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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 24, no. 94 (November 9, 1971)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
November 9, 1971
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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MOTHER OF 'BATTERED' BABY ARRES FOR BRUTALITY Hear Vel This Office Closes At Noon Every Wed. And Sat. AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY (SEE STORY ON PAGE e1 Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU -------------------------------:VOL. 24, NO. 94. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1971. PRICE 15 CENTS. ---------------------Injustice Said In Jailing Blacks .. ----------------.-- h o mecoming queen, l\Irs. Florrie Wyatt sec-ner-up; and Sandra Blygen, seconll runner-up; at H-13 victory waa witnessed by more than 10,00i). ond from left, a junior from Daytona. She Is pic-


PAGE TWO' ...__ Fla. Sentinel Bullethl-Published every Tues. anti FrL Get Both Edition! Tuesday, November 9, 1971 1 COURTHOUSE CAPERS Assaults Clifford Allen Poole, 28, 8605 E Henry, told police late Sunday night that he was assaulted at the New Lol.IOJe, 859 Zack Street. Poole said a male suspect hit &lrm oo-the leFt aide of tbe face with. a .22 caliber revolver. Police investigated an ag;gra-vated assault case at the Jewel Ear, 27rR Nebraska Avenue, last Thursday evemnog. Jessie Lee Rodgers, 37, 4202 E. Osborne, said a man r inside the bar struck him with a cue stick. It was reported to police Saturday night that Johnny L B iggins, 29, 1910 14th Avenue, was assaulted while at 1901 E 12th Avenue. Biggins reportedly got into an with a man woo cut him tJn the on the back of the arnd on the arm with a large kn ife Burglaries Mt. Tab Baptist Church 2001 N. ltlbany, was burglouized durin( the night Friday. The pastor of the churCih, Rev. T. J. James, reported the incident to police Saturday morning. The subjects that broke into the .building, van dalized it, ehicken from the refrigerator and took one dollar iD eUFI"eonc:y befOre leaving. dollars in cash was taken Sunday during a burgtary et the home of Mrs. Jessie Mae ShelLman, 5(t, 3116 Lucky Atley. Mrs. Shellman noticed a t 1:30 Sunday that her back screen had been cut, upon checking her oe longings she discovered tha.t the money was mis11ing from under a mattress. A portable televi!Wn set, worth. $95, was stolen from the of William Hammie Kay, 47, 1538 Laurel Street. The house was entered through a aide window. Joe Be-ard, 19, 3407 ShadowLawn, reported a oorglary at his resi denee Saturday. Beoo-d said someone broke the glass-on the door of his apartment to enter. Onceinside they. took an eight track stereo taPe player; eight tapes, a blue psychedelic light and two wall pictures. All bf the sto1en merchandise is valued at $257. Mrs. Johnni:e Mae Carter, 26, 3508 N. 34th Street, reported the theft of two pieces of electrical equipmnet from her home last 'Ihursday. Thieves entered the house through a rear door .00 took a portable t ele vision set .00 a tape player, both worth $'"19. Thefts A 1962 Chevy1 wotth '350, was stolen e arly Saturday morning, police said Mrs. Shirley Battle, 29, 1312 Spruce Street said she had left the oar in the 1300 block of Central Avenue for a couple of hours When she l'eturned at 2 a m t he car was gone. Mrs. Jean Eli zabeth Hill, 21, 104 E. Ross AYEmue, lost $5 to a thief Saturday The woman was in the 1400 block of Orange Street when a ma.n snatched the money from her hand and ran Willie White, 22, 2218 5th Ave nue, told police late Friday night that he was attacked and robbed at 7th Avenue and 25th Street. White said some men beat him. knocked him to bhe ground and $29 from him before fleeing bhe scene. Luke B lackmoo, Jr., 56, 4410 N. 34th Street, was robbed early Sundaoy nwrning whlle he slept on the hood of a oar in front of his home. Blackmon .s>aid he went to sleep about 4 a.m. and slept for arout 1111 hour. During that time someooe removed his bill fold from his pooket, !.ook ,$300 i n cash, dropped the wallet on the ground and left the scene Police arreSed Hobert Lee Walker, 17, Thursday nLght after $150 worth of tools out of a oar owned by Emil Angello Cohen, W Hanna Walker was caught with the good-s-in his possession after breakin-g into the 1964 Ford that was parked at the Jewel Bar, 2707 N Nebroo:ka Avenue. Vonnie Lee -Baker, 38, 1423 Centra:! Avenue, aocilsed a woman of baking $140 in cash from him last Tbwsday. Baker sa!d he stepped out of the room f{)r a w-hile and the woman took the money from his pants pocket and left. Mrs. Delores Hooter, 22, 913 Marin Street, told police Stmday that her .. 1961 Chevy w-as missing. Mrs .Hunter said the vehicle was in front el her oouse when it was taken. The car is worth $200. Mrs. Ethel Mae Scott, 27, 1210 N Blvd., Apt 146, report{d the theft o a 1962 Chevy Thursday afternoon. The $275 car was parked in front of 1204 N. Howard Avenue when it was taken. _____ .....,.... B'nd Sought lo free Two Of Quincy Five TALLAHASSEE C011tending that a deputy's testimony casts mcire new doubt on the murd-er case against the so-called "Quincy Five," defense attorne y s wi-ll try -this week to. obtain release on bond of two et them. Sheriff's Lt. Melvin Terry will be ca11e d to repeat testimony that the Quincy Five defense insists farors their men-Terry's conversation with aoother mu charged in the case, who has said they weren't involved in the Jf' h!rymurder at issue. Terry's interview of James L. Fussell 25. who Is a pri-'Oner In Ne-w York's Sing Sing, came out In n rlej!Wai tion hearing last W>!e-k. Teriy testified that Fussell ad mi tcd in tbe robbery nne! when soown llic:tures o f tn"! Quincy could n idenilly t.hf'lll. The state did not drclp charges nr durin,; which a patron. Leon r"!lty jail!r K-mas WPS In January, sheriff's lkputies and !'ate Joe nbtai:nrd confessi-ons f,-,m lw6 Qui.u:y Five. Dave R K e:1t0 n 19 and Johnny Fredcr i,k, After a four da-' trial in 11t which they n:pudiated the ns fa[$e and coerced !;catn n r-:Jndemn-ed to die and was to life. Miss. Man Convided In Slaying Inooan8 la, M iss. -A white was convicted by a biracial jury Friday of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a young black teenager, whose death tom:hed off a seri-es of rallies and protest marches last May. After deliberating IOO minutes, eight black and four white jurors found Wesley Parks, 26, ol Mem phis. Tenn .. guilty in the death of Jo Etha Collier who was slain a few hours after graduating from Drew High School. A judge sen tenced Parks to 20 years in prison, which the ma.ximu-m penalty. Parks. whe is the first of t hree white men to stand trial in t\e case. testified Thursday he "very possibly" fired t he bullet !rom a car May 25 which struck the 18-, ear-ol:d gir I. Parks, a refrigerator and air conditioning mechanic 9id he had drinking beer and did not remember wh-at had happened. His tearful wife, Betty her head and bit her lips when the verdict was read by Circuit Clerlr Sam Eli Other fa-mily cried Sunfl&wer County Circuit Judge B. B Wilkes told penoos in the courtroom that "I don t want any notice ol any kiuc ana I mm' t want any demonstrations of any kind by way of approval or disapproval." After the jury ruling. Parks was brought in front of the bench and was sentenced to the stat e prison He display1'd no outward sign of 3 Wounded With Mather Of 'Battered' Baby Gunshots, None Serious A ed F Two young Tampa persons were rrest or Brutality Injured with a single !iOOt Sat-A 23 year old mother was a-rresturday night whil e they sat on a ed Last Thursday after taking her car in frO!lJt of Rose Bl!ld Russell s son, whose condition three physiBeer Garden, .1706 N. 14th Street. cians termed "battered," to TamShirley Weston 20, 1021 7th Ave-pa General Hospital for treatment. nue, Apt. A, told police officers Mrs .Linda Jones, 4109 E. Elli that she was sitting on the hood oo t t, w-as arrested at the hospital of a caT when a suspect oalled for child brutality-after exami-"Johnny," came up and pulled nations revealed that the child a small caliber gun. He fired had been beaten and burned once and the bullet grazed Mis s After being questioned by tl;e Weston on the right arm and staff doctors, Mrs. Jones side and the same bullet also ted that the burns on her son's struck Thessel Gray, 23, no adbody were caused by hot water. dress listed, who left the scene She saki. that she was giVing him before pol ic e arrived. a ba-th after testing the water Miss Weston wa s taken to Tamwhich "seemed alright. pa General by ambula111ce and Officer M. Ellison and R. W. Gray arrived to be treated a fter Thompson went to the pediatrics __ t he police officers have comrplet_ wa.rd and interviewed the doctors ed thei r investigation. and Mrs. Jones. One doctor told In another shooting late Saturthe officers that the child w.-..-. daly night, Tom. Alex O'Hara, born-prematurely in February of the left thigh bone, a bone 1n the forearm lllld a bone in the upper ann. The:re were also first Eld aecona degree burns of the groin area. the buttocks and the )ower back. One doctor noflced that there were several white soars on -flie-upper chest. l\Irs. Jones said they were also caused by bhe hot water and the doctO&" said this was unlikely -because these burns had healed. A radiologist was calJed in and_ along wi-th the other two Plh:t-, sicians, he said this was a ''b-al-. tered child." -- The chHd is reporteti in faiT BJt the hospital and Mrs-. Jones was rele-ased from custodJ. after posting bond She is now awaiting a preliminary heoarmg ot the case. -30, 2302 32nd Avenue, Apt. 395, weighing just a little ove r tial'ee was s hot in th e back by t-wo unpounds and with a suspected heart Cameraman Set-tles ide ntified men who chased him murmur. 1'he mother was advised through his house. tO bring the baby back to the lwspital for treatment and. _she O 'Hara' s girl friend said the two hadn't done so untill J.ast Tues men oame into the house and day. On that. diay the chikl, now started to mm. O'Ha ra was weighing 10 pounds ann !I O?S., attempting to run out a side door W'utine pa trol' in the aore a Otf 15th Street and Ellicott when he heard tvro coming from llhe directioo of the store. He sped to the sce111e just in .to see two men leaving the store pin-g toward a car. He ptUl!ed his service revolV'er and demanded that they stop while Mrs. Dioamioo yelled that they had shot her husband. One of the men, identi.fied as Tonni Oliver Whitehead, 42, 1809 Taliaferro, stopped while the other suspect fled the scene on foot. Whitehead was handcUffed a n d placed in the back seat of. the patrol: oar. Upoo checking the body of the Jatally WO""rlodthristy hot..nds and a people too unciYilized to be willin g to accept the Christian religion, the embassy wrote. Hewever, Joo. Cam fnez, attorney for cameraman Jay Lamarche, said he found no evidene e of a pattern of racial discrimination at Cham1el 7. -Lamarche, who is now a cameraman with a Buffalo, N. Y., TV station, joined Channel 7 as a trainee in Apr i l 1970, and was fired that September. He filed suit Oct. 30, 1970. in U S. Dis-trict Court here seeking reinstatement with back pay and pu nitive and c6mpensatory damages in excess of $lO,OQO Channel 7 News Director Gene Strul said at the time thai LD arche. was fire-d for ''generai tn. competence." He said that wheD Lamarche completed his traininll period he did not meet the station's standards. lawyer Jailed LOUISVILLE, Ky. Daniel T. Ta-ylor m, a lawyer who resents ''raw authority" was behind bars in the city j-aill yesterday f acing a possible sentence for cootem-pt of court Attorneys for Taylor were try lng to arrange his release pend .ing an appeal. but they were un able imme-diately to reach an appeals judge who c : uld act in tha case. Tayklr was smtenced by Crimi nal Court Judge John P Hayes for his during the 11 d-ay murder trial of two black youths. SHUMATE STORAGE GOOD CARS WHOLESAl.E OPEN SATCRDAY 9-6; SUNDAY 225 CABS Specializing I Owner Models Older Motlels Teo FINANCING TRADES TAKEN 'S9 R .UJB. w/PU lkHiy .. '6Z CHEV. IMP. SlM $199 $m $"--" $399 .... ... 1399 '71 VW f.U eqpt. I own. $1899 '67 VW f11ll eqpt., 1 own. $i99 '81 Cadillac f/a, $3999 Lblcoln Coltthtental Buick Eleetra 22S '6S Olds ltanry sedan $899 '64 Chevy Statiea wagon $250 '6& Chevy COftV. .... 'H 3922 W. ALVA (Drew Park} 177-4294 m-6638


r TuMday, November 9, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and f'rl. Get 8oth Ec:IHtons PACE FIVE I Views Of Proaress lh1/age I By IRA LEE ENNIS Ph. 677-1310 J uni r ; r G irl Scout Troop, :ilia 751 will mee t on Wednesday 3 :00 P M at ProgreS.'!I Village C ivic Center Mn. Marjo r i e Princ e A nderson ls Troop Leader. Lad ies an s till needed f o r Cadet Leaders. B rowni e Scou t mee tin g will b e hel d on Sa turday 3 :00 P M. a t th& Progress V illage Civi c Cen t e r Mrs. Van Sco t t i s Brown i e Leader assi s ted by Mn. Ca th e r ins Mor gan Progress V i llage L ittl e Leagu e w ill meet o n Tuesday 7:30 P M at Civic C en ter. All res iden t s interested i n becoming Managers, Coaches or assistant Coaches or jllSt members are asked to please attend t his mee t Ing. Herbert McFadden is president. Mrs. Mozell Dubose, president of the Li ttl e League Ladies Aux il iary Js pleading wiih Ill! ladies of th e Village to come ou t and join ln with the ladies as your he l p i s greatly needed. 1M Li ttl e L e a gu e i s spo nsoring a tee nage danc e on S a turda y n i ght, Nov e mbe r 13 a t t h e Civ i c C en ter. Refreshme nt s will b t on hand. Mr. and :VIrs. Ell sworth ( Sallie l Hol me s a n d son Eric of 6002 32nd f:.t. m oto red to T ifton Georg i a on t he wee kend to visit ::Vfrs. H olmes' m o ther w ho is reporte dly ill. T h e Panthers o f Progresa Vil l age ( PA L Foo tb all Team) were hos t s to a teenage hop on Sat urday night at the Prog1 ess Village Civic Cen ter. Many of the young set enjoy ed danci ng to tht latest s o unds Beulah Ushers No. 1 The No. 1 ushers of Bulah Bap tist Church of which Rev. A. Leon Lowry ill pastor are asked to meet Friday night at 8 at t he church. Business of importa nce Bethel Baptist 808 Short EnHtrJ Strt>et Rev J.P. Saundt>n. Intl'rim Past or Mrs. Lillie :\I. :\kDonald. R e pt. S unday s c hool began at 9:10a. m wit h Mr. WiEo n Swee tin g prrl i ding The lesson w as taught by th e tea chers. ::\! o rn in g worsh i p bega,n at 10:45 Dev otio n condu cte d b v Mr Earl H oward and :\-Ir. Alson Douglas. Music was r ende r ed by t he San ctuary c ho i r. Usher board num her :wo serv ed. The sermon was oe!ivered by t he past o r who chos e f o r his t heme, "False Notion s About God. Evening worship began at The same dea co ns, c ho i r and ushers served. The sermon was deliv ered by the pastor. He chOS'e for his t heme. ';The Communi on of Saints." Following the sermon the Lord s Supper was served by the pastor, assisted b y the deacons. After t he Lord s Supper was over, fellowship service was held for new members that had not been fellow shipped into t he church. All a uxi liaries will resume their same schedule of meetings and re he arsals for th e week After the morning se-rvice, the lit tl e daughter of Mr and Mrs. Rechee W ise was dedicated Mr. and Mrs. Willie Henry ae the godparents: This service was performed by Reverend Saunders. The baby has been named Rolanda Meshea Wise. Minority Scholarship Established By Honeywell ST. PETERSBURG-A full tui itioo scholarship for one year has been established at Florida TechnoLogicail University, by the' Southern Operations Field Engineering Division of Honeywell Informati= Systems, Inc., to ben efit a Pinellas County minority student who ex;pects to enro11 in the University's computer s cienc e program. E R. Butler, manager o.f the field engineering division beadquartered in Tampa, forwarded a check for $570 to Dr. WiHiam K. Grasty, director of personnel information at FTU, to cover the cost of tuition for three acade-mic quarters. Butler told Grasty "first prefence" in awarding t he scholarship should be given a minority student referred to FTU by the Pi nellas County scho:>l system. A minority candidate outside t h e county should be awarded t h e schoL a r s hip by the University if no Pinellas candidate is found. linii;' You SftOuld /(lNG --------FoSTER BROTHER OF ALEXANDER! 1 \ THE GREAT, AND OF HIS 1\ BRAVERY AND BR!IiiANCEWEREC' BY yt )K HESAVEDALXANDER'S LIF!/ Bur -. --} WHEN CUTUS HIM LOVINGLY t r F:_OR-HIS ALEXA;>ER-fHIS FRIEND IN A FIT RAGE{ REPENTiNG -l LATER1ALEXANOER FOR THREE riifts ;_i:iffl-:r1 .. Curious Cameraman By ROH PRESSLEY QUESTION: What is your orinion of the movie SHAFT and It s theme song? -. PATRICK MOORE, Pky., laborer: The mavie was something a black man could si' back and enjoy. I like the way Richard Round tree stood u p to the white man." CORA CLAYTON, Rt. 1 Box 1, Sefner, Housewife: As far as kids seeing the movie, I doo't agree but for mature-minded adults, it is a good movie. It's centered ar:::

PAGE SIX Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. antf Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, November 9, 1971 CLOTHES DESIGNED FOR ACTION Busy women need clothes designed for action. 'l'hat means they can leave home or work and go directly to grocery stores or club meetings. These models, Tina Stroud and Nell Webb wear action garments at the recent Non Pariels show. VERSATILE WARDROBE FOR EVERY NEED Versatile wardrobes for every possible need were seen at the Non Pariels show recently at the International Inn. Pretty models are, from left, Brenda Terrell, Joanie Boyingtoll and Helen Long. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS Members of the CAREER GIRLS SOCIAl, CLUB recently gave a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Gloria Gould at the home of l\Irs. Lois Scott. There was a meeting Saturday at the home of l\Irs. Sharlene Cambridge. TilE WEST COAST LADIES AL'XILIARY is meeting at 8 P. M. Thursday with Mrs. Delores Hampton, 304 Amelia Avenue. A meeting of the SICK EE:'IIEFIT 1\IEMBERSHJP CLUB will be held at 8 o'clock Wednesday night at Vhe home of Mrs. Estelle Avery, 2105 17th Avenue. TI1e November basket of groceries will go to Mrs. Gwendolyn Allen Out of town guests are expected to attend the meeting of the NATIONAL WELFARE RIGHTS ORGANIZATIO:'II Wednesday even ing at 7:30 nt the Kid l\lason Center. 1101 .lefferson Street. l\lrs. Harmon will be the speakeL The public is in\'ited. THE C:\R\'ER CITY CI\'IC CLCB is mct'h1,:: r:t 7:30 \\'edne-sday r.t tlw Fonst Hl'ights Center. Continued on Page 7 COMING EVENTS 1\:0\'. 11-(;utst Da\', Tnu \'ine :\I. B. Churl'h, 11 :L\T. !\(\\'. Emphasis Day, Btulah Baptist Church. l\0\'. H-Ftllnwship II Pur, :\It. Tabor :\I. B. Church. 3 P :'II. l\0\'. 11-,\ppnciatinn Program, Oak Hill Bnptist Church. 11 :\. :\1. l\0\'. hole Turkey Festival Tournty Rogers Park Golf CoursE'. l\0 \'. .. :\!iss Blal'l l'lmru'' Coronation Ball, :\lnngcr :\lotor Inn, 8 P. :\I. !1:0\'. Tea sponsored Reulnh Baptist Choir :\o. 1, Btulah Building, 4 P. :\1. 1\:(l\'. Betht'l Sanduan Choir's :\nnual Concert. 3:30 P.:\1. l\0\'. Tea Fashion RHne sponsored by Tyer Tl'mple Choir :\'o. 2. 5:30 P. :\1. l\0\ .. and Women's Day, Harris Temple l'nit('{l Methodist 1\iO\'. Thainksgi\ing Breakfast Dance, midnight. N

Tuesday, 9, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tut's. and Fri. Gl't Both Editions PACE SEVEN We are aware of the rapidly eprroaching Thanksgiving holiday, and we look forward to it. However, we are also sure that some body in our town will celebrate a birthday ever y day this m:nth. So, we start our monthly report by telling you about Eric Garad Hopkins, son of ?lfr. and :\Irs. Vanester Hopkins who was feted with a birthday party Friday night at 1601 33rd Avenue. The party was given by Mrs. Martha Darrigo. Mrs. Willie M. Burney assisted. Wishing him a happy bir thday were Tara Hopkins, Sylvia and Gloria Darrigo, Marina Black, L y nda Porpins, Harry l\Ionis, Hayward Bryant, Jr., Janice and Walter Bellamy, Benjamin Le wis J : hnny Brenda Allen, Rosalind James, Kenneth Holt Michael Blair, Gregory Singfield, Reginald, Tony, Sharon and Vickie Groomes Kenneth, Patricia and Rodney McMillan, Artra Mease, Ruby Brit, Willie and Rennie Gentle, Bridgett and Henry Graham .Jr., Derrick Davis, William Gatewood, Carolyn and Diane Burgess, Elizabeth and Tanja Thompson, Eugene Hearnes, Bren-Wishing You A Happy Birthday By MISS ROSE ERIC HOPKINS da Daniel and Revina Burney. The gathering also included Eric's uncles ,aunts and a a number of gr:wn-ups. Cheryl Rene Finley was 5 November 8. Cher y l lives in Akron, Ohio, and is t he granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. W R. Crutchfield. Others en the list are Mrs. Ro-setta Floyd of Thontosassa November 2; :\Irs. Barbua Ham mond. Nov. 2. charming wiie of 1\ lr. Ansel Hammond Nov. 9, and James Edward Ingram, N s vem ber 8. Rogers Park was the sc e n e of a Hallow ee n birthday party for Devin Douglas. He was four years old, and the pa r t y was given by hiS' parents, :\lr. and .\Irs. David Douglas. Attending were his grandmother, Mrs. Maxine Douglas; his great grandmother, Mrs. Farris 1\-Iiller: his brother David Douglas III, Torre nce Sheppard, Cheryl Roby, Ruthie Slaton Barbara Sla t : n, Georgia Slaton, Carl Hall, Alfred Richardson, Kimberly Rich ardson, Fletche r Crawford, Anthony Crawford. Lisa WallNs, Willie Neves, :\Iarva Brown. Lisa Neves, Brenda l\Iiller, Lowell John son, Edna Stillings, Mack Hall. Rodney Washington, Tonita GricE', Tia Grice, Erika Mitchell, Jeff. rey Butle r, Singfield, Maxine Brantley, James Hillsman, Anica Hillsman Carl Mills, Singfielcl, James DavE, Gia Davis, Casey Davis and Zandra Edwards DISTRICT CONFEREHCE OPENS AT HOOD TEMPLE AME Shiloh Baptist Church Thonotosassa Rev. A. D Tyson Pastor The church anniversary began on Monday night and will CQI1tinue on until Sunday. Rev. J. Hamilton and members from St. Peters burg was in charge of the first service. Tuesday night Moses Ta bernacle M B. Church will he m charge. Wednesday night Rev. James Hidgon and members in cr.arge. Thursday night Elder Johnson and members from WImauma will be in charge. Friday night Elder Scott and members from Plant City will be in charge. Saturday night Mr. Allen Davis will be in charge. Sunday afternoon at 3 Elder Mosley and members of Carver City will be m charge. -1-REV. R. L. LEE presiding eider The Blst session of the Tampa Disrict Conference of the South Florida .Aimual Conference Eighth EPiscopal District AME Zion Church will convene at Hood Temple .AIVIE Zion Churoh, Thursday night through Sunday afternoon. Rev. PhiUip E. Ramsey is host pastOr and Rev Robert L. Lee is Presiding Elde r. The services will begin each night at 7 o'clock. on Thursday night at the open ing Session Rev. C R. Curry, pastor of St. James Church, K!issimmee, will deliver the sermon. Hood Temple choirs and ushers will serve. Holy communion will be e.dministered. Friday morning at 10 -the business session will begin. Confer ence organization will take place, along with roll call, registration e.nd committee rep8rts. The noon day sermon will be brought by Rev. P. H. Hayes of Melbourne At the afternoon session Rev. Coy Annual Donation Day The annual Donation Day for all Baptist women of Florida will be held Tuesday, Nov. 16 at W a.m,. at Florida Memorial Col lege in Miami. Mrs Sarah L. Rice, chairman for the Jackson ville area along with other area chairmen of Florida is asking for full support of all pastors to help make this the banner year for Donatiqn M(s Gertq.1cje J, Barnes, Public Relations. Godbolt will be in charge of de votion Reports on Presiding El ders, Past:rs, Local Elders, Dea cons, Local Preachers and Exhorters will be given. Friday evening Rev. A L. Jones will deliver the sermon. Mt Sinai Choirs will be in charge of the music A welcome program will be presented by the host church. Mrs. Tempy Hayes of Melbourne will give the response. Saturday morning Rev. Edith Gibson will bring the morping meditation. Continuation of re ports. The second Mission a ry Mass Meeting will follow. Mrs. Ollie M Lee, Dist. Pres. will pre side. Rev. P. E. Ramsey will liver the sermon. At bhe afternoon session, con tinuation of reports followed by Youth Hour at 3 o'colck. A song feast will be presented by the junior choirs of the district churches. Mirs. Eartha J. Curry, District Director, will preside. A skit will also be presented by the of hte district. Sunday morning Sunday school will bgein at 9:30. All supts. and teachers are asked to be preseP.t. The annual address will be given by Mrs. Codtha C. Sballworbh, Conference Director of Christian Education. Morning service will begin at the usual hour with all choirs and ushers of the district serving. The sermon will be delivered by Presiding Elder Lee At 2:30 the final session will begin St. James Choir will be in charge cf the music. Rev Raleigh Neal, pastor of St. Luke, Orange Bend will bring the Memorial sermon. Tampa Mac Dill Airman Gets Assignment RANTOUL, Ill. Airman Ron ald A. Joyce, grandson of Dan Joyce of 3410 E. ShadowlaM'n, Tampa, has graduated at Chanute AFB, Ill., from the U.S. Air Force aircraft support equi!pmenf repairman course. The airman, who was trained to repair generators, gas turbines, and hydraulic pumping equipment, is being assigned tG MacDill AFB. for duty with a unit of the Tac tical Air Comamnd which provides combat units fGr air support of U. S. ground forces. Airman Joyce Is a 1968 grad uate 1>f Middleton High School. The public is invited to all of our services. Adult Driver Ed Classes Are Set The HHlsborough County Adult High School-Day Division, which is located at 805 E. Buftialo Ave nue, will start classes for adults in DRIVER EDUCATION AND CITIZENSHIIP. Adults may register from 8 :30 to 3:30, Monday thro ugh Friday. Adults should register early to secure the schedule they desire. Immokalee Sunday school began at the usual time with the supt and teachers at their posts. The les son was reviewed by Rev. 0. Wa ters. The funeral of Mrs. Daisy Dozier was held at Labelle and .members from our church were pres ent. The community is In sympathy v : ith Mrs. Lottie Lee Garvin and family in ihe passing of her hus band, the late Mr. James Gar vin, who passed Friday night at Naples Hospital. Deacon John Coley is confined to Naples Hospital. The following are confined at home Mr. Abner Herron, Mrs ... !della Johnson Mrs. Daisy Turner, Mrs Eva Rhodes. and Mrs Clara Williams. Mr. Charlie McCullough motored to St. Augustine to visit his sick brother Mr Willie Gillins Rev. H. Nichols, pastor and Mrs. Mary Townsend, rept. Buy From Sentinel Florida Advertisers Former Tampan To Head F. D. A. ::O.lrs. E\dyn J. Lewis becamE' the first black prt>siden t -elect of Florida Dietetic Associat -ion at the :ltith annual meeting durins the business S<>ssion Thursday af te rnoon at the Intt>mational ::O.lot.: r Hotel. The convention theme was, "Explore,'' and the meet i ng was attended by dietitian;: and nutritionists from all over the state. ::O.lrs. Lewis will automaticallY take the gavel as president at the annual meeting in No\ember. 1!172, when the group meet.s in Gaines\'ille. The native Tampan is the yotu1gest daughter of the late Mr. Richard A. Jones and Mrs. Nora L. Jcnes. She resides in Fort Lauder dale and is married to the Rev. H01ace Y. Lewis and has one son. Richard ?llcDonald, a junior at Tuskegee Institute. Mrs. Lewis completed high school in Tampa; received her B. S. degree at Tuskegee In institu tion Management; a M. S. degree from Columbia University, New York Cit v in Nutrition Educati:m; and done further study at ?llichigan State University, Florida Slate Univer si ty and Florida At Janie Univcrsiy. She served on a writing team for innovative vocational training in Food Service ANNIVERSARY DINNER :\Irs. EVELYN .T. LEWIS T1aining at the Univeristy of G e or gia, and she is employed by the Board of Broward County as Supervisor of Vocational Home Eccnomics. As [:resident-elect, Mrs. Lewis is resp o nsible for all the committee work o f the association and the program !81 the next annual meet-in g. There was a nice dinner party Saturday night at the residence of Mr. and M rs. Thoniaa E. Turner, 3104 17th Avenue The occasi:n was their 14th wedding anniversary, and the party are a was be au tiful with palms and floral ai-ra ngements. Some of those enjoying the nice affair were Mrs. Liz Hansley, Charles, Beverly, Buddy, Essie and Robert Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Brown, Mr. and Mrs Rufus Young, Rufus Turner, 'Frank Lloyd, Mrs. Thesselool a Hunter, Mrs. Hazel Johnson, and Mrs. Pearlie i\1 ae. Timm1>n1. OUR SICK Mrs. Eliza Robinson Ia patient at St. EliZJabeth's Hospitllll, Room 127 She is a member of Allen Temple A M .E. Ohurch and and serves on the Sewardesa Board. Friends may visit. INSTALJJATJON SERVIOE An instal1ation service was held on October 31 for the newly org. anized No. 3 Usher Board and No. 3 Ohoir of Mount M. B. Ohurcih. The Rev. A. Leon Lowry and the congregation ot Beulah Baptist Church were 1n charge. of the services. Mrs. Fannie EpperiOD it uslier board president, and Mrs. Fan nie Mc'Nalr is the choir pi-e,ey. The Rev. T. J Tames Is the pastor, and Mrs. Helen Mitchell is seq-ving as the -reporter. L ROYAL COURT TEA lN ORLANDO The Grand Roya[ Oourt I>epartment of the Lilly White S. B. A. Is having its annuaJ. Ilea Sunday at Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church, 418 W. Washington Street, Orlando, from 4 until 6 P. M. A bus leaves Tampa from N orth Boulevard Homes at 9 A.M. and from the Lily White Temple 3712 29th Street at 9:30. There will be a two and a half h

PACE EIGB'f Dressed in a petite Black hot pants 11uit trimmed in gold, with a low cut top, the beautiful BETTY WRIGHT ,graced the stage at the CLUB OA'SIS as a rose graces bouquets. !I'he innocences depict ed by her young face was decei v'ing to tne strong adult delivlr ance she gave to a very attentive audience. The young lass who recorded her first record, "Good Loving," at the age of 11 years of age did not taste the sweetness of success until four years laler. Now at the age of 17, she is one of the top recording stars to ever come out of the sunshine state. Miss WRIGHT let it be known ceyond the shadow of a doubt that she was very appreciative to her Tampa Fans for the best part of her success. 'This includes the current hit she has going now, entitled "Clean p W:man" which has already sold over 10,000 here in our fair city. She rocks "Clean Up Woman" like goodness was J:Oing out of style ... and Waltzes joyfully '11ound the love hours with the hit .from her new 11lbum, ''Ain't No Sunshine." She brings to listeners the uncounted treasures that make life itself a precious love affair. The time is here -the time is now for B E T T Y WRIGHT. When she sings, you listen-and let your heart fall in love. There is 11 brand new group l:>ursting ln to the big time wrlh the new sounds of the now gen eration. THE TAMPANIA PIMP'S, discovered by Big Tom-Manager of Lhe LOUNGE over on Zackcan be seen every weekend as TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT By JOHNNY JACOBS t.hey whip out some of the best rock and roll ever to come out of an instrument. Arthur Artes, bartender, and Geraldine Larry, barmaid, are witnesses to increased popularity of this young and soulful group. On the case enjoying the young bloods were, Betty Jones (Slim), Eddie Wade, Judith George, Courtney Brown, Alvin Englewood, Barbara John son, Henry Aikens, "Bo-Bo," Wil lie (Mooter} White, "J. J Ronnie Red, "George", Mary Slim, Joe Bell, Edward Johnson, Jerry "Sweet Back," Wanda Bolen, Jerrell Wright, Ernestine Brown, Lloyd Rose Swift, Virlian "K,t!boo hie" owens, and Hetty Lewis. Was down in the Dark Hole Lido's Bar last weekend checking out some of those ole lost soul brothers. Had a brief chat with "BIG SONNY," the man who has really been through Lido's Bar, T. Williams and "Sneaky TootsiP.." Also on the case wel'tl BettY Caker, Gladys Tillman, Linda Tilman, Little Dot, Pearlie Burney, Edaa Williams, Laurel Byrd, Hattie Mae, Big Jake, Charlie Mae Stalworth tmd a host of others. As you know, every year the Bellmen Waiters Ball is usually invitational. However, upon reach ing the door there ls normally a two dollar charge. This year as your truly understands lt, the ball will still be invitational, however, tliere will be no charge at the door. On the other hand, if you don't have an invitation you won't in either. So judge yourself accordingly. THAT'S MY CASE -SEE YA LATER PAT. I "Human Reidtions Is" I Leroy Simmons, of the Human HUMAN RELATIONS IS PEACE R e lations Office at George Wash-People let' s get it tDgether :M1gton Junior High, is very im Earth ls ours to sh.are pt esse d w ith the altitudes and All of us, let s love and b l ove d n ;operalive pxemplifiecl by Care for one anoth e r the students at Lhc Th e Everyone, I say peace not war ;1!1 it.ucles uncl general feelings of And t.he world will be a betler the students can bPsL be describ-place. t. d in porms \Hillen by three of tlhem The poems are at.l entitled HUMAN RFLA'l'IONS IS ''Human Relations is made for e very creation ll's the thing inside of us that stirs a sensation It's a way to find peac-e, love, ood happiness A thing Lhat makes your inner spirits confess 'l1he joi ning of difft>rent poople from 11 different race '11l1e joining of friendship, and ways of good tasioe The ma.rk or Jove, f e llowship, and freedom, i.nding different ways and letting your nrighbor see them That' s whHI you call a good rclatkll1. but 1 think I'll call it God's ct'('alit>tL SRndra Davis Winter Garden 1\lrs Maitie left for South Carolina to attt'nd a mt>eling. !\Irs. Lee Ester Bert is home aflt'r being vcrr ill in the hmpttul. The sick ht ld their lllt't't ing Tuesday nt the Lily White Hall. l\lrs. Almie Mae K in r. ll.r rlnm Fili s0 n who is :t'ry ill In Rt r hmond. Vil. The folh1Wing are on -;ick li>'l. l\lrs. Betty Jo Mrs l\h,ses Siplin. l\lrs. Lilltt> Tones and Mrs. Holt ,.,,nfinj to Orange Memoricl Ho.:o, 12 at the l'hmch of God Faith. Pl::mt City. Novemb::r l:l. Church ,,f God B, Faith, .". 1 >n S unc!ay. !':m ember Jol:it ChtnTh o f God By Faith. P \anl Cit, \\ill 8ppe<:r on E.:'::h B:o\J. 11. asst. : >lf R 'r :\lr. \Yli li ;;::l :. :f : :n ::h e r n f \r!s. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY Bv 81-..'VERLl' (Continued from page il 1\ln;. Rub yf' Dixon J S the grz.ncl p r e sident. :'\\\' I!ARY C::mg:lr. and :\Irs. Bryant Etll of 1210 3c.th A \ 'flme. Tht: ; have a ]J:tle s:m. Gnant .Jr .. who w

every Tue1. ana P'rl very.


, PACE TEN Fla. Seetinel Bulletin-Published every Tuea. and Fri. Cet Both Editions Tullf!day, November 9, 1971 Dillarcl High School By EDRENA C. HOUSTON JUNIOR OF 'lliiE WEEK Chosen as our Junior in the news is the very intelligent, nice, cute, and sweet Glenifer J. Timmons. The proud and charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Grey of 1021 N.W. 23rd Road whei"e she resides with. her parents, She is a member of homeroom 35 sponsored by Mrs. Ed wina Cargill. She's a member of the Publication Staff F.B.L.A. B.I.P.'s (Black Interlect Progress Organization) and the D.C.T. Work Experience Program, Miss Pemberton, sponsor. Glenifer is an active member of Mt. Olive Baptist Church where she sings in the youth choir and on the usher board. While talking to Gienifer she extended that among her favorites are: food -hamburger and french fries; record-Break Down; dance-Penguim; singer -Jimmie ,{Iendricks, graup -Temptations, color-red; hobbies-singing and swimmnig; beau, still watching; scene. Her ambition "Is. to strive for what you want in life.''Tighta -Pat Bullard, Kathy Dixon, Janice Kennedy, Melvin Rucker, Otis McClam, Charles Lane and others. After graduation Glenifer plans to attend Fla. A&M University and major in Journalism. Congratulations Glenifer for being chosen J IUlior of the wek and luck. PANTHERS RAP Well hi there all you souling and tcgetiler Panthers from around the den, this is your jiving columnist Edrena Houston on the scene signed, sealed, and delivered, bringing you the latest and together school news. I'm gotr.g to de-liver, de-letter, de-SIOoner, debetter so come on in and me do it to you the way it came to me. (;()ngratulations are extended to our elaborate fpotbaU team and .coaches for performing a wen fine job Saturday night against South Browall'd. Say Rcsaiind Chan.lbenl, how ere you and your secret admirer M. R. and yuu 1:Jhese days I hope everything is big fiUl &is. TOP FIVE HITS 1. Have Yo11 Seen Her 2. Wear This Ring With Love. 3. '1'1\eme From Shaft. 4. Step Into My World. 5. If Y.()u Really !Ave Her. ANNOUNCEMENTS The annual coronation was held Monday night in the gym_ at 7: 30 p.m. The Club queeru;, campus queens and the crowning of Miss Dii.J.ard were presented at this affair. Tbe affair was a-success, the campus are as follows: Miss Freshman, Barbara rlpson; Miss Soph:::moce, Barbara Carter, Miss Junior, Regina Parks; Miss Senior, Joyce Wright; Miss Homecoming, Esther Roberts and Miss Dillard, Mamie Mooley. All seniors who haven't received your SAT forms and CSS forms are asked to co:ne by the guidance office. Our D.C.T. officers: Rogers Cain -pres.; Becy Roy-vice pres.; Shirley R-:Jberts-sec,, and Regina Parks-tre,asW"er, attended the workshop program Tuesday at the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach the aff.air was a success. They are now making plans for their district mei!ting, which will be hel.d Nov. 19, they're forward to the Stare Leadersh!p Conference to be held in tile spring at the FOWitamoleau Hotel adso in Miami. 1\fiSB Pemberton, sponsor. TOP ADYINISTB.A:TOR Mr. Charles B. Miorton, principal. TOP INSTRUCTOR Mr. K. Wright. TROUDT FO'R TODAY Truth does not need a defender; only BD i.nov.estigator. I East Bay High School I By BREIDA WOMACK SOPIIOMOitE .IN IPO'l'LIGID' Handsome, ilioe, crazy, weU ir:Mwtt, aN .orne el t h e many W that d8c.ribetl 01:11' f.opOOIM!re ill tbe apotli&'ht oooe other Douglas Reev>er. DG!l\flas is tbe proud 8Gt'l .d. Mir. aNd Mrs. Alhet't Reav.ee wl:lo at 1916 Alilamafld2 iJII Villae:e. He's better ae Duck aroUMI tbe Ulrlt. Did Ul fi Ill the 'JH7 oomeroo.ll'l, Mrfl. Waite ic List ae f avoritee: hobby -footlr.l'!a, foodenything edible; reoord-Tt's A Thin Line Between Live and Congratulations go out to Doug for being selectt'me of the Vikttes and if theu lllil'e 1111r g.trls wh:> would tiG be a member please contact Paula Ferrell or Rhea 800. TOP 1&1'8 Haft; Yoo Seeo Her. Got T Bte Tlwre. R's A 'Ihio Line L&ve a&d NeW!r, Ne-ver, Never, Cle-an l1p Woman. Sho.w Me How Respect Yourself. THOUGHT FOR TODAV Be yourself before you be by yourse'lf. If you can di where I'm coming from. Hardee High School By DELORIS LANCE l'onl in Spotlight: Crazy. neat and sweet describt>s tHHM> other than your Brother in _i1 -/f{l: !'!' sides with his !(randmother m W:ntl'l111la. Joe is known as the Whistle around Hardee .Joe is one <1f tht' f:1hult,us bask<>lblll! 11! ll:tnkt. \\'hile with \rh .,t\t-his lh bbi c s art': tb:1! and bt'in;; H Jo, er. r : n: \\"h:!t': foc'd: .m:> n,,rd: Th in Line: jamn:< rs: .T. C. :tl llf'llt'S !;<' P:tt tu :11! : iw : : : li i i:t :!L'rt' U g h Hi, C'l/o(ih W. East Bay Hi. Tampa Bay Tech. Buch;u11pn Hi. King Hl, l.Rto Hi. Fort 1Ii .. ('an You Imagine: J:('. being a frog. Bo Wee. being an amardillo. Cofield being a oatmeal cookie. Big Jean being Tarzan and looking like a polar bt>31'. Laura Ann being tired a :1d nmdown. beat l!J'. thro11ed i n t he d itc h. 1\lary C. being :\!oms i\la\Yildcals Top 6 Thing L ne, C lt'-<1: 1 cip \\'c:nan, Keep :11t' r'i 1 :rotn Shr.ft. :\e;tr. :\e1 e r, :\ewr, \\'ear Brandon Hig School Ry MORREATHA PRINCE and LUTRICIA JORDAN JUNIOR L"'l THE SPOTLIGHT Short, jive, nice, and together describes none other than our Junior in the spotlight, Anita Jor dan, better known as Nit by all who knows her. She is the proud daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Waymon_ Jordan, and resides at 3514 34th Street. She's a member of tbe 302 homeroom, with Mr. Carranza as sponsor, and a member of t h e I'llette's organization, which she is President-elect. Nit listed her favorites as: food --il{)thing special; color-blue; hobbies sewing, listening to WTMP and boys; records-Have Y au Seen Her, and Sh{lw Me; singers-Jackson 5, and Joe Simon; saying-"What you s a y boy;" tights-L:rraine, Janice, Mike, Gene, Htbert, Nancy, Morreatha, Wayne, Pe.anut and many more; dude Still Searching (C UJ. After graduating Nit plans to a !fe.nd Beti:mne-C()Qkman (;()!lege, would like to beuld like to send a few helloes out to Vietsria Williams, Debra Jones, Kimberly Walden, C. Griffin, Janice Anderson. Congratulations Nit for being one of our soul Juniors. CAMPUS GOSSIP Nit wculd like for a cerbain dude at the Tech to know that what he's doing, just won't work. Stanley Henry, I was informed tell you that a certain chick says to tell you that a certain chick says that tbe next time you have to tell her somethinP". make l' rre it's IUJt in her mQuth. Dig where she's coming from lQ-4? Cliffette Hollinger, why SIO hard last week on the rags chick? Ike isrr t at the Eagles Den. Yea, D:arlean Prin.ce what's all the smiles for? IS that Sugar Man has hit hr, Hey Tim, I hear y:u've really earned the name as "Roadrunner." SOULFUL HITS L Rave You Seen Her. 2 It's Imnossible. 3. Got To Be There. 4. Show Me How 5. Inner City Blues. THOUGHT FOR TODAY Be yourself. because no one wants to be y.ou. Check ya next week This Ring. Congratatatoa: We w.o. uld like to congraulate Hardee J.V. for wi.J.miDg tbeir second game of the season. Congratulation you mighty wild cats, up the good work. S'nJPID, YES I CALLED YOU STUPID IF YOU NEED HELP AND SIT THE&E ON YOO& FLAT BOTTOM, READ TillS AD AND OON'T Wlli'JE. I hne lleltJd 1M's 1ritll thH ad wllere DedAtrs, Adwt..Drs U.e faile4. I fear u evil. My fllllNISe is to ladp lile periGil ill aee.t. N mattB what y.ovr reJiejOil til or yOIII' belief are. Write yolll' problenu. Sell4 $3.D8 f my Sped.aJ w ll6h Oil.. ru kM rou heW te use it. LET NOT THE lGNOitAST SHADOW OF DOUBT B I N D YOU WITH THE CHAIN OF DISBELIEF. REV. D. JOHISOI P. 0. Be" 638 \"ew Jtrsey 07i78 \"o ('beck! WITH DEEPEST GR:\TITl.'DE I. RE\". D. JOH\"SO\", TH.\:\"K THE :\1.\:\Y W H 0 WROTE R.\CK TH.\\"KI\"G :\IE FOR WORK. I A\1 0\"LY A DISCIPLE. TilE BLESSI\"G THAT :\1:\:\Y RECEI'.ED TllROL"GH '.IE IS FRO:\! GOD. TilE :\L'.IlGHTY. PR.\bE IllS :\.\'IE I leto Senior High School By Annette Filer and Kim Walden Juniors in the Spotlight : Short, cute, crazy, sweet, neat, nice, intelligent are just many of the adjectives that describe noue other than Sandra Jackson. Slle resides with her mother, Mrs. AI lene White at 2310 11th Ave. Sandra is a member of the Zetarettes Girl Club which she served as assistant secretary, and she is a majorette at Leto. Her favorite food: anything edible; record: Got to be there; dance: penguin; singe!'f;: Jackson Five and Isaac Hayes; tights: Darlene Mitchell, Lois McCray, Gwen Savage, Annette Filer, Ozzie Fortuneer, Ronald J., Willie Moulding, Andrew George, and Bernard R. Sandra would like to extend a birthday greeting to her BEAU -Ronald Christie who.;e birthday is today. Jive, handsome, crazy, short, neat, intelligent are just many of the adjectives that describe none other than Ralph McCullough. He 1s a member of 317 of which Mrs. Antora is sponsor. Among his favorites are food: anything edibie; record: Have you seen her. You will find him with. his main fellows: Sam Brown, Hillard Parks, Charles Knighton, Anthony Edwards,. Donnie C., Steve Kemp, Alfred Pyles, Ronald Peterson, Darlene, Debra, Pony, and n:any more. Ralph re sides with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. McCullough Congratulatimlll Sandra and Ralph for being in the Spotlight. Can You Imagine: Darlene Mitchell in class. Dolly Grayson not clowing around in P.E. with the girls. Andre Walker trying to cook. Charles Moore not rappng with some chick, Thpmas Livingston and Flams pot trying to sing. Bus 54 being quiet. SENIORS IN THE NEWS Chosen as our first Senior is Gregory Griffin. He is a member of the 407 Homeroom in which Mr, Barrett is sponsor. ar:::und town he is better known as Gee Ge Among his favorites are food-T. Bone steak; recordScorpio; tights, Charles Daniels, Anthony Holmes, Andre Walker, Deborah DeVoce, Norton, Cliffette, Janice, Jackie and many more. He is the SIOn of Mrs. Essie Mae Griffin. Our second Senior is DeVore, she is a member of 420 homeroom. Among Deboral1's favo.rites are food-anything edible; record-Have You Seen Her. Her number one man is none oth er than Charles eruse is usually caught run Ding bet-mouth or boy-watching, (it's usually the one that interest her the most) listenillg to her favorite jam-Impos6ible or jamll'ling bade with ber favocit.e pm, Angle, Mary, Cat, BreBda and many more. I:ltel:ilile'a spare time isn't always spent dUggfug on 800Elds of BOOert.a FLack and the Jacboo 5, she ean be ca:ugbt rapping bard to ber main dude B. T. Washington bimse!f, TUTOI18 IMPilESSlON O!V KING HIGH The mighty Li005 ha-ve the pri vilege to have two real1y neat dudes oo tutorial internmip program, Mr. Willie Dudley and Mr. Greg Meeks, ooth seniors at Bethune-Cooklrum College. They were asked their impressi:?os of King High and I quote "We are delighted to belp the students of King High with their problems. We feel the students at King Higb are very receptive and in the kruJw. We tllat to to a studeDt that someone really cares could be the guiding light to a 1-ight future, and if there were more studeni5 like the ooets at King H.igt!, thiiS be a wwid o( togetbernes ... TOP FIVE 1. l:mpossibie. 2. Thin Line Between L!we aDd Hate. 3. :Inrler City Blues. 4, Traptled By A 'nling Calle4 L:Jve, S. Mr, HQt Stuff. TOOAYs THOUGHT It' a .u-1 ,,..1 Hillsborough High School By Queen Williams and Anita Davis s.>tior ill the This week soulful senior is none other than Deborah Henderson. She is the proud daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Pressley. She resides at Hll8 Goodwin Ct. She lists her favodes as food: Chicken: Linda Jones. i.lndajohn sOn. Gioria Butts. Shir]e, Hudson and mauy more. \Vben she's not jiYing around with her friends she can be foUDd raping wit h her main man Frailk SmalL After graduation she plans to further her e duc a t ion a t Airline Trai.n! n g S c h ool D ebo rah for be::g chosen :n the Info: E :n it out.. ldon't think. O l t s Thorn ton wh y don't you stop ge t ting y ou r teacher a ll upse t ? Thought: Tc,t a i i he r f o r Bi.ack People." Later. -----------------------------Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers


Tuesday, November 8, 1971 t1a. Se11tlnel BuDetln-Puhlished every Tut-&. and Fri. -Grl Both Edition\ PAGE ELEVa' AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY Like I had jus written bout what "I heard thru the grapevine" on Coch BiU Fulcba's coaching ability, and I be darned if Sat. nighfa decision against Ole Miss didn't prove the grapevine's heAr ing to be just about right, for I and millions of other football fans, radio announcer Vic Prinzi, in eluded know darn well Fuk'tla shouldn't have let anyona assistJBnt coaches, players or fans-talk him Into not going for a tie (28 28) against the Ole Miss Rebels. A tie for Tampa would have been a big win, even if just a moral one. lit would have brought the University the biggeEt national recognition in its hist'Jry. I felt sure the ex-Gator aide would have realized there was no tomor't'OW in this game with Ole Miss and that he had won the game slready oy just h1ldtng the score down with his "Thirty, Dirty" players he had left, and that even a tie, especial ly when you know bme is against you is a blessed thing. While re membering too, the Sparta'!ls had no time outs left. 'I'o -me, regardless of what anyone tries to say, to tie Ole Miss would have been treat enough. Dog the things the looal boys 1ike Bffi Kirlly, Tom McEwen and FranK Klein tried to say the morning aftar. If you'd no tice, these same kafs are vying to get baek on tbe Leon Mt@ltay bandwagon afiser trying 1:6 dog him for tile' past montl:w ... BRIEFS ... One Hippie told tile judge: '"fbe reason I smoke pot your HOf!OI' is cause Ft causes s1xty-uine perceflt fewer cavities ... And there was recent Vietnam returnee S/Sgt. :Ernest E. Brinson hubby of Mrs. Billye Brinsoa of Hills am CarrOllWOOd Elem., telling boot being in charge C>f a unit ot Austraolian troops m 'Nam and he spoke English and 60' dia they, but neither could un what the other was say ing .... Speaking of '.Nam, M/Sgt. Ernest Williams writes that he's to he back in the states by the time S'anita CLaus arrives. l\1/Sgt. Williams is a veteran of wee wars p1us three trips to 'Nam ... Charices are, 1\Irs. Renee Alexander, the High teacher aud chil(fren biggest Xmas gift will be the return of hubby and dad, Capt. Alexander from the now part-time war zone ... Someone mentioned Cheet-a Davis, a former si'll'geT with the Bob by Blue Band revue, as being in are a last weekend playing in Auburndale. N:>, I don't recall Jweeta either .... Wonder how many folks actul!lly know Adam Clayton Powell;s parents are really of the so-called white race. This fellow didn't un til reeentDy ... One the Hertz Car Rental beauties with blue eyes mention ed Fats Domino as being set for a New Year's Eve appearance at the 3-D nightspot on Hende:r3011 Bfvd. with the fee being twenty five d:>llars per couple. This in eludes your noise makers and seats. Getting ycu:r rounds of .. cheers" is something else. And J too sort of wooder if the 3-D is gflmla keep its doors open tiil New Year's ... Chances are ex-teammate Coach Jack "Cy" McCllriren of Bethune Coolcman Col-lege in Daytona will b: U!is y!!a'r's "Florida's Coach of tlie Year,'' if he beats the A&M Rattlers, Fran Cllrci lost his bid when he lost to N.C. State Friday night. The Gators Doug Dickey, SparN!in Bill :Fulcller and Rattlers Clarence Montgomery, are way out of the race. Opps, alm:>st for got there's FSU's Coach Larry ,Jones still in .... Learned during the week form Tam pan Aaron Davis is man-ager of the Jet-Away Bar and Lounge down Miami way Those "Tempatiorrs" have regrouped and have another hit sound entitled "Jesus Christ Super Star, Just Who Do You Think You Are." Favorite singer Jae Simon is com ing to do the re-grand opening of the Midway Club in Thonotosa55a Friday night. J'or those who don't think they know where tbe Midway Club is, it's right down the hill from the Thomas's "One Stop Inn-Soulville" club, restaurant and Penthouse Lounge .... Was invited oo a party honoring former TamJYcffl CariCoo Richardson visitmg from Iowa and being hosted by his mother, I\lrs. Gladys Pauline Brady of 1919 State St. Couldn't mll'ke the set and was a bit surprised learning Carlton was in town ... Cleo and JoJmny Ferrell, of 1720 N. mvd. recenbly rereived a thank "you Jetter and piotnre of the Atlanta Braves an nounceTs Milo Hamilton and El'nie Johnson thanking them for being auch good listeners during the past se-ason. Rev. Goldie 'I'IImnpson is back up and abcrut and ready to do a bit of p-art-t)me radio Gospel pro grlllm broadcasting, as sotm as he gets rather irnpf)rtant personal busines!f matter straightened out. Grlfly Slnall and his Gospel sin giAg group members recently re turned from a Mi;ami recording session held UV!cler the direction of former Tampa D. J. "LU Olde Boolter T." ... THE LILY WHITE-FLA. SEN TINEL CREDIT UNION WILL MEET WED., NOV. 17th at 12:30 P .l\1. This ann, who flew in frcnn NYC to see about her last week. WAS GOOD LEARNING MR. AND l\IRS. EDDIE (GERALD INE )o NUNN ARE STILL AROUND THE TOWN READERS... T b Nunn's being one of Tampa's most prominent young couples of lang sta'!lding. EHie, in addition to the father of five (or is it six?) Nunns, a Deacon and choir president at Iris churcfl, St John ProgressiV'e, a PTA presi dent for years and one of all men's best f.riend!J, a barber. Mrs. Nunn is of course-the Ndll's mother, loyal chorob worker, Day Nursery owner, aortd pianist for several church ehoi'I'S. Al\"D WHILE SPEAKING OF CHURCH FOLKS, t h e writer's "Big Brothers" set. FIICt i.s, WiB bii brother, Will Brady, ia now Famu Teachers To Ed Host Confah TALLAHASSEE Florida A and :\I Universitv \l'ill host a Tea chers Conference for Black Colleges December 12-, 1971. This conference. which is the first of its kind for F A;..IU. will be financed by the Southern Regional Edt:.::ation Board t SREB) and will be attended by appro ximat ely 75 deans and directors of teacher education in black colleges located in the re goin. Scheduled to speak during the conference are some of the na tions leading educators: Dr. Wil Jiam Smith. acting associate Commissioner fot the Bureau of Development: Dr. J. B. Jones, Texas Southern Un iversity; Dr. James Kelly, &S!Ociate dean, Echool 6f EdtU:'ation, University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Herman Branson, President, Lin coJ:n University (Mo.) The major thrusts of the con ference, according to Dr. Paul B. Mohr, dean of the School of Education at FAMU and head of the conference and its planning committee, will include: A re-view of the contribution that black colleges have made to teacher education and their new developments in teacher ed ucation. I.;tenurlizmg the teacher edtic!ltion program with cfe-vefap'ing new directions and careers. Developing for changes in teaeher education with implications for being more effective m professional and government circles. a volunteer member of the "Big .set. Fact is, Will says he has abolit lour favorite "Littie ,.. J r bi'at!!d his rece!'lt's 'er 3g{;.J!l: birthdaiy by going oo tPre Plant-King Hi footbaH game. Be'lieve th e y ha'd to duck a couple of those "missles" thrown at the King Hi bus too .... THOSE FAM.OUS "STAPLE SINGERS" WILL BE AT THE ARMORY SUNDAY NIGHT marking their first appearance here since as the saying: goes, "g.8irt.g back inlto the world." Meaning of col!lrse, from Gos p r 1 t-1 rhythm and blues. "THE STAPLE Singers" made fame under the lead e;sA_i; p of their gtJitar playing and SI'ngH: I g da.d, "POils" Roebuck Sta pfe, the ex-Mississ i ppi an an d features a daughter Mavis Staple who's pressirng Aretha f&r No. 1. One of "Pop's" fam0us sGng words says this-"The tongue may accuse and carry bad news, gossip is cheap and it's low; al'ld unless you've made no mi'sta walk away. -----Rockledge High School COCOA By JOARHA SPANN Soul Sl!lter of the Week: Nice, cute, and intelliger!t describes our soul sister of the week, Joyce Haneock. Jeycf! re sides at 709 AurC1!'11 Street "With her Plillrents, Mr. and Hancock Joyce is a member of the business b.atcblorefte8 trith plans on becoming a model. Joyc-ets hobbles.: datlei!li, hlmming and sleeping; color: purple; !ringe-rs: lssurc Hayes, Fred Pa:YtH!, Otrrtis :MI!yfield; groups: Jaclisson FiVf!', 'De'lfonics, Temps, Sind M001e'n'f.s, Chi-lites; foods : shrimp, steak. chicken toss s:alad and greens: beaus: WC, BG, EO and JS, friends: D Riehbutg., I. Jmm. c. Perry, D p. GmM ford !lfld P. record&: Thln line between love and hate; Got tB be th!!r'e ltTid Shaft. Congratula tions Joyce for being chosen as Son! lfiStt!t' (If \'treek. Railer CJNttier: Janet that sure isn't Leroy yot1 were with these days. Joyce did you enjoy Shaft with a certain soul btather. M. you don't waste time you sure mfn age to !eet woo :vau "Want P.O. L .r. your 10"!i$ing the lo-ve machiflll, what yau gonna !1o now? R.J'. what are you gonna do aMut yours? Jarrnie Jaekson did you know 'O'Ibe'n yl1tl left l took ydUl" place and was trapped by this lhi;vg C 'l!f8ed love. --'----""""----DowJell_lr. High School: By Carol Ennis and Tlllren d STUDENT OF THE WEEK Cute, sweet and loveable is none other than Twila Lashone Gainous She resides at 501.0 85th St. She is the popular daughter of Mrs. H. Gainous. Eohe list as her favorite, food chic ken; jiving around with the fe!Iows; record Show Me How; singer The Emotions, sports Football; tites Carol Glover, Gail and Sharon Hester, Dionna Allen, Eandra Brown, Carol Ennis, Theresa Howard. last but not least her man is none other than Morris Williams. 4. Drownmg m the of love 5. Rock Steady 6 Love is ftn



Tue-<.,day, Xovember 9 1971 Fla. Sentlnd B .tlletin-Published every Tues. end Fri.. Get Both Editlonl P :\GE THIRTEEN -:.. -'t' .. i : r

PAGE FOURTEEN Okeedaoltee Sunday, at Bethel was observed as Guest Day. Each member of the church invited a guest to come and worship with h i m. This observance proved to be a success in way. The building was filled to its capacity. It began early in Sunday sC'hool. The subject of the lesson was "God Judges Nations." Rev. Williams brought a very re view of the lesson. Our hats are off to the No. 1 Men's Class with an offering of The Ins"Oirational Choir began Morning Worship by the consecration hymn, "Near the Cr088," and Mrs. Irene Wommack leading in Pl"ayer. 'Jhe deacons then took of devotional service. The Cambmed Cboin with Miss Mary Autrey at the console, Mr. Leroy Alexander as Director of Choirs, The Senior Ushers and the Male Usher Board served for the day. The meditation hoar was trut:v an inspiration Ia all. Our pastor led the congregation: In altar prayer. Our pastor brourtht as his f'!uest, his father. the Rev. F.. R. Williams The Rev E. R. Williams brought a pt'f'lVOO' atiive morrt .ing message. Every he1rn t was made to burn within. There were two persons who joined our church under Christian expeuience There were many vis ftmrs present. After morning. worshi'Ji) eve11vone was fed dinner af the church. So evervone left befni!' fall both spiritually and phys fcmtv. B'Jro' began at 5:30 n m with the directl!lr, :Rev. Nelson. fn Evening worship was just as mjoyable as morning worship. All o'f those who missed evenin,:: worstrip really missed an added ble9Bing 'L'he same choirs Mld usher!f serve'd. (i)ur pastor br.a. ugttt the evening message. His subjr.c.t "If It Wasn't For The Lord. What Would I Do." Wl'f are getting ready for the Assoctatioo which begins the !ll!h of Nioovember. 'l!ke Rev. J. Adams is tfre moderator. Every auxiliary Is dbi:ng its best to g:> beyond the goan ol $4,000 Rev. J. H. WiHiams pastor. Community MB 1409 E. Ida Street Rl'v. D. C. Cummings, Pastor Mr!t. Bl'tt v .J. Bolden. Reporter S.S began at 10 with the supt .. D c :m Bowers in charge, The les son was taught by the teachers. Morn : ing worship began a 11. De vol ion was conducted by De a. Anderson and Dea. Smith. The sermon 'was delivered by the pastor For the last 30 days, Rev. Cummings has been our acting pas tor. In Nov. conferen c e was held in which we elected him a:s our permanent pastor. Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Frt Cet Editions Tuesday, November 9, 1971 Friendship Baptist Rev. Qvod Dexter, Pastor !\Irs. M. Lyons, Reporter Men and women's day were held Sunday. S S began at 9 :30 with Mrs. Maude Lemon of Mt. Moiah P.B. Church as g u e s t supt. 'l'he lesson was reviewed by Rev. J E. Powell of Emmanuel :M. B Church. Morning worship followed at 11 with a spiritual de votion led by Mrs. Mozelle Jackson and Mr. Ulysses Safford. The United Fellowship Chorus and guest ushers served. The iUest speaker was Mrs. Lillie M. Williams of Mt. Tabor M B. Church. She was introduced by Dea. Arizona Jenkins. "What Does God Expect of Me" was her subject. A musical tea was sponSored at 3 ami Mrl!. Essie Williams was in charge of devotion. Mrs. Ann Fletcher served as Mistress of Ceremonies and was introduced hy Miss Sheryl Welcome. Several choirs and groups appeared on the program. Evening worship was held at 6. The main event of the ev-ening was the crowning of the King and Queen of Friendship. Dea. Charlie Jones and Jessie Pittman was in charge of devotion. The Junior choir and guest ushers serve!.! Pray for the sick and shut-ins Visitors are wlcome at all times. 'MISSING' Gregory T. Coflon molh er's 11ame is Mabel Col ton. When lui heard lrotn lae was living across 341h or 401h Sis. Please write me, EMMA 88Cll If you Jmow where he's lecatH. 1849 CANO CIUIT Cocoa Morning service at Mt. Moriah AME Church began with the pastor, Rev. 0 H Houst o n in of devotion Rev. C Tookes ass isted the pastor. Choir !'T:'. ved and Mr .,., charge of the music. Mr. I. Johnson offered prayer. Ushers No. 1 served. The sermon was de livered by the pastor. His theme was "I Waited Patiently For Tile Lord, And He Inclined Unto Me. And Heard My Cry." Mrs. Helen Wynn was fellowshiped for the Holy Communion was administered. Evening service began Itt 5:45 with the pastor and ftev. Tooket! in charge of devotion. Choir No. 2 gerved. Prayer was olfe'l'ed by Mr. Lov ett. The sermon was deby thE! pastor. fwiy comrtnmion was also administered. 'Nolrs. Barbar a Davis, acting sec'y. and Miss Jovanna Spann, :reporter. Buy FrCHR f1trida Clewiston The services were good at all churches in the community beginning with S.S throughout nigh' services. The subject of the lesson was "God Rules All Nations." A wonderful review of all classes was held. Elder Reed and congregation held their fifth Sunday Union last Sunday. Elder Reed is pastor CJf Apostolic Church of Jesus. The community is in deep sympathy with the family of the late Mrs. Daisy Dozier who lost her life in an auto accident last week. Funerai services were heid in L!lbelle where Mrs. Dozier had been a citizen for years. Please remember the skk and sbut-iil9. On the sick list ate: Mrs. M AI Mr. Jartle'S .Mr. Charles Moore, Mr. Leroy Wil iams, Mr. :Hormes, lfrld Mt. Willie Beil Please phone aU news to 983-7943. Mrs. L. M. W'llliarns, reporter. SMtfnel AciYertisers "Big enough to reach the peanut buller. how big I want to bel'' She'll never need Wonder Bren -more than right now. The time to grow bigger and stronger is during the "Wonder Years"-ages 1 through 12-when a child rea:ches90% of adult height. Help your child by serving Wonder Enriched Bread. Each slice supplies vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein. ':Delicioos Wonder Bread! Helps builcl Strong bodies 12ways A tea will be held Sunday at 3. .; Ewrvon e is invit e d worship win be held at 6::10. Devotion c ondu ctccl by De a. Bowers. Th !XHtor delivered the sermon. are welcnme to worsh i p with II' Mt. Piftrim Ass.n. Begins Wednesday .,.h" !>ilh annual session of tht-1\11. Pilgrim Missionary As.-;ot'i'a-tion o f whi c h Rev. I An d t rson is m < 1derat<)l' will bt' held Nov. ltl -14 at St Matth:".\' M B Church C>f Sulphur S prings. Rt>v G E Edwards is h os t p:l<:f nr Bealsville S.S. at. Mt. Olive AME began nt l ::o with the supt .. Mrs. Leola lkiT\" !lnd officers at therr post Th t le s son wa!'l discussed by at !t : h 1'3 \ : 1 our Elder held h i fir!!! quarterlv conference. 1be m ''> Mrs Teres3 R" ,. Rf'\". \lift ,n. Rt>\". E C'. and Rr\. L H. Sykes R F S :lnmr l F:tyson. pastor: R t\. W l\l. Ro h<'rso n P E and 1\!:-, L e i1:t :\f. Shaw rrporter.


RID Nothing pleases US, Iitle pleasing YOU I ." ,, : "The Frie ndly Store-s tha t Save you more!." t(/&"0. 711/Ztl 5'111. -13 -:. -. -. -. -;. I


PAGE SIXTEEN FLORAL COURT DEPARTMENT HOLDS ONE-DAY MEETING Members of the Floral Court Department of the Pallbearers Grand Union were at the temple, 1902 Main Street, for a one-day meeting. Their achedule included devotional, business and social activities. Of ficers from left seated are Mrs. Alabell Gardner, Mrs. Sallie Cherry and Mrs. Ollie Mae Jones; and left, Mrs. Kelly Lester, Mrs. Annie D. Gordo and Mrs. inez Sp arks,. president. YOUNG PEOPLE ENJOY ANNUAL BANQUET Among the young people of New Salem P. B. Church enjoying the banquet at the Sweden House were, from left seated, Mengan Andrews, Valerie ',' "' '' Bradley, Yolanda Archie and Onee Tay lor. Standing form left are Freddie l\IcNalr, Frederic Nelsoll and Joseph Simmons. > '' LOCAL MINISTER ADDRESSES PALLBEARERS Whtn th e Court of th e Grand Union mel a few days ago In Tampa, they were addrt.>ssed by the Re\ E J Rhers, pastor or Tyer Temple United :\l et hodi s t Church, right. He wa1 intro duced by the Rei". -\lexand .er Jones, pastor ot :'Ill. Sinai A.M E z:on Church. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? ":'lly name is Robin Whil-e. I am o ne of th e yo ung ladie!l whet app-eared In the Bottlne and Soulier spo n sore d b y th e No n Parlet. Club." --T yer Temple Corner Central and Ross R ev. E. J Rivers. Jr., Pastor l\Ir!. Ruby l\lcCa ll Rep!. S u nda y '?choo i began a l 9:30 w it h t he s upt. Mr. P h illi p H unte r in charge. All teachers wer e a t the ir pos s. l\r ornin g senice began a t 11 w it h h e pasto r in charge. T h e c ombine d ch0ir 3 o f th e church 5ened. l'shers :\' o 1 and the s tewards al so served. Hol y Com m unio n was administered The pasto r was a ssiste d by Rev. C. B. Higg s. R ev. B M. J ones and ReY. B en Johnson. The serm o n w as delivered b y the pastor. W e d n e s da y evening a t 7 :30 aU members of choi r No. 2 are aske d to be present for businesa meeting. The Allen Ch o ir w!U meet a lso. Fri da y even ing a t 7 :30 cho i r No. 1 will have rehearsal. Mrs. Mari e Ander son and Mr. Charlie Harris are on the sick list.


r Tuesday, Novemb 9 -Till. every frl-.Cet Bofli E-ditlon i fACE SEVENTEN 'SAN FRi' '"TCISC O -A b l ack educato r b irth c orttro l pro hav e o v erto nes o f geno c:id e against N egroes America' s popu l a t ion c o n t r ol t!fforts should concentrate on the w h i t e m iddle class, n o t blacks Dr. Andre w B illingsl e y "'laid Dr. B ill i n gsle y, vice presid ent tor academic affa irs a t H o w-ard 'Un i versity, rec e ived a s tanding rClV a ti on fro m 7 00 d e l e g a t e s to the illnnual nation al c o n f erren ce o f '!Planned P a ren t h ood-Worl d P o pu latio n. T he con cept of f a mily plann i n g m i gh t h ave s o me u t ility for blacks if i t were con t rolled by blacks for b l ac ks, Bill i ngsley said B u t the : organ i za tion can -ex.pect n o he l p from black s unless changes its pri or ities, he sai d. He saia pres en t ,prog rams tlY Jacqueline '*ennefi.y (0nassis t he U .S.' s .former l adiv., ana 11s well off or b-ette r t h a n w omen w ith names like : duPont, G h itik, Ro c kefeller, Vanderbilt or Tiuke. In fad, i t is :estimate d i hat :her cash for t une could keep t he JL[. b er.ian aBminis tr.at ion in fund s ffor n e 1 a 1 11'J 'four ;y-e>ars and 'tlii s r tloe s not includ e her h o l iling s (ims.ide :and outsid e the _iewels and j n vest m e n ts. The J ortunl!, muc h of .it o ut si d e of"'L i ib eri a .w.as J eft t o her h e r husb a nd, Presid e n t Will i a m V S Tubman w ho di e d in -a Lond o n clinic on :23 -at t h e a : ge o f 175. .Reports .say tha t be1ore h is death, 'Tubman h ad b uil t : a m tilti .million a dllar mansio n on t he o u t :Sk!irts O'f t he city., which W a S ito be his .retiuement home :It is soaid t o i be 1a.visHl :furni s h'fd :and t he most modern house in Liber i a This is w here 't he former 'first lady :ha s been 'li;v,ing. Besides < h e r hom e, Mrs. Tubman is nwner o f one of t he largest coffee plantations in Liber ia-t he countr y e-xports l al ge amom 1t-s r of cdffee. She tpl1ebal:il:y comes .into onntl1e1 : of :v.ast rea'l :estat e .holdings inCluding :a ')J'ar.tment .In !her courttr : y She i s ndtea :tor ner distindlv.e taste in jewe 1 s ar.d clothing. It is genera1ly believed 'that -she :has : a -:valu e d collection '{)f cte. wels Rrst lady ls :Goiag I.o Uberia WA:SIDNGTC>N -President Ni xon has selected his wife to repr-e sent 'him gt 't he inau g ur-atron of 'Liberian Pre-siaent William R. Tolbert on Jan. 2-4, Secretary 'cit William ,P. Roger.s :announc-ll OW haw does she s tand com .pared to the wor.la s other rich women? Compare Befor.e .her dea f h jn 1962, Prin cess Wilhelmina Helena P.auline Maria r of .Orange : Nassau ; Jy .Queen of .the Nethe:rllands.Jr-om. l$0 to ,her abilica:ton 0!!_ :Se-p. tember 4, 194g_;.w.as sairj 'to be worth o:Ver .$550 million. This amount inc1udeii a11 ner holdings and 'cash. Siager .'-ts Drag Jam iFAL1UIMC, :&'othmd -.'A'frioan-bovn ,. ,pop singer Williams, who ..rose :t o dame --Nitih iii'S n:e-coraing ,of J;he sortg .,,MOOn River" in :t he .-em:ly .sixties, "Wll8 iiliiJe-d !tor 1:8 weeks on ;drug :he Fe ::Monday. Williams, who !g a ve :e fasnion "''ihle Jldd11ess, adniitted tp"ossessing (

PAGE E IGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tuea. anCI Frl -Get Both Editions November 9, 1971 Third Annual Turkey Festival Golf Tournament Set Nov 20-21 Charles L. Hamilton and Calvin Johnson The Third Annual Turkey Festival Golf Tournamt:nt will J5e pl aye d at t he Rogers Park Golf C o urse on :Nov. 20-21. T he t ournament, sponsored by t h e Ro gers Par k Golf Associa tio n is a 36 hole affair w it h four' flights and a s e n ior flight Willie Black pro f essional at the course and Dr. W. W. Andrews chai r man, said this And Missers L ague -Hitters : Atlanta Lif e Ins. 3-1 27 13 H a milt on In s Agcy 0-4 25 15 Bop City Birtg basketball players: The limber-legged forward, the most valuable player in the ABA'a 1970 playoffs said Molinas mere ly took him and other: players t.) restaurants and bought them food "I did nothing wrong .and 1 ::1 probabl y go agl:lin," Brown said But the University of Dayto11 (Ohio) asked nitn to leave school in his fresl\man year in 1961. The National Basketball Association, ur.der a rule barring players who are dropped from college for any xeason but grades, wouldn t let the New York Knickerbockers or the Cincinnati Royals sign hi1n. Hoth teams had sought Brown as a free agent. Brown has a $1.5 million dam age s uit pending against the NBA i in U .S. District Court at Cincm nati, under antitrust laws. William C Barnhard of Indianapolis, one of Brown's lawyers, said Wednes day, We're pushmg the case vigorously." Me an w hi 1 e, thfl 29-year-old Brown, his wife Carolyn, and their 5-year-old son Roger, Jr., have becoine popular me1;11bers of &hi Indianapolis communny. Brown spends most of his spare time in hoy s work "I'm looking forward to thii job because it's heluva challenge," Brown said of the council seat. "I think I can be of help to all people, whites. as well as blacks passes gav e Bethune : Cookman a 7 0 lead in the se c ond quarter with the 44-yard TD sprint. In the next period Dobson t ook a handoff from quarterbac k An tho n y Pen n and then fired a scoring bomb to Leona r d Walker to make it 14-0. Judge Break Gives Wells On Prison I $100 IREWARDI $100 I Wide receiver Warren Wells of the O akland R aiders is expec te d to be transferred routinely to a pris o s o metime within the next few da ys. Superior Co ur t Judge Leonar D iPden ::::>ir1 'FrirlHy h e p la ns r a ctio n at 1his time to 'n!prfPrP wit h the rou tin e transfer fr om the state Department o f Cor rection s medical facil ity at Vacaville. On Sep t. 4 Judge D iede n revok ed probation for Wells after a series of violations climaxed by an assault charge at Beaumon t, Tex. After plead i ng guilty to charge in 1969 Wells was three years probation, D ieden r e \ oke d. a rape put on which FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO THE ARREST AND COHVICTJOH OF THE PERSOH OR BREAKIN G I NTO THE PSYCHEDELIC POST CENTER IF YOU HAVE A N Y INFORMATION, CALL 238-5030. HELP WIPE OUT CRIME IN TAMPA. 4018 N. 22nd STREET


Tuesday, November 9, 19il Fla. Sentinel Rulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE DANCERETTES CHEER FOR THEIR TEAM The pretty Hillsborough Dancerettes are on the sidelines at each game to cheer their team. Pictured during recent game were Sheryl Welcome, Sharon Ringel and Ronnie Powell. A Mighty Bat Lifts Aa:ron Ever On Swat List ATLAiNTA, Ga. The Boraves were playing at home late in the li'a&J01 and H an k Aaron knocked i'l1 a couple of runs. Promptly the non lights on the Atlanta Stad ium message board began to twin kle: two RBis move him to llhird on t h e all-time lis t ... Late r the-Braves' 37-year-old t>tar was approached by newsmen, 11nd one of t hem said 1'It seems every tim e you swing the bat, they flash on the message board that you just passed somebody in somet hing Aaron loaughed. That's all r ight," he said "as long as they doo.'t :filash my age up there." Even that happened late I!Jt llan Die-go. The P ach-es were using e ba ttery of pitcher J ay Franklin md oatoher Mike !vie when u p it went: "The I!Jges of Frank&, HI, md !vie, 19, combined equal Hmk Aaron 's". Han.k laughed loudest. He could afford to laugh. In many ways, 1971 proved to be Aaron's h:est season. For he hit more homers ( 47) than he eve!r hit in his big le ague life llald in fewer (495) at-bats And be moved up on all the im portamt offensi ve lists Sixth on Hit Parade In hits, foc example, Aaron ran his lifetime total to 3 2 7 7 and moved from eighth to on the all-time major league list. He now tradls Ty Cobb ( 4 191), Stan Musial (3,630), Tris Speaker (3,515), Hanu s Wagner (3,430) and Eddi e Collins ( 3,311). He moved from sevooth to third on the all-time RBI list and now has 1,960. Ahead of Aaron are former Yankees Babe Ru t h (2,209) and Lou Gehr i g (1,991). Runs? Hammeri:n' ad vanced from ninth to fif th. His 1,901 follow Cobb's 2 ,244, Ruth)> 2,174, Willie Mays' 2,003 and Musial's 1.949. As for at-bats, Aai!"On mo ve d from seventh to third as his total reached 10,447, Cobb batted 11,429 times, Mus i al 10,972. Aaron advanced from fifth to third in the extra-base hit cate gory and has a total of 1 ,296. He h as a good chaaJce to lead in that department since Musial s 1 ,377 lead with Ruth s 1,356 sec ond. Trailing ODIIy J\.Iusial In total bases, Aaroo now has 6 ,941, secood to Musial's 6,134. Home runs, you ask? Stran gely, Aa ron did not adval!lce !n obhis departmoot. He began the WEDNESDAY 8 PM FLORIDIBnS VIRGINIA Tickets $5, $4, and $2 at Montgomery Wards and at the Box Office at St. Petersburg Bayfront Arena. Tickets for Senior Citizens are $1. ST. PETERSBURG BAYFRONT ARENA season thi rd on the all-time J.ist and still is there. Bout he made pro gress with his 47 h o mers. The Braves star be gan the season trailing Mays, in second pl ace, by 36 homers. Now, he needs only seven to catch the aging Giants' Star. Babe Ruth s 714 is the magic number, h :;we ver, and Aaron thinks he oan overtake the Ya:n kees' grea,t Sultan of Swat It should be something. Just think what excitement it is go ing to cre ate when Aaron w allops his 700bh, probably near the end of the 1 973 oampaign And the controversy: "Ruth did it when few home-roo hiitters "Yeah, but Aaron had the coast-to-coast tPli!Vel and all those night games ... Said teammate Mike Lum: "Oh, he'll do it. I just want to be here to see him hit that 715th. Football Scores Santa Clara 29, Famu 16 Bethune 14, Ala. State 13 Fisk 21, Lane 6 Hampton 15, St. Paul's 12 J. C. Smith 18, N. C. Central' 14 Ken. State 29, Federal City I Lenoir Rhyne 42, Winston-Salem S. C. State 27, Maryland St. 0 Tenn. St. 61, l\Iorris Brown 7 Va. Union 28, Shaw 8 Tuskegee 27, Miles 0 Bishop 60, N. Mex. Highlands 21 Jackson St. 7, Texas Southern 7 Prairie View 16, Texas Lutheran 7 LOUISE'S DRIVE IHN Specializing in Beer Wine and Bar-B-Que Most weekends Uve entertainment Free 3720 E. Buffalo Ave. Earl Lloyd Hired As Pis.tons' Coach DETROIT Earl Lloyd, who played in the National B as k etball Associatio n for 10 seasons, was g ive n a two-year contract today to coach the D e troit Pistons The 42-year-old Lloyd a f ormer a ssis tant coac h with the Pistons will take ovtr the team Monday. He r e places Bill van Breda Kolff, who resigned Monday after get ting the Pistons off to a 6 4 winl ost record this season. Llo y d also worked for the Pis t o ns as a scout and broadcaster. For the last five years h e hr.s been working in d ea l e r relations for t he Dodge Div ision of the Chrysler Corporation working for the Pistons In his spare time. Van Breda Kolff was startng a two-year contract at, $45,000 per stason when he resigned Terms of Lloyd's contract were not ds closed. Too Much For Bing Pistons officials said they chose Lloyd after doc t o rs h a d warned that c onching would be t o o strcno u ous for the I.e am's ba c kcourt star. D ave Bing who Is r eco ver ing from eye surgery. "The doctors fee l it would hurl Bing and his r e covery Eve ryone knows what we want Bing b ac k f o r mor e than anything els e is la play" said Ed Coli, the tem11's general manage r Until Llo y d lakes ove r T erry Disching e r will ru n I. h e team a s playe r coac h Lloyd br oke in wit h the W ashln gton Capi ta ls and spen t t h e sea son with the Syracuse Nals be fore coming to the Pistons. He reti red from the Pistons in 1!160 after averaging 8 4 points during his career. He is the fourth black coach in the N B .A. The others are AI At ties of t he Golden State Warriors Lenny Wilkens of the Seattle Supersonics and Bill Russell, formerly with the Boston Celtcs. Cazzie New Boy For Warriors? SAN FRANCISCO The night before Manny Leaks was traded, he came off the l.lench late in the thir d period and held the Colonels' Dan Issei to two poin t11 in eight minutes w as after last seas on leag:te leading scr ;rer had pummeled the fJr poin t s h: the first 10 minu tes. ... {rm t know why Manny is on th!l bench," saul I.sse l follo.ving the game, "b:..t whatever it is I h pe the si t uatl n :PmaiPs that "hPY iN" the entire year. He lt. st k : l!s me." Golden .State president Frank Mieuli, once professed that: "God will one day return Rick Barry to me.'-' Which would mean the Warr i ors would once again be a solid franchise. Well, after Caz:r.ie Russell lit up the scoreboard the other night for 43 points, Mieuli held a press conference, honoring his 26-point a-g ame .11eorer .. It was the first press conference of the kind since Barry. switched lea gues four years a go. Mieuil was reminded at that time of his Barry quoU! and after thinJQing a second responded. "Maybe God did send him back, after all All Cazzle could talk about, though, the Qlther night and the Bffi Mazer radio show, was his reboUnding I got 15 bounds in one game against Baltimore and if I had known I had 15 I would have tried for 20," en thused t he ex -Knick, who re members well the raps about hla lack of rebounding power. "I even outmuscled Wes Unseld for one, took the ball right away from him." Red Holzman knew that one of the reporters c ov ering t he Knicks coached during the summer in t he H arlem P ro fessio n al Lea. gue and he asked to play for the tejlm. "We had Charlie Scot t Julius Erving, M ike Riordan. Billy Paultz Manny Le aks, Olli e Tay on, Joe DePre ai1d J eff Hallibur ton,' replied the reporter. What Place did you fini sh,"_ Holzman asked 7 Third was the answer ."Third," bellowed H o lzman. "With all that material, you fin lsher third. You must be the worst coach In the world. Don t ever even attempt to say any thing bad aboU't my coaching in print again." Fans Ring Boo Ali's Exhibition BUENOS AIRES Some 111,. 000 fight fans booed and hooted after former world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali sparr ed for 10 rounds Friday night. Some o! the spectators dis satisfied with Ali's performance, smashed seats and tried to in vade the ring. Pol ice arrested about 20 persons for disorder and destruttion of pro perty. More than a dozen p ersons were injured in the scuffling, Ali and the other boxers were given: police escorts to dressing rooms and were not harmed. Ali sparred for five rounds with his partner James Sum merville and another five rounds with Argentine heavyweight Miguel Ange l Paez. He said .... that all proceeds would go to the Arenil Organization for Crippled and Ment.a' h All is schedt.qed to fly to Hous ton this morning. He is schedul ed to meet Buster Mathis at the Astrodome Nov. 17. Smooth and Truly Delicious Just Pour Over Ice.


PACE TWENTY Fla. Sentinel Bulletln-Puhlished every Tues. and Frl Cet Both Edition! Tuesday, November 9, 1971 1 Wynn, Morgan Most Likely lo Go fD Astro lracles ligers-May Keep Chastened Horton HOUSTON, Tex -talks involving. tbw-Astros during_ th World Series ,appeared to center around Jo Morgan and Jim Wy nn. That Wynn was being discuss ed' in. J10ssible;. trades came as-no surprise. It ba.- beerr presumed the Toy Cannon, wlro hit .205 and socked seven home runs, would \ be dealt this; winter. The claah between Manager Harry Walker and the' outfielder ilf too open. That Morgan is being discussed .in trades isn't exactly a surprise, either, but it is harder to under s-tand and sparks ct1l'iosity about what the Astro management's game plan is. There had been previous rumors that Joe migHt be trad-ed. Joe 'seems to be somewhat in the .same situation as Rusty Staub be'tore his trade" in 1969-he is something. of a sore: point with management' in ways that are readily apparel1t -and have nothing to do with playing the game. rt isn't' easy to f. out wht causes the' irritation, because management does not openly admit it exists. A writer who follows the team. mfgbt-guess a few possibilitift. such as: (1) salary of about $65,000 a year, an eye-raising' figure a non-slug ging .2617-hitter on a team that has never a pennant-and that maybe management expe,cted something more than mance on the fi-eld for its money. (Z: that Mor-gan, as closest friend on the team, never has been a1ble to the in fluence on the moody alutger that management ha.< hoped he would ; (3) that Morgan. has qul:te firm opinion.s about; Irnl8t things. R\vafif Menitn 'fwo Namell "Mare teams-have talked to m about Wy,nn. am M:lt'gan Uian anyone else,' John Mullen, the assistant genera} manager, admitted. "Bbt 1 tl:iey have read stories and hear'd' rumors. and that mig\lt explain it." His implication was that th(: other teams had instigated the diSCUSSions involving Wynn and Morgan. And it could be that simple. Mullen admi t ted Houston officfab had sought to determine the situation -the player needs and availabilities -of all the other teams. '.Dhe Astroa reportedly turned down a proposition from Philadelphia that. would have incltMed veteran first baseman Deron Johnson, reliever Joe Hoerner and second baseman Denny Doyle for Morgan. Discussion with Cincim111!;i supposedly involvi!d secJnd b.:.se man Tommy Helms and reliever Wayne Granger f:Jr Morgan and another player:' Other clubs also probed Morgan, but there were no re. ports of what the firm offers, if any; were; It was difficu!t to learn what kind of offers were being ma:de for Wynn possibly because at this stage the other clubs were trying to spar and find out what value the Astros really placed on the controversial outfielder The lndians and Cubs suppose dly made specific offen for W.ynn; Houston reportedl y offered 1 Wyrm to Pittsburgh .for AI Oliver, bu't was turned down. ()f.fensg Already Weak If HoustOn. did trade-Morgan appears the team woufd be giv ing up something offensively; and that cert'am}iy wasn't an anl-a whe!T Ute l!n'r team bad : anything spare. Joe-is-a 100. r'!lilsca.year man or close-tO ft. Walker J!la that if' H'ous ton'lt p!tehlilg next year can d& what' It JJow looks Pike rt ean do, his tacticS' probably wm switch more -toward' trying to get theone run rather than going for: the-big inrrln g. Margan, WhO' na$ stolen 120i bases the last three years, would seem to fi'gure stropgly in such plans. Although Morgan hrt only .256 this year lth; : on-base percen tage was near!y .370. Jones Sues 7 6er s,. NBA PHitA:DELPHIA -S i tsp-ended PMlad e lphfa 7liers guard Wally Monday ffled a suit which his attorney termed "a compre h ensive attack on the f>tructure of the National BasketAssociation (NBA}. Th e seven-year backcourt man was s u spended by the 76ers prior to the start of the season for failure to come to terms with the club. He .earned an estimated $45, -000 last se ason and was seeking 5-rnillion in damages ih t he suit. Ri r CI: u d G. Phillip s, attorney for th e 29-year-old former Villa n ova s t a r said lh e cause of ac tion suit filed with U.S District Comt here focuses on. the reserve cl ause and draft system as violations of anti-trttst laws, com mon law and the-13th Amend ment. The suit also seeks to block th e NBA and rival American Basket ball Association frorn thefr posed merger wm "further such Named as defendants in the suit were the League C ommissioner Walter Kennedy, the 76ers and all 17 NBA clubs. Phillips is the Philade l phia l awyer who obtained a $1.5 millio n contract as advisor to Chicago Bulls rookie Howard Porter, the former Villanova standout invol v ed in an NCAA rules violation case earlier this year. (ampbell's (leaners For The Finest In Dry Cleaning AI The LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES We Also Do M"mor and Major Allemaliou. For Pick Up And Delivery Service CALL 232-5301 DE'FROlT, Mieh. -WiHie Ho r ton is among the rune o utfi eldBS on the De :tF"oit roster and th-ere's a : good chanc e he will open irr reft field next year for the Tigers : Those assuming W rlli e will betraded might be f:n for a surprise. We certainly aren.'t going t' o give hlm away, said General manager-Jim Campbell. "'Hor t on s name has CO'me up i'n we 've discussd wiU11 other dubs. We"il trade-anyOOdy for theright offer. W illi e s the same 8$. everybody else.''" The T igers might. wirrdit t'lP' b:ading J i m N'ortbrnp for. a-ing pitcher, feavi : ng Manager B:illy Martin's ol!ltiie}d stocked with Horton, Mickey Stanley and AI KaUne, lef t to right. This coofd be tbe. mos t viltai win-ter development. While Horton sweats ol!l yoor: peopfe-. These w-ere raudable g oof s and we yespected Y@l !or them. FallS Are A!lftalned "Howe : ver, in recent' years yom. seem t& have lost sight-61 tbem, and !'lave caused yow many of whom defended your a1ii.ons, to hang: thclr' litead.if i'n shame-. "No loo ger wi.Jl yam-most-dent fat:IS regard. ym.'t' actions u of" a frnstated yommtgster YOO''re earning a man's sal ary for ttteal:rititiy f o do betiter than the avera# man. it's i'mportan :t. that: yw concfuct y:ourself like a full-gJ OWf>l man.!' on. the last day of the se'aSOll Horton was removed from SurgeH lalks Cell Alfelllia W ,ASHINGTOO -Wiilie StargeU, Pittsli>urgbr Pirates. er and pr-estde'Jilt of t h Athletes .Found ation, confers t6-day with Sen. Richard S. Schwiker to eff'ortS' to fight siefde cef!: anemi r a The--Pennsylvani:a S'enator fs l"'ankiing Repu'ftrican on a Serrati! frealtlit sa!ifeommiJttee wtrkii is _eonsidel"ing ther national sickfe cell anem i:at prevention act fs: cOsp{}ff!ror af tfie lelgislafi:on. The biH wcmld create--a fe'dera l program fol' Ye'Searclii on dlt ness most oommoo-Jy found groes.. Pete-Slores flf lie R I 0 DE JANEIRO Pelt!' scored his first g oal of tine season as S;mtOS' tied the Corinthians, 1-1, in a game foX" the Brazilian. nationwide soccer tournament. linettp by. Martin for no t run'ninC hard" on an I nfield groand. ball bl Clevellimd : Wi -ll.i'e-said imptllsively lte: was q u:fUing the-'l:igel'&, but the' has-. been patched UIJ. Lom:g:wotrth' Qt1frrn, editor of the Mrclt1igan sa!:d ltil re-aderse ''ravorcmJ:y" U! til e Horton statement "WFHie: was upset ; said Quinn. "We tald fum t o -talk fo. .fudge Keith:.'' U S : Drstidct Judge l)emon bigbly z:l!SJile'eted J.ltegro j:El-rlst,. was-norton's adviser w.ben li!e \!r.tseiJ::tl fn tfle last 6r Horton bypassed .roo:ge Kei t h and fs: wlten mmes: tronbl:es. began:. They Itt!' closer ag;afn and. ft coold mean a better year tor Horton m 1!172; w s-to.s Dies Of Ca.er MORGANTOWN W. Va",---Sid Sgm fones, major lea gue basetlalit pilt'dler, who won 10Q games in the 1950s-and '60s; died in West' V f r ginia: UFriversit.y Hospital of cancer : lie, was 45' ; -Jones alse known as Toothpick, wen Z1 for tfie San Francisc O> GiaNrs: in 1959'; and in 1955 pitched' a n<>'" hittet" for tl)e Chicago Cuos against the Rittsburgh Pi rates. Sad Sam i:Jeg'an-' hiso career in the old Flo-rida\ N"egll'l!) League when h pitched for Orlando while stationed -at a military balW He-wu koown then a. a strikeoot> though could not throw: He had onJ,y. a fast ball it zoomed towardS>-ho!mw plat. like. a streak 0 lightning : Luis. Rodrigue1 Posts fat Kef S. C. Vet8" ral'! Luis Rmkignez. of Miamll Beach; lrn0eked oot Mike at 11:44-o f the seld round Of. a seheooledl(}.round. middle weight boxing match Monda y nigh t In the second rOI!mdRodrigue:& knock out Padgett. a leit amd a right: to Rodriguez is now 106-11-1, while Padgett is 35-5. More To Being A S tewa rdess Thari Serving Meals .And sttowlng, Movie Pan Am believes in being completely involved from the minute our passengers decide on a va' cation till theminute they arrive home'. And we promise our passengers to do just ttiat ... As a re sult, our stewardesses-havEr to wotk doubly hard to keep these promises, They have to enjoy being with people. Enjoy talking with people. And be willing to help the passengers in any way to fulfill the promises Pan K-m makes them As a Pan Arri stewardess you 'll be meeti"ng and flying with people from all over the world. And you'f! be flying with them to places they have never been. Because, Pan Ani serves 124 cities-in 82' coontrias o'n all 6 continents. We'll prepare you in our intensive 5 week training program ( you' re on salary from the first day) at' our Training and Development' Center in M i ami, Florida. QUALIFICATIONS: At least 20 years old; height to 5 '10' ; weight 105 to 145 lbs.; good health & good viSion; high school graduate with k nowledge of a foreign language. \ Tampa Interviews Nov. 19 CALL (8.13) 229-0869 \ Mon. thru Fri, 9 a.m-5 p.m. For preliminary interview \ o I t is Pan A m' s policy t o e mp l o y t h e bes t pe op i e, with out r eg a r d to rac e, creed, coior or nar; ona l ori g i n.


r Tues day, 9, 19-:1 Fla. !entlnel Bulletln-Puhlished every Tues. and Fn. Get Both Edition PAGE nVENTY-THRE!. --------Alonzo G. Moron Is Dead At 62; Hampton Institute Ex President s .;.'; P R -.->.:o:1z 0 Outstanding ::.!rr on p l::> u ed his educ:tio n lll h e e w er e d t he H;; : ;;rd Law G ;\!o r v n, for m t-r de p ui y r e gion -."'-'> 11. ,.o,nh :n St. T i JOmas t h e this i n tt>rspersed w it h Schot>l and t'Rrned hU! t>l d i r eclor here of t he Uni ted \ ":r g i n is' a nd Aion z o Graseano j o bs in 'ar!o us ,,f soc : a three y('Rr s lakr. f:, t a te l! Department of Ho using 21! ron was e.n s : .u-work bo h on t he East Coast Aside fr o m ac1demi c ac-lln d Urban De velo p men t died de nt i n t he s e c ond ary ach ools, a a m! : n t h e \" i : g. n I sl a n d s hie1ements, Mr. :,!Pro : : hel d S u nda y after a lon g illness H e reput a ti on that promoted fr iends Aiter s::1r: i r ; ; R t : h e H ;mp ton se1eraJ promin e nt p os.ti< 'nE i n was 62 years old t o funds to him tO I n st itute. :'llr. :\i, rou tran sferred this country i n various aspecis o f Mr. Moron was presi de n t of the Hampton t o Bro v.-r. L "ninrsi:-'. \\ h e r e h e s ocial work that earned h i m t he 1he Hampton I nstitute i n V i rgin i a At age 14, he arrived in \"ire<>rr.ed de g r ee i n and appt.'lla t i o n of --: he f irst. Faithful Prayer Few Band .\Irs. Mar)' Bdl. Prts. The Fai:hful Few Prayer Rmd "ill meet WednesdaY at t he h om e o f Mrs. :\l atti. e White, 1!101 P i ne St. All members are a sktd t o be pre s ent. L et u s pray for the sick a nd s hut ins. f r o m 1949 to 1959 a nd was a f org ini a to atte nd one o f the first w 2 s t'l ec:ul :u Phi Beta K a ppa. to .... '' h o l d the j .. bs. i ncl ud i ng mer Commissioner of E duca t i o n colleges est abl ished af ter : he \': ;:h a grsi den t of the llnd o f Welfar e in the V i rg i n IsCiv i l War to e 'EW TAMPA BRANCH OFFICE By seeing the excellent bargains below. Large 2 bedrooms, block, eoncerete block, Sultanta addition. $12,000. EXTRA LARGE 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, frame. Ross and Randalls addition $9.500. I BEDROO:\IS, 1 bath, concrete block in Progress V illage $10.201! all with low down and I o w monthl y payments. DON TAAFFE BROKER 8i2-2729 839-1422 Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 FOR SALE SWIMMING POOL IN CHARMING RIVER GROVE Estates. S bedro;lms, I baths, Fla. room central heat and air. Non qualif y ing. HAROLD FRANKLIN, REAJ,TOR Phone 879-0560 FOR REHT 317 W. AMELIA. 2 Bedroom fur nished bouse. 877-5951. Washers and Refrigerators for renl $2.59 Weekly No Gimmicks Never A Senice Charge. Phone 9R8-9131 72 lli -10th STREET FOR RENT Clean Painted Houses Phone 251-l 645 PUBLIC SERVICE J ACKSOHN'S STC DJO OF PIANO PEitFORMANCE EXCELLENT TRAINI::\JG for ginners and adva nced pupils of nil ages. R egis t e r now. 238-i292. j Got Car Troubles? TRANSMISSION OVERHAUL GEN. CAR REPAIRS BY EXPERTS Call 246-3291 RAY'S GARAGE 300'7 34th St. TAMPA FLA. SEHTIHEL WANT ADS WORK HARD BUSINESS LEASES AVAILABLE AT TAMPA PARK SHOPPING CEIITEB NEBRASKA AT SCOTT FOR REASONABLE BATES PHONE: 229-1845 I I I ; I l PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO llfSURANCE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE at a cost tbat correspond! to your drivlnx blstory. Jack Berry 626-6194 AUTO INSURANCE Before and after an acoident A. F. KILBRIDE INS. 1201 Marlon Street Phone 223-5531 4-A LOU LOU OF A DEAL O N C U T RATE PLUMBI N G C-SOL'S TRADING POST Same Location For 13 Yean Y-MOVE? 3822 E. BROADWAY PHONE 243-2111 VdiRING ELECTRICAL AND One-Trip Service Trucks 210 Franklin St. -229-2771 FUNERAL DIRECTORS WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME "Our Business Is Service" Phones: 248-6125 245-2032 PUGHSLEY Funeral Home 3402 26th STREET As lmpressl"e as required As Inexpensive as desired Phone!! 247-3151 or 247-315% ROGERS Funeral Home 4605 34th St. Phone 233-9302 or 258-0764 LADY ATTEND .\NT "WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS"


PAGE TWENTY -FOUR Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tuea. and Frt Get Botli Editiont Tul.'sday, 9 1971 WHY NOT REDECORATE THE WHOLE HOUSE FOR CHRISTMAS. IT' S EASY WHEN YOU SHOP THE LEADER LARMON -BUY lOW AND GET A FREE TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING. (FREE TURKEY WITH THE PURCHASE OF 9995 OR MORE DELIVERED BEFORE NOV. 1971). 7 PC. SPANISH DINETTE Elegant inlay top on handsome Spanish table. Tapered legs; Spanish metal trim. Red & black Spanish a 7-pc dinette today. \ [CONTEMPORARY 1 PC. DINETTE' ---' DINETTE s99s Efficient dinette w ith walnutJ wood grain plastic top. Vinyl covered chairs stay clean and neat, Spark up your kitchen get yours today! 13:4-30 PHONE E. Broadway 248-2557 -..._.... ..... For those who appreciate ) finest "Maderia"-1 for dining elegance_ Dining divinely needn't be eXorbitant, if you choose your furniture with care. YOu can choose from this striking collection at prices yqu can man-age. And please note these ftne construction stain and scratch resistant table tops; cabinets with 1 loads of storage space for your ftne china, linens, si14 verware, glassware; lustrOus Spanish Oak finish on 1 I --. 1 select hardwoods and hardboatd. 1 Elegantly rich in lookS : : surprisingly affordable in price this and in ore, youi1 in Maderii. 1,..,. I I l TRANSISTORIZED [STEREO r Includes 42" Buffet, -41" Glass Dool' Ruttt., 48"x 48"x 60" Pedestal Tobie, 1 Arm alld l 3 side thalrs. ,.. \ (CONSOLE I This beautiful solid wood cabinet with hand i rubbed face veneers houses a solid state 1 transistor radio that haa dual balance control STEREO and dual channel ampllflers, and a BSR 1lchanger with last record ahut-off. A superb instrument at a truly economical price. 11995 HOLIDAY TERMS J BANKAMERICARD fOil lVIATIHINO UNOU Uti $oUM. EASY TO PAY THE .LARMON WAY" 0 PEN FRIDAY NIGHT 'TIL 8 P. Plenty Of fREE Parking On Lot Rear Of Store


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