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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 25, no. 10 (January 18, 1972)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
January 18, 1972
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Tampan Is First Black To Open Barber Shop At Major Airport --------------------------------:-,..... ....;;....' SEE STORY O N PAGE S----H-e-ar_Y_e_! '\H( O : t i i idOl 1 : .. \ \ Sentlnel I -:-l \":.J l 8 tta1 Uleif m:: Wed. And Sat. AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY Advertisers Invite YOU ;YOL 25, N O. 10. TAMPA FLORIDA, TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. TWO WOUNDE. D IN SHOOTOUT

PAGE TwO Fla. lentlnel-Bulletln Published every TuH. and Frt. Celt Both Edittions Tue-sday, January 18, 1972 1 -ROUGf BLACKSz WE'RE NOT INVOLVED JIATON ROUGE, La. :.....-The ask queationa later." elderly woman in the ragged The barber, who-asked that his ahawl cautiously through name be withheld, aaid several ,the locked sqreelj door at the ,elldressed blacks in butterfly atanrung on ller porch. b9w tief had -_ into his $op "Who .is it?", abe and jt .. last-him to, a was obvioWI that abe was afraid. poster 10 his wmdow advertlsmg I'm a reporte r: man Monday night's ill-fated street .an ; "from, a newapaper and J c: rally wh1ch ended In want' to talk to you about Milton and death :LeBiuff the. boy. who got _shot didn't seem ve!y fn the riot. I understand he to -me," the barber sa1 d. They next door : told me they members of -"I .... don t 1rnow anything about the Black Muslims ar.d that they ft l said "Please go away had come to town to or g anize I don t want any trouble blacks here, to free the .. blacks ;n It was the sixth house fn the .Bato n Rouge from economic same block where the black reslavPry. --porte r !tad sought Information said to help he had receivea the same blac'ks start the1r own resoonse each .time; o w n their own banks and -The black citizen\! of Baton the construction of better housmg Rouge will not talk to strangers for blacks. Lord knows I agreed .,;::::..even.:', members of their own with them I still don't under r a ce.:_about the racial melee 'last S tflnri how the got started'' Monday night which resulted in P o l k e Chief Eddie Bower In-four person. being shot to death t he shooting began after a and 34 others wounded black television. newsman, Henry Th e ev ents in this Industrial Battiste, was .set upon by mem' town wtthin the 'past several days hers of the black community crowd at the rally and beaten. into a virtual' ghost town where Whl'>n the police moved in to the residents .remain. behind break it up, the shooting began, locked doors of their weatherBower claims. beaten clapboard houses -after 9 In the bloody clash that ensued, P rn with their blinds tightly two deputy sheriffs and ._twQ drawn. ., blacks were shot and killed. Bob The poolrooms beer j9lnts Johnson, a white newsman for en Nor th Blvd., the stem television station remains ., df the black ghetto. Brf darkened, in critical condition at 9ur Lady and the stre'et Is de'serted except of the Lake Hospital with heaj for the shotl'(un-carrying two-mlll!l wounds police patrols. A white photographer for The nQt safe to w!ilk State Times and Morning Advo. of th1s town at. mght, cate who was at the rally said a black barbershop owner. Tlm member of the Black Muslim with tpe Black ,has group informed him they had really scared the cops. 1 ve come to take over the city. seen them this way before. -;. They're walking arC?und with theil' "This Is not a demonstration," fin gers on the triggers of their he quoted a Muslim as saying. and they'll shoot first and "This is a confrontation. We want a confrootation with the police and city officials We are here b take over this town in nine day .. -.and to die." The photographer said be asked for permission to take photos of the Black Mus lims and one of them informed him. "You can do any t hing you want. You won t get out of here anyway." "I decided it would be health ful to get out of there as soon as possible," the photographer said shot my photos and left." Robert C ; Williams, a lawyer says he was told that the Muslims told members of the crowd. Stand back, this is our fight with the police Williams represents Ravmon Eames, one of the nine bla cks arrested on murder and conspiracy charg es. Most of the bla ck citizens of Baton Rou g e are confused by the rapid chain of ev e nts which ceeded Monday's bloodshed. and few are willing to express an opinion. "I don't know what to believe about it a black beauty shop owner said "I have heard 'lO many differP.nt stories :1bout the riot. I find it bard to believe that 12 young men would come to a strange city with the hooe of t over. It just doesn't m?l.:e sense They must have had .;,.,me other reason for being hE'r". Like of bl:1ck resldentc:.' thP. ilDf's not want to get in v olved in the controvP.rsy. "It Is true," she said "that most of the blacks in Baton Rou g e live in poverty, and it also true that whites control t he city, hut if it m<>ans giving up my life In an attempt-to over thrnw the whi te f o lks, I '"ould to go on being poor : Optimism On South Is lfonic John Lewis, no stranger to beatIng s and southern jails predicte.d Iw_re Wednesday tha t continued applica t ion of the philosophy and discipline of nonviolence can ry the to a beloved comof justice, compassion arid internal peace, Comin g from Lewis the bead of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee dur lng the height of the. ci v il righ t s era, the optimism bad an edge 0f i rony He was one of the few who gave the most, includ i ng 40 arrests, to help achieve the tri. urpphs that several participants in a symposium here have called deceiving. King Arthur's _Inn PROUDLY PBESEIITS TIE DfTERNATIOHALLY FAMOUS \ INK SPOTS Lewis, now head of a voter cation project in A t lan t a, did not overlook the 2 5-million unre g i s te red blacks, the violent acts" and the "many sl./Jtl e and insid. ious schemes that weaken the bl a ck vote" in t he South. But he dwe lled far long e r on the pos itive, pointing to marke d g a ins in black regi stration and Thurs. -Fri.-Sat. Sun. -4 B I Ci. N I G H T S -CALL FOR RESERVATIONS KING ARTHUR'S INN 4636 N. DALE MABRY HWY. Two Blocks Borth. of Tampa Stadium PBOIE 877-7571 COURTHOUSE CAPERS Assaults The top of Charles -Every Salter's right ear was bitten off Saturday night during a fight at the Paradise Bar, 22nd Street and 28th Avenue Salter 20, 2101 Cano Ct said he and a man known ss "Slim" were fighting in s ide the bar and Slim bit his E'ar. Salter broke free and ran fr o m the scene after the assault Mrs Loui se M Young 25, arrested e.t 1 910 E. 14th Aventle Satu.rday night after s he shot her boy f r iend. Police officer J. M. Howlftt said the woman was pick e d up after shooting Lee Bige-ens i n the l eg d u ring a dvme s tic arg ument. Tampa oolice r eporte d Sunda y morning t hat Johnn y McMullen Jr .. 51. 1!11!1 5 t h Aven u e w as as &aulted whi le at 28t h S t r ee t near Ada m o Dri v e McMullen said a man h it him o n the h e ad with a _!>rick. Burglaries Unidentified thieves broke into Gil'ev and Watkins' Tavern. 1 702 E Colum b us Drive Friday morn ing and stole $41:50 in coins and several packs of cigarett f s.' .The place owned by Tommy Watku:s 4i.4 -E. Emily, was burglarized be twf'en 12:15 and 9:30 a m A J)Qrtable color television set vrortli $3oo. was stolen from the home of John Daniel, 35, 2813 Valentine Ct The rear window r.f the aoartment was broken out for the thieves to enter. Mrs. Mattie Monroe, 79, 1202 Morgan reoorted her home burg larized Friday. The elderly woman said soq1eone entered through her back door and took her portable rad io. valued at $10. The Afro-1\merican Insurance company building at 2101 22nd AvPnue was broken into Saturday n ight, police repor t ed. The un ident i fied subjects broke a w indow wit.h a steel pipe, entered th e building, ransacke d several offices a nd left without taking an y thing A thief took $2 in chan g e after g o ing thr o ugh the house and tear i n g up t hings at the home of Mrs Annie P o well, 59, 4624 37th Street. Mrs Powell said several thir.gs w e r e disarrayed btit t he money w as the onl y thirig : mi s s i ng. o ffice-holding since the 1965 Voting Rig h t s Act an d t he n ew a t m osp h ere o f mod erat ion t.he d ec l i ne of d e magoguery and the rise o f reas 0n Lewis was flanked during a p a n e l dis c ussion at the Univer sity of South Florida by two w hite men from Mississippi, a battleground throughout the civil rights movement. And one of them, Lt. Gov. Wil-.. liam Winter pointed cryptically to ano ther indication oi change. "If there is not some Sort of new South," Winter said, "then I ask you, what is the lieutenant governor oi the state of Missis sippi doing in a meeting of this kind?" Frank Smith a moderate U .S. representative who was gerry mandered into defeat in 1962, said much of the burden of race" has been lifted from southern polit ic" "Our worst problem is pover ty said Sm i th now director of the Tennessee Valley Att l hority. When he and Winter were ask ed about the disgraceful wages allegedly paid the farm workers of Sen. James Eastland, D-Miss Smith charged that "those wages are five to 10 times higher than t hose paid Chicanos and other t ransient workers in Florida." Gov. Reubin Askew aldressed the symposium Wednesday night. The last program of the day symposium on the contem porary South was a panel Partici pants were f o r m e r governor LeRoy Colli ns Robert Cols of Harvard, A-fay or Howard Lee of C hapel Hill, N C Joel Fleishman of Duke and C. Vann Woodward of Yale. Thefts A 12-volt battery was taken out of a 1962 Comet either Saturday or Sunday. Mi-s. Hurley Felton, 66, 1515 Union Apt. 705, said she had just pur chased the battery for $24 whe n it was stolen. Ths car was parked in the lot near the apartment building w hen t he part was taken Corne ll H e ndri x, 46, 1010 Gov ernn o r t o ld polilce l a te night that he was b e aten and r o b b ed b y two men and a w onum who offered t o give qim a r i de home Hend r i x s a i d the t ri o dr ov e h i m to a dead end sec t ion ..,f 22nd Stree t a n d t o o k $ 7 3 i n cash, a w r is t wat c h and his s hoes all v a lued at $ 1 50. Aft e r the robb ez-y Hendr i x wa l k ed to a n :earby house a n d a s k e d t h e o c cup a nts to ca tl the poli c e. Several men broke into the home of George Tate, 46, 8 914 N Nebraska Avenue, and stole $101 after they stabbed him once Tate said his home was entered at 10 p.m. and the men beat a n d stabbed him with a knife then took money, and -several articles of clothing before lewlng. The incident was not re-ported uritil 8:33 the next day. Thomas Lee Floyd, 19, was ar rested Friday after he stole a .22 caliber revolver from a man'll car, parked at 3508 N Florida Avenue. The gun is valued at $20. Newsome 21, 2411 25th Avenue Apt. 1. told police Saturday morning tl}at someone stole his car. Newsome reported that he had parked the 1963 Chev y at his home when it was taken The car is wor t h $300. Lorenzo Hayes, 22, 851 Zack, told pc!ice that was robbed at g u nooint Friday afternoon. Hayes said a man approached him with.:_. a knife and demanded his money. Hayes said $37 in cash taken. 'Dead' Addicts In Harlem Show NEW YORK -' One out of 29 babies born in Harlem Hospital is add ict ed to a narc otic drug." With t his frightening static, shown on a ps yc h e delic poster un der a black light, artistPatrolman Corl i ss of Harlem s W. !35t h ; St. Precinct, opened an anti drug displ ay t hat a ims to "make t e en a gers real i z e th a t dea t h is a re a l i ty Corl i ss 44, h a s built lifesizs paper mache mannequins of he roin addicts and posed them in Macabre death positions to pur posely frighten young people an d, i t i s hoped b make th e m think bef o re t urning to glassine bags and needles as a w ay out The displays are being shown in the precinct house basement to groups of sChool children a n d community leaders. one exhibit shows a young girl lying on her bed with syringe still in hand A stream of blood ciried now, trickles down her ann. A princess style telephone beside her is off the hook and poster faces of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix rock stars now d e a d from overd::ses, look down on her. One mannequin is seated on a chair in a tenement basement, his head slumped down on his chest. On the floor, at the dead boy s feet are a bottle cap, used matches and seyeral empty glas sine envelopes. "This isn t going to stop our youth from using," said Majorie Doxen of the United Harlem Drug F i ghters of Harlem Hos pital. "They see their classmates 'OD' (overdose) and that doesn t stop it." But Patro lman Corliss, who studies pa i nt i ng and sculpture at {he Art League and who plans to retire in three years to tea ch art to teenagers, took a m o re positive view. "I think the Images of dead men and women will stay w ith them for &Orne time, he said.


Tuesday, January 115, 197;1 l'ta. Published every Tuea. and l'"rl. Gert Hoth Ed.itlont .t" A lil!. THKI!.fi ACiED WOMAN FACES SUIT IF HOUSE ISN'T REPAIRED T ampan Is First Black To Operate Barber Shop At International Airport By JOHNNY GIVE N S Sentinel Staff Writer A 75year-{)l d West Ta mp a woma n wr..s recen tly w a rne d b y a uth o rit i es to either repa i r h e r hous!:! o r f ace pro se c u tion Mrs. Al!ne tte r Duhar t, 1905 Spruce S t r e e t sai d a ma n came to hC'r house and told her he w as a government inspector She was told that her h ouse needed sev e ral things done to it and she could have it repaired with a $3,500 loan or grant !rom the federal g r w e rnment. M rs. Duhart said she knew there were a few minor repairs needed but she has kept the place up over the years using most of her life's savings One of the things the man cited was the need of a pest control twt being placed over her hom e The elderly told : the ini:.pector that the house was just treated six m01;fus ago. The treatment is dec;igned to last five ye:Jrs or more. She was first aske-d to prove t!lat the house had been recently c0vered and after she produced a cancelled check to the ex t e rminating company the inspec tor still said that the house had to be coverea again. Mrs Duhart said the inspector made a long list of things that needed repa1rmg around h e r house and after adding the figures told the woman that the repairs wou i d go over the grant by $1,000 with payfllents being stretched over a 20-year period. B ef ore r e pa ir s would s t art on t h e h ouse, M rs D u ha r t s igne d a with a c l ause showinl{. t h e h ouse would bel o n g to the g o vPrn me n t in the ev e nt som et hing h a ppen ed to the 75-y e ar-{)l d woman bef o re the loan is paid off. M rs Duhart is hoping the c omp a n y be investigated b e f or e other elderly people sign the papers a s she did. Several elderl y and low income families who are buying horr.es ha v e been c o nfronted w ith t he same government plan ". S o me feel the plan is on the level wh!l'! others feel as Mrs Duhart does On the inspector s visit af.ter the signing of the papers Mrs. Duhart said the man barged into her home telling me what to do". The woman said she is awa:ooe 'that two doors are needed and a window needs fixing as well as a few boards at a door where rain blew in but she feels that $3,500 is more than enough to cover tliese repairs. A lett(;r she received from the Rehabilitation Office of the b:Jrhood Development Program under Urban Renewal said thRt h(;r house was in violation of the minimum housing code and fail ure to have the house repaired would result in her being prose cuted by the City of Tampa. The letter said the repairs should be made before or by December 27. When Mrs. Duhart was con tacted early this month the contractor had not been by the house and no repairs had started By ::\'1.-\RTHA WHITE S e ntin e l Staff Writer After bei n g i n t h e barb e ri:l g bus ines s f'Jr over 2 5 yea rs a n d oper a t ing t w o s hops a n d a beau t y shop in the east ern p art of the city, R o bert C ole h a s es t ablish e d another "first" for blacks Monday morning Cole ope n e l the doors to h i s barber shop c oncession in the all-ne w $85 milli o n Tampa International Airport m air. ing h im the first black in the srate a n d possibly the country t o have a c o ncession in 11 major nal airport Ideally located in the transfer level of the airport opposite a Iiquqr store, the $50,000, threc7 chair establishment will operate two shifts from .. 7 to 11 with :'! staf( of six barbers, two curists, and three slioe shiners. The s\J,op will be managed b" Mrs. Geraldine Brooks Hayes a JUDGE IS SPEA'KER. TODAY IN TAMPA y oung and a ttractive barberette lng to Cole. who at t ended Florida A & M BarCole's long record of serv i ce, ber Colle ge Her assistan t s will as well as h i s pr o fess i onal kno"' be Ra y Big g e rstaff who w o rked h o w is guarantee enough that t 0 p :n th e barb e r s hop in the old a ir-n o tch s ervice will ba off e red d por t !11d Col r s son James. An-the a i rport. oth e r son Anthony, Don Darias Over the y ears, C ole has em and \'."illia m Aldridge are the played 40 persons startin!C other b3rbers Aldridge a nat\vs In a shop on Columbus Drive and of J ackson v il!e, got his hair sty!-Street and then to Lake ist training at Tampa Barber Avenue befol'e opening the sh0ps aoo went to work br a t 3407 E Buffalo and the most C ole after working at the Davis r ece nt one st 5 204 34th Street Island Barber Shop The mani-Cole' s barber sons attendPd curists, Pearl Leonard and Sherry Tampa Barber College Anotirer Toombs > were both trained at the son. Robby, did Mt choose his National Beauty School. father's profession and his wife, The shoe shine men will play' Madel y ne, operates the beauty n big part in helping the entir4 shop that adjoins the shop on E. staff give exceptional service. Buffato. Geprge White, J. B. H;amilton Being optimisl i q about the Jamil Coozens ; quite experienced nEss so far, James said bootblar:ks, worked in : the old airmorning on the second day of port's shoe shine concession operation th:1t "it's promising". Business started flowing Cole's According to him business ls way as soon as he opened fhe gopd, "in barberirig, success de shop at S A.m. Monday. Already-i;>imd' s .. much on the him it seems to be a success, accord '. self," lie concluded : FORMER TAMPAN MAKING. IT._. BIG IN BUSINESS WORLD NEW oRLEANS "The ecorihe acct..."mulated enqugh capital by omic base for the progress black 1965 to build a 13-unit apartment businessman is not in the ghetto, complex: The success of that but in high places." This is the ture conv i nced McLeod that con belief of a former Tamp an who struction was his forte. has made it big in New Orleans-McLeod Associates manages to Rudolph A McLeod. By following maintain1 its volume of busiriess his own advice over the past ten by cutting to the ba!:e minyears. McLeod has built a solid imum, says ryicLeod. i base in the New Orleans construe-"For instance," he says, "we're tion industry. currently con' sidering putting a The projects which B&M Con-satelite parking lot ld relieve struction Co.-in which McLeod some of the incredibic traffic con is a partner with Horace Bynt...'m I gesti6n in down t own New o:r-has buiit include the $3. 5 leans. The idea is to copstrt...-

........ I ftW1 7aMdilr _. l'lfdllr II _.;:;: ....... Bulle* .PIIb'tw aP. 0. Bos 8363, Tampa, J'lorida 111101 C. BLYTIIB ANDREWS FOUDder aDd Publlahu e_ BJ:. YIB& .&NDBEW&, .J&,. Executive Eal&al! SDION. JOHNSON 'Via IlKS.. ROSE CR.UTCBJI'O:LD Vice Prelll.dell&.So.elat7 JOHNNY JACOBS' VIce Preafclent.-AdvettlsiDI clasS' postage pN'd at TaJDpe, Frorlda SUBSCIUPTION RATES $ 6..50 PeJ' year one .. eclition. S11.50 per year botiL edUioDS Fixing lhe (iuilt Baton Rouge r The. disaster al Atl!iea Pri.SDn ,;hould have taught aD of us in the newa media a -cynical lesson be vet'Y cautious about tak lng the first official story as gospel. Another near cataSifrGp:he in. Rahway New Jersey, a few weeks iater showe-d that t h ., initial ,reporta from the officials Jllu&t be taken as highly swayed J,y the eJDClltiona. of t 'he moment. ADo ao the dark staina of suspicion canfront us iuunediatety wJie1t there ia another d.f.aster in -Baton Roul'e, L11. Last. Wed lleSday, one local daily newspa per r editorialized in & ri-diculous. rmell' a.hout the 'revolution : uies.'' only four hours before the lbuth waa revealed OD national tele'Yia.ion. If they cOUil.l, we'r eel!fain they would h-ave with Clra.wn tftu preposterous editorial :..._wb.iich. seems. to ha.ve become The .. daily made the usual, mi tak& .orne of' us are pHty of ome of the time. lit crabbed iaitial reporu and weot to witn eGDclusioos of iUieit proof. Hours later, the real truth auf faced. The later reports ahowed that Aus far no weapon uaed by the reYOlutiona.n...'' c o u l d ... produced. Some Mack leaden nported that eil'ht of their .-opJe. anested and eharl'ed with MUrder had no acce .. to firearms. ne alu!rilf admitted t h a t ihe &una found beloqecl to his men, .._ ol them ahot to death. It is true, the Federal Bureau of Jnyesfipitfon traced the move-' rne111t of the black l'nMIP hom Rochellfer. N. Y., tb.rouh t be South to Tampa and back to Baton R.,..e. But the FBI would ay about the ahootout. This in itself was a meaSUJ'e of caution. Fixiaa tJa. Wame has ltecome a natioaal paalime. JD.taat replaya baYe taul'ht us to make up our minds immediately. Sift. ing evideDce is rel'arded as an unnecessary delay m the judi"' process.. The -ri.,ll is not ple.sanll, but the wicked are not so easy to '!identify in the Baton Roul'e case, or any other such case. It takes th.-fullaesa of time to sort out enemies of human life. Everybody who reapec:ib Ia w must mourn the two whites and two Macks who died iD Batoa Rouge. But everybody also must tit'C the evidence sifted and ballisll ica testa completed prior to pronoum:inl' guilt or hmoc:eDCe. L.nw and order mu.t be fem J)('rl.'d with ju.tice ia this waiting game. IT IIEliiT SO MUCH T& THEM A Caucus For Black .Purposes. Two Tampa-nessmen, James A. Hammond, vice-president of A. L. Nellums & Associates, and James Ha:r grett, executive vice.presi' dent of Community Federal Sav ings and Loan Associa1lion, have com:eived the idea of a B 1 a cIt E usinesamenS' Similar groups of thia lr: I'll d have popped up before in Tampa. but the B lac: lr. Businessmen's Caucus deaigned by Hammond and Hargrett h-.. cert a in ad vn-ntages over all others-propo.ed. First, all the persona invi-ted to are independent of politiw or job ties, and the majority make their 'livinl' almo.t exclusively off of black people. Secondly, th-. roup is J.im.ited initially fo thirty business a n d professional mea and women. -Third, all th'e invitees are under 50 yean of ace to insure like mindedneas, and finally, there W iU lae no permanent chaiimaD or officers. Each persoa. inYoiYed will chair the Caucus on a rnonth ly basis. As we understand it, the group will call for a new awakeninc to the issues which affed a 11 blllc:k people In the community. Issues auch as consolidation, the newly proposed commercial buil-din code, the Fla. Demo Presidential primary, the g-rooming of black candida tes for public of. a n d other ecODOJDic and po.itical issues which affect Hirllsborough's 62,000 witl be aired and presented. The Black B u s i n e 11 a m e n a Caucus has already met twice and the enthusiasm for thia new dedi cation to the concentration of independent eff.ort definitely impresse-d us. The Caucus impressed ua because of the s i g n of the dawn of a new day for blacks In Hillsborough County. The importance of the Caucus cannot be magnified too much, because it brings together a wealth of previously unassembled men and wpmen to. illuminate the So They Tell Me (Celltlnued from Pa.re 1): elected by district.s7 not :nominated by districts and. e l e e: t e d cou:ntywide. Let. Brandon, Plat City. Temple Terrace elect their, own councilmen,. and n()i create a setu]l where Tampa can elect, if ilt choose, all the officials. District :nomination and eou:ntywide elecftion.s m a y be designed to hamper blacks butt it would a Ia o hamper whites, eS.peeial:ly those from outside Tampa. A scheming politician could move into a distrid,, where he has a few friends, come in second in the district nomination and get elroted by his friends from other sections. We doo't like nominating by diBtricts and electing countywide. If it is good to nominate by distrielts, why not elect by distriC!ts. The U. S. does not require cori 'to be nominated by districle, then run statewide to be elected. We think councilmen snould be paid good salalies and should be part of every authority, say two councilmen be named to each board and the mayor three other citizens. You have heard or read a lot ab from m years. Last fall I bad a call ti:&JW pal I badn't seen since. t l. World's Fair ol 1964, He. wu calling in blind outrage beca:uae Wellinrton Mara wouldn't. led Fnn Tukesrton $3,1M,OOO aome aueh sum. He thotllht if all pt totether with a petitiaa we would convince Wellington the atingy way wu not the football player' way JoiJ mend wu apearbeadina this thrust back to the days of republican pneromty. l'oUDcl out this friend had become a trand ( C011tinued on Ps.ge %1) districts. Gambling, yes gambling caused the rotten conditions. The gambling syndicate, which controlled open gamolinar ift Tampa _lonw aJo, sought to elect not only dermen and the mayor, but also the state's atto.rney, the c o u A t y sclicitor, the justice of the peace, criminal judge, and constable. Only the were elected by districts. You hear a lot about the &hortage of funds to do this problems of our people.. The and that by varioW! &roup wiU undoubte-dly present ernment bodies. We think and clarify the political and would create economic concepts which govern more efficiency in opera-blacks and then do .omethinc ting and considerable about U. In our final judgment, money to use to improve the fad that unity am.ong un public services, including attached an-d unbought blacks is hiring more police, paving at last a reality, is in itself a your streets, an d many major for ouT. -more things which are IG community. badly neded.


TuesVER RlJNAWAY&.AYeS .' +t BEAT THREE 1( ,\__ -_ ; 1 !NQi d .... fiAT s. JESUP ANI) ,I I ,,... ""' =---1/ l aooo __ ,.,.. .. --SlNER} otAT FT. !1

?AGE SIX Fla. Sen t ine lBu ll e tin P u b lish e d every Tues. and F rf. Get Both EdHion1 r Tuesday, FRIENDS ENJOY SOCIAL GET TOGETHER Friends enjoying a delightful soc ial get together left, Mrs. Eula Henry, Mrs. Cara Woodle, Mrs. Mildred Douglas hostess, and Mrs. Mary McCullough. STEWARD BOARD HOLDS MEETING Memben of the Alle n T e mple A M E Church S teward Board N o Z attendin g the j anuary mee t Ing I nclud e d from l eft, Mrs. Edith Sulli v an Robert Gree n F r e d Gardner, v ice chai rman, and 1\fr s Cora B L arkins. In t he bottom ph o to a r e H a r o ld Daniels Mrs .To Ann Daniel s and Harry Rile y Wishing You A Happy Birthday By MISS ROSE Th ere are two birthd ay s In the o usehold of .Mr. and M rs. New n Llo y d this mon t h, Sidn ey will 6 on J anuary 21, and Valerie ill be 14 on the Valerie a 9th grader at Dowd ell Jr. i gh The Llo yds are P rogress illage residents whosa address 4711 87th Street. Kevin Gibson reached the age 9 years oo January 9 and 1ere was a party at his home, :13 LaSalle Street Enjoy ing the m were Rhonda, Cr ystal, Ty ne and Lasharme Brown Paul, :lUla, Jennifer and Vincen t Ball r ed McGriff Alex and T y rell 1!1, Lowell Johnson, Michael J driguez Brenda and Beverly 1rrett, Michael Holll!ton, Carmen ilson, Andrea Scott Sharon Me'3a and Robert Brown Rodney : .!I'JUS Clo ud L eo n ard and Lenora Cobb, ru1d Kevin s sister, Tanya, On J anuary 2, M yrna Shum a n obser ved her 1 6 th b i r th d a y She is a jun i o r at Plant Hig h Scho o l and a member of Beulah B aptist Church. Her parents are M r. and 1\Trs. George Shuman 2115 State Street. There was a nice party to celebrate M yrna' s spec i al da y and her guests were Cheryl Judge, Denise Kelly Willie Ann Davis, Carol y n Wooden, Michelle Andrews Louise Peterson, Lillian Andre Larry Peterson, Kevin Hammond, Gary Hammond Mit chell Felder, Marion Tri ggs, Willie Knighton Tony Capers. Ronald Curry and Satura Sht."man Ladies assisting her m o t h e r were Mrs. Mildred Windom and Mn. Roeetta Judje. Jac qu e line D e n i se Samps o n w a s 8 o n J a nu a r y 10. She is t he daugh ter o f :i\{r an d l\Irs. Leroy S a mp s o n 4119 Nassau S t re et, and a th i rd g r a d e student at D a le 1\Iabry S c h ool. She attends Sunday School at B e t h e l A M E Chur c h A p o pular y oung g e n t i n P ro g r e s s Village w ho arr i v ed at the a g e of 21 on January 1 5 was R o b ert Henr y son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Henry T h e d a ughters of S / Sg t. and M r s J o hn H Stephe ns of 3303 38t h Avenue had b irt hda y s this month G lor i a s was o n the 1 2th and Shel ah 's w as the 1 6 t h B el ated bir th d ay greeti ngs eo also to Cynthia O wen s January 4 ; Alveda Sharlene Verno n J anuary 10; Orz.retha Odom J anuary 12; Audre y Odom January 131 M a m i e Cordelia Vernon January li; ruJd Hen r y Jooes January Hi. Mu. Cheryl Miller daughter of 1\fr and Mrs. Lymon Reed, celebrated a b irthday w hile vi.slther family during the holiday. She w aa ben from Illinoia. lUPER BOWL VICTORY Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B-aker host e d a Sup e r-Bowl Party Sunday afternoon at their residence Pine Street Attending were Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Larry, 1\fr. and Mrs. W. H. Jones Otis Harper, Alton Blanton, Miss Inez Washington Mrs. Norma Haley Mrs. Ar lene Evans, Mrs. Helen Taylor and W. H. Jones, Jr. SIGMAS M-EET WITH MRS. FAVORS Beta Kappa Sigma Chapter of Sigm\l Gamma Rh:> Sorority was at the home of Mrs. Carolyn Favors, 1911 Grace Street, for t he January meeting There was a dis c ussion on the annual NeighbortJood Meeting which will be in Fort Pierce Saturday. Several mem-bers will attend. Enjoying Mrs. Favors' hosp!Wility were Mrs. Johna Andrew, Mrs. Florence Blair, Mrs. Doretha Carrington, Mrs. Rebecca Clarke, Mn. Carrie L. Deering, Mrs. Mildred Douglal Mrs WUUe B. Gal lon, Mn. Mildred Harris, Mn. Bert Holland, Mrs. -uttlu, Mrs. Pearlean Moore, Mrs. Eule Steward, Mrs Fannie B. Stoite, Mrs. Jennie Webb .and Mrs. sarah Wynn. The February meeting will be at t he residence of Mrs Willie J. Gallon, 1408 W Platt Street. kECENT VISITORS Recent v i sitors in our town were the Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Smith of Daytona Beach and Mrs. McGill of Alachua They were holiday guests of Mn. Elois Smith of 32nd St. Joining the lor dinner were 1\fn. W. B. Pickett, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lane and c;hildren, Gilbert, Sheryl Ann and Earl Jr. PRESIDENTIA L CANDIDATES PARTICIPATE IN RAP The Marion E Rogers Memorial Democratic Women's Club the largest integrated club in the .state a5sited by PEP ( Public Em$lhasis Program) Club, has once again suc c essfully the welcome mat for Presidential Candidates This time it was a black rap and educational w o r k sess i on, well a t tended by fOung adults and women, with leading black men and women of Tampa Bay area on hand to plug for their favorite candidates or president. The work which was held at the International Inn on fat urday, ended with a luncheon Platform guests were black represent atives for the various presi dential candidates and they were to show justifiable e v idence that minorities were a real part of the planning. An Invitation was extended to all candidates and the following camps wer.e represented: Chis holm Jackson, M c Govern and Humphrey, Mrs. Dorothy E. Harmon, Presiden t of the M E. Rogers (Continued on page 7) hints R OSALIE SCOTT, STAFF ASSISTANT IV %g 7:?/ak CARNATION HOMEURVIC OIRECTOA Cream e d C auliflower a nd P eas i s a flavorful winte r ve ge table medley. A velv etized e v aporate

r Tuesday, January 18, 1972 Fla. Sentlnel-BulleHn Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editlonl PAGE MIRRORS OF SOCIETY Candlelight Service At Allen Temple B y BEVERLY (Continued From Page 6) M emo r i al C l ub and Executiv e D irector of PEP C lu bs, presid ed THE LLOYD S HAVE A BOY The new b a b y a t the h o me o! Mr. and Mrs 1'\ewlon Lloyd 4711 87th Street, is a littl e boy. He arrived D ecember 2 3, and hir name is N icholas. HOME AGALl'll Mrs. Evelyn Foster of Co rona, L I New York IS h:Jme agam after a pleasant s t ay in the Cigar City. She was the guest of Mrs, Janie Stroud, Mrs. Sarah Pearson, Mrs. Mamie Rainey and Mrs. :Minnie MitchelL GOING AWAY PARTY Mrs. Ella Best hosted a going away party for her daughters, J.\'ln. Doris Tolliver and )1iss Vernell Best, a.nd grandchildren, Mark, Ellen and Wendy Tolliver. Ot.'le r guests were Mrs. Elizabeth Green, L1llle Ross, Mr. and Mrs Dan Mathis, Mrs. Lillie Cook and ch1ldren Lee Edward,. Jerryll, Millie and Boyd ; Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Best, ;\lr. and Mrs. Ray field Williams Gwendolyn Best, Mrs. Dessie Burne!, l\lr. and and l'\lrs. Nathan B es t, Mrs : Blanch McWhite, Mrs. Marg1e Hampton, Brenda H a mpton, Mrs Margaret Sumes, Johnnie Gordon, Joseph Williams, Johnnie Best and Mrs. E. Sledge. WEEKEN D ON EAST COAST Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stewart recently were in the M1ami ere a for a weekend visit. They were guests of h i s brother and wife Mr. and MI:s. Leonard Stewart, and also visited Mr. and Mrs. Coachman in Liberty City, Mr: and Leroy 'Berry, Coconut drove; Mr. and l\Irs Allen in South M1am1; and Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Stewart, Hollywood ROYAL COURT HAS ANNUAL AFFAIR The Grand Royal ,Court. Department, of the Lily White S. B. A. had their annual dinner aiid program on at the Lily Whit e Temple, 1511 Central Avenue. i\lrs. Johnnie Mae Thomas was prqgram chairman. She was ssisted by Mrs. Ruby McCall who provided piano music. Program participants were Mrs Asia Lee C()rbett, Mrs. Mary Simmons, Mrs. Margaret Harris of Clearwa ter; Mrs. Pearl Laidler. Among those attendi n g were l\lrs. Ada Snow, Mrs. Ruby Dixon, State President Clearwater; Mrs. Donnie Belle Guinyard, Orlando; WiiJie Ma'e White Orland <>; Mrs Sallie Fuce, Orlando Mrs. /.nnle Pope, Mrs Serena iloward, Mrs. Dozie Green, ;\Irs. Reatha Williams and Mrs. Drucilla Gardner. HERE FROM NEW YORK Flying in from East Elm Hurst, New York for a recent visit were Mr and Mrs James Lies and children, Shelia and James Jr. Mr.' Lies is the son of Mrs. Amelia Wiliiams, 403 S. Fremont Ave nue and the brother of Mrs. Eunice Floyd and Mrs. Geneva Ferrell. 'Those attending a familY, dinner at the. home of Mr. and James Williams were Mr an!J Mrs. Hildreth Jon. Reservations inoay be niaqe by ; calling \247;2296 or. .. -OF ... :' ; _,,, : :: )'' ;" ; I '"""' < of plane a ftnv., : .... .tO at_ten4 the .. he enterecf ..; as a 7juii,!or. ..The :1969 ; Bla:ke Higih. his A. A. delifee from Hillsb:Jrgugh comgnmity Co!leg4t DeC,ember. : lli(is a member of St. _JQbfl PtogresSfv e M : B': where be ", in 'the male''chorus; He alsO sings with tlit Edu An!fre:wa limgers ... ._. ... .... '. .,. __ : .. I him off were his parents, Mr. Johil. H: William., his sfster Gloria Jean, an uncle, .Jtobert Aiu1ailder, hia grandmother, 1\lrs :-::Katie Graham, and godbrother ; Carlos. HERE FOR HOLIDAYS ,. : BenjaDiin w.uuams and sister, Bessie of Brooklyn, New YorJc were in the city during the Holidays and also visited in Nassau. ) While in: .the Cigar Cltty th' ey were guests o( Mrl. Dorothy Gooden and family, Mr and Mrs. Willie Robinson and Alfred Dickerson. VISIT _PARENts ; :Mr and. Mrs. Leslie Miller of 3408 E. Louisiana Avenue were deiighted to hav e as 'their holiday guests sbn and daughter-in law, Airman and 1\lrs. Leslie Miller Jr. and daughter, LeJoan from Chanute Air Force Base, Illinois. HERE FROM DE. TROIT Holiday visitors from Detroit were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Earl, Barr and their three mon ths old son, Clarence Jr. Mrs. Barr is :the former Jacqueline Rogers, of :Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rogers of Progress Village, and the niece of Mrs. Ethel Alford and Mrs. Willie Ruth Turner. While here they enjoyed a family -gathering at Mrs. Alford' residence and attended New Salem P. B Church where their baby was christened. The god parents are Mrs. Minnie Canion and George Frierson, Jr. Mrs. Barr is a gcaduate of Middleton High School and attended Florida A & M University. Mr. Barr attended Queens College in New York. REHEARSAL ANNOUNCED Arluster Morgan, president for the City Wide Men's Chorus, announces that the group will have a rehearsal Wednesday night at 8 o clock at Allen Temple A. M. E Church. Willie Spells, the reporter, is 5\ill a patient at Bay Pines' Hospital. ; ,,, .. !\IT .. RLEASANT .. CHORUS ELECTS: OFFICERS officeli's :of, :the ,.Men's Chorua of Mt. Pleasant ,_, ... M'. B. Churc'\i, J ... .. Joh1,1 Gam bel, vice presi clent; Abe ,4_.\!:e Jamea Gatlin, secretarn Nfit'ES :FROM TAMPA cLUBS THE. BAY CITY BOOSTERS CLUB iS 'meethii. tonight at a o'clock at the Elks Rest, 809. E : Laurel :street. Mrs. Ruth Brown hosted a meeting of the BLOSSOl\1 SOCIAL CLUB Sunday and bi rthday honors were bestowed on Mrs. Josephh1t Morris Mrs Alt ames;{ Mitchell and Mrs. Shirley Dismuke They gifts Members of the --WEE BANKERS SOCIAL CLUB -yvill have their meeting Thursday 'at the home of Mrs. Beltha Duncan : --'l,'hey will elect officers. A meeting of the N OVELETTE SOCIAL CLUB ;,.,.iii be held Wednesday night at the residence of Mrs. Margaret 1328. Street. Notes From Tampa Lodges. A meeting of LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 138 will be held tonight at the home of the president. / Mrs. Coritha Caldwell, 2429 20th A ve nue GUIDING LIGHT NO, 31 0. E. S. is meeting tonight at S o 'clock at the Masonic Hall, 4303 34th Street. There will be a meeting of INTERNATIONAL EASTERN STARS to elect off icers Thursday night at 8 o clock at 4303 34th Street SAPPHIRE CHAPTER 75 OES is meeting at 8 P. M Wednesday at 2107 Lemon Street. Mrs. Patricia D oby will be the hostess Ft. Myers Mr:.. Mariun Tillis had as her guest during t he holidays her d aughter, Mrs. Rosezell Hasty of New Jersey and children Rud olph and Gloria and Josh Toliver and his children. They gave Mrs. 'Tillis a trip to Ke y West T i:ey were also t he guest of Mr. and Mrs. Whee ler and MN. Hall. Area No. 4 To Meet The Area No. .C of the Tampa F lorida Conference will meet Sa turday morning at 10 at Pleasa nt Chapel AMBl R.ev. A W Lybrand Ia 'pastor. Mrs. S usie Padgett Ia area cha!rman. All members.ol Area No. 4 art asked to be preseni and on tiiM SAND RA MARCITA KAY ROMELLE DASHER Branch To Meet "The Tampa Florida Branch Missionary So c iety will Jneet Saturday, Jan. 29 at Mt. Moriah AMI!' Church Ta' rpon Springs Rev. I. Jerome Robinson, ho s t pastor. -Rev. C C. 13rook.!l is the host p i : esiding. eider a n d is assisted by Revs A. D. Bm;tOJ1,. G J Oatl"s, J r and s w. _Music wlll b-e furnished by the combined o f Mf. :rytoriaii, Mt. Olivtt Choir .No. 2 of Clearwate r al)d the choir from St Paul AME Church of ,':la. fety ,Harbor ThP wor); hOP. ,Under the d ireC tton of De!ic qrl F;tl]el Jones wil\ have a s instructors Mmes : C an-.' r.crina. Brooks, Alma Morris and Chert y Daniels will be Revs, f .c. Sancher., B A. Mart in A J, Richardson, and_ A. W Lybra,ld Are a llCtivel y part,.ci r pa'ting in : the''me. e ting and maklpfC their first report are Capcer ini. Marti n Alma Morris, Dods_JP._an Susl4 and Eliza: beth Chambers. Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, confP.r ence direCtor of YPD andCh il Work Is holding -her meetin_,g at the same and closely with her area chairmen, Miss E loi se Humphrey, Cora L. Larkins, Alberta Cherry Daniels Martha and Mary Jane Wilson All local .YPD presidents lire asked to please bring your Rev. James Simon will brlnp the sermon. The public is invited All officers and members ar< asked to be present. \ Chamberlain PTA' The P. T.' A. of Chamberlai r High School Is meeting Thursda; evening at 8 o'clock A prograrr fs being planned and spefike n will Include Harold Clark Save_ Time Stamps Phone Your News 248' I)"


r Atir< E.IUn I truly was in Larmon's Furnih.;re Store Monday morning picking up an Ad for the Tuesday edit i o n of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin wh e n his attenlion was distracted by the beating of the drums from the many TV sets being played at that time. Walking over closer to get a be tter v iew, yours trul y noticed SAM MY DAVIS JR. doing his thing on the old skins: Immediately after he completed h is thing, the camera switched to what I thought at first was a midget. Looking closer. yours truly reco g nized LITTLE ERIC TIG. If any of you were fortunate enough to witness one of ERIC TIG'S performances at the CLUB OASIS then you know that he puts on a great show. After the huge round of appla u s e that lasted a good five mintAtes, all SAMMY DAVIS could say was "Like Wow Man." Of course, ERIC TIG told him that he had just begun to work. In the January 11, 1972 edition of Tampa's Nigh t Beat, yours truly mentioned the FACT that the lovely FLORENC E LENNON was visiting our fair city during the holidays Also the FACT was mentioned that a friend of hers named BOOSTIDR had a warm smile of welcome on his face. This was noticed while the two were Holiday greetings iri the PARADISE BAR. T wentySeven Bethune Students To Study At U. Of Florida DAYTON A BEACH Twentyseven Bethune-Cookman College fl.udents will be studying on the University of Florida campus !his semester as participants In the Carnegie Program for PreGraduate and Pre-Professional Curricula, It was announced to The Carnegie Program Is 11 two -part pre-graduate and pr, eacademic program funded bv Th e Carnegie Corpora tion of New York and will begin In t:he suring of 1 !172. Th e fir s t rart will consist of approximately JOO students from Bethune-C'ookman. Florida Memorial and Edward Waters and aoproximatelv 100 students from Florida A&M University. who are Interested t:;l.her in exploring the possibility of graduate and professional ca or In ful'ther strengthening thei r backgrounds for graduate P''rl study. This i>ortion of the urogram will take place on the Universitv of Florida C1'"1nus in Gainesville. The st.nrlents are: Olando P /ll:wu. Neuva Vizca y a Phil., Lvn ,tte Bravboy, .Jackson v;lle, Rrendn LaVern B n u I 'Rrenda Brown, Pensnr.nla. Thrmas Crompton. Jack'""wil'e. .Toh11 Henr. \' nav .Tr .. Vincent C'lifford Dor" 't WPd l-{'wnnrl. "Rnrharn J. 'Roc k TTill. S C .. Alex f'",.," r GilmnrP, Gr,rn C n v e J. Gr-ecn. Day-1'"'' R ernicr r .. :rr;,, Tnn,na. Kilvln Le<>11ett T;wksonville. nnd Hayw-rl nv'o r .Tohnson J"''t'S, Ft. Laurl eri', n.,snlj,.-1 Kin!! ..... f"'..,,,; .... l T ,#"\no. T 'Pl .... t'!. H Pnry 1\Jpl'l. Ft. l" '"Prrl 0\\'Pn. Ocala. Sheila Ann r .. .,,_ T 'lC\' \[al' "Rhint' l----1. Snmtrr, S. C .. Br,'1.13 F';.,, Ross. Jackso nville Kf'r>r -ilt Snonr". PPnsacnla. Charles r"""nrv .TarksOll\'ille. '"' 1P r Ceni0ns Thomas. Jackson, .. ., T.l'nnrrd Tvnes. D>lvtona r ... Ln wnr .Tarksnn .,., __ Emma B. Wr i g ht Dt'er. r ;1rl. l'la. Yublished every t\CJ Frl. Celt Both Edition!! Tuesthis magnmcent aff ai r were: Big Ant (the reason the Armory was leaning to one side), Robert "Pretty Slim" Abrams, Theodore "Bear" Johnson, eene Harris, Gene Williams, Johnny Sanders, Velma McCray, Rosa Simmons, Leroy Bell, "Joan," Robert Battler's and a host of ethers. THAT'S MY CASE-SEE YA LATER MARSHA. Mt. Choir No. 1 Dt'a. J D Harvey, Pres. :\frs. Viola Parker, Rept. The No. 1 choir of Mt. Pleasant 1\'f.B. C'lj.urch of which Rev. G. W. Mitchell Is pastor will meet Wednesday night at 8 at the chnrc h All members are tn be present and on time. Busi-ness of Importance. Community MB 1409 East Ida Rev. D. C'. Cummings. Pastor Cynthia Frazier, Rept. S S began at with Dea Bowers i n charge. The less o n was taught by the pastor :!nd rPYiewed by guest pa stors. Rev T Eurroughs and R,v. \VhitP ing senice began at 11 w i th DrP. t.nderson ;md Dea. Bowers : n charge of de1oti on. The sermon was deli\ered hy R ei". Whi te. En ning 11as 11! It Each nnd '!',i!ed. Remembe r th e s n d d n : t i ns Union News By Rev. 8. -D. Hicks The Union Foreign Unions, auxiliaries to the Union Foreig'1 Baptist Association of which Dr. F. Cubby is Moderator, will hold their respective l!ervlces next week at the following places: Union No. 1 will convene at the St. John Baptist Church, Clearwater, Rev. 0 o 1 u m b u s Bridges, pastor, and Rev. C ..J. Long president. Mrs. Emmer Gardner ls president of the Women s Department. Union No 2 will be held at the Spring Hill Baptist Church, Sulphur Springs, Tampa, Rev. James Scantling, pastor and president. Mrs. Nellie Mae Williams is prPsiC!ent of the Women's Department. Union No. 3 will be In session at the Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Bradley, Rev. S. D Hicks, presi d ent. Mrs. Joseohine Dupree is president of the Women's Department. Th e public i s invited to attend each Union. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248 1921 :::;:;. Soul 3523 NORTH 22nd ST. END CUT PORK CHOPS 3 lbs. 120 HOME MADE PAN SAUSAGE I lily White Society I DEATHS The of Mrs. Martha Ryans, a member of Lily White Lodge ;No. 194, will held Thursday from Mt Zion Bapt. Church, Rev. B. J. Jones, will officiate. Mrs. Eura Lee Adams will represent t he grand assembly The funeral of Mrs. Ella Mc Williams, a member of Li ly White r..xlge N o 37, was held Saturday from New Salem P.B. Church wit h the pastor, Rev. H Howard, officia t ing. Mrs. Eura Lee Adams represented the grand assembly. The funeral of Mr. Grant Graham, a member of L ily White L odge No. 105, was held Monday from Bethel Metropolitan Bapt. Church of St. P etersbt.."'lg Mr. M c Kinley Bell represen ted the grand assembly, The fune r al of Rev. T. J. O wen s a member of Lil y White L odge No. 71, was held from St. James AME Church of San ford Mr. J oe Johnson represented the grand assembly. JANUARY BOARD The January Board will con-.::::. nne Friday, January Z8 at 7:00 p .m. We ask every senior lodge, juni-or lodge, council, royal court and uniform rank to make their full burial reports before Thursday, January 27. We also ask every &nior member to pay at least $1 on hospi t al plans. We request that these reports be made as early as possible be fore Thursday, January 27 so that the clerks will have time to co m plete edit and mail to you your complete report by Satt.."'rday, Jan-ary 29. BUILD UP J Ul\'IOR LODGES We also ask every senior lod g e to take time and help build u p their junior lodge or start a junior lodge if you don't have a junior l odge. There is no way the Lil y White Society can survive unless we start. a program that will encotA'rage our juniors to so lo v e the society that when t hey grow up they will be proud to participat e in t he actual leadership and management an d gradually replace us old people as officers of !he. senior lodges. This requires patience, dedic a tion and hard work. Supermarket PHONE 247-2031 FRESH MULLET FISH 4 100 CHICI{EN WINGS 3 lbs. 129 FREE DELIVERY OX TAILS 3 lbs. 100 PIG FEET 5 lbs. 100 3 lbs. 100 CHICKEN BACKS 5 lbs. 100 DIXIE LILY CORN MUFFIN MIX 8 pkgs. ggc BLACK EYE PEAS 5 cans DIXIE LILY PAN CAKE MIX 8 pkgs. 99c: DEL MONTE CORN 3 cans VAN CAMP PORK AND BEANS 4 cans ggc DEL MONTE GREEN BEANS 3 cans ggc DEL MONTE SPINACH 3 cans ggc FROSTY ACRES LIMA BEANS 2 large bags 89c LEMONS DOZ. 49c I DEL MONTE PEAS 3 CilUS GERBER BABY FOOD 6 jars 6 9 c FROSTY ACRES CORN 2 bags 89c SWEET POT A TOES 2 lbs. 25c FARM VALUE BREAD 3 large loaves DIXIE LILY COUNTRY MILL SYRUP Y z gal. 49c FROSTY ACRES FRENCH FRIES 3 bags ggc ORANGES DOZ. 49c OOKIES 49c DIXIE LILY CHITS OR MEAL i!il 1-Lb. Bag 19c


/ 1 X f t t r i MAYOR LINDSAY AND SENTINEL ADVERTISING DIRECTOR r Mayor John V. Lindsay and Sentnlei-Bulletln Adfor a brief chat during a meeting at the resldenct Terlsting Director Johnny Jacobs had opportunly of Editor C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. -LOCAL COUPLE CHATS WITH MAYOR LINDSAY r Mr. and Mrs. Ed, Racker chat with presidential They were guests at an informal gathering In his llopeful Mayor John V. Lindsay of New York. honor. NEW YORK MAYOR MEETS WITH TAMP ANS r A part of the group meeting with New York Mayor John Lindsay a few days ago were, from left John Dard, Covilex, Inc.! James T. Hargrett, Jr., Vice President, Community Federal; and Dr. I David Smith, prominent Tampa dentist. 1 POPULAR LADIES CHAT AT SOCIAL AFFAIR l. Mrs. C. Blythe Andrews and Mrs. Rlchanl Pride enjoy a chat during a recent social affail'. PRETTY LASS TO ATTEHD DAYTONA RACE DAYTONA -Pretty Miss Toy Russell of New York City, one of the Union 76 Corps., will be in attendance at Daytona International Speed -way Sunday, February 20 for the running of the 14th annual Daytona 500 NASCAR Grand National stock car classic. One of Miss Russell's official duties will be to greet the winner of the "500" In Victory Lane along with other dignitaries. STEWART AND LEIGH COX Atty. Delano Stewart and Lelg h Cox were among local citizens' assisting in providing a warm welcome for the visiting New York Mayor. Hyde Park Prayer aarul Allen Temple No. 2 Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres. Mrs. Hilda Lewis, Rept. The H y de Park Prayer Band will meet Thursday at 12:30 a t thEI home of Mrs Sada Ralph 1812 E C olumbus Dr. The last meeting was h eld at the home o Mrs, Nellie C utler, 1009 Long. shoreman-Dr iv e. All are welcome. John Houston, Pres. l Miss Beulah Gansey, Rept. The No. 2 choir of Allen Tempi& AME Church of which Rev. H. McDonald Nelson is pastor wiU have t h e i r weekly r ehearsal Thursday night at 8 All members are asked t o please be present and on time.


PAC-'rEM --f"la. Sentine:l-IJuUetin .VubUshed e-Yery Tue.. ano l'rt. Get Bodl-.Edltlool Tuesday, January 11, 1172 reto Senior High School 1 By AnneHe ruer and/Kim -, Trinity 24fl N. Heward Aveau Rev. L. L. Ward, Paster Mrs. Pa&rlda Tllompsota, Reperter Sunday s services began with Sunday school at 10 a m. Mrs. Alma Rhymes was in charge of devotion The lessoo was taught by the teachers. King High School By ANGIE WILLIAMS SENIOR 'OF mE WEEI Cut e neat, sweet. llicie mend 1;,,, cruy, are ,iust, a few of tbe manJ w01:d.s tibat, elm d'e,scribe our studeiit of the week. Sbe wears i1le proud name of Aieatha frCIJD the bouse of Norton. Whlle a chat with Leatba she listed some of her favorites such as edible; record -Youtre _my everything you w iU f ind I..H t ba w ith her main tights -Debroab 'DeVOFe, Jacki e Al drilge, Shirley Davenport, I>mma Wooden Alli-ed Pyles, Ronald Peterson, Montey, Reggie, and :many more. resides with puents, Mr. and Mrs. Norton. CO!'!grat ulatioos Leathea for bejng senior of the wetk. TIP LINE -A certain chick with the irutiala ()f D.R. would like for a certain young man over at Chamberlain by tbe name of Ed Johnson to know that she is watching you and also that she really digs you. Michae l Wr ights you seem to have a c h ange of scenery. Thomas L i vings t on, by the way, heard that you are nd-w. a sl1per track 5tiar. Earl King how are things with ypu? Ronald LeGree you seem to be an alone now. / Charles Moore a certain young ladys-that she hates you DGW. Debroah DeVore, Lenora says that sh Mll be g lad when CbuckJrie s .tarts b uymg yo11 some food Rooald Peterson heard that you have a new niclmame, Kool eye Jake CONGRATULATJ&NS We woul d 1ili:e t & congratulate Alfred Pyles for being c ho-sen by the Coca Cola Bntttmg Company for wmn in g the GG!den Helmet Award for ot:."lstand ing football p layer in the Conference, WT PJCKS (i)F THE WEEK Let's stay together-A} Green, Understanding Mellow -Jerry B utler and Brenda Lee, One Mon key don't stop no show-ijoney Cones GUEST COUPLES Donald Chaney and Jackie Hayes, WaJ;-ne Edwards-and Cassandra Johnson, Michael Booker and Toni Johnson. Wen souls un t il later be cool and sfay sw _eet, Dolly, Mary, Pony, Cheryl, Lenoa Earl, AI, Darfene, and youts truly. IMPORTANT NOTICE All members of the I'llette's are asked -to attend elub meeting .Tuesday (tonight) January 18, business of importance to be discussed : Thank you, Elaine President. Morning worship was conducted -at 11 with tl:Je No: 1 choir in the stand, and a very powerful message being delivered by Rev. Ward At 3 p m. the Choirs Union was held at the First Born Chur c h on 29th St., of which the Elder Robinson is the pastor. All choirs were presented and a good time was had by all. Evening service began at 6: 30 with the No. 1 choir in charge of devotion. A programwas spon sored by Mrs. Whhehead and the Women s Progressive Saving Club backed by the Working Women, Steward Family, Beavers, and The Just R ight Club Thanks to Mrs. Whitehead and her coworkers for the beautiful p r o..-., gram. At 8 P.M. the pastor andcon, gregatioo were guest of Mt. Mor iah P. B. Church. Rev Ward delivered the message from the subject "A :frepared For You." SOUL IN SPOTLIGHT Nice, neat, cool, handsome, and a together kat describes our soul in spotlight Albert William Cars well. Albert resides with his mother, Mrs. Ester Pinkney at 3913 E Idlewild. Albert isn t always caught witl:t a pleasant srmle or a friendly hello. He can also be caught jiv ing with h i s former Middletonians tights and his new Lion friends some of those who are:. David Smith J o e Williams Jackie Jones, AI Ada Smith Selma Davis Dee Dee, Angie and not forge t ting his cool brother. Alvin Bode an (as he is well known l says his f a vorite jam i s all soul sounds; 1 jammers, all soulful singers, and hobbies football, styling, and most of all smiling Well, girls I know you're probabl y wondering is this young man taken, hut under certain circum, st.ances Bodean's rap is being comprehended by S lyvania Mosley Congrads are extended to Bodean for being chosen Soul in Spotlight. -' CAMPUS RAP Altrell Bing, a certain sister says hold on to what gql because it's a true man, If you dig it? Ht>y, Debra G y den and Jackie Jones, are you taking that pres cription cough s yrup? This situa tion is get t ing kinds flu-ish. Denise Shellman is back on both legs So watch it Di e trich. she can wa l k up on all your si t 1 at i ons now To all the cool kats on the basketball team remember bovs we as L i ons can work it out. We may not a ttend all the games, but we're right behind you. TOP JAMS -1 Can I 2 Only the Lonely Knows 3 Rock Steady 4 Let s Stay Together 5 Family Affair GET WELL WISHES Get wen wishes: go out tO Debra Bush Hurry back sister, we miss you (especially your m()Uth). Smile TODAY'S THOUGHT Things can get a little easier once you 'Chamberlain High School ,. By CAROLYN RANS_OM' -Plant City_ Hfgh School Next Sunday night. the Hour of Po .wer will have installation of officers -at Tabernacle-Baptist Church of which the Rev. Shephard is the paStor. The installa tion message will be delivered by Rev. Y Benjamin Bruce. Let ll.! not forget to pray for the sick and shut-ins at home and every where. SUPERSTAR IN_ SPOTLIGHT Super star is re_ ally a word that describes our "Superstar in the Spotlight". He is none other than Edward Johnson Ed as be is called is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson, Sr. Around the Chiefs Den you can find Ed with his tights, Gordon, Vic, Mayo Temptations. Ed has hiformed me that he enjoys cute and young ladies. 13y KATHY McDANIEL SENIOR IN THE GROOVE Jive, sweet. n ice, -and together are just a few of the characterist ics that tend to describe this 1 wet>k s Senior in the Groove He is the one and only Charles Robert Jones. Around 'campus Charles is known as Zeke He is the son of Mr. Mrs. William Mc Daniel who reside at 104 South Lake Street. Charles is an active member of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. While r a p p in g with Charles he had this to say: l, Charles. Robert Jones love to play football, baseball, and basket ball. My soulful record is .. You_ -are everything. My favorite groups are: Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, and Grand Funk. I d i g all the Black singers but my all time favorite is Al Green. school. At present I only have one sweet girl on my mind. She is none other than Qlkenie Mit chell. Around campus or arounir town you will see _me with my tights. who -are: Keith, Peck, Slugger, Winnie Kaye, Kathy, and of course many others. My fu ture plans are to move to Chicago and check out the srn-e hap;. penings. Thanks very much for choosing me. FROM THE C1.ASS OF "73'' We're the class of Seventy. Three, we brought "SOUL" to the entire school you see. The Class of Seventy-Three shall remain with me, because it gave so much power to -"REALITY." The Class of Seventy-Three is beauti !ul and sweet; isn't that the way it's supposed to be! This notice comes from four sweet chicks, the JIVING JUNIORS ol 72: Janice Beal,' Cathy Jackson, Patricia Sheppard, and Winnie Kaye Thomas. Any other information is free, from the e!aas ot ''73". THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Lon is a hurting thing; Visitors are always welcome to visit with us. St. Petersburg Services at Greater Mf.. Zion AME Church of which Rev. A. J. Richardson is pastor were good spiritually and financial with quarterly conference Friday night at 7:30. Presiding Elder, Charles C. Brooks -was in charge. The business session was orderly and timely. Mr. R. L. Sims was elected church clerk. Mrs. Alberta Daniels as conference steward and Mrs. Doris Jones, reporter. Ushers No: 2 and :t as marshalls of the first four pews as boundary. All boards, clubs and auxiliaries -made complete reports. S-t.nday at 9 : 30, S.S. began with the supt. In charge. Morning worship followed at 11. Ushers No. 2 and the Angelic choir and No 2 choir served. The presiding elder; Rev Brooks delivt'.red the mes sage. Mrs. Virginia McCray was fellowshipped into fWl member-and many, many more. When Ed is not shooting the "Rock", which is his hobby, he may befound listening to his favorite records, Have You Seen Her and Things Get a Little Easier, or his favorite group, The Congratulations are extended to yoo -Ed, 'keep on cfoina-your thing on. the court and' Superstar remember how you got where you are. TOP THREE Can I Make Me the Woman You (me Home To Let's Stay Together. THOUGiiT Love is together. lake PlaciJ High By_ DEBRA ANI HILL SOUL IN THE SPOTLIGHT Aretha Franklin. Well you shou-e. Beau--Don't have one, but on tht look out boys. She also lists her favorite records as Clean Up Woman, Rock Steady, and One Monkey. Jammers Jackson 5, and Have You Seen Her She s Ail I Got Scorpio Gellis_.. Apostolc Failla Holy 'Temple 1522 Nauaa st. m4er It Illes, Pastor Mrs. EJels Scott, Bq,t. Revival services are now In prognss at our church. Evangel Ist Alton A. Burris is in charge of the preaching. The services will begin each night at 7:30. Sunday school began at the usual hour with the supt Deacon Matthew lgles In charJe. Morning and evening services w a s carried QUt in the usual manner. First Baptist SeHner : ltev. W. J. Ceeptr, ltept. Suoday school began at tbe usual hour with the supt Mrs. Magfie Higgs In charge. Morning service began at 11 with Deacon Green and Deacon Riley in charge of devotioo. Tbe sermoo was delivered by a visit in.-: pastor from Plant City. The pastor is asking all choirs and ushers along with the officers and to go with him to Plant City qn Wednesday ni1ht to Mt. Olive MB. Church. We will leave from First Baptist at 1:45. lind ro to St. Luke Baptist Churcf1 in Plant City where the .._.,. ... 4' ....... t Morninc services at Mt. Moriah AME bei'an at ll:OO with choir No. 2 and OFianist Mr. Sawyer serving. Prayer was by Mr. 'I1Ie altar prayer was by those wbo wished The doors were opened and the Gilyard family join ed. 'I'bere was one visitor, Mrs. Gladys Clark from a former member of Mt. Moriah. Since today was youth day Rel'. Sanders delil'ered the sermon. At 2:30 the church bad Ushers Union and the M.C. was Mrs. Thelma Ford. A solo by Sean Dms, and poem by Rbodie Graves. The welcome was by l'beresa Ford. A duet by Jackie Shippman and Dorothy Mann. The collectioo for this event was $18.05. remarks by Rev. 0. 'H. Heuston and -the benediction by tbe pastor, Rev. 0. H. Hous ton. Enning services began at 5:45 with the pastor in charge and choir no. and Mrs. Lonnie Ford in charge of muSic. 'I1Ie seriDC)n was by Rn. Houston and prayer by Mr. Isaac J(lhnsoo. The serv ices the entire day were a success. pastor will meet Us and guide us on to Mt. Olive. All are asked to remember the sick and shutm.: .. visitors were present: 1 1 Vesper hour began at I The same choirs and ushers served and the pastor delivered the ser monette Total amount raised at this quarter was $69tU2. Mrs. Alberta Daniels, reporter. Rock Steady Sugar Daddy THOUGHT FOR TODAY Empt y wagon makes a lot ol noise HADDAD DISCOUNT 115 FBAIIILIII STBEET LADIES MEl'S KNEE HI BOOTS Jfdla Zipper, Straps er BucklE BEC. $&.97 -lOW 297 WilD BREAKERS JEC. $3.97 lOW 2!7 LIIED PLASTIC DRAPES HALF SLIPS BEC. $1.88 -lOW 2 J., 110 BEC. $1.10 -lOW 2 FOB 1M ISE OUB COMVEIOEIT LA YAWl Y


Tu..clay, January IS, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt. Get Boaa PAGE ELEvn. AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY BRIEFS While Speakin( Of The RobinWith the on-com in g rush of us sons' also received word of re income tax help-seeker s j ust about cen t bridegroom and Bishop Coll"eady to get underwa y, Thomas iege of Dallas, College, Texas mrown, well known golfer fish grad, Willie Robinson, Jr., de erman and ownec of the Thomas parting the cit y for Dallas along Brown Bookkeeping Agency lowith wife the furmer, Thelma cated a t 1103 N Rome Ave next Bell. Willie Jr.'s a sixth gra de door to the Blue Flame Barbeque mat h teacher in Dalla s ... P it s is smi!ing again after learn-LUELETTE CROMODIA AND lng his injured toe banged-up MARGARET CUTHBERT i JOINS on Ol'les ever dangerous bed was BLUE FLAME ENTERPRISES not broken but merely bruised. STAFF, which presently hails as Had told Tom his t oe w a s n t one of the city s most pmminent broken when he took off a shoe businesses of mixed-soul, behlnd to s how it to me a t Dr, A. L. t he like of service staff members Lew)s office I m other words, of long standing, Miss Marjorie bro-k e t oes n f>hoes d o n t go on Lovett, Miss Marva Anderson, t o g ethe r John Williams, business mgr. L. O ffici al word from do w n Miami N. Brown and own e r Mrs. Rose way has i t TampanCharles Ju" Miss Rose Allen So if you ain t pie'' Bostick decided t o put off heard of the Blue Flame Bar-B-Q h i s planned Xmas Eve g r a n d Pits, it s either c ause y ou 're hard march, at least thru '72. of hearin:g, or can t read. : Would you believe, if Ala s. BELLMEN WAITERS CLUB George 'W. Who tlaese da y s raises PRESIDENT FOR '72, Gli:O&GE no fear in any one b l a c k or white, B. WILLIAMS. seemingily got the misse s his for the D. C. organization off to a progressive Whit e House he kin always win start in ilie new Mod-Youth style. kp spot in a Dracula movie 'Er Mr. Williams like ail the re And don t take George's chances cent Presidents and Governors be for Washington too ligh t ly as f ore m increased tlle tax or llb.ere-1! many around you daily dues payment per member, per wearing hidden "'Let George Do year. Which means for this month It' buttons.... this already two yards" Kathy Brantley ,find AudreJ behind ... Pl'estOil were seen jetting back MAIL AND REPORTS COME W the campus of Clark CG!J.e;ge FftQM M RS. LOYCE BENTLEY, -ln !Atlanta, Ga., last week. Yeah, former Tarnpan l'esicllng at 1670 wondered what's their classifica-Bay Rd., Palo .AdtG, Calif. 94303 tioin too. Lo!Yce tells

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. PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentlnel-liulletio PuLiwhed eYery Tuea. Uld Frf. Get Both Editions Tuesd a:r, JaBuary tl, 1871 8LACK MUSLIM$ SPLIT LINKED -TO FINANCES FIRST ELECTED CIDCAGO The power strug-Nor did Muhammad's recent In the past Muhammad has TO DEMOCRATIC COMMITTtf gle that n ow grips the Black decision to invest $2 million in preached that the white man is Muslims was sparked by a group the construction of several Daa "devil," but at the same time of young turks who were denied mascan-style homes in the 4900 has warned against any members GAINESVILLE -Florida has a good additiGn to the state corn a voice in the financial affairs of block of Woodlawn Avenue catm of the sectforcing violent con-its first black Democratic .state m i t tee and because of the nwnber the multimillion-dollar black su-the pressure from the dissidents. frontations with anyooe. committeeman following a vote of University of Florida &tudentl premacy sect, according to -au-The luxurious buildings are reWednesday night of the Alachua active in local pGlitics. thorities, portedly beirhtg' built ,fo r famid-R@p. Chisholm SetS County Democratic Executiv e Others were concerned because The same observers are quick 1\es of Mu ammad s at es an Commi ttee. of no black representation on tb.e to point out that the small grouo cionations have come into the city Press (onferente Albert Daniels 43, a counselor policy making board for the party of dissidents who broke with the from Muslim organizations thru-at Santa Fe Junior College in and Daniels seemed to lila an 1 th nut the country Rep. Shirle' t Chisholm D-N.Y., G 1 main organization severa mon s J .., amesvt e, w a a unammoas :t idea l candidate Democrat leader-a ago have no _quarrel with Elijah The bUilding iJJ being done by the first black wo!Dan elected on elected to replace Char les Ansell noted Muhammad,' their 7 4-year;Oid white-owned construction firms. Congress, announced a news conwhose move to a Key West job Shootout Not Expected, ference for Jan, 25 when she will The nomination was made IJ,-1 ader left the county post vacant. einste.ad, the rebel group, all In Nene Of those familiar Wllil formally declare her candidacy Daniels has been acti v e in local R. A Green, Eigh t h Cillc uit pub M 1 t' t.... h f th De t att on lie defender, a m em'ber ttf the their early 20s, is trying to block us Im ac lVl h:;S ; owever, ex-or e mocra lC nomm politics for several years, serving commi ttee. the rlse to power of several heirs pected the violent outbreak in She plans to run in primaries as a precinct member of the t R L th t l ft f t t t Fl 'd p I Daniels does not see himself as appare!lt to Muhammad and. thP. Ba on ouge, a., a e our m tve s a es-on a ennsy county committee d d f ll blood No th Car lin Wt' sconsm a representativ e of tll e 'lt1ack fortune he has amassed srnce persons ea o owrng a Y vanta, r o a, State officials from the party as 1933. Stree t shootout Monday. Some of 'and California populatron of the state. I wi.U well as advisers from the govGiven No Voice these involved have been identi-Her office described the news ernor':S office had. conferred with represent the people of t h i s coun Their disagreement, which has fied as members of the Muslim conference at the Concord Baptist Alachua County party leaders in ty. That's th e way I hlways saw flared l nto violence several times splinter group. Church in Broo::lyn as the setting filling the vacancy. Some local it. But I will be glad to be a Th b ffl t f th f "th t 'f' t t t t !::lack voice there." since October, is l>ased <;>n the e a mg par o e vtoo e mos S lgru tcan sa emen members felt a student might be refusal of lieutenants of Muhamlenqe, according to authorities, is of her 20-year political career." Daniels boids a masters fmm mad to give younger members a why any group of Muslims would In recent discussions Mrs, Chisgress, Rep. Patsy Mink, D -l!a-the University of Florida and Js voice or stake In financial polibecome iRvolved in any confronta holm haz described her candidacy waii has indicat e d she will have also part owner of a 1 cies, according to s everal sourc e s tion police their main as a "very, very serious effort her name on the baUot in Orein the black-owl\ed Alavic Sh()IJ The ke to the controversy ap-___ quarrel ts with thetr leaders. Another womim member of Con gon's presidential .primai-y. ping Center on Waldo Road. pears to\(. Sharrief!-' { _liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiiiiliiiiliiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijii What rilakesWonder Bread More importantly, ln the context of tbP. ShariPff f h .. Is listed as the of c th!>! so res 1. wealthy Nation of Islam Inc .. which controls mu9h of the land and bnsiness interests of the sect It is Sharrieff : Elijah Muhatnmad Jr. and Aba:;s Rassoull, the 1\'C;slim secretary,. who have been the targets of crltidsm from the dissidents, ac cording to authorities. Began bi October The pattern for the power struggle began emerging Oct. 21. when five shotgun blasts were fired at Sharrleff as he walked near the offices of the Muslim 11ewsoaper, Speaks at 26th and Federal Streets. Sharrieff was struck by -only one -oellet He explained to au thorities who investigated the Incident that there was a solintered group within the sect that was ''hostile. to the leadership." The auto in which the attackers fled was later traced to a :Muslim who apparentlv satisfied police that .be 'had nothing to do with the shooting, Rideout Jnvjlded The pattern was firmly estab ]lshP.d Oct 29. with the shootinl:: death of Donald 7X Veira Jn h!s apartment at 7842 S Constance live. The apartment housed many of the original group of dissidents and they scattered f<>llowing Veira's death. One of them. Jonathan X White. told authoritiP.s of the splintPr grouo before he left town. White exolained, according to one source that the group had con cluoed the present Muslim leadership w as not Investing enough of its coipocate fortune in the bl11ck communitv. Their efforts to take their grievto Muhammad, who sits at the top of a rigid chain of command, fell on deaf ears, White reportedlv said. Ask For Support It was ann!lr entlv at this point that the rli ssidents met some whP.re of the Chicago area made plans to travel to many of lh!! 42 Muslim Mosques scatterrd the countrv and sePk supnort for their rebellion. Before thev could do that. how ('VPr, Freddie SX Webb a former rPsident of the Constance A venue eoart, ment. wu found shot to death In Oakland, Calif Muhammad himself hinted at wh a t was haPpeninl{ in a Nov 21; editorial In tbe Muslim newspaper entitled "HYPOCrites". He described thP. sect in Chicago as "full of as well as fn other temnlea where they go from onl' to the poison ol hatred against Brother end Sister ... Your Ent>my" "Be ine friends with the hypo erites b dancero111." Muhamnud wrote "He beoomea your enemy. if tt Ia your husband, s o ns or daughters ... We come ina Sta-fresh Ooooooh/ '\ One squeeze \ tells you we're fresh Guysz Ever wonder why Wonder' Bread is always fresh? Because every loaf is wrapped warm from the oven in our Sta,fresh bag. Then rushed into a bakery truck while it's still warm So you can be sure Wonder's always fresh in the store. Wonder. Enriched Bread-not just fresh and delicious ... it's also good and nutritious. Wonder helps build strong bodies 12 ways




AGE SIXTEEN Fla. Sem. W.ot-Bulletin eve.rr. Tl'f. Fri Gelt Both Ediblona :;fuesday, January 18, 1972 I SCHOLAR DISCUSSES FINANCIAL GRANTS TO WINSTON-SALEM STATE WINSTQN SALEM N. C Discussing the result1 of financial grants from Reynolds Industries to Win st-on-Salem State Vnlyerslty are Oeft to right), Valeria Price, a Reynolds Scholar at Winston-Salem State; Dr. Kenneth R. Williams, president of the universityJ Colin Stokes, member of the board of directors of Reynolds Industries; and Dr. Jerallne H arvln, chair m an of the university's Division of Applied Arts ancl Sciences and a Rey n olds Professor. ALPHA BROTHERS AT RECENT PARTY Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity brothers C. Blythe attending the annual holiday party. And1cws and Sherman Thompson were among those POLITICAL MINDED GENTS Politica l minded gen t s, New Yor k Mayor John V Lindsay, Campalgn aide R obert E. Carroll, a native of Bartow 1 and Attorne1 Warren B. D aw son dUcuss state of aftal n at a meet t na In Tam pa a few d ays ago. Tracy Collins, publlo relation chairman of the publlo emphasis program sponiored by the Manon E. Rogers Memorial Democratic Women's Club, presided at the meeting featuring New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. l Arcadia Highlights I Funeral service for Mr. John nie Woods wen held Thursday from St John M.B. Church. Mrs Eunice Glass is confined to Bay Pine Hosp it al in St Peters burg. The DCI Gospel Singers rend ered a program at Mt. Pilgrim M B Church on Sunday night. Services were very good at Mt. Olive Five persons were added to the church Holy communion was administered. Rev. W. H. Cade is pastor. Ft. Myers News of St Paul Baptist Church for Sunday. Sunday school began at 9 :30 with the super inten den t in charge All teachers were p r esent and the lesson w as reviewed by the pastor. Morning worship began at 11 w it h the deacons in c harge of devo tio n The se rmo n was deliv ered by the pasto r. Choir No. I served for morning service. There were four joiners. M ace d o n i a Bapti s t Church of Brotherhood a n d Deaconess Council will meet Sunday at 2 : 30 at Mt. Olive Two persons will bit ordained as deacons. Funeral services are incompleta for Mr. Willie Gilbert Mr. Henry Idom, Sr., l now on the city pollee force The home of Mr. Alonso Grisby was destroyed by fire on Friday morning. Mrs. Willie Mae Bates is con fined at a nursing home Mrs Grace Scott, reporter. Naples were our gues t s for the e v ening servic e The deaco!UI of Macedonia were i n charge of dev otion. The sermon was deliv ered by Rev J Mobley Rev. J Rob inson, pastor ; Mrs. B. J Bacon, reporter. Buy from Aorida Sentinel Advertisers


TueHay, January 18, 1972 Fla. SeatJnea-BuUetln Published every .,ues, and Frt. c.t Both IAJitions PC SEVENTEEN Allen Temple No. 1 )Ire. lola McCloud, Pres. Mrl. Nellie Horne, Rept. '!be No. 1 choir of Allen Temple AME Church of which Rn. JL JlcDonald Nelson is pastor will )ave business meeting Wednesday .tlht at 8 at the home of Mrs. Leola Jackson, 2420 18th Ave. .AJ1 members are asked to please lie present and on time. Gospel Missioa Prayer Band Ducoa LoDJiie 8immOM, Pn1. Mn. WUik WIIUams, The Golpel Mission Prayer Band will meet Wednuday at 7 :30 at the home o f Mn. J W. Lofton, 4021 LaSalle St. All art asked to remember the aick and shuti.ns. Visitors art welcome CONTEMPORARY DANISI:t MODERN STYLI Qulity feablres lncl1de recessed drawer palls, laminated plastic tep sarfaces, lhlst-prttf coastntctien, cuter 111ided drawers, lrror. Opu stoc:k pieces nailable at low prices. --. :t 3-PI SOFAB E D RECLIN E R GROUP --------------------------------Mt. lion Choir He. 2 Eddie :Rolle, Pns. l11mokalee GwHd.IYJl Bayes, Rept. The No. I C hoir of New Mt Z i on M B. Church, Rev. B. J. J o nes, pastor, will have weekly rehearsal tonight (Tues.) begin ning at 8 p m. at the ch urch. The president i a asking that all mem hers please be present and oo t ime. were very good at til churches i n the community begin ning with Sunday achool at the us u al hour ,.;th the supt. a n d teachers at their postJS. The les son s were all rev iewed by the pastors. The follow ing are on the sick l ist: M r s Willie Mae Harper, Master Jessie Hicks, Mrs. Rosa Badcock's b u yinR committe e has s e arched the nation's 111a jor m a r kets to bring you these outstanding, special values for Badcock's m i d -w i n t e r special-purchase sale. Many i_tems are specially priced tq clear Inventory, and other Items are at Badcock's regular, every day low prices; but 11any ite111s have Hen specially purchased for this event. DECORATOR ACCENT PIECES--SAVE 50% ASSEMBLE THEM YOURSELf UNITA $2J95 UNITB $3300 Create the perfs! spot in a wall unit or room divider to show off your treasures with a of units to fft your space requirements. Save $5.95 more by buying two "A" units for only $49.95. All units 63" high. Think of many ways to u and combine these Etageres! Revival Services Revival services began Monday nilht at a at the Meditation House of God at 3821 29th st. Bishop Brumit of Ft. Lauderdale will be i n charge. Mrs. lreM R i chardson, o verseer. L. Singleton, Mrs. Mary EvaN! and Mrs C allie Snell. Rev. H N ic hols pastor, and Mrs Mary Townseud, reporter. IDEAl.. lor MOBiLE HOMES Sofa by day, bed b y night Sofabed Is aver a ll foam on s eats arms, back. No-sag seat and back. Group Includes sofabed club chair, ana' recliner. choice of five colors:. olive, COMPARE A T $199.95 CONTE M PORARY TV RECLINER black, brown, tangerine, turquoise. [ AUTHENTIC i, COLONIAL DINING"ROOM COMPAR! AT $149.95 G _enuine Early design In beautiful Salem maple finish. A broad selection of .Pieces ar.e available m open stock a t prices to f i t the most modest budget (shown are b uff_et hutch, $139.95, and server hutch, $129.95.) five-piece starter grou p includes 42 extension table, 4 mate' s chairs. B r This popular recljner has maintained value and low price despite inflation-now save $4.07 more; thanks to Badcock' s special volume purchases! Heavy expanded vinyl cover, solid hardwood frame, no-sag spring construction with boxed, foam-padded seat. Five colors to choose from. 23" diagonally measured set contains RCA's finest Accu-Color p icture tube. 25,000-volt chassis, up front controls. Accu-Tint .sets flesh tones. automatically. Auto fine tuning. Tone-ba1anced : up-front sound system. Cabinet of select hard-' wood veneers and solids. tiT AlliSH!O 1904 --_,--. ;' ( .I '" I .. ... r -I ..,.... 3' HOME FURNISHING CENTERS-FURNITURE APPLIANCES e FLOOR COVERING e HOME ENTERTAINME.NT r .OVER 100 STORES SERVING THE SOUTH.EAS"f CONSULT YOUR TELE P HO N E D I RECT O R Y FOR THE LOCA TIO N OF YO U R NEA REST DEALER


PAGE EIGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri .. Get Both Editions / STESSES AT USF .. f AMU GAME The, .pretty University of South at Curtis Hixon Auditorium last week for the USF-FAMU basketball game Included, from left, Mable Hili and Debra Satchel. -letterS Offer Reward Elimi.nating Blacks JACKSON, Miss. Anonymous under massive desegregation plans "1 letters have been received by a which involve extensive busing in : number of public school teachers the elementary grades. in whtch .$500 rewards were The le.tters said $1.0,000 had fered to white women to help been "for this project and get rid of "black males from our $500 has already been awarded publiy schools." o.ne lady." The The unsigned letters, sent to advised not to worry al:JOut white female teacher11, ?,ow to collect the rewards they "maneuver a m ale .v;,e have ?n into a compromising position" Our organizatiOn _Is and then report the "incident" to to the .lf local school officials. blacks from high positions m our The mimeographed circulars public schools," the circulars said. > did not JV.ake it clear. whether ; ft w as referring to ,bJack teachers of students, or both. .. Assistant SuperiQtendent R. B. Lay ton said school of(icials had received calls from about a dozen ;teachers regarding the. letters. HI!-.; said he didn't know how many teachers may have received them. He. calfed the letters and and said he did not believe they would have any lm He speculated -that ., t hey were sent by persons attempting to trouble between the races. Tl{ e city schools are operating Hitters & Missers Bowling League Bop City Bar 4-0 7Eieven Stores .. 3-1 HamlltMt Ins. Agcy 1-3 Faftlfty Affair 3-1 At1anla Life Ins. 0-4 Bowera Barber Sh 3-1 ftt>d Top Bar .... 1-3 l\1itchell Cleaners 1-3 47 41 38 3-f. 23 21 23 31 34 38 49 51 High Game Ladies: Lillian Dav!s 173, Ora Lee Hrown 171, F. I dora Baker and Pansie Starks l6i. High Series Ladies : Betty Lewis 468, Lillian 437, El(lma Baker 430. High Game 1\ident had .;aid ear'ier football at the fanner Omaha that only Tovar and Blyleven de Ronnie later played served decf'nt raises this year. with the San Diego Chargers. Blylevcn, 16-,15,, reportP.c!ly now Services will be at tha Thomas has a contract the $20.000 Funeral !lome with burial in the level, and Tovar's was believed family plot at Forest Lawn Ceme. to be more than $10,000. tery. .. Mrs. Sayers Is stirvived by three sons, three sisters, two brothers and five grandchildi-en Gale received the news of his mother's death at illinois Masonic Hospital in Chicago where he re cently underwent knee surgery. He ,.left Wednesday morning for Omaha. Nebraska Back Under Knife Killer At Took Her Victim Word DALLAS Ida Walker, 43,,. started to get into her car when, a thief grabbed her purse. She grabbed it back. 1 "Lady, I want that purse," said ''Ne, I need my pmsl"," Mrs. Walker tolct l:im. "I havf' all my personal !:>elongings in it and 1 j OMAHA, -Flanker Johnneed it. Jf you get m.v purse, ny Rodgers of Nebraska said he you are going to have to kill me underw!lnt t h u m b surgery to The man drew a gun ::md shot te,zidons "Mi'i: W'Jiker three tim e s in the that had "grown -'ni! the wrong he, a d. .He stole the purse c on ;1laces" arte.r a 1969 basketb;!II $6. Ml'jl. -walker died later injury; ... ; < fa a hospital --:..:f.


Tuesday, January 18, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Geit Both Edition! PAGE NINETEEN -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------BULL BOB IS CHICAGO'S 'ANSWER TO 'LOVE STORY' NEW YORK Bob Love takes lot of kidding ab o vt his last t ame But he s not laughed a t Y the re s t of the Na t ional Bas :etball Associ-ation "Oh when they write or talk tbOut me, t here are such phrases 1s Love Story,' 'Love Potion,' Love at First Sight,' and other hings," the NBA's second lead ng scorer said with a smile. The cute and complimentary hrases, of course, are delivered v h en t he slender Chicago Bulls' o r ward has had a good game. How about when he doesn't lay well. Do t hey say such .hi"ngs as Hate Love" or "Love 11. Lost ? The y aure do,'' chuckled the .ike able veteran. "They let me mow about it." Love however, has not heard miny disparaging comments this season After all, how often can 1011 knock a player who's averag ng 27.3 points per game and was a starling forward for the West Division team in the NBA'a game Jan. 18 at Loll An "It was the happiest day of my life when I heard that I had made the All-Star team," said ; he__ 6-foot-8, 215-pounder from Southern University in Baton Rouge, La. "I really worked hard [or it. I really hus t led." This be Love's second straight appearance in the All Star game In last season's game, he scored 13 points in the rilst half but played only seven minutes in the second half, and added three points or a total of 16, helping the West edge the East, : 108-107. Offense, however, is not Love's Dnly asset althought he averaged Z5. 2 points a game last season and 21.0 points in the 1969-70 sea son, his first as a starter after three years as a benchwarmer. "His scoring is not his main contributing 'factor," said ChicaJO coach Dick Motta after Love bad rifled in 33 points, including a personal h igh of 2() i n o ne q u arter, as the Bu lls rallied for a 113 108 v i ct or y o ver the New York K ni cks las t w eek. His s t rongest points are his defense and his c o ndition, added Motta. "He has a very strong t.-

-PAGE TWENTY -. Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tuea. and Fn .. Ceit Both EOtions Tuesday, January 18, 197.1 -SPORTANIC FlOODS-I By William o. It looks like that lately everytime I figure 'to really enjoy some/ thing a problem comes up. I had really prepared myself to enjoy a good New Year period after not having a terrible year and not much of a Chri.stmas. I had really planned to enjoy all the football that is so much of a part of The New Year's time. Then here comes the flu bug and down I go. I did aee some football during the period via the oneeyed monster but when Mr. Flu Bug swung his left hook it had the same ef fect one of Joe Frazier's bombs would have had on me. I sure enough waa flat tened I felt like I had the bubonic plague. I was miserable. I fel t that I would have to get better to THE BIG -GAMES I was sure enough hurtmg but not enough not to be surprised when Nebraska clobbered the daylights out of Alabama in The Oraneg BowL I didn t knO'W which team might win bu t you just don't beat Bear Bryant co ached teams like that. Nebl'aska was just plain superb'. I am thoroughly convinced ,that Nebraska' s de fensive middle guard Rich Glover is just about the best defensive lineman I have even seen as a junior. The bQY is simply terrific and for sure pro-material when he does graduate. I .must be really frank and say that I didn't watch enough of any of the other bowl games to make any eV1lluations or comments. I had planned to go to our own American Bowl game. I of .course also wanted to .see my youngest son pl-ay in The :PAL game that was played a fte r The Bowl Game. I am glad that The Americ-an Bowl went well. I am -sure proud that my ":Moody", as he is_ caleld,. was the defensive star of his game. 'Hi.s play has. been qmte a bnght for me during some very dark days. I only wish I could hel-p him more. The darkest .spot during those trying days was the death of my friend Coach Clarence Mont,gomery 1 really don't like to even mention anything about the tragedy. It al.l just goes to show that when a person thinks he is havIng problems and troubles S!lmething could always be worse Md someone else has s ituations, that are worse. I only wish it was some way possible t:Jhat I oolild have attended Coach Montgomery's fun eral. There just wasn't any way. To add to all this the old car banged out. Don't ask me what is wrong with the thing I guess it's dying of old age. I know the radiator won't rade; the carburet'Or1 wen't carbe; the won't bat; the generator won't gen. I don t think I can tell you what the pistons won't do Hapi>:Y New Year:'s QMCI QUIPS: Big Jim Sorey, former Middleton, Texas Southern and Buffalo Bills football .star was home fur the holidays. Mr. Sorey is line coach at Mississippi College It looks l ike The Chamberlain Chiefs are realiy off and running in the local cage race. Got to get out to them. A lot of people don't understand why Andrew F razier isn't scoring more ior Southern University. Don't despair just give him time. Earl Edwards, great .lirieman for The San Francisco 49ers, is at home. Earl o f course prepped at Blake High and is a .monster. Didil't get to see many o f the usual "Ho t Pants." Did see qquite a bit of the kind the oats are selling in the streets. Did man. Ex -Raider Wells From OAKLAND Warren Wells former wide receiver of the Oak land Raiders was returned from state }lrison Friday and placed on three ye11rs probation. Superior Court Judg e Leonard Di e den, who had ord ered Wells returned. said that as a condition of probation the former National Football League star be com mitt ed f o r an indeterminate pel'iod to the Oakland facility of Syn a non a drug and alcoholic Jiehabilitation center. Dieden made his order prison officials recommended that Wells was "no longer suit a ble for s ta te prison inc a rceration and would not benefit from it." Wells 29, appeared in a court room fill e d with his former Raidet teammates and his parents from Beaumont, Tex Dieden warned Wells that his "football days might be over he said that professional footbal1 does not impress the court and "it should not impress you The judge imposed stringent conditions of probation and directed WeJls not to leave Synanon because "the gates ol state prUon would swing open for you The court also ordered Wells not to drink or 'Visit a place where alcohol is served without c o urt permission. Dieden also ordered WeJls t o sell his 1970 Cadillac, describing It as "an obvious security blanket y o u can do without!' Wella was ordered to the state prison s ystem facility 'it Vacaville last Se.,t. 4 after Dieden revoked his probation on an attempted rape conviction. 'Ole pro bation violation involved an assault on a woman in Beaumont. Wells was first placed on three years probation Oct 30, 1969, after-be was convicted of the at tempted rape .of the wife of a former University of California basketball star. 'Loves The Shrines' BEIRUT, L e b anon Muhammad Ali, who made a pilgrimage to Mecca and boxed ex hibitions in the Persian Gulf area last week said, he "just loved visiting the shrines of my father.' The former heavyweight champion 'arrived in Beirut from Kuwait for a two-day stay, receiv ed a warm welcome from several hundred persons at the airport. The 10-year-old girls presented bouquets of carnations and glad iolua to AU, who looked tired after the fOlk-hour flight. He said negoliations were in progreu for a fight in London in May against British heavy weight Danny McAlinder A posbout whh Jerry Quarry in Miami Beach in March has been dropped Save t1111 And Stam,s Phone Your News 248-1921 I_WH_O_D_O_NE_IT_IN_S_PO_RT_S __.I Q-What kind of fighter was Tampan Amen Peck? A-Amen Peck was in with some of the best and always held his own. Q-Who do you think will take over the Florida A&M head C()aching job now? A-I have heard several rumors but an ybody's guess is as good as mine. Q-Why is that you don't like Greyhound racing? A-I never said I didn't like the dogs The dogs don't like me. I don't know any dogs by name and until one calls me by my name I am not going to try to learn any of their names. Just joking now Q-Do you think you will ever go back into coaching? A-I surely would like to go back into coaching for its the onl y thing I really know how to do. However there are many reasons why I won't go back into coaching. Q-What do you think of women shooting pool? A......trhere is nothing wrong with women sho!)ting pool. Ali Nears Of 2-Week End Tour BEIRUT, Lebanon -Forme. r world heavyweight boxing cham pion Muhammad Ali left fGr Lib y a Wednesday on the last stage of his two-week tour of Arab countries After visiting Libya, Ali goes to Cairo then to London and final ly to the United Sta t es He hopes to be home by Monday to ce le. brate his 30th birthday with his family in Cherry .Hill, N. J. Young Ali to fight DENVER -R ah m .an Ali, younger brother of former world h eavyweigh t boxing champion Muhammad Ali, will meet Jay Evans in a 10rolind heavywejzht bou t on Jan. 22. Ali has won 10 of 11 bouts It' s where they shoot pool that c ounts Q-What do you think of Ice hockey? A-To me hockey is just hockey. Q-What really is a gopher? A-I could be funny and say that a gopher is a kat that will go for anyth in g But seriously it is according to what part of the country you are in what a gopher is called. Where I came fro m a gopher is a little fuzzy animal that lives in boles i_n the ground. Down here what l ooks like a land turtle to me is called a gopher. Take your p ick. Q-How can you tell the d if ference between a pompano and a jackfish? A-It is not easy for an inex perienced angler to -tell the dif ference between a pompano and a jackfish. All I can say is that pompano are rounder in shape. Of course pompano are delicious as tabl efare wherein jackfis h are a poor eating fish. Q-Do you think Gale Sayers can make a comeback? A-I hope f am Wl'ong but 1 doabt Sa yers can make it back all the way after an 'Operation on each knee. FACTS AND FIGURES I can remember back a few years ago Bfake Hig h school had Meriweather _Off To Flying HANOVER, N H. -Dr. Delano Meriweather is off and flying once again in another indoor track season Meriwe a ther, a Boston bemotol ogist, set a meet l'ecord Friday as he won the 50-yard dash in 5.2 seconds at Dartmouth in the third annual Uni ted S tates Track and Field Federation eastern regionals. Kathy Lawson of Keene broke her meet record in the women a 50-yard dash with a t ime of 5 8 Penn State set an American record in the fourmile relay with a clocking of 17:07 5. to e v erybody w h o b uys aSS t icket. You 'll get an ABA red, white and blue basketbill. Season ticketl\olders get one basketbaU per family tor Sl. CURTIS HIXON HALL BPM T"detsS5,$-h dSht Curtis H ixon Ha11Box0ffic e Or PHONE Z26Z001. the most terrifyin g football team e ver in the history of this area. The team was potent offensively and absolutely monsters de fensively. The team annihilated everything in sigbt. Everyone wondered just how good the Ye1 low Jackets really were. Now I think all of us should really know how good Blake was in thos& glory years. Any team that had players that can do what the boys off that team did had to be great. Leon McQuay and Rudy Sims both made the aU Canadian League team. Both were superstars in the Canadian League and in m; opinion could be stars in the NFL or AFL. Earl Edwards is _great for the San Francisco 49ers and is going to be even greater. Add other players like Medford Lee, who made all Missouri Valley .for the University of Louisville, William VinsGn. "Corn Bread" Dennard, et al, You can' t heip but have a super team. Then when you give them a super coach like Big Jim Wi'lliams and his able staff the results had to be devastating. 'They were, and I still say Coach Williams is tha greatest football coach around. ---.--------. ......... -' _'FUN for.Allni Exciting l un for All ages at .fl, e I State's i gge.st A1111ual Spectacu-I lar'l 12 Bi,g Activ .ity-pachd Oays! I Star-Studded Entertainment, fx-1 hibits, shows, judging, attraction and fun! Somethin; for Ev-I eryonel J 12 BIG DAYS: : PlAN MOW TO COME : ----------r I l j : DOWNTOWN : 1 : FAtRGROUNDS:; I TAMPA, FLORIDA 1 : F. 1-121 1972 : I See i n penon SUCK I 1 OWENS, Buddy Ala",. Suoan I I llaye, The &uclr.oroo&, TJ.e llak-1 1 enfield. C..lif. Stp at WYOU 1 I Salwt to C..Untry Mu.ic $),-I Gcuparilla f'irat Parade I Hurricane Hell Driven I 1 Art Show Winter Hal1 1 I Sprint Car lac.a The S...oa I n.nal Donny Davis and t.i& I Naslmlle !,ra&S with o;a.. r .. dt I I Hone Sloews w-' 1 1 World Came aed Ooiry I I Shows Horticulture E.dlibition *Poultry Show Hameu I I Horu Exhibition l.au& alae& -I 1 wood ......._ od lhe Stott a 1 I Qvartet Old Mad)pnaW' s I faml Enot. '--Shows I Gt.at-. r...,... sa.-.. Hit. I I Cook.iJoe w ith Hank MMdews I I Tloe .. Micfway-..,... I I A.oriau $it.,..* AHo--., I I I UGULU GATf AOMISS!OtC snu. S I. ADUlTS I CHii.Oiftol I 2 o.ad UHOH, 2Sc I ._ __________


r Tueeday, Januaey 11, 1SJ72 Fla. Sentlnel-&lletln Published e-ry Tues. and Frl Cei: AGE TWENTY -ONE -------------------------------Newark City Council Accuses Only In America Black Mayor Of 'Deceit' (Continued From Pare 4) father for th e fourth time an d that he had remarried. As far as Mr. Tarkenton and Mr. Mara went, I said sadly thal I subscri bed to the principal that on e man is within his rights telling another he won "t l e n d him $3,000,000. NEWARK -A majority of the Newark City Council members last week charged that Mayor Kenne th A. Gibson was trying to b\Md a "block-by-block" political organization with funds from a proposed Model Cities grant. The Mayor later denied t he charges and characterized the !plit wit h the Council as an o ldfashi oned dispute over patronage. Eigjlt of the nine C otmcilmen ca!Ied a news conference to level charges that the Mayor has earmarked $1,159,000 in Federal f unds to es ta blish a new super agency" to administer a propose d $7-milli on planned-variation Model Cit ies program. The new a gency would b ypass the city's existing Model Cities organization the Community De velopment Age ncy, and go into each election district in the c ity' s five wards to enlis t R epublican and Democratic district leaders, the said They sai d t he preplanning cost for the C ommunity Devel ol}ment Agency, which t hey maintained co ul d handle the 'planned-varia t ion program, was $150, 000 co m pared to the more tha n $1-mii Jion that the Mayor pioposed t o u.se for the new bureaucracy. And they said the Mayor s program placed heavy emphasis on publicrelations capabili ty. Councilman Sharpe James said the Mayor is building a political s tructure foc his reelection," a charge echoed by others, including Council President Louis M. Turco, who charged Mr. Gibson with attempting "one-man rule" a nd with denying th e C ouncil its proper ro l e in the city go vernment. Mr. Turcc also charged Mr. Gib6on with sending the Council a "phony" letter on Dec. 28 that he represented as a copy of a Jet ter he had sent to the United S -tates Depart ment-of Hot.;Sing and Urban Deve l opm ent on Dec. 8 requesting t he $7-million grant. Mr. Turco said that the letter sent to the Council had t he same first page, but that s u bsequent p ages had been re type d to dele t e any mention of the 49 new jobs and t he salary schedules for th e new agency, This typ e of de ceit fr o m t he Ma yor's office h as been all t oo common s i nce July, 1970," Mr. Turco sa1d referring to the mont h Mr. Gibson too k office,. Airplane flights are a pos i tive joy on Tuesday mornings during the fall. There is a contented buzz throughout the ship as the fellows discuss Monday night s game. Usually this is not the case. The experienced air traveler is any thing but garrulous. I have had men stare stonily at me when I opened a book on an airpl ane. One morning, one fellow even moved his seat. Th ough I myself do not watch the Monday night games, I have found that you can s t ill get along with your seat passenger if you say, "That series around mid field in the second quarter was crucial." AU of them respond, "AbsO. lutely right." Rhodesian Police Open Fire On Aftican :Mine Workers Though basketball is our mos t popular sport, it does not seem to rouse the same emotion This is a shame because I know some thing about the ole hoop, my brother Max having been a superb forward in his youth. If Max had played with Geor -ge Halas, men would buy me lunch and maybe even buy some of my books. Intelligent men r SALISBURY, Rhodesia Rno c!esian police opened fire on African w&kers al a mine about 200 Jl1iies sriuthvrest of Salisbury, killing cme Mrican and wtmndiug nine ather.;. A govemmenlt statement Tfiursday a.c:eused African nationalim ol using intimidation In an attempt to, Empress members of a special" com.missiO'il whic.& TUesday. 'l1le. eommission to whlch Britain named 15 whi1i. e men and a wcman. is charged witJIJ judging whether Rhodesia's. plpo.letica awroves terms 6f a seiU e.ment witib Brifam on Rbodesim b lack :oaticmaliisa oppase: th beea use the y say-it contiains. no for ma,icrity rule in trus whiteruled eastern eow1try witb alwut 2fl0, 000 whl i .es and four .:-milrfon cracks. The government statement reported a series of scattered. out breaks. of violenee aroUncl the c:otmtry in recent weeks. These incidents included incit-l rae Heaven Of -Sanford Si-.ers The TrUe Heaven of Sanford will be rendering a program Stmday B ight at the Church of Goo. By in. Plant-City at &:08 Everyone Ls invited. Elder Faison is pastor and Evangelist l!rown is sponsor. Clewiston Service a' all of the churches in the community began with Sun llay s.cbool at the usual hour wtth the supf.s and teachers at the.U posts. M()Ening senices began at 11 with choin and ushers serv ing. Tbe sermons were ail livered by the pastOFS. The first quarterly conkrenu was held at New Bethel Ali1E Church of which Rev. BurrOUihs Is the r:-asto!'. Sympath y to the family of Mr and MrS'. Jessie Tolbert in tM passing of baby. The funeral was held on last Saturday. Rev. L. H : King deli vered the eulCigy. The follo wing are on the-sick lis t: Mrs. -Grace Collings:. Mr. Russell Mrs. Melenda Allen, Mrs. Calli e White Mr. James Mason Mr. Moore, Mr. .fames M ason and Mrs, Val'11: Me K iv e. Mrs. L M : Willi ams, reporter, ing people to violence with sug-will fall asleep if subjected to a gestions that their beer had bee111 discussion on theories of mode m education 'Ilfle number of men watered down and that poisonous sweets bad been distributed to who want to listen to an explana children, it added. tion of how t he gas combustion -Tear gas bad had to be used engj,ne works is not large. l 'oetry on a number of occ asioms, the : if it. does anything at best makes government said. a man recall the six t h grade 'Fbe mine incident at Shabani when he learned by heart, On -started Tuesday following 1. rfis-wardr Onward! Hill a: league turbance when 12 African em B ut there are two subj,eets on ployes were dismissed for refus-which a man w ill to lerate the ing to obey illstruct ioos officia l s opinimns of any fooL The fM-st reported When the incoming shift. of these is what's the matter with refused to work vehicles and how;es were s.toned by workers the stock market.? Manipulat m g Violence flared again Wednesthe financial jargon is !is ail-day night Offices and vehicles consuming 8 bobby as btillrung were stoned. A beer hall W!l!l balsa-wood boats .. severely da.n:laged and. police had And the other subject, of course is what s the matter with the to escort the mine manager and nine vehicles from the scene-; the Bears: thls: season? Will Sayers officials said. eom.e back. or is be through? Tear gas. was used. on a large Staubach or Mttott bas crowd which had gathered and a d i alogue u eQD. voluted as any eventually, said. tlie government evex-devoted t.o existence and statement, police. "were com pelled to open fiFe-on riotous and vicious crowds. whohad set 1m! to and completely destroyed administrative in tbe vilNew Plate ()peaS The grand opening of Nt>w Place was an eV'ellt of. J'anuary 7-16 and a challenging schedule of adivities: and. workshops nave been announced. New Place iAI weaf. ed a.t 2811 17th Street. Classes imd work shops in music tape recording techniques, art dance anct" tbeateF are the numeroUS' offer ings. Call 241-1928 for information concerning registration. Bowling Green Jackie_ Mplvery gave a going away dmner party for Bernard Wright. who ia the son Or Mr. and Mrs Henry Brewster of Ft. Meade. Bernard iAI in service stati oned at Ft. Jackson, S.C. Some of the auests at. th e !>3rty were: Marvin Miller. Lance, Linda Brown, Mr. and Mrs Henry Brews ter, Rosalind E. Vann Brenda Faison and. Mr. and Mrs. A. C Mc! very. Mrs. Lottie Baker and c hildren Jenell and J'ohn visited her ill mother, Mrs Nancy Baker of A l bany, Ga-. over the weekend. Mrs. Annie Baker of Florida A&M Uninrsity in Tallahassee visited her father, Mr. Joe Green. Deloria Lance, Repor ter. rea11fy Lacoechee nw pastor and church anni -versary began with Sunday school at the usual hour with the supL Mrs. Daisy Story and t-eachers their Morning service at the usual hOUl with the deacons In charge of de votion. The sermon -was deli..-ered by Rev. Smith At 3 oelock Rev. Roberl Doctor delivered tbe sermon. Dinner Wll9 served. Evening-serviee began at e with Rev. Harmon of St. John Churcl>t of .Dade City in charge of the senic:e. Mr. and: Mrs. A. Owens and grandda_ugbter spent two weeks with. fbeir panmb, Rev; and Mn. Anderscm Owens. Mrs. George Smith. a member of New Bethel. is on the sick Mrs Sarah Williams of Mt. Moriah is confined to Tampa eral Hospital in T "ampa and afl are asked to p.ray for all of these sick members. ( Mrs. Dai."Y Story agent and repor ter. and Rev L. Waddell pastor. Grov.eland Services were good. at First Bap t is t Sunday. S.S. began at. the usual oour with all officers and teachers at their post. Tre lesson w as t aught by Rev. A.. B Lamar and reviewed by the pastor, Rev. E. F. Wright. Morning worsb iJ> began with the cooii in t he stand. Dea. H Evans conducted t he devotiona r''service The pastor de livered a soul s tirring message: Cherry Notes By GWENDOLYN S CHERRY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES The Congresswoman's request for my help in seeking the est pub lic office in the land took me aghast. It was late In the year 1971, the scene was an ex clusive hotel in Washington. D.C. where the B lack Congressiona. Caucus as well as Black elected official s were hold ing joint con ferences Triggered perhaps by the explosive question I raised 1 egarding why the ''' oman was not a part of the panf'! c i scussing political strategy for 1!:>72 Presidential Convention at one of the public forum plenary. Mrs. Chisholm was t he only Presidential Candidate although unannounced much had bet>n stated in magazines and newo; papers quoting her Intention s of rmming for the office There was no way for me to refuse to support Congresswoman Shirley Chishol m a woman who was ide ntical to me in regard to sex and race. A natural k i nsh ip would automatically spring up in our relationsh i p because we h avf' so many similar experiences well as obvious s i milarities EvPry individual is a sum total of h i s or her experiences, no more or no less. Mrs. Chisholm's back ground was similar with the strone West Indi an family, trar t the 'SChool education com pleted in t he New York School Svstem Smrley fin i shed Girls High i n 1942 and I, Jamaica High in the neighboring Borough "If Queens Sh i r l e y atcended Brooklyn College white returned sou h for my conege educati on. Only to go back for an advanced at New York University. Both of us pursued In the teaching fie l d which was the onr y avenue open to Black women graduates at that time. Both of us later struck-out to make !t in the fascinating field of politics. she. af a much earlier age anci l with a great de!ll more Is_ it any wonder that l would fully worli: diligently to foster Congresswoman Chisholms bid for the Presidency? lf hut tor other reasen, I could di'rectlv identify with her role as a black woman and emphasize with endeavors as she nrocee"ded down the Chisholm Trail. Alread y stret.ched out. too far and over utended, I had serious cloubts as to whether l! could be of a"'"' help to anyone. My wQrk had "'n suffering from neglect. my c !ents only stayed wUh because of .>beer loyalty and m y constitut>nts were disenchanted because tMy no longer were nble to see me without much del a How do you weig h out tion such ns this T onlv knew t had a duty to a ssis t the f irst black woman in her lofty ers. It meant so very murh to bla c k vou!h. to girls bl11 It and white and to ot h e r m inor "!v groups who h11ve so been left out of t he mainstr-enm of American societY Mrs rh:sholm's bid spelled HOPE it eve'l went further and rela ted th e f!ce of President to th o PAVE: NOTS-BLACK AND WHITE The inner streneth and courage of t his candlda te is alnost unhr! lievable. Her firm convi ctio n an .. complete dedication to causPs he cspou:;es brin g s her staunch suoporters from the most unsuspect ing plac e s. I watched frco,!Jl t he sid'e her tour over t he State of Flor ida The momentu m of the ca:n paign s 1 owly began to mount The utter candidness wit h whie h she s peaks erases nny doubts of poli tical maneuvering the usual pnti t.ical p.romjses of poli ticians appear trite b y contrast. She makts conceivabie that a President in1 candidate could be in fact UN BOUGHT a n d UNBOSSED wi\h her twice different handi< : apil The-..,. Chisholm recept ion f n Tampa was enthusiastic. In Tal lahassee, supporters met the unannounced candidate for the Presidency at the tiny Tallahassee Municipal Air p or t and whisked her off to Florida State lTniversity where. sa\ the aisles listeninl( to the-gresswoman. Florida Stale Presi dent Marshall had lunch with Mrs. Chisholm in the President: al Dining Room. At Florida A&M University students tilled the audiiorium and ch<>ered "Right oo Sister"-Tile Governor received Mra Chisholm in his office and ex tended an official welcomeo t() the stale. The more vigorous tn. pace. the-more energy the candidate displayed. The Trail, I realized wu. goin& to be a long long trail to 1600 Penn sybanla A venue bul a "ftJY ful trip all the wayt Frtlm time to time, I how>e-bring you a progress rep_ort Olli the first. black woman's-ca:mpa.igo for PRESIDENT OF '!'HE 11NlT1 ED STATES I Hardee High_School, By -DELORIS LANCE IN SPOTLIGHT Short jive, cute, aweet and neat deseribe none otheF than Jaequel:vn Mel very. She reSides at m Dixiana Drive witb ner puenlot, Mr. and Albert Claooe Mcive,ry. .Taclri"e i s ooe of thegrooviest. jiv8t, sweetest dlicb around tM den. If you dm't catch .Jackie eombing ber haf r you will catch here in :n. lleade t{l none other than the Wrigbk pad. Her hobbies are: .rood any thing edible; records You Are Everything, Make Me the Woman Ypu Come Home To, and Only the LOnely l:)eau, Bernard Wrirbt; jammera, J-;S friends. M D., L.B .. G W.. G.L S. and D A M. and GK., of l't. Meade-. COUPLES FO:&EV:Eil J ackfe Mel very aDd Bem'Wriglit. Lance and Lester F'Ulsc Glady White and Robert Clarl\:, THOUGHT FOR TODAY Love fs a burtinr thing once your man Is gone Adult Class Holds Registration The Hillsborough County Adult High School-Day .. J)ivi.sion, 105 E. Buffalo fa ncnr enrolling The Lord's S lipper was served. st'-*nta Ill the art classes for At 6, evening worship began adults. w ith the No. 1 choir serving. Dea. Adulta may atteDd tbe center Anderson led devotion. Again the fiv daya a week or only on the pastoc delivered another tine days. they prefeF. A guiqance message. counselor will help. the students Women's-day is n()w being aeleet, the cl-.u sehedwe planned See Mrs. Ruth Gibson suited. to the individual's need's for pla n s which has been al ready The only charges will be a made. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest John-two dollar registra.tion fee and son, Jr., of Tallahassee was in the a one dollar art fee. thi s weekend visiting relatives, Mr. Frank Sabella a the f.n.. Mr and Mrs Ernest, Sr. struc.tor, .. and aduits may register H. Anderson agd Mr. and. Mrs. from 8:30 to 3 :30, Monday thru ci ty visitfn refatives ... Fri day. Adults should register s i ck and shutins early to secure tle schedule they Mrs. Olea Mitchell, ./.


PAGE TWENTY-TWO.l'la. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt -Get Both Editions Tuesday, January 18, 1972 FUNERA. L NOTICES HARRISON, MR. FLEMING C AREY ..:... Funeral services for Mr. Fleming Ca,rey Harrison of 262 6 38th Ave nue who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Friday at 2:30 p.m. at Wil son Funeral Chapel, with Rev. B ernard Milton Jones, officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cem etery. Survivors are: wife, Mrs. Clara Harrison; a d a u ghter, Mrs. Ma xine Dicker son ; a bro ther, Mr. Richard Harrison and wife, Mrs. Viola Harrison; 3 grandchildren. Prenella, Timothy and Hodges; nieces, Mrs. Elizabeth Settle, Mrs. Floriee Jenkin-s of Alaucha Mrs. Geneva Shuemaker of Naples, Mrs. Orletha Mae Walker of Naples Mrs. Melvene Ware ol Miami; nephews Mr. Fleming Harrison and Mr. Frank Harriso'n; grand nephews, Willie Joe Settle Eric and Ken Harrison of New York City; grand niece; 1\Jss Pa'tricla. Settle; 2 sis. ters-in law, Mrs Leola Beasley, Bessie Mal! winslpw pies; brothers-in-law, Mr. Emanl Frazier and Soil : Frazier. of Ft. Myers and otl!er so,.-r.owi1!g relatives and friend.s. A n;ttlve of Jonesville, Mr. Harrisop-had Uved.__ here for th e past 50 years._ He was a retired employee of Superior Fertilizer CompaJ1y. Tl\e remains wlll repose after 4:00 p.m.. Thursday at Wilson Fqneral Chapel, until near funeral time Friday ''A WILSON SERVICE." NEALY, MRS ERNES TINE (). ;._Funeral services .for Mrs. Ernestine 0. Nealy who di e d in Alau cha Hospital Gaine sville, formerly Of Tampa, will be held at p.1.n: at Temple A.M E Chur.ch. with u McDoiui-Id Nels(ln, Interment will b e in Shad y .Grove. Survivo.rs are: 2 !Jons, Mr. Otha Nealy and wife Mrs. Anna Nealy a11d, Mr Nealy and wife, Mrs. Thelma Nealy; a daughter, Mrs. Alexlna Kearne y; 5 2 great grandchildren and other sorrow Ing relatives and The funeral cortege will form at 1517 Lamar Avenue. The remains will r e pose after 12:00 Noon Thursday at" the Church until n ear funeral time. Chestnut Funeral Home, G a inesvill e in charge of Setvices. MR S MAR THA-F un eral scni ces for M r s. Martha Rym : i o f 4224 E Os born e Ave nu e. wh o p : 1 s s crl a way in a loc al hos-pita!, will be held Thursday at 2:30 p.m. at New Mt. Zion M B. Church, wi t h Rev. B. J Jones, officiating. Interment will be .in the famlly plot, Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: husband, Mr. Bailey Ryans; 3 daughters, Mrs. Bettye Grant and hus band, Sgt. Willie Grant, Mrs. AI siene Maura and husband, Sgt. Charles MaU:ra of Baltimore, Maryland and Mrs. Dora Dixon and husband,_ Mr. Wayne Di x on; 3 grandsons, Shannon and Gary MaU:ra of Baltimore, Maryland and Derek Dixon; 2 sisters, Mrs. Helen Paschall and husband, Mr. Walter Paschall, and Mrs. Marilyn James and husband, Mr. Wil Iiam James; step-father, Mr. George Hamilton of Waycross, Georgia; 8 nieces, Mrs. Emlly Coaxum of Newark, N.J., Mrs. Mary Ann Richardson of Detroit. Michigan, Mrs. Shirley Davis of New York City, Mrs. Annie Mae Lott and l\lrs. Addie Minor a n d -husband of Akins, S.C ., Mrs. Eva James and husband; Patricia Edwards, New York city and Mrs. Viola Blocker, Waterboro, conn.; 6 nephews; Mr. Mosdell Richardson and wife, Mrs. Ann Richard son of Charlotte, N.C., Mr. Rich a rdson of Newark, N ;J., Mr. Bernard Richardson and wife of Newark, N .J., Mr. Henry CoUetoli and wife; Mrs. F-annie Mr. William Sermon and Mr. Kenneth Edward, New York City; Godmoiher; Mrs. Lottie Clark of Waycross, Georgia; sisters-in-law, Mrs. Lona Entzminger, Mrs. Addie Lott of Akins, S. C and Mrs. Rose Ed.wards of New York City; a number of grand nieces and neph e ws ) cousins and other sor rowing relatives and friends. A native of Walterboro, South Caro lina Mrs. Ryans had lived here since 19:rloJ. She was a member of Lily White SBA Lodge 194, Mrs. Arthur Lee Shipp, Prest- d e nt. The remains will r e pose after 4 :00 p. m. Wednesday at Wilson Funera' l Chapel, until near funeral time Thursday. "A WIL SON SERVICE." Memoriam TAMPA -In loving m emory of m y darlin g husb a nd Mr. Israe l E lli s on who d e p arted this IUe J a nu a r y 1 6 1971. Whil e m e m ory bid s m e w ee p thee no thou ghts n o r words a r e fr ee, the gri e f is f ixe d too d ee pl y tha t mourns a UNClE SANDY SA YS 4 2 67. Fear not that thy life sh a ll c om e to a n end but rather fear th a t it s h a ll neyer have a be g inning. 99, 71). man like thee. Gone but no forgotten. Signed : Your loving wife Sarah Ellison and the Elli s on and Rivers Families. Card of Thanks TAMPA The .family of the late Mrs. Catherine Doletha Patt e rSon Frazier wishes to extend their deepest appreCiation and thanks to the many friends who sent Cards, Flo rals, Telegrams, arid the many other expression-s arid deeds of sympathy extended to them durir. g her. illness and passing. Special thanks to the Tyer Temple Unlt e d Methodist Church, Rev E J. Rivers, Jr. pastor, :md the staff of Stone's Funera l Home Stone & Gordon Directors. Signed, Mrs. Mae Wheel e r Mrs. Annie Cole, Mrs: Elizabeth Cooper, sisters; Mr. Jame11 Patterson. brother, and families. Memoriam TAMPA -In loving memory of our mother and grandmother, Mrs. Beulah Ford w h o passed J anuary 15, 1970. Gone but not for g otten. Sig ned: Th e Ford, Love, Willi ams and Parke r Familie s. Memoriam TAMPA -In loving memor:v of my son Napoleon John son who passed January 17, 1962 Gone but not for g otten Sadl y mi ss ed y our mother, Dorothv Bla k e : S i s t e r Ar.nie L. Wilson. a nd hu s b a nd : Brother, AI follson Johnson and wife ; a de voted niecr. Yvonne Smith and husband add the rest of the fam lly, B ,lack Group N -AACP's H.ea, d NEW YORK -About 20 members of the National Economi c Grow t h and Recons truction Or" ganization o c cupied the ofices of the Na t ional Association for the Advan cement of Colored People 1790 Broadw a y last week over a difference of opinion on scattersite housing. The organizat ion is opposed to scatter-site housing and fa vors using the money to rehabilitate slum dwellings : The NAACP favors the controversial hot.

r TU%day, January 18, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fr-4 Celt Both Editions PACE TWENTY-THREB ---------. ----Human Relations Conference The Lake Yale Baptist Assemllly aponsored by the Missions Divisions of the Florida Bapt ist Fellowship of Florida will convene Feb. 14-16 at Lake Yale :Baptist Assembly, state road 4 52 about ten miles northeast of Leesburg and s i x miles north of Eustis. The program begins at 2 :00 BUSIHESS NO CREDIT??? Raving Trouble Buying A Car Because you are short on Credit or D11wn Payment? LET ME HELP YOU Call Bill -BroWn 232-4891 OR SEE ME AT SOH RAY' MOTORS 8300 FLORIDA AVE. EMPLOYMENT POLICE PATROLMEN $7,493 -$8,452 a year FIREFIGHTERS $6,770 $7,621 a year B/S grad. Age: 21-30 yrs. Must meet height, .. weight ... and visi on requirements, POLICE RADIO DISPATCHER $2.44 $3.00 .an hr. H/S grad. "plus 1 yr. radio trans. experience. BUS OPERATOR $2.75 -$3.41 an hr. H/S grad plus 2 yrs. exp. and Fla. Chauf. Iic:ense. BODMAN $2.25 12.75 a n hr. H/s grad. -EQUIPMENT OPERAtORS $2.07 ..'$3.41 hr; d epending "on exp. Fla Cbauf. lic ense; some ei.ane, dozer,-payloader or dragline 'experience. APPLY: /. 4th Floor1 City Hall TAMPA CIVIL SERVICE BOARD p m Monday. The theme for the occasi on will be, "The Ho l 7 Spirit. Every Sou thern and National Baptist pastor and w i fe every Baptist Convention Leader in Florida, every Baptist layman, both men and women from the churches of our four cooperating s t a t e conventions are invited. Every pastor a n d lay person who does not participate in t his B ibl e Conference will tri1ly miss a great opportunity, You may .end foe FOR SALE "MONEY BACK GUARANTEED" FOR SALE, Electric lrons-$2.50-$3. 00. Repairs on all typea small / MORRISON FIX-IT 2101 N. 22nd St., 245-3751. WANT A NEW HOl\-IE? $2QO DOWN, CREDIT. Call Equal Opportunity Development Corp. Call 257-3210 or 935; 6986. ESTATE. SALE 2534 UNION STREET. Four unit apartment. Rental a bring: $221 per month. Near Armenia and Main St. f8,200, Easy terms. Call YOLI CALDEROJ\'I ASSOCIATES "251-6979 01' !29-8026 2337 WALNUT ST. -$6,000. Good condition, Partly furnished. EDWARD VALDES REALTOR MODERN C E 1\1 E N T BLOCK 3 bedroom home. On large landscape lot. Carpet, ; stove, refrigerator. $10,300 P&l $68.22 for 360 montbiJ 7% mortgage, DON TAAFFE BROKER 872 -272'9 or 839-1422. Listings needed. ------------EXTRA NICE 3 BEDROOMS, cement block home. In excellent cvndition. Living room, dini)lg room and ni ce kitchen. Completely fenced .' yard. LocatPd-near Hillsbor '. ough and 40th Street. Call B(m PINSON REAL TOR. Phone 23&-6428. MAIL YOUR AD RENT OR BUY! LEASE OR HIRE! TELL OR SELL! 20 words or less will cost S2.00 per edition and lOc each additional word. If y ou need help in writing your ad, or to find out how much Iaf!tei-ads will cost, just call "MISS RESULTS" at 248-192L Please e nclose your check or money order for each ad you wish to have published. WRITE YOUR AD HERE Under wha t classification ,;bould we publish your ad? ... .... Your Name: o 0 I I 0 0 I 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 I I I I I 0 I oooooo I'' I I 0 I I I I 0 I I I I I I 1 I I I 1 Your address: o o I I 0 o I I o o I I o o I I I II I o o I I o o I I 0 I I 0 t I I I 0 I otll 1 01 11<11 'MI o Your Telephone Number: .... ...... ..... ......... ... Mail this form with your check or money order to: THE FLORIDA SENTINEL-BULLETIN, P 0. Box 3313, Tampa 13601 Mt. Carmel AME Re'' :\1. Jones, Paslor 1\l.rs. M. :\litchell, Rept. The fir s t quarterly confere1ce was held o n Sunday .t?rayer was offered by Mr. Griffin. A very your reservatio n now t o Dr. Julius H. A very, Florida B a p tist C onvention, 1230 Hendricks A ve. Room 307, Jackson\ ille, Florida -32207. FOR SALE $50 DOWN BEAUTIFUL THREE BEDR00!\1 HOMES with carpe t, tile bath, built in range and oven, chain link fence and beautiful land-5cape Jots. WILBERT WILLIAMS REALTY 2122 Main St. Ph_Jne 251-4049 WEST TAMPA .200 DOWN FHA 235. 3 Ph bath. VANITY DOMES, IN<.: 109 North Armenia, Phone 251 3539. FHA 235 NEW 3 AND 4 BEDROOM homes with Ph baths, 'family room. Enclosed garage, side walks and ful!y landscape lots. Open everyday for your convenience. Call Joe Kennedy or David Diequez, 621-3471. HALLMARK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LOT 48' x 96'. Across .from Washington School By owner. Tenus available. Phone 988-6357. IN CHARMING RIVER GROVE ESTATE. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Florida Room, nir con'diii<1n, Assume 4%. percent. mortgage. HAROLD FR.ANI{LIN, Realtor 879-0560 FOR RENT FOR.RENT 2406 19th A VENUE 603 WEST PALM 114 SOUTH DAKOTA These apartments are in condition. Call 223-4771. ONE BEDROOJ\t APT 918 14th AVENUE ,(UNFURNISHED) NICE, QUIE1-' NEIGHBORHOOD. $22 weekly, plus $30 brealage fee. $52 moves you fn n e x t :week Phone 248-1921. --=----FOR RENT 2808 34th STREET Apartment 4. 2 hef]rooms pnfurnished, water paid. $20 weekly. 258-5151. ERRORS Advert i a e r s ar. e requested to check the first appearance of ada for correctid for the conference: Mrs. Aim:'! Morris, Mr. Griffin and Mrs. Matilda Mitchell So:ne of the boards made reports. Our presiding e lder, Rev. A. D Burton, was not present due to illnes s. On Tuesday night the pasto r w ould like for all members to be present at the church. All other activitiP.s the same Mrs. Gussie Larkins i s h .ome alter behlf confined to the bo!tp Ha l. Sympathy to Mrs. Willa D. Joseph and family in Ute passioa of her broUter i n Detroit. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248 d Dept. FOR RENT PUBLIC SERVICE F OR RENT AUTO INSURANCE I CB BUILDING. 3104% 11th AVE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE at 'a NUE 1 I e d o f 1 I e d cost that conesponds to your driving history. ) rom Un ll'IIIS I Kitchen equipped. All u t ilities paid. $30 weekly. 258-5151. 317 WE S T AMELIA 1 Bedroom house furnished. --\ 2 BEDROOM unfurnished. 805 Oak. 877-5951. 1 FOR RENT I Clean Painted I Houses Phone 251-1645 PERSONAL $25.00 REWARD MISSING GERi\IAN SHEPHERD DOG. Color brown Answers to th e name T i er. An one knowg y -ing the where ahouts please call 246-5614. PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO INSURANCE I FAST CLAIM SERVIC E R.A TES-.,FOR GOOD AND -.. BA:Q, DRIVING RECORDS. e A M : I L T 0 N .; --. .. I INSURANCE COMPAN'f 1720 .North N ebraska Avenue PHON E 229-1879 AUTO -INSURANCE Before and after .an accident A. F. KILBRIDE INS: 1201 Marion Street Phone 223-5531 4-CUT -R ATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TRADING POST NU TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATER HEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 3822 E. BROADWAY PHONE 243-2411 Got Car Troubles? TRANSMISSION OVERHAUL GEN. 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F l a S entine l-Bulletin Published eve-ry Tue s and F rf. Celt Both E d itlont Tues d ay, J anuary 18, 1972 Political Revue I By SANDY MONDINO The candidacy of .Mayor Joh!l Lindsay of New York got a big shot in the arm Friday when Mayor Charles Evers of Fayette. Miss announced his support. "I don t care if he only gets one vote, he's going to get mine Evers told a Miami Uriiversit\' assembly of about 1,000. Evers. brother o( slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, was invited to participate in C ivil Rights Day ceremonies sponsoreci by the university's office of minority affairs on the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. The init i al meeting of the Black Businessmen s Caucus last Monday attracted eighteen per sons with six invitees not show lng. James A. Hammond vice president of A. L Nellums & Assoc i ates, and James T. Har. grett, Jr., executive vice presi dent of Community Federal Sav Ings an!i Loan Assoc called the meeting. We've learned that the following attended: Tho m a If Brown. Robert Cole, Atty Warren H. Dawson C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. Raloh Fendall. Ruye B Hamilton, Perry C Harvey, Jr .. Dr. Andrew R. Jackson. Atty Arthenia L. Joyner Littleton Long Monroe Mack. Reubin Padgett, Dr. David Smith. Dr. Fred Smith, Charles Thomas and Clarence P Wilson. Rep. Shirley Chisholm of Ne\ V York has announced a news con fer ence for Jan. 25 to formally decla1e her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Pres: dent Kenneth P O'Donnell a k ev politica I adviser to the late Presi dent Kenned y announced last week he will support and work for the candidacy of Sen. Hubert H Humohrey for the Democratic Presidential nomination Florida's No-Fault Auto Insur an c e Plan explanation is thirty pages lopg, and local attorney! are reportedly having to research )t themselves. You can guess where that leaves John 1 Doe citizen. City Councilwoman Catherine report to the people !!I l.Inlql!e in local politics. The newscomes in we.ekly to the press. Reps. Guy Sp1cola and Ed Blackburn send out similar re -Ports from the state legislature Sheriff Malcolm Beard has an nounced for re e lectio n Besides earn i ng the r espec t and coopera tion of other agenc i es in th!' the sheriff i s held in h i gh esteem by the vast majority o( blacks in Hillsborough They 'll ne ver forget how he handled the riots of 196i. and how he has continued to maintain high standards of law enforcement here. Although Gov. Reuben Askew draws a salary of $36,000 a and the state pays most of his day-to-day living expenses, his. financial statement showed he went in the hole about $3.000 dur ing his first year in office. Mr. Aske w pays a lot of his own traveling expenses, for instance, even when on state business Florida's hodgepodge system of city county and state traffic laws has been replaced by a uniform code. It means, for example, that a driver arrested for speeding on an Interstate highway will be given the same kind of a citation as one arrested on a city street or county road. County school boards in Florida can't keep pregnant st udents out of school but can put them tn special classes better "suited" to their needs So ruled Atty. Gen. Robert Shevin. More than 1.500 trees have been deliberately killed because they blocked the view of billboards on interstate highways In nine Flor ida counties according to !he State Dept. of Transportation. Hillsborough County is the home of 26 millionaires, reports St. Pete Times 427 on the Suncoast (Pinellas, Sarasota, Hillsborough and Charlotte counties). A total of 242 live in Pinellas a Repub lican stronghold. A bill which would put old people, infirmed -people, blind people black people, poor peoole and mothers of dependent chi! dren in Raiford for welfare fraud, Is being vigorously oposed bv Rep. Gwen Cherry of Miami. "Our prisons are already crowd ed stated Rep. Cherry. "To add another felon y would further com pound the problem. Unfortunately the peoole making money .from the welfare system are not' the recipients Congressiona. l Blac_ k Caucus Calls For Hearings On Mass Media WASHINGTON, D. C -T h e .gard to Black people and the Congressional Black Caucus today :white controlled mass nied i a. announces that it will hold a set Each has been as_ ked to. of ad hoc Congressional hearings submit along with testimony a on the mass media and the Black set of reco mmendations. These community on March 6 and 7, unrecommendations will be used as der the direction and chairmana part of t he National B I a c k ship of Congressman William Agenda now being prepared by Clay, D-Mo. the Congressional Black Caucus. According to Rep. C!ay, "NumThe agenda is a set of national erous instanc-es of the white priorities that will be designed to mass media's failure to properly reorder current national priorities Interpret the Black movement and serve to the quality and the issues affecting the Black of life for Black Americans commu.,ity, their unwillingness to The full agenda for the public adequately increase minority emhearings will be announced at a ployment on their staffs, and the later date, after confirmation of insidious method of firing a numthe witnesses ber of highly competent Black "Just short of the charges," journalists prompted this thorough the statement said, "It is unthink investigation of t he mass media." able that Newsweek, w i t h its naThe full statement of the Contiona! posture in the mass media, gressional Bla c k Caucus' anwould fire its first and only black nouncement included its support of corespondent in the magazine s Samuel F Yette, fired corresp o n Wash i ngton Bureau. "His record,'' dent of Newsweek, Washing ton. it added, "As a perceptive journ B u reau, and said that he had alist and author contradi c ts all been inv it ed to testify at the hearbasis for in c ompetence there ings. The reference to the Yette fore suggesting a cloaking of the case stated that the most recent true reasons for his dismissal." 111nd dramatic firing of Samuel "The charge of "racism a n d Yette is another case in point and capitulation to pressures against example of the situation, Ironical. free press and free speech', In ly occurring at the time the hear-the opinion of the Congressional lnga were beipg planned. Black Caucus, uncovers one more A tentative list of about 20 in-harbor of incipient racism in andividuals have been invited t o air other of America' influential l.o-their experience in r atitutions Assorted Area Rugs 9 X 12 $59.95 B e autil'al carp e t roll ends, rem nants cu t to room sizes. Find wool, n y lon, acrylic pile in many textures and colors. All have fully bound edges. r.-Occasional Ta'bles $29.00 Decorator preferred In 1\Iodern, Traditional Provincial and Med iterranean styles. Lovely wood finishes, some have carefree :l'laetlc tops. Practical Dinelles $64.00 5 pc., 7-pc. or 9-;pc., sets In lUodern, Spanish or Colonial de. sign. All have worry-free plastic tops, tubular legs, softly padded chair seats. IN. THE SOONER THE BETTER A FABULOUS MONTH OF BUYS! THIS BIG SALE IS THE END RESULT OF MONTHS OF PLANNING, TREMENDOUS DEALS, FANTASTIC SPECIAL PURCHASES AND EXBIG Versatile Bunk Beds AND 2 MATTRESSES Comfy Bedding Buys $34.00 ,$89.95 EACH Find button twft e d smooth and quilt top mattress es, cov ered In durable tickings A II have pre-bunt borders, turning handles Also box springs. Each set includes J twin size beds, guard rail and ladder. January Sa,le \ 7-PC. CONTEMPORARY .. LIVING ROOM SUITE I San ubstantlally on the dramatic suite Sofa deeply iufte-11 back styilnf wUh reversible seats and kick pleat 1klrt. Matchlni lounge chair, cocktail and I enib_ tablet tA. ll.nlsh plu1 a lamps. ::. ... $159.95 (SIMIL\ TO ILLUSTRATION) 2-PC. :. MODEll SOFA AND CHAIR I t .. I Z-PC. FRENCH SOFA AND CHAIR .... 25995 z.y, Conlamporan Sofa and Chair nvenienl Budgei Terms. are ,Jyour here ARMON PHONE 1324.30 248-2557 E. Broadway "THAT'S. WHY SMART PEOPLI;. BUY NOW/' "IT'S EASY TO PAY) THE LARMON WAY" Open Friday Night Til 8 P. M.' FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE FREE PABKIHG ON LOT II BEAR OF STORE


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