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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 25, no. 49 (June 3, 1972)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
June 3, 1972
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Victim Of Beating Dies,, Man Ch.arge, d With Murder All The News Fit To Print --I r : ,.. SEE STORY ON PAGE :J Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU. S ,EMI WEEKLY ------------------------------------VOL. 25, NO; 49. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 1972. :: PRICE 15 CENTS. ; seniors Lead In NAACP ConteSt .- GROUP OBSERVES 55th ANNIVERSARY .. 1\Iembers of the Senior Mission of New Salem Mt. Pilgrim Choir. After the Inspirational pro-P. B. Church observed their 55th anniversary Sun-gram, the gathering moved to the social hall for day afternoon at 3 o'clock. The annual sermon refreshments. Among persons attending were, from was by the Rev. C. Allen, pastor of Mt. Pilgrim left to right, Mrs. Thelma Archie, Mrs. Eva Mae P. B. Church In Bradenton, and music was by .the. Carter and Mrs. Lillie Mae Isaac. Nigeria Stars Bolster Ill. State Track NORMAL, Ill. -Illinois State Track Coach Roger Weller may -be cheering for Nigeria to win a couple of events in 1972 Olympics at Munich. Nothing political, you under i!ftand just that he has four athletes from Nigeria on his roster, and two of them are likely to be on their nation's blympic squad. The two world class athletes are s01phomore hurdler Adeola :Aboyade-Cole of La. gos, and !freshman quarter-miler Bruce Jjirigho of Obiaruku. Both are veterans of international com petition despite their youth, and have done well 8Jgainst strong competition in the United States. The other two; both sophomores, .an Herbert Osanife 9f Apapa in the long and triple jumps, and Tony Ede of Lagoa on the relay squads. Osanife also has Olympic po tential, but his dreams of representing Nigeria this summer have been shattered by a per-Progress Edition On Newsstands Tuesday, June 6 Reserve Yours Now! sistent heel bruise Aboyade-Cole also has been bothered by a muscle strain cently, but a speedier recovery is forecast. "If it isn't healed by the nationals," says Coach Waller, "I'll hold him out of the meet. 'I don't want to do anything that will keep him from the Olympics." Aboyade-Cole and Ijirig-ho have been headline performets !or the Redbirds, Aboyade-Cole was I.S.U.'s most valuable per former as a freshman, and ljirig ho was accorded that honor this BiJring. Eoth are tall, slendE:r athletert who honed their skills to a fine competitive edge since com to the U .S. _(Continued .. a Page i) STORY, PAGE 6 : -' SEE STORY ON PAGE lS }{' Di$pute Ov.er Chilcl Stirs Family Row ... J -(S&J!;" STORY ON ._,, .. : .. I : t -..... 1 ,,_. I ..... 1( Pobce. Sgt. Phil more I Gets College. Degree SEE STORY ON P AGR 9 -County losing Social Sec:udty Benefits SEE STORY ON PAGE 1-


PAGt 'rwO Fla. Published every Tues. and Fri. .Celt Both Editiomt r June 3, 1972 -'' SlleriW 5 ( .. nity Relations Bureau By SGT. ARNIE MYERS _____ __, :JtA'CKGR'OUND -OF-POLICE universally held and many W&MEN'S SERVICE, PART D of e8J:11es t women sea' rching for Alice Stebbins Wells, of a solution of problems -greeted the jdea of women police Los California, a gradu-" .;ith favor, and Mrs. Wells was .ale'. Theological student and Sosoon overwhelmed witih requests C: ial Worker, was plac:ed under 'for 'lectur-es and advice By this Service in 19111 in the Los .Ah I p r D t t d time, vanGUS attempts to pre->flff. an vent ju v enile delinquency were ;;;!! dy, n!_ tw Yul ale-: .made b y the new women c..,,_... e as .. e .....,\8 reg ar y 11 't ,. d rate' d POLICIDWOMAN ;, .. H-n esp_ ec ia Y as _1 apiJ> Ie to yo_ung duties OOlllf)nsed t.'le' su -guls. ?ohce O'flicer P d th __ ., '" .,t f ', Ne lhe McElroy of th e Rochester, 1 e .,....dorcemenh. "':: New York Police DJoartment, conc1 ekrrun ance da s,-. had pointed out, verv-empl1ati-"'<' a w r n s, peony area es, 'I h h bl' : ,.,., '.;. h d tlh ca. y, t at t e pu Jclt y "' court P f ure s ows, an. 0 er S l,nuproceed ings for l!ir l s be lllr: .PJaces of recreatwil. aYoided if at all poss.ible. The -_ boer actiVIties were .. the of prev e n t'n!! fu-. ol ture delinquenc y was me.t by a chl&pla.ys, seal ch system of voluntary nmbatt!on Jhji,Ssmg persons, and mam contained all the of a mf{)rm .ato f official J}robab!on:' b .urin..!! the tJO n bureau for wo men seekmg .. ,_ ""'E',.ALE d p10oeermg years. e 'I', L n. 11 vice on matters WII:thm tne OOP" ddi d u.1 of pelice departments. sa -e """'. man' Y Although ran!C!in with th whuC'h_ were not g e associated \V1Uh po! Ice work as plrun .clothesmen, Mrs. was such but which d emanded a permttted some funeflucns ., not d l t d t th "f.. large f}(}rtion of their attent:I on. ega,.e o. .. e me.n 0 'For example, in a community in iihe was m wnting : Iowa durina this period a wo-or m the purpo nd! "' o ble al ;efu sco!}e k man with pol ice po wers h en died v. ue wor : all cases of women and children oflicers and was giVen involving matters w:thin the office She was free. ;to scci pe of police : Jn addition to an office hour. The :ap-'this work s he was overse"r of JlOlDt?Jent Mrs: Wells ihe poor,' truant officer ;elief ed Wide ne\l;spa.per comment be-agent, supervisor of the garden c a u5e of the fact that she w:as club and JuvenHe court agent. Bn .. woman,. a socral She h-iid a ftill-tiri1e as s istant and worker, and had delib e rately the .necessary office and clenic al and O;>I>Or-help. The attaining. of full status tum t y to work m a poLice by the. Policewoman did not come ment. easy, :;.: Naturally, many The records reflect that the t_he situation in a half mayor of Milford Ohio 8-P'lJoint-c:omic manner and pictured ti1e cd (I woman as Cliief ..Jth a hammer by an. unndentified \roman during. an argumrmt. Two men, Robert B ell, 2:l, and EugEne Knoles, 21:>, were outs :de 314 E. Ameiia fighting over a mutual girlfriend, Gwendolyn Hob!e y, when Jyliss Robley c_alled to sto,p the men from J.gihting. Burglaries Unrldentified persons ent-crrd m nartment C at 152 3 Scott St. t;hrou h "-f.1 mHo-eked window and re a pair of boo-ts (men's) vorth $ :M, a pair of bell bottom k !lit !la nts and ari afro wig W1lrth $l!S and left undetec. ted. The items belonge d to Woodrow !Richardson Wilsco. B'ftween 8-8:.10 Wednesda Y .i i .:zht burg1ars entered the residence of Lenora Thornton, 3516 Avenue, and took. a color portable T.V. valued at and 11 stereo record !}layer worth $i5, and left through the side door unobserved: police that romeone entered her house Tuesday and took a bble model ta'!le player worth $ i > 2 : !} and a man's winter jacket with hood worth $3, 0 and fled. -F, ive stereo tapes valued at $1 5 were. taken from t11e resi d en ce of Mrs. E t hel' Kuaton, 1(I31 24th Avenue, Tuesday .T!1e burglars entered throug h an unlocked door and left Thefts While Richard Frances o f :JVIadDill A :FIB, was on the. corner of Franklin and Oass Wednesday when two unidenti fied men approaclied with a gun and robbed hjm of $!!1. The men fled the scene. Otis Wilson, :CS. l C 3 4 Ave nue, St. Pete, told police he was parked on the parking lot at J ai-Ala i on Dale Mabry when someone moved Ms 1954 Chevy station wagon valued at $450. T he vehicle was unlocked Arthur Dav[s, 77, H'O:i% Oregon Avenue, reported to police that his wife was riding with Leroy Simmons, 21?2 West Palm Ave:, > Monday morning and she had him her husband's pistol in his glove compartment. IDavis asked Simmons for his g un and Simmons refus e d to return it. A charge of larcenty of firearm -was filed against Sim mons, police said. In Trouble As A Boy RALEIGH, N .C. Police knew Harvey Glen n McLeod, 2:!, who shot 11 persons and took his own life Mond ay, as a man with a record of violent crime going back to his 14th birthday. Mrs. Rosa Rand knew him all h is life; and said, "He never bothered nobody." Mrs. Rand works in the hardware store where McLeod paid $54 in cas h earlier in the dny Monday for a .22-caliber rifle and talked to him while he was in the store. "He was his usual se lf,'' she said. "He didn't act mad.' HARVEY McLE{)H Broughton High School, was married and had just moved into a duplex apartment. His mother, who ]iYes in a lmall frame hou se refused to. talk to newsmen Police C hi e f Robert E. Goodwin said McLeod's last arrest was iri February 1971 when he was charged with. a s sa ul t with a deadly weapon. His cri minal record began in when he was 14 yearl5 old, and in c lud es two assault charges, a larceny charge and a trespass-ing case The chief said he did not know the outcome of any of the c harges. Mrs. Rand, who i s black, had chatted with McLeod about their two families while another cler k sold him the rifle and three boxes of ammunition. ''He never both ered n obody,' she said "He \\ as nice and quie t and h e always r es pected me and everybody else." She acknowledged, however, that l\icLeod had a breaking point. Ph.iiadalphia. Told. J o Hire Black Polic;e ''He was t h e type of person who would take a lot, but when yo u pushed him to a certain tent, it was all over," she said. I mean, h e would take a lot off you before he would even get mad." Mrs. Rand said McLeod "would hav e to have had a motive, because I've known him all my life, and h e was never t he ty.pe that would j ust j ump up and do something." McLeod was a janitor at Progress Edition On Newsstands Tuesday, June 6 Reserve Yours Now! PHILADELPHIA -A fedenil jud ge h as ordered the Philadelphia police departm-ent to fill its va cancies by hiring one black fo.i: every two whites in order to correct a raci:H imbalance in hiring. U. S District Judge John P. Fullam sai d h e found no !}roof of discrimin13tion in police hiring but that he \ vas .en'rorcing the plan as an inter im sol ution to a race bi;1.s suit brou ght against the depart ment by blacks and the wealth of Pennsylvania. Fullam also temporaril y re strained the departm ent from exceeding its authorized strength as of March 1. Several blacks claimed they had been discriminated against and asked for a prelimina r y injun c tion to keep the department from h iring or promoting any nonblacks. The blacks said the police en trance ex a mination contains "cultural bias" against t hem by pos ing questions only an academically person could answer. One question cited by their lawy"rs asked the applicant to di vic]e threefift.hs by two fifths. ; :' ; Based on the pgJic e department statistics and data, the suit showed that the percentage of the blacks among hii;-ed by the department from 27. 5 .14 1966 to 7 7 in 1970. BUSIRESS, LEASES AVAILABLE al TAMPA. PARK SROPPIIG CERTER Nebraska al Scoll for REASONABLE RATES \ Phone: 229-1845 RED FRONT GROCERY .. & PACJAGE STORE 3918 29' h St. Cor. Bvffalo Atenue Phone WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS "Come In Ear!y and Get The Best" _____ ,_-WE DELIVER WE SELL AMERICAN. EXPRESS MONEY ORDERS lew Coler New Shipment Linoleum 9 x 12 Come pidr: yotirs FULL UNE OF CUPS, POTS P I E PANS, C o\KE PANS, PUDDING PANS, ETC. FRESH TURKEY WINGS Jb. 45c SMALL BARB-Q SPARE RIBS lh. 79c FRESH BAKING HENS 4 TO 6 LBS. "Neve r Frozen" lb. 55c EXTRA LARGE FRESH FRYERS Each .98c FRESH :'1/ECK BONES 2 S9c TENDER LEAN BEEF STEW .lb. 59c SMOKED NECK BONE S lb. 45c ALL MEAT SUNNYLAND Sl\'IOI{ED SAUSAGE lb. 79c DIXIE CRYSTA L SUGAR 5 lb. bag 69c (With $5.00 Order) SI\'I.OKED SKINS FOR YOUR BEANS AND GREENS lb. 45c FRESH SLICED PORK STEAKS lb. 7Sc LARG E SMOKED HOCKS lh. SSe CHINITO WHOLE GRAIN RICE 3 lb..bag 49c FRESH CHiCKEN BACKS 5 lh. Box 99c LEAN OX TAILS lb. 45c LARGE EGGS JN CARTON Doz 49c S!\IAI L PIG FEET lb. 39c FRESH BLACK EYE PEAS, FRESH OKRA FRESH STRING BEANS TENDER FRESH SLICED BE'8F LIVER lb. 65c Specials For Friday Saturday Monday,_June, & Slh. At af}prox. 111:18 Wedne sday n\orning an uniderit.i Ei.ed person e ntered 3303 E :Oeleuil, M r s !Essie Mae Johnosn, mvner,' and took her 197'1 Portable c Q1oi:. 'r.V. w ort h $150 and fled SMART, QUALITY CLOTHING &: JEWELRY OR EASY CREDIT, FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! Mrs Shirley Aldrid ge S 1 p eig-hts. 24, 3405 E. Hanna Avenue, told CLARK'S DEAN'S' .. Kl N'-'S -r-iau o ; 1 \1 < r.: ., ([. ? 1 J JL)> :r r: > DOWNTOWN : YBOR C1TY 'l '-* ST. PETERSBURG. .. r. '17.1\'KELANDl


Saturday, June 3, 1972 Dispute. -Over Child Leads To Row Between Brother, Sister No charges were filed against a 1-9-year-u!d youth for shooting at llits W-yea r-old sister during a family dispute over a child Tuesday afternoon. Police arrested Jerry after his si ster Erley told police offic ers that he shot at her twice with a .212 caHber revolver. during the di sturbance, struck Jerry's arm while he was shooting and deflected t he shots, pOlice said J erny then left the house before the arrival of po lice. The mother, rMrs. Julie lia ms, told investi'gatipg officers that this was a usual occurraJce betwe en Erley. and Jerry, since they often argued and-fought over Erley's children. Jerry returned. tO-the -house and was taken to ja.iJ for the shooting but was released from custody after his mothe' r and IErley admi.tted '1Jhat the slrooting was as much their fault as it was his. Nigeria Stars (C(_mtinued from Page 1) Ijirigho set a school record of 46.7 seco nds while winning the Midwestern Conferen ce 440-yard dash championship this month. The 6 -foot-4, 168-pound Ijirigho wo n ind oo r and outdoor championships this year at both the Midwestern Conference and Illinois Inter-collegiate meets Aboyade-Cole tied a Kansas Relays record of 13.6 seconds in the semifinals of the 120 -yard high hurdles, an(l more recently won the Illinois Intercollegiate title in :13.7. His best time. before coming to the U.S. was .14.2 secmids for 110 meters. He reached the seniifinals of the British Commonwealth: Games at_ Edinburgh, while i-n high school. .After investigatirig tJhe incident at 3512 2(}th Street, A rpt. J29, polic e officers reported that the shooting stemmed from an assault on Erley's small child. :Erley 'said. Jerry yelled at her son and slarpped him,. thus prompting her to geta lmife from the-kitchen and stab him in the lower left side. ,This -angered Jerry-and-he went l.liPstairs and got the -gun and a t his sister who bv then had retUTned to 'th. e kitchen. The severe heel bruise prevented Osanife from realizing his potential in the lon g and The case. was excepticnally triple jumps. H leaped 25-1 a cleared wi _th and year a-go in the' long jump, and the y.oubh was sent home. No has a personal record of 49-7 in charg.es were J1Hed Erle' y triple jump.: Their 'mo"her, on tile -scene. foi: tlle stabbling. "It is a very. difficult injury to. heal," Coach Weller says. "There is no tissue padding on t}1e heeL We will have to take _special' precautions. this year, (OUNTYRESIDENIS. LOSING.-SOCIAL SECURITY: 'BENEFITS "Many Hillsborough County have five full years of work residents are 1osirig social seem under socifll security .. out of the-ity disability benefits," Jack 10 years ending when he -Brown, Socia_ I Security District. 6isabled. Ih addition, the indiy i-Manager; said this week. He ex-dual must_ have a total of 21 plained that the Tampa office quatters of coverage acquired has received a large number of 'after 1936 if he is disabled in disability inquiries lately: indicat-. 19n. For -people disabled before ing a niisunderstanding of this age 31, wor'k ci-edits are needed ty:pe of benefit. Brown stated for one-half the perioil -between that answers to the three most age 21 and the point at which asked questions will help explain the disability condition bega n. disability benefits and prevent Q. When should a petson who further loss of benefits. is unable to work file for dis-Q. How old does a person have ability benefits? to be to. qualify for disability A. _Within thirty days afte1 benefits? he had to. sto.p work because of his condition he should file for A. There is no age-limit A disability benefits .. By contact-person n1ay qualify for disability ing tli e social security offic e soon benefits at any age. after the disability starts, bene-Q. What are the requirements fits can be paid on time. for this type of benefit? Everyone who is not working A. The!e are two require-because of a physical or mental ments: condition and who has not in-1. A person must have a con-quire d about disability dition \vhich keeps hi i n from i s urged to' phone the office with-working and 'this condition must out further delay, The social se-be expected to last at least one curity phone number is 872-5631. _year. Office hours are 8:00 a m. to 2. A person wn() becomes dis-4:45 p.m. -Disability claims _are abled at age 31 or older mus t now t a keri by_ phone. -. Of T'ainp.an Named Director 0, Safety At University IM.IJAIMlr Harcqurt I. Clark, a muc h.-decora-ted officer with the Corl:!_l Gen classes for approxumateLy 5,000 students in September. Clark has -had an cxtEnsi\'e background in law en-and hope he will be recovered by the following summer." Ede's contributions to the Illinois- State team have been in the 440, S80, and mile I'elay ''events. While not of ternatibnal statpre, his perfor--mances have promising. forcement at the local, state and federal levels. Before coming to Florida Intermitional, he served as a Sergeant -with the: Carol Gables Police Department, and was Shift Commander of the Univevsi .ty of !Miami's _campus poluce force, wher_ e he directed and coordinated _security. He has been cited numerous times for bravery and outstand-ing law enforcement work. He was a roo. kie in 1933 when he was ni)med "Top Officer of the Month" by the nade County Association of Dhies of Poiice for solving a robbery-murder case. In 1964, he was cited by the City of Cpral Gables for being the most outstanding officer. In 1955 he received a letter of commendation from the late !Miami Pol! i ce Chief Walter Headley for coming -to the rescue of a wounded officer. He ,went on a goodwill. tou r In 1966 to Latin America as part of a law enforcement a-ctivitry.-, Clark is also the only-two-time of the Dade County Police Academ, in 19$2 and_ a. gain in 1-970. This was bec-ause he left the force in .to. becqme _Center Director. in the Coconut Grove area for the Econi mic Opportuniby Program, Inc. From-1968 to 1970, he was OnSite Project Director for the Dade FOR RENT UNFURNISHED 1 Bed_room Apt. 918 14th Ave. $22 Weekly, Plus $40 Breakage Fee We Pay All Utilities Phone: woMEN'S. DAY OBSERVED AT Mt SINAI :the at the. banquet by Mt. TabOr Baptist Church Sunday was-Mrs. Sallie 1\f. Holmes. She was the mistress uL cer.emonies. Victim Of .Shotgun_ Beating Dies,_ Man Charged -With Murder J Fifty-sii year old Eddie Thurmond, who suffered lacerations and head fractu!'es -'Saturday _. af-' ter being -assaulted by Willie Lee Hopkins, Jr., 34, 4604 N. John Bell Drive, with a double-barreled shotgun, died Thursday without regaining consciousness. S g t Ralph Mills, Homicide Division of Tampa Police Dept, said that the assault to murder charges previously filed .wiU be charged today (Friday) to second degree murder against Hopkins. The assault took p1ace at Thprmond's apartment at 3202 29th St., where Hopkins:. and Sarah Taylor, 2Q, his girlfriend, and once a girlfriend of Thurmond, went to talk to Thurmond about assaulting Miss Taylor previous ly. Hopkins claimed that he went outside .. while Miss :J'aylor and -Thurmond remained. inside to talk. When he. returned, he saw Tl!urmond loading. the shotgun; so he took it and 'liit the man several times with the weapon; However, a witness -in the-build ing told police that he: heard 81 woman scream on 'the first floor so he went downstairs -and-saw Hopkins beating Miss Taylor and saw Thurmond in his room on the floor bleeding. Miss Taylor was questioned about the incident and gave the same account as Hopkins. Hopkins is presently. out on $1500 bond, but will be arrested later today (Friday) ,after the murder warrant is issue_ d. Black Businessman (arving Base -. .. For Successful Company PITTSBURGH; Pa. George Ol>x the hs Cox, president of Cqx .Steel' Rule has re.ceived. fro1i1 several organi-Die Company, is bu' siz -ations and companies in Pittsnessman -who is proving that the -burgh. era -of the small -entrepreneur .. "They. -have advised ; me, en-" still exists. His hard work_ a :nd courl'\ged me.and h elped to open business a cumen have caived the somct doors," he said. base for a: gro\ving: For ex"ample: the Ch-amber of ful compa riy. Commerce of Gr-eater Pitts-Cox is-a small. manufacturer.-of dies :and 'die-cut paip _er, plastic burgh, through its-Human Reand metal products,.-In. busi-nes' s sources Developillent : Counc il, orily -thi:ee .years, he began 'his ha s been ,helping .him fQr die making c-areer in 1953 as years. prentice sarnple maker with a The best baromete r of any bus-box maimfacturer. T.wo yeat:s ines:s success is the gro\yth of the later, he became foreman of the custoi11er list. Customers of Cox die department, and. in .. 1965 was Steel Rule Die a test to the fact n amed assistant superintendent that he can turn out the die and of the plant. finished stampe d produc t in a D ec idin g to be his "own man," shorter time span than some he made an interim arrangement larg'1!l di e companies .He attri-in 1969 with a cpn1pany near butes this acceptance to quality Pittsburg h to use its e _quipment -of "-'ork, availability 'and fast during off' hours. spe)lt his ser:vice. days gettii1g orders. and his nights filling them.:He also n)an-:. ag-ed to obtain used equipment from a die customer's plant. "1 do not fa,;br massive assistance from the goveri1ment, and have managed to build up my business base with_ only r e latively small l oar)S," he said. "Mymain :objective is to capitalize on filling the existing gap ir1 western Pennsylvania-'s manufacturing mix -namely the manufacture of steel rule dies." County Hotrsing and Urban Development program (H !UD). In 1970, he returned to the Coral Gables Poli-ce A native of Miami, Clark holds a B.S degr ee (Cum Laude) in administration of criminal jus-tiee. He resides in Sou t h M ia.mi with hi s wife and family. Mr. Clark's wife is the Jorm,er Marbha Cabrera oi a well-knQwn T ampa fan1 ily. _-P:PG .Industries is an example of a _Ja1:ge COIJ>oration which lists George Cox. as a supplier. He supplies he company's Glass Di--vision with end cap:;; :..__ die-cut cardboard cushions that protect the ends of n ewly fabricated windshields from scratching each other during packing imd shipping. PPG ascertained that Cox had the capability to produce tht caps i11 the vojume and quality needed. Thomas : B. Mont-_ gomery, assistant dir-ector of purchasing for the Glass Division said Cox now has earned Ol'ders to supply end 'caps used by. PPG's Greensburg, :Pa., glasl! fabricating plant for the balance of 1972. To service :rPG and other volume stamping contracts, Cox foresees the need fo_!; ex:pansion of hi s work forc e. Through associations with vocational re-. habilitati on organizations, he said h e will be creating j ob opportunities .for an under-utilized lab6t ma'l:ket.


PACE FOUR Fla. Publishetl every anCI Fri Celt Both Fublished every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pub-' lisqing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, lfampa, Florida 83601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice President-Production )IRS, ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising Second class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ -6.50-. Per Year One Edition. -. $12.50 Per Year Both Editions. Bigotry Via-TV Being No. 1 doea not me a n 111omething positive or good and !the CBS televiaion aeries "All ln ifhe Family'' is a case in poinll. Eve n guys I 1ike Johnny Carson : are making off-color cracks now and excusing t hemaelvea by re ; minding milliona of television that they couldn't have 1 eot away with a before Archie Bunker's family hit t he airwaves. More thanblack-a are concern ed about the impact :the showing is having. According to Rabbi J. Lelyyeld, presirdent of the American 'Jewish Congress, Bunker, who comes off as a white blue-collar ;worker who makea racial an d ethnic slurs, is "creatin. g a new freedom to be offensive." A Teamster Union publica tion, ''Focus," complll'ined, "For eome reason the wdters of these shows decided the average work er is a dingbat-fat, .more than. a lit!tle dumb, a committed raci'st end most of all, very comical." Dr. Alvin F. Pouss a lint, t he Harvard Psychiatrist, calls ''All In The Family" a very dangerous !Show not only in terms of how i t might be influencing white at:li b ,tdes but also because it does It-ave many. blacks lctughing a l t the kind of bigotry an4 racism Ar chie expresses. That's dangerous because it's disarmin, g. Blacks, for their own survival, should be a posture of being very angry wiith bigots, of seeing bigots as enemies -as people who are dangerous to. us. Rabbi Lelyveld, noting that his own children had come h o m e with "Polack j o k e s that have been told Ito t hem by :their teach ers,'' declared: "There is no such thing as a harmle"t. The members and friends en joyed a lovely day at Mt. Olive. Mr. Clyde Allen presided over the Sunday &hool and also gave the lesson review. \The Primary class obtained the offering ban-ner. / The i:norning and evening ser vices were conducted in like manner. Rev. Little delivered the sermons of the day. The sermons were practical and points out a better way of liie. Others to serve were the Jr. Choir and ushers. Please plan to attend Love F east this Friday evening. We are always happy to h11-v and welcome visitors. Women's Auxiliary Mrs. M. Herbin, Pres. Mrs. L. M. Smith, Rept. The Women's Auxiliary of the Florida Interdenomdnational Ushers will nieet at the home of Mrs. Sadde Armstrong at 2482 J.: 5th Ave. ; So. St. Petersburg, Sat., June 3 at 8 p.m. The president is asking all mem lJers to be present and on time. i : Immanuel Holiness 2108 East Ida Street Sunda y morning at 10 S S. will begin followed by morning worshicr> at 1<1, Evening will beg. in at 7. Tuesday at 7, preyer service and Bible study and Thursdl!Y at. 7 consecration service. Sunday wi.ll be guest day. Ever, yoae is invited. New Mt. Zion 2511 E. Columbus Drive Rev. t B. J. Jones, Pastor Sunday serv ices wUJI b eg in with Sunday Scl1ool at 9:30 with the supt. Dea. Virgil Brooks, in charge. All lrl .fiice !'s and are expected at their posts. Parents are urged to en courage their c hildren to come out to Sunday S ehoo.J. Morning worship s erv.ice will begin at 11 wiu h the d e acons in c1barge of devotional service. The INo. 2 c hoir and usher board will serve and t he pastor will d'eliver the messag e. Holy Com munion will be admdnistered during th-is se1: vice by the pa s tor ass.i sted by the deacons. All new n1embers for the mont h of M ay will al so be fellowshippe

Saturday, June 3, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. anlol Fri. Celt Both Editions PACE FIVE JETS ... HERE 'N THERE Recall Mrs. Willa S t o n e of Plant City, a Reading Specialist in our school program, telling me while awaiting the arrival of daughter, Fannie B. Stone from 'Skeegee, Our schools integra tion system though it has i t s shortcomings, is still one of the best in the nation At least, the parts of the nation I've visited This could go down as one of life's biggest weekends for Skyliners singer-drummerman, Rich ard Allen, as time nears for him to surrender his "bachelor' s .title Like to be among the first to welcome the brother to our set, and let 'm know as I've been told, "after the first twenty years, you've got it made." ... Speaking of "Brothers" there's some rapping for miles around about who )wants to talk 1 i k e Black Mnslims, and act and sound like the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's followers and be lievers, but when you ask 'em just what side of the religious fence they're on, you'll find they're straddling it Found out just what was be hind the fabuloti.s white see-thru gown worn by Betty Seay of St. Pete's fashion whirl to the re cent Kappa Blac k a n d White Ball. Betty told some inquiring friends it was one of those gowns that you wear, "as little under as pos1:ible (if your shape kin stand it) and t!le white is trim ined in a flesh colored material to re. ally bring out the best of you. Especially on t h e dance floor Nearly forgot to mention vis iting Mias Linda Somers, Black Studies 'instructor at USF was her god-sister, Tasba, along with MiSI Somers mother, Mrs. w. Somers and daughter, Yvonne, all of NYC .. The Atlanta Jazz Festival is echeduled for .th e weekend of June 30th and among the top pamea so far are, Ray Charles, B. B. King, Roberta Flack and Aretha Franklin Latest rumor on the Sammy Davla, Jr. show coming here has it for around Sept. 24th w i t h Sammy appefiring at the King Arthur Inn ($25 _pel" couple) and Curtis Hixon .... : Had brief chat with the director of Project Star,' Dr. Edward Hayes, as he was taking a flight out to conferences in Washington, D. C. and Chicago. The writer a c sked Dr. Hayes about the rumors which has it he's been appointed to a higher post in S. C. and may be leaving the aa-ea soon. Indi cations were Dr. Hayes, an ex.choolmate, has turned down the S. C. appointments. And would ya believe WDAE Jtadio's morning D.J. AI Blake Is leaving soon to take over a posit ion as program director at a Jax station ... Yeah, I've been wondering too AROUND THE ,TOWN .. y HAYWARD BRADY _Highland Bapt. Church 3410 E. North Street Rev. W. :M. Bodo, Pastor Mrs. Genevieve Tripuett, Rept. Sunday s c hool began at the usual hour with the Supt. in charge. M orning s e rvi c e began at 11 with the junior choir and ushers No. 1 serving. The sermon was d e livered by the p astor. Two members were added to the church. The Ush ers Union was guest. just what changes new owner Rev Stevens on d e livered the Rudy McLean is gonna make at sermon. Rev. Douglas and con WTMP Radio, if any. That half gregation rendered the evening million yards" still seems to be service. a high cost for being Soul Radio's Highland No. 1 choir and conboss. gregation rendered service at HERBERT "HOOK" DIXON Ebenezer M. B. Church. Rev. R. and Bo Stroud. have made their Jones is pastor. Rev. Jones of reservations at Ceasar's Palace Highland and acting pastor of in Las Vegas, Nev. so they kin Evening Star M.B. Church debe among the live crowd seeing livered the sermon. \ brothers Mike Quarry and Jerry On Sunday, the Junior Choir Quarry take on soul-brothers, will serve at the J. C. Young Champ ; Bob Foster and Muham-Adult Choir Union at Ebenezer mad Ali later tllis month M B. Church at 3. Cleveland Roberts, h u b b y of Prayer meeting will be on Mrs. Charlie oM a e Roberts of Thursday night at 7:30. Holy Main St., a GenTel operator is cOJ)lmunion will be administered on Sunday night. All other actidue back on his EAL skycap gig vities remain the same. The pubtoday after being off the past lie is invited. All are asked to three weeks, a bit "under the remember the si c k and shut-ins. weather." Cleveland's twin bro ther, S/Sgt. Roberts spent Mt. Morlah PB a part of his off time in SJH too. -But while mentioning the Main st. happenings between Willow and Oregon Just found out why there've been so many unusual car accidents in the section It's the spot where the Brittwood Bar used to be ... UP ATIJANTA COME JUNE 16t8 the airlines black employees and officials "Black Caucus" is gollJla hold their con ference. The organiza tion is now seve ral thonsand strong, and EAL's black vice-president is re portedly its chairman. No kat you have n o t bought your auto tag for this year ... ONE FELWW SAID, "IIf Hills borough High's Ralph Kyles decides to go to :FAIMU he's a sure fire starter on the Rattlers foot ball team. Plus Ralph would be able to continue his important track career, ala Ray Patterso.n, who seems to be Olym.pic bound. NIGGER CHARLEY jnst may wind up bein g the movie title of the year. Pretty soon white folks woo't have no Insulting names to call us by. J..et's see my Black History report shows over the years we've been called darkies, boy, coon, nigger, etc. And not one of those names killed anyone-Not direct,ly anyway ... The wig hair F.elling biz h a s gotten so good eyen Main St. Barber Nat Foster has added it to his bag. Mr. Foster has some of the best wig prices in town too Only two more weeks of shop ping days left til FATHER'S DAY, June 18th. Just thought this was .something worth men tioning .. OOPS; THE NAME'S WAD E HAMILTON "JUAN" MACK (MR. Ai'\jD MRS.) Where did the "Johnson" name come kom any way? Wade Hamilton hails from the baseball Dodgers hometown and is an air-condition specialist at Jim Harrell Pontiac. His wife of the past month is the former Carolyn L. Plummer, WDAE-Ra dio receptionist. .. SEE YAU LATER Rev. A. L. Brown, Pastor Miss Sherrie Williams, Rept. Sunday school will be-gin at 9:30 with the Supt., Deacon R. B. Allen in charge. All teachers are asked to be at their posts. Morning service will begin at 11 with the deacons in charge of devotion. The No. 1 choir and ushers will serve. A very good sermon will be delivered by the !pastor. Evening servic e will begin at 5:30 with the deacons in charge of devotion. The same choir and ushers will serve. Women's Auxiliary will meet Friday night. Mrs. Sallie Sherman will give the inspiration. Prayer meeting will be held Tuesday night. Bible clas s meeting will be held Wednesday night. All are asked to remember the 6ick and shut-ins. Brown Temple Church 2314 27th Ave. Elder W. W. Gilyard, Pastor Mrs. Katherine Hardge, Reporter Sunday school began at 10 wit!1 the supt. in charge All teachers were at their posts. The lesson was reviewed by the pastor Morning sc,rvlce began at 11:30 with Deacon Starks and Deacon Washington in charge of d evotion The sermon was delivered by the pastor. The choir and ushers served. Elder Porter was present. Deacon Harrison Clayton and Mrs. Starkes are home after being confined to the hospital. All asked to visit these and other sick and shutins. Truevine Baptist 905 Governor Street Rev. J. P. Nichols, Jr. Mrs. G. V. Nichols, Rept. Sunday s c hool began at the regular hour with the Supt. and teachers at their posts. The lesson was reviewed by Rev. H. L. :Williams. THANKS Morning service began at 11 with the pastor in charge of the service. The junior choir and ushers served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. The pastor is asking all members to accompany him to Trinity CME Church on Sunday night at 7:30. All are asked to re-I WISH TO THAHK THE MARY, MANY MANY FRIENDS WHO SENT MESSAGES WISHIIG ME WELL, AID MORE IMPORT ART, SAID PRAYERS FOB MY RECOVERY FROM MY BE CENT ILLNESS. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR FRIENDS WHO SENT MESSAGES WISMNG ME WELL, ARD MORE IMPORTANT, SAID JOSEPH B. HUNTER, Mgr. Dean's Clothiers Yhor Cily member the sick and shut-ins. All weekly activities remain the same. Young Adult Choir Union Deacon Tommie Mills Pres. Mrs. Mozelle Jackson, Director The J C. Young Adult Choir Union will be held at E-benezer M.B. Church Sunday at 3. Rev. R. Jones is pastor. The church is located on Scott Street between .Governor and Nebraska Av6. All directors, !Presidents and members are asked to be present a nd on time. Mr s Bertha M. Ming-o is repot'ter. I Views Of Progress ViJ/age I By IRA LEE ENNIS Phone 677-1310 Birthday greetings to !Miss Carol Enis who will celebrate No. H on Saturday, June 3 Carol Ennis who will celebrat e dell Junior High School is the daughter of Mr Al:fired Ennis Sr. and yours truly 4904 79tlh Street. S g t W.iUie C. Austin Jr. of 7914 Croton Ave is-home on a 30 da.y emergency R & R leave with his family to be at the bed side of a daug;hter, Letorshal Wlho will enter MacDoill Air Force Hospital on Monday f(}r Sur .gery Tuesday. Hopes are for good luck and a SJPeedy re{!overy for 1ittle Miss Letorshal. /Progress Villa ge will sponsor a "Hobo" dance on Frid ay, June 2, 8 :00 12:00 p m at the Civic Center. Musrc will be provided by a well known Rock and Roll Band. Young folks get out your old Hobo duds and come out and enjoy a nigJht of fun All men interested in plao/ing semi-pro baseball are asked to be at the Progress Village P ark on Sunday, June 4 at 1:00 p m Siharp. 1\: Nss Robyn Johnson was fet-Peace Progressive PB E. Lake Ave. -Re:v. oE. A. Todd Pasto.r Mrs. Lorene Calhoun, Rent. S. S. began at 10 with IM:rs. Ollie Todd swpt In Ciha. rge. All tea, c'hers were at their pos t. /Morniog service began at 1 1 1 with Dea. Booker Varnes and Dea. John Evans in clharge. The pastor preac1hed and the No 1 ushers and jun nor choir serv(!d. At 3, Rev. W. L Webb of !Friendly M. B. Ohurch d eLivered the anniversary sermco. We had no c -hurch Sunday night. Julia Palmer J5 on the sick list. Please pray for the !tkk and shut-ins. Mrs. LilLie M. Seas was out to church Sunday -aft-er having been involved in a car accident. Sunday afternoon the No 1 usher board meeting at 5:30. Other activities remain the same. We are grateful to all who helped in our anooives'l!ry. New Salem MB 405 No. Oregon Rev. H. Storr, Pasto r !\'Irs. I U. H. Coleman, Rept. S. S. began at the usual hour w !th the supt. presiding. All teachers were stationed at their post. The pastor gave the lesson rev>iew. Morning worship devotion was held by the deacons. 'J\he No. 2 choir and j u n i o r ushers served. The pastor delivered a spiritual sermon. "The Greatest iD1is covery Ever Made" was his subject. IBTU was very inspir>iog and the pastor was in charge of the discussion. Mrs. Ruth Bethea is the directress. 11he same deacons, choirs and Ushers served. Rev. H. Brown delivered the sermon. !Please let not forget the sick and sbutms. You are always welcome to attend any of our services. ed with a party in honor ol her 9oth birthday on Wedn es d ay, !May M. Many of her friends were on ;hand to her celebrat e R!V b y n, a student at Ruskin Elementary School is the daugther of Miss Barbara Johnson and grand daughter of Mr and Mrs. Young Johnson Sr. 7907 Endive Ave. Mrs. .Rebecca Gainous and family 5 010 85t h St. and MnJ. Wilma Ha, ywood 5405 87th St.: had as guest on Wednesday their nephew and cous-in S /Sgt. AI fonso F. Doyle who is presently stationed in Columbus, Ohio. Ac com.paniog Sgt. Doyle was his mother, Mrs. Eula Doyle and Sister, Mrs. Linda MoOardy ol the city. Junior Girl Scout Troop No. 751 will have Awards Day 011 Wednesday, June 7, 5 :00 p.m.. at the Progress Vill-age Oivia Center. All parents and fniend91 are invited to atteod this affair. Mrs Marjorie Anderson is Troop Leader. Mrs. Jimmie Lea :Brad'ley is assistant. 'First Baptist Seffner Rev. W. J. PastOr Dea. H. Green, Rept. S. S opened ,with the youth churcl). in charge of service. AU' teachers were at their po-st. Morning worship devotion !;>ecran on time. The pastor brought JJhe rnon which was enjoyed by alL Sunda'Y is the firs t Sunday ill Juoe. The No 1 choir and ush ers will be in charge of service Holy communion will be .given 'Jlhe chairman of the men a nd women's day observance would !'ike to see all members of the church a few after the morning service. Men's ?ay will be held the 3rd Sunday m June. All' our friends .are in _vited. on't forget the sick and s hut-ins. First Union Baptist 3707 E. Chelsea '-Rev. Joseph H. Thompson, Pastor .Sunday school began at the usual hour with the Slllpt. a-nd teachers at their posts. }W'orning service began .at 1f Wtth the Deacon Wilson a-nd Deac.on Tim The special choirs and ushers served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Prayer meeting will be held Wednesday nig-ht at 7. All -are asked to be present. Visitors are welcome at all times. Oak Grove Baptist Rev. G. Perkins, Pastor S. S began at the usual hour with all teachers at their post. The less01n was reviewed by the pastor. Morning .service began .at lJl. The 'Pastor delivered a fine sermon. !BTU began at 5 foll()wed .by evening service at 6 Elder Coleman was guest S peaker .ior flhe. evening with remarks by the pas tor. The public is inv-ited to worship wioh us. EMPIRE-PAINT MANUFACTURING COMPANY 3418 71h AVENUE PHONE TAMPA, FLA. 241-2301 WHITE ........ : $275 gal. INTERIOR 8t: EXTERIOR LATEX OR OIL WHITE AND COLORS One Coal Covers Mosl Sudaces! LINSEED OIL PAINT SALE 20 per gal.


PAQ: SIX Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. anCI Fri. Get Both Editions Satur.day, June 3, 1972 HOWARD UNIVERSITY GRADUATE Rcmald Earl Watkins will graduate from Howard University ;rune 3, with a B .S. Degree in Biology. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Watkins of 3216 E. Jhn Street, who with their

Sa 1 turday, June 3, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PublisheCJ every Tues. and Frl. Get Both Editloni PAGE SEVEN ------------------------------------------------------------Florida Glls p e l Singers Observe 15th Anniversary The Florid a Gospel Singers will celebrate their 15th anniver sary Sunday a t 2 P.:vr. at the _Armettia B & B Tem pte ; 2718 18th Avenue. There will be a drawing for cash prizes but winners must be present. T h e public is invit ed, and advance tickets may be purc.hwry, invites friends to join them fc}r an even-ing of enjoyment. '-/Many outs-tanding talentls have the invitation to par ticLpate 1and Vhe will include gmup and slcal renditions and }iterary frl. ol well knowu au tlhol\1. Marriage Ucenses Lee Boyd, 38, E. Ros s and Nellie Gray Harris, 40, 2715 12th A venue. Clarence Ford, 31; 3208 22nd Avenue, and Joyce Elizabeth Beal, 26, 2410 32nd Avenue. Herbert Dean Bowles 19, 3500 E. Emma, and 1BeV1erly Ann J a ck sC1111, 17, 2019 31s t Ave., Apt. 587. Noah Walker, 30, 1511% 22n d St., and Laverne Louis e Blount, 22, 1511 Y z 22nd St. Solomon Shaffer Jr., 39, 405 E. Ross, and Mattie Ma e 1\'lc Daniel, 28, 405 E. Park. Samuel Van Singleton, Jr., 4!tOJ 81st St., and Thelma M-a'rie Anderson, 25, 4903 81st St. Alexander Timothy Tindell, 41, Ka. y St., and Lind a Lee ware, 2(!, St A. B .Jackson, 62, 8318 Bahia Avenue and Amanda Mae Hall, ,1, 359-i 11th Avenue1


PAGE EICHT Ft.. Sentinel-Bulletin Publislted every Tues and' Fri Get Both Editions June 3, 1972 MIRRORS OF. SOCIETY ( !Qiiaued; htom. a T'l li!nded suece.ssrui tfmns. elde11 ehlld, otris E.\lel,y11. i.:Q FOB MB'. Wfum Mr. ey .Ricli arlfsoa. wa& honored recentl'y at Roger.s Pm. m.amux: a&iiSl!ed in ma:lcing hhe: aifait' Sl!leeessfut Prefl."aJJIID l llaarti!ei; 1'Quts. inal'uded W'., P'. :Uhenlne-&tr ja Pott &awll\, iftlurd Welm, R.. B:. '\lileA Mrs.. Sanclira B:ro.w.n, l \'Iaz"' .lim! !'iretfme 'Rarj:a, Job usse-ali!x, and Willie Btaek. il'n>. Freddie: Je:m t::nssea:.w; and tlil:e S'l\OP OFgama'btien. w.ere bJile-nme pliate lunG:hes. IJ>Jrose, he.l!ping .t(i) the cfa.y one taJ be long re:mermeb. erficr 'Wif'l'e .Jlllit .:0fiivl!' .:IB131p;tiist. ChUleh St. Baptist. St. Ltd.'<': AME. 1\b aruii ,J.Warti'Jt G:ril'iin :Pat B'l!o.wlt, t'. A\ndlre'lltS Jr., the .Ji1:113tt us. Soila1 Cl'llil; :&an:aetines. SOCiaF CII!llil Azale-a. Ctub, Natiic ;Jnad>. Mrs ... Ida. l\ !Es.. 1!". W&shmgj!on &hool, Ctiffol(d Webb, l\hs. )lary Jim E.vt!ntt a.ncl. Willie Blaek:. friends. assisting \v.i!fu the: e:xt!j!el15e. of the affaill" \Velie Willie Mlts. Edma litll.lle'll. HaJDP(OII' Billie Rrbb0n. S1l@ue, Heney Mrs. E 'ssie Jones, CtJIIiDs, 1 1\bs.. EUias .ti'ue M!ll'nr. o e, Mr. and! Mr$ R. C'.. Relfond,, Lewis. PemieJtiG,. 1te 1f. S. M Peck, George SUltivaa, k:u:tes Thomas,. Mrs G:reeDIH the Natrenal. CQtllteH o f 'Negro. W.emen, Ralpl:f Pat;rkk,. .James Jiaeksoa, Betmy FavCil's-, Peuy "Saver Sto.r;e and! Milrs. Illft ... chailum:m. .A1' EDWARD WATERS GRADUATION Mn, 1Uiet Mrs. and Ml:s. Leoora &ady. ore...ie t t} a few dialy$ S:&Q. te witness Milrs. B:Itaccy's :-lima reeeh:e. l'ter B .. S.' Degree: in! Seiene fl.:om' ErlMoal!d Waters. Cel>lege. TO BE I;IONQREli\ 'IDle :R.ames G.m!:d of st l?eter Clave-11 Cathelic Chureh. li.ono.r the l!IJ7{4 at hlre 11 A .M Sunlilay _The. _of the: mas.s;. Widili be Fit. Higgms-. M11s Julia Padl1on, cnalr-man of the projects cammi:trte .e, wil1 make. Grad:al!lties e:Jtpebeclt t(i)-attemd are CressJe, Pamela. Den nar.d,. Myl!lla 'Hi!;d'ges, Mi)'J70IIi .Jackson, Sonja An_tho.ny Orzretta Odom Robert Saund ers, Paul Zoe1n ltt, Smith'and Beverly White, Tampa Charles WIson Anita Dayis-an-d_ &uuha &ail Mons, Hillsl!loreagb; Kat'b y Willis, and Nonnaa Mwrray, St Leo i s C'al!lege. smoi.ARsmP BKE'AKFAS1'' IDelita.. Sigma Theta SlilFority' s Sehol3:lishiip, w.iH1 be an. e \!ent of 9 : 3{}! Sat.l!lrd!ay morn:iFlg ; at the TillJn'l!1a ShE!i'atiliJn. MOlES F R .OM TAMPA (LOBS ef. the 11. E. 0.. S(K:l.AL. LU.B "-iilli r;aeet. 'Yuesaay 8l at. tire home-of. Eeonanil:_ 44&.t N. 43tlt i : ::. : Mae .Ancle11son, m 3 Nassat!It Sweet .. wiJ.:E host a<, 'meefui; tlile:-GOLDEN RAVENS. MQnQia;y, e:v.enm.g at: & o'dl : : :. : A. I!Jal"tY. whllli he: given hy the MAKERS gQML CLIIB at, tl;Je. J!:.eg)Jen 2594 29-tih Str. e.et MFs;. D.oiillllly Figuerecdo hosted tae last of Sl&MA Pml.. M Mtenc!ing: Meldanaes Jehnnie Kin:g, Catherme Fea. r -601!t,. il:wao Woodie, Cablner iiHe JI'lhnson Ev.a Helen Wiil1iiaril'S': Sol.'ority members present we_re: Mildted: and Favors. The grottuls ne-xt me. eting-1s Saturday rught .at tfuf htlme o.ll Mrs. H::m:11is JUE: FASBIQNE'I'IES S.eAl. LUB. 1s: me.e.tin.g mght w.ilth Mrs; Mildred Jacko on, 3624 Clifton Stree_t. Mrs Elizabeth Bailey and Mrs. Elois Warren wilT oe the ce Iebrants. A meeting of the SUPREME SOCIAL UB. IS schedl!lled for Saturd31Y night -at. the: bQme: o Mr$. Ann.i'e 925i Glleen 'I'BE. c l\gEER. GIRLS will meet Saturday mght at the resl dem. ee: o Mizs, E.liz.ahe th. v lla.rfiekl, 2105. 2'lth Street. Cfacir UD'iion No. t Mr. Jl10es: rora :R'ept. City Wide Chcu.r Unoi.ion No. 1 bnsiness meeting wil'l' be f;unday at 3 at Ba, p tiSt t'htWeih: of Rev. J ,a&tl1es Sc:3:lllt'l!i:!itg is !ll'3>stor. All. are. asked to please be: 8!Bd on idme. .. Pro.gressive Mrs, MMell'a .hekstNt, Fres. !\'Irs. L. Owens, Rapt. 11' llogrressive Ohm11 Un,i,r t wiJJ ba.vcit.: busm esS; IW!etrin.g Mionday night at a;t: Ebenezer !VIi. R. Oh.urch, Rev. R. Jon.fs pastC'JII>..__ .,__ St. Jelm Orde No 2 Mi!S. c.<;!Qd:ys Crew, Mrs; Etta Wft ite; Bep&OtC!r 'The-No. 2 G;ircre. of St. Jofln .. wHT meet IHond 'ay evenfu:g at 6: at the home or l\frs. Lee Citmpbell, 806 3rd A venue. The lesson (ity-Wicle Prayer Missiu Band Mrs. C:unrie Duval. Pr-esident 1\'lrs. A. R.. Simmons, Rept The City Miissian Pnyerr-Biamd vml meet 'I'UJe:sd!ay at 13 at the ilillm.e ilip Shone Cemmtmity tor. Scl.reol held i t s Awa:lid ID, a y !Pro-Atis and Clraft!!-31 M.rs, Lil : lie M'ae M:lclliiS6fl : Pa-l'lllie'fa. Av.ery ted the-aadieJWe i:n. Piano Awarda-A.ng.ela, Avef!Y', ,J>Iedge ot After Pamela Avery,, Cynthia Bait.ey, whl : ci\ a p-ian& s01& wa:s: givea Sarah .Blllrktey, Slb.a roo :Bryant, by Mrs. 2\!Iargaret Williia.ms. J!>'ar Hassie Carter, He-J,en. !hlristie o\veey gave nne Welteeome Cynthia. Cole-man, Nathamer Cum-A.ddrees Pamel'a. E tl!wal!ds Eu-ming, Pl!ltric b a Cumming, nie Lenoord Ram.h-ez tha Damliels, Pihyllis: Edward!!,. 'Brenab. W'alt"d, aJLd Vernes-sa .Edwards, Michelme Wright pJ;esented a Choral Read-Houston, Jucliit:h Jacksm, Steven; Jackson, Mattie JohnMlll, 'I'rudy off the lat-est de-Naomi L. J'Ones, Edabi were by Se-pllia Manning, i-Ns Manning, .Fimmie-Bialkev, Gail Moore:, Rt!W(Y Dalt-Manning, Lou Randy MaRning, ie1s Delll:ble: McBri de-, Elaine Pris M:3llmirug, C&l!IIS'ie.nee Newsoo, Lorenzo-News0n, Miargaret SlleOge C)lnfuia IOO>rse y Ji&. :!fU Jl!lllige Wilis&n,. Robiil!l. son, Michael NewSQn, B'eta Ran-D\'lllrsey Antlioay JOGes-,. M.n' iMae J(l)yfi!e Dianl'le ID'3l.Y, Ml"s. Amiee-.lacksea., Smith, (1;:a,rntyn and "' .. M :md 'f n1::."'" :r ... ""' ;UL!a I n argaret n ili<:liiDS. nsoltUIO:t&l' .. of the sewilng 'Mrs. Lilli(;! Mae Madison. Awards: wel"e p:rresenj;a Wri,ght, ci'preflts: w:ere: -tRickey E'd\vard's, Muito.n Johnson,. Sewing Aliee Robert Wilson; Swe-et, Jacksorr, Mrs. B'etty Bayless-, Gail Jackie Jackson, Ro bert .. Daniels, IM:o0re, Al!llgda Avery. Joye 'Roland Myf!iiek, Deboarah Myrick{. Juge, SibeEa.B Bella.m!Y, M111s, Janke Chappard; Oheryl Finney, ltiad.sy Lo[lgworbb:, 'Ru,by DaDiels, IRadi Siimmc;m, .Leola Savage, !Mrs:. Mllkgaret Riley, Mrs. Mazie Sander,. Brown, Day, Cyntl:hla IDonald Williams Wi'I:Lie Jones, MeorS'he.IDi Rru:.ey, Mlfss Kaye Ftam-Edward W r ig"ht, 'Jerry M CJBride, ceso Stevenson rund Syiv>i
avid -Oasimiu, Gal'Ion, Edward' Gallon, Jo:hnny G3i!!lcia, .. Bea.triee Col'e: y, Sander, :Mdllieod, Willson. E.l!iza-Ward,. Angellia A.v:ery, Sharon beth !.ena ]])(na:l.id'MJn BeUamy, Roo.ert Nelson, Pamela and! JosepJtilile: Slmi.tlh Presen,ta-!Edward, Eugene NeLson, David tians were made b-y the instru.c !Homes, Levi Moody and GaiT Miss Doris W i1.w:n. !Moore. lnstructoEs Tyrone Jofulc t:Read!Ln.g Awa.Jid!s-Pamel1a:' A-son and Kaye Stevenson b,..wards Hood Temple AME :nos 26th Street Rev. P. E Ra m sey, PastBr Mrs Svah Mitchell, Reporter Supt. Stallworth is requsting all ei:fi!lers and teachers to meet with thejJt classes at the altar at 9 for regula!.' before S:u.nday Sehool at 9:30. s e 11 vi c e at 11 and pt to have a great sp. il:itua l Love Feast with all choil's and seni:o!l:" u!'hers serving. Evening service at. 6. The same choir and l:lshers serve. Holy communion wi-ll be adtninCome and worship. with us. -Remember and pray. fer all. and. shut-ins. "file youth of the church will SJICI:!l.SCI" a moc k wedding Mond;ty. mght a:t 8> Come oat f&r an eveillmg o.f entertainment at the. ehurcth.. MJ'S. Eli::.abeth Neal and Mrs. Cewan a:re their l!p&nsers: .. New. Macedonia MB 3402 E. DcLeuil A venue Rev. Rob.i.nson, Pastor. Jhs. Owens, Repo .rter .. Last Sunday services' were. i'nr siH:ring beginning with S.$. ino.rning .. message was de-Ii:Verecli by the.. eve.nini, 'Sage was: ;;\; d:eJivered by, James Andetsoi1. This: Simday, S.S. at 9:415-,, morning service at 11 a:nc! evening worshiiJ> at 6. 'nte ser m.on w.HII .be deli'vered by the pastor. The No. 1 choir will sene. The pubJ.i:c is invited to our ) -were presented "by M r. Pyle, Ga .ptain of Leto-Sem&r H!igh footJI:tal'F team, -wile.: was voted Best Football .P)ayer in the Cotroty. ; ,Encouraging W'orns were givet! by Mts. 'Many E :Bcyant, after wbieh remarks by Mr. tu Garcia, Ce.nter Diirector. RAYM.OND'S D EPT. STOjRE SUPER -sPE(IAlS .;, T PANT' S SETS D R E S s : E S Polyester Reg. $14.95 $1.95 BEAUTIFUL POLYESTER s K I Rt S Up lo Sizes 38 $9.95 For Your Eomfor.t and Beauty Spacial Buy on Beautiful ILOUS;ES llp To Size 44 $3.49 Up Place To Shop For Double KNIT SLA,CKS i Half sizes u p lo; 26 Cream Puff. Now $8.95 REG. $ 1 4 .95 SLEEVELESS DR ESSES Hall sizes up to. 2& Largest Assortment in 'Fown $5.98 lo $14.95 Bigg,esl Selection, on Polyester SHIRTS Up. Tc Size 38 THE. BEST IN TOWN $4.98 BEAUTIFUL BODY SUITS 9 5 B .ibhed, Button Front From $5. $4.4 9 RAYMOND'S: .. DEPT STOiRE Corner Of 7th Ave. 15th .SL YBOR. CITY-


Saifur day, June 3, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. anCI Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE NINE ----,1 SHOP KASH N KARRY BECAUSE IT'S GOOD BUSI-HESS -AND I COMSIDER MYSELF A -GOOD -BUSIIIESS MAN." SAM WILLIAMS 2801 H. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, Florida THE HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS I THESE ARE THE_STORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa 1725 H. Dale Mabry Tampa 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa 230 I Florida Ave Tampa 50th St. & I Olh Ave. Tampa 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa Hillsboro & 15th St. Tampa 8th Ave. & 22nd St. Tampa 4101 Florida Ave. Tampa : ... Nebraska & Wafers Tampa .. West Shore at Kennedy Tampa 1112 So. Dale Mabry Tampa 4487 Candy Plaza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. Cor. Florida & Waters Dade City . 506 E. Pasco Plant City 507 So. Wheeler St. Palmetto ............ 515 7th Sf. Riverview .......... Hwy. 301 Brandon 911 Brandon Mall Bradenton Cottez Road W. of Hwy 41 Inverness .. 803 W. Main St. Zephyrhills Hwy. 301 & First St. Lakeland 925 Barlow Rd. Ocala .... 2957 N.W. Pine Ave. St Petersburg .. 6095 9th Ave. H. Sarasota 3840 So. Tuttle Ave. & Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. H. Venice .. 480 Venice By-Pass Largo .. Hwy. 19 & Ulmerton Rd. SHOP ANY DAY-SAVE EVERY DAY Police Sgt. PhUmor e Gets College Degre.e By MARTHA WHITE S e ntinel S t aff Writ e r sity of South Flo rid a t owa r d his masters de g ree Philm ore s aid tha t the diffi c ul : S a mmie Philm o re i s a unique ties he encow1ter e d didn t di s kind of guy cour g a e him. The mone y he spent A t 45, aft e r four childr e n (t he and b he r e jection fro m T ampa U. youngest 17) and along wit h de g a me him strength to go on, manding du t ie s a ci t y poli c e ser-Sgt PhiLmor e i s presid enl or geant fa ces, Philmo re co mplet e d t he Downtown Op t imi s t s Break his colle ge educa tion m a kin g him fast Club a firs t -aid instwctor, the .fir s t black Tamp a policeman and w a s featured in a nati ona' with a B.S degree program of Red Cr os s where po The 9th grade high s c hool drop!icemen tea c h fir s t aid to pri so n out was among over 80 studen t s inmates in the graduatin g cl a ss of Univer He spends mo s t of his time sity of Tampa last Sund a y after in some phase of police work. Io:1 noon. the fall of 1971 he organi zed the ; Getting a college degree wasn t Explorers Club o f ab o u t 20 young an easy thing for Philmore boys and girls who m ay have After coming out of Wo.rld War desires of someday becoming II in 1948 he took a GED test l a w enforcemen t < offi cers. T h e to get the. equivalen t a high Explorers meet ... every Thursday school d i ploma. Nine years later n fght the Tampa Police De he joined the Tampa police force. partmimt: ln. 1961 Phil more thought simAmong the n umerous other pl y, "I want. to be tter myself. things Sgt Philmore 'has done Thu s the J ong struggle for an ed are: he taught first aid to c on. tication began for-. a c it y policestruction worke rs, personnel of. a man with a growing family. juvenile home, employee group at Phi lmore. !l'e me.mbered tha t he B usch Gardens, .tau ght 'sw!m-. tried to get in the Uni-versity of ming and water safetyand asTampa during that first Year s i sted in teaching judo at K i d "That was betore integration img Mason Cent e r .' He also hol ds a I was refused entrance," he said state. certificate to teac h law' en and i: e n ded : up at Gibbs .': forcement. Never taking a full l o ad of studies Philmore went through When he gets a bit of spara Gibbs, then to St Peter.sburg Juntime ( hardly ever) he enjoys a ior College and finally back to good g i urie of tennis with his Tampa U in 1968, where he obdaughter, Mrs. Mary M<:Fa!lden. tained-the degree i!l criminolog y Sgt. Philmore and his wife, Now after gaining two grandGloria a Hillsborough County children ; more knowledge and a t eacher, hav three sons Sammi higher poli c e rank, Sgt. Philmore Jr., Rudolph and Donald Their is determined to go further. He grandsons are, Ricky and Heris aiming for studies at Univerbert. SGT. SAMMIE PHILMORE New college graduate, Sgt. Sammie Philmore shows lrophies he won on the police pistol range. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers


PACE TEN f'la. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. anCI Fri. Celt Both Editio Sa.tur day, June 3; 1972 ---------------I SECOND AN'NUAL RACE UNITY DAY .sET FOR JUNE 11 i c a l groups to entertain during the event. Anyone interested in New Progress Baptist volunteering their talent may call Mary Shinholser, 444 1242. 3307 Shadowlawn Volleyball, baseball and hors e Rev. E. J. Williams, Pastor s hoe s will be among the fo1ms Choir Union No. 5 Seawright Sullivan Pres. Mrs. Frances Catd.weiJ Rept. Ohoir Union No 5 busdness ineeting Will l;>e n1giht at 7:30 at Oak iHill M. B. Church. All presidents are asked to please bring the names of their gradu ates at this meeting. CLEARWATER Clearwater's second annua l Race Unity Day will be held on Sunday, June 11, from 4 p m. to sunset at Ed Wri

Saturday, June 3, t 972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publisne'd every Tues. and Frf. Get Both PAGE ELEVEN Orange Blossom Cosmetologist Assoc. Holds Thirty Third Confab New _Hope MB 3005 E. Ellicott Rev. John Willi s Pastor Mrs. Rosa Lee Wright, Hept. ST. PETERSBURG The Orange Blossom State CosmetoAssociation, Inc. No. 123 held its 33rd Annual Convention May 20-26" at the Princess Martha Motor Hotel, 4th St. at 1st Ave. N., St. Petersburg. Dr. C. B. Ross, the President, chose as the theme of the Con vention, "Education, Key to Dis tinction, leadership lj.Dd earning power.:: The Sunshine City welcomed the grou p at the religious service at Bethel Community Ba;ptist Church with the Vice Mayor, C. 13ett!! WimbiSih, presiding Mrs. Ross the pelican pin, a symbol of the city. SUnday at the eleven a.m. service, representatives from the State Board of eosmetology w ,er: e also pres On Sunday night the Shop Owners Guild presented its annual contest with first prize winner Miss Valarie Newbold of Cocoa, Unit No.'-37; Second prize winner, Mis.s Phyllis Lumpkins of Jacksonville, Unit No: 3. Monday morning tne official openint and -business -Pr. esident, C. 'B. Ross, presiding President Marie A. Leccordi of the Florida Cosmetologist As sociation and her cabinet -visited at the session held at Hilton Hotel. Dell Baker, President of the s chool asso .ciation was also !Pre 'sent. Mrs. Dix, Assistant:-':to __ ,the along with othei;s re-CATHEIIIE BARJA GRADUATION SPECIALS 18" Show Girl Wig $1195 SHAGS $595 GYPSY $ .895 CASCADES $795 AFRO OR FREEDOM $695 PUFFS $595 pr. Hurry while they Lasl! PH. 933-1811 turned the visit on Tuesday. Monday a 4 p.m., the parade of units was held. Filst prize winner was Unit No. 53, Daytona Beach; 2nd prize winner was Unit No. 26, Belle Glade; 3rd prize winner was Unit No. 1, Tampa. The Association was honored to hav.e Louis H. Ritter, Secre-tary of Professional and Occupational Reg).llation, to address the assembly. Monday at 8 p.m., the Graduation and Oratorical Contest was held, and the second annual graduation prog-ressed 19 .graduates. The Alaini! S. Whalen Annual Educational Oratorical Contest was .also held with fi\\ contestants: 1st place winner Miss De :bra s"tevens, unit 18; 2nd place winner M iss Debra 'Howard, Unit 2; 3rd place winner Miss v : Saunders, Ut 29; 4th place winner Miss Ruth HanierJ Unit 51; and 5th place winner Miss Rosetta Bawlin, Unit 1. Tu.esday night, the Annual Hair Style Show and Dance and awards for comb-out and hairstyles. Prizes awarded in the Division of Hair Fantasy: 1st prize, Bertha James; 2nd prize, MaTy and 3rd prize, WiUie Jan1es _Potter. Daytime styling: 1st prize, Arneta Edwards; 2nd prize Don ell Morris ; and 3r-d prize, Mary Abrahai11. Salon Styling: lst p11 ize, Bernesbine Nelson; 2nd prize, Donell Morris. ; and 3rd prize, Donell Morris The Queen of the Orange Blossom Co$JiJ..etology Mrs Dorothy SampJ;on of Jacksonville Unit 3, Two guest artists, Mrs. Pearl Hardy of Ft. Lauderdale .and Mrs. Lenora Brady, of Tampa; wer. e present. Wednesday, P1esident's ad dress, where the r.ules were waived and she was unanimously re-elec"ted for four years. The election of officers with all officers succeeding themselves. The delegates to the National Convention were elected. The confab will be held in ami, July 80 through August 6, at the Dupont Plaza Hotel. On Wednesday e vening, the President's Banquet was held with appointments and awardl!. 'The 10 Buildi11g Fund Captain Club received outstanding applause for their contributions toward the buldin,g fund. The church business meeting will be held Friday night at 8. All members are asked to be present. Sunday school wjll begin at 9:30 with the Supt. and teachers at their posts. Morning service will begin at 11 with choir No. 1 and ushers serving. The sermon will be de livered by the pastor. BTU meeting wi11 begin at 4. Evening service will begin at 6:30 with the same order of service. Holy communion will be administered. Monday .night at 7, junior women mission will meet, and at 8, choir No. 3 will have rehearsal. Tuesday night at 7:30 pra:,:er n:Jeeting and Christian Doctrine course wHl take place at Wednesday night 'at 7, Bible class. nieeting. Thursday night, choir-s No. 1 and 2 will have re heaisa!. The following are on thesick list: Mrs. Rice, confined at home, Mrs. T. Goins, Mrs. Cor.a King and Mr. E. Austine are confined to Tampa GeneraL All are to remember the sick and shutins. Visitors are welcome at all times. Friendship Baptist 3222 24th Street Rev. James T. Link, Pastor I S. S. wiU at usu:al time with the supt. and all teachers at their post. The les son will be reviewed by the p astor. worship at lll. De votion by'the dea. cons. The mon by the pastor. Evening service at 6 : 3 10. Holy w.-admina SJtered. All weekly services .are the same. iRemember the s ick and shutins and visit and pray for -them. You are welcome to with us at all times. -------------Dr. D. A. Julius,' advisor, gave the first fifty do1lars to estab'lish a "Hall of Fame" at the Educational Center in Tampa. Mrs. Corine Parrion w.as pointed as Chairman of the Hall of Fame P.l'oject. The Publicity Committee is composed of: Mrs. Helen Bul lock, chairman, Unit 3; Mrs. Lucille Holmes, Unit 60; Mrs. Henrietta Williams, Unit 4; Mrs. Thelma Lumpkins, Unit .. 3; and Mr. J. Bernard Jamison, Unit 22. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS COMMENCEMENT DATES Dates Adult High ...... June 23 Brand'On . June 7 CJ1amberlain .. .. .. June 7 East Bay June 7 Hillsborough June 7 King ................. June 7 J;eto .. June 8 Pinecrest High June 7 Plant High ..... .-...... June 7 Plant City High June 7 Robinson High June 7 Tampa Bay Voe. June 7 Turkey Creek . Jun1! 7 Time Place 8 :00 P.M. ::IIcKay Auditorium 8:00P.M. McLane Auditori111n 8:00 P.M. Charnperlain's 8:00 P.M. Wimauma Church of God 7 :30 P.l\1. Curtis Hixon 7:30 P.M. King High Stadium 8:00 P.M. Curtis Hixou 8:00 P.M. Pilot Field, Plnecresl 7:30 P.M. Plant Dads Stadium 8:15P.-M. Wm. Schneider Stad. 7:30 P.M. Peters Field Robinson 8 :00 P.M. Tampa Bay Voc. Tecll 8:0 P.l\f. Holmes Field, T.C. ACTION .yy & STEREO RENTALS 4016 N. 22nd -237-3308 Psychedelic Bar 81: Tape Decks Stereos e Portable Console Color TV's Also, Complete Home Entertainment Centers HO CREDIT CHECK NO DEPOSIT Free Delivery Free Service Up To 24 Months AU Rent paid applies to purchase ----------------------------------I Tampa Catholic School I By BETORIA WILLIAMS ,, STUDENT OF THE WEEK Student of Lhe W e ek is none oth e r tha n Gerald Slhipman, he is th e rproud Grand son of Mr. and 1\Irs. Arnold Fi e lds he re sid e s at 3 5-Zl 23rd Stree t. If he is not with his friends Carl, J. C., Earnes t Joe Betoria S t liaron, and SJ1eria, you can find him playin g his favorite game: BasketbalL Favorite girl Mag g ie Willtiams. Gerald is a member of St. Peter Claver Catholic 1 C!hurch. Gerald for being choosen as Student of The We ek. CAMPUS HOTLINE Sharon S w!hat's with the new hairsbyle? The fellows really pulled a stunt over .bhe coaenter, P.a-stor Re'' F, L. Gjjlillns, -Sunday churc li s c hool will. be-:Mrs. Reatha gin at 9 : _3Q with the Supt. in charge, The les son wiU be .r e : Sunday school. began 9:3() viewed by the Superintendent. with the Supf. -Mr. ; g ::'S ;'.P roctot' Morning .service will l,)egin at in charge: All' at 11 with the deacons in' cluirge their posts. '_ ._ ., of devotion. Choir No 1 .a11d_ Our annual Lay;menf s nay-ushers No. 4 will serve. The ser-;program was at .. this mon will be delive -red by the service. Choirs No. 1 --and 2 and pastor. Ushers Ro. 1 scrv.e.d. The speak One member wa13 .added to the er was Ml :B. Iv.a Mae Armster, church on Sunday. of Clearwatet. .Some Of .. 'th. ose BTU meeti-ng will be held -:at. who participated wrt of Rev. W.ai.ter Miss B.e.ulah Gansey, Reporter S, White for Bishop wi!ll be hehl The junior department was in Fdda;y ni ,ght at Mt. C:a:rme-1 charge of the ser:vice s on last AME Ch.ul'ch of which Re:v. C. D. Sunday. Three persons were adli-Lazier is pastor. The -service will ed to the church,. begin at 8 and th .church is 1o Holy Week will be observed cated on 34th St!Mt and 38tk this weekend. Friday night "Love A venue. --Feast" will be held and all mem-' / hers are ask-ed to be present at The sermon will lie deliver:1 8 p.m. :by :Rev. E A. Todd J 'JIUtO!' "'. Sunday School will begin at Peace Prog:r.essive Ba-pt. Chuf..c'h. 9:30 with the Supt., Mrs. C. Bod-His choir and ushers wiil .... gers in charge. All are. --asked A .guitar concert will be J1enifes,.. to be p1esent : ed b Mr. Alton G:t Mqrning servic e will beg-in -at G.aine1wille. M -any others will 11 with Rev. Kearby g.iV -so ,a,pp_ear. on the pl: o ,gra m. ing the call to WtOrahip. -Choir The publ-f' is M r. No. 2 a nd ushe1 s will serve. The d Kelly E. Bolden is pr.esident an :JJermon will be .deliy.el'ed by the M rs Reatha Williams is see1e pastor. Holy enchristis will be served. tar,y. Evening service will begin at 6 with t]le same order of ser_ .. vice. All ave aiked to remember the sick and shut-ins. Peace l ,aplist Church. 2607 24th Avenue Rev. J. (:. Goins, Pilstor Betty Dawkins, Reporter Due to the passing of one of our beloved members, Mrs. Alice Manley, service-s will not be held this Sunday at the church. Our pastor and members will leave Sunday morning on a chartered bus to attend funeral rites of the deceased to be held in Eufaula, Ala at Sandville Ba, pti s t Church at noon (CST).' All memb ers are asked to plea15e meet at Peace Baptist Saturday nig-ht at l2 :30. Let .U!I remember to pray for si c k and .shut-in s and a special prayer for bereaveli !a!lljli' c.rver City:. Prayer Band lfn. Ueder, P:r.eJiidnt Mrs. lola Harr-is, llel)C)rter Carver City PrJJ.yl!r Band. will -at 11;30 at th. -of M1. and Mx'l. Jamef Buggs, 3924 LaSalle Str-eet. Tho band met last Jlleetin&-th home of Mrs. Ver.a WHI'I.on. lesson was taught by Mr.:;. Ioh Harrjs. Visito.rs 1\l'e welco1;11e ail' all times. If APPLY IN MUST BE EXPEBif;NOlW 1415 E. Bu$th Blvd. ASK FOR FREJ>DV Musl Be Over 30


POET, PAINTER, ACTOR HOtL Known for the two of poetry lie has had .)ubllshed, and iqr: his not-quite -abatrad landilc 'ape paintings, Berilie 'Casey. is also bf.coming _oknown for his acting. He has his most eoospicuous rohL yet in American International's "B. oxcar Bertha," in which he befriends Barbara Hershey. Both' his griii 'and his guns are memorable .tbis no-holds barred drama about the outlaw ""ho terrorized and sotithern states during the 1930's. Besides Barbara and Bernie; other stars Or "Boxcar Bertha" are David Carradine, Barry Primus and John Carra!line. -. U.S. AWARDS HER. SERVICE CITATION WASHINGTON -Dr, Willa B Player, Dire<;tor IJif the Division of College Support in the u ; .. s Office of Education, has been awarded the U.'S. Department-of Health, Education, and Welfare's Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Player earned the award, .highest, for outstanding leadership that has greatly strengthened higher' education and con t ribute d to mutual respect between black and white institutions. Un der her d irection, the colleges and universities b e nefiting from the Srengthening Developing Institutions program have grown from 158 in 1956 to 555 in 1972. Dr. Playe r also administers the Cooperative Education Program and the Institute and Short Term Training Programs for Higher Educal. ion Personnel. She was servi ng as president of Bennett Col l ege in Greensboro, North Ca rolina when sbe was brought to Wash Ington in 1966 to head the college -support programs. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertise-rs BIG DQWHtOWII STORE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND. PLEASURE .. Dowdell Honor Society Elects First Black Ernest iones, 13, was recently elected" president of the" Honor Society for the 1972-'73 sch' ool term at Dowdell Junior High School where he is an eighth. grade!,', making hiin the first black to hold the position. Ernest; an 'A'. stude-nt, h olds certificates of achievement and p1erit in studies a _nd was t-ecently awarded a medal i n mathematics. He is also an avid fullback on last seaso'h's football and a member of. the basketball and track teams. His mother said his favorite pastime is closing the doors and windows in his roo m and tui:ning his record player up to its hig h-: volume and listening to all :kinds of music. He is the son of Mrs. Ernestipe Bell 5207 85th Street and Mr. Garfield Jones. The Evolution Of Jazz Comes To Tampa J azz comes to Tampa a .gai n this weekend June 3 and 4 witi h a specially designed workshop, -"The Evolution of Jazz" featuring weU known area musidans. Jiazz a s instrumentatio n, vocal and dance forms will be explored in a :f;ree opening to the publk SaiUJrd aY June 3, at 1 p .m. at The New Place, Inc., 28111 17th Stret and again Sunday June 4 at 3 p.m: in the Theater A.udlitorium of the Uni verstity of Sou :th 'Florida. !Musicians to be featured at this Jazz workshop will include Al D owning, Piano; Leroy Moo roe, Trumpet; B-aritone Sax Leroy Flemmings; also Sax and Flute, Hosea Taylor. Jazz Dancers who will be featured in the periormance include IMaxlne HliH and Elaine .Bryant. The public is welCome to bot1h events. .Any furture iruocmation or details can be obtained from Mr. lHQsea Taylor Music FacuJ.ty University of South !Florida. J Richoard L !Loveless is the dl;r. ector of The New 'Place. Plant Citian Announces For House Seat PLANT CITY -John Lee an nounced toda'y for the House of Representatives seat No. 65 This 15eat, which represents the county district of Hillsborough and p(>rtions of Polk County was established b y the 1972 .legislative ses sion. Mr. Lee, a lifetime area resident and businessman who is ac1ive in community affairs stated: "Representative go v e r n me nt should be returned to the people. This is my aim." A graduate of the University of Florida, Mr. Lee served in Vhe United States Air Force be fore returning to lcical business. Evangelist Prayer Band BLACK FAMILY FINDS HELP IN ALL WHIT'E NEIGHBORHOOD :'Jordan removes broken glass ft9dl .. new 'hom ... ; -Rud!)lpli Jordan al1d his faJ:I!ily began having sec ond thoughts about. moving into their. newly pu 'rchased horne iri an all-white Chicago neighbor hood after vandals smashed 32 windows in the house last week, splashed paint on draperies and rugs and attempted to burn do w n the garage. But when mo v ing day came this past weekend the Jordans found they had more offers of help than they could use. Many of the South Side neigh borhood's white residents still weren' t speaking to the Jordans, but their children came over to piay with the two Jordan young-sters. Ari d a few adults along with menrbers of an interracial group called ZealQuS Efforts for Better Rac(al Attitudes, offered to help clean up the broken glass and the: .house The volunteers rolled up '.J h e dining and 1iving TOOm: 8 ; bri-ght gold : \ A : teeruige _grol.Ul a suburb arqved With gardel}iDg tools and cut -and manicured the front and back lawns And when the arrived, everyone dropped what he -W.a, ,. doing to helj> it into ;/-t htj house past the Chicago pOliceman keeping a .,24 hour-a-day a squad across, t :h e street. Mrs. Jordan, who said. shEt waif brought up-not to .worry aMul the color of'i}er skiri, said neighbornood hostility appears..ta have Vfaned : I was begiunig to wonder a F ter whaf here day said, '.'. b\lt' it' s nice to know there are sti-ll people wpo-care." ,. Black Diplomat Is Designated NYSE Direc!or Ambassador Jerome H. Holland NEW YORK -Jerome H. Holland, U.S. ambassador to Sweden and_ former president of Hampton Institute in Virginia, has been designated to become the first black !Mrector on t he board of the New York Stock Exchange in its 180-yeai history. Holland has accepted the nomination, which Is subject to the approval of the exchange's membership, ando will announce his de cision shortly to leave the diplomatic post, according to Wall Street sources. He will become a representative or public Investors on board of directors that is being completely restructed to retlect a Mrs. L.Owens, Pres. orientatioo. The current 33-man governing The .Evangelist by a whwh M ; !3 : ; Is all, lo, ; J __ : 7 ,:;1 -: d1rector WJ!l IlL,.: .. tg ... Miri'MeJ;V-. .s. a m at the home -6--Mrs." po5 itloii.. In--recent years because of the Scandinavian nation's opeD Sutton, 1001 Longshoreman Dr. sympathy for North Vietnam. Moreover, Sweden has given refuft l"he public i welcomi. l4l Dllmtlf'Qufi Americaa mllitarf desertera. i


June 3, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publlst. every Tues. and Frf. Gel Both Edition! PAGE THIRTEEN We Gladl y Accept u.s. D. A. F .OOD STAMPS! TH Sblts D t plll m t n l ol .lttlt -111 Why rl!drrm yo11r fCit1d Stamp1lor Ius lhJn t urt h now i n v l n r U S O A fOOD SlANPS the S h o r W i n n -Dhie t o r lht b est I n to q u J IIIItd ltmrUu I n l b i i 1 r u W tn11 D llt 1 Stnlce: 7. Q u atllr ; and 3. P rit t G t t utn Kwi k Cht k 1tor u art IUihDrlud tort wlltr T o p VJILit Slimp, dum lhtst IIIIIIPS and \ill Will IIJ dly do 10. ---- t 1 Va\ues 2 tor the '"'e 0 SlmtED oR;:tseeds Get 2 39' ..os. 79, sunUo 49 sausage Get 2 M(OhR;;,y Pits .. Get 2 '" 1 Hlo. $1" 39' JENNI Eo t Get 2 ..... 5HoE5 lRiNG Get 2 pqo. 1urk.eY \oa Potatoes "os. HE,I.l g. 5ERV E c;QOKEO Get 2 99 r.o.SlE o Get 2 eef fritters PottY D ttt ... ,.1). A 9' ION !'()UNO t.a.. 39' Get 2 ... .. Get 2 ,.... '" 1 \Your Food.Stmps -' toaste .:_ .:. :, :.. _. ----:.--. CREM' u:.:.9_9 _____ HOD JUNE 1st Thru 7th 'S. EGGS URGI 3 Del. '1 SCitUU $119 I ,..,2 or. Cua CAIUMII C lUCk Ulll 9 9 ,... 12 ... eMil Sandwiches .. w.o BRAND u s CHOICE BONELEss m> SIRLOIN ROAST OR BONELESS Tl p 51 RLOI N STEAK LB. WD &RAND Sliced Bologna U .S. CHOICE W-0 BRAND NEW YORK Strip Steaks 10.:;:. *991 PlANT GRADE A WHOLe FROZEN IN 5 lB. BOXES fryer Legs .. BANQUET CHICKEN, BEEf, TURKEY Pot Pies 99 All CENTER CUTS SLICED COPEL"'ND SURFE R PAC K Beef Liver ....... 11.79c L h M t ""', .. st unc ea ... MARHOEFER TARNOW RHINEL"'ND FRANKS OR Cannell Hams .. 99 Knockwurst m at FRESII GROUND fROUN TROUT BEEF FILLETS e$)99 89c MIX OR MATCH lilAC WHITE, AQUA PAPER lowels 3 i aac MIX OR MATCH ARROW PINK, WHirf, YELLOW tissue ... 4 aac MIX OR MATCH ARROW WHITE, PINK, Y EllOW FACIAl Tissue .. 4 88' Mateus Wine Plflb$1'' DIXIE DARliNG PlAIN, RAISIN, MARBlE, ORANGE Pound Cakes 2 ,., $1 SUPERBRAtiD HOMOGENIZED --- 'n:u IAI.r .. -' .,"'"' ,." "' !::::.. ... ............... -.... HICKORV SWEET OR PALM RIVER GOV. WHOlfQR-.urr----raozl'lb lEt o IW.' sH ..,... UMI ..... u. 79 ceo,., lAMI SlfOULOq lOIN U. 6f ROASr ..... 16. 49 IAMJ aro,.,, .... u. 99 FARLEY S GIANT JElliES, SPICE PROPS, ORANGI Candy 2 ale Milk .. r. 59' LEMONS .. 18 for 59c. CRACKIN' GOOD TWIN PACK DIP OR Potato Chips 2,.,88c DIXIE DARLING HAMBURGER OR WIENER Buns .... 2 49c CAi.'to -. o D k 4 """$1 .. range : r1n .... :.. "'\


PACE FOURTEEN' Fla. SeP-tinei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri (dt Both Editloni SafurCiay, June 3, 11972 In Lov;e With An. d H .as-Sh o w To Boot \Exclusion Angers Shirley Chisholm NEW YORK Ang-ered that she wa s not inc lud ed in th e t e l e vision debate between Sens. Hu bert H. Humphrey and Georg-e M cGove1n, New York R ep. Shirley C hi s holm said Sunday she p lans to file a suit demanding that .she be allowed to appear .on future confrontations between the two leading D emocratic p,re.sidential bope:fuls. 1 NEW YOR'K-'Me1ba Moore, .las! season's toast of Broadway is hardly a stranger to television after 25 appearances on Johnny Carson's show, thnee Flip Wilso.n guest sho!s .and three D avid :Frost interviews ineludmg one that lasted 90 mi. nutes. After June 7 if will be different. Melba will be a tv star on bet own. A t Melba thinks she is ready for "the Melba Moo r-e-Clifton Davis Show," a musical comedy series hat .will take over Carol CBS hour for .five suc-cessive Wednesiiay nights Whatever else, the show will have v-alidity. Sqe and D alliis, a young will p1ay -:a coupl e .of _young people B .still with only a 23 per cent the past decarle mee.llJiln_gly po_pulatjo.n 'of non-whjtes } showed !leaving the nation's citles to ibe 'llfll pel' cent rise to 1.6-million !poor and \t he black, the' National wh-ile its white population d e -.ttJrban Coalition ,said .Satui-ilay. ,, clined more than 9 per cent. to "We have. to f-ace :the total 6-million over the decade, the of the .cities?' study said. .iJ.ess the -white :flig,ht is reversed, "By 1980, the dties are going tiaiB .anii leavin_g tbe distribution of f.eiieral funds, for cities m \WOr-se Jiha_pe ihan be-in.duStl'IJij development, 'housing !fore the riotis o! the mid-1.-960s : 'tr.ansportation; zoning and so cia l The ..compiled hy the services. lie w.ould giv.e them the _coalition 1rom :w:to :ceDBWI !l'e.:.-' '"'}>Ower to -enlist money !J>orts, :snow that .the tota1 in addition to federal, looal and lation .of :anll tt:ther cnon.state funds. !whites. iin tlre nation's centl'B.1 He sa:id nearly $20 ,b illion a :cities elimbed 4-mTilion to 14-year alr.ea.dy is going into the : million 11inee 1950 while the .cities and that the problem i.s po;pula:t'wn dmpped 600,000 not so adding new money, 49-rnillion but using present. funds more Some eities, including Detroit, wisely. Louis and B : a1timore, are ap!Proa c hi.ng a DO -per .cent black !J:>opu latrum, 'WI'hile oth,ers :like .Gmlcago and Philadelphia : hav.e !Jilore jthan onethlrd,-the co.alition '_s "Jt now goe.a in a jumb1e of p r o g r a m s and speculators take advantage of .it," he .sa 1d. SENAJE.,IINIT''VOJES fO.RIRS .TRAC ON RUNWA' Y DADS WlASIBNGION -The Senate !Finance Co.mm1ttee 'VBtOO '!bursday to :allow -wivez, 1.o use the government's tax collection :machinery in their -effort w tr.ack down "runaway" tattlers w.bo out on child .support pay-ments. The committee also voted to waive existing that prevent ,su:Cb mo11Ie11s from at. taching the salaries of' husbatid-s -"' employed b y the ,federal government. Aa attacllment is a court c nder making au automatic claim on .a The twD pl"ov!isjons were .add ed to the Welfakeitt m of both black .and whi t e and equal pay for equ al work," she. declared at c om menc-emerrt cer_ e monie.s for t b e women's liberal arts scoo el. Mrs. :King .said wo.men 's libera tion has scant a-ppeal to black women because, she asserted it ,stresses "trial t erminolog,y," r.e flectin_g the .concerns of middle class whites JJCksons' Father fine for COntempt Mrs. ChishoJm, who also is l'Unning for the Demo c t'ati c nom ination in California's primary, also wj!l file 1!. eomp)aint before the Federal Comm uni cations Commiss i on (FCC) see king-equal time on CBS whie.h hosted Sunday's debate on its' "F.ace the Nation.'' S he said in a stateme.nt she will seek an injunction agl!-in s t NBC and ABC, whi c h pian sb' nilar d ebates betwe e n Humphrey and McGovern. Ludwig Gelobper, a CllJnpaig n .aide; said the 11uit against NBC :and ABC i s exrpected to b e filed today in 'Wash ington, D.C. BeiOl'oe Sunday's debate, MJ.-s. ,,Chisholm .se n t telegl'ams to Humphrey and McGovel'n UJ:gi.og t hem to i'n" flllnJ .appe al' .in g on "F.aee the Nation.'' to Mrs, C hisholm, the networks .have h el' because they clai111 only l:lump}mey McGovern p.ro11ide ".snff.i ei ent national news _interest.' lank 'et $1 MiUion Deposit CHUO.<\IGO The Indep.eo Bank of Chieago w.bacb raoks fifth .among t.be :!310 bank.b .:vr.es.entl_y o;peratiug in thlB countt:Y. today .receiv.ed slted Blue Oro.ss/Blue Shield Medicare "A" funds totaling $7J 000. ooo. This, new aecount will prodUtce approxlimate1y $$: 600 / 000 eaclJ. lJ!Op.t!b..nettln_g $4,00il,OOO annual l y. Tb.e Indepoo.denc-e Bank, w.bicl:I w.as esto.Mi.Shed kl llll\&4, 1I.a..s g.TQWD from rotang $800,00.0 at .il s inception ro its present ,$34,00@;()00_ Al Bou tte, Vhe b.ank' s president illttrib.u .tes fbe pa<&t tw{) years g rowth to l!'i'esi.dffit Ntixon'.s initiative to augment the .depos its in mio;u'.ity b.an'ks. -Ugaada .Baas Hotpants, Minis .J-QSE, C.alif. 1lhe fatlLer. of slain Jonathan and Geo r,ge J.aekso.n was held in contempt of court Tuesday wben he refused ,,. KAMPALA, Uganda -President to testify at the An:gela Davis Idi Amin has oriiered an illlDl.edi.-trial. ate ban on :mini.sk1rts, hotpants "-1 buried my ooly two sons," and maxiskirts with a v-.sh.aped !Lester 1-ack.son .told tJhe judge.> u split in fnmt. "'.And 1 don' t want to take part"'!! .Spe aking at a _parade for _polic2 in tbe,se proceed'iDgs for the pri! r.ecr.uits 'here Saturday, i\mio .sairl .serv$oo of m y mental healtb." a iiecree would be published this Superior Court Rioh.ard week .setting out predse measure E Arnason s.ald he could "r.e men ta ef offending _garments .and cognize full well the trauma you punishments to be .4Dpo.sed on tta-ve been tb:rough,'.' but fined those who w ore them. J:ackson .$100. although he de-Short dresses are "a disgrace dined to jail him. to our culture .," he declared. Other rebuttal witnes ses Who took tibe atand were -:00 be tbe windup in te-stimon:y in Mis-s V.avis' weeks-long trail GO mur .der-kidnap-cocuili : pacy char_ges mdered child support payments, the committee dec ided to allow mother:S to seek Internal :Revei'\Ue Service (URiS) help in locating the vani&lhed father. Whenever taxes were withheld -from hil; .salary, the l\RS would be oblig-ed to tell the mother where he can be found She cou!d .ask the co.urt ro io;sue an qrder requiring him to m.ak e the suPJ!ert payments or :attaching them from his salary. The cGmmitte e also voted to instruct the De. p.artn.ent of Healbh, !Education aod Welfare (HEW ) to establish retional laboratories where blood typjng cuul.d be done te establish paternity in cases where a man denises that he is the fa tlher of a child. Racial Er11pts Fljllating .In .Delray DEIIJRA Y BIEIAOH .At least four students were injU!'ed and two teachers were st.ruck in the face at Atlantlic High School when racial erupted Tuesday, authorities said. One student was anested. Sev-er.a l -young .blacks a.IUiaulted t-he white pu'J'}ils ana teachers in separate afternoon incidents bebw een final exams, accordin g to Princilpal R.obert J @hnS6n and Lt. Valjean Haley of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Vepa :rtment. Buy from Florida Sentinel Advertisers 2000 :;e: Norlh Dale MabiJ = '72 BUICKS t-' SKYLARKS \i-8, Auto 1':1 rrans., Ra(ijo Beater, Power Steering, Factory a !Ur, 2-DOO'r Hardtops and :1:11 4-Door Selians, 20 t o .rr.(lm! FROM '! $3368 N '12 OLDS ,DELTA 88 g V-8, Auto c f.r:a.us., R.adio, He.atet Power .St:eerju_g -" :Z: l"actory Air, Low MileaJi! $3898 t""" ., FORD CUSTOM .:1>' 3 4-i)oQr, iV-8, > IRa.dio, Beater, P 11 'W e J ta .St ee rtug, F..act11ry Mr.:X. ...: 3 Y-8, Allill, TrJl:ll.s., Jtadie, ;r:. Heater, P owi!r Steerl,ag ..caJ Factttry Air,, Se:veral w '= Choose ko.m! $179---= W-eekdays 'Til 9 P ,M 0 Q '111. 61'.M,




The annual King and Queen was a part of the gradatioa exercises at Jones, Kindergarten Friday. nigl,t. The 'pretty qqeea It Yvette 'daughter of Mr. s. Jo Ann .Myers. Parenti of King Louis Cofield Jr. Mr. "and Louis Cofield. MT. TABOR CHOSES KING AND QUEEN. A highlight of the the banquet sponsored by Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Sunday afternoon was the selection of a king and queen for 1972. The honor went to Dorothy 1\'lae Mock and Keith Parramore. Rep. Conyers Hampton Commencement Speaker Honorable John Conyers, Jr., United States Congressman from the First District in Michigan was the Hampton Institute C ommencement Speaker at the Hampton Roads Coliseum Sunday, .May 28. 1\it Conyer's subject was: Black Politics A Case ror Progressi ve Thinking Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers BAY CITY TEMPLE OBSERVES 51st ANNIVERSARY One or the delightful affairs on Saturday even Ing was the 51st anniversary observance of Bay City Temple' at the Elks Rest, 809 E. Laurel Street. Members seated from left to right are Mrs. Ruby L. Lipscomb, Mrs. Thelma L. Clark, Mrs. Lucille B. .Johnson, Mrs. Cornelia Livingston and Mrs. Roberta Frie-rson. Registration For Evening Business Education Classes An eigilt summer program of office education courses will be offered by Hmsborough County Evening Voca.tionar School. The session will begin June 5 and epd July 28. Registration wi'll be held June 5 and 6 6 : 00-8:00 p.m. at tihe Tampa Bay Are-a Vocational Center, 6 -tllO Orient Road, T.am.pa Each class is sc'heduled two hours a 6-8 or 8 on a Mon.Wed. or Tues.-Thurs. schedule. 'Enrollees may take from one to four courses. The cost will be $2.00 for registration, plus textbook where required. There Is no tuition fee. Coi.ws e : s for Receptionist and Civil Service Preparation are two courses being offered on Tues. and Thurs. that are expected to have large enrollments. Also oo the Tues. and Thurs. schedule are ing. Ir.termedia te S:horlihand and Typing. The Mon and Wed. schedul-e will include Office Mac:h ines Court Reporting, Be: ginning and Advanced Shorthand. All courses are designed so that students may continue their training dul'ing the fall term. For more information contact the 'Evening Sc hool office a fter 1: 3 0 p m. at 621-24411. SUJ\11\IER SCHEDULE Monday-Wednesday Schedule S :horthand, Advance, M oore, G -210 6-8; Shorthand, Beginn ing, J\1oore, G 20, 8 10; Court Reporting, Johnson, G-l22, 7-110; Office Dickey, G c28, 6-8' and 8-10; Typing, Manual and Elec., iRorabacher, G-24, 6-8 and 8-10; Key Punch, Moll, C-01, 6 :3J0-9:3Q Miracle Prayer Band Mrs. Sammie L. Scott, Pres. Mn. Tommie M. White, Reporter The Miracle Prayer Band will meet Monday night at 8 at the home of I Mrs. Ethel Robinson, E. Lake Ave., Apt. 286. -Remember the sick and S:hut-ins. iElder T. Calhoun, director. and Computer Programing, Craddock, C a3, 6 : 30-9:3(). Tuesday-Thursday Schedule BookkeE\{l'ing, Nieto, G-30, 6-8 and 840; Clivil Prep., :Maiolo, G-22, 8-: 10; Short!hand, 'Intermediate, Maiolo, G-20, 6-8; IMedicial Recepbioois-t, Heck, G-31 Typing, Manual and Elec., Gri.ffitJh, G-'24,6-8 and 8-10; !Data Processing -Unit Record ll'v!oll, C-24; 6 :30-9:3-0. Offlice Machines include: Adding Machines40 key and full key; Bookkeeping 'Posting, Machines -NCR and Burroug;hs; Calculators -Printing; Rotary, and Electroni c ; Mdmoograph, !Duplicator Com.ptometer, Cash Register. Aptitude tests required. St. John Baptist 3401 25th A venue Rev. E. Newkirk, Pastor Miss D L. Hudson, Rept. Sunday school" began at 9:30 with the Supt. and teachers at their posts. Morning service began at 10:50 with the asst. pastor, Rev. Reed. in charge. The junior choir and ushers Nn. 3 served. The sermon was also delivered by Rev. Reed. The subject was "The Christian Deacon." Ordination services were held !or Deacon Lane, Deacon Jennings, beacon Butler, and Deacon Dennison. Baptism followed. There were no evening ser vices. A11 weekly activities remain th11 same. All are asked to remember. and sick and shutins. Eastside Prayer Band Dea. Archie Mond, Pres. M .rs. Allee Lane, lt'eporter The Eas t Sioo Prayer Band will meet Sundalf at 5 a t the home of Mrs. Ann:ie Ka.te Lundy, 14115 Armwood Ot. All visitors are weLcome. Remember the sick and shut-'ins Summer Fun SLACKS Here is summer bright and new. Come and see our pants for yo11, ROBERT E. GADSON JOINS WILLIAMS REAL ESTATE FIRM Robert E. Gadson' recently join ed the Wilbert R Williams Rea Estate firm as a Registered Real Estate Salesman. Mr. Gadsmt has been a letter carrier in the West Tampa area for more than 20 years. He re cently retired from the Activ e Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel Fie ld Artillery. Mr. Gadson attended FAl\lU graduated from NY S('hool 'Of General Staff Officer Cours e Th f U S Army Command and Staff College Ft. Leavenworth and the U.S. Army Lo g istic s Management Center, F t. L e e, Va Our Collection Includes "SHIRTS BY" OLEG CASSINI PRINCE IGOR, ELY-TMT, FREDRICO PIO de BRUCIO $1500 "PANTS BY" HUBBARD BRAZEN LATIN SLACK "TIES BY" WEMLON $5 and up Our Styles Includes Flairs, STRAIGHTS STRIPES AND SOLIDS. T al ( e it easv this summer in our carefree, lightweight double kniC summer sla.cks. Every color and style Imaginable is here. Play the warm weather game in our cool-looking s e lections, and you'll stay calm and refreshed all day long. Come in soon we'll out-fit you right. PHONE 235-2361. THE MALE SHOP 2319 E. Hillsborough Ave. (East Gale Plaza)


-. '; Saturday, June !, !972 Fb'. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt Celt Botli Edition! PAGE SEVENTEEN ---TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT -PATR.OmzE: THE CLUBS WHICH ADVEBT.ISE HERE THEY APPRECIATE YOUR BUSlNESS .. ONE_ -STOP-INN PENTHOUSE LOUNGE -THE TEXANS ARE, BA(K THE EXCITIRC -SOUlMASIERS_ BAND From Dallas, Texas FEATUBIRfi -"Miss April Johnson" { Soag allll Artist : ,., -FRIDAY SATURDAY -SUNDAY-_ ---. B. of 1-4 Jhry. 579 -TlaonoiOsaSsa .. : .... '. .. lHE PARADISE BAR. I t :YOUR 'fAVORITE DRINKS -r. ----AI POPUlAR PR.ICES 2 BARS. TO SERVI YOU '.; OPEN 3 _A. -M. EVERY_ NilE MAGGIE I :LPATRICK, 'MCiR. ..... :{. _.-! __ .. :' !:: : .. .. .. : -.:-; ,{>,:-eo-vou -LIKE :: -.- -GOOD :TIMES? THEN--_. -_FOLLOW' TilE PARTY _. -PEOPLE m ; tHE FAVOIUTE ---BLUE DIAMOND f!OR. 4th AVE. & 2&h ST. YOU'LL LOVE IT. Ritz A .dult Theat.re HANCOCK Motel-Bar Lounge .. W E ARE REM.ODELIN(j YOUR-\ -PLEASURE AND ADDED -. .Meet your Kosi GEORGE HANCOCK and your new Barmaid.. Drink il here or lake if with you! We invite, aiLour Black and White .. friends lo come again. again and agaiB._. l : I SAM WILLIAMS, Prop. THE DREAM BA 'AN: D -LOU-:NG. E 2801 H. NEBRASKA AVENUE WE ARE NOW BLACK-. O WNED: -, ...... ,, AND / .. WE SPECIALIZE. IN PIHTS. AND HALF PINTS "LET'S GET. ACQUAIRTED -. PHONE 229-2116 :,, : The ZANZIBAR .. ... .. :2132 A\AIN-. -_ --" > ._, ;-. WEST TAMPA'S MOST SOULFUL CLUB' : OPE. N TILL 3 A. M. DAILY WE KAYE YOUR FAVORITE DBIRK II HALF PINTS PQITS :FIFTHS : Air Conditioned lor your comlort THE BEST ICE COLD BEEB AND WINE IN TOWN -tlae hesl in X Rated Films in cool comlorlahle surro'!nding Soul Food A t Its Best Phone 248--1378-15th and Braadway -Adulls 18 Specializing in HaDlb.argers :.. Fish .INIJI:ATION Pork "SomQ Wanted it To Last For Everw -ALSO S ,UBURBAN .SWAP "The Technique Was The Same, Bul 'lhe Swap Was. Different." F -RIDAY SA1':0RDAY --. : .;_ .. ,.c;;: -y : ,_ DAIJ.. Y I r Jt M. TO M. "The Honky Tonk" 4309 l41h Sfreel Hostess: Juanita Brown JUANITA BROWN


PACE EIGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Saiturday, June 3, 1972 Booker T. Washington Ja.anior Hi Ciets First Lady Principal When Hillsborough County Hhools open in late Au .gust lfo r the }972'73 !?C' hool term there be a noticeable different face around B ooker T. Wash ingtCin Junior HigJh School. The principal's office will be by a you t biful and very fema1e instead. of the male r.a:i:es that have been ()'Ver' the school sinee its incep-. :'';Mrs. Margaret A. Fisher was last Tuesday n ight as of Booker T. making secondary schO?l and. the fem iile in the High, has a: white .: il to b oth .retired< Air 'Fisher, c :i)timistically bel Shado\vlawn St. The 14th will begJn M.onda y nigiht. Rev. W. R Johnson, !pastor of Holsey !Temple Church and. hi s congregati on will be with u's on opening night. Tuesday J.li!rht, IRev. J. ScailtHng and m embers of Spring Hdll : M B. '0hurch .. will iw.orslhip with.ts: Thursday night, oiev. B T pastor of Baptist O hurc;h of PrQ(('re _ss rvillage and congregation will .. be' with us; Friday night, Rev. M Murray, pastor of Friendship ::M. B Church and c .ongregation will be wibh us and Rev. c. J. will deliver the anniverS, Provost, HCC Dale Mabry Camtpus, Who. will present a program on budgeting Food and Lodging Programs H:30 a.m.,'June 2. The three-day conference will cover several areas of for food and lod ging careers, :as well a s a tour of the food faciLities at the new Tampa [qternational Florida West Coast Baseball The Florida West Coast Baseball League will have the following games Sunday, June 4. The sched ule sends the_ Tampa Dodgers, with a 7-1 record, against the St. Pete Tigers at the 22nd Street ball park. The Bradenton-Sarasota team q-4 record) will host the St. Pete Btaves (3-5) and the Tampa Giants will meet the Lookouts (7-1) at Cuscaden Park. All games will begin at 3. Buy From. Florida Sentinel Advertisers T abernade Baptist 15il Ce ntraL A venue ReY. C. H. ShepJlard, Pastor Mrs. Marilyn Short, Hept. school will begin at 10 Blake-Just Jr. High School By DEBRA BRANTLEY with the Supt., Mrs. Willie Mae McDonald in c harge. Morning se rvice will begin at 11 with choit No. 1 and junior ushers serving. The deacons v-ill be in charge of devotion and the sermon will be delivered by the pastor. Everling service will begin at 6 with the same .prder of service. All are asked to rememl.>er the sick and shut-ins. Holy Community Prayer Band Mrs. Lannie Stacey, President :Mrs. Mamie Bowick, Ueporter Holy Communion Prayer Band will meet Monday at 12 at the home of Mrs. Stacey, 1916 E. C h elsea: Rememl.>et the sick arid shut-ins. All visitors are wel come. Rev. W. Johnson, Jr., pastor and dit-ector JIVE ON THE SCENE Cute, craey, silly and full of l aughs descdbes our iiV.EIR OIN THiE SOEINIE Barbara Jean Whetstone known a s Cud.a Bee. She res ides at 17i2l Oberry Street, and iiS the daughter of Mrs. Beatrice Wihetstone. B arbara de scl'tbes her favorites as .. Food: anything ClhocoJ.ate--e where you areJackson 5 5 There it is-James Brown THOUGHT FOR TODAY If you're not hip and with tha jive, then you can consider yourself as oot alive. 0 I f you want an\Ything in this pa1per contact me (Debr.a l ey Blake building) for Fl"l day's paper. MR. PIKS MR. PIK, S HAS -JUST-BOUGHT OUT A WEll -KNOWN S PORTS _SHOP. ALL ITEM.S, PRICE STI:LL ON --' GARME'NT O :NLY $1oo .. -. OF .:s ,kiRTS-SHIFTS-SLACKS. -. JACKETS -P OLOS-A ,ND MANY, MANY, ODDS AND ENOS: -::


Sah.irday, June 3, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. anti Fr!. Get Both PAGE NINETEEN --------lnjuns Shudder: Where Would They B.e If Not For McCraw? 'I CAN HIT .300 ANYWHERE I PLAY,' SAYS HUMOR MAN CLEVELAND Ohio Manager Kenn y Aspromonte put i nto words what h is Tribe s m e n h av e been thinking for quite a while. I don' t know where we'd be today if it weren't for Tom McCraw," said Aspro after the In dians surged into first place in the American League East. "Tommy has been a lifesaver for us in more ways than one He has been a tremendous additiO!l." And the amazing thing about the acquisition of the 31-year-old McCraw, an accomplished first base. man as well as outfielder, was his price tag. Ted Ford, who went to Texas in the deal for 1\:IcCraw, may be loaded -with potential. But the In dians got McCraw AND Roy Fos terfor Ford April 3 in a surpris )ng swap that paid almost imrr:e diate dividends In the Tribe's second game of the season April 17, regular firs! baseman Chris Chambliss suffered a pulled hamstring. If not for Me-' Craw, there would have been no body experienced : to take Cham bliss' place. Tommy, after replacing Cham bliss aga ins t Boston, smote a three-run homer to break a s coreless tie and lead the Tribe to a 4-0 victory. And he proceeded to keep swinging so well that C ham bliss was not rushed back int o action. At th i s writing, McCraw was among the American League s top 10 hitters with a .348 average six stolen bases. McCr!lW swung a particularyl hot bat against his foriner Texas team mates, which evoked praise from Rangers Man a ger Ted Williams. Trade Served as Spur "I believe we inspired Tom to play up to his full potential by' trading him awa y, said Williams. "Maybe !:i.e ought to thank t:s. When he -to Cleveland he was determil)ed to_ prove we were wrong, especially when he pl1).y_ ed us. ;Now; if McCraw co uld be in spired to play that well against the 10 other teams in the American League, he could be a sup(;r star. That's the trouble with too many players. They don' t get' in spired enough to play their be:;t all time." McCraw agreed with Williams' remarks abou t be i ng "insp i red" when he plays against T exas Sure, I'm anxious to prove he ( Ted ) was wro ng about me," ad m i tted McCraw, who ba tt ed in 1 22 games w it h the then-Wa shingto n Senators last season. Pre viously, Tommy played eight yea: s for the White Sox. But how was Ted to know what I could do," asked McCraw "he ck he g"ave me only four at-bats all spring training How could I prove an yt hing to him?" Aspromoilte, w,ho now has both McCraw and Chambliss availab!e to play first base, insisted -li.ic." Cr;lw was not a thx:ow-in as spe -c-ulated "Absolut'ely not," said the fresh. .i n an pilot. ''We wanted hmi for l9t of reasons. Chambli s s got hurt, I figured To:m could provide us insurance at first base or the outfield and also give me another lefthan ded pinch-hitter and an excellent pinch-runner "I saw Tom playing with Wash ington last year and was im pressed. You know, he could be the best first J:iaseman in ou r ROOHES'I1EiR, N Y.-He c hat ters in a genuine Meadowlark L e m o n m o n ologue, inc r e dibl y s h a rp, comically slow, th a t triggers an i nf ecti ous reverberating l a ugh Eno s Cabell s lit tle world always r emains lit up like a neon sign He is the Good Humor Man of tlie Rochester Red Wings this gangly sort of chap who plays first base exactly like nobody else in league. Mac handles ground balls 'well and makes the plays onr.bal!s thrown in tile dirt. A First" Rate Bunter "But that's not all. Hes a hus tler. He can lmnt and is good on the hit-al)d,-run. Toni gets -on base a lot,-. too, and you can t believe how g(>Qd, pe is aroung our young .' er player:s. .. keeps kids like John Bro."hamer, Frank Duffy and ::Buddy Bell on tpeir I just have to' point at him from the' dugout arid it seems he knows exacth' what I want. "i'm telling you, I don' t know where we'd be today if it weren't for McCraw." Everybody wondered the same thing. SALE! BOYS FAMOUS NAME SHIRTS regularly 4.50-5.00 2.79 ea. A great selection of short sleeve knit shirts with contrast stitching, and solid color and .fancy woven sport shirts. Buy several and really save! Boys Wear Use your Maas Brothers card .. its better than money I ENOS CABELL And those he tou ches are left with no choice but to love him. He is the Smile Button p er. :Sonified. "Baseball used to be just fun,'; he said, "but now it s fun AND business. The higher you go the more it's that way If you do they pay you for it If you .'don't, the y scream on you and It's no fun to be screamed on." Enos Cabell (prOnounced E nis KaBELL) struggled through those chlJly April nights but his bat be gan to sizzle in May and his aver.' age zoomed into the .330s. "I know I can hit .300 I play," said Cabell darling of the Dixie Association at Dallas-Fort Worth last seasori, he led league with a .311 average. "I'm not cocky ... well, guess I am but in good way." 6-5 Punch and Judy In 1969; his first pro season Ca bell was hitting :413 midway through the season at Bluefield (Aopalachian) People began t!l talk. Nobodv hits .400" thev t o l d him. So he didn't. "I hit 374," he said. "but if nobodv would.:,ve s ai d anvthing I probably would ha-ve hit .500. "I hit the ball down the lines, both lines I h it a lot of balls on the ground and if theY don't through, I don't h it nuthin'." He laiuhed at his words. "I'm a 6-5, 180-nound P t1 n c h and Judy he added Cabell would like to think he can bit .350 with 20 home runs and ak most -100 RBis iri his first crack af Triole A. "' ; .-. -"I'm a lucky hitter ". he said. .. .,I've been lucky. You'll see me hitting a lot of goiks: (oitches he's jammed on) and stuff like that I don't hit many tater'!>, I hit for average He Pitched, Once "Sooner or later, I know I'm going to. be in the show whether it be with Baltimore or body else. I'd like to stay wi.tb Baltimore because I like playing with a winner. I'm : a .. bad loser. If_ I hit .400 in Rochester thi:1 year, they (Arioles) will have to do something witb me." Forest Heights little League The Forest Heights Little League will hold a bazaar June. !lOth at the Little L ea gue field :in Lincoln Gardens. The publlc js invited to attend. R. Williams is the pre sident end Mrs. M Britt is the re-porter;. ---LOU-NGE. Every D

PAGE TWENTY Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PublisbeCI every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Saturday, June 3, 1972 Bashful Bucco AI Oliver'No Hitter Better. Than Me' PITTSBURGH, Pa. -Al Oliver calls his potential unlimited." "As for hitting a baseball," Oliver said, ''I'm the best. Nob ody hits the ball as hard and as consistently as I do." In three season\' with the Pirates, AI never has batted .300. He had his best average as a rookie in 1969 when he batte d .285 Oliver's remarks could be misleading. He does not brag. He feels he can become close to the best pla ye r in the majors and he says what he thinks. in becoming a success," said thfl 25-year-old center field er. "No. "There are three big factors 1 is pride. No. 2 is confidence. No 3 is Juck. "1 Breaking down the factors, Oliver said : "Pride means, among other things, that you never want to look bad Part of CQnfidenc e is never giving up Luck means getting 'the ball to fall Bad-Luck Victim Oli11er fee ls that lu ck-lnmostly bad -has prevented hi from reaching his potential before this season "I think I've hit more line drives tha t have been caught than most players,'' Oliver said. "I think I make good contact 85 to 90 percent of the time. If I get the breaks, I don t know how high I can hit." Al doesn 't. agree wit h m an Y baseball men and sportswriters who labeled him a slow starter. "It's impossible to hit the ball as hard as I do and be considered a sl o w starter," he insisted. In Oliver's first three seasons with the Pirates he had trouble k ee ping h is averaoge over .240 during the first month or so of the season. This resulted in him becoming a platoon phiyer and the word platoon bugs AI. This year, Oliver got off to a rousing start. He hit safely i n the first 18 games, was stopped by Tom Kelley in Atlanta, th e n h i t safely in the next five games before he was blanked again "U>o kin g back, Oliver said I m g l ad the hitting streak i s over. I was beginning to press. When you do that, you're not helping yourself or the team." AI S h e d Weight Oliver went to camp this spring about 20 pounds lighter than he was before the 1971 season start ed. Bill Virdon thinks Oliver, at 200 pounds is able to hit better th an Oliver at 220. "Oliver fat or anyt hin g like that," the Pirates' manager said. "It' s just when he carries extra weight, it seems to all go around his chest and shoulders. At .200 pounds, h e h as a quicker bat. Maybe he will disagree, but I think that the Joss of weight has made some of the difference in his hitting." That could be, said Oliv er. "I ended the 1971 s eason at 197 pound s and I was hitting the ball real good." Oliver revealed that he had a meeting with Virdon during spring training I wanted to know what his pl ans were for me ," h e said. Bill didn't make me any promise that I'd play every day. I respect him for that. He couldn t 1 say that I was his center field er. I knew I had to prove something to him in t he exhibition games." Oliver's fast start has shoved his good friend Gene Clines, into the background. A Chat With Clines This spring," Oliver said, "I sat down with Gene. I told him I was determined to win the job. I told him that I felt I was going tq get the chance to pla y every day. He und erstoo d ho w I f elt and I know how he feels He wants to pla y real bad.'' Cincy Reds' M .r. Clutch -Perez Pounding Key Blows CINCINNATI, Ohio Tom Hall the series sweep over the Cardwas headed for the shower room inals May 12-14 sent his average when a call from Tony Perez climbing to .303. During the fourstopped the Reds' skinny lefthand game set, the slugging Cuban er in midstride. rapped out eight hits, includin!: "Hey, Blade," yelled Perez, three doubles and three homers, "somebody said you 're gonmi be in 15 at-bats and drove home -11 stiff tomorrow. Somebody else said runs. 'How is Hall gonna be stiff His double and homer drove he has no muscles?' home all the Reds runs in the 4-3 This was May 14, and Hal! victory over the Cards iri the making his first start of the seaopener of the fv1ay 14 doubleheadson just had blanked the Card.. er. And his single and sixth homer inals 2-0, with three hits while of the season accounted for both out 12. Red runs in Hall's shutout tri"How about that!". exclaimed umph in the second game. Jim McGlothlin. "They had to There's no better clutch hitter bring our shor t relief man out of than Perez when Tony's physicall y the bullpen to pitch our first com sound. The Reds' first baseman plete game of the season." hit two homers in the Reds' first Hall's route-going victory gave four games. Then he developed a the Reds a sweep of the Sunday muscle spasm at the base of his doubleheader and the four-game neck Tony managed to keep his series with the Cardinals. average respectable by rapping Two days later, the Reds ran one or two singles every ot!"ler their winning streak to six games day, but his power was missing by sweeping a doubleheader from until he exploded against the Card-the Giants in San FrancisCo. inals. Gary Nolan, with help from Clay Carroll, gained his fourth victory "When Tony's not hitting you fn five decisions in tQ.e first game. know something's wrong with him," Jack Billingham, with an 0-5 rec-remarked Manager Sparky Anderord after his first six starts, son "Remember last year?" blank e d the Giants, 2-0, with a Last year, Perez was plagued three-hitter in the second game. by a hand injury and in mid-June Over .500 at Last was batting little more than his Tlte double victory over the Giants put the Reds over the .500 mark for the first time since the 1970 pennant-winning season Perez' batting rampage during weigh t. The second half of th'! s eason, Tony was Abe Perez his f!ms have come to know winding up with a .269 batting mark, 25 homers and 91 RBis despite his poor start. LA SECUNDA CENTRAL BAKERY THE BEST CUBAN BREAD CAKES PASTRIES 15th STREET AND 15th A VENUE Special Ed Students In Olympic Contest Marcelino Hu erta, Executiv e Vice President of MacDonald Training Cent e r and the Florid a St ate Special Olymp ics Dir ec toz, announ c ed that approximately 1500 special education stud ents will participate in the Special Oly mpics at J esuit High School, June 3 1972, beginnin g at 8:00 A.M. Mr. fiu erta said that "All tho se who qualify in the regional games will be ab l e to participate in a o nec-in -a -lifetime" l earning experience. As PI'Oven in former years, an event of this magnitude has b een enthusia s tically recei ved by all palfti c ipant s and has given th e m a sens e of accomplishment impossible to duplicate in a school environment." He stressed the fac t that "Stu d ents will receive excellent 'real life training in gro up partici pation and interaction, leadership sportsmanship, social graces, and social competencies." The public is invited. There is no admission charge. Championship Fight Card On Television -BQxing bll!ffs impatient for the financially ine v it ab le 'second IFr.aziie r-Ali slhowdown have a fast moViing four-bout satellite TV package at their dispo s al Saturday, June 10. The bouts feattw:ng a clash from three divisions, is climaxe d by the world welterweight champion ship between title-holder J'Ose \ Napoles and top-ranked challenger Adolph Pruitt. Tlhe fast-pa ced card will be am from !Monterrey, .Mexico, at 7 :30 p.!Jl., Mexico time on Saturday, June 10. The bell rings at 9 :30 p .m. Mexico time on Saturday, New York with west coast action at 6:3 0. Curtis Hlixon Convention Hall in Tampa is one of the telecast sHes. Rafer Johnson Signs With Time -Life Films NiEW Y.ORK -Rafer Johnson, former U S Olympic GQld !Medallist and 1008 Sportsman of the Year, will narrate a provocative T ime-liMe Flilms tele vision special, 'I1HlE NEW OLYIMPlAN! S, now in prodlllction The hour color film will depict tlhe efforts of emerging tions to compete in the 1972 Summer Olympic-s in Municb. Unlike wealthier nations, .the. develop, ing countries lack fund 4 facilities and expertise. THJE NEW O:LYNA!NS will contrast their Olympic poteotial wibh the problems that hold them back. Camera crews in Asia and Africa are filming athletes, trainers and organizers preparing for the Summer Olympics. The program, produced by Will4am J. Stou t, will be available for telecast by July 1, pl'ior to the open ing of the Games on August 26. :Featured in the fuotage shot in Africa so far: 1968 OlyllllPic gold medallists "Kip" Keioo and Amos !Biwott, Kenya's talented and .flield champions; Tuni sia's Mohamed Gammoudi pre!Paring for the long dis-tance events in whiclh he won gold and broaze medals in 1968; Nigerian boxers coached b y an imported professional, "Kid" Basse>y, Jamaica-born former World Welterweight Champion WHEN READY FOR YOUR NEXT SUIT OR EXTRA PANTS See Herb al Allan's 1016 FRANKLIN STREET Phone 229-1261 HERB THE TAILOR ONE OF 'ALLEN BROTHERS ALWAYS ON TIME: RON OMAHA Neb. Rain was falling in Rosenblatt Stadium, forcing the fifth postponement in th e Oma ha Royals' first 10 dates, and Tulsa first ba se man Ron Allen was r em inis c ing He cou l d hit the ball a long way even th e n,'' said the 28-year o ld Ron in r eca lli ng his days as a L i ttle L eague teammate of his broth e r, Ric hie Allen "That's how we (Wampum, Pa.) won the state Little Lea gue tomnament one year. He hit a home run,'' Ron recalled. 'I played right field. Nobody even noticed me," sai d Ron. He now stands an imposing Richi e w'as the shortstop. A third brother, Hank, played third base a nd pit che d for the team. All three were to sign event uall y with Phillie scout J q h n Ogden. R()l)l Defends Ri c hie Richie ("Call me Dick" ) is the sometimes controvers ial slugger for the White Sox, while H ank is n o long e r in professional baseball. / Ron won t agre e that his broth er 'Richie, is controversial. ,',I think it's a term the writers have put on him," Ron said "W hy brand a man when others do the same thing?" said Ron. B ut I don t have to defend him ,'' Ron asse rted. "That man can perform.'' "Nobody-none of us kids-is like him," Ron said Dick has the r eputation for not being punctual. But Ron sa-id he s never been late reporting to the ball park RON ALLEN b e f ore a game. Ron spent s i 11 years in the Philile organization. Two in the Mets' system and entered the St. Louis chain last September. I never try to be anybody myself," he said. "Why should we be alike ? Are other brothers alike?" Dick reportedly has given man agement problems. How is Ron to manage? "Great. Fine," sad Jac k Krol, the Tulsa field leader. gtves you 100 perce pt. You tell him to be somewhere and he's th 6're. He gets along well with every b ody." Joe's Don't Excite Mrs. OMAHA Neb -.. Florence Frazier, 'wife of_ heavyweight chaomp Joe Frazier, said Friday she didn t much care for either of her husband's professions-boxing or nightclub singing. Frazier suc c essful defended his heavyweight title crown Thursday night here by defeating R o n Stander of Council Bluffs, Iowa, by a technical knockout. "I don't like him as any of the two," Mrs. Frazier said of her husband s work However, she said she did not interfere with his decisions. "Most men don't discuss their office business with their wives. It' s strictly up to them," she said. Mrs. Frazier, termed "a darling" QY newsmen at the first news conference in her life, said she had urged her husband to quit the ring, "but he's a de termined guy .' She said she was sympathetic with Mrs. Stander "after loOKing: at his (Stander's) face' 'after the fight. Seventeen stitches were needed to close the four cuts to the head of the challenger Stander also suffered a broken nose. Mrs. Frazier said her husband had beate n George Chuvalo more severely in their match. She did not attend Thursday night s contest, although she was in the city. She said she did not normally visit cities wh6're her husband was fighting, "but Joe raved about Omaha,--and asked me to come here and buy some clothes with his winnings." Asked why she didn't attend the fight, she replied, "I get too upset, too nervous. "I took a nap. I don't go to sleep, I'll just pace the floor, she added. Other comments: Will your husband have a rematch with Muhammad Ali? "It' s up to him. He s the boss in the family." What do you think of women's Jib? "I don't want to dis cuss that." Have / you ever lost a fight with the champ? "Sometimes." How old were you when you met Joe? Old enough (14)." RACES NIGHIL Y 8:00 MA IINIEI I :45 t. -' SARASOTA KENNEL CLUB 5400 Bradenton Road at DeSote


iiiitiiii9il7iiii2iiiii i iiiiiFIaii.iiSilelinlitliiniiieiiil-iiiBiiiuillliiieiiitiniiiiP""hub01i;};sh;ed;;. ACE TWENTY .ONE in Shady Grove Cemetery. The neral time Saturday. "A WIL-The body will lie in 1tate for the FUNERAL NOTICES CRUSE MRS. GRACIE -Funeral services for the late Mrs Gracie Cruse, 912 Union Street .. will be c ondu ct ed Saturday at 3 :30 -P.M. from the RAY FUNERAL HOME CHAPEL with the Rev W. F. Tann e r, official ing. A native Floridian Mrs. Cruse had resided in Tampa fox several years. Survivors include :: devoted son, Mr. James Brown ; a sister, Mrs. Emma Sampson and husband -Mr. Oliver Samp son; nieces, Mrs. Amanda McCoy ; l\lrs. Queen :\[iller and husband Mr. Floyd Miller, Mrs. Ethel Isaac; nephews, Mr. Me Clinton Isaac and wife Mrs. Cur lene Isaac, Mr. Jerry Isaac and wife Mrs. Johnnie Isaac, J\f;r. Dennis Isaac and wife Mrs. EssiE Mae Isaac; 4 grand nieces, Helen Isaac, Miss Morothy Isaac l\fiss Jessie Isaac .and Miss Amanda Isaac; 3 grand nephews, Mr. .McClinton Isaac, Jr., Mr. Leroy Isaac and Mr. Johnnie Isaac; 3 great grand nieces, 2 great grand nephews; 2 sisters-in law, Mrs. Ella Mae Warren and Mrs. Lydia Isaac Stokes; 3 bro thers-in-law; Mr. Clyde Cruse, Mr. Richard Cruse, and. Mr. Harry Cruse, several devoted friends among whom are Mr. Louis Dar den and family, and Mrs. Joyce Ann Harris and family and Mrs. Clara Battles and family and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains will re pose at the RAY WILLIAMS FU NERAL HOM E CHAPEL after 4:00 P.M. Friday (today). The funeral cortege will form at 2313 Pine Street. Arrangements by BRAYANT & WILLIAMS, (Ray Williams Funeral Home). DONALDSON, MISS LILLIE BELLE -Funeral services for Miss Lillie Belle Donaldson of 2418 E. Ida St., who passed away in a local ,nursing horne, will be held Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. at First Baptist of College Hill, Rev. W. H. Gordon, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: a sister, Mrs. Isabella Donald!JOn; a nephew, Mr. Wochester Donaldson; a niece, Mrs. Joe Arin Foster .and other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of ;I'hornasviUe, Georgia, Miss Don.aldson had lived here for the past 50 years. The funeral cortege will form at 1917 Cherry St. The remains will repose after 4:00 p.m. Monday at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral -time Tuesday. "A WILSON SERVICE" I EVANS, MR. ROBERT HORACE -Funeral services for Mr. Robert Horace Evans of 2416 Yz Ida St., who passed awi!J in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 4:00 p.m. at St. Matthew M B. Church with Rev. Roscoe Rogers officiating. Interment wiH be in Memorial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: 5 cousins, Miss Johnnie Mae Van of St. Augustine, Mrs. Ollie Underwood of Kissimmee, Mrs. Lola Sams of Sanford, Mr. John Van of St. Apgustine and Mr. Alphonso Evans of St. Augustine; a brother-in-law, Mr. Eddie Jenkins; friends, Mr. and Mrs Curtis Eberhart of Tarn.pa and othe r sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of States borough, Geor gia, Mr. Evans had lived here for a number of years. The remains will repose after 4:00. p m. today (Friday) at Wil s on Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday, "A WILSON SERVICE'' FRANKLIN, :MRS. PEARL ROB ERTS Fu.neral s e rvices for the late Mrs. Pearl Roberts, 1113 Chestnut Street, will be c001duct er, Mrs. Ida B. Roberts; a son Mr. Allen G. Franklin, a sister, Mrs. Emma Roberts Tyler a n d husband, Mr. Joe Tyler, all of Tampa; a brother, Mr. Roberts of Los Angeles, Ca-lifornia; 3 aunts Mrs. Ardesee Bro\vn and husband Mr. Willie Brown, Mrs. Rosebud Byrd. and Mrs. Beatrice Everette all of Tampa; 2 uncles, Mr. Alex Brown of Tampa and Mr. Leroy Brown and wife Mrs. Josie Brown of Jack son ville; several cousins, relatives and devoted friends. The remains will repose fficia&ing. Interment will be body will lie In state at the Fun-SON SERVICE" Yisitation of friends at the Fu era! Chapel from 1 P. i\l. Friday neral Char1el from 2 p.m. Friday to funeral time for the visit a tion 1\:E?\NEDY, MR. ROBERT -until 11:30 a m. Saturday. The of relative s and friends A na-}'uneral sen-ices for Mr. Robert Pallbearers Grand U nion Lodge tive of Eufaula, Alabama, she Kennedy of 1914 19th Jhenue, No. 28, Mr. Will James, Presi had lived in Tampa for about ten who passed away in a local hos-dent, wl'll conduct MEMOHIAL years. She leaves to mourn her pita!, will be held Saturday at SERVICES at the Fun era I passing: her husband Mr. Ri c h 1:00 p.m. at Wilson Funeral Chapel at 8 p.m. Friday evening. a rfr Lee Harris, Tampa; six chil Chapel, with Rev. Bernard MilA native of Wakulla County, dren, Miss Brenda Louise D a le ton Jones, officiating. Interment Florida, Mr. Neury had Jived in Mr. James Edward Dale, both oi will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Tampa for about 46 years, was Eufaula, Ala., Miss Jo Ann Dale Survivors are: wife, Mrs. Pauline f retired member of the Inter:\ laster Charlie Dale Master Juan K ennedy; daughters Mrs. Ruth national Longshoreme n Associa-IIerbert Dale, and Little Miss Hi c k s and hu s band, Mr. Ernest tion Local No. 1402, Mr. Perry Dorothy :\lac Dale, all of Tampa; Hicks and Miss Ruby Kennedy; Harvey, President, Pallbearers mother, ;\-Irs. Lela Date and sons, Mr. Douglas Hammond, Grand Union Lodge No. 2B, Mr. father, Mr. John Dale, both of Mr. Frank Kennedy and wife, Will James, President, and SunEufaula, Ala.; 2 sisters, Mrs. An Mrs. Ida Kennedy and Mr. Don-light Society No. 34, Mr. Frank nie Lee Brown and husband aid Kennedy and wife, Mrs. Fan Burts, President. He was a deOcala, and Mrs. Eva Bell Law-nette Kennedy; 10 grandchil-' 'out Sunday School and B. T. U. renee, Seale, Ala. ; a brother, Mr dren; 6 great grandchildren; a worker ,at St. John M. Baptist James Upshaw and wife Mrs. brother, Mr. David Kennedy and Church in the Men's Class, Dea. Annie Lu c ilfe Upshaw, Haines wife, Mrs. Vern Kennedy of McCoy, Teacher, and B.T.U,. Ct Jacksonville, nephews, Mr. Henry Mrs "lurd1's Bowers D1're t 1 y; many cousin s, some of c or. whom are: Mr. Richard Dale and Davis and wife of New Smyrna He leaves1to mourn his passing: Beach, Mr. Lesly Davis and wife devoted 'ste M R Sh' wife, Mrs. Mattie Dale Mr. a S.J r rs. osa In of New Smyrna Beach and Mr. gles Wakulla M D Charlie Dale, Mrs. l\lay Frances ; nieces, rs. or 'James Davis and wife of Jack-oth S P n T II h M Dale, Mr. Tommy T. Tolbert, Y ay e, a a assee, rs. sonYille; brothers-in-law, Mr. Matti S W'IJ d h b d Mrs. Rosa B. Tolbert", Mr. Albe rt e I Jams an us an ,. Ernest Pelham and Mr. C. M. Mr Jos h W 'll' W k II Comer, Mrs. Mittie Comer Mrs. ep I arns, a u a, Pelham of Detroit, Mich., ii host Mrs Ida S H t h' d h Esther B. Thomas and husband, u c ms an us of cousins and other sorrowing band Lt Col F ed H t h' Mr. Willie Thomas, all of Tam r u c ms, relatives and friends .A native Air Force, Atlanta, Ga : Mrs. pa, Mr. Edmund Dale and wife, of Hampton, Florida, Mr. Ken Mattie Cooper and husband, Mr. Mrs. Dorothy Dale, Haines City, nedy had' lived here for the past Cooper, Nichols, Early Lee Dale and. wife, 50 years. He was a member of Willa Seabrooks and husband, !Mrs. Allene Dale, _Mr. Eddie Dale the International Longshore-Mr. Ben SeabrfiOks, Monticello, and wife, all of Tampa, l\1 iss men's Association, Mr. Perry and Miss Marjorie Butler, Wa Dora Ann Dale, Miss Minnie B. Pres. The remains kulla; nephews, Mr. Da,id Dale, both of Cleveland, Ohio, will repose after 4:00 p.m. t .oday Grooms, Palmetto, Mr. Alcorn IMr. James Lee Dale and wife, (Frid.ay) Wilson Funeral Randolph and wife, Mrs. Annie Washington State, Mr. John Up Chapel, until near funera. l time Randolph, Tampa, Mr. Mose shaw, Tampa, Mr. Jesse Lee Saturday. "A WILSON SER-Harris and Mrs. Sarah Harril!l, Dale and Mrs. Willie Lee Thom .VICE" New York City, N.Y., Mr. Henry as, both of Birmingham, Ala.; Shingles and wife, MrS. Rutha father-i-Ii-law, Mr. Ira Harris, MOZELL, MISS ORDIA Fu Mae Shingles, Tallahassee, Mr.; Tampa; mother-in-l-aw, Mrs. Ad-neral services for Miss Ordia .J. J. Shingles and .wife, Mrs. line H"arris, Tampa; 7 sistersin Mozell, 7608 Elliott Street, (Port Jessie Mae Shingles, Wakulla; law, Mrs. Vivian Harris and bus-Tampa), Tampa, who passed and a host of other relatives; band, Newark, N. J., Mrs. Lillian Monday in a local hospital, will devoted neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Cusaw and husband, Mrs. Anna be held Saturday morning at 11 Rastus Wynn, Tampa, and oth Drayton and husband, all of Tam a.m. o'clock at the Dudley-Law-. ers. Serv-ices are being rendered P!! ; Miss Frances Harris, New renee_ Me m 0 ria 1 Chapel of by STONE & GORDON, FU ark, N. J., Mrs. Reva Mae Tay-Stone's Funeral Horne, Inc., with NERAL DIRECTORS (Stone's lor and husband, Mrs. Fannie Rev. F. G. Jackson, Pastor of Funeral Horne, Inc.). Mae Williams and husband, and St. Mark M. Baptist Church, Mrs. Gloria Jean Foster and bus-officiating, "Interment will be in band, all of Tampa; 5 brothers Memorial Park Cemetery, The In-law Mr. Lorenza Ira Harris body will lie in state at Stone and wife, Washington, D. C., Mr. & Gordon Funeral Nathaniel HaFris and wife Tern (Stone's Funeral Horne, Inc.) pie, Tex., Mr. Elbert Harris and from 11 a.m. Friday to 9 :50 wjfe, Mr. Charlie Harris and wife, a.m. Saturday morning fo'r the all of Newark, N. J., and Rev. visitation of reI at i v e s and Harry Harris, Trrmpa; many friends. A native Tarnpan, Miss. other relatives; devoted friends, Mozell lived in-Washington, D.C. 1\'lrs. Willie Mae D-aniels and oth for some 20 years before returners. Services are being rendered fng to Tampa a short time ago. by STONE & GORDON FUNE She leaves to mourn her passing: RAL DIRECTORS (Stone's Fun 3 sisters, Mrs. Hattie Smith, eral Home, Inc.). Tampa, Mrs. Beatrice Brinstin, Tampa (formerly of Washington, D.C .), aJtd Mrs. Derotha Harris and husband, Mr. Broley. Harris, Tampa; nieces and nephew!!, Mrs. Daisy Brown artd husband, Mr. Harvey Brown, Pitts-' burgh, Pa.; Mr. Joseph Bythewood, Mr11. Catherine Harris, Mrs. Gloria Jean Davis and husband, Mr. Theodore Davis, Mr. Calvin Harris, Miss Carolyin Harris, Miss Helen Davis, and Mr. Curtis Davis, all of Tampa; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. Services are being rendered by STONE & GORDON, FUNERAL DIRECTORS (Stone's Funeral Horne, Inc.) HAGAN, MRS SILVIA -Funeral services for Mrs. Silvia Hagan of 314 W. Columbus Drive, who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Satur day at 2:00 p.m. at Brown Temple Church of God In Christ with Elder W. W. Gilyard, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: husband, Mr. Elijah H a g an; a daughter, Mrs. Willer Lee Collins and hu s band Mr. T. C C ol li ns of Va ldosta, G a.; 3 sons, Mr. Elijah Hagan, Jr. and wife, Mrs. Emma Hagan of Hamilton, La., M r. Willie Hagan and wife, Mrs. Mae Ordria Hagan and Mr. Darious Hagan and Juanita; 9 grandchildren; 6 great grandchildren; 4 / great great grandchildren; a number of nie ces and n e phews; a brother-in-law, Mr. Willie Hal!;a n of Winter Haven and other sorrowing r e latives a nd friend s A native of Lloyd, Florida, M r s. Hagan had li ve d here for the past 4 7 yea .-s; T h e remains will r epose a f te r 4:00 p.m. todny (Friday ) at Wil s on Funeral Chapel, until near fu-NEURY, MR. WILL Funeral sen-ices for Mr Will Neury, 2216 19th A ven u e, who passed May 28, will be held Saturday at 1 }l.m. from St. John Missionary Baptist Church with Rev, E. Newkirk, pastor, officiating, litterment w ill be in the family plot, Memorial Park Cerneter1. -SPEIGHTS, MR. A R T H U R JAMES -Funeral services for Mr. Arthur James Speights of 3619 23rd Street, who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Monday at 3:30 p.m. at Wil !JOn Funeral Chapel, with Elder R. A. Sloan, officiating. Interment will be in Memorial J>ark Cemetery. Survivors are: wife, Mrs. Norma Mae Speights; 2 sons, Mr. Arthur James Speights, Jr. and wife, Mrs Ellen Speights and Mr. Charles H .' Speights and wife, Mrs. Shirley Speights; f daughters, Mrs. Mattie S. Davis and husband, Sgt. Albert Davis, Mrs. L11Noris Washintoii an d husband, Mr. Milton Washington of Louisville, Kentucky, Miss Florida M. Speights of Vero Beach and Mrs. Henrietta Y. Jones and husband, Mr. RoOEievelt Jones, Jr., 22'grandchildren; a sister, .Mrs. Louisa Lewis and husband, Mr. Oscar Lewis of Gainesville; 4 nephews; 7 nieces; sistersinlaw, Mrs. Rosa Lee Speights of Gainesville, Mrs. Maggie Speights of New Jersey. Mrs. Lucille Thomas and Mrli. Pinky Thomas of Winter Garden; devoted friends, Mr. George C. MacDonald and Mrs. Nettie Henderson; and -a host of'other sorrowing relatives and friends A native of Nashville, Georgia, Mr. Speights had lived here for the past 50 yeers. The remains will repose after 4 :00 p.m. Sunday at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Monday. ''A WILSOM SERVICE" TOLLIVER, MR. WILLIS, JR.Funeral services for Mr. Willis Tolliver, Jr. of 1334 Laurel Street, who pass ed away in a local ho.spital, will be held Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at Mt. Pleas ant" M.B. Church with Re v G. w ; Mitchell, officiating. Interment" will be in Shady Grove Cernetery. Survivors are: a devoted wife, Mrs. Isabelle Tolli ver; a grand daughter, Mrs. DinJle Cromwell; 2 great grandchildren all of Brooklyn, N.Y.; 2 sisters Mrs Margaret Pinkne y and hus band, Mr. Johnny Pinkney and Mr!l. Mary Minor and husband, Leon Minor, both of New York City, N.Y.; an aunt, Mrs. Carrie Bell McQueen of New York; a mllnb e r of nieces a nd nephews. artlong whom are, Mr. Willll Brown, Mr. George Brown and M r Leander Pitts ; 2 great neP ,hews; 2 grand nieces; a ho11t of .(Continued on Page 22).


PAGE TWENTY-TWO -Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and l'rt lielt ISoth Editions Soulettes Bowling League Strollers Bowling League Saturday, June 3, 1972 Mrs. Reddick Conducts Clinic (Continued from Page 21) T eam 8 -4 Team 9 0; Team 2-4, Team 3-0; Team 6-4, T eam 7-_0; Team 10-4, Team 1-0; Team 5-4, Team 4-0. Entzming-er's Floris t 4, King Solom on Bar-B-Q 0 ; Team 4-3, Co in-0-J\.Jagic Laundromat 1; Team 2-3, Kilbrid e Insurance 1. 1Mrs. 1Bernice Melissa R eddic k of Beulah Baptist Ins t i tu tional Ohurch c onducted a Va.cation 'Bible Sc hool Clinic at F irs t Baptist of West Tampa on We doesday ni g ht. (;ousins; a aister-in-l!lw, -Mrs. Shepard of Los -Angeles, (:alif; and a host of other-sorrowin&"_ relatives and' friends among ,.,"om-are,_ "and. Mrs Lige _Oiirer. A native of Montgomery, Mr. Tolliver had Jived _here for the past 15 years. He :Was a .retired employee of the Royal American Shows and a Jormer.member of Mt. Olive M.B. Church of New Yo .rk City. He :was a Thirty-Third' Degree Mas on, Grand Deputy Inspector .General 'State of Florida of.' the A.&A.S.R. Masons of the U.S A. Grand Chancellor of The Great Nine of the A.&A'.S.R ; Masons ofthe World. He was .also a memb e r of the National Imperial Grand Council Ancient Oriented Arabic Order or' Nobles of the 1\'lystic Shrine of North America of Islem Temple. He was Past' Grand Exalted Ruler of the Grand Lodge Improved Benevolent & Protective Order of the Elks of the World and Pas t Grand Exalted Ruler of Bay C it.y Lodge No 268 of I.B.P.O.E. of W. R e was also Assistant Grand Director. of the Elks Shrine. The rentains will repose after 4 :00 p.m. today (Fri(lay) lilt Wilson Funeral Chapel, and :after 9:00 a.m. Saturday at the (;hurch, until near funeral time. REMAINS WILL NOT BE !VIEWED 1\FTER THE EULO (;.1 "A WILSON SERVICE" WALT E RS, MR. HAROLD E. -Funeral services for the late Mr. Harlod E. Walters, 2814 Fairfield Ave.' South St. Petersburg, who In a local hospital will oeonductew Saturday at 1:00 P.M. frwm the RAY WILLIA :\IS FUNERAL HOME CHAPEL, with the Rev. W. F. Tanner, o fficiating. Interment will follow in the Shady (>ovc Cemetery. Mr. Walters fl native of St. Petersburg, and :a ve -teran of the Korean Conflict havin g served in the U S. Army. 5nrvivors include !Jis parents, 11\Its. Ethel_ Walters and Mr. Hareld Wa\tcrs, .Sr., a sister, Mrs. Dorothy Allen and husband Mr Clifford Allen, of Hollywood, a bruther, Mr. Alvin Walters, an uncle; a n aunt; 3 nieces; a neph ew; several cOunds hut one year is too soon There is Stich a loneliness: in OUr-hearts t:hat' \ime caR: not erase. -When '" ; e think of you 'we try: not to !Sentinel-IBulletin in an artLc'le tiUe9-"Mn. -Alice. Passes Suddenly'' it wa s printed that s he' and her iMr. Manle y _had l>eeti. Funearl services for Mrs. M-an ley will be Sunda. y at noon at Sandville Baptis t Ohurch in !Euf aula, Alabama with Rev. J c Goins, pas toi' or ;Peace Missionary Baptist OhurC'h Tampa, the eulogy. TAMPA-In-memor.y 'of Mrs. Alice Foley who !\lay 30, 1s11: Today brlngs. sad memories of the day you went to rest, tl1e oJJes who think of-you today are the OIICS who loved _you best. Sadly missed by husband., Ike Foley; daughter, Willie Lee Belton; Son, Edward Foley; Grandchildren. Donald, Debra Denise, -Dalia and Darren Belton and family, MEMORIAM TAMPA-In memor.y -my mother, Maggie Hopkins who passed away June -1, 1969.' .She's not dead, she's just' away. Sadly missed: Your daughter, 1\larie Wayman and Charles. MEMORIAM TAMPA-Now, the laborer's task Is done. Now, the battleday is past, Now, upon the, far ther shore. Lands the voyager at last. Father in thy gracious l{eeping Leave me now thy ser vant sleeping. In loving memory of our father, J. B. Hamilton who departed this life four years ago June 1st. Sadly missed. by us: Clifford and Juanita Glover. 'sad. we just tiiaitk God for gi\drig-us such a Dad. : u a.rie and Ann .WiggH, other relatives and friends.' -I c -LASSIFIED." ADs--. FOB RENT' -MEMORIAM i loving. memorv of nur lear mother.. Mrs. LiHit 1 Rrnwn-who departed this ::\Ja_v 26, 1954. You are gone. but y, Fla. woulcl like to exnress their sincere thanks to tl]e i r many friends and neighbors for kinil hat'\.''S d sorrow. Special thanks to the Pulpit id Bnard of Allen Tem pie .. DIE Church, Mrs. Sallie Pres.; the pastor. Rev. H. :\f. Nelson and also the-lucky Ten Club of Tampa, Mrs. C01ine Tavlor, president. t-l Signed: Mrs. Mary L. Hunter, Sister, husband and family. CARD OF THANKS_ HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY reconditioned homes in Progress Vii lage. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and sundiiY -----3 4802 88th. $75.00 deposit. $75.00 monthly. See MRS. 4813 87th. 677-7256 after 6 P .M. O

Saituiday, June 3, 1972 Fla. Sentinei-Bu1Jetin Published e:very Tues and Fri. Celt Both Editions BUSINESS REFRIGERATORS, RANGES Re pair. All makes. Quick service. Phone 988-3273. LAWN MOWER REPAiRS WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER within the limits. Call 2 18-2580. Ask for Vito or oscar. NO CREDIT??? Having Trouble Buying A Car Because you are short 011 CredJI or Down Payment? LET ME HELP YOU Call Bill 232-4891 OR SEE ME Ar EMPLOYMENT POLICE PATROLMEN $7,493 $8,452 yearly. H.S. grad. Age: 21-30 yrs. Must meet height, weight, and vision requirements. SURVEY PARTY CHIEF $6,489 -$8,\170 a year. INSTRUMENTMAN $5,304 a year. Starting salary based on train ing and experience. Apply: 4th Floor, City Hall TAMPA CIVIL SERVICE BOARD Labor Work Today II FOOD PROCESSING PLANT WORK I CASH PAY EVERY DAY! SUN RAY MOTORS $1.60 HR. -FREE 6300 FLORIDA AVE. TRANSPORTATION ------,.. --.-----', 20 MEN AT 6 A.M. l hom. I l Large living room, formal din 1 ing room, 11. 2 baths, central I heater, closed-in garage. Vacant. ARTHUR A. EVANS, Real! or .253-3054 WEST TAMPA $50 DOWN PROGRESS VILLAGE 3 BEDROOl\'lS, wall-to-wall car pet. Must see to appreciate. EMPLOYMENT every morning, 7 days a .week I NORTHVIEW HILLS I SINGLE MAN WANTED to be MANPOWER van Will be 13 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, carport, Minister's helper. ;\lust live in. at 22nd St. and Buffalo chain link fence, large back no experience necessary, set yard. ting up religious shows. c a II Ave. al 5:30 a.m. and al WILBERT WILLIAMS. (813) 867-7079,, St. Petersburg. C Sl d C I I A ass an en ra ve. Realtor NEW IN TOWN"? Make friends 5 45 fast as an Avon Reprcscnta-al : a.m. tive. You'll meet your neigh-MANY OTHER JOBS bors, be welcomed into t h e finest houses. \I ake good money. ALSO AVAILABLE too, in ) 'OUr free hours. Call: Tampa, 876-3242; St. Pete, 86? CALL 4593; Clearwater, 442-9655. 253-0409 RIVERGROVE -WATERFRONT BACK YARD is a private park on river with bo<)t do<"k. 3 bed rowns, 2 baths, central a i r and heat. Beau(iful family room. lviing room, dfning room, wall to wall carpeting an!!-custom drapes. Call Ernestine Hyland, Assoc. 251-2178. MANPOWER, INC. 416 W. Kennedy Across from University of Tampa FOR SALE WANT A NEW HOt\-IE? LA (LOU) WAHL, Il\'C. $200 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. Call Equal Opportunity Development Corp. Call 257-3201. ..,.----'IOODOWN!! RUN DOWN Living Quarters?? MOVE INTO A.. BRAND NEW 3 BR HOME ON YOUII lOT OR SEUCT THE NEIGHBORHOOD Of YOUR CHOICE THRU-OUT TAMPA We'll pick you up for Model Showing. Immediate -occupancy. Stove & Refrig. included. Payments LO\Y AS $67 Month! Pfua $100 Pre-paid items. 360 paymts. Including inter sf, Insurance. & to xel, If your family of 6 has an income of $400 Example: you'll hove to pay only 20% of your adjusted income for housing (deducting allow ances for social security.) Gei details on the FHA 235 program today. CALL RUELL Corp .5010 W, Kennedy Blvd. Suite 201, PHONE 251-4049 IN CHARMING RIVERGROVE ESTATES. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Florida Room, Central Heat, Air. FHA financing available. 1 HAROLD FRANKLIN, REALTOR Phone 879-0560 $50 DOWN MODERN C.EMENT BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, stove, refrigerator, $10,350. P. & 1. $68.54 for 360 months at 7% mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 LISTINGS NEEDED. ROOFER, PAINTE R Carpenter 1 or Plumbe r Your labor on 4802 88th Street can be down payment. 3 bedrooms. Balance at S65.110 p e r month. Plns cS crows. C A S T L E H 0 ;,\1 E S. 253-5321. FOR SALE I FOR SALE 3 apartments, 204, l 2041 /l, 206 West Ross Avenue. down )Jayment. No quali I '' t: fying, ]I VACANT ItA VE SEVERAL NEWLY rccon-I ditioned homes in Progress Vii lage. $50 down Call HAROLD BAKER, REAilrOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday FOR SALE Big Lot In Jackson Hts.l NO :\tONEY DOWN. $:!5 a month. 1 HOUSE FOR SALE. $500 down. PHONE 24"i-2519 WEST TAMPA $200 DOWN FHA 235. 3 b e drooms. I Ph bath. VANITY HOMES, INC 109 North Armenia. Phone 251 \3539. SET-UP MAN ;\lUST BE ahle to rcpai1 a n d maintain a arit'ly of automati< assemhly Ntnipmcnt. Should have a mechanical background. ;\!any Company benefits includ ing paid hospitalization and Jifr insurance and retinment, paid \'acation, etc. API>Iy in perscm ;\Ionday thru Friday between the hours of 92 A.:\1'. and lc P.M. SHERWOOD f : A n l\lcdical lndustri<'s Inc, Higlmay 92 DeLand, Florida E .ter and s ewers. Terms. FRAME HOUSE, 2 bedrooms. Fla. room, kitch e n 1 bath, bearing fruit tree s !ker1 wc!ls pum11 and tank on two lots. APPROXIMATELY ACRE ncar Gunn Higllll"a in quiet neighbor hood. Terms. Call ROBERT E. GADSON Reg. is!ered Real Estate Salesman, 251-3234 8'i7-2lil WILBERT WILLIAMS REALTOR OVER LOOKING ROBLES PARK FROM THE FR. ON'r YARD f your beautiful 2 s'lory brick home you can cal<'h the swim and play in the lake that is situated in the lovely park. This home is newly carpeted from the enhance foyer, up thf stairway, the living room and formal dining room. There are three oversize bed1ooms and fur bath upstairs and % bath down large patio, screened porch, cat,in ldtchc n and much more. $25,000 with FHA financing. This must be seen. Call Lennif R y an. DOROTHY YATES lN'C. :Realtor 253-0444. \ T ACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY rccou ditioned homes In Progress Vii $50 down. Call HAROLD BAimR, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street. Open Spturday and Sunday .. CASH FOR YOUR LOT! I WILL l?AY u11 to for lots with sewer and water. 1\larson, 876-1063. PACE TWENTY-THREE FOR SALE HEY!!! .. NOW YOU CAN buy yi>\rr beautifulnew 3 bed roomAi.u 'nie' for $20 down and as litffe )'Jts $67 per month on 2:15 i Call MAlt.SON 'ENTEIWIUSl : ES INC 876 : 1063 .' 1 ( .. t :. : .. -:. -'"'-.. '"' HoD,le and $16 ODD .. : . I : .-. :.,. LOT ava' lfable $3;5oiJ; Mell.c;ot, .nice homes: Wa(linig distant to fairgl'ounds. Call tily Guagliardo, Assoc. Office 839 6337 -Res. 872-0671. RIVERGROVE ESTATES BE .. FIRST TO SEE THIS C.B,. 3 -Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Paneled family room and modern equipped kitchen. Air conditione I ing, of course. Very large l : o I I beautifully landscaped. All this for $23,500 with FHA or VA financing, I I Custom Built On Two Lots CB, 3 BEDROOMS, large famil.y type eat 'n kitchen, family room, large attached garage, undel'ground sprinkler system with timer. Life time roof. A home built to stay. $21,000 FH.'\ or VA. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths TWO STORY HOME in excellent condition, large enough fur the largest family. Only $23,000. FHA-VA. WEST TAMPA I A LOVELY HOME' foT the young at hear t. Living room l and 2 nice size bedrooms, a n1c_st inviting kitchen, rang e a n d refrigerator inc !ut'r !l. Ga rage. $14,000 f.'HA o-r VA. Rive1grove E!i>!at e Area THIS BEAUTIF UL CB home is selling at appraised value of $22,500. 3 ,,ith for.mal dining area; beautiful livio1g room and pimelled, f<1mily room. C H:A. w /W carpeting, o v c r size garage and beat.lt'if\11 oak Call ISABEL PERRI, Assoc. O f fi:r.e 839-6337. Re s. 877:s8S4. TAMPA REALTY, INC. REALTORS PUBUC SERVICE AUTO INSURANCE COVERAGE t a cost that correspond to your llriving hist.11n. Jack Berry 626-6194 For Spiritual Advice CALL OR SEE SIS. BRADLEY Phone 237-1821 3410 E. Lambright Avenue ---------------------Cooperative SpirHualisl Church 115 South Patk\Yood 1\!EET REV. EARL WILLIA:\'IS, Rev. Lee Osterhoust, reno wn spiritualist medium. Sunda y 2:30 P : H. Healing and Worship Service. Wednesday 8 P M. Spirit mes sage Service. Get your presenl and future message. ALL PEOPLE WELCOME PHONE 258-0411 Fla. Sentinel Want Ads Work Hard


TWENTY -FOUR f1a. Sentinel. Bulletin Puhlishe' d every Tues. an'd Fr1. Get Bolli Editioni Satur' day, June 3, 1972 3 ROOM GROUP SPECIAL THESE PRIC.ES ARE DESIGNED FOR THE WORKING M .AN. $ 95 COM.PLET'E, THREE ROOMS OF FURNITURE FOR AS LOW AS THIS IS'WHY LARMON'S FURNITURE IS THE LEA.DER. 3ROOMS in_coritemporary For your living room; button back sofa bed chair, 3 walnut finish tables. lamps. In the bedroom; double dresser, mirror, chest, panel bed in walnut finish, mattress, box spring, 2 pillows. Dine on this bron ze ton e tabl e set with 4 vinyl ch a irs. 3ROOMS American Round styling throughout your home, sofa, chair in vinyl with carved ef fects, 3 tables, 2 I a m p s Bedroom group with triple dresser, mirror, chest, chairback headboard, mattress set, 2 pillows. -Rectangular dinette table and 6 wrought iron trim chairs at one low price! ARMON "IT'S $39995 -' 3ROOMS in Mediterranian Have a completely Colonial home with a wing-back sofa lounge chair, 3 maple finish tables 2 tamps. Maple finish bedroom group has d o u b I e dresser, mirror, chest poster bed plus mattress set 2 plllows. Dinette s e t includes round, plastic top table and mate's chairs Similar to niustration Similar 'to Illustration Similar to Dlustration $59995 Any Items From Any 3-Room Outfit May Be Purchased DOWN PAYMENT OR EASY CREDIT TE RM S SEE WHY LARMON IS THE LEADER your BANKAMERICARD EASY TO PAY T'HE LARMO N WAY" OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT 'TIL 8 P. M. 1324-:]Q E. Broadway PHONE 248-2557 Plenty Of .FREE Parking On Lot In Rear Of Store


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