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Florida Sentinel Bulletin

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Florida Sentinel Bulletin
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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 25, no. 50 (June 6, 1972)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
June 6, 1972
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
1 773
t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Calls It A Day After rnncipal 42 Years AMERICA'S In Schoo! System FOREMOST SEMI-WEEKLY SEE STORY ON PAGE 3 48 Pages :V_oi.. 5, NO. 50. T!\MPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, JUNE 6, PRICE 15 CENTS. Man Shoots Wife And Daughter SEE STORY ON PAGE 2 Family Of Grads Setfo r M e !ting SEE STORY ON PAGE 23 Ex .; Tampa Annou.m:e r 'Gets High TV Post SEE STORY ON, PAGE 27 .Woman Shot By Hubby .------------------------SEE STORY ON PAGE 1-* Angela Jurors Join Post Verdict Party SAN JOSE, Calif. With Ai rican reck music pounding, th e jurors who acquitted Angela Da vis joined the black militant and h e r attorneys in a festive cele bration after the verdict. All. but three of the all-white jury members showed t'Ip at the post-verdict party Sunday-a n d one of the missing had gJtteri lost and gone to the public cele bration instead. "We had a great time," one of Miss Davis' attorneys s a i d shortly after the gathering a t a friend's horne Miss Davis.: said the jurors had greeted l:ier w arrniy. Defense attorney How a r d Moore Jr., who cnce had declared that Miss Davis could not get a fair jury in predomi n antly white San Jose, revealed -thlilt the defense tea in. employed psycho[og. ists and even handwriting analysts to help seleet tlie jury. Durii1g weeks ot ju'i:y selection, Moore said, a battery of psycho!. ogists .sat in the c:urtrq(Jrn to the answers and facial and physical gestures of potential jurors, then advised the defense what tO' do. The handwriting a'nalysts, he said, studied the sig. natuies of jurors on tration applications, which made them eligible for jury duty. The jurors who did not attend the party were the youngest merrr ber, 21-year-old Michelle Savage; Winona Walker, a 65-year-old re tired librarian; and the oldest member of the jury, Robert Sei del, 69, who accidentally ended up at a public celebration of Miss Davis' victory at a nearby night club. Earlier, the jurors held a news conference at which Mary Tim othy, the forewoman, decl-ared they had considered all lawyers in the case "excellent"' and the judge "fantastic.'' She said her selection to head the jury was symbolic of wom en's liberation in America. Jury member Stephanie Ryon, a, said ; of the trial experience, SEE,STORY ON PAGE 17 One Miss I I SHERRELL SMrfH (SEE PAGE I) "I'm sure in one way or another it will change my life." Mrs. Timothy, a Stanford Uni versity medical researcher a n d wife of an attorney, commented on the judicial system in a case such as this, saying, "i: think it's the best process that any coun try has come up with." Miss J?avia said that one of the first things she'd do as a frea woman is to vote in the Califor nia primary election today, bull she would not say whom she'll vote for. In a chat with a few newswom en at her apartment after the verdict, Miss Davis wryly point-,_ (Continued Oa Page S) J j


PAGE TWO ila. P-ubliahed every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tueaday, June 6, ttT%' with a i>ine bottle by and uni dentifl!ed woman T he woinan fled the. scene before the arrival of At appt:oximately 9:40 Friday police. night p(}lice wer!! called bo 21110 Le e Edgar Newsome, 2 3, 3 :2)19 E. 'Lake No. 500; where 'Roosevelt MaC'hado, Apt 4 r eported to WH1iams had stabbed his wife, -police that he was cut on the lM()!jie Mae, 44, .three timeii -in hand with a pocket knife durtlie ,arms and with a ing an argument His lro.ife. Williams left the scene be-attacker was not identified. fore tihe 'arrival of police. Burglaries An unidentified person struck Doret04 00th S t. No. 75, on the head n ight w ;th a causS ometime between 9 Thursday ing lump on nead, police n Jght and eacr-ly Friday morning, s o m e unidentified pe rson enter-Mae Oop. e, 4tl, E : ed !li rs. Ami Marshall's ha use, .was: cti ; t on tl}e 1eg ; Friday 2W5 Avenu e and ransack-night while, at her_ hous e police &I her bedroom M fs. :Marshall The female attacker d : d n o t noEce miss-was ... ing at the time police called. ulysses Brool(s, 2.5; was cllarged The B lue Ncte BaT, 1 <5H> Ne -with .. simplEi' -.-assauR -after. he braska Avenue; was brok()9 W. O!lestnut, arrested 1 at-St. Joseph's Hosp[-tal Satur" da. y wherehe told bhem fuat while he WljS walking his dog at La\rrel s cv .eral. Mrs Catherine Lois Mitchell, up beb111d. hdm ,and h1t hu;n -on E >L!}tMriana rep(}rted Satthe head wdtb. rome unknowii :J>b unjiay that she had a 1970 Mini jfocts and bhefr Jist. Jpnrcnt to the jln ."' cit i ; J g "the ailpar c n t c-f ag gre!;sor of the de ( eascd." African state a month a go. lets Tlhe broadcast cla.imed that re-THE RA,DLO S LA.1ID children had bels planned to extenninate the been mutilate d girls has been a minarif:.y tTibe that submitted to artrocities, and men makes up the majority of Presi-and wome n Were mas:!larered. dent Michel ;\olicombero's govern-Some people had been cruci-ment. fied, it add e d The broadcast, monito .red in "It quickl y became clear. t : J at Kampala, saJd the rebels had "the massacres were not indis been crazed with drugs and be-criminate," the braodcas{ s aid. lit>ved bullets would not harm "The number of victims indit : hem cates not onl y a carefully orThe r adio said the 5 .0,000 d ead ga nized plot against the govern did not include mis sing or those ment but a rriaH.ciously pre-who had fled the country rep ared pl\ln to exterminate the fugces. Tutsi" -rr SJA: l D A.BOUT s :ooo rebels, The Tutsi represent only 14 many trained ahroad, attacked pet cent of Burundi s four milthe cap i t al, Bujumbura, and lion inhabitants. The remahi. der towns in south ern c entral, and are Hutu tribesma n. northeastern Burundoi the night c f A,?ril 29 THE GOVEtRNiM1EINT radio deTh e rebels carri ed au tomatic nied foreign press ... re ports that weapons M6lotov cacktail s and trouble has been caused b:v a machetes di1p ped in po i son, ac-popular upridng among the Hut-cord i ng to t he brM idcas t. U s. It al s o di s puted re']:Wrts that "All the bands carried out t!JCir gove .rnment f orces h a ve taken massacres in the same way m a ssive re p ris als against .the the r a d i o sa i d ''The(f took drugs Hutu. which marle them in ad and sti' "If it was s imply a coup mulated them to a hig h state tempt and not genocide," tJhe of e xcitement. r a dio said, ."whiY were helples& "Tlhey were convinced bullets peasaot s rnassacred simryly could not harm thein. '11hey shout -cause they were Tutsi? Why ed slogans to ward them off, were innocent babies slaughter-and were covered in tattoos deed simply be-c au s e tlle were signed to protect them from bul-Tutsi?" Husband Refuses To Sign Check, Shoots At Wife And Daughter A mother was trydng to get her husband to sign his welfare c heck so she could get groceries Saturday when he became angry -and threatened to kill her and her 1:5-year-old daug hter. .M:rs. Wylone Jenkins, 3 8, 3!1.02 i E Avenue, to : ld police that she had her husband, Robert Lee J enlrilJis, 46, to sign h is checle when he became fur ious and said "If l had a gun I would kill you Then he left the house. The man returned later with a .212 caHbe r rifle, which he ap']JareDtly borrowed because he does not own one according to police. He went into the house and Mrs. Jenkins, _her daughter, and Mrs Rosetta Terry; 1510 20t h St., went outside and sat on the porch. M-rs. Jenkins said her husband must have gone o.Yt back dom to come around to the front, whe re he again said he would kdll them and fired t ,hree shots. The shots ph ass'ault to murder, WIFE KILLED STRUGGLING WITH HUSBAND OVER GUN -LAKELAND -Po I i c e have charged Bobb y Gene Kilgore, 35 of 29 Washington Park Homes, with second degree murder in the shooting death. early Frday of his common law wife. Police say Kilgore and Queen Esther McKniey 28, of H03 N. Kittles Ave were apparently argu ing and struggling for possession of a pistol when the gun discharged. Kilgore told police Mrs. McKin_ ley had been shot. He assisted her as she attempted to walk to a bedroom, but she collap!lP.d in the hallway and was declared clcad on arrival at Lakeland General Hos pital. 'Top-Of. Heap' Black Film= Of Raw Emotions NEW of the Heap," black oriented drama at the For urn Theater, was. produced and directed by black actor Christopher St. John from his own-' screenplay. He also stars as a cop caught between a "white racist society" and the contempt of his black bro t hers for belonging to the es tabli s hment. Althou g h one likes to encat:rage initial effort, the movie:, unfortunatet't is inept. St. John th r ows i n all current film trends-. nudit y, racy language violence and f a n ta sy sequences. Uneven direction doesn't help the low-budget venture. As the co;J, St. J ohn eseapes fr o m h is p e rsonal pnbl e ms by h ? -i r; th black a st ronaut on the moon. Pressure Kilgore told police his common i.aw wife often piayed around" with the He s aid in the past he had ignored action but Friday he "grabbed.'her. hand, turned it toward l'ler and the gun went ciff." Police srud the tJwo had ently had' )een quarrefng. Mt s; McKnley h'il.d gone shopping with a Iriend and. Kilgore had called at home several times during the evening The shootlfni oecurred at about 2 a m. Mrs. dren were in the house at the time of the shooting but were asleep. becomestoo much and = he decidr.iJ to give up police wo!'k, leave his family and run away with his mistress; wellplayed by P au!a Kelly. He has second thoughts when he realizes she has the same insecurities that his }Vife-has. He returns to things as they were, only to be cut down by an assas. sin s bullet:. Florence $t. Pet!!r underpbys the bewildered wife while Leonard Kuras cqmes on too strong as the patrol partner open to a bribe. Frankly, the black commnnily deserves. better quality films in stead of those that capit;,lile on new emotions Save Time And Stamps Your News 248-1921


Tuesday, June 6, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both PAGE THREE Common Law Husband Shoo!5 Wife About Another Man-A 32 year old Tampa man is being held in the Hillsborough County Jail under a $2,500 bond wl!ile his common -law wife is listed in good conditici."l at TamPP General Hospital following a shooting at their residence urday night shooting w a s trig gered by an argument about Mrs Brown going out with other men. Prin(ip.al Calls It A Day After 42 Years In School System Mrs. Brown said Lee always By MARTHA WHITE would answer that they seem oldkept a .38 caliber revolver under Sentinel Staff Writer er only because they got started a mattress on their bed and he before he did. Saturday night. got the gun and threatened to When he graduated as valedic Like ever y th i ng else, the teachkill her during the argument. torian of the l! i31 cl as s of Booker ing profession promotes problems. 0 I E K Frightened, the woman ran T Washington High School Ray"Discipline -1s always a problem," Police officers ip eenan f h d roni t e room an he started ford B. Allen d idn' t know that he he said hefore excusing :1imself to and officei' G. E. Farabee redown the stairs. She went back, would end his career in the Hills -'-! P orted that they were called to monitor the halls during the changinto the bedroom and locked herborough County Sc!1ool system at 12205 32nd Avenue, Apt. 376 to ing of classes and pausing a mo-. h U "'"h self in before he came up the the same school. ment to. "ell a student the correct investtgate a s ootmg. pon v etr ki k h stairs agam and c ed t e door After being a dean, arrival they were met by po -way to sit in a chair. in. Mrs. Brown fell backwards principal and somewhat o a coun-' lice Sgt. J Cohalla who had the Mr. Allen has always had the i:t a closet where Lee shot at her selor for 42 years, Mr is re' suspect, Jo-hn Arthur Lee, in reputation of being able td "keep several times. An attending phytiring to "do some of tl1e things I his patrol car. Ambulance atten. sician at the hos pital said the want to do." the kids in line," but he's not the cants were putting tlhe victim, had b h t hard, stone-hearted man some 1\Trs Clara Lee Brown on a stre-eeo s ot W1Ce, once Fresh out of high :;ehc."l. Mr. I ht m the leg betwee n the koee and began hi s career at. Sulphur peop e mig tmagme necessary trher to take her to the 'tal to handle s tudents tod y Ind d t'l be treated for two guns h .ot ankle, and once m the left th1gh. Springs Negro School, later rebuilt a ee wounds Both we .nt .th-rough the and named Dillard After being he is a stern but gentle man with flesh and made there a year he was named prina smile A sign in his office readc; During an interview with Mrs Lee was m c tty Jatl cipal with classroom 1r esponsibili -"If you meet someone without a. Brown at thf\ hospital, police and to c ?unty J.a!l where ties. He wa s at Glover fro m 1 93;:;, smile. _:give them one of yours," learned-tJhat the two_have been he: W1l1 awatt tnal unless bond and that's what he seems to do. h .. 43 before going to Freder:irlt Bo)lg i .. n te gration sc .hool dese.!!'re. toget er for six years. The Sat_ is posted. C lass School in Port __ Ta m pa, __ a l!l"".....,. ___ _. _. __ .__'""'!' __ .._ _____ gation haven't Mr. Allen's RAYFORD B. ALLEN I .. school that held grades 1-:l : ability to cope with his responsi, Arcad_ i a -_H.ighl_ i _gh_ _-t.s. -.. make it work --to do," h e said. He might evPn first dean of boys. He left his -alma mater in 1958 and wo'rked Having dealt with children on take a job if the right thing comes Final rites for Mrs Hattie MaP ville and Mrs. Annis Hamilton of all levels, Mr Allen thinks junior along with the right hours. were held May at 1 :30 Jackso,nville were weekend visitors at Dobyville for about a yea'". high school students are easiest b M r. Allen and his wife, \Geral. at Friendship M. B : tflurch .of of Mrs. Elnora Allen and family where he took on full )landle. Ironic enci. ugh though, he dine are parents of three sons and which Rev. P. V. Bowens is pi\s-Mrs. Allen is tlie sister of Mt.. has a Masters degree in Elementthree daughters, five of whofu are tor. Dea Walter'i3oyd!s funeral ; was Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morary Education. still living Their elqest !;laughter h ld S d f Al. b t d 1 Mr. Allen was to liar- Wha t a re .ht's plans? di ed t n 1968 e un ay' at 3:39 at St .John rtson o any, .N. Y., vtst e re-M B Ch h R w H M t d f d N t d !em Elementary but before schoJI "Ih f' I ht 6 H II d f h'. urc ev. oore. a tves -an nen s m oca ee ur-. d th : 1959 hn' ave no p ans r1, g n w. e ts espec1a y prou o !S t ff' t t th I h I'd opene e same. year, : t t d f th th' f 'I H d ht 1 .. p1;1s or, o tcta ed In erment was mg e Memor;ta o 1 ays. d th t f t H /excep o. o many o e mozs amt y. IS younger aug er wil held i!l M t. Zinai Baptist Churcn '. Kelvin Anderson, son of. Mr. and recetve ano er rans er 0 enI d 't h f f "W'th soon be receiving a Bachelor's De derson Elementary. ; on ave or now. I Cemetery in Waverly, Ala. Fu-Mrs: Ollie Anderson. celebr11ted Mr. Allen filially got back to su?h a demandmg schedu!e as gree from Florida State Univer neral services for' Mrs. Ccirine his foui-th natal day June l. Little Booker T. in 1964 and is very proud had up i:> h Cherrie Scott, daughter of Mr and tha t he is the first and only grad_ man y of affi!Iatto.ns Mr Allen will be succeeded at .-l!r am W)re held Sunday at 2 at Mrs. Johrmie Scott, celebrated her uate of Booker T. to return as at Mt. Monah, BaP,ttsl BTW by Mrs Margaret Fisher, St. John B.-Church. The same tbird natal day June 2 Mr. Laden head of the Institution. Church These actiVIties he plans now Dean of Girls at N B. Young 'pastor_ officiated. : Terrell of Nocatee his As. he -went ov.er the years 'in to resume. Junior High Mr David Hamilton: ?f natal day June 2. his too small office, the now grfy --'----c..,-----::'-::-::-:-:--::---:.-:---:--::--:t:t:::-.----'----------1)-P:-"'"'_ .. ; ,"-. ; \ '-'":.. {"_. r WE -DRY-CLEAN SEE-WORTHY FASHION FOR CRUISES AHD LAND LUBBERS TOO LOOK 3 PC. SPECJAL 3 oa. -.-. ,. 3:-. Prices Cash '-<: An_ d : Carrv Campbell Cleaners 3527. 22nd Street Phone 247-2506 4017 34th Street Phone 232-530 I haired educator saii:l tbat ivhas MISS P -AGE ONr.. ;M:ISS been rewarding and delightful es pecially in the early years when parents and teachers thought more of. education "Until I sat and calculated the years, it didn t seem like it's so long,' he said "Years ago some of the younger p e ople say, 'Mr Allen isn't it time f0r you to To this Mr. A\1::-n Former Tampan Receives Mott -One of the 1972 Mott Fellow ship recipfents _-is Alma L. Sen iors, formefl.y of _Tampa, w)lo is a teacher in the public sch _ool sy

-------Fla. Sent.inei-Bulleltin Published every Tues. anVer political and economic action gea!l."ed fox t h e !horiz -on of real advances for all .blac'ks in our community. life in our community than Mr. Tampa was one of :the. firs-t White. Unselfishly' withou: t fan d.ties in the country Ito establish s I J (i d t t a bi-racial committee bac_ k m the a ute. ... o 'ra uate. 5 fare, his quiet commlitmen s 0 fifties. It was one. of 1the first in endeavors in -MDA cover a broad of .activi:ity. They .. in the South to voluntarily It's graduation tfiil;J.e again and elude jobs, housmg, i ta .lunch counters 'before for .thousand. & of high school.ai)d healn-, vention will begin at Mt Siam P B. 0h11:1'di of Lakeland. Rev. i!J:. Whi'ft.Rke:r is pastor. / Rev. H c. S ahiliel is _pres. Rev. s. I'. !Kilpatrick; moderator. Op. .last the Sunday school lesson was taugb.t by Mr. \Mose'S BJ.akney. The. lessQn was reviewed by Rev. P. n. Pen d.leton. Mo'r:ning semce began with !Deacon C. C. Price in of devotion The Yorulh cboir and ushers served The. sermon was delivered by Rev. Pendleton. At the evening service wlhich begin at 6:310 Deacon Sammie Campbell led devotion The .seil." mon was delive red by the "PBS tor. :One me mber : was added to the chuQ'ch. F. D Shannon, JRept. Mr. Wh't e. This-by any s.tand-operated housing developments, e .,...,..' e c t _ed sa. l .. a 'ry th. e .a ... niiwer to -.rd of meas;urement is a strong Urban League;. a reviv-\vhether :it all w,as worth it is yes. 'Lily White NeW$ to his admtnistrative capab1hties. ing NAACP, a black man .on the y h d t White lends credence to Housln. g Authol-ity Board, a All: his possi'11e appoinhnent by par black heading the TalnjJa the life that lies of you a 9f 'Lily \\1hite tidpatirg in many civic ing Authority, a black. promises to be more ,culturally J'Adg e N!)..-'97; S{itur-()rs lJ-1s cha_irman of the Htlls Project Pride a11d the N eighbor and .. financially _rew.ardin. g, Hard-' ) lay from' .St. Lu]\:e. -AME h d S C te gt st. Aug:ustilJe, )\Irs. Roxanna Comm unt'ty. Co I I e g e 00 ervice en .rs. er th. a n .-'n :the past,. -.but s-tilf--re-. d I : ;, JOhnSOrf the gran Bo)"of'd of Trustees a member of led oy .. .TeJe .: : r a&sembly. ,_ -,j Coordinating Council on Drug phon' e Co: has a The Sentine1-BulleHn congra-. --The funeral oDjM:c: Jerry Ter c ploymerut progra.Jn 9ver tulatet; th,e ::' t,ell, a of Lily White of Hillsboro ounty; a 700 bla. cks. Met, r op_ 6li ; tari lei.-e hi+ .school and other grade 'l,iodge No, l _:n( w as }ifon-tnc.mbe r of the National Football Insurance Co. d.i.rrently a >=>_ day from st, Stephens founda:tion a m ember of the I I t 0 Jevets. Church of. .}acksonville. E .arge emp oymen campru:gn g -wash;ftt1:on-repreStlf1teq -the B-eard of Directors .of the vys mg for blacks. ; .. .. ,. g r and asemb1y. -;; C lub of Tampa, chmrma n of the The \se\ltinel-Builetin i s -s -ti II The fune r a l of !vir. Fl'd Education A s s oc. A d. : : i b. th .. i! s o n a me-miJf!r .. .of.:Lily_}Vhite th: ___ -.. Me

._Tuesday, June 6,_ 1 9 7 2 _____ F _Ia_ Sentinel-Bulletin Publisbed every Tu;ea. a'n(J Fr.t. Celt Both Ed i tion _!I _________ P_A_C __ F_I_V____,R Caucus Hands Demo 'Black Bill O f Rights' WASHllNGTON The Con-Blaek Caucus Thurspresented the Democratic jparty with a "black bill of rig'hts" !hnd said unless it is accepted black voters ,will de sert the De :lnocra ts this fall. The "non-negoti aiJ.le demands" up by the 13-member cau us include full emproyment, a ua:ranteed annual income, tii.onal health insurance, an Im linediate end to the Vietnam and a,ppom1Jment of Negroes to top government jobs and federal judgeshipS. OA!UICUS QH1Aii:RIJ.IIILAIN Louds am will be su!bmitted to the mocratic pa rty platform com ttee and if rejec.ted there, ikes, D-Oihio, sadd tlhe pro ken to cooventiion fioor in ami. .. "Unless there Is proper re. nse," salid R:ep. Ohades C. 'g. gs Jr. D{l\Uc h., a caucus ember, "the convention will ust be an a cademic exerdse." Stokes and the other caucus who partidpated in a ws conference at which the ICk bill of J.'lights was annx>unced d the Detnocrats cimno1f feat President /Ndxon in Novem, without blackswpjpOrt. Without to speak for e 20 million oi: more blacks the United States, t!he caucus -embers said they will all come $ave Time And StampsPhone Your News 248-1921 from large, heavily Democratdc urban districts that play an important part in producing De mocratic victories. mEY DiiD NtOT say precisely what cours e of action they would follow if their. deniand s wete rejected but hinted strongly it would involve witholddng black votes from the Democratd!c can d idate, rather than supporting any other candidate. "We ean in fluence an atPpreciahle number of tihe votes enough to keep the Democrats from winning," iaid Rep, Wil lia.m Clay, D,!Mo. The black bill of. rights is a so,poont prog!'lam covering jobs, income, fore4gn po1tc(Y, edocation, housing and urban problems, ihealJt'h, minority penal reform, government appointments, civil J.'ligihts and government for the Distroct of Columbia. Ln part, it resembles a list of ooin:andos slllbrnD.tted by the caucus to Nixon a year ago [t also parallels a natiolllal b1ack agend a drawn lliP at a black political convention in Gary, Ind., last Mat'Ch. ;'These a'l'e just minimum de mands s aid Diggs of the cau cus program. "Others may want to add to them or sul,>tract from 1lhem before we get to Miami." .AIMiONiG '11HJE 'M'ORJE contro vwsia'l prqposals are a dem:and for a guaranteed annual lncome of $6,5100 a year for a famtly of four, the closing of the U, S embassy in South Mric, a, :free medical oa!I'e fur all the poor and nea'l'1>0Qr, and the ment of Negroes to hd.gh lin proportion to their numbers dn the popul!ation, WORRIED? SEE READER AND ADVISOR ON AI,L AFFAffiS OF LIFE NAMES DATES AND FACTS. LUCKY DAYS AND LUCKY NUMBERS. SATISFACTION ASSURED 6503 N. Ave. Ph. 238-6068 Tampa 9 A. M. 9 P. M. ONLY IN AMERICA By Harry Golden RAYMOND WHEELER OF CHARLOTTE Raymond Vheele r i s a dear friend of mine in Charlotte who is the president of the Southe r n Regional Council. The Council is [populated by those southerners who hope to achieve integration in schools, housing, employment and health care. When I came to Charlot(;e in the early 1940s there was a Southern' Regional Council and over the years it has made more and more noise about the state of things. Needless to say, the Southern Regional Council cham pions causes dear to my heart. Raymond is also a doctor. He is an internist. Nowadays the newspapers call him, a "liberal" internist as though a gall bladder has political affiliations Fred Alexander, Charlotj;e's .first black city councilman1 wanted to nominate Raymon<;t Wheelel: for a vacant seat on this governing body. Fred thought h$ had the voteS for the appoint ment' and it would have been a good one becaU!ile Raymond il '?l'ell in!orn1ed a.bout our city'& needs and he is pretty sure where Charlotte should head in the future. Fred had the votes until t}le newila>apers abol,llb t}\e appointment. The newspapers convinced the constituency that the City Council could not sur vive a Uberal internist. Though Raymond is a bone-of the-bone and blood-of-the-blood Tar Heel, he outmged the lishment a few years ago by hi$ tes;imony before J omes 0. East land's Senate Committee. RaY mond was one of the doctors whQ travelled through the Mississippi Delta and the Alabama ba.Ck and returned to inform Eastland's committee that peo pie, black were dying of starvation in those areas. Senator Eastland was very mad at Raymond and his collea gues and he made a long ; in temperate speech a;bout how happy his black constituents were. To which Raymond replied he was not testifying as to the sta.te of their emotional well being, but to their physical nutrition. There are black chil ch en d y ing of starvation and i;f coroners and state medical of :licials do not record starvation Tmngs Y011 Siould Know TERENCE I Bayard Rustin Speaks I B Y BAYARD RUSTIN SPOKESMEN FOR THE RICH. REPRESENTATIVES OF THE POOR. Th e passage of t he V o ting .provide previo u s l y n eg l e ct e d A c t in 1965 was to ha v e inoutside his control. Hou s ing, augurate d a new era o f politi ca l employment, m e di c al care eman c ipati o n for s outhern blacks their s olution lies in Washington, No longer would liter ac y tests, not Fay ette or Gary or Newarl):. grand fathe r c lauses, or vigiThis is why our movement, lante committees preve nt quali. moreso than any other, cannot field black s from v o tin g Earlie1 afford to turn inward to con anoth e r barrier to bla c k suf-centrate on local objectives frage, the poll tax, was outlawed the exclusion of all others. We by c onsti t utional am e ndment, could increase the number thus depriving the south of anblack mayors fiv e fold and yet other weapon in its arsenal of children would still be suffering discriminati on. in near starvation in the The Voting Right s Act has alsippi Delta and more receive in .. ready carved a considerable im adequate education in New Yorii jprint on the political complexCity, ion of the south. While Southern We must, therefore, retain ouJF ers were knowingly predicting vision of national, as well alt that N egros had little interest local goals. For instance, in politics, black registration year 1972 confronts us with art leapt from 38 per of those opportunity to begin a in 1964, a year prior which could eventually bri to the law's enactment, to 66 about a change in the ideologi per cent by 1970. cotuposition of the southern con, Foi> {1. people suffering a c.en gregsional delegation that would tury-old denial of basic demo. oo truly revolutionary. cratic rights so profound a i A re. cent study conducted change had an incalculable psy 't}le Joint Center for Politica._. and emotional impact. .studies reveals there are 8 Particularly for rui'al blacks, IIQUthern congressional distrlctsJ', locked out of the governing Pro $!} currently rf,lpresented b'!( even when in the majority! whites, where blacks compriss guarantee ot a vote spelled between 30 and 50 pin cent of in a quite tangible way. population, J'or them the election of a The overwhelming majority of sheriff brought an end to the!e districts are represented! prejudice as an implement by co11servatives who have dis,lo ot policy, And when played scant concern for thei,. ort, black, or, for that matter, the Q_l.' domination of a school boat4, not insignificant number of poo]f teachers and pri:ncipals white constituents. Many assured of e quitable treat-served long years in Congress', when integration I'!!iplaced acquiring influence which the3fi due.l school system. ihave used to impede civil right$ Thus in two important senses anq social welfare legislation. -the spiritual eleva.tion of This past year they have beelf blacks and the insuring the forefront of anti-busing ol measure o:f racial justice advocated we have alreac;ly re11-ped signi of the distribution of fOOett-Planned For Miami illlg' that truth is always inflam:ini\;t. ory. tA '1'1LAN.11A The Soullhertl The Council compromised and Ohdstian Leadersll:rlp Conferen'C<$ Ruth Eas terling a said Wednesday "'He( b\islnesswoman who insists on us surrectlon Oirby No. 2" would b. Ms." ins tead of Mrs .' or erec tled a.t Milam! Beach during "Miss Ms. Easterling is de the Democratic National Conven voted to the cause of women's ti:on to dTamatize the pLight of The Coun cil rejected the na.tion s poor. l),J.', Wheeler, stating that he \Rev. R:alJ)h Abernathy SOLQ waEJ too liberal," whi c h is likepresident went to Ailiabama "The bride is too hand-r:phursda.y to recruit some of the of which proves that Sen-"few hundred" persons who Roman Hruska was right be a,t the July convention a. iW. eJ.l he S!pDnsored Harrold CarS rlij>l'esentatilveil of the poor all !l't appointment to the Su sQUC spokesman said. Court with the The first m'esui'rection Oity'' l0,9phy vast numbert. set up in Washdngton iG A merlcan i.ltediocre and at. _ol. poor hi .... aNh oci tho : natton' -..


Magazine Week By SHERWOOD ROSS W!hat will the black man get _If $en. George McGoveTn is ejected pt'esident? Unless he defeats Sen. Hubert fiumphrey in the make-or-break California primary June 6, McGovern is not likely to have the ()pportunity' to help black peo pie. The widow of the late Rev. :Martin Luther King has en. dorsed McGovern in an effort to improvE' h'is chances in the black Although Sen. Hum Jlhrey is better known among blacks, McG>vern has spelled out 'ln great detail just what he do for the cities, for the .. !obless man, for mas! transit. No other candidate has made this extensive nitty-gritty commit Jnent. While the South Dakota sen. It tor has gotten a lot of help from the Kennedy Family and their. friends, he has 'organized his own team of economic e:X:&>erts who .have put together a of critical position _papers" on every s u b j e c t. rrhroughout tl;lese papers runs a ithread of' "fairness" -that is {)f helpin g a black working man, but also of helping the white .. JWOrklng man. The McGovern i;trategy is to close tax loop i!oles left open by the Nixon Adr slash the budget, pump dollars into the citie,s, and cut the property tax. Poor,. working-class whites would also be helped and McGovern backers think this will iiUiprove ltace relations in the U.S. According to the current issue ciOf Business Week, in whicl). Me. ;Govern answers some tough : questions from the Editors, there be a $10-billion make;, iwork program to provide up to new jobs if Sen. Mc-Govern is elected. Asked where he would create 'jobs, replied, "with bigh priority on building pu!b}ic transit facilitiu,. neighborhood health centers, "day-eare and on environmental. pro-. grams." Property owners, McGovern says, will als:> get a one -third slash in their p,roperty taxes. This would flow back to them in the form of grants from Wash ington. Where would ton get the money ? McGovern say. s it would come from slashing $32billiori froil1 the defense budget over four years and e nding -the war ln Vietnam -"If ther e is anything I hav e learnea in the past year and ll. half," the South Dakotan said, that we have a property tax revolt. in t-his country. Tax-payers have had it right up to their ears. My revenue sharing plan would reduce property taxes by about. one-third." : Asked if he was antibusiness, McGov 'ern said he was ;pro busi ness.but he felt that there. should be tougher enforcement of the anti-trust laws to keep. sll18,11 businesses from being squeezed out by conglomerates. "I think the. great strength of this economy is in the priva4! sector, not the public," he said. "But I also think our free enterprise system can' t afford to go on indefinitely in a tax syste:in against which millions of peopie are in revolt. This requires a sense that the system serves the ordinary person and not just the special interest.'' Asked about his controversial '"income' redistribution" plan, Sen. McGovern said that "every citizen in the country might get an income BUJpPlement of $1,000 a year, whether he's on welfare or not. A welfare family of four would get $4,000, but wo1,1ld .have to live on that. A worker's family would get that as a supplement to his income, with the grant declining to zero at the FATHER. LIVELY HONORED ON 25th ANNIVERSARY Father A. J. Lively, pastor of St James Epis. copal Church, was honared Sunday morning by_ members and frlencli. The occasion was his 25th anniversary. Speaking at the special mass was the Rev. A. J..eon Lowry, pastor of Beulah Bapitst Church, and a reception followed at Central r:a ar Village Auditorium. Standing from left to right al' the Rev. A. Lowry, Father L. Higgins, .fflhn Benton, and Father A. J. Uvely, : $12,000 level." McGovern said he hoped to heal the difference s the unemployed on welfare and the :people on the lowest rungs of the j o b ladder who represent the "white backlash" const ituency. He went on to say that U.S. competitive problems with other countries are a result of the military-industrial comrplex. While the U.S. has. been spending its research-at:td-development dollars on missiles, the Japanese and Germans "have been concentrating on building the best compact -cars and tape records." McGovern said that government' should be the "employet o! last resort" in an effort to turn ''unemployed nontaxpayers into -employed taXJpayers." He added, "What I would do is COMING EVENTS. JUNE Day, Hood Temple AME Zion Church. JUNE ll-Wome11's Day, Mt. Olive AME Church. .., JUNE 11-YWCA sponsors Welcome Aboard (Membership) tee,. f P.M. JUNE 11;-Guest Day at Oak Hill Baptist Church. 1 JJUNE 11-Fashion Show sponsored by the Equations Social St. Peter Ciaver School, 8-10 P M. I JUNE 11-Father's Day Tea sponsOil'ed by Beulah BaJitlst CburdL Carver Elementary Schooi, 4-6 P.M. JUNE 11-Prinee and Princess Coronation sponsored by Youth Dtt partment of Allen Temple A.M.E. Ohurch, 4 P.M. 1 JUNE Bible School, Holsey Temple CME Church. .:.1 JUNE .18-Rose Garden Tea sponsored by St. Paul Pulpit Aid Board, 4 P.M. JtrNE 25--Guest Day New Mt. Zion Baptist Chnrch. JUNE 29-Miss Black America of Tampa Pageant, Curtis Htxo.d Hall, 8 P. M : ) end the war very quickly, then call for a reduction in military and then let the w'! price b oards die.'' ''l'"r,\:tt_ : .. : ; ., .. ,,. : The future for dnd the more eduCQNon_you,have,the :: : ..... J career areas, as those Jiste_ d belcw Unit Control Credit Credit Collection Invoicing SClles Audit -._JO,' < "!-;;,,''.' Accoun!s Payable Warehousing Customer Service Stock locater Data Processmg An Equal Opportunity Employer tf(mM


T11eadat, Jee t; Fla. Seat.lfte!.BuUetfa PuMiali.tf fiiH#'/ T11tN. aft41 Frf. Cet Botft Edklont PAC SEVEN .., ___ ------------r\ooo------Tampa Selects Top Teens In Beautiful Pageant SHIRLEY CUTLER "Miss Black Teenage Tampa" In a beautiful pageant on the evening of May 28, Shirley !utler was crowned "Miss Black Teenage Tampa" at the Sheraton oteL The first runner-up was Adrian Styles. Both girls were de ghtful as performed In evening gown, sportswear and talent ADRIAN. STYLES ---first runner-up competition. The theme was "Young, Gifted and Bl!lc.k." Shirley's prize Is a trip to the Bahamas, Disney World, dinner at a leading restaurant and several other nice gifts. IN THIRD PLACE In third place In the Miss mack Teenage Tampa contest was Kiln Broxton who Is pictured as she portrayed "Black Mother" In the talent competition. Sava Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 Enjoy your share I Homemakers Forum of the with a plan Somebody once said .that the best things in life are free,. But there's no denying the that money and. financial security can bring. A regular savings program at First Federal of Tampa is a great way to get your share of the good things. Our passbook accounts earn 5% annual Interest. com:.. pounded daily.to help your money grow faster. If you save $50 a month. for you'll have $7800.72 in principal and interest at the end of ten years. Open a passbook account soon and add to it regularly, at First Federal of Tampa. FIRST FEDERAL SIWINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Of TAMPA ROSE HELP ARRIVES FOR COFFEE MAKERS For people tired of struggling with soggy coffee grounds, the Maxwell House Division of General Foods is introducing a foolproof wruy to make perked coffee neatly and deliciously. Max-P.ax Pure Ground Coffee IFil>ter -is cOffee; preineilsured, compressed into rings, and sealed in a filter. Here's the first major improvement in ground coffee since the vacuum pack! At coffee time, simply measure freshly drawn cold water irito your percorat<>r; place one of these filter rings in the basket; then perk the coffee -very gently As soon as perking starts, reduce heat to LOW, or if using electric range move to burner .already set on Low. As soon as it has completed perking, remove basket and tos-s away the used :filter ring. If reheating coffee, use VERY LOW HEAT. l)Q not boiL This "white glove" coffee making disposes cxf messy grounds for you; and eliminates measuring ground coffee. into the basket. Each filter ring premeasured to make 4 to s cups of coffee. One or coffee filter dngs can be usell at a time, according to th(l capacity of the percolator. Max-Pax Filter Rings are packed ten or twenty rings t() a can. Cana are topped wit!( reusable plastic lids for con .. venient, airti-ght storage. FLORIDA BAPTISTS TO ATTE.ND 68th _CONGRESS IN DETROIT Many chur-ches of tlhe stato will be at the 68th annua.l sessi-on of the National llla.ptist Sunday School and BTU Congroos in Detroit, MiC'higan, .Tune The delegation will be headed by IDr. J'ames Carl S.ams of Ja, cksonville, general president o the .Progressive Baptist state Convention of Florida, and president C>f the National Conven tioo of America. The programs for the annual s ession of the Na. tJional Convention will be for mtllatc'd during this meeti.iJg, !National representatives will In elude the Rev. J. W. Toomer of Orlalllido, Foreign 1\Hssi()n; the Rev. L. H. King, Clewiston, re [presentative to the board; the R ev T J James Tampa-Home IM11S>Siion; the Rev. J. B. M ams: lllelle {;lade Education Board; the Rev. T. J. James, Tampa; HC>me les, E1rangelkai Board; and the ll.ev. J. W. Daughtry, Avon Park, B enevolent Board. Among those in the .depart ment are Mr1:1. Agnes Dean of Sebring, president of the Senior 'Women's Mis!>ional"ly Convention IAuxildary to the Con vootion; Mrs. Barbara Knight, Belle Glade, president of tM Senior Women's Auxiliary No. z. The Laymen Erotherlhood Ullli.on will be represented blf rke Jones of Jacksonville, S'tat$ president. 1\frs. H. L. Alexandef' of Orlando and the Rev. B T. Williams of Tampa work with Youtlh De-partment, and ,1\fu's. E,: L. Jenld.n.s of Sebring and the Rev King will join ollhern of the state in various departmenfl a cti V'ities. .!Vfrs. J enlcios is t'!Ma general director of the Ohildren'11 Convention Auxiliary, and the general director of the Children's Convention Auxi!Aar

r fiJ'#:'' ,J.if!flkM PAbE EiCHT. \U Tu"et. til4!. Prt, Cet Botli !dltJ6Bi Tut.aa1 1\i"ni 1972 (71 ARTISTS OF TOMORROW Winners in the "Artists of Tomororw" presentation sponsored by Eta Chapter, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority were Rlchardea n Hill, PbyiJia Tucker Albert Lawrence and Larry White, Pallly Nolet, Sheila .lohn1on and Aurora Mathews. The winners were pre aented to a capacity audience in the grand ballroom of the Interna tional Inn. Honorable mention awards went to Sonya Monroe and Paul Crawford. Mrs. Beverly Jamu was the winner of the 11avings bond. 50RORITY PLANS PICNIC Beta Sigma Zeta and Zeta Amecia chapters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority will have a picnic on Jtme 10 at the Harvey s lakefront home. Mrs. Hazel S. Harvey is Basileus of Zeta, and Ml"S. Georgia Johnson is the Amacie prexy. ATTENDS NATIONAL CONFERENCE Dr. Edward Hayes, Director of Project STAR, attended the 99th Annual Forum of the National Conference on Sxial Welfare in Chicago, May 28-June 2. He was a speaker at a meeting on Ad'vocacy around the topic, "For the Less Chanced Families YWCA SUMMER PROGRAM The YWCA will hold its Summer Daze Program, June 12-June 23. The prograin Is for girls 8 thru 12 years old and consists of educational and recreational aCtivities. Field trips will be made on weekends. Registration, which will be limited k> 50 girls, will not be ac cepted after June 12. The program will begin prO!lllptly at 9 :30 A.M. and will end at 3 o'clock. Sewing will be tile only class offered this summer for girls 12 thru 17. Students will furnish their materials, and emphasis will be placed on accessories such as beach bags, floppy hats, ponchos interpreting pattern cutting diagrams, fitting instructions and material layout. For more information about the YWCA's Interesting summer plans please call 223-5647 and talk with Mrs. Amara or l\li's. Farri"or. ST. LUKE FELLOWSHIP DAY St. Luke AME Church :recently observed Fellowship Day under the theme, "We Are Fellowshipping to Lift Christ As We Climb.'' Chairmen were Herbert Bassett and Alfonso Lewis. The speaker, Sandra H. Wilson, was introduced by Mrs. Coretha Bassett. other participants included Mrs. Emma West, Otis Harper, Mrs. Violet Robinson, Sumner J. Wilson, Mrs. Salt zer, Mrs. Para Lee Lazarus, Otis Padgett, Randolph Myers, Moses White, Mrs. Ozie Dews, Mrs. Nellie Bythewood, Mrs. Earon Cuffie, Sgt. Adrian James, Mrs. Thelma Richardson, Mrs. Curtiss Wilson, :Eddie Nunn, Bennie Favors, John S. Robinson, B. S. Proctor, Mrs. Ella Johnson, the Rev. William Shipp and the City-Wide Men Chorus. TAI\IPA CATHOLIC GRAD Congratulations to Brenda Joyce Granville who was gradauted from Tampa Catholic High School a few days ago Brenda is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Granville, 1711 Nassau Street. CONTESTANTS PLAN PARTY Three of the contestants in the Blake High School Dads Club will have a party Saturday nlght at the Dukes Rest, 1519 North 13 Street. A raffle will be held at tilis time flm starts at 8 o clo c k and friends everywhere are invited. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers WANTED: Young men with Junior College background To lrain for Supervisory Positions GOOD PAY WHILE LEARNING Assignments Ready As Soon As Training Is Over CONTACT AGEIICY DIRECTOR Central Life lnsuraiKe Company Of Florida 1400 H. BOULEVARD TAMPA, FLORIDA Weight Expand Camp Watchers Summer Facilities Weight Watchers Internatio nal has announced the opening ()f Weight Watchers Camp for Women, 20 years of age and OV'er, beginning thia summer. The adult Camp will be locat. ed at the expanded facilitre l)f Weight Watchers Ferosdel Camp for Girls in West New York.' The camp has a 2,400 foot frontage on Rhoda Lake, a.t the foot of the Berkshires, and will offer a full rounded camp program including culturnl and athletic activities in addition to the Weight Watchers program. According to Vivian Rubenstein, local Weight Watchel"l! Director, the adult camp will operate on three-two week ses sions beginning July 8. Weight Watchers is a diet or-ganization which was founded in 1963, in Great Neck, N. Y., by Jean Nidetch Today, the organization is international il'l scope and has a membership of :inillions of men, women, teen-agers and younger children throughout the United States and many foreign countries. The Weight Watchers program is a carefully planned eating prog-ram designed to helJp members learn new eating habits so that they may lose weight and keep it off. Weekly classes are conducted by trained lecturers who are Weight Watchers themInformation on the Summer Camp for Adult Women may be obtained from Mrs. Rubenstein, nt Weight Watchers headquarters, 107 S Dale Mabry, Tampa. Foster Grandparent Program Expands Participants in the Florida sector of Foster Grandparents Program (FGP) will be quadrupled within the next year, it was annotmced here Friday. As expansion occurs and counties are added to the program, Pi iwllas probably will be includ ed. FGP Is a federally spoJisored program in which elderly, Jowincoml.l persqns are assigned to work with physically handi capped and mentally ill children. Eligibles must be inore than 60 years of age with a single income $1,900 or below $2,400 for a couple. They work 20 hours a week and are paid $1:6Q an hour. Projects involving about 200 "grandparents" are now functioning in the F()l-t Lauderdale public schools, at Sunland Training Center at Fort Myers and in Tampa. Plans are to move into several other counties and add 600 participants for a total of 800. FGP's future was discussed here Thursday and Friday at a regioiJa.l IlJeting of the eral ACTIOIN programs at tlje UniV"ersity of South Flori,ga (USF). ACTION is an "um brella" agency, created by Prel!ident Nixon in July 1971, to coordinate the activities of ViiSTA (Volunteers in to America), the Peaee Corps, Foster Grandparents Retired Senior Volunteer Pro'gram, Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) and Aative Corps of Executives (AGE). Florida Baptists Attend (Continued From Page 7) Representatives from the ses Guild and UsherS are also slated to Mrs. S. :M. Grlmesly of Orlando leads the nurses, and Mrs. L. C. J'ohn son of Jaeksooville, the usher-s. Mrs. G. G. Vaught of Jacksonvillet vice pre

. .:. 6; l9'12 '. P AQE: NlNlt:. .-. ... ...... :..:. : .. upon verbal depri,ation. are en-8 OOO C F I c. f 1 ilfti ies ied yerbal deprivation is particular-Black'' Kids Suffer From 'Verbat .. De(liivatiorr' > Is Myth For e ... oocl_.-_._._ : Sta_ m P .... .. P rog ra_ m By' .. than middle-class of our educational svste!'1r to The,;:_\0,dely that part.icipate fully in. a-imaginary defects of the child; Since 'the. :Fd: Pro-These. offii:es are for initial' Black : >diildren iri. tli.e nation's. hi'ghty V.erbal culture." and as well sball set it leads its gram for low income. families certification only, and stamP!'. urbantgliettos suffer from .''vik He went on to say that "they sponsors inevitably to the went into effect in Hi}lsborough are not sold at these locations. ba! deprivation" is a : myth .with-h1!ve the, s.anie basic vocabulary, hesis .of the genetic County on May l; 1972,c over Those applying for food. out foufidation in soi:JB.l. :fact, ac pos!i;esS. the same capac"ity f 'or of black ch\ldren, which the vet' 8,000 Families have been stamp certification should bring cording to a noted conce-ptuaL le&rni!lg, and u5e the bal-deprivatioh theory was -de; fied as eligible .. Of those certi the following information when linquistics; Dr. William Labov. .same JQgic. -as: anyl}ne else wno signed' to avoid." fied, 6500 .. applying .f.OJ; C!-Wtificat:if;)nS. ; In an article titled_ 'Academic to speak :a'(,ld understand Dr. 'LI'ibov said, "The' essen .tial lies reside in the Tampa. a,rea 1, Proof of all household andBlack. Intelligence .. .... .. .. fallacy of the verbai,dihirivatiorr .and 1500 in ttre Plant City area. niembe:rs' income, such as pay appeai;Jig' 1n: ttte ciirient: (J'ime) .Fhllilw.ing. :years of re-' theory lit's in tracing the educa-' The office ,in }>!ant City receipts, statements from issue (lf The At1antie;'Dr: Laoov search carried,. out iri South' Ceil" tiona! failure of the child to his located at 606 South Evers-and ers1 sochii or :retirement: conter@s', '"The concept of tral lra:tle'm from 196 5 t() 1968 person<1l defic-iencies. At present, serves p'eOple located between' grant let't'etS. .. has no Ui' so,.' by. a team: of fS are sold between 9 a.m. phrases'' such as "They mi!le" son should visit, he can call the and 1 p.m.a I1; is esbimated tti-at and "Me got juice." Dr. Bereit-office at 223-5481 or the in May approximately $500,000 er reports that hlack children Plant City office at 754-3771. in food coupons 'were issued in. could n{)t ask questions and that; Staff allocations il1 each office Hillsborough County. T hi "without exaggerating ... these have been based on the expectc amount; will increase in Juna four-yearcolds could make no ed number of families to be as more persons become eligi' of any kif!d.'' eligible in each area. ble for the program; Dr. Laoov said, nowevel', that The main Food Stamp office 'The Food Stamp Mfice i!i the use of' the expression "They in Tampa is located at 912. d fro 'II I d' North Tampa Street.. Prson" open every 'ay m 8 a.m. to mme IS 1 ogica or ln ICa-' 5 ..,__. __.a_:. tive of a verbal lack or, as it may come to this office for p.m. J.Ul Cton.ueation, lssuance has been Claimed, representa-certification, recertification, and will be-open every day excepb tive of "a :,rimitive language.'' to purchase food stamps. Food the last two working days in The deletion black children stamp certification members May; June, and July when of the "is"' or "are'' in black are also located in 3 outlyiig Issuance is closed for-the end English "is not the result of Division of Family Service offi-of the. month reperts, ratic or illogical behaVior: it ees located at: ning in August, Issuance will follows the same regular rules West l'ampa Office -1709 St. be closed only the last Winking' as standard English contraction," Joseph Street Phone 253-5351 day of every. month Labov contends. '"Wherever North Tampa Office 8620 standard English can contract, North Dixon Avenue -Phone black chil\iren use either the con 933-2871 tracted form or (more commonModel Cities Office -3410 ly) the deleted form. 22nd Street Phone 247-3402.. "Thus, 'they mine' corresponds to staadard. E n g 1 i s h They're mine, not to the full form They are mine," he explained. Dr. Labov goes on to llcllY: that given the. data that Dr. Bereiter presents, ''we C2j.DnGt. that the child bas -no grjl-mmer, but only that the investigator does not understand the rules of '.grammar.'' { ( -He out that many lowerclass children, when confronted with a formal situatiOn, respond by demonstrating a '"laik of ve:r: hal capacitJ, o:r verbal defiCit." In his experiments in Harlem, Labov aaid he s_tudied)nterviews given in their schools by chiklren who feared that anything they said, literally, could be held against them. Such children, he continued, have "learned a number of devices to ayoid saying anything" and give the impreli' sion of ve-rbal deprivation when such is not the case. Dr. Labov goes on to praise the direct manrier of s:Peaking of many working-class persons contrasted to middle-class rpersons who use language to "temporize, qualify, and lose their. argument in a mass of .ir-1 relevant detail." He warned that, since teachers. are now being told "to ignore the !al}guage of black children as unworthy of attention and useless for learning,'' the teachers' attitudu toward black children will work to contribute to the high rate of failures. :Pointill g to bhe work of psychologists who have established that "self-fulfilling prophecies' can work in the classroom and that children can. succeed or fail based upon the expectations of their instructors Dr. Labov hear_ him say I. don't want nooe or They mine, .they. will be hearing through the bias provided by the verbal-deprivation t!heory, theory, not an English dialect' different froni thetrs bul the primitive mentality of the saveg-e mind." Aaotlle. r rwst GRENADA, MiSs ..,... T Branford, 75 years old, a funeral home director, has become the first black man to be -elected ta the Grenada City Council sinCe ReconStruction. Buy From. Roritla Seatinel GOOD LUcK Have-a very happy, re\VQ'rding future. said that incessantattacks upon COIN 0 MAGIC the language of black children will stigmatize them during the s'chool year. If teac-hers regard the -every-.LA U N DR OM. AT 5 day language of black children as "illogical'' and b r an d the speaker as a "nonconceptuat 22nd STREET and BUFFAl10 AVENUE thinker," the teachers will haVe "a 1-eady-made, theoretical basid H. BOULEVARD. and BUSCH BL YD. :{or !itejudicl! ;'..the;v''m)J.y .USCH BLVD. and I 3th .. ST. BEET. '1\gaivst Q 48th STREET and IDSCif:. BLVJJ. eill:


PAGE TEN Fla. Sentinei-BulJejtin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, June 6, t 972 EETHUNE RECEIVES GRANT OF $2,500 DAYTONA BEACH _:_ Mr. W. J j Douglas, Jr., District Sales Manager, Kraft Foods, J'acksonville, .presents an unrestricted grant of $2, 500 from the Kraft co Corporation to Dr. Richard> V. Moore, president, Bethune-Cookman CQilege, while MF. G. R. Head Zone Manager' SG11thern Kraft Foods, looks on. Accepts Master's Degree For Young Wife Who Died IPHffiLA,DELPHlLA -A 32-year-she had great assistance from mother of two C'hildren who the. doctQrs at Al-bert Einstein died in -March of. a d !s -il\Iedi, c al Center, where &he was ease, recei-ved a master of edu-a radiology research technician.''' cation degree posthumously from Temple' University during cere-monies Thursd ay. Her husband, Ri-c,hard Hall, marched in the formal graduation procession and acCe!Pt. ed the diploma for his wife, Marlene, at conventioil HalL .. Iil the aduieoce was her mother; Mrs and Mrs. Hall s lnvo chHdren, Catherine, i-1, and Ric hard, 9 Mrs. Hall, who received her BS in education from Tem.ole in January' 1 969 died of a tare' bl<>od disease known as systemi c l'UIPus erythematosus. In an interview, her hu s b-and "1\f, y wife always strived for an education. She tried to instill it ju our children This is something she would !rave wanted for them 'If anytjting good coines from t hi s I hope it. is the cure o{ this disease Maybe -the publicity will bring atientiori to it and scden ti'sts can begdn looking for a cure." :Mrs. Hall had been teaching at Noi-thest High School until last June. Slhe returned lo dn the fall but worked only two weeks before being taken seriously ill. with the disease. Hall said, "She v.:as a gallant !ndividual though. She tl"ied to fight it as bes-t she could. And Doitor J'or Draft Over Year WASHUfGTON '--"' The fense Depaitment said the doctor draft may be finished' although the call-up of other men is not due-to. end until June 1973. Dr. Richard S. Wilbur, assist-111nt defense secretary for health, said the department would definitely not dr-aft any doctors for the rest of this year. There are presenly about ()1()0 physicians, dentists, veterinarians and optom -ists in the services. Since last July, the Defense !Deipartment -has drafted 1,600 doctors.' LEGAL NOTICE FICTITIOUS !'JAME Floridians On M2harr_ y Program NiASHVLLLE Honors and awards for acad e m i c achi evement were presente p1 to s e niors at Meharry Medical Golle g e a t the annual class dir:oer held on May 26 in the O e ntennial Room at Tennessee State Univer s ity, and at commencement May 28 on the <;ampus. Theme of the dinner was "Times Change and We Ohange in Them." Co-chairmen of the event were Barba l'a Gail Kennedy, of Fort N e r c e, Dr. Delores S 10ck1ey, A r u ; oci F tte Prof essor, iPharmacology; D\r. Henry A. Moses, As-sodate Professor, Biochemistry. George D. Hilliard, of Winter iHaven was toastmas -ter for his class and sJ)oke on The Occasion The invocati cr:l was given by Bobby Watts, of Atlanta, aild a piano selec tion was played by Roswell Beck, of Florence, S. C Julius CQles, of New Salem, P-a., presented '',Reflections of -the Past" and James R. Collier, of iNashviUe, ''ilma ges of tlhe Fu ture.'-' Faculty guests were introduced by Jo,yce Royal, of Tallahassee. Dr. 'Lloyd E E1am, Mehany addressed the graduates. COMMUNITY SCHOOL AWARDS GIVEN The awards program af Philip Shore Community School was an event of last Tuesday evening. Students were congratulated and offered words of encouragement by Mrs. Eloise Cabrera, Supervisor of the Community School Program. At right is R. M. Garcia' Center Coordinator. We hand to you the responsibility for your world .. the futu_re-we know_ you'll succeed.-Public Is given that the undersigned Intends to register with Clerk of Circuit Court ef Hillsboro County, Florida, Purtmant to Chapter No. 20953, Cli Florida, acts of 1941 true, the fictitious name to-wtt: Tampa Tree Service, under which they are engaged In buslnesto at %15 E. Moore St., Tampa, FlorIda. BElK LINDSEY STORES Dated !, 1972. Mr. Cliffotd E. Smith, Owner.


Tuesday, June 6, 1972 Fla. Sentinei-Bulleitin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cef Both Edition! PACE ELEVEN BLACK PANELISTS LINK -ARTS TO POLITICS More Welfare Mothers To Work? CHICAGO-A gatherii)g of black Lerone Bennett Jr., an author artists and scholars agreed this and historian who was conference week to explore new ways to af chairman, commended participants fer greater contributions and leadfor "the spirit of unity and broth ership tci the black liberati@ erhood in which they explored is movement. sues that in .the past have often "Art cannot exist in a vacuum," provoked harsh-' discord. ,said Margaret Walker Alexand'!r, There seems to be near unani a poet and novelist, in an address mous agreement that art and that established the major themes scholarship are political expres of the tw()d!J.Y meeting, sponsored sions. by the Black Academy of Arts a nd "There is no such thing as art WASHINGTON-The Senate Fi nance Committee voted 9 to 1 0:1 Wednesday in favor of the princi ple that welfare mothers. with r.o children under 6 must take jobs or lose their eligibility for public assistance. Black Takes lop TV Post Letters. for art's sake," said John 0. KHJ .ACKSON, Miss. Television "Our art must be seen as part lens, an author and chairman of station WLBT anoou nced the of the struggle, part of the wor1d-the -on black writing, "All selection of William H. Dilday Jr. wide societal revolution that is a art is propaganda. Although there as general manager and said fact of" our times," Akxanis much propaganda that Js not Dilday "is probably the _first der said. "Our creative blacrk art We must join a crusade to -,black general mana.ger of a com mincls. must be used as tools to decolonize the minds of biacK: peo-mercia! televisicn station in the liberate an entire people,_ not pie, No orie else wm do .lhis work, United States." merely fun_ ction as a form of yoga so Kenneth Dean, president of to liberate a single individual/' blacf.writers must orient Communications Improvement 200 Participate ln-Discussions, ourselves to the black community Inc., which operates WLBT, said The. meeting, sponsored with the and its institutions, paying partieDilday had been personnel mana-11he committee leader and that the majority of the committee spokesman; said this was just an would support the latter, and expression of opinion and did not Wednesday's tentative vote con commit his panel finally to the_ firmed this. course it will take. Long said that as part of < his However, he said the committo:!e substitute a job woitld had agreed to vote Friday on what be guaranteed for welfare -reC:pi type of family assistance plan to ents, mostly mothers, who w'l:uld adopt for the one million persons be required to work. on the Aid to Families with De-"If there is no job in privata pendent Children program. industry, we will provide a make The alternatives will be the Nix-workjoJ:> plan bythe government," on administration plan as adopted he explained. last year by the House, a mut::h The Friday vote will not be; on more liberal _-. sponsored -_fin a}_ adpptiOI;l\-Of a -family by. Seri. Abraham :RiQicoff, artce pla:Il btJ,t the dh'ec or a committee: staff .substitute tiori in L.ong places heavy emphasis oil work re-said many rriore Mssions pared under Long'1rdirection which needed_ for the panel -to wotk 'out quirement for welfare redpients. all the details._ It has l;>een for weeks .INTEGRATED SCHOOLS,_HELP BOTH RACES, STUDY SHOWS he!Jl of the NationaLFoundatiof). ular regard to its churches and ger of WHDIH radio and tele for 'the Arts and J9hnson Pu_blish-. schools. We must go to the masses. vision in -Boston. GOLDSBn.Ro N c ...:.:_,_-A -.-'t1'on a1 -_0 -p p,.,. t u n _i_t_ "!' __ : Communications Improvement v -... ., ing Company, was a "working--learn from them, -arid be nurtureJ te f 1 t h 1 -.,.as named interim operator of am o soc1o og11s s say sc oo conference" in which th,e 200 par by thein ___ d t' th' E t WLBT .. after_ Lamar Life Insu, esegrega 10n 111 -JS as ern ticipants spent more time in dish.. 'It d M -0 -slem ,.l. fi S ranee Co. lost the license on iNorth Caro1ina City as resu e cussions among themselves tha1_l'in d d t' f -b th g rounds of racial discrimination m Improve e ucu IOn_ or o lisferiing to speeches. At t_he -o.r.dOf 11 k d -h't 1 se n .aflt in programming a decade ago. > ac al'l W I C !PUP 5. ofthe t6day, sjx>kesmen \1 v They believe the nation's school frmn nine separate areas of artis -o t . system, including those already tic and scholarly endeav11ur re_ ISCflmiRa lOR to permit \vlute g1rls to we_ar desegregated, can beneiiit fram p_mted Dll their disc _ussi111' ham, is black. Desegregation began Jn bro in 1961. But it wasn'f. lintil 1969 that tlie two_ hith si;bools and the junior high schools merged mto one school. About .the same time, bllSing of elepten tary pupils was stepped up. The companion report oo ac ildemic achievement in GoM!I-boro High SC'hool said: "This Case clearly indicates that racial balance can be instrumental in achie_ving equality of 'Smart Get Smarter' Jim_ :McC.ullou. gh, Pniversity of Nortll Carolina graduate student \vho produced the COllliPanion reppr( said: "High achievers of both races -slJOW cmitinotis improvement thr\iotit with improvement accel eration uoder desegregation ... On the other hand, white 16w acbtievers show contiituous decline. .Black low achievers sftow : sfmilar decline in th-e' grades, _but that' arrested under desegregation." The were based :on standard' given by the schools in a : __ four-year period achievements of children were compared by year and by race. Di.tring the firet two years the schOol were parate, altho there was some integration; during the last two years, all pupils attended the eame sC'hool. Explains Bk System Dr. Jerry iPa&chal, liUperm tendent of Goldl!ll)aro l<:hoolt, .aid< "The iecret ot out auc .. cess Is based on the general ptJUosophy that 11 a )o'Q -to do. We could have 100Keci at the negative aide, or pl.,-ed: up tbe The tdtool board-' adopted t.be poiltlve ataoce in 1986. 1be wiadom ol tbat new Ss proven.'; New teachlDf_ methods _,vere Jncludlog team teaehlng, open clanr!)Oms and IDIIIivi dteaUzed laat,ruedoli. "We were npt innovation _fcir hinovaticn's sake; e would uot eXperiment with our children. But if we see 16mething aome .. -bod6'; dob)g that is w& tak-e-it aDd modify it for Golda boro," .Paschal Save Time And Phone Your News 248-,921 : Best Wishes! $795 AFRO 03 FREEDDrll AC-TION TV I Raymond's Dept. -StQre. COR ,lh AVEIUE. b4 ISih STREET. YBOR CITY $695 PUFFS $595 pr. Hurry while they Last! PH. 933-181 I & STEREO RENTALS 4016 N. 22nd -237 3308 Psychedelic Bar & Tape Decks Stereos Portable and Console Color TV s Also, Complete Home Entertainment Centers NO CREDIT CHECK NO DEPOSIT Free Delivery Free Service Up To 24 Months All Rent paid applies lo purchase


PAGE TWELVE Tuesday, June 6, 1972 Emmanuel MB 22M Highland. A venue Rev. H. W. WilbW'n, Pastor Mrs. H. Pittman, Rept. S. S l:>egan at the usual time with the supt. in charge, Morning servke at 11 with. the ,deacons in oliarge of devotion. The Sancturay choir and senio-r u shers -serve d. The pastor delivered the Th e Lord's SupilHams' of Miaint. Mrs, Annette St:bvall of Chicago; and grandehildrren, Mrs. Constimce King, Sandra Moultry and Loren-zo Bain of Miami. Mr. and Mrs. Willie James Green and two children, Chuck and Kim were in the city visit ing their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Jefferson. Correction The -Executive Secretary of FE>A, Walter Smith receJved best wishes on :vray 14;and Mr;;. JoseVhine Fra2iier, ,president of the !Novelettes Social Club for 2{) years, obse -rved her special day on Moay 26. Mrs. Frazier was Gulf South Communications, in Oincinnati, Ohio to see her LTD., a New Orleans based com son, Clarence reeeJve llis M ) as-pany, recently purchased WI'MP ters Degree. He k a Gindrmati. Radio Station from WI'MP, Inc. teache-r. Also there. for the oc-and not Speidel iBroadca sters, was his br.othei'; Charles Inc. of ColU111bus, S. C. as an and his wife fronl' Clhieago. notmced erroneously in their news .Alfred Terry Pyle s a [.eto release. The purchase is subject senior, observed hi s natal day to FCC a pprov a l which is ex on !May 26. Alfred wail a : Falcon pected 'by early fall football halfback. and team lead-Danzey, general mana d ger of the station, said no chang er an earned the Guy Topt\; .. ap.

Tuesday, June 6, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulleitin Published every Tues. and Frf. -Get Both Edition!f PAGE THIRTEEN MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY ANNIVERSARY AFFAIR Members of otha Lig o n Evans Chapter 52 OES will observe their second anniversary Wednesday night from 6:30 until 10 P. M at the Schlitz Brown Bottle Friends are invited HERE FR0!\1 SOUTH CAROLINA Mrs. ozella Tarrance. and William Jenkins arrived in Tampa Saturday night to visit thei r sister, Mrs. Mamie Johnson, 2918 18th Ave. Her' nieces Mrs. Wilhelmeoa Elkins and her children are also here The v-isitors plan to stay uqtil Friday. FRIEND s ARE INVITED Mrs. Thelma Bright invites friends to her birthday party Sat l,lrday night -at the Elks Rest. BRANTLEY-ALLEN NUPTI.-\LS l\faty Zeriene Brantley and Richard Allen were married Satur-day evening in the lobb y of Tampa Feder. al Savings by the Rev. H 1\lcDonald Nelson. The bride is a teller there, and the gro:Jm is employed at the University of Tampa DEAN OF G IRLS HONOREP Mtss Rosa L. Duhart, de an of girls at West Tampa Junior High S c hool, has been selected to a I)!! par in the 1972 edition of Leaders pf Secondary Education -' SPECIAL PROGRAM AT BEULAH At 2:-45 P M. on J une 25-; there will be a special program at Beulah Baptist Church sponsored by Mrs. Bernice Melissa Reddick .and the General Home Missionary Society. The speaker will be Dr. Jerry Warmeth of Seminole Heights Baptist Church. NOTES FROM. TAMPA CLUBS THE ROGERS PARK WOMEN'S GOLF CLUB is having thrift 'sales on June 17 and June 24 at Albany Avenue Mrs. Madelyn Doby is president. Members of the WEST COAST LADIES AUXILIARY will not -il1eet again u ntil June 15. The meeting will be h eld at the residence o( Mrs. Anoi'e_ Randolph 2911 23rd Avenue. A meeting of the BAY C1TY BOOSTERS will be held tonight _at 8 o'clock at the E L ks R est, 809. E Laurel Street. Notes From I ampa Lodges SAPPHIRE CHAPTER NO. 75 OES will hold initiation Thursday evening at 7:30 at Bethel Baptist. Educational Building, 807 E. Laurel St. Members of SUNLIGHT NO. 26 OES will have their regular meeting Thursday at 7:30 P. M at the Pallbearers Temple, 1902 Main Street. -Buy from Florida Sentinel Advertisers Trinity CME Church 2401 No. Howard Avenue Rev. L. L. Ward, Pastor Mn. Patricia Thomps on, Rept. S ervices on Sunday were Spiritually filLing beginning with Suncay School at 10 a. m. and the supt., Mrs. Johnny Mae Park in charge of devotion The lessen was taugtht by !!he teachers. Morning worship was conducted at 11 with the Gosnel OhOt us in e

PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinei-BulleJtin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, June 6, 1972 A REAL NICE LETTER COME.; F R 0 1\'1 EAsr ORANGE N. J., READING: Sir My w i fe and I (Mr; atHf Mr;. Wrlliam J. Banks) of 10 No. 18th St., i:-:1c;t C w ne, spent the first wzek of .our honeym:>On in Nassau and ;he in yo\il' .. gracious diy of Tampa as of..Mrt<. Robhie Crews, 1914 SC aud h of. MrS. L11la Telo and family of 1913 J4Salle. Between our gracim1 s hoste>se s -111:-:i ki.ends and families. Their made a m :morable occasion tbat wl!I' live .in our minds and hearts for yeat'S to come To all tfie dear and wooderful people we had the of meeting, we would lib! to exprc&'S our gratitude, fur we know now the full meaning 6f My Cup .Rwmdh Over With Joy." We tbiuk Tampa and ii;s people are mainillcent and truly t.opf' be ablE' to return .... Two H'appy Newlyweds William Lenty and Ma-ria Ballk5" .. JEt'S THERE 'N EVERYWHERE sallll!lY Walker, popuar gent nut west in Tampa woo driveS br Southern Cross, was giving me 'n the brothers dawn at Pen-y IUag's BattJer SIMp some pointers on bow to mab! yopr marriage really 9X1rk_ You if Mr. Wa!ker's married? No, not yet. Why? MRS. VALERIA W; MARELL Got in a qukk lbdd Vida Zanr. with the former Wilders, recent FA!MU grad, as she. was sd In take a flight off t.o a year or so stay in Germany with hubby, Pt'C. Bruce MareiiF-AMU senior from Miami, who it; stationed over there with our dar 'n peace forces. Valaria was seen ()ff on her flight by two o! her sisters, Miss W'dilr.l' =d Mrs. .Jeluulye 'tV. Hicks. AlL. of course, are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Donald (Annie Lee) Wi de1 of Pine st., L G A1id while speaking of the AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BP..ADY buuch, got in an LD chat rewith Willard. from up Bronx, N. R. way Willard, who hails from Ft. Meade and is a SPJC grad, says he is still looking .forward w the day he'll be moving back to Dixie" .. The n there was Mrs. stor of st. John Primtive Ba.,Ust Churclt, lo cated .at 10o2 Palmetto St., Clear water, Where the 'I'!llrt1;o is rhe Church where God's Better People Enjoin Themselres TQget.ber Tc. Become The Best." Elder Lewter, who hails as one of = Gospel singer.s meot.iqned moving into his churoh's riew '$20,000 pa1 -THANKS I WISH TO THANK THE MAllY, MAHY FRIENDS WHO SERT MESSAGES WISHIRG ME WELL, AND MORE IMPORTANT, SAID PRAYERS FOR MY RECOVERY FROM MY RECENT ILLNESS. I WILL NEVER FORGET Y a U R KINDMESS JOSEPH R. HURTER, D ean's Cloihiers Yhar -----------------------------------------------Holsey Temple 3i29 N.-15th Street \Villiam R. Johnson, Jr., Pastor Rev. Rosa Bryant, Rept. Day will be observed at Holsey Sunday, June 11. Ser vkes will be beild all day beat Suriday Sc 1 hool and nwrillng servJce s. The Rev. Dr. C. D Cole -man, Gene ral Sec-retHy O f the Board of Christian of CMIE Church will be the morni1.1g guest spealrer. Dr. Ooleman resid-es iti :!ITemP'his, Tennessee. At 3 p.m. Group No. 8 tained by Mr. Steve K:!lly w : u render a Si.ng .ing Convention" fEaturing several ch. Gks from the caty. At 5 tbe Rev_ C Bryant and his eoogrelration from Wii!iams Tem .1Jie C!\{i'S C Qundi,. Winter Hav-en will be in dlarge of the service and at 7 H ood Temple A 'M!S Zion CJmrc-h, Rev. P H. 'Ramsey, Pastor ;md Mt, Sin;i1 "tAM12 Zb1 Ciht1rch, .!lhe .Rev. 'Alexande r L JM:es PastDr, will be in charg-e of the service, Tihe'. general public is c-ordi.aHy -vited to all of these servist want gi:ve justice wW.re due. A Br{)ther ..roo enj o y s reading y our column On luncb from Gen Tel ... "D. C." ... SE YAU LATER GOT CAB TBODBLES? TRANSMISSION OVERHAUL GEN. CAR REPAIRS BY EXPERT"S CALL 246-3291 R AY'S GARAGE 3007 34th Street Twoupa Servicemen ROME, N. Y.-U. S Air Force Captain Charles R. Elle:-son, s o n of Mrs. L. G. Wa!tho .ur Gf 2515 Allen Road Palmetto, has received the Bronze Star Medal at Griffiss AFB, N.Y .. Captain E llerson a conunw1ica tions e l ectronics officer, was cit for meritorious service while engaged in military o p e r .a t i o n s against Vie t Cong forces in Vletnam. He now serves at Griffiss with a unit of ti1 Air Force Communi cations Service. A 1960 graduate of Booker High SclJool the earned his B A r!"e:re.e jn alild matbeno.at AIRM A N JOAN LEE SAN A NTONIO-Airman Joa n U Lee d a u g h te r of Otts af '8l4 E. 1 2t h Court P .anama C ity, Fla .. has completed her u _s. Air, F or.ce: basic trainmg at the Air 1'r a i uing Command s Lacklar-.d .AFB, 11ex. She has been assi,g;ned to AFB, Miss for training in fue c.dministrative fild. Airman L... is a 1'971 graduate of Kaisersla ute m (Germany) H"l;gh ScbooL H e r mother, Mr:S. A]phonso K Daniel, resides at 506 Chur.ch Ave Chipley. Services .at a.li .in the oommunity becan wmtll! Sam&ly SClhool wida tille wpt. at'ld te.-achers at tbcir PQtllt.s.. 'The lessons were all rewiew.fd by the pastors. Servicet; .a:t !fl'trs1; Bap;t. OhuTcih began \\1& Dea:OOO Rhodes in charge o! The choir ushers ierved and tile sermon was dei dvered by 1fue .Jli3.Stor. A hymn w.a.s lined by Re':' A. :P. McCoy wbo was a pul;p1t guest aloog with Rev. B F. Hooks. Evening service began at \'iith the same order of serVIce. At Allen Cihapel AMiE 'Church the pastor's anniversary was eb-served 'I'he pastor and members of New JeTsalem Cburcll o f .Ft. :Myers and F1rst Bapt. of t'his city was iB charge of the serviee. The following are on the sick list Ros-e Houston in Lakeland Gen. Hos pital; Willie Ruth ier, in iHosp.ital; and Willie Si m J)'SOn also confined t-o 1'\aples Gen. The funeral c[ :llr. Otis Gates is incomplete. He passed last Tuesday m o rnin g R e v. II. :\'icho!s, .p<"\stor <.nd ?.Irs. lHary Town sendr .Rept. .... 3cs i;1 196:4 from Morehouse Cot in Atlanta. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi. He w.as commissioned in l!l6ll upon completion of Officer ing School of Lackland AFB, 1ex;. Captain Ellerson's wile, .1\.lli& red is the dau.g.hter ef Mr .and .Mrs. Charles Hipp -of 155 F-erris Ave., Plains, N Y. Captain Eilerson (right) ceives the medal at Griffiss AFB, N. Y ., frG-m Colonel Robert E. Northern Communicat\ons Area commander. LT. JUIANCY U S. AIR FORCE C{:l}o. --M7iihloo c .Rllancy, lr., SOil cl Mr. mld Mrs. llahlon C. R.i]all sy, of 2a:7 YGUD,g ''Bt., Tallahas[;ee, wru reccive his second lieutenant commissi



Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition!! Tuesday, June 6, 1972 PACE SIXTEEN I 1 Atty. and Mrs. Warren H. Dawson set the pace for riverfront .living by blacks in ',l'ampa nearly two years .ago when they p-urchased this .-riverfront home at. 3508 Grove Drive in Riv ,er Grove Estates. Loeated in one of the better transi_ stional areas in East Tampa, home is built for the type of modern living Mr. an!': Mrs Dawson enjoy .. It has eight rooms, three bed rooms and twa-and-one-half baths with slightly more than 2,000 square feet of inside living area. Contem-porary furnishings blend with motif of inside. Patio river in rear, where backyard contains orange, hme and fig trees. Lawn in.front and rear is one of the most beautiful in Tampa, and is a blend of Argentine Bahia, St. Augustine and Centipede strains. JEFATUL CALLING By PARK : ..The Jesuit Free Employment 1maid for light housework and of Ta1npa .Urban 'League caring for partially paralyzed (J< E IFIATlJiL) is calling upon busiwoman; Spanis h-speakang live-in .D:ss, professional, and industrial maid; Exp. air-: conditioner recomlmin:ities of the Tampa Bay .pairman; Exp. housekeeper with :area to employ_ our a p .plicants. ca,r for 5 day week; Factory \vorListed are\ the seeking kers; Maid with office work; work and the type of work they Box plant male and female, are seeking: Domest-ic looking morning and evening shift w,orkfc-r day. s work, Secretary loo: ers.; Warehouse worker chauf k ing for office work; Boys and fers license. girls age 162 0 looking for sumJEFATUL NEED S: Clothes, mer .. full c r fart-time; food, houshold goods, typewriters Christian lady to 1ivein, room and.. ar.d tables, b rocovets, etc. board .and small salary; Part-JEFATUL THANKS: P almer time offiCe work fm lady; Maid IPapet Co., Davis Archie Inc. !or nursing home. Ploof Pipe' Inc., and .:VIae Paper JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Live-in Co. Top WestinghOuse Bethel Baptist 808 .Sh6rt Emory Street Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor 1\'Irs. Lillie M. McDonald, Rept. Sunday Sc hoo l began at 9:3: 0 a.m. T ; 1e supt. presided. The les son was taught b.y the teaohers After the classes reassembled evrr. Everette Curry sang a beautiful solo. Morning worship began at iJ.O: 46. Devot ion was conducted by :Mr. !Moses Alford and Mr. Harold Scott. Music was rendered hy the Sanctuary Choir. Usher board Number one se-rved. The sermon was delivered by the pastor who chose 'for his theme, "The Joy OJ' Walking With God." Evening won:hip began at 5:15. The same deacons, choir, a nd ushers served. The sermon was delivered b y the pastor. He chose f-or his theme, Praise The Bles-Morning Star Choir 2 Dea. Clyde Couey, Presid!'nt Mrs. Mattie Harrison, Reporter The presideut of the No 2 choir <>f Gre;Iter Morning Star Choir No .. 2 of which Rev. L. I. Lowe is pas: tor, is asking al members to at the church Thursday at 7:30 f11r rehearsal. Please be on tme.-sed Name of God," usting for rus background scripture the twentyointh Psalm. Following the sermon the !Lord's Supper was seTved by the pastor, assisted by the associate Minister and deacons. Following this service fellirwshi.p service followed. All auxiliaries will resume their usual .schedule of meetings and rehearsals for the week. New Hope Choir No. 2 Dea. Ira B. Bruton, Presid.ent Mrs. Doris C. Moore, Rept. Choir No. 2 of New Hop-e M. B. Church, Rev. John Willis, !Pastor, will have weekly rellearsal Thursday night at 8 p.m. The pre-sident asking. eve-ry one to please be present and on time. Pictures wm ht\ taken immediately following morning service. AUTO -INSURANCE A. F. KILBRIDE IRS. Before and after an accident 1201 MARION STREET PHONE 223-5531 D J :VISIOR During a recent inspectian tour of Westingl10use's Tampa Division J"ooki;1g. on at right is :nanufacturing Supervisor Ken Fox. D C. Burnham (center); the Chairman anrl Chief Executi\e Officer Pearson has hcen an employe of the Tampa since of WcstiiHthouse Electric Corporation. is briefed as to how au aut J 1969, and he resides at 4006 E. Powhattan AYe. m Tampa. 1na!ic oper!ifes !;y nfc!liirct Peaisol1 (i,:t, i. HElPING BUILD A GREATER l AMPA : -T lll\iPA DIViSION ,: n : ,.:;;:,.x.-i:i :


Tueaday, June 6, 1972 Fla. Sentfnel-Bulleiin Published e!Ve-ry Tu6s. a!nCJ Fri. GeJt Both Edirt ion s __ .,eratlliJ their own busineis a.nd t R 'lJ should be commend f.or Jones Tne o1m m..wmY s_9<;mld also C9AD_ mid'4 ed fOil' helPing to maKe tlhts ject a i iiccess. "Ten yow,1g artd womim deslgtled ani) gained expertise in a program that has catered tO Lea.gue of Women Voters.' Other members of the Y o u t h iohned. :Kb;t. are an program. POOple tO bOth project!! J l ,Jrl Williams, Tii,n ThQij),.as, 1 W,ll anji \l Y:S'l! g m(ID now !&. The educatiOnal progress cannot ?e bfit m years to come We v.:iil due to to busmg. He bpsmg is a tool prograw hopey P,atterp. cliange comes about we\11 then having neighborhoOd schools agam. The most significant Hie ei.UpJoy_iiieP._ t ,4:c;,._t of he calls fue "law of t)le land, tuniiy Cornmfssien in a numlier of &n caJ '!;he -Tme 7 9'f the Qi.vJl .t\9k& th,ah no cau iilt in Wtm:i_. hfl-!).. PW !W'hon s of race, c!', eeg, ori,gil], Any dofilg-so is 1n oJ a&i op 25 of this it up to the lndivldu81 to fight It. In '1973 wi!)l l,S or more will aJ fected by the new law. PrevtousIy a or. f!r.A) 'must UV,e at least _25 to be af. fecjed by the law. The fii1al area Where Jones a gteat deal of ts that we can now look forward to more blacks 011 t h : e Flor!da Highway a1:1d hop efully on the Tampa Police Sever\!! week,s aio. J9ne11 had a meeting with Colonel Beach, of the State Hlghway Pattol office In Tallahassee, and sPent houts going over ways to recruit more black troopers. The meeting was made po,JSible with the help of Macon William:J, an ex-FAMU line coach, now In .th" officP.. By the end ol thla ;year Willlam.a and l\'IRS1 MARY ALICE ATTY. WARREN DAWSON 1 Jones hope to see a minimum o' 20 black faces on the patrol. While discus,sing la:w eriforc officers Jones ,cited two f portant advances for the community as well as for t il' city police department. "We nit have a black Lieutenant in t!j police department and a Sergeant with a B.S. degree i c riminology speaking of .11flisha Dixon and Sgt. Samm Phil more, respectively.'' I. Irregardless of the mentioned previously Jones Sl;\_ ; there are ateas where changin it needed. "We still have too f blacks on the police force, w (CouUnued Oil Pa&o Pa&e U)


. STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE f9c .,_. I, I s. of 1 Va\uet 2 tor 'Itt ,,.... ttiDlD o;, ....... fill. )9' .... H ttt.f'o 49' n;" ,, .. a .. ,., 2 : a:=, "e' ... 2 : t Get 2 -'1 \HOtstltl'lO oet .-... 39 1urkY .oa 1.u.. PotatH1 o ..... lM( Unllt411olll Otll!l-1 II""'"" Wily lint IH< ht4Sia .... ltl lmliiM llnt II uw 111111'1 U.U .A. fOO t ITAIUI I U lull II Wlftollllo ftr tho hill to '"'Hlk41o llflln 1r1 tt1t "'' WJIII.O!Jio 1. J. a.omr. .,.,, Pilot. kt ,.., lftl hlk Cht k tltrH oro aothortltl It rt Hllolt with T .. YIIH llt"Jl J. 1ep.vt tOOI(ID Get 2 l'tP 99 att O W. 'HRII"' let 2 ,...49 ... t fr\Hen 1p..aw Dlnners ftt M sf .. pl Uf W I lf1l tflj{y lo If, &9' tnt u,JCI ""-39' 1 Get .... .. JOM.UOH Get 2 rw-. .: ... /. 1 -11 Yo"' Food St.imp.); Cc: furthtr Wilt! Low "ic e s & ; cd, Spt'Cidh sauerkrav _._. \Cl cu.IJA Itt 2 "u 99 S a nw\chel .. URGI 3 ..... 1 SCHUTZ $119 ,,.12u.C.... CARUill C IUCKUtn 99 8 pat 11 01. Cift1 w.o BRAND u .s. CHOICE BONELESS TIP SIRI.OIN ROAST OR BONELESS Tl p SIRLOIN STEAK U.S. CHotC! W D llftAND NeW YORK W D !RAND Strip Steaks .. 10 Sliced Bologna .... PlANT GRADE "A" WHOU PROZI!N IN 5 lB. BOXes Fryer Legs Lb. 48' IANQUET CHICKfN 8EEF, TURKfY Pot Pies .. ALL CENTER CUTS SLJcm Beef Liver LL79c COPELAN D SURFER PACK Lunch Meat .. MARHOEFER TARNOW RHINELAN D FRANKS OR Canned Hams ; 3 -Lb. $299 e .. Knockwurst .. FRESH GROUND BEEF Pock RED RIPE WATER MELONS .. 99c lACK -MIX OR MATCH LILAC: WHIT!, YELLOW, AQUA PAPER Towels. 3 ii aac MIX OR MATOi ARROW PINK, WHITe, YElLOW BATHROOM ASSORTED ARROW PAPER NapKins 3 aac Tissue ... 4 88 c Mateus Wine Ffftk*l'' MIX OltMAlCH ARP.OW WHITI, PINK, YElLOW fACIAL DIXtf DARliNG PLAIN, RAISIN, MAR&ll, ORA.NGI muasm liEF HINDQUARTERS c-1111 t1 Tllllt, $1rloiA, Joun & CIIM. Slttk. lltlf IMIOnll!ld lltl hi U 1. '11UZrt tAll 8 CHorcr W l 811ANO Ollrtrss lfn l4t ll. II 175 1.1. AVA ....... ,.4 f, .. of IS ,_, 1 eJo., f...'\.; .. ;: .. Tl, .,,.., a,.ulld Sirloin HICKORY SWEET OR SUCED PALM RIVER 59 ( BACON u. GOV. INSPECTI:D FllQZ!Wb UG. o IWJi 1#our.._... lAMI UJjjDft-. .. u.19 aro,. IAMISifOutofR IC I N ...... u.69 ltOAsr 49 Uq ""Lb. CH OPI ..... U. 9 9 Tissue .. 4 :;; aac Pound Cakes 2 .. '1-.............. :OP2 i1 SS: c SUP!RIRANO HOMOONIJ:IO Milk aiL$1U =: 59c' CALIF JUICY LEMONS .... 18 for 59c CMCKIN' 0000 TWIN PACK OIP 011 Potato Chips 2'c !fiOI'I (41 L(J Orange Drink ... 4 $1


.;; ,. -. -PROG!lAM PARTICIPANT AT BANQl]El-T&e Holsey Temple CME Church Cttizephl,l) Awards Banquet was on Friday. evening at Nathan B. Young Jr, High School Toastmaster W as WUUam C, Bryant Pictured witb Mrs, _Bryant, Th t speaker was the HonorableNe;;{ A, Butter, Cit7 Councilman an4 former Mayor of Gainesville,


TWENTY ,. 'LIONEL HAMPTON TO INTRODUCE NEW JAZZ STEP 'NIXON' WASHINGTON Jazz star Lionel Hampton tells the new dance step, The Nixon," he wlll introduce Nixon Campaign Finance Chairman Maurice Stans (R) at a fund-raising dinner here on June 10. The $100-a and Paul Jones (L), Executive Director of the Black plate fund raiser is sponsored by the Black Committee Committee for the Re-election o._f th, e President, about for the Re-election of the President. who is OLIVIA CHERRY s _eattest Foods-;OFFQS OPPOBTUIUTIES IN AREAS: 1 entertainment chairman for the -event has alreactl recorded the song 'We Need Nixon on Glad-hamp rea ords. ( PHOTO BY BILl,. PARISH> : : 1 .. JOHN McNELLY, Operator : MANAGE.MENT -ACCOUNTING' -DISTRIBUTION PRODUCTIO N ,Hi:JlE ABE: TWO -OF OUR MANY EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THESE OPPORTUNITIES S -EAllES T FOODS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER I


Tuesday:, June 19_72 Fla. Sentin ei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Edition!f PAGE TWENTY-ONB Philly i\JlpeaiS. CoJJrt order .... .Black W-. ::-.. -ln-! s -High. On Ratio For .. Cops -In. Interracial Fight .. PHILADELPHIA -The. cit y w!1iie : n o spec ific fihd: ':r,: IONTGOl\IERY, ;<\Ia ...,.. A.' : : A :..: ._. f .. ... t .. 1 o P .'.. o ... s t has filed an appeal to a oi, )ng. or: : :o,iscrhn'inatjon : th e yo1pig AlabRma W:hite woma n der that requires the police :Je; police ': : ;F_tt II a m who ga,; e birth to a child of. a; partment hire one lihick fOJ.' e v ; ordl'!red 'tbe.;l-2 racial ratio while .. black t .nan to whoth she was HO'US'll.OM.-Tex William ery t w o whites while a judge con; he analyzes : ..the evidei}Oe that' not married has \\' o n sta t e Lucy, a was secsid e r s eviden c e in an an ti dis-',. ha S a.ccuniulated sin c e the stti t coiirt battle : to regain custody of criminat!on suit: .. filed inl970; The order ho lds of the child. Ail%-C[iO The city also asked that -t\}e j}.l}y 1:. . The seven-month"old .. boy was eration of State, Count f ord e r be stayed 1.mtil. the : appeal ; The _pil::y. said, the Police iAca" rettirned Thtirsday to Mrs. Muni-cipal Ttiesda}\., i s h ea rd in t he Th i rd T): :Qir demy : was;: abci. lit to:. graduate'' a g:iilia Blair, who Jives in Greene Jerry Wurf re--elected cuit :of Appeals cihiss' '0..104; inclt.iding l4. blacks. County in the rural. dent" of the 'said.'.Lucv's U S District Judge ; Johl') P ; Anoth e i0 Class of about:100 is to bl ac k belt. n e w pos itioii was the mos t p;w. Fullam, : who issued t he iqterrin air. July h The c hiid was tate!) f .roil1 his erful in the nation's. labor order Fiiday, took the stay r e rnothei; sholtly after. his birth m en t to b e held by a m ini'. qu est unger advisement. ,;. R.. .'. B ,. t last November .in Selma Later Lucy 39, has been' ari official The city Claimed in its inotir)ir .. > ap : ; ;, a'_ 0W0 .. 5 the Alli:barna of of th e union in various Ca:Pa C ities for a stay that the ev i de nce 'put f" y J P E msorrs arid Securities the f o r eight years a i1d pla yed a forward by the plaintiffs an. ave..;_ erm state welfare agency, inita. t ed key; role in the. orgariizing o clear and no free from doubt." : ORLEANS, La. proceedings to .. d e p f ive Mrs.. sanitation workers in It also said that FUllam's or-Illack militant H. Rap. Brow11 Blair of custody of four white Tenri. : durillg disturbances in d t t b t t 1 childNm who :were born of \"llc h D _l'. l\ r a1tm .. K1'n;: e r wen agams su s an ta. give n another maximum ,, ::: evidence that grave an potential,sentence. of five .years in previous marriages: The state was slain in 196S: Lucy is a ly irreparatile harin to the morale son:. a nd a $2,000 fineFriday bY maintained: that she was an un. native of Me ri1phis. Lttcy ar.ld and effectiveness of the police eft!-a U. S. Disti.-ict Court. Judge fit motller. King work ed in .. the partment would result if recruits who overrode defense objections ,Jitnvever, Judge, B. 1')1. Miller JabQr dispute with the city at. were ,<;elected ori a radar basis that Bro w n 'had been "k. idnapp c Chliders of the Dallas County the time. from the eligible list rather 'than ed" when he was hustled out Juvenile Court ruled that the on the basis of SCQres if] the com-of New York. state could take none of the LtiCY, in an mtervieW, said He said. 'that in addition to petitive written entrance exami, Brown stood at the: lecture children. ,He issued.-the ruling he believed t.be Union cottld play better wages, hours and nat! on." with. his laWy ers, ha. n d s in ... poe. on -Ma. y 19, b ut since all. proa key role in lobbying for fed, tlewiston. The Rel. p Meet The Need Club will meet .. Tuesday at the home of Mrs. J S Gadsdan at 7:30 Services were very good at all churches in the community beginning with S S. with the supts. and teachers at their posts. The lessons were all 'reviewed by the pastors. The anniversary of Elder T. N. Grandville will end on Sunday night at Glorious unity church of Jesus. The Friendly Xmas Savings Club met at the home of Mrs. !Paul Jones on Alabama St. on Saturday. night. Mrs. Susie Beckton. is presiden t Mrs. V. L. Whitefield had graduation ceremonies for her kinderg:.!lrfen on Firiday night at Ha.iiem Acadamy Gym. The following are on the sick list, l Melenda Allen, James Charlie Moore, Willie Maggie Tolbert and Eddie Holilce. Mrs. : rept. !I / 1 work in g cpri:

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    PAGE CHICKEN e SHRIMP. e 'FISH c 0 N G -R A T u --. l A T I 0 N s Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tueaday, June 6, t972 BQS, S BIDDY INC. FRENCH FRIES e MASHED POTATOES COLE SLAW \. .,.. WISHES ALL GRADUATES \ \\11 \ You made it!. We're happy ; for you and we wish you good luck(_,_ :BOSS BIDDY JS:_A fast food operation located at 1483 Tampa Park Plaza, Scott Street at Nebraska. Phone 229-2180. BOSS B IDDY IS-Where you can find the finest chicken, fish, shrimp, cole claw, mashed potatoes, gravy and french fries in Tampa, at very reasonable prices. BOSS BIDDY IS-An economic dev e lopment project sponsored by Youth Enterprises, Inc. of the Community Rela tions Youth Board. I!OSS BIDDY IS-A research and demonstration program, designeli to employ and train local youth. Providing actual, on the job training for specific experiences In t.he operation of a competitive business. BOSS BIDDY IS-You, giving deserving barq-working youngsters a break by patronizing BOSS BIDDY fast foodl operation. .. BOSS BIDDY IS-providing full time employment for disadvantaged youth B E s T w I s H E

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    Tues. day, June 6, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publisne d every Tues. anii Fri. Cef Botn Editiolli .PAGE TWENTY-THR. Family Of Bethune Graduates Set For Alumni Meeting ondary Educaton. Mrs. Harry L. Burney Jr. received the Bachelor of Science degree from Bethune Cookman College in Elementary Education. Mrs. Sandra D Burney Vanterpool graduated from Beth-WHITE STORES FEEL BITE OF PUSH-BACKED -BOYCOTT MR. AND MRS. BURNEY DAYTONA BEACH Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Burne y, Jr. pose with their son, Mr. Harry L Bur ney, III; and their daughter Mrs. une-Cookman College in 1969 with CHICAGO-PUSH has started to the Bachelor of Science degree in shove according to merchants of Psychology. Mr Harry L. B .mwy, the South State Street s Farmer's III graduated from BethuneCookMarkef who are feeli ng the pinch mon College in 1965 with the Bachof Operation PUSH s month-long elor of Scien c e d e gre e in Bio lo g y boycott of their stores. Mr Harry L Burne y Jr. is curPUSH (People United to Save rently serving as th e Di reclor of Humanity) has charged that the Development at Bethune-Cookntan stores sell filthy and unsanih.ry College. Mrs. Harry L. Burney, produce, moldy meat; and r otte n Jr., is currently servin g as th e veg e tables. The group ha s set up Assistant Circulation Libr;;:rian at a picket line at the market. Bethune-Cookman Co II e g e. Mr. Store owners at th e F armer's Harry L. Burney III i s currently Market, 72s t and State Sfreet d e -servng as the Director of Student ny the charges and say PUSH's RecruitJ:n!mt, and Mrs. S andra D. effort h as become a campaign of Burney Vanterpool is employed b:; discrimination and harassment. Florida State Department o( AgriOwned by Greeks Volusia County Branch of. Th e eight food and produce fic, on the 'street are owneJ Mr. and Mrs L. Burney Jr. remostly by Greek immigrants whn ceived their : advanced degrees rom are b e ginnin g to b elievll! that PUSH the University of P er!nsylvada wants to shove busi'Mrs_ Bl.!rpey variterpor.J! nesses out of the predominantly recEived her M asters degree fl: om black Atianta University. Mr. Harry L. ''What-'-can w e do, asked one Burney m studied for his Mast ers white sto.IT who asked not degree at T emple University to be id entified "I think we're The Burneys \ir ill be in att!:'ndvictims of a changing neighbor ance at the Eastern Regionai C::!n hood. If you leave you 're a racist ,:.' vention of the National Alumni As-lf you stay;:, you're a racist. Y'Ju :.::., soCi_ ation of BethunecCookh1an Col-can t win." ... :lege ; June 29-July 2. More tha n J o hn W e bb 18, of 62 W. 73rd S; 1,000 'gradaute s of B elh).i. ne-Cook and Anthon y D avis 17, of 8309 S. \ AND FAMILY Sandra D. Burney Van terpoo l. Mr. Harry L. Burney Jr. received the Bachelor of Science degree fmm Bethune-Cookman College in Secman G'ollege will register for the Aberdeen S t., are two blacks who R egional Conv entiOI\. l ost their Jobs at market stores The Hon orable R eL1bm Ask ew, because of the slowdown Governor of State of FTorida, "I don' t know: what I'll d:> if it .-will be the banquet speake r on Sat, keeps up," said Webb. "It's too urday, July 1 at'l7:30 p.m. late to get another summer job." the Charles P Pru-li n Student Cen But the Rev. Willie Barrow of fer.". PUSH defended the boycott, sav' FOR REH l tlean Painted Houses Phone., 251-1&45 ing that it is aimed at protectin;:( the area's children from unhealth y foods and conditions. l'hose stores will close up or meet the proper healtli conditions," she said The s tore owners agreed when asked b y PUSH to close their stores for last weekend's Memorial Day holiday, usually a profitable, register ringing weekend. ZANZI,BAR lO:UNG',E : 2132 MAIN STR-EET ,-OPEl TIL 3 A. M: BAILY \AIR COIDJDOim FOB nn tiiiFtBT .. WE HAVE YOUR FAVORlTE Dill IS 1lf PIITS BlLF PIIITS FiniS JIMMIE HICKS, Manager ALCANER "MAME" COSTOM, Barmaid A .RE WE PROUD OF OUR EMPLOYEES? YOU B ET YOUR ZANZI WE ARE I I i PUSH asked them to close to permit PUSH inspectors to chec!t COl1ditions. On Tuesday merchants waited for the PUSH team, but nobody s h owed up. Short Weight Citations Two of the stores Seven Oaks Produce, 7109 S. State St. and Art's Market 7139 S. State St.; have already be e n issued citations for short weight violations by the city When sev e n representa tives of the Farmer's Market stores me& with PUSH Sunday ,t h ey agreed to close for the weekend, and they each don ated $100 to a PUSH fund drive. As the PUSH boycot continue.::, another black gro up has announced that it plans a Robert Scott, w ho identified self as h e ad of a black grouJJi caleld Citizens T aking Action, oft 6908 S Halsted S t., said it may: start this week. "We believe too many whit3 businesses are being driyen from ; the black comm unit y ... we want' to put an end to this sor t of We've already lost' too Scott said. Jamaicaps lo KINGSTO N, Jamaica -Prinfe Minist e r Michael Manley said that 500,000 of Jamaic9's 1.9 million people cannot read 0r write C)nd: he has started a program aimedi at wiping ottt illiteracy in four years, with the help of 20,000 vol: unteer worker-s. Sav! Tim& And Stamps! Phone News 248-1921 -Now the_ I rewa(ds of your excellent -:r' education. JOIN YOUR FRIENDS AT -THE MOST. SOULFUL SPOI IN WESJ TAMPA ,. -i, L

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    PACE TWENTY-FOUR Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin every Tues. Rnd Frf. Get Both Editions Tueaday, June 6, 1972 Uhe QooJ JVame. 'oJ A MAKING F RIENDS IS OUR BUSINESS. Ghat has 6eeti a funJamental policy-not merely a slogan-at .. Jlnheuser-J3usclt for man y years. It is one of the polici on witich our company's leaJership ltas been Guilt. Obis policy with the presiJin-t's office anJ extenJs throughout the organization. It is a -policy for all of the people! of 7lnheuser-J3usch anJ its partners in sales Jistri6ution.- ,?... It begins :With quality proJucts. It consists of fair, courteous, anJ ethical conJuc_t in ali relat i :-;siti> -It means that 7lnheuser-:Busch tries to 6e a gooJ. -i11 every in whick it Joes busin-ess. _...1 : -. It is up of a million sm_iles anJ 11thank ali the ot.her expressions of personal courtesy anJ of all the people who help make anJ sell our -.' .. "' ; -lt insis6s.upon honesty in everyth,ing rl/7:/ /o,r our company: : MAKING FRIENDS IS OUR-BUSINESS means ; I ..:.-:: \ of cur We put the gooJ oJ 1 -.. 1_ 1_ '\ J h < a neao oJ ot er consiJerations. FFI E M PLC'

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    '-' Fla. Senlinei-BullelUn PublisLetf every Tues. an(l Frt.. Get Both Editions Tuestfay, June 6, -;''Soli1e days,': she _sai4, "I ,vonder how ['11 .get enough up to .make it througlh llie -next' day.-And e.vcry .year it see ins to get -, BES:HlES '!fu)E pres; si.ires ii weekl(y series, last jyear sb.e and her' Of Y'e;u:s;, J,.eyy, -Jtatcii:.::It' s subject Gail : < .#-U14ii( 't6"'cautlon'' : :::: liter s lJV an'd Jolie -:t 6l)$ilally_, increasipg _., :rhoot -With : IM:aliil.iX". p r events' : her, ) Pe A iliitg i#ui!h' c at hade been a -:-: :;,otii? wHter '-many "o -lier : -by :some ()f ;RODNEY J.. -,' N EW YORK .:.. J. wn-\.'' "I've ;always Wanted to be. an was arrested by the FBI, i iiitress 2... fol-: a.: s "}ong as 1-can. in New York as he waited for Gail once,: told ur Tops Gia d.ys Knight & ; The_ Information Center, after teaming: tll&t : Pips, Ken dricks, Dennis Coffey, -too' Proof pledges and c oritributions fromd lie May 2Stli : :l!le--. represents the first all brity Telethon broadcast live .Auditorof this nature in the 1\lid-West. ;. ium on WKBD-TV Ch. 50 totallecf. et\leJ:'! Petersb.urg. Mr. Is Found-UnconsdO. CLEARWATER-James E. &wman:, 4 'r, of 248 First Ave S -1 St.. was hospitalized! Yrida after found hiin; lf;mg on the medi an; sttig on : I'Iindward Passage,' .. BOII'Jman -was lis ted in fam dition. atl Morl':ln F Plant 6ntral A vee.; St. Petersb'urg was -POlice. say. lie was injur etl when seen carryi ng Bowman to the -me lie-hit his-bead! on a cu r b. dian and leaving him there, po. Jit. w itn es s; a man late: iden lice said. -_:_ ... tified. as Sam .r. m avis 32, of 912 Davis was bo:O'ked for public._" drunkenness :, a(ter_' -p-6Hce _., -f.-florida Sc1flel him at an compleJr under construction af' Windward_. Passage and Island Way_. Both Bowman.'-a ncf Dilvis later said B.Owman was mjuredrallinif a curb poli ce said; .. RIHIEI-The Male Shop 2311 E. IIJI.I..s.IIICII AtEIIUE frast Cafe Plaza) Ia: r.Bedioa Iudmfes ... SIDII1S ar am CASSIIR 1ele,hones rimging, haAJd sEmkiJ.lt!r-good fttdt lisses are triL&ie: todoy When ai'll the. dies dow n, think yovr ---:. ohjec;Jwes d ye:ur fttJtl\Jlre; to'doy is a --in yoa;r Comfort For Father's Day Pll1lmE RIB"' rBEDBJO PIO c1e lll1flll $15rm "P.IRTS ID8UID BBU :EH 1.&111 sum ,r 'LIES BY' WEMI.Otl f5 ami up Our Styles Includes Flairs, STRAIGHTS STRIPES _AND SOLIDS. 'l'ake I t easy tfri-s summer fn carefree li-ghtwei'g-ht dOuble lr nl't su mmer s l acks. Every color and s ty l e im aginab l e is h ere Play the warm weather g.ame in, ouv c ool-lookin1f, seledions ) and yo.u!ll stay ca lm and ref r eshed all day long Come in soon, we'll o ut-fit you right. PHONE 235-2361.

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    Tuesday, 6, 1972 Fla. Sentin;el-Bulleltin Publishe d every Tues. and Fri. Get Bot h Editions PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN Former Tampa Announcer Appointed To High Philly yy, _Godfrey Not Emulating 'Biscuit Eater' NIEW YO.RK Actor-come dian Godfrey Cambridge recent ly finished his co-starrting role in Walt Disney Productions' new feature film, "The Eat er," at the weight of 19 0 pounds. It was only with much effort and sacrif1ice that he was able to shed the excess between that and his -record weight of 320. "' going on a starvation ddet, which I con _trol my own destin Y," as PHILADELPHIA The appoint ment of ex-Tampan Noble V. Blackwell, effective last week as Director of Broadcasting, WCAUTV here, was announced by Gor don L. Franch, vice president and general manager of the station. Blackwell was known as the man with the ''Golden Voice" when he served as a disc jockey at the in ception of WTMP in Tampa in 1952. He has been vice president and general manager of radio station at WVOL, Nashville, since 1968. / "Mr. Blackwell's considerable experience, particularly'. in thi field of public and commu nity affairs," French "wil.L eontribute significantly .to W(:AUTV's efforts in serving the needs and interests of the Philadelphia area.'' '; His responsibilities at WCAU_;IV will lriClude station programming, broadcast operations comrnunity services, and promotion and inform ation. His broadcast career which be gan in 1952,' spans a range of assignments, including imnouncer producer, program director, news director, sales and promqtion. He bas held positions with WSOK Radio J,.riow wVOL) Nashville, WiCK I "" .... BUSINESS L ,EASts __. AVl\itABLE at TAMPA PARK SHOPPING CEHTER Hehraska alScoll lor REASONABLE' IIATES .. Phone:-' ,;: ___ I --...... ; r "At my billow4'tg be st," Oambridge claims, I could lose 35 pounds wihout anty<>ne noticing it. There was that much excess a round the ankles and .under the armpits My former wife once me. of life the r .NO:ULE V. BLACKWELL entice march on Washington. In fact, once my overs-tuffed vest popped a button with sucib force tJhat it injured a waiter on the (now WTMP) Tampa, and WFEC Miami. in 1955 he formed his own public reiations firm, listing among his clients the National Conven tion of' Negro Busines5 and Profes sional Women and the Annual Convention of the A.M.E. Church. He joined WBEE Chicago in 1956 and, after serving with the U.S. Army from 1957,-to 1960,. returned to WVOL In 1964, he formed a talent agency and production company which' presented "Night Train Re vue;" an e ducational fi:L'lcf-raising revue for,, television seen in syndi cation in the u'. S .. and. in i2 for eign countries He was appointed National :Alumni Director of Me-harry Medical College, in 1966. 'other side of the room." Frankly,, Cambrid-ge's pho/sical frame_ ranges from beefy to ob ese. And it is a niatter of concern to .hdm. When he is slim, he is happy. When he i5 not, he is not ha .Pa>y. iffis cures for his weighty problem have been num ei:ous. He professes to have tried: "(1) joining an organization of btubberous blabbermouths '\'Aleo:-e you. must your in pu blic, openly confess your gluttony, and tJhen, theoretically, go and sin no more.; -(2) ,taking handfuls of diet pills which made my eyes so glassy that people thought I was a junkie; (3) undeJ,"gorng hyphOS!is; whdcli). helped consdderabJ;y bu t Jeft me with emotional scars; (4) checlcin.g into a hoS\Pita1 foil' driet control, Blackwell's extensive community but I was erro'nem isiy rushed to activities include positions on the the maternity -ward; and (5) Boards of Nashv,_ille's my emotiohs 'out in the opeii Better Busmel:!s_ Bureau, the Boy .and jus1; screamling at someone, of Ine ([ would reLease niy teriSions I broke one niglht by eating the Cambridge puts it, through many only I had in 'the house sessions with a New York psy six lemons and a tube of toothchiatrist, the slimmer Godfre y paste." -has dev!lloped a mebhod Cambridge has, of course lost ing his c()nsumiPtion of food we .ight befo1re the recent slim. ming, only to have it return J.ike "I keep a secret little book the swallow;s to Oa pistrano. This in whd.ch I lis._t aiJ the time,. however, he feeis confi-I eat. or drink (luring the day,'. dent tJhat it is gone for good. reveals cautiously." "I kee-P There is a new Godfrey close tabs on my calories Btit bridge phychologic alcy. I never let all(Yone see me writ Soul sea rching and trial and ing iil the book. And :t. error have brougM to cer-get up ifl the morning, I sttp tain cooclusions. Why, for exinto my' rubbe>r suit for exei' ample, ddd he eat cises to resQnably fit; as "IF or a time ii eat, 'he well a;s take vitamins. to rep!Em-ish my body, confess, "because I was de-pressed or wanted to get back. "IMan, if you do aH tha t, how at someone. In6tead of getting can you help blllt stay slim and. i1atter beautiful.') .,_. ; Umted N?bons :thE[ tJhrough _eating." Young Men's Chrisban Associabon. .. 11n addition to "realizing' tJhat In addition, he is an active mem/ her of various othet groups Jn-Nashville 'in 1934, attended r eluding the NAACP, American A & I State University and Management Association ttie University of Tennessee. He. Ci' ties Program. : an4 the Nashville is married. to the" former Katie Urban League: '-Be tis, and has three daughters and y;ho was borp In a son. \ AFFAIR The reeent 21: <:ity: Indeed a festive occasiqn.-' The gr.oup is enjojing its 51sf year/:" the large gatli'eril"ig at the.-Elks-. Rest were and Horace t < : :_ ,::' > ); : :_'r ; 11 '1lttle ,\' : '- :Jtever ftitrt ... < :'';i. ..... / ."' .. /"' TEfco Tampa .. .. .. ;;r:< .. ... >--,-.,, / .... ; : : / ,Is' 'n ; :, ..... _, !f ul_e ,,\ ... ,0 ;. ::-' tltat caUSesiBlJiJI*tl#: I '. .,_ "<' :' .--);;: ... school's out for the s uniroer, ; for kids to earn extra ,Thetriib>ts:! they -fqrge_t)f.ait Thal way, the111selves futUre; jops ; are who /have. c9mpleted little .3. later .. .in a better start, faster ._: -. -.. _-.: : ----' '. _:,._ ..... ; ,, .. ll' ... ... ;, 'r : .. ,. '1' I : ..

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    . PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. a n(l Fd. -G _et !Joth Editions 6, 1 972 __ : -.... o ', -I .. : ', .0 t .. ;.' < ALL. FLAVORS JELLO SAVE 4c USDA TENDER -WHITE GALLON CAN SAVE 30c GALLON CAN 8 -__ EEF-818-FRESH sLICED % sucm c Ci 8 ut reen _eans < s T E A I( s PORK LIVER PORK LOIN OR 20 to 30-LB. Ave.. Pork. & Beans 79< ib 69c Lb. 19c Lb. 59< No. 10 GALLON cAN SLICED FOR CROPS Cui IE Wrapped Free FIE STOlE SIDE PAillliG II, FRONt AIID REAl FlESH. -FRYER -CHICKEN_ w I N G s USDA LEAN TENDER 3 u.s. $1 BEEF. TWIN -FRESH FRYER CHICEN, L IV E R -STEAKS Lb. 79c ''. LYKJ:S PORE PORK -SMOKED SAUSAGE_ Lb. 69c :FAT BACK WHIT' E BACON Lb. 49c uso A For Char-CO.aling Lb. 15C BEEF CHUCK = USDA FRESH FRYERS Lb. 27c USDA Tender Juicy EEBF CHUCK ROAST Lb. 59c .F.I LET Lb. $1.09 PURE LEAN GROUND BEEF Lb. 49c FRESH LEAH -BEEF .KIDNEYS Lb. 1Sc -FRESH MEATY NECK BONES .-!b 15c DIXIE LILY SAVE 15c -, GRITS PINE .. OIL : 5-Lb. Bag PINT BOTTLE. 29C --. 49c I DIXIE LILY_ WAXPAPER il MEAL RITE -5-Lb.-Bag Roll 19c 49c_DIXIE LILY LONG GRAIN RICE 8 Lbs. $1.00 JERGEN'S MILD Soap. 3 Reg. 19c SHASTA DRINKS 9c "FRESH SHELLED" BLACKEYES OLD MILWAUKEE BEER 6 Pak 99c SAVE 20c POTATO C H IPS Big Can 99<. Twin Pak 39C ,_., I J I '-: : :

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    Fla. SentlM1-Bu11ellln Publialie&l every Tuei. inti Fri. Get Botti UittoiiS SHORTENING SAVE 40o SAVE SO' MARTHA WHITE. SAVE 30c Snowdrift FAB Giant 42 Oz Can -. -ANDRES OR JAQUES BONNETT c Size COLD DUCK ... Bot. .. $1.79 -Reg. $2.29 I : GOLDEN RIPE .BANANAS. Lb. 10c FRESH GREEN Blackeye Peas 5 lbs. $1 FRESH .CJIISP CARROTS Cello Bag 1 Oc. FRESH TENDER BABY. OKRA lb. 39c PLAIN OR SELF BISDIG LYKES. SAVE 2Sc VIENNA SAUSAGE 5 Cans $1.00 : LYKES SAVE 25c 1 .... ':-POTT' E D ME4T S Big Cans -: GOLDEN CREAMSTYLE SAVE 4Sc DEt-M.ONT' E CORN 5 303 Cans $1.00: SALE ,SAVE $1.00 CANDY SALE BUTTER NUT '. BIG SLAVE 4 1/zlb. Bags $1. BIG TIME .ARGO. CUT GR.. BEANS BUSH In .SAUCE 8 Cans $1.QO 'RD TOMATOES 4 21/z Cans $1.00 ... .-. : I .... I THE REAL THIRG. SAVE SOc PROGRESSO : SAVE -GOLDEN (o(a .COlas .. auarts $ oo T O MAT' O S :AUCE .. ---M 'ILK-: -.. '... I --.. 8 Cans$ 00 Tail $ .Oo. PLttS DEPOSIT I : i OVEN FRESH REG. 2 FOR 59 c I BREAD 4 King S 'ize Loaves 99c ) 1 .-fOODS 4 -.jj MORTON'S FROZEN -. NABISCO REG. PRICE 53c OREO COOKIES 15 0 -z. Pkg. 4Sc FRUIT P IES 3 For $1.00-. MORTON'S SPAGHETTI oR MACAROJfl \ RENUZIT SAVE 47c POT PIES Each 15c, : AIR FRESHENER 3 For I $1.00 SWIFTS HAM EGG TUNA CHICKEN SALAD 'FROZEN COLLARDS. TURNIPS OR MUSTARD GREENS. 3 Big Bags $1.-00 ; .. i. DELl SPREAD 3 7 Oz. Cans 99c COUNTRY ROLL OLEO 3 Lbs. 49c : SUDSY GREEN PINK LEMON I I LIQUID DETERGENT. 4 32 Oz. Size 99c : ; .FRESH MILK .... % Galltn .. .. 49t :

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    Fla. SeDtlnei-BuUetla PuiHsla-..r _.., TuM. Ulil Fd Celt Bc4 I"AWolli TAMPA:5 r-. :NiGHt. ''. BEAT By .JOHNNY JACOBS cently bought the building adjacent ()rlando : .. au o .. AU and : :Pf club in the ;Officers \ evening at 8 at the Jibrary: ; our -' ,:-_ The CLUB OASIS, Tampa's deputy will h:>ld ele ctlon of ; 'VVf>SHINGTO : N -The State soul spot in the area cers: be on time. : 'i. partme11t has .. three for a Iorig time, has gone Pool Eoyal Court No. 205 wiJl Table and GO oo Girls. The new a dinner Saturday w t?: 'South Africa on manager, RALPH MON'l'OTO, in Jackson st; : :. c Is plannmg to send formed this corn e r that he is go-Mrs. Mary J. Day, a .;_a fotu:th. ing to keep it simple and to the.. of Lily White Lodge No. .20$ ,......., Point. Just a nice place to relax, Shiloh Baptist Church an d other The officers and their duties named in a letter from our _EIGHTH ANNUAL ing the Jpast 'year, wh0.n the love ly sip your favorite brew, play pool, organiations of the city is con.-;:.,, Or Watch beautiful Go Go Girls In fined to Florida Hospital. ; A.h. su.ire, Assistant Secretary 0 'DR GR ESS ED. moN. D uring th'e -GRAC. E SHERMAN became its : s t t f C .. 1 R 1 t' .J ,. action. All of this with no cover hers and friends are asked to a !3 or ongresswna e a -.ear of progress o n tlie black en< ownei;. MRS, SHERMAN, now reto s en ater Jacob K Javi'ts Repuk charge So if you are in search for call .her or visit witli lier. Mrs. tertainment front, many covering from a period of illness d lican of New York, a -member o a nice, quiet evening ; RALPH--Alice L. Blackshare, a chartere &.ave be en ,.;,ade. Some for tl1e in the Tamp_ a General Hospital, has the "'en ate For e1'gnn"lati' ons CoJ MONTOTO sends all of you a_ soulmember of Lodge No. 205 is con-,.., .1....:; m and some riot so good dqne great wonders with the ACE ful invite. to Orange Memorial.' Please mittee. Star .. ting w ith my soul ,.orother; And when 1his corner let us visit our sick. d 't' I t M r Abshire said iii hfs-letter, .,.HARLES THOMAS, out at the says won er15, I s re errmg 0 RENALD 0 DEMINQUZ prov1'dRo I C urt """ns 77 and 145 -"' !U -" y.a 0 reply to an inquiry in fJOuliul. ONE-STOP-INN, his 1>t6g-bringing of the brothers ed KING ARTJIURS INN with will hojd of June b- teasuies that you and your black rothers arid sisters like During y growth here in Thon otosassa, J have lost money and I have hlade money : I '-have lost :noney With brothers and sisters, and i have made money with my brothers and sisters. The most rewarding thing here that my 'customers are not really customers. We are more like .a family We understand each other's pcsiI am here tq:, mor:!cy, they come here to spend money, we base ourc relationship on -tnese facts. I have been capt::!in of tnis old ship for m:my years. Many 1inies we ha.ve sailed irilo i-o!.Jgh but we llave aged to stay. afloat. Like the song Says, united we stand, divided we fall. Together that's the reason the. ONECSTOP-INN hasn't fallen.-" This corner would like to congratwate CHARLES THOMAS, his sta!f the oNE-STOP-INN for main taining so much soul. 1 Speakintr of One of our soul spots ln .. the hay area dtd fall, SOUL CITL BALLROOM ; This was a joy house for many 7-'AMPA NIGHT BEATERS This. !fas the place for a weekend of toul. Stars like JOE TEX, BENNY WILD (). V. WRIGHT, ARCHIE -BELL ; ftND THE DEI;LS, t h e lovely and -manr, more lel't f09t_ prints atop the Stage of the SOQL JJITY BALLROOM But all that'sleft are of the past, and that all roads in the bay area lead to .SOUL CITY BALL JlOOM. The soulful ACE LOUNGE in West Tampa really went soul dut"-Political Revue.-_ -By SANDY MO:r-lDINO (Continued From Page 17) (Bull) Conner, the former Birmingham police commissioner who dominat e d the news in the ten s e 'civil rights struggle in tha f city 10 years ago, out of his state job as president of the Public Service C omtQission By b e tter than a two-to-one vote, voters in the D'emeocratic primary runoff gave t heir support to two term State Sen. Hlimmllnd of Valley f!ead Con ne r was the police commis sioner who authorized the use o t firehoses a nd police dogs on bl ack demonstrators in Woodrow Wilson .Park in Birm:lngham in the early He was elected to the Pub tio Servic e Commission eight yt>ars igo and re-elected four years ago PRODUCT Of U.S..A. lllh: $Piltf01Sfi11D FRDII GWOJ MfGm'SDRY GIN CD:,ll11., UMDUI, N.J.

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    !'AGE THIRTY-TWO JONES KINDERGARTEN GRADUATES POSE FOR CLASS PICTURE The 1972 graduating class at Jones Kindergarten pose for theirHicks, Felencla Lee, Satura Long, Sementha Marie Riley, Louis dass picture at the end-o(-the-year Clothing certificates Coefield, Llzzetfe Mitchell and Moneca l\larie .lones. that say they are ready for the first grade are, from le{t James NAACP Gets June 7 Deadline In Eustis Police Probe HEW: Boston Schools Segregated iEUS'l'IS -After fai-lmg to produce any substanbiai evidence of police m 1 isconduct in the Sompong Pursley case, NlAtA!OP officials were given a June 7 to furnish tJhe testimony t hey had promi sed. City commissi01ller.s set the date after no NAIAOP representatives 1appeared at the furmal hearing on the c!ha:rges last F rlida.y. WHlEiN 11.HiE hearing was authe NIAIAOP had indiohat they would offer names, information and sug. ges tions to support the inves tiga tioo. However, there were no Ni.4J:\CiP officials present du ring the allday hearu1g. City attorne,y Neal Hueb sc h told th a.t he h as not heard from NlA.ADP pre chapter T. H Poole since tJhe hearing arul sug gesied wrillfng OOEi&SCiH SUGGtES'I1ED writing' Poole a letter to infol' m h rim that the investigation will be closed and the results turned over to committee tmless there is s<>me indic=ation of a need to delay the city's action of giving him one day's notice of the hearing but was told tha.t additional time arrangements could be made.' WASHINGTON-In the fhst compliance action against a mojor Northern school system, the Department of Health, Educatidn and Welfare Friday cited Boston pub lic schools for a hearing on al leged racial discrimination againot black and Spanish-speaking chil dren William H. Ohrenberger, tht! city's school superintendent, was told in a hand-delivered letter that the distl'ict's application for federal funds "for new programs and activities" wllJ be deferred three months pending a hearing before a federal examiner. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers "It is my conclusion that the Bos ton public schools are. not in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and that efforts by the staff o f Lhis office. to secure your compliance by vol untary means have not been suc cessful," J. Stanley Pot '.the entire line, and. other Hi-fashion shoes, ancl an intimate knowle .clge of and people I tinger director o f HEW's Office for Civil Rights "The office of (HEW) general counsel has com pleted its review ot our case and concurs in this ooncluslon. '' The distric t has 20 days to re spond to the allegations. Pottinger said through aQ. aide that the federal action is "totally consistent" with President Nix on's proposed busing ban, and that Boston could desegregate 1 t $ schools without additional pupil transportation. Last fiscal year Boston schools received about $10 million in fed era) aid, officials said. T'.a"' 90-day freeze on new program spending would have little if any impact, coming at the end of the school year. Boston schools have a total en ro llmen t of 95,582 pupils of whom 30,653 or 32 per cent are black .. ,_: ... .. ... CP.E. CHAIRMAN f 'HE BOARD N. OT e .ITE BRQWI'f J)ltOwn&'WH SLUE 'l'A1>t : L slzES7to RIGHT ON WITH 52999 52499 sss oua NEwss,. oF .. 800 FPaokiiD NORTH GATE SHOPPING. CENTER Noted T ampans Cite (Continued From Page 17) hav e too many companie s still practicing discrimination," hQ concluded A local political figure Mrs Mary Alice Dorsett agrees thai there has been progress in thq but feels tha t t h people s f ailure to support a rna jor achievement by blacks is more i mportant. I was very sad when the Plaza Supermarket closed. As J stood there wat c hing the auction : ing. I realized tJhat it was a ved black day in my life in Tampa.',' The supermarket was one of th6 greatest achievements made bl a group of business conscioul young men and closed down be < cause of a lack of support the community "The excuses th; hid behind for n.ot patron) Izmg the store were ridiculous,' Mrs. Dorsett said. She is no11 trying to see the results of whal we are doing Some of bhe persons intervi&w&
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    Tuesday, June 6, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt Geit Both Edi tion!l PAGE THIRTY-THREE -------. .. ------------,-----S d S h 1 A d Church Of Christ ay c 00 n Bro. Byu c t James Norton, Reporter ODV our Lord's Day Bible s chool began at 10 with the supt. minis-The 28th Annual Session of the Sunda y School and BTU Conven tion which is an auxiliary to the Gulf Coast Progress ive : M B. Association will coo ven e at Highland M. B Ohurch fro.m Wedp.esday to Sunday. Rev. W M. Hodo is host pastor and Rev. B. Th e dford Williams is :IIoderator. The Sunday School officers are -Rev. Hodo, pres.; Rev E. Gor den, -vice .pres. ; --.:\Irs, C Lundy, se c y.; Mrs. -Ullie .1\'I. Sands, treas Board members ar.e: Mrs. W. J3: Powe-ll, Mrs. B. L Clay and Dea. J. Smith; BTU Of:icers are: Rev. Will-iams, p -res:; : Rev. B Johnson, vice pres: ; Mrs. H. !Martin, sec'y. : ; a1id --M rs: P. Porter, treas.; Youth Department officers: Mrs: ll\-1. Williams, sup eni isor; Siheny Porte1, pres.; V Smi t h Patricia Beatha, vice pres. and J. Cobbs, treas. in charge. Mrs. c. Lunday and tcr i"n charge of devotional ser-?1-Irs. Lillie s ands will serve, durvices. :VIelvin Smith led song in" the Bible lesson. A solo will service. Prayer was offered by be"' rendered by B. Smith. Friday the pastor and the le ss on was afternoon the BTU department also taught by the pastor. will be in charge. A so1o will be .'Morning began at 1 1 1 with Mr : SmJth leading' song given by Mrs. J. Tripplett ahd service. The scripture was read the Bible lesson by Mrs. ROSE Cobbs Friday night Rev. Ben by .James Norton, taken from Johnson will deliver the serSt. Lul{e 16:1-10 Mr. Norton also mon. He is pastor of Marshall offered prayer. The sermon was l\L B Ohurch aild his choir and d,elivered by' the pastor. His sub u shers will serve. M -rs. Gwen ject was The nanger of Wait. ing Too Long. McCulloug'h alw will serve, Eoibie study will be held every Sawrday morning the Sunday T hursday night at 7 :3<0:. The pu School Dep:artment will be in blic is itlvited to all of our ser-charge. vices Sunday morning t'he servi<:es will begin with Sunday Sd10ol. The moriling service will begin at 11 and Rev Williams will be in charge. The sermon will be delivered by Rev. Hodo .. His choir and ushers will serve. Sunday afternoon the BTU will Mt. Zion Gospel Chorus Dea. James Marion, Pres. Miss Amanda Issac, n ept. The serv1ces wilJ beg in on be in charge and Grace rMary 1Mt. Zion Goop.el Chorus will have rehearsal at 8 and all members are asked to be present. I Views Of Progress Village I By IRA LEE EHNIS Phone 677-1310 !lfrs. Brenda Tyson and son of their camping week-end 5001 88th St. will depart from the 'J\i.ay 26-213 at Camp Dorothy city by airways on Tuesday, Thomas Riverview, Fla. They June 6 ( Today) to s pend sum-were joined by Brownie Troo-us mer vacation in the state of on Saturday. All gh-ls 'bf t!Je Ohio sixth grade level p.itC'hed tents .Congratulations to !Mr. and in the wilderne ss where they Mrs. James Alexander 49(}2 7-Sth spent their week-end. Mrs. M-ar-St. who \vill celebrate their 7th jorie Anderson 7511 Troop Iea r'er Wedding Anniversary on Wed and Mrs. Jimmie L. Brad-!Py nesd a y, June 7. HQpes are for assistant accompanied the gir's many more years of. togetheron this trip. Miss Son ness for Mr. and, 1 Mrs. Alexander. dra Brown of Troop No. 751 1 at-tended a week-end of B ;rthday g:ree.bings to .Master with the Sacajua Neighborhn(){! Michael -Re id who will celebrate division at Withacoo chee. Florida tJis l.lth natal day on Wednesday on last w eek-end. The girls rom J une 8. Mk hael, soo of M r and. poSd only of sixth graders ex1 Mrs. Pe'ter' ('R'hudine) Reid 4815 'Perienced priinitive cam\P4ng in 86th St. is a fifth g -rader at Kings-tree houses. wood Elementary School. Mic. il\Hss Darlene '.Prince ol 5002 ihael als-O .expects to shoo tast 'Silth _.st. had as her week-end and bandages from his hand as 'guest, Miss. Slha-.ori Smalley, of results of ll r(l{!ent a:Cddent this Seffner week. --Miss Velmari.e Bristor of 4933 Junior Scout Troop No. 751 St. retocned to the village joined other TrQops of the Ca-last week after spending someloosa Neighborhood division in time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wednesday night with the wei. -choir No. 3 _andu shers No. 2 prograril bein g g{ven by -.,\; ill serve. The sermon will be !Highland M B Thursday morndelivered by Rev. Williams. ing the Simday Scihool ._. Sunday evening at .Rev. J. T, ment will be in charge. A Front L!nk: will be in charge of nne Ritz Adult Theatre Line Sunday SchOQl :Will. be diss ervice : iBTU hour will l>e obcusse'ct' by Mrs. Lillie Sands. A s e rved. Sunaay night at 7:30 solo will be given by Mrs. M. New iMa;c-edonia iM.: B. Ohwxh Williams and the introduction choir and u shers wilL serve and sermon by Rev. J. T. Link. Thurs-the sermon \vill be d elivered by day the Modern BTU the pastor, Rev. R. RO>binson. : wiil be discussed by Deacon H. M :rs; P. Porter will give the 11\-rartin and Mrs. P. Porter. resolution of thank-s. 'llhursday nigiht a joint ses sion Mrs Lillie 1M. Sands Rept. will be he-ld. ;IVk E. Porter will discuss tJhe theme. A solo .. AIIe. n .Temple No. 1 __ -will be rendered by M-rs. S. and the sermon will be discussed oy Rev. .E. Gorden, l\lrs. lola McCloud Pres. Pastor of iNew IJ\II acedonia M. l\lrs. Millie Horn, Rept. l3. Ohurch, and his choir and Allen Temp!e Choir No. 1 will ushers will serve. have rehear-sal Wednesday night F riday morning the Sunday at the church at 8. ALL .M:EJM-School president will be in .charge. B : E%S are asked to be present The Women s Department will be and on time. Enjoy the hesf m X Baled 'Films in cool .comfortable surrounding Phone tSth and .Broadway Adults 18 OR OVER PARTNERSHIP COLOR "You Ship Me Your Partner And I'll Ship Mine." ALSO TIAJU4NA Bl.UE COLOR "Biuec Love With A -MEW POLICY MOVIE CHANGES MONDAY. AID FRiDAY DAILY II A.M. TO. 12 P. M. -----------"----------------------:----------------:----------,---! ; : THE. DAY_ OF BEGINNING Graduation is one of tlie most important milestones along tl!e hjghway -of life, It iS a significant : --Yet, while it marks' the achieve ment of a successful program of training and : education ; it is an ending, but in a real sense it It is THE P4Y OF THE BEGINNING! 00 ..:.. .... That You Deserve The Very Best! THAT'S WHY YOU'LL A.LWAYS .fiND EVERYBO,DY Af THE FABULOUs-ACE LOU.NGE. N ALBANY AVENUE' ....... WORKING 'AS HARD AS. ANYONE -CAM TO mvE THE COURTEOUS SERVICE -YOU. AND: YOUR WIFE OR SWEETHEART, so RICHLY: DESERVE.-ALSO LIKE THE FRIENDLY .WAY-OUR TOMERS WELCOME NEW FACES. NO\WONDER riiy. BODY HAS SUCH A Tlfi1E IN OUR RELAXED ATNOS

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    PAGE THIRTY -FOUR Fla. Sentmei-Bullelt in Published every Tues. and Frf. Get Both Editionj / -JUBILIANT WINNER OF PAGEANT SURROUNDED BY CELEBRITIES Tues day, June 8, 1972 -School Busing 'Moratorium 'Racist: Jordan !NIEW YORK -PJ"e s id ent Nixqn's p ro pos ed mora tor ium on school busing for integration m 8 unts to a moratorium on man, legal and coosbitutional rights ,' .' Vernon E.---..Jordan Jr. ; executive director o f the Nabional Urban Leagu e, told the New York Ohamber of Commerce week : Jordan urged bu si ness l ea d erS to take, a public stand on the busing i s sue Whatever ther. sition arid expvessed confidence that they would. Calls It Effec.tive Vehicle is an effective vehicle for ,integrating schools and pro : viding equal educational tunity, and black people are' sol idly for it, Jord an successor t o the late Whatney Young Jr.; told 225 busine _ss leaders in Chamber ef Comemr c e s Great !Hall, 65 Liberty Then he blasted the. Nixon po iicy : "Now as we stand poised at brin)l: of final di sman: ,. tling. of the dual sclhoo! gystems ; the President has lent the weight of his ofiiice and. the dignity qf his position to the proposition that we can return to the days 9f se -parate-but equal' and has proposed to allow the retuni of 'Jim Orow sclhools and the usurpation of the constitutionai role of judiciary: t : MEMPHIS Jubiliant winner of the recent l\USS ESSENCE OF cosmetics and jewelry. Jordan., recalled his d.ays in TENNESSEE Pageant, l\Iaude Mobley, left center, is surrounded by Chosen from among 26 contestants, nineteen year lod, Miss < segregated high school. in Atguest celebrities, Isaac Hayes, left, Richard Roundtree, right cen!\lobley, a freshman at Tennes see State University in Nashville, won lanta, where I studied geom-ter, and Rev. Jesse Jackson right, after being presented with the hearts of the SRO crowd, and the vote Of the : judges, with her etry' from :beat-up; yellowing text; including:1 $1,000 scholarship from Burlington. Hosie.ry, song and dance rendition of an original tune, "That's A Woman," books used in 1933 tlie year of t ion in Acapulco via American Airlines, wardrobe by noted New and as a resu.lt of. her dazzling perforinance has been invited to my birth, by white stndents iii York designer, Chuck Sandford ; and other gifts of merchandise ; a New York City audition for Columb:a Records. the all-white high school." We knew it all alongl We'd like to extend to you our best wishesGood luck ancl succe_sq_ COMPLIMENTS .oF ......... 4, sTEWART C. Martin Lawyer Ul \ AND PERRY LITTLE

    PAGE 35

    Tuesday, June 1972 Fla. Publisned every Tues. and Fri. ll.o.f.h Editio.ns PA.G THIRTY-FIVE t.low keep the good work and good luck SOUL CENTER S UPR.MA. R K E T -3523 N. 22nd STREET Phone: 247 2031 FREE DEUVERY WE REDEM .StAMPS -'>.; r / 8AIIUCUE QIOUitD 1 -Oil-WHITE WAft tHIS PIG fHJ CUBE C H 11 C I Meol ols u.. 69c 4 Lbs. ... Lb. -. Lilt. 19< ;i 4 il. $1.00 IV FLORIDA SPARE ; -m 'MOnt: -. DEL MONTE NECK IllES m FRESH IEN,S ',pJ; S B BUNs 3 Lk 99< l tk $1.19 ... Lb. 49c 3 99c. l
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    r 11-UJ:. I Dl.n.l I Fla. Sentinel-Bulle4Hn Puhlislted every Tues. anCI Fri. Get Both Edition! Tuesday, June 6, 1972 THE SPORTSMAN'S L O U N G E '\ .. .. ; 't TOPLEsS Go GO .GilLS : .. ,: .: ... '/ BUDDY'S BAR'. TUOCHES l 'r .;' i _., 1 .. -. Under New Management I.' I _.,, .; .... :. ..,:.. : ... ::,::; drinks. TI-{'E liTTlE THE STA .DiUM -INN. -THE. BRON.)[. BAR : SAVO Y ooR. :CENTRAL AND SCO.TT AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT GENE'S BAR 22nd A .ND MAlLORY "SOUL VILLE U. S. A." tOME AND BRING .THE WHOLE GAHG : .. "" I "' "\,'r.-... .. -.:-:\: -_-IRVIN Manager ... Howard And Main .St For Fun And Relaxation The place to meet your friends! I 001 w. Cass Street N al walker I Manager THE PYRAMID BAR. 1 .034 CENTRAL AVE. .! ..... .... : Altrt FOR YOUR COMFORT ': ...... . :: ..-;., -:.. '\ -':-. 1':.. --.... .-. '.! -.. THE .PARADISE :THE GATOR BAR -' .. BAR 502 13h STREET -. -"2 BARS TO SERVE YOUu Air Conditioned For Your Cowfort 22nd St. and 26th Ave. Come One Come All Comer of 13th St. and Marion AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT GO GO GIRLS GO GO GIRLS TWO BARS TO SERVE YOU

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    ; i Tuesday, June 6, 1972 Fla. Senl'inei-BulleJtin Published and Fri. Cet Both Editions PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN .-.--c.--.----<-.< meaty ;z;zA. /de'kEP.. ;:i,(IST C'IIT ; ., \ C'HOP.S.

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    / .Fla. Publiahed every Tues. an'd Frt. Get Both Editions _June 6, 1972 Black Republicans Milw-aukee Death Arouses Blacks V. D. FJ. T ALLAH-ASEE -An all-white jury took less than two hours '""Saturday to acquit a young.-black whom five white witnesses accused of murdering a deputy sheriff Attorneys for 23-year-old David Smith depicted hi-m as v scapegoat for mistaken identifi cations by the witnesses to the September, llri'Q, robbery a -grocery. store. 7'he def;ilse called the wit-nesses "honest J)eople who were. honestly -nustaken" by what it ch,arged were misleading identi fication processes used by the sheriff's Smith was one oi five young from .nearby Quinf!Y-iotially. accused of the -crime. After two were 'COnvicted, Smith's: court-appOint aftyli .. de. velop-ed evidence ag : aliist; thtee :Jae\t<< .. sonville blaCks' -'. been coqvicted. -But the :x:e' :: fused to reconsider the of the initlai 'ahd held -men thl! stOr_:e. Tax Mea After Paither (hief SAN 'FRANCISCO _! Black Panther party leader .David liard, in prison for 11 .. police officer a-n<_i fac,i?g a tn!ll .... on perjury charges, IS also m trouble with the federal tax men. The Internal Revenue Service informed Hilliard that a cheek of his 1966 through 1970 income tax returns disclosed "violations c1' Jaw" and that its investigators have recommended criminal pro s ecutio n. The tax case was revealed by Hilliard's attorney, Char I e s Garry, who charged i_t was and parcel of the :istration's attempt to destJoy am\ commit g-ei}ocid e on the Bh:"k Panther party." Amendment L !\NSING Mich -bec;me the '18th state to 'ratify the proposed amen.Qment-to_ t).le U .S. Constitutio)l whicn prohibit discriminat-ion -:based on sex. The all male state senate it on a voice vote. 1he house gave. __ its approval last week : _:___ The amendment needs ratification by 38 states to becorii.e part of the Constitution. liL' i(' ;_. .-. : l : _, -' .. -, yours llow. The future is your W! look to you for hope. luck in the SEARS EFLECTION STORES I --. *--. 'i /

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    Tuesday, 6, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get_ Both Editions .. ___ ___: ___________________ PAGE THIRTY-NINE HIS HERBS CAN'T CURE THE WITCH DOCTOR LUSIKlSKI, South Africa A witch doctor's busin ess suffers 'vhen he has to be treated by a white doctor. So says Khotsa Seuhuntsa, a iegendary practitioner .or herbal medicine who is ailing at 912. "Only a few people are buying hrrbs from me now,'_' he says. "They have heard that I arri sic-k and that a docto:r is tre-ating me: They want to know whiy I am not treating myself." Sethuntsa is one of the wealth lest blacks in southern Arfrica. He has more 2!0, wives and is reputed to have fathered some 2Q;p children, the eldest more 70 and the youngest a year vr so old. HIE IS not bedridden in his bnight' blue self--designed man sic-n, but walks with Mo-st of his day is spen-t in a slhadowed alcove, surrounded by faded newspaper a broken cuckoo clock and othe.r a;ouvenil'S Sethuntsa''s fort!me i s based on his as a herbalist. Teos .of thousands of blacks,pa. id eagerly fur his specdal compounds and advice. What are his herbs used for? ''For colds, headaches and s uch-like things. And for love potions too." The latter may have fa.iled h i m, however. This illness has \\Teckecl my sex power. I don t know if I will ha v e any more i!hild-ren. The future looked much bDighter when the millionaire herbalist celebrated his 91Gth birthday_ two years ago with much pomp. Callers in easual dress, whether white or bl ack, were turned away by guards. A male servant "greeted one newsman at the door and carefully cleaned his shoes with a damp cloth. HE 1100rK three teenage brides thatyear from the neigh boring independent kingdom of Lesotho, where he was horn, as 1 part of a personal focei. gn poLicy. It is wise, he s aid, "to have good relations with my _birthplace which is a friendly state." In robust healtlh at 90, the portly Sethuntsa said then he ex' pected to live for "at least anotfuer huodred years. BUDDY-YOUNG ON PANEL PROBING. Bl(i I TEN RACISM: '' OHiMVI:IPI.<\IUG,. n.I. -The B&g 4'2-man staff. Ten has announced two new .iHe sa:ys four or five blacks steps designed to ease racial will be added tO the roster of tensions on its a thletics squads. its basketball_ officiaLs, brdngdng Conference Way: the number to six blacks and ne Duke says a commission com_. 00 whdtes. .. posed of sev-en former Big Ten Duke declared the. deci.sions football stars, including ex-tAll were not a 'direct'-result America Buddy Young, will coun-but were not "unrelated" to.' a sel the ::Sdg Ten' s atJhletJi c dirlong Hst of g-rievances presented e-ctors, coaches and Duke on 'all on hehallf of the Big Ten's black the p,roblems and I inequities facathletes. last Ma rch by Dr. Roed biy_ the black athlete." bert L.-Green, director of MicI>uke also 'says tlhe Big Ten higan State University's has added two more black-s to ment of Urban Affairs. its staff of football Olllfiicdalis GII'een's detailed list of \Wong making a total of three. on charged that the black man. was Rev. Sullivan Wins Business Week Award NEW YORK -Philadelphia's Rev. Leon Sullivan, founder of the Opportunities Industrialization Center movement and the first black man on the board of General Motors, won the third Business Week Awards for Busi nees last week. The announcement was made in the current issue of Business Week by publisher Charles C. Randolph. Rev. Sullivan was the only individual to receive one of the five awards from the 1hagazine. His award was made in the category of "exceptional leadership." The other winners were B:allmark Cards Inc. of Kansas City, Mo., and Dow Chem ieal "for improving the physical environment' through urban renewal and pollution c ontrol, respectively; and the Colqrado Economic Development. Assn; of Denve1 and International Business Machines of New York opirtg human resources." Publisher Randolph termed Rev; Sullivan as ."probably-the country's leading worker for black ecohomic progress" and hailed his qualities of "ebulli ence, drive, and 'persuasiveness." "Sullivan's most significant contribution to black econori1ic improvement," Business Week said, "is the Opportunities Industri'alization Center," found ed in 1964 in Philadelphia. Today, some 105 cities have such programs, offering 20 'vocational skills to some 27,000 people ./ a year, 70 per cent of whom are placed ip jobs. In Philadelphia, for example, OICs have plilCed just under 12,000 people iri jobs sjnce 1964. OIC" estim.ates that these graduates have a combined payroll of 1 $7, 0-mipron a year. still being discrd.Ip.inat _ed a.ga:inst and gene rally was .. not getting "a fadr shake." Buy From Florida Advertisers Your graduation day is a day to be proud of--'-and a day to ')Je-: proud of yourself. _With your education and diploma, many doors wil. I open to you._ If you choose, further can equip you for a highly skilled career in many fields.. Hillsborougli Community College is close to home, and offers many one. or .two-year' programs. We would be proud. to you inquire' andjpin us. America needs more young such as yourself sons ready to a goal and achieve "that goal. ; per-COMMUNITY COLLEGE SALUTES YOU! MULTIPLE CHOICE COLLEGE// AT THESE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: AIRPORT COLLEGIUM (Former Ai.rport Terminal) 4747 Columbus Circle Tampa, Florida 33607 Tel. 872-4851 PLANT HIGH SCHOOL (Community Services Classes) S. Himes Avenue Tampa, Florida 33609 Tel. 839-8461 DALE MABRY CAMPUS 4011 N. Lois Avenue Tampa, Florida 33614 Tel. 877-0555 PLANT CITY CAMPUS 1206 N. Park Road Plant City, Florida 33566 GORDON KELLER EDUCATIONAL BUILDING 39 Columbia Drive Davis Islands Tampa, Florida 33606 RCC DISTRICT ADMIMISTRATIVE OFFICES 39 Columbia Drive Davis Islands Tampa, Florida 33606 Tel. 253-07771 I Rare Wine $9,200 For Costs BnHie NEW YORK Four-fifths of a gallon of 1929 Chateau, Moulton-Rothschild wine was sold re c ently for $9,20o-a record price $2,000 above the expected top bid. The Jeroboam bottle, selling for $2,360 more than_ an identical bottle a year ago, 'was boug ,ht by Joseph }1. Zemel, exl!cutive sales director of a New York ..._ liquor firm at the annual Heub lein Premiere National Auction of -Rare Wines. A $250,000 collection of vintage wines was sold at the auction. A bottle of 1896 vintage Chat eau Moulton-Rothschild went for $2,600 and a of 1865 Schloss Vollra,d Germl;Jn Rheingau ..,--the vintage used to toast Bismarck on his appointment as chancellor of Germany in 1871-was sold for $1,100, a record for that variety \Are. natural tod. ay. It's you r 'day.::. Co ng_ ratulations. RO,SE PAWNBROKE.RS -1027 CENTRAL AVENUE TAMPA, FLA. \ PHONE 223-3592 /, '-... With your education as 'n:tomenJum, c strive the. best!. .. and good --:

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    -- I .. y ey.er.y T1,1es. an({ Frl. Both J!. 1 .... ,-,.-.',1, ;: ... ;._ ,, J9ne -. : .. YOUR HOROSCOPE AHlES (Mar. 24 -A,pril 20) .,.-, .... wee k and you JHay have to WATC H :your People ,wbo ,)l:evise your. bqdget s lightlF are ordinarily quiet 'seem to ta,ke Lu{!ky numbe r 1 8, color blue, offens e quickly. A s pecial <_.oc, (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)-c.asion to l oo k fonva1 :d .to and A DEQISION you .make h a s to unusual. opportunity. An im: l i e very ca refuHy c-onsidered portant de c i s ion i s Near the enci of the \Veek a surLu.cky nuinber, 3, color v.rthi te: .. prfse-a,nd .pleasant ar-TAURUS ( A p ril 2 1)N e w contacts. hold prom. THERE aie many things t.o bE!'' is e for the futtire: Lucky numd o n e and you will wapt to fit in tier 6, (!OLor yellow. a'n extra engagement without to.o. ; SAG IT-T ARIUS. (Nov. 23-D ec m uc h in c onveni e nc e. Home co n, ?2) .....,. RELATIONS in Jms iness tentment i s evident; 0Qtstanding Cl!ll fo.r reason and tact. There correspondence is cl eared up. are hopeful signs in a personal Lucky numbet. 7, coll?_r pil,lk and your hard work is GEMINI (May 22 cJune 21) .going to be r epaid. Wiat c h for THE earl y p art of the .week is .important news. Lucky number be.st for action. You are fltH of 10, colot blac k. energy and ideas; Face facts CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20') and don' t be put oft' with ex-PUT your worries a s ide if you cuses' A new approach promises have any. This is the tii11e 1for success with. an old problem: Re-gaiety and !ha:ppy get-togetliers. l -ax later in the week. Lucky And quick advance in tempo in number 19 color beige. mid-week leaves you little time CANCER (Ju11e 22-July 23-. for personal chores. Avoid talkYOU should.find this an ing business. Lucky nun)ber 11, ing week at work. is color wbite. needed at one point, but at all AQUARil'JS {Jan. 21-Feb. 19) other times you are in charge of PRACTICAL necessities demand the situation. Go out of _your way attention but there your respon-to help a friend at the weekend. sibility ends. No need to tire Lucky. number 2, color .. amber. yourself unnecessarily, Your lucie LEO (July '24-Aug 23) -has turned at last. Romarice YO.UR main worry is lac k of comes to the fore and an'outing time. The scene is set for an im-. promises to be delightful. Lucky }mrtant event iri mid-week, and number 4, color brown. you have to keep your mind fully PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 2.o)-on your work as confidence DREAMS and wishful thinking grows so do your chances of sue-seem -to intrude on routine and cess. Lucky numbe r 4, color this, doesn't help progress very green. muc h. Avoid arguments. A VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. 2 3 ) end surprise like1y Good time for GET together with your gayest mild spj!culation. Lucky number IMMIGRATION. SERVICE OFFERS NEW CAREERS. FOR MINORITIES WASHINGTON 'Fifteen y 'ears ago, Mrs. Pe eolia M. Perkins .left her home In North Carolina .{lDd starte. d work as a file clerk at the lm migration and Naturalization. Service headquarters Her latest proonotion came" just three months' companions. You_ may need 9, Color orange. here. .. Today, the file clerk Jar behind. aad Mrs. Perkins is moving steadily ahead at INS in a new career-the exciting field of The black now supervises 40 employees in a data processing the INS aMex office. ori January 23, and now the personable cheering up w.hen one scheme goes a little awry. You. can get mother of a teen-aged girl earns a base salary of all the cooperation y6u want: it's $9,000 a year. tlfree times what was paid when just a case of asking for it. she began as a file cler. k. Lucky numlber 8, color red. Mrs. Perkins (right) instqtcts 1\'lrs. Dolly Grif-LIBRA (&!pt. 24-0ct. 23) fin, District Heights; Maryland, who Is working at THE time is ripe for making a a keyboard in the. data input In the data proees change; don't be ,too slow to take sing center of the.lmmigratioa aad Naturalization. action. An impol'tant financial Service in Washington, D. C. -matter crops up around mid-R .i BODY REPAIRMAX. APPLY IN 1\I.UST. BE EXPERIENCED 1415 E. Busch. Blvd. ASK FOR FREDDY Musl Be Over 30 2801 .IEBRASIA AVEMUE UlliMAJE, INi coc.KTAII.s AND LOUNGIN. G fftf> ll AtdFENJOY OUR COCKTAIL .. 'HOUR noM TILL 8 P: 1: DAILY Barbara Davis,. Barmaid Owner The rightfully to those who have prepared for ,. 'it, who will now striding confidantly toward new 'to ,higher and along the route-s d 'esignated. c .ommerce, industry, public service, and medicine, I ... .. to, ncime :few.; LET'S GET ACQUAINT-ED THE, DREAM BAR ::,_ -::::-::.-:: .. --=---:;-;-:-; Lorene i\1cClinlon, Barmaid

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    TuNel'!baps not as ple115ant al$ his flir:st job, is for tJhe the state. lfJI.ttlejohn is ilhe newest spe_cd.al lnvest1gator and tlhe firS t black on the staff ol State Atty. !Donald G. N ichols. He started workln.g for the post office in 1002 and for it wa1 s a famiLiar ace in the ltivers!.de and Avondaie se!Cilions _of tJhe city. 'l1HiE NEXT :00 years, :l'eiikemEtDJt, it Was an U[l & nd down ; IHe was t;o th. e area witll iJhe 13arnet1l iNiati6nal Bank Buiilddnog his niafu _Ill rea, He served al!l tlhe floors of tlhe !Bobh we.re Jis.ted in .adr Ceuas. .to be foood," he saiq ,Q.kl btt work varies from d .a.y to day, ls no aet pattern on what wilt he s aid. A few yeart after his m lOOi, h worked with the sh'eriH s men. t a! a depuey \1 g-Qt .kniQW a lot ol pa pie while I worked !WI a depu have a g-ood for face. and my 'Witlh tfu.e s'ha -rlff's department is a:. heljp !4. my .presenifl job ". Littlejohn sa.id he was dened by the of his ot.f pal"ltner William IFord. Ford, )Vho died l:ast hag been a friend tor m 1ant years. 1 t Before joining tbe State torney' s o:ffiilce he was a bad1ifl for J!ldge Warren A Netson: !Littlejohn s a 1 y s he, has no tim or hobbies now. i ''[ played when 'I for the post &1tice. \ "JM. y wdte used t9 say I walkoi ed aLI day at work and tihed would walk al Idav ori my ofl go1f.'-, 1 ';r like fishing but tfu.e is!f aren't blitiiiJg now." Littlejohn came to vdUe with his p!l!rents from Sou{ CarOlillla when he was seve yeal's old. He has lived at present address most of life IHis wdfe, the former !IJaur : .Crowd, is the d'awghter of th of Ori>wd's B 1arbe r Slh on East Street. .She took over tlhe 9.t the l!lh.op aliiter tlhe death o. h er parents, ;

    PAGE 42

    Sickle festing Breakthrough Reported Famu Stuclent Ullion Building Hit By $7 5,000 Fire DSTON (UPtl) -A ma:Jot akthrolli'h in testing tor eicle. -cell whlcb affllcta ons of black A.mericans, was rled Wednesday by a team researchers at Tufts u'nlver-v SohQOI of Medicine. investigator Dr. Mor W.er S. Greeniberg chief of ROW AT YOD HEUBY ... :", roo.t Temple Terrace : ... TALLAHASSEE -Student, eatinQ" dinner in a snack bar fled to elj.fety night when a $75,000 fire destroyeq one wing of Florida A and M student union. The only injury reported was a sml}ll hand cut received by a fireman w ho fought the blaze, which bfQkEi out at 6:15 p. m. Fire Chief Earl said the cause of the fire -limited to one of the union's four wings_;,. not kno\vn. However heavy drapery in the Ebony Room ajJ!parently burst into flame first. The Top floor of the sixteen year-old, two-story structure housed the snack bar, which was in use. Vera Mills, a F AMU employe whose was oil the secon<_! floor, said she learned of the ;fire frlim 'young children cpfue into the building to buy food. At a special program a few days ago, special honors bestowed on Itayford B. Allen, left, the beloved principal of T, washington Jr. High School who Is retiring this year. He tured accepting a trophy from the school that was blm by the : Rev A. L. Brown, pa_stor of Mt. Moriah record (6,1 34) is held by forrper St Louls Star Stan Musial. 1Aaron had 1Jralled Mays, recenly from San Francisco the New York Mets by only homer on May 6 but Mays hit twa shl.ce joining the Mets. Aailon dosed the margin to one agaln with a pair o f home runs last week against the Giants. -Curfew Ufted In N. Concord. N C. -iMayor fred E. Brown taid TUesday wrus lifting the tew after an n1nth...lcit
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    ..... 1 '. --. n .,_ v. .... :< -----_ -'.0 -:.-__ -. K ,_ -. -----..... "" "-' ... (Mit Belli. _M__ l't.'UE. I finl Black Signs 'With WHA Out, .. ----Ali, a..,, s.t +-"":..'%-.. !:' .!"":; .. ";' "" ...,., ""' -b'""' .. Summer Camp .. itined bY tile World Hockey five-pound cake. malr.e the hookC!!Y ma:)orlt. WU-C Cball dWblebeadea-at T..a. Vea-as Ne Jociationi reg.ard bimael! lie O !Ree played two &'&m&& amp enge Florida's Ea.smatclillng Muha tion of bueball' Jaekie 'Robin--If the exa>ected the --Mbh Bo!Jtoo. d. the NJI.L. in ,ter Camp for crippled All a _nd JfJITfi Quarry, J tim o1. ba!eball'1! J aekis Robin man trom canada' s Nova !19S'7--58 and 413 .lsl lUIIfi0-61. Tar. dren and adults, is preparing for ry 1 younger brotber, wtW i. Callie was much Scotia gihettos to give a miU-get ol. abuae, M aoon dl-&ap-Its 12th annual summer ciunpihg held Tuesda y night June 27 tougher tbJan mdne White ae-tant speech on racial lnjusti.ee -peared into obscurity. and a summer enrollment -wu announced Thueday. knowledged today. "!He had to and complain of dd:smiminati.on "I neveT met -Q';Ree, but I of 376 campers from throughout 'l1he orig:ina.J date for tlhe S undergo all kind of hardships. in big time hockey, they were know about White said. : Florida Located in Lake County when fU:st !UIOouneed by PI' \ He couldn't e-at in restaurants doomed to diLsappointment "r think he had a few bad near Mount Dora Camp Chal lOOter Bill Millet of W1DL ; with the otlher guyz, he "The reason there aren' t more games. I 100 no reason why lenge Is a statewide recreation ol Ncv:ada WillS Monda &taY in tile saome hotels I must bl-lloC'k men playing hoekey Ill black man shouldn't be able and rehabilitation program of the ntf}llt, June 26, '1 say lp. all CJ! my years of pl ay Wbiite eXJPlalined poLitely "is to play big leagiUe hockey as Easter Seal Society and was e.a-. That date CiOillfilcts Wlith a 1 in g : hocl!:ey I have not been _almost all of tJhe top hockey-ploaywell as a white roan : t abllshed I n 1961 to help meet the weight tlitle fight in New Yor 'treated too -badly." ers from Clanada and the-e "!Every slna-the New York press by the New Jlt's that t he Negro whdrtes. But I've been treated The facilities at the 50 acre ama. The Lightwclglht ll!5..:round ork at dual un ve.ilin g population m Canad-a is legs than swell. I've never been turned Camp Challenge site are speecial-be shown on home tele '1 and birtbday party at a mid one per-c-ent, .mostly in depreMed .away from a restaurant Qr ho-ly designed for the handicapped, -&on. aTeas of Nov:a Scotia I have white roommates. allowing the campers to easil y The double header, to be bel have It tough !My onl'Y regret j :8 thrat I never participate in all camp activities a t the Conven t ion Center in Will Montreal Iris Davis Run In there and few of them get an a chance to play in the N .IH. which are planned and adapted Vega s will be telecast by cl i to play hockey, iL. I think I d(!'Served the chance. to meet the needs of the hand!-circuit to and arena-White related. -"IMy father work Providence Wlils a farm team of capped Included are swimming lr t also will be telecast oversea J ed in a foundry for $40 a wOOk. Oakland When time for .arts and crafts, athletics; an d Thtl of the ll iNIAS'HVIiJIJIJ,' Tenn. -Sprln. [t wasn't until my moved Oakland to waft a player, it algames m).ISlc, fishing and boatdrate was mede lteie by irils Dav:Is -of Tennessoo SMte to that. I got my lh.Hade1pihi.a. 1175 pounds. :Miss Dav:i!s, of Pbom!P'imo Wihi.tJe gnaduated to the Co-!Fla was unbeaten in lurn_Qus Ol].ookel'ls of the InterowtdOOr competition fTom 1.970 u at i{)nal League in 1005 and in until tJhe 'F'reed o m Games. She 11968 moved to the Pll'ovidence !boas sped the 100-m eters in lJl.Q !Reds of -the Amel.'liJCan League G;econds, one -tenili () a second where las t season he scored 3D oM the world record. goals and had 34 ass ists. TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY -\ or Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 THE REST OF YOUR LIFE rs Y.ouai RACES' iJtOO. MAIINEII I :45 _--MON.--WID.IAT -CLUB 5400 at DeSoto: I ..,.. l

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    Fla. Sentinel Bullet .[n Tui;. ana Frlf Gdt Both Tuesday, June 8, t 972 Southern Loses In Quarter Finals Of NAIA Baseball Tourney By FRED HEARNS Southern SID PHO ENIX," Ariz. -Any time ou score 2 0 runs in three games nd l e ad in all three, you should o w e ll in a baseball tourna-tnent. But Southern 'University's galJ an t Jaguars; who hit well all couldn't stop 1Jhek opponf rom doing the same and eliminated from the NAIA rea U Baseball Tournament 8-7 Friday, May 26 by Grand anyon College of Pho enix. i The Jags lost their opening m e 7-6 to Grand C a n y o n hursday but rebounded with a conquest of' Texas Wesleyan hursday night. -Sam Houston : he eventual winner of the tour'< had topped Wesleyan arlier 12-2. Southern finis-hed 0-14.. ; Southern entered the. tourney the dark horse favorite, wi* ix regulars batting over .300 nd two of : the best pitchers round : The sluggers -Roger ador co-captain Andre Moore, rthur Jones, Danny odwiri and Dale Brock ...:.. ame th. iou.gh time and time ain, but Sou-thern's pitching, .. 'th one exception, what t had been during the regular eason. That was a brilliant by 6-2, .(fBS-pound ]Wlil6i' rlglht bander Ester, who won Thurs: ay's and kept Sout}j.-f 'rn alive in the i ster gave up an unearned run m i e first in!).jrig btit sh6t out esleyan, for eig')lt striking out five, walking .. little League Baseball Camp Opens Soon ST. PETE RSBURG On 18, the Little Leag, ue Base all Camp in St. Petersburg r egins the first of four two ek sessions. This Ca.mp, and at the International "ijeadin Williamsrport, Pennare the only Oamrps by Little Base ; all. The emphasis at these ,.' mps is on t11e skills of baseall (pitching, hitting fieldin'g 'nd running) b\}t most other 'ports are as a s ke t b a ll, tenms, badJ_Umton, 1\'\vimming, recreational sl!-_ch table tenms, M)able hock'ey, horses!hoes, etc. A l t hou g h applications are ac cepted at this time for alJ four s e ssi()llS are to _their Dis Adn11mstrators, or. ite: Little I.;eague Base):>all ::f 0 Box 1?.36!), St. urg, Florida 3 3733 Or. Qa.ll: St. ete r sburg (?13) 345c8 5 85 1 Full details will be lnmediateiy AP the ties a.re au'7C'Ondttwneq a11-a eet the rflf;id standards blish e d by' Little Leagtie Base-l>an. Cavs' Afte. r Carr OK Surgery t -:-iOleveland Cf_!l f aliers Austin Oal.'lt W'll : eported comfortably Ul ;'. hoSIPital Wednesday a craft opel"a f ion on his foot. i The Nlata,9,q.a.l B asketbal!l Asonly two a11d allowi n g onl y fi ve singles. Jaguar junior l efthander Mil es Potie r who brought an 8 0 r e c ord and a 0 99 earne d run average to Phoenix wa s staked t"o a 5-0 lead in the :first Grand Canyon game, but was take11 out in the seventh inning with the score tied 5-5 A solo homer by Jones gave Southern the lead again, 6-5, but GC scored two runs off Jag freshman AI Rachal in the eighth inning to win With Southern trailing only 8-7 in the sixth inning of the second Grand Canyon game, GC second baseman Bill Catalanotte hit his second homer of the day to seal. it up for the home team. Coach Emory Hines goj; good hitting from Goodwin (five for 11, four runs scoied and si:x: RBis),. Jones (five for 13, tw'o runs scored and one :RBI) left fielder Smittle Harvey (four fqr i2, three runs sco1'd, j;wo RBis), and third baseman Ha,rper (four for 12, three runs scored, no RBis). Estei clearly was the ot.itind-ividual, three trip!,! wnile pitching _his five-hitter for the Best 'fAMED TRACK TEAM MEMBER RECEIVES WINNER IS TROPHY PHII,.ADE;J.PHIA, Pa. -Famed North Carolina Central University track team member Julls S
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    HELD.OVER! SOnlebody warn N1gger .Charley ain't running no JQOre e::: W E .: w '"' :, 'DID : \ 'l'tf '$2,000, Fe9eral as we pass mflestone in 1hat :. we our second million, we' th1nk it's .to say thank' tO .:all our friends and neighbors, and to .:._reqec:ficate our5e1ves. to improving -our. to.liimunity. : : : : ,:;; : While :co. n,m,unity. improvemefit ,ts.:: our oursevJes _-; :economic deye1opment within our volvemenf .in_:wmmunity' affairs reaffirm$. ;that mitment. -, We .will' taJ<.e great J'ride r in using to prc:ivide mwe: 'jobs. and : to 9f .ourpurcbasirig. into the commuliify. :A,'S:i#-&::!ilro?:, we will provide more. And .you, :-:. bors, .arehe(ping u.s get bigger every year; :'< .: : We are proud of tne services we {Cffe.r : and #le :' ._ ... :v./ay,yVe supported them shows r of i : ; : THANKS A 2 MILLIONl ].967. 197' 1 SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION-... .:: .. ., T i:; ;;/ : : :::, ; ;, ":.. : : ATHLETEs RECEivE AwAnns AT coMMuNITY : Eighth grade s*udents Donnie Williams and Wil-Shore -:rhey are lie Jones from left, -were named most outstanding awards prograi.)i. Tuestlay __ ... : -, ;: ;;k; In N. I. A. <--.. Dolp11ins -Will. .. BILLINGS, : r :::_ of Southern Mianu will : be records. tlticked Melvin Bassett of! !jort' Ca. : Jiaclt:. -. .. might be a. but-they kei-'t Central each earlU!d pla;ces .iJ:l ; : : "YcOli can take that as a prom us ,on. top, thars w!lat : counts,'' ])l.AiA. record ilast Jse,cr. a said ''ianswered M .liinphlord. .' end with hurdles : .inar'k;s. ." Lloyd Mumphlord, a co;rnerbftck Qllier at Camp .'BlandMilburn; the world fbr Dolphins, tilking .summer big incl\lded placekicker GB,ro. Ye. er, won no,meter Nationiu Guara duty at Camp prerili.an, runpirig -o back .,Hubert 13.5 seconds. His b&ttt#..:the Blimilirtg, ...... Ginn .and guard ,Iim Yanger RepNational Associati&i of. :Jillie,l!cGl": to the Bowl the New legiate rec'ord :oi -said -Mumphford. "He knows ots was foriner : Dolp4in by Lee Calliol,ltl in 1956 ;.,:. : } < to get lftere. The Randy:Edm_ onds. Bassett tied oilly charfge is not finish .. : ; the 400-meter htir dles m ing sico[!d;;h.est." -.. Mumphfgrd looking towai.a <.his final heat. The mark the carne!.'-: fourth year : the van .'SchierJing of Empor-\.::fiKanJ;; back' : season with Curtis cl'edits a former .Jacksonville State in 1968, .. ..;<--, Johnson 'but 'beCame' an invaluable coach, Cli1for.d Paul, now aS!li"St. Willie McGee of Alcorn A. ana, -. :tll witl,l his :thil)g. : an't-at Tt!xas Southern, with -M:-;" the winper .of the and field goal oping him into a :a vear ago s1ipped m bloC'ks tries. .. ". Offense .. was bag,?! :;aiil' and .. / ,'GQm' g :to th a lot Mumphfora. ''Coach :P.mil of Westmont to "1 woUld be nt title in the long Jump With .ll leap .. tlfP. -we$ spot and pour on the may iiot liav.e .. ever .maae it ofof 25 feet, iPh inches. ,: ; spee d ,'' .. "'!' fensively -with ; :' .:'! ,!'Recods? I'm not 1nterestf'd m 170 pounds.'' _,, W K t ky :credited '.!ipeed c en uc : : .. a & _M : quickness .as the -. niain.'asset:.lor-' S s Prep ; : \ '. : ;:;-r : :_ l!l n _._ .. -.... : : ,. [eague 'me l;urs, saveit \my life : more -.l haii orice m tlie : N.a-ooWiuLN"G :.oR. EIEN, KY .. ; T -'.. w -'-t standin g tio.Oai:' F1oatban League, .c.hlic1 ied u e .ams on .._., "' Western Kentu"""y -.. l;li ,AA Y 'i'hm 4 ........ 4--0 helpe'a )rie j get ; out Track Coach..Je:ry. ;bas 8 ... n..o:-2 of the way .of' so,.Jne. iiqge ofiti.s1ve ed the rogmng m ; D.aId ,.. . ,nJaunc --'Louisv: ne'$ < :JB!it. ;:, 3 .. _.. : 3:.:....U. 6-6 linemen and geUo a back '. .. agge:rs, l:L'Ulll "P.' 7 El St 2 !:r--7 'in fcir ati -NF_ L -ler High to an.om"o: Va l -... ', : even ore .. a-. J """ T 5 0.-4 5-7 player out pe_ r.for.zp-.be 'ttel' at i his I .r....nfe nee Jettw of intent' earn ey '\..iU re .. T 6 4--8 weight," empli asi ,ze'd' -with the iBiilltoppers, :, ; earn : >. .Jaggers has i)ersona!l bes :ts ; TP.Tam7pa tBar .. Muinphfol:d ite:.Can of 23 0 d 'tin 2..?0'--yam earn .. .. .. 0>-with -any dffensi;v:e; b ack in t.?e : dash," ilb.e High G-iu:rie: Rawl: .and: i:-53.3 in : the 860. H:is ing 189; :'E ldora Balrer i179, Diwith the', retime' is 4e.best run. by .li ane .Young .177. Ieiise ,_:, :. '>o .. 'S'Cihooler. IHligh Series:. Lucy '\gUys rure i'Naturally, aa:e !lelighted Rawling S0,6, Joyce IReddich 485, Bradshow: :and Jtin that r>avls has decided to come Eldora 47 8. .the trouble for : defensive to :Western,:' commented tEean. High G:ame: Solomon ... ,.1!\iey tr think hi.s biggest asset ls his _>Brown 227, iLonme 200., offi and -hit'lhe" versatility. IUs proba bly only .a lLeVIi 1911 ; '-. .. .. niatter of time bdore he ruo.s tihe Men HI gh Solomon.>, '"Our .. own Gi:Jese (Bob).-4s, @ckihalf 7 rnile ,1:512:0. .SOO, LomHe Wtlliams 526 ;,' .fng up the : speed with Raymond Shoats 4S6, .. 11rwr ,ill'act!ditlg s lie F. er R -. k a:;_se8S011. ,YI.lu::lf!. lW_ -WO 1J ,tng .. -, .. ). .. swoiien Finger'Sideirn'es M:a:fs Due .. F .. 0>)r : '.s 0 ,1 ins NiE I W YORK New York Mets t center fielder Willie .;underPO.RTL.t\'l\1\D Bob J).avis, sea sonr: :' -:..;.' .. \_;._' ... _. t went X-rays Sunday at Roosevelt second TOUDd dr.aft choice of -. ai Hospital fur a swollen finger oo the NIB A Trait Blazers, may with t hing hds right hand to under g o minor knee S':lfgeryj ';Vho injured the fin_ger The Oregon Journal sa.1d the yeli(:ll'*: p .1wtJ)l while mro a base agamst aperatiQ11 will be_ perforl)1ed early. the ?n 25, :, ,, tt;f/P,G. the ,.tj.i}j'r) enip ? Tlie J'v!e_ts" to by cl)-115 polly-ber. to mills the s1c1an DIT. Pet0r Lamotte. 'Dhe cal11tpwhich: .starts a week vJCt .. ... ,::-4 returned to his ap artment lll .New ed to be readiY folr 1'61'tia iid's re-.. a-, York. 1ular_ loser." -'

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    PAGE FORTY -SIX FUNERAL NOTICES ;w:; CAMPBELL, MAST E R WOR RIS TODD Funeral servic e s for !\'la s t e r Worris T odd Camp b ell of 3203 E. Hanna who p nss ed away June 3 a t Shane Teach ing Hospi t al--in Ga inesville, will L l' held Tu e sll.ay a t 4 p.m. at E A STSIDE F UNE RA:L CHAP EL with th e R e v W. H G or don officiatino;. I n t ermen t will be in th e fam ily plo t at S h a d y Grove C e m e t e ry. Worris w a s born January 28, 1!)71 and i s survived b y h i s p arents M.r. and Mrs. -.Willie Campb ell; 5 si s ters,' Brenda, Jacquelyn, R e n e e Sheeway ne a nd Wonjen; 2 bro thers Willie and Windell, all of Tampa; grandmoth e r Mrs. Be s sie 1\fo.ore of Ft. Pierce ; 6 aun ts; 2 uncl e s and a hos t of other sorro\ving relatives and friends. llis bod y wiii lie in state at Easts ide Funeral Cha_pel until 11e'ar flllleral time. The fu neral will form at 3203 E. lianna Ave. at 3:4-0 y.m. EAST SIDE F UNERAL CHAPEL in charge of s ervic1!s W 3!'1 CARD OF THANKS TAMPA-T h e family of the late Mr. C itrti s Jacks on Pinkney kn own a s T e ddy wishe s t o ack nowl e d ge with g -rat e ful ap p r c ci a ti o n th e a c t s of kindness and s e rvi ces sh omt by friend s and n eig hbor s d11ring th e passh!g-of c-ur l ove on e Thanks to n e v. I .. C. M ann and !\'It. Zion A.ME Chur ch. Sl}Cci: !l thanl( s to Wil son Funeral Home for services rend e red. Signed: Mr s. Rosa Lee Pinkney, Moth er; 1 daughter, 3 brothers, 2 si s t e r s, grandmothe r and s pec ial fri e nd l\'liss B e verl y Kingand all the res t of the family CARD OF_ THANKS TAMPA-The family of the late Mrs. Vir gi nia Parker would like to thank their many friends and neighbors for the many acts -of kindnes s es s hown during their bereavement. May God bless 'each of you. Si g ned: The Family. MEMORIAM .:_:. In memory_ of. motlu:r, Mrs. Olivia Hill who passed June 6, 1971. -Slee_p on !fear mother, 1 its. God who t)lought best, from this world of sorrow to a lovely place of rest. The land_ Day by day_ we 'w!II be strjvlng to me 'et you in that _fair. He avenly home up there where sorrow is: unknown. 'sadl/ by children: :.:Mark C (qrtis, Julia. and (;ora,-_ and host of and frienl!-s lt1E_MORIAM TAMPA.:...In memory. of my bus band, Joseph Byrd who passed June 2, 1969. We loved you but God loved' you best. Gone but llt't for'gutten. Signed: Mrs. Effie Byrd, Wife; Children; mother, Susie Byrd and family. Death Notices WILSON FUNERAL HOME Mr Arthur J _ames Speights, 3619 23rd St. Miss Lillie Bell Donaldson, 2418 E. Ida St Mr. Eddie M; Thurman, 3202 SANDY SAYS 79, 44. It Is not he that enters upon any career, or starts in any race, but be that runs well and perseveringly that galns the plaud its of others, 61, 34. or the ap proval of his own conscience. 59, 66. HEAD START YOUNGSTERS RECEIVE CERTIFICA'1 r..:> 1 in the IJead Start pr9gram at EJlastine Pittman. Oran g e Grove Elementary School receiv e d certifi c a t e s showing their readiness for first grade work. Children in the top photo are from left first row, Stac e y Henderson, Darryl Lewis Wanda Barkley Tyrone .Johnson, and Andrea Anderson On the second row are EOith Davis, Anthony Bate s and In the picture below are, front row from left, Travis Robinson Tina Tony Katrina Austin Me lissa Tillman Regina Williams and Reginald Braggs; and standing behind are Ernest Collins, Trac y Washington Roger Gilb ert, Carol Thomas and Jerome Barker. -tained. a motion and 3econd. that Union Foreign an ofiicers be re,efectd witlr a fe w cha!lges_ or addHiolfs 11he 63-rd sess-ion of. the Union niil4e. Mrs. Eady reForeign School and BTU-placed the -Iaastor; : Rev: 'I'. -M. Cr.awfo;rd, re-tary .. Rev. C Bridges was made PreSident, D .' R. Reddi ck; tFJinanci al Secretary, Rev. F.BiasPresident of the BTU DPart' ingaoe was. elected second vice Rev. F. Oubl>y, Moderator. president of tlhe S. S: detiart The erirollmen.Vbeg-an Wednesment and D.eacon NQ>rm-an Inday at Noon and_ tasted through wa. s .made Seco nd yice Sunday n-ight : '!1he local -Program !ptesldent of the-BTU was well attended with in -any ; cli.oks in -and out of town, ser Th, urs_day m-ght, the sermon ving. The respon'se was by Rev. wa-s delivered by_ M?
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    Tuesday, June G, 1972 BUSINESS REFRIGERATORS RANGES Re pair. All makes. Quick service. Phone 988-3273. LAWN MOWER REPAIRS P ICK UP AND D ELIVER with in the limits. Ca ll 248-2580. Ask for Vito or Oscar. VACAN T HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY reconditioned homes in Progress Village. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAK ER, REAL TOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 Nor.th 40th Street Open Saturday .and Sunday NO CREDIT??? Ha,ing Trouble Buying A Cu you ai;e short on Credll Payment? LET ME fiRLP YOU Call Bill 232-4891 OR SEE ME Af SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 FLORIDA AVE. EMPLOYMENT POLICE PATROLMEN $7,493 -$8,452 yearly. H.S grad. Age: 2130 yrs. Must meet height, weight; and vision r equirements. SURVEY PARTY CHIEF $6,489 $8,il7il a year. INSTRUMENTl\'IAN $5,:t04 $6,489 a year. Starting salary based on trainIng and experience. Apply: 4th Floor, City Hall TAMPA CIVIL SERVICE BOARD WANTED: JNSiRUCTOR IN. Practical NursWe have well equipped lab; Cooperative affiliated institutions; Master's or Bache----lor' s degree in Nursing; R. N. aceeptable. For furtherinfor mation call collect or write to Director, Oc .cupational a n d Adult Education, North Florida Juaior College, Madison, FlorIda, 32340. An equal opportuaity employer. WOI\IEN WANTED NEED EMPLOYMENT! Now is your opportunity to work aD4 be trained at the same time. Need several women that have a lllesire to become either nur lles aides or business secre taries. Must be willing to start immediately. Call Dir. ector at 229-8381. WANTED: INSTRUCTOR IN Cosmeteton: Must hold Master Cosmetologist. Certificate and Florida Teacher's Certificate or eligible for one. For further iru-ormatioa caU Director, Occupational and Adult Education, North Florida Junior College, Madison, Florida 32340. An equal opportuDity employer. Fla, Sentinel-Bulleltin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PAQE FORTY-SEVEN EMPLOYMENT MATURE EXPERIENCE D Fe-male kitchen Able to work split s hift. See Mrs. !ivan. PAL. l \'IA CEIA GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB. 1601 So. i\tacDill. PAINT UP. SPRUCE UP now FOR SALE CASH FOR YOUR LOT! I WILL PAY up to $2, 000 for lots with sew e r and water. Marson, 8 76-1063. HEY!!! PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO ROME LIFE FAST CLAIM SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORDS that Spring is here! Earn the $SO DOWN. cash to pay for it all as an NOW YOU CAN buy your own beautiful new 3 bedroom home for $20 down and as little as $67 per -month on FHA 235! Ca ll MARSON ENTERPRIS. ES, INC 87 6-1063. INSURANCE Avon Representative. If You PROGRESS VILLAGE like people and love making HAMILTON AGENCY money, get the facts now Call: 3 BEDROOi\lS, wall-to-wall carTampa, 87&-3242; st. Pete, p e t. :Uust see to appreciate. 4593; clearwater, 4 42-9656 .. 1720 North Nebraska Avenue : ___ l3 I chain link fenc e, large b a c k PHONE 229-1879 FOR RENT TIREDOF WORKING lon g h ours for short pay'?'? Eam $150-$20D-! yare!. FOR RENT I 2 BEDROO.i\-fs unfurnished, I'Onrlition, stove and refrigerator, a ll electric. I & M APTS For Spiritual Advice CALL OR SEE $300 .week as Account Execu-\VIL ti:!IEJlT WI-LLIAMS tive. Must be neat-have own liJ 1 transportation, pleasant person-Realtor ,1002 Lemon Street. 258-5151. SIS. BRADLEY Phone 237-1821 ality, be wi lling to train. PHONE 251-4049 Call: 3 BEDROOJIS. 480288th. $75.00 deposit. $75.00 monthly. See MRS. ALLEN, 4813 87th. 677-7256 after 6 P .M. or Weekends. STONE FOX fliAGAZINE T h e fast growth company, 237-3321. Operators on duty 24 hours WDAE RADIO NEEDS ANNOUNCER immediate for D J and news work. About 30 hours a week during SOlDmer vacation a nd 12 hours of p ermanent week -end work thereafter. Must have exi)er i ence ond 3rd class F. C. C. Broadcast license. Apply by phone Monday 9 a.m. and J2 noon 229-0404. I MMEDIATE OPENINGS for General Agents. Salary, commission and fringe benefits. Contact: Mr. March Bell .Jr 221)1 21st Avenue. Phone 244-05g 1. AFRO-AMERIC AN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. FOR SALE WANT A NEW HOME? $200 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. Call Equal Opportunity n!!velopment Corp. Call 257-3201. VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY reconditioned homes in Progress Village. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phoiie 988-1252 7838 North 40tlt Street ;, Open Saturday. a ad NORTHVIEW HILLS HIGHLAND PINES PROGRESS VILLAGE DOWN c. UTIUB A. EYAMS, IEALTOB Phoae 253-3054 CADILLAC $495.80 1961 Fleetwood Good Coadition FINE F .U1IL Y AUTO. Original owner. Phone 254-7784 after II P.)J. IN CHARMING RIVERGROVE ESTATES. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, I Florida Central Heat, Air. FHA financing available j HAROLD J.o'HANKLIN, REALTOR Phone 879-0560 ----$50 DOWN I MODERN Ct:MENT BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, sto.ve, I refrigerator, $10,350. P. & I. $68.54 for 360 months at 7% I mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER I 872-2729 or 839-1422 LISTINGS NEEDED. 'ERRORS Advert is e r s are quested to check the first appearance of ads for corrections. This newspaper will be -responsible for only one incorrect insertion, ANY ERROR I r I r I I I I l 3410 E Lambright Avenue FUHERAL DIRECTORS WILSON'S FUHERAL 110ME "0111' ,nosiness Is Service" Phone.s: 248-6125 245-2032 PUGHSLEY Funeral Rome 3 4!12 26th STREET As impressive as required As inexpeushe as desired Phones 247-3151 or ROOFER, PAINTER, Carpenter or Plumber Your labOr on 4802 88th Street. can be down paynient. 3 bedrooms. Balance at $65.0 0 per month. Plus escrows. C A S T L E H 0 M E S. 253-5321. 1 SHOULD BE _______ F_O_R--SA_L E _______ REPORTED ROCiE-RS FOR SALE 3 apartments, 204, I IMMEDIATELY 204%, 206 West Ross Avenue. Small down payment. No quali-CALL 248-1921 FUNERAL HOME 4605 3 _41h Stree! Phone 233-9302 or 258-0764 258-5151. 1--------------.; HA VE y recon-AUTO DfSURANC dition e d homes in Progress ViilMMEDIA1'll; COVERAGE at a !age. $50 down. Call HAROLD cost that correspond& to you BAKER, REl\llrOR. driviJig_ hlston. Phone 988-125! Jack Berry 626-6194 LADY ATTENDANT wE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS" 7838 North 40th Street PUBUC SEB"'CE Open Saturday aad Suday WI FOR SALE Big_ Lot Ia Jacksoa Ills. NO !\lONEY DOWN montll. HOUSE FOR SALE. $500 dowa. PHONE %47-!Sl! -WEST TIMPl $%00 DOWN-FHA %35. 3 lltedrooms l llf.t bath. VANITY IJOMES, INC 1119 North Armeala. PlaoH %51 3531. VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon-I ditioned homes in Progress Vii lage. $50 down. Call HAROLD j BAKER, REALTOR. I Phone 988-1252 j 78.38 North 40th Street 1 Op e n Saturday and Sunda;r J.-$12,500 FHA $400 DOWN I THIS HOME has just been hesh-l l y painted inside a nd out a nd f I is as dean as a p e n. Has 3 plastered b ed1ooms, a ir-con diLiouing of course, chain Iink-fence front a nd back yard nice quid deade nd street. j payme nt $88.00 per month. 1 pl us Call today o n this 1 one. I t won't last lon g 1 IIARO LJ;> BAK E R. Phone 988-1252 MAIL YOUR. AD REliT OB BUY! LEASE 8B IIBE! UU. R SEll.! H words er leM wUl cost u. per edltln aDd lie eaeh adfitioaal werd. ft. jou neetl ltelp a Wl'lthll your ad, er:.te fi1141 out llow mutib larrer ads wm Just eaD "MISS RESULTS. '.' at IU-l!%1. PJe.ase eadose your check or molley enter fM ad yo'l wish to hue pabllslld. WRITE YOUR AD RERE ... : ... .... : :o ;. ; .. : .. ._A .. -J:, : : Under what classification should we' publish _your. ad? ......... Your n a n1e: ................. ... : ; > :. .. : :: ... :._.. .-Your address: .. ... : ...... : .......... You r fclcp hone Numbe1 ... ..... .... ..... ... .... ... \ ; "'t '! \,!, FLORIDA SENTINEL-BULLETiN, o'f-' -i: 7838 North 40th Street I Ope n Saturday and Sunday _______________ .._ _________ .......;

    PAGE 48

    PAGE FORTY-EIGHT Fla. Published every Tues. and Frf. Get Both Editionj Tuesday, June 6, 1972 tARMON'S -THE FATHER OF FURNITURE BARGAINS A specially planned sale for dad! Make him comfortable on his day and every day! Take your choice of quality recliners and swivel rockers ... even a smart chair for his office! Take you choice ... plastic upholstered, contemporary, traditional or early American. I'WO COMPlEfE fWIN BIED-EIIS!MIJ!!S 'IAfURE SOLID fOAM M.A ........ Super-firm! Super-smooth! SuPer $ 99 comfortable! Full 3 foam ,mat tress-you r contour sheets wili fit. The at.tractive decorator strip ed co vers ar. e extra heavy for long wear: Two complete twin size beds for less than $100. TWO COMPLETE FOAM BEDS Two 3" solid foam mattresses. 2 scroll top white plastic head-boards decorated with 5 gold button s 2 matching box sprin gs com pl ete with legs brackets, aud hardware. 3 INCH FOAM. MATTRESSES .JUNE 18th BELONGS TO CNLY THE FURNITURE KING COULD MAKE YOU THIS FANTASTIC OFFER! -. : 5 ".'' 2 PIECE SOFA AND CHAIR BEAUTIFUL STYLING THIS LIVING ROOM GROUP WILL LIGHT UP THE WHOLE HOUSE .......... MAKES INTO EXTRA BED. CHOICE OF COLORS. WANT EASY CREDIT TEBMS? EVERYBODY DOES! THAT'S WHY SO MANY PEOPLE }J1JtJliluAJz 9M. 8ANKAMERICARD LOOK TO LARMON'S FOR. A R M 0 N II BWHEY iOYDAY 1324,.; 30 E. Broadway _-_ .,._ OPEN FRIDAY HIGHT 'TILL / s P. M. P HONE 248 -2557 Plenty Of fREE Parking On Lot In Rear Of Store

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