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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 25, no. 30 (March 28, 1972)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
March 28, 1972
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Sentinel Editor Denies Blame For King High School .Qisorder All The News Fit. To Print )

P:AGI TWO fla. Sentinel-Bulletin 'PabUshed .every Tues. and Fri Celt Both Editi-4 ..:. Tuesday, March 28, 1972 ,., sentinel 'TEditr Denies Bla.me King High Disorders Nine More Arrested In Narcotic laids Major Robert Ramsey, head of the vice control divi s ion of COURTHOUSE Assaults CAPERS vated assault. During a struggle between Mar vin Stanford, 29, 1709 17th Ave., and Raymond Reed over a pistol, Stanford received .a gunshot wotmd on the right side of his head. Stanford -said that Reed had threatened him with the pistol prior to the incident. :rbe 'ediklr of the Sentinel-Bulle thi .Monday termed "ridiculoua" cliarps-that an' article in last Tuesday's edition caused .:.:!rl at K-ing High School Friday. the Hillsborough County Sher--During an argument Saturday iff's Office, released the names .-of nine others ai-rested in the night, Leo C oller 39, 315 W Park wide crackdown on narcotics Ave., was stabbed in the left shouldealers and suppliers. der with a knife by an unidentiThe charges. agail)St. the /; neJ-aullEtiil were leveled in da' ily newspaper articles about the !:1 cidffit Saturday, and dur: n g a te1e vision interview 'by Kin&: Principal Bill Ste-wart. A news release from Major ,Ran}sey s aid th e total fied man. The incident occurred now is 48 with a combined bond at Palm and Highland Avenues of $345,000. A police report revealed that Being held in the county Jail Mrs Evaline Mills 28, 1802 Mitch under $5,000 each are: Helen ell / was struck two times with a Dorsey, 28, 2703 Horatio, sale toy rocking horse Friday evening of her. oin; Joseph Filer, 24, 3011 hy Joe St-ewart at her reside'.lcc Burglaries Thomas Berry, 27, 208 W AmPlia Ave ., reporte!i clothing miss in g from his home valued,at $95. Ell try was gained through an un locke d rear window. -' tho; o ffie e of Supt. 0. also blamed the. Seritin l Bul l.etin for r being a, major factor E. Fern, con spiracy to commit Mrs Mills picked up a stepping felony-to-wit--sale of heroin; stone and struck Stewart on the In causin_g.a disturbance Friday at K ing.,. Jn .addit:on, the new spaper f, 1 wrote the story. -Mary Haywood, -24, -3308 38th hea .... Both fled the scene after the Av.enue; Shirley A. Ketter,. 22, u. Ponc e de Leon H ousing Pro-, disturbance. jects, sale of cocaine; and Tom Leroy Keller. 8436 Miss ion Bustr Farr, 19, 4012 Waring Ct., was assaulted by William An-Drive: sale of marijuana. ders on early Saturday morning. Others arr sted were: Ernest Keller told police that the assault Lee Simmons, 26, 1213 Joed Ct., took at Frances and Florida sale of coc a ine, $3,000; Richard. Avenues after he asked for the Unidentified thie"ves broke into the residence of Edward Gatson, 44, 3520 E. Osborne, Apt 112. Saturday morning. Eleven dollars i n cash and other valuabfes totaling $92. so were stolen : Mrs Lhida B. Barnum, 3015 N 48th St.. home was Friday afternoon A TV. set. taoe recorder valued at $504 we-re renorted missing : C Blythe Andrews, Jr., editfll rter tnl!ile futi(e : r.if1Jl! to the Mnraday in an f'ffort to i{et lhe school's on the story the. black yont t the princiga-J. a Mr. t"lther .. out or would not bftk about the incident to return any of OUr ca.J's. 'The as5istant nrincipal, a Mr: w fina11y contacted .and -had the-rh:mCf! to F-ither refute the bov's side of the story. o r to issue 11 for Kinll High School. Mr. Sc0t t t ook the liberty to say he .would make a statement to the Scnt;nel Tuesday morning. Unforthe statement nPver came snd we had no choice but to print" thP. boy'.s side. of. the stOJ:Y and 11ote. whir.h is customary news' paner practice. that neither the priPcioa l would issue a statement fl1''l the princhal he -.. ould call us TuesdP.y about the matter," Andrews ccm tiP''qd. "Inst!'ad of handling this fester Ing racU!l mt.tter internally im it is obvious that of. fidals-at. the school let 'rumble Jllans' bet ween blacks and the period between Mon dl'lv and Friday get out of hand. Tb is school evasion of the problem r.aused the: 'rumble' and to !lave face with the majority press, we been blamed as the cause. Yet tn th;s day, seven days after the s c ry. the mother of the boy end the boy h i mself maintain that their story about the incident ls tr11e. To this day, officials of KinJ;(' H igh School have .ot a statement to us refuting the bov's story. "Tll-; Srntine.l-Bulletin has q). ways stood on the principle that the black com:mupity is entitled to C BLYT}JE ANDREWS, .JR. dentes paper guilty / E. Smi t h 22, 2702 98th Avenue, kevs to his car. sale and possession of marijuana, Mrs. Rosetta Terry, 26. 1510 $7,5 0 0; Jean Been, 22, 20th Street. and Reinaldo Valdes, same address, two counts of sale 32. l904 E. North Bay, inflicted and. pos s ession Qf mrr.rij.uana, $12,500; Jack Thop1as McShe:rry, injuries unon each other during a know both contrcvfr-Jr.,. 23 2403 E. Club Drive, fight Friday nillht at Lido B ar. .sial issue such as this. The black lanta, Ga ., possession of :man-19th St. and 7th Ave. A finger community is also know juana, $2,500. nail file was used durirrg the .fight the truth; and whe1;1 ibs commu Arrest warrants had been IS-' Charlie Cole,-24-, 2916 27th-Ave., nity newspaper is given tbe run-sued last week naming_ 65 nar-was stabbed early. Saturday mo:n-around by any official who thinks co tic d e a I e r s as defndants. ing by his wife Mrs. Bertha Lee an incident will evapon.:he in th:r. Severl.teen others are iitill being Cole, 21, while asleep in bed. Mrs. air, and a problem will" sofve it-sought by three law -enforcement Cole was arrested and .charged self. Their refusal to issue a offices. with aggravated assault. for King High is tht>ir De. Ri.cha -Parks Turner, 1912 St. Conrad. own faUlt and not ours, or that ot wey I r son received severaJ cuts on the chest the black communit:y." Out. Of H ::1 1 and. over the rieht eye during a Mrs Gloria J. Andrews 22. 4246 Rambraridt, A p t. 42, reported cl.othilig missing from hPr borne Monda,v night valued at $225. En-try was gained through a broken front door Ill ass Two juveniles were arrested Friday for breaking, into Chanm:on's and SI,Uldr:\r; -2an2 16t h Street The owner. Joseph Chapman. 50. 315 W Frances. reoortl'd goods Il).issinv: valuecJ at $151.32. "Even if those misled by the 05pni afternoon at his r-es-daily articles Mr Stew .art' s Dewey A .. Richardson, well idence \vith Mrs. Mary Weather-Arthur. James Holley, 2tl, 3204 preposterous cliar.ge on television, known political figure, visited tht' 1si>oon. Mrs. WeatherSJlO?Il was "'! River Grove .Dr. said .that. uaTheftS the of bl'ame must st ;Jl Se ntinel Bulletin office last We-d-. rested and charged With aggra-Identified thieves entered his un rest with Rfug High officials w:ho nesday Ife was' accompanied by f 11 to locked '71 Chevy Stmday morning purpO!Iely waited on thin iee for Freddie. also a well known gun went off and Brorro e I k politician and businessman. the floor, severely wounded. The arid took a tape. p ayer -arlcl ipe11 five d11yswhile .. blacks ahd wliites suspect, "Yvonne", ran out tJle er valued at $80. thre,atened e.aeh other a Mr. has been con-back door after the shooting. Eddie Good.win, so; told police 'rumble.' fmed to the hospital for se-veral Police and :an ambulance was that an unidentified man attacktd "The Sentinel-Bulletin neV"'r months as the. result of. at 11 d and :Brown w.as sent to him Fri.day night, thre w him on tack by some unknown persoo or ca e 1 been arid never will be in the busi-ho ht t b h' Tampa General w1th the bu .et the ground, and took $64 in cash. t _, persons. w soug o ro 1m. h 1 h

Tues d ay, March 28, 1972 MOTHER HELD FOR SHOOTING HER 5 YEAR OLD CHILD A 43-year-old mother is being held in the Hillsborough Coun t y Jail for assault to murder in nection with the shoot i ng of her five-year old daughter Saturda y morning City of Tampa policeman P M Evans said he was dispatched to 408 James Street shortly before nine that morning to investigate :1 shooting Upon at the house he was met by Mrs. Lo).lise John son who said her daughter haC. shot herself. The woman said she had a .22 caliber revolver lying on the bed and the child picked it up :mJ accidentall Y shot herself." The youngst e r was s en t t o T a m pa General with a bullet wound in th e back and the right forearm. After being treat ed by the at t end ing ph y si c ian in th e emergen-:y room the g i rl was admi t ted to t he hosoit al. The child was ques t ioned by polic e J a t a r on to find out how she would de s c ribe the shooting. Thi! child said her mo ther shot her because she didn't clel;m up h:lr room ?" Mrs. Johnson was arrested at the hos_pital for assault to murder. Bond for her was set at $5,000. The child t is listed -..fn fair con dition in the pediatris:s .. -of Tamp_ a General. NEAR D ,ISORDER CONDITION REPORTED ON CEN.TRAL AVE. PAGE THREE HUMAN RELATIONS PROBLEMS CONSIDERED AT CONFERENCE There was a special two-day meeting last week to consider progress as well as the problems In the area of human relations. The meeting was held at First United Methodist Church and in-, ..... eluded among the participants were, from left, Mrs. Loretta Williams Al Moragne, Cal Coiiins and Mrs. Peggy John s on. Tension it:e"W in the b!ighteq c;ontroversy fQr several area pf Central Avenue Sunday was learned that many of F "" t I t t 11ight 'when a large ;gathering the residel)ts are .angry about ron 1ers nVI a IOn$..,: of people had to -be:_ <:l.i.l>ersed .city's; pla"ns to demolish that Out' 'Jh W k to "Prevent a area> of-the -city; .. .IS ee Police reported that .hundred; A witness in the at. th e ; Invitations .for the Of angry people gathered fol-time of the tpld ,thi 14th aiU)Ual awards banquet. will lowing the arrest .of a.'. SentineL th!lt., a be t ween a go out this weekend according man. The only of viOlence 'youth policeman started' t Pride chairman of :reported :was a bnck thrown out -the crowd to gather. .... thQ b t 0 '-'tt e anque c mmt ee of the !!rowd tha,t shattered a A spokesman :(or tlie city. po: 6 1 300 -1 bi d th 'vindow. Y lice department gave the follow. n Y a:e a e ;m .. f Central_ between ing. ot anY, d and. Ca ss, still shows sears of Two policemen: walking : .. ma1y have, a not ther.e a .. years ago. beat on C!lntral tried to stop" left. : .:: and has been ,the subject of a fight between two teenagers .. l{r.: .. John r-----.:...... : .. : ....... __ ..;-. __ ;...._' --....:. .r'\"Moms, ; .-; A N N 0 U H C l N G STOP OUR' ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT MONDAY AT 2 P.M. :li' S TEN The Place Is ST. CYRUS .GREEN ;.PARK BUFFALO AVEMUE & 22nd STREET GO CiO GO SCHOOL. CHILDREN ONLY PRIZES! PRIZES! PRIZES YOU'LL HAVE A WHAlE OF A TIME THERE Pughsleys 'funerai_H(!me 1 Youth Beaten, Robbed Nathaniel Johnson 16, 3110 33rd Street, told police that. two juvi! niles a tacked him late Sunclny night at 3 905 30th Street ani! tack his wallet containing $4. Johnson said that one of th

PAGE FOlJR Fla. Sentmel-Bulletln Published eve-Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition T d M 'L _________________________ ay, arcn 28, 1972 ft orido \ IBu:tfetm Published every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pub lishng Co. 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Pampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publisher C. BL YTHi!: ANDREWS, Ja. E.secuttn Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice MRS. ROSE CRU'I 'CHFIELD Vice PrealdenC-Societ:r JOHNNY JACOBS Vlee President-Advertislal DESPITE THE-LACK OF J)/RCT/ON OF SOME BLA'CK. STUDENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE, WE NE THESE VOVNG PEOPLE FOR THEIR 1/t1AGINATJON AND INVENTIVENESS; TH.1? NEW IDEAS AH/JAPPROACHES'! ncr MLIMS Second class postage at Tampa. I i Florida SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 per year one editi011. j $12.50 per year both edition I Place Disorder Blame W 'here l t Belongs This newspaper was the o"bject .ef the moat 'blatanlt and out JTageoua attack ever launched up en it last weekend, when school officials took turns m blaming an ani-de published I as t Tueaday folT diaorde.ra at King High Schoo l. The prim:ipal of the school, Bill Stewart, got on television and 'blamed the Sentinel for start ing the disorders wilth "miS'infor n1ation." Then a daily paper printed a a tory Sahuday mo:rning quoting and namin g u as "re sponsible'' for the d risorders. .Adding insult to injury, Supt. .Raymond 0. Shelton' public J!e ) r a rtions office sent out an official news story charging the Sem:iuel with being a "major facltor" in causing the disorden. We view theae un.precedented attacka as obviously bemtr aimed at the Sentinel and ib staff in the eyes of the black and1 white communities. More rt>han that though, the use of the Sentinel as a decoy of Marne under exisl l ring circumstances at King High is moat undesirable for the boys and girls attending. Matters flared up again art King M .onday, two days after t h e s e wild charges, testimony to the fact that all has not been well there for several months. The racial discord a t King High exiSited" long before the artr.cle dting a black boy's story of how he wa,. beaten and handcuffed to a chair t>here. School officials later claimed the boy pulled a lcnile on the two school monitors, but the boy and his mother maint.ltn he never bad a knife. Moreover, this information have been prinrted in last Tuesday's along with the article in question. But when the Sentinel ettempted to contaot Mr. Stew nrt about the boy's story, he was unavailable for comment. A Mr. Scott who said he was assistant principal, had no immediate statement and said he would i ssue a r buital to the boy's at or y on Tuesday morning, Marcl1 21st. J\1r. Scott was never heard from again. To this day, King High officials have not issued a statement to us about the incident. they waited five days un til a disorder occurred and then wenr t about the business of passing the buck of blame to this newspaper. To this day, the boy involved and his mother maintain that their story about the incident is -true. that King Hig h -oficiala COMMUHICATJNG' CAN. CLOSE THE GAP ------------------really don't have a true rebuttal to offer. Moreover, the Sentinel has documented information from other blacks attending King con cerning the festering race re1a tiona there which have existed for several montl\s. Are we to blame for this too.J SOI'vin g the racial situation at King H i g'h fell several m o n t h a ago and 11tiH falls squarely on the shoulders of the school' adminis trator a .nd not the Se111tinef-Bul letin. We were no more respon srhle for them getting off t h e tra1:k then than we were last Fri day when they let the, situation explode from lac,k of attention. To us, to have power aa administrators and not use it is an u n p a r d on a b I e derelie1t'ion of duty. To pass the buck of b-lame to this newspaper for their own shortcomings in handling an explosive si rtuation is not only a lie but a disgrace. Labo, r Divided In Florida Political analysts in F I or i d a have reached the conclusion that neither the nor national AFI.,CIO leadership :rallied their members to stem the sweep of Gov. George Wallace of Alabama in the recen1 t Florida primaries. This observation became apparent as results piled in f rom the state's 2,841 precincts to show that Wallace had amassed 516,000 votes, 42 percent of the vote caa.t in the Demo primary. He won 75 of the state's 81 delegates t o the Demo National ConYention. Organ.ized labor in Florida was divided from the start with some officials supporting Senator Henry Jackson, the favorite of AFL CIO president George Meany, while others divided their back i n g between Humphrey, Muskie and Wall ace. .The situation was contrasted with that in the latter stages of the 1968 campaig n when the AFL-CIO put on a massive las t -------------Political Revue I By SANDY MONDINO The S e n a t e Friday tackled a legislative reapportionment plan that woold probably produce -Florida's first black state senator in modern times. The plan calls for 40 single-member districts, and at best is a long shot. The plan would reduce the Senate from 48 to 40 members and i s accurate to within .7 per cent of equal representation far every district. "It's well within tl:e limits the courts allow," Sen. John L Ducker of Orlando said Ducker said a single-member district approach to realigning the Senate districts is not specifi c ally intended to boost black membership although it worked out that way. Parceling the 40 seats out to in dividual districts would virtually assure minorities of holding a per suasive influence on Senate elec tions. Under multi-member districts, minority bloc votes are diluted in: the countywide or dis trictwide taliy. S*ate Rep Guy Spieela bas writ ten a reply to each member of Ute Black BusineS8Illen's Caucus, who took him to task a m o n g others from Hillsborough County, for his stand on busing. The other members of the local delegation have so far ignored the Caucu1 letter to them. minute drive and cut down Wallace vo tes. ln the Florida campaign only one AFL-CIO leaflet against W al lace was in evidence. Issued by the AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education, the leaflet sim ply proclaimed, "A vote for Wallace is a vote for Nixon." Unlike 1968, when the AFL-ClO ex posed the low-wage structure in Wallace's home state, the I abo r leadership made no effort to pierce what Muskie called t h e "demagogv" of V'/ all ace. Apparently, many in labor' s rank and file in Florida allowed themselves t o be suckered i n by Wallace's appeal 1o se"gregation under the code phrase of ''no forced busing." Norman E. Jones, whom we talked about last month as pos sibly being a Wallace delegate to the Demo confab was elected l as t weekend. Mr. Jones has been a staunch supporter of l\lr. Wal lace since 1968 and has written several f avorable reports about the Alabam a governor in his col umn. NOR:MAN E. JONES Rep. Augustus F. HawkiM, Chairman of the National Policy Conference on Education f o r Blacks, announced last weekend that registration for the four-day confab has been cut off and that no additiona l registration can be honored because of space limita tions. The confab is scheduled to begin March 29 at the Marriott Twin-Bridges Hot el in Was hington, D.C and 600 partic ip ants from across the country are s c h edu l ed to atte nd. Bishop John D. Bright Bis hop of th e AM.E Church and pres ident of the National Committee of B lac k Churchmen last w e ek an nounced his support o f Senator Hubert H. Humphrey for pre si dent. Bisbep Brigllt, whose bishopric to some 600 churches in Pennsylvania, New York, N e VI Jersey. De l aware, and Bermuda, sai d he is supporting Bamithrey "because I believe he would ac c omplish what President prom i sed but bas failed to a c hiev-e-the bring i ng together (Continued on Page 2 H


Tuesday, March 28, 1972 Fla. Sentine l-Bull etin Published every Tues. and Fri. G!!jt Both Editiont PAGE FIVf. I Views Of Progress Village I By IRA LEE ENNiS -Ph. 677-1310 Danny Jackson, sun of Mrs. Agnes Johnson, 7902 Dahlia Ave sends a big hello to family and friends from Parrish Is l and S. C where he recently began basic training w ith the Marine Corps. Girl Scout Troop No. 751 will meet on Wednesday 5 p m at the Progress Village C i vic Center. On last Wednesday the girls were honored with a visit from Natasha, a bear from Nature's Classroom. Birthday greetings to Rev. H. H. Douglas pastor of st. James A.M E Church of Progress Village, and his wife Mrs. Hilda Douglas, who will celebrate their natal day Wednesday, Ma "rch 29. Our sympathy goes with Mrs Elizabeth White and mother Mrs. Lillian Bass of 5211 79th St., as the y d eparted via Delta Airlines for Washington D. C on Friday morning t o attend the funeral ri tes for sister. and daughter, M:-5. Louise Watson, w ho passed aw ay on last Tuesday Funeral servi ces were held on Saturday. All P r o g r e s s Village Little League baseball players are asked to please be at the park every afternoon at 3:30 p m. Brownie Scouts will meet 0:1 Thursday, 5:30 p m at the Civic Center. This troop along with .other Brownie Troops enjoyed an out ing at Lamon a Park on Saturday, March 18. The girls were accom panied by their. troop leader, Mrs. Van Scott and assistants, Mrs. Catherine Mor-gan and Mrs. Sylvia Boronell Buy Florida Sentinel Advertisers -------------------------I I I 1-'. -r----y \ I _L \ Bethel Baptist 808 Short Em.ory S t -eet ReL J. L. stor Mrs. Lillie )fae McDenald, Rept. S.S. began at 9:30 a.m. The Supt. presided. The lesson was taught by the teachers. Morning wors hip began at 10 : 45. Devotion was conducte d by the deacons Music was rendered by the Harmonettes and the Special Chorus. Junior ushers served. The sermon was ered by the pastor who chose for his theme, "Living In The w : s dom of God.'' Evening worship was begun at 5:15. The same deacons, choir, and ushers served. The sermon was deljvered by the pastor. He chose for his theme, ''God's Everlasting Love." The deacon board will hold their meeting Tuesday 11ight. .Mr. AIJen Spotford is desirous of alJ d e acons being present to help take care of very important business. The business meeting of the church will be : held Wednesday night. The pastor is expecting. all members to be present. Both Meetings begin promptly at 8 p.m. The Easte1 Sunrise 'Service will begin at 5 Sunda y. The pastor is asking all members to bring lillies to beautify the church. The Harmonettes are presenting a Good Friday Serv. ice at 7. The play is e-ntit1ed "Love" -followed by 'a co:vered .dish supper. \ To all of 9ur services the pub-. lie is extend,ed a cordial invitation to worship with us. Mt. Zion Gospel Chq.rmJS Deacon James Pres Miss Amanda Isaac, Rept. Mt. Zio n Gos p e l Chorus will hav e r e h earsal Thursday ni ght at 8 All m embe r s are a s k e d to b e present and on-time. Cocoa Services at Mt Moriah AME Church of which Eev. 0 H Hous ton is pastor, began with choir No. 2 and ushers serving. Mr. F. Sawyer was in charge of the -music. Our pastor and Rev. C. '.Dookes de:votion. Prayer w.as also offered by Rev. Tookes A soul stirring sermon was de!ivered by the pastGr. Evening serw ce began at "5: 4 5 with Rev. Calvin Tookes in char;ge of devGtion. The same choir and ushers served. Prayer was 1lffered lily Mr. Will Lovett. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Mrs. S E Lewis, secty., and Rev. 0. H. Houston, pastor. 11Ungs You Should Inow BROWN I .I .I AMERICA {HE TRAINED AS A PRINTER WITH ABOLITIONIST EDITOR ._ LOVEJOY a BECAME AN AGENT OF ntE WESTERN NASSACHU-' I M t1 '' STTS ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY .'HIS BOOK1CLOTEl oR :!ME. PRESIDENTS DAUGHTER ".s PUBLISHED IN LONDON IN 1853 IN -. -. ., Tt-4F. u s WIDELYREAD/ CONTINENTALFEA-n.iMs Bradenton The C i ty W i de Mission will m tt-t Sunday at 2:30 at Cart ers Temple Mrs. Laura Bell Lewis is pr::si dent. and Mrs. Mary M::'!ain is vice president. Lily White Lod ge No. 156 mPding will be held on the second Sa turday at 7 :30 at the Womeu s Club Lily White Lydia Council will meet at the home of Mrs. Stevens April 1 3 th at 7:30 Refreshments will be served. Mrs Martha Jenkins is president allCl Mrs Velma T. Walker is vice pr<>c:idont. WPst Women's Club will be hold at the home of Mrs Mattie St o ohens Aoril 12 at 7. will be served. Mr.>. Essie Br"wn is oresi.clent : md Mrs. Allie Buckbine is sPcty. Mana!Y<> Cotmtv Community Chor us will m"Pt at st. AndT'f'W3 C'hurch in Palmet-to Aoril 9. Mrs. E A Hall is Mr KniP"ht nr-"s Mar.atPe CotL'1lv Stmdav Sl\hnol Union will be b elrl at N'Pw Rant. r.burr.!J Aor.i.J 12. Mrs. Jessie !s St>ctv. and Deacon .TGhnny Yawn is nres. and Countv 1 Choir Union Nn. 3 will have tht>h; anniversary l!t Mt. Pilgrim r.hurch on Anril 9. Mrs. Jessie MilJer Is Mary MrCiain, rept. Winter Garden Mines. Hazel Brown, Walker, Blanch Ashbury and Mr. "Uaxey Keith motored to Lake City to visit tlileir uncle Mr. Tan nie who is ill. Mr. Jerome Brown and attended the funeral of their aunt at Titusville All L1lv Whites who w,ould I ike to go. fo. St. Petarsburg are asked to Cl'mtact Mrs. Malissa Cruse b y Beulah Dorcas Cirde 1\lrs. M a Q Crawford, Cbairlllaa Mrs. Eta While Kept. The D orcas Circle of B e aulah B aptist C'hurch will meet Thursday morn i n g at 9 at the home of Mrs. Ellen Jenkins, 1023 S c olt St. The lesson b y Mrs Wil son Subject, "Ca n We B e liPve That Life Does Not End?" The lesson will b e taken from Fi rst PetP.r 1 :3-5. The alnhabet is "N" The last m e eting place, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Hagins 1017 Scott St. Hyde Park Prayer-Band Mrs Wllsoa, Pres. Mrs. Hilda Lewis Report e r The Hy.de Park Prayer B a nd will meet Thursday at 12:30 at the home Jf Mr. and Mrs Lewis, 22HI 32nd Ave. APt. 381, The last was h e ld at home of Mrs. Flora Davis 507 E. Hmderson Ave. All men1bers 'ire asked to ple a s e be present a nd on time. The public is welcome to attend. _Clewiston Services_ w .ere v-ery at all m. the community begmnmg w1th Sunday. s c hool the tiay and also morning and evening, s e rvices, The Supts. and teachers at their posts. The lessons were all reviewed by t'he p astors. The'.Friendly Christmas Sav mgs Club :Will rrieet .at the home of Mr a'nd1 'George Tonson on Higlnyay 2;7, Fl'iday night Mr.s. Su s ie Beckton will be charge. The' fol1Jwing are on t'he sick list:-Mmes. Melenda Allen Mat-tie Hilton, and Callie White Charles Moore ; W.iUi e Bell, ami James Mason. All asied to 1 vis:it them. the 15th of April. F M The 51st annual Holy Convoca-t yers tion .. Church ."of God in Christ TimmhV" H Thompson pre-" S. S. at St. Paul Baptist was beld._March 1-19 at the Church began at 9:30 with Doa. Bay Street. ehurch of God In Henry ScGtt as supt. All .ip Winter. Elder 1 teachers were present. The les s on D.avid Thomnson was host pastor was r-eviewed by the pastar. Morn. Mr. Mr.s. -Lashav Davis of ing worship began at 11 w it!b t he M iami was in the citi v'oiting deacons in charg e of devati o n. Mr.s. Davis' brother and sister. The sermon was delivered by the Mr, s.: W. Welilb. and Mrs. Arlene pastor. The Gospel chorus served. .Ma!J!iuy_ .Mr Artist Stalling and Mrs. Ar lene McFarlan-d and son, Tonie, spent the ....,eekend in Miami vJsiting the Stalling ana Hope fam ilies. Mrs. Maiissa Cruse, rept. The choirs af St Paul aneil t he No. 2 choir from .Jerusalem Sartist Church rendered a special song at 3 Evening service began at 6::.10 with deacons in chargP. of devot ion. Tlie pastor de liv.ered t!be ev. e.ning m e s s age The B k male ch<>niS P..ev. J R ;1b -f00 SVI e -insoo. n as ti>r and Mrs. B Bacon, reT"r-'"-yo. S. S. at Bethlehem Baptist was called to by the asst. supt., Mrs. Nela Mae Mills with the teachers at their post. The subject of the lesson "The Fellowship of The Redeemer." The les son was revie..yed by the pastor. Morning worship devotion was led by Dea. Elizah Cole and Dea. Alex Holmes. The No. 1, 2 and 3 choirs served. The pastor deliv-" er.ed the sermon. B .Y.P. U was conducted ,at 6:30 : followed by evening worship 7:30. The choii-s and ushers served. .,. .. David Reese,. Reporter. Sav! Time And Phone Your News 248-1921 Lake Hamilton S r rvices goad all day at New Mt Z i on beg i nning with S .' S at 10 with the supt. Mrs. Aiease Mincy in charge. The teaclrers were at their .posts The review was gh: en by the pastGr, Rev L Williams. Moi-oing worship followed at 1-1:30. The pastor was at his post He delivered powerful sermon. At" 5 :30 evening service beaan with the pastor agair;1 deliv,erlrig an0ther" fine message. The rally terminated. We raised An -after service program was rendered by .two groups from Tampa. Total amount raised for the day was $755.67. YGu are welcome to worship with us at all times. Mrs/ Alease J. Mincey, reporter ''Oreo cookie"? Or man of the people? "Brother Whitney" spent a lifetime as the bridge he) tween th.e black world-and the white money that ca11 thmgs better for millions of blacks. How did ha begrn? H?W did he do it?.Here's the whole sto.ry. One of 44 articles and 1 ,features in the April READER'S, DIGESlj


PAGE SIX Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frl. Gett Both Tuesday, March 28, 1972 ---------------------------------------------Homemakers Forum ROSE CRUTCHFiELD A. homemaker that ince all of us need a little rest Qr time" occasionally, there is nothing like a few hours alone' in the. park, nearby beach or public library. She .says that often. it is t;he only time she has to collect l)er thoughts on aei:ious and. disturbing problems, plans, or just to pray.-.. Most often when she goes to the pa1: k for. a few hours, she carries, a thermos of coffee or iced beverage, books, magazines or to k11it or sew. She will sometimes write a batch of long overdue letters, and someshe goes there simply to T his homemaker is a popular apeaker and often gets away from her family to notes O:f outlines for a speech. We are grateful to her for this tion apd hope other readers wJil -share such help ful ideas with Forum members. KOFFEE KLA fcH TOPICS I ,...t Slaughter Off WASHINGTON _<:...:.. The Senate. Friday defeated legislation which would have given egg producers authority to slaughter I a r g e numbers of their chickens to raise the price .of. eggs. The bpl, by Aglficultule Committee man'' Sen. Herman Talmadge; D Ga., was opposed by cans on the grounds that 1t was 'inhumane. It was defeated by 41 votes to 23. Toy Leads To Death CHICAGO -A 5-year-old Cicero boy died Tuesday of burns suffered Feb 20 when a spark from a friction-run toy touched off his oxygen tent in the pedi atrics ward of the MacNeal Memorial H .o s p i tal.. i11 Be .rwyn, was be .ing 1 treated for a head injury. The b!>Y; TholJias Porsey, given. a .toy automobile by his P .arents as. he laY:.-. 1.p1der the oxygen tent, ?fficials said. W h en s'pun :.r 1ts wheels; a spark. ignited the plas-tic. tE-nt. Less Meat Buying Suggested Wi'SHI. NGTON -la-t'iest grocery store chams. m this area have reacted to 'h1gh meat prices. One, Giant Foods, bluutly urged unhappy -with high meat prices to "buy something else." The other c hain urged customers to m'le what 1t called "inflatlon-fighter" m e nu.s, l:io,ldly. citing !\ k e n dis h m its full-page new spaper ad here Tuesduy .. Safeway, wthout s peei ficnlly mentioning hig:h m eat pr1ces liS did C.inn t, n ote d thai "whe n _you lle rve an inflatio n fi ghte r 1ood Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 Eddie Rolls, Pres. Gwendolyn Hayes, Rept. The No. 2 choir of New Mt. Zion M.B. Church, Re,. B. J. Jones, pastor, will have lar choir rehearsal on tomght (Tues.)) at 8 p.m. All m embers ate asked to please be present and on time. New Hope Choir No. 2 U,ll Ira t. Rruton, l'res. Mrs. (', .Moorf iteJWrter C.r.1ir :\o. esident is a s king every()ne to p:c11se be present and OD time. such as turkey or chicken or an a .ppetizing dish m a d e w.ith ground beef or fi s h or c he ese or egg, you help you r sel f and others in the fight against high-er meat prices.'' Tlie Giants ad; signed by the chain's consumer adviser Esther Peterson who held the national c onsumer adviser post under President L y ndon B. Johnson -urged frankly that. peo ple "buy l ess meat use other :forms o(J>roteiri.'' Santa Remains On : Job ROCKFORD, Ill. Mrs. Sharlene 1 .Johnson has a very logical explanation why. one of P.T.A. MEMBERS AT HUMAN RELATIONS CONFERENCE First United Methodist Church was the scene or Reaching out," a human relations conference featuring Eugene Causby an4 Dudle y Flood, spec ialists In Human Relations from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. At the regis tration desk on Thursday morning were, from left, Mrs. Lillian Trone, Mrs. Shirley Hays and Mrs. Rilla M. Bell. her Christmas decorations-a ----------------------------,.--------'------------large plastic Santa C laus -is Th A t I. Ch h tion. The message was delivered still lit up every. night. e pos 0 I( urc by Missionary Mitchell. This was "If lighting the Santa is all Of J a powerful message. it takes to get a 3-year-old to t5U5 At 8, the devotion was led by go. to. sleep, then I don't mind Mission No. the saine person after which a keep!"ng 1'+ up,'' 'she said "' one woman program was renderod M1'ssionary Mitchell, Acting Pastor The four-foot high electnc b M G d d M' B Mrs. Sarah L. Gadsden' Rep .orter Y rs. a s en. ISS!onary ornament is lit every Iiight when d 1 d th H s s. began at 10 wl'th Mrs. Brown e 1vere e message er her son, Robert, gets tucked b "M d th B l' nto bed. The rotund decoration Sarah L G adsden in charge and su Ject was, oses an e urning Bush." has been sitting on a porch roof all teachers at. their post. The !rs outside the youngster' s window son was taught and explained by .An Easter program will be held since mid-December. various Morning worship be Sunday at 3. There will be no "Bobby can't go to sleep with'd ht t th N 2 g an with Dea. Mitchell and Mrs service Ifn ay n!g a .e o. out the light on," llbs. Johnson 1 said. A L Underwood leading devoMissidn. One visitor was present. Mt. Zion Ushers No. 1 Mrs. Adell Hudson, Pres. Rev. B. J. Jones, Pas'tor New Mt. Zion Usher Board No. 1 members are asked to turn out Sunday in their white uniforms at 3 p.m All members -.., asked to pay One Dollar in the collection We will be host to the Usher Union and all a re to a b ide by the requ e\1.-. The natural look Is too great to change. And Royal Shield simply glorifies it. Natural sheen. Natural control. Natural protein. You gel it all In Royal Shie l d Easy Comb Conditioner for easy new man ageab iloly. Oil Sheen Conditioner the miracle worker that gently holds as you pick and shape. Conditioner / Hair Dress does favors lor y<'ur natu ral that nature would like credit lor. Hold ing Spray helps gel hair all together a1 it holds. Royal Shield and protein work for the natural. WITH PROTEIN Blow Out and Neutralizer Shampoo lor the 'fro and natural that wanta a fuller life. Roy al Shield Blow-Out Creme and Neutralizer Sha mpoo Jets you go a i l the way. One mild applicat ion end your hair actually b lo sso m s into new fu lln ess Royal Shield turns 11 little natural i nto everyth i ng it con be. Protein Enriched. Ro y al Sh i el d is made especially lor the nalural and the fro: hair is protein, p r otein actually penet rate s :he hair shaft, For today's naturaiS ... and naturals that lead a fuller life!


r Tuesday, March 28, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE SEVEN SAPPHIRE CHAPTER INSTALLS OFFICERS Sapphire C h a pter No. 75, Modern Free and Accept e d M ason s o f tl_le world met recently at the h o me of Mrs. Joy ce Simmons 4008 Louisiana Street. Follow ing the bu s i ness session t here was a b eau ti f u l ins t alla tion service Officers to s e rve for 1972 are :\Irs. Winifred Whigham Grand M at r o n ; Mrs. Georgia Hilliard Asso ciate Matron: Mrs. Geraldine Williams Ass istant Associate Matron ; !\Irs Mildred Stewart, secretary; Mrs. Joyce Simmons, .asistant secretary; Mrs. Bernice Hop kins, financial secretary; Mrs. Alease Washington treasurer; Mrs. Reatha Williams, c haplain; Mrs. Alma Spencer deputy ; Mrs. Ethel 1\. :w:1 1 ->>;a -1.1n;1o ... r a t. k !\'' o "il K ht. d '' >u onas .,en 1 p,ms,.. .. .. wor er ,rs. 111 a 1 ntg .an Mrs. Fanrue Williams.-. -., .. .. .!.' r : -: u :be i l\USS COLLIN$ : HOSTS .. ENTRE NOUS MEETING .. Y .. The Eptre' No us Club tnet at the home of Miss came a Starlet. Wishing You A Happy Birthday By MISS ROSE Mr. and M r s Willie Johnson. Mrs. Thelma H Brown enter tained a few friends last Thursday night at the home of her aunt, Mrs Lucille B Johnson 2001 2:ird Avenue It' was rs. Johnson's birthday, and she received m a ny nice gifts. Guests were Mrs. Mamie Shields, Mrs Mary Hoffman, Mrs Rubye J Arrington, Mrs. Rowena Brady, Mrs Fannie B Stone, Mrs Louise Daniels, Mrs. Thelma Clark, Mrs. Anthenia Brown Wiley Morgan, Hally Hoffman, Mrs. Rosa Davis, Miss Betty Joe Miller, Hill and Mrs. Margaret Cuthbert. Paul L. Sheehy will celeb r,.te his 17th birthday on April t. The 'I:ampa Catholic High senior looks forward to college in SeptP.mhPr. 1 LOVETT FITZGERALD HARRIS He is the son of Dr. P. L She ehy .. and the late Mrs. Mary Law Marshall ,' Pamela Mirh ael and Charles Jones, Monica and Others on the March list Glen Oliver, Michael Sheppard, Mrs Ella Mae 1007 E s-Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mrs. kimo Street, March _26; Rudolrh Willie Johnson, Misses Sandra and 11; Mrs. HaLel Sydell Barnes and Mrs. Sybil F)elds, March 15; Anthony Barnes. i son, March-31; Mrs. Annie Joyce Dione .)s the granddaughter .o(' White, March 1, and Brendoris Mr. and. Mrs. Rodell :Barnes 7 "COSMEJOLO.GISl: 'UNil: SHOW ).. Highlight of evening, _of .. course,-was the seleCtion of tha 1972 unit queen Vying for the title were Mrs. OrmiUer Kel_$ey," t _he queen of 1971, Mrs Margaret Williams and Mrs: Marion Jones The coveted title capiure,d' by Mrs-. Margaret' Her was Mrs. Evenc1e Wil 1iams. :,. ,. :\ Arriong the 1 .guests were Mrs. Lucille west o( and _Mrs. Fanine Sara sota on Carm' en street. Her sister, 1\Iiss Jeanette Collins; assisted with ter of Mr and WII .-details :,, 1 : -uams of 7309. SW1!9J!e/ Str_eetl ,J:>ort A very colorful __ -and Alma is chairman for the "Spring Page: to be < !ainpa ls a hairstyle sl_low was PI:e5e,pted .. held in ) \-lay at J he Schlitz Brown Bottle. oJ sc _Mark M.B; ChiJrch -and. month by Tainp_ a Cosmetologis t C 1\ltissMCcllinsd !l. delicious meal Mr. and Mrs. Howard fcir Cholr 2 and .. OanBe.o we.r 'as.i_o : rea, r an mrs. Cla,rk? _Mrs Councii, Mrs. B .T. e !della But)el,", 1\Ir s : Johnnte Kmg, Thomas Lake, Mr. and Mrs. .,...-.---------,--,--Proi,ressive Social C!ilb Gar_dner .-Wt:liams,""Mrs. Jessie Ru .th carringtl!n, Mn. THA. NK .. YOU active in church, civtc and social Oss1e Stroud 1\Irs. Sarah Kite, !\It's. Elouise Brooks Louis Archer, activhies: A_ :, William Fil!more, John Olive, Nathaniel Johnson, M/s. Thelma ner and l\Irs. Connie Mills. AMONG THE SICK Mrs. Rosa Daymon, 421 W. Amelia Avenue is entering.'" Tampa General Hospital today : She is a member ofNew Salem P. 'B. Church. . .. ... Mr: Jim of _Armwood. Court has been discharged from the hosp1t al; .Mrs. Hlld:.t Lewis Is ill at her reside:qce, 2210 32nd Avenue, *pt. 381; Mrs. Thomas of 1Ia4 E. Harrison is ill at her heme; and Mrs. Felix Braxville, 4307 LaSalle Street is a patient at Tamp;t GeneraL SORORITY MAKES PLANS FOR REGIONAL ,': The Alpha Chapter o{ the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa held 1ts monthly meetmg at the. lovely home of Mrs. Pearl C. Coffee. 1\lrs. G. E. Williams was co-hostess. The group completed plans for the R,egional Conference which Will be held 111 Montgomery, Alabama. The delegates are Mrs. Mable Walker, Basileus, and !\Irs. Grace Walker. .Members. were Mesdames Mary' l\lcCullough, Essie. Roberson, J1mm1e Maddox, Mollie Boone, Leonie Roberson Jodie Miller, Smith, Elise Blanks, Loretta George Edith .J'ohnson, Marietta Edith Collins Lambright, and Elsa Turner. ORCHID MEETING ENTERTAINED ,. Mr. and Mrs. John Aregerious hosted the Orchid Club members, their spouses and friends at their beautiful home in Rivergrove Saturday night. Business of the evening was a report of the recent Fads and Fashion Show and further planning of the Sickle CelJ Anemia Aware-ness Program.. ... (Continued on Page 8) TAMPA -I would like to say "thanks" to my family and friends for being so nice to me while in the hospital and now at home. '::Mi'. -God'. you. Mrs: Emily Myers. : The ther:ne of this was 'Flaming c .. .. \, ,"'"" and the P .earlie M Sturgis-, Wynton Davis and Sheila, Beach. Marriage Ucenses Willie Frank Johnson, 25, 4406 29th Street, an1f Katherine Coro lyn Davis, 22, 1012 N. Blvd. Rayford Callaway, 32, 2406 E. 12th Avenue, and Betty 'Joe Be. dell, 23, 2406 E. 12th Avenue. -. Robert Jordon Williams, 20, 3002 45th Street, and Betty Lou Vick 22, 2017 17th Alvin Ellenwood, .21, 2905 21st Street, and Miller, 20, 1253 India Street. William Harris, 22, 1108 Union Street, and Arndreata Louise 22; 1708 St. Conrad. .. The Southern Region of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Ine. meeting in its 58th Annual Sesjion at the. Manger Motor Inn, Tampa, ida proudly announces that the f Honorable Paul .n;.-: Roney, Cireui& Judge of the Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit will be the ,. sveaker for its Annual ;.ita a .'. quet to be on .Friday, M'arcb 31, 1972 at 8 -Judge, Roney ls f a graduate ot the University of P enJvi y lvimia, Wharton School o f; :.Commerce and Finance and Harvard Law School. He has had a distlngulsli career. as a member of the Bar and has been identified with va rious civic ancl humanitarian or caillliatloils.


PACE EfCIR \ Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Celt Both Editions r Tuesday, March 28, 1972 Ey TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT JOHNNY JACOBS Yours truly was-'' among t h e I've spent all of 'my life falling many fortunate last weekend to in --and out at. love with some witness the electrifying perform-body and it's been great {un, and 'ICE MAN'-JE.RRY BUT-I've enjoyed every minute of it. -LER. The show, which includes That's wl:iat I write about-befo .ur laffly young lad i es by the cau.Se I believe everybody g o e s name of "PEACHES," was -hosttbrough tbat. I don t consider my -ed a t tlie-KING ARTHUR S INN self an authority on what's hap .and brought tp '\l$ by that mas pening in theworld. I am an au,. himself ; R E N A L D 0 thority on falling in and out Qf 'DEMINQUEZ : The show was one love,"' he with a soft <>f the best yet tg come tQ KING laugh. ARTHUR'S. BUTLER carries Well, according to most of his around with him a 5 piece band songs that he has sung, like "For which consists of Robert Bowlers, Your Precious Love," his first '"Musical Directqr; Sunny Burke, million .. seller, this statement can Wayne Douglas, Ira G 'ates and be considered very -true. Audience Bernard Williams. His four ladies response plays an important part jn waiting, Brenda in ll?y entertainer' s performance. 24 years and accompames At ttie Camelpt Room in the KThG BUTLER on his latest release, Inn has in tlle making for upcom"AlN'T UNDERSTANDING MEL-the forum cries of "Right On" LCIW," Deidra. Tig,.: 22, CarolY-11 which ;punctuated his show. .Johnson, 25 and the ICE MAN'S If you rillssed it, you missed .eister, Mattie Butler, who is a one of the performances young 28 in the Bay area in a long time. BUTLER, who has b ee1,1 in the Some of the folks that yours bi.Jsiness for 14. years Ls truly caught a of last and the father of a set .of twin week,were: Atty. and Mrs. Warboy!! and origi n ally hails from ren Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Sun Flower, Mississippi. He and Hargrett; Jr., Mr. and Mrs ; How-.t'his now make. their home ard Seymore, Jimmie :rvtiller and in Chicago, Ill. Lola, the lo vely Miss Gwen Wil-The -four young ladies who Iiams, the loVely Miss Karol Swift, ()Ompany the group ; and wl;io are ti'M! Queen-Annette Smith, Desingle have reeordeti"their first lore. Broadn11x, the Mona Lisawhich will be"" released. who, by the w ay, infol'med the :lmmetime next month BUn.,ER audience that the King Arthur's ..tloo made the sound track for .Inn has inthe making for upcom. the "JOE.:' According to ing dates folks like, SAMMIE their general. manil.ger, CHARJ,.ES DAVIS, .m.. JERRY BUTLER McMILLER, upon completion of TEAMED WITH NANCY WILengagement here in Tampa, SON, JERRY VALE and a host of the group will be going back to others. The afafir was four nights Chic-ago for a three day rest and and nine shows of pure soul then on to York, Pennsylvania Ob! -by the way, "AIN'T UN for _1m engagement. From there MElLOW" was to Va., to the Scope COn-released Aug H, 1971 and has al. vention Center. ready !Old almost a : million copies When BUTLER was asked why ; That' s the way it went in Tam-most. of his songs did not have pa last weekend as far as soul 11n ything to do with the world goes. Except for the same old affairs as so many other great thing. THAT'S MY CASE-IF artists are doing today he had YOU DON'T BELIEVE D 0 P E this t o say. "Basically all of the IS A DRAG TRY ASKING 1hings that I write, or have writSOME OF YOUR BROTHERS .ten are Utings that I've lived. WHO HAVE DIED FROM SKAG Magazine Week Clearwater News COMPLETES 'TRAINING P v t. Fran!{ Walls, Jr. the son of Mr.' and Mrst Frank Walls, Sr., of 1146 Palm BlUff St. Clearwater, has finished eight weeks of. Basic Training at Fort Jackson, S.C. He ill a 1971 graduate of Dun edin High School and a member fYf Mt. Carmel Progressive Bap.: h;;t Chnrch,. Rev. Mack William, pastor. surements for the playing field, and rewrite the rules of the game, s how that he could only live with a perlnanent system built around his own ideas, and country. The mind that closed itself off from contact with Jesse Owens was the same mind that could not believ1! the Russians .would resist him or the "decadent" Americans would arm to d(!feat him. Hitler's mind, a:s late as 1945, could not even g-rasp that his forces wer-e being routed on au fronts. While it is popular in circles to say "dictatoriship is the most efficient form of government and js superior _to demo-cracy," Hitler that when dictators, wallowing in their own power, go mad, they are no match !Qr nations which IIUbmit military decisions in advance. to a reflective Joint Chiefs of Staff, getting the benefits of many viewpoint!!. Hitler's mind, and character, showed prejudice elevated to the highest degree. The same prejudice which kept him from posing with Owens in a photograph kept him from realizing that1 his p anzers had run out of gas in Russia. His armies, therefol'e, fought like blind men following unworkable orders while military men of vision like George Patton, daring and innoYative and open to new ideas, chopped up his finest units in France. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (C.atbaued frem pace 7) Those enjoying hospitality were Mr. and 1\Irs. T()m Hanker l()n, i\Irs. Audrey Pressley, Mr. a1141 Mn. iames Clark Mr. a .. 1\lrs. l;)ennis Garner, Mr. and Mrs. William Daniels, i\lr. aad Mrs. Lawreace Byrd Mr. alld Mrs. Samuel May, Mrs. Nell W-ebb Mrs. Alza McNeil, 1\lrs. Mary Brewa, Mrs. Ella Casseaux, i\lr. an Mrs. Rene Garcia Walter Fuller and Mrs. Mildred Siplhl. APPRECIATION PROGRAl\I The Pastor's Aid of the Apostolic Church of Jesus of which Mrs. WiUie Mae Panldo is president will have an Appreciation Prograin for the pastor, Bishop -J. H. Lee. The program is scheduled fo; April 9 at the church ,2424 2nd Avenue NOTES FR.OM TAMPA CLUBS t:HE GOLDEN RULE SOCIAL CLUB is meeting Sa t urday night at 2418 E. Cayuga, at 7:30. The hostesses will be Mrs. Ruth Wil Iiams and Mrs Lucille Montgomery A meeting of the BLOSSOI\<1 CLl)B was held Sunday at the home of Mrs Virginia Hill alld the ce,lebrant was Mrs. Dorothy Reed. She received nice gifts. On Friday night at 8 o'clock, a TV will be given away at a party at the horne of li'Trs. Jessie Preston, 5202 36th Street. Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas of 2130 Walnut Street, will host a meeting of the MERRY DONNA CJ,.UJJ Wednesday night ,at 8 o clock. THE NOVELETTES have cancelled their Sunday but will hold their next regular meeting on April 1!), at the home ::.f Mrs Burdestine Glymph, 1037 E 7th Avenue A.pt. D. Members will bring covered dishes New members of the club are Mrs Mary Ann Vickers and Mrs. Eileen Moore. From Tampa-lodges .. A meeting of LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 138 will be held at 7:30 at the residence of Mrs. Hattie Williams on 12th Avenue. COMI-NG MAR. 29-NAACP Dinner, Sweden Boase, 7:31 P. !1. MAR. 30-APRIL 1-58th Souibena Ke(ienal Coafereace, Phi Beta Sirnia Fratenaity, Manger Motor fan. APRIL Ball, Pili Beta Sicma Frateralty, F.ert BOJilS Hesterly Armory. APRIL 1-Easter, Saarise Service by Intenaational MaMH alld Easten Stan; Tyer Temple U. M. Churcll; 5 A.M. APRIL 1-Easter Cutata, "No Greater Leve," iy Chein Oae aDd Two, Tyer Temple Unite4 Methedist Clnucla, 11 A.l\1. APRIL 5--Sickle Cell AMmia Seminar spon!tOred lly the Orehl Club, Booker T. Washillgtoa School, 8 P. M. APRIL Buquet,, Your Jr. Higll SchOol, 8 P. M. APRIL 7-" l\liss Teeaare Tampa" CO.test and Dan, Curtis Hb:eA CONVENTION CENTER-APRIL u..:..:Y.W.C.A. Adult Disney World Tour. APRIL 16--Spriag Tea Jiosled by Reatha' Williams Council, Surar Shack, 3 P. M. APRIL 8-Manhattan Elementary Scheol P. T. A. sponsors Gararo Sale at school, 10 A.M. -3 P.M. APRIL 8-Bobernian Cabaret sponsored by the Gents Club, Labo Temple. APRIL 26-30-Lily White Grand Assembly, Bethel Community Bapo tist Church, St. Petersburg. most prejudiced against others? Ey SHERWOOD ROSS b.Y\tbe latfAdolf .Lea u e r, .. file Httler -quoted lD the current Americans ough,l; to be ashamed o!:-'&tunlay ,'-elf for 'lettiilg their zine a lot. to teU WI abOut ... medal!! he won by Negroes. I 'the .nature of raee ,..;.. .. would .never. shake hands Is there any better proof of the manne r in which prejudiCe destroys thqs e who are the If there is -a superior race on this planet, its members are composed of' those' individuals whose minds are open, not closed; and who turn their faces, not their backs, toward the reality of e v e n t s unfolding around them. Like Jesse Owelll!, they are superior by dint of their personal achievements not their group; and if they err, again like Jesse bwens, it is in their generous reluctance to believe the worst about the next man During_ .the .19!!6 Olfiltptc. wit)f one of them.'' <:Jail:teil, Hitler_' the' .second',..revealing remark Jesn by Hitler was lnade shortly 1n 1!: lteieluJafter tiHi 1936 Games to Albert fiportfkL : .'To me, 'aild to Speer; his 'favorite architect. of the. Hitler ordered Speer to build a the Germans, Jesae .-0-tjens '.was new stadium to seat 400 000 peo :the hero Ol1mpic .Games," ple. When Speer protested such author :Wtlham L Sh1r&-re-a stadium would not have "the iri maga-prescribed Olympic proportion!<," zme;' \ Hitler rep1ied, "No matter. In "Not only' was he the great-1940 the Olympic Games will est ath1ete,' with four gold tuke place ip Tokyo. But, there-nedals fu the main track and aftel', tluy will take place in :field event!', but he behaved at Germany fot all time to come all with the utmost modin this stadium. And then : we e!'lty u:Hl grac:ousncss. The will determine the measurements crowds took to him and hailed of the athletic field.'' h i m: not so Adolf Hitler. :While Owens trotted up the tra,k hom his smashing victories in the dushes, brood jump, and as anchorman on the 400-rneter relay team, Shirer writes, the Nazi dictator turned his l;a.k to talk lo some flunkies, althoug-h the crowd in the stands w8s \'igorously applauding the an,nzing American." Owen!', a model of sportl'lmnn a;hip and humility, could not believe that, with the roar of the .. German fans : in his ear,s their knder could despise him. Owens did not know that Hitkr had deliberately turned his back. Nor did Owens know that.. at cme of th0sc moments, Hitler 'told Baldur von Schirach, the While Hitler gave the outward appearance of responding favorably to Owens' victories, in fact he turned his back and refused to recognize them. Even though he saw the reality of this trium phant black American, he could 11ot bring himself to look on Owens picked up his laurels. Hitler' s remark, r 1\lpclf would neYer sh11ke hands with one of them" cle11rh re,eals how Hitler isolated himself from the reality of e\ents his own people were cheering. Hitler's second remark reveals an e'\"en greater break with reality. Not only does he pl'ftlict the Olympics will be held in German\' "for all time to ,ome'' but his desire to make his own mea-ARE YOU BEADY FOR EASTER? ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT. Jlewly arrivals of Girls and Boys Easter Outfils. Plus a Rage Variety of Men and Women Outfits. BA YMORD'S SHOULD BE YOUR HEADQUARTERS! WE HAVE THE LATEST STYLES WITH A VARIETY OF COLORS -JUST RIGHT FOR YOUR BUDGET. RAYMOND'S Department Store Corner 15th St. and 7lh YBOR CITY Avenue


Tuesday, March 28, 1972 Fla. Sentine l-Bull e tin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE NfNir Lily White Society Assembly In St. Pla-ns For 37th Of Grand Petersburg April 26 30, 1972. THE PRESIDENTS, DEPUTIES, OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE PINELLAS COUNTY ARE COMPLETING PLANS TO HOST THE 37th SESSION OF THE GRAND ASSEMBLY APRIL 26-30, 1972. DELEGATES AND MEMBERS THROUGHOUT FLORIDA AND GEORGIA ARE PLANNING TO INVADE ST. PETERSBURG TO PLAY THEIR PART IN THIS HISTORY-MAKING SESS!ON. PICTURES OF SOME OF THE MANY OFFICERS ASSISTING IN DETAILS WILL BE PUBLISHED HERE FOR THE NEXT SEVERAL WEEKS. MRS ROXANNA JOHNSON District Deputy Jacksonville District No. I Jacksonville MRS. PEARL WASHINGTON District Deputy Jac ksonville District No. 1 J'acksonvi lle MRS. WILLIE MAE HART District Deputy Jacksonville District No. I Jacksonville MRS. F. L. CROMPTON Director of Lily White Councils Ocala MRS. ELLA J., E E B ROWN District Deputy Clearwate r District Clearwate r District Deputy St. Petersburg District No. I St. Petersburi MRS. IDA GARY District Deputy Plant Cit y District Plant City MR. WILL JACK S ON Di stric t Deputy T ,ake Wales District Babson Park MRS. RUBYE DIXON State President Royal Court Department Clearwater MR. McKINLEY BELL Third V ice Grand President St. PetersburJ l\IR S SUSIE SANDLIN Di strict Deputy Pala tka Di stric t Gain e sville Di stric t Gree n Cove Springs MR. LOUIS RIC HARDS District D eputy S t P e t ersburg D istric t No. 1 St. P e t ersburg CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1. The headqu arters for the Gr a nd Ass embly will bt at B e th e l Community Baptis t Churc h, 506 1 6th Street, So., R e v. Eno c h Davis pastor. All publi c 11rograms will be h e ld at B e th e l. 2. W ednesday night at 7:30 1'. M., the Memorial S e r vi c e will be held. Rev. P a ul H. Jackson, pastor Firs t Baptis t Inst. Church Lakeland will d e liver the M emori al sermon. The combin e d c hoi r s and ushers of Bethel Community Baptist Chur c h will serve. Grand Officers in uniform will form a procession into the churc h A rece ption will follow. 3 Thursday morning, th e bu sine ss sessions will be gin at 10 A.M. 4 Thursday afte rnoon at 3 P.M., the business sessio n will continue. 5. 'Thursday night at 7:30 P M. the Achievement Night Program will be held. Members who have worked up new lodges and those who have won pri z es in 1 the membership drive will be honored. EldN R. H. Howard pastor of New Salem P. B. Chur c h of Tampa will deliver the Achie vement Night message. The choir and ushers of Mt. Zion AME Church of ? hieh Rev. A. J. Ricllardson is pastor will serve: A reception will follow. 6. Friday mor11ing at 10 A. M. the business sessions will continue. 7. Friday afternoon at 2 P. 1\1., the Councils und e r the leadership of Mrs. F. L. Crompton state di rector, will ,stage their annual progr,am. 8. Friday afternoon at 6 130 P.M. the 291h -annual Oratoric a l' C ontest featurhig junior members w fll be held with C Blythe Andr e ws Jr. first vi c e grand p i'esident, presiding. -Trophies will be awarded the winners. At 8 P.M. the Educational program will be held Dr. W. B. Stewart, President of Edward Waters CoHege Jacl

PACE TEN Fla. !entinei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions Tuesday, March 28, 1972 EASTEB SPECIAL FRESH GRADE A LINCOLN GROCERY L :IRGE EGGS 2 DOZ. 95c 3801 29th I WH.ERE YOU. GET A LIT'TLE MORE : Aunt Jemima Grits PORK ROASTI S Lbs. 49c lb. 69c B E E F R 0 AS T Meaty Fla. Neck Bones Lb. 65c Lb. 45c .---------Back Bone Strips B E E F l R I P E .. Lb. 49c tb. 59c Borden Fruit Drink SMOKED HAMS Yz Or WHOLE 3 1fz Gallons $1.00 Lb. 69c Fla. & Farmbest Sunnyland Wieners GaHoa 99c 2 Pkgs. 89c BAKING HENS Large Fresh Fryers Lb. 59c EaO 79c R. C. COLA Turkey D rumsticks 4 F o r $1.CO Lb. 39c


Tuesday, March !8, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publisltt?d every Tues. 11nd Fri Get Boih Editions PACE ELEVEN \V.ent down to Main St. th e Foster Barb e r Shop and w a s sh own by barbers Nathaniel Fos ter, owner and working partner Horace "How To Live On $15 A W e ek Here's pres e nt ing the way to you all from tbe brighter sid e of life-" Whiskey and beer $8, wife s beer $1.65, m ea t fish an d groceries (creditl life ins urance ( wife 50c); cigars 9 0c, hot tip on h orses $2, dog fo0d 60c, p oker game $2.50. Total $16.6 5 Th is me a ns going into debt so yiJu m igh t ha v e to c ut out wife s beer HAD INTENDED TO SAY LAST WEEK I feel our traffic po li ceme n should not be hidden be hind si gns or som et hing waiting for a mistake, vialation or acci d e nt t o happen, but should station the m selves in a safe place wh ere they c an be seen and ready to help us dri vers, if n z ed be. F:lr a cop to b e h i d away hoping to giv e reminds m e of a few yea rs ba c k when everytime a Black perso n went on most new jobs the white boss w ould pla y like he m i slayed s ome mon ey to s ee if we' d t a ke it. ... .... Rev John St e phens pastor and founde r of th e First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens has on e of the mo s t popular sounds b e ing c opied by youngsters in the Lincoln G ardo ns Carver Cit y are as. It g e es like "Hi Ya'll." ... Rudolph "Peter Rabbit" Allen reportedly celebrated his five year serv ice party with Delta Air Lines ramp service last week. Word is Delta's ticket agent George AHison will be having his five year service day in a few weeks too .... Speaking of airline per:sonnel Andrew "Drew'' Spencer, Woody Allen and Louis Bostick came iu from Atlanta to visit relatives and friends and catch the "lceM an Jerry Butler show ... Ted Monroe, an employee of the public .library on Nebraska Ave. Park 'Apts. area, was telling of year's Newport Jazz Festival being moved to Madison Square Garden in NYC for nine pays in ::Tuly. But more on this later .... Ci.ach Hugh Dudlam up at F.SU was so many black basketball players his ran out of matches for lighting the crossEs in front of his horrne Oh yeah, this fellow passed that new drivers test on the first try Made a pErfect score too. Yeah man I k now, only ask ya fiv, questions! .... Received word of FAMU's new head football coach, Jim Williams being seen in the N.Y. and N. J. areas on recruiting missions. Be lieve the coach hopes to have those striking fangs back in his "Rattlers" mouths by Sept. Heard tell some of his friends and followers like Mr. Henry and Mr. Joseph "Jill' Joe" Shead, among others have already m:tde plans for one or two trips to the hill. And wiq, lose or draw you'd be-tter start buying your tickets for the Fla. A. & M Univ. Univ. of Tampa football game Nov. 4th now ... Have you noticed the new Ath letic Director at UT via West Point is getting a lot of military people on his staff. There s the fennis coach and ticket seller. Whi c h could lead to a new sound of "ATTENTION!" .... Only leur more shopping days til the Easter Parade, after 1 church. Still looking for which church to worship during Sunrise Service. That's the time of morn ing which makes you feel y o u were reall y there for the resur rection .... Miss l'!'mt'l Marion was in from Cal if::-r'f New Salem P.B. ChurCh, is the wife of Mr. James Meadows .. and mother of Debbie Meadows ()f Grace St : Carver. City BLAKE HIGH "CLASS OF 1962" TO MEET TONIGHT (TUESDAY) AT KID l\'IASON RECREATION CENTER to form ula t e plans for Class "Tenth Year Anniversary R e u n Among the Class of '62 members already hard at work trying to get plans ready for the Class Reunion area, Sanford Ross (Class President) high school coach, the former Francis Carr, class Vale dictorian presently a Pharmacist, at College Hill Pharmacy, Joseph Barr, Maas Bros. of. St. P e t e salesman, Wilbert Wilds and H. Person, among others. The meet ing is scheduled to get underway at 8 P.M. All former class mem bers are asked to attend. Those unable to attend may call .the Center between 8 arid 9 p.m for more information : .. TAMPAN A/IC ALBERT A. HARRIS JR. IS BACK AT PEASE AFB, NEW HAMPSHIRE follow ing few d ays visit here with rei atives friends and fiancee, Miss Edith M. Lewis. Albert Jr., one of Uncle Sam's "handsome'' Right On! youngmen of war 'n peace was seen off on his Whisperjet stand-by flight (including TWA and Delta) by Mrs. Ivery Parson Mrs. Annie L. Jaekson, Mrs. Mer cedes Harris and pretty little siY month old niece Keela Jones. And by the way, A/lC ltarris and hi' attractiV'e fiancee Miss Lewis, are s lated to make some nice newsy headlin es s ay arou n d May or June, when be'11 expecting be Ministers fellowship Hour Of Power The H our of Power began H o l y Week S ervic es Sunday night at the Peace Progresesive Baptist Church Rev. E A. Todd is t:Je pastor. A d y namic message was delivered by Rev. M. Muray, pas tor of Greater Friendship a n d Muray' s Gospel Chorus sang. This week services will continue at Holsey Temple C.M.E. Church located at 4729 15th St. Rev. W. R Jo},mson, Jr. is the pastor. The public is cordially invited to at tend Rev. L L Ward President. Rev E. Bently, Vice President. Allen Temple Choir No. 1 Mrs. lola McCloud, Pres. Mrs. Willie Horne, Reporter The No. 1 choir of Allen Temple AME Church of which Rev. H. McDonald Nelson is pastor, will have l.'ehearsal Wednesday night at lhe church at 8. The president is askin-g all members to please be presen t and on time. St. Matthew (hoir 1 Deacon Neal Goodman, Pres. Mrs. Georgia B. Campbell, Re)Jt. St. Matthew Choir No. 1 w i 11 have rehearsal Tuesday night at 7:30. All members are asked to be present and on time. St. Matthew Cirde No.1 St. Matthews Circle No. 1 will meet Thursday night at 8 at the home of Mrs. Penny Dawson, 2U4 East Bay St. All are asked to be prese.rt and on time. North Choir Tampa Union Deacon H. Martin, Pres. The North Tampa Choir Uniot. will have business meeting Wed nesday night at Springhill M.B. Church. All members are askea to be present. reassigned to MacDill AFB SEE YAU LATER --------------------Trinity CME Church 2401 No. Howard A\'e. Re\'. L. L. Ward, Pas&or :\Irs. Patricia Thompson, Reporter Sunday s services were very in spiring beg i n n ing with S u n d y School. de.-, !::m being conducted b y the supt.. Mrs. Johnny Mae Peak. The lesson was taught b y th e tea c hers. Morn i n g worship began at 11 a m. with Rev. Ward giving the call to worship The music by The Wardet t s. The pastor de livered a message that was so intense th a t it brought about te sti mania! s e rvice. At 5 p.m the church journevt:d to Plant City to be in service with the RE'v. L. E Sumes and galion of Grace C'hapel C M E dlUrch. The Wardetts sang and R e v Ward delivered another sermon At .8 o.m. the of power be gan Holy Week celebration at Peace Progres!':ive Baptist of which the Rev E. A Todd is nastor The services wil!. cnntinue throughout the week at Hols ey T"'nHJle CME .Church, located on l!itl, St ., beginning at 8 eadt nil!ht. Tuesdav (tonight) Miss Wigg s i s asking 1>1! missionary ladies to mert P':th h er at the 'It 8 n .n'l. night. The Go5-,..ol rhnru" will have rehoar<:JI 'l'l,nrs!'lav ninbt prayPr meetim! at 7:30 ; 'P.,"ival :>r"' in ..,roaress A ll 7 n 'T'orn..,Te ('1, .. .-.-l, 1f whi.-.'1 tho H. Mrn"naln son i<: na .o.tor. 'T'he nref!"h:,.,,., i!; ha. in<>: hv :Rev. W:Jrn. 'T'be nnh Ji.-in,iten t n Tho Mi,mL'T'::Jmna niot.-:.-t .f",. n wi.ll begin ATJril 5-7 nt Tri.,'tv. ThP. n11blic is inviter! tn attend regard!Pss of dennrnination. Let us not forget to pray for the sick and shutins. Sav e Time And Stamps ,hone Your News 248-1921 Immokalee Sund ay School b ega n at th e u s ual hour with the supt. and teachers at post at Allt'n Temple AME Churcl1 Women's Day was observed. Ladi es from th e community as well as from Naol e s serve d Rev S W. McKinney presiding elder delivered the evening St'r mon Rev. A P. M cCoy present e d R ev. McKinney Thursday night Rev. McCoy And members rendered service at Je rusalem M.B. Church of Ft. Myers. Rev. H Nichols. pastor. Mr and Mrs. Willard Adderley, Mr. 11nd Mrs Eugene Johnson, Mrs. A Daniels and Mrs. Brad! F y Powell went out of town to visit relatives. The following are on the sic k list : Deacon John Coley. Mrs Rose Hous ton, and Mrs Willie L e e Davis. Rev. H. Ni'chols, pastor, and Mrs. Mary Townsend rept. Lachoochee S.. S at Mt. Moriah Church was timely with the of ficers in eharge. The subject Ol the lesson was "One Body ) n Christ. The teachers took charge for 20 minutes. The pastor is ask ing all to meet at the church Sat. urday at 4 for business meeting. The Easter will pegin 2. The Easter Egg Hunt will -be .. held Monday at 5 at the church, Please have your children :tt-:ere by 4:30. Remember the sick : and shutins. Please have your money., ready when I deliver the' paPer. Rev. L. Waddell, Mrs. Daisy story, Agent and

PAGE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, March 28, 1972 : :' ,. '. .... i .. :. < .. \ ,_, stu E'''-' _.-':: ,:-'-,;. Ril48( ';-GOLDIE SEZ: .: .. .... ''iff)'.'/ .' .:: .. / ... \ 1431 E. 7th AVENUE DISCOUNT FOOD MART NEW STORE HOURS: Every Day & Sat. 8 A. M. to 7 P. M. : Fridays ......... 8 A.M. to 8 P. M Sundays -;-: 8 A. M to 12 Noon COME SEE COME SAVE Blue Ribbon's New Big_ )iscount Food Mcn:t PRICES GOOD WEDNES. MAR 29th THRU SUN. APRIL 2 SNOW WHITE GOLDEN FAT HOG CHITTERLINGS BAKING HENS Lb. 29c .10 Lb. Bucket $2.29 FREE STORE SIDE PARKING IN FRONT' AND REAR U.S.D.A. FRESH .FRYERS Lb. 2Sc FRESH LEAN BEEF HEARTS Lb. 49c VAC PAC STREAK O'LEAN Lb. 39c ALL LEAN TENDER JUICY CHUCK FILET STEAK I Lb. $1.39 TURKEY DRUMSTICKS Lb. 29c FRESH LEAN PORK MELTS Lb. 19c l! t SLICE D PORK LOINS Lb. 69c SWIFT'S PREMIUM Lb. 49c LEAN TENDER CHUCK STEAKS Lb. 79c TENDER JUICY POT ROAST Lb. 69c COPELAND'S P U R E P ORK SAUSAGE Lb. 69c JERGEN'S SOAP 1 Bath Bar 1 Qc GALA NAPKINS DIAMOND BOOK MJTCHE SAVE 7c Pkg. 10( NORTHERN TISSU 60 Count 1QC Roll 10( QUAKER. SAVE 12c BOX INSTANT CiRITS Reg. 37c 2 REHUZIT SAVE 20c AIR FRESHENER 7 oz. Can : LONG GRAIN EEL BECK RICE MEA I 24 OZ. PKG. 5 Lb. Bag 59c SAVE IGc PICNIC y R E N 0 MAYONNA Giant Box J9C Full Quart 4' DOWNY SAVE 26c FABRIC SOFTNER. Reg. sse 5 PARADICE PURE Strawberry Preserve 2 Jar SAVE 20c POTATO CHIPS Twin Pak 39C S TALEY'S SYRUP 12 OZ. BOTTLE 2 For 43C ALUMINUM FOIL Roll 1 9 SLENDER SU -ICE MIL H If Gal. 4 ',.




, PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. SeD. tinei-BuUetin P everv Tues. and Frf .. C Roth Editions Tuesday, March 28, 1972 Leto Senior High School I By Annetle Filer and Kim Walden JUl'iiOR OF THE" WEEK Handsome, sweet, crazy, and friendly, are just a few of the n1any words that can describe ()Ur Junior of the Week. He is none other than Charles Knighton. While having a 'chat with n1y ace, he listed some of his :favorite foods such as steak, French fries, c:ake; record, In the Rain .Most of the time you will find hfm with his main aces Ralph McCollough, Anthony Ed' wards, J o h n n y Lyouds, Sam :Brown, and many more. Among llis hobbies are. just jiving 11round and having a good time. Congratulations, Charles for _being .Junior of the Week. CET WELL WISHES The students at Leto would like to send .'a Get-Well wish to Monty Bostick. We wish you a epeedy recovery because the fellows and girls miss you. Hurry back! INFO Say Clifford Ulmer, there is a certain young man out to get your woman, you best hold on tight. By the way, Jackie Aldrige is known as Lady Devine. Ralph McCollough, heard that you change like the weather. Donna Ross heard that you had an unpleasant accident a few days ago. The Mighty Good and Strong 1eally turned out Hixon Saturday night. BIRTHDAY GREETINGS I would like to send a birthday greeting out to Dorothy Da venport who celebrated her natal day March 27th. .THOUGHT FOR TODAY To be young, gifted and black. .... Webb. ; Jr. High School I By .Gladys Debnam and Facunda Arenas SOUL SISTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT Nice, sweet, lovely friendlY. are foor out of 2,000 words that best ly. T he .funeral of Mrs Annie : Lue Smith, \Vife of the president of Lodge No. 68, Mr. Simuel Smith, will be held Thursday from l\lt. Zion M.B. Church of Auburndale. Mrs. N e n a Mae Burton wil !represent the assembly. The iuneral of Mr. Charlit Carnori::Jge, a member of \\ mte LOLtge .1\o. 11, w11l l.Jt heid Wednesday at 2 ftom Willion .Funeral Home Chapel, li'J.rs. Eura Lee Ad ams wtl..l 1eplcsen. the gtand assemoly. 'l'lle funeral arrange m en(s at\; incomplete for 1V1rs. 1lnna .t:luru, a memoer o f Lily White Lougt: No. lOJ of l<'t. Myet.:;. E\eiyn Canady will represent the grand assemu ly. Jc.Mnt{t..;El"CY FUND Every senior member should contribute to the Fund in the April report and i 1 injured in a car accident away from hi s or h e r home county anu te admitted to a hospital for two days or more we will donate $1vU from the Emergency Fund. 'l hi s is in addition to the regum. hosp.tal benefits. If his or her house that he or she owns or is buying burns substantially, we donate $100 from the }!;mergency Fund .. lf he or she i s killed in an accident anywhere, we donate $100 from the Bmet-g-enecy Fund, in addition to the regular buriai amount. If you don't pay this $1, when something happens, please don't ask for help. ANNUAL PARADE All Lily Whites are asked to participate in our annual parade which will start at 2 p.m. (present t ime). We plan to have five bands. The anniversary program will be h eld at 16th Street School and R e\' Y Benjamin Bruce, pastor Mt. Zion AME Church, Tampa will deliver the sermon. The mu sic will be proYided by Kew P.B. Choir of Tampa. FAMU Ciets $44,000 Cirant TALL:\.flASSEE -Florida A & !\f Cuiversity will rece:ve $U,OD( from the General Electric Foun dation for the 1972 Surrimer 1\lat hrmatics and Computer F e llow ship Institute for Teachers from Junior and Senior High School s t o be h e ld on campus June 26 August 4 The Foundation has already given the University $10. 000 of the money for plannin!' and will give the balance summer. WHITNEY YOUNG--bridgebetvveen blackaldWhite "Oreo cookie"? Or man of the people? ''Brother Whitney" spent a lifetime as the bridge between th.e black world-and the white money that can make thmgs better for millions of blacks. How did he begin? H?w did he do it? Here's the whole story. One of 44 art1c:lcs a:1d 01:/\nt:D features jn the ApriJ f"-l"'\L..fi;I'-'S DKA.:ST 2000 N North Dale Mahry = = Ct '71 FORD PINTO :a= 4-Speed radio, red with black interior. '=' $1498 =-t-1:'1':1 '70 FORD 3 GALAXIE 4-Door hardtop :C. V-8, auto. trans., radio, t:l:l heater, power steering, fac=:1 tory air. $1898 '70 OLDS DELTA N = = = t-Door hardtop, V-8 auto. hans., radio, heater, pow :z= er steering and brakes air, vinyl top. $2598 1:'1':1 '71 BUICK 3 RIVIERA G. S. V-S, auto. > trans., radio, heater pow =cl er steering and brakes, air :=1 vinyl top vinyl interior. : N = '69 CHEV. g Ii\IPALA Custom Coupe, V-8, auto. transmission, !"!= radio, heater, power siee ing and air. 1:'1':1 '67 PONTIAC 3 BONNEVILLE 2 D i1 o r :Z:. J 1ardtop V-81 aulio. trans., ta radio beater, power steer-== and brake s, factory N Ct Ct = "69 POITIAC EXECUTIVE 4-Domr V-8, :Z: auto. trans., radio, beat-er. power steering and br:akes. C f a ctory ah. Stereo tape deck. $: '71 BUICK = S KYLARK 2-Door < \ -8, auto. trailS. radio heater, power ste ering. $27AR g '69 CHRYSLER NEWPORT Custom V!l, :Z: auto. trans., radio, heater, power steering and brakes, 1:1 air, viuyl top. 3 '71 DATSUI :ZO. 240-Z Auto. trans., radio = heate r green with black < vin y l inte rior. J,on mile eage! .. Open 'Tilt P.M Q OPEN Q SATURDAY 'Til6 P.M.


1"-'GE FIFTEEN ;. -'-..: I : ... ';; -, r ; ,. r ... ') .,. ; I ,.' 4 i I'


PAGE SIXTEEN Tuesday, March 28, 1972 l RELATIVES AND FRIENDS AT JONES-HALL WEDDING Relatives and friends at the recent Jones-Hall wedding included, from l e ft, Dock Covington, Mr. and Mrs. Sharper Hall, parents of the bride; t'he Rev. A. Leon Lowry, pastor of Beulah Church, who officiated; and Mr. and Mrs. Sammie .Jones, parents of the groom. CHOIR MEMBERS AT REHEARSAL Members of Greater Mt. Moriah P. B. Church Choir No. 3 pictured at a recent rehearsal are, from left, Mrs. .Johnson, Mrs. Joyce Henderson and Mrs. Mable Riley. MEMBERS OF THE JONES-HALL WEDDING PARTY From left are Joe Jones, Elmore Vance, Angele and AI Gallmon, ushers at the JonesHall wedding. Linda Hall became the bride of Sam Jones, Jr. on .March 18. First Baptist Of Progress Church Village Rev. B. T. Williams, Pastor S.S. began at 9:30 with the Supt.. Dea. Beck in <'harg-e. Morning Setvice began at 11:00 "'ith the Male Chorus and the N o. t Usher Board serving. B.T.U. at. 5:00 with the dirert ot $, 1\lrs. Lydia and Dorothy Walkine in c h t u ge. Enning Servil-e began at 6 ::!0 ,..,ith the Male Chorus and the No. 2 Ushet Board strving. Rev. Williams delivered the Morning from Aorida Advertisers Buy Sentinel Gospel Mission Prayer Band Dea. Lonnie Simmons, Pres. 1\frs. Willie R. Williams, Rept. The Gospel 1\lission Prayer Band will meet Wednesdav at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Lula HarMn. 2lil6-28th Ave. Let us remember the sick and shut-ins. Yisitors are always welcome. ftnd Evening Rev. E\erett read the Scripture. The and motored to Winter Ha\en for 3 :00 Service. Mar<'h 29. Prayer ::'oleeting and Bible Study; Marc h 31 Busine:>s and March Junio r Dt>acon Board ::'oleeti.ng. SIC'K l.IST 1\fr,. Louise Williams. Eula Friendship Baptist Rev. Q, od Dt>xter, Pastor Mrs. 1\1. Lyons, Reporter S. S. was opened at 9 :45 with the Supt. in charge. All teachers were at their posts. The lesson was reviewed by the pastor. l\Iorning worship was h e ld at 11 with the deacons presiding. The 1\ o. 2 choit a nd senior u shers served. The pastor delivered the sermon. Evening service was held at 6:30 and the deacons again }'r esided over devotion. The same choir and ushers served. The pastor deli\ered the mess age Visit or;; are a'lways wt>lc ome. Pray ror the sick and )lc:\' eil and Mother Washington are at h o m e sid Okeechobee Bethel Missionary B a p tIs t Church was greatly inspired dur-. ing morning and evening services, March 19 by a spiritual devotion, meditating, and call to altar. The text was taken from St. Matthew 26:74-75; the subject, "The Rooster in the Plans of The Spirit 1an high, and one person was united to om; band. The sermon was complemented bY the lnspiritional Choii's beautiful singing. B.T.U. was held at 5:30 p.m., after which, evening services be-. g-an. The text for the. evening !Services was taken from St. Matthew 26:19-23; the subject, "What Will You Do With Jesus.'' The services, attendance and finance was throughout the day Our Pastor, .ltcv. Williams attended The Progressive State Convention throughout last week, and on Saturday, March 25, the Youth Choir, along with the di-ORCHID MODEL One of the attractive models in the "Fads and Fashions o! '72" sponsored by the Orchid C ub Sunday afternoon was Sarah rectors, organist, and -varioui, members, joined our pastor. Bethel wishes to remind every one of "Holy Week," beginning March 26, and ending April 2-, Easter Sunday: The theri1e: Th_ e Seven Words From The Cross," spoken by various ministers. Bethel cordially invites every. one to attend the "Holy Week''" Services, and all other worship services at our Church. Rev. J. H Williams is pastor of Bethel Baptist. SOMEBODY CARES AFTER ALL DETROIT Somebody cares after all abeut veterans who clon'l haye cash for college Norman (left ) Charles Sroka aatl .loyce Simmons are among 47 Viet !\"am era veterans using Ioan1 from a $5<000 Sational Bank of Detroit fund at Wayne Count y Community Collej!'f'. The NBD fund administered by WCCC. pr&Yide,; up to $200 In 90-day interes t-free loans for books and t u it i on. Yt>terans must be enrolled in college betore they can get up to $6,001 In GI Bill Educational Benefits.


Tuesday, March 28, 1972 2 DOOR 12.0 C FT TAPPAN Convenience by ihe kitchenful REFRIGERATOR JWel 15-1221 ..... laaad door Model 95-;.-1231 Lel1 laaml door FREEZE With Food At Yeur Finger Tips Ciives Your Kitchen Convenience This -TAPPAN .Refrigerater.,freezer Plus Ample Food Storage Space. 1. Separate egg 5iorage space in door Jets you ga 1hat egg for breakfast a eake mix in a jif fy. Holds a fnU dmcn eggs riglll ill-front. c;. Full-widtll crisper drawer is 11eamless for easy cleaning. Big enough to store a huge head of or a kmg stalk celery. Keeps vegetables crispy-fresh for days. 2. Sep.arate ktter compartment in the door for your co nvenience. Keeps up to a pound of butter just tlte way you want it-where you w.ant it. 7. Separate freCUII" at top holds up to 85 lbs. >Of fr1ozeri foods llP where you can &ee and reacb them easily. Full :2.5 cu. ft. .of storage space added con, venience of shelf In the door. 3 Big-c a .padty door 5heH lwlds lull-sized qn=. t bot Hell wiilh &pace to spare. Nice for the soft-drink t;cl.. 8. Shelve. in ;pS

PAGE EIGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions 1 Tuesday, March 28, 1972 -------------------------------Frazier With Eyes Bout Unknown 0:\IA:HA Ncb. Joe Frazier's next defense of his world heavyweight title will be agains t Ron Stande r a 28-ye ar-old slugger, on :\1ay 25 in Omaha, the cornhu ske r Boxiog Club is to announce within the next 2fo hours It is understood that the 15 r o und title fi;:'ht in the Corn hu sker arena will be carried on home television and that Fi'aziei." will receive 40 per cent or tha live gate plus a $150 000 guaran-' tee from television The TV will be hand led by TNS television network of New York Frazier kno-.:ked ont Terry Dan iels ip his last defens e of \'he t itle last Jan.l5 b!lf looked rusty following his long lol)g 'after the March; 1 97 1 fight ()( the century" \Vith MU!hammad Ali. Brazier is believed be c the ightwith Stander, il brawler from Council Bluffs, 'ln\va, to try to determine wheth er he has recovered from th$ .. long layoff and can finite plans for -retrirn b _out w;th .. (iives Hei\d' Basketbali Joti .. "';.= "'' ... -. TUC!:)ON, Ariz Fred-SnQ.W den, University of Michigan 1!ls, sistant coach, 'Was na-med fl) 'take over the University of Arizona's .sagging P.e j be9omes Ar-Izona's ,. WASHINGTON Football star, Hill (left) of the: Dalla II Busin 'ess at a Washington dinner J!., alutlng -Mr. head coach. ... '' Cowboys -is' s hown with 'former D 'epartment of Commerce -Secretary, Stans for his work in fostering programs and funds for. minority en' s n 0 w d e n's' appointment 'WI.IS St,anl_ (center) an' d Jo_ hn .Jenk_ ins, J?irector, Office of made by Da:Ve Strack,' new _.... ___ -,-______ .;_____::.;__ ______________ .,--_____________ ..:..,.. ___ .;_________ zona athletic direCtor a n d : a : ', : that we wouldn't get ail in." drop of from 1970. f o r mer Michigan basketba ll A .. .. 0 R .ACIN(i CAMPAIGNS Seat\ prices ranged from $10 to Principal ci'\SI,!alties were -Pedro h 1 : .':-$25. Rodriguez and Jc:i Siffert, bo t h 35, chosen F o. R'.N EW'. ... BLA' c K o R.'IVERS' .. ; 'j There were '16 auto racing Formula I Grand -Prix.;;;,.odyers. thre!)candidatesfor.thejob.The CHICAGO Though they have fared well in other major sports, blacks never have made it big in auto racing. John Mahler, a white driver of some nqie, plans 'to change the image. Mahler-and several top figures outside motorsports have formed Vanguard Racing, Inc., to develop black drivers-with an immediate goal of putting a black in the 33-car Indianapolis 500 starting up. Other basic goals jncluded the training of black mechaniqs, crew members and technicians. Mahler, fastest rookie qualifier in Indian apolis history he was bumped from the car in 1971 and didn't start-will be team manager for the operation. On Vanguard's board are Br!tt Owens, defensive halfback for the Washington Redskins; R. Sargent Shriver, forme r Peace Corps di r:edor; Paul Jackson, a Washing ton, D.C., contractor, : and. Richard Deutsch, board 'chairman a n d treasurer of J.Iarb,or Oil Corp., who will be jbe team'Stfponsor-. As Its first. effort, Vanguard hns picked Be .nny Scott, a black professor of psychology at Long Reach State College, to drive a McLaren formula car in the Sports Cat Club of America's Continental road racing circuit this year. Scott who has some experience in club racing will be assigned a new McLaren-Chevrolet. and the others think the experiE'nce Scott will gain will lead In di anapolis next year. Mahler also will work the C mtinental in a McLaren. and will drhe in some of the USAC Little Heights League The F o r e s t Heights Little I tagut' is meeting l<'nig-ht 11t Roland Park Elelllt'ntan SlhooL The manager is all plnyNs and interested fl' itnds to come out. The Little League team will pby their first game Satu_rrla)' afternoon. April 1. 1\Ir. Regmald Davi:s i:J the manager. championship events. He finished eighth in the Pocono 500 in Penn sylvania' last year. The economy must be picking up a bit-at least as far as_ auto racing is concerned. Paid attendance qf more than 100,000 for the Feb: 20 Daytona 500 was the largest in the 12-year history of NASCAR's "show-case" speedway. The 68,650 paid. at Ontario, CaL, for the March 5 Milier 500 was a 20 per cent gain over the best previous stock car showing at the $25 million facility. And the 42,500 that showed up for the March 12 Carolina 500 at Rickingham, N.C., also was a rec ord. Larry Hogan, executive vi c e pre_ sident of the scenic lllile lay out in the Southern Pines Pinehurst gold country, said; ''We were actually worried for awhile. AKA Regional : set :For Nashville Mar. 30 NASHVILLE-The 40th Annual) Southeastern Regional Conference of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., wiii be held here March 30-April 1 at the Sheraton Motor Inn. Alpha Psi Chapter at Tennessee State University Pi Chapter at Fisk University and Alpha Delta Omega, the alumni chapter here, will be hostesses Mrs. Ernestine Holloway of Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, Miss., southeastern re gional director, will preside at the sessions. Navy Hires Black Coach ANNAPOLIS. Md.-Terrance R. Lewis, former standout tackle at Southern University in B at o n Rouge. La .. has joined Coach Rick Forzano's Naval Academy footl1all coaching staff-the first blad ever named to it. Forzano and Lewis. a native o( Memphis, Tenn., will work with Elliott Uzelac, the Midshipmen s offensive lines coacfl. deaths last year seven in the died in racing' crashes in qthers were Long Beach State' s _Jerry Tarkanian and Northern United States. Th,at's an over-all Europe..: Illinois' Tom Jorgensen. -----,.. Open Daily 9-6 Friday Til 9 -4712 ARMENIA Open Daily ...... ; l (tORMERL Y I E. 'HILLSBOROUGH) 9 triday Til 9 879-1768 .;.,:.. ii > BOX SPRING-ANO_ -MATTRESS $34.50 both piOces UNBEATABLE ARGAIN PIECE .. ----. 7 : SOFA _BEtf$129 -GROUP 'Sofa Bed With Ma.tchmg Chair 2 End. Tables 2 Decorator Lamps Choice of Colors Cocktail Table UNCLAIMED FREIGHT To A Bigger And A '-. -WALNUT CONSOLit -' STEREO / Only $79.00 4-PC., MODERN WALNUT SET Complete $99.00 HAS Better MOVED Location WITH LARGER SELECTIONS AND PLENTY OF FREE STORE SIDE PARKING. UNCLAIMED FREIGHT WHER& YOUR ALWAYS FIND JUMBO BARGAINS --APPLIANCES -MATTRESSES -DINETTES PRICES. STEREOS --BOX SPRINGS AND -ETC. AT EQUALLY LOW


Tue day, March 28, 1972 Fla. S entinel -Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. -Get Bo t h Editions P i\GE Bo b Foster Can Snap Moore's Mark -::. BOB FOSTER MIAMI-When light-heavyweight pions in the history of the divlchampioh Bob Foster steps into sion, which came into being in the ring against WBA champion 1903, defended his title successVicente Paul Rondon for the un fully eight times before the Na disputed title on April 7 in the tiona! Boxing Association lifted Miami aeach Convention Hall, he his crown in 1961. The N. Y. State will: i,?e seeking to break Archie Commission also withdrew recogMoore's record for successful denition of Moore in Feb., 1962. fenses of the crown. Harold Johnson had won the NBA Moore, one of the greatest chamtitle by virtue of the ninth -round MATINEES Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 12:30 PM ... All Seats 50 .. Free Parking. Ike Williams Was Down, But Not Out ED J .-For the f our y ears he was lightweight c h a m pion of the world, Ike Williams saYored the good life. :.\lovie !;tars and bigtime gamblers were his friends. His suits came from the best New York tailors. Those were the ri c h years. The late '40s and early '50s. A decade later, Williams had sunk to the lowest period of his life. His wife h ad left him One of his daughters was dead. He had run through hundreds of thousands dollars of inYestments and owed money around town. He had a menial job and Jived in an $11-a-week room at the YMCA. Today at 48, Williams is working with high school drop{)Uts at a state residential center here, getting back on his feet and paying off his debts. Although he says there were "many bad guys in boxing" when ht! made his reputation, Williams blames himself for the disastrous turn in his life after he lost the lightweight title. "It was all tragic after I lost the title fight. It was. all down hill,'' he reca lled recently. A native of Brunswick, Ga : Williams grew up in Trenton, N. J., where he had his first amateui fight at 14. Hi!l debut as a professional took place March 15, 1940, when he stopped his opponent in the fourth round. He was not yet 17. A serious, poker-faced youth, Williams worked hard and he earned a r eputation as a fi ne boxer in a decade filled w i t h classy ringmen. In a 154-fight professional career that had stretched over 15 years. Williams won 60 bouts by kno ckouts and 65 by decisions. He was knocked Hitters & Missers Bowling League Teams Won-Lost Standing 7-Eleven Stores 4-0 751h-321. a Family Affair 0-4 6Ph-46i;2 Bop City Bar 1-3 61 -47 Hamilton Ins. Agy. 4-0 56 -52 Atlanta Life Ins : 3-1 54 -54 Bowers Barber Shop 1-3 52 .-56 Red Top Bar 0-4 37-71 Mitchell's Cleaners 3-1 35 73 High Game Women: Diane Ynung 190, Eldora Baker 181, Ora Brown 1.67. High Series Women: Eldora Baker 497, Diane Young 462, Ora Brown 451. High Game Men: Ervin Me Keever 203, Lonnie Williams 201, Robert Davis 198. ; High Series Men: Levi Smalls 552, Robert Davis 542, :Walter Johnson 526, Lonnie William$ 510, Thomas Davis 509. knockout of Jesse Bowdry in Miami Beach in 1961 and later de feated Doug Jones in Philadelphia to gain international recognition. Foster, perhaps the best puncher in the div\sion s history, won his title on May 24, 1968, with a picture punch fourth-round knock out over the late Dick Tiger It took Moore eight years to estab lish his record. Foster, an active champion, has tied him in less than four. ;RACING... 5th NIGHTLY EXCEPT SUNDAYS 8 P.M. MATINEES, MON., WED., SAT. 1:30 P.M. 110 MIHOIS DINE AT DERBY CLUB out only si x times, lost 18 other fights by deci sio ns and fought five draws. \\'illiam s to o k the lightw e i ght champion s hip from Bub :.\lunt g o m ery with a right to the j a w at :!:37 of the s ixth round in n schedu l e d 1 5 round bout at Philadelphi a on Au g. 4, 1947. For Williams, 1!1-18 was the apogee. He successfully defend ed his title three times to earn hoilOrs as Fighter of the Year. He bought land and a couple of apartment hou ses. Ike Williams was a celebrity, and h e liked t he glitter. He lik e d being on friendly terms with movie stars s u c h 11s Mickey Hooney, and having his choice of beautiful women. Then he was beaten in a match against Jimmy Carter in May, 1951. He lost three fights in a row. Instead of retiring, he kept on fighting. To und .erstand, you must know that after I lost the title I went bad, re a l bad. "What Joe Louis \varned me would happen, happened," Wil. Jiams re1hembers. I showed up at Joe's training camp in North Jersey with my girl friend on ) m y arm and Joe said, "You lost the < hampion s hip and now you are g-oing to l ose ev erything.'' \\'illiams' wif e, Vi1ginia, left him in 1953. He started running through his investments, ami re t alls somewhat mattcr-of-fn.:tly that after the Cadillac was go n e, after the mone y and glamor were gone, the girl left With his money nearly gone, Williams suffered a deep persona l loss. His daughter, Barbara, 10, die d of pneumonia. ''Ike's relationships with people in Trenton weren't so good, so !l lot of people who might have given him a hand wh e n he hit the skids, didn't,'' one acquaintance obs e r ve d In 1960, Williams took a job with the state that paid $37 a week. He moved into the Y where he jogged and exercised to keep in shape. Several years later he took a job as a guard at a state reformatory, and then signed on as a boxing instructor when the fed7 era! government opened a Corps center on what once was the Camp Kilmer Arn1y facility; .The state took over the center here when the Job Corps was abolished. CiRANT CiETS uP IN--TIME;. : KENTUCKY, ST WINS NAIA Scott is in his se<: ond season, and Erving, who passed up his fin a l year of eligibility at the University of Massachusetts to turn pro i s of course, in his first. "I've got two good things going for me," Bi anch i con tinued. "You don t have to be a g en ius to recogni ze that." Foreman's New Package Earl Foreman, the Washington attorney who owns the Squires, s ai d, "We used to have the most exc itin g team in pro basketball in Earl Monroe and Gus Johnson when I was with the Baltimore Bullets. Now we have the most exciting team here with Scott and Erving." Scott concedes an edge to Erving a s far as flair goes. _"I don t do the exciting things," said Scott. You go out and watch Julius Erving or Connie Hawkins 01; Earl Monroe and you're watching the excitables." "I find myself watching him," 1 emarked John Roche, a star 1ookie with the New York Nets. 'You know something crazy's c:oming up." "He's sorta sexy," said a good looking girl who got a look at Erving in a game in New York. "You can use all the adjectives you want about Erving,' salti. Johnny Kerr, the big redhead who buddied with Bianchi for a long time as a player and coach in the NBA; and is the administrative vice-president of the Squires. Kerr can't get enough of Erving. In a recent game at Scope, the new arena here, Scott and Erving were flying downcourt on the wings of a 3-on-2 fast break. Scott's shot slid acros s the back of the hoo.p, but Erving went high and put thte ball back where it belonged-in .the basket. "Happin ess, cried Kerr, nudg in g this reporter in the ribs, "i s having Scott on one si de of the basket and Erving on the other.'' At the AU-Star Game in Loui sv ille Kerr came out of his sea t and slapped Bian c hi on the back after one of Ervin g's maneuvers Eau Claire State played well enough on defense to whip Ken tucky State Saturday night in the NAIA basketball champion sh i p game at Kansas City, Mo. The Bluegolds from VJ'isconsln held Travis Grant to 39 points, his seasonal average, and out rebounded the thorobreds, 61-42. Kentucky State made only 37.9 p e r cent of its shots as a team. But Eau :claire lost the game when it lost its offensive poise in the last eight minutes. "We took a few poor shots that hurt us," Coach Ken Anderson admitted. "I think if we'd got ten the lead late in the game like they did, we've have turned the game around too : That's the kind of game it was Instead, Kentucky State w o n going away, 71-62, clinching its third consecutive NAIA title. Trailing by three to five points as the clock ticked away, the top-seeded Bluegolds began throw ing up shots from far out on the court. Then, Kentucky State cashed eight free throws in the last 2:27. The six-foot, eight-inch giant just couldn t be stopped when he had to be He scored 10 straight points midway through the second half taking the Thorobreds from a %-45 deficit to a 55-52 lead. Still, he hit only 14 of 41 field goal attempts,. but 8 of 19 in the second half. Stephen F. Austin outlasted Gardner Webb, 94-91, in the third place game. Kentucky State's third straig!Jt victory matched the string of Ten nessee State in 1957-58-59. The Thorobreds also avenged a 101-81 loss at Eau Claire in Decem-ber. "We should not have lost then," said Kentucky State Coli!ch Lucas Mitchell. "We weren't very good. But we got it together later.'' Grant finished his four year collegiate career with 4,045 points. He holds NAIA tournament rec ords for most points in a single game (60), one tournament (213) and career (518). He was voted the most valuable pla yer in the tournament for .the second straight year. TOOTHACHE RELIEVES PAIN FAST, EFFECT LASTS. USED BY MILLIONS. DON T SUFFER, GET .. a .rai .. ;,; trOIIuv-"' LADONNA Life and Advisor-Lucky Numbers-Advises On AU Affilrs of t A. M. TILL 9 P. M. 6503 NORTH FLORIDA AVENUE TAl\lPA


PAGE TWENTY Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frl Get Both Edition! Tuesday, March 28, t97Z N-Ew -NAI:-:-A-=H=E:-:-A=-n _..:..::.____:__:_...:..::...:..._ SPEEDY ROOKIE THOMAS A PANE TERROR ON BASES? By PHIL COLLIER YUMA, Ariz. -When Derr.ell Thomas .entered pro baseball l!MI!, ,.eople 'knew he was ambilioes because 'his toa, was to reach the majm-5 tM next -season Now, at 'Z1, the rookie second baseman is reaching for the moon. His newest goal is to brea'k the major league record .of L04 stolen bases set in 1962 by ills .Wal, l)()dge.r &bartstop M a 11 r y Wills "lt ... oLild -he to do it this y.f'ar," said ,in all seriousuess. "hut if I shoot for 105, 1 sb'3uld steal at least 40 or 50." Thomas has add!ld and excitement to tbe San D ie\'(o t<>.am this J:;pring. but the s!.x-foot. 100 pounder says he feels tremendoIS It's. !because of the Roberts trade)' he said : 1T.kri 'Fans The Padres displeased many of their f.ans last winter when they ... t. ... -for three players the custome!'s w .eren't acquainteD with-Thomas, Bill Greile .and leftbander Mark Schaeffer Roberts' 2.10 earned-run averap;e last se3 son was No. 2 in the 'Nation::1l League, btihind Tom Seaver, and was best among the cir:cuit1s left The Padres, desperate for speed and a tighrer infield, conside.!' c d Thomas the key player in the tran saeticm. DE'R:RELL THOMAS "That's why I feel the pressure,'' said Thomas, .,ho has been Pighlf impressive in spring "The Padres gave up a great I feel Hke have tn my !tnme in the books not J:lrkie Robinson's, as the first blark in the big leagltes, the firs t to hre:1k th P color barrier. I'd h3ve liked that." By only three months did Robinson beat Doby into the major 1eagues back in 1947. "Jackie joined the Dodgers in April that year. In August I broke in with Cleveland. Bill Veeck got me out of the Negro National League for $15,000 more than the Dodgers paid for Jackie. I was a bbzer, too, the first black ever to play in ..he Amer.i,:oan League, bllt even when 1 led the AL twice in home runs, I was the forgotten black,. Jackie was get ting all the notices. "I wasn't mad about that. I was just glad to play in the good ball parks and be in the big leagues. But I had my problems, too. I was on my own trying to battle all the prejudices, and 1 did the best I could. But the Dodg ers gave Jackie a black adviser to travel with him and tell him to cool it when they called him nig ger. Wendell Smith did a good job for Jackie." Doby said, "Make no I loved playing ball in the btg !cag, tes, bt!t in the hotels it ate my heart out a little bit. excluded me from the Del Prado in Chicago and the Jefferson in St. Louis where the ClevelanJ team 11tayed. The traveling sec to finci me 'a place with a nice colored family in t h o s e towns. ''In the hotels they did let me into. when the other guys went to their rooms two by two, there was no system for me. But I wasn't blaming the bovs Fellows lilre Jim Hegan and Earlv Wvrm and Bob Lemon and Joe Gordan and their wives were the sweetest people to me and my wife and we were in their houses and they wet't' in ours. .. On ttl.! way north from sprinJ EDDIE ROBINSON 'Grambling head football coach Eddie Robinson was elected as president of the--National Associa tion of Intercollegiate Athletics Tuesday for a one-year term in Kansa1 Cit_y. Ali Predi,ts KO In Five TOKYO -Muhammad Ali arrived in Tokyo Thursday .and predicted hfi! will knock out Mac Foster in five rounds. He also said he plans to learn karate and visit niain:Iand China. The former heavyweight cham pion of the world is scheduled to meet Foster, of Fresno, Calif., in a 15-round fight beginning at noon Saturday, April 1. It will be seen on closed-circuit television in the United States at 10 p.m., EST, Friday. March 31. "Since he talks jive, he's going down in five," Aii told a crowded' news conference when asked to predict the .outcome of the fight. "You'll see speed," Ali said. "You'll see class You'll see rhy thm, talent and the most beauti ful footwork. Before I leave I'll learn karate." Ali said he plans to leave April 3 for a trip to mainland China :at the invitation of "the government of Peking for meeting with gov ernment -officials." training, it could make you cry. I walked six miles to the park in .. Texarkana because no white cab would pick up a passenger in the black section where 1 was stay ing, and the only two black caos weren't working that day. At the train stations it was sometimes the same thing. I had to wait for a black cab to show up. Once I w.aited four hours on a station platform with all gear, alone.'' Daby said about the bigotry, "I the sauLlle:-P. best. At least you knew where thl"y stood. They hated you to your face The northern bigots were the sneaky ones. I learned to study people. I knew I wouldn't like AI SIMOI CREAL STUDIO 3305 E. North Bay TAMPA 238-1379 Be.emlaer Easier with A Plaoto We Specialize Ia WEDDIIGS PABTID BARQDETS FAMILY PARTIES IRDIYIDUAL PHOTOS IABY PHOTOS Manny Leaks, Floridians Fail To Reach Centrad Agreement MIAMI -In a negotiating maneuver perhaps unparalleled h audacity, suspended center Manny Leaks bas demanded of ihe Floridians a guaranteed salary AND the rights of a free agentwritten mto the same contract. "It's the mo

,. Tuesday, March 28, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tue s. and Frf. Get Both PAGE TWE N T Y O N E -----------r THRIFTY SHOPPERS O-SOUL CE TER SUPER JUST IH tiMt: FOR EASTER FROM THE LEA ER KET 352. 3 N. 22nd St.-FREE DELIVERY -247 -2031: WHITE BACON HAM SKINS OR 3 $l O O BAC.OI SK.INS Lbs. 3 99 -----. Lbs. ( FRESH FLA. NECK B .ONES : 3 Lbs. $1.29 FRESH FLA. RIB TIPS LEAN FRESH 3 Lbs. $1.45 GROUND BEEF -18110 STEAlS 3 Lbs. $1.39 u.. 99c PURE LARD 3 Lb. Box 99c RITZ .IllS JACK'S COOKIES .. 10 Cans $1.00 ) Bags $1.00 ALST. CORN FLAKES GOLDEN KEY MILK large Bex 29c 5 Cans $1.00 RIB STEAKS Lb. 99c END CIT PORI ClOPS 3 Lbs. $1.89 LA CBIAD.& TOMATO 8 Cans $1.00 O'SAQE PEACHES, 3 Cans $1.00 KRAFT MACARONI TOILET TISSUE IFFY 4 Boxes $1.00 10 RoDs $1.00 8 for $1. 0 DIXIE LILY BIJIE liLY GA. RED TOMATOES M EAL OR GRITS LONG G 1 E 5 Cans $1.00 5 Lbs. 69c 4 Lb. 19c HAWAIIAN PUNCH LYKES tRILl WITH BEANS AMERICAN BEAUTY BUTTER BEARS POTATOES 3 cans $1 00 3 cans $1 00 5 cans $1 00 10 lias. ARGO GREEN BEANS I BUSH RED BEAMS BAG APPLES LETTUCE &ELEBY 5 cans $100 I 5 cans $100 Bag 49c Rea 25' Stalk 25'


PACE TWENTY-TWO Funeral Notices <.:AMBRIDGE, MR. CHARLIE SR. -Funeral servi ces for Mr. Charlie Cambridge, :::lr., o f i:J/07 38th Avenue, who passe d away i n a loc a l hospi t a l will be held Wed n es day at 2:00 P. M at Wilson Funeral C h a p e l with Rev. Bern ard Milton Jones of,ficiating. In terment will be in Memorial Park C emetery. S urvi vors arc : wif e, M r s. Bertha Lee Cambl"id ge; a granddaughter, Miss Carmen Cambridge; a sister, Mrs. Albe r t a D av is ; 2 n e phews Mr. Eddie Wilson of Nashville, G c or gia and Mr. Dan Hunter of Sara sota; sisters-in-law M r s. ThJ ma Sweet and husband, Mr. Is aac Sweet 1\'lrs Herbie Fleming and husb a nd ; i\lr. Romie Fleming of Ft. Pi erce, Mrs. Esther Copeland of Nashville, Georgia and Mrs. Essie Turner and husband, Mr. Sam Turne r ; cousins, M r. Jos h Sample 'of St. Petersburg a n d Mrs. Gussie M Goodman and hus band, Mr. Neal Goodman, a nd other sorro w ing relatives and friends. A native of Dunnellon, Mr. Cambridge had lived here fot the past 54 years. He was a mem ber of Lily White SBA Lodge No. 11, Mrs. Ellen Woods Benjamin, !'resident. The remains will repose after 4:00 P.M today ( Tuesday). at Wilson Funeral C hatlel, until near funeral t ime Wednesday. "A WILSON SEKVICE." Memoriam T AM P A -In loving memory or Mr. William G. Feu who de parted this liCe to enter h l 1 eternal borne on March 28, 1970. D eath comes to us all but yours we can't forg e t with all the pre c Ious memories y ou left with us. Sadly missed by your wife, Essie Feu, family and friends. 1 '.'\:\ll'A -In lov ing memory ol our wHt, gnmdmothcr and grcat. grandmother. 1\lrs. Viola Reynolds who dc11arted this lil'e two ago l\lard1 :!7, 1970. Gone h .1t ncvtr forgolttn. missed : Eugcne Rt. nold s, hu s bllnd : Dorothy Thoma s. g randdaug hlt r Memoriam L.\KELi\1\'0-In our affect inn ale of the late Mrs. Gussie i\laf' W:llker who dE-partod M a rch :!8. 1970, but will always ht renu ;nbt red becausf! of her good LEE DAVIS RECEIVES HONORARY DOCTORATE FROM BETHUNE DAYTONA BEACH Lee Davis a Tampa businessman and a member of the Board of Trus t ees of Bcthuue-Cookmau Colle ge, is shown b ei ng vested with the Hood as be receives the Honorary d ee ds. But we know she is gotH.' where she is well pleased. Sadly missed by her hu sband, dau.,.hters sons a nd relatives. R e v. Willlam T. W all

March 1972 Fla. 5entinei-Bulletin Published nuy and Frt. Get Both Edrtiotd PACE TWL'ITY-THREE -------- BOSIRESS r EMPLOYMDIT I -------------------TRAINEES 1 VACANT LJ:\liTED OPENINGS for NURSES AJD};S CLERK TYPISTS I HAVE SEVERAL reconditioaed bemes in Progyess Vii-, !age. $50 dowa. CaD HAROLD MEDICAL RECEPTlONlSIS OpporhuJ.ity to earn while ia trainiag. Call CAREER Director. 229-8331. SHIRLEY' S FISH MARKET Hi ghway 579 & Pruitt Read J Next to tlte One Step 11111. I All T y pes 10f Seafood OYSTERS, SHRIMP, FRESH WATER CATFISH : i\iiULL.ET, SHEEPHEAD I DRUM TROUT *LIVE CRABS VETEBAIIS WE NOW HAVE a complete eomt setillg serviee te adVise you or your GJ hetlefits. wbe11 buying a Jlome Take abaatage er tlli\yfNl Repl"esentative. Dis e.over how easy it' is to sell CEMENT BLOCK 3 Bedrooms, Avon products to friendly peob th "14 500 FHA t pie. Call: Tampa St.. a s, 10 errns. Pete Clearwater t42-M56; POLICE PATROLMEN $7 ,493 $8,62 yearly. H/S gr:M, Age: 21-30 yn. Must meet lleight, weiJ:ht, and vision req.uinmeab. FIREFIGHTERS $6 770 -$i,621 a year. B/S grall. Age: 21 yn. llvst meet IK-ir;Jtl. weight, apd visio11 nqninmcnts. STEAM BOILER FIREMAN $5 304 -$6,489 a year. 2 ye ars exp. p lu s high pressure licen se BUS OPERATOR -S3.H an hour. H / S grad. plus 2 years c xp. and Fla. Chauf. lice asc. CE:liENT BLOCK 3! Jkftoems, 1 bath. $9,i81'. .At $zuo eqaity. Balance $".34. OR 51/4 percf:.t FlLOIE' HOUSE S BEDROOMS. Te.rms. BROKER 872-272! or 839-HZZ LlSTJNGS NEEDED. Save Time A1d Stamps Plaone Your News ERRORS .-\pply: Floor City Hall T.-\:\IPA CIVIl, SERVICE BOARD I Ad v e rt i s e r 5 are quested to check t he first appearance of ads for corrections. Tbi5 newspaper will be spons.ible for only one incorrect huertion. BUSINESS LEASES AVAILABLE AT PARK SHOPPING CEMTER NEBRASKA .\T SCO'n FO R REASONABLE RATES PBOl\"E: 229-1845 l i i I I I I I ANY ERROR SHOULD BE. -fi REPORTED :r.il-"; '. IMMEDIJ,\T\. Y .. 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Take f tllitr sen-ice toctay. [ I CALL HAROLD BAKER RE.<\LTY H8-Im 783! NO. 40TH ST. Fer Spiri..W Ama CALL Oil SEJIJ SIS. IUDLE! ,._237-11%1 J:tJO> It A'ftHI' 12M MARION! STREET RY!II P'JIO!\"E %%3-SSll f : NOW YOU CAN yo11r o'Wll r------------:: [ beautifur new l IMtckoom bome f, f.JT-BATE PLUMBING C for $200 down anlf as liUte alf set ... n mc __._,. $67 per moatll H FHA m! CaB, &Dft r1JiJ'& MARSON ENTEKPitiSES' JNC:.. Nt. T -TUBS 8i6-1063. '1011.:' SEATS $1.95 VACANT HAVE SE.VERAL NEWl-Y reeditioo.ed homes In PJ"ogresa Vii' lage, $50 !low. Call HAROLD BAKE' R REALTOR. Phone !ISS-1252. 7131: Nerlb Street ily room, enclesed garage. side-SINKS A. CABINETS WATEil HEATERS WASil BASINS, W .UL CABINETS 3m. E.. BROADWAY' PfiDN %G-Ull "0. au-. Is ltenfee" PlloHc! UNUS -t.ZilD: PI' CBSJ.EI Fueial ... ROGERS Fun$ral Home 4605 34th St. Phone or 258-0784.-LADY ATTENH \NT "WE Gf11E: mE BEST' POR t,ESS' walks and fuDy landscape-lots. CaU now. 6%1-:J471. HALLMARK CONSTRUCTION IAIL YOUR .J.D C()]\fPANY I I REliT OR BUY! LEASE OR HIBE! TEI.L OR SELL! : For all your Real Estak needs, and il you have any money problems and if you own your own properly (or eveD if you are making pay ments on your proper ly.) Call or see SAM C. I MJRTI-0 TORS, I 2018 E. 7th Avenue Phone 24&-6111 FOR REHT FOR RENT : i Clean Painted Houses Phone 251-1645 I i I I I I I f f I I I 20 or les5 wilt cest 1%:110 per edt:tfott aDd JOe eacli achti.tional wont. II yoa nHd help In y11or ad, "" t w find out llew mwll larter ads will NISt, Jut. can MISS REStTJI,TS" a& !>lS-19!1. Please enclose. ,VIMir or money Ot'der for eadt a4 ye wlsb to have publJshed. WRITE YOUR AD HERE Under what cbssi.fieati.CID l!floald we publfslt yeur acJT Your Name: I 0. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I o I 11111 I o o II I I I I I o II I I I ... 1 I I 1 ........ .. Your address: o o 11 o o I 1 o o II o 0 I I o o II I o II I I I I I I I 0 I II I 01 ott II O o ....... .Y OIL't Telephone Number: ....... u -................... Matt tlris form w it h yonr check or money order to: mE FLORIDA SENTINEL-BULLETIN, P. 0, Box 3:'!63, Tampa 331101 I


AGE TWENTY -FOUR Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fn. Get Both Editiont Tuesday, March 28, 197.! GOV. ASKEW CONGRATULATES 'OUTSTANDING HANDICAPPED CITIZEN' TALLAHASSEE Gov. Rcubin Asl\ew congratulates Willy Lucas honored Mar c h 21 in Tal l a h assee as the Out s t a nding Handic appe d Flori dian of th e Year" at the annual spring lunch eon of the Governor s Committee on E m)lloym ent of the Handi ca pped. 1\liss Lucas 23, who has bee n blind for five years, is an employee of Southern Bell In J\1 iami. She will r e)>resent Florid a in coni)letition for the Out s tanding Handicapped person of the Year' award. -FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF COi \IMERCE PHOTO. ---------------'-------FAMU -IN SlODE.NT E xc-"ANCiE WITH UNiVERSfrl OF 'FLO.RIDA struggle in the fifties and early sixties, began serving ye5terday (Monday,) a one < month sentence -. for failittg to report income tax. After. the month, Mr. nodriguez TALLAHASSEE Twenty University of Florida students, pa; ticipants in the Carnegie Cross Cultural Exchange Program, ar rived on the Florida A&M Uni. ,.., yersity eampus Tuesday for rollment at FAMU for the Spring quarter. beginning March 27. T)le students represent UF' s contrib J tion {o a program which is taneously sending 90 F AMU stu dents tn UF. The UF students began three d ays of planning and orientat 'o n Tuesda v night with a dinner in thP dining hall, where thf:'y Warren H Shirley, ass oci a te prof es sor and director of the c cu n seli ng center, tell them th e y w : r e c h arting a course." Ca lling the students pioneer s, Shi rley ch'll!enged them as indi v idua ls "To will one thing-one n ation under God with liberty and j nti c e for each individual This i s y our mission This is th e or" thing you must do." They l iste ned they ate and they ch a tted wit.h some 25 FAMU stu dents w h'> "didn't go home for th(! h r?ak." Smiles were on th eir fac es anrl thev seemed glad to be among P1low stude n t s from another tnre. And the FAMU student:; s eeme d glad, _too. Wednesday and Thursday the UF students will. take part in pre r egistration seminars. { will be on federal probation for two years. Tl:le purpose of -UF students com ing to F. AMU is t'o provide the opJ?Or.tunity for students to spend : an quarter. at F AMU to prepare them. selves for underst anding.and work' ing sensitively and with representatives of the black community. FAMU students who will attPrid UF are interested either in ex c ploring the possibility of graduate and professional careers or in further strengthening their backgrounds for graduate or profes sional study The Carnegie Program, first out lined by the t:arnegie Foundatian in 1!169, is directed by Elmer R. Tossie of the University of Florida. Associate director is Bernad S Smith of FAMU Patsy Trubow of the Univ ersity of Florida is as sist an t director. Other schools participating in th e program are Bethune-Cookman College Florida Memorial C ollege and Edward Waters College. Political Revue (Continued from page 4) of the American people Francisco A. Rodriguez, w h o did so much for blacks during the hard days of the civil rights It must have beim a funny ny left dozens (jf Easter .eggs on the Florida State U campus at Tallahassee. Campu'li police rounded up more than 100 eggs after they discovered the eggs were fill<:>ti with mari jujma. : I\ Fiorida's first sCientific Jewish population study revealed that Dade County is home to 187,000 Jewish people. The study showed that mOJ;e than 85 per cent of the Jews were born out of the county, and that nearly half of them have moved to Miami since 1960 About 40 black leaders of Pensa cola calling their organization ACTION '72 voted Saturday to challenge Gov. George Wallace's Florida delegation to the Demo presidential nominating convention unless blacks are in the group from the First Congressional Dis trict. One of the founders of the gronp told the meeting he had examined the list of prospective delegates from the district and could not find a black on it. Only one in the state has been definitely chosen-Norman Jones Another has declined to serve, claiming she was afraid of repercussions from the black community. LEAVE IT TO LARMON'S TO COME UP WITH GIGANTIC SAVINGS THAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS. BUNK BEDS PRICES START AT $89.95 i. Your cowboys and Indians are sure ta love this rough and rugged bunk bed set. ... de signed and inspired by early west. As sturdy a n d practical as ever these beds are crafted of selected hard woods and finished in ma)lle tone. Includes 2 beds guard rail and ladder. BIG .QU.IL T TOP BEDDING BUYS! Twin or full size. Mattress or box spring in long wearing floral quilt ticking. Med-,$39.?5 ium firm body support. :-. FANTASTic FAMJLY SIZE BUY! J >urable, worry free and gr'eat looking! $7. 9 95' 36x48-60"' table with plastic top 8 chairs. your HANKAMER ICARD here OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT 'TIL 8 P. M. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE FREE PARKING ON LOT IN REAR OF STORE .. ARMON 1324-30 E. Broadway PHON. E I 248.2557 l'


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