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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 25, no. 52 (June 13, 1972)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
June 13, 1972
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Second Degree Murder Charged Following $hooting At Local Bar All The News Fit To Print AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY SEE STORY ON PAGE 3 Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU VOL .. 25, NO. 52. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. Man Held Believed 'Sweet Charlie' (SEE STORY ON PAGE 2) 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.-------------(SEE STORY ON PAGE 22) Man Paralyzed After Shooting (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) .ld married girl from Bay Lake near Groveland waa kidnaped and raped by four black men. McCall's men arrested three auspects and the sheriff hid them in his basement as a mob gat hered menacingly at tho jail. Me Call and his men also stymied mobs on two different occasions with tear gas and a force of National Guardsmen in the days that followed. The three suspects were eventually convieted but U. 8. Supreme Court ordered a new trial for two and McCall drove to Raiford prison to return them to Lake County. HIS CAR broke down on a lonely road near Umatilla, he aaid later. He said the pr!sontried to jump him and he lb()i; them, killing one and crl ltically wounding-the ()th-er. No were plaeed in the ill-I Miss Page One Miss I MISS DOYAL MAJOR (Swry on Pare > cident. McCall has been several times by federal grand juries and cleared each tin}e. One jury conimended him; Florida governors ordered several investigations. 0:1' the Orange County grand jury, cCall said week'l ago, "This 1(1 typical.' "IT HAPPENS every tim there Ia an electiion year. come up with somethiQJ hke tilia. Thia w the NAACP, ihe Civil Liberties Union aM a fevr locals collaborating like they al ways have.'' In 1956, the CIO sought: Me Call's ou11ter for what it called his "mad dog tactics.' It charged McCall threatened a union official' a life after shotg\Ul blast. broke up a union meeting. McCall won. A year or 110 civil right &"t:OU.VS seg1egatioft i&'Jls McCall still displayed in Oa Pac I)


PACE TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. nnd Frl. -Get Both Editions Tuesday, June 13, 1972 COURTHOUSE CAPERS Assaults Mrs. Nettie Mae McCollum, 2H. 408 E. Oak, called police Sunday night in reference to an assault by her 29--year-old common-law hw;band, John Willie Wilkerson ("JBoy''). Mrs. McCollum said that her husband came into her bedroom and accused her of seeing another man and hit her on the head wit:1 a hand saw, then struck her with the blunt end of a small on the left side of her head. She staled too, that he took her to her 2ttnt.-; hou., nn P.. Louisiana. She then slipped out the back door tc call police. Wilkerson was arrested at horm and told the officers that he and his wife were fighting over a sa'.v in the house and she was cut on the head when he took it aw:v lfrom her. He said he left the house with the children and when he returned his wife and the saw were gooe. Mrs .. McCollum received stitches end was released 'from the hosr1ital. Eddie Smith, 33, 36&7 2'tth Avenue, was treated Sunday at Tam pa General for cut wounds on h:s left forearm and chin. He was questioned by police at the hospital and told them that white ne was on his way home he was con:bcnted by a man who accused him ()f. messing around with his girl friend. The man pulled a knife on him and a fight he said. He added that man kept ing, at his face and he protected it with his arms, receiving multiple Jaceralions. He was treated and ;.eleased and could not identify the man who attacked him. Police were called to 1627 Andrade Ct. Saturday after Oscar Lee Van. and his wife, Loretha Wilson, struck each other followin.u: a domestic argument. She hit him with a beer bottle and he m turn hit her with a statuette, police He sust.tint'd lacerations on the left side of his head and sh a wound on the head. They both were arrested. Burglaries The Blue Light Bar, 1222 Scott St., was burglarized Sunday morn ing. Taken from the place was ap proximately $40 in nickles. dimes and quarters from the jukebox, $5'j in change plus 350 packs of assorted cigarettes from the machine. Doris Edith Bryant, 43, 3706 St., told police that someone entered .her house through an un locked door and took an undetermined amount of electrical (copper) wiring from the house wiring and electrical appliances. The burglars w_orked undetected. Thefts Johnny F. Hunter, 28, was a:rested Saturday after he struck Willie B. Cummings, 44, 5407 Bradc ley, and took his wallet. The men struggled briefly and Hunter tried tv escape but was detained and arrested for armed robbery, The wallet contained $311. Man Admits Sla.ying In Santa Claus CLEVELAND, Ohio Tyrone Howard has admitted in court that he stabbed John Fitzpatrick in tlile Santa Craus line of a dea>artment store, but be said that the staiDbing was in "self-defense" and that he's sorry Fitzpatrick k dead Jiloward is on trial in Cuyahoga f:ounty Common Pieas Court for eec:mdcdegree murder in the slay:kl.g of Fitzpatriek, 36, 0i Euelicl. J1itzpatriek was stabbed six tirors iin a struggle with H{).ward mrer Ueir prace in line last Dec. 21 the loth floor of the Higbee 4::0. store, The murdel1' wea]OOn has 110t been found. The prosecuti-on rested its case MOnday aliter calling 15 witness-"lt was self-defense," Haward Cf:lold the jury Tuesday. "He was the aggressor and was trying to the people around him in line. Everyone in the line was white and I was the only lilack. "'He was going to kick me," Hov;ard continued. ''He g.-abbed me by the throat and started to me. I started stabbing him because he was killing me. I was afraid my life was going to be taken." Howard told the jury he did know where the. weapon came from or what it was. "All of a sudden there was a fingernail file in my liland," Howard said. "At least I thought it was a fingernail file from the way it felt. I didn't look at the weapon.. I don't know what it was." Howard said when he did look down-" All of a sudden I had a knife in my hand, hut I don't know where it came. from. I don't know hQW many times J(l.hn Fi tzpatrick got stabbed. When he released my neck, that's when I stopped stabbing him. "I told him I was sorry, and I told people [:) get sonie ice packs, but they stood around and they let him bleed," Howard said. Panthers Elected To Berkeley Panel BERKIE:LEY, Calif. -A B1ac:k Panther s1ate o4' del-egates was elected tn the BerkeJ.ey Community Developm-ent Couneil, a poverty g.roup funded by the Office of Economie OlpJ!X)rtUillJity. Black Panthers E.rika Hugg,ins, Herman Smith, Andrea F. Jooes and WLI:1iam L. Roberts were eleeted to .four f1f the a CHARMETTES, INC Cancels Miss Black Tampa Pageant This serves notice to infonn the public that THE CHARMETTES, INC. of Hillsborough County are no longer sponsors of the MISS BLACK T:UIPA PAGEA:\'T as ()f April 30, 1972. The event was scheduled for June 29, l!r.2 at the Gasparilla Ro():n of the Curtis Hixon Center. For lnf()rmati()n concern-h1g the distribution of girts and donations previously madePlease contact MRS. DORIS SCO'IT -233-0523 or MRS. PHYlliS LEE 232-73U. Family Fight Leaves Wifer Husband Dead GA,J:'-iiESVILLE -A family squabble restdted in the shooting death of a Gainesville housewife and after being tracked do.vn by bloodhounds. the fleeing husband took his life. Police reported that Ervin Johmon Jr., 38, died of selfinflktcd wounds at mid-morning Thursday in a woodctl arPa nine miles west o-f Gainesville while being urged to surrender' by po lice and his two brothers. First-degree murdtr and arson warrants been issued earlier for his arrest. His common-law wife. Lee An nie Young. 28, was found elvin!! by neighbors, who told loud quarreling had been going on fo-r several hours about J. a.m. Thursday. A.<:cording t:J police, the liv ing room was ablaze when the neighbors enirrcd t'lC west S-ixth ).venue residence. The woman was p!onounced dead on arrival at Alachua General Hospital. WitnessE-s told po-lice. the.y gaw Johnson leave the rear of IJhe house with the couple's 5-year-old son. The child was rep<}rtedly left safeJ,y with a grandmntJher. From telephone calls recetved from residents in the area, p;olice were able to track Johnson down. H(}WVel, t1he plea from JM)liiice and his brothers, Johnson shot himself with hi.s own pdstoJ. A city police said police did L1ot fire during the inddent. Shirley Chisholm loses Temper At Campus Rally BUtF,FAi!...O. ::-i.Y. -Rep. Slhirlt>y O!J.is:holm (D. N.Y.) told a studen-t audlience she was "sick and tired of peo.p.l-e claJmdug to speak for b.la{:ks.'' ,Mrs. Chisoolm lost her composure when a young woman asked why she had not taken a position in a labor dispute. "There is no way I can pi.ek up on over 3()-!J years of inequity to my people," Mrs. Chisbolrn replied, adding tha-t she received more than 700 requests a week a-sking for her to involved in various causes. The black lost her temper during a question and. atJ,swer Jlrit 18 month,, wns arrested earlv Satudav momine: and has positiveiv ident.ifird in at least two d 21:\ unsolved cases. Severn! stake-cuts in the areai'l where bhe rap.ist o.ften works have been se-t tll') in an effort to catch him. Each !rime, po lice said, has manag-ed to escape, often after committing the crime in the heavily police satmated are-a. The sus>pect, identified a s James William Sweet, 25. i!J5t.h Avenue. has the mustache and goatE-e that several of the vietims described to the investigating po-licemen after each flffense. At first, Swee-t Oharlie's victims were white women, usually seperated, or d1ivorced, in the Robles Park area. After raiping i:lhe women, Charlie, with a strong cologne fragrance, would sit and quietly chat wi11h the women aboot himself and his family. In one case a woman mentiooed that she asked him !his name. He sa.id, "Oharlie, Sweet Charli-e," thus an identifying mark was ta.gged on the rapist. A few months after a of were re-.p<}Tted by R(}b]es Park women, t:he ra!Pii.st seemed to c-hange his me-tthoo of operation and started to strike iu. an area east of Interstate 7 and north of Interstate .4. In the Robles Park cases, all od' the women were akme wiflen Oh-arlie made his late night bedroom window entrances, but when he exploiting b1acks, pretending the,y have a. com;nitment," she told her questioner. The presidential candidate said ste hqped s-he was asked to return to the campus in the fall. "I'm going bark and I'm going to unmask your kind. I'll tell just where your mone'y is comin-g from." changcd areas he began to go into the houses even whcn husbands or were there. I le would usually make them lie the floor or in a cicset until he ra,pcd the wo men. '.!'his chan,r!e of pattern led police to believe t1wt there were two ranists working hut later connEcting methods led t'lem to th'" conclusion that it. was s2me just a slight cc1:111ge in 111 cthods. Charlie would alwavs arm himself with a weapon of some kind. At fir.st hP used a then a knife and sometimt>s an icepick before he o-btained a gun for his latest caners. He \\'Ould also always take small amounts of rash from each victim or their husbands telling them that he was a "junkie," or dope addict. before a polo.gizing-to the husband and leaving the home through the same bedroom window he ootered. Police were unable to stop the rapist and 18 cases s\JeG)t throu';'Il while ot'!ikers patrolled the street wibh shotguns in h01pes of catching Charlrie. The neighbors were then n()tified to repoct any strange looking person in the area. Saturd.ay morning, afted lia[Ppen-ed." .. Rockfalls, fii

Tuesday, June 13, 1972 _____ Fia. Sentinel-Bulletin every Tues. an d Fr-I. Get Both E _d_i_ti_o_n_! _________ P_A_G_E_T_H_R_E_ ...,! ''':: WOMAN NARROWLY ESCAPES-DEATH IN CARPORT CRASd l\frs. Bell Backey, 5024 87th St., stand!! where 11he was sitting when thecar driven by Mn. Betty Mathis, Ct., ba c ked through her carport Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Mathis bit a trailer truck a car and then backed into the bouse, doing approximately $1,000 damage. Mrs. Matilis, alont with three others, were taken to the hospital but l\lrs. Backey moved in time to escape Charges are pending due to hospitalization of the driver. YOUTH DEPARTMENT SELECTS 'PRINCE AND PRINCESS' On Sunday afternoon in a colorful ceremony the youth department of Allen Temple A. M. E Church selected their "Prinee and Princess." They are Correatha Larkin:t, daughter or 1\lrs. Cora B. Larkins, and Kenneth l\lonroe, son of Mr. and. Mrs. Harold Daniels. The royal court which conllists of runners-up, are from left to right, Monica McCray, third; Jobimle Jordan, first; Valerie first ; Cleo Dell Pilcher, second; Tim othy Richardson, second; Debra Davis, fourth;. and Harold Trend, third. Shooting Victim Paralyzed From Neck Down A s pok esman at Tampa G e neral H ospital r eported last w e ekend that a m a n shot in a p a r kinglot at 101 6 India Friday is in serious co ndition paralyz ed from the ne e k d o wn w ith a bullet l odged in his s p i nal c o lumn Charges, Investigation (CONTINUED .ROM PAGE 1) his department. M eCALL SAID the y weren't enfo r c ed but con ce d e d S o m e p e o p le probably see them a'lld adhe r e to 'em more or less Bu t we h a ven-'t go ne out there and told a n y one to m o v e over. A 17-yea r-o td girl was c riminally mol este d early day morning a man who told h e r she knew him because b e l-epl a ced a s c r ee n in a wind o w for at one time. The poliee d i scovered that: the man let him s elf in by r e moving a s c r e en from a rear window. The girl told poli c e that h e r l iving room lig ht went out and s h e got out of. b e d to s ee why, and was in e t a t the door by a Second Degree Murder Charged Following Shooting At Local Bar Willi a m Floyd Ale x a nd e r 31, B ook e r T. D r i\ e, h a s bee!1 charged wit h s econd d e g r e e m u rd e r after a m a n h e sho t in th e b ack w h i l e run ning fr o m th e Sl.a tion Ba r 1!)-17 l'viain S t.. died e arly Mond ay m o rning De a d i s 2 1 year old Cha rli e McNeal y, 1934 Cherry St reet. M c Nealy's s i s t e r Mr s. Louise C ooke 1 934 Cherry S t t o ld polic e that s h e, h e r brother, and a friend went to th e bar and sat near the juke b ox and ordered dri nks Aftc:r a f e w min u tes Charli e l e ft and went to the bar. She said the noise was so loud that she and the friend decided to leave At this time she heard a shot that was deafening. and saw her brothe r run ning for the door with the ma:t running after him. She _recalled hearing a second shot. and thought it was not as loud as. the first. The men ran outside and_ she lost track of them, she said McNealy was taken to the hos pital and the attending physician said that there was an qnnatural amount of bleeding and the man was taken to surgery in critical condition. The suspect was described to police the only name known by the witnesses was "Floyd.'' About 10 : 30 Sunday night the WILLIAM F. ALEXANDER suspect walked into the police sta tion to give himself up and identi fied himself as William Floyd Al exandei-. Alexander told police he was approac hed by McNealy at the bar and he started to argue over his gir !friend, a former girl friend ot McNealy's McNealy pulled a gun and shot at Alexan der, he said, and ran out the door. Alexander said he then pulled his .32 caliber revolver and shot Me Nealy as he was going out thtJ doo r He said that he !lidn't know that he had hit the man until later. Alexander's bond is pending outcome of his hearing this day) morning REP. METCALFE CALLS TAX PROBE A POLJTICAL MOVE CHICAGO Rep. Ralph H. Met calfe (D. Ill.) charged Wednesday that an a udi t of his 1 96 9 and 1970 fed eral i nc ome tax returns may h av e be e n p oliticall y motivated. He s aid th e Internal R e v e nue Serv ice acti o n also includ e d the returns of s everal" Chicago aldermen for th e same years. Met ca lfe's charge came amid re ports that IRS agents have examined the contents of bank lock boxes registered to at least six aldermen or their nominees. The investigatiol) is known to ceriter on an alleged scheme in which it charged certain aldermen solicited bril>es for seekin g zoning changes for prpperty owners and developers. Metcalfe, a former C hicago alderman who resigned in. Jariuary; 1969, to become congreSSI,llan ; said man wh() pushed' her bac k info the roo n\ He :had a knife, a flashlight and a gun, she said, and use J them as a threat to make her She sajd that the m a n sat em the sid'l!' of the b e d for abour ten. minutes a nd told her that she kne w him. He left through the t'ear door after closing the wi .ndow. and told her to loc k the door and that he would 1ettrm some tin1e The gil'i did recall t h 'at about two months a g o a m .an unknown to h e r rep la c ed a front window scree n f o r her. he learned of t.he IRS investigation of aldermen at m e eting of the Cook County Demo crat ic Central Comm it tee earlier this year. He said that when he mentioned the IRS audit of his returns, whicll he said occurred prior to the meet ing "several aldermen who s names I don t r e m ember replied that the tax boys had been in to see them, too. Metcalfe added the aldermen told him they were asked, as he was, to produce financial re'cords for the years 1969 and 1970 and that they seemed astonished. "We thought it was purely political," said Metcalfe, who re called that the aldermen wers Democrats, too. "President Nixon will stop,at nofhi_ng to embarrass Democrats.'! : Metcalfe who was chairman ol the City council Committett in l969-70, saidthe IRS agents wh() questioned him their aC:. tion as a routine check. He said it had nothiqg to do with his years as alderman of the South Side s Third ward. The IRS didn't ask me about zcning changes or anything to d() w!th zoning," said Metcalfe, An IRS source said the exam ination of lock boxes was' dons with : the permission of tke al dermen involved and that no court orders, were needed Wh:.;t was found was not disclosed. Poli ce said they w ere sent to the scene to investigate the shooting a n d ambulance att endant3 w e r e carrying the victim, Georg e Oti s Troy, 2 3 1 2 Arc h Street, t o the hospital. E d w a r d Bow e n 17 1248 Burd e n C t., t o ld p olic e that h e was walking wit h Troy in the lot when a man stopped t o t a lk wi t h Trov Bow e n did not h ear the and he and Troy starte d t o wa lk away wh e n the man called Troy again. A s Troy turne d t h e man fire d o n e s hot l

rACE FOUR _______ FJa. __ Se_e_. tt... __ __ -eil_ _lft_a_ _F_rr_. c__et_Bo_-_tL__d_Ti_io_ft'_s ____ T_u_e.ct__a_y_, ffotida' \ l&entiftef fu'bli.shed every Tuesday and Friday by J'lflrida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Publishing Co., 'J:JJfl Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida-33601. ------c. BLYTHE ANDREWS founder and Publisher (, }JLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice President-Production KRS. ROSi'!f CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising Second class postage pald at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 Per Year On Edition. $12.5& Per Year BOth EditioD!J. McGovern, The South And M .r. Askew / Because of his liberal s ltand on major critical issues such as bus i.ng, defense spending, for draft evaders and hia $1,000 per-citizen income distribut1ion plan, Southern Governors are hatching a plot to stop. Sen. McGovern. They are aoundmg alarm Lells over the prospect of ''devas tating" Io.ses in !their region if Senator from South .-oils on to win the Demo Prest dential nomination. The atory is :being circulated that some Senators and a large of Congressmen in the Souitb would loae theif se3:ts e.hould McGovern be at .the head the Democrait1c ticket. Similar expressions of concern ihave been v()iiced hy party lead e.:s in such states aa Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and the Carolinas, However most of them concede that stoppin. g Mr. may be almost beyond reach parlticularly after his re cent victory in the-Galifomia primary. \. The idea of Southern Demo lcrats compla,ining about the na tional party ticket is hardly novel. ,.hey have been doing that ever l!linee 1948 w h e n their leaders walked out of the Philadelphia convenltion over civil rights and formed their Dixiecrat party. Any movement to attempt to ceny Sen. McGovern the nomina rtion, if should succeed would the party so seriously as to eliminate any possibility of elect>ing a Democrat to the Presi in November. Despite their criticism some of the Southern Governors would wan t McGovern to c 'hoose a vice .presiden:t 1ial running mate who is a Southerner. In fact, their op position to the Sout!Jh Dakotan looks much like a concerted stra tegy to get the Senator to accep-t a Southerner as his running mate. Y/e appreciate point, and hope our own Gov. Reubln Askew auclt, a ticket,. lOW LET THEM REAB YOU Willis McCaU lndidment The indicbnent of Sheriff Willis McCall of Lake County Monday by a grand jury was a long time coming. Whether Call is innocent or guilty of the charges is for ,.jury to decide. But, to say the least, he has lived a charmed life as a sheriff aince 1949. McCall was and still is con ;iidered 'the symbol of ''law and order'' in Central Florida, not be caus.e he enforced the law cording to the book, but because he makes it a practiee of keeping black people in :their places. In 1949 he k!illed a black prisoner accused of rape and got off scot free, without so much as a thorough investigation. In the in dictment Monday, he was accused_by the grand jury of threat ening potential witnesses against him In the of deranged prisoner Tommy Vickers. His "creech tank" is not only inhumbut medieval aa well, and his methods of punishiing prisoners on "peas and carrots'' would make old Alcatraz appear 1the most modem prison in history. "(here are several pertinent weaknesses in McCall's tactics. They not only advocate ignorance hut also ignore the movement of history towards better race re laitiona in our state. With h is ideas of separation of the races as a way of life, a clash between law and order against justice can not be dismissed as a figment of the imagination. The n o r m a l pradice of law and order with justice then, tends towards racism and an abandonment of simple praotices in humane treatment. Mr. McCall expressed astonish ment at 'the indictment and his suapension from office by Gov. Reubin Askew. We guess so. It was his first after all these years of foolishness in office. Florida needs modern methods runnin& its pl'ison system an4 ONLY IN AMERICA By Harry Golden DO WE HATE WAR? An old ghetto proverb h o I d s that a man says he hates war whiLe he rubs his hands. We Americans have always in sisted we hate war. Dwight D. Eisenhower ended the Korean War, and Richard Nixon will probably end the Vietnam War. But I am not sure both these men acted because of a basic antipathy toward war. I ratheT suspect we ended the Korean War and will end the Viet nam War because we have dis co.vered war is so frightfully ex pensive, Had he purchased anything for the vast sums of money he spent, Johnson would have ,been the unaimous choice of the electorate. The Tet offensive made Ameri cans turn their ba<:ks on hrm. They turned their backs not because he had waged a war which was cruel but because he waged a war which was pointless. The centr;Jl myth we entertain In our history texts and patriotic pamphlets is that America is the great neutraL Our pa._cifism is supposed to be proved by the fact its county jails. A new breed, such as Malcolm Beard of Hillsborough County and Don Genung of Pinellas, are :the kind of men who should be in office in our counties. Law enforcement is ,needed for protection of all ci'ti zens regardless of race. Inhumane treatment and brutality are not needed. If the charges against Willis McCall are substantiated, La k e Counity would get the chance to elect a man of the Beard a n d Genung caliber. If McCall goes free, Lake' s residents should still turn to a younger, more quali fied chief law enforcement per son. Lake County and F I o r i d a would be better off without men with the Willis McCall reputa tion in public office. Purple Lily Usher Board The president of the Purple Lily Usher Board of the N'ew Mount Zion Baptist Church is all members to please be present and on time to busi ness meeting Thursday nigllt at 8 p.m. Bro. Robert Baldwi:d president, Rev. B. J. Jones; paSA tor. Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 Eddie Rolle, Pres Gwendolyn Hayes, Rept, The No. 2 choir of New Zion M. B. Church, Rev. B Jones, pastor, will have regulat choir rehearsal tonight (Tues.) beginning at 8 P.M. at the chur ch. The president is asking all members to please come out. i that only civilians manage our war apparatus. Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt were politicians elevated to greatness when they took charge of a nation faced with the exigencies of war. It is also true that each of our wars has made a soldier into President. The Revolutionary War made George Washington; t h e War of 1&12, Andrew ,Jackson; the Mexican War Zachary Tay lor; the Ci17il War, Ulysses S. Grant; the Spanish-American War, Theodore Roosevelt; World War I, Herbert Hoover ( wh:> w a s Woodrow Wilson's food adminis trator in Belgium); World War II; Dwight D. Eisenhower. "War 'is hel1," said an Ameri can general, not meaning we shouldn't venture into it. We glori fy soldiers, and glorifying sol diers is nat far from glorifying war. Should Richard Nixon's adminls tration find a "just and honorablepeace," I would still hesitate be fore I declared America would never make the same mistake in Asia again. If we get a bargain rate in Asia, the troops will be back. De spite the Berlin uprisings and th$ Hungarian Revolution, despite tlltf Wall and Czech invasion, we have avoided a direct confronta tion in Europe. I do not think this avoidance means we are peace ful but that we are thrifty. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers


Tuesday, June 13, 19'12 Fla. Publialaed every Tues. and Frt Both Finally rece i v ed the official re port on the Atlan t a Jazz Festival" i n Atlanta Stadium, to the effor ts o f T ampan Herbert Hoover Dixon and Tampan-Atlantan Louis Bo s tic Wilds. The fes tival i s se t for Friday, Jtme 30t h,' and Sa t urday July 1st at 8 p m Friday nig ht' s show will featn::e Ray Charles B. B. King Sarall Vaughan, Cannonball Adderley, Charlie Byrd; Giants of Jazz with Dizzy Gillespi e Thelonious Monk, Sonny Stitt, Art Blakley, Kai Wind-Ing anrl AI McKibbon. Saturday night's giants are Roberta Flack, Ike and Tina Turner, Lou Rawls, Dave Btubeck, Paul Desmond, Gerry 1\-lilligan, Jimmy Smith; a jam sessi o;1 with Kenny Burrell, Ctark Terry, .Joe Newman, Roy Haynes, Zoot Sims, and IDinois Jacquet. Ticket prices are five, six and seven dollars ... JETS HERE 'N THERE Mrs. Josepbiate Frazier, Novelettes Social Club prexy, was recent visitor to Cincy, Ohio, where she attended the graduation af son, Clareace T. Frazier, from Cinn. Utiiv. graduate school (Masters In Education). M1's. Fraizer's son, Oharlea Frazier. also came over from Chicago for the accasion Wocd is Mr. Jesse Mye111 and the Progress Village "area gents have a niee private club started. Hope to have more illfo on this soan .. 'Tampa boxer Joe Goldberg's porrecily out Albuquerque, N. M. way hell'ing Cllamp Bob Foster get set for thls month s title de tense against Mike Quarry WhiCh reminds me, Cleveland Ouaeaux is now among -the Tam pans having made plans for at tending the big "Brothers" fights In La.s Vegas this month. That's the night Muhammad AU and &b f'Oiter meet Jerry and Mike Quarry, Grover's gonna stay at the Saads Motel The one million dollars may not be enough to get Central Avenue ;etraighteaed out, but should get dd of quite a few rats 'n rQaches. Xhe crawlln,g ki11d arid othe .rs .. Rumors are Miss Linda Somers, Black Studies instructor at USF, may move back to Atlanta and do more graduate studies at Georgia State Teachers CoHege Earl "Pop" A1lams was met shortly after his flight arrived from NYC, bringing "Pop" home for a two weeks stay with mothe<, Mn. Marie Adams, and sister, Mrs. Gloria A. Andrews Received word "The Extraorditlaires Social Club" will be celebrating its first anniversary within the next few weeks. Robert itobin110n is president and Charles kegler "Veep" AN INVITE COMES FROM THE LADlES OF BAY CITY BOOST )!:RS to attend theit ; second annual ''Tropical Evening In Hawaii" on Sunday, June 18th, from 7 to 9 p m. at 1202 Cypress St. Mr!l. 'J'helma Clark, pres. ; Mrs. Helen Wullams, C'hr .. YOURS TRULY IS MEN'S DAY PROGRAM CHAIRMAN GROUP l'!O. 43 OF ALLEN TEMPLE AME CHURCH Among the folks of my group who'll help to see to lts are, Sisters Addie T. Washington, Sarah Lewis, Vera ptark, Cinderella Brady, JosephIne Morris, Elizabeth Brazelton, Margaret Brady and Lucille Coefleld. The men who'll be working for the cause are, Brothers Clar enoe Coefield and Charles L. BradT. 'Er as you read yaur name pleaae answer, yes AND HAVE YOU NOTICED BOW THE WHITE PRESS (LOor a1 tbe brotiters would AROUND THE TOWN Bethel Baptist 808 Short Emory Street Views Of Progress Village Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Putor Mrs. Lillie M. McDonald, Reporter 8. S began at 9 :30 a.m. Mr. By mA LEE EHKIS Phone 677-1318 By HAYWARD BPJillY say, "Uncle Tom" McEwen and those, along with the Univ of T ampa o fficial f a mily seem to gel mad everyt ime they h ear of one of the i r ex-pl ayers being biessed financially wit h a nice bonus co1 tract. Don t we all know "MON EY is the name of life s b i ggest g a:ne Now they're mad with Willie Lee Jones w hom we all know ga v e four dedica ted years to the Un i v. of Tampa Spartans football gr{)wth. E ven g o t Miami Dolphins Coach Darn, or rather Don Shula, sneak ing in h i s two cents worth, claim ing he wanted Willie Lee Jones real bad yet he (Shula) draftej h i m In the near last 19th round. The "Downtowners" are acting r:J nasty after the fellows get luck y f i nanciall y in sports that I m just about ready to level my endorsament to all my Brothers with ath letic and scholastic talents W''Take It Back Up On The Hill," or down Daytona way where I come from and where real "Wild cats" grow WAS NICE receiving the report of smoothly most of schools closing day last Wed. went. Like principals like Sam Scaglioue oi Leto and his neighbor, Sam HOf ton of Jefferson Hi, had no real, big problems tj) speak of. Neither did Mr. Allt'n of BTW Jr. Hi, who's going "vacationing" after 42 years of fine dedicated service. Have fun, God's blessings aru:l many thanks to you Mr: Geor ge Washington Jr. Hi pnncl pal, Mr. Alfonso, was proud of his 'no noise or fight$" sc?. ool closing M were principa]s Fred Fuller, of Middleton; Lewis Meteye of Meacham Eleni., William Kay of Williams Elem., Marion Cabrer ra of College Hill Elem., which goes to new name, "J. W. LockWilton Sweeting presided. The le& son was taught by the teachers. Morning worship began at 10:45. Devotion was conducted by Mr. Alphonso Adams and Mr Allen Carr. Mus i c was rendered by the Special Choir who sang most beau tifully under the guidance of Mrs. J u s t ine Carr and Mrs. Augustine Nobles. The sermon was delivered by the pastor who chase for his theme, The Dilemma of Suffer ing and the Joy of Ove1' coming." When the invi t ation for joiners were extended six members con nected themselves to the church. Evening worship began at 5 :15. This serv ice was conducted by the chairman of the board of deacons Mr. Allen Spotford. He selected for his scripture for the congrega- tion to medit a te on, the 12lst Psalm. Mr. Joe Livingston spoke brief ly complimenting the member:> present during the very inclement weather. Music was rendered by the Special Choir. All auxiliaries will resume their same schedule of meetings and rehearsals as scheduled within the : group Gospel Mission Prilyer Band Dea. Lonnie Prea. Mu. Willie B. Williams, Rept. The Gospel Mission Band will meet Wednesday at, 7 :30 at the home of Mrs. Bobby i Grant, 3507 25th Ave. Let us; remembei the sick and shutins. Vi11itors are always welcome. Lachoochee Services at Mt. Moriah P. B Church began with S. S. with the supt. and teachers at their 'POsts, The lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Morning service began at 11 with the senior choir serving. Devotion was led by the deacons. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. The Ushers Union waa held at 3. Mother Mattie Green of 5701 79th St returned home late May aft'r spending five months in Brooklyn, Ilhaca, Buffalo and Rochester, New York visiting daughters, Mrs. Charlotte Sawyer and Mrs. Eliza be t h Williams and son, Mr. Ted H a rdy. Mother Green also visited ano t her son Mr Charlie Hardy, in Chicago, Ill. While in Ithaca ol1" und e rwent successful major surg ery. Mother G r een rendered re vival servi ce s while in the state of New York, wherein two were saved. Mis s W a nda S ta rling daughter of Mr. and Mrs J. P. Mayweather, 7923 Endi v e Ave., home from Florida A & M University on Wednesda y to attend graduation exercises of Brandon High School of which brother Wayne E. May' weather received his diploma along with many others Miss Starling will return t o A&M for summer sesl!ion next week. The GAF Tornadoes were ed by the Progress Village Stars on Wednesday night at th' Progress Village playground. ThtJ Tornadoes and the All Stars wil1 go at it again on Wednesday eve ning at 6:30 p.m. at Village. Villagers and friends are invited to come out and cheer your favorite team along. Wednesday night games are slow p i tch softbalL Mr and Mrs. H. L. (Wilnn) Haywood and kids, Derrick, Chan and Dale of 5406 87th St., departed on Friday night for Tallahass e e and Quincy, Florida. They wer e accompanied by cousin, Mr Van Gainous Jr. of .5010 8 5 th St. They will visit Mrs. Haywood s sister, Mrs Nanc y Slater, in Tallahassee, and her mother, Mrs Clara Cloud, In Quincy Mr. Haywood and Mr, Gainous will return late Sunday night while Mrs. Haywood and the kids will remain for two weeks vacation. hart Elem, next year. F o und that charming _principal, Mrs. Dora Reeder of Dunbar Elem. had no real problem out of her school dosing day crown when Mrs. Reed er's son, Robert Reeder, came to work with us on his summer parttime bus boy job at TIA The writer's son Mark Anthony Brady and Evening service began at 6:30 with the same order of serviee .. .. soe.RY YOU w .. T aou. Holy t:ommunion was administer-.. IR n an n ftW., the Pie;ce Jr. Hi bunch, of which Mr. Kenneth Hurst's princi_pal, boarded their bus and came quiet ly home as did the gang from :vir. Howard Harris' s Carver Elem. and Mr. Edwin Artest, Young Jr. Hi, among many, many others. And to our principals teachers, PTA officers and members and school officials of the city county and state, from the bottom of my heart I thank you all for helping me with my kids Regardless of what others not ln the know or the years o! knowledge might say from here to last week's Cham berlain High graduation TAMPANS GOING FURTHE'R SOUTH TO NASSAU, BAHAMAS are Robert and Joyce Tucker and Joseph and Sally Redding. These folks are scheduled to board our EAL Whisperliner Friday morning for a one week vacation stay In Nassau, stopping over at the British-Sheraton Colonial Hotel along famed Bay St Mr. Redding and Mr. Tucker are two well-known black firemen of the city While Speaking of Tampans Go ing Places, how 'bout the new hap pening among many folks we know That thing of traveling over t.:> pla ce s like Seffner, Dover Mango, Sarasota, Ruskin, etc. and picking real fun-like and economically the!r own big crops of beans, corn, 'matoes, 'n 'tatoes. No this is good exerCise and helps the budget too, but for right now I'll take mine per pound at Ka Sh 'N Karry and Kwik Chek, thank yau edMr; and Mrs. Stewart DAftL,INI -: YOU_ L L N188 :M.E. left. Tuesday for De"wer, Colo. for two visit with their Rt!S children and grandchildren. .. ...;.ilr .TIIings You"' Slaould Know .i5QQ B.C.-fH!ftATEST .. -':R .,.... nueo SHE AOCEO f(hi .,::a_, i ... ...;..:..;..;.;...:.;.. t50 YEARS BEFORE TUT pw-.::o


.JiACE SIX Fla. PublisLed Tues. anCI Frf. -Celt Bot'h Ed iltions --' HOmelnakefs. -FOrum ROSE CRUTCHFIELI;) }'M !ii;it;[!iGiti viQ_ration, you can help make your horne a safer place in which to Jive L Ke e o all hdusehold chemicals and medic i nes opt of the reach of children, preferably in a locki:'d cabinet. 2. Store all chemicals and clean. lng products in their original containers; don t ues PoP or other containers normally used for foods or beverages. 3 When a container is empty, devotion. All teaclhers were at their posts. 'l'he Jesson was revl.ie-wed by the acting p astor., Lowe. Worship service began at 11 w1tll the Dea. L: Warren -and iJlea. H. in c-harge of the devotion. 'IIhe mess,age was delivered by the Re v Peyton, his ten was "With Only One Life To Live." Evooin.g service oogan at 6 :3Q. Let us aU rernernib& the sick and shut Visitors are welcome at all timei. Be it park or Pa-tio, summer tastes best with Patio Picnic Rice salad : ; Ve!vetized eyilporated milk gives extra nutrition to the chilled combination of crisp bacon, onion, celery, rice a:hd cooked egg. To receive more 1 ecipe ideas, send far Carnation's Easy-DoesIt-Cookbook. Enclo.se your name, address and zip code with $1.00 to: '. 1 Food Service Center Carnation Company .;Box 50RS Pico Rivera. PATIO PICNIC RICE SALAD -(Makes 6 to 8 servings) 2 tablespoon cup undiluted Carnation Evaporated Milk % cup mayonnaiH I ettWlope (t.a OUftetll) ltlllan nlad tllr'M\fnc mix 1 teupoon pepriJ!a "' : .... poon .,....... ; HeM crt.p ..-vmblecl bhon % cup sliced green onion SA cup chopped celery 2 tablespoon chopped pimiento 2 tlblespooni minced JMirlley 2 diced hard cooked eat i Cl!PS.col d ccoj{ed r ice ',ltlr vlneaar into evaporated mllk:o.mtil milk th.id,.?r.s. Ad4 Jnayorii:talse, Itallan mix, : JlaprJKa and Jer; mix well. Chlll. -Add remain ina Jnpedients to cold rice. Add Hla4 dreu!nr, Wet aently well Jnlxed. Chnl,untll ready to HZVt. U .I.L.I.Lol.n. : HAS NEW FASHIONS GIRLS LOVE The girls love the old fasblon newneu of ttong collared cuffed shirt and priDC from CINDERELLA : Mary tie. Lisa. likes the black and: red. Buffalo plaid chooses a yellow red and green clan 1plald with fringe skirt, layered with .. red-ilbbed undedr&lilri suede 1uspenders

Tuesday, June 13, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publisbetl e'Very Tues. and Fri. Celt Botb PAGE SEVEN TO BE MARRIED Mrs ; .. Cks>>Ht!, 2906 1 ith Street, announces the of her niece Janice Faye Worlds to .lames Alexander Austm, son ot l\[rs Effie 'Austin 4309 LaSalle Street. Janiee is a 1971 graduate ilf Blake Hi h School and attends Florida A & M University. James graduated f;om Blake High School in 1970 an? also attenC:s ll'lori.da A & 1'.1: University. He is employed at the Umted States Post Ofhce in Tallahassee: The will be an event of June 24, at the home of the bride. A reception will follow at the Kid Mason Center. CLASSES OF '72 RECEIV_.E PRECIOUS H. S. DIPLOMAS DARCEL KING JA<::QUELYN BOOKS TO RECEIVE OFFICER TRAINING Offi<'er Candidate Roland W. Falana will report to the U. S. Marine Base at Quantico, Vir ginia, for ten weels of precom missioning training in Officers Candidate School. After training he will be commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. The 19G9 graduate of Largo High School is a 1972 graduate of the University of Tampa with a degree in music educa tion. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. c. Falana of Largo, and is married to the former Barbara Keene of Clearwater. The Apostolic Church Of Jesus Thonotosassa Bishop J. H. Lee, Pastor Mrs. Beautean White, Reporter Sunday school began at 10:30 with Mrs. J. Felton in charge. The lesson was reviewed by missionary in charge, !della Mitchell. Noonday service with the youl.h of the church in charge of the serv ice. Mrs. Naolllli Carter and Mr. J. Felton led devotion. Minister Anderson delivered the sermon. His subject was "Has Anyone Seen Jesus In You?" At 3 a Tea was held sponsored by Mr. Herbert Bowden of the Junior Department. Mrs. Beau tean White was the mistress of ceremonies. A good program was presented by Mr. Bowden. Funds from this affair went towards the buying of water 'fountains for the church. Refreshments were served. On Friday night the activities remain the same. Elder Jenkins from Cocoa will render the evening service on July 9. Revival services will begin en the lOth of July and will be conducted by Bishop J. H. Lee. This will run for 14 nights. Beulah Dorcas Circle Mrs. Mary Crawford, Chairman Mr&. Etta White, Rept. The Dorcas Circle of Beulah Baptist Church will meet Thursday morning at 9 at the home of Mrs. Hazel Sims, 1508 Nuccjo Parkway Apt. A. The lesson by Mrs. Eddies Wilson. Su'bject will be "What Is Our Responsible To The World"? Taken from St. Luke 10:25. The alphabet letter is "Y''. The la&t meeting place was Mrs. Nettie Cutler, 1009 Longshoreman Dr. St. Matthew Chorus .. Mrs. Lula Mae Wint, President Mrs. Mamie Lue Brooks, Reporter St. Matthews Jubilee Singers will have rehearsal Thursday night at 7:30 at the church. All members are asked to meet at Grace Mary Sunday afternoon at 3 for choirs union. Rev. R. Rogers is asking pastor. PUBLIC NOTICE Hillsborough County Chapter of Charmette Incorporated will not be a part of the 1972 production of "MISS BLACK TAJ\IPA." All monies for ads, donations, and subscriptions are in the process of being reimbursed. Please contact 1\lrs. Phyllis Lee %32-7361; Mrs. Doris Scott -233. Gwendolyn Lamar, president: Miss Doris Wilson, rePiJr .... Of Tomorrow' PHYLLIS TUCKER PATSY NOLET Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. recently presented ''Artis-ts of at the Intenrational Inn. First prize winners were !Richardeau Hill, religious (age 6-1); Phyllis Tucker, non-religious (age 6-,1J2); ALbert Copeland, religious (a,ge 13-1117); and RICHARDEAN HlLL ALBERT COPELt.ND Patsy Nolet, non-religious (ags lG-17). Second pride awards went t() ,Aurora M.athews, Larry, and Lawrence White, and ShelJiJa Johnson. Winners of Honorable Mention were Paul crawrord and Monroe. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEYERLY (Continued from page 6) new members for _the Tampa Branch NAACP as they attempt t<> capture first place in the $1,000 college scholarship contest. Tha closing date is June 30, and a vict0ry celebratinon is being planned. SAINT PAUL KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION EXERCISES Nursery promotion and kindergarten graduation exercises at Saint Paul United Methodist Church were held on June 7. Diplomas were presented by D. McCallum. The nursery group included Jorge Bello, Vernon Blake, Ruth Isla, Eddie Lee, Tracy Maggio, Tasha McCray, Mark Moore Lisa Neves, Leila Range, KrystalStarling, Maria Elena Velarde, Michella Ynteressi, Jorge Nunez, Willie Perez, Beth Ramirez, Trisha Reaster, Bridget Scott, Todd Smith, .Jeffery Stewart, An1ela Thomas, Lisa Verduccl, Ellis Vinson, Garl Walker, Dreneen William and Neicko Williams. CHARiUETTES PLAN CONTEST The Inc: of County have adopted as their civic prqject, Sickle Cell Anemia. The objectives are to brin!l abOut an ,awareness of the disease to the community; raise funds ta be donated to research; and set up a Sickle Cell Anemia blood bank for persons in need of blood during a crisis period. The first activity will be a coi1test for children who have Slcldtt Cell Ane mia. The child's parents must be willing to work with members of the Charmettes in fund raising activities. Funds collected from this aCtivity will go. into the group's special fund at the National Bank for research. Any parent or adult guardian wishing to enter their child int() the contest should contact the Mrs. Evangeline Best, 238-5473. DELEGATES RETURN Delegates retur-ning to Sunshine State after attending the 22nd annual Women's Convention of the Church of God in Christ in New Orleans are Bishop W. E. Bishop, State Bishop; Mrs. Willie B. Lewis, State Supervisor of Women : Mrs. Ada Williams, District President of Sunday School; Mrs ."Hattie Mae WilSon, State Sunday School Secretary; and Mrs. Allee :\lonroe, District President of thtt Mother's Board. Also attending the me eting was Evangelist Ward. BRIDGE CLUB HONORS RETIRED TEACHER The La San Souci Bridge Club recently honored one of its mem bers, Mrs. Cornette Mills who has retired after many years of outstanding teaching In the Hillsborough County School System. She was entertained by the club at the beautiful home of. Mr. and Mrii. J V. Sheehy, and guests gathered in the recreation area and around the swimming. pool. Members and friends gave her many beautiful gifts, and she received a new car from her hubby. Attending were 1\frs. Dorothy Nelsop, Mrs. Marie Sheehy. Mr1. Ruby Powell, Mrs. Claudia Lowry; Mrs. Mary Lee, 1\lrs. Betty Kinsey, Mrs, Evelyn Wilson, Mrs. .Joyce O'Brien, Mrs. Beatrice Stewart, Miss Mariam Anderson, Mrs. Patricia Sheehy, Mrs. Mary Allen, Mrs. Eva P rlde, Mrs. Evelyn Hill, Mrs .. Estella. Miles, Luclw11 Mills and J. V. Shehy. Bridge game gifts were won bv Mrs. Dor11tlly Nels011, first; Mnr cc .. "naed oa Pare I)


PACE EIGHT Fla. Senlioei-Bulletin Publiahed every anCI Frl. Get Both Editions Tueeerapy. \StatementS:'a'OOa't tbe Si;tu,a,tion. Cises held in the school U:cm 'a!1e cle:all'ed. Wednesday Riglit ami introduced a Lou'is Whlteibeatf md Edward te11ow senior ; Hensel., who accord. Eensei were 'lillil:able :he ,g.f.t their i .n,i to SGme, inade der.ogatnry c:::::]omas :tll:rey iblwned in llheir remarks -about school officials., cs % sad gowns. afte,r lh're cere-cOx sadd Hensel berated mem-rtwey because of remarks made bers of tb'e staff by caning them b:v Hensel aboat the ''Scl!ool offisuch names Gox, and cla'ls. l referred to. he oi the assista!Jt The Principal of fue schocl, lolu1 Rona Q d Allen, as "someB Giix, said ne does .:oot klilow c. one who stabs people :in the back." the yc)tfhs would get their Since that n1giht Hensel has been C' :":llomns, pe!ld ing the outcome of called a wo1:1ble. maker,-a:lld -one t.'lteir investigation. 0ox sai:d fu<=y tnat always ,starts After trying to find out -just ROW his four minute .s:PeecnHelsel T2--' .. ( 'IFca.ila Highlights. 1\Ir. and. 'Mn.' 'fbomas Hope of lflr.. W,i lliam 'llhomllS OI Newark, -Gul.fPoi"t, MisS. visited re'lali'Ster Nocatee seco.nd iu the homecotn: oour t, m behind Hen5P.l who was Ol'Owned icing 'Of the court. The students 11re -scheduled to a meebing wit4 the-admmis t rators later this month. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By from page 1> Ruby Powell, seoond; and Mrs. Cornett.e third. Guests prizes were awarded to Mrs. Beatrice Stewart and Miss 'Mariam Ander son. VISITS IN FORT MYERS Mrs. Lucile B Johnson enjoyed a delightful week in Ft. Myers as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Roman Roberts. She attend!'!d the Dance of the Nations given by C:lub Bon-Assez of which Mrs. Roberts is a member. After the dance she was the breakfast guest of l\irs. Roberts and a former college mate, Mrs. Josie Wesley. HOI\fE AGAIN Mrs. Lela Moss has returned from a four-week vacation. She visited her daughter, Mrs. Pamela Wade in Cieveland, Ohio; her sister, Mrs. Alice Taylor in New Y.ork Gity; and her brother, Robert Felder in Washington, D. C. CLUB EKTERTAINS Allen Lake of Keystone was the recent scene of a Luau given by the Or<:hid Club for participants of the Fads and Fashion of 1972 their friends and families. Guests were greeted Hawauan by members of the Orchid Club wearing yellow and green hula skirts with matching lei. The more than two hundred guests included members of the Idle Hour Art and Garden Club, the Charmettes, Blossoms, Prin cetimettes, Non :i?ariels, La Paris and Entre Nous. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. Della Brown, Panama C1ty; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baker, Pensacola; Mrs. Alberta Davis, Mrs. Edith Baker and Mr. and Mrs. William Bums of St. Petersburg. .Bartenders were .John Argerious, James C:lark, Dennis Garner, Mansfield 'Bro111n, Waltace Siplin, Walter Fuller, Samuel M ay and .Rene Garda. Mn. Arthorine Clark is president. VACATION BIBLE DATES CORRECTED The Vacation Bible School lirlnouneed f<>r First Bapitst <:burch of Lioo:Jln Gardens will be helrl June 19-Ju'ly 16, from 9:30 A.M. t<> i2 noon. Mrs ;ltlath. M. McGhee is the directOr. (Continued on .. page 21) SALE I 'POPOVERS I PANTIES 'N' HATS RegUlarly 7,.00 4.99


Tuetday, June 13, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition's PAGE NINE CME MINISTERS INVOLVED IN MAJOR DRIVE Rev's. J. B. Bright of Tampa, G. W. Cameron of Ft Myers; M. L. Campbell of Quincy, and I. G. StripUng of Ft. l\lyers. All are ministers in volved in CM-E Church Drive. Botom photo left to right: Dr. M. C. Pettigrew of the CME Publishing House, Rev. D. McElvln, L. E. Sume1 of Tampa, .James Wells of West Palm Beach, L. J. MoRtgomery of Sarasota. 11 Bishop Kirkendoll Launches Major Drive In CME Churcbes Special for the Sentinel BY M. L. NEWMAN Bishop Chester A. Kirkendoll, presiding bishop of the Christian M e .t h o d i s t Episcopal Churches of Florida and Alabaina, has launched a drive iri Florida Churches. The drive tiet for a first rep(>rt at the coming Annual "Conference is stressing Church Expansion, 1000 new members, a new Leadership Training School, Social and Economic relations, a new look at Evangelism. The Florida conference is into two districts. The Tampa-Miami district is under the of presiding elder A. L. Goodwin. The Jacksonville-Orlando district is under the leadership of presiding elder J. W. Wilson. Both dis tricts ate expected to report an increase of 500 new members each. At a special conference called recently in Tampa, a leadership training school and training programs have been pla<:ed on the agenda for the next conference year. The school will !feature outstanding theological professors and laymen of the church. Courses will be offered to promote the ministry as well as teaching the laymen of the church their duties and responsibilities. The Florida conference is ra1smg and dooating to local churches more money. Projects under way in Florida include moving Bethany of Clerwater to Largo with Rev. J. B. Bright as pastor .... Mount Zion of A von Park is expected to b!! relocated with Rev. 0. C. Wells as pastor ..... St. Phillips of Ft. Myers is set to build a new church with Rev. I. G. Stripling as pastor ... Rev. L. L. Ward of West Tampa has moved Trinity church to a new location. on Howard Avenue .... Rev. L. B. Carithers is to build an educational building at Mt. Calvery of Lake Wales ... The Rev. L. E. of Grace Chapel, flant City, has remodeled that church and plans an additional building. -Additional. construction_ and a complete -remodeling job has. been completed with the Bishop laying his first corner stone at New Bethel Of belton with Rev. M L. Newman as pastor. Land ts being cleared for a new Dawson Chapel. at St. Augustine where Rev. J. L. Russ is pastor. Florida's largest church buy is now under way with the Central church of Jacksonville with Rev. E. D. McWoodson as pastor. This church may become a Florida headquarters seating upward to 50'} persons. This plant has large office &paces and educational units. It is located in the fast growing Sherwood Forest area. Carter's of Orlando. will re locate as soon as some property owned by this church is sold to the highway department. Rev. J. W. Powell is pastor. New Progress 3307 Shadowlawn Rev. E. J. Williams, Pastor Mr. Robert Coleman, Rept. S. S. began at 9:30 with the supt. and teachers at their posts. Morning service began at 11 and BTU meeting was held at 5:30. Evening service began at 6:30 Tuesday night at _the usual hour choir No. 1 will have reh earsal. Wednesday night choir No. 2 will have rehearsal. Thursday night prayer meeting and on Friday night. Mission meet, Saturday evening at 3 the junior choir will have rehearsal. Rev. D. McElvin has air-conditioned Allen Temple of Tall!lhassee. Rev. M. L. Camij>bell of St. James, Tallahassee ha_ s dergone a major rim{)vation. Rev. G. W. W:ashington Jr. pastor of. Tavarees is beginning to build an educational unit and quarters for A ten dollar per p-late ban quet will be celebrated day 11ight July. 29 at Floridian Hotel in Tallahassee; The event i!l sponsored by the laymen of Florida. This event willbe a' part of the ann)lal conference meeting at St. James church, Tallahassee, July 25-30. Hyde Park Prayer Band Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres. Hilda Lewis, Rept, Hyde Park Prayer Band will meet Thursday at 12:30 at the home of Mrs. Maggie Mitchell, 1213 Kay St. The last meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Mitchell. The public is invited. Clewiston Services were very good at all churches in the community beginning with S. S. with the supt. and teachers at their posts. The morning and evening services were carried out in the usual manner. The sermons were enjoyed by all. The choirs and ushers were at their posts. Sympathy to the family of Mrs. Doiii e White who passed on Saturday. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. The following are on the sick list Wanda Gail Orso, Nancy Bryant, Melenda Allen, R. J. Ross, M1. James .Mason and Mr!. C. Moore. Mrs. L. M. Williams, Rtllpt. Our Servicemen NAMED OUTSTANDING AIRMAN ORLANDO -U. S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Paul D. Sherrer. brother of Mrs. Atnes C. Harper, 5%14 Foxbors Drive, Jacksonville. has been named Outstanding Airman at McCoy AFB Fla. Sergeant Sherrer, an administrative specialist, was selected for his exemplary conduct and duty performance. He Is serving with a unit of the Stratetlc Air Command, Intercontinental ballistic mia-siles. The sergeant, a 1969 graduate or New Stanton Senior High School, has completed a tour of duty In Vietnam. His wife, 1\Ielzetta, Is the dau,hter of M. Brothers, 237 St., George, S. C. MOSS SAN ANTONIO -A i r m a n Moses Moss ,Jr., whose guardians are Moses and Lillie Mae Moss of 1243 Redland Road, Florida City, has completed his U. S. Air Force basic" training at the Air Training Command's Lack- land AFB, Tex. He has been asENOS signed to Slleppard AFB, Tex., LOl\IPOC Calif. Eddie for. training 1':1 the son and Md.' Stevea :ment maintenance neld A1rmldl. Enos of 513 Paw .Paw St., Moss, a_ 1970 of South has promoted. to sergeant Dade High School, Homestead, atin the U." s. Ai"r Force. tended Miami Dade Community Colle!!e, .. SAN ANTONIO Airman Billy L. Daniels son of Mrs. Odessa Daniels of 8810 N.W. 12th Ave., i\liami, has completed his U. S. Air Force basic training at the Air Training Command's I.al'kiand AFB. Tex. He has been assigned to Lowry AFB. Colo .. for training in the supply field. Airman Daniels is a graduate of Miami Central High School and attended Miami Dade Junior College. Mt. Zion Gospel Chorus Dea .James Marion, Pres. Miss Amanda Issac, Rep-t. Mt. Zion Gospel Chorus will l1ave rehearsal Thursd,ay night at'S at the churcn: -At! members an asked to be present. Sergeant Enos. Is an live specialist at Vandenberg AFB, Calif He Is assigned to a unit of the Aerospace Audia Visual Service which provide!! comba"t: intelligence and documer.tary photography for the U. S Air Force. The sergeant Is a 1969 graduate of Cocoa High Schooi in Rock-ledge. SMITH SAN ANTONIO Airman Thomas Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs Freddie Smith of 5728 Wiley St., Hollywood, has completed his U. S. Air Force basic train ing at the Air Training CfJm mand's Lackland AFB Tex. He is remaining at Lackland for trnining In the security pollee field. Airman Smith Is a l97t graduate of McArthur High School.


PACE TEN Unlit 1 Yolll' Clloict W"IIJt $5 Or Mere Order Exd1141iw& Cipnttes COFFEE MAXWELL HOUSE' DELICIOUS ASTOI Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PuLiiaLed every Tues. aad Fl'l.. Cet Both Uitiollt Tueeday, JuM 13, 1972 People everywhere 1re allout WlnDixle IINI like to be tallrecl about ALBERTA "I save money, plus I get good jlroducts and I'm always DAVIS satisfied with it. And even If lt..lwas more wh'"" ;t i,_., fd still shop at WINNDIXIE." $ 09 LB. @':'Od June 8tJt Thru 14th LIMIT ONE WITH $5 OR MORE ORDER EXCLUDING CIGAilEn:s 69c 59{ 1-LB. CAN THRim MAID SUGAR 5-LB. BAG FRESH PRODUCE! : Harvest Fresh $ : Peaches ... 4 LM. 1 ROME Bakia Apples ... 99' leafylrHn : Cabbaa LL 9' : :Florida Clery ... f'AI 49' CAU,ORNIA Juicy Lemons 11 ,. 39' fLORDIA HARVEST FRfSH Golden : Corn .... 10 .... 69' RED BLISS .. POTATMI Ul Ills. --. ---. -MORTON C:HICKEN, TURKEY, BEEF, SPAGHETTI & MEAT, MACAIIONI & CHEESE POT PIES ...... G 5 cliiiMONPI Es 4 MORTON SPAGHffil & MEAT, BEANS & FRANKS, MACARONI &-Or. Pkp. -14-0r. Pkp. & CHEESE, MACARONI & BEEF 3 ECONOMY For All VARIETIES FREEZER QUEEN SUPPERS .... e WESTERN PINK MEAT CANTIL LYSOL Srt:AY DISIIt 1,. s l ,. UC:illtT ..... Ccnpon fpW Jvn 14 AT ANV W tNN Ct:Xlf OIIIW:IC (HIIC W D AHO FIII:021N MARHDEFR BONELESS CANNED HAMS U S CHOICE W-D,BRANO CH'.X:K ROAST 011 Chuck Stoks .... 1),79' U S CHOICE W D BifANO SHOULt;tU ROAST 011 Shoulder Sloeakt 111. r !' <. CHOra W-Q BRA,ttD ,. JD. 1.!1 IN ; La. BOXES._: vmou PtANT "' "A" FROZEN Fryer legs u 48' I'LANT GRADE 'A" ,ROUN TURKEY Log Quarters u. 39' W-D BRAND OR LYKES Wieners .... HOT DOGS ON A STICK Corn Dogs ... .. 10' W-D BRAND SALAMI OR BOLOGNA Lunch Meat 2;:$1 FROZEN Veal PatHes 99' COPELAND Bag Susage 69' PIMIENTO, PINEAPPLE, OliVE PIMIENTO Cheese ... 3 -'1 f IUf I u, $ 3" I'ATnlS .... Co"PPf' hpi,.., 14 AT AN'I Wlt4tl Ot.lt f Olt r.w;l(


T -J J 13 1972 Fla. co-ntinei-Bulletin Pu'bliahed every Tues. and Frf. Cet Both Editions ueaoay, une -------------------PACE ELEVEN Summer Programs At Bryan Elem. W. J. Bryan school has been se lected as an 11th and 12th month Summer Program Center. All school age children in the area of the school are invited to attend lhe Bryan center and par ticipate in a variety of activities. Children should register in tl:e school's cafetorium between 9 and 3 Jun lG, and may attend any time bet11een .June 19 and July 28. Tho center \\ill be open weekdays from 8:JO to 3. F:t : ''"''l''< w'll be availclb:e ;.,r 33c, ancl mitk will be sold for 5c for childrrn who wish to bring a packed 1-Jnch. Activities offered are: arts and crafts-ceramics. finger painting and weaving; camping-Students will have an Gpportunity to atteud the outdoor school located on l\'Ic.rris Bridge Road. Children who have completed the third grade will be transported by school bus to Nature's Classroom each morning for a week; Elementary Enrichment-this is a program of enrichment learning in a relaxed manner where instructors recog nize the manner of teaching children and techniques in a variety of activities; physical education and reading. Other activities include: Swim programs-Children will be transported by buses daily to the 'pool. Arrangements may be made for parents to take students to the pool for lessons by reporting d!rectly to the pool to register at 9 a.m. on June 19: the library will be open for a half day with the regular librarian in charge. Activities will be varied, some are: story records, filmstrips, reading Instruction and enrichment, dra matization and educational games. Mrs. Augustus Wimberlv is the center director. Clarence Eatman Legislature Candidate Clarence Eatman. of Lutz, an nounces that he will be a candidate for the Florida State Legislature District No. 65, one of fout seats in the rural districts of Hills borough and Polk County. l'vfr. Eatman is 44 years of age, was born in Tampa, and is a graduate oi Jefferson High School. He saw military senice in the United States Marine ('orps. He is a member of The Woodmen of the World, chartec member of Florida Westcoast Dialysis Foundation: member Profession&l Advisorv Committee to the Hospital and. Welfare Board of Hillsboc ough County, and a mt'mber of the Hillsborough County Civil Service Board since 1965. Mr. Eatman has been in local business as a Seafo0d Broker for manv Years. He is a member ol the Avenue Baptist Church. He is married to the former Violet Patricia Jacks of Tampa. They have two d_aughters and one son ages 12, 10. and 7. They reside on East Burrell Drive, Lutz. Allen 1 emple Trustee Board Mr. Clifford Brady, Chairman l\lrs. Emma Sumpter, Rept. Allen Temple Trustee Board will meet Tuesday night at the home of Mr. E. z. Daniels, 1725 St. Conrad St. All mP.mbers. are asked to be present and on tlme. The meebing vl"ill begin at 8. Allen Temple Choir Mrs. Millie Harn, Rept. Mrs. lola 1\lcCioud., Pres. Allen Temple Choir No. 1 w1ll have rehearsal Wednesday night at 8 at the clloccih and all members are asked to be presoot. WE DRY CLEAN SEE-WORTHY FASHION FOR CRUISES AND LAND LUBBERS TOO. LOOK 3 PC. SPECIAL 3 PANTS OR SUITS 3 OR 3 DRESSES These Prices Cash -And tarry Only Campbell Cleaners 3527 22nd Slreel 4017 3411t Street Phone 247-2506 Phoae 232:-5301 Trinity CME Church 2;)()1 N. oward Avenue Rev. L. L. Ward, Pastor Mrs. Patricia Thompson, Rept. Services on Sunday very insj}iring beginning with SW1day school. Dt>Voticn led by the supt .. :\Irs. J. :\L Peak. The lesson was beautifully taught bv the teachers. :\Torning were hip was conducted at M with the call to \rorship being given by Rc\. Sis. :\Iillcr, and the scripture read by Rev. Youngblood. Th2 message w a s delivered by Pastor Ward from tbe subect. "The =':eed 0 The Church Today." At 3 p.m. the 2'9th AnivPrsary of the church was brought to a close with Rev. J. B. Bright and congregation of Bethany C. ?IT. E. Church of Clearwater in charge of service. The message was delivered by Rev. Bright which was spiritually filling. Tuesday night lsher BGard meeting will he held at the church at 8 p. m. The Choir's l:nion will hold business meeting at 1\It. Carmel No. 2 at 8 p.m.; Wednmday nig1ht at 8 the No. 1 choir will have rehearsal and all members are askeel to please be present. Thursday night heginuing at 7:310, prayer meeting all members and friends are urged to come. Next Sunday at three (3 p.m.) the Tampa Christian Clhoir's Union, formally the No. 1. Monday night Union, will celebrate their Second Anniversary at Mt. Carmel Ohurch No. 2. The message will be delivered by Rev. Ward. M>r. E. Griffiu is president of the Union. -At 3 p.m. the No. 1 choir is to be in Tallavest to appear on a program entitled "Women iin White." At 6 p.m. tlhe. same Choirs and Ushers are to be in ;Bradenton for service at Carters Temple C.l\LE. Church. The message will be delivered by Pastor Ward. As many members that will are asked to go along witJh the Choir and Ushers to Bradenton. All choir members are asked to come dressed in white. The class leaders are asked to see their members Saturday. Visitors are always welcome to worship with us at all times. Let us not' forget to pra.y for the sick and shut-ins. Progr'ess Village Sixth Grade Center The final week of scihool at Progress Village Sixth Grade Center was one bursting with delight, excitement and lauglhter intermingled with tense and an xious--moments of studying, cramming, and taking final ex ams. This week of activities were prefaced by tlhe school's Open House' and Orrientation program whkh was spo11sored by the PTA. The purpose of this meet ing was to acquaint the parents of a11 prospective sixth grade students wilih the program, plant and facilities of the s-chool. /Mr. L. Cofran Area 3 coordina tor made an excellent speech nnd the musical grOUI]}S under the direction of Mr. D. Bayly charmed the audience witth their renditions. You can be sure Mrs. M. Bergeron the President of the PTA was all smdles clue to the large, gratifying audience. Among patrcus and prospective patrons in attendance were: Mr. and i\Irs. Pat Fleming, 1\Ir. and Mrs. Fred Ball, i\k and 'Mrs. Joseph Hardt, :\Irs. JoseJ}h \L. EIIJott, Mrs. JDthn Hazen, Rev. and Mrs. J. D. Jordan, i\lrs. Donna Hilbrands, Mrs. Pollie S. Troutman and Mr. and Mrs. S. Wilkes. Mrs. Geraldine Williams, Mr. Samuel B. Pixton, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bear, Mr. and M-rs. T. Walter Miles, Mr. and Ml's. B. G. Oarnpbell, Mr. and Mrs. Ohar Ies T. Lutz, tMrs. Nora Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hamilton and lVks. Delores Whltehu!'st. Buy Sentinel From Florida Advertisers Tarpon Springs Youth Is Winner Of $500 Telephone Scholarship Sixteen year old Garruett H. Slatton of Tarpon Springs, and a student at Tarpon Springs' High School, has been awarded a $500 college scholarshi,p General TPl('l>hone Company of Florida. The award Is in recog-nition o! his parl.icipation in the STA.R ( Studrnt Tear her Achievement Rccognition l program, sponson'cl ll\' the Florida SU1te Chamher of commcrce. aud his selection as an outstanding student in the west-central Florida area. The STAR program is designcd to seck out, recognize and en Tyer Temple Cor. Central and Ross Rev. E. J. Rivers, Jr., Pastor Mrs. Rubye JHcCall,. Rept. Sundav school began at 9:30 with the. supt., Mr. c}1arlie Harris in charge. The lesson was reviewed by Rev. B. l\I. Jones. '!\Torning service began at lil with choir No. 2 and ushers along with the stewards served. The sermon was delivered hy the pastor. Friday evening at 7:3 choir No. 1 will have rehearsal. Sympathy to Mrs. Clara Thomas and familY in the passing of her df'ughter, Mrs. Evelyn Jackson: The funeral will be held Saturday at 3 and tlhe combined choirs ushers will serve. Tlhe following are on the sick list Mdmes. Juao'ita Pilcher. Lenora Pere:r. is confined to Saint Joseph, Mrs. Mattie James to Tampa General, Mrs. Sylvia Jones to University Community lNursh1g Home. Mdmes. G. Wlhite, C. Sdpio and M. Jones are coo fined at home. All are asked to visit the sick and shut-ins. Vacation Bible School Vacation Bible Schoo-l opened Monday at the Street Ohurch of Christ. The Bible is f.rom Jlille :L2, and class{'s are from 9 a.m. until 12 noon. Refreshmeuts are served daily. There are classes for children of all age and a sta.flf of competent Bible teachers to assure that the time spent there will be worthwhile. 1M. J. Steele b the director. I Largo Women's Day at the Apostolic Church of Jesus will be held on Sunday morning. Mrs. Betty J. Clark of Eatonville will be the morning speaker. She will be introduced bv Mrs. H. Johnson also of Others on program will be 1\Imes. Pearl M. Hall, E. B. Gardner, Katie M. Wilkerson, Corene McCrea, Josepl)ine Hillman, N. M. Boy kins, Betty washington, and Rose Gordon. Ushers from our church will serve. At 3 Mrs. Pearlie Turner of Clearwater will be the speaker. Mrs. Daisy Williams is the chairman and Mrs. Bernice Bostick is the co-chainnan. Elder G. M. Mosley, pastor. courage the development of business leadership qualities among iFlorida's junior year high school students. students are sele-cted ou the ,basis of seholarshi p. personal outlook, leadersih'u>, and general att.itudo to\1ard the business commtuJity. The O\'(ral! winner of the Slato STA .. R student comlw!.ition is also from the Tampa Bay area. He i;; Hi. o!cl l\lichacl J. Flood of Tampa, a student at Ll'to C'umprehensive High School. lie wa3 recipient of a $UJll0 scholarship presented by United St:Jtes Sugar Corporation. N:nthside MB 5i0(i 40th Street Rev J. Jordon, Pastor S. S. began at 9:4G with the supt, Deaeon Andrew Minor in charge. The lesson was reviewed hy Deacon Felix Kelly. Morning service began at 11 with Deacons Elmore J ardon and James Kelly in charge of devotion. Choir No. 2 and ushers sened. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Dinner was served after the morning service. The anniversary service was held at 3 and the sermon was delivered by Rev. C. J. Long pastor of Shiloh M. B. Church. The choirs and ushers from Shiloh served. His congregation was also present. Friday night Rev. M. M. Murray, pastor of Friendship M. B. Church was in charge of the service. His choir and us hers served. On Sunday night the Hour of Power closed the anniversary services. Brooksville Services at Bethlehen Baptist Church began with S. S. with the supt. David Reese in charge. All teachers were ab their posts. The lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Morning service began at 11 with Deacon Elijah Cole and Deacon Alex Holmes in charge of devotion. All choirs of the church served on Sunday. The announcements were given by David Reese and the scripture was read by Rev. E. Bennett. A hymn was liried by Rev. S. Duckett. The sermon was de livered by the pastor. At 3 the Junior Federation was held at First Baptist of Shady Rest. At 6:30 evening service began and Deacon Robert Zimmons led devotion. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Holy communion was administered. Rev. L. E. McGee, pastor and David Reese, rept. New Hope Choir No. 2 Dea. Ira B. Burton, Pres. Mrs. Doris C. Moore, Choir No:' 2 of New Hope 1\{, B. Church, Rev John Willis, pastor, will have weekly rehear llal Thursday night at 8 p. m. The president is asking everyone to please be present anc:l on time. ACTION TV & STEREO RENTALS 4016 N. 22nd -237-3308 Psychedelic Bar & Tape Decks Stereos Portable and Console Color TVs Also, Complete Home Entertainment Centers NO CREDIT CHECK NO DEPOSIT Free Delivery Free Service Up To 24 Months All Renl paid applies lo purchase




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"'! PAC! FOURft&N Fla P'ULiiahed everv Tues. a-:a Fd '"-t T .. J J t 1972 MAYOR :HATCHER TO GET PUBLISHERS AWARD Mrs. Chisholm Says Youth Seek Rele,vancy MOSS KENDRIX MIAMI ( NNPA) -M ayor R ichard G. Hatcher of Gary, Ind receiv e the Distinguished Servi ce A ward of the National Newspap e r P ublishers Asso c iation (NNP A) a t its 32nd Annual Convention here, .June 21-24, P r .esident Garth C. Reeve s Sr. of the Miami Ti mes _ann()unoed thls week. To be honored along with Mayor Hatcher are Moss H in:formation officer of the Pilot P o_ lice Relati

TVHday, June 13, 1972 Fla. Sendmel-Bulledn Puhliahed every Tues. and Fri.-Get Both Eclition; -PAGE FtFlUN 1-/EAVY tt.f.RA YV' BEEF


PACE ; SIXTEEN -. -1'he 33rd Conveption of ihe Oranre Blossom COMnetolo!filis Associa&l,on was lil St; Petersburg at On Wednesday at President's Baliquet, captains of the One Hundred Del lar Bulhiing Fund awards. Standing Jefl BUILDING FUNit REGEIVE A WARDS-. to .'a.e Mrs. 'Fannie McDougle, -Jimmie iMrs. Catherine Lawrence,-.Tampa; Mrs. Ethei Lee :Robinson, St. P,etersliurg; Bennie Tate, Orlahdo; Jones, Jacksonville; Mts. Mary Johnson, Brooksville; Mrs; Edith Cotton in for 1\frs Ruby._ Round a1_1d Mrs. Lauise Dupr$e standing iJl for Mrs. Ulllaa t .ree of OJ:Iando; l\lrs; Glrlester Lake Wales;1: Taylor 01 Titusville. ,. >.DAYTON A cosMETOLOGISTs< .. pLACEI FIRST Ilf ANNUAL .P ERADE OF UNITS u,u 5S ; .ftrii pl.ce : B. Rass_' and Is Unit' 53. presldent, Mrs. : a ad thl!., .theme for 1972 ''!as, : 01:EciiiCatioa, Key '!he ol. ;llniti at the Orange E _v:A Mal!' Green. 'The of. was on: Mon io lleader_ ship and Earqing Prier." The lit St P.etersb!Jri : tiay evettini. '.Princess Martha. BGtel was 1971 eonveiltioll will be hi!tlr In few : At teltis_ the state Prelident; COSMETOLOGISTS FROM. BELLE GLADE PLACE SECOND IN ANNUAL PARADE Cosmetologists of Belle Glade placed second in Petersburg. next to the State President Dr. the Parade of Units at the annual convention of the Cathlean B. Ross left, Is Unit 26 president !\Irs. El-Orange Blossom Cosmetologisti Associatioa ill Si. noi:a Benjamin. Pictured second from right i Mrs. Thomasena Owens, parade chairman; and at right Ia Mrs Louise Bassey Orlando, chairman of the Artiste Bureatt.


TueaCiay, June 13, 1972 Fla. Sen&el-BuDeltn Pui.Ii.LeCI every Tues. anti Fri. Get Both Editions PAC SEVENTEN : Whites Set Garage Afire CHICAGO -A black homeown-He said his 16-year-old son, Ed-er on a P eviously all-white block win, and 13-year-old son Egan, on the far South Side Wedneswere on their way to a grocery day charged that whi te teen-agers at !19th and Halsted Streets Menharassed two of his sons and set day afternoon when a car full of fire to his white youths pulled up. ,.. Tile incidept was the fourth of The youths taunted the blacks ita kind ln less than a month in and started to get out of the car. the area The younger Ellis boy ran home Royal Ellis, a laborer fer In but the older one stood a n d ternational Harvester Co. who fought for a few minutel! before moved into the 12100 block of he also ran home, the father said. Lowe Avenue in March explained The younger boy told his moth-_wbat_ happened. er what had happenend. As he It makes sense to buy at Badcock, where you'll find an exceptionally large selection of recliners, rocker recliners, encl. swivel rockers .. not" to pei.sonal television sets. All are values your choice is' sure to please Dad. got an air rifle the car with the white youths pulled up in front of the house and a Kensington District police car arrived, Ellis said. :Police the Elils boys and their mother to the police station 'because of the air rfile, and while they were gone the garage door was burned by a Molotov cocktail, Ellis said. Buy from florida Sentinel Advertisers 1904 Florence, S. C. 5 Blacks Promoted To Rank Of General WASHINGTON -The Army more than doubled its number of black generals Wednesday, selec ting five colonels for promotion to one-star rank The five Negroes chosen for brigadier general are: Julius W. Becton Jr., 45, Bryn Mawr, Pa. ; Harry W. Brooks, Jr., 43, Indianapolis, Ind."; George M. Shuffer Jr. 48, Palestine, Tex.; Edward Greer, 48, Gary, W. Va. ; and Arthur J. Gregg, 44, arm,-biscuit-tufted .b8tk, and welted footrS.t. Corn-. Naugehydeand Herculon cover In black/cokt l ollve/ptcln, $ S ., .\ All five men are currently as8lgned to Washington. They will bring to nine t h e number of black Army generals on active duty. There is one black general in the Air Force and an other has been nominated for pro motion. The Navy lias one black admiral. Alfogether, the Army selected 62 colonels for promotion. l"resi Nixon approved the list. The names must now be confirmed by the Senate ; but such action is generally a formality. MODERN ROCKING I RECLIN-ER Blteuk-tufted back, foampadded arms 1nd 3" foam, no-1111 sprlnguat. 32 oz. expanded vinyl cove( in gold, olive, oxblood, black. Comporo oo $79.95 HOME FURN.ISHiNG CENTBR. S ,.URNITURE e APPLIANCES e FLOOR HOME OVE R 120 STORES SERVING THE SQUTHJAI't CONSULT YOUR TELEPHONE DIRECTORY FOR THE LOCATION OF YOUA DEALE':'!


_ Fla. Sentinlll-Bulletin Published Tues. anCI Fd. Gdt B()th Tue11day, June 13, 1972 Old Pro Alou -A Winner Alnong Lose,rs KANSAS CtLTY -It was ironi that Make Kelcich and Alou should be sharing llhe same table at break.fast this morning The irony had to do with the fact that Kekich and Alou would be additions to the lineup as th!l Yankees tried to snap out of thier' tailspin iri a three-game series against the Royals starting tonight. Plus fact. neither could be included among the culprits for what 'has. happened in this road triPajjhree-seven record to move the Yankees one half game out of 'tihe ceHar. Milburn Hurdli,ng Toward Games LOS ANGELES .If there is a sure thing for a Gold Medal in .track and field at the Munich Olympics, he's Rod Milburn. The young man from Louisiana set a world record of 13 seconds flat in the 120-yard high hurdles last year and now he's talking about 12.6. "I think 12.6 is possible before the Olympic Games," said Milburn, who will compete Friday night in the Vons Classic. "Right now I feel I'm way ahead of where I was last year. "Last year I was thinking in terms of technical things. This year I don't have to think about them. I'm doing them naturally.'' Milburns world record performance came at the National AAU Meet i.n Eugene, Ore., a year ago June 25. The 22-year-old junior from Sou .thern UJ4versity Eaton Rouge, a native of Opelousas, La. admits he's the man to beat haven't lost a race in two years, but I still take a back seat to pole vaulters and milers. May be I run the wrong event." The 1971 NCAA high hurdles champion wasn't able to. defend his title last weekend at Eugene. Instead, he ran for hfs school in the NAJA meet at Billings, Mont., and won in 13.5. That following a windaided 13 flat at the California Relays May 27. Milbum forecasts an American sweep in Germany with 1968 Olympic champion Willie Davenport and Tom Hill of Arkansas State, runnerup in the NCAA meet last Friday, right behind him. "Willie and Tom are the only .other people," he said. "Willie is really consistent. I've run against them both and I know how tough they are." and I only did a 7.2'' That's ancient history Mil burn doesn't lose now. Track and Field News voted hitrt thit World Track Athlete of 1971. "I don't get nervous any more," he remarks. "There are no more psychological barriers for me. "The incentive last year was the world record. This year I want to stay on top and win a Gold Medal." Milburn's long range plans in elude pro footJball. He says .. ha will compete during the indoor season after the Olympics and that will be his track career "I'd like to sign a ball contract then and whirl," he said. "I could make it." pro foot give it $ think I LEGAL NOTICE In the Vons Classic, Milburn FICTITIOUS NAME Kek>ich tonigtht's starter, failed to win either of his ; previo!Js two starts on trilp, l;>ut lhe pitched well in both. In. tJhe first, he ran into Skip Lockwood's one-hitter, in Milwaukee. In the second, he wa s deprived of a win by D1ck Allen's pinC'h homer and Sparlcy Lyle's first 1iailure .as a at Munich, but says he doesn't like the favorite's role. will run in the 110-meter highs Public notice : is hereby : given that against a field that will include the undersign ed -irife!ldil" to regis. NCAA champion Jerry ter with Clerk :of. Circuit coud As fa.r as six-foot; 178-of Hillsborough Florida, :pound Milburn Is con?erned, track Pursuant to Chapter NQ. 20953, 1s 90 per cen_t mental and 10 .. Laws of Florida, 11ets of 1941 per. cent physical. Legisiature; the fictitious name FELIPE ALOU Yankee. losers. Despite a shoulder injury, Alou "I'd like to be arouod as long has come aliive wibh his bat. as as you've been around," Kekic

! Tuesday, June 13, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published Tues. and Fri. Geit Both Edi tions PAGE NINETEEN Briscoe Now A Dolphin BUFFALO :--i. Y The .Dolp hins acquired free agent wide receiver Marlin Briscoe and defensive tackle Jim Dunaway from the Buffalo Bills in two .!;eparate transactions Wednesday that bolstered weak spots for the American Football Conference champions. able to deal wi!Jh any club in Degree Ciiven To Bill Russell ALLEN'S FANNING FLAMES FOR NEW CHICACiO FIRE Briscoe, the EHls' leading pass catcher the last two seasons, will join forces witlh AllPro wide receiver Paul Wariiield for Bob Griese's passes at the cost of a No. 1 draft choice next yearthe compensation the DolPhue, the or tlhorpedic spooia -list who ha.s been worldng on his ailing knee. At time Wdllis could get the go-ahead for next seas6n. _LO,UN.GE. OpeQ Evel')' Day : .. Air Colld. : LOCATED: l5t ZACK STREET Phoae 229-9893


PAGE TWENTY Fla. !entlnei-Bulleftln Pu'bliahe'd every Tuel. iakl Fri. Cet Both Editions ) Tuet'day, June 13, 1972 No Hitter Stripling Keeps Waiting For Cards To Call LITTLE RCK, Ark. -Over a fiv.e..clay .period, Traweilelrig.htha'l'lder Jaekie S1riiing :had a mrtihdaw-, married -and. threw a no-hitter. It might imv-e .:beeu tG have. a!rlred the Holdenvi1!Le, Okla., n-a.tive whlcll of the .was the most tnemQraMe. But no .ol!le, maybe in sympathy, did. It would make for a safe wag-.. er that the no-hitter might have been a. bit special. It came on !May 21, three days after his 23Tti -and on the eve of his to pretty Marie :sta-jpling Unuwdly Wild It was JilGt a tYpical n@-lnitier. The victim, scored in the 8-1 wss amd. Stripling wa:s J.UIILlsually wikl,, waJ.king In fact, the Cubs scored their run When he wn1ked the bases full and then was touched for a saerifice fly to Tom Lunds-tecit'. Stripling, who nMm-aHy lives &14 dies with his high hard ome, resembled a y:eung Stu MHier thro.ugh the first five innings. He gave the Cubs a steady helping .of and .changce-L!ps. -Where was the smoke? "It was a hot day and I wanted to have something left 'in the late going," ex!Plained Strip1ing. Bob Milliken, St. Louis Cardinal minor lea-gue pitching in struct'or, :who w.a:S on hand didn't agll'ee. Milliken cornered the righthanc!l,ell' in the Clugout. Keep 1he F1lst One PRO BASKETBALL STARS TO HEAD SOUTHERN U. DAY CAMP, By FRED 1IEAKNS SolltheM 'SID !BAt'.O.N RouGE, La. -Ever bear of Bob U!Yve, the National Bfi&etba1Jl AssOOiafioo A!lHitar? Or lhow Haut -oil'lcy who tilr-ee ti'll'les lias lbeefi aH-lt!a-gue performe.r iin IIJhe American Bas-AssOciation? Ancl w.mat almrt Fmllll BiUtGn, the NMA All-America no ;nst oompl:etelll a rookie seasan with the B.n:fifallo !l!lnlves m !flbe .. N&U All three f !lllaeBe pmliessienal Mtli1 S&lbe m Uba outstand>ing laask:etl!lail!l. oaatbeijm L'Uisiana. w.ill be Ultliver.si.ty .Jl!Qe W-24 at &st anpual Basketha11 D11y Camp. Carl Stewart,. Soother.n' .il mew basketball -coach and Jibe .cam.p's director, will be joined -on the coaching staff by Beryl Shipley of fue University of Southwestern !Louisiana, Dick Mack, former &>tlthern Heaa Coacli; A.lbert Ventress ef McKinley 'High 5choot; lAmey Owens S!!nrtbern ff gb Sehlilol; Qulnce Williams fif Capi.Wl High School; Loois Bent!! 0f tG1 .Junioc ffigih SoheC!ll; he Dean of the Converse R,lii1Jber Company, .a Adger Gf llhe So].lhllern Jtaff. Bo1111 Pr iJ:akle Gafuther is callin-g his annual June eveart: "l'he Cl!inic of ChampJon.s" t:Jhls Yf!l!ld". He wi:11 also have pro Dallas C01wbows on hand-fleet recenvea-Bob Hoayes, d.efellildve hack Oornelf GTeen and OOfenSJive oO!mlJina,M)r Jim M1yer.s of the coaching staff. Joe P-aterno, head coa :Cih of Penn Stat-e, will particilp.ate a long with J'im Woeav-er, one of Paterno's as.sis.tams. 011HlEIRS ON the program will be coach Lamy Jones of Florida State, Athlemc Direetor Homer tRice af NoriJh Carolina and Coach Claude Woodruff of Winter P-ark Hlig'h. Buy fr Rorida Seatinel Advertisers Superstar Aaron Wants No Spedal Status INEW YORK -Ba'H Ruth would go through this same little ritual everyday. It got to be a game o! cha rade he and Joe McCarthy played during the Babe's final season with the Yankees in 1934. "How do you Me' Carthy would ask Ruth rather casually before each ball game. The great man would grunt once or twice, making up his 1nind._ in the process,, and then would let the Yankee manager know whether or not he felt like playing baseball that day. Mc-Carthy was and still is a bright, perceptive man. Treating Ruth the way he did in that difficult twilight tiine, he kept a mo1ehi11 from ever be coming a mountain. That was more :than 35 years ago but times haven't changed -that mlli!h, es.peeially in baseball where few things e;ver change, Have you ever heard of RHIP? It's an old Navy saying which mea:ns rank has its privileges and it apPlies in baseball :the same way it does in the Navy. A Rick Dempsey with .1\lhmesota, -for e:umple, isn't hown l[liite 1Jhe same deference as a Harmon Kill.ebrew; a Bob Gallagher with :89ston get quite the same treatmeRt as a Carl Yastrzemsid. The Dempseys and Gallaghers no more -espeet it than the JUDlebrew:& and Y-astrze.msllii!11 did they came up. Outside base'ball, -this Is known simply as senrority anci if any boc%r qualifies undfto the heading in baseball to.day it has to he Hank .Aaron. .Aaro:m is puttl.ng in iris 18th seaSGn with the. Braves it eemes to mueh moTe than merely a inatter .of days, week-s and with him, For Gne ;;lUng there's Bath record, something Hank Aaren keeps about he gees. Aaron has 648 homers and the excitement an:u:mg peepit! grows a-s he appr0achea record tetal of '714 ll-a.Rk Aarali is 38 and {leirlainly e.ntitled to all the 110 .eaUed "privileges" accorded a :supell'" stax but h.e does not go thr.oogh fllly such ritual with Lum Harris, his manager, that RU'Ih did with McCarthy. "l never looked for all!ly special priyileg.es,'' he says in that soft, melodic way of his that isn't in any way put: on but really is pure Hank Aaron: "The only way you're goruna have a good bali club, one With no trouble or dissension,. is for the. manager to treat every player alik-e whether he hap'pem; te hawe <600 home runs or i>nlY Why treat Hank Aaron any different than Ralph Garr, Dusty Baker, Earl Williams .ar Darreli Evam? I can't see where I'm entit'Mld to more than anyone else tM1 e'lub It just wouldn't be right. I don't believe in it." If you get the Hank Aaron is playing Henry Moci eHt, and that he's only saying all this just to see how niee it looks in print, then you really don't know him. You don't know him at all. Take a little thing like punctua1ity, a thing many big stars often abuse. At home, the Braves generally start their hitting practiee at 6:15 p. m. Aaron usually is at the ballpark by 3 :SO, never any later than 3:45. He has never been 1ate to the park since he ha.s been in the big leagues. Think of that! We're talking about 18 years :now. Aaron was fined only once in his entire career and that w.as a long time ago. Typically, he was fined beeause he was helping sonaecme else. It was a rookie with the Braves who didn't know his way to the air-port when the franchise stilL_ was in Aaron promised ta come, by and show him ap.d was tardy reaching the air;port. Notified of the fine, A:arDnrlid another thing tYJp-ical' t>f him. He paid without a whimper. When be feels he no longer is able t0 keep playing ball, a eonditi{)n he hopes is .at least four to five years awa7, Aaron -vows he -.rill -not try to "hang on.'' They aH uy !hat, I reminded him, Mid

Taesday, June 13, 1972 Fla. Senlillei-Bultafn Publi.Jted every Tues. an41 F:rl Cet BotL Icijti,ou PACE TWENTY-ONR 12 LaUFef Street. -The de)!lllty, Mrs. Webster, will be there t0 hold the eleetioaft of ofl!ioeers. COMIMG EVENTS JUNE I!J:-.:-Bose Gardea. Tea sponsored b-y st. Paul P11lpit Aid Boardl 4 P. M. JUNE Day. Tea, American Legion Home, 254K 29th st. JUNE Day, Allen Temp)e AMI: CIRrrefl-. JUNE lS-Seeond' AluUtal Tropical Eveuing hosted &,-Ba-y City Boosters Club, 12&2 Cypress-Street,. 7c9 P.M. JUNE la-..Tampa Christian Choir Uni'on Aniven217, M*. Cannd: AME Clmreh No. 2, 3 P. M. JUNE 25--Guest Day, New Mt. Zion Ba,tist CJiurclt. JUNE 26--:-B"aby Contest sPoilsored by Past&l''s. Aid -Board, Fil's& : Baptist Church of West s p; M. JUNE 29--Miss Black America of Talllp1l Pageant, Cllrifs HbiO'II Hall, 8 P. M. ,.. JULY 1-Pre-FOI!rth of July Day Dance by SQo .cial Club at Labor Temple, 16th lu1d 9th Street JULY AnnWll Tea' spOIIsored by Mt.. PiJi. gnm's Women's Conventi:oa, Armettb 'femple, 8 P. M. JULY 9-Voices of Hope kl summer reci(al, New Mt zton M. B. Church, 8 : P. M. JEFATUL .CAlLING. By FATHER-PARK 'TAMPA-The Jesuit Free Em-. ployment Agency of the Tampa U"ban League (JEFATUL) is calling upoo biiiSiness, professiAilnal, and industl'ial communities of the Tampa, Bay area to empiny their applicants. JOB An 18 year old high school stuto respons t(l) films -that deai in timatery, and posmvery, even ff somewhat artressiy, as '"SHAFT" and "SWEETBACK," with the black experience. E.vidently the Black Movie industry has a lang way to So not destroy-it by acting like a buD.Ch of ign0rant jackasses in the movie theater.s. To the black sisters who graduated last weeli:. Graduation day is the cu]mmation of work and effort, the fulfilbnent of a plan and a dream. The an ticipated d ay. Yow: diploma at tests to the successful achievement of your high school education : It is recorded in the annals of black history for all future time. The manner in which you have pur sued the search for knowledge re mains a source of pride of Ylur famTiy friends and your neigh Yours truty wishes eontin ued succeS6 and have every cOOn-. dence that you will make your mark upon the pages of tomorrow. Remember, the person t h a t stands on the side and says It can't be done, Is usuJilly inter rupted by some brother that Is doing tt. THAT'S MY CASEDON'T l.ET DRUGS'/ MAD lOVlt CAREER .SHORT. -'"""""" -' dent is needed; have trams-portatiea. stroag, healthy men are needed; they must have cas, arad be at least 11.\. men at 18 years eld are needed for ol.\tdoor work must haVe safety-toe shoes, long sleeve cotton shirts, and a hard' -. hat., Elder person offers room:, beard) and a small salru:y for compani.CDI'lo shlp-. Faetory workers are -Two expenenced witl!r -cars, ana at feast lit years of&, 'ant needed fol' s t ock WOI'k. -for wm-k that p&:ya' c:laHy. '---. A trnck staller and -serviceman, ware-seafood worlier, live-foe maid ;md hoose.Jreepe:i-needed. JoBs Summer WQIOk for high school and colege sliudents. Maut for hespitaJ: and effice work. Maid for regular work In prl vate home. : Lady slulrt-cook. Person wuts general cdfieeo work witll: ligbt ... COllege mar,t-ami woman want' work as nuries' aidlr. orderly, kitchen helJEr ar. any fn-of wQrk fol"' summer. NEUIS: t,pe ef chairs. ID'A'fUJ.. TIIAmw: Ifni. D Dbnean awl Mrs. E. Per!CiiJIIS needini werli er WWk w ahould calf JEFATUt at 229-fll7, exttnston 3!J', or ciome-tq :re lampa Park Plaza.


PAC' E TWENTY-TWO \,.t t 'l. Fla. Published every Tues. and Fri Celt Both Editions Shady Grove Cemetery. The body Jay in state fOl' visita t ion of friends at SWNE & GORDON from 7 P.M. Mo.nd.ay to funera!' time. A .native of Key West, M_rs. Weathers had lived bt Tampa mo s t of her life w ith the excepti on of twenty y e a r s spent in Wax cro s s, Georgia. She leaves to mou{n her. passing: a sister; Mrs. Erma Beltazar H en derson, Opalocka; many cousin s among whom are: Miss= El s a Tut:ner, Tampa, l\lrs. Mommis RQberts and wife, Mr s Roberts, Key West : Mrs ; Cat harine 1\'lonford and husb a nd, 0. C. 1\lonford, Tampa, !\Ir s : _Hester Brisbone and Mr. Robert L. Murray, botjJ. of Los Tueaday, June t3, 1972 MEMORIAM MISS PAGE ONE MISS J can't, Mts. Grace Walker and husband, Mr. W. H. Walker, Tam-. : pa M r s : Miriam : a11d : husband, Ml'. : )\'i,lliam and and. MJS8 .L. husband, MJ.' &idney Mannings, all : Final.' tribute lor the. late .Mis s of Key : West ; a of eus8ie; L.-':Butler' of soo south .other -relatives and friends, Ser--TAMPA-In memory of o.ur d ear husl)and, and grand "' f:tther, Mr. Dannel Holton who de .parted ibis .life o,De year ago : tOday. Time wilinever erase ihe memories we enjoyed '&w.ay sun-. : bY. day Juife ti' 'will be Fri-STONE & GORI)9N, day : Beulah (Stone s F uneral wjth .. Rev. : A : you,. : \ \ ... : .-p arrie liolton, Wife; Dicit, The w : alkei: : ry; pastw, : officiating. Interment ..... ; will be in Shady Grove Ceme-, ... MEMORIAM. ... A ,na. tive of Tampa, Mi:;s Butler was a\, member ol' .the Medical & Dental Assistant As ) and : was a Dental Assistant in :the' office of Dr. J'ames L:Green : Sui:v'i'Vurs in elude Mrs. Lessi' e Lani, h -:and-: busbanUG-HS. TAMPA _;.. In lovilj,g' meriuiry of LEY FUNERAL' : JiOME in passed ,Jii11e, 1967. loca!" beauties hav.e been and answered questions. They wertt ; to :appear June: 29 : contest : ;interrupted .at 'timfCs' by Miss Nick, : The young are: Michele son who sti-aiibteneil. ihem out if Love, D(!yal Maj<}r,'. Eartha : they' started to answer iilc'Orrectl.v. Stewart Deborah Cole map; Bar:-.. For most of the young -: _, ,. Jesus while our hearts are bleeding .... MRS.' JERLINK P BELTAZJtR -Funeral services fqr Mrs. ; J'erlme p : &ttazati : W.eathers 13 85. North B Street, : who passed. June. 8 in a local laospital, field Tuesday a t :J P.M. frlit;n ;the Dudley Funeral (:hapel 'of STONF; & -GORI,)ON : t:UNERA L DIRECTORS (Stone'!! tuner a I Inc:> ; : with E Ider, A. Sloan pastor of Mt. C al hry Sev enth Day Adventi s t We woliltf'-iii this iolotmi meeting this is tile first time they have .:;. .... : ...... Jean Carrie : COmPeted foi-. 3. IM!au{y' title Gloda .. Peb()rah. .;burciJ, Interment trill be in the Circle Section of .. I Ca1m:ly,ny;Thy wm be e-oJJe: 1 --.. .. : Sadly by rrtotl)er, ;\Jrs : Rtiby alld Mrs: Earl H.o"'ar d, .and family of :Mr: 1 and Mrs. Jr. and family. .. MEMORIAM TAitiPA-in memory of :Mr ... willie McCarter wbo passed June 13, 197f. 'He's i10t ti'ead, he' s just' away. Missed .. by your. wife Mrs. Christine J.UcCarter, Chiidren and J1amily, \ .' .., Death: -Mr Willie Copps, 3005 East Emma Mr. Willie Gray, 2602 27th Avenue -Fred Kearney, 4004 38th Street. Mrs. E velyn Jac;k s on, 1737 St. UNCLE SAYS LOuis: Miss Gussie Lee Butler, 506 S. Tampania. 35,67. The tree .of liberty be refreshed. from time to with the blood of 1'9, 80. riots and tryants. 88, 77. must time patMr. James Harris; 3602' 38th AYenue. Mr C harlie John s on, 2214 E. Cayuga. WILSON FUNERAL HOME l\liss Thelma Lois Garcia, 314 W. Park Avenue. lllrs Estelia Dicker s on, 1601 '12 15th Street. Mr. Jim Franklin 1414 Armwood Court. RAY WILLIA M S FUNERA L HOME Mrs. Ann Sheard, 5605 79th St. Progress Villag e STONE & GORDON FUN ERAL HOME Mrs. Daisy Gib s on. 2911 East .rackson, -Shel'. : s.mitl), l!fter ente_ring r:CU R Edith Rai\dolph, :her fifth [<,mtes. t :>M-is. morot excited about this contest. 'The and Sophia Ann Ransom rest were entered J ust to gain ex : a meeting vbth most of the girls and sponsors at the Ybor perience," she s aid, but she is in City Lihr ary > Monday afte rnoon, : this one to win. Gloria has also : Mi,:;s of{ered tips, gave a been in other contests but this one as"ii" "new experie .nce." Edith held the title ofMiss Bbke Linden Avenue. High 1969-70 and Michele was Mrs. Jerline P. B. Weathers; crowned the school's queen in 1971. 1335 N. 'B' Street Barbara. is the first president ot Mis s :I'anzy 2808 .,Ban-, Zeta Epsilon Chapter of Al-zaMr. Booker Ray, -3005' E. Cay' pha Kappa Alpha sorority at the uga. Uhniv.ersity odf Southd where Mrs. Annie L. n ukes 10011 Govs e 15 an a vance JUnior. It was ernor. also mentioned that Sherrell chOi' : Baby Boy xavier Jiian Mite eographed the production number bell, Seffner. for the Miss Black Teenage Tampa FRANKLIN FUNERAL contest Sophia now reigns as Miss Mr. Robert Victor 122 Ida STOP -Street. As a forerunner to the pageant Mr. Charlie (Cuban Baby) to be held in the Gasparilla Room Morgan, Rt. 1, Box 102C, Seff. at Curtis Hixon Hall a tea will be ner. held Sunday afternoon at 4 at Mrs. Mr. Horace IJ.oss, 4 _032loth Lamar' s home, 2505 38th Aven ue, Street, Apt 6A. with the judges and contestants Mrs. Willie Mae James, 102 present. At this affair the judg\'s W. Ame lia will Miss Congeni!llity," to ROGERS FUNERAL HOME be announced on the night of the Mrs. !Uinnie Hall; 3625 Eas t local contest. Chel s ea. The judges are: Frotn Tampa-M ; rs. Annie Roberis-on, 1815 Dr. A R. Jackson and otha Fa-F errell Ct. -vors-; St. C. Tw i n Boys McC oy, 3222 Eas t Emma, (Continued On Page S)


Tue.day, June 13, 1972 Fla. Puhlishetf every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition5 PAGE TWENTY-THR BUSIMESS REFRIGERATORS, RANGES Re pair. All makes. Quick service. Phune !188-3273. LAWN MOWER REPAmS WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER. \l'ithin the limits. Call 218-2580. Aslc for Vito or oscar. VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recotl ditioned homes in Progress ViJ. lage. S50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER REAL TOR. Phone 988-1252 FOR SALE HEY!!! l'\OW YOU CAN buy your own beautiful new 3 bedroom home fGr $200 down and as little as $67 per month on F H :\ 235! Call i\'IARSON ES, INC. 8i6-1063. IN CHARMING RIVERGROVE ESTATES. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Florida Room Cenr .ral Heat, Air, FHA financing available. HAROLD FRANKLIN, REALTOR Phone '879-0560 FOR SALE CASH FOR YOUR LOT! I WILL P \ Y up to $2,000 for lots with sewer and water. Marson, PATTEN CARPET SALES NATIONAL KNOWN brands. Resident, Commercial, and Industrial. Phone 251-3234 or 877-1001. FOR SALE FOR SAI.E 3 apartments, 204, 206 West Ross Avenue. Small down payment. No quali I FOR BERT -------13 BEDROO,rS. 4862 88th. $75.00 1 deposit. $75.00 monthly. See ::viRS. AJ,LEN, 4813 87th. 677-. 7256 after 6 P.:\'1. or weekends. FOR RE:'o/T 2718 12th AVE. Cil bldg. 1 bed room, furnished, water paid. $30 week. 258-5151. PUBLIC SERVICE PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO IRSUBAHCE lMMEDIATJ:o.; COVERAGE at a cost that corresponds to yout driving htston. Jack Berry 626-6194 GOT CAR TROUBLES? TRANSMISSION OVERHAUL GEN. CAR REPAIRS BY F;XPERTS 7838 North 46th Street Open Saturday and Sunday WEST TAMPA _____ CORNER LOT, 3 ':)edrooms, Ph J VACANT AUTO HOME LIFE FAST CLA!M SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORDS. CALL 246-3291 RAY'S GARAGE RO CREDIT??? baths, CB home, stove and re-:HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon-frigera!or. ditioned homes in Progress Vii INSURANCE Bariug Trouble Buyia& A Cu lteeause you are sllori ea Credit r Oflwn Paymeu1? 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, Fl.a room !age. $50 down. Call HAROLD CB home, chain link fence, well BAKER, REAIJfOR. 3007 34th Street LET ME HELP YOU lall'dscaped, air conditioned. Phone 988-1252 HAMIL TOH AGEHCY Call BiB 23%-4891 OR SEE ME Ar SUR UY MOTORS &lao FLORIDA AVE. EMPLOYMEIT LIKE MAKING FRIENDS? Lo;e making money? You can do both as an Avon Representative. It's easy-and fun! For details call right now: Tampa, 8i6-3242: St. Pete, 862-4593; Clearwater, 442-H53. ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL HAS PEltMANENT career op porhlllffies fer housekeepen. Prefer mature, older mea. Eseelleat benefits, free retirement, aJHI grwtll po teDtial. Apply: Perllftllet,. 3001 E. Bllllalo, { An opporiiBlRy employer WOMEN WAl''TED NEED EMPLOYMENT? Now Is your opportunity to work and. be trained at the same time. Need several women that have a to beco111e eitllft ar 11es aides or business secrettaries. lie :willing to start im. .JDediately. Can CHeer Dir eet61r a! m.-83ltl. POLICE PATIWLMEN fi,493 $8,452 yearly. H.S. grad. Age: Zl-30 yr1. Must meet height, weight, and visioD: requirements. SURVEY PARTY CHIEF $5,489 $8,00'0 a year. JNSTRU'MENTMAN ,5,304 -' a year. Starting salary based oa train btg and esperienee. Apply: 4th Floor, City Hall TAMPA CIVIL SERVICE BOARD HELP WANTED W ll NEED YOU PART TJME 5 5 days per week. Some Saturday, mi'Rimum wages, plus. Call: 879-6196. r i $50 DGWI PROGRESS YILLAGE 3 BEDROOMS, waU-to-wall ear pet. Must see to appreciate. RORTBVIEW HILLS 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, carport, link fence, large back 7arcl. WILBERT WILLIAMS, Bealler PRONE WANT A NEW $200 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. CaU' Equal Opportunity Corp. CaD 2::7-3201. $50 DOWN MODERN BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CAKPET, stove, af l morigage. DON TA:\FFE BlU)ICER 872-%72! 01' 831-1421 LISTINGS NEEDED. SAILING CLUB Membership Includes: F r e e SaiHnf LessOn, Retal low as $12 for 24 hours, Social Activities, Travel. 971-8907 .or 828 9489. WEST TAMPA $200 DOWN FHA 235. 3 bedrooms, llh bath. VANITY HOMES, INC 109 North Armeaia. PhOil 2SJ.. 3539. VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWI.Y -recon dltioned homes 111 PropelS VII lage. $50. down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phoae 988-1252 7833 North 4oth Street Open Saturday 8nd Sunday ROOFER, PAINTER, Carpenter or Plumber Your labor oa 4802 88th Street can be dowa payment. S bedroom. Balaaee at $65.06 per month. Plus escrows. C A S T L E H 0 M E S. 253-5321. FHA 235 SUBSIDY PROGRAM $100 DOWN PLUS PREPAID ITEMS AND CLOS iNG COSTS 3 & 4 BEDR.dOM HOMES 1% & 2 BATHS OVER 1 .000 Sq Ft Living Area Stucco Brick o r Sto'le Fron ts TILED BATHS LARGE CARPORT TERRAZZO FLOORS PLENTY STORAGE SPACE 8UILT IN RANGE & FROS! .FREE REFRiGI;RATOR ELeCTRIC HEAT. CHOICE OF COLORS CHOICE OF ANY ';. ', -...... VARSl TY BUILDERS INC. REPRESENTED BY WILBERT Wllll.O.MS REALTY P:-! 2 5 l-4().;.9 21 :U MAi.', 5 T 7838 North 4oth Street Open Saturday and Suaday $12,500 FHA I 1720 North Nebraska Avenue PHONE 229-1879 Tampa FUREBAL DIIECTORS $408 DOWN I THIS HOME has just been fresh-, r-----------""'1 ly painted inside and out and AUTO INSURA' N .(( Is as clean as a pen. Has 3 plastered bedrooms, air-coa-1 WILI8I'S FIIEBAL IOJIE ditioning of course, chain link-A. F. mnmE liS. "OV Bwilletl1 II Senlee" Pleea: 243-1125 24J.ZI32 ec!i fence front and back yard, Bef&re and after an. aecltle& niee quiet dead-ead street. 12&1 MARION STREET payment $8&.00 per month. PHONE 223-553{ plus taxes. Call today on this I one. n won't last long. r------------, HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR PI CBS LEI Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday FOR SALE FOB BElT CleuPahdei Roues .... 251-1645 VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recoil ditioned homes In VII lage. $M down. Call B.AR6LD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1!5% 7838 North -Mth Street Qpen Saturday and Sunday BUSINESS LEASES AVAILABLE at TAMPA PARI SBOPPIHG CERTER lelnska al ScoH for REAS81ABLE RATES Phone: 229-1845 4-CUT RATE PLUI\IBING SOL'S TBADmC P8S1 Nll-TVBS $18.50 TOREr SEATS $1JIS SINKS A CABINETS WATER BEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 382: E. BROADWAY PHONE 243-ttU For Spirihaal. Achice CALL OR 50 SIS. BRADLEY Plloae 237-1821 341& E. Lambright Aveaue SM 116 STREET As lmpreufwe as As lnespeasiYe as de*H Phone z.i't-3151 or W7..at ROGERS FUIEIAL lOME 4685 34lll Slreel ... .. 233-1301 er 251-1764 LADY ATTENDANT "WE GIVE THE BEsT FOR LESS" MAIL. YOUR AD BERT 8B BUY! LEASE R RIB! TELL SELL! 10 wOI'ds or lu. wm eewt 11.11 per etlftl ... lk eMit adcJJtlaal word. If yo belp a writ.._ JMr ... or Ia ,_.. out hew mueh laTreraas wlB eoet, Jalf eall "MI!IS RESUL'I'!r at ltS-tm. Plftse eadole yau M 11MHJ OI'M r. .. ,.. wl!llt to haft .,..Udecl. WRn'll YOUR AD III!U Y mar name: ....................................................... Yen,. addtHs: .................. ............... ..... Your TeleMie NlllllMI': ............... ......... : i .... FLORmA SENTJN,.IlL-ItVLLETJN, P. 0. Ito Jaa, T...-lUll


PAGE TWENTY-FOUR CLASSES OF '72 RECEIVE PRECIOUS H. S. DIPLOMAS JAi.L !URIE WARD Save $20.00 On This Big Feature-Packed Comfort Chair Vlith D eep Foam Padded Seat And Tufted Back $6995 Similar To llluslraliun Split seat and back mechanism offers true three-way comfort action! June 13, 1972 Handsomely styled with A generous design with Features deep, diamond high biscuit tufted pil-high, wing-back. tufted pillow-back plus low-back. Vinyl fabric. worry-free vin 1 fabric. .. Luxurious comfort with Rocker-recliner beauti-Trim, clean-cut styling foam padding. fully tailored in velvet. in smart vinyl fabric. 1324 30 E. Broadway PHONE 248.2557 Plenty Of f R E E Parking On your HANKAMER ICARD welcome here Here's where the bargains are! lot In Rear Of Store


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