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)., \-. Laborer Says P erry Hatvey Was A Little Man's Best Friend :AU .... .The News Fit To. -Print-.. :.:.l AMERICA'S SEMI ;WEEK,l Y. VOL. 25, NO. 55. 'TAMPA,. FLORIDA, SAT_URDAy, JUNE 24, 1972 Teachers. t ,, (-' ... SEE STORY ON PAGE i .., ._,.,. ,. Sentinel Advertisers Invite .YOU -. \ ._ ____ .. r --' _. :'."' .. ; PRICE 15 CENTS. ., :!_. I -: .. (SEE ST,ORY ON Z) ,; -Black Churchmen Boo !. ; ,c Brother : 1r <;: > ""'* DAJJLAS ---:: Georg-e Nixon, '\' : ';;:?, f ', ;:. i t ... > .. ':: lat the 39th guadrennial session $1 000 I -H r F .c d.,.. ofthe general conference of the 1 n.--. OUi:-. African Methodist .: Episcopal iii' speak, sev-. : 1 ."' '} :\/ '\; :i'. In s '.o-.. .. J N.ixon to speak. .... After the inr.ident, 9i1e of the z :'. ministers, Rev. Robert McKinney i:1 I of Birmingham, Ala., said he didn't want Nixon to 'speak be'cause he had nothing to do with the church and h;ad .nothing to say for the 'betterment of black ., MEMBER OF JACKSON s WEDS LOS ANGELES Tito Jackson, of l\lotown's internathmally fam eus Jackson Five, was married to Delores Martes, of Los Angeles; .on Friday, June 16. 1be wedoding took place at the Joy House Wedding Gardens In Inglewood, Calif. and the reception .followed at the Inglewood Women's Club. The affair was attended by a host' of friends and relatives of 6oth bride and groom.-(Motown Photo) SENTINEL TO PUBLISH JULY 4th people. : :-r 'Nixon left the auditorium by' the back aoor, saying he had a plane to. catch. J House Set' Prof Will :: Move. GtOO!DILIETTSVIiltliE, Tenn. !Dr. Flourno y Coles Jr., a biack !Professor at Vanderbilt Univer" sity, saYs ihe's.leaving the. whita n'e

PACE TWO .,_ }'Ia. Sentinel-Bulletin Puhlished every .Tues. anCI Fri.. Get Both Editions Saturday, June 24, 1972. Laborer Says Perry Har.ve.y Was Little Man' s Best Friend The deabh of Perry Harvey, Sr. President of the International Longshoremen's Local 1402 and [ntemational Vice-President of the International LongSIOOremen s Association left a huge dent in the lives of niany Floridians. It was a shacking thing for the little inen of the common laborers who had, far so many years, depended on the wpright citizen fur SUip.port. A. B. Broadnax, Operator I wit.h the City of Tampa Sewer De-partment, and former president of Local tearfull told of h : s clo -se association !Mr. Harvey. He remembered that during World War II when be jo ined the rongshoremen, men were scarce because of the war and he could bardly find workers. Because of tJbis be lett ThmPa, moving to IUakeland then moved back here. to work againo had met Mr. Harvey !n 19412 and upon -his return to Tampa he immediately went to him for a po-sition with the Long. sbere's Un!on. Though tiley bad known each other previously MT. Harvey didn't bend for friendrm;p sake He told B.roadnax that 5emority came firnt ll1.ld he would be so hlr down. tlhe list that he\vOI!ld have to take what he rould get. YeaTs later Broadnax started working with City. ol Tampa Md atteooect labor oonventioli6 where he saw .MT. seve:l'al times.. "!He was the only Negro sitting on the platform amoog the ether p.reslident,s of the National Oonvenuons -and wben it came his time to s.peak he told the convention what he wanted to see brougJllt about for tJhe black work.fors," said. He remi!mbered hea1ing Mr. Ha;rvey en several occasions stress his want.s for the a s sociation to have Negro Superviso'!'s, asi5tant BUPervisors, and fwemeu if.1 PERRY C. HARVEY, SR. Little Man's Friend white -collar jobs. .Regardless of what fiederal or state .officials there were at the conventions, Broadnax said; J\-Ir. Harvey was outspoken in behalf of black people. The sniall, sympathic man said C\11'. Harvey never got too big to listen at what the Mtle man had to s a.y. "He' would Listen to us, then offer advice on what steps to take," he said, usually inviting tbeni to his apartment or hotel suite to matters. "He would give us good advice," Broadnax added. "Today, I see tha t Florida as a whole has lost a g reat leader, a great citizen and a great E ')()kesman in behalf of the Negro workling peoJ>le," Broadnax said. As ao he Jlddcd, ';I feel as thoug;h he's not dead, only gone to rest --he w ill never In h.e salid Perry Harvey, JT. is well..prepared to troached hlm' and took it. He h a d three tens, and sixteen ones. The tens were counterfeit with the same serial numbers as the bill pa5sed to the barmaid earlier. ;Mr. Williams said be remembers seeing Flint in his bar on the J9th, but does not know fOr. sure that he passed the bad bills to his bartender on that d-ay. FHnt told police he believes he got tbe bi..llf; from a black man that he was betting with on a game of pool. 1Flint is free on $3,00<1 bond. of assorted candy Police believe the burglars used a pry bar and c hisel to gain entry. Unidentified persons entered the. residence of Alex Cottman, 44, 3413 26th Avenue Wednesday, but. were surprised in the act a n d fled. Nothing was taken. Gov. Askew Appoints Padgett T a Nursing Home Of Examie1ers RUBIN PADGETT Gov Ruebin Askew has ap pointed Rubin P-ad gett to bhe Board of Examirrers' of Nursing !Home Admin-!stratoif's, the Sen tinelBulle t in has learned. ,By letter, tJbe Governor wrote: "It is my pleasure to inform you that based uvon yOUII' owtstand ing qualifications and interest in good governmeut, I am appointing you to serve as a member on t:he boord." 1 P.adgett was selected from a list of names recommended to the G<>veroor. Duties of members of the Board of Examiners are w review applications a 1 p-prove and issue licenses, administea-te-l;ts, revoke or suspend licenses, and set a curriculum for rontinuing education as required under fede ral The oath of offiiee was adminis.t&ed to Padgett last weekend by the Honorable Thomas J. :Rdick, Judge of the Court of \Recocds, Broward CountJy, Ft. !Lauderdale. Judge Reddick is the firs t blac k jud.ge of the Court of Records in the state and is also a recent appointee of Governor A s kew. Pad!gett is a member of the Board of C&mmissioners of the Tampa Hot.JSdng Authority, sec re-tary of tfue HiJlsborough Healtb and Planning Collllcil, and vicepresident of tihe Florida .NU1'sing Home Association. He "is presently administrator ol the Pad gett Nursing Home on 40th st. REI FROil GROCERY P ,ACKAGE STORE 3!18 29th S!. Cor. BuHalo Aveaae Plane 248-3733 .. ;WE ACCEPT F-STAMPS "Come Ia Early lief The Best" WE Di:Lm:B WE SELL IMEBICAI EXPRESS MOIEY ORDERS lew Coloi. lew ShiJIIIIeDI Lillelema 9 x 12 Ceme pick youn : FRESH BAKING HENS lb. 55c L'\RGE FRYERS Eadt 98c FRESH LARGE CHICKEN WINGS lh.39c END CUT PORK CHOPS lb. 79c Reg. 8k Lb. LEAN PORK STEAKS lb. 75c COUNTRY SMOKED SAUSAGE lb. 89c BLACK P EPPE R Can JOe R EG 15c CAN LARGE EGGS LV t.:AftTt)N ln. 49c MEATY NECK BONES 2 lhs. 4lc SPARE RIB TIPS 2 lbs. 49c LARGE BOX TIDE Box 39c REG *c M EATY SMOKE D N EC K B O N ES lb. 45c NORTHERN TISSUE 3 rolls 39c REG. 3 ROLLS 4Se LEAN STEW BEEF U..,59c TENDER WESTERN OXTAILS lb. 49c LONG GRAIN RICE 3 lhs. 49c R EG 3 LBS. 5!1c DIXIE CRY STAL UGAR 5 lb. 69c < With Ord er) A N Y BRAND :VliLK 3 large cans 59c (W ith Ord er) Specials for Friday, Calurday and ftlonday, June 23, 25 and 26 CASH REWARD For information concerning Claude Whuler. He is badly in need of medical atlenlion. SMART; QUALITY CLOTIIIHG 8r JEWELRY OH EASY CREDIT, FOB THE ENTIRE FAMILY! Please caD 251-9217. CLARK'S DEAN'S Kl NCi'S BUDGET CLOTHIERS DOWNTOWN YBOR CITY ST. PETERSBURG LAKELAND


Saturday, June 24, 1972 .r1a. Sentinel-Bulletin Published rrery Tuea. anil Fn. Get Both EditionS PACE THREE -Teachers Rest After Long Term With the first year of "busing to achieve total desgregat!on" over in-Hiillsborough County, school teachers are just beginninr to feel the tuii Impact of the whole situation -whe!Jher hard or soft an d many are planning to take advantage of the vaca tion time and get much needed rest. Miss Eustine Thomas, a second grade teacher at Dale Mabry IElementny Scho.ol, is one that says sihe isn't going to do anything this summer rest. "It's a chance to g'et some mucoh needed rest," she said. she's started on her list of chores already. '-> -_ She went-out and bought material for new drapes and bedspreads she plans to make herself for her daug'hter's room, and material to make dresses for her little girl who will be gin her frist year in sePY note around tJhe !Rodriguez household of three, including a 10-year-old son, is t'hat Prof will also be off this summer: ''This is the first summer he's been off since we've been married," she said. She has a fourth class at Menden haJl Elem'entary School. 1Mrs.-Lorita Johllison, a Hyde Park mobher of three active soils and-a daughter, has her summer all scheduled. In fact. ing!' .. -outside ... all around the-house Sears (an Do fir eat Things ------Seats $ears Has EVerything YOu Need For Home lm provement : I J 1 :: j Quality Merchandise Sears materials Section is like -a continuous "home show" You 'll'get fresh ideas for your home both inside and outside. Whether your impro:vement project calls for wall or floor coverings, air-or water treatment equipment, appliances, decorative or practical m!J.terials, you can count on Sears for a wide selection of highest quality merchandise and reasonable prices. Maintenance Agreements These agreements, available for .a small extra charge, protect the value of your purchases. With them you need never worry about service on Scars appliances and mechanical equipment installed as part of' your home improvement project. Scars trained technicians are just a phone call away. They'll give you pendable service with a smilewhen you want it. SEARS Planning and lilstaJiation Sears arrange fOr complete .installation, professional planning and FREE estimates on your home improvement projects .All of Sears experienced Home provement salesmen know and work in accordance with all local_ ordinances We obtain permits and arrange for inspectl'on of fini;hed jobs by local officials, where required. Sears does it' all. C()nvcnicnt Credit Plans Sears Modernizing Credit Plan for materials and labor lets you enjoy the home improvements you need now. Consolidating all your bills under one plan makes paying for your project easier. No need to deal with a variety of contractors. Send in the coupon or come to Sears today and let a salesmim explain the advantages of the Convenient Modernizing Credit Plan. 20 I 0 E. HILLSBORO!!JGH AVENUE PHONE 23&-5711 FBI IS -SEEKINCi BLACK AND FEMALE'-SPECIAL ACiENTS By MARTHA WHITE Sentinel Staff Writer J. F. Santoiana, Special Agent in charge of the Tampa FBI office said recently that females are now being_ consid ered for special agents posi tions. According to Santoiana, L. Patrick Gray, III, the FBI's acting Director, announced that the federal ag ency is seeking qualified females for the tion formerly restricted to men. Two local agents, Barry Carmody and Vander Frye said the FBI is especially interested now _in recruiting _-agents from minority races, such as, Black, Oriental, American Indian and Spanish. The requirements for appli_ cants are: a person must be an American citizen, must have reached their 23rd hut not their 41st birthday, :at 5.7'' tall (for males). The aPIJllicants must have !lither a law degree, an accounting degree with six months accounting experience, a. degree with proficiency in a foreign languag-e for which the FBI has a need, a degree in a physical science or a Bachelor's degree with three years of professional, executive or investigative e]l:-pei-ience, whi<;h may also include military service. Special agent 8ipplicants must be in go _od physical condition and must have no defects which would interfere with their lise of firearms or in their participation in raids, dangerous assignments or defensive tactics. Frye, himself a black said he would like to see many peo{>le from minority races apply for the position. "The money is good but I woulo:litiORs. They wre assigned to the headquarters staff at Washington, D .C. and_ their 59 field offices throu!Jhout tha coun-try. P.ersoos fnteres tsU in making the-FlB1I a c -areer and can meet the standards are asked to write. Santiona directly at the mi office in Tampa, P. 0. Box 3301, or call Frye, 228-76&:1.. 1Fnye -added that isn't a new thing just being started' with' the FBi. They have had a l!'edruiti:n,g program fdr-Y'earn and have .had a _few black applicants btit the FlB[ wants mGte to apply. Frye _has been assign ed to the Tampa oftliee for over two yeai:s and Crurmody haa been here aJmos-t seven years. Disputed Cleveland Area_ Election Board\ Black Director OLEVE!LAiNID -The Cuyahoga County : Board -of Elections,. given -a court-ordered of tlhe dismissal of-all its : hers, has named -the first black in Ohio tO be a director of elec tioos. (lieveland-OLb'y Vi-rgil E. Brown, a Republic -an. $1,000-In : Heroin -Foonlln Woman's Car Twenty-one-year old Veronica Louise (}1-iter, 3801: E. Osborne, was arrested this \veelwnd -'after police confifscated a pproxiin-atel.y $1,000 worbl) of hex:(>in from her car. /Mrs. Oliver was stopped at the corner of 2lst and 17th Avenue and her aubo searched. Police said M>rs. Oliver wa.s sup posedly 'in the process of delivering a large quanbi ty of drugs to the pushers in the black araes of the city. 'Dhe young woman is bedng held for pos s ession and sale of drugs end worthle s s checks. Her bond is set at $:1,2,500. A paS.Senger ; Morris E. Dan iel, was arrested a iiter police found marijuana in his pockets. Daniels' B;.irbecue One of the hX!sl in lown You've lried everybody else, now by :me. Open Th.:mr!iday Thru Sunday 701 E. Henderson Ave. was v _amed _elections: director at $23,500 a yeitr by the four:board. --atits: meeting Thilrd a -Y.. .IMr:; ers or: the loc-al vote board were dismissed from -their -part-biine jobs ori June 10 in telegrams-sent by-Ohio -Secretaey of State Ted w. arown. who has legal authoritly to dis. b 'oard members. ,_ The director. Joseph E: Crppolon .e; resigned last' week Dismissais Election The Seerebary of State 'said he d1smissed board because of_ the in bhe May 2 electioo, when many pollmg 1places in Cuyatloga coun ty, the state's largest" had vming machine failures. and many other troubles. Many : precincits were ordered to conduct a ial election oi1e week later be -cause their machines -never a .r-rived. A sikcild local boa :rd of inquiry investigating bhe election trouhles said bha t Secretary of State Brown niust share the bla_me wi th the boa -rd members. 'l11us Gov. John J. Gilligan. a Democrat, to suggest that Mr. Brown should resifin in dismissing the The. Cuyahoga County Board of Elecbwns memJ?ers appeale(l to the Ohio Supreme Court ing the telegrams of sal. Chief Jus-tice C. William O' Neill issued a temporary order rl'jnstating the board. wibh fuU powers, pending a full hearing l}y (Continued 0!1 Page 2:) If you Want a Home for $2ao Down. Paymts. as low as $61 per month Dial a Home and 879-5350


GE FOUR S.tJael-BuJielin Puhliahed every Tues. ID&I Fri. Cet Both E.tltloas Saturday, June 24, 19!J D -.7"" .. Sennne!r Published every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel--Tampa Bulletin Publishing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. c. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. -Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON VIce lri.RS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising Second class postage paid at. Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES 4 6.50 Per Year_ One Edition. .12.50 Per Year Botb Editions. 10.7 Upsets Us-f Imagine what :the politicians o: lhe country would be eoundling like if the ra .te for the nation stood at 10.7. Imagine :what the uuions would be aaying. magine wh&Jt kind of chargea the eneral populace would be de manding. That -10.7 rate covers on I j black oiitizens, ao like everything else it is pillt on the back burner 'After all, the white rate ia a more tolerable 5.3. Neither of those figurea nor the overall rate of 5.9 is ac c:eptable for thia wealthy nation. Bu:t ilhe 10.7 figure is so de /Vasltating that something has to be done about it now. Apparently President Nixon doea not have a .program to take care of thia family-destroying problem. A recen t speech by Paul R. :Jones, executive d irector of the J,lack voter division of the Com mitlte for the Re-Election of the President, runa down a long list of appointments and programa he credits to Mr. Nixon. Some of these are very im pressive but unless something can .be done about that 10.7 jobless. ll"ate, then black people have to assume that the Administration's ''benign neglect" policies are pre ,venting his appointees and pro from being effeotive. When Senator George Me .Govern keeps talking a b o u t a job for every American, a lot of people are going to be listening and the candidate and party that round more capable in this re gard are going Ito cash in. There has been too. much .t"hetoric jive about progress, black ca:pitalism and minority earninga growing faster than the national rate. What is required are some actions that will sharply and quickly alter figures like that i l 0. 7 per cent jobless rate. The polibidana are taking it In stride and the general popu lace won't speak out. Hence, the time has come for black people to demand an end to these twice as-high jo-bless rates. Consider this one of the early, less-strident Vietnam Dishonor Defense Secretary Melvin Laird some members of Con gress last wee k by suggeating an ether $5 billion would be need ed to carry on the d evastating delllruction of North Vietnam un til the end of the year. If it does c:.oat that and -the war lasts that lona, Preaident Nillon will be a one-ilermer for sure. It takes a special kind of in dividual to that his coun try. has m'!lde a drastic mistake in conducting a war of thia na ture but insists on pushing it to immoral levels because of false pri.de and big-power arrogance. No other American President haa been willing to destroy peo.ple and terriltory in this manner. The great dishonor we seem to fear would aic, m e dia center and health services rooms. The school's studeot capacity will increase to approximately 60{) pupils as a result of the work The contract is the result o f 11'1 Administration ptog r a m to enlarge bu s ine s s opportunities for minorit.yowned f irms. from Florida Advertisers Buy Sentinel Services To The Aged To End The University of South Florida Demonstratio;1 Project entitled "Delivery of Services to the Tampa Model Cities Aged," will terminate on June 30, 1972 as scheduled. This project was funded under Title IV of the Older Americans Act which provides funds for relatively short term research and demonstra tion projects. These are designed to try out new approaches to see whether they will work or not and-or to gather new types of information. In this project considerable information was gathered on the oldt>r population of this area in cludin g data on what kind o f -people they are socially and economically; what type of iltg arrangements they have; what problems they have relative to health, transportation, social activities, and so on. At the same time a number of new approaches were tried out. These include the use of young pe01ple as "foster grandchiltir.en'' to involve t he two age groups with one another and to increase understanding of one another. Another of these approaclv.>s was "the gro-up" in which the latest "sensitivity appl"(lach" was used in bringing people of different ethriic backgrounds and of different ages to understand one New Mt. Zion 2511 E. Columbus Drive Rev. B. J. Jones, Pastor Sund'al)' is Guest Day at Mt Zion and "the public is extended an invitation to wors'h!P with us during all services. Sunday sc

AROUND THE_ TOWN By HAYWARD I I Monroe Mack, R.Ph. brought IB.dded prestige to the black medical professionals of this area of f'la. with his expertise at their recent conventwn. Mack served as speaker of the House of Delegates. The occasion was the State Meet. lng of the Fla. Dental ru1d Pharmaceutical Convention which convened in Mexico City on June 1()-14th. Other Tampans attending were Mrs. M o n r o e 1\Iack, and Mrs. Fred A. Smith and daughter, Fre!M, and Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Jackson and daughter, Cheryl OPPS ... Here's an important correction from around the town. The marriage of Miss Lola John son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto (1\lollie) Jo-hnson of Progress Village to Sgt. Willie Eddie Hitch cock, of MacDill AFB will be MISS LOLA JOHNSON held "JULY FIRST." at the Base hapel, with reception following *'-t Kid Mason Recreation Center. (\?Y other date you, reaa, hear pf or dreamed of besides July J'irst, was wrong. Lola's the twin. of lUiss Lolita Johnson, l>eautician at Pacesetters Beauty Salon.,, JETS HERE 'N THERE Mrs. Barbara Gainous, one of the AVis Counter beauties at TIA, IWhisperjetted back from a fabu lous but rainy weekend in Miami where she was the guest of formTampan, Uiss Jean Franklin, 'Who teaches in Miami at ComElem. School, and is pr.esEmtly back in Tampa on visit. !Among other former Tampans i;een by Mrs. Gainous while in the Magic City were, George Bell, airline mechanic, and Grover Fel ton, railroad employee. And while speaking of recent )fiami happenings, word _is-Miss "'-retha Franklin spent around sixb-six thousand dollars -(66,000) While there for a one week stay .. Found during talk with young sent Andrew Manning, he's not Qne of the record spinners at WDAE-Radio as had been thought, but Is in the' productions dept .. is reportedly to Clark College in Atlanta come Sept.. Larry Green, one of my parttime house guys of Pine St., L.G.; who did his '72 grand march from Leto is going to HCC. As are reportedly, ex-Blake Hi cage stars Nat Bolden and Robert "Tully" Bell. Bet Coach Charlie White of HCC won't mind this at all. Herbert Drew, well -known young gent with the Hillsborough County Schools custodian dept. and T;r.A maintenance dept., gave me an invite to his gala birthday party celebration coming up soon. But I can't remember, where or when ... Mr. Garland V. Stewart and fellow officers and members of Allen Temple AME Church didn't let the wind and rains of Agnes stop the spiritual an d financial success of their Men's Day last SuJlday, as they went on to raise more than three-thousand-dollars. Someone mentioned track star Harold Smith as not being pleased with the track program at .FSU and just may take this track skill to another campus. What about the other campus, "up on the hill," Harold.... first Baptist Church Of Progress Vdlage Progress Village Rev. B. T. Williams, Pastor Mrli. Simmons, Services at First Ba.ptist began with Sunday school with the supt. and teachers at their posts. The lesson was reviewi!d by the pastor, The attendance was also good. Morning service began at 11 with the choir and ushers servirug. The deacons led devotion. A very good sermon was delivered by the pastor. BTU meeting .was also held at the usual hour with the direct6r in charge. Evi!ning service began at the usual hour with the same order Qf servioo. Again the pastor was at his best and the sermon was enjoyed by all. On Thursday morning, the 'Pastor -preached at thil BTU and Sunday. sch:ool Convention which :is convening at St. John Progressive. The No. 3 choir and the youth ushers served. The Vacation Bible School began on Monday and will last !for 10 days. Thfi! school will begin each day from 4 to 7:30 p.m. Many activities have been planned. Refreshments will also be !Served free. There will also be games. J. Washington is the director. All parents are asked to please send their children All members of the church and of the community also are asked to attend Civic Council !meeting. Mr. James Simmons is president and Mrs. M. L. Hadley is recording secretary. The funeral of the late Mr. 'Robert Terrell will be held at this church on Saturday at 2 p.m. Wilson Funeral Horne is in charge. Visitors aN! welcome at all times. All are asked to remember tlie sick and shut.ins. Rick Powell, who a few years ago didpae thodgening nr-Dsup ago did the grand opening of Rick Casares Huddle Bar and Lotinge with his "Rick Powell' Trio,' featuring Donny Hattaway {Roberta Flack's recording mate. on "You've Got A Friend,")' was choseri one of the nation's "Most Eligible Bachelors for '72" by Ebony Magazine Rick and his New s I PB trio resided with County official a em Bob Gilder duririg Tampa stay ... l\iRS. VIOLET L. ROBINSON 1605 Nebraska Avenue returned Tuesday via EAL. from Elder R. Howard, Minister Hartford, Conn. visit with daugh-Mrs. Catherine Williams, Rept ter, Rhonda and grandchildren, Alvin and Andri Davis. Mrs. Rob Inson also visited in NYC on business with friend, Angelita Gon zalez Vergara. Among well-wishLast Sunday services were Vilry good begihning with the C.L.C.'s meeting at 8 a.m. A very good topic was discussed. The il.ttendance was very good. ers welcoming her back was daughter, Mrs. Cynthia R. DuPont .. FROl\1 LOST 'N FOUND comes word Herbert Drew's birtnday party will be June 30th, 8 P.M. at_ the American Legion Hall. M1. Drew will be twenty-one. A n d party-crashers will not be admit ted. Met REV. A. L. BROWN for the first time as he was welcoming h:>me the "First Lady'' (his wife) flight back to Tampa. Rev: Brown's pastor of Mt. Moriah P. B. Church, and a look-sort of alike of TV guy, Flip. On the heavyweight side ... HERE'S A SMALL WISH AND PRAYER of this corner that my black brothers and sisters will let folks see the movie ''Buck And The Preacher'' undisturbed down at the Tampa Theater Noticed the opening of t h e "Leniars Guest House" at 1413 Governor St. And gent Steve L. Dixon's Prop. JOE BUGGICA, a working mate over TIA way, gave up his bachelor's title after a thirty-six-year holdout. The marriage was aboard our EAL Whisperjet with workChurch Sunday school began at 9:30 with the Supt. Jessie Saulsberry in charg-e. Morning service began at 10:45 with the deacons Josh McWilliams -and G. McKinnie in charge of devotion. The No. 1 choir and senior ushers silrved. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. The pastor made tributes to all the deacons and trustees in honor of Father's Day. At 3, a musical. program was rendered by all choirs of the church. This was given jn honor of our pastor for Father's Day and vacation cheer. Evening service began at 6:30 with the same choir and ushers serving. The sern1on was delivered by the pastor. Holy com munion and washing of saints' feet were administered by tho pastor assisted by thil deacons and the deaconesses. There will be no service at the church on Sunday due to the choirs and 1i1embilrs going to Orlando on Sunday morning to !render service for the South Fla. Progressive P.B. Church School Convention. Our si,ck and shut-in list is The Sunday School Lesson By REV. A. LEON LOWRY PASTOR, BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH BURGER FOR SECURITY Psalms 57; 90:13-17; Isaiah 6:1-6; Romans 8:28-39 In every area of life men are GOO we must know security conscious in almost about him. A nal'lrow, little, limitany discussion tfue parbiciJpants ed concept of God, is insufficienfl eventu&:lly get 'around to dis-when we are about to be overcuss!ing security, all kinds Of whelmed by life's eXJi,gencies. We security, old age security, soda! must posses big concept Ol securitJy, mi!Ji.tary security, 1ob God, of God. who is able-to Save, secui!jty, financial security ,and who is able to heljp in every sit-so on. uation. '.Dbis is security on the material [ like the way the Hebrew and. physicallevel. .A!cross tfue faced peril, "Our God is well rolling centuries men have learn-able to save us, but if he does ed tJhat material and physical not it is alrigJht, we know tha' security, however good is not he can." Their security was in the necessarily satisfyjng, nor per-ability of their God to deliver manent. With all the material them. They were sure that ha and rphysioal security at our diswould. posal we still feel insecure. Where In our lesson llhe religiondst, then can we find a lasting and the psalmist actually found a dependable security? A security fo.JIDdation on which to stand. that will 'Pr'otect us w!hen all He was moved by the glocy of of the other securities have van-'GOO, then he began to give ished. >It i-s our hope 1Jhat tod.ay:'s thanks and praise to God. 'Fin lesson will help us make tfue ally, he was able to C!ry out, discovery. -heart i"l steadfast, 0 GOO, For the ancient Jews prior. my heart is steadfast!" to 1Jheir days of exile securiey was him now. I am re-1 was in Jerusalem with its-grand mmded of our ancesbors who Temple. In Babylon whell'e 1Jhey said basdcally the same thing1 were in exile they felt insecure "0 'God, my heart is :ffixed!" Goo an a strange land. They had no was their They just identification \Wth Babylon, it felt somebhing Wlibhln that held was not_home br them. They felt the reigns. Then they put it this forsaken of God, they could not way, "I woke up this morning sing their song-s or play thek with my soul feelling bad, !harps. Mfted my lburd'ens, some1Jhdng Their belief that JerusaJem was within me, [ can not explain, All had been daShed, th!lt [ know, there is sorriethln.g their faith was insuffident and within me." fast di

. PAGE Sill Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publishetf i-y Tues. &bCI Fri Get Both HOhlemak81's :forUm 0 What is a BirthQ.ay Party to a cr'eairi?", and leaned forward for youngster? Ice and. cake. that last of deliciouS ice 'Jane E. St. Day cream. The Ice was made .Care Center in Philndelphia was hours to the party recently the scene -of-. a birthday .ih an electric ice cream freezer celebration with all the party by SCM Proctor Silex. trimmings. Rodney Coston w a s -. sejen this. special day and cele. EASY NO-COOK. PIES brated this occasion with sixteen Making beautiful cream pies of his friends at the Cellter. This used to mean hours spent in the was trul,v a real. partJr games punch and ice .cream and kitchen. Not so any more. Gen. cake. eral Foods is new im-BAY. CITY BOOSTERS CLUB. ENTERTAINS Member of ihe _Bay Cl_ty ...-J:Soosters Club ea tertalned. at the Cypre11 Street resid.eace of Mr. aad M:rs. Williams. Tbe "Tropical Eveqbl" was nlce affair *:Jie iaclement weather. Gues*s Ia the top photo :aie, from left, Mrs. Ozepher Barris aad Mr. and o us H!lrper. Below are Mrs. Loui11e Herron, Mn. Relea Wllllmas, hostess, -ud Mrs. Dorothy Alfori. 4 The shows Rochley as proved Jell-0 Brand Instant Pud. be amide a! lthe party: fes. ding and Pie Filling, the improvtivities to "any more eCi instant puddin g that heips to Pie Captures Tr:op_ical Magic\ Create a bit of Island magic for .. your family .with Polynesian Pineapple Pie. PreparatiOIJ Ia almost mag(cal, toQ. The tender, flaky pastry Is made wl1h a handy pie crust mix, and the golden tilling takes Its flavor from frozen pineapple juice concentrate. A 1.tllmy whipped cream topping completes this tropical treat. '"\._POLYNESIAN PINEAPPLE PIE Makes 8 Ml'VIngs c. us/: ---.. Filling: One half 10-oz. pkg. Two 8-oz. cans fro;;:.;n (1 cup) Flako Pie Crust ) pineapple juice Mix .. centrale, thawed 2 to 21h tablespoons 1 tablespoon lemon julceJ cold water cup cornstarch % cup granulated sugar Heat oven to hot (425'F.). Measure pte crust mix Into Sprinkle cold water by tablespoonfuls over mix; stir lightly with fork until just dampened. (If necessary, add a teaspoon of cold water to make dough hQid together.) Form Into ball. Roll out on lightly floured board or ctnvaa to form a 12-lrich circle. Fit looael1 Into &Inch pie plate, flute prick boHom and aides. Bake 1(1 preheated oven (-425'F.) 10 to 12 mlnutn. Cool. t f'or tilting, -acid enough water to pineapple julc .. to make -t cupe. elend tpgether reconetttuttd pineapple Juice, lemon Julcf,' corn In a medlum-tlztd Coolt over medium _constantly; until mixture beolna c .onlln1,1e_ cccklna low: Jleat untJI ntlxWre la ttloa;tly -clnl" lfld thick, .10 COOl. \: ... -:.; ; ... : 0 -: ;._,' -:! 1 .wHitn.d. wh/pJ*/ JOfl:"of. e 0 ... ,_ ,., .... -->' ENGAGED -Church Of Christ 1312 Nassau street Bro D. Atkisoa, Minister James Nortoa, Reporter Sunday school began at 10 witli Melvin Smith in charge of devotiona! service:' The lesson was enjoyed by ail present. Morning worship' was held at 11 the : miiJiste( hi The scripture was r&ad by Bro. M s mith .. oJfe.red )y J. Lovett. The message was deliver, by the min \ster. H\s subject was ''The Sower, "'.St. Matt: 13: 3. Two visitors were present. ; .. Bethune High RisiPrayer -Ba_nd Mrs. Barbara Green, P.res : Mildred Miller, Rept:: The Bethune High Rise Prayer met Monday at 7 at.'.the' home of Mr11 Ollie Frazilir, No. 614., The message was taken: from First John 5:1-5. This .wai brought by Elder H. Br_ own .. The next meeting will be held a t the home of Mril. -wiliie-.Ap:t.: 8t6.' one' v}sitor You are to : all our services. Thursday night at 7:30 Bible study. Bands To Mr. aad Mrs; Richard Mitchell aimoun.;e the engagement of their daughter, Cynthia Yvonne to charles Windell Bass, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bass. They are 1971 graduates of Middletoa High School. Ttle wedding is planned for July %9. at Hood Temple A. M. E. Zion ChurCh and the reception will be at the borne of Miss Mitch ell's godmother, Mrs. Phette Willis, 2410 E. North Bay. make a good cream pie. The pudding now has a smo:>ther, > -creamier texture. One pack" age makes a full 8-inch pie with a filling that holds its shape beautifully To create a lll!Scious cream pie, simply mix Jell.() instant Pudding and Pie Filling with p4)\)r .into a balied > pie -.hell rll_nd 'chill. Its. the' easy Evangelist Prayer Band Evangelist Prayer Band .. Mrs. L: Owens, President The Evangelist Prayer Band will meet Sunday at 5 at the home of Mrs. A. Brooks 2215 E. Northbay. The public is invited. Mrs B. Spivey is the director. COMING The Sunrise and Eastside Prayer Bands will meet at Tre -mont Temple, 311 E. Frances, Sunday morning at 5. All are asked tO be present. Deacon Archie Mond is president of_. and Mrs Alice Lane is reporrer. All are asked to remember, t'he sick and shut-ins. EVEN'ES JU!\'E 25--Guest Day, New Mt. Zion Baptist Church. JUNE; %5-Guest Day 1ponsored by Jr. Usher Board of FrleudShlp: Baptist Cburch. JUNE 26--Baby Coutet by Pattor' Aid Board, First Baptist Church of West Tampa, I P. M. H-l'dlss Black America of_ Tmpa Pareat, C11rlis Rhloa HU, 8 P. M... : : JULY 1-:Pre-Fottrih of J'-IY Day >IPODIOI'e4 by S11preme ...... clalCiub ,at Labor Hill-nd-ttlt stnet JULY 1-:-Fouth .... f ;JIy Brekfut Dattee; t:lka ikt,_ I08 :t:. LaiN'el, iJ P'klli .. ht 0 JULY T-Niaeteeittll Di.trid. Tea ....... -Y Mi. PU : pim'8 -WomeD.' CeaY.eitU011,-I t Hepe 1-eelfal, 'NewMt. ZiO..-M.' ::' ;:-': a,:r. M, : .... > __ B-:l.Ake:.. De4' ... Mil .AIIItiNII,. BaH, Ft. Hesterly, '.,,_ .... :ArMory; 1t P. M_ .' ... .. 'Jt11'JE. ._,' Jtd7 <::ruJM .... .JULY lt-Hetr H4 1r--' JMY, Gre.ter BaptiM C .. rdlo


24, 1972 SERVICES RESUME AT HOUSE OF PRA Elder H. Bryant, pictured here with Mrs. Bryant, announced this week that repairs have been completed at the House of Prayer, 2920 N. 22nd and he gives thanks to the Lord for this blessing. Services will resume Sunday be ginning with Sunday School at 10 o'clock. E\der Bryant' will conduct the regular morning service af 11, and baptism will follow at 1 P. l\1. The church had to be closed about months ago, whe.n a car struck the building causing considerable damage. FATHER'S .. DAY TEA AT ST. PAUL UNITED METHODIST Harold Reddick, Joe Kotvas, City Councilman; Charlie Cowl, and Elvin Martinez, State RepreOne of the nice affairs of Sunday afternoon was the Father's Day tea at St. Paul United Meth odist Church. Guests included, from left to right, sentative. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS A of the DON' T YOU WORRY CLUB will be held t'J night at 8 o'Clock at the home of Henry Montgomery, 4502 Webster. Members of the ORCHID CLUB will meet Saturday night at 7 o'clock at the residence of Mrs. Willie Mae Byrd, 3903 E Powhattan. The agenda includes: Federation of Club, Outline of Sickle Cell program; and Vote on future associate and junior members. THE PHILOETTES wilL have their regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Delores Ragins who is also the birthday celebrant. On Saturday evening beginning at 9 o'clc_>ck, the INTRA CITY CIVIC CLUB is sponsoring a Whist party at the home of Mrs. Evelyn Allen, 4018 LaSalle Street. The public is invited. THE FRIENDLY TWE LVE CLUB is having a party on Saturday night at 2908 E. McBerry The public is invited. ROSETTS CLUB members will meet Sunday afternoon at I o'cl:::ck with Mrs Elise Baker, 39011 E. Henderson Avenue. Mrs. Betty Anderson will entertain members of the SUPREl\IE SOCIAL CLUB Saturday at her residence, 3714 Clifton Street. Members of the TROJANS CJ,UB will meet at 5:30 P. M Sun day with William H. Mitchell, 2409 E. Cayuga. A meeting of the JUST US SOCIAL CLUB will be held at 6 P. Receives M. S. Degree PAGE SEVEN RAINBOW TEA You are invited to a Rainbow Tea Sunday from 4 until 6 P. M. at the Masonic Temple, 4303 34th Street. The semi-formal affair is sponsored by the Joint Council of Order of Eastern Stars. JUn. Elsie Livingston is the chairman .. GUEST DAY AT NEW MT. ZION Sunday will be Guest Day at New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church. The nien will sponsor the morning services Pr_ of. Joha Green will be the Sunday Scho'Jl Superintendent, and Dr_ J. E. McCray from Truevine Baptist Church ln Sarasota will be the inorn ing speaker. ,. At 6 P. M. the ladies will be in charge of the services .. Ths speaker will be Mrs. Rosetta Judge, prominent: church worker, _1 Awards will be presented to the Outstanding Woman E;ducator, Out standing Community Wor],ter, Outstanding Missionary an!d ing Mother. MEN'S DAY AT MT. PLEASANT .. .. Men's Day will. be observed at Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church Sunday. 'J,'he ch!JI'C4. is at 2002 N. Avenue, and the Rev. G. W. Mitchell is the past:1r. R. J Hardwick the chairman, and L!.o L. Virgil Is. the co-chairman. Si>eaking at .the morning service will be the ,, P. Gordon, pastor of Grove .M. B: Church, St. Other pal' ticipants will be Arizona Jenldns, C. Sloan, Charles Robinson, 1\1:-, Johnson, Mr. Hight_mver, Arthur Young, Bennie Favors, Jamell Oates Ushers of Greater St. John, St. Mark of Port Tampa, Mt. -Olive' A M E., St. Luke A. M E the City Wide Men' s Chorus, Abe Keni!Tick, Raymond Nixon, E. Artest the Rev. Steve Davis, the Rev. Sidney Henderson / 0. B. Hall, Clifford Brady, Harold Wilsoll and Etholi Flowers: -At-3 o'c1ock,the Rev S. :Harden will be the speaker.: Mt. Tabor Men's Choir will : render the music HERE FROM-BALTil\IORE .-, Ret. Army Captain Sidney Jordan of Baltimore .was here last week to visit his mother, Mrs .' Robbie Stephen 3303 .. 38th Avenue He was accompanied by .a cousin, Pat Dixon and daughter, HUSBANDS ENTERTAINED The Philoettes surprised their husbands with a delicious dinner at the.\Armettia Temple on Father.'s Day. Club members were assisted by Eddie Felder. -On hand for the nice affair were Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Womacl(, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bolen, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Ragins Mr. and Edward Montgomery, \Wr. and l\Irs. Richmond Myrick, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Vickers, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roberts, Mr and Mrs. Johnnie Campbell and Mr. and. 1\Irs. David Bunts. REV. LIVINGSTON PASSES Funeral services for the late Rev. J. L. Livingston a retired minister who passed Wednesday, will be held Sunday at 1 P. M at Concord A. M. E. Church in 1\-iiccosukee. Rev. Livingston was the father of Mrs, Josephine Brown; 2338 Arch Street. The family rhay be contacted through Tilman ]funeral Home of Monticello. SERVICES FOR MRS. REED SATURDAY Services for Mrs. Bertha Reed, who passed Wednesday, will be held at 2 P. M. Saturaay at Mt. Zion A M. E. Churcb. of Red dick. The family may be cont acted through Cunningham Brothers Funeral Home, 434 NW 16th Avenue, Ocala. SISTERS : ON VACATION -1 Three J)opular sisters, Mrs. Beii_._Samp!ion of 4ll9 Nassau Street, Mrs Ros1l Bell Sims of 4305 Arch Street, and Mrs. Elizabeth of Tallahassee, took a plane out of Tampa International Ail' port Thursday bpund for Philadelphia to visit Mrs, Sims' son Joha Bryant. From :there tbey will -go to New York to see friends. They will be away a .week BENEFIT AFFAIR The Heavenly Trumpets wili a party Saturday night at the home of Hayes Langston, 3425 Avenue. The public is invited : HERE FOR, FUliJERAI,. .. In Tampa }ast week to attend final rites of Miss Gussie I.'. Butler were Mrs. Olli e )\f Sind Mrs. Ernie M. 1\iajors of New York; : Mr. and Mrs. Ralph .Pittman and childrent of West Palm Beach and Mr. and Mrs; Julius Willia ms of New Smyrna Beach. (Continued on Pltge .24> Notes From I ampa Lodges LILY WHITE LODGE NO 18 is meeti.ng at 7 P. M. at .1001 India Street. Deputy Arthur Shipp will be present t() hold the election of officers. .All Tampa chapters of the ORDER OF EASTERN STAR will meet this evenin g at 8 o'clock at 4303 34th Street for the election of officers. ARMETTIA LODGE NO. 6 is meeting Monday night at 8 o'cbck at the temple. Choir Union No. 3 M Saturday at the home of Mrs. Emma Fripp, 1820 N Boulevard Mrs Rhody Spotford will be hostess. Miss Delores Wilson has re ceived her Master of Science de gree In Elementary Education Dea. H. L. Williams, Pres. from Fort Valley State College, Mary Ann Thornton, Rept. LOUNGE At 5 P. M. Sunday, members of the BLOSSOM CLUB will have ll meeting at the abode of Mrs. Ollie Mutcherson 4808 24th Street. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers Fort Valley, Georgia. She Is the The Greater Choir Union No. daughter of Hr. and Mrs. Nathan 3 will convene at' First Union Wilson, 601 N. Fremont Avenue, M.B. .Church, Rev. Joe Thomp" and was graduated from Blake sari; pastor at 3 p m Twelve High School In 1963. She received eh6irs will appear. on program. her B. S. degree from Albany The public is cot dially invited. State College. to attend. Open Every Day Air Cond. LOCATED: 859 ZACK STREET Phone 229-9893 .. WIGS WILLY JOHNSON ... CLOTHING & JEWELRY and family their new Sam's. help per mo. for 'EASIEST CREDIT TERMS IN they pay. only $67 : .,_ ; .,, IJR j: .. H_u_a_.. .c.R.ED.IT. .cL.OTHIE.Rs. -INC ...... ._, iililiiii91-FR. .ANKLIN-ST. .. : lf-. ....... ....,, _-.,.. ... ... .. = ..,' .. .... ..... ..... x_ow_! 'lliitJ,. : = :.'t:"=::"<."'!. ": : :_;.,: ..


PAGE EIGH'l True Love-Baptist 2501 17th Street :Rev. W. T. Carpenter, PastQr Church school will begin at s: 3'J wi tJh the supt. in' charge the lesson will be r eviewe d by Joe Davis. The Pastor and church wilf render a servke at !New Macedonia at 3 p.m. :\foming worship at 111. The c}iCir No. 4 and Usohers No. 1 will s e-rve. Devotion by the Deasermon by the Pastor. BTU at 5 p.m; All members are asked to be present. Evening service will began at 6:310 p.m. with the same order of the morning service. night at 7 :3 0 p.m. the Sisters w ill meet at the Tuesday night at 7:30 IILm. pra.yer meeting and study course Wednesday n!ght at 7:310 !p.m B'ible study less(}n als o 'Wednesday morning at 111 a.m. :rravcr ser.vJce. '!1hursday night 2t 8 p.m: the No. 1 choir rehearsaL Saturday at 5 p .m. the N'o. 4 choir will have their rel:e:?rsal. T:le church of wekome. Please dvn't forget to pray for the .ti':ck and shut-if!. Peace Baptist Church .2607 24th Avenue Rev. J. C. Goins. Pastor Betty Dawkins, Reporter Sunday's services will begin with S. S. at 9 :30, with the stllpt ID-Ea. Jessie Millnley in charge. Morning worshiiP will follow at Dl, the No. 3 cllodr and INo. 1 usher boa['d serving. The pastor will deliver sermon. Sunday afternoon at 3 p.n1., the Universal .M asoni(! Sot. John's io:ay Program will be held at 1Jhe church. '11he Goins' Chorus and No. 2 choir have been asked tQ serve. Bru service will be held at t5 wibh the pres., Mrs. Alice IM:inor in charge. Evening wor-6'hip will be held at 6 in the same order as tihe morning worf;'hip This SatUrday (June 24th) at li p.m. at tthe church Wedding Vows will be exC'hcanged \\-ith ll\1r. Matthew Harris Jr. and Sara Paul. Let us remembe r to pray for our S'!ek Slhut-ins. Missionary Prograna At Beulah Baptist Mrs. Bernice MeHssa Reddick vnd General Home of Beulah Bapt. Ohurc:h will a most unique porogram Sunda;y afternoon at 2 :45 p m in the Sanctuary. Dr. Jerny Wanneth, pastor of Seminole Heligbts Ohurch is guest 'speaker. Dr. F. G. Jackson, pastor of St. Missi()onary Baptist Church \Vlll preeide. Societies of o t her c hurches are eJtpectsd to attend The public a s invited. The church is loe ated at the corner of Delaware and Cypres s streets. Dr. A Leon Lowry is the pnstor. (ltoir Union No. 2 Dea. Virgil Brooks, Mr,. Jennie V. Au s tin, Rept. City Wide Choir U n.ion '\'o. 2 will meet Sunday a t 2 :45 a t HolTempl e OMIE Churc ; h, Rev. W R. J ohnso n, Jr. is pastor. The public is invi t ed. Temple Pulpit Aid Sa lli e B. Crosby Pres. Mrs. A. L. Simmons, R cpt. ii\llen Templ e Pulpit Aid Board w i ll meet Tues day night at 8 at the home of Mrs. ::Hary Hunter, 3:19 E. A n nu c. :<\11 are as k ed to rem e m her t!1e s 1ck oand shutins Your Dream Home .. Yes for yGU! If you qualify $6i per mo with Govt Assist ance. Now call 879-1541. No obligation. Fla. Senlinel-Bulle1tin Publiahe'd every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Sa.turday, June 24, .1972 -------------------------------------------------Bethel Baptist Rev J L. Overstreet, Pastor 808 Short Emory Street ;\Irs. Lillie M. McDonald, Rq1t. Sunday school will b egi n at 9:30 a.m. The slllpt. w:ill pre sich'. The less

. Saturday, JUDe 24, 1972 I' "Ia. 3enttnel-.1Sullettn t'ubltshed every 1 ues. and r ri \jet zsotn t.dlttoD!I ----rAGE N.Nf: -------------FORMER EDITOR NOMINATED AS AMBASSADOR / ,. WASHINGTON -W. Beverly Carter Jr., Deputy Assistant Se'o. retary of State for African Affairs, has been nominated by Presi dent Nixon to be U. S. Ambassador to Tanzania. Mr. Carter will succeed Ambassador Claiide G Ross who bas been appoint'e!J :Qep .. uty Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. "SJIOPPJNG "KASH 'N KARRY is A REGULAR THING FOR ME. 1 WOH'T THINK OF SHOPPING ARY PLACE ELSE." Mr. ca'rter, 51, a career Foreign Sel'Vfce officer with the United States Information Agency (USIA), has a lsp serv. ed in Nairobi1 Keny _a, as }>i:ess Attache and in Lagos Nigeria, as Director of .the U. S Information Service with the diplomati c rank of CounseUor of Embassy. He was appointed Deputy Ass istant. Secretray for African Aff:Urs in 1969. : Before joining the Foreign Service in 1005, Mr: Carter wa1 1 publisher of the Pittsburgh, Courier chain of newspapers for 10 years. BUt I SURE DIG IT:' JIMMIE. RICKS .c:P -2132' Slreel I. -/ Tampa, Florida .. --. ,,, He ha"S also worked as a reporter for the Phil adelphia Tribune and as city editor of the Philadelphia Afro American In 1954, Mr. a candidate for the. U. s, House of Representatives 'frqm Philadelphia s Fourth District. New Macedonia MB. Miracle Prayer sand ., 3402 E. Deleuil A ve nue Mrs-. _Sa,l!lrti]e L. Scott, Pre.s. 1 Rev. Roosevelt Robinson, Pastor Mrs. Tommie M: White, .. .la...;. ____ _r_aE_ _a_o_ME_o_F_. ___ --=1 Mrs. Owens The Miracle Band will Las_t meet Monday night. at 8 very mspiratiOnal begmmng with home .of Mrs Lessie Flagg, 4237 the Sunday School'. 1 E.: Curtis. MiRisttir. Cal houri is The morning message was de_ direcoor of: the :The II:vered by the pastor,. the. eve-,. public is invited : to =ilttepd. : n1ng message was dehvered by ., 1 \ a guest preacher. : U h .0:., : N 3 S unday,: ji.rrte New 5 ers DIOD 0. donia M.B. Church will have its D N .. .: ,_._ and Day : eacon Cannon, ; __ _Ida Rept. .... : For the seivice, 3 will -: en mu be it{ charge; the morning SundaY,, at --.. ,; guest speaker .Will be Mrs Ann 3 : 3 0 _at the .:rwiL. B. :. ''Fletcher :The -devotion will be: Church, T; J. 'Pa,s--:";:_ -;. given M rsf ':Ma:ry ,A. : DOrsett. tor. offic _erl!. tO ... : seo/ices, begi nning preslmt and time.; -.-.. _at'''a:OO. _.The men will bJi in charge ofservice. A,ppearing on the program be the R ev W T Carpenter and i. tio n of True Love M B Church. .They will be in charge of the ,_ There w ilL 'be many more outBuy : I Sentinel Advertisers; ';1>u ... n I --. I' THE.SE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU, MONEY standin g guests that will be ap. pearing on the program. There will be no evening ser vice. The p'ublic is invited to come and share with us in each qf could hap}kn to io.u? ,Your own home. C all 879-1541 for In--Tampa 1725 H. Dale Mabry Tampa Kennedy Blvd. Tampa ...... 230 l Florida Ave Tampa .. 50th Sl. 81: -lOth Ave. Tampa .. 305 W. Hillsboro. Tampa ..... Hillsboro 81: l51h St. Tampa ; .. 81h Ave. 81: 22nd Sl. Tampa .. ... 4101 Florida Ave. Tampa ... Nebraska 8r Waters Tampa .. Wesl Shore al Kennedy Tampa 1112 So. Dale Mabry Tampa ..... : 4487 Gandy Plaza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa ... Cor. Florida 81: Wa!ers Dade City ... ,. 508 E. Pasco Plant Cily 507 So. Wheeler St Palmello ............. 515 7 t h St. Riverview . Hwy. 301 Brandon .... 911 Brandon. Mall Bradenton Cortez W. of Hwy 41 Inverness 803 W. Main Sl. .-Zephyrhills Hwy. Firsl. Lakeland ...... 925 Barlow Rd. Ocala 2957 N.W. Pine Ave. Sl Petersburg .. 6095 91h Ave. N. Sarasola 3840 So. Tullle Ave. & Bee Ridge Road Sl. Petersburg 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. N. Venice .' 480 Venice By-Pass Largo. Hwy 19 81: Ulmedon Rd. SHOP ANY DAY -SAVE EVERY DAY formation on the .235 these services. ].t Judy White .tell you_ ; .:... f i I Write Judy White at Tampa El e ctrio P.O:\ Box 111, Tampa, Florida 33601, for your FREE copy of this fact-filled booklet designed to help you save 1 1 1 1 ____.


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. Fla. S.tla.I-Bu!LIIa Put.n.t.etl eYery Taes. aN Frl Get a.tla Edltioat PACI! ELEVEN ---------.... r' .. .,, J.... 14, 11'72 Views 01 Progress Village If IBA LEE ElliS,._ 177-1311 Mr. and lin. JVir&'fe) Fra-. will be in aeaaion for two zier and kids of '"1 79th St. weeks begiMilll' JUDe !1. had as their gueata last week Sympatlly goes out to Kra. her sister, Mrs.-Velma Bailey Grace Terrell of -'801 86th SL and daughter, Francina of at the paaaing of her husband, !Miami, Florida. Mrs. Bailey Mr. Robert Terrell on last Fri returned to Miami Sunday, day. Francina remained for an ex 'Get well wishes to Miss Meltended visit with the Fraziers. ba Johnson who is confined to Belated birthday greetings to Tampa GenerSl Hospital. Melba !Mrs. MajOrie Anderson 5002 daughter of Mrs. Ann Johnson 86th St. who celebrated her of 86th St. is a member of the :natal d\' on Thursday, June Youth.Department of St. ,James 15. A. M. E. .Church of Progreu Tht!_ Wildcats Club-of Pro-Village. gress Village wm sponsor a Our deepest sympathy is ex:record hop featuring WTMP to Mr. and Mrs. Elizah Disc Jockeys, -Gary ShePpard (Margaret) Lotl and sona of and Henry Crump on Friday, 8323-Endive Ave. at the paasing June 23, p. m. at the of his mother. Mrt1. Mary Progrefs Village recreation een Lott on Monday Mr. Dwight ter. Come out young folks and Lott arrived in the Village enjoy a night 'of dancing )IVith Sunday after spending some !four favorite D. Js. time in Wilmington, Delaware. Mrs. Sallie Holmes of .6002 Hopes are for a speedy re 82nd. St. departed on Moday a. covery lor M iss Patricia Vann m. via for Dallas who was admitted t:o the -hoa'I'exas to. attend 'the General Con-pital Wednesday for a tonsillet ference of the AME Ohureh. tomy on Thursday. Patricia is Mrs. Holmes, a member of the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James AIM1E Church of Progress Re]DlOlds (Lena Mae) Vann, Village serves as secretary of 85f9 Grapefruit Ave. liilw-1 la,L ( ... rdl Mll E. Nertll 8&rM& 9tll ANNIVERSARY. OF llev. W. M .....,, P.._ Mn. Getlnlen TI'IJiett, BeiJ&. Sunday .mool bepn at the U8Ual hour with tbe supt. in charte, and teachers at tbeir posts. NEW PROGRESS CHOIR NO. 1 Morning service was ftr1 apirit ual witb Dea. James Triplett in charge ol devotioo. Rev. R. R. Jones of Ebeneber M. B. Church delivered the' sermon. Tbe No. 1 cboir and ushers .erved, Our pastor ia still ill but im proving. We are still puying for his complete recovery. Tbe Ushers was a great Rev. E. BenUey of Oak Hill :M. B. Church was the spe&ker and hls Junior cboir furnished the music. Ptayer meeting Thursday even lng at 7:30. '1be Junior Owir -will rehearse Saturday at II p.m. and will serve SUDday. On Sunda,-aftemooa, June 25, at 3 p.m. tbe No. 1 Choir of New Progreu K. B. Church will beein celebratinc their 9th anniversary with a mcal program. Several choirs" have been invited to par ticipate oo tbis proeram. Mrs. Deloris Wubiagton will he the mistress of ceremonies. Choirs to I appear are Highland Ch:ir No. 1, St James AME Choir No 1, Friendship Choir No. 1, Oathill Choir No. 1, First BaPtist, Prog ress Village Male Chorus and st. Paul Temple Church of Ctirist Choir No. 1. others are First Baptist, Progre9S Village Jubilee Holsey. Temple Wllliam R. lobsoa, Jr .. Pastot Rev. Roea Br1an_t, Rept. T.be Nwtb Tainpa Ushers UniOD will convene at Sulphur Springs, st. Matthews M. B. Church, Rev. G. E. Edwards, pastor. mghland S. S. was under the direction will at 3 p m. of Mr. Albert Coleman. The At 6 p m the Deacons FederaMen's Bible Clasa and the Wo. Uon wiU be held at Highland. men's Class combined anc\ both Ebenezer M. B. Church, Rev. R. children and young peopie met R. Jones, p&SWr, wm serve. Dea .. together. Chatman is president. The mornirt services were led SiDpn, Tabernacle Choir No. t. Grec:e Mary, St. Petersburr Choir No. 1, :Ebelleler CM!ir No. 1. Emmanuel Choir .No. l, Mt. ZiOD. St. Petersburg ehiora (guest eboir) and Baptist, Lineobl Gardens Choir No 1. Monday night at I p.m. Rev. A .L. Lewter ol St. Jobn II. B. Church, Clearwater will deliver the anniversary sermon. Peace Baptist Oxlir No. 1 of Tampa wiU be the guest choit. The public is invited to these programs Rev E J. pastOI'I Charles Cbealey, preaiderit. Friendship Baptist Comer of Emma and 35th St. Rev. M. M. Murray, Pastor Mrs. R. Flemig, Rept. Sunday school began at the usual hour with. the .aupt and teachers at their posts. The les son was by the pastor. MorniQg-Vservice becan at 11 with choir No. 1 and ushen aer Ting.' The sermon was delivered by the pastor. All are -.velcome to pur serv by the assist:ant Pastor 1,.. B. ices. All other activities of the Brown, who also delivered the week remain tbe same. us morniRg measage. The meSsage ML Olve AME 1 pray for each otbr:r. was entitled,:. "Goc!Vs Ambassa On Sunday evening the Pas tor's Aid Board will sponsor a program at the cliurch at 3. All members are asked to cooper ate. the Church, president of the J.aylllf.n's, president of the Pulpit Aid .Poard, Head of youth director,, Steward and a mem ber of No. 1 Choir. Conference -Fantastic Spirituil Wonders 1745 J.&s.Be Skeet Rev. A. F. Uttle, Put.r Mn. Ola Ill. Goazaln ; dors'' and was taken from Ephesians 6:20. Youth choir 8Sil4ted. 'lbe mor-Pastor Johnson was absent lliQg sermon was preact.ed \)y from the pulpit, throughout the Rev. Little. The acripture used day. He delivered the Men's Day SUIIday &ebool was the first was St. Mark 1.6:1-15. sermon at Stewart service of tbe day .. Mrs. A. M. IMr. Andrew Wrisbom-was giv C M.E: Church in St. Petenburg, Gonzalez aerved as aupt. 'lbe en a gtt't of love for Fa11ler'a Rev. 'W. B. Jefferson, Pastor.-The F, anta.stic Spiritual Wooders Primary clan ob.med tbe of Day as be was eaHed the Father In the afternoon he journeyed to will render a musical program on fering baDDer. Mr. fftd Dixon of the Sunda,y Scbool. 'Ibe presen. Tallavast to join with Bryant Sunday nigbt at 8 the Murray Gospel Singers and Choir No. Z will sponsor a program at the All are asked to be pre- eent. Visitors are welcome at all times. All are also asked to the sick and shut-ins. Sunday night at Friendship M. B of the adult class made the pr-e--tJation was done br M rs. Mary Chapel C.M.E. in their T 111evine Baptist Ch h f hl h Re M M M sentation to G{ynniiJ AleXBDdef'. Ballard. She was the booster !Observance of "Womell in 0 w c v. :Mrs. IMeey !Ballard, teadler ol. apeak. White.4 At 6:30 he and family 105 GeveBOr Street ray JS (pastor. The program will the Junior boys, gave tbe lesson Please (llan to attend churdl joined .Trinity CM.E. Church ltev. J. P: Nlellols, Jr .. Pastor begin a 8 aDd the church is lo-:review. Suoday. We are alwa)"' of Tampa a\-Cal"ter Teqlle Services began Sunday at tlhe eated on 35th St. and Emma Ave. 1be moroiog WW8IJjp was oon to have aod weloome C.M .E. Church 1n Bradenton to usual time beginQing wiU. Sun Deacon Mills is the sponsor. ducted by Rev. Uttle aod the Vl91ton. help them observe their Men's day aebool. The teaChers were ----=-Day Pastor Johnson pinch-et their polfl 'J1be le66011 wa.s JOBS FOB YOUR YOOIG SON THAT W LAST ALL YEAR LONG. STABT 10M AS A BUSINESSMAN. N 0 w -Firslt t. bitted for the ReT L L. Ward reviewed. of Trinity as Men's Day apeak. iMoming worship was called er. P!lstor Johnson apoke on the to orckr J'Wtil devo4&0n. 'lbe wbjeet : "What is Man?,. sermoo for the morning was ., On Monday night Choir No. 1 tbe pastor .-bil'b was enjoyed sponsored a musical e.xtravagan-b_y all After wttich tbe baptism za featuring several choirs and 'of Misses Glenda Tuff Coonie ainging groups. Mrs. Gennie Tuff. Tammy Tuff and Gloria Austin was in charge. Tuff waa performed. We were On Sunday, pastor Johnson bleteed. with another caodidate will s!>Uk on the subject: "Called for bapti&m Miss iPatricia Tuff .to ":!tness: Our ending ... woo will be' baptized on Sunday Task. At 2:45 Cho1r Umon No. morning aervice. 2 will hold its monthl;y witll ,.00. for the siek at Holsey Temple. aDd shut-ins Pastor Johnaoll's Appree1at1on will be observed next week be-22nd SL (L--ch Of G-.1 on Thursday and con-nwr UU Rev. 1. W. Cellilas, Paster Oor services are: Stmday school at 9:30 and morning wor FOR: THE FLORIDA SENT'INEL BULLETIN TWs ccnWl lie oDe ol Ids IDOSI vaiWie lessou -ill rlspMPhUily. Be learu lo JDUage Ids roale, wisely ud well. For llae aews paper boy, lhal's a lloosl ia ,seU-coalitleace, as weD as an euly slarl ia developing a sease ol lnasiaesss alerprise accomplisla meld llaal wiD stand ., him all Ids life. To lhe newspaper lloy, we say, "COICBATULATIOIS." We're pfcnullo. bow yR. tinuing through the First Sunday. The ministers' Hour of P6wer Fellowship ia to worship with Holsey Temple on Sunday, June 25th at 8:00 p.m. The public is cordially invited to the&e and all aervicu at Hol sey. Pny mightily that God's apitit might. have ita way in. Tampa. ship at lJ.. ()ur weekly &ervices are 'Wedaesday alsJat prayer meet -:ing at 7 : 39, 'lblir9day Dight: dloir .rehearsal at 7:30, Friday niitrt Bible class at 7:30. J PAPER BODTD A'AILABLE II ALL SECTIONS OF TOWI! Take Pick 01 ioates, Or Start You COST PROFIT 10 Papers -. $1 .50 15 Papers $1.50 .75 20 Papers $2.00 $1 25 .Papers $2.50 $1.25 _30 Papers $3.00 $1.50etc. Contact: Fla. Sentinel Bulletin 2287 2lsl A YDIIE OB Pllone: 248-1921 Ushers Union No. 1 Mr. GarfleY Aalleno., Pres Mra. AuJe Raadelpb, Re,.rter Ushers Union No. 1 will be held at st. : John M. B ChurCh, 25th Ave. and Mth St. Rev. E. New kirk, pastor, Sunday at 3 p.m. The public is invited. Yeu are alwayS welcome tc woiwhip. with us. Yoa Could lave Alewllelae ()f your own wHh Uncle Sam' s Help. CALL IJ?t.l541 NOW! ACTION TV & STEREO RENTALS 4016 N. 22ntl -237 3308 Bar Tape Decks Stereos Porlallle aad Couole. Color ns Abo, C..,lele -EalertaDa.elll Cealtn 10 CREDIT CBECI 10 DEPOSIT Fl'll leliYWJ Free Senice lp Te 24 llollllas AU ... paid applies ........


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publiahed enry Tues. and Get BoiL Editioni Leon Michael and Cynthia Keeton wer. e -present for the Men's Day observance at Allen TelilPle A. M: E. CbDI'ch Sunday mornbg. The general. chairman for the Ut72 Men's -Day activities was G. V. stewart. AT SUNDAY AFFAIR Mrs. Thelma L. Clarke and William Bryant are pictured at the Sunday afternoon affair hosted by the Bay City Boosters Club. The scene was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Williams. New Progress Baptist First Union Baptist 3307 Shadownlawn 3707 E. Chelsea Rev. E. J. Williams, Pastor Rev. Joseph H. Thompson, Pastor Mr. Robert Coleman, Rept. Sunday school began at t h e Sunday school will be at 9 : 3o, usual hour with the assistant supt. lliid the supt. and teachers will be in charge. The' teachers were at their posts. The subject of their posts, the less:m was 'Meeting God Morning service will begin at 11. Through Prayer." The lesson was BTU meeting began at 5 :30 and reviewed by the pastor. FOR MR. AND MBS. C. W. MONROE he numerous frleads attending the ceptlon 'for Mr. and Mrs. Chesier Monroe la st were Betty HIU, Margie Robln!;on of New York,and Naacy GuedrY of Orlan .. o New Sale M. B. Church of Hyde Park was the scene of weddlnl and reception. GUESTS AT KING-MONROE WEDDING RECEPTION The wedding of Shirley Temple King and Ches setting for the ceremony. Pictured at the ter W. Monroe was an event of Saturday evening. tlon are, from left to right, Vivian Smith, Frankie New Salem M. B. Church in Hyde Park was the Thomas and Jewel Gary. BAY CITY BOOSTERS HOST 'TROPICAL EVENING' The Bay City Boosters Club hosted their sec ond annual "Tropical Evening" Sunday at the re&ldenc e of Mr. and Mr&. Horace Williams, UOZ Cypress Street. Guests attending Included, frona left, James Alford, Marion Starr, Lillian Simmous, and Julian Seeber. enning service will begin at 6 :30. Morning worship began at 11. An after service program will Devotion was led by Dea. Wil-be rendered on Sunday night. All son and Dea. Griffin The No. 3 8 J pie (h h choirs .of the church askedlo choir imd Junior ushers served. rown em urc Churches of GOO in Christ began on June 21 thru. the 25 in St. &tenbura-Elder W. E. pasfor. Please pray for the sick and _appear on the program. The was delivered-by the 23U 27th Avenue at the Street Church. Monday night. the adult choir. pastor .. : : .. Elder W. W. Gilyard, Putor .11ili have .. Tuesday night worfhlp began at II. Mrll. Kath,rine-Haroy, Reporter ehoil' c No.. 1 will have rebear&al .. An. after ., program w I ., 's. s. beg 'sn. at t'h_e u&ual hour -No. :.1 .of Angel with the aupt: iii A !l YisitO!B are always. wekom ht\ve. i'Eher8tll. Thursday ni&ht: P -: ; _.. .11. h 1 .. at their pol!ltl!. '-. ,. 'II"' h ld ., t ., raye"' me ...... mg ,'fo't .. ue .e .. --.. THE BEST "'.12.Sin,SS mee.mg .. : uc fl .,. ni ht. at 7: Vlsitou wor&hip ... .t. 3 the Jumor :"i.ll alwa:s .,!1c;;m.e_., Re-memher 11 :30' with in ehal1J -CIIli lllD Clla -PASTIID liae ;nMnal. m1bt lick ind .,. of The J,.-8tor -: chorus will have br9uht ih mMNp ..-_, .OID _1SUI. AVJ:NUJ: to pray -tor. thC:l* :!hutins.: ., .... .-..-........ .. I


Raturilay, Jane 24, 1972 FJ ri:Y iaet Frl_. Get -----------------------------'-------I -,..,.,_ __ P_A_C_E_T_H_IR_T_E_E_N_ five got over 300 good, jobs. Adminiatlation Administrat i on Spec i6list Broodcast n d T V I Card and Tape Writer Chaplain' Assiotant ClerkTypllt Fll_ght Operation Coordinator !Aircraft Dispatcher) Information Specialist Medical Records Specialist Mowments SpecialistiTransportation) Aoroonnel Speciliat Jbltal Clerk Sl!nographer Aimlft Co111ponenll Repair Aircraft Ccmponenll Repair Appnmtice AircraftEiectiician Air<:raft Hydraulics Repairman Aircraft POwertrain Re1>airman Aircraft Rectprocalinil En.gine RePtirman Aircraft Rotor and Prope!lir RePiirman Nrcroft Turbina Engine Alrfrtme Repairman -:-AH l G Helicopter Rell6lrman Aircraft Mtintenonee Apprentice (Mechonicl Helicopter Repairman HellcopterRepairman .. -47 He!fcopttr Repairman 54 Hel icopter Repairman 0.1/U-6 Airplane Repairman OH 6 / 0H.SS Helicopter Repairman OH/0H Helicopter Repairman OV I Airplane Repairman UIAAirplanoRepairman lJ 8/U Airplane Repairman >.... UHl HellcopterRepairman Air Dele.-Artillery Operations and lntelli;4nce Assistant OM parr A! MiHIIe Crewman DelenoeAequisition Radar Crewman Fire Olsttlbution System Crewman HawkMissiloCrewman Hawk Mio!iie Fire Control Crewman Hercules Missile Crewman Hercules Missile Fire Control Crewman Light Air Defense Artillery Crewman Vulcan Connon Crewman Alto.MMe Electronlco MolnteChaparMI Missi!il System Mechanic Defen\;e Acquisition Radar Mechanic Hewk Misollo Continuous Wave Rador Mechonlc Hawk Missile. Fire Control Mechanic liawk Miosile-Launcher Mechonic Hercules Missile Electronic Mechanic Ntke-Herculos MiSsile Fire Control Mechanic Vulcan C!lnnon System Mechanic Ammunition Ammunition Helpei' Ammunition Renovation Specialist Ammunition Storage Specialist xpboive Ordnance Dispooa!Specialist NU<:Ioar WeaponsMointenonce Speciolist Anlllllient Maintenanee Aircraft Armament Armament Maintenance Apprentice Artillery Calibration Specialist Artillery Repa irman ,_. Small Aims Repali'man Tonk.Thrret Repairman .. .Bandomm Baritone Hom P14ytr BaSSO!ln Pi<>yor -Brliiol Group Leader CllirinotPiayer Ccmet orTrumpetPlayer Flute or PicoolO Player FrenchHomPlayer Oboe P14yer Group Leader fWctisaion Player PianoPioyer ... Special Bandsman Thombone Pleyer Tube PlaYer : Woodwind Group Leader ElectrOSiic Maintenance Pershilig Repeirmori : l'lershlng Mioolli! Digital Equipment Re)::airman Per!hing Pershi:1 g Miss1le GUidance and Conl;ol Pershin g M issile Test Equipment Repairman F i ring Set Repairm"n Ser9eant M i ssile Guidance Repoinnan Sergeant Missue Test Equipment Repairman Cbemleti Chemic'll Equipment Repairman Chemical Operatio n s Apprentice Decontaminati on Specialist Smt>ke and Flome Specilist Combat EnginHrinO Atomic Demolition Munitions Spec14lillt Combe! Engineer Gombet Engineer Thacked Vehicle Crewman Basic Construction Engineer (Pioneer) Colllbat Mluile Electronic:o Maintenance Combe! Support MissUe System Repairma n Land Ccmbet Support System T .. t Speci4list LightAir Defense System Electronic Repairman Reqeye Missile W eapon Systems Repainnon Shillelagh Missile System Repairman Wire-Guide System Repairman and Targlt Acquilhion Airbome S.nsor Specialist Combe! and Target Acquisition Crewman CounterbeHery/Countermortar Radar Crewman Flash Ronging Ground Surveillance Radar Crewman Searchlight Crewman .. S ound !tonging Crewman Com111unicationo Center OparatioJII Communications Center Specialist Cryptographic Center Specious! Data.Communicoli ons Switching Center Specialist Data Communications Termlnol Telephone Switchboard Operator -Camouflage Specialist C.l']lenter Conotruction and Worker Electrician Healing a n d Cooling Specialist Healing ond Venblaling Specie!' Mason Pipeline Specialist Plumber .. Seils Analyst Structures Specialist Water Supply Specialist Proceiaing AulomaHc O.ta Processing 'Syslem A nalys l Automatic Dolo Processing Mochin e Operations Specialist Computer Programmer Engineer Miss>le Equipmen t Specialist General Construction Operator Grader Operator Quorrymon Rough Terrain Forkijft and loader Operat or Wheeled Troctor Operator Field Artillery C.nnon Field Artillery Basic Crewman Operations/Fire Field Artillery Crewman Field Artillery Mioollftl!loclret Hone! t John Rocket Crewman Lance Missile[ Honest John Rocket Operat i ol's-' Fire Atsista n t Lance Missile Crewman Missile Crewman Sergeant Missile Crewman Field comniunlettiont Eclllipmant Ma!ntailonce Fiel d General COMSEC Repali-mon (Communications Securil)l) Fie! dRadioMechanlc : Fie l d Radio Reloy Equipment Repairman F i eld Radio Repairman .. f'te l d System COMSEC Repairman (CommuniCations Security) Pershing Missile Communications SPfClalillt Redlo Relay a n d Carrie r Attendant Tactical Circuit Controller Targei AircroH Control System Mecl!anlc Teletypewriter : .-. Fire Dfllrlhiltlon SjttemaRepalr Birdie Repairman .-. Mobile A!r Defen se Command Poet Monitor Rep6irm an Roder Data Procesain g Equipllli!IIRepalrman Filled Plant Maintenance Fixed Ciphony {Coding/Decoding Equipment) Repolrman Fixed Cryptographic Equipment Repoltmon Fixed Plant Carrier Repeimlen Fixed Station Attendant Fixed Station Receiver Repairman Fixed Stotion Technicol Controller Fixed Station Transmitter ROPiirman FoodSemce Baker Butcher Cook Food Service Apprenfi<>o Genera! Duty Cargo Hendler lAu ndry Specialist MemorillActivilioo Speclol!st (Mortr.:.-Tire Repairmen Woodcutter Computer System Operotor Dolo Anal ysis Specialist Procetilng Equipment Maintenance Automatic Oota Processing Repairmn General Intellig. Image !nterpreter Intetugence Ano!yst I nterrog ator Fire Control Ccmput.,. Repairman Tobulil'!"g Equipment1E\epeirmon Drlftlatg and C.rtOQraphy Cortographic Draftsman Conotruction Draftsman Geilera!-Draftsmon llluslrator Map Compiler Electricai/Eiectronicl Maintenlllce Airaaft Fire Control Repairmon Aircraft Ccmmunicatioos Equipment Repairman c Aircraft Eloct!icalEquil'ment Mecihanlc Aircroft Flight Control Equipment Repeirman Aircraft-Navigation E;quipmentRepalrmon Aircraft Radar Equipment Repairman .. Calibration Speciali!t Eleclronlc Ir>Strument Repairman Medical Equipineh t Rei)airman Meteorological Equipment Repairman Special Electrical Devices Repeirmon ._ ; and Maintenance AspltaitEquipment OpareiGr Crone O!lerator Crawlor'rractorODerator ,; Concrete Paving E'qutpment Specialist E n<;iT'r Eq,_ ; nmen t Repoinnnn G.dded Miuile Elecuonic Hawk Missile-Launcher Repairman Ntke Missile Launc her System Repairman N!ke Missile Test EqUipment Rtpairmon r .. dllltr!Ai Gaa ProcluctioD Carbon Dioxide-Hydrogen PrOduction Specialist Oxygan Acetylene ProdiiCtkln lnfantry AI'IIIC&' Anilor Crewman Armor Reconnaiosance Specialiat Infantry Direct Fire Crewman. (Antitanlc Gunner) I nfantry Indirect Fire Crewman (Mortar ) lnlanby Operations and lnlell!qenco Specialist Light Wee pons lnfontryman ililllemon) General Intercept Equipment Repairman Intercept Demultiplex Systems Repa _irman lnten:ept Receiving Sysk!me Repeirmin Recording Systema F\epoirman LaboratOry Procedur Chemical Laboratory Specialist Mediool Laboratory Specialist S r"" ... ll .. f Law Enforcement Military Policeman Linguioll Trnslator lnterpreter Marine Oparatlo.la Amphibian Engineer -Amphibian Operator Morine Engineer Seaman Water Croft Operator MechanicAl Automotive Repa irman Fuel a n d Electrical Systems Repairman Mechanical Maintenance Helper .. Quarte r m a;ter flO..vy Eqilipment Repaimian Quortermaalor Light Equipment Repairman Recovery Specialist Track Venlcle Mechanic Wheel Vehicle Mechaniel Madleti C,re111tl TrM!IIIIIIt Cllnica l Speclaliot Dental Spectollst EKGBMR Soecialist (!lectroce rdiogr a m /BaSI Metabol i c Flate) Electroencephalograph Speciallet ;.-Food Inspection SpedaJlet Medical Corpsman Medical SpecialiSt Neuropsychiatric Specl41iat Operati n g Room Specialilt Pharmacy SP!Icialist Social W orklPsychology Specialist Xray Specielist Metalworking Bl4cksmith Mechinilt Marine HuU Repairman Metal Body R1pairmon Metalworking Apprenlloe 'Welder MiooU. Fir Elactronic:o Maiiltenuce .Hawk Missile Continuous WljVe Flodor Repairmen -.Hawk Missile Fire Control Repairman .Hawk M i s sllePuloe Rada r Repairman Niko Missile High Power RadarSimula!or Repairman Nike Missile Track Radar Repairman MiuUe Mechanical MissUe Mechanical Repo.ir ApprentiOII Pershing Missile ElectricolMeohonical Repairman .: Pershin g Missile Motor/Structures Repair m an Sergeant Missile EloctricaiMechanical Repairman I Motor TrantpOrt Driver Pictorial Audio Specialist Motion Picture Cameraman Photographic Laboratory Specialiot Televisio,p Production Specialist: Poorer Production and DillrilllltiOil High Vol t a g e Electricion Nuclear Powerplant Eloctrfclan/QPerator Nuclear Fbwerplont lnstrumenlm o n / Operator Nuclear Powerplant Mechanic/ Operator Powormon (Generator Operator) Equlp,ment Qperataman c Cable Splicer Iliol Centro! Office Field Wireman Uneman Manu& Central Office Repairman These job are to change. For the Amiy EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES VIRTUALLY UNLIMitED Tampa 228 7711, 171; 621-1472, 988: -9237. -St. PeterSb11rg, c-...ater, Dade -( _itY .: t r : : 1" ':"" -.-. ::..; ,.. ... .,. _, ... .. .. "'"1 >!" ( ) -:-: :, .. r .J.; t j .. ..


. '. PACE FOURTEBN -Salul'da,., :Juae 14, 197Z Bl PANEL CONDEMNS END OF RELA T'IONS PRO(iRAM J I I ST. PETERSBURG -_The Bi. The committee also criticized Racial Advisory Committee of the the boal1i for acting without con-Pinellas County school system suiting the committee. The com Monday .. night condemned t h e mit tee said that ''it cannot per School Board for dropping a fedform : its duties when it is lg' program. designed to e ase rs-nored." tensiOns in the schools. The 12-member committee was The committee; creat_ed ,last year created 'to advise the board on ra-)y a federal court order asked cial matters. Six members are ap t he SchOol Board' to reconsider its pointed by the bOard and the other acHon of last week. The board six by an arm of the NAACp. not to renew its. human reA sub committee report present lations program,' that ed at the meeting contended that : he program was diluting fundasome county schools need little m.ental educational missions of in racial matters but ;he public schools. that other schools need assistance Calling the hunian relations proand that the human relations pro p-am "a positive contribution" to gram was the only means of help:he cooling of tensions caused by ing schools ease tensions. nass. ive court-ordered integration, The committee unanimously :he coinm).ttee -termed the board's elected Nancye Barrett chairman action gi_ ilve er-ror and Calvin Harri$. vice chairman Summer Programs In Full Operation At County S chools .Despite the ill-winds and rain from Hurricane Agnes, the summer programs in 104 schools of t.he system are in fulll operation this Hillsboroug'h c-ounty public sohool week -generally at eri.rolhrtent peaks abQut lrlke the:y were this time t year ago Summer Programs Director Don Fritz sa.id col1ll!>rehensive eurollment data from all the centers will not be available until bhe first of next week, but that already the uncrowded and crowd. ed -areas have been spotted. One of the few areas of underenrollment is in the pre-school foryoungsters who will be in first grade come fall. Last year j;he pre-sC'hoolers en rolled in summer classes totalled about 2,000. But so far this summer, only abou t half. that number have been in classes, ac-As f()(" the overcrowding, Fr:ttz said addi-tioo.al teadten were being obba iDed to bandle the stu delllt enrollment in lTIUS4tc at I M ibCihell Elementary, and in arts and crafts classes at RU>Skin Elementary, Temple TellTa.ce Elementary, and Bryan, Miil.es and Oarrollwood Elementaries in Tampa. iDriver Education classes were so much_ in dem-and that not enoug'h teachers could be slJIP: plied. Fritz s-alid about1,00 0 students are em-o1led in these class es. But from 4oo to 500 additiooal students shawed for classes but "had t o be-...sent home. because we just do.ri't have driver education teachers for them .... cording to Mrs. Dorothy Bender, ill be much The No. 1 choir,-Imperial choir On June 14 a FLag ceremon. y seat last Wednesday. better prepared for the regular -and ushers 1 served. The was held at Evans IPark witlh The Rev. Enoch D. Davis pas-first grad in the fa11:-They will sermon was by the bhe Senior Club joining the teens. tor of Bethel Community B31p-get accUIStomed to routine, to pastor. The No: 2 cho'ir observed American Legion !Post 1167 ser-tist Church, and. Roy Holmes, 'big school buildli.ngs, meet new their anniversary -at this served, Mr. Bob_ Curry, president of .the St Petersburg friend's, become familiar ,. with vice. Mr. David Williams is Park Commnss10ner of Hlillsboro NAACP chapter, said a repre-new materials; learn how to fol. 'Presi den t of the choir. County arid Lavoy sentative group of black citizens low directions, and. ju.st plain BTU meeting was held at the of the met Sunday and voted unani-have fun!" the usual hour. A very good dis-Service Center, Pl-ant _City._ n1ously t'o recommend Pierce fot: Other special areas where there cussion was held. Mr.s: R. Bethea The teens gave them-fathers the appointment. -The group are is a shorta:ges of students is the director. & bottle of colognt: for telegraphed its recommendation are in personal typing classes E vening service began at tlie pay.-. to Askew Su)1day ; at Wehb -Junior High in. Tani,pa usual ho), the same choirs, 11he. next project will be the and in Brandon High. students ushers and deacons serving. The !;!2holarsb.ip drive. The teoo mem-The a;ppolntee would serv.e in the fourbh grade or above may sermon was again delivered by bers will be solici:tfug donations .: on the School Board until late emoll in the typing Classes. which the pas.tor. to their graduates to go to November, when Williams term are designed to enahle students All are asked to remember college. So \Wleo a teen knock wili expire. to learn to type swff:iciently to the sick and shut-ins. Visitors at your door; give a liittle. Pierce failed in a 1970 attempt type letters or homework pa[>ers. are welcome ,at all times;.' Irene. Pittman is the to unseat Dr.. Charles and Shirley DaViS is the reporter. Republican, as the -.District 5 Zion Hiii.AME I Rev. B .Q. Padgett, Pastor 2601 12th Avenue V. M Randolph, Rept. Sunday schooi began at the usual hour. with the Supt., James !Padgett _in charge." All teaehers were at their posts. and the les-80n was' r eviewed by the pastor. Morning service began at 11 IWith the pastor in charge. Choir No. 2 served: ,The sermon was delivered by the pastor Eveningservice began at 7:30 !With 'the sa:me order of service. The public is invited to all of ,iOur services each week. All are asked to remember. the sick and shut-ius. Hood Temple. 'AME Rev. P. E. Ramsey, Pastor I Mrs. Sarah Mitchel!, Rept. Due to the convening of Annual conference at St. James AME Zion Chui:ch, Kissimmee, there ,will be no s e rvice at Ho'od ple this Sunday. There will be a bus leaving from the church Sunday mornIng at 8 o'clock. Any friends l>f Hood's desiring to go, may eontact Mrs. Edlora Cowan at 621 -i25' 8. School Board representative. Active in civi c affairs, Pierce is a. member of the St. Petersburg. Coti1munity Alliance a'nd served on the former St'. Peters-,. burg' Planning Refresher Courses At George Washington ,. Model Cities Adult Education is offering high school refersbel' CO\lrses during the summer months for all" who wish to participate: Classes .'ineet. from 7:00 9 :00 P. M. Monday thru Th1,1rs.day and include English, Ma 'th, Science, SOcial Studies musictyping and sewing. Fur ther: information 'may belobtained by calling the Model Cities Adult Education office, 707 E. Columbus Drive, 2236331 Ext. 227. Louis Mattioli is p;incipal. ... BODY REPAIRMAN APPLY IN PERSON !\lUST BE EXPERIENCED 1415 E. Busch Blvd. ASK FOR FREDDY Musl Be Over 30 BIG JOE'S BAR PLFJfTY OF nEE PARKING CORIEB LASALLE AND ROME WEST TAMPA Zales diamonds for. :, the bride, priced for the grooml Your Choice a. 6 diamond set, 14 Karat gold b. 8,diamond set, 14 Karat gol



P' ACE SIXTEEM .June Z4, WIMBERLY'S PRE-SCHOOL AND NURSERY PRESENTS ROYAL GROUP The annual King Qneen Coronation of Wimberly's PreSchool and Nursery was held at Dunbar Elementary School on June 3. Pictured from left to right are Nursery Queen Sylisa Edwina Williams, daughter of Miss Patricia Beacham, 1516 Sprtwe Terrace;King Eldrin Arthur Thompson, grandson of Mr. and l\lrs. Earl Howard, 1915 Spruce Street: Kindergarten Queen Glennell Donald, .-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward 7904 Allarnanda Avenue; and King Howard. Davis, son of Mrs. Martha Da vis, 1023 India Street. Katherine Hernande1:, daughter of l\'lrs. Francina Hernandez, 1304 North B. Street, won second prize. The children in the foreground are, from left, Michael Rich, Monique 'TROPICAL EV:ENING' GUESTS From left are }Irs. Essie Feu and Mrs. Bessie Pearl Bunton Who were ''Tropical guests of the Bay City Boosters Sunday. Usher Board Observes Guest Day The .Junior Usher Board of friendship l\L B. Church of Carer Cit y will observe their second Annual Guest Day Sunday, Guest Jpeaker for the morning worship Is Miss Linda Butts of ML Tabor :M. B Church, Rev. T. J. James, Jlaslo.-. l\li stress of ceremonv for t h e ilight services witl be Diane Crriffin of Mt. Carme l A. M. E. Church. Rev. Myles Jone s, Oth e r participants will be young peopl e from variou s churches in the city. Gues t choirs will be the North view Hills Gospel Chorus and the youth choir of Holsey Temple C. l\I. E. Church. The guest ushers will be the Hol s e y Temple Junior u sher board. John Williams presi dent a n d Rev. Dexter,. Sr., pastor. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers Tim, Portia White and Kimberly Washington. NEW PREXY The queens were crowned by Mrs. Sumner J. Wilson, and Dr. Miss Anita Jordan is president of the lllettes Club for 1972-73, and at the coronation ball last week she was presented a trophy by members.-Arthur Cutler crowned the kings. Presentations wtre by Mrs. Mary Bryant. Besides the beauty, dignity and eloquent performance of the royal group, the other children of the school entertained the guest with songs, nursery rhymes, a Scottish dance, minuet and the Virginia Reel. Mrs. Derotha Brinson was pianist. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers Mrs. Marie H. Wimberly is the director; Mrs. Florine Griggs Is the assistant director, and Mrs. Juanita Spain is the .reporter. FAIRYLAND NURSERY SCHOOL PRESENTS SPRING PROGRAM Fairlyland Nursery School presented its annual apring program recently at the school, 4004 N. 30th Street. First prize winners were Queen Kimberly Elaine Barker, 6008 42nd Street, daugMer of Mr. and l\lrs. Edward Barker; and King Corey Alyac\S Alford, 2704 25th Avenue, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Grant. Both children were crowned from the Nursery Department. Queen Regina Ckabet Barb, 3210 47th Street, daughter of l\lr. and Mrs. Willie Barb; and King Joseph Louis Garrett, Jr., 3908 Deleuil Avenue, !!Ori. of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Louis G:Jrrett, were crowned from the Pre-school Department. Mrs. Roseiee Banks crowned them. The new royalty, pictured above, are Corf'v Alford and Kimberly Barker on the bottom step; and Regina Barb and Joseph Garrett above. Retiring King Ray Riley and Queen Loretha Causey attend elementary school and were rooted to second grade. Graduates for 1971-72 were Joseph Louis Gar Karen Natalie Jones, John MarshaJI Ayde; lotte, Valarie Charmene Bronson, Solomon Eugene : Bryant, and Robert Laurence Dalcour. Mrs. DeIores Garrett present6d certificates and made a short talk. The narrator was Bonnye Hall and music was by Janice Hall. Mrs. Geraldine Hall is the director. MEN'S DAY AUDIENCE HEARS REV. STEGER Tltis is a part of the audience at Allen Temple A.l\f. E C'h!lrrh Sunday that the Rev. Doll Steg el' r.i St. Petersburg deliver the annual Day message. The Rev. H. McDonald Nelson is the pastor.


. f!;aturday, June 24, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues; an"d Fi:'l: Both Editions PAGE SEVENTEEN . : : .. ; TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT: PATRONIZE THE CLUBS WHICH ADVERTISE HERE THEY APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS / -.. ...... .:.. -.;:. .. .... n ONE-STOP IN N PENTHOUSE LOUNCiETHE TEXANS ARE BACK--Ta t EXCITING souLMASlERS BAND. From Dallas, Texas FEATURIHG "Miss -April Fabulous Setng and Dance Arlisl FRIDAY SATURDAY SUHDAY :.: :... .PHONE 626-9955 I mile II. oJI-4 Bwy. 579 Thonotosassa .: Ritz Adult Theatre .. JiW hesl iD Baled in cool .. sarroUJUiiag Pboae 248-1-378 15th aDd Broadway -Adabs 18 08 OYER ,, .. : -. .... DO CT' O R SEX .. : . "IE HAD A MASTER DEGREE II LOVE MAIIRG'' ,. ALSO :>ALL lN. THE FAMILY "ilcm BillER WDoi.DII'T. MIRD THIS IIITED.A !1011 ... FBIDAY SURDAY .. MIDHIGHT SHOW SATURDAY :. : DAU.Y II A.M. TO 12 P. M. ':. -' --.. : H -IDIAWAY -_ .;, .. coCITiiL"'LOUHCE OPEN: 8 P."M. 3 A.M. ;, OILY cHARLES .. RUSSEU & THE KINCiS FBIDAY SAT-AY SIIDAY THE FABULOUS SKYLINERS MISS GEHEVA COPELDD ... .. 9:30 TILL 2:30 A.M. 1309 WEST PLATT 253-3258 THE PARADISE BAR JOUR fAVORITE DRINKS. "' ...-.. : .:l' AT .. : 2 BARS. TO SERVE YOU OP-EN. 'Titl ] A. M. EVERY MITE ) l MACiCiiE KILPATRICKt.., MGR. THE DR BAR 'AND t0UNG ... : .. .::: ... 2801 I. IIEBRAsiA Aft311E SAM WILLIAMS, Prop. WE. ARE NOW :BLACK OWNED Atm_ oPERA >: ) : : _,.:. .-_ WE SPECIALIZE.II-I'IIITS ,A.D .HALF ,_.!S .. -:. .LET'S GET ACQUAiJITED. .. : _PIIOiE, 252tu : .. < 1 2132 MAIN Sl.: : ;:,.._?.-< WIST TAMPA'S Most S081N.' OPEN TtLL 3 A. I. BAILY : WE HAfE YOuR FAVORITE .DBB II: c: LF PIITS. PIRTS. FIFTHS. .. :.: ::_ Air Coliditicmecl lor yoar-comlorl : ; ,; Ju0a.". ... . .. DO YOU LIKE GOOD TilES? THEif FOLLOW THE PARTY PEOPLE TO THE FAVORITE NIGHT SPOT! BLUE DIAMOND 4lh. AVE. & 26lh ST. YOU'LL' LOVE IT., THE _BEST ICE COLD .BEER AND WINE.IN TOWN Soul Food At Its Best .... Specializing in Hamb4rgers -Fish ." Sandwiches Chops. I ''The H k T k'' y on 4309 341h Street : Ph. I Your Ho s tes s : Juanita Brown-.. roAriJTA a11.ow N OPEI 7 A.M. TIL. l ..


PACE ElCHTIEN Fla. Sentlne1-Bullefin Publishetl Tuea. a'ntl Fd. Edition! SaturCiay, June 2-1. 1972 Williams Won't Forget Prolific Legion Days Ali On Closed Cir.cuit TV Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa will be the scene of one of the most appeding of all -t ime clos ed circuit telecasts f o r Tampa KangarOo Court Provides Wichita With Extra Kicks area boxing fans Tue sday night, WICHIITA, Kan. Kangaroo Junt 27. court. arenothing new in baseATLANTA, Ga. -Earl Williams he made the big leagues, played It's appeal centers around the ball and the Wichita Aeros are has come a long way from the first base, rlgllt field and pitched long-awaited remat,c h of heavy-havin g a ball conducting theirs days when he rode his bicycle, in in th:>se Legion days He was apweights Muhammad Ali and Jerry this season. Wtiform; to game. Now, it's jets preciative of a chance to play, Quarry and the lOth Winl)ing -the Aeros had far travel as the Braves' catcher anywhere. weight defense by been atotp the Eastern Division liVes the life befitting a fellow got good instructions," he Tampa-tra-ined Bob Foslier. standings almost since opening :wh{):'was tmr":'i!i71 National Lea said, and American Legion ball !Foster will meet the youn-ger day -makes it all that much gue the Year -kept you competing .We played l;>rother of .Jerry Qual'lry the unmore enjoyable, and the players Still, .... J:ie -remembers fondly those twice a week I met a few scouts defeated Mike Quarry who at will use the money collected long ;io ci'ays wlien he 'rodel his / while i was playing and i thiilic at years of age will beoome .the iri. "fines" for a club part y at' over Orange, N. J., to Legion ball at least let them know youngest man in history to fi ,g;ht the" end of the season for hi.s L!!gion' abo4t .for the division's title. rt will .' Presiding ove r the. court this teain, '' I enjoyed American Leg-be a 15-round mat'ch and wdll never forget it," sal(! Wil-ion baseball. It gave me the op b h f r h r h t rt in chief judge Cleo James, lia ms r.em m iscin., recently aboul ,nnrtunity for m::Jre-..'pra. ctice e t te e 1g ts, sa : whose job is playing .. .--mg a :.,. the .out_ fi.eld ... Ae ros _player. s e l--: .. 1 8 T "gi .on days "I had an Eng tO w ork on things l .'hat's, all l Th Ali Jerl'l Q a fi'ght .. ......, e c 'Y u rry IS ected James to his post and 'i1sh racer; .: I'd put waqted-, a chance:_: WlBC President R a"Paul is new to the clu b this Not so;. claims Marshail. 1 pound _.proportions by the time "He told me that, the easiest mon Velasquez in Mexico that season and we hit him pretty "It a pratical Frazier has failed a reqwirement good 'early in. the season," said tpe .. which says Clhain.pion s mus,t deMontreuil. "We had to straigh-stay alert 'and know what ;is fead within a year their title ten him out!' going on. :we -had a lot of sue./ a .gainst No. 1 CDntenders. The court; ,also. has: dipJ?ed I 'cess court last seas 'on Bolton said Frazi-er defeated frequently into Marshall s J.lleal at .. : Muhammed Ali on Maroh 8; money, hittjng him with its .. Latest.. toc<>ritribute his 25 1.5 months ago but still has not .largest fine of. the $1 _af. cents to of a_ll peo .' signed to box Foreman, unde-ter he fell down :While runnmg_ pie,. bookkeepeit Montreuil. HJ feated aft.er-3S f.lig'hts and 33 out of the in Des Moines, was for showing knockout rush fine book to' I t o mouna m an writer. ,. _:, to. keep ,pitcher ;Joe broue. d in an argume.nt Baseball News in the game "I skinn ed :-Gibbs' Drayton Heading West my elbow and knee when I fell The Tampa Dodgers will meet J -IIAC:EI.NIGH1'L Y BiOO MATINEES 1:45---. ._-. SARASOTA KENNEL CLua ... 5400 Bradenton Road at DeSoto They'D take on the' gunaof the whole damned West after they take on each other I I l :. ST. PETERSBtffiG -Nat Dzayton, center on the Gibbs Ui:gh School basketball team, that won 24 .of its 28-games last season, has accepted a grant-in aid to Arizona "'State Uni ver-sity. Drayton is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Williinn Drayto n, 2855' 16th Avenue South.: The 6-foot -4, 200 pound senior averaged !learly 15 point!\ a game for the Gladiators llast season and was the teams' :fkading rebounder. Arizona State's new coach Snowden was the :(irst l)e named head cciac h of a team when h!J eccepted the job : last March. way t o get to the big leagu es was as a catcher, sai d Williams. Earl brc ke into pro ball as a firs t baseman in 1966. He also played the outfield and third base as he progressed through t h e Braves' system. But he rememb e r e d his Legion coach' s advice when, early hist s eas on, Atlanta Manager Luman Harris appro ached him with the idea of turning him into a catcher. "Why not?" asked W illi ams. "I don t care where I play as long as I get to bat." So Williams became a catcher. And a good one. He be'll,'l.me especially adept at h:Jlding Braves' pitcher Phil Niek ro's darting, baffling knuckleball, the the tou g h es t pitc h th ere i s to ... Of e:>urse, he still has a lo.t to learn,. although Harris ge nerall y down," Mars_hall saici. But the. Tampa didn't appeal the fine. night at 8 at the 2 2 nd Street Marshall paid the standard Ball park. This is an exhibitiod 'two bi t s on a couple of other game. I OCC!l. Sion _s; he. wore "the wrong Games sche duled for. Sunday; uniform for batting practive June 25,. are: Tampa Dodge n and wrote third baseman Terry (8-1) v s the St. Pete Bravd Hughes' narrie on the lineup (4-5) at the 22nd Street card-while Hughes was a way on Tampa Giants (4-5) vs. St. military duty. Tigers (3 6) in St. Peters burgj Pitcher Bill Bonham lost a and the Tampa Lookouts (9-0) q ual'ter fo1 ; merely showing a '.vm mee t the Bradento n -Sara; little "tean:i .. SIPirft. "Get two!" sota team at Bradenton Bonham y elle d to his ieam.mates All games will begin at, 3 p .m. on the field. There were two out at th:e time. C atc}ler -coach Jim Saul contributed 'to the pot by "hitting bad ground' balls during pre-. g ani e infiefd pra.Ctice and pitS!' !her Bob Rodriquez, to. fans with no cap on, paid a penalty; A DREAM COME TRUE. Y our very own home with assist a nce FHA Call 879.-1541 ...... I l : credits 'Earl with calling a smart ga1pe and labels a "goo!l handlei:' .. of. But it i s with his -bat t hat William s i'mpresses m 6st .FLA. .-.SEIITII(EL WAIIT .A.D.S WOJU[ UBD. PIOOUcTOfU.U. JQII,; ;,.,, .... """ll!>llllEO 110M : ....


!'ilafur-'ay, June 24, 1972 Fla .Sentinel-BulJetin Publisned every Tues. and Fri. Gelt Both PAGE NINETEEN Cepeda, Braves Make Up; He's Back On Team A T LANTA T he Atla nta Bran'>. w h o suspended Orlando ( 'eptda \\eekend after he a s ked to he :racled release or given a\\ 2:;. Eaid Monday the fir s t basemen had been reinstated. I jusi want to ball t h e 34-year-o l d s lugger sai d. I s h ow up and I s i t. They 1th e Bra\es say it's my kn ee. If I limp. the.v tell the papers my k ne e is bad But nobody asks me. It's not 100 p e r cen t but I can play regu l a rl y. Islanders' 'Over The Hill Ciang'It Con.teni d For PCL Eddie Robinson, .'\.lla nta d irector c( p l ayer pe r sonne l. sai d h e an:.! Manager Luman Harris had met with Cepeda a nd everything has been r esolved." Cepeda has appear ed in 2 2 games t h is season, hi tti n g .:J33 w it h t hree h o mers and eight runs batted in. Cepeda, w bo. is reco vering from a kn e e o peration last fa ll. com. pi< tin e d ellat he was not be.jn g a l l o wed to play enou g h He left t he c 1 u b before Sa t u r d a.\ night's Braves-Expos game when his name wasn't in the starting li neup, and H'lm i s promptly suspended h i m R obi n so n sai d Monday, "I've h a d a co u ple o f g ood meeting s w i th O rl ando. Bill B a r t h o lomay I Brave s pres ident) and I have conferred s everal times. Rob in s on. said B a r t h olomay w as deli ghte d to hear that Cepeda h a d r e joined the team. ( .... ,, ,. > ) GE''Fashionette'' Low Cost Cooling Air COnditioner e 5,000 BTU / Hr. e E-Z Mount lnetallatlon Usee low coet 1111 volt house current Quiet running compact construction e Washable, reunble lllter non' ruet brown case. GE D,ELUXE 11SUPERTHRUST" AIR CONDITIONER I \-e 21,000 BTU/Hr. c o oling lO position thermostat 2 -speed cool!ng fan e Superthrust selling for dislanlureas Multi-air direction control Air wash filt e r i ng system Slide-out dHlS sls t HO:\'OLULU. Hawaii-Jim Hicks was a benchwarmer f o r th e Ca f orni a A n ge l s b e l wee n i n frequen t pinch-hit t ing f!s>ignments. Lee M<1yt W<1S considered 'too old" by th e rebuilding and y o u thconscio u s Chicago W h it e S o x Geo r ge Brunet had com p leted t h e 31s t s t o p o f a n omadic 1 9-seasea career with r e lease papers in h and, complime nts o f the St. Louis Cardinals. And Aure lio Monteag udo w & s ..... listed as p itc h ing surplus by the M i lwa uk ee Brewers. Toclny they are t h e d ia m -mtl g ems in the Qu i nn collection rllrrtntly on d i splay at H ono lu l u St<:dium nnd s e\en other ball parks a s the Hawaii I s landers. Rejected a t the major leagu e l ev el. a ll f our were collected b y I sl an de r G eneral Ma n a g e r Jac k Quinn ei t h e r purchased f o r modest sum8 o r signed as fre e agents. Both Q u inn and Man ager Rocky .. :121 Spalding GoH Balls llU= ---:181 -!I: -:81 11: J.lquld Cenler 3 for $133 ''CiOfllte'' Limit one 1et to a customer at this price. Consistent Ion1 distance &: accuracy, LasUn1 tough cover flnlsh. Seat Cushion Priced Kighll $157 Jumbo size-19" x 35", Dyna Flex Spr!ng Construction. Multicolor stripe pattern W /black bind lng. Buy now. 3WAYSTO PAY AT GOODYEAR = NOW AT YOUR MEABBY CiOODYEAR SERVICE STORES TAMPA Eulgale 11!02 N. Und liT. Dally 8:30 to 5:30 A41al ie llabla P-HONE 137;3:111 TAMPA T..,le _Ttnac:e fi.4o N Htb ST. PR.ONE HS-m1 a Dall I:JO te i:SJ TAMPA Hillsboro Piau %901 W. Hlllsborouth PHONE 1177-tUI Open DaUy 1:30 h 1:30 TAMPA I erik 'lille till FLORIDA AVE. PRONE U%_.1. D&Uj I:H .. I:SG TAMPA ACROSS FRoM lriUoa Plan 11118 I. DALE MABitY PHONE 111-1191 Dally 1:30 k t P.M. lat. I A.K. te I:M TAMPA Don Iowa Morlaa A T"li1 8t1. PHONE ltt-08!1 7!JO tO. I:SO TAMPA ACROSS FROM Will Ikon Plua 11001 W,-:i:ea .. dy Bll'd. PRONE 1778'701 -... SaC7:M. te 1 P M,'' Opu 1:31 to I:H Aqlll .. INIItlll ... A4111l ee JiNIMa ....... -:: ..::r .. LEE MAYE Bridges firmly believe that th& four veterans could help hi& league t eams today with their specialties. The individual records are cer impressive. With the season eight weeks &li:mg,_Hicks and Maye were among the league's batting leaders with averages in the .350s Maye, at 37, owned the hottest bat in the leagu& over a two-week span. Among ERA Leader S o u thpaw Brunet, also 37 and a question mark at bes t in sprin g training after suffering his first sore arm ever last season, was among the winni ngest i n the circuit with a 6 4 record. He h e ld the earned-run averag e l ead f o r three straight weeks and currently was hovering at 3.21. And Monteagudo figured in alm os t half of Hawaii' s firs t 26 vic i or!es, answering Bri dge s rescu e call 20 times for a 4 2 mark w i t h eight saves, plus an ERA w e ll under 1.50. Quinn has been collecting play ers such as Hicks, Maye, Brunet a n d Monteagudo on a wholesale s cale since 1966 in an effort to Islander fans a s erious pennan t contender. Not so coincidenta lly, the Isl a nders have compiied the winninge s t record in the P C L and have al s o been the biggest gat e attraction outside the major leagues. Winning, of course, is the name of the game for Quinn an intense front office competitor who kHps close tabs on the pla yer market ''I'm not against promotionsthe Isla;-sders have their share o f them-but I firmly believe thatthe best promotion is a winning club,'', liai d Quinn in explaining his never-. ending search for player talent. A partial w orking agreement with tihe San D -iego Padres-the o n ly such agreement at the TripleA l evel-gives Quinn the latitude }1e needs to deal for "home-owned" players, who n umber 16. The other seve n are from the parent Padres_ o r on load from other major teams. It takes money to deal for players, even at Triple A, but not as m uch as some peopl e might think, according to Quinn So many deals eventually in terlock, making it difficult t o h o w much mone y has been expended since 1968," Quinn explained. "I did some figuring the ot.her day, though, and I think: Uiat $150,000 is a close estim11te Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers UIICieSaasBtlf eo.wK.li _FOB :JOI!! l ul.e .,- ..... C.l 171-lUl


PACE TWENTY Fla. Sentlaei-Bulletla Pultli.Jietl every Tues. iatl Fri. Get Both Edltiou June 14, 1t72 Jenkins Opens Throttre On 20 Win Express Commission Asks, Gets Coach Fired OORVAILUS, Ore. -Oregon State baseball Gel!le Tanselli lost his position and will be assigned new duties as associate professor of physical education following compla -ints .against him by the campus Human !Rights Commission. Soulettes BowHng League RESULTS Eddie s BP Service Station 3, Golden Gate Speedway 1; Team 5-4, Team 8-0; Mike's Gro. 3, Team 2-1; Team 6--3, Team 9-1; Team 3-4, Team Strolers 8owR11 League RESULTS Kilbride Ins. 3, Team l---4.1 Entzminger's Florist 4, Team 4-0; King Solomon Bar-B-Q I, Coin 0-Magic Laundromat 2. ClllCAGO, Ill. -Ferguson Jeneins' 20-victory express js running behind schedule but the Cubs' ace hw-ler is confident it will arrive at itS destin11tio; on time. Ladies high game, Evora Pimento and Carolyn Nix 180, John nye Davis .and Lois Scott 169, BBTbara Hadley 166 high game Pearl Do zier 190, Frances Pascoe and Al lie Marshall 173, Carolyn Nbc 168. Men's high game, Willie Wil kerson 208, Manuel Mitchell 190, Ernesl Jones 188 Fergie, last year's Cy Young Award winner with a 24-13 record, went into .June with only a -55 mark. Nevertheless, he has no doubtthat he'll attain his objective of winning 20 or more games for the sixth consecutive year. the strike; though," resumed Jenkins. "After all, after those first couple of starts I worked enough to sharpen up. But the fact is that I 'just couldn't get consistent. It see mer to me that I just couldn't put three good pitches together. Tanselli, 413, had complied a 115-102 reCQrd during six years a head baseball coaclh at the school. Ladies high series Barbara Hadley 493, Lois Scott 491, John nye Davis 488. Women's high series, Allie Marshall 476, Frances Pascoe 468, PearlDozier 463. On May 31, Fergie lost a 1-0 de cision to Bob Gibsou in a duel that was clicked off in one hour and 47 minutes. That dropped him back to 5. But then Fergie throttled the Padres, 3-1, Wit ha five-hitter June 4 al'ld he was convinced that he was rolling again. "What I'm banking on is the fact that June, July and August always 'have been my biggest months," said Jenkins. "Even though I'm a Canadian, I seem to be at my best in those hot mon(hs. "I've still got plenty of time tQ win 20. I figure that I'll get about seven starts. per month, which would mean 28 more starts for t.he of the season. A Quota for June "I certainly ought to be able to win half of those if I pitch the way I know I can. Now that I've won six, that would give the 20. "For one thing, in june I'm goto c'bnci:mg-ate on winning more than five games. If I can do that then, with 10 or 11 wins goirig into July, it will fortify me against-any 'fittle setbacks the rest of the way. "After all," said Jenkins, "the important thing any pitcher has to have going for him if he wants to win 20 is to stay healthy. He has to escape arm' trouble, pulJed leg muscles, back strain or any of the other aggravations that can keep a pitcher out of actimr for a week .or more. "I must. say that I've b_een ex tremely' lucky in that regard. In the five years I've won 20, I never bad the slightest arm tiouble In fact, the only ailment of any kind I've had in that time was a sore back in August about three years ago. But it wasn't so bad that I had to miss a turn." Held Back by Strike .Fergie felt that the strike was partially to blame for his poor start, but he declined to use it as a crutch. "I beleieve that the strike did have its effect on my control," said the towering righthander. "I just wasn't as sharp as I' should have The lack Qf work in game competition for -two weeks took away just e nough of thai edge so that I wasn't putting the b a ll in exactly the spot I wanted it. "It also cost me two starts dur. the week that we were out on strike after the .season normally would have opened. And you really could say that I lost a chance to win in four starts because the firs t two time s I did wor k after the season opened I was a ble to go only six innings." If Fergie had been able to go all the way, he might have won both of those starta. In the April 15 opener, he withdrew with the score 1-1 and Bill Hands lo s t in reli e f In th e second one, h e was down only 4 3 and the bull pe n was knocked around as the Cubs lost, 7 -5, tel the Pirates. "I can't blame everything on -YODB DREAM ROME Yes, for you! If yoa qWlWy $67 per Mo. with Gov't Assist ance. Now Call 879-1541. No ob Ilgatto. "I'd throw two good sliders and the next one I'd get up, hang it and anybody could hit it. "That just isn't the-way I nor mally pitch.'' Nevertheless, statistics reveal his pitching has been more effec tive than ever. For his first 12 starts covering 101 innings, Jen kins had an earned-run average of 2.49. That's better than his sea son in any year since he became a regular with the Cubs in 1966. School .PreSiident Robert MacVicar apq:iroved a recommendat i on of the University' s athletic hoa.rd that TanseUi be relieved of his duties. The board s deci sion was rendered Monda.y night after reviewing a report prepared by the CQmrnission, aw>ointed Mac Vicar. Taoselli had been accused of racial. discrimination by' a form& team. member, a /blaek student at Oregon Stat e. STANDINGS Team 6 . . 19 5 Team 5 . 16 8 Golden Gate 14 10 Team 8 .. .. .. .. 13 11 Eddie's BP Service Sta: 13-11 Team 9 ............... 12 12 Team 2 ...... 11 13 Team 3 .................. 9 15 Mike's Gro. .. .. .. 8 16 Team 1 . .. 5 19 The reporter is Johnnye Davis. Buv From Florida Men s high series Willie Wash lngton 557, Manuel Mitchell f)H, Ernest Jones 498. STANDINGS Entzminger's Florist 18 8 Team 4 .... .......... 16 8 Team 2 .. ...... 12 12 Kilbride Insurance .. 11 13 King Solomon B-B-Q 8 16 Coin-0-Magic Laundry 7 17 The reporter is Johimye Davis. Sentinel Advertisers One crack at life. It's all a man gets. For some it'll happen this year. At the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. One chance to be a winner. But if something has gusto, it's worth reaching for The Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company. Milwaukee and the world.


. PAGE TWENTY-ONE Fla. Sen.tinei-Bulleltin PuLii.lted nery Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editiolls Saturday, June 24, 1972 ________ ....._ FUNERAL NOTICES BARR INFANT REMEISHA AN-Funeral services for IDfaat Remeisha Angelica a r r of 5205 85tb street, who passed away in a local hospital, will be beld Saturday at 12 noon at Wil son Funeral Chapel, with Rev. Bemard Milton Jones, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: a de voted mother and father; ROsa -Dupree and Gregory Barr; graadparents, 1\lr. and Mrs Eruest Du pree, Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. James -Barr, Sr.; great grandparents, Mra. Rasa Barr, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Petty, Mrs. Mary Cason; Jr.; cousins, Rodney, Selma, Shylanda and Shywanda Taylor, Rhonda Dupree, Henry Dupree, Jr., Marvin Lancaster, .Clifford Dupree, Jr. and a host of other sorrowillg relatives and friends. Born Tampa, Infant Barr had lived here all of her life. The remains will repose after 4 P. M. today

PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PulJiislted every Tues. anCf Fri Celt Both Edi:tions Sa:turday, June 24, 1972 FUNERAL NOTICES From Page 21) .band, A. C., Mrs. Sarah F. Walton and husband, John H., Mrs. Loretta Nays and husband, Edward; Mrs. Wileen Johnson and husband, Walter, Juanita Parlar and husband, Joe N ; 3 brothers, 1\Ir : Samuel B. Marshall and wife Jessie; Charlie and John Marshall, Waverly Hall, Georgia; uncles and aunts, Mr. and 1\lrs. Henry Cody, Mr. and Mrs. L. Love, Mr. and l\lrs. Lewis l\la shall, Mich.; cousins, Mrs. Juanita Walton family, Tampa, Mrs. Willie F. Bryant, Calif.; Mr. Nor 'man Moore, .Tampa, Mr. Lawrence Walton, Boston, Mass., and Mr. and Mrs. General Wal ton, St. Petersburg, Florida: Jtlrs. Christine Peterson of Detroit, Michigan, Mrs. Lou Bell Rayson of Miami and Mrs. Willie J.\llaybln of Detroit, Michigan ; brothers-in-law, Mr. Lonnie Lott, Mr. Charlie Rayson of Miami, Rev. Renford Fogman of Detroit, Michigan; a devoted friend., Mrs. Pearl Welch and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of Macon, Georgia, Mrs. Lott bad resided here for the past SO years. The funeral cor tege will form at 2019 31st Avenue Apt. 589. The remains will repose after 4 P.M. today (Fri day) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. A WILSON SERVICE" devoted friends. Mrs. Carrie Mae SHEPPARD, MR. WILLIE Denson, 1\lrs. Evelyn Lofton and Funeral services for the late Mr. :family, Mrs. Pelina Young and Willie Sheppard or820-B E. family, Mr; and Mrs. J. S; Mer Yukon Ave., Tampa, who .depart-: ritte, Mrs. Doretha Nunn Mrs. ed from this life on June 17, Legertha Brown, Mrs. 1\larie San-19(2 in a local hospital will be den, Henry Martin, Ralph Hun-held at 1 p.m. Saturday from the tcr, Ave Livlngsion, Lily C. Mil Springhill Baptist Church w:th ler, Eddie D. Dan, Jenne Dan, the Pastor, Rev. J. A. Scantlin Larry Fowler, Wilbert Davis, Blue officiating. Inte1 ment will be Louis Wiiliams, held in the Memorial Park Ce-Parlar, Bill Martinez, Mr. and metery. The remains will repose Mrs. James Hicks, Mrs. Loretta at the Franklin Funeral. Home Kanty Mrs. Helen Darby a n d from 5 p .m. Frit!ay until near Janles W. Anderson Sr., all of funeral time Saturday. The fu-. l'a.mpa Florida .and other sor-neral cortege will arrange from rowing relatives and friends 1004 E. Yukon Avenue at apThe remains will lie in state at proximately 12 :15 p.m. Satur Pughsley Funeral Home for visi-day, Survivors include: wife, tation of lriends from 5 P. M. to .Mr s. i\letrina J. Sheppard; moth.-10 P. M. (Friday) today. T h e er, Mrs. Creola Sheppard of family may be contacted at RouteTampa; 4 sisters,..: Mrs. Evelina 1 Box, 21, Waverly Hall, Georgia. Jones of Seattle, Mrs. Gloria The r emains will be sent to the Davis and husband,-Romie of Hamilton Funeral Home, Hamil-Bost()n, Mrs. Betty Jo Co l eman tc:n, Georgia. J,ocal arranO?;ements and husband, Garland of Tampa b.v PUGHSLEY FUN J:; RA 1, and Mrs. Essie .Mae Christian of HOME Tampa; 5 brothers, Dr. Alfred P. Sheppard and wife Beatrice of J OTT, MR'S. I\1ARY ETHr.:L-New York City, Re'". Charlie Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Sheppard Jr. and wife, Sarah of Ethel Lott nf 2713 E. Buffaln .Av.o. Tampa, Mr. Troy Sheppard 1nd who passed away in a local hos wife, Eva Mae 'of St. Louis, .Mr. pital, will be held Saturday at Anthony Sheppard. and wife, 4 P.M. at St. Progressive Irene of Roxberry, Mass. and Raptist Church with Rev. F. G. 1\lr. Jerome .Sheppard of Tampa; Hilton, officia.t.ing; Interment will An aunt, Mrs. Aubrey Water-be in lUemoriaL P ark Ceremt"ry, ho, use of Denver; Colo.; An uncle. Survivors j daughters, 1\Jrs. Mr. Evan Coy and wife of Lll.cille Lawson and husband, Mr. Chicago, III. and a host of other Jimmi. e L;nvson, Mrs. Rose Mary sorrowing relatives and friends. Dov' e ancl husband. Mr. James FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME Dove and Mrs. Theresa Allen wiii be..in charge of the servict>lilo and husband. Mr. Otis Allen; A son; Mr. E .Iijah Lo.tt and wife, Mrs. Margar:et Lott; Ill grand-. ehiidren, J ;unes, Jr., Lawrence, Gary, Jewel, Denise al}d'Vincent Dov e,--Joyce Lott, Mr. Arthur Brown: wife, Mrs. Mary Brown, -Terence, Otis Jr., Graddy, A-rthur, Gary. Evette and Theresa Allen, Dwight, James and Bt>rl'ard Lott: 10 great J-',..::1" c:hililren; nieCes ) and Mr. Arthur Jones, Mrs. Cynthia Steer, Mrs. Melodies Brown, M1. Samue l Lott of Detroit, 1\Iichi Mr. and Mrs. James Jones, Rev. Phillip Ramsey, Sgt. Augus tus Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J a mes Jones and .Sharon Jones, Gail Turk, D arlene, Michael, Twanrla and Phillip Ramsey, Jr. Sonya Jones, John Stroman of 1\Iass a<'husctts, Mr. and !\Irs. Arthur Jones and Mrs. Ruth Hulto. n of Detroit, !Hichigan; sisters -in-law, !Urs. Gussilla Jones, Mrs Ada Williams, !\'Irs. Ethe l Fog-man, TERRELL, MR. ROBERT-Fun e r a l services for Mr. Robert Terrell of 4801 86th Street, who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 2 P.l\1. at First Baptist Churc h of Pro gress Villag e with Rev. B. T. Williams, officiating Interment will be iu Shady G rove Ccme -UNCLE SANDY SAYS 71, 60. Some p e opl e havl' a perfed ger:ius fnt < b i n g n oth! n g 53. 20. and doin g it assidnuus!y. 34, 29. tery. Survivors are: wife, Mrs. Grace E. Terrell; a son, Mr. Robert Terrell, Jr. and wife, Mrs. I .ouise Terrell; 2 grandchildren, Terry and Nathaniel Terreii of Bradenton; mother, 1\frs Jose J>hinc Terrell Spry of Thomas ville, Ga.; a sister, Mrs. Ossie l'Uae Smith of Buffalo, N.Y.; father and mother-in-law, Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Winfield of Nashville, Ga.; a brother-in-law, Mr. Eddie Wilson of Tampa; 4 annts and unclesin-law, Mr. and ltlrs. Isaac (Thelma) Sweet of Tampa, Mr. and Mrs. Romie Of Fort Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Turner o.f Tampa; and Mrs. Bertha Lee Cambridge of Tampa; cousins, Rose 1ee Crump of Valdosta, Ga. and Rev. D. C. Cummings of Tampa; a God son, Ronald Soloman; devoted friends, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jerrv Thomas and Mr. Jermons Martinez all of Tampa and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of Bainbridge, Georgia, .!\Jr. Terreir had resided here for the past 27 years. He was a member of the Armettia B. & B Society, Lodge Na; 1, Mr. B. A. Tillis, President and a retired employee of Winn Dixie. He was also a veteran of World War Two, h .aving served in the t'.S. Air Force. The remains will rcpose-.after 4 P.M. tod,ay (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel and after 9 A.M. Saturday at the Church until near funeral time. "i\ WILSON SERVICE" WALTERS, MR. CLIFTON ED WARD, JR. -Funeral service!' for Mr. Clifton Edward Walters, Jr. of 2917 E. chelsea Avenue, who passed away in a local hospital, will b e held Saturday at 3 P.M. at Wilson Funera' l Chapel with Rev. Bernar d Milton Jones, officiating. Interment will be in the family plot Memorial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: wife Mrs. Louise Walters; a daughter, Miss Doris W alters; a son, Mr. Robert Walters of New York; a step-son, Mr. Jo.seph Franks and wife, Mrs. Belva Franks; rand daughters, Miss Michelle Walters, 1\Iiss Rhonda Wood, Miss Tanya Franks and !Urs. Trina Crim and husband of Califorina; a grandson, Mr. Ro nald Walters of New York; a great grandson, Mr. Alonzo Lance; niece s Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Nekoah Turner of Mi ami, Miss Margrett Holliday; nephew, A.F.C., .James Holliday, and Mr. James Freeman; uncle, lUr. Julius Walters, Sr. and wife. Mrs. Vivian W alters; cousins, Mr. a nd !Hrs. Tom Alburry, 1\Ir. Paul Evans, Mr. Lennord Walters, Mr. Julius Walters, Jr. and 1\lr. Adul phus Walte,rs a nd wife. Edna W alters ; a brot h e r-in -law Jl!r. Will H clliday of Milwaukee, V!liscon s iu and othe r sorrowing relatives and friell!l .. A native of Key West, !Hr. Walters had here for the past 62 years. lie was a r etired c mt>loye e cf Wilsi>n & Too m e r Fertilizer The r e m a i ns will re ft'SP after -t P.:n. today (Fridayl at Wilsnn Funeral Chapd, until war funeral time Saturday. "A WlL SO.'\ SER'.'KE" MEF:mBHU:t \ -In m;;morv o f :\Irs I 11rill<> Huffm a n. who de!larte d t : !s Iff<' June-l %!J. Thre e h70. The Belle Glade native is a graduate of Florida A & M Uuiversit y where he the B.S. and M.S. degrees. He has worked as a chemist with Alli e d .Cr.emical Corporation, Syracuse, New York. He was also emplo yed at the tJipsbate Med i oal Center, State Un -iversity, Syracuse and Florida A & M University. 1Dr WHJ.iame h eld Monday. 1 1n i t Mr. Brown will l>e required to show cause why tJhe order reinstating the board should not be made permanent Telegram Called Dlegai Lawyers for the four board members, Anthon y J. Garo.f\oli a nd John J. Carney, Democrats, and Saul Stillman and Robert E. Hughes, Republicans, contend that Mr Brown' s telegrams of dismissal were illegal because apecific oharges were not made clear as the l a w required. Should the court uphold thli elections board members Mr. .Brown could still take &teps to dismiss them, but would hav e to do so by listing specific charges and then holding a hearinig on them before makdng the dismissal snick. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA-The family of the late Robert Kennedy deeply -appreciat. e the many kind and thoughtful ex-. pressi ons shown during the illness and death of Qr loved one Pauline Kennedy. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA-I wish to thank friends who were so kind during the pas!i ing of my unde, Calvin Randall of Americus, Ga. May God bles '!i yo u. Signed: Alice Bell CEMETERY SHADY GROVE TOMORROW SHADY GROVE I\IEMORIAL PARK Is planning a n ew concept uf cemetery property development to most of om residents. Sii ADY GROVE will deve lop a series of rr li g ious floral gardens w it h a l ag e central feature in eae h garden sedion. Something from th e life of Christ or so m e thin g fro m the Bib le. T h e individua l memorials will IJ<> of everlas tin g hronie with Mother Nature s beautiful green em pct coverin g the g ravr. An invi tin g garden spot that breathes ha)lpy memor ies and t ells the story of life, n ot death. The autlann wind s know well wh e arth will claim a g ain th e dust in !cant for hi s creation. The Cemelery Beautilul -VIe Care Fareve r 4515 E. HANNA AVENUE TEL. 626-2332


S;o !urday, June 24, 1972 Fla. l'ublislled every Tues. an"d Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE BUSINESS \'ACANT IIAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditioned homes in Progress Vii lage. S50 down. Call HAROLD EAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday NO CREDIT??? Havi.Dg Trouble Buying A Car Ire-cause you are sbori on Credit ar Duwn Payment? LET t\1E RELP YOU tall Bill -232-4891 OR SEE ME Af SUR RAY MOTORS 6300 FI.ORIDA AVE. EMPLOYMENT UlTERIOR DECORATOR WE HAVE AN IMMEDIATE OP ENING FOR AN EXPER-JENCED DECORATOR. OUR COMPANY OFFERS THE VERY FINEST IN EMPLOYE BENEFITS, INCLUDING: Paid Vacation Paid Holidays Group Life Insurance Greup Haspitaliz.ation Profit S11aring Please apply In person at the Personnel Department., Roebuck and Co., 2010 E. Hillsborough Ave,, Tampa, Florida. We are an equal opportunity -employer. DAY OR HIGHT SHIFT LIGHT LINE LABOR needed for full inside proiklctton jub, must -have Secial Security card and proof of age if under 21. Apply Monday thru Thursday 9 A .M. to 3 P.J\1. at 50th St. and Uceta Road. SINGLETON PACKING CORP. An llpportunity employer EMPLOYES ADVERTISING EMPLOYMENT rca SALE W.\1\TED: PACKAGE Sture clerk. COVNTRY HOME I I Apply in person at PARRINO'S, 3001 22nd Street. SPOTTER OR experience Presser who would like to become a spotter. Call E,ereU's Cleaners, 50il2 N. .1\rmenia. 872-()956. CE:\1ENT BLOCK near Seffner. J 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, $10,800, $100 down, $71.22 monthly. Princil)al anC, interest hJr 360 monU1s at DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 839-HZ2 $59 OOWN MODERN BLOCK MA.liJ WANTED to do work, room ankends. VACA:!II"T HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY reconditioned homes in Progress Vii Iage. $50 down. Call HAROLD EAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 4oth Street Open Saturday and SuRday FUBRISHED ___ 25_1-3234 or rn-1oo1 1 APARTMERT WEST TAMPA f FOR REHT $200 DOWN FHA 235. 3 bedrooms, f $35.00 a week,. $70.00 in adva11ce. 1% batb. V ANI'rY. IJOMES, INC No children, will pay water bill. 109 Nortb Armema. Phooe 251 Lamar st. 223-3552. 3539. VACANT RAVE SEVERAL NEWLY reconditioned homes in Progress VUIage. $SO down. HAROLD BAKER, REAIJl'OR. Phone 988-1252 7838 Nortb 40th Street Open Saturday and Sund11y 1 FOR SALE PROGRESS VILLAGE Mo Qualilyiag LIKE NEW, Beautiful three rooms, C. B. IIome with built, In range and aven, tltm-, out the entire bouse, plus chain link fence. PBOGBESS YILLAGE BRAND NEW 3 BEDROOM Home. ONLY $50.00 DOWN HIGHLAND PliES BEAUTIFUL 3 BEDR00:\1 lwme with wall to waH cal'J)etill. small down Meve ia soon. If You Think Y Caa't Qualify Call Me Tday JOE KEIIiEIY 2a3-7951 -:!58-lSlit 2129 MAIN STREET REG. REAL ESTATE BROKER Home aU. llangalette $1U80 ADJOINING L01' 3Vailable $3.5118. Area of mcoe bomes. WaBdq distant to fairgrounds. CaD Uly Guagliaroo, Assec. Oflke 819-6337 -Res. 872 0671. LIKE TO ENTERTAII? A SUNKEN like Flerida room, would yoe. belie'l'e 58x29, with wet bar! 4 Bedrooms, 2% bat.bs, -traaee {Gye;, large Jiv-t lng and 1!-ining room's, Idtebell equipped, 8 ton central heat aiM1 air. Brick Veneer construction. Swim in huge pool of 12' depth. 1 All this on approximate 3 i quarter Only $31,000 with financing of your choice. Hivergrove Eslales Beauties CB, AND ARE THEY LOVELY; 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, lovely famIly raoms. Neighborhood shows pride in ownership. 'Beautiful lawns. Kitchen with the utmost in modern conveniences. These homes start at $19,500 'llitl1 FHA or VA fU.anciBg. Call ISABEL PERRI, ASSOC. Offi<'e 839-6317 -Res. 877-Q84 TAMPA REALTY, INC. REALTORS FLA. SENTIIEL WANT ADS WORK RABD FOB REHT Clean Paintecl lleuses Pltoue 251-1645 PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO IISORAifeE lMMEDlATI!; COVERAGE at a cost that eeJTesptlllda to you 41ririag lUMan. Jack Berry &21-&114 l\lcGowan Enterprises, Inc. .C. It: II. Fum.ilare Co. USE YOUR CREDIT HERE Plaeae 247-1531 19%0 E '7th Ave. Tampa Fer Spiribl8l A4vice CALL Oil SEE m BIHLEY Pilau 231 S.UO E. Lambright Avenue AUTO INSUIANCE A. F. KILIBII& IMS. Before and after an accldenl 1201 MARION STREET PHONE 2!1-5531 4-CUT RATE PLUMBING SOL'S TRADING POST Nll-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATER HEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 3822 E. BROADWAY PHONE 243-2411 FUNERAL DIBECTORS WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME "Our llusiness Is Service" Phonea: 248-6125 245-2032 PUCRSLEY Funeral Rome 34f2 .Nth STRf}ET As fiDJH"eSsJve as .requiNd As as desired Pllones !414151 w !H'Z-1111 Buy Fr Florida SeatineJ Advertisers


PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Fla. Sentinel-Bulleitin Puhlisheil every Tues. iinCI Fri. BotL Edition!i Sa'tiir"day, June 24, 197% MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Continued from page 7l HERE FROM FLUSHING Miss Naomi Woodson of Flushing, N. Y. is visiting her brother, Alfonso Tuley. ATTEND GRADUATION EXERCISES Mr. and Mu. Samuel Weston flew to Birmingham to attend the graduation of their daughter, Cynthia Ann on June 4 They w e re joined by other daughters, Mrs. Bobny Matthews of Charleston, S C Mrs. Jewel Perkins and 1\lr. Perkins of Houston, Texas; Mrs. Jovce Albert and Mr. Albert of Charleston; and :'\ln. Doris illiller and Mr llliller of New York Also there were friends from Pennsylvania, l\'lrs. Oveida Henner and daughter, Valdine. After the graduation exercises the visitors were entertained at the residence of JHrs. Mable Albert.. Later the Weston daughters arrived in Tampa to witness the graduation of M!'. and Mrs. Wes tlln'-t granddaughters. Toni B. llliller and Debra R. Weston from Chamberlain High School. Toni is the daughter of Mrs. Doris Miller, and Debra is the daughte r of Mrs. .Jewel Perkins; They plan to attend Hillsborough Community College in September. AN!'IIVERSARY SERVICES Members Friendly M B Church are observing their seventh anniversary this week. Sunday is the closing day, and dinner will b e served after the morning service. The public is invited FELLOWSHIP CONFERENCE A Mission and Fellowship Conference, an interracial intercon v e nti o n meeting for all Florida Baptist will be held at Lake Y ale Baptist Assembly in Jacksonville, June 27-29. ENJOY WEEKEND IN JACKSONVILLE Mrs. Mattie .Mills of 5025 85th Street. spent last weekend in Jacksonville accompanied by her son. Jimmy, and sister, Mrs. Gussie I Durden and sons Bobby and Mark. They were there for the graduation of their nephew and c ousin .lohn W. Lockett II. who re <'"'ived his B. S degree from J Q nes College. Another cousin, Miss Gloria Anderson, who is attending summer school at the Univers ity of Florida in Gainesville, drove over with them. They were guests of their sfsters, Mr. and :\>Irs. John Lockett and iHrs. Turdie M. McGriff and a family friend, :\Irs. Ma1=y T. Way. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your. News 248-1921 If you Want a Home for $200 down -Paymts. as low as $67 per month. Dial A Home and ListeD 879-5350 Summer Fun SLACKS1 Here is summer bright and new. Come and see our pants for yo11. Our Collection Includes "SHIRTS BY" OLEG CASSIHI PRINCE IGOR, ELY-TMT, FREDRICO PIO de BBUCIO $1500 "PANTS BY" HUBBARD BRAZEN LATIN SLACK $2995 "TIES BY" VIEMLOH $5 and up Our S!yles Flairs, STRAIGHTS STRIPES AND SOLIDS. it easy this summer In our Parefrec, douhle kniC summer slacks. Every color and style is her!'. Pby the warm weather game in our cool-looking selections, and you'll stav calm and refresh(d all day long. Come in soon, we'll out fit you right. PHONE 235-2361. THE MALE SHOP 2319 E. Hillsborough Ave. (East Gala Plaza) SPANISH 3-ROOM HOUSEFUTI 3 ROOM GROUP $299.95 UP DINING ROOM Worry-free plastic top, 40'' round table extends to a snacious 52". Chairs feature decorative carved effect witil cane accents, comfy uuA seats. :S pc. GROUP LIVING ROOM Luxurious ensemble styled f with pampering foam cuslt Ions, scalloped bases.. Loose pillow-back sofa, biscuit tufted lounge chair. 2 Pc. GROUP 1 }.uJlJl.ifuAR 9M.. ARMON 1324 30 E. Broadway PHONE 248. 2557 How enjoy aU llae grandeur of old SpaiD with this Medilerraa ean design houseful available al such a low price. Beautiful hardwood construction in richly grained oak finish. $249.95 $369.95 BEDROOM Romantic grouv boasts simulated carved detailing etlller guided drawers, plastic tops. Includes a double I dresser, mirror, 5-drawer chest, paneled headboard, Xitestand. 4.-Pc. GROUP $289.95 your 8ANKAMERICARD welcome here ... ..,.._ __ Plenty Of fREE Parking On Lot In Rear Of Store


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