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1aJ'llled. You are invited to worsbip with us at ;my aud all times As our pastor' says. "this is !be church where everybody is S4Jime. b00y St.. Luke AMI Rev Jolaa E. PaAH Mrs. Defia Pfmie&ta, llept. Services begaan. at l1 witJh choi.r No. 1 and \loS!hers served. Holy communion was ad lll!in.istered. The pastor was as sisted by Rev. G. E. Jacllson, .Rev. T. Jacobs, stewa.rds and The same order ol sendee was carried out in bhe u sual lll:a.nner for the evening worslbip. The pastor deliivereverbs 5:6 and P salm 1 1261ih. The subject was :Committed F aith Unto GOO .... The Thi:rd Quarterly Confer ence will convene on Frida-y niglht throughout Sunday. Pres,iding Elder A. D. Rurton of the Tampa Fia. Dist. will All organizations are asked tO make reports and all members a .re asked to be present. All are asked to pray fur the s ick and sh ut-ins. The weekly activities remaifl the S'ame Clioir No. 2 and u shers will serve all Sunday. Allen Temple AME 1112 Scott Street Rev, H. M. Nelson, Pastor Miss Beulah Gansey, Rert. 'the chairman of the men'S' day Mr G V Stewart is gratef u l to the men who attended the last breakast held. This Sunday, S. S. will begin at 9:310. Sunday is children's day. 'I1he children will be in charge throughout the day. Come out_and see ehlldroo in act ion. Mrs. The1ma Benton, Mrs. Cora B. Larkiins and Mrs. C. E .banks will be in charge. All activities of the week remain the same. Remembe r the and shut-ins Visjtors are l ':elcome to wors'hiJp with us. Pastor's Aid Meeting 11he District Pastor's Aid meet ing for the Apo sto lic Church of .Jesu15 of Lake Thonoto sas..a Mis2 w ill be held Sattuda y r>ig-ht at 8. The & peake-r w ill be :Jissionary S te lla Hunt Mis s ion''.l'Y GTeen will be in charge. Bis h o p J. H Lee, is pastor. Metropolitan Chorus Mrs. Jes!'ie Hidgon, Pres. l\lrs. Goorgia i8.elle Reporter The :uetropolita n Gospel Chorus w ill have reh-ar sa l Saturday ni ght at & at the home o f the All membe-rs are a s ked to be present and on time. New Sal PB Ite5 Nebraska Anue EWer lt. B Boward. llliaisiel' Mrs;, Catllerine W1lliam11, Jte ... Serviees aY week we-re Spirit ually filling. Sunday !!e'.I'VieeS began with ehuroh sebool. at 9 :30 with the. supt. IDea. Saulsberry in cba rge. The les son was taUght by the teachem. 'Morn i n g wol'Sihip was conducted at 10:4.'> with the Board of Dea cons in charge of devotion. The choir No. 2 and b he senior ushers rt'nd'ered sHvice. The pastor deli vered the sermoo. There were several V'islitors and there were three joiners. On Monday night ot last weell New Salem began celebrating it's 67th Ohur e b Anniversary and Homeroming, Every night w as a great success in a s .piritual and weleommg way. At 3, 1lbe tinaJ prOgram began. The Clboin! we-re beautiful also very hlgh in tlh& s1p1Ldt of Stinging, to a mass crowd. All this week the Y oong O!ri&tian Women s Guild vra.s. i n e!barge. of prl!lyer week whlcth was srul stirring Kid eac-h llligbt gave everyone something to fea&t oft next day. Tonight (Friday) is tlhe end. 'IIhis Sunday at s the rites. fll :Baptism will be by past and Let w not 1!orget to pray the sick and V.isns are a1ways wekom tiO w:idt.. us. darinc .. end 11tl ou.r seTvi'8eS. Mea's Holsey Day At Teple -Men s Day will be oilserved at Holsey Temple Sunday Featured spe.Uer at 11 a.m; will be Dr. C D Coleman, General Secretary of the General Board of Christian Education of the CME. Church with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee r. ColemM i s a na tive of Mississippi a graduate of Mississippi.. Industrial. Collee-. Holly Sprmgs, Miss and Lin colD University Lincoln, Pennsylvania. At 3 P. M Men's Day Greup No. 8 under the leadership of Steve Kelly, will spons::-r a Sing ing Convention" featuring sevt:!r al leading choirs and singing groups At 5 :30 P.M. the Rev. Cornelius :Bryant and congregation of Williams Temple CME Church in Winter Have n, will be in service and at 7:00 P. l\L the Reverend P. H. Ramsey and congregation from Hoods Temple A.ME Zion Church and the Rev. Alexander J o nes a nd congregation from Mt. Sinai AME Zion Church will be in worship Freeney Clayton and Albert A. Colem a n are chairmen. Summer Vacation Bible School will begin on June 12 and con tninue through June 16th The se s sions will be held from 4:00 to 6 :30 P. M. at the c h u rch. Tabernacle Baptist Rev. C. H. Sheppard, Pastor Sis. Mari]yn Short, Rept. Sunday sehool will begin at 10 a.m. with the supt., Willie Mae MacDon a ld in charge and all other teachers are expected to be at their posts and on time. The pas tor will review bhe lesson. M'Orn ing wo r shi1 p beg. in a t 11 a .m. wi b h the d e acons seni ng. The N o 2 C'hoir and the senior usher b oard will serve. The pastor will deliver the message, !Eve-ni n g w o r s hip begins at 6 p m with the same choir and u shers sening. The pastor will a g a1in del : tV'e r the me-1/:>a ge. :Cv ervone i s asked to visit and pray f o r the sick and shut-ins. Mt. Zion Ushers No. 1 Mr s Adell Hudson, Pres. Mrs Helen Fesser, Rept. The 1 u s h e r bo ard of New :m. Zion :'IL B Church of which :R.ev. B. J. Jones i s wi!I meet at t he churc h S aturday at 6. Th e president is aski n g all membe r s t o please be pres ent. n d o n t ime.


Several readers from m i I e s around have come up to tell me of the "near-uncivilized manners" being shown at the downto'A-"!1 Tampa Theatre by some of my black brothers and sisters whenever a black-starred movie, such as the current 'Nigger Charley" is featured. I know the report's !.rue 'cause me 'n downton gent, Mr. "L. L." got our fill and went back to TV movie retirement after trying to see and hear the movie, Shaft, with an ;)f folks, :black like me. Are we going to tRke the once beautiful Tampa Theatre and tear it nearly down and infest it as we did the Lincoln, Carver and tral Theatres, before we had great men to come along during our time like the !ale Medgar Evers, Rutledge Pearsoa, Dr. Martin Luiher Kiag, Jr., the Elijah Muhammad and W li i t n e y Young, just to mention .a few, and sllow us that we too can ae "'Black and Proud?" Something we :had been led to believe was impossible. A movie is a place where you co to relax and see something. Not where you :G to taik loud, cur.;oe loud, walk up SJJ.d down the afrs;les trying to he seen. No &ne 'tv.ou:ld think of paymg two do1!ars fifty eents t0 see that you can "plat yoor Afro," curse l()ud, mow just how little you know of -c()ITected Eo.gtish. And a movie is not where a fe&], ratller Wise mGfiler WeiDll take her infant c:hiid 9: p.m. at But sbollld the n:li!Jt.iter or dad haw to tmd illhe lcid starts getting fretful, dtm'lt start whippin and cursing or yeFor ad live life abundantly. We need this Book. it gives ul strengtl1 for daily living, indivi dually and collectively. Let 111 d,st it <'ff and use it ,.,-is-ely. L-et us read it daily, read it tive1y, prayerfully and it clla'l lenge us to a nob:.er Ii fe. let us seek to live thnt life, waiJklng with confidence in -God Uhtil traveling da,ys are done. ACTION TV & STEREO RENTALS 4016 N. 22nd-237 330& .Psychedelic Bar IE Jape leeks Stereos Porlahle and Censele Calor TVs Also, Cmnplete ._ Eatertainmetd Cen!!rs : 10 1CIEDIT CHECK Nl IENSIT Free Delivery Free lerme up Ta 21 :llods IIIBenl ,.W applies lo


PAGE SIX Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publishe d f'Jvery Tues. a'nd Fril. Celt Both Ecli1 tions Saturday, June 10, 1972 NAACP COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST ANT ----r::SS&ii Miss kose M. Thomas, .17 year old daughter. of Mrs .. N. es is a 100 per cent supporter of the membership campaign of the T;mpa Branch NAACP. Miss Thomas was from R?b inson High School on June 7, and will a. special education pragram at th.l! University of South Flonda dunng the month of .June. While a senior student at Robinson, member .of the Anchor Club and the Inter.Relations Orgamzahon, and mam tainell an impressive academic average. Citizens interested in helping Miss Thomas in the NAACP $1000 College Scholarship Contest by becoming a member of the organizati0111 should eall l!er mother at 251-5923, or mail in the memberfee of $4 to Miss Rose Thomas, 1118 Main Street, Tampa. SUNDAY IS WOMEN'S DAY AT HOOD TEMPLE AME ZION .All things are for the Women's Day observance at Hood Temple A M. E. Zion Chu:clh Sunday. Spealdng at tlhe mornmg service at l.Jl A. iM. wHl be Ml"s. Bessie L. Williams of Tallahassee. S'he will be introduced by Mrs. Elizabeth Neal, a member of Hood Temple .. Mrs. .Ella Brown will give t

Saturday, June 10, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publisluid every Tues. and Frf. Gelt Both Edition! PAGE SEVEN .,.,_ .... Angela Munoz was told by folks at the Manger Jnn, where she Is employed in the manager's office, that she would be needed for extra duty Monl!ay evening. But, when she arrived in 353, coworkers and friends had gathered for a bridal shower in her honor. The nice affair was a complete surprise to the pretty bride-to-be. Urban League Seeks Jobs For Teens MISS HELEN LONG The Tampa Urban League is attempting to provide summer jobs for teen-agers between the ages of 13-17 through the Save-A-Youth Program. This program is designed f o r those youngsters who are in need of employlffient so they can contribute toward the purchase of school clothing etc. We are in need of more j obs for the 400 or more youngs ters who have applied for work You are urged to c all the Tampa Urban League if you are in need of someone to babysit, to serve as a companion for elderly persons, to do odd jobs or to mow your lawn HomeoWners .are asked to supply their own lawnmowers because of the program's limited equipment. For further information on wage guidelines, etc. please call 229 8117 and ask for Miss Helen Long, Coordinator. The program is scheduled to begin on June 14. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS Mrs. Ruth Jordan, 1506 Union Street, will host a meeting of the WEE BANKE RS CT,UB Saturday evening at 8 o'clock THE LEISURE HOUR SOCIAL CLUB is hosting a party to-night at the American Legion Home, 2504 29th Street. Members of the AZALEA SOCIAL CLUB -are having a party Saturday night at the Armettia Temple, 2717 18th AV'enue. There will be a nice door prize THE CAREER GIRLS are having their first party of this year at the American Legion Home on Saturday evening at 8 o' c lock. A meeting of the JUST US SOCIAL CLUB will be held at 6 P. M Saturday with Mrs. Rose Sanderson, 1806 N Boulevard. Mrs. Francis Robins::n, 2401 Louisiana Avenue will host a meeting of the SUPRE;\JE SOCIAL CLUB tonight at 8 P M The group is planning a Pre-Fourth of .July Dance for July 1 at the Labor Temple. Members of this club are Mrs. Elizabeth H a ll, president; Mrs. Betty Anderson Mrs. M a xine Davis, Mrs. C a therine HollinMrs Sandy Snow Mrs. Johnny R o yal Davis, Mrs Francis Rob in s on and Mrs. Ann Harris. THE AMERICA N BEAUTY CLUB Is meeting at 8 P M this evening at the residence of Mrs Estelle Graham, 304 W Palm Avenue Members will bring cJVered dishes, and the birthda y c elebrant will be Mrs. Matt ie 1\Iatthews. Notes From Tampa Lodges A meeting of LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 11 will be held at 7 P M M onday at 1511 C e n tral Av e nue THE ARMETTIA BENEFIT AND BURIAL SOCIETY J.ODGE :e meetini at 7 :30 P. M. Monday at the temlpe. CHAMBERLAIN HIGH GRAD Beverly Zeigler, daughter of Mr. and :\Irs. John Zeigler 4405 38th Street, was graduated from Cham b e rlain High School on June 7. She was a member !Jf Future Teachers of America, a Stul!-ent Council representative, and vi c e president of the Phi Teens. She will enter Florida A&J\1 Univ cr sity in September. ENGAGED Mr. and Mrs .. Joseph Chapman announce the engagement of their daughter, Doris Day Chapman to Albert D. Duggins, son of Mr. Fre d Duggins. Both are 1972 graduates of Plant H I g h School. The wedding is planned for 8 P. M. on .June 23 at Ebenezer Baptist Church, and the reception will follow at 315 W. Francis A venue. KINDERGARTEN GRAD One ol the graduates of Saint Paul United Methodist Kindergarten W ednesday evening w a s Dreneen Williams, daughte r of Mr and Mrs. Henry Williams, 4908 79th Street, Progress Village Dreneen will enter the first grade at St. P aul in the Fall. If you Want a Home for $200 Down. -Paymts. as low as $67 per mon th Dial a Home and Listen 879-5350 RECIPIENT OF BEST TALENT AWARD Hannah Mae Vicks was. judge d the winner of the Best Talent division of the "Miss Black Te enage Tampa" pageant at the Sheraton Hotel on ;\lay 28. She is pictured just a few minutes later with her trophy. YWCA .MEl \'IBERSHIP TEA Mrs. Cancerina Martin, chairman of the YWCA membership committee, and Mrs. Emma Sh e ll exe cutive dire ctor ; announ-:e that the annual membership tea will be on Sunday afternoon from 4 until 6 P. M. at 625 Twiggs Street. A nautical theme has be e n selected for d ecorations. Ladies who will assist are Mmes. Irene Carr, Fannie Stone, Ethel Davis, Eva Pride, Jual Jones, Leverne Vogt Mildred Douglas, Willie Baldwin Birdie Farrar, Dorothy Ward, Nancy Andrews, Mary Amaro, Jessie C. Williams, Anth e na Brown, Ella Johnson, Rebecca Clarke, Susie Padgett, Ruby Sanchez, Inez Sparks, Louise Daniels, Raye Felder, Doris Wilson and Johnnie King. Working with Mrs. Martin on the membership committee ar& 1\fmes. Faye Kenna, 1Mamle Shields, Henri Phillips, Beatrice Morgan and Naomi Burch. MARRIED 35 YEARS Congratulations to 1\'Ir. and Mrs. A. A Douglas of 1002 LaSalle St. They we1; e married 35 years on lV1ay 28 AT FAMU GRADUATION Motoring to Tallahassee last Saturday to witneSs the graduation of Mn. Yvonne Ephrom Aikens from -Florida A & M University were members of the Ephrom, Gay, Burns aDd Nathan families. Mrs. Aikens is the daughter of l\Irs. Willie MaeEphrom of 19th Avneu& and Mr. Robert Epbrom. IN HOSPITAL Mrs. Addie Hudson of 206 S Dakota Avenue was recently discharged from Tampa General and is now a patient in St.' Elizabeth's Hospital, Room 225. KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION The graduation program for the Wee T-ots Kindergarten will held Sunday afternoon at 2 :30 at Greater Morning Star Baptist Church, 5th Avenue and 15th Stz:eet. children who will receive certificates are Barbara Godfrey, Nita _Jones, Berna_dette Norton Verzonia Molland, Jennifer Hopkins Faith Michelle Ste phens. Kawana Green, Yolando Daniels, Gail Murray, '!\llcbelle Kearney, LaFon Derr, Gall Gennette Denise Anderson, Twella l\Ioore, Tanya Pelts, Prince Chapp,ell Michael Blallco, Keith Spencer, James Bell, David Cole, Erne!lt Toliver, James Henry, Matthew Walker, Artimus Holley, Larry Owens, David Perry and Vincent Gentle. The supervisor is Mrs Elizabeth Curry. PRE-FATHER'S DAY TEA SPecial gifts will be given to fathers who attend the Pre Father's Day Tea Sunday afternoon from 4 until 6 P M at Carver Elementary School, 1142 Laurel S t reet. The tea is being sponsored by Usher Board No 1 of Beulah Baptist Church. W L. Lockhart Is the president, and the Rev. A. Leon Lowry is the pastor. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL The Deaconess Department of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gar dens, 402 5 Palmetto Street, is sponsoring a Vacation Bible S c hool June 11-16. Classes are from 9 :30 each morning until noon and refreshments will be serve d. Mrs. Ruby McGhee is heading this summer proj ec t. CONTESTANTS HAVE PARTY Contestan t s in the Blake High Dads contest will have a party Saturday night at tne Duke's Rest, 1519 North B Street. Frie nd s are invited PRE-SCHOOL GRADUATION EXERCISES Wimberly' s Pre-Sc hool graduation exercises will be held Sun day at New Salem M. B. Churc h 403 N Oregon Avenue, at 3 : 3() P M Those to receive certificates are Ja Jaun Renee Cain, Jacquelyn Carroll, Yolanda Clayton, William Davis, Toni Davb, Grf'gory Harris, Andrea Lynn Hopkins Tia LaShaun King. Clemente Lopez Tla Toray March. Andre Lorenzo Pease, Andrea Starling, Martin Santiago, Tncket: Khnberly Gail Washhigton Pm-tia (Conllnued oa Pal I)


PAGE EIGHT Fla. Published every Tues. anJ Fri Get Both Edition! Safurday, June 10, 1972 Mt -Zion AM 111 S. Da"!tota Avenue Rev. Y. B .Bruce, Pastor The Sunday school department llas taken on new life under the direction of M-r. Ronnie Pilcher 18nd his staff of officers. The 13chool studies "What Is The Devotional Life," on last Sunday much interest was manifest-ed Mr. Edward Palmer, our assistant supt., will be married in [..:1.\vtey, Florida Satmday; the chmch received the announee, ment, also invitation to a recep t.icn here at the Dukes Rest Sunday at 6 p m. Mr. Palmer a graduate of E.WC,' is employed with the city recreation Dept. We wis h him arid his bride mucil lw'JP iness. The attendance was very good fn all services Sunday; the spirit was at its peak durin!!. the 1:1:00. worshin when Pastor Bruce preached from the subect, Jesus. the .Absolnte .C:on of God, taken from 4:12-13. Music was rendered bv choir No. 1 and 2 co)nbined Mrs. Alease Washington at piano : Holy communion was 18dministered by the pastor. assisted by Rev. Mrs. E. M. Williams, lltewards, stewardesses and deaIConesses: usher board No. 1 al-illo served. Visitors were Mrs Augut Green and Mrs. Everlene Wjl Jiami!, wife and sister of Mr. !August Green; Mrs. Dorothy Clemons; Mr. Montgomery and Mr. McClendon. Choir No 2 will be in charge e>f music Sunday with Mrs, Azoll'a Livingston at the piano. Ail hour will be given for our pastor, who will be leaving from Jacksooville June 17th, for Dallas, Texas, to attend the New Macedonia MB 3402 E. DeLeuil A venue Rev. Roosevelt Robinson, Pastor Mrs. L. Owens, Repol'ter J-ast Sundal}" services were very inspiring begin-nina with S. S. The morning and evening messages were well delivered by the pastor. After the evening message, communion was served. This Sunday, S. S. will begin nt 9 :45, morning worship at Ill. There will be no evening ser vices at New Macedonia. The church will be in the S. S and BTU convention which will be held at m.ghl and Ba[!)tist Church of which Rev. Hodo is pastor. New Macedonia will be in charge nf the evroing service. The pub lic is invited worship with us. General Conference. where he is sc heduled to preach June Rev. Bruce is a candidate for the Connectional Department of Evangelism. Building Rally A Success The Building Ftmd Rally recently sponsored b'y the Trustees of Mt. Zion terminated May 28th with ronal amount raised $2,477.50 on oul' mortgage indebtedness. A trustee meeting an, d church conference is called by the pastor for July 8th. Mlr. 1William Stewart is vice chairman, Mrs. Beatrice Black, Asst. chairman. Congratulations to Gerrick Phillips who graduated from Plant Higih tibis week. He is the son of oul' secretary M rs. Hertri M. Phillips, g:randson ol Mrs. Sarah Floyd. Our prayers and sympathy go out to the Hopkins family .and to all Olll' si<:k, among whom is tM!rs. Lillie James and Mrrs. Dorothy Debose. First Baptist Church Unto In Garden 4025 Palmetto Street Rev. J. A. Stephens, Pastor Services were wonderful throughtout the day beginning with S. S. The supt. gave the review. Closing remarks were made by the .pastor. Dea. McGhee and Dea. Young led devotion during the moming service. The No. 1 choir and ushers served. The pastor delivered the sermon. Evening worship began at 6 with Dea McGhee and Dea. Mill er leading devotion Another won derful sermon was delivered by the p -astor. Communion was served. This Sunday The Home l\f ission Society will be in c harge of the morning service. Many will p-articipate on program. You are _al ways welcome. St. Peter Apostolic church 3303 E. EUicott Bishop L. R. Mills, Pastor Mrs. Allen, Reporter S. S. began at 10 with Mrs. V. Bdng, supt. in charge. All teac1hers were at their post. Morning worshn : p at 11:30. service will begin a.t 8. Tuesday n,i.glht, mi.ssdona,ry serviiCe and '11mrsd:a1y is regullllr service. Remember rtle l!'ick and shut-ins. Plans June Weclcling 1Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McCul lough announce the. engagement of their daughter, Regdna Denise to Curtis Cbawell. 'The brideelect is a Oif M&.ddleton MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY tcOutinued from page 7) Maureen White, Lanita Bernice Johnson, and Leon Winters. HOME ON LEAVE M/Sgt. Frank Bell Jr. is home on leave enjoying a visit with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell, 3919 Spruce Street, and his god mother, 1 Mrs. Katie Dawson, 2601 18th Avenue. He will return to Beale Air Force 'Base in Maryville, California on Saturday, MEHARRY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ELECTS OFFIC-ERS New officers of the Meharry Medical College Alumni Associa tion f.Jr 1972-73 are Dr. John H. Smith of Dertiot, president; Dr. Alma George .Jackson, Detroit, president-elect; Dr Raymond Pierce, Chicago, first vice president; and Dr. W. W. Andrews, Tampa, sec ond vice president. DINNER GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Tunkins of 418 W Amelia Avenue, served dinner to relativ es of the late Mr. Willis Tolliver. Guest were Mr. and. Mrs. Leon Minor and :\Jr. and Mrs. John Pinkney of Bronx, N. Y.; Mrs. Nellie Shepard ef Los Angeles, and Mrs. Isabelle Tol-... liver. Others enjoying the dinner were l\'lrs. Lillie Ross, 1\lrs. Ellen Benjamin and Mrs Delores Hampton. CHILDREN'S DAY AT ALLEN TEMPLE Children's Day will be observed Sunday at Allen Temple AME Church. At the 11 A. M. service, Miss Gail Gordon, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Gordon, will be the speaker. Others tak ing part in this service will be Michael Kennedy, Annette Quarles, :Beverly Bell Faye Miller, Michael Randolph, Jewell Ann Dove, Tyrone Brenda Huntley, Romaine Johnwn, Michael Mullin, Inez L:vnett Watson, Gloria Ann Kelly and Bernice Harvey, The Junior Choir will sing. During the afterno:m at 4 o'clock, the coronation of and Princess will be held. Vying for the honors are Valene McNeil, Cleo Pilcher, Debra Davis, Larkins, Monica McCray, Tim othy Richard-son, Robert Jordan, Willie Braxton, Kenneth Daniels, and Harold Trend. Program participants will be Shelia Smitb, Saadra Taylor, Sydell Barnes, Allen Temple Rbythm Band and the Gos. pel Crusaders of St John Progressive Baptist Church. !Mrs. Thelma :Benton, Mrs. Co.-a IJ. Larkins and Mn. C. M Ebanks are the supervisors. Hligh Sdlool and resides at 3201 E. Hanoo Avenue. '!be groom is the son Oif MT. CUrtis Chappell of Meridian, Miss., and Mrs. Gerladine Cba;p.pell ol. Tampa. The wedding will be an event of Jooe 10 at tile Col]e.ge Hill Chl.R'Ch of God In .2512 2fith A venue. Uacle Sam's Help Could Make il lappeD FOB.YOU!! A home of your ow. FiDel out DOW. Call 879-1541 "SNAP BACK .. BRAKE REUNE OFFER! II IE TIIEUP 95* Install brake linings on all four wheels Inspect master cylinder and hydraulic brake hoses Remove, clean, inspect, and re. pack front wheel bearings, add ONLY except disc brakes new fluid and foreign cars Adjust all four brakes NEW Wheel Cylinders if NEEDED only .................................. $7.50 each *DRUMS Turned if NEEDED only $2.50 each FRONT GREASE SEALS if NEEDED only $3.95 pair *RETURN SPRINGS if NEEDED only .. .. .. .. 50 each Master Cylinder, hoses, wheel bearings extra cost if NEEDED. HOW AT YOUR NEARBY GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES TAMPA Easlgale 5202 N. 22nd ST. )pea Dally 8:30 to 5:30 At4wl l!e habla Espanol PHONE %37-3361 TAMPA Temple Terrace 9240 N. 56th ST. PHONE 588-4191 Open Dally 8:30 to !1:30 TAMPA Hillsboro Piaza 2981 W. Hillsborough PHONE 87i-9528 Open Dally 8:36 to 5:30 TAMPA Norlh Gale 9222 FLORIDA AVE. PHONE 932-6166 Open Dally 8:30 to 5:39 TAMPA TAMPA ACROSS FROM DoWDiown Brillon Plaza Morgan & Twiggs Sts. 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 229-0821 PHONE 831-1891 Open 7:30 to 5:30 Dally 8:30 to fl P.M. Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. Sat. 8 A.M. te 5:30 Aqai H llabla Espa!HII ACROSS FROM Wesl Shore Plaza 5002 W Kennedy Blvd. PHONE 1177-6701 OpeD Dally 8:30 to 5:30 se hallta Espaael


Saturday, June t 0, t 972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. anCI Frf. Get Both r PAGE NINE -"1 SHOP KASH 'N KARRY-BECAUSE. THE PRICES RiGHT, THEIR MEATS ABE ALWAYS-FRESH AIID IT IS SO COli VEIIIEIIT .'' LORENE McCLIIITOII 2801 Nebraska Ave. Tampa, Fla. I THE ROME OF FAMOUS BRAIDS I THESE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa .... 1725 H. Dale Mabry Tampa 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa ...... 2301 Florida Ave Tampa .... 50th Sl. It: lOth Ave. Tampa 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa Hillsboro It: 15th St. Tampa .... 8th Ave. 8r nd St. Tampa ...... 4101 Florida 'Ave. Tampa .... Nebraska 8r Wafers Tampa .. West Shore at Kennedy Tampa .... 1112 So. Dale Mabry Tampa ...... -4487 Gandy Plaza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. Cor. Florida 8r Waters Dade City . 506 E. Pasco Plant City 507 So. Wheeler St. Palmello ............ 515 7th St. Riverview . Hwy. 301 Brandon 911 Brandon Mall Bradenton Cortez .Road W. of Hwy 41 Inverness .... 803 W. Main St. Zephyrhills Hwy. 301 8r First St. Lakeland .. 925 Barlow Rd. Ocala .... 2957 H.W. Pine Ava. St Petersburg .. 6095 9th Ave. H. Sarasota 3840 So. Tuttle Ave. 8r Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19-Horlh Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. H. Venice .... 480 Venice By-Pass Largo .. Hwy. 19 8r Ulmerlon Rd. SHOP ANY DAY -SAVE EVERY DAY First Baptist Seffner Seffner, Florida Rev. W. J, Cooper, Pastor Dea. H. Gre-en, Rept. Sunday School began on time with Cl.arence Larry acting supt. All teachers were at the ,ir posts. The l e sson was reviewed by Dea. Green. At lt1 a m devolion began on time with devotion by deacon Green and De-a. Ril ey. The church of God In Ohrist on Rd. 579 will render service at First Ba< ptist on June 13 at 8 o.m. s;ponsored by Dea. Smith.' Youth Day At M _acedonia Sunday The Youths will be in charge of services Sunday at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m at Macedon!a M. B. Church in Thonotosassa. Youth s from many churches will be here prasing God. Bro. Vernold Donnelson of Palmetto who b eg an telling tl:e story or Jesus at the age of 8 and is still going sbrong at the age of 13 will be the guest speaker. Prepare now to attend. If you miss this program you will miss a spiritu a l feast. City Wide Mission Prayer Band Mrs. Carrie Duval, Pres Mrs. A. R. Simmons, Reporter We are askring all our many friends not to forget our men-wo men's day on the 3rd Sunday in June. Prof. John A. Green will be the Men's Day s -peaker at the 3 p.m. celebration. Many more prominant men of the city will be on program. Don't forget to pray for the sick and the shut-ins Brown Temple Church The City Wide Mds&ion Prayer !Band will meet Tuesday at lJ3 .at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry McNeal, 4704. E. 30bh St. -., Let -qs remember the sick and shut-ins. Vis itors are welcoll_le. "' 3214 27th A venue Elder w. w. Giiyard, Pastor. Sis. Katherine Hardge, Rept. Sunday School began at 10 with ; supt. in cha rge. The were at-their post. :Morning worship beg an at 11:00 with Deacons in charge of the devotion. The pastor brought the message The choir and U&'hers served. We were haw' Y to have Dea. Outing back witb IllS after being in the army. Please pray for the sic : k, Vis i tors are always wel come. Gospel Tornadoes The Gospel Tornadoes will ren.der a musical program at the St. ,peter Apostolic church 3305 E. iEllicott. Elder MillS is pastor. Mcrs. Bing is sponsor, M:rs. Allen is reporter. Community Prayer Band M"'s. Mar>: Thompson, Pres. Tommie M. White, Reporter The Community Pr:ayer Band will meet Tuesda\}1" night. at 8 at the home of Mrs. M

PAGE TEN Fla. !efttm.I-Bulleitin PuiHaLed eYery T1M!. and Frf. Cet Beth Edition! Fa Grad Speeds Up Law PnKeSs As Magistrate JACKSGNV'ILLE -What is bemg OOI.!e to speed up the process of justice so tbat a :perSUI aet:used of a crime can have the eharges against him settled a length of time?-A quiet revolution in the administration of the court system has taken place, to bring actual pracbice in line w ith tbe mandate of tbe Sixth Amendment to the U .S. Constitution, that everyone shall enjoy the right to a speedy trial and to bave the assistance of counsel ::.,r his de fense." The revolution is a figurative one, it is firmly based 6n the Constitution, a document that itself is tbe result or revolution in the philos.Q!Jby ol. government. TilE SPEEIDUP P'ROOESS is centered in the federal of the Middle District t>i. Florida, eDd .the man wbo bas been given Kirk Plans Busing Lawsuit Former Gov. Claude Kirk will file early 11erl week a suit c-harging tbat t>tate sehool fundos a-re bein-g illeRally to bus pwp1ls past borhood scllool-s, &is attorney t;aid today. Orlando Rumberger saici he wa-s c.ompUing the &wt, and VV'OUlld have it ready &hortly for filing in Leon County Circuit C(}urt. Rumberger said Kirk's suit will CGntend that federal court. orders bu.smg to desegregate scllools have fon:ed tlbe to violate its own pupil llusing laws. He pointed out that state law !Provides "a route shall not be extellcled for the purpose of accommodating pupils whose h1>mes 10re within reasonable walking distance of a shorter or more eoonomical route wtbieh is avail ll!hle to s erve the pupils." Rumberger said busing oroers had extended a large number of routes for pupils woo previ()ously walked Dr were bused to schools closer to their homes. "The funds being used to carry out designation of these routes impi'operly spent," be said. "The money is being illegally Epent under -existing Florida law." "If in fact it is and we can prove these nwnies are !illegally spent under Florida l a w thEn it would become a federal obligation to fund it unless the Fltrrida law is declared uncon e;titutional," Rumberger said. San Of Ex Gold Graduates Slaves, Hunter At 70 1 YORK -A 7tJ-year-old former diamond hlillter and gold prgspecto", the son cf emancipated slaves, graduated Tuesday from Columbi a Univer s ity. Russell P Crawford, who has been s:udying part-time at Columbia for 11 years, will join graduates a t the 218th at the l\I orningstde Het g hts Campus. Crawford was born 111 Jackson ville and graduated from h i g h in St. Augustine in 1 9 19. ,He came to New York at 17 nd briefly a ttended Cit y College before le a vic J to prospe c t r golci :mel dia: 10nds in ihen -Bntlsh Gu iana 111 1922. He stayed in that South Amencan countr y for 12 years. returning to the United Stat e s to work for the P:cst Office. He a l so became active i n the NAACP serving as presi dent of the New York chapter from 1954 to 1958. After he receives his degree m cctmomics-with his 5tJ-year-old wife Edith looking on-Crawford to r ... turn to Guiana_lnow tN Rt"f!Ublk of Guyana) to mves gte possibilities in the diamond .narket. the respomsibility by the district judges to carey out the constitutional mandate is Magistrate Joeeph W. Hatc-hett. What has been brought about since his appointment in December 1919 has an almost complete turnah>ut in with persons cited for violation of feder-al laws. "11he principal purpose of the magistrate is to relieve the d u strict judgPS of duties that are not specifically judi cial in nature. This means t.'te judges can spend more time in trial work," Hatchett s aid. :FN COOPER ATI:ON the M!ltarry Gets New Chief NASHVILLE -Kenneth H. rhief judge of the district, Hatchett's work is in seven areas: -Serving as a special master in cases assigned by tthe judges, to take testimony and hold hearings. -Take trial review petitions nnd a s si s t pre-sentence investigations. -Hear discovery motioos, where the defendant is seeking to find out evidence the U S. attorney has. Frequently the def endants will discover the strength of the case against him and will sometimes plead guilty to the charge, Dr a lesser Rhodesia Bans Outside Aid SALISBURY, Rhodesia Rh&desia's white minmity government has banned political parties from receiving assistance frvm outside the country. c-harge, and avo-id a jllll'y trial. Court rules now require an arraignment ;mmediately after arrest, when a preliminary plea is accepted, and arrangement for defense counsel is made. lf the court is to appoint an attorney, the lawyer is notified Bail is set and frequently -the defendant is released on a signature bond, he said. Omnibus hearings, when the U S attorney and defense counsel dis.cuss tbe evidence acd agree on the issues in the case. -Supervise the administration of the Criminal Justice Act, principally in assuring the defendant has access to counsel. In this function Hatchett maintains a roster of court-app(Jinted attorneys. Accept pleas hm narrotics admcts who seek voluntary rehabilitation. 04Respect for tile courts is onlY as g reat as the court system proves to be efficient md evenhanded," the magistrate said. HatC'hett has had wide experil'nce in the courts, as an at-torney in p-rivate )ll'actice In Daytona Beam. from the time he received his law degree from Howard Universiby in 1959, until 1966 VI-tim he was named assis tant U.S. attorney. At the time of his appointment a.s magistr-ate he was the firs-t assistant U S. attorney. A Clearwater native, Hatchett graduated fmm Florida A. and 1\1. University before attending Howard University. He served as a first lieutenant in the Army from 1954"56. "Right now I llhlnk the mid dle district courts are tJhe tops in the country, in establishing pr<>eedures for the magistrates," he said. Earlier this year, he and U S. District Judge Gerald B. Tjoflat went to Washington to discuss the system here wit!l judges representing 30 other rnstriet courts, of the federal judicial system. "We know from experience that the magistrates can be an im portant function in the federal court system," be said. Rabin, fo-rmer news bureau director of the University 0f Tennessee at Chattanooga, has been named communications media specialist in 1\'Iebarry Medical College's Maternal, ChHd He-alth Family Planning CEnter, Dr. James P Carter, center dirertor, announeed tooay. Rabi:D's duties at Me-harry \viii include ereat.ing course mat-. erials in audio-vilsual techniques. for use by Ahiean public health wockers in their own COU!ltl'ies,'' Dr. Oarter The purpose was to prevent the major black nationalist organizatioo, the African Nation Council, from &etting funds from the Organization of African Unity. Observers the ban the first step toward outlawing ihe COUilCil. Meharry staff member was a f<>reign service &f. ficer in the United States Information Agency, with assignments in Uganda, Nigeri a, and at the Voice of America in Washington, D .C. He joined the staff of tbe t:oiversity of Tennes.see-at Cbat tanooga in June, uno. NAACP Joins Environentalists In Demanding Hedges' Replace111ent "He will also provide filmed stories and taped interviews about our projects tel here and in Africa, aod he. will be writing new program proposals as well," the center director added Rabin, a native of Rochester, N.Y. received -b.Is bac-helor's degree in Englis>h, with honors, fTom CorneU Un-iversity, in 1965. He also holds mas-ters degrees from Yale University and the Uoiversity of North Carolina Ofra;pel Hill. From 1967 until 1970, the new A DREAM COME TRUE. Your very own home with assistance FHA 235. Call 879-1541 MIIAI M I -EDviroo menta1ist8 .calling for replacement 01 R -andolph Hodges as director Off tJhe Fl1>rida Depa-rtment of Natural Hesources were jodned Friday by the state NAAOP. But the Rev. Lsadore Edwards, president of the b1ack organiz a tion said its reasons for op pos ing Hodges were dlifferent from thos e who charge that the state's natural resources have been damaged during hi-s years as head of the department In telegrams to aH members of the Cabinet, .Edwards said the National Association for the Advancement Qf Colored Peop-le "has l011g abhorred the racial attitude and tlhe enure blaelr hiring policies o.f Hodges. There are no blacks except janitors ia the department." Edwards s aid Hodges' support of cane pole fisJhing lticenses "proves that he not only dis regards the poor bl-ack but all pol>r. people." The minister said the NiAAOP plans to call for an investigation of department hiring practices by the Equal Employment Op portunities CommJsis-ioo, which may request action by the Justtice Department in cases 1>f employment disc -rimination. i Sears Semi-Annual Sale! Save $1.50 To $2 On Each! 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-Saf11r.laJ', JUDe 10, 1t72 Fla. Seat:iaei-Bulleitin Published every Tues. aad Fri. Cef Both Editions PAGE ELEVEN ----------------Magazine Weft By SHERWOOD ROSS The major news magarines re-Columnist William F. Buckley's acted swiftly to give their impre11-National Review ran a front cover sions of President Nixon's Muscow "Memo to the President" summit trip. said, While you're over there, you u. s Ntws & World Report might want to read some off-beat labeled the venture "the first real stuff on Russia, which includes break in the cold war since the "Notes from Soviet Asylums, by days of close alliance (with Rus{"ommunist artists who have re sia) in World War II." The pub-sisted." "And say hello to Solz. lication said that the henitsyn, the National Review rddarms limitation pact, and other ed-a reference to the prize-winagreements reached, "are a bening novelist who has been the ginning, not an end." It added, subject of repeated Prem!in pres-"Aiready the Nixon sures. is looking bevrod tiiM" :Moscow ac-If politics makes str. ange bedtions to another round of negotia fellows, Cosmopolitan reports nortions." malcy appacently goes on as Ire-Newsweek agreed: fore in most boudoirs, and proves they stumib!ed a bit it with pictures. What s different over matters of trade and in the bedroom is not Nixon-Brezh no headway on the sticky issue of nev but, the June issue, say s, the crazy new trend to "Bad-Girl Vietnam both sides ccn-Beds'' with colorful sheets that vinced that they had laid !ho ""quite frankly say 'Won t you step groundwo ,rk for bigger things to intD my bedroom?' come." Also dewted t{} peculiar associaTime said that the Soviet weltions is the current Sports Inuscome, in S:'Jite of President Nixon trated, which provides an exhaust mining of H11iphong harbor and ivel.Y researchd profile of the late other Vietnamese ports, meant the Louis Jacobs, founder and kingpin Russians are wi11ing to keep the of and Sportservic"e now war on the back burner so that run by his soils. The magazine "the major business of the super. charts the alleged connections bepowers could proceed." tween their far-flung concession The publication added though. and sports interests and the un-''There was sometiling cold and derworld. slightly brutal about this way of Friends of the Jacobs dynasty, dealing, amid champagne and cav-SI says, were Tony Corallo, a New liar ovec tbe heads o1. tbe Vietna-York Mafia figure; James PlumIDeSe &!ad. Hanoi was furious eri, a New York racketeer; Jack Hugh Sidney, Life's president Tocco, a Detroit Mafia figure and watcher, said in his overview : an associate of Emprise in Hazel l'be Chinese want entry into the Park track; and New England Ms.real world; the U. S. dwells there fia boss Raymond Patriarca. more than other nations and -can The final unusual association for help. The Russians want their pact today comes from the current is-of the world tn work more like sue of The Atlantic which carries ours, and here again 1ft! can lend a by-line account by paCifist S t e-a band. We seem just now to be ven Warner of Cleveland 0., who standing at some great doorstep, got drafted into the Marine Corps all three nations ready to trade but went through Parris Island our fiercer ideologies for oommou boot earnp, where the drill instruc-sense and common good. tors were not exactly loving. Editorial reaction to l.'le presiWarner, who survived without. dent's trip was not unanimous. rifle, concluded, "For' Sgecial Purchase! of gift Bains. "'U! at one low-zafes 17-Jewel Elgins for her dressstyle& diamond watches bracelet -tcnes nurses' wAtches 1.7-Jewel ElgiDs for him automatics calendars dress styles by-date wafdtes %Ada "W.ater-resistant u loftt u case, avwn ond ayst.lare inlac:t IOWITOWI -&14 FRAIIUI ST. IIITT8II PLAZA Friently Ml Rev. W. L Weltlt, Patt.or Miss Mary Besey, Rept. S. S. begu at 9 :30 with supt. Sis. Aleatte;a Woodbucy in cbarge. AU teache:rs were at their post. The lesson was reviewed by tJhe pastor. Z\forn. ing w&ship began at 1 11, with Dea-con Will James and deacon Wade in d!ar.ge m devotional service. was rendered b y the No. 1 a n d 3 choirs lisher board No. 1 served. A very inspoiring text was deliv eUth Dept.. All Youth are asked to be pre.Sent Ust.erS Uaioa No. 4 :Mr. Albert Mdreasey:, Pres. H. McCalisrer, Reporiea-U:sbers Unlioo. No. 4 will eooveae Sunday at 4 at Greater !Friendsbip M. B. Church of which Rev. M M. Murr.aiY is pastor. The sermon will be delivMed by Rev. F A. Hiltoo past{}r df St P B. <:!bm'cb. Ushers Ullion Ne. 1 Mr, Garfield. Alwler.sc10, Pres. Mrs. Annie Randolph, Rept. The Us:bers Union business meeting wiD be held Sunday at 3 p.m. at First Baptist Leader, Mrs Jimmie L. Bardley is assistant. T.roop sponsors a;e MOO!te!l's Club of which !Mil'S. Barbara GR-ant is pres[dent. llrs. llorgan is TrooJ Chairman and F'irst Aide

PAGE TWELVE Safurday, June tO, 1972 E THIRD IN PARADE OF UNITS One of the highlights of the Orange Blossom CoS'-'Mrs: AlJl!etta president; Mrs Ruby Anderreali; On the second are Mrs. Susie inetologists Association's annual conventions is the Pa, son, Mrs. Mobley, Mrs Catherine Law rence, Elouise Warmack; Mrs. Mrs. Evencie ;rade of Units. Placing third in the :-1972 Parade. was Mrs. Nevada Bell, Mrs. Ornilller Kelsey, Mrs. Thorn Will (ams, Mrs; Doreth'a Graham, Mrs. Marion Jo.nes ,.Unit One ol Tampa. The front row from asena Owens of Jacksonville, chairman: and Mrs. and Mrs Bes s ie Db: 'left to Mrs. Cathlean B: Ross, President; Orlando, chairman of the Bu zion Hilt Baptist \ 2601 12th Ave. : :ltev. B. 0. Padgett, Pastor V. M. Randolph; Rept S S was opened and at the u 'sual: time. The supt., Jame.S.' !Padgett conducted the sCih.ool at' 9 All teachers were a t their' the, lesson was d.iscU.ssed :and reviewed by the pastor. worsJV.p began at 11. The pastor delivered an ins.piring ,message. The Supper was t;'erved. Evening worsh 4 p began at 6:30. The pubHc is invited to come and wor s hitp with us. Notice To Ne w Hope Choirs_ The No. 2 Choir and o ther choir members of New Hope M. B. Church, Rev John Willis, pastor; are tQ sing Saturday, June. 10, at 4 P. M for the funeral of the late Mrs Goin!! C :enred dishes are to be t>r9ught : to the chur<;h. : Dea. lra B. Bruton president; Mrs Doris c. Mo9re, rep<>r ,ter. ; Mt. Tabor Ushers 1 Mrs. La von Pres. -Mrs.: Dolli'e Mae Brown; Rept -oMt Tabor M<. B Ohurch Ushers lN o. 1 wi:l meet. Monday night at 8 at -the .church. -All 'mem_ .hers a re a:skd "to be present and on time Important bus1ines s will be PITTSBURGH WOMEN'S CLUB CHOOSE The PittSbu rgh Chapter of the National AssociatiGn of Business and Professional Woinen's Clubs, Inc., recently named i>r. Selma Burke of the Selma Burke Art Genter, and Mrs. Gladys B. McNairy; President of the Pittsburgh B .oard of Education ; as "Out standin g Women of the Year." The ceremony, which also honored local p&liticians, was held during the Club's annual "Spotlight on ----CAB CALL8W AY SALUTES '72 MOMS OF YEAR s'i'. LOUis ; Mo." -."You Nobol!-y 'Til Somebody Loves You" was one of dedicated Cab Calloway rendered t11 St. Louis 1972 -"Mather of t.Jae Year, Lela Hicks-who attended the opening Black Business Week.'' Shown left to right, are Dr. Selma Burke, Mrs. Glad,ys B. Mc Nairy, Mrs. Katie J'ohnson, President Of the Pittsburgh Chapter, : Business and Profe ssional Women s Clubs, and Brenda Joyce,-Com munity Relations Specialist for an oil company. ni ght1 _of :"King of-.:'the : Hi-De week s at_ th, e Two-seventy Gal'den DiJ,fing and Club .Jtere Cab extended hlji "lieirty congratulati _oni. wish4ls to 'he of the. and hopes will hav.. e .. ; .. "e. opp11rtp'ni6y to vlsif bls s HOWER F OR MUNOZ. he : NatiOilal u < f MUurill : 21j4. : .. /' way s .. maa.y .. frlell'de ; .ts. also.-ihe publisher -Jtai .. : !if JI!e. ; ; Is eroplo.yed at tile Mallge.:: .. a:, a bridal howu fOl' ller M011da1 evmin& at ihe Man1er." The to .. Mare,e : .. Ham01011d, Delree Plaisance Da vis ..


. :' i Y ,I l Saturday, June 10, 1972 Ov o<::! f O UmH 1 Your Choice With $5 Or More Order Excluding CigareHes COFFEE MAXWELL HOUSE DEUCIOUS ASTOR FRESH PRODUCE! Harvest .Fresh' $I -Peaches .. 4 u.. ROME <. Baking ". : 1 "' 99c App es ,_ : Lafy Green c : cabbage .. u. 9 Florida Celery ... 49c CALIFORNIA L"'nio,ns n Lr c .fLORDIA HARVEST FRESH Golden Corn 10 Fla. Sentinel-Bulleitin Publisne'd Tues. inti Fri. Get Botn E

New He,. M :JJii E. llJiioeiCt .h\ba llfoiuh, ht.illor The "Brdmleroood ,meets 'Fdd'li'Y at 7 :30 All of t ihe church are iBISkeil 'to 'be -present. Baptism Sllff:uraaw aft !I.'Q IJ10rm. 1!1he funeral of M rs '.Dansy Goins will b e h e ld Saturday at 4. Ohurah sc'hool will beg in at the u sual time Morning M\Ql'Sihip will follow at lll. 'li>:evdtfrG>ll b y the d e acons aud tbe No. 2 dhoir and u s h e rs will 'Ser"' e. Tlhe s e rmon by the p.astor At 5 Tra. ining Union and .st udy cla ss. Evenin g wors hip w1iiil. !Follow at 6:30 The same choir and u s hers will again serve and the pastor will the messa;g e. Vacaltiion tEiil];j1e sdn.ool willil 'Begin fi'MJ. : 9-l!;2 .. J\il(01ildll.IJ -rid sy. 'l'he No. 3 dhoiilr wii!lil Jh;ave 1Nlliear s a l and Momilaw ;at '8, ibhe lM isionary Scxciecy will m e.et '!Illre junio.r miss ion S811 is pre-sident. A.U we'e'KJGT acitiiv'itlies 'liTe '111Ye WYIIIDle. 'ilbei'e will be 11 h:s'hiion-0-Jlta m a 'Sun'dra-y mglh't t 7 :.$ p.m. idbliir limo. 1 Wtill lha w e :ntfueiamsail. 'S!art:-. y att '5 Hlhe !N'e. idhoiT me1rell1I!Sal'l. Rev. !Jl:. lPd!stur Mrs. Sar.a1h :Mi'tdbell, IOOpt .Supt :StaUII Sffi\"-b .d. y Dung Ad t(ftoir ll.nio!l -. '11.oe'Saaw w.as se r vic e. Wednesaa y. 'Che No. 2 dl!Oti.r Deacon Tommie Pres. ilia d IWill ;be 1\'Irs. M. ,lMlin!gn, ltre:p't itlhe 0rdlm . ll. .will ihaw.e rehea;rs:aiJ.. zer M. B Ohur1 ch, Rev. R R. J ones, pastru'. T.he chtt:rch Js lo, ViSiitors are welcome to worshj.p cate d on 'Sco't't and Governor 'St. W111Jh 'US. Oak Hill MB 4!ad .Bt .-4 Palifox l!lmletit Pastor Guest &y Jb:e held 'SUn-dJB.y i1liit !111. 'The tmpt ., Wlilii:ams will \he iin .chall'[g!e. M rs. liiin&l Bu1Jts Ji.s Egtrel#t !Dea:oari Bowens will! 1gii, v -.e the OC'Cll'Sion. M rs. 'R-ose 'Lee illlarris w.ill ,pre'Side .and a host of 'outs tandliug taJleniJs e of Mr. and M>rs. A. .Colbert;. 1247 Scollt St. The !PUblic is invited at attend. 00% I!!W, ltlln'tl w.vlib_ if' i!r lflrcat!h >elll!lsm'C wa:iw fb:and. S'tF.m1silrit !less w.ffh 1ltJ:tdlne-aJ crecmt if.ronl, tf'Wliill LadieS' 'Sportswear EVE'RY ElKliNDSEV SfORE !Use Y;O.tJ: r fBet.kl'i:n:llfsey Chn!fr;ge-lt Gaon!l,, !Master Cbar.g.e .or r&om:kA.me:rii.cor.d 2000 N I 8edlalale Jla1q .. 12 aiEY:. &I.AS a 'Jhhi:ce df 1!8 .air



PAGE SIXTEEN ------------SELECTED AS FELLOW TO MIT NEW YORK -Edgar H. Twine, general attorney fnr Atlantie !Ucbfield Company in Los Angeles, has been selected as a 1972-'13 Sloan Fellow at the l\Iassachusetts Institute of Technology. Twine, a Chicago native and Uriiversity of Illinoill Law School gracklate, Joins 48 other executives from the u. s. and abroad on June 16 for 12 months of intensive advanced sh1dy at the graduate level. Candidates are nominated by their companies and selected by M.I.T. ENGINEERING FIRM LANDS BIG JOB NEW YORK The firm of LeRoy C allender consulting en lneer, will oo the structural engineering for the residence of the K enya Ambassador to the United Nations. The ambassador's resiIs to be built In Riverdale New York. The Callender firm has a staff of 17, h a s been con s ulting engineer on building projects valued at more than $250 million since its founding In 196!J. IIUI ... ll.y TE_MPLE AWARDS BANQUET PARTICIPANTS The guest speaker at the Citizenship Awards Moore, Director of Project Pride. The Rev. W. R. Johnsoo, pastor of Holsey Temple, Is at right. Banquet by Holsey Temple CME Church was the Honorable Neil A. Butler, City Commission er of Gainesville. He was introdaced by Robert ----:---::.;:.e. ;:---:_:.; __ ._.-_-. ;:-.. STS AT HOLSEY TEMPLE BANQUET Men of Holsey Temple hosted a banquet last week at Young .Jr. High School. The social affair. was a Pre-Men's Day event. Guests included, from left, the Rev. and Mrs. L. L. Ward of Trlruty CME Church and !\Irs. W. it. Johnson Grandma Receives Art Degree MRS. PEARLIE DANZY CHICAGO-A 76-year-old great grandmother who always wanted a college education but was too busy to go to school got her de gree. Pearlie Danzy majored In art at Kennedy-King College one of the City Colleges of Chicago. She was awarded an associate degre e. She and her husband. retired after operating a barber shop beauty salon, have 13 grandchil dren and a greatgrandchild. Mrs. Danzv s a id she had no trouble to classmates 50 years younger. I iOt along just fine w i t II A GIFT FOR TEACHER When y oungsters graduated from Jones Kindergarten a few days ago they had a gift for their teacher, Mrs. B la('kson. The -presentation was made b y St ac e y Henderson the se y oung students s he said. Some of them looked at me kind of f unny. And when they aske d why I was going to school, I just told them tha t I wasn't too old to learn new thin gs."


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PACE EIGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publisltecl elvel"y Tues. a'n'd Fd. Celt BC)th Saturday, June 10, 1972 ROOKIE BAYLOR'S HR SHOTS SHAKING UP ORIOLES' FOES BALTIMORE, Md. Much like a fight manager monitoring a blossoming young heavyweight, Earl Weaver has been exerting a minimum of pressure in his handling of Don Baylor As June approached, the Orio cles' slugging rookie was crowding into Baltimore's lineup more frequently. His ticket: Explosive production as a part-time player. The high point of the Texan's career came during a stretch in Milwaukee and Boston. Baylor blasted home runs on three con secutive turns against Brewer southpaw Ken Brett and the Red Sox' ace righthander Sonny Siebert. At that point, his average had to .419, with four homers. An ela,ted Weaver exclaimed b Oriole coach Billy Hunter: "How in blazes can we keep that big oak out of the regular lineup?" Steady .300 Hitter More than one Bird watcher pondered the same question Why not play a :400 hitter every day? Consider also Baylor's compel ling credentials f:r five farm-system campaigns from Class A to Triple A Since his .346 debut with Bluefield (Appalachian) in 1967, his batting average never fell below .300 fer a represeiitative number of games. The confidence of too many hitting prospects, Weaver mantains lhas been impaired-even destroy ed-by over-exposure to pitching with which they are not prepared to cope. "Baylor will be put int::> the lineup at any time I think it will be beneficial to the club and to iDon's future," he declared. "Up to this point every time I have put him in there he has benefited thJ team. "I'm going to continue to put him in at the right time against Soulettes Bowling League RESULTS Eddie s BP Service Station 3, Team 7-1; Team 9-3, Team 1-1; Team 2-.,3, Golden Gate Speedway 1; Team 5-3, Team 3-,1; Team 6-4, Team 8-0. High games, Barbara Steven son 201, Margaret Fisher 188, Frances Pascoe 181. High series, Pearl Dozier 474, Barbara Stevenson 469, Margaret Fisher 439. STANDINGS Team; 6 . . 13 3 Team 5 .... : . 11 5 Team 8 ................ 10 6 Goll!-en Gate Speedway ; 9 7 Team 2 ................ 9 7 Team 9 ... ............... 8 8 ; Eddie's BP Service Station 6 10 Team 1 .......... : .... : 3 11 Mike's Grocery .. .. 5 1 ':feam 3 .................. 4 The -reporter is Jolinnye Davis. people I think he can hit. I don't want the pressure of feeling that he has to take Frank Robinson s spot put on Baylor's shoulders. Powell Fighting Slump "To be truthful, with Baylor hitting like he is, we don t miss Frank Robinson as much as we miss Boog Powell," Weaver re fleeted with regret on the latter' s sub-200 average Comparison with Robinson, trad ed last December to the Los Angeles Dodgers, "can wait until 1980", the Ori:Jle leader proposed. At that distant date, Baylor will be 31 years old, the same age at which Robinson arrived in Balti more, Weaver explained Four Oriole pennants and two world championhips ensued during Rob inson's six-year residency here. At 6-1 and 195 pounds, Baylor is slightly heavier than the de parted ex-Oriole super star. His quick, compact swing conjures up the image of R : binson's devastating bat stroke While Baylor would dearly love to emulate Frank's results, he entertains no illusions at t h i s time. "There is not anybody who is going to take Robinson's pla c e he said ''A lot of times you can put pressure en yourself when there is not any to begin with. I just want to come in, help this ball club to win, relax and play good consistent baseball just like I have through the last five years. Strollers Bowling League RESULTS Team 4-3, Solomon Bar-B-Q 1, Entzminger's Florist 4, Kilbride Ins. 0 Team 2-3, Coin-0-Magic Laudromat 1. high game .Johnnye Davis 175, Ora Lee Brown 171, Allie Marshall 170. Men's high game, Ernest Jones 216, Manuel Mitchell 207, Patrick Moore 188. Women's high series, Pearl Dozi<-r 484, Johnnye Davis 473, Lois S c ott, 465. Men's high series,. Ernest Jones 569, Manuel Mitchell 553, Willie Wilkerson 508 STANDINGS Team 4 ... .. ...... : ...... 13 3 Florist 11 5 Team 2 ................. 10 6 King Solomon BBQ .. 5 11 Kilbride Iris. -..... : .. 5 11 The reporter is .Johnnye Davis. Coin-Q-Magic Laundry .. 4 n If you Want a Home for $'ZOO clown -Paymts. as low as $G7 per month Dial A .Home and Listen 879-5350. SPANISH 4INTERNATIONAL NETWORK PRESENTS SATURDAY NIGHT sATURDA Y NIGHT Championship aoxing 15 ROUNDS FOR WORl,D'S WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP CHAMPIONSHIP JOSE NAPOLES CUBAN MEXICAN CHAMPION vs. ADOLPH PRUITT' HONOLULU NO. 1 CHALLENGER "LIVE'' ON .BIG SCREEN CLOSED CIRCUIT TV CURTIS HIXON HALL-DIRECT FROM RINGSIOE MEXICO, MEXICO $5 ALL SEATS $5 $5 ALL SEATS $5 BOX OFFICE CURTIS HIXON HALL T.Ui.PA, FLA 600 ASHLEY DRIVE PHONE Wins NCAA 100 EUGENE, Ore .-Warrim Edmon son a 21-year-old U C. L. A. se nior majoring in political sc ienc e and Afro languages, led one of the fastest sprint fields in meet history across the Line this week to win the N.C. A.tA. 100-meter final. NAPOLES DEFEND S TITLE SATURDAY AGAINST PRUITT Edmonson was clocked ln :10.1 seconds and the announcement on the order of finish had to be held up for 10 minutes, so closely the next three finishers clustered behind the U. C. L. A. speedster. ;Only two-hund.red.bhs of a second separated first and fourth place in the blistering race which was lent suspense when Don Quarrie of .. Southern Cal quit at the start be cause of a leg cramp suffered earlier in his semifinal heat. Trailing Edmonson across the finish line were Jim Amereison of Lincoln University, Errol Stewart of Texas-El Paso, and Ivory Crockett of Southern Illinois. All four of the times were rounded off at 10.1, but the electronic data timer clocked Edmonson at :10.05, ison and Stewart at :10.05, and Crockett at :10.07. "This was the quickest race I've ever run in my life Edmonson s aid. It was a tremendous and I had to run a perfect race to win it. "Yes, I ran a perf,ct race, I don't mind admitting it. Every thing had to be together from Jose Napoles, a Cuban native who has become one of Mexico's most popular sports heroes, de fends his world welterweight box ing crown for the seventh time against Adolph Pruitt of Los Angeles in a 15 rounder to be seen on closed circuit television at Tampa' s Curtis Hixon Hall Saturday night, June 10. Not only will area fans have the opportunity of seE;ing t h e title match on big screen color, but they'll also watch the entire undercard of the fight card in Monterrey, Mex plus the videotape of Mexican Clemente San chez' victory over Kuniaki Shibata for the world feather weight title. Doors at Hixon Hall will open at 8:30 and the first bout will begin a't 9 :30. The two prelim fights are 10 rounders involving Mexicans. One is a bantamweight bout between Miguel Gonzales a n d Rocky GaJ;cia, the other a feath erweight match involving Jose Sala and Juan de La Rosa. The fight card will be held in Monterrey's domed bull ring and start to finish and I had It all. My arms, my legs. My rhythmeverything was perfect." SEAMAN JACK R. PALM has excited Latin fight fans arJund the world. Napoles has a record of 61 wins, four losses and one draw. He has scored 41 knockouts a n d been stopped only twice himself He won the championship by kayoing Curtis Cokes in round 13 on June 29, 1969. But he lost the title t:> Billy Backus on a co ntroversial fourth-round kayo at Syracuse, Dec. 3, 1970. The fight was stopped because of cuts Napoles regained the title with a fourth-round knockout of Backus at Los Angeles. last June. Many Tampa-area fans will ba wanting to watch a champion in action who has been beaten by a Tampa fighter One of Napoles' four losses was inflicted by Hil ton Smith of Tampa at Havana in August of 1959. Smith now is a popular refree for Jive Ta.m pa bouts. Prudtt is the World Boxing As sociation's top contender and his manager, D ave J\Ianukian, claims the fighter has been passed over. Pruitt has a 44-10-2 record and although he hails frcm Los An geles he is better known for his fights in Honolulu He boasts vic tories over Indian Red Lopez and Paul Soriano who recently de feated Olympian Ormando Muniz U. S. Coast Guard Men And Women Now For -U. S._ Coast Guard And U. S. Coast Guard Reserves, Age 17 26. _Severai.Ratings.Available In A Wide Variety Of Programs. For More Information Call Bobby Elliott At 228-7711 Ext. 234 Collect In Tampa. He Can Give You The Facts.


Saturday, June 10, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publisned every Tues. an' d Fri. Get Bo tn Edi tion! P .AGE NINETEEN Nelson's Flying Feet, Hot Bat Wins Plaudits Of Range Fans ARLI NGTON, Tex. While m any of the young Rangers are still try in gto put it all toge ther, D ave Nelson is off and running. With the surest bat and surest feet, the slender third baseman stole 14 bases in 1 7 attei11pts over 35 games. After t o pping .300 brief ly on three occasions he still was batting .296. ''I'm on my own this year, said Nelson, pointing out that he stole only 17 bases last .year with the Senators. "But I didn t come up until June ( from Denver) and we drdn' t have nearly as much overall speed as this club "You get to know your pace and the catchers and pitchers. You get the feel of it. You can figure )"'Ur odds pretty well before you take off." Nels n n who came to the Sen ators in 1970 after Ted Williams "saw something'' one night in Cleveland has led three league!? in thefts-the California, Eastern and Pacific Coast. He has no illusions about appioa c hin g i\Iau ry Wills' a ll-time re c ord, b u t he see s no reason why,. if his bat continues to cJ operate 'he can't m a intain his current American League lea d Reflexes Are Excellent Williams likes his bat and speed One night in Cleveland, s a id T ed, "we fed this kid (he wa s 25 then) a low outside pitch and he reached out and slapped it in the hole for a hit. Quic k re flexes, good hming. I told 'em I wanted him and we got him. He had a lot to learn about fielding, and he still will iipprove. But hustle and de termination and the willingness to stick at it have made him 100 percent better defensively. This yea r I gave him his head on the bases. He has the goahead any time he feels he s ready. He's not a glory hog and he won't go unless he thinks it will help us. I'm not surprised he s off to a good start hitting and stealing bases That's the way he ended up last year." Finishing with a flourish, Nel-/"'> ( ( 7 '10 JitJ \ BIG DOWNTOWN STORE 11. F()C:: ( '> FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE AND PLEASURE Padres' Campbell Out With Ruptured Tend on SAN DIEGO-Surger y was d e clared briefly tod ay for Padre In fielder D ave Campbell; l ost res t of the season because of rup tured achllles t endon. The two-hour ope r a t ion was or ig ina lly set for 1 p .m., but was put off until l ate r in the day becaus e of scheduling for the operating room a spoke s m an for the hospi tal said Campbell 30, injured t he tendon last night during a 2-1 loss to the Cubs. The veteran had the same t en don operated on at the end -of last season and had been sidelined since May 23 witl) soreness in t11e tendon. He was only inserted in the lineup last night because rookie second baseman Derrell Thoma ; had been suspended for a day for showing up late at practice. Dr. !'aul Bauer, Campbell's sur geon, said he thinks the infielder should be able to play again next season. son posted a 280 average for the Senators last year. He was 15-for-39 in his last 12 games C385) in which he also pilfered severi bases. He was one of nine men in the league to steal as many as 17, and the other eight were at bat anywhere from 226 to 360 more times. seller in 1\merica .. world. why! -SPORTAN/C FLOODS .. Nearly three years ago, Jot: Loui s, bulk ily muscul:ar in a b eigd sports j ac k e t, was sitting in th; upstairs room at L es ch amps res t a urar it. He was there for a news conference to announcee the for mat i o n of t he Joe Louis Food Fra n c hise corp o ration which never materialized But that day, he was talk ing a bout ;iuhammad Ali also known as Cassius Clay, th e n unlicensed as a boxer during the appeal to the United States Supreme Court of his draf t-refusal case. "Joe Frazier would be bo strong for Clay now," Louis predicted. "No contest. Clay be en away too long." Louis once had been away from boxing for four years when he served with the United States Army in World War II. Your legs your coordin ation .aren't. the same no matter how old you are! he explaine d. "Your mind is just as gooQ. but when you see punches comi.ng at you puncltes you used to get away from, you can't do it. Punches were coming at Joe Louis then, too, punches he could not get 'away from. The next day be collapsed. He was rushed to Beekman Downtown Hospital where his illness was de scribed as a "physical breakdown In a few days he was discharged. About 10 months later he underwent tr ea tment -at Colorado P sy chiatr ic Hospit a l for w h a t w as de scribed as an "emotion:;:! diso r der. The incidents so o n m e lt e d into m e mory. But now with the publication of Barney Nagl e r s "Brown Bomber The Pil grimag e Joe Louis" ( World $7.95), the former heavyweight champio11 unpeels the camouflage from thJse cliche diagnoses D e lusions of Torme nt Cocaine provoked his physicnl breakdown.' Delusions of torment create d his emotional d is order, : which still exists. "The night before I col lapse d in, New York, this woman a while woman, c a lled me on t he phone and asked for $150 I owed her, : Louis discloses. "It war. for a quarter of cocaine ; A ')Uarter: that s how they measure it when they sell it to you I paid her th e $150. Sile said, 'Joe, here s anquarter for you This is fr e e / You jus t take \it without pa y ,ing" me I didn't think the re v1as any: thing wrong with it. That night I didn't sleep good, so I to.ok 'some: cocaine. "I guess I been around this a long time, with all those show people who took it. I started when I was feeling bad, but I was never strung out on it. It just made me." feel relaxed, like that time in NewYork, only it made me sick then / That woman gave me bad cocaine > She must be in wit h the They took me to the hospital and' I told them there about the c :J,. caine. That's how come they: pumped my stomach. It. saved my life. I don t touch the s f uff no more." His reference to the Mafia lg important. He believes there is a plot to destroy him with poi son gas. -i To thwart the plot he once : spread mayonnaise on the cnck!l. of a hotel-room ceiling. In oth e r hotels he taped air ducts. In a room next to an elevator shaft/' he thought his tormentors WE>re. trying to blast him with dynamite '-. .And. when lie slept it often was' with h l s clothes on in a makeshift r tent in his bedroom -"Here he was with his shoes' and everything laying under his tent," his wife, Martha, says. "It was the most pathetic thing i n the world 1 Another Willie Pat)1d tq a state mental Jn. ti1e'. glory of his "reign as cba tnpinn his !Uopey vanished. Anc( now, isting mostly on the kindi1es s of his friends, he con{esse s to h 'nvJ ing used cocaine and talks oniis. torments-for a price. Fpr lils co opera tion the b ook paic( a lucrative advance. He will share'. in the r oyalties / : -l-' ,, ':"I colJJdn't. help thinkinj of Ar thur Miller's phiy, -''Death ''' } .I _, .;: ; DR ... .. "'":' 8 .... .... : .:. ,_,.bE.NT'iS'f .. r,: ,.:; :::, m .:'(::all F."or :< .... t .... ... .p .. :


PAGE TWENTY Fla. SentiaelB11IIeltia Pubii.Jaed eftl'y Tuet F.rl.. Get BotL ditiotii Saturtfar, Juae to, tt72 P n ____ J c b w h. nma .. IIUIIIIII ose. U S IS l ing They Had Mere like Him cm:GAJOO, ru. -I:f B{) vote We e taken a t thii.s time foc the s e leetioo of tlhe most valuable amon.g U!ie C ubs, .Jose woold win in a landside. There jllst wouldn' t be anyone eYe R dooe tG him. All Jos e was doin g as tlhe race lllOVed towar-d M-em'Ori.ai 'Day w a s ieading the Cubs in sev offensive e ate: goriies. And a!ong it he has given the O uibs t;heir most soUl en Is Carden.al a !tempermentai (Latin? If oo, tihe Ou.bs d!On't kn-ew hlm H e nasn't b een tvroand Jose ihas absolutely been a :rn.an:ager s dlr e iun, said M an:a(g:er Leo D o tlroCber. Yesa'h, I lhearn all those s 1nries about lhim befog a prima donna .a hot .dog, a jaker and all the rest 'of tlhat :stuiff. But after seemg bim witll us, I don't hu:y it. "He never co-mplains. fu. faet, !he sa y s very little at al.il. And Sose just goes oot and does every thing you. .ask: hlm. to-as well IRS :a il.{)t yoo don't. '"When .Roo. Santo W!BS burt he came tO moe' and said th.a t H needed help at tlhiro base, ; he'd be will>ing to try i.t becalise b e r Buor Hian el son When t he write-rs swarmed into the dubhoilse a fter the game w itth penci l s poi sed to in t e!l'view t h e h e ro, t h ere was n o J o.se H e h a d made a hasty exit--dlidn't even shower, it was r e ported Some of the p l a 1 yers sa id .that J o s e wa s angered by tl1e s c or er's call and also the fact that he wa s a ccidentally l 1 H in the h e ad by GJenn Beckt' s bat ju s t after cross'(ng th e plate on his second h omer. As tbe next hi tier, B e ckert, was taking a warmup swi(l..g_ Das hed Off to C onsulate T J1e next day, howev e r Oar d en.al revealed tlla t a ll t J J e \vi1d explanation s of his mates we r e all wrcng. "II wasn't m ad at a n yl}o -dy," said Cardena1. I h-ad to l eave so fast because I wa-s due at the .]\'[ex.ic.an cons ulat-e to g-et \ i sas foor my parents. I had only aut 40 minu t es after the game i s ov e r b eoa u se the office closes a t 4 ;30 p.m. "I'm try1ng to get my m:am:a and father out of Cub11. My :llnther is 61\ no w and m y mama 61. I haven' t seen th e m in U years. ".I h-ad visas for t hem last November so that they c a n get into 1\l exioo and then come here. But tb.ey c oilldn' t get p ermission to leave and now the visas have run out after month s and I have to get new ones 'Dhis t!me I hope they let tlhem leave Cuba. Thi s gives .ann ther to tJhis richly talented young man, wbo was a cquired from M ilwaukee b y the Cub s loast winter m .a trad-e f.or outfield e r Dav.is and p ite'11ers Jim Oolbum :and Earl Stephenson. Ca.rdenal is especially proud o f his run-production figures with the Cubs and he's still unh-appy 1about the fa d that similar contribut ioos b y hlm to the Card' Request ''11: got away to the same sort of a start i n RimiS with tlhe Oardlinay s and the ioally with men on base. That' s what kills you." :But then y ou have to wonder 'l\i.1en Gibson talks about a wellpitched no-decision .he pitched against the Ouhs May 20. "The worst pitch I made I got a w a y with-Glenn Becket hit -a h an-ging slider for a double play, 36-year-old Gib son said, shalci.ng his head. Gibson never had gone as long as 40 days in a regular seasqn withou t a victory. H e had a 37-day wa i t back in 1965 and that was a strange occurrence beJCau s e he had won his first d eciSiions that year. A six-game tailspin followed. Gi.hby didn't win No. 9 that year until he BOB GIBSON downed Ernie Bro giio and lha Cubs, 8-0 The six-game skid., Gibby's longe s t in one season, consisted of defeats by iihese 9e0res : '6--%, 2-3, 2-5, 4-5, l-4, 1-4, That meant his club 10 runs in the six setbacks. Despite that 8-0 getaw ay, Gib son had to struggle to make. tha QO-victory club for tile fii-rst time that year. He reached on October 2. And lihere was that horrendous 3-5 start in 1968, a year in which Gibson set the m .ajor league re'Cord for the lowest ER.A, 1.12. 15 W-ins in a Row .Gibson was 3-5 going into June that year, then Won l.fi i n a row tq a 22-9 windup. Payne Gets Grand Jury ATLANTA -Tam Payne, a player for the Atlanta Hawks' basketball team, -was indicted Tuesday by t h e County grand j u T y Qn three counts of rape and four counts of assault with intent to r a pe Payne, 21, who waS not at the hearing, was ordered held at the Fulton County jail without bond to await trial. A trial date has not been set. The substi t ut e center who joined the Hawks last year w a s charged with r ape in connection with two alleged attacks in Atlanta March 31 and Qne in Atlanta on May is. The assaul t charges were in coneetion with four alleged at tacks during April. The ba,sketball player also faoes charges of rape in neighbor ing Cob,.b Count y and Louisville, Ky RACES NIGHTLY 8:00 MATINEES I :45 MON.-WED.-5A T. SARASOTA KENNEL CLUB 5400 Bradenton Road at DeSoto


..._rtlay, JUM tO, 1972 .,.,'Sir Fla. Fri. Cef Botta Editious f'ACE TWENTY-ON& liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiii .... Ji.; .. ;.;::LLee;;IM;L". s. c. wilfte It will FUNERAL NOTICES Prtkltett &JMI Jaubalwl, .James; Baptist Clturc)l with Rev .1-. lie Ia. state aa&U Mar ltnaerai lalay oUaer IOI'rowla( Willis, paster, offidatinr. .IJMH-tl-51Ulday. Sunrivon lndlade: a11d The remam. will lie ment wW be In Memorial Park a !lister, 1MrR. Rose Theodore and ia ab&e at Pughsley Cathedral for Cemetery, The body win lie In her husband .Jobn of visita&loa .t lrielld after J P. state for the ''lsitatiou of rela-S. C ; nephews, Mr. Booker T. ANDERSON, MRS. FLORENCE ROSETTA STEPHERSON Full eral services for Mrs. Rosetta Stepherson ADdersoo of 3515 23rd Street, who passed away at laer residence, will be held Saturday at 1:00 P.M. at New Mt. Zion MissiODary Bap tis$ Church, Rev. B. J. Jones, pastor with Rev. Howard Mims, efficiating. Interment win be ill Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: a devoted husbaad Mr. Leon Anderson; a son, Mr. Lee Ernest Anderson, Sr. a.acl wife, El' ma Ander8011; Z cralldchikh:en, V Theresa and Lee Ernest ::. .. __ J a M-rs. r.; au CATHERINE BARJA GRADUATION SPECIALS 18" Show Girl Wig $1195 SHAGS $595 GYPSY $ ,895 CASCADES $795 AFRO OR FREEDOM $695 PUFFS $595 pr. Hurry while they Last! PB. 933-1811 Odessa Be11.nett and husband, Mr, Luther Bennett of Dade CUy, l\'llss Myrtis Stepberson of Miami and Mrs. Christine Glass of We11t Palm Beaeh; 2 brothers, Mr. Theodore Stepberson and wife, Mrs. Francis Stepherson of West Palm Beach and Mr. Artbur Stepberson of West Palm Beach; M. today unm hour of fu11.eral tives and friends at STONE & Haley and Mr. Alphonso Haley service. The funeral cortege will GORDON, FUNERAL D.lRECof Tampa and a host of other leave from 2621 26th AvenUe. TORS (Sioae's Funeral Home, sorrowing relatives and friends PUGHSLEY FUI\'ERAL HOME in Inc. ) after ll P. M. Frid.ay FRANKLIN FUNERAL H 0 )IE-A native of Echols County, will in charge of the local 15 nieces and nephews; 8 great nieces and nephews; a godchild, Marvin Brown; many cousins and a host of other sorrowing relatives ud friends. A native of Pineland, sOuth Carolina, 1\lrs. Anderson had lived here for the past 80 years. The remains will repose after 4:00 P. M. today (F.rl' day) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. A WILSON .SERVICE" CO{.LINS, MRS. CLARA LUNDY -Fnnerai services for Mrs. Clara Lundy. Collins ol 1603 A nue, who passed away In a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 4:00 P. M. at Henderson Ave nue Church o( Christ with Rev. James Daniels, ofticiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove cemetery, Survivors are: 2 sons, Mr. Joseph Smith. and wife, 1\Irs. Catherine Smith of Washin$on, D. C. and Mr. Manning J. Lundy of Tampa; 2 daughters, Miss An nie 1\I. Lundy and Miss Christine Lundy of Tampa; 2 granddaughters, Mrs. Dorothv M. Snow of Detroit, Mich. 'ani Miss Rosettia Lundy of Tampa: 8 great grandchildren of Detroit, Mich.; 4 nep hews, Mr. J11Seph Gullen Smith of Wrightsville, Ga., Mr. Thomas B. Smith and Mr. Alphonso Smith of High Point, N C. and Mr. Eugene Smith of Savannah, Ga.; 2 nieces, Mrs. Doris Donaldson and Mrs. Carrie B. Taylor of Tampa; a sister-in-law, 1\frs. Carrie Holmes of Tampa; cousins, Mrs. Ola M. Gonzalez Mrs. Willie. M. Wright, Mr. Eddie B. Jackson and Mr. James B. Hamilton and other C(}Usins In Tampa, Dayton, Ohi o High_ Point, N. C., Los All geles, Calif. and Wrightsville, Ga.: and other sorrowing relatives. and friends. A native of Jefferson County, Georgia Mrs. Collins had lived here for the past 30 years. The remains will repOse after 4:00 P. M. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. "A WILSON 'SERVICE" DUKES, ANNIE L.-Funeral services for Mrs. Annie-L. DUkes, 15418 st., who pa11tett 1 ia a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 1 P. M. from Allea Temple A.M.E. Cllureb with Rev. H. McDonald Nelson, pastor, officiating. In &ermeat will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. The body will He in state at STONE & GORDON, FUNERAL DIRECTORS (Stone's Funeral 116me, lll.c.) from i P. M. Friday to ll:.W A. 1M. Saturday. A native of Hampton Coun ty, Syuth Carolina ; she had lived ia Tampa fOl' more than forty years. She was a member of Allen Temple A.M.E. Church where slae served in Choir No. 1, l\fis.. lOla 1\'lcCloud, presideat, M&. Pleasant Chapter No. 97, Order f the Eastern Star, Mrs. Hattie Tyson, \V.l\1., and ihe Heroi.lies of Jericho. W. M. Tarpley Court No. 97, Mrs. Lillie M. Davis, l\LA.M. She leaves to mourn her passing: one son, Master Fredrick Dukes, Tampa; two brothers, Mr. Thomas A. Bostick and wife, Mrs. Uzzle Bostick Tampa, and Mr. Willie Bostick, Sr., Brunson, S. C.; one sister, Mrs. Flora 1Mae Copeland, Tampa; a number of nieces, among whom are: Mrs. Rosa Mae Jones Sims and hus band, Mr. F1oyd Sims, Tampa, and Mrs. .Jessie Mae Graham and husband, 1\[r. Mack Graham, Garnett, S. C.; a number oC nephews, among whom are: Mr. Willie Bostick, Jr. and wife Mrs. Wanda BI1Stiok, and Mr. Frank Bostick, all of ,Tampa; man.y cousin s among whom are: Mrs. Le11.ora Taylor, 1\'Irs. Bernice Williams, and Mrs. T. D. Locke, all of Tampa; a devoted friend, Mrs. Lena Williams, Tampa; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. STONE & GORDON, FUNERAL DIRECTORS (STONE S FUNERAL HOME, INC ). COPPS MR. WILLIE JR.-Fin-al tribute for the late Mr. Willie Copps, Jr., who passed away June 2, will be licld Saturday 4 }>. M. from Pugbsley Cathedral with Rev. Aibert Fowler, officiating. Interment will be In Memorial Park Cemetery. A native of Wooo bine, Georgia, Mr. Copps live1I in Tampa f(}r a number of years. Survivors Include: parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Copps Sr., Woodt bine, Georgia; 2 children, a brother, Mr. McNeil Copps and wife Bronx, N. Y.; 4 aunts, Miss Essie Copps, Mrs.. Bessie Copps Mrs. Lee Etta Copps, Bronx, N. Y. ; Mrs. Ida Copps Jacksonville; 2 nncles, Henry Copps, Woodbine, Georgia ; Elmore Copps, Bronx, N. Y.; cousins, llrs. Harrie 1\fac Scrannen, West Palm Beach, Mrs. Alma Lawrence of Callahan, Mrs. Mozelle Thomas, Tampa; GOINS, MISS TANZY -Funeral services for Miss Tanzy Goins 2808 Bauza St., who passed Monday morning In a local hospital, wW be lleld Saturday ai 6 1'. Georgia, she bad lll'ed in Tampa senricf's. for forty-seven years, was a member of New Hope M. Baptist Church where she served in Choir No. 2, the Church School and the Senior Missionary Society. S h e was an employee of the Dixie Uniform & Linen Supply Division of Work Wear Corp., and a mem ber of Local No. 218, the Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Dye House Work ers Union, Mrs. Queen l\'Iing, Ua ion Steward. She leaves to mourn her passing: 3 sisters, Mrs. Dorothy Walls aad husband, Mr. Frank Walls, Jasper, Mrs. Frances Jones and husband, Mr. James Jones, Jasper, and :rtlrs. Lommle Brown, Detroit, Mich., and husband, Willie Brown Statenville, Ga.; 2. brothers, Mr. Bisb,G. Goins, SiatenviHe, Ga and Mr. Okillf (Dock) Goins and wife, Selma, Ala.; many nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives aad sorrowbag friends. STONE 6 GORDON, FUNERAL DIREC T&BS (Stelle'l Funeral Home, Ine.). GRAY, MR WILLIE SR. Final tribute .for the late. Mr. Willie Gray Sr. of %60t 27th AVI! nue, who passed away June 4, will he held Satuday 1 P. M. from Pughsley Ca&be4ral with Rev. Albert F()wler, effieiaUag Interment will be Ia Memorial Park Ce111etery. A native ()f Geor gia, lUr. Gray ia Tampa for a 11.11mber of years. SurTivors laelude: wife, Mrs. Rosa Lee Gray; 4 sens, WilUe Gray, Jr., LOilllle, Curtis and WUlie Gray; daugh t-ers, Mrs. Mary Cbeatam a n d husband, C.b4rles, Mrs. Berilta Lee ud hllSband, Charlie; 3 sis& en, Mrs. Isabell Joaes, Mrs. Rosa Beft Eclwards a n d: Willie, Mrs. 'Ida Lee .Jackson and husband, Lewis; 4 brothers, Mr Anthony GFay and wife, Carrie Mae, Mr. Lee Gray and wife Louise, San. Diego, Calif. ; 2 sisteFS in-la w, Mrs. Inez Hayes and ;Mrs Elnora Thomas; nieces, nephews, devoted frieads, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Roundtree,. 1\'lr. Rudy Garrison and other. sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains will lie in state at Pughsley Cathedral for visitation of friends after 5 P.l.\'1. today until hour of funeral service. The fnneral cortege will leave from 2916 27tb Avenue. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. HALL, MRS. MINNIE -Funeral services for tb& late MFs. l\Iinnie Hall ol 3625 R. Chelsea St., who passed in a local hospital June 7, will be held Tuesday, .June 13, at: 4 P. M. from the Steve-Em ma Memorial Chapel of the R&gers Funeral Home. with. a local minister offi ciatnig. Interm.eat in Memorial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: sister, Mrs. Mary Womble; brother. 1\'Ir. Eddie Moses of Archer; nephews, 1\-fr. Jessie Moses, Mr. Kelley Moses ; both of Archer; nic ce, Mrs. Rosa Lee of Gainesville; Mrs. LeUa Clark of Gainesville; Mr. J. B. Owens and wife ot Gainesville and other sorrowing relatives and friends. The, remains will rep&se at 5 P. M. Monday until funeral tlme Tuesday. The funeral cortege will form at. 908 Excelda Ave. at 3:30 P.M. ROGERS FUNERAL HOME In charge of arrangements. HALEY, MR. EUGENE -Funservices for the late Mr. Eu gene Haley of 807 2nd Ave. ; Tampa, who d-eparted from this Jifp on May 31, In a local hospital will be held on Sunday at 2 P. l\1. from Pine Pleasant Baptist Church with the pastor (GreenwoOd, S C.). Interment wlll be In the Pine Pleasant Ceme tery directly after the services. The remains '"ill repOse .at the Franklin Funeral Home from 4 M Fridar unitl 9 P. M. Frl day when If WID be SJ1fpped fo tlte Daniel Funeral Home f RAY, MR. BOOKER -Fnneral services for Mr. Boeker Ray, fOrmerly of 3005 E. Cayuga, w ll o passed June 2 in a local nursing home, will be held Saturday morning at 10 A.M. from the Duel Ify-Lawrence Memorial Funeral Cbapel of STONE 1: GORDON FUNERAL DIRECTORS (Stone s Funeral Home, Inc.) with Rev. M. C. Johnson officiating. IatermeDt will be in Shady Grove Ce metery. The body will lie in staht at the Funeral Chapel from 2 P. M. Friday to funeral time Saturday. A llative of Mississippi, Mr. Ray had lived in Tampa for sevel'al years. Among Is a friend, Mrs. 1\'lcKean. STONE & GORDON, FUNERAL DIREC TORS (Stone's Funeral Home1 EDDIE 1\'1 .JR. -Funeral services for Mr. Eddie 1 M. Tbltl"maa, of 320% 29th Street, who passed awaJI ill a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 11:110 A. M. at Wilson Funeral Chapel with Rev. Ber narll Milton Jones, Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery, Survivors are : wife, 1\lrs. Myrtice. Thwrmaa; a 5oJI, E ddie M. Thurman, Ill; 4 sis ters-!n-law; 4 brothers-in-law; mother-m-law; 22. nfeces and nep.o hews; 4 uncles and aunts; a number of cousins and a host of oth er sorr&wing. relatives and biends. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Mr. Thurman had here 1 for the past 17 years. The funeral cortege will form at. 2lQ& 32nd Ave. Apt. 405. The remains will repose after 4:1Hf P. M. to' day (Friday) at WilsOR Funeral Chapel, until near funeral tim'e "A WILSON SER.VICE'"' CABO OF TRAilS TAMP A -The family of the .. late Mr, Williams Fihrulre, Sr. wishes to express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to. aU the friends and neighbors for t.he many ads of sympathJ! 'kin .aaess aad undersbndillg during t b e illneS!f and passing of our lo,n;el one .. Signed: Anna Fillmon an_ d Famliy. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA -:.The. family of the late Mr. Earl E. Ellicott to thank all their friends and' neighbors for their kindness and thoughtfulness during the loss of their loved one. Special thanks to Rev. Beraard JOBes and Wil. son Funeral Home. Daughter, Mrs. Jua:aita Roby and Family. (Continued on Pag e 22) Your Dream Hom& Yes for your If you $67 per mo. with Govt Assist ance. Now call 879.-1541. No obligation.


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published. every Tues. and Fri. Celt Both Eililtions Saturday, June 10, 1972 FUNERAL. NOTIC_ES. (Continued from Page 21) MEMORIAM TAMPA -memory of our beloved one, BrylJnt Collins Va, in chlJrge. Evening s e rVice began a t the 'u.gua}. hour With the S

6afurday, JUIIle 10, 1972 Fla. Sen!W1-Bullettn PuMis1ietl every and Frf. Get Both Edifioiii BUSINESS REFRIGERATORS, RANGES Re pair. All makes. Quick service. Phon e 988-3273. LAWN MOWER REPAIRS WILL PICK UP AND D ELIVER within the lim its. Call 248-25811. Ask for Vito or Oscar. VACAN T EMPLOYMENT NEED 1 BUTCHER, 1 cashier, for a small grocery sto r e. No phone calls please. Apply 2409 East Lake Avenue. IMMEDIATE OPENI NGS for EMPLOYMENT WANTED: I NSTRUCT OR I N Practical NIIr sing: We have well equippe d lab; Coop e rati ve affiliated institutions; Mast er's or Bache-lor' s degree in Nursing; R. N. General Agents. Salary, com acceptable. For further iufor-mission and fringe benefits. C nn' m a tion call collect or wdte to tact: Mr. March B e ll Jr., 2291 Director, Occupational an d 21st Avenue. Phone 244-059l. Adult Education, North Florida AFRO-AMERICAN LIFE IN-Junior College, Madison, Flor-SURANCE COMPANY ida, 32340. An equal oppor-FOR SALE CASH FOR YOUR LOT! I WILL PAY up to S2, 000 for lots with sewer and water. Marson 876 -10 63 HEY!!! NOW YOU CAN buy your own beautiful new 3 bedroom home for $200 down a nd as little as $67 per month on FHA 235! Call MARSON ENTERPRISES, INC. 876-1063. HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY rec nnditioned homes in Progress Village $50 down. Call HAROLD :BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open S;tturday and Sunday WANTED : I ..,....t_u_ni..,ty_e_m_p_l_oy e r _____ INSTRUCTOR JN Cosmetology: 1 POLICE PATROLMEN IN CHARMING RIVERGROVE M t h ld M t C s--etolog $ 1 H s d ESTATES. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, us o as er o ._., -I $7;493 -8,452 year y. gra HO CREDIT??? ist Certificate and .Florida Age: 21-30 yrs. Mu s t meet height, Florida Room, Central Heat, Air, cher's Certifica-te or eligible for weight, and vision requirements. FHA financing available. one. For further information HAROLD :FHANKLIN REALTOR call Director, Occupational and SURVEY PARTY CHIEF I_ Phone 879-0560 Having Trouble Buying A Car BMause you are short oa Credit or D

PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Fla. SentinelBulleitin Published every Tues. anil Fri.. Get BOtti Editions sa: turday, June to,. 1972 Upward Bound Program Begins Seventh Year At USF All New Softball Team Win$ 34 A newly org anized soM.ball team Black Student Suspensions In Hit By National_ Education Assoc. P roject Upward Bound at 'the ing Students will be in small of the Model Citi es branclh of WASHINGTON The National Univer sity o f South Florida be-classes in basic skills courses George Washington School play-Education Association (lNEIA) gins its seventh year of op eration as requested by s tu dents to in-ed a game last Sunday agaiast says that a survey of about 10 S unday, June 11 when 175 stu-crease their profi c iency in suba team from the Hlill.lsborough per cent of school districts in n dents report for the Summer ject area. Other courses such County Halfway Hou se. The game Sou t he 'rn states showed that 24,866 Residential Program. The pro-as Geometry, Trignometry, Chern-was played at the pa:rk on Cen-students, mostly black have been gram is continuous year round i stry, Physics, Journalism, Ex-tral Avenue and COlumbu s Drive expelled or suspended from high wi t h an academic propository Writings Typing, Span-with tihe Model Oities team winnschool since the summer of 1970. gram durin g the regular s c hool ish Drama, Music Business Ma-ing 34 1 2 Walter Robin s on is In addition, the NE the E. ; It made the survey after reviewing EIJ\ers published in tne 11 will meet Tuesday ndght ,at 8 at or un_ive r s .ity of their ehol!!e. Side Baptist Church of which the 18, ,_26lH E Gepessee. ,but .. "9ur r eoport only, t he 'home of Mrs. E t'he l Dai f y 'during the summer, a ,Rev. Jacob Jordan 'is past01' Maxw. ell _Lemuel scrat<;hed the surface of what's i101S. KaiY St. the staff and. faculty of 36 instructors Rev. L. L Ward, president; Oak, and Helen Marie Handford, g oin g on here/ a ccording : to Uon ana sihut-ins. VliiS>itors are .,.wei wm provide students _y.>ith_}utor-Rev. E. Bentley, president. 36, 322. w. Palm. -'Hall, .. fii:!ld of COUI).$. NUN N BUSH { For the one m aninu -who afford the of _fashi.on. : elegan_ce & !With craftsmanship .. help that. man look good, feel gqod: .Are that,. J!lan? .. PRIMe CBuMIHG. ,, .. t AND ll'i .. B, D, WIDTHS WHITE ,. THE ARlO THE SAXONY AI

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African American newspapers
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Police Solve Thirteen Burglaries With Arrest At Sentinel's Door All The News Fit To Print AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI-WEEKLY SEE STORY ON PAGE Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU VOL. 25, NO. 51. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. Black Student Suspensions Hit FAMU Grad Sp.eeds Up Law PrCKess -SEE STORY ON PAGE 10 Mom Reports Girls. Two Years SEE STORY ON PAGE 3 Upward Bound Begins At USF SEE STORY ON PAGE 24, Alimony Plea Filed By Wife Of Jim Brown OLiEVE LANID -The Ex-Wife of former pro football star Jim Brown asked a di vorce court in Cleveland W e dnesday for a minimum o f $45.600 a year from her forme r husband now turned movie actor. Sue Brown's attorney, Julian Cr.-hen, said Brown had not paid any temporary alimony or support for the couple's three child r e n since a jud ge granted her a divorce .Tan. 3. : i\Irs_ 1Brown testified that !Brown, an Ali'Pro running back for tJHe Cleveland Browu ,o;, earned n early $1&1.000 in 1970 and that i n 1968 -he earned $3Boli,OOO. She told the court that he has been in two movi es so far this year anct has earned at least $136 000. Tltroug : h attorney, Mrs. Brown asked the court to grant her $30 000 a year in alimony plus. $15,').()() a year for the coup:e's three children. In addit ion she requested funds to cover educational and medkal costs of the cohildren plus money to pay off the mortga. ge on a $4Q,OOO condominium. Judge John L. Maxwell said he would make an award in the C ase later this mont.h Neither Brown nor attorneys representing him were present in the courtroom Harlem Assemblyman Sentenced To 3 Months Black Harlem Hulan Jack has been to three months in prison and fined $3,000 for his conviction on a con s pira cy c harge. Jack, 6 : > lost his post as bor ough pres ident of Manhattan in 1960 after being convicted on a conflict of interest charge for whi('h he rec eive d a suspended sentence At the time, Jac k was the highest black city offi c ial in the country. Jack was convicted Apl'il 2-l of conspiring with four codefendants to force Harlem sup ermarkets to buy certain brandname prc ducts handled by Ja<:k'a fublia relationa firm. SEE STORY ON PAGE 2<& 1 THE JOY OF GRADUATION The joy of graduation Is expressed in the countenance of Sarah Paul who was graduated from Hillsborough High School Wednesday evening at Curtis Hixon Auditorium. Sarah is the daughter of J,lz1.1e Moten of E. Lake Avenue.-C\Iore pictures of graduates Tues day). Bethune Students Win Honors DA YTONIA B1IDACH Two IBethune-Cookman C<>llege studen ts won t : -;


PACE TWO Sentinel-Bulletin Published every anCI Frf. -Cet Both Editions Saturday, June tO, 1972 Pelice Solve 13 Burglaries With Arrest At Sentinel's Door Robbed Of Food Stamps The police received a report of a theft of f{)od stamps frc.m a forty-five year old man Friday. Sheriff's Community Relations Bureau 1 By SGT. ARI\IE MYERS Major John Salla of the Hills borough County Sheriff's Office .said Thursday morning that 13 daytime burglaries in the Carroll wood, Eastwood and Lutz areas, es well as some in the city limits, were solved with the Tuesday afternoon arrest of 22 year old Charles Le:n Dorsey. Dors ey was arrested by a city policeman after an alert w as issued by the sheriff's office on his 1%3 Valiant. The pickup was ordered after a witness told police that Dorsey was seen leaving e Carrollwood house. Offic.er J Sollazzo arrested the suspect in front of the Florida Sentinel plant after the car was foll:Jwed from Interstate 4 a n d Heward Avenue The young man offered no resistance as he was apprehended, llandcuffed and placed in a patrol car wheTe Sollazzo held him until back-up units arrived.-A search of the inside of the car revealed a quantity of cocaine, found inside a camera case a baggie of marijuana, and a large .emount of narcotic paraphernalia. The policemen were -ab:JUt to check the trunk of the car-but could not locate the keys They were found in the seat of the patrol car where the handcuffed Dorsey had hid them. When the trunk of the vehicle was opened a large amount of e;tolen property was located, some of which the officers were able to identify from recent burg James. Major Salla said other stolen merchandise was recovered from CHARLES DORSEY Dorsey's home at 2415 15th Ave nue. With the consent of his young wife, the officers removed a truckload of goods from the Ybor City house. The total amount of stolen property recovered w a s estimated at $7;000. Dorsey's police record dates back to 1967 when he was 17 years old Since that time he has been picked up for vagran cy, disturbance, resisting aa:rest, masturbating in public, worth less check; attempted armed rob bery and the Tuesday afternoo-n charges of breaking and entering, grand larceny, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and possession of narcotic paraphernalia. He is being held in the county jail under a $17,500 bond. Ernest Rice, 1 '208 Kay St. told that h e was on t h e northeast corne r of Central and Kay St. w h en a n unidentified per son( s) hit him over the he a d with an unknown object and took $24 worth of fo:Jd stamps and $3 in cash and fled. Also reported was a b rea k-in Tuesday llight a t 945 7th Avenue. Ronald B ag l ey, 23, told police that someone slipped the lock on the rear door entered his apart ment and removed his stereo with two speakers an d fled unobserved. Black To Seek Demo Nod For Sheriff A ,'f!HiEtNS, Ga -A black law enforcement officer 1\'f.ack Sewell, has announced that he will oJl(POSe Sheriff Tommy Huff of Clarke County in the Democ ratic primary election Aug 8. Sewell, 3 ; 3 is the first Mack to seek the p osdion of Sheriff in Clarke Couoty. I am black, but I see no color in law enfOrcement," he said h1 a -statement. '' I believe tJhe j>oop.le, black or wtlite, know me and tru.st me a.s a law enforcement officer IHe is a veteran oi tJhe U S. A rmy Orimin al Investiga tion Divi&ioo, and was named this year as tJhe Jaycee y01mg man of the ye-ar. -4-CUT RATE PLUMBING CRIMIANL INCENDIARISM severe sentence on one Wlhose What I have to sa y on tJhe subguilt has not been absolutely ject of Incendiarism is based on The establishment of the material study compiled by Cam motive is not absolutely necesille Faris Hoyek, who hold 6 a sary for the prosecutnon. degree from The American UniThe general underlying motives versity of B eirut and the French that insure the commission and Sc hool o-f Law at Beirut L e this crime naturally vary, but banon. In research stuuies' con-the most common may h 2 said cerning fires, statistics S!how a to be de sire to defraud t he in-relatively large numhe r of cases surer, vengeance, proin which the causes a nd motives fit s, credit, van ity, and of f i re are unknown or not de-There are, however, many oH1er finitely determined. nJo tives for committing ars on, Withou t exaggeration one may su<: h as concealing crimes, des-say that many of these cases are tmy.ing the evidence of Hnother of incendiary origin and that crime, preventing verification ol t-he criminals res ponsible for a t-heft, abuse o{ confidence crit hem escape justice, perh a,ps, beminal n egligence, anl many caus e e ven if they are others. Arson i s the mos t dif ed of being incendiaries, they ficult o.f crimes from the viewsucceed in gai ning acquittal thro-polint of the inves,tigatoT,. In u d insuff.ident evid e nce most cases, the fire wm have them. The Cl'ime of deliberate dest-royed all traces of the arson, incendiarism is, without a doubt so that the prosecutdon 'is com-the one wh ich m.ost often goes pelled to build. 'the ca-se almost unpunished and the one for wh ricrh entirely on ci-rcumstantial evi there is the greatest d ive -rsity dence. of cause5 Definition of tJhe crime of in cendiarism and of what conOn the other hand it is seen countries, and this lack od: uni-that t!Je inve stigato;s, in spite formity.makes it dJfficult to give of their prevailing ig norance o-f stitutes arson d r iffer s in most technical procedures, Aoo often an.y definite 'limit to the invesdelay in consultrlng tJhe specia-tigator as to the mehhods of Hsts until they are forced to ad-prosecution. Also, a successful mit tJhat their investiga.ioos have inve&big.ato.r of crim4nal incendifailed In questions of incendiar-arism must have sufficient know. ism more than in anty otlher led <"-crime, the inves>!Iigator must re-ge ()[ vue legal aspe-cts nl .. ject circumstantlial evidence the problem. testimony of informers, and The dcifference in tJhe arson laws pure.!y accessory material. of the various 3tates and roun tries extends not only w the Unfortunately, one too often methods of trial but also to the Wo11en (laitn Police .Hostile' Duriag _Shooting .lltvestigation SOL'S TRADDIG POST NV-TUBS $18.00 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATER HEATERS 1f ASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS l82l E BROADWAY PHONE 243-2411 notes that investigations are bas-nature of the whach ed entrire1y on testimony of this may be There are; kind, peJ.iha.ps even on th-a-t of !however, three things that must an individual fliooncia.Uy intereet-always be establi!bed in onler ed in the incendiary fire. It is not to conduct a successful prosecustrange that courts and juries tion: 1. The existence of the fire. consistently refuse to convict on 2 -Inceli d:iary origtin. 3 The }>roOf such unsubstantiated evidence of the guilt of the accused The IFurbhermore, the fact that mo-st esmblishment of the mo tive is legal stJatutes provide rigid pen-also importaot from ttJe viewalties for incendda rism stxon .gly point of the inve.stiig ator. We'll influences juries to prefer abcontinue th4s next week. .. A constant cry of law enforcers, especially in the black community, is that the people will not get involved and. come to the assistance of policemen. The Sentinel was contacted this week by a woman who did come forward and claimei:l that one of the police officers inv_estigating a shooting Friday night very "hos .. tile and nasty." Mn. Betty J. Wilson, 2906 22nd Street, said she called the police to investigate a shooting at Charlie's Place; 2907 22nd Street, in. volving Charles Baker, 33, 2719 8lst Street and Dub Kellam, 39, 2905 22nd Street. The two men were arg\iing outside the tavern and B11ker walked inside. As he was leaviJli the place Kellam fired at lshn with a shotgun. Bak e r, wh. had a gun on him at the time hnmediately returned fire ll!nd hit Kellam in the !Ptomaoh A man. who lives in the neighborhood, Seba Watson, was hit in the-head. with stray shotgun pellets. Kellam was taken to Tam pa GeneTal H'Jspital where he is listed in fair condition. Mrs. Wilson said she heard the-shots and thought the right thing to do was to call the police. In a neighborhood like hers, Nid, you think they are right In vour house and the chances ot .getting hit by a stray bullet are great. When the police arrived on the acene, one offi<'er asked Mrs. wnson If someone was hurt. She JlOinttod ot:' :rops of blood and eaid undoubt';!dly someone was burt. Mrs. Wil110n said the offi ce r profanely said she could have cut her finger and did that ( t h e bleeding) She also said the officer threatened to her to 'ail and added that he chose to 'f you want a Home for $200 rlowa -Paymts. as low as $67 Per Month. DIAL A HOME and listen 879-53SO 1. address the black men on the scene as "boys." Listed on the police report as Investigating officers were Cpl. W. 0 Traynham and Officer R. H Pri<;e. Mrs. WilSon could not identify the officer she accused of insult ing her. When contaeted at his home Thursday, Cpl. Traynham said he not insult Mrs Wilson not does he recall any other officer that did. However, he said,-at the end of the investiga tion there wtre about eight po licemen at the bar Cpl. Traynham, who has worked in predominantly black areas for quite some time, said he-bas en countered Mrs. Wilson at other times and haseven arrested her. He feels that if the woman thinks she has a legitimate complaint she should take it to someone who could do something about it and not to a newspaper. Officer Price was also contacted by the Sentinel and informed this reporter that it was he that had the run-in with Mrs. Wilson. "She used profanity and w a s very belligerent and I did not threaten her, but I did tell her that if she didn't stop using pro fanity I would arrest her-find J would hav-e," he said from his h:Jme. Price said It was a very con fusing situation "There we had three people involv ed in a shoot ing and there was a big crowd of people and no one seemed to know anything Officer PTice said everytime they asked some one what happened they would remark, "that's your job, you find out."_ The two-year police- solving the guilty to passing a SE1E YAU LATR! ---------------------------------------RED FROIT GROCERY & PACKAGE STORE 3918 29th St. Cor. 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ARREST MADE IN FRONT OF SENTINEL A City Ot Tampa police officer : points to a trunkload of stolen merchandise found in a 1963 Valiant orwned by Charles Leon Dorsey, %U5 15th Avenue. The arrest occurrellt front of the Sentinel office on 21st Avenue. YEAR LONCi CiRUDCiE : LEADS TO SHOOTING BY. BOY Police sa.id this week that a grudge carried ag.ainst one y,outh boy another led to a shooting offense Tuesday night. Fifteen year old Benny Fernandez, Jr., 3215 N. 121th Street; told police that he and youth had a fist fight early last school term with Benny apparent ly winning and causing the .other ooy to Carry a grudge a gainst him since. Tuesday night while Benny was at Reagan Park, 12th .Street and Lake Avenue, the kid came up and they exchanged a few words. Benn'Y said a few minutes later he was drink!ng water at the fountajn. when he heard someone call him. He looked up and saw the boy aiming a gun at him. Benllly ran and jumped a fence as he heard the gun fire He began to chase the youth and told police that he heard two more shots from the .22 caliber revolver. A coach at the park said he saw Benny walk ing acros.s the field and yelled for him to get off, .then saw the other youth at the oblier end of 31lst A venue before he heard the shot'.. He told police that he never heard the other two shots. When the coach reached the area where the youth wall stanrling with the gun, hi! had left the area. Someone id entified the suspect to pol ice and they went to his home where he was arrested for assault to mmder. The gun was also found inside the house. Benny was not hit with any of the S'hots. Mom Tells Police Ci.irls Molested After Suspecting It. For 2 Years A Tampa mother, ,who suspe c ted for two years that her daughters, now nine and eleven, were being molested, informed police of the incident Tuesday. The sus pect, a :16 year old half-brother, was arrested for rape. Before their mother and police officers, the girls said their brother had forced them in the acts for about two years but they were afraid to. tell because he threatened to beat them. Their mother said she had sus picions for ovet two years be cause of stains found in the girls undergarments, but kept her be liefs to herself until she confront ed the girls with it this week The youngsters then admitted to their mother that it was true and sai dthey had been forced. sometimes by twisting their arms, by tht>ir half-brother. The mother called police after From Florida Advertisers Buy Sentinel the boy s father told her that he didn't want to be bothered and for her to handle it herself. A 13 year old sister admitted to her mother and poli c e that she knew what was goin g on but was afraid to say anything about it. On several occasions she has heard her sisters cry out while in the bedroom with their brother and at one time she said she watched through the window. The teenage girl said the boy never bothered her because he knew she would tell and added that she tried to make the boy leave the younger girls alone. The boy de nied ever engaging in such acts with the girls Assts. Slate Attorney Vincent Giglio said this week that based on medical testimony revealed at; a hearing Wednesday-, the charge would probably be chang ed to lewd and lascivious act rather than rape. He added that his office would not take this case to grand jury aud the juven. ile court would he respon&ible the chargeii. ... .... .. .. . .... EASTERN STAR CHAPTER _OBSERVES Meinb.ers of Otha Ligon Evans .Chapter No. 52 OES obs11rved their second anniversary Wednesday night_ at the. Schlitz Brown Bottle. Seate.d from left' to right are Mrs. 'Ellen Duhart, Mrs. Otha Ligon Evans, Mrs. Kathy Johnson and 1\Irs. Margaret Addison. Standing from left are MrS. Eloise Stevenson, Mr(l. G. Keenan; 1\lrs. E. Cameron, Mrs. F. Stevens, Mrs. V. and Mrs C. Martin. Hijack Ciirl Recalled As 'P.Ieasant' COOS BAY Rre. -Catherine Kerkow, :W, the woman named in federal warrants cha,rging air piracy and kidnaping, is remembered. in Coos Bay, Ore., as pleasant, wellmannered, active and a good student. But Elm'er Johnson, principal of Marshfield High SC'hool, recalled that she "seemed to go to pieces in the lasf half of her senior year." Her mother Mrs. F. A. Ker kow, of Coos Bay, said she had not been in touch with Qer dau-. ghter in recent and did not know where she was. The federal warrants identify Miss Kerkow and Willie Roger Holder, 23; of Oakland, Calif as hijackers of a Western Air lines 'jet, who demanded $500,0<00 ransom, th .en ordered that they be flown to Alg ie rs where they asked polit'ical as,ylum. HOLD-ER. WHIO IS blaek and 'Miss Kerkow, who is whf ,te say they are members of the Black Panther Parby, which has au exile headquarters in Algiers. After gr!lduat.ion from Marshfield High SC'hool in 1900, Miss Kerkow attended Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos then moved to San Diego. Mrs Kerko\v's former husband, Bruce, left Coos Bay about three years ago and now live in the Seattle-Tacoma Area. He could not be reaohed for comment. In San Diego, Miss Kerkow worked as a masseuse, leaving. her last job in March, when she 'became very moody and seemed to be extremely said a coworker, Jeanne Ohristiansen. EDWA, RD FORD manager of an apartment complex in San Diego, said that Miss and Holder rented an apartment less than a month ago. Describ-ing them as ''a real nice cowp le Ford said they kept pretty much to themselves. WILLY JOHNSON and family were amazed at their new home-with Uncle Sam's help they pay only $67 per mo. for 3 BR home. Call 879-1541 Now! T ampan Charges Firm With l)iscrimination In Hiring A young Tainpan, who claimed he was denied a. job as car salesman with. a local firm, has filed a complaint with the office of Community. Relations charging King Motor Center wiilh discrimination in hiring practices. Thomas White claimed the manager of the center, Don Horner, finally came _out and told him that lie couldn't hire him be cause he was black. A 11irm sporkesman denied the charge. of the well-known Moses White family of Tampa, said he has bought several new .cars from King and has tried con tinously to get employed there. The first time was in September oC 1971, White At that time he \.va's told that tltere were no ;posiltions a.vaJJ.able, and tried aga'in in months and, "I was handed ao a.ppJ:.ication strictly for a car wash position I re;l!u.sed the 2f>plica'bion," White said The husky el,{-football star said he didn't stop there. He .periodi. cally !'\Oug.ht to gain employment with the company. In early April of this vear: White said. he again went to.the company, this time to speak with Homer: It was then that White alleged Horner told him that it was .aga'inst company poliCies to hire blacks as-salesmen. A 'fter this encounter with Horner, Tommy told his cousin, Andre, about the incident. Two weeks ago both Andre anq Tomnw went to King and in the presence of Andre, Tommy was a: gain allegedl y told by Horner that the company did not hire black salesmen. On May 24, the two cousins agai n went to King Motor Center but were unable to see Horner and were told that he was in a meeting. One of the white salesmen said that a great deal of the company's business comes from blacks and he felt that a black salesman would be a great asset to the firm. Horner could not be reached bv the Sentinel but his assistant n;anager, Wayne Grim, said that White hadn't applied for a job with the company until a couple of months a g o --to his know ledge anyway. Grim said he has seven sales m e n and, "I feel that' s adequa te." Grim added bhat hi s number of salesmen was ouly six but, ''we had a heaVJ quota last month and again this month so I had to take on another salesman." Gri.in recalled that Andre had ci1Ued him and "tried to tell me that I needed eight salesmen He. had been a little on the. hard s1de," Grim said about Andre. Grim ended his conversation with this reporter sayiqg, "When I need another salesman, I'll consider him." Earlier during th e interview when Grim was asked his reasons for not hiring a black person in a responsible posjtiQn, he simply said; "I really never thought about it." The company noes em,pl(}y lhlack...,, however, twQ iu the of car washer and as car washer porter. John Daniel and the Community Relations office h-aven't followed the 'complaint through ag of yet. The delay in action is caused by a shortage in office pers

PAGE FOUR acceptance, particularly by aouth-era media. Ia fact, !the protesta .... CCIIIMI mainly froiD the YKlbms eflft and tlleir while the -" law and onler'' perpetrators of Jlublished nery Tuesday and Friday, bJ the "punish by charce" syn-:Fiorida SentiMl Tampa Bulletin Pub-dr0111e, are viewed a. heroes belldlisbing Co., 2207 Twentt F irst Avenue. ,ampa, :rlwida C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder a.Dd Publiahe:r e. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. ExHu&ive Editor SIMON JOHNSON! Ylft PrHitlot-ProadioD )OS. :ROSE : CRUTCHFIEI Vke PreslR.t-Soeiri)" JOHNNY JACOBS Vice l'ftsiRDt-.Unriisiag: &tcmd class p4115tage paid at Tampa. Florida. SUBSCRIPTION BATES $ &.St Pu Year Olte Ecliliu $1%.50 Per Yeu Betll Editieu Angela's Verdi1t Brings A New (hallenge A few days alter the acquittal in the Angela Davis trial it may be l tHne}y to cbaiJeage ORe the Establishment' s new prop aganda lines a b o u t th. e judicial being available to mill tanta and unpopular clefeaclants. yery time another defendant oes free a apa!te of columns, ed itorials or speeches. appear !to deela:re it additional proof f ,air ness and justice reign supreme. Nothing be further from &he truth. Pushing the Establishment line In a recent column Marquis Childs :ran down the names of a of defendants who had won il:heir cases to prove fair 'trials are there for the asking. He list ed people tike Soledad Brothers 'John Clutchette and Fletta Drumgo, Black. Pan,ther Huey P. J'few'ton and Bobby G. Seale. The answer 1to all this was put In dear terms by former New Haven, Conn. police chief James F. Ahearn who says there never ,:was any ''solid evidence" to link Bobby Seale to the murder of sus IPected Panther informer A l e x Rackley. The same goes in 1the .case of Angela DaVIis. Ahearn says he was "astonished" that Seale had even been inflicted. And, the Sentinel ex presed the same "astonishment" last year in the Angela Davis c a se. The truth of the matter is that the judicial system has been used in too many cases to punish inbocents by holding them under costly and forcing them into long, expensive trial defenses .where there is no justifiable &rounds for such legal actions. Thus when a Bobby Seale or Angela Davis goes free of charges that never should have been placed against them, the Estab llishment has it both ways. It has taken the revolutionary individ ual out of action for a while and severely punished him legal grounds; and, at the same time it has discredited him or Iter's cause while patting itself on llhe back as providing justice to every American no matter his c:olor, creed or cause. If anything, what is happen'ng now is more sinister and dan gerous because has such wide inc over backward to make the judieial system function as it ehould. Heart Snatching No laughing .Matter That ruling down in Richmond iD the ""heart snatch case leaves physicians elated and poor people more concerned ;than e v e r a b o u t the possibility of their hearts 1taken for use in the body of some wealthy person who just :might need one at the time tltey are available. We don't think it's a laughing matter. A jury upheld doctors from tbe Medical College of whe al'gued Bruce 0. Tuck er was clinically dead, thou.-h his was till beating a t the time physicians decided Jto trans plant the laborerps heal'lt in:to the body of a white man. did :not help the concern of black and other poor people to hear ihe hosp,ital claim. they nov police could find a relative of the labonr in order fol' the ha.pf.tal to seek permission for.: the tnms.plant-despite the factt Tucker's wallet had in it the n'ame and of his 'hrother, William Tucker, who f1iled suit against the doc:tors. Not only t h at ; relatives ol Tuclier had gone to the ho.p;ital seeking information about t h e misaiq man, who was fatally injured ift an accident, but wel'e told he waa not there. of the concern felt by many people, Tucker's law yer, State Senator L. Dou,glas Wilder, told the L e g i s I a I t u r e earlier in fighting a bill tbat would have legalized the taking of organs for :transplants penni:& ion: ''They're not going to be bak ing the hearts of any wMte mayors. You know whose hearts they're going to be taking. "If this bill passes, it's going to be so that black mothers will tell their children, 'Don''t go walking down by Medical Col lege a:t nighi t or the student doc tors gonna get you'." That might be an exaggeration, but the intent of Wilder's warn ing was to impress upon the law makers the uncomfortable feeling many poor people have about the possibility of their hearts being taken under condi!f!ions that remind them of ghoulish movies. The bill was killed. While our interest is not the $100,000 Bruce Tucker's brother seek. in his suit, we do think aD appeal in his case would serve a useful purpoe. Bethel AME lt12 Laurel Street Re-v. F. 1-. Gillians, Pastor Mrs. Reatha Williams, Rept. Sunday school began at 9 :30 vith the supt. Mr. B. S Procto; in eharge. Morning: senri.ce began at H "ith ehoir No. I and ushe-rs \ o. 2 serv ing Mr 0. C. Sin gfi.etd devotion. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Holy <'!'mmunion \\ as adn11inlstC1l'ed. The )}astor was as.sisteple, members a.nd friendls are invited to come aut. Evft!ing service begin ail 6 'A-ilth the deac-ons in. charge of devotion. Tbe same Clhoir and usihers. W1ill serve aDil Rev. t M ims w;jJll aga.ill be in c:hal'ge. ,Remember to Vlisit and pray f

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