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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 24, no. 92 (November 2, 1971)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
November 2, 1971
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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BLOW ON HEAD RESULTS IN DEATH, SUSPECT BE SOUGHT Hear Ye! This Office Closes At Noon Every Wed. And Sat. -SEE STORY ON PAGE S I Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU Omega Confab Set For Tampa. B Strange Acting Man HospitaiJzed (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) FASHIOtf SKIT HIGHLIGHTS THE NON PARIELS' ANNUAL SHOW The Non Pariels' annual fall prt>sentation of Bota fashion skit by Maas Brot!hers employees who dis-Grant, Cindy Dexter, Rla Anderson and Larry Castle-tine and Soulier was Sunday afternoon In the Garden played the new took in coats. Piuticipants ft"Om left are man. Room or International InD. Highlight.ng the show wa s Alberl a Blake, Rick Hosmer, Linda Bordeaux, Linda


PAGE TWO Fla. Sentinel BuUetln-Published f!very Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions November 2, 1971 COURTHOUSE CAPERS Assaults Jackie Collins, 19, 1712 N. Boulevard, was reportedly struck on the head with a tire iron e arly Sunday morning. She told police that she was arguing w1th 11 man at 3239 W. Columbus Dr. During the squabble the man hit her with the iron then left the I!Cene in his car. A suspect known only as ''Jit t.erbug", cut Elijah Billings, 36, 11101 16th S treet, with a kmfe e s he tried t o investigate an arflument. Billings said he saw Jitterbug and another man having a heated argument at 15th Avenue and 18th Street. Billings went llp to see what was going on Jitterbug was holding a knife i n his hand and suddenly turned end cut. Billings on the left s1de of the face and neck. Twenty two year old Jessie H a ll 404 E Oak, was assaulted h1le Saturday night while he was at 1032 Central Avenue. Investigating officers said Hall was t;truck on the face with a bottle. Late Friday night, police reported, William Lett, beat his wife Patricia Ann, 20, 2000 36th Street, after an argument at Oregon and No. B Street. Of ficer H. H Reese said the man his wi!e with a bottle. Sus ie Bell Carter, 43, 3212 22nd Street, was taken to a local hoslate s.aturday night for 1 re 11lnwn t of a wound on the fore h e d Mrs. Carter was a t Gene' s B:n, 22nd Skeet and Malwry when a man wielding a tire iron .. .John Willi e Robinson, 4(], 2410 ll2nd Avenue, told police Satthat he was shot in the e. Friday mornin-g. A susJ'l T I McCle nd o n i n the f:Jt't' 11ith his fist and feet. Burglaries Gfthsemane Aposolic Faith Temple, 1522 Nassa1.", was bnr;.:h1ri7.ed ovt'r the weekend, pCllit't' said. Elder L. Igles, 3l!U4 l':Jlndto told police officers that fans. \'a]ued at $00 were lll:w as Gangt', 1101 LaSalle ; was brv.Keu in to rectr.s. '1'1'1 h i .u. ;; ; 11.l 11 St>t of eye\ \J :a\T,;. at wert' 1:''''11 .-t,mpt.:.d lo f!lkr tWJ ::1 J',Hnpa :JoiJlt'S over 1ll::> ,,. 6::: P T.othy W il:;o n !:. !'. 'lpt 4 5;Jid :on .. : tried to e !lter 1 ; :l r,Jnoving : : n ....: f, :n w !nt;ht' ''t'd 1::: 1 ;c ''Y h:flli't' llt' Woi S \ ,if fron1 cf Ft'fie Dt !I l\l1 : ..... $75, was taken Thursday night during a burglary at the home of Ben Singletary, Jr., 27, 8621. 2 Zack Street, Apt. 6 Police said that Singletary missed the set at 6:30 Jessie Clark 118 S o '"A1bany, Apt. 107, repor! to poli c e Sun day thathi$ res nee had be .en dul.fi1g t he early evening. the place \Vas a set, ::<.t An unlocked doo.r. was the point uf entry for a lhi.fli S unday night at the home of Ernestine M o b le y, 41, Cherry, she reporte d The thieves, who went into the house bei.ween 6 and 9 p. m., took a portable television set, worth $40. Mrs. Maxine Inman, 21, 1001 14th Aver.llle Apt. 3, los t $248 in merchandise to burglars who entered her home e arly Thursday m orning. Mrs. Inman lis ted the stolen property as several rings, men's cuff Jinks, men's shoes and clothing and two pieces of luggage. An electric hand h air dryer was stolen from Fosters Barber Shop, 1937 Main Street, police said early Monday morning. The owner, Nathaniel Fosler, 40, 1005 N. Manhattan, sai d the dryer is worth $25. A bric k was thrown through the window to allow the thieves to enter the shop. Thefts A 1963 Che vy was stolen from Centra l and Harrison StJeet during the early morning hours Monday. The car was driven from the scene by turning an unlockt: d ignition switch police sai d The v ehicle, owned by Davi d D avi s 25, 3712 E. Clifton, is worlh $300, After being beate n by her husband late Friday night, Mrs Patricia Lett, 20, 2000 36th !:treet, wa.s attacked and robbed at Cleveland and Packwood. Mrs. Lett said she was knocked on the head, cut 011 lhe l e ft h and a nd possibl y on the back of h e r neck with a sharp typ e i n sln.;'n11lt by thieves w h o fled with her a1S purse. A l!Jti1 Buick, worth $100, waB stol e n Friday night where W il lia m H()do had parked it at 1! : : J O that night. Hodo told police he had parked the car on 18th St. and 26t h Avenue. Glenn Wayne McDaniels, 18, and Dorne!J Robert Simmons, HI, were arrested Friday night for the theft of $46.95 wort h o f g o o d s they reportedly had t a k e n fro m two white men, Michael P Wyatt, 14, and Ri c hard T. Wyatt, 18, 713 Limelree Rd. They were accused of tak in g i wo watches from the yo ungsters &nd fit-d Black White Heredity Study Tabled :\'ob el .Pr iz.ewinuer Dr. W illiam Sho c k ley has bef'n tumed down in l11s att< mpt to ha\e tht> !\'at i .md Academy of !:kit'll('t'.S study the mle t>f en\'!ronnwnt and heredit y :n tn: n i n,; intPiiigence. The ar.adttm tal;ied nJotitll ft>r t ilt' during a J : r ;nllt' met-! ing 11t :encit J by 100 of tile !llt'nl-a l"ni\ t'l':':''<.'I' S has ac fc)f li .o' 11Jy lu tk!en: !:i;e 1\h<"!hel th,Tt> ::rt> h rt"d :t.,;, d :r! n-:wes !Hid I n a p.;per pn &"J:!t'd ''' :lie :;, ;'dtJn}' :n Sl"" !ns rt':;t"d!Th :i;e !Ll the Gpi::; .. -.n tha{ the tn2j o r de ::1 ::\eg:\1 Suspect Nabbed A 22-year-o l d former mental patient was hos-pitaliz.ed here Thursday after he allegedly tried to board a D allas-bound jet w1th the intent ion of diverting it to Washington. U S. Deputy Marshal Mickey Newberger o f Tampa said the Negro man, armed onl y with a small pen knife, said he had planned to order the pilot t:> fly to Washington S:> he could scnfront President Nixon to protest recent economic conditions. Black Cils To Sue Over Transfers FRANKFURT, West GermanyLawyers for 45 black American soliders stationed at Darmstadt said here Sunday they were going to file a suit against the U. S Army to prohibit "illegal and punitive transfer" of the men to other camps in West Germany. The lawyers said the soliders were being transfered as a punishment even though the Army had dropped charges of willful disobedience which had been placed against them. The original case stemmed from a demonstration at the camp last July following a brawl i n which white soldiers tried to prevent blac k GI"s from listening to soul music in the mess-hall. The lawyers said they were already on a plane to return to the United Saturday night, after the Army announced it was dropping a ll the charges, when the lawyers were told of throughout Wes t by move s to scaLier the soliders M< Jllday mornin g. Two lawyers immediatel y got off the plane and went to see t.he c olonel who was arra n ging the transfer. The y said that it became clear while talking to him t hat the motivation for this move was essentially his desire to get revenge b y punishing these men. Chisholm Says Campaign Is Serious Effort WAS HI NGTON -Second term Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, D-N.Y., said Sw1day ber campaign for president is a .. ery, very serious effort," but i f she had even imagined it 10 yea1s ''I just would have laug hed myself sick." The 46-year-old f rcm Brooklyn, who gave u p teaching for politics snd became the first black woman elected to Congress, is expected to formally annow1ce her candidacy for the Democrati c nomination for president on Jan. 1. left no d:::ubt however, that !'be is an active now snd it's not a laughing matter. "My prime consideration is sn honest to goodness bona fide consideration for the presidency,' she said. Her plans now call for running in the New York, Florida, North Carolina, Califomia and W isconsin presidential primaries. 'Til be able to go to Miami i Democrat.ic National Convention l Jiext: and be a force t.o be rt-ckoned with said. "No one knows what can happen 11ft.t>r eH!ybod: gets to ?>Iiami." Farmer Calls Brooke 'Excellent Candidate' llt:J'\'G IH.:\CK w otil d t;o t ham p.-r the c!la:!Cf'S of SI"Jl. Edward W. Brooke. 11. for i:Jt". i1!g elt>cted Y !c e pn'>; Cf'!i' or P\t-:; acr ordi:1g to c ;:l !:gh!s :<;ldt>r Jilmes Farm; r .. 2:; cc.:ndl{!Ll.tfl ... sa:d ::: e Fr:.;ncisco 's s bet! rrats t: r.::' ,-:: ... ; ::l ::: e:t e:::y r, .. ,\e .;.. ::! tf SHOTS FIRED AT HOME OF BLACK AFTER PROTEST ANNISTON Ala. -Hours after the head of the local NAAC P led a demonstration in support of an expelled blac k pupil, numerous shots were fired into his Jiving room. Police said about 11 shots were f 1red F r ida y night into t he homP of the Rev. John Nettles, chairman of the Calhoun County brc.nch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Ndtles was next door in a church. He said his wife had stood up to answer a telephone call and would have been hit by tl1e bullets had she not moved. His ch1ldren were i n a bedroom. Police say' t he y hav e no claes as to who was. responsi ble and declined to speculate on possible reasons for the shooting. About 50 blacks led by Nettles, staged a demonstration earlier Friday in front of t he Calhoun County Courthouse in an a ttempt to get Han-ey Garrell, a pu p i l suspended Oct. 15 for allegedly striking the principal of Walter W e l!born High School, back i n school. The Calhoun County School Board late r voted to expel G;;rrett. A statement released by the board said Garrett "not only struck at him have dismissed cases against defendants when the evidence against them has been ob tained by the use of police bru tality. A black judge in Ne\Y York recently ruled that a woman is not an unfit mother because she Jives with a man who is not her .legal husband. The Essence article s avs abou t 1:!5 black JUdges recent]); fon11e d the Judicial Co un cil of the Na tiona! B a 1 .. Assn pledging to eradi cate racial and class bias f r on1 all aspects or the judicial process,' remove crimina l case backlogs, exer t influence to get nYre black judges appointed, Pte. Essen<"!' calls it.<.:e]f the magazin2 f o r t odays black ',:oman." To EquaHze Pay Dl'RBA::\', S out h Africa -The annual Methodist Conference o f S:uth Africa has decided to pro. \'ide equal f o r all its ministtr'i regardless of race. Officials sai d the equalization will take 6 to 8 years. Buy From Sentinel Florida Advertisers FOR SALE THREE BEDROOM FRAME DWELLIHC 334 Palm 1M EXCELLENT CONDITION $6,000 IMCLUDINC 6 PER CENT IHTEREST PHONE: C. BLYTHE ANDREWS 248-1921 .. ; -. .. -.


PAC!. THREI ARETHA FRANKLIN PRESENTED SILVER LOVING CUP BY COMPANY NEW YORK Soul Singer Aretha Franklin Is a proud daughter as her father, Rev. C. L. Franklin shows off a silver loving cup given her by Atlantic Record Co. following her sellout concert at New York's Madison Square Garden. Looking on are Mrs. Ruth Bowen, president of Queen Booking Corp., who books Aretha, and the Rev. Ralph Abernathy. ----------------------------;------------------------------------------,---TAMPAN IS FINALIST IN NORTH TAMPA BEAUTY PAGEANT By RON PRESSLEY Sentinel Staff Writer It was learne d this week that Sherrell Smith, a former Miss Tampa contestant was recently picked as one of ten finalists in the Miss North Tampa Beauty Pageant. Sherrell, a 1971 graduate of Plant High School, became a contestant in the pageant after being contacted by Mrs. Olga Rhodes, the pageant coordinator. The 5-ft 9-inch beauty has been a contestant in beauty pageants :;ince her junior high school days. While attending Just Junior High she was the school queen. Sher rell was a majorette at bQth Blake and Plant High school and was selected to appear on the cover of the school's calendar for the month of July, while attend ing Plant. She remembered that once she appeared in the Sentinel MISS SMITH Strange Acting Man Hospitalized A 42 year old man was taken to the County Hospital and placed in the mental ward after he creatt:ci disturbance in his neighl,>orhoocl Saturday afternoon. Police officers D. D. Snow and L H. Cannon were dispatched to 2410 E. Louisiana at :30 that af ternoon and were met by Silas Wiggins who informed them that his brother, Hubert, who lives with him, had bee1 a;ting in a very uncontrollable manner. A neighbor said she was in her yard talking with some friends when Hubert tried to get into her locked fence where she keeps two large German Shephard dogs. Mrs. Matilda Valdez, 2417 E. Louisiana, said she tried to stop the man by telling him the dogs would bite him. He cornered the woman and began yelling, cursing and shaking his fist in her face while telling her she was a sinful woman who "needs a dog to protect her against colored people." Mrs. Valdez said after she final ly got away from him, he went to her friend's car and began hitting on the roof and hood of the car preaching religion. His brother, Silas, said he had been in and out of a mental hos pital in Arcadia seven times over the years. Silas expressed his desire to have his brother locked up be cause he is unable to handle him. as "Beauty or. the week." Although Sherrell did not win the Miss Tampa contest a year ago, she received a trophy for the best non-finalist talent of mod ern jazz dancing. The preliminary for the Miss North Tampa Pageant was held recently at the Teco Hall with 16 girls participating The final judg ing will be held Saturday, November 6 at Curtis Hixon Hall. Out-of town judges will select Miss North Tampa and two run ners-up in swim suit competition end through interview and per sonal talent Sherrell, who measures 36-26-88, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith, 3909 Cherry St Her hobbies are singing, dancinb and just being herself The 18 year old is employed at Dan Good as a cashier while a t tending her freshman year at Hillsborough Community College. Buy from Florida Sentinel Advertisers BLOW ON HEAD RESULTS IN DEATH, SUSPECT SOUGHT Sgt. Ralph Mills of the Homicide Division of the Tampa Police Department said Monday afternoon that a warrant has been issued for Samn1ie Waters charging hi & with first degree murder in cot. neclion wit h the death of Willie Clifford Hannah 23, 2209 17th Avenue. Hannah and Waters had a heat ed dispute at Gene's Bar, 22nd St. and Malory Avenue, on October 23. Police said a pack of cigarettes touched off the ar<'umen reportedly started to fight and Waters picked up an iron pipe and struck Hannah on the Elderly Man Killed By Car Tampa police reported Friday night that 74 year old Benjamin Singletary, 1232 Scott Street, was struck imd killed by a car at 8:30 that night while at Avenue and Estelle An investigation into the mishap revealed that Singletary was walk ing toward the intersection when a car, being driven by John Pope. 39, Jefferson Street, hit him. The officers said that Singletary stepped off the cu 'rb causing the car to hit him and travel 150 feet before coming to a complete stop Pope was charged with operat Ing a car without a license. Wilson Funeral Home Is ir charge of funeral arrangements. Bartow Services at Burkett Chapel P. B Church of which Rev. S. P. Kilpatrick is pastor, began with the Sunday school with bhe acting supt., Mrs. lVIozella Wright and te achers at their posts. Mrs. Ben nie M Bentley reported the hi ghest amount of m:ney to the Sunday school. Women and Men s Day was ob served at both services Mrs. Marie Kilpatrick was the morning speaker. A choir from Ft. Pierce, Mt .Pleasant P. B Church, rendered the music Evening service began at the usual hour with the pastor de livering the message This was enjoyed by all. Mrs. Bernice J. Green was chair m a n and Mrs. Bertha Shula was the co-chairman. head The inve s tigating officers listed the incident as aggravated assault and Hannah was taken to Tampa General Hospital where he re mained in critical condition for over a week He was dead by an attending physician shortly past two Saturday morn Ing. The homicide division has launched a .full scale search in an effort to locate and arrest Waters on the murder charge Funeral arrangements for Hannah are being handled by Wilson Funeral Home Brooksville Usher's Union Quarterly Session convened at Mt. Zion, Mondoa Hill Oct. 28-31. Rev A. J. James .,Is pastor Thursday night Mt. Zion was In charge. Misses Kaye Gonzales, Karen Willis, Mt. Zion Jr. choir and Mr Ulysses McKeever appeared 011 program. Friday night Mr. Alphonso In mon and Mr. W. F. McGee led devotion. Others O!l program Mr. Marshall Lawson, Rev. Willie Davis delivered the sermOn ancl Rev. I. C. Davis was the alter nate. Sunday morning Sunday school began at the usual hour with the supts. and teachers at their posts. Morning service began at 11 with Mr. Curtis Sanders and Eddie Green in charge of devo tion. Mrs. B. M. Stewart render ed a solo and Rev. D. C. Stewari ceivered the sermon and Rev. L, E. McGhee was the alternate The report of kings and queens was held at 3. The following churches were represe. nted: Mt. Zion, Mondon Hill, Arnold Gon zales and Arlene 'Y'illis ; Firs Baptist, Daryl Smith and Yolanda D. Sanders; Bethlehem Baptist, Darryl Thomas and Loretta Bay lor; and Ebenezer Baptist Stan ley Hall and Linda Marks. Evening service was ne.ld from 4 to 5 and Mr. James Washing ton and Alex Holmes led devo tion Mrs Lucille Huntley ren dered a solo and Rev. L. E. Me Gee delivered the sermon. Rev. John Overstreet was tlle alernate. David Reese, rept.


PAGE f'OUR Fla. SeilUnel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Frl Get Both Editions Tuesday, Novembel' I, 1971 Published eveey Tua4ar Ed l'rldaJ bJ Florida Sentinel-Bulletin Publisbiog Co. P. 0. Bas 3363, Tampa, Florida 33601. I C. BL YTBE ANDREWS Founder and Publisher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JK. Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice MRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society .1 JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertisinf Second class p::>stage pt'id at Tampa, Florida SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 per year one edition. 1 $12.50 per year both editions Two More Nominees If th.is newspaper doesn't seem os happy as some others because President Nixon finally came up with a couple of Supreme Court nominees whose legal qualifica-1ions at least, are not seriousl y questioned, there is a reason. The President went out of h1s way to tag Lewis Franklin Pow ell, Jr. of Richmond and William Hubbs Rehnquis t of Phoenix as ''philosophical conservatives" and it goes without saying that they flre "strict construCJtionists." Thus, if anybody's ox gets gored by them, odds are that it will beto black and poor people. And that's no reason to cheer. President Nixon has proved !himself a real diehard when i t comes to doing something llc has his heart set on. So that if ever he decides "togetherness" in this country is a worthwhile go a I changes of a dras1tic na1ture will be forthcom in g. There are two kinds of smart men, thos e who prefer to do as Romans when in Rome and those who take independen1 t stands at all times based on their underof the facts. In Powell vnd Rehnquist the President may get a surprise before his term ex pires, if they are okayed by the Senate. Hopefully, wit:h a southerner end a Goldwater man nominated, the President ia filnished wiith l1is debt to Strom Thurmond and future court aelections can be made with the welfare of t h e country more in mind-to s a y nothing of the people whose lives 'have b e en hur't directly by the finger pointing and balloon hoist ing methods Mr. Nixon used this Trip For Money No black man in the United States can fail to h.ave a feding of outrage on learninar that some of our t.>stcemed entertainers have forgotten from whence they have c:omt, nnd are planning money making trips to South Africa, that )Jole in the wall that, unless it changes, one day will become the bloodiest battleground the world lrna ever known. For here is where they a.ay your black &kin ml'ans you entlr by 1hl' back door, sit in tht back of l 'aihoad can and bust's, eat at I"tslaurant counters and can' t live with your husbnd or thildnn. W(' call it SLAVERY. Fifht'n million blacks are held in bondage by 3.7 million whites im. a separation that has provtd 1o be a monev makt'r to the American lt'11 c:dled nnd means if you're You c:ln ht anyt:me AS THE INEQUITIES ARE MADE MO HE VIVID, RESENTMENT FOLLOWS -------------------""---------------during the day or night if you don't have the proper identification. (They don' t knock on doors or have to get a warrant.) This ridiculous and stomach turning practice also means that blacks can't own land, black children SJtart school two years later rthan whirtes and 25 per cent are forced to leave school after one year. It Is in this slave country that the whites don't have to pay for their children's education bu t black parents who have no money must pay $23 per year. One main reason the black African is really having a hard time breaking the slave yoke is because of the of dollars American businesses have invested in the country without demanding that the country improve Hs laws and treat it11 citizens like human beings. Arms being used by the South Afr\ican polilce come from the1 Uni'ted States; airplanes are made by Lockheed, oil is control!ed by the U. S. oil companie11 and the lillit goes on. Black entertainers who plan to make this trek to South Afric3. would be wiae to do some reading befo1e they go. For if they don't they may find that they too have placed one more shackle around the necks of their black brotl1ers in Africa. U. S. Congress Honors B. B. King WASHINGTON D_C. -singer B. B. King was honored here today in the House of Rep resenlatiYes bY Con g r e ssman Richard Fulton 1 Dem.) of Nash Yille. Tennessee for his perform flnce at the Teunessee State Penitfnlinry and appearances at six Cther penal institutions. The where King has pcrf,>rnlt'd i;lclc!de: Ce()k .1 ail. Chic:lg,: Lorwn Reforma-1c ry. \"irg!::i.J: D;;h.!e Stltck3de. F\:kt'rs I--FBI. Te-rry Sen-... : __ : .. :::-:-.-:"'o ",-:fed tCcntinurd tin Pag-e 22J


Tuesday, November 2, I 971 Fla. Buiietln-Published every Tues. and FrL Get Both Editions PAG! FIVE I Our f o r t:-ai!1;ng !l5 a security p o l i ceman. :\irman Bursey attend e d :\lelbm : rne High School. H i 3 fa ther Jame s W. Bursey, reside1 a t 3112 S. :\lain St., :\Ielbourne. SAN A NTONIO-Airman David S i nkf i e l d Jr. whose wife is the former Elmyra Warren of 1 215 W. B o be S t., P e n s a c ola has com pleted basic training at La c kl an d AFB, Tex He has b een assi gn e d to Keesler AFB M i ss ., for train ing in t he air traffic con t rol field. Airman Sinkfield is a 1970 grad uate of Washington Senior High S c hool. BURSEY SAN ANTONIO A irman Gary E Bursey, s o n of l\'lrs. Charlye ]VI. Walker of 825 E Un iversit y Blvd., Mel bourne, has received h i s first U.S Air Force duty as si gnment af ter completing basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex. The airman has been assigned to a unit of the Strategic Air Com mand at Malmstrom AFB, Mont WORTHY SAN ANTONIO -Airman Ruth A. Worth.v, daughter of Mrs. Frank Williams 426 N W 56th St :'IIi arn.i has received her first U.S. A.ir Force duty assignment af ter completing basic training aet Lack land AFB, Tex. The air man has been assigned to a unit of the U S Air Force Security Service at Goodfellow AFB Tex. for training and duty in the administrative field Airman Wor-Tan thy, a 1970 graduate of Miami P C L Jackson Senior Hig h School, at-1 s 'T a. tended Miami Dade Junior ColWILLIAl\'IS SAN ANTONIO-Airman. Isaao W. Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac W. Williams, 311 W. Second St., Lakeland, has completed basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex. He has been assigned to Keeslef AFB, Miss., for training In the administrative field. Airman Williams Is a 1971 graduate of Lakeland Senlor High School. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 Things You Should Know COLERIVGEfAYLOR .. .. BORN AUGUSTI511875,1N ENGLAND; SON OF AN ENGLISH'NOMAN a A NEGRO PHYSICIAN AFRICA. HE AT-TEN>EO COllEGE FROM 1890 TO 1891 a HIS FlRST P\.SUSHEO 1HEE,O LORD tN189t /IN 1903 HE BECAME A PROFESSOR AT TRINITY COllEGE a THAT FALLHfCAME TO!: MERICA wtRE HE YION MUCH ACCLAlM.INTHE SUMMER OF19l2 HE ... .,,I ______ .... ____ .. .... Curious Cameraman By RON PRESSLEY QUESTION: ls the local high schools football game attendance great or less since the school desegregation plan started? WILLIA:\1 FRANKLIN, 2207112 19th Ave., odd jobs: "I would say the game attendance i.1)5 2itl !'Pinion iJ yes, the game att.,.nc l?:('e ha : J in crea::oo. The are m 0 1 e thril!iT g and t h cr._ l!t e ers partidp:<:ting. LAWRENCE MATTOX, 360% 20tl St., visiting: "No, because it u net as much competition a:s it wa. befor-e. The schools are playint other looal schools the p1ayert want to travel." LOUISE'S DIUYE ID Spedaliziag Ia Beer WiDe and Bar-JI..Qae Most weekends live eatertalnment Free 3720 E. Buftalo Ave. lU1 lN Prescribed by many dentists Used" by millions. for Instant relief gJrt ORA-JEL with the Good Housekeep-ing Seal. j r arae


PAGE SIX Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Puhlished every Tues. ana Frf. Get Both Editions Tuesday, November 2, 1971 PRETTY THREESOME AT This pretty threesome was among dance fans at the Armory to hear the Moments a few nights ago. MOMENTS DANCE They a1 e from left, Linda Williams, Ida Evans and Isabelle Keith. PLANNING COMMITTEE RECEIVES PRAISE Refl, Paulette Su)){>r and .S.tm1 Spt';trman. Ebenezer Baptist 1213 Scott Street Rev. R. B. Jones, Pastor S. S. began at 9:45 with the supt. in charge. All teachers were at their posts. Morning worship began at 11 with Mr. R. Williams in charge of devotion. The No. 1 choir and u s h ers served. The messag e was delivered by the pastor. One member was added to the c hurch. There will be a program given bv the No. 1 ch o ir and each n;ember of the churc h is asked to bring a co\' e r e d dish. Please Y isit the sick and shut-ins. Mt. Tabor Ways And Means Committee :\Irs. .\. H. Howard. Chairman :\Irs. Lula :\1. Baker, Rept. T h e \\'ays And Commit tee of 11t. Tabor B Chttrch of wh ich Re1 T J James Ja will be s elli ng d inners Friday beginning a 1 2:30 and all dRy Saturday. The public is in Yited to come by and help ua 0ut. The church ls located at 20(.\1 Xo. Albany. The cc,mmittee will sponsor a musical program :'>!onclay night lit 8 at the churc h The pub li c 1.1 lmitt>!h-AME Laymen Plan Construction LAKELA N D At a special aession of the Ele venth Episcopal Distri c t Lay Or gani zation held at Bethel Al\IE Church, October 23, Episcopal L;Jy President Selma Bradley trustees, Bishop G. N Collins, Presiding Elders, and min isters formulated plans for land clearance and erecting their propostd main laymen' s center building The trustees met in session at 9 a m with President Bradley presiding. Discussion on grading, curbing playing and sidewalks was heard. The group voted unanimously f o r Mr. Bradley to proceed with the development program and report the results in the fourthcoming exect..'live board meeting in January, 1972. Bishop Collins gave needed advice to the trustees and pledged his full support to the project soon to be cOnstructed. Morning worship began at 11, with Rev. R. J Blaine, host pastor leading devotion. The senior COMING c hoi r of Be t hel rendered tion s Presentat ion of spe aker by Rev. G. L. Champion. Tha speak er, Rev. P. 0. l\Iorris pastor of Mt. Zion AlVIE Church, l\I a d i s o n F l orida, seleded his message from 1st Samuel 7th ch apter, 12t h verse, "Hereto Hat h the L ord Helped Us This m essage was a masterpiece that held the nt.."Clience s attent i o n from beginnig to the end The invita tion was extended by Rev. B L. Davis. Others participated on program. Roll call of churches for dona tions and pledges netted the laymen a total of $1 753.13. Following the business .session, the group formed a motocade to the site of the laymen's center where the host church lierved a tast y menu to the several hundred gathered. The South Florida Conference, Mrs. Irene L. Taylor president, proposed a resolution as an incentive for all laity. EVENTS NOV. 3-7-Nation Convention of the National Council of Negro W men, Washington, D. C. NOV. 3-7-Past.or's Anniversary, First Baptist Church, West Tampa, 7:30 P. l\-1. NOV. 7-GnHt Day, Oak Hill Baptist Church, 11 A.M. NOV. 8-Musical Program, Mt. Tabor l\1. B. Church, 8 P. M. NOV. 14-Guest Day, True Vine l\1. B. Church, 11 A.M. NOV. 14-Stewardship Emphasis Day, Beulah Baptist Church. NOV. 14-Fellowship Hour, Mt. Tabor M. B. Church, 3 P. l\1. NOV. 14-Appreclation Program, Oak Hill Baptist Church, 11 A.M. NOV. l!0-21-Thirty-six hole Turkey Festival Tourney, Rogers Park Golf Course. NOV. 20-"Miss Black Uhuru" Coronation Ball, Manger l\'Iot{lr Inn, 8 P.M. NOV. !1-Pre-Thanksglvlng Te-a sponsored by Beulah Baptist Choir No. 1, Beulah Activity Building, 4-6 P. M. NOV. 21-Greater Bethel Sanctuary Choir's Annual Concert, 3:30 P.;\f. NOV. 21-Pre-Thanksghing Tea and Fashion Revue sponsored by Tyer Temple Choir No. 2, 5:30 P. M. NOV. ZS-Men's Day, Trinity C. l\f. E. Church. cooki!1ff -. ROSALIE h SCOTT, -/-0 -STAFF lnf.Jt:} ASSISTANT BY (}n()'[g Phk CARNATION HOME SERVICE DIRECTOR Peach Salad Delight tastes better than peaches and cream. The orange gelatin layer holds coconut, nuts and fruit. Velvetized evaporated milk mixes with cream cheese for an extra creamy salad base. You simply turn the double decker salad over and serve. PfACH SALAD DELIGHT (Makes 6 to 8 s erYings) orange flavored gelatin 1 teaspoon vanilla r .1 1 p::c:-;ag e (3 ounces) lh cup sugar cup boiling water 1 tablespoon (1 envelope) l cup glngerala unflavored gelatine cup small flaked coconut % cup cold water cup chopped nuts % cup undiluted Carnation 1 cup diced fresh or canned Evaporated Milk peaches lh cup water 2 packages (3 ounces each) softened cream cheese Plsso!Ye oran'ge gelatin in balling water. Stir in ginger e.le. Cool to consistency of unbeaten egg whites. Stir in coconut, nuts and peaches. Pour into 8 x 8 x 2-inch baking Chill until firm. Beat cream cheese and sugar until light and amooth. Blend In \'anllla. Soften gelatine in lfc cup cold wcrttr. Heat evaporated milk, the I/1 cup water e.nd gelatine 1n aaucepan over low heat for 5 minutes or until gelatine diseolves (do not bo!IJ. Beat evaporated :milk mixture Into cream cheese mixture. Pour O\'er peach layer. Chlll until firm <2 hours\. Cut into SClUares. Serve !ith bottom."


An affable foursome at the anniversary party honoring i\Ir. and )Irs. Hannibal Gainey were, from left, Charles Thomas, Laurel Gainey, the honorees' daughter, Connie Preston and Jessie Hill. The scene of the party were the Cuban Patio. BABY SHOWER There was a recent baby shower for Mrs. Elizabeth Williams at Rosa Valdez Center given by Mrs. Lula Carswell and 1\Irs. Lois Lane. Attending were Mrs. Clara Penalver, Mrs. Betty Bryant, Miss Pittman, Miss Janet Taylor, .Mrs. Lula Carswell, Mrs. LOis Lane, Mrs. Clarice Bruton, Mrs. Bertha Johnson, Mrs. Pauline Hem mingway, Mrs. Beatrice Walker, Mrs. Josephine Aldridge, Mrs. Christine Williams, Mrs. Elba 1\lelendez, Mrs. Sylvia Wallace, Mrs. Gloria Johnson, )frs. Roosevelt Dell; Michael Phair, Clifford Canty, 1\lrs. Francis Williams, Miss Gloria Williams and Mrs. James Scurry. ATTENDING NATIONAL MEETING Rubin E. Padgett, administrator of Padgett's Nursing Home, departed toda y for Anaheim, California to participate in_ 22nd Annual C6nvention of .the Nursing Home Assoc1atlon Padgett was recently eiecfed second vice-president of the Flonda Nursing H:me Association Key spe akers at this years convention w1ll be Dr. Arthur. S. Flemming, chairman. of the White House Conference on Agmg, .and John S Veneman, Under Secretary of the U .S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. VISITS FAMILY Benjamin Outen Jr. of Brooklyn, N. Y., son of Mrs. B. J. Outen, was in Tampa a few days last week visiting his mother and other relatives. His sister and brother-in-1aw'; 1\Ir. and !\Irs. Ernest Williams and Son, 1\l.ichael James joined him. and other relatives in Pleasantville, N. Y to help Mr. and Mrs '.W. Signal celebrate their wedding They also visited their I2-year old daughter Audrey Jane,. who is enrolled in Amityville Jr. High School in New York. PARTICIPATES IN DISNE YWO'RLD OPENING Ga'rland Phillips ,has received from Roy V.;;Disney for his participation in the Walt Disney World Grand Opemng 1ast Mmday. was one of the 1076 students who performed in the ceremonial marchin g band. He also received a -letter .oLcongratula-tions from Meredith Wilson. Garfand is a senior .. at Plant High School. He is tqe son of Mrs Henri i\1. Phillips, and grandson of Floyd, 1502 ,.. HERE FROM NEW YORK In our town from Jamaioa. N. Y. is 1\[rs Rosebelle Artis, who Is visiting sister, Mrs. Wiletha Mayes, 2705 38th Avenue. She was honored at a party. at the Maves' abode given by cousins, Mr. and Mrs. James C: Avery and Mrs. Rosil Lee Ripley. O.thers enjoying the nice affair were and Mrs. Joseph Jones Mrs. Irene Knight, Paul Smith, 1\lr!i. Ilene Evans, Mrs. Lois Scott, 1\frs. Geneva Norman, 1\lrs .Percy Howard and Mr; and Mrs. W. H. .Jones. !\IRS. W.ISE ENTERTAINS PLANT CITY CLUB The Independent Club of Plant City met _last Tuesda y at the residence of Mrs. Thelma Wise and birthday hcnors were bestowed on Mrs. Emma Lee Crawford, !\Irs. Genettier McCia .in and Catherine Washington. Mrs. Wise served a delicious dinner The next hostess will be Mrs. Washington. CHARMETTES ATTEND CONVENTION The Hillsborough County Chapter will attend the Charmettes Statewide Convention in Tallahassee November 5-7. Members who will go are Gwendolyn Lamar, Fifi Glymph, Veronica Stewart, Cheryl Hill. Carroll Dawson, Ella Casseaux, Juanita Cannon, Audrey McCloud, Rene Jordan and Doris Wilson. One of the group's project this year was to support Atty. Delano Stewart in his camoaign for Citv SORORITY TO WORSHIP AT BEULAH BAPTIST Beta Kappa Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority will worship at Beulah BaJptist Church on November 14. The ladies will be observing their Founders' Day, and the church will be holdina Stewardship Emphasis Day. "' ATTE:\'D HAi\IPTON HOMECOMING )lr. and )[rs. James A. Hammond tDok a flight cut last week to their alma mater, Hampton Insti tute, Hamptcn, Va to vist their ron Kevin, a freshman, and attend homecoming activities. 1\Ir. Hammond was the recent recipient of the Outs t anding Alumni Award for the 20 year class presen ted by the president of Hampto:J, Dr. Roy Hudson. S t ops were also made in Greenbelt. Md. to visit Lt. Col. and l'lrs. William Hamomnd. While in Greenbelt -the Ta:mpa Haniinonds (Con,tlnued On Page lU Trinity CME Church 2401 N. Howard Avenue Rev. L L. Ward, Pastor Mrs. Patricia Thompson, Reporter Services on Sunday began Bit 10 A.M. with Sunday school. All of ficers and teachers were at their p:Jsf. Morning worship was conducted .at 11 with the Missionary ladies In charge. The Wardetts provided the music. The scripture wa:s read by Mrs. Inez Wiggins from the !35th Psalm, presented by Rev. Sis. Miner, welcome by Mrs. Thompson. Mrs. Annie Wig gs is the president. At 6 P.M. the Laymen were in charge of service that was held at Holsey Temple of which the Rev. W. E. Lockett is The was delivered .. Rev. W .,.. Lockett is the high durmg both serv. 1ces. Tuesday night the usher will meet at the church at' 8 P.M. Wednesday The Gospel Chorus will have .rehearsal, all members are asked to please be present. Thurs day night beginning at 7:30, prayer meeting at the church, the public is invited to attend Satur day evening at 5 P. M. all ents of the junior Wardetts are asked to please meet wtih the pastor and directors for a very urgent meetiitg. Visitors are always welcome to worship wi.th. us A special prayer is asked f o r Mrs. Luvenia Smith as she will underg:> surgery this week at T21mpa Osteopathic Hospital. Bethel-Baptist 808 Short Emory St. Rev. J. P. Saunders, Interim Pastor Mrs. Lillie M. McDonald, Rep!. S.S. began at 9:30 a.m. Mr. Wilton Sweeting presided. The lesson was taught by the teachers. Morning worship began at 10:45. Devotions were conducted by the deacons. Music was rendered by the Sanctuary choir. Usher board No. 2 served. The sermon was delivered by a visiting minister. Reverend C. S. Pope, pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church Head lin, Alabama He chose for his theme "The Necessity of Prayer." Evening worship began at 5:15. The same deacons, choir and ushers served The sermon was de livered by the visiting minister who chose for his theme, "The Lord Will Provide." Deacon board meeting will be held Tuesday night. The business meeting of the church will be held Wednesday night. Both meetings will begin at 7 :30 promptly. Please put forth a special effort to be en time. All auxiliaries will resume their same schedule of meetings and rehearsals for the week. Miss FAMU, iovely Judith Henry, Is pictured with be mother, l\lrs. Emma Henry, 3415 Knollwood Avenue, Tampa;' Judltb received her crown In a unique l1nd colorful African ceremony, and It is patterned after the crown worn by Miss Black America, Joyct Warner. Mrs. Freddie Shuman, left, and Mrs. Afice Grier are pictured during service at Northside Baptist Ch1,1rch. They were amona worshippers at the special observance held there In October NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS Mrs. Carrie Bell Gilley, 4301 LaSalle St. will be hostess to tha NOVELETTES SOCiAL CLUB Wednesday night. Members of the BAY CITY BOOSTERS CLUB are meeting to-night at the Elks' Eest; 809 E. 4urel Street. THE ALTOGETHER SOCIAL CLUB is meeting Wednesd ay niogh* at 8 with Mis8 IDlizabeth Curry, 1805 20th Street. Mrs. Doretha Thomas of 2108 21st Avenue opens her doors to members of the PRINCETONETTES CLUB tonight at 8;30. JI, Ir3. Maxine Douglas is the birthday celebrant. THE GOLDEN RULE SOCIAL CLUB is meeting Saturur.y at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Rayford. Plans will be comp!eed for the annual _banquet. On Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock the COUNCIL FOR l\lUNITY ACTION is meeting in the auditorium of the County Court House A 'meeting of t4e THONOTOSASSA TEEN CIVIC CLUB is soh-d uled for Saturdary at the home of Pressley Davis Notes from Tampa Lodges/ QUEENS OF THE SOUTH CHAPTER NO, 49 is meetlng at 8 P M Wednesday at 43()3_ 34th Street. T:night, there will be a meeting of GUIDING LIGHT NO. 31 M 4303 34th Street.


PAGE EIGII'l flL t.Mlnel Bullelln-PuWIShed ever,. TUN Fri. Cet Both Editions Noftml.er 2_. 1971 Of Gqes Atliast Urlaaa NEW BfUJ"NSW!OK, N.J. -:rhe gmesUlent df 'the .New Brunswick City 'Council, B. -G.eqper .'Jr.., < demanied tbis week that .the iJ!Olioe ;and 1be Middlesex ;(Jouncy. &ssemiWl'\a ,Qilice dmilges !l5' e il:Jlack 'leBder ihere 1tib8t of '!be 1Dt\ban o6i JNe.w lBIIUJlfJw.i:rlk .Will'.e maSiemDinding '8. .and .disiiQJihll'l!l ,fif .New Brunswick !lll;b Sdh:JD1. 'l.Dbe ibey.cdtt w.ss ibegun : tliis W:eek am ibut '8. ; handfill .(jf '650 tiladk 'lituderltli 'IIemaining 'flwm :dlasses in -the .2,524-lll!tudent :aeriior ihWb ..-dbool. 'Litiis .!Jl)jggs, \{jf ltbe tb0mla (fjf Jiloonomic C!oqroralfion, ma:ae tllhe ( dhm)geS fhe 'llh\ban dflicials, 'Said -the -alleged caf ?SdblH;l ( dhllfuten taB 1}1iwt of tr.uOOie fte '!gain JPC)Wer !JiOliticalQy amd y. 'T.act !Sheet' k llssuei The (follt.>.w.ed .w:eek df l!lpor.adie lbr.acwlia:l;g lin ta lq)!'OOr -at a ltHitball pme w-as i:he 11estilt o'f :her tn!lther' deciSion io ,punish 'her ior a domestic infraction by 'dfwri;v.q her VI rthe : ch-ance 'to go 'to tbe ;game. Her -absenae .was .eized upon as .an : lienee .af raci!al .colifliot 'Mr. 'DWis :cihal:ged in 'lilBo :asser.ted that Ur .ban offioi-lils 'had a coup -.1ibat Jmd ;given them control Of House .and :that the 'of 'the :black 'l>tudent 9oy-Ciott .and the student demands lln the 'Board iliif !Eloucation were :being direCted -from thel'e. HAIVAID OFfiCIAl HAIS flEW PRIDE OF llACIS IAIDI..WIIiA -"!!be mest ll'!ematklible 'llti}'Midt ef sooiety today tis \that :it :oontains 'genelllitien of ; bHrok .ohildl'tm Who iftre .ro. not ashamed that ether a11e tblaOk;" :the ; atJ6istcmt to the president of Harvard University bld a pz:eck>m.inantly Jilack Atlanta audience 'But, wavned Dr. 'Waller t LeaD Blld, -who 'has -been c!!edited with b11mgi}lg .more :than 190 tblaok .students :into a!Iar\Uilld ILa:w : School, White '1\:mevican :teaders :are using :;,,. v101Emue of .subtlety" :against blacks to rruitain the -legary of sla-vecy .ana :in :them a feelirlg (Of helpleasnees and .worth leBSness:" AddresSing a :forum at the Butler Stneet YMC'A 'Hungry Chlb, :i.eonard saitl 1 White -social .-scientists thi!IVe ttakm high road dl hiwllectmil raciism" in 1tlescrib-iQf >POOr blaeks 1n cterms :of "cultural tle,privation, educational dis adWinbafre the rejection of a promisirw system, .and on arui ,en; He said n and Labor Committee. which drnfted the education bill and Rep. Edith Green. D-On .. second-ranking Democrat on the committee and author of the bill, Albert told them the meaa>l.'re would be called up toduy. Memnvhile. a Ol'i'!llniza1ion began a three-dnv drive !'eeking House of a proposed constitutional amendment to outlaw "busing for raci-111 balance.'' The United Concerned C'it-of America lUC('Al. hopt-s to persuade mtmlr rs to sign a petit i(ln to force 1 !1e P!'llposal from the House .larliciary Committe. ."'unporters of 1 he alllfnd:nent must have tur.es on :a -so-called '"disch8llge .petition." fl'hey now have '9ll. 'llhe .amendment, if .passed :.by two-thirds ma,ioritis of the two-thirds majority of the Houae -and .Senate 11nd ratified by thr-eefoUl'ths of the -states, would 'forbid 1lssigning a pupil to 'B partict.1Jar school 11oley -because of his race. His Return T:0 IJ. S. k 'like A Slwe's' BLAOK LEADER Hosea Williams, baok from a monthlong trip to Africa and A-sia. likened his return to -runaway slaves returnit}i to their masters for captivity." Williams, an official of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said he observed "not one iota of racial prejudice" duri11g his trip. which included a visit to Mainland China and a talk with Communist leaders. He said he hopes his tottr would result in programs "where blacks in America will become as c-oncerned about Africa as Je\\'S nre about Russian .Jews." The Atlanta riYil righ!s organizer said, "coming back !J, 'me to George WHllace land. Lester l\faddl'X land and Richard ''h: n !:uid .. we kind of fed likt' :-:mslans rt'turn!ng to masters for C:1ptiYity. I. Ga. lam1 Amsing .... LDel ATH-ENS, Ga. -The Univer-sity of Geor,gia l s marching band is _gnadually dropping "Dixie" from its .IU!me :hu t the dir.ector say-s the move is not 1telatcd t o hlaok 'litudents' .distaste for the word. IDhe :Dbtie 'Redcoat Mar.cliing Band if;; becoming the Geor.gi:a Redcoat Marchirul' Band, :hough the -.Change will take -time hecause :Some band equipment, including :$600 worth of lmss drum heads, still bears the old name. Dine.c tor 'Roger Da:ancz said he decided to change the 'name five : Years (\go to '"emphasize the re1-ationshi:p between this band and this univei ;sity." Black students this year : antl last :ha.v:e criticiz-ed the .name publicly, and one .source .said blacks :had been reluctant to join the band. When the change came to public attention this week, the student newspaper, The Red and Black, editorialized: "Dixie is dead It makes no mor. e :sense to have a ftedcoat B'and in Athens than to have a Nazi Redcoat Band in Berlin." Maddox: I'd Back A Qualifiec1 Black Over Tlae liherals .Al\'DERS0N, S. C. Geongia Lt. Gov Lester Maddox '&av s be doesn '-t with Sen. Edmund Mw;kie's assessment that a black vice ,presidential candidate has no chance of winriing. "Fr.arikly, 1 i!en'i believe the American :peQple 4lilt' so biased ,ana prejudiced .that they couldn t look .beyond the color of :a man'-s -skin to elect a vice president," 1vla ddox told .a ci vic .group in Anderson. Maddox added, I imagine Mus kie was telling the truth :as he saw it, but f!ppal : entLy it was 'not the prilitica:l :thing to say.'' As .for himself, Maddox, who once ,passed out ax 'handles to keep blacks out of his Atlanta restur.ant, said: "Find ; a ,black :conservativ-e candidate !for the natio:n:al ticket, one who .i s honest And has proved to 'be a champion of constitutional government, law and order, freedom ef cheice, private enterprise and private -property rights, and 11. man who will put Amerioa first, and Tll vote for him 10 times quicker than I weuld for a white, soldout, socialistic liberal ." Maddox said, Maddox_ 1taid the liberals he re-ferred io were Bern;. Muskie ol Maine, Rubert Hunwhrey C-D., Minn.), Ted Kennedy (D., Mass_) .and former Sen. Eugene McCartey (D., Wis.). liuml Cfimbing .for Blintl Gir1 ST. U>UIS -A fund for a teenage ;girl who JJOlice -say was blinded so >She could not identify a .person she saw take a record .player 'lllld ta_pe recorder has climbed to $37,392. Police said Wilma Chestnut, 13, was .choked into unconsciousness and her -eyes were slashed with a piece :.cif br. tiken ,glass. Dr. Gene :B.arbour of Hornandy "Osteopathic Hospital, where Wil ma'.s mother :works as a nurse's aide, -laid donations continue to come In from all over the nation and world. "We'v.e had "donations from :.as 'far away :as Australia," Barbour .said. J" FOOD ATGRE.AT.SAVINGS Soul (eater Supermarket 3523 I. 22nd STREET 247.31 FREE DELI'VERY ElfD -CUT PORI ,CHOPS 3 lbs. ]'DO P IG ,FEET 4 lbs. 100 GRADE A FRYERS 'Lb. ARGO PEAS 5 cans loo KING-RAil -W-CSWEET POTATOES lor Jml A. B. CATSUP t ,.... bnHles EA TWELL MACKERFJ. cans POT PIES 4 ior CORN TURKEY WINGS 3 Ibs. loo HOG MAWS 4 lbs. 100 KOUNTY KIST CORN 5 cams 100 MIX VEGETABLES 5 cans 100 GA. RED TOMATOES 5 cans 100 BAMA JELLY 3 jars litO JACK'S COOKIES I) la-r.ge hoKes uc SLilfDER SUE ICE M1 2 for 100 5 Ears 49c 2 GROUBD .BEEF 3 lbs. U.S. GOOD BIB S1'-&AKS Lb. ggc ARGO GREEN BEANS 5 cans 100 BUSH BLACK EYE PEAS a cans 1 '00 O'SAGE -PEACHES 3 cans 1-00 COUNTRY PATTIES 8 lor 100 JAY BIRD VIEHNAS 6 cans 89c TOMATOES Lb. 19c ONIO.NS lhs. 25c


I Tue ,day, Novemb e r 2, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bullt>tin-Published every Tue s. and Fri. -Get Both Editions .... .: ---::rr----v-CONTEST ANTS FOR 'MISS KAPPA ALPHA PSI' TITLE Contestants for the ":\Iiss Kappa Alpha Psi" title were announced Sunday evening during a cocktail party at the Charles Jones residence, 2118 Carmen. They are, seated from left, Gretchen Beckham, Charlene Jones, Paulette Suber and Ve ronica Ramirez; and standing from left, Ruthle Bennett, Eileen Williams, Sharon King, e'lara Williams and Carolyn Plummer. GRAND OPENING ATTRACTS MANY GUESTS The grand opening of Gary l\lerill Imports attracted many enthusiastic guests including, from left, Mr. and 1\lrs. Mike Conners, Howard Capers, parts specialist and his wife, Rosalyn and l\Iitch Miller. dN EVENING OF FUN A T JONES HOME :\[ a n y friends enjoyed an eve ning of fun at a oockail party at the Charles Jones hom e. During the affair the men of Kappa Alpha Psi announced the girls who will compete for the "Miss Kappa" title. Attending were from l eft, Don Williams, Charlene Jones and Herbert Carington. POPULAR PAIR AT RECENT DANCE Thi!l popular pair, .Jackie Snow and Cynthia Williams, were spotted at the Armory a few nig hts ago. They were among the numerous fans at the Moments Dance. PARTY GESTS Party guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones were from left, J. 0. Ricks Jr., Eileen Williams and Bobby Thomas. Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 Eddie Rolle President Mrs. Gwendolyn C. Hayes, Rept. The No 2 choir of New Mt. Zion M.B. Church. Rev. B. J Jones, pastor, will have weekly choir rehearsal tonight (Tuesday> at the church beginning at 8 p.m. The president is asking that all members be present and on time. Joint Rehearsal Mr. Milton Bigghams request that all choir members and others who would like to participate come back out Saturday night at 7 :30 to rehearse for the joint choir who will participate in the Ass oci ation which will begin Wednesday, Nov. 17 at New Mt. Zion M B Church, Rev. J. B. Jonse pastor. Mr. Milton Bigghams is choir director. Buy Ft.::m Florida First Born Church 3727 29th St. Elder J. P. Hill, Pastor Midday services was held Wed nesday and Missionary M. Brad :;;haw was in charge. Prayer meet ing was also held Wednesday nigM and Mrs Ruth Frazier was in charge. Mr s. R. Powell led devo tion. Thursday night choir No 1 had rehearsal. F1: iday night En richment Hour was held and Mrs. Frazier was in charge. Sunda y school began at 10 with the supt. Mrs. L. Allen in charge. Mrs. Bradshaw reviewed the les son and Deacon T Tate g

PAGE TEN Fla. Bulletin-Published every Tues. an'd Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, November 2, 1971 Rocklec/ge High School I COCOA By JOANNA SPANN Soul Sister Of The Week: Nice, sweet and very together describes our Soul Sister of the Week Alborona (AI) Campbell. Al resides at 243 Lemon St. with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Hicks Rowe. Sweet sixteen, Al Is fun to be with. She is very active in school clubs activities. While talk ing to Al she her hobbies: football and cooking; Soul!ul foods: Chicken, pork chops, harrburgers, French Fries, macaroni and cheese and shrimps. Rcords: Whatcha see is whatcha get, Shaft and Inner City Blues. Friends: Jovonna, Inna Mae, and Roni. Singers: James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Areatha Franklin. Group: Jackson Five, Beau, R.H. and N.G. She's a junior at R.H.S. Her future plans are going to col lege and becoming a teacher. Congratulations Al for being chosen as Soul Sister of the Week. Raider Chatter: Shelia B ., Charles H. says he can' t dig on those actions so if that's so how come he came to your party? Diane Richlfurg have you found that boy yet? Eddie Jean I didn't know Woody was your cousin What's this I hear W.B.J.? A being the Love Ma chine. N. Greene a certain soul sister wants to get next to you. check it out. Tea what's new with you and David Marshall? Favorite Records: 1. Thin line between love and hate. 2 Friends by day lovers b y night. 3. Tell me have you seen her. 4. You send me. Thought For Today: Whatcha see is not whatcha get it's whatcha receive. Tampa Bay Tech I By CARRIE J. CAUSEY Tampa Bay Titans: I am once again hanging on the ram to rap to you about some of the happenings around the Titans Kingdom. She is one of the sly, slick, and wicked chucks around the Titans Kingdom. Jive Junior In the Spotlight: Keeping herself together is this chick's main thing, and John Monroe Is her other. She Is Diana Shaw the proud daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shaw Her future plans are to attend St: Pete 'J. C Her vocation she is aking in school is Dental Asst She is a member of the FHA in which :;he is vice-president. Her favorite food is: okra, tomatoes, corn, and fried chicken. Her favorite records are: Got to Be There and Shaft. She resides at 2226 18th Ave. In case you would like to oig on why she is considered sly, slick and wicked, trip to the pad of Diana Shaw; she might give you some information. Some of her tights: Carrie Causey, Brenda Streeter, Stella Prince, Sonia M .. Willie Massey, Ronald Wright, Reyne Davis, Ronald Richardson. I-:er main guy as mentioned be fore is John R. (F aHtead) Rob inson. Congratulations Diana for being chosen Jive Junior In The Spotlight. Campus Gossip: Oscar V how many times do you say sex machine each day, I was wondering so I decided to ask. Harold Campbell I heard you've been rapping a few Jines that don't compute with your vu cabulary, are you doing a new thing or is that one of your false appearances, (But we can dig it, rap on). Pam Brown how many limes have you bit the dust? (None). Top Five: It's a thin Line between love and hate. Your Touch. Got To Be There. Show Me How. Shaft. Blake-Just Jr. High School By DEBRA BRANTLEY STUDENT OF THE WEEK Cute, and full of excit melit describes none other than Violet Belinda Davis. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil bert Davis, Violet resides at 2106 LaSalle. her favorites as: food chicken; record -It's a thin line between (JoJe and hate); hobbies-dancing and sewi.1g; tights -Laurie Murry, M1cheal Williams, Shelia H!lrris. Jvhnny Bailey, Josette Wal ker, StP.ve McCall, Ollie Mad dox, Debra Brant.l ey, Ilene and Bobby Shepard. CongratulatiC>ns Violet for being Student of the week. BEST GROUP AROUND SOUL VILLE The Jackson !1. And they have now just brought out there latest hit by the name of Got to be there. JACKET HITS 1. Cffit to be there 2. It's Instrumental (to be free). 3. Never, never, never. 4. Thin line. 5 Scorpio. THOUGHT FOR TODAY What you see Isn't alway's what you get. Plant City High School By KATHY McDANIEL SOPII0!\10RE IN THE SPOTLIGHT This week's sophomore In the spotilght is Barbra Sykes. She resides with her parents at 902 S 1\Ierrin Street lists as her fRvor i tes : food Bar-be-Que; record. It's Impossible: main Sflltecze R onnie Gr-een: f avo rite -football and baseball; h obby danc ing: friends-Marva, Sharon Amos, Lusheryl, Larry, Cecelia, me and many others. Congratulations, Mrs. Green! CAMPllS CHATTER I see that Frank McDonla has eased in on the scene with Velma J o nes. But you better watch your girl Fra nk because I heard that some o ne else has got an eye o n her. I h eard that Mic-EL CHINK'S SL\FOOn RF.STAl.R:\:'\T 29th STREET WE SPEC!-\LIZE 1:'\ :\I.L KJ:'\DS OF SEAFOOD. OPE:\ l .:'\DER :'\EW :\1.\:'\ .\GDIF.:'\T :\11:'\:'\IE :\l('DO:'\:\LD. and operator ,. <" : Horace Mann Hi School By MICHAELA CHAMBERS and MARCIA BYRON I Robinson High School Well Souls, here we are again from the Raiders Den, with some of the high points. By PAUL RANDOLPH STUDENT IN SPOTLIGHT Guess who? She s nice. sweet cute, smart and well known. She resides with her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Charlton at 4605 39th Street. Her hobbies are sewing, cooking and dreaming. Her tights are-Roberta Washington, Mic key Chambers, Geraldine Laf fette and many more. Her favo rite foods are -shrimp and pork chops; favorite record "The Love We had" by the Dells; favorite group --'-The Jackson 5; Now do you know who it is? Well its Brenda Charlton. Congratulation for being chosen Stu dent in spotlight. SOUL PEOPLE AROUND THE DEN JUNIOR IN THE SPOTLIGHT Cute, crazy and delightful de scribes our junior in spotlight. She is Angela Hanna. She resi des with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Fancis Hanna at 1918 Wal nut. is a member of the 310 homeroom and a member of the student council. Her favo rites are: food -shrimp; jamInner City Blues; jammersMarvin Gay and Roberta Flack; main squeeze Carlton Wright; friends -Janice, Collie, Herman, Patricia, Gloria, Emma, Robert. Rolanda, Diane. We congratulate her on being junior in spotlight. CAMPUS RAP Melvina Walters someone told me to inform you that, that was a bad yellow midi skirt that you wore to school last week. Carolyn Gilbert someone inform ed me that when you fell off that stool in the office that yoll bounc ed back up. I hope you didn't hurt yourself. Veronica B. would like to inform a certain chick at Tampa Catholic with the initials of B. W. to hang it up Congratulations to our mighty football team for winning their game against Hillsborough last Friday night. Right On! THOUGHT FOR TODAY Live for today because tomor row is promised to no one Anyone wanting any news printed in this column please contact Paul Randolph or Veroni ca Banks. Cynthia Thompson, Janet Mor gan, Patricia Morris, Selinia Ricks, Brenda Ross, Linda Jordan, Ophelia Bolden, Kim Carter, Beverly Williams, Eva Shu ler. I leto Senior High School THOUGHT By Annette Filer and Kim Walden Black is beautiful baby. You'd better believe it Black is the color of soul oh man The rich, warm gravey that feeds the heart and make it sing Black is the color of courage In an uptight world Black is laughter that sounds like a man Black is young and still grow ing You dig BLACK'! That's all folks! See ya! hael Love, loves sweet potatoes and peanut butter and jelly sand wiches more than he loves Pam Hicks. I see that Kenny Walker has gone for himself and got him an upper class girl friend, namely known as Nadin eSyks. SP:ECIAL HELLOES I would like to send a special hello to my right tight Johnny Johnson No. 45, keep up the good work kid! love ya" Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 TIP LINE Micheal Wright see that you are coming clean. Steve Kimp hear that you are a real sweet guy. Cheryl Cooke heard you got some one new. Ralph McCt:lllough hear that there's a thin line be tween you and your friend Anthony Edwards and Charles Knighton heard that you two fellows took my girls candy apple. Thomas Livingston why do you always be singing It's a thin line between Jove and hate love and (There must be a thin line be tween you and your love one). Donna Wooden we don't hear much from you. Bradenton Little Miss Trynetta M a r I e Johnson, eleven years old is con fined at her home with a broken leg at 902 28th St Her classmates are asked to go by and visit her. .Please pray for Rev. H. V. Palmer who is ill at his home. He is pastor of St. Paui Church in Bra denton Also Mr. E. B. Gibson, a member of Gethsemane of which Rev. D. L. Jones is pastor. THE EAST SIDE FUNERAL CHAPEL IS NOW UNDER A UCENSED DIRECTOR, FUMEBAL DIREC-TOR, AND EMBALMER. OUR MOTTO IS "WHERE SEB VICE BEGINS AND ENDS." WE ARE TOTALLY DEDICATED TO THE PUBLIC. MAKE YOUR CALLS NOW. PHONE 248-5721 PHONE 248-5722 I'LLETTE'S All members of the I 'llette's Girl Club are asked to attned meeting Tuesday (tonight) November 2, 1971 you are asked to be present and on time. Thank y ou. Elaine Sledge, President. TOP TEN Got to be there, Rock Steady, Working on a build i ng of love, The love we had stays on my mind, It's a thin line between Jove and hate, Have you seen her Inner City Blt.'es, Touch, What it is, Hard to believe he's a child of God. THOUGHT FOR TODAY Remember that Black Seeds keeps on growing. ---Beulah Dorcas Circle Mrs. Mary Crawford, Chairman Mrs. Etta White, Rept. The Dorcas Circle of Beulah Bapt. Church will meet Thursday morning at 9 at the home of Mrs. White, 1415 Central Ave. The les son by Mrs. Eddies Wilson, subject "Have Courage To Face The Truth Taken from St. John 15: 35. The alphabet letter is "S. The last meeting was held at Beu lah Bapt. Church. 2906 34th ST. TAMPA, FLA. .. "' .. -.:... ..: -; ........ <0


Tuesday, November 2, 1971 f'la. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition\ PAGE ELEVEN AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY: Best of luck to long time, well thought of friend Nathaniel Waiters who was recently selected to manage the new International Sportsmen Club Restaurant (formerly Deluxe Cozy Comer No. 2) on Main St., which the club final ized the purchase of from l\lose White last Sunday midnight. A couple of additions Mr. Waiten is adding to his food service dept., beside those de licious International Sportsmen soul fried chicken dinners and sandwiches of legs, wings, 'n things will be footlong hotdogs and breakfast service. And as the saying goes; "for the best food service let Waiters do it" NOW BACK TO OUR "GOOD BOOK'' STUDIOS Learned Nicodemus was the kat who talked with his God by night so the many people he ruled wouldn t see him. So now we've lea-rned two lesslllls in two columns with last Friday's lesson on "DoubtIng Thomas." Next we'll try to explain briefly how the fellow had more than seven hundred wives and three hundred "sideliners" BRIEFS ... Talked with Bobby Felder as he was taking a flight back to Wash ington, D. C. being seen off by brcobher, Billie Felder, Lake Ave. service station owner f-ollowing visit here with relatives, plus a couple of business meetings. Bob by mentioned expecting to be back in Florida again soon with his Blues Notes combo to do some engagements at the Walt Disney World, while also being set with bis "Blue Notes Combo" to play 11ext March for the big AKA Sorority Formal Dance at Curtis HixDn ... Recent chat also was had with Walter Jones, former Don Thompson High fullback, who visited 1relaJtives here including his mother, Mrs. Ethel Jackson, 1226 18th llt. and sisters, Mrs. Rudolph Barefield and Mrs. Samuel Childs. Jones had been visiting here along with another sister, Miss Evelyn Jackson, both residing in NYC and expe cting to return this month for the third '-'Rattlers-Spartans" meeting.... Received word from Newark, N. J.' Mrs. Gladys B. Carson is flying south for the Thanks giving holidays and big ball game. A reminder from Mr. Arlusta Morgan, loyal Mt. Sinai Church member and president of the City All-Male Chorus, tell of his church "Founders Day Program" scheduled for the fourth Sunday in this month. Beli'eve that's the morning after the big game ... Recieved word from out San Diego, Calif. way tellin g of the fine football being played by last year's Blake Hi star, Eric "Tokyo" Felder for the United States International Univ. (USIU) .... And while speaking of California, somebody finally found a way flo keep UCLA from winning a fifth straight national basketball title, by putting 'em on a year's for doing what all the schools are doing to get top athletes. And this is the year Tommy Curtis, nephew of Mrs .,..._11ique Ransom of Soruce St mer Tampan and Tallahas: cage star is to start do Floridc. Buy Sentinel Advertisers LOUNGE Open Every Day -Air Coad. LOCATED: 859 ZACK STREET Phone 229-9893 thing for the caged Bruins .... George Alli!iOn was among tha Tampans traveling to Nash v ille, Tenn. to see the big game be tween Tenn. A&I. State Univ and where Tenn. coach says he had to run the score up a bit cause he didn t have but one football left, thus being unablt to kick extra points. Congrats to Herbert Curry up on his recent official promotion to Delta Air Lines 'Chief Skycap" position at TIA. Had been think ing Mr. Curry was that for years... Recent scoop received had it Wright "Cherry Red" Cusseaux self acclaimed "last of the big spenders" returned from a grand tour of the Nassau Bahamas, be ing accompanied by his sisters, Mrs Maxine Reed and Mrs. Marva McCloud. Don't suppose "Cherry Red" brought back his newest "Hog" (Cadillac) from down there ... Ken Griffin, currently playin g with the Cincy Reds Winter Lea gue team, was oahled back to weekend reserve duty last week in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa. Griffin, a lefthander, is ex pected to join the big club next season ... COACH ABE BROWN'S NEW JEFFERSON HIGH "DRAGONS'' GO FOR JAYVEE CHAl\IPION SHIP (SHARE) TONIGHT a.gain:;;t Hillsboro Hi at Leto High Field 7: 0 P. M. This game will decide a co-Jayvee Champ with Plant Hah which already has its share with a 5-1 record. Coach Brown's Dragons came from behind 6-0 against Plant Last. week to win in the lasttwo minutes of play 7-6 with AI Sims kicking the extra point. Jenersons assistant coaches are Sanford Ross and "Pop" Cuesta .... THEN THERE WAS RUBIN "SPEEDY" ALEXANDER of Fern St. E ast, buying wife Ruby an all-equipped Toyota 'ohine 1 as t week and before he could get it home from his evening shift at the airport, someone had stolen a hubclllp. Naturally, we all blamed this on those all-night watching "Hippies" too .... NAT "THE KAT" HANNAH ia back in his most usual spot at Blll Currie Ford, the top one, naming him "Salesman of The M:nth." Nat sold more than twenty new 'chines last month, inc luding one to who just hap pened by to say hello. Almost forgot to mention young town's beauty Miss Joyce Miller was among the Oct. natal day celebrants, moving up a bit roore past the "Sweet-Sixteen" mark Oct. 16th (or was it Oct. 6th?). Anyway Joyce is a recent TCEP Program gr.ad and niece of 1\'Irs. Louise Williams of 5th Ave. One said those "Soul Masters Combo" now back at the "One Stop Inn, Soulville" of gent Char 1es Thomas, traveling all the way fr:m Dallas, Texas, are so out of sight with their music sounds, they make the "Shaft" sound, sound even better than "Black Moses," Isaac Hayes .... WARREN VASCO, Tampa's high school "Athlete of the Year" last year while at Tampa Catholic High, was h::me last week from Seminole J. C. where he's prep ing in studies and track before going on to FSU ... l\lrs. Mary Helen Givens gave hubby George Givens a rather unique birthday present last week, a French Poodle named "Fifi". She's a real hep je-t-black beauty too ... Miss Rita Tyson, B-CC senior and next month bride, gave some pretty good th:)ughts re1)eiltly as !!be said__:"The reason I stayed iil the south to study is because I want to learn more than how bo protest." SEE YAU LATER Women's At Famu Week Set This Week L'-LLlliASSE E -A n n ual Wome n s \ \' ee k a A&:\! t :nin r sit\ w ill be condu c ted O ctob e r 31 N o\ e m be r 5. It w ill f e:lllcre :\!is s B l ac k A me r ic a, a film an d a beauty clinic c c nducted by consultan t s from lead i ng c o s me t ic l i n e s. The t h e me this vear is FAMU W o men Cr e a t e :\Iei;lOI"able Impre s s ic ns," which sets the lone for the week of aciivities. On Tuesday, November 2 at 7 p m films will be viewed in the Gr and Ballroom which show the relationship o floday's women to the worlds of business, industry and jobs tradili: nally held by men will be viewed. The purpose here is to inform women of the many opportunities available to them on the job market. On Wednesday, November 3 at 7:00 p m. in bhe Grand Ballroom a seminar will be held on contra ceptives and venereal dJse ase. The highlight of the week will be the appearance of Joyce War iner, Miss Black America, as the speaker at convocation on Friday, November 5, at 10:00 a.m. in Lee HaN AudiJtorium. Immediately following convoca tion, Lorraine Williams and her all-female band will wind-up the week of activities by entertain ing all participants and viistors in the Palm Room of the Student Union Building. All Tallahasseans are invited to attend any of the activities dur ing the week. Immokalee Services were spiritually high at all churches in the communitty beginning with S.S. with the supt. and teachers at their post. All other services were largely at tended throughout the night serv ice. All other churches in the community rendered service at Triumph Church in behalf of the pastor's anniversary. Mr. Abner Herron is home from the hospital. Mrs. !della Johnson is in the hospital in Naples. \-n proving at home is Mrs. DaiSY Turner, Mrs. Carrie Howard, Mrs. Martha Atkins and Miss Shelia Atkins. Mrs. Mary Townsend, Reporter. Poll Of Sentinel -Bulletin WEEK'S. TOP 10 RECORDS 1. A Thing Line Between Live and Hate -Persuaders. 2. Trapped by Love Denise LaSalle. 3. Make It Funky -James Brown. 4. Tired of Being Alone -A1 Greene. 5. Stick Up Honey Cone. 6. You Send _Me _Ponderosa Twins Plus 1. 7. You've Got to Crawl 8th Day. 8. If You Really Love MeStevie Wonder. 9. Breakdown Rufus Thqmas. 10. She's All I've Got -Fred-die North. .. 11. Black Seeds Keep On Gtbw--:! __ 1 1 _:i '"::4 '-TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT --,A By JOHNNY JACOBS Yours truly would like to apoli gize and explain to a lot of friend& why he didn't show up to quite a few Halloween parties he was invited to. Well, around 2 P M. Saturday afternoon a young lacty decided not to stop for a traffic light on the comer of Hillsboro ugh and 40th Street. The only thing between her and the oppo site side of the intersection was, you guessed it yours truly. Suffer ing with an aching back and a sore neck, yours truly decided to stay in for the weekend. However, an old GI buddy of mine came by Saturday night and hand carried yours truly to a halloween party out in PROVILLAGE. The interest ing affair, held at the home of Sergeant and Mrs. James L. Richardson, was something to witness epecially the costumes. Didn t get the young man's name who won the contest but he was about 6 feet 6 inches and lookd to weigh about 210 pounds. His costume was. a 'er, diaper. His prize you guessed it, a change of diapers. Other folks on the set were: T-Sgt. and Mrs. David Tootle from Orlando, S-Egt. Jerry and Judy Crafton, John and and Shirley Taylor, Ronnie and Margaret Price, Dorothy Jackson, S-E.gt Anthony and Mildred Williams. Chief Warrant Of ficer Fred and Barbara Chester, John Luke, Mrs. Curlie Chester, Mr. and Mrs. Hillard Wtlkerson, Sergeant and Mrs. Willie Norton Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence derson and family, Master Kmg Lonie Chester, Master Peanut Chester, Jr., Ernest Wilkerson, Mrs. Debra Hill S-S.gt Kenneth Wilson, S-Sgt and Mrs, Jim Gil lian, Eergeant George Long. SSgt. Kenneth Jordan, Master Mark Chester and Lor1 Ann Chester. Thanks folks for the in vite. Just in case there is still one per son around who doesn't believe that JOE TEX is one of the greatest singers around today then you weren't one of the lucky people in the audience at the CLUB OASIS over the week end. If you had been, you would have been converted into joining the millions of fans who already knew the obvious. JOE TEX is without a doubt the most popt.lar, best-selling; -and most versatile singer in the world today. He has more style, more range, more vocal gymnastics, and more feel !ng Main Ingredfent. 12. The Love We Had Dells. 13. Inner City Blues Marvin Gaye. 14. Women's Love Rights-LatNa Lee. 11. Feel So Bad -Ray Char les. 16. Spill The Wine Isley Bros. 17. All Day Music -War. ing than most of toda y 's top singers all wrapped up in a ball. JOEl TEX is not only the hottest singer in the record business -HE IS. THE RECORD BUSINESS. He can be backed by a full sym phony, a hill billy band dance band, just a piano, or any music al combination at all. and he al ways sounds great. He can sing with more feeling and effect by himself than you can get in a four-hour sing-a-thon by leading singers chosen from each category of music from jazz to gos pel music. Musical directors and composers go out of their minds finding thrilling effects t() match his vocal characteristics. So far TEX hasn't disappointed a single one of them. His Per formance at the CLUB OASIS over the weekend was one of the best ever to come the OASIS'S way and is destined to become a collector's item. TNB fans wei come you back Tampa TEX and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. Yours truly is also sorry he couldn't send the Halloween Trick or treating at Mattie. White's "TWO SPOT" and Buddy Johnson's Club 61, but you can bet your bottom dollar he'll be there Christmas. Like to take time to say hello to all the folks in those two areas: Glady's Leach, Mary (Sugar Man,) Smith, Nelson Williams, Elsie Grant Jr., Alphonso Crowell, Malida Crowell, Clyde Jasper, Angness Johnson, Lettie Buttler, Ruth Givens, Laine H. Johnson, Dan William Cooley, Mattie White Buddy Johnson, Floyd Johnson. Cleve Epps, Artht."r Davis, Eddie Neal, Buddy Gilchrist Ma Duck, E rnest Gar vin, Barbara Garvin, Johnson, Velma Jones, Dallas Jones, Ernest and Amy Kenty and All Concerned. THAT'S MY CASE -SEE YA LATERGEORGIA. Orlando The Matilda Youman Council No. 77 members gaVe their presi dent, Mrs. Woods a surprise party Oct. 23 for being such a good and kind president for the past 21 years. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 Smooth and Truly Delicious Just Pour .Over Ice.




2 1971 Fla. Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions P AGE THIRTEEN JIM DANDY CALIFORNIA FRESH TINY PEPSODENT SAVE SOo CiRITS SWEET PEAS Tooth Paste (REGULAR PRICE 2 FOR 29c) c c REG. PRICE $1.09 Lb. Bag 8 Oz. Cans ZAPPLE FLAT IN OIL APPLE WINE Bot. 88( SARDINES 8 Cans ULMEAT SPANISH WINE LUNCH MEAT 3 Cans BRILLA. N TE Bot. $1.99 ASSORTED FLAVORS SHASTA DRINKS 12 Cans Who has the finest Fresh Fruits s tm FRESH EVAPORATED SAVE llu GOLDEN KEY MILK 6 .Tall Cans Collard Large Bunch 39( CRISP RED LYKES SAVE 66u CHILl & BEANS 4 Cans $1.00 4 Lb. Bag 39( APPLES DEL RIO RED' TOMATOES 8 Cans $1.00 RED BUTTON DOUBLE LUCK CUT RADISHES Pkg. 10( CiREEN BEANS 8 Cans GA. RED FRESH SHELLED Sweet. Potatoies Lb. 10( BLACKEYE PEAS 10 Cans SWEET SAVE 45o DEL MONTE SAVE 45u TRANSMISSION .. SAVE 65u -POTATOES Golden Corn F L U l D "' CREAM STYLE OR WHOLE KERNEL Quart $ Cans 00 Giant 21/J $ Cans 00 MOTOR OIL :-; 2 qlr. 39c BRAKE FLUID. .. . can 29c OVEN FRtSB REG. 2 FOR 59c s [ BREAD 4 King Size Loaves 99c ] .. Fooos & DAIRY FoQos. xJ OLEO PATT'IES 4 For 38c COUNTRY FRESH SMALL SUNNYLAND PURE LARD 4 Lb. Pail 69c MARTHA WHITE ECiCiS 3 Dozen FROZEN BABY OKRA Large Poly Bag 48c CAKE MIX 3 Boxes 88c PET SAVE 20c FROZEN FRENCH FRIES 2 Lb. Bag 28c COFFEE CREAMER 11 Oz. Jar 39c DECORATOR AJAX CLEANSER Save 10c Can 19c OCOMA POT PIES 8 For 88c MORTON'S DONUTS 48c NABISCO PECAN SHORT BREAD OR CHIPS AHOY. lave lOu pkg. 49c


PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get &ditlon5 Tuesday, November 2, 1971 OMEGA CONFAB TO BE HELD IN TAMPA NOVEMBER 26 .. 27 More than four hundred busi ness and professional men and college and university students, representing six colleges and uni versity and fourteen major Flor fda Cit y chapters of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., will COilverge on Tamoa on the week end of November 26th and 27th for the Florida State Conference and work-shop of the fraternity. Pi Iota chapter of Tampa and Rho Chapter of St. Petersburg 'Will serve as co hosts to the meeting The conference is scheduled to be held in conjunction the Tampa University-FAMU annual football classic scheduled for the same week end, and it will be held in the Sheraton-Tampa Motur Hotel. Many public and private social events will be crowded into the short weekend Otis P. Williams, prominent Lakeland business man and civic leader, who serves as chairman of the social committee for the state meet, indicated that the annual state banquet, the hos pitality room activities and sev era! private parties have been planned in connection with the state workshop. Walter L. Beard, band instructor in the Hills borough county public school system. and past basieus of the Tam pa chapter of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, Is general chairman of the housing and registration com mittee an dstates that m::Jre than three hundred reservaitons have already been made by out-of town members. G V. stewart. chairman of un rlergraduate activities, stated that all six colleges and universities in the state of Florida with chapters in their areas will send dele gates to the work-shop. Dr Robert J. Swain Jr .. prom inent St. Petersburg dentist, will be in charge of directing the bus iness seminar. Otis F. Padgett. Hillsborough County Educator and Rasileus of the Tamna chaoter of bhe Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Is the State MarshalL Registration will begin at the Sheraton-Tampa Mot o r-Hotel on Thursday, November 25th, Thanksgiving Day, and will run through Friday, November 26th. Other individuals who hold state offices in the meet and whose picturs are not seen, are Otis F. Padgett, State MarshaH (local Ba sileus) and Kelley E. Bolden, act ing state keeper of records and seal. The state representative, Ulysses G. Horne, a of the School Board of Hallandale, will preside over the business sions of the state work (hamberlain Hi Schoof By CAROLYN RANSOM Hi there all you soulful fans around the "T" town! How're things going along with you and especially you? Getting on do'ilrn to the real nitty gritty, lets hear the latest happenings. Chit Chat: Ebba Wilson, the letter was very sweet, but you shouldn t have such strong feelings for him .. Cathy Jones, I bet that you're gonna have a bad flick when you develop those films. Pam Arm wood, what's_ this I hear about you falling in love? You better give it a second thought Tony Capers, you see man, your so called friend is full of chief power. Ronald Chambers, how're things going on between you and the old women? Real slick ha1 Louis .. Whitehead, you and Victor looked like real witch doctors in the pep assem bly Blanch Clark, beard you got everything going for yourself, right on! Nathaneal Philon, heard you got something that you can not get rid of, too bad, better luck next time Deb McCullars, where is ole sweet?? Linda Ingram, how does it feel to judge your best friends and don't give them what they expect? Saturday, November 8, the Chiefs will have their homecom ing dance at the Causeway ; Inn South. Zettarettes will have a meeting Tuesday night at 7:30 Friday night at Chamberlains football field, the Chiefs will be defeating Plant High so all you Chief fans come out and support your team. Thought: Love is Having someone to love you twent y -four hours a day Rights Leader To Speak At University Of Florida GAINESVILLE -James Farmer, assistant secretary of Health, Education and Welfare and Civ i l rights leader, will speak at the University of Florida Wednesday. Farmer will speak at 8 p.m in the university auditorium He is sponsored by ACCENT '72. Farmer was appointed in 1969 to the HEW post. Since hs ap pointment the Office of New Careers and the Office of Ch1ld Development have been establish ed and are under his supervision He was a pioneer in developIng-the "action method" which characterized the civil r i g h t s movement and activel y prac t i ced it while servlr)g as national dir ector of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). The civil rights acti v isit served as prof e ssor of social welfare a t Lincoln Uni v ersity in Penn syl vania and has also publish e d a book titled "Freedom-When?" Farme r received a BS de g ree from Wiley Colle ge in Texas and a Bachelor of Divinity degree WALTER L. BEARD from Howard University. ___ G. v. _____ --------------------------______ Campbell's Cleaners For The Finesl In Dry Cleaning AI The POSSIBLE PRICES We Also Do Minor and Major Alternations. For Pick Up And Delivery SerYice CALL 232-5301 40n STREET and 3527 22nd STREET TITUS E. CAMPBELL, Prop. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BE\'ERLY (Continued frum page 7> witnessed the baptism of their niece and godchild Lucile Virginia Hammond. HEAD START PARENTS The Mornincr Head Start Parents a t Lomax School met reoently and eleced the "'fo llowing officers: Mrs Lucille Woodard, chairman; Mrs. Gloria Troupe, vice chairman; Mrs. Gloria Bryant, secretary; l.\llrs. Ernest Shorty, treasurer; and Mrs. Rosie Peterson, reporter. They discussed parent involvement, and comp l eted plans for the Halloween party Others present were Mrs. Van Best, social worker and Mrs. R. E. Ford, teacher. The next meeting will be November 9. PASTOR'S ANNIVERSARY On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights, and all day Sunday,( members of the First Baptist Church will observe the anniversary of their pastor, the Rev. M. C. Johnson. PRIZE WINNER James Robinson of 3906 Hanna was the very proad winner of uhe portable television given away b y the Orchid Club at their Hootenany Saturday night. CLASS MEETING Members of bhe Middleton High School Class of '66 are asked to meet at the Sugar Shack Saturday evening at 7:30 to make plans for a class reunion. For more information you may contact .Jac quelyn Hamilton Reeves, 626-4256; Evora Wynn Pimento, 238-8131; or Jewel Byrd Warren, 621-1944. BUS TRIP TO ORLANDO AND DISNEY WORLD The Grand Royal Court Department of the Lily White S. B. A. will charter a bus to Orlando on November 14 for the annual tee which will be held at Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church where the Rev. L. A. Haisley is pastor. A stop will be made at Disney World For more details please contact 1\Irs. Cora Clark, 245-4571; Mrs. Reatha Williams and Mrs. Selma Smith at the Lily White Temple; or any Royal C::Jurt. president THE WALTONS HAVE A GIRL Congratuiations to Capt. aDd Mrs. William of Mascotte St., whose first chlld, a daughter, Nissa Mike, arrived October 29 weighing 7 lbs. and 15 ozs. Mrs. Walton is the former Flavia Batteaa of Tucson, Arizcna. Her mother, l\Irs. Edgie Batteau of Tucson Wd here for the arrival of first grandchild. SISTER OKA FOR APPOINT-I I I MENT PHONE I READER AND ADVISOR 876-2667 Are you unhappy? Worried? Having trouble at home? Is your married life failing? Is your loved one true to you? Are you a failure in Business? Are you financially worried? Are you sick and in bad health? Do you know your lucky day and number? One visit tG me and I will convince you that you can be helped. Ask those who have been to see me. God has given me these gifted powers to help yGu. COME SEE ME NOW -LATER MAY BE TOO LATE OPEN 9 A.M. TO 8 P. l\1. 2620 W. KENNEDY BLVD. TMIPA, FLORIDA 33W9 L I I I I I I J ---------------------. --WANTED: Young men with Junior College batkgronnd To 'train for Supervisory Positions GOOD PAY WHILE LEARNING Assignments Ready As Soon As Training Is Over CONTACT AGENCY DIRECTOR Central Insurance Company Of Florida 1400 H. BOULEVARD TAMP A, FLORIDA


PAGE F lFTEEN /.I -. .;; -.. -.. ... ) 0 ': -.r \


PAGE SIXTEEN Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions YOUTH GROUP HAS AFFAIR AT SWEDEN HOUSE The Youth Department of New Salem P. B. Church enjoyed their annual banquet at the Sweden House. The gathering Included, seated from left, Patricia Howard, Joyce Stanley, Donnie Nickleson and Elaine Ford. Standing are Johnny Lyles, Terry Williams, Francene Taylor, Michael Nickleson and Spearman. MEN OF PEACE PROGRESSIVE AT ANNUAL OBSERVANCE Leaden of Peace Progressive P. B. Church are pictured during a recent annual observance. Standing is the Rev. E. A. Todd, pastor. Seated from left are Deacon John Evans, and Eddie Bold, WORSHIPPERS AT PEACE BAPTIST Worshippers pldurt>d during Guest Day at Peaee Pmgressht' Baptist Chureh are from left. Sheryl Davis. Bridgett Clark. Lizzie Boose and :'\Irs. E\a Harold. The Re\'. E. A. Todd h pastor. ____ .. _____________________________ Allen 1 emple No. 1 Mrs. lola l\lcC!oud. Prt>s \\Irs. :\lillit> Horne. Reporter Allen Temple Choir ll;o. 1 of whi c h Re\ H. McDonald Nelson Ia pastor will 'bave their rehearsal Wer', .. aesdar night at 8 at tile church. AI! members are asked to p!c.1se be on time. Purple Lily Usher Board The pres. of the Purple Lily usher bo:1rd of the New l\lt. Zion ::-.1. B Church is asking all members to be present and on time Thursday 8 p m. for their monthly met>ting. Plee..se be en time. Bro. R oO<>rt Baldwh1 president, Re\-. B J. Jones pas!vr. Hyde Park Prayer Band "rs. Eddies Wilson, pres. :'lfrs. Hilda Lewis, rept. The Hyde Park Pray-er Band will meet Thursday a t 12:30 at the home of Mrs. Flora Whi te, 219 So. Dakota. The las! meetm g was held at :-!rs Flora Da\is. 5-_r; So. He ::.:::ers o n. PULPIT GUESTS A SPECIAL OBSERVANCE Pulpit guests at thti special observance at St. Paul A. M. E. Church a Jew Sundays ago were, from left, 1\Irs. Elfa Ruft'ln an4 Mrs. Nora MeCall. The occasion was Women's Day. ------------------------I Arcadia Highlights I The -Ministers, Brotherhood, Minist-ers Wives and Deaconess Congress No. 1 Auxiliary to The South Florida Progressive Baptist Association was held at St Paul Bapt. Church at Zo!fa Springs. Rev. J. W. McGriff, is pastor. Rev. W. J. Glover is Moderator and Rev. E L. Hamilton is pre sident. Mt. Olive M. B. Church of Nocatee, Sunday school and BTU wili sponsor a trip to Silver Springs on Sunday, Nov. 7. Mr. Cary Sheard is Supt. and Mr. Frank Walker is pres. of BTU. Rev. W. H. Cade is pastor. Mr. Sam Barnes is confined to DeSota Memorial Hospital in poor condition. St. John M.B. Church Annual Women and Men's Day program will be held on the second Sunday in November, Mrs. Vickie L. Okeechobee Services Sunday, October 17, at Bethel M.B. Church were very spiritual all day. The attendance in Sunday School was also very good. Our pastor, Rev. Williams. reviewed the lesson The banner attendance class was the Young Peoples' Class No. 3 with an attendance of seventeen. Morning worship began at 11 with the Inspirational Choir and the Senior Ushers along with the Male Usher Board serving. Miss Mary Autrey was at the console and Mr. Leroy Alexander served as Director of Music. Mrs. Paulien Fuff prayed a very fervent consecration prayer. The Deacons then took charge of a fervent de votion. The Lord really used our pastor as he brought a beautiful. inspir ing message, subject, "Wanted: Men with Courage to See It Through." There were six visi tors present. BTU began at 5:30 p.m. with the president in charge. Evening Worship began at 6 :30 p.m. with the Deac()ns in charge of devotion. The same choir and ushers served. Our assistant pastor, Rev. Nelson. brought the evening mes sage_ His subject was "I Must Work." We the loss of one of our beloved members, Mr. Henry Futch. whose funeral was Saturday. October 16. Mr. Futch a member of Bethel and he als.:> served on th e Senior Usher Board. On October 24. t he com bined choirs of Bethel journeyed to Jacksomill e to Greater St. Matthews M.B Churc h to sing in their pre-anniversary program at 3. There were se\eral other choirs present. Congratulations are in order for the members of Bethel for doing such a splendid job. Rev. J. H. Williams. pastor. Rev. R_ C. \"e!son. asst. pastor. .-\:exander. rept. Crumandy is chairman and Rev. W. H Moore is pastor. The South Florida Progress1ve Bapt. Association will convene with Shiloh Bapt. Church in November. Rev. W H. Cade is pastor and Rev. L. R. Towns is host pastor. First Baptist Seffner Rev. W. J. Cooper. Pastol' Dea. H. Green, Reporter S. 81. began at the usual hour with the youth of the church in charge assisted by the supt., Mrs. Higgs. The lesson was taL-acon board will meet Tuesday night (tonight) at 7. Official business meeting will be Friday night at 7. All members are asked to be present and on time. Business of importance to be discussed. Don't forget the sick and shut-Ins. Lily White News DEATHS The funeral ot Mr. Eugene Hankerson, a member of Lily White Lodge No 43, will be held Saturday from Mt. Carmel Church of Clearwater. Mrs. Lillie Mae Peterson will represent the grand assembly. The funeral of Mrs. Irene Johnson, a member of Lily White Lodge No. 54, was held Sunday from Mt. Olive M.B. Church of Palmetto. Mrs. Jessie Miller represented the grand assembly. The funeral of Mrs. Rebecca Lee, a member of Lily White Lodge No. 56 was held Saturday from Creal Funeral Home. Mr. McKinley Bell represented the grand assembly. The funeral of Mrs. Susan Cork er, a member of Lily White Lodge No 225, was held Saturday, at Jacksonville. Mrs. Willie Mae Hart represented the grand as sembly. Cocoa Missionary day was observed. Morning worship began at 1l with the pastor. Rev 0. H. Houston. Rev. C. Tooks and the missionary ladies in charge_ Mrs. Myna Houston presided. The No. I chr,ir was in charge of music. The sermon was delivered by Rev. Hoi.2Ston. We had two joiners. Evening worship was conducted at the usual ho u r. T he No. 3 and 4 choirs sened. ::.!rs. Gwenda Thomas was the speaker. Sht was in!roducted by Mrs. Nellie Wes t. O thers participald on progJ;am th.rought out both services :-l:.ss J Spann reporte r


Tuef!day, NG'V'etllber 2,=1=97=1= ==Fl== an_d_F_rl._ ...:.Ge_..:_t ..:..Bo..:....:.:th:...E=d=i:..::tioai==-------P:_A=:CE::: !EVENTEN Brooksville Vrews Of Proqress Village I !y IBA LEE ENNIS-Ph. 677-1310 Mr. Yolllijt Johnson Sr. and daughters end Pat of "1907 Endive Ave., motored to I>onaldsomrille, -Ga., on Sllturday to the bedside of :Mr. Jahnsan'.s mother, Mrs. Mllttie Lee Virgm who waa strickened with a -storlre. Ronald Ephrom was feted with a party in honor of his birthday by his mother on Sautrday night. Guests wer-e too numerous to mention but all reported a very

PAGE EIGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both f:dlUonS Tuesaay, November 2, 1971 SPARTANS SHOOT DOWN FLYING EAGLES 16 0 By SAMUEL A. CHILDS Sentinel Sports Writer Never before and not since the day of Nathaniel "Golden Boy Davis and crew had there been more exciting football played on the Middleton )practice football field. In a way, this is the only 'thing that the community around the' school has left to cheer about and be close to. And believe 'me f!hey were there. to' see what the outcome would be between the Eagles and the Spartans. The early morning rain did not affect the c::rowd, the field, 'or the players qf the. Spartans and Eagles as the 'two teams .played a game of football that will be remembered for a long bme to come for those who saw it. After the weigh in, the SPEC TAGULAR PAL football game started The Saprtans won the toss and elected to receive .the ban; which' was broui#' ba.ck from the twenty yard line to the thirty-five yard line by captain James Walker. Then Spartans started off. with all purpose player, number 22 De .xter King running up the. middle and around tl}e ends. King was the outstanding player of the gaine along with the Eagles quarterback, 'Greg Gooden. The partans could not move the ball down the field for a score as the Eagles strong de fense led. by Timothy Langston, Johnny and Ronnie Stewart and Samuel Washington held, turning the ball over to their offensive team. On the Eagles first possession, they also showed that they could move the ball on the Spartans defense led by Fred Davis, Wayne Williams, Tommy O'Neal, Danny Green and Michael John son. This was to continue through out the first quarter as neither team could do much with the other's defense. In the second quarter,. the Epartan's quarterback, Timothy Cowart, got his team together_ and started driving them doW.n the field On a third and short situation; he went back and hit his tall end Nathaniel Evans for a forty yard pass and run touelidown play Cowart too\{ it over for the two points making It s-o Spartans at this point in the well played game. Then quarterback Gooden got the Eagles going on short passes to' his halfback Ronnie Harbin. He then used traps and slants up the middle and off tackle as they moved down the field toward a score. An interception by de fensive back Michael Johnwn killed the drive on the thirty f:ve yard line. The Spartans came down the field on the hard running of -SPORTANIC FlOODS-av William 0. Bethel COACHING THE MAN KILLER Recently there has been a rash. of incidents wherein coaches have been collapsing along the sidelines. The pressure of being a coach is more tremendous than m<>st people realize. As time .goes on it looks like the pressure is going to increase. Not only must a modern day coach be a sound, strong physica-l speciman he must also be mentally and emotionaLly super stahle. Ail men who coach for any length of time surely have to love the game they coach or else they couldn't do it, The longer a man coaches more he becomes involved in his chosen profession. This of course me ans more emotional and mental strain. Add to this the damage to the body brought on by progression in chronological and you may just come up wibh a collapsing coach. The hazards of the coaching profession increases each day a man coaches. THE LIABILITIES Only recently I was talking to a bright fellow of 28 whom I have known since his high school days. This young man wa s never large enough to do much in athletics and his mother let him even talk of football. This ycung man expressed to me, as so many others have, how he would feel that his life was complete if he had a chance to coach. As most young men do this yotmg man was thinking of all the glamour jlnd popularity enjJyed by successful coadhes. I knew he has pictured himself riding on the shoulders of his victorious warriors after a big win. I knew that he had more than often envisionix:l himself being the center of attraction at affairs and having every one trying to get to him. I knew the youn g man had more than often thiught of all the attenti:m he would get from the fairer sex if he was a winning coach. What I knew that this young man did not know would make enough material .to overflow a book. First of all being a winning coach is a task so difficult it is bard to describe it. I know most of you readers have heard how hard Chinese calculus is. Well it is nothing like as hard as trying to be a winning coe r ch. Now don't forget that aH coaches aren't winning coaches. Have you ever thought of the poor CO!I.Ch _that loses. The chargin and agony of !::sing to a dedicated coach is unbearable. The headache9; loss of appetite, sleepless nights, and upset stomachs are a part of the !i 3 hilities involved TI1ere is not much family life for a ('nach. Then the .re are the insults and abuses that come from un r easo nable fans. A coach s life Is a coach's life and very little el se. Add all these to the problems of every day life and in time old r.oac hie is a sick man one way or another. THt ASSETS I knnw now how much years of being a dt>dicated coach tool' out of 1111' .. I know now that I probably wouldn't be able to do it nil n \tr again but sonwhnw I don't regret of it. Rlack coaches don't g-1'1 t'il'h but I ha\' !' ltarntd the virturs of IH'ing n C'Oadt IH'ttain tn mnn than motwbry riches. I l'an't think of a nything t:tat C'Ollld bt morr gratifying to n coach than to his !'X pla_vt>n I'Olltt' 1111 to him and ask if there Is anvlhing thPy l'an do for him. heing-out of l'Oaching for morr than a year and hali I have l.Htn in and nut of mon plans than rn t ht'fnr!' This was Jlllrpost>/ul having li\ 'l' d almo s t a cnnfinl'd lift fnr to tlwse m :m.v ) t ':lls I to gl'l on I and st'!' wh: d ntw wa s doing I l':t\1 it'll nn it has bN n a rl'\'l'lation and mnn In nttn I h : n !' taught and coal'htd dnwn thrnug"h thl' 'lns l o f the fl'lltllrs an doing-w ell and all nf them ren"mhcr and an tr s.,, .,.: r:tl. .\11 of them me Ill)\\' tltt,-undtrstand what I was IJ_, ing In th dwn till'\' thoug-ht I was g:i\'inl! thtm a h:1rrl tinH'. Thi;< of ihing-m:ll;t;s a fttl, 9 fel'! tall. THE FUTURE Sn m : my cf the fellows ar:d ladit>s I kno,,-do\\11 through the oflt'n ask me why I don't go back into c oac hing This ;u stiL>n has be'n asked m<> so mu c h I I should try to &"i\e an (l'ontinut'd On Page :!1) Alvin Richardson. Reggie White, Jaines Walker and King which made it look like the Spartans were ready to really roll the Eagles off the field, bl1t an interception by Harbin put a stop to the. Epartans threat as the first half ended 8-0 in favor of the Spartans. At the start of the second half, the Eagles came out throwing, as that was the only way they could move the ball against th' e rock-hard defense anchored by Da'{is and Cedrick Anderson. 1 Then at the half way point in the third quarter, it began to pay off (pasl;iing) for the Eagles as GoOden and company moved down to the five yard line of the Spartans. The Spartans held closing the door on the fired up Eagles, turning the ball over to the Epartans offense, with a first .and ninety-five to go for a touch down. At 'this time, the most exciting play of the game took place: The Spartans had a third and long still on the five yard line, wher. the quarterback Cowart threv; a fullback swing pass to and he rolled the 95-yards behind the good blocking of Ronnie John son 'qavid Peoples Fred Davis Ronald Turner and Rickey Myers to put the lid on the Eagles cof fin as the run for two made it 16-0. where it stayed until the end. Rattlers Overtake Tuskegee On Late Touchdown MONTGOMERY-Florida A and M slipped past Tuskegge 24-17 night in a foot ball game played in a steady drizzle The Rattlers won in the late minutes on a 38-yard pass from Rodney Montgomery to Fred Warren, with Johnny Champion kicking the extra point. The big ground gainer for the Rattlers -was James Rackley. with 105 yards rushing. With the Rattlers leading 7-3, the Tigers went ahead in the third quarter by scoring two touchdowns in less than two min utes. In the first one, Hornsby Sams ran over from six yards out, and Riggins kicked the extra point. Two plays later, Walter Ph1llips intercepted a pass and ran 'it back 40 yards for another Tuskegee touchdown. But in the fourth A and M came back with a 34-yard field goal by Champion. And a blocked punt gave A and M a first down on the Tuskegei! 18, from which pojnt the Rattlers ran left over to tie the score 17-17. And Missers League Hitters Bowling Hamilton Ins. Agcy 3-1 23 11 Atlanta Life Ins. 2-2 24 12 Bop City Bar 2-2 23 13 7-Eleven Stores 2-2 191h 161z Bowers Barber Sh. 2-2 19 17 Red Top Bar 0-4 17 19 Team 1 .. .. .. .. 4-0 17 19 Mitchell Cleaners 1-S 8 30 Rolling high game men: Solo m e n Brown 198, Anthony Lovett 184, Robert Davis 183. High series men: Thomas Davis 536, Al Lewis 511, Robert Davis and Solomon Brown both having 506. High game ladies: Almatene Color Television And Appliances Cost Plus 1e% Good Only At FIRESTONE STORE 2101 E Ilill s horo .-hcnue Phone 236-5928 ;: ::: <. SPORTSMEN AT HIGH SCHOOL GAME Tampa sportsmen are to be commended for turning out sG well for weekend high school games. Pictured at the Hillsborough Robinson game are, left to right, Charlie D.a.rby, Herbert McFaddeD and Robert Fuller. PROTHRO BOOSTS-RAMS' ELLISON INTO COMEBACK LOS ANGELES Willie Elli son of 1971 is the same Willie Ellison of the past four years in the opinion of Willie Ellison. "It's jus. t that I'm getting a chance to play more than ever s:aid the Los Angeles Rams' No 1 running back. "I'm able to do more different things and play it looser. I've got much more confidence In myself and I think I've got the support of my teammates." Translated, Willie Ellison Isn't afraid of making a mistake because he k nows he has the confl-:'lence of his new coach, Tommy Prothro. He apparently did not enjoy -that confidence from his old coach George Allen. After leading the Rams In rush ing In his second season in 1968, a funny thing happened to Elli son. He didn't get to start in 1969 and 1970. In fact, he carried the ball only 20 times in 1969. Ellison, 25, will not rap Allen. though, saying: "I'm not bitter at all. It was his decision to go with certain people and he felt he had the right group. Each time I played I tried to do a good job but there was something that didn't satisfy him. "I'm just fortunate to be play ing for Coach Prothro. He's been real fair In his dealings with me.'' The Rams' first draft choice from Texas Southern in Hl67 has a good shot at a 1.000-yard sea son. In Los Ang e l es 4-1-1 start to lead the NFC W estern Division. Ellison Is the Rams' top rusher with 422 Yards and !\\'O tm: chdowns on 9-t carrie s His a\erage is 4.48 compared to h i s rarc<>r average of 4 .13 g o ing into h i s fifh pro season. "Gaining 1.00 0 yards has always been a goal f o r me." the sixWilliams 206, Eldora Ba,\'er 1fl!J. Betty Lewis 1<'>0. High series ladies: Eldora Bake!' 499. Diane Yow1g -t-IB -\l:natene Williams 4-H. Late score: Sara r.e. Jooes 190. foot, one-inch 200-pounder declared. I'm sure this is the goal of m 0 s t ruflning backs in thtt league. At the beginning of Prothro's first year as coach of the Rams, Ellison was told he was the ing fullback and Lester Josephson and Larry Smith were assigned the halfback job on an alter.natbasis. Travis Williams, acquired from Green Bay, was given the chore of running back the Los Angeles kick-offs and punt returns in ad dition to spelling Ellison, Joseph son and Smith "I'm pretty sure everyone is happy,'' remarked Ellison, a 9.7 sprinter in college. Although he won't say anythiniJ critical of his former coach, Elli son does admit he spent four "very frustrating" years under Allen "I still V{ould fire up for a rame and when I didn't get to play I'd really be disappointed and tense afterward." he said. Ellison talked about the new Washington Redskin roach's penchant for going with veterans over youth and Allen's belief of going all out in the exh i bition season "My feeling," he offered, "is that a coach should see what guys do the job best. I think a football player should be jud!{ed on how good he is and not how old or how many years he's play-t:d. This is coach Prothro's phil osophy. "If you can start winning at the beginning without overwork ing your players. that's fine. But I t hink y ou should be careful of having your t eam fade at t he end The Rams. who ha\'e won four in a row after a loss and a to open the season. haven; r ea ch ed their potential, says ETiisan. Buy From Sentinel A-dvertisers


Tuesday, November 2, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tuea. and Fri Both Editiont PAGE NINETEEN Southern Mistakes 16 Lead To 27 Win BATON ROUGE, La Four costly pa ss interceptions and three fumbles o vers hadowed some brilliant defensive play by South ern University as Tennesee Stale University capitalized on the Jaguars' errors for a 27-16 win Saturday night at University Sta dium. Southern had as many lnterceptd passes as It had completed ones, as senior Howard Hall tossed three earrant tosses and sopho more Lawrence "Dillon" Haynes threw one. Hall is recovering from a thigh injury and Haynes Is nursing a sore ankle. A fumble by freshman quarterback Woody Watson in the second period and interceptions by Hall and Haynes in the fourth period helped stake the visitors from Nashville to a 27-8 lead with three minutes to play. The Jaguars' defensive unit played perhaps its best overall game this year, however, as de fensive end James Osborne, tackle Edgar Fullwood, linebackers Goodwin Turk, Marvin Davis and Willie Scott, cornerbacks Willie McKelton and McDonald Batiste and Eugene Baer were terrific most of the evening. Tennessee lead only 3.{) with two minutes to play in the first half and Southern was on the move, but Watson's fumble led to a relatively easy touchdown and the mood was set for the rest of the game. Tennessee AllAmerican quarterback Joe "Jefferson Street" Gilliam passed 12 to Ollie Smith for the first touch down and the pass, coupled with a 21-yard field goal by Anthony Carson, gave TSU a 100 halftime lead. Tennessee State got a break seconds after the opening kickoff, when Hall fumbled on his own 25 after bumping Into a teammate. But two 10-yard penalties lhP Tigers ?rJd a t imelv defensive play by SouthPrn safely Leverne Dickerson pushed TSU back to its own 32 yard line on fcurth down. Jaguar cornerback McDonald Batiste then intercepted a Gilliam pass at Southern's 34 and returned the ball one yard be fore he was tackled. Freshman fullback Johnny Jackson picked up four yards on the Jaguars' first play from scrimmage but left the game with an injury. In came 1enior Henry Brandon for Jack son, and he brought with him m:>st of Southern's offensive punch for the night The 6.{), 220 pounder from Bas trap also shared playing time early with fullback Eddie Rich ardson, but Richardson left with an injury too in the first half and Brandon carried the load by him self the rest of the wa'y. He fin ished with 120 yards on 20 carries and scored a two-point conversion for the best individual pP.rform ance for a Jaguar runner this sea son. Tiger rwmers Charles Tomas and Fred Lane joined Reese and moved the ball deep into Southern's area as the second pe riod began. Reese picked up 12 yards down to the Jaguars' four yard line, but Gilliam lost three yards on first down from there and Southern linebacker Godwin Turk recovered another Tennes see fumble at the seven. After another Queen kick, Gilliam began finding his receivers and passed the Tigers to the Jaguars' 12. But Willie McKelton saved a touchdown with a beau t iful pass breakup in the end zone on third down and Tennessee bad to settle for a 21-yard field goal by Anthony Carson. Watson fumbled on the next play, however, and Glliam took the Tigers in for a touchdown, tossing to Smith from the 12. Car--.. made it 10 with iuqt. 1:43 left i n ihe first half. Tennessee took the second hal f kickoff and scored on an 82yard drive. James Thaxton got the touc hdown on a five.yard pass from Gilliam with 10:20 to play in the third period. Gilliam o,lso passed 17 yards to Ollie Smith and tn yards to Thaxton in the drive, which took twelve plays, but Me Kelton intercepted a third-down pass at Tennessee's 24 yard line minutes later and returned itit for a Southern touchdown. Brandon's conversion run made the score 17-8. The Tigers got the ball back again but Gilliam's first pass waa again Intercepted by McKelton. Larry House picked off a Hall aer. ial moments later, however, and the third period ended with Tennessee ahead 17-8. The mistakes continued in the fourth period, as Southern's Edgar Fullwood recovered a fumble by Thomas at Soutnern's 47 on the first play of the fourth quarter. But Hall threw another interception-this one to William Wynnand Carson added a 22-yard field goal for a 20-8 Tennessee lead. From Southern's 24 yard line, Brandon lost a yard rushng and the-n Haynes oame into the game -only to throw an interception to TenneSBee's Raymond Bryant. The 6-2 234pound sophomore linebacker hulled his way into the end zone from 23 yards out, and Carson's kick made it 27-8. Southern went 75 yards on seven plays for the games final score. The Jags were aided by three consecutive 15-yard pen a It i e s against Tennessee and Hall found Morris in the end zone from the 43 for the touchdow'!'l. He passed high to Broadnax for the conver sion, but the tight end pulled it in as the gun sounded. Jaguar all conference flanker Allen Dunbar caught only one pas& for five v nrds in the game, as Tennessee's NOT SO HAPPY Head Coach Billy Turner, left, and coordinator, Billy Reed ol Hillsborough High School don't look 10 happy when pictured here at the Hillsborough-Robinson game. When the clock ran out the scoreboard registered a Robinson win. --------------------Redskins Ciet Ciiants' McNeil WASHINGTON-The Washing ton Redskins one of the National Football League leaders In player deals as well as winning per centage this year, made another trade last week. They acquired Clifton McNeil, wide receiver, !rom the Giants for Washington's fifth, sixth and aeventh draft choices In 1972. The 6-foot-2 Inch, l87pound McNeil, with eight years of pro ex perience, is 30 years old, just the right age for George Allen, the dynamic, first-year Washington coach. Allen has apparently built a winner in the capital by giving away draft choices for what other teams consider antiques "The future is now" Is said to be Allen's philosophy, and It seems to work for him. Another reason for the trade was to help fil ltlhe spot vacated by Charlie Taylor, the Redskins' star receiver, who broke an ankle Sunday as Allen's team suffered Its first defeat in six games, los ing, 27-20 in Kansas City Taylor will be out six to eight weeks. defense held tough. Reese led the Tiger rushers with 84 yards on 18 carries, while Gilliam finished with 15 comple tions in 28 attempts for 150 yards, two touchdowns and three inter ceptions. Using his philosophy while head coach of the Los Angeles Rams Allen built an outstanding fiveyear In which his teams won 49 games, lost 17 and tied four for a .742 percentage. He has also been quoted as saying: "A good player shouldn't think about retiring un.til he's in his late 30's." McNeil, the Giants' leading re ceiver last year with 50 catches for 764 yards and five touchdowns was reported on his way to join the Redskins for a physical ex amination. On a catch in one of the last plays of Sunday's defeat by the Philadelphia Eagles, McNeil suf fered a bruised rib cage While X-ray showed no breaks, the area was tender enough so that he was expected to miss three or four fames. However, according to Giants' officials, there was no "if" clause In the deal hinging on the exam lnation. An 11th-round Cleveland draft pick out of Grambling in 1964, Me Neil spent four seasons with the Browns as a reserve, then was sent to the San Francisco 49ers. In 1968 McNeil led the NFL re ceivers with 71 catches for 994 yards and seven touchdowns He was hampered by a shoulder in jury in 1969 and was traded to the Giants before last season for two draft choices. PHONE 933-2189 DAILY 9:30 lo 9 Across From Norlhgale 9018 N. Fla. Ave. DRAPERIES READY MADE OWENS CORNING FIBERGLASS 48 x 63 aJ 295 PH. Sizes Up To 144" x 95" 100% NYLON RUG 9 x 12 $29.50 ASK ABOUT OUR LARGER SIZES BEDSPREADS FULLY QUILTED TWIH FULL QUEEN or KING ass gs5 1695


r AUt:. 1 VV 1:.1 .. 1 :J r 1a. Bulletin-Published every Tues. an'd Frt Cet Both Editioni Tuesday, November 2, SOUTHERN CAGERS COULD BE TOUGH By FRED HEARNS Southern SID BATON ROUGE, La. -Speed end quickness will be the key for the 1971-72 So0uthern Univer-15ity basketball team as Head Coach Dick Mack gets his cagers ready for their December 4 opener at home against Dillar d University of New Orleans. I think we'll have a Jot more speed this year and a lot more reserves to depend on who are strong enough to play for us," Mack said this week. So0uthern finished with a 9-17 record in 1970 after injuries to Mack two players led to a mid-season slump. But seven lettermen including three starters -are back this year, and a group of eager freshmen and a junior college transfer form a talented bttnch that oould make the Jaguars the team to watch in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. The team' s biggest losses from last year a!"e NA!A All-American Link Reid, a 5-10 guard, 6-7 rebounding demon Russell Jackw:n, 6-4, forward 'I'h:<""...dore Lindsey 11nd 6-3 guard Vincent Mc Coy Comiag back however are senior gi.!ard Larry McTeir, and junior forwards Bobby Cheely ... and Ulysse.! Jones. Mack is looking for another big man and a guard to compliment his three reliables. McTeir was an h o norable-mention All-SWAC choice in 1970. The 6-0 sharpshooting McTeir averaged 16.3 points a game last year and also is the squads best foul shooter. He had his best effort last season against Dillard, scoring 35 points. Cheely averaged 10.1 points a game and is the leading rebounder back with a 7.3 average on the boards. Jones scored 7 3 points a contest as a sophomore and also pulled down 6.3 rebounds a game. "McTeir has the speed, pillS he gets his shot off very quickly," Mack said. "He's difficult t o sto p because he's left-handed ... he just needs a little more concentration on defense. Cheely should be one of t he top forwards in the conference barring further injury to his knee," Mack said. "He's jumping well, his speed is good and he's shooting better than he did last year. "Ulysses has improved greatly in his rebounding this summer," Mack added. Both Jones and Cheely are 6-7. Other varsity returnees are 6-0 guard Harvey Adger, 6-4 forward Ennis Tillman and 6 0 CAGE STAR PRESENTED WITH BOOK NEW YORK A \ 'lEW FRO:\l THE Rii\1, co-authored by Phil J'( IH' ul' th:-NEW YORK DAILY NEWS and An Associated Features Lr. ; lli, wi!l he published by Lippin cott November 9. In it Willis Rted tells ahout the world of professional basketball and depicts evtr.vthing that goes Into maldng n championship team. Mr. Heed also analyzes in A VIEW THE RIM all the off,u,;in and dcfensh'e techniques that he and other pros use, lu!'luctin!{ the pla.vlng styles of sueh all-lime greats as Lew Alclndor, Os:ar Holt'rtson. Jrrry West, and Wilt Chamberlain. A \ IF.W F lto:\1 TIIE RIM Is Willis Reed's own story-a look It h!s rast nnll a pcnonal view of th!' man behind the statistics. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers GRAND OPENINCifr FRIDAY NIGHT, NOV. 5, 1971 AT GILLEY And WATKINS TAVERN BIG BAND FREE FREE DRINKS FOR ALL 1702 E. COLUMBUS DRIVE guard Willie James. Warren Morris is a 6-2 junior college transfer student who, "could give c..s a lot o f help," Mack said. And 6-3 guard-forward Harold Lewis, a senior "is perhaps the m ost improved player sinc e last year,., said Ma ck. The freshmen w ho hav e been impressive thus f a r -and who are putting Jot s of pressure on the veterans -are led by 6-6 center Alex Keys from Lafayette, La., 5-10 guard Andrew Frazier from Tampa, Fla., 5-11 guard Darrell Glasper and 6-0 guard Mitchell Mosley. First-year man Woody Watson, a 6-5 sensation from Franklinton, La., will join t he team after football season. The Jaguars will play a 22-game schedule, including 12 conference gap1es. The team also will participate in the Dillard Holiday Tournament Decembe r 17-18 in New Orleans, La. and the Blue-Gray Basketball Tournament in Montgomery, Ala. December 27-30. Grambling College won the SWAC crown last year and Mack thinks the Tigers of both Grambling and Jackson S-tate are the teams to beat this year. "And you can't c ount the Texas teams out either," he added. Southern opens its conference s chedule January 10 against Alcorn College in Lorma, Miss. STUPID, YES I CALLED YOU STUPID. 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BETHUNE WILDCATS PREPARE FOR HOMECOMING SATURDAY DAYTONA BEACH-The Bethune-Cookman College Wildcats, under head coach Jack "Cy" Mc C1airen, prepare to make it five in a row over Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference opponents as they Jock horns with the highly touted Alabama Sate Hor nets of Montgomery, Alabama. Coach McClairen says that he hopes there will not be a Jet down with the Wildcats due to their open date the past week. The Wildcats opened the season losing the first two games to South Carolina State, 9-0 and to Morris Brown College, 21-14 and winning the next four in a row by blanking their opponents-Alabama A&M. 48-0; Albany State, 43-0; Savannah State College, 9-0; and Tuskegee Institute, in the Central Florida Classic in Orlan do, 46-0. The Alabama State Hornets, the third collegiate athletic power of Alabama to play the Wildcats state that they must avenge the defeat of Alabama A&M and Tuskegee Institute by defeating the WildGats. Coach Cy McClairen and his Wildcats have a different story for Homecoming. The Homecoming schedule is as follows: 10:00 a.m., Homecoming Parade; 2:00 p.m., football game, Bethune-Cookman College versus Alabama State, Welch Memorial Stadium; 8:00 p. m Victory Ball, College Gymnasium and other Greek Letters Organizations and Soci a l Clubs actvities. Sunday, November 7, 1971, 11 a.m., Alumni Worship, Guests of Stewart l\femorial United Methodist Church, Reverend Rogers P. Fair, Minister. AT TOWNE'S CLEANEqs 3608 34th STREET TAMPA ,Yfodem Equipment Plus Carefree Fabrics Have Made Our Job of Pro fessional Care Much Easier; So We Can Cut Prices; AND YOU 5AVE. THOUSEBS AND SKIRTS: NOW 59c SPORTCOATS: NOW 60c SUITS: NOW $1.19 DRESSES: NOW $1.19 :ity wide pickup and delivery. Bring your own and save ... Adlitional charge for pickup and delivery. 248-4144 Hours 7 a.m. 6 p.m. Established 1884


Tuesday, November 2, 1971 Fla. Sentint>l Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Gf>t Both Editlon5 PAGE TWENTY-ONE -SPORTANIC FLOODS-( Continu e d from page 18) answer. F irst of all nearly no o n e kno ws t he rea l I retired from c oa ching and I won' t try to expl ai n it. Howe ver I w ill say that in this yea r and a half I h av e found ou t some t hing abo u t m y self. With m e its o n ce a co ac h al way s a coach. C o achi n g is m ore de epe r imbedde d in my sou l t han I ever thought before Upshaw Opposed Each Othe r In Ciame Wit h all it s m e n tal. e mot ion a l and ph y sical hazards it seems roach in g U! t he onl y th i ng fo r me. I am ready to go ba c k to the o nly t h ing I really kno w how to do. Besides Mr More has Ind icate d to me t hat I probabl y should go back into coac h ing. If yo u d on't k new w h o :vi r. More is I mean Mr. Need M ore. QUICK QUIPS: Coach Charles Perr y, f ormerly of Marsha ll High in Plant C i ty e n d Blake H ig h is in t he hospital for lmee surgery. C o ach Perry has been plagued by a bad knee since his college at hletic d ay s at Tuskegee Institute New Coach Jimmy Sm i th at P 1ant O i ty High i s e age r to get h i s basketball charges off to a rtmning s t a r t com e s t he 1 5 : h of this month. No county school c an start org a niz e d b as ke t b all prac tice until the 1 5t h. Speckled trout have been fai r l y slow in Tampa Bay recen tly but redfish and sh e ep sh e a d ha v e been on a tear. It s eems m ost of the speckled t rout h av e up at Cr ystal River and H o m a s e ssa Sprin g s. Ple n ty of fr es h water speckled p e rch a r e b ei ng at this time b e cau s e o f t he full m oon peri o d C o a o h C harl es W h ite i s st ill t ryin g to fin d a 6 '6 or <'Ver b as k e t b all player over a t Hill s b oro u g h C o mmun i t y C olle g e. C oac h Whit e fe e ls he will do alri ght i f he c a n find that o ne bi.g boy The w eather Is still warm and are the "hot pan t s This w ill be t he most un wante d winter in history M ay b e t he "hot p ants" re af f ect i ng the weather more than we think Despite TKO, No t Ready for Fra ,zi,er NEW YORK George Foreman did it again. The No. 2 ranked heav y weight eontender won another fight Fri day night a"

PAGE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tuea. and Fri. Get Both Edition Tuesday, November 2, 1971 Wife Of Pro Star Is Bethune's Homecoming Queen DAYTONA BEACH -Mrs. Alvin Wyatt was named homecoming queen during a recent campus election. She was crowned during apecial ceremonies at 8 p.m. in Heyn Chapel Friday night. The 1968 Campbell High School graduate is a member of the YWCA, Women's Senate, and PEM Club. A juniot majoring In Phys ical Education, Florrie was selected :\liss Campbell in 1968 where she was a majorette in the high school band. She is married to Alvin Wyatt, a former All-Am erican safety at B-CC and currently a starting cornerbaclt with the Buffalo Bills Football team. She will rei" n over Homecoming activities wh e n the Wildcats face th e AlaState University Hornets a t 2 p m in Welch Stadium S aturday. I Arcadia Funeral services for Mrs. Be s se Lewis was held Sunday at St. John M. B. Church at 2:30. Rev W. H Mocre, pastor officiated Coker Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. The South Florida Progressive Baptist Association will be held at Shiloh M B Church of which Rev. W H Cade is pastor. The ass o c iation will convene N o v 23-28. Rev. and Mrs. Leroy Kennon .tnd Mr. John Tuff atte nd e d the AM F.: ( 'onference in St Pete rslao:t week Funeral arrangements for Mr. Bruc e Robinson are incomplete. Harmy birthday to Mr. David Stehlins and Kenneth Scott whos::> natal day was Nov. 1 and Joanetta Scott whose bi g day is Nov. 4 Ke-nne t h and Joanetta are the ... Valdosta, Ga. Servi ces at St. Pau l AME Churc h began with Sunday s c hool at !1::10 with the suut. and t e achers at their posts. The lesson was revi e wed by Miss Annie P. Bla c k. Morning service began at 11 with choirs No 2 and 3 s erving The s e rmon was delivered b y the Rev. A Foster. Our pastor. Rev. 0 C Hardrick fa st.ill confined to the hospital In Ml :111t:t. Mrs. M a ry L Black, rept. Highlights I son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Scc.tt. Elizabeth M. B. Church will obs erve their annual men's day th 4th Sunday in Nov. Mt Olive MB Church Sunday School and BTU took their children to Silver Springs on a sightseeing trip Sunday. Mr. Cary Sheard, supt. of the S S.; Mr. Frank Walker, president of the BTU and Rev. W H Cade is pastor. Mr. David Steblins was given a surprise birthday party Monday by his wife Mrs. M. Steblins. Remember the sick and shutins Mr. Jesse Davis, Mr. Sam Barnes, Mr. George Brown, Sr., Mrs. Fannie Graham ,1\Trs. Bernice Phil lips and others. Death Notices CO:\DIVNITY FUNERAL HOME Mr. Mack Prior, 1819 Henry FRA:\TKLIN FUNERAL H()ME Mr. Randolph Anderson 2107 E. Palm Ct. Mrs. Thelma Reinhart, 2330 Slats St. i\fr. Robezt Lee Jasper, 12'24 E. Kay St. l\Ir. Willis Harris, 1200 Marion St. Mrs. Betl,y Grant, 1610 Morgan St. WILSON FUNERAL HO:\(E 1\lr John Shuler, 1154 Uni o n St. UNCLE SANDY SAYS 15. n WI! m ls rortune and h a ppim ss atik t'. 17 Wt> are llt'\ i' r t'ithtr s<> wnkht>d o r s o luppy t u we say Wei art' 94, 33. Winter Garden President Johnson is a s king all members of Lily White Lodge to be present. on Monday night for the mcnthy meeting. All members of Lily White Junior Lodge are aske d t o meet Monday at 4 at the hall. Mr s. Malissia Cruse is the juni or conductor. i\Irs. Nancy Lampkin was involved in an acc i de nt on Friday eyening. Mrs. B ety Jo Brunson is doing fine after underg oing an operation. Mrs. Lee Ester Burt is also ill. Dinner guests of Mrs. Bertha Keagler was Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Harris, Mmes. Juli a McKnight, Mable Johnson, Estella Dorton, Martha Anderson, Malissia Cruse and Mannie Reed. Mrs. J. C. Maxey has returned home after spending her vacation in New York City. Mr. and Mrs. Theadora Willis end Miss Willie Bell Willis along with other members of the familv attended the funeral of their bi: other-in-law and uncle in Dothan. Ala. Miss Georgia Mae Jeringan was married to Mr. Richard Wise, October 22. Miss Jeringan is the .. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jeringan and Mr. Richard zs the son of Mr. Richard Wise, Sr. of Oakland. Mzs. Malissia Cruse, rept. Only In America (Continued From Page 4) North Carolina for the Democrats in 1960 so they were at the head of the line for some rewards. Terry Sanford had himself been an FBI man before he went into lay and politics so that appointment had certain merit. And I thought J. Edgar Hoover has served well past his time. It made so much sense that e ve r y body believed it. Terry Sanford and Jack Kennedy, and after Kennedy, Lyndon John son No one picked up the hint. I don t think J Edgar lost a night's sleep over the leak and Terry is now the president of Duke University. But I dare not use free association with the Nixon Admlnistra tion No one knows what they are up to until they do it. Before Kennedy went on tele vision to tell the nation about the missiles in Cuba, most knew something was up. They may not have known the details bu' they knew it had to do with a Communist weaponary in our heml sphere. Two days before V-E Day, all the correspondents knew the Germans had asked for uncondi bona! surrender. They sat on the story at the behest of the Sup reme Commander, but an AP man breached the security. The only leak coming out ol Washington in the past years was the suspicion Wally Hickel was going to go, but then you wouldn't hav e to be an intrepid newshound w guess that. Mr. Dorian Charles Kimble, lOOtS Lily White Ct. Mr. Willie Clifford Hannah, 2209 lith Ave. Baby Boy Rush, 2()().1 14th St. Mr. Ben Singletary, 1235 Scott S t. Mrs. Sandra Jean Green, 2510 Centra Ave. Mrs. WiJ.lie Larry, Rt. 1, Box 106A Seffner Mrs. Genny And e rson 2108 Morgan St. Rev. H. E. King 1515 Union St.. Apt. 8B. :\fr. Lonnie M. Moore, 3701 Deleuil Ave. BRY.-\XT-WILLI .UIS (R.-\Y WlLLI.UlSl l\Irs. Betty Helms, 5071il So. Tampania Ave. i\!rs. Amanda R o berson. 1903 17t h Aw. Pl'GHSLEY Fl'XER.\L i\!r. James R Richards on, 39ll E. C u r t is St Fish Fry Friday A fish fry will be held Friday night at the home of :\Irs Mary Ki!:ins. 2309 32nd St. The m<-lll! w ill consist o f fis h s an d ,.,ichf"S, french fries sodas a n d pun c h Thf p ublli c is !n\ited to att e nd. FUNERAL NOTICES RIC!I.-\RDS0:\1. MR J.-\:\IES H.Final tribute for the late :\lr. Jame s Ready Rich a rdson of 3 911 E. Curtis who pa sse d a-.:;_y a i residence Friday, will be held Thursda. \ 2 P .:\1. from the 29th Street Churc h of Christ with :\lin ist e r J a m e s L. D a niels, officiating. Interme nt will IJe in S h a dy Grov e C emetery. A native of :\lonticello Mr. Richardson liv e d in Tampa for many years and was a member of Grand Union Pallbearers Lodge No. 6, Rev. J. A. Proctor, president. Survivors include: wife, Mrs. Mozelle S. Richardson, Tampa; 3 sons, Claude Richardson, Tampa, James Richatdson, Jr. and Carl Richardson, Philadelphia, Pa.; 4 daughters, April Richardson, Mrs. Goldie Sanderson, Mrs. Ceola Sanchez and Mrs. Frankie Thomas, Tampa; grandchildren and great grandchildren; a sister, Mrs. Sarah Richardson, Tampa; nieces, nephews, other relatives, devoted friends Mr. Henry Sterex, Mr. Thomas Albury, l\lr. Perry Nelson and Mr. Lockhart, Tampa and other friends. The remains will lie in state at Pughsley Cathedral for of friends after 5 P. M. Wednesday, and on Thursday until hour of funeral service. THE REMAINS WILL NOT BE VIEW ED AT THE CHURCH PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. Memoriam LAKELAND -In loving memory of Mr. Archie Perry, who departed this lfie, November %, 1968, Safe ill the arms of Jesua -j Safe on his gentle breast I There by his love oversheded Sweetly my !tOUl shall rest. Sadly missed by daughter-In law, Ruth Perry and grandchildrem Rosita Robin!tOn and Lutricia Per ry and family. MEMORIAM TAMPA -Ia memor:r of our mother, Mra. Battle DeD5011, whe allp)'ed away one ;rear ago November 3, 1970. l\lemortes sweet mem ories aU we have lett Ia sweet memories. Sadly missed by relatives and a hQfl& of frlena. SHUMATE STORAGE GOOD CARS WHOLESALE OPEN SATURDAY 9-31 SUNDAY 1-11 225 CARS Specializing 1 Owner '71 Models Older Models Too FINANCING TRADES T -\KE N '66 CHEY. 1 t t I o o t t t t $599 '71 YW full eqpt., 1 own S1899 '63 CHRYSLER ,. $199 58 CHEV. BIS. T14Ht $199 69 C a dil a c f./a stereo CHEV l:viP. I St99 '63 Lincoln Continental C\DILL.\C .. ..... $199 '6 3 Buie k E l edra 2 2 3 .. 6:! 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Fla. Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Frl. Get Both Editions PAGE nVENTY-THRE FOR Estate I net>d! call or see Sam C :\lar \ tino, Realtor, 2218 East 7th .1 Ave. Phone 248-6111. -----110 CREDIT??? Having Trouble Buying A Car Because you are short on Credit or D11wn Payment? LET i.\IE HELP YOU Call Bill Brown 232-4891 OR SEE ME AT SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 FLORIDA AVE. EMPLOYMERT TRAIN NOW! FOR TAJIPA'S new Vet.erans Hoi pita!. Selected tramee-s will 1M I a rter short training periorl for medical and busi 1 ness office positions. Needed im I mediately! Nurse:5 aides, medl receptionists, secretaries, derk typists and key punch operators. CaU MEDICAL CENTER, 223-2523. Male Help Wanted li-35: Guarant.eed assignment to Europe U. S. Army Is accepting applioodons for minimum 16 months tour In Europe In Infantry, armor and artillery career fields. For complete In-formation call Tampa, Fla. 238-7711, Ext. 115, lil, 172. WANTED GO-GO GIRLS.. Apply DREAM BAR, 2801 Avenue WANT TO DO SOMETHING EX TRA SPECIAL TIJIS CHRISTMAS? Be an Avon Representative. Your earnings gl) a long way to make Christmas merrier for your entir. e family. Call now for an interview In your own bome: 626-0874. MRS. SMITH 576-3242. EMPLOYMENT Programmer I Analyst :\11.\'IML':\1 5 years programming experience. :\lust be thoroughly familiar with computerized production scheduling and Inventory control. techniques, Capable o{ designing, programming and implementing manufaduring tems in multi-plant environment. S a l arv comnHnsurate w i t h knowiedge and tllperierrc.e. Excellent company bent'Aits. Please send resume and talary requirements to: Industrial Relations Mana(er SHERWOOD Medical Industries l!W, P.O. Box 2078, DeLand, Fla. 32i20 No Telephone Please A.n Equal Oppodunlty Employer Female Help Wanletl Women age 18-35. Are you tired ol. your present routine? Dl you wl&h for travel, people and exoltlng work? The Wouum'li Army CorPI hat many skills available f()l" qualified young women. For compl.ete Information call Tampa, Fla. 128 7711, Ext. 115, 171, 172. FOR SALE :$50 DOWN 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, carpets, built-in range and oven. $11,00!1. Principle and Interest $72.85, on 30 mortgage at 7 percent. DON TAAFFE BROI{ER Days 877-2729 Evenings 839-1422 A NEW HO :UE? $200 DJ)wn, good credit. Call Equal Oppor tun;ty Development Corp. Call 251-3201 Ol 935-6986. Save Time And StamP-s Phone Your N .ews 248-1921 MAIL YOUR AD RENT OR IVY! LEASE OR HIRE! TELL OR SELL! tO words or less will cost per edltloa an4 lh each additional word. If you need help In writing y&pr ad, or && fiAd out how much larger ads will cost, Just call "MISS RESULTS" at 2 -18-1921. Please enclose your check or money order for each ad 100 "R"ish to have published. WRITE YOUR AD REJtE Undl'r what classification we publish your ad? = YO"Jr o o 0 o 0 o o o o o o o o o t ''' 'to oooo 0 0 o o l o o I 0 0 of I o 0 I I 1 1 1 1 1 t I I Your address: oottll' oftooooootoootoooooCotOIOOIIOotOtt. o OtiO.ttl \'ot:r T elephone Number: .......................................... .. M::ll this form with your ch e ck or money order Co: THE FLOHIDA SENTINEL-BULLETIN, P 0. Boll: 3363, Tam!Ja I:JilOl I I I ------------------------------------------FOR SALE 1 FOR RENT PUBLIC SERVICE ------------I ------------$5(} DOWN I BEALTIFL!L THltEE HEDH00:\-1 1 HO:I1ES with t'ill'V<'t, tile bath, j built-in range and n\ tn, chain link fence and beautiful landscajJe lots. JOE KENNEDY REAL E STATE ASSOCIATE. Wilb ert Williams Realty, 2122 Jlain St. Phones 251-i 4049 or 6ii I S\VIl\1:\'IING POOL IN CHARMING RIVER GROVE I Estates. 3 b edroams, 2 baths, Fla. room, central heat and air. Non qualifying. I HAROLD FRANKLIN, REALTOR Phone 8i9-0560 SPANISH VILLA Reduced to $55, 000, 4 bedrooms with 2 Italian Mosaic baths Formal living and diniJ:g rooms, C HI A. 1 European ISABEL PERRI, ASSOCIATE. I TAMPA REALTY, INC. 839-6337 Realtor 87i-6884 1 NON QUALIFYING, LOW MWD payment, 2004 4th Avenue. 8'r.l-I :!551, 251-lllOl\. RlVERGROVE ESTATE I WATERFRONT I A CASTLE ON TilE RIVER ski, swim arul fish in your own back ya1d b aths. 1 Family rnom w/fireplace o verlooking River and rolling Game room l6x 16 includes pool table. J,ush ldtchcn W /10 ft. pantry and finest of equipment. Amana C JJ/ A. 2-car garage. Must see to appreciate. Call ISABEL PERRJ, Assoc. 877-6884 8 39-6337 HOMEMADE PIES AND CAI{ES for sale. Will bake for speci.al occas ion. Church groups, etc. Phone 248-a545. Extra for de livery. --------4 BEDROOMS, 3 BATHS $15,000 F.H.A. Owner Redecorating I Have Key REALTY, INC. ISABEL PERR[, ASSOC. 877-6884 REALTORS 839-6.337 Heater Sales and Service. Used and Rec:ondiJioned 8001 40th St. Phone 988-6626 BDSIHESS LEASES AVAILABLE AT TAMPA PARK SHOPPING CENTER NEBRASKA AT SCOTT FOR REASONABLE RATES PHONE: ----Buy from Florida Sentinel Advertisers FOR RE!'\T 3102 11th AVENl:E, APT C. I b<'droom, Ji\ int( room, kih' hen unfurnished. All utilities paid. weekly 25S-515l. } OR REN1 2 BEOHOOMS, unfu r ni shed, wa!t-r paid. Apt No. 4. rental. $20 a week. 2808 34th Street. 2 5 8 -5151. I 31041 :. lith AVENUE. C. B. Build lng, 1 bedroom unfurnished, aU utilities p:tid $30.00 weekly. No : childroo. 258-5151. Washers aaul Refrigerators for renl $2.50 Weekly No Gimmicks Ne,er A Service Charge. Phone 988-9131 7216 40th STREET FOR RENT CleaR Painted Houses Phone 251-1645 PUBLIC SERVICE JACKSOHN'S STUDIO OF PIANO PERFORMANCE EXCELLENT TRAINING for be 1 ginners advanced pupils of I all ages. Register now. 2387292. AUTO INSURANCE Before and after an ncoideni A. F. KILBRIDE INS. 1201 Marion Street Phone 223-5531 Got Car Troubles? TRANSMISSION OVERHAUL GEN. CAR REI>AJRS BY EXPERTS Call 246-3291 RAY'S GARAGE 3007 34th St. TAMPA ---WIRING ELECTRICAL AND REPAIRS One-Trip Serviee Truckt 210 Franklin St. Z29-2771 AUTO INSURANCE Dll\lEDl:\TE COVERAGE at a cost that corrt'SJIOnds to your drh ing histor:v. Jack Berry 626-6194 4-A LOU-LOU OF A DEt\L ON CUT-RATE PLUMBING C-SOL'S TRADING POST lame Location For 13 Yean Y-l\IOVE? J82! E. BROADWAY PHONE !(3-2411 FUNERAL DIRECTORS WILSON'S FUifEBAL HOME "Our Bualne11 Is Phones: 248-61211 245-2032 POGHSLEY Funeral Home 3402 26th STREET As Impressive as required As Inexpensive as desired Phones 247-3151 or 247-3152 ROGERS Funeral Home 4605 34th St. Phone 233-9302 or 258-0764 LADY ATTEND.\NT "WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS" ERRORS Ad v e rt i a e r s are requeated to check t h e first appearance of .tla for corrections. This newspaper will be re sponsible for only one Incorrect insertion, ANY ERROR SHOULD BE REPQRTED IMMEDIATELY CALL 248-1921 FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN WANT ADS WORK HARD


PAGE 1WENTY-FOUR Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Botli Edltloat T-,tesday, November 2, 1971 WITH THE ELEGANT LOOK OF WHITE ACCENTED WITH A TOUC:H OF GOLD AHD MAR-PROOF TOPS FROM Larmon's BUY NOW AND GET A FREE lURKEY. FOR THANKSGIVING (FREE TURKEY WITH THE PURCHASE OF 9995 OR MORE DELIVERED BEFORE NOV. 22, ... 1971). 7 and white I ,., THE '\. _. your BANKAMERICARD welcome here CONVENIENT TERMS TO SUIT YOUR BUDGET! "IT'S EASY TO PAY THE LARMON WAY'j-o PEN FRIDAY NIGHT 'TIL 8 P.M. Plenty" Of FREE Parking On Lot In Rear Of Store ARMO, N E.-. 'PHONE: : 248 255: 7 r ._ .. .. ,. ...


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