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Mo.del Cities Staffer Dies From / Gunshot, Foul Play SUspected All The News -. \ AMEIICA'S FOREMOST SEE STORY ON PAGE! Sentinel AdvertisersInvite YOU F;I:-QRIDA,, TU'E Y,, 20, 1-972 PRICE CENT&.: Funeral Sat. For Perry C. Harv,ey (SEE:.;iitr.ORY ON 22) LABOR. LEADER PERRY .C. HARVEY, SH. Labor and Civic Leader Perry C. Harvey, Sr. !!led Monda y at Ids home, 903 N. .following a lengthy illness. He was 64._ Harvey was: president of Local 1402, International .Union, and held other high offices in tlte Distrlct,__\and In ternational Assoe -(See Editorial On ]>age 4 and Story On P'age Jr. Prexy Qf Lon_gshoremen' s Union Perry C ; Harvey, Jr., executive vice-president of Local 1402 of the Union and admin htr.{ltor of the Tampa Maritime Ass;;ciation, is the new president the 700-ma'Longshoremen's Local here. Mr. Harvey assumed the presi dency following the death of bi:J fattier, .Perry c. Harvey, Sr., on Monday. Perry Jr. was in New attending a labor meeting o, Milooay but flew back to Tampa afternoon. Mr Harvey, 41, has worked elosely with his father in Local 1403 lor &he pas' &e11 fears. A graduate of Middleton High School in 1947, he holds the B. S. degree from Morehouse College, Atlanta, Ga., and the M. 's. degree front Atlanta University, He is also a veteran of the Korean Conflict ap1l a foriner Instructor at Booker T. Washington Junior Higb School. He became administrator of the Tampa Maritime Association In 1965, and aloni with his fathel" handled many of the union's nc got!atlng problems since that time. He was elected executive vice president by the Union's members about sb: weeks ago. Ha"e.f &old &1M SeallnelBulle&ID Carmichael Sees Africa For All Blacks CON-1\KRY, Guinea -_ley Carmichael, wea1)ng white flare slacks arid open1!lecked .'shirt, relaxed on the sea slde veranda of the Cams,yenne H 'otel b talk about hon1e. :FOi; the self-imposed exile that means he says all bhick Americans should be here. "America does -not belong to the blacks,' reflected,: Carmi chael, who was born fn Trini d-ad and l>ecame U.S. when his pa,rentiil were natul:a lized. "We are 'not black Aiueri-. caus: We.. are Africans." Cariuichael's militancy in the 'SOs iuade headlines, especially his l;lghout a brief interview, Carmichael expres sed the of manj\ militiuits who come ,to Afric!l to live in exile because, as. one put it;'."We can't hack it in the States.'" These people say there's no future \ for their race in a white-dominated society that b r.> ugh t their forefathers a s slaves .and later thru!lt U. S. Citizenship on them without ask -ing the black man hll thought of either idea. Carmichael ; who sayJ he is searching for a pan-African ideology, con tends other like-mind.. ed Americans with African an cestry should abandon the Unit. ed States in a mass exodus : He sees no need for Africa to depend on foreign technicians to service and maintain sophis ticated equipment -the Cania. yene Hotel's broken-tlown wat'er heating. system, for example-, he had no immediate statements concerning the union. ''I'll get lntl that after the funeral Saturdh," he said. Harvey resides at 3610 Rivt'!r Grove with his wife, Bar !lara, aRd aon, RaT. ..,r (SEE STORY ON P A 'GE 3}. J., c -. HCC Set For. .. .. <. : .' .. SEE STORV ON PA_Gjj; &_: .. *, Knife Stayitg BY\ _' I ,: I' .:. : 14 -.. Rulecl jUStifiiti. ..-: ____ : : --_ -: ON {-:; \ 'l::A' FMe Hard fi.Des '' -_,. .. ,_ ... ... .. .w, 'T* .. -. : because Gf a lack of skille d :manpower._,, "African technicians exist,'' he said. "They are in Amedca ... The land in Afric,a, not .America :b oura ., Our primarJ. -. _, :."f' (SEE STORY ON PAGE 'b I :, ., \:. j ; shou'fd Africa." Carmichael; 32, came to l'ltlitically iso1ated aii d austere Guinea .. three ago : witll bis Wile, South ailller Miriam Makeba. ....


PACE TWO 1-'la. S.iltinel-Bulleltin Pu'blia1ie< niiy Tuei. lnCJ Fri. Cet Both EdiUorii TuesCiay, June 20, 1972 Blacks Say Most Minority Businesses Face Hard yimes BY SRIRLEY ROBERTS Sentinel Staff Writer : !During a recen t survey of black .businessmen in Tampa it was lloted there a .re numerous l>rob!ems facr.ng a s conl;tituents of the wcrld !Many are due to integration and competition with wbites, and others that have been prevalent for some time. J}.fany have, extended their edu, imd : training \)eyond tihe bask and necessary leveis tO :assure 'themselves and their cus tQmers .. that they are qualito do the job. < 'Due to integration,-the black .dug saiesmen. have .either or are out in flhe field competing .with thear colleagues, who have the ,.&d':'antage of estab1islhed r t. L t r i DELANO STEWART routes. The black photographer press have lost business due to integration. ;'All mof.nority bus ine-sses are facing hard times," stated binnell !DuPree, owner of DuPree P rint--ful, g Co. He added, 'the only black lbu!;inesses thai!: aren't having problems today are tae ones with 110 competi tion from whites A !Similar was made by cne of our local fooeral directors. who sad d he feels no reprd. ISal because of color since his tire bu!liness depends on blacks .as customers.. "My pr:blem i$. the lllack cii! tomet,'' stated Herbert ,IRahmings of R.ahmin.gs Electric Co, u0ur people stiLl slllyii).g the black bu.,ojnessman is not aPd wi(l :Oot give a eth-ance tc prove ourselves. They still feel the white man has to do it," he said. A second problem Mr. Rahmings cited is the price bonds If he is given a big job, the priCe to be bonded for that job is more than he can afford. "The demanJ.:; are juo. too fl. i .gh." Another problem h eard men tioned many times is that of qttalified laborers. Master !Martin, -building he has p r oblems getting jobs as a black con1lractor, that many of his jobs are from the city and feels that he does get equal tion, but finding ].l'ainters car-penters and laborers is de-finitely a prQI!lem. :Ph:Yillnt, liams Funeral Home, also has WILLIAM BRYANT !)roblems. F'!inding ; hel'P, someone wilbing to g;ive of himself to the job is my biggest 1pl'nblem," he said. Bryant &aid that he could appreciate someone slcilled in his field as an emplo yee, but would settle for some one just plain interested in working. Another }>II'Oblem he mentioned is the eXJpecllati collect $1,57 in hack .ales taxes. Cole refused to details el bbe case, but the fii!lin.g ol the cll.aDge ind'i.tbat the revenue ageot wbo held hostage ma. y have been !He appeared tO have lruises oo his face 1\'Mn ft La lAUNDERS HUDSON Slave Counts A .re By Workers A black migrant b o ss and four of his foremen w ere arrested Wednesday on fed .eral charges of beating tomato picke r s, including "11hites, and actualitY ens l a v ing them in an old abandoned school house to keep them in hQs em ploy. But workers .at the rundown Sun Cit y camp in neatby Ru s kin d,eoied 1lhe l'Jli3th amendment to the U S Constitut ion \vheni to talr.e OOf their C!otlh1!6 aJid then ordered' thoee of them outside, wtete a crowd had gathered. ''I certainly hated to walk oUt the door witJiout any C>lotlhes I was sa.id ageot John M ,aol).i. le The crowd laughed and then cheered -and whistled when Ma bile and agents Vince Tuminello a nd Lee .MUlbins appeared. The agents dashed to a moving van pa' rked' nearby and wrapped; themselves in furniture padding until a mindster produced three paM's o1. ill fitting panu. "The gates are op e n, but no body is going out. We are still all staying h e re. We want to, he said. Field h a nd s fini s h e d t1w tomat o harves t Tuesday, the day T a ylor and his supel ; vi s ors were pi c k e d up, a nd w e r e r e ady t o brea k camp to f o llow: the crop s to Georgia fo r the p eac h se a son. "My daddy ain't m ean; he never beat anybody," s aid Walter Jr., T a ylor's 13year-old son. Luberta Taylor, 18-yea.r-old wife of the younger T ay lor brother, was s itting_ at a pic nic table n ear a po ol. table in wh a t proba bly v/as once an auditorium. Cigare t butts w ere ground a nto the flo o r and b ee r can s a nd .. soi n e empty liqu

Tu .Jay, June 20, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin fiVery_ Tuea anCI Fri. -Get Both Editions PAGE THREE Rev. Tanner Voted Out As Pastor Model Cities Staffer Pies F Gunshot, Foul Play Suspected Of fa,ith Temple Baptist Church "I've had enough," are reportedly the last words spoken by Joel Frank Weaver, 27, Court D., Rliv erview T-errace, Saturday night before shooting 11imself with a .33 caliber pistol. are investigating possible After five yea rs of what the members call "extreme negli gence Rev W F. Tanner,_ IJIII has be e n voted out as pastor of F a it h Temple Missionary !Bapt.is t Church, Palm .ANenue aod Lama.r After being prope rly notified iRev. Tanner failed to attend a Dg his regular three weeks pas sed and Rev. Sunday morning announcements. Tanner still hadn't announced The only th.ing .a.nnoooced con that he was resigning nor dljd cering a meeting was tJhe rehe tell 'the church about a meet-gular conference to be held the ing requested. An us;he( was Wednesday night after the second sent to ask Rev. Tanner if he in ,July A copy of the was going to make the announce-letter had also been sent to ment and he simply said "no." tl.1e chairmen of boMt the deacon !Rev. Tanner didn't permit the and trustee boards. to hold a meeting in M rs. Rogers said as the the church and on ''June 1, 'a hers gathered for the meeting gr6lllp of the members met at the pastor, the of the Pallbearers Temple to dis-trustee board nor the deacon cuss the matter. A letter. inform-were. there, "after bC.:ng dug Rev. Tanner of the meeting pmperly notii1ied. was given to him along with a Deacon Chester Oixon callrequest, to have a special ed to pres ide over the KNIFE -YING BY. BOY RULED. JUSTIFIABLE HOMIC.IDE meeting_ and after d e votioanl se r vices Deacon Charles Gibson offered the motion that the pas tor, Rev. W F Tanner, ]li l v acate the pulp it of Faith Temple IIVIissionary Baptist Church immediately but with 90 days pay. This was the onLy matte r to be discussed and the members started to leave. As the few members walked out of the church Rev. Tanner had stood on the pordi Wiuh pen and pa ;per writing out all the names of the people who attended the meeting. Thoug.h they have no idea what the name taking was all about, i Mrs Rogers said on one oc casion members had told her that he had said he could have them ali a rrested for havin g bhe meeting. !Mrs. Rogers said the members have a list Of chargeS brought against Rev. Tanner by the. Cihurch's bod1y. The c harges read: l. FaHin.g to consUlt; the church and off.icers when pur chasi_ng 'or replacing for church's P..iou>erty; ?. faiLing to allow the Cihurc:h to the power invested in them to S{>eak, act and be heard; 3. fai:ling to notify the members of the church When you are going to be ab, se.nt from the pu-!1pit and as 'to where you can be contacted in case of an emergency at the le faf. enougll in the case tc) and fired it. once She told i)oiice deterindne -if the. if that Sihe-didn't, know Wilere he -one-Will : 'be charged.'.' At the got the gun and *n she -saw time of Weaver's death thera .it thoug ht' he was about to was' no one in the apartment shoot her: M rs. Weaver rememex_c:ept he Jlnd his wife, police bered seeing tlhe gun on 'several said. occasiods before. ." Weaver was an 'em: ployee ol When by as the iModel of ties HowSsing Pfo'. to what Weaver had enoguh of, grani for almost. three years she said it. was pos-Sibly the .conworking 9ut. of the .Lake A renu8 stant arguing and bickering be. and .. 34th Sbreet branch ofilica tween them. After the as a hou sing coimsefor. she nin' dowrisbads and asked The project coordinatOr, David the cab driver to call bhe p'olice. Romero, said Weaver was an When Weaver was taken to the excellent worker and was dua hos.pital by anftmlilnce he was for a promotion in a fe.w weeks. still alive, wibh f.ain-t breatlhling U:nder a new plan, Weaver would but d ied a short time later with have been in charge of : a housing the large buUet wound in the commuqity, head. 'Funeral arrangementS are be Captruin J im DoWnum of tihe ing handled by Pughley's Fun Division of the police erallfK,Jme. tees). I The Stinday evening stabbing not want her children hearing 6 Failing to ailow the church death old Hamp his kind of lang-uage Marshall members to manifest the powers Marshall, Jr. Cherry St then grabbed Mrs. Denson and invested in them; 7 failing to visit by a sixteen-lYear-ol.d boy was c 1 hoked her, stmck her in the with the sick in the hospital or ruled justifiable homicide after face and knocked he r dov:n be-at their residence and pray fer police learned the .youtlh cointween the cou o h and a clhair them. : This act is done by you mitted the act prote cting his in the living room. He got ove r only when it is a member whom COURTHOUSE-C -APERS Assaults Jiaefts mobhe r.; .-her and kept her while you cherish most; 8. failing to James Dewey Highsmith, 3!>, bery. after Eva,_ Loufl!e waver, l!J, The young mim itdld police s he was down, he s aid ""'. e la d tt d ll t. h ld t th ""'" st t Jd 1 S"" d r. a en a mee mgs e a e """""'. 1 ; o po 1ce ... ur ay 1PQ9 rei)orted that she and officers that his mother, Mrs. sa. id he then gUrse asked' for h's supper and his wjtnesses gave the accoilf.lt t f M Co 'h l'i 9 mother :fixed it bttt he contiimed and: added that M arsh all fifty dn roll,. On sunday : the _wo 0 rs n g 5 so_ .e Jl_ ens e to: back ha to curse and -threaten -her The came ba, ck through : npe hvmg and spacious -ch' urch had on' l y closed', the : door .. He h ,er, on right side of boy said that Marshall broke : roo11_1. W!!nt the. frq.nt door or twenty members in : the .. $aid .they:: {orce:d thejr Jn and !lead told her to: drive hlm l;d,s mobllei-'s 'glasses, while : ar;d fell a S';"mg, Ul the. a!}d at nd.gf}ts oniy ht; St!lrted ---.bar. She rei>orted $30 on her face before they cam e woman that .M arslhall a)rout :five I:Q"'e) to services. : a !65 Mustang and a. fignt missing. from her purse:. -_, home. : ,' has beat he r seve-ral t1mes beThis list c of charges was pre-. followed, ; The two of them claimed : : Sidney W i llie Tlio mas .43 Tal i After ; the man: ate and fore, and t_hat to Rev ... -. the it pu' rchased bottoo, qa.'1 ieavfng,! Mrs. Denscr.i to 'ld: h4-m t9 at t 90T days pay. W1ll be they Hve,d. Diti-iu g he : was .asked get his clobhesand > T V an'd : tt anlf..;ent:ral p RO: (j .. :: R' E s s I L L : A .... G E:v o u y. H 'H.ELD-split the c(n}gregatiori at. Bethei ;Kirk; .21, }218 12th '. be appr,oachedlby a 'man Baptist Chur.ch. nue, and Ut.ysee 40, wefe en: who .. tota 'him Jf he )leeded a rdori. Some of the : mentiongaged in an argume .nt Friday o':ver 'l),e knew the. plac' Thom3:i Fo R-_ : s Ec ... ... D ..... .... -. D. E G R E .. :M. u.R'D' E. R .... ed overhea:ring :R'ev. Tariner -say parlcing rights; Kirk s : aid, Wlheiisaid ,fie foll owed the 1', lhat lie "wasn't going anywhere" Elly pulled a, pocj(et knife arid shert .' distanee : the illat\ even after the 90 days are up : cut him on the palm. Elly said grabbed -him ; threw bini to tha A 19 old Village yO,uth is being held in the Hillsborough County jail facing a degree murder after he ,fatally shot an Atlanta; Georgia man. English was arrested at 7904 Dahlia early Sunday morning after shooting Charlie Shi ver, 24, with a 357 magnum re volver. Majo r John Salla, head of the criminal division of the -Sheriff's, Office said bhe shooting was brought on after a fight between 'shiver and Ralph s 16 year old brother. Major Salla said Shi ver had come to Tampa from Lakeland to remove furniture from English's tlis ter house, 7904 Dahlia when. Shiv e r and the 16-year-old began 'to fight and Ralph ran to his father's house on Allamanda to e:e a gun A relaLive of English youths. said the fOUl' men :had .. The ; minister could not he befriend(!Q the man by letting -. and took _$500 in cash, come to the house Saturday : be contacted by for him stay with him but did not riog worth :$5:0 a night too and English's sister a One d1ss1dent m emcut him. unknown. told them they could get the ber said It was t he Samuel Lee Pa. rtin, .a1,. 3516 20th furniture that supposedly be-chUI ch phone had been cut off St went t th : r t r ri ... Pie'ads Inn' ocent' longed to the mother of Carl becauile the church members re-: : 0 1 e po ICe Robinson, one of the four acfused b pay an exhorbitant and Fnday and that w_hlle : I s.;, I companying Shiver. The next unexplained long distance biH. was :stopped. f?r the red_ hght ft m,l ... nlornl ng the nlen returned, the mtersectJOn of 22nd St. and J 1 ORLANDO Nineteen-year-olcl broke in the house and the fight UfY ndlctr. 26th : Ave: a man' identified as ;,Patricia Aim Carter, 720 W. Carter between the two young men "George" pulled up next to him followed. Chief Of Crew in his truck, jumped out pulled St., 10, inno After going to his father's his door open, pulled a revolver cent to a charge of second degreet ll}urder ia.st week in a 'rraignment house for the pistol English POM 10A PA,RK '-A C rew

Publilbecl fti'J :L'Ueaday and Friday bJ Florida Sentbiel. Tampa Bulletin PubJIIshlq l2ll7 -Twenty :First. Avenue, Florida 33601. ----------' BL'VTRE ANDREWS and Publisher .. : C. BLYTHE!. ANDREWS, Editor SIMON JOHNSON VIce ROSE CRUTCBFJELD Vtce JOHNNY JACOBS Vice class po&tage paid at. 'fampa, Florid'-, SUBSCRIPTIO;N RATES $ uo Per Year One Edition. Per Year Both Editions. e14nbed .fAtS Qf $Uccesa from to the ttop. On. up did, not advers1*Ie!! .hi outloolt J\t .let. !lis ; -.His' death all age 64 J;.v.e,. a : _felt t.nct f-irc:Jes; : :not imply he .'held three high po;; m UiiOri but. th. e years his. inaipt jnd -t,ffeC:tiveaesa in :this sensitive .dent .Of Ahe (n.ternattol)al eliong, AB.OC' Mr. Har-Vei .h.eld any blls:ck _and UJJ19Jt. ;the. AU of his aJttainment c a m e lJOi'n the. Tampa ""'a )lam,y .came from' a fami;ly m _GeorP.. and .... early youith found it sary to in order to h,elp. tfe started.. range grove county for 28 years, is a ':name well known to. longtime Florida residents; It has" been rixed. in with racial controver.sy for a generation, with the ''Groveland rape of 1949 which ended with two defendants shot. and killed by McCall while in his ctistoqy in what!te successfully claimed to be self-defense ". ; Many groups c and many agents a n d ju ries have inve,stig.ated McCall over the years, frequimtly on charges brought'by civil rights groups. In. every case he has been Cleared. McCall enjoys consi derable popularity among the majority of ,registered voters in Lake County. In that part of the state it not a popular thing for aov. Reubin Askew to impanel a grand .jury from neighbor ing Orange County to look inh the latest "complaint about McCalL But the facts cried out for clarification. A Miami black nian driving through Lake County .was charged with driv:ing with an expired auto 1nspectiqn sticker and failed to ap pear for a hearing. McCall ordered him arrested in Dade County and returned to Lake Oounty, he was placed in the county jail and after some time was taken to the county hospital where he died from an infection resulting from a blow in the stomach. The Sheriff now is under indictment on a second degree murder charge. His subsequent trial will-determine the facts of the case and the course of justice, .ln the interest of which the G::>vernor had the courage to act. -MIAMI HERALD Ambassador 'ioSwltlen\ 0 N l Y Quits A E R-1 (-A WASHINGTON-Jerome H. B H liolland, U. S. tQ Jy arry Gohlen: ; /Sweden since February, 1970 has resigned. He gave personal Th N LL-hood. Sch I and family reasons. eagawur 00 President Nixon wrote ,Jl9l<. The neighborhoodschoo 1 is sac land: that he 'll.ccept:ed the re I Signation With "a mixture.. of rosanct. It is as precious as the deep regret that you are crown jewels. But now ..its sacroing and profound gratitucia sanctity is continuously challenged. for an outstanding job" a White Sooner or later : the neighborhood House spokesman sajd school wiU be as heterogeneous as State Department collegues Ellis Island : in 1880. Perhaps the !credit Holland, a black, with a reason .for this is because the tfirst-class l):ierfo:t:mance in his neighborhood polling place is not two at ,Stockhplm during a, at all sacrosanct .' difficult period in U. S.-Swedish The various state legislatures !l'elations. must reapportion voting precincts When he first arrived in and districts every 10 y-ears when Sweden, flolland was greeted by the results of the census are in. ldemonstratOTs protesting U. s; One of the interesting phimome-Vietnam policy and by racial in-nonas has been to watch the flow 'SUits. "Go home, murderer'' and of population from New York to "nigger" were among the slurs California. New York )las !hurled at him. ingly though promptly surrendered But ilollimd maintained a seats in the Hnuse of Representadignity and firmness, which, in tives to the plastic, growing west the opinion of Washington as-lt is another kettle of fish : : sociates, .won wide respect in in the state. Where a neighborhood ; Sweden and helped' tone down or school de U; S.

Tue"day, JUfte 20, t972 Fla. Pul.li.JieCI every Tu4aj. ana Fri llotli Edittoiii PAGE FIVB AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BF.ADY iFroin the brighter side of life Temple and featuring Miss Erma and my fifteen or so years of Coffee and the Parliaments of writing, I still consider of one of Soul. the best ever being the Dr. Edward Hayes, Project Star. one given me by the tale teller, di"rector, is back from daughter Franklin Pierce "Schoolboy" Ed Leatrice Hayes graduation at Ft. wards, which went something Lauderdale High. Dr. Hayes also like this-"The small town preach traveled over to Miami where er after getting ready for church wi{e, Mrs. Mittie Hayes, w a s told his young son to go and tell visiting her niece, Miss Barbara Paul to send him a half pint of Jean Martin, recent grad of North gin 'til the first Sunday. When western rUi. Rumors continue to the little fellow returned his persist th at Dr. Hayes is headed father was well into his sermon to higher position at South Caro, in church and shouting out to his !ina Univ. come Aug. congregation the question and Word from up Newark, N. J highlight of his sermon, "WHAT way has it former Tampan l\liss DID PAUL SAY?" The preacher Cheryl Williams, daughter of Mr. repeated even louded; "I ASK and Mrs. Willie James (Mamie) YOU, WHAT DID PAUL SA.,Y?" graduated from Rutgers The boy sitting nervously in his Umv. Newark College of Arts and seat got up and said, "Paul said Sciences and the College of Nurs he ain't gonna send you a darn ing, June 19th. Cheryl had spent thing til y'ou pay for the other a few days on the BCC campus six half pints.". u a freshman ... JETS HERE 'N THERE Miss Ernestine Johnson flew Mrs. Mary Olds of the Barnett out to indefinite stay up Hartford, Bank maintenance dept was the Conn. way seen off by among winner Of the 1972 Pinto given 1 others, brother Nat Johnson. away by the Bank on grarid open'Stine's the daughter of NAL's ing day., gent Natballl.el "Dinky" Johnson. Just between you and I, I think Certainly was nice to k n o w our popular spot called the "Su-one of our young teenageu, Edgar Shack" could stand a bit of die Worthington of the westside, a name changing. Have nothing wants to meet the man from against the place itself mind you, "Around The Town.'' Nice to but seems when announcements know you Eddie are made of so and so happen Lorenzo Brown popular TCEP ings at the "Sugar Shack" in official, is not too long ago re church's etc. it always causes turnee from a three week week a laugh.-.. visit in Europe and several North Would ya believe Principal Sam Africa COUntries, including Casa Horton of Jefferson Hi and Co. b1anca. where the gents got to moves into their new school later meet many Brothers of .the grow this year (or eady next) it will ing (over here) Isalam Religion mark the first time the Jeffer Said Mr. Brown following a Fri son Hi. Dragons ever owned a new day luncheon sessioil.t "Like school. Thei r ollher one was own Brady man, I never knew there ed by Hillsborough Hi first. Didn't were so many Blacks in countries know .that either til Wayne Wil around the world "TCB'ing.'' Hamson, county sports official Peputy Sheriff (or is it Detec told tis... tive?) Leroy Bradley mentioned Barber. Perry Klilg is one of the his son, Sgt. Leroy Bradley, Jr. toWil's most lucky fellows. Like and wife having completed h i s brother Perry's. wife Aletba's military tour of duty in Germany birthday and their wedding an and have decided to stay over niversary gonna fall on the same there for awhile ... date. Oh, you SaY, the wife still Word has it, Detective Arnie will be looking for two gifts? Myers and. USF Security Guard Mrs. Verolll.ca Call Ramirez Norris "Mona Us-a'' Morrow are and Sharon Crooin are two two Tampans selected for duty o( the city's black beauties listed down Miami Beach way, when among the forty applicants 'vying the Democrats and Republicans for the six Ground Hostess po-will go to do their things ... sitioos that were open at one of Would ya believe, you kin travel the TIA airlines last week. Final along 22nd St all the way from results not known .. Lake Ave to Columbus Dr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Hall and t h e never find a city trash can or ladies of the "Supreme Social litter basket to toss your soul Club'' are just about ready for friend chicken sandwich paper in! the "Pre-Fourth of July Dance" See why the folks have to do set for Sat., July 1st at t he Labor the next best thing .. 'o 'lo---Dist. St. Meeting. In Petersburg The Dls.trict meeting ol the Greater Tampa !Distrist Of 'l1be Olmrch of God In Ohrist will oonveoe at Queen street ('!hll1"ch Of God iln Ohrist, St. Peters burg, June The pre-qpening will begin on Wednesday rndght. M t r. IRandolpth Johnson, state musician will be in charge. On Thursday night the Sunday School Dept. will be in charge. IJiiks. Ada Mae WilHams is the director. Friday n ight is Women' s day. MPs. IL. IParylor will be in. charge. SaturdaiY evening the Sunshine Band aod Mrs. R. IM. McCullough will be in charge. night tlhe Y !PWW is in charge. 'Elder B. Boderick is the dilrecr-.:" ..._ ...... .. MASTER FENCER. AND MILITARIST, HE SER\'!0 ., ,_, '#>.... _. ... _-1>. ..... WIOEL'J RETIRED IN 1830 AND FRANCl's --.."'Ja ..... ..,._ -4 MOST FAMOUS FENCING SCHOOL IN MONTPILLilR I "\. -.... 'HIS ADVANCED TEACHING METHODS' WERE ADOPTIO. BY "' MANY OF WHICH ARE NAMED AFT!R HIM/


PACE SIX Fla. Sentine I-Bulletln Published e'very Tues. anti Frf. Celt Bo.t'h Ed. iJtions Tuesday, June 20, 1972 SEMINAR LEADERS NAMED he Executive Committee the National Alumni Cooncil ot UINOF, ol. whiCh Harry L Durney,I!I;I is a member. : Leroy H. Twiggs, 00, a former !Student Government p resident, i1i a Slpecialist ill E-mployee Counseling and Tra4ning LEROY H. T)VIGGS (or the. General Electric. Com. pany, Dewees in the Tampa area. Since re: Ct!hdng the M Ed. d!!-gree in l$611'from Ohio University, TWiggs has placed' ms stamp 00 the Tampa community wi t h memiberS>hips in the Tampa Urban gue, Big Brothel'S" ol TamPa, Oinega Psi fraternity, and is a TrU&tee o/. Greater Bethel Baptis t Ohui"cb He and his wife, Brenda, have one son, Daschel. RECEIVES MASERS DEGREE Dwight DeWitt Sparks has com pleled work for his Masters Degree at St;lte Ullivenity, Commellcemellt exercise& wltl be lield at 11:30 P. M. at the Co. bo Hall CollVelltiotl Arena, Ddrolt, Michigan. ,Mr. Sparks' mo,lier, Mrs. Elleltille Hall, and hi1 grandmother, Mrs : 111ez Sparks 'ill attead. He Is a gracluate of Middlet011 Hilk Sehool aiul berforce University. Tampa College Registration Readied June 19 24 Registration a n d Orientation Week for the summer term at Tampa College will be held during the week of June 19 through June 24, at the Tampa, St. Petersburg Joe Humphries Cuts Way To Top F ashion Designer -and new Clearwater campus. Hours of registration will be from 9 a.m. to 6 p m. Monday through Friday and Saturday morning from 8-12. Stuqents registering for the first time may enroll prior to the above dates. With an expected enroll ment of over 1,000 students, schedules will be assigned on a first come, first served basis until classes are filled. JOE HUMPHRIES The men's fashion world has a he was the second of nine children. 11ew tre:1d-setting designer. His In high school he was an outstanding football player. Joe became inname is Joe Humphries. And terested in art during his teens different. and was encouraged by his father Joe Humphries is black. It may to pursue it as a career. seem unusu a l,. in this day and age, After graduation,' Joe came to that the color of a man's skin Los Angeles where he b _egan his should be an item worth noting formal study of commercial art. Certainly the fashion industry has Through personal circumstances, bad black designers on staff for he enlisted in the Marine Corps. many years. But they would dt'!-In service, he won various awards sign fa s hions for the black man in art competitions both on and only, while white designers created off the base. Joe also married his the white man's fashions Joe high school sweetheart during h:s Humphries has torn down this tai-military stint. lor-made kind of segregation. He his clothes for young men, Whe n he be came a ci vili a n a g a in period! No matter if they be black Joe to o k a job in the g a rmerlt in()r white. dustry a s a cutte r. On a dvance-A fulltim e designed tor Si,y leset-ter, a division of Arlc Ma i n \factur-i C J d h dustry. He started asking que s -ng ompany, oe ear,ne 1s po-tions p icked up bits of informa-through t he backdoo r of extion wherever he c o uld bOuiht perience. himself a sew ing mac hine 11nd Grow-lnr-Upin a .. mall A r-k611SHI! -practiaed .. -rnak.ffig clothes for h is town: near the R i vt'r, w)fe Lorene, their !iOn, Muio a nd The Tampa campus is located at W Kennedy Blvd. and Armenia; and the St Petersburg campus at 4950 34th Street North. The new Clearwater campus is at 1059 N. Hercules Avenue. HCC Set For Ybor Campus Comparison Plans for Hillsborough Community College's Campus will be compared with other inner-city campuses in selected major cities. Through a special planning grant for the Ybor City Campus !lncl two board of trustees members will visit campuses in New York, Cleve land and New Orleans. "We feel that these cities have Inner-city conditions comparable to the ones HCC will face in Ybor City and we would like to profit from their community college's experience," said Mrs. Sybil Barnes, director of Community Relations. Of particular interest is the New Orleans Latin Quarter, which is comparable to the Ybor City Latin Quarter, according to Mrs. Barnes. The college has already done extensive local research through surveys into the need of the Ybor City area. himself. It djdn't happen overnight, but after a few years of designing and wearing his own clothes while working as a cutter for Ark Manufacturing Co Joe was noticed by Jack Maller company Joe was invited to design some things for Ark and his creations were a hit. He became the top designer for Stylesetter, Ark's ex pansion division for modern men's wear. From Florida Advertisers Buy Sentinel ---ANOTHER HIT BY CINDERELLA CINDERELI,A taps her ways into the fashion limelight in pleated Easy Pants of grey flannel (50% Avril, 50% Avlin Polyester) ending In wide cuffs. Add on a red ribbed Orion shrink and white sbirt and it's in the bag. Notes From Tampa Lodges Members of LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 92 will meet Thursday night at 7:30 at the 29th Street Temple. A meeting of GUIDING LIGHT CHAPTER NO. 31 0. E. S. will be held tonight at the Masonic Hall, 4303 34th Street. LILYWHITE LODGE NO. 5 is meeting at 7:30 P. M. Wednesday at the temple on 29th Street. SAPPHIRE CHAPTER NO. 75 0 E. S. is meeting Wednesday at 8:30 at Greater Bethel Education Building on Jefferson Street. Mrs. Mary Arline of Miami, Grand Matron of Florida ORDER OF EASTERN STAR, will be at the Masonic Hall, 4303 34th Street, Friday night at 8 o'clock to hold election for all chapters of the Tampa Bay area. LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 138 is meeting at 7 P ?vi. Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Coritha Caldwell 2429 2oth Avenue. Deputy Maud Fowler will be present to hold election COMING EVENTS JUNE 25-Guest Day, New :ut. Zion Baptist Church. JUNE 25-Guest Day sponsored by Jr. Usher Board of Friendship Baptist Church. .JUNE 2&-Baby ?ontest sponsored by Pastor's Aid Board, Firs& Baptist Church of West Tampa, 8 P. M. JUNE 29-:.Wiss Black America of Tampa Pageant, Curtis Hixon Hall, 8 P. M. '-, JULY 1-Pre-Fourth of July Day Dance sponsored by Supreme Social Club at Labor Temple 16th and 9th Street JULY 3-Fourth of .Tuly Breakfast Dance, Elks Rest, 809 E. Laurel, 12 midnight. JULY 7-Nineteenth Annual District Tea sponsored by Mt. Pilgrim's Women's Convention, Armettla Temple, 8 P. M. JULY 1-Voice of Hope In l!ummer recital, New J\lt. Zion M. B. Church, 8 P. M. JULY H-Biake Dad'a &th Annual Sweetheart Ball, Ft. Armory, 16 P. M. JUNE of July Cruifie to Nauau lpoDJOred by YWCA. JULY 30-Mea and Women'1 Day, Greater Friendship Baptist Church.


Tues. day, June 20, 1972 Fla. Senlinei-Bulietln PubllsLe d e'Very Tues. and Fn.! i Cet Both Edittoni PACE: SVEN ILLETTS PREXY RECEIVES PLAQUE The IOetts Coronation Ball was an activity of last week and during the evening se veral members of the organization wer e hon ored. Lorraine Hodges, left, is pictured presenting a phique to the for Elaine Sledge. : BABY The Community Action Agency staff hosted a surprise baby shower few days ago for their co,worker, Mrs. Ann Porter. The gala held in the Q!>ard room .which was decorated in pink, while and blue. .. Guests were Miss Weldra Forte, Mrs, Sandra Polo, Miss Ellen Deed; Mrs: :May Lucas, Miss J)tdy Vovory, Mrs. : Ch!!ryl : Hill,, Mrs Sara.: Joe Parker, Mrs. Su11an. Moti, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gilder, Mrs. Mary Rudolph, MTs. Edna Jones, Mrs. Manttiigen, Woody Porter, Mrs. Claudia Silas and Mrs. Evangeline R. _Best. GRADUATE FETED AT DINNER PARTY YOUTH OBSERVER AT CONFERENCE Miss LaMita 'is attend" the C _olife_renc.e. o f the A. _M: E. Church iri Dallas, Texas, -as a youth observer. Miss Brown 'is the daughter of Gwendolyn o .. Williams, 2520 Un ion Street. She 'IS-a student at Jefferson High Scliool and Youth Department pianist at Mt Olive A. ,E. Church. Ebenezer Baptist 1212 Scott St. Rev. R. R. Jones, Pastor Ebenezer MB Church, Rev. R. R. Jont;!S, pastor, will be observing their anniversary all of this -'Week. On tonight (Tuesday) Greater John MB Church, Rev E. Ne \vkirk, pastor, will be the guest. This program. will begin at 8 p m. Wednesday night the Junior Choir will be in charge and First Baptist' of West Tampa, Rev. M. c. Johnson, pastor, will be the guest. The Deaconesses and Choir No. 1 will be in charg\! of the 8 p.m. service Thurs.,f 2114 Lauer! Street. Sponsors of Mr, and Mrs. Hall and grand were: Mesdames Edith Collins, of Mr. and Mrs. Ches J iminie Madd()-:1', Essie, ter George. Sponsors :were J C. Williams and : dariies Ella John son ; L. G eor' ge," Pyles. ; /; ,: M;ary,:, McCullough, J.'!!filler M. Sec9nd .place wmner was Da:W.son. -. -llrd, .GEN_ERAl .. A -ssEMBLY. ,, -' CONVENES_ : ,IN' AVON 1 A :RK I .. The 33rd Annual General sembly of the : ciuir.cli of Jesus,. rnc. convened in Avon Park May 2g;.June 4. It was one of the greatest. ever. witnessed. Among highljghts of thli: sembly was the large numhfir of-: delegates attending from Nassau and, various parts' of th. e United States ; Officers for the 1972-76: .year : were elected including the re, eledion of Bishop J. H. Lee who is loy.:!!d and held 'in high e _steem for his untiring .. e(forts and dedication : He is married. to Mrs. Gladys Lee, anotQer ded i cated ch'ristian. Of their eight children, two are: ministers a,nd BisHoP J. n._:LEE one is a missionary. ager of : the corporation and hast Another deserving of praise is pastor of-the headquarters J ocated Elder T. J. Brown, busine s s manin Avon Park. Buy ffom Florida Sentinel. Advertisers I'LL HEl. P YOU!! NO.CREDIT? SHAKEY CREDIT? ARE YOU LOW .. ON_DOWN PAYMENT? CALL NOW BILL BROWN AUTO SHOW


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PAGE NINE Our Servicemen SMITH SAN ANTONIO -Airman John W. Smith, son of Mrs. Mary B. Smith of 4621 N. W. 24th Ct., Miami, has completed his U. S. Air Force basic training at the Air Training Com mand's Lackland AFB, Tex. He has been -assigned to Chanute AFB, III., for training in missile maintenance field. Airman Smith attended North REYNOLDS SAN ANTONIO -Airmail A recent Calendar Tea sponsored by Beulah Baptist Church at the Kid :t\tason Center was a gay and colorful affair. The winning table was No-vember a no Mrs. Sarah Robinson was captain. western Senior High School. Charles Reynolds, grandson or Mr. and Mrs. M. J>. Epps ur Market Street, Altamote Spring:i0 completed his u. S. Air Force lasic training Command' s Lackland AFB, Tex. He has been assigned to Chanute AFB. III., for training as. a survival equipment specialist. Airmail Reynolds is a 1971 graduate of Lyman High School, Longwood. Assisting with the eye-catchini decorations was Mrs. Mary Jennings who is seated at the table. ELIZABETH KOONTZ: COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER AT F AMU TALLAHASSEE :_ Elizabeth KooRtz, Directorof the Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor posed for photo prior to commencement addresa at Florida A&M University. Mn Koontz is flanked by Chancellor of the Uninr!iity System Robert Mautz on the left aRd F AMU president Dr. B. L. Perry on the right.. Mrs. Koontz told the commencement audience that_ they would have. to insi de the system and pro vide reasonable strategies f_or solutions. She aiso told the -945 graduates to forget about such things as .men's jobl and women's jobs, for they. don't exist anymore. : i SHIRLEY CHISHOLM SPEAKS AT FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm 11-iscusses the Dr. Leonard Johnson, (left) president of the FAMIJ Florida A&M University Rededication program with General Alumni Association and Sam Thompson. New York, president of the FA,IU Nort!H>ast Region Alumni Chapter. Mrs. Chisholm told the alumni audience that the old methods will not solve the new problems and that universities should strive for rPievancy and diversity in order to meet the needs of the community. FAMU alumni presented the University with $110,000 during the Rei!oldleation c erl'lllonits. Mr. Thompson is a brother of Mrs. C. Blythe Andrews and lins in New '\ 'ork City. WATERS SAN ANTONIO -Airman Timothy E. Waters Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Waters Sr., of 3618 Darlington Drive Jack sonYille, has completed his U. S. Air Force basic training at the Air Training Command Lackland AFB, Tex. He has been assigned to Lowry ./. r :, Colo., for training in the supply field. Airman Waters, a 1969 graduate of New Stanton High 8< hoot, atter. ded !<'lorida A and M. t:niversity at Tallahassee. His wife,' Delores, is the daughter of Mrs; Maritie L. Polite of 1353 W. 23rd St. Jacksonville .. United MB 'Church 4302 E. Henry Rev. Hopkh1 ; Pastor Sunday; School was called to order :with the supt; in. charge. ... At 11 a. m. morning woiship began. Devotion was led by Den. Wright which was very s'piritu: al. Evening .. _worship1 at 6 with .the saine order. of, beJd Ontl to the church. ..... Our revival ;neetirig on June 26 and will continue through June 30. Rev. J. P. Nichols, Jr., will be our speak eF :f.or the week. Pray for the sick and shut-ins. CLARK SA;\' ANTONIO -Airmail James D. Clark Jr., son of Mr_ and Mrs. James D. Clark or 109 N. Park Ave., Inverness. has completed his U. S Air Force basic training at the Air Training Command's Lackland AFB, Tex. He has been assigned to Sheppard A FB, Tex for training in aircract maintenance. Airman Clark is a 1969 graduate of Citrus High School and attended Central Florida. Community College at Ocala. New Hope _Choir No. 2 Dea. Ira B. Bruton, Pres. -.. Mrs. Doris C. Rept.: Choir No .. 2 of New Hope M. B Chm;ch, Rev. 'John !PastOr will have weekiy rehear..: !ta Thursda.y nigiht at 8 P. M. The .presjdent is asking to _please he present and 011 time.-Mt.-Zion Choir-No 2 Mr. &!die Rolle, Mra. Gwendolyn C. The No. 2 Choir of New Mt Zion M.' M. Church, Rev B. J. Jones, pastor will have weekly t'ehearsal on tonight (Tues.) at 8 p. m. at the church. The pre8i;. dent is asking all members please be pre3ent and on tim&. ACTION TV & STEREO RENTALS 4016. N. 22nd -237-3308 Psychedelic Bar 8r Tape Decks Stereos Portable and Console Color TVs Also, Complete Home Entertainment Cenlers NO CREDIT CHECK NO DEPOSIT Free Delivery Free Service Up To 24 All Renl paid applies lo purchase


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Tuesday, June 20, 1972 Fla. Sentl.ei-Bulleitin Publi.Led every Tue!t; aatl Fri. Cef. Botlt Editions PACE ELEVEN ------_____ _. ________________ __ George McGovern Somewhat Lik,e Franklin D. ROosevelt Of '32 WASHINGTON "The man to watch in I wrote last Nov .. 19, "is the man whose luck is running This was by way of. noting that "the Democratic can didat-e who has been getting the best of the breaks is clearly Sen. George McGovern." Today, more than six months later, he is still getting them Like Franklin D Roosevelt before him, he is eve : 1 lucky in his enemies In the new' era of popular poli tics, how could a candidate do better than be known as the man who is opposed by the political bosses (but not the voters), by the labor posses (but not the workers), and by the Southern segregationists? All McGovern needs now is a re viva! by the Liberty League. McGovern could not get the nom ination or get elected because he was out of favor with George Meany, president of the A.F.L C.I.O. In 1940, John L. Lewis, then the head of C I. 0 and t113 most powerful man in American labor not only opposed Roosevelt, but said he would quit if F. D R. was reelected. When the workers had to choose between their union leader and a c::tndidate they believed in they chose the latter by a landslide Meany's forces fought McGov ern in the primaries and lost, but it is a safe bet they will back him strongly in the November elec tiop The lesson 'Jf has not been forgotten in labor circles. At the 1932 Democratic Na tional Convention in Chicago, was a "Stop Roosevelt" drive, just The Libert y League was organ ized in 1936 to oppose the ree.lectio;1 of F. D, R. It was a bipartisan effort to rally the wealthi est families in the United S t a t e s against "that man in the White Hous.e" who, like McGovern today, was suppoSedly going to soak the rich. In the end, the .-Liberty L!!ague bommerangej and Roosevelt won all but twJ states in a victory. as there has been talk of a 'Stoo McGovern'' one at Miami Beach. But times have changed. Forty yeats ago it took a two-thirds vote to get the nomination, whi ch i.s the only reason Roosevelt didn't win it on the first ballot : Since : the repeal of this rule the favorite at convention time has always been nominated, usually on the -; Same Is True The superrich are beginning to talk about McGovern like they did aoout F. D R. 36 years ago, al though they will ll;.timately dis cover that the man from South is no more fundamentally "radical" than the gentleman from Hyde Park, N. .Y. Despite Roose velt's idealism and his concern for the "forgotten man," he was a conventional man, as well as being a very practical politician. The same can be said of McGovern, as will be seen as the camPaign proceeds. illere are other interesting par allels with F. D. R. ,For more than a year, many of. the so-called political experts_ have been saying first ballot. There is still another important factor to be kept in mind this ye ar, Roosevelt had a clear ma jority of delegates lined up before Chicago in 1932, but they were his chiefly be _c:ause of alliances with the various political bosses whi> then dominated the American scene. McGovern's situation .is mark edly different. No c andidate hi Democratic liistory has ever come up to the n ational convention with so many delegates earned through the ballot' box and state -He got them the hard way. He can count on most of them stick ing with him for a long time at Miami Beach, if need be. Since it takes only 1,509 votes to "Stronger For It" the most harmonious conventions in years for McGovern, rey, and Sen. Muskie eye-to-eye on most of the major issues. At a convention so obvious. win at Miami Beach this year, it There have been many predicis inconceivable that McGovern tions that the Democrats will could be denied the nomination, "carve" themselves l!P. at Miami especially at a convention where Beach, particularly in fights over the old bosses plus the governors the platform (It was the "peace and favorite sons and the state and plank" that tore the 1968 conven ly dominated by the liberal forces. county chairmen will have very tion apart.) limited power-less than at any time in the party's h is tory. it shour'd be no gi:eat problem to. write a platform acceptable to tha Lifer ;Sues; .He Will Cio 'To Har)fard cAMBRIDGE, Mass Black Panther Warren A. Kimbro, se rv-. ing a life term in the Connecticut State Prison, h.as been conditiona'lly admitted to the Harvard School of Education Kimbro, who pleaded guilty to the. murder of ,fellow Black Pan ther Alex Rac kley, Wednesd11-y filed for a writ of mandamus in Hartford Superior Co. urt He asked to be allowed to attend Harvad in the fall. Thursday a university official confirmed that he has been cepted to study for the regular mastey of education degree, pro vided he can obtain release from Kimbro asked Superior Court to order corrections officials to al low him to go before the Parole Board. His attorney says Kimbro Intends to study to become a social worlrer, with emphasis on working with young people. Before his involvement with the Panthers.... Kimbro held a position with a Haven antipoverty or ganization, Community Progress.' Inc. He also worked at a center for wayward youths called the Residential Youth Center. Actually, this could be one of great majority. WORLD PRESS HAILS ACQUITTAL, U. S. JUSTICE LONDON-A number of Eurotheir long hard fight for Angela's pean newspapers Monday hailed freedom." -' the acquittal of Angela Davis as TJ:iis conclusion was echoed py a demonstration of the impartial Europe's Communist press 'i'he ity of American Justice. French party paper L Humanite Terming the verdict (a milesaid the verdict "confirms the stone in America's tormented raestupidity of the charges" but it ial the London Dail y MaD added : "To ensure that justice said it "sensationally disproves \vas rendered it was necessar:i ;.fur'. that in the U. S. today a contromillions and millions o{: inen --versial black cannot get a fair women throughout trial from all white jurors in a staJld up -to -'mopstrjQU:S bourgeois middle-class area where :inequity." -i "" -/" ,:, :'t anti-Negro emotions have so -' been potent." ..: The Daily.. Teiegraph of The Independent a: Cons ervative_ Rome's biggest :hP: that .. :Qavis trial of politica L be post .warmly welcomed .by and racial ;_such iis f those who have least-sympathy for to threaten the fairneSs of Amerieverything 'she stands 1\sjnce can justice All Aine ricans : 'it denies breathed with relief at ''this merciful Impartiahty of Amepcll.l_l firmation of the Democratic valirl 2 ity of most ,'sacred "Yet even they may h ave in the history of the nation." 'v Imate misgivings," the Telegraph Sweden's liberal Expression con-added. "How much 'vioience and eluded that those who argued that seditiov can a 'free .society a black Communist could not get rate, they may ask, and remain justice before an American court free? --;,_.: had: been proved wrong. It said _,. \ .', tqe verdict was not unexpected in "To the observer ; Ainer .;view of the prosecution case. lean courts may not for th& first time ; somewhat biased : against The Soviet news agency 'I' ass the prosecution and to be to said in a report from New York the least, extremeiy nice and' that the decision "is a victory for scrupulous in their interpretation progressive-minded. peop}e in the of such phrases as United States and the world iD doubt." 1 > .. .... ..... -5 MODELS OPEN FOR YOUR INSPECTI')N ... ... -... '. -. .. --. '. ct Q 8 _, .... Cf\LL < : : (SolOs AL L STATE HOMES IN(.' i _,2, 3 or 4 BEDROOM '----. a WE A fiNISHED N Florid a CONCRETE BLOCK HOME Daily-Oflice. Ph .. CJ35-2.fJ I e E\Mni114 Ph. 837..:::2;144-. a 1 FOR YOU-and NO DOWN -c S PAYMENT-ON YOUR LOTI .. J 1ft C"4 z -WE BUILD 2 3 & 4 BED ROOM BLOCK COMPLETE FINISHED HOMES o ... OUR LARGE 2 BEDROOM BLOCK HOME WtTH CAR PORT. & UTILITY ROOM ___ !729000 0 ... OUR LARGE 3 BEDROOM BLOCK HOME WITH CAR p 0 RT & UTILITY ROOM $7-9 9 -O -00 ----. e US& YOUR LOT AS DOWN PAYMENT it 3VERSIZI!D B.fDROOMS e 2-LAAGI, FUU ._ e ROYAL SIZED LIVING ROOM .ARij DINING ROOM e $tiiO 'PORMICA KITCHEN Wn'H LARG. SNACK IAil MANNtl StEIDLE-It TH MANtoSE FOR YOUR NW H 0 .. ,., -:!-..... : .... ,: 0 0 ....... _,i } __ : ..... -o,. .. ,. -,,.,


PAGE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulleltin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition!! Tuesday, June 20, 1972 ------------' TASTY AUNT JEMIMA QUICK OLD MILWAUKEE Hog. EVERY DAY AHD SATURDAY 8 A. M. TO 7 P.M. f I ........................ ..... 8 A. M. TO 8 M. 5 Lb. Bag 39c SUNDAYS -:-. . . 8 A.M. TO. 12 NOON \ SPECIALS. FOR WED., JUNE 2lsl THRU SUN., JUNE 24th. Lb-LUZIANNE I WESSON IHSTANT ,,. .AUTHORIZED FOOD STAMP. STORE /' _,_ ----. -. -SUGAR CUBED --( :.: 'LYlEs SUGAR-CREEK s .MoKE. o ... FRESH FRYER NECK BONES --' CHICKEN 4 Lhs. $1 GIZZARDS .. 3 Lhs. $1 FOR BAR-B-QUE SPLIT -' JUST HEAT & 'EAT BREADE. D BROILERS_ 33c FRESH LEAN 8 -RIS.KET BEEF. PATTIES lb. 69c. ST'EW BEE. F Lb 39c LEAN TRIMMED RIB U.S.D.A. FULL CUT ROUND STEAK PORK CHOPS : Lb. 69c .. -Lb. : <. -.... --.. .. -. : "' -. ;\: .. : ; : r \ -. .. ... w.l ENE R S 2 Pkgs. 89. c .. FRESH FRYER CHICKEN NECKS 5 Lbs. 29c U.S.D.A. TENDER -TWIN STEAKS Lb. 79c U.S.D.A. JUICY CHUCK ROAST __ .. _Lb s9c: ---. .. ... ; : ... ... -. .. -. _.. \ ..... : .. ; .. -.:. : .... -.! .. 0 It COFFEE SAVE 30c -99C 6dz,lar. 49 I .,. r "' .... .< ., I .. !> ,;_ x / .. .. .: : : :'.'.: ., .. : : I JO.;SOM BA TJIIOOM .. :. : .-:. ;J. : ._ .. .. : 1 1 t J.ISSUE .-: <::-69 _. : l!-' S : ,: .. : ft';1-'MOTT'S SI"'E 12 ....... -.. ... .. ... r .. A -PPLE-.JUICE .. : .4.. ; .,_ 'I ... :-.r .. .. r r Jill! _,.. ..., 0 ; : .. ... .-. .: -. R I C E .. :DWIONIA ''"'i \ ,. -. 3 Lb. Big 39C 19 .. "' REG. 2 FOR 25c KING'S 'BISCUIT -. I rx ,WHITE POR Pkg. 5c Bottle 99c -. \ OVEN FRESH REG. 2 FOR 59c .BREAD 4 King SiJe 99 HUNT'S SAVE 25c FRUIT COCKT'AIL' 4 Tall Cans 99 SAVE 20c SAVE 20c PAMPERS' PAMPERS QAYTIME HEW BORN 30Count $1.69 '30 Count-$1.31 / -BRAKE PICNIC -' SALAD FLUID DRESSINCi -. Can 29c -Fall Quirt 39 ..-. -.


/ THE. BtAL. THING --. t MAINE FLAT HERRING PURE LARD SARDINES Coca Colas --22 Lb. $ 99 32 Oz. Qts. $ Can ..._ SAVE $1.00' \. ... :PLUS '. -&AVE SOc. TURNIPS. & .. ROOTS, .10 FRESH I -' l Tender Okra-. Lb. -SAVE SOc MUSTARit CiREENS 10 C-ans \ GRAPE: :ON HUNT'S-SAVE 35C' r CARNATION Hoods.Drinks, toMATosAuCE # $ 00 t:!300 $ 00 .Tall Cans .. $ 00 I


PACE FOURTEEN Fla. 5ent.inel-Bulle4tin Published every Tues. and Frl. Get Both Editions __ ................................... __ Tuesday, June 20, 1972 T yer T einple-cor. Cen&ral and Ron ReY. E. J. Rivers, Jr., Pas&or Mrs. Aubye McCall, Reoprter Sunday school began at 9:30 with Mr. Charlie 'Harris in charge. All teachers were at their posts. The Jesson was discussed by Mrs. Simmons and .Mrs. Veola Pope, and, the pastor. Morning service began at 11 wit h choir No. 1 and jun ior ushers serv ing. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. His subject was "What Kind of a Father?" Wednesday evening at 8 choir No. 2 will have rehearsal. Friday evening at 7:30 choir No. 1 will have rehearsal. All other. activities remain the same. Highlights fron1 the General Conference were given by Mrs. Katherine Willis and M::-s. Ruby Yotmg. The funeral of !V):rs. Bertha Reed will be held in Reddick on Sunday. Mrs' Lenora Perez is confined to St. Joseph Hospital. Mrs. Addie Hudson is confin ed to St. Elizabeth Hospital. Mr. George Cook was admitted to St Joseph Hospital. Mrs. Juanita Pilcher ;s 'home after being confined to the hospital. Others on the sick li s t are Mm es. Claudia Scipio, Lucy Knight, Ransome McDonald iu\d James Oliver, and Mattie James is confined to Tampa General Hos pital. All are asked to visit these members and the other sick arid shut-ins. Allen T em pie No. 1 Mrs. lola !McCloud, President Mrs. Millie Horn Reporter Allen Temple Choir 1 will have rehearsal Wednesday night at 8 at the church. All members are to be present and on time. Immokalee The s e rvices were very good nt all churches in the city be ginning with S. S. At mor,n ling and evening serv1ces 1Choirs and ushers were at then tposts. The sermons were au de aivered by the various pastors. Morning service at First Bapt. began with Deacon Collen Rhodes in charge of devotion. The No. 1 choir and ushers served. The sermon was delivered by !Rev. H. Nichols, the pas-tor. At 3, Rev. Robertson and 1rnembers of St. Paul church of Ft. Myers was in charge of the _,ervice. This was the anniversary of First Baptist. At the evening service R ev. iBouger and members ?f St. 'John and New Jerusalem choir of Ft. Myers closed out the an niversary service. : Rev. Nichol s and his wife on Monday for a two weeks :vacation The following are on the si c k hst: Mrs. Rose Houston is con lfined at Lakeland General Hos. (pital; Miss Willie Ruth Fra zier, Naples General Hospital; and Mr. Wil Simpson is home lifter being coofined to the hospitaL The funeral of Mr. Otis Gates and Mrs. Mattie Johnson was held Wednesday. Mrs. Clara Backly i s home after visiting in Leary, Ga .; with per grandson Mr. Ernest Hicks, and family. Mr and Mrs. W ilAdderly are home after attending bl1e funeral of their cousin M1s. Marie Hargrand '-'homas in Tifton, Ga. Rev. H. Nichols, pastor and Mrs. Mary Townsend, Rept. LEGAL NOTICE FICTITIOUS NAl\IE Public notke is hereby given that &he undersigned intends to register with Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida, Pursuant to Chapter No. 20953, Law1 of Florida, acts of 19H l..eglslature, tbe fictitious name &1)-wlt: Tampa Tree Service, under wllich tbey are eRgjle;ed in b11lles at 217 E. Moore st. Ta1QP8, Floricla. Dated Jae !, 1872. Mr. CltltR E. SmKh, owaer. Famu Prexy Selected For Leave Grant TALLAHASSEE -Dr. Benjamin L. Perry, Jr., president of Florida A&M University, has been selected as one of 20 university and co!lege administrators to rece ive a short term leave grant from tht! Danforth Foundation Dr. Perry will take a two month leave o f absence beginning June 19 and tour nine foreign countries in cluding K e n ya, Nigeria, Marrocco, Ethiopia, Spain France, Germany, Swi tzerla nd and Sweden The grants which t otal $5,000 each are intended for pre si dent s principal academic officers of coll eges, univer sitie s and juniQr colleg es. William C. Nelson, director of the program, said, Th e purpose of the grants is to pro vide oppor tunities for college and administrators to enlarge the i r perspectives of current and futme educational issues and to reinforce the administrator's leadership ca p abilities in higher educ atiori." Perry will be returning for th-:: second time to Nigeria, a country where he spent three years as dean of students and Michigan State adviser at th.c University of Nigeria from 1962-64. The president of the Republic of Nigeria honored Perry for "oatstandi ng services to the Uni versity of Nigeria." Dr:. Perry will be accompani.:!d by his wife, Helen and daughter, Kimberly. BODY REPAIRMAN .. APPLY IN PERSON !\lUST BE EXPERIENCED 1415 E. Busch Blvd. ASK FOR FREDDY Must Be Over 30 SUMMER JOBS FOR YOUR YOUNG SOH THAT CAN LAST ALL YEAR LONG. START HIM AS A Beulah Dorcas Circle 1\lrs. Mary Crawford, Chairman Mrs. Etta White, Repoder The Dorcas Circle of Beulah Baptist Church will meet Thursday morning at 9 at the home of Mrs B Robinson, 1665 Parkway. The lesson by Mrs Wilson The sub ject will be Christ Answer? What Good Does It Do To Pray?" This will be taken from St. Matthew 22:21-22 The alphabet letter is "Z". The last meeting was h e ld at t:1e home of Mrs. Hazel Sim s, 1558 Nuccio Parkway, Apt. A Macedonia Baptist Thonotosassa Bethel Baptist 808 Short Emory Street Rev. J. L Overstreet, Pastor Mrs. IJIIie Mae McDonald, Rept. Sunday School be.gan at 9:30 a m. Mr Wilton Sweeting presided. The l esson was taugiht by trhe teachers ass igned to the various classes. Morning worship wa s beg an at 10:45. D evotion was conducte d boy Mr. Earl Howard and Mr. Alston D o ugl as. Mus ic was rendered by th e Sanctuary Ohair. Usher board No. 1 served. Th e s ermon was delivered by Mr. !Everett Curry who chose for his theme. "Have You .Been BGm A g ain?" Rev. Jack Paris, Pastor Shirley Davis, Rept. '.I1he rntinist l'Jt devekpe d h J s them e by selecting hi s scripSunday school and mominrg ture from the thiir d clha.pter of service were high spirtuall y and the book of St. John with spec well attended.. i a l e1111phasis on verse three. One We at Ma cedonia are be-ginm ember was added to the ,ning to move. The You th on the church. second Sunday raised $5312.00 to Evening worsJhip was begun help with the new church. Come a t 5:15. The s ame deacons, c hoi'I', on d VIacedonia and s h o ulder your and ushers s eorved. Thls service share. Pray meeting Wednesday was a 'Pl"ayer service, where an evening at 7:3Q. that were present had a chance July 6, 1972 at 6 p m on the to praticipate. lawn of Mr. and Mrs. Robert The deacon ess board will spon Oa bs the youth w i U s ponsor a sor an outdoor covered di sh reloigious revival (1.'\ Rl.<\i P FIOIR pkruic at the home of 1Mr .and .TESUS). Come on out and l.i.S-' iMrs. Allen &potford, ,28J..7 20th ten while the man of God tells Street, Wednesday evenjn.g at 7. you what Jesus sruys. -Rev L All deacooesses and deacons are iE. Lampley is the minister. lliV'ited to attend. Come as you are. Bring your tAll auxiliaries will resume stool, piUow or rug to rest on. their same schedule of meetings Save Time And Phone Your News 248-1921 and reihearsals for the week. Morning Star Choir ,No. 1 Deacon Clyde Cooney, President Mrs. Mattie Harrison, Reporter Morning Star Choir No : 2 will have business meeting Thursday at 7 :30 at the church. All are asked to be on time. BUSINESSMAN N 0 W See It Here First! FOR THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN This could be one of his most valuable lessons in responsibility. He learns to manage his roule, wisely and well. For the news pap_er boy, lhal's a boost in-self-confidence, as well as an early start .in developing a sense of businesss enterprise and accomplish ment thai will sland by him all his life. To the newspaper boy, we say, "CONGRATULATIONS." We're proud lo know you. PAPER ROUTES AVAILABLE IN ALL SECTIONS OF TOWN! Take Your Pick Of Routes, Or Slarl Your Own! COST 10 Papers $1 15 Papers $1.50 20 Papers $2.00 25 Papers $2.50 30 Papers $3.00 Contact: Fla. Sentinel 2207 2lsl A VEIIUE OR PROFIT .so $1 $1.25 $1.50 etc. Bulletin Phone: 248-1921 g 2000 = :C Borth Dale Mabry '71 MUSTANG t"1 6-Cyl., 3 Speed, Radio, 3 Heater, Air, Low 1\tileage. 5 $2595 < '69 CHEVELLE N VIALIB U 2-Door Hardtop, c::t V-8, 4-Spede, Radio, H eatger. > f"'' "t"'J $1595 '72 BUICK SKYLARK 4-Door, V-8, ::C. Auto. Trans., Power & Air. > -= $3295 '72 CHEV. IMPALA N 4-Door, Auto. Trans., V-8, g Power & Air, Low Milec::t age, Choice of .Colorst :c "$3395' '72 CHEV. VEGA ., Hatchback Auto. Trans., .,;a Radio; Heater, Factory = Air, Low Mileage. Choice 11:11:1 of Colors! < $2395 N g '69 VOLKSWAGEN c::t Squareback Station Wag = on 4-Speed, Radio, Heater. > f"'' $1395' l"1 '71 CHEV. VEGA 3-Door, stand-1:11:1 ard Trans., -Btd it just as 11:11:1 it was traded in. ..C: tra_ ded ln $1395 '65 OLDS F -85 ::2C V-6 Standard Trans., Ra dio, Heater, Buy it just as t:S it was traded in! :taJ f"'' tiS ::c $395 :&:-1\IORE THAN 200 CARS 1:11:1 TO CHOOSE FROM! Sta= tion Wagons, Family Cars, Sports Cars, Foreign Cars, e '65's thru '72's. N Open Weekdays 'Til II P.M = = = :c OPEN SATURDAY 'TIL 6 P.M.


' T.etday, June 20, t972 Fla. Publiahed every Tues. alld f'rt Cet Bod. Edition8 ---------PA-.. !M


. PAGE SI-X.TEEN' June 20, -... TEt;HNICAL ASSISTANCE .. .' NEW YORK ..:._ William Young, President o( 1\Iental Health Administration (HSMHA) Villamil Deputy ... Asilistant .Boone, anc't Associates, Iric,, of New York_ (stand is the New York Regi onai Director for the small "Young and : James A. Office ing smiles his satisfaction .,as Car-aushiess Adnunistration and Kessler is Dhector of Minority Business ,1\dm_inistration. -11ie los a n d Julius J. Kessler (sealed lett to at HSIUBA, .I award is part of aJi HEW-SBA: program ;iO-;s ubstantfally '. right) sign papers awarding Young's organization a Looking on (standing left to right) are John A. enlarge bu!!iness opp' ortuititie! :for $149,525 to provide technical assistance in Schneider, Deputy sBA; Normali : B: Houston, nesses. fapilly plan ning services to: HEW's Health Services :Adult Summer Begin' s The,' of the Adult .. Hign ::,oenuols m Hwsoor (;ounty June HI. Var. ious I eaucaciona1 are. a ole il). our community to help Citizens k'eep pace with the con temporary adult w oria ; Aaul t s returning : to sch!>Ql on: a; part or full' time basi's t'J .;. comphite-,: require'meuts for.' ear;ting a bigh school dilpoma .. O'ther adults classes in :M_atit; etc'. \ ... fof"' review. prior to If c ollege or. uni' ve:rsity : : .... : -. M llnY adults are returning tO .. to help keep pace with pu ( rapidly clianrig : socjety, .. )heir : ; a speci!ic' area of in o terest .for tast :Y!larf o'ief. pa r .id'piitedd n the .. idiilt hi!g;tam.. > .: : C;ourses may. )>e"' take n for, ... it-' or i1ori-ctedit:courses al'e ... f able in English (ali levels), Math.'Math, the S::j.eri'ces; the Social Studies, and ':Busiiless Ecluca1ion subjects; e.g ; T ) peY,riting ;,-sh.$:irthand, Stem>-. etc: : : i f!lsse ,1 In H1. gh Sch ol Cpmpletion, G.E.D Re:VieV{; Personal Enrich m e n t Busine .ss

"" Tue<:. day, June -.20, 1972 Fla. Sent!ne1-Bul16ttn PubltalieCI every Tue!. inCI Frf. Cet Both Editioiii -Trinity (ME Church. Church, Tallavest At 6 p.m. the same o hoir along with the ushers and pastor were in Brandenton 2401 No. Howard, Avenue to close tihe Annual Men's Day Rev L. L. Ward, Pastor c elebl.'lation of Carter Temple !Irs. Patricia Thompson, Rept. C M.E: Church. The message Sunday serv ices began at Hl wall de1ivered b y Rev. W R. e .m with Sunday School. The Johnsoo, Pasto r Holsey Tem was in charge. of devobi<>n. ple. All classes were combined, and Mond.ay night the Gospel Ohoru s beautifully d is cussed by Natwas on program at Holsey Tem haniel Sims. ple. Wednesday riight all memMorning worship was conduct bers of the No. 1 Choir aN!' ask to: conc-lude on th& second Suri day in July The contestants -ue Cecelia Pia, Edward Floyd, John Edward Youngblood remember the sic k and sh ut-ins Pray for and viSJit with them Visitors are 1 alwa y s welcome to wor:ship with us at all times. PACE SEVENTEEN TAMPA-'S NIGHT BEAT .By JOHNNY JACOBS ed at 11 a m. with the call to ed to meet at Mt. Plea&ant 1\I, worship by Rev. Youn g blood and IB Ohurch of which t he Rev. G the No. 1 choir sang The mess-W. Mitc hell is Pas tor. The mess 18ge was d e livered b y Past<>r age will be del ive red by Rev. Ward from the subject The Ward. Thur sday nigh t begin.nling World In A Hurry." 7 :30, prruyer me eting, all mem-Sava Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 TAMPA' S NIGHT BEAT .. n .. weather bureau sent to us, had most of ttie brothers and SISters sitting it out at home over the Well, almost everybody. '.Dhere was no evening s&v ice. bers and friends are invdted to At 3 p m : the No. 1 c'hok was come Let's ha ve a good time in .a guest of the Women In of Chapel .. C. M E:.. There will be a B aby Yours truly has often wondered why the weather people alwa y s named hurricanes and tornadoes after women. W e ll, now that I m married, I under stan d why Agnes, the pa rty pooper the The action started 'in the far east at the almight.Y INN. CHARLES THOMAS h 'as main tai ned a full house for the last ,: :-.. .-AQD&f211A a1.ooo trnJ!Hr. .... e'l,O'}losition thermostat 2 :speed cool i ng fan ., e Superthrrtst setfill.g for dls-tantareaa : e direction contrOl .J .. Air wuh filt-ering yste $3 1 Slide-out chassis ,._ \. : _, Uquld Cen(tr a .JL;,r $iUS. "Go-fnta'' IV ji ; .. ,. .. one iet to a customer .. at this price. Conalate .nt Ions distarice _Bc accuracy,. Lastins tough cover fiQlah. Priced $t!Sot : .. : : :;L< r", 8pri(iil C6netructl0n ; Multlcolol' atdpe pattern W/black' 'bind ln'!f.Buy now. ROW AT YOUR IIEARBY.; 0 0 GOODYEAR SERVICE. TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA EasJgale lillshro .Plaza jo. ACROSS FROM :.?. ACROSS FROM four weeks Why THE soULMAS.-_ TERS from Dalias : is defi ... nitely orie. df.-the charged up, electrifying per!o t matices that thi s carrier h as 'with two y oung !adies thlit,bare it all m i d go by the nimlt'i of MISS DYN.<\1 MiTE and MISS ,FUSE, the explo sion is inevitable. The that spotliglits tb{ whole show': goes by,' n11me .. o l beailtlft.ll; ... LO'VNGE .. witli ren; ditions that' r,eproacti .. A ti vely as the beimtiftil )'ot.ing Tass .; _. < .">: .. elM, as AS had .Jilll pat;f filament. Remember what .tne 'gOOd bQOk sai((' "fle srud let tliefe and thei e wen;' .. a t .lioout 1 a m. Saturday night 'someone at the Il\ilst have let there be no light, because .-all of a audden was no light. It that some<>ne had met heagon .a ra,ying electr )ca l 1 post therefore tlie z lights at the ON-STOMNN tO go With n() eleCtricitY.; the band could not play, and again .Went down n to old man cii-cumi;tance. TO tbose .of. us who: are ( __ ,_. .... .. \. .. -. .}-ing about l?ame_;.:at: the Main Street, : B-ROWN.-... yOOJ!gt.la ,ss, '-who -is thi daughter 6t tfie : J'ovely JUANTA :-BROWN; li1&: HONG'EY-TONK ,oyer oo 3411, : dec ided :to dlo :her ,;own' thing; Dliilass this that restautllilt o}lening 'the strive to \he West Tampa area. ; 'J'. _. I .. 'for t!leir grand r. 1 : :-L-: <:-<".;; ;-: bro\flePS TERNATIONAL cLuB Maln ;stx:ce{!t ? : Tile club IS -yq'\i, m\l sr.lia,Ve ."9.' card to eh,fer. MAKE A JOYFUL. NOISE THE .. JOYFUL 'SISTERS"" A N I) inloTIIF;&': .If _who life ; : rather tl!an .. It's 11 mindiufnc .. r ..:., ticiiis-::;thi poiK:JeS, ru .. an!'\ .,)0 .., -t:i'ett1!'red the manage!, '1!!: b ; ... and .as done It'd_,.:: Th .. ,-:se"< soned with : an a ( 9ms ,, Co11 the .. find one Qf the bay area, 'CLEO : -.::. -. -11202 N. 22nd ST. 2N1 W. Billaborou1h Open Dally 8:30 to s :30 Brill on Aqul ee habla Espanol PHONE 177-N28 Plaza Moican TwillS Sts. ''Wesl Slaore Plai .. c RANDOLP)i_ KINSEY, '" truly's go\f instructor, in(o fm.-v iJ,tg. the fellows tha,t-,._h( proved his golf .game.;by strokes )"htn asked how; KINSf!:Y replied PHONE 237-3361 O,ea Dally I:H to 1:11 1111 I, DALE MABRY TAMPA TAMPA Teple Terrace. Korth Gate PRONE 831-1891 tUO N. 56ih ST. t222 FLORIDA AVE, Dally 8:30 to I P.M. PRONE PHONE t32-511S Sat. I to 1:30 DaUy 1:30 .to S:" o.,. n.lly 1:8 .. $:10 ., PHONE IZNII!l Open 7:30 &o 5:30 Sat. 7:SO &ol P.M. Aqal M habla Etpanol -'1002 W. X:euedy Bl'f .. PHON E 877..01 .. Open Dally 8:30 &o li:SO Aqal M babla Espaaol : I :hol ,es;,. THAT'S M;t,:. BROmEJU;2'"DRVGS" ARE A ....,.,. ...... 7 "'; BAG THAT 'YO)J.TU A BOll' ...


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PublisheCI fii;fy T .. Frf ... Celt &ttl "' ........ Tuesday, June 20, 1972 flvegot over 300good,s Adniiniotrtion Administration Specialis( Broadcast Speciahsr !Rc;!io nsi TV 1 C41'Q and Tpe Writer Chap!Oin's Assist4nt ClerkTypist -'. Operations Goordin4tor !All-craft Dispatcher) Information Specialist Rei:ords Specialist Movements Specialist < Transporttionl Rorsonnel Speciolist y\ ... Repair Aircroft CompOnents Repeir ,O.pprer.tice Aircroft Electricin Aircraft Hydraulics Repeirmon Fb\vertroin Repeirmon Er1CJino Repairman Aircraft Rotor or\d Propeller Rej)oirmori Aircroft Turbine Engine Airfrome Ropelrman AHlG Helic opter Repoirman AmaliMointononce Apprentice CH>HoliGopler Repeirman CH-37 Helicopter Repelrman CH-47 Helicopter F.leP.irmec onldm i nati on Spoc:1atist Smoke and Fiome Specilist Combat Engirieering Demoii1ion Munitions .Spe<;iali31 Combat Engineer Combat Engineer Trac ked Vehicle C(ewman Bas1c Const;uction E n gineer Conibat Missile Electronics Maintenance Combt Support Missile System Repoirmo!T Land Cocnba( Support ? y stein Test Specialist Light Air Defense System ElectrOnic Repairman ReQeye M1s s tle W e apo n S y s tems Repa.lfman Shille l agh Mtss1lt> S y stem Repa1rman W1re Gu1de Mtsslle System Repa1rman Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Airborne Sensor Specialist Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition : Crewmari Counterbottery/Counte.rmortar Radar Crewman Fla.:sh Rangin_g Crewman Ground S urveillnce Rdor Crewman SearchligRt Crewman Sound Ranging Crowmn Cpmmunications Center Operations i Communicat i ons Cente r Specialist Cr;ptogrophicCenter Specialist Datd. Communica.tions'Swi tching Center Special is t Dd.ta Communications Terminal Specialist Te) ephone Switchlxxml Operotor Consiruction and Utilities Camouflge Specilist CArperiter C o n struct i on and Utilit i es Worker Electrician H e ahng and Cooling Specialiecia!iSt Laboratory Specialist _Petro\"Um Laborotory Speciolist uw Knforoement Military PoUceman f LinguioW Oper .. Amphibin Engineer Amphiblon OperatOI" Marine Engineer Seaman Water Croft Operator Auto'motive Rep"airman : Fuel and Electrical Systems Rpall1!lMI Mechanical Maintenance Helper Quartermaster .Heovy Eqtiipment Repelrmen Quartermaster light Equipment Rcpeirman y.'heel Vehicle Med;;,al Cue and. TrNtment Clinical Sp8ciolist Denta l Specialist EKGBMR Spociolist (Eiectrocardioqram!&SII! Metabolic Rote) Electroencephalograph Specialist Food Inspection Specialist Medical Corpsman Medical Specialist Neuropsychiatric Speci a list Operating Room Specialist ... Pharmacy SP!>Ciolist Social Speciollst X ray Specialist Metalwor!Mg Blacksmith Machinist Marine Hull Repeirman Metal Body Repairman Metalworking Apprentice Wel der Fire Conirol ElectroniC. M&intenanc. Hawk Mis5ile Continuous Wove Radar Repairman Hawk Missile Fire Conlrol Repairman Hawk Missile Pulse Radar Repeirman Missile High Radar-Simulator Nike Missile Track Rador Repeirman MiuUe Mechanical MainteMnce Missile Mechanical Repeir Apprentice Pershing Missile ElectricolMechanicol Repairman Pershing Missile Motor/StrJctures Repetrman Sergeant MissUe Electnoal Mechanicol Repoirman Motor Trantport Driver Pictorial Audio Specialist Motion Picture Cameraman Photographic Laboratory Specialist Television Production Specialist fbwer Production Diatributloll High Voltage Electricin -N\ICleor Fbwerplant Electricion/Operator Nuclear fbwerplant lnstrumentman/Operator Nuclear Powerplant Mechanic / Operator Powerman (Generator Operator) Power Generation Operator/ Mechanic Fbwer Generation Equipment Repeirman fbwor Pack Specialist fbwer Station Operator Precision Devic. .. : Camera Repairinan Fire Control Instrument Repeirman Office Machine Repeirmon Projector Repairman Reproduc tion Equipment Repelrman S/irveillonoePhotog r aphic Equipment i'.lpographic ln91rument Repairman Printiri!J Prinfer' s Proce>s Photographer P;oothetiC Applioni:H Brace S_pecia\is t Dentall ) xed Prostlietic Dental Removable Prosthetic Specialist Optical Lobora!OrY Spe(:ialist Rd.r and Microwave MinteMnce Airborne Surveillance R4.dar Repairm4n Air Defense Radar Repdlirman Combat Area S urveillance Radar Repairman Electronic Wa:rf11re Equipme n t Repairman Ground Control Radar Repeirmon Radio Specialist Satellite Communications Ground Transmission Station Equipment Repa i rman .. Strategic Microwave Systems Repairman Stirveille.nce Infrl!rea .... Repairman Television Equipment Repairman __ Weapons Supj)ort Rdor f1epoirman F!adio Code: Co.mmun i cation s Security SMf!lis.t Morse Code I n terceptor Rdio Operator: Radio Tel etype Operator Specialldentili c ahon Operate .. Teletypewriter l n tercep_[or flallway Operaijon& 1\ir):>r.ake Repairman Diesel-Electric Locomotive Electrician Diesel Elechic lqc;o.motive Operator Railway Car Repairman ( : : Railway Steam Locomotive Ref)airrlto.n"" Trainman : Slgnallntellige'nce : Cryptanalytic Specialist Electronic Warfare Operator-Analyst Traffic A nalyst Voice Interceptor Speciollntelligence />. rea Intelligence Specialist Counterintel!igence Agent Specw Options Non-commissioned Officer Candidate Coum Officer Candidate School Warrant Officer Flight Troinil)g Supply liircroh Repeir Parts Specialist Armorer /Unit Supp l y Specialist Automotive Replr Parts CommunicolionsElectronics Repair Parts Specialist Equipment Storage Specialist Medical Supp l y a n d Parts Specialist Missile Repa i r Parts Specialist Patroleum Storage Specialist Special Purpose Equipment Repeir Parts Spe ci alist 1 Stoc k Control and Accounting Specialist Subsistence Storage Specialist Supplyman Surveying Artillery Surveyor Construction Surveyor Rodman and Tpeman TopOgraphic Computer Topographic Surveyor Technical Equipment Operation Air Traffic Control Ground Contro!Appt'OGCh (GCA) Specilist Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower Operator Ballistic Meteorology Crewman Flight Simulator Specialist Meteorological Observer Textile and te.ther Repelr Canvas Repairmdn ParaChute Rigger Shoe Repeirmon Textile and Leather Repeir Approntioe Textile Repairman Wire Maintenance Antennaman Coble Splicer Di l Central Office Repeirman Field 'tliremon Lineman Manual Central Office Repoirman Olfset Preosirian *.=r:.:::... These job areas are subject change. For the latest availabilities, see _rour nearest Army Representative. EDUCATIONAL VIRTUALLY UNLIMITEDi Tampa 228 7711, Ext. 171; 621-1472,. 988 9237 St. Petersburg, Dade City 893-3181, 446-7260,. 567-3331


Tuesday, June 20, t 972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Frf. -Get Both PAGE NINETEEN. GATORS SIGN TAMPA'S LEE McGRIFF TO FULL SCHOLARSHIP GAINESVILLE Lee McGriff 5 9 sophomore split end, who play ed his high school foot ball at Tampa PlaJ.!t, has signed. a schol arship with t he Univ e rsity of Flor Ida McGriff, who played freshman ball last s eason wit hout a scholar ship make s the 41st football pla y er to sign with the Gators this Ilea son. "Each year, one or.j;wo players who have been without scholarship show enough abilit y to earn a grant," said Florida "head coacl{ Doug Dickey. Lee has certainly demonstrated the qualities we look for in any scholarship athletes,". he added McGriff last season the team in pass receiving with 26 catches for 468 yards. and fiv e touchdowns, an ave r age of 18.0yards per c a tch He also led the freshmen in scoring wit h 32 point s. He made Honorable Mention All County while playing high scho-N : Y.-Thdbird with tile deal. which him tct' tholomay and went home; the annual Jda urice Stokes :Wemor. ial .J'.ittsburrh in lN9. ,_ beh. d b' Ponce, Puert. o natt'v a ;d. b_. asket ball gaJ.. e, fe aturinK : Th.e r -as lt'tt .l tim"' to .:._! .;. JACKSONVllLLE .been playine. !n lg "' -f 1 t 11 be 1 "' "' "' ... ..., GiJm()re imd Ernie Fleming' ib.-men he hopes the tradition con-"I' f d 'th. -t 1 pAr.O e11551onta v c tp Pearsrin ; though, tile' .. '. -. up Wl no p aymc U( : a ... u_. .... r oun .l'Y.CU.' B .. ltimore scen e cam" .;,; Ro_ n eparable at-Gardner-Webb tinues. L-Th t -li.:. b -h t d C!"'t d ., "' 1 1 J k .. -. .. ncre. ey .... rei!-. me ere 1 was announce : .... ur ay. .. din ho ; ; ,;.,1 i.:..- d ... t t r Junior Col ege and at ac !on-. "At Gardner-Webb there were .. w .. u;pa c.... o h b d. h b d Iw_'ishthey'dgi_veinemyrelease. N;;;;-En,Jandm: 1 970 had a p pe a rd ville t e Artia and a not er ig man, an ,.. ... .the buddy-buddy routine again iat iu there were. Arti. z and I played last night and did okay mer Cincmnatr Roya)l! star who to : (ft, th .. -id arid I seventh. ,I've ne_ ver died in 1970. Haym,ocnud .. .0m e mo _a :In the pros. -, Pembrook (Burrows). andJ Gre&" '.nle IJ3IklriijiaJ JJ,ad d.ralt and then yeei' _batted that low in JllG' life. But I Before a mem

PACE TWENTY Fla. s...tJa.I-BulLiitin e-..ry Tues. au Fri. Get Editioai Tuesra,., JQDe 10, 1912 -S.PORTANIC 'FLOODS-. By WILIJAM 0. BETHEL c::::::-GREAT TAMPA CAGERS ------:-= 1 I was sitting around thinking about all the many, -great bla .ck athletes I have known to come out of Tampa. I have ICnown some really, r eally great ones since I came to Tampa in 1946. These gre11t ones from Don Thompson, Blake and Middleton are aLmost too numerous to mention. I will try tq mention -as many as possible but I am sure I will miss a few. THE LATE 1940's When I first hit Tampa there were such fellows as Bill Brown, ''Tree Top" Williams, Leroy Y Radio Red" Porter, Norman Shot" Jackson, Charles "Trick Shot White and Sam ''Red Hot Hearn" : at Don Thompson Vocational High School. At Middleton was such greats as Nathaniel "Gee. Legs" Thomas, Charles "Juy" Bostic, Jesse Smoke" Davis, J. W "Love" Dowling, Osborng_ Meteye, Fred Washington and the incomparable Hermon "Big M an" Pittman This group of basketball players was as good as any in the country. Throw in Billy Reed, Coleman White and Rigoberto Gar- cia who were at St Peter Claver plus Walter "Dirk" Gibbons and Clifford "Quack" Brown wh:> were at Bobker T Washington and Freddie Teco" Niles, Earl Joe "Banner" Gbodman, Albert "Chink" Jones and Bobby ThompSon who wer e at Carver Jr. High School then you really have something to remember. These fellows were so g,reat in basketball they were feared by every one they played. The above mentioned fellows never tired of playing basketball They the game in c essantly and it was their whole lives : )HE l$50's -'. :::After tha_ t great group had finished their playing time along as Wilbert Prince, Melvin Johnson, Jeff. Gum_ Elro-p" Horace. ''Tobo'' Barnes and Richard Hall at Don Thompson Middleton -had J o hn L. White, Andrew James, HarQld "Blue" Williams, "Smokey" Randolph et at Even later Don Thompson come up with a very diminitive group that was great, This group was made up of Archie Mond, ... "G-ator Bait" Marshall end l rememoer'that Harold "Charley Rag" Watson was the largest man on this little team that did such big th,ings. -. Then came the great team at Middleton that was called the "Ten ran Men." This was a super outfit that included such greats as Harold "Dum Dum'' Donnell, John Bryant, Clarence "Thin Man" Davis, the great. Charles "Hands" Moore and sensational Fteddie "Joe" Maura. This group along with Yeoman Nathaniel "Orange Man" Fleming pllJS Donald "Curt" and several other tree toppers was terrific even though were upset by Campbell Street High of Daytona Beach iri the state tournament in a disaster that will never be forgotten in Tampa. Coach Arthur "Bronco" Smith and John L. White were also key figures with The "Ten Tall Men.'' The next year after "The Ten Tall Men" at Middleton The Tigers had a _few of The Ten Tall Men left like Harold "D(\m Dum Donnell John Bryant, Clarence Thin Man" Davis Charles "Hands" Moore and under the leadership Little Leroy "Jack" Maura_ and they went all the way. The very next year The Tigers almost did ;it again with Moore, unbelievable_ George Chic-a Long Stevens, Freddie. "King Yul' Hires and scrappy Theodore "Teddy Bear" Johnson. This group lost to a sensational Apopka team that fea tured the amazing Willie Goose'' Thomas in the semi-finals of the state tournament. THE 1960's__ Then over at Blake High came the teams _that featured sen sational shooting "Horace "Monte Edmonds, ball handling wizard Howard Capers, ball.liawking Bobby Wilds, all around Jacob Knight and the great David "Tight" Wright About this time Middleton -had such greats as long tall Ronald Long, "Jumping Jack" George Dix on and one of the greatest all around players to ever play in pa Jimmy Allen Also on the Middleton team was the great com petitor Frank Ford. Then came the team at Middleton that set a national record for points scored in a state tournament. The 1964 Middleton High team averaged 103 points per game for three state games. The team consisted of such great stars as James Copeland, Jerome "Jeep" Suttons, "Baybro'' Thomas, Jim my "Red" Smith ; great shooting National and team was led by the amaZing Jimmy "Captain" Smith ; There has been even more great players at Blake Middle ton before desegregation. Boys like the big boy at Blake a couple of seasons ago whose name 1 think was James Bell. Middlet?n has had such greats as leaping Ernest Mathis and astonishing little Andrew Frazier. THE EARLY 1940's Even before I came Tampa and was a student at Tuskegee Institute I saw a group of -great fr_or;-Tampa at the Na tional Tournament at Tuskegee Institute. This team consisted of l3ill Mobley, Willie "Guts" Hendrix, Ben Moore, Robert Gardner and the great Big Jim': Williams : As I said before I kn?w I have missed mentioning a few and even now I can remember tpe great efforts of Herbert Clarke at Blake High and the great scoring of Robert Gatlin for Middleton. Tampa has a lot to be proud of for its great basketball teams and players down through the years. In fact Tampa can be as proud if not prouder than any other city in the state for its basket ball. QUICK QUIPS: Look for Jimmy Smith to get his Plant City High Planters basketball team going real good next season. is a born winner and he may have a new fine assistant next season Salt water fishing is still somewhat off except sheepshead. Trout and mackarel just haven't put in a good showing as yet. Freshwater fishing is still going good. I often wonder who they will dig up for Joe beat on the next time. They c ould give aging Floyd "The Hare'' P at terson another shot. Everyone knows Patterson couldn't possibly stand up under one of Frazier's patented "left hook bombs.'' Then again Patterson may still be too dangerous for the Frazier organintioo. All ia -yery quiet on The Western Conference football situation fur ne-xt football seuoo. This. means that 80mebociy is hid-I WHO DONE IT IN SPORTS I I Question: Where is Cassius Clay hammad Ali" Clay really from?" Answer: Muhammad Ali is act ually from Louisville, Kentucky He was born and raised there. Q-Was Plant City High Coach Jimmy Smith born in Tampa? A-Jimmy Smith was born and raised in Sarasota Florida Q-Why is it you don t like wrestling and why is it you don't ever write about it? A-I don't dislike wrestling but I don t write about it simply be cause I am not interested in it. I say go for yourself if you are interested in wrestling and more power to you arid wrestling Q-Is Lloyd Mumphord of The Miami Dolphins a native of Tam pa? A-Lloyd Mumphord was most ly raised in Tampa btlt he wasn t born in Tampa. Q-Do you really think there is the use of narcotics by ath letes on our state college and universities teams? A-Who can say what is what when it comes to the use of nar cotics these days. However, I wouldn't be surprised at anything I hear or see, Q-Can sheepshead f I s h be caught on artifi c ial lures? A-Sheepshead just won't hit artificials. One may be snagged once in awhile. P-What was the name of the most famous black rac e horse jockey ever? A-The most famous black race horse jockey ever was Isaac Murphy. Q-How great was Jack John son? A-According to N a t Fleischer the most noted of all ring experts Jac k Johnson was the greatest. Q-How would you rate Vida Blue with the all time great pit chers? A-In comparing Vida Blue with the all-time great pitchers I can only say it is just too soon to know. FACTS AND FIGURES Mr Paul Culver came out for the Middleton High football team as a too short too stubby and too slow football lineman In fact Mr. Culver was too everything to play football and he looked like every thing but a football player. Yet bHore it was all over Mr Culver was the best guard on the Middle ton squad. In spite of his awkard looking size for football the Middleton oo.aches recommended him for a Culver was looked over by t h e Rattler coaches and was actually cu.t off scholarship and sent home one time. After coaches at Mid dleton made another plea for him he was allowed to come back. .and was given a chance. This time the undying spirit, ef fort and intestinal fortitude of Mr. Culver caught on with the Rattler staff. The Jast two years Mr. Culver was at Florida A&M he was the best and most depend able guard on a great Rattler team. Mr. Culver is currently assistant principal at Meacham Element ary School. His story proves that no .matter what a man's limita tions are he can succeed if ha really tries St. Pete's Loses In Jordan .Gloves. CINCINNATI .,.... Sylvester Jor dan's last l"Oad to the Olympi c s t&ned into a dead end late Thursday night when he was knocke d out in the final 10 rounds of h1s match in the National Golden Gloves championships. George stinson, a 209pounder from Philadelphia; trapped t h e St. Petersburg fighter up against the ropes late in the last round, and bounced him off into a short right cross Jordan's own mo mentum and the powerful punch JIMMY ELLIS SAYS HE'S THIRD BEST HEAVYWEICiHl sent him down. Jordan, who _represents. the St. Petersburg Pollet; Athletic Lea gue, also fought in the National AAU finals in Las Vegas and lost a decision in the first bout The winners from Las Vegas and C incinnati advance to Dallas, where the U S. representatives will be chosen for the Olympic Games later this summer in Munich .Jordan was able to attend the -cincinnati bouts after a s t o r Y about him, and an anonymous donor sent him the -:money for expenses. -Viking Jim Marshall Has Ankle Surgery ST. PAUL, Minn. Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jim :Marshall underwent surgery Wednesday for the removal. of bone chips from his right ankltj Spokesman for the Vikings said the operation was a succes. s, but de.!;lined to predict lhow long it would -take for !Marshall to fully recu,perate MIAMI -Jimmy Ellis is still looking for the man to dispute his claim of being "the third best heavyweight boxer in the world." Reco BTooks tried Tuesday night at Miami Marine Stadium and ended up a second-round knockout victim. The former champlo nl s overhand right .and left hook combi nation left Brooks easy prey for a clinching short right uppercut, and Referee Eddie Eckert counted Brooks out at 2 :50 of the round_ "I got hit right on the chin and I was dazed,'' said Brooks, the 28-year old Phoenix fighter who at 213 carried a Is-pound weight ad vantage into the scheduled 10-rounder. "Before I really knew what was happening, the count was seven." Brooks' strategy was to keep on top of the 31-year-old Ellis and no{ let him get his punches off He had muscled Ellis backwards into the ropes when the sudden end came. "He was trying to smother me,'' the elated Ellis related. "But I moved off the side, and it was right, left, rlght. The first did the damage. The last one JUst put him down." Mary Carol, Brooks' wife and manager watched from a dis tance. I .could tell he wasn't hurt badly," she said "I'm glad he stayed down. I yelled for him to Brooks is now ls-3-1. Ellis' manager, Angelo Dundee, ing something. Look for a great fight for con(ererice honors even without Middleton High and Blake High. Can't possibly see what hot pants and mini-skirt-s makers can come up -with next. All I can say is for them to keep on making things as brief as possible. RACES NIGHTLY 8:00 MATINEES I :45 MON.-WED.-IAI. SARASOTA KEIE CLUB 5400 Bradenton Road at DeSoto was beaming. "I knew sucker (Ellis) was going to b;>right from watching hi.m iri the gym," Dundee said. "Jimmy's probably the best one-punch banger in the heavyweight division. I've I a i d that all along.'' Gesturing animatedly a n d laughing, he quipped, "Slide, slide, slick, Boom!!' Ellis now boasts.-a 32-7 record with 16 knockouts-12 of them in the first three rounds. And his only two losses since 1964 have been to heavyweight titleholder Joe Frazier .and .fiormer -champ Muhammad Ali. That' s the essence of Ellis' claim, echoed by Dundee, that Jimmy's No. 3. He recently has been dropped from the top 10 rankings because of inactivity, but he owns victories over heavies like Jerry Quarry, Oscar Bonavena and Floyd Patterson. "I've been home, I've rested, and I've got my mind together," Ellis said. "I feel real relaxed in the ring now. I .get nervous, of course, but it's not a scared nerv ous. "My plan is to get back what I lost, I want to fight all the top contenders-anybody who's in my way to getting another shot at the heavyweight championship. I'm not af raid of any of them!' At one point, he commented, "If I lose ; it's disaster for me.'' But asked if his next loss would be his last one, he replied, "I don t think about my next loss.'' The v-ictory was a birthday present of sorts for young James Ellis Jr., who will be 12 years old today. He and his Sli,ster Inez, two of Jimmy's six children, wers at ringside_ Settlement Keeps Scott With Suns PHOEN;IX, Ariz. -C h a r 1 i 1t Scott, the former American Bas ketball Association scoring cham pion, definitely will stay with the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association next sea son Suns' General Manager Jer ry Colangelo said Friday. He made the announcement fol lowing an all-night meeting in Chicag o with representatives of the Virginia Squires Scott s for mer team. Suns officials said Colangelo, Scott and an attorney flew t() late Thursday and spen' the night talking with Squires owner Earl Foreman and his at torneys before settlement w a 1 reached. Colangelo refused to aay what tM terms ol the Rttlement wer-e.


Tuesday, June 20, 1172 Fla Sentilaei-BuDetln PuLiilhed pery T\Mf. and Fri. Cet Both. Editioni ALCORN'S FEMALE TRA(K TEAM S _ET OLYMPICS AS THEIR GOAL ......... w .. s A. A. U. Hur41es SEATTLE-Rod Milburn avenged his first loss in the high hurdles in two years and relatively un known Robert Taylor of Texas Southern further confused t h e American sprint picture by win ning t!1e 100 meter dash at the tiona! AmateurAthletic Union meet. LORMAN, Miss.-Alcorn's Women's Track Team made a good showing at the Gulf AAU Cham pionship Meet in Pasadena, Texas, }ast weekend. With the Olympics as a goal, A1corn female tea m continued et a pace calculated to reach peak performance. at the Olympic trials by capturil}g three 1st places four 2nd places, one 3rd place two 4th places, one 5th place and two place victories. Two new records were also set. In the 100-yard dash, Olympic star Mildrette Netter placed first with a time of 10.5, while teammates Helen Williams and Molly Hence finished second and third with times of 10. 6 and 10.9, respectively. Alcorn's sleek 440 relay team of Helen Williams MoH.y Hence, Le anna S11ms and Mildrette Netter, a new record with a time of 46.3. record set by the Alcorn tr'acksters wl(s in the long jump as Helen Williams leap?<] 19' 3.4". Leanne Sams also sur passed the old record with an 18'5" jump. _Edmonia Veals placed second in the 220 and 100 meter hurdles clock ing 29.0 and 14.6 respectively Netter, Williams and Hence finished third, fourth and fifth in the 220-yard dash. Of the 15 clubs entered in the contest, t he Alcorn female tracksters_ performed skillfully again s t the three other top track clubs in the sou t h Those teams included Texas Women's College, View, and Texas Track Club Milburn lost a semifinal heat to Arkansas State's Tom Hill the world s best hurdler, two years ago before he was injured. But in the finals Milburn bucked a 4.2 m.p h. wind to win in :13.4, edging Olympic champion Will i e Daven port and--Hill (both : 13. 6 ). Stan H.ue'rs' And Missers -Druckre y af the Kego"nsa, Wis., Track Club was sixth in :14. -Bo I L Milburn said he wasn1t thinking w mg eague about the seml final because so me Team 4 .......... 1 3 15-5 one had stolen his wallet with -$257 Team 8 3 1 146 in it from his dorm. 7-11 .Stores 3 1 12-8 Chlcago s Ron Draper was in: Atlanta Life Ins. 3 1 10-10 volved in a mil!hap that injured Team 5 . 1 3 81h-1Hll Team 3 1 3 8-12 Team 7 4 0 7-13 Port Tampa Bar 0 4 High LaQies: Ora I:.ee Brown 178, Carolyn Nix 170,_Joyce Reddish 169. High Series Ladies: Ora Lee Brown 564, Carolyn Nix 430, Joyce Reddish 423. High dame Men : Anthony Lovett 200; Nathaniel Cannon 185, Solomon Brown 182. High Series Men: Anth:my Lov ett 554, Raymond Shoats 504, :Er vin McKeever 491. ENJOY SOUL-FOOD FROM. ,, .. "Soul C"'ter : Supermarket : 3523-22nd STREET_ ... -PHONE 247-2031 -.--./ FREE DELIVERY -. CUT PORK. CROPS GROUND. BEEF FLA. HECK 3 4 lbs.-'BIB TIPS. ,. .. --CHUCK ROAST _PIC FEEt .. -! -. :ggc lb. sgc_ -4 lbs. ; --,:. r tHICKEN WINGS 1 DIXIE Lit Y / .. 3 lhs. / lbs. -' -.. DIXIE LILY -GRITS DIXIE LILY MEAL Dg. J40HTE DRINKS -5 _llis. 59c 5 lbs. 5 9c 3 cans ggc -GOLDEN KEY MILK VAN CAMPS. --O'SAGE PEACHES -5 cans ggc PORK-AND BEANS 4 can .ggc -' .. -. 3 -calls gge;-' ) .... LACRIADA. .-roMiro. SAUCE KRAFT_ ORANGE. JUICE .. ) FAlli1 VALUE: .. 8 cans '99c .. 3 .. JIFFY MIX, I BLUE ARROW SOAP DETERGENT lOYAL ARMS TISSUE .-a ggc -Giant-Size, 59c wilh: $7 order roiis .:-lO-.. -TIME SAVER Bl-EAtH FRMT PIES DEVIL CRABS, -GAL 39c. 3 -lor ggc Pack -69c Wilh$7 order ,. 1 's:r --OHIOHS 2 lbs. 19c South Africa To -InviteBlack, Athletes JOHlANiNJESBU!R1G, South 'Africa-The S outh te in the United States A IAU track and field in .c. Seattle after a group of black' American athletes protested South Afri ca 's racial policies. Van. &eenen, tlhe \rorld's top di .sctts thrower this ye:ar, and !Halberstadt, a leadirtg diistance runner, were asked to witildraw. stan Wrig!ht, chairmanol itle men's track and field commiittee for "th e AiAU, tihe request was made because AlciC'a has. no reciprocal a,greeinoot lets Americans compete in thedr championship meet. Professor Hanne. s Botlha clhair. man of tihe South African AIA.U said Sund:ay, "We have taken note of the Americ-an deeisdon. We are .going ahead Mhh our !plans for furthering a .tlhlespital. He State Rally Contest 'lit' Mt ... suffered a heart a-ttack His -con-Oft ve Church_,.. will terminate: dition is serious4.nd we are praySunday night. .. ing .for him a / -speedy recovery Remember the sick and Shutins also. r and pray for them. '... .. Mr. W-illiam Thqmas (former Mrs. Grace Scott t repor 'ter. '.I $250 MILLION .ASKED FINANC. E : .... ( _.... 1 'Ilhe Nixon on-joib 1han AklmduistOOtion ask Con. ttainin:g for ,welfare gress fior a .bout ... $25o0-inil:IIion : to adultls i : s -n0t i-ea'tisti;c in: Vliew of a nevr l!aw. the 5 : 9 welf.ace reC!pllents to ploy_rnent rate; ...... :. "' sign -up f,x>r jo-b. or lose -"No tra.ining melins ; .no' pa(Y beneiiit other. than W{)ol"kiri;g nff. Y.9ur. wei The .workta;r-e faie _:meek; less than ha.J:f 1lhe &ze :recorn-nowhere,'' he sud. ate ()!poo mended }?y federal designers posed to co'miPelling i)eqple to o[Je-hhird bhe 'take ,:])bs, e.mwill be .su?mftted1 to t?e-ployers for _..i)aymg Ajpproprrattons jend:i:ng 'Would be addeHect ed to the $ 250-mJ.llion budget(\ medi'ately pl81Cing 75;00!>_ 'Persons earlier for bhe 4-year-old : jft creatin: g 8,()()() (WFN) })rogram de-vice jobs and :M,500 newslots for smg ed to remove a:ble-bodied atraining. ._: dults from welfare rolls. The workfare provii&Otis ilnformed of the 'limited iip-lifted out of IPres'idM!t Nixoo's. plementJation piLans _Tuesday, the embattled welfare--refurni biY and law's author and organized la-quietly slip .ped. Oong .resi b?l" critical but .for by,_ conservatives late"' fast year. different reasons. Sen. He -rman 'I'almadge, D-

PACE TWENTY-TWO '-.. Fla. Publish.ed every Tues. anCI Frt. Ce4t Both Ed i/tion! TuesCiay, 20, 1972 :, FUNERAL NOTICES I KEN. NER, MURDIS -Fun-' erat services for Mrs.. Murdis Kenner, 2223 2oth Ave., who passed June U. in an. Arcadia hoswill be held Wednesday at 2:30 P. M. froni Friendship l\lis .,io nary Baptist Church, 3222. 24th .Street with R ev. James P. Link pastor, offic.i,ati.ng. will JJe in Mabetry C emetery, Seff ner. Tlie body will lie in state for the visitation of relatives and :frh; nds at STONE & GORDON, FUNERAL DIRECTORS (Stone s Funeral .. Hoine, lite.) from 6 P. M." Tuesday to i :l5 P. M. Wed She leaves to mourn her her husband, 1\'lr. mY' Kenner; Sr. Da_ y:tona Beach; Thelma Tampa; 2 sons ; Mr: '(ommy :1,{en-. aunts, Mrs. Dorothy Simms an. d Mrs. Beatrice Keaton, Tampa; 6 Eugene Walters, James Waiters, Buffalo N. Y Ronald Kelly Albert Thomas and John Lewis Thomas, Corona N. Y.; Mr. Henry Thomas, Tampa; 5 gi-eat aunts, Mrs. Beatrice Col lins, Brooksville, Addie Qualls Jacksonville l\trs. Ruby _Bradley and Mrs. Minnie All e n Cochran Ga. ; Mrs. Sara h Wilcox ; Polk City; a great uncle Mr. Arthue Lee Rodgers Largo; 26. coushis imd many sonowing relatives and friends. The r emains will lie in state at Pughsley Cath-. edral for visitation of friends af, ter 5 P. 1\I. Wednesday. Th e fam' ily will receive frlenl!-s a t the fu'n' eral. home from 7 to 8 P. -M. The : funeral cortege will leave from 1737 St. Louis .for Webstei:.12 no ,on PUGHSLEY FUNER AL in charge'. CME BISHOP KIRKENDOLL LAYS CORNERSTONE AT: :t{EW BETHEL ner, Jr. and Mr. James Kenit'er, both of Tampa; 2 grandchildren, Master 'Juihis K'enner l\liss Angela Kenner, both of 'Tampa; listers, Jeannie Gaines and 'hu. sband, 1\Jr J,.ee Gaines Char-. lotte,, N. C., anci Mrs. Willie Mae 'Smith-and husband, Mr.; B. J. ; sGilth Sef.ftier.; 4 brothers, Johns!'n ; Columbia, S. C., .Mr-. Idell Johnon and wife, Con Pa., l\lr. Ge-.z,a\e .JOhnson and wife Mrs.-r .Joiinlon, : Columbi .a, 'S. c aDd Mr Theodore Johnson ; --PerlJee iohn$on, Nor$h, ; _s. _e.; many nieces nephews among CAIRECTORS (Stone's 'Funeral ice. The family will receive friends at funeral home from 7: '30 to P. M. tonight. The Rosary service will be held at 8 P l\1. The funeral cortege will leave from 151% .. 33rd Ave.nue FUNERAL SERVICES .FOR.-P ERRY C. I:IARVEY SR. TuiDAY WEAVER MR. JOEL F -Final tribute for the late Mr. Joel Frank Weaver of 1512 33rd A venue will be held We-dnesday 5 P M. from St. peter Claver C;1tholic Churc h 1 with Father Lawrence Higgins, PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. Funeral servd, ces for La.bor and ,. Civ-i. c leader P erry C Harvey, Sr., 1 who died at hls home Mon-Card ol Thanks day f o llowi n g a lengbruy mness, PLANT CITY The family,, are tentatively set for Saturda!Y of the late l\lr. Wash Anderson ._ at 1 p.m.' ffom B aptist would like toexpress our sincere Church i n We.st Tampa. thanks to the many friends and Mr. Harvey wa s a native of neighbOrs for their many acts Thomasville,. Georgia and a re-of kindnesses shown during the si dent of Tampa for over forty pas sihg of our husband and years. He was president of Lo-father. Special tl-lank s to Rev. cal :1:4()2, InternatJ!onal Longs!hore-A. Rutledge for a beautiful m en's Union; an International sermon and to Rev. R. W Vice-President of t he Lon gshore mack, pastor and the Charlow Fum e n's Union ; a Di-stric t Vice-neral Home. Presid ent o f the Longshoremen; Signed: The Family. C b a i rman of th e Sou :!Jh Atlantic D ock & Marine Council 'coml!}ris in g Nort h C a r o lina Sl::>ut!h Garo lilla Ge org i a a nd Florid a, and Vice President of the Florida State AIF'L-yi'O.' CARD OF THANKS Mr. I;Iarvey was a founder of Progress ViHag ; e, Inc. the Hiillsboroug h County Organi.zation Negro Affairs, President of Ta'mpa Park A m t l on of 1)'. S forces 'from Wheelus r te. r M i a 2 SQDS ; and Death otices Muamniar Kadafi_ Air Fori;.e B!_!Se. Weayer II; mQther. _MJ;s; Dessie : Sunday tllat his oil-tich nation wa's :" When we give weapons to Jia fath!\r, -Mr; Joseph Wea. WILSON FUNERAL send i ng arms, money and iris, h rev'olutionaties it is'.no t' o ver;. z Mr. : D wight. '".'e;., Mrs. Elather Lennear; E. teers to help 'the IrishRepubJ{can kHl but t o g lt n an'll wife Virginia : I Chll)(\0. Army against British'. forces i;' l the Q L pe o p b Vernon Horsh aw Mrs. Ora K. Wiggins 1508 Nasl Northern Ireland .. We give weapons to the honorable Pa.; z sisters, Mrs .The fhi.mbo:Y'i uit military Irish tlie fighfer s .1\JI'ss ,Myra; -.Mr: 'Robert Terrell; 4so1 86th mau also claimed that freedom, .. he 'to!( ( a cheering_ 3 uncles, : Mr. Street. .. ,:WaS llUP{>Orting.U. s blacks against crowd. : ., Mi-:.-w e .aver Mr: Clifton Ed.ward Walters, M/S t F k 'the_ A meri_ ,can arrogance and :,. The A tab nati on : is fi. gh/-n-a tribute wife 1\,ainfe g ran Jr .. Z9.ll E: Chelsea. : t 1 d h 1 f .. U E All d r c zette E pen_on y_. com, P ex an e Pl_ng_ _Britain i n. its_ .. own ho use -and' I t prentice Willi ;. m Lo!lis en ag .wt e .. 0 Mrs: Miry .Eth' el Lott; 2713 S.' in au nts Juha. Buffalo. Moslems agamst -t he w-ill pay a high assed. J une -16,. )vil lbe bel d A Padron,. C.,: l.'fr, Perry. Harvey Sr.; 003 No.', : Qecause of. its .betraya!-.. of ;hursciaY:'':i : p : M .J>isMlli'tin ; Detroit, ._,IUach;; 5 Willow : and the United States .and. pz:omises,." he s ays, .': gab' A. M. E ; 1hreni Mr. Howe farr.lar, 2311 Arch. w:ill ,pay dear ly for the and KadafL last year seized tlie'':rfrit "l,:_ith : c : Jqanne. Sabrma. J\iarhn Z : Street. perfidy they inflic_ted .on us," Ka-ish. P.et r oleu.m C!>. c pe r ations : in' tor, offi c ilitin g. _Jutern1ent :Win be ; : Weayer. and RAy .. WILLI A !\IS 'FUNERAL dafi said in a speech marking th!! Libya because he said. London l n:'Bev.ers Cor!ler .. .. Fuli" l\larttn ; 9 How-ard HOME second anniversary of the evacul!-helped It:an over thr ee Ai-ab D)iliiary : sertku be : accord-ver 't !'fts. Mr.s. CO... a Lee Kir% .. islaQ.ps ,, in .,the Gulf; : ed --him. Surviv-or.s include: moth: lee Strmger, Mrs ... a a k l:'c J' Lama' r ';\venue: de .--.M a t_ t He of fered no details on : his :':er Mrs.L eota o:t'tuimas; .father, Lisa-; -Teresa, : Laura, : ran an Mr. Jam.es Ward 405 So. Or f .. .. N. Kenne th Alteil; many. other sor. -. .. c o aid The _British admi nJ a st 'ser .. l\1is JaniCe. Thomas;. rowing relativ.. es and friends. :rhe le_ans.. .. .. ... o.es At .. 4l istration in Northern Ireland sai d r t p h Mr. James Thomas, 813 Oka-1't' h s.. d f N ,.: :maternal: gran!!-remains will l_ie in ug s. a no ev1 ence t o con 1rm that P arimts, 1\/l':r. i a1t !\Irs. Willi!! Law ; IllY Cllthedral for .vtsttat. ton of. Loui s e Wlt. -ite, S"l !NIEJW YORK Glyde M

Tuesday, June 20, 1972 Fta. 5enltne1-Bu1Jetttn Publislied every Tues. and Frt. Get Both Editions BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT FOR SALE I FOR SALE VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recort d i tiooed homes in Progress ViJ. iage. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. SPOTTER OR experience Presser who would like to become a s potter. Call Everett's Cleaners, 50112 N. Armenia. 872-0956. COUNTRY HOME CEMENT BLOCK near Seffner. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, $10,800, $.100 down, $71.22 m(tnthly. Principal interest for 360 months CASH FOR YOUR LOT! I WILL PAY up to $ 2,000 for lots with sewer and water. Marson, 876-1063. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturd'ay and Sunday WE ARE ACCEPTING interviews with interested persons starting Tuesday, June 20, 1972. 2 ea.sh i ers, someone with knowledge in meat cutting, and a stock at 7%. DON TAAFFE BROl{ER' 872-2729 -. 839-1422 NO CREDIT???/ Raving Trouble BuyiDg A Car Because you are short oa Credit or Down Payment? boy. No phone calls please. Ap l 3 $59 00\VN ply East Lake Avenue. MODERN CBM.ENT, BLOCK MACHINIST .BEDROOMS, CARPET,. stove, NEEDED AT refrigerator. $10,650' P. & I. ANHEUSER-BUSCH $70 .54 for 360 months at 7% LET 1\IE HELP YOU Call Bill 232-4891 OR SEE ME Af SUN RAY MOTORS FLORIDA: AVE. I;MJ'L.OYMEHT POLICE P ATRO{,MEN ..$8,452 yearly. H.S. grad. Age: 21:30 yr!!. Must meet weight, vision requirements. SURVEY, PARTY CHIEF $6,489 $8,i1'70 a .year. INSTRUMENTMAN $5,304 $6,489 a year. Starting salary based on train lng and experience. Apply: 4th Floor, City Hall TAMPA CIVIL SERVICE BOARD SINGLE 1\fAN w 'anted to live in home of minister. Do light work in the Church and house. Salary, open. 3800 Queensboro Ave, &1. st. Petersburg, 867 7079. WOMEN WANTED OPEI\'ING ON l\IIDNIGHT SHIFT .. for experienced machinist with l certifie!!J Heli-arc experience and apprenticeship completion. High est area pay-r._te plus shift premium Exceptional Company paid benefits in vacations, btsurance and holidays. N o t phone 'calls. Only qualified and experienced applicants sliould apply with evidence of training and background between t h e hours of 8:30 a.m. an& 4:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS DEPT. 3000 Buscll Blvd. Tampa, Florida S3604. An E(lual Opportunity Employer FOR SALE WFn TAMPA $200 DOWN FHA 235. 3 bedrooms, Ph bath. VANITY DOMES, INC 109 North Armenia, Phone 251 3539. VACANT mortgage DON TAAFFE BROKER 872.-2729 or 839-i 422 LIS'l'INGS HEY!!! NOW YOU CAN buy your own beautir'ul new 3 bedroom home for $200 down and as little as $67 per month on FHA 235! Call MARSON ENTERPRISES, INC. 876-1063. WEST TAMPA CORNER LOT, 3 bedrooms, 1.l baths, CB home,-stove and re-. 8 BEDROOMS, 1. bath, Fl.a room CB home, chain link fence, well landscaped,. air conditioned. $50 DOD PROGRESS VILLAGE 3 BEDROOMS, wall-to-wall car pet. l\lust see to appreciate. lfORTRVlEW RILLS 3 1 ba!b, carport, cbaba link fence, large b a c k yard. -1 NEED EMPLOYMENT? Now Is your opportunity io work and ))e. trained at tile same t.imtl. Need ieveral women that bave a desire tO bec:ome either nar 11es .aides or business taries. Must be williDg io. start lm-HAVE SEV.ERAL NEWLY reCOil ditioned homes in Progress VU !age. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REAIJrOR. I WILBt;BT WILLIAMS. I mediately. Call Dir at 229. Phone 988-1252 78S8 North 4oth Open Saturday and Sunday WANT A NEW $200 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. Call Equal OpHrtunity Call 2:i7-3201. EMPLOYES 'WANTED AI)VRTISING SOLICITOR -Salary, plus commiSsicm. Mast Jaave a.to, ileal appearance. Williag lo J.ullt. -.Apply. in Persoa Daly: ORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN 2207 21st A YEIIUE Realtor PHONE %$1-4049 HAVE SEVERAl; NEWLY. reconditioned 1a Progress Village.' $50 doww.' Call HARPLU BAKER, REALTOR. c .Phone 988-1252 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday $12,500 FHA I $400 ,DOWif Tms HOj\IE has just freshly painted IAIIlde and out and ; Ia as cleaa as. a iten. Has 3 beclrooms, air-con ditioning of course, chain Ihik ed fell

Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Pub lis LeCI every T-ues iln(l Fri. C e f Both Editiens T\ieg(Jay, June 20, 1972 KING-MONROE YOWS SAID Marriao-e vows were said evening in N e w Sal e m Missionary Ba;tisf Church by Shirle y King and Chest e r William Monroe. The bride daught e r of i Mr. and Mrs. Rubert King ls a grad. tiate of Ft. Valley State College and teach e s at Ball ast Point Elementary School. Mr.


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