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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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January 13, 2012
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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. Celebrating 67 Years In Th_ e Tampa Bay Area SEE PAGE 23-A -------------------*** ***** .,.,.. .... ':: 335 VOL. 67 NO. 42 FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2012 64 PAGES 75 Readers Share Opinions About Dr. Kino's Leuacv Suit Filed Bv THA-Residents Dismissed Reduction In -Violence Credited To Gun Buv Back SEE PAGE 2-A SEE PAGE 3-A SEE PAGE 13-A -50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATED -Family and friends joined Drs. S. David and Miriant Stantps as they recently celebrat e d their soth wedding anniversary. The joyous occasion was celebrated at Tampa's Brios Restaurant The cou-pie, seated, are joined by, from left, son, S. M. David Sta1nps, III, Belva Burney Pettif o r d d a u ghte r ii Monique Stamps, Joyce Anderson and Samuel Anderson. (Photography by BRUNSON)


Residents Share Opinions On Dr. Martin luther Kinu, Jr.'s leuacv. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Monday, we will cele brate the 82"d birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Some readers shared their opinion as we celebrate the life and legacy of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and responded to th e question What portion of Dr. King's dream has be come his legacy?" Dr. Samuel Wright "Dr. King's overall espousal of faith-filled words ulti matel y has become his legacy He spoke about things that were far-fetched but today many of.them have materialized He is the only Black in America, I: who has a holida y in his .1.. memory; but was never ::l elected to any public office ; the election of the first Black >-President of the United States has taken place; desegrega'f) tion of schools and universi-11 :J ties like never before and believe it or not, a greater assemblage of Blacks and .IJ whites in churches during the > noon hour in America. .LI ::l Ms. Ann Porter said, 11 One of the primary focuses :c 'f) of Dr. King's dream has be-J come a reality. We have celen brated the first African :J l. z American be coming President of the United States of America. Our Civil Rights have mf:lVed for.__---"'-'-ward up to MS. ANN this time with PORTER the Voting Rights Law. "However, there seems to be various plots to slow this process. The need for strong economic ac tivity is still on life support. Atty. Clinton Paris "Eighty-two years after the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his legacy is one of our share d r e sponsibilities to each other. We must work to right wrongs and collectivel y strive in own individual way to make the world a more hu mane place for all to live." Billy Wheeler said I think Dr. vision to racial segre gation has be come reality; it is a great part of his legacy. With effort and prepa r ation ,our children are able to go any where and do anything they wish by use of their intelli gence and resources." Danny Green said, "The legacy that -has become a reality is that some of the little Black and white boys and girls have certainly joined hands as sisters and brothers. With out a doubt the "victorious" accomplishment is President Obama!" Dr. According to Dr. King's dream, Pres. Barack Obama demonstrate d a chiev ement in a portion of his legacy; in dicating c olor or skin and content of character. Dr. King tried to bring America together via politics of moral suasion adherence to not only what is right but what is just; justice being the stan dard for all that is right (not the other wa y around). What some think is right isn't al ways just, but what is just is always right. The legacy is still lacking Howard Harris said, "Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy is the destruction of Jim Crow laws and other bar riers that kept the 'Colored in .IJ ..J ..J :J n ..J iLJ z FREE Professional Service z iLJ '/) 0 ..J c( I N w tf News Alert: The Florida Law States That You May Be Entitled To $1 0,000 Service Support and Help from the beginning to the end. Spinal Injuries Neck Pain Back Pain Hip Pain Leg Pain For Loss Wages And Medical Care Transportation Available Auto Repair Body Shop Medical Care Provided Specializing In: Car Accident s Pede s trian Incident s Motorcycle Accidents T ruck Accid e nts Sli p and Fall s Bicy cle Bus And More ... "Don't be victimized twic e f o r an a ccident that wasn't your fault" Call Michelle B. Patty Local: 813-495-3702 Toll Free 1-866-352-4200 Available 24 Hours A I 7 Days A Week Michelle B Inc. their place.' As a result, many African Americans rose to great heights in cluding the presidency of the United States. "However, HOWARD HARRIS many who made it do not reach back to assist our chil dren through mentoring and tutoring. Keeping the dream alive can be accomplished with a few hours of volunteer ing." Milton Andrews said, "The portion of Dr. King's dream that has become his legacy in my opinion is the new and revised interpreta tion of the 14th Amendment ; which guarantees all Ameri cans equal prote ction under the law. "This revised view of the law not only includes people of color, but involves those from all walks of life, nation ality, orientation race and gender." James Ransom said, The dream that one day the nation will rise and live out its true meaning that all men are created equal is supported by the na tions laws but all in the nation do not this creed. "The dream that sons of former slaves and slave own ers sitting down together at the table of brotherhood is mostly true in larger cities, still a work in process in many other places. This dream has imprqved by the nation's laws, which are supposed to ensure justice for all. How ever, the percentage of incar cerated Blacks is far greater than any other race, which teeks of injustice and continued unfair and inequitable treatment. In employment, education and business indi cates that this dream is still unfulfilled "The dream that all children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character is better, but still a work in progress most recent example-the disrespect of our na tion's President Barack Obama -the work is not over! "The dream that little Black boys and white girls will be able to hold hands and sisters and brothers is topically true. "The dream that every val ley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be re vealed, and all flesh shall see it together is inevitable." TINEL NT IN To Be Printed FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10th Deadline : WEDNESDAY, .FEBRUARY 1st P.M. NO EXCt:PTIONS! -.


Features Citv Council Votes 4-3 To Pav $65,000 For House At Center 01 Communitv Controversv BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Four members of the Tampa City Council Thursday voted to move ahead with the purchase of a house that is at the center of a controversial issue: the construction of a roundabout at the junction of 22nd and 21st Streets. Led by the Councilman that represents Tampa, Frank Reddick, Yolie Mike Suarez and Charlie Miranda voted yes to pay $65,000 for a house appraised at $28,000 located at 3020 E. 22nd Street owned by Linear Capital, LLC. Linear Capital is a company owned by Tampa Real Estate and Foreclosure lawyer Barry Silber and family. The real issue however is, why was the purchase of the house on the CRA board' s agenda in the first place Councilman Reddick, who is the CRA chair, (and approves the agenda items) when called did not seem surprised that the item was there, however, he did ask that they go back and amend the language to read that only $28,ooo of East Tampa TIFF funds for the purchase be used. The other $37,000 was supposedly found and approved to be funded by the City. The issue is that the only need to purchase the house was because it would be needed to build a roundabout. However, the Council has not approved the round about. At the November CRA meeting,-Reddick asked the community to go back and render a vote on the. Roundabout since there was controversy surrounding the Special Call meeting of the East Tampa Partnership in September. According to some board members during an early vote Partnership members voted the roundabout down. However, as people came in, a second vote was taken and the vote came back 15-7 for the roundabout. When the Partnership vote and CRA Board vote became public, concerns about the roundabout, it's cost, $1.7 million and the safety were question. The new meeting requested by Reddick was held December 5th. Over 70 people attended the meeting, with city employees heavily present. The proposed pro ject's engineer was also pre sent. She was overheard asking East Tampa manager, Ed Johnson, "what happened" after the vote came back 26-25 AGAINST the roundabout. At the December CRA Board meeting a few days later, the city attorney stalled the vote by the coun cil to vote on the Roundabout, stating it was not on the agenda, and could not be voted on. At the January CRA board meeting, Council members Mary Mulhern, Lisa Montileone, and Harry Cohen voted NO. Citizens spoke for and against the project. Those that -spoke for the project were past CRA board members, who were involved with the proposal when it was put on the table back in 2007. Frank Reddick was also very involved when he was East Tampa's interim councilman. Councilwoman Lisa Montileone was against the project, because she said the city is already experienc ing budgetary problems and declining property values We don't have funds iden tified in the budget for this project. When the city does a project, it's not done with an open checkbook. I think if we approve this, it will s end out the message that no matter what the valu e of a property is, people can demand more." Councilwoman Mary Mulhern said she couldn t approve the purchase, because the outcry from th e community has been strong. "This community is telling us this not what they want, and we're not listening to them." Councilman Harry Cohen said he was against the project because of the dissention it has created in the community. ''I'm not comfortable mov ing forward on something that hasn't been settled." AtLarge councilpersons, Suarez stated on more than one occasion that he based his decision on what Reddick wanted, because it was his district and he had been involved with the proposed project for a long time. Capin (who has been for roundabouts, in general, did not say much, but agreed. West Tampa district councilman, Miranda stat ed that he has been against roundabouts, and stated that one local roundabout was dangerous, however he voted yes to purchase the house. Division of -Community Affairs Office of Human Rights Tht 0ty cfTampa is cornmitttd to fair housing and equal opportunity for eYtry0nt. Fair lwustngjor all OUT rlSfdtnts is a basic hwnan r1f}tt that must bt prt.strvtd and prottdtil If you fed you have bern dtscrtminattd against btcaust cf your ract, color, rdiglon, StX, aBe. saual oritntation, national origin, disability or familial or marital status, please ccntact us. 102 Etist Stvtnt1t Avenue Tampd, florida .13602 (813) 274-583.5 (813) 274-5854 Fax www.tampagov.ntt Bob Buckhorn, Mayor This advtrtiStment is pai d or b y the City o Tampa with funding provid< a gnmt rroin the HUD/ Fair Housing Assistance program. "11 :::D 6 Judge Dismisses lawsuit Against Tampa Housing Authoritv l< c.. )> z c:: )> JJ < BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City EditorEarlier this week, a U. S. District judge dismissed a lawsuit filed against the Tampa Housing Authority. Several former residents of the Tampa Housing Authority filed the lawsuit in November 2011. In a written order, Judge James D. Whittemore cited several reasons for dis missing the lawsuit. "Even a cursory review of the Complaint :reveals that it is replete with numerous tech nical and substantive deficiencies warranting dismissal." The lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice. The ruling gives the plaintiffs 20 days to file an amended complaint. The lawsuit named the Tampa Housing Authority, its CEO/President, Jerome Ryans, City of Tampa and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It was filed in the U. S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, on Friday, November 4, 2011. 1\) The civil suit, filed through the Law Office Of Kaydell N Wright-Douglas, Esquire, stated that in four former hou sing complexes, Central Park Village, Ponce de Leon, Coilege Hill Homes, and Riverview Terrace did not receive their utility allowances as stipulated by HUD. The suit covers a period from 1999 to 2007. Plaintiffs listed in the law..: suit were Annie Bright, Patricia Brown, Brenda L. Catuy, Maryse Bernestine Cotton, Doniquisha Donaldson, Carol A. Harley, Hannah Williams-Johnson, Ruby Scott, Mattie Shine, Ruby Williams, and Wanda L. AndersonGilchrist. They -represent a class of f! 1,892 tenants and their fami-0 lies. The plaintiffs were seek-ing $65,000 in financial damages, costs of attorneys' en fees and utility reimburse-m ment. Z The civil lawsuit was filed through the law office o{ m Kaydell Wright-Douglas, 1 Esquire. r rm ::! z "'D c:: m r-c;; ::::t As we enter an m c m < m era of new hope, we must continue to remain ever-i vigilant in I k' i see tng JUStice I and equality I for all. I I :::D < -4 c:: m en c )> z c "11 JJ c


Former Bus Driver Now Shunles Through lite John Green with one ofthe vans he uses for Kingdom Transportation. c a: LL BY TAMECA JOHNSON Freelance Writer John Green knows the roads of Tampa Bay as well as he knows his first and last company that's all his own. C name. It comes natural and for good reason. He spent > years driving through the city while working as a bus en driver for the local public transit agency. And now, 1-he's taking those skills and ft putting them to use, in a w Green is the owner and operator of Kingdom Transportation, providing shuttle service throughout Tampa and. areas near Brandon. He started the company three years ago with his wife, Walinda because of what he felt was a lack of public transportation options. "We realized a lot of hotels in the area, especially > W c w :X: en :J m ::::::1 a. z j::: w ...1 ...1 ::::::1 m ...1 w z j::: z w en

C. Blythe Andrews 1901-1977 (1945) C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 193G-201 0 (1977) S KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT ALLISON WELL5-CLEBERT, CFO GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER Subscriptions$44.00 Months Both Editions : $87 00-Per Year Both Editions OpiniOns expressed on editorial pages of this newspaper by Columnists or Guest do not necessarily reflect the stance of The Florida Sentinel Bullelln or the Publisher Gov. Scon And Voter Amnesia H e smiles. But some people say it ends there. Could it be that America's least-liked governor has not yet, ti.nderstood that part of his problem is the fact many of his former voters have long memories. What Gov. Scott did was gut the state's education budget. Despite pleas of mercy from teachers, administrators and from his own lieutenants, he did. Here lately, Scott has gotten new religion. For, just the other day, he announced a $1 billion increase to none other than the State Department of Education. Observers are asking, "What gives?" At the same time he and his buddies offered an olive branch to state education, Gov. Scott has once more ravaged hospitals and Medicaid. Indeed, it seems like the only Florida group to see Gov. Scott as Robin Hood is the group made up of small businesses and corporations. On their behalf, our own great Scott vows to cut income taxes arguing such a magnanimous move would somehow spur Florida prosperity. Yes, we applaud Governor Scott's decision to aid a cash-strapped education budget. But we do not applaud resolve to give the fox more eggs from the henhouse, nor to penalize poor folks because they have the audacity to get sick. No, we may not be politicians, but it doesn't take a governor to understand common sense and human decency. Sentinel Office Hours: Closed MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012 (Paper Delivery Only) Papers Can Be Picked Up @ 4 P.M. I have been attending TOEA's Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Breakfast cere monies since the first one they presented, years ago. For those of you who've never heard of TOBA, that's the Tampa Organization of Black Affairs. Made up of some of our city's finest minds and initiatives, TOBA doesn't only include Black people. Whites, Latin His panics Jews Muslims and members of many other col ors, creeds and religions are also part of this annual ban ner ceremony. And as said, I am there, too. Looking back to last year s breakfast, there was I. sharp as a razor in my dark three-piece suit (they're coming back in style y' know). My tie was tied in a diamond knot, had on Stacey Adams' shoes and my fa vorite socks. Shaved my head until it was cue-ball clean, and brushed my teeth until they fairly gleamed. My Volkswagen was ready since I took it to the car wash the previous night. But there was only one problem. I had forgotten to gas up. So, after feeding Wisdom my pit bull, I jumped into my VW and headed for the nearest Cir cleK to get some gas. The sun had not come up. Streets were empty as I pulled into a gas station. I crawled out of my car, went inside the store, paid the man $2o for regular gas in "Pump Six," and then pro ceeded to hum "We Shall Over-cooooooome" as the petrol percolated into my car's empty-tank. No doubt, I was in my own world, and did not notice whoever he was who literally came out of nowhere and was standing beside me before I could fin ish singing, "We shall over come soooooome daaaaaay! 'Liked to have scared me half to death! But I was cool. "' Sup? I said. "You got it," he answered, never taking his eyes off of me because I dare not take my eyes off of him. "So, can I help y ou?," I mustered up enough courage to ask. Nope," he mumbled. "'J ust chillin'," he said. Then th e stranger said "You look nice this mornin'. Uh-oh," I thought to myself, "here it comes! Brotha, I don't have any change," I sputtered. But the stranger stopped me mid-sentence. "Hey, man, he smiled, "I ain t asked you for no money. I just wanted to share some love with you, this mornin and ask you where you might be headed." "Do you need a ride?" I meekly inquired. Naaaw, man, I have some other places I've got to be but you looked so professional this mornin', I thought I'd ask you where you were headed." And so, I told him. I told this stranger about TOBA, and about the TOBA MLK Breakfast that I had never missed since its inception. We laughed as I told the stranger about a menu of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and biscuits, a menu that seemingly hadn't changed in the past twenty years. Then he said, "So, that's why you're going: to get breakfast?" I turned serious and assQred him that I at tended the MLK breakfast because of the man in whose name it was presented. "And what do you think about King?" the stranger asked. That's Rev. Dr. Marlin Luther King, Jr., to you/' I corrected him. And the stranger smiled. Then he made a curious statement He said, Remember to tell them that I tried to feed the hungry, I did try to clothe those who were naked, that I did try in my life, to visit those who were in prison, and that I tried to love and serve humanity." "WHAT?" I sputtered. "WHO ARE YOU?" But when I turned around to get a good look at him, the stranger was gone. Lord knows I felt a chill go through my body. I attended the MLK Breakfast. But I never told a soul. You are the first ones to hear my story. Tell me Do you think that stranger was Rev. "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? "TT 5 l'l rn m z m r m c: r r g) z c: m c rn :::1: m c m 2 m rn -< c :B -<


Riuhtldea ... Wrong Approach This may rub some people the wrong way. But I've come to the conclusion that human beings, by nature, love making hollow gestures. And Black people may be the worst offenders. J don't know when it start ed or how we developed the expertise. But, at some point in time, we perfected finding accomplishment in the sim ple act of just attempting. We are the absolute best at creating slogans, organizing workshops and setting up committees. But when it comes down to actually solve ing whatever issue that pre-. fE sents itself, we become come pletely clueless. Z Out of desperation we tend to lean toward pre-fabricat< ed blueprints to address neighborhood specific needs. And when it's all said t-and qone, the results are > always the same. Negative. ffi I was reminded of this iii recently when I ran across e two articles in the Florida W Sentinel about a planned Stop The Violence meeting ::J and a Gun Buy Back program sponsored by the D.. Tampa Police Department. After reading both stories, I t-w ...I ...I ::J m ...I w z i= z w en < e a: 0 ...I LL couldn't help but think to myself, "here we go again." I thought that we learned from the generic "Say No To Drugs" and "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" campaigns from the late 8o's and early 90's that such lame approaches don't work? I guess I was wrong. Not to offend the organiz. ers of these events. I'm sure they're sincere about wanti ng to help the current situa tion. But, every time I read or hear about an organization who thinks that they can somehow eradicate any illness in our society by sim ply yelling STOP," it rein forces how completely out of touch many so-called local leaders are. What I don't believe they realize is that when they throw these STOP The Violence type rallies or func tions, they 're not attracting the audience they re target ing. The people who show up in support aren' t the one's packing AK-47s. It's the stick-up kid out of Sulphur Springs who the y' re trying to reach And unfor tunately, he's not listening. To think that a colorful mantra posted on billboards or chanted by a group of marchers one Saturday afternoon will prevent an overly-possessive boyfriend from killing his girlfriend or have a carjacker think twice before placing two bullet holes inside of any potential witnesses can only be described as extremely naive. And that's putting it politely. Like I said before, this is no jab toward the people trying to do something positive. It's just that their methodology is a re-hash of old ideas that were ineffective the first time around. Why re-make a bad movie? In the end, the only people who benefit from these types of activities are the community activist/business owner who gets free publicity and the camera loving politician who can always use good press cover age. If the truth weren't so sad, it would actually make for a good joke. It' s just too bad that those who are watching us from a distance are the only ones who can appreci ate the humor. Anyone wanting to contact Clarence Barr can reach him at: Clarence Barr, II, 43110-018; Bennettsville F.C.I.; P. 0. Box 52020; Bennettsville, SC 29512; or by email at clarence.barr798gmail .&QID. Reality On Ice is by the Florida Sentinel Bulletin Publishing Company. NURSING HOME NEGLECT OR MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. ALL SERIOUS INJURIES. (813) 975-4444 1-800-711-5452 7 2 2 E. F L r T C 1-1 E R A V l : TAM P A, F l. 3 3 6 1 2 WWW.G 1 BBSAN DI)ARN E LL.CC)M The Hiring /fA La wyer Is An fmporru m De.ricio n 77ta t S h o uld Not Be B ased Upon tldl'er t iscme n/ Bejiu'l! You Decid/e A.rk l h To Smd ) ( m FREE IV.-/1/c n h!(ilrn w ti nn Alum! Our Qual(!ica tltm s A nd \7>erieucc. The Food Stamp Fallacv The leaders of today's Republican Party are expert storytellers. When it comes to manip\llating racial stereotypes for political gain, they are akin to animation artists of the 1920s: coloring the lines in black and white. Last Thursday Newt Gingrich told a crowd of senior citizens in New Hampshire, "The AfricanAmerican community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps." Rick Santorum was even more egregious, claiming he doesn't "want to make Black people's lives better by giving them other people's money" (although he later claimed that he never inten tionally said "Black"). Gingrich's latest offense comes only weeks after he received widespread criticism for saying that poor children should work as janitors and clean toilets. He specifically made a point of addressing "inner city" youths which has become conservative code for Black and Brown people everywhere, from the South to the coasts, the suburbs to the metropolises, regardless of where they actually live. For some odd reason this is acceptable rhetoric among the conservative political class. It is especially troubling because every reliable statistic shows that white Americans are the over-whelming beneficiaries of welfare in this country and make up the largest number of those in poverty by a wide and substantial margin. The Republicans' well-rehearsed lies on the subject have been so effective that people of every hue have come to believe them, feeding wide. spread ignorance about the true face of poverty and the ever-growing gap betweeJ?. America's rich and poor. Perhaps it's time for a les son in mathematics and his tory According to the New York Times, 36 million Americans relied on food stamps. More than 24 million of them were white, 8 million were African American and 6 million were Hispanic or another race. Like everyone struggling to provide for their families amid the nation's economic challenges, poor whites are .a demographic sorely in need of progressive answers to their socioeconomic ills. Yet many remain adherent to a racially polarizing; Republican Party that has: taught them to fear Obama as "alien" or "other." i' From Ronald Reagan to Gingrich to Santorum, race-baiting has only profited the Republican leaders who have sold it. Those at the bottom, and poor whites in particular, are left to pay the price. ''CALL RICKY'' ''ASK RICKY'' AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALL RICKY Or Email: callrickywilliams@gmail.com Available 24 FREE Consultation RICKY E. WILLIAMS PPD 11111111 NYSE Servinlf Nottb AmoriCWI Fsunili011 Since 1972 PRE-PAID LEGAL. SBRVICBS,INC, H.L.Allen AuocU!te SaWJ Bu&inc.u .t: Group BCIIdit. Spoc:au.t Is Your Itfeatlty Stde1 Cell813-244-4168 Business 813..374-6347 Call For Business Oppol'tunity 800-605-0293 www .prepaldlt.-gal.com/idtlballen79 www.prepaidlega.t.com/bublballen79


Important: Florida is a primary state. Florida is a closed primary state. That means that only voters who are registered members of political parties may vote for their respective party's candidates in a primary election. Voters without party affiliation are not eligible to vote for party candidates in a primary election. For the january 31 election, you must be a registered Republican to be eligible to vote for the Republican Party's presidential nominee. The last day to change party affiliation and be_ eligible to vot:e in the Presidential Preference Primary is January 3. Youn In chc Cley of.f.mplc Trract: lfoca reeren um questions are indued in a primary election, all registered voters, tncluding those without party affiliation, are entitled to receive and vote these ballots. Because there is a local referendum for the City of Temple Terrace on the ballot January 31, eligible voters without regard to party affiliation are entided to vote on the referendum. lhcrc are 3 o tiOil!t. to vot<. Election Day Voting at Your Polling Place: If you vote on Election Day, you must vote at your designated polling place. Polls are open 7 :00 am to 7:00 pm. Vote 6y Mail (Absentee): Any registered voter may vote by mail. Florida law that Al.l accepted mail ballots be included in the officoal final election results. The deadline to request a ballot to be mailed to you is 5 :00 pm on January 25. To fe<1uest a Vote By Mail Ballot, contact the Supervisor of Elections Office. Early Voting: Early Voting is available from Januar)' 16 through january 28.You can vote at any early voting locatton. lmportante: Florida es un estado con primarias cerradas. florida es un esr.a.do con primarias cerradas. Esto .s.ignifica que so to los vorantes afiiiados a un partido politico pueden votar por los candidates de ese partido en una elec.:ci6n primaria. Los votantes sin afiliaci6n policica no pueden vorar por los candidatos de ningun parrido en una eiecci6n primaria. Para poder vot:ar por e l nominado presidendal R.epublicano e n Ia elecci6n del 31 de Enero. usted debe estar atiliado al Partido Repubiicano. El ultimo dfa para acrualizar su anliaci6n polftica y poder votar en Ia Primaria Presidencial e s el 3 de Enero. para los Terrace: Si en unae ecci n pnmaria se incluyenpregiinraidereferendum locales, los votantes inscriptos, inciuidos aquellos sin afiiiaci6n polltica, tienen derecho a recibir estas boletas y emitir s u veto. Debido a que Ia boleta de Ia elecd6n de l"a Ciudad de Temple rerrace del 31 de Enero incluye una pregunta de referendum local, todos los votantes habilitados para votar, t'\dependientemence de su aliiiaci6n politica. tienen derecho a votar por Ia pregunta de referendum. Vote en s u Prednto el Dfa de Elecciones: Si vota el Dla de Elecciones, debe hacerio en s u precinto designado. los comicios estan abiertos de 7:00 am a 7:00 pm. Vote por Correo (en Ausencia): rodos los votantes inscriptos pueden votar por correo. La legis lac:i6n de Florida exige que TODAS las boietas de voto por correo vahdas se incluyan en el msultado final oficial de I a e lecci6n cl plazo para solid tar que ie enviemos una boleta iinaliza el 25 de Enero a las S:OO pm. Para solid tar una Boieta de Vot. o por Correa, comuniquese con-Ia Oficina del Supervisor de Elecciones, Vote por Antidpado: Puede votar por anticipado del 16 de Enero a l 28 de Enero en cualquier centro de vot:aci6n anticipada. Early Voting Locations and Hours of Operation Ubicacion y Horario de Atencion de los Centros de Votacion Anticipada January 16-January 28 Monday through Saturday I 16 de Enero 28 de Enero, de Lunes a Sabado Robert L. Gilder Elections Service Center 2514 N. Falkenburg Rd. Tampa, FL 33619 (9 5) Bloomingdale Regional Public Library 1906 Bloomingdale Ave. Valrico, FL 33596 (10 6) C. Blythe Andrews Jr. Public Library 2607 E. Dr. MLK, Jr. Blvd. Tampa, FL 33610 (10 6) Fred B. Karl County Center 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 26th Fl. Tampa, FL 33602 (9 5) Town 'N Country Regional Library 7606 Paula Or. Suite 120 Tampa, FL 33615 (10 6) Jan K. Platt Regional Library 3910 S. Manfiattan Ave. Tampa, FL 33611 (10-6) Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library 2902 W. Bearss Ave. Tampa, FL 33618 (10-6) New Tampa Regional Library 10001 Cross Creek Blvd. Tampa, FL 33647 (10 6) Uppar Tampa Bay Regional Public Library 11211 COuntryway Blvd. Tampa, FL 33626 (10 6) Plant City City Hall 302 w. Reynords st. Plant City, FL 33563 (9 5) Riverview Branch Library 10509 Riverview Dr. Riverview, FL 33578 (10 6) SouthShore Regional Library 15816 Beth Shields Way Ruskin, FL 33573 (10 6) Temple Terrace Public Library 202 Bullard Pkwy. Temple Terrace, FL 33617 (10 6) North Tampa Branch Library 8916 North Blvd. Tampa, FL 33604 (10 6) West Tampa Branch Library 2312 W. Union St. Tampa, FL 33607 (10-6) www.Vot:eH illsborough.org Hillsborough .County Sample Ballot Election Day: January 31, 2012 0 0 0 0 Early Voting: january 16 28 Deadline to Request a Vote By Mail Ballot to be Mailed to You: january 25 at 5:00 pm Update name, address or signature. For information, call813-612-4180. Know where your polling place is located. Read your sample ballot. When you go to vote, you will be required to present a current and valid photo and signature 10. Acceptable forms of 10 include: Fl Driver License, FL ID Card (issued by DHSMV), US Passport, Debit or Credit Card, Military ID Student ID, Retirement Center ID, Neighborhood Association 10, Public Assistance ID. Boleta de Muestra del Condado de Hillsborough Dia de Elecciones: 31 de Enero de 2012 Votaci6n Ant:idpada: 16 de Enero -28 de Enero Ultimo dia para solicitar el envio de una Boleta de Voto por Correo: 25 de enero a las 5 :00 pm 0 0 0 0 Actualice su nombre, domicilio o firma. Para mas informaci6n, llame al 813-612-4180. Averiglie Ia ubicaci6n de su centro de vocaci6n. Lea su boleta de muestra. Cuando vaya a votar, debeni presentar un documento de identiflcaci6n valido y actual con su foco y su firma. Entre los documentos de jdentificacj6n (!D) v31idos se jncluyeo-Licencia de conducir de FL Tarjeta de ID de FL (emitida por Ia DHSMV), Pasaporte de EE. UU Tarjeta de Debito o Credico, ID Militar, ID Estudiantil, ID del Centro de Retirados, ID de Ia Asociaci6n Vecinai,JD de Asist:encia Publica. Important: B<<.on1c f.untl1ar With in-,truc ll<>fl'> on n1arkmg your ballot. Sec your ballot, hnd your polling placc, request and track your Vote 13y Mail ballot at lmportante: I c sohut.,llllUS qu<.' sc fan1tli,ll"rc:c con las 111<;trun :ione'> IX\ra rnar<.ar Ia bolcta. Con<>ultc '>U bolet,1. .1verigue c u.J.I cs su cent ru de votactCH1, <>olicitc und bolcta de voto por corno y consulte el e<.,tado de su bulcta en -----------------------------------------SAMPLE BALLOTIBOLETA DE MUESTRA HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA I CONDADO DE HILLSBOROUGH, FLORIDA JANUARY 31, 2012 /31 DE ENERO DEL2012 TO VOTE. COMPLETE.. Y FILL IN THE OVAL-NEXT TO YOUR CHOICE. -Use only e -II you meke a mistake don't hesitate to ask for a new ballot. If you erase or make oth&r marks your vote may not count. PARA VOTAR. LLENE COMPLETAMENTE EL OVALO-PROXIMO A SU SELECCION -Use solamente una pluma ...SI comete un error, no dude en sollcltar una nueva boleta. -51 borra o realiza otras marcas su voto puede no ser computado ------REPUBLICAN BALLOT NONPARTISAN BALLOT FOR -------BOLETA REPUBLICANO TEMPLE TERRACE BOLETA NO PARTIDO PARA PRESIDENT TEMPLE TERRACE (Vote for One) TEMPLE TERRACE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PRESIDENTE PROPERTYTA:x EXEMPTIONS FOR (Vote por Uno) NEW BUSINESSES AND EXPANSIONS OF Michele Bachmann EXISTING BUSINESSES t=) H erman Cai n C:) Newt Gingrich C::::> Jon Huntsman c:::) Gary John son C:_> Ron Paul C:::::> Rick Perry C::) M ill Romney Shell th e City Council of the City of Temple Terrace be a uthorized to grant pursuant to Section 3, Artic le VII of the State Constitution property IOJ< exemptions to new businesses and expansion of existing businesses to encourage economic development and establish new jobs? EXENCIONES DEL IMPUESTO SOBRE LA PROPiEDAD PARA NUEVOS NEGOCIOS Y EXPANSIONES PARA NEGOCIOS EXISTENTES DE TEMPLE TERRACE _L-__ __ S_a_n _to_ ru __ m _____________________ ---------1,Debe autor!zar!le a l Concejo de Ia Ciudad de T ample Terrace a concederles exenciones del l mpuesto sabre Ia propladad a los nuevos negoclos y expanslones a los negoclos exlstentes de coofomlldad con Ia Seccl6n 3 Art. Vll de Ia Constitucl6n Estatal, pam fomenter et desarrollo econ6mico y crear puestos de trabajo? C) YES For authority to gmnt exemptions Sl-A fai/Qr de que las autorldades conceden exenclones ( ) NO Against authority to grant sxamptlons NO En conlra de que las eutoridades concedan exenciones ----------------'TI 6 :!! c )Ito en m z ::1 z m r-m c r-. ,.. z ., c UJ r-c;; ::::t m c m < m -4 c m en c )Ito z c "T1 :::D c


N ..... 0 N M ..... > a: <( ::J z <( "") <( c a: LL c a: LL c z <( c en w ::J t> a: w > w c w ::I: en :::::i a:l ::J a. z i= w ..J ..J ::J a:l ..J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J LL <( I co w (!) RE-BIRTH BAPTIST CHURCH 1924 E. COMANCHE AVENUE TAMPA, Fl 33610 Rev. Dr. Zachery S Hudson Founder/Pastor 18th Church Anniversary Anniversary Service January 15, 2011 :00p.m. Follow us on Facebook! l ReK New Mt. Sill a Mls.slonary Baptist Church rebirthmbchurch@verizon.net (813) 237 r,_,.,..,, The Greater Love Christian Center 1109 N. Franklin Street Plant City, Florida 33563 Phone: 813 759 -8270 www .glcci l.org Bishop (Dr ) B Franldlnllchols Pastor ( feacher/Founder YOU AR INVITD TO ATTEND A FR MEN' S COMMUNITY FORUM EMPOWERIN6 MEN FOR THE. FUTURE. When: Saturday, January 14, 2012 @s:ooPMET Where: The Greater Love Christian Center Please RSVP for this event @ glcch@aol.com We Love We Care-and We Serve "Iron sharpen iron, So one man s harpen another. Proverbs 27:17 (Refreshments Served) .Local Ms. Claudv 'Struts To Heaven' oavs Before 104th Birthdav Family matriarch, Claudia Virginia Donaldson, fondly called "Miss Claudy" passed away on Saturday, January 7, 2012, at the Rehabilitation Health Care Center of Tampa, LLC. She was 103 years old She moved to Tampa in 2007 to live with her devoted care giver/daughter, Clymoglj_ne Washington and devoted son in law, Booker. Miss Claudia was born in Koen ton, Alabama on January 18, 1908. She united with The New Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Tampa, FL, Inc., where Dr. Walter J. Williams is Pastor. Miss Claudy became involved with the Golden Gems, Senior Mission and attended Sunday School and Bible Study. She loved the Lord and would break out in a song or hymn at any given time (she even made up some of her own) She had a passion foF quilting and her chil dren and grandchildren are very fortunate to still have some of the quilts she made. She had a lot of spunk and would keep you laughing, es pecially when she would say, I believe I will strut. S ervices for Mrs. Donaldson will be held at the Lily Grove Baptist Church in Chatom, Alabama on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 11 a.m. She leaves to cherish fond memories an other daughter, Vivian Darling (Randy) of MRS. CLAUDIA DONALDSON Valdosta, GA and a sister, Olivet Bouie of Hollandale, FL and a host of grand, great, and great-great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. The Washington Family is grateful to those who assisted with the care of Ms. Claudy: Kim Engram, Minnie Mitchell and Betty Williams. Club 44 Presents: 'A Presidential ADair 2012' Club 44 members seated left to right: Ruby Brown, Verneka Rhodes, CaSandra Washington, Barbara Jackson, Eleanor Gilder, Bernadette Yee and Grace Jones. Standing, Jean Collins, Patricia Miles, Jacqueline Wilds, Sonja Garcia, Frances Sykes, Evelyn Davenport Bethune, Pearlyne Wuson arid Ebba Wilson. Not shown, Ruth Duncan Bell and Demoris Rhodes. On January 28 2012, Club 44 will continue its "Presidential Affair" at the USF Embassy Suites. The cocktail hour is at 6 p m. and dinnerat7P m. This will mark the fourth gala. A continued feature will be the Silent Auction and the raf fling of a $2oo.oo gas card. The proceeds will benefit St. Peter Claver Catholic School. The school will celebrate 118 years of existence in February and is the only African American Catholic School operating in the Stat e of Florida. Club 44 was an early contributor to Felicia Winton Taylor's h ea lth care fund made a contribution to th e C e dric CJ Carrington, Jr. Education Enqowment, and to The Abe Brown Prison Crusade. These contributions reflect some of President Obama's major injtia tives. An added feature this year will be v.oter reg istration availability. Club 44 will make a do nation to the Obiuna for President Campaign. Club 44 is Social with a_Purpose: to ed ucate citizens regarding the importance of vot ing, to help register voters and to promote and advance Pr.esident Obama's Agenda for all mankind C. Sykes is spokesperson. For more information call (813) 961-5 7 60.


J:l c HCC Hosts 'Crowns: Portraits Of Black Women In Church Hats' Exhibit BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Tuesday, January 17th Hillsborough Community Col lege, Dale Mabry Campus, will host a reception for Michael. Cunningham. The opening re ception will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., n Gallery 221, lo cated on the 2nd floor of the Learning Resource Center in the Michael library. Cunningham Cunningham is the Washington, D. C., photographer who created the "Crowns: Portraits Of Black Women In Church Hats." The college began showing the exhibit on January 9th and will continue until February 29th. The exhibit is part of the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival. The exhibit will have on display the hats from local collectors _and there will be limited copies of the book, "Crowns: Portraits Of Black Women In We Invite You To The First Pulpit Sermon SUNDAY, JANUARY 15,2012 3:00P.M. "I beseech you therefore, b rethre n by t he mercies of God that ye present your bod ies a living sacrifice ; holy, acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service 'And be not conformed to this world : but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12:1 The Church Where Love Flows Uke A River Theme: 'Rooted In The Post, Growing Into The Future" Psalm 92 : 12, 13 TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2012 ** 7 P. M. New Beginning Church of the Living God -Brandon Bishop Isaac Andrews, Pastor WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2012 7 P.M. New Testament M. B. Church -Thonotosassa Rev John Anderson, Pastor THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2012 7 P. M. New Rising Star M B Church -Tampa Rev. Earnest Washington, Pastor FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2012 7 P. M. New St. Matthew M : B. Church Tampa Rev. Alec Hall, Pastor CLIMAX SUNDAY -JANUARY 22, 2012 *4 P. M. Evening Star Tabernacle M B Church -Tampa ...... day and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Cunningham will also present a slide show and discussion on the "Crowns" project from 3 p .m. to 4 p.m., January 17th in room 106 of the Learning Re source Center Church Hats." Cunningham began as a personal project that later developed into a book with the same title. The photographs are accompanied by recorded stories from each woman, collected, and written by Craig Marberry. All of the hats in the book were photographed in black and white Cunningham said, "I didn't want the photographs to feel or look like fashion photos. I also felt that color would have placed too much em phasis on the hats instead of the women wearing them. "Most of all, I thought the black and white medium would create a look of fine art. I want the people who look at each photograph to reach in deep and discover something special about the crown and the queen it adorns." The hours of Gallery 221 are Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. until8 p. m It is open on Fri -Cunningham is a commercial photographer and has such clients as Coca-Cola and Sara Lee. ST. JAMES A.M.E. CHURCH OF PROGESS VILLAGE, INC. 5202 86th St. South Tampa, FL 33619 (813) 677-2411 SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2012 .4P.M. THEME: .MAKE ROOM FOR YOUR MIRACLE. REV. RALEIGH ALLEN Mt. O live AME Bealsvllle, FL JANUARY 29, 2012 10:15 AM I Corinthians 2 : 9 SISTER OLGA DOUGLAS Chairperson, Anniversary Committee SISTER CHANDRA DILWORTH CoChairperson r-0 J:l c )> en m z :::! z m r-aJ c r rm :::! z c IJJ r-c;; ::I: m c m < m J:l < -f c m en c )> z c J:l c ;g G) m CD I )>


Nn----,--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"t-Re-Binh Missionarv Baptist Church Celebrates 18th Anniversarv Interfaith Service: Remembering The Work 01 Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. z A call to action is the focus of the 26th Annual Dr. Martin > Luther King, Jr. Interfaith champion civil and/or C< Memorial SerVice in Hills borough County. fE Dr. Samuel Lamar Wright, Sr., this year's pro gram chairperson, said the theme of the 26th annual cel ebration is "Remember! Cel ebrate! Act! A Day On, Not a Day Off!" Wright, a long time resident of Tampa, encourages all residents and elected officials tq attend. "Dr. King's message was about bringing people together and getting things fixed," Wright said. "We want everyone to come out from all parts of the community. We don't want them to stay at home." Activities will begin at 4:30 p. m. Monday with a memorial program at the Mount Calvary Seventh-day Adventist Church, 4902 N. 40th Street in Tampa, featur-ing among other guests C United States CongressfE woman Kathy Castor and C Hillsborough County ComZ missioner Ken Hagan. < Also performing will be: James Crumbly and the c Praise Team and choir ofMt. en Calvary and Crescendo: The Tampa Bay Women's 1-Chorus. fj: This year's speaker will be w Dr. Bernice Powell Jack> w c MARY ALICE DORSETT son, President, World Coun cil of Churches for North America and the Pastor of United Church of Christ, Tampa. Each year the community recognizes a resident who has distinguished themselves by peacefully and success fully advocating the legal rights of all citizens and who has pronounced equal access to employment, education, housing health care, voting and other such human rights. Further, the recipient is an unsung hero and/or notable resident who has made their accomplishments by pro moting positive race rela tionships while displaying integrity and good character and has volunteered and/or worked professionally to w l: en ::J m :::l a. Beaconlight Masonic & Fraternal Supplies z i= w ..J ..J :::l m Bay Area One Stop Shop" Sis. Julia J. Folks, NR Owner 1909 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa, FL 33612 Box 290917-Tampa, 33687 13-376-3946 Cell human rights. This year's recipient of the Robert W. Saunders' Award is Mrs. Mary Alice Dorsett. Mrs. Dorsett is a member of Greater Bethel Baptist Church of Tampa and a resident of Hillsbor ough County for more than 6o years Born in Dade City, Florida, February 4th, 1926, she attended the Paine Col lege in Augusta, GA and the Bowes' School, a national training and professional school for women and girls in Washington, DC. She came to Tampa July 19, 1950. When we remember the 1950's, we often think of women as wives, mothers, homemakers. Being a busi nesswoman in the 1950's was a difficult task. Being Tampa' s first bail bonds woman was especially diffi cult. Mary Alice Dorsett looked to her friends, her community, and her faith to overcome her obstacles and become a dedicated commu nity leader and activist. For more information, call 813-433-8346 or e-mail walter niles@msn.com ATTENTION!! ATTENTION!! If you are a past member of Palm River Church Of God In Christ, or a family member or friend of Founder ELDER 0. MILLS (deceased) and MOTHER LILLIE MILLS, please c ontact SISTER SHELIA at (813) 446-3764, ASAP. BETHANY CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP CHURCH presents A New Year, A New You, A New Chu BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Editor Re-Birth Missionary Bap tist Church will celebrate its 18th anniversary with a serv ice on Sunday, January 15, 2012. The guests for the 4 p. m. service will be Rev. Antonio Hawkins, pastor, and Exciting Faith Alive at New Mt. Silla Missionary Baptist Church. Eighteen years ago Re Birth Missionary Baptist Church was founded by its senior pastor, Rev. Dr. Zachery S. Hudson, who came to Tampa more than 25 years ago. "The Lord sent me to Tampa," he said "to intra-. duce people to the Lord, and to grow those who know Him," he said. "We are con tinuing in that effort." Having become a part of the community, the church at one point operated a school DOES YOUR 6TH 7TH I OR 8TH GRADER REVEREND HUDSON. and day care center Re Birth Academy Charter School and Re-Birth Children's Center. "Our goal was to be a positive part of the community that promotes good things ... and we're ing to do more in the future," Rev. Hudson said. As the church continues to grow, Rev. Hudson said, "We're grateful to the people the Lord has given us, and we are sensitive to the people he has given us. Our goal is to serve the Lord and lead the people into spiritual truth." CALL ORV TODAY! I S : "" : 0 ; U \' :. \ S t R C t S A TAMPA BAY CAMPUS ,\.!J 10117 PliiiUSS PALM AYE. TAMPA, FL 33610 1 (800}-724-2778 'Celebmting The Man Anti The Legacy' Luthtr was 1 sbiniJg JIICJIIItJit risiblt txrlnflltrlwt!ftis btst Colltgt.


Local Retired School Sherin Dedicates Annex In Honor Emplovee launches Of Former NFL Standout, Coach. W b .1 T Nearly 200 people gath--< e Sl e 0 ered at the Hillsborough f County Sheriffs Operations 0 1i II I St Office in Ybor The pur-..., e Is 0 rv pose of the gathering was the N dedication of the Sheriffs BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Henry Ballard retired as the Office of Diversity Services (OSD) Manager for the Hills borough County School Dis trict in June. However, after his retirement, Ballard went public with allegations of retal iation, unfair pay, and discrim ination. After several attempts to correct injustices that he has suffered working within the system, Ballard filed a com plaint with the Equal Employ..: ment Office CommisSion on September 14, 2011. That in vestigation is underway. Now, in an attempt to share information about his case with the community at large, Ballard plans to launch a website on January 16th, the official Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday. "I'm going to tell my story on M. L. King Day I want everyone to read the docu ments for themselves. Our mis. sion statement clearly defines that the Superintendent (MaryEllen Elia) has not done her due diligence to in form the board of what has taken place." In keeping with the rules of the School District Ballard filed a grievance with the school district. He appeared before the Hillsborough County School Board on September 6th to respond to level III in reference to that griev ance. -Ballard said his on-going battle began in March 2008, after his position changed and with it came more responsibil ity. However, his pay grade re mained the same. He brought the matter to the attention of his immediate supervisor and to Mrs. MaryEllen Elia, and was eventually given a 68 cents an hour raise along with a change of his pay grade. His complaint is that the difference in his salary and that of others in comparable posi tions was approximately $35,000 less per year. He said HENRY BALLARD Retired ODS Officer for the Hillsborough County School District the District has refused to for mally review the position and adjust the salary as it should be. Ballard says he feels that he has been disrespected and not treated fairly by the Superintendent and some of the board members. When asked why he waited until after his retirement to correct the wrong Ballard said, No one knows what I have h a d to endure to make that office s u ccessful. I worked tirelessly to make it the award winning program that it is today. But I have not been treated fairly. I submitted a packet for the board onl y to be told that discs placed in the packet were missing and that I was not allowed to re-submit them. "Whe n the position was created and I was appointed in 1994, the position was under the board's jurisdiction. We cannot find any documentation pertaining to that changing. The Superintendent to this day, has no right to make deci sions pertaining to the OSD," Ballard said. He further stated that all of the documentation supporting his position can be located on the website in chrono logical order. "I don't want people to take my word for it, I want them to go to www whydoright.com and read the information for themselves," Ballard said. Annex. Wednesday, January nth, was also the 59th birthday of Freddie Solomon, a 20-year employee of the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office Sheriff David Gee said it was difficult to keep the dedi cation a secret as the workers completed the work. "We worked with spotlights and flashlights at night. And we had to make sure that he didn't enter the building on that side. Keeping secrets around the Sheriffs Office is not easy." Solomon, who is battling colon cancer said, "This is overwhelming. I'm grateful and humbled that you think enough of me to do this." A native of Sumter, South Carolina Solomon began his football career in high school. He entered the University of Tampa where he continued to play setting records along the way. In 1975, he was drafted b y the Miami Dolphins In 1978 he moved to the San Francisco Freddie Solomon stands beside the plaque dedic,;1ting the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Annex in Ybor City in his honor. The plaque reads: "As I kneeled before the throne ofSolomon, the King of Kings said unto me, 'there is more work to be done.'" (Photography by BRUNSON). 49ers, where he played until 1985 when he retired. Sheriff Gee said dedicat ing the building was a labor of love. "As an employee, the top tier. As a person he is one of the best men I have ever known. He has two Super Bowl rings, but doesn't wear them because he's just a humble person. "We tried to give him a newer car, but he didn't want it because some of the kids he works with don't have a lot He doesn t buy into the flash. --Freddie Solomon Sheriff Gee said although Solomon is ill, he stiU works from home when he can and is always trying to do something positive. Solomon joined the Sheriffs Office in 1991. During his tenure he has worked behind 0 the scenes ii;l various capacities with youngsters. Sheriff Gee said, "I tol<;l en him, when the letters in your name on the building are ten ::::! times larger than the Sheriff's, Z you've accomplished thing. tD c r rm ::::! z c tD r-m c Yvonne Yolie Honors LegaCy Of Rev. Marttn Luther Ki_ng, -On This Special Day January 15, 1929 -April 4, 1968


... ,__ January 17 I 1 '" Happy birthday, MelVin. With love, your fainily. FYI J c a: 1L c Class Of 1912 40thReunion Me-eting The Class of 1972 40th reunion meeting will be held > Saturday, January 14, 2012, 3 p. m. at Bay City Elks Lodge #268, 2804 E. Columbus Dt. (at 29th St.). tn For additional infox:mation, contact the president, Reginald Bolton (813) 810-2906. ... Tampa Bav Sarcoidosis 5} Suppon-Group ID The Tampa Bay Sarcoidosis :::;) Support Group, will meet Q. Saturday, Jam,1ary 21, 2012, 1-3 p. m : at the C. Blythe lij Andrews, Jr. Public Libra ry, ...J 2607 E. Dr.. Martin Luther ...J :::;) King, Jr. Blvd (33610). ID The guest speaker will be uj Ms. Sonja Barnes of z RivefView. The topic for thei= meeting is "Sarcoidosis Z Awareness Charity Softball Tournament," featuring local c( military and county-wide soft-9 ball teams, for April, a: Sarcoidosis Awareness 9 Month. 1L There will be door prizes and refreshments. For more information, con tact Megi Garrison, (813) 785-0000, or email Ms. Emma Carroll will be joining the Bernie Mac Foundation on Thursday, January 19, 2012 for the Red Carpet Premiere Sc r eening of I Ain't Scared of You," a tribute to Bernie Mac that will be held in Chicago IL The documentary will be shown nationally on Sunday F e bruary 19, 2012 on Comedy Central Burgess Photography 813.254.4916' Engagement Sessiorifa-1st 100 Brides Haoov Binhdav WANDA With Sister, DENISE Happy birthday, Wanda. Love you, Denise and fam-:ily. Eastern Heights Group Announces -tmoonant Meeting The Eastern Heights Neighborhood Association and Crime Watch are announcing their general meeting that will be held January 19, 2012: The meeting will begin at 6:30 p. m. and will be held at Williams Park, 4 ,6653 Osborne Avenue The guest speaker at the meeting will be East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership Chair, Essie Sims. It is vital residents attend this meeting as issues involv ing infrastructure, neighborhood cleanup and public safety will be discussed. For more information about this meeting, contact the EHNACW President Mr. Samuel Mobley, at (813) 628-4243 LEE LEE This week's Spotlight_ is .so nice, we had to call her twiee. Lee Lee is a Sagitarrian who says her hobbies are fashion and Her favorite stars are Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. In the future, Lee Lee wants to be a : successful business owner. Her philosophy of Ute is live, laugh," and love, rertt ember to always speak your mind. The in Lee Lee's life must be loyal, a go g etter and committed. Congratulations to Lee Lee as this week's Spotlight If you re Interested In being In the BeaUty Unlimited or Spotlight, please send your Information and photo, Including a eonbict number to: lcrewsflsentlnel,com.


State Bill-Protecting Pregnant .Inmates Readv For Final Passage TALLAHASSEE -Female inmates, with rare exceptions, who are pregnant, in labor, or in recovery would no longer be subject to shackling under legislation sponsored b y Senator Arthenia Joyner (DTampa) was unanimously passed by The Florida Senate Tuesday. It was immediately certified to the House of Representatives. Senate Bill 524, the "Healthy Pregnancies for Incarcerated Women Act," would add Florida to the growing list of states that have enacted similar bans. Shackl i ng of women during labor is alread y restricted b y the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the U. S. Marshal's Service. "I hope the leadership of the House of Representatives will concur with this philosophy and take up the measuie and pass it this year," Senator Joyner said. Under the legislation, shackling of pregnant SENATORARTHENIA JOYNER women and those giving and immediately following birth, would be restricted in both state and local facilities. Exceptions to the ban would be allowed under extraordinary circumstances. Those circumstances would have to be documented in writing by the corrections official with in 10 days of authorizing the use of restraints. uThe Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself,, 'f f t) ; I 1 ,\ Police Credit Reduction In ViolenCe To Gun Buv Back The Tampa Police Department held their first g un bu y back in severa l years were encouraged to turn in un wanted, operab l e firearms, no questions asked. In exchange, they received $50 per weapon s urr en d ered. rifles that are most often foun d in the h a nd s of crimi-nals." .... 1\) on December 10th. The event was in response to the viol ent d ea ths of several young men th a t took pl ace in Nove mber Th e de a ths of ten individu als were investigated b y police as murders during a 14-day period in November. Some of those homicides involved teenagers. In addition to the deaths, several other victims hit by gunfire survived. The Gun Buy Back was part of the "Stop The. Violence" Initiati v e that came into exis tence as a result of the rash of violent crimes took place in Hillsborough County During the event, citizens Now, a month afte r police collected more than 1,000 guns, they are crediting the event with the reduction of crime from the previous year. Police wer e anticipating col lecting about soo weapons, but the response was o verwhelming. Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said, The community can take comfort in knowing the guns we recovered will never be used against an innocent victim. This includes more than two dozeri sawed off shotguns or short-barreled Chief Castor further st ated that during the period of December 10, .2oio through January 10, 2011 50 crimes were committed with guns. During the same period of December 10, 2011 through January 10, 2012, guns were involved in 38 crimes com mitted for a reduction of 24%. The buy back was funded by the Tampa Bay Lightning, Mrs. Kelly Curtis, (the widow of Officer David Curtis), and money seized from drugs. The weapons collected will be destroJed. c )> Universitv Of South Florida Hosts lecture Series The student operated Uni ve rsity Lecture Series at the University of South Florida Tampa cam pus features an eclectic; line-up The speakers were selected by students. Hip hop intellectual and commentator Marc Lamont Hill will appear on Thursday, Januciry 19, 2012, 8 p.m., at the Marshall Student Center Ballroom. For more information about the series visit http://uls.usf.edu/ or contact Renee Svec at (813) 9 74 -5383 or svec@usf.edu. z ::::t z m r-aJ


N ,... 0 N ('I) ,... > a: <( ::J z <( ""') c a: u. 5 arts washington Redskins Hire Ex-Buccaneers Coach Raheem Morris RAHEEM MORRIS Raheem Morris' quick rise from defensive quality control assista'nt to-head coach with the Bucs might ing their way from the bottom to the top. But after being fired Jan. 2, he never considered tak ing a timeout. "I'm a football coach. This is what I do. It's who I am," Morris, 35, said. ''I'm entirely too young to sit out a season. I don't need any rest. Coaches don't get to coach for long, and any opportunity to go out and compete is a great one." Wednesday, Morris agreed to coach defensive backs for the Redskins. be one of the NFL's best 0 examples of someone work-Morris, also the Bucs' defensive coordinator, said Redskins coach Mike Shanahan will allow him to seek opportunities as a coor dinator next season. a: u. c z ------------------------------------------<( c en w ::J 1-> a: w > w c w en :J m ::J a. Bucs' Ronde Barber To Be Honored At 34th Annual Ed BlockCourage Awards z j::: nized on Tuesday, March 13, during the 34th Annual Ed Block Courage Award banquet in Baltimore MD. Playing in his 225th career game in the Buccaneers' 2011 season finale at Atlanta, Barber passed LB Derrick Brooks (224 games from 1995-08) for t4e most games played in franchise history. Barber also holds the NFL record among all active players for consecutive games started with 199, the most ever by a cornerback. w ...J ...J ::J m RONDE BARBER Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Ronde Barber has been named the Buccaneers' 2012 Ed Block Courage Award recipient. He will be recogThe inaugural Ed Block Courage Award Was present ed in 1978 to Baltimore Colts' DE Joe Ehrmann. Following the Colts departure from Baltimore in 1984, the scope of the Award expanded to include one player from every team in the NFL. FormerUSF Plaver. Predicts Giants Will Beat Packers JASON PIERRE-PAUL Jason Pierre-Paul, a former gridiron star at the University of South Florida, and now plays defense for the New York Giants. During an interview after the Giants beat the Atlanta Falcons 24-2, Pierre-Paul said the Packers should prepare for a beating "We're going to win 100%, we're going to win." The Giants will meet Green Bay Sunday in the divisional playoff at Green Bay. The Giants selected Pierre-Paul as the 15th overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft. Oakland Raiders Fire Coach Jackson Hue Jackson lasted just one season as Raiders head coach. ALAMEDA, CA -Reggie McKenzie made clear on his first day as Raiders general manager that there's a n ew regime in Oakland Soon after officially signing his contract to be the first gen eral manager since longtime owner AI Davis' death, McKenzie fired coach Hue Jackson in a bold first move a5 he looks to give the organi zation a fresh start. The era will begin without Jackson, who was fired after going 8-8 in his first season as head coach. McKenzie want e d to bring in his "own g uy" to rebuild the organization. Finding that coach will be rhe first major task for McKenzie, who also must bulk up the personnel depart ment and evaluate the roster in what promises to be a bus y offseason. Girls Basketball Plaver Sets Career Record SHAYLA WilSON ... Jefferson High School Last week, during a game against DlJ,rant High School, Shayla Wilson, of Jefferson High School set a career record. She is apparently the first girls basket-ball player at the school to collect 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds in her career During her entire career a r the school, she is credited with 1,024 rebounds and more than 1,300 points. She said that while everyone focuses on scoring points, rebounds are just as important because it Jakes a lot of hard work to get rebounds. Obtaining 1,000 in both areas is a rare achievement The Lady Dragon, who maintains a 5 grade point average and scored 1,540 on the SAT, hopes to attend at an Ivy League school. Jefferson currently has a 12-5 for the season. HOben GriHin Ill: Reisman Trophv Winner RG3 Is Going pro Baylor University quarterback Rober:t Griffin ill, rj.ght, and other members of the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team prepare to take to the field and be honored during halftime of the Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, La., Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012. Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III has decided to enter the NFL draft. The exciting dual-threat quarterback is bypassing his senior at Baylor and is project ed to be one of the top picks in April. The news came Tuesday exactly a month after Griffin became the first Baylor player to win college football's highest individual honor. Small Business Services Need Help getting Started or Expanding Minority Business Enterprise Certifications Non Profits -S01 (c}3 Setup Call Now: 813 207-0003


Sports Fan Fined $200 For Throwing Banana At Black Hockev Plaver CHRIS MOORHOUSE Chris Moorhouse, a Detroit Red Wings fan plead guilty to engaging in a pro-hibited activity and was fined $200 for throwing a banana at an African American hock ey player during a game in London, Ontario. In a pre-season game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Philadelphia Flyers, Moorhouse threw a banana at Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds, while Simmonds was trying to score Moorhouse, who was charged with engaging in a prohibited activity, could have been hit with a more serious offense or even a hate crime. Barrv larkin Elected To Baseball Hall 01 Fame BARRY LARKIN NEW YORK-Barry Larkin was elected to baseball's Hall of Fame on Monday with plenty of room to spare. The fornier Cincinnati Reds shortstop was chosen on 495 of 573 ballots (86 per cent) in voting announced by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Larkin was on the ballot for the third time after falling 75 votes short last year. He will be inducted July 22 in Cooperstown along with the late Ron Santo, elected last month by the Veterans Committee. "I am so humbled by the experience and so excited about being the newest member of the Hall of Fame," Larkin said on a conference call. BAMA Defense Shuts Down Tigers NEW ORLEANS -The Alabama defense took no chances in the rematch When Jordan Jefferson dropped back to pass, he was swept under by a tide of crim son. When the LSU quarterback took off running, he must've felt like Alabama had a few extra players on the field. Courtney Upshaw, Dont'a Hightower and Co. sure made it seem that way. With a smothering display of old-school football, the No. 2 Crimson Tide blew out the top-ranked Tigers 21-0 in the BCS championship game Monday night. Coach Nick Saban's Tide also moved into the top spot in the final Associated Press poll for the eighth time, tying Notre Dame for th e most of any team in college football. I NFl2012 Plavon Schedule I Saturday, Jan. 14 Saints vs. 49ers -4:30 PM Fox Broncos vs. Patriots -S:oo PM CBS Sunday, Jan. 15 Texans vs. Ravens-1:00PM CBS Giants vs. Packers -4:30 PM FOX Tiger Woods Set To Make Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Return TIGER WOODS Torrey Pines is usually Tiger Woods' first PGA Tour stop of the season, but for the first time in a while, Woods is mixing it up abit this year. On Monday, he announced on his website that instead of kicking things off at Torrey, he' ll instead make the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am his first start in the States Mav oav A No Go Floyd Mayweather Jr. has taken his quest for a fight with Manny Pacquiao to Twitter. The unbeaten Mayweather publicly challenged and taunted the Filipino superstar on Tuesday, daring Pacquiao to meet him May 5 in Las Vegas. "Manny Pacquiao I'm calling you out let's fight May sth and give the world what they want to see," Mayweather tweeted Mayweather is available for a fight in May at the MGM Grand Garden a_fter a judge agreed last week to postpone FLOYD MAYWEATHER, JR. his jail sentence in a domestic violence case until June. Mayweather was sentenced to 87 days in jail, but l ikely will serve less time. Steelers WR Hines Ward Not Retiring Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward has two years and $4 million left on his contract, but word came Monday that his team mates were thinking that the 35 -year-old, four-time Pro Bowler was ready to hang up his cleats. By day's end on Monday, though, Ward had posted on his Facebook page that he wasn t going to end his career with the Steelers' disappoint ing loss to the Denver Broncos in the first round of the play offs. The former "Dancing with the Stars" champ will be back next year INDIVIDUALIZED FITNESS PROGRAMS ONE ON ONE TRAINING ...; NO CONTRACTS WINTER SPECIAL! AEROBICS & ZUMBA BUY ONE MONTH PERSONAL TRAINING GET ONE MONTH FREE! AEROBICS & ZUMBA INSTRUCTORS WANTED 813 482-4089 81 3 408-7501 3302 W. CYPRESS ST. SUITE 1 021 03 TAMPA, FL 33607 1793 W HILLSBOROUGH AVE. TAMPA, FL. 33603


Entertainment Don Cheadle Moves Into Showtimes 'Dark, Funnv And Raunchv' 'House Ollies ""') c a: LL DON CHEADLE ... in 'House of Lies' A sitcom about corporate greed may seem a bit of a head-scratcher during these tough economic times, but for Showtime and the multiC faceted Don Cheadle, it's fE good to be bad. c In House of Lies, Cheadie stars as Marty Kaan, a manipulati ve management consultant (head of Galweather & Stearn), who along with his team, works .... > a: w > w c w ::I: en m :::J a. z i= w ...J ...J :::J m ...J w z i= z w en

Entertainment ::t1 Dupri Pavs Double After or. ore, snoop Nevi Nick Series Stars Failing To Pav 2001 Taxes Master P's Teen Daughter i J ermaine Dupri has been rumored to have had tax troubles over the years and it looks like his late pa y ments caught up with him. J.D. paid nearly double for his most recent tax lien According to Georgia records the super-producer owed $493 818.75 after f a il ing to pay taxes for the year 2007 However, the princi pal was only $254,782.64. Extra fines included JERMAINE DUPRI $91,721.75 in interest a $64,969.57 penalty fee and a collection fee of $82,294 70. PETA Goes After Dr. ore over Furrv Headphones DR.DRE Dr. Dre is in hot water With PETA over a new lim ited edition run of Beats by Dre headphones Dre, born Andre Young, has teamed with Oscar De La Renta to re lease a limited-edition line of Beats b y Dre earmuff head phones that are wrapped in fox fur. Earlier in the week Michelle Cho, a tative for PETA fired off a letter to Dr. Dre urging h im to respect animal rights Jav-z And Bevonce -Thank Fans BEYONCE And JAY-Z Jay-Z released a heartfelt musical tribute to his brand new baby daughter titled "Glory." Via his wife Beyonce's BeyonceOnline, the Hip-Hop power couple is sued a statement formally announcing the arrival of Blue Ivy Carter. Hello Hello Baby Blue! We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday January 7 2012. Her birth wa s emotional a nd extreme ly p e ac ef ul w e ar e in h e aven. Sh e wa s d e liv e r e d at a h ea lth y 7 lb s and it was the b es t exp e ri e nce of both of our li ves We are thankful to e v ery one for all y our pra y ers, w ell wishes lo ve and s upport. Church Sign Calls Beyonce's Baby 'Satan' Apparentl y some folks be lieve Jay Z and Beyonce s new baby Blue Ivy Cart e r is the devil incarnate! Some hea.rtless vandals defaced the sign in front of a North Carolina church Tues day writing, Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on Earth. The pastor at Beulah Hill Baptist Church in West End, NC says he discovered the vandalism after receiving nu merous complaints from lo cals and remov e d it imm e diat e l y Th e p astor in sis t s the churc h h a d nothin g to do with t h e apoc a l y ptic m es sage LOS ANGELES --The Black Keys, Radiohead, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg will headline two weekends of concerts at The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Organizers of the Indio, Calif music festival on Mon day announced a dizzying list of top musicians who are slated to perform over two long weekends, April 13-15 and April 20-22 Jav-z Releases Song Dedication To His Babv Girl NEW YORK-Through a rap ver se Jay-Z has con firmed the birth of "th e most b ea utiful girl in the w orld" hi s ne w born daughte r Th e song "Glory" made its debut on his social website Life and Times on Monda y two cl,ay s after he and Bey once reportedly gave birth to a daughter Blue Ivy. In the song Jay-Z talks about where the child was conceived (in Paris) and e v en re v e a l s that Beyonce had a miscarriage at one point. "Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We w as afraid y ou d disappear/But nab bab y y ou magic -." Three 6 Malia's DJ Paul launches Signature BBQ Rub Seasoning Three Six Mafia's DJ Paul has launched his own signature BBQ Rub Season ing. Born and raise d in the BBQ capital of the world DJ Paul said his Memphis roots lead him to develop a 15year infatuation with grilling and cooking good food. "This is the trul y the b est rub you'll e v e r rub on your m ea t ,: DJ Paul proclaim s of his n e w A ward Winnin g S e a s onin g and Spic e Rub." Sixteen year old Cymphonique Mi_ller stars as Kacey Simon on the hew Nickidodean live-action com edy series How To Rock. Prior to being cast in the lead role, Miller appeared as a guest star on several Nick se ries, including Big Time Rush True Jackson VP, Just Jordan and The Troop. In addition to her acting role ; Miller is an accom plished singer and has per formed at numerous national school tours and theme parks across the country. She also performs the theme song and provides the voice of "Nova:" and "Krystal" on the Nickelodean animated series Winx Daughter of businessman, music mogul and philanthro_ CYMPHONIQUE MILLER pist, Percy Miller and siSter of Romeo Miller, Cymphoniqwue has build a di verse R&b pop and hip h op fan base online accuring over 20 million web views. How To Rock premieres Saturday, February 4, at 8:30 p m. (ET/PT). VI BE Holdings Acquires BlackBook Media A new deal combining the media pro p erties of three major outlets was an nounced giving new life to three magazines popular among y oung consumers. Vibe Holdings, the parent company of Vibe Magazine under the InterMedia Part ners investment umbrella, has acquired the rights to BlackBook Media and its technology arm, Access Net work Company, in a move to tap into the growing mobile network market. 3!


Movie Keviews/Sentin T"" The Devil Inside -A low budget horror film that could have been scarier. Should have had a better ending. No.1 at box office. Made $33M. (Budget $1M).*** War A Ion? epic journey (2 hrs./30 min.) about a boy and his horse getting separated dunng the war. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Made $56M. (Budget $66M). *** Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked-The Chipmunks and Dave (Jason Lee) take a luxury cruise to the Music Award. A light-hearted comedy for the kids. Made $1i1M. (Budget $75M). ***. The Darkest Hour -Aliens return to earth in a different form This movie is a waste of money and your time. Wait for the video. Made $18M. (Budget $30M). The Adventure OfTintin Director Steven Spielberg missteps in this animated film about a teenager who searches for adventure. Disappoin t ed! Wait for video. Made $62M. (Budget N/A). **112 Sherlock Holmes: The Game Of Shadows-Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law and director Guy Richie score big time in this well-written thriller. A chess match of life or death Holii?es .and villain P:ofessbr Moriarty. Must-see! Made $157M. (Budget N j A). **** plus some. MISSion Impossible-Ghost Protocol-Unbelievable action. How does Tom Cruise do it? Ethan Hunt is accused of blowing up the Kremlin and has to fight the Russians without the help of the U.S. Made $169M. (Budget $145M).**** plus some. New Year's Eve-This light-hearted romance film with a collection of big named stars re ceived bad reviews by most of the critics. The movie moved fast and is a must-see for couples. Made $51M. (Budget $56M). **** The Muppets -This movie was surprisingly entertaining and good with the return of Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy and the gang. Must-see for kids! Made $85M (Budget $45M) **** Arthur Christmas -Arthur Christmas could be a classic. The movie is different and fresh for the kids. Must-see! Made $46M. (Budget N/ A). **** TWilight Saga: Breaking Of Dawn, Pt. 1-This movie moves at a slow pace in the begin"'-ning, but Twilight fans will enjoy the return of Jacob, Bella, Edward and the crazy, bloody ending. c A set-up for Part 2. (1 hr./ 40 mins.). Made $278M. (Budget $noM). **** Tower Heist-Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy star in this light drama/comedy caper about >-a bunch of co-workers who turn the table on a Wall Street swindler. Could have been funnier but still good. Made $77M. (Budget $75M). ***1/2 w 813lessonslearned .. AT THE END OF THE DAY" c w ::1: :J m :::;) 0.. lesson29 Bv llllrel Jabnsan-Page SUMMARY: After overhearing Tonya speaking about her perfect family Christmas, Vickie puts an end to Tonya's malicious treatment when she reveals the fact that she was with Mike on Christmas. Jay stops by to get the girl's asthma inhalers on the z i= w ..J ..J :::;) m way to Lego Land. Thinking that it is her nosey neighbor ..J Ms. Price, Mia encourages Link to get the door. Surprise, surprise all this time Sharie thought that her husi= band, Charles was a cheating liar when at the end of ifj the day; all he wanted was his family. Join the Ladies of 813 in this week's article 813 Lessons Learned "At The End Of The Day" at ..J LL

Funerals MS DOROTHY JONES (DEE DEE) A homegoing celebration for. Ms. Dorothy (Dee Dee) Jones of Tampa, who passed. away on Friday, January 6,. 2012, will be held on Saturday, January, 14, 2012,. at Mt. Zion AME Church, 7401 Kissimmee Street, Port Tampa, at 2 p. m., Rev. Walter Lassiter, rr, officiating. Rev. Kirk Bogan will be speaking as the eulogist. Interment will be at Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Dorothy (Dee Dee) Jones was 54 and was born in Fort Valley, Georgia, on August 5, 1957, to the late Dorothy Lee and Roosevelt Jones. She attended and graduated from Robinson High School Class of1976. Dee Dee was a woman with an infectious smile. She leaves to mourn: a loving and devoted daughter, Brittany Jones and friend, William Medina; 2 devoted sisters, Diane Jones and Brenda Nichols and friend, Tony Harris; a devoted brother, Harold Jones and wife, Betty; devoted fiance, Greg Harris; 2 loving devoted aunts, Laurice Peterson and Shirley Marshall Ragan and ,husband, Rev. Arthur Ragan, Jr. (GA); 4 loving uncles, Charles and wife, Carolyn, Willie Lee Jones and wife, Carrie (GA), Clifford Jones and wife, Betty (GA), and Eugene Jones and wife, Annie Bell (GA);devoted niece, Tracy Nichols; nephew, Gary Sheffield and wife, DeLeon; devoted Maurice and wife, Joann Peterson, Johnnie Lee Peterson, ill (Nicole Nelson), Gloria Hatcher White and husband, Oscar White (GA), Majorie Hill (GA), the Hatcher family (GA), and the entire Starks family (Columbus, GA); a host ofloving nieces and nephews, great nieces, great nephews and cousins; devoted godsister, Wanda Wilson; longtime friend, Carolyn Pinkney; devoted family and friends, Ruby Lee Jackson, Ron Howard and wife, Wanda Sue, Albert Phelps and wife, Theresa, Paula Cleary and family, Clara Glenn, Lorene Baity, Theresa and husband, Gilbert Cannon, Louie and wife, Sharon Ladson, Lillie Mae Hall, Ivory and wife, Jeanette Solomon, and Matthew Starks and wife, Lillie Mae and family; the entire Mt. Zion Church family; and a host of other sorrowing friends in the Port Tampa community. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home and the family will receive friends from 4:30-5:30 p. m. on Friday January 13, 2012. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church for the service Saturday at 1:45p. m. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MS. ROBERTA MARION MCCARDY Homegoing services for Ms. Roberta Marion McCardy of Seffner, who passed away early Thursday, January 5, 2012, will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2012, at 12 p. m. at Covenant Baptist Church, 4610 E. Hanna Avenue, Rev. Carnell Upshaw, pastor, with Rev. Vernon Hudson, officiating. Interment will be held in Mayberry Cemetery, Seffner, FL. Roberta was born August 26, 1971, to Robert Rogers and the late Dorothy Henry McCardy. She began her Christian journey at a young age at Israel Bethel, and then attended several churches for the past few years. She was preceded in death by her dear mother and brother. She worked at several different jobs, but the past few years settled for wh_at we would call her calling as a bus attendant for Hillsborough County Special Education. She is survived by: her 2 daughters, Allea Gardner and Shambrey Oliver; parent, Robert Rogers; brother, Edward McCardy; 4 sisters, Felicia McCardy Young (Larry), and Robin, Monique and Eva Rodgers; special friend, Demetria Shawn White; 3 uncles, Joseph Hendry, Marshall Hendry and Robert Hendry; 5 aunts, Linda Walker (Tommy), Juan Williams (Jimmy), Ethel Hendry, Linda Shephard (Remington) and Edna Jennings; nephew, Edrick McCardy; 2 special nieces, Hope Young and Keishawn Tolbert; and a host of other sorrowing nieces, nephews and friends. The viewing will be held at Aikens Funeral Home on Friday, January 13, 2012, from 5-8 p. m. The family will receive friends from s-6 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church for the service Saturday at 11:45a. m. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MR. LYNNIE (DOUG) W.SERMONS A homegoing celebration for Mr. Lynnie (Doug) W. Sermons, a native of Live Oak, FL, who passed away on Thursday, January 5, 2012, will be heldon Saturday, January, 14, 2012, at 11:30 a.m. at Peace Progressive M. B. Church, 2607 E. 24th Avenue, with Rev. Albert Gallmon, Jr., officiating. Pastor Alfonzo Broughton of Genesis Worship Center of Tampa Bay, Inc. will be the eulogist. Interment will be in Orange Hill Cemetery. Lynnie W. Sermons was born in Suwannee, FL,.4)n November 11, 1943, to the late Ivory and Willie Mae Sermons. He was preceded in death by: parents, Ivory and Willie Mae Sermons; son, Lynnie W. Sermons, Jr.; and sister, Rosa Negron. He was educated in Polk County and employed with Lakeland Drum Company, Auburndale, FL. Brother Sermon accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at an early age. He was a strong reader of the word of God. He leaves to cherish beautiful and fond memories to: a loving and devoted wife, Elder Earlene Sermons; 3 sons, Lynnis Sermons, ill, Live Oak, FL, Walter Hall Wmter Haven, FL, and stepson, Pastor Alfonzo Broughton (Joai), Tampa; 5 daughters, Tressie Ramon (Billy) and Patrice Sermons of Winter Haven, FL, Shawanda Brown. (Rev. Alvin), and stepdaughters, Narita Green (Deacon Wade), Bernadette and friend, Siglenda all of Tampa; 2 brothers, Theodore Sermons (Mary), El Paso, TX, and Joe Sermons of Baltimore, MD; 34 grandchildren and great grandchildren; 2 brothers-inlaw, Jose Negron, Avon Park, FL, and Deacon Lawrence Jackson (Sharon); sister-inlaw, Allene Roberts;Tampa; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, family and friends. The viewing will be held at Peace Progressive M. B. Church, 2607 E. 24th Avenue, from 5-8 p. m. The family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MRS. SYLVIA 'BONNY' SHIPP Mrs. Sylvia "Bonny" Shipp passed away peacefully on January 7, 2012. The homegoing service will be held on .Saturday, January 14, 2012, at 11 a. m. at Rivers of Life Church, 301 Lakewood Dr., Brandon, FL, Pastor Curtis Swafford, officiating. fn:.. terment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Sylvia was affectionately referred to as "Bonny" by all who knew and loved her_ She spent her life in service toothers. Led by her deep abiding faith in God, with love and support from her husband and fainily, Bonny had the gifts of creativity and laughter. A lifelong resident of Tampa, Bonny was proud to. be' a member of the Howard W. Blake High School, Class of1960. In 1963, she married her high school sweetheart, Mr. Robert M. Shipp in a double ceremony, which they shared with their dear friends, the late Freddie Brinson and Mrs. Brinsol!. .. -She receivetl her Associate of Science degree from Clearwater Christian College and her Baclielor of Science degree from the Moody Bible Institute. An avid student_ of the Bible, Bonny served as an honored instructor with Bible Study Fellowship, and both she and her husband were the host/hostess for the Bill Gothard Seminars. Bonny was a dedicated member of Rivers of Life Church in Brandon, FL. Bonny put her heart and soul into everything she did. For many years, she was her husband's personal tailor, designing and sewing his business suits. She designed couture wedding gowns, hand sewing thousands of beads and sequences until it was just right. When she decided that she would learn to play piano -she mastered it. When she began to crochet and knit -she mastered it. Computers and desktop publishing -she mastered it. When she decided to create a back yard oasis, she did just that. Bonny never settled for "good enough," she always pushed toward perfection. Bonny was preceded in death by: her parents, :!! 0 Lillie Bell Barlow and Mr. J< Paul Crawford; her brother-c.. in-law, Harold Shipp; and by )> her son, Mr. Robert M. Shipp, Z Jr. C: She is survived by many )> who will always love her and cherish their memories of her ihcluding: her husband, Robert M. Shipp, Sr.; her son, Rodger (Nicola); grandchildren, D'Nae Shipp, Ashley Shipp, Michael Mosley, Davionna and David Carswell; brothers, Johnnie Crawford (Shirley) of Dallas, TX, and James Robinson (Barbara) of Odessa, Ft.; sisters, Flora Dawson, Lillie. Carter of Ann Arbor, MI, and Agnes Judge and Norma Johnson of Atlanta, GA; brothers-hi-law, John Shipp (Dorothy)', Rev. Ronnie Shipp (Annette), and Irvin Shipp (Doris); sister-inlaw, Shirley Shipp; and a host of grieving nieces, nephews, extended family, neighbors, and good friends. The viewing will be held at Rivers of Life Church on Friday, January 13, 2012, from 5-8 p. m. The family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. at the church. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church on Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME JERRY OLIVER 6 :!! 0 )> en m z -4 z m r--m c: rrm -4 z "D c: m r-c;; :::z::: Homegoing services for m Mr. Jerry Oliver of Tampa, 0 who passed away on Tuesday, m January 3, 2012, will be held < on Saturday, January 14, m 2012, at 10 a. m. at Aikens Fu-neral Home Chapel, 2708 E. -4 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. C: Blvd., Rev. Janna Jackson, of-m ficiating. Interment will be iit. en Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery, Tampa. < He was preceded in death )> by hisfather and sister. Z He leaves to cherish fond 0 and loving memories: mother, Willie Ivison; :lJ sisters, Lue B. Gardner and 0 Gloria Sams; an aunt and 2 !( uncles; nieces, Ashley Oliver, Gache Moore, Tiana Berry and Terri Berry; and a host of cousins. The viewing will be held at Aikens Funeral Home on Friday, January 13. 2012, from sSp.m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church for the service Saturday at 9:45a.m. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME SIS FUNERAL CRI PRiCES JOHN HARMON LFD.813 626 JAMES LFD 5002 N. 40th Street Tampa, Florida 33610


C\1 Funerals/Memoriams M' ,.. > a: < ::l z < >"' w c w ::t: C/) :J m :::;) a. z i= w ...J ...J ...J w z i= z w C/) < c a: 0 ...J LL. < I 0 C\1 w CJ MRS. JUANITA EARLE JAMES BROGDEN Mrs. Juanita Earle James Brogden passed away on January 9 2012, in Tampa. Funeral services were held Thursday morning at 11 a. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40'h Street, Tampa, 3361o; Pastor William Thacker of the Buchana Baptist Church, officiated. The interinent was made in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Juanita was born in Goldsboro, NC, to Joseph Barry James and Minnie Mae Matthews. She married Mr. Odis Brogden on October 24, 1948, in Dillon, SC. They relocated to Tampa in 1954 She was preceded in death by: her husband, Mr. Odis Brogden; and parents, Joseph Barry James and Minnie Mae Matthews. We, her children, consider it an honor to have had her as our loving mother. She was a dedicatea parent and worked' her entire life to raise her children. Thank you Mom! Mrs. Juanita Brogden is survived by: her three children, Anthony V. Brogden of Tampa, Teresa Steed (Richard) of West Bountiful, Utah, and Cathy Kaben (Bob) of Monterey, TN; sister, Minnie Frances Hankins of North Carolina; to grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren; and a host other very caring family members and friends. A HARMON BURIAL IN MEMORY OF REV. MOSES AN(;UN 12/30/34-t/15/2004 W e miss you s o much: wife, Gracie; childre n Pamela, Tony and Diana; and grandchildre n Mashonda, Antenea, Asia and Brandonn. MRS. BETIY JOE SLATER-WALKER Homegoing services for Mrs. Betty Joe Slater-Walker, who passed away on January 3 2012, will be held Saturday, January 14, 2012, at 2 p. m. at New Smyrna Full Gospel Church, 5015 N. 17th Street, Tampa, 33610, with the Pastor, Bishop W. L. Lee, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Mrs. Betty Joe SlaterWalker the daughter of the late Russell and Maggie Slater was born on March 5, 1950, in Thomas County, Georgia. She was preceded in death by: her mother, Maggie Mae Greene-Slater; father, Russell L. Slater; her (husband) Mr. Willie Walker, Sr.; daughter, Anita Walker; brother, Jimmy L. Slater; 3 sisters, Theresa Slater, Georgia L. Jones and Dorothy A. Slater; and aunts, uncles and grandparents. She leaves to cherish her memory: son, Klinofe Walker; 5 sisters, Mary Davis, Helen James, Barbara Diggs, Delores Slater and Loretta Collins; brother, Mitchell G. Slater; 2 aunts, Katie Williams and Lula Lewis; 3 grandchildren, Willie, Jr., Reniya and Voniette; 16 nieces and nephews; 12 stepchildren; a host of other relatives and friends; special nieces, Mary Ann and Regina; 2 nephews, Vernon and Larry; a very special friend of the family Mr. Isaac Canty; and other sorrowing family members and friends. Visitation for Mrs. Betty Joe Slater-Walker will begin at 5 p. m. Friday evening at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th Street. Friends attending the homegoing ceremony are asked to assemble at the church on Saturday at 1:45 p. m. A HARMON BURIAL 301 North Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 MR. LESLIE BROOKS, JR. Mr. Leslie Brooks, Jr. of Tampa, passed away Friday, January 6, 2012. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, January 14, 2012, at 2 p. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 North Howard Avenue, with Rev H. L. Daniels, officiating. Born October 31, 1924, to the late Cora Lee Griffin and Leslie Brooks, Sr., Mr. Leslie BrookS, Jr. was a life long resident of Tampa. He served in the United State Army, receiving an honorable discharge, and was a sanitation worker for the City of Tampa for 30 years. He leaves to cherish his memory: children, Willies J. Brooks (Patricia Sims), Deloris Hilliard, Leslie Brooks, III (Rose Brooks) and Debra Scott (LarrY Scott); grandchildren, Alonzo J. Brooks, Sharon House, Carmen Hilliard, Tony Brooks, Tremaine Williams, James Young and Clantha Forbes; great grandchildren, Alvin Bouyer, Danielle Reese, Andre Hilliard, King House, III, Prince House and Nicole House; his brother, Bernard Bennett; ex-wife, Robbie Lee Brooks; and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p. m., Friday, January 13, 2012, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralhome.com. .PRECIOUS MEMORIES OF DEACON LOUIS ROBERSON January 14, 2008 You l eft behind memorie s that will never fade away. W e lov e and miss you! Your family MR. CHARLES J.CHISOLM Mr. Charles J. Chisolm of 2307 West Walnut Street, passed away Monday; January9, 2012. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, January 14, 2012, at 11 a. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 North Howard Avenue, with Pastor Donald Lott, officiating. Mr. Chisolm was a native of Charleston, South Carolina. and a resident of Tampa for 36 years. He was employed as a deep sea fisherman. He was preceded in death by: his parents, Christopher and Caroline Chisolm; and siblings, Daniel, Frank, Nick, Cain (his twin), Estelle Jenkins and Julia Braddy. He leaves to cherish his memory: his wife; Avril Y Chisolm; children, Gordon R. Chisolm, Christopher C. Chisolm, Nicholas R. Chisolm, Mason G. Chisolm and Georgia E. Sinith; grandchildren, Claire G. Chisolm, Denise Turner Hassel, Reaghan T. Sinith, Rohan Sinith, Danielle Chisolm, Ote' Chisolm, Kee Chisolm, Rahsaan Chisolm, Sasha Chisolm, Jodeja Chisolm, Destiny Chisolm, Valencia Chisolm, Mason Chisolm and Gregory Chisolm; great grandchildren, Celei C. Hassel, Leah N. Chisolm-Allison and Noah Hassel; sister, J osepbine Chisolm of South Carolina; nieces, Delores Garland (James, deceased), Estelle Artis (Theodore), and Pearl Jenkins of South Carolina; nephews, John Jenkins (Jeanette), Irvin Jenkins, Frank Jenkins (Sarah), Nathaniel Jenkins (Sally), and Melvin Chisolm, all of South Carolina, and Daniel ("Ray") Chisolm an' d M. D. (Lynetta) of Charolotte, NC; sister-inlaw, Annie Chisolm of South Carolina; and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5:00p.m., Friday, January 13 2012, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLI.A.l\JS FUNERAL HOME Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralhome.com. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM Happy 68th birthday, Mother. Words cannot express how much we miss your siniling face every day, as we remember you on your birthday. We wish you were here, but God needed you more. We love and miss you always and forever: Sheila, Diane, Sharon, Cedric, Jimmy, Johnny and the entire family. MR. NATHANIEL JONES Mr. Nathaniel Jones of 5608 Cookp:dm Drive, was called to rest on Saturday, January 7, 2012. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, January 14, 2012, at 11 a.m. at Jackson Heights Church of Christ, 3817 Lindell Avenue, with Brother James Suttles, Jr., officiating. Interment wi!l follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Born December 17, 1939, in Hampton, South Caroliiia, Mr. Nathaniel Jones was a resident of Tampa for 40 years. He was a member of Jackson Heights Church of Christ in Tampa. He retired as an inspector/supervisor at Trade Mark Recycling after 33 years of employment. He was preceded in death by: his mother, Eugenia Jones; father, Nickkie Jones; son, Elijah Jones; granddaughters, Aretha-Madison and Veronica Parrish; great grandson, Michael Stewart; and to siblings. He is survived by: a loving wife, Elizabeth B. Jones; children, Na-Arsha P. Jones, Louise (Maceo) Greene, Georgia F. Pass, _John (Linda) Jones, Toby G Jones, Rosetta (Andy) Scott, Mark (Teresa) Jones, Jerry (Cecelia) Jones and Juanita Jones; a host of grandchildren and great grandchildren; sister, Eugenia Jones; Bernard Jones; a devoted niece, Peggy; and a host of other nieces and nephews; Paulette Hayes; godmother, Ruby Diggs; and a host of cousins and friends. Th,e .remains will repose after 5 p. m., Friday, January 13, 2012, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrUsted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralhome.com. BERNICE GIRVEN 1/t0/44-6/12/10


Funerals/Memoriams MRS. LOUISE M. WESTBROOK Mrs. Louise M. Westbrook of 3312 West Lemon Street, passed away Wednesday, January 4, 2012. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, January 14, 2012, at 11 a. rn. at Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, 2002 North Rome Avenue, with Rev. Dr. C. T. Kirkland, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Mrs. Louise M. Westbrook was a native of Madison, FL, and a resident of Tampa for 50 years. She attended Hillsborough County Public Schools and was a member of Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church. She leaves to cherish her memory: a devoted mother, Pinkey Mae Billingsley; brothers, John Billingsley, Sr. (Luciana), and Arthur Billingsley; sisters, Mary Williams (George), and Johnnie Bell Billingsley; aunts, Minnie Hall, Inez Archie and Lillian Austin; uncle, Henry Mitchell of Miami, FL; nieces, Kawana Green, Laytosha Green, Sonyette Alford, Nakeisha Williams, Marsheena Green, Richelle Edwards, Zalavia Brown, Angela Garrett (James), Jalecia Billingsley and Pinkey Hayes; nephews, George Green, Jr. (Sandra); Timothy Green, Sr., Maurice Williams, Artaybuis Billingsley, John Billingsley, II, and Charles and Chauncey Gunn; goddaughter, Theresa Green-Johnson; a host of other sorrowing relatives; and her devoted friends, Tommy Lynch, Sr., Alliene Maddox-Robinson, Ollie Maddox-Carter, Cynthia Echols and Sadie Perry. The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, January 13, 2012; at Ray Williams Funeral Horne, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywillliarnsfuneralhorne.corn. IN MEMORIAM MARY STEWART 1-1s-ss Missed and loved by: your daughters, Katie Williams and Lula Lewis ; grandchildren, great grands and family. MR. DAVID RANDOLPH SMITH A celebration of life for Mr. David Smith will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2012, at 11 a. rn. at First Union Missionary Baptist Church, 3707 E. Chelsea Street, Tampa, with Reverend B. E. Garmon, Sr., pastor, officiating. Interment will be held in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery, 4615 E. Hanna Ave., Tampa. David Randolph Smith was the 8th child born in Tampa, to the late Deacon Eddie J. Smith and Mrs. Bernida V. Randolph Smith. He was educated in the public school system of Hillsborough County: College Hill and Lomax Elementary Schools; Booker T. Washington and Benjamin Franklin Junior High School; and Hillsborough Senior High School, where he was captain of the golf team. He graduated in 1970. After high school, David enrolled in Florida A&M University, where he was a member of the golf team. While at Florida A&M University, he married his longtime girlfriend, Bridgett Darlene Daniels. They resided in Tallahassee, until they returned to Tampa in 1979. David was employed in various positions at several commercial establishments in Tampa. He was a Waiter at the Red Lobster Restaurant; Supervisor at Collection Connection Thrift Store; Manager at Save Rite Supermarkets; and Insurance Agent at United hisurance Company. Due to failed health, David resigned his position with the United Insurance Company in 2011. David came to Christ as a very young person and was baptized at Grace Mary Missionary Baptist Church. He was a dedicated member and sang in the choir. After some time, David desired a new church home. He became a member of First Union Missionary Baptist Church. He sang in Choir #1, Special Chorus, Male Chorus and taught Sunday School. David was ordained as a Deacon on January 16, 2010. He willingly gave his time, talent and love as a true Christian should; he remained an active, faithful member until his health failed. Deacon David Randolph Srnj.th departed this earthly life on January 8 2012, at 9 a. rn. David is survived by: 11 siblings, Rubie Malone (James), Brooklyn, NY, Helen Johnson, Zephyrhills, FL, Eddie J. Smith, Jr., Tampa, Herbert Smith (Jeris ) Miami, FL, Albert Smith (Debra), Davie, FL, Samuel Smith, Tampa, Aaron Smith Tampa, Lithonia, GA, Stanley Smith R DAUGHTER ON HER 34TH BIRTHDAY, Klisa Smith (Tony), Tampa, JANUARY 14, 19J8 c: and Elder Randolph Smith l> (Sally), Tampa; and a host of :::0-< other dear relatives and you shared with your fa-...... friends. ther. The remains will repose on As the years pass, we Friday, January 13, 2012, for continue to reminisce on the family only from s-s:30 p. life and what it would be rn. and from 5 : 3o-8 p. rn. for like if you were here. public viewing at First Union We just want to say Missionary Baptist Church, Happy Birthday, we love 3707 E. Chelsea St., Tampa. you and miss you. Our Friends are asked to assemble hearts are strengthened a at the church on Saturday at little more now, because 10:45 a. rn. your Granny is there with Arrangements entrusted you now. Give Granny a to Stone's Memorial Funeral hug and a kiss for us all. Horne. Celebrate your birthday "A FANNIE B. STONE with her and the rest of the TRADmONAL SERVICE" family that's there with IN MEMORIAM MRS. WILLIE MAE LEWIS-JACKSON 8/22/41-1/14/87 Morna, 25 years have passed and you are still near and dear to our hearts. We all love and miss you dearly. Love: Tommy, Sr. and Helenenor Baker, Tommy, Jr., Tomika, Ebony, La'Triecia, Di'Mario, Johntavious, Zamar, Myracle, Ja'Varien and Ja'Quez. IN lOVING MEMORY OF OUR MOTHER JULIA VIOLA GAULDEN WILLIAMS July 17, 1926-January 15,2011 If roses grow in heaven, Lord pick a bunch for us. Place them in her loving arms and tell her they're from us. Tell her that we love and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while. Remembering her is easy, we do it every day and there' s an ache deep in our hearts that will never go away. Love you always. Lucy, Clifford, Robert, Altarnese, Tommy, John, Alton and V ivian. AYESHA HARRISON Today we celebrate your birthday on a Saturday. The day you were born on at 3:55 p. m., the birthday you. We will celebrate your birthday here on earth. Love you: parents, Archie and Gail Harrison; sisters, brothers, sister-inlaw, brothers-in-law, grandparents and other family members. IN MEMORIAM TAFI'.RICHARDSON And ROSA MOULTRY WISh you both were still here! Love you and miss you. All your family and friends. WARREN DAWSON 221-1800 1461 Tampa Park Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & Scoti'St. Tl1e h nng of :1 IS an 1mpcrtJ J 't ceCISJCn :1:1t should no: oe so:e'l upon serct; Before you dec1de ash us to send you FREE \'.''tten mfon1at,on "bout qua l f1cat1ons and exper en:e' ., r-0 :::0 6 )> fJ) m z ::::t z m r-m c: r r-z c: m r-c;;. :::1: m c m < m :::0 -< c: m fJ) c )> z c ., :!! c


N Card of Thanks ,... > a: <( ::: z <( ..., >=< c a: u. c a: u. c z <( c en w ::: 1-> a: w > w c w :::t: en :::::i m ::: Q. z t= w ...J ...J ::: m THANK YOU LEROY ROYAL DAVIS Our sincere thanks and appreciation is extended to everyone who shared in our loss. Your love, kindness, prayers, visits, telephone calls flowers and cards of condolences have been a consolation during our time of bereavement. Keep us in your prayers. Mozell and family. CARD OF THANKS SEDEEDRA JONES Sunrise: January 31, 1974 Sunset: December 11, 2011 We would like to thank everyone for their support during our time of bereavement. Thanks for all your visits, flowers, donations, phone calls, etc. We greatly appreciate it. RECim51 WORDS OF APPRECIATION VIDA DIANE PLUMMER ROBINSON May 9, 1959 -December 23, 2011 On behalf of the fa.mily of the late Vida Diane Plummer Robinson, the love, support and prayers w _ere overwhelming, heartfelt and comforting to all of us. Thank you so .much for the many cards, food, Accident monetary gifts and all acts of kindness during our time of challenge. The Plummer Massey family members would like to give special. appreciation to: Rodney Plummer, Roseanne Humphreys, Bubba Russ, Jr., the Russ family, Wal'l'en Forrest, Beverly Harvin, Jessie Preston,. Felicia Broadnex, Linda and Booby Johnson, the Larry family, Shirley and Sheryl Plummer, Middleton Class of 1963, Cassandra Tucker, JoAnn Marshall, Edward Moses, Jr., Eric and Regina Lee, the Rev. Dr. Earl B. Mason, Sr., LifePath Hospice of Sun Cjty Center, the entire staff of Jackson's Funeral Home for their professional guidance and Rudy Riley, Sr. A special and loving thanks to Ellis "Bubba" Russ, Jr. and Tommietta King, Tammy Jackson and Angel N. Smith. Their special love, support and care for my sister, "Vida D." will never be forgotten. I love you dearly. Carolyn Plummer Riley and family Man Seriouslv lniured In Scooter crash ST. PETERSBURGSt. Petersburg Police reported that at 3:58a.m. Thurs day, Eddie L. Morgan, Jr., 25, was driving an unregistered scooter north on the east sidewalk of 31st Street. After crossing Central Avenue police said and the scooter truck a sign causing them to slide along the sidewalk before stopping at 31st Street. Morgan was hospitalized in critical condition. EDDffi L MORGAN, JR.


Crime Driver Charged With Double Murder OI_Tampa Couple JULIAN OSPINA-FLOREZ ... Charged with 2 .counts of first degree murder Monday evening, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office received a call from a who heard gunshots in an exclu sive Tampa neighborhood. Deputies arriving to investi gate discovered that a man and his wife were dead at the home. The couple lived in the Avila Subdivision, located in North Tampa After obtaining a search warrant, police discovered the body of Mrs. Debra Rivera, 55, inside one of the bathrooms in the home. Her husband, Hector Rivera, 76, a physi cian, was found dead in the driveway. Both had suffered multiple gunshot wounds, police said. An intense investigation took place that reportedly led police to 31-year-old Julian Ospina-Florez. Ospina-Florez was an employee hired as a driver assistant for Mrs. Rivera. Police give the following account of what took place leading up to the shooting. The first report of gunshots fired came into the Sheriffs Office at 7:53 p.m., Monday. _About 3 minutes later, police said OspinaFlorez called 9-1-1 and reported that a shooting had taken place at 814 Taray De Avila. The investigation revealed that earlier in the day, Mrs. Rivera and OspinaFlorez traveled to the Sarasota Ritz Carlton to purchase and replenish merchandise for her business. They left Sarasota and returned to the residence at 7:15p.m. Mrs. Rivera was shot several times while in the bathroom. Police said Hector Rivera, who arrived home before his wife, visited a neighbor's home. He was shot outside of the residence. Polic e said during th e initial interviews, OspinaFlorez told detectives an unknown white male .struck him on the head from behind as he carried the jew elry boxes into the house He alleges that he was bound, forced into a bathroom, and threatened. As the investigation continued, police located a 9 mm handgun inside the resi dence. A search. for owner ship revealed that OspinaFlorez was the owner of the gun .They also found a receipt in his fanny7pack from a local Wal-Mart Store for the purchase of a box bf ammu nition on December 7, 2011. A 9 mm semi-automatic firearm, believed to be the murder weapon, was located in. a kitchenette. A bloody footprint was found on the floor in front of the drawer. According to court documents, Mrs. Rivera had accused Ospina-Florez and others of breaking into her garage about a month earlier and taking approximately $30,000 in purses and jewelry. Police further stated there was no blood on the outside of the shoes OspinaFlorez. However, when asked to give them to the detective, investigators immediately observed that the bottom of each sock was extremely stained with blood. First Court Appearance Ospina-Florez was arrested Tuesday night and charged him with two counts of first-degree murder. He was held without bond. However, during his first appearance hearing before Judge Walter Heinrich Wednesday, Judge Heinrich stated that the evidenGe against OspinaFlorez was largely circumstantial and ordered the state to submit more evidence to warrant holding him without bond Judg' e Heinrich also pointed out that the gun belonging to OspinaFlorez was the same caliber as one used in the double homicide, but had not been positively linked as the murder weapon. He also stated that there was no confession and there were no eyewit nesses to the murders The State Attorney's Offic e filed a pre-trial detention hearing The hearing will tak e place at 10 a.m., (this) Friday. Police Catch 'Cigarette Bandit' JOHNNY THOMPSON Tampa Police detective have charged the man known as the "ciga rette bandit with break ing into three convenience stores to steal large amounts of cigarettes. On January 3th, two police squads were patrolling the area where many of the burglaries were committed. The officers spotted a man matching the description of the burglar riding a bicycle. They tried to talk with him at Henderson Avenue and Horatio, but he fled on his bicycle. Police said the suspect jumped off his bike, threw down a pry b ar, and tried to climb a wall to escape. He was not successful, and the officers took him into custody. Johnny Thompson, 57, has been charged with burglary of an unoccupied structure, grand theft and petit theft. He was already on probation for bur glary, and detectives said addi tional charges are pending. Man Sitting In earShot Several Times A 19-year-old St. Petersburg man is re covering after being shot several times. According to police, Martez Wilson was seated in the driver's seat of a rented 2010 Impala around 1:30 a.m., in the 2400 block of 28th Street South. Another person was seated in the passenger seat and a third person was stand ing outside of the car near the driver's door. Police said an unidentified white vehicle drove up and one person, armed with a handgun, got out, approached the driver's side of the Impala, and began shooting into the car. He then returned to the white vehicle and fled the scene The suspect is described as a Black male in his mid twenties with a dark complexion He stands about 5 9 / has a slen der build and wore his hair in long dreads tied back in a ponytail. He was also wearing a white tank top and red shorts, police said. Wilson was struck several times in the upper body area. His 21-year-old brother drove him to a local hospital, where he was admitted in serious, but stable condition. He is expected to survive, police said. Police do not have a motive for the shooting but are asking anyone with information to call the St. Petersburg Police Department at (727) 893-7780 of the Tip Line at (727) 892sooo. Woman Gets 30 Years For sexual Banerv c c.. )> z c: )> ...... DnA Child MARLA ROWELL A Hillsborough County judge sentenced a woman to prison for her role in a sexual battery of a child. Her husband was also arrested. According to police, Marla Rowell, 3S, and Taurus Ricardo Rowell were arrested in January 27, 2010, and each was charged with four counts of capital sexual battery on a child under the age of 12. Both have been in jail since their arrest. Police said the little girl was 6-years-old when the couple reportedly began the sexual abuse in. May 2007. It contin ued until May of 2009. At some point, the girl and her sister were taken to another city to live. A relative report what she observed to another family who called police. The investigation into the allegations began in 2009 TAURUS ROWELL and culminated with the arrests. w 'TI On Monday, Marla r-Rowell entered a guilty plea to four counts of.attempted c capital sexual battery on a l> child under the age of12. She will be placed on probation Z for life after completing the 30-year prison sentence. m Attorney Michael OJ Sinacore, spokesman for C: the Hillsborough County State Attorney s Office said !!1 the sentence is contingent on z "Qer proViding truthii,Il infor_ '"0 mation in the trial against ffi her husband. In the State of !: Florida, sexual battery on a child under the age of 12 is m punishable by a maximum sentence cif life in prison. < A trial date for Taurus m Rowell has not been set and he remains in jail on a $100,000 bond. -4 c: m en c Armed Robben, Carjacking Suspect Sentenced To 32. Years )> z c 'TI :::0 c Earlier this week, a federal judge sentenced the second defendant in an armed robbery, carjackin_ g case. He received 32 years in federal prison. Miguel Torres, 32, of Orlando, was the second defendant in the case. Torres entered a guilty plea on November 2, 2011. Last week, Joshua Wilkes, his codefendant, was sentenced to 44 years in prison. According to the U. S. Attorney's Office, two men entered a CVS Store, 6206 Commerce Palms Drive, in Tampa on November 17, 2010 The two men entered the store and ordered the cus tomers and employees to the floor. Armed with a handgun, Wilkes hit the female phar macy manager in the head. After committing the robbery, Wilkes and Torres fled the area in a truck, but were pursued b y the Tampa Police Department. After wrecking the truck during the pursuit, Wilkes and Torres forced a woman out of her vehicle and fled north on Interstate 75 The suspects later caijacked another vehicle from a second woman and continued to flee. Torres was arrested. on September 8, 2011. UNCLE SANDY C) ... Let us all learn 1, 3, 5, 9 to love each other 15,-18, m 22, 25 in spite of our differences 29, 33, 35, 39 or eco-I nomic status 44, 47, 50, 54 l>




FLORIDA SENTINEL FRIDAY ,JANUARY13, 2012 B Tampan Anend The Circus A lot of folks, especially youth groups stopped by the opening day of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Madison Lundy, Aniyah Moore and lmani Killings, in their top hats, were ready to enjoy the circus. George Danso and Derrick Liverpool attended the circus. Nikki Bowers. Yoring ladies at the circus were India Green and Zakaya This group of young people includes Susan Liverpool, CoBrianna Range, Carol Logan, Princess Carr and Rose Pittman. Carolvn Hill Hosts Annual New Year's oav Dinner Carolyn Hill hosted her annual New Year s Day dinner at her home. Residents from across the Bay area stopped in to enjoy the variety of Southern dishes, Ms. Hill personally prepared. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Tony Marion. Fontaine Marion was one of the greeters. Betoria Watson and Jackie Kinsey were guests. Amanda Anthony and Prescilla Watson were guests at the Chester White was one of the guests in attendance. Christine Frazer. Birdie Underwood and Angie Johnson were also a.L---Cara Ward, Michelle Stone, Sabrina Stone, Kathy Ward, School Board Member Carol Kurdell and Kathryn Dickens. Russell and Jackie and Mildred Stone were among the guests. Deborah Lyman, Robert Gilchrist arid LaVerne LatsOn also in athnllani"P.


0 N Lanitra Sanchez-M c a: LL c z <( c CJ) w ::J .... > a: w > w c w J: CJ) :J m ::J Attorney at 1228 E. 7th A"L

5irthdaH Greetings ERICK, ADAM, ANDERS, BLAKE And JET SET Happy birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Tampa, Florida's own actor, Jet Set Hudson. Jet Set' s birthday is the 18th. Also, congratulations to Jet Set for making history on his two new DVD videos on YouTube, over 3 million hits. Go to YouTl).be Bart Baker or Jet Set Hudson and see "Sexy And Home less and Super F ake" on YouTube. Jet Set will be home for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration and his birthday and would love to see everyone Congr a tulations on Worka holi cs: Season 3 President Obama 2012. DaddVSCO R.OSCO And Daughters Happy birthday to the best daddy in the world! Love, Daddy's Little Girls. shout Out To Bantchie' 0. M.G. Happy birthday, Travvanti Carnegie, a.k.a., "Bantchie." From your family : mother, Sheryl Robinson; sisters, Shonda and Mudda; and brothers, Rocky and Tyrone. We lov e you TROY And TANGI Happy birthday to me, Jan. 11 and my brother, Jan. 15. God blessed us to see another year. ROSCO Happy birthday to the #1 Gentleman! Come help him celebrate tonight at IMAX Channelside, Lil Kim and Trina performing live!!! I Happy Binhday I PHATZ And STREETZ Happy birthday to my hus band, Streetz. From, your wife, Mrs. Dennison. It' s a wrap bae. Yessss ... count down time. Free Dy!!! Happy Binhdav. TASHA And PIGGY Happy birthday to my BFF, Ms. Piggy. Love y ou Chic! "T1 r-0 l:J c )> en m z :::! z m I Happy Binhday I STREETZ, a.k.a., RIO STREETS Who 'll set the city on fire as soon as he gets free? Happy birthday, Bae. Love wifey. Free Ily!!! YOUNG STREETZ And BIGSTREETZ After us there will be no other greatest show on earth. Happy birthday, Pa Pa. Mi-amor-Siempre. From, PaPi Streetz. LONG TWIST $130.\l'p We Also Do Sew In Weaves We Accept We Specialize In All Kinds Of Braids Credit Cards Address: 1 0020 N. 30th St. Polnsettia Plaza Behind Busch Gardens r r-z


All About You ..... MARQUIST And SHARDAE What's understood does-n't have to be explained, 'cause I .still, h e still, we c still! 0: Wishing you a happy u. birthday! c z Love always, Shardae. < Mv Brother's Keeper SHARDAEAnd .ROSCO Happy birthday to my brother /BFF!!! Love, Shardae ffi zone 3 General 1-> a: w > w c w ::I: en :::i m D.. z i= w ...J ...J SNOOP Sending birthday shout outs to Pooh, Ms. Nikki, Akira Polite, Rosco and Ashley White! From, Snoop. Kinky 'TWist $130 Corn Row $50 Sew-In $80 Senegalese 'TWist $160 Princess Braids $160 Individual Braids $150 Cork Screw $150 Short Hair? No Problem!! Free Wifi Positive Change Foundation 12th Anniversarv Feeding The Homeless January 1, 2012, the foundation held its annual New Year's feeding. Over 250 meals were served, clothing was also given. We also thank our family and friends and special thanks to Publix, United Site Service, and DJ Mosely 01' Skoal who provided the music. The late ALI AKBAR Founder ROSANNA VEGA Gave an empowering speech and blessing of food COMMITTEE MEMBERS Special Guests, The Homeless Members Of Red Hat Societv Visit Nursing Home During Holidavs On Chrisbnas Eve, members of the Red Hat Society Of The Radiant Redpurs, visited Whispering Oaks Nursing Home to spread hQliday cheer. While visiting with the residents, the members distributed stockings full of goodies that included personal items and fruit. Some members, shown from left to right who participated .in the event were: Ms. Edith Williams, Queen Flo Fredricks, Ms. Robin Berry, Ms. Cheryl Wilson, Ms. Margaret Butler.


, :!:! Therefore, we don t have time to pose you can tell them, "It was come Wben you know your c.. Mv Purpose Is Greater-One of the most important things you can do in your life is to know or realize your purpose. Wben yo4 understand your pur pose it makes dealing with is sues and people a lot easier. Wben you know your pur pose you don't allow the situa tions you go through to get the best of you. Wben you have ac cepted your purpose you are less likely to give people power over your life and destiny. This is the situation of Joseph in this week's lesson from Genesis 45:3-15. Joseph had a reunion with his brothers after the many years that had passed. Joseph re membered the .actions of his brothers but he aiso understood the purpose. Joseph asked his brothers about their father but they couldn't respond because they were afraid of him (vs. 3). Joseph's brothers are thinking that he is going to get revenge on them for selling him into slavery. Joseph s mind is not on seek ing revenge because he knows his purpose. Wben you know your purpose and discover why God allows some things to hap pen in your life you do not have to spend time seeking revenge. You realize that I am in a better place now and I can move on and focus on what is really im portant Joseph comforted his broth ers by letting them know why God allowed them to sell him into slavery. God allowed it to happen so that he could go ahead of them to save their life (vs.5). Them selling him into slavery made it possible for him to be in a better situation to help them Sometimes when people hurt you or betray you God can use it to get you out of a situation that will move you to a better place If you are honest with your self,' your spiritual growth has come as a result of some trou bling or hurtful situation. Some people discovered their purpose in life after spending years in prison. Some people were hard pressed to find their purpose after hitting rock-bottom from drugs and. alcqhol. Josephgives them a tip that there are more difficult days ahead God has positioned him BROWN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E. _27th AVE. (813) 248-5690 (813) 241 WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday School ; ... 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship .... 11 A.M. Sunday Evening Worship .... 7:30P.M. Morning Prayer (Tuesday -Friday) .... 9 A.M. Wednesday. Night Worship ..... 7:30P.M. BISHOP MAnHEW WILLIAMS Pastor "A Church Where The Love Of God Flows And The Holy Ghost Is In, Full waste going over the past (vv. the Lord who let this happen purpose you can save many > 6, 7). and as a result I have learned to lives. Wben you realize and ac-Joseph again reiterates that pray; now that I have learned to cept God's reason why things > it was not them it was the Lord pray I can help you pray so that happen or are allowed to hap-:D (vs. 8). Sometimes you just you can be better." pen you can offer people a hand -< have to let people know that you Joseph's instruction to his of salyation. understand that It was the Lord. brothers is the move that God wants a remnant to be 1\) It was God who allowed some of brought the house of Jacob, saved and maybe He is position-g this to happen so I could be in a (aka, Israel) to Egypt. Jacob's ing you to be the one who helps 1\) different situation. family was brought !o Egypt to them! NEW MT. ZION M. B. .CHURCH, INC. 2511 E Columbus Or: (813) ?48-8101 or (813) 247-3899 Pastor Early M>ming Wootlip 7 :55A. M SUI'ld8y Maning Worship 9 :30A.M Merning Worship 1 0:55 A. M Wed., Family Niglt 7 P .M. For Transportation Call (813) 4aa.7890 Dea. Kelvin DeCoursey Chairman, Deacons' Minis FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF COLLEGE HILL 3838 N. 29th st. VISit our website at www.tboeh.Of9 or Email us at info@ftxx:h.org Morni!Jg _Worship j 1 .00. A.M. Yf>WW 6 :00 P.M E vening Wotship 7 :00P.M. (,, \d1 I 'll!''' In l>h' \ "'"' i llitl' ( "''' \ .!1: II tit'' \t :n \ !;l l'l:l "' l m.till kr \tPdtlll l ,,, .,tl.rw: ''11


ocal ; Artist's Works On Exhibit Starting Januarv 28th ROMARE BEARDEN 1911-1988 About 70 works that span the career of Romare Bearden will be on exhibit at the Tampa Museum of Art starting January 28, 2012. The exhibit, Romare Bear den: Southern Recollections, will last through May 6, 2012. BEARDEN-GOSPEL MORNING-1987 BEARDEN-CAROLINA Romare is one of the nation's foremost collagist and one oflast century's most important. African-American artists. He ha,s been the focus of many solo exhibitions, in-eluding presentations at the C National Gallery of Art, the fE Metropolitan Museum of C Art, the Whitney Museum z and the Museum of Modern c:( Art. MORNING-1974 childhood home in Mecklen burg County, North Carolina, where he spent summers with his paternal grandmother. Through visual recollec-C tions of his experiences in f3 the South, many of Bear:) den's works refer to his ..... Bearden's exhibit will be apartoftheTampaMuseum. of Art's celebration of 20th Century Masters fi: w > w Q w :::1: U) :::i m ::::) C,; z i= w ...J ...J ::::) m ...J w z i= z w U) g a: 0 ...J u.. .;__, MOUNT PLEASANT M.B. CHURCH 2002 N. Rome Avenue ,. (Comer of Aome Ave. and Spruce St. ) P.O. Box 4724 *Tampa Dr C.T. Dtdand, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 *Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail: MtPieasantMB@aol.com Devotion By Mt. Plea$8nt Praise Team EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7:45A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL* 9:30A.M. MORNING WORSHIP-11 A. M. 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM -Family Series Hour (B.T.U.) 6 PM-Lord's Supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM -: Prayer Service 7 PM -General Bible Study 1_.PM-Youth Bible Study_ DR. C.ToiORKLAIO. Pastor m TAPE MINISTRY U> Order On Une At Web Site Or Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch.org Bands Highlight Tampa's 2012 Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. Parade Marching Bands and ROTC units will highlight Tampa's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pa rade. Several elected officials are also expected to participate iri the parade. Those who have agreed to participate are: o Tampa Bay Tech High School Band Tampa o Freedom High School ROTC-Tampa o Jamaican Eagles Drum Corp Kingston, Jamaica o Sligh Middle School Tampa o Middleton High School ROTC-Tampa o Middleton High School Band-Tampa o Young Blacks In Action Band Orlando o Jones High School BandOrlando o Blake High School Band Tampa The 2012 Parade Grand Marshal is Ms. Deiah Riley News Co Anchor, WFTS News Channel28, Tampa. Portions of the 2012 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pa radeTampa will oe televised live by WFTS Channel 28. The Tampa parade will start at 12 noon, at 15th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard Sunday School-9:45a.m. Morning Worship -11 a.m. Evening Worship 5 p.m. Prayer Meeting Tuesday-7:30p.m. Visitors Are Welcome! FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF PR08RESS VI.LAIE 8722 Plogreis Blvd., Tampa, Fl33619 o Church omoe: (813) 677-1948 Pastor's ornce: (813) 672-ooas AcademyO!IIoe: (813) 677-5988 FaX: (813) 672-<>514 E-Mall:' fboopv@tampebay .rr.com Worlhlp nn .. 7:30AM. & 10;55 At.t : 4:1U11Jilllillft Sunday :45A.M. Adi.llt & Youth/ Chldran Tuesday 11 AM. Adult Wednesday 7 P .M. Youth/ Children 7:30 P M Adult A Setelke CamplS For Falh Bible Institute The ChiJ'Oh For Global Change' (Acts 1:8. Rom. 1 :8, 1 Thes. 1 :B) Nominate An Outstanding Hillsborough Countv Youth For The YEA Awards The Hillsborough County Board of County Commission ers wants to recognize the mariy positive contributions made by young people in the community through the Youth Excellence and Achievement Awards (YEA! Awards). Nom inations are being accepted now through Feb. 3. YEA! Awards nominations can be submitted for both mid dle and high school students in each of the following cate gories: I,eadership-demonstrat ing positive impact on others in an ongoing endeavor, such as sports, academics, the arts, etc Success Despite DifficiiJ.t Odds -" overcoming tremendous personal difficulty to attain success and a positive impact on others Volunteer or Community Service-allocating their discretionary time to helping others or completing a project that has added to the better ment of our community The YEA! Awards nomina tion form can be completed and submitted online, or it can be printed and submitted to the Hillsborough County Com munications Department, 60"1 E Kennedy Blvd., 1st Floor, Tampa, FL 33602, or by fax to B.DER 1H011AS J. REED Pastor Early Worship -8 A.M. Sunday School -9 :30A.M. Morning Worship -10:50 A.M. Blb!e Study, Wed, -7 P .M. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED ---. HERITAGE CHRIS11AN COM-.nt BAPTIST CHURCH 14801 N. 15th Street Lutz, FL 33549 MailiOO Address P.O. BOx 273757 Tampa, FL 33688 (813) 276-8695. Nominations must be received' no later than close.of business. on Friday, Feb. 3, and will be reviewed. by the Commission on the Status ofWomen. The YEA! Awards were cre ated in 2ow to recogrtize Hills borough county students for making a difference in their community. Students honored should show initiative, innova tion, and a to themselves and others, while pursuing in a lead ership capacity. This can be demonstrated in academics ; community sei:-vice, athletics, performing arts, conservation or other areas. The YEA! Awards will be presented at a Board of County Commission ers meeting in March. Last year's winners were from Stewart, Randall and Mann Middle Schools; Free dom and Leon King Senior High Schools. For additional information on the YEA) Awards,-visit www.hillsboroughcounty.org/ bocc/ about/ awards.cfm, and click on YEA! (Youth Excel lence and Achievement Awards), or contact the Hills County Commu.rtica tions Department at (813) 272-5314. UNITY M.B. CHURCH tUi'lc;tay School $:30 A.M. Mof!iing Worship. Bible Study Tues. 7:30 P.M. THE PUBLI C IS INVITED 1 P ,astQr Wee!W SerViCes: REV. DELORES JAMES CAUl, .. Sooday School. 9:30A.M. __ Sun Worship'* 11.A.M: Wed. Night: Youth Pi'ayer'SeMC:e And Blble Study Thurs. Night P.Se.Mc& And Bible 'Study Pastor .. Sunday Morning WorshlpSeMces 7:45A.M. & 11-A.M. Sunday Mid-Week Worship Tuesday 7:00P.M. "SaMn9 "The Slnhels. AAd Edlatlnq "'cab Do "(hrougfi CMst Who Strengthens M&."-Phi! 4:13


"TT :!! Birthday Celebrants Happy birthday to the January celebrants: Eyhanna Johnson, Freddie Blue, Gary Linder, Herbert Sweet, Ingrid Richards, Isaiah Smith, Jamal Munson, Mamal Stephens, James Daniels, James Reese, Janine McDowell, Jenesse Gibson, Jennifer Russell, Jermaine Flowers, Jessica Fox, Jessica Kurkland, Jeurdan Eckford, Jimmy Hall, Jocel)rn Jones, John Singleton, Jordan Hill, Kaleigh Williams, Kanyon Medford, Katrece Bailey, Kenneth Grant, Kenneth McCrary, Kwame Sledge, Larry Brown, Latisha Douglas, Latricia Goodwin, Lecretia Faulcon, Leola Davis, Letitia Phillips, Lillie Grace, Loretta Walden, Louise Blue, Martha Williams, Mary Latimore, Mazie Murphy, Mercedes Davis and Mercy Johnson. Prayer Requests. The following folks are requesting special prayers: Willie Burns, Eloise Leeks, Leona Blane, Maijorie Guest, Dc;.rothy Wilder, Annie Davis, Darlene Lise, Marie Benson, Alean Evans, Beryl Wilson, Vinnie Williams, Ben Plair, Sr. and Mozelle DeBose. Sick And Shut-Ins Prayer changes things Let's keep the sick and shut ins in our dail y pray ers : Robert Barnum, Sr., Manuel Graham, Ola Mitchell and family, J ohnathan Gonzalez and Trevor Walker (KY). Sympathy Mrs. Annie Gatson r e centl y made a trip back to Georgia for a homegoing cer emon y of a close relative. We prayed for safe traveling mercy. May you seek the Lord for comfort guidance and strength during this time of ber e avement. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lawson (Mercy) Johnson ce le-CHURCH DIRECTORY BAmSTCHURCH 12111.1BIIersan St, Tampa, R. 33&12 (8131 229-1390 sunday SchaoL-------9:15am. larnlnu WarshiP ................................. 11 a.m. Praver service, Tuesdav .. ------.. 6 p.m. Awana Bible StudY. TUesdaV----6:38 pm. Bible SludV. TUesdav .................... ..... 7 p.m. I C111 01 All Things Thrlu.-. Christ Which 4:13 REV. OSCAR JOHIISOII, JR. Pastor naacher NEW BEGINNING CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, INC. 3613 N. 23rd St. T a mJ!a, F L 33 605 (813) 2473 055 Chur c h ( 813) 613 -4 600 Ce llul a r E m ail: bishopa ndr e ws@live c om SERVICE TIMES S un day School 1 0 A. M M o rnin g Ser v ice-11 :30 A. M Even i n g Serv ice-7:30P. M Bibl e Stu dy T u esday Eveni n g Bib l e B a nd 7 : 3 0 P. M. Thursday Even i n g -YPWW-7:30P. M. 1 s t And J r d Fri d The shinbone is a device z for finding furniture in a ;; darkroom. ..... F. Y. I. w N c ..... Pray for President N Obama and his family Remember your helper in the kitchen, Shu-Lon's Kitchen 813-'741.:9760 Call your news into Gloria McNair-Johnson at 813-735-7968 ((;nwcr Rev Alec Fitzgerald, Pastor and congregation send birthda y greetings to the foll o wing J a nu ary cele brants : Tara Walter, Douglas Black, Tamara Shamburger, Dawn Barnum, Ahkeelah Bowick,. Herman Floyd, Alicia Jenkins and J amecia Delvin. (#omeftiM ,...,., ........ ,, Into The Gospel Ministry 0 Sunday, January 15,2012 Home Delivery For P. V. Area ; Community Church \j Tampa Florida 33610 (813) 236-8353 For thos e i nterested in home d e li v ery of the Florida S e ntinel Bulletin call Mr. I thank Christ Jesus our Lard, who b.atb. enabled b.e counted m e faitbful putting me into tbe ST. JOHN CATHEDRAL 3401 E 25th Avennue,T ampa, FL (Corne r Of 34th St. & 25th Ave. Phone: (813) 248-3737 Or (813) 248-3651 Fax: 242-8076 Careline: 248-HELP Bishop Eddie Newkirk, Sr. Pastor Sunday: WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE 8 :00A.M. Spiritual Enrichment 9:45A.M. Sunday School/ Orientation 10:45 Worship Service (Youth Church 2nd And 3rd Sundays) Tuesday: 12:00 Noon Intercessory Prayer w/Bible Study Wednesday: 5:30 P M. Free Tutorial 6:45 P. M. & Youth Mid Week Service Email Us At: stjministries@aol.com Mission Statement: Church of the inner city reachingout to the community by ministering to the whole man." Outreac h Mini s try: N O A H COMMUNITY, INC./ HOU S E OF LYDIA BISHOP E D D I E NEWKIRK And PASTO R A UDREY NEWKIRK I Timolh.y 1 :12 SAINf JAMES A.M E. CHURCH OF PROGRESS VILLAGE INC. 5202 86th Street South Tampa, Florida 33619 (813) 677-2411 REV MICHAEL B. PRICE, I Pastor Sunday: E arly Morning Worslllp Service 7:30A.M. Church School-8:45A.M. Morning Worship Service 10:15A.M Bible Study-Adults & 6:so P.M. m < m -f c: m (J) c )> z c "TT JJ c


> a: <( Church Hosts First Fruit Revival ::J :i Members of Mt. Olive A. M. E. Church hosted their First .., Fruits Revival January 3rd through January sth. Elder ::( Jimmy Thompson presided. Everyone in attendance witC nessed the powerful preaching and anointed singing. i:i: (Photography by Toby Scott). LL PLEASANT MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 2002 N. ROME AVE. TAMPA, FL. 33607 OF DR. C. T. KIRKLAND Featured Guests for the Month of January 2012 28th Pre-Anniversary Banquet be held at 1732 W. Spruce St., Aaron Burney/GW Mitchell AIInw<:hiln Hall at 5:00 PM. Adult $25.00; Children 12 yrs. & Under $15.00. 2012 Culmination Service: 3:00 PM Guest Minister REV. DR. JIMMIE L. DOWNING & the Greater New Jerusalem M issionary Baptist Church of Lakeland, FL Members of the Mt. Olive Male Choir who participated in the revival included on the first row: William J. Steward, Willie Jackson, Thomas Ward, and Charles Sherrer. On the second row: Kim Baker, John Kennedy, Aaron Keith and Ike Thomas GREGORYV. GAY ... Senior Pastor at Mt. Olive A. M. E. Church Ms. Tatum Lane, Ms. Phylis Rosier, Ms. Raquel rosier, and Ms. Jasmine Lane (standing) attended the First Fruit Revival at Mt. Ollve A. M. E. Church. Dr. Alma Hires, Ms. Vivian Oliver, Alfredo Moragne, and Dr. Hazel Harvey were among those who attended the First Fruit Revival at Mt. Olive A. M. E. Church.


Loca The National Pan-Hellenic Council 01 Tampa Hosts Greek Unitv Sundav The National Pan-Hellenic Council of Tampa Will host 'its annual Greek Unity Day at Bethel A. M. E. 'church on Sunday, January 15, 2012 during the 11 a. m. service. Each year; the. NPHC of Tampa encourages its mem bers to take time to worship and fellowship together and show local congregations our support. The speaker for this year's program is Dr. Kevin Sneed, the founding Dean of The College Pharmacy at The University of. South Florida. Dr. Sneed is an alumnus of Florida A&M University as well as Xavier University of Louisiana College -of Pharmacy. .. He has a long history of service to underserved com munities. He is the creator of the Inter-collaborative Student and Community Health Assessment Project and Evaluation (IN-SHAPE), a nationally recognized car diovascular health disparities project that addresses cardiovascular risk factors in Hillsborough Cotinty communities. The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. is composed of nine International letter organizatfons. that was formed on the campus of Howard University on May 10, 1930. Tlie NPHC promotes interaction'through DR. KEVIN SNEED forums) meetings and other mediums for the exchange of information and engages in. cooperative programming and initiatives through vari ous activities and functions. The local NPHC of Tampa is composed of 14 chapters that include: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Delta: Sigma Theta Sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Bethel A. M. E. Church is located at 5001 E Cumberland Dr.,. Tampa 33617. The Rev. Beverly H. Lane .serves as its pastor. The chairperson for Greek Sunday is Sabrina Griffith. The local president of NPHC/Tampa is Terence Hood. USFsAnnuaiMllJt Ce'IGbration Jan. 12-19 Featur. in:g Raymond Arsenault, Rev. Bernard La.faiiette, Jr., Marc Laniont.Hill and Freedom Riders movie.' The-University of South Florida presents the 25th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Week from Jan. 12-19, 2012. The celebration kicks off: on Thursday, Jan. 12 from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Marshall Student Center Ballroom on the Tampa..campus with a cer emony and luncheon that features speakers Raymond Arsenault, USF St. P 'etersburg professor and award-winning author of Freedom Riders: 1961 And The Struggle For Racial Justice, and guest Rev. Bernard Lafayette, Jr., civil rights activist and educator who participated in the 1961 Freedom Ride seeking to end segregation in the south Other highlights of this year's program are the show ing of Freedom Riders a pow erful two-hour documentary film based on Arsenault's book, and the MLK Convocation with guest lectur er Marc Lamont Hill, one of the nation's leading hip-hop generation intellectuals, a social justice activist, educa tor, television show host and author. Hill's. work covers topics such as culture, politics and education, and appears in major media out. lets, for which he also provides regular commentary. Additionally, USF's Stampede of Service, an annual tradition created in 2006 to commemorate Martin Luther King Day, will be held on Jan. 14. More than 3,000 students are anticipated to volunteer to work with an estimated 48 community service organiza tions The week's schedule of events that are free and open to the public incluqe: Jan. 12-Kick-off Ceremony, noon to 1:30 p.m., Marshall Student Center Ballroom Jan. 17-Candlelight Vigil with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 7 -8 p.m., USF MLKPlaza Jan. 18 _Freedom Riders Movie, 8 11:30 p.m., MSC Oval Theater Jan. 19 -MLK Convocation Keynote: Marc Lamont Hill; Ph.D, 8 -9 :30 p m., Marshall Student Center Ballroom For more information, visit www.ctr .usf.edu/multicultural. Johnnv Brown Celebrates Binhdav Johnny Brown welcomed the New Year and celebrated his birthday with his loving family and friends. (Photos by BRUNSON) Best Price Guaranteed M All Carpets In Stock a Full Se lection Of


Q a: Q z w Q w l: en :J m ::. 11. z t= w ..J ..J ::::) m ..J w z t= z w en a: 0 ..J .. Mtw \tifll--.-=.-At:lt IIlii A slilw. STEP 10 A BElTER; HEAL1HIER YOU I Whera You Can And Meet New People In A Positive let's Bring Our Community Back To Heelth! SATURDAY WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY lam -1pm ?am-1pm 4pm -8pm 4pm-?pm 2705 stvd., 1e ramPs; FL 3361 o Phone: a1a-21 o.a&71 ... ......... VA.vot Confidence Begins With A Beautiful Smile! -", : l 1 \ 1 tJ, 1t I;! : rr 1 Friendly Personal Care Most Insurance Plans Accepted Zero Down Payment Plans Available Flexible and Affordable Monthly Payments Family Discounts BRACES fOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN William F. Marsh, DDS, PA Preferred Orthodontist For Over 30 Years kcepli1g New Patients, lnclucing Chtien Exams, Claanng & Flings Cosmetic (Bonding, Veneers) c.Vwns (Caps) & Bridges Partials & Dlntlns Extnlction Implant Rtondloi 'J\W<-Ins & Emergencies VVekxme Most lnsuanoe Aa::ej:ed Senior Citizen Discxults Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N. Boulevard (1 Blk South Of W. Dr. MLK Blvd.) www.tomlinsondentalcare.com Now Accepting New Patients, Walk-Ins Welcome We Take Medicare, Tricare, BCBS, Aetna, Cigna United Healthcare And Many More. lmponant Medical Exams For 2012 For Women At 40, women need a mammogram every 1-2 years. At age so, the screening should be done annually. Women with a family history need earlier and sometimes more frequent screening. Check-ups for women between 18-39 should include: > Cholesterol screening > Blood pressure check > BMicheck > Pelvic exam >Pap smear > Immunizations > Vision check-ups >Dental check-ups Women between 40-64 may also need: Screening tests for colon cancer and for osteoporosis Any woman who is post menopausal and had a fracture needs a bone densitY scan to screen for osteoporo sis. Women with risk factors for osteoporosis should be screened earlier than age 65. Colorectal screening is a must starting at age so for men and women; But if you have a positive family history of colon eancer, you will start at age 40. Women over 6S need all of these screenings, check-ups, and immuniza tions, but the frequency may change as they age. For Men Starting at age so, most men need a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and a dig ital rectal exam to check for prostate cancer. Men at greater risk, including African-American men and any man with a family his tory of prostate cancer, gen erally need screenings by the 4S > Check-ups for men be tween the ages of 18 and 39 should include: > Cholesterol and blood pressure check > Vision and dental exam > Immujlizations > Men between the ages of 40 and 64 may also need: > Screening tests for colon cancer (starting at age so) > Screening tests for os teoporosis, called a bone density scan. When it comes to osteo porosis screening, any man between the ages of so-70 with risk factors for osteo porosis should have a con versation with his doctor about getting a bone den sity test. Men over 6S still need these check-ups, but some times at different intervals, particularly as health condi tions and symptoms arise. arv Cancer Awareness Mont.h The Florida Department of Health Breast and Ceivical Cancer Early Detection Pro. gram wants all women in Florida to know that cervical cancer is preventable with regular screening tests. and follow-up. Cervical cancer is also highly curable when found and treated early. Although cervical cancer occurs most often in women over age 30, all women are at risk for cer vical cancer. The main cause of cervical cancer is the human papillo mavirus (HPV), a common virus that can be passed from one person to another during sex. Many people will have an HPV infection at some time in their lives, but be cause HPV usually goes away on its own, few will get cervi cal cancer. The Florida Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detec. tion Program makes it easy to get the breast and cervical cancer screenings that doctors recommend. Screenings are free or with minimal cost if you meet program eligibility ments. You qualify if you: Are a woman aged so to 64, and Do not have insurance that covers the Pap smear tests, and Meet the income guide line, which is a household in. come at or oelow 200% of the Federal poverty level. To see if you, or someone you know qualifies for the Florida Breast and Cervical Early Detection Program in Hillsborough County call (813) 3o7;..801S Ext. 3S02 For other counties contact your local County Health Department or a local Florida Breast and Cervical Detection Program office. provjded include ,; breast and cervical cancer screenings, some diagnostic -7 exams, and referral to treatment if Pharmacv Recalls Druus Jn u._s.-Swiss pharmaceutical firm Novartis said Sunday it was recalling four different pro;.. ducts sold over the counter in the United States over re ports of a malfunction at one of its plants. The affected drugs are: Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin and Gas-X Prevention, No vartis Consumer Health (NCH) said in a statement. "NCH is taking this action as a precautionary measure, because the products may contain stray cap-. sules, or caplets from other Novartis products, or oontain broken or chipped tl:}blets; nit :. said. This coUld pote:p.tially re sult in overdose, interaction with other medications a consumer may be taking, or an allergic reaction if the. consumer is anergic to the: unintended ingredient," the statement srud. -SHEEHY ANKLE & FOOT CENTER OF TAMPA BAY Take Care Of Your Feet And They Will Lasi: A U/etime!. NEW Laser Anti,.. Fungal Treatment Diabetic Foot c.. & Shoes Anti-Fungal Nail Polish Most lnsu.._no.a ACPtid Cross, .. Statt D Paul Lawren-Ct

R.eci es ::o A Menu Of Dr. King's Favorite Southern FoOds CHICKEN 3 cups all purpose flour 2 tablespoons black pepper 2 tablespoons salt 2 tablespoons garlic powder 2 tablespoons paprika Peanut oil for frying 1 whole chicken (cut in parts) DIRECTIONS: In a large zip lock baggie, add flour pepper, seasoned s;ut, paprika and garlie powder, and gentle shake to mix ingredients we ll. Put oil in large cast iron skillet and heat at medium heat. Once oil is heated turn it down to low. Put chicken parts in the large baggie to coat and then place them in the skillet. Brawn chicken on each side. Do not over crowd your chicken pieces as this will make the chicken greasy. 0' GREENS 1 smoked ham hocks (or smoked turkey) 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 tablespoons cider vinegar 2 teaspoon sugar 1j2 teaspoon crushed red pepper 3 pounds greens, cleaned, rinsed Salt and pepper to taste 1 medium onion bacon drippings DIRECTIONS: In a large pot, combine the bacon drippings with the chopped onion and saute. When onions sweat down, add the garlic and saute until the aroma releases. Add the sugar and the seasonings and 1/2 cup water. Add the collards and stir well, bring to a boil then reduce heat to simmer on low. Cook the ham hock (or smoked turkey) in a pressure cooker with 2 cups of water for 45 minutes. When done, add 2 cups of the liquid to the greens and when ham hock (or smoked turkey) is cool enough to handle, cut the meaty parts off and add to the pot of greens. PEAS 1 pound black-eyed peas 4 cups water 1 medium onion 1/2 teaspoon each salt and pepper 1 cup cubed ham (or smoked turkey) 1/4 teaspoon dried red pepper (optional) DiRECTIONS: Wash the black-eyed peas. Place in slow cooker or, if you wish to cook them on the top ofthe s_tove, a large Dutch over. Combine with salt, pepper, onion, water, and ham (or smoked turkey). You can add crushed red pepper if you like spicy food. Simmer on the top of the stove or turn slow cooker to high and allow peas to cook 3 to 4 hours. BREAD 2 cups corn meal, self-rising 1j2 cup all-purpose flour 1egg 1 cup buttermilk 2 tablespoons bacon fat DIRECTIONS: In a medium bowl mix corn meal, flour, egg, and milk. Blend well. Pre -heat oven to 400 degrees Heat bacon fat in a black iron skillet in oven. When hot remove from oven then pour half of hot oil from skillet in the batter Slightly mix b atter then pour batter back into the skillet and bake until golden brown. Approx. 20 to 25 minutes. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. loved southern food. He often cited 'southern food' as being his favorite cuisine. A favorite meal was the Sunday feast of: fried chicken, .collard greens, black-eyed peas, corn bread and of course his fa..; vorite dessert, pecan pie. In honor of Dr. King, take your family on a journey with. this memorable menu as you share the legacy of this great man. 1cupsugar 1f2 cup dark Karo syrup l/4 cup butter, melted 1 cup pecan ves 3 eggs, room temp. 1 9" unbaked pie DIRECTIONS: Heat oven to 375 degrees. In a bowl, mix together sugar and Karo syrup. Add eggs, one at a time; add butter. Blend. Add pecans halves Mix. Pour into pie crust and bake for 40 to 45 minutes. Cool before cutting. c: > ..... Co) N 0 ..... N r 0 :!:! C/) m z ::! z m r D:J c: r r m ::! z ""C c: D:J r u; ::J: m c m < m -4 c: m C/) c > z 0 :xJ c J C) m ..... ..... I D:J


National Police Kill Man AflerHuuls Mistaken For Anack OSCAR. BARTHOLOMEW A Toronto man who went to his Grenada over the holidays to visit family was beaten to death by police officers over a mistakenhug. Oscar Bartholomew's family is outraged that the officers accused of killing the 39-year-Old are only fac ing manslaughter charges. "Everybody is upset," Anastasia Bartholomew said. Oscar Bartholomew reportedly stopped at a police station with his wife so she could use the restroom. While his wife was in the restroom, Oscar saw a female police officer who he thought was an old friend. He ran up to her and grabbed her from behind, 0 hugging her while he lifted her in the air. Unfortunately for him, the person he lifted in the air wasn't his old friend, who his family claims was also a cop. Once fellow officers saw this, they attacked him and allegedly bound his hands and feet with duct tape. A few hours later he was taken to a hospital, where he died the next day from multiple .. head injuries. Five Royal Grenada Police Force officers are now accused of manslimgh ter. HOWARD MCKNIGHT CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT (813) 237-4496 1938 E. HILLSBOROUGH AVE. TAMPA, FL 33810 PREPARATION OF BUSINESS AND .. J TAX RETURNS ACCOUNTING SERVICES. 0 AUDIT OF PROFIT ORGAN REPRESENTATION BEFORE THE IRS 27 Years of Professional Ron Paul Voted Against MlK oav RON PAUL Not only did Ron Paul (R.:Texas) produce newslet ters spewing hate and igno rance toward minorities, he also voted against MLK Day. Paul's voting record in the House was scrutinized during this weekend's GOP presidential debates in New Hampshire. (Mainly for his unsuccessful attempts to pass any meaningful legislation) But what was not discussed was his refusal to support the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. While his supports link to a file claiming he did vote for MLK Day, the facts say otherwise. Parents Irate over Teachers Using bamnlesOI Slaverv In Math Word Problems It's 2012, and racism is still standing tall. Beaver Ridge Elementary school in Norcross, GA is facing heat for some interesting math problems thatteachers decid ed to send home for homework. These Math problems included, "Each tree had 56 oranges. If 8 slaves pick thein equally, then how much would each slave pick?" and "If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in 1 week?" The school is comprised mostly of minorities and has about 1,200 students. 62% of the students are Hispanic, 24% are Black and s% are White. Obviously parents were outraged and some refused to let their children complete the assignments. J.amaica Plans To Cut Ties With British Monarchv KINGSTON, JAMAICAN -Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller plans to cut ties with the British monarchy and declare Jamaica an independent republic. Jamaica has been independent for almost so years as it left the British Empire in 1962, but the Jamaican constitution still lists Britain's Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state. FAMU Drum Maior Targeted Because He Opposed Hazing TAbLAHASSEE :_ The parents of Florida A&M University drum major, Robert Champion, Jr. who police believe died after a violent hazing, said Tuesday that son may have been hazed more severely than other students because of his opposition to the practice. "Robert Champion; Jr. was the poster child of anti-hazing. He threatened the very institution of hazing in this band," said Attorney Christopher Chestnut, a lawyer for Chainpion's family. During the family's inves tigation into what happened to their son they discovered that Champion was gay, but also concluded that was not a reason fo.r his alleged hazing. "This is not a hate crime," Chestnut said during a news conference Tuesday. "This is a hazing crime. That is what we are here to say today." "We don't have all the answers and all the details," Pam Champion said Tuesday. "My son, he loved his music. He loved the band. His demeanor was inore like following all the rules, doing what you should do as a band mem ber. He was a perfectionist ... He expected everybody to ROBERT CHAMPION, JR. do the same." Robert Champion, Jr., 26, was a member of the college's "Marching 100" band when he collapsed and died Nov. 19, 2011, on a bus outside an Orlando, FL, hotel after a football game. Authorities said they believed that hazing was involved. Sources said on Tuesday that Chestnut had been interviewing Witnesses for a legal case when. he ered that Champion was gay. Champion's parents were vaguely aware of his sexuality, but did not that there were rumors of a connection to his death. "Robert did have, ali alternative lifestyle," Chestnut said Tuesday. He said witnesses said that Wa.s not a primacy factor ill the hazing, "It's difficult to know the true motives of every person." The school fired director, Julian White and suspended all performance and engagements of any bands and White was later reinstated Tired of paying Tax Prtparation & Bank Call NOWI -and put on administrative leave. Four band members also were dismissed from F AMU, but then reinstated. Simpla Convaniant Sansibla Refund Estimates Mobile Service Email/Fax Service 813.418.7919 WWW.TAXSERVICEFORLESS COM During the news confer ence on Tuesday, -Champion's parents said they planned to sue Fabulous Coach Lines, the companythat QWDS the bus on which the hazing allegedly took place, claim ing negligence and wrongful death;


Agencies Host Program For Daddy's Only On Thursday, January.12, 2012, Family Fundamentals hosted "Daddy & Me," a program that celebrates father hood and teaches Fathers to be the BEST that they can be. Shawna Butler serves as Program Director. Sponsors of the event were the Polk County Schools Head Start, Family Fundamentals and Florida's Natural Growers Foundation, Inc. Lawrence Hunt served as facilitator. On Saturday ; January 21st, Daddy & Me Bowling will be held from 10 a.m. until 12 noon at AMF Bowling. Free lunch will be provided for registered par ticipants. For further information call (863) 686-1221 Ext. 221. Third Annual Leadership Banquet To Be Held On Sunday, January 15, 2012, at 3:30 p. m., the Greater Opportunities Demonstrated, Inc will host its Third Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Banquet. The host site will be the. Lakeland Center's Hollingsworth Room. "Honoring .Pioneers in Education and Investing In the Future Scholarships" is the theme of the banquet. Dr. Fairest Hill, an international and motivational speaker, will be the guest speaker at this event. The event's focus is to con tinue the legacy of leadership to future leaders. For further information contact Dell Griffin Quary at (863) 944-7079, Ashley Troutman at (863) 661-. 0414 or send an e-mail to godc.lakeland@gmail.com A Service Of Thanksgiving Held The Church of God by Faith-Tampa WestCoast District, Elder James William, District Superintendent, hosted a community Service of Thanksgiving on Friday, December 30, 2011. The host site was Britt Chapel Church of God by Faith in Polk City, Minister Gary Hird, pas tor Minister Hird served as Master of Ceremony. The message of Thanksgiving was rendered by Elder Williams. Among the attendees were: Elder Thomas Faison, Jr., Elder Calvin McDonald, Reverend Therious Axson, Deacon AI Smith, Jr., Deacon Leon Williams, Mother Mamie Barnum, Mother Ollie Smart, M,:other Ruby Axson, Mother Margaret Faison, John Brown, Caroline Hird, Mother Lillie Williams, Mother'"Chola Little, AI Smith, III, Bryan Smith, Ashley Smith, Caroline Hird, Dora Hargrove, Julia Hargrove, Sheila Spotford, Mary McElrath, and Patricia Smith. Polk County Advertisers, Distributors Needed Hello, Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven, Haines City Auburndale, and Lake Wales, the Florida Sentinel Bulletin is in search of distributors in Polk County. Are you interested in hav ing the Sentinel available for purchase at your church agency or place of business? The Sentinel is an excellent tool to market and grow your business in 2012! For further information, call Shaw-Ntifat (863) 5138437 or Harold Adams at (813) 248-1921. We want to serve you! Fresh Fruit "Life and death are in the power of the tongue." PROVERBS 18:21. Therefore, we must speak LIFE! Shaw-NtifShout-Out This week's Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out is extended to all of the churches, organiza--. tions and agencies that are hosting events in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thank you for keeping the dream alive! Talk To Shaw-Nuf Shaw-Ntif Talk wants to hear from you. Share news and/or photos of your celebrations, special events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family reunions, civic groups, social clubs, religious organizations, and community news etc., with the readership of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin by sending an e-mail to: shawnuftalk@yahoo.com or by calling (863)513 8437 lakeland Ministrv Hosts Feed The Homeless Event New Life Outreach Ministry, Inc. and Lil-Cle's Italian Ice provided free lunches to the home less and to community guests who attended their Feed the Homeless event. The purPose of the event is to build a better community. Free food baskets were also given to those who were in need. Entertainment was provided by TAABU. (Photos by Shaw-Nuj) Larry Mitchell, CEO of New Life Outreach Ministry, Inc. rolled up his sleeves to serve the guests. ., :::0 c c.. )> z c: )> :::0 -< .... w N 0 .... N "tJ c: aJ r-(i) :::1: m c m < m Mrs. Minnie Robinson enjoyed networking at the luncheon Ms. Barbara Dixon and Mr. Lamar are volunteers at New -f Sophia Harris of the Wom.en's Resource Center_in Lakeland. Mr. L.A. greeted guests at the NLOM Feeding the Homeless event. Life Outreach Ministry, Inc. ::ii Mrs. Ann Adderly, right, and friend enjoyed the luncheon. t/) c )> z c ., :!! c


N ,... 0 N ('W) 2012 PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE PRIMARY POLLING PLACES ,... > In Order By Precinct Number a: Tampa, FL 33629 Tampa Fl. 33609 T ampa, Fl. 33607 Tampa Fl. 33607 Bethanie French a: w 145 219 Seventh Day Advn Ch > 113 173 1 0401 N F l orida Ave. w Man h attan Avenue Church Jewish Cente r Towers Mt Tabo r MB Church St John Presbyterian Tampa Fl. 33612 c of Christ 3001 W De Leon St. 2606 W G r ace Street Church w Tampa F l. 33609 :r:: 4020 S Manhattan Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33607 4120 N MacDill Ave. 249 en Tampa, FL 33611 Tampa, Fl. 33607 D i scovery Christian Church :::::i 146 D Jewish Center Towers 175 221 1 0902 N Armenia Ave ;::) 115 3001 W De Leon St. Fellowship Masonic Lodge 265 Gateway Baptist Church Tampa, Fl. 33612 D.. Jan K Platt Regional Library 306 N Lincoln Ave. z 3910 S Manhattan Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33609 Tampa, Fl. 33609 4414 N Grady Ave. 250 i= Tampa, R 33614 w Tampa, FL 33611 147** Discovery Christian Church ..J Greater Tpa Showman's 177** 223 10902 N Armenia Ave. ..J ;::) 116 Associat i on Good Shepherd Revealing Truth Ministries Tampa, Fl. 33612 D Manhattan Ave United 608 N. Willow Ave Lutheran Church 5201 N. Armen ia Ave. ..J Methodist Church 501 S Dale Mabry Hwy. w Tampa Fl. 33606 Tampa, Fl. 33603 251 z 4511 S Manhattan Ave. Tampa, Fl 33609 Forest Hills i= Fl. 33611 149** 225 Community Center z Greater Tpa Association of 179 Calvary Community 724 W 1 09th Ave. w en 117 Realtors Westshore Baptist Church 4811 George Rd. Tampa, Fl. 33612

., :!! c 309 338 401 433 509** Jackson Heights NFL New Life Pentecostal Wesley Memorial United Aston Gardens At Tampa Bay Oakwood Community Church c.. YET Center Church of God Methodist Ch 12951 W Linebaugh Ave. 11209 Casey Road l> 3310 E Lake Ave. 1611 E Bougainvillea Ave. 6100 Memorial Hwy Tampa, Fl. 33626 Tampa, Fl. 33618 z c: Tampa ; Fl. 3361 0 Tampa, Fl. 33612 Tampa, Fl. 33615 l> 434 510 J:l 310 339** 403 Tampa Shores Baptist Church Oakwood Community Church < .-Oak Park Center Temple Crest Baptist Church Chapel in the Pines 8307 Double Branch Rd. 11209 Casey Road 5300 W. 14th Avenue 8425 N 40th Street Presbyterian Tampa, Fl. 33635 Tampa, Fl. 33618 1\) Tampa, Fl. 33619 Tampa, Fl. 33604 4546 Kelly Rd. 0 .-Tampa, Fl. 33615 451 511** 1\) 316 340 Tampa First Church Oakwood Community Church Wilbert Davis Brnch B&G Fireman's Benevolent 404** of the Nazarene 11209 Casey Road Clb Tpa Bay Assoc. Hall Skyway Football Complex 5902 N Himes Avenue Tampa, Fl. 33618 3515 Sarah St. 201 E Yukon St. 3901 George Rd. Tampa, Fl. 33614 Tampa, Fl. 33605 Tampa, Fl. 33604 Tampa, Fl. 33634 512 454 Aston Gardens at Tampa Bay 341 405 Oak Grove Church Of God 317 12951 W Linebaugh Ave. Ragan Park Bible Based Fellowship Church Calvary Community Church 6830 N Habana Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33626 8718 N 46th St. 4811 George Rd. Tampa, A 33614 1200 E Lake Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33634 Tampa, Fl. 33605 Tampa, Fl. 33617 455 513 343 407 First Hispanic Village Presbyterian Church 318 Town And Country Recreation 13115 S Village Dr. Seminole Heights Temple Terrace United Presbyterian Church Methodist Ch Center 2828 W Kirby St. Tampa, Fl. 33618 Baptist Church 5030 E Busch Blvd. 6039 Hanley Rd. Tampa, Fl. 33614 801 E Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33617 Tampa, Fl. 33634 514 Tampa, Fl. 33604 457 Bible Based Fellowship Church 344** 411 West Broad Street 4811 Ehrlich Rd. 3 19 Fireman's Benevolent Town N Country Regional Baptist Church Tampa, Fl. 33624 Seminole Heights Assoc. Hall Library 3809 W Broad St. Baptist Church 7606 Paula Drive Suite 120 ;, 201 E Yukon St. Tampa, A. 33614 516 r-801 E Hillsborough Ave Tampa, Fl. 33604 Tampa Fl. 33615 Carrollwood Baptist Church 0 Tampa, Fl. 33604 459 5395 Ehrlich Road :!! 412 Oak Grove Methodist Church Tampa, Fl. 33625 c 345 Tampa Korean Seventh Day l> 321 First Church Of God 2707 W Waters Ave. C. Blythe Andrews Jr. Adventist en 2202 E Busch Blvd. Tampa, Fl. 33614 517 m Public Library 7215 Sheldon Rd. z 2607 E Dr Martin Luther Tampa, Fl. 33612 Tampa, Fl. 33615 Northdale Regional Park :::! 461 15550 Spring Pine Dr. King Jr Blvd. z 347 413 Oak Grove Methodist Church Tampa, Fl. 33624 m Tampa, Fl. 33610 Copeland Park 2707 W Waters Ave. r-Bay West Club Tampa, A. 33614 aJ 325 11001 N 15th St. 9315 Memorial Highway 519 c: Tampa, Fl. 33612 Tampa Fl. 33615 Bible Based Fellowship Church r-Fair Oaks Recreation Center 463-r-4811 Ehrlich Rd m 5019 N 34th St. 352 414 West Broad Street Tampa, Fl. 33624 :::! Tampa, F'-.33610 USF Marshall Center Carefree Village Baptist Church z 4202 E Fowler Ave. 8000 Sheldon Rd. 3809 W Broad St. 520 "0 327 Tampa, A. 33614 c: Epiphany of Our Lord Church Tampa, Fl. 33620 Tampa, Fl. 336 1 5 Northwest Community Church aJ 14913 Hutchison Road r-2510 E Hanna Avenue 353 415 500 Tampa, Fl. 33625 c;; Tampa, Fl. 3361 0 Westchase Swim and ::::t USF Marshall Center Town And Country Baptist Tennis Center m 329 4202 E Fowler Ave Church 1 0405 Countryway Blvd. 521 c Tampa, Fl. 33620 7601 Jackson Springs Rd. Northwest Community Church m Cathedral of Faith Church Tampa, Fl. 33615 Tampa, A. 33626 14913 Hutchison Road < 6304 N 30th Street m 356 Tampa, Fl. 33625 J:l Tampa, Fl. 3361 0 New Tampa Family YMCA 421 501 < 16221 Compton Drive St Matthew Lutheran Church Moose Lodge #1741 522 ""8908-Lake Sunset Dr. c: 330 Tampa, Fl. 33647 5601 Hanley Rd. St Marks Episcopal Church m Epiphany Of Our Lord Church Tampa, Fl. 33634 Tampa, Fl. 33626 en 2510 E Hanna Avenue 13312 Cain Road c 357 502 Tampa, A. 33625 Tampa. Fl. 33610 New Tampa Family YMCA 422 American Legion Post 152 16221 Comp ton Drive. Real Life Church l> 331 Tampa, Fl. 33647 6821 W Waters Ave. 11211 Sheldon Rd. 523 z Hillsborough County Tampa, Fl. 33634 Tampa, Fl. 33626 St Marks Epi scopal Church c 13312 Cain Road ., Fire Rescue 358 503 Tampa, Fl. 33625 :!! 2709 E Hanna Ave Compton Park Recreation Cntr 423 c Tampa, Fl. 33610 Rocky Creek Retirement Village Carrollwood Seventh Day 16101 Compton Drive 8606 Boulder Ct Adventist 524 Tampa, Fl. 33647 Tampa, Fl. 33615 10619 Henderson Rd. Carrollwood Baptist Church 333 Northeast United Tampa, Fl. 33625 5395 Ehrlich Road 359 Methodist Church St. Andrews Presbyterian 424 Tampa, Fl. 33625 St Matthew Lutheran Church 504 6400 N 15th St. Church 5601. Hanley Rd. The Plantation Homeowners 525 Tampa, Fl. 33610 5340 Primrose Lake Circle Tampa, Fl. 33634 Inc Faith Family Worship Center Tampa, Fl. 33647 11380 Brookgreen Dr. 14514 Del Valle Rd. 334 T ampa, Fl. 33624 Northeast United 361 427 Tampa, Fl. 33625 Methodist Church New Tampa Regional Library Town And Country Baptist Church 505 526 6400 N 15th St. 10001 Cross Creek Blvd. 7601 Jackson Springs Rd. Hope Christian School Tampa Fl. 33610 Tampa, Fl. 33647 11415 Hope International Drive Ed Radice Sports Complex Tampa, Fl. 33615 Tampa, Fl. 33625 14720 Ed Radice Dr. 335 363 429 Tampa, A. 33626 St Francis Episcopal Church Cypress Point 506 ""-Northwest Tampa Church 527** 6907 N Nebraska Ave. Community Church Of Christ Upper Tampa Bay Regional Tampa, Fl. 33604 15820 Morris Bridge Rd. 7259 Sheldon Rd. Library Openwat!3r Church Tampa, Fl. 33647 Tampa, Fl. 33615 11211 Countryway Blvd. 15612 Race Track Road 336 Tampa, Fl. 33626 Odessa Fl. 33556 Seminole Heights United 365 430 Methodist St. Andrews Presbyterian Hillsborough Cty Rd Dpt/W Ser 507 528 6111 N Central Ave. Church Unit Moose Lodge #1741 Keystone Community Center Tampa, Fl. 33604 5340 Primrose Lake Circle 9605 Sheldon Rd. 8906 Lake Sunset Dr. 17926 Gunn Hwy. Tampa, Fl. 33647 Tampa, Fl. 33635 Tampa, Fl. 33626 Odessa Fl. 33556 337** Fireman's Benevolent 367 431 508 529 "0 Assoc. Hall West Meadows Community Club Bay West Club Westchase Golf Club Austin Davis Public )> C) 201 E Yukon St 8401 New Tampa Blvd. 9315 Memorial Highway 11602 Westchase Gotf Dr. 17 806 Wayne Rd. m Tampa, Fl. 33604 Tampa, Fl. 33647 Tampa Fl. 33615 Tampa, Fl. 33626 Odessa, Fl. 33556 --U1 I aJ


N .,... 0 N M' .,... > a: <( :::l z <( ""') >=' < c a: LL c a: LL c z <( c (J) w :::) .... > a: w > w c w J: (J) :::i m :::) a. z t= w ...J ...J :::) m ...J w z t= z w (J) <( c a: 0 ...J LL m I CD .,... 531 J F Swartsel Masonic Lodge 251 3109 W Lutz Lake Fern Rd. Lutz, Fl. 33558 533 All Saints Lutheran Church 5315 Van Dyke Road Lutz, Fl. 33558 534 Northdale Lutheran Church 15709 Mapledale Drive Tampa, Fl. 33624 535 Lake Carlton Arms Apartments 17701 Lake Carlton Drive Lutz, Fl. 33558 537** J F Swartsel Masonic Lodge 251 3109 W Lutz Lake Fern Rd. Lutz, Fl. 33558 538 Grace Family Church 5101 Van Dyke Rd. Lutz, Fl. 33558 550 Grace Lutheran Church 3714 W Linebaugh Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33618 551 Carrollwood Recreation Center 3515 McFarland Road Tampa, Fl. 33618 552 Carrollwood Recreation Center 3515 McFarland Road Tampa, Fl. 33618 553 Lake Magdalene United Methodist Ch 2902 W Fletcher Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33618 554 Grace Lutheran Church 3714 W Linebaugh Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33618 555 Lake Carroll Baptist Church 12012 N Rome Avenue Tampa, Fl. 33612 556 Roy Haynes Park 1902 S Village Avenue Tampa, Fl. 33612 557 Roy Haynes Park 1902 S Village Avenue Tampa, Fl. 33612 559 University Baptist Church 2121 E 131st Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33612 560 University Village 12401 N 22nd St. Tampa, Fl. 33612 561 John Knox Village 4100 E Fletcher Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33613 562 University Area Community Dev 14013 N 22nd St. Tampa Fl. 33613 563 The Village Of Tampa 1201 Skipper Rd. Tampa, Fl. 33613 565 Boy Scouts Of America Gulf Ridge 13228 N Central Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33612 566 591 First United Methodist Church, Lutz 960 W Lutz Lake Fern Rd. Lutz, Fl. 33548 595 University Area Community Dev Lutz Civic Center 14013 N 22nd St. 98 1st Ave NW Tampa, Fl. 33613 Lutz, Fl. 33548 569 Buchanan Baptist Church 808 W Bearss Avenue Tampa, Fl. 33613 571** St Marys Catholic Church 15520 North Boulevard Tampa, Fl. 33613 572 Boy Scouts of America Gulf Ridge 13228 N. Central Avenue Tampa, Fl. 336 1 2 573 Boy Scouts Of America Gulf Ridge 13228 N Central Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33612 574 Lake Magdalene United Methodist Ch 2902 W Fletcher Ave Tampa, Fl. 33618 575 Cty Children Services Athletic Ctr 3110 C l ay Mangum Tampa, Fl. 33618 577 North Lakes Recreation Center 2640 N Lakeview Dr. Tampa, Fl. 33618 578 601 Kenly Recreation Center 3101 N 66th St. Tampa, Fl. 33619 602 Kenly Recreation Center 31 01 N 66th St. Tampa, Fl. 33619 603 The Connection 291 0 Orient Rd Tampa, Fl. 33619 604 East Chelsea Baptist Church 7225 E Chelsea Street Tampa, Fl. 3361 0 605 Eastlake Park Civic Club 7217 Kingsbury Circle Tampa, Fl. 33610 606 Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Ch 8119 E Dr Martin Luther King Blvd Tampa, Fl. 33619 607 Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Ch 8119 E Dr Martin Luther King Blvd Tampa, Fl. 33619 613 Jimmie B Keel Regional Library Nuccio Park 2902 w Bearss Ave. 4805 E Sl igh Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33618 Tampa, Fl. 33610 579** St Mary Catholic Church 15520 North Boulevard Tampa, Fl. 33613 580 St Mary Catholic Church 15520 North Boulevard Tampa, Fl. 33613 581 New Tampa Baptist Church 14801 Livingston Ave Lutz, Fl. 33559 582 New Tampa Baptist Church 14801 Livingston Ave Lutz, Fl. 33559 617 Bible Based Fellowship Church 8718 N 46th St. Tampa, Fl. 33617 621 All Peoples Life Center 61 05 E Sligh Avenue Tampa, Fl. 33617 622 Center Pointe Community Church 8610 Temple Terrace Hwy. Tampa, Fl. 33637 623 East Chelsea Baptist Church 7225 E Chelsea Street Tampa, Fl. 33610 583 Lake Forest HOA Inc Clubhouse Tampa Executive Airport 14735 Lake Forest Dr. 6582 Eureka Springs Road Lutz, Fl. 33559 Tampa, Fl. 33610 585 Tim s Memorial Presbyterian Church 601 Sunset Ln. Lutz, Fl. 33549 587 River Of Life Church 41 0 E Chapman Rd Lutz, Fl. 33549 589 First United Methodist Church, Lutz 960 W Lutz Lake Fern Rd Lutz, Fl. 33548 625 Unitarian Universalist Church 11400 Morris Bridge Rd. Tampa, Fl. 33637 626 Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church 420 Bullard Pkwy. Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617 627 Hillsborough United Methodist Churc 9008 Harney Rd Tampa, Fl. 33637 628 Thonotosassa Park & Community Ctr 1 0132 Skewlee Rd. Thonotosassa, Fl. 33592 629 First Missionary Baptist Church 6720 C R 579 N. Seffner Fl. 33584 630 Thonotosassa Branch Library 1 0715 Main St. Thonotosassa, Fl. 33592 656 Hillsborough United Methodist Church 9008 Harney Rd. Tampa, Fl. 33637 657 Fowler Avenue Baptist Church 6161 E Fowler Avenue Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617 658 Unitarian Universalist Church 11400 Morris Bridge Rd. Tampa, Fl. 33637 659 631 West Thonotosassa First United Church Of Tampa Baptist 7308 E Fowler Ave. Church 1 0625 1st St. Thonotosassa. Fl. 33592 632 Thonotosassa Park & Community Ctr 1 0132 Skewlee Rd. Thonotosassa, Fl. 33592 633" Fellowship Baptist Church 13515 NUS Highway 301 ThonOtosassa, Fl. 33592 Tampa, Fl. 33617 671 Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church 19911 Bruce B Downs Boulevard Tampa Fl. 33647 673 New Tampa Regional Library 10001 Cross Creek Blvd. Tampa, Fl. 33647 701 635 Sterling Heights Center The P;1lrnetto Club at Recreation Fishhawk Ranch 17004 Dorman Rd. Lithia, Fl. 33547 11706 Williams Rd. Thonotosassa, Fl. 33592 636 First United Church Of Tampa 7308 E Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33617 638 Fellowship Baptist Church 13515 NUS Highway 301 Thonotosassa, Fl. 33592 639 East Thonotosassa Bapt_ist Church 12735 Knights Griffin Road Thonotosassa, Fl. 33592 641 Hillel Jewish Student Center 131 02 N 50th Street Tampa Fl. 33617 650 First Baptist Church Temple Terrace 1 0002 N 56th St. Temple Terrace, A 33617 651 703 Grace Community United Methodist 5708 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. Lithia, Fl. 33547 705 Keysville Assembly Of God 10308 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. Lithia Fl. 33547 706 Keysville Recreation Center 9390 Edison Rd. Lithia, Fl. 33547 707 Ahava Baptist Church 6015 W Farkas Rd Plant City, Fl. 33567 709 Lone Qak Baptist Church 3505 W Lone Oak Rd. Plant City, Fl. 33567 711 Parkway Baptist Church 4305 J L Redman Pkwy. Temple Terrace Church Presbyterian Plant City, Fl. 33567 420 Bullard Pkwy. Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617 652 Orange River Estates HOA Clubhouse 7620 Wakulla Dr. Tampa Fl. 33637 653 Woodmont Clubhouse 415 Woodmont Ave. Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617 654 First Baptist Church Temple Terrace 1 0002 N 56th St. Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617 655 St Catherines Episcopal Church 502 Druid Hills Rd Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617 713 Bealsville Community Center 5009 Nesmith Rd. Plant City, Fl. 33567 715 Iglesia Cristiana Rio de Dios 410 Swilley Rd Plant City, Fl. 33567 721 First Baptist Church of Dover 3223 Rd. Dover, Fl. 33527 750 Plant City Community Ch of Nazarene 2402 Mud Lake Rd. Plant City, Fl. 33566 751 Evangelical Presbterian Church 11 07 Charlie Griffin Road Plant Fl. 33566


"T1 :::c c 753 808 832 883 917 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Campo Family YMCA Kings Avenue Baptist Church Ironworkers Local No 397 Thatcher Civic Center c.. Rec. Cntr 3414 Culbreath Rd. 2602 S Kings Ave. 1 0201 E US Highway 92 111 Alafia Church Rd. )> 1601 E Dr Martin Luther Valrico, Fl. 33596 Brandon, Fl. 33511 Tampa, Fl. 33610 Lithia, Fl. 33547 z c: King Jr: Blvd. 885 )> Plant City, Fl. 33563 809 833 918 :::c Bloomingdale Regional Library Brandon Assembly Of God First Baptist Church Of Mango Life Church At Fishhawk -< ...... 754 1906 Bloomingdale Ave. 710 S Kings Ave. 11619 Martin Luther 6420 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. J-l First Assembly of God Valrico, Fl. 33596 Brandon, Fl. 33511 King Jr Blvd. Lithia, Fl. 33547-3846 N 602 Charlie Griffin Road Seffner, Fl. 33584 0 ...... Plant City, Fl. 33566 810 834 919 N Living Savior Lutheran Church Hawthorne Estates 887 Balm Civic Center 755 2650 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. 861 W Lumsden Rd. Mango Park 14747 Balm Wimauma Rd. First Church Of God Valrico, Fl. 33596 Brandon, Fl. 33511 11717 Clay Pit Rd. Wimauma, Fl. 33598 601 N Gordon St. Seffner, FL 33584 811 Plant City, Fl. 33563 Bell Shoals Baptist Church 851 889 920 2102 Bell Shoals Rd. Limona Viii. Untd. Evans Park Balm Civic Center 757 Brandon, Fl. 33511 Methodist 1104 N Kingsway Rd. 14747 Balm Wimauma Rd. American Legion Post 26 408 Limona Rd. Seffner, Fl. 33584 Wimauma, Fl. 33598 2207 W Baker St. 813 Brandon, Fl. 33510 Plant City Fl. 33563 Centerpoint Church 891 921 1801 S Miller Rd. 852** First United Methodist Ch Sun City Center Florida Room 759 Valrico, Fl. 33596 Embassy Suites Hotel of Dover 1 009 N Pebble Beach Blvd. Bruton Memorial Library 10220 Palm River Road 3310 Moores Lake Road Sun City Center, Fl. 33573 302 W Mclendon St. 814 Tampa, Fl. 33619 Dover, Fl. 33527 Plant City, Fl. 33563 Riverhills Country Club 925 3943 New River Hills Pkwy. 853 892 Redeemer Lutheran Church 761 Valrico, Fl. 33596 Seventh Day Adventist Church First Missionary Baptist Church 701 Valley Forge Blvd. Bethany Baptist Church 1221 Victoria Street 1 0650 Mcintosh Rd. Sun City Center, Fl. 33573 3409 Cork Rd. 815 Brandon, Fl. 33510 Thonotosassa, Fl. 33592 Plant City, Fl. 33565 Centerpoint Church 927 1801 S Miller Rd. 854** 893 Freedom Plaza 763 Valrico, Fl. 33596 Embassy Suites Hotel First United Methodist Ch 1 01 0 American Eagle Blvd. "T1 Hope Lutheran Church 10220 Palm River Road of Dover Sun City Center, Fl. 33573 r 2001 N Park Road 816 Tampa, Fl. 33619 331 0 Moores Lake Road 0 Plant City, Fl. 33563 Pleasant Grove Assembly Dover, Fl. 33527 929 :!! Of God 855 Trinity Baptist Church c 900 )> 764 7051 Turkey Creek Rd. Brandon Masonic Lodge Southside Baptist of Sun City 702 Del Webb Blvd W. rn-The Meadows At Plant City, Fl. 33567 No 114 Sun City Center, A. 33573 m Countrywood 203 N Moon Ave. 4208 US HWY 41 S. z Sun City, Fl.33586 :::! 723 E Sam Allen Rd. 817 Brandon, Fl. 33510 933 z Plant City, Fl. 33563 Horizon Christian Church 901 SOuthshore m 1720 St Cloud Ave. 856** Service center r Ruskin Recreation Center m r65 Valrico, R. 33594 Brandon Masonic Lodge 901 6th St SE. 41 0 30th Street SE. c: Knights Baptist Church No 114 Ruskin, Fl. 33570 Ruskin, Fl. 33570 r 4809 Paul Buchman Hwy. 818 203 N Moon Ave. r m Plant City, Fl. 33565 Hillsborough County Brandon, Fl. 33510 902 934 :::! Farm Bureau Southside Baptist Of Sun City Calvary Lutheran Church z 766 100 S. Mulrennan Rd. 858 "tt Valrico, Fl. 33594 4208 US HWY 41 S. 5309 US HWY 41 N. c: Knights Baptist Church Brandon Community Center Sun City, Fl. 33586 Apollo Beach, R. 33572 llJ 4809 Paul Buchman Hwy. 502 E Sadie St. r Plant City, Fl. 33565 819 Brandon, Fl. 33510 903 935 c;; Strawberry Ridge ::t Southside Baptist of Sun City Calvary Lutheran m i67_ 3419 State Road 60 E. 859 4208 US HWY 41 S. 5309 US HWY 41 N. c Springhead Civic Center Valrico, Fl. 33594 Brandon Community Center Sun City, Fl. 33586 Apollo Beach, Fl. 33572 m 3410 Nesmith Rd. 502 E Sadie St < Plant City, Fl. 33566 820 Brandon, Fl. 33510 m Hope Church Presbyterian 904 937 :::c Kings Point Clubhouse Studio Apollo Beach Recreation -< 769 826 S Miller Road 863 1900 Clubhouse Dr. -1 Valrico F l. 33594 Center c: Faith Temple Assembly of God Featherock Mobile Hol!le Sun C ity Center, Fl. 33573 664 Golf And Sea Blvd. m 4240 N Frontage Rd. Park Clubhse (/) 821 Apollo Beach, Fl. 33572 c Plant City, Fl. 33565 Apostles Lutheran Church 2200 State Road 60 E. 905 Valrico, Fl. 33594 Ruskin Recreation Center 801 200 Kingsway Road 901 6th St SE 939 )> The Barn Theatre at Winthrop Brandon Fl. 33510 867 Ruskin, R. 33570 Apollo Beach z -Community Church c 11349 Bloomingdale Ave. 825 Countryside Baptist Church 6414 Golf And Sea Blvd. "T1 Riverview, Fl. 33578 13422 Sydney Rd. 906 :::c Brandon Christian Church Dover, Fl. 33527 Sun Towers Apollo Beach, Fl. 33572 c 803 91 0 Bryan Rd. 1 01 Trinity Lakes Dr. South Brandon Worship Center Brandon, Fl. 33511 868 Sun City Center, Fl. 33573 940 Gardenville Recreation Center 4929 Bell Shoals Rd. 826** Holy Innocents 907 6219 Road. Valrico, Fl. 33596 Embassy Suites Hotel Episcopal Church Sundance Volunteer Fire Dept Gibsonton, Fl. 33534 10220 Palm River Road 604 N Valrico Rd. 602 Lightfoot Rd. 804 Tampa, Fl. 33619 Valrico, Fl. 33594 Wimauma, Fl. 33598 941 Presbyterian Church of Apollo Beach Recreation Center Bloomingdale 827 869 908 664 Golf And Sea Blvd. 710 E Bloomingdale Avenue Christ Community Church Bay Life Church Kings Point Clubhouse Apollo Beach, A. 33572 Brandon, Fl. 33511 of Brandon 1017 Kings way Rd. Banquet Room 1310 John Moore Rd. Brandon, Fl. 33510 1900 Clubhouse Dr. 942 805 Brandon, Fl. 33511 Sun City Center, Fl. 33573 Gardenville Recreation Center Bloomingdale West 871 6219 Symmes Road. Recreation Cntr 828 First United Methodist of 909 3940 Canoga Park Dr. Resurrection Catholic Church Seffner Sun City Center Community Hall Gibsonton, Fl. 33534 Brandon, Fl. 33511 6819 Krycul Ave. 1310 S Klngsway Rd. 1910 S Pebble Beach Blvd. 944 Riverview, Fl. 33578 Seffner Fl. 33584 Sun City Center, Fl. 33573 South Shore United 806 Bloomingdale Golf Club 829 875 912 Methodist Church 4113 Great Golfers Place Centro Cristiano Hispano Quest @ Kingsway Elks Lodge 2672 11525 Big Bend Rd. Valrico, Fl. 33596 2014 Providence Road 501 S Kingsway Road 1630 US Highway 41 South Riverview, Fl. 33579 Brandon, Fl. 33511 Seffner, Fl. 33584 Ruskin, Fl. 33575 807 945 Bloomingdale Athletic 830 879 913 First Baptist Church Of Complex Kings Avenue Baptist Church Bay Area Church Of Christ Wimauma Civ i c Center Gibsonton G') 2215 Bloomingdale Ave 2602 S Kings Ave 3905 Orange Street 5705 Hillsborough St 9912 New York St. m Valrico Fl. 33596 Brandon Fl. 33511 Mango, Fl. 33550 Wimauma, Fl. 33598 Gibsonton, Fl. 33534 ...... ...... I m


Nr----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FYI The Purpose. For Private Monuaue Insurance Why do homeowners get saddled with private mortgage insurance anyway? This is insurance for the lender that is now necessary because so many people have defaulted on their mortgage loans. In reality, PMI saves everyone money because without the security offered by this insurance, Jenders c ct LL Shake And Shih Into 2012 c Empowered greetings! As you shift into the year 2012 allow yourself to undergo a transform ational shake and shift. You have w ;:::::) .... fj: w > w c w :I: en ::::i m ;:::::) a.. z i= w ...J ...J ;:::::) m I ...J w z i= z w en exited the year 2011, so leave all the chaos and cata-strophic events of 2011 in 2011. It is time for you to shake loose and shift To shake is to move some thing up and down or to and fro with short, quick forcible movements. However, when you make a shift it means you put something aside and replace it b y another. In other words, get ready to shake loose and shift in 2012 Shake loose all the negative people that have tried to block you, stop you and hold yo u back from getting to your place of promise and shift to associate with peo ple that are walking in the way of their destin y Shake loose all the nega tive thoughts that have kept your mind so clouded that you couldn't think straight and shift to thoughts of peace, joy and happiness. Shake loose all the detrimental actions that have previously caused you to forfeit your dreams and shift into purposeful and productive living Shake loose from a spiritu al d e cline and shift into a would be far less likely to lend so much money at such low interest rates. After all, no lender likes high risk borrowers and folks who don't have twenty percent to put down seem risky Plus, PMI is not forever. Once you have your twenty percent in your home you can refinance and PMI will go away, but your low inter est rate won't! All mortgage questions may be mailed to: Yolanda Y. Anthony P. 0. Box 21472 Tampa, FL 33622. spiritual climb. Shake loose from your car nal way of thinking and shift into a spiritual way of think ing. Shake loose that which has been governing yo u and shift to govern your life according to biblical princi ples. You will make you way prosperous by doing so. It is time to leav e the past behind and shift to your next level of consciousness. I know you thought you wouldn't make it, but the fact that you're still here, validates the importance of your existence. Shift the way you view your past and consider how yo u are going to enter into your future. Until next time go shake and shift. To contact Selphenia Nichols-Simmons, Email: thequeenofsuccess@yahoo. com. Follow her on twitter @queenofsuccess1, and Facebook at Selphenia Nichols Call 813-956-0185. Basic Maintenance For Your ComputerAll About Viruses Hello again everyone. This week I want to discuss another important aspect of basic computer maintenance, computer viruses. Viruses can affect you and your computer in lots of very unpleasant ways, but luckily are fairly easy and inexpensive to avoid. In this column I want to discuss what viruses are, how to avoid them, and how to get rid of them once you've got one First, what are viruses? By definition, viruses are software programs that can replicate themselves. Like viruses that infect the human population, computer viruses infect computers and can spread from computer to computer through the Internet (email and websites), or through shared media such as flash drives. Different viruses have different intentions. Some are only programmed to spread while others are programed to spread and render your computer unusable. One of the worst and most common viruses currentl y on the wild today is something I call the extortionist virus." Using names like "Windows Security 2012", "Windows 7 Internet Security 2012" or "Windows Home Security 2012", this virus first tricks the user into installing it by masquerading as actual virus protection, and then promises to protect you if only you'll provide your credit card number to purchase it online. The user will receive con tinuous popups; telling them that they are infected with thousands of viruses The popups are so numerous that they have the affect ren dering your computer use less, except for providing the ability of the user t{) provide their credit card information. But beware, providing your credit card information will not solve your problem, but instead, you will have provided your information to be used and sold on the Internet for someone to try to empty your bank account or run up your credit card balance. Hope this was helpful. I can be reached via email at RSmith@computermenfor additional assis tance. Ralph, The Computer Guy. <( c ct 0 2012 PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE PRIMARY POLLING PLACES In Order By Precinct Number ...J LL 946 952 959 966 999 Simmons Loop Baptist Church YMCA Camp Christina Lake Fantasia Community Ctr. 78th Street Community Library County Center 6610 Simmons Loop. 9840 Balm Riverview Road 8350 Fantasia Park Way 7625 Palm River Road 601 E Kennedy Blvd. Riverview, Fl. 33578 Riverview, Fl. 33569 Riverview, Fl. 33578 Tampa, Fl. 33619 Tampa, Fl. 33602 947 953 960 967 Summerfield Cross ing Riverview Community Center Lake Fantasia Community Ctr. Blessed Sacrament Church Community Cntr 11 020 Park Dr. 8350 Fantasia Park Way 7001 12th Ave S. 13011 Summerfield Blvd. Riverview, Fl. 33569 Riverview, Fl. 33578 Tampa, Fl. 33619 Riverview, Fl. 33579 954 961 968 948 River of Life Christian Center Causeway Baptist Church 78th Street Community Library Chulav ista Landings 6605 Krycul Ave. 3015 S 75th St. 7625 Palm River Road \ 1734 Wheelhouse Cir. Riverview, Fl. 33578 Tampa, Fl. 33619 Tampa, Fl. 33619 Ruskin, Fl. 33570 955 962 969 949 Desoto Masonic Lodge #201 First Baptist Church Of B l essed Sacrament Church Rivercrest Clubhouse 10801 Desoto Rd. Riverview 7001 12th Ave S 11560 Ramble Creek Drive Riverview, Fl. 33578 8626 US Highway 301 S Tampa, Fl. 33619 Riverview, Fl. 33569 Riverview, Fl. 33578 956 971** 950 Gardenville Recreation Center 963 Blessed Sacrament Church Tropical Acres Iglesia De Dios 6219 Symmes Road Causeway Baptist Church 7001 12th Ave S. 12214 Balm Riverview Rd 3015 S 75th St. Tampa Fl. 33619 Riverview, Fl. 33579 Gibsonton, Fl. 33534 Tampa, Fl. 33619 [D 957 973 I 951 965 Greater Bethany Baptist co Redeemer Presbyterian Church River of Life Christian Center T"" Progress Village Civic Center Church w 12404 Boyette Road. Ave. 8701 Progress Blvd. 5814 58th Street Ct. (.!) Riverview Fl. 33569 R1verv1ew, Fl. 33578 Tampa, Fl. 33619 Tampa, F l. 33619


l1 II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder ol the following certifi cate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance the description of the property and the names in which it was assess e d are as follows: Folio No. : 01 0043 0000 File No.: 2012-100 Cert i ficate No.: 184122-09 Year of Issuance : 2009 Description of Property : HOLLY PARK UNIT NO 1 LOT 3 BLOCK 3 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 35/92 SECTWP AGE : 01-29-17 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : STUART W LAWTON BARBARA LAWTON Said property being in the of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa FL 33602 on the lilll day of February, 2012 at 1 0 : 00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276 8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this 1lilll day of December, 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk fl you are a person with a dfsabflfty who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled at no cost to you to the provision of certain assistance Please contact the Clerk s ADA Coordinator 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 two (2) work Ing days prior to the date the service Is needed ; II you are hearing or voice Impaired, calf 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the follow ing certificate has filed s aid certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance the d escrip tion of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follow s : Folio No.: 015716 0000 File No : 2012-101 Certificate No.: 184746-09 Year of Issu a n ce: 2009 Description of Property : LAKE CHAPMAN RESUBDIVISION LOT 1 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 30/75 SECTWP AGE : 25-27-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : MARITA LYNN STRATMAN Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property descr ibed in such cert i ficate shall .be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthous'B, BOO East Twiggs Street Tampa FL 33602 on the lilll day of Februarv 2012, at 10 ; 00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276 8100 ext 4809 to verify sale locati on) D a t e d this 1lilll day of oecember 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk O!The Circuit Court Hflfsborough County Florida TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk fl you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk 's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed; fl you are hearing or voice Impaired calf 711. TAX DEEDS NOTICE OF APPLICATION !'OR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that MTAG CUST FOR CLAREMOUNT MANAGEMENT, LLC #6219 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance the description of the prop erty, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Foli o No. : 186921 0000 File No : 2012-104 Certificate No.: 127824-06 Year of Issuanc e : 2006 Description of Property : BONNIEHAVEN W 80 ET OF E 165 ET OF N 93 ET OF BLOCK 3 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 0 2/04 SECTWP AGE: 07 29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : ALISA M WILLIAMS Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Ro n da. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property descr ibed in such cert i ficate shall be sold to the highest bidder a t the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa FL 33602 on the l!!h day of February, 2012, at 10 :00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276 8100 ext 4809 to verify sal e l ocation). Dated this 1lilll day of oecember, 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk fl you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled at no cost to you to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tanipa Rorfda, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed; fl you are hearing or voice Impaired call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate tias file d said certificate for a tax deed to be issued there on. The certificate number and year of iss u a nce the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 027930.0000 File No .:. 2012-106 Certificate No.: 186740-09 Year of Issuance : 2009 Description of Property: SOUTHERN COMFORT HOM,ES UNIT NO 3 LOT 25 BLOCK 10 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 36/75 SECTWP AGE : 3128-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : R GILLESPIE TRUSTEE Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, BOO East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the lilll day of Februarv. 2012, at 10 : 00 A M ( NOTICE : Please call ( 813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 1lilll day of Pecember 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk fl you are a person with a dlsabflfty who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled, at no cost to you to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd. T a mpa Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed ; fl you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED II NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that PLYMOI[!'H PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certifi ; cate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 027854 0000 File No. : 2012-107 Certificate No : 186738-09 Year of Issuance : 2009 Desciiptlon of Property : SOUTHERN COMFORT HOMES UNIT NO 2 LOT 2 BLOCK 15 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 35/26 SECTWP AGE: 31-28-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which PETER MUNGAI JOYCE MUNGAf Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certi ficat e shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, BOO East Twiggs Street Tampa FL 33602 on the 9th day of Febryarv. 2012 at 10 : 00 AM ( NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this 1lilll day of oecember, 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hflfsborough County, Florida TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk fl you are a person with a disabflfty who needs any accommodation In order to participate in this proceeding you are entitled at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Rorlda, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 two (2 ) working days prior to the date the service Is needed ; II you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. 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(\I' .,... 0 N ('I) .,... c a: u.. c z < c en w ;:) .... w > w c w :::J: en ::::i m ;:) o. z j::: w ..J ..J ;:) m ..J w z j::: z w en C a: 0 ..J u.. m I 0 C\1 w (!) if II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax d eed to be iss ued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the name s in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 086544.0000 File No.: 2012-109 Certificate No.: 200703-09 Year of Issuance: 2009 Description of Property : E 205 FT OF S 1'.! OF N 1'.! OF SOUTH 'llo OF SE llo OF NW llo LESS S 110FT AND LESS E 25 FT FOR AD SECTWP AGE : 31-29-21 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : ANNALISA HUTCHINSON Said property be i ng In the County of Hill s borough State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to l aw the property described in such certificate shall be sold to t he highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the l!1b. day of February. 2012. at 10:00 A .M, (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276 8100 ext 4809 to verify sale locat ion) Dated this 1l!1b. day of December. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk OfThe Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate I n this p r oceed in g you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, tWo (2) working days prior to the date the service is needed; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call 711. II 2914 East 27th Avenue 5 Bedroom/2 Bath CHA Carport WID Hook-Up Fenced Back Yard Available Call Jonda (727) 320-7310 Seminole Heights Area 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Totally Remodeled Great Neighborhood $800.00/Rent Plus Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 601-3101 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the foll ow ing certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of iss uance the description of the prop erty, and the names in which it was assesse d are as follows: Folio No.: 034071.0000 File No.: 2012-110 Certificate No.: 188181-09 Year of is sua nce : 2009 Description of Property: E 20 FT OF NW llo OF SE llo OF NE llo LESS N 25 FT FOR AD AND N 1'.! OF FOLLOWING PARCEL: E 1'.! OF SW 14 OF SE llo OF NE llo LESS S 25 FT FOR AD SECTWP AGE: 30-27-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : MARSHALL S BIGLER JODIE A. BIGLER Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the day of February. 2012 at 10:00 A,M, (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 1l!1b. day of December 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk if you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service is needed; If you are hearing or voice impaired, call 711 Tampa Heights Large 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Block Home WDH CHA Garage $950 00/Monthly $700.00/Deposit Section 8 Accepted (813) 453-5690 Section 8 Ok 5 Bedroom/2 Bath New Home, Custom Tile Ceiling Fans Fenced Laundry Room WDH CHA Stain less Steel Appliances (813) 758-2289 TAX DEEDS NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 126659.0000 File No.: 2012-112 Certific ate No.: 204640-09 Year of Issuance: 2009 Description of Property: PALMA VISTA LOT 90 AND N 1'.! OF CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING ON S PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 11/19 SEC TWP AGE : 34 29 18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: FRANCIS H. COBB Said property being in the County of Hillsbor ough State of Flor i da. Unle s s such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the l!1h day of February. 2012 at 10 : 00 A,M. (NOTIC E : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale locaijon) Dated this mil day of December. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person wlth a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Flori da (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 two (2) working days prior to the date the service is needed ; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call 711. -HOMES FOR RENT 3001 North 16th Street 4 Bedroom/2 Bath House Fenced Lot Office Street Parking Section 8 Only Call (813) 417-1238 Homes 4 Bedroom/2 Bath 1708 East ldell 8511 Fish lake 3 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath Section 8 Welcome (813) 727-6782 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of iss uance the description of the property, and the names in which i t was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 131880.0000 File No.: 2012-116 Certificate No : 173322-08 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property: BAYBRIDGE REVISED LOTS 1-7, 23, 24 BLOQK 2 AND CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON W 10FT OF LOT 8 AND W 35 FT OF LOT 22 BLOCK 2 AND CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON LESS AD RIW SEC TWP AGE : 08-30-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: ECOVENTURE NEW PORT 1 LLC Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the day of February. 2012. at 10 :00 A ,M, (NOTICE : Pleas e call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this mil day of December. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Court Hillsborough County, Florida TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Glerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service is needed ; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call 711. Homes Available 2 Bedroom/1 Bath 3 Bedroom/2 Bath 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Call (813) 453-0123 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED II NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax dsed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance, the descr iption of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as foiJows: Folio No.: 063850.0500 File No.: 2012-97 Certificate No.: 194648-09 Year of lssuanc!l : 2009 Description of Property: CASH ACRES UNIT NO. 1 LOT 4 BLOCK 1 LESS S 19 FTTHEREOF PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 35m SEC TWP AGE: 02-29-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed: MICHAEL T. FETTERHOFF SHAY LYNN FETTERHOFF Said property being in the County of Hillsborough Siate of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the day of February. 2012 at 10:00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8 1 00 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this mil day of December. 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Circuit Court Hillsborough County, Florida TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person wfth a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assl,tance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205 two (2) working days prior to ,the date the service Is needed ; if you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. Move In Specials! No Deposits! FREE Rent TMLEASES.Com 813-221-4457 II "The Voice of Our Community for Itself" L l' \ (813) 248-1921


II II NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of i ssuance the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No. : 014852 5262 File No.: 2012 98 Certificate No.: 184624-09 Year of Issuance : 2009 Description of Property: LAKESHORE PHASE 1 LOT 17 BLOCK 2 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 66/35 SECTWP RGE: 20-27-16 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed: GLENN UNGER JULIE UNGER Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described i n such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the day of February. 2012, at A..M,_ (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-6100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this 19th day of December 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Clrcuh Court Hillsborough County, Florida TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk H you are a person whh a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are enthled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator 601 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed; H you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PLYMOUTH PARK TAX SERVICES LLC #1305 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the names in which it w a s assessed are a s follows : Folio No. : 012421.0100 File No.: 2012 99 Certificate No.: 184305-09 Year o f I s suance: 2009 Description of Property : THE S 135FT OF THE N 395 FT OF THE E 3 4 7 .67 FT OF THE NE \4 OF THE S E \4 OF THE NE \4 LESS RD R/W SEC TWP RGE: 02-27-16 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : MICHAEL J. TYLER Said pr o p e rty being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the 9111 day of February, 2012, at 10;00 AM. (NOTICE: Please call (613) 276-6100 ext 4609 to verify sale l ocation) Dated this 19th day of [)ecember, 2011 PAT FRANK Clerk Of The Clrcuh Court Hillsborough County Florida TERESA L CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two (2) working days prior to the date the service Is needed ; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. HOMES FOR RENT II 4404 Troy Street 2307 North 54th Street 4 Bedroom/1 Bath 3 Bedroom Home Fenced Yard Central Air/Heat WDH CHA Washer/Dryer Hook-up Section 8 Welcome $850.00/Monthly $1 050 00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 451-1776 813-386-8049 Or (813) 451-1568 East Tampa East Tampa 4 Bedroom/2 Bath 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Fenced, CHA Concrete Block New Carpet Ceramic Tile, No Pets, Fenced Yard Petless $795.00/Monthly Section 8 $500 00/Deposit $1250.00 Monthly Section 8 OK $1 000.00/Deposit (813) 267-4488 813-949-3482 II 4;4t'i%_,., Tampa Operations and Real Estate Development (ORED) h Housing fluthoritq Request for Qualifications For Major Revitalization Programs Grant Writer/Consultant Solicitation No. FY2011-RFQ-03 December 5, 2012 The Housing Authority of the City of Tampa (Autho_rity) is seeking Qualification Statements from qualified Grant Writers/Consultants capable of providing a full range of technical and professional services related to: writing complex and comprehensive grant applications for upcoming funding opportunities to aid in the revitalization of THA properties, restoration of historic structures, and other related neighborhood revitalization efforts. In order to obtain a copy of this Request for Qualifications, please contact Mr Nicholas Dickerson, Contracting Officer via email only at nicholasd @thafl.com SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Time: 2:00 p.m. (prevailing Tampa time) Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 BY ORDER OF MR. JEROME D. RYANS, PRESIDENT/CEO, THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF TAMPA IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. HOMES FOR RENT 1701 Julian Lane Drive Clair Mel 4/2 Central A/C Washer Dryer Hook-Up Refrigerator, Range Tile Floors Fenced Yard Rent:$ 1250 00 Deposit:$ 500 00 Harold813-293-2674 2408 E. North Bay Street 4/2 CHA WDH Living And Dining Areas With Kitchen Appliances Section 8 Preferred $1 200.00/Rent Call (813) 690-0338 After Driving By Or For Directions Tampa Riverview Area 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Living Room, Dining Room Newly Renovated CHA, Carpet, Tile Wired For Alarm (813) 503-0030 2416 East Ida 3 Bath CHA WDH $1 200.00/Monthly Plus Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 400-3548 Work From Home Experienced PIT Sales Representative To Secure New Vending Machine Locations Car/Computer Requ i red Flexible Hours Andy (813) 985-8361 HILLSBOROUGH CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST $33,696 BUDGET ANALYST II $43,097 BUSINESS ANALYST I (SYSTEM SUPPORT) $35,838 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION DISPATCHER TRAINEE $27,414 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II (LIMITED DURATION) $40,768 SENIOR GROUNDSKEEPER $19,822 SENIOR SUPERVISOR (CLAIMS) $38,646 See our web site at http://www .hccsb org or visit our office at: 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor, Tampa, FL. Preference in initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of vets. MAKE A DIFFERENCE! COME WORK WITH US! An Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer AAIEEO Employer Brandon Pool Home In Gated Community 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths 2 Car garage 1 876 SF Fenced Yard BLICATION DEADLINES Split Plan, Sun Room Close To Shopping And Schools $1 ,550/Monthly Plus Deposit Call (813) 967-7808 Edition Thursday @ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition Monday @ 12:00 RM. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $1 0.00 1-20 Words And 60$ For Each Additional Word Over 20 This Price Is Each. Time You Publish Your Ad "11 :!! c J< c.. )> z c: )> ::rJ < ...... 1\) 0 ...... 1\) "11 r-0 ::rJ c )> en m Z -1 z m r-m c: rr-m :::t z. "tt c: m r-en :X m c m < m ::rJ -< -1 c: m en c )> z c "11' ::rJ c C) m 1\) ...... .. m


N ,.... 0 N M' ,.... > a: <( :::) z <( ""') >"' <( c a: LL c a: LL c z <( > en w :::) t-: w > w c w ::1: en ::::i m :::) a. z i= w :::) m w z i= z w en a: 0 LL ==;;;;;;;;;;;;;!.Ill =E=MP=LO=YM=EN=T ;;;;;;;;;;!Ill II APTS. FOR RENT II II EFFICIENCY II II IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA DIVISION: D CASE NO.: 2009-CA-015686 FIRST HORIZON HOME LOANS, a division of FIRST TENNESSEE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, successor by merger to FIRST HORIZON HOME LOAN CORPORATION, PLAINTIFF vs. JENNIFER SIZEMORE PIMM, DENNIS PIMM SUNSHINE SAVINGS BANK f/kla SUNSHINE STATE CREDIT UNION, et al., DEFENDANT(S) vs. SUNSHINE SAVINGS BANK f/k/a SUNSHINE STATE CREDIT UNION DEFENDANT/CROSS COMPLAINTANT vs. JENNIFER SIZEMORE PIMM, and DENNIS PIMM, DEFENDANTS/CROSS DEFENDANTS NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO F.S. CHAPTER 45 NOTICE IS GIVEN that pursuant to a Final Judgment of Foreclosure dated December 29, 2011, in Case Number 2009-CA-015686 of the Circuit Court i n and for Hillsborough County, Florida in which Sunshine Savings Bank f/ka/ Sunshine State Credit Union is the Cross Complainant and Jennifer Sizemore Pimm, and Dennis Pimm, are the Defendants/Cross Defendants I will sell to the highest and best bidder for cash 2nd Floor of the George E. Edgecomb Building Room 201/202 located at 800 East Twiggs Street in Tampa Florida at 2:00 P.M. on March 27. 2012, the following-described property set forth in the Final Judgment of Foreclsoure: LOT 33, BLOCK 4, SIMMS RESUBDIVISION OF BLOCKS 4 6 7, AND 15 OF HOLDENS SUBDIVISION, ACCORDING TO THE MAP OR PLAT THEREOF AS RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 9, PAGE 68, OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA. Notice is also given pursuant to .031 (2)(f), Florida Statutes, that any person claiming an interest in the surplus from the sale if any, other than the property owner as of the date of the Notice of Lis Pendes must file a claim within 60 days after the sale. "If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the ADA Coordinator, at 800 E. Twiggs Street, Room 604, Tampa, FL 33602; telephone number 813-272-6457 two (2) working days of your receipt of this notice; if you are hearing impaired, call the Florida Relay Services at 1-800-955-8n1 (TTY); if you are voice impaired, call the Florida Relay Service at 1-800-955-8770." Dated: 9th day of January. 2012 PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT Is/ JENNY ALVAREZ As Deputy Clerk For Your Convenience The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Accepts DEBIT VIsa. .A...-.erlcano Ex:pre&& .Aa-11d Debit Cards ...-.enot Facility Needs Staffing PRN Must Pass Level 2 Background Screening, CPR And First Aide Must Have Current Cards State Of Florida I D Pass TB Screening Must Be Dependable And Have Own Transportation $9.00 Hourly 20 Hour Week Pat (813) 623-1392 II HOMES FOR RENT II 3403 North 49th 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Carport, CHA, WDH Fenced Yard, Ceramic Tile Section 8 OK (813) 325-2813 Progr ess Village 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Fenced, WDH Carport, Utility Room With CHA $750 .00 Without CHA $700.00 Plus Deposit (813) 451-9624 3418 N. 49th Street Section 8 Only 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA WDH, Fenced Yard Available March 1st Call (813) n0-2003 (813) 735-5295 (813) 713-4055 II APTS. FOR RENT II 55+ Community 1 Bedroom Apartments $1 00.00/Deposit Starting At $375.00 TradeMark Group (813) 221-4457 Christmas Special $199.00 Moves You In 1st Month Rent Free Units Available Now 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments $450 .00 $550.00 Monthly Cinnamon Cove Apartments 12401 N. 15th Street Call (813) 971-5254 Very Spacious 2 Bedr.oom/2 Bath $600.00/Monthly $500.00/Deposit A/C, Tile/Carpet Call (813) 298-2499 Apartment 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook-up $800 00/Monthly Central Heat And Air Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 849-3265 1511 East Giddens Studio Apartment Furnished Or Unfurnished Totally Remodeled Must Have Verifiable Income Or Section 8 $450. 00 $500.00 Monthly Call (813) 900-5559 North Tampa And Temple Terrace Area Angie's Apartments 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments WDH-0 Deposit No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome 813-915-9787 First Month Free $50.00 will Move You In Excellent Rental History Required 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Central A/C Central Call Station Alarm 2104 W. 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The Real Meaning Of: (") ,.... > a: <( :;:) z <( ..., THE KING HOliDAY a: w > w c w l: en ::J m :;:) 11. z i= w ..J ..J :;:) m ..J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J u. This astonishing recogni tion of Black initiative and leadership would have been inconceivable a few years ago, and it marks a great di vide in the relationship between Black and White Americans. For on King Day, Americans of all races, backgrounds and political persuasions, segregationists as well as integrationists, will be forced to take official notice not only of Martin Luther King, Jr., but also of the maids, sharecroppers, the students, and the Rosa Parkses who made him what he was. This is the tradition and hope that the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday brings to the Republic. And that tradition speaks in and through the King Holiday, telling us that a people who could produce a King has no need for fears or apolo gies or doubts. As the first Black American so honored, Martin Luther King, Jr.,joins the most exclusive of all Ameri can clubs. Ironically, and ) I \I u Abraham Lincoln Theodor Herzl, Gandhi Benjamin Mays, Rosa Parks, Bayard Rustin, Henry David Thoreau, Howard Thurman and Leo Tolstoy significantly, the only other American honored by a na tional holiday is George Washington. There is irony -and truth in this. For King and his nonviolent army gave Amer ica a new birth of freedom. They banished the Jim Crow signs, browned American politics, and transformed the student movement, the women's movement, and the church. And all Americans are indebted to King and the nonviolent liberators who broke into American history like beneficent burglars, bringing with them the gifts of vision, passion, and truth. It can be argued, in fact, that King freed more White people than Black people. This, then, is a national holiday with national impli cations. And we are called, in and through the holiday, to the national task of continuing the struggle for the fulfillment of King's dream. The crucial point here and elsewhere is that this is not a holiday for rest and frivo-Ft1day,....,., 13,2012 tlel'tQge Evening Gala at Straz Center fol' the Performing Arts featuring Black VIolin Sklte fol' Yo&l' Ufe Showcase and Saturday, Janulfy 2012 2-Day Heritage Street FestiVal 1hls riWktlnd /l)lflalti/IIJd 101/ liS III!IIIS "'11IC.W. 'lood .wJ rniiii!JilQn Old School Saturday: Headliner-Role Royce and other local enblrlalnment 5K Walk for cane. at Street FtltiYII Drum Clrdt at Slnlet FtltiYII Soul Rollnwltltloftll lity, and play. This is a day for study, struggle and preparation for the victory to come. It is a day set aside for measuring ourselves and America against the terrible yardstick of King's hope. And if we ever loved him, we will use this time to mobilize against the evils he identi fied in his last article -the evils of racism, militarism, unemployment, and vio lence. It is on this deep level, and in the context of personal responsibilities, that the King Holiday assumes its true meaning. For it is not enough to celebrate King: it is necessary also to vindicate him by letting his light shine in our own lives. It was King's genius to suggest that every man, woman, and child is respon sible for his/her own free dom. ''A man who won t die for something." He said Is not fit to live ." And the onl y question be fore us in this holiday sea son is what are we doing and Janu ary 12-212012 Slmclay, January 15, 2012 2-0ay Heritage Street FestiVal Golpei/Jm Sllldly: Headliner-Paul Taylor, Smooth Jm Saxopllonlst and other local entertainment 27th Annuli Natlonll MLK, .W. Drum Major fol' Justice Dnln l,b Exlnmgi!IZI Soul RollinHitlollll Henry B. Plant-li'STAIRSIDOWNSAIRS at 1he TAMPA BAY H01"B. feahmg" Maggie Stroud, ............ 11120 .r18ttlllllous-lllwlhlls a #Xycr 1110 *' 1tt1 8btllA tnxJS QUISII at filii ,.,._ 8111 Hd/11 ilCtdV IW lllcdlt, Slntl 10111/Jdfllllttwtqsllllf.AsfrsfllllnotiOq ., ,.,. -/q)llti.Ac:tr/laff (JIIipllp T08A 32nd Annuli MLK, ... a..lll'll1lp IJre8kfllt Pllnt City Ml.K FtiiiVIt Fteedom Walk 24th Arnlll MLK, .W. hnde 27th Annuli Nl1lonal MLK, .W. Dnlm MaJor for Justice Dn.rn what are we prepared to do to ensure that King did not dream and die in vain. Beyond all that, we are challenged in this month to remember one of his greatest legacies, hope. For he never gave up hope. He never ceased to believe that the Dream and the dreamers could prevail. And if he could speak to us this month from his living he would tell us that nothing can stop us here if we keep the faith of our fathers and mothers and. walk together and dream other. It is with this understanding, and this hope, tha,t we dedicate this day to the memory of an American giant wlio will be remembered, to appropriate the words of poet Robert E. Hayden, "not with statues bell ringings, rhetoric, and not with legends and poems and wreaths of bronze alone, but with the lives grown out of his life, the lives fleshing his dream of the beautiful, needful thing." 1 0-Day Celebration Herittlge G

J jvst want to Thar1k For yovr enclless clisplays of and tove that made the worlcl a better p tace ancl helped me soar hi,-9her than I ever thov:9ht possible! ::D c !< c.. )> z c: )> ::D -< .... J-l 1\) 0 .... 1\) I""" 0 ::D c )> en m z ::! z m I""" tD c: I""" I""" m ::! z "tJ c: tD I""" en ::I: m c m < m ::D -< --4 c: m en c )> z c ::D c


N ... l/'! ........ ... .: .... t .... ...... .................................. ,. t '"' 40 .. .......................... Df. Journey r; -li: c( z c( '"') >=' c( c 0:: LL. -II A Tribute To A Good Doctor ... DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. 's CHELLE B. PATTY (813) 495-3702 Mich elle B Patty A dvertising Inc Toll Free For Surrouncling Counties 1-866-352-4200 A Look I n t o T h e Life Of Martl n luth e r f(jng: Jt 1 Have A Dream ... On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, King evoked the name of Lincoln in his "I Have a Dream" speech, which is credited with mobilizing supporters of desegregation and prompted the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I say to y ou today, m y friends even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deepl y rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal." I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners Will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. I have a dream that on e da y e ve n the state of Mississippi a state swel tering with the heat of injus tice s w eltering with the heat of oppression will be transformed into an oasis of and justice. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they wi ll not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vi.eious racists with its governor having his lips pin the words ef sition and nullification; one d{ly rig t there in made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with a new meaning, "My coun-try, 'tis of thee, sweet land of. liberty, of thee Ising. Land where Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee! Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring. And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the of theold Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"


Dr. King's Joume.Y Januarv 15, 1929 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was born to Rev. and Mrs. Martin (formerly Michael) Luther King, (Alberta Williams) King, Sr., on at noon on January 15, 1929. Parents: The Reverend and Mrs. Martin Luther King, Sr. He spent the first 12 years of his life in this home at 501 Auburn Avenue, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia. 1944. Graduated from Booker T. Washington High School and was admitted to Morehouse College at age 15. 1948 Graduates from Morehouse College and enters Crozer Theological Seminary. Ordained to the Baptist ministry, February 25, 1948, at age 19. 1951 Enters Boston University for graduate studies. 1953 Marries Coretta Scott and settles in Montgomery, Alabama. 1955 Received Doctorate o Philosophy in Systematic Theology from Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts; on June 5, 1955 His Dissertation was entitled, "A Comparison of God in the Thinking o Paul Tillich and Henry Wiseman." Joins the bus boycott after Rosa Parks was ar-. rested on December 1. On December 5, he is elected president of the Montgomery Improve-ment Association, making him the official spokesman for the boycott. ICC-!C-!)Jilll II ill tC)IIC:It With or without wires, it's what we do at AT&T. Always. Q 2011 AT& T Int ellectu a l Prop erty. All rig hts r ese r ved ., r 0 On December 1, 1955, Mrs. Rosa Parks refused to give :!':! up her seat on a city bus to a white man. She was arrested and booked into the Montgomery Jail. A meeting was en held and the Negroes agreed to boycott the bus system. m The boycott lasted for more than a On December toth, the Bus Company stopped services in the Negro neighborhoods. att.com Rethink Possible z m r m c: r r m :j z "'C c: m r c;; :::z::: m c m < m c:. m en c )> z c ., :!':! c C) m U1. I (")


N Dr. King's Joume.Y M' ,... > a: <( :J z <( ""') >=' < c a: LL () I CD w Ms. ........ in the house. No one was injured. On February 2nd, a Ia suit is filed in federal discourt asking Montgomery's travel segregation laws be o..n :::,.:o ... ncu 1956 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King, emerge from the Montgomery, Ala., Courthouse in March 1956 after King's trial on charges of conspiring to boycott segregated city buses. On June 4th, a tJ S. district court ruled that the racial desegregation on city bus lines is unconstitutional. On November 13, the Supreme Court rules that bus segregation is illegal, ensuring victory for the boycott. On December 20th, federal injunctions prohibiting segregation on buses are served on bus company officials. In'unctions are also served on city and Alabama state officials. On December 21 \ the Montgomery, Alabama buses are integrated. 1951 On January 27th, an unexploded bomb is discovered on. the Kings' front porch. Dr. Martin Luther King is welcomed to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church by Rev. Clifford Ansgar Nelson, Senior Pastor and Chairperson of the 1957 Minnesota State Pastor's Conference. 1958 The U.S. Congress passed the first Civil Rights Act since reconstruction. King's first book, Stride Toward Freedom, is published. Dr. King met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, along with Roy Wilkins, A. Philip Randolph, and Lester Grange on problems affecting black Americans. Izola Ware Curry stabbed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a 7" letter opener at his book signing in Harlem, New York. Doctors stated after the surgery that the envelope opener lodged in his chest near his aorta in such a way that he may have died if he so much as coughed! Martin Luther King asked that the crazed woman not be jailed and instead be treated at a mental hospital. Tampa City Councilman Frank Reddick Encourages everyone to remember and celebrate


:2 Dr. King's Joume.Y o 1959 1962 1963 The :Kings visited India to study Mohandas Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence. Resigns from pastoring the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church to concentrate on civil rights full time. He moved to Atlanta to direct the activities of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. 1960 Becomes co-pastor with his father at the Ebenezer Bap-tist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.. Lunch counter sit-ins began in Greensboro, North Carolina. In Atlanta, King is arrested during a sit-in waiting to be .served at a restaurant. He is sentenced to four months in jail, but after intervention by John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, he is released. 1961 In November, the Interstate Commerce bans segregation in interstate travel due to work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Freedom Riders. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Jan 15, 1929 -April4, 1968 Celebrate His Legacy By Keeping The Dream Alive. Y(}IffiO serving Tht CommunitySinc t 1974" "Complete Dental Care For All Ages" Preventative + Education Root Canal Therapy Extractions Repair & Relines Done On-Site Crowns, Bridges + Dentures Teeth Whitening Custom Designed Gold On-Site Denture Lab Crowns Available 5811 East Broadway Ave. (Off 50th Street) Call and Schedule Your Appointment NOW!!! (813) 623-1014 Fax (813) 620-3863 Hours: Monday-Friday 8 A.M. -5 P.M. The Albany Movement leaders included, from left, Slater King, the president of the movement; Elza Goldie Jackson, the recording secretary; the Reverend Sammie B. Wells, the chairman of voter registration; Thomas Chatmon, the di-. rector of voter registration; and Robert Thomas, a local barber and active volunteer. During the unsuccessful Albany, Georgia movement, King is arrested on July 27 and jailed. On Good Friday, April12, King is arrested with Ralph Abernathy by Police Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor for demonstrating without a permit. On April 13, the campaign is launched. This would prove to be the turning point in the war to end segregation in the South. During the eleven days he spent in jail, MLKwrites his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail. On May 10, the Birmingham agreement is.announced. The stores, restaurants, and schools will be desegregated, hiring of blacks implemented, and charges dropped. JUNIOR MAGIC BASKETBALL LEAGUE WITH THE SKILLS CENTER PARTICIPATION IN JUNIOR MAGIC INCLUDES: improvement via weekly practices and Jive games A reversible Junior Magic jersey Certificate of Achievement And a FREE ticket to a Magi c home game! (Additional di$COUnted UckeU avaDablt for f amily and lliends.) league D a tes: Saturd ay. J anuary 1 4 (Draft Day)-Satvrday, March 24.201 2 Registration Deadline: Saturday Janul)ry 28, 20 t 2 Playing locatlon(s): Wibert Davis Boys & Glrls Club 3515 Sarah street Tompo. Fl. 33605 Ages/Divi s ion Offered: Ages 6-14 coed. AI slollevels ("NYtA Pre-K DMsfon also offered for ages 3-5} League Fee: $75 per player ($60 NYRA) Fnancial assldance available for those who quafity. To register orfor more information. call or e -mail the league director at: or jarroyo@slcllscentertamp.org Or, fill out the form below and send with payment to: The Sklls Center, 5470 e. Busch Suite 1 az; Tampa. Fl. 3a617 Additional League Details: Draft Day 1 to be held on Januar( 14" (9 a.m. for ages 6-8, 10:30 a.m for age$ 9 Noon forages 12--14). Draft Day 2 to be held on January 21" (same hours). Rnt Gc:ttM: February <1, 2012 For onine payments or to leam more please vlsit lliW.s!sl!sCeoterTamoo.ora. Player Name: Player Name: Ap: __ Gnide: --Jeney Size: _Youth SmaU (8) -Youth Medim (10-12) Youtll Larp (l4-1&l _AduftSJnall _Adult Medium _Adulturp _AifllftXL _.AdaltXXL Parent111uanllan Name: Mailing Addms: City: Stitt: --Zip: Phone: E-Mail (reqlllrtdl: ------------Number of Piayen: __ x $ __ = ---Payment Type:_ Chec:k _Money Order Parent Stanature: -----------Date:----tlrio"llltrllttjck>lttlltnlttavoh.,.mtl-'"lltft .. r._....._,_ ...... l_<*l._.._..,.,_ iettrrttml at tlt pJJttwr'ld t mrtion.. 1st ht O rttnltl thtk rott Ia .._ tt tu.linilwh ,a.,., aM....._,_ Uc.i.ttJ..Aiy IIUtditllt H lhttl l i bt fnnnft4 t o UJe IN(tft dttttW. Ct If. flt>fM"r Aot .. lt Pnn oUOI .lll,lflt 01 .......... z c: )> :::D < ..... Jll ...., 0 ..... ...., 'T1 r 0 :::D c )> en m z :::! z m r m c: r r m :::! z "'0 c: m c en ::I: m 0 m < m :::D < -1 c: m en 0 l> z 0 'T1 :2 c


,. N Dr. King's Joume.Y ; 1963 .-------t-6_th_S_tr-ee_t_B_a_p_ti_. s_t_C_h_ur_c_h_Aft--er_B_o_m_b_in_g-------------------------. a: On June 23, MLK leads Z 125,000 people on a Freedom Walk in Detroit. >=' <( c a: LL c a: LL c z a: w > w c w J: en ::::i m :J D. z i= w ...J ...J :J m ...J w z i= z w en

r 1963 1965 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy in the White House Rose Garden following President Kennedy's meeting with leaders of the civil rights movement, 1963. President John F. Kennedy poses Aug. 28, 1963, at the White House with a group ofleaders of the March-on Washington, including Martin Luther King Jr. and union leaders A. Philip Randolph, an AFL-CIO vice president and principal organizer of the March on Washington, and Walter P. Reuther, then-president of"the UAW. From left: Whitney Young, National Urban League; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Southern Christian Leadership Conference; John Lewis, Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee; Rabbi Joachim Prinz, American Jewish Congress; Dr. Eugene P. Donnaly, National Council of Churches; A. Philip Randolph, AFL-CIO vice president; Kennedy; Walter P. Reuther, UA W; Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, rear, and Roy Wilkins, NAACP. 1964 On January 3 King appears on the cover of Time magazine as its Man of the Year. During the summer, King experiences his first hurtful rejection by black people when he is stoned by Black Muslims in Harlem. King is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10. Dr. King is the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Peace at age 35 President Lyndon Johnson met with prominent black leaders on January 18, 1964, to discuss his war on poverty. From left to right are: Roy Wilkins, Executive Director of the NAACP; James Farmer, National Director of the Congress of Racial Equality; Martin Luther King, Jr., head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; Whitney Young of the Urban League; and Johnson. On March 261h, Dr. King and Malcolm X are shown at a press conference in Washington, D. C. On February 2, King is arrested in Selma, Alabama during a voting rights demonstration. Protesters march to bridge where police are waiting in Selma, Alabama. HIS EFFORTS CONTINUE TO M -OVE US FORWARD TODAY. He was the first African American to eam a Doctor of Medical Science degree. Yet Dr. Charles R ichard Drew's true legacy is his pioneering work in blood transfusion and storage. His innovations have helped to save millions of lives, including thousands of soldiers during World War II. Regions salutes Dr. Drew and all African Americans whose P 2012 ReiioM S.nk. 'NO PURCHASE OR 8NOONQ RUATIONSIIIP tEQUIREO. PURCHASE OR BAIOOIIG RAT10NSIIIP Will MOT IIICRW YOUR CIIAHCS OF Wllli1118. YOlO WIIEitE P110ltt8tlt0. The 2012 !regions Riding Forward SthOianhl E Contest Me "Coooest') begins on 0.111S/12and ends on 02129/12et 11:59:591'M Ctntrat fl!llettbe "'ootest FDI PI!!Kxl" ) .lheContest isopeoonlytolegai U .S.rcsioonlsttAI. AA, MS MO. NC. SC. ol qea older: lb) anuwollcd in 12th VJdein 8 pubiicorprivate school torhomeschooOIIll:aled In one of lheETillibleStales{8ndhaoelllll)d have (and mainl1ift Uvqb 8 minimum 2.0 grllde poinl a-,age m sdloof: and tdl plin to attend an accredited the fall It 2012. lb ents; Contestants must submh frrtty ronn. a high school transcript and a 500woo11!$$8y that addrel$8$h en m z ::! z m r-m c: r rm ::! z "'D c: IJJ c en ::I: m c m < m :::0 < -f c: m en c )> z c "" c C) m U) I o


N Dr. King's Joume.Y 1965 > a: < :::::1 z < "") >=' w c w ::I: en ;:j al :::::1 a. z i= w ..J ..J :::::1 al ..J w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ..J LL. (.) I 0 ..... On "Bloody Simday," March 7, 1965, some 6oo civil rights marchers headed east out of Selma on U.S. Route So. They got only as far as the Edmund Pettus Bridge six blocks away, where state and local lawmen attacked them with billy clubs and tear gas and drove them back into Selma. On March 9, 1965, Dr. King leads symbolic march to Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. On March 25th, Mrs. Viola Liuzzo, a wife and mother, was shot and killed while driving a marcher from Montgomery to Selma. After President Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act into law, Martin Luther King, Jr. turns to socioeconomic problems. The Tire Shop 6002 N. 40th St. T8mDIII.. Fl33&10 Ph 813-930-2288 Fax 813-&0G-17M .. ---.--.,----1966 On January 22, King moves into a Chicago slum tenement to attract attention to the living conditions of the poor. In June, King and others begin the March Against Fear through the South. On July 10, King initiates a campaign to end discrimination in housing, employment, and schools in Chicago. 1967 The Supreme Court upholds a conviction of MLK by a Birmingham court for demonstrating without a permit. King spends four days in Birmingham jail. On November 27, King announces the inception of the Poor People's Campaign focusing on jobs and for the poor of all races. 1968 Dr. King made his first appearance in Memphis during the strike on March 18 at Mason Temple. He met wiih AF SCME Internatimial president Jerry Wurf (right). AFSCME field representative Jesse Epps has his hand on Wurf's shoulder. Behind King is AFSCME national director services, P .J. Ciampa (rising from his seat). The Rev. Ralph Abernathy, right, and Bishop Julian Smith, left, flank Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., during a march on behalf of striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tenn., March 28. Rev. P.L. Rowe is at far left. The dignity of the march soon gave way to disorder. Witnesses said a group of !ibout 200 youths began windows and looting along Beale Street about 20 minutes after the march began. Police moved in with tear gas and nightsticks Cfoxx3_ 699@aol.com wnna Walk Ins & Appointments Welcome Don't Get With The Drama!


., During the Civil Rights era, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., made five public appearances in Durham. The most dramatic was on February 16, 1960, as the sit-in movement swept across the Jim Crow South. After visiting the Durham Woolworth's, located on Parrish Street, which had closed its lunch counter after demonstrations the previous week, Dr. addressed a standing room only crowd of 1,200 people at White Rock Baptist Church. On April4, 1968, Dr. King was scheduled to visit Durham, but cancelled at the last minute. The daily sanitation strike marches resumed March 29 -one day after rioting left Main and Beale littered with bricks and broken glass and dappled with blood. The city was taking no chances on a repeat of the violence: National Guardsmen in armored personnel carriers equipped with so-caliber machine guns escorted marchers. Outside the Lorraiile Motel Wednesday, April3, U.S. Cato Ellis served Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. temporary restraining order from a federal judge, barthem from leading another march in Memphis withapproval. Also present were top King aides Rev. Abernathy, Andrew Young, James Orange Lee. The restraining order was issued to stop 1nano:na1 March on Memphis planned for April 8. Quote ... "Discrimination is a hell hound that gnaws at Negroes in waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie o their "inferiority is accepted r as truth in the society dom % inating them." !II I From a speech given to Sout.hern Christian Leadership Conference, 16, 1967 it'?. r,;> ;, J, Dr. Martin n!lll!lii'.'I l Luther King Jr. resting in the Lorraine Motel followthe Against Fear, Memphis, TN, 1966, reading the Memphis Press-Scimitar. Headline reads, King Takes Over For Meredith; Suspect Jailed-$25,000 Bond. Less than two years after -this photo was taken, Dr. King was assassinated outside of his room on the balcony of this motel. At sunset on April4, Martin Luther King, Jr. is fatally shot while standing on the balcony o the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Riots out in 125 cities, leaving 46 dead. Dr. King outside of his room on the balcony of this motel. Credit and noncredit continuing education opportunities Mourners line the street waiting for the funer,al procession of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to pass. c... )> z c: )> :D < ..... N 0 ..... N ., r-0 :D c )> en m z ::! z m r-I:D c: r rm ::! z "'tt c: tD c en :I: m c m < m ::D < --4 c: m en c )> z c ., :D 6 C) m ..... ..... I 0


Black Outreach Is Kev To Pres. Obama's Re-Election Michael H. Cottman writes that it is imp e rative f o r President Barack Obama to court bl a ck v o t e rs in certain s t a t e s in ord e r to win re -election thi s year. H e a pp a rentl y is doing just that. Pres. Obama trav e led to Cleveland Ohio this w ee k and stopped by the home of William and Endia Eason, a n African-American couple who have been marri e d for 42 C years but ended up $8o,ooo in a: debt as a result of an unscrupuu.. lous mortgage broker. C Pres. Obama is starting 2012 on the right track. During > his first presidential trip this fiscal responsibility directly to a a: black family This year as in 2008, the W Pres. Obama re-election efC forts are inexplicably tied to black voter turnout in states en like Ohio where rallying African-American voter s is crit ical because a successful Black voter outreach could determine whether Pres. Obama is re elect e d to the Whit e House. Pres. Obama has been criti cized b y some black Democrat s for appearing aloof and not consistently engaging African Americ a ns. Only Pres. Obama can change this perception For th e pre sid e nt meeting with the Easons could go a long way toward firing up the black base in Ohio. The Obama campaign doesn't just want Black voters to trickle into voting booths in November; they would like to duplicate the euphoria and unprecedented black turnout from the 2008 campaign To accomplish this tall order, black folks will need to see Pres. Obama in their communities ; talk to him, to look him in the eye and shake his hand. :; Ill ll. z William Dalev Resignation Signals less Conciliatorv Pres. Barack Obama Wt-The departure of White ...J House Chief of Staff William ...J Daley is the latest sign President Obama is likely to take ...J a confrontational approach W with congressional Republicans over the next year z Pres. Obama, who anW nounced Monday Daley had en resigned and Budget Director Jacob Lew would take the (t helm at the White House, 0 brought in Daley last January as part of a group of changes designed to help the president court both Republicans and business groups who had op posed the president's policies in his first two years in office Daley is known as a more centrist Democrat than many of Pres. Obama' s advisers and was close to the business community from his time as a vice-chairman at JP Morgan But that effort to reduce partisan tensions largely failed over the last year as Re publicans have remain sharply opposed to President Obama's ideas. And over the last few months, Pres. Obama in turn has effectively stopped trying to work with them, pro posing a series of job creation ideas last fall that Republicans have long opposed and last week unilaterally appointing Richard Cordray as the new director of a federal consumer watchdog agency de spite the protestations of GOP leaders. Presidential News Tavis Smilev Booted From MlKEvent TAVIS SMILEY Tavis Smiley, the PBS talk show hos t who has criticized President Barack Obama for not doing enough for the African-American community, says he was ousted as the speaker at a Martin Luther King luncheon because he was trying to hold the president countable. I don't see my role as one of criticizing the president. I see my role as one of holding the president this and every other president-accountable," Smiley said. "Something is wrong with this country ... that so often the political right, and I am no de fender of the political : right ... gets accused of playing the game of political correctness. What this underscores is that those on the left, the Democrats can play that game of political correct ness as well," he added. Smiley was booted from 2oth annual MLK luncheon ori Jan. 16 that is hosted by the Peoria Civic Center. The announced last week that ley had been replaced by Michael Eric D)rson as guest speB.ker of the event, citfug people were "upset about com ments that Tavis Smiley has made." "What's important to us is putting together a luncheon that celebrates the life and work of Dr. King," luncheon organizer Alma Brown said last week, according to a local report. "And it became evident over the last few days that people were upset about comments that Tavis Smiley had made. Comments that we weren't aware of unfor tunately, so we made the deci sion to cancel his contract." Rahm Emanuel savs He Has 'Great Relationship' With First ladv: (.) I N ,.... w (!) RAHM EMANUEL Disputes Claims In The Obamas' Book Mayor Rahm Emanuel briefly responded to reports of tension be tween himself, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during a pres s conference on the Southwest Side Sunday Emanuel, who was touting a $66o million school infrastructure proj ect, told report e rs that h e s till has a "great relationship with the Pres. Obama family, after a n e w book de sc ribed their relationship as di stant a nd awkward." "Th e Obamas, by Jodi Kantor of The N e w York Tim e s, is about the s train th e pre sid e nt' s fir s t few y ears in offi c e placed on his marriage. "I know what I know which i s th e truth, Emanuel told r e port e rs, according to the Chicago Sun Tim e s "And I'm v ery proud to hav e work e d for th e pr e sident and the first l ady, a nd Amy and I are v ery proud to call th e m frie nd s Black Fraternities Form Pres. Obama Super Pac Another factor making 2012 politically historic? It marks the first presidential election with super P ACs. Given free rein by a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision, super P ACs are independent committees al. lowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to support, or skewer, a political candidate They're already shaping the election. After a pro-Romney super PAC, Restore Our Fu ture, spent nearly $3 million on attack ads in Iowa Newt Gingrich, his lead in the state swiftly plummeted. But a new pro-Pres. Obama super PAC, 1911 United, has a different strategy in mind: to mobilize an "army of Pres. Obama supporters." Backed by members of Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi, historically Black fra ternities that both celebrated their centennials last year, 1911 United aims to raise $1.5 mil lion toward training and or ganiZmg African-American voters in key battleground states to re-elect President Obama. Members of the two frater nities joined forces last year, officially forming the commit tee in December, after seeing that both organizations were running their own campaign volunteer-recruitment efforts at college homecoming events. "We were thinking about how we could really honor the legacy of those brothers who got together 100 years ago, and we thought perhaps the best thing we could do is help re elect our president, Sinclair Skinner, committee treasurer said. To achieve this goal, 1911 United plans to organize and deploy 10 ,000 volunteers to register at least 100 voters each and activate them to -hit the polls. The PAC is focusing its efforts in Florida, North Car olina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Colorado. "When it comes to putting down dollars, energy and ef fort; these are the critical bat tleground states," said Skinner, 42. "We also chose states where the Black elec torate represents a percentage of the population that will make a difference in the elec tion's outcome if we don't come out. We're not fighting Republicans; we re fighting a pathy." Skinner, a mechanical en gineer who served as field di rector for former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty's first mayoral campaign, says that he understands criticism of super PACs in general, for allowing corpo rations to dominate the politi cal process. But he's unapologetic about forming one. Min Romnev savs He 'likes Firing People' -MITf ROMNEY. Mitt Romney has made the most glaring gaffe of his campaign to date, saying he "liked firing people just as op ponents have started rounding on him for the predatory na ture of the financial firm he ran for 14 years. The front-runner for theRepublican presidential nomina tion was closing in on victory in New Hampshire on Tuesda y night, but his prospects there and in future primary contests are now thre atened by an off the cuff remark made during an question and answer ses sion at a chamber of commerce breakfast meeting. In the course of an answer on how to bring down health care costs, Mr. Romney said he wanted individuals to buy their own health insurance, rather than have their com pany buy it for them. "That means the insurance company will have an incentiveto keep you healthy. It also means that if you don't like what they do, you could fire them. I like being able to fire people who provide services to me. You know, if someone isn t giving the good service, I want to say, I'm going to go get someone else to provide this service," he said. In its full context the quote may seem more benign, but as a sound bite it will provide powerful ammunition not only to any of his Republican oppo nents who choose to use it but, should he win the nomination, to President Barack Obama's campaign.


COGIC Talent Showcase The Church of God in Christ Tampa District Talent Showcase was held at the Center For Man ifestation, Apostle Mark Jones, Pastor. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Representing the Queen Street Church of God in Christ, St. Petersburg, were Krista! Hill, Tamyia Wright, Ebony Thomas and Jaluya Johnson. Rev. Clethen Sutton, Pastor of Miracle Temple COGIC and Coach Bev supporting her niece, Deca. Glo took third place in the showcase. Dominique Cob standing left, with the members: Skyler Cobb, Rayonna M i ton, Tayvon Howard, Jayla Howard, Aleira Vincent and A mand Hughes. ask uarv, a medical and Iawver referral service 'Non-attorney spokesperson 24 hours a day 1 7 days a week a www.1800ASKGARY.com CAll US TODAY se habla espaiiol 1-2J9. Takes ptj(le Joining In rlibe Celebration of This Is Also The Day We Celebrate Our.,. Anniversary Thank You To The Community For Your Support. 1 LB. GIZZARDS & FRIES S4.99 EXPIRES: JANUARY 31, 2012 1 PIECE OF FISH RICE & BEANS S4.99 EXPIRES: JANUARY 31, 2012


N ,... 0 N ("') ,.. c a: LL c z < c en w ::) .... iX: w > w c w :::z::: en ::::i m ::) c.. z i= w ...J ...J ::) m R.etirement celebration 35-Yea r Teaching .career Celebrated Honoree, Theresa Baillou, seated with other family members: daughter, Dr. Kandyce Baillou; son, Tony Baillou; granddaughter, Jastyn; and her sister, Zelma Benton BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Editor Ms. Theresa Baillou left the school system of Hillsborough County in December 2010, but officiall y retired in December 2011 It was just a few days ago that her daughter, Kandyce Baillou, surprised her with a Retirement Party. Famil y and friends awaited her arrival and joined the celebra tion. A F AMU grad with a degre e in Music (emphasis on piano) Ms. Baillou, who pla yed cla rinet, was at FAMU during the time fe males were not allowed in the band. I wasn t e ven al lowed in the Symphonic Or ch estra," she said. She t aught music for 6 ye ars in Dade County at L e i sure City Elementary, Homestead Air Force Base and Riv ersid e Elementary. Moving back to Tampa, s h e spent more tha n 20 ye ars in the e l e mentary s chool s y s t e m Sh e earne d a Master s d eg r ee in R ea din g and El e m e ntary Edu c ation in 1980. Sh e was a R ea ding R e source Sp e cialist from 1996-2010 wh e n that position became a Reading Coach, where she trained other teachers. She credits Dr. Margaret Fisher with giving her the opportunity to become a Reading Resource Specialist. Through a program with the School District and tl).e University of Florida, Ms. Baillou earned a Master' s degree in School Counseling. She was the only African American in the group of about 20, where she had to be bilingual. Ms. Baillou's career in Tampa included inner city schools. She taught at Oak Park Young Middle Magnet and Middleton High School, ending her career at North Tampa Alternative School. She also taught night school at Middleton Adult Leto and Jefferson Adult programs. In retirement, Ms. Baillou plans to enjo y more of life b y traveling and spending time with her 2y ear-old granddaughter Jastyn. Among her affiliations are First Baptist Church of Col lege Hill Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and Jack and Jill As sociates. (Photos by Sylvester Harris) HART Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority HARTinfo Line 813-254-4278 TDD 8 1'3-626-9158 www.goHART.org


., r-0 0 il> C/) m z :::! z m r-aJ c: rrm :::! z ., c: ar r-Ci) :::1: m 0 m < m :::D -< c: m C/) 0 ?< )> z 0 ., :::D 0 ?< C) m c.> I 0


c a: LL c z <( c CJ) w 1-w > w c w :I: CJ) ::::i m ll. z j::: w ..J ..J m c I o:t w Cl


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