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Florida Sentinel Bulletin

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Florida Sentinel Bulletin
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African American newspapers ( lcsh )
African Americans ( lcsh )
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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 24, no. 95 (November 13, 1971)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
November 13, 1971
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
1 773
t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Woman .'Head Hear Ye! Office This At Wed. Closes Noon Every And Sat. AMERICA'S .. FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY (SEE STORY ON PAGE 2) Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU PRICE 15 CENTS. -SEE STORY ON PAGE I For M ISS Uhuru Title -UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORID A COEDS VIE FQR UHUR U TITLE Jn November 20, In the Grand Ballroom of the Manger Motor Inn, "Miss Black Uhuru". will be announced. The coronation will elimax: a two-day activity. University _of South Florida coeds vying for the title are, from left, Mary McF-arlin, junior; Jacquelyn Wll Iiams, freshman; Marjorie Royster, senior; Cheryl Washlngtoil, fresh man; and Catherine Johnson, Junior; and not pictiared, Linda GaJI Stevens, freshman; Patty Holmes, sophomore; Alma Louise Steven son, junior ; and C,rnthla Jolliff, freshman. -SEE STORY ON PAGE I Julian Bond CaUs for National Contror E AN FRANCISCO, -A National Board, wit h a 50 perc ent tenant membership, t o control rising rent s for middle and low-income Americans was proposed here last weekend. Speaking t"o the National Ten an fs Organization's annual con 9litical ia<:tivist.


PAGE TWO F l a. Sentin el Bulletin-Published every Tue s and Frl Get Bo t h Satu rday, N ovember 13, 1971 Sheriff's Community Relations Bureau I By DETECTIVE ARNIE MYERS \-------Hit And Run Driver Jailed Tampa police arrested and Vice For Officers Arres t Four Violations N a r cotics "CRIME STO PPEIRS" Suc c e ss ful Burg la rzin g o f h omes i s for t he most part a c com plish e d b y i n vit a ti on of t h e owner All t oo of te n t hoti.5and s of pe opl e le ave on vac ation f o r gettin g t o can ce l ou t t he ne w spaper su b s crip t ion o r no tify ing the milkman. W i t h th e a c cumu l ation t h a t resu l t s it i s n ot d iff icult for t h e prospect i v e b urg l a r to pin poin t h is ne x t h e i s t As a "stoppe r," S h erif f Malcolm E. Beard recomme nds citi zens to use the followin g precau tion.Whe n l eaving on vacatio n no tify the n e w s boy and milkm an t o hol d d e liv e ries unti l fur t h e r notice A t the sam e time it wo uld a l s o be wise to inst a ll an ine xp e nsi v e lig h t sw i tc h w hi c h w ill g o o n an d off au t o m ati c all y t h us creatin g t h e impress ion that s o meo ne is hom e at n ight. The Bureau of CensL'.> reports that t he p o pulation has increased per c en t in t he past year, while polic e stati s t ics indicate that crime has increased by 41 -per c e nt. One particular area of cri me w hich showed an incredible rise was Larceny of Autos Ap p roximately 650,000 Auto fts are reported annually Over 40 per cent of these thefts re s u l t e d from keys be ing left in the i g nition where aS four OUt of fiv e car thefts will result In about 90,000 teenagers being a r rested and approximately one h a lf of t hem b eing con v ic t ed fl.nd sent t o pri son 8heriff Beard suggests to loc k charged Francisco Padilla thia y our car at every opp o rtunity, week as the driver of the car a n d i n t hat way y ou are less ap t involved in a hit and run accit o l eave your k ey s in th e ignition dent on W. Palm last Friday T he rat ion ale behind that is : night -Prevent c r ime by circumventio n It was reported that Charlie Arof opp ort u n i ty. Q uite r ece ntly' a blmr Patterson, 42, 314 W Amelia, series o f attacks, several of his wife, Hattie Lee, and daughw h ic h resulted in t h e death of ter, Thelma Jean Wiley, were all the vic tim took place in t he wa.Jking on Palm at 10:40 that same neighborho o d of a large n ight They were about to cross East ern City. All U1e attack s the street at Ola when they s aw a oar traveling toward them at t o o k p l ace ins ide t h e vic tims' a rate of 30-35 miles per hour. apa rtment. In eac h case t he Realizing the dan,ger, the two fewom a n l e f t t he s afe t y of her ap-males ran across the street leavartment, sensing no ap parent iln g Patterson on the othe!' side da nger and le f t her d oor unl o c k of the pavement. ed. She stepped o u t to pu t t he The driver of the oar saw the garbage in cans i n front o f t he danger too, and quickly a p plied bui ld i ng. She w ent d o w nstairs h i s brakes but was unable to to c h ec k t he Mail B o x i n t h e stop until after striki n g Patterlobby. She wen t outs i de t o c heck son o n h e r y oun g child. When s h e r e Witnesses said the c a r protu rn ed t he hoodlum-rapist was ceeded down the street for a i n si de her apartmen t Th e l e s -short distance, turned around son w as p ai nfull y obvi ous. 8-herslowed down momen t a r ily at iff B eard' s s topper. : The r a pist accident Scene, then sped away. pat tern of c r ime inv o l ve d t r y ing Patterson was teportedlythrown doors t o find one that w as unabout 30 feet from the point of locked en teri ng and wai ti ng for impact and was admitted to his vi c tim's return NEVER, ever Tampa General wlth a fractured leave yoL'r door open eve n for a pelvis and hip and several lace moment. When you g o ou t, a!rations. wa y s take your ke y s wit h you Padilla was jailed under a and alwa y s Jock or doubl e-Joc k $1,000 bond. Save Time And Stamps "Phone Your News 248-1921 your door behind y ou W e ll, -------------there it Is, from t he Number One lawman himself If you practice these crime stoppers, th e y w i H become a habi t, and y ou co uldn't Jearn a better habi t t o "SAVE YOUR LIFE. See yau 'll la ter. City of Tampa v icemen arrested three persons Wednesday on charges of possession of bar-biturat es, amphetamines and marijuana. All arrests were made in separate incidents Acting on informa t ion from a c o nfidential source Officers M. A Floyd and R. Cohalla went t o Nebraska and Zack S t at 9:30 that nigh t and arrested Julius Little, 23, 2339 Beach St. The officers had been t old that Little was standing on the "' corner selling barbitt; a r tes for a dollar a hit'. Thirty two tablets were take!'\ from a cigarette pack that was found i n h i s poc ket. Little, who has. a crimal re cord o f breaking and entering, said he didn't know what the pills were ,but he admitted that he was selling them. At the same time of Little's arrest, t he same' officers placed Terry V. Butler, 30 2905 26th Avenue, under arrest for possession of marijuana after a mari jauna crigarette was fou nd i n his pocket. Butler said he had just bought the cigare t te from ano ther fellow whose name he refused to give to t he vice officers. Walter Britt Lynn 21, 23131/2 25th Street, was arrested at 2 7th Avenue and 25t h Stree t by Officers R. W. Geoffrion and G. N. Hamblin The police pulled t h e ir v ehicle along side a 1965 Volvo at the traffic sign and saw L y nn toss a hypodermic needle out t he window. A search of him revealed 75 amphetamine tablets in his e t pocke t. Lynn t o ld the officers that he had loaned his jacket to his girlfriend and didn't know that pills were in the pocket when he pu t it on Two other men in t he car were not arrested. Lynn also has a previo!AS record of breaking and entering. Death Of 100-Year-Old Woman Caused By Twenty Blows On Head An e x cess o f t wenty lacerati ons on t he head were deter mined t o be the c a u s e o f death i n t he fatal bea t ing of 100 year old Mrs Sally R ya n 508 E Oak A v enue deat h weapon was found oo the scene, acco r ding to Officer E. W. King and C pl. H M. Hyat t A wom an s bat h r obe covered wi t h blood was t aken as e v iden ce by p o licemen. Mrs Murphy told pol ice that she had worn t he r o be earlier t ha t da y before le avi ng home. MAN INDICT'ED FOR RAPE OF NEW (OLLECiE STUDENT WIRING ELECTRICAL. A granddaugh ter, Mr s Ollie Mae Jackson Murph y, of the s a me address, reporte d that she disco vered the wo m a n s body at 11:15 W e dnesda y m o rning. An investigation of the house revealed that clothing from drawers in the bedroom was thrown all over the floor It appeared to police that a struggle had taken place in the room before Mrs. Ryan was bludgeoned Capt. Jim Downum of the Homicide Division a 52 year old female suspect that was held for questionillg has now been released. Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Ryan's great-grandson, Charles Walker were contacted by the Sentinel but both refused to comment on the murder. The Hillsborough Grand. Jury returned an indictment Tuesday against 34-year-old Johnny Lee Hobbs. accused of the rape in October -.of an 18-year-old New College student .the day mn Ybor City for a social studies project. Hobbs, who contended that he ,. was out of the state at the time of the incident, turned himslef in to Tampa Mayor Dick Greco at 1 his Davis Island home Oct. 19. Since then, the parents of the young woman have filed a $100,. 000 civil1damage ca..c;e against the college contending that a tea.cher there was negligent :In COURTHOUSE Assaults Mrs. Della Houghbrook. 22, 2327 W Union, reported to police Wed nesday that she was assaulted while at 2502 N Albany She said h e r ex-boyfriend beat her about the face and body with his fists. Burglaries Mrs. Fredonia Bryant Williams, Sl, 2605 19th Street, reported a burglary at her residence Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Williams said she had been away from her home since early that morning and when she returned at 4:30 noticed that her home had been bt"Oken into. Stolen from the house was a small television S ( t worth $363. and a component st v le ph o nograph, v a lued at $247. Nothing was reported missing frflm the h o me of Joseph Sheehy, fill. 1902 Nassau. after a burglary there Wedn e sday The subjects trird to ent e r the house by using cl ipoers on the back door A JX'rtable television set worth $fi0. was removed from the home of Art hur Surrency, 62, 1504 North 'B Street Wednesday Surrency said he left home at 7 that morn and returned at 5 and found the set 110ne. He suspects that 11 group of youngeslers who bang around his house are the ones Buy .. From Setttinel FJoricla Advertisers taking the freshman student and dropping her off in "a dangerous area" without proper instruction, experience or training for the "cultural" study she was assigned to do. Hobbs, of 324 E. Oak, reported ly accosted the girl in the down town area near 22nd street and 12th Avenue and then forced her about 10 blocks through the streets. She has said her pleas for help to passersby were ignor ed. Hobbs will be tried at an as yet-unscheduled date before Clrcuit Court Judge Jades Lenfes tey. CAPERS Thefts A one year old reldstered Ger that broke into his house. man Shepherd dog was stolen from the home of James Simmons, 29. 3805 E. Curtis. Simmons re ported that someone removed the chain from the dog and left with him The exact time the dog was taken has not been determined. Mrs. Mary Elizat>eth Daniels, 17, 1912':-2 14th Avenue, reported to police Wednesday the theft of a pair of slacks. The man took the slacks, worth $4 and fled. A 12 volt auto battery was stol e n out of a 1966 Buick Tues da y Hamilton Douglas 56, 4808 4 3 rd Str e et. said he parked his c a r <1! 27t h Avenue and 20th Street l a te t hat night When he returned ab o nt an hour later the battery, w o rth $10. was Donald Slaton. 39, 1819 Chestnut, w a s reportedly attacked and rob bed near 1947 Main Street Wed nesday night. Slaton said he was In an alley when two men. one carry ing a .32 caliber revolver took $156 from him. They struck him on the head with the gun and ran from the scene. AND REPAIRS O ne-Tr ip Service Tru c ks 210 F r ankli n St. 229-2771 RED & to death. Blood spotte<'l tlle floor and walls where the woman was found with clothes piled on top of her body and a blood soaked rag wrapped aro1..'ad her head, A claw hammer, possibly the Police are continuing their In vestigation. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers FRONT GROCERY PACKAGE STORE 3918 29th St. Cor. Buffalo Avenue Phone 248-3733 "Come In Early and Gel The Best" WE DELIVER WE SELL AMERICAN EXPRESS MONEY ORDERS LARGE ICE PACKED MEATY SMOKED SUGAR FRYERS NECK BONES Sib. bag 7Sc Each 98c Lb. 4Sc LARGE CAN MlLK FRESIII NECK BONES 3 cans S9c 2 lbs. 49c LARGE SMOKED HOCKS Lb. SSe LYKES PURE LARD MEATY SPARE 2 lbs. 49c RIB TIPS TENDER LEAN OX TAILS 2 lbs. 49c CLOROX BLEACH Lb. 45c REG. 49c FRESH BAKING HENS gaL 4Sc Lb. 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Saturday, 13, 1971 FlL Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tuet. and Frl Get Both Edltl001 PAGE THRE! Black Evangelist Starts Integration At All White Christian Chur'h B y .\1.\RTIL\ WHITE come blacks to attend and join Sentinel Staff Writer their church but on l y small c hil dren came. Aft e r Jenkins arri,ed A dynamic 32 year old black they conducted a h ouse-to-hous e evangelist rendering the r evival campaign to person a l!: inv i te and services at the Broad S treet Chri swelcome t h'! people in th e com-tian Church, has succeeded in star-munity. Several blacks attended t in g to integrate the pre1io u sl y a ll -the week-long service but onh on e whi te congregation. joined and with the services end-Thu rman J en k i ns, from Pitts-ing tonight 1 Friday Jenkins feels burg, Pennsylvania, said integra-that he has accomplished some-t io n i s when there is a 40-60 ratio thing during his stay here. of any number and wit h the one "Most of the black people felt woman joining during his revival that they shouldn't come to the services a t Broad Street, the con-church becaus e it was a white gregation is just in the process church," Collins said. He wanted of being integrated. to show them that they were wei-Jenkin s the pastor of Bushton c ome and he decided to invite Christian Church in Pittsburg, with Jenkins. "When I knocked on a a predominant ly black congrega-door the:; acted as if I had the tion, came to Tampa to render wrong house .and quickly said no the services at the invitation of upon being asked to attend meet-D avi d Co llins the w hi t e minister fngs at the church, but with Jen-at Broa d Street Christian Church. kins accompanying me, they feel Coll ins said they always wei-more at ease, he continued. JE:\'KINS Jenkins. married and the father of seven. is orginally from Dallas, Texas, He graduated with a B A. degree from the College of Scrip tures in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a member of the Jenkins Four Quartet along with his wife his brother and sister-in-law_ He started the church in Pitts-STOCK REDUCTION SALE 20%-0FF ON ALL YOUR PURCHASES ENTIRE STOCK OF CHIL.DREN, REDUCED 20 OFF ON EVERY DOLLAR YOU BUY. SALE ENDS MONDAY, NOVEMBER Regular Retail Price I YOU PAY $1.00 $1.99 $2.99 $3.99 $4.99 $5.99 $6.99 $7.99 $8.99 $9.99 $10.95 $11.95 80c $1.59 $3.19 $3.99 $4.79 $5.59 $6.39 $7.19 $7.99 $8.75 $9.55 $10.35 $11.95 $15.95 $19.95 15, 1971 YOU SAVE 20c 40c 60c 80c $1.00 $1.20 $1.40 $1.60 $1.80 $2.00 $2.20 $2.40 $2.60 $3.00 $4.00 $5.00 $12.95 $14.95 $19.95 $24.95 $49.95 $39.95 $10.00 RAY MONO'S DEPT. STORE CORNER OF 7th AVENUE AND 15th ST. YBOR CITY THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE -TAKE AD VANTAGE OF THIS SALE FOR ALL YOUR WINTER NEEDS AND CHRISTMAS GIFTS. -----------------NINE CONTESTANTS TO RUN FOR MISS BLACK UHURU By ROX PRESSLEY Stntinrl Staff Writer Student coeds from the Uni-versity of S outh Florida will sponsor i l s first Miss Black Uhuru Pageant nights c i .NoL ember Sth and 20t h. The pageant wil l ha1 e the p:ll'tic i pation of n ine student girls ranging fro m freshmen to seniors. On the first n ight of the contest, whic h is to be held in the Fine Ar: s Buildin:g at USF, th e contestants will be judged in dividl.'ally on their talent. The final ni g h t is to be held at the Manager Motor Inn resulting in the crowning of "Miss Black Uhuru". All contestants will be judged according to talent, abili ty to speak, general pose and grace. Judges for the affair will be C C. Miles, Attorney Arthenia Joyner, Willie H olden and one other to be named later. Attire for the affair Is formal or African style. Chairman for the contest. is Linda Anderson, a junior at US F-Contestants running for Miss Black U1nrru are: PatT y G. Hol mes. a sophomorr wh o plan' to in art. her h om!.' i., Lake Charle s. La.; Jacqul'lyn D W illiams, 1 8 a freshman witl1 plans of majoring in \'Oc:-tl music Alma Louis Ste1en so n 23. bom in Ala., classified as a junio1 p at h ulogy; Chrryl E who pbns t o m a jor in sptec J 17, and a with inten tions to major in English a nd Speec h education. her home 1 Orlando; Linda G:-til Str-v, ns. a native of Bushnell. 17, <.!lei plan ning on a speech p:1t hology drama major. M ary L McFarlin, 18, is u junior with plans of having a speeck pathology major. he. home is Pensacola; l'ynt.hia Jollif. 18, is a freshman plannm: to major in psychology. her home is Petersbt.'tg; Catherine Johnson, a junior, 21, bor1 in Lawtey, who plans to major in sociology; Marjorie Jane Royster, 22, born in Yonkers, N. Y., and classified as a senior. He' major Is business administration and Marketing. GIRL SHOT IN REVERSE GAME OF RUSSIAN ROULETTE A 17 year old girl "accidentally" shot in the mouth while in a restroom at the New Lounge, 859 Zack Street, was possibly the victim of a reverse type game of Russian r ou lette. Francine Davis, 17, 2tH W. Oak, told poli ce that she was showing a gun to some friends c f hers and told them it wasn' t loaded. One of the girls took the gun and sbarted pointing it at first one girl and then clicking the gun each time. On the third time around, while pointing the gun at Francine, the girl pulled the trigger and a shot discharged striking the girl in the mouth. One perso n who witnessed the sho:ting said the girl hold ing the gun was high on drugs when she shot Francine. Police are still investigating the shooting. Francine is reported in fair c ondition at '11ampa General. SEVEN BURGLARY SUSPECTS ARRESTED AFT'ER BRIEF CHASE Five young men and two juveniles were arrested by police late Wednesday after they broke into a clothing store on Flower Avenue: Officer G J. Roe reported that he was on routine patrol at 12:44 wednesday night he was notified by a unit from the Selective En burg seven years ago and alone he has increased the-membership from zero to 75. Jenkins' church is only about five percent white but he has been sought to minister at two all-white churches in that city_ Collins and Jenkins feel f!hat with the one woman-joining, the church is oft to a good start of being totally integrated and they are encouraging everyone who can to attend the final night of services tonight at the church loca-ted at 7401 Dixon S treet, at Broad. BIG BAND WITH GO GO GIRLS SATURDAY NIGHT, NOV. 13, 1971 forcement Unit that they had a group of males under observation, for possibly breaking into the Great Pants Factory, 930 Fowler Avenue. After apprehending the subjecta the officers went back to the crime scene and noticed that the building had been broken into by breaking several jalous.ie panes from the door, while being watched by SEU officers R. S. Latimer and Fred Carrington. The officers gave the .followinl accoV11t. of the burglary: While in the area of Nebraska and Fowler on burglary patrol they noticed three g roup of young men acting suspicious on Fowler. One of the youngesters stayed inside a 1664 Ford parked across the street from the store while the others grouped together in front of the building. One youth, believed to be Michael King, 18, 1131 Gr-een St., (Continued On Page 24) TOMMY WATKINS AT GILLEY And WATKINS Tavern 1702 E. COLUMBUS DRIVE FREE RICiHl TIME FOR ALL Large Parking Area In Rear


PACE FOUR Fla. leatlnel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edltloni !a turday, November 13, 1971 Sin11linej lJit J'ubl.isbed ever'f Tueaday and FridaJ bJ Florida SenUnel-Bulletin Publisbiog Co, P. 0. Box 3363, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BL YTBE ANDREWS and Publisher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. Executl're Editor SIMON JOHNSON VIce Presldent-Producti"D MRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising Second class postage pwd at Tamptl, Florida SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 8.50 per year one edlilon. $12.50 per year both editiou '"' i A Low Blow From House Of Reps r LegaUy, the House of Repre aentatives vote tha1 t would pre vent the federal governmen' t from spending money for busilng or requiring a local distric t to spend for that purpose, and, tha t would give districts the right to delay court-ordered busing until after the appeals procedure hi completed, probably is not worth the paper it's wrilt'l:en on. Civil rights forces must muster tJhei r support to keep Sen a.teHouse conferees from keeping t'his outlandish meddling in judiciary matters from !becoming law, a step thaJt would force courts to rule illegal, as m o s t House members must understand ilt to be. Wha t is a bsolutely clear in the passage by the House of t h i s new ailtack on buSiing to achieve achool desegrega1tion is that President Nixon no longer is 11lone in tlhe businesos of using racism and emotion for political reasons from high public office. Rep. Green, D-Oregon, came up with the leaSit under Sitandable blit of political hog was-h to be made public in some time 'in explwining support of the an' tli-busing amendment. Taking note of the arrangemenl t of the federal government whereby it will not put up its funds directly for busing but will reimburse a J.ocali'ty t h a t spends money for that purpose, the lady Oregon snapped: "That's the height of hypo crisy. It seems to me if we're not going to spend federal funds we have no business making requirement for the expenditure of local funds." Now th a ;t's hypocrisy. The congresswoman knows full well that the federal government would be spending i't.s funds when it reimburses local districts for money spent in busing. i t ia not the more honorable and direct method of handling the s;tuation, but it could be made to work until improvemcnt s are wrought. What the House now has moved to do is to pr.?vent the ftderal governmen t, through the Department of H ealth, Education 1md Welfare from forcing deta gregat' ion by busing ns lnw re quins. Tlw Supreme Court has ruled that busing is to be used as a tool in the desegregating of public schools. Xo mere amendment by the Congress cun change that. But the Congress could brins nbout a lot of foot-dragging and bitterness and di\"ISion. c;;.;_...,.,. 1 Oz::.....t ._1,;. -a :n .... ltnc dodging the responsibility it has both under the Supreme Court's ruling an d the U. S. Constitutlon'a provision, to move a:hea.d with dispatch toward a undtary public educabion system. Justice to black citizens seems the lut of the things the House of Representa;tives was concerned abouJt it i.fs unconstitutional anti busing legislation. No Trends, Eh ? Not to be argumentative about a:n unprovable poin1t, let it be conceded that the experlts a. r correct iin sugges' t1ng there was nothing about the scattered elections ju!lt held to point spec ifically to any major trend for 1972. Be that as i t may, one would have to be naive to have missed one very crudal lesson, one t hat erudite poHticians took note of even if they do not their nndiri.gs. I1t is this simple fact: white moderate minodty voter 1 can win mos t major elections in moa-t sections of the country in situations where they Ulllite forces and show as much election in terea>t as conservatives. Division of streng'tlh, as in the Cleveland election, or unenviable circumsotances, as in Mississippi and Philadelphia, lead to defeats. For 1972, Republicans h a v e pretty much staked out a position of uuilty and their biggest worry would have to be t h a t something like what happened to Charles Evers in Mississippi would happen to tihem, that is, the Democraots with tiheir regis tration majo,rity would ge-t them selves together and roll up a mas sive vote and a sure win. The Democrats are still in the divi.si ve sl!a.te and have to worry about the possibility of some thing like w h a t happened to Arnold Pinkney i l n Cleveland would happen to them, that is, the Republicans would sneak back in again while they dissipate their advan!lage in philosophical and p e r s o n a I i t y wrangles. H may nOit be whar t the experts would caH a trend, but don't be surprised to see the Democrats who've been whiffing the air push.ing harder for unity, and the Republicans, who know t h e acore, fosteri!ng Democratic division where possible. Peace Baptist 2607 27th Avenue Rev. J. C. Goins, Pastor Bett.v Dawkins, Rept. S.S. will begin at 9:30 with the Supt. in charge. Morning worship begins at 11 and the No. 1 choir Bild usher board will serve The pastor will deliver the message. BTU will begin at 5. The same choir and ushers will serve. The pastor will deliver the message. Sunday night at 8 the Goins' Chorus will go to New Hope to appear on the Fellowship Hour Program. All members are urged to attend. Let us pray for our pastor who is ill and all other sick and shut-ins. A. L. Brown Chorus Kay Brown. Prl'sident Barbara Tucker. Rept. The A. L. Brown Chorus will ha\e rehearsal SaturdaY at 3 at the church All are asked to be present. Mt. Siani Mission Mrs. Gladys llow;!rd, Pres The :Mt. Siani will meet f:mday from 4-6 at the home of :\Irs. Fair. ;;tl!;) :'\'' St. Let us pray f0r :he s:, -;;; and "::,:1,..,rc: leto Senior High School By Anne lie Filer and Kim Walden I .. HOMECOMING QUEEN Here are some of the Black Girls for HomecomingMiss Debra Belton, Miss Beryl King, MisS Anita Pierce, an d Miss Elaine Sledge. Good luck girls. CHIT CHAT Sabraina Whaley hear that you almost had a heart attack on the bt..'s. Micheal Jackson what's thi1 about you and your $250 dollar leather coat (Say Micheal you best get that coat out before Christmas cause jack frost ain't kidding). Ronald LeGree and Earl King you fellows are still collecting pen nies. Now George Blount don't see much of you any more. Gwen Savage how is American History treating you. Ralph McCullough someont would like to know that ChristmaJ isn't untii December. Anthony Edwards will pleas. atop borrowing pennies so ym can buy lunch Lenora Buggs ant Annette Filer hear that the P. E teacher don't know you two apart TOP JAMMERS 1. Got to be there-Jackson Fiv1 2. Have you seen her-Chilitea 3. Inner City Blues-Marvi11 Gaye 4. It's a family affair-Sly ancl the Family Stones 5. Touch-Supremes 6. Thin line between love and hate-Persdaters THOUGHT FOR TODAY Got to be there As the farmer said to the potato, plant you now and dig you later. Hillsborough. High School l By Queen Williams and Anita Davis SENIOR OF THE WEEK Chosen as this week's senior is Victoria Filmore. Vicky as she is known by her tites is the daughter of Mrs. Mary Filmore. She resides at 3804 Lindell Aye. Vicki is a active member of the Zetterattes Gir)s Club Her hobbies are sewing and just plain jiving around. Her tites are: Rebecca Pickens, Vleet Watts, Gayle Morris, Michael Brown, Queen Williams, Peanut, Sylvia Woods, Marie Wharton and Anita Davis. Vicki plans t:> furher her education either in a St. Luke AME ,.. 2709 25th Street t Rev. John Cary, Pastor "l Mrs. Delia Pimienta, Rept. Sunday school began at 9: 30 with the Supt. and teachers at their posts. Morning service began at 11 with choir No. 1 and ushers ser ving. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Holy communion was administered. The pastor sisted by the stewards, stewardesses and Rev. Jackson. The Parsonage Aid Board will meet after Sunday morning ser vice. Class meeting and official board meeting will be held Tuesday night at 7:30. All other acti vities remain the same. Choir No. 2 and ushers will serve all day Sunday. City Wide Prayer Mission Band r 1\irs. Carrie Duval, Pres. Mrs. A. R. Simmons, Rej)t. The City Wide Mission Prayer Band will meet Tuesday at 12 at the home of Mrs. Willie Caron, 1514 Grace Street. Musical Program At Friendship There will be a musical program Sunday, Nov. 21st at Friendship M. B. Church sponsored by the Friendly Gospel Singers. The program will begin at 8. Re\'. Todd is the sponsor. Mrs S. Williams is the director. Miracle Prayer Band Sammie L. Seott, Pres. l'llrs. Tommie White, Rept. The Miracle Prayer Band wlll meet :\Iondav evening at 8 at the home of Mrs. Susie Smith \ 28th :he., Apt. 249. Visitors are welcome. T. Calhoun, director. Fellowship Hour Sammit> Scott. Pres. :'\Irs. Tommie Repf. The Fellowship Hour .:::1 meet :llt'r!!i: g a: 5 at the Pen:e ccs!a! Ch: :rch of God. 509 Col. Dr. A:! banos are asked to be prest::Jt. T r: .... junior college or in modelinJ school. Congratulation Vicky for being chosen senior of the week. Terriers ll Love is funny that way-Jackie Wilson Got to be there-Jackson Touch-Supreme Rock Steady-Arthea Franklin Inner City Blue-Marvin Gaye Throught: Black is beautiful and its beau tiful to be Black. Later Soul New Macedonia f 3402 E. DeLeuU Ave l I Rev. R. Robinson, Pastor 1 Mrs. Lucibda Owens, Rept. Last Sunday services were in spiring beginning with S. S. The morning and evening message was delivered IY the pastor. No regular church services will be held at the chlA"ch S'i.ln day, but beginning at 3, the No. 1 ushers union wiLl convene here. The pastor is asking all members to meet Sunday at the Gulf Coast Association which is convening at Macedonia M. B. Church, 8410 E. Wilder All weekly activities will remain the same for the coming week. Eastside Prayer Band Dea. Archie Mond, Pres. Mrs. Alice Lane, Rept. The Eastside Prayer Band will meet in a joint session with the Sunrise Band Sunday morning at 5 at the Pentecostal Church of God, Columbus Dr. and Grove All members are asked tO be present. Remember the sick and shut-ins. Ushers Union No. 4 Mr. Albert McKensey, Pres Hernia McCalister, Rept. Ushers Union No. 4 will con vene Sunday at 3 at New Mace donia M B. Church of which Rev. R. Robinson is pastor. The sermon w'll dofhert t by Rev. M. Mur av P" t1r of Friendship M. B. Church. The public is in l'ited. Choir Union No. 1 Mr. Charles Williams, Pres. :\Irs. lola :\leCioud, Rept. The City Wide Choir Union No. 1 will convene at 3 at Allen Temple Al\IE Church of which Rev H. Nelson is pastor. The seni 0 r choir will be host to the union. The wei come address will be giv en by Mrs. Catherine Randolph. Revival Meeting Come one. come all end join us in !his greai meeiing whtre the feast of :he Lord is gr1ing on, et the Ho:1se of God. 29th St. end 2(11h Ave. Elder A. Butler, pasor end Genera! E:der Jamel Ell jott ls Cr.duc ing the mtet


Saturday, November 13, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Puhlished every Tues. and Frl Get Both Editions PAGE FIVE Diamon4 solitaire $195 .. """"" SPIRIT ... lldiamOl\1111 $350 73 Diamond !4 carat $17 lcarat total weight", \.$399 Elgin, tapered 17jewela $29,8S_4 ZALES JEWEL ,ERS Downtown 604 Franklin St. wESTSHORE BRITTON PLAZA Diamond EarringJ A welcome Change of Pace 2995 p .. :. The groom vore a suede --..... VQUR CHOICE 299 A morninf1 coat :f)JIPJ? 1995 DIAMOND PEHDAHTS r -----------.-------__. ---. 1 ; ZALES GIFT CERTIFICATE I I 1----1 I I Pay lo lhe account of BEARER $10.00 $10 and OOcts. Discount On Any Purchase Of $100 Or Over Good for $10.00 on purchase of $100 or more Good for $5.00 on purchase o f $50 more Good for $2.5!1 on purchase of $25 or. more Discount cheek not applicable on certain items where prohibited. Must be presented at ti me of purchase ---------------------------CERTIFICATE GOOD ROV. 13th THRU NOV. 20th ONLY L A w l 0 w CAlf OPENER oNLY 43 Shopping Days Left Tm Christmas ... BROILER Price 1688 T.V. 6988 : e '-' ())-RADIO 1088 JUICER, -1688 DEEP I FRY PAI1 1988 J ... / / L E R D E R 2288 COFFEE MAIER 888 ELECTRIC_ DIFE 1488


PAGE SIX Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published eveey Tues. and Get Both Editlou Saturday, November 13, 1971 FOURSOME AT JONES BIRTHDAY PARTY Attending the birthday Joneswere, from left, Alma .Jackson, Mrs. Mrs. Evelyn Jones WiiSitn. The scene was the African Room, Manger Motor Inn. ATTEND HUMAN RELATIONS WORKSHOP There .was a very Interesting and lnlormative huina n rei alions workshop a few days a go held by A. L. Nellum and Associates. Persons attend mg Included, from left to right, Gwen Johnson, Julie Orfanella and Bernice Baker. -NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS Members of the COSMOPOLITAN SOCIAL CLUB met at the residence of Mrs. Elizabebh Bailey. The winner of the nice electric b}anket was Mrs. Joretha Iverson 6417 44th Street. Mrs. Carolyn Balkman of 32()5 Owens, will host a meeting of the LAS AMEGIAS CLUB Sunday at 5 P M THE FRIENDLY TWELVE SOCIAL CLUB will sell dinners Saturday at the home of Mrs. Rosie Lee Bland, 2 706 18th Avenue Th ere will be a party at the same address begin n ing at 8 P. M. The public is Invited There we T e tw o M o d e l Cities club meetings this week CLUB 23 m e t a ;1d CLUB 1 met on Thursday. THE TROJANS SOC IAL CLUB is meeting at 5 :30 P.M. Sunday (Continued On Page 7) EVENTS COMING NOV. 14-Guest Day, True Vine .H. B. Church, 11 A.M. NOV. 14-Stewardshlp Emphasis Day, Beulah Baptist Chur ch. NOV. 14-Fellowsblp Heur, Mt. Tabor :\1. B. Church, 3 P. :\1. NOV. 14-Appreclatlon Program, Oak Hill Baptist Church 11 A.M. NOV. 14-Homecoming at Peace Baptist. NOV. 20-21-'fhlrty-slx hole Turkey Festival Tourm y Ro gers Park Cour s e. NOV. 2()-.-"Miss Bluek Uhuru Coronation Ball Mang e r :\lotor Inn, 8 P.M. NOV. 21-Pre-Thanksglvlng Ten sponsored by Beulah Baptist Choir No. 1 Beulah Actl\'lty Building, 4-6 P l\1. NOV. 21-Greattr Bethel Sanctuary Choir's Annual Concert. 3:30 P .:\'1. NOV. 21-Pre-'fhunksglvlng Tea and Fashion Re\'ue sponsored b y Tyer Temple Choir No. 2 5:30 P l\1. NOV. 21-l\len and Women s Day, Harris Temple United :'\lethotlist NOV. 21-E. D. Lewis Day, Holsey Temple Cl\IE Church. NOV. 22-Homecomlng Night, Ebenezer Baptist Church. NOV. 2-1-Elks' Thanks giving Breakfast DanCE', midnight. NOV, 28-l\Ien 's Day, Ebenezer Baptist Church. NOV. 28-Men' s Day, Trinity C. :\1. E Church. Church. NOV. 27-l\len and Women's Day. First Baptist Church College Rill. NOV. 28-\Vomen's Day, Springhill Baptist Church. NOV. 28-:'\len's Day Ebenf'zer Baptist Church. NO\'. 28-City Wide :\len s Chorus obsenes 4th at Olh e Church. 8 P 'i. NOV. %9--Scholarshlp Program, Highland Baptist Cburcb, I P M. TO BE MARRIED Mr. and Mrs. Otis McNish Sr., 3101 E. Caracas, announce t b e forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Audrey to Louis C, Reed son of Mr. and l\lrs. Louis Reed, 3118 33rd Avenue. The bride-elect was graduated from iddelton High School and attended Hillsborough Community College. She Is employed by the Hill s borough County Board of Public Instructoon as a tra\'el derk. The prospective bridegroom 11 also a 1969 :Middleton graduate and attended Florida A & Unl ersity. He Is currently enrolled at the University of South Flor Ida as a junior and Is also em ployed by the 1be wedcltng will be an ennt of 5 P. No\'Cmber 26. at St. Peter Clanr Catholic Church. The wiH be at the Amtrlcan UfiOil Home. .SHOWER FOR BINNS BABY Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Binns, 3619 M cBerry Street, have a little boy who was born on Se ptemner 15. On S aturday his mother received many nice gifts for him at a party at the home of Mrs. Laura Ashley on Sligh Avenue ; The hostess was Mrs. Carol l\lcDonald. Attending were Mrs. Maude Thompson, ;\Irs. Annette Parham, Mrs. Dorothy Lloyd, Mrs. Ernestine Benett, Mrs. l\lary Sue O'Neal, Mrs .. Janet Stang, Mrs. Hattie Singleton and Mrs. C. Mitchell. WALKER-TOLBE R'f l\'liss Nan Andrea Tolbert became the bride of William James Walker on Oct ober 1, in Tacoma, Washington. The bride is the 5<>n of Mr. and Mrs. Tolbert of Tampa, and the groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs Joseph B. Walker, Seattle, Washington. Mr. and l\lrs. Walker are both in the serviCe. He has received orders for Ubon Ariny Base, Thailand. Mrs. Walker will be stationed at Karat, A. B Thailand, a base close by. They will crepaTt for Thailand In January. NAACP MEETING Kelley Bolden, NAACP membership chairman, anmunces that the meeting set for Sunday will be held on November 21 at St. Paul A.M .E. Church at 4 P.M. A youth chairman, publicity chairman, and fifty captains wil : l b enamed at this meting. BRIDAL SHOWER There was a miscellaneous bridal shower for Audrey McNish Saturda. y evening at the home of her parents, 1\lr. and 1\frs. Otis McNish, 3103 E. Car.acss. It was a surprise. Hostesses were Katie McNish and Margaret O'Neal. .Attending were Claudette Walker, Verna Williams, Shirley Chennault, Minnie Moore, Rlchledeen Williams, and Maxine Battles. Ull!able t:> attend but sending gifts welfe Betty Robinson, Rosalyn Bryant, Cheryl and Roxanna Jatkson, GUEST DAY The senior choir of .True Vine M. B Church will sponsor Guest Day art; 11 A M. Sunday and the speaker will be l\Irs. Angeline Russ. She will be Introduced by Mrs. Clyde Mae Ardis. Mrs. Russ is. a cou.'lSelor with the Ybor C i ty Development Center, and Mrs. Ardls Is lin the food service deparbment of Carver Elementary SchooL Spring Hill Choir No. 2 and the 1 \

r Saturday, November 13, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bull etin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE SEVEN Stewardship Emphasis Day At Beulah Baptist Church MRS. MARION SHANNON The theme for Stewardship Emphasis Day at Beulah Baptist Church Sunday is, "The Greening of Christianity A Christian's Re sponsibility." Speaking at the 11 A. M. ser vice will be ll.frs. Marion Shannor of Miami, State Chairman, Profes sional Rights and Responsibilities Committee for the Florida Educa tiona! Association. Mrs. Shannon Is well known throughout Florida and the United States for her ex ceptional ability as an organizer in religious, civic, professional and fraternal groups. She is past pre sidenf of the Florida State Teachers Association, and national officer of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc. Highlights of the even i ng ser vice at 6 P. M. will include the Telecast Choir Recital and the crowning of the King and Queen of Beulah Mrs. Gloria Philmore will direct the coronation Others who will participate on the programs are Mrs. Rose Duhart, Mrs. Ozie Dew, T. N. H1ll, Miss Sandra Wilson. Summer J. Wilson, Mrs. Ruth Moore, Mrs. Louvenia Walhour Dr. Andrew R. Jackson, Mrs. Ellen Green, Mrs Laura Dixon, James Bates Jr. Mrs. Hazel Harvey, Mrs. Lucilie Sweet, Mrs. Christine Davis, Mrs Amelia Treco, Mrs. Laurine Smith, Mrs. Betty Tucker, Miss Jose phine Allen, Charles Jones, John Brady, Adrian James, Mrs. Ber nice Marshall Mrs. Henri Phillips, Mrs. Lillie M. Holloway, Mrs. Delores Hampton, Mrs. Barbara Green, Mrs. Lula Copeland, Mrs. Mary Cochran, Mrs. Ruth Jeffer son, Mrs. Curtiss Wilson and Caleb Wright. Chairmen for Stewardsh i p Emphasis Day are Mrs. Jessie Ar test, Clarence P. Wilson, Mrs. Bertha Simpkins, and Eddie Fel der. The Rev. A. Leon Lowry is the pastor. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Con tinued From Page 6) This announcement is from the office of James W. Kendricks.PIE SALE The Youth Department of New Bethel M. B. Church will sell potato pies Saturday at 3104 Chelsea. For delivery ple ase oall 23&-6660. BETHUNE CHOIR TO APPEAR HERE The Tampa Committee of the United Negro College Fund Cam paign announces that a Musical Concert featuring the international ly Bethune Cookman College Concert Chorale under the diof Thoptas D. Dempl! will be presented on 23 a t St. Paul A.M.E. Church. GIRL SCOUT MEETING Girl Scout Troop No. 509, sponsored by First Baptist of West T ampa, met Monday and elected the fololwing officers: Terry Parker, president; Ella Limehouse, vice president; Helen White, secretary; Melinda White, critic; Sharon White, chaplain; end. Linda Limehouse, second chaplain. Miss Lucile Harvey is the leader. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS From Page .6) with Charles Taylor, 3418 E. Lindell Ave THE AMERICAN BEAUTY SOCIAL CLUB is meeting with Mrs. Estelle Graham, 304 W Palm Avenue, and Mrs. Graham is the birthday celebrant. Mrs. T Cardosa won bhe recent grocery l'affle Members of the BENJAMIN NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB will meet at 8 P.M Saturday with Mr. a n d Mrs. Leroy Holland f St. Paul AME 504 Harrison Street Rev. F. C. Sanchez, Pastor Mrs. C. H. Marlin, Rept. An appreciation audience listened to an inspirational sermon delivered by the pastor last Sunday. The No. 1 choir rendered appropriate music. Holy Euchar Ist was administered by the pastor and his assistants. Pulpits were Rev. G. J. Oates, Sr. and Rev. Leroy Kearney. Other visitors were present from various churches in the city. The officers and members met with the pastor in a business meeting Monday night and guide lines were given for future acti vities of the chUrch. Among the sick and shut-in members are Mrs. Anna Broughton at TGH and Mrs. Vanderlina Pin dar, St. Elizabeth Hospital. Re member them and the sick and shut-ins everywhere. Allen Temple 1112 Scott Street Rev. H. McDonald Nelson, Pastor Miss Beulah Gansey, Rept. The pastor is grateful to all for their attendance throughout the services Slklday. A special thanks to the persons who served in the choir. This Sunday S. S. will begin at 9:30. The supt .. Mrs. C Rodgers is asking all to be present and on time. The pastor will give the call to worship at the 11 A. M. service. The No. 2 choir and ushers No. 1 will serve. The mes sage by the pastor. The same group will serve at 6. All activities of the week remain the same. Board meeting every Monday night followed by class meeting. Remember the sick and shut-ins. You are always welcome to worship with us. THEY HAVE THE FASHION ANSWERS The answer to what to wear for every oc c asion modeli were from left, Carolyn McWhite and this fall was picked up during a recent fashion Debra Mitchell. They chalked up all pluse s In show at the International Inn. Among the pretty these flattering outfits. TO BE HONORED AT OAK HILL Members of Greater Oak Hill Baptist Church will honor 1\Irs. Virginia Parker with an appre ciation program Sund ay morning. The No. Two Choir and U s hers Wi' il serve, and the sermo n will be by the Rev E. Bentley, pas tor. Everyone is invited. JVeekly activities at Greater Oak Hill will remain the same. First Baptist Seffner Rev. W. J. Cooper, Pastor Dea. H. Green, Reporter S S. opened at the usual time with all teachers at their posts. Morning worship began at 11. Devotion was led by Dea. Green and Dea. Riley We had several visitors in service. Holy com munion was admin_istered in the evening service. The pastor is asking the choirs and ushers to go to the church in Plant City for a return visit Sunday. Evening service at 3. We will leave the church at 2:30 Please be on time. We still have Mrs. Byrd and Mr. Clark and other members on Oti'r sick list. Pray for the sick and shut-ins Friendship MB Rev. M. M. Murray, Pastor Mrs. R. J Fleming, Rept. Sunday school began at 9:45 with the Supt. Deacon L. Mills in charge. The lesson was review.!;J;l by the pastor. Morning service began at 11 with choir No. 1 and ushers serv P.d. The sermon was. delivered by the pastor. At 2 the No 2 choir attended the Choir Union. BTU meeting was not held Evening service began at 6 with the regular order of servic<:". Holy communion was adm'\'stered. Mrs. M. M Murray is back at church after being ill for some time. On Sunday the No. 2 choir and Sunbeam Ushers will serve. all day, On every Tuesday night prayer meeting will be held. All are asked to visit the sick and shut-ins. On the second Sunday night In December the youth department will sponsor a baby contest. St. John No 2 Circle Mrs. Gladys Crews, Chr. Mrs. Etta White, R.eporter _.. St. John Circle No. 2-will meet Monday at 5:30 P.M. at the home of Mrs. Alice Lane, 1403 B Arm wood Ct. The lesson -by Mrs. Lane Subject, "A Truly Spiritual Thanksgiving Day," Deut. 28:1 6 verse. The alphabet letter Is C. The last meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Mattie Monroe 1202 Morgan. DR. MARTIN NAMED TO SURGEONS' UNIT Dr. Boston F. Martin, assistant professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of Puerto Rico Mecllcal Sclwol, wa1 elect ed to a fellowship in the Ameri can College of Surgeons at the 57th annual clinical meeting In Atlantic City, N J recently. Dr. Martin Is the son of Mrs. C. H. Mal,'tin apd the late B. F Marttn Sr. of Tampa. His brother Raphael Is a student at the Busi ness University of Tampa. Mrs. Martin and her cousin, Mrs. Lovely Mae Horne of Brook lyn, N .Y attended the CORVO cation In Conventioo Hall At lanti c C i ty, on October 21. Notes Fro m Tampa -SAPPHffiE CHAPTER 75 o : E. S. is meeting at 8 o'clock this e v ening at ,1902 Main Street. Members of GUIDING LIGHT STAR NO. 82 0. E S. will meet at 8 P. M Thursday at the Ma-son ic Hall, 4303 34th Street They will make pJ,ana for a Christmas party and pull names fr.>r the gi ft exchange. WIGS .,... CLOTHING LOUISE'S DRIVE 'llfR Specializing in Beer Wine and Most weelq! nds lfve ''EASIEST CREDIT TERMS IN TOWN" CREDIT CLOTHIERS' INC. 915 FRANKLIN HUB .. TAMPA' : entertainment Free' 3720 t BuUaio Ave. -.::-. ; ; ,' ..... #


.,P.,;'.A_CE-'-' _E_IG_B_'I _______ f_Ja._lea_t_l.D_e_I_Bu_ll.,;_.tln_-;_Pu_,b_l,;;:;.ls=he:::d:::_:every TuM. and Fri. Cet Both Editions USF OFFERS DEGR.EE PROGRAM FOR TH. E WORKING ADULT Many people's life-style are lnwith reaident 1ty decree HP4!cially jf 1ie a at mid-stream, or you tu"e in blllioua, or there ia a family to hold together. But if you bad a Bbot at earn me a oolleie would you do it? Until ed_ucational pioneers went to work m an attempt to gear higher educa'flion more 1r.> tbe needs of working adults, ther. e was little chance apy one would give it a tr:y. Four years is a Joog time tO be away from home and night sehool is a slow, demand ing, arduous proce&S. That is why educators at the University of South Florida In Tampa formulated vhe Bachelor of Independent Studies {BIS) edult degree program. Through BIS any qualitied adult, 26 or older, with a high school diploma or sohool qutvalency can earn a full fledied degree in interdiaciplinary studies at hil own rate and with individualized cUttioulum. The p!'Oil'lilm l bssed on 1 curriculum of four study are..--Social ScienoN, Natural Sciences, Humanitiea and Inter-area Stu-diea, In each area the student ie reaponsibiAI for two units--inde pendent atudy through tapes, cor respondence .and aelected readings in whioh the atudent utilizes wbat tinie he bas available and moves ahead as his schedule al low, and a short-term on-cazppus seminar upon completion of each area. The atudent Is not faced with a quarter or semester sys tem. B.IS Is presently the oniy futl acale program of its lcind In the Southeast and one of vecy few throughout the world. USF is part of the State University System, is fully ed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is VA approved Recently emerging from its ex perimeotl\1 stage, BIS is -now opening up for fuH enrolLment and has enrolled businessmen, secreba.ries, factory workers, senior citizena and hou!!ewiws, among othen from New York to Arkansas to Miami. BJS broohuree are available by writing the DirecliOr, BIS Protram, University of South Flor ida, 'Vampa, Florida, 33620. In a major way, higher educa tion hu fin.Uy come of aae. Chamberlain High School By CAROLYN RANSOM STUDENT OF THE WEEK Sweet, intelligent; and nice deacribes our Qf the. she is noi'IJ other than Loretta Rogers. She resides at 4625 Troy with her parents Mr. and Mrs. ROiers. Her favorites are: food anything edible, hobby dancing; jam Show me hoW; tights -Yvette P., Garland C .. Rosa Y., Al J., Yolonda P., Betty Joe w., and Deborah w. man Michael Wright. CongrattAations Loretta for being chosen as our student of the week. CHIT CHAT Veronica Williams, someone sa: d that you looked real nice at the Homecoming dance Saturday night and that you should try and look that way more Often Cathy Jones, you re.ally ed a lot11 Cyn't Fraz1er, what's this I hear about you coming 1o school in your last year prom dress? Better not let the home girls see ya like that anymore they will cbew r. to a tee. Tony C apen, man you'v. 1ot'em all thia year I Willie ,.\lUl Davis 1 hear that you and Robert will be hearing wedding bells one day? Cassandra Williams, see that your' man,'lion't take no jive.' Victor Petterson, you looked real slick at the dance, yo\1 and Mr. Whitehead CONGRATULA'l'J;()Ns CongratulationS are extended to Louis Whitehead and Carolyn Ransom for coming in second place for Homecoillling and Victor Peterson for third place. GAME Friday Nov. 12 CHS will be playing against Seminole at CHS field CLOSING THOUGHTS It was a time to be together .. no time to be alone ... now strive to think and feel, Life itself... whether my eyes be open or tight shut, I am aware of the world surrounding me with its endless grains of sand. ------------------------King High School By ANGIE WILLIAMS SOUL IN SPOTLIGHT Nlce neat, cool, groovy, and a stone soul sister describes our Soul in Spotlight, Brenda Joyce Harrison. Br.enda resides at 3207 Cord Street with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harrison. Brenda is one sophomore that cnn be caught rapping to some lucky dude or listening to her favorite Jam Thine line between love and Hate. or better still this is one sister for sure that can be seen comprehending from the rap of my main man l E snc Hayes. Aa her tite friends, she has: Linda, Brenda. Rhonda, Tea. Ruby, and the aweetthing since sugar cane, Angle Rapping Loving Williams. to sp:nd h.er spare time with. SEE HERB AI Allu's 1016 Franklin Sl Phone 229-12&1 Herb 11ae Tailor Congrada are extended to Brenda for being Soul in Spot light. LIONS RAP Hear ye, Hear ye, this news l.s late but here's something that's up to date! Hey "Wine", I heard you have your eyea on my 1irl. More power to you, brother. Brenda HOUlton would like a certain dude to know, where there's a will, there's a way. Hey Janice Anderson, I see you were back checking the den out. Have things changed? A certain chick would like a certain dude to know over at TBT "we tried but aomehow it just didn't work out," and you know like "wow" baby, maybe next time." Hey Jerome Mickens, I see you and a certain chick have a good thing going. Right Elaine Gordon? TOP 1. Have you seen her. 2. Got to be there. 3. U I could bring back those good old days. 4. Super star. II. Clean Vp woman. 8. Scropi<). TOO.\ Y'S TIIOl'GIIT Me How" These unique puppets and theater were made during acblvity period at W. J. Bryan Elementary School. '11le younr deaigners are, from left aeateil, Milton CarpenW!r, Warren Ancira, wbo buU* the theater, and Herman Jones; and standilli', Hester Odom; Janet Cooper and Deborah Ad : klns. Mrs. Annie QucciadA is the teacher, and Mrs. Ruth H. Brown is tbe Jeanling specialist. Van Wallace Is principal. New Salem M. B. 405 No. Oregon Rev. H. Storr, Pastor Mrs. M. Coleman, Rept. S. S. began at the usual hour with the supt. presiding. All tea chers were at their posts. The pastor gave the. review. Morning worship devotion was led by the deacons. The No. 1 choir, Imperial' choir and No. 1 ushers served. The pastor delivered a spiritual sermon. We had quite a few visitors. BTU was inspiring. Mrs. R. Bethea is directress. The same deacons, choirs and ushers serv ed for night service. Again the pastor delivered another fine sermon. The Lord's was administered One was 'Bdded to the church. Please let us remember the sick and shut-ins Yott are welcome fu worship with us. Mt. Moriah Choir No. 4 Kenneth Niles, Pres. Claude Mobley, Rept. Mt. Moriah Choir No. 4 will have rehearsal on Saturday at 4:30. All are asked to be present. STUPID, YES I CALLED YOU STUPID. IF YOU NEED HELP AND SIT THERE ON YOUR FLAT BOTTOM, READ THIS AD AND DON'T WRITE. I have helped 1000's with this ad where Doctors Spiritualists Advisors have failed. I fear no evil. :\Iy purpose is to help the person In need. No matter what your religion Is or y our beli e fs are. Write prob Iems. Send $3.00 for my Speci:ll Wash Oil. I 'll tell you how to use it. LET NOT THE SHADOW OF DOUBT B I N D YOU WITH THE OF DISBELIEF. REV. Da P. 0. Box 638 Ten any, :'\'ew Jersey 07670 Check! WITH DEEPEST GRATITUDE I RE\'. D TH.\:\1\ THE 'IA:'\Y W H 0 WROTE RAC K TJL\';KI:'\G \IE FOR \IY \\'ORK. I \:'II 0:'\L Y .1!. DIS CTPLF:. THE BLESSI:'\G THAI ":\'\' REIEI'' ED THRO UGH :\IE I S FR0:'\1 GOD. THE AL \liGHTY. PRAIS E IllS Mt. Zion AMf Rev. L. C. Mann, Pastor Evelya Masha, Reporter S. S. began at 9:45 with the supt., Mrs. E. H Green in charge. The teachers were pre sent. The review was made by the pastor. At 11 the devotion was conducted by the pastor. Prayer meeting by Mr. Dozier Green. The No. 1 choir and Us hers served. The pastor delivered a wonderful sermon Holy communion was administered by the pastor and steward esses. Saturday evening business meeting will be held for the No. 1 choir. Let us make this year the greatest for the success of our church. Pray for the sick and shutins. First Baptist Church PROGRESS VILLAGE Sis. Dorothy Young, Rept. Rev. B. T. WliUams, Pastor S. S. began at 7:30 with Dea, C. L. Sloan, supt. in charge Morning aervice with choir No. 1 and Usher board No. 1 servinl for the days worship services. Our pastor brought Inspirational messages for the morning ancl evening services. BTU began at 5:30 with the Acting Director Mrs. Lydia Williams in charge. Communion was administered after the ev ening service. Wednesday night, prayer meeting and Bible study. The 11th anniversary and homecoming day Nov. 15-21. There's More To Being A Am. Stewardess Than Serving Meals And Showing Movies Pan Am believes In being completely Involved from the minute our passengers decide on a va cation till the minute they arrive home. And we promise our passengers to do just that. As a re sult, our stewardesses have to work doubly hard to keep these promises. They have to enjoy being with people. Enjoy talking with people. And be willing to help the passengers In any way to fulfill the promises Pan Am makes them. As a Pan Am stewardess you'll be meeting and flying with people from all over the world. And you'll be flying with them to places they have never been. Because, Pan Am serves 124 cities in 82 countries on all 6 continents. We'll prepare you in our intensive 5 week training program (you' re on salary from the first day) at our Training and Development Center In Miami Florida. QUALIFICATIONS: At least 20 years old; height 5 3" to 5 '10" ; weight 105 to 145 lbs.; good health & good vision; high school graduate with knowledge of a foreign lan guage. Tampa Interviews Nov. 19 CALL (813) 229-0869 Mon. thru Fri, 9 a.m-5 p.m. For preliminary interview !t ;, Pan Am'a po:icy to err.p: cy beat c people, Yw. th o u t re,arC :o race, color or r:ati ona : c;: g i n


Fla. Sentinel Bunetln-Publishea every Tues. and Frl. Get Bo th Editions NlNf HEAVENLY TRUMPETS OBSERVE 16th ANNIVERSARY f The Heavenly Trlimpets wliJ celebrate their 16th anniversary November 12 at 8 P. M. at Antlooh Baptist Church, 20th Street and 5th Avenue, where the Rev. Alonzo Heath is pastor. At 8 P.M., November 13, they .will be at the Southern Eman eul Holiness Church, 4th and Missouri Avenue, Lakeland, Fifty dollars will be given away at the program November 14, at 3 P. i\l., when the singers wlU bt In Tampa at. the 'Armettla Temple, 18th Avenue and 28th Street. A large prize wlll also be 1iven In Largo Sunday night at 8 P.M. at Morning Star Audltrolum. Guest groups will be the Golden Gospel Singers of Decatur, Ga., Florida Go!ipel Singers, Golden Jl:choes, Southernalres, Holy Propheteers, Trum pets ol Joy, Sweet Angels, Travellng Stars, SinglnJ Sisters, Butleralres, and the Phlllpplan Gos pei Singers, Members of the Heavenly Trumpets are .John Dallal, Hayes Langston, Elmore Vaughn, Richard Mayes, R. L. Petermon, George Sk-eets and Ed war4 Graddy. MOTHER AND DAUGHTER AT FASHION AFFAIR Pretty mot11er d aughter gues t s at the Anglin and Loi s. They are pi ctured In the Gar Non Par.iels affair were, from lef }, Mrs. Carmen den Room of th e International Inn. : t : : ._<:-. EL CHINK'S SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 3816 29th STREET WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL KINDS OF SEAFOOD. OPEN UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT MINNIE McDONALD, owner and operator ---Fish Frv Tonight A lish fry wi'll be held tonight at the home of Mrs. Mary tins, 2009 32nd Et The menu will consiSt of. fish sandwiches, french fries, _sodas and punch. The public -is invited to attend. MRS. JONES IS HONORED ON BIRTHDAY Mrs. Charles Jones, left, received blrthd!lY honors a few days ago at the Manger Inn. Among ihost! attending her party were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jones, right. -----_________ _,.. __ ....;..... ___ I Our Servicemen I wiLLIAMS SAN ANTONIO Airman John L. Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jorui Wiliiams, 1035 N .W. 77th St., Mlanil, ha1 received his llrst U. S. Air Force duty assignment after completing basic train ing at Lackland AFB, Tex. The airman has been assigned to a uitlt of the Tactical Air Command at Bergstrom AFB, Tex. ; for training and duty In the adminis trative field. Airman Williams Is a 1971 gradaute or Miami Edison Senior High School. ALLS GIRLEY SAN ANTONIO Airman Bil ly son of Mr. and Mrs. Jiime A Girley of 400 Roosevell Ave., i\lerrltt Island, bas com pl'eted basic training at Lack land AFB, He hal been assigned to Ft. Lee, Va., for trainIng as a food services specialist. Airman Glrley Is a 1971 graduate of Merritt 'Island School, WILLIA MS SAN ANTONIO -Airman Joe SAN ANTONIO -Airman Al L. Ails, son of Mrs. Hattie Mus Williams j son of Mrs. Mabet tipher of 1090. N.W, 2 4 th Ave., Chavets of Rt. 2 Quincy, bat Pompa no Beach, has completed compieted basic training a Lack basic training at Lackland AFB, land .AFB, Tex He has been ;t&o Tex. He .i.s remaining at Lackland signed to Shep',ard AFB (Of for training as a law e nrorce 1n-metalworhlug. Alrmaa, ment specialist. Airman Ails Is a 1971 grada ute of PomP'ano Beach WiHiams is a 1970 grad a ute of Senior High Sch?ol. Carter Paramore High School. -------------------6-tuJ!ztJ BIG DOWNTOWN STORE t f'(')VIfJ fOP. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND PLEASURI!I


r. : =========Fla.= -=Se=nt:ln:e:I:Bu=ll:etin:;-" November 13, 1971 ::.;.tTh. e ; Sunday School; Lesson I First Union MB -. Rev .J. H. Thompson, Pastor By Rev. A. Leon Lowry s. s. began at the Vsual hour rASTOR, BE .ULAH BAPTnlT CHURCH with the acting supt. in charge ...,. The teachers were at their posts. GOD DTULISBD MOlAL OlDER Exodus %0:1-ZG; Romans %:12-16; 3:21-26; Galatians 8:7-10 live In a day when there has Christ judges us be is not doing been a serious breakdown in. mor-it punitively, his purpose is io ality. It seems if every body redeem us. feefs that he is free to do what It is difficult for us to do right, be pleases, depending on the situathere are so many temptations tion in which he finds himselt. nlong the way, so many things This kind of behavior Is describ-to throw us off the track, until ed by a term known as "situatometimes we become discourag-til>n ethic." It means that there ed. Sometimes it seems as 11 i no fixed standard of right and evil is winning the day and the there are moral princip. people who are. going contrarv to Jes that Can' be applied accordinl; the Standard of decency are hav to the : at ha:1d. ing it all their way. those who When we see this kind of an -are living immorally seem to be proach to morality I wonder if r,etting the best of it. SO we say, The subject of the lesson was "God Sustains His Creation." The lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Morning worship began at 11. Devotion was led by Dea. Wilson and Dea. Griffin. The No. 1 choir and ushers served. The sermon was by the pastor. Holy communion was administered. Evening worship began at 8. Devotion was led by Dea. Grif fin and Dea. Tim. The same choir and ushers served. Another fine sermon was delivered by the pastdr. Prayer meeting will be held Wednesday night at 7. Visi tors are always welcome. we have forgotten that we were "What's the use?" There is a once taught that there Ia a tendency to give up and quit. Brow Templa Chur-L thinl?: as ari absolute standard bv But Paul tells us be not weary 11. W which we should live and that rein well doing, if we kef:P on 2314 27th Avenue gardless of the situation, right i" doing our best, keep on serving Elder W. W. Gilyard, PastOI" fl, byays right and wrong is always God, we will overcome. Mrs. Katherine Hardge, Kept. wrong?" We are not to be-disturbed be-S. S. began at the usval hour There is no question but that cause ol the evil, for it is said with the supt. in charge. All tea-we live in a moral universe. that whatsoever a man soweth, he c rs were at their posts. MornThere are standards by which we that w1" ll he also That 1"s hi ing wors "p began at H:30 with must live or we suffer the con-as true as the law of gravity or t Mrs. Amanda Smith in charge sequences. In every s1 uahon we any other law of God. No one f o devobon. The pastor brought must always live up to the very escapes reaping whatever he the message. and best that we have in sows. our culture. In our culture the It does make a difference how Prayer meeting will be held bighest and best ethical teaching!' we live, let/ us do our best to each night for two weeks. Mis concerning behavior come to us sow seeds of love, let us do our sionary Amanda Smith will be from the Word of God and this best to live accorddng to the in charge. Other churches will Word was uniquely demonstrat Christ standard so that we may paticipate. Pray for the sick and .ed by Christ the Lord. reap eternal life. shut-ins. Everyone is welcome. No manliving in this world can _________________ _.:.. _:.::.:....:.:..::_:.:__:_:_.:.:.:::=:.=.:.. live loosely and lax and expect tl' come out right. God made us for decent and good living, for godly living, not for immoral living. There is something of divinity in us th!lt is asknig to God, that aspires t6 God. We Jg. I Views Of Proaress Village 1 By IRA LEE ENNIS -Ph. 677-1310 'norP. this to our peril. Living the circumspect life does not mean the abs-ence of haooinP.Sl!. of jrw. On thP. mn trary, the kind of life that is moral' brings joy and happi ness. It brings peace of mind anrl peace of soul. The world has its standard but in the final Christ is the standard. If we were to be judged by the standard of the world all too often there would be no mercy. If we were judged by the old Jewish Law there would be no mercy, but thank God we are to be judged by Christ. Christ knows that we are guilty, tht we are weak and that as far as our deserts are concerned, we deserve condemnation. But thank God, Christ offers us his grace and approaches our predi cament with love. He comes with concern, so much so, that he goes to the cross. He took our l:.urdens and made them his; and In love he forgave us. So when Here's hopping a speedy recovery for Miss Estralita John son who is confined to St. Joseph Hospital as results of being hit by an automobile on EW1day. Estralita is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel (Ruoy) John son 5613 8'7.th St. Pfc Richard Barr is home after completing basic training with the Marine Corps at Parrislf Is land, South Carolina. Pfc Barr son of Mr. and Mrs. James (Bea trice) Barr will return to Parrish Island for 4 weeks of ex tended training and will then be stationed in Cal ifornia. Our sympathy goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Waldie (Frances) Pascoe and Sons of 8308 Endive Ave. at the passing of his mother, Mrs. Louise Pascoe of Jamaica (West Indies) on Tt.'esday. Mr. Pascoe departed for Jamacia on Tuesday. Mrs. Pascoe and son Michael will leave for ,Jamaica on Friday. Belated birthday greetings to SHUMATE STORAGE GOOD CARS WHOLESALE OPEN EVERY DAY 1-6. SUNDAY J225 CARS Specializing I Owner '71 Models-Older Models Too FINANCING TRADES TAKEN "66 Chevy Super Sport $699 '71 VW full eqpt .. 1 own $1799 '63 Ford Galmde $199 '59 Rubler. wP/U Body $150 '62 Chel y lmpalu '!)9 Cadillac '6!\ Conair Olds "88'' ......... '63 Impala 2 dr. h.t $150 $199 $Z50 $299 $399 '60 Olds "9!\'' . $399 "66 Ford $399 '67 nv full eqpt., 1 own. $699 "69 Cadillac '65 Lln<'Olin Continental '65 Bul<"k 225 '65 Olds luxury sedan '64 Che, y station wagon '66 C'htvy Conv. ...... '66 Lincoln Continental I 3922 w. ALVA (Drew Park} 877-4294 877-6638 Miss Gloria Yvette Brown who celebrated her natal day on November 1. A small celebration which included sisters, Debra E:ondra and Kathy Brown brother Nathaniel Jr., godsister, Victoria Davis and friends, Judy Lynn Davis, Estralita and Myrna Johnson enlightened the day for her. Gloria, a sophomore at, East Bay High School is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nat haniel (Vicki) Brown 5612 87th St. Mrs. Love will be Chit terling and chicken dinners at her home 7819 Endive Ave., on Saturday. You may call 677-5917 or drop by for orders. The Progress Village Little League will sponsor a record hop on Eaturday night November 13 8:00-12:00 P. M. at the Civic Center. Refreshments will" be on hand. Happy birthday to Master James Shaun Frazier who celebrates No. 6 Friday, November 12 (today). "Shaun" as he is called is a first grader at Booker Elementary. He resides with his parents Mr. and Mrs. James Frazier 4901 79th St. -Marshall Baptist THONOTOSASSA Rev. Ben Johnson, Jr., Pastor l\frs. l\faggle l{all, Rept. S S. began at 9:45 with the acting supt., Dea Clegett in charge. Morning worship began at ll_ with the deacons leading devotJOn. The No. 1 choir and ushers served. A wonderful mes sage was delivered by the pas t o r. Evening service began at 8:30 with the same order of service being conducted. 111e sermon was delivered by the pastor. Holy communion was served after the sermon. The pastor's first anniversary will begin Wednes day night, Nov. 17-21. Guest churches serving will be First Baptist of Seffner. Friendship RELIEVESlMACR tOO IN SECONDS Prescr i bed b y ma n y de n t i sts Used by m ill i o ns. For in s t a n t rel i ef get ORAJEL w i t h H 1 e G oo d in g Seat. orajel" Think Tank By YVONNE HARRIS COMMUNITY RELATIONS REPORTER Fighl lnslallmenl Plan Robbery Every year millions of B I a c k Americans learn the evils of contract buying-the bard way. Young married couples, single persons, families, having incomes too low for cash buying, all get caught tn bhe many snares of buying on the installment plan. Strangely enough, the people who are least able to pay extra money for flirniture, ap pliances, clothes, home improve ments, oar repairs, loans, etc., are the ones who usually must pay for being poor and/or uninformed. Because of being separated from the main-stream, and because of 1ack of exposure to coosumer rights, many blacks are very easy prey t:> this type of exploitation. '!be lender very seldom provides help in informing you of your rights as a consumer. It is up to you to learn what your rights are, and to use every method avail able to protect yourself from be ing robbed of your bard earned cash. Let's look at a few of your rights in iaJst'

Saturday, November 13, 1971 fla. Sentine l Bulletin-Publishe bear of the recent backset illn ess of .Rev. Goldie Thomp son, The South s Foremost Gos pel Personality. The extent o f .Rev. Thompson illness is no t known at this writing Rufus "Ft. Lauderdale'' Cro moty, coach of t he PAL Tigers fo:>tball team of Edgewater play ground is reportedly sporting a 7-1-0 season record to lead their d i vision How about favorite pla yer Hor ace Wilds, of run ning this year at a six-yard plus average. This proves it s not onl y the kat crossing the goalhne that gets the job done ... One white beauty wut h Avis Oar Renal was telling me they never had the type of trouble at Plant Hi like they had dt.Lr ing the recent "Ni g ger-KKK" sign inci dent, when she W!8S going there some five years ago. Tried exWhen we consider thll!t there are plaining to the lady our bus from 66,788 Black citizens in Hdlsboro OPV hadn't arrive there then .... County and 24,673 voters, How bout Mayor Dick Greco it sh:J uld not be difficult for the SaJY ing in the Richard M. Nixon org anizaticin to get 5,000 sound "there's a freeze on city in t his drive we owe it job hiring." One bus dTiver says to ourselves and our children to they need about twenty more support the NAACP Let's g et be drivers right now. hind the leaders of this commit-Speaking of buses, like to cautee and insure that this driv e will tion some of ooc Sl bus drivnet Hve-thousand new members. ers, some of you are driving too HOME ON VISIT FROM WASH fast with the bus loads of kids. INGTO/Il, D. C. IS MRS. ETHEL Sure, I know thll!t noise is driv MAE DAVIS, who is stopping over ing you like mad, but remember here, with among her many other you applied for the joo'b. Li!ke to relatives, her m 5ther, Mrs: Mamie say to some of the bus riding Garland of lindia St. and a sister kids you don't have to be' that 1\lrs. Mildred Filster of 1110 Gov loud dlaily .. to be seen. Please St. cPv;. Mrs. D-av is a cut out some of the noise and nurse at 'One of the D.C. foolishness like throwing spitals o visited her father, Mr. Chf' ball-s at the bus drivers. After all, ford Garland in Delr.ny y our \l ife is in his or her hands Fl a during her SU4lshine S t a t e fo[' the moments. vls1 t which ends tomorrow MRS. MO.ZELL TUCKER Al\'IONG TAMPANS HEAD E D FLEW IN FROM ARDMORE FOR WEEKEND VIS[T IN AT PA. Tuesday nigtht to be at the LANTA, GA., are Mrs. Jo Ann bedside of her seriously ill bro Armstrong, Mrs. Barbara Larry, ther, Mr.1 HerbeTt Green, conand Mrs. Dorothy Davis The Iafined to TOH Mrs. Tucker w as d ies p 1 an t:> spend four days in greeted at TIA by her sister-in t he Peach state and ..just may get 1aw, Mrs. Rebecca. Green of t o see Tam1lp'clll Eddie McMillian Washington, D. C.-'l13!mpa a h d -and Gary Huff of FSU go again s t .her daughter, Mrs. Opal Henry. Georgi a Teoh : s Edide 1\IcAshan Mrs. Green s son, Willie "Buband ... ba' Green, is elq)ected in from ''SORRY TO, HEAR OF THE D. C. today ... ILLNESS OF GOOD BROTHER, Fred and Laura Fuller a r e WILUlE B ATUDI" f LARRY, scheduled to entertain the ladies who w as s1ated to undergo swof the Las Damas Social and gery' during t he week at SJH, I Civi c Club at vheir Lindell Ave. believe. the brot.her is horne at the cl ub's next mon t hly doing i 1ne enjoying his Nurses soda!, which falls on night of coverage ( shots included ) and will the Rattlers-Spartans b1g meetbe back with our R;a,whiders set .in g s o on. Atty. Arthenia Joyner has BR1EFS m:>ved her Law office back to Tlfe brothers of the Ioterna Tampa rom Lakeland. she's lotional Sportsmen Club had' the oated at 1722 N Nebras!Da Ave club managez:, Nat Waiters, drop next door to the._ Hamilton Jn me off my honorary club mern surance Agency_. : bersl:)ip pai>ei s and. it made the Charming Miss Karen Saunders fellow feel as good as if it had is ll!rnong this year' s candidates been an honorary Dootor's De-for ,Sellrnen-Waiters Olub Spongree. Waiters e.ven said the firsl sS'rs tQ. be announced a:t the round ()f cheers will be on him / club's strictly invitational, striCtAmong the faces the cr: wd ly free, Ball" Xmas at tonight s re-grand opening 'of night An"d it' s strictly_ formal tpe MidWiay Danceland in \ Seffner too ... / right -down the hill fro!P-Chl\rles WHILE SPEAKING OF BELL-Thomas' One Stop Inn Soulvi)le 1\IEN-WAITERS CLUB HAPPEN-and Penthouse Lounge, will m ost INGS Among Tuesday night's surel y be t h o s e of radio folks, nominees for bhe top officers of Henry. Crump, Gary Sheppard the organization for )972 are, Achievement Week Observance T he publ ic is invite d to worship with the bro t hers of Eta Rh o and P i Iota Chapters of the Omega P s i Phi Fraternity, Inc ., S unday a t Mount Sinai A. M E Zioo C hurch. 11 o' cl oc k R ev. Alexancler Jones i s pastor Thi s worsh i p is t h e commen ci ng activit y of the fra t ernity s Achiev-ement W eek Observan c e The theme for this year' s observan ce is Effect o f S o cial a nd P h ys ical Po ll u tio n on Man's Mind, B o d y a n d Spi rit Th e s p e a ker for t h e occasi on will b e t he R ev. C. D on S teger, Minister of McCa be U n ite d Metho dist C h ur c h S t. Petersburg. Florida. M r S te g e r s e a rl y traini n g '\'laS recei ve d i n t h e public s c h o o ls c f C hatta n o og a T e nnessee He re ce i ved t he Bachelor of Ar t s Degree from Bethune-Cookrnan College and a Bachelor of Divini t y Deg-ree from t he Gamon Theologi cal Seminary and the lnterdenwnina tiona! Theological Center cif A t lan t a, Georgia He is currently en rolled at the University of Flo rida as a doctorial candida t e in S t a ti stics and Research for Urban Education. Charles W. Taylor James A. Bev el, Tom Hankerson Curtis Skipper" Sarns George B Williams, James WaHa!!e, Alton Johns on and Benny. Shuman. Voting re suits will be announced at the "President's Party" a staga rama hos ted this year by prexy Gene Danzey and Benny Shuman. LIKE TO SEND BffiTHD.\Y GREETINGS to well thought of friend, R 0 B E R T "BIRD" -EPHROl\'1, who reportedly will be celebmting his 39th n's. She will be introduced in sessi o n here Nov 10-14. ,S. S. even better than Miss Tina Turby Mrs. Clyde Mae Ardis. Both will begin at 9 :45, morning worner. They 're (The Soul Oper a women are active in their church ship at 11, BTU at 5 and even tors in a b 1 g show and dance and community. Stpringhill choir ing at 6. You are wei here Nov. 20th. and the Metroplitan Singers will come to worship here at all MRS. JOSIEPH GIVENS of Wal-.. render song service. Many other tiines. Mrs. Estella Martiri is on nut St. is / still beaming over the outstanding personalities will ap the sick list. Visit and pray wilh great dinner.:JJirthday party g iven pear on program during the day. her. by his son ann daughter-in-law .,___ _____ '------------, ,, ... --.. George M. and M ary Givens, of 4201 aSalle St in C .arver City last Sunday. Mr. Givens told the guests thirty-three (33) years old with t hirty-three ( (33) more in the hole Ln case I need 'ern" ... Speaking of Mr. and Mrs. George Givens ; their Frenl'' P ood le girl d o g-child fif i was struck b y a oa'l' in fron t of their Fifi s q olng fine ''with a fracture or two h ere 'n there .... MARLBORO BAR-RER SHOP 3805 29th STREET AFRO SPECIALIST. CUTS TRIMS SHAMPOO *MUD PACKS LADJ.ES BROW ARCH *HAIR RECEIVED WORD MORE N MORE BLACK ASSISTANT are beoorni ng more 'n mor'e ;angry over the fact that s e e m i n g l y thei rwhite head coaches don' t wanna give 'ern full authority in handling or helpin g handle the plaJYers. Which black assistant coa ohes do I refer to? All of 'ern ... 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... .......... TABLE TALK Maid IDEA EXCHANGE lecetttly we asked for your fav orite recipe on budget stretching ideas so 'Wit could share them with other readers. The response was great, 10 during the com-Inti weeks, we will be shor ing ideas and recipes. Tocloy's redpe wo ubmittod by MRS. ANN FOLLEY, TAMPA, FLORIDA. 1 lb. w.o choppeciiMCII 1 lot opaghefti sauce 1 '1111 plant C) rll rll "" F en r:s -:; -r -[" 5" .:a c g: .... {I> 1:1" t It (D !" lit :s a. "'' ;:L C) (D .... = 0 ;o f'l1 Q.. .... 8 loll 1',4 S 2' "1 Q.. lit ::= f 9 r .... w ... 'I ...


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PAGE FOURTN, First Baptist COLLEGE HILL 3828 %9th Street Rev. W. H. Gordon, Pastor Mrs Genevieve ilin, Reporter S.S began the first senjce of-: the day with Junior Supt. AI Liv ingston presiding. The of the lesson disctissed was, God Bring's the : World to Morning :Worl!hip Service be-liln at 11 :()0 AM. A spirited de v 6 tional service was led by the deacons A touching song vice was sung by the No. 1 ChOir. Rev. Gordon read the scripture. After which he delivered an elo quent sermon. Immediately after the sermon Rev. Gordon led the congregation In the reading of the church con venant, in preparation for Holy Communion. A ._yonderful and im pressive Holy Communion service was BTU began at 5:00 PM A well planned program with special em phasis on youth was held. A ll youths are encouraged to attend this service Sunday Evening Worship Service began at 6 :30 PM. The regular order of service was carried out Rev. Gordon was the speaker. He deliv e red a vonderful an enligh tening sermon. A large crowd of members and friends were in attendance at the Morning Worship. The No. 1 Choir and ushers served through out the day. On Sunday nite, after the re gular order of service, there wili be a baby contest for the b 1 of Da y Men's Day, spon sored by the Wards of the Church. The general public is in vited An entertaining program is planned for the enjoyment of all Dinners will be sold at the Church on Friday Nov. 19 from 5:00 -9 :00 PM. Members and friends are asked for their pat ronage. Membet : s are urged to attend. Prayer Service on Tuesday nites and Bible Study on Friday nites at' 8 :00 P .M. each week. Also rf m ember the sick and shut-ins in your prayers. Missionary Executive Society Board Th e Executive Board of the T am pa Florida Conference Branch Missionary Society will meet Sat urday 111g l'ning at 10, at Hurst Chapel AME Church Saraso ta, R ev. B H. Martin is host pa sto r Mrs. Rubye Sanchez is host presi d ent. Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tue.. and Fri. Get Both .Editions Saturday, November 13, 1971 Bethel Baptist 808 Short Emory Street ReT. J. P.-Saunders, Interim Pastor Mrs. Lillie M. McDonald, Reporter S.S will pegin at 9:36 A.M. The Supt. will preside. The son will be taugh( by the teach ers. Morning Worship will begin at i0:45. Devot ) on be condl:ted by the deacons ; music will be rendered by the Harmonettes. Junior ushers will serve. The sermon will be delivered by -the pastor. i Evening worship will begin at 5:15. The same deacans, choir and ushers will serve. The sermon will again be -by the pastor To all of our services the public is extended a warm welcome to worship with us. Keep it mind the Sanctuary choir will present its Annual Concert November 23rd. This concert promises to be one that you will enjoy hearing from the beginning to the end. Greater Morning Star 1415 15th Street Rev. G. W Warren, Pastor Mrs. J. L. Wright, Rept Sunday school will begin a t 9 ;45 with the Supt. in charge Morning service will begin at 11 with the deacons in charge of devotion. The No. 3 choir and ushers will serve p.nd a very good sermon will be delivered by the pastor. Evening service will begin at 8 with the same prder of :f!vice. The' pastor will again deliver the sermon. Let us remember the sick and shut-ins. Mt. Tabor Ways And Means CommiHee Mrs. A. M. Howard, Chairman Mrs. Lula Mae :Baker, Rept. Mt. Tabor Ways and Means Committee will sell dinners from 2:30 Friday and all day Satur day The public is invited. Rev. T. J. James is pastor. First Of The Born Church Living God Elder J. P. Hill, Pastor Sunday morning the Chur ch school began a t the usual hour with the Supt. Mrs. L. Allen 111 charge All teachers were at their posts The lesson was reviewed by Elder Hill and the closing prayer was given b y Mrs Frazier. Morning service began at the usual hour with Mrs. Bradshaw in charge of \ devotion. C hoir No. 1 and ushers served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Friday night (tonight) Bishop W Locke will be preaching at our church Metropofitan Chorus Mn. J'essle Hidgon, Pres. Mrs. Georgia Bell Campbell, Rept. The MetropOi;t;m Gospel Chor us will have rehearsal Saturday night at 8 at St Luke A M E Church. All members are asked to be present Bethune High Rise Prayer Band Mrs. Barbara Green, Rept. Mrs. Mild1ed Miller, Rept. Bethune H igh Rise Praye r Baud n ,et Monday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henr y Bell Apt. 715 The message was brough t by Mrs. Janie Fagan, t aken from the 23rd Psalm. The next meeting will !:>e held Monday at 7 at the home of Mr. and Mrs Willie Miller, Apt. 816 Visit ors are welcome at all times Friendly MB Rev. \V. L. Webb, Pastor 1 Miss Mary Hosey, Rept. Sunda y school b eg an at 9:3& with the Supt. in charge. The tea chers were at their posts and tha lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Morning service began at 11 witll the same choirs and ushers ser-. ving The sermon was again deli vered by the pastor. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins "Big enough to reach the peanut buller., Thats wantto bel" She'll never need wonaer Dread more than right The time to grow bigger and stronger is during the "Wonder Years"-ages 1 through 12 -when a child reaches 90% of adult height. Help your child by serving Wonder. Enriched Bread. Each slice supplies vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein. Pelicious Wonder Bread! Ministers Wives Helps build strong bodies 12 ways Alliance The Mini sters Wives Allian ce of t h e T am pa Florida Confer e n ce will h o nor Mrs. Alice M Dales wit.h a n appreciation hour at 1 at Hurst Chapel A M E Church, Sarasota Mrs. Juanita Jackson is pre side nt. Rev. B. H. Marlin, is pas tor why should rich people have all the fun1 Come to Gary Merrill Import Motors Inc. FIAT Tampa's Exclusive Fiat Dealer Family Sedans Station Wagons Sport Coupes Sport Convertibles LOW INITIAL COST HIGH ECONOMY 5804 H. Dale Mabry 88 -8464


FTa Sentinel Bulletin-Published e very T ues. and F ri. Get Bot h Editions PAGE FIFTEEN ..-.. ._.,. ..... ; .. :.... : ..... : ....... ... :-.. ::::=:: .: ._: WESTERN CORN FED 3 TO 4-lB. AVERAGE PORK LOIN ; ROAST ;..'-. :;. PANTRY EVERYDAY LOW DiSCOUNT PRICE! : -. '- .., .- .. .. -:.-. -: :-.-.:; _:;._: ... :;_:;., :=:=::_:_:_:;::-::.:: : .. -:: :-:-:.-.-.-:-:': ; .. -... :--. -.-. -:-:-: ... : -.- ;.:._._ '-... _._._._ --.. = :..-.... --..--.-... ---.-... .-.-..w. .. ... .. .. .... ,,,w .. .. .. .. ... PANTRY PRIDE All FLAVORS SO DAS 12-0Z ... .. CAN PANTRY PRIDE DOUBLE DISCOUN FRESH ICED -GRADE 'A' FRYERS iii cPORKRCUBT Be CHOPS ............ LB. BORDEN'S ASSORTED MILK. SHAKES WESTERN CORN FED 9-0Z.CANS WHOLE28c LB. QTR. PORK 64 4/.,5 LOIN SLICED LB.1 c I j c CHE,ER LAUNDRY DETERGENT 49-0Z. BOX 68c PANTRY PRIDE -EYIRYDAY DISCOUNT PRI.CE! GOLDEN RIPE 2 BANANAS ... ........ LB_I c DOUB L E Dl SCOUNT! SL!GAR CREEK LYKES 4 9 1 .2-oz C WIE NERS ............... PKG.. EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT l'RICE lFYNE TASTE ...................... :oz.cAH 14c .......... 3 46c suNSHINE KAHN'S SLICED GREENS "HICKORY GROVE" PICKLE or DUTCH MUSTARD LOAF : 1s-oi.15c CAN 1-LB 69c PKG. PANTRY PRIDE DOUBLE DISCOUNT! OLD MILWAUKEE 612-0Z. 9 9c CANS EVERY DAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICEfSOlJTHERN FAIR CORN MEAL ............. EVERYD A Y LOW DISCOUNT PRICETKELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES ....... EVERYDAY LOW DISCOU N T PRICE I F YNE BAKE SHORTENING ........


PACE SIXTEEN Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Frt Get Both Editions Saturday, November 13, 1971 SOUL CITY FOUNDER VISITS UNITED STATES COMMERCE DEPARTMENT Flo y d McKissick second right, former d'irector of the Congress of Racial Equality and founder of Soul City, gre eted government officials while attending a luncheon sponsored by the Commerce Department' s Office of Minority Business Enterprise. Explaining his proj e ct, McKissick said Soul City is to be con cei_ved in Warren County, N C., betwe e n Lake Gas ton and Kerr Lakes. McKissick said the cit y, with a population of 50,000, should be compl'eted by 1980 with financing through banks, insurance companies and the federal government. McKissick was joined after the luncheon by left to right: Stanley S. Scott, As slstant Director of Communications for the Executive Branch, White House ; Brad Patterson, staff assistant at the White House ; Robert J .Brown Special Assist at the White Hous e; Robert J. Brown Speoial A ssist of Minority Business Enterprise; McKissick and Roa ald B. Lee Assistant J;'ostm aster General. A wide val'iety of styles was presented during the fashion show a f e w days ago at the Sugar Shack. These models are, from left, Mrs. Ida Washington and Mrs. Maggie Turner. GAILY CLAD LASSIES AT' RECENT SHOW These gaily clad lassies, Cheryl Lang, Patricia cent 19th Wonder Vacation Club show. They were Land and Debra Miller, were models in the re-real crowd pleasers. ---------------------IN SHOW AT SUGAR SHACK. l\lodels in the show at the Sugar Shack reFields and Janet Pender. This show was giv l'n by t't'ntly were. from left Sheryl Fl g g ers, Sharon the 19th W11nder Vacation Club LA SECUNDA CENTRAL BAKERY THE BE S T CUBAN BREAD -CAKES PASTRID 1 5 th ST REET A N D 15th AVENUE Choir Union No. 5 Seawright Sullivan. Pres. Francis Caldwell, Rept. The No. II Choir Union will convene Sunday at Friendly M. B. Church Re\. W. L Webb, pas tor at 3 P. M BIG HIT Carolyn Johnson scored a big blt when she stepped on stage at the :\on Pariels Fashion Show. It was held in tbe Garden RooDl of Int e rnati o nal Inn.


hturday, November 13, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletln-Publishe

PAGE EIGHTEEN. Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. an'd Fri. Get Both Editions Saturday, November 13, 1971 With Luck' Vida's Record Would Look Even Sharper OAKLAND, Calif.-Vida Blue at, out innings against the Angels the age of 22 the youngest" win striking out 17. This was. good ner of the Cy Young Award, act .for nothing. It took the A's 20 ln-ually pitched better than his nings to win, 1-0. and by that glittering 24-8 record. time, Blue was long gone. With even moderate. support at Four-Hit Losses the right times, the sensational At the end of August, Vida pitch-southpaw might have been 27-8 ed back-to-back four-hitters and for the Athletics. Someone once lost both games by 1-0 scores. He said that it isn't how well you lost, 2-1, to the Twins September pitch, but when. 3 when George Mitterwald hit a It's true Vida tired somewhat home run with two out in the at the end. By the All-Star Games, bottom of tqe ninth. he'd worked 184 innings. By Blue's 1.82 earned-run average the end of .the season, .. he had was the lowest in the American pitched 312. Me never had work League and second only to that ed in more than 172 inningl in of Tom Seaver of the Mets among-any one of nis previ9us full." pitchers working .162 innings._ or sons. more. Unaccustomed ; to this amount He led the league with eight _of work and ground down someshut-outs and nine times up what by the. pressure of publionly oiie run; Two of his win -city, Blue-. was not his overwhelm ning decisions were 1-0,includ-ing self of the early But ing the victory over the White he didn't fall apart. After aU. Sox on August 7 that made him l:e was being compared with the majors' first 20-game winnh i mself er of tqe year. In the start just before the All' The Tigers' Mickey Lolich Star Game, Blue tossed 11 shut-eventually surpassed Vida in inn-Curio u s 1 .. By RONWho The Sparlans-R,al,lers Game This Year? BETTY BROWN, 308 :E. I Oalt, barmaid: "I think Tampa will beat the Rattlers because the tide has changed a .gainst them. Be aides I have a small wager saylog Tamga will CLARENCE MciNTOSH, -N. Howard Ave., Reynold Alumin am: "I really oan't say too much li>out it because teams are laving a hard time. But the Rat are my choice." ARNOLD WATSON ,2101 28th he. Gen eral Electric: r am :oi n g dep t h an d h e g o-go b acks Pitts. Solomon md from FRED-DIE JONES, 1530 Spruce Terr., lab tech.: "I believe Rattlers will wan the game and I contribute this to spirit, endeavorness and the will to put forth their best effort to win ARTHUR FLEMING, 1518 Spruce, teacher: "My choice is the Rattlers b e c ause I like them. I think they have better running backs and a y cw1g rebuilding team." GE:\'E DA:\'ZEY. 8508 Grape fruit Ave., genera l manage r, WT:IIP: "I b e lieve U1e Spartans w ill be at the Rattlers, b ut n ot b y a very larg e s core. Ho w ev e r it should be a game wit h a c los e score." ings pitched (376) complete games (29 to 24) strikeouts (308 to 301) and victories. The 31-year old lefthander finished with a 25 14 record and a 2.92 ERA. The two southpaws never faced each other. Blue pitched a one-hitter, a two-hitter, a three-hit.ter and six fourhitttrs in his first fun' big league campaign. His ratio of 209 hits to innings pitched easily was the most impressive in the majors. A Vote for Lolich "_I thought_ I would get the Most Valuable Player and Lolich would win the Cy Young," Blue said when thjs reporter broke the news to him: "You're kidding. Vida Blue? Cy Young Award? I'm just in shock. I'll' be damned. l!m very happy for me. Whoopee and hip hip hooray!" The American Le:1gue MVP will be announced November 17. Should Vida capture this too, he would be the second player to win both the Cy Young and MVP awards. Denny McLain won both in 1968. win it? Well, I just turned 22 on Winners of each award are select-July 28. II I hadn't, that would've ed by a committee of 24 members made me one year younger. Mom, of the Baseban Writers' Associawhy wasn t I born in 1948? tion of America. No one is allow. "It still makes me something ed to servr on both committees. special ,'' Vida said from the apart-" They could just as wen have ment in Oakland he shares witb picked him (Loiich)," Vida said. Mudcat Grant and a mutual "If there was another person to friend who isn t a baseball play-get it besides me, it should've er. "I think I'n go out and have gone to him. I wc"1ld've voted a big fancy dinner and, if I can for him. He came a long way, hP-find a young lady, she can go, got his team going a long way." too. Cy Young! This means I'm g oing to have to wear a necktt' a Lolich, his manager, Billy Mar" tin, and the Detroit newspapers and everything." campaigned for the Tigers' southThe winning of the Cy Yot Award, whir.h was started in 1956, paw to be named Cy Young A gives Blue one more bargaining ward winner A's Manager Dick Willia_!lls said during the season point with Owner Charlie Finley v:hen it comes time to talk con-that Vida deserved it because fiis tract for 1972. Vida earned team finished first. Blue charact-$20,000 in 1971, not the $13,000-eristic'ally wouldn't be drawn into $!5 ,000 figure so often quoted, He the debate. may ask for as much as' $70,000 Something 'Special and settle for as little as $50,000 I rean.v wanted to win the next season. His main point will award," he said after winning it. be that he pitched in front of "Why? Because I like winning. Be-more than one million fans at ing the youngest player ever to home. and on the road in '71. -FORMER BLAKE PLAYERS AT ROBINSON Former Blake High School Yellow: Jackets who are playing for Robinson -are, from left, Otis Rogers, Clannie Green, Franldin Williams and Johnnie Bryant, ERNEST BURNS, 827 W. Amelia, National Air Lines: "I am going with Tampa because they have the best team defensively, offensively -and passing. Their running game Is not up to par but what I mentioned makes up for that." BILL SHER11AN, 2507 River side Drive s e lf employed: "I a m really not to f amiliar with e i ther team, but ho w I itk e Spartans." Strollers Bowling League Martinez Cleaners 3 Kilbride Ins. 1; Team. 11-3, Blossom s Bail Bond 1 ; Team lo.--:-3, Orange Tree Market 1; Coin-0-Magic Laundromat 3, King BarB-Q 1, Team 9-3, Team-4-1, Entzminger' s Florist 4, Team 6 -{), .. Women s h i gh game, Almatine Willtams 19, Lois Scott 178, Allie Marshall 169. Men's high game, T J. Davis 613, Ernest Jones 579, _Elmer Ste venson 208. Women's high series, Almatine Williter Mathis. Ali had weighed 228 when he checked in Sunday. He said he plans a workout today that will drop him t o 222. Meanwhile Ma t his expressing a desire to hold his wei ght at 255 to 260, did no sparring. Team IU .. 16 20 Blossom's Bail &oncl .. 16 20 Team 9 .. .. .. 15V : Team _11 .. ........... -14 \I, King Solomon B-B-Q 11 25 Coin-0-J\Iagic Laundry 8 28 The repcder is J o h nny e Dav i s Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers BIG JOHN'S ALABAMA BAR-B-QUE "Big John" "THE B EST !:\' TOWN" OP EN 11 11 5 DAYS A WEE 11-1 A. M FRL A :\'D <;.'IT 5707 40th ST E PH. 626-4578


Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Frl Both Editions PAGE NINETEEN .. ;. WILLIE McCOVEY .. Two more years in majoh Medics Repair KneeStretch Sees Big Year Calif -Willie McCovey is recuperating sat isfactorily from. his left-knee operation and looking forward to next se ason :Analysis shows the Giant's powerful baseman had 8 productive 1971, despite the handica p of painful t njuries It wasrn't a great year f o r big Willie. That's because his ailing knee, plus an injury to his left hand in September, limited his participati on to 105 games, some : of these as a pinoh -hitter. "But of the home runs I hit," McCovey po inte d out "not as many went to waste as in the p ast ''Even, though I had onl.y 18 home runs, I feel as if they meant as mucih to the te .am as il.n some years when I 'v e hit 30." Improved utilization of hits was one of the Giants keys to the West Division championship, in McCovey's opinion. "We got hits at the right time oflten through the season," Stretch noted, "with a lot of different illys contributing them." It was the f irst yea!l' McCovey has produced fewer than 30 home runs since 1964. He peaked at 45 ,in 1969 and clouted 39 in 1970. season s 18 tied 1964 Mid 1961 outputs, end m both yea!l'S he pl ayed more games. In 12'h years as a Giant, MeCovey has blasted 370 balls out or National League parks. His 70 runs batted in for 1971 lifted his career RJBI total past the 1 ,000 1,055. Without big Willie, t he Giants simply wouldn t have won in the West. Yet season failed to Hve up to its bright J}romises for him. I was in the best shape o f my life last spring," McCovey re called. "I felt great. It was almost too good to be true. Then I f irst hurt my left knee in a rundown when we played the Angels in an exhibition game in P al m Springs I aggrav ated the injury in an exhibition with the Dodgers in Albuquerque I kept o n ag .g.t' a vating the knee, espec ially in St. Louis the first Sunday of the reg llllar season." Plan For Mid-Season Surgery' ()hanged His lmee was sore most of the time, and irn mid-season McCovey was aH set to have an opera tion. Placed on the disabled list, he flew to Los Angeles wLth full intention of having his torn car tilage repaired by Dr. Robert Kerlan "But the Giants md I had been too optimistic about how long it would take me tto recover from such an operation," McCovey ex plained Dr. KerJ.an said I prob ably wouldn't have been able to play again !!his year. "He also told me that with cortis:ne I could make it through the season, pl tayiaJ, g some. So I decided it would be wise to post pone the especially with our club battling for the pennant." Original ly it was ttJ.ought a 30-day cortisone"Withd.l'a wal pedod aft .er tihe season's g a m e woquld be -required before Stretch went under the kndfe. But this was reduced, and the operation was performed October 25. "I'm very glad I could have it nearer home, at Stanfurd, McCovey said. "Dr. Frederick Behling who performed the oper ation at Stan ford Univers ity Medical Cen ter, called the cartilage repair a suc cess. My knee was very sore a fter ward for the first day or so, Stretch rep:irted, "but they got me up fur a little while on crutches only two days after the operation. "I'm to take more and more exerc i se, day by day. I'll do a lot of tension exercises ra ising my leg and so on -un til I get off crutches." LOUNGE Open Every Da y Air Cond. LOCATED: 859 ZACK STREET Phone 229-9893 -------------------------------------BIG JOE'S BAR PLENTY OF FREE PARKING CORNER LASALLE AHD ROME WEST TAMPA / "I EHJOY SHOPPING AT KAS. H N' KARRY BE--CAUSE OF THE LOW EVERY DAY BARGAINS.'' MAEWILLIS HILLS 2418 32nd Avenue Tam.pa, Florida I THE HOME OF FAMOUS RATIONAL BRANDS I THESE ARE T 'HE STORES THAT SAVf YOU MONEY Tampa Tampa 1725 H. Dale Mabry 2205, Kennedy Blvd. Tampa ..... 8th Ave. 8r 22nd SL Tampa .... 4501 Florida Ave. 'Tampa .... Nebraska 8r Walen Tampa ...... 2301 Florida Ave. tampa 50th St. 8r lOth Ave. !ampa 305 W. Hillsboro !ampa Hillsboro 8r 15th St. Tampa West Shore. al Kennedy r' Dade .. 506 E. Pasco Plant Cily .. 406 HBJ'I'II Palmetto ..... : ; ; 515 7!)1 SL SHOP ANY DAY -SAVE. EVERY' ,.,DAY


PAGE TWENTY Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Frl Get Both Editloni Sa>turday, November 13, 1971 ALABAMA STATE CHEERLEADERS VISIT BETHUNE In the Sunshine State last weekend for a visit to Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach were these Alabama State University cheerleaders, from left, Delores Brown, Lilly Thomas, Mat-tie Wilkins, and Connie Owens. They accom panied their football team to the Bethune-Cook." man Homecoming. Even In. Slump, Stargell Stood 7 Ft. PITTSBURGH, Pa. Quick now Who was the Pirate who reached base in the World Series more times than any Buc, with the. ex ception of Roberto Clemente? Clemente the Series star, reach ed base 14 times with 12 hits and two walks. The No 2 man? No, it wasn't Manny Sanguillen who banged 11 Ma!11!11y didn't draw a walk in the seven games., The No. 2 man oa base in the Series for the Bucs was Willie Stargell, whose home-run bat failed to explode both in the play offs when he was 0-rrlr-14, and in the Series, when he went 5-for-24. Besides those five hit s .....four singles and a d oub le Stargell drew seven walks-tops on the club. That made a total of 12 times that Willie got on base. Willie Stargell dues not alibi for his ,20B Series average. Willie StargeU is not Vhe alibiing type Still Hero to Fans I:f the Pirates had bst the S e r ies to bhe Oriol es, Stargell would have b e e n the first to acoe pt the blame beoause he didn t hit consiste n t l y. In Pitts burgh, though t he fans aren' t givin.g Stargell the "wha.t have you done for us late ly," bit Sbar gell is still a big man in Pittsburg h B o b Prince' s statistician, Radio Ri o h poi nt ed out that Stargell s co r e d the winning run in the s eve n t h game. l d o n t think a lot of people real ized how much Stargell helped the Pitates just by bein g in the lin e up ," said Rich Th e Baltimore pitchers often tried to pi tc h a r ound him When they did, they often got hurt by a hit by B o b Robertson or Sanguill e n. Willie Never Ducked American League writers cov ering tqe Series were impressed with Stargell s approach to his slump. H e did not try to li ve on his 48 h omers, which l ed the majors. S t argell," said Joe McGuff of K a nsas City, "impressed me as a man. H e never tried to hide from writers. He knew he was havin g a bad S e ri e s, but he always gav-e the impression that team winning was more important than any p ersonal gains he could have in the Series ." Stargell played in the Series just like he played most of the season-with a bad knee. "I hit the home runs with the knee hurting so there is no excuse," said, once again avoiding any trace of an alibi. Stargell's best year ever-.295 BA, 48 and 125 RBisprobably won't win him the Na tional League s MVP award. Joe Tcne of the Cardinals appears to have the inside track. Due For Hefty Raise But Stargell figures to benefit from 1 his most productive year. He is in line for a big raise, which should put him in the $60, 000 bracket, The big dough won't spoil Willie StargelL He will remain the same easy going guy in the club h o use. "My thing,'' father taught me o n e StargeU said. "When THE WONDER WOMAN OF GEORGIA This is a true giU of prophesJ Thousands have been blessed and delivered .. If you wanl a quick blessing then write this great woman of God because now is the time to lift your level of living. This is what you have b een looking for. A FORECAST WILL BE MADE IN YOUR AREA FOR THIS WEEK. By reading your Bible for de vine deliverance If you want to be blessed in a hurry and a financial deliverance, send me a self addresed en velope and a $4;00 donation. For Something Good. Send for my special selection of Bible verse. Address all m ail to !\Irs. Lavonia Mathis, P. 0. Box 371 Ft. Valley, Ga. 31030. Smooth and Truly Delicious Just Pour Over Ice. Cepeda Working Out On Mended Knee ATLANTA, Ga. The Braves reoeived some good news the other day when it was revealed tha t Orlando Cepeda is running himself back into c o ndition on a lef t knee which underwent major surgery last August. In fact, the physician who did the surgery, Dr. Anthony Pisan.i, reportedly told Cepeda he can play winter baseball if that is his desire. He said if I wanted to play," said the Braves first baseman, to go ahead.'' It is doubtful that Cepeda will participate in winter ball, but he said he probably will take batting practice a couple of times a week with an amatellr team managed by former major lea gue player Vic Power. "I'm running now .... almost every day," said-the big first baseman recently via telephone from his home in Puerto Rico. "I'm doing same as I did after my first knee injury, running on the beaches and lifting weights." Cepeda's first knee injury occured in 1965, when he injured his right one sliding. Many observers thought he never would play again after that injury, but Cepeda came be a chal lenge. I'll do it, but it. would take a while to learn the new position." The reason for such a move, of course was the emergenoe of Hank Aaron at first base last season. The Braves' super star showed he can play the positiOl\ well defensively which -is the reason Cepeda Is expendable .Ia the first place Dolphins' 'Old Mere:' Finally On Sunday MIAMI -Eugene "Mercury" Morris was zig-za gging to touch downs during practice at the Miami Dolphins' camp but it had been "Never on Sunday" for the speedy runn ing back. Miami's bullish combo of Larry C sonka and Jim Kiick was going too well for coach Don Shu1a bo bec k o n Morris onstage for more t h a n t o ken action. Then the tough Los Angeles Rams brui se d Kiick s knee in a 20-14 Miami victory and the heaviLy-hlliTed former Wyornil.ng star was forced to spend 1 a s t SLmday' s game against Buff alo marching the sidelines in b e ll bottoms. "Everybody seerrted worried that was starting with Csonka," sai d the smooth-talking Morris, ''that js, ev erybody but 0 I d Mere." The three-year pro fro m West Texas State wiggled free for 116 thing s are going good for y o u don't get too excited about it a nd when things g o bad, don't get d own on yourself, ei t her. Willie S targell' s f ather taught his son well yards in 13 carries includ.ing hle first open field artistry on a 45 Y'ard touchdown dance. "That's the most times I'w carried as a pro, he said, "but I always knew I could have big days_ Now thi s i sn't my vest ... I can do better when I ge t used to playing r egula r ." Morris' brilliant sho w ing in a 3 4-0 massacre of fumbling Buf falo gave him 242 yards in' 31 carries for the se ,as:n, a 7-8-yard average, Nobody ever doubted his running skill, but Kiick is con sidered better as a pass r eceiv -er and a far superior bl ocker. Th ere are two reas ons I don't play more said the one-time college yardage king "And their names are Kii c k and Cs onka. But that doesn't s top me fro m wanting m ore chances to run with t he footbalL" Morris admits he has eve n thought of asking the D o lphins to trade him to a team le ss stacked with outstanding runners. Mi ami, 6-1-1, l eads the American C o nfer enoe East. I ha, v e to give it m ore time. While I kno w I can do the job, I r eally don't have much room to gripe." ---------, I I I I_ S I S .TER OKA FOR APPOINT-PHONE READER AHD ADVISOR 876-2667 Are you unhapp y? Worried? Having trouble at home? Is your m arried life failing ? Is y our loved one true you? Are vou a failure In Business ? Are you financially worried ? Are you sick and in bad health? Do you know your lucky da y and number? One v i sit to me and I will convince you that you ca n be h e lped. Ask those who have been t.o see me. God has given me these g-ifted powers to h elp you. COME SEE :\IE -LATER MAY BE TOO LATE. OPE:\" 9 ,\.:\L TO 8 P. :'11. 2520 \L KE:\":\"EDY BLVD. T.-DIPA, FLORIDA CUP THIS AD FOR I:\"TRODLTTORY RE.\011\'G ----------I I I I I I I I I I


htur'day, November 13, 1971 Fla. Sentine l Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. -Get Both Editlotd -----------------------------------------Urban League's Equal Opportunity Dinner At Sheraton Tonight Pleasant Chapel AME Rev. A W. Pastor Sunday s c hool began at 9:45 with S u pt. J W Rittman in charge The lesson was rev iewed by tile pastor. The Tampa Urban League will bold it's Equal O pportunity Dinner Mee t ing at 8:00 p m. on Friday, November 12t h at the Sheraton Tampa Motor H o tel. Gues t Speaker for bhe occasion will be Mr. Harold R. Sims, Acting Executiv e Director o f t he National Urban League. H i ghlight o f the e vening wiJI be the presentation of the Whitney M Young, Jr. Memorial A ward. This award will be presented annually to an individual in the community who is dedicated to those principles of equali t y and justice for which Mr. Young stood. At to rney George E. Edgecomb, Assis tant County Solicitor and newly elected member of the Tampa Urban League's Board of Directors, will receive the award this year. A ttorney Edgecomb is an honor ,-aduat e of Middleton Senior High School He received a B. A Degee in History from Clark C ollege, Atlanta, Georgia, and is a 1967 graduate of Howard Univerlliitv' s School of Law. Wash i ngton D .C. Among his honors are listing in Who s Who among student s in American Universities and Colleges, r eci pien t of t he Y oun g Man of the Year (1970) and Big Brother of the mon t h (1971) His current affiliations include F ro n tiers of America, Tampa and HiJlsborough Bar Associa tio n Florida Bar Association Board of Directors-Tampa Urban League, Yellow Jackets Little League,. Big Brothers of National Bar Association Member of Florida Bar Committee on Crime Prevention and Juvenile D e linquency, Bnd Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Attorney Edgecom3 is moderator of The Tampa Urban League's television series, NOW, telecast on \VLCY-Channel 10. He is mar r ied t o th e former Dore tha W y nn and i s the father o f on e daughter, Allison R. Edgecomb "Other a wards will be presented to individual s and groups for meri toriou s community servic e in t he area of economic development, education housin g, community re lations, healt h and welfare Loc al companies will b e cited for Equal Employment Oppor tu n ity on the basis of t he percentage of Black employees, their recruit ment and hiring practices, the ir support of equal opportunity prog;ams, and their eff ort s to im prove their posture in t he minority community. Immanuel Holiness 2108 E. Ida Street Bishop W. Lock Pastor Mrs. Emma Beasley, Rept. We welcome y ou to our services. S S began at 10, morning worship at 11. Tuesday at 7 P M prayer meeting and Bible study. Thursday at 7, consecration service. Services were very high on last Sunday. We appreciate the cooperation :endered to us during our fifth Sunda y union. Let us pray for the sick. United Fellowship Chorus Mrs. Mozella Jackson, Pres. Mrs. Vanita Hall Rept. The Uni ted Fellowship Chorus will hav e rehearsal Saturday at 8 at M t Moriah P. B Church. All members are asked to be present and on time. This will be the only rehearsal before women' s day Nov 21. Morning Servic e began at 11 o'clock with cho i r No. 1 and usher Board No. 1 serving. Hol y Com m u nion was administered by t he pastor. A dynamic sermon was d e livered by t he pastor. The pastor and members were happy to hav e Mrs. Odessa Mu queen fomerly of Young stown Ohio who i s now making her home i n Tampa unite with us. :\1r Scott is her class le a d e r. Evening S e rvi ce b e g a n at o cloc k wit h C h oir No. 1 an d Ushe r Board 1 a nd 2 com bined The pastor delivered another w onderful message H1s ;u bject was "Saved B y The Blood." Holy Communion was administered Tuesday night at 7:30 official board meeting was held wjth the pastor, presiding. Many plans &nd suggestions were given by the officers and members. The officers and members of Pleasant Chapel would like to wel com e our new pastor, Rev. A W Lybrand. We are hoping to have. a successful and pleasant year. First Union Choir No. 3 "Mrs. Gracie Anglin Rept. The No. 3 choir of F irst Union M. B Church of which Rev. J. Thompson is pastor will celebrate their 8th anniversary Nov. 15-19. Monday night will be fami ly talent night. A musical program w ill be h el d T ues da y night wit h local choirs and choirs from various cities on program. Preaching will be held Wednes day, Thursday a nd Friday nights from local m inisters. The public is invited. Lindsey MEN'S WEATHER COATS $15 Smart double breast sly! ing in polyester end cotton outershell with light weight lining. Zepel treated by Dupont's invisible rain and stein repeller. All popular solids and p laids. 36 to 46, regu lars and longs. MEN'S SPORT COATS $34 All new in Fashion. Two button styling w ith deep center vent, wi do!r I a pels, military flap pockets. 100% polyester double knit Navy and brownr37to 46, regulars and longs. EVERY BELK Ll NOSEY STORE Use Y o u r Belk lind sey Charge -It C a r d, Masl e r C horg e or BankA m ericor d New Mt. Zion t!ill E. Columbus Dr. R ev B. J. Jones, Past o r Services w ill begin Sunday w i th S S a t 9 :30 w it h t he s upt., Dea. Vir gil Brooks, in charge and all teachers are expected at their pos t s The lesson w i ll be revi ew ed by th e pastor. Morning worsh i p begins at 11 with deacons in charge of de vo l ional service. The No. 1 c hoir and the No 1 usher b oard wi ll serve. The pastor will deUver t he mes sage. BTU begins at 5 P M with t he p r eside nt, Bro Mil t on Bigghams, in c harge. All are asked to pay us a visit. Evening worship begins at 8 with the same cho i r and ush e r board serving. The pa" again deliver the message. At i1, tne No. Choir Union will convene a t Friendly Baptist Rev. W. L. Webb pastor. The Gospel C h orus is a member of t h is uni o n and Bro. SeawrightS ul !iv a n is presidnt. The pastor' s office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 11 a m 3 p. m.; Saturday, 12 noon to 4 p. m. Remember t o visit and pray for t he sick and They desire. your prayers. You are ex' tended a cordial welcome to worship with us a t all times. As our pastor says, "this is the church where everbody Is some bod y Fellowship At New Hour Hope Th ere will be a fellowship hot.."'!' S unday at New Hope Baptist Church Rev. John Will is, pastor. Participants are the Men Chorus of New Hope, Friendhhip choir and The Goins Chorus of Peace Baptist. Bro Lewis Moore is president of t he m e n chorus. I .. .. PAGE TWF.NTY -ONE Bethel AME r 1012 Laurel St. R ev. A. F. Gillians, P astor Irs. Retha Will.iams. R e p! Th e S. S began at 9 :30 wit h Mr. B S Proctor, su pl. and nil tea hers at their pos ts. Morning service began nt 11 wit h t he choirs No. 1 and 2 and ushers No. 2 serving. Mr 0 was in charge of d evotion. Th e message \'IllS deliv,red by t he pastor. This wa en joye d by all Holy communion was ndminist.ered. Assisting t he pastor was Presid ing Elder A D. Burton and the Siewarde ses. Evenin g service began at with the same c hoir s a nd ushers se r v ing The pastor d e l ivered a very g ood message. The w ee kl y activitie s r eman the same. Remember to pray for our s ic k and shutins. V isitors are always welcome. Emmanuel Baptist 2204 Highland Ave. Rev. H. W. Wilburn Pastor S. S will begin at 9 :30 wit h the supt. in charge. The pastor will give the review. Morning service will begin at 11. The deacons will be in charge of dev ot ion. The Wilburnette and jun io r chorus and ushers will serve a ll day. The pastor will deliv e r the message. BTU at 5 with t he presi den t i n charge. Evening worship w ill follow at 6 with t he same orde r of s ervic e be ing c onducte d. .Praye r meeting every Thursday night at 8. Pray for the sick and shut-ins. Dinners will be sold S-aturday at the church. BARJA S PECI AL WASH AND WEAR WIGS. While They Las I Hurry $495: The AFRO OR FREEDOM WIG gss \ 1415. E. Busch Blvd. .-933-1811


PAGE TWENTY-TWO Fla. &ntinel Bulletin-Published every Tuea. and Fri. Get Both Editiona Saturday, November 13, 1971 FUN.ERAL NOTICES BATTLI):S, MR. THOMAS L.-Fu neral services for the late Mr. Thomas L. Battles, 1222 Estelle St., who passed away in a local hospital on Nov. 6 will be con ducted Saturday at 11:00 A. M from the iRay Williams Funeral Home with a local minister of : ficiating. Interment will follow in the Memorial Park Cemetery. A native of Miami, Florida, Mr. Battles had resided in Tampa for sev-eral years. He was a Veteran of World War H, having served in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. He was a member of the International Longshoremen's Association Local 1759, AFL-CIO, Mr. Carson, president. Survivors include his sons, Mr. Thomas L Battles Jr., Mr. Isaac Battles, Mi 'ami, Fla., and Mr. I.orenzo Hayes, Tampa; a daughter Mrs. Jacqueline Harris and husband Chester, Tampa; a grand:, son Thomas L. Battles III, Mi ami hl!i mother, Mrs. Mattie Har Hollywood; former wife, 1\lrs 'Louvallies B. Benedy of Mi ami. a brother-in-law, Rev. Cal' vin 'Young and wife; several de voted friends among whom are Mr. Frank Brown of Tampa and Mrs. Hazel Ford of Miami. The funeral cartege will form at 1114 Main St. The remains will repose at the RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME CHAPEL after 5:00 P .M. Friday (today). ARRANGE MEN'l'S BY BRYANT & WILLI AMS (Ray Williams Funeral Home). I FORTHAJ\1, MRS. ETHEL MAEFuneral services for Mrs. Ethel Mae Fortham of 1507 Lamar Avenue, who passed away. in a local hospital will be held Saturday at 11:00 A.l\1. at Beul-ah B -aptist Church w1th Rev. A. Leon Lowry, offici -ating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors nre: a devoted husband, Mr Charlie Fortham; 2 sisters, Josephine Butler of Miami and Miss ;F,;mma Butler of Miami; 8 brothers, Mr. Herbert Buller of Newberry, Mr. Courtney Butler o( Miami and Mr. Warden Butler 4 sisters-in-law, Mrs. l\linnie Builer, Mrs. Mollie Raines, l\lrs. Willie Q. Favors and Mrs. Irish Butler; 2 brothers-i n-law, Mr. Ben Fortham a nd Mr John Fortham; 9 nie ces, !\Irs. Marie Adams, Mrs. Mary Ann Thornton, Mrs. Olivia Williams, Mrs. Inez Watson, Mrs. Magg ie Bell Rackard, l\lrs. Susie Patrick, Mrs. Alma Clair, l\liss Vera Butler and l\liss Mittie Lee Bntlcr; nephews, Mr. Henry Raines, Mr. Benjamin Raines, Mr. Alphonso Rackard, Mr. Clarence Vickers and Mr. Elwood Favors; several grand nieces and nephews and a host of other sorrowing rei-atives and friends. A native of Monticello, Mrs. Fortham h a d lived here since 1945. The r emains will repose after 4:00 P.M. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chap el, until near funeral time -Satur-day. "A WILSON SERVICE" McCOMBS, MRS. FuneraC services for the late M _rs. Lillie R. McCombs, 32_!)2 E. Gen esee Street, "ho passed away in a local hospital on No vember 4, wiil be conducted Saturday at 4:00 P .i\1. from the New Bethel M. B. Church, with the pastor Rev. L R. officiati111g. Entombment will follow in the Memorial Park Cemetery. A native of Orlando, Mrs. McCombs had re sided in Tampa for several years. Survivors include a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown; 2 brothers, Mr. James Hatcher, and wife, Mrs. Hattie Hatcher, and Mr. Jonathon Thornton and wife Mrs. Lillie M. ThorntQn, a foster son, Mr. James Brown; 3 step-sisters, Mrs. Martha Hull and husband Okree, Mrs. Rosa Lee Hatcher, and Mrs. Cel es tine Samuel and husband Alfredo; 3 step-brothers, Mr. An drew Hammond and wife l\lrs. Irene Hammond, Mr. David Hat cher and wife Mrs. Cheena Hatcher and Mr. John D. Hatcher; 7 nieces, Miss Verdell S. Brown, Miss Evelyn Thornton, Miss Kaye K. Hatcher, Miss Ann C annon, Mrs. Ann Cannon, Mrs. Ulyesse Johnson, Mrs. LiZ"lle-Mobley and 1\lrs. Anna Norton; 5 nephews, Mr. Fred Arnold and wife Glor ions Mr Rudolph Thornton, Mr. Jan;es Hatcher III, l\Ir. Joseph Norton and Mr. Jeffrey Arnold; 2 sisters-in-law, Mrs. Modest Ar nold and Mrs. Lillie Cannon; a brother-in-l aw, M -r. Arthur Norton and a host of other sorrowing relatives and fl"iends. The remains will repose at the RAY WIL LIAMS FUNERAL HOME CHAP :t;L after 5:00 P. M. Friday (today). The funeral cortege will form at 1136 Union St. ARRANGE MENTS BY BRYANT & WIL (Ray Williams Funeral Home). MITCHELL, MRS. VICTORIAFuneral services for l\lrs. Victoria Mitchell o f 1609 5th Avenue, who passed away In a local hospital, will be h e ld Saturday at 10:00 A.i\1. at Wi)!lon Funeral Chapel with Rev. Bernard Milton Jones, officiating. Interment will be in Burrell Cemetery, Santos, Florida. The funeral cortege will leave immediate l y 'after the s e r vice Survivors are: husband, Mr. Willie l\litchell: a sister, Mrs. Flora B e ll Turner of Land 0' Lakes: nieces Mrs. Sophronia UNCLE SANDY SA YS 1 5 2-4. It Is mur h to a, rritir al 55, 33. than to be ror l'<'l. l!S ,60. Johnson and husband, Mr. John Johnson, Mrs. Mary Stewart, 1\lra. Hattie Mae Sims, Mrs. Pauline Hadley, Mrs. Piccola Cornelius, 1\Irs Luvenia Williams, Mrs. Sadie Jones and .i\lrs May Etta Mitchell; nephews, Mr. Daniel Lucius and wife, Mrs. Josephine Lucius, Mr. Harold Lucius, '.VIr. Melvin Lucius Mr. James Wil Iiams and wife, Mrs. Charlotte Williams, Mr. Arthur Griffin and wife, Mrs. Rosa B e ll Griffin George Hadley and wife, Mrs. Rosa Mary Hadley, l\Ir. James Griffin and wife, Mrs. Ethel Grif fin, 1\fr. Albert Brown and Mr Charlie Mays, Jr. and wife, Mrs. Bessie Mae Mays; a sister-inlaw, Mrs. Mary Btown; and other sorrowing relatives and devoted friends. A native of Santos, Mrs. Mitchell had lived here for the past 35 years. The will repose after 4:00 P. M. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" PEOPLES, MRS. ROBERTA-Funeral services for the late Mrs. Roberta Peoples, 1910 St. Joseph Street, who passed away a few days ago, will be held Saturday at 1 P.M. from the Faith. Temple Baptist Church with the. Rev. W. F. Tanner offic -iating. Interment will be In Shady. Grove Cemetery. Survivors aret 1 brother, Bishop F. M. Thomas and wife Eunice ol Pittsburg, Pa.; 1 sister, Mrs. Sarah Daniels and husband Charlie of Moultrie, G a.; a daughter, Mrs. Lettie M. Prater; 3 granddaughters, Mrs. Dorothy Jackson and husband Wilfred Mrs. Evelyn Bennett and husband Charles ol New York City and Mrs., Celes tine Davis and husband, Barry ol Atlanta; 8 great grandchildren, Rev. James H. Howell and wife Florence, Debra Peoples, Tanya Bennet.t Reanac Howell, Tammy Jackson, Ron Jackson, Billie Jackson, and Bobbie Jackson; 5 nieces, Mrs. Martha Naylor and husband Rev. Naylor, Mrs. Rose Marie Long and husband Charles, Mrs. Betty Sumpter and husband Rev. Sumpter, Mrs. Shirlee Carzel and husband Sam and Miss Jo Ann Thomas; 5 neprews, Mr. Clifford Daniels and wife, Rev. Freman Thomas and wife Elizabeth, Rev. Lowell Thomas and wife Ann, Mr. Jerome Thomas and wife Jean, and Mr. Stanley Thomas and wife Marie, and a host of other r e la tl ve s and friend s among whom a1 e Mrs. Carrie Jackson and Mrs. Lucille Goffcry. The r emains will li e In st a te from 5 P.M. Friday until funeral time. Arran ge m e nts b y Bryant a nd Willi ams.

8&turday, November 13, 1971 Fla. !entlnel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Frt Get Both Editions PAGE TWENTY-TORE!. --------Dial 248 1921 Classified Ad Dept. BUSIMESS PETERMON FUEL OIL!! DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR, nights and all day on week ends. Call :\1r. Petermon, 238 2823 or 238-6834. 3503 East Caracas. 10 CREDIT??? Raving Trouble Buying A Car Because you are short on CredU or Down Payment? LET l\IE HELP YOU CaD BiD Brown 232-4891 OR SEE ME AT SUI BAY MOTOBS 1300 FLORIDA AVE. EMPLOYMEIT JOBS FOR WOMEN WE ARE INTERESTED IN talk f&g to women willing to prepare for employment with Tampa's fabuious New Government Hos pital. Experience unnecessary We train you 3 hours day llf evening, for docton reception lsts, secretarIes, clerk typists, key punch operators and nurses aides. Call MEDICAL DIREC TOR, 223. AVON MAKES CHRISTMAS MER RIER. You'll have money for all the gifts you want to give: you'll sell guaranteed prl)(}ucts froni Avon. Be an Avon Repre -ientative. 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Please send resume and salary requirements to: Industrial Relations Manager SHERWOOD Medical Industries Inc. P .0: Bf)X 2078, DeLand, Fla. 32720 No Telephone Calls Please An Equal Opportunity Employer PROCUREMENT AN:O INVEN TORY CLERK. Duties: Place requisition, receive and check supplies and Invoice-s, .maintain inventory control. Qualifica tions: High School graduate or equivalent. Experience, account, lng courses, aptitude for fi.gures, good typist, ability to work with others, pleasant personality, able to travel on limited basis. $4,788-$5,808. Possibility for promotion. Send resume of experience and education to: ROBERT L. GILDER 1301 Florida Avenue No Phone Calls Please Equ1al Opportuni _ty Employer FLA. SENTINEL WANT ADS WORK HARD YOUR AD-REHT OR BUY! LEASE OR HIRE! TELL OR SELL! l!O words or Ius wUI cost $2.00 per edition and lOc eaell additional word. If you need help tn wrltlng your ad, or to find ont how much larger ads will cost, Just call "MISS RESULTS" at !48-1921. 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Phone 251-3539. -------HELP US CELEBRATE THE OPENING OF OUR NEW TAl\lPA BRANCH OFFICE By seeing the excellent bargains below. Large 2 bedrooms, biQCk, concerete block Suitanta addi tion. $12,000. EXTRA LARGE 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, frame. Ross and Randalls addition $9,500. 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, concrete block In Progress Village $10,200. all with low down, and I o w monthly payments. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 839-1422 $50 DOWN PUBUC SERVICE AUTO INSURANCE Before and after an accident A. F. KILBRmE DfS. 1201 Marlon Street Phone 223-5531 McGowan Enterprises, Inc C. & M. Furniture Co. Use Your Credit Here Phone 247-1531 1929 E. 7th Ave. Tampa f-A LOU-LOU OF A DEAL ON CUTRATE PLUMBING C-SOL'S TRADING POST Same Locatloa For 11 Year ICape lots. BEAUTIFUL I 1 bath, Y-MOVE? JOE KENNEDY REAL ESTATE carpet, tlle bath. Built-isa-range 1 ASSOCIATE, Wilbert Williams and oven, refrigerator, chain sm E. BROADWAY PHONE !43-Ull Realty, 2122 Main St. Phones 251 link fence on large landscape 4041 or 677-6895. lot. $10,350. Principal and In-terest $68.42 30 year, 7 _______ '!'"'"" ___ _. FOR 1936 CHERRY STREET. I Bed room house, down payment $200, monthly $69. No qualifying. 258 11151. IN BEAUTIFUL RIVER GROVE 3 BEDROOMS, 2 BATJIS, Florida room, air conditioned, wall-to wall carpeting, FHA financing. HAROLD FRANKLIN, Realtor 879-0560 Healer Sales and Service. Used and Reconditioned 800 I 40th St. Phone 988-6626 SPANISH VILLA Reduced to $55,000, 4 bedrooms with 2 Italian Mosaic baths. Formal living and dining rooms, C H/A. Eurt>pean elegance. RIVERGROVE ESTATE WATERFRONT A CASTLE ON THE RIVER ski, swim and fish In your own back yard on % acre. This home features formal entry foyer with beautiful Cathedral ceiling, for mal living an!! sunken dining room, 4 large bedrooms, master suite 28x161J2, 2% baths. Family room w/fireplace overlooking River and rolling lawns. Game room 16x16 includes P.l!_t>l table. Lush kitchen W /10 ft. pantry and finest 1>1 equipment. Amana C HI A. 2-car garage. Must &ee to appreciate. BEDROOMS, 3 BATHS $15,000 F.H.A. Owner Redecorating I Have Key DUPLEX CB' $15,000 FHA OR VA. Now Rented. Excellent Location. I Have Key. TAMPA REALTY, INC. ISABEL PERRI, ASSOC. 877-6884 REALTORS 839-6337 EASTSIDE. AREA 1506 21st AVE. Cement block built I bedroom, I tile bath home. lUaml awning windows, free 1tove and refrigerator and air conditioner. Low price with good credit. Only $9200 with $300 down and $62.96 monthly payments. Taxes only $62 per ye-ar. Call RAY FRANKLIN, Assoc. anytime. Ofc. 884-0402. Res. 877-2306. C. H. CHAPMAN, Realtor. CHAPMAN REALTY CORP. -per cent FUifERAL DIRECTORS-DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-142! TYPICAL EXAMPLE FOR llENT 1905 CENTRAJ,, 1 Bedroom furhouse. 877-5951. FOR RENT 2334 WALNUT. 3 BEDROOM, un furnished bouse. West Tamp'a area. Call 626-5947. FOR RENT 1. BE'DROOJ\1 FURNISHED, air condition and electric heat. ter paid, no children. $3Q week ly 1510 Pierce St 258 5151 -Washers and Refrigerators for rent $2.50 Weekly No Gimmicks Never A Service Charge. Phone 988-9131 7216 40th STREET FOR RENT Clean Painted Houses 25121645 PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO IHSURARCE COVERAGE at a cost that to ..your driv lng history. -Jack Ber 626-6194 .WILSON'S t FURERAL HOME "Our Is Service" Phones: !48-6125 245-203% PUGHSLEY Funeral Rctme. 3402 2Gtb. sntEET. As Impressive as requlre d As Inexpensive as desired Phones 247-3151 or 247-3152 .. Joy from ,.. Sentinel; Advertisers BUSINESS LEASE$ AVAILABLE AT TAMPA -PARK -SROPPIHG CENTER NEBRASKA AT I!ICOTT FOR / REASONABLE RATES PHONE: SHADY. GROVE CEMETERY COMPAMY, IMC. Phone 626-2331 ,, Wishes To Thank The r.oUowing DisJiDguished Funeral Directors.-: For Using OUr Senices This PaSt Month. WILSOH FUifERAL HOME RAY WILLIAMS FUNERA. L HOME PUGBSLEY FUifERAL. HOME .. FRANKLIH FUifERAL ROME f. -: STONE & GORDOH FlJHEDl. -L; EVANS :.


PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edltlo.d Saturday, Novembe r 13, 1971 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Middleton School Scene Of African Extravaganza T h e Communi t y Sc hool P rogram w ill play host tc "An A f rican Extravaganza on S aturda y e v ening November 1 3th a t 7:30 P.M. This event will tako! place in th e school s cafe tor ium and w ill be prese nte d by Th e Black P o etic Just ices. After th e program, a dance w ill be held in the g ymn asium. A small adm is.sio n fee is asked. The extravganza will feature ori gin al poe t ic and dramatic mat e r ial authored by Miss Barbara Sheppard. Miss Sheppard, a sopho m o re at Leto Comprehen siv e S chool oresent s an ac t iculative, viv id of literary genius in h e r exquisite attempt to communi c at e h e r deep-rooted blackness throug h poetry and drama. The e vent w ill not only pr esent her w o rk, bu t will als o reflect her I mpres s ive ability to direct. Th e Black Poetic Justices, com-Frontiers Club Elects Officers Th e Tampa Chapter of the Fron tiers of America elected officers Wednesday at the weekly luncheon at R ola nd Park School in Carver City. C. Bl yt he Andrews, founder of the club fifteen years ago and has served as president since, ask ed to be relieved because of illness which prevents him from performing as he should. Led by G. V. Stewart, Howard Harris and Dr. M. R. Silas, the members pledged fuller coopera tion to lighten the burden of the president. Officers ele cted were: C. Blythe Andrews, president; Dr. M. R. Silas, vice-president; Howard Harris, secretary; L. L. DuPree, treasurer. to succeed :the late E. E. Broughton who was killed re cently in a r 1r Wl"!Ck. The Frontiers will meet again Wednesday -. at 1:30 at Roland Park. New Progress MB 3307 E. Shadow lawn Rev. E. J. Williams, Pnstor Mr. Robert Coleman, Rept. Tonight -Greater Friendship of which Re.v. Murry is pastor will be with ..... us. The pastor's 11th .anniversary will begin. Sunday at 11, Rev. Crcm will bring the message and at 3, Mary M. B. Church of Largo pastor, Rev. Louis Carr will deliver the anni versary message. A ba!lquet will bl'! held in the church annex at 7:30. The southern Tone Gospel will render a program at the church. Mrs. Mozelle is .sponsor. Marriage Licenses Michael Leonard Morrell, %1, 4602 Manley Street, and Francenla Ann Thomas, 18, 2901 Pentagon Ct., Apt. 203. Robert CharJes Spurlock, 27, 1216 India Street, and Magnolia Dow dell, 16, 1216 I:tdia Street. George Watkins, Jr., 20, 22>26 5th Avenue, and Evelyn Louise Allen, 20, 4018 LaSalle St. Bobby Lee Elliott, 34, 5009 36th Street and Gloria Jane Whaley, 27, 4411 K Ellicott. Samuel Simmons, 19, 2010 24th Ave., and Diane Clark, 14, 1914 23rd A venue. Ronald Coleman Harvey, 24, Fort Lauderdale, and Joan Theresa Green 21, 7614 O'Brien St. Willam Edward Fince, 18, Avon Parli AFB and Pearl Minetta Jones, 15, J e rsey City, N. J. Ben White, 69, Plant Cit..y, and Ark ance r Pauline Ru s sell 51, Pla nt City. Ronni e D a n l\lills, 18, 4008 33rd Stre et and Martha Ann Brassfield 16, 1914 23rd Avenu e Evangelist Prayer Band Mrs. L. Owens, Pres.---The E v angelist Prayer Band of which Mrs. M. B Spivey is dire ctor will meet at 5 at the home of Rev. L. Miller, 2016 E. Buffalo. The publia 11 we lcome. posed of sop o m o re studeats. a r e mul tit a len t ed in th e i r abi tily to relat e pertinent blackne s s through s k its, son gs, a n d dances. Mem bers of th e group are: S her y I F iggers. Sandr a L en non Da rlin e Gr e en, S h eryl Green. Sha ro n C le th en, Tina Mack G eorge Sullivan, Ralph Carter. Vernon Myrick Claude McNei l B o nnie Hall Sha ron F ields, Lora Bostic, Nicheal Wade Alveria Johnson, Sandra J one s a n d Renette Sanders. Everyo ne is invited to come and be enter tai ned by these in spiring young artist. Their pre vious presentation was a complete sell-out. African dress is appre ciated but not mandat ory. Miss Leatricia Williams is Community School Coordinator. Mt. Moriah PB Rev. A. L. Brown, Pastor Miss Sherrie, Wi1liams, Rept. S. began at 9:30 with the supt.. Dea. R. B. Allen in charge. All teachers were at their posts. Baptism was held. Morn i ng worshi p began at 11 with the dea cons in charge of devotion. The No 1 choir and ushers served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. At 3, the pastor' s mother gave holy communion to the sick. Evening worship began at 5 :30 with the deacons in charge of devo tion. The same choir and ushers served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Holy comm union was held. Prayer meeting every Tt.;'esday night. Teachers meeting every Friday night. Pray for the sick and shut-ins Seven Burglary (Continued From Page 3) one of the arrested subjects kicked the door. Then two or three of the youths ran street and jumped in the oar. The rest followed. The policemen pulled up hind the car just as they were abol.i't to drive away from the scene and ye.Jled for them to stop. The car pulled away from the crub and attempted to evade the officers. At this point, Officer Carring. ton fired two shots at the car with a shotgun breaking out a window. Officer Latimer then fired at the fleeing car with his service revolver. The driver of the car still refused to stop after four shots were fired at them. Finally one of the policemen shot out a rear tire causing the car to go oul of control and into a ditch All seven were arrested and the juveniles were placed on the docket before being sent to Lake Madgalene Juvenile Home. None of the youths were wounded by the gunfire. Johnny Murray, 21, 907 Green; Ralph Russell, 18, 1503 Main St.; Larry Lawson, 17, 942 Main Street, "Michael King, 18, 1131 Green St. and Eddie Seago, 19, 907 Green; were all being held in the County jail charged with breaking and entering. The owner of the store said nothing was missing from her business establishment. Memoriam TAMPA -In rememberance of Mrs. Sallie White who passed NIW. 11, 1951. We miss her very much in our home. We loved her but God loved her best. We will never forget her. Sadly missed by daughter, Mrs. Janie B ell White ; son, Mr. Han son White; granddauglrter Mrs. -Willie Mae Wilson and husband, Mr Lero y Wilson, a host of rela ti ves and friends. Memoriam TAJ\'IIPA -In memory of our faber, Mr. John l\lcEady who departed this life, Nov. 4, 1970. Gone but not forgotten. Sadly missed by your childrenr Clyde, Fred, Eugene l\lcE ady, Mrs. Annie V. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Ro!Uut and Rickie Rolllns, grandson. F R E E u R K THI COMPLETI HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTfR SEE IT! HEAR IT/ WANT IT/ Complete home refreshment ce.nter with ample record storage space. BSR 4-speed record changer. long-play!ng diamond needle. 11'' professional-type turntable, Automatic shut-Gff for and amplifier, 8-speaker audio j 60" genuine walnut wood veneer cabJn.ot. to r G ENUINI DIAMOND NEEDLE PRICES START AT E ELEGANT SWIVEL CHAIRS. PEDEST'AL BA,SE!. ONLY y ARMON' 1324-30 PHO-NE E. Broadway 248 welcome here R E E


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