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Florida Sentinel Bulletin

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African American newspapers ( lcsh )
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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 25, no. 27 (March 18, 1972)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
March 18, 1972
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
1 773
t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Atty. Says: Legislative Delegates To Blame For Waltacl e Win l :---' -l ---;::-;;r--'"'---1 -----.':-f--' ---sE E STORY O N PAGE 21 !C,to: r i i ; d ;o\ All The News ; Fit To Print VOL .25, NO. 27. \ 1 re: '11\, f i 1 "' r B I o : _I_,_,__ -,''I 1 .. = = = i .0 ,\1 I I I : AMERICA'S. .F-OREMOST SE MI-WEEKLY _TAMPA MARCH 18, 1972. I / Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU PRICE 15 CENTS. Tampan charged With. Murder -SEE STORY ON PAGE S-'1 / -. / '.. -SEE ON PAGE 20 t a mpans Tell. ... Of Black. .. 1 I ,.. I c .... sEE. STORY ON PAGE s.--Male Choir _At Mt. Tabor Baptist Sunclay There was an _inspiring program Sunday a f t e rnoon the choir compo sed of, from left to right, .T,.;Ill Brown, Eric Wright, F,;. z; and AD-at 1\It. Rapbst. Church. The program was made l.ha r !e s R o:tvrt Dans, T .. eroy Edwards, Harold dre w l\1 : .:Dy. up of mu s i c al selections. Appearmg on the program Baumer, H eiiry J ohnson, Benjamin Reeves, Jessie Pitt-


PAGE TWO Fla. 'Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tuei." and Fri. Get Both ,--March 18, -1972 ,,.. 1.s Comnity. Bureau I Black Set Students Meeting COURTHOUSE CAPERS By--SGT. ARNIE MYERS -:.-...----'!'" ------.: ST PETERSBURG Black THE ABORtriON MILL & RING, procedures results from lack of high school and Jr. high sehoul PART III proper care received by the patistudents from schools throughoJt For the .past three weeks Wf: ent following the operation. the city will be meeting at the In-have been discussing what goes Many mills lack adequate spa\!e stitute of Black Unity, 1510 16th into the operating of the'!Aborfor sufficient cots upon which Street South, on Sunday, March ..tion ->Mill & -Ring,'' we talked patients can recline for at least 19th The meeting, organized by aoout :ttse responsible an hour or so -after the operation Linda Leaks, -education cOordin-its-J!Uccess; 'if you could call it Also, pecause of the everpresent a tor of the Institute of Black 'that, It would be wise tp remem of detention, it is necessary Unity, was called because of what ber the .:.iluties of the !Secretary, to require abortion patients to Miss Leaks described as the con-manager : the-etc. leave the mill at the earliest postinuing crisis in education faced let's talk about the fees, and sible moment after tbe completion by Black students th' e after,care_ of the patient, of the While the patient --The meeting which begins at vtctim? : is restini', frequently another 12 noon, will feature an African ; ..gGes ''tQ --an abor ; i,s prepared ancJ dance group the Harambee ': tionist,'a offfue::-'i.s'; not ,in the .. sanre" :aborted. The ;patient is usually adClub at St Petersbq'rg Jr. Col-. to go home ana rest .for lege as well as educatinnal work-Assaults Mrs Christine Williams, 26, 3602 20th St., Apt. 84, told police that her sister s boyfriend struck .her Tuesda y afternoon with his fist. The assault occurred at 22nd St. and Buffalo Avenue A police report revealed that Mrs. Tina Ruth Felton, 19, 220 Palm Alley, was a s s a u I t e d Wednesda y night with a fork by an unidentified man. The incident occurred on Ola between Amelia and Park Avenues. Burglaries : ja a ilegttimate : least week The fact that thts T .-.,.vo films about Malcolm a advice is often ignored lies part-X will be shown along with Officers L. D. Williams, and .abo\it-!to "111 i:asb ly in the necessity for many films concP.rninrr U.S. involve -c : E Hartzner responded to a -Jh ._:a sl!op ; payS aborted women 1q keep the opera in the Innn-C:hina war. call e-arly Tuesd!iY morning con-fee," she i!, in a very real sense tion a secret, and also in their Wnrkshons schednl"!d frir th.. cerning a burglary alarm at the for a favor. E'spefrequent economic necessity to re-will neal with residence of Grant B. Brinson, cially i$--'this true if this is .her turn to employment quickly. lg-Stucfl'"t Druor ... 62, 2602 21st Ave Upon their ar-34, 1325 Scott St., Apt. A, said that an unidentified suspect forced open a window of her home Wednesday afternoon, opened a locked door from the inside and entered A T.V set and diamond ring totaling $510were reported missing. Raymond Green, 25, 2401 13th Ave Apt B reported a T .V. set, valued at $125, missing from his residence Wednesday evenin. A scre:wdriver w .as used to pry open the rear door of his home .. where entry was gained. An unidentified burglar broke into ,ll set of cabinets Tuesday morning inside an office at Bex ley's Bar-B-Q, 2113. Main St., and removed $250 in cash. The bur-glary was reported by the owner, Bex_ley. Thefts with : an !!,b9rti_on" .norance and over confidence a11d R'lcio;m, and the Neeof for rival William McKinley J..ofton, _!-()' be :-, also; :be factors Students to Orga!lfze. Wor-kshop 21, was ;,apprehended by the inRobert S. Stradley, 33, 8003 -:: 'futeract. With: taXI lJ;!aders will ir:tclt.ide Willie Mattvestigating officers as be 11t-Grovewood, reported the theft of.., ff ; DrlVlng IS often. ,_ bf''Ys, Boca Black Studel!t tempted to -flee, with a portable his '64 Chevy WedneSday morn stropgly competitive occupation Umon; Cedric Stafford, Boca Ct-T.V. set, ft:om a broken side wining. The auto, parked at Howard-. ,-ivhere .-, $Y--:11eill-_ solution to .,,her' and the experienced cab drivex: ega student; Connie Tucker, vicedow of the house. The set is valand swann, was worth $100. :Sbe\Ja!so is_, .is quick to detect a good 'stand."' president Institute of --Black Unity, ued at ''$150-: Mrs. Thelma Brown, 45, 2608 well a-ware of t .J!_ e illegjllity of..thi L Thi's accounts for the fact and Ernest Berrian, St. Peters-1' tb 17th Ave., said that an unidenti-t!.L u. -. :otis J. Wil 1ams, 41, 2008 .:24. w.nole':.;proeeaare_ and '.wis_..sems, that women leaving "'an abortion bm:g College. f 22nd St s d fled man reached into the open. 1 dd and Ave. owner o un ry. d f h ,., -. -to exacerbate her tlrUi t-rt en.ist's office olten find taxicabs 2927 22iJd St., reported the sundry ow ; o er ,o Bwck, ego.' The abortionist .arid seemingly waiting for fhem. 'ln Migrant bm:glarized -early Tuesday mor-at 20?1 E. 23rd Ave.; his staff .are a)Vare fact, the mill operators usually Fifty dollars in .quarter.s mornmg and took of her -atiXietY;..fear and insist that ample cab fare be paid EiigibleFor;Health Plan and dinres were taken from -a doln puts e contained $225:so iil 'Pbe abQxtionis t; uglike : a : .. phy... to his -rece ptionist in advance so hin d d t d and other valuable f ORL ,...,DO. About 30,000 mac e, an un e ermine slcian--in .private -practice; eim : IX that, there be no delav in the .t\. H t f tt d th Willie H agim, 25, 3o 17 E -. migrant farm workers became amoun o c1gare e.s an o er his own ho urs. ___ It-Is con venttona l patie11t's departure from the mill 1 bl t d st., th11_t an un 1 de n t1'f1'eg n u _n' -. eligible Friday for year-round va_ ua e_s were repor. e missmg. ... pr.a;t ice ;to; 1!-mill .from Gohtinued next week-See you group health insurance under the An unidentified --suspect -entered attacked him .on the street at, N,;,U abOut 10:00 &:Jn. to 4:00 p.m. eedeii pp 'for 5 ';H Se o c :da Fruit'and Ve.,.etable Associaafternoon. A table model T.V. set on the head With a steel .:11_ the -dual the : frequenc" e 1\Vt_Ce .IV Or e ... -tion said program is possivalued at -:$40 was reported missThe suspect 'i:ook "$28 in 'of lftl -. W ks ble now because of a new coming. his left pocket. and remain in -<1 and t r.JID '\i'Daap, -Or puter sy-stem that will enable Calvin Lanier, 19, 203 w. Fran-unknown direction. -: --; over Saturaay' and Sun MIA:J\11-Divorce is an unhappy member-growers to keep track cis, Apt 6, said that an unidenti-An eight traf:k sterll take the least time, perfQrm-every man and woman the right __ __:_ ____ :.._ ________ the entire operation in from -, to represent themselves in court. "l!e -tO fi.ve minutes. -:'This time and Burch is milking that that consumecJ in for ..n it' worth. r --msla-.b:r : ahaving, acrubbJng .and the t-affected 'parts, which tasks- are usUally hy the In ttendance. Stich .... tfo techniques, which are -mandatory in good hospital pl'actiee, 'are often omitted Jn til!!' of speeding up operations and increasing D@'s His American Legal Forms, Inc,. will -provide -all the .legal forms necessary for obtaining a : divqrce ; .or, under Florida law. "dissolution of marriage. 'Burch's forms cost '$100, plus :$4 aales tax, and come complete with a guarantee that "if the voroe shOuld not go through through any fault of the form, I will' return Ute full purchase price .of the ,form." The -$100 price tag, he says, is less than one--othird of the minimum attorney fee recommended by: the Florida Bar Tb.e father says any profits. The patient 1a often _ready to leave the' office : a half hout :after she enters; : In a large mid western city, an .in formed a probatiOn "officer that he had performed as -many a

Satur"day, March 18, 1972 Fla. Sentinel .. Bulletln PubH:)hed every Tue1 and Frf. Get Both Editions PAGE THREB ------------------------------------------Hero Of Lindsay's Vote In Black Precincts Was A Bus r By SANDY MONDINO Senfulel I!olltlcal Editor ... r The hero of Mayor John V. Lindsay s sweeping victory In the predominantly black precincts of Hillsborough County was a hard worldrig bU. .drlyer named Na thanlel Bunts. Bunts is not a college graduate, and basically unknoWn "down tov. by the professional poll ticos. He is active, however, In ihe Belmont-Jackson H e i g h t as president of the Engle v r:ommunity Civic Club. Co'l 6 : I highly-principled and an hearl.; a club that operates around for improvement e Belmont-Jackson Heights area. When he makes a decision, his iollowers follow because they know it is for the advancement of his race and not for any other reason. Bunts felt early that the only candidates in the Presidential race tha:t he could lend his support to were Lindsay, McGovern, Hum-'" NATHANIEL BUNTS phrey or Chisholm. "I int roduced him to Mayor Lind say early," said C Blythe Andrews, Jr. head of Lindsay's black coun ty organiza tion. But he wouldn't commit himself until he studied the pro grams of the other three. Then he called me and told me that be felt Mr. Lindsay was the best candidate for black people and wanted to work for him." A d e w s said he appointed Bunts precinct coordinator for tho Lindsay campaign in the coun t y and the outstanding job performed showed up in Tuesday's results. j JAMES YOUNG "The simple fact is that this man's knowledge of politics and organization at the precinct level amazed everyone on the Lindsay Bunts also noted that Senator campaign team. Some of his ideas Jackson sponsored an anti-busing will be used in the other primar-am. endment to the Constitution, ies Mr. Lindsay wm run in be and Senator Muskie made the cause the funds weren't available mistake early of writing off a to employ them in Florida." black as a possibility for running Bunts took the accolades ac-with him as a vice-presiliential corded him in stride He said he candidate. Blacks don't forget personally felt good about the rethings such as this, and becaus e suits though Lindsa y lost, bebig names in the black commucause he had done well the job ni t y are backing these men assigned to him. He noted that means noth i ng to the grass-roots there must be precinct organt black voter, he added. zation by any candidate, and that the candidate bimself must be atWhen asked about a daily traCtive to black voters. "You Wednesday writing: .'Lind's a y can't just say Mr. so-and-so' is picked up much of his momentulll supportin.g a candidate anymore from the support of Hillsborough in the black commtmity and think County Community Action Agenblacks are going to vote for that cy director Bob Gilder," Bunts candidate," Bunts said. "You've quipped, I thought he was with got to organize at the grass-roots Mr. Muskie? He certainly wasri't level for your man, then work with us." constantly for him, doing the right The fact-that Llndsay l ost badly things at the right time. One milin white community and statelion dollars could have been spent wide didn t seem to phase Bunts for Wallace in the black commu"If an attractive candidate to nity and blacks would still have blacks loses, so be it At le .ast for a more attractive candi-we have registered our protest date to the black cause as a minority against the likes __ UNCLAIMED FREIGHT Open 9-6 Friday Til 9 Open Daily 9-6 Friday Til 9 '4712 N A .RM.ENIA (FORMERLY 1008 E. HILLSBOROUGH) /BOX SPRING MATTRESS $34.50 holh pieces UNBEATABLE BARGAIN PIECE 7 Sofa Bed With Matching Chair 2 End Tables 2 Decorator Lamps Choice of Colors Cocktail Table UNCLAIMED FREIGHT WALNUT CONSOLE STEREO Only $79.00 -4-PC. MODERN WALNUT 8 E .DROO: M SET Complete $99.00 HAS MOVED To A Bigger And A Better Location WITH LARGER SELECTIONS AND PLENTY OF FREE STO.RE SIDE PARKIHG. UNCLAIMED FREIGHT WHERE YOUR ALWAYS FIND JUMBO BARGAIHS --APPLIANCES -STEREOS --BOX i SPRINGS AND DINETTES. ETC. AT EQUALLY LOW Local Black Attorneys Give. Views Of National Black Confab-The first national black conven tion held last weekend in Gary; Indiana was witnessed by over 5 ,000 people including two Tam pa lawyers Atty Arthenia Joyne r and Atty Warren Da-wson. Both lawyers felt the conf ab was a h isto ri cal and a serioull o ccasion. "It was the first time Belmont Heights Woman Molested A cit y of Tampa police re port revealed that a thirty-seven year old Belmont Hts woman was criminally mole ste d early Wednesday morning in the bed room of her home after the suspect broke into the north side window of the bedroom where she and her husband were asleep. The woman said that was awakened by a man slowly pull ing the cover from the left side of her bed, she screamed, and her husb a nd started to get up but the man stated keen your mouth shut, I've got a gun." He then said that he wa s a dope addict and needed money. She told him that she didn't have any, but her husband gave hiim his wallet containing $i.l. The suspect, who was referred to by the woman as soft-spoken and. very polite, ,then forced her husband into a closet and propped a chair against the door knob. Mter criminally molest ing her, he let her husband out of the closet, and exited through the front dQor leaving it open. The woman further sa-id that the suspect had omething in hds hand whic 1 h a 1p]>Cared to be an icepkk. Man First Charged With : Murder A tw e nty -QDe year old man was charged. this week wi1Jh first .. degree murder in the f,atalshoot ing of Johnny Gilbert, 25, on Saturda. y Februat'y 1!2. Mickey Williams, ::u;131 Kirby, was arrested and charged witJh the slaying of Gilbert in hU8 front yard at 405 E. Ross Ave. Apt. 4. Investigating offit:ers learned that Williams &hot GH-bert 'after an argument about a woman. Gilbert was reported ly just stand(ng by looking at Williams when he shot him in the upper chest with a .22 caHber pistol after a briaf exchange of words. Gilbert was pronounced dead in surgery a few minutes after his at Tampa General HoS{Pital. Where the arrest was made. "Sisters After Arr.esied .-Mrs Joyce Cotriey, 20, 1223 Burden Ct received a gill]..: shot wound in the left leg Wed nesday night after an argument with two other women at her residence. The pair, Mrs. Edith D. Un derwood, 25, and Mrs. Joyce H. Corbett, 27, who are sisters, left the house and returned pis tols in their possession. Mrs. Cot ney hit _at Mrs COrbett, but hit the other sister instead. At that time, both sisters fired at Mrs. Cotney, with a shot coming from a .22 caliber pistol fired by )1rs. Underwood striking Mrs / Cotney in the leg. The sisters were .ar rested and charged with aggravated assault. .EMPIRE-MANUFACTURING 3418 E. 7th TAMPA, Avenue FLA. co. PHONE 24l-2301 PAINT' SALE 20 gal. INTERIOR 8r EXTERIOR LATEX OR OIL WHITE AND COLORS One coat covers moil surfaces! Liaseed Oil -OUTSIDE WRITE ...... ..


rAGE POUR -.:A. Seathtei-Bu11etht eftl'7 Tue.:. F.rt -:Get 8oth Editions ------------------------------------------------__ I l f -nery" ami 'Frioay b1 J'lMida SeJJtibel Tampa B1illetin l'ubtidaiml .;Co, 7217 'Tweftoty F'II'St Avenue, -l'ulpa, :Florida :J360l,. c. aLYTIIE Fouow ,.Od Publisher C. BL'YTIIE ANDREWS, .IL Encuctu Editor SIMON JOBNSON 'Y.Iee m AoSB .CJUrKu.ni:LD Ytee Pr.eatjleD&.:socleQ ... JUIIMr.t JACOBS t1ct __ -leooad ClMa 'POfilbile liPid :et Tampe. .llkx1da '8UBSCIIIPll10N :RATES t 1.a per .)'UI 18M edl&ioD. -tu.tO' .,_-. _,_, edlUeae I Politics AfRI Pure -uaCism /' ': As a columniSII: pre =lkted hi F elm:aary, George Cprley W allace.; :a ahrewd' j,oUttidan, the eg'an at 1>0 \\itm -'llhe Supt. ,in charge. Morning deV<>t!On wafl led by Dea. Bllligess;. Ail choil'fl of the church and the paStor the message. One was added to .. the cb"ureh. .. Mr. and Mr..s. Gainer were th.g fr.om Miami. Also Mr and Mris. Ca.IT'.ie RiChardson. All .. visitors' are weleorile. Next Friil.ay night, the. church the *k and 111m t-im:-' Macecllllii : 3402 E. Delelill .An Rev. a : 'Riililmima, Nrs. L Lt!Si SlllldtW '.s ,services -were io,be,gi.m:iiug wifJa S.S Tbe marnmg and evening m essages delivered b_y the pasl:or. Vjce. we gr..atefiit to ..\iho came oat J.ast Sunday and mai!e ; our orogr.am a success ':this Sm1day, s :s. at !1:4'5, mor :at n .ana at 'I'Ile N:o. 1 peni'Qgs: tl:ie''viiitJS ehmdl clubs a:re .. w.ill gn MarCh 26, in /tihe: .1irll"t Oif the cihiH'ch, Mit'S; E\U.a J'Olmson is president., We also seek involve the Youth in the -d an .on goin.g _program m .cur clmrdlOsing them '!J.'S .PM1ie8'A promoters of 'OUr Y outb activiti-eE. : \.--' Added to : .our sick.: and shut-. ins lisf.is Mrs. G L, Garoner. who is now rec overi.ing at home. OtJhers en the recovery list also are Mmdse; Anna Brou.g:hton. :Achaleeee Biilrdie Clara Butler Davis and Jack 1M iller. Remember tbem :and fue Sic-k and shut.ftns eve.rywlirere. 1 They -desi!1! blessings. Greater Mornina Star 1415 5th 4 ::: Rev G. W. Pastor Mrs Julia L. Wright, R-ept. Men's day will be observed Sund-ay .S .S. will begin at 9:30 l'le-ncon R. lB. Allm in charge. Morning serv-ice will begin at !B With 1lhe deacons in charge -of devotion. Choir No. 2 nnd usilers No. 1 will serve. The serm-on will be delivered by the pastor. Evening service will begin at 5:30 with the d e acms in charge Of devotion. The sermon will be delivered by the pastor. Tuesd;:y ni g ht praye r meeting, Wedne sday ni[:ht Bible study. The M-atrons will meet Sunday after the morning Ohair Wo. 3 will observe theY. al1Dliver-6acy. Var-oius choirs Of the ,city will on pr-ot:ram House Of Prayer 1 Z9Ul No. 22nd Street 1 Elder B. Bryant, Pastor Mrs. ltosie Eryant, Rep!Kier lli. S. witl begin at lQ followed \ly morning 1vorship at u. SliD-day at 8, th Bappylaml Go...qpet Sblgers wili render a program. Let us enjoy wElder is manage.: d. lfi'(XIp The puplic i.5 illvitro. Northview Hill Chorus The Northv i e w Hill G o s pel Ctlorm will render a m u sica1 -st Peace Progres!i v e '111. B -Church of whkb Rev. E A Todd is p astor. &e.Mlioes. Friendship 3222 24th 'St. Rev James T. Link, Pastor wm begin at '9:30 with .' tbe su,pt. .and :teachers at their 'POsts. The pastor delivered :the messal;',e Morning W0I'sh'ip began .at '11. votion bv the &aeons. 'Dle : ser-. man will be tlelive:red by the pastor. An overflowing witnessed 'the ordination o'f "Rev Willis Crum last Sunday. Evening worsh i p will begin at with same oilder of service being .conR.emember the sick 11nd Shut-ins Visitor.s welcome. T ruevine Baptist ., .!05 Governor Rev. J. P. Nichols, Pastor Services began at the tisual time. The Supt. was in charge : and the lesson :Was reviewed by the 'J)astor. Rev. Nichols, Sr. was in charge of the services fO.r the day. Ohoir No. 1 served. The juniors Will have re'hearsal Saturday at 3 : 3{). Please be presept, Pray for the sick' and shut, ins. Church Of Christ 1312 Nassau St. Mr. David Atki11son, Pastor James Norton, Reporter Our Lord's Day Bible school be gan at 10, followed by morning worshi;p .at 11. Thursday night, Jlrayer sorvice. You are welcome to attend there services (ommunity Prayer Band Mrs. iM.ary 'lbompson, President :1\Irs. Tammie M. Wbr..e. Rept. The Community PTayer Band 'Will meetTuesrlay ni ght at 8 the home of M'I's. Lillie W.ash lr. g tr.n 34W E. Dcleuil A v-enue, l:lder L Williams, Sarah Lawren(e Union .Mrs. Charlie Pres. CJierry Craddock, Reporter The Sarah Lawrence Choir Cnion will convene at First Un ion M.B. 'Chur c h Sunday at '3. The Rev.. Joseph Thompson pastul' and the -public is invited SL John Cirde No. 2 l1rs. Gladys Crew&, Cba irmaa .Airs. l:tta White, Re11erler 'nle No. 2 (:irc1e cif St. J-ohn v."ill mee t Monday at 5 :3() at the nome (){ .Mrs 1-litcbe.ll, .1213 Kay The l esso n by Mr s S t evrns. The last wa s hc'd a t hOme of )frl!: Lundy, 1H5 A:-m...i-ix>d ct. Lct reme mb<:r tits 9i<.'k wd sbut-i.r.s.


leturclay 18, t97Z Fla Sentinel-Bulletin Published enqo-Tuea and Fri. Celt Both Edltioot


PAGE SIX ;--Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Toea. and Fri. Get Both E ditions Saturd' ay, March 18, 1972 Homemakers Forum ROSE. CRUTCHFIELD Mary Goodwin, who is asso cia ted with the Montgomery -Coun ty Health Department in subur ban Washington, cites such as pects of current family living as both parents working, the father c oming home late, and the chil dren having a constant agend< of music, dates and sports, leav ing no time for full, balanced family meals. As a result, she said in a re cent speech, teen-agers eat "from vending machines, at ball paries and movies and are offered noth-ing but junk food with no nutri J.t's no secret that many time,q tion busy homemakers would gladly "Foods which were considered trade a filled trading starp,.p special treats or celebration books for a few hours of extra _'foods are displacing the main time. We are often told that we stay of our diets, she continued. have much more time than we "Snacking has become a way of realizEl ; but it is frittered away life The proliferation of vending due t:J lack : of planning. machines encourages pie c emeal Now that' S p ring weather_ is eating or unplanned eating sim here, we some extra time ilar to a less organized, 1 e s s for cleaning, gardening and sewroutinized society." ing. We are begging homemakMrs. GoOdwin, elaborated on ers to share short-cuts and easy these points in a speech at a nuway s to do things. trition institute sponsored by the Send your suggestions to Home Washington (D. C .) Heart Asso 'makers Forum, p. 0. Box 3363, ciation Last week. She said she -Tampa; or call 24S.1921. agreed with the breakfast cereal Did You Know? critic Robert Choate, who de-if you fill a baked gr.aham nounced the great amount ofcracker crust with a mixture of snack-food and soft-drink adver canned peach slices, strawberries tising on children's television and whipped cream you have-a shows i tality Room hos t e d by Lodge No. 203 and Floral Court No. 205 o f Pallbear ers Grnnd Union, 6-10 P. i\1. MAR. 2 9-NAACP Dinner Sweden House, 7:30 P t'll. 1\IAR. 30-APRIL 1-58th S outhern Confe r e n ce, Phi Beta sw1msu1t it to it! Now with ihe swimsuit season under_way, you'll find our swimsuit variety at its peak. Come in and see beautiful double-knit nylon md nylon jersey swimsuits in styles to suit-all tastes and figures You'll even find sheaths, leg-suits, swim-dresses, two-piecers; even some bikinis in the group! Misses' sizes lO to 18. In Our Sportswear Department CHARGE It on Sears Revolving the fa sbion stop \. \ 99 .. -Sigma Fraternity, Manger 1\fotor Inn T St Petersburg l-Ore lid Ball p e u t gma ra erm y I Ol' omer op ears n ave I hi B t S F t t F t n Sh At S A d S I I H estc rly Armory. --. s ears Cl L k I d APRIL 2-Eastcr Sunrise Servi ce b y Int e rn a tional S hrin ets, Masons SATISFACTION GUARANTEED earwafer a e an nnd Ens t ern Sta r s, Tyer Temple U M. Chul'Ch 5 A .M. APRIL 7-Frontlcrs Banbuet Young Jr. Hig h S chool, 8 P.l\1 OR YOUR MONEY BAC K Winter Haven APRIL 8-Mnnhattnn E l e m e nt ary Sal e nt sc hool 10 A.M. j 3 -P.M LOUNGE WIGS ...... CLOTHING JEWELRY Open Every Day Alr C ond LOCATED: ..EASIEST CREDIT .TERMS -IN CREDIT 859 ZACK STREET Phone 229-9893 HUB CLOTHIERS' INC. 915 FRANKLIN ST. TAMPA


-NEW MT. ZION" GOSPEL CHORUS New Mt. Zion G ospel Chorus of the New Mt. Zion Baptist Church 2511 E. Driv e, wilt observe their sixteenth an, niversary S und;ly afternoon at 3 o 'c.o<;k. The E. P. Epps, will deliver the anniversary sermon. On -1\'ionday evening at" 8 o'clock, a musical pro gram wil lbe pre-Mt. Zion AME Usher Board To Obse-rve 54th An-niversary-' \ featuring talents from Tanipa, St Petersb mg and surround ing cities. The public is invite.!! .. James Marion is the president, and the Rev. -B. J. Jones Is the pastor. Religious Play At Grace .Mary HAROLD BREWER I ) '.', on evening at s :3Q, the Senior--.and Junior Women's Mis' "1: Miracle Band Mrs: Sammie L. Scott, Pres. Mrs Tommie 'M. White, Rept. 'Phe Mira _c}e Band will meet Monday evenin.g a t 8 at the home of Mrs. Juanita' lor 817W .--F r ancis ."' Moi-n-tster Oalhoun iJs_ direc tor. Evangelist Prayer Band Mrs. L. Owens, President 'Phe Evangelist l:'raye r Band of whic-h Mrs. M. B Spivey is ?-irector '"ill meet mqrn nig at 5 at the home of Mrs. Alm-a Green, 1728 Oherry St. The public Is Invited. s i on of Mary M.B. J will a Twelv e Tribes of Israel Y The church is located at 37th and Lindell Avenue .' -. The -narrator will be the Rev. -' )!:: -!. ones ; Mar- shall Baptist Church and now as: soe'iite 'pastor 'of Grace Mary --._; : B ritt, church pia nist will Brewei:, a' : nati ve of and graduate of 1 Betl:iufie -Cd6k-man Colleg_e. with a c E>egree in \ Music. MRS ETHEL HOWARD ,.; He i!;'-'-a c music:', in the -. ,_, guest speaker ': Cou nt y Schpol Sys ; .. : Usher ; 1 of Horton members .on the _: -: .( .! Zi9p. A.M.E. : church,-.111 board are. Y:Mrs Flossie Wi)son, A l-_-_, .--. kota Avenue, will observe Jnei(. :Mrl Mae Dasher, Mrs. KeY. -eXanuef-OneS : ''s4t!J,-anniversary.' -after Elizabeth .. M:rs: Annie --, -s k-.'At p M nool). 3 o'clock. 'flie gilest Mae ; JasP:r,' De--_ 0 pea -. speak'er : wm be Mrs: Ethel Howbose, James Horton, Henry Small -- ard, and the-,pubJic is invited. and George Jones. -The Rev. Y B. The president is Mrs .' Viol at. Bruce the pastQr : ,_L SPRING TEA PAGE SE" CONTEST WINNER Bcnn Lynda Faye Sinkfield report ed $109.07 Sunday afternoon at the Lily White Temple to will the baby cont est sponsore d by Lily Whit_e Lodge No. 221 of which Mrs. Georgia Smith is pr esi d e nt She is the dau g ht e r of Mr. and Mrs Bennie Sinkfield, 3416 47th Street. GUEST SPEAKER Miss Darlene Davis will be the guest speaker at the annunl Women's Day Youth Tea Sunday afternoon at 4 o clock at Holsey Te. mple C. M. E. Church. Darlene is the daughter of Mr. and 1\trs. Alfred Bla ck. She has just been chosen "Miss Soulful America' at Horace Mann Jr. High School in Brandon and bas won a number of trophies and other awards. The public is invited. ....... _/ / ( fi -. -. i : j On Sunday afternoon from 4 until 6 o'clock, there will be : a Spring Tea in the Middleton School Auditorium hosted by -the Mid dleton Adult Evening School Alumni. Among the community lead _ers who will participate in the program are Mrs. {\ugusta Marshall, Mrs. Lu_ cy Futch, Mrs. OUvia Carmichael, G. V. Stewart, Don_ Cammarrata, Mrs. EloiSe Cabrera, and the Community Band under the direction of Michael Rodriguez. Tl}e Rev Alex'inci;r 1 pastor of Mt Sinai A.M.E;. Z,inri Ch1;1rch, will be tl)e-. speakeJ;" Sun,:, / :day at 3 p.m : at St. John Prog ressive Church The occ3-sion will ._violy vaughn The program is for the enjoyment of the Middleton community and other neighboring communities ProceedS will be used to further promote the group's school-community activities. A fellowship hour with refreshments will follow the bri e f program You are invited t'o cople out and help make the affair a success. MRS. STOKES TO ENTERTAIN BRONZETTES Mrs. Joyce Stokes Will Host a of the Bronzettes Social Club tonight at her Nocthview Hill residence. The last meeting was at the home of Mrs. Audrey Patterson. The ladies played games, exchan ged Secret Pal gifts, and enjoyed a delicious dinner. f On receiving end Patter&On's hospit'allty: Betty ,,., J, On Page be special program to benef-it. !he United Day are c t e r : which s erves pre school child ieri In tile Thonotosassa-$effner area:--Mrs : Bessie Dix is chairman ;,, and l etters have been sent to busi' : nesses clubs and fraternal ; organ izations asking for support. Or ganizations were asked-_ to send a delegation or represent ative to'" _..the Sunday afternoon program. Checks should be. made payable to the United Day Care Center ... _-Stripes skirt the issue Smasheroo! The skirt 'n shirt look for 72! Bold stripes : ; make the rounds, th e n meet with up top,. : Vicky Vaughn buckles up the look in triplica t e, it on in Dacron polyester doubleknit. A cinch,. to wosh too. Multi color stripes with navy or red .top. 15 $25.98 RAUL VEGA ... 1523 E. 7ih Avenue . ...... ...... ......


PAGE CFIT Fla. !entlnel.Bulletln Published ev.eey Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Saturday, March 18, 1972 IDIS .FROM IAMPA (lUI S 'EBON'Y -'SOclAL CLUB is meeting at !I P. M at the home r.df .Mrs. iBazlbana Joneil, 135 Court D, lUverView 'llerrace. is 'haing '8 ,party'!Saturday ;njght :at the ;home df Mns. Viola Halyaa, :2510 : eentmil Avenue, Apt. :202. Group B Js 'hav.il\g -a benetit Jlfiair Saturtla_y .at .the hoine of Mrs. .Aim 'Si.ngletoo, 1025 Har rison street. iMDs. Gennie .Mae Anderson of 1713 Nassau : Street will host a meetmg .df the GOLDEN RAVENS 1 0LUB Wednesday .ev.ening at 8 c'-doek. 'Members df 'the BROTHERS ii0CIAL CL11B held their fi:rst meehing con Mm:ch 12, .at 'the ttesidence 'fif Chaiilie 'Thomas Jr. '25IO . .March 1l6

Saturday, March 18, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frf. Bo t h Editions PAGE NfNF ---------------------------------------------------"I ( _ASH N' KARRY HOT ONLY BECAUSE IT'S CLEAN AND COMFORTABLE, BUT IT'S ECONOMIC AL, TOO. I SHOULD KNOW, I HAVE BEEH SHOPPING THERE EVER S!NCE THERE: WAS A KS Jq N KARRY ." MRS. BESSIE HILL AND : CUZ ZEKE ROBERTSON .:_Tampa ........,._._ __ FAMOUS DAtnis ., c' 't l THESE ARE THE SlORES YHA" J $ .AVE you-MONEY 172-5 H. Dale Mabry Brandon ... : .91 f Brandon Mall Tampa ... -2205 Kennedy Blvd. Bradenton Tampa l .. _2301 Ave Cortez Road W. of Hwy. 41 .... 50th 'St. & lOth Ave. lnv.erne$s ao3 W. Ma.in St. Tampa 305 W. Hillsboro Zephyrhills Hwy. 301 & First Tampa .. Hillsboro & 1-Sth St. T 8th A o_ 22 d St Lakeland 925 Bartow Rd. ampa ve. a n 1 0 A Ta P 4101 Fl d A cala 2957 N.W. Pine ve. m a ..... or1 a ve. '(ampa & Waters St t 6095 9th Ave. N. : West Shore at Ke.nnedy Sarasota .. 3840 So. Tuttle Ave. T .111' 2 So. o 1 Mab & Bee Ridge Beall ampa .... a e ry T 44.87 G c1 PI St. Petersburg Beach ampa an y aza Tampa: Nebraska Avenue 7625 Blind Rau Road Tampa Cor. Florida & Waters Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. Dade City .. 506 E. Pasco 19 North. Plaat-Cify 507 So. Wheeler St. Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd." tf. PalmeHo ........... 515 7th St. Venice .... Venice. By-Pass. Riverview .. : : .... : H-..y 30.1 -Largo .. lwy. 19 lc Olmetlon I SHOP.: ANY-. EVERY -DAY RECORDING ARTISTS -Htr National recor ding artists .Jo .Jo Ben so n and Peggy Soott sco red a solid hit when they appeared in Florida rece ntly at Avon Park, Pahokee, Altamonte S prin gs and D a de City. Th ey wer e bac'k e d up by Johnny Givens' Soul Shakers Band. RECENT VISITOR A recent visitor to the Sunshine State was-the mother Of pop. alar recording star, Peggy Scott, who accompa nied her' daughter on engagements In Central / : friendly a aptist Rev. W. L. Webb, Pastor l\liss Mary Reporter S. S began at 9:30 with the Ass't Supt. Mrs. Beulah I:!tmes in charge. All teaC'hers WeTe at their posts ; The I e ssco was reviewed by the pastor. with Deacon Will James and Morning worshi 9 began at 11, Deacon Wade in rharge of devo dered by the N o 1 and 3 CJb.oiTs tiona! service. Music was renJunior ushers The text was by tlhe pastor whose s ubje(!t was "A' wise Jnvestmfnt." .. 1\'{anl}'" visitors were p r esent. 1 B T U be g an a t 5 :30 with the officers in charge Evening service followed with the same deacons u s hers o:nd choU's sei ving. Att_other wondet:fu.l mon was deliver e d bYlhe pastor. Parents please your children" to come to -sunday School. Members please f 9rget to vi-sit the sick and Bh4t-in LA SEGONDA CENTRAL BAKERY rRF: BES1 I CUBAN BREAD CAKES PASTil _.\ .; 15tl! AND t5dl AYENUB .. : >-.. ;


P AGE TEll Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publbhed eYery Tues. and Fri. ce.t Both Editions !eturday, March 18, _.Pierce Jr. High School By .Rhonda T .rice and Beverly 1 :Sow ) Sister and '&lui Brother Jn 8PotJigbt 'Sweet, jive, and friendly are Just ,few of fue m'llnY words that describe our Soul Sister in Bpotllgb't. She Is ;Done meroom in wblti b Mr... Di marco fl lpoDBOr. 'W,biie ; chatfint rwlth the 1tanger 'lihe lilits lll0me :c;r-her favorites as food; also nne o'f J:tierce :star basketba11 players. If not jiVing with his main Steve Steph ena, .,you :c:an find him with hi mal.n ;girl, Brenda Muse. Among his tavnrlte-s food; anything digeslfble. Jam; :all the bits 'arOund.. Jammers; au : the blacl: singers. Tights; every.boiiy around P .r.H. \ To take you away from ;auapense 'this yaune man : ts none 'Other than Jorur C. Tiigg. Con gratulations are extended to Val erie 'and John. CAMPUS CmT.:cBAT Your's truly have noticed .many couples .at'duna 'S'choo1 -lately to name >a few.; J.H .and .E.J., S.R. Jmd C.W. C.W and G.Y.., C.T. and H.J. JNI.y main .man Simon Tabor has really got his thing together with this Chick Dee Dee. Hey, David Jacilaron, a certain chick has been admiring you :(no gUessing pleace). Manuel Barton can you explain to me wby a few of ihe fellows call you "Dopey." vernon Bryant, we !Bee rou have cbangM B lot. "D K., R.T. said for me. to In form ,yoil that you are : constantly on her !mind. ThO"ugbt: Behind e:very succe ss ful mari stands a woman. Well, .that1s our case for this week, till next wee)!:, keep cool. LATER :.-Horace Ma11n Jr. .1:/ig/7 \ I, P aaletla James ud Aaron. 'Siilliags STIJDENT OF THE WEEK ..Ndce, 'Sweet, .ani:I at 4.9m iE. Curtis. :An:g'i.e l!st her fr.vor:ite food a.s Jam-In 'I1he Rain, Jammers-OhtFl!i .oos and the J ackson :S. Tights aTe -----------------------Pughsley Chorus IMMI. Louise Bolden, Prell. '.Mrll. Jluel R-ept. Thi! Pughsley Memorinl Cho11us wi ll have business meeting Fri-day hight at the home of Mrs. Lear Wilson, 4402 Troy St. :Ali members are aslred to be present and on time. TOOTHACHE i RELIEVES PAIN .F-AST, EFFECT i LASTS. USED BY MILLIONS. DON'T SUFFER, GET ............. ... "\._ tMMIRIU "'0tll ... ,.(fllt0 Audreta E, :AnTon S, !llaune. J, D"b11a J, Mwm .M, Eva s, Yvonne .A, Janet, Selina 7'4m11, -Oarl lt, Claroo;ee, !bee W, Robert F, Ophelia .iB, :lmxine G, Rueben, 'Paulette, 'and muny more. Millin .::-tustin. Cooigra tulatitm Angj'e 'for :being our student a 'tihe week CAN YOU IMAGINE Kerry Nix her of the 208 also First Baptist. Lists of Favorires: "' Hobbies: Football and women. Food: steak, .Jam: Rocking Robin, Singer: James Brown, Girl: Cheryl W.ashington, Tites: D o n a 1 d Frariklin, ockin R"Obin 3. He Say She Say Jive : l 4. What It 1s-:: l "!>. J Want To Play You Back 1 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY .. LoYe is a feeling .inside heart not your soul n Checlr ya L 'ater Mt. Pleasant CHORUS Mrs. Grace Pres. Mrs. Maggie clisseaux, Reporter ., The Jubilee Chorus of Mt., Pleasant M. B. Church will meet Monday night at the church at s. The president is asking all bers to please be p11esent. : an all-eledric 11 c1ean, 1afe, ea.ttj. Step up to year-round comfort, at a cost far 1ess than you .might think. let TECO dG a FREE survey in your home sug gestions -on insulation w.iring even annual operating costs. We'll suggest a system to best meet your family's needs our way of helping you get the most for your money. 'CALL OR WRITE YOUR NEARESTTECOOFFICE


Saturday, March fg.. 1. 972 Fla. Selltinei-Bulletio eve .ry Tues. llDd Frf. Get Both Edilfons PACE ELEVEN ---AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY Mention was made t h e o ther Alberl "Lil' Bro" Wilson a n d day b y Mn. Rilla Mae Bell, forHerberl Bootsie" WUson o f MI A mer B lak e High PTA presid en t of Got in chat last w eek with form an upc omin g progr a m to be pre-er TCH s tar at hle te Jimmy Ran aented n e xt wee k by the Hills-som, as he and a running mate borough County Council Parentsfrom Manatee J. C ., v i -Jamaic a ll'each e r Association and the Men-who kin run the hund _J in 0 6 w H e al t h Association of Hills-were in town for visit prior t o borough County who, Joins their track meet at Lake City and Bands To Invite You' TO A HU-t h e big Univ of Fla. Relayli. Be MAN RELATIONS CONFERlieve the fellows told of running ENCE. This year s theme i s in a meet against Tampa s top REACHING OUI'." This is a athlete last year, Warren Brasco conference where one can talk down Miami way ... with some "REAL PR.O'S" about The most ear-catching so n g 1t0me of the things that have' been, heard by this corner during the u the saying goes, nearly blowweek was the ''Boqe;rcones," lng your mind.'' \ When l. Lost You, I J"ound My-Those attenard jungle .area Junior Honor Society, which was of Meacha.tri Elem. held M arclh LOth, at Dowdell Jr. And word .is there we'fe ffig h, also for her birthda, y wthich Villagers of long-stan 'n pea,ce. camp'' ground near Ft 1Miss: Becky McKinnon Walton Beach. Some of' those to enjoy SEE YAU LATER tlie Goodie$ The 1 Youth G r oup fro m the ch u rch, Adults were: M rs Minnie n.it mon. M rs Geneva Lucas, 1\Ir s b aron ar dner and Mrs. l\,Iary J ane D'e.n-ni sh. M any of her classmates and close frien ds were present Mt. Zion AME Port Tampa R e v L C. Mann Pastor E v elyn Masha Reporte r S S b ega n at 9 :45 w i th !Ills Supt., M rs. E H. Green in c h nJ;ge. The teach.)rs were nt tiheir post. The pastor g a ve the review Mornin g wor s hip beg an at 1 1 with the pastor in Music was rendered by the jwt .. ior ohoii". The u s hers served. The message WIIns in charge, of devotion The Sa-nctuary choir and senior us'Mrs will serve an day. Thill pastor will the> sermon &TU at: 5 with the president i1t charge. ;Evening service at. 6:30 witlr the S'amt!l order of vice being conducted. Pr'a.yer meeting every Thursda y at. 8.' Let UIJ' rememl.ler tl1e srek and Mils. Carrie Tayl()l'( is, on the sick list. Holy Community' Prayer Band Mrs. Lannie Stacy, P'reri Mrs. Mamie Bowick, Reporter Holy B and will. meet 111,onday at noon at the home of' Mrs. Stacy ,i E. Chelsea. Remember the ick and sbut. ins. Vj.-sitora. are welcome. Rev. W. R. Johnson r.. di.rector : WIJJl. EASTER APPROACH-ING RAYMOND'S DEPARTMEN l sTORE SHODLD BE YOUR HEADQUARTERS! W : E HAV E --THE -LATEST STYLES .WITH A VARIETY. Of ; COLORS -JUSt I .IGHT ( FOR .YOUR BUDGET. RAYM;OND'S I D.rtment Eomer-i5th St. 111d 7iJi "Avemm :" nos an I j


\ \or B 'I B k F o or 1 o e 1 or ry ... Thrift)' AI aid fABLE TALK SMOKED PORK DAISYS To Boil: Cover with water and simmer 45 minutes p e r pound. i o Bake: Place o n rack in shallow pan and bake slowly (325 degrees) 45 minutes per pound. If a glaze is dP.sir e d add it the last half hour. of cooking l1me. ; To Fry: Cut in l' slice s Y.t in.ch. :nici< and pan fry"'' broil s low: Thes e delicious smoke d daisys may also be grilled over charcoal by slicing into 3/.i to 1 inch f ille ts and cooking s lo w l y for about an hou r Turn occasionally and brush with a bar-b-cue sauce if desired PRICES GOOD MARCH 16th Thru 22nd QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED \ AT LAST, A QUALITY ENCYCLOPEDIA YOU CAN AFFORD The Brand New Funk & Wagnalls Costs Only $1.99 A Volume TRY THE FIRST VOLUME FOR ONLY 49c SAVE 21c LB.! W-0 BRAND U.S. CHOICE 20 TO 25 LB. AVG. N.Y. STRIPS SAVE 24cl LIMIT 1 YOUR CHOICE WITH $5 OR MORE ORDER EXCLUDING CIGARETIES ff Co ee ......... 6 9c 59c SAVE lOel ALL FLAVORS BOTILED Chek Drinks 5 U-OL $1 e e e e e e e Btla. SAVE 35c! LIMIT 3 YOUR CHOICE WITH OTHER PURCHASES -THRIFTY MAID SWEETENED. OR UNSWEETENED Orange Juice ........ 3 $1 SAVE 33c! LIMIT 4 YOUR CHOICE WITH PURCHASES -STOKELY OR ASTOR N 303 Fruit Cocktail ........ 4 $1 SAVE Be! THRIFTY MAID Pork & Bea.ns ..... 3 79' SAVE UP TO 45c! STOKELY OR THRIFTY MAID CREAM STYLE OR KERNEL ti-OL Golden Corn ... ...... 5 $ 1 --" ; ... ; .. -.:. ( _,, .. h : : // \ Cut & Wrapped $ 28 Free Ill SAVE 17c! SNOWHITE LARGE Cauliflower ... .. 3 HtHI $1 SAVE 31cl ON TWO STALKS FLORIDA FRESH Celery ...... 39' SAVE 18cl HARVEST FRESH Strawberries .. 3 Pilla 99' SAVE 20c! U.S. NO.1 WHITE Potatoes ... 59c 1 SAVE SOc LB.! WESTERN FANCY ,r Asparagus ..... SAVE 47cl TROPICANA ORANGE, FRUIT PUNCH, GRAPE Lo-Cal Drinks .... 3 Qria $1 C') l'IJ rrs :!2 Ill fA ::s .. ;' -= c --6" c a" = {I) =$ a. l Ill .., ct Ill !'" Q,i "" !L ta 0 ;o -r t .,, g. .... .... .... N


;i ,, L .. ,.., ,, ,, tl Sliced B ACO 1-LB. 6"'( I SAVE llc! FRESH FLORIDA TEMPLE 18 FOR. 8 c SAVE 40c! RED BLISS POTATOES ;i 10-LB 4 .... BAG. c SAVE 17c!TROPICANA ORANGE JUICE 3 Qrs. $ 1 ......,,_, -YELLOW FRESH CO.RN 10 EARs79C SAVE! THRifTY MAID 18-0r. Toma,oe, 5 No.303 $) CaRS SAVE VAN CAMP NEW ORLEANS STYLE RED Kd B 5 No.303$ n ey eans 1 SAVE! THRIFTY MAID RED Beans .. SAVE llc! STOKELY FORDHOOK lima Beans ... SAVE! THRIFTY MAID All GREEN 6 15L $ No. 303 1 Cans 16-Cz. 3 No. 303$1 Caas 16-0L Ll_ m a Beans 5 $1 SAVE UP TO 45c! STOKELY OR THRIFTY MAID CUT Gr-een Beans .. 5 SAVE! GOVERNMENT INSPECTED BONELESS Leg 0' Lamb. \ Lb' SAVE! W-b BRAND Wieners ...... 59 SAVE! LYKES CHIPPED BEEF, CHIPPED TURKEY, OR Ch. d H 3 3-0L $1 1ppe am Pkcs. SAVE! COPELAND BAG Sausage ...... -69' SAVE! OSCAR MAYER REGULAR OR BEEF SltCED B : o logn a ..... SAVE! CRACKik GOOD CANNED B ., 4 4-0L 29' ISCUI S c.ns -. TOP VALUE STAMPS_ SAVE 1 .6cl VAN CAMP 3lOr. Pork & Beans 3 No.2Y' SAVE UP TO 25c! THRIFTY MAID OR STOKELlm BAVARIAN Sauerkraut ... SAVE 45cl STOKELY S hellie Beans .. SAVE 24c! STOKELY Ca.tsup SAVE! THRIFTY MAID Catsup ." .... SAVE 25c! VAN CAMP Spanish Rice SAVE! COOKED HEAT & SERVE Fish Sticks ..... 2-Lb. Box 99' SAVEl COD OR PERCH Fish Fillets .... 79' SAVE! SUPERBRAND SHARP OR EXTRA SHARP : Cheese : ..... SAVE! BEEF, TURKEY OR CHICKEN BANQUET 99' Pot Pies 2'/c-Lb. Pkc. SAVE! SUPERBRAND Yogurt 4 8-0L 99' Cups SAVE! PILLSBURY OR CRACKIN GOOD CANNED Be ., 8L 10' ISCUI S ean TnD VAlliE STAMPS ""' t il' ;P. ... "' ;11 ",\'If WITH COUP O N AND PURCH..t..SE O f ( WITH THI!I COUPON AND PURCHAS f Of CREAM PIES SAVE 58c! LIMIT TWO. PLEASE -TASTE 0' SEA 1 -Lb PERCH FILLET .......... 2 Pk,.-. $1 SAVE UP TO 47c! MORTO N A PPLE, PEACH, C O CONU CUSTARD CHERRY 20-0 L FRUIT PIES ........ 3 Pkcs $1 SAVE 58! SUPERBI<'b.I\ID Pkc s $1 FUDGE BARS . 2 of 12 SAVE SOc! LIMIT 3 PLEASE WHOLE 1 .Lh $ STRAWBERRIES ....... 3 1 SAVE 18c! RICH' S COFFEE RICH ...... 2 Quarts $1 SAVE 18c! BIRDS EYE, THICK & FROSTY PUDDINGS ........... 2 Pkc&. $1 of 4 SAVE SOc! CONCENTRATE HAWAIIAN PUNCH .... 6 6-0L $1 Cans SAVE 25c! McKENZIE FRENCH OR REGULAR CUT GREEN BEANS ........ 5 $1 SAVE 26c! ORE IDA DINNER FRIES ..... SAVE 47c! TASTE 0 SEA S HRIMP PATTY DINNERS ... SAVE 19c MIGHTY HI-STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE .... SAVE 29c! TREASURE ISLE COOKED SHRIMP ... SAVE 40c! All VARIETIES FREEZER QUEEN 2 1 v u .. $1 Pkcs. 3 8 0L $, Pkcs. l 2 lb. $ 1 Pkc. 1-0L $1 l'lc&:-SUPPERS ............ 2 -Lh. 99t Pic TOP VALUE STAMPS ---FOLGERS -ll"' '::'W RENUZIT c Tour 1..no1 '1 '< --1 r:: (1 .. lit 0.. .., ::1. C') 1 ::r c.. ..... s :I .. ""CJ > t.'!J ::c -:::0


Farst Ba11tist. Church. 111 South Dakota Of : College H .111 Y. Benjamin Bruce, Pastor Ushers Board No. 1, Viola -3828 29th Street Holrton, president, will observe its R w anniversary with a 'program at e.v. H. Gi>raon, Pastor the church Sunday. afternoon, be-. Geneviev.e Hill, Reporter glntung-at 3 :00 p.m. Mrs Ethel &CihOOI began at 9 :30 H o w a r d>, of Mt.. Tabor M.B A. M. the Sua>t. W. 0. 1\for-Church will give -the anniversary gan presiding' An informative message. A tea in the church an and.. interesting' lesson was dds-neJC will follo w the Ev.-cussed eryone is invited. A s-piritual Sunday Morning 'Ilhe Young of : Allen ; Wo11stbip Serv1ce began. at 11 Mrs. Henri M. phillips, pre'sidenl7, In exoha;,ge of pu1pits, will' be in charg-e of services on Rev. stC>rr, Deacon-s, and Choir the. 4th Stinday of New Salem. M. B. Church ren-'Ilhe mammoth Trustee DrivE dered tne m9mdng serv.ices. wiJ.]' terminate Mt. Z,ion on:,_the A sol.fi touching devotional ser5th Sunday in April Twenty-five ; were Ie!i by' .the demcons captains with their ot New Salem. ReV'. Storr deli wol!king, bfi)es to be able to vered a wonderful sermon. His the goal, which is $3,875:00. was.\ "T.he Oho.reh of Every member shm.1ld. be -&> comOluist Tl!ree perSODIS joined the mittee of one in' this ;very 'urgent c hw-ch. effart. / A Farge, CT.owd. of members and New Salem MB. 405. No. Oregon Ave. Rev. H. Storr, Pastor M. COleman, Rept. S. S. was opened at the usual hour \vith t he Supt. in charge. All teaC'hers we-re at thir pqst. The pastor gave the. review. :Rev Storr a"ld his clioirs exchaned pulpits with Rev W H. Gordon and h i s choirs during morning wors hip. Devotion was led b y Dea Dunnigan and, dea cons from F i:rst Baptist. of College Hill 'Dhree was added to the e worship ; at rs' Do 5 othy .. Boger presided' _powerful \ sermon. Mrs Jones !lnd Mrs. Wil at the, piano. The. No 3 .. choir and Usner8'. Iiams led devotion. The pastor Visiting iP., th'l!.:. z:norning : at _the EV'ening> .Wort-. brought All weekly Mrs.. \ Lockett..' and>' mdi.P,. : : a,ctivities:' remain the same. : dre!j. She i15; tQe: wife of' Re:v. W. L. ':pti.e !{orne> MU&ioo : Evening service lj.l; 7 :30 Please former tiastqr ol Hol!!ei.' Sociiety } s their Arin-f.Or the si<;k and iDs. Temple C .:(\'1.}1:. Gnui>ch,. Mrs. Ly-ual"Oa,Iend ar Tei." 3:00 sUnV1s1tors ar& alwayS' welcome dia Rodcig),lez. presented the visi; Q!IJY aftet:i*>n. at. the church. torSf. ,. .. Mrs. 'Chairmim Sick and Shut-ins: Mrs-. and hirv:e. rnade : plans .. Mrs. ThQmas; Mr f.or .an entertaining: e":enin g, inBra n Mr. E C : Carter eluding a mo!)_t enjoyable musi1\Jrs t Hazel Cambridge and Mrs cal progra, m. The pubLi c is C:Oir-Wl!Ue-. Aaron dially invited -to attend .. ) .. Ml\11" Funeral services for Mrs. Essie Audrey Dunham is general presiJones; wife of Mr. George J'ones: d erit ot all Mis&ion Circles 1 will Be h e ld Satw:day r at 3: p.m. M embE!1"s. !Ire to attend Y. B. Brue8' officiating: Prayoc, on Wilson Funeral.Home I!J' in charge and Study on Fr1day N1tes Sunris. e : Prayer Band Mrs. Sam: mie L. Scott, Pres: ',l'bmmi& ,M. white, Rept. The Sunrise Prayer B and will. .meet Sund ay m0mfug at s, at the. of Mr s ; Eva R'eed 1:5th Avenue. Elder L' Willia'Dls dkector. True Love Baptist 2501 17th St. Rev. 1W. T; Carpenter, Pastor S .S. will begin at 9:30 with the Supt in charge Morning service will begin a t 11 with choir No. 4 and u s hers No. 1 serving Tbe sermon wil lbe de liv ered by the pasto r. BTU meeting will begin a 5 Dea Hobl ey is the direetor Even ing servic e wil !began at 6 :30 with the same choir and ushers service will be carried out. Mrs E L. Carpenter is asking all the. children to meet her at the c hurch Friday for the Easter reh e arsal. Choir number 4 will have their rehearsal Saturday at 5. M o nday night the No. 1 mission will meet in other homes. Tues d ay night prayer meeting and stud y course. Wednesday morn ing at 11 prayer service. and Wednesday night church school lesson Thurs-day night choir No. 1 will have rehearsal.. All are to remember the sick and shut-in. Friendship. MB 3107. East Lake Avenue Rev. H. L. Daniels, Pastor Mrs. Nettie Jacobs, S S at 9 :4i with tlie Supt. in charge. AU were at the i r posts 'J:he lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Morning wollShip at U with the deacoQ.s in i charge ot devotion The D!U).iel chorus and junfor ushers ; served :.' The pastor deliv ered the message. BTU O at 5 and evening service at 6. Devotion was led by the dea._ cons. The same choir and -usheu served. Another wonderful mes: sage was delivered by thC\ pastor. Wednesday at 7, : the choir sing and at. 7 :30, P,rayer meeting. and Bible study will be-held. Let us remember to. pray for the sick and' shut-ins. of !lrrimgements. &t S:OQ P. M ReV>. Bruce attended the Remember the sic;k aoo shut-in8 ers Day celebration thiS' week at in YOUil' prayoos. THE MOST TALKED ABOUT Edward' Waters College; it is : wP.ll known that he is a candidate for Connectiona l 'E:vangelism at the forthcom i ng Gene!lal C:bnference. Mt. MB 2002 North Rome Rev. G : w. Mitchell, Pastor Louisa Bigham, Reporter. S S be g an at 9 :30 w.ith the Suptt. In charge. All teachers we r e at their posts. The subject was '.'The Spirit E Ill p o W e rs The Chur.cb." A visi t ing, mihlster, Rev. R. Jackson ga ve the-review Morning worship followed. Dea. Dunkee led devotion and the Jubi lee choir and usherS' served Rev. Jackson delivered the message. BTU began at 5 :30. Evening was conducted at the usual D e a. Taylor led de votion and Rev. Watson brough t the message Monday l)ight at. 7; No. 3 choir' and the Jubilee choir at 8. Tue!lday night, prayer meeting and Wednesday, No. 1 choir rehearsal. Thursday night No. 2: choir re hearsal and Friday night, usher board meeting. Please visit the sick and shut-ins. Our pastor is back home from the hospital. St. John Baptist 3401 25th Avenue Rev. E. Newkirk, Pastor W. L. Hudson, Rept. S S. beg .an at 9 :30 wibh flhe Supt. in cha.11ge. wor s bljp began at 10:50 with. the pastor in charge of, service. De votion was led by De.a. McCoy and Dea. Hrown. Tbe ushers. and young pecwle clwk serV'ed. Prayer was led by' Dea. The pastor delivered the message. One was added to the cohurC!b.. iM"U was. held at 4.. Evendn:g serwce followed at. 5 :30 \vitb tlle pastor in charge of servi'Ce. De votion was led by Dea. McCoy. and Des. IM'81l'tln. The same Clhoir and. USihe."B. served. Prayer wa s given l>y [()ea. :Martin. A Bd>ble discussion wa,s condu c ted' bY. the pastor. Monday night, 'the Metropolitan choir win render a-program at Tuesday nigt.t, the No. 2 choir will have rehearsal a t 7:30; Wedinesdruy night, the !No. 1 choir will have rehearsal at 7 and prayey meeting at 5 :30. Remember the sick and s hut-ins. Triumph Church Of God .SHOE WITH THE MOST r TALKED ABOUT LABE-LS vERDE STACY ADAMS DAVID BROWN' COUNT BARRI Bethune High Rise Prayer Band Mrs. Barbara Green, Pres. !\Irs. Mildred Miller; Rept. 2617 24th Avenue Tampa, Florida Rev. Jacob Whitehurst, Pastor Mrs. D. Doyle, Reporter IT.AIA Bethune High Rise, Prleyel" !Band will meet Monday at. 7 at the home of M rs. Anna Patterson, Apt 606. The message by lder H Blrown taken from Psalm 15th chn.pter. The next meeting will be Monday at tile home of Mrs Janie Fagan, Apt. 714. All are welcome. ... .... Triumph the Church and. Kingdom Of God In Chrilst is hold ing its Dedication; } Services Sunday at 111. The pubLiiC is coroially invited to attend. Guest speaker will be .Alrch BiShop Rt. Rev D. H. Harris from !Pittsburg Pa. (i,{Ji/M BIG DOWNTOWN STORE \\'N FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE .um PLEASUB.B UMERO UNO Mr. Man Shoes ALL OVER FLORIDA .200Q:. g Norlh Dale Mabry = '71 CHEVROLET :-= Station Wagon V-8, auto. trans., radio = p6wer steering, fac> t-1 tory all". '69 CHRYSLER 300. 4-Door hardtop ; : fully -'69 FORD g Galaxie 500 4-door hardtop auto. trans., radio heater, power steering factory air. $1598 '69 CHRYSLFJl !:! NEWPORT Custom v -8; CD auto. trans., riuno heater, l:a power steering, and brakes, air, vinyl top .. $2198: N '68 PONTIAC: g Bonne:ViliC\ 4-DoOr VS, auto. trans. ndle, :C Jl!)weEsteedug.an4 brakes.;. ractory:_ air. $1698 '71 PI.YMOUD 3' FURY III h.iaPcHOp, =auto'. trans., Y.:lt ; Iii heater, po.wer steering. factory air. $ 2 .598:- g '6S"P0N,TIAC. = Executive 4-Door, V el,. auto. traJ15 ., heater.,. po.wer steering and .. br*es,. air, stereo,. tape: :a:-deck. 1:a auto trans., heater, power steering, po:wer brakes factory air. $1:598 : '66 CADILLAC :1: 4-Door hardtop fully load ed. factory equipped $1398, '7l BUICK l!liii. Rl:vlera G. S. V-8, auto. radio, heater pow E; er stering and brakes, air l:a vinyl top v.tnyl Interior : $4498 N Open Weekdays 'Til g P.M = '. = OPI!N = SATURDAY 'TIL 6 P.M.


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published eYer,. Tues. aDd Fn. C.. 8oda UkJoM PANTRY -PRIDE DOUBLE DISCOUII11 WIST.IRN CORN FED PoRK EITHER END 3 to .4-LB. LOI s k I PANTRY PRIDE .EVERYDAY LOW PRICE! I c DIS(OUNT FOODS c -1'RICES EfFECTIVE THRU SAT MAR. 'l8 o.. AT ALL PANTRY PRIDE '5'FORES CENT-ER CUT .RIB P ORK. ..ca o ps .. j 1 o : a 1 Wt:ST-ERN tj. :CORN .FED .... I. 2 / 9 .. ,. C : t ",' GRADE A' GA. .(. -_ .28' C FRYERS .. Sl1'C -, ... 1 . ... :C BJEF LIYER ............ ut : -ECO BRAND .... -... 6 8 '. SLICED :BACOII ........ ta. c pAN TRY ?PRiqi, FLo u .. R P.lAIN OR SELF-RISIN(; : l _-;' ; ss c I '"t ';f'ANTRY f> R :IDE. .. ,.ORANGE, GRAPE, FRUil" PUNCH f CANS : PRIDE'-D.OuaLE DISCOUN T! FR: A ;NK, S ; ,':.,,. c ''i ,J : c : CAN'. / I ./-' 4 ; -CALIFORNIA : GARDEN FRESH _,_ ASPARAGUS 39c DOUBLE 'DISCOUNT! FYNE :SPRED OL D u _,.J .. : .. .. Lift SOFT .. 3 .. 7.e:' MARGA1 -NE 1-La Rl. .... -BOWl .; PORK AND BEAN. s l'60Z


PAGE .SiXTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PublishP.d every Tues. and Frf. -Both Editiaotl r Safurd ay, March 1'8, 1972 ------------------. MAYOR GRECO ATTENDS CITIZENS' MEETING Mayor Dick Greco was at the citizens' meetmunit y Center. The m ee ting d ealt with problems lag Sunday afternoon at the Kid Mason Com-. of the Central Avenue MANNERLY YOUNG MEN -ATTEND MEETING The mann e rly young men who make up the Church includ e f1om l eft Gary Williams, Troy Boy Scout Troop sponsored by Ebenezer Jo e l and Th omas Jordan. MT. MORIAH CHOIR HOLDS REHEARSAL Pictured at a recent of i\it. Moriah Munford, Mrs. Edith Sheppard and George Turner. P. B. Church Choir No. S were, from left, Aaron Tabernacle Baptist 3101 31th A ..e. ReT. C. B. Shepparll, Pastor 1\larlly Sheri, Reperier S S will becln at lll )Vitia the lupt. in charce. other officers and t eachers a r e expec t ed to be at tbeir post. The pastor will re view the lesson. Morning worsh t p began at 11 with the deacons serving The pas tor will deliver the message The No. 1 choir and jlmior uers will sene. ---Evening W(}rshi p a t 6 :30 w i t h the same order of serv ic e. A!l a c ti..-ities for the week remain th e sanre Dea Sheppard is spon soring a musi c al p rogram at e. Everyone is invited Remember the sick and sh u t-ins Visitors are welcome a t all ti-mes-. Interested Citizens Hear Communi!y Problems Inte rested citizens concerned with the of Central Avenue attended a community forum to h ea r information. Among tlie ga thering were Mrs. Evangeline Best, above, and Mr. Young Snalling, below. OUR OUALITY F!RST CLASS When It Our First Comes T o Class Dry Looking Cleaning Good, Go Reflects First Class. Care Try Us Soon Througla And See For Modem Yourself Process. COLONIAL 1 HRQ CLEANERS & LAIJNDRY 8911 TERRACE PLAZA 5158 22nd STREET


ARTHUR'S INN PROUD L Y P R .ES.ENTS -- 'PlUS BIG 15 PlEa O ,RCIESTRA .AND s :HOW. 1111Ss ERMA TH.RIE BIG N 'l(i T. -suN.1 -* 'J. \ H .. y :-. .. ..... THUI R -:.fll. -SAT : SUI. : : MAICH D-24' 2:S-26 ', .. f... T 'HE JEIRY. RVUE FfAIU-RtNG -.JERRY BUTtER "THE -IC E MAN''-* LE E A stunning voc:alisl-wilh an indelible }} kind of lalenl lo sing. Miss 'Eager has the 'ability to I 0__ rise 10 .fhe OCCasion-'She ctlSO lends her VOiCe fO .COmpliment fhe very uniquie sound ol .,Jerry "Butter" 1o creale a -duo 1d magic lhal all! {k "PEACHES" Four lovely lalenled young ladies who record on the Mercury Label, add their gender to-the _,;!JERRY ic )A _BUTLER REVUE". They display a very tasty, soulful and ver -* salile performance while lhe musical spectrum. --* ):::}: "THE ICE MAN'S BAND" Together! __ personffied! : They must be musicians of -lhis s tature to the element, the essential Ingredient of tapestry lo and heard!!! : }f,, ':"'" :; : _.:' ..... -:-. I .. ,. I ; .,;.. : .; ..... ; \ ; I BRENDA LEE: EAGER-. .. JERRY BUTLER ,,


f, PAGE EIGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Saturday, March 18, 1972 ---------\ TAMPA'SNIGBTBEAT PATRONIZE THE CLUBS WHICH ADVERTISE HERE THEY APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS 0 N E S T 0 P INN PRESENTS WEEKEND ROCK SESSION fRIDAY ,SATURDAY FEA 'J'.URING NIGHTLY The Hard Rock Sounds Of \' .. HAYSTACK' & ROSES. ., Phone. 626-9955 1 Mila North ol 1-4 Hwy 579 Thonoiosassa '-. ONE-STOP-INr I Ritz Adult Theat.re .. .-_-, .Enjoy the. best in X Baled Films ln cool comlorlahle surrounding Phone 15th and Broadway Adults 18 SKY PILOT I I "He got his license at a Nudist Camp." "They taught him how lo really dive" THE PARADISE BAR YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS AT POPULAR PRICES 2 BARS TO SERVE YOU. OPEN 'TILL 3 A. EVERY NilE C. B. Prevatt, Prop. '-. .HANCOCK Mo tel Bar WE ARE REMODELING. FOR YOUR PLEASURE AND ADDED SAFETY' ALSO Meet your Host GEORGE HANCOCK and your new Barmaid. Drink it here or take i1 with you! We invite all our Black and While friends lo come again-again and again. I A .PUSSY ;;:. "The Beslln Town" MIDNIGHT SHOW SATURDAY DAILY II A. M. TO 12 p. M. DOC'S .HI,DEAWAY I COCKTAIL LOUNGE OPEN 5 P M. 3 A. M. HI-BALLS 38c ALL DAY TILL 9 P.M. Tue$day Wednesday Thursday CHARLES RUSSELL & the KINGS 2100 Block Fla. Ave. GO GO Ci :AT 0 R a A R Go GO GIRLS : GIRLS AND RESTAURANT LITTLE MARY. Barmaid JOAN. Barmaid-rsmATONYUROOSTADAY Enjoy A Complete Afternoon COMEDIAN FROM LAS VEGAS AND Of Fun And Relaxation RALPH' LAMAR THE FABULous sKYLINERS 13th Street Across From Banana Dock 9:30 P.M. TILL 2:30 A.M 1309 WEST PLATT 253-3258 DO YOU LIKE GOOD TIMES? THEN FOLJ.OW THE PARTY PEOPLE TO THE FAVORITE NIGHT SPOT! BLUE DIAMOND PnR. 4lh AVE. & 26th ST. YOU'll LOVE IT. THE BEST ICE COLD BEER AND WINE IN TOWN Soul Food At Its Best Specializing in Hamburgers Fi s h Sandwiches Pork Chops. \ "The Honky Tonk" i309 34th Streel Ph. 239-983' Your Hostess: Juanita Brown JUANITA BROWN OPEN 7 A. M. TIL 1 A. M.


Saturday, March 18, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tuea. a.nd Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE NINETEEN GIBSON TURNS CARDINALS ON AS FIRST DAY CORNER CUTTER Kentucky State Scores Record Star 60 ST. P E T E R S BURG -A said Gibby, who had begun by l!trapping kid named Marc Hill, cutting the corners. a non-roster catcher from Els" Watch," the veteran righthand berry, Mo., learned early why er said. "It'll hit the outs ide Bob Gibson is one of baseball's corner and move away". premier pitchers. It did, too. So maybe Gibson At 36, perhaps the oldest re-really had something a few mingular starting pitchers in the utes earlier when, pulling on majors now, Gibson reported a uniform No. 45 for his 13th seaday late, with permission, but son with the Cardinals, he had a day earlier than expected in explained that he considered the Bush Field pre-exhibition himself a better, or at least camp of the Cardinals. smarter pitcher than when he Within minutes, after loosenestablished his remarkable 1.12 ing up and fielding a few ground earned-run record in 1968 That balls, the righthander, who has year he posted a 22-9 record, won 206 games in the National won the National League's Most League and seven in World Valuable Player award and his Series competition, was on the first of two Cy Young awards. to pitch in batting prac-"I threw harder then, but I tice for five minutes. honestly think I'm a better pit. The first batter he facerl was cher now," said Gibson, noting the 20-year-old Hill, in camp to that the height of the pitching help provide enough batterymen mound had been reduced and the for batting praCtice. The young strike zone decreased I after the catcher did not offer at Gib'68 season eon's first half-dozen deliveries. Younger Than His Age "If you're waiting for me to "By the calendar," Gibby went p e rform, l m pertty much in the middle, athletically, counting stamina. 'The way I feel, I might have lost 10 percent of my speed, but I've got, say, seven or eight percent more know-how than I used to have I go to the brea king ball mor e often, to my curve or slider. And I work the corners more. "I've fooled around on the sidelines with a knuckler for a few years, but I've thrown only one in a game, and Henry Aaron darned near took my head off with a line drive. Asked how long he m i g h t pitch, Gibson said, ''I feel I could piny indefinitely, but I don t believe I will. The knee now is the only real difference o\ e r a few years ago." KANSAS CITY Mo ....:Sensation a1 Travis Grant scored a record 60 points TUesday night breakinfl a 25-year-old standard and lead .. ing defending champion Kentucky State to 118-68 smashing of out Classed Minot rters asked Russell why he found a better good-W,ill amwanted a private cerempny. bassador. "You know I don't go for thal The AAU likes to send this Guli-stuff,"he said of fanfare. liver on tour because the of throw down the middle; I don't on, "I'm olde r than the average -not even in-batting practice," player, but through ability to VVhatrnakesVVonderBnaad so fresh? 0 \1/e 1-e Wrapped wo.rm .from the o .ven. One sgueeze te\19 you we're ''The fresh Ever wonder why Wonder Bread is always fresh? Because every loaf is wrapped from the oven in our Sta,fresh bag. Then rushed into a bakery truck while it's still warm. So you can be sure Wonder's always fresh in the store. Wonder Enriched Bread-not just fresh and delicious ... it's also good and nutritious. helps strong bodies 12 ways.-: .. ; J" .-:. I' \.. e ficials know he'll never cause any trouble, will make lots of and always will give a good performance. While other world class athletes often pre fer to stay home and m a k e money in the summer, Reynaldo simply loves to see the world. He flew home frcm Rome la&.t on the morning of the high Jump event at the Russia vs. vs. the World Meet at Then he winged back to Italy immediately after the triangular. It was September before R a y finally turned home. LearniRg Through Travel "I like to visit foreign countries and meet the people," said Brown. '.'I find I learn more in travel than I do in the classroom." ,. Revnaldo has been an jnternationalist since his junior year: at Compton High, when he placed fifth in the Olympic high jump at Mexico City-probably voungest ever to score points m the games. He cleared 7-3 in the 196Q Oly).!iJ?ic. trial, cou1d do. 7-0f4 in the Olympics. A good-looking 6-& athlete with friendly, soft, dark eyes ,; Brown has the perfect temperment for tt he's ever lost his tern: per, he can't remember_ it. His :teammates and frientJs .. never have heard a. compliiint out of him. He likes everybody, as well as any food put qefore hfm, yet he remains slim at 20Q pounds. : Some trackmen are a bundle of nerves before their event He's Always Relaxed Ray remairis as relaxed as an old shoe. a couple of misses. in the. high jump, he may even yawn as he foot-against foot measures the distance for his seven-step leap. _. Before jumping, he als:i has the habit of springing up and putting his toe against the cr.ossbar. It's an in keeping "'his lead leg straight. ... -r, in all : sorts of pits befar:e all kinds of crowds,/. Brown is 'immune to pressure A real cosmppolitan, he lo::!ks like the best .betin, the high j\J.mp at the Munich Olympics next sum mer, for he's now gaining the he needed. Ray opened !}is Indoor season at COllege Park, Md.,' by setting an American indoor record of 7 off a takeoff Pat the world repord helder, finished second at 7-1. -The next week in the Exarirlner Games in San Francisco; BrOWD again beat.. Matzdorf, on few'et .. misses,-thpt,igb neither could do over seven feet : None of the other stars Kip-won the nule but rntssed on hiJ attempt to givethe : city sub-four-minute effort when < he slowed at t'he end fora 4:01.2.


_P_-A_G_E;;.,._T_W_EN_T_Y_-________ Tue and Fri Cet Both Editloni .t197! Mass Cleanup Slated F Centrat Avenue Betty Simons,. presiden: of the> Goodwin Court Bl to join the cleanup campaign are: The elrdf of the Community A--ction .Aigency members of' the, bonouglh Bia ck CaucUJS. tlie center for a Black Gom :m.undty, Sister Ma:rbina ; Whlte and' tJie, St. Peter Cla:ver Day Care. Center Staff, and volunteers from the Door OtJl1er 'WI'It be c"Ontacted f01r tJlieir parli'cipat'ion : Atty .. Say.s! bgiSiative Local Attorneys. (Contmued From Page 21) (Contlnuedi.Fi:om Pa-ge3) a disg)lise of liberalism." Westsfde High, with every clack -If he dfd' become president we elected' official iii-the W'nited' woulif Imow how t'o deaf with States automatic delegates. him-." DUring the opening session tlie On Senator Edmund' Musltie keynote speakerS' were Rev. .resse Moore said, .'I hope the Jackson of. :ptJS!f, and G a r y s gets across to Muski'e that y:ou. black mayor Richard Hatcher: can't startin one direction and Hatcher gat' a standingovation make a u tur.n." M'oore was rewlien he siricf.,. "We !lin't hr noferring fo, tlie Muskie body's hip pocket. no more ... fu made to a large group. of clack both American poiitical partieS" people saying that he would not we are saying_ this Is your last chance ... if you reject lJS in hav:e a blaclt running with liim then you must accept the for vice-president. consequences.-w-e are 25 million Out of .. the iist of candidates lllf in or cut us out." Moore has respect' for only two-A. tty. ,Joyner. Said in Jackson's W.alrace-and New Yark Mayer address he slig:gested the' ppssi, Jqhn V.-"You know bility of a ne'Y glack politieal where. Wallace. Is coming.' from party SlaG Lfndsay!s track 'J:'eco_rd. With The conveners of the blacks ; !lPCRks for itself." tion, Richard Hatcher, "Humnhrey is ll! lo.ng: time vicRepreSentative eharles; C.-Diggs< ttm of cireumstanees.. He : would of Michigan and Imamu A.mifi. make a > good presidential Baraka: (Leroi Jones) presented date but he doesn't exactiy. know the body with a -12. page agelld!t wqich road' to Moore said with VJer.y militant demand& ac he would "probably support. Humcording to. Atty., Joyner. phrey: noW.: There was o na lengthy The national. black political Day Care Fund statement about congreSsagenda adopted bv-the body adwoman Shirle:i Chisholm from dressed itself boldly and without Raising Sunday Moore He simply said, "I under-reser-VatiOn. to problems of stand what she's trying to do." black people in the '70's Tlie: un lance of .black people and' shift CilUI7ch'.. th its to ending the drug 'Jlhe: s p ;m. program 0 er candidates to shift their traffic in .the United States within to be entertaining and will be to the way Wallace the next twO. yearS;-. or_ be phased feels," Favors said On President highlighted by contributions from out of eldstence as ail ii :revelant i d 'd I 1 1 b Ni,l!:on, Favors said he is a "very.. and ll'ab I.li't ......... n tv ua S ) SOCia c u s ; soEon !jhtewd and smart man." Favors ""'"' ...... ti,es, f vaternities and busihes11 suspected that Nixon wouldl soan The agenda .. proposed the need establishments. speak. out against bus i n : g,. to of a Bill ot Rights fo.t: black pe(> M'l!s' Ray:mondl Dim is; strenghten hill already stern: cam ple caught in the inequities of the; chairmatll. o the-campaigm paign. Just six hours after Favors criminal justice sy-stem, an!f' thtt>-made this statement, NiliOilr made establishment of' free public edil Tampa Christialt Union a nationwi'de television speech cation fer aU black. people: Up to telling his. anti-position on the the highest atttainable level with special federal support for black busing isslle' control. Mr. E V. Griifiu, 'llhe : Tampa: C hrjstian. City Wids Choir Union 1 wi:ll be helti Suncfay: eveninw,-at 3 at Mt. Carmel A:ME Church 26th St. and : G:helsea, R'ev. Jones is pa st or. All choirs are to please : be ont time Mr. Hardy Wcilliams, rep6rte:r.. Tone Singers c 'l'he Southern Tone Gespel : er.s. wil sing Saturday at 7:30 at. the s e : m i n O I' e Height Baptist McGowa!lJ Enterprises; C. & M. Fumilura Co. 1\IARY CARTER P'AINT Phone 247,.1'531 1920' B 7th Ave Tampa Stl. Mattllew (horus Mrs. Lula Mire-Wmt,, Pres 1\lrs. Mamie Lue Brook&; Rept. S:t. Matthews Jubilee Singers will have reheMsal Fr>iday night at 8 at the church. All members a.re asked to be ![>resent Sunday at 3 a.t Sarah: Lawrence Ohloill Ui:lioo at Fir.st Uunion. M. B; Churclh, Ohelsea Street; Eastside Prayer Band Deacon Archiif, Pres;. Mrs. Alice Lane'j Re})Oll:teJ: Eastside Prayer :B'nndl w.il[ m-eet Sunday moming at S... at the home of Mr. and Mrs. :Pialrl A:l.-Church The church. i located' on the : corner of Hillsboro A. ve, and Nebraska A.ve. BOXING AI Curtis Hixon Hall MONDAY, MARCH 20th 8:30 P. M. I 0 RDS. JR. LIGHTWEIGHTS 10 RDS. FRANKIE OTERO BOB CUBAN NO. 1 CONTENDER WORLD TITLE FOSTER GUSTAVO World CHAMPION To Box 4 BRECINO Rounds Great PUNCHER-K.O. KING of ALL TIME! VENEZUELA DEFEATED CHAMP ALFRED MARCANO Alejandro Falcou Beat Capitano 8 ROUNDS vs. ------Nestor Rojas Tampa Caracas 8 ROUNDS vs Victor Perez Sanford, Fla. 6 ROUNDS vs Roberif) Ayala H-ector Rivera Sandy Jeffris Won 16 strnlght Puerto Rico St. Pete RESERVED $3.00 PRICES RINGSIDE $5.00 Box Ofti,e Curtis Hixon HaD Phone 223-8311 610 Ashley St Tampa 228-7191 Atty. Dawson said the conven tion is hOped' to be an annual' affair A. continuation body made: up of a representative from each state and. a representative from each national black organization was put together. Over all the convention served to unite b1ii.cks in their political views : throughout the cooot.ry. Atty. Joyner said several news inedia.il plli:Y.ed' up the pomt that. there was mass confusion at the con:ventrori .. The female lawyer referred-to the national democraticconvention held in Chicago wher-e there was much more "Anyy.rhere there is 5,000 people together no matter of what race, you will' have confusion.'' Atty. Joyner, joined' 27 o t h..e r Florida delegates at. the conven tion, most of them. comi;ng from Orlando ; and St; Petersburg. ruto-resentative Cherry fuom Miami and! Colline Tucker, black power activist, were also present. During the three: day session, a benefit VIlas held with Elick G11egory, Harry Belafonte, Isaac. Hayes, amang, others donating: their BJ.ack Panther Party Chairrmm Bobby Seale was also seen in; the capacify crowd. The only whites. were a scatter ed few from the news media. ford, 19'1Jl Oberry St. All visitors are welcome. All are asked to remember the sick and shut" ins. 5th NIGHTLY EXCEPT SUNDAYS 8 P.M. MATINEES, MON.,' WED., SAT. 1:30 P.M. 1#0 llllHORS DINE AT DERBY CLUB -D.-ERBY -LAN E St PETERSBURG Lindsay Edges Humphrey A 1 Favorite Of Hillsboro County Blacks Lindsay On Central Aye. Last Thursday By SANDY MONDINO Sentinel Political Editor Mayor John V Limfsay of New York l;:ity; edged senator Hubeut Hiunphrey of Minnesota as the: favorite of black people in Hills borough County in Tuesday's presidential preferentifll. primary. Aceording to : prednct results released by the Clerk of' Cirquit C o u r t this (Friday. ) morning, Mayor Lindsay topped Senl!:tor Humphrey in : the sixteen pre cinct,s where there is a heavy concent-ration of black voters by 4 ',123 to 3,689. Rep. Shirley Chis;. holm ran a poor third in the pre_ cincts with J,532 votes. Lindsay's vote in these pre, dnct s represents nearly: half of, his total' in the county of' 9 \813. Antioch. Baptist (hurc;h 2002 15th A venue Rev .Alonzo. Heath,. Pastor The Jacobs Brotht'S of Tampa will render a program Sunday afternoon at 2 at the church. '11he public is invited to attend. Please. let us pral)' for the sick and shut-irrs. Metropolitan. Chorus Mrs. Jessie Higgins, Pres. Mrs. G. Campbell, Reporter The president Is asking; all members. of the Metropolitan Chorus to please be present Sunday morning at Holsey Temple CME Church for 11 o'clock serv ice to appean on women's day program. Shiloh Baptist Thonotosassa Rev. A. D. Tyson, Pastor Mrs. Corine Tyson, Reporter Sunday morning, S.S. will begiD at the usual t i me with the Supt. in charge Sunday afternoon at 3, there will be a program. Tha Florida Gospel Singers of Clear water will be guests. Dea. Morris is sponsor. another strong testimony to,. hiS': black support. In the sixteen pre, cincts, Mayor Lindsay carried. eight, Humpt-ey seven and in _Pre-. cinct U, both men gathered 17$ : voteseac)l. In predominintly black precincts, Lindsay captured Precinct. 1, 208' to 185'; Precinct 11, '483 t01' 318; Precinct llA., 254' to )87; Precinct 21, 392 to 304 ; Precinct 56; : 602' to 484, and Precinct TI il1l Progress Village 272 to l67. Humphrey carried the predomi nantly black precincts of 22, 39Z! to 256 and 70 in ;Plant City, 19. 2 tb 187: The other precincts the : Minnesota Senator carried havelarge numbers of' white voters and include Precinct 7, 217 to 146; 17, 166 to 140; 23, 260 to 238; 48C, 231 to Black supporters : of Lindsay told i thiS' wr.iter that they estimated: 9;000 blacks would pour out to the polls because of George Wallace and the busing referendum being\ on the ballot, and had hoped trn poll at least 4,000 of the votes for Lindsay. Nathaniel! Bunts, precinct coordinator for tire Lindsay campaign said hB was "well pleased" with the re sults because the early estimates were almost on the nose. DR. P. A. ERVIN DENTIST 14041,2 Central Avenue Call For Appointment At l\ly Residence Before 9 a.m Phone 251-2139 4-CUT-RATE l"LUMBlNG C SOL'S TRADING POST Nl.l.TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATER BEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 3822. E. BROADWAY PHONE Z43-2411 LA DONNA Life Reader ami Advi90r-Lucky Days-Lucky Numbers-Advises On All Affairs of L!fe-Love-:\larrlag&-Busloeu-Healtb. 9-A. M. TILL t P. M. 1503 NORTH FLORIDA AVENUE T <\MPA


., 'SJ''rad.ay, MaJOCh 1$72 Fla .Sentinel-Bulletia NbHsbet1 eY'e'f"! Tuea .and Fr(. Gill 8oth Bdltlont PACE 1WENTY -ONE ------------ttr. legiSlative Delegatti f wan.. Win B.J 'MMlll'BA WHITE llielltioel ;fitalf Writer BIG JOE'S BAR PLEHTY QF. J:BEE PAJQmfG : ; r ; : .. : .. CORHEB :LASAIJ.E ARD ROME .. .. ... .. WESt .,.tAMPA I .: .. ;:$-?-:: ... -:--!!>-- 'Marsh._ll. Bapiist .wlliiams_, School at 9 l45' -with '.the .Supt. in, charge. sermon. will St. _Marr to Observe Anniversarr St. Mary t.ME Church rif .settner will observe their Church .anniversary dur!tur tbe w.e.ek .of March .20-26. :sevew ohuroheJ will ppear as ,iuefits durixli .t lle week. To the ser-vices on !Man day-night Rev. J. Jordon and Northside M.B. Church will be guest; Rev. P.adgett his -church :and members will ;appear on Tuesday; Wednesday night, First Baptist -of Seffner '9.lld Rev Coop-er .and members; Thursday night Shiloh Baptist, Rev. lA. D. Tyson pastor, '8ho "0!1 ThursdlfY, Rev. 'Baldwin 11Ild L-ake P..anasoffkee,; : and M-ariblill &.wtist of .Seffner., lR. ev. :JohnsOI\, 1>a!dor will .'JWP'tlM' on Friday. On ;Sunday il4t. Zioa iA:ME Zion {lhuroh of 'Seffner ani Bev. ill. :C. .W :be 1IUelt 11 : a:m. l.o.\ling Hill ;Bap&t ,y(J.JJ. he libe Jest dtoir. The l&Dllivel!llacy 'Will JterminaM .Bunday tafternon at '3 ,p.m .w.ltll Rev. H. H Dot.Wlas 11Ild .St. Jam& .A'ME of PJ'ogr.ess Villl\ge aa gueSt. Rev. Williams will also be ,guest ... Services will this Sunday with Sunday 'IChool .at .the usual hour. The Brother Rdbelt HayeJt, IWill :be In :Charge. Momil!.g :services begin ,at '11.1 with lthe ;pastor., Rev. T. J .iacobt in '.[!be .Choir ua uahe .will serwe. JRev. :r. JJ. ..Xacobs, lMa !!:Ua ill. 2at:ves, 't!flpollter !605 iNebraaka A:ve. Elder H. Howaril Pastor Mrs. Catherlile Williams, Reporiet' The holy 11plr!t was f Rev.-Murray :is .!pastor. _. First Baptist Choir &. 1 -_. Dea. Pres. .l,-choir_ tist : mglrt at fbe cllurcii choirs of the North Talll!!)a Union ibav e :been invited 1o 'sing H -. M a:rtin pwes-itient of; __ the'. unioiC ReV--=-"" B J 1 Ti Williams is _pastor af First Bap-tist. WH'IS'PER T'O YOUR FRIENDS Maria SCHElL YOU SAW--IT! Mer.cedes McCAMB.RIDGE -. -llelllnll llars-wllheut menl


TWENTY:r\VO laturday, March 1972 FUNERA L NOTICES Garett and Mr. Anthony Mitchell; --, -------In-Laws, Mrs. Gussie Watson, Mr. Johnnie Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Kent James, Mr. and Mrs. Har old Watson, Mr. and .Mrs. Willie .1\'lr'.. and Mrs. William Teart, Mrs. Marie Jett, Mrs. Florence -Evans, Mrs. Johnnyee Mae Williams; a n u m b e r of nieces, nephews, and other so'r rowing relatives and friends A native of Albany, -Ge9rgia, Mr. Marion had resided here for the past &0 years. He was employed by the Freid' s Restaurant Corp. The will' repose after 11 a.m. Sunday at Wilson Funeral .. held Satilrday at :a p : M. at / Zion Church, with .Rev.Y, B ; Bruce, officiating Interment Will be ii1 Shady Grove tery: sui-vivors : are: a -dev oted -. :Mr. Jones. 3 siste r s, Mrs'. Susie Kiilg and :bus band;-Rev. King of pa;' Mrs. 'Leila JeDkins and hus baud1 'Willie, Jehkins _Of Savannah; Georgia and: Mrs. Enl-is Singleton ; ;ot savannah; Georgia;:.:. 1 niec .es, Mrs: S;tWe B. Baker and : hus"and, Mr.-ISland Baker of. Or ; Mi-s: Paris Chambers and Mr. oJ -Miami, Mrs. .Eleanor SingletOJt \! Chapel, until near _llineral time Monday. The family will receive -friends' at the Chapel from. 6 p.m. until 7 _p_.m. Sunday. "A WILSON .SERViCE." of ; Say,llnnah, nieces-in-ris; a sister, Mrs. .. law, -Mrs ... Mattie Green, 1\fn. Iiams; Mrs. ROBINSON, MRS. LOTTIE LEE. TAMPA:..._ In loving : ; Sylvia Gnibs and. husb 'and, Lane of Philadelphia, i>a.; sister-..:::: Tlmeral serVices for Mrs. Lot-my dear husband, GraD Pella._Lee Johnson, Mrs. in-law,-Mrs. Viola Bailey and hustie Lee Robinson of 7706 Branch ger' who departed this life M-.rcll Robinson and Juisband .ail of De band, Mr Charles Bailey, Mrs, Aveime, whiJ passed .away in a 14, I971. \Ye still npss l\lld-"lov41 troit, Michigan; cousin, Mr. WilLouise and husband, Mr. local hospital, will be held Satyou, but GOd lo:ved you best. CURRYt '' MR. DWIGHT ._ Fun-lie .T. Theart and wife, Mrs. Janie Herbert saxton o( Atlantic : City, urday at 1 P. M : at. Wilson Fun. Signed: Mrs. Beatrice Granger,' 1 : erlll' Tlteart; !l'nd other sorrowing: rei-. N. J., Mrs. ()live 'of Tam with Rev. E. Gorden ; wife and' family. .rr: ot4o12-39tJi 'S:tteel, pass-and friends. A native of )ia; brothers-in"law, Mr. Willie officiating. Interment will. be in ed away in hospital, will Preston, Georgia, Mrs. Jones: bad Clyde .Lane and wife,. Mrs Le -MemoriaL Park C .emetery Survi Card ol Thanks. be -held :Saturday at a p ; ; I\1. at lived here for the .past 46 years !Jora Llm.e, Mr. John Lime a ;n d ; vors ,iti.-e: husl ,!juid, Mr. Jerry Rob-St. Matthew. M ,B Church, 1014 .remains will repose after 4 wife, and .Mr. Jesse Louis Lane of inson; 4 'daughters, Mrs. Pauline; TAMPA-We the family of .the. 1 Yiii. _l\1 today (Friday) at Wilson Pa.; nepJ:lews; M\'; Richardson; 'Mrs. Elia Mae Dean', late Levi brotliers, Mr. Albert Curry, and VICEr Doris Hendrick, Mrs. ,Elizabeth' .. RobinsQn Joluuiie Robm&oi:J U,-fol" ihell' r;lf Mrs D r th<> Cur'ry o'f T m T' M "" R .. s -ry Robms' o n 'Jri ....._ddie.'B.' Rob--,, ation and_ sympathy In \the loss of -_ e, o e "' a .,;;_ tm, rs ti .,.-. nutb of. Hart .r;t -' .. Elm ', our. loved one '. Mr. of Lakeiand ,JEFFORD, Funford, Conn., J\1ary A, Har,ris, Mr!i. er Signed: The Smltli. .,Family;: the .and Mr.-Wilson M. Meanes and eral services. for Mrs; Lizzie and Claretha Robmson and HowarcJ J 'kili Pitt.--, .r-hild ': wife_, ]\irs: Jitissie of .:New ford pf 4605 38th Street, who Harris; cltusins, Mrs; Annie Mae ?:1 grandchildren; and a host, of en s, man, IUl e J:en. York, N. "i 3 sisters; Mu Julia passe' il ... away In a local hospital. Mitchell, Mrs. Hattie T. Tho m sorrowing relatives a ii d .Robtrts' and husband, Mr." Joseph will .be held Saturda y at 4 P. M : as, Mrs; Cora Woo!)ie ; Mr. Leroy friends. A of Newland, Ala :Roberts of Mrs, Fay. at Greater Friendship ._ M. B: Mrs. Mildred Williams, bama; Mrs. Robinson had lived thorne and hlisban'd, Mr. church with l'tev. M. M!J.rray, of: l\lrs, Winifred Fisher of New York. here for the past 3 'years. The. Franklin Pierce Edwards bf. Tam: ficiating Inte).'ment will be in Mr. Willie Mitchell, Jr. and funeral cortege will form at 1841 pa and Mrs. Venzula Preston and Shady Grove Survivors Ij:ddie Woodie, Jr., Mr. Clarence Rivera Court. The remains will husband, Mr. James. Preston of are: a devotecJ son,_':(\ir. : Allen B : Jones, Mr. William Simmons of .. repose after 4 P.M. today(Fri Memoriam Ph!llldclphia { p a.; a Half br"oth Kendrick. of Tampa; a daughte : Atlanta, Georgia; a number o( day) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, Mr. Royal-CUJ;ry; 2 ihalf sis in-law, Mrs; Elizabeth Kendrick grand nieces, nephews and. other until llear funeral time Saturday. t.ers, Miss Currj and Miss Tampa, a sister, Mrs. Anni e -\Val : i:e)atives and friends, a : devoted "A WILSON SERVICE" }Jelen Curry. all .of., Br;oQklya, .. 1'1 of Opp, _Alabama;. 1 brother, little friead, Miss Gail PaUiett ):'.; 12 nieceji, Mrs.'Mal,"garet Wil Mr: Jim 'McBirtlf or Sanford; 1 A native Tampan; Mr. Iiams :and liusban IJ of Big Springs aunt, 1\lrs.cannle Larkins Tam: Harris had lived here all of his Memoriam. I :;._ TAMP A .:... In loviJrg memory of Mrs. Lee w'!to: :de-parted this life :.16, -:.1971. Gone but not forgot ten. -, Sadly brlitller, l:Sam uel Singleton and s i ster-in-1aw, Beatrice, and nieces, nephews, aunts and uncle Memoriam ', 'fexas, Alic-e Adams 'of _New pa; 8 granddaughter&, -Mrs. Elizalife. He serted In the choir of his York,. N y L';,J\1iss, .. :&be,rtr; ( YV.O).Ine Hey-church for nUiliber of years and of Jean' M'or : -ward 'and: husban!I, Mr. Joseph was employed at U. s. Custonili gan Ro:y -Heyward, Mrs. Patricia Walker Service : for lwenty-four years be Morgan or' 'fatttpa, l\ftSS Verna and husband; Mr. Emory Walker fore retiririi b i'.' i967. He was also Sheryl R u be rt!; of Tampa, Miss Mrs. Gloria Jean Harrelson and a veteran of World War II, hav. T AMJ_, A -In loving nie .mory nf: our beloved father an!t grandfatla: .. er, Mr. A., L. Dudley, Sr Who de> .. this life two years -ago, March 111, 1970. Gone but w.iia : 'l'la Ly n n of Tampa, husban d, Mr. l\Iichael Harrelson, log served in the U. S. Army. The Misses\ -Candy Louise, Cheryl A. Kendrick, Tanglao remains will repose arter 4 P. M Prestfna, Bernandelte, Kendrick ; Deborah Kendrick, today s and devoted WILSON SERVICE" morial Park Cemetery. Survivors friends A native of 1\ntheny, Mrs. JONES, 1\Ht-::. F.SSIE -Funeral for .l'frs. Essie L. Jone! of 516 -s. wh9 passed away In a lntnl hospital, will be are: a devoted wift>. Mrs. Ruby Sap)J had lived here for the past Lee Harris; 2 brothers, Mr. Ar-year. The remains will repo se af thur Harris and wife, Mrs. The!-ter 4 P. M. Saturday at Wilson rna Harris and Mr. Anthony liar-Funeral Chapel. "A rls and wift>, Mrs. Rutha Mae Har-SERVICE" UNCLE SANDY SA YS MARION, 1\fR. EURMAN-Funeral services for 1\Ir. Eurman Mar !on of 2207-lath Avenue, who passed away in a local hospital. will be held Monday at 3:30 p.m. at Benlah Baptist Inst;tutional Church with Rev. A. Leon Lowry, officlatiag. Interment will be ia lhe family plot Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: a de voted wife, Mrs. AU I! lean l\tarioa; children, Min Irma Lee Mariea, MillS Sylvia Ann Marion and Mr. Tony Edward l\larioo: step-father, l\lr Dock Peoples: cousi11s, 1\fr. and Mrs. Jollll Jobnsoa of Ala bama, Miss Elizabetla Hillmaa of Georgia, ?tfr. lltltcheU !\faye anti Fam(ly of Georgia, l\lrs. Allllie 12.._ 44. The ruin of most m e n dates 17. 35. from some idle mo ment. ii 66. of Georgia, l\fr a Mrs. Edtar Wlnias, Mrs. Le\Mse .. TAMPA -In memory of our loved one, Mr. J. "Squat" Jones who departed this life two years ago, March 17, 1976. Two lonely yel!rs have slipped away, but yoJlr vacancy can never be filled. Sadly missed-by: Mrs. C. l\1. Jones, wife, Jasper Jo nes, Jr. soD and family. T:\,,fP.'\ In memory ef my husband and father, Frank Mitchell, passed three years ago :\larcla 13, Time takes away the edge of grief. bat memories turn back every leaf. Minnie L. wife: Rea altl E MilcbeR, t10t1 au all t h e lllanf frieud.t. ;. never be : Sadly missed: J'llrs. Mildred D, Sallye, daughter and grandchi! d.rea. Card ol Thanks PLANT CITY The fanlily of the late Mr. Robert Gillis of 30& S.g'ranklin St., who this. on March 7, wishes to take this opportunity to thank their many friends for their letters, telegrams, floral offerings, cards of condolences and all acts ol kindness bestowed them during their recent period of bereave ment. Special thanks to Rev. Deering, Mt. Olive M. B. ctmrc'll members and the Franklin Fnn era! Home staff. Signed: Mrs. Bertha Gillis, sons, daughters, and family. Card ol Thanks TAMPA -The family of the late Mr. David (Bro) Johnson Jr. or 4209 E. Ellicott St., who parted on l'llarch 5, wishes to thank their many, many friends for letters, florals offerings, sym pathy cards, telegrams and aU kind 'and sympathetic acts be stowed upon them period of bereavement brought about by the passing of loved one. Special thanks go to Rev. C. P. Epps. The Mt. Olive M B. Church members aod to The Franklin Funeral Home. Signed: Mrs. Bernice Johnson, wife and family. r..-rd of TA:\IPA-The familv of the late Mrs. Nolia Bruner 103! Bur. dea Ct.. Tam!Ja, who departed from this life on 5, wishes tO take this opportun;t y to thank th

Saturday, March 18, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tuea. and Fr1. Celt Both Editions PACE TWENTY-THREE BUSINESS SHIR L E Y S F ISH i\lARKE T NOW OPEN in Seffn er. Hi ghway 579 and Pruitt Ro a d Next to t he One S tup Inn Ali types of Se afood. TRAINEES L IMITED OPENi NGS for NU R S ES AIDES CLERKS TYPISTS MEDICAL RECEPTIONISTS 6pportunity earn w hile in training. Call CAREER Director. 229-8381. NO CREDIT??? Ha v ing Trouble Buying A Car Because you are lihort on Credl' or Down Payment? LET ME HELP YOU Call Bill Brown 232-4891 OR SEE ME AT SUN RAY MOtORS 6300 FI.0RIDA AVE. EMPLOYMDfT WANTED Office People for Keypunch, Re ceptionist Clerical and .Secre trial work, we train you for the job. Call 223-25Z4. HOSPITAL WORKERS NFEDED We Will train women who do not have Nurses Aide!!, Hospital Sitter.s and Bedside ompanions wanted 'for private >eases. Call 223-3649. .JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! 15 MEN AND WOMEN needed. FOB SALE VACAN T RA V E SEVE RAL 1\'EWLY reeoa, ditioned homes In Progreas Vll lage $50 down. Call HAROLD B AKER REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North Street NIRTHVIEW BDJ.S 3 BEDROOMS 1 bath, carport, c hain link fence, Jar< b a c II: yard. HIGHLAND PliES CORNER LGT 3 bedrooml, bat hs CB home, atove and refrigerator. ll BEDROOMS 1 hath, Fla. room, CB home, chain link fence, well landscaped, air c onditioned. $50 DOWI PROGRESS VILLACE 3 BEDROOMS, waU-iowlliU ear-. pet. Nfust .tee to appreciate. WILBERT WILLIAMS, Realtor PRONE 251-404t 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath homes, Like new coodKiou. JOHN TAAFFE, REALTORS LEE TAAFFE, ASSOCIATES 832-40%4 t89.fi41 -HEY!Y NOW YOU .CAN your ow.n beautiful new J tledroom home for $200 down and as little as $67 per month on FHA 235! Call MARSON ENTERPRISES, INC. 876-1063. GOOCl wurking oonditions. Good and benefitl. Earn $200 For all your Real Estate to $300 weekly. No matter whal n eeds, and if you have you used to do we wiH train Yloaday 9:00 A. M. .. and if you own your. SALESPEOPLE WANTED FULL oR PARTTIME. Introduce to -own properly (or even day's most up-to-date educa-I if k" -tional books of Negro history. YOU. are ma mg pay All families with children need l mellfS OR your pioper these books ; publisher allows I families to receive these for only 1y .) Call er $10.;(10 down payment._ Very re-SAM C. warding opportunity for you to make good money and be of M A R T I N 0 service to your COIIlillounity. Come to 2304 Tampa St. or can 229-1718. I REA .. TORS, BE AN AVON REPRESENTAI E. 71h Avenue TIVE Let me show you how easy it is to make money and Phone 248-6111 have fun In your free hours. 1 ._ ___________ For a personal interview call WALK TO SCHOOL MRS. SMITH at 626-0874, St. Pete 862-4593 ur Clearwater 442-9656. FOR SALE Handy Man Special LARGE F RA l \'IE HOUSE needs interior r epairs. C ould be du plex or 5 or 6 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage, $ 6 ,500. G ood location. JANET TROUPE, Realtor O w ner 932-1011 or 9491363 3 BEDROO MS, FRAME $11,500, I f ull y carpe t e d te r m s available 9 2 1 E 26th Ave. 920-283 5 or 227-0023 CB 2 B E D R G 0 M S Owner redecorating. M-odern kitcben. ll unit ilf A C ; Entire property fenced on a huge corner lot $16;000. FHA VA. WEST TA!tJPA RAI S I N G A LARGE FAMILY? This home is for you. $11,500., C all Me. DUPLEX FUR NISHED and r eady to oc c up y. L i ve almost rent free. FIIA -v A fin a n c ing a v ailable. RIVER GROVE ESTATES. RIVER G R OVE CB AND IS IT I, O VELY!! 8 bed L OVELy C B 3 B E DRO OM S 2 ro o ms, 2 ba t h s a nd lov e l y famQat hs air-co nd i tion e d in se i i.Y r o om. N e ig hb o rhood s hows elud e d c ircl e of bea utiful h omes pride i n own ership. Fenced In B uilt-in kitc h e n 26 feet p a n e l ed back yard Kitc h en wii h utmos t fa nlll y r o om dinin g ro om, liv in m o dern c on ve nl e nceJS. In lo w r oom we ll a nd spri nkl'!r, 20' s F H A or VA f inancing f d b k d avail able .. Ca ll m e -for a tourof garage. a nd e nc e a c yar this ex f'lu sive ar. e a. -. FHA' terms l't'lAXINE KERN, ASSOCIATES : iSA-BE L ASS o C FOR SALE WANT A NEW HOME? $200 DOWN GOOD C R E DIT Ca ll Equal Opportunit y D eve lopm ent C or p C all 257-3201. F OR SALE 1 C OLOR T V 1 F R EEZE R and 1 refrigerator. C all 935-7507. 802 E. Skagway. -------%504 38th Avenue. % bedrooms, 1 bath, $10,500. FHA. W. H. TOOLE & SONS, INC. Realtors 803 Franklin St.reet Phone 223-4771 V ACANT RAVE SEVERAL NEWLY r econ ditioned homes in Progresa VII lage. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER REALWR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40tb Street $56 DOWN CEMENT BLOCK. ll bedrooms, 1 bath $10,300 P & I $68.%2. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-14%2 LISTINGS NEEDED LOT FOR SALE. ACROSS Hills boro, 103' x 86'. Askln1 price 1 $3,000. Call 238-1276. BEST 235 LARGE AND BEAUTIFUL b&me1 only $15 stlll;ts paper work. J and 4 'bedrooms, Hll bathl, tam-' lly room, enclosed .gara1e, a'lde walks and fully landscape lots. Call now 621-3471. HALLMARK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY VACANT RAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditioned homes in Progress VU lage. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER REALTOR Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th street HIGHLAND PINES CEMENT BLOCK. S bedrOOIJlS, I baths $14,500 terms. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 LISTING NEEDED WEST tAMPA $200 DOWN FBA 235. 3 bedroollll, llfa bath. VANITY INC 109 Nortb Arm(!nia. Phone 251 9539. VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditioned homes in Progress Village. $50 down. C all HAROLD BAKER REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street RIVER GROVE 3 BEDROOMS, 2 baths, W / W car pet, custom drapes, living porch, patio, fenced yard, gar.age, eat In kitchen 3619 East Knollwood. Phono 233-8201. JACK SON HEIGHTS P a y m ent $118.86 a Month P 1 CUST0.!\'1 JlUILT BEAUTY. De sign e d, built and lived in by contractor who spare d no ex p e nse in its construction. 3 extra larg e bedrooms two b e autiful f ull tile b aths with va nities. S p a cious li v ing room and kitc h e n h u g e enoug h to f eed a fam il y of 20. O ve r $4000 dollar s worth o f shrubbe r y e nh a nce th e l arge f e nc e d i n yard. E xtras t o o nume r o us to menti on AND LIS. TEN TO l'H IS. 'I:hi s h om e c om e s compl e C e l y furni s h e d at' ito extra c o s t to' yon: $17,500 to t al price. Do\Vn .pa y. m ent onl y $700 F H A Ph.on e I TAMPA REALTY. IU. C.' ISA BEL sR'oWN 'R,EALTOR an Phone 933-3976 REALTO RS STi-6884' 1 C all HAROLD B o\KER REAI,TOR. 988,1252 A rt e r 5 P M .. 7 8 .38 North 40th Street FOR SALE FOR BEHT JACKSON HEIGHTS FOR R E NT 4 B E D ROOM S Jiving r oom din lug r oe tu, nursery or Florldn r oom ooubl e s i ze d lo t on corner, d oubl e J arage, completel y furnished except plaao. 413,500 total price, $92.68 a month, FHA terms. 2211 4th AVENUE &03 WEST PALM 114 SOUTH DAKOTA 'l'hese a,artmeats are In alee c ondition. Call 2 2 3-4771. HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR 1188-1252 oc 988-7098 -----------------BELMONT HEIGHTS Payments $90.91 a Month P 1 A HEAVENLY naven of a home. Concerete block with artesian cut atone front. Feature three large bedrooms, a lovely .mod ern bath with vanity and shower. Extra large living room with tastely decord paneling. Pull man type kitchen equipped with broll6WDe range and refrig.era- tor. VACANT. $200 moves you ln. Call now HAROLD BAKER REALTOR. 988-1252 after S p. m. 988-'7098. 7838 North .Wth Street FOB RENT ROUSE FOR RENT FURNISHED bouse for rent, 3 bed rooms. Refrigerator and stove, centrat gas beat. '114 W. Forest Avenue. Phone 876-6804 er 877-2241. PDa-.11: SEBYICE For Spirilaal Advice C!\LL OR SEE SIS. BRADLEY Phone 237-1821 3410 E. Lambright Avenue FUNERAL DmECTOU .WILSON'S FUIIEBAL ROME "Oar Bulnes1 Is le"lce" 148-61Z5 145-2031 POtRSLEI Funeral Rome HOI !6tb STREET AI llDPl'eUive required AI .taezpeuslve as desired Phoaes 14'7-3151 or 247-3152 THE CEMETERY BEAUTIFUL ENDOWED CARE FOREVER In The Kiss of The Sua Thera Is Pdonln The Song Of The Bird There Is MirthYou are Nearer To God's Hearl in This BeauH ful SeUing Than Any Place Elsa On Earlh. ATTEND YOUR CHURCH REGULARLY 4615 E. HANNA AVENUE TEL. 626-2332 $}00 DOWN!! RUN DOWN Living Quarters?_ ? MOVE INTO A ...... BRAND NEW 3 BR HOME ON YOUR LOT OR SELECf Till NIIGHIORHOOD OF YOUR CHO.ICE THRU-OUT TAMP.6,. We'll pick you up for Model Showing. Immediate occupancy. Stove & included. Pqym :en; s LOW AS $67 Mont.h!. P lus $100 Pre-paid items :)60 paymti. e st, Insurance. & If your fa mily of: 6 has an i ncome of $400 Example: you 'll have .to pay only .20% of your adj usted income for housing (deducting allow ances for social s ecurity.) Gei deiails on 'the F .HA 235 piogram today. CAll RUELL Corp. silO W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 201, ; : i .. .. :. I,


fAGE TWENTY-FOUR Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publishe(l every Tues. and Frf. Get Both Edition Saturday, March 18, 1972 MIRRORS OF SOCIETY B y B EVERLY (Continued from page 7) Kin sey, :Yirs B e tt y Gatlin Mrs. Hel e n Canty, 1\lrs. Evelyn Flagler, Mrs. Ern es tine Bell l\lrs. Diana Bell Mrs. Willie :uae stubbs, Mrs. P a n sy G riffi th Mrs. Ethel Lawrenc e, Rub y Valdez and Mrs. Mary Le e SCHOLARSHIP COM.i\flTTEE MEETS TONIGHT The Ada B. Lomas Scholarship committee i s mee tin g t his even ing a t 7 :3 0 at the Kid Mason Recreation Cen te r Members w ill m a ke f inal arrangements for the fashion show that will b e he l d on M a r c h 26. THE McCALLS EXPECTED Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. McCall of Phi l ad e lph ia are e x p ec ted to arrive for a visit with his sister, Mrs. Mae Ethel Walker on E. Ola Avenue. Mr. McCall is the assistant to the Exal ted R u l e r of Elks and Mrs. McCall is the national rec order AMONG THE SICK Mrs E s tella Allen is expecting to enter a hospital in Baltimore Mrs. Otha Ligon Evans, Worthy Matron of the Q L. Evans Chapter No. 152 0 E S., is a patient at St. Elizabeth s Hospital. Her. mother, :\Irs. Mable Gordon, Past Grand Matron is confined to St. Jose ph s MRS. CLARK HOSTS BRIDGE CLUB La San Souci Bridge Club met recently at the home of Mrs. Emma Clark on Cypress Street. Members attending were Mrs. Cornette Mills, Mrs. Ruth Brown, Mrs. Ruby Powell, Mrs. Dorothy Nelson, Mrs. Mary Sheehy and Mary Lee. Guests were Mrs. Estelle Miles,Mrs. Evelyn Wils?n, Mrs. Doris Metcalfe and Mrs. JQyce O'Brien. Mrs. Metcalfe was here from Alab;una visiting her twin si!!, ter, !\Irs. O'Brien. J The club is meeting Saturday evening at 7 :30 with Mrs. Betty Fausey CONTEST AT MT. CALVARY Group One of the True In Heart Clu_b, ,led by Mrs. Gr.ace Wal ker, is sponsoring a <;Master, !\Ild In Sun(lay afternoon at 3 :30: The affair will be held in Boneparte Hall of CalvarY S. b. A Church ON TRIP Louis Whitehead is an a t rip with tl!e Chamberlain High School yocar department concert' chqrus They will stop in Atlanta, and NashYille and Gatlinburg, Tennessee before retilrniiig home Sunda:y at 6 P. M.. Also on the trip are Carrie Core and Michael Bennett. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS (Continued From. ltl nue, Apt. 310. THE CLUB is having a party Saturday night at ho,J1le of Mrs Betty Canty, 32nd Avenue. ZI9J'o!S COMMUNITY CIVIC CLUB .. is meetin g Monday i"ght .at 7\.'Jl'clock. at Greater Mt. Carmel A : M.E. Church on S4tfi street.J SOCIAL CLUB will have a party Saturday ni ght at jl:30 at, the Armettia Temple. There will be a nice door prize, and the public is invited. Members of the F ASHWNETTES SOCIA,L CLUB will meet to night at the home of Mr.s. Clar a Smith, 2114 W. Carmen Street. THE WOMEN'S PROGRESSIVE CLUB is meeting Saturday at the home .of Mrs Joan Pouncey, 8801 11th Street The last' meeting was at the home of Mrs. Verdie Platt. Notes .. Froni Tampa. / WEsT HYDE PARK LODGE N0.-'327' F&AM is meeting M;ontlay night at' 8 o'clock at the Odd Fellows Hall, Scott and central Peace :Qaptist Church First 8'pt. Ushers 2 260724th Avenue Mi: Pres. Rev. J. C. Goins, Pastor ,, ., Mr_ s. Trttdy Taylor, Reporter Betty D;twkins, Reporter The No 2 usher board of F!k st S .S. will begin at 9:30, with tbe Baptist Ohuroh of West Tampa Supt Deacon Jessie Manley in of whiC'h}lev : M. C. Jobnsori charge. worship services is pa ,stor will Monday night wiU begin at 11, with the Goin:;' at 7 at the churclh The president Chorus and Jr. usher is ask;ing -a,w to please ing. The pastor will the be present. an&' on time. m essage Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock we will celebrate the Chlirch s monHortdn.' Everyone is invited 35th anniversary with the sermon Let us remember to pray for and being delivered by the Rev. Solo-visit our sick and shut ins. r I I I I I I I I L I ----FOR APPOINT OKA .. SISTER MENT PHONE READER AND ADVISOR -876-2667 you unhappy? Worried? Having trouble at home? Is your married life failing? Is you r loved one true to you? Are you a failur e in Bus i n ess ? Are you financially worried? Are y o u sick and in bad health ? Do you know your lucky day and number? One visit to me !lnd I will convince you that you can be helped. Ask those who have been to see me. God has me these !'i fte d oo...-,ers to help vou. COME SEE ME NOW LATER .MAY BE TOO LATE. OPEN 9 A.M. TO ll P \ 1 W KENNEDY BLVD. 'fAl\IPA, FLORIDA 336G9 CLIP TRTS.:: :: ::o::T:: J S u PER BRAifD M o w .ER s SELLING AT FANTASTIC LOW PRICES. .. .. !<:''?), 1 '. : .. : .. .: 0 9


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