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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 25, no. 53 (June 17, 1972)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
June 17, 1972
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
1 773
t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Tragic Accident. Deaths Of Three Women Mourned By Co -Workers -PHOTOS AND STORY ON PAGE I All The News Sentinel Fit To Print AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY Advertisers :.Invite YOU-VOL. 25, NO. 53. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. Social Security. Set For Disabled Hospital Quibbles Whi.le Child Dies (SEE STORY ON PAGE 2) TWo Knifed In (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) Trooper Dr.eam Comes T rU.e For Cager .... _--SEE STORY ON PAGE 18 SEE STORY ON PAGE 11 .. Conoly Wilh. Alumni .During rAMU Weekend TALLAHASSEE-FJerida A&M University alumni Conoly; second from left, posed for photo witla thr. oughout the country returned to cam,Pus durthe. mayors during Rededication ing Rel!-edication weekend to reaffirm_ their faith Mayors from left to right are : Jaines Ford-mayer in and to pay honor to retiring alumni of Tallahassee, Mrl. Betty Whnbush Muse-vlee executive secretary George Conoly. Four or the mayor of St.' Peters!Ourg, George E. Gause-mayor. alumni who have served as mayor of their reof Bartow and Neil Butler, former mayor of the spective cities were among the alumni audience. city of Gainesville. AMERICAN BLACKS SHARE JAMAICAN. HERITAGE KINGSTON, Jamaica-Dr. Ralph Abernathy, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Confer ence, arrived here for a vacation on Jamaica's Labor Day But in stead of the usual holiday, he found thousands of Jamaicans working voluntarily in streets and gardens hospitals and other civic projects, led by the new Prime Minister Michael The noted American civil rights leader immediately joined ir( and when interviewed later said, "We have been tremendously lifted by what we saw here-the esplrit de corps, the toe-etherness." In Dr. Abernathy's party were his wife; his executive assistant, Rev. Bernard Scott Lee, Chair man of the Economic Arm of the SCLC-backed Oi>eration Breadbas ket, Rev. Dr. William A. Jones, Jr. and Mrs. Jones; and Trevor Spence of Nostrand Travel Bureau, New York. He said he plans to adapt Ja-maica's Labor Day Program in the United states, and also to l"EE turn in a few weeks with a group of 200 people from the Atlanta and New York areas. The accent will be on cultural and social education. Jamaican," he s1!id; "So are all my black brotherJ 'imd sis ters in America Not on. ly do l join in the sentiments of Dr. 1-:a"" tin Luther King when saic' 'IIJ Jamaica I first felt like a m1111 and a human being,' but, indeed and in fact, black Americans have a physical link with Jamaica. American blacks are' the descencf.. ants of Negro slaves from Africa who were first brought to Jamal ca arid sold to plantations iD the U. S. South. I find I still have many here In JM.na1cL"


PAG 1'\yO Fla. Seatinei-Bulletill Pu'lisheCI every Tues. an(l Fri. Cet Editions Saturtiay, June t7. 1972, Sherifr, s co-unity Relations Bureau I SGT. ARNIE MYERS CRIMINAL JNCENDIAIU&'\1 In last week's article : )Ve discussed the investigation of arson and what to look for, let's con tinue from that Point. "Orfgin of the Fire"-To c:mstitute arson must. be an intent. to will fully or unlawfully set on fire the lands of another or to s .tart ln one's own land, lease, etc., with inte n t to let the fire spread peUy origin, some insignificant grievanre; wrueh does not justify normal retribution by violence, by blows, by injury, etc. 2. Revenge-This is also a comm:m motive for arsori. Cases will show that the movements of per sons having grievances against the owner of some burned out property should be investigated 3. -Racketee rs also resort to the to the land of' another. By "in. tent'. here is mean-t i-t could 'ba .. Inferred that a reasonable man c:Jcld foresee the probable result of llis act. The intent need not l:).e destory. If a f:Yf "firebug" sets the fire, he is .. also guilty .of. criminally incendiarism regardless of motives detmed by crimina! law. torl'h in their extortion rackEts when they want to intim idate conttact::n-s, firms, or individuals in various building or o t b e r trades and thus force the vi dims to meet their demands. 4. Intimi dation, too, is a principal motive. It is not only that the arSOiiist sets the fire to force the victil:n to meet his demands, but also the may be set to intimidate -It' has been further held that If a person while engaged in the Commission of a felony sets ;fire b): a building, his act is ar-. 6011 even there was no _.' inte'ni in. the mmd o( .:the accus _ed to 'start the fii-e; 'Io acewie such a of ai:son;it is only neces-sary : to that he/she committed or aided and abetted the: cri-me which resulted in a fire. Howe Ver: when the coinliiit-. 'ting. of arson has been e5tablish. ed; .every. fikt which may throw; ligbt on the case'.: is : usually admissable as ev1dence. Finally, the establishmtmf ol the is not absolutely ileceS.aiy for the prosecution ,cause. motives natur..U:v -'1!'aTY In ... short, Criminal inctmdiarism still is one of the most mysterious crimes in the 1 world, and most statistics show a relatively large number of cases in which t h e caMe's and motives of fire are unknown or not definitely determiDed. In di!alini with t h e crimiilal incendiarism it is of supreme to Imow the motives .. social and moral, which can -diiTe a man to set fires li*ately. certain ooea of t11ese mbby Lewis, 30, her boy-friend, bNtl wilh._ a fire iron: learned after queetionMrs._ ware and Lewis that ffiey weilt tv 'Visit 110 he see hls Dina month rud dlili:t. Cochran invited t!Jem 'in. llAWis !'aid tbat tbe CCJDvi!T&ation was aormal and friendly, and the t!Wo. 01 them left Cochran's leaving 1lbe baby. A. they wllecl away from the blOUse, came from behind and 1 &tmek Lewis on the back of the he-ad,Jrnocking him to the ground. mbe mea WTesUed aDd Oocilran left and. went back into his bouse. Cochran was arrested: for age gnvated assault and adllllin said sometbing to his father, becauee he ran into 1tie batmoom and .. ataried beating him oa tile face and bead with his tiat. iHe then went' :iDto the kitdNiD aDd JD1oekect Ball to the floor and stated he was Rd ol.. tile boose being dirty. He grabbed a glasa o4l lamp and struck. hi! wife the rigbt eye, then lett tile boose. 1Mrs. Ball was advtised that s he sohould get a warrant r{Jr assault Uld batter:r. Burglaries Unidentified &ubjeets mo7 latlh Avenue Wedne!!day by removing jalousies from a window wi:We Mn. Ola Lee Freeney was away and took ,her portable black and white_ T.V. set worth $50, a portable record player worth $20 and a casette ta.pe player. 'IIfMl burglal'l! worked unobserved. .AJ.fred Dickerson, 45, 1001 N. Mitehe-tl, told police Wed!nesday that someone took his pOirtable T. V. worth five one dollar bills,and $.55 in change. The burglars entered t-he house bhrough the rear and unseeu. IF'cliee believe that bwrglars used a screwdriver Monday to enter the resroence of Mrs. Dor e ,atha S.ims, 3 3 0 3 E Qosborne. '.l'aken from the house was a man's wrist watclh valued at $10 Alfter six Monday and before noon Tuesday, burglars used a pry bar to opco a rea-r door at 2129 Main St. pol ice said. Housed in the hu.iJdJng is Harvey's B:ail :Bonds, Lemon Harvey, owner, and Joe Kenne

Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. -Get Bnfh Editions PAGE THREE SDts Judge For Sbc fN In a h 2aring h2ld WednEsday morning f o r six men at a Ruskin migrant camp for conspiracy and involuntary servitude the judge set each bond at S 10,000, an FBI agent sai d. Walter Taylor, Jr., 3 1 operator of the migrant camp, his brother A. J. Taylor, 24, .Edward Earl Hinton, 24, David Rucker, 23, Frank James Williams, 25, and Ernest Morgan, 23, were arrested at the camp after the charges had been filed against them by five persons who had been employed at the camp. The persons charged said Tay lor and his men had prevented them from voluntarily leaving the camp. Whenever they attempted to leave they would be tracked down, beaten and brought baclc to the camp. Joseph F. Santonia, special FBI ag(mt in charge of the Tampa office, said the six men violated the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution that abolished inv:>lntary servi tude or slavery as it can more commonly be called. ANHEUSER-BUSCH AIDS-YOUNG MINORITIES THROUGH URBAN LEAGUE The black and white migrant workers said they were prevented -from leavingwhile workiur in Ruskin and in Virginia. The six were arrested by FBI agents in Ruskin Tuesday. :AU are said to be from Forest CitY, Arkansas Jo5eph Garino, plant maiiager of Anheuser-Buseh Inc. la Tampa, presents a complmy check for $111,000 to Mr.s. Augusta M.arshall, executive director of the Tampa Urban League .. The funds _have been earmarked to support the Urban League's Program, a summer employment. proJeC.t for underprivileged youngsters. i Save:A-Youth operate between June 14tli and Augiist 16th and Anheuser-Busch's help will provide summer for' an estimated ,10 youngsters in Tampa. Shown with Garino and Mrs. Mar shall are Mrs. Helen Long, Director of the Career Exploration Program and Gail and Larry Yeoman, two of the youths who will participate in the program. Tragic Accid.ent Deaths Of, 3 Young Two Knifed In Separate Incidents An assistant in the U. S. Attorney's office .said the workers bringing the charges were a 1 i shanghaied. They claimed they were picked up by the defendants while they were drunk and forced Women M.ourned By Co Workers Two men were knifed Thursday night in separate inc-idents according to police reports. Wil1ie Bell, 4>6, .28Jlt2 22nd St., was stabbed in the neck by a man as Georgia Boy" after the two exchanged word's in the White Rock Bar, 3705 29th St. The assailant ran lirom the scene and Bell was taken to Tampa General Hospital wlhe.re he is reported in fair condlition. to work in the fields. One of the men charged is .in Mooatee MemJrial Hospital in Bradenton. Like charges will be filed against Morgan when hE! is released. Walter Taylor, Jr the boss of the operation, was released from custody after t h Et $10,000 bond was posted for him. The others are still being held in the Hillsborough County jail. In a few days funeral services will be held for three attractive young women who were killed in stantly in a car-truck. collision Wednesday afternoon shortly be fore three at 56th Street and Fowler Avenue. All three were students or former students of University of South Florida and employed by t h e Tampa Youth Devolpment Program, ari offlce that is still mourning_ their tragic loss. Gloria Sheppard, 23, Gloria Davis and Valena Sykes, both 22, were killed instantly when the 1965 Chevy in which they were. riding, di:ivep by 22-year-old Michael. Smith, 2205. N. Grady, was with smashing MICHAEL SMITH wheri it turned in front of a semitrailer truck driVen by Elmer E. Jerrell, 44, 4027 50th Street. .Troopers B. B. Justice and H. L. Hutto said Smith was traveling north on 56th Street when he made a left turn into the path of the truck. Smith received numerous injuries and is listed in fair condi tion at University Community Hospital in the Intensive C a r. e Unit: Jerrell was treated and re leased from the hospital. The highway patrol office said -charges are pending until s-mith's conditicn is determined. Gloria Sheppard graduated from the University in c ommencement ceremonies Sunday and was awarded a degree in P!_iychology. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua. Sheppard, Sr., 1104 Jenkins Street, Plant City. She ha5 been im employee in the city of Tampa youth program for mqre than a year End was efficient in her duties, according to Charles I. Jones, di recbr of 'the Office of Community :Relations who handled t h e Youth Board until March 31, when the project ended. "I was very proud of her. J was even. considering her for a professional position in my of-fice,'' Jones said. Louis wno has worked in close association with the young hidies, said the young women's co-workers are deeply saddened over the tragedy. Jones added that at the time of their death they were on their way back to the university to do research in the library for their office. At the time of her untimely death, Miss Sheppard was with the Recre;J,tion Culture Component of the Youth Development Agency. She was also very active in the voters registration drive For some tirrie she worked in the Urban League office with voters education projects in Tampa's Housing projects and was a worker in the Lindsay for President Headquarters in Tampa earlier this year. The 1967 Marshall High gradUilte had made. plans to continue toward her Masters degree at USF ; according to her father. In addition to her parents, Gloria is survived by three brothers and two sisters. Another of the young women was also a Plant City resident. Valena Sykes, a senior at the University of South Florida, has also been in the Youth Development program for a year on parttime basis while attending school. Coming from very large family, Valena was instrumental and effective in maintaining the in tensive tutorial center while working with the youth board. She dealt mainly with pre-schoolers in the Ponce de Leon Housing. projects. Charles Jones said she was one of several USF students used as tutors for these small children. He praised her w o r k .while she was with the Youth Board.. A Ft. Myers native, Gloria Da vis helped complete the tragic Following an argument on the sidewalk in front of Tom's Place, 1'504 Nebraska Avenue, Josepih Felton, 48, li2l1Jl Kay St., was stabbed in the chest with a knife. by anunidentitffied man who then fled the scene. Felton was treated at a local hos ()lital and releas-ed. -Jail Of Guard Accused D _rug Possession CAMDEN, N. J. -Camden County Sheriff Arnold Cream said Monday a jail guard was arrested on charges of po ,sses. sion of drugs with intent t., sell and four prisoners wertt accused of conSipiracy in the case. death trio that brought' the county's fatality list to so far this year. She's been with. the project for only three months but had proved her efficiency in that time. Funeral arningements are not complete at this time for Miss Davis. Miss Sheppard artd Miss ?t ;; ; r; I Sykes joined the church together r as little girls and were baptized at the same time, and their fam ilies felt that it was fitting that they be funeralized together. Joint services for them will be held Monday at 3 P. M. at Allen Chap el AME Church, 1109 Laura Street in Plant city. Daniels' Barbecue One ol the best' in town GLOIUA DAVIS From Florida -Sentinel Advertisers EMPLOYES ADVERTISING You've tried everybody else, now try Open Thursday Thru Sunday 701 E. Henderson Ave. WANTED SOLICITOR Salary, plus commissicm. Must have neal appearance. Willilltg lo hustle. auto, Apply in Person Only: FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN 2207 21sl AVEHUE


PACE FOUR Fla. S..tmei-BtalLIDt PuWia1ae41 every Tuet. inti Frl. Cet BotJ. Editioai .. Sinfl!Mtf IIJU!Ifetil ""'----' Published Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Publishing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publisher C. BLYTHE ANOREWS, JR. Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice President-Production )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising Second class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6 .50 Per Year One Edition. $12.50 Per Year Both Editions. Justice Games For years it was merely the in human treatment imposed on priaon inmates that attracted the etltention of concerned people. Now it goes beyond that to a mat ter of whether we have reached the point of turning out of our prisons men and women who, in-6tead of being rehabilitated, come oult worse menaces to society than when they were committed. The entire criminal -justice fiystem is under pressure. 1t can not stand more Atticas. It needs despeiately to do something about its lack of adequate fin ancing, its too-often sub-11tandard personnel and its often outdated treatment of defendants and prisoners. Rehabilitation in most Institutions is but a joke. Rep. Gwen Cherry of Miami notes in a recommendations and reforms' for the Lowell Prison for ,Women that the problem of li censing offenders upon re.le ase Ito further _pursue their areas of training needs to be worked out by law and practice. She also noted that many of the women at \Lowell rarely receive visitors, and tha' t one of the greatest needs was for improved menltal a d physical health of the inmates. Down in Houston, Texas, a teenage boy was sentenced to ,1 ,000 years after being convicted of raping a teen-age white girl. The point of the outrageous sentimce was 1to bring home the fact that the jury had to find a way to express its feeling about the racial situation involved in the crime. Blacks don't get thal t kind of sentence for raping black women end white men don't get that kind of treatment for assaulting black women. It simply was the type of message sentence that whites and blacks understand and react emotionally to. It does nothing to enhance the quality of justice. In Jackson, Miss., a member of the Republic of New Africa who is on death row, was on a hunger strike in protest of treatment there. He'd like his cell unlocked 12ometimes as is the case of others. He' d like to have private visitors end a better balanced diet with hot meals. These are among the common gripes inmates make. It is recognized that all de fendants don't deserve the same degree of mercy and that certain restrictions are necessary in Juuadlin prisoaer1. The poi.Dt here i. that the ju clicial J'!Ilem has' botched its job eo badly ihat little straws in the wind 1hould not be overlooked when we contemplate changes. We must not wait for the Atticas to encourage improvement. New Graduates Once again thousands of grad uates from colleges are finding the job market sticky. High school graduates a n d t h e i r parents are finding the costs of getting into college more But both the college and high achool grads have achieved some thing of immeasurable import ance to themselves, their families, their communities and their nation. For those sufficiently educated college graduates, there will be jobs. Even if there is a delay in finding the job the graduate ape cifically trained for, when he finally lands it, generally he atiU will make more money over the years than he could have without the degree. he probably will enjoy his work more. We do. not need to repeat the fact that not every one has to go to college to make a decent liv ing. But we think every young high school graduate should go on. Any reasonable sacrifice should be made to finish college. There is far more to enjoying life than making money, although that p h a s e of it is not to be shol'tchanged. can be argued that a college graduate will not necessarily enjoy life more than someone who only finished high school, but the experts t e II us the odds favor education. For us as a -minority group, ed ucabion is part of our salvation. Not because poople 'tell us to ed ucate ourselves so we'll be more aceeptable 1o them; butt because if in this complicated world we are going to be able to hold our own and advance, cer!tain skills and knowledge are necessary. Every new graduate, college or high school, i s both a personal and group gain of which we all should be proud. I Peace Progressive PB 2628 E. Lake Ave. Rev. E. A. Todd, Pastor Mrs. Lorene Calhoun, Rept. S. S. will begin at 10 with Mrs. Ollie Todd, asst. supt. and rill teachers at their posts. The morning service will begin at 11. Dea. John Eans will be in charge. The pastor and junior choir and No. 1 ushers will serve. Evening service begins at 6:00 with the same choir, ushers and deacons in charge. On the sick list are: Mrs. Vanice Lurry and Mrs. Palmer. Please pray for the sick and shut-ins .. The junior choir and ushers will meet Wednesday night and prayer meeting will also be held. You are welcome to worship with us. Counties Get Migrant Aid $$ WAS!illNGTOiN -The Office of Economic Opportunity approved Tuesday appropriation of $800,0{}0 to Orange and five other Florida counties for coatinuation of job training programs for unskilled migrant workers. The program of remedial education and training in noo-rural occwpations has been conducted since 1969 by Orange, Hillsboro ugh, :\Ianatee, Sarasota, Collier and Broward Counties. School boards in the counties have been delegated responsibility for implementation of the program. New Place Summer Opens Program The New Place, Inc., Tampa'l unique arts media exploration and communications center for youth announces its summer beginning Monday, June 19th with studio workshops ()pen to all youth in the Tampa Bay area. Opening hours will be 10 a. m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and 10 a. m. -4 P-' m. on Staurday. Friday evenings will feature special events i.e., concerts, plays, festivals, ages 612, wi!J be held from 2 p. m.-6 p. m. daily in areas of drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, .still photography, filmmaking, music, dance, and creative writing. A special class in experimental children's theater improvisations, utlizing videotape systems will be offered on Wednesday afternoon. Special dance classes for preschool children will be offered at 10 a. m. on each opening day. While worksho.ps in all the arts are open continuously for youth 13 years and up, the facilities will be entirely 1eserved Jor their use during the evening hours 7-10 p. m. except in the case of events open to the public on Fridays. The Ne)V Place st:aff now employs nine artist-teachers who are specialist in the various studios being offered. Further details on the. program can be ()btained by calling The New Place, Inc., 247-1928. Get on down to The New Place this summe.r -you'll like the peo-ple there. Richard L. Loveless is Director of The New Place. New Mt. Zion 2511 E. Columbus Dr. Rev. B. J. Jones, Pastor Sunday services will begin with S. S. at 9:30 with the supt. Dea. Virgil Brooks, in charge: All other officers and teachers are urged to be present. Parents are also urged to send their children out on time. The lesson will be reviewed by Rev Mims. service will begin at 11 with-the deacons in charge of devotional service. The Gospel Chorus and' Purple Lily Usher board will serve. Rev. Mims will take charge of the service. BTU will begin at 5 with the president, Milton Biggham, in charge. Parents, young people, members and friends are invited to come out and take part in the lesson discussion. Evening service will begin at 6 with the deacons leoding de votion. The same choir and ushers will serve and Rev. Mims will bring the message. The fourth Sunday is Guest Day at Ne\y Mt. Zion and a very unique program is being plann ed by the committee. The public is extended an invitation to come out to this program. Remember to visit and pray for the sick and shut-ins. They enjoy your visit and are desirous of your prayers. _You are invited to worship w1th us at any and all times. As our pastor says, "this is the church where everybody is somebody." 10,000 Blacks Back Policy Viet A resolution signed by more than 10,000 black Ohicagoans in I'HJIP'P'Ort oil' Ftresid en t X,ix:on); Viet Nam policies will be presented to the President at a dinner of the National Black Committee for the Reelection of the President in Washington Saturday. More than 100 Chicago blacks will attend the dinner. Jerome Green, 27, chairman of the Concerned Black Citizens of Chicago, will present the resolution to the Preslident. Florida Advertisers Buy From Saturday, June 17, tt72 Bethel AME 101% Latarel Street Rev. F. L. GilliaM, Mrs. Reatha Williams, Rept. S. S. began at 9:30 with th 11upt. Mr. B. S. Proctor in charge. Morning service began at 11 with Mr. 0. C. Singfield in charge. The No. 2 choir and ushers No. 1 served. The sermon was delivered by Rev. Floyd Richie. This was enjoyed by al1, Evening service began at 5:30 with. the same choir and ushers serving. The sermon was deliver ed by the pastor. The Steward Board No. 2 of which Mr. P. W. Law is a member will have their annual program on Sunday. Mr. Law will also be honored. All bers and visitors are asked to come. The weekly activities remain the same. Remember the sick nnd shut-ins. Visitors are wei come at aU times. Mt. Pleasant MB 2002 No. Rome Rev. G. W. Mitchell, Pastor Mrs. Louisa Bigham, Rept. S. S. began at 9:30 with the Mr. Beckton in charge, All teachers were at their posts, Morning worship followed with Dea. Duncan leading devotion, The No. 2 choir and ushers served.Rev. Kirkland brought the message. BTU at 5:30 and evening worship followed at 6:30. Dea Louis Burton led devotion. Rev. Watson brought the message. Monday night, the Choir will have rehearsal at 8 the No. 3 choir will have re hea.rsal at 7; Tuesday night, prayer meeting; Wednesda night, the No. 1 choir rehearsal and Thursday night at 8, the No. 2 choir will have rehearsal and the No. 2 Mission will have meeting. A)l are welcome. Please visit the sick and shut-ins. Marriage Ucenses Leonard Lynn, 31, 3617 Me. Berry, and Mary Elizabeth Ford, 29, 1258 India St. Ozell Chrisholm, 42, Clear water, and Maxine Thomas, 28, 4404 Thohotosassa St. James Eddie Rogers, 21, 2056 32nd Ave. Apt_ 642, and Syhia Rebecca Lane, 22, 2056 32nd AYenue. Joseph Richardson, 2?, 2044 32nd A venue, and Rhudme Carolyn McCann, 24, 903 20th AHnue_ Marcus Daniel Rhaney, Jr., 23 4208 E. Palifox, and Veronic a 'Delores Johnson, 24, 4231 E. Osborne. Homer Alfreda Smith, 69, 4501 34th St., and ElJiui s e Ellenwood, 50 2707 17th St. Reche Cleveland Kirkland, 22, 2H5 E. Cayuga St., and Margaret Elaine Bryant, 21, 1072 GoYernor St. George Street, 36, 1606 N AI bany A venue and Darien Mc. Cormick, 24, 4608 Booker T. Drive_ / Learnis Eddie, 19, 8301 Dah lia A venue, and Linda Faye Gilford, 16, 8304 Endive Ave. Allen Temple AME 1112 Scott, 1 Rev. H. McDonald :Nelson, Pastor The junior department was in charge of the services on last Sunday. This was Children's Day observance. Miss Gail Gordon was the speaker. The Third quarterly conference will begin on Friday night with business session of the confeience. All boards are ask ed to make their full reports. Presiding Elder G. J. Oates, Jr. will be in charge. Devotion will be led by the pastor. Sunday will be Men's Day and 1\ir. G. V. Powell will be in charge of the S. S. Morning service will at 11 and Mr. G. V. Stewart who is the .. chairman will in charge. Activities of the week remain the same. All are asked to re member the sick and shut-ins.


Ja,turday, Juae 17, 1W7J We can put the month of July as being the one where June leaves off for activity as among other happ e nings July's go n n a bring us-The nice headline news telling of the July 1st plans of Miss Helen Watson, our charm ing yotmg neighb:Jr here at the Sentinel-Bulletin office and Mr. Harvey Glymph, popular jazz or gan player and, Jimmy Smith sound and look alike. Helen s the daughter of Mrs. 1 Essie Mae Wynn and Mr. Walter B. Watson. AND There's George B. Williams, Bellmen-Waiters C 1 u b and his fellow brothers have set July 21st for their annual sum mer, "Hot-Pants, Mini Dress, Bell Bottoms Dance" to be held ab Curtis Hixon. Members are also reminded of Tuesday night's important meeting at the College Hill Project office. IUAIL FROM MRS. MOLLIE 7906 Croton Ave Progress Village reads, and Mr-. Otto Johnson ll request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Lola, to Sgt. WIIHe Eddie ffitchcock on Slit., July 19th, 7 P. M. at MaoDill AFB Chapel. Reception at Kid Mason Recreation Center. lETS HERE 'N THERE Lake County Sheriff WiUis Mchas killed his last black citiien, as even his 1 white followers of the past have turned the i r .l;lacks to him for this murder. flus the Judge pressing llie case wasn't exactly a MCCall follower. Mit. Frankie ADen was among visitors in: the state capitol dur Ing the week. She's employed by the Guidance Center of Hillsbor ough County as a statistician and waa in Tallahassee attending a statistical workshop. Mrs. Mittie Hayes of St. Con rad st. spent the first week of her val:ation from the classroom down Miami way, attending the eraduation of her niece. She's the ;rife of Project Star director Dr. Hayes Since rm one of the group captains, I guess it's alright for me tD an invite to all to attend our annuaJ. "Men's Day Protram" Sunday at AUtin Temple Church of which Rev. H JWcDonald Nelson is pastor. Prot Garland V. Stewart is Yen's Day Program general chairman, and dynamic Rev. Don Steger of USF will again be our apeaker lne St. was here from Anehorage, Alaska on weeks vacation, departing Monday back to her base. Which reminds me-learned the other day "'The Whites of Pine st. West Tampa" popular eon, brother, SFC. Ben White is in CorPus Cristi, Tex., where he's an Army Recruiting Sgt. Some of the family plans to visit Ben and tamily this month Put young niece Ingrid Ruth Brady, a Jefferson Hi soph coed fo-be, on her first EAL Whisperliner flight to Newark, N. J. bead ed to her "scheduled" months' AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD vacation. Ingrid with a tear or two in her eyes, was seen off by well-wishers mom and dad Ruth and Clifford E. Brady and dear friend, Doris Williams, Mas sey School of. Fashions in .1\tlanta, Ga coed She was ac c ompanied to Newark by brother Clifford Eu gene, Jr., ROBERT E. GADSON, a well thought of friend and across the way neighbor from Carver City, has added another to his job bag Of course, we all knew 1\'lr. Gad son, father of two (or is it three?) is a col. in our Army Reserves, a 25 year-plus member of our Postal Service, but learning he's an associate of the Wilbert Wil-, Iiams, Real Estate Broker firm is even something else ... LEWIS C. PHILLIPS and daugh ter, Crystal, were here f r o m Bronx, N. Y. visiting parents, and Mrs. David (Georgie) Red dick, 3205 Cherry St., before de parting to visit in-laws in Dur ham, N. C. Mr. Phllllps is a staff member of the N Y. Medical 'and among other things, mentioned their new thing of an 1MB or Computer being developed across the nation whi<:h can take the re port and._ diagnose a patient's medical case report without the being present. TALKED WITH MRS RUTH F. MARTIN A N D MRS. MINNIE PERSON, loyai and faithful mem hers of Greater Mt. Moriah P. B. Church of which the Rev. A. t. Brown is pastor. the ladies in formed me of their Sunday church program which will be a Musical Recital featuring the appearance of the first black Miss Sarasota, Miss Dentise Pearcey, Mr1. E. L. Tyler Is general chairwoman for this progr..am. MR. AND MRS, JOHNNY (VIOLA) FAVORS and children, Johnny, Jr., Jalllce, Lennie, Ml chael, Anthony aad Derral a r e back from vacation trip w h I c h took them to a "Six Flags" visit in Atlanta, on to San Diego Zoo visit and to the Astroworld In Hotiston, Tex FINAL RITES FOR MISS GUS SIE L. BUTLER TO -BE HELD 4 P. M. TODAY (FRIDAY) at Beulah Baptist Church, with Rev, A. Leon Lowry, pastor officiating 11le late Mi Hatler who passed away suddenly Sunday, ls the ai&ter ol Mrs. Lessle B. Lanier and Mr. Leslla Butler, and a vie 11 known Dental Assistant to Dr. James L. Green NORMAN E. JONES, chairman of the Black Citizens for For President Committee has had pretty Interesting if n o t amusing things to tell friends of his travels across the nation with the Ala. Governor forces prior to his (Gov. Wallace) being shot ... The CSO's held their monthly social meeting on Sunday even ing at the home of Elsie Daniels, Those present were Annette Jack son, pres., Gladys Brown, Rubye McNish, Graoe Clark, Fannie Hill, Cora Lyoas. SEE YAU LATER Holsey T 3729 North 15th Street William R. Johnsoo, Jr., Pastor Rev. Rosa Bryant, Reporter Over $2200 was raised on Men's Day last Saturday. This amount was the highest reported by the men of Holsey in several years, accord i ng to records of the church. The chairmen, Mr Freeney C lay ton and Mr Albert A Coleman, expressed their gratitude to the ,members of Holsey and to.-the many friends and well wishers whJ made the day a success. Not only was the day a success financially, it was a spiritual treat' as well. The morning services were led by the pastor and Mr Coleman, co-chairman The message was de livered by Dr. C. D Coleman, general s,ecretary of the General Board of Christian Education of 1the CME Church from Memphis, Tenn He spoke on the subject "An Amaz ing Man. The music was fur nished by an all-male chorus consisting-of members from various churches in the Tampa area. At 3:00 several chojrs enter taJned a full house -with singing that was appreciated by everyone. Bro. Steve Kelly's group spon sored this program. At 5 :00 p : m. the Rev. C. Bryant and his con-gregation from Williams Temple CME Church in Winter Haven brought an inspiring message and good singing. The evening services were led by the Revs. Alexander Jones of Mt. Sinal .AME Zion Church amd R. H. Ramsey of Hood Temple AME Zion Church. Music was fur nished by the Mt Sinai choir and the message was delivered by Rev. Jones. Vacation Bible school has been going on throughout this week and closed out today (Friday.) A church-wide picnic to Hillsborough ', State. Park will be held tomorrow (Saturday). These activities are under the auspic-es of the Board of Christian Education, Mesdame Arleaser Aldridge, president and MeSdame Leart_is Mayes, director. Mr. Albert Coleman is supt. of the Sunday SchOol. Sunday morning services will be under the direction of Pastor L : B. Bro\vn. Pastor Johnson will deliver j]le Men's Day message at Stewart Memorial OMIE Ohurob in st. Petersburg during the morping worship hour. At 2:00 p m. Holsey will journey to Bryant Chapel C:MEChurch in Tallavast to participate in their *Women-In-White' program. Tliete will not be any evening servicee on Sunday A standing Invitation Is extend ed to all to worship with the Hol sey family at any and all times. Baptist Church 2607 2'tth Avenue Rev, J. C. Goins, Pastor Betty Dawklna, Rept. ..>: Sunday aervices will begin with S. S. at 9 ; 30 with the supt Dea. Jessie Manley in charge. Morning worship will follow at 11, with the. Goips' Chorus and Jr. Usher" board 11erving. The pastor will deliver the ser mon. Sunday afternoon from 8 til 15 Choir !:'{ o. 8 will sponsor a Z9diac Tea all members are aiJk ed to cooperate. The public Is invited BTU services will begin at 5 p, m. with the pres., Mrs. Minor in charge: BIG JOE'S BAR PLEifTY. OF nEE. PABIIII CIBIEI LASALLE AID IOIIE WEST TAMPA Evening worship will be held at 6 with the same choir and ushers serving and the past'or will deliver the sermon. Let us remember to pra: for and visit our sick and WILLY JOHNSON and family were amazed 'at their new bome-wttll Uncle Sam't help they pay onl7 t67 per mo. for I Bit home. CaD 871 low! PA.GI. FIVr. Poverty Poc:ket By BOB GILDER CAA Executive Direclor The Community Agency C>f Hills borough County has its attention in recent weeks on the problem of dental care for the poor in our community. While there are a few token ef forts being put forth the avail lable dental services are insuf ficient and inadeq u ate. There are nea1"1y 77,000 poverty level p er sons in H.illsborougb County who are in need C>f dental care Until recently, the major set vice available>was through Tam-pa Bay Vocationl Techoical School which is designed to train dental techmcians. They were able to serve only 3 ,000 poor persons in the last two y.ears. The inajor problem Is the inacces.s ibili:ty of the faciLity located on Orient Road, north of Hill s borough Avenue. It is miles from vhe clients it serves and theTe is a la ck of available transportation. The Mayor and the City F ,athers mtist accept the respoosibildty for operating the bus system yet failing to provide any service wij,hin a mile of Tampa : Hay Tech. Since the OA.A began gating the lack of dental services for the poor, file Health D .epartmen has reopened its dental clinic .in the Health Department :Building on Kennedy !Boulevard. While this is a step towards im-Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 proving the situation, this service falls to meet the pt't!6S!Qr. need Only children aged six eighteen being treated for dental emergencies. The clinic i s able to operate only two baliday. s a week due to limited funds. A flat fee of $5 per visit is charged for all children. They are presently serving 30 to 410 children a week. -The Health Department hopes to extend the operating, daiys later this summer so that operative treatment can be provlderl and more children can be served. The OA A has received many calls from persons suffer.in:g froin dental problems. We have met with dentists, city and by officials, and other pel'S()IUI interested in tlelping poor with pain but no money, One private donor has pledged cliatrs and equipment. Several dentiS'ts have indi{!ated their to aS&ist in a dentl!l care project_l__ When a smtable site fu.\lt fa the center of the C itY CC>nvenfeot to the poor people has been rocated, the CAA may establish a free dental clinic for low iliiCIOme familieS. Dental care for the poor in HIJJsborOug;h Ooulbty seems to h4ite deteriorated in the Jut iJiiw years. All avenues to ilnpQvin.g thls situation must be ed. rt ia bad enough to be in the midm: of our affluent society, but to be both poor and to have an acllin g tooth is 'more than double suffermg. Adequate dental care for all per'S!IDB is neeqed in our community D.QW, r Summer Fun 9 Here .. IUnlftMr ; bright and n.W. Com& and see-our pants for yoll. 8u Colleclioa illcludes I'SBIITS BY" OLEI CASSIIII PRIICE ICOR, ELY-TMT, FREDIIC8 PIO de 81-: $1501 ''PARTS BY" IIBluD BRAZEl LATIII SLACI-$2fi "TIES Br' WEMLOI .$5 ap_ Oar Styles nairs, STRAIGHTS STRIPES UD SltiiS. Take lt easy W. SIID1Diel' lD our carefree, Uptwe.lcht doable bit summer tlacks. Ever7 color and stJie lmallaable Is here. PlaT the warm weathea' game ln our cool-looldaf Mleetklllt, ... 74MI'll stay ealm an4 re&esbed all OJ loaf. Come IIi ...., we'l eat. fit you right. PRONE 235-lstl. THE MALE SHOP m1 r. a.-.o Ia Aft. ........


PACE SIX Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published Tues. and Fri. Gelt Bo,th Ediltions S-aturday, June 17, 1972 ---------------Men Women's Day For First Baptist Church Of S-effner MRS. BER'l'HA M. GREEN JAl\IES A. GREEN The annual Men and Women'fwill be held and the speaker will Day observance at the First Bapbe John A. Green ,a member of. tist Church of. Seffner will be St. Mark M .. B. Church. S. J. held Sunday. -The wo_men-will be Wilson will give the occasion, and -in -charge of _the ll__A.M. service,_ -the speaker will be intreduced by and the chairman, Mrs. Josephine James B. Green. -; -_B. Jones. announced that the The list -of -prominent citizens Will be Mrs. Bertha M. will participate in the ob-Greert. seryance include Curtis Sams, ____ Mrs. Green Is._ a fa1thful mem-John Brady, Leroy Twiggs, \)er Q_f Mt. M .. B. Abraham Brown, Herman Doby, and I:;. very _active m re!Igw_us James Coleman, Billy Felder, Na-.. a_nd. CIVIC affmrs. She .W:1 ll m-: thaniel Cannon and Walker Hall. traduced by Mrs. Patr1c1a P1erce. Many women. of various church-_ A men's chorus will provide eshave accepted the invitation music, and Atty. George Edgeto be on program. -comb will present awards. T h e iAt 3 P. ''M.,the men's service chairman is H. deacon City Wide Christian Choir Union Anniversary Set For Sunday EARLIEST GRIFFIN President The City-Wide Ohristian Ohoir U11!ion will celebrate its second 111nniversary Sunday afternoon at True vine Baptist 905 Governor Street Jtev. J. P. Nichols, Jr., Pastor Services began at t>he usual time ,begining with S. S. The lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Morning worship was call-ed to order by Rev Nichols, Sr. who was in charge for the d-ay. The message was enjoyed by all. 'l1he No. 1 choir served and holy communion was also served. We ba at the home of Mr. and Mrt!. Lane,-l403-B. ,Armwood Ct:. All are well.!ome at all are',-.asked to !ef!lem.,el' the a1ck aDd ahut-m .. LOUNGE Opea EYery Air'coad. LOCATED: 1St ZACK sTREET Plaou 229-9893 WIMBERLY'S KINDERGARTEN CLASS OF 1972 Wimberly's Kindergartengraduation ceremony was held on Sunday afternoon at New_ .Salem -M. B. Church where the Rev. Howard Stprr is pastor. Class members pictured left to right on the row are: Tia King, Andrea Hopkins, Lanita .John son, 'Maureen Tucker,-Jackie Carroll, Portia White; second row: YolandaClayton, Martin Saniago, Kimberly Washington, Andrea Starling, Clemente L_opez, Gregory Harris; and third I:ow: Keith Win ters, Andre 1 Pease, JaJuan Cain William Daoo vis. l\'lrs. l\Iarie Wimberly Is the director FAITH TEMPLE KINDERGARTEN YOUNGSTERS GRADUATE A memorable mo_ment tOr these little ones of -Faith Temple Kindergarten was their graduation exercises on Friday evening. Children from left to right on the front row are: Lynnette Patrick, Iris Walton, Vincent Shorter, Shirlenia Hartdy,, Stephine Ashwood; second row: Maxine Hamilton, AndreaGriffin; Reniald_o Cornijo, Ira Flow ers, Ann Carrington, _Sarah' Sanders; and thirdrow: Eugene Scurella, Alisa Holley, Yolanda Dick son, LaRhonda Johnson, Yvette Hunter, and Cor nell Hillard. Mrs. Vellena Val!?tez is the director GailSimmons, daughter of Mr. and 0. Simmons of -5207. 83rd Street, is .vacation hig:..in Mexico City, Mex_ico. grader Is accompanying her aunt and uncle, Mi:. and Mu. Perry C. 'Haney Jr.' and aon Ra;,-. EVENTS JUNE 18-Rose Garden Tea sponsored by St. Paul Pulpit Aid Board 4 P. M. JUNE 18-Father's Day Tea, American Legion Home 2504 29th St JUNE 18-Men's Day, Allen Temple AME Church.' JUNE 18-Second Annual Tropical Evening hosted by Bay 1 City Boosters Club, 1202 Cypress Street 7-9 P M -JUNE 18-Tampa Christian Choir Union Mt. Carmel AME Church No. 2, 3 P. M. JUNE 25--Guest Day, New l\It. Zion Baptist Church. JUNE 25-Guest Day sponsored by Jr. Usher Board of Friendship Baptist Church. -JUNE 28-Baby Contest sponsored by Pastor's Aid Board FirstBaptist Church of West Tampa, 8 P. M. JUNE 29-Miss Black America of Tampa Pageant, Curtis Hixon Hall, 8 P. M. JULY 1-Pre-Fourth of July Day Dance sponsored by Supreme Social Club at Labor Temple, 16th and 9th Street JULY 3-Fourth of .July Breakfast Dance, Elks Rest, 809 E. Laurel, 12 midnight. JULY 1-Nineteenth Annual District Tea sponsored by Mt. PHgrim's Women's Convention, Armettia Temple, 8 P. M. JULY t-Voices of Hope In summer recital, New lUt. Zion M. B. _Church, 8 P. M. JULY D-Blake D_ad's lith Annual Sweetheart Ball, Ft. Hesterly Armory, 10 P. M. Buy From Florida Seniilii_l Advertisers


Sa.turday, June. 17, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published Tue:a. and Fri. Celt Both Edit iont PAGE sEVEN BON VOYAGE PARTY The Charmettes, Inc. of Hillsborough County hosted a surprise bon voyage party for one of their members Mrs. Juanita who left .last weekend to meet her hubby, Sgt. Sam Cannon 1n Tur key. The gala affair was held at the of Mrs. Club sisters presented the honoree a beautiful be1ge and brown bag, and several other persons nice gifts Present at the reception were Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Scott, Mrs. Fifl Glymph, :\fiss Rene Jordlan; Mr and Mrs. Tim Thomas, Miss Cheryl Hill, : ur. and Mrs. Clarence Lee, Mrs. Lydia Rodriguez, Ml: ss Doris and 1\[r : and Mrs. David .M Best. SUNDA.,Y SCHOOL PICNIC St. Paul A. Tvt E Sunday School will sponsor its annual picnic Saturday .at Lowry Park. Children will meet at the church at 10 A.M. and transportatbn will be fl.!rnished by the members. Mrs. Lucille B Johnson, is the superintendent and the Rev. F c. Sanchez is pastor. KINDERGARTE:-il GRADUATION The graduation ceremony for the Kindergarten class of the College Hill Day Nur : sery be held Saturday at 7:30 P.M at New Mt. Zion M. B. Church. St. Paul AME Rev: F. c: Sanchez; Pastor C. H. Martin, Rept, Foremost in the minds and hearts of the pastor delegates and other interested per'sOJis is the trip to Texas next week where they will wittness and partiCipate' in th all importa.nt issue-the election of Bishops. where major contenders froni Florida are the Revs. Ira D. Hinson and W. S. White. The regular service at 11 a. m. wiil be presented. A full attendance is desired. At 4 p. m. the Pulpit Aid Board will present their "Rose Tea". Many friends have been invited. Mrs. C. H. Martin is president The sick and shut-in members llre recuperating at home. Carver City Prayer Band Mrs. Eluida Dexter, Pres. Mrs. lola Harris, Reporter The Carver City Prayer Band will meet Tuesday at i1:30 at the home of Mrs. Mayetta Thomas, 4306 Main St. Mrs Lena Stacey. is asked to biing the Wishing You A GERRY GILBERT Birthclay ROSE and the othel' children, R()gerand Rosemacy, for Albany, Ga. to visit bi.s Mr. Jessie James Geal:ihers. Littltt Gerry will be visiting granddaddy for the first time. The Gdlberts are the daugihter and grandchildren of Mrs. Rosa iL. Gellthe!l's, and and granoohil study .for his la\v HCC REPRESENTATIVES IN "PERSPECTIVE" Featured. on the. WFLA, channel 8 TV, "Perspective" Sunday at 1 :30 will be representatives from Hillsborough Com m unity College The group will include C. C. Miles, Associate Pro fessor and promoter 0f "Gay Productions; Don Belton vice president of the Florida Student Government Association of Com niunitv Colleges: Vickey Byron, sophomore member of the Black Student Union ; and Leon Smith, outstanding basketball player The mod'eratqr is Richard F. Pride, Director of Project Upward Bound at the University of South Florida FATHER'S D :\Y TEA There will be a Father's Dav Tea Sunday afternoon from 3 until 5 o'clock hre!)ter St. Jolul Baptist Church. The tea is sponsor ed by the Executive Eoard of which L. W. is president A nice pro,IITam has been planned, and the guest speake r will be the Rev. Rudo'nh .Tones ... GIRL SCOUT<:: RECEIVE AWARDS : WilHams E1einentary Girl Scout Troop 588 ended their Scouting with an annual Courts and Awards presentati:Jn in the cafeteria. ,. Bad,!PS were presented to their leader Miss Mary Williams, and to their leader, Mrs. Willie Lee GirJs receiving badges were Alma Davl!!, Curtistlne Jones, Shell a Smith, Gailrv : Grav. : Sharon Lynne Johnson, Kimberly Davis, Sheryl Booker, Qlivla Whlta"er; Patricia M arlene Byron Hough; Brenda Robinson. Monica V.enira Johnson, There5sa Wright, S"aron Walden,' .Saiu!ora Nelson,' Office Brmvn, Es. Williams; Bre!lda ; and Jacqueline Lester. -. : ": : -' Parenlc; scrolls :o'r' appr e .eia:Uon Sar ah Wrll'!ht. l\frs: Smith. Mrs. Clara Latson. Kaiy; Lerov Williams Stephen Williams, Mr ; and Mri. Alfred ; Nel. .a11d Wi1li'ams Elementaty custodians. Tea and were served aftPrw#ds. On Saturday lUrs. Latson l!osted a fareweii party for. the l!'irll'_, APPRECJ .t. TTON PROGRAM .New P. B.; Church will soonsor a Father's Dav-Anprecia tlon ProJITam in l]onor of their pastor. the Rev. R. H: Howard. Choirs, solnists and auxiliaries of the church wiil be on Mrs. Amelia J.ow,. is program chair\ffian. PROGRAM AT HEALING TEMPLE The Iverv Singers will be featured on a urogram Sundav aft.P.rnoon at 3 o'rlnrk at the Healing Temple, 34th and McBerry. The COEDS HOME FOR SUMMER Cheryl Diane Glypmh, daughter of 1\-lrs. Fifl Glymph has com pleted her freshman year at Florida A & M University and is home for the summer. Johna Andrews has completed her fourth year at Talladega and will return in the fall for her fifth and final year as a music major. She Is the daughter of, Dr. and Mrs W. W. Andrews. SPECIAL FATHER'S DAY SERVICE The Rev T. E. E!!wards of St. Matthews Baptist Church in Sul phur Sprnigs will be the guest minister Father's Day services Sunday at Mt. Zion AME Church of Hyde Park. A "This Is Your Life" presentation has been developed for the services and those persons wishing to honor their deceased fathers NOTES FROM TAMPA _CLUBS Mrs. Genine Mae Anderson will a of the GOLDEN RAVENS : CLUB Monday evening at her residence; 1713 Nassau Street. . THE CAREER GIRLS are meeting Saturday night at. the horne of Mrs. Shirlene 3202 E:_ Jean Street. The monthly meeting of t.he SICK BENEFIT MEMBERSHIP CLUB will be at. 2 P. M. Sunday at the honie cif'Mrs. Dolie Barber,-8310 Bahia. --. Members of the GOLDEN RULE. SOCIAL .CLUB : wilt' meet at 8 p M Saturd;ly with Mr. and Mrs: James Chester JohnsOn, 4005 E Powhattan Ave. Business will : be discussed concerning summer plans. On Saturday night at 8:3(), the TRQJANS will a party at the Armettia Temp!e. There will be a do:>r prize,' and the public is invited THE FASHIONETTE SOCIAL CLUB is meeting at 5 P .M Sim day with Mrs. Mary C Ellingwood, 8311 Avenue. :Mi's. Doretha Smith is the birthday A meeting of the H. E. 0. SOCIAL CLUB will be hel

PAGE EIGHT Fla. Sentlnel-Bu11etin Publialted every Tues. ana Fri. Get Both Editions Saturday, June t7, t972 MIRRORS OF SOCIETY 8y BEVERLY rccinUDued.lrom par;e n St .. luke AM Rev. John Cary. }>astor Mrs. Delia Pimient'll, Rept. Beginning Friday, June 9-11, the third quarterly conference was held by the Presiding Elder, Rev. A D. Burton. Devotion bega n at 8 All boards made good r eports. The P. E. gave words Clf encourag-em ent on the progress of the chl.lrch. Cooperative Education s,holarship Fund For Students Now Paying OH SEASON TEA The No. 1 Usher Board of ,Mt. Tabor Baptist Church is spon s o rin g a Season Tea at the chut:cll Sunday at S o clock. The audress is 2001 N. Albany Avenue. SOme of the participantS are No 1 choir Of Mt. Tabor, No l Cho i r of Friendship Baptis t of Carver City, Mesdames Susie ColeJD3D, Dollie M Browa, Shil"ley B!ICnett, EUeu. Ruth Benjamin, Annie Wigg s, Clydia M. Ardi$ ; Joyce Gaulin,.Idetla Smith, Flor'ene Austin, Lo\: ie Henciel"soli, Anni e Jones, Barbara SMver, Odell Stnad, Bernard Warrea, Emma Tucker, Verna L'urtis, Rosia Mitchell, Mary Hall Hassie Ceia Williams; E. Caia, New Mt. Zion Youth Novelettes SOcial Club Debra Colemall, D8rle11e Dauiels, Sarmra Fari-agut, Beverly Green, Izetta Mcllmey and Faye Leeks ::Urs. Catheriae Farragut and Mrs. Vera Jeffersoa are program mairmliil, L. Cooper is president. ,' The Rev. T. J. is pastor. S S. bega n at the u sual hour The morning worship was c alled to order by Rev. Cary and the N<>. 2 choir rendered the selec tions. Prayel was offered by Mr. R. Hogdon. Rev. Burt on de livered the messil g e. Evening service be gan at 6 with the. same choir and ushers serving. The {'. E. d e liver e d an-. -' c othe r fine sermon. The financial -. Village. Sixth Grade enter. and shut -With e xcitement, in the air,. -ney, Mrs. Harold Moore; V. The Pulpit Aid Board will -en(f'-enthuslasm Waddell, Claudia Davis; Mr. meet Sunday immediately a fter eath :fumlly of the. Mrs.' J. Cagnina, Mrs. S. Lloyd i morning service AU members sa.' bre11ktast' with their 'and Mrs. a .re asked. t.o be present. The promotional, Mfs. G. R.; .Horne, Mrs. Senior Missionarv 'Society will -Day ctil-emony These -ceremomes Anderson, J;Ir. )J'i-s. Baity,: meet a C 4 afternoon rwere tor;_thi'ee Mrs E. : McLdndqn i Mrs. .. with the viCe president, Mrs' morning.s };legitmiri.g Ruth Brown, ).\'Irs. J. :H. : K in ch_ru:ge. 'fhe mem, ay. 31 :to :Friday, June 2. 1\fi'S A JQC Hamil. bel'S of>the. Trustee Board are :Each the lloWa.rd .Miles; ,lib'S. tq Monday at t'OUowed by .invoea>, JGnli Mrs. llllills, 8 m ,;, _regular : pteetlng' tion" weleomi and faihieU adMr. and Mn. T. 0. Por6er, Mt-s. Other act1v1tles r-emam .. the dres'ses; musical pre-. S. D. Hun{, Jr. and Mrs. Danny same. : B h"'"'l Choir No. 1 are asked to sing ttefitat1(ml!l school, introd. eMlg 'c L K B rb-Sunday at _11 .at Fin;t Baptist duetions,_, !l'Mlr s, rs. ey, a a:r.a <:;burch m Seffner. All ladies : li.nd remarkS ana-acbiowl edgSrnithwich, Mi.s. Carl Blomquist, are asked to wear tbeir hhlck lllents by 'the prbic:ipia l Mr. BiU Dorotliy Begley, Pearlie Lewis, dresses. Visitors are always BroWn:; 'an honor student of Bell Backey, S : Cass, Rebeeca welcome. !Brandon High School gave re-Hair, Mrs. A. D. Smith, Mrs. eipients their honor awards. Enfinger, Mrs Robert 1'1--!.. _,_ KWii-ds given "Out Mrs. w. D. Myers, Mrs. s. UIUIJ Union No. l [!j; is not often that a group of H d g h Sooool students have st11C!h a concern for a fellow student. The Cooperative Educatdon studoots af OO'Unty, some two thousand (i2,()00) strong, three yearp a go organdzed a sciholarship fund for tme pu.rpose of helping some wortlhy Coopera tive Education students get stn, Ml'l!: J. Alfano, .Barbala Gan;ia, Mr. Mrs. :R. McCultoch, Nelson nd Mrs E. J(eatyard, Mrs. Hendrix.1Mra. Dow Mr .Pielvin -Fedrick, Mn. Jealllli ._ and Mn. W. Snook, N1ta. J:ohnpm,risOn. Knt. Jl8ck .. ceunon, son, 'Shirley William.s, La.n. Dot Tatum, Mrs. w. F. Verne. Bertha Wssh}JO$worth, Mrs. ington and James C. Sr. J(l1!. Jonalene_ Carter, Mrs. Mrs. Sweetrix L. Witliams is Frances Carter anci Mrs. James prmci)!el. fEU LOIUi.. START HIM .As A BUSIIESSIAII: : 101.! SeeiiHete Fifsii P;z:ogram accepted at Hillsboro ugh Communi t y College. James Parker, a member of tille Oo operative Health Oc.cU[llation (G HO) Program at Ohamber1ain High a ccepted at BUISiness University of :rampa. Sonya B AI len, Plant J;fJiJgh D.C.T. 'Program. Sonya will be atrend. ing Betl:mne..cookman Cents have been accepted at the respective universities. Students i:n the Cooperative Educatiioo Programs (!DCT, OBIE, CDiE, OHJOIE, S[E) spend half day in class and ha::lf-day at work. This yea:r tJhey have earn ed over a million d(}llars during the sdlool year of 'OIIl!l' have expressed their S atisfactnon with tihe Ooope.rative Programs as it allows them to se,tect a11 empioye tftat has been trained to their likling with a hlgb sdlooi education, moot of an, one who baS a know1edge m Ulmr bll6iness 8nd aTe ,.y..mm,g to lie ce}K ihe world .of work as a put. of tlheir St. Jolm. ftrde Mo. 2 Mn. Gladys Crews, Ctaairman Mrs. White, St. .John c Circle N Q A 2 wilf' meet M'Onday at 6 at the home of Mrs. and Mr.s. Lane, l'l03-B Armwood Ct. The lesson by one .of the members. The 11U!bjeet will be "Christian Concern For taken from St. Mat. !thews 5:21-2S. The meeting was Mrs. Tarrell Lee Holton, 1102 Leim>ft St. .<. \Combs. .. .. Dalce (lasses Mrs. James Cunningham, Mrs. \John Singleton, Mn. Z. Saffore, .. liss p ; Hernandez, Mrs. Nina The Hillsborough County ReJ'estasecca, Mrs. Belen Mar-creation Department is sponsor.._ll, Mrs. Eliza.beth Ritter, inl 1leW dailce .-cleMet! -at tbe FOR THI FLORIDA SENTINEL. BULLmN tfn. Donna Peeples, Mrs. J:ae. fotlowiiaC' eentenJ, lrie : Casen and M:rs. Waite]: C.. dates aA!t : -. ,,_ Monday, lune 26 EriPt Lake Mrs. Ben Baekey, Miss Elet:10:00 -._. 1il.; llonday, June 26 tor FrankLin, Xrs. Ruby John-Roy BayD. p. m.; 11011, Mrs. Priscilla Montgomery; day, June 27 Nueclo 4:00 p. m.; and Mrs. !,.loyd,. 'l:huraday, June 29 Gibsonton .Jin. Eliz .... Mrs. O'Neat 10:00 a. m. --:l;utton, ,Aitgeliea Garcia, Mn1. Ten weeks of"'"Classes in ballet, JL L. Jlln, Gary IJar-_tap, jazz and acrobaties will be ftll, Mr. John J obnson, Mrs. .offered: The fee wiU be $1.25 Eunice Kraxberger, Mrs. R. N. for eaeh subject the student l>ettigrew and Mrs. John Con-wiilhu tio take. Acrobaticl! will fWay. be to first graders only. Mr.s. Dorothy Greene, Mrs. D. 'Beginnel'll and advanced classes l'rebisovsky, Mrs. L.' M. J"Cnkinl!l, will be offered in each dance Mrs. Wiima Wells, Mrs. Robert subject. Cbornik, Mrs. E. S. Dorsey, Sr. Mn. Julie Keller, presently l!n;. F. Russell, Miss Maria, with the Ella May (}f Jla:nandez, Mr. Carl O'dean, the will be the instruc )'Irs. Carrie Murphy, Mrs. &nd-tor. Mrs. Keller has danced .-a Cass, Mrs. Betty Scott, Mrs. profetiBione.lly for five yea1-s. E. L. Farmer, Mrs. Fred Suri, Classes will be continued fn Love an1 Mrs. Edna September. -fWallace. For further inforn1ation call Juarita Griffen, Mrs. Robert the Hillsborough County ReMrs. Willis Mrs. creation Department at 223-1311, L. R Webb, Mrs. H. H. White-Ext 2S8. ly, Mr. W. P Edwards, Mrs. R ------------C Bird, Mr. Melvin Fedrick aw Patricia Wren. M r s. Nina Bradbury, Mrs. !Georgia Smith, Mrs. Betty llavinga, Ida M. Jenkins, Mrs. F. Bisho.p, Mn. Willml fmugn, Mrs. Alice Singleton, )Mrs. L. E. Kinsey, Mrs. E. llernandez, Mrs. M. MacCart-. ......... lf yea. Wut a Home for Dow.a, Paymts. as low as $67 per .... tta. Dial ... ancl Lislea 879-5350 This coaN .. Gae ol his mod lessens ia respo11sillility. Jeans fe ..... e Jiis: reate. wisely ... Well. F IJae MWS-. paper hoy. tlaats boost in seH-contillence. as wei ayu tally a sease o1....._ teaprise aacl __, .... daai wiD slalul hy. him all his life. To lhe 118Wiflfll' -,, w say. -aJIIGIATULATIE.N Wen praad lo bow. ,ou PAPER a.TES AVAILAILE II ALL SEC11811. S .. TIWII! lake Yaur .Piek Of 11oules. -Or Slarl y..., lwa! COST PROAl 10 Papers $1 .50 .15 Papers $1.50 20 Papers $2.00 $1 25 Papers $2.50 $1.25 30 Papers $3.00 $1.50et(. Contact: Fla. Sentinel Bulletin 2207 2lsi A VENUE OR Pllone: 248 -1921


Saturday, June 17, 1972 Fla. Sentinei-Bulleitin Pul>lisned every Tues. and Fd. -Get Bol'h Editions PAGE NINE 4 'N .. KARRY IS ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE SUPERMAR KETS I HAVE EVER I AM A NEWCOMER TO KASH If' KARRY BUT I SURE ;DIG BARBARA DAVIS 2801 Nebraska Ave. Tampa, Fla. THE HOME .OF FAMOUS BRANDS l THESE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa 1725 H. Mabry Tampa ..... "2205 Kennedy Blvd. -Tampa ..... 2301 Florida Ave Tampa .... 50th St. IE IOih Ave. Tampa 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa Hillsboro IE 15th St. Tampa 8th Ave. IE 22nd Sl. Tampa ...... 4101 Florida Ave. Tampa Nebraska IE Waters Tampa West Shore al Kennedy Tampa ... 1112 So. Dale Mabry Tampa 4487 Gandy Plaza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. Cor. Florida IE Waters Dade Cily . 506 E. Pasco Plant Cily .. 507 So. Wheeler Sl. Palmello ....... .... 515 7Jh St. Riverview .......... Hwy. 301 SHOP ANY DAY -Brandon .. .. 911 Brandon MaD Bradenton Cortez Road W. ol Hwy 41 Inverness 803 W. Main St." Zephyrhills Hwy. 30 I IE Firsl St. Lakeland 925 Barlow Rd. Ocala ... 2951 N.W. Pine Ave. St Petersburg 6095 91h Ave. H. Sarasota .. 3840 So. Tuttle Ave. IE Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. H. Venice .... 480 Venice By-Pass Largo .. Hwy. 19 IE Ulmerlon Rd. SAVE EVERY DAY -------. -HEADS. FOR EQUAL EMPLOYMENT WASHINGTON, D. C. -Adrian H. Jones, a retired Arm;; officer, is beading a program to improve equal employment. opportunities In the Law Enforcement Assistance tration, which administers the nation's anticrime program. Jones, recently appointed as Equal Employment Opportunity Of ficer for LEAA, agency of the Department of Justice, is,already seeing results. -Jones retired from the Army as a lieutenant colonel in 1962. He received his bachelor's dgeree in military science from the University of. Maryland and a master's degree in psychology from the University of Missouri. This spring, he received his Ph.D. gree from. American University. Jones has written some 15 books and articles on social flict and collective violence and has lectured widely pn the sqbject. He was. born at Rosl'yn, Washington, and reared in Spokane, Washington He is marired to the former Margie E. Crews, of Trenton, New Jer sey. They live in Washington, D. C. 1 Rev. Steger AIIJ!n Temple Men's Day Speaker REV. DON STEGER During Sunday 11 a. m. services of Allen Temple A. M.E. Church of which the Rev. Rev. H. McDonald Nelson is pastor, and during which time the men of the Church will ob' serve their annual Men's Day, Rev. Don Steger, regarded as one of Florida's most dynamic minister's will appear as Guest Speaker. This marks Rev. Steger, pastor of a St. Petersburg, Fla. Church and currently marticulating towards his Phd. Degree at the University of South Florida, second consecutive apperance as; Guest Speaker for the Men's Day morning gram of Allen Temple. lvlr. G. V. Stewart, is Gener-New Macedonia MB 3402 E. Deleuil Ave. Rey., Robinson, Pastor Mrs. L. Owens, Reporter Last Sunday services. were inspiritional beginning with s. s. The morning and evening sages were delivered by tha' pastor. This Sunday, S. S. will begill at 9:45, morning worship at lt and evening service at 6.c_ Ths. !Pastor will deliver the' sermons. Choir No. 1 will serve and. th.a public is invited to these ser vice!. -Bethune High Rise Prayer Band.. Mrs. Barbara Green, Pres. Mrs. Mild.red Miller, Re:pt. Betliune High Rise Prayer Band Circle met Monday at the home of Mrs. Janie Fagan,; Apt. No. 714. The message wa11 taken from First John .3:7-15, by Elder H. iBrown. The next ing will be Monday at 7 at tha ijlome of Mrs. Oliver Frazier. Apt. 514 One visitor was sent. Pleasant Chorus Mrs. Grace McArthur, Pres. 1 Mrs. Maggie Cussauex, Rept. The Jubilee Chorus of Mt. Pleasant M. Church will 'have rehearsal Monday night at 8 at the church. The president is asking an members to be present. a! Chairman-of the program; with Mr. H. A. Lockett and Mr. Clifford E. Brady, Co-Ch11.innen. The public is cordially invited to attend. LA SEGUNDA CENTRAL BAKERY I THE BEST I CUBAN BREAD CAKES PASTRIES 15th STREET AND 15th A VENUE


PACE_ TEN Fla. Publiahed every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both E.ditiollt Saturday, June 17, tt72 Friendly MB BeY. W. L. Webb, l'utor The 7th pastor and church anniversary will begin on Monday night. Various churches 11long with the ministers will !Participate each night. Monday night the Deacons 111nd Trustees will be in charge. The sermon will be delivered by Rev. E. Bentley, pastor of Oak Hill. Tuesday night, Deaconesses and Home Mission in eharge, Rev. J. Jordan, pastor of Northside M. B. will dsliver the sermon. Thursday evening !Ushers No. 2 and choir No. 1 'Will be in charg-e. Peace Progresllive Church along with the pastor, Rev. E. A. Todd, will take !Charge of the service. Friday tlight choir No. 2 and choir No. 8 will be in charge. Rev. Willillms will deliver the sermon. He is pastor of New Progress M. B. Church; Sunday afternoon 11t 3 Friendly and St. Matthews t:Jf Clearwater will be in charge t:Jf the service. Rev. P. E. Davenl!Ort will deliver the sermon. Friendship MB Rev. Qvod Dexter, Pastor Mrs. M. Lyons, Rept. S. S. was held at 9:45 with the supt., Mr. John McDonald in charge and all teachers at their posts. The lesson was reviewed by Rev. Dexter. Morning worship followed at 11. Dea. Ted McKinsey led devotiol\ and the junior and ushers served. The scripture was read and the message was delivered by the pastor. We had visitors. Evening service began at 6:30. Mr. McDonald was in charge of devotion. Remember the sick and f3hut-ins. You are always welcome to worship with us. T abernade Baptist 1511 Central A venue ReV: c. H. Shep'Jlard, Pastor Mrs. Marilyn Short, Uept. S. S. will begin at 10 with the supt., I Irs. MacDonald in charge. All other teachers are expected to be at their post. Morning :worship will follow at 11. The deacons will be in charge of devotion and the No. 1 choir and junior will serve. The pastor will bring the :message. Evening worship will begin nt 6. The same order of service :will be conducted. The pastor will deliver the message. Please \Pray for the sick and shut-ins. Brown Temple Chunh 2314 27th A nnue Elder W. W. Gilyard, Pastor 1\Irs. Katherine Hardge, Hept. S. S. was opened at. the usual lhour with the supt. in charge. Morning worship followed at 11:30. Mrs. Mary Brown was in The pastor delivered the message. The ushers and choirs served. Tuesday night is Bible Study 11t 7:30; W denesday night, Home 11nd Foreign Mission at 7::l0 and Friday night, there will be a business meeting. The pastor is asking all members to please l1e present. Visitors are welcome. New Progress Baptist ':1307 Shadowlawn He'' E. J. Williams, Mr. Hobert Coleman, Hept. S. S. began at 9::30 followed morning worship at 11, BTU 111t G :80 and evening worship t\t (). Mondav nioht the -Young Adult Cl;orus have rehears='!!; Tuesday night l\'o. 1 c-hoir nhearsal; \Vednesday night, No. 2 c-hoir nhearsal; Thursday 11ioht pravtr meet.inK nnd Satnight nt 7::\0, the male t"horus will have rehearsal. If vou want a Home for $200 dm;n -Paymts. as low as $tl7 Per :Hnnth. DIAL A HOME and listen 879-5350 New Jerusalem Rev. F. Ganin, Putor .. Mrs. Corine Ty110n, Rt>pt. The Unity Union will convene Sunday afternoon at 3. On the 4th Sunday at 3, the 16th anniversary of the Missionary Society will be observed. Mrs. Doris Baldwin is in St. Joseph HoRpital on the 7th !floor, RM. 718. Pray for the sick and shut-ir.s. Sarah Lawrence Union Mr. Charlie Ball, Pres. Mrs. Cherry Craddock, Rept. '11he Sarah La,wrence Ohoir Union will be held at Grace .Mary IM. B. Church Sunday at 3. The pastor is Rev. B. T. Williams and the public is invited. Highland Bapt. Church 3410 E. North Street Rev. W. M. Hodo, Palitor G. Triplett, Reporter The S. S. Convention was a 'reat success beginning with S. S. throughout the week. Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7:30. The No, 1 choir will have rehearsal at 5. Saturday. The No. 1 usher board will celebrate their Bth anniversary Sunday afternoon at 8. Rev. E. Bentley of Oak Hill M. B. Church will deliver the sermon. Mrs. Mayola Douglas is president. All other activities remain the same. Everyone is invited to attend all our service. Let us pray for one another. Our pastor is ill, but is feeling much better. Let us continue to !Pray for him. First Union Baptist 3707 E. Cbelsa Rev. Joseph H. Thompson, Pastor Sunday &<:hooJ. began at tlhe us.ual hour with the supt. in c'harge. The teaciheA were at their posts. The subject of the lesson wrus "!Meeting Goo Ttlro ugh The T'he leswn was reviewed by the pastor. .Morning worsihip be.gan at 1:1. Devotion 1was led by On was reviewed by Rev. Frazier. Morning began at 111.. The devotion was led by Dea. Felix Kelly and Dea. Juhnny Jordan. The Jordan Choms and tJhe No. 1 ushers will serve

5aturday, Jurwt 17, 1972 Fla. Pu'blimed every Tues. an(l Frf.-Get Both Editiont -----------------------------PACE ELEVEN Sixty Second Annual\ Sunday School & BTU Convention The 62nd annual S. S. and Progress Village. His choir and BTU Convention which is an ushers will serve. Thursday atauxiliary to the Mt. Pilgrim ternoon State Representatives Missionary Baptist Association Sarris, Scott and Freeman will will convene at St. John Pro-speak. A song will be rendered gressive Baptist burch,-Tuesday by Geraldine and Brenda LaJune 20 through Sunday June fayette. 25. Rev. C. H. Bolden is Mode-Thursday night Moderator C. rator. Rev. F. G. Hilton is host H. Bolden will speak. The ser-pastor. mon will be delivered hy Rev H. The board members and offi-E. Byrd, St. Paul Baptist of cers of the S. S. Department are Bradenton. His choir and ushers Revs. F. G. Hilton, W. F. Anderwill serve. son, J. E. Peram, Eddie Wiili-Friday morning Rev. R. H. ams, John Willis, W. L. Webb, Hammond, Bradenton, Mmes. M. D. L. Jones, J. E. McCray, N. R. M. Fowler, L. Weston, Virginia Herring, Mmes. Mary Thomas Hall, and s. Hammond will M. G. Burley, Lillie Mae Madiserve. The sermon will be de son, and Sandra Jones. livered Ly Rev. M. Newsome, The board members & officers St. Mary's, Parrish. His choir of the BTU Department are and ushers will serve. At the Revs. J. W. Derring, E. D. Ro-afternoon service the annual binson, N. Newsome, J. H. address will be given by Revs. Floyd, J. C. Sims, D. L. Jones, Hilton and Floyd. Mmes. Viola Patterson, Mary B. Cochran, Lillie Mae Lester. Friday night will be Education Th t b on night. New Hope choir will e conven JOn WI egm Tuesday afternoon at 1 with serv,e for devotion. Shirley La-Mr. Pilgrim Association Board fayette will speak. The sermon will be delivered by 'Rev. W. L. meeting. Tuesday night St. John Webb, Friendly M, B. His choir will be in charge of the service Mr. Levi Nelson Lakeland will and ushers will serve. An appreciation hour will follow for give the response. Wednesday morning the folRev. Hilton. lowing will serve: Revs. John Saturday morning Rev. Carr Willis, L. Carr, Largo, J. H. will speak on the theme. An Floyd, Deacons J. Flemings, oratorical contest will follow. At and M. Harris. The music will the afternoon service Mt. Tabor be rendered bY. the Youth Choir youth choir of Tal!avast will of Peace M. B. Church and the render the music. The following Convention chorus. The sermon will participate on the panel diswill be delivered by Rev. C. cussion: Carrie McCollough, Jones, Mt. Olive Baptist, Pal-Carolyn 'Byrd, Carolyn Taylor, metto. His choir and ushers will Clemtine McClledon, Gail Chese;erve. ter and Nathan Lamar. The in-Wednesday afternoon Mrs. spirational address will be given Lillie Mae Madison Rev. Willis by Nathaniel Rodgers. and Rev. J. C. Sims, will serve. Sunday morning S. S. will At the night service Mrs. M. M. begin at 9:30. Revs. W. F. An. Fowler. will speak. The sermon derson, J. C. Sims and local will be delivered by Rev. D. L. supt. Charlie Ball will serve. Jones, Gethesemane M. B., Rev. L. W. Williams will review Bradenton: .His choir and ushers the lesson. Morning service will will serve. follow. Rev. Hilton will deliver Thurs., morning the following the sermon. His choir and us-will serve: Assistant Dean hers wilL serve. W. L. Webb, Rev. and Mrs. R. Sunday afternoon the final Hammond, Bradenton, and Rev. sermon will be delivered by :ij.ev. J. W. Derring of Plant City. The Floyd. His choir and ushers will sermon will be delivered by Rev. 'Serve. Mrs. Susie Hammond B. T. Williams, First Baptist of will give the vote of thanks. -----------------------------has the ring Dad wants, studded with Diamonds The Diamond solitaire: an impressive gift! Fashioned in 14 Karat gold szoo Horseshoe design, 7diamonds, 14 Karat gold $250 Four convenient credit plans available Zolea Revolving Chorg z.1 .. Custom Charge MASter Charge BankAmeri

PAGE TWELVE JACKSONVILLE JANITORIAL FIRM GETS $1.37 MILLION CONTRACT WASHINGTON -:A special signing at the White Attending the signing from left to right, were Assistant Administrator for Minority Enterprise. House highlighted the U. S. Small Business AdminisGen. H. E. Goldsworthy, U S. Air Force; Wiley MesThe contract, authorized under President Nixon's tration's authorization of a $L37 million contract to sick, SBA's Atlanta Regional Director; ISiah Johnson, program to stimulate minority business develo-pment, Trinity Services, Inc., a Black-owned firm in Jackson-president of the firm (seated); Robert Brown, Svecial was Issued by the Air Force for janitorial services. ville. 1 Assistant to the President; and Arthur Mezier, SBA's r.--.-.. -, 5 MODELS OPEN FOR YOUR INSPECTION- -.-- .,, CALL 'MANNIE'' : (Solu ALL STATE HOMES i -0 2 3 or 4 BEDROOM HOMES "'c _, u. 93l2. N. florida A'ie. o Tempo. FIOr'tda o WE WILL BUILD A FINISHED 1--------------------------Z "' w -.... z 0 CONCRETE BLOCK HOME J)aily-OFfice Ph. 935-aiJ I e EvenitJtj Home Ph. 837 2.14+ PAYMENT-ON YOUR :LOT! 3 BIG BEDROOMS 6 WE BUlL D 2 3 & 4 BEDROOM CONCRETE BLOCK COMPLETE FINISHED HOMES. -1 -z .UI n 0 z -1 -m "' -z


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PACE FOURttEN SpringhiH Baptist Rev. Jamn Scantling, Pastor Mn. E. Whitehead, Rept.. S. S. began at 10 with the in charge. Morning service began at '11 with choin No. 1 Z: juniors ;tnd Angels serving. Ushers No. '1 also served. The devotion was led by Deacons James and Alfred Burgess. The sermon !W&ii delivered by the pastor. Evening servil'e began at 6:30 with the sume order or service. The sermon was delivered by Jthe pastor. Holy communion ;was administered. The 25th anniversary of the !pastor will begin on Monday_ bight. First Bapt. of P. V. will be in charge. Rev. B. T. ''"'illiams will delive r the sermon. rfuesday night First. Baptist ?( lincoln Garden will be m c h a r go e, R e v. J o h n L. !Stephens will deliver the sertn on; W e d n e s d a y night ;Fl'iendship Baptist Rev. M. M. il.\o1urray will delive r the scrThursday ni ght Oak Hill il'rf. B. Church, Rev. E. Bentley will deliver the sermon. Mt. Olive M. B. will als o ])artici!Pate. Rev. C P. E\l)ps is pas ltot" Friday night, First Union, (ne;, Thompson will be in Sunday morning St. iM:ary's o.f Hopewell will be in r:harge. Sunday afternoon at .3 Piney Grove of San Antomo wilt be in charge. Rev. F. M. lMcCo y is pastor. True Love Baptist 2501 17th Street Rev. W. T. Carpenter, Pastor Sunday church school will begin at 9 : 30 with the supt. in charge. The lesson will be re.viewed by Mae Davis. Moming service will begin at 11 with the deacons in charge of the devotion. Choir No. 4 fl.nd ushers No. 1 will serve. The sermon will be delivered by the !Pastor. BTU will be held at 5. Evenservice will be held at 6:30 Monday night at 7:30 p. m. the No. 1 mission will meet in various homes; Tuesday at 7:30 pt-ayer meeting and study n1eeting; Wednesday mornmg Thursday night at 7:30 choir No. 1 will have their bible study; Saturday at 5 the No. 4 choir will have their rehearsal. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. St. Matthew Baptist 1014 E. Yukon St. Rev. G. E. Edwards, Pastor Mrs. Odessa Holden, Rept. 1 Saturday at 4, the junior choir and ushers will have busi !ness meeting. Regular services twill be held Sunday beginning rwith S S Sunday from 3-5 !there will be a program sponsored by the No. 1 usher board. A Fifty dollar bill will be given away at this program. Mcmday night at 7, North Tampa Ushers Union will have business meeting at the church. Let us visit the sick and shutCommunity Pr.ayer Band Mrs. Lannie Stacey, Pres. Mrs. !\Iamie Bowick, Rept. The HoiJy Community Prayer !Band wiU meet Monday at 1 2 at the home of Mrs. Ivy Mae Roy, S>209 E. Chelsea. Remember the sick and shout-ins. All visitors are weloome. Rev. W R. Johnson, Jmy for the siek and shut-ins. nc2 Ch:n(h Of Jesus 2920 N. 22nd Street Elder H. Bryant, Pastor J.Urs. Rosie Bryant, Rept. Sunday Schoo l will b egin at 10, worship at 1.1. The S ingers of !\-fit. M iracle Baptist Church will render a program at 8. Come out with us and enjo y together. Mr. N Morgan iR maaager. If you Want a Home for $200 down Paymts. as low as $67 per month. Dial A nome and Listen 879-5350 SPECIAL PURCHASE!! WITH T'HIS AD ONLY DRESSES PLAIDS AND SOLIDS POLYESTER AND COTTOM PERMANENT PRESS OUR BEG. $3.57 SELLER ONLY 1 PER AD 1901 E. Hillsboro Avenue HOURS: FRIDAY SATURDAY 9:30 8 P. M. SUNDAY 1-5. MONDAY THRU THURSDAY 10..8 PIK H' PAK i 2000 =-'=' North Dale Mabry > f:; '70 OLDS DELTA 88 1'!!!11 4-Door, Automatic Tra ns$: Power & Air. $1995 0 '72 OLDS CUTLASS SUPREiHE 2-J.)oot Hardg top, Automatic Ttansmis sion Seal:; antl ?= Console, Power & Air. $3895 I:'V'J '72 CHEVROLET 3 >IMPALA 4-Door H t""" M '$2395 '71 CHEVROLET 55 VEGA PANEL EXPRESS "' 4-Speed, Radio, Heater. = -< N g $1995 '72 BUICK C SKYLARK 4-Door, Autcr:Z: matic Transmission, Pow er & Air. $3295 3 iHORE THAN 200 CARS :DI TO CHOOSE FROM! Stagjl tion Wagons Family Cars, ..C: Sports Cars, Foreign Cars, '65's thru '72's. N Open Weekdays 'Til 9 P.M = = = OPE I-t MTURDAY 'TIL 6 P.M.




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PAGE ElGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and F...l Celt Both Ediltions Sa-turday. June 17, 197:r. Convict Ciets A Boost For Olympi(s NIEW YORK Olif1lord H. Buck, president of the U. S. Olympic committee, said Wed ,-esday. he expected convict boxer IBobboy Lee Hunter to compete in the 1 -972 Summer Games at Mu ni!lh "if he makes the team and l believe he will." "I am unaware of any rule that would prevent his taking part in the Olymp-ics at .Munich," !Buck said an Olymp'c fund aaising conference. "U there is such a ntle and it is invoked we'll deal wit ; h tlhat when the t.ime comes. :IT IS OUR expectation that. if he makes the te-am, he will compete just as any ot.her member of the United States group." Hunter, imprisoned at Columbia. S. C ., on a manslaug -hter tonviction, competed in the 19(: 1 !Pan American games at Oali Colombia, and won a bronze medal. He' also was a member of oa U.S. Boxing team that toured dn England and Europe last win t e r, travelling as usual with a guard. Earl-i-er thois however, !Munich Olymp ic official Willi e [)aume indicated Hunt-er not be welcome at the 197 2 Oiympics. I can't comment on what iDaume may have said to otthers but he has never said to me that !Hunter wouid not be weLcome," !Buck said. "There has been no discnssion between us on that 6ubje ct. Daume's administration aide once asked me for some information on i Bobby Hlmter but there was no indica tioo his entry would be eibher opp-osed or ap-proved." -BLlCK, NUiMIEIR OUS othet Olympic athletes and some 45 fotmer Ol-ympians headed by Jesse Owens and four ti-me gold medal winner AI Oerter helped kick off a special fundraising drive involving youngsters and a national restaumnt cha:o. The U.S. Olympic Commi-ttee, wit-h a goal of $10 million in contributions to oay the bills for traii1ing, travel, and liousing its Pan-

Saturday, June 17, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletir,t Published every Tues. and Fri. -Get Both PAGE NINETEEN Tony Taylor 'A f latin TONY TAYLOR DETROIT, Mich. -Bill Freehan flashed a big grin at Tony Taylor as they talked in the Detroit club house at Tiger Stadium. "Saw Tim McCarver the other day," said Freehan, "and he asked me to say hello to his favorite ballplayer-:-you.'' "Thank you very much,'' replied Taylor. "I can understand why McCarver said that, Tony,'' Freehan added "because you':re my favorite player, too." Exposure to Tony Taylor is one of the nicest things that ocan happen to anyone in baseball. Tony, a durable Cuban athlete of the pre-Castro days usually manages to be in the right place at the right time on the field. His instincts for the game are sound. In his 15 years in the major leagues, he has played the four infield positions along with 18 games in the outfield. Manager Billy Martin uses him in a platoon deal at seco.nd base for the Tigers-Taylor against lefthanders and Dick McAuliffe against righthanders. Tony Deliyers in Clutch Tony has played several games this .year that gave the. Tigers a winning thrust with his range and execution at secondbase. He has come through with the hits. He invariably takes a daring lead on the bases and can run and. slide w 'ith enduring ekill. In short, Taylor put:B out on every play in a professional sense and he's the com ,plete pro in his actions and attitude off the field. "I think 1 can play a couple more years, if nothing said Tony, "and then I would like to st-ay in baseball. It is :my life.'' Basically, he is thinking in terms of coaching of even managing-:my where that his talents can take him. Tony hasn' t bridged the languege gap completely, but he makes sense talking English tlie best he can. Besides, nis glowing sniile can be understood in any language. Taylor is 36, one year younger than AI Kaline to the day, rand he sort of represents a Latin Kaline. "He's some kind of a ballplayer," Kaline has said. many times. "He really helps this club.'' Long Career in N. L. ilt was just a year ago that 'General Manager Jim Campbell brought; Tony to the Ame.ri-DR. P. A. ERVII DENTIST .H041,il Ce11tral Avelilue Call For ApJHlintlnen& At Residence Before I a.m. Phone 251-2139 I SAN FRA?-JCISCO -.Tu:tn Dr. Eldon C:. Sailer :lfari-1\fr b ecoming the ma.:or a long, l ong; time. about three the Cubs. The transfer from the league' s first 10-game loser or four weeks," the right-han-Phillies was accomplished when this season. der said. Detroit gave up two young pit-Mari< hal was in traction at "It seems I pitc h four or chers, Car1 Cavanaugh and Mike St. Lul;e's Ho spital to relie\e fiYe innings real good, then I Fremuth. a sharp pain in the low e r back. get this stiffness, a pain that Tony figures this was an im-bothers me and I start p itehing portant day in his life. Teal bad, throwin g too many "I like Detroit and the fans," S I tf 8 balls. he said. "I've lived in Phi!adel-9laue '25 OW m;, ''It really bothers my rhythm phia for 12 years, but I might and whatever it is, it's Yery un-move to Detroit-if I get the 'VOl 11 comfortable," Marichal said. 1ight job next winter." RESULTS The 33-year old Dominican Taylor sensed at once there Te-am 9---3, Team 5-\1; Team Republic native, who set a Na-was some adhension in the Det-Team 2-1; Edd!e's B P tiona! League record for hightrait clubhouse. Ser. Slta. 4, Team 1-0; Team est lifetime winning percentage "Everybody on the team is Team &-,1; Golden Gate in 1970, said he was getting together," he said. "I can see 4 IMike's Gro. 0. heat and traction therapy and why it is that way. Billy Mar-Ladies hig;h g.ame., Johnny e massages. In l\I arkhal's 10 h() k !s J,een out four times, induding the last two, and beaten four g:amrs by a single nm. Whe n a s k e d about Marichal, Manager Charlie Fox said: "There might be a few ehanges around here. You never ca n t e ll what will happen with the June 15, deadlin<>, coming up. :May be somebody will come up with a sleeper for u s." Rumors of a possible trade of l\Iarichal to Pittsburgh floated last week but owner Horace Stoneman issued a shaliP denial. Meanwhile, the Giants begin a three-game s-edes Wli1Jh the P.itts bur.gh Pirates. startling Tue.s-nig1ht. I Maric-hal said he felt "much better" after re.sting Mooday and planned to listen to tho game on the radio. tin treats everybody like a !Davis 1177, Barhara stevenson 176, His hospitalization was the man, not a little kid. Cora Turner 175. !first sign the $140,000-a-year W f "You can talk to Billy when Brown s i e you have a problem. He doesn't .!Laddes high series, B arbara hurler may be as unhealthy as you and you don't lie to Cora Turner 4S2, to the Chicago Gets Settlement STANDINGS Cubs Sunctay gave the Giants Taylor's special project for Won Lost an eigh(game losing streak, CLEVELAND S u s aft 'Parts of two seasons in Detroit their long' esit since they moved Brown, former wife J>f former is third baseman Auerlio RodTe.am 6 18 4---. from New York in 1958. pro football star Jim Brown riguez. Aurellio is only 24 and tGolden G. Speedway 16 7 was awarded_ $30,000 annual 8 1" 7 San FrancJsco came back to his furture is dazzling. .l' "' Rlimony Monday by a divorce 5 Ui? 8 break th. e J'inx in the second "He's one of the best third n: court judge in Cleveland. Team 9 11 9 aaine with left-bander basemen I've seen,'' said Tony, ----She also was granted ,600 I IEa-"'e's np Ser c-..a 10 10 Ron Brya!'l t hu.rling a 3-1 win. "and he gets better hitting. I te I UJ1 ,.,. a year for support of the cou-him concentration is a big part rream 2 :00 10 ple's three children, age 10 of it. It's tough to go to home IMike's Gro. .. .. 5 .liS Buy From Florida to 12 years. plate with nothing on your mind. .,..,,Teeaamm 31 ...... ... .:. 5 5 !_. Mrs. Brown divorced the for. You must be thinking about what '.l -.1.'-' Sentinel Advertisers 'mer Cleveland Browns player, the pitcher will try to throw." The reporter is Johnnye :Davis now a movie actor Jan. 3 -------------------------------------------------------------


PACE TWENTY Fla. !eata..I-Bulleltin Pultlldaed every Tuet. alkl Fri.. Cet Both EditioaJ !a.turla,., June 17, 1972 -SPORTANIC FLOODS-By WILLIAM 0. BETHEL = LADIES AND MAJOR SPORTS In one of my last articles I attempted to express how important it is for ladies to understand major sports more. It is true that Jadie.s of t:day understand sports much more than ladies of the p a st. Yet there is much to be desired when it com e s to ladies knowing as much as they should about all our m a jor sports. As I mentioned before baseball is the sport that ladies und e rstand most Base ball is very simple for a"lmost anyone b understand Bask e tball is probably second to b a seball whe n it c omes to bein g understood by ladies. Either the ball goes in the bask e t or it doe sn't. Football is the hardest of all major spcrts for ladie s to Most of the m know when a tou c hdo w n is m ncle but oth e r th a n th a t th e y don t understand very much more. It is extreme ly hard for ladies to understand the four clown and t e n yard s asp e ct of the game As I mention e d b e fore men should try hard to tea c h their girlfriends or wives the four downs and ten y a rd s aspect of the game. I su g gest that any man d on't go an y farther th a n the four downs and ten yards aspect at first. Let it soak in good and let h e r se c a f e w games after learning th e four downs and ten yards aspect and most of the time the lad y will start to a s k questions about other aspects of the game. Then you have h e r h : oked and before long you will have a bonafide footb2.ll f3n on your hands. LADIES AND MiNOR SPORTS There are other sports considered to be minor sports that should be tauaht to ladies. Ladies usually don't take t:> boxing as a rule and of them say they don' t like it because of the bruta_lity involved Yet a lot of ,ladies are completely nuts about wrestling. Why they take wrestling over boxing I'll nev:er know for _wrestling certainly appears to be more brutal than b:>xmg although It actual Iv isn t I think maybe it is the showmanship plus the hero versus the villian thing that gets to the ladies. Golf is very boring to most ladies and this is true simply because tl1ey don't understand the game If a man is a golfer or is interested in the game he should take time with his fair lady to explain tl;e par system and how the scnring goes. Chances are she just may bec:me interested and not consider herself a golf widow anymore. Tennis should not be hard to teach to ladies except the scoring system. Take a little time with her and the scoring system and you may be surprised at what happens. Games like soccer, hockey, roller derbies etc. are not too important to teach b ladies because there is not too much exposure _of any of them. However, if a lady expresses any interest in any of them I suggest that the man in her life try to teach her all he knows about the given sport. LADIES AND POOL Lately I have become astonished at the sudden interest of ladies in the game of pool. I have b e come more and more in t erested in the game of pool myself since I have been around Mr. Sam Williams place on Nebraska Avenue a lot. Some of the best pool players come into the place and they are real artists. I suppose it is my nature to see any artist of any kind operate. Much to my surprise I have seen some ladies that can really shoot pool. I saw one lady beat nine men in a row who were good players themselves. I have also noticed that most ladies want to learn bow to sho:)t pooL Most of them don't know from nothing about the game but they want to Jearn anyway. LEARHIHG TO SHOOT POOL As far as shooting pool myself I have never been very good at the game. As of right. now I don't even try to shoot. I sit and watch the strategy of the great players. I think this is because of my innate desire to be good at any thing I try. ALso it could be because I learned through many years of coaching that learning fundamentals is essential to becoming successful. Things like learning how to handle the cue ball with proper English and staying in proper position all the time is important. Some of the play-ers I see are masters at it. There are dots all around a pool table and those dots are there for very important reasons. The good players know how to use these d:Jts to perfection and I know now how to use them myself if I was a pool shooter. Although I don't shoot the game myself I believe I could coach or teach a young player successfully. F{)r the sake of lady readers I will try to explain the basics of the game of pooL The game most commonly played is called eight ball. There are fifteen balls put into the triangular rock. There are seven balls with no stripes on them that run in numbers up to seven There are seven more ball above the number eight 'l': ith stripes on them. These balls are equally distributed in the rack with the eight ball which is black placed in the middle The ball will actually belong to n:l player when the balls are first broken. The player that. breaks the balls may knock one or more balls off the table. If it is one of the balls below eight he has to shoot at the balls with no stripes on them. If he knocks one of the balls off that has stripes on them he has to shoot at the balls. If no ball is knocked off at the break the players h a v e a choice until one of them sink one ot the other kind of balL The idea is to knock all your balls off and sink the eight ball before your knocks all of his off and sinks the eight ball. As :rou ladies begin to learn the game just remember what was ]aLlie s begin to learn the g a me just remember what was just written about the low balls high balls and the eight ball. If any lady wants to learn how to shoot pool the first thing she should learn to d ) is to hold the cue stick correctly and to make a bridge cor rertly. Making the bl-idge correctly can be a bit awkward for ladies at first but it will come to them. I suggest to any lady not to give up too quickly when trying to leam to shoot pool. Pool not come natural even to only a few men. QUICK QMPS: It looks like Johnny Bench of The Cincinnati Redlegs Is trying to tear the hiqe off the baseball. Bench is truly a great player in every respect. According to Iva Minor he Is taking care or ooaches Abe Brown and Arthur "Bronco" Smith on the golf oourse. Mitt::r is a former student of coaches Brown and Smith. I am still inclined to believe that Joe Frazier is in no hurry I WHO DONE IT IN SPORTS I Question-Where is Texas Sou thern University located? Answer-Texas Southern U Is located almost in the heart of Houston, Texas. Q. Where will Coach Ronald Brown coach next football season? A.-Learned from reliable somce that Coach Ronald Brown w i ll probabl .\-coach at Alcom College in Mississippi next footb all s e a s0!1. Q.-How and where can a per son catch 'blue gill b re am in L<1ke Th o not osassa? A. I know how and whe r e to catch blu e gills in Thonotosass a but I would have to show a person how and where I do it. Q.-Who would you say is tl1e best black golfer in th e country? Q.-How far is the backboard from the free throw line in bas ketball? A.-In basketball the backboard is 15 feet from the free throw line. Q.-Where is the best place lo catch shcepshead in the Tampa area? A.-Port Tampa is about as good a place as any to catch sheepshead in the Tampa area, Know how, of cour s e is th e ke y FACTS AND FIGURES Coutrar y to p o pular beli e f coach "Big Jim''. William s will have prac tically the s a me coa c hing staff a t Florida AS.:. M that has been th erefor so many years. A lot of people think that Coach Williams has some new coaches on his staff. This is not true and Coach Wil Iiams will go with the same staff that has been with the Rattlers all down through the glory years all the way even into the not so glorious years. Coach Williams will have Coach es Pete Griffin, Acos t a Kittle; Bobby Lang, Jefferson and Bob Mungen working directly with him, Coach Hansel Tookes will handle the scouting as in th,e past. Coac!J Ed Oglesby will devote all of his attention to basketball. So you see the A&: M coaching staff certainty will have the experience and know how A.-I would say that L e e Eld e r is about the b est black g olfe r around Q.Will shellcrackers bite on crickets? A.-It is fairly rare for shellcrackers to hit crickets but it does happen sometimes Patterson Ali fight Aug. 28 Almost Set Q.-Do you think w e will e ver have a championship black swim mer? A.-It is only a matter of time before we have a champion black swimmer. Q .-Is the broadjump in track and field the same as the long jump? A.-The broadjump and the long jump are one and the same. Q. -Where was volleyball in vented and by whom? A.-Volleyball was invented in Holyoke, Mass., in 1895 by one William G Morgan. Elmore Smith Has Surgery, Recovering BUFFALO, N. Y.-Elmore Smit!J, the 7-foot-1 center for the Buffalo Braves of the National Basketball Association, was in a hospital on Wednesday recovering after ab domina! surgery. The Braves said Smith was operated on Tuesday at Millard Fil more Hospital to correct a fissure, or crack, in the large intestine. The team described the surgery as minor and said he was reshr.g comfortably. Smith, according to the Braves, will be hospitalized four to fi,e days. Smith underwent surgery in the same hospital in April for remoal of a cyst and cartilage from his left knee, a problem that bothered him during the 1971-72 season, his rookie year in the NBA. NEW YORK-The rumors circulating around that had Muhammad Ali fighting Floyd Patterson in a return match in Madison Square Garden this summer are true. Matchmaker Teddy Brenner is close to making the match with the Patterson camp already hav" ing agreed to an Aug. 28 date. However, a few details have to be worked out with Ali and his ad visors before it's made official. Word leaked from upstate New York that the fight was definitely on. Patterson, speaking at a dinner at the Pope Pius School for Boys near his home in New Paltz, N. Y. Saturday night, announced that he would fight All again. "I wasn't supposed to tell any one about the fight," said the 37-year-old former two-time heavy weight champion, "but I'm going to fight Ali in Madi son Square Garden on Aug 28. It was supposed to be announced after Ali's fight with Jerry Quarry later this month. If anyone calls and asks me, I'll deny I ever said it." Patterson didn't have to deny it. The Garden people did it for him. "We've been working on it,'' admitted Garden rublicist John Con don, 'but it's not made yet. We've got the Patterson camp, but a few things have to be worked out with the Ali people. We're happy Floyd's talking as if the fight's made, but nothing is official as of right now The probability of the fight coming off is very, very good. It's an ideal match. Two fighters who to get In the ring with Muhammad Ali again. Frazier knows -that even if he wins he is going to absorb terrible punishment again. I also feel that Frazier is not the same t :er the first Ali fight. Salt water fishing in Tampa Bay has been a bit off but fresh water fishing has been good especially in The Hillsborough River. As if hot pants and mini-skirts were not enough to blow a man's mind now comes see through blouses with no bras involved. for more coronary throbosis and cardiac cases this summer. I hopes yours truly survives ---------------------------------------RACES NIGHTLY 8:00 MATINEES 1:45 MON.-WED.-IAT. 'SARASOTA. KENNEL CLUB 5400 Bradenton Road at DeSoto have great crowd appeal. A full hous e would come and see if Floyd could avoid less of a beating than he took seven years ago. The first time they met on Nov. 22, 1965, when Ali was champ, Patterson was humiliated and the title fight was stopped in the 12th round when Floyd, hunched over from the paralyzing pain of a slipped disc in his bac;:k, was un able to defend himself against the taunting Ali. But Patterson, ignoring the signs of age that have creased his facs and added flicks of grey in his hair, fights on. His latest decision Qver Oscar Bonavena, raised his 20-year career record to 5-7-1. Hiii trainer, Ernie Fowler, said ha would have a tuneup fight before he meets Ali. Muhammad has had two fights already this year-against Maa Foster and George Chuvalo-and he has two coming up The first is a return with Jerry Quarry in Las Vegas on June 27 and then over to Dublin to fight AI (Blue) Lewis on July 19. Ali's lost just once in 35 fights and that was to champion Joe Frazier in their 15-round bout 15 months ago. He's fighting to stay In shape for Frazier and he's making a Jot of money doing it. A fight with Patterson shouldn't jeopardize Ali's ch ( mces of an other title fight. Strollers -Bowhng League RESULTS Kilbride Ins. 3, King Solomon 1; Team 4,-.,3, Team 2---1; !Entzminger's Florist 3, Ooin 0-IMagic T..auudromat 1. Women's high game, Oarolyn Nix 169, Frances Pascoo 100, Johnnye Davi's 159. il\fen's high game, Willie Jooe3 Ernest Jones 167, Will ie Wilkerson 180 Women's high series, Carolyn Nix 474, Frances Pascoe 464, Johnnye Davis 421. Men s high series, Willie Jones Ernest Jooes 505, Wll!:ie Wil kerson 502. STANIHNGS Won Team 4 .............. 16 Entzminger's Florist 14 Team 2 ......... m Kilbride Ins ........... 8 King Solomon Bar-B-Q 6 OoinO ll\Iagic Laundry 5 The reporter is Johnnye Lost 4 6 9 14 15 :o avis WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT could happen to y

S.turday, June-t7, t972 Fla. Sentieel-Bulletia Pulali.Led eery Tues. and Frl. Get Bot1l ditioai ConneD. Survhocs 8Klude: FUNERAL NOTICES a devoted l&usband, Mr. Peter -James of Tampa; 3 ISOOS, Mr. DICKERSON, MRS. ESTELLA -Fueral ervice for :\lrs. Estella Dickerson of 1601 15th Street, who passed away in a local hos ital, will be held Saturooy at 1:0G P. M. at Wilson Funeral Chapel with Rev. Bernard Milton Jones, officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: 2 daughters, Mrs. Ruby Brown and husband, 1\lr. Organ Brown of New York City, and :\Irs. Lillie Sams; 3 sons, l\'Ir. Bernard Harris, Mr. Western Dickerson and Mr. Aaron Dicker son and wife, :\Irs. Helen Dicker son; 8 grandchildren; a great grandchild; brother, l\fr. Walter Harris and wife, Mrs. Lula Harris; a Jfiece, Miss Rosa Lee Har ris; a nephew, Mr. Leonard Harris; a devoted friend, Mr. R. C. Johnson and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. A r.ative Tampan, Mrs. Dickerson had Jived here all of her life. The remains will repose after 4:00 P.M. today (Friday) at. Wil son Funeral Chapel, until :near funeral time. "A WILSON SERVICE" GRAHAM, MR. JIM FRANKLIN -Funeral services for Mr. Jim Franklila Graham of 1414 Armwood Court, who away iD a -local hospital, will be held Sat lfl'day at 3:00 P. :M. at Friendly 1\lissionary Baptist Church with Rev. W. L. Webb, officiating. In -terment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery, Survivors are: wife, Mrs. Marie Grah&m; 3 daughters, Mrs. Elsie Lee Mitchell of Pritchett, Alabama, Mrs. Alice Mae Farmer of New Orleans, La., and l.Urs. Ethel Lee Armstrong of Mo. 'bile, Alabama; a son, Mr. Walter Mitchell of Mobile, Alabama; a number of grandchild-ren; a step sen, Mr. Willie B. Henderson and a step daughter, Mrs. Susie Belle Carter all of Tampa; 3 sisters In-law, Mrs. Leola Pender of Marianna, Mrs. Viola Osborne and 1\lrs. !della Huff of Tampa; a devoted friend, Mrs. Aggie Gol den and a host of other sorrow ing relatives and friends. A na tive of Pritcruett, Alabama, Mr. Graham bad resided here for the past 33 years. The remains will re pose after 4:00 P. M. tod-ay (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" Ulrine Crawford, Summerfield, MiSt! Catherine Slyke, Mis1 Dorothy Slyke, Mrs. Fannie HaFts, aU of Ocala, Mrs. Sadie Tor rf:nce, Summerfield, Doro thy Frazier, Detroit, Mich.; nep hews, Mr. Johnny Slyke, Detroit, Mich., and Mr. Eddie Slyke, Tampa; many cousins; other relatives; and sorrol'l'ing friends. Services are being rendered by STONE & G(}RDON, FUNERAL DIRECTORS (Stone's FUlleral Home, Inc.). JOHNSON, MR. CHARUE -Final tribute for the late Mr. Charlie Johnson of 2214 Cayuga, who passed away June 12, wm be held Saturd.ay 5 P.M. from Pnghsley Cathedral with Rev. Bernard M. Jones, officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. A native of Savannah, Georgia, Mr. Johnson lived in Tampa for a number of :years. Sllrvivocs include 2 Mrs. Dorothy Humphrey and husband, Norman, Washington, D.C., Mrs. Hazel Derr and hus band, Andrew, Tampa; 2 nep hews, Mr. James "Al" Everett and wife, Louise, Tampa, and Wade Everett, Miami; 2 grud nieces, Mrs. Mary Frances Boyd and husband, Ernest, Orlando and Mrs. Brenda Rice and husband, Albert, Tampa; 3 grand nephews, Mr. Ronalfl Derr, U.S. Army, Colorado Sp.rlags, C.,lo.; Kenneth Derr, Tampa, and Mr. Earl Johnson and wife, Harriett, Patrick Air Fone Base; 2 great graDd nieces, Lapbon Derr and Franehon Boyd; amoDg other relatives are the Battle Family, West Palm Beach, the Crockett family, Tarpon Spriags, Mr. Samuel Barris and family, Tarpon Springs and Mrs. Rosa Lee and family, Brooklyn, N.Y.; and many devoted friends. The remains will lie In state at Pughsley Cathedral for visitation of friends after 5 P.M. today uutn Jwur of fUJierai service. PUGHS LEY FUNERAIL HOME in charge. JAMES, MRS. LILLIE MAE -Funeral services for the late Mrs. Ullie Mae James ol. 10!1 W. Amelia Avenue, Tampa, who departed from this life on June 8, 1972 in a Jo.cal hospital will GIBSON, MRS. DAISY-Funeral be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday 11ervices for Mrs. Daisy Gibson, from the Mt. Zion A.M. E. Church :ffl11 E. Lindell Ave., who passed (So. Dakota & Kennedy Blvd.) June 8. will be held Saturday with the Pastor. Rev. Y. Benat 2 p.M. from Mt. Calvary jamin Bruce, offitiating. Inter-Seventh Day Adventist Cburch, ment will be in-the Family Elder A. R. Sloan, pastor, with Plot of The Shady Grove Ceme-Eider Wallace Battle officiating. tery directly after the services. Interment will be in Memorial The funeral cortege will arrange Park Cemetery. The body will from 109 W. Amelia at approxi lie in state for the visitation mately 10:45 a.m. Saturday. The of relatives and friends, at remains will repose at the FrankSTONE & GORDON, IFUNERAL lin FUlleral Home from 10:00 DIRECTORS (Stone's Funeral a.m. Friday (today) until 10:00 Uome, Inc.), from 3 P.M. Frl-p.m. Friday. The remains will day to 1 P.M. Saturday. She Jie 1n state at the Mt. Zion A. was a native o.f Summerfield, Florid.a, but had lived here most M.E. Cbureh from 8:00 a.m. flf her life. She leaves to mourn Saturday until funeral time. her passing: one son, Mr. Robert Mn. James was a long time Gibson, New York City, N.Y.; member of the Lily White l.Aldge flne brother, Rev, Eddie Slyke, No. 182 ol which Mr. David Sammerfieldi wec:H; Mrs. Ullie King is President and. was also Mae iennlngs, Tampa, Mrs. a member of The Reatha Wil-Jlaugabrook, all of Tampa; 2 daughters, Miss Tina Denese Haugabrook and Miss Terrie James, both of Tampa; mother, Mrs. Flossie Wright and bus band Dave of Coleman; 2 step brothers, Mr. Willie Lee Munn and wife of Leesburg and Mr. Eddie Lee Munn of Daytona Beach; niece, Mrs. Lula Mae Sims and her husband of Jack sonville; nephew, Mr. Lonnie Norman of Jacksonville; devoted fri ends, !\-Irs. Henri Mae Phillips, .l\-lrs. Odessa Booker, Mrs. Janie Bell Marshall, Mrs. Eura Lee Adams, Mt:s. Eva Patterson, Mrs. Mable McCray and Mrs. Jessie Jones, all of Tainpa; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME will be in charge of the services. JACKSON, MRS. EVELYN Final. tribute for the late Mrs. Evelyn Jackson of 1737 St. Lows, who passed away JWle 9, will be held Saturday 3 P.M. from Tyer Temple United Methodist Church, Rev. E. J. Rivers, Jr., minister,\ officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Park tery. A native ot Tampa, 'Mrs. Jackson was a member of Stars of Fitzpatrick Chapter No. 6 OES, l'tlrs. LiiHan Canady, Worthy Matron, and the Pbiloettes Club, Mrs. Relores Ragin, president. Survivors include 2 sons, Reche Rodney Jackson and Vaughn .Jackson, a daughter, Dewse Lor raine Jackson; devoted mother,. .l\-lrs. Clara Thomas; 5 brothers, M\r. Ronald Kelley and wife, Corona, N. Y.; A. .J. Thomas, John Louis Thomas, Corona, N. Y., Mr. Henry Thomas and wife, Johnnie Mae; Mr. Willie Thomas and wife, Leola, Newark, N,' J.; 2 sisters, Mrs. Beatrice Keaton and Mrs. Dorothy Simm,.; 3 aunts, Mrs. Ruby .Bradley and husband, Willie; Mrs. Addie Qualls, Jacksonville, Mrs. Minnie Allen, Cochran, Ga.; mother-in law, Mrs. Ethel Mosley Johnson and husband, Oscar; 6 nieces, In e z Vanderhorst, Cleveland, Ohio; Janice Thomas, Newark, N. J., Mrs. Sharon McKennon and husband, Harold, Mrs. Marie Daniels and husband, Roy, Seat tie, Wash.; Brenda !Uid Freida Keaton; 5 nephews, Chester Shan non, Mr. Willie Shannon and wife, Ruth; Rudolph Patterson, Ronald Kelley, Jr. and William Thomas, Newark, N. J.; 6 grand nieces Michele, Jackie and Monique, Lori Shannon, Sabrina and lnga Patterson, a grand nep hew, Ronald Vanderhorst, aeveland, Ohio; cousins, Mr. George / Baker and wife, Belen, Mrs. Lillie Mae Thornton and S(}n, Ronnie; devoted friend, Mr. James Thomas, many other sorrowing relatives and frineds. The remains will lie in st-ate at Pughsley Cathedral for visitation nf friends after 5 P.M. today, and at the church Saturday morning 9 A.l\f. until time of funeral service. The family will receive friends at the funeral home this evenin g from 7 to 8 P.M. PUGHS J,EY FUNERAL HOME -In charge. KEARNEY, MR. FRED-Final tribute for the late Mr. Fred Kearney ot ....., l8Ut Street, wbe passed away 111M t, will be heW Saturday 1 P.M. fr011l Mary Baptist Church, Rev. B. Thedforcf Wllllallll!l, pal!ltor, of. ficiating. InterJnt>nt will he hl 1\-Jemorial Park Cemetery. A native of Charleston, &luth Caro lina, Mr. Kearney lived in Tampa for a number ol years and was a retired employee of the ACL Railroad having worked over 42 years. Survivocs include: wife, Mrs. Lottie Kearney, Tampa; 4 brothers. Sam Kearney, Gaines ville, Mr. Step Kearney and wife, Pearl, Trenton, Mr. James Kearney and wife, Carrie, Mr. Horace Kearney and wife, Ruby Lee, St. Petersburg; 2 sisters, !\-Irs. Minnie Lee Wilburn, New York, N. Y., Mrs. Maggie Kear uey, Pensacola; 5 adopted ters, Mrs. Ruby Golston, Mrs. Lucille Wilcox and husband-, Maxie, Mrs. Ora Lee Jackson alld husband, Willie, Mrs. Jessie McAllister and husband, Tiner, and Mrs. Elizabeth Sherman; god-children, Mr. Billie :Baker and wife, Nancy, Earl Conage, Betty Williams, Gloria Cobbs, Michele, Don, Jo.hn Kenneth, Demiche Me Allister; Valarie Council, Jonathan Council, Chenette, Lonnie and Rigger Powell. friend, Mrs. Theresa Johnson, -other sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains wiD lie in state at Pughsley Cathedral for visitation of friends after 5 P.M. today until -bmlr of funeral service. PlJGHSEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. MORGAN, MR. CHARLIE (CU BAN BABY)-Fuoeral services for the late Mr. Charlie (Cuban Baby) Margan of Rt. 1 Box 102C Pruitt Road, Seffner, will be held at 2:00 P.M. Saturday from the Franklin Funeral Home Chapel with the .,.ather Peter Washington of The Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Chbrch, officiating. lntennent will be In the Memorial Park Cemetery directly after the services. The funeral cortege will arrange fro m ltl2 E. Columbus Dr. at approxi mately 1:30 p.m. Saturady. The remains Will relipose at the Franklin F-uneral Hom. e from 5:00 p.m. Friday (today) until funeral time Satnrday, Survivon include, wife, Mrs. Ora Ue Mor gan of Tampa; a daughter, Barbara Ingram of Tampa; 2 S(}tls, Mr. Preston Morgan of Seffner and Mr. Charlie Arthm Williams of Tampa; a sister, Mrs. Evelyn Domingnez and hus Harry of Long Island, N;Y.; a brother.._ Mr. Peter Pedro!!(} of Tampa; 5 nephews, Mr. Luis Dominguez and wife Margaret of Long Island, Mr. Angel Ped roso and wife of Tampa, Mr. Nazarua Pedroso and wife Ina of Manhattan, N.Y., Mr. Manuel Pedroso and wife of Bronx, N.Y. and Mr. Leonard Pedroso and wife of Bronx; N. Y.; 3 nieces, Miss Gloria Pedroso, Miss Rosa Pedroso and Miss Merced.es Pedroso, all of Bronx, N: Y.; devoted friends, Mrs. Mary Morgan of Seffner and Mrs. Hazel Butts of Seffner and a host of other sor rowing relatives and friends. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME will be in charge of the servir.t's. LENNEAR, MRS. E L A T HE R (BETTY) THURMAN -Funeral services for Mrs. Elather ather and mother-in-law, Rev. and -Mrs. Jim Lennear of Greens. boro and a boft of ether SOUOW ing relatives and friends. A native of Brundidge, Alabama, Mrs. rennear bad lived here fer t1le past % years. Before comial te Tampa, she lived ltt Greens..,_, for 17 years and was an active member-of Plae BIHm M: B. Church. The remains will repose after 4:0G P. M. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, matil near funeral time Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" RDBERTSON, MRS. ANNIE :Funeral services fiR' the late Mrs. Annie R .oberbon of 1815 Ferrell Court who expired in a local Resi 'Home June 8, will be he'd Satlll'day, June 17 at 2 P. M. from the First Baptisi Church of West Tampa, with the pastor, Rev. 1\-L C. Johnson offi'dating. -Interment in 1\lemorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Robertson was a member of the Grantl Union Pall. bearers Lodge No. 107, Mrs. Eddies Wilson, president and a long time residen.t of Tarmpa, most. of which was spent In the West Tampa area. SID'Vivors aret husband, Mr. Calvin Robertson; daughter, Mrs. EUea Gray Hous 'ton of New York. City; 6 grand children of New YOFk City; 2 great-grandchildren of New York City; sister, Henrietta Speneel"; an aunt; % aephews, Mr. Charles Speaeer and wife Carolyn and Mr. Andrew J. Spencer all of Tampa; devoted friend-s, Mrs. Minaie Reeds, Mrs. Mary Dew ey, Mrs. Katherine Aaderson and a number of other sorrowing relatives aDd friends. The remains will repose at 5 P. M. Friday n the foneral chapel until 9:30 Sat urday morning and at the church from 10 A.M. until foneral time. The funeral cortege will form at 1815 Ferrell Court. PaDburers wiU meet at the clmrcll. ROG. ERS FUNERAL HOME In char,. of arrangements. (Continued on Page 22)


PAGE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. -Get Both Editions S.'iturday, June 17, 1972 FU rmW4J (Coni inucd from Page 2 1) SHEARD MRS. ANN-Funeral services for the Mr_s. Ami Sheard, 5605. '7l)th Street, whl} passed. away .Sunday, Jun{l ll.th1 .will be held Saturday,. June 17th, from the R-ay Williams Home Chapel at 2 P. M with the Rev. W. F. Tanner. Internment will be ,Cemetery. She leaves t9. .her passing a devoted son, Mr, Barry Edwards and wife Annie; .a foster daughter, Mrs .. Ella: Mae Blackwell of MinneaPOlis, Minn.; a sister, Mrs. Doretha Shedrick 2 brothers-in -law, Mr; Eddie Shedrick and Mr. Lawnnce Mack of Winston Salem, N .C.; 2 brothers, Mr. Nathaniel Edwards of Newark. '('J.J., and Mr. James W. Edwards of Wins ton Salem, N.C .. : 2 sisters in law,. one granddaughter. Teressa '\'anessa, 3 foster grandchildren, Monica, Marsha and Negain, 2 goddaughters, 3 n ie -ces, 12 nep hews, and other sorrowing re latives and friends, The remains will lie in state at the RAY WILLIAl\tS FUNERAL IiOME CHAPEL after 5 P.M. Friday. The funeral cortege will form at 5605 1'9th Street Prog'.ress Village at 12:45 Saturday after noon. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME in charge (Arrangements by Bryant & Williams). MEMORIAM TAMPA-In memory of our father, Harvey Scott. who ,passed J.r. June 1968. "The Lord Giveth and the Lord. Taketh Away.;' Sadly missed by his children: Tootsie, Sister and Johnnie. TAMP A-In memOJy of my .darling mother, l'lrs Mollie Fields, Brooksville; who depart ed this life June 16, 1963. Some wan.t to forget, some _try -you I un never forget. My .longing for. you goes on and on 1l river that has no end. I hve with only one hope, we wm _be .together again. Love you Miss you. 1\'Irs. Alma Fields Barnes, dau gliter. MEMORIAM TAMPA-In loving memory of ().ur Mrs. Bennie -Harris l\'ho departed this life, June IIi, 1969. The world may change from day tD day, but in our hearts you will f(}rever stay. ." Sad.ly .missed by your daugh ters and son: Mrs. Mary Ella Colbert Rc.se Lee Derisa, Mrs. Gladys' Street, Mrs. Nora Hud son, 1\'lrs. Nonette Mills, Mrs. Elizabeth Lusane, Mr. Willie Harrir.. lJIEMORI.AM TAMPA-In memory of ouideaT brother, Oliffoo:d Warren who departed this life June 14, 1971. Many heartaches, often a silent tear, but always a beauti ful memory of one we loved so dear. Sadly missed by two brothers. Dea. James Warren, Jo'red 'ren and the rest of the Warren Family. MEMORIAM TAl\'lPA-In memory of my husban&, Rev. J. D. Dupree who passed June 21, 1970. We loved you, but God loved you best. Gone but not for g otten Josephine Dupree, wife; Henry Dupree, brother; Polite and Baye11 Families. JIMMY RUSHiNG NEW YO!RK -The funeral of blues singer J,immy 68. vocalist w4th the Count Basie band from 1!J!3>5-50, was held Mon day at Saint 'Peter's Lutheran in .Manhattan, with Count 'Basic, Benny Goodma1!1 and many other musicians in the congregation. The Rev. John G Gensel, minister to the jazz communi,ty, recalled that in recent years jazz experts "have Slpoken of him as the greatest living made j a z z The minister also spoke of childlike qual1ities of tEndemesS, curiosity and unsophistication. James Andrew Rus1hing, often "Little Jimmy Rushing" and Mr F'ive-by-1Five," knew he h a d cancer even as he worked at a jazz club tlhe Half Note, every weekend until he went into the hospital for the last time, May 12. Rn1'1ing's best-known blue s songs were "Goin' to .Ohicag:o," sei1t for You Ye sterda.y, Why Did you 'Come Today?" and "Good Morning Blues" and "I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town." l\'one was played during-the three muskal interludes in the funeral. Tony W a tkin.s, vocalist with the-Duke Ellington b:md, sang "Precious. Lord," unaccompanied; trumneter Joe Newman, Who ,played with Bas.ie off and on for 2 1 years, played a very slow "Hou se of the Ri s .in&" Sun accompanied by pian.ist Junior !Mance. Trumpeter Louis Metcalf, trom bonist Bobby Pratt and Mance played >Mty Buddy.'' Others among the musicians present were Tyree Glenn, AI Hibbler, Buck Clayton 1\Nlt Hin ton, Gus Johnson, Teddy Reed, !Freddy Green, Lu: cky Thompson, Rudy Powell, Ed Lewis and some members of the present Basic band. Bu l'ial was in 1 Mapleg -rove Cemetery, Queens. MEMORIAM TAMPA In memory of our mother, Mrs. Maude Price who passed June 9, 1967. Gone but not forgotten. Signed: Mrs. Annie Rae Akins and Mrs. Agnes Price, daughters and a host of othtr relathes. CARD. OF THANKS TAJHPA -The family of the late Mrs. Annie Dulies wishes tu express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the fri ends and ne ig hbors l or the m a n y ads of sympathy, kindness and understanding during the illness and passing of our loved one. Signed: 'thomas Bostick and Family. YOUR DREA!l1 ... Yes, for you! If yHl that i s good for everyone. A Ne1v York c:ty Cnunci lm an gd;; $20,000 annually plus $5,0 00 for "continl!cnt'' exrcnses. l\'Ir. l\Ie 1 :-aro, who cast the other negative vote on the ordinance, earns $10,0,00 a year as the Assemblyman representing Essex County in Dii:stict 1111B. The seven CouncH members who voted for the ord:inance issued a statement after the ses sion n oti n g that the increase would be "the first raise for us in six years." The statement said that the raise "would bring tJhe Councilman's salary to a level commensurate with the jobs responsibilities. In hi.s letter to the Council :man, Mayor Gibson said, ",If the [people of Newark feel we should receive greater rewards for 11he service s we render, then it should be the people, by of publ

June 17, 1972 Fla. Pui>iisneCJ nery Tues. and Fr. Get Botl1 Edition!! PAGE TWENTY-THREE Dial BUSINESS l LAWN MOWER REPA!RS WILL PJCI{ FP AXD DELIVER within the limits. Call 2 '18-2581). Ask for Yito or Oscar. VACAiiiT IIA \ E SEVERAL NEWLY recn!i ditianed homes in Progress Vil l age. S;iO down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday NO CREDIT??? Having Trouble Buying A Car Because you are sllort Olt Cl'edlt or D1twn Payment? LET 1\IF. HELP YOU Call Bill 232-4891 OR SEE ME Af SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 FLORIDA AVE. EMPLOYMENT POLICE PATROLMEN $8,452 yearly. H.S. grad. Age: 21-30 yrs. Must meet heighl, weight, and yision requirements SURVEY PARTY CHIEF $6,-189 a year. JNSTRUMENTl\IAN $5,304 $6,489 a year. Starting salary based on 6ralalng and experience. Apply: 4th Floor, City Hall TAMPA CIVIL SERVICE BOARV I SINGLE MAN wanted to live in the home Of minister. Do light work in the (:burch and bouse. Salary, 3800 Queensboro Ave. So. St. Petersburg, 8t.'7 7cr19. DDIEDBTE OPENINGS for General .-\gents. Salary, cernmission and fring e bewefits. Contact :Mr. March &II, Jr., 221)1 21st. A venue. Phone 244 Gii91, AFRO-AlUERICA.'i LlFE I NSURANCE COMPANY. HELP WANTED WE NEED YOU PART TIME 5 hours, 5 d ays p e r week. Some Saturday, mtnrmum wages, plus. Call: 8i!t-6190. FOR SALE HEY!!! NOW YOU CAN buy your own beautiful ne"" 3 bedroom. home for $200 down and as little as $6i per mouth on FfL\. z :i5! Call MARSO:-.i ENTEUPRISES, INC. 876-1063. WEST TAMPA CORlloi"'ER LOT, 3 bedrooms, baths, CB home, stove and refrigerator. 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, Fla room CB home, chain Hnk fence, weD landscaped, air conditioned. $50 DOD PROfiRESS VILLAGE 3 BEDROOMS, wall to-wall car pet. llfust see to appreciate. NORTHVIEW BILLS 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, carpo:i, chain link fence, large b a c k yard. WILBERT WILLIAMS. Realtor PHONE 251-fMt CIVIL SERVICE ACCOUNTANT III $959 mo. depee Ia At.-et. plus 3 yn. exp. ia prof. ac:ceuating. PRISON GUARD $486 mo. B. S. pad* MAIL ROOM SUPERVISOR mo. H S. plus yrs. clerical or IIUJIV. exp. RECREATION DIRECTOR Progresli Village Area $2.43 hr. H.S. plu11 1 yr. exp. DRAFTSMAN I $400 mo. H .'J. plu1 1 yr. txp. MECHANIC II $620 mo. H.S. plus 6 yn, exp. MECHANJC I mo. B.S. plu 4 yn. LA.."'JDSCAPE GA.ItDENER. $4Cit mo. tt11 trade platl 1 yr. prf. gar6eiH!r or n latecl. GROVND8KEEPER ll Ruskin and Turkey Creek .\nas $364 mo. 8th grade plus 6 mo. exp. BULLDOZER OPERATOR $481 me. lab Jl'ade ph11 I yn. elrJI.* *Acceptable related experience may be Hbliitueed for educatiORal requiremaai as lletermiDed by Civil Servin. Hillsborough County Civil Service BM. 273. COURTHOUSE. TAIIPl AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER FHA 235 SUBSIDY PROGRAM $100 DOWN PLUS PREPAID ITEMS AND CLOSING COSTS 3 & 4 BEDROOM HOMES 11fz & 2 BATHS .. OVER VJOO Sq Ft Liv i ng Area Stucco Brick or Stone Fr. Jnts TILED BATHS LARGE CARPORT TERRAZZO FLOORS PLENTY STORAGE SPACE BUILT-IN flANGE a. OVEN CHOICE OF COLORS FRQS'[. FREE CHOICE .OF ANY AREA ELECTRIC VARSITY BUILDERS INC. REPRESENTED BY WILBERT WILLIAMS REALTY PH. 251 4049 2122 MAIN ST l FOR SALE 1 WEST TAMPA $200 DOW:'\ FHA 2 3 5 3 h edrooms, l'h oath. V A:"JITY HOI\IES, iNC 109 North Armenia. Phone 251 3539. ROOFER, PAL.'\'TER Carpenter or Plumber -Ycur labM on 4802 88th Street can be down l payment. 3 bedrooms. Balance at $65.00 per month. Plus escrows. C A 3 T L E H 0 M E S. I 253-5321. [ VACAlliT I FOR SI1LE I PATTEN CARPET SALES! 1 :\'ATION \ L KNOWN brands. Resident, Comme r c ial and Industrial. Phone 251-3234 m 817-1001. I CASH FOR YOUR LOT! I I WILL P .-\ Y up to $ 2,000 for Jot s with sewer and water. Duplex and Apartment Combination HAVE SEvERAL NEWLY rccon-_1 ditioned homes in Progress Vil OFF LAKE AVE. near schools, I I lage. $50 down. Call HAROLD shopping and bus. CB duplex 1 BAKER, REALTOR. downstairs; side has liv' Phone 988-1252 j ing room, bedroom, full bath, I ':'838 North 40th Street kitchen and carport. Upstairs Open Saturday and Sunday I features a large 3 bedroom furnished apartment surround I RIVERGROVE WATERFRONT ed by sun deck for sunning or BACK YARD Is a private park on entertaining. AU units rented. : rive!! witli boat dock. 3 bed II Let your income pay the mort-rooms, 2 baths, central air gage! owner liquiaating. Priced and heat. Beautiful family room, 1 to sell at $19,800. living room. dining room, wall' Call Al,ICE FALCON, Associates to wall carpeting an!lt custom Office 839-6337 Residence 251-6568 drapes. Call Ernestine Hyland, Assoc. 2!11-21i8. LA (LOU) WAHL, INC. 872-9384 WANT A NEW HOME? $200 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. Call Equal Opportunity ne,elopmen' Corp. Call 2!;7-3201. $50 DOWN I MODERN CBMt.;NT BLOCK 'I 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, atove, refrigerator. $10,650 P. & I. $70.54 fmr 360 mooths at 7% mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 LISTINGS NEEDED. -----------------------1 VACANT I RAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recouditioned homes In Progress ViJ.. lage. $50 dowa. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone !188-125! 7838 North 4001 Street Open Saturday and Sunday $12.580 FBI $400 DOWI HOME has just been fresh / ly painted inside and out and 111 as t'lean as a pen. Baa 3 I "' plastered bedrooms, alr-eonj : ditioning of course, chain linkec !ence front and back yard, 1. 1 aice quiet dead-end street. payment $88.00 per month. pb11 tallies. Call today 011 this 4111f. It won't last long. NOH-QUALIFYIHG HORTHVIEW RILLS OWNER TRANSFERRED, must 1ell now. Paymenu only $104 a -nth. Bay owner's equity and take O''er payments. Very nice. :atra clean, bedrom block llctme with fenced fu front and bltck yam. Rome aad Bugalelle $16,000 AD.JOININ6 LOT available $3,500. Area of nice homes. Walking distant to fairgrounds. Call Lily Guagliardo, Assoc. Office 839 6337 Res. 872-41671. RIVERGROVE ESTATES CEMENT BLOCK, 3 bedrooms, 2 bat.hs, Paneled family room and modern equipped kitchen. Air conditioning, or course. Very large lot beautifully landscaped. All this for $23,500 with FHA or VA financing. WEST TAMPA A LOVELY HOME' for the YIMillt at heart. Uvlng room and % nice size bedrooms, a most inviting kitchen. range aDd refrigerator iaehtded. Ga rage. $14,000 FHA 011' VA, $19,500 FHA-VA SELLING AT appraised value CR, 3 aiee size bedrooms, a lonly modern kitdlea with all CORvenienees. Separate dining area, good 5 i J e IiviA( room, Ia laaal for Florida living. .all -, I have sometllmg lmporlaat to tell you! JUST LISTED CB, 3 bedrooms, :2 m./A, L-Shaped living an4 diaiDg lll'ea. KiteheB nd.ioinm. Florida room to really eafoy family liv Ing. A large acreened ia. patio with built In bar-o-que pit. $%3.W FHA VA. Call ISABEL PERRI, AHOC. Office 839-& Re5. 8i7-U84. I TAMP A REALTY I INC. i 100 x l&s n. LOT I REALTORS I COMPLETEJ,y FENCED. H a s r nR BEHT very dean 3 bf,droom home !' ------------with Florida room. Sitting among 3 BEDROO:'\-IS. 4802 88th. $75.00 majestil'al pine and oak trees. deposit. $75.00 mmtthly. See If like ymu privac.v. this MRS. ALLEN, 4813 87th. 677-ls the home for you. Living-725& after 6 P M. or weekends. room, Florida room and kitchen I are all knotty pine panelled. I Prieed-$12,750. FHA terms, $400 $110 J)('r month. Call HAROLD BAKER. Realhr Phone 988-1252 7838 1'\orth 40th Street Open Saturday and Sanday Buy From Rorida Sefttinel Advertisers VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY reconditionPd home,. in Progress Vii lage. S511 down. Call HAROLD BAKER. REAI.TOR. Phone 988-1:?52 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday FOR RENT 1 BEDROOM FURNISHED. all electric kitchen nnd air('Ondi tioned. I &M APT. 1002 J,emon St. 2:18:1151. FOR RENT FOR RENT 2718 12th :\ VE. C:o> bldg. 1 bed room, furnished, water paid. $ 3 0 week. 258-5151. FURNISH&D APARTMENT FOR RENT $35.00 a week, $'70.00 in ad\'ance. N o cbild1en, will pay water bill. 20071 :. Lamar St. 223-3S52. FOR RENT Clean Painted Houses Phone 251-1645 PUBUC SERVICE AUTO IHSURAHCE M:MEDIA'I1!; COVERAGE at a cost that eon-esponda to you drivina blaton. Jack Berry &2&-&194 Cooperative Spiritualist Church 115 South Packwood MEET REV. EARL WILLIAMS, Rev. Lee Osterhoust, renown spiritualist medium. Sunday 2:30 P .l\1. Healing and Worship Service. Wednesday 8 P .:\.f. Spirit mes sage Service. Get your present and future message. ALL PEOPLE WEJ.COME PHONE 25Sc0411 McGowan EnterpriNI, lne. C. & M. Furniture Co. MARY CARTER. PAINT Phone 247-1531 19%0 E 7tb Ave. Tampa AUTO INSURANCE A. F. KILBRID liS. Before Htl after an accident 1201 MARION STREET .. PHONE 22:J-5531 4-CUT RATE l"LUMBING SOL'S TBADIIG PDST NlLTUBS TOil.El' SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATER SEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 382% E. BKOAOWA Y PHONE ZU%411 BUSIMESS LEASES AVAILABLE al TAMPA" PARI SHDPPIHC CENTER Nebraska at Scoll for REASOHABLE BATES Phone: 2?0-1845 FLA. SF.":TIHEL WUT ADS WPR;:: H.tRD --


PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Black Educator Named To $33,000 Per Year Examiners Post M. SYLVESTER KING NEW YORK -In a 3 -!Jo, 2 vote, t h e B o ard of Educa.t ion appro v e d S chool Ohaucello r H arvey Sc ri b n er's prov is iona l ap p oi ntee to th e Board of. Exa miners. w h i c h d ecides on quaL ificati ons for teachers and some s upervisors in t h e city' s sc h oo l system. Opposit! on to the a .p.p o in t ment has caused a d e lay in approval a t a previous meeting. T he s c h oo l board n amed M Sylvester King, a f orme r H a rl e m IPri n ci.pa l once charged by a s tate watchdog comm'.ttee wit h di s c r imi na tion and wibh harassin g u n i on teachers afte r t h e 1'9>58 teach e rs' strike. K ing, a 4 S-ye ar-old black, now serves as a director o f the Devel op ment Di vis ion of the Urban IEc!ucatio n Cente r l t05 Ma.dJi.sou A ve. L a s t m o n b h, Murry Berg traum Qu?e n s m embe r of t h e board c h a ll e n ged K ing's record on tlh c b a:>i s of the harrc.ss m e n t V oic e s His Approval But Bergtraum endorsed King saying: I f eel he is a man of qua lifi c ation who will car!"y mit h i s du t ies impartially. Kin g had t he support a ls o of b oard Presiden t Isaia t November, h e said it w a s the l argest amount e v er raised by F'AIMU alumn.i. A similv.r drive last year netted $40 ,C'()0. We a r e ve-ry optimhtbic about g -ett ing the rest," Dr. JQJnnwn s a id W e he-rye to hav e the additional $,::,roo h y homecoming n ext fall As on e way o f raising fund s o r the schol -arship driv e alumni sig n e d lh :J f o r life ins u rance p o li tC.ics w ith cash div idends earmarked f or the found > abion A s u f noc1.1 Satu1day .Tune 3 > lllumni had owt policie;; v a!Ut' d a t Frcm Florida Advertisers Buy Sentinel Fla. Sentinei-Bulleitin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition5 Saturday, June t7, t972 BIG SELECTION OF NAME BRAND MERCHANDISE! HUGE DISCOUNTS THROUGHOUT STORE! HURRY! SAVE! One low price puis lhe soft look of leather in your living! Sensational 2-Pc. group. Luxu r iousl y d e si gri 98" Sofa $199 95 and Matc hing L9ungl! Chair e Once you experi e nce the deep seating comfort of superb 98" sof a and barrel chair you'll have them ln your home! Both boast deep polyurethane foam padding and General Tire's fantastic Boltafiex(r) upholstery that's so close to leathe r in ev ery way It's a test to teli the difference! Boldiy Designed 4-Pc. Mediterranean Master Bedroom 9-Drawer Tripl e Dresser, m attress and box spring.-H ere Is a group that is exciting in every way! Beautifully designed with gen e rous proportions gracefully highlighted by ornate carved effe cts, distinctive antique brass finish hardware and a d e eply grained finish. Put it in your home now TriJil e dresser, mirror, chest, oatd. Commode. Make it a point to be here during this sale! budget terms arranged! }111l.J1iluM. 9M .. ARMON 1324-30 E. Broadway 248-2557 5-PC. CONTEMPORARY DINETTE ..... $13995 4-Pc. Hollywood Sel! Get superb sleeping comfort with this quilted t o p mattress and box sprinr Features 510 steel coils for firm support. Also Includes headboard, frame. DECORATOR $99.95 SERVICE your BANKAMERICARD .wel<;:ome here -This is just a sample of the terrific "alues we have in store for you! PLENTY OF FREE PARKING OR LOT 1M REAR OF STORE! Spanish Tables Cocktail table, hexagonal or square commode in Spanish oak vinyl veneer with sctolldesign carved effects over _. .. elegant re'd crushed velvet. Each $139.95 Smart Crede..Za An addition to any home. Mediterranean de sign credenza in warm pecan finish eithanclled by carved effects. 1\leasures .. spacious 4 5 x 18 I 27'h" R. $59.95, Big Panel Crib Crib in scratch-resistant wal nut tone has teething "rail on all 4 sides and a -single drop side with 12 spindles. L 1/ 4" Iucite casters for easy mobility. $39.95 "THAT'S WHY SMART PEOPLE BUY NOW." '1T'S EASY TO PAY THE LARMON WAY" Open Friday Hight 'Til 8 P. M. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Buy Now At The Lowest Prices In Years!


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