces and nephews. So.nya was known for her friendly, outgoing personality. She touched the lives of many in her time here. She was preceded in death by: her son, Markese Barr; her brother, Grady Williams; and her maternal and paternal grandparents. She leaves to remember her life and cherish. her memory: son, Christopher Williams of Tampa; father, Tommy \Villiams of Clearwater, FL; mother, Fannie Thomas of Tampa; 4 brothers, Jerry (Shawn), Joseph, Tommy and Reginald Williams, all of Tampa; sister, Natalie Williams of Tampa; 7 aunts, Maggie Cowart of Clearwater, FL, Mary Williams of Largo, FL, Edith Pittman of Clearwater, FL, Emma Hipps, of Clearwater, FL, Frances Williams of Clearwater, FL, Betty Alexander of Tarpon Springs, FL, and Annie Preston of Tampa; 2 uncles Donnell Mitchem of Safety bor, FL, and Ernest Williams of New York; grandmother, Dollie Williams of Safety Harbor FLgodmother, Sarah of Tampa; special niece, Jolisha Williams ofTampa;-and loving friends, Gladys Johnson Ronnie Clark, Jill Wallace, Regina and Rhonda Ervin, Roberta Cutler, Yolanda and Thomas Barr all of Tampa, Sherelle of water, FL; and a host of cousins other relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, June 17, 2011, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralhome.com MRS. MATTIE BERJESTINE JACKSON-JONES Graveside services for Mrs. Mattie Berjestine JacksonJones, who passed away on Sunday, June 12, 2011, at University Community Hospital, was held on Wednesday, June 15,2011. Her mother, Johnnie B. Jackson-Sweet; father, Arthur Jackson, Sr.; and a loving husband, Rufus Jones, preceded hedndeath. During her life, she was a longtime member of St. Matthew M. B. Church where she served as a Deaconess, a member of The Young Adult Teaching Class, and a Sunday School teacher. She was employed at Lily \Vhite Hospital, Thatcher's Glass and Director of Dining Room at Bryan Elementary School in Hillsborough County. Mrs. Jones was an excellent seamstress, interior decorator and enjoyed macrame and crochet. She was an inspiration to her family and friends. She .leaves to cherish her memories: 3 daughters, Cynthia Hodges (Julius) of Plant City, FL, Shirley, a.k.a.. Shayla Prather (Terry) of Orlando, FL, and daughter/ goddaughter, Sylvia Williams (John) of Tampa; 2 sons, Anthony Anderson of Tampa, and Michael Anderson (Collette) of Honolulu Hawaii; 4 brothers, Arthu; Jackson, Jr. (Yolanda) ofVero Beach, FL, Willie Jackson (Reina) of Thonotosassa, FL, James Jackson (Janet) of Tampa, FL, and Samuel Jackson of Seffner, FL; 7 sisters Virmell Stanley of Tampa, lyn Cobb (Jesse) of Temecula, CA, Ernestine J. Jones of West Palm Beach, FL, Beatnce J. Beal of Tampa; very devoted and loving caregiver, Bobbie J. Johnson of Tampa, Elizabeth J. Joe of Brandon, FL, and Rose J. Galbreath of Savannah, GA; 8 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren; godson, Brent Jones (Monique) of Baltimore, MD; goddaughter, Tonya Nelson of Atlanta, GA; Ross Glenn of Tampa; extended family and friends; devoted caregiver/niece, Tarra L. Johnson of Tampa, Ernestine Carter, Virginia Hall and Burnell Brown; devoted cousins, Alice Johns and Pauline Brown; special friends,. Nettie Henderson, Hazel Fields and L. T. Johnson ("The Yard Man"); and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends; special acknowledgement to Dr. Colleen Campbell and the staff of University Community Hospital. "A FANNIE B. STONE TRADITIONAL SERVICE" MRS. BETIY MARIE COOK-LAWSON Homegoing celebration for Mrs. Betty Marie Cook-Lawson of Tampa, who passed away Friday, June 10, 2011, will be held Saturday, June 18, 2011, at 11 a. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel, 3000 N. 29th Street, with Dr. Aaron Mumford, Pastor of New Harmony Missionary Baptist Church, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Cook-Lawson was preceded in death by: her father, 0. B. Cook; brother, Harold Cook; son, Tony Cook; and grandmother, Alfreda James. She leaves fond memories with: her husband, Albert Lawson; children, Lawanda Cook. Marketa Alexander (Robert); Sarah Duhart, Latasha Duhart Victoria Bradley and Lawson; grandchildren, Willisba Conley-Alexander and Jamari M_atthews; her mother, Evangelist Bettye Jean Bradley (Teddy); sisters and brothers, Brenda Denise Cook, Douglas L. Cook (Cathy), Angela M. Hope (Benjamin), Lyla Harris (Willie) and Reginald Mathis (Anitra);. nieces and nephews, Geavoni Miller, Reginald Mathis, Jr., Alan Michael Mathis, Tony Cook, Sharon Clark (Kareem), Douglas C. Cook, II (Mercedes), Shalonda Eric Cook, Chad Latta, Jasmme Cook (Alexander), Dominique Clark (Fred), Benjamin Hope, Jr., Shanquita Harris, Steven Harris, Jr. and Alexander Cox; great nieces and nephews, Aaron Clark, Andrew Clark, Alexis Harris, Douquela Cook, Zayquan Allen, Douglas C. Cook, III, De'Asia Cook, Kevontae Cook, Amari Cook Jasmine Cook and Aaliyah Cook; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. Mrs. Cook-Lawson loved all her children. A native of Tampa, Mrs. Cook-Lawson was raised in the Robles Park Village Community. She was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County and attended Hillsborough High School. She later joined the Job Corps in Kentucky. Mrs. Cook-Lawson was raised in the church. Her late grandmother, Mrs. Alfreda G. Barnes was a great musician. The remains will repose from 4-6p. m., Friday, June 17,2011, the family receiving friends from 5-6 p. m. at \Viison Funeral Home Chapel. Friends are asked to assemble at the chapel at approximately 10:45 a. m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wilson-funeralhome.com BRO. WILLIAM CLARK GATEWOOD, JR. (W. C.) Bro. William Clark Gatewood, Jr., 1203 E. 15th Avenue, Tampa, 33605, was called home June 13, 2011. Memorial services will be held Monday, June 20, 2011, at 1 p. m. at the Florida Mortuary, 4601 North Nebraska Ave., Tampa, 33603, with Pastor Reed, officiating. "W. C." was born on May 7, 1941. "W. C." completed his education at Howard W. Blake High School, class of 1962. He leaves behind: his loving and devoted fiancee of 11 years, Paula Gipson; his children's mother and friend, Dahila P. Casey of Rochester, NY; daughter, Sonya R. Gatewood; sons, William C. Gatewood (Susie) of Rochester, NY, Howard B. Gatewood (Disree) of Grand Perry, Texas, and Pastor Michael E. Gatewood ofFt; Lauderdale. FL; his sisters, Yvonne Sanders (James) of Tampa, Connie J. Gatewood of Rochester, NY, and Jean G. Gatewood-Harrison of Tampa; eight grandchildren and 1 great grandson; and a host of nieces, nephews and friends. We will keep you near our hearts and you will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace "W. C." He also leaves: his godchildren, Boogie Down, Naya, Render, Grace, Rotondo, Devaris Jones, Joshua Harmon and Josh Trapper; best friends, Cookie, Jenny Moore, Zaron O'Neil, Prestine and New York Slim and E-Stacy; brother-inlaw, Robert Sweet; Debbie Sweet and husband; niece, Shaquera; and aunts-in-law, Carrie Simmons and Liz Owens. Mr. Willie B. Speed, 90 of Apalachicola, FL, went to be with the Lord on Wednesday, May 11, 2011. A native of Apalachicola, he was a graduate of Dunbar High School and earned a BS degree and Master's degree from Florida A&M University. Mr. Speed started his teaching career with the Marion County School Board in Ocala, FL. From there, he moved back home to Apalachicola, FL, where he taught briefly before being appointed as principal of Quinn High School from 1954 to 1968. He was a Franklin County School Board Administrator fr:om 1968 to 1982, an Assistant Superintendent from 1982 to 1992, a School Board member 1992 to 2000 and Chairman of the Board 1999 to 2000. He served on the Board of Directors of the Florida School Board Association from 1992 to 1999 and Chairman of the Small District Council of the Florida School Board Association from 1995 to 1996. Mr. Speed served as Vice Chairman, Franklin County Transportation Disadvantaged Coordination Board and Vice Chairman of the Apalachicola Housing Authority. He served on several Southern Education Association of Colleges and Schools evaluation committees, as well as the Florida Department of Education School Plant Survey Committee and received the Meritorious Achievement Award from Florida A&M University on May 1, 1999 Mr. Speed was Chairman of the Apalachicola Reunion from August 14 to 16, 1981, and Chairman of the committee celebrating the tooth anniversary of St. Paul AME Church. He was a World War II. veteran and member of the local American Legion. MISSING OUR LOVED ONES SIS. LIZZIE M. JOHNSON June 14, 1996 June 15, 2005 and daughter walking around heaven together bnngmgJOY to our hearts because they are "safe" in the Shepherd's Arms. We will always love you. Your family. "TT r 0 :!:! c )> en m z :::! z m r m c: r r !!1 z "tJ c: m r c;; :::1: m c m < m -t c: m C/) c )>' z c "TT :!:! c C) m N .... I )>


-------------------------------------------------------. c; Memoriams/Card of Thanks 5 IN LOVING MEMORY OF MEMORIAM FOR MY'OLGIRL <( c a: LL c a: LL c z < c en w ::: 1-> a: w > w c w ::I: en :J m ::: Q. z i= w ,_J ,_J ::: m ,_J w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ,_J LL MRS. BETTY MCNAIR JOHNSON Sunrise: June 22, 1946 Sunset: June 29, 2007 Betty, it has now been four years since we experienced one of our greatest losses -your patience, kindness, love and compassion for us. Beloved, let us love one another. For love is of God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. 1 JOHN4:7. We miss you very, very much. Your husband, Leon; children, Timothy and Dolphus; sister, Lula; brother, George; all of your grandchildren; and all of your family and friends. Love always. THOMIYAH PAIGE RILEY 6/17/03-1/21/06 Happy 8th birthday, Miyah. Missing you like crazy. Mama, dad, sister, family and friends. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM. 'MIYAH' 6/17/03-1/21/06 Happy birthday to my angel. I love you and miss you so much. Kita and family. ANNA 'BOOBIE' HOWARD 6/tS/1958 -6/t5/2oto Dear Mama, words can't explain how I feel inside, not being able to see you again. I love you and miss you dearly. Happy birthday. From, your first born, Marquis. Love, Marquis, Elaina and the rest of your kids. TO YOUR SPECIAL DAY On this special day we would like to send and give thanks to special fathers and babies fathers on this day: B. A. (Nancy). Winnie, Big Dave, Jonel (Fatima), Ver non, Sr., Spida, Mike (Camilla), Jerome (Debra), Suge (Marilyn), Cuz, Hickey (Shawanna), Jitt Joe (Betta), Ronnie (Aisha), Wuz (Pola), Tank (Kiwi), Jimmy (Go,Go), Pokey G (Renee), J. C. (Mrs. Barbara), Herb, Black and Money. R.I.P. Ray and R.I.P. Jay. With love from all of us, 18th and tsth. FATHERS. FROM YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TO YOUR FIRST DAY ON THE JOB, YOUR FATHER WAS A ROLE MODEL WHO GAVE YOU ENCOURAGEMENT AND LOVE. THIS FATI-IERS DAY, HONOR FilM BY PASSING THAT SAME SUPPORT ONTO YOUR. CHILDREN. FUNERAL HOME 300> N. 29th St Tampa, FL 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 We, the family of Lucille \V. Johnson, would like to thank you for your prayers, phone calls, visits and food in the passing of our mother. Thanks to: St .. John Pro gressive Church, People for Christ Ministries, AGAPE Church Of God, Pastor Clyde Lewis, and Harmon Funeral Home. Thanks also goes out to the Belmont Heights Estates Social Services Dept. God bless you all, the family. National LUCILLE WINGF'IELD JOHNSON ('SISTER') Shoplifter's Babv Falls From Car During Escape Anempt SOUTH CAROUNA-A 14-month-old b

Crime Man Charged With Beating, Raping Woman JEAN ARMANED Tampa Police have arrested a man for allegedly beating and raping a 41-year-old woman in an abandoned house Tuesday. Police said Jean Armaned, 18, met a woman and walked with her to a house where she was staying. Armaned said he wanted to have sex with her, but she said no, police said. Armaned then attacked her outside the home and started beating her as she screamed for him to stop, according to a witness. Armaned reportedly grabbed the woman by the throat, dragged her inside the house and raped her. The witness called police and gave a description of the sus pect and a location. Armaned was arrested and charged with sexual bat tery, false imprisonment and kidnapping. He is being held in jail with his bail set at $50,000. Detectives Search.For Robberv suspects Tampa Police Robbery detectives are searching for a pair of armed robbery suspects. Detectives said two men entered the Howard Johnson Motel on soth Street Monday, jumped the counter and took money from the cash drawer. They then forced the clerk to the ground at gunpoint and fled. The suspects are described as Black males, one in his late 20s to early 30s, 5'10" to 6 feet tall, a large build, and last seen wearing a black sweatshirt, black pants, tan work boots, a black ski mask, and armed with a short barrel shotgun. The second suspect was repo,rted to be in his early 20s, 6'1" tall, weighing 150 pounds with a thin build. He was last seen wearing a red sweatshirt, black long pants, black athletic shoes, a red mask, black baseball cap, and armed with a black handgun. The suspects were seen leaving in an early 1990s Mercury Grand Marquis, either silver or gold in color. UNCLE SANDY ... When I'm sad 5, 10, 11, 15 she comes to me 19, 22, 25 29 with a thousand smiles 33, 37, 40, 41 she gives to me free 44, 48, 50, s6. HOME SAFETY EXPO Saturday, June 1.8, 201.1. 12:00 Noon 2:30 P.M. Hope Center, 4902 N. Und St. (Across From Middleton High SchooO Special Presentation By: Digital Watchdog Internet Camera Technology Sponsor By: Tampa Signal, Inc. MicheUe B. Patty Referral Service For More Information Call: (813) 78'7-6652 Bank Robber Sought This is a surveillance photo of a suspected bank robber. Hillsborough County Sheriffs detectives are investigating a bank robbery that occurred June 14th. Detectives report that a man entered the bank, presented the teller a demand note, and after receiving money, he fled on foot. The suspect's face was cap tured on surveillance tape, and he is described as a Black male wearing a camouflage baseball cap, glasses, a beaded neck lace, black shirt, black or dark blue loi1g shorts and black and white high top tennis shoes. Anyone with any information on the suspect is asked to call the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office at (813) 2478200. Woman Charged With Using Baseball Bat OnKinens WILANA FRAZIER HERNANDO COUNTY -Hernando County deputies arrested a woman who reported beat two kittens with a baseball bat last Friday in a community park. Deputies said a group of children stood by in horror as Wilana Frazier, 24, struck the two kittens with an aluminum baseball bat while making comments about shooting people and killing. It was also reported her two boys, ages 5 and 8, kicked the kittens repeatedly, one of them throwing one of the kittens against a tree and trying to cut the other kitten's neck with a stick. Detectives reported that when one of the kittens appeared to have died, its body was thrown in a trash can while one of the children poured water over it. The children who witnessed the attack grabbed the remain. ing kitten and went home. An adult at the home wrapped the surviving kitten in a tee shirt and called 9-1-1. Area Man Featured On America's Most Wanted Eric Bell, a fugitive wanted for sex trafficking of a minor in Tampa, was featured on America's Most Wanted last Saturday. Since the airing of that show, U. S. Immigration and customs Enforcement has received several tips ICE is a partner in the Clearwater Area Task Force Against Human Trafficking. They are asking for assistance in keeping awareness high concerning Bell. Bell is wanted for sex trafficking of a minor victim, producing child pornography and other charges. Bell was last seen near Tampa on February 2nd dri ving a black Ford Excursion or Expedition. ERIC BELL He is a Black male, 5'9" tall and has road rash scars on his mid-section from a motorcycle accident and a tattoo across his chest reads, "Eric loves Vickie." Woman Charged With Defrauding Housing Authoritv LAKELAND -Lakeland Police have charged Nita McGee, 58, with scheme to defraud after an investigation indicated she had removed a total of $6,o86.ss from Lakeland Housing Authority funds for personal use. McGee reportedly diverted the funds from the Bank of America account by ATM withdrawals, checks, and the housing authority debit card for items and cash beginning in 2006, police said. NITA MCGEE thorized withdrawals had c.. c z m ..... ..... 1\) 0 ..... ..... r-0 :::tJ en m z ::::! z m r-aJ c: rrm ::::! z The diversion was discov ered April 2011 when another Lakeland Housing Authority employee was notified the account was beirig placed as inactive due to a lack of funds. Further investigation revealed that several unau-beenmade. McGee was notified of the :D charges and voluntarily turned herself in on June ....... 14th. 111\11 .. IIC)NJ)S If You Want To Get Out In A Hurry Call PRESTO, I'll Be There For You!!! Preston Livingston Agent 813 .. 248-9300 prestonbailbonds@gmail.com HiUsborough, Manatee, Pinellas & Polk County AvaUable 24 Hours /7 Days A Week C) m 1\) w I )>


0 N ..... .... w z ::J c a: u. c a: u. c z a: w > w c w J: en :::i m ::J a. z i= w ...J ...J ::J m ...J w z i= z w en

Farewell Reception For Band Director After spending several years in Tampa, the Band Director at Van Buren Mid dle School w ill be re turning to hi s roots in Birmingham, AL. Afte r see in g the devasta t ion ca us ed by recent torna does, Willie Snipes felt the calling to return and help his Teacher Roland Williams at the reception. family and friends who had been affected. Students facult y and staff didn t want him to leave, but they sent him away with a far ewell recep tion held at the school. He \viii be leaving Tampa later this month. (Photography by BRUNSON) Assistant Principal Latonya Anderson gives Snipes a farewell hug. J\mmy.Black and Darius Phelps. attended the reception. These Van Buren staff members are Kenneth Schultz, Mr. Leony, Johnny Banks, Donna Lovett, Larry Hodges, Ross Anderson, Professor Willie Snipes, Antwaun Underwood, Sr., Ms. Anderson, Ms. Cherry Och, Robert Schoos, Band Director at Plant High; and Brandon Bair. of the Van Buren Band students who attended the reception. Knights 01 Peter Claver Council #379 Awards Herbert Carrington, Sr. Scholar_ships L toR-Knights Victor Cupid and Conrad Johnson, Mrs. Collette Hannah, Chadwick Han-nah, II, Knight William Robertson, Alexis Chavers, and Mrs. Marinette Chavers. I The Knights of Peter Claver Council #379 of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church has awarded its 2011 Herbert Carrington, Sr. Scholarship Awards of $2,5oo, each, to high. academic and extracurricular achievers Alexia Chavers and Chadwick Hannah, II. Alexis is a graduate of Bloomingdale High School and has been accepted at Florida A&M Universlty. She will join the famed FAMU 'Marching too' Band. Chad is a graduate of Gaither High School and.will.attend the. University of Cincinnati wher.e he. will play football.


.,... w z ::::) ""') > a: w > w 0 w J: (J) :::::i m ::::) a. z i= w ..J ..J ::::) m ..J w z i= z w (J) < 0 a: 0 ..J L1. m I N w CJ Criminal Defense, Family Law & Personal Injury Cypress Point Office Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 101 Tampa, Florida 33618 (813) 386-5730 Fonner Hillsborough County Prosecutor-Depuly Chief Arrested and Concerned About Your Legal Rights? Call Tanya Dugree (813) 418-5253 Payment Plans Available With NO CREDIT CHECK 505 East Jackson St. Suite #303 Barrister's Building Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 387-7724 BANKRUPTCY Stop Foreclosure & Creditor's Harassment REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW J. JACQUES A. DARIUS, P.A ATTORNEY 813/930-2222 Accident & Injuries Employment Civil Rights FamilyLaw Appeals 7211 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Ste 228 Bdatt<::boc:>iif\1: A d: roc i:nfQfJli.Mion theRwytr'$quaJifkatioos Practicing Lav In: Criminal Defense Family Law Personal Injury Attomev & Cowiselor At Law Point Office Park 10014 N. Dale Mahrv Sui te 101 Tampa Ronda 33618 (813)269-9706 Fax:(813)960-064l The hiring of a lav.yer is an decisi o n U1t1t shou l d not be based solely ntX>n adveri ismcn:s Before you deci

All About You! jJ I I love MY Baby I Happy Birthday I Happy Birthday I MARQUISE D. GOODMAN, a.k.a., LO-BOY Happy birthday to my Iii man. I always wanted a son and now that I have you my life is complete. This day reminds me of everything they deprived me of, but through it all we have each other. This calls for a celebration and we're going to do it b-i-g. Happy birthday, Lo-Boy. From, the family. No, We're Not LuckV, We're Blessed, Yes QUEEN, YAHNAAnd LO-BOY Honor Roll LAQUESS I. HEIGHT Honor Roll: Citizenship Cer tificate School : Shaw Elementary Hobbies : Reading, Singing and Dancing Church: New Salem P. B. Church Mother: Labrine Height Grandmother : Sebrina Height Great Grandparents: Paul and Cora Height Preacher Manl Seeking Christian FellowshiP RODNEYK. LAUDERDALE Write Rodney K. Lauderdale, #41127-048, FCC Coleman (Medium) P. 0. Box 1032, Coleman, FL, 33521. ZAION KENDRICK We would like to sa y happ y birthda y to Zaion Kendrick. From: y our mom, Deyonicka; grandmother LaKida; great grandmother, Sharon; Aunt Alexia and Uncle Ray Ray. Zaion was born 6/17/08. He is 3 years old and we love him very much. GETTI And MAMA Happy birthday Daddy, we love you. Have fun on your day. Happy birthday to London, it's your first one so have fun. Love always, the family. z m D. J. REG And FAT STANK Happy birthday, "Daddy." Love. Ms. Housley. Happy Belated Birthday YVONNE MACON Happy belated birthday to the best mom in the world, wouldn't trade you for noth ing. Love you. From, your girls and grands! -Happy3rd Birthday "TT r 0 2:! 0 :J> en m z ::! z m r aJ c r r m ::! z m < m CAMARAAVIONNA -1 SHAlV c m en Happy 3rd birthday to 0 mommy's spoiled Princess. I love you, hope you enjoy :J> your day! Ms. RoRo. "TT 2:! 0 Walk-ins :Welcome


All About You .,... c a: LL c z <( c en w ::::: 1-> a: w > w c w ::J: en ::::i m ::::: Q. z t= w ..J ..J ::::: m ..J w z t= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J LL We're Almost There! V ARAYE And NISA If everything that I've suffered was the price to bring you to me, then it was worth it. MR. And MRS. MUNGIN A lot of people forgot about me and just walked out of my life when the judge slammed that gavel and gave me 6. But you stayed by my side through it all. V ARAYE And NISA It's official, like a referee with a whistle! Next year is our year ... "o6-?" You may qualify for free weatherization assistance to make your home more energy efficient. Get Weatherized! 877.506.2731 www.floridacommunitydevelopment.org/wap Tam pan Publishes First Book LORETTA BOWENS Local Tampan Loretta Bowens has published "Pey ton's Web" with Xlibris Publishing. Her book is a mixture of mystery, romance and surprise. Her book can be purchased online at barnesandnoble.com, Xlib ris.com and amazon.com. It can also be purchased at your local bookstore. Making this book a reality has been quite a journey with prayer and perseverance. Her greatest inspiration was her mother who believed in her, and was there from the very beginning and kept her humble. Her love alone gave her hope and she extends her gratitude. She also thanks God for the gift of knowledge in the time of leisure. It is her hope that her readers will enjoy / this endeavor as much as she liked writing it. She is busy writing again and loves every minute of her quest. Peyton's character is one to remember. Her very own experience comes to life. It's amazing what one can see out of the ordinary. You can email Loretta at retta 492000@yahoo com. (Paid Advertisement) GET WEATHERIZED ---Local A Retirement Celebration Joyful Moments: Life, The Beauty Of A Flower ... was the theme for a celebration in honor of 45 wonderful years with the Hillsborough County Schools and 31 years at Mango Elementary School for Eloise Griffin, for her man y years of dedicated service to many, many students and the Mango family. The program was h e ld on Fri day, May 27, 2011 a nd was as follows: Welcome b y Princi pal, Ms. Felicia Davis who introduced the Guest of Honor, Eloise Griffin. Eloise introduced her family and friends The Invocation was by her son, Pastor Andre A. Wright, prior to the buffet meal. Ms. Griffin's special guests were: Alre' Hudson, Pastor Alec Richardson (son), Minister Fred Sanders, Pastor Andre Wright and Alre Hudson, Jr. Family, friends and guests enjoyed the delicious foods prepared by Mango's faculty and staff. A beautiful slideshow presentation prepared by Mango's Lab Tech, Mr. Jermaine Hankerson, was shown. There were photos from the Early Childhood years with Mrs. Prudye Maniscalco at Wolff Center and Carver Early Childhood Cen ters. Later, Progress Village with Mrs. Sweetrix FYI Williams, Principal; Phillip Belle Witter, Sonia Krivey, Principal; and Mango Elemen tary Mr. Guy Cacciatore, Mr. Shaw, Mrs. P. Jones and to pres e nt principal, Ms. Felica Davis. Following the slideshow was a Team Tribute (Grade 5), a beautiful hanging picture in cluding th e honor ee. Well wishes from man y faculty members, guests and students to name a few: Olivia Brown, David Hill, Mrs. Williamson, Daniel Morena, Mrs. Haas, (sons) Alre' and Andre, Yolanda Turner, (grandson) Alre', Jr. The honoree stated every thing that was said about her was true... a no-nonsense teacher and the queen of strict. A musical selection, The Eye Is On The Sparrow"-one of Eloise's favorites was played by Mango 's Music Teacher and friend, Mrs. S. Payne. Next came Special Presenta tions by : Cecil Baker, CTA Rep.; Patricia Jones, retired principal with an original poem, "A True Mango Teacher, Eloise Griffin;" Carol Stewart, teacher, sister and friends from Mango Faculty and staff; and Ms. Davis who presented her with a Florida Senator's Proclamation -A Tribute Recognizing Eloise Griffin," from, Arthenia L. Joyner, State Senator, District 18. What an honor to receive. Citv Announces Holidav Collection Schedule There will be no residential garbage, yard waste recycling, or blue-box recycling collected on Monday, July 4th. Residential serv ices will resume on Thursday, July 7th. Residential recycling and yard-waste collection will resume on the next regularly scheduled recycling collection day There will be no Solid Waste Enhanced Environmental Pro gram (SWEEP) collections on Monday, July 4, 2011. If your neigh borhood is scheduled for a SWEEP collection, it will resume on Tuesday, July 5, 2011.


Loc al 'House O f H o pe' Gives Women Faith-Based Healing c.. c: z m BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Hillsborough House Of Hope Director, Linda Walker, knows all too well the problems many women experience in their lives. Thirteen years ago, she was a substance abuser, and gave no thought of a future. "That' s when I met Ms. Margaret Palmer. Sh e had been visiting incarcerated women giving them hope and teaching them the word of God. She is the reason I gave up drugs and turned my life around. Ms. Walker is proud to say she's been a part of the House of Hope since it first opened in 2003. We started out with one building, and now we've added another, The Pat Cook House. It was named in her honor as she was a substance abuse counselor at the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office." Ms. Walker said when Ms. Palmer opened the House of Hope, she was known as "the chat lady." "For most of her life, she had taken the word of God into the jails of Hillsborough County. She only worked with women who requested to see Bus Passes Available For residents living in the designated Weed and Seed area, bus passes are available. The East Tampa II Weed and Seed Community consist of Highland Pines, Grant Park, North View Hills and Rainbow Heights neighborhoods. North and South between Columbus and Hillsborough Avenue, East and West between 50th Street and 30th Street. For more information, contact the CDC of Tampa, Incorporated, 1907 East Hillsborough Avenue, at (813) 231-4362. her Sh e h a d a vision pra y ed on it, put a board together, and th e House Of Hope was created." Ms. Walker said they primarily serve women being r e leased from inc arceration who hav e or are still experi encing substance abuse prob lems. "For most wome n, when the y are released from prison, they have burned so many bridges with family members, it' s hard to reestablish that right awa y DIRECTOR, LINDA WALKER Through Christian counsel ing, they are encouraged to reunite with their families. All of them attend the Center for Therapeutic Counseling to work on their deep rooted issues and substance abuse problems Women participating in the programs at the House of lo'" ST. LUKE AME CHURCH 2709 N. 25th St. Tampa 33605 soNS OF ALLm CONFERENCE June 17-19,2011 Please join us in the empowerment of men through Christ and Education! Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! 133 Mount Calvary Junior Academy Kindergarten-8th Grade NOW RE&ISfERIN& FOR fHE 20 11--20 12 SCHOOL YEAR WE OFFER: 1. Bible-based instruction 2. Caring, loving, certified teachers 3. High value at an affordable rate 4. Florida Pride scholarships 5. Computer lab with internet and network 6. A safe drug free environment for students 7. Extracurricular activities 8. Challenging academic program 9. Personal attention given to students 10. Outstanding students 11. Hot, nutritious meals daily 12. Fully accredited curriculum 13. Small class size 14. Before and after school program 15. Reading and math labs 16. Music (String Ensemble) Training minds, hearts, and hanls for worthy and productive service. Call today for a registration packet 813-238-0433 3111 East Wilder Avenue Tampa, Florida 33610 ...... Hope have six months to spend in the tra'nsi tiona! home. Some women come to the program voluntarily and others are court ordered. id e a of putting on a fashion .._. 1\) show for the women. o ...... I did something very ...... We are able to serve six women and are running at a 6o% success rate right now," said Ms. Walker. "We're successful because we have such a small group and we 're able to do more one-on-one counseling. A lot of the women were victims of some kind of abuse that led to their substance abuse prob-!ems." Two weeks ago, Ms. Walker came up with an unique. I had a giant screen set up and when each woman came forward to tell their story, I'd displa y their a rrest photos on the screen. That way, pe.ople could see the great transition these women have made. Ms. Walker said her gratification comes from seeing the liv es of the women change and her being allowed to give back The primary age of women who come to the House Hope is between 20 and 65. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 1,4 Theme: Inside Out and Upside Down On Main Street June 20-24, 2011 6 -8:30 P.M. Nightly Hope Of Shiloh Community Church 3910 E. COnover St. Tampa, FL 33610 813-236-8353 Elder Robert Benn, Sr. Pastor Classes For All Ages Preschool Elementary Pre-Teens Teens Adylts Refreshmen1s Served NighUy r-0 (J) m z ::! z m r-IXJ c: r rm ::! z


Sunda School ,..: T"" Help From An Unusual Source When you find yourself in need of help or assis tance, do you really pay at tention to who God uses? There is a story of an old woman who always prayed and believed in God. One day she found herself with no food and no money. She prayed to God asking Him to send her a blessing and meet her need. While she was praying, some boys who always harassed the lady overheard her prayer. So the boys decided to play Well, the boys did just that. They purchased her a bag of grocery, put it at her door, rang the doorbell, and hid to see the ole' woman's reaction. When the ole' lady saw the bag she imme diately began shouting and thanking God for the bless'" ing. The boys carrie out of the bushes and said to her, "Ole' lady the Lord didn't give you that food; we put our money together and brought it". > a joke on the lady by putting their money together Q: to go buy some food. The ole' woman replied, "The devil may have delivered it, but the Lord sent it." IL Q z a: w > w Q w ::I: en :J m ;::) ll. z i= w ...J ...J ;::) m ...J w z i= z w en A.M. Sunday Morning Worship -10 A.M. Wednesday Night Prayer Service & Bible Study -6:30 P.M. Call Prayer Line: Sunday 8P.M.-9P.M. 1-610.214-0200 Access Code: 391053 & # Transportation Services Available surrounds who trusts in the LORD. Psalm 32:10 nor were they prostitutes. God just used those who were already in their natu ral environment to help His people and His cause. God knew who Rehab was and her abilities to stretch the truth. This is what she did for a living and she acted out of her environment. There are a lot of people living ac cording to their environment and do what they feel necessary to survive. The church must learn not to write these people off. Yes, there are some who are evil and bad. But the church cannot say that all drug dealers, drug users, pimps, and prostitutes are evil and bad! No matter what her oc cupation she knew enough about the Israelites history and the God who was on their side. She told them that she knew that the Lord had given them this land and because of that every-NEW MT. ZION M. B. CHURCH, INC. 2511 E. Columbus Dr. (813) 248 or (813) 247-3899 Pastor Early Morning Worship 7:55A.M. Sunday Morning Worship-9:30A.M. Morning Worship 10:55 A. M. Wed., Family Night-7 P .M. For Transportation Call (813) 486-7890 Dea. Clarence Fort, Deacons Minist one is afraid of them (vv. 8, 9). She knew enough about God and His works. She may have been in a profession that was not re spected by all, but she did respect and honor the power and presence of God. There are some people in less desirable places who love the Lord, and know His word. There are some who will defend the church and the people in it. There are some young people out on the streets who actually look out for the church and make sure that nothing happens to it. This week's lesson shows us that God uses some unusual people to bless and help them accom plish their mission. God uses who He wants to serve His will and purpose. The people who you see on the street corners doing what they do might be the ones God uses to help you in your time of need! FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF COLLEGE HILL t 3838 N. 29th St. Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 248-6600 REV. EVAN BURROWS SENIOR PASTOR SUNDAY SERVICE Early Worship 7:50a. m. Sunday School 9:45a.m. Morning Worship 10:50 a.m. TUESDAY SERVICE Prayer Service 6.30 p.m Life Enrichment University Visit our website at www.tbcch.org or Email us at info@fbcch.org ..,,m,nua, Growth And Sharing God's Love Worship Opportunities SUNDAY Sunday School 9 :30A. M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. YPWW -6:00 P.M. Evening Worship '7:00P.M. TUESDAY & FRIDAY Evening Service 7:00P.M


Pastor's Second Anniversarv Left to right, honoree, Albert Gallmon, Jr., Pastor, Wilma Gallmon, First Lady, Wanda Gallmon and Rev. Dr. Freeman Gallmon. The members of Peace Progressive Missionary Bap tist Church celebrated the second anniversary of their pastor recently. On Sunday, May 22, 2011, the 4 p. m. speaker was the biological brother of Pastor Albert Gallmon, Jr. Rev. Dr. Freeman Gallmon, pastor of Mt. Moriah M. B. Church, Gainesville, came to Tampa with his con gregation to worship with his brother's spiritual family. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Betty Bevel enjoys the service. l%{}[ijjj{; MOUNT PLEASANT M.B. CHURCH 2002 N Rome Avenue* (Corner of Rome Ave. and Spruce St.) P.O. Box 4724 *Tampa Dr C.T. Klrtdand, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 *Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail: MtPieasantMB@aol.com Devotion By Mt. Pleasant Praise Team EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7:45A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL* 9:30A.M. MORNING WORSHIP-11 A. M. 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM -Family Series Hour (B.T.U.) 6 PM-Lord's Supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM -Prayer Service 7 PM -General Bible Study 7 PM-Youth Bible Study DR. C.T.IORICI.AID, Pastor TAPE MINISTRY Order On Une At Web Site Or Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch.org Martha Hickman enjoying the service. GREATER FRIENDSHIP M. B. CHURCH 3325 E. Emma St. REV. M. MURRAY, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 a .m. Morning Worship -11 a m. Evening Worship -5 p .m. Prayer Meeting Tuesday-7 : 30 p m Visitors Are Welcome! FIRST BAP11ST CHURCH OF PROGRESS VILLAGE 8616 Progress Blvd., Tampa. FL 33619 Church Office: (813) 677-1948 Pastor's Office: (813) 672-0389 Academy Office : (813) 677 Fax: (813) 672-o514 E-Mail: fbcopvtampabay.rr.com Adult/Children Worship Times 7:30AM & 10:55 A.M. 4:11:UJ111UIIJ.'t Sunday :45AM Adult & Youth/ Children Tuesday 11 AM. Adult Wednesday7 P.M.-Youth/Children 7:30 P.M. Adult A Satelite Cam For Fakh Bible lnstihia "Growilg For (Acts 1:8, Rom. 1:8, 1 Thes. 1:8) .. Mavor To Anend DBCA Meeting 1,000 APPlicants Register For Teacher Interviews Hillsborough County Public Schools will host the Renais sance Schools Expo Tuesday, June 21, from 12-5 p.m., and Teacher Interview Days (TID) on Wednesday, June 22, from 9 a.m. to 4 p m., and Thursday, June 23, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ., More than 300 certified teachers have qualified for the Expo, rat the Doubletree Hotel, 4500 W. Cypress St., Tampa. School administrators will meet and interview approxi mately 650 pre-qualified teacher candidates June 22, for avail-able kindergarten through grade 5 positions. Interviews will be cn conducted June 23 with 240 teachers who have passed their subject area exams for middle and high school positions. In-:::! terviews will be conducted at Jefferson High School, 4401 W. tfi Cypress St., Tampa. r-The Expo is for teachers interested in working at one of 38 Ill schools where more than 90 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced priced meals. rFor additional information, contact Supervisor of Teacher Recruitment Dr. James Goode at (813) 840-7142. Z HERRAGE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITYBAPTIST CHURCH 14801 N. 15th Street Lutz, FL 33549 Maili[lQ Address P.O. Box 273757 Tampa, FL 33688 REV. DELORES JAMES CAIN, Pastor Sunday Morning Worship Services 7:45A.M. & 11 A.M. Sunday School A.M. Mid-Week Worship Tuesday 7:00P.M. llew Testament M. B. Clu'cb Of Thonotasassa, Inc. 11530 Walker Road Thonotosassa, FL '3$92 REV. 986-3971 61()..1252 Pastor Weekly Services: Sunday School 9:30A .M. Sun. Morning Worship 11 A.M. Wed. Night: Youth Prayer Service And Bible Study Thurs. Night: Prayer Service And Bible Study "Saving The Sinners And Educating The Believers "' Can po All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me."-PhH. 4:13 ST. MAnHEW M. B. CHURCH. 3708 E. Latse Ave Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 628-0752 Website: Www.stmatthewchurch.org Email: rsims@tampabily.rr.com Break Of Day Worship 7:45 A. M. Sunday School 9:30a.m. Morning Worship 11 a .m. Prayer Service Wednesday 7 p.m. St1,tdy of the Bible Wed 7:30-8:30p.m Praise & Worship Service Wed. 8:30 9 p .m. Children & YOuth Bible Study Wednesday 7 -8:30 p.m. Saturday Prayer Seivice & Study 10am YOUth Bible Institute" 12-4 p.m. Teen N!ght Ff!day before the 2nd. SUnday 7 11 p.nt ., c: Ill r-Cii ::::a: m c m < m ..... c: m (/) c )!o z c ., :!! c


5 Soci a l r--Sick And Shut-Ins B uildin g o n E Kenn e d y Mobley a nd Sylvi a Royal. ,... B l vd f o r t h e F in a l Vot e o n Hold on to God s unR edis tri c tin g New St. Matthew ::::> c h a n g in g h a nd: Archie Pro g r ess V illage Civic M. B. Church ...., Mae Wright, Willie Mob-Council Mee tin g w ill be h e ld ley, M atti e Mills, Li nda o n Tu es day, June 2 1 s t a t 7 p. Rev. Alec Fitzgerald a nd c on g r ega tion se nd s birthd ay wis h es to Keres Davis (4 th), Bobe Barnum (ih), Min. Antoine Jenkins (loth), Joseph Filer (10t h ), Tyneshia Judge (nth), Shayquashejse Thompson (nth), Matthew Parker (15th), Ayanna PettigrewWilkes (16th), Nadine Jones (2oth), and Majavius Session (281h). C Parker-Lee (St. Joseph's m at the Recr e ation C e nt e r a: H o s pital) Leroy Weston, at the old p a rk (Alla manda) u.. Eloise Leeks, K atie Rem-For qu e stion s call Mrs. June Birthdays H a pp y birthda y to : Sharo n McBride-Johnson, Dwight Stephens, Jr., Earline H a yes, Ernestine Turner, Eugene Perry, Ezekiel Scott, Helen Barnes, Henry Jordan, Irene Keaton, Isaiah Alexander, Jacqueline Preston, Jake Powell, John Butler, James Tolbert, Jenelle Daniels, Jewell Jordan, Jovony Vazquez, Keith Baynard, III, Keith Gibson, Kenneth Washington, Keshanda Stennis, Kimberly RodriguezTroy, Kredelle Petway, Kyla Thurman, Kyle Diae, Leslie Hawkins, Jr., Linda Thurman, Lizzie Banks, Lois C. Pullen, Mae Francis C Lundy, Marcus Cromara: tie, Margaret Patterson u.. and Marques James Barnes. <( c en w ::::> .... .>a: w > w c w J: en :::i Ill ::::> a.. z j::: w ...J ...J ::::> m ...J w z j::: z w en C!i a: 0 ...J LL. UNITY M.S. CHURCH 3111 Ybor St.,Tampa,FL 33605 (813) 248;,5955 ELDER H. H. HUNT, PASTOR SLinday School 9:30A.M. Morning Worship A.M. Bible Study Tues. 7:30 P.M. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED PU 3613 N. Happy Anniversary Happy anniversary to Mario and Anita Mallard, who celebrated 12 years on June I21h May God bless you and we wish you many, many more! Congratulations Hats off to Jovan Dilworth. On June 8, 2011, he completed his study at Lomax Magnet School and is looking forward to attending Middle School. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Worth. Congratulations to all the High School graduates of Progress Village! Father's Day Wish Tyrone "T Money" Bealts and sister, Quansuella Walker wish their father, Tyrone Leroy Williams, Sr. a happy Fa ther's Day. Enjoy t his blessed Sunday. NEW FRIENDSHIP M.B. CHURCH 3107 E. Lake Ave.* 248-4127 uiUI ..... .,, Pastor Weekly Acti vities Sunday Church School 9 :30A.M MomingWorship 10:45 A.M Bible Class 4 :30 P M Evening Worship 5 P M Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7 P M Bible Study 7 :30 P (813) 247-3055 Email: Ill I co w SERVICE TIMES S unday School -lO A. M Mortling Servit:e-11 :JO A. M Evening Servic:e -7: 30 P. M Bible Study -T u esday Evening Bible Band 7:30 P M. lhttrsday Everling 7 : 30 P. M. 1St And 3rdFrida:y Even' i Women's Outreach 7:30 P. M ley, Tommy L. Jones, Linda Washington, Presi-Fannie C opeland, the dent at (813) 741-3604. Philon family, Bert Gra-ham, Wilbert and Elaine Help Needed Johnson, Odessa Roberts, Linda Ran-Anyone having knowledge dolph, Anthea Hender-of the whereabouts of Ms. son, Marjorie Guest, Stella Braggs, Ms. Hattie Mary Lucille Turner, Weatly and Jack Phyllis Akes and Wayne Williams, formerly of Owens. Progress Village, please conOur prayers go out to: The community of tact Gloria at (813) 928-Evelyn Hampton, Helen Hampton, Peter Iglesias, Steve Johnson, Min. Larry Scrivens, Thomas Washington, David Weston and Dorothy Wilson. Progress Village sends get 5293. well wishes to County Commissioner Leslie "Les" Miller, Jr. God bless you! Home Deliveries For home delivery of the Florida Sentinel in Progress Village and surrounding areas, please call Mr. Westley at (813) 248-0724. Meetings An important County Commissioners meeting will be held on Monday, June 2oth at 6 p. m, at the County GRACE MARY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 3,901 N 37th St {813) 248-3779 ELDER THOMAS J. REED Pastor Early Morning Worship -SAM. Sunday School-9 : 30A.M Morning Worship -10:50 A.M Bible Study, Wed. -7 P M THE PUBLIC IS INVITED I am the resurrection and the life: he that be1ieveth in me, though he w.ere dea

o -am_p_a -Ge-ts-Fu-nd-s-:---c_a_r_ib_b_ e a n H -er-it_a_u_e--=-Fe-:-. f For Foreclosure Counseling The caribbean-Am e ric a n B Y LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Congresswoman Kathy Castor a n no u nce d T u es d ay th a t two a r ea h ousi n g coun se l i n g age nc ies are receivi n g fund s t o p rovide cou nse l i n g to f a mili es f a c i n g f o r eclos ure. Th e fund s c o m e from th e Na ti o n a l For eclo sure Miti g ation Coun seling Initiative. The Corporation to D ev elop Communities of Tampa is re ceiving $68,760. The Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation in Clearwater is receiving $75,060. In addition to these area agencies, the Florida Housing Finance Cor poration is receiving nearly $1.9 million. Congresswoman Castor said the areas and the Florida Housing Finance Cor poration are dedicated to help ing people facing foreclosure "I have held six foreclosure prevention assistance work shops and have seen first-hand that homeowners want to pay their mortgages and stay in their homes, but sometimes need just a little e xtra bre ath-ERNEST CONEY, JR. ing room. Housing counselors can directly help our neighbors get back on track. CDC C O.O. Ernest Coney, Jr., said for home owners having difficulty paying their mortgage or know they will have difficulty in the near future, it' s important for them to act now. This funding will allow the CDC of Tampa to offer solu tions to those who are strug gling to keep their home. We have helped over 1,000 resi dents in Hillsborough, Pinella s and Polk Counties to stay in their over the past few y ears. Home Satetv Expo On Saturday June 18th from 12 noon until 2:30 p.m., a Home Safety Expo will be held at the Hope Center, 4902 North 22nd Street. The event is being sponsored by Tampa Signal, Incorporated (ADT) and the Michelle B. Patty Referral Service The Expo will give everyone information on how to secure themselves and the future of their families by offering safety tips how to create a home safety plan, fire prevention tips, and crime prevention tips. A special presentation will be given by Digital WatchdogInternet Camera Technology Homebuyers information, r efreshments, foreclosure in formation face painting, and music by DJ Marvelous will all be provided free. Partnering for the Home Safety Expo are the CDC of Tampa, Candy Lowe Tea Time Grits Girls Raised In South, the East Tampa Business and Civic Association, the Honest Opin ion WTMP Talk Show, Com mittee Organizing Assistance and Community Help Founda tion, Inc. (COACH) and the Northview Hills Homeowners Association. For more information call (813) 787-6652 HAVE YOU EVER ,,?Famil CONSIDERED ..... 1002 E Martin luther Kill!! Jr. Blvd. Tompa, Fl 33603 Being a Foste .. Q t If so, please call: 1 (813) 237-2530 X 34 To register Orientation will be held on Thursday, June 16th, 2011@ 6:30PM at The Family Enrichment Center (on the comer of M L. King, Jr. Blvd. & N l (}l.h Street) ._' Hurry, you can attend our accelerated foster parent .:': pre-service training class (requi r ed ) scheduled: 6/20/11 to 7/21/11 Mondays& Thursdays 6:00-9:00 PM Na ti o n a ls D evelopment Or-ga ni zation ( CAN DO) in part-n ership with the Uni ve r s ity =:: Are a C ommunity De ve lopment Corp. (U A CDC) will present the Tampa B ay Caribbea n Heritag e Month Festival on Sunday, June 19, 2011 The festival will be held 11 a.m.-8 p.m. at the University Area Community Center, 14013 N. 22nd St. June is recognized as National Caribbean Heritage Month. The Tampa event will be a combination of Caribbean music performed by DJs and local artists and bands, cultural performances by local tions, Caribbean food, arts and crafts and fun for the entire family. MENS HEALTH FORUM 100 BLACK MEN CHILDREN' S BOARD SONS OF ALLEN YMCA FAMILY JUSTICE CENTER CHILD ABUSE COUNCllrFRANC THAP SAIN oCOMPUTER MENTORS METRO CHARITIES GIRL SCOUTS UNITED HEALTHCARE BOY SCOUTS CITRUS HEALTHCARE TAMPA BAY WORKFORCE ALLIANCE YOUTH ADVOCATE PROGRAM HEALTHY START X 0 FACfOR or more call (813) 558-5212 or visit www.wicando .com or www uacdconling.org.


,... ,... es ,...: ,... w z -, c a: u. UAPPY fATL!. r n.t... .. .. A I 1::::..1<-.....,) VAY From Tonia Turner Father's Day is this Sunday, June 19th. It celebrates the contri bution that fathers and also father figures make for their children's lives. This year, start your Father's Day off with a twist to a good 'ol original... steak and eggs. This will surely put a smile on the faces of all of your family and c a: friends who have come together on the joyous occassion as they enjoy this breakfast that truly is ... fit for a king! c CIJ w 1-w > w c w ::I: CIJ :::i m ::J ll. z i= w ..J ..J ::J m ..J W z i= Z w CIJ c( c a: 0 ..J u. m I 0 ,... Flavorlte KETCHUP '$129 32 OZ. BTL Grilled Steak And Eggs With Beer And Molasses For The Sauce: 1-1/2 teaspoons unsalted butter 1/2 medium onion, finely diced 1 clove garlic, minced 1 cup ketchup 1/2 cup each molasses and apple cider 2 tablespoons sugar 1/2 cup lager-style beer 1-1/2 teaspoons yellow mustard 2 teaspoons lemon juice 1-1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce 1-1/2 teaspoons cayenne pepper 1-1/2 teaspoons paprika For The Steak And Eggs: 2 strip steaks (1/2 inch thick) Salt and freshly ground pepper 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 4 grilled eggs below) DIRECTIONS: Make the sauce: In a medium saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the onion and garlic and saute until softened, about 3 minutes. Add the rest of the sauce ingredients; bring to a boil, then simmer until the sauce is reduced to 2 cups, about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat a grill to medium-high. Season the steaks with salt and pepper and rub with the oil. Grill for 3 to 5 minutes per side for medium-rare. Let rest for 10 minutes before slicing. Serve with the beer-molasses sauce and the grilled eggs. Grilled Eggs: Place a cast-iron skillet on the grill; add butter, oil or bacon drippings. Crack in eggs and season to taste (try a blend of paprika, sugar and onion powder, plus salt and pepper). Cook until the edges are crisp but the yolks are still runny, 2-3 minutes, or to your personal preference. Serve the with the egg slightly draped over the edge of steak. STORE HOURS: MON.-SAT 8:00A.M. -8:00 P.M. Flavorlte SUGAR Fmll PROVOlONE CHEESE I $2p SUN 8:00A.M. -7:00 P.M. We Accept Food S1amps, WIC Checks & Debit cards, ATM On Premises FAMILY BUNDLE #1 i FAMILY BUNDLE #2 Sibs. Ground Beef {c.nt Molida De Res) 5 lbs. Beef Sirloin stftl!sjBist. De Palolilla) Sibs. End Cut Pork Choii'{Chuleta De l'llltl) 5 lbs. Chicken J,.eg Quarters {Muslo De Polio Con CuentroL-Sibs. Chlckin Wings (Alias De Polio) 1 FREE (Gratis) 112 Gallon *4999 of Milk & 1 Dozen of Large Eggs FAMILY BUNDLE #3 FAMILY BUNDLE #4


Once y-ou th l ... '.. .... ere s o ) n pla tg,. .: .. .. t:, >> ic. > r < ... .. ... ,\ ....... t.: over town to save a little bit llere and .: "=:=--:---,-.-. -. a little bit tllere. When all t lle :_ ----: : '''""'""'"''"'; :!:! c c.. c: z m .... _:-I N 0 .... ....


Ill I N ,.... Accepting New Patients, lnduding Children Exams, Cleaning & Fillings Cosmetic (Bonding, Veneers) Crowns (caps) & Bridges Partials & Dentures Extraction Implant Restorations ANGELLA TOMUNSON, OOS, PA GAIL C MCDONALD, DDS, MPH Walk-Ins & Emergencies Welcome Most Insurance Accepted Senior Citizen Discounts Tampa (8.13) 209-03.38 3911 N. Boulevard (1 Blk South Of W. Dr. MLK Blvd.) www.tomlinsondentalcare.com Heel Pain Wound Care Bunions tion: 01 Tampa. FL Com & Calluses Sports Medicine Personal Injury & Accident Treatment PAULL. SHEEHY, JR., D.P.M., P.A. Boon/ Certified Academy OfA.mbulatory Foot & A11kle Surge!)' SCHOOL PHYSICALS Optimal Health Care the Whole Family STEPHEN A. WILLIAMS, M.D., P.A. Board Certified Pediatrician 714 W. MLK Jr Blvd. Tel: 813-223-6222 Tampa, FL 33603 Fax: 813-223-6020 www.kiddlemd.com Confidence Begins With A Beautiful Smile! Impr ove Your Smile Toda y \Mtn Str

National Pres. Obama: 'I Would Resign' In Weiner's Situation Barack Obama is interviewed by Ann Curry at Cree, Inc., In Durham, N.C., June 13, 2011. In an exclusive interview President Barack Obama said that if he were Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner right now, he would resign in the wake of the scandal in which Weiner admitted to sending explicit photos of himself to women online. I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign," Obama told Curry. Weiner has been the talk of the nation since he was caught sending lewd photos of himself to various women on multiple social media plat forms, prompting the head of the Democratic National Party to call for him to step down and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to demand an ethics committee investigation. Woman Tries To Hire Hitman On Facebook LONDONELEY PHILADELPHIA Police say that a woman tried to hire someone to kill her child's father on her facebook profile. "I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father." It's not your everyday status update. But police say that's the message that one angry woman posted on her fac e book profile back on May 23 after getting into an argument with the father of her child. On June 10, police arrested 20 year-old London Eley of Philadelphia after she allegedly tried to hire some one to kill her baby's father for $1,000. "I never thought she would do anything like that," said the father of London's child. "I didn't know she was that type of person. Even more shocking was the alleged first response. Investigators say 18-year-old Tim Bynum replied to Eley's message by writing on her profile "say no more, what he look like?" Woman Gives Bishop Eddie Long Huge Wad Of Cash During Sermon EDDIE LONG A video began circulating the web today of a New Birth Missionary Baptist church member interrupting Bishop Eddie Long during one of his sermons and handing him a huge wad of cash After handing over the cash, the unidentified woman then hugs the embattled Pastor and walks back to her seat while the crowd chee rs. As previously reported, Bishop Long settled for an undisclosed amount with four young men that accused him of sexual coercion and a new report claims that he paid them $24.8 million. Nephew Of Rep. Eliiah Cummings Killed In Va. Shooting BALTIMORE-A Maryland congress man says his nephew was killed in a random shooting n ear Old REP. ELIJAH Dominion CUMMINGS University in Virginia Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings of Baltimore in a statement Sunday talked about the death of Christopher Cummings in his off-campus apartment. He says his nephew's room mate, Jake Carey, was criti cally wounded in the attack Friday. Both were students at the university in Norfolk. The congressman urged the community to cooperate with police. He says his family remains in shock over the senseless tragedy Cummings says his nephew was an "amazing young man who was loved and admired by so many people who had the honor of knowing him." He had a 3-5 grade-point average and "ambitious plans for his future. ., :a c Victim's BoVfriend Shoots Robber In Head During Anack c.. c: z m ..... ....... BRITIANY HARRISON, TIKITA BRADFORD ADd AMBER JACKSON MEMPHIS --There's a common phrase that "what goes around comes around". However, when three Memphis robbery suspects attempted to rob a woman of her purse and backpack, they didn't expect justice to come back to them in the form of bullets. A woman was returning home to her apartment early Saturday, when a black car began to follow her. Nervous, the woman notified her boyfriend at home and arrived shortly afterwards. Upon arriving home, three women jumped out of the black car and preceded to rob and pistol-whip the victim, taking a purse with $240 inside. The victim s boyfriend witnessed the attack and came outside with a handgun creating a stand off The robbers soon fled and the victim's boyfriend shot at them, breaking a glass win dow and injuring 20-year-old Britney Harrison. As the criminals fled, their vehicle ., ran out of gas and they r phoned paramedics to treat Harrison's wounds. As Harrison was rushed to the hospital, 21-year-old Tikita en Bradford and 20-year-old Amber Jackson were :::! arrested Z m Harrison has since left the r hospital and is now in police DJ custody. All three suspects ? were charged with aggravated r robbery, while the victim's boyfriend has not been Z charged. c: DJ c en ::I: m c m < m -1 c: m en c )> z c


FYI Now Is The Time To Purchase Flood Insurance With the storm season upon us, now is the time to purchase flood insurance. If you are closing on a home and flood insurance is required, you are covered the day of closing. If you are not closing there is a 30 day Dear Deanna! I have been designated as the babysitter and caregiver for my younger brothers and sisters. My mother started having kids again after I turned thirteen. Now I'm in C college and I can' t get my a: homework completed, I stay u. 0 tired all the time I try to talk z to my mother, but she is <( always fussing about her boyfriends, my siblings' C fathers and money. I don't f:3 want to quit college or ruin ::J my relationship, but it looks as if that's where things are a: heading. What can I do? w > w c w ::1: en :::i m ::J ll. z i= w ...1 ...1 ::J m Tamyra Jackson On-Line Reader Dear Tamyra: Families stick together no matter what and in your case, you have to be the glue. You may not see it, but your mother is doing the best she can with what she has. All you can do is hang in there, uj help the best you can and Z push yourself harder to i= become better and achieve. iij You should work out a schecn dule w ith your mother, college and the kids, and be sure a: to rest and stay focused You 0 will get your reward in the it end after you've done the right thing. m I o:t ..... waiting period. ALL Mortgage QUESTIONS MAY BE MAILED TO: Yolanda Y. Anthony Licensed Loan Originator P .O. Box 21472 Tampa, FL 33622 Dear Deanna! I am fresh out of a long term relationship and I really enjoy my single life and free dom. My girlfriends all envy me and now their boyfriends are accusing them of cheating and looking for men when they hang out with me. I am not going to water down my lifestyle right now and my friends are having a hard time with this They say that I am acting loose and as if I don't have any morals. I think they're tied down to balls and chains and are jealous Am I wrong? Happy and Free On-Line Reader Dear Happy: The men of your friends are insecure and obviously don't know their women as well as they think. If your behavior is affecting them, you need to cool off and slow it down a bit when you're around them. These are your friends and .you need to still show some respect and regard for the differences in your relationships, or lack thereof. At the end of the day, enjoy your life and realize that everyone is responsible for their choices. Yours just appears more fun r ight now. CONNIE HILL KEN ANTHONY Stop Postponing And Procrastinating, Stan living Lite Todav "The life you desire to have begins when you start living it." -Selphenia Simmons Empowered greetings. J want to ask you a question. What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for to start living and stop existing? What are you waiting for to maximize your pot en tial? What are you waiting for to be all that you can be? What are you waiting for to live life to the fullest? If you are like most people, you have buried dreams down on the inside of you. You have hopes that were once flames of fire, but have been reduced to smoldering ashes. There are things you desire to do, places you desire to go and experiences you desire to have. Again I ask, "What are you waiting for?" The rationale of your finite mind says that you are waiting for the right time. You have been postponing and procrastinating living your best life ... just to wait. When you were younger you were waiting until you were older. Now you're older, you think you're too old. When you were single you were waiting until you get married. Now you're married all your time is devoted to your spouse. Maybe you were waiting until you have children. Now that you have them, you're waiting until they are grown and gone. Maybe, you're waiting on the right career. When you get that you'll be too busy climbing the ladder of success; then you ll find yourself until you retire. What are you waiting for? There will always be a reason why you should wait. Procrastination can kill a dream. Begin to focus on the reasons why you can't wait and start living life today.


Polk County Commencement Exercises Shaw-Nuf Talk apologizes for the error in my June 3rd column wherein it was stated in Congratulations, Graduates that the 2011 FAMU commencement exer cises was held on April 13, 2011. The correct date is Saturday, April 30, 2011. Happy Father's Day! "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Prov. 3:5-6. Shaw-Nuf Talk extends Happy Father's Day greetings to a few special Fathers: Michael Shaw, Auburndale; John Shaw, Lakeland; Sylvester Gordon, Sr., Erik Gordon and Sylvester Gordon, Jr., Rochester, NY; Elder Freddie Hird and Minister Gary Hird, Lake Wales; Elder Thomas Faison, Jr., Elder Visit Us On Sunday After Church Shelton W. Faison, and Johnnie Wilkerson, Plant City; Elder Neal T. Phillips, St. Petersburg; and Neil Cowan, Ft. Myers. Wishes are also extended to Bishop John W. Smith, Minister Bobby Shaw, Minister Jerome Fortson, Elder Calvin Dr. Harvey Lester, George McKenzie, Reverend Jimmy Downing, George London, James Thornton, Artis Dukes Sr., Fred Moore, Larry Mitchell, Tony Williams, Emmanuel McGill, Marcellus Thomas, Ervin Gant, Mozell Axson, Reginald Ardis, Luther Golliday Sr., Mark Johnson, Monroe Jackson, Lee Mitchell, Jack Johnson, Mayor Gow Fields, The Honorable Judge Timothy Coon, Attorney Larry Hardaway, Attorney Kenneth Glover and Michael Johnson, Lakeland; Jeff Parham and Maurice Johnson, Bartow. Elder Harvey Lawrence, Glenn Collier, Paul Mack, Minister Grant Elliott, Clearwater; Elder James Williams III, Minister Anthony Landers, Minister Tony Jordan, Minister Derrick Blue, Minister Fred Sears, Amos Landers, Mark Nash, AI Smith II, Leon Williams, Ruben Allen, Keith Cox, C. Blythe Andrews III, Leon Crews, Attorney Desmond Stewart, Tony Dungy and Earl W. Haynes, Tampa; and Reverend Van H. Green are also wished spe cial greetings Others we are wishing a special holiday includes The Honorable Judge John Kirkland, John Green, Clyde Riggins, Coach Paul Green, and Virgil Green Auburndale; Tom Hornack, Frostproof; Elder Lorenzo Byrd, Minister Keith Cross, Truman McGill and Keith Boyd, Winter Haven; Reverend Therious Axson, Minister James Dawkins, Clifford Byrd, James Davis and Roy Calhoun, Polk City; Ernest Axson, Davenport; Elias Diggins, Denver, CO, and Herman Johnson III, Apopka, FL. May the Lord bless and keep each of you, today and every day! Birthday Greetings Christian, with his parents, Elias and Leslie Diggins Shaw-Nuf Talk extends Happy Birthday wishes to Master Christian Elias Diggins who will celebrate his 2nd birthday on June 18th Christian is the grand. son of Mayor Gow B. Fields and Kay Fields of Lakeland and the son of former Lakeland lady, Leslie (Harris) Diggins and her husband, Elias. Shaw-Nuf Talk also extends belated 'Happy Birthday' wishes to Mrs. Dee Axson of Lakeland, who wm celebrate another year of life on June 18th and to Mother Mamie Barnum of Lakeland, who will celebrate her special day on June 24th. Hoping that each of your spe cial days are filled with all of the desires of your heart and wishing you many more years of the same! Belated birthday wishes to our daughter, Faith c c.. c z m Shaw of New Jersey who eel_. ebrated her natal day on June """ 14th and to Ms. Tracy Shaw of Lakeland, who celebrated _. her special day on June nth. May the Lord continue to bless each of you with many, many more birthdays! Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out This week's Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out goes out to Lakeland civic organization, Women Empowering Women (W.E.W.). The organization is busy making plans to distribute school supplies to students in grades K-5 during its 2011 Back-to-School Bash. Last week, letters were mailed out seeking donations. Stay tuned to the Florida Sentinel Bulletin and Shaw-NufTalk for updates! _. Talk to Shaw-Nuf ;!! 0 Shaw-Nuf Talk wants to hear from you. Share news and/or photos of your cele-en brations, special events, m birthdays, anniversaries, Z weddings, family reunions, etc., with the readership of m the Florida Sentinel Bulletin r with Shaw-Nuf Talk by send-aJ ing an e-mail to: ? shawnuftalk@yahoo.com or r calling (863) 513-8437. !!I Shaw-Nuf Talk will share z your exciting news with the ., readership! C m r u; ::t m c m < m -f c m en c )> z c


,.. ,.. 0 N ,.. w z :::> -, Cl a: u.. c a: u.. c z c( c U) w :::> .... iX: w > w c w ::r:: U) :::i m :::> a.. z i= w ...J ...J :::> m ...J w z i= z w U) a: 0 ...J u.. m I CD ,.. Class i.,i" e ,ds II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC #3164 lhe holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 092158.1020 Certificate No.: 170542-oa File No.: 2011-623 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property: BERRY CREEK PLATIED SUBDIVISION LOT 1 0 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 80/38 SEC-TWP-RGE: 14-29-22 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: MATIHEW ZAPATA CARIE ZAPATA Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Flor ida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 7th day of July, 2011, at 10 : 00 A .M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-81 00 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this .1lill1 day of MAY. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuli Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assls tance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 exten slon 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. II EMPLOYMENT Natural Hair Reignz N Style II 2202 W Waters Ave. Ste. #5 Tampa Fl 33604 Attention: Seeking Natural Hair Technicians. If You Can Braid, Lock And Twist This Is The Opportunity You Don't Want To Miss Come Join A Team That Is Certified, Bonifide And Qualified To Meet The Needs Of Every Natural Client Desire With An All Natural Hair Care Product Line Evie (813) 312-8883 Or Nikki (813) 764-6061 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC #3164 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance. the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 094028 0050 Certificate No.: 170873-08 File No.: 2011-624 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: COMM AT N \4 COR OF SEC 34 RUN S 00 DEG 26 MIN 52 SEC W 30 FT TO S R/W LINE OF WELCOME RD THN N 90 DEG E 210.30 FT THN S 00 DEG 06 MIN 59 SEC W 205 FT TO POB THN S 00 DEG 18 MIN 45 SEC W 410 85 FTTHN N 89 DEG 59 MIN 26 SEC E 418.41 FT TOW R/W LINE OF FOREST RIDGE RD THEN S 00 DEG 23 MIN 13 SEC 230FT THN S 89 DEG 59 MIN 26 SEC W 628.41 FT THN N 00 DEG 18 MIN 45 SEC E 440.88 FT THN N 90 DEG E 210 FTTO POB SEC-TWP-RGE : 34-30-22 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: KENNETH CARLTON BAMBER JR Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the Z1h day of J.ulv....2ll11, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 181ll day ol MAY 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation fn order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. II EMPLOYMENT II WANTED Stylist(s); Barber(s); Braider(s) At: Freestylin' Barber & Beauty Shop 1518-B East Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl 3 3612 Valona: (813) 361-9579 Or Kil: (813) 361-1577 TAX DEEDS NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC #3164 the holder ol the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificat& number and year of issuance, the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 089510.5060 Certificate No.: 170?.89-08 File No.: 2011-626 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: E 105 FTOF W 790FT OF S 80FT OF N 370 FT OF N 1'2 OF NW \4 OF SW l4 AND 1/11 INT IN FOLLOWING E 80 FT OF W 870 FT OF N 1'2 OF NW l4 OF SW \4 AND 1/11 INT IN E 20FT OF S 130FT OF W 890FT OF N 1'2 OF NW l4 OF SW l4 SEC-TWP-RGE: 06-28-22 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: JANET L. RINEHART Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the Zll! day of JulY. 2011, at 1 0;00 A.M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-81 00 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 181ll day of MAY, 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuli Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate fn thfs proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. II EMPLOYMENT II Two Hair Stylists Needed For The Nail Gallery 322 W. Hillsborough Ave. Booth Rental Preferred Contact Dallas (813) 493-0099 Cutting It Low Experienced, Licensed Barbers Wanted 60/Parsons Brandon Area Call (813) 217-2462 II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC #3164 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 080396.0125 Certificate No.: 168642-oa File No.: 2011-632 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: SEC 31-27-21 N 1'2 OF NW 14 OF SW l4 OF NW 14 AND S 88 FT OF W 495 FT OF NW l4 OF NW l4 LESS PARCEL FOR SWFWMD KNOWN AS 13-300-431.6 AND N 1'2 OF NE l4 OF SW \4 OF NW \4 LESS THAT PART OF SW \4 OF NW l4 LYING NLY AND ELY OF HOLOMANS CREEK AND LESS R/W FOR MCINTOSH RD AND LESS PARCEL FOR SWFWMD KNOWN AS 13-300-431.6 AND LESS FOLLOWING DESCRIBE PARCE OF LAND: COM AT SW COR OF N l4 OF SW l4 OF NW l4 RUN N 00 DEG 21 MIN 49 SEC E 50 FT TO A POB THN N 00 DEG 21 MIN 49 SEC E 280 59 FT THN N 00 DEG 29 MIN 07 SEC E 88 FT THN S 89 DEG 40 MIN 53 SEC E 192.15 FTTHN S 02 DEG 24 MIN 26 SEC W 116.10 FTTHN S 87 DEG 24 MIN 00 SEC E 198 10 FT THN S 02 DEG 58 MIN 30 SEC W 245.10 FTTHN N 89 DEG 39 MIN 26 SEC W 374.98 FTTO POB SEC-TWP RGE: 31-27-21 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: JOSEPH A. GROOM JR. Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor George E. Edgecomb Courthouse 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 7th day of July, 2011. at 1 0:00 A M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this 181ll day of MAY, 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC #3164 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property, and the names in which It was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 083897.0000 Certificate No.: 169070-o8 File No.: 2011-633 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property: N 100FT OF S 874 3 FT OF E 208 FT OF W 233 FT OF E 314 OF NE 14 OF SW \4 SEC-TWP-RGE: 35-28-21 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: LUIS A. MEDINA Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the Z1h day of Jylv. 2011, at 10:00 A .M, (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 181ll day of MAY. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK DeputY Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. !>lease contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, cell 711. II EMPLOYMENT Small Church Needs Musician To Play For Adult And Youth Choirs If Interested Please Call (813) 677-3957 II -----------Fe: r 'V'c:: a. r :::: .-. 'V'.:. .-.1.:. .-. C::Eit ""Th Elt Fl :: rl c::l .-.tl .-..:..li I I E&ttl .-. iii!iiiiiiili" f "--.. ...... ....... ----=----=-t. c::::-.... -=--..... ... t "-..... ...


, c NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC # 3164 the holder of the following certi f icate has f i led said certi f icate f o r a tax d eed to be issued thereo n The cer tifi cate number and yea r o f issuance, t he description of the prop e rty, a n d t h e nam e s in w h ich it was assessed are as follows: F o l io No.: 091167.0000 C er tifi ca t e No.: 170431-Q8 F i l e N o.: 2011-634 Year o f I ssua nce: 2008 Description of Property : W 73FT OF E 756FT OF N 14 7 FT OF S 297 FT O F SE lis OF S W lis SEC-TWP-R G E : 0 3 -2922 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in w hich a ssessed : BRUCE HAROLD SMITH Said p roperty b ein g in the Co u nty o f Hill s b o r o ugh St a t e o f Flor i da. Unless s uc h c ertific a t e s hall b e redeemed a cc o rding to law the pr o perty desc r i be d i n s u c h certifi ca t e sh a ll be so ld t o the hi ghe st bidd e r a t the Jur y A udit o rium 2 nd Flo or Ge o r ge E Edge comb Co ur t hou s e BOO East T wiggs S treet Tampa, FL 3 360 2 on the 7th day of 10 :00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 1.IDh day of MAY. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Ci rcuit Court Hillsborough Counfy, Florida By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to part i cipate In th i s p r oceeding you are entitled, at no cost to you to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk s ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 2768100 extension 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service I s needed ; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha t ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC # 3164 the holder of the following ce r tificate has filed said cer tif icate f o r a tax deed t o be i ssued thereo n The ce r tifi cate numb e r and year of iss u a nce. the d escrip tion of the pr operty. and t h e n a mes i n whi c h it was ass essed a r e as f ollows : F o l io No.: 089192.5100 C ertific ate No : 170208-08 File No : 2011-635 Year o f Issuan c e : 2008 Description of Property: COM AT I N TERS OF S RNJ LINE OF BRUTON RD AND W BDRY OF SE lis OF NW lis RUNE 1530 FT & S 3 63 FT TO POB THN E 2 9 1 FT THN S 14B.2 1 FT THN W 291 FT THN N 145 1 9 FTTO POB SE CTWP-RGE : 3 0 27-22 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES N a me (s) i n which a ssesse d : LUCESITA DE JESUS HUMBERTO DE JESUS Sa i d p r operty b eing in the C oun ty of Hillsborough, State of Flo rid a Unl ess suc h ce rtifi ca t e shall be r e de e me d acco rdin g t o l aw the proper ty desc rib e d in s u c h cer tifi ca t e s hall be sol d t o t h e highe s t bidder a t the Jury Audit o rium 2nd Flo or George E Edg ec omb Courthou se, BOO East Twiggs Street T a mpa FL 3360 2 on the Z1h day of 10:00 A.M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276 8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). D a t e d thi s 1.IDh da y o f MAY. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk OfThe Circu i t Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In thi s proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provi sion of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coord i nator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed ; If you are hearing or voice Impaired call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN t h a t ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC # 3164 the hol de r of the following certifica t e has filed said ce rti fica t e for a t ax dee d t o be iss ued the reon. Th e ce rtifi cate numb e r and yea r o f iss u a nce the d esc ription of the pr o p e rty, and the n a mes in w hich i t was assessed a r e as f ollows : F olio No.: 092653.01 00 Certifi c at e No.: 170639-08 File No : 2011-636 Y e ar of Issu a n ce: 2008 Description of Property: TRA C T BEG 210FT SAND 3BO FT E OF INTERS OF W BDRY OF NW lis OF SE lis WITH S RNJ LINE OF MCDONALD RD A N D RUNE 140 FT S 3 33 5 6 FT N 76 DEG 3 B MIN W 1 43.90 FT A ND N 300 2 9 FT TO POB SEC 21-29-22 SEC TWP-RGE : 2 1 29 -22 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In whi ch assessed: GREGOR Y SMITH S a id p r ope r ty bein g in the Co unty of H ill s borough Stat e of Florida. Unle ss s uch c e r t i fica te s hall b e r ede emed a cc ord ing t o l a w the pr o perty d es crib e d in su c h ce r tificate shall b e sold to the h i gh est b idder a t the Ju ry Auditorium 2 nd Floo r, G eo rge E Edgecomb C o urthou se, 800 E as t T w igg s Str eet, Tampa FL 33602 on the Z1!!. day of a t 10 : 00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 1.IDh da y of MAY, 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk OfThe Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Flori da By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceed ing, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hea ring o r vo i ce Impaired call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOT ICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC #3164 t he holder o f the f ollowing cer tif ica t e has file d sa i d c e rti f i ca t e for a t ax deed t o be iss ued the reon Th e ce rt i ficat e numb e r and y ear o f iss u a nce, t h e descript ion o f t he pr o pe r ty, and the n a m es in w hich it was assesse d ar e as follows: F olio No.: 085740 3008 C e rtifi c at e No.: 169409-Q8 File N o : 2011-637 Year o f Issuan ce: 2008 Description of Property: KINGS MILL PHASE II LOT 4 BLOCK 20 SE C -TWP RGE : 20 29 -21 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Nam e ( s ) in which asses sed: VINCENT ORLANDO Said pr o p e rty be i ng in the County of Hill s bor o u gh S l ate of Florid a Unle ss s uch certificat e shall be rede e m e d acc ording to law the property des c rib e d i n s u c h c ertificate s hall be s old t o the highest b i dder at the Jury A u ditor i um 2nd Floor, G e or ge E Edge c omb Courthouse BOO Ea s t Twiggs Street Tampa FL 33602 on the Z1h day of 10:00 A .M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-81 00 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dat e d this 1.IDh da y of MAY 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk OfThe Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to parti cipate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Cle r k s ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Flori da, (813) 276 00 extension 4205 (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha t ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC #3164 the holde r o f the l ollowing c e r tif i c ate ha s f ile d sa id ce r t ificate for a tax deed to b e iss u e d thereon Th e certific ate number and yea r of issu a n ce, the descr i pt ion o f the pr o pe rty, a nd t h e names in whi ch i t was ass ess e d ar e a s follows: F o lio No.: 093437 0500 Certificate No.: 170796-Q8 Fil e No.: 2011-638 Year of Is s uance: 2008 De s cription o f Property: S 231.5 FT OF N 431.5 FT OF NW lis OF NE lis OF SE lis LESS RNJ FOR CAREY RD SEC-TWp-RGE: 13 30 -22 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Nam e (s) in which asse sse d : COLUMBUS EQUITY GROUP LLC Said property be i ng in the County of Hill s borough St ate of Flor i da Unless such c ertificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property descr i b e d in s uch certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor Georg e E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Stre e t Tampa FL 33602 on the Z1!!. day of 2011, at 10:00 A.M, (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated thi s 1.IDh day of MAY 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk OfThe Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In thi s proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing _or voice Impaired call 711. A Small But Growing Church In The Busch Gardens Area Is Looking For A Versatile Keyboardist To Join Our Music Ministry Must Be Familiar With Contemporary Gospel (Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Ernest Pugh etc.) And Be Able To Play By Ear And/Or Reading Sheet Music. Keyboardist Must Be Open And Receptive To Working With Others and Working With Young People And Other Musicians (We Already Have A Choir Director And 2 Musicians) We are A church That is Enthusiastic About Worshipping The Lord, Reaching Young People An Those Who Have Previously Not Been In Church. If You Feel Like This Might Be The Right Place For You Then Please Email Your Resume to singingshannon08@gmail.com or Call (813) 3815463 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS Townhouse Temple Terrace Area 2 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath Laundry Room $750 00 Monthly $300 00 Deposit Call (813) 928-8325 East Tampa 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home North Tampa 1 And 2 Bedroom Townhouse New Paint, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, WDH, Fenced Alarm, CHA, Small Pets OK Section 8 Ok 813-949-3482 Upstairs 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Condo Near Chamberlain HS Screened Patio Gated Community, Pool Must See!!! Section 8 OK Call (813) 960-8490 USF Area 13050 20th Street 2 Bedroom/1 .5 Bath Town home Water Included $100 00 Section 8 Move In Special $750.00/Monthly Call (813) 220.3633 Townhouse Temple Terrace Area 2 Bedroom/1% Bath Laundry Room $750.00 Monthly $300.00 Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 928-8325 Homes And Apartments Available Ybor-3 Bedroom/2 Bath 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 2 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, WDH Section 8 Accepted (813) 453.0123 z m r 0 :!:! CJ) m z :::.1 z m r tD c r r m :::.1 z ., c tD r u; ::::t m c m < m c m CJ) c )> z c :::c c


.. ..-0 C\1 ...... ..-LU z :::> ..., > <( c a: LL c a: LL c z <( c (/) LU :::> 1->a: LU > LU c LU J: (/) :::; a:l :::> D.. z i= LU ...1 ...1 :::> a:l ...1 LU z i= z LU C/) 0 ...1 LL II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOT ICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ALUMNI PARTNERS II, LLC # 3164 the h olde r of the following certificat e has filed sai d cer tificat e for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certifi cate number a n d yea r of issuance the descrip tion af the proper t y and the names in which i t was assessed a r e as follows : Foli o No.: 031098 0150 Ce rtificat e No.: 162698-08 File No.: 2011-639 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property : DAPHNE PARK 1S T ADDITION T O L O T 25 BLOCK 1 S E CTW PRGE : 34 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES N ame(s) in w hich assessed: JUAN A OLIVERA Said property being in the County of Hill sborough, State of Florida Unless s uch certificate sha ll be redeemed according to law. the property described in s uch certi f icate s h all be sold t o the highest bidder a t the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edge com b Courthouse 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the I!h day of Julv. 2011, at 1 0:00 A.M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 161l! day of MAY, 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed ; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. FOR RENT Efficiency Condo Air Condition Lots Of Amenities $600.00/Monthly Water And Lights Included Call (813) 69Q-2833 II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha t CLARINET 1 LLC #3196 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued the reo n The certifi cate number and year of i ss u ance, the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 037537.0200 Certificate No. : 15916Q-08 File No.: 2011-640 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property : N V2 OF NE % OF NE % OF S E y,, LESS W 1 32FT AND LESS R IW SEC-TW P-RGE: 1 3 281 9 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: JOSE DOSSANTOS VANIA L. DOSSANTOS POTTERS HOUSE CHURCH INC Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida. Unl ess such certificat e shall be redeemed according to law the property de sc rib e d in such certif icate shall be sold to the high est bidder a t the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor George E Edgecomb Courthouse 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the 7th day of 10:00 A .M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify safe location). Dated this 161l! day of MAY. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha t PLYMOUTH PARK TAS TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the follo w ing certificate has file d sai d certificate for a tax deed to be issued ther eo n The cert ificat e number and year o f issuance the description of the property, and the n ames in which it was assessed are as f ollows: Folio No.: 027741.0000 Certificate No.: 156762-08 File No.: 2011-641 Year of Issu a nce : 2008 Description of Property : SOUTHERN COM FORT HOME S UNIT NO.1 LOT 26 BLOCK 1 6 PLAT BOO K/PAGE: 0035 / 000 9 SEC-TWPRGE : 3 1 28 1 8 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assesse d : RAMON CRUZ ALINA CRUZ Said p roperty being in the County of Hill s borough Sta t e of F lorida Unle ss suc h ce rtifi ca t e s h a ll be redeemed acco rding to law, the property desc r ibed in such certificate s hall be sold to the highe s t bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floo r George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 7th day of 10:00 A,M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 161l! day of MAY, 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder o f the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax dee d to be iss ued thereo n The certi fic ate number and year of issuance, the d escriptio n of the p roperty, and the n a me s in which it was assessed a r e as follows: Folio No.: 166226 0000 Certificate No. : 177028-08 File No.: 2011642 Year o f Issu a nce: 2008 Description of Property: LESLEY'S PLAT S V2 O F LOT 3 AND E 20 FT OF CLOSED S T ABUTTING THEREON BLOCK 20 SECTWP-RGE: 01-29 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in w hich assesse d : WILLIAM E COLLINS Sai d property being in the County of Hillsbor oug h State of Flo r ida. Un! ess s uch cer tific ate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in suc h certificate shall be sold to the highest b i dder a t the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the I!h day of July. 2011, at 10 : 00 A.M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated thi s 1.ll1h day of MAY. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida By: TERESA L. CLARK Depufy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk s ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, (2) two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities ELECTRICIAN II $27,976 EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN $30,576 OFFICE ASSISTANT $22,131 OFFICE ASSISTANT II $27,414 OFFICE ASSISTANT Ill (CERTIFIED MEDICAL ASSISTANT) $30,576 OFFICE ASSISTANT Ill (LIMITED DURATION) $27,830 PARAMEDIC $32,418 SENIOR BUDGET ANALYST (CROSS-FUNCTIONAL) SENIOR PLANNER SHERIFF'S OFFICE EMERGENCY CALL TAKER TRAINEE $49,795 $46,238 $24,710 See our web site at http : //www.hccsb.org or visit our office at: 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor, Tampa, FL. Preference in initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of vets MAKE A DIFFERENCE! COME WORK WITH US! An Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer AAIEEO Employer Sable Park Nice 2 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath Single Wide Mobile Home CHA, WDH Rear Patio, Fenced $750.00/Monthly $750.00/Deposit (813) 210-4339 1704 East Cayuga 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Central Heat And Air Washer/Dryer Hook-Up Call Nagi (813) 727-6782 3007 42nd Street North 2 Bedroom/2 Bath With Den That Can Be Converted Into A Bedroom Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher And Microwave Included $800.00/Monthly $800.00/Deposit Background Check And Rental History Required Call (813) 895-0175 1701 East Stika (Nebraska & Busch) 4/2 CHA, Tile Floors Section 8 OK $975.00/Monthly $700.00/Deposit (813) 385-2298 Near Hillsborough Ave. And 40th Street 3/1 Carport, Fenced Yard, WID Hookup, Carpet And Tile Section 8 Ready $900.00/Month $300.00/Security 813-451-9201 Sulphur Springs Large 3/2 Home Tile Flooring CHA, Privacy Fence $800.00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 503-5321 East Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Carport, A/C, Ceiling Fans Large Front Porch WID Hook-Up Utility Room, Fenced Section 8 Welcome $850.00/Monthly (813) 857-2863


II LEGAL NOTICE II NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING A s a result o f being unable to effe c tuate certified mail notice to violators o f the City Code noti c e i s hereby given t hat a Tampa Municipal Code Enfor cement Hearing Master has scheduled a publi c hearing on July 13, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. or 1 :00 p.m. to hear the below listed cases which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code. Information listed below describes the case number property owner(s) violation address, code section violated, and legal descript ion of subject property in that order. The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers 3rd Floor, City Hall 315 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida Affected property owners will be g iven the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274-7286 Please note that if any person decides to appeal any dec i s ion made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respec t to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing they w ill need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceed i ngs is made which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based CASE I 10.21249 UMAURO. ALFRED H JR. ESTATE OF 7102 N TAUAFERRO AVE ., TAMPA FL S E C TIONS: 1 9-46, 1 9 -49 AND 190 PINE C RE S T LOT 14 LES S PART FOR SA 93 DE S C AS BE G 100 .6 FT W OF SECOR & RUN W 37 FT TO SW CORN 51.25 FT TO NW CORE 26 .5 FT AND S 9 DE G 13 M I N 36 S E C E 52 FTTO BEG 161535.0000 CASE I 10.22393 LANDERS. WALTERS G JR. AND LANDERS TANYA 1324 W LAMBRIGHT ST. TAMPA FL SECTION S : 1 9-4 7 1 9-49, 1956 GILBERT S S UBDIVI S ION N 140 FT OF LOT 6 AND N 140 FT OF W I> OF L O T 104223 0000 CASEI11.()03tl HERNAHOEZ, DENNIS AND HERNANDEZ, KATIE 1701 W BEACH ST. T-_ FL SECTIONS : 19-46, 19-49 AND 19-50 ELCERRO LOTS 4 AND 5 BLOCK 1 177739 0000 CASE 1 IHI2142 GARI,USA 2306 W SAINT JOSEPH ST., T AMPA FL SECT I O N : 19-23 1 BOUTO N AND S K INNERS ADDITION TO WES T TAMPA LOT 3BLOCK 5 1n422. oooo CASE I 11.()2566 PONT ILA ENTERPRISES LLC 8 509 N DIXON AVE TAMPA FL S E C TI ON : 1 9-49 IRV I NTON HEI GHTS L O T 6 AND W II C L OSED A LLE Y AB UTTI NG O N E BL OCK 1 0 99167 0000 CASE # 11-o2700 PALLADINI EDWARD M. 709 W FRANCES AVE. TAMPA FL S E C T ION : 19 R IDG EWOOD PAR K L OT 17 BLOCK B AND 8 FT VACATED ALLEY ABUTTIN G ON NO RTH 183382 0000 CASE I 11-o2728 MCGORY TIMOTHY S MCGORY, STARLENE 3 918 W LA SALLE ST. TAMPA, FL S E C T IONS : 1 9 1 1 9 A ND 1 9, 1 9-46, 194 9 AND 19 BELVEDERE PARK LOT 2 1 BL OC K 1 4 111490.0000 CASE I 11<04529 HERRON, LAURA LEE 1711 W COUNTRY CLUB DR TAMPA, FL S E C TION S : 19 AND 197 ARMENIA ACRES EBOFTOFLOT4 96053 0000 CASE I 11<04916 PHILUPS, SHANNA 70011 N NAVIN AVE ., TAMPA FL SECTI ON : 1 9-50 BUN GALO W PAR K L OT 1 3 161643 .0000 CASE I 11-G5577 ABNEY, RAEBURN C EDWARDS, AVONEULE 5705 N. MIAMI AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTI ON : 1 9-233 EA S T SUWANEE HEI GHTS LOT 8 BLOC K 1 7 1 64 228. 0000 CASE I 1Hl6956 HAUSW I RTH M ICHAEL 5113 W AZEELE ST. TAMPA FL CO D E S E C TI O N S : 1 3-45 (a) AND 1 3-43 HESP ER I DE S LOT BEG A T SW COR OF L O T 21 AND RUN N 1 24. 75 FT E 86.98 FT S 124.42 FT W 86.96 FT TO PO B 113287.0000 CASE If 11-o6959 MILLER, MATTHEW J M I LLER, SAMANTHA S 2 446 W NEPTUNE ST ., TAMPA FL CODE SECT I ON : 13 45 (a) HO L D E NS SIMMS RESU BD IVISION OF B L OCKS 4 6. 7 AND 15 W 67 33 FT O F L OT 17 AND 1 8 BLOCK 4 L ESS N 5 FT FO R A D ANI 116558 0200 CASE # 1Hl6975 BEARD, DAVID WARREN 426 S OREGON AVE TAMPA F L CODE S E C T IONS: 1 3 AND 1 3 (a) WATRO U S R E VIS ED M AP S I> O F W 87.0 7 5 FT OF LOT 7 B LOCK 2 184700.0000 IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECT ION 286 26 FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK BLICATION DEADLINES Edition-Thursday@ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition -Monday @ 12:00 P.M. ClASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 Words And 50$ For Each Additional Word Over 20 This Price Is Each Time You Publish Your Ad NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to v i olator s of the City Code notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Mas ter has scheduled a publi c hearing on July 6 2011 at 9:00a. m. or 1:00 p.m. to hear the below listed cases which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code Information listed below describes the case number property owner(s) violation address code section v i olated and legal descr i ption of subject property in that order The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers 3rd Floor City Hall 315 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida. Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases, please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274 7286 Please note that if any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hear ing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings is made which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. CASE I 10.07777 BENJAMI N CHRISTOPHER 2615 E. 38TH AVE. TAMPA FL S E C T I ONS: 19 1 19-233; 19 E NG LEWOOD LOT 9 BLOCK 14 1 5 564 6.000 0 CASE I 10.12433 GALAXY BUSINESS GROUP LLC CO/ REG AGT MAKATI, KIRTl M 4911 E. TEMPLE HEIGHTS RD ., A-D TAMPA FL SECTION S: 196 1 950 1 9-2 3 1 TEMPLE TERRACE S W 53 .69 FT OF E 107 38 FT OF W 125FT OF LOT 32 14 25n.0090 CASE I IG-20954 COROlliNA, MIGUEL ESTATE OF 911 E. 28TH AVE TAMPA FL SECTION : 192 34 HOMESTEAD REVISED MAP LOT BEG 641> FT S OF NW COR OF LOT I AND RUNE 23. 8 FT N 641> FT E 33.2 FT S 103 FTW 57 FT AND N 161> FT TO BEG BLOCK 6 173149.0000 CASE I 10.24213 MY MONEY MY HOUSE INC. CI'O NORMAN L KEARSE, CEO & REG AGT 8709 N 12TH ST. A.C, TAMPA, FL SE C TION : 1 9 ORANGE TERRA C E LOT 18 BL OC K 6 1 45 517 .0000 CASE I 10.24825 SCHWARTZ BONITA F KAYTON RODNEY 1604 E Y UKON S T .. TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19, 1 9, 191. 19 R I DG E LAND RANC H SUB R E V MAP OF LOTS 1 2.AND3 LO T 15 LE SS E 1 0FT O F S 100 FT A ND LE SS ANI L O T 15 RE C ORDED I N D EED BK 1 5 1 4 PG 188 145985.0000 CASE # 11449 REDDICK GEORGE A JR. REDDICK CARMEN M 3421 DELEUIL AVE TAMPA FL SECT I ON: 19-56 BE LMONT H EIGH T S NO 2 P B 1 2 P G 41 L O T 311 1 52264 0000 CASE # 1 H l0958 BRYANT SOLOMAN B BRYANT GLORIA J 8306 N. MARKS ST., TAMPA FL S ECTI O N S : 1 9 49, 1 9-4 7 HENDRY AND KNI G HT S AD DITI ON TO SU LPHUR S P R I NG L O T 235 14974 2 .0000 I 11.01084 PEARSON, REX 1010 E 15TH AVE ., TAMPA FL S E C TION: 19 1 MERRIAM S E 30FT OF LOT 1 5 BL OCK 1 1 9827 6 .0000 CASE 111.01407 DEAS, DARREL 8512 N 10TH ST., TAMPA FL S ECT I ONS: 1 9-49, 1 9 233 S ULPHUR SP RIN GS ADDITI O N LOT 10 BLOCK 8 1 462 5 9. 0000 CASE I 11.0 1833 SWEET, SHARON D GRANT, TYRONE L 1509 E JEAN ST TAMPA, FL S E C T ION: 1 9 26 C ALIF O R N IA HEI GHTS LOTI A N D W 7 7 FT O F L OT 2 BLOCK H 1503 57.0000 CASE I 11.()2029 SIPUN, NELUE C/0 SIPUN, COLOMBUS 4305 N 30TH ST., TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19-49 ENGLEWOOD EASTERN PORTION S 52 5 FT OF LOTS 7 AND 6 BLOCK 17 155884 0 0 0 0 CASE I 11.()2()34 MORTON SONIA 3006 E NORFO L K ST., TAMPA FL SE C TIONS: 1 9-46, 1 9-49, 1 9, 1 9-56 RIVERGROVE PARK LOT 14 BLOCK 2 148973 .0000 CASE I 1 Hl2811 CHARNECO, LliiS 2419 E. CURTIS ST., TAMPA, FL SECT IONS: 1 926, 1 9 -4 9, 19-231 S IL VER MOON ALLOTMENT N O 1 LOT 7 AND E 5 .65 FT OF LOT 6 BLOCK D 1 56618 0 100 CASE I 11.()2941 MC LACHLAN, COULETTE 8735 N 28TH ST. TAMPA. FL SECTION : 19 -4 9 TEMPLE TERRACES W 189 FT OF N 132 85 FT OF S 264 85 FT OF LOT 44 147263 .0000 CASE t 11-o3ZI1 CADET, YVES CADET,AUNE 2422 E NORTH BAY ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-49 19 50, 192 33 1 PROGRESO LOT2 BLOCK I 155957 0000 CASE I 11.()3273 OLSON, WILHELM OLSON REBECCA 8119 N 11TH ST., TAMPA FL S E C TIONS : 19 -49, 1 9 S UL P H U R SPR I NGS ADD IT ION L O T 1 B L OCK 45 1467 10.0000 CASE# 11-Q369 7 JAMES, DONALD T JAMES, BRENDA T 3310 E YUKON ST., TAMPA FL SE C TI ON : 19 1 ELIZA B ETH CO U R T L O T 26 AND E 1 4 FT O F LO T 27 BL OCK C 147624.5000 CASE I 11<04255 WILSON STANLEY WILSON MAR I LYN K. 923 E MC BERRY ST., TAMPA FL S E C TIONS: 19 19 M C C LUNG BERR Y SUB NO 2 LOT 1 3 B LOCK 1 1715 58. 0 000 CASE# 10.19 281 407 EAST LLC C/0 HEIGHTS 1 GROUP, LLC REG AGT 407 E HANNA AVE .. -411, TAMPA, FL CODE SE C TIONS: 27( b ) S E M INOLE HE IG H TS NOR TH W 6 0 2/1 2 FT O F L O T 1 BLOCK 1 1 63803.0000 CASE I 10.25135 BARCENA, RICHARD P. BARCENA, SONIA C 3916 N. RIDGE AVE TAMPA FL SECTION : 27 129(b) RIVER S IDE NORTH LOT S 4 5 16, & 17 & A BUTTI NG ALLE Y & WATER LOT S 16 AN D 17 AND THAT PART O F C L OSED R IVER BL V D L YIN G B ETW EEN LOTS 1 6 & 1 7 & WATER LOT S 1 6 & 1 7 BLOCK 4 LE SS WATER LOT 16 AND LE SS PO RTI O N S OF L O T 1 6, 1 7, AND WATER LOT 17 AND C L O SED RIV ER BL V D L YING BTW LOT 1 6 AND 17 ONE AND WATER LOTS 1 6 AND 17 ON W DES C A S BEG AT SW C OR OF L O T 1 6 RUN S 8 9 DEG 5 6 MIN 5 5 S E C E 59.95 FT TO P O B THN N 29 DE G 46 MIN 00 S E C E 68FT TO S BDR Y OF LOT 17 THN N 87 DE G 11 MIN 1 6 S E C W THROUGH LOT 17 AND CLOSED RIVER BLVD AND WATER LOT 17 I NTO H I LL S B O ROUGH RIVER 240FT MOL THN SWL Y AL G HIL LS BOROU GH RIVER TO S BDRY OF WATER LOT 16 TH N S 69 DEG 5 8 MI N 55 SEC E ALG S BDR Y OF WATER LOT 16 AND LOT 16 T O POB 1 66747. 0000 CASE I 11.03297 JIMENEZ, ANGIE ESTATE OF 3417 W NORTH A ST., TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 27-nTABLE 4-1 & 27 OAKFORD LOT BEG 6 1.73 FT W OF SECOR OF LOT 2 AND RUN W 61 FT N 219 FT E 60. 5 FT AND S 219 FTTO BEG BLOCK30 117142 0000 IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286 26, FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK II HOMES FOR RENT II 1305 West Nassau Street Section 8 Only 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Block Home Central Heat/ Air $1 ,000.00/Monthly Call (813) 562-3013 8315 East Dahlia Avenue 4 Bedrooms/1 Bath Home Rent $925.00 Deposit $700.00 Section 8 Welcome Available July 1st Call (813) 789-0760 Highland Pines 4 Bedroom/1 Bath Newly Renovated $950.00/Monthly Close To Schools And Transportation Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 994-6627 Progress Village 8305 Allamanda Avenue 4/2 CHA, Tile Floors Washer Hook-Up Big Yard $950 00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted (813) 846-2577 Forest Hills 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Totally Remodeled Wood Deck Close To Adams And Chamberlain HS Utility Room, Fenced $950 00/Monthly (813) 601-3101 Ybor City Fantastic Deal Huge 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Wood Frame House CHA, Ceiling Fans, Carpet 3015 N. Sanchez Street (Off 21st Avenue) $875.00/Monthly $600 00/Deposit Includes WSG (813) 704-3370 ., :::c c c.. c: z m ..... ...... 1\) 0 ..... ..... ., r 0 :::c fJ) m z ::1 z m r OJ c: r r z c: OJ r c;; :r:: m c m < m -t c: m fJ) c )> z c ., c C) m ..... cp OJ


....-0 C\1 r-... ..-w z :::> J >=' 1-w > w c w l: en :::i m ;::) a. z i= w ..J ..J :::> m ..J w z i= z w en a: 0 ..J u. m I 0 N w I L LEGAL N O TICE II PINELLAS SUN COAST TRANSIT AUTHORITY LAKELAND AREA MASS TRANSIT DISTRICT HILLSBOROUGH TRANSIT AUTHORITY IFB-8363C AJC COMPRESSORS FOR TRANSIT VEHICLES The Hillsborough Transit Authority (HART) in conjunction with the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) and the Lakeland Area Mass Transit District (LAMTD) will be accepting bids for the purchase of A/C compressors for transit vehicles The bid documents will be available for download from HART's website at www goHART.org after 3 : 00 PM, on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. The documents will be located under the Business Opportunities section. All inquiries pertaining to the statement of work or any questions i n reference to the bid must be directed to: Daniel Marti Contracts Specialist, Hillsborough Transit Authority, 4305 East 21st Avenue, Tampa, Flo r ida 33605, (813) 384-6383 or e-mail at martid@ gohart.org. Additional deadlines and requirements are provided within the solicitation posted on HART's website. It is the responsibility of the proposers to review the documents posted in the i r entirety PUBLIC NOTICE FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION & FEDERAL TRANSIT ADMINISTRATION DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE GOALS FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFICE TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA In accordance with the requirements of the United States Department of Transportation as set forth in 49 C.F.R., Part 26 as amended, the Florida Department of Transportation Equal Opportunity Office in Tallahassee, Florida hereby notifies the public that it is proposing Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goals for applicable transit and highway procurement contracts during Fiscal Year 2012, beginning October 1, 2011.The proposed DBE goal for applicable highway procurement contracts is 8.6%. The proposed DBE goal for applicable transit procurement contracts is 2.0% Information pertaining to each goal and descriptions of how each goal was obtained is available for inspection from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST) at the Florida Department of Transportation Equal Opportunity Office located at 605 Suwannee Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450 for 30 das following the date of this notice Written comments on each goal will be accepted for 45 days from the date of this notice. The comments for each recommended goal are for informational purposes only and may be sent to Nita Jackson at 605 Suwannee Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450. Specific comments regarding the Transit DBE goal maybe directed to the Regional Civil Rights Officer, Federal Transit Administration Region VI, 230 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA 30303. Specific comments regarding the Highway Construction goal may be directed to the Civil Rights Coordinator, Federal Highway Administration Florida Office at 545 John Knox Road Ste 20, Tallahassee, Florida, 32303. :SE .&&JiihlWC!fMSf .,..::r ..... r -.-".r' ., .... .--:> ... c-.-... ... ... .. .,-ll., ,/;,.,...,.T r ... .... .rr F'ii. .25 IZ <:-_._ .:3 > .::z....:a.--_._ = ._._ NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a resu l t o f b eing unabl e t o eff ec tuat e c e rtified mail notice to violators o f the City Code, n o tice is here b y given that a Tamp a Municipal Code Enforcement Hearin g M as ter ha s s cheduled a public hearing on July 20, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. or 1 :00 p.m. to hear the below listed ca ses, which are in violation of the Cit y of Tampa Code Information listed below d e scribes the c ase numb e r property owner(s) violation address cod e s ection v iolated and l e gal d esc ription of s ubject propert y in that order. The he a ring will be h e ld in City Council Chambers 3rd Floor City Hall, 3 15 E. Kenn e dy Blvd. Tampa Florida. Aff ec t e d property owners will be given the opportunit y to discuss the alle ged violations Should anyone have any questions r e garding these c ases, pleas e call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 2747 286 Plea se note that if any pe r son decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcem e n t H ea ring Master with respect to any matter consid e r e d a t t he meeting or hearing they will need to ens ure a verbatim record of the p roceedings is m a de which r e cord includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based CASE # 10-218 5 0 Y BOR LAND INC 3801 E 7TH AVE TAMPA FL SEC T IONS : 19. 1 9-49 & 1950 SPANISH PARK W 1 5 FT OF L OT 3 LOTS 4. 5. B. AND 9 AND W 15 FT OF LOT 1 0 B L OCK 29 AND T HAT PART OF CLOS ED A L L E Y L Y I NG BETWEEN AND ABUTIING SD L OTS 175424.0000 CASE # lG-2 3 9 65 MOT LOW TAMEC1A 4 211 W CLE VELAND ST., TAMPA FL SEC T IONS: 19-49, AND 19-50 MAD I GAN PARK SUBD I V I SION LOT 11 A N D E 30 FT OF L OTS 12 A N D 21 A ND L OT 22 1 15024.0000 CASE # 10-24175 THURMOND JOAN W 2407 W CYPRESS ST AlB, TAMPA FL S E C T ION : 1 9 B AYAMO LOT 9 B LK 9 18 0934.0100 CASE# 11 WILLIAMS MICHAEL R WILLIAMS BR I AN K 2524 W CAR MEN S T -2526 T AMPA. FL S E C TI ON : 1 9 W E S T PINES REV I S E D M A P LOT 11 B L OCK 1 0 1 684 67 .0000 CASE# 11 01818 MC CULLOUGH. RONNIE MCCULLOUGH, DELBRA C. 2126 W NASSAU ST ., TAMPA FL S E C TION S: 1 9. AND 1 9 B E NJAM I N S ADD I TI ON T O WE S T T AMPA E 33 113 FT O F L O T 7 BL OC K 8 1 78023.0000 CASE # 11-02499 SYKES MARY 2119 W ARCH ST ., TAMPA FL S E C T ION: 19 BENJAM I N 'S ADD ITI O N TO W EST TAM P A W I> O F LOT 20 BL OC K 4 177 9 4 9 .0000 CASE # 11-03134 DELGADO, EDWARD 2911 W TYSON AVE TAMPA, FL S E CTION: 19-49 H ALF WAY PLACE A REVI S E D MAP L O T 3 B L OCK T 134538.0000 CASE # 11-03430 KENEFICK ELIZABETH A 213 S OBRIEN ST., TAMPA FL S E C TI ON: 1 9-49 H E SPERIDES MA N OR L O T 7 B L OC K 3 AND CLO S ED ALLEY ABUTIING ON w 113350 0000 CASE H 1Hl3874 SOYLU NESAT TIMUR 3601 W DE LEON ST., TAMPA, FL S E C TI O NS: 1 94 6. 19 49. 190 AND 1 9-23 3 PERSHIN G P AR K E 1 3 FT O F L O T 21 A ND L O T 22 B L OC K 3 115927.0000 CASE t 1 Hl4797 JACKSON, RICHARD 3504 W IOWA AVE TAMPA FL S ECTI O N : 1 94 9 INTE R BA Y L O T 2 BL OCK 6 A N D N I> O F CLOS ED AL LE Y ABUT TIN G THEREON 1 33077 .0000 CASE # 11-06200 JOHNSON KEN 216 S MALCOLM CT., TAMPA FL S E C TIONS: 1 9. AN D 1 9 5 0 B O N AIR WEST N 1 3 FT O F LOT 7 A ND S 7 I'T OF L OT 8 116039.0060 IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286 26 FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK II APTS. FOR RENT Angie's Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $750 00 WDH -0 Deposit No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome 813-915-9787 Courtyard Apartments 1413 East Mohawk Avenue 1 And 2 Bedrooms Clean, Quiet And Pretty Section 8 Welcome Call Robert (813) 774-1044 Very Spacious 2 Bedroom/2 Bath $550.00/Monthly $500.00/Deposit A/C, New Tile/Carpet Discount On Cable Call (813) 298-2499 Apartment 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook-up $800.00/Monthly Central Heat And Air Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 849-3265 II II 1007 E 28th Avenue 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath $500 00/Deposit $850.00 Per Month Rent Call Sandy@ 813-735-3279 APTS. FOR RENT USF Area 12301 N. 11th St. 2/1 Apartment For Rent $550 00/Monthly Includes Water First Month Free With Security 813-971-0341 Villa Palms Apartments 1/1 $525.00 2/1 $599.00 $200 00 Deposit $200 00 Off 1 st Month Special Water Included On-Site Laundry Facility Contact Cynthia Logan (813) 975-0258 Meridian Apartments 1 & 2 Bedrooms Starting @ $545.00 FREE Rent On Select Units Convenient To Downtown USF, 1-75 And 1-4 Screen Porches WID Hookups, 2 Pools New Appliances 8501 North 50th St Call Today! 813-989-0337 Senior 55+ Riverfront Community Studio and 1 Bedroom Start $380 00 $99 Deposit FREE Shopping Transportation FREE Internet FREE On Site Clinic Water/Trash Included Planned Social Activities And Much, Much More! Section 8 Welcome Call Now 813-985-4419 River Pines Apartments 7517 North 40th Street Cit II


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,.... ,.... 0 C\1 ...: ,.... w z ;::) ""') 0 a: L1. c a: LL c z c( c en w ;::) .... > a: w > w c w ::I: en ::::i m ;::) a. z i= w -I -I ;::) m -I w z i= z w en a: 0 -I LL m I C\1 C\1 w G II Furnished Room for Rent Clair Mel Area Private Entrance Retiree / Fixed Income Preferred Cable -No Drugs $500.00 Per Month Phone (813) 317-5470 Extra Large Furnished Room Private Entrance TV And Cable $125.00/Weekly $125 00/Deposit Near Sligh And 30th Call (813) 442-6077 Room For Rent Ybor Area Extra Large Furnished Room A/C Over 55 Preferred $500.00/Monthly Includes Utilities Call After 5 P.M. (813) 9.88-1055 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Years Of Age & Older Must Have Steady Income $1 00.00/Weekly $1 00.00/Deposit Jim (813) 237-1810 Beverly (813) 235-7934 Jeanette (813) 230-6776 Seffner Room For Rent No Drugs CHA Share Kitchen And Bath $130.00/Weekly Mr. Austin (813) 362-7618 Miss Sarah (813) 270-4047 Move In Special Kennedy/Armenia & University Area Any Size Room $1 00.00/Weekly $400 00 For One Month ONLY Single Must Be Drug Free And Employed (813) 384-0387 ROOMS FOR RENT Room For Rent Single Person Ages 55 And Up Preferred $1 00 00 / Per Week $60.00/Deposit Utilities Included Call (813) 241-4158 Sulphur Springs Area Room For Rent Very Clean Close To Transportation $450.00/Monthly Plus Security Includes Utilities/Cable Available Immediately Call (813) 842-7902 22nd St. & Cayuga Older Mature Individual Preferred CHA, Free Cable On Bus Route Centrally Located $1 00.00/Weekly $95 00/Deposit Call (813) 770-3779 Ybor Heights Large Furnished Rooms $120.00 $140.00/Weekly Deposit Plus Security Plus 1 Week Rent Cable TV, Laundry Single, Drug Free Must Be Employed Call (813) 247-4724 Room For Rent Ybor Area A/C, Cable, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $75 00/Deposit $100.00 And Up Per Week (813) 317-9872 Busch Gardens Area Plant City Fair Grounds Furnished, CHA WID Cable All Utilities Paid Next To Bus Lines Quiet Neighborhood $120 00/Weekly Private Entrance (813) 478-1286 II APPLIANCE II BEDS FOR SALE II REPAIRS Rooms For Rent A/C & Appliance Repair Beds In Quiet Building At Ice Makers Refrigeration Twin $70.00 2913 North 15th Street Stove, Washers & Dryers Full $80.00 Tampa All Work Guaranteed Queen $90.00 Stop By Or Call Henry Call Prince $ 125.00 & Up King (813) 727-0151 (813) 695-4343 Fast Friendly Service Call (813) 310-0991 West Tampa II II Rooms For Rent II II Newly Remodeled ATTORNEY BURGLAR BARS Full Kitchen, Furnished $80 00-$100.00 Filing Bankruptcy? Doors, Windows, Rails, Weekly + Deposit Chapter 7 Or 13 AIC Cages, Gates Call (813) 476-8748 $500.00 & Up General Welding & Repairs Seffner Call Attorney We Pick Up Scrap Metal Roderick 0. Ford Extra Large Room (813) 223-1200 For More Information No Drugs www.fordlawfirm.org Call Carl Private Entrance (813) 495-3172 And Fridge African American Share Kitchen And Bath Labor Law Attorney II CARPET CLEANING II $150.00/Weekly *Workers' Compensation Mr. Austin Employment Discrimination (813) 362-7618 *Labor Union Sunrise Carpet Cleaning Miss Sarah (813) 270-4047 Grievances Any 3 Rooms Call Attorney Only $60 00 II AIR CONDITIONING II Roderick 0. Ford 1 Hour Dry Time (813) 223-1200 Call (813) 380-3837 www.fordlawfirm.org To Schedule An Appointment Tarpley's A/C LLC Sales & Service ATTORNEY New & Used REFFERRAL I CLEANING I Financing Available SERVICE SERVICE Call (813) 238-7884 Lie #CAC1815130 David Griffin Keep It Clean Janitorial & Cleaning Marketing Executive For Blick Law Firm Service Parham Air "We Take Pride Summer Special Personal Injury In Our Work" $35 00 Service Charge Real Estate Law Office Space Senior Citizen Discounts Bankruptcy New Construction And Other Services Call Andre Move In/Move Out @ (813) 770-6786 Call Today For Lowest Prices Guarantee For An Appointment Free Consultation (813) 440-6440 Residential And Lie # RA00671 06 Commercial Call Bridget (813) 380-0362 GET NOTICED ... II COMPUTER SERVICE II Place Your Ad In The Business Directory I Top Notch .. \ Contact LaVora @ (813) 248-1921 Computer Services Fax To: (813) 248-9218 Computer Repair And Related Services or Email: ledwards@flsentinel.c-om Call 813-695-7813


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Cocktail Reception Atlnnisbrook Celebrates 'The Significant Six' Members Ollinkdom The Tampa Chapter of The Links, Incorporated hosted a cocktail reception to welcome the 'Significant Six to its sisterhood. The Friday evening, May 20, 2011 reception was held at Innisbrook Resort The new members are: Joselynne Walden Forde, Sylvia Berry Andrews, Dr. Maria Russ, Barbara Jackson, Casey Curry and Jewel Warren. (Photography by BRUNSON) Significant Six stand with Link sign. New Links, Barbara Jackson, Joselynne Ford, Casey Curry, Maria Russ, Sylvia Andrews and Jewel Warren. Link Officers left to right: Ruth Bell, President; Terry Taylor, Financial Secretary; Yolanda Anthony, Treasurer; Renee Lee, Recording Secretary; and Kay Andrews, Vice President. Retired Captain Bruce and Mrs. (Link Casey) Curry. Sisters, Links Gladys Connecting Links, Dr. The Andrews Family: Link Gloria, Blythe, III, Links Sylvia, Susan Carr Blalock and Frances Kevin Sneed and Colin and Kay. Carr Sykes. Forde. New Links and their husbands, Mr. and Mrs. C. Blythe (Link Sylvia) Andrews, III and Mr. and Mrs. Eric (Link Maria) Russ. guests doing the Cupi? Shuffle.


Loca I Event ,.._-.,.... UJ z State 01 Black AHa irs In Tampa Is Topic Of Celebration :; T h e Africa n Libration Day Cele bration was h e ld May 25, 2011 at th e Taproots Community Center >-in Tampa Park Plaza. The free e vent was hosted by Aim First Collective. The t opic for discussion was

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Graduation Springfield College Graduation Celebration ::> ..., c a: u.. c a: u.. c z <( c en w ::> ..... it w > w c w :I: en :::i m ::> D. z i= w ..J ..J ::> m (.) I By TONIA TURNER with the Processional led by Lafe Thomas received the Dr. Gerald Thomas, Pro-Distinguished Undergradu-April's 2011 Commence-fessor; Welcome and Intra-ate Award and Gloria Mc-ment of Springfield College, ductions by Dr. Richard Donald received the School of Human Services, Davila, Campus Director; Humanics Award. Tampa Bay Campus was Invocation by Rev. One of the highlights of somewhat bittersweet for Nathaniel Dixon; Greet-the ceremony was when the Master Program gradu-ings from the Main Campus Charles 'Fred' Hearns ates: Community Psychol-(Massachusetts) and Pres-was honored with the Disogy Tonia Turner entation of Degrees, Dr. tinguishedGr-aduateAward. (Florida Sentinel employee) Robert J. _Willey.,-Bea-u;---Fred is a prominent and by member of the Tampa Bay tal -Jonathan Jones (Gradu-community having worked el---Bergman, Amy ate) and Lafe Thomas for the City of Tampa De-Berrong, Tonya Clark, (Undergraduate); Introduc-partment of Community Af-Angel Douse, Carolyn tion of Keynote Speaker, fairs for 32 years. Since his Johnson, Walda Lan-Dr. Michael Cooper, retirement, he continues to drum, Cynthia Martin, Chairman, Community Adwork tirelessly as an advo-Sharon McKay, Angie visory Board; the Keynote cate for and founder of a Murray and Lee Speaker, Dr. William S. Black History Museum. At-Stephens; and Organiza-Bush, Interim School Head, tempting to keep people en-tiona! Management and School of Arts and Sciences, lightened, Fred conducts Leadership Charles Assistant Professor of His-tours to significant historical 'Fred' Hearns, Jonathan tory, Texas A&M University, venues throughout the Jones, Aaron McGlon San Antonio, TX; Greetings Tampa Bay area. He also be-and Jolene Smith, includfrom Suncoast Alumni Assolongs to numerous commu-ing 26 undergraduates. ciation by Norm nity organizations and is a The realization that yet Koscuisko, President; prominent speaker. another journey has come to Benediction and Reces-Another high spot of the fruition took a toll on the sional. ceremony came when above referenced student There were several Helen Carr-Stephenson who are the last class to walk awards distributed during and Tosha Murphy, both across the stage at the 'old' the ceremony. The first undergraduates sang, aclocation. Springfield College award went to Jonathan companied by the entire is relocationing to Net Park. Jones, who received the graduating class. The graduation began Community Service Award. (Photos by Ron Milton) TOSHA MURPHY MRS. NORENE COPELAND-MILLER o:::t ask gary, a m edical and !awyer referraB service w if Tonia Turner, Jonathan Jones, Jolene Smith, Charles "Fred" Hearns and Aaron McGlon. Charles Hearns was the Distinguished Garduate Award by Dr. Richard Davila. Tonia Turner, Florida Sentinel Employee, and Dr. Robert J. Willey. Gloria McDonald was presented the Human'ics Award by Dr. Richard Davila. Tonia Turner's brothers, Leonard Jones (gray suit) and Thomas Jones (black hat) came from Ohio for the graduation.


. -. -.---.... --. -. ... --.. ':_-. _. The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family. So on this day, we salute all the fathers.


,_. w z ; Minister Shares His Kevs To Fatherhood And Manhood ct c BYTAMECAJOHNSON IJ.. Freelance Writer On May 26th Reverend Ronald English, Sr. cele brated 50 years of marriage to his wife, Beverly. There was no big party, no trip abroad, just Rev. English and mem ories of a lifetime he spent with his beloved. Beverly didn't join him in the celebration, at least not in the natural. She died almost a y ear to the day of the milestone anniversary. Complications from cancer took her life at the age of 69, leaving Rev. English a single dad of four adult children and grandfather to a generation of grandchildren. He s learned a lot over the years and in honor of Day, agreed to share a few les sons on fatherhood and man-hood with Florida Sentinel c readers. He spoke passiona: ately and extensively on the IJ.. 0 topics. We've included seven z points from the conversation. c( Lesson One: CommitmentIs Key: "When my wife passed away last year, we had w 48 years, 361 days together. I wore the wedding ring until we > made our soth anniversary ffi this year. I wouldn't turn her > lose until then. I didn't want w c w ::I: en ::i m ;:) D.. z i= w ;:) to I was still committed to her. Being married is a difficult journey. Fathers must realize they're going to have ups and downs with the mother of their children, but the bottom line is you are the father, so you are responsible for the mother and the children." Lesson Two: Don't Have m Children Out Of Wedlock: u:j "If you're having children out Z of wedlock you're not a man, i= you're just a male donator. If z w you're a man, you take care of en your responsibilities and that includes marrying the mother of your child." 0 Lesson Three: Once You u. Get Married, You Stay Married: "Everything is so easy now. Nowadays, you can walk away and not have the stigma of walking away. Years ago, when you walked away, they'd say 'you abandoned your family.' You were ashamed to think that people thought you walked away and left your family. Today they say 'you just couldn't get along' and that's the reason; but that's not a reason for divorce. Today, we have almost drivethru divorces. Quick and easy; almost like McDonald's. The children always lose when the mother and father can't stay the course. The children al-C ways lose." I C\1 Lesson Four: Forsaking All Others .... Including Yourself: "In the bible when Rev. and Mrs. Ronald (Beverly) English. Rev. English as ahoy, left front, with his cousin; in the rear, his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. you get married, it says 'for saking all others' and 'let no man destroy your family.' Well, that 'no man' includes the wife and the husband. They shouldn't destroy the family. The wife and the husband shouldn't put away the marriage. They should learn to live together and raise the children." Lesson Five: You Got What You Asked For: "When a guy gets mad and wants a divorce, he's got toremember he asked for it. Nine times out of ten, he asked for that woman's hand in marriage. So he got what he asked for." Lesson Six: Remember the Future Lies In You: "I'm the product of five gener ations of two parent house holds, men who were there for their families. My great grandfather poured information into my grandfather, my grandfather poured information into my father, my father poured information into me and I poured information into my son. "For five generations there hasn't been a single parent family [in my bloodline]. My son got a little bit of all four generations. He's now 42 and the father of four. He's been married 17 years." Lesson Seven: Be The Hero: "Out west in the Apache nation, there's no word for hero in their language. The word for hero is MAN and a man does what a man is supposed to do and that's to ac cept responsibility.'' Reverend English is a minister at First Baptist Church of College Hill. He oversees the New Members Ministry. Rev. Ronald English and Ron, II at a Giants/Phillies baseball game in San Francisco. [ HAPPY FATHER'S DAY SHERLY, LARRY, AND GLORIA We would like to wish Mr. Bo Jack a Happy Father's Day with much love. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY .To THE #1 DAD MIKE Happy Father's Day is going out to the love of my life, Mike. Love, Kesha.


HAPPY FATHERS DAY HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY VAN VAN Any man can be a dad, but it takes a real man to be a father. Happy Father's Day, and belated happy birthday Twan. We are so glad that w.e have you. Loving you always, Kaleion and Kvaughn Burney. HAPPY FATHERS DAY HAPPY FATHERS DAY VAN AND KAY VAN AND KV AUGHN Celebrating the Big Homie on Father's Day. We love you and you are the best. PUFF, V A.LENCIA, AND KIDS HAPPY FATHERS DAY MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH To my soon-to-be husband on (5-24-12), I love you always and forever. Love, Mrs. Soon-to-be Joseph. Kaleion and Kvaughn. HAPPY FATHERS DAY, STREETZ MR. AND MRS. DENNISON Happy Father's Day to my husband, Streetz. I'm holding it down for you, baby; can't wait til you get home, time is winding down. Love always, your wifey, Mrs. Dennison. HAPPY FATHERS DAY, FELLOWS Happy Father's Day fellows, Zorro, T., Money, J. P. Rick, Art, Kenny, Bo Chambers, Ike, and Steve. Come party with us on the "Dead End." My dog Pimp, Donnell, Dro, Ray Dizzum, OB, Fresh, Joe Mingo, .Qon, and Dread. HAPPY FATHERS DAY RICK The best father and husband our family could want for. Love, wife and kids. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY FROM THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN BOBBY HALL Wishing you a Happy Father's Day from your loving wife, Mrs. Regina Hall, and kids. Love you always and forever. A BLESSED FATHER'S DAY WISH I TYRONE LEROY WILLIAMS BEST DAD AWARD ... ::-. Dad, there no words in the that can describe how much you truly tc> us. We want to thank you for all the us, the love you gave, and the work d,(}.n..-e, l'l Here's appreciation from your a'ndl daughter. You cared for us when we were liltt ittot5; 11 as the years went by. J;, : .i'll< Now we are grown successful adults, and as grew, your work did, too. You are in the world. ;1 "''':-i r We are truly blessed to have you. You gubled and wished us the best in everything, as we matured', ---the-story repeated. We pause to say job : ...... ;-I 1\) 0 ...... ...... ., r 0 :2 c )> en m z ::::! z m r ttl c: r r m ::::! z ., c: ttl r u; ::::t m c m < m c: m w c )> z c ., :tJ 0 Dad, read this so you will always see how mean to us. Happy Father's Day. : :_: Dad thanks for everything, your children: TYrone G) (A.K.A. TMoney), and Quansuella (A.K.A. Poohle). m w I


c a: LL c DUKE AND ANTONIA TRADIA, ANTONIA, AND DUKE I love you daddy! You are everything to me, and to uncles Tommie and Trent, also. c HAPPY ; FATHER'S DAY a: r-w c w :::r:: en :::i m D.. z i= w ..J ..J m c I You are one amazing father, one amazing man, one amazing husband. Happy Father's Day. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY LEON, JR. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY :_j CHRIS AND ROME I want to give a shout out to two of the greatest fathers, Chris Cole, AKA "Fats," and Jerome Fiffie, AKA "Boss Man." HAPPY FATHER'S DAY NElSON OSLIN HAPPY FATHER'S DAY CHICO AND KESHIA A special day just to honor you. And t9 thank God for giving me such an amazing, wonderful husband. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY .-, SAMMY MANN Wishing you a Happy Father's Day with much love. From Ms. VC. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO TO, DIGGY, STEETE, CHRIS, AND ROME Always know you all are loved and missed by many! Happy Father's Day. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY LONNIE CURRY From your wife, Priscilla, and kids, DeeDee, Bre, Kim, Lena, and Sonia; and grand kids, Imania, Daron, Aneleh, and baby Arianna. w Cl We love you. I miss you! Love, Danielle and Kalina. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY .--, CLARENCE CARSWELL Wishing you a Happy Father's Day. We all love and miss you. From your family. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY SABRE', STEPHEN, ANDJAYDEN We are balling for our father. We love you, Happy Father's Day. DADDY'S LIL GIRL KAY AND KESSE


., :D JR., MR. HOOD, AND KILLER T All men are potential fathers, but not all men are parents. Dig this, I once was blind, but now I see. It is another year and I am very happy and grateful to not only be a father to my child, but to also be an exceptional parent, proving the love and guidance needed for a proper upbringing. I'm sending a special Happy Father's Day shout out to my brothers, Tony, El, Steve, and R. Lee. Stand up fathers and receive that bravo love. Happy Father's Day ... boyz of the hood. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY ANTHONY MOORE Happy Father's Day. We love you and miss you. From your family. AIN'T NO BROTHER LIKE THE ONE I GOT! RON-RON AND CED Happy tst Father's Day to my all time favorite brother, Ced (Free Him BTW). I wish you many more to come. I love you like a fat kid loves cake. LOL. Love always, your sister Ron-Ron, son, Lil Ced, mama, Tese, brothers and sisters, Breadwinner and T. 0.! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY JIMMIE FORD AND ASHANTI FORD I love my sugar, I love my daddy! In hood and need sugar voice. Daddy, me and my sisters miss you and we want you to hurry up and get out so you can spoil me. I love you. Happy Father's Day, from your Princess. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY KHORTNY "SHOE" ROBINSON Happy Father's Day, I love you more than you'll ever know. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY FROM THE STAFF AT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN HAPPY FATHER'S DAY FREDRICK POWELL AND AMIYAH POWELL To my daddy with much love, from your Lil Lady. I love you. c.. c:: z m ..... 1\) 0 ..... ..... ., r-0 :D c )> C/) m z I HAPPY FATHER'S DAY I r -, COOKIE AND GREGORY You are the man of my dreams, my soul mate. I love you infinity times infinity. Love your wifey, Cookie and Mosi (Mo-Mo). HAPPYFATHER'S DAY RESHAY A.K.A. f BUNG To all my fans who want to see how I'm doing can bolla at me. Reshay Nelson #T25433 on D1-102 Lower; Polk County C. I. W /C; to8oo Evans Rd.' ; Polk City, FL 33868. West Side A.K.A. Wee Wee for Life. r rm z "'tt c:: ttl c C/) ::::1: m c m < m -i c:: m C/) c )> z c ., 22 c C) m C1l I c


,.... WILDSIDE FATHERS ..., c a: LL c a: LL c z T.O.ANDCED CED c( Happy 1st Father's Day goes out to Ced and T. 0. Enjoy your day guys. We're on the countdown, Boo. Free himBTW. c Also, Father's Day wishes are being sent out to Big T., Jitt, Swiss, B., Bun-B, and all the other wildside fa-ffj thers. ;:::::) Love always, Breadwinner D., Lil Ced, Sis Ron, Mama Reese, and Artese. P. S. Happy Father's Day to you Uncle Whoppo. R.I.P. Gone but, not forgotten. a: w WILDSIDE FATHERS HAPPY FATHERS DAY, JOE c w J: en :J m ;:::::) a. z i= w ...J ...J ;:::::) m ...J w z i= z w en c( c a: 0 ...J LL RIZZO, NYLA, NYVA, AND NYJA HAPPY FATHERS DAY CHARLIE "ED" TAYLOR Maybe now, ya'll feel me now, picture my pain; embrace my words, make the world change, and still I smile at ya'll. Only the strong survive! Happy Father's Day, Bruh, love your family. RIZZO, NA'RE, AND NA'KY Daddy, Father's Day comes once a year and the best Dad in the world comes once in a lifetime. Happy Father's Day! ALTON HERRING __ We love you, JoAnn and Mama Mary. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE WORLD'S GREATEST iDAD' DONNELL ELLIS AND MANIELLIS Nobody is greater -than you ... love you always and forever. From your "Baby Girl" Mani Ellis and step kids, J. C. and Jamie. HAPPY FATHERS DAY, BABE MARIO D. SAMPSON We love you and appreciate the wonderful father, brother, son, friend, and most of all, husband, you are. We can't look back because we're moving forward so thanks to those in our past that blessed our future. Love always and forever, your wife, La'Vetta. HAPPY FATHERS DAY LD AND JAIEDA Words can't explain what you mean to us. You have been a wonderful partner father. Happy Father's Day, love your 5 favorite girls, Jaieda, Miyah' Niyah, Qua, and Zaria.


DADDY AND HIS IFAB 5' BREE, TONY, NEH, ED, TALIA, AND QUINTON Daddy, we just want to say that we love you and miss you. Hope to see you soon. Happy Father's Day, love your "FAB 5" HAPPY FATHER'S DAY SABRE, SYRUS, STEPHEN, AND JAYDEN To the greatest dad, we love you. Happy Father's Day. HAPPYFATHER'S DAY CHUCK CHUCK AND LILCHUCK Happy Father's Day to a wonderful man ... I miss you so much, bae ... love always, your wife ... Renee. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY KISH AND BARI Happy Father's Day, and welcome home. From your wife and kids. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY NIJAHLEE AND ZARI LEE Happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world. Daddy, you make everything okay when I'm sad because I am your one and only baby and you are my one and only daddy and nothing but death can keep us apart. I love you daddy, Zari Lee. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY BIGDAWG SA'RYIAH, EVER'NIQUE, AND DONTAVIA Sending a special shout out to my lover, Homie, and best friend. A picture is worth a thousand words and the words can't explain our love. Through our trials and tribulations we are still standing 3 years strong. I love you, baby. Happy Father's Day, Tank, with lots oflove, from your girl and kids. MR. AND MRS. PAUL .;, ili l ..., KESHIAAND PAUL Happy Father's Day, Bae. Love, Ms. Keshia. HAPPYFATHER'S DAY J'MARCtJS AND J'MARI MARTIN To:MyBoo From:Wifey Happy Father's Day to my boo, "Big Papa and yeah to our son, "Lil Papa." Yeah, this day is so special to him because he's going to celebrate with his wifey and fam-ily. c... c: z m ...... :.J I\,) 0 ...... ...... "T1 r-0 :!:! c )> en m z ::! z m r-m c: r rm -f z "tt c: m r-cn ::::1: m c m < m -f c: m en C )> z c "T1 :::D c .. C) m ...... I c


.,... ..,... 0 N ,..: .,... w z ::> .., 1-> a: w > w c w J: CJ) ..J m ::> a. z i= w ..J ..J ::> m ..J w z i= z w CJ) < c a: 0 ..J LL c HAPPY FATHER'S DAY JOHNBOY Ronnie, run it, I'm trying to tell you! Love, Momma Betty Keaton. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY JZNDREA BROOKS cb Happy Father's Day w James, Ulysses, Tony,

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY MR. BOBBY LEE BENNETI To my cool, smooth, and laid back dad, Mr. Bobby Lee Bennett. Love always, your daughter, Christina, XOXO. HAPPY FATHERS DAY MALCOLM AND MAKAIO I want to wish my daddy a Happy Father's Day. I love you and can't wait until you come home. Love, Kaio. HAPPY FATHERS DAY JOSEPH SMITH Dear Daddy, Words can't express the way we all feel about you. Your heart is so big and loving. You have taken on the responsibility of other men and never ever complained about it. If you can't buy clothes and shoes for all of us, then we all wait until you can, you never buy for just yours. So to our dad, uncle dad, and foster dad, we all give a big shout out to our daddy, Joseph Smith, "Our Hero." We love you so much, thanks for all the childhood memories we have because of you. Love you, all your kids. HAPPY FATHERS DAY BIG BABY You're the perfect dad. Your heart, your love, and your guidance have been perfect to us. We love you daddy, Happy Father's Day. Love, Le'Yonti, Cinyya, Ahmadia, Kristen, and Drake. HAPPY FATHERS DAY BIG BABY AND CIERRA You're the man of every hour in my life, my best friend, my lover, and my future husband. You're a good luck charm. Since you have walked into my life, it has been perfect. I love you, baby, Happy Father'sDay. Love, Cierra. HAPPY FATHERS DAY -, GUNNA MAINE AND LIL MAINE JANIA, JULIAN, AND MIKELA You stepped up where they stepped down, you kept them with a smile when their father let them down; you did everything a real man is supposed to and I congratulate you on that baby. Happy Father's Day, also, Raw, Ro, Freaky, Ty, Lou, J. J., and Mile. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE #1 DAD LILMIKE To: Big Mike From: Lil Mike 'TI :!! c '-c: z m ...... 1\) 0 C) m CD I c


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY RUDOLPH AND DEDE From Rudolph, Jr., Ricardo, Lamar, Jeffrey, Rayvontae, Taroon, Justine, Shalease, Kianna, Yvonne, Jessica, and your #1 Lady, DeDe. C Have a blessed Father's Day (Hebrews 4:16). ..... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY r-c en w ;:) 1-> a: w > w c w :t: en :::i Ill ;:) a. z i= w ...J ..J ;:) Ill ..J w z i= 'l_ z m c(. c 0 ..J LL. REDMAN, DADDY, AND POOH BEAR It takes a real man to step up and handle life as you have. No matter the circumstances, you are a wonderful husband, father, and son, and that's why God has continued to bless us as a family. And we appreciate you for that, Happy Father's Day. We love you, Mrs. Young, w Lil Ronnie, Rico, Lil Ricky, Cl MR. AND MRS. RiRi, BDoll, Pooh Bear, ..:t YOUNG and Red Man. a.,L_ ____________________________________ HAPPY FATHER'S DAY ASHLEY, LONG, DAR RYL, AND DARIEN Sending very special Father's Day wishes to the best baby's daddy in the world, I love you very much. Love always, Ashley. 111 talk and talk and talk, and I havent taught people in 50 years what my father taught by example in one \rveek ... --Mario Cuomo HAPPY FATHER'S DAY cLARENCE CARSWELL, JR. Happy Father's Day to our dad, Clarence Carswell, Jr., 2012 is just around the corner. Stay strong, and pray often! We miss you Pops! Love, Jordan and Aleesha. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY BRITTANY AND BU You came into our lives with open arms and took us in. Not only are you my lover and best friend, but the father of our children. Happy Father's Day! Love your family, Brittany, J amari, and Lil Bu. <--, LI ___ HAP __ _D_:A_Y __ ___. JEROME AND TONDRAJACKSON Being a father has shown me what it is to be a real man because it has its ups and downs. But I have learned that a child is a gift from God and like my father loved me, I have learned to show mine the same love I grew up with. And I know it's been since '04 since we have had a real father and daughter relationship, but I want -you to know that you are my greatest gift, aJl.d my memories of you have taken me a long way. To my baby, Jekemma, I know you are in heaven with your granddad, and I keep memories of you both in my heart always. Happy Father's Day.


HAPPY FATHERS DAY MR. AND MRS. JACKSON I would like to wish Mr. Jackson a Happy Father's Day. Lord knows these 17 years have been full of blood, sweat and tears. And I know I caused a lot of pain With all my ill-gotten games But Oisten) my man stayed true Taking care of his babies and his boo And I truly thank God (even) though it's been against all odds Yeah, you are mine and I am yours And I'll be right there when they Open those doors Regardless of everything we've been through I'm a get down, lay down Stay down and pray face down That we forever remain true And this ... Is dedicated to you, Mr. Jackson. HAPPY FATHERS DAY LIL PYE AND BABY PYE Happy Father's Day, daddy and I love you. HAPPY FATHERS DAY SHERLY, TOYA, ALI, BOO, AND LIL LARRY Happy Father's Day, Boo! We ride together, we die together, we're the Jacksons forever! HAPPY FATHERS DAY PASTOR JAMES ANDERSON To my pastor, husband, and lover, you are the cream in my coffee. From your wife, Rosemary, and kids Happy Father's Day. at er 1s someone t at o s your an at t e a1r makes sure you do what your mother says holds back your hair when yor are sick brushes that hair when it is tangled because mother is too busy lets you eat ice cream for breakfeast but only when mother is away he walks you down the aisle and tells you everythings gonna be ok LIL E-WOP AND LIL LUV Ka'niya and Swearvin would like to wish our daddy a Happy Father's Day! We love you Daddy! "T1 r-L-1 ___ HA_P_P_Y_F_AT_H_E_R_S_D_A._Y ___ I r---, en JOHN MILLS m r-aJ c r r-z "tt c m r-Cii :I: m c m < m :::c < -1 c m en c I would like to send a Happy Father's Day to my brother, John Mills, from his sister, Adriane Mills. :J> z L.....l ___ HA_P_P_Y_F_i\._T_H_E_R_'s_D_A._Y __ ___.I r--, SWAG, BIRD, BLACKBOI, FO; 007 GHOST, AND'IWAN G) m ...,. ...,. I c


c a: u. c a: u. c HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Z ERICPARKS < The Real Is Back. We C would like to send a ffi shout out to our boy, ::> "Spoon," Happy Father's 1-Day. Much love coming from W mom and family. Keep Gj your head high and stay 0 sucker free! w ::I: CIJ m BIG BAC z i= w ..J ..J ::> m ..J w z i= z w CIJ < 0 a: 0 ..J u. BIGBAC Happy Father's Day to the world's best father, stepfather, and husband, Bac. Love, Ileana and 0 all the kids (7). N Also, to Shelton, ..... Damon, and Terrel, we love you all! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DARIEN, LONG, AND DARRYL -We would like to wish our old boy a Happy Fa-ther's Day. We love you, Darryl and Darien. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Seated: Alex, Ulysses, Jr., and Alexis Grant; and -Ulysses, Sr., and mom, Shawn. To our daddy, Ulysses, Sr. We love you from your family. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE #lOAD DUKE TEEANDDUKE Happy Father's Day to the love of my life, because without you, there is no me. And God holds us together for a reason and no one can part us. I love you, Bae, "Tee." HAPPY FATHERS DAY TORIK TASHA Happy Father's Day, Mom! Enough said, we love you. Ta'Varla and Torik. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY .. ..... TORIKAND KHARI My dad, my hero. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Love, Khari. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY To THE #t. DAD CHRIS SANDERS ANDKESHA To a strong man on Father's Day. Love you and miss you. From your mom, sisters, brother, Lashawn, Keliyah and Baby Chris. We love you.


STAR PLAYERS LEFf TO RIGHT: NIQUE, W ANNA, BREEZV, TONI, AND NELLY Happy Father's Day to our "Gucci Man," "Papa Star." \Ve love you. THERE'S NO FATHER LIKE THE ONE I GOT BREEZV ANDMYMY I love you, daddy, Happy Father's Day! Love,MyMy. _.=J PEPPER AND COOL Love, Pepper. HAPPY FATHERS DAY MR. AND MRS RICHARD MILLER Happy Father's Day to my husband, Richard Miller (Big Shack) from your wife, D. Miller and kids, Adrian, Lil Richard, and Lil Kenny. Wishing you a blessed Father's Day with much love, from wife and kids. P. S. Happy Father's Day to my dad, Wilbur (Pops) and step dad, Floyd Joy; and brothers, Mario (Youngswagg), Wilbur (Babyboy), and Lil Floyd, from me and the kids much love. BESTEST BREEZV AND BE BE c: z m 1\) 0 ..... ..... Happy Father's Day to my best friend, you deserve it. I love you, "Breezy." 0 Love Bebe. :!! l> CJ) m WE LOVE YOU, DADDY! r;-r SOLDIER AND THE TEAM We would like to thank God for sending us a loving and caring father like you. So we want to tell you Daddy, we love and appreciate you. Love, the Team. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TWIRL Happy 1st Father's Day, Twirl. Much love from the fam! r rm ::::! z c: m l en :I: m c m < m :::D -< -t c: m CJ) c l> z c "'T'' :!! c


a: u.. c a: u.. c z <( ce en w ::;) 1-> a: w > w c w :::1: en :::i m ::;) a. z i= w ..J ..J ::;) m ..J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J u.. c I "'':t ..-HAPPY FATHER'S DAY /.!. / WALTER JOHNSON "Black Pop Distance may separate us and the miles may be long, but you are always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. We Love You! Momma Joyce, Walter Sr., Mrs. Rhonda Johnson, children, family and friends. MAle, MALe, MALe BUNDY "For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, BUNDY CHARMAINE, KIV ARIEA, AND MALCOLM, IV MALCOLM We just knew we had a plan, it was all worked out. We would be leaving going home laughing together. Plans changed, people changed. And I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. I probably would have hugged you a little harder that morning when I woke you up, I would have told you how much I love you all the way to court. Daddy, until you come home, I just wanted you to know I love you whether you are out or in doing five or ten. P. S. Remember when those rims stop spinning and all them gold digging women disappear, Maine will still be here, like I have the last 12 years. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY YANNIKA, MAURIANNA, MEK'HI, AND LILMAURICE REESE STICK AND L.A. Reese Stick, a real father indeed. You are a very special man who cares deeply about your family and show it. You are never too bUSy for the little everyday things that happy memories are made of. And on this day, we wish you the happiest Father's Day of all. Love always, your Shining Stars, Lil Maurice, Maurianna, Yannika, and L. A. Psalms Chapter 31 Happy Father's Day, we continue counting down the days. Love your wife, Mrs. Charmaine, and our crew: Derrick, Kyheem, Kivariea, Lil Malcolm, Chakyra, Baby Malcolm, and Makaio.


., :!! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY JULIAN AND RICO We love you. From your family and your son, Julian. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DANNY BOY AND NINO DANNY BOY, TASHA, TINA, KEKE, AND LUIS -dd PEPPER AND DOC HAPPY FATHER'S DAY L HAPPY FATHER'S DAY r CEDANDLUIS Big ups to all our fanz. I love you Luis. STILL STANDING TINA, TINK, LUIS, KEKE, AND CED "Snatchin" HAPPY FATHER'S DAY C. SIMS A.K.A. PIG FU, COOL AL AND WILLOW Love, Pepper. C. Sims, A.K.A. Pig 62 and living it up, Happy Father's Day. From family. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY m .... CED, TINK, LUIS, AND SHAWNA N 0 .... .... ., r 0 Wish you were home to :::C celebrate. C Love, your kids. m z :::! z m r I OJ c:: J= HAPPY FATHER'S DAY z TONY AND NOTHELA June 19th is Father's Day on the calendar, but every day a father. Happy Father's Day, Baby. "'C c:: OJ r u; ::I: m c m < m :::c -< -1 c:: m C/) c )> z c ., :::c c ....


c ROCKY Charles Palmore #DCT12474 Jackson Correctional Institution 5563 10th Street Malone, FL 32445 BRENDA, ROCKY, AND PEACHES ROCKY AND NAJEE HAPPY FATHERS DAY WENFORD Happy Father's Day, Baby. I love you. c c en w :::J ..... > c::: w > w c w :I: en :J III :::J ll. z i= w ...J ...J :::J III ...J w z i= z w en

:!! DAD, FRANK AND MS. KALANI We would like to wish our father, Mr. Frank Perry Floyd, Jr., A.K.A. Pop Floyd, a Happy Father's Day. From your kids, Jamar Ferguson, Patrick Shelly, and Ms. Kalani Floyd. We love you, Dad! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DARYL GINA, DARIYANA, AND SHADARA To the father of my two beautiful little girls who has always taken care of his responsibilities as a man and as a father. We love you with all of our hearts and so much more. Love, Gina, Dariyana, and Shadara. -HAPPY FATHER'S DAY PAPA CHARLIE AND JERREL ROBLES Happy Father's Day to a very special guy. We love you always. TO MY HUSBAND OF 28 YEARS ANTHONY AND KATHY SAFFORE God blessed us to renew our vows after all these years. I know where your heart is at. From your one and only wife, Mrs. Anthony Saffore. Also, wishing are coming from your children, Aysha, Keria, Blacc, Vares, Nook, Tonio, and Tyesha ... Also, wishing my sons a Happy Father's Day: Tonio, Blacc, and Vares. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY ANDRE, FELICIA, AND KIDS: DOMINIC, DEMARIO, CHIQUITA, KIA WANIA, QUAYCI, ANDRE, JR., AND KE' JUAN We would like to wish our father, Andre Lowman, a Happy Father's Day. Love always, your wife, Felicia and your kids, and your grandson, Dorian, Jr .. Any man can be a Father but it someone special to be a dad ... --Anne Geddes Happy Father's Day From The Florida Sentinel Bulletin HAPPY FATHER'S DAY MARQUITA REVER, DELRAY TURNER, c.. c z m .... ...... 1\) 0 .... .... CORNNYA TAYLOR, AND RAY'YON TURNER b Happy Father's Day to a man who's been a great husband to me and an even greater father to his kids. Eve1_1 through the trials and tribulations, we've managed to remain as one structure. You're our rock. Love, your wife, Quita, and kids. :!! c )> en m z :::! z m r-aJ c r r-!:!1 z c m c en ::I: m c HAPPY m FATHER'S DAY -1 c m en c MR. ROMAINE FLETCHER I love you and I so can't wait until we meet again. )> z c :!! c Happy Father's Day. m Love, Mrs. Erica _. Fletcher. ':"'


..... w z ::> ., I HAPPY FATHERS DAY c a: LL MR. AND MRS. TORRES I would like to wish my lover, best friend, and the father of my children a Happy Father's Day. You deserve to be wished a Happy Father's Day every day. Love, Mrs. Torres and children, Damien, Neshia, 0 A. J., Qua, Malik, Dre, Nay, Nija, Mani, J.T., Scoota, a: and T. Lady. LL Happy Father's Day to my lovely father, Carnell TONIO, MISS, MANI, AND NIJA I HAPPY FATHERS DAY ffi I HAPPY FATHERS DAY I r:-. r -, > a: w > w c w :J: (J) m ::> 0.. z i= w ...J ...J ::> m ...J w z i= z w (J) <( c a: 0 D. J., ROCK, AND FAT STANK ...J LL c I co ..... Think I don't know my daddy's name, DJ Reg. Think I don't, it's my daddy's first Father's Day. Happy Father's Day, Daddy. Love, Fat Stank. LINC Happy Father's Day, we love you. Love, Retha (mom), Lincoln, and Ashley, and your wifey, Sharon. HAPPY FATHERS DAY ANGELO, LILLO ANDKAYIA ANGELO AND KATRINA To a man with great integrity and a big heart. The sky is the limit of your aspirations and together as a family, we have .tQ.. e ammunition to get you there! Love, Katrina and the kids. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY CEDDIE BAND MS. IRENE We would like to give. you your props on thisday to let you know that you are the greatest. We love you and we keep you in prayer. Love, your mother and your kids. MR. 103 MR.103 Every man can get chil. dren, but not every man can be a father. So we're wishing you a Happy Father's Day, even in your absence. Happy Father? s Day. xoxo


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY WILLIE BROWN, JR., AND LYIA MATHIS God is the head of my life. To my king in my life, wishing you a blessed Father's Day. From your queen, Lyla and kids. Love ouBae. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY MR. AND MRS. WILLIAMS History is being made! Who do y'all know who can move a milestone besides God? Justwhat I thought, "nobody." I We love y'all and thanks for coming out! TO A WONDERFUL FATHER AND HUSBAND PAUL HEIGHT Happy Father's Day, The Height Family. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY RUICHIE, DERRICK 3RD, AND DONTEZ I would like to wish my brother a Happy Father's Day and also our father, Dank. I love you two guys with all my heart! I want to send wishes out to: Maine, A.K.A. Flippa, Papa, Uncle Ed, Eddo Banks, Ced, Colby, Greg, Dee, Meekie-Free, Rony Bone, Uncle Red, Ricky, Devaris Jones, and Joe Whitehead. You all are great men and fathers. Love always, Whitney. Special wishes go out to Nijah Lee. Happy Fa:.. ther's Day and Happy Birthday as well. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY r -, WAYNE WILLIAMS To Wayne, aka, (Man). From mom, sisters, and other family. We love you. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY z FRED"DEE"BERRY Happy Father's Day, we love you. Love, Punkin, Ta' Jayla, and Z'Riah. I BIG JAMES Happy Father's Day, we love you. Love, Raven Dooka, and your favorite goddaughter, Gabbi. __ LY_ID __ G_H_T ______ MS. SMILEY AND KIMKEE A real father would say, 'let me go check on my child and see liow he's doing.' A real father would take time out to know their flesh and blood, but a motivated mom will play both roles, mom/dad. m ..... .:"" N 0 ..... ..... A nd that's me. Happy Father's Day to the single mothers. And a big shout out to the studs that are Ci) m taking on another father's ..... responsibility. cp


c a: LL c z a: w > w c w :::1: (J) :; m ::: a. z i= w ..J ..J ::: m ..J w z i= z w (J)

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MARVIN McKINLEY WARREN 9/01/62 to 12/07/02 We love you and miss you very much. Love always, Ceceilia, DeDe, Don, and Baby. HAPPY FATHERS DAY ClARENCE CARSWELL, SR. We are wishing you a Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day. From your wife, kids, and grand kids. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY STEVENK. HARRIS, SR. Missing you, love, your kids and wife, and family. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DEACON FREDDIE J. BRINSON, SR. Thinking of you with thankful hearts for enriching our lives with your watchful care, continuous support, and strong spiritual guidance, as well as our cherished time together. In loving memory from your devoted wife, Mrs. Irene Brinson; your grateful children, Dr. Sabrina A. Brinson and Mr. Freddie Brinson, Jr., (Jencey); and your adoring grandchild_ren, Sha Vonne, Freddie, III, and ShaTayshia. I HAPPY FATHERS DAY EDDIE SMITH From your children. We love you and miss you. HAPPY FATHERS DAY WILLIE Dad, you are really missed, love Bae. HAPPY FATHERS DAY CHARLES WILLIAMS Charles, you showed what kind of father you would have been, the Number #1. Dad. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone, for part of us went with you the day God called you home. Love, Porscha, Chamera, Ma, and the Williams Family. HAPPY FATHERS DAY I -, CHARLES GHOLSTON, JR. Happy Father' s Day, "Dad!" I love you and miss you, your son, Kenneth Gholston. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY DEREKM. ANDERSON, SR. DEREK M. ANDERSON, SR. AND DEREK M. ANDERSON, JR. It seems just like yesterday that we would sit and laugh and joke and play. Words can only express how we miss you so much. God called you home to do His work and left us to hold on to your memories. You are gone, but never will be forgotten. Love, your mom (Wanda); father, (Lee Lee); sisters, (Toni and Mora); son, Derek, Jr.; and a host of family and friends. Happy Father's Day. REMEMBERING OUR FATHER MR. WESTHUDSON 10/26/1918 ---8/20/1979 We thank God for you, carrying out your responsibility, having raised your 12 children. Love, the Hudson Family. :2 c c.. c: z m ...... 1\) 0 ...... ...... r-0 :2 c )> en m z ::::! z m r-m c: rrm ::::! z "'D c: m r-Cii :::1: m c m < m :::D < -t c: m en c )> z c :2 c C) m 1\) ...... I c


.,... w IN MEMORIAM: I a: w > w 0 w CJ) ::::i m ::J a. z i= w ...J ...J ::J m ...J w z i= z w CJ) < 0 a: KENNETH JEROME RICHARDSON, SR. What Makes A Dad God took the strength of a mountain; The majesty of a tree; the warmth of a summer sun; The calm of a sea; the generous soul of nature; The comforting arm of night; The wisdom of the ages; The power of the eagle's flight; The joy of a morning in spring; The faith of a mustard seed; The patience of eternity; The depth of a family need. Then God combined these qualities; When there was nothing more to add; He knew His masterpiece was complete, and so, He called it ... Dad. Happy Father's Day! We miss you dearly. Love your family, Vena, Shiea, and Buddy. 0 ...J u. 0 I C\1 C\1 w e, REMEMBERING YOU ON FATHER'S DAY CHARLIE WALKER, JR. You are gone, but will never be forgotten, and will always be loved. Mary, Sheryl, Ernestine, Charrita, Toly, and all the kids .... JAMES ARTHUR BROWN This day is remembered and quietly kept; no words are needed, we shall never forget; for those we love don't go away; they walk beside us every day. Unseen and unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, and so very dear. Your loving wife, Retha, children, grandchildren, and family. Happy Father's Day, the Brown Family. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY KENNEDY ED,VAi.m STILLINGS Dad, we celebrate you for taking on the greatest yet, most honorable role, and that's being a father. God blessed us so much when He brought us into your world. You raised us from princesses into queens and showed us how Black American Queens should be treated. Today, is your day whether you are here or up in heaven. We honor and celebrate you, our father, Kennedy Edward Stillings. Love your wife, kids and grandkids. REMEMBERING YOU ON FATHER'S DAY ROGER TOLIVER You only have but one father. J'hey say that life repeats itself. You lived for us, now you live through us. Until we see you again, we are climbing the stairway to heaven. Love Ernestine, and all your children and grand kids. at ers, 1 e mot ers, are not born. Men grow into fathers-and fathering is a very im portant stage in their development." -David M. Gottesman HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY DEWEY WATSON, SR. DEWEY WATSON, JR. Happy Father's Day to our father and brother. We love and miss you dearly. The Watson and Montana Families. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY DAVID JOHNSON, JR. To: David Johnson From Wife: Carolyn Johnson Daughters: Yvonne and Kim Grandchildren: Lamar, Mike-Mike, Zaharia, and J'Mari Sadly missed, but never forgotten from our hearts or our minds. Wishing you a gladly and wonderful Happy Father's Day! FATHER'S DAY MEMORIAM BARRY KEATON May 4, 1974 to April19, 2008 Deep in our hearts you'll always stay. Loved and remembered every day, Barry Keaton. From your mother, .Betty Keaton, and family. FATHER'S DAY MEMORIAM I CARLTON JEROME JACKSON On this day for fathers, I want to pay-my respect, to the man 'that has shown me what it is to be a Man, and a Father. And I hope that God has granted you peace in heaven and you will live through me, in mind, body, and soul. And to this day that is why I stand out and am twice the man that I am, and I'm so proud to be Carlton Jerome Jackson'sson. Love always, Jerome.


HAPPY FATHERS DAY IN HEAVEN REV. LEWIS POPPAMcCOY 12/27/04---3/5/80 Happy Father's Day, Poppa! We love and miss you very much. Love, Elnora, Bobbie, and family. REMEMBERING OUR LEGACY ON FATHERS DAY MR. CHARLES "CHUCK" JORDEN Thinking of you and missing you on this 2nd Father's Day without you! We still have so much to be thankful for because we know, like the song says, "God Is Still In Charge." Love, your wife, Ola and 10 children: Joyce, Charles, Jr., (deceased), Myrtis "Princess" Wonder, Anthony, Officer Craig, Rosie, Jacquelyn, Deputy Donald, and David, plus the 27 grands, 17 great grands, etc. Ps. 118:24. "My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." -Clarence Budington Kelland HAPPY FATHER'S DAY EDDIE JOHNSON Daddy: The twinkle in your eyes and your love for trains still linger in our hearts. From your children, Inez, Julia, Thomas, and family. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY HERMAN HOLMES We miss you, from your loving family HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY JOHN McALLISTER It has been 3 years and 4 months. I miss you so much I still cry. I love you, Teeter, your wife. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY BUMP A From DeDe, Denise, Willie, and your kids: Ta-Ta, Zihmonie, and Lil Bumpa. We love and miss you.-'c: z m ..... ..... 1\) 0 ..... ..... 'TI r-0 JJ c )> z m REMEMBERING YOU ON FATHER'S DAY JAMES RHODES, JR. August 24, 1924 -March 13, 2011 Those who knew you knew the strength that lies hidden just beneath the surface, the character that made you the kind of man who can be depended upon, and trusted. You reflected the qualities that a father should have. Missing you on our first Father's Day without you. From your children; Jeffrey, Michael, Calvin, and Deborah, and grandchildren. "For thousands of years, father and son have stretched wistful hands across the canyon of time, each eager to help the other to his side, but neither quite able to desert the loyalties of his contemporaries. The relationship is always changing and hence always fragile; nothing en dures except the sense of difference." -Alan Valentine r-aJ c: r rm ::::! z "tJ c: tD l en :I: m c m < m -i c: m en c )> z c 'TI JJ c


U)f/-ed .su/ .547 HAPPY FATHER'S DAY > ['" ct l c a: u. Charles Daniels, Jr., with all of his sons, Eric, Justin, and Charles, III. for being that one for me R. I. P. "Cool C." "COOL C" AND GRAND DAUGHTER, NIYA oc:t C'\1 w C!J "COOL C" AND LIL CHARLES The greatest gift I ever had came from God, and I call him Dad. "Cool C" and Lil Charles. CHARLES "COOL C" DANIELS, JR., AND SHAN Happy Father's Day to my true love, Charles "Cool C" Daniels, Jr. Our love will last for eternity! Love you always, Shan. "COOL C" AND SHAN These past years have been amazing. Thank you for the gift of love, your heart, Shan! SHAN AND CHARLES R.I.P. my love. You were an awesome daddy! We all miss you dearly! CHARLES DANIELS, JR., AND SHAN True love never dies, our love was beautiful and something we cherished. R.I.P. Baby. We will be together again! Your wifey, Shan. CHA CHA, "COOL C", SHAN, AND NEISHA Charles Daniels, Jr., with all of his ladies, daughters, Cha-Cha and Neisha and long term girlfriend, Shan. ERIC, CHARLES, JR., NIYA, AND UL CHARLES "Cool C" enjoying family time! There will never be another! Your legacy will live forever. Love, Shan


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