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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 25, no. 35 (April 15, 1972)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
April 15, 1972
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
1 773
t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Director 1 ,000 Summer Jobs For Tampa --------------------------..: .. .\ SEE STORY ON p ,\GE 1-\Ftoricl:rt ) !--! I I Sentinel I All The News -ll nre o I f 1 8 -: _< Fit To Print j i Advertisers Invite YOU AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY VOL. 25, NO. 35. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 1972 PRICE 15 CENTS. Police Impersonator Arrested SEE STORY ON PAGE !-T I SEE STORY ON PAGE 3-Rev. Lowry Attends Confab Here Friends had opportunity to chat briefly at the dose of the Frontiers banquet Friday evening at Young Jr. High School. Mrs. Cheryl P. Soriano, of Orlando, left, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard F, Pride; talks with CWO and Mrs. Kelley Bolden. Black Muslims Sla i d Black Group With $7 5 M illion Assests CHICAGO The Black Mus lims have become "the richest black organization of all time in total assets," with holdings esti mated at $75,000,000, reports a leading ,black monthly, Sepia Magazine. KArHY WILLIAMS IS 'MISS TEENAGE TAMPA' On Friday evening In the beautiful Gasparilla Room of Curti Hixon Convention Center, .Miss Kathy Willis, daughter of Mts. Kath erine Willis, was named "Miss Teen age Tampa" of 1972. The crown was relinquished by MiSs Gail Myers, wh01 reigned with dignity In 1971. The first runner-up was Miss Carrie Core. Misi Sharon Small was second, and Miss Maxine Larry was third. In a detailed analysis of t h e holdings of the Muslims, writer Ted Stewart lists all the manifoJd investments of the organization beaded bY. Elijah Muhammad and concludes rio-black group has ever "matched the remarkable record of the Black Muslims in amassing wealth." The Sepia article, in its May issue, includes photos of many of the buildings owned by the Muslims, including its big main headquarters, printing and cold storage plant and the new $4,000,000 Greek Orthodox church building just purchased in Chicago. Mam sources or revenue, ac cording to the Sepia article, are dues paid to the Muslim organization which requires "individual Muslims as part of their mem bership to give at least 10 per cent of their income," as well as sales of Muhammad Speaks, the Muslim weekly which clai"ms to have the highest circulation of any black newspaper, in excess of 500,000 weekly. "Every Muslim is assigned a sales quota of Muhammad Speaks, (Continued On Page 3) The Miss Teenage Tampa contest and dance Is sponsored an nually by Gamma Theta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha rority, Inc. This activity provides scholarship awards for deserving raduates and eommunlty services In many areas.


--ruotJ.Shed every Tuell. and Frt. Celt Both ----------------------------------------S-aturday, Aprft t!, 1972 Polke Impersonator landS In (ity Jail David--Callaway, ZJ, !lloout befug a When. questioo.ed aoout his reasons for a policeman, Callaway said he did it to impress Mnt. .Howard He was. then arrested a.nd sent to the City jail. CAPERS Burglaries Eightee n year old Robert Smith was arrested Tuesday after he broke into the home of WFHi-e f::0.1rdou, 2'2, S:lO K Third Avenue. SniJiitft is ac-cused ; of" taking-a. television set and a stereo easmte with two investigation revealed that the youth pried o,pen ttie front door to 'enter die hO'tf:!e for purposes o! burglari:Ling it. The speakers to the e-assette player we-re late-r Thefts A 1913 Chevy: was Tuesda.J' morning. from 13i3' 8 t h Avenu.e; police saW!. Samuel Alexander 41107 E. Leui-siana, said he had left his car on the: parking .lot and diaeovered that it was M'.ene at 4:30. 'Fh venide i& "Valued at $300 SNCK AIDS 'BLACK STIIKE:RS FRANKLIN, La. About 200 black,, led by Dr: Benjamin Spock: marcbr d 10 blocks: to the Cilurthoti.W here Saturday m an effort to breathe new 1Jff.-'iJl,tu a 35-day old rarbage "'tJricers.' strike. Some 65 garbage w or 1i: e r !' w alked .off their jobs: on MarclJ 6 a ll e r tt1e c i ty refused to ret:O!fnize the-Public Em!)!oyesUni:oo. as their omcial ing agent. Garbage piclrnps centinued in t..,.. tow11. with new emplGJes. IDOI!ItiJ white, replacinc the stribrs. sPoa-t.11c1 a CJOwd e1 llbo.lt :iet outside courthouse that 1A5 not m baad to promote Yi.lln-JC F1'11Dklin as the ole's Party candidate for presi,ient. of hi.; :1&-m.inute talk iealt with upositi..,., to the war in Vietnam. There wu... no incidents. BUStMFU LEASES A VIUI.ABLE AT TAMPA PAR SROPPDIG CEMTEB NERR.'\SK.<\ \ T S{'OTT FOR Spock .'s. said earlier that the sheriffs department received reports that the doctor' s would be in danger if be eame t& Franklin. Sheriff Chester :Baudoim denied. it. Rilaaalt tr.p Sdaoel Pllpi( Shot Fleeing Jax Policemen JACKSONVlLLE -A black Ribauh Senior High student was shot in the lee. Tuesd.,-as he. waa-pursued by police and & .ff'icen who saill the aDd eompzniou had robbed white st,udents. Of.f'ice Jaek AdaJM said the was Mt. wriousfy injun and was released to rustody of authorities after hospital treatment fo'i-hia wound. As a juveliiJe, 'his identity WR!I withhefcf.. The incident apparently wu isolated aDd not by a nnewal of radai violence whkh has forcerted at 9'-:30 the next day. wasn't detected until five Mo:nda y afternoon when tl'le teacher, Mrs. Joan Zimmer'man, went to the grocell'y store. Mrs. Zimmerma:n. said the only possibfe. time her waHet could have beEn stolen is when she went out of her dassroom for 3U minutes to take a C'fass to. physical education. The teacher &aid she had left a sixth grade girl in the room w;Jrfe she went out. .,_ Upoo, heing questioned, the gfrl tor 4 thle iuvestigablng that tJhree boys, 13-14 years old, had ill! wl'ti1e Mr' s Zimmelman was out. TI:Je girl said two uf the bo y s distracted her attelllti:on asking her about the p-arked near tliie wiiJJdiJ. w. While her back was turned the youth went mto !Jhe purse and took the waHet. In additrou to the money, several credit cards, and misceilaneous papers were taken. (overage Of Davis-Jriaf Draws-SAN JOSE, Cafif. -The judge in the .Augela Davis. trial Momday on: whetMr they &ad' rea-d abo-ut day iDe, of a Bfaek Panther hen Ia&t Wft.l:, then ins(rncled them te !01r1:et about it if they had. The qu-estiOBingea.me after hal!r a daJ" &f cham.'btrs-ses!-T9'fl!!l. jn which defense, attorneys. IIP, that news media of ambush of James Carr had mentioneil. Mr\111!' Davis. SoperiGr Ccmrt Judge Ridrard A rnaSffll asked !everal tiolltiJ to-detelmline if jurors hafl been afeeted by the stories. -'RE-STLESSNESS' AFTERM.l TH OF-PRISON FIGHT RAIFORD -Corre<.>'tit}ns officials reportel restlesseHe-ss at Raiford State Prisan Tuesday in the wake &f a racial melee Monday night that le f t 12 prison ers injured, thre e with serious stab wounds. "H. s tense-but theye-'s no problems," said Louie Wainwright, director of the Division of. Corrections. Hospitalized on the prison grounds fot treatment of seriOI!Il!l' stab wounds were fl)l,fillates A. L. Jac !crol'l atftf Arthur ChamMiss, beth black, a nd' William Lawrence, who is white. Jadb'iOIJ!l' smfered a: sta'b< wound that narrowly missed a kidney Lawrence was stabbed in the fo1 elil.s ultec fnnn a in c ide'I'IU in the f!Jel'i !me,. El'r a a hfack and white earlie r in .the day. wainwright said the }1ondaJ in cident y ;as of 1 surprise as there had b ee n verJ little-difficulty at F 'lorida Stat 'Prison between tlile races" re cemt1'y.. He said ther.e have bee n "serious problems" at road camfJ' prisons hG>.vever, with foul! white i -nmates an. d three white> g!Jards i'njured at Brooksville on' Ma1ch 10 when bla c k prisoners attacked the whites. 'l!w& 0rf the Richard atTrd Johnny, suf-. fel'ed skulL .t:r:;tetl!rPes. irr tht Bl-ou-ksvitl e i'ncident. Waimvright said: _';We' d Jik to, predi:ct ft{ s over" a t Raifoi b:utr by to J:re .censcious is always. a .po5s-irnility furth.e r devefop.ments. Civil Rights Parley Ends; PoliiKal Adin Stressetl HOUSTON -TheA. PhiliJ R.anool ph Institu-te e-nded a two 6'111y eora ferenceFrere this-wee) with a: rnajol'ity 0! ite roo Pllr ti,cipants committed to workinl fo1 &:ains for black: thrtHrg_n pol iitieal aetion. The-e-iivi'Ji rights to-sup.pori. ctHitiida.tt's wl11 the o ; Pnei'dHJt: Nixer.r. Over the tw:e-tlays:,. the pre a0!1'1' FnaHtJy 1,). [-aek pMri'ey ed the conce!}t f>f a separate blacl party, and ltdvoMtted', in stead a coalition of trade union .. ist11 memben of minoriW. groups. three motel room!. Van Pelt said Smnoy, he lri de-mand a pub-lic retractioR b Williams. RFD .FROIT GROCEIY & pae"AGESJOitE 38,11 29th St Cor. IaHaie Avenue Plaene 241-3733 .lEAD ms! BEAD THIS! BEAD THIS! ''Come Ia Early Get The Besr WE DELIYER. WE SFJ.L. AMEIUtU EXPBF.U-MGIIEY lUERS FULL LJNE OF CUPS, POTS PIE PANS, CAKE PAN'S, PtJDDING PANS It ETC. SHOP EARLY FOR THESE SPECULS FRESH TtJKKEY WINGS IlL 45c SMALl. B:\Jt B 0 SPARE lh. 79c 4 TO 6 LBS. FRESH BAKI:-JG HENS lb. 55c (:-.leve r Froze n ) EXTR. \ LARGE FRESH FRY E R S each 98c FRESH :\ECK BO:\ES 2 lbs. 59c TENDER LE .\N BEEF STEW Dt. SSe SMOKED NECK BONES lk. 45c :\LL :liEAT SUNNYLAND SMOKED SAUS, o\GE lit. 79c DIXIE CRYST :\L S UG.-\R With order 5 lb. hag 69c S :\101\ ED FOR YO CR. BE:\:\S -\:\'D GREE:\'S lb 45c FRESH SLICED PORK S T L\KS lb. 75c LARGE SliOKED HOCX5 lk 55c -CHINI---T_3_i.':".:,"; KlCIO I LEAS OX f o\lLS u.. 45c LARGE EGGS 1:-.1 CARTON Doz. ac S -'f :\LL PIG FEET lh. 39c FRES-H BLACK EYE PEAS, FRESH OKTL\. FRES H STRI:\G FR E S R S LICED BEEF LI\TR lh. 65c Specials Good Friday, Saturday and Monday, April 14, 15 8r 17 REASONABLE BATES SfttABT, QUALITY CLOTHING II JEWELBY OH EASY CREDIT, FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! PHONE: CLARK'S -DEAN'S -Kl BUDGET CLOTHIERS YBOR CITY ST. PETEllS Bl'RG


PAGE THREr. (Continued from Page I) v an ce regardless Qf wheth e r b e wh ich he h as to pay for in a d s ells the papers or n o t acco r d in g !o S epia magaz ine Th e r r quired numbe r each 1\-iusl im must buy is 200 a nd if the papers a r not sold, then the y are give1 away Sepia writ e r Ted Stewart l aud:; th e l\luslims for their w ise invest m en t polic i es and w r ites: "As ft clo sed blac k corporatio n in effec : alt h ough based on r el i gious b e lief s. t h e Bl ack Mus lim s wou lrt qu alify in bu s iness grow th wit th e fin es t of W all Street blue chips." ''Th e M us lim s b elie ve in mak in g m on ey work for them," con tinues the S e pia article, an d they make it work b est in th e i businesses, whic h invariabl y ar, profit a bly run One estimate i s that a nnu a l M u s lim inve .stm ent in ne w businesses e x c e e d $6,000,000. / PRESIDENT NIXON CONFERS WITH ANTI CHIEF Among Musilm holdings listed in Sepia are more than 50 mos ques, 25, 000 acres of farmland produc ing meat, grain, 'egg s and other farm products sold in Mus lim retail stores, a chain of Shabazz and Salaam restuarants, pro cessing plants and de livery trucks, a wide range of retail stores selling ev erything from bakery goods to clothil g, a $1,500,00 printing plant, cold stor a ge and warehouse buliding substantial real estate holdings and a foure ngine Super onstell ati9n plane which will be replaced by a big jet shortly. WA&HINGTON Phillip V. Sanchez, recently confirmed by the Senate as Director of the Office of Economic Opportun i ty, met with President Richard M. Nixon and George P. Schultz, of the Office of Management and Budget; on !\larch 30, to discuss progress of OEO programs for assisting the. nation' s poor and disadvantaged people. The president commeniled Sanchez for his demonstrated lead er ship in directing the affa,irs of the OEO. Mexican --American appointee of the Administration, reaffirmed the Presidept's desires to forge the OEO as. the edge" of socio-economic change by devclopmg and 1mplementmg new ways and methods for reducing poverty in this country. Director Pledges 1,000 Summer Jobs Area Youth In a m eeti ng in his executive office last week, Tampa Mayor Dick Greco announced h i s plans for summer jobs for youths. Mayor "ireco, County Commis' sioner Ray Campo, and Robert Bondi of the Hillsborough C ounty School Board, announced that Frank P Lynch general mana ge r of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company will be the director of the Summer Youth Jobs These three men are all members of the Tampa-HillsborClug h County Manpower Consortium, sponsor of the summer youth. job development program. Lynch s aid 'the goal of his vol unteer cominitee is to get commitments for 1 000 jobs fr o m businesses -manufacturers, retail firms, industries and financial institutions -by the time th e current school year ends, and to establish a referral service for young job applicants. Louis Jones, head of the c ity' s youth board, said the m a in referral office will be located at the Tampa Park: Plaza, Scott and Nebraska, satellite offices in Port Tampa, Sul_phur Springs and East Tampa. These offices w!ll operate for this particular pro gram under the auspices of the State Employment J}.gency. A major share of the job find ing be .taken on by the metro. politan office of the Natibrial Alliance of :Businessmen (NAB), Lynch said. Last year the NAB office referred more than 750 young people to job opportuniti e s The age group is from 16 -22 years old Lynch said the Neighborhood Youth Corps will continue its past efforts to fi!Jd jobs for young p e o ple at schools and other public institutions. Jones said over the years roughly 90 percent of these jobs are taken : b y black students. In outlining this year' s progra, n Lynch said a volunteer group of about '75 soli'citors will begin can vassing businessmen in the com. ing_ weeks to seek their help in provid ing commitments. REV. BENJAMIN LOWRY ATTENDS TAMPA CONVENTION Rev. Benjamin J Lowry, pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church in Brooklyn New York for over 50 years, was in Tampa last week a tte nding .the Baptist State General Conventidn at;...Beulah Bapt ist Church, pastorec!"' by his -eldest aon Rev. : A 'Leon Lowry. -Rev. Lowry began his preachIng career. when be was 31 years 9ld at Zion Baptist Church in Louisville Ga., the first capital o f the peac h s tate. He was licim sed in 1919 and was ordaiRed in 1921 a t Emmanuel Baptist Church in N ew H ave n C onnecticut under Rev. Ada!n Clay t on Powell, Sr. Over the years while living in Brooklyn, Rev. Lowry has served as moderator of. the Eastern Baptist Association for 12 years, mod erator of the Lord Institutional Baptist Association, member of the Inter-r:icial group for t w o years, member of the city wide Chaplinacy Commission and is currently a member of the board of trustees for the Brooklyn Public Library Rev. Lo w r y has an extensi ve educ ational background, having attended Hjl_lhouse H igh Sc hoo l New Haven; Yale University, and New York University "OEO must undertake new and positive research Initiatives In the. coming year if it is to fuifill its commitment to the poJr,'' said. He noted that the proposed OEO budget for fiscal year 1973 is $7-38.2 million, $43;8 million more than 1972. Sanchez revealed that some $12 million has been set aside from the op .erating budgets of OEO and several other federal agencies for funding economic development and social programs for first-time Spanish-speaking grantees. "By this action the Ad ministration .has OllCe again demonstrated its continuing concern for the Spanish-American community," he said. The funds arc to be released commencing April 15. Black Community Told, 'Assume Responsibility' BLACK NOMINATED FOR JACKS ONVILLE The blac k community has the power to he come an asset rather than a 'ia. bilit y to socie ty, say s Robert L. c Williams: president of West Jacksonville Community Develup-ment. C .o. Inc. "If first-class citizenship is to become. a reality for the Negro, he must assume the ,primary spons j bi!ity' fgr making it so, sai d Williams. Wiliiams spoke at George Wash ington Carver. Elementary School Saturday morning, after a motor c aae through west Jacksonville to emphasize black economic dev.el-. The .motorcade sought to stimulate enthusiasm for economic development of t h e community among the blacl!: residents, Wil Iiams. s aid. of the m.ost damaging ef fects. of past' segregation on the personality of the Negro," Williams. said, "maY well be that he has'-beeR viCtimized with the de lusion that others should be more concerned. than himself about hb citizenship rights." Willi a ins told more than 200 per sons who participated in the motorcade' that the civil rights movement. is over. "We must proceed to an ec onomic development movement," 'he said. West Jackson v ille Community. Development Company is no\'{ sponsoring a 'do" minority. econom i c deve l opment program. "We must not be satis fied wilh ci v il rights on paper. We must be: g i n to make the words on paper live I see opportunity, I see hope, I see a great nation and a great people. But by the same token I see work and the need for action in setting the course we on Page 24) The chur<;_h he pastors in Brook l y n was buil t in 1-951 and is valu_ed at 1 1/4 million dollars. Most of Rev. Lowry's leisure time is spent hunting, fishing and He has been around the world three times and visits Tampa at least once a year. Rev. Lowry 81 attributes his youthful appearance to clean liv ing. In addition to his rrlinister son, he is the father o f two others, Benjamin Jr., a mortician, and Leonard W ., a musician. Both live in B rooklyn --COUNTY SCHOOL POSITION W C. Jr,hns on, of. the late Virgil Choo" Johnson, famed football coach at Lincoln Memorial High School in Palmetto, has becoJile the first black in the cot:nty to' be nominated to run for Dean's Chairmanship in Hillsborough County. In order to be elected to the one year post, Johnson will have to get a majority of votes from all of the dea' ns in the county. A s chairman of the 'deans ,Johnson said he will im1plement. all new changes "the Dean's W. C. JOHNSON First. black nominee C ouncil I have r ecog nized a communications gap between the black students and the deans of various hi g h schools," he said' This, Joh!'lson intends to I.ook into. C.omiqg fr6 m a Palmetto fam ily o 17, J ohnscn in coaching and teaching positions for 22 years. He was a teac.her in-two South Carolina Schools a r.d a coa0h at Spauldin] Hi'kh School in Lama-r, S. C., coac. h al)d assistant principal at Rqosevelt High Sc hool in Panama City, a classroom\ teacher at rampa's !Blake :{-Ugh and is presently assigned to Brandon High School, serving as a Dean of :(l01ys. Mr. .Johnsen atu;nded .South Carolina State Coiiege bm:g, received a BS degree ill Health and Phys-ical Education .. A master's degree was from Fl-orida A and M University-and he is no,v takoiog courses the master's degree. Johnson resides' in Seffner with his wife ; Rozie, a teacher at Wilbanks Sc-hool. They are parents of two daughters, both. attending college. In the community, J o h n so n is a member of 'First M. B. Church of Seffner where he is a deacon and serves as financial secretary. ,He: s also ; a ,mem-_ ber o f tile Selective : Service Board No. 121 .Alpha Phi Alph a Fraternity, and a member of Masonic Lodge .. Nixon. Na.mes First Black To FCC WASHINGTO N President Nixon Wedne.sday names Ben. jamin L. Hooks, a M 'emphis attorney and Ba:ptist minister, as the first black man on the Federal Communicatiooo Commission Subject to Senate confirmation, Hooks will serve a seven-year term on the commi'sion which regulates rad)o, television, tele p;hone and other communications industries. Hook s described as a political independent, was chosen. to succeed Robert T. Bartley, a Democrat. The act which established the comm issicn in 1 934, requires it to' be bipartis-an with no more than four of the seven members. from one political party .. Hook's, 47, is a boar:d member of the Soullhern Christian Leadership and a life member of the ... A graduate of Le Moyne Col, Jege in Syracuse, N Y., and D e Paul University Law School in Chicago, Hooks has been a practicing attor ney since 1949. He is also pastor of the Middle Baptist Church in Memphis. He is a former assistant public defender and criminal court in Shelby County, Tenn.


, rAG: fOtJa Rublished eve.y TaeadaJ IIDil F.ritfa.y Seatimel! 1'a.m!11iJR Jl'.ai!ldin r lsbfte Co., 2201 'Iwnty Yms* AftDue-,. fampa, Florida :t3001 &. BLYTB tt.....r-a..t PuWilhel!' C'. aLYTI& Al'IMEWS, J -11:,. senti .. J=dft.' JOIDIS it Q. at t!wy are speah:mg for nearly 400,000 members I. mon fran 1,500 localities thi'OD.,_.., the fifty states, and not for just Jwurelful of peeple in. a iale Rn.h'borheod. We woufd be tfre fir.tt to admit durt the voi'ce ol the NAACP if! not afways tile and also not. very viable in Tampa In recet yean. Buf ills v oice i fwys: one of t'e ....,.. ed. TIUs respect is accerded not only to I e atlel-s of the A.socaaiion, bu* also to the membenhip which provides the life blood of fhe ol"ganrzation. BTuck s iu fhis area mus-t remember that the ihe NAACP emrolls the fhe organn.atran will be in fmance:t-, in provams and in mf uence. We urge you to join today! War Goes On President stiU-sf'crf't plmt to get the U. !. cut of Vietnam with honilr has nc t materialized. The U. S.. having quit the -fn-is peace talks in a huff, now NAACP SHOULBWT R GAIIfST BI.A f!AifBIBATE CITY -I lhft, i& Je, pci fG-Mrs. Fannie M. Lewis, who warrtlnnerup in the recent-.ella! &11: 'City. ClllhliiJii'IJI!ironr in a field of' si.x candi-"' / ti&tes: The NAACP chaplfep !l'e11eo wouldmt. ett lfo:Dse MB because> one ()f; tlreir leadm said, she lilave C'eme 1: them. first for an eirdonetnel\t. Mr.r. Lew.fs got Z43 voteS' and the -wfnner 371 votes I. 'a. riaerilber of the NAACP aacil think. it's !lime om the City-COlilllmi911ion, repnttes. al wi!Jeth that -pel'S(Jrr, is> a man mr w001an; lft" wfrether they--had the endorsement of tfre NAAOP'. :Mi:s. Lewis is an outstaud.i.ng peFson and i& always' invol-ved> im-other.uell9iie'. Sire n. taken imsults-ouv :I:fAM:P' mfeaue they appear to have wanted to tau the-credit for' gettinghe!!' elected. Wllren are our people gohtg. t6 wall UJl'?' When are they. gl'ling t:a st&p. envyin g tl!leir own people? &meone-to-stand up' for u r peepie TYrat:-peson ean be Mrs, LeWilf if tliey wm1Jd. wo to tlie poH's-on Tues day.,. Apt:it I8tb and v ote for ller. Let's st1clt toce-thet" for a change Vote!. }las. EDITH BROWN f J:S< E W anea-Sueei j Mt. Moriah PB Rev. A. L. BnWD, PasMilS-Slletria Wilialn, S. wrlf begjn at with tlle supt, Dea. R. B Atfen in' c'l'rarge. Tire lesson wjll be. reYiewea by the pa-stor_ Morning will be c-ondtrcted at II wiB-tr11e deacons in charge of deTotfun The No Z choir anos witt mttt Sunday a!ter church. Praya" meeting e1ery Tacsday night. Teacllers Wednesday night. The Layman will liiE'E't Sundav at All membeu are aske his pushers; ti, ghtl .. baei tlre-streets sel !Di:lllg tlile s t uff : Busting the' pus her is p-art of the answer, bu-it is a we IJlL !mown fact that where there iS' a demand 3Qllo Se11\til!6 there will be a su"l[;er_ 'FbJ-s. SUilllpl!iJs does not WW< k1!11.ti of scl1s (i-.e. heroin and 1a;eetl-wtth -!ttl'ycll nrine):, and the E>mg. K,Ha;g usua-11iy the-bad. stuff tb,j; caw killl the-l!ISCW j.Illl;& the g;lretto We have seen numeroos. raids on-pusJtGrter Last bega -w. with: S.S. Mr Chyde .'\ i!leF! pres-ided. Mr. Bell'N'Y' Fa:voTs revi-ewed the' The class retained the 0y-wer-e Choir a ad' usherlt No. 1. The women o-:d the' chmreh 11'1'1! pla:ns for the: a.nl1tHz:i W0lllell s day service to h e hehil Juneo 11. Mesdame:l l\L of 5t. John will meet Monday evening at 6 at the home at Mrs Graee Gammon, If!ZT Seott St The lesson hy one of the members. The subject of the How To Disco ver Oppcrturries For Mrnistring," J::mes 2 :15-17 ve rThe last meeting was held at the ho me of :\[rs Loaise Hixon I02Q' Scott Street. Antioch Baptist Church 200% I:J&It Rev. :\lett2& Heath, PastOT The Holy Phl"p'hcteers of Bartow win rend-er ;r program Son:: night :!t 8 a t the c-lrurrh_ TI!e H eaYcnly Trump!'ts of Tampa will appear o n prcgraru. Come an.J wit h U'S. h('}OWm '!f re:Iatedl tG d'rug ad ng; otfre:rr Ctml worxftrg' t01 dtevefQp a comprehensive drug aouse program fo r Hillsborough. County Thi's p1. munitiy-at.-l;a'!rge-ill the ef1iOJ;ts, f<>F tJhrlis C!l'HnJilftelteml&ved-rl!lg i-s ess-ential. Tffl!: totat. e'Ornm11!liltitby has to-be l'I'OO!re &bout. illegal-use of drugs and its 6lf, a.s-a. wlwle-. Tru -eon c errt bQ-s t& g,er:rratec a. 9'01!\Jiltwn ca& m .ake use:Bw a:md Ji)lled>ootlhve pie: 01:1-t of hlre-dmug-a.i 1il'ict. And, rem. e-rnber,-tl:!e-lJitfie--yeu sa:v4t ma. y be ) < 0-l:l!f Allen lellp(e-AME .-Scftft sum. Rev. H. P 'asto. Miss: Belllahl TJ!re> offi'tteJrs< a:mi me-m:bers aEe grateful te> L K!miey ftll!-tl!re way he-i's-file cliu -rcf.r in Iii* a;l!J'lfem.-r at 1ll:re: t&r: wfto is; !It St:. J!a-sepjil. We are bli!m a rec&V'ery S&Jida,y is r:iliDy Tills Su ;mf.b.y,. S '5.-whlil! l!re-gia at 9' :30 wiibl'f Mn. illl Sft, a asJriJSg alll tie M preHJJt aDIG eo lliltJH-_ at ne Mf. r eJtcM'r a.n ushers-w;i;]l] sel'V41!. At -t, a : wHl JJe Tt6d Alii m e .. bers are mvolrv-ed. AY already kllMJ -ma-t t. u. Ae....., ties-remam tille usr. Tl!D!R wa tt be:rntifW. at .._ trict last week ill P1rfmetto. tiM-Sd a-nG-!hut-ms-. Bethune Prof Is ura. le-fellow DAYTONA BEACH -A CollP istr:r Jiras '&een a&: eepted as a 1972 National Urban League felr-a-t Oak Ridge Nation11l Lab4Jratery in Tennenee. Dr. Bethsne wJll HTvt-as a research participant in. the phys-ics dm!rioR. !or about tb:rei! mouths. beginning:_ on or a hout 19112. The Alabama native bas been employed at since He received the B.S. Degree from the versily of Alabama anrl the aarl p\_D_ from the l:ni\ers ity 'lf Flori

r __ s_at_u_r_dA_y_,_A_p_n_i1_15_,_1_97_2 __ ..., ___ F_l_a_. Senti __ n_e_I-_B_ull_e_tin_P_ub_ l_is _b_d_eve __ l'Y:.__T_ve. __ an_d_F_n_ ._._Gelt:...:...:._B:_::_&t4t:........._E =tfi::..=ti.=..:" FJVI Views Of Progress Village By lB.A LEE EHHJS Plume 677-1310 Birthda y greetings to M as t e r Derric.k Haywoo d who wi ll ce lebrate his 8th natal day on Saturday, April 15. Derrick, a iieco n d grader at Rus kin Elementary School is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H L ( Wilma > Hayv.qK>d, 5406 B 7tb Str.eet. The Progr{!ss Village L ittl e League will sponsor a T ecord hop on Saturday, A{n'il 15, 8:00 -12:00 p. m at the Progress Vill-ag-e Civic Center. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Eddie (1'hehn.a ) Ray of Bahia who will oelebrate their wedciing anniversary on Friday, April 114 (today). H{-)pes are for rn,an,y mer-e years of ktg-et'berneiis for the Rays. Mrs. Woods will present her music students in llbeir second piano recital on Sunday April 30, 3 :00 p...m. at Fil'St Baptist Church of Progress V illage. T he Progress Village Civic Coun cil will have monthly meeting on Monday, April 17, 8:00 p m at lhe Civic Cente r All villag{!rs are ur ged to supj}Ort the coun cil. Mr. James 0 Simmons is p! 'esident. The PTogr-ess Village Little League will have opening oel emorrie s on Saturday, April 15, begi-nl1'ing at 11:00 a m. Sponsorship certi ficates will be awanded. Games will fellow. Let's ge.t out to the p.ark and give our Little Leaguer.s a big boost. Get well wishes to Miss D ian e Thompkins who is confined tG St. Joseph Hospi tal. Diane d augh ter of 11.r. and Mrs C h a r 1 i e T hompkins, 4912 f!2nd 'Street un derwent minor su-rgery on Thursday LA .SECUnDA tENTBAL BAKERY THE BEST CUBAN .BREAD CAKES PASTRIES titlt STREET 1\NI} liith AYENUE St. AM lte-1' 'f. J .f.aD41bs, .Mrs Ella M. Repockr senices begin with S undav school a1 the tlSu al hour w ith 'the supt .. Bro. Hayes. in charge. All teachers and other officers are expe cted a t t heir post. Morning service will begin at 11 with the pastor .in charge. The pastor will also deli v.er the messa,ge and the choir '8J'ld ushers will s erve. At 3 -p.m. Elder A. ]}. Burton, presiding eld e r will !be in charge of the serw ioe. At :! ::iO :a musica1 i)ill"garam will be be ld a t the churoh. Some p:articipants l!l1e illhe Singers and earners Corner. Rev. C. Ba!dwkl will bring tlhe message. Remember l o visit '8J'ld ,pray f.Gr the sick anrl shut-ins ev.ecywher.e. Ycou are invited to worship here at an y time. CarverneHes '!rul-e Gos})el CaN' -et10eties will render .a p-rogram. Sunday night at 7:'30 at Greater FriendShip M. B Church Rev. M. M. Mur.ray. p atsor. D eacon Lorurie -MiHs i s spolilsor. Other: groups l!l1d t he t>UblJ..c are mvitecl.. Mrs. Willie Mae Moton, manager and Mr s. Shirl ey Ann Harris, reporter_ The Sunalay School lesson By BEY. A. LE8Jf LOWBY P.-\Sl'OR BEUL:\B .BAPTIST CliUROJ ORCUIZED nB MISSION Acts i:l-'i; Ephesians 4 : 1!1-!l' ; 1 'l'im.DUar 1 There are many people wh o fed that tJ1e l'hm'Ch is over o r g-anized, that the 01-ganiz.atiou has beN>Illf more C'OllCe.t'I!Sd a.kout itself than it is ahout persons. 1 wauJd have to llgl'ee that in s.ome insbme e.s we lU'e more org-anization than "'-'.e are pers(}n conscious. On the other hand 1 think we need diin the -church as long .as tiris 1ib.e needs -af the people. ln the b eginnng the.t'e was no bigltly chtmcb. Jesas .did ilBt 11ave the kind of el'e striving tQ concentrate on the W oro of Goo -and prayer f(i}lllild timt their ]}edod of cencentrati' e .come e -au1e .of tlbe poor pve riM to a sharing 'e many i!ll the uo,der.n church and each of these there is or .are pe1sons with -oerttai n e>.'J)er.tise. But 11lle end reISU1t is for the building in many directior::s .at one time, there would be no synchronizing -of our -work. there woul4 be no unity -or togetherness itt -our effort to serve God. A t first blush it might aeem that with all of the urganizatiens in the church we would be working at eross purposes, but when it is .aU 'Seen in proper perspective we see t,he role plan fitting together. The purpose of 'the i-n the world is :to br;i.ng men -aDd '11\romen, bo y s and girls to Christ It does this til rough its various areas of .responsibilities. 'Each and every laborer, every ..worker does his own .job, but in end it is all fo.r the stated purport& -of bringing men and w.omen, -boys and girls t o C.hri9t. This is called the unity -of the faith, the togetherness of 'the body of Christ. It bring>s usback to the analogy used 'b y Paul in an earlie r lesso n as talked about the body of Christ being one. As one body in christ aU -parts of the body ]}Ull -W-1 gether and b y so doing serve -the purpose for which C h rist called us We need and. want all who 1ue a part ef .thebody to u s e whatever talenta they possess i.n helping to improve the c hurch_ Pleasant (ha,el AM Rev_ A. W. Lybrand, Pastor Sunday School bE.gan a t 9 : 4S with M r J W. Rittman, Supt. i n charge. The lessoo ,was re-viewed b y the pa!>tor. Morning .Servi ce began at ll .o'clock wiilb cbotf' No. 2 ser ving. A wonderful message was vered by the .pastor Rev. A W. l...ybra nd Visitors were Mr Wril lie Arbbur Haywood, Louisiana 11nd Mr. 'Davis Tampa. Evening Service began at :a o'clock with Oboir No. 2 ,;eor illc. 1, An impressive sermon was .4eli:vered by the Assistant PalitM, 'Rev. W. D. Shipp. :.. United MB (hrch 4303 E. Benry At-e. ;! ltev. W. Ho_pkins, ;:: Mrs. J. Morris, Sunday School was called t& order at tile time witla the Supt. in charge. A ,spirtuai devotion was held b y Dea. Scott. The spirit ran big h The putoc' delivered a soul atirnng mess-age. Evening service began at 6. Another fine sermon was d eli vered b y the pastor Prayer meetin g every WedrJ, es day. We had 'lne joiner.


' PAGE SIX Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every :rues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Saturday, April tS, 1972 FRONTIERS AND GUESTS ENJOY ANNUAL BANQUET Frontiers .members Atty. Warren H. Dawson, left, and Robert Gilder, right, are pictured at the banquet Friday evening with, from left, M i s s C::eleste Hurst of New York City, Atty. Dawson's niece; Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Gilder. The speaker was Dr. John A. Middleton, President, Morril Brown College, Atlanta. GUESTS AT evening. This was the organization's twelfth annual affair. Mr. and Mrs. Andre White are pidured at the Frontiers Banquet at Young Jr. High School Friday WINNER Notes From Tampa Lodges WEST HYDE PARK LODGE NO. 327 F&AM is meeting at 8 P.M. Monday at the Odd Fellows Hall, Central and Scott. SAPPHIRE CHAPTER NO. 75 0. E. S. gave boxes of food to the Sirmons Family, who lost possessions in a fire. Members contributing were Mrs. Nancy Williams, Mrs. Bernice Hopkins, Mrs. Mildred Stewart, Mrs. Lillie Aikens, Mrs. Bernice Barnett, Mrs. Gloria Smith. Mrs Joyce Simmons Mrs. Patricia Doby, Mrs Winifred Whigham, Mrs. Floranita Goins, Mrs. Georgia Hilliard, Mrs. Doris Hilliard, Mrs Ethel Jones, Mrs. Reatha Williams, Mrs Alma Spencer, and Mrs. Geraldine SpeCial were also-received from Mr. and Mrs. Joe M1dulla and fam1ly _.., ...... ..... ---------St. Paul AME Church 504 Hurrison Street RfV. F. C. Santhez, Pastor Mrs. C. H. Martin, Rl'porter St: Paul will welcome pastor Sanl'h<'z back to his post of duty Sundny after spending the portion of thl' week visiting the con!l'rence of the 16th Epislo-pnl District in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and Kingston, Jamaica with the Wayman C. Bakely, prelate of the 11th und 16th districts. He will return in time for Sunday servil'es. The Pulpit Aid board will hold their April meeting in the lower unit of the churl'h, Sunday at 5. All members are asked t<' lie present. 1\lrs. C. Martin is presitllnt. The Young Women of Allen will also hold their at 4 as announl'eti by the president, Mrs. Ella Johnson. Remember the sick and shut-ins everywhere. i\lichael :\-lurray. son of Mr. and :\Irs. Abraham :\lurray, was the winner in the baby contest spon sored by Holsey Temple C. ::\1. E. Church. He was sponsored by :\Irs. Dorothy Bowden -Martin Circle No. 1 Has 5th Anniversary Affair The Martin Circle No. 1 of Greater Bethel Baptis t Church held its fifth anniversary observance Sunday at the home of the president, Mrs. Lucile Scrivens; 3620 25th A venue. One of the proudes t persons attending was Mrs Alice Carter of 729 2nd Avenue. It w a s Mrs. Carter who organizea the group, and she has bel'!n a vital part of its five-year growth The guest list included the pastor, Rev. J. L. Overstreet and his family, Mrs. Nancy Anderaon, Mrs. Mamie Brown, Mrs. "I'helma. Morrow, Miss Wanda Jo Carter, Ronney Byrd, Rodney Byrd, Mrs. Mattie Durham, Mrs. Oliver Harris, Mrs. Marie Me. Ivery, John Jackson, Mrs. Bertha Britt, Mrs. Leola Smith, Mrs. Minnie Wharton, Darvid Scrivens; Mrs. Alice Williams, Mrs. Mary Dukes, Mrs. Barbara Show, ,vho is the reporter, Mrs. Rudine Harrell, Melissa Shaw, Mrs. Jenny Simpkins, Mrs. Jodie Ja..,kRon, Mrs. Irene Kemp, Mrs MRS. ALICE CARTER organizer Bertha Fennix, Mrs. -Betty Baker, Mrs. Aquilla Lawton and Mr. and Mrs. John Williams. Mrs. Evangeline Best Heads Charmettes Pledge Club The pledge club of the local chapter of CharJ!leltes, Inc. has elected Mrs. Eangeline Best as' their chairman. Their motto is "Charm is the essence of a woman's power Other Florida counties having charters are Broward, Dade, Du val, Leon, St.' LuCie and Volusia. "Mrs Best is the daughter of Mrs. Clyde Richardson. She a graduate of Sf. Augustine's College in Raleigh, North caroliha, and has done advance graduate work at the University of South Flor ida She is a school social worker with Project Head Start. The new pledge club chairman is the wife of Dave Best, coach at Robinson High School. They have one datig;hter, Bonita Annette. Other pledgees include Mrs Dot Thomas, Mrs. Liddi'a Rodriguez, Miss Pat Beacham and Mrs. Jackie Bell. President of the Tampa. CharMRS. EVANGELINE BEST mettes is Mrs. Gwen Lamar. Mrs. Fifi Glymph is chairman of pledgees. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS THE MATRONS OF GREATER MT. 1\IORIAH P. B. CHURCH will after .church Sunday at 1:30 P. M. Mrs. Ruby Mack, president, is asking that all members be present and on time. Members of TAMPA COSMETOLOGISTS UNIT ONE will meet at 11 A.M. Tuesday at the Orange Blosom Building. At a recent meeting an enjoyable and informative panel discussion was held. Panel mtn:nbers were Mrs. Rose Muldrow, Mrs. Ormiller Kelsey, Mrs. Eloise Warmack and Mrs. Catherine Lawrence. THE GOLDEN RAVENS SOCIAL CLUJ$. will meet at 8 P M. Monday with Mrs Gennie MaeAnderson, 1713 Nassau Street. On Saturday night beginning at 8:30, there will be a party given by the TROJANS SOCIAL CLUB at the. Armettia Temple. Someone will win a nice door prize THE ROSETTES SOCIAL CLUB met Sunday at the abode of Mrs. Lorena Walker, 207 Nordica. Members are Mrs. Martha Steward, president; Mrs. Margie Cummings, vice president; Mrs. Eula Simpson, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Louise Richardson, financial secretary; Mrs. Lillian Mobley, treasurer; Mrs. Elsie Bacon,. business manager; Mrs. Mildred McDaniels, chaplain; Mrs. Gladys Chatman, reporter; l\Irs. Jo Lillian Hoey, assistant reporter, and Mrs. Lorena Walker. A summer fashion show is being planned by members of the MAR\'ELETTES SOCIAL CLUB. Persons interested in _modeling are asked to contact Mrs. Berniestine Gly mph, 1037 E 7th Avenue, Apt. D Phone No. 229-4506. Members of the SOCIAL CLUB are having a party tonight at the residence of :.rrs. Evelyn Aus tin 3312 nd Street. The public is invited. GROUP TWO OF THE FRIENDLY FIFTEEN SOCIAL CLUB ia having a party tonight at the Haraam Temple, 2715 29th Street. GROUP THREE OF FRIENDLY FIFTEEN SOCIAL CLUB will have a party at the home of Mrs Betty B yrd, 2506 29th Street. Mrs. :O.Iary E of 4810 Street will host a meeting of the BLOSS0::\1 SOCIAL CLt:B Saturday even ing at 8 o'clock at her resi dence A meeting of the F:\SHIO:"ETTES CLUB will be held Monday (Continued on Page II) DR. P. A. ERVIN WIGS CLOTHING JEWELRY HOI';. Crnlrnl :\ nnue ('nil For .-\ppointnwnt "EASIEST CREDIT TERMS IN TOWN" .'\t :\h Residenl'e Brfore 9 a m Phone 251-2139 HUB CREDIT CLOTHIERS' INC. lf 915 FRANKLIN ST TAMPA


Saturday, Aprit 15, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bunetln Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both PAGE SEVEN Homemakers ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Forum ALLEN TEMPLE TO PRESENT ZODIAC TEA ON SUNDAY New brides are welcomed to our ranks e very day, a n d o ften we forget that, although the y already know many things, a l o t of homemaking knowledge comes b y trial and error, and that valuable lesare often learned the hard way. I car e and j us t pla i n day to day liv i ng =:-Here are a few cooking hi nts =:::::::.. for n e w brides : ::.. -1. To easily remove a jellied On S u nday afternoon fro m 4 un t i l 6:30 P. M ., the r e will be a Zodi ac T e a at Alle n Temple AME Church in the lower unit Mrs Marjorie B. Guest will narrate the ZOdiac Pageant ori g inated b y Mrs Cora B Larkins. Mrs. E. M Ebl\Dks and Will_ie Larkins will provide mui c al interludes. Music for Sunday after noon will be presente' d by Pughs le y C omm. unit y Chorus and M t. Calvary Sev e nth Day Advenlist dish from a pan or mold d i p a spoon and a fork; quickly in hot water or apply a 3 Stuffing means to fill a cav-Veteran homemakers must never 'think that ouryoung readers ere not interested in the way they do things. So please share your kno'Niedge of homemaking, child hot cloth to bottom and sides beity with an ingredient or a mixfore turing onto serving d ish; ture of ingredients ; and 4 To braise you brown meat or 2 When a recipe tells you to vegetables in a small amount of toss lightly ingredients are com. melted fat add a small amount bined by means of two forks or of liquid and cook slowly until --------------------------------------------------------render M usical Group Participants are as fololw.s: q)dk Lindsey Gild4 I B...,A NYLON KNIT SHORT SETS -' 2ss S12es 3x, compare at $4 .... S4zes 7-14, compare at $5 ........ .... ..: ......... ass sleeve sleeveless styles. Four styles to choose 1n lov:_ely spnng colors solid and stripe tops with solid shorts' ; -solid with stripe shorts : "' .: J 'r-'; .,, "1 Girls' Departmmt Reader Advises Adults On Dogs Zodiac Pageant-Aries. Coreatha Since we suggested a few da y s Larkinh; Taurus, Valarie McNeil; ago that unfriendly dogs m a y Gemini Gair Green; Cancer, cause serious harm to children Debra Davis ; r.eo Olive tte W a r a neighbor has that ren; Virgo, Moni c a McCray ; Libra adults might do well to be a bit Rose tine Rssell ; Scorpio, BerniCe careful tOo. She said that her Harvey; Sa .gittarius, Charlotte _,, ...... : ,,; :.,, Just this week we read that: Cray; and Pisces, Gloria Dav.is ... ... .. .. .. Expensive Dogs Attack Owner Junior escorts wil lbe Alvin .i\IRS. MARJORIE B. PHOENIZ Ariz Three pediMonroe, Kenneth J'I'Ionroe .. Tim- narrator greed boxers worth thousands of othy Richardson, Ronald Mitchell, beth Tyler Alma McNeil, Edith dollars, apparently roused by the Harold Trend, R obe .rt Jor dau, Sullivan, Carey_ Ridgell, Ruby smell of blood from a cut, at. Johnny Jordan and Weston Brax-W.hite, Helep Williams, Ardha tacked a woman Monday, killing ton The junior hostesses. inClude S):lelling, Lui a Stokes Pauiine and partially eating her as she' Shelia Smith Sorena Dillon Mary Barnes; finance Rebecca Clarke, fought back in a bloody struggle. Alice Snelling, Harolyn DanieJs chairman, Thelma Holloway. The dogs were d b cile again Carla Ashley and Tara Hopkins; ma Richardson Fannie Jackson, when police arrived, and allowed and the senior hostesses will be Elf a Ruffin Charity Bowie, Cath' the : officers to pet them. Irene Thomas, Deloris Hampton, erine Johnson ; special effects, The dead woman was identified Eula Williams Sandra smith, Jo .J'vlyrtle Lockhart, chairman; spe c by poli c e as .Mrs. Josephine -N. Ann Danie l s, Thelma Bepton Ro/ ial gifts and !!Warqs. Beatr i c e -.Waters ; 6 3 whose body was fourid ... berta Friers on Rayzetta Dillon, Stewart, Jimime M a ddox Ma z ie in 'the', b'ackyard of her home Rosemary. H?pkins .catherine Me; al\d judges : Verlion .Torwhere she. kept eight pedigreed Cray,. Mmme Mitchell ; 'Evelyn qan, Bermce ,Nelson, :;Rowen9, show dogs : Polfce .sa. i d they were Lillie Lillie Gra. Brady Phan and Lillie told .. P Y dog han dle r, t he boxe r ham_ Alma Collins L _eat.ha. Pal-. Mt' llt a'n. ..._ .,. .. mer, Fostella Smtth; W1llie M. g .. pack' was worth about $40,00Q. .Burney, Liliian Silnmons lola J'he are. A neighbor reported Mrs. WaF d G d Cl ft d B d McCloud Margaret Brady, Grace x:e a_r ner, 1 or r a Y death, and when polipe ar-Clarke, Vida Dry; Lena-. _John Hq!lsto!l Elf a The ltJhey t .hree male dogs Eva Reynolds, Reise Holland ; Mrs. ma B e .nton, Hazel B; Nelson, Peout. of tl}eir $!ages, wandering Ossie Stroud, and Beulah Gansey. ter. Retd Au".usta Stmm? n .. I .ll) a loose : One was smeared with Committees are: refreshments McCloud Sally. Hmam blood.'-. Rebec c a Riser' chairman,-a n d ., and Johri 'Cuqy Rev. "She apparently wrestled wi.th Lula Floyd Susie Council, Eliza. H. McDonald Nelson is the pastor. them," said detective Eloy Ysasi. Ttiey c onsumed her left forearm. and major portions of her right arm," sa-id. :,_ Ysasi said' lY,[rs. Waters entJy cut her cheek Qn an angle iron; and the were to attack b y he blood \ Child Falls In' UTICA, N Y -A 22-month old boy .. drowned lie fell into a p 'artly' filled washirlg machine at his family s home, police said. Detectives said young Michael Legray son of Mrs. Linqa Lagray i a p prentl. y climed onto a ch a ir, .then onto the top of the / toploading washer and fell in. He was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Hospital. Mrs. Will MISSIONARY .. SOCIETY .PLANS PANEL o1scuss1oN 'suNoi\v: : .... l. r .. '''i;>::?''G;'f'

Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fn. Get Both Edition!! Saturday, April 15, 1972 .., ----------------------------------------------------------------YOUTH DAY AT BEULAH BAPTIST On Sunday, the youth of Beulah Baptist Church will observe their tenth annual Youth Day. The .speaker at the morning will be Mrs. Sybtl Banes, mother of three, and an instructor at Hillsborough Comml.Ulity College. 'she. is a of several civic org anizations, and Alpha Kappa AlPha Sorority. Participation in the service will be D 'arle Br-a, Pamela B a liler, Sydelt :Banes;, Sartura Shumaa, Sharon Harper, Sharoa SmaU, Usa Hammoad, Richard SmaU, Candi Felder and Gary Ham lti.OIId. _. Another interesting feature of the morning program will be the participation. of the chartered members and pledges of Alpha Phi f1lpha Fraternity and f>lpba Kappa Alpha Sorority from the Univer sity of South Florida. The evening program which begins at 6 o'clock will consist of the coronation of the Teenage King and Queen of Beulah. The youth choir from Port Tampa, and the Tacker Twins will appear on program. The Rev. A. Leoa Lowry is the pastor, and Mrs. Lowry is the youth department advisor. HERE 'FOR. FUNERAL Attrus Fleming of Washington, D C. and )Irs. Dorothy Perkins of Inverness were recent gu ests of their cousins, Alfred Dickerson, 1601 Mitchell Avenue They were here to attend funeral services f o r their uncle, the late 1\lr. Herbert Fleming of St. Petersburg. AT BANQUET Among those gathered at Young Jr. High School Friday even ing to: enjoy the Frontiers. Banquet were Mrs. Lillie Mae Williams, Mrs. Mattie White and Mrs. Levatia McKnicht. SPRING 1'EA Choir No. 2 of Oak Hill Baptist Churcll will a Spring Tea Sun:day afternoon at 3 and the Rev. Daa Harden of Euraka Springs will be the speaker. Others who will participate are Elder Robert J. I..lekeft of Our R e deemel Lutheran. Church, the Male Chorus of Bethel A. M. E. Church and the Male Chorus of Mt. Olive Baptist. PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS Among participants in the Spring Tea to be given Sunday .by the Reatha Williams Council wi ll be Mn. Barbara Green, Eva Murphy, ,the City Wide Men ChorlUI, William PIIUmore, Thomas Lake, .Mn. Ellna Jones; 1\rthur Allea and Cera4ean Barris. The tea will be held at the Sugar Shack in West Tampa from -4 until 6 P. M. --LODGE NO. il PLANS TEA Members of Lily White Lodge No. I will hue their annual tea Sunday from 4 until .. at the born, o( Mra. &arall Fie,.., 1562 Grace llitret:t. AT SIGMA AFFAD\ The llanquet hosted by the Sigma wu a delihtful affair and Slm. M. APRIL 16--Laymen's Day, Mt. Zion AME Church, Port Tampa. APRIL Hlli-luternatlonal :\Ia sou and Stars bold Grand Lod'e at Hilton Hotel. St. Petersburg. APRIL lG-Servlce rendered by St. John Baptist Church of Plan& City at True \'inc Baptist Church, 3 P. :H. APRIL' 16-Trustc-es Temple C:\lE Church. A 1G-\'isitors St. Pett'r Clavrr {'athollc Chl)rch. AI'HIL 23-SJJring T('a sptmsort"d by Grace :'\'lary Baptist Choir 2. :l-4:30 P. !\1. APRIL Annual Tta St. James :\:\IE Cllurch Progrt'ss \'ilia ge. -APIUL 26-30-Lily White Gralld Assembly, Bethel Community Bap tlst Chureh, st. Pt'ltrsburg. APRIL 26-Jr. Choir sponsors :\lusieal. Trut' \'ine Baptist Clturch, 7:3U APRIL 29--Sapphire Ch:1pttr OES sponsors Sidewalk S.1le, 1909 N. "lulny. 10 ''I. 3 P.:\1. A I'RIL 30-Woods Secolld J>huw Recital, First Baptist Churl'll. \'illage. 3 P. M. Al'lUL !lt-Fashien Tea splln!':Grt'd by Jr. l1sher Board, Peace Baptist Church. 3 te S P. :\f. APRIL SO-Waist RaUy ProJO"am. Peaee Bapti!'t. I P .. :'\1. MAY 13:--1-'rieadly Fifteea Club's :,Ut BaD, Ft. Hesterly Armory. .Wishing You A Happy Birthday By l\fiSS ROSE Arriving at the nice age of 9 on April 11 was Miss Desiree Roxanne Bell daughte: of Mr. and :vlrs, i\1atbhew Bell 372 2 Grove Street. Desiree, grand daughter of Mrs. Pauline Barnes, is a third grader at Mendehall SchooL Her teacher is Miss Pearl Coffee. Carol Michelle Ward, daughter of Rev and Mrs. L. L. Ward, was 4 on April 7. Others on the April lis t in elude Johnny Jacobs, April 6; Daniel B. Williams, April 9; Mrs. Azie Lee Ransom, A,pril 8; Bernard Walker, A!)ril 10; Mrs. Mable Riley of 3G7 N, Al-bany Avenue, April 18; and Mrs. Gen tlie Mae Anderson, W. R Crutchfield and Mrs. Mattie Corbett, April 15. Marriage Ucenses Stevie LaSalle Amlerson, 22, 922 Selma Smith Court, Apt. C, and Ruthie Mae Bennett, 20, E. Osborne Avenue. Ira Dewcl-tt Roberts. Jr., 29, 3!t09 E. Curtis, and Mary Alice Cromal'tie. 27, 216:: 29tli A venue. Frank Fireall Quinn, 25, San Francisce, California, and Marie Ann Crawford. 23, Univorslty of South Florida. Timothy COgman, Jr., 18, 1527 Greea Street, and Janice Elaine_ Dix. 16 !27 Greeu Street. Michael Lee Jeakia1, 21, 1118 E CGiambut! Drive, aa4 Lois M.ae G:raham. Zt, 42 E. Cwtis. James Smith, 26, 1UH2 Laurel street, and Lerraine Sylvia Darity, Z'l', Terrace. Milton 21, Rabotlla, at141 Mary Leone Da-venport, 17, 4lM Street. Mike 65, 712 3rd and lola Clem0111, 53, 112 k4 Aveaue. ClinSoa Turoer 24, Ideal Geor gia, and K011ebud Lorenzo AI fMJ, 22, 820. Fir Drive. Bcuce Carlton Simmons, 21, 4210 Faye Ct., Apt. 2tH, and Jac:queline Bunts, 20, 34&4 Lind.ell Avenue. Progressive Choir Union Mrs. Jac}\sn, Pres. Mrs. L. Owens, Reporter Progressive Choir Union will Sunday at 3, New MaceM. B. Ohutch, Rev. R. Robinson, is pastor. The public is invited. HOMECOMING AND SPRING REVIVAL AT NEW MT. ZION This Sunda y, A.pril 16, 'New lif t. Zic n :\1. B Church, 2511 E. Columbus Dr., .t{ev B J. J o nes, will observe H>mecoming all day Sunday Sc hool will be held at 9: 3{) with the supt.. De a. Virgil Brooks, in cha:-ge. Other officers and teachers are expected at their post The review of the will be by the pastor. Morning service will be held at 1 1 1 with the deacons in 'charge of devotion. Tne Gospel Chorus and Purrle Lily usher board will s erve. The pastor will b6,g the message. Immediately after morning service the homecoming di Der will be served at the church. All mem bcrs are asked to bring a covered dish. At 3 p. m. Rev. M. C. Johnsoo, pastor of First Baptist of West T:unpa, will preach the Homecoming Sermon, His C'hoir and w:hers will serve. The pastor (Rev. Jones) requests that all aux1iliaries of the church coJne New Hope MB 305 E. Ellicott Rev. John Willis, Pastor The Auxiliary Council will meet Friday night at 7:30 : The No. 4 choir will have rehearsal Saturday morning at L1 and men's charm at 7. Olmrch School will begin at .9:30 willi all teacher. s at their post. At H, devotional service by the deacons. The No. 3 choir and ushers will serve. The sermon will be delivered by the pastor. At 3, the Shepherd BoyB and children mission wm meet at the church. Deaooness meetillg at 3:30. BTU at :5 and evening worship at 6:30 with the No. 1 choir and ushers serving. The sermon by the pa-stor. All activities ol the week remain the same. in uniform at the 3 p m ser-vice. At 7:30 the pastor asks that the Gospel Chorus, Purple Lily u sher board, members and friends accompany him to New Bethel Nl. B, Church, Rev, L. R. Stancil pastor, to render service. Mouday night, April 17, the aniJUal Spring Revival will begin and continue .for ten The revival speaker will be Rev. P. Broxton, of Union Bap ti s t Church of Savannah, Ga. The choir will be under the direction or Milton Biggham. Any

Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Ceot Both Editions NINI "I LIKE KASH' N' KARRY. I HAVE FOUND THAT I SAVE MORE MONEY BY SHOPPING HERE." RUTH SIMMONS 1830 24th Avenue I THE HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS THESE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa Tampa 1725 N. Dale Mabry 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa : 230 I Florida Ave Tampa 50th Sl. 8r I Oth Ave. Tampa ...... 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa Hillsboro 8r 15th St. Tampa .. ; 8th Ave. 8r 22nd St. Tampa ...... 4101 Florida Ave. Tampa .... Nebraska 8r Wafers Tampa .. West Shore at Kennedy Tampa 1112 So. Dale Mabry ---mpa 4487 Gandy Plaza :mpa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. Cor. Florida 8r Waters Dade Cify 506 E. Pasco Plant City 507 So. Wheeler St. PalmeUo .. .. .. .. .. 515 7th St. Riverview .......... Hwy. 301 Brandon 911 Brandon Mall Bradenton Cortez Road W. of Hwy 41 Inverness .... 803 W. Main St. Zephyrhills Hwy. 301 8r First St. Lakeland 925 Barlow Rd. Ocala .... 2957 N.W. Pine Ave. St Petersburg .. 6095 9th Ave. N. Sarasota .' 3840 So. Tullle Ave. 8r Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. N. Venice .... 480 Venice By-Pass Largo .. Hwy. 19 8r mmerlon Rd. SHOP ANY DAY-SAVE EVERY DAY ----------------_ .... ,, ..... ,". "' .... ',; APPOINTED RAYTHEON MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT OFFICER LEXINGTON, Mass. Kentworth C. Jackman has been appointed manager of minority manpower development at Raytheon Company. In the newly created post he will dlre1t a company.wlde program to encourage the hiring of minority employees and to broaden their training and promotion opportunities on the job. Mr. Jackman joined Raytheon as a draftsman In 1955 and served at the Bedford, Lowell and Andover, Mass. 11lants. He be came a designer In 1960 and a product engineer in 1965. When tho company's job training facility was opened In Waltham in 1968, Mr. Jackman was named a drafting Instructor. and ; later, acting assist ant director. In 1970, he was promoted to director of that school established to train unemployed and underemployed residents of Greate r Boston are a for jobs with Raytheon Company. Baptist Laymen Hold Successful Convention In Ft. Pierce Baptis t layme.l from throughout me. ::>tate of l< lorida converge d on l' t. Pierce tor a tnree and one-half day convenuon of the Florida :::>tate Laymen ment an auxiliary to the Baptist General l:ltate Convention of Florida, Inc., also meeting in the same city. Tn, e Bethel Baptist Church with 'the ..;. u.l, !'astor was the host to m ore than 15u personal reg1strams. The theme; 'The Churcn :Su)Jcrior:: Needs" provided the kind of incentiVe and mspiratwn to such christian leaders as opening session under the leadership o f l' elix L. Cotton, president, Pensacola. The Laymen' s l:lchool of Christian Educauon of fereP, the Course: "A Laymen' s Introduction to the New '! 'estament" with the Reverend A. L. Durant, lll::.oructor Goodson Echo; also of .t'ensa cola is the Dean of the School. There were many n.gnlignts of the conclave includmg sermons delivered by the following ministers : Heverend F. Tan-. ner, Ii; Rev. M. Tindall; Rev. 1 F. D. Kitchen with the closing sermon by the Reverend H. K. Kinsey, Gainesville, accompanied by a choir arid members A workshop was conducted by W. Ivey Mack, Riviera Beach on the Laymen as an O"rgani z a tion in the Baptist Church and How to Organize a Laymen Auxili ary in the Local Church. Speci a l guest were a g roup of Young People from the First Baptis t Chu rc h, Ft. Lauderdale, the R everend C. V Ford, Pastor. A song fest along with a panel on H o w the Youth of Today V iew the C hurch. Mrs. Rasberry, Chorister and Mrs. C. V. Ford, Pianis t moved the entire delegation with their sin g ing. The Ma s s Convention C hoir of Ft. Pierc e under the. direction of two fine d edicated young inen from Chic a go gave a superb performance that left the audience in an amazement of wonder and ex cite m e nt. The foll owing offi cers were electe d and installe d to s erve 1972-73; Felix L Cotton, Pensaco la, presiden t ; C lif t on G. l o r G a inesville. firs t vic e presid ent; Elmer R. Shell, Fort Lauderdale, second vi c e p resident; W. M Lambert, We s t P aIm Beac h, third vi c e president; Al e'C A. M axwe ll M e lb ourne ing s ecretary; George W. White, Hawthorne, tre a surer; Jimrnie L Bryant, Orlando, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Mary Dubose, Pens acola, fina n c ial secretary; Goodson E c ho dir('f!tor of Laymen S c hool of Christian Education. Mrs. Chris tine Vinson, reporter. St. John 3401 25th A venue / Rev. E. Newkirk, P .astor D. L. Hudson, Reportet S S. began at 9:30 with the Asst. Supt. Dea. M c Coy in charge. Devotional sefvice was h e ld by Dea. McCoy and De'l. Harris. ushers and people choir served. The me_ss.age was delivered by the pastor. At 3, a Fashion'ette Tea was presented by St. John Nursery sponsored by Mrs. D. Washington. BTU was held at 4 and ev.ening se.rvice followed at 5:30. The pastor was in De votional service was held by Dea. McCoy and Mr. 'Butler. T h e same choir arod u shers served. St. J

_ Ia. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt. -Get Both Edition!> Saturday, April 15, 19i2 -------------Bethel Baptist 808 Short Emory Street Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor llrs. Lillie M. McDonald, Rept. S. S will begin at 9 :30 A. M. The Supt. will preside. The leswill be taught by the teachers. MGrning worship will begin at 10 :45. Dev o tion will be conducted by :"dr. Earl Howard and Mr. Alson Dou glas. l\!Ius ic will be r endered by the Sanctuary Choir. Psher board N o. 2 wiii serve. The sermon w i ll bP delivered by 1Jw pastor. At 3 in the afternoon the past or, all choirs, all u shers and the mtire congregation are sche duled to render service at the Mt. Tabor M. B. Church, corner of Spruce 'at AJbany Avenue. The :Rev. T J James is the pastor. Further information will be nnnounced in the morning service. To all of our services the is extended a warm w c l rome to worshi.p with us. Re1fistration Dates For Headstart The prin c ipals of the following have announced registra tion dates for Project Head Start for the school year 1972-73. Gary School, April 18--1 :30 p m. ; Philip Shore School, April 20-9 a.m. ; Wimauma School, April 25-1 p.m .; Palm R i v e r S c hool May 1-9:3 0 a.m.; Kenly School May 4-12 noon, and Rus kin School May 9-9:30 a m. Project Head Start is a poverty program for 4, 5 and 6 years old Priority wiJI be given to c hildren that will be five years old befDII'e .January I, 1973 Only the parents or le ga l guardIan will be able to register a c hild in the program. Parents should bring the c hild s birth certificate and immuniza tion reco rd at the time of regis tration. Parents are also r e minded that the child's immunization rec ord must be up to date. '1' he s e .shots may be obtained at any of the local health cli nics or the H ea llh Dep artment. Brown Temple Church 2314 27t!t A venue Elder W. W. Gilyard, Pastor Mrs. Katherine uardge, Rept. Stimlny Sehool began at the u s unl hour with Mrs. Alberta Buker in charge. All teachers were at their posts. Morning wors hip at 11:30 with Mrs. Mary Williams and Mrs. Louise Willimns in c_harge of devotion. The choir and ushers served. The m essage was brought by the pastor. The pastor and many of the Elders left Sunday night for Memphis, Tenn. We were happy t o have visitors from A von Park ; n our midst. Visitors are wei-Carver 'Prayer Oty Ba.d Mri. Elvjda De-liter, Pres. Mn. iofa Harris, Re,t. Carver City Band will 11eet Tuesday at 1 .1: lO at the tome of Mrs. Willie ?.-lae Coving t on, 34109 E. 26th Ave. The last neetiog was ht'ld at the home of Rev E Elli s, 609 LaSalle St. last wHk. The message wu hrought by Mrs. J E Herman. :\t t:he Tuesday meeting the les ; on will be taught by Nancy ronc s .. -\11 are asked to ler the sirk and All nembers are aske l to be pre ; ent. Tr Love Baptist 2501 17th Street Rev. W. T. Carpenter, Pastor The Sunda. y Ohurch Sc-hool will begin at 9 :30 with the supt. in charge. All teachers are asked to be on time. Morning worship at 11. Devo tion by the deacons. The ) h 4 c-hc>ir and the N o 1 ushers will serve. The sermon by the pas tor. BTU at 5 The director, Dea. Hobley is asking all the members to come out and take a part in training. E v ening worship will beg in at with the same choir and u shers serving. The sermon by 1lhe pastor. Saturday at 5 p m the No. 4 choir will have r ehearsal. The weekly meetings: Monda y night the 1 missipear on program and als o at M t. T abo r M.B. Churc h o f \Ves t Tampa to appea r o n prog r a m Sunday ni ght at 7. Please weRr uniform. inside ... outside ... all arounc/ the house Sears Can Do Greilt Things Sears Sears Has Ev.erything You For Home Improvement Quality Merchandise Sears building materials section is like a continuous "home show''. You'll getfresh ideas for your home both inside and outside. Whether your improvement project calls for wall or floor coverings, air or water treatment equipment, appliances, decorative or practical materials, you can count on Sears for a wide St'lection of highest quality merchandise and reasonable prices. l\lainfenanee Agreen1ents The>lrieiy of Send in the or come tQ S cars tocby and let a ex pl ain the

Saturhy, April IS, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin every Tues. and Fri. Get Both EditlollS PAGE ELEVEN A LETTER COMES F R 0 M BILLY REED AND FLA A TII L ET I C ASS'N reading i n part" Dear Bra dy: In response to your a rti c le r ecently concerning Little League baseball and o f t h e players. I'm writm g rn be h alf of th e B e l mont H eights Little L eague. We woul d like to set the r ecord s traight. In checking with the pla ye r s, agents and coach e s we ha ve n ot l ost one boy due to "pro fanity" used by an y of our p laye r s. Th e boys that were drop p e d were dropp ed be cause of e x cess iv e abse ntees, which IS a lea gue rule ( 12 practices per ses s ion). This amounted to four boys in our three leagues. ... 'l ltBED "If you know pare"nts that told you t11.s 1 woula JJke to see ,tnt:m persuu a uy .t'roraruty we don t tQJeraLe trom prayers, coaches or kague orucial.s '1' h e parents may uave some gr:1pes, bur 1 i.t t,nerr ooys were dlSffilSScO 10r pr01an1ty, lf they were aropp tct aL all. .I:' lease, let me know t u e uames ot tile parents who w1d1drcw tne.r k1ds, S9 we can get tne record straight. we have organized a tin e league to none in the City, ana tms unanc1al1y wntch iii our rt:port to w 1111amspor-t, wt: were ::.econd in tne Ctty ill capital outtax. All bills paia for 1\ltl. very rew l e agues can say th1s l:uactt or We wu1 open tne' bou.;.s tv your Inspection. 1Vir. Ben .:.nm ti:nson, Pastor Last Sunday services were inspiritional ,_beg_inning with S.S. Morning s ervice began at_ 11 The message was by the pastor. The evening message was delivered b y the pastor. This Sunday, S .S -at 9:45, morning worship at 11, and evening worship at 6. The No. 1 choir will s erve. Choir Union No. 1 will be he l d Sunday at 3 at the -church. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. The. public is invited. they reside at 3201 Chipco St. along with their four more "Moores, Gail, Angela, Sheryl and James Darrell Moore. Daisy s a housewrfe while hubby James "TOB' s with our .NAL Skycap Dept. TIA ... SPEAKING OF FLA. ED SCOOP l\1 E N T I 0 N I N G THERE' LL BE A "BROTHER" on our Airport Security Police staff as of this coming Monday. The informer couldn t tell me exactly the eat' s mime but he did tell me the name of the five persons joining the staff this Mon day. So maybe you kin pick who the "Brother" is -from themAndrea Economou, Clayton Har-Yes dear reader, it' s alright to bless your fod even in a public eate ry. lt's. your blessing, so g1ve thanks whenever and wherever you like There are still -soma starving folks in the world you know Lawrence Hamilton was in from Newark, N J. for weekend visit with moth e r, Flos sie Hamilton of 32nd Ave. He s the owner of the Springfield Ave. Barber Shop in Newark. .. Col lin Mitler, an ex-working mate in Ocean Cit y, Md. is reportedly in from Washington, D. C. attending the bedside of his mother, Mrs. Mary Fair of Morgan St. And there was word of the d apper gent Proof. AUonso Brown be ing in town with wife from Wash ington D C .... Town's newest part-time entertainment pro moler, Richard Cortes, says all contracts are in order for the appearance of Ray Charles and Revue here at Curtis Hixon on Sun day night July 2nd .. rison, Joseph Mitchell, 1\lary Ann T-aylor and Grady Wessley. Ch1mces are he's not the one named, "Mary Aim.''. Was even to l d of those fabul ous new red, white and blue base ball uniforms to be worn this year by team mgr. Mr. Hipolito Arenas and his "Tampa Look outs"' baseball team, one of the City and state' s best. Also be lieve this makes the "Tampa Lookouts one of the nation s most patriotic teams, colorwis e. WAS GOOD TO HEAR MRS. DAISY L. MOORE'S A TOWN READERS CLUB MEMBER. Mrs. Moore's the charm ing wife of young ge nt James 1\Ioore, and YAU LATER SUCCESS BLESSIIIG I FOR THOSE' Ill IEED Are vou in need of help? If so me today Are you Slck, Disturbed, Confused or evea unhappy in your home, trou bled Ia mind, need a financial blessing, spiritual blessln&? Let God and I continue to --work for you today. Money Dall1 Needs Love Success Bleslhlg to you is now on its way. SPECIAL MONEY BLESs INGS SEND A $3.00 DONA TION: REV. CLEOPHUS, P. 0 Box 142, St. Petersburg, Fla. 3373L Please print your name, address, cUy, ttatt aad zip. First Union Baptist 3707 E Che l s ea Re,. Joseph H. Tompson, Pas t o r S. S. began at the usual honr with the Supt. in <"harge. The teachers w et-e at their posts The subject. of the le son was, 'The Church A orshipping Communit\." The lesson was reviewed the pastor. Morumg worship began at }1 Devotion was led b\ Dea. Wilson and D ea. Griffi;L The Angel Choir and ushers s e n ed. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Evening wors hip began at 6. D!'votion was led by Dea. \Vi! son. 'l'he same choir and ushers s e rved. The pastor delivered the message. Prayer meting will be held W e dne sday nigh t at 7 Visitors are a lways welcome. I Mt. Pleasant MB 2002 Rome A venue Rev. G. W. Mitchell Pastor Mrs Loui s a Bigham. Reporter S.S. began at 9:30 wi t h the Su.pt., Mr. Eartha L Aike n s in charge. All t e achers were at their posts. Morning worship foll owed with t he No 2 c ho n and ushers serving. D ea. Dunk n ee l e d d ev otion Rev. Williams brought the message. At 5 :30, 'BTU was held Evening worship follow e d a t 6:30: Monday ev eni n g a t 7:30 c h01r No. 3 will have rehearsal and the Jubilee chorus at 8. The senior wom e n No. 2 will meet at the home of Mrs. Mary Williams, 1901 Spruce St. Friday night, board meeting, and Saturday night, men's chorus r e hearsal. 1 ampa Christian Choir Union Mrs E. V. Griffin, President Mr. Hardy Williams, Reporter Tampa .Choir Union will convene Sunday at 3 at Trinity CME Church, Rev. L. L. Ward, pastor. The church is lo cated on Howard and .Palmetto. All choirs of the union are asked t o be present. The public i s invi ted City-Wide Prayer Mission Band Mrs. Carrie Du, al, Pre!!. Mrs. Augusta Simm.on11; Rept. City Wide Mission Prayer Band will meet Tuesday at 12 at the. home of Mrs. Mary Richardson ...1.418 A r mwood Ct. All are a s i,ed to r emember the sick and shut-ins. Notice To ,.t. Moriah Choirs All choirs of Mt. Moriah P. B Churc-h will have L joint. rehear sal on Saturo-ay night at 8 in order to sing for Sunday at the Guest Day P -rogram. All members are asked to be present. / (hoir Union No. 3 Deacon H. L. Williams, Pres Mrs. Mary Ann Thornton, Rept. Greater Choir Uruicn No 3 will conven-e Sunday at. 3 at Mount Mor-iah P. B. Ohurch, Rev. A L. Brown, pastor. Twelve choirs will Peace Baptist Church !607 Z -11 h :henue Rev. J. C Goins, Pastor Betty D a wkins, -RctlOrlrr S w ill beg in at 9 :30, wich U1e u pt., Dea Jessie in charg e. l\forning worshi;p st'r ices will begin at ltl. with th e Crllins' Choru and Jr. Usher Board serving. Th e past o r will deJiver the messag e B T U. service will be!!in at S p. 111. witl1 the pr'es M 1 s. Alire Minor. in charge. Evenin g worship will beg-in at 6 wit h U1e same cho i r and u s h ers ser\"ing. The p as t o r will deliver the message.. Sun day nit e after ervice the Go' ns' Choru s will go to No r t h s id e to 11ppear on :>rog ram and on Mo n day nig-ht the C horu s will go to St. Matthews. Tonight ( Flri day) Teache r's meeti n g will be held at 6 All teachers are asked to be pres e nt. Let u s remember flo pray for aod visit our sick and shutins. House Saints Of God In Christ 4216 E. Ch e lsea Avenue Elder James Cochran, Pastor Mrs. Minnie Simmons, RetJt. S.S. at t h e House of God Sai nts in Christ will begin at 10 follo wed by morning wors hip at 11. Friday night is tarry night. Sunday at 3, singers from Largo will render a program. The public is invited to come out. R emembe r the sick and shutins-and pray for them. Come out Sunday and lets have a good time Bethune High Rise Prayer Band Mrs. Barbara Green, Pres. Mrs. Mildred Miller, Rept. The Bethune High "Rise Pray er Band met Monday at 7 ;at the borne of Mr. aod Mrs. Gerald Sims, Apt. 415. The message was taken from St. John 11:1: 4, by Elder H Brown The next meet ing will be held at the home of Mrs. Amanda Terrell, Apt. No. 213. One visdtor was present at the last meeting. New Progress Baptist 3307 Shadowlawn Rev. E. J. Wi:liants, Pastor Mr. Robert Colem an t Reporter Sunday School will begin a t 9:30, mornina-worship at 11, BTU at 5:30 11nd evening worship a t 6 : 30. Tuesday night, the No. 1 choir will have' rehearsal; Wednesday night, the No. 2 choir will have rehearsal; Thursday night, prayer service and Saturday evening, -junior choir WHEN READY FOR YOUR NEXT SUIT OR EXTRA Sea Herb at Allan's 1016 FRANKLIN STREET Phone 229-1261 HERB THE TAILOR appear on progra_m __ EM-PIRE -.PAINT MANUFACTmUIGCOMPARY 3418 E. 7Jh AVENUE PBOIE TAMPA, FLA. .I 241-2301 WRITE _. .. : .. $275 DfTEBIOR. EXTERIOR .. LATEI 01 00. WHiTE AND COLORS Oaa .COat Covers Mosl Surfaces! LIISEED OIL PAINT sA 20


"WE'D LIKE TO THANK THE MANY SUPPLIERS WHO HAVE JOINED US Joe A. Adam1 IN .OUR fiGHT Promising not to raise prices to us. "Recently,Winn-Dixie responded to growing alarm over rising prices by putting a price freeze on all meat and grocery items. We' d like to thank the many suppliers who have j oined us in our fight by promising not to raise prices to us. Over the past 20 years, the cost of living has gone up tremendously. Rent has increased 57 percent; medical care 128 percent; has up 58 LIMIT 1 YOUR CHOICE WITH $5 OR MORE ORDER Recently, we announced ihot Winn-Dixie WILL NOT th.e "shelf price 'on any G 'rocery' or Meat item through the .month of April. A:lso, WI' will RED UCE the shelf pri :ce Ol) dt'Y item for whi1ch we'receive a in the wholesale price during that period. This odion was token to further the Federal Government in their 'effort to conrol.inflotion and to continue our efforts to offer the consu/Tler the lowest possible. everyday prices on finer q -uality We wi'lf continue to pass on additional savings each weekwith olir ''7-Doy Adveriised.Speciols." EXCLUDING CIGARETTES .,. "Cl -,.IDE -Tea Bags .. 8 4 -DETERGENT Oz.:kg 84 OLPkg ... li u.s._ cH91cE w-D BRAND BOTToM RouND BoNELEss ... .. _.. r. .... ROAST OR STEAK .'\r ftc .. -. l YOUR CHOICE WITH $5 OR MORE ORDER. EXCLUDING CIGARETTES ,.-"'ll{f 59' COFFEE Chase& '1.. .. Sanbon Astor 1-Lb. ---. III.UE BAY PINK .41(:-Salmon .. CABBAGE .. FLORIDA FRESH CELERY FLORIDA FRESH C -ARROTS 1-ll. .., -RED BLISS 1G-Lb.48 ( : lac POTATOES VINE RIPE .4 ibs $1 TOMATOES -. U S NO. 1 WHITE ...,., .... l1Mir"4, MORTON SPAGHETTI & MEAT, BEAN' S & FRANKS, & CHEESE, MACARONI & BEEF ECONOMY DINNERS ... ALL VARIETIES MORTON ... 28 c \ 18c Each PIES -... J w ASTOR GREEN PEAS OR tii / 1 l tt-OL I .. i/1 CUT CORN ... .......... \ J FROZEN SHOESTRING 18 C //S.P POTATOES >. ; ...... ; '-;: jj ALLVARIETIESMORTON 28 C CREAM PIES ... ....... f i l J I 1'.4 Dl .... c: 'f c. I ::= )o '0 "f = ... Sll .. .... N


f b o'd. But wt! r ;alize tha'ts' a -fot-of ll)Oney. And wby Winn-Dixie has frozen prices," Jo. A ; Adams n :u:;;,n ... CORN .. ...... l. _.T.. Vice President ,. HOQDS OR TROPICAI-!.A 100'/o PURE Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. JUICE-.... Prices Good April 13th Thru 19th Quantity_ Reserved ,, ; _,_,?'-IJ'{;:._:,,p.' '1 \ .. ............ '\. 1. '-MAID Tomatoes .... .-. I s / : c:-._ TROPICAL n-Or. 59 C Preserves .. o o o Jar -EXTR-" TOP. VALUE STAMPS I v.:.: r= RAID ANT & 'ROACH -:-. ,9 9 ; o : 1, o. Coupon Exp i res April 19, -.... lQ ... 79. .f;j}t WAFFLES ."":'. ]8< 3 Quam $1 J J J pALLOVA.,RIETIEps MIOERTSON Ullll 4 EMil 18 C L'--.. "'-. ,__,___.,.. __ ...... ._.__ Florida Fresh l PintS $1 All VARIETIES EXCEPT SLICED BEEF & FRIJ:D CHICKEN 2-U. 9 9 C Banquet Suppers. 0 o "'" RATH VIKING 2-U. $19 9 Canned Hams ....... c. FRESH CAROLINA U S D A GRADE "A" BREAST WITH RIBS, DRUMSTICKS, THIGHS .59 C Parts .. ..... .. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED FROZEN 9 C Leg 0' Lamb 0 0 _.A; ,_ SLICED FoR P00RK CHOPS QUART-ER 7 9 C Pork Lo1ns ......... I!LANT GRADE A FROZEN WHOLE IN 5 LB. BOXES 3 9 C Fryer Le gs o U:.-=-E--X-, -....... R--"--. Ia s u = TOP VALUE STAMPS ._ WITH I H IS (QtJP O N AND P UR:CHA.Sf O f CRACKIN' GOOD REG. 'OR DIP 9 0 5 9 .CHIPS twin pat< Coupon Exp i res April 19 TOP VALUE STAMPS Wlflo( l!ofiS COU P O N AND 0 'i'OUl CHOICE CANDY -$1 Or More Coupon Exp i res April 1 9 BUDGET BRAND 1-U. 49 c Sliced Bacon ...... "'" ,_.aN"' 12-0r. W D BRAND OR LYKES 59 C W1 eners .... ""' LYKES CHIPPED HAM CHIPPED 3 SOL $1 Pt&a-TURKEY, OR Chipped Beef. OAK BRAND t -U. 7 9 C Chopped Ham ""' BANQUET HEAT & SERVE 10 PIECES $14 9 Fried Chicken ..... FROZEN S-U. ... SJ19 Frog Legs ... sue .. TOP VALUE STA WI I" !:0 A 0 0 I I' UII< H AJII ('II N Meal Dept. fre1on W D ltand leof 1 lit SteahHes ... pk11. 88' Co11pon hpl reo Apti l 19 AT AN'v WIN N -DDCIEOR KWIK'CHEK AT ANY WINN-DIXIE OR KWIK CHEK AT ANY y.'INN OJ.(JE OR KWIK CHEK AT ANY WIN N DIXIE O R I(WJI( C l1fl( VALUE-STAMPS ,. ": WITH !' J i d U .Sf.:,Df r= TASTE q_ SEA -: t ,AnY ,. _, 2 tl' DIIINERS. fo r c Co11pon Expires -Aptil: l 9 AT ANY IAithlhl n i ltl< TOP VALUE STAMPS WITH AND fUtcH.Uf Of nlREEI I'IPHIIOGE FAIM FRUIT $ TARTS '" 3 fer 1 Coupon 19 A T ANY WINN -DIXIE ORtc:WIK CHEK o- '' I TOP VALUE STAMPS WHH COUf'ON AH O V J C H A!ol MINUTE MAID OUNM 16 JUICE coo;, 79' eo...-. bpi ... Afrril AT ANY WINN DIXI E OR r a. Ill > 11 ... \ ... tO -.1 .,.. II> {A 0 ... ::s !!. 0, E.. --s c: IT -,..,. "' .,. Q. no '""' c: no Ill ::1 Q. '"'1 ::1. I! 1]11111 ::1 "" ., > C') "' '""' ::X: -::tl


PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. Sel" tinei-Bulletiti P Jblished every Tue1. and Fri G Both Editions Saturday, April IS, 1972 Horace-Man11-Jr. High I PauleHe -James and Aaron Stillings ''THE MIGHTIEST' COOL" Hey, :you sou'.fu l dudes 1ook who is on the move. Have no fear, because the M-ighty cooi is here. I am on the mo ve, trying to put you in the groove. Look here, yoo soul brothers, let the 1M ig-hty Cool -drnp a line. It's fine a s vine and I'm in m y p riJlle. I was born in the -soufb, a poor eir.I with a jiving mouth. I left lfississippi without a dime, made m y way across the Louisiana line. JuSt in time to get in the Jiwing, and do my thlng. I fell into a p !ace called Jive Ju, nctj'()n where all the soul sisters and brothers function They said, "Hey slick what's your name?" Meaning no blame, I said, THiE MIGHTY I claim. Stoned .t{) the bone, getting it on. I'm from the South rode down on a wagon wheel. straight from the Mississippi cot tou field 8{) they clued me in on the rapp, and r' laid my thing d own a soulful rule. "' Be clean, b e lean and stay on the s cen e, "'Can you d ig what I mean? Extra Extra Read all. about It Young man wears hip rags, looking for a slick chick who's attractive, Hip, and has a nice personality If y on're eligible or tbink you are, please contac t Vcrdell like now Y o un g lady 15 years of a ge, very attraetive, B LACK and love all yo ung men. neat, .attend Horace Mann evening session I-f you think you are qualified fill the of her lover, contact Peter Pan like wild. Old lady Iookiag for companion 7 5 years of age has been married 15 t imes divorced 10 times, two husband s dead, like to do her thing aod does it well Measurement contact. Darlene Davis. THE SINGLE GIRLS EVENING PRAYER NOW, I lay me down to sleep I wish I had a man f&r kee!;JS, should there be a man Beneath my Bed I hope he heard each word I said / Check y<>u like later-Chamberlain High By Cathy Jones J UNIOR AND SENIOR 0 F THE VII EEK Faye Thompso n ca n be d e scribed as being nice, friend;y, and sweet. She is our Junior of the Week. Faye resides at 7 E McBerry with her mother, Mrs. Frances Thompson. Ar'>und t he 'Den' s he is a member of ''Z" Club, Students Rights, Junior Class secretary, Bi-Racial, and outside of school she is a member of t he Zetarattes. Faye enjoys her favorite record, In the Rain; performers, Jackson Five and fried chicken. Faye's hobbies are making friends and jiving. You may find het jiving :with her tights: Carm en Brown, Gail Jackson, Mary Ravenell, Tony Gapers, Reggie :White, Larry Bulmer, Corlis Be v e l Leonard and Larry Parker, Eddie Nunn, Barbara Gibson, Paul Sheehy, Mike Brown, Donald and Ronald Brookins, Billy Bethel, Kerry Nix and many, m a ny more. Faye's motto is 'Do what you f eel is right.' As for h et man, Faye says she's still in the process of lool dng for "Mr. Ri ght." Ernest Tarpey is our Senior of the Week. Earnest resides at 1104 E. Humphery with his mother, Mrs. E L. Tarpley. Earnest enjoys listening to his favorite record, "Ain't Und erstandin' Mellow" and the Jackson Five. Yo u may find Earnest jiving with hi s tights: Vic, Cathy, Joe, Sam, Diana, Carmen, Shirlene, Gloria, a nd others. Girl friend, Leslie Floyd Moo to: "Live for today and don't worry about tomorrow. Right on, Faye and Earnest. NOTICE! N.OTICE! NOTICE! All senior h 'igh sophomores and juniors who are interested in joining the YMSO's, please contact Ronald Brookins 238 -6688 or Reggie White 233-4001. BACK FENCE TALK Congratulations Carrie -core on achieving the position as firs t runner-up in Miss Teenage Tafnpa. Oh, yeah, you and Louis danc e just great together. Vernon Roberts, Julie Kizze and Gibson, look justlike little girls going to church instead of to a dance. "' Betty Law ren c e what's a hot mama lik e you doing with coo l pants on? Leslie Floyd, how are you and my boy E T making it. Louis Whitehead, I see your tie was str'etched from h e r e to yond e r. Debra Wesson don't you have more than--a powder sponge and chewing gum to carry to chss. Tech By CARRIE J. CAUSEY O U TSTANDING SENIOR: To describe a person that is lo well known by his beautiful character, and his ideal to be friendly with everyone around the Kiagdom, This person is well known for his participation in the sports at the Kingdom and his successful speed in track, he keeps his day going by taking time out of class to spend a little time with his one aod only Pamela Ann Brown, and this person can only be Mike Darnell Kenny; The proud son of Mrs. Ruby Lee Kenny, be keeps his thing together by covering every once in a while at his crib, 320t 28th Avenue. His favorite foods are anything ediable. Mike is one of the Seniors who will be leaving the Kingdom this year and we will miss very much, so from a!! of us we wish you the best of luck in your roming years. You will often ee M:ike hanging close to some of his tight fel lows : George Cuhec, Johnny 1\Toore. Hot Rod, Harold Campb(ll Kemw Allen and lot mofe: l"".u'lcJ_. ..... : .. ;..,.... ua,..... &n... h..:J,;nd' c hos tl Outstanding Senior. nAPPENING AROUND mE KINGDOM: There will be a dance tonight at the Kingdom in which the girls get a chance to chose the guy she would like to be with, so ca-pture yourselfa princess and chec k the Kingdom out tonight. There will also be a danGe April 30 the Childs of Friends hip will perform at a dance at the Kingdom so cbeclc this one out also it might be worth yOur valuable time. TlfOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Take time out for some of the things you enjoy, you might not have the time later: Mt. Moriah Choir No. 3 Rayfield Jackson, President Carolyn l\1 unford, Reporter The No. 3 choir of Mt. Moriah P B Church memhets will l:>e ho s t to the City Wide Choir Union No. 3 and all members at-e asked to wear bla c k drt>Sses and y,llow cor:ual hour with the Supt., Mr. B S Proctor in charg e M<>rning service begao at 1.1 with M r. 0 C Sin gfie ld in charge of d ev otion. Choir N o 2 and u shers No. 1 served. Presiding Elder A. D Burton closed his second qu arterly conference with all boards making rej)Od s. The sermcn was als o delivered by Rev_ Burton Rev. Richie joined our church on Sunday. Baptism was al so held. Our pastor, Rev. Williams is confined to St. Elizabeth Hos pital. Evening service began at 5:-30 with the same choir and u shers .serving. Rev. wa.s in char ge and he was assisted by l\1r. 0. C. Singfield. Th e weekly a'Ctivities remain the s ame. Northside-MB 5706 40th -Street Rev,__.I. Jord.an, Pastor Sunday S c hool will beg in at 9 :45 with the snpt. in charge. The le s son wili be r eviewed by the pastor_ At 1 1 1 mornin g worship devo tion will be led by (ieacon James Kelly af\d deacon Jo!lnny Jord ,n. The Jordan chours and the No. 1 will serve all day the pastor will deliver the sermon. Bantisim ailter mllf::-n. ing service. Dea James Kell y and Dea. Johnny Jordan will assist the pa stor in ba. ntisim ceremony. At 5:30 Bible Study 6:310 e ven ing worsh!1p wit-h the same orde r of serivce. Remember t he sick and shut ins. All visitors are welcome. Tampa District Laymen The Tampa District Laymen Org anization will have their regular meeting on Sunday at the American Le.gion Hall 25Qt 29th St. The meeting will begin at 3 :3 0 Rev_ B. 0 Padgett, pastor of Zion Hill AIM'E Church, will serve as host pastor. The president, Mt. Benny Favors is asking all officers and members to be present. Irnportant business will be discussed. Mrs. Inez Sparks, chairman of the Lay Activities will be in charge of the topic Reatha Rept Greater Oak HiD ........ l .. .., .. or Mrs. Victoria Brown, S.S. will be called to -olfer by .the Supt. with all teachers at their post. Morning worship will begin at 11 with the deacons in charge of devotion. The No. 1 choir and ushers will serve and the pastor will deliver the message. Evening worship at 6:30. The same deacons, choir and ushers will serve. Again the pastor will deliver the message. All weekly activities remain the same. Please remember the sick and shut-ins. Philip Shore School Registration is now open for the following classes that are being held at Philip Shore Elementary School, 1908-2nd A venue, telephone --number 248-2325: Basic Adult Education, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Piano Lessons, Monday and Thursday from 6:00 to 9;00 p.m. Sewing Classes Monday thru Friday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. and also in the evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Drher Education, Mondays and Wednesdays ftom 6:30 to 8:30 p m. All persons registering for the driver Education class must be 15 year-s old or over. A tl courses being offered are 'Free' -there is no charge. For additional information call Philip Shure Elementary SchoGl, ....... J __ ... ___ -_....___ 4.t0 .:)9'):: I Monroe Jr. High School By. MARCIAL TURNER BOLD SOUL BROTHER Handsome, friendl y, and crazy are only a couple of the together words to describe our Bold Soul Brother. He is t he sup-er son of Mrs. Leala Gallon. He is also a well-known fello w aro und Monroe. He is David from the h o use of Gallen. He resi d es at 1.005 3 rd Ave He is mo stly found around, Stenhanie, Flip, Peeboy, James, Fatboy, Edward, Peewee, Paggie. Shelia Pat, Lulu, Mama Duk e Bre dna, Arlester, Herbert, Tub and Boyee_ David al s o lists the following as favori tes : Food, anyt'1ing edible ; school, none ; Record, Is there a place in your heart for mt>; Group, Jive-5 ; Teacher, Mrs. B Williams. He also says Basketball, Football, and eafng are all part of his hobbies His favorite girls are Shelia Stok"s Peggie Williams 1nd many others His main girl is Linda Simmons. Congrats Nick for befn g cho sen BOLD SOUL BIROTHE R BIG TALK. Hey Peggie, I got inf orme d that yo u 're n o t so special anymore to a certai n person named V. T. Shelia Stokes there is a s ay ing yo u sure h::ovc changed for the better. Billie Griffin, how come you talk. so much to bhe wrong persen? Ollie Knight, you and Patricia are sure killers, so kilt me di g! Patricia Johns on, S ylvia Sneed, 1\'Iichele Allen, and Herbert All e n -you all are tired. Take a rest You too -Brenda Dupree. Ma urice J o hnsdn, bow coml! you act like y ou ae crazy n o w? D oes Joyce have your mind? Stenhanie Turner hu s h your mouth old Now run and tell that and I hope all of you are mad. !\lAKE BELIEVE COUPLES: Stephanie Tume r and L ewi s Roundtree. P.att icia Johnson and Edward Gallon Herbert Allen and Peggie Williams Michele Allen and Handy Johnson Brenda Dupree and Samuel Lane, David Gallon arid Alice Gibbs, Alvin Holden and Ka y Black, Maurice and Evelyn Howard, David Wright and Yolanda Archie, Willie Garland and Yo, land a Small, Arlester Williamg and Ollie Knight, Bernard, Bostick and Patri cia Harris, Keith Flagger and Valerie Vickies, Gwen Williams wd Thomas Ball, Debra al)d Thomas Doy ci s. FFF Debra Graddy, Brenda Dupree Mechcle Allen, Patrici a Johnson; S tephanie Turne r Pegg ie Iiams. Joann Cherry, tenora Stancil, Shelia Stokes and OIUe' Knight. BSS Arlester Williams Gary Wash ington Bernard Bo s tick, Allan Renwick PressJey, Davicl Gallon Lewi s Roundtree, Thomas Ball, Keith Fiagger and Handy J o hn s::n. THOUGHT FOR TODAY Why be a BIG Why be a B. G when you can be a B. D. L'a ter Cecelia Lampkins. an' Curtis Dixon. East Bay High School By BRENDA WOMACK WHAT IT IS! JUNIOR OF THE WEEK Cute, nic'e, super cool well know11, are some



PAGE SIXTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frf. -Get Both Editioaa Saturday, April 19'72 MR. AND MRS. L. L. DuPREE Tampa Frontiers Host Annual Banquet Ancl Recognition Ceremony. Members of the Tampa Chapter of Frontiers of t\merica, Inc. were hosts to their families and friends evening at Nathan B. Young Junior High ::hool. The occasion was their twelfth annual ban-' 1et and recognition ceremony for outstanding leads. Pictured here are some of the members and tests. ATI'Y. AND MRS. DELANO STEWART ----MR. AND JURS. SIMON JOHNSON MR. AND MRS. W. R. CRUTCHFIELD Cheryl Jackson, daughter of Dr. and J\lrs. A. Mrs. W. W. Andrews: and Nancy Andrews, daugh-R. Jackson: Sharon Andrews, daughter of Dr. and t e r of !\tr. and !\Irs. C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. LOUNGE Open E\ery Da. v Air Cond. G'lnntl BIG DOWNTOWN STORE LOCATED: '4. ... ..... i. 859 Z .\CK STREET Phone 229-9893 FOR YOUR SHOPPING AND PLEASURE


r-!aturday, Apn1 15, t972 Fla. Sentinei -Bunetln Published e ery Tues. and Fn. Celt Both Edhioni PACE SEVENTEEN TAMPA'S NIGHT BBAT PATRONIZE THE CLUBS WlfiCH ADVERTISE HERE THEY APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS ONE-STOP-INN -ADMISSION -MINIMUM -COVER VISIT OUR NEW ROOM DYNAMITE GO-GO GIRLS PHONE 626-9955 1 Mii e HorJh of 1-4 Hwy 579 Thonotosassa ONE-STOP-INN Ritz Adult Theatre HANCOCK WE ARE REMODELING FO R YOUR PLEASURE AND ADDED SAFETY eel your Hosl GEORGE HANCOCK and your new Barmaicl. Drink il here or lake it with you! We invite all our Black and White friends to come again-again and again. 2100 Block .. Fla. Ave. Enjoy the hesl ia l Bated Films bl cool coadertable Jurroutliu.g Pbtae 241-13_71 15Jh an Ba:oa.way Anlls 18 01 OYEI T -HE DREAM BAR AND-, __ FRIGID BIRD COLeR -Slift an Foraial is 1M way sM likes iL ALII CONNIE & FlOY D COlOR Bea ... arlers any kind of yoa coa.lcl think ol MIDIIGRT SlOW SATURDAY ; DAILY 11 A. M. TO 12 P. M. --DOC'S .HIDEAW A Y COCKTAIL LOUNGE OPEl 8 P. M. 3 A.M. THURSDAY ONLY CHARLES .RUSS-ELL .&.:THE K -INGS .... .. \ -.:,.. ... :. -FRIDAY SAT DDAJ SUNDAY -.. THE FABUlOUS, : AID RALPH LAMAR Man With A 1000 Voices -. 9:30 P.M. TILL 2:30 A.M. 1309 WEST PLATT 253-3258 DO You LIKE / .. GOOD TIMES? -THEH FOLLOW THE PARTY PEOPLE TO THE FAVORITE NIGHT SPOT! 'BLUE DIAMOND COR. 4h AVEs & 26th_ ST. YRII'LL LOVE IT. 2111 I. REIBASIA lYDIII Wf ME NOW BlAC OWtiED AND OPERA liD WE SPECIALIZE-JI.PIIITS AID HALF PIITS LET'S CET ACQUAIR.TED PIIOIE 229-2116 LITTLE MARY, Barmaid -Barmaid Enjoy A Complete Afternoon Of Fu n And RefaxaliOn 13th Street-A

Famu' s Ray Robinson, 9. 2 Dash A&M's own and we are hoping to Rily Robiri son 'may hav. e' run get him in t o the Olympir. tri als first 100 ya11ds' toward M:unich and a les s than spec-taken the step t()ward re. tacular year last season as he Olympic .G:old. Medalist performed most. the time with Bob Hayes as FAMU's.' premiere_. a soi:e muscle This year ne has sprinter. : heen at full strength and he has Rorl nson posted a season's best shown i( by goin!{ tinqefeated in the trhils of the .100-yard t!}e : and w.qn tl\e with : a lowermg h1s tn;ne m each rat:"e; -9 3 in the annual Rebel lnvitatE onc In : addition to Robinson, Ken &i Meet at Pens. acola Thompson placed in the 100 with d -:tY ;,ight. The first pl!l. ce f!111s h a 9.6/ good enough for fJurth fQr Ri'binson was a victory place. Joe_. Ram sey came in foi' the sophomore Olympics ho pefifth with a 9.7.ful ,;'s the man he defeated was So11thP.ast Louisiana -wa!'! thP. Willie McGee Qf Alcorri A&!I-Ii co> meet with 55 points FAMU holde r of the : 9 .1 world's record. 45 to lnck up place -'-'Ray came real close to tying ati,.11rf of .Jack"rm State. Alcorn that record,". said FAMU track ?nd Ark<>nsas AM&N to round out coach Bobby Lang. "There were .. tho ton five ) .. Jive docks on h i m and tw(_l.: had >rhe RaW,.rs took a s<>cond place 9 1 and / three had' 9.2, so was ri h bon hi the 440-v,.rd relav a" awarded the 9.2." Robinson also Rohinson. and voted -the m9st outC ? lvin tourerl the cir standing athlete.. cltit irl' .tl-flat. Al-The 9 2 was Robinson's b(;!st. per-corry which ran a 40. 1. foi:mance since he entered l.''i.:Jrida Also s corin<>'. noirts for FAMU A&M but he ran a wind-aided 9.2 were Bernard' Hankinson ,-and' Artwo years ago while in high r:hool. nold Tobin in the hiqh hurrlles, His victor y pver Mr::Geeis r::ertain finishing second and tbird re:;uecto open some eyes and Lang said, tivelv. and Stafford :Nairn with a he hopes pis sprinter can get a second nlace finish in the high shot at th e Olympics. )i.imp. Tobin also finished third in is just coming into his the 440 intermediate Porter Equal And Branch Dash Record Qualifying In -Relay AUSTIN, Tex.-Harold Porter of the University of Southwestern Louisiana and Cliff Branch of Colorado ran in humid weather today to 9.3-second clockings in the 100 yard dash and tied Bobby Mor row's 15-year-old record in 45th Texas Relays : The p erformances by Porter Branch livened ilp an ot?e .rwise bland afternoon of quahfymg, m ade difficult by swirlin g w :ndll and humid conditions on Memor ial Stadium's tartan track. Porter and Branch, got their times during a lull in the winds and they will officially go into the. books as equaYto that of Morrow's. w'bo set his nieet rec orrl the year after he won three j!;old in ;the 1 Ol"rnPics of 1956, The sultry conditions could be nartlv blamf'rl for kPeping the of Tt>xas-F.1Paso sPring reliiV t"'am from get.tin!'! clos e to its of 3!Y seconds during the pr,.Hmin _arv he _ats. S .trollers Bowling .league'. .Boxer Perkins Leaves Steel MillFo. r ,Ring Return Florist 2, Team 9-2; Bl!)sson;t's Bail Bond 3, Team 10-c-1: Martinez Cleaners 4 Team 11-0; T eam 6-3, King t-; Kilbride Ins. ,, 4, Orang e Tree Market 0;_ Team "4-0 Co.in0 Magic Laundromat 0. hi.!!lf game, Lois Scott 206 Steven son 183, John-.. ,_. CHIC,AGO _:_ There are 'easier ways_ to make a)-living than. ;working ,in a ste. el mill, but boxing isn't' on,e of them. Unfortunately, the good things in life'don't come easily for most of : Edi:He Perkiris this. '!'hat's why if he had his choice give up working in the steel' mills and take up boxing ,fulCtime. At 35 Perkins knows .he has 'only a few years left to make it big. ... He doesn l t feel he's lost the skills thali : -twice .earned him the :world junior welterweight title. He won the title from Duilio Loi' in Milan, Italy on Sept 14, l962 and lost it to Loi Dec. 15 f the Chicagoan. But. the !Sensus is he's mighty. good ... Boxing Illustr!lted still consid. ers him a junior welter iates him No. 1 in that division; vih.ile the Wo;rld Boxing_ Association labels him the No. 2 erweight contender. Perkin-s' peers in American boxing also hold him in high esteem. In fact, they revere him to S:uch an extent that he's been forced'to make most of his fistic forays outside the Uriited States, tiaveiing to such far-flung locations as Tokyo, Buepos Aires, Johannesburg, On April 7 Eadie wi\1 p)ake one of his rare homestands when he the inaugural boxing .. card at' the Mill Ru. n Theater in Niles. His opponent will be Jesse Avalos an unknown from Corpus, Ch!iisti, Tex., .and the wili be small potatoes -$1,500. Soft-spoken and modest, Pekins is nonetheless confident he will someday be a champion again. "I still think I can get a welterweight title chance," he said yesterday. "That's why I keep fighting. I don't underrate any of my opponents and I've got to keep winning. If I do, I think I can get a title chance. In the nieanbiine, he will toil in a :south Side -steel mill to give hts wife and C'hildren tlie good things in life .. and to stay In fine fighting fettle. Ali's Champburger; On Ropes? -Court records' reveal that another fast-food chain is in serious trouble. Facing a total loss of four South Florida restaurants is the Ohampburger Corp The "Challl(!'" in Champburger is Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay, former heavyweight ing champion. As the result of h stipulation ia a lawsuit Ohampburger has agreed to turn over the keys to the underlying leaseO\\ners for one of the restaurants on April 1 12. Earlier this year, Krcftu filed suit to acquire possession of the foot outlet located at Grand Ave. and SW 32 Ave., Coconut Grove. According to the suit, the lease rentals of $1,500 per month for property were in default. Krefctz also sought damages for $3,755. Documents in the case revea\ that in December acting president of the firm, Roger M. Spring, resigned from Cha mplmrger. After .hearing evidence the court ruled against the o 'ccupants of the restaurant. Attorneys for Champburger then agreed to peacefully surrender the keys, promising nQt to file for bankruptcy prior to April 112. Circuit Court records show that Cham.pburger is facing a fore closure action involving two other Dade County outlets and one restaurant in the Fort Lauderdale area. Plaintiff in the action is the Carver Bank of Miami Beach which is foreclosing a $50,000 mortgage. In addition shHiff's acticns rave been filed against the fast-food resturant by Don Green Provisions which claims it has not been paid for supplies delivered lo the chain. Sav3 Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 "' nye D av1s 182. Men's high Joe Franks 194 Ernest Jones and Elmer 192, Rubin Padgett and Willie Evans 190. Women's high series, Lois -sr'ott 5S4 Gwendol y n Lainar 505, Almatine Williams 5()1. Men's high series, Wiilie Wii kcrs on 533, Arthur McCarr 523, Joe Franks 521. STANDING t S WON I. OST Team 6 ........... 78 46 1'eam 4 ........... ... 76 48 Entzminger's Flori s t 75 49 Orange Tree Market 74 50 'I'eam 10 ............. 72 52 Martinez Cleaner!: .... 68 56 Kilbride Ins ......... 63 61 Blossom's Bail Bond .63 61 Team 11 ............. 461/z 771h King Solomon Bar-BQ .44 80 Coin 0-l\:lagic Laundry 36 88 The re1)0rt e r is Johnny Davis FOR BERT Clean Painted Houses Phone 251-1645 4-CUT-RATE PLUMBING C l SOL'S TRADING POS'I NlL TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATER HEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 3822 E BROADWAY PHONE 243-2411 5th NIGHTLY E XCEPT SUNDAYS 8 P.M. MATINEES, MON., WED., SAT. 1:30 P.M. BS GLADIATOH!) HUN UHtu AI SWEDEN HOUSE The Gibbs High Gladiators basketball team, winners of th e _Pinel las Courit:Y Conferen< ; e title, and are a district winners were honored at a banquet held recently at the Sweden House. Th e Gladiators, who were eliminated in the semi-finals f(f tbe state tour name!lt by County are shown above. Knee ling, froni left: David .Wr\gh&. -. and Anthony NiCks. St:anding f r om left: Assist'imH: :oac h Ralph Brazzel n':'ayton, D a ve Pqrter; Robt:rt Williams ; ant Head Coac h Fre a Dyles. Not shown are Jeffrey O,'Ncal Johnnf Frazier Ken neth Hilliard, Gerald Williams al)d Lennon, -. .. .. Boosters Club Honors Gladiators ST. PETERSBlJRb The : Moore was present du and Chain : Boosters Club of Gibbs to illness. -Ace eptin g .. for he_r was School honored tl1e Gibbs GladiaMrs. Margurie Jenkins lors Basketball team with a banAlso attendeding were All all at the sweden Ho,l_lse SinorBranch, business manager, Aoo gasbord Saturday evenmg. thony Killens, trainer, Cheerlead-Chairman of the Banquet' comers Sandr a earter, Cheryl Cole mittee Mrs. !veta. Martin weiinan Rt:becc a Ramsberger, Gloria corned' the guests and David Ea:-Reeves and their ch ; werone Mis s ton offered \-iiwocation. Charion Thompsdri. Members of the Boost Brown awarded individul}l trophies ers Club and parents attend ing to the pla.yers as well as the were Mrs. Sue Stewart, Kinnie coaches-F r ed Dyles .. imd J o h n Stewart,-Andy Long Mr. and Counts. Mrs Johil Gale ,-.Mrs. Marilyn Special tokens of appreciation Plutc hok Mr. arid Mrs Nick \_Tit:were presented by Mrs. Evel;,rn saras Mrs Wm Chapman, Tom. Bowens 'to Bruce McMillan, prmmy :

. ,... !afurday, Apn1 tS, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE NiNETEEN -I -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I WHO DONE IT IN SPO.RTS I Basketball Bant r I Question-Where d i d La w r el!c e V!cCray o f F l o ri da S t a te Univer J it y play h ig h sc h o o l ba s k e t 'Jail? Answer-Law r e n c e McCray was key man on ch a mp ionsh i p P e n i a c ola Wash i n g ton bask e t ball tea m >f Hl70. ., Q-:;-Wi} l Gale Sa yers contin te o .trY. t o play f o otball? -A-My belief is that Sa yers will ;ry. out hi;, injured knees one nore. season before reti r i ng. Q;.. Where is Goose T a tu:n lnd what is he doing? Answer Sorry to .. say that 'Goose" has been deceased for :orne time now ;, Q-Is it true that Dizzy" Dean s from Mississ i ppi? 0 A-"Dizzy" Dean is from some lllhere in Arkansas near Missis ;i'ppi. What's the difference any-11/av? Q-Is it true that blue gill hi-earn ; an be caught on b its of crab neat? sir, brother, blue gill can be caught on bits uf :ilab and sllellcrackers too. I am i fiving witness to the fact. Q Are there an y groundhc1gs n Florida? ,A..,...If there are any groundhogs n Florida I haven't-seen or heard o f th e m. Q -Why h asn't there be e n any blac k golfers in th e Ma s ters goll tournament befor e? A-There hasn t be e n any b l a c k g o lfers i n t he Mas ters golf tour nament f or t he same reason th ere wasn t an y b lacks registe red a t Hol id a y Inns and Howard John s ons a f e w years ago. Q-Do you t h i nk Joe Frazier wa s rea lly s e riouly injured in h : s f ight with M uhammad Ali? Answer : I dor:t' t believe Frazier w a s in a hospital as long as he was with a t eam of the best phvin' the countr:v fussing over him because he needed a rest. Q-Can a nerson gPt permissin:1 to use a bait ca<;t net in A-1 have heard that nermissit;'1 can be had to use a bait cast net in Florida but I also found out it almost takP.s an act of the legislature to .J!et lt FACTS AND FIGURES Are black head coaches o a van ishing breed? This is a question that is yet to be answered I am sure there always will be some black head coaches around but ( am also convinced that they will be few and far between at major ufilversities. Black head coaches w ill also b e few an d fa r b e tween o n t he high schOol lev e l in t he n e a r futur e u nl es s we a s a r are s t a r t and start soo n t o crel11e s o m e stat ic. R e m ember I wrnt e so m e tim e ago lhat w e w e r e i.1 d ir e d an ge r o f losing Mid d l e t o m and Blak e as high 1 s c h o ols. No one of im oor t a nce s eem e d to m11ch o f it u n til it was too late; Wh" ther t he Blake and mo v e was a good one or no t i s n ot o f importance but we s h ollld ha v e be e n more alert on the It is a bitter pill til swalln\\ for those of us who have our lives to coa c hing bla c k hnvs to see ,our products and t>fforts being taken over by peopl e who in f"SSPnce are being sooon-fPd No. I don t e nvy an:v white es that can inherit black gold fo!" I would do the same tl-:o y are doing if I was in their positions. Since most people are not directly involved they don't t hink too much about things like ur.r A and FSU battling it out for national championship with prac tically all black pla yers and white coaches running the show. Where did these black players come (Continued On Page 20) While t h e big boy s are t ak'J: g a brief r es pite i n thei r strug g l es f o r t h e i r r es p ectiv e l e ag ue ti!l es it i s a goo d t i me to elaborate a b i t on basketb all i n gene r al. F ir t of all the ga me h a s c h a n g ed i f ne t i mp rove d tre m e nd o usly. The rea son s for lhe chang e s a nd lhc improveme nts lie a lm o s t directly with the pla yers. The p laye r s h 3 VP c han ged from t h o se of th e pas t w mu c h because of their abilities t o shoot so much better. P layers o.r tod a y think nothing of taking a poke at the bucket from 20 or 25 feet away. More than likely at least 75 per cen t of the players of today c?.n wrinkle lhe ne t s from 20 to 25 f eet out con si stently. Nowadays it is not at all unusua1 to see a 7-foot player playing lhe corners and firing awa:t at will. The high percentage shot mov ing farther and farther away fr'Jm the basket all i1e time. We used to a.dvocate the ball w i th in 15 feet or less of the basket for high percentage shots. T!le boys of today don't have to get Buy From Florida SetJtinel Advertisers ----------------/ The naJural look is too great to change And Royal Shield s i mply glorif ies it. Natural sheen. Natural control. Natural protein. You get it all in Royal Shield. Easy Condit i oner for easy new man ageability Oil Sheen Cond it ioner the m i racle worker that gently holds as you pick and shape Conditioner/Hair Dress does favors for y<'ur natural that nature would l i ke cred i t for Holding Spray helps get hair all together as it holds. Royal Shi eld and protein work for the natural. WITH PROTEIN Blow Out and Neutralizer Shampoo for the 'fro and natural that wants a fuller life. Royal St]ield Blow-Out Creme and Neutralizer Shampoo l ets you go all the way One mild app li cat i on a nd your hair actually blossoms i nto new fulln ess. Royal Shield turns a little natural i nto e v erything it can be, Protein Enriched. ..Royal Shield is m ade especially for the natural and the fro : ha i r is prote in, protein actua ll y penet r ates the hair shaft, For today's naturaiS .... and naturals that lead a fuller life I t hat close Thi s, of course, m ea n s t h a t t he b oy s o f today a r e n t a s p r o f icient a s b o y s o f th e pa t ; n l he art o f p assing. No, f in e p a s i ng is not a los t a r t b u t it s ure ly isn t wh a t i t us e d to b e. I ca n when we a t M i ddl e ton High used to use sl ogan "pass it around like it h a s eye s That slo g an ouldn't h o ld up today for the only eyes in' vo lved are eyes for lhe baskP t Coa ches who have been with t he game for a while should have made adjustments as the game. changed. Jo'!mny Wooden of UCLA far-ahead by being willing ch a nge as the g a me changed Wooden, who is in his 60's, has been in basketball for a long, loug time. You know for sure he do':'s not coach the game now as t1e did say 20 years ago. The o!J two handed set sho t and the one handed push shot have gone 'wit.h t he wind into oblivion. The old two-handed chest pass is no rnorr. The uni:lerhanded free throw is -practically obsolete and you could not persuade players to use it it you had to. C oach Wooden also looked ahead when it came to black play ers' and it has paid off in the high es t o f dividends. Years ago, wh i le o th e r coaches at major universi ties were hesitant about reaoi .. g the harvest! of bl a ck basketba ll prowess available Coach Wooden threw caution to the wind ana whole black hog. The results are there to be seen. Coach John Wooden may n o t h a ve been the Branch Rickey of basketball but he _saw the bla c k h a ndwriting on the backbo ards while the others were color blind ed or something. I'll bet you one thin g although I don t know for sure if it's trte, b u t I don't believe Coach John W o oden ever cautio"s his black play ers about white coeds. There fore the best black pl ayers in the n a tion will continue to go to UCLA. I don t what Coach I-I,ugh Durham' at Florida State Univ(lr sity is doing about the situation there but if he wants to continue to attract black players of win ning caliber" he'd best clam up about who fraternizes with whom. If by some strange quirk of fata yours truly ever-becomes Jucky enough to cast my wares as head basketball JI!entor at a college or universit;v and a white player like Bijl1Walton came along 1_, would:1't care if he dated King Kong. If he wapted to date King Kong 1 and King Kong wanted to date him they are going to get together anyway I koow it or not. I hope some poor narrow-minded indhdduals can get the message because if they don't they are liv :i.ng in by gone fimes. In other wor-ds whether 'anybodJ likes .it or not they doing ii: an_yway So take the sheets off your faces, brothers, and let the gentlemen do their things. Respect yours elves if you want to win. FACTS AND FIGURES Was a bit surprised at the re II;JJOD s e from so m a n y people ll.hou t .what was written in this s p a c e a couple of editions a g o about black athletes in predomi. n antly white schools and their soc i a l life. T h e sore spot seemed to be what was said about blac k athletes and white coeds. Several p eople a sked me if I knew who wrote the column since there w a s no by-line. Well, yours truly C oa c)l William 0. Bethel writes Floods,' 'Who Dooe It In Sports,' 'Basketball Banter' 11n d 'Florida Football', with only 'Sportanic Flood ;;' carrying my b y-line. Seemingly a few p e o p I e (whites) didn't exactly go along with what was written -about blac k athletes latching ontp white coeds. I of course, did not Tnean to offend anyone but reality is a must in this period f>f renaissance. Now what in the world could expect a bla' ck boy to

1 W.ENTY Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PublisheCI every Tues. and Fri Get Both Editions !aturday, Aprit tS, 1972 -SPORTANIC FlOODS-., WILLIAM o .. B.EBID. KtlmS lftD JJIACKS E.v.er,y :,year ne that got away. .r see -so .many :black : people with 'boats mor.e than ;adegu .ate for lcinglish .et J !bave )let :to Bee any 'blacks .out in the .armada that a.nnrounrl bhe !l!!ing'fish Me, my fi-shing 'buddies John A Green :an d !.IJoacb ,:1\hlr.aham 'BI'own ar-e 'the only :blacks ever o .nt in ttbe ,i;)ig &leet ,af lroabs :ltttler \ kingfish. 'T-he fm1 y Teason 'I can think .af for blacks l!l.ut grung ;mer loingfish is that 1ihey 11re afra.a of teo iar .out. U!his o'f course is a ;f. alse fear. ifn all the many tLmes ,we lbeen out :after -and caught I :have neYt' bAen o.ut :-so .far tha:t '!' collldn 't :see :autlil111dru1es on :bigh w.ays a-shone. Marlo/, -many lbladk angle!'. t:al>le iff iin Bmall row boats with tiny kickel'. and woyage across some oT 'the largest takes Jn the .state ,and !think wery little .(i)f 1i:t. In Jfactt most -of the time they are .1n d!Ulger on 'the 'larger 1akes in small cr.alts .than .they .walud h>e :in me. di urn cr.ats w lth fab:}y sized .motnr.s iD .the gulf. 11LI:C.U UE &EADI' FOR KINGS l ikin<'>w fer sore ithat a )at df black anglers have heavy tenol.lgh ta.oktle :te !because 1 see it on their boats. I -supp.r.>se most of tlhem use tthe :he!Wo/ -equipment for drums or for reds .and sheeysbead lin wedcy {lr Gyster ;bei areas. kn?w they couliln l t lb.e using heavy .tackle lin Tfivesh w.ater. I can t thmk of but fush that wamld req. uilne salt rwaber ttackle in fresh water and that 1s tllhe bi-g hlue cfuannal catiilllh. 'U1bese ilriig blue cats are not easy ;to and if rdli ll l':t !Dcliey.e wt%tld buy heavy salt .water tac!me JUst to Jfulh !ffl)j" dihe t8Jusiw.e 'fii1eSb w .ater blue channel cats. li!f ;yol!l iha"e 11 bo!lt IJ.6 f-eet or over with a motor ,of .20 fu41. or more you are in gGed have ;Jilleney af ,ws :but if J%lll -dO!I'' < t !k!ilO\V lh<'>:W Ito .cllto h them they can ,hJe .at am: y ..s-aUtwater lfiisb tea m-p. Portable live bait ,\\\ells complete 'YJ')enei >00 lluwe. The results were amazing. I caught one 1 nioe llcing J!Deifare 'l'eall\y one snatched the spoon off the line.. [ diug-:anllllmc!l in my tac'k'le box and found another old tarnished ;Bpaon I pnt ii un with another .strip ,c;i lJileTk rind and 'bo y ,d)id 'I get some achlons. One finally ran aU the line off m y reel and 't,l!)@k that spoon. 'I learned something ifuat ifilty that other aaglers wau kl ilo we11 to try it. IDI'Iif1SM LIKE Remember 1i you .do go .after .kings-use a salt w.ater s_pinming outroit with nfonofllament line 15 to 25 lbs. Iader wiire, swiy,els and i hooks Sl.loll1d J:>e of .a .dark color preferably 'ODlu.e .steeL Andbher must is not to Ulif .aJil. Y lead or weight at :alll. 'hook a White minnow thro.l.\ih its li,Jis, ,through its eyes or .llbrough its chest, -cast it -out and y Q U are in .business. Don't w.arry .about ifiiond ing lcingJ.iSh j ,ust .fotlo.w the Qtber boats until you see Jl huge of boats anrl _yo.ti'll he tbere. If on the wrry .Y&.lll see :a lbig flock of terns and pe1ic.ans div.iag into the water and )WlU :e.ee !the wate r frathin: g Lr.am fish :&trikes chances are you mw.e them. tUJCK -ODIPI: l.OO;v:ci WO\li'S to wi-n back his cornerb.aek .be ilost at the end of the season with Tile Miami Dolpllina. [J&'-cl starr.erl .Wl bhe t.e11ms. ll!l c:a&e f-01!1 h'lo.w kingfiiih are not oversized mackerel as I emne tb&.tlg'lait. Kingfillh -ar-e 11 completely different fish from >tB1!I b bey tt-y mtwh Kingfish steaks are delicious Mtb111r i-s ilti'H ha'Y'ing his trouble trying to 'Win ihf -Wg termi. ltGumamest t;, 111 one af the best players in the \1ll&l'1ld but lftcariy :a.J.\\'IJ'l'S .,etfl ttpSe'.t Mathe he will get it all tG&ebher onP. W.illlr.d bas : it -t!Aat Coach Edward Oglesby will not -eu.eh fdball at FAMIU l'lf't He wrtl dev:ote all of his time ito This a:H I used to hear some of tbe Middle aged and older women complain MOut 'lht' di:;,gr.aceful way the younger set was exposing tht"tnaeil \unham F razier\ s manager, : recei-ved >the .1\1 'Buck morial fl:.waxrd as 'Manager of tbe ear, arul ille.ddy '!Brenner ( Madison fiquane Gaiiden matchmaker, was gi.ven .bhe J.ames Walker Me morial Aw.ard ifor long and meri tor.ious -aerMioe jn F.c.azrer ifamght onl ance in .1971, hut .that w.as -v.lhen .be suoaess.ull_y defended .his title against .Muhammad .AJi at M-adison Sguar.e G-ar.den. (ampy SJunmg Improvement V_,MIA.L.LA,, N. W.Roy Cam panella oontinue,s ;to -ohow im' pro;vement .in rus :frem !8 bloo d cLot .on the Jung, : a SJ'H>-kesman .at .G:r:assla-ruls .HoS!Jlital -in Valhalla, 'N.Y. .aid :to.da .. 'The 50-_year-o1d :Campanella, .a former star catcher for the Brookl\YJJ. >6geril and member ef e : pnoud .cif :his product. \H e knows he isn't :going :to .the big job !Il.o JJDatter !how gsoo 'he 1 is. Mljth :all rdue !to tC::aa{!b Hugh and 1 respect the man highly the job anywher-e but we can only hq)n"t .w.ant Neg-ro League catcher from 1919 to 'be around. .tD J.9tl9. died .!Flriiiley 'lii

SatuTdcry, April l!S, t!rt2, Fla. PnbiUhed eery Tues. and Fri.-G elt B()th Uit:iom PAGE TWENTY ..ONE -----------------------L. anct llu!tllaatt,. Jlli-a\ny in a lnnd hospiral, wiTI ::=============. j "'"'. BOWEN R'EV. JOE BOYER -Funeral services for Re, Joe B'oy er Bo'\ven of' R:t. 1, B'ox; 4'66, J'.amf o l.wlles, wfuy p 'a'ssed' :rwa-y Jn lf meal hosp ft'a'l, w i rr be frerd S'itu'l"d'ay at f:OO P'.N, .at S't Jolhr P'rt t:hrrrd\ .Re'l": .F' G'. Hiffon Pastor, R'eV'. C. H. Go ftfe'R' Mt. J>rtgrim Associ;NiOin). O'iifiiciad!m' g Jntet:mHnt wi-th !Jilt in J'a,k. S'IJ!ll:vw&rs-ar.eo: E5Ati M.. '* i@ltu!f', llbs. Jl.eola &immil!mllln ;eorgfa., Jelllllf GN'P Lod!g.e No.. 24. H .e-v. Jrerrry Br-own, Pre'Sid'e n t 111' l!ladOl ::ft ;-he remain s wiTI repose after -4 :00 P.M. today (Friday) a t 1.\Vils-. Ch.apd, untti.il j!ea!" finlle'ra( tiime Satll'rday. ..A )\'ILSO' N SERVICE'' DOWN, MJf. :f'f..&YD E'. -FuDieral services for the late Mr. Fl6yd .. .,.. tJf 3'81 W. Tampa, Florida who dePQl'te4 from this life on April 10>, ht a leeai hospital will be held at 3:00 P.M. Saturday from t'he-Emma ud Tabernacle Church of Apostolic Faitll m the: 1100 black of Yuko Avemre) of whKh Rev. Carey fs the Pastor. The services wiR be officiated by Rev. Timothy Yeoman. The remains will repose' at the Franklin Funeral Home bom 5:80 P.M. Friday until 10:00 A M. Saturday when it will be and laid in state the. Cbiitc'll. The funeral will arrange J>atrici'at Hay wGOtt ht!kson-nt :\Pw Sahm I B. ChuniT ami, Wn. J-.nie lith', be ht>ld> atnrd'a" at t:.?:tl& o"n I :lifl:!t. Mls i'e' and ful"!l-Hh. H H Howard offiriating. b=dl. f..os f'a.fd.. and Jtntt>r m :en:t will' be '" e :'fY.s-. Jf4!felll' East or. Gnwe SUT' 'ivors a re: OTKES 2000 from 368 E. F'raneis ve. ai. approximateiy 2:00 P.:ll. lllt.elllnt>nt will be held at. the-moria! Pa:lllf: e-mete11y direct!) a.ftev the )h--, lk<&illllll he1tlll a< lm!nd)'t' of tfre-E rmflQnt> l 1'ai:Je1'n-acfe fm'll'e n for-0'\T'er yean'. !fmt'\livons-indode: a d'e'l'ote.e wik,. :WV!t. Veob Btl-"' of a-sen>,. S ;aw a-n-tli wite-Jo-:srett /()IIlii' 6C Sfaa'tolf. a Mlr.,. Lee-J?"errlflf8' ami 'la'm'J)'al; ]li fe'llfu Mat BnTJtb -. Wa p-anmrono,. d'ez: Fedi:ns; of. '1lallllp:. 2 stel)'hoih'l!', Mr. STraw amf wife Mary of ])imh'lia. w;. Mn Annie' Dol'is. S har> Brow&o e f ; 'l:am1J3 ; 1t ister-illl-bw. Mrs. ]i)emp'Sey-:md UsA' of au h'st of .J.: rm:mbelf of' gr-:m-g other S'en!-iiAg; ll'lf:nfl If'Ve'di ill' Tmn11a: for aJ.\ont fOt't'y years-, a n d' was a ot the ilrm-ettfa B'.&B. S'ociet.v Mr. B. A. Tillis, President. Sutvivors include: two nephews, Mr. Lucius Pam, Jacklf611'1Tille, and Ml:. AlDthu" Wi}Jiams amf wt.fe, Mn Sottlfiia! WiUi'a1frS', Bu{fafo, N ..; si x n i'ee-es, Mrs. Essfe P. Walker, Jaeksonr11l.'l-o. UI: a :'II rs. llet.,ll a-ntfl l'l!it-nds. Walters of .\n!l'ele. J'lJ.j:Elll<\\1. a! b r oth'e'l! Jt-ss-re Jr. I S!FONE' g a ndl wiiie. \\iillmQ Gra1 v of JJ0.:\\11!',. Elf:'.). Batt&n l RCRI!ft" La;..; 3 aunu. Li'l'li'e }lae LaJTry )h. Anni-e F'ORl'J, J Ut. A::liiD'R'E'W LE'E Gl':ty and Mt:J-. 1tren1tt .)otres-a-il F urrer-a f Hr- .<\nl'lcill, ll'lfFI't'iat -r e l1;11bi>,t>s :mfi fnltjfnnenct wiH &e ill' the 'r.ien d : .. \-. natii., e Ra>fl ftll fwm:lid lieyry. S u lHNors-a bnth.el', Fesid1! d hene f>m: t h e 26 Mr. Jol!e()h M Fftrdi Kar.tfol:"'-yea C(l.n.n..; iles J)'lo) ee-of, l!h e it) o{ Tampa of. HaJr. ifo-,vard. a-nd> a veheraJl> of W Jones a nd 1\ M tlfe C'slfe' 6dl6' S'alt uDtby lllll Wifsu'n' Funeral Chapel, until near' fll nera>f tfnre. M orrd'a))'- A WILS'ON SERVICE,.. GltAl; MR. -Fune-r,111F Mr: F' r.m lb' Grra-y of ll7:E9:lllTm: enJ 5-be ei!r wife' p assed> Cost: -A,c.ountant HOG AN, MR THO'itllJI:. S FL."[, .J'rt. -F 'onera[ sen;hres. for TlToma s Griffin. Uog-an, Jr., of 3'00' 1 E 0sllol11Te A y err.rre, wl\o nw,a.y in:. a l'ms pital wil't be f1eld 5 a:turday at 4 :o: o P'.M. at Frierrd'ty Cnml h wi'tfr Rev. W L. Y eblJ, officiating-. Interment wflf lie in the famiT.y pfof, SlTa d'y Grove CemetePy. S' urvnrors wife .1\' frs. Josephln e Hlfgan. ; 2 soil'S, :Ur T ho'Irr a s G 'rif firr Ho-gan, UI amt wife, MrS'. Jet:tfe' H o lr.l n of (Contfnu ed' on Page 2Z)' NEEDED AT ANHEUSER BUS(H, INC. Acceunlmg degree or etpivalelll llltl ORe-year's htslandiag tfttpaay-paid henelils i1t iusuranc&, \'atafiens and holitlays. Qualified applicaDts should call 181-4111 between. tle heurs ot 8:38 a.111. and 4:30 p.m., Mcmday tllm for appoilmllenl, or respond by promptly for -warcling complete resume with salary requirements. All con facts held in ulmosl coatidence. Industrial Relations Dept. P. 0. BOX 9245 TAMPA, FlA. 33604 An Equal Opportunity Employer :c '78 tREY. DIPAl..-\ 4-DOCI.r, V-8. auto E matie trans .. radiOl. heate r ;::; p9 \ llel' steering., factory r., air! 3 $1898 = '&S CHEVr J!MlP.4L.>\ 4'-l':hlor, lhndtop 1 V-8' anto>. trnns.. rntf'M'. N flenfer, P O \fer steering, fae c fory ail"! 0 c::t $1698 = ?0: CREV .. F= BEL !()Mt 4--Door, r:lf anti!\.. tt-ans-., radio, he'atu. p&WeJr s&ee:ring;. 3 > -' ::d' ... $1798 'llllUIR N SKYLARK C u stom 4-Door 0 V-8 atv.e-. l>l!aas.., 11adio-,. g IM:lfr, J10-W.e:1! pu!lllle'lr futa11i:e!l', betWy a!' .. :C vlil-,1 $2498 '711LDS. l.mury l'nl = $3498 REf. ... 0 BilL Alit. a g r.wfio, heater" PIIIW" er ste'fl'l!iag fac!CO't!)l' :c = $14'.18 k '&! DEL fA 81 41-Door; V-8'.,. autO'. tbms ., 3 ra'di'O', ll'Ca t'er, power s teer > i'ng-amt F''a-ctory at air! = $1798 N-'7& MG Q MID'G.EI c::::J Jtadi o beal.el!. :-$16.98 sa: m.DS = @pea Weekda-ys-''lil 9 P.M c::t OPI!N C SATlJJtDAY =-'111.6 ll'.M.


l"'Au.t. lW.t..l'llllWU r 1a .:>enunet-.asuuetm .l"ubllshed every Tues. and Fri. Ge4 Both Edition! :5aturctay, Aprn t!, t972 ., FUNERAL NOTICES (Continued From Page 22) Green Cove Springs; and Ulysses -l(enneth Hogan; 4 grandchildren Beida, Sonya Norma and Anthony Hogan all of Green Cove Springs; a sister, Mrs Dorothy Robinson and -husband, Mr. Jessie Robinson; a stepdaughter, Mrs. Juanita Roberson and husband Mr. Curley Roberson of Detroit, Mich.; stepsons, Mr. Sylvester Burgess and wife,-Mrs. Gwendolyn Burgess, Mr. Eugene Burgess and wife, Mrs. Geraldine Burgess of Detroit, Mich., Mr. Alfred Burgess and wife, Mrs. Vivian Burgess of Detroit, Mich.; a s ister-inlaw, Mrs. lnell Isaac of Waterbury, Conn.; a brother-in-law,' Mr. Willie Williams and wife, Mrs. Viola Williams; a number of step-grandchi!'dren, and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. A nativ. e of M a c on, _Georgia, Mr. Hogan had lived here for the past 24 years. He w -as a .member of the Deacon Board of his Church and also a member of the International Longshoremen Association, Mr. Perry Harvey, Sr., President. 'I'he remains will repose after 4 :00 P.M. today (Friday) at .Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. "A :WILSON SERVICE" HUNTER, MRS. ELIZA B. -Funeral-services for Mrs. Eliza B. Hunter of 4630 35th Street, .who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 2 :0 0 P.M at New Salem P. B. Churc h with Rev. R. H. How.ard, officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. Sur" i'ors are: a sister, Mrs. Bertha a brother, Mr. Wash Murray; a ne11hew Mr. Robert Thomas of Miami; a niece, Gwendolyn D. Thomas; a number of cousins; and other relatives include,' Mrs. Annie Lee Scott and !\Irs. Lessie Lee Lewis; and devoted friends. A native of Sunwter C o u n t y, S.C., Mrs. Hunte r had lived here for the past 5 0 year s S h e was a Mother of her church, a me. nt!Jer of the Lily White S RA, No. 18, Mrs. Ethel Alford, President and the Armeft.ia B&B Soc iety, Lodge No. 1, l\1 r. B. A. Tillis, Pres id ent. 'fhe remains will repose .after 4 :Oll 1'.1\'l. lu:lay (Friday) at Wil so n Fui: tral C hallel. until ne:.1r funeral time Saturday. "A WILSO;'I/ SEh VICE'' .l'tldLI.lSTER. MRS. MELYl!\A Funeral seniles for Mrs. .l'tle h ina of l:i15 Fig Stro.ct, who JHISstd away in a I local hospital, will be held Saturd.ay at 3:30-P.M. at New Salem 1\-l.B. Church with Rev. Howard Storr, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: 1 sister, Mrs. Elizabath Gatlin; a niece, Mrs. Mary Loui s e Brock; nephews, Mr. Lonnie Gatlin of Winter Park and Mr. Eli Gatlin of Winter l'ark; grand' niece, Mrs. .Lillie Mae Harris; grand nephews Mr. Leonard Gatlin, Louis Gatlin and Mr. Haywood Bryant; great grand niece, Mrs. Rosalyn L. Johnson and husband, Mr. Eugene Johnson; great grand neph e w s Terrance Bryant, Reginald L:-Bryant and Demetrius._ Johnson; cousins, Mrs. Theresa Baker, Mrs. Delores Coleman, Mr. John Turner, Mr. Herbert Baker, Mr. Jimmie Baker and wife, Mr. Mack Baker and other sorrowing relatives and friends A native of F-ayetteville, N.C., Mrs. McAllister had lived here for the past 38 years. She was a member of GUP Lodge No. 8 and Floral Court No. 8, Mrs. Mary C Brookins, President. The remains will repose after 4:00 P .M today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funer.al ,time Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE'' REED, 1\IR. JOSEPH 'JOE' -Final tribute for the late Mr. Joseph (Joe) Reed, who passed away in a local nursing home Tuesday, will be held Saturday morning 10:00 A.M. from The First Presbyterian Church, 412 Zack St., of which he was a member. Rev. E. Orsborne McKay, assistant minister, Rev. John B. Dickson pastor emeritus, presiding, assisted by Rev. John Over-. street. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. A nativ e of Thomasville, Georgia, l\lr. Reed resided in Tampa for more than 50 years, and was he. a d custodian at the First Presbyterian Church for 40 years. Survivors include cousins, Mrs. Hattye T. Thomas; Mrs. Annie Mae Mitchell and husband, Willie Mitchell, Sr.; Mrs. _Cornetta Williams, Mrs. C m ; a Woodie .and -husband, JjAI.die WoOdie, Sr.; Eddie WoOdie, Jr., Mr. Leroy Twiggs and wife, B r n d a Twiggs; Mr. Willie Jr. and wife, Biubara Jean Mtche!l; Mr. Anthony Harris and wife, Rutha Mae H .arris; Arthur Harris, Mr: }foward Harris Jr. and wife Ethel Harris; Mrs. Elb:abeth Tim and husband, Albe..t Tim; Mrs. Winifred Haynes Fiiih e r, Mrs. Johnny Nae Fleming, Mrs Doris Thomas, Mrs. Emma Hendrix and husband, Willie Hendrix; and many sorrowing friends. The remains will lie In state at Pughsley Cathedral for visitation of friends after 5 P .M (Friday) today until hour. of funeral servi ce THE REMAINS WILL NOT BE V I E W E D AFTER THE EULOGY. The funeral cortege will leave from 1008 Grace street. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. THO:VIPSON, REV. GOLDIE L. Funeral services for Rev. Goldie L. Thompson, 2437 15th Av.-nue South, St. Petersburg, who passe d away Monday will be held Saturday, April 15, at 3:110 P .l\1 from Friendship Missionary UNCLE SANDY SA YS Th e man who has n o t anything to hoasl of bul his illustri ous anc!'stors Is like a 80.50. lht> only good belonging to his is underground. 05, 32. Baptist Church (9th Avenue and 24th Street South) with Rev. C. J. Long, officiating will follow in Lincoln Cemetery. Rev. Thompson was born in Floral City Florida and came to St. Pe-' tersburg 56 years ago from there. He was a popular gospel dise jocky for WTMP radio of Tampa. He was organizer of the Teenagers, a singing group that he managed and a promoter of gospel singers throughout the state. He Is survived by his wife Mrs. Eliz a beth. Thompson, 3 daughters, Mrs. Ann Holmes and husband James; Frances 'l;aliaferro and husband, Edward, Jersey City, N.J.; Miss Goldina Thomp son St. Petersburg; a son, Mr. Goldie Thompson,. Jr., Bronx,N.Y., a sister, Mrs. Silver L. Freeman;, 2 brothers, Cooper K. and wife, .Mrs. Henrietta Thompson; George and }Vife. Mrs. Mattie Thompson, St.-Petersburg; 6 grandchildren and other relatives. Friends may call after 12:00 noon Friday. CREAL FUNERAL HOME PHONE S00-2603 Memoriam Tampa -In memory of Albert .Tones who passed April 5 1967. We all loved you but God loved you best. Sadly m is sed tiy all. o l i Signed: Ann ie Jones, wife; Nhie children and eight foster children, Saints and friends. Memoriam T:\:\lP.-\ --In memory of our darling mother, :'lla r y Cald well who deparlt>d thi s life. April 1 5 1956 lo enter ht>r e t ernal home. Death cc-mes lo all o r us but yours we can't f orget with all th e precIous mPmori e s _vl)ll lef t with us mi sse d b v d a u g ht ers: 1\lrs Rost> Sau ndrrs. and Ada Summt-rs, :\ew York, ?\. Y Justice Racial Department Opposes Bias In Election Laws WASHINGTON--The U. S. Department of Justice is oppbsing ch ange s in election procedures in Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia, which would dilute black voting strength in choosing lawmakers. Memoriam TAMP A -A year ago yesterday, April 13, 1971 your life was snuffed away, a day has not gone by that thoughts of you didn't come our way. Oh how we miss you, Oh we miss yoou. Signed: 'fhe Sheffield, Myers, Drys, aunts and cousins. Memoriam TAMPA -In memory of my dear husband and father, l\ir. Sidney Promise who departed this life April 14, 1967. Gone but not forgotten Wife Gertrude Promise; children, Sharon, Gloria and Minnie. Memoriam SEFFNER -In loving memory of Mrs. Lillie Bell Davis who de parted this life t" enter her eternal home on April 15, 1971. D e a t h comes to us all but yours we can't forget with all precious memories you left with us. Sadly missed by your husband, 1\Ir. Cleveland Davis and family and the Williams family and friends. Memoriam TAMP A -In memory of Clarence N. Walker who passed away twenty-one years ago You are sadly missed by children and grandchildren. Card of Thanks TAMPA -The family of -the late Wilbert Turaer would like to thank their many friends and neighbors for the many kindnesses shown during their bcreQve ment. Special thanks to Wilson Funeral HO'Ille. Signed: The Turner Family. Card Of Thanks TAMPA --The family or t h c late Samuel E. Grice Jr. thank you sincerely for sharing our sorrow Y"ur kindness is deepl y appreciated and will always be remembered Signed: l\lary and Caro l y n Gri ce, wife and daughter The voting rights activity highlighted the Justice Department'! enforcement of civil rights last month, Acting Attorney Gen eral Richard G. Kleindienst reo ported. Under the 1965 Voting Rightl Act, all changes in election law in states covered b y the statute must be reviewed by the Atto r ney General or a federal judge in Washington, D. C for a po ssible racially discriminatory purpose 01 effect. In Georgia, the Department ob jected to the reapportionment plans for both houses of the state legislature on the grounds that the plans would have racially dis criminatory effects on voting. The objection was followed the filing of a civil suit 'by 'the Department. to prevent the elections fo r the Georgia HousE of Representatives from being conducted under the questioneo plan. The suit said the use of multi member districts, in which candi dates would seek a i:mmberec seat, together with a majoritJ vote requirement "would oc c asio i a serious potential abridgment o l minority voting rights." The suit 1asked that a special three-judge panel direct the Geor gia legislature' to adopt a House plan that conforms to the Consti tution or devise its own plan fm the election of state representa tives. In South Carolina, the I:>epart ment objected to the reapportion ment plan for the State Se11ate on similar grounds.' The objection lette r said 'the combination of multi-member dis trlcts, numbered pos .ts' and. a rna jority (run-off) requirement in areas with significant black popu lations would abridge minority voting rights. FOR RENT .. UNFURNISHED 2 Apt. Just Painted Inside 918 14th Ave. $25 Weekly, Plus $40 Breakage Fee We Pay All Utilities Phone: 248-1921 t EMPLOYEE ADVE.RTISING WANTED SOLICITOR Salary, plus commission. Must have auto, neal appearance. Willing to hustle. APPLY II' PERSO:\' Ol"LY : FLORIDA SENTINEL -BULLET'N 2207 21st AVENUE


Apdt t!'12 fh. Published Tues and Fri. Cet. Both Editions PAGE _TWENTY-THREE -------JISIIISI HH:S M.UJ.N4!'; AND.\f..1'ERATIIONS fb weme11, children, an mas taifR'iw-all 28& ------BANK.B.UP'tY 1G NEW OOFA. A N D CJI,AJR suites. $7-5.00. VNC LA.l l\iED CARGO. 17 0 7 \Vest RICIEIIT??? S.ILESMAir I Fl& SALE IN CH.\IL'\41.NG RtVIilR GROVE E'STATES. l b elkooms; 2 ltatlls air c ondition. li'illaaeinga'l'ail able. Quick. oci!IIPaG'(!JI. HAROLD FRAN .KLLN, Phn!V-879'-05111 F8R 'SAL& 2504 38th .'\venue. % at:h, $18 ,5 0... FBAI.. W. R. 'I'OOt.E &: SONS, INC. Re2Uors 303 Fratl'klirr S'treet Pflone WEST TAMPA DOWN FHA 235. S bedroom .. l'n-bath. VANITY ROME'S', INC' 109' North A:rmenlu l 'boae 251 353g., EMENT BLO C K j I NICER 'FilAN S llelf' 13-L :tlt'GE' BEDROOMS, 1 bath, 3 BEDRO"MS c B ii .., uu 1 I BEAU'tiFUL -m. 2 b aths fir-place, fos;. V: .. mal dining room, finrnts h e d if! !i'lting room, kitc)len, dining room, F lortda .. oom large krt c h dcsfr e d ncar Robles Parkl. $5ot' I room. range drapesr en, patio, garage and caFport down. 223 5919 a nd cat pets, Qn 2% corrrer l ots 00, J a rg:e corner l'ot -------------$2.5...000 at $1!,500 duwn $1'51i.:l6-Principal and inte r est-LE"fflN S'PREET FOR REHT Ha ving Trouble Buyiac. A Car Because-J'CIU ue tdaul-ow Gredik or Down PaylllflriJE 2 3,.. sales positioo. in 'tamp-a Boa l' WES'I TAJtlP'A I I 4 IA'""'lr..&. 1 ar a ea. Phoae-:M6-Wlb. I 1 ROOII:S RUGMS R80MS OR. SEE. ME. .4-ll I :\lust be aggresshe and CORNER L0T, 3 :Jetlrooms 2 S.1'0RY FRA-ME R&tJSE. oa. imrcedi sal'es!ll'alll. CB home, sto'\'e and re.1 e01mel' lot, somerepan:s. J1ftf RJIY ftiiTDBS: ; Advel!ti'Si'atg llaekgrotmct prefer-. f-tgePator. also-cemmercrar ZOlfed'. 6300, NV!: red. 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath.,. Ji'la roOOlJII,. : J>. R'. 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Payments LOW AS $67 Month! P lu s SJOO Pre-pai d item s 360 paymf s. including inter est, Insurance. & to x es If your f a mily of 6 hcs an income af $ 4 00 Example: you 'll h a v e t o pay o nly 20% o f y our adjusted income for housi ng (deducting allowcmcet>fAll IIU61.L c::<,rP'. W: Kl!nnedy B lvd. Sui,. lOll $51 11ft' ntiCIIIS 11I.UR ---$.')Ct. OO'WiN' MOD.IJ:aN.' 6:EMEN -'i1 Jtill.OE ct:A'BUEll, P'. &. ll. -Sf. lfl' _. IIIHtM af 1'7.i r \ \ flaE SDIICE ltANKIWP'IlCY O'\f1l!JI, Ill JNw: lifer" tets. Some ll'itll> Hilt>-r. .. klacll Guaran 'feelf._ .... $ 1W.IJO" ... llTNC:::E_.IIDD 1717' WesC: 1\ennuy \. III.YfWT SlrtLL lf.&VE: Z: reH'omes. left, im P11o11. IJ'MS Vitra {te'M'Ov.t!l!> yOGI fi:J;. $D.511 nJl. 1.-saml._..f &QT' Anq_ o l DiG lienrC!S'. wallUq disbnt to raiugooun:d:. Can C'rllallcmlo \ &ss4H!. 9ffie* 63!11 -Res I aCJ...UC E [ f CO.'I'ERAGE eost. til& to' '1ciat Ja-ck l'eDy <. I rar IAiv!c-e i -r&U Olt' S;EE ; I : SII .. IBDIEY i I i IJaon. DJ. ,J11J 1 Ji.JIKE P Bil!V.Nlr7 ''l1HftD> tfti& iS> ttte : JiB Sill 1!.18!ll.ED!!: lt-Sita pecl llv iillf 34l!O Ji:. l!.a. mlJlligJitl. ,.venue I JrouS'e' ro11 x. 161i tee.lf,. : ftHmrall diniirgr ana %' o11: 3 l I I I P c{l'mpl'etlel reimedl im y acdt 3 > 1 IJedVoom & p-ane l' large lietfi'oomlfr tan e le-di Flovilla< : Do_?m; !:lan-ge. aadl r.e. room, : J wiirW DO'Ont) "tw: call}l .et.t11g: tlnm : I t fii!DL DillaORS paneledl kitlfuii-.. Coi:n:es C.. H'.. _and. i\.. huge o a k ped witlft roflli'gBrajjor tltees-.. "m tllis on. lf ClOllDetr fot\.. and ailf I doll\\n taym-env bu..y $450 dowrr r a 1 month,. in-. lllie rent. eludes eYe llytfdttg; ';: I ..:;;..:.__ j l JACISOJi: liEltilnS. BE.iMUTIFl:JJi.. IfflMESi 31 nice bediro'?ms1 licv. iilW. I beauti&lll D:atli w.tlllll v:anftfl' ; R'A11SING A I.A ilt&E' 'Dills !tome-is. fb11 y.ou... 3 r.oom&, sepalllltle' dfning; room, am me .. I I I i I I I I VUUDK'S IUDIAL 111M& "'CJur: Rusflfe"IIS Is S'enlce". nnnMt %48'. 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P erhaps the-sad'dest groun 'd in arr\Y" oemetery Is-that giveDi 'over to ttre s o -catled' siillgfu g11awes-." tr.' siD.gie grat e ts. u s u a ll y purchased for ( no t by) its owner. These 6.1unal' S paces are U!IU'311\!' sofd! in l'Otatio n"....::.t-hat is one alter tbe other. _-1 S in g l e grave g. are-generally. on the spul' of. the.laflf. moment for t1ros:e wltu> to. a. p ot' wh il e there yet was time Onl y a family plot selected lon g bef01le need>, can assure the comforting cevta1nt.y that-those whom G od lra!t il!illAld.in. ki.Jrs hip will be unif i e d iw timefess repose, notseparated fi, ere, there a nd It Is-noll a cjueilli' olli:of. -wtie 'tlter, a c e m etery lot will: e: purchased> 1Ju1t wlt;eru .. whom. 4615 E. HANNA AVENUE.


TWENTY-FOUR Fla. Sl'ntinl'l-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition! _. Satmday, April 15, 1972 1 Orientation Sessions For Students And Readied Parents A thorough series of orientat.io;'l &essions designed to inform 5 :: 1 and 6th grade students and ents about educational tunities awaiting the students in Hi!lsborou!!:. M on d :> y tApril 171 Thursday, faculty from 'he 12 junior schools which h"'w 7th grades will visit the various 6th Grade Centers to exolain t-J students wh:Jt "school life" is rollv like in junior high. visiting faculty teams wi!l be made up of prinicCJals, d and who will also explain the sel:ction which 7th graders wi!l haY<' in ehctive classes. At this time. th? 6th graders will registrred for their 7th classes. Lett.:rs from 7th grade prmcpals to oarents of 6lh shlwill be ser:t home with the students this week, according tJ Frank F .rmer, Assistant ir.t mdent for Instruction. Orientation of 5th graders headed for 6th Grade Centers next wjll take place in the following week (April 24-28). At that time. teams consisti,1g of several students in addition to teachers from the 6th Grade l'Pn ters will visit the 5th grade er'' schools. The 5th grad'rs will be give!\ a cohr-slide presentation showing a cti vities at the 6th Grade Centers. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions of the and the 6th graders about daily activities in the 6th Grace Ce:1ters. In the orientation of both 5!h and 6th graders, provisions have been made for parents to attend sessions and obtain 311 swcrs to that may h:lVe concerning curriculum. n \scipline, etc., according to Mr. Farmer. Parents who have childri>n en rol!ed in private schools and CClll template enrolling them in nubFc schools next year m;:ty attend the orientation sessions or contact the principals of the school child would attend in order to arran'{e .for registratfon, Farmer afided. In any event, he said, all students should be registered nnt later than May 5 to permit school officials to computerize all stuDOWN PAYMENT dent schedules for next year. During the week of 1-5. the a n n u a I pre-school orieniatic.n roundups" will be held at t>lem entan schools. At that time. all youngsters who will enter schonJ as first graders in the fall to be brought to the school. At the same time, ae<:ompanymg parents are to bring the':: child's bicth cert!ficate The narents will be giv e n ion forms and specific informati'm the state law which requires that all students enterinl\ Florida schools for the first tir!le must pnsent a certificate of im munization and physical examination or a certificate of exemot!on. Paul Wharton, Assistant Sul)('rintendent for Administration noted that it may take two or three months for parents to obtain tllc series of shots COPT. polio, and measles) for their children and he urged them to start immediatey on the. immuni7.ation program for thelr youngsters in or jt>r to avoid a last minute rush. The shots and physical examination be given by private Save lime And $tamps Phbne Your News '248 192 U.S. Asks To Enter Bus Suit -The ,Justice Dtparlmtnt asked for permission to praticipate in an appPa l seeking to overturn a courto r de r, d school deseg-ration plan in Nashville, Tenn., that in Yolves busing. The de-partment said tJ1e busing plan, order!'d by a federal d!strict court in Nashvillt>, has "caused problems and h -ardships .. which were not anticipated." Tht> dt>pa.rtment said 43 schools in Nashville and surrounding Davidson County remain predominantly white or black despite the busing of an additional 28.000 students under the clist.rirt court desegregation plan. been appealed to the Sixth Cir l nati by the \1-"tropolitan County Board of Educati. on of Nashville and Davidson Cot :nty. The appeals court is scheduled to hear the case Tuesday. President Nixon, who opposes court-ordered busing, has aske!} for a one-year moratorium on further busing. orders. physicians or the :Hmsborough Health Department. -Choir Union No. 2 llt:tnlll \ 'irgil Brooks, Pret. lllrs. J.-annie Austin, Rrpt. ChJir l'nion 2 will hold husirwss meeting Sunday 4 p m. at St. Luke A 1\1. fo:. Church, Rc\'. John E. Pastor. The president is asking a 11 to be present and on timt'. Black Community tContlnueJ from pat I) 1 must follow to reach our goals." Other SP'!akera included R e v. F. R. Satchel, pastor of Mt. Zion A.M.E Church, and Clarence Cun ningham, West Jacksonville munity Development Co. ship chairman. Also on the program were .Jirn merchandise director oP Ive:-.'s department store; Mrs. rie Gibson, a member of the board of directors of the group. and Miss Geneva Tasket. mem!Jer of the youth grou p. Washington Signs Black State Coach PULLMAN, Wash. Georg Raveling Tuesday became ths first bhick head basketball coach. in the Pacifie-S Conference when he agreed to, terJJ1..11 with j .. ington State.: <-, F -AMOUS BRAND MATTRESSES OR BOX SPRINGS ALL AT ONE PRICE YOUR CHOICE $39 Twin Or Full Size RJr spring without' robbing the. All designed : with sturdy 'edges, t9rning handles, air vents. Shop early and save plenty! AT LARMON'S', I .3 -.., WHY WORRY ABOUT OR EASY CREDIT TERMS WHEN EVERYBODY KNOWS "LARMON LISTENS" $EE WHY LARMON'/. 1324.30 PHONE E. Broadway 248.2557 ,;. -. your BANKAMERICARD here ... &VIlTOMNG H-. IS THE "LEADER "IT'S EASY TO PAY THE LARMON WAY" OPEN FRIDAY HIGHT 'TIL P P. M. Plenty Of fREE Parking On ot fn Rear Of Store


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