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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 24, no. 98 (November 23, 1971)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
November 23, 1971
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
1 773
t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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ONEDEAD ... t-; : ,_ IN WEEKEND. TRAFFICJIJALITY This Hear Yel Office (loses -Every And Sat. .At Noon Wed. I AMERICA'S .FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY -SEE STORY ON PAGE I I Sentinel,. .ldvertiset'S Invite YOU < VOL. 24, NO. 98. TAMP,A, FLORIDA; TUEsDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1971. PRICE 15 CENTS. :Civil ,Rights Report H :its President (SEll M'OifY ON PAGE 3) 1 : -. 'M a :mpa: .s. :. .; } f 1 .. '_' PREXY,"'' TOURNAMENT WINNER __2-.-.---: -ll. ,. Bobby .Thompson, right, president of the Rogers Park Golf As td' ciation, congratulates the Third Annual Turkey Golf Tournament Ralph Williams of St fetersb. urg. Williams' 77-79-156 won for the medalist trophy and several other awards. :: Sentinel Office Will Be Closed Thanksgiving HANDSOME FOURSOME } 'l' .. The "Miss Black Uhtiru" coronation .,all wa s Jroit) : iefl,>. an event of Saturd ay evening at the Manger Motor Debbie .. Roi!I:lguez, lim. Guests In African attire Included this foqr ., 1\:Iuii? .Y, )Vayl'e :t REHNou1s1 oPPosED. av .. WASHINGTON The National tion." .. \,; Bar Association, an organization Mr. Cobb said that the associ a-ln such ::'asi)pblic of Negro lawyers, announced its r tion represents 4,000 black law accominodations1 electrono sue. opposition last weekend to the yers, judges and : law veilhee; pre-tri!il : detefitioil and nomination of William H. Rehnacross the country. otJter '_pronouricemenl.l! quist to Supreme Court. Mr. Cobb, a lawyer hls ideology ; ": the first in .Wednesday, Nov. 24th, instead of A:. statement by the president here, said, "We are generally .-In t separate development, 19 1eveJ1' years, the Stm_ tJ.nel.Btdletin hillf-a-day, and all news and ad !Jf the ) N.B ;A., James W. cobb, cof law office will : be .aJI day .. vertlsing .for Friday's edition also expres;;ed some reservations ment. tpat prime "rlteria : C'l\tho,ll,o have Senator : 1 be phoned or brought !n1 : other noi:ninee, F. both nom\natjons -ws an,; Jam!;tiJ

li.IL Sentinel BaHeda-PtaWisbea e-.ery Tue.. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, November 23, 1971' .. .... 'J. + '(OUIIHOUSE CAPERS. 1 chased set. O"Va' $75 WOrth of. ,dre$8 JDa ':sa& slDllen last,. week from '!the licmie llfiMmore 30, ll02'-ii E. Rotill Avenue, Apt. 7. .toia police tha't the E!Xact 'Yflrdage of t'he cloth unknown. EQUA. L OPPORTUNITY \' I :Pretmu: seali "fer hulk product --. ;.. -' ..: :bla, racml_ pass exam. :l . MiStake Returns Parolee To Prison QAiq..A.N.u, Calif.-The State of California a typist .made a mistake, .so Fran .Nubin has to wo back to f!an 'Quentin Prison. He' been free .22 months, landed a job as an remarried and lives with his wire and two The courts .now s2y he owes more Ume--up to 10 months. Nubin, 46, has been in and out of prison since he was 18. Convicted of robbery and grand theft. ; 'he served four years and 10 months. At 36, he went :to prisoo again for assaulting a former wife with 'a deadly weapon. He was released on parole, but Jt was revoked a year later on grounds of excessive drinking. He serred one year and in Au gust 1008 eft San Quentin on a parole that was to run through Jan. 4, 1969. He stayed out of trouble until Christmas Eve, 1968, -when, colirt records .say' he and : his wife had a fight and she was Charges Of assault with a deadlY weapon were dropped when his wife refused to testify. The California 'Adult Authority, which handles paroles, said that made no .difference and on Jan. 3---oo.ly hours -before be was to be free of. parole-ordered him baek to prison. Nubin served 14 months, then wrote the authority to aslt on what date -it had acted .. By misa typist replied it was Jan. 31-whlch \78S after the date the authority's power over Nubin ex-RED Man, 73, Kills Another, 71, Over Girl Friend Capt. Jim Downum of the Homi cide 'Division of the Tampa Police Department said Monday after noon that 73-year-old Clarence McLain, 903 Excelda, was arrested and charged with first de gree murder in the fatal shooting Friday night of 71-year-old Thomas D. Shell, 1515 North B Street. The investigating officers, J. T. in the middle of the back, There was a small amount of blood in the .man's .mouth. Physicians at .the Tampa Gen eral Hospital said Shell was killed with a bullet from a Colt .38 caliber police positive special volver. Officer Keegan recovered the bullet that had gone through Kelley and. G. L. Keegan, said they were dispatched to 15171/z North B Street shortly past eight Friday night in reference to a shooting. U_pon arrival they saw Shell -lying on the ground in the sand with no sign of life. Shell, a bathroom window and lodged itself in a box of clotheJ The officers noticed that a ISmail hoie was in the lower lelt side of the jaw and' a larger pired. .Armed -with the reply, Nubin won a writ of habeas corpus in September 1969 and was freed on $5,000 bond the following Jan. 26. An appeals court reversed the ; order freeing .Nubin after the state produced to show his parole actually had been re voked one day before it would have eJQ)ired. Sentinl1 Advertisers Buy From florida Smooth ant! inside :the house. McLain is being held in the county jail Yrithout boQd. Capt .. pownum said the men had been engaged in a dispute over a. woman. He said that Shell and the woman were arguing iii the rear of. the house and this apparently angered McLain who got his gun and shot Shell. FA IllY IA .. RIEJ Hurry! IUI'f u ao Year Shoppia,g low! Corner of Jefferson and Ross Truly Delicious Just Pour Over Ice. -FROIT GROCERY f & .PA. C :KIGE ST0-1.E a,Ja -21fh St Cor. BuHalo Aveaue Phone 248-3733 BEAD THIS! BEAD. TIIS! 'lEAD -THIS! --"Come Ia Early ad Cel The Besl" WE DELIVER WE SELL IMEBICAI EXPBaS MalEY ORIElS LOUISIANA SWEET. LARGE CAN MILK 'OPEN mANKSGIVING DAY POTATOES 3 cans 59c TILL 2 u.s. c ----. 'lENDER BEN LA:RGE FRESH EGGS TURKEYS SUNGOLD OLEO MARGARINE In Cartons 6 to 8 Lbs. IN U4 LB. STICKS -Doz. 49c lb. 55c lb. 29c LARGE FRESH FRYERS LONG ISLAND DUCKS SMALL BARBECUE Each 98c ) lb. 69c SPARE Rms lb. 69c FOR YOUR THANKSGIVING FRESH BAKING HENS FEAsT' WE HAVE PLENTY OF (Never Frozen) LEAN AND MEATY CRANBERRY SAU!:E, CANNED 5 to 7 lbs 55c PORK ROAST FRUITS, PIE SHELLS,' : CAKE lh. 69c MIXES, EGG NOG, CA1' ,-..c:u DIXIE CRYSTAL SUGAR BISCUITS AND ALL KINDS OF 5 lb. bag 69c PLENTY OF WALNUT, BRAZIL FRESH VEGETABLES, BELL NUTS, AND PECANS FOR YOUR HOLIDAY PEPPERS, FRESH CELERY REGULAR OR CORN BREAD PEPPERIDGE FARl\1 / A.ND HOT GREEN PEfPERS. DRESSING LARGE RED ALSO CIDCKEN GIZZARDS hag 33c DELICIOUS APPLES 2 lor 25c AND LIVERS. : :i!ii; i / i .: ;, ... : .These specialS 1 are gaod tor. all Week. lov. 24, 25, 28. and 27. Happy Thanksgiving lo you and your family. 1; ...


Tueaday, November 23, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tuea. and Fri. Get Both Edlttoa. PAGit THREI One Killed, Others Injured In Weekend Traffic Fatality A 45-year-old man is still listed In extreme critical condition at St. Joseph's hospital after he caused an accident Saturday night on Nebraska Avenue that left one woman dead and several others injured. son was thrown out of the car Fath,er Of 11 Killed In Fight At Son's Birthday Party The investigating officers gave the following account of the accident: A 1964 Ford being driven by Elijah Gibson, 45, 4811 38th Street was speeding down Nebraska Avenue near Virginia at the rate of 80 miles per hour at 10:20 P.M. As he neared the Moose Hall on Nebraska Avenue and Virginia, his car struck a parked vehicle sending the car propelling into the air. Gibson's car continued for 10 feet then struck a sign post in front of the hall, went another 74 feet and hit two Mrs Mildred Howell. 62, 1006 23rd Avenue, and Mrs Rita Riley, 4610 N. Grady. The Ford finally came to rest on a Nebraska Avenue curb after Gib after impact. The parked car, a 1966 Chevy, owned by Felix M Alichid-;rre, went into the air after being hit, and came down engulfed in flames from a ruptured gas tank. The Chevy hit an iron fence and continued forward striking Mrs. Mary M Jerrad, 45, 923 E. Sligh and killing Mrs. Margaret s. Beck, 67, 7906 Rideout Rd. This car finally came to rest against a block wall on top of Gibson. Gibson was pulled from beneath the burning car by several people who had witnessed the accident. Tile women hit by the cars had just come out of a gathelfing at the Moose Hall on Nebraska Avenue and Virginia Authorities estimated $800 worth of damage done to Gibson's car. $1,100 worth of damage to the Chevy and the sign hit was worth $400. No charges have i;>een filed lu the fatality. By RON PRESSLEY Sentinel Staff Writer The Sentinel learned Monday afternoon that Roman Johnson, Jr.. 48, 1012 Goodwin Court, father of 11 children, was attend ing his son's birthday party at a longshoremen's hall when he became involved in a scuffle with another man that resulted in his dEJath. According to witnesses at the scene, Johnson was arguing with HUmble Lee Sanks, 38, 1515 Pierce Street, on a stage inside the Long shoremen Local Union Hall num ber 1759, 1000 Nebraska Avenue, shortly before midnight Friday. Johnson fell from the stage and struck his head on the corner of the wood planks and die d with blood coining from his ea:rs, mouth Foster Grandchildren Model Cities Senior Entertain Citizens Civil Rights Report Hits President A group of 13 young people of the area and the senior Model Cities residents they are visiting held a get-together under the aus pices of the University of South Florida Demonstration Aging Project Saturday, November 20, 11t the Ybor City Senior Service Center, 1509 8th Ave. The Foster Grandchildren, age 16-19, are completing a 15-week period of visitation with these older residents. They have beinvolved with the senior citizens and the two generations have become aware of each oth 'er's problems as well as pleasures. The two age groups have formed attachments which will continue beyond the allotted 15 weeks. Main feature of the afternoon was a skit created by the young people. It was based on the ex periences of a three generation family at Thanksgiving. Music between aCts was provided by pianist Valerie oLpez: Foster are as follows : Diana Marja, Beverly Diane Clark, Janice Gambrell, Jeannette Harper, Yvette Harper, Tom Manetta, Douglas Martin Arlene Morejon, Gilbert Morejon, Ann Pelaez, Alan Prevatt, Debbie Rodriguez, Mir:_iall). Stone. Rehnquist Opposed (ConUnued From Page ll tions about his role in formulating policy at the Justice Department Mr. Rehnuiqst has declined to answer questions about his role as Assistant Attorney General in the office of legal counsel. He has maintained that this would violate the lawyer-client relation ship between himself and the At torney General. The residents visited are: Mrs. Lenora Aparicio, Mrs. Bessie Davis, Mrs. Maria Del Barrio, Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Dolcimascolo, Sr., Jaime Fernandez, Mrs. Libertad Garcla, Mrs. Geneva Harris, Mr. and Mrs Harmon Jackson Mr. and Mrs Angelo Mortel!arn : Mr. Gerard Pascual, Mrs. Alvira Pla, Mrs Matita Rocha Mr. ami Mrs. John Rodriguez Also attending the party were Dr. and Mrs. A. J. E. Wilson III. Director of the Aging Studies Program, University of South Florida and of this Demonstration Project; Mr. Melvin Stone, Mrs. Aixpuru, Miss Liz Hudson, Mr. Philip Byron, Mr. Richardo Perez, and field coordinators Mrs. Har riet Agster and Mrs Fern an de Shenk. Flip Wilso.-. Hits Top WASHINGTON -A sharply worded staff report from the U .S. Civil Rights Commission found Tuesday that the federal govern ment's civil rights enforcement improved only from "p

PAGE FOUR Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. anti Frl. Get Both Editlonl Tuesday, November 23, 1971 fllorida Sein1t!i:ne!1 : .. IBlu:Ueti:ii Published Tueaday &nd Frid&J bJ Florida Sentinel-Bulletin Publisbillg eo. P. 0. Bos 3363, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publisher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JL Esectitln Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice MRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice Presldent--SocietJ JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising Second class postage pe.id at Tampa, FlQrlda SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 per year one editioD. $1UO per year both editiOWI Christian Hypocrites Religion, as praC!ticed by the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board has bowed down agailn to the evil of racism-That is the meaning of t h e group's reealling of 18Q,OOO copies of its quarterly, ''Bec9m ing," beCause of a picture show ing two white girls and a black boy: An article that went along with the picture was entn first phv.:e and $7,000 in the Azalea Open in North Car<)llina. Last mon.tli, Johnson also won the' .Georgia PGA Open. Unlike two other well-known black pros who. have, question able reputati-ons, Mr. Starks and Mr. Johnson are weH-Uked by oolth bl,ack and white followers of the and fellow black and white professionals. Th8 have worked themselves up from caddies to the black circuit and now the money and PGA tour. We remember tour ye 'ars ago thia past summer w h en these two young men came to the Sen tinei-Bulletin office dlisttraught and broke because $600 worth of checks they had won for plac ing firslt and second in a tournament held in Sanford h a d bounced. A phone call by the editor to a black deiJlltist in Orlando quickly solved the problem. The dentist, Dr. Ike Manning, wired the $600 to the Sentinel for Starks and Johnson and said he would see about collecting it laiter from tournament sponsors. Both the editor and Dr. Man ning went out of their way to help Mr. Starks and Mr. Johnson because they are a special breed, a breed seldom found in the hustle and 'bustle of go:lfdom. We prediclt more victories in the future for both of t h e s e young men. Already, Johnson is rated the grea!test and most con aistent putter among all black pros. He can't miss. Sltarks, a very man, is wOTking on distance off the tee. Once he picks up about twenty more yards-watch out! Wallace Fears Issue Politics often takes a strange twist. Gov. George Wallace of Alabama wants 'to confer with President Nixon on problems which have arisen from the busing of students iln Alabama. "1f the President honors me with a conlference," Wallace said, "we will dliscuss t!hat anti-busing law which ia now involved in a court case hi Jef&rson, Birmingham Counlty." W aHace and Nixon are bed fellows on the issue of busing. They share the same dislike to the court-approved mechanism by which integration of the pub lie schools could pr&ceed at a greater pace and greater inten sity. Wall ace Slaid he would like to make sure that busing is nolt the issue in the 1972 political oam paign. Whe,ther the President and the Alabama Goventor reach an agreement to silence busing during the political campaign, the ma,tJter has become too close to the not 'to be aired during the poHitical campaign. Minority Often In Students Majority, ALBANY -Nearly three quar ters of all black and Puerto Rican .students in New York State public schools attend classes whe11e white students are In the minority, a State Education Department report showed last week. The department's annual survey of racial and ethnic distribution of public school students showed that 74.5 percent of the 860,062 bJ,e.ck and Puerto Rican students in state schools are in classrooms where they represent the ma jority. The survey showed that during the last four years the number of minority-group students in the state's six largest cities has jumped nearly 10 percent to the current level of 65.4 percent. New York City has 60.2 percent minority group students in its public schools, an increase of 2 percent from last year. Among the other large cities, Euffalo has 40.8 percent, Ro chester 37.3 percent and Albany, 34.2 percent. The remaining two, Syracuse and Yonkers, had 24 percen,t aPJ:l I Arcadia Mrs. Annie Mae Jones of Tampa is visiting in Nocatee with her sister, Mrs. Catherine Terrell who is ill at home. Funeral services for Mr. Bennie Brown were held Sunday from Hickson Funeral Home Chapel. Rev. W, H. Cade officiated. Happy birthday to Mrs. Cather ine Evans and Mr. Willie D. Roe whose natal day was Saturday, Nov. 20th. Ordination services were held Sunday at St. John M.B. Church for Mr. Willie Gilchrist, Rev. P. V. Bowen delivered the sermon. Lily White News DEATHS The funeral of Mrs. Henrietta Anderson, a member of Lily White Lodge No. 139, was held Monday from First, Bapt. Church of West Tampa. Rev. M. C. Johnson officiated. Mrs. Eura Lee Adams represented the grand as sembly. The funeral of Mr. Benny Brown, a member of Lily White Lodge No. 127 was held Sunday at Arcadia. Rev. Bossy Watson represented the grand assembly. The funeral of Mrs. Tessie Jones, a member of Lily White Lodge No. 239, was held Saturday from Mt. Vernon Baptist Church of Jacksonville. Mrs. Roxanna Johnson will represent the grand assembly. Tampan To Attend Conference On Aging Mrs. Ethel Odom, 3413 20th Street has been invited as a delegate to attend the Whitehouse Conference on Aging, in Washing ton, D.C. The conference will conon Sunday, November 28th and is scheduled to continue through Thursday, December 2nd. For the past llh years Mrs. Odom has been associated with the University of South Florida Demonstl'ation Aging Project in Model Cities. S1he is a community worker, visiting senior resi dents of the area and acting as an ambassador for the allied Ybor Senior Service Center, in forming the people of its programs and services. Cocoa Morning worship began at 11 with the pastor, Rev. 0. H. Houston in charge of devotion. Prayer was offered by Mr. I. Johnson. The sermon was de livered by Rev. John Thomas. Evening service was called to order at the usual hour. The Cherub choir anniversary was observed at this time. The No. 3 choir furnished the music and Pam Wright read the scripture. Prayer was offered by Mrs. Arm strong. The occasion was given by Bruce McCormick. Terrie Adams gave the welcome address and Joyce Pouner was tile guest speaker. Others on program were: Mr. Moriah Quintex, S h a w n Davis, Cynthia Ford, Annette Dl:lnn, Jovonna Spann, Deborah Dawkins, Kimberly Holman, C. McCormick and Mrs. M. Houston. Rev. Houston gave remarks. Ranks NAACP Swelling, Reports SAN DIEGO, Calif.-The president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People says young blacks are be coming disillusioned with radical groups and are returning to the NAACP. "The kids are coming back slowly but surely beaause they have discovered the irresponsibility of the radical groups such as the Black Panthers," Kivie Kaplan said recently. 13.5 percent, respectively. The study showed that there are 723 schools of the 4,409 in the state with no Puerto Rican or black students. Highlights I Friendship M.B. rendered the music. Rev. W. H. Moore is pastor of St. John Baptist. First Born Church of God held a tea at Elizabeth M.B. Church Recreation Center on Sunday at 3. Mr. Eugene Hickson was the speaker. The D.C.!. Crusaders rendered a mllsical program Sunday night at Pillar Ground arid Truth Church. Rev. E. Jones, pastor. The S-outh Florida Progressive Baptist Assn. will convene at St. Mary M.B. Church of Hull Tues day, Nov. 23. through the 28th. Rev. L. R. Towns is pastor. Thanksgiving Day Service Springhill Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs, will have their an nual Thanksgiving service on Thursday morning at 11. The ser mon will hE!_ delivered by the pastor, Rev. James Scantling. All choirs of the church will serve. The first Thanksgiving will be given by Kathy Richardson. A solo will be given by Mary Liz zie Eady. Our children who are home from the variou's colleges are asked to come and bring a guest. Dinner will be served at 1 o'clock. The public is invited to atfend. Allen Ushers Temple .No. 1 Mrs. lola McCloud, Pres. Mrs. Millie Horne, Reporter The No. 1 usher board of Allen Temple AME Church of which Rev. H. McDonald Nelson, pastor will have. business meeting Wednesday night at 8 at home of Mrs_ Millie Horne, 2608 12th Ave. All members are asked to please be present and -on time and bring a covered dish. Winter Garden Mrs. Laurell Walton hasre turned from Brundridge, Ala., where she attended the funeral of Mr. Ernest Bradham and Mr. Frank Jackson. Mrs. Ruby Holt is home after being confined to Orange Me moria! Hospital. Mrs. Virginia Jackson and children attended the funeral of a re.Iative in Georgia last week. Mr. and Mrs. GusHolloway of Ft. Lauderdale spent the week-end in Winter Garden visiting their uncle and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Singleton. Mr. and Mrs. Hermon James have returned home after visiting their cousin, Mr. Lenton James at Zanderville, Ga., and Zude Hagins of Tennel, Ga., and other relatives in Savannah, Ga. Rev. A. W. Whitehead and Mrs. Grace Pickett and members of Macedonia Freewill Bapt. Church attended the annual conference in Lakeland. Mr. Jimmie Stokes has returned home -from Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Malissa Rept. Lacoochee Services at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church began with Sunday school with the supt. and officers at their posts. The lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Morning service be!Jan at 11 with choir No. 2 and ushers serv ing. Deacon Lewis and Deacon Wiiliams In .charge of devotion. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. At 3 the Federation of Churches met at New Bethel. Rev. Wad dell delivered tre sermon. Mrs. Thelma Hamkims is home after being confined to Jlackson Memo rial Hospital. Deacon Hickman of Friendship Baptist Church is still confined to Lakeland General Hos pital. Rev. J. L. Goins is also con fined at home. There will be a Thanksgiving service at New Bethel. Rev. Wladdell will deliver the sermon. Mrs. Daisy Story, agent and rept. and Rev. L. Waddell, pastor,


Tuesday, November 23, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tue. anCI Fri. Get Both Edifloni Dillarcl High School By EDRENA C. HOUSTON Senior of the Weekr Best described as being nice, cute, jive, and intelligent is Linda J. Thompson, herself the lovely and proud dau"ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thompson Sr., of 1751 N.W. 27th Terrace, Ft. Lau der'dale. Linda Is known around the den as Lynn, she is a member of homeroom 17 sponsored by Mr. Allen. She is a member of the Chemistry Club, B.I. P .'s (Black Intellect Progress Organization) and the social studies club. She attends Thompson Temple Church where she is an active member. Linda listed her favorites as: food -Soul food; dance: penguin; rec ords! Have you seen her; singer: Isaac Hayes; group: Moments; color!' orange; hobbies: sewing, and jiving around; friends: Kathyleen, Jackie, Johnny, Joyce, Lo retta, Jeannie, Thomas Walker, Lonnie McRae, and others around the den. After graduation Linda plans to attend Benedict College in South Carolina and major in biology. Linda would like to send a special hello to one of her tights, James Scott. Good htck Linda and keep on doing what you're doing because it is together. Can You Imagine: Brad Mattair riot having a rapp. Mr. Miner not in his third period elass doing testing time. Catritte Jacobs wearing longer dresses. By 1979 Larry Clayton being a stone hippy. Major Madison having a smaller head. AI Butlef and Harry Wilson not being clean in their bad rags. Joyce Wright being a de@Il at Morehouse College. Barbara Gipson returning to her old flame. Tony Thomas losing his game. and play that he Lonnie LINDA J. THOMPSON McRae and Charles Lane not be ing Superstars. Judith Anderson and Harry Lee calling their thing to an end. Gracie Jones and Pearl Manual sisters, Anllouncements t Our Homecoming game will be November 10, at Lockhart Sta dium. Come on out and support the Panthers. All seniors are ask ed to come by the guidance de. partment the end of the sixth hour to pick up your SAT forms and CSS if you have not already done so. Panthers Top Hlts1 1. Have you seen her. 2. I've found someone of D1J own. 3. Clean up woman. 4. Step Int'o my world. II. Got to be there mus. Top Inatructort Coach Primus. I FOR APPOINT I I Sl STER0 KA MENTPBONE I I BEABER AHD ADVISOR 8762667 I I I Are you unhappy? Worried? Having trouble at home? Is I I your married life failing? Is your loved one true to you? Are you a failure In Business? Are you financially worried? I 1 Are you sick and In bad health? Do you know your lucky I day and number? ODe vls .it to me and I will oonvlnce you I that you can IH! helped ; Ask those who have been to see me. I God has given me these gifted powers to help you. COME I SEE ME NOW -LATER MAY BE TOO LATE, I OPEN 9 A.M. TO 8 P. M. 2620 w. KENNEDY BLVD. I TAMPA, FLORIDA 33609 CLIP TRIS AD FOR INTRODUCTORY READING J L-----------Bethel Baptist 808 Short Emory St. Rev. J. P. Saunders, Interim Pas. Mrs. Lillie McDonald, Reporter Sunday school began at 9:30 A.M. Mr.' Wilton Sweeting pre sided. The lesson was taught by the teachers. Morning worship began at 10:45. Devotion was conducted by Mr. J. B. Green and Mr. Joe Living ston. Music was rendered by the Sanctuary Choir. Usher board No. 2 served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor who chose for his theme, "Wanted Servants of God". Immediately after the sermon Installation service for all officel'6 for the church year 1971-72 was performed by Rev. J. P. Saund-ers. At 3 o'i:Iock In the afternoon the Sanctuacy Choir presented their eighth musical concert, which was a grand success and largely attended. The pastor elect, Rev. J. L. Overstreet, is asking all deacons to meet with him Tuesday night at 8. He is also asking for the entire church membership to meet on Wednesday night at 8. Both meetings are very important. Plan now to be present Keep in mind the Thanksgiving service that was announced by the pastor that will be help on Thanksgiving day. Holsey Temple CME Rev. W. E. Lockett, Pastor Rev. Rosa L. Bryant, Rept. Sunday school began at 9:30 with the supt. and teachers at their posts. Morning ilerVlce began at 11 with the pastor in charge of de-Plant City Hig By KATHY McDANIEL Senior In the Groovet Brilliant, nice, intelligent Md of course, together will give you some idea of this week's senior in the groove. He Is known around the Planter's den as Peck. He resides with his mother, Mrs. Cor. ene Patterson at 1902 East Ohio Street. He Is a member of the Church of Chrst. Some ol his soulful favorites are: Food: everything except neck bones. Record: Have you seen her. Group: Temptations. Singerr Aretha Frtanklin. Hobbies: Dancing and listening to the sotmds on WTMP Radio. Main squeeze: S O.S. Tights: Ronnie, Keith, Winnie Kaye, Cathy, Veronica Bank.l, Gregory Mobley and many, many others. All of these characteristics de scri bes no one better than Edward Knowles Thanks so much for be ing m the groove. Planters Chatter: Hey, Ernestine, I see C .R.J. put you down for someone better qual. ified to meet his high standards. Kathy McDaniel has began to use her strong rap on a dude from Tallahassee Bernard Barkley I bet you feel better since yotl 9aw your name in the paper, after all you reminded every day. Notice: To all students that were not able to attend he annuai "au" coronation; the student body here at "PCHS' chose Donn1a Jean Hall as their queen! for the 19'71-72 school term. Her handsome e cort was Larry Shaw. Thought for Todayr Think before you leap. And an other thing stop leaping so much. Dig you next week souls. Junior of the Week: Hip, cute and crazy describes the junior of the week, the on& and only "Stone Junky" namely known ras Ronnie Green. Ronnie lists as his favorites: Food: anything edible; recordr Have you seen her; sport: foot ball; hobby: drinking (not water either); main squeeze: Barbara Sykes; tight friends: Winnie, Ce celia, Larry, Jackie, Marvfa, me and many more. Congratulations Ronnie. Campus'" Cbattr: I see .that J.J. and Ernestine Coleman hlave gotten back together. Go for yourself J.J. you know what you are doing. Winnie Thomas told me she goes with Erwin Ellis. Winnie you two make a lovely couple, may God bless you two Hey Michael, II see yod have eased back in on the scene with Pam. Why? Is her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches bet ter than Attention all S.A,U. students Winnie Thomas, president-and Faye Broadnax; vice presilent have called a special meetmg for all members on November 24. All members incl11ding velma Jones, please attend. Thought of the Day: A still tongue carriea a wisa head. See you next week gang. votion. Choir No. 2 and ushers I L (' .L I E. D. Lewis Day East Bay /Hign Evening service began at 8 with the pastor in charge of the By BRENDA WOMACK service. The sermon was deliv-_________________ .,.. ered by the pastor. All weekly activities will remain the same All are asked to remember the sick and shutins. Mission Prayer land Deacon Lonnie Simmons, Pres. Mr!t. WiiHe Belle Williams, Rept. The Gospel Mission Prayer Band will meet Wednesday eve ning -at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Loreatha Grant, 3507 25th Ave. All are asked to remember the sick and shutins. '111ought for the Dayr From small acorns great oaks grow; From this time until next time be good and if you can't be good just don't be bad and don't forget to attend the church of your choice. See you next week. STUDENT OF mE WEEK Cute, n 1 c e, understanding, friendly, are some of the many words that describes out Student of the Week none other than Sandra Lee. Sandra is the proud daughter of Mrs. Covin, residing at 191 Wimauma. She's in 404 home room, Mrs; Fanelli sponsor. She is alo a member of the Mt. Moriah Church: This year Sandra was elected as our Miss Home coming queen in which she is very proud and happy to be. List as favorites: Hobby: play.ing ten nis; food, chicken; jam, Show Me How. Around our den you can find ,always with the soul people. After graduation Sandra plans to be an airline stewardess. Congratulation goes out to Sandra for being selected as our Student rf the Week. CAMPUS GOSSIP Jackie Lloyd, I heard you had a dynamite name now what Ia ft, C.B ; S news? Charles Randell; I see thos boys really Wrecked. you up in thd game. Did they? I bet you won't try to be so bad any more. To a certain young man with the initial of C.A B. B.J.W. t wocld like you to know she's in the want Ads and she will be in it for a long time so like be cdol until then whenever that day comes P.S TOP IDTS ol Have You seen Her You Are Every Things Bring Back the Good Days It's Impossible '11 Love Is .Funny That Way Got to Be There -, THOUGHT FOR TODAY Love what you got, while .VOU got it. --------------------------------------------------------on NATURAL MENTHOL.:: -not the artificial kind.Thats what gives Salem Super Kings a taste thats never harsh or hot. ,--I e 1971 R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Winston-Salem, N .C, _nicotinuv, per FTC Report AUG.


PAGE SIX ."Ia. Sentinel every Tue.. anCI Fri. Get Both Edltiou Tuesday, November 23, 1971 fi' .... ,. CINDERELLA'S. PARTY PAJAMAS The look in two pieces. Cinderella's party _pajamas lor Holiday 'restlvities the ruffled leg red and white flocked dot pants (100% cotton) with its sassy bow are worn with a white shirt trimmed in lace 11nd appliques, (65% Kodel polyester, 35% cotton) What's more the look Is treated with Cinderella's exclusi v e STOP THE PRESS linish which means l\'lom never to Iron-just pop in the w asher ; spin dry and hang It up ;. 1.' -. ., :0 I \ 1\;_i: For d, pre sident of Lily White Lodge No. 2, announces that ; the gx:oup will sponsor a Fall Tea Sunday afternoon from 3 :'

Tuesday, November 23, t 971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. -Get Both Edifions PAGE SEVEN SIGMA PHILOS AT HAWAIIAN VILLAGE Barbara Williams Plans Thanksgiving Weclclinfi Mr. and Mrs. Leroy of 1403 15th Street aru1otince that the marriage of their daughter Barbara Jean to Theodore Har. ris Jr. will be on Thanksgiving Day, Ndvember 25; in Dahlgren, Virginia. ._ \ is a graduate of Middleton High School Class of 1967. She is an ,.honor graduate of Florida A. and .M.' University with a R s degree in Mathe matjcs; a ml\mber of Alpha'-Kappa Sorority. White and Gold Honor Society, Sig-ma Sigma Service SOrority : and a member of New. Hope BlllPtist She is employed at U.S. Naval weapons i.aboratOdes hi. Dahlgren, : ... : Mr. Harris is 'tM. arid :Mr,s. Theodore Hatris. Hi( is a native of Dl)hlgrtir; a graduate of King George High School and served in the .'tf.: '.: The Sigma Philos joined members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority for Sunday dinner at the Hawaiian Village during their Founders Week observance. Pllllos seated from left are Mrs. Catherine Johnson and Mrs: Corrie Woodie. Standing are Mrs. Dorothy Figueredo and Mrs. ilelen Williams. Navy from 1967-1971. : .He:: __ la enl/ ,-. ployed by the u. :_S. N ava! We'i : The .:. 'cOuple' wfll reside in p(Jns Laboratories a5 a SupPly ; Washirlit;ori, : C. ;,.. '. .EXTENDS WELCOME 'Famu Almotince .. Calendar -. -.. -. .. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY Of Events For By BEVERLY Littleton Long, president -of the at 9 P.M. aiid wili end at i?, Tampa Chapter of ihe .'FAMU .: Page 6), Alumni Association, a iinounced The president's bttfakfast will moribh the home of Mrs:" Christine Thomas. The cO-hostesses Monday the calendar : of events be heid Saturday morning lit 9 at :were .Mr!l M;az!e: Evans and l\1rs. Louise Daniels. -'"' for this weekend; November zs' the Howard J'lhrison Restau rant, ( i was / re. elected president and the. other officers and 27. : Wcstshore alid 1-4. At 1 P.M. Mrs. Gardner, vice president; Mrs. Mazie All of the events will lui-round : Saturday the Westcoast Quarter ,';, EV.aiis; recording secretary; Mrs. Theo Grimes, financial secretary; the annuai clash. Saturday 'night back Club will hOst a I>utch Treat arid. Mrs. Wlllit Baldwin; reporter. They between the FAMU Rattiera iuid : luncheon .. at 1\-IIrabella'a Rest au : ;::wm ; be inStaUed at the' next meeting. the Tampa UniversitY Spartans. rant on Dale : .. ,.Other -QJe'mbers attimding were Mines; Bessie Brown,; Naomi AI-The game will be held at: TaW.pa Tlie hosl)ltality room for grads Pride, Rowena Brady, 1\bmie' Hargrett, Stadium. ,,, ... _, ...... and ylsitors wtii'open -.\t 2 Satur; Deami Griffin ; Velton Woliden; Amelia Treco, Helen Long said on Friday nlght local day afternoon ln' rooni 25:t at the Jtuby Airin gtoia, Dorothy Nelson, ca'ncerina Martin and alumni will kick off the weekend Manger Motor Inn : > Mamie Shields. with a boat cruise aboard tlie J ENDS VISIT Tom Sawyer. The ride wni Trinity. CME .. .: Church r.; $gt'. "james:' CumDrlllgs has ended his Tampa visit and has re 1 to .In columbia, s. c : 2,401 .:liZ: iloward Ave. FOil. GAME .. ... : 1 .I H 1; ... Rev. L. L. Ward, Pastor _! ;:fl<: tq, 'faUabassee t,lie A&iJi. mmanUe 0 IDe Sf : Mrs.' Patrica Thoptpson, Rept .g.ame were Mr; and Clifford Baker, Mr. 1 2108 E. Ida St. Services on Sunday were very ;-.nd,. .W;; J;l; Jj)ilei, William H Jr., 1\lrs Norma Hayley, 1 Bishop W. Lock, Pastor il)spiring begriing at 10 A.M. :, ;le#e. 1\,;isl( Inez and Miss Vida Dry. When the South Florida BapMrs. E. Beasley Reporter The acting Mrs. Alma -'"oTHE'.'LATSONS:,HAVE: GUij:STS :. tlst Association met in1 Tampa at Church school at io .. was in chflrge. The les-: Lat.son Oarve]:o City wer.e pleaSed to New Mt. Zion', the Welcoming morning worship at ',SOil, was taught by the teachers have their gb.est for 1!, week, his sfster; Mrs. Dorothy Jameson Program was held on the first study Tuesday at .. 7. cc conducted ,pf B elmai'; Ney.' Jersey. ; night. The Rev. F. G. Hilton is will be Thanksgiving service .at 11 with the .Jia:>t9J;' In: charge, '.; T heir son, 1\Iicbael, was h:: me the weekend of the FAMU-South pictured extending welcome on Thursday morning--at. 10> Bfble The No, l choir in charge : ern Is !l Catholic grad now attending South behalf of the Baptist Fellowship sc,hool at 11 morning worship. Th: spirit hlgh by, Ariends, ;Fred of Barry : Conference. Come out and enjoy Jes1.11 with us. d\,ll'J,Ilg. service. The message ,qf .ChlcliigQj' .8J?.d. Dic}(erson, 'i; : .. ,,.. : .. ; : '.was by Rev. .Ward :. .. son Jackso_n, :;(, Isai$ 6:1. : '. Tllf/: 'Viiters: League : of ohe ,-Democr&iic P arty is hav : itlg an Ai).; ern and Columbus Warren served as ushers and escorts ; : Pner :{or .Mrs ,._: pat]a .at' .-" fncluded Nathaniel Johnson, : Sttouci : : -. At 3' P.M. the choirs' union ,, l the.J .. oL M,t;s Del oris 304.-W. Avenue; --All .. Burney, Autherlne Clark -'Theima_. :Brown' was held .at Northside M B. / : metqbers arid 'paSt members are ihvitoo. .. : LeJ1o.ra Catherine Heard,' Bennett Ga'rvhi: Church of which Rev. r Jacob Jar-IN HOSPITAL ,. :' -Nel:l ,Webb{ Brenda Marshall, Diana Warren, Slitura San Shuman dan is the pastor. : Ag!lm the is .a Geraldine Thomas, Young, Cathy wnn:s, spirit was high ': ;, SHe I!i a member of B ay Ctty Temple ':fi:!o 15Q: Cindy and Louise Herron: Monday ni_ght the pastor .' and ;f,fDU:C'ATIONAii:WORKSHOP' .. Pari!llS : are meetiz)g Sunday a t 4 P. congregation of Holsey Tenipis / : 'IIbe' lnn will be the location for an educational Mrs Iretha Slaton, 3011 E. Palifox. : rendered service o,n !:!Jub;:Legi!>l*tive sniPATHY : ._. .. Sunday is men'n'lay. :;-The of Home Foundation E:ldu,8/tlon Friends are in sympathy with the famHy of Mr. wmiama.,;. 'wiU serve 'as host to this initial works4op for the passed Monday. He was a member of PI t Ch 1 AME' Castalliano There .. Wilt, pe several JJye !'f Ap. Informed which will Church. easan, ape .' outsfan:cling persoi{s 't({ aP.Iiear on ;br me of Hillsborough BOAT RIDE progi:arri. The public Is > in\ited Flprids. Women's PQlitical Planning Col!ncil, Tampa F ,AU Alumni will sponsor a boat abOard the To'h! sa'W:Yer -. 'to attend. Bay. Area. ,_, ._ Friday evening. The bmit will leave the dock at 9 P. M. and .it :' Visitors are always welcm:iitr to ;:,, seek. from low promises to be an evening of fun Full details may b8 worship with uS. areas, persons involved with the law, and resol.irce perfrom Jadee Davis. r.: et us not forget to pray for frpm the and judiciary of gov-the sick ana shutins. who are willing and interested in sharing points view Mrs: J. M. Peak is still recutier---'. and providing information. N otes Fro Ta a L d ating at home. ; The Women's Political Planning Council been formed for m mp 0 Th k s the purpose of getting people, particularly women, more interested an sglving ervices In:. political issues and strliotures, and the Juvenile GUidance Ad. THE PALLBEARERS GRAND UNION LODGE NO. a 'visory is composed of Welfare Mo thers, representatives of the ing Wednesday at 7:30 at 1902 Main Street' : juven1le courts, youth and adults from disadvantaged communities, When the FLOR"'J, COURT DEPARTMENT its annual conand other perSOI)S interested in. the welfaore of cllildreri and youth. vention recently many persons participate{{ in the one-d-ay Persons serving on the Workshop ];>tanning Committee, in adThey included Mrs. Inez Sparks, state president; J81IM8 Steven 's, d1tion to Mrs. Dorothy Harmon, State Director of PoMorris Gordon, Dr F. A. Smith, Mrs. Ellen Green, Mra. Helen litical and Legislative Caucuses involving women, are Mrs Amy Jackson, M. M. Hawkins, gx:imd president; the Rev. Albert Sparks, Universtty of South Florida; Mrs. Sandra St Pethe Rev. P. E. Ramsey, the Rev. Alexll,Ilder Jones, and the Rev. tersburg; Mrs. Claret}la Young, 1\Irs. R!ibY Maultry and Mrs. M. E. J. Rivers, Jr. Caldwell, Welf.are 1'40thers Organi2lation; Miss Daisy Pease and John McDonald, Young Adults; 1\lrs. Bertha Green, Mrs. Eatha Pease ood Miss Fannie Jones, Ch,1b; Mrs. Minnie Sullivan and N. Small, Juvenile Courts; and Miss June Lamb, Guidance Cen ter of Hillsborough County. SATURDAY NIGHT PROGRA!M The Rev. John Wesely Brown announces that on Saturday night at 8 o'clock there will be a program at the Church of God By Faith where Elder Thomas Faison is the pastor. Featured will be the Triumphs of Joy, the Caravanettes, Holy Propheteers of Bartow Mission Gospel Singers, Progressive Singers and the Glory Gospei Singers. The public is invited. PARTICIPANTS IN RECENT SHOW When the Non P ariels presented their fashion show, Mrs. Ruby Lewis and Mrs. LolJise Macon of. St Petersburg were the narrators. Also of special assi&t.ance to the group .. were members of tha Ients Club. John L intrOduced the Nathaniel Johll ;I I 'J 1 : OPENING NOV. 29, 1971 DEN -MAR DAY NURSERY 2402 44th ACENUE Will he laking registration Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 27 and 28 between 1:30 3:30 p.m. All children from one to lwo years ol age must have health cards. OWNERS: '*; Mae Dennison Mrs. '' ', ; I' : ... Thanksgiving services will be held Tht.."rsday morning at 3 a m : at .New Progress !1.B. Churcr of which Rev. E. J. Willilams is pas tor. The church is located at 3307 E Shadowlawn. Tre public is invited. .,., HAPPY THANKSGIVING From lhe Starke.-Family AUTO INSURANCE Before an4 after an accident A. F.-KILBRIDE INS. i2o1 Marlon street Phone '223-5531 -:-_ ...:... "I.', .,,;:


PAGE EIGB'.r Fla. S..tluel BWletln-PubJ.Ished ever-y TuN. anCI Frf. Get Both EditiODI Tue.aday, November 23, 1971' T H A N K S (j I V I N (j \ FlEE DELIVERY FOOD JAMBOREE FllOJI THE LEADD. SOUL CENTER SUPERMARKET. 3523 II. 22ad STREET PHONE 247-2031 __ ___,;,.. ____________ : < I ,. CBOUND. OXTAILS tRICK Elf LARGE SMALL 1 BE'EF WIIGS TURKEYS TURKEYSJ 3 tbs. 3 l.hs. 3 Lbs. Lb. lb. I $1.00. .$tOO $1.00 '49c SSe SUGAB CUBED FRESH' HAMS HAIS BOSTOI DUCKS. RIBS : (Half or Whole) Lb. BUTTS Lit. Lb. Lb. 79c -69c 59c 69c Lb. 69c J D'D CUT POD BRISKET U.S. GOOD CJIUCJ[ GOLD MEDAL R. C. OR CHOPS STEW BEEF ROAST MAYONNAISE PEPSI COLA 3 Lbs. 3 Lbs. Lb. Quart 4 Quarts $1.00. $1.29 59c 49c $1.00 ; .. DIXIE LILY, -CBlTS 08 FARirt VALUE COUNTRY PATTIES O'SAGE I R I c E M E A L B R E A D MA2_ BGARIHE PEACHES 8 Lb. Bag'" 5 lb. bag -3 large .loaves -For 3 Cans .$1.19 69c 25c $1.00 -roWELS FOLGERS GALA APPLE PEACH COFFEE : NAPKINS--PIES PIES 2 large rolls 3 For 3 For .$1.00 I can $7 ortlel 2 PKGS. ; 69c 31c $1.00 $1.00 PECANS lh. SSe_ CREER SOAP -PUMPKIN SWEET POTATOES PIES POTATOES APPLES POWDE, R Bag 4?s Giant Size $7 ortler 3 For 2 Lbs. 10 Lbs. .. ONIONS 69c $1.00 25c 49c 2 Lbs. 25c ... -"" -... OPEN THAHKSGIVIHC DAY FROM 8 A. M. TO 12 NOON LET'S ALL REMEMBER TO G lVE THANKS AT OUR J.


' Tuesday November 23, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and FrL Get Both Edition WILSON CERTIFIED U.S. D. A. CiOV'T INSPECTED GRADE 'A' QUICK FROZEN YOUNG -. PLUMP TENDER MOIST MEAT 10 TO 14 LB. SIZE 16 TO 22 LB. SIZE 44c 15 TO 19 LB. AVERAGE CLIP VALUABLE coUPON REDEEM AT KASH N' KARRY ALL PURPOSE Per Lb. 38c Lyke' s Sugar Creek Tender WHOLE iHANK HALF Lb. 54c 48c i3oe -KASi -Nr-fiRiiY -COUPON --3dc I .--------------, I ( I SAVE 30c I 1 f I With This Coupon When You Buy I I f A 10 oz. Jar of lnslanl MAXWELL I I HOUSE COFFEE I I AT KASH H' KARRY I I 1 !!:':!. !!!h ...;.. :..J 1 I 30c One Coupon Per Family. Offer Expires Nov. 24 30c POTATOES 20 Lb. Bag 98c U.S. FANCY RED DELICIOUS i APPLES 4 Lb. Bag 48c THANK YOU The Phillipplan Gospel Singers would like to thank aU singers who made our anniversary ,program a success. Henry Brown, Manager. Hardee High School By DELORIS LANCE Sister In Spotlight: glnia for being chosen Sister Ill Sweet, soulful, lovable snd in-Spotlight. telligent describe our Sister in Spotlight. She resides at the home Latest gossip around H.H.S.: of Mrs. Gladys Caswell. Sohe ia A.H. what happened to your cle::.n none other than Virginita C'as-Afros? Why did you slick it down? well. C.M. what happened to you when While rapping with Virginia, she you came back from Pa., you've listed as her favodte food: chittbeen looking mighty witchy. L.B. erlings, collard greens and corn like the Cornelius Brothers said bread; favorite record: "Love We "Treat her like a lady." It 5o Had"; group: J-3; Tights: Teresa happens you are already a White, Charlene Daniels, Debra (Right on). Louis, Alice liarden, Brenda RolThanks again for rapping wlth !ins and Loreatha Belcher. We us, so until next week wl!'ll s., would like to congratulate vii-"More power to you." -----------FREE CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYBODY ADVANCE TICKETS 350 COLLEGE HILL e CENTRAL SHOE REPAIR WILDMAN STEVE THE OFFICIAL TAMPA CLASSIC VICTORY DANCE FEATURING THE KING OF X. RATED COMEDY WILDMAN STEVE AND THE QUEEN OF SOUL ElLA WASHINGTON PLUS EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION Tampa's Own MONTEREYS Plus THE DOLL.S Continuous Entertainment .... From q p.m. until ELLA WASHINGTON FTG "HESTERLY ARMORY NOV. 27, 1971 10 P. M. UNTIJ_.


November 23, 1971' I -: .. ;: .. ::. : .. :-. .... h-:' '). -' 5, -...


/ "' Tuesday, November 23, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both EditiOQL A THAT'S UP FROM $134.50 A AND DOESN'T EVEN MENTION THE FREE MEALS, FREE HOUSING, FREE CLOTHING, FREE MEDICAL AND DENTAL CARE, FREE JOB-TRAINING AND EDUCATION, AND 30 DAYS' PAID VACATION A YEAR. ALL THE DETAILS, SEE YOUR NEAREST ARMY REPRESENTATIVE LISTED BELOW. FT. MYERS Rm. 103, U.S. Courthouse lsi 1: Jackson Sis. P. 0. Box 1049 Fl .. Myers, Fla. 3390Z 334-6545 TAMPA (NORTH) 8840 H. norida Ave P. 0. Box 8392 Tampa, Fla. 33604 228-7711 Ext. 115 932-7020 TODAY'S ARMY WANTS TO JOIN YOU. AT A MUCH HIGHER SALARY. SARASOTA Bm. 214, Federal Bldg. Ill S. Grange Ave. Sarasota, Fla. 33571 955-5264 TAMP A (MO. 2) 4001 E. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, Fla. 33618 621-1472 or 621-1570 ST. PETEBSBDC Rm. 253, Federal Bldg. 144 lsi Ave. South II. Petersburg, Fla. 33701 898-0846 DADE CITY 420 H. 71h Ave. Dade City, Fla. 33525 567-3331 TAMPA 500 Zack St. P. 0. Box 1411 Tampa, na. 33602. 228-7711 Ext. 171 172 CLEARWATER 617 Cleveland St. P. 0. Box 600 Clearwater, Fla. 33517 446-7260




Tueaday, November 23, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. line! Fri. Get Bot1i Edltlenl -SNO-WHIE SAVE $1.36 HELLMAN'S FRESH OVEN FRESH REG. 2/59c PURE LARD Mayonnaise BREAD Lb.$ 99 Pail BOONE'S FARM Strawberry Hill Ful( Fifth 32 Oz. Quart Jar Wine. 99( ,as the finest Fresh s tm CRISP WASHINGTON STATE Delicios.Apples 10 For 88( SWEET JUICY FLORIDA TANCiERINES 0 Dozen 29c FRESH FROM THE FARM Big Bunch 29c ROUND WHITE P OTATOES 20 Lb. Bag 69c c King Size $ Loaves AVE SOc MIX OR MATCH FRESH SHELLED BLACKEYES FRESH SHELLED ACRE PEAS TURNIPS & ROOTS 0 MUSTARD GREENS .. Cans FIELD PEAS & SNAPS NAVY BEANS WHITE HOMINY 0 PURPLE HULL PEAS DEL RIO RED TOMATOES 8 Cans $1.00 DOUBLE LUCK CUT GREEN BEANS PURE FRESH FANCY LONG GRAIH GRADE I A' HOMOGENIZED orange Juice RICE MILK Ots. SAVE 2Dc CHEER SAVE IDe ZEST SOAP SAVE 16e REG. 35e c Ciiant Box 2 Bath Bars Lb. Bag 69c 39c BRILLO SOAP PAD S Pkg. Of 10 19c EELBECK MEAL Or GRITS 24 oz. Pkg. 19c c Gal. Ctns. ) r FOODS & DAIRY FOQilS I j SAVE 2Dc BISCUITS 6 Cans 39c Country Fresh Small Eggs 3 Doz. 79c FROZEN FRENCH FRIES 5 Lb. Bag 79c MORTON'S APPLE PEACH CHERRY PUMPKIN DEL MONTE DRINK SAVE IDe FRUIT PIES 3 For 99c PINEAPPLE. GRAPEFRUIT 46 Oz. Cans 29c MORTON'S PIE SHELLS 3 For 99c SLENDER SUE ICE MILK Half Cial. 48c FROZEN BABY LIMAS Lb.-Bag 39c


,l!AG! FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. anC:I Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, November 23, 1971 -----AROUND THE TOWN By _HAYWARD BR}J)Y After hearing several rather Flame Bar-Be Que" Pits for the conflicting reports on what time in several moons and are required to wear to quahfy found dear friend and business for admission to this Friday owner, Mrs Rose Allen, still hold night's Alpha Phi Alpha formal ing her own as the "Barbeque dance the writer decided ft., best Queen of Tampa" behind the as to call on the Alphas top man, sistance of folks of great public Monroe Mack, R.Ph. (Ch'apter service help and personalities like Fresident) ; Mr Mack said, "The Mr. L. N. Brown, mgr. Mrs. dress for iadies at olir dance this Margie "Miss Rose" even went year 1s floor length fonnals, on to tell the writer of her Xmas ''Hot pantS ; floor length form'!!-s, ... plans of flying up to Cincy, .Ohio. or pantS-suits floor length forinCouldn't sell her on one of my als" (NO EXCEP .',J'IONS). The Whisperjet flights cause those dress. for men: After Six Formal Delta Jets go non-stop ... (No Exceptions). Barney Lewis, sax player with ThiS year,_ the "Ye Mystic the B. B, King band, left last Sphinx" and the Brothers of Gamweek for their engagement in Las rna Zeta Lambda Chapter of A Vegas following a stay here with PHI A have termed their wife Mrs. Sallya Lewis, ABC. dance .i Aii: Aut'umn Soiree" in the ort Hillsboro clerk. Barney ballroom cif Ft. Homer W. Hesterand the B. B. King group are ly Armory, Friday night, Nov. reportedly set for a month's tour 26th, 'at ten Jn the music in Europe. to be furnished by the Montereys. Word is next year's Famu-UT Please present your card at door game will be played here In Oct:, and (BYOB> or either bring your and that game will be back own "cheers". here forthe next five years If your invitation h asn't reached Someone mentioned T a..m p a you yet the Br others you'll have heavyweight fighter Johnny L. to get in tr,ch with in addition Carter as having left last week to 'Monroe M,ack are: John An-to do his thing on the Muhammad derson, C. B. Andrews, C .. Blythe AliBuster Mathis card at the Andrews, Jr., W. W. Andrews, M. Astrodome. No official word on D., Alfred Barnes, L 0 r en z 0 this yet. !koWn, James L. Campbell, Would you believe, Ira alossom, Charies Dayis, Atty. Warren DawBail Bondsman, Perry Harvey, son, Jesse Davenport, P. A. Ervin, 'Jr., Dock Workers Union official, D. D. S., William Philmore, RobB B. King, Bill Sherman, ert Gardner, Maj (p) C. M GrifLounge owner, Isaac Hayes, and fen, Robert Hall, Howard Harris, golfer Tommy Bolt, are rated Edw. D. Hayes, Ph.D., John among the most popular travelers Hewitt D.D S., C. S. H. Hunter, with the airlines Skycaps, and A. R : Jackson, M.D., W. D. Johnporters across the naton. They're ton .Joseph Jones; Louis Jones, the type passengers ,who make Grad Little, A. L. Lewis, M.D. the guys feel like they're doing Lewis Meteye, James S. Montjoy ; 'em a great favor ... H. McDonald Richard Mrs. Essie Reed says her Girl Pride, Tommy L. Robinson, Fran: Scout Troop is ready for the big cisco_._ Rodriguez, Michael Rodri weekend parade-if and when .... guez, Ji>seph Sheehy, M:: R. Silas, Miss Jackie Nickson, the fabu D.D.S., John Simmons, Fred lous former "Miss Famu", Sinith, M.D., Sherman Thompson, tioned her sister Rebba Nickson John :rwine and F rank Watson as b.eing among' the college stu 'l'hese are the Brothers who redents coming home for their tur" spectfully summon you to their key dinners. Oh yeah, Rebba Is ''An Autumn Soiree" Which a soph coed at Southern Univ; ... means going up there with that Good to know charming friend, game "like man, Brady sent .i:ne, Mrs. Daisy Sweeting, wife of Won't Work". Wilton Sweetings is back home AS PROOF THAT MUHAMMAD with hubby and daughters, JuliALI ISN'T THE ONLY (\REAT ette and Wilnetta, and doing fine POEM THINKER OF OUR following a few days hospital this writer came up with another stav ... : original b!lt true one of his own Well known young gent Ernest which goes like...:..."I loaned a "Look 'em Up" Larry says he nickle note (five dollars) to a exuects pooular brother, Willie well thought of young busted ''Batudi" Larry, to be released brother to help 'm get some hotfrom a local hospital where lie rlogs 'n other things of Ws habit; underwent surgery during the And not only did the youne kat w-eek. not pay me, but he stopped speakRecent chat had with Don !ng and turped away from me Cherry about his recent play in like a rabbit". Guess the moral the Canadian Football League be-of this poem could be, money loan fore he was injured and had to 'n friendship doesn't mix. miss the latter part of the CFL BRIEFS plav. Cherry is now a. consultant A nice letter comes once again with Equitable Insurance with from the Fla. State Prison and plans of making a long career inmate A.rtis Scarborough, 0285251 there .... P. fi. Box 221, Raiford, Fla. Fridav night at Leto High foot-32083. Mr. Scarborough's letter ball field. the writer saw young rea:!s in part: "Dear Brady: I'd friend Robert Saunders, Jr:, play like for you to place in your one of the best ever defensive column the below "saying" that games seen by me. Robert, Jr., a 1t reaches my Tampans with ami"Who's Who" senior student able thoughtfulness. I will appre" who's said to be playing his first ciated it very much that you do year of varsity football With TCH. so-"Once upon a time thez:e exis the defensive team captain. He isted a hear: and in this heart calls the defensive plays, is a was a type of 'Love' you don't member of the suicide or spedsee anymore'' Yours alty team and Friday night he r;pectfully. Artis Scarborough. made fifteen (15) tackles, as-Dropped around by the "Blue sisted O'n eight JB) others, knocked Peace Progessive PB Rev. E. A. Todd, Pastor Deacon John Evans, Rept. Views Of Proaress Village Sunday school began at the usual hour with the supt. and officers at their posts. By IRA LEE ENNIS -Ph. 677-13lO Morning and evening service be gan at 11 with the junior chcir and ushers The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Sunday afternoon at 3 College Hill Church of Christ will render service Mr. Randolph Johnson Is the sponsor. Sunday night Rev. R. H. Howard, pastor of New Salem and members, will be in charge of the service On the second Sunday in December at the morning service Fellowship Hour will be held Mrs Charlie M. Davis is the spoilsor The public is invited to all of our servi ces. All are asked to remember the sick and shutins. down three Jesuit Hi Tiger passes, blocked their only extra point at tempt, which would have tied the game and never lost his cool, dignified way of play. A sure-fire good college and NAACP top prospect ... Mrs. Lucille Turner, owner of Turner's Day care Center of Pro grel)s Village, 5209 86th St and Mrs. James H. Woods, teacher of piano of Progress VilLage, at tended the Sixteenth Annual Conference, Florida Association on children under six years of age on November and 13 at Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, FlOrida. Mrs. Woods was award ed a flash camera for having taught 47 years and Mrs. Turner was awarded a record and a book for being the mother of the most children (11). A bazaar will be sponsored by the United Church Women of Hillsborough County on Saturday, December 11, 9 a .m.-0 p.m. at the home of Mrs Woods, 7912 Flower Ave. Baked goods, cloth ing, shoes and hand made articles for Christmas gifts will be on sale. Junior Gid Scout Troop No. 751 wiLl meet on Wednesday 5:00 p. m. at the Progress VHlage Civic Center. Mrs. Marjorie Prince An derson is Troop Leader -The Progress Village Little Lea gue Bo ard of direct::rs will meet on Tuesday night 7:30 p.m. at the Progress Village Civic Cen ter. All persons 18 ye ars of age or older desiring to manage a Li-tt.Ie League team are requested to attend this meeting. All par ents of prospective Little Leagu ers and non-Little are invited to attend this meeting. Herbert McFadden is president. The Progress Village Little League will sponsor a dance on Friday night, November 26 at the Civic Refreshments will be on hand. Proceeds will go toward preparations for the Upcoming Little League season. Brownie Scout meeting bs held on Saturday 3 p.m a t the Civic Center. Mrs. Vann Scobt is leader. Mrs Katherine Morgan and Mrs. Sylvia Barnell are as-sistant leaders. Rockledge High School Would ya believe, S iSgt. Clar ence Reed, son of Mrs. Essie Reed, is back in 'Nam for the fourth (or is it fifth?) time. Anyway bout a kat who "asks not COCOA By Jo Vonna Spann what his country kiri do for him" Singer Joe Simon drew 900 to Midway Danceland. Pop Roe buck Staple without Mavis drew 500 to the Armory Coach Clarence Montgomery had nine freshmen playing as starters against Southern U ... Coach Ben Moore's looking like the slim-trim down dapper Coach Moore of be fore when seen headed to do his PE things at Pierce Jr. High, looking as the brothers say, "rea! down" in his semi-Mod fashions. JOHNNY GIVENS AND THE "GIVENS FIVE PLUS REVUE" FEATURING LORETTA GLOVER will debut in Lachooche tomorrow (Wed.) night at Eastside Tavern ... Got to check the elec trifying Louis Stewart, now sing ing his soul things at Charles Thomas' "One Stop Inn, Soulville" Wed., Thurs Friday, Sat., Sunday .... Sort of reminds me, Tom Hankerson James Bevel and George B. Williams were last night candidates for Bellmen Waiters Club prexy. Who won? ... SEE YAU LATER TEETHING PAIN Many baby doctors tell mothers to use this fast, safe, gentle relief. Helps teething baby and you sleep. I baby oraJe RAIDER CHATTER T. Adams, who is the soul brother yoU were with at the game? Aren't you supposed to be going with Fredrick Maloerey. Denise Daniels, do you go with Lon? S. C., are you going to stop see ing Carl and go with Harrel? P. 0., what did C. M : have to say? Peewee, you owe me ll! cents and by the waY, who is the dude you are digging on? T.H. and N.H. are digging on good at the game. Reginald D. and Johnny T. long time no : see. Jimmy Brightman, a certain soul Community MB Rev. D. C. Cu_ mlplngs Betty J. Bolden, Reporter Sunday school began at the usual hour with the pastor in charge. The lesson was reviewed by Rev. Barnhills. Morning wor ship began at 11 with Dea. Harris and Dea. Anderson in charge of devotion. The sermon was deliv ered by the pastor. Evening wor ship began at 6:30. Prayer meeting and choir re hearsal Tuesday night at 7 :30. Visitors are welcome to worship with us at all times. Eastside Deacon Archie Mond, Pres. Mrs. Alice Lane, Rept The Eastside Prayer Band will have their arinual Thanksgiving service Thursday morning at 6 at St. John M.B. Church, 3401 25th Ave. and 34th St. All bands are asked to -be present All are asked to remember the sick and shutins Campbell's Cleaners For The Finest In Dry Cleaning AI The LOWE.ST POSSIBLE PRICES We Also Do Minor and MaJor AUemalionL For Pick Up And Delivery Service CALL 232-5301 sister fs digging on you, check her out Brenda Long, who is ya man since J M.? Skeet when are you and Haywood getting Angela is that your boy friend or is he just a friend? Congratula tions Ro'dger Sims for the S touchdowns and thus making a scoring victory 40-9. THOUGHT FOR. T-ODAY One who cannot forgive : de stroys the bridge over which be one day may need to pa8s. See ya next week! Clewiston Services at all churches in tlls community began with Sunday school with the and teachers at. their posts. At the morning services all sermons were delivered by the pastors of the various churches. All choirs and ushers were at their posts. The Missionary Circle met at the usua:I hour on Monday night with the president in charge The following people are on tlie sick list: Mr Willie Bell, Mr. Walter Holmes, Mr Charles Moore, Mr. James Mason, Mrs. Callie White, Mrs Melenda Allen and Mr Leroy Williams All are asked to remember the sick and shutins. Mrs L M. Williams, rept. LOMSE'S DRIVE IRH Specializing in Beer Wine and Biu B -Que Most weekends Uve entertainment Free 3720 E. Buffalo Ave. 4017 34th STREET and 3527 22nd STQET --TITUS-E. CAMPBELL, Prop.


Ffa Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions PAGE FIFTEEN


JAMES DIXON TAMP A DISTRICT CONFERENCE CONVENES AT HOOD TEMPLE TALLADEGA COLLEGE, Ala bama Senlor James Dixon of Tampa, is accepted for listing in WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Dixon was among twelve Talladeg a College seniors nominated by the college on the basis of their academic records, quality of contribution and character, and future prom lse. The 81st session of the Tampa District Conference of the Zion Church was In session November 11-14 at Hood Temple. Among lhe participants In the Sunday morning service were, from left, Rev. Raleigh Neal, Rev. C. R. Curry, Mrs. Corltha Stalworth, organist, and Rev. Edith Gibson. guests Included, from left, Mrs. Ruth Moore, Invocation; 1\Irs. Ozie Dew, responsive reading; Mrs. Jescle Artest, general chairman; and Mrs. Marion Shannon, guest speaker. First Baptist Church PROGRESS VILLAGE Rev. B. T. Williams, Pastor Sunday ended our week of ac tivities f o r Anniversary and Homecoming Spnday school began at 9:30 with tha supt., Mr. C. L. Sloan in charge. Morning service began at 11 with the Williams Jubilee and No. 2 serving. The sermon was delivered by the pasto"r. The history of the church was given by Mrs. Lois Bowers. and plaques were presented to Mr. James Simmons, member of the Trustee Board, Deacon Matthew Parker, Chairman of Deacon Board. Dinner was served after the morning service. The anniversary service began at 3 with Rev. F. G Jackson and members of St. Mark Baptist Church in charge. Rev. Jackson also delivered the sermon. The Trustee Board of which Mr. Wallace Bowers is chairman was in charge of all anniversary ac tivities Mrs. Nevada Bell was crowned queen and Deacon Head king of our 11th anniversary. Prayer meeting and Bible study Wednesday night. Business meet ing Dec. 3. Mrs. Dorothy Young is still on the sick list. Sentinel Advertisers Buy from Florida The theme of the special program Sunday at Beulah Baptist Church was, "The Greening of Christianity-A Christian's Responllbillty." The occasion was Stewardship Emphasis Sunday. Pulpit Annual Thanksgiving Servies The annual Thanksgiving servIces with Prof. Randolph Johnson u master of ceremony will con rene Thursday at 7:30 at College Jlill Church of God In Christ, 2512 k5th Ave. Music will be furnished JY the No. 1, III, the Inspirational lOd The Ambassadors. Mrs. Ro lanna McCullough is sponsor and lishop W. E. Davis, pastor. I rumpet Of Joy Singers The Trumpets of Joy, Gospel Mets, Holy Propheteers, Mission Gospel Singers, Spiritual Regu lators, Southernaires, Spiritual Calvaries, Cavanetts, All Stars, Glorious Gospel Singers, Heavenly Meditation, and the Spirits of Heaven will render a program Saturday night at 8 P.M. at the Church of God By Faith in Plant City. Everyone is invited. GREETINGS HAPPY THANKSGIVING Let Us Fix Your Thanksgiving Dinner For You, Your Family and Friends. SERVING Boast Turkey and Dressing with Cranberry Sauce Baked Ham with Pineapple Sauce Roast Pork and Dressing All Dinners Served With Vegetables. BETTY'S RESTAURANT 4013 34th Street Phone 239-4862 THANK YOU BETTY DOUGLAS First Of The Born Church Living God Wimauma Elder A. EII1s, Pastor The eighth anniversary of the First Born Church will begin Nov. 29 at 7:30. The church is located on Railroad Street. The following will be on program each night. Monday night, Lighthouse Church, Bishop Anderson, pastor, Tampa; Tuesday night, Church of God in Christ, Elder Jacob, pas tor, Tampa; Wednesday night, Church of God in Christ, Elder Coleman, pastor, Adamville; Thursday night, Church of Our Lord Jesus, Elder L. Robinson, pastor, Tampa; Friday night. First Born will be in charge of the service. This will be Missionary night and Missionary Bocks will be in charge. Sunday morn ing, Pillow Ground and True Church will be in charge. Elder Boykins, Elder Burroughs and wife will be in charge of the Sunday afternoon at 3 Em manuel Church, Elder Lot is pastm will be in charge. Sunda y night, Church of Jesus of Wimauma, Bishop L Johnson, pastor will be in charge. SHUMATE STORAGE GOOD CARS WHOLESALE OPEN EVERY DAY 9-6. SUNDAY 1-8 225 CARS Specializing 1 Owner '71 Models Older Models Too FINANCING TRADES TAKEN '66 Chevy Super Sport $699 '71 VW full eqpt.., 1 own $1799 Ford Galaxle $199 '67 VW full eqpt., 1 own. $699 '59 Rabler. wP !U Body $150 '6% Chevy Impala $150 '59 Cadlllao Corvalr .......... -.. $199 $250 '63 Olds "88" $299 '63 Impala 2 dr. h.t .. $399 '60 Olds "98" $399 '66 Ford $399 '69 Cadillac f/a, stereo $3999 '65 Llncolin Continental '63 Buick Electra 223 .. '63 Olds luxury sedan .. '64 Chevy, station wagon $250 '66 Chevy Conv ........ $899 '66 Lincoln Continental .. $999 3922 W. ALVA (Drew Park) 877w4294 877-6638


Tuesday, November 23. 1971 Fla. Sentinel every Tues. and Frl Cet Both EdlUoaii LET us .--:";A time to pause and give thanks for this great land! carved from a wilderness by our fo refathers. A land Intrusted to us to guard and care for A land that fhas provided us with our growth and strength. Let us rgive thanks now for this land and at the same time f [ pray for guidance in protecting it so that future l i 1 1 r. t:. '..J ,generat:ons ctso en,oy tts cuJunQance tVif\hCtvi. -.::._. ..:-_. j ... -PACE SEVENTEEN ---


PAGE EIGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. anil Fri. Get Both Edltlons Tuesday, November 23, 1971 -SPORTANIC FLOODS-By William 0. Bethel Well here comes the spasmodic sports writer again There is e. very good reason for yours truly being so spasmodic wi th Sportanic Floods etc. but in the end it will make for definite consistency. So much has happened in the world of sports since our last efforts I hardly know where to begin. I think the biggest thing on the agenda for T ampa and the area in the next week is The Tampa Classic. I think this Tampa ClassiC mi ght prove to be the most suc cessful of them aU in the area of attendance. There was once the opinion that the first Tampa CJ,assic was so successful bec ause of the newness of it all. Last year proved that theory to be all \\!rong; Even though Tampa U's record is not as impressive as it was in the last two games and Florida A&M's on the verge of being disastrous people are going to see the game The G<>lden Triangle area has proved to be very football consistent. Then there are that come in from out of the area for the .gala festivities that are a part of the game. People, both black and white, love big football week ends It gives them all a c)1a1ice to meet and have fun with old friends. It aloo gives them a chance to get away from the grind of every day toil and drudgery. THE TAMPA U. SITUATION Alth:mgh Tampa U s football record is not as impressive as in the past two years The Spartans' have showed that they can do the thing on any given occasion. The Spartans have faltered on a couple of occasions but on other occasions that they can stay on the field with the best. When The Spartans played Mississippi to a standstill recently every one knew that The Spartans are a real ly good football team. The Spartans with a little luck could have beaten The Rebels even not being able to use its freshmen and transfers. Freshmen and transfers are a very important part of The Spartans machine. Remember Mississippi was fresh off a victory over Louisiana State University a team that was ranked 6th nationally at the time. Wonder what would have happened had Leon McQuay still been available. THE FLORIDA Alt:M SITUATION The Flo-rida A & M Rattlers have been really having a tough go of it this season .. The Rattlers just don't have the material they once had. The unimpressive record of The Rattlers is a bitter pill to swallow for all Rattler fians. Rattler are so used to al ways having winning teams they just can't understand it all. Rattler fans are going to have to take a change of heart about the whole thing.s and realize what is really happening. It is very doubtful that The Rattlers will ever be as powerful as they once were in any major sport and especially football. I hear a lot of. people make remarks about the Rattler situation but most of them are all wet when it comes to anything per taining to the coaching. I know Coach Olarence Montgomery not only as a friend but also as a coach. For many, many ye -ars I had to face his teams while at Middleton High and brother they were always something else. The Florida A&M Rattlers are pay ing the price of integration as almost every other black is. The Rattlers just aren't getting enough. "Blue Chip" boys any more. : CONCLUSION To summarize the situatk>n I advise all Rattler fan.s to have a real good time in the pre. game festivities. It may be a 1cng g ame .for Rattler f-ans. In obher words expect the worse and hope for the best. Of course anything can h!llppen in a football game so keep your fingers crossed. QUICK QUIPS: Frederick Hearns, former Florida Sentinel-Bulletin empkyee who now handles sports news for Southern U., was in town last week. Hearns says bhat The Jaguars are suffering from lack of experience 1:hls season. Southern U. is also paying the price of in tegration. lit was very disappointing to many boxing fans when the closed circuit set up a t Curtis Hixon Hall wouldn't work last Wednesday for the AliMathia fight. A& expected it turned out with Ali having his own way. Get ready for a tremendous speckled trout rush when the first cold snap comes. The trout are still soattered over the flats but will school up in d*-P holes when the water temperat ure drops. Little Andrew has got them all shaken up out at Southern U. The mighty mite may start as a freshman. It looks like the weather may allow for hot pants and mini skirt for the big g.ame week-end. If It does who cares who wins? Rattlers Hold Bethune Rally For 33 20 Win 'l'ALLAHASSEE Florida A&M stung Bethune-Cookman with four first quarter touchdowns Saturday night, then fought off a fierce Wildcat rally a 33-20 victory. The triumph was the 18th straight for the Rattlers over their cross-state riv. al from Daytona Beach and 22nd in 23 games with Bethune-Cookman. Running its record to 5-4, Florida A&M won the Southern Inter collegiate Athletic Confe.rence title with a 4-1 record The Wildcats fell to 5-4 overall and 3-2 in the conference. The Rattlers scored their first four touchdowns before Bethune Cookman coLild make a first down. Bethllne-Cookman 0 12 8 0-20 Florida A&M 27 0 0 6--33 ( o lem.an' s Music Co. SAVE 50% AND MORE LAY-A-WAYS AND EASY TERMS THREE HUNDRED GUITARS $15 8t: UP TRUMPETS, CORNETS 8t: FLUTES $49 8t: UP TENORS 8t: ALTO SAXOPHONE $99 & UP 4831 FLA. AVE PHONE 235-8021 Football Scores Famu 33, Bethune 20 LIDO BAR Albany St. ll, FL Valley 14 Fayetteville 30, Cheney St. 0 Grambling 31, Southern 3 Jackson St. 17, l\llss. Valley 7 Ken. State 33, Savannah St. 0 Livingstone 14, Shaw 6 For The Best In Whiskey. Miles 54, A &. M 0 Beer, and Wines Phone 248-2972 N.C. Central 14, N.C. A&T 13 Petersburg St. 14, Morgan 12 Tenn. State 61, Central State Va. Union 14, Hampton 7 Ark. Tech 44, Ark. AM&N 20 1930 E. Broadway Tampa GLADYS BURCH Asst. Mgr. The Rogers Pa.rk. Golf Association Wishes To Thank The Following For Their Contributi ons Towards Trophies, Prizes And T u .rkeys FOR THE Third Annual Turkey fe,stiva. l \

Tuesday, November 23, 1971 Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tues. Fri. t;t'tt Botl Edltlent r-AGE NINETEEN Rogers Park Ciolf Assoc. Sponsors Its Finest. Turkey Tournament I WHO DONE IT IN SPORTS I It was like the old days at Rogers Park last weekend at the Third Annual Turkey Golf Tournament sponsored by .the Rogers Park Golf Association. Like the old days because the tourruament raised almost $2,000 In prizes and cash, there were twice as many players as usual for an off-date tournament, and best of all-just about everybody was satisfied with the trophies, prizes and turkeys given away be cause there were plenty for everybody. -: Willie Black, golf professional at IWgers Park, and Dr. W. W. Andrews; tournament director, both said they were pleased with the outcome and promised more of tht same for the future. "We're tickled to death at the outcome of tris year's .. to1Jrnament," they told the Sentinel, "because everybody came a.way happy at what took place." There were four to six prizes in four flights, ranging from tro phies to golf clubs and turkeys. In the championship flight, Ralph Williams of St. Petersburg, won the medalist trophy, a tur key, a set of irons and his name e ngraved on the clubhouse trophy, for winning the top flight with a 77"79-156. Dr. Charles McAllister of Sarasota defaated Charles L. Hamilton for second place in svd den death playoff after each tied at 157.' Dr. McAllister won a set of woods and a trophy, while Lewis won a golf bag and trophy. Sam McCray of Ft. Lauderdale finished fourth at .162 and won a pair of golf shoes and trophy. Pete (S aginaw Pete) Short of St. Petersburg finished fifth at 163 and won a putter and turkey, '7 while Dennis Williams of Ocala was sixth at 165 and won a turkey. John Stephens won first place In the first flight with the tourWILLIE BLACK nament's low score of 151, and won a bag and trophy. Elmer ( ; Red Shirt) Smith of Tampa finished second at 157 and won a golf bag and trophy. James Towns was third at 160 and got a pair of golf shoes and trophy for his efforts, while Tampa's Jlasper McClinton, Willard Jones and Charles Ken. nedy finished third and fourth at 161. McClinton won the playoff and a putter ; Jones got a turkey for his efforts. Others in the flight included Horace Jackson 162, Willie Taylor 164, Noah Tay -' lor 164, Jimmy Gilchrist 167, Sin clair Crandall 163, Kenneth Ham ilton 169; James Heastie 168, Robert Rice 174. Larry Crandall, former Middle ton and Southern u golf star, took the second flight with a 164 and won a bag and trophy. Mike McKeever was second at 165 (golf shoes and trophy), John Johnson third at 166 (putter and trophy) and Harold (Mailman) Johnson Q-How do you compare Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali as fighters. A-In my opinion Joe Louis was the killer-type in heavy weight history. Muhammed Ali is the greatest boxer in heavy weight history. Q-When the speckled trout hole up after the flrst cold spell can you tell me where some good holes are and what to use for bait. A-Where my holes are I will not say unless asked personally. fourth at 168 Others in the flight included, Rogier Pear son 170, Amos Hamilton, Francis Davis and Mays Austin, all at 171, Booker T. Burd of Brooks ville 172, and c. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 176. Calvin won first place in the third flight at 170 and won a golf bag and trophy. second was Robert Williams at 172 (shoes and trophy), third finisher was Iva Minor 181, (putter end tro phy, and fourth, William McCrimmons (turkey) at 184. Sal Gaiter, Herbert Dixon and Ray Allison also finished at 184 but lost the playoff to McCrimmons. Also in the flight were, Bobby Thompson 190, Moses Collins 103, Archie Mond 191, Harold Lee 200, Robert Hammonds 204. Hammonds won a bottle of cham pagne for posting the highest score In the tournament, and C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. won a gift certificate for being the best dressed golfer. Club Meeting The Rogers Park Golf Associa tion will meet Wednesday at 6 p m. at the Rogers Park Club house where a full report of finances and other business will be made. All area golfers are asked to please attend and be on time. You should know why. Best baits will be white ta!led buck tails, deep running mirro-lures and of course live srimp. Q-Do you know of any method of beating Greyhound Racing? A-Brother if I did I wouldn't do anything but be there. I never go. Q-'-Do you think Joe Frazier will ever fight Muhammed Ali again? A-Joe Frazier is not anxious to get back In the ring with Ali after the beating he took in the first one. Fraziel'l will have to fight Ali again but not any time soon. Will explain more in a later feature .. article; Q-Do you think there will be a head coaching change at Florida A and M next football season? A-I don't see why there should be a coaching change at Florida A and M unless coach Montgo mery doesn't want the job any more. Q-How wolud you rate R!.Jberto Clemente among the all time baseball greats? A-Roberto Clemente certainly deserves to be rated among the best all time greats.

PAGE. TWENTY Fla. Sentinel BuUetln-PubUshed every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Edltlonl Tuesday, November 23, 1971' -----IN THE SPIRIT FATHERS ----LET US ALU FROM THE BETTER MERCHANTS -Many things in this wo-rld have changed, but the Dradition of giving thanks on this special day is still with us.l We send to all our patrons and friends wishes for a happy Thcmksgiving Day, with best of everything all year long. J LARMON'S FURNITURE, INC. 1324 30 EAST BROADWAY PHONE 248-2557 -THANKSGIVING GREETINGS .All of as hera wish our friends and cuslom.ers a merry day, ud we lay ''Thank You" lo alL NORTH 22nd STREET C. B. PREVATT, Owner WE GIVE THANKS FOR BLESSINGS LARGE AND SMALL, BESTOWED ON ONE AND ALL. HA.DDAD 815 FRANKLIN STREE1 TAMPA, FLORIDA IN PEACE AND SERENITY, LET'S GIVE THANKS ON THIS THANKSGIVING DAY LA SEGUNDA BAKERY 15th STREET AND 15th AVENUE \< Take the family out for 1'8JNlSC/f/NG DINNBB ; Join ue lor a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that is a least. Sit back, relax, enjoy the savory turkey and all the deliciou. tri.mminge. GATOR BAR TO OUR MARY FRIENDS BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY THAHKSGIYIIIG ZALES 604 FRANKLI' N STREET WEST SHORE BRITTON PLAZA BECAUSE WE ARE THANKFUL WE GLADLY GIVE OF OUR ENERGY AND OUR EFFORTS ON BEHALF OF ALL THAT EVERYONE MAY BE THANKFUL. HAMILTON INSURANCE BLOSSOM 1120 NEBRASKA AVENUE THANKSGIVING THOUGHTS RED FRONT GROCERY AND PACKAGE STORE ON THIS DAY WE EXTEND GOOD WISHES ARB lHANKS TO ALL OUR PATRONS. 3918 29th STREET CORNER BUFFALO AVENUE PHONE 248-3733




PAGE TWENTYl n'O Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tue.. anti Frf. Cet Both E.dltlont Tueaday, November 23, 1971 like to pull your coat tails to the awakening of a sleep ing giant who is asleep no more Moses White, who during the old days was super bad when it came to bringing in good entertainment into the bay area, is at it again. Moses White's Midway Danceland in Seffner really jumped with soul durin g the recent JOE SI MON appearance. Not only was there a packed house, but like the old days when everything was under the watchful eyes of Sgt. Arnie Myers of the Sheriff's Dept. Things were also peaceful. The thing for all of you TNB fans tc do, is watch for the next big show at the Midway Dance land. Yours truly has bet:n informed that the off.icial victory dance for the Tampa Classic this ye:1r will be held at Fort Hesterly Arm ory. The felli>ws have gone way out to bring in some of the best entertainment for the evening. Headlining the show will be the man who put the X in X rated comic-WILDMAN STEVE a! J ng with the soulful singer MISS EL LA WASHINGTON. Don t miss 1t, it should be as exciting as the Classic. Yours truly has nev"Cr seen a more beautiful smile than the one he saw last Saturday night on the face of the mother of an honoree host for which a birthday party was held. lVIrs. Bessie J''Chnson, the warmth and love any mother shows for a son well de serving it. The young man for which the natal day festiv i t i es were being held was THEODORE (BEAR) JOHNSON. The Bear was celebrating his 32nd birthday, at least, that's what they tell me Yours truly really enjoyed the party and would like to thank the .Johnsons' for the invite. Had a beautiful time. Oh by the way-TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT By JOHNNY JACOBS and so did you BEAR, sure you don't remember. On the case en joying a taste was: BIG ANT of course. This kat went down THREE times-In the pot that is Also on the case were, Hostesses Mrs. Terry Johnson (wife of the honoree), Mrs. Altamese Nelson (sister). Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nelson, Palmer and Julie Mills, Betty Green, Nirona and Randy Nelson, Celestine Pratt, Annie Miller Williams Verlon Tucker, Mr. and Mrs Alvia C. Young, Sandra Gatlia, Carolyn Russ, Johnnie Maa Rialand, Kenneth Rialand, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jonesvisiting from New York, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Childs, Mr and Mr!. Douglas Archie, Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Anderson Ser geant and Mrs. James Richard son, Chief Warrant Officer and Mrs Fred Chester. Mr John Kinsary, Mrs. Edyth Johnson, Sergeant and Mrs Tony Williams, Palmer and Julie Miles, M r s Bessie Johnson, Mr and Mrs Alexander Carleston, Mr Melvia Nelson, Beverly Nelson, Carl Nelson, Sergeant and Mrs Willie Portor, Mr. and Mrs John Luke. and Robert Abrams. It's that time of year aga i n. Time for another TAMPA CLAS SIC. There is one thing yo urs truly would like al! the TNB Fans to do. That is, be sure and get your copy of the official TAMPA CLASSIC P R 0 GRAM BOOK. Check it out and see just who supported YOUR Classic These are the people we give our thanks by patronizing their stores. For without them, there would be no classic. By the way, it s 80 pages this year, thanks again to the faithful advertisers. THAT'S MY CASE-SEE YA LATER KRISTIN. Freddie Solomon, 'Mr. Exciting' By BITLLY DAWKINS SentinPl Sports Writer When number 13 trots out on the in his red and whi t e Tam;)a spartaris uniform, the elec trical excitement starts rushing u.rough the crowd To some he is known as "Fast" Freddie, to others, Smoking" Freddie and to most just Freddie Solomon bL"t whatever the name Is you know that when No. 13 takes the field you are in for some of the most exciting footb al; this town has ever seen. Solomon, who became the first black to quarterback at a pre dominantly white school in Flor Ida, has electrified the fans this yeat with his razzledazzle move ments and his long broken field running. S o lomon won about every honor that a high school player could win while quarterbacking his 1chool team in Sumpter, S.C. He FREDDIE SOLOMON had scholarship offers from all over the country, but he chose the Spartans and what a great day that was for Tampa. He has UNCLE SANDY SAYS 53.61. No man but a blockhead ev e r \Hole 18,11. except for money. 25,44. And Missers League Hitters Bowling W-L Stdg. Atlanta Life Ins 4..0 33 -U Bop City Bar 4-0 :n -17 Hamilton Ins. Agency 3-3 29 -19 Bowers Barber Shop 0-4 26 -22 7-Eleven Storea 1-3 Team 1 3 1 19lh-28lh Red Top Bar 1 3 19 -29 Mitchell's Cleaners 0-4 10 -38 High Game Men: Louis Andrews 245, Anthony Lovett 221, Lonnie Williams and Walter Johnson 197. High Series Men: Anthony Lovett 563, Walter Johnson 549, Louis Andrews 541. High Game I.Jadies: Joyce Red dish 187, Carrie Verriett 170, Alma Williams 166. High Series Ladies: Joyce Red dish 498, Alma Williams 470, Car rie Verriett 449. Immokalee Services were spiritually high throughout the day Sunday at all churches in the community beginning with S. S. with the supts. and teachers at their post. The Adderly Singers rendered song service at Allen Chapel Sunday night. Mrs. Lillie B. Owens and grand-daughter are home after visiting her father and his family in Tampa, her mother and other relatives in Tarpon Springs her son and family in Largo and her mother and father in-law in Lacoochee She re ported an enjo y able trip. On the sick list are Dea. John Coley who is home from the hos pital, Mr Abner Mrs. Daisy Turner, Mrs Carrie Howard, Mrs. Louise Spencer who is still in Naples Hospital. Rev. H. Nicholas, pastor, and Mrs. Mary Townsend, reporter. Prayer No. Band 5 Mrs. Bertha Berry, Pres. Prayer Band No. 5 will meet Wednesday at 12 at the home of Mrs. Irene Reese, 2210 22nd Ave., Apt. 12. All are asked to remem her the sick and shutins. the ability to become one of tha greatest player in Spartan history. Freddie is leading the S partans In rushing with nearly 400 yards while play i ng only pa r t time. His longest gain was a 78 yard run from scrimmage against Drake. In the Spartans last game against the Vanderbilt Commodores, So lomon came into the game in the second half after Tampa's offense couldn't get started in the first. On the first drive he took Tampa 55 yards, the last 27 himself for the tying touchdown Solomon started the season by rl1nning back punts but when he got the chance to quarterback he won the admiration and respect of the Tampa fans and coaching staff. He now splits the quarterbacking role with junior starter Buddy Carter. Freddie Solomon should give the Sparban fans some wonderful and exciting. times before his four years are up That is, if he can keep the pros from up north from the back door. FUNERAL NOTICES WILLIAMS MR. E A R L I E S T ''WILL"-Funeral servlcea for Mr. Earliest "Will" William of 2908 31st Avenue, who passed away Sunday evening iR a local hos pita!, will be held Friday at 5:00 P.M. at Pleasant Chapel A.M.E. ChurcJt; Rev. A. W. Lybrand, pastor, with Rev. L. C. Mann, of ficiating. The body will be sent to Quincy, Florida, where further services and interment will be held Sunday afternoon with Bet sy s Funeral Home, Quincy, in charge. Survivors are: a very devoted wife, Mrs. Lelia Wil Iiams; 8 loving daughters, Misses Leatricia, Valretha, Maggie, Norma and Michelle Williams, Tam pa, Mrs. Thelma Andrews and husband, Mr. Theodore Andrews of Miami, Mrs Annette Smith and husband, Mr. Will Smith of Quin cy Mrs. Ernestine Peterson of Washington, D C.; a step-daughter, Mrs. Juanita Brown and husband, Mr. Curtis Brown, Tampa: a devoted son, Mr. Earliest Wilford Williams and wife, Mrs. Kathy Williams of Tampa; step mother, Mrs. Alberta Watkins of Quincy; eleven grandchildren; a loving sister, Mrs Maggie Smith Death Notices EAST SIDE FUNERAL CHAPEL Baby Boy North E. Columbus Dr. WILSON FUNERAL Mr. William Watkins, 2030 31st Ave. Mrs Henriet.ta Anderson, 912 Spruce St. Miss Vonclele C. McCaskill, Arch St. Mr. William Griffin, General Delivery, Wimauma. Mr. Nolton Baxter, 2913 Lindell Ave. Mr. Sylvanus Rhmn, 2311 Chelea Ave. Mr. Lerot Gardner, 2320 12th Ave. Master Alseo L. Green, 4520 40th St. Mr. Earliest William), 2908 31st Ave. Mrs. Minnie L. Williams, 2510 88th Ave. Mrs. Leona Byrd General De livery, Seffner. Mr. Walter Steverson, 3710 31st St. and husband, Mr. Forest Smith of Tampa; an uncle, Mr. Frank Jackson of Quincy; a mother-In law, Mrs. Estella Smith, Quincy; 2 sisters-In-law, Mrs. Margaret Brown and Mrs. Della Smith, bolb of Quincy; a niece, Mrs. Cather Ine Sherrod of Tampa; a host of cousins and other sorrowing rela tlves; a devoted friend, Mr. 0. B. Pitts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and devoted employees of Cities Service Company and other de voted friends. A native of Quincy, Mr. Williams had lived In Tampa for thirty-five years and was a retired employee of Cities Service Company, Tampa Agricultural Chemical. The remains will re pose after 4:00 P.M. Thursday at Wilson Funeral Chapel until near funeral time Friday. "A WILSON SERVICE" Memoriam TAMPA-I have blessed peace from this world below, safe ln tlte arms of Jesus. In memory of my father, Mr. Scott Goodard, 'Nov. 26, 1968. Signed: Mrs. Gwendolyn G. Goodwin. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME Infant Girl Baker, 514 26th Ave., Apt. 203. Mr. Andy Hiii, 618 E. Ross Ave, Mrs. Creola Hunt, 1722 Lamar St. Mr. Roman Johnson, Jr., 101! Goodwin Ct. Mr. Mannie Dixon, 118 W. Park Ave. Infant Boy Jones, 408 W. Ren froe St., Plant City. STONE & GORDON FUNERAL HOME Mr. Henry James Smith, Jr., Georgetown, S. C. Mr. T. J. Shell, 1515 No. 'B' St. Infant Albert Holton, 3103 Knoll wood. Mr. Julius Daniels, 1523 E. Lake Ave. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME Mr Ollie Gary, 405 E. Amelia. Pughsley Chorus Mrs. Louise Bolden, Pres. Mrs. Hazel Petty, Rept. Pughsley Memorial Chorus will have rehearsal Thursday night a' 8 at the home of Mrs. Annie M. Jenkins, 4210 Green St. All mem hers are asked to please be pres ent and on time HADDAD DISCOUNT 815 FRANKLIN THANKSGIVING TOYS 2 GUNS AND HOLSTER Now Reg. 3.97 MEN'S THICK AND THIN SOCKS REG. 77c each Now Only 2 'pr. 1 00 STREET GIRLS' KNEE HliGH SOCKS REG. 77c EACH -Now 2 for 100 MEN-'S CPO SHIRTS REG. $4.97 Now 2 for 700 USE OUR CONVENIENT LAYAWAY


Tuesday, November 23, 1971 BUSIIIDS NO CREDIT??? Having Trouble Boyin1 A Car Because you are abort on Credit or D(twn Payment? LET ME HELP YOU Call Bill Brown 232-4891 OR SEE ME AT SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 FLoRIDA AVE. 'EMPLOYMENT Male Help Wanted l\len 17-35. Guaranteed assignment to Europe, tJ. S. A.i'my Is accepting applications for mini mum 16 mo .ntbs tour In Euro()e In Infantry, armor and artillery career fields. For complete Infor:matlon call Tampa,, Fla 238-7711, Ext. 115, 171, 172. SALES TRAIHEE High School Grads. Make your move. We seek neat aggressive and ambitious high school or drop outs to rep. Ebony, Jet and Time, an d other leadil!g fashion pub. in Hollywood, Chicago, N. Y No experience necessary, average earnings $150 $200 per week. plus bonuses. Trans. furnished. ,Must be able to start. lmmediately. Contact Rob':_rt Haye, Diplomat Motel, St Petersburg, Fla. Ph. 898 5135. An equal opportu ,nity empJo_yer WANTED GO-GO GIRLS. Apply DREAM BAR, 2801 Nebraska Avenue. EMPLOYMENT AVON GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS ARE: A joy to give; a joy tO receive, an even greater joy to aell. Fer full information c.all: 626. MRS. SMITH 872-3242. SEEKING EMPLOYMENT PBX_ OPERATOR 9 weeks of Wilr' WOrk from 7:00 a.m..till 3:00 p.m. or 3:00 p. m.. till 1:00 p. m. Call JOBS FOR WOMEN WE ARE INTERESTED IN talk lng to women willing to prepare for employment with Tampa's fabulous New Government Hospital. Experience uuecessary We train you 3 boon day or evening, for doctors receptionISts, secretarlea, clerk typists, key punch operator& and nurse aides. Call MEDICAL TOR, 223-3649: Female Help Wanted Women age 18-311. Are you tired ol your. present routine? De you wish for travel, meetlnl people and excltlnl work? The Women's Army Corps has many skills available for qualified young women. For complete ln--. formation call Tampa, Fla. 22&-7711, Ext. 115, 171, 172. FOR SALE INCOME PROPERTY 6 ROOM FRAME and 3 room block house on one lot, vacant lot adjoined. 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Built-in-range and ov en, refrigerator, chain link fence on large landscape lot. $10,350. Principal and interest $68.42 monthly. 30 year, 7 per cent mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER 8i2-2729 or 839-1422 TYPICAL EXAMPLE ______ ___ __ HELP US CELEBRATE THE OPENING OF OUR NEW TA:\IPA BRANCH OFFICE By seeing the excellent bargains below. Large 2 bedrooms, block, concerete block, Sultanta addi tion. $12,000. EXTRA LARGE 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, frame. Ross and Randalls addition $9,500. 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, concrete block in Progress Village $10,2i10. all with low down, and I o w monthly payments. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 839-1422 2337 WALNUT AVE. CLEAN 3 BEDROOM-HOUSE, with new double door, refrigerator, stove and partly, furnished. .Upstairs bedroom has separate entrance with rental potential. Make offer. Yacanl Lol Carmen Slreel 50 I 100. 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Very reasonable, near downtown, close to two bus lines. Prices are arranged when interviewed. Call 229-6863, ask for !VIr. Johnson. Washers and Refrigerators. for reril $2.50 Weekly J No Gimmicks Never A Service Charge. Phone 988-9131 7216 40th STREET FOR RENT Clean .Painted ; Houses Phone 251-1$45 ; ; PUBLIC SEilvlCE .':;. Got Car Troubles? TRANSMISSION .. OVE)!HAUL GEN. CAR REPAIRS BY EXPERTS Call 246-3291 RAY'S. GARAGE 3007 .34Jh TAMPA I NEED YOUR BELP Please, any witnesses lo-lhe accident mvolv ing '70 green Maverick on lhe comer of Indiana and Horlh Tampa Sl. Nov. 19, 1971, Friday 4:45 p.m. especially lhe four well dressed black ladies were in the lane nexl to me. Please call 884-3698 I i -I i I I I I I i I I PACE TWENTY-THRU PUBLIC SERVICE REWARD MALE CIDHUAHUA. Off cream color, missing since Sunday. Re ward for anyone, who finds him. Answers to the name Call 238-1367. AUTO INSURANCE lMMEDIATE COVERAGE lit a eost that corresponds to your driving Jack Berry 626-6194 4-A LOU-LOU OF A DEAL ON PLUMBING C.SOLiS TRADING POST Same Location For 13 Years 1'\'IOVE? 3822 E. BR9ADWA Y PHONE IIRI .NG ELECTBICAL AND, REPAIRS One-Trip Service Trucks 210 Franklin St. FUHEBAL DIRECTORS . FUNERAL HOME Is .service" Phones: 248 !45'-21132 PUGHSLEY Funeral Home 34G2 26th As Impressive :as required As lnexpensive .... as Phones. 247-3151 or 247 R O G ERS Funeral Home 4605 34tb St. Pllone 233.,9302 01' 258-0764 LADY ATTENDANT "WE GivE THE .BEST FOR LESS" -BUSINESS 'LEASES .. i;At ':rAMP A PARI I sHOPPIIfG EiTm. NEBRA,;SKA AT SCO)T FOR RATES.' :. t.: : .: ,. .: .; : s '' 2 29 ,T1;' a : 4 : r 1 (


PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Fla. Sentinel Bulletin-Published every Tuea. anCI FrL Get Both EdltlOD.I Tuesday, 23, --3FJII]I3l} DII]E'ITE3 YCUR CHOICE FOR ONLY The Foshionab1e NefA! lor LESS 7-Pc. Family 36" X 48" X 60" EXTENSION i TABLE and SIX HIGH BACK "DON RAMON" CHAIIS SELF-EDGED WOOD GRAIN TABLE OP I LIFETIME HIGH PRESSURE PLASTIC ; RICH WIPE CLEAN VINYL COVERS HEAVY DUTY EBONY BLACK FAAMES' ------This beautiful solid wood cabinet with hand rubbed face veneers houses a solid state transistor radio that has dual balance control and dual channel amplifiers, and a BSR changer with last record shut-off. A superb instrument at a .,omical price. STEREO 11995 TRANSISTORIZED S T EREO CONSOLE $ 5 -For those who .___ -/-the finest spanish-wri:ahtrron $;ft -r \ _.r, OOAGONN. JiiDI!SUI._ -jlABU and I .IACI "CASTI!Mr' (pEDESTAL IN-M!OICI OAK FINisij] SELF-EOGI! _Lil'l!_ TIM& PLASTI<: 1 HIGH -liN TEXTURI!O EASY-CARE VINYL Y!Mlf WStttoNEO SEA,.. WI!OUGHT IKACK HOLIDAY TERMS I '. ___ for dining eleg ance -.-----. lntludes 42" Buffet-;\. 41" Gloss Door 48" x 48" x 60" Table, 1 Arm and -3 side choirs. --------J .llJlJli1uM. 9.nc, Dining divinely needn't be exorbitant, if you choose your furniture with care. You can choose from this striking collection at prices you can easily man-ARMON! -30 E. Broadway. PHONE 248-2557 j age. And please note these fine construction stain and scratch resistant table t()ps; cabinets with loads of storage space for your fine china, linens, sil verware, glassware; lustrous Spanish Oak finish on select hardwoods and hardboard. t Elegantly rich In looks sufPrisingly affordable in tPr!ce thil and more, yours in Maderia.--Af'W


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