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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 25, no. 47 (May 27, 1972)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
May 27, 1972
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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P rogress Village Mothers Blast S1ory About Wallace Shooting -All The News Fit To Print CSEE STORY ON PAGE %) Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU. AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI-WEEKLY -yoL. 25, NO. 47. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. SE. STORY ON PAGE .. Teenage Pageant Set -, Form-er Tampan Buys \ WTMP Radi. o I, ; ... (SE E STORY O N pAGE 11) *. : -. 18-.. Y ea r Hel. d F o r (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) Richardso n FD'nd Is Set Up SEE STORY ON PAGE s-. NOVELETTES SOCIAL CLUB OBSERVES 20ih AOIVERSARY Members of the Novelettes Social Club -ob-celebrate the occasion. 'From left to right are M r s. served their 20th anniversary Sunday afternoon. Minnie Hall, 1\!rs. EIIlllJl Fripp, and Mrs. i\Iamie The Elks Rest was the :Scene of a tea held to Coleman. Little teague Enters Fourth By MARTHA ''\'HITE Sentinel Staff Writer As the Belmont Heights Little L e a g u e baseball teams enter their fourth season, Billy Reed and Benjamin Rouse look back on how it all started. When Reed was head baseball coach at Middleton High School and Rouse his assistant, they began to sort out the reasons for havin'g a "not so good !Jase-I o -ball tealn." They realized the Reed said he, Sullivan, Rouse 'Problems stemmed from the and James Hargrett, Sr., carboys not having trained baseball ried on meetings all during the backgrounds. summer of 1967 formulating For weeks, meeting on top of plans for Tampa's first black Reed's car, the two, along with littlt team. George Sullivan, made plans to Att-1r all the preliminary organize little league teams in :Planl were made the league was all of the predominantly black formld with Sullivan as its first areas of the city. This. proved presiclent. Mayor Dick Greco to be an almost difficult task and J. T Young were contacted and they then set their and land. in the Belmont Heights for the Belmont Heights area. (Continued on P.age 2()_


PAGE TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri Get Both Saturday, May 27, 1972 Village Moms_. Attack Stury About Wallace Shooting Chisholm Given Mrs. $1,000 By Panthers OAKLAND, Calif. -Representative Sh'irley C hisholm, Democrat of Brooklyn, guarded by fivil Secret Seivicemen, visited the penthouse headquarters of the Black Panther party last night, accepting a campaign contribution 11nd thanking the Panthers for their support of her quest for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Community Relations Bureau I By SGT. ARNIE MYERS ._ ____ Sheriff's BACKGROUND OF the idea that women prisoners By MARTHA WHITE sentinel Staff 'Yriter The wrath oi a group of Prog-ress Village mothers was unieashed this week against a Sentinel story in which several leaders spoke out against a .ttempted assassination of Gov. George c. Wallace of Alabama. The Sentinel-Bulletin attemptto contact about ten black leaders to get comments from them on the shooting, but manto. reach only four. The, Progress. Village mothers charged that tVro of, those contacted were not considered leaders in the 'J?Iogress Viilage Community. Mrs. Nevelyn Mabry, 4803 87th said that apparently Ja. mes Hammond and Robert Cole .have memories .about nanace. She remembered the time when Wallace stood in the doorway of the U. of Alabama to p'revent black students from entering. I don't consider Hammond and Cole as leaders of the black peopie. They've never been in our community and I can't recall ever voting them in as leaders, Mrs. Mabry said at the beginning of the meeting. Mrs. Mabry doesn't like Wallaces ideas about integration and said she doesn't regret the shooting because he (Wallace) ., wasn' t years ago when the four .black children were bombed to death in a Birmingham church. Mrs. Jeanette Edmond laughingly said, "I'm thrilled sick that he got shot I'm overjoyed. When I heard that he had been shot I was happier than I've ever been since 'I've been in Tampa." Mrs. Edmond feels that Wal' lace got what he gave, meaning, an;mosity and hatred. The!.c .. uies however; feel that a pel'son has the right to .express. his or her opinion and to stand up for what they believe is right as W!illace so faithfully did, but they still have no regret for what ha.ppEmed in Maryland two weeks ago. Edmond spoke out on mental capacity. "WhEm he: was released from the armed service he had a ten percent mental' disability and now he must have less. Mrs.-Edmond, advertising ma1hl.ger fot a local bl.ack magazine concluded, "Wallace's own preaching and teachings led to own near doom." Mrs :Sob hie ki.gsby, who re-. COURTHOUSE As5aults Michael Gi>vantes; 20, St., called police from his home Wednesday after he left McClouds' Bar, Hubert and La11-rel. St., where a man had threated to kill him. Govantes told police that he was inside the oai when Ronald Hale, 21, Lac fa lie, pulled a gun on him and "I'm going to kill you/' and fired at his feet. G"ovantes said he talked. the man out of !re opening W ednesday after burglars pushed a board loose was covering a broken glass Once inside they emptied two pinball machines, and a cigarette machine and got approximately $45 in cash and fled. Mrs. Chisholm said she had been told she would destroy her political future by Rligning herself with the Panthers. But she smiled when she was presented with Huey P. Newton's latest book, "To Die for the People," and a check for $1,000 for her campaign. She told her audience of about 150, including a few whites, although "I have to be realistic" in !lot expecting better than third of fourth place in the California primary, there was a chance she could be "a hue black horse at the convention." .MRS. BOBBIE RIGSBY he was shot down because he preached segregation. One felt that things would have been different for Wallace if he would have started, years ago, preaclJ,ing integration an!i the things that's right. POLICEWOMEN'S SERVICE should be handled by women. For some reason, there h a s been an awfu l lot of emphasiE placed on the hiring of women as police officers. Because of t h e many questions on the subject I did some research on materials written by Mrs. Lois Higgins LLD, ex-director of the Crime Prevention Bureau, Chicago, and who served for more than thir teen years as a policewoman with the Chicago police department. During the last half of the nine teenth Century, women's organi zations such a s "Federation of Women Clubs The Natural League of Women Voters," and others did manifest an interest in se c uring the app o intment or women for the speci a l handling of women and girls held in custody by law enf orcement agenciespolice sh e riff, s up e rintendents of jails, detention homes, institution s for the insane and any publicly controlled institutions. The records reflect that in 18-15 two such appointments were made, through the interest of The American Female Society and two matrons were appointed in New York City at the city prison (The Tombs) and four on Black well's Island the first prison matrons in this country The sig nificance of the early appointment of police matrons is import ant they were the first mark of official recognition of MILLER AND JONES Smokey Pig Bar-B-Que Place 4106 N. 22nd STREET 'W'E SPECIALIZE IN RIBS CHICKENS MULI ETS Open Thor. Sat. 6 p m. until The earliest appointment of a as distinguished from a police matron was in 1893, when an appointment mac'e by the mayor of Chicago, pro vided for the widow of an officer, Mrs. Marie Owens, to carried as a patrolman for thiry years or until her retirement on pension. She visited courts and assisted detective officers in cases involving women and chil dren. In 1905 in Portland, Ore gon, during the Lewis and Clark Expedition, a woman was given police powers to deal more au thoritatively and effectively with problems involving girls and young women who were b e i n g threatened with poor social con ditions and undesirable in fluences The women were known simply as workers" or "opera tives" rather than "police Many communiti e s also advo cat e d the need for policewomen to cope with social conditions con tributing to delinquency. This position carried with it duties which at present are considered to be in the realm of policewomen. Outstanding among t h e women whose contribution to the field of women police was jnvaluable is Mrs. Alice Stebbins Wells of Los Angeles She was outstanding be cause of the manner in whi c h she sought and secured her ap pointment. She pioneered u n de r the preventive-protection prin ciples which she had used ,so ef fec tively in both theology and so-cia! wor.k. Besides her work in Los An geles, she participated in a na tiona! movement for policewomen' s services .and was a leader when the had reached. its peak. For these reasoll$ her work deserves particular men tioning when the discussions are centered around policewomen. Next week, we'll talk about the first police department to hire a policewoman and placed her under civil service. See yau later! -----------------------RED FRONT GROCERY & STORE 3918 St. Buffalo Avenue, Phone 248-3733 WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS '-'Come In Eady and Gel The Best" WE DELIVER WE SELL AMERICAN EXPRESS MONEY ORDERS Hew Color Hew Shipment 9 x Come pick your$ LARGE FRESH ICE PACKED FRYERS LARGE .FRYING cii:ICKEN WINGS FRESH HOT PEPPERS Each 98c LEAN TENDER OXTAILS lb. 45c MEATY NECK BONES 2 lhs. 49c FRESH ICE PACKED BAKING HENS lb. SSe FRESH LEAN SPA RE RIB TIPS 2 Jbs. 49c TENDER BEEF STEW lb. 59c 3 PART TURKEY WINGS 39c Specials For Friday SMOKED :'liECK BONES 45c S:\fALL 'AND TENPER FRESH oKRA lb. 69c LEAN END CUT PORK C HOPS lb. 79c TENDER RIB OR BE E F STEAI{S IIJ. 99c B ACON SKINS FO R GRE ENS lb. 49c LARGE EGGS IN CARTON Doz. SSe Bag 15c BAR-B-QUE .SPARE RIBS LYKES PURE LARJ) lb 25c J-4 CAN :\HLK 3 la_rge cans 6_9c FAB WASHING POWDER Box 39c REG. 46" Monday, May 26th, 27th:&: SMART, QUALITY CLOTHING & JEWELRY ON EASY CREDIT, FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! CLARK'S -DEAN'S -Kl NCi'S BUDGET CLOTHIERS DOWNTO:WN YBOR CITY PETERSBURG LAKELAND


18-Held For First l),e,gr.ee. A woman on the scene at the time of the crime told pohce that there has beert "bad be tween the women since Mrs. Dale stabbed Deborah about three months ago. After witnesses described Deborah as the attacke r, police of ficers placed a pickuR for h e r arrest. A few hours after .,.. picKup was plaCed a rel.ttive called police for tl)em to arrest the young girl at her hom e During a police interview Deborah said she and Mrs. Dale had .an argument over Mrs Dale's boyfriend. Deborah said the woman had accused her of seeing !Pig" and threatened her about PACE TllREB -him. Police investigators said this According to Deborah, when-' week that an argument over a she and Mrs. Dale went outside -man known only as iPig" led to the tavern the first time the th.e fatal. Wednesday morning woman pulled a knife and a stabbing of ?1-year-old Mary bottle on her and threatened her Dale, als o known as Mary Ceola with the weapons. Howev e r, the Dent, 3202-E. Buffalo. inve .stigating policemen could not It was learned that Deborah find either weapon. Rahniings, 3lli E. Buffa1o, and Debor:ojh is being held in Mrs Dale were inside the Coco-County 'jail, without bond, facmg nut-Inn Tavern, 37031;2. N. 28th a first gegree murder charge. Street; at 11 a.m. drinking wine tog_e.ther shortly before the in cident ha ppened. Witnesses said the two walked outside the pla c e where an. argu-. ment started. After exchanging a few words they went back into the bar, then outside again. None <>f-the witnesses questioned saw the actual stabbing but some said Deborah pulled a inch hunting knife from her pants nne! stabbed Mrs. Pale once in the neck. : One man said .when he realized what had happened he saw the woman standing against a wall with blood spurting from the wound ; :After the stabbing, Deborah dropped the knife a'n. d -ran, po lice said. The knife scabbard was found in a booth insi .de the tavern where the two had been -Davison First Cien" Black. Over Take To Division -BAD KREUZNAOH, West Ger, many Maj. Gen. Frederic E. Davison ; 54, Tuesday became the first black officer to as sume command of a United States Ar my divisiol} when he took c;harge of the eighth infantry division here. He told troops at. a ceremony in division hP.adquarters that he [elt "very humble and grateful" to the appointment. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertiseu _..._ Somebody warn the "West. DAYTONA BEACH President -v. BETHUNE; MEDALLION I AWARQ ... ;-' address. aa honorary D(lctorate degre e from the coUege in l!KI. when he joined the in .. Daytona,: Beach. Moore presented the Mary McLeod Bethune dallion award to. Jackie Robinson following the .Dewey Fund Richardson Sef Up A Jund has' been set up at Community Federal Savings and Loan Assoc. for donations to buy Dewey A. Richardson an artifi cial and a hearing aid. Mrs. Mary Alice Dorsett, chair woman, Task For Community Development, said Ri chardson has been a towering giant. in the community for near ly fifty years and is now in need. In referring to the attaclt on Mr. Rjchardson in January of this year, Mrs. Dor said "the payoff for i s years of dedicated service to the people has been the moSt dastardly. imaginabl e e v .er." : :"1 was shocked las. t evening to learn tliat this servant of the First .In lntejratio n .-:---WASHINGTON-::..:._ Hillsborwould become substa;tially ough County was praised by. a tegrateg." ; desegregation study Tuesday as Iri general ; the study conclud one of only four southern school' ed that southern scho'ol distriCtsi districts really trying to make _,.!)0 : ll.iford equal pro desegregij.tion ) work. t of to the The study, carried : gJJt by six ity of black studentsin civil rights il'lclUdiiig the schools. NAACP and .Southern Regio :nal .:.....Have iltleast a dozen ,major Council, said Duval and' Orange urban schoq! s y s _t e m s with counties : h ave desegregation 3 h !{" I n d u t d plans tha't : are '.'obsolete imd inds todc" lndg_sye l _ea aetgo a 0 adequate." a e ... n I>., __ 1 the exper1enc1,?g Flonda county,. covered m the trend that been aid study, was for' proce: ed by _and loclll state.. ---. NJ.ggerCharley / people who has given the best _diH"eS. acti?n < The study said the black com. .-:-Are black munity in Pinellas believes that dents in -num. the School Boatd and staff inhers becaiise -'.".teachers :' canJ10t tentionally 81ppointed a white : cope : with a f?.I' .. principal to Gibbs High that does not. reflec \ their own "when it became clear the school cultural or. inora1 valqes ain'trunningno more. of his -me, reached. such a ripe age (77) has met iiueh mis fortune but was not getting any financial aid from any agency." "I don't know about the welfare departinent, the poverty programs or model cities, but I do kno\vr that beyond a sha dow of a doubt, Mr. Richardson desetves an artificial eye and a hearing aid," Mrs. Dorsett con eluded. AIL contributions should be sent to the Dewey Richardson Fund, Community Federal Sav ings and Loan 1493 Tampa Park Plaza, Tampa, Florida 33605,': Mrs: Dorsett con cluded. -Miss Black .Teenage 1 ampa To Be ;:eld Sunday 1.. :. Making/ Brutality Federal Crime 1s WASHINGTON 1 'Burke Mar Pollee. shall, lie ad of -the Justice beThe '.proposal' by Marshall, now partment's -.Civil ij.lght Div-iSion-of -.the;Yale Law ,Scl)oo!.,-:.is during the Kennedy atlniinistr!l: similar to one lidvan .ce'd by co!Jh-: tion, urged Weqnesd,ay that posel : for the NAA,ey a C -Uie : lic e brutality be n1ade a specific hearing Tuesda'y. ,;_ crime federal law : 'expressed-, A.s it is now he tolci the sen ... .a:ng tir'e r :_:recom. ; .(. ate Judiciary 'subaommittee : on_ Jack. criminal laws and proce!lures fed: the NAACP, It eral prosecutors have to proye de \ for __.!! ... intent by one person to Qfflps:r, fail'-": another of his consitutional rights : _. to to .. persons. In. MarshJ!!l said a major frustra e;xerCI!!e. of .. th eu constitutional The first Annual Miss Bla ck tion of the Justice : Dep .attment Teenage Tampa Beaut. y Pag" has been its ina])ility >to-deal ef "It would. l;le a v':rY djf(icullt ._ eaut will be held Sund;iy, May fectively with the use .of : e _x-criminal t_o 28 at 6 p.m at the Sheraton cessive force by state 'Bri'd "Marshall althoug1f:-be-... Hotel, according to Michael ... ,. sQ.id .,ab'out. it;,_; Wayne Smith, airector. Michael, I further .. : -. '' ,_. a student at Jefferson High North win -, ire, lots ;,t School, is being r ssisted by Miss of Best Tale _qt catagory. for .:il: o(ficer_. to c. Jackie Nickson, profeseioual mo. m the Miss 1?'-&"'-:.-.rail -' dey and instructor at Hillsborogeant. The Mr: ,.:-ficienf ; force :-to' interve ne .vin-_a ugh Commllll!ity 'College. Re!lnex stuqe!_lt g\vn ,or;il! JJt&. The teenagd < 1 3.J.6) T?e local -pageant ilS' a..-rn:e: '!.; :..,l!ifl,t of .. hmmary for the anq nat1o : w h -"" k contestants have enJoyed the past a1 liif 11h 1 / ti na'i .. : 1iS ed a k f 1 b .n com.p, e wn. a 9 pf ... wee s preparmg or t 1e 1g con contest 1s a _production of Hal th t d ti f'. n n ti lll test. They were exposed to tlhe Jackson Productions New : .... :.cJ.u op .. :.. : 1 t r t h r1g LS y ecQnvmic coerCIOn ""' -normah pagetn sued The state. fin als 'Yill be:. made a crime jil, the,new;.;u.s;,_ ast :; s, km etrvJews beanh held in M iami at the Sheraton Criminal .Code being &aftec i' by ex ras 1 e coo ou s,. a ac Four Ambas sado'rs Hotel and the th b '0 t t ., .. : t d I t h f t .. e su c mm1 ee. .. ,.... p,ar Y. an P easan, ours 0 JUS contest in -While testifi e d T in .structor .f9r. Jll e .28 1 .'lii.t:,.J .. i IS 'R. be purchased a t getting, toge th .er. Madtson Garden on .. not Sm1bh. Sherrell 1s. a student. al College Hill _Pharll),acy, ij:O. us(l cit t rtively ; fi l :i 1Qr from. ..mal. r. OifficultU:. of::Ob.taii!in.,._;.._Jurv :,ccmoc"-:'-J' J)reviously a 1 .. ,; '" .l:dl, .... ,.


..... PACE FOUR Fla. !entbiei-Bulletln Publlshe'cf every Tuea. anCI. Frt Cet Both Ed.itionl ,. : Sentinel IBuilfifia / -.. Published every Tuesday and Friday 1 by I'Jorida Sentmel Tampe. Bulletin Pub-.I '"'M-l lisbing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, -33601. ------C. BI:.YTHE AND.REWS Ff?under and C. BLYTHE JR. -: SIMON JOHNsON -J'Vke ... / JIDls. ROSE CRUTCBFJriD \ \ .. Vice "" JOHNNY JACOBS Vice Presideat-Advertisbtl 8etond cia.sS postage paid at '4mpa,. \ Florida. ..., SUBSCRIPTION RATES 1.51 Per Year Oae Edi&ioL $]%.51 Per Year Both Editioas. NAACP's I I 'Withdrawal All isn't well on "the black pc). litical front. The recent with-of, the NAACP from the National' Black Political Conven -ak.u is an irreparable solar plexua Llow the motley organization that met in Gary -on March 10 ... Without a doubt, the NAACP the most. c i v i l righta organization to be identi 'lied 'with the Black Convention. Its identif:ication was presumably' hased; on a reasonable that a new force aiming at gal -vaniztion of the race' a mu)tiple I political interests and ideals were emerging. The NAACP lent its full sup port and prestige to what had given promise of being a unifica t>ipn process on a broad activist front. That promise in .the searing heat generated by di5Sents on resolution' s that were, Gn grounds alone, at vari wilth enlightened black interests. The resolu:tions against achool busing. and against. the state of' Israel were pushed through in th_ e Convention's final hour of de-CISion. They were distressful Jnanifestations of idiotic thinking that cannot be defended either .m the basis of common logic or the: basic of national -interest. 1Until housing no lottter. follows ,-a-eakulated pattern o( resiClential bUng is the-. \m.echanism through. which .chelf ... '"" -. .. "l Js genuine consensu.. in the black . $3 Million Friend Ubya has proved to be t h e kind of friend one can count on. That country has made a loan of nearly $3 million to the Black Mwlims to establish a national _Mosque and center in Chicago. Moslems do work with the Mus lima. It is a:n interest-free loan that ''js almo_st as important, from a financial viewpoint, -as the -loan itself.' The\'way the'Muslims. have been de.ve_loping under Eli jah Muhammad t b e y probably. have swung a three-million loan through normld channels. Bat they were .:aQt -about .to get an loan. The savings on that 1 could amount to more than miUion dollars. Details of the loan we do not know, but Muhammad has himself to : be quite capable of, hand!ing money matters. So the sect' work cqntinues to improve. To an extent that dwarfs what any other b I a k denomination has attempted, the Black linu have taken full advantage of the tax loopholes Wilson's name is added to the roster of noteq broadcast figures who have been cited in the past, including JohDny Carson, Jack Benny, Ed Sullivan, Walter Cronkite, Arthur Godfrey, Lowell Thomas and Don McNeil. ;:-;, r The Flip itv'..ilson Show'' rs eluding its sepn, on NBC, ; TV 1 .as the mnst lpopufal' varietf-"' .television. ... ... ... ).,. : : New Mt. zion 2511 E. Co)umbull Dri1'e Rev. B. J ; Jones, Paator Sunday services will begin with' Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. with the Supt., Dea. Virgil Brooks, in ch,arge. Other officers and teachers are expected at their Parents are to en courag e their children to attend Sunday School. The pastor will review lhe lesson. Morning service begins at 11 with the deacons and Junior deacons in charge of devotional services. The junior choir and ushers will ser.ve and the. pastor w)II deliver the message. At 2:45 the No. 2 Choir Union will at Peace Baptist Church, Rev. J. C. Goins, pastor. The No. 1 and No. 2 choirs of this. church are. members of this union. The public Ois invited to come out. BTU be held at 5 p.m. with the president, Milton Biggham, in charge. Evei-yone is in. vited to come out, and take_part in this training union At 6 baptism will be held and all candidates are askell-' to come prepared. Evening s eivice will follow with the same deacons in charge of devotional service. The same' 'choir and ushers will serve and .the pastor will bring the sermon. Remember to visit and pray for ali the sick and shut-ins everywhere. They desire prsyer. You are extended a cordial invitation to worship with us at all times. As pastor !ays, "This is the church wher.e everybody is somebody." _, I Calvary .SDA Elder R. A Sloan, Pastor -Mrs. Lillian Jenkins, Reporter A lecture on one of the most discus-sed disease among blacks today S>kkle Cell Anemia was the target of the MV Program Sabbath Afternoon. The guest lecturer was M!l's. Jeanne Sanabraie, Blood Tecect to elect Wallace as its chief executive. What happened to .)'ohn Lindsay is that he trusted the people and they ddomed his captpaign. He was a politician to his very bones and politics has ruined m o r e good men than liquor' women, and the bobtails put together. .In New York City, for example, having convinced blacks he wanted their best interests, he tried to realize this poltical capital by moving them into Jewish neigh borho'ods. He trusted the Jews: But once it was their neigh borhood at stake, the Jews proved no more than the Irish, Italians, or Protestant elite in the w e s t Bronx. For four generations, the Jews had been committed liberals. They subscribed to the idea of absolute equality because absolute equality was good for t h e Jews. But once the 'authorities decided the blacks needed a handicap for equality, the Jews became the intractable enemies of the civil rights cause. Had Lindsay read the intellect ual Jewish journals, he w o u 1 d have sensed this. Having found the Jews unrelia able, he decided to trust the peo ple He took his to them for their imprimatur. He wanted an end to the war in Vietnam, relief for the cities, and civil rights for all. The constituency proved air un reliable for his hopes as t h e Jews in Forest Hills Too many subtleties attended Hizzoner There is little that's subtle about un employment and Sen Henry Jackson knows it. Thirteen 'per c;ent of the working force in Washington is out of work There is little that's subtle about the Vietnam War and Sen ator McGovern, who has inherited Bobby Kenendy's -and Eugene McCarthy's constituency, knows it. And Sen. Hubert Humphrey is the New Deal, 28 years after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The mood of the constituency is tentative. They are not what they want -to do about the pol a rities which 'draw us apart, but they are in some sense s u r e what they do not want to do.; Tbey do not want j;O be Chris--..... tians about it. : No one understands this better, I feel, than Richard Nixon ; He Is the perfect man to deal with this attenuated mood. He will juggle these balfs forever in the hopes Uie constituen cy 'will decide to make up -.it mind. Carver City Pra_y.er Be1nd Mrs. Elvid.a Dexter, Pres. Mrs. lola Harris; Reporter The Carver City Prayer Band will meet Tuesday morning-at 11:30 at the home of Mrs. Vera Wilson, 4510 Spruce St. The band met last week at the home of Rev. ElUs who : the lesson. Please L r ememtler the and shut-inS > 'Vlsitots -are atwaya ;o;-hL


Saturday, May 27, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publishe 'cl every Tu. es. anCJ Frt. Get Both Editiolis PAGE FIVE. ------AROUND THE rowN By HAYWARD Bethel Baptist The Sunday School Lesson By BEY. A. LEON LOWRY PASTOR, BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH 808 Short F;mory Street Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor The men and women of Bethel Baptist Church have worked un tiringly to make this day a .J'OR RENEWAL I grand success. The morning worship will begin at 10 :45 with deColossians 3: 1 1i; 1 Peter 4:12-19; Revelation 2:17; 3: 14-!! 1 votion conducted by the Missions. Is there a need for reVival of new and alive all men. He came The Angelic Chorus of church? Something is wrong to seek and to save the lost and Baptist Church, will rende r the with t he organized church. Once still this is the m i ssion of music. the church was able to d r a w c hurch The guest speaker will be Mrs. men and. women, boys and girls, are new creatures in J,. 1 K E, AS P R o M IS ED 1\'lr .and Mrs. Sam (Elouise) Hazel Harvey, supervisor of' cur-but now the church seems to be God, they are done with theil" riculum, Hillsborough County I d It t h ERE'RE A FEW VIEWS BE Jr., whohad among Sam osmg groun seems o ave old natures and its practices, so "'RE N AFTER THE K ppAS B J t h' th Bas ileus, Zeta Phi Beta. Sorority far less influence than many other th li "' ,., rown r. s gues was Is mo and a member of Allen Temple now ey ve as new born mell AND WHITE BALL er-in-law, Mrs. Cornelius Cash of C institutions in our community ; and women. We a saying. iust congp'atulate the Kappa .. Ocala and my ex-school teacner, this dynamic There must be a reason for the "Let the church be the church e atrehity Brothers first for put Mrs. Lucille J&hn' son, plus gentle speaker who has chosen for her for this seeming irrele by the same token, "Let ng on once again a real swing-man John Pope. theme, "The Lord's Prayer." vance Could it be that the chun::h tians be Christians : -Let them tg ball And second for getting AND AFTER THE KAPPAS Evening worship will begin at. has become too affluent, too well behave .as God would have them le 'n Mine out to our first for-BLACK AND WHITE BALL WAS 3 p .m. The program for this ser-educated? Could it be that the behave ; if this is done what a .nal dance 'in three years, includ OVER, dapper gent Curtis Dixon vice will consi s t of the origin. church feels no longer any need glorious thing it would be ing some I've helped pay for and went out to the Armory parking of Hymns by Mrs Ruth Jeffer- of the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Innovations, new programs and sponsor. lot and found his "Hog" Cadil son and Mr. Leroy Twiggs. It could be that with its n e w 11ctiVities can not take -. Guess you already saw the lac had beeh hit by a hit 'n run Music will by the fpund affluence and well trained _place of real commi tment and morning after pictures given Kapner. Curt, a working mate for New Bethel Baptist churchpeople tha:t the church feels that dedication and the renewing -of pa folks Marion Cabrera and Aircraft Service Corp. at {J'IA says choir, of which Rev. L. R Stan-it can accomplish its mission in our faith. The only thing we need wife, Eloise, Herbert Carrington, : he'd be real pleased if the guilty cil is th' e pastor. t)le world without the powe1 of to do as an old evangelist used Jr. and his Mrs., Arthur Mayes .party would just him half Mr. Harold Brewer will be our GOd's Spirit.-to sing: and let us go and his attractive Cadillac (red} the one hundred dollars damage, I S pecial guest. Mrs. Willie B. As we take a good hard look back to God." driving ''Cookie" and Don c. as he s just a poor brother trying Walker the overall chairman, at the church we surely need to We need to return to God .. and "Chappell" Williams, Sr., an d to. I?ake it. :AND Don and all of 'her co-workers are recognize that we need God to let him enter our hearts. Surely his Ursula, who in my book has Wllhams and Wife of Lakeland extending a cordial invitation to give the power that .is necessary we need to surrender to him and always been everi more beauti and USF along with Kappa you to be present and enjoy this to make the church go and grow. give -him our obedience and love. ful tban the one Jim Brown's gents and ladies Harry and Luspecial day with them. It is ohly the power of God that He will transform and change us trying fo.r. By the way word is cille the Richard Powrenews and revive$. if. we let him .enter our lives Chappell's next in line for the ells, and Wilton and Daisy Sweet--Peace Progresslve PB There is no substitute for God Only:when Christians are' chang Polernarch post presently held by ing invited Me 'N l\Iargaret to in the work' of the church Some-ed and transformed do we have Herbert Carrington, Jt; an after ball breakfast at a new 2628 E. Lake Avenue times we have to come almost 1 a changed and transformed And among t h e other folk$ place to me anyway-The Bakery Rev. E. A. Todd, Pastor to the brink of destruction bechurch. Then revivals break out 'side this fellow enjoying .the .. on N Dale Mabry. Mrs. Lorene Calhoun, Report e r fore we can realize that fhere all over the land and ball were, fabulously dressed This IS a spot where yo: u pay Sunday school began at 10 with is help for us and it Old. animosities, hates' ; and ide ail :Mrs. Dorothy Harris, dapper $1.95 for your breakfast and \-kin Mrs. Ollie Todd as supt. All tea could be that in this dark hour of status are no more The thing Leon Mickler and wife Dapheny. eat all mght long. After this it chers were at their posts. of the church there-, will be a men di. sappear ; A We had a nic e chat his Bel was just a matter of getting to Morning serV-ice began at u turning to God, fellowship is t)lat w e mont Heights Little League bed before da.ylight Sunday and with Dea. John Evans in charge. Getting the right outlook, the can call a Cniistian fellowship, clubs. Next to me "Deacon" Dustrying to get up by daylight Rev. Henry Brown preached and right perspective in life is quite When we have a Christian ty Allen was the top amateur day. the adult choir and No. 2 ushers important. Knowing what to put ship we have the body of Christ. dancing heavyweight champ of JETS HERE IN THERE served. first and putting first things first Only in Christ can there' come the evening. Still there was Invite received to the marriage Ev,ening service began 6 with is essential. There is too much unity and If' tb:a other "heavyweight" who out of 1\'Iary Gerlene Brantley and the. same choir, ushers, deacons evasivemes!? and of church is. to be renewed,._ resur:o. danced us all, every round. But Richard Allen which will be June and minister set:ving. the issues we do not know what rected, revived anl:l revita.Iized Q -can' t recall his name. No it 3rd at the bride's parents, Mr Those on the sick list include W\l believe and are easily tossed r,nust surrender to Christ, ; keep:.i wasn't and Mrs. W: L. Brantley home Mrs. Willie Mae Seas. p 1 e a s e to and fro. by every \vin tL .. of ing in mind .that He died .for all-. Charming Wilds, 2510 Central Ave pray ferife d _fro-in< _.:00-9:00 .. who helps ke_ep me smiling pre.. Univ and Univ. of T,_ampa. Which STUDIES, had as weekend guests man Monday Frid!lY arul :: tY:, Mrs. Nettie Blythewood, along mean s we'll see ..Ralph in football her mother 1\'Irs Wayple Airman Rogers L. Graham ll':OO a,.m .::S:OO : -p':in, SatiJrd!IYS.-< With l\lr. and Mrs. Sam (Louis.e) action Nov. 4th at Tampa Stad ,: and _daughter, Yvo nne, w _ho srpiYe!lndd-in15t. hdeayVsillwa_ gi_teh thhii'ss wp_ ea. ekre. nttso' c.t_ y W!..l_ e M ale' :.., __ -, .. .. -. ,_. B rown and younger generation ium, regardless .. flew In VIa EAL from NYC. IU ===========-----.:... ___ .:_...,..:____ AND, HERE'S' HOW THE and._ .family, Mr. and Mrs. JOeph Arl te l\f .EMPIRE:..PAINT MANUFACTURilfG COMPANY 3418 E. 71h AVENUE PHONE 'tAMPA, ,tJ.A. WHITE ..... : . .$275 gal. INTERIOR 8c EXTERIOR LATEX OR OIL WHITE AND. COLORS One Coal, Covers Most Surfaces! LINSEED OIL PAINT SALE 20 per pl. ERNEST CURR-y: "HOW TO. (Mary) Graham, 5411 87th St. He r Pres. "l d J W"illte L 0 S E SEVENTY POUNDS" WI. _epart on. 7 for San All. c: 'ltil'':', 1llfidlll."4' DIET WORKS -First i Cahforma where. he .-Men's Chorus "y6u" have to make up your mind Will be duty for tipte. at Mt to wanna lose weight. Then you Many welcomed .. .AP.!9.rlrllng cut out fried foods, beer (high home even for a short ,attend tbe ball now 'n then 'is okay), stop VISit. J!'illmore >. eating a plate of rice, eat only Get :well wishes ber. one cooked cup. Eat broiled Dubose of Bahia 'be. steaks and chickens, green vegetables and "WORK 'I SEE YAU LATER WHEN READY FOR YOUR NEXT SUIT OR EXTRA PANTS See Rerh al Allan's 10111 FRANKLIN STREET Phone 229-1261 HERB THE TAILOR BIG JOE'S BAR


PAGE SIX Fla. Published every Tues. and Fri Get Both Editions 1972 MAYOR OF BARTOW TO SPEAK AT -LUKE: AME SUNDAY Inez Richardson, Mrs. Muriel Manning, Virgil Bro9ks, James Hargrett, Jr., Mrs. Sye Mrs. Maxine Douglas, Mrs Lu ella Montjoy, John Pope, Mrs. Mary ;Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Al-. bert Bradley, Samuel Washing ton Mrs. Carine Redford, and Miss Cll'arlotte Kirkland At 6 o'clock, Rayford Allen, principal of Bfl:O):er T. Washing ton Jr. High School, will serve as moqerator for a panel on "Housing." Robert Moore from P.roject Pride; Dave Williams, Health Department of Model Cities; and E. L. Bing, Educa-,. tion Director, Model Cities, will discuss all phases of housing as it. affects the average citizen : Also apeparing wil )be Mrs. Ruth MAYOR GEORGE H GAUSE t George H. Gause, Mayor of Bar tow; will deliver the address at 5t Luke AME Clmrch Sunday morning for the ll o;clo<;k ship. When he was elected mayor on January 4, 1971, he became Florida's first_ black to be selected for this office since ReconstruHe is a mortician and is also completing a three year term as city commissioner. .Mayor Gause wil lbe introduced by William Bryant. Others to appear on program include Mrs. -Peterson, Mrs. Pauline Brady, Mrs. Eloise Russell, Mrs. Catherine Martin, Mrs. Uel6!1 Hughes, Mrs. Ernaline Fryer, Mrs. Helen Wilson, Mrs. Evelyn Car ter, James Scrivens and Mrs. Ruby Sanchez. Members of the program com mittee are Mrs. Earon Cuffie, Mrs.. Florence Greenlee, Mrs. Nellie Mrs. Naomi J-Ohnson, Mrs. Theresa Cooper, Mrs. Curtiss Wilson and Mrs. Inez Sparks. The Rev. John E. Cary is the speaker. ...-Mrs: Warren Will Aclclress Women At M _t. Sinai Sun. 'MifS. JEWELL WARREN w oinen (elebrat' Anniversary MRS JOHNNIE M. THOMAS The Senior Women of New Salem P.B. Church will celebrate their 55th anni versa'ry Sunday aftennoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Johnnie M .' Thomas 'is president.' Women's Day activities are s cheduled at Mt. Sinai A.M :E. Zion Church Sunday at. 11 a.m. The gu est speaker will be Mrs. Jewell Warren who is very active in the community and is employed as a social worker-teacher for the State Department of Welfare Services. She is a native of. Tampa and a graduate of Tuskegee Institute. The dedicated wo men of Mt. Sinai have worked diligently to make this pr_ogl:am a great suc cess. Other prominent ladies to _appear on the. program include Mrs. Ruby Smtih, -Miss Sadie Stevens, Mrs. Katreen Delcour, Miss Helen Long and Mrs. Lucy Futch. The Senior Choir of Hood Teri1ple Zion church will render the music. The Rev. Alexander L. Jon,t:;, pastor, joins Mt. Sina( WO!l\en in extending an invitation to the public. Highland Bapt. Church 34.10 E. North Street Rev W. M. Bodo, Pastor Genevieve Triplett 'Reporter SundaY' schRol began at t h e hour v.;ith the supt: fu charge. .__. .. .. MQI"Jring y.rorship bap tizing. Dea. John Triplett was in of '-deyotion. The _pastor the sermon. The No. 1 choir and ushers -served. The choir 'imion followed-an d was enjoyed by all. The Jr. choir will meet Satur day at 5 p.m. Sunday at 3 p m the N o r t h Tampa Ushers Union will convene at Highland. All of the members are asked .tq go with the pastor and dea cons to worship at Ebernezer MB Church, Rev. pastor, to serve in the Dec. Federation at 6 p.m. At 7:30 Rev. H. H. Douglas and St. James AME of--Progress Vil lage will tender service at Highland. All other activities for the week will. remain the same. Everyone is invited to attend all of our services. Let us pray for each other. WIGS WIMBERLY'S PRE-SCHOOL PLANS CORONATION ACTIVITY The 1971 Kings and Queens of the Wimberly Pre-School and Nursery will be featured as retiring royalty Saturday, June 3, at the 1972 Coronation to be held at Dunbar Elementary School. Pictured left to right are Nursery Queen Valerie Renee Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis 4316 Main Street, and King Philip Tucker, son of the Rev. and Mrs. Philip Tucker Sr., 1723 Arch Street; Kindergarten Queen Yolan!! a Clayton daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Clayton 1504 Spruce Terrace, and King Kevin Lewis, son of Mrs. Delores Lewis 1316 Chestnut Street. The runners-up were 1\Ionica Faye White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Charles White, 613 N. Gomez; Deidra Washington, daughter of Mr. (and Mrs. Ben Washington, 2901 Pandora Court ; Maureen Tucker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Tucker, Lemon Street; and Mi chael Winters, son of Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Win ters, 3922 Nassau Street. The children in the foreground are Clovis Neal, I.isa 1\IcCray and Tia King, members o fthe Royal Court. 1\-Irs. :\I. H. Wimberly is the direct'or. TO MARRY IN JUNE Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Niblaclt announce the engagement of their daughter, Rhayanetta De nise Jones to Airman First Class John Harris, sO'n of Mrs. Judy Mae Harris. The wedding will be at 2 P. M. on June 17, -at the I\IacDill Air Force Base Chapel. A reception will follow at 2336 first Baptist Of Progress Church Village Rev. B. -T. Williams, Pa.stor Services began at First Baptist with Sunday school.. Morning ser vices began with Williams bilee choir and the No. 2 \J:Sher board serving for the day's ser vices. Rev. Williams delivered the message. BTU began at 5 o'clock and evening service at 6:30. Men's day will be observed Sunday, May Rev. Gordon and his chorus will render the musical selections and bring the message at the morning 11 o'clock services. -Rev. Keel and our Men's chorus will bring the mes sage and serve at the 6:30 ser vice. Everyone is invited to come out and help us to make this day a successful one. Eve.i:Jts -Prayer meeting and Bible study Wednesday night. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS THE TAMPA NAACP is meeting at 4 P. M. Sunday at the American Legion Home, 2504 29th Street. Members of the FRIENDLY TWELVE SOCIAL CLUB will give a party Saturday night at the residence of Oscar Strong, 2909 E. McBerry. The public is invited A meeting of the WEE BANKERS CLUB will be held Saturday evening at 8 o'clock at the residence of Mrs. Laura McCall, 7405 Faul Street, Port Tai)1pa. On Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, the PHIOLETTES SOCIAL CLUB will meet at the home of Mrs. Okaretha ontgomery, 501 S. Orleans Birthday honors will go to Mrs. Janie Brooks and Mrs. Julia Timmons THE ORCHID CLUB will entertain models of thei-r '72 Fads and Fashions Show Sunday afternoon at Allen Lake in Keystone. The affair is invitational and begins at. 1:30 On Saturday evening at 6 o'clock, a meeting cif the JUST US SOCIAL CLUB will be held at the home of Mrs. Ann Massey, 4014 Laurel St. Members of_ the FASHIONETTE SOCIAL CLUB are giving a par_ty Saturday-night-at the American Legion Home. The public is InVIted A box of groceries will be given -away at the party givep tonight by members of the TRUE BLUE SOCIAL CLUB. It will be at the home of Mrs. JOhnnie Williams, 1524 LaSalle Street, and the public is welcome. E;dgar Hamilton, 4916 N. 37th Street, will host a meeting ofthe TROJANS SOCIAL (;LUB Sunday afternoon at 5:30. THE OON'T YOU WORIW (;LUB is meeting tonight at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs, Moragne, 3614 18th Street. Me1:ppers o f the FRIENDLY SOCIAL CLUB are having a party Saturday night at the Armettia Temple, 2 _7_1_7 18th Avenue. Mrs. Ezell Coleman will be the birthday celebrant when the AMERICAN BEAUTY SOCIAL CLUB meets tonight. at 8 o'clock .at 'the home of Mrs. Emmaline Fryer, 340i Lindell Avenue,, Mt. Olive AME 1745. LaSalle Stroot Rev. A. F. Little, Pastor, Mrs. Ola M. Gonzajez, Rept Last Sunday evening I'q-esiding Elder, A. D. Bruton was present and held _the 3r d quarterly conference. -Rev. Little was in charge of devotion. Mr. Clyde : Allen and M rs. Everett assisted the P. E Each board of the ohurch made written and lliuancial reports. The P. E. was present Sunday. He delivered the sermon: Mrs. Burton was in Los Angeles, Calif. visiting a sick relative. 'Grand Union Pallbears Council No. 2 worshipped at Mt. Olive during the moming and the No. 1 ohoir served throughout the day. Many members of the church were attending other first Union Baptist 3707 E. Chelsea Rev. Thompson, Pastor Sunct_ ay sch09l began at t h e usual hour with the acting supt. in charge. The teachers were at their posts. The lesson was re-viewed by the pa s tor. Morning worship began at 11. Devotion was led J)y the deacons. ChQir No. 3 and the Jr. ushers served. The sermon was delivered by. the pastor. Evening worship began at 6. The same choir served. T h e pastor delivered the sermon. Three members w e r e baptized Wednesday evening. Prayer meet ing will be held Wednesday night at 7. Visitors are always welcome. churches in this .special day observances. We are always happy. to have and welcome visitors. CLOTHING & Music will be rendered by the of Mt. Pilgrim P.B. Church of' l3r11denton, and the annj_ver' : :t;ary ; sermon-.. will'. j}e i:lelivered ( 'by! the Rev. A. Alieni Mt. Pilgriin, .pasfor,, mission!lrY ; ... '-,''EASIEST; CREPIT. TERMS IN TOWN .. .. joCities will be speCial gtiests. CREDIT CLOTHIERS' INC. lf. 915 FRANKLIN ST. lAMP A HUB .l _. "l'ht Bev. R. H. Howard pastor. "".: -'


Saturday, May 27, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publishe(J every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE SEVEN -------------------------Popular Coach T cf .. Ad'dress Day. Audience Sunday ,ENGAGED. FELLOWSHIP DAY AI MJ PLEASANT BAPTIST CHURCH plete for _th" e o" will lie held Sunday. The church Members of Mt. Pleasant M.'B. is located on Kissimmee imd Church, 20'01 N. Rome Avenue, Idaho Str'!ets. Everyone i s weiwill have Fellowship Day Sunday come: in lieu of the usmil Women's The speaker at ll a.m. will be Day programs. Abraham Brown, : popular head Activities will be.gin at 9:30 football coach at Jefferson High when Sunday School will be School. He will be introduced by opened by guest superiritend erit Keily Williari1s, Dean of Boys, Mrs. Willie B. Henderson. Plant City High School. The At 11 a.m., Miss Ann Fletcher !:mister of ceremonies will be : will giv-e the address. She is 11 Tall)pa mortician, $umner J. : very. dynamic speaker _and .a. Wilsoh: member of New Progress M ,B. bth.ei:' wi.ll. include Church, John Green; Chester Miles, R!ln-Other particip!lnts are Nprma do.J.ph Myers ; Mack R 6 g e r s, Gidden; E. Tyler; Marion .. e : s .. Campbell, AlphOn,so Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lewis a.n .Ethel Howard, 'Dorothy Render: Lewis; I Befher: Pierce, Charlje nounce the o f their SOli, Vera Colbert; G'!adys Dav. : Jph,n.. ClJ.rrett, Ev-daughter, Edith M Lewis to M1C enport,; Mamie Lee, eret. and Ben Johnson. Albert G. Harris, Jr., son of Mr ton, E;nc Chester, El,ou.1se_ Rob:! will ,pre11ide and Mrs. 'Albert G > Hllrris The son l H u d o_n, tii(E!vening .,ser:rice :. s : chedule,d wedl!ing .'will be an event of May :tHe! I'M: fen' 6. t1me, Mens 29 at 5 P. M. at St; John Pro M efthar 0M 11 .. ".Day .reports-w1ll oe heard. gressive Baptist Church. G a ewEs, d a ICY p c u ouCg 1 .! u shei s will be from Mt. Tabor, .-. < .. h h race ow en, earson, o .: .. John A. Jr., lS .t e air-etha Blanche Osie Grand Isa-. Friendship Bap.tist; Bethel AME, It is Men's Day E. D. Bodenck Ls S Luke ME belle Colin, Elmise Davis, 'Mary New Salem of Hyde Park; and Mt. Zion A : M.E. Church in Port cq-cha1rman. The Rev. t'.. Archie, Barbara Chester, Bertha First Baptist of Lincoln Gar-Tampa, and plans are now com. Mann IS the pastor. Rev. 'John E. Cary, Pastor Stanley, Joan Daniel,. Betty dens. iJANQUET AND MUSICAL 1\'lrs. Delia Pimienta, Pastor Barnes, Annie McDuffie, L'eila The general chairman is Mrs. The servkes were well at-Graham, Addie M. Brimfield, Eastei Gatlin. Mrs. Betty' Gatlin tended at. st. Luke on last Sunday. Emma Griff ill and Catherine and Mrs. Bernice Nelson are co Sunday School began at 9 :30 with Williams chairmen. -PROGR-AM_. AT MT. TABOR MB the guest .. sui>t. and teache:rs Morning worship beg an at 11 with the City Wide Men's The Way s and Means Comwill be selections by out of town Chorus, ushers No. 1 and 2 and mittee of Mt. Tabor Baptist choirs, Shining Light Church guest ushers serving. '"Miss San-ChUTch will .s\>Qnsor its a nnual God In Christ, Choir No. 1 ; .. dra Wilson delivered the address. Banquet' and Music al culminatRubonia ; St. Mark Young Adult; She chose as a: theine "Lift ing .. with a King and Queen ConGalilee Baotist Choir No. 1, Mt. Christ As-We Climb." tes. t on Sunday, May 2s;_ at 2:30 Olive P. B. Choir No. 1, all of The Senior Missiona 'ry Society p.m. Th e church is located on St. Petersburg. held .their meeting at 4 p.m. the co r ne r of Albany 'and Spr. ILocal Choirs appearing on the At 5 p m. evening service beucl;' program will be. AllenTemple gan with the pastorin The AME Choir No. 1, Highland Improvement, Fund Drive was \:Juoii: No : 3 and Bshers of Mt. tist bhoir i, Tyer. Temple successfully carried out. Monies Tabor win ; e .ive di1:ring :the Methodist 'olioir No. 1, Fii-st reporte(l $2,159.97. The opening-or" the musical program Lillcoln :choir" pastor and .. oiicers are grateful, with the being led by No. 1 SL Paul .Temple Oh1,1 r\!_h .. to the chairman Mr. Herbert J.\ir Fi:ed Davis and Qea. James of God In Christ Choir No. 1, Bassett; Mr. Alphonso Lewis, EcJ.;Y...l/-rd.: Eicriphi re will -})e' read Pughsley's Memoria!' Ohorus, Mt. committee chairman, members 'Earl Reese. Mrs : Ethel. Siani Mission Chorus, New Saand fri'ends who helped Howardwill present the mistress Iem P. B. Ohoir No 2, Friend-Steward :Boards No. 1 and 2 of Mrs : Sallie Holship Baptist, Carver City,. Choirs will meet Monqay night at s. mes, Mis. s Gwet!dolyn Muse Nos : 1 arid 2,, New Salem Bap. Sunday the annual Laymen's will welcome the guests. tist Choir No. 1, Mt. Tabor Bap Day wiit -be. observed. Speaker for Adnan Hicks; Dorothy tist Choir No. 2 and the Men's the. morning wilt' be Mr. G. H. IMa e 1\iock imd ArChorus. Gause, of Bartow. Iinl! wiU for the title Guest soCial clubs attending The evehing service will beof ,qt.ieeri and Parra!llore, will United Social Club, Lakeg .iri at s,' c.tlie HQusing OfMichael Shelton for kting Pre land, Wee Bankers Social Club ficials on hand to answer _any senfallons will oe made by Missand Just Us Social Tampa. questions you may hiwe con-es Margie Glen, Regina Clark Other participants will Qe ceri.Hng lious ing. Please plan to and Vercnica I\ing. Miss es Rpse Jefferson; J()Ann snare one or -both of .these ser-There will be a reading .by Hailes, Deborah Sairfs, Deborah vices : Mrs' Curtiss Wilson ; :preCommander; L : Spivey, .Jenltins Mrs Annie M. i Jones, sident. 'Let us continue to pray Po$t No. ;.1q7 ,' a due. t by : Mrs: Gregory Davis, Daniel for the sick. and shut-in. Louise Bolden and Mrs :Josep-and M-r. Sjdney HendersQn. All other weekly activ-ities rehiiJe Bullard : solos by Mr. Louis Mrs.-. : Annie Massey:. is'_ c:haif.-, ni.ain the same. Choir No. 4 Roberson, .. Mr. Hayes man Of the committee, Rev. T. J. -and ushers will. serve Sunday. and Mrs Jackso_n. -James, Prayer Ba itds T o Fellowship The Side Pt:pYer ,.. F J L d and Sunrise .. Praye_r Band Will ..:Note. $ .: rom ; amp a '' 0 g e ... 5 .. fellowship tqgether mor' . ning at s at the home of Mr. and .. ... ... -. -. Azalea-Social Club Plans:. Cocktail-Fashion Hour,,-Members of the Azalea. Social Club will' thei r Cocktail arid Fashion affair Sunday .evening from 7 until 9 o'clock a t 'the Elks Rest, 809 E. -Laurel Stieet.: Models will be Jackie Nickson, Freddie Sal!lter; Lew.il!, Roberta Harris, Debbie Ann mon, Mary Bowden, Carolyn Youn g, .Mary Est'ellEi Graham, Rosemary Eqwards, Linda Faye l{oundtree; Martha White, Ruby Taylor, Linda Bat-. tie,. Mary E.Jlenwood and Collins. A special guest model will b$ Billy Brown, owner of the 'Sqop in 'East Gate Shopping Center, who will m'odel clothing froin his store. The will _be( Je}Vell D. 'Warren. .. Music will be by H a r o.I d Brewer, a gr.aduate of Beth tina Criokman college :wfth a B:A. degree in He is a -music! tea'cher ih the ''' Hillsborotigb School ;. ._ A meeti!1g of' LILY .WHITE LODGE Jll0, .18 .wi\1 b e at. P.M. Tuesday at Cimtral 1001 Iridhi Street Durirrg :the GR;'\ND ASSEMBLY in St Pdersburg. )ast "frioil,th, :rvrrs PoJ?e was _installed chaplain of-the Royal .. Cou,rt of the Lily White '-. Mr s. F.rank 912 sth A v e. Both bands are asked to be Archie Mon;d, '-.",.ll\1:rs : Alice _J,ane, pon't roi.get tii pray' for the sick arid shut-iils. .,. MAY B!'!fa :, Soi,orit f Fancy Pants. Boring on Page 8) St. .Paul AME Citv'-Wide Mission Mr. A'i:Iiaster Morgan, Pres 504 Hlurisoit street ;Prayer .. .. : '"Mr. Spel ls, Rept. Rev: F': T.' Sanchez, Mjnister Mrs. Carrie Duval, President AI( members of the City Wide Mrs.. C: H. Rept.: Mrs .Argusta Simmons, !Men!s Oht---. '. ; MAY Banquet sponsored by ZjoD' IDU, AME at 'the Amel'ican Legion Hall, 2504 29th 'street : Temple 158. ob.s!!ives at 809 E. Laurel Street, 8-10 MA1: .. M:t. )'abor M : : 8. Church, 200l' N. Aibany Avenue MAY 28-A:ialea Social Club sponsors Cocktails and Fashions at, ;Elks Rest, sog E. "'a'!rel Street; P.l\i, : MAY 28-Walking Doll sponsored by Alpha P'mlcrQn ter the Natlona( soi:ority of Phi'oeita'' Kapp a ; Potter. Eleniimtary 4 .'P : MAY 28-Miss Black Teenage America of Tampa Motor Inn. MAY 28-Men's .. Day, Mt; Zion AME P!Jrt TamP.a. MAY 28-United Fellowship Day, Gre .ater Bethel' Baptist Church. 11 A.M. . MAY 28-Spring Tea sponsored by Health and Edllcati!Jn Ass ociatlon, Sugar Shack, 4-7 P M. : .. ;, MAY 28-Women's Day, Mt. ''A. M / E. Zion MAY 28-Fellowship Day, Mt. Pleasant M. B. C1tUrch. 1\IAY 25-28-Peace Progressive P. B. Church observes 6th Anniver. Sary. MAY 28-Seasonal Tea, Hood Al\IE Zion Church. JUNE 4-Calcnuiir Tea sponsored by Beuhh Baptist Church at Kid Ma son Recreation Center, 4-6 .1.' :\I. JUNE 4-New salem l'. B. Church observes 67th anniversary, 3 p.m. JUNE 5-YWCA : sponsors Adult Disney World Tour. JUNE 11-Women's Day, Hood Temnle AME Zilr!l Church. JUNE 11--,Women's Mt OUve Church, '"' spons l s 1 f JUNE 18-Rose Garden ifea S Pa. ul :Aid P, M, ... l 'ihoii!L:.


, F.Ja. Tues. Edltiorui SaturCiay, May 27, 1972 MIRRORS : Of sOCIETY-. By. BEVERLY WEDDING DATE ANNOUNCED Announcenient was made this week that the wedding of Diana 1\faria Hicks and Tommie Brown will be an event of 7 P. M. on May 27 at First Baptist Church of Progress Village. The bride _elect is the daughter of Mrs. Allnie Ruth Dowdle and the late Mr. Clifford Hicks, and the granddaughter of Mr and Mrs. Jimmie Brin-5811 of Progress Village The prospective bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. 1'om Brown of Progress Village. BOl\IECOMiNG AT 1\IT. CARMEL Homecoming and Laymen Day will be obServed at Greater -Mt. Carmel A.M.E. Church located at 34th street and 38th Avenue on Sunday at 11 o'clock : Mrs; EveiYJI Jones Lewls of Ft, Lauderdale, a former member ()f Mt.-'.Carmel, will be the speaker. All choirs and ushers of the church will serve. -Mittie Hayes, Gloria Philmore, Susie and C. D Lazier are among the program participants along with Frank Odom, Loreno Hayes, Ernest Garvin and Keith Jackson. .Mrs Mary Filmore is the program chairman, and the Rev. C. D. Lazier is pastor. GRADUATION AT ST. JOHN KINDERGARTEN St. John Kindergarten graduation exercises will be held at 6 P M Saturday. Children to receive diplomas are Delina Batson Bridget Beckam ; Lupatrick Williams, Larry Hall, Wayne Sanders' Bell,. Raymond Brinson, Jr.,_ Earl Williams Anthony Cadore: Cornelius Gilbert )\'. White, Felicia McGhee, Roger Wat lion, Mallard, April Watson, Elviko Todd, COnstance Jones, Francme McGee, Jeffery Stucky, Felicia Walters, Bernadette Stephen Streeter, sheila SimQn, Raymond Daniels, Ronald Douglas; Robyn Eady, Darrell Jackson, Theresa Green, Terence Fer,Jackson, Christina Hardy, and Cheryl Jackson. Ev IS InVIted. Mrs. Washington is the director. TO ANNIVERSARY The of ElKs ; Bay City Temple No. 158, will observe the1r golden Sat urday evening from 8 uatil 10 I?. lVL with a banquet at the Elks Home, 809 Laurel Street.. Officers and from Elks Temples in the Bay have been invited along with au. past officers in Tampa. Members will wear white dresses : In charge of arrangements are 1\lrs. Ruth Smith, Mrs. Roberta Frierson and Mrs. Thelma Clarke. RETIRING TEACHER -TO B EHONORED A reception honoring 1\lfs. Cornette W. Mills on her retirement will be held at Bayc,rest Elementary School Sunday afternoon from 4., until 5 o'clock. The school is located at 4925 Webb Road and all and former students are invited. Mrs. Nellie May is the prih ci j:>al. YOUTH DAY AT ST. PAUL Tyrone Bulmer, a student at Chamberlain High School, will be the _guest speaker at St. Paul A M.E. Church Sunday at morning serviCe The occasion is Youth Day. Tyrone is the son of Mrs. Lucille Bulmer. He is Youth Class Leader 1'fo. 2, and president of Greater M:t. Carmel A :M:. E. Church Youth .C:::hoir, and a member of Future Teachers of America Chamberlain. 1Iis subject will be, Youth Responsibilities in the Church SPRING TEA The Spring Tea to be given by Health and Education Assoc'iation Sunday afternoon at Sugar Shack prorhises to. be enter taining affair. OtheJ,"s: to the list of participants are Miss Geraldine Vl'il!iams, 1\tis ; Maude Jackson and llrs. Marie Anderson. PROGRAM AT OAKfiuLL : : :. At 8 P .M. Sunday there will be a program Hill''M.B Church featuring the IVery,-, Shigers. Mrs. Lear. Wilson is" {he spon,;or ... .;. 'fEl\IPLE :BREAkFAST. .. .-;.: : Oficers for Allen .. .-are G. v. Stewart, general ch'ail'man; .,Clifford Brady-, co-chairman H. Lockett chairman; Mack Rodgers treasurer and R.' Dixon, Jr.; secrEtary. .. -. A planning breakfast is scheduled for 7 :30 Sunday mon1in g. FELLOWSHIP DRIVE The annual' Fellowship Drive will be held at Greater Bethel BaJ:tist Church Sunday. Speaking at the ser\;ic.e' will be Mrs. Hazel H. Harvey, supervisor of curriculum Edu cat'on. She is basileus of Z eta Phi Beta Sorority, Temole Church, and is the wife of Jerfy '' : Guest choir for the 11,1orniog service will be 'the Angelic Choir ()fl Beulah Baptist Church, and iri the afternoon seryice, the Spec ial Choir of New Bethel Baptist Chqrch will .. be sJ)eciai Haro-ld Brewer will be the guest organist Services for the afternoon will begin .@t 3 o'clock The theme for is "Strength in Unity Moves Chris tianitv Forward." : i\liss Willie B. Walker is the general chitirnian, and the Rev. J. L : Overstreet is pastor : 'WALKING DOLL CONTEST The Alpha Omicron Chapter of the National Sorority off Phi Delta Kappa observed its annual Founders Day by worshipping at the New Mt. Zion Baptist Church Following the service an im pr'essi:ve candlelighting ceremony was held at the home of Mrs. Chaney, mother of 1\'lrs. Edith Johnson. Mrs .Jodie Jackson i\liller is being honored as ''Woman of the Year.'. Members attending were i\lmes. Mary McCullough, Minnie Whar ton, Sybil Barnes, El!se Blanks Mallie Boone, Jimmie Maddox, Es sie Robcrsan, Leonie Robinson Rosemary Walker, Grace Walker, J. C. Williams, Pearl Coffee, Jodie Miller, Loretta Gea rge, I. C. Smith Mable Walker, Hilda TUI'IHi r, Marietta Pyles, Ruth Lam bri ght, Els a Turner Edith Collins, Edith Johnson and E. Bland. The sorority inv ites the public to attend the Walking Doll cont es t Sunday at Potter Eleemntary School, 3224 E. Cayuga Ave-nue FELLOWSHIP DAY AT ST. JOHN PROGRESSIVE : The Rev F. G. Jacl\son will be the guest speaker at the FelDay s e rvice at"' St John Progressive Church Si.mday morn ing. Others on the program will include Rev. Cobbs, Sandra Barr, Mrs. Beatrice Lester Arthur Jones Mrs. Bettye Sanchez,-:\lrs. LudJle Ferguson Mrs. Lillie Mae Williams and the No. 2 Mission: A pro gram of music is planned for 3 P'.l\ti. Appearing will be the No. 1 Choir of St. John the Young Adults Choir, the Faith Increasers, Gloria Williams, Mrs. Odessa Booker, Mrs. Lucille Golphin the Senior Missi.Q.Ilai:y. Socidy:; gf St. .. John1 the Brotherhoods c F St John Mrs Willie ;u. Cross l\.:Irs., Rose Co,bl:ls, and the FerIUSon Sisfb-s ... Tlie highlight will rb'e tlie, : crowiling:: Df ana ldi's : St. John. =I ,.. -)Irs. Eva Hearn and Mrs. Geraldine Thomas are ch a irmen. ------------SL John Baptist 3401 25th Avenue Jlev. E. Newkirk, Pastor D. L. Hudson, Reporter Sunday school began at 9:30 a.m. with the supt. in charge. Morning worship begins at 10:45 with the pastor ln charge. Devotional service was held by IM-r. Butler and Dea Mungin The No. 2 choir and Jr. ushers served. The pastor deiivered the message. The message for the morning was taken from Jer memiah 6 :16-21. At 3 the Youth held their Youth Day services. Evening worship began at 8 wHh the pastor in charge of service. Devotional service was held by Dea. Bryant and Dea. McCoy The same choir and ushers ser ved. The pastor delivered the message. The texf was taken SDA Graduation The graduating class at the Mt. Calvary Sevent:h-day Adventist School will include six gra-from St. M att. 25:1-2. One was a dded to the church. Weekly events include Saturday, Youth of the church will be on program in Largo. All youth who plan to attend should be at the church by 7:45 a.m. The bus will be leaving at 8. Sunda y, ordination servdees will be held for Messers Leroy Lane, Purcell Butler, Willie Jennings and Robert Dennison. Ordination will be conducted by the assistant ,pastor, Rev. Reed Remember to pray for the sick and s hutins Everyone is al ways welcome to come worshlp with us. FERMAN MOTOR LEASING CORP. STOCK REDUCTION Exercises Sunday duates Sunday nig ht, Mrs. Cat .herine Monford, princ ipal has announced Commencement exercises \vill be held with Elder Phillip Flo rence, pastor of the Lakeland Seventh-day Adventist Ohurch, delivering the commencement ad dress. Membe .rs of the goraduating class are as follows: Barbara Ebanks, Carla Jenkins, Cheryl Jones, Roland Oliv er, Gloria Parker, and Cythania Young. The 1972 graduation is the 45th commencement to be held by the Mt Calvary Sc : hool, since its organization in 1922. There were sixty-two students enroll ed in the school this year, Most of the graduates will attend Tampa Academy next. fall. SALE! OVER 200 SELECTION! Ferman Motor Leasing Corp. is sacrificing to bring our stock down. you bring .. S;,iVings up, regardless ol you, r choice! A great lime fo 'line up your vacation car. 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Saturday, May 27, 1972 -Honey I wouldn't shop any KASH .N' -KARRY? place else. Their prices are right and their meals are Iii for a King-And thai, my love, fils my 3 boys lo MARY E. HIGGENS 2120 28th Avenue Tampa, Florida I THE HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS THESE ARE THE STORES THAl SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa 1725 H. Dale Mabry Tampa 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa ; .. 230 I Florida Ave Tampa .... 50th St. & lOth Aye. Tampa ..... 305 W. Hillsboro -Tampa .... Hillsboro 8i 15th St Tampa .... Ave. & 22nd Sl. -Tampa .. : 410 I Florida Ave. Tampa .... Nebraska & Tampa .'. West Shore al Kennedy. Tampa 1112 So. Dale Ma.bry Tampa 4487 Gandy Plaza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa Cor. Florida & Waters Dade City 506 E. Pasco Plant City 507 So. WheeJer Sl. Palmello .. ; ......... 515 7th St. Riverview . Hwy. 301 Brandon 911 Brandon Mall Bradenton cortez Yf. of Hwy 41 Inverness .... 803 W. Main St. Hwy._ 301 & First St. Lakeland 925 Barlow Rd.Ocala .. 2957 N.W. Pine A:Ve. St Petersburg .. 6095 9th_ Ave. N. Sarasota 3840 So. Tullle Ave. & Bee Ridge Road -St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road \ 5570 U.S. Hwy. North Pinellas Park 4120 Park 1{. Venice .... 480 Venice By-Pass Largo .. Hwy. 19 & Ulmerlon Rd. SHOP ANY DAY -SAVE EVERY -DAY. -' '.: Bishop and Ylife Amo n g the special guests a t t he recent Investiture of Bish(J{t G. Waymon Blakely as .president of the Bishops Council was Am bassador. Fred Talbot representati've of Jamaica to the United Na tioos. In the top photo he presents a nugge t to the Bishop as a gift from his Prime Minister; r low, be gives a gold necl{ lace to Mrs. Blak e l y. Bishop Willi F. Balf is_ at right. Fun SLACKS-" Here is summer bright and new. Come and see our pants for you. I Our Collection Includes "SHIRTS OLEG CASSINI--,/ IGOR, ELY TM'f, FREDBICO PIO de BBUCIO. $1500 ,. "PANTS I r ,. HUBBARD BRAZEN-.. LA TiN SLACK < ., -. "TIES BY" ,WEMLOH$5 and up ,Our Styles Includes Flairs, -STRAIGHTS, .. $TR-IPES AND SOLIDS. Take it easy this In our enrefrce, lightwelrht doubie Jcnlt summer slacks. Every color and style imaginable Is here. Pla:v the warm weathe1 game in our cc ol-looking sel<:!ctlons, a11d you'll stay calm and refreshed all day long Come 'In soon, we'll outfl& you right. PHONE 235-ZSGl. THE MALE SHOP 2319 & Hi!";borough Ave. (last Gate Plaza)


PACE TEN f'la. !entme1-Bu1Jetin Published eyery Tues. an'd Fri. Celt Both Edition ------------Saturda)', May 27, 1972 'reater Friettdship Emma aDd 35th St. 'aev. M. M. Murray, Pastor Mrs. a. c.Fiemlug Rept. Black Studies Workshop AtD. Of Tampa The entire church 'went to West !FlOrida and morning For persons in .worship .at Bolden 'AIME. ChUrch; .;I monious inter-rac1al .Rev. c. WOodsoo, Pastor. The laions, a Bhick Studies shop sponsored by the Univer :pastor is grateful to llhe mein-sity of Tampa Division of Cofl-llers for their cooperation. tinuing Education will meet on 4:!n Rev. Murray campus each Wednesday night .deliver the li1 a.m. sermon ,-m ..,. in June. tbe BTU and Sunday School Oon-Taught by Dr. Fred G. Minnis, venti6n _which is being St. Petersburg l[lttorney-at-law, lodian Rocks. The chor 811(1 'an in-deptli.-study of actual !horus will '!be Sunftay problems_, in understanding will School and BTU members will begm June 7 and will be held :aJso be prsent. .. :from 6-10 p.m. on four conse. ... cutive Wednesdays. On Saturday aften:oon funCatTying two semester hours eral of Mrs. Effie Moore will be ()f history credit !or students, held at the ciwicll. the, workshop is being made' On Sunday the regular order available to the public on a service will be conducted and non-credit basis. Enrollment is the Murray. Go9pel Chorus will limited. .aerve. \ Dr. Minnis a:lso teaches On Sunday evening the Hoine es 'in "America's Negro Hen-IMissionary will be in charge. tage" and the "R?le_ of Ne ViSitors are welcome to. -worship gro in our Amencan with us. at the Univer:sity during the SL Matthew Baptist ) i&I4 E Yukon Rev: G. Pastor ) Mrs. Odessa Bolder, Kept. .. Sunday School at 10 a.m. W\th Mr. c. Copeland m !barge. 'nle' lessor. was reviewed by the .pastor. Morning worship began. at-11 ..)Vitb Dea. A. Wright Jild Dea. Willie in _charge of. devotiOn. The JUnior Choir and No. 1 usher, boalod served. The pastor, read tile scripture from Col. 3:1-10. Rev. 'scott delivered the sermon. IDs text was from St. Mark 2:12. }ollawed. Evening worship Degan at ,. I witn Dea. Von Wiggins and Dea. Willie in charge of devotion. The same choir and ushers -served. Saturday at 6 YWA will meet et the home of Mrs. Rosa Lee --Knighton, Sulphur Springs. The fourth Sunday at 3 p.m. the North Tampa 'Ushers Union : will be held at Highland M.B. -.Church, Rev. Hodo, Pastor. Friendship Baptist 3107 E. Lake Avenue Rev. B. L. Daniels Pastor Nettie Jacobs, Rept. Sunday school began at 9 : 45 with Mr. Robinson in charge. All teachers were at their post. The lesson was -delivered by the pas to r. Momfng worshill at 1.1 with the deacons 'in

Saturday, May 27, t 972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PublisheCI every Tues. and Fri. Ge_ t Both Ed ilion! .-. ---------------------. PAGE ELEVEN Former Tampan B uys WT MP Radio Friendly MB Rev. W. L. Webb, Pastor .Miss Mar)' Hosey, Rept. Sunday School began at 9:30 with the supt. Mrs. Aletha Woodbury, in charge. All teac hers were at their posts. The lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Peate Baptist 2607 24th A venue Rev. J. C. Goins, Pastor Betty Dawkins, Reporter Services will begin Sunday. with Sunday Sc hool at 9:30, with the supt., Dea. Jessie Manley, in charge. Rudolph A ; McLeod, Sr., a native of Tampa and President of Gulf South Communications, Ltd., a New Orleans based company, has announced the recent purchas e of radio station WTMP from Speidel Br_oadcasters, Inc. of Columbia South Carolina, subject to approval b)r the Federal Communications Commission, at a cost exceeding one-halfmillion dollars. GSC, Ltd. is a communications company organized to operate in the Gulf area defined by Louisiana; Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Texas pursuant tO regulations by the Federal Communications Commission. McLeod states that the time is now for the communication industry in the Guif-South, and that GSC; Ltd. recognizes that -from the time of the earliest cave drawings, man has felt the need to communicate with his fellow man. "Through the :years man has.. devel{)ped various and ingenius -means of doing so, until today c ommunications is a vast and highly sophisticated_ industry in 'the Gulf-South. Television radio, newspapers, etc. are all thriving in our area,. and we at GSC, Ltd. want to do all we can .. to help in the area of better understanding between the races arly since the programS' aired by WTMP reflect the interest o f the local minority communi t y composed by Bla ck American' s and Cuban America ns. This is not to say, however that others do not find WTMP broadcasts enterbining and!.. informative, McLeod stated. 'WTMP is the only ''Blackaudience oriented" radio station in the Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area consisting of Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. WTMP first went on the air December 9 ; 1954 and operates at 1150 / kilocy;cles on the AM dial. It is operated by 5,000 watts of power. In addition to ordinary broadcasts and communitly service programs, GSC, Ltd. will direct WTMP to make many changes in format, including new grams. McLeod is black and a graduate of Middleton High. He reportedly made a fortune "in real estate in Louisiana since leaving Tampa about seventeen years ago. ----:---------Morning worship followed be ginning at 11 -with Dea." San1 McQueen and Dea. F r e d di e Brinson in charge of devotional s e rvice. Music was rendered by the 2 and Junior choirs. Usher board No 2 served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor who chose for his theme "The Divine Present." One -was united to the church. BTU began' at 5:30 with the officers in charge. Evening worship followed with the same deacons, ushers G1d choirs serving. Another insjl_iring message wasdelivered by the pastor. Par.en.ts please encourage your children to come to Sunday School. Members plea.se don.'t forget to .visit the sick and shut-in. Visitors are welcome at all times. Hood Temple Rev P. E. Ramsey, Pastor Mrs. Eldora D. Cowan, Rept. Morning worship will follow at 1 ; 1, with the No. 3 choir and No 1 usher board-serving. The sermon will be delivC{ed by 'the pastor. Sunday afternoon at 3 City Wide Ohoir Union No. 2 will convene here, with our No. 1 choir serving ali the hQ.st choir. Everyone is invited to attend. If time permits, BTU will be gin at 5 willh the pres. Mrs. Alice Minor, in charge. Evening worship services will begin at 6 p in. wivh the same choir and ushers serving and the pastor will bring the mes .sage. Teachers meeting is held every Friday nite at 6 p.m. and Pray. er Meeting is held eveiY Tuesday nite at 6:3Q.-Let us remember to pray for and visit our sick and' shut-ins. Ushers Attend Convention Hood Temple's pastor and members will worship. with Mt. ;Memebrs of the Ohurch Qf. God, Sinai .AME Zion Chureh on Sun22nd Ave. at 22nd st., Usher day morning at 11 during their board were among the Annual Women's Day Observ ushers who 'attended the National __________ .._ ____ Association of the Church of. Northside MB 5706 40th Street J. Jordan, Pastor Sunday will be Annual Sun day School Day Ob servance. Sunday School will begin promptly at 9 :45. The orde r of service will be changed slightly YOllflg People will -be in charge of .the service. _The pastor will deliver the' .sermon Evening service will begin at 7 -closing the day with Adult. Sunday_ Scqool. Rev 'Fate Blas singame of St. Petersburg will be guest. Other participants--on program are Evangelist Ethel Nix, M -inister Jerry Neeley, Madames Florrie Baker, Wolf, Emma Jean Corner', and special guest will be t!te Even ing Light Lodge No. 2, OES, Mrs. Izzie Evans, WM. New Macedonia MB 3402 E. Deleail Rev. R. Robinson, -Pastor Mrs: Rept. Last Sund.a.y Mrvic.es were veri" inspirational beginning ,with Sunday School. The mQriling 'and evening were delivered by the pastor. Sunday SChool l>egins at 9 :45, morning service at :11 and evening service at 6 p m : The' sermons will be deli .vered_ by the pastor and the No. 2 choir will serve. The public is invited Evening Star MB v.o'' ro Monday night at 8 a Season God Ushers :conventica, May 19 I l un \. l r J;; Tea wil lbe held at Hood Temple :n at-the Sheraton Inn at La A fine program has been ylanned G d N y k Oitv Th to enhance the evening. Some of' uar ta ew or :r' Re11. E. B. Everett, -Pastor VIRGO (Aug. 23) ReP LENTY of good will aroumd .and attending the convention were R J A t t those on program are Mesdames 1Mrs. 'Forest Best, Mr. and Mrs.. ev. ones, c mg Pas or-new your along a line your affairs benefit as a result. Ruby Monroe, Miltilda Mitchell, you'v e r ecently abandoned. RoE arly week sees a bright social Beatrice Gollmon, Ardellia Bell, Dan Mathis, Mrs. Elice Sledge, Mrs. Eulah .Foster; Rept. mance is puzzling, so be patient. gathering and an intriguing in-Arthur Shipp; Rose Lee Baker, M rs. 'Ella Best, M iss -Elame Sunday. School begins at 9:4S Lucky number 11, col{)r white. trodQction. Lucky number 3, Rosa Lee P,aschal; Fredricka Sledge, Miss Gwendol y n Best and and morning worship at LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) color black. Clark, Eloise Smith, The Russ Mr. Johnnie Gordon. Mr. Johnnie There. will be a program. afl YOU may meet soineone who ARIES (Mar. 21-Aptil 20) Lots Sisters, Mr. Lun"tly, and a papu-Gordon is president and Rev. W. the church Ute third Sundit:y in c:ould be a big help to ypu. So-to do. You won't be quite so lar boys' singing group of the -coUins is June,. which is June, 18th. .IJ:1ha cial aspects at. their best this dependent 00 others. fully city. The public is invited to at-1 prograin, will held 3 p.m. week number 14, color occupied appeali; toyou. You tend. B t H h Ri You are invited : gray. k I -1i -I : Ch I h e nune II se. --Pleas, e -pray fer ourpa$r who SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) rna e progress m a persona B "": 'THIS' co tid be the start of a scheme. Lucky number 7; color -emp e urc Prayer Band is still. ici the' bright sociat phase. A family de-orange. !314 27th Avenue cision ptay be left to you; think US (April 211May :U) Elder w. w .. Gilyard, Pastor Mrs. Barbara Green, Pres T r _ue_ Yl_ .lie c B _ap' list Lucky number 19, TR..!\VE. L. c is indicated' in M(s. Katherine Hardge._ Reporter Mn>. Miller, Rept, color red. the week. You won't feef entirely Sunday school began at 10 with The Bethulie Highfise Prayer 90S, GovernQr 'sAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. to-blame for an event at home, the S!Jpt. in charge. 'The teachers!Band Circle met Monday everiing )lev. J.' P. Nichols, Pastor 22) A CREATIVE and artistic but a pal1ner may not be too were at their posts : Morning at 7 at the apartment of Mr. and Services began the -spell.' ,It will lie left-ito you to sure. Lucky .number 8, color worship began at 11:30 with Albert Bessent, Apt. No. usual hour. find a way round slight probwhite. 1 Mother Mary Brown and Mrs. 619. The message was taken from by the a ,nd. !ems ..:..._ .a nd your initiative will GIDMiiNI (May 22-June 21) Ruth Outing in charge of the detl) e 23rd Psalm 1-Gby the presi-' Morning Woi'shiiP was Lucky number 6, color P.I..IEi\SANT, smooth -running votion. The choir and ushers d'erit, Mrs. Barbara Green. order,. 'Fhe Juniors The grey; week; with the accent oil relaxa-sei'Ved. The pastOr brought the -next meeting will be Mon-_ morning' 1 message 'was by CAPRI.CORN (Dec. 23-Jan. tion. A long-promdsed fa..'Qicy !hessage day evening at 7 at the pastOr :' ---' 20) NO _half-measures now; go gathering may take ,place, and a We were happy tp the men.t of -Mrs. Bessie ld'iller, No : Junior on Sat. 'full speed ahead with all your short journey is scheduled. Lucky Wayne _Street Church of God, b:l 61&.-Visitors welcome always urday' !Plans Your efforts in a family_ number 17, color Christ pastor an dcongregation matter will be. appreciated: OANCER (June 2!2-July a2) viSit With. 'us. were from '"' Lucky n 'umber blus st. Petersburg. /) ( AQTJARIUS (Jan: 21-Feb. 19) YOUR conduct is important as Visitors are always welcome :_\-. (7'!a nl:\ AN .but changeable you will be under observation. BIG DOWRTOWJI time in home affairs. One de-The week offers entertainment appreciate a helping b'and. Yoo :.,;: ; > cision is h;lrd to reach. Be pati-opportunities and you reoew old won't ,down for long. Take eilt in j>usiness., Lucky number associations. Lucky number 2, the chance to relax early in the 1, color brown. .. -color red. week. Lucky numher 9, .. eolor ,_-.. ., FOR YOuR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE AND PJSCES (Feb 20-Mar. 20) LEO (July U.Aug. 23) YOU'LL -\ I -a em re ,res es ---uray. (-"" \ Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. I 20 mg."tar", 1.5 mg. av. per FTC RepOrt APR.'1Z. \ .,_ ... Natura. l Menthol'" is : Salem uses only natural menthol, not the kind made. in a laboratory.' like our rich; full-flavOred tobaccos, our menthol.is naturally grown. -Then we blend natural wi'th ou c '>-golden tobaccos. It is a unique blend found in no other cigarette A blehd that gives Salem a taste thats never harsh or hot ... a taste as naturally cool and fresh as springtime. ; 1 ., J Ufl I .J:H;NOLOI TOIACCO C \ UIPAI'I'I' .. .. \ .. l.,. ... -,< :-...


a&olit lie tal 3 1 s t mit One Your Choice With Or -More ofder Ci,llllrattar COFFEE ---' ----U.!t1 YOIII' Cholet with SS Or Mort Order EJCI .. III Ci11rtttes AJAX 49z.59C Pkc. .. ,. ARROW Qc ... -RUTH FERRARA. FRESH SHIPPED GRADE "A" m v -II I \li&IJid be willing to bet any neighbor of mine that should she shop identical grocery list with' me a.t any discount store 'that she should choose to .do,that .our bill would not v 'ary $5 at the _end of the .. year. II Ll. 38c .. __ .....,;,____, 2a c LB. : l QUARTER SLICED PORK LOIN SLICED FOR OSCAR MAYER REGULAR OR BEEF. Pork Chops. .1b; 79' ...... PORK FEET, TAILS, TARNOW-' LINK S ausage ....... -PILLSBURY & EXTRA LITE ,... Canned Biscuits. : 10Neckbones .... 4 $1 RED SNArPER, TROUT Fish FIUets ..... 99' W-B BeANe SUPERBRAND f Jic ..ul RftiAIIIIn lb. pq. 70' ,.AH1111a ,. ...... .... MA_RHOEFER COOKED $2 CANNED :H-AMS BRAND o1: LYKES 11101 HAMs S WD BRAND COOKED .;uM -s ls! tllllm. MAID lCE MILK. ., > rrJ I rrJ f"" < "Ill ..., -!I fll 3 .. -::1 !!.. = e. -!II ... ... 1:1 c: cr -... "' ::I" l !II ""' ""= !" :s a. ..., :l; = 0 :r t!!J =-... -g' rA en2' a. = :: = ""= ..., .... co .... N


Limit 2 Youf'Choict. With 1 Other Purchises BE-ER. FISCHERS" situ 89( 12 OL ,, ltfs. 12& .... ... .: .--:. A .,,.... f r ._. .. '*" 79' "150 DIXIE DARLING -Dinn er Rolls : '. 2 ii. 3 9 c ,.... ARROW 9" WHITE P l ap :er BLU; BAy ;, :? .pREEN OR l'HRifTY MAID FRENCH STYLE SLICED 11 ._ $ P1nk Salmon ...... 11.: .. 79' Green Beans .. ... MADE WITH TOMATO SAUCE, lHfUFTY MAID -THRIFTY MAID REGUlAR CUT Spaghetti .... 1 : 1 o!:51 Green Beans ... TROPICAL STRAWBERRY ,: I i .. : Tf:IRIFTY MAID WHOLE l c : -. Ge 2 10,. 79 c Candy t : ; i. .'. ., sumose.,: -_' .: r-,24to. -',:._,; : _-.,, I*P _4 9. '30 llachs. llcil Get2 ot 75 t b :1 5 :: b w a a u cw -..... I -=:==:-='-::-TOP VALUE STAMPS : ....... ,!., ... .......... ;,. ..... "" -Uf'TOII'S 1 TEA.-. i Coupon hpir .. May 3 I A N Y W I N N O IXIE O R KWI K C HfK EXT.R-" TOP. VALUE STAMPS J!t\4/ : .. : .: -; ,:' 'Lux LlquW 32 -, De,tergent btl. 85 Coupon Eicpjo:-, ,May ,31 L .. .. --; 14 ... Sl 39_ FE(TIIIT tC1 jC"l ,;; z


PI\GE FOURTEEN PublisheCf every Tues. and Fri. Both Editions Saturday, May 27, 1972 -day. evening worsbip at 6:30. The No. N 5 I pa .-N w H MB' This Sunday, Church s c hool 2 choir and No. 4 ushers will other activities remain the same. _8\V.r a '"' e op_ e at 9:30 with the junior supt. and service Again .the pastor will 0 b teachers in charge. Morning wor-deliver the sermon. .. 3Q05 E.:-Ellicott. ship will begin at 11. Devotion Monday night, Mission busi-Mrs. Edna Samuel is at home ill and Mrs. Tansy Goins is in the County Hospital. Elder R. H r .. 'Rev.;. John Willis Pastor. : by the deacons. The No. 4 choir ness meeting at 7:30; :Tuesday Mrs 11\ams, Rept. Th B t1h h d n t and ushers will se1; ve. Thepastor night, Prayer meeting at 7:30. Buy From Sentinel florida Advertisers w :gastorial Day e ,; .ro er WI mee and it, began with Church S c hool .Fnday n_1ght at 7 .30. Cho1r No. will tne seimon. The chilrch business meeting will ,at 9:30 .StU>t.; De a con 4. will not have rehearsal Satur-' BTU every Sunday at 5 be held Frida7. night 8. All Salflii erry;; .in;charge. The -----...._...:;. __ ..;;.. __ .....:; ___ ______ ..;_ ____ _,_ .-.. .. bY. Mr. .. James Bell. '":>i.-. Morni,Iig .:W,ils -;lu_cte<\, -at 1 # ; w th E111Anuel W!lllamiJ .. anC:J ,Lbms :R'obeh ori in of deVotiort ::Xhe:No; 1 Senior -Ushers rendered ::.ller'Y-ice. The serthe, pastor. Ainong0 the .; Vfere M'l'l! ; :Qor'lJth}" L'bnaine lord froin o f !':lorida ; Ther e were five joiners. Eyening worship_ service J>egan with, BTU at 5 with Mrs. Annie Mae-Pinkney in cqarge:O Pt-esel;lt e d '1A Flannel ';6 ou.r. regular order Of service, was held. The pastor' "the, : :Seniion 'Holy Comril'uhioti and Washing Df. the .i>Y: the pastor assisted by the ...: board of. This Sunday-at 3 the Senior ,....Mission will celebrate their 55th -. Anniversary.: Elder C. Alleri and eong'regati on Pilgrim PB Ch, ilrch of wilf con.. d\jct the serviCe. This Frlday. night pastor .-: piiil to be in service ;with Mt. Zion P.B. Chilrcb..__in $t. :Petersburg. W-e..-'were happy_ 'tQ hav e sev-. of our sick men}b6I'S back with us again. Visitors are alW!lYS welcome to worship us at any time Let us remem-. ber to pfai 'fo_f :_the sick and shut-ii is : .. -\ .... New :$alem MB: 40S North Oregon H. Stort, Pastor Reporter' s-.s. began af the usual hour with the Supt. -AU teachers were at their pqsts The )ess(jn ,was reviewed by the' ..-J>astor. Mo'rn'!p.g .. worship, de-' votion was led'by .Deas.-P, WillSon and Ed Williams: The No.' l choir, Imperial chOir a-qd the .!No. 1 ushe.rs. served.-Rev Morris Goraon : associate minister of Faith Temple M.B. Church, deliverea the sermon. "\. BTU .was very inS.pjring. )Ir. Otis Wilson was in 1\frs; -R. -Bethe'a;ii.'dii:e 'ctress. ; The same deacons; choirs and ushers"seried for night. pastor delivered 'another .fine sermon "'The Source of Our Strength" was his subject'. One was added to the church. Please let us not forget the and. Yo u are always welcome tq our ser: -Mif:. "-2204 Highland A venue Rev. H. W. Wilburn, Pastor -Mrs:-H. Pittman, Reporter s.s. will begin at. the,' usual 1hour-with the Supt iq charge. The pastor wiU review the son. Morning service will be "*.. : / i efkLtndsey )\/q;ur B1KINI, SUPER-BELL lEANS FOR!UNIORS / ., I '---.'\ .... I -' -.., -Low cut, buttQn f(ont c i" '': 32;' flare legs .. .io. ; sw .eep. the fl.oor.J/-' Size s .:::_, : \ navy I lilac or -blue. ,-; pink/berry or I powder. / ) EVERY BELK LINDSEY.-. -Use Your Lindsey Charg'e-lt Card, MeiSter Charie or BclnkAmeTicard _condu_cted' at 10 with pea. Wiland Dea Tatum in charge of devotion The Young Adult .and junior chorus will furnish. the music. .The junior ushers will serve and the pastor. will) deliver the' sermon: >4 BTU 'at 5 and evening worship at 6:30. Prayer meeting Thurs-. day at 8. Yisitors are welcome at a ll times. _.,: -Ushers Union No. 3 Dea. Nathaniel Cannon ; Pres. ., Mn. Ida Mae Bell; Rept. The No. 3 Ushers Union will biwe regular. lrusiness meeting Sunday at 3:30 at St. Paul AME (;hurch,. Rev. F. C. Sanchez, The president is all officers to please be present and on time. ------------DB. p DENTIST Ceatr.aJ' Aveaae can For Appohitmeat At 1\ly Residence Before t a.m Phone 251-2139




One of participants. on the prjlgram at -'the Tyer Temple Calendar Tea Sunday. w .as a read lng by Sydell Barnes. The title was,_ "Insight Of A Black Man-." May 27, 1972 WASHINGTON SamueJ J. Simmons, Asisstant Secretary for HUD grant to the Washington D. C.-based agencies fl' a demtm : Equar Opportunity, is flanked (right) by M Carl Holman, Presi--stration project in the training of local elected officials. The train. 1!-ent of the National -Urban Coalition, and Frank Reeves, Director ing will cover the use of HUD and other Federal programs in meetof the Institute for Political Studies, following award of a $63,650 ing local needs relating to housing and community development. ... MEDICAL MEN EXPLAIN SICI\LE CELL. DISEASE Dr. W. Andrews, left, Tampa surgeon; and Herbert Sim mons, right, Laboratory Technician at Tampa General Hospital, we_re a part of a 'panel on Sickle Cell Anemia at Greater Bethel Baptist Church last week. Dr. Andrews reviewed the history of the disease, and Mr. Simmons explained the procedure of diagnostic testing. GOLDEN HAWKS PEPARE FOR DAHCE, PARADE Adolphns Gilbert, of the Golden Hawks Motorcycle Club, Is all set to lead the club's members to their dance tonight (Friday) at the I,abor Temple on Ninth Avenue, and In a gala parade Saturday starting at 1 p.m. .from their headquarters on __ 30th Street. Cyclists from fifteen other cities In Georgia and Florida will partlclpate In the parade through the major black sections of Tampa. TEEN AGE TAMP A CONTEST ANTS PRESENTED AT PRESS PARTY Tampa Electric Company's TECO Hall was a gay scene Friday evening when the Miss Black Teenage Tampa contest committee hosted a press party there. In the top photo contestants are po sitioned for the production number, "Young, Gifted and Black." On the front row left are Carrie Clark, Sharon Cannon, Joselyn Johnson, and Shirley Cutler. The second row includes, from left, Cynthia Borders, Sybil Mullins ana Betty Wiliiams. The girls below are Kim Broxton, Alva True Lo_ve Baptist' 2501 17th Street Rev. W. T. Carpenter, Eastor Church School will begin at 9:30 a.m. with the supt. in charge. The lesson will be re viewed by 1\'Irs. Mary Warren. Morning worship begin at :IJl a.m. Devotion will be led by Halley and Kathy ,. the Deacons. The No. 4 choir and No. 1 wilL serve and the sermon by the pastor. Evening worship at 6 :30. BTU at 5. All members are asked to coni'e out and take a part in training. Mooday night at 7:30, the mis sion will meet at the church; Tuesday night at 1:3{), pra\}'er meeting and st!td-y course; Wed nesday morning at 11, prayer service, Wednesday night at 7:30; the Church school lesson; Thurs. day night at 7:30, the No. 1 choir rehearsal and Saturday at 5, the No. 4 choir will have their choir rehearsal. Please pray for the sick and shut-in.


Saturday, May 27, t972 ___,__ Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Get Both .... .. -----. --/\-I.JorTAMPA 'S NIGHT BEAT PATRONIZE THE CLUBS WHICH ADVERTISE HERE THEY APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS ONE-STOPlNN PENTHOUSE LOUNGE THE TEXANS ARE BACK THE EXCITING SOULMASTERS BAND From Dallas, Texas FEATURING "Miss April Johnson" Fa.bulous Song and Dance Arlisl FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY .-PROHE 626-9955 I mile H. of 1-4 Hwy. 579 Thonotosassa Enjoy the best in X Rated Films in cool comfortable surrounding Phone 248-1378 15th and Broadway Adults 18 OR OVER MISS BODY. COLOR "She Ran Unopposed." ALSO CAP'ERS COLOR "Each One Was Beller. Than The Other." FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY MIDNIGHT SHOW SATURDAy DAILY 11 M .. TO 12 P.M. DOC'S HIDEAWAY COCKTAIL LOUNGE OPEN 8 P. M 3 A.M. THURSDAY ONLY -CHARLES RUSSELL & THE KINGS FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY THE FABULOUS SKYLINERS AND MISS GENEVA COPELAND P.M. TILL 2:30 A.M. 1309 WEST PLATT 253-3258 DO YOU LIKE I GOOD TIMES? THEN FOLLOW THE PARTY PEOPLE TO THE FAVORITE NIGHT SPOT! BLUE DIAMOND 4h & 26111 ST. YOU'LL LOVE IT. HANCOCK Motel-Bar Lounge WE ARE REMODE-LINCi FOR YOU. R PLEASURE AND A !DDED SAFETY -. Meet your Host GEORGE HANCOCK and your new Barmaid. Drink il here or lake il with you! We invite all our Black and While friends fo come again-again and again. / 2100 Block Fla. Ave. j THE DREAM BAR -AND LO-UNGE 2801.ff. NEBRASKA SAM WILLIAMS, Prop. WE ARE N OW BLACK OWNED : I AN: D OPERATED .. WE SPECIALIZE IN PINTS AND HALF PINTS .-. : LET'S GET ACQUAINTED_ -. .. .. :::> .. / PHONE. 229-2116 : -. o ':: > : ,'' .. A ; .. ,, The ZANZIBAR 2132 .MAIN ST WEST TAMPA'S M -OST SOUlFUL CL=llB OPE, N TI'LL 3 AB M. BAlLy ,. WE HAVE YOUR FAVORITE DRINK IN HALF PINTS P -INTS FIFTHS ''JIMMIE.'' Manager ', Air Conditioned for your 'com.forf 0 ". J THE BEST ICE BEER AND WINE IN TOWN Soul Food At Its Best Specializing in Fish ;: : Sandwiches Pork Chops "The Honky l(L. 4309 34th Street Ph. 239-9834 I Your Hostess: Juanita Brown JUANITA. BROWN .. I OPE. N-. 7--a .. JL 1 a __ .-.. M \ f : Iii lllJ ., -' .,


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publlshe'd every Tuea. anCI Frf. Get Both Editions Safur'day, May 27, 1972 15th Avenue with his 'parents, but he refuse s to give it to her. M .. d :. J H $ h :Mr. and Mrs 0 D. Hightower. Do you know tha t Gloria Young Ministers Fellowship Hour Of Power a a son r.- c 00 Wllile JY!:ike and L were. rap-a,nd Soloman Graddy go togehter. ,, B y EVE L : Y N ANDERSON .. ping," lie some o t his fav -TOP FIVE ., '-foods, an"ything edible; 1. oh GiiI BETTX' WILLIAMS main lover Evelyn Anderson; 2. Cave Man li': : 3'. illobbies, basketball, J ootbjill, etc. 3. I'll Take:-You There The Spotllg .ht Hi$ tites are:-.:Donilld ''Bowman 4 : ; .Walking In The Rain With The Hour of Power will bon! vene Sunday ilight at 8 P M : at Emmanuel Church, 2204 Highland Ave. The Rev. W. H. Wilburn is pastor. The : message will be delivered by Rev. M Murray and his choir will w 11 f Joseph. Williams, Dexter King, The One i Love ; e .. nepds, ourSoul Brother Ivory R9bert Hendrix, and 5. Ask For What You Want is cute, ne11:t, and many n)ore. TO DAY S CONCEPT' These are a few : of c t I t' t d d c Jete your edu cati' on, then ttf.e many" words that can give ongra U a IOns are ex en e ., y ou a tho1,1ght-._ "WHO" our soul to Mike for being Soul Brother go seek the good things .in life for tl)e week. All ministers and their congre gations are. urged to attend the sp : oUight ; is > 8 f I Fl. 1. He -is the"-one :andonly Michel _;.'DO YOU KNOW! Uy '4. rom Orida :_Ad_ dis?il'. ;Mic .hael is .better This Jean Robinson is trying Se.nt' lnel Advertasers T)le public is invited to come and hear_ a man of God. as .1\flke, M1ke _at 1711 .get that com eback from' Rev. .L. L. Ward ; president'; Rev. E. Bentley ; vice TElEVISION SPECIALS watcti the race on a new TV. .. we've slashed prices during our. Giant Pre-Race. Celebration!. Hurry, Sale ends Saturday night! ;,. --loO "?-; : \. -.. M903 : GE .. cOLOR CONSOLE TV dbtg. measure ._ .screen-_-. Sensitr onic tuning s:y stem UHF solid state, VHF. n11e tuning : I( Spectra-brite(tmJ pic.. ture tube ,: I( Automatic fine tuning GE cha!\is Precision etched :solid .. .copper'-' : .... : -'11 .:.{' : __ : PEit" MONTH 26 inonths, and one final payill'en.: t o r ferred piiymell.t.pr\ce $488.18 / : ; sales tine : The cash price is : .ggoo les PORTABLE ... ii! -ADVENTiJREK TELEVISlON -' : ; '.';'. ,:.,.' t. i 2';, d iag. ? .... : .\ .. Insta-view .. .:' ultra-vision adreeil ... -' gaiii_ VHF, state UHF tuning e arphone and jack .>,. True,FM fron t sound : __ ,_ -; il'slitwefght, easY. tci carl'J' > ,_,_ ..:\' _r:; J _-_ :.,.. .' l WM271 ; GE PQRTA-UQLQR -' 180 ._-: COLOR TV '. \ .. ell( SCr!!en. Seale d beam plcture tube keyed e purifi_!!r. Up-front' control center e Solid .. Rug goo tQ i .. ::1: .. :--,, 1147 ... .PER MoNra !, j niontM ( : and 9rie final payment of $16.54, Pe r .. .,,. pay:q1en t eX,cludi-ng sales .. tax 2 ... 9 a s sales tax.; ,. HOW AT YOUR ..GOODYEAR SERVICE ... STORES 'J' TAMPA _Easlgale s202 N,. ST. Open Daily _8:30 to 5:30 se babla PHONE .. 237-3361' .. TAMPA Hillsboro Plaza 2901 -w. Hillsborough PHONE 877-9528 Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 TAMPA Horlh Gale TAMPA ACROSS FROM Brillon Plaza 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 831-1891 9222 FLORIDA AVE. to I P.M. PHONE 932-'166 ; 1 -' -' Open Dally 8:30 to i. .,. : ; ;s,t .. 5:30 ; \ -;. 1 TAMPA Do.wnlo.wn Morgan & Twiggs Sts. PHONE 229-0821 Open '7:30 to 5:30 T.\MP:A._ < ACROSS FROM .. -.. West Shore Plaza 5002 W. Kennedy Blvd. PHONE 877-6701 / Philip $hore Community School Ph iJ) p S h Community S c hool will hold its second nual ,.,Award s D aY. Program 'vn Tuesday, M a y 30 at 7:00 p.m. in the sch ool a uditorium. Awards :will be given to studen t s and adults in the following a reas: Arts and Craft, Basic Drivers Education, Piano, Ukulele, .Sewing, neading, and Sports. Th, e feature of th!' program will be a fashion show by the Sewing Class under the directio n .of. Elicee Sledge. -.A:ll! Eashi9ns Ihodeled by the\studin't's and adults w ) ll pe o_f their own creation : The Shore Cominu nity staff exten ds an invitation t'o tO' come orit to shora c_orn'mtih'i t y : on. Tuesday; MaY. 30, at 7 :oo ji.J.l:i> -. Regi stratin is_ now opeJl f o r the followin g cla ss es that ata Jiein g held -at Phil i p Sho f e Co)'ll.; Scho o l: -. Tu e s dai and Thursday,, 7 9 p.m. Doris Wi!s on, instructor. The attractiv e f eature (>f the Sewing -Monday throug h Friday, p lll. and 7 9 p.m : Mr s Elke Sledge ; i n structor: Driver Educ ation Mon'day and Wednesd ay,'6:3 0 : 8:30 p.ni. Robert M c Cul1ough, instruc-tor. -. Recreation Monoay throug h :Fri day; 3-9 p.m : T y ron e John-: son 'a n d -Kay.-Stevensbn, in-, structor s. .. -: Ar.ts and (;raft : and 5 8 p.m ,Beatrice J. .. Williams instru t o r.... 'Reading-.M onday. and Wednes day, 5-8 .. p ni. : .. Greenlee, instructor. .. / Ukulele Monday_ and da'y, : 4 : 30-7:30 .Mrs. M H Y de ; instructor; 4 For g o Y by 19os : gn:4 ?igobel'to M ; G a .r<)ia, O e .nter Coord fnator arid Mlj. Mary : B r y arit is p t ihci p al ; Fyi!ded by Cit ies Program. ,., < A ME1 -, '. i'o12 Laurel Street Rev ; E L Gillians ; Pastor M r s -' Reatha williams, Rept. Sunday School .. began at 9:30 Supt., .Mr, B., $. Pt:octor, :in charge and all teachers at posts. .. .. 1 Morning ser-.v.ice ,.began at. lt .with the Jr; c hoir rendering the music and ushers N_o. 2 Rev'. L. Richey delivered a spiritual sermon which was very to iill. :, Ey.ening s e r vice 'Qegan at 5 :3Q With the same choir and U SQerS serving This was ari enjoyable 11ervic e : ; .. -. ... Th,e t'!te. same. Sundll.:'fi will be observed alj theanr n ial Laymen s Day at Aye'ry fine progfa:m )as pl. ann ed py. t he Mrs. Ethel,-Jones. ;we mv1tmg.aJI j;Q c ome 9ut and help make this day a .. ... ., We are happy to know that the si c k members a r e imp r ov. ing Remember to .. pray for all ihe sick and shutins. Visito -rs ar!! always .. Oak Grove Baptist itev. G. Perkins; Pastor Mrs. L : B. Perkin's, Repor.ier s : S. began at the usual liour -with all teachers at their 'post.The lesson was reViewed by the pastor. Mc;>rning service began at 111. The pastor delivered a' spul stirring sernion. BTU -began at 5 followed by wenil!lg service at 6 : Everyone enjoyed the program rendered by the Heavenly Trumpets. .Friday night Bishop Jones and !his congrega t ion will worship. The public is invited. Fellowship Choir Union Mrs. Mozena Jackson, Pres. Miss Vanita Hall, Reporter The United Fellowship Chorus will have rehearsal Saturday at 8 p.m. at Mt. Ple!!Sant M B. Church ; Rome and Spruce, Rev. G. W Mitchell, pastor. All members are asked to be present and ,. ..,


Saturday, May 27,_ 1972 _""' _______ FJ _._Sen __ tin_e ... I-_B_u_n_etm_ ___ ... .... ___ :._ .. _Mm ___ M_fN_! _E_T_E_E_N VAQA A DEVIL AT BAli MR. FRIENDLY OFF FIELD TALLAHASSEE Soft-spoken In the -recent Rebel Invitation. aobinson.,considers track. hard Ray Robinson modestly shrugs al track nieet at Pensacola, Rob-er than football, which he also off comparisons to speedy Bob inson outsprinted Willie is trying out for, but says run ANAHEIM, Calif. The smile players fraternizing on the field f -unt1 -1 I came1 nt o the Amerlcan Hayes, but conc-edes he was "as of Alcorn A&M-co-holder of the -ninJ 1s "worth 1t or the rewards .is and the manner gra_c-/ h d t d --t -.,... League." good a chance as anyone to 100-yard das recor a 9.1-an .. yo., can ge --His. bat leads the Angels in follow Hayes' spiked footprints was voted the meet's outstanding ".tD Lakeland High:" School, I most hitting departments and his An articulate man-,-he is em-the OlympiC games. athlete cOI)I::entrated on fO()tball as a personality has brought peace to ployed asa lab or by "Ray is just coming .into his "Ray came real close to tying soW!omore and junior, played the California clubhouse former an ae rospace firm ip. the offown;" said Florida A&M Univer-that record," said Lang. "There tailf)ack," he recalled. ''I ly known as the Armory. -season-Pinsori went to bat for sity track coach Bobby Lang, as were five clocks on him and two stlllt running track until my last His name -is Vaaa Pinson. \ the 8,ooiJth tune, .played in his Robinson proudly clut_ched1 ari in-had 9.1 and three had 9.2; so he : year.'' .. Like the previous tenant in left 2,000th g hit vitation to compete In. the U.S.. was .!!warded the 9 2." .. .At he still tries out field, he is a dedicated family No. 2,2(}Q,_ :the:_ season. Olympjc trials !lt.' Eugene Ore., Th1f 9 .2::_ : was Robinson's best for split end and flanker "But I !pan, a respected hitter -who But the Ten-June ao-July 9. perfor;nance in tw. o y e a r s at: !J-aven't got a chance to play r anked among the American Lea-Oakland-raised --"All I warit is the chance,'' FAM(T, equalling the ".mark he yet." gue's top 10 after one month of outfieldef ,_--foi : ; 'or said Robinson .. I confident' set with-' a wind assist whiie run "I'm real happy for Ray," said the mini-season. "I'm tinieki;'t i\l)e-said ; with a I can make the Olympic team.' ning for : Lakel!md H\gh Scllqol. Co_!!.ch' Lang ''I don't think he'. The similarities between Vada Pureto Iti-cari: < :,-."'or Spanish. __ .. Hayes; now;c with : t -he .. world reac;_he{i his peak but I Pinson and Alex Johnson end lau yb ___ e'_---. -l t-:_s '" m;: t lr s t na me or -Ja'ke: Se ts< -_clnc champion Cpwboys of thethipk -ready to go for there. m NFL, was fAMU's 9 1 record.:' -_ Not a single word passed among my looks,: but some people stm: TALLAHAiSSIE E ::_ As usual; ter in the early '-196Q's, an L k D f --a handful of Angel players and think -I'm When _Y'Ie former Florida A&M :Football Olympic gold jn .the 1964,-_, 00 OUtS, e -fit Johnson in his two years of conin Dall!ls; kids in the stands Coach Jake Gaither has lined games and earning the title "The -s -p e 5 -. trover,sy in Anaheim. From the ye!lirig : Que Pasa'_ (How is up a sfaff for his annual World's Fastest Human!' -... : t. ete opening day of spring training, 1t .. gmng ) Coachmg workshop June .12,1-4 on does riot boas t that. Pinson led the club in winning When tell me -I speak the FA iMU canipus at. 'IIallahas-hes gomg !0 ball team to S t. :Peter$ friends imd influencing players, -gOod Engl!sh, I tell them Ihhad see. -_. Hayes. But he s burg last. Sunday. and 4efeated especia lly the younger ones. a good tutor ; My :name may' -Eob Devaney, -head co'ach r of at; It: --' the Brayes, ll-'5 ; They 'are 'now He could have heeh elected the semething to do with it When I the No. 1 Nebrask a Oornhusk_ I like myself Jm-tied -with "the. Tampa Dodgers {or club's player representatiye fol met my wife, she went home ers, and Jim offensive prove, he said. He runs at least first place in the league bothlowi'ng the release of Billy Cow-and told her mother I had an h' f f th s B 1 h 9<1 min lites a dqy often go_ing have a 6-0 record. I od. d name, but that it was pretc le or e uper ow c amp!th h d tl an. Instead, he preferred. to con ty." on Dallas Cowboys, head the ree an l?resen Y -'.l]le Lookouts .will play.-tlie centrate on playjng and will as staff. Other cJ.in. icians are Joe m physical education. But the SIX-' BradentonDevils 'here Sunday sist Eddie Fisher as 11n alter -It is a name borne by his Paterno of. _.:Perm State, Larryfoot, 175-pound sophomore plans afternoon.' nate. father and ,iJwn :son Vada III. 1 'd t--1 to switch therapy next'_ Unlike --_ Robl'nsoo, PIn-Jones of F 01'1 a Sta e, _-payers y The professional class of the son claims ani. Bob>.IMyes arid Cornell Gireen of; a freshman, Robinson L -o u N G E man wasmolded by his room bJ'tions. _. ,, .--. the Cowboys, H;ewritt Dixon of : ha1;0pered by a sore muscle _last mate a t Cincinnati 14 baseball th Oakl d R 'de d AI Den iny ooly thing/' e an al rs an year_ and turned in a Jess-than -' --... summersago. Y.ou may-_-have he .pointed out.. "W. hen the baseson of the Mtinnesota Vikingg, spectacular season. This year, -Open Every Day Air ,Cond -heard of him-Frank Robinson. w h d ht -f' LOCATED{ ball Strl .ke was go1'ng on people eve. a some mig Y me fully recovered he has gooe un -_ ----Long-Time Roomies 859 ZACK STREET asked me pow I could __ _go o n clinics in tlie past but .(( think defeated in the 100-yard dash and They roomed for seven strike_ .. when I'm on managethis one might outdo them ail," also p ulls -his weight in the 440 :Pbolle_-,_-_ 2 29-9893 Y!!ars and Pinson had long be d I' fore reacljed the._ status .. of a ment's side during the wipter. Gaither sa1 re ay. "-: ,,, star himself when Robinson went to Baltimore to teach the Orioles how to win pennant s _,_ "He's_ a dedic ated marl;" son sa:id of his fori:ner team -mate. "He knows baseball inside --out He:J_l do anything to win. He -:doesn't like to talk _to playells on other teams. -"He-. how :ca:n you knock someone down af second base if friend,? : L saw ..::. -.-, Strollers;_ Bowling. -Flo-rist 3, -Team : 2...:.1 !{ling Solomon B ar-B-Q 3, -ooiu'-04MagiC -'1; Team Ins. L high_ game, Oar<;>lYr,t -Nix Dozier 167, Ora Lee Brown 166, J 'Men's high game:, Ernest Jones 207, Jordan 200, :Manuel !Mitchell 199. Women's high o Peiid D ozier and Ora Lee B-rown '470, Carolyn Nix :Men's h-igh series, Ernest Jones 587, Willie .-Wilkerson 515, Man-uel MdtcheU 51!2. Stand.ings ._. Won Lost -Te-am 4 -.. .. .. .. .. 7 1 Team 2 ---:-. -............ 4 4 'Kilbride Ins. -.... A 4 Ki ng Solomon Bar" B-Q 4 4 Entzminger's Flo rist .. 3 5 Coin-0 4 Magic Laund>ry 2 6 East Gate Ladies. Handicap. League Team 6--3, Team 1-1; Team 8-4, Team _4--{); Team 7-2, Team 3-2; Team Team 9-3, Team: 2-J.. Ladies high games, Pearl Do zle r 193, Lois Scott 176, ; Carolyn Nix 169. 1 High Series, Peml Dozier 518, Lois Scott and Carolyn Nix 475, Johnnye Davis 461. Standings Won Lost Telun 8 : ..... .. .. 6 2 'Team 6 ......... :.: .... 5 3 Team 1 ........ .4 4 7 : ......... : 4 4 -Team 5 .... : ......... .4 4 .._:-Team 4 .: .......... ; 3 .. 5 Team 3 ................ 3 ) 5 2 .............. 2 6 'feam 9 :. Incomplete 3 1 Team 10 ... Incomplete 2 2 The reporter is Davis. Buy from Florida: ... Sentinel Advertisers f '' : : I J : The 'best should, never change.


TWENTY PRO GAGE STA TALKS Dave 1Bing (left) Detroit Piston basketbaU great, and Dt; Charles Whitten, Presi l-ent of the Sickle Cell Detection & Information Center located at K i rkwood Hospital discuss final plans for the Sickle Cell Celebrity Telethon schedover WKBD-Ch. 50 beginning 8 p.m., Sunda y May 28, 1972. Headliners include Sammy Davis Jr., Muh ammad All, Nipse y Russell Glad y s Kni ght & The Pips, Stevie Wonder M-arvin Gaye, Chairme n of the Board. .and the 8th Day. led to, be broadcast live from Ford Auditorium -.;;...... __,_ __ A Co,nquerOr ST. LOUIS, Mo. his means 'first 'and it's a tradition famous. Roman g .enera-1 name-in our family that the first-hom t;akes, S c ipio Spinks i s .out to son has to be named Scipio," With hi:;-meager. major of course, but my wife and I are league expe:uience SpiiJks said Spinks. "My father is Scipio, ly could be expected to make it hoping for a daughter. I l>i g Immediately. However ; if ,-_ n t wish the name Scipio on any .!his fir st-fiv e -stads with the kid." Cardinals are any indication, the A 'Refreshing Personality lhard-tnrowing : righthander could Spinks is never at a loss for be in for a>n excellent words. He could oe one of the Spjn:J{s' 'fiirst five starts coUld n1.os. t refreshing things to ha:pibe g1: aded "Jl ood" to: ex-pen to the Cardinals in a lo.ng, ICellent/' He-.won-two lo .st oneo long time. It doesn't faze .. hiin and two. i. that he is amo_ng com :parative l n Scipio, Did big lea -gue pitching scare wiry, 160-pound righthand .ed hitter? Forget it, man. ..fifth. decisio n rmo-strangers,. since hec d idn't vide d the' top, tl'i.-rill 'for. tpe 2>l-to-the Cardinals until the. first ye ar-old""'from Chicago. He day of -the delayed season. quered hiS!. former teammates, Bob Gibson and Lou Brock the 'Astro's, 2:1 ; just-as; took after' Scipio in the clubas: -A;fricanus or and bouse Said Brocks, "Sip r yaks But ever-smiling, articulate,._ fun-loving Spinks was undaunted bY the needle experts. He even went out and bought a : Jarge stuffed gorilla which he dubbed "Mighty Joe.l' Stennet played i'n 50 games with the Bucs and: ba-tted .353 S'uch _hitting. would ; seem to put a lock on a big leag,ue job for anybody. But Rennie has Buy Sentinel From, FloridaAdvertisers. S cip!O 'A frrcanus. Mmo;r beat so much in those card games on Hannibal' and burned' Carthag. e. the plane rides thatwe 're going "I -underS.tand : Sci p fo to a muzzle on him." --Milburn,., Moore Cietlop Southern Jag.uar spring -H.,..ors By FRED HE,ARNS Phoenix, Ariz May 25-28 en route Southern SID c to a shot atthe national title Seuthern also won the SWAC -' BATON ROUG-E, Tra<:k title with a 14-4 mark. standout _lind_ :::, The banquet also > marked-the bas eball Andre Iastofficial act of former South" Walk ed aW%" With the tOp OOnOJ1.S>' b k tb 11 h Ri ._.;,:, d.' t t th u -"""" ern as e a coae .. ua-r .-Y night a em ru:ver, (Dick) < Mack. The cage tnt y s _annual Sprmg Sports: Ban- mentor siru;:e-"1he came to South quct_. ld ern' in 1960; Mack presepted tro. Milburn, the worl(l record ho hi t b l of' th 197.1 7.2 er in the 120. yarci-hig.h hurdles, P 0 mem eus e d .. th M st 0 tst and vars1ty and freshman basketba-ll was awar eu e Q u -ing Performer trophy in track. teams. The 6-0, 185-poun d junfer from Larry Mc-Tier, a &-0 sen i o r Opelousas, L,a. has established guard from Montgomery,. Ala himself as the : premier track Pe-r-was presented the M{)St Valuable forr.1er : n lhP. United States and Player trophy in varsity basket\i a s ins t rur:.enta.! in the Jaguars' balL McTier led the SWAC:. in finish in the 1 9 7 't scoring with 23.3 points a game Mh-leric Cenfeuence and was a unanimou.S All-SWAC Cha:r.p:or. .o;hips held earlier this selection. Ron Barrow, a 6-2 freshmonth n : College. man from Scotlandville La., was A nd Mooue ; the peppery S.:9, eager., with a 33 point-per-game 135-po : md lie1 1. for : from named, the outstanding freshman La. Coach g .m-o r y_ average for Coach Harvey Ad-1972 baseball' cham-'. geus! frosh. team fr.om.' Ius-second!Coa c h Ronald Brown presented IJase J:)sltb!';. MelllTe, a candi:date the Most Valuable Player trophy f o r with a in golf to sophomore Lionel Harll.22 a v rragP. in the cl-assroom, ris of Scotlandville, La. And An hit .387 and bases for thohy Thomas ) a sophomore from the Jails He tne Mr. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., was named Jl\guar -Aw:ard f()r excellent acathe Most Valuabl e Player in ten d emk and ath id!c achievement nis by Coach Clifton JQhnson. frn m M r Both Harris and Thomas were ant!. M i teammates will members of the All-5WAC team Di!trid 3(); in the and Brown was Coach of the pfayoffs in Year. LA SEGUIDA t:ERTRAL BAKERY THE CDAif BREAD EAKES PASTRIES' 15th STREET AND 15th s ,pinks' godd luck charm,_ which set him back $26 ih a hotel gift shop, has a permanent spot above Scipio's clubhouse locker. "Mighty Joe" is even equipped with one of his owner's glo v es. Spinks. was espe ci ally deter mined to conquer the Astros because they traded-him along with lefthander Lance '0lemons for1 Jerry Reus&. The Astro peopletA who already hacfaesfgnated Scipio as: the No 5 starter, make it ,., clear that they, too.,. felt Spinks was a top prospect. they: wanted a lefty, especially(. a more experienced one like to balance their mound staff. As A stro General Manager Spec Richardson pointed out, "We've got some more good righthanded arms on our top minor league team who could be read soon." Spinks checked the Astros on six hits on May 9. The run he / gave up was unearned= In 3/ previous start against the Astros in Hou ston, s pinks dep-arted in the eighth inning wih the sc oretied. at 2-2 that time and the Redbirds won, 4-2, in 11 frames. Trium' ph Over Expos Scipio also provided the B-irds with a route-going 6 1 triumph in Montreal, which had won its first five games of the season. In his -first start as a Cardinal, Spi1Jks zeroed the Phillies on two hits for five innings' before faltering in his only Jos s. Even some of his former Astro teammates rate Spinks as hard a throwe r a s at1yone in the National League. His big question mark, common amon g young fireballers, was control. "But I believe I settled my control problem s las t year, he ''They told me in spring trainjng tha t I pitched better than anyone on the staff and m y control was good I feel I put it al'l together l ast year.'' 7 WAYS TO WIN I $2 DAILY DOUBLE WI: N -PlACE ..... SH-OW Q .UINIElA -PERFECTA AN: D EXCI-TING $S DAILY DOUBLE NIGHTLY 8:0tr MATINEES I :45 MON.-WED LADIES RIGHT THURSDAY DINE IN FAMOUS MI-SS WHIRL CLUB-SARASOTA KENNEL CLUB 5400 Bradenton Road at DeSoto


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PAGE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Both Editions Saturday, May 27, _)972 FUMERAL NCTICES .... i FILLMORE, MR W:lLLIAM S., fiR. -Funeral service s for Mr. Williams S. Fillmore; Sr. of 3204 E. North Bay, who passed away in a local hospital, will be .held Saturday at 12 noon at i\lt. Car "me.: AME church, with Rev. c.D. officiating. Interment will be in l\lemorial Park Ce inetery. SurvivoTs are: wife, 1\'lrs. Anna B. Fillmore; a son 1\'lr. William S. Fillmore, Jr.; lC grandchildren, Miss Betty Woodard, Mr. Nathaniel Woodard, Mr. ,Herbert woodard and wife, Mrs. Betty Woodard all of Tampa, Mr. 'Richard Isaac and wife Mrs. Pa tricia Isaac of St. Petersburg, .1\'Ir. James Isaac, Mr. RonalG Fillmore, Miss Victoria Fillmore, 1\'lrs. Pearletha Reese and husband, Mr. Johnny Lee Reese, Mrs. Elmira Brook and husband, Mr." John Brook and i\liss Terri Fillmore. all of Tampa; 8 great grandchildren; an aunt, Mrs. Vic toria Ealy and husband, i\Jr. Britton Ealy; 3 nieces, Mrs. Mar-r garet Coleman, Mrs. Elexzennia Bryant and husband, Mr. Richard. Brvant and Mrs. Rose L. Kilpatand husband; l\'lr. Roy Le{ Kil)latrick all of Tampa; 4 neph ews, Mr. Leroy Stokes and wife Mrs. Joyce Stokes, Mr. Z<:!nnie Black and wife ,Mrs. Elinor Black of T.ampa Mr. Rall(' nlph Haines and wife, Mrs. Patricil\ Haines of Orlando and Mr. William Murphy, U S. Army; many devoted cousins, among whom are, !\Irs. Carrie Tyler, H. \.V. Stroman Mrs, Janie Hodge and ?drs. Lovie Thomas all of Tamp-a: 3 sisters in-law, Mrs Clara Wyiie, Mrs. Melinda .and Mrs Mamie' Blue all of Tampa; a daughter in-law, !\Irs. Mary Fillmore of Tampa; a life-long-friend, Mr. Roy Wylie and wife, 1\'lrs-. Lillian Wylie of Tampa and a host o! other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of Williston, Mr. Fillmore bad lived here all of his life. He was a retired em ployee of the City of Tampa. The remains will repose after 4 P. !'. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" /' Charlle '1 hompson, Yice )lr es ithe Sons and of Lev1 Lodge No. 20i.>, l{ev. ,Y. A King, supenisor. Survivors include a daughte r, Mrs Cora Lowe, Tampa, a son Mr. Albert .Moore, Tam11a; 2 grandchildren, :Mrs. Effie Thorpe and husband, Edward, and Miss DebFa Moore, 2 grandsons, -Mr. Albert Moore, Jr. an .Tones and wife, Rastu s Jones. Jan\es Jones, both of' Belleglacle ; Mr. Bennie Lee Jones and wife, Mr. William T. Brown and wife, Philadelphia, Pa.; and many cousins and .friends, Mrs. Pauline Johnson, Miss Norma Jean Johns on, Rufus Jones a ll of New York City; a devoted friend, Mrs. Alice Willi ams, and other sorrowing friends. THE FAMILY WILL RECEIVE FHIENDS AT 4411 WEBSTER WHERE THE REMAINS WILL LIE IN STATE FROM 5 P.M. TODAY UNTIL HOUR OF FUNERAL SERVICE. The Grand Union Pallbearers Lodge No. 206 will hold Memorial Services 7:3 0 f.M. t<"111ight at the res idence P'UGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. MOORE, MRS. E EFIE -Final tribute for the late Mrs. ,Effie Moore of 3515 East Emma, who passed away May 19 will be held Saturday at 4 p.m. from Greater Friendship Ba)ltist Church, 35th Street and Emma, Rev. Madison ]Hurray, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cem etery A native of Aikens, South Carolina, Mrs. Moore was MORRIS, MRS. neral servjces for Mrs. Alice Morris of Union St. (form<' erly of 1109 Highland' Avenue), who t>assed away in a local !turs ing home, will be held Saturday at 2 J>.m. at Allen Tem)>le A.M.E. Church with Re, H. McDonald a pioneer citizen of Tam)la, an) ember of the Grand Union Pallbearer!! Lodge No. 206, Mr. UNCLE sANDY SAYS 2 5,44 The man who trusts men will make f e w e r mistakes 66, 23. than he w h'o il.istrusts them 17,89. Nelson, officiating. Interment will be in the family plot Shady Grove Ce m etery. Survhors are: 2 daughte r s, l\'1 r s Lessie White of Gaines ville and Mrs. Christine Smalley who was nry faithful of Tanq>a and hu sband, Mr. Dave Smalley; 5 grandchildren, l\'lr James Rollins, S r. and wife, l\lrs. Hettie Rollins of Seats Pleasant, Maryland, Mrs, Loraine Harris of C level a nd Ohio, Way1w Jenkin s, Keith Smalley and Da, e Smalley all of TamJ>a; 7 1-?,'l'eat grandchildren; a host of nit ces, n ephews and other r e latives and hie nd s. Born in Seff ner, M r s Morris had lived in the Tampa Bav A rea all of her life. The reniains will repose after 4 p m. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral ChaJ>e l un t il n ear funeral time Saturday. "A W l LSON SERVICE' LASTER, MR. EARNEST-Funeral services for the late Mr. Earnest Laster, 1919 Nassau St., will be conducted Saturday at 3 p.m. from the Brown's Temple Church of God in Christ, 2314 27th A venue, with the Pastor, Elder W W. Gilyard, officiating Entombment will follow in the Memorial Park Ce metery. A nathe of Decatur County, Geo r g ia Mr. Laster had res ided in Tampa for more than 20 vears. He was a member of the I1iternational Longshoreman's A s s o c i a t ion, Local 1402, M r. Perry Haney, Sr., President. Suni,ors include a devote d wife, Mrs Ros a Mae Laster; 5 daughters, i\1 r s. Earnestine W hi t e and hu s l;and Mr. Eugene White, Mrs. Rudine Sims -and husband Mr. Fred Sims, Rosa Lorine, Lilli a n Yvonne, a n d Linda Laster; 5 sons, M r. Willie Laster of Pittsburgh, Pa., Odis, Earnest, Curtis and Jerry Laster, all of Tam)>a; a "sister, Mr3. Bernice Ross of Plant City; 2 brothers, Mr. George Laster and wife of Lakeland, and Frank Laster and wife of South Caro lin a; Cousins, Mrs. :VIattie L. Wright and husband of Tam)la and Mrs. Felix McNair ancl wife Mildred, of Tampa; Sistt>rs-inlaw, Mrs. Cassie Reed _and husband of Miami, Fla., Mrs. Mildred Butler and husband Hanl'i > of Melvin, Fla., Mrs. Geneva Smith and husband Charles of Bradenton, Fla., and Mrs. Lillie, i\1. Buie of Fowltown; Ga.; 5 brothers-in-law, Mr. Sam Harris Jr., and wife of Atta)>ulgas, Ga., Mr. l.:;e\' i Harris and wife of St. Petersburg, Mr. Hoose, elt Harris and wife of St. Petersburg, Mr. Johnny Harris and wife of Attapulgas, Ga., and Mr. Farnell Harris and wife of Bradenton; Father-in-law, Mr. Sam Han' is of Fowltown, Ga. 9 grandchildren and a host of niece's, ne]>h, ews and other sorrowing relatives and friends. The r emains will repos e at the RAY WILLIAMS F UN ERA L HOME CHAPEL after 4 p.m. Friday (today). Arrangements by BRYANT & WILLIAMS (Ray Williams Funeral Home). PARKER. MRS. VIRGINIA P ...:.. Funeral services for Mrs. Vir-ginia P. Parker of 7907 As h ---, -who passed away in a Memoriam 'local hospital, .. 'rill be held Saturday at 4 P.. i\r. at Greater MI. Moriah P. B. Church with Rev. A. L. Brown, pastor, offi c iatin g In termcnt will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: hus band, Deacon Willie Parker :l d a u ghters, Mrs. Linda Lee 'and hu s b a nd Mr. Alfonso Lee. Miss Robin Parlier and Miss Teny James Parker; godmother, Mrs. Hattie James; 4 sons, /Mr. Wil lie Parker, ; Jr., Mr. Reginald. Par lie r l\Ir. Daryl Parker, and Mas ter Tony Parker; grandchildren, Shawn Deane Lee and Alfonso Lee, Jr., 2 sisters, Mrs. Laura Wil Iiams, a nd Mrs. D e loris S. Love -and husba nd Sgt. Nathaniel Love of Mainz, Germany; 5 brothers, Mr. William Ford ancJ. wife, Mrs. Laum Ford of Tipton, Okl ahmna, Mr. Abner Ford and wif e Mrs Minnie Foid, Sgt. Fohd and wife, Mrs. Barbara Ford, i\lr David L. Ford and Mr H()Imer Ford and wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Ford of Miami; 2 uncl es, Mr. Azel Andrews and wif e, Mrs. Ethel Andrews of Georgia 1\lr James Ford and wif e, Mrs. R osezenia Ford: a grand aunt, Mrs. Emma Daily : 43 nieces;. 45 neph e ws ; mother-in Jaw Mrs. Ethel 10 sisters in-Jaw, and their hu sbands; 5 brothe rs-in-law and their wives; godchildren, Mrs. Jeraldine Clem ons Carlos and Curtis Clemons, Aurelia Mhldrow and Ginger Thomas: a host of other so r row in g r elatives and friends including Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lon don l\lr. ancJ. Mrs. W. A High tower, )[r. and Mrs. Booli el' Pemberton and )lr. and Mrs. William Whit e A native of Thomasville, Georgia, Mrs. Park er had lived here for the past 30 years. S h e was President of the Pastor' s Aid Club, a member of Usher Board No. 1, Ladies Auxiliary, Choir No. 1, Mothers Board of her church. She was als, o a member of the H.E.O. Social Club. Friends in the Progress Village area arc asked to meet at the home, others are ...,.asked to meet at the church. The family will receive friends at the church Friday evening from 7:30 until 8: 30. The remains will re pose after 4 P. M. today (Fri at the church, until near funeral time Saturday. "A WIL SON SERVICE" '1' H 0 MAS, MR. }\LBE!n' CARLOS -Funer.al services -for Mr. Albert Carlos Thomas of 2507 E. Chelsea, who was killed in an automobile accident, will be held Saturday at 1 Ji.m. at Friendshi1 p M.B. Church, 4409 35th Street, Rev. Madison Murray, Pastor with Rev. 0. S. Stephenson, officiating. Inter-. ment will be in .Memorial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: grandmother, i\'lrs. Lizzie .Tones; aunts, Mrs. Annie Laura Parker and husband, l\lr. Prince Parker, ]V{,rs. Anna Reese and hu sband, Mr. John Reese; Mrs. Essie Parker and husband, Mr. RoberJ; Parker; cousins, Miss Shirley Jones, Miss Be.tty .Tones i\1 iss Rhonrla Holder, Miss Leola Butts of Fitzgerald, Ga i\Irs. Ola Mae Reliford of. Fitzgerald, Ga The Reese Famil y, Mrs. Annie Lee S immons, Mr. Robert Stephenson, Mi s s Juanita Butts 'of Detroit, Mich.; and other sorrowing rclati,cs and friends; a devotl'd frie nd. Mr .Jam es Col e. A nati\'e Tam)lan, 1\lr Thoma s had live d here all of hi s life. H e was a stude n t at Florida A&i\'1 U niv ersity. The remains will r e pose after 4 p.m. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral ChaJ>e l until near funeral time Saturday. "A WILSO:\ SERVICE" TAMPA-In remembrance of Stevie 1\'linor who departed this life, May 28, 1966. We always think uf you. Sadly missed: Mother and Urothe rs. Memoriam TAMPA-In loving memory of my dear mother, Mrs. Mamie Vernon who a eparted this life May 27, 1969. You are gone, but you'll never be forgotten. Sleep on mother and take your rest, we loved yo u but God you best. Sadly missed by your children, grandchildren and great grand children. Memoriam TAMPA-In remembrance of <_!f our mother, Mrs. Fronnie Craft who passed May 27 ; 1962. Gone but not forgotten. Your children: General Lee, John W. Smith, Sons; and Eula Mae Stewart, daughter. Card of Thanks TA!\'IPA-The Family of the late S/Sgt. Wilfiam F. Franklin would like to express their s incere appreciation to their many friends and neighbo.rs for their kindness shown d .uring hours l)f bereavement. Special thanks to our pastor, Rev. Y. Benjamin Bruce and the Ray Williams Funeral Home. Signed: The Franklin, Spain,_ Smith and Johnson Families. Card of Thanlls TAMPA -We wish to thank our many friends and relatives for their kindness and messages of sympathy in the death of our mother. The Family of Serafina P. Blanco Buy From Sentinel Advertisers FOR RENT UNFURNISHED 1 Bedroom Apt. 918 14th Ave. $22. Weekly, I Plus-'$40 Breakage Fee We Pay All Utilities Phone: 248-1921


Saturday, May 27, 1972 fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PublisheC! every Tues anC! Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE TWENTY-THREE ------------------------------------------BUSINESS REFRIGERATORS, RANGES Re All makes. Quick seri ice. Phone 988-32i3. STONE FOX 1\JAGAZINE is expanding it's sales foTce! This is an excellent opportunity for ambitious men and women to greatly increase tbeir income. Must be willing to train, have own transportation and a neat appearance. Call STONE FOX Magazine. 237-3321 DON T DELAY!! NO CREDIT??? Raving Trouble Buylag A Car Beeause you are short ou Credit or D11wn Payment? LET 1\'IE HELP YOU Call Bill 232-4891 OR SEE ME Af SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 Fl.ORIDA AVE. BUSINESS I EMPLOYMENT I LAWR MOWER REPAIRS 11 WOULD YOU LIKE to be a Key Punch Operator? Call I I Computer Center for an IBM j WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER interview. 223-2524. within the limits. Call 248-2580. I Ask for Vito or Oscar. APARTMENT DWELLER? As au Avon Representative, your cusEMPLOYMENT tomers are nearby. Find out I how easy it is to .earn extra I money selling A von products in your neighborhood. Call: Tampa DOCTOR'S HOSPITAL LAB CLINIC Call 223-3649. 876-3242; St. Pete 862-4593; 1 Clearwater 442-9656. FOR SAJ..E MEDICAL WO:\IEN FOR trainee jobs as nurses aides, medical receptionists and doctors assist .1 POLICE PATROLMEN 1----------------WEST TAMPA Si,493 -$8,452 yearly. H.S. grad. Age: 21-30 yrs. Must meet height, weight, and vision requirements. SURVEY PARTY CHIEF $6,489 $8,070 a year. INSTRUMENTl\IAN $5,304 $6,489 a year. star-ting salary based on train ing and experience. Apply: 4th Floor, City Hall TAMPA CIVIL SERVICE BOARD $200 DOWN l<'HA 235. 3 bedrooms, Ph bath. VANITY HOMES, tNt 109 North Armenia. Phone 251 3539. CLOSE-OUT on all used clothing reduced to lOc each, Men, Wo-men and Children's. I PETE' S BARGAIN CENTER 5205 Florida Avenue Thursday Friday-Saturday 11-5 P.M. CIVIL S :ERVICE BEAUTIFUL 3 BEDROOM. home in Belmont Heights with large living room, dining room and screened-in patio. Vacant. l Arthur A. Evans, Realto1 253-3054 I COMPUTER PROGRAMMER II $870 mo. H.S plus 4 yrs. EDP exp. 2 years must be in programming. ACCOUNTANT ll $790 mo. degree in Acctg. and 2 yrs. exp. Pre'fer government al: TRANSCRIBER $442 mo. H.S. plus 2 yrs. clerical typing exp. (6 mo. must be med transcription in hosp. or related agency or successful completion of acceptable Jr. College Program.> COOK II UTILITY liAINTENANCt ll $486 mo. 8th grade plus 4 years exp. (1 year must be in Water or Sewer system operation.) UTILITY MAINTENAJ.'l'CE I $400 mo. 8th grade plus 2 yrs. exp. general mechanical r-epair* RIGHT-OF-WAY TECHJ\TJCIAJ.'l ll $535 mo. H.S. plus 3 yrs. exp in real estate abstract & title work or in making location sur veys or dlafting right-of-way maps. (Rel'!ted college m a y sub. for up to 2 yrs.) $364 mo. Elem. educ. plus I yrs. responsible institutional, DRAFTSMAN III restaurant or hotel exper. $650 mo. H.S. plu s 4 yrs. exp. SCHOOL SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR $650 m'o. H.S. plus 5 yrs. exp in public .contact or investigate work (at least 2 yrs. must be law enfon;ement). SECURITY OFFICER $381 mo. 9th grade plus 2 yrs. exp.* UTILITIES MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR $829 mo. H.S. plus 8 yrs. exp. in general maintenance and/or re lated construction work includ ing 3 yrs. super. exp. PLANT & PRODUCTION OPERATOR SUPERVISOR Water and/or Sewer Plant$752 mo. B.S. degree plus 4 yrs. responsible exp or H.S. plus 8 yrs. exp. Must possess or be able to obtain appropriate Water or Sewer Works Certif UTILITY OPERATOR ll 1 $590 mo. H.S. plus 6 years exp. Must possess or be able to ob tain appropriate Water or Sew er Works Operation Certif.' UTILITY OPERATOR I $486 mo H.S. plus 2 years exp. l\fust possess or be able to ob tain appropriate Water or Sewer Works Operation Certif. STOREKEEPER ll $381 mo. H.S. plus 1 yt-. exp. including iD\entory work. REFRIGERATION MECHANIC :III $682 mo. H. S. plus 4 yrs. e:xp REFRIGERATION MECHANIC II -$6!0 mo. H.S. plus 4 yrs. exp. II $620 mo. B.S. plus 6 yrs. exp.* l\IECHANIC I $535 mo. H.S. pins 4 yrs. exp. MASON m $620 mo. lOth grade plus 6 yrs. exp.* LANDSCAPE GARDENER $4()0 mo. 9th grade plus 1 yr. exp. as prof. gardener or re latcd.* GROUNDSKEEPER II TUIkcy Creek Area. $364 mo. 8th gr. plus 6 mo. exp. LANDFILL CUSTODIAN $364 mo. Ahle to read, write make simple computations, must have own transportation. cccptable related experience may be substituted for educational requirements as determined by Civil Service HILLSBORO COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE ,RM. 273, TAMPA i AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER WEST TAMPA I COR'l\'ER LOT, 3 hedrooms, 1 batlis, CB home, stove and re-frigerator. 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, Fla room CB home, chain link fence, well landscaped, air conditioned $50 DOWN PROGRESS VILLAGE 3 BEDROOMs, wall-'00-wall car pet. i\lust see to appreciate. NORTHVIEW RILLS 3 BEDROOMS, 1 batb, carport, chain link fence, large b a c k yard. WILBERT WILLIAMS, Realtor h PHONE 251-4049 m CHARMING RIVERGROVE ESTATES. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Florida Room, Central Heat, Air. RHA financing available. ( HAROLD FRANKLIN, REALTOR Phone 879-0560 $SO DOWN CEMENT BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, stove, refrigerator, $10,3511. P. & 1. $68.54 for 360 months at 7% mortgage. I DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 LISTINGS 1\'EEDED. I I ROOFER, PAiNTER, Carpenter I or Plumber Yonr labor on 4802 88th Street can be down I payment. S bedrooms. Balance at $65 .00 per month. Plus escrows. C A S T L E H 0 M E S. 253-5321. 2302 1USSACHUSETTS A VENUE (N.W. CORNER PARK AVENUE 5 Rms., 2 Balhs $400 Dn. CORNER LOT 66 x 120 feet. Com fortable, bright interior com pletely painted inside and out. Has all new floors. Will g e t new roof. Has range an!l refrig., large dine area, large utility room or 3rd b e droom. Ample Call Joe Qucipo, Assoc. :-. Res. or office FRANI{ MORGAN, 106 South 1 Apljenia 253-3453 253l J I ; .. I FOB SALE PUBLIC SERVICE WANT A NEW uOME? AUTt INSURANCE $200 DOWN, G(JOD CREDIT. Call Equal Opportunity Corp. Call 257%111. ------------lMMED1A'I'I!; COVERAGE at a cost that correspoads to :reat driviDg hfsturJ. MANGO AREA LARGE 3 Bedroom borne. lot with oak trees. Low down p

'AGE TW __ E_NTY __ -F_O_U_R __ __, ____ Fla. .. rubllshed every Tues. and t'rf Get Both Editiont Saturday, May 27, 1972 f -_:,; ieague Season (Continued from Page 1) iwusing projects was leased for rthe first field. With help from !Jim Williams of the County !Commissioners office, the mayor Mr. Massey of the City rParks Department screens were bought and the field was under-way. With this being settled, the !four then set out to get. manlllgers, coaches, players and sponsors. The first spjnsors were: Towne's L a u n d r y, Culpepper Drugs, Morrison Pharmacy, Hargrett Laundromat, and Spoto Midway. The league started with eight teams -four major and four minor league. teams. Reed proudly said they have in four years to 17 teams, with boys being able to play little league baseball ;from years of age. The teari1 vision s are: .major, minor, senior and. big leagues. Games are now played at Cyrus G .reen Playground, 22nd Street and E. Buffalo Avenue, with three divided fields. Model Cities has donated two sets of Hgohts so night games can be !Played. Coach Reed is very satisfied with the progress the league has made in tLe past four years feels that Tampa was with<>Ut a black little league for so because of one drawback. 'Blacks thought it was a white game, it was never introduced to them,". be said. Six blocks down the street from the predominantly black B e i m o n t Heights area was a white league that drew boundaries all around the black thus' preventing i>lack boy!!" frol)l .. Pl!lY-ing. 'The or the'"Yi!lir for the little leagues is in June, 'When the City and All-Star Tournaments will be held. In the all-star toun\ament the, best 18 (players are picked out of the league to complete for the title. In 1970 the Belmont Heights nttle league won the District 13 chan1.pionship, the hi-state championship and went to the region ill \tournament and was defeated !by_ a team from Georgia. Tampa ; Stokes, Hatcher Cancel : .TV Appearance WASHI.NG'I'ON Two black politicians -canceled their appearance on the AIBC radio-tele visicn program "Issues and Answers" Sunday because the network refused to put a biack newsman on the questiorung panel, a network producer said. Peggy Whedon; producer of the network news show, said Rep. Louis Stokes, D"Ohio, and Mayor Richard Hatcher o Gary, Ind., :inade their demand ind con c.iled their appearance later Fri-day. sent an all-black little league team to the National Tomnament, Reed said. "A couple of years back, a team from West Tampa went to the Tournament.'' This team is the one that Reed feels is their toughest opponent. At their field on 22nd Stre materials ihave been donated for a dugout, fence, a pressbox, and two concession stands. "We're one of the better situated teams in the city --fin ancial or otherwise," said Reed. The ladies auxiliary handles the concession stands and all money that comes in. Mrs. Rouse is now president of the orginazation and Reed is on the Board of Directors. Team sponsors are: MajorPepsi Cola, Padl;!tt Nursiq.g Home, llLA 14, Parrino Stop and Shop, Stone, 11ild .. Gordon's Funeral Horne, anci Wilson!s Funeral Minor-Culpepper Drugs; who incidentally' spoosors the teams that won the. first half of this se!lson's pla'Y, Buddy's BP, AlA Cleaning Service, 34th Drive-In, Penny Saver Grocery and PAL. Senior, Bob's Amoco, Cone Brothet,s, Latin-American 'Furniture and PAL. Black First To Manage Shopplng Mall ATLANTA:.....:Richlird Dent has been named center rnana 'ger and executive secretary. of the merchants of. The Entl, A ; P.S., Inc., de veloper of the 'eenter, has an nounced. A.P. S. says Dent is the first' black shop.ping center nian_ager in the South. He previously was corporate employment supervisor with the Central Soya Co., Fort Wayne, Ind. Buy : llodda S .entinel: :Adv.ertisers. ,.,,.. FUNERAL DIRECTORS WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME "Our Uusiness Is Service" Phone: 248-6125 245-2032 POliHSLEY Funeral Rome 3402 26th STREET As Impressive as required As inexpensive as desired Phones t47-3151 or CEMETERY THE CEMETERY BEAUTIFUL WE CARE FOREVER SHADY GROVE TODAY SHADY GROVE ME:VIORIAL PARK has over the past 20 yea:-s become one of the most unique parks in the country. SH.\DY GROVE is truly a combination of the past, the present and the future. The custom of leaving the vault lids exposed is still widely practiced in some of the older sec tions. SHADY GROVE contains a .great variety of monuments, arkers and varied memorials leaving a permanent stamp of Negro culture and a heritage that will become a part of history. SHADY GROVE contains over 20 acres located on a high dry ridge situated among the beautiful oak pine, and cale tris trees in a beautiful Florida setting with well kept grounds; 4615 E. HANNA AVENUE TEL! G j26-2332 SPECIAL MAY SALE AT You Sav.e Plenty LARMON INC. .... ...... L-. 3 PC. BE.OROOM. SUITE ONLY$ 00; (Similar lo llluslralion) :fabulous Bedroom or Living Jqom Suite l4 .. BIG -PIECES. $13995 --/:r SOFA BED MATCHING CI_IAIR % BEAUTIFUL LAMPS 2 STEP TABLES l TABLE 5 PIECE PICTURE ENSEMBLE 2 DECORATOR PILLOWS (Sli\IILAR TO ILLUSTRATION) "THAT'S WHY SMART PEOPLE BUY NOW." your IIANKAMERICARD ARMON 1324.30 PHONE E. Broadway 248-2557 welcome here ------,. "IT'S. PAY THE LARMON WAY" Open Friday Night 'Til 8 P. M. 'FOR YOUR


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