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Jampan Charges Drug Store Cuts Working Time, Manager Denies It All 'The News Fit To Print :VOL. 25, NO. 56. AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMIWEEKLY TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 1972. SEE STORY ON PAGE 3 Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU PRICE 15 CENTS. Attempts Murder Over Girlfriend 1 Miss Page One Miss SHARMAN FAYE PRIDE (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) r Mississippi Police Test 1st. Blacks jACKSON, Miss. -:Richard 0. Williams .. has m'Jre. important things to think about than being a history-maker. The 21-year-old Mccomb nativo is one of f,ive blacks, the first of .their. race, to be 'accepted as can didates for the Mississippi HighWaY Patrol. Williams is making it through the strict, back-break. ing training course to join the patrol force. -"I've always beeil interested in law enforcel!lent, either the mili tary <;r. some other form,'\ Wjl liatns said as he and his fellow recruit' training classmates werit .through their third day at the 243-acre Mississippi Law Enforce ment Officers' Traii!ing Academy near here; black is "not part of the picture," according to the trainee, since "everybody is trying to make it;" something that is not an easy thing to do. Thomas Shelton, director of the training academy' noted an' aver: age of six to nine of the usual 24 recruits failed to pass each year. Of the 50 applicants selected this year, only _44 remained Tuesday. "We're all treated equal," Wil Iiams said while admitting he had reservations on his accept-ance. But he noted there wasn't time for color barriers under the grueling day put in by the re cruits, who rise at 5:30 each morning and study until 10 p.m. or later under Spartan conditions. Williams' chances of becoming a Mississippi patrolman opened last year when a federal court ruled the agency had to end dis criminatory hiring practices. Cori troversy later erupted when it was revealed only one black out of some 60 applicants had passecl preliminary testing. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3 ) (SEE STORY ON PAGE 22) four Jail. e d ln. Robbery Of Two (SJt',E STORY ON PAGE 3) A -Slf'E STORY ON PAGE 15 Ex Addicts Be,gin Drua (flEE STORY ON l'AGE %)


)a. Publiahe'd every Tues. an'd Frf. .. Cet Both Etlitioli$. Tuea'day, 27, 1972 -Rev. N .ewntan fiets Approai,.: F or .. Bi Ratiai In Quin(y Ql:nNCY-Rev. Marion L. N e wf9rmer Tampa minister 8-!,ld City b e fore the Board. of Citmty Co.mmisin CllUi:tty wee If and that a b F racial committee be formed b "ease tension that he -said exists between. the. nices then;. T h e board unaqimously approved t the frarmation of th,e coun'committee and askedCo\m ty Attorney Alton Towl es fo lo o k into._the law and make a study of ?f. such a commi s sion. Rev:. Newman, head of the d i v ism;; of public rela,tioos of Finh ; EpisenpaLDistrict. christian _. Me t hocUst Episcopa_l Church described himself as a citizen and a fi:l-\11-ner of Gadsden CorinREV. M. L. NEWMAI-J ty, a111'd expressed his ov e r ed,,J!Y white and black people bethe 'JlUbHeity gi ven-a civil snit' ntilNl cause they felt you to be the best pending :in qualified. YQur records and years District Co)lrt in regard to the of living in this county have m a de number of blackS and females eliy ou known:,to blacks and wh ite s gible fer j.uey duty in that county. as cEti2iens and witla In hisopening' stat,ement 'l!refull'e est fn tmscrol!lnty and al1 tl!le pe:J-the request, Rei.t: said ple. l am'' here to ask for an exwas appearing beJore .the tward planation fr0m y ou as to your for two reasons, one personal_ a p d feelings abo ut the distasteful pub the other in behalf of: so many Jicity existing. This needs to be people Iike.'me who want-.to be il'! deae sillce; :men. with faJ.' less qual-the know. Major tlainage has been ity will 'seek your office anp cap-done in this county in race rela. italize up{in tpis.unfortunate relations. We have lost our Human Re-tranship." lation s which should b:t, ax daimed, l you and I thank the Lord. I wei'Lt te the Lord firs' and tile Lord sent-me here to gel things right.'' NT.chois tiold tl:!e ce!rurt that wdnesses t o the slaying had disappearE d and that the coroner had died. "Proseeution of this case w oul d serve no aseful purpose, he fia, id : .Public Defender Lou Frost said Cros s cashed a Social Secur'i y chECk to OUY a bus ticket to COtlle here from New Orleara.s to com fess to the cri>me. He sai d IC'ross had b een living in a room of a New Orleans church. Frost said the min ister ha:l called, him and toM him that Cro&s was "one of the n:wst reHgious and Goo-fearing men" he ever met. He said the minister told him that he delivered a sermon on a man's conscience the week before Cross turned hiln.self in and that may have pFOmpted his confession. Cross said he's not sure of his Mure plans, but he said he would LONNIE CROSS likE ( lo return to his native ington COunty, Ga., tG try to fincl relatives he has not seen iru 30 years. Be. Hid the New: Orlans ffilitm,isfie also haS': asked him Ua return there. Cross ; who is disabled 'by arthritis _he ptans to "!!elax" hen l!llltiDb. his ne:xt $:119J.SO: tru>nthly Soeilal Secmrity: cllleck atrriives. .and he is financially able to leave the 1 city. He said be felt that a "great weight had, been lifted when he heard NiChols say the sta te was not going to prosecute the case. I feU like a new mam," he said. I am going to gi:ve t he Lord my services, just like I p ro mised I would Pohee \aid Bozier was ki11ecl when he tried to break up a scuf fle behween Cross and his crom.mon law wife, Essie Smith. Ofticers said Cross had cut the woman a couple of times Bozier a neighbor, was stab.bed in the head when he interfered. Be.zier di e d at a hospital eight days laler. Despite telling police that he killed Bozier, Cross pleaded innocent to the murder charge on the advice of Frost when he was arraigiled before Gooding. Frost said the fact that Cross bad killed Bo zier in no way that he was lx-Black 'Coundhan Rel,ased From Jail, JACKSONVILLE-Former Jack sonville City C ouncilman Oscar N. Tay lor is free after serviilg a 90-day jai1 senten.:e for accepting a bribe. Taylor, 47, was released Thurs day mornilpg from the city prison farm, where a jaf! official described him as a model prisoner." The former D istrict 7 cotm c ilman was convicted by a Criminal Court Sept. 1 4 1!170. On O ct. .14, 1970, he was sentenc ed to a year in j ail, with an but 90 day s suspend e d He a l so was suspend ed. He also was given two years of probation Followin g h is release, Taylor re fused to comment on his future plans. The First Dis trict Court of Ap peal d e ni e d an appeal by Taylor and upheld his sentence in an order hand e d down last Dec 2. He was to have b eg un serving h i s sentence earlier this year, but W!IS hospitalized wilh .. a lumba r disc hernia. Taylor was indictecl by e. Puval :County grand jury Nov 11, 1969, on charges he accepted $600 be tween Oct. 30 and Nov. 14 of th a t year to influence a requested zoning variance. Taylor's trial b e f or e Criminal Court Warren. A Nelso)l lasted a week l;JefiDre the jury returned a guilty verdict._ (OURlHOUSE Assaults F;-ed Miller, Jr. 36, 43H5 N 25th St., wa;s stab bed on the left shetrJder by his wife during a domesUe argument Saturday. Miller told police that he and wife had been drinking all idlly and one thing .led to other. They began to argue, and she got a butcher knife a.ncl cut him. MiHer said his wife really didn't mean to do it: and he didn' t want to prosecute. Burglaries Mrs. Viola Hightower, 18, 2314 Chestnut St'., re(!lorted to police that her portable T. V. wo.rth $3'06, was taken Sunday. .after a:n unidentified persE>n punched a hole in the screen inthe front window, unlatched. the screen and entered an open window in the li-ving room. The burg tars fl'ed through the point of entry. Lee's Grocery, 2210 Avenue, was burg!ariz.ed Monday morning. Poii.ce Central earTy said Ex -Addicts Begin Movement In Bay Area ... Willie Bill ue, president of the Communit y Action Committee Dr ug Reha bi1it a tion, r ece n t l y th a t the program lias taken on a new n a m e. As of June 10 the program has b ee n know n as the "Re formed A ddicts Mov e m e n t." On 10 a spe<;:ial meeting wp.s h e ld f ro m 1 to 3 p.m. a t Flo:icla State Pris o n Drug Abuse Of f ice' with m e m b ers of Tamoa, P e t e r sburg, G a inesville ami Jack sonvil l e a tt e nd i n g In b ehal f of t h e program, a c o llege student will be in th e Bay area d:=livering speeche s in the near fut t:re. Th e central office f o r t h e Addicts Movement" will be loc a t e d in St P eters bur:;. The. foll o wing persons h ;w e b eer i appoint e d to work in follow i n;; areas: Andrew Jackson, vicepres ident, St. P etersburg; Ronald Kin g Tampa; K eimet h Morrell, J ackson ville; King Edward Brill, Jackson ville; Freddie Holliman S t. Peters burg, and Sherman S ax ton, St. P 2 -tersburg.' .. The R A M. Residential Cent e r will take n 25 heroin addicts that have beert on the d r u g for a period of two years. Orientati on and screening will be conducted b y ex-addicts .working withln the pro-gratn. The entire day. from wake up at three suspects pryed off the lock on th.e front d'oQ<.r of the. store, .and. once inside tb..ey took. six paeks of 6eer valued at $2.10, tweDiy-si.'!C pack s of cigarettes worth $9.54, and1 fled out the door. 1 Unidentified persons. entered the residence. of Samuel Owens, 2 0 904 Cy .press St., Apt. 204, between 5 Thursday and 10 Sund>a-y night a rrnd removed a blaek and white T. V. valued at $80., a stereo-tape player combination worth $100 amd fl' ed"'unMrs. Minnie Lee Toombs, 31, 2123\ Walnnt St., told police that whiTe she and her cousin were asleep Saturday night fied persons enteJ:'l!d her house throJx.gh a!).. uuleeked window and 1 emoved her wallet with .$40 in cash, and misc. papers, and $2ft0 from. M!r cousin's, pants. The burglars left through the fron. t door. Calvin Sesler, 28, 4506 3 7th St:: had his car parked' at S7th St. and Avenue Su.rui'ay whert aR 6:30 has be en carefully p lanned All th ree meal s will be eaten wit h members of t he A t 8 a. m a m oming m ee t ing o r get-to geth e r with all resid e nts for a pick up s e ssion to g 2 t t he day starte d ri g h t will b e held. Th e y wir! share songs, j o k e s and e xperi en c e s At 8:3 0 th e r e sid e nts w ill go t o their resp2ctive j o b assir;n m::nts. A f t e r lunch a leaming s essi o n, whi c h m ay includ e a tal k by a!1 outs i de volunt eer, will be h e ld for zn hour before goin g back to the work a s s i g nm e nt s. At 7:30, d epend in g on the days, t h7!y will h a 1 e Encounter sessions o r f n : e nights. At least three tim

Tuesday, June 27, 1972 Fla. Published eYery Tuea. and Frt. Get Both Editions PACE.THREE T ampan Charges Drug Cuts Working Time, It rFor quite some time Lawrence Hol ton a n d h : s two year old daughte r managed to live comfortably on hit a week salary from Wal green Drug Store, but what ha.pp e ns when the $1!20 quickly drops to and sometimes $36 a week. This is exactly What happened to th.e young Tampan who had been with company for over two years. From JuLy HHO until March 00, 1971. Hol t on worked up to the po sition of assistant manager with Walgreeo's, 2 241 1 E ast Gate iP!aza Holton he was then transferred bo the Inventory Department, based near Clhicago which meant traveling throughout 42 U. S st-ates, MeX!ico, and iPuerto Rica taking inveator y in tJhe company's stores. This began Mamh 21,, After almost a year of tra veling tHolton began having severe !headaches and was t:Jld by a !l>hysician in St. Lou is, Mis souri that he had a severe a ilm ent 'that needed surgery and advij, sed him to .get oH t he road and re turn home, to Tampl, for trea tment. Holton said he reported his condition to the Ohicago office and w a s .place d on sick leave beginning M a r cih 25 of this year. iFor ten days-May 1 throt: tg!h 10-!Holtou was confined to Tampa General IHos p.:tal undergo ing treatment for the disease. LI\WRENCE HOLTON Hol t on maintained that he was a ssured by the company that upon his r eturn to work, on the road or in a store, he would b e paid t he same sala l' y. May 17 marked Holten's firs t d ay back to work in the E ast gate drug store. Aft e r t 1 he first two w e eks he noticed that his check was the same as it w a s when he was on the road. "T\.hen all o f a sudden my hours sbarte d being cut and naturally my s alary droptp ed,'' he said. In a n unbel i e vable way Holto n added, I had to C all in everyday to find out what time I was sup posed to go to work It was t hen that he asked Owens f o r a w ork schedule. The schedule showed DISPUTE OVER GiRLFRIEND LEADS TO ASSAULT TO MURDER that he would work nine hours one week, then 1J21 / 2 hours the next we e k. This disturbed Hol ton qu ite a bit and after speaking with Ow ens last Saturd.a y he decided to leave onJ,y after the manager told him that he was "too ex. pensive" and .would have to rind something else. Du !ring a comeorsabion with Owens, thi_s reporter was told by the drug store man.ager that i t was :.greed lf\."J8, S C O l 5 S t h St. Police said the traf. i c was light on Kennedy Blvd. Sunday but a passerby re,J}orted having s e en a man w ith a large laceration on his face go a building on Willow St. "I;he officer followed the man's diThe police are looking for a in-woman to get in the car. She and found Elmer Campo, year-old man for attempted mur-started to get in and Washington 717 Grand Circle, Temple Ter-der following a shooting near theo told lier to get out. The suspect race : who told of the ofense B lue Diamond Bar Sundf!Y night. then jumped. out and ran arou :1d While the officer wa. s talking When the officers arrived about the car and swung at WashingtiJn with Campo, Ray Minkner, 17, 11:45 they found the victim, Ed and missed Washington said !1e walked tip and he had been Washington, 32, 2170 24'th. Avenue then hit the man and knocked hin) beaten and robb_ed. Mdn)Qler told inside the bar. He had not beeri to the ground The man jumped the officer that the peoJ)le who shot and would not give any inup and ran t!> his car as if to get beat him: were just around the formation as to who or why he a gun, s,o Washington anq his corner, and bis was was shot at. He said he did nlt friend ran to the bar. the same as, the one ,given by want to prosecute and wanted the Once inside, Washington discov Cain.po : rh. e put the men police to leave it alone. ered he had lost his hat. 'in his car and drove to. IrOi 'S.' The officers were cailed back ed a few min utes, .. told the woman Dakota and s aw the 'Qhree men by Washington at 12:40 who then to stay inside while he went !G and woman standin.g by a ca.r. said he wanted to prosecute. He get his hat. He said he then saw Tlie two men simultaneously identold the officers he could not talk the suspect in another car and as t:iiiied them as the attackers: hefore because he was afraid. He he was going back to the bar the They were an;ested. explained to the policemen that he man caught him and asked whut Campo, said, he was walking ... had been out of the cily for-a was he going to do about it; and east on .Kennedy Blvd. and saw. while and while he was gone struck him in the face. Washingt'he thre-e men' and woman walkgirlfriepd was dating another t e n said he then hit the man 31ld in g toward him and were very man, which he didn't mind, h!'! knocked him down and as he was loud and-disorderly. He 'began said. But wh e n he returned, they falling he pulle d a gun to walk faster and they ran towent back together and the s us po c ket. Washington said he w ard him, and began beating pect didn't like it and tried to ran across 4th Avenue look e d him. Campo s aid he feLt hands beat the woman last week b<:ck and saw the man shoot at go bhrou g h his pocket.s and told Washington said he went to him. He started to ruw faster, he them he only had tickets in his bar Saturday night and waited fJr said, and heard two more shots pockets. TheY kicked. him while the man to talk about their prob-but did not look back. Washin:s. down, he !laid, as anobher !em, but he never showed up. ton said he waited a while th e n car approached. Sunday night, Washington and went back to t h e bar but did not Minlm e r said he was asked for his girlfriend were walking so :.1lh see the man nor his girlfriend. He II eigarette boy: the gt'Oup and he on 26th from 7th Avenue, wh e a told police he did not think the gave eac h of tJhem one, .he said. the suspect pulled up and told tl.e man would hurt the woman Th e y a sked for money and he Ritz Adult Theat.re Enjoy the best in X Haled Films in cool comfortable surrounding Phone 248-1378 151h and Broadway Adults 18 OR OVER .. MIGHTY GRASS COLOR "BUT HE MOWED RIGHT THROUGH IT." ALSO DIARY OF A MIGHTY SCHIZO I "HE DIDN'T LEAVE OUT ANYTHING." "MISS PAGE ONE MISS" Here's a real sassy Page One Miss, Miss Sharman Faye Pride. 19;, daughtet of l\Ir. _and Mrs. Richard-Pride, 2907 26th Street. Sharman, who is a senior at Bethune-Cookman College, bas attended college year round since graduating from high school in 1970 and will study and travel In Europe. this Summer six weeks beginning July 5th as a representative of BCC.' She is a member of. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Miss Pride bas attended botQ modeling and dance and appeared in the movie, "Fireball Jungle," wh!ch was fihped ill Tampa. She represt;nted tlie City of Tampa in the Gasparilla Parade, and bas. professional modelint for Maas Brothers oit T.V. and in Fashion shows. Sharman says after graduation she plans to model for a while before going into the' > school system as a counselor In addition to the young _lady enjoys singing, dancing, swimming ami her boyfriend, :; Charm .and beauty, along with Sh11rm'an's 34-24-36,. bas won for her First titles in the Miss Central Fla; .Pageant 1971. and the Miss MacDift Freid Pageant 1972. She weighs 135 Jbs., Is and _b_ea_u_t_if_u_l!--.,. ___ ___;_ ___________ SENTINEL TO ,PUBLISH 'JULY 4th .. ISSUE:oN 3 : The Sentinel-Builetin will pub lish its Tuesday, July 4th issue on_ Monday July to allow our employees to spend the national holiday with their families. All newsboys should pick up their papers at the main office and the two branch offices in Tampa on Monday, Jnly 3rd : at the regular t i m e Out-of-town agents should have their money tcld them he o nly .had fifty cenbs, then asked for bills to which the boy sa id he had non e. He said t h e y then h :.m to the ground, be.at and kicked him, but he managed to get away, $2500 CASH REWARD For information concerning Claude Wheeler. He is bad ly in ned of me:lical aUent.ion. Please call 251-9207 and news in the office by Saturda;V, July 1st to insure .publication and deliver.Y in July' third's issus. Local church, social and civio nE:ws should also be phoned no later than Saturday, July 1st, when the Sentinel will be open all instead of half-day. Local newsstand deliveries will also be made on Monday, July 3rd. The Sentinel will resume .regular publication schedules on Fria ay, July 7th Editor. Meat Truck Hijacked, F oi!Jr Persons Arrested A Copeland S.ausage Cvmoany refrl!rerated truck ccGt a ining $3,GOOttf>d by o atrolrnen in a wo oded area north of the 4.5 0 0 bl o ck of E;.st Osborne. Four men and one female were standin g by the tru.ck and were arre s t e d for hijacking T he offi cers inw cu s tod y Eli J o hnson, 212, E. Genessee, K enat>t h H a y>Wo o d 18, 3 Sl0 E. 2Bth A ve nue. Luther, 20, 2414 E. 33rd Aver.ue and a fem a le mino r '. Five h a m s had b ee n ttans. f erred fr.om t he truck to a t'S!f .rp-arked next to .. 'it. Ail otfter conte nts were in t act.


fAU&ruua r-. a 1 1 -- r ......... eYHJ' 1 ..... aDCI r l'l. ue1 DOln &on-aou Published nery Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pubo lismng Co., -2207 Twenty First A venue, Tampa, Florida 33601. ----------------c. BLYTHE ANDREWS -Founder and 'Publisher C. BL'YTHE ANDREWS, JR. Esecutlve Editor SIMON JOHNSON; I Vice President-Production )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Societ1 JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising Second class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ s.se Per Year One Editiu. $12.5e Per Year BoUt Editiens. Army Makes Ave The United States Army, ad lng like a giant at long I a s t awakened from slumbering on the racial problem, has aeleded five black colonels for promotion to one-star general. The sigDificance of thi. move, which had the approval of President Nixon, .can be seen in the faot that when they are okayed formally by the Senate, the tOital number of black generals then would be nine. -lt marks the firlit t.ime in his tory that ao large a number has been nominated. We hope it also makes a pattern to be in the future. All the colonels being promoted are young, in their forties, ao they will have ample time to move further up the line. T h e 11ominees a r e Colonels E-dward Greer, 40, Gary, W. Va.; George M. Shuffer Jr., 48, Pales-tine, :Texas; Arthur J. Gregg, 44, Flor ence, S. C.; Julius J. Bec:ton Jr., 45, Bryn Mawr, Pa., and Harry W. Brooks Jr., 43, Indianapolis. Of intereSJt now will be t h e kind of assignments the new gen erals will get. There 1 on g has been an old saying that black officers, by a relatively high per centage, end u1p somewhere other than in line command posts. If something other than that is fndicated when these new men ere assigned then we think it would be safe to say, even in an election year, that the U.S. Army finally is geHing down to busi ness. A Cireat New Post Having proved himself capable of handling a mos t' sensitive asllignmen: t as ambassador to Sweden, Dr. Jerome H. Holland is taking on anOuntry were in a reserved section and were the most impos ing group present. Reports out of New York are that Mayor John V. Lindsay is in a survival fight and his intended : campaign for governor of the state in 1974 is not going well at all'. Demo leaders across the state and in New l'ork City are said to be lining up against Lindsay. -oOo-The Justice Dept. has ruled th.1t owners of a mobile home )l)ark near the Kennedy Space Cenfer will he prohibited from refusing to rent trailer sites to blacks. -oOo-Of interest t o teachers i s the fact that a Jacksonville federal judge has ruled that the Duval County School Board's polic y of requiring a mandatory maternity leave is unconstitutional. -oOo-The Secret Service is screening everyone going near the floor of the Demo convention, including newsmen. Special credentials and ID cards will be required. I Arcadia Highlights I Mr. Glen Mosley, son of Mrs. Ola M Stebbins, left Tuesday for Sacramento, Calif after a vi.sit here with relatives and friends. His niece, Ramona Bing, went back with him. The remains of Mrs. Broadnax were shipped to Spr ing field S. C for burial. The New Pleasant HiiU United Methodist Church held dedication services on Sunday afternoon. The body of Mr. Jerome Jones has been shipped from Miami to here for funeral services. Rev. Worley McKenzie, a dis-nette Rodgers Tanja Rodgers and Priscilla, Leatha, Debra Leats, l!ttended the 102nd P .B. Church Sunday School Convention in Laka land. The services were held at Mt. Sinai P B Church. Mrs. F. D Shannon, trict. presiding elder, and Rev. Leroy Kennon, pastor of Mt. Zion AME Church are attending the General Conference in Dallas, Tex. A testimonial reception will be given on Friday night at Eli;zabeth Baptist Church in honor of Mrs. Thomasena Floyd, who is retiring after 42 years in the school system. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker and children of Nocatee are vacationing in Arkansas. Mrs. Grace Scott and children and Mrs. Willie Mae Holton vis;t. ed Mrs Scott s son Charles in Okeechobee Mrs. Ozell Whitaker, C.aughter Donna Faye and friends visited her son, Danny, in Okee chobee. Mrs. Eva Mae Brown Mrs. Tillie Brown and Mr Raymond Green visited Mrs Brown's 50n, Jee, in Okeechobee on Stmday. Mr. s Reporter.


Fla. Published .every Tuei. alltl Fri. Both Editlonl PAC FIVI AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY One of the finest happenings ln our t own this' summer is the Sum111:er High S_s:hool Baske t ball League, which 'nas several fast, a c tion packed games between our next season high school basketball stars Tuesday an d Thursday at the J esuit Hi gym. T h e writer went to see of t he y o u n g guy s.. in a c tion las t week, and h ere' s a few of my views-HILLSBOROUGH ID, is .fi eld lng one of its smallest ever teams led by ex-JV stars, Lefty Taylor, Johnny Johnson and: John McCal le y due to the absence of Har?ld Bradley, w h o graduated and Mike Brown, who's vacationing in La belle, Fla. Ocean City Ma., more than 200 mi les awa y. H ow d id we make it? My Big M class ring and a paw n shop came in hand y .. HERE'S A FEW THOUGHTS FOR TODAY from a ghost-writer"! do not want peace wh ich passeth und erst anding I want the underst anding wh ich bringeth peac e There are plepty of good five-cents .cigars in the countr y The trouble i s the y cost .a quar 'ter" God made the eart h and rested. God made man and reste d. Then God 'made And sin c e nei t h e r God nor man has rested" "Be nice to p e ople on you r way up They ':-e usually the ones you meet on your way down" TAMPA CATHOLIC HI d osen't TAMPA'S TOP F 0 0 T BA-LL have great height, but plen ty of LINEMAN last season Myron speed and great shooters in Jer-Jackson, still hasn't -signed to ry Shipman, jumping _jack N a t play. High school football star Greg Hannah and J. C. Bozeman, who Trigg is still trying to decide behit for thirty-three (33) in a 76-tween Hillsborough, Leto, Tampa 66 win over Hillsborough Thurs Catholic and Jefferson Highs ... day night LETTER COMES FROM RICHLET() HI, minus All-Star James ARD M. PARRISH presently at Cross jumped off to -a 2 0 league the Fla. Div. of Correction Road record behind the play of Otis Prison, Brooksville, Fla. Mr. Pari>udley, Anthony HillJ James Bo rish tells of his fellow inmates, deae and Co. MarshaU, Davis and Ron-JESUIT HI has soul-Christian aid Woodard's appreciation for the Brother, Reginald Reed, to help article done of them and their plea the cage-Tigers not get run out for "their drug using sisters and of their own gym by the on-rush bro'thers out here," recently, 1 ing visitors. Richard M also tells of his plans PLANT HI not oDly lost all-star for becoming a newspai>er writer Leroy Thomas to graduation, but when released from prison, hav also star guard Leniiy Buckley to ing already done several stories the high school players age limit. for the Jacksonville Journal' and The feeling here is, if Lenny, be Ft. Myers News Press. I have cOOl, stay in school and continue turned the free-lance question oyer to work at his game, stay in to our Editor-Publisher C. Blythe shall!! and graduates, he ll still Andrews, Jr., Richard. The letter be in line for a nice scholarship. also contains hellos from Tamparrs In the meantime, Kim Johnson, Nat Wilson and Lawrence Grant Tom Miller, Foster Thomas and .at Raiford. Reggie HoUand will have to car. .. ABOUT LAWRENCE GRANT ry the black Panthers load. JEFFERSON m, under young This wnter really was shocked to coach Dale Klay, seems to be he had sentenced to the class of the summer League prtson for one-hundred -andfour with plenty of heights speed and (104) on a rape charge. Algood shooters and ball handlers. ways found young Mr. G .rant to Following the "Dragons" close 64 be a very. handsome, 63 opening season win over Jesuit, fellow dunng our assoctabon whtle the new Dragons came back to he worked. as a salesman for Cen romp over Plant 62-44. Wearing tral Repa.tr shop and Haberdash the colors of the new Jeffers : m ery and as advertising salesman H1 cage Dragons are, Anthony for WTMP-Radio And I feel the Chester, a welcome star from Leto fact that talk continues saying Mr. Mike Faedo James Clark, Ricky Grant was already involved with Gallon and Edward Sims, all wit h the white girl who cried "rape" good heights and size for the when he wanted to quit her, makes front court. Among the hac kcourt the Law.rence Grant case worthy and ball handling gunners are, of looking into agai n My thoughts Kenny Lyons (fQrmerly of Leto), wishes and prayers are for you Bubba Brady, Korkey Gibson, daily, Young Brother ... Adrian Prendes, with big guys ELECTION OF NEW OFFI Stevie stephens and Leroy Staley CERS FOR YELLOW JACKETS moving up from last year's JV LITTLE LEAGUE HELD LAST play. WEEK, with District Admi.Distra tor Lorenzo Rodriguez presiding. HERE' S. SOME GOOD NEWS_.. Officers elected were: Earl "Joe Mrs. Epps of 1043 HarnS?n Banner" Goodman, president; M. ,a fatthful member and mts-c. Wilder, vice -president; Jolm stonary of the Seventh Glenn, s ecretary; Rufus 'Ft. LauDay Church, IS home derdale" Cromot y, treasurer; Mts. and r;stmg comfortably after un-Freddye Wilder, chairwoman of dergomg surgery TGH John Women's Auxiliary ; Mrs. Lottie Epps, her son, m from S C. Goodman, chairwoman of Conces-to be at her bedstde sion Committee; Abner Ford, Play Was sorry to recetve word of ers Agent and Harvey Nichols former Middleton Hi basketball Chaplain star Ernest Mathis, one of the writer's favorite young gents, be ing ill in one of the local hospitalo. Ernest is a first year student at FIT (Fla. Institute of Technology) fn Melbourne Seeing where Robert Saunders, Jr. had signed to play baseball and study at Howard Univ., Washing ton, D. C brought back memories of the day, a few years ago, when J visited the famed campus. Adding to this my B-CC mates, Henry SmtU. (brother of Dr. David E. Smith) and RaJ' Reasile (now a church pastor i.il Miami) had ldss tUn a dollar and four jfallon.J ot Cat between Ul while headed to TAMPA FACES YOU' LL PROB ABLY SEE TONIGHT AT THE "RACE RIOT" to be shown on closed circuit TV fights between soul brothers Muhammad All and Champ Bob Foster and the latest "great white hope" brothers,. Jer ry and Mike Quarry are Miss Joyce Turner, Grover C. Cutteaur1 Bo Stroud, Herbert H. Dixon and Vernlse Johllson. Most jetted out via DAL Sunday mornin( and al'e to be the speceial guests of Miss Turner's brother, W.U... Turaer, public relations man for Muhammad Ali ... SEI!: TAU LATE& Bethel Baptist 8011 Sitort Emery Street Mrs. Lillie M. McDonald, Reporter Rn. J. L. Overstreet, Pasior Sunday school began at 9:30 a.m. Th'e superintendent and staff" pre sided. The lesson was taught by the teachers. Morning worship began at 10:45. Devotion was conducted by Mr. J B. Green and Mr. N D Jones. Mus ic was rendered by the Har monettes Junior ushers served. The sermon was delivered by the paswr who chose for his theme, "Proclaimer of Good News." One member was added to the church. Immediately after morning serv ice ba.ptismal service was held. Several candidates were bapti z-ed. At 3 o'clock ih the afternoon t he mort gage burning s e rvice was ren dered by Shiloh Baptist C hurch, Mulberry Rev. J. Joyner delivered the sermon. He chose for his them, "Build God ? s House \ His choirs, congregation and ushers accompanied him The entire day's services were spiritually uplifti!lg Deacon board meeting will be held Tuesday night The business meeting of the church will be he!d Wednesday night. Mr. Allen Spot ford will preside over the deacon board meeting Rev. J L. Overstreet will preside over the busi. ness_ meeting. Both meetings will begin promptly at 8 All auxiliaries will ;resume their same scheuule of meetings and rehearsals for the week. Friendship Baptist Rev. Qvod Dexter, Pastor Mrs. M. Lyons, Reporter S. S. began at 9:45 with Mr. John McDonald in charge. All teachers were at thelr posts. Morning service began at 11 with Mr. Ted McKinsey in charge of devotion. Choir No. 2 nnd senior ushers served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. His subject was, "In My Father's House." All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. Visitors are welcome at' all times. Morning Star Choir No. 2 Deacon Clyde Coney, Pres. Mrs. Mattie Harrison, Rept. Morning Star Choir No. 2 will have rehearsal Thursday night at 7 : 30. All are aske d to be present and on time Rev. L. D. Lowe is acting p astor. Views 01 Progress Village Br IIA LEE EIIIIIS PJaona 677-1318 Larry McMillan (Moon), son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar (Annie Lou) McMillan, 7924 Endive Ave., departed on Monday for Jackson ville, Florida, for a physical ex amination with hopes of being in ducted inw the U. S Marine Corps Good lu c k, Moon." Sympathy goes out to the Barr and Dupree families of 85th S t. and Fir Dri ve, a t the loss of an infant daughter and granddaughter last week. Ave worshiped at St James A.. M E. C hurch on Sunday morninl where another daughter, Miss Terry Philmore, was speaker as the Youth Department was in charge of service. All parents interested in their young daughters attending summer camp in August may cootact Mrs Marjorie Anderson at SOOZ 86th for registration. Transporta4 t ion and meals will be provided. A small fee will be charged. Girls may be Scouts or Non-Scouts. The Progress Village All Stars motored to Ocala Florida: on Sunday to play the Orange Lake AU Stars. Progress Village was de feated 5-2. The Youth D epartment of St. J a mes A M. E Church of Prilg ress Village will spon sor a car wash on Saturday, July 1 at the Progress Village Park beginning at 9:30 a m. Here's hoping a speed y recovery for Anthony Filer who W!!;S d ischarged from St Joseph Hos pi t al on Wednesday where he underwent leg surgery. Anthony, son of Mr. and M r s. Daniel Wright 7918 Bahia Ave., was deligh ted to have grandmother, Mr s. Ann i e Lou Snell of Clearwater, visit for the weekend Mrs Snell moth e r of Mrs. Wright and sist e r of Mrs. Jimmie Lee Bradley, 7914 Bahi a I P 11 HELP SoMtONE AND HEU. N -EYER HESI" TROUBLE. cu J 0 :-. Things y 011 ... Slaoald laow P E ,- YNDERGE;tGEORGEW"ASHINGTON, .II.MIIIlU.1 ..... ? BORN FEB. 2g.1732, SOME 5p00 __ ........ SLA'.,iES 6 FREE FOUGHT IN THE fi5VOLUTION .,.11CM!IlflQIIIH1 I IF. ., ARV w,.\R I WHEN HE CROSSED TtiE Oif.AWAii, ;;-;:-; tN 1776, TWO 1t' lllllifl : PRINCE WHIPPLE, WERE WITH HIM /.!L-Yi.Q. PENNINGTON FOUND i SUCH FACTS /IS THESE /\C: : -;FTHE FIRST ; : 1 FROM 'Jfi-.. ......... "''? .. ....., E GAtiST SLAVERY FROM-RIG==:vw U!'Y!"JI: ---___ _:.., ........ --_ _________ :.


' : .. .. ,p,AcE $entinei-Bu,letin Pubiished Frf.'-Gett BotL_ Ed.itlc,nj June 27,' 1972 --------' > :. ... .. ( < Jal aad.'R.y: JaekiOD, aoal of Mr. aad 1\fn. ;\:;nine ::J; .:JWeti?' tor: iiecoDd: : ;ear. for Cbll ... ea. : : .;. Jaeld,. '13,' wi. Jlldade4 .. ,lato the .,Beta, ,PIb '' .:.,.' A41iiiiit'J'r: : Ri'jllfoi.' tl(e -tm73 "'leboO_ I term. ... The Beta Club Is :elab: iOr. i.or : eharacler, *'' .. lea.dei'sllip. -. .. .,'1; A""rcl 1a ..-..... aDd tor .,., i"' > < .. .. '. "' :'' \ .. :: .. W..ae/ eleeted a ef< tiM Couacill and :. wa_. a;membet. .:-81 frlltCiipal'i ColllJllittee .at CoUele Rill Sixth lie reeelv'ed. award Ia. mtxed ellorui, ciiUzeaihlp : aad : .stiideat Councii : : : : _,.< .. .war: by 'Ills elasrnuate1. > .,.,., _meniben'_, ol e1, Colle(e RIU. GJtAi)UATE -) I'Talieis G. Coleman was : graduated recently .from LaSalle Mili taty Acadeiny .. iJh)akdale; ISland aa Valedictorian of the Class. He the first student of 'the Harlem area h enter LaSalle on on :-a $io;ooo. scholar$ip from the Halperin Scholarship Fom1dation. While there, he .was an honor student, president of the St udent Councjl and Cadet JdaJor. .. > 1 has been awarded a scholarship -achievement award from Columbil;i Uniyerjjity and also a plaque fram the Father's Club of tiie Academy for Speech. He plans h major in law and is also 'interested in government, political science and psychology. Coleman is the 18 ye -ar old son of Mrs. Minerva Coleman of New York, and grandson of Mr-. BIJf_!!ese Coleman of Tampa. Mr. Cole_man also has a piece, Judy Abernathy who has completed two yeara of law; COLLEGE GRADS MARRY .-Wilson of' Birmingham, and: Julius Lee Collie of Tampa were .gradauted from College a few days ago, and on the daY, after married the with relatives and .:.close friends atten ding. _\ On Sunday afteJ:noon were dinner guests in the home of aii aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Alber t Adams, 2514 Ridgewood Avenue. Others enj:Jying the dinner were Mr. and Mrs; Weldon HGdgins, Mr .and Mrs. ClaJ;ence Coefield, Mr. andMrs. Mike Lam burti and daughter, Michelle of Clearwater, Mrs. Pansy Griffith and d aughter, Linda, Miss Sharon Ad-ams of Newark, N: J., and -James D. Bait The newly weds are residing with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. L... Collie, 1936 St. Joseph Street. They will work in the school next year. THE GREENS ENTERTAIN NON PARIELS The Nassau Street residence of Mr. and Mrs. Robert GreeD the scene of the June meeting of the Non Pariels Club. Busi ness was about the fall affair to -be held in October at the Inter n;.tional Inn Members were later escorted to the beautifully dec-.. crated Piitio for .. dinner_ and asorted drinks. Miss Helen / Long re-.. ceived the guests. Members and their husbands present we're)>zepher and Howard Eula and Bill,. Henty, Helen. and! Horace Williams, Alberta Blake, Louise Brown, Delores Edna Garvin, Jretha and Cleorane, Sl aton-.. Elizabeth Brazelton and Ruby Lewis. Others enjoying the Green's hospitality were Mrs. Lillian Sim. lllons; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Williams, Mrs. Gennie Mae Anderson, Rose L. La wrence, Harry Lamarr, Mrs. Sarah Kite, Mrs. Pearlie Dasher, Mrs. Lucille Cofield, Mrs. Sallie Crosby, Mr. and !Mrs. Fred. Myers, Mrs. Thelma Richardson, Mrs. Willie Queen Favors! Mr .and Mrs: James Gomillion, Miss Edith Collins, Mrs. iPearl Coffee, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Clark, Mrs. Corrie Woodie, Mr. ani?! Mrs. Allen Franklin ; Mrs. Camina Hilis Mrs. Mary Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Hodgins, Mr. and l\Irs. L. Butcher, Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Henry Evans, and Mr. and Mrs. Charley Brown. The guest list also included Mrs. Delores Grayson, Mr. and Mrs. Judge Favors, 1\n July 25, the Non Pariels will observe their sixth year at the hom eof Mrs. Delores Hampton, 304 W. Amelia. At this .time they will elect officers_ VISIT DISNEY WORLD Carroll Nelson and Billy, Valerie and Valencia; and Patricia Nelson and son, Ricky, and a niece, Sabrina Nelson visit ed Disney World Satur day. It was a delightful day for all of them. N .o\ACP 1\IEl\lBERSHIP DRIVE NEARS END The Tampa Branch NAACP Spring Membership Drive term! 11ates. on June 30 at MacFarlane Park beginning at 6 :30 P. M. (Coatinued oa Page 7) YOUNGSTERS VACAT-ION .BIBLE .SCHOOL: .. _...-. _. -twe:week Vaeatioa. Sellool tOr :1171 u4l Valerie Jelk1. Ott the eeeoatl. row-. B..t-. eaded at the Cllu rCk of ClaFIt. Cer rlek -Bammiter, Robert' M.Ore, Pliyl!l at th_e elo.U.J Pt:9.fl'am .SU Scd.el,-aad < J)ebra. Gambrell. -1a day Agaia. year, the B ible Sehool are ,Mr1. Op .. elia Hammock aad _proved a rewarJilar for bOth 'the. ehll-. Orum Trone; Jr., miai1ter. dreli the adult. who worket with them. Girli u tbe troat ..Ow below are, from t pbotOi were takea Ia it week durin( cilau -. a ad Sahua. Sliaek; ani tile : the_ top ro'!! are,. from left b:ollt tiehiDd them.' are Adderly, __ Darrawa. Snulh, M.,..ada_ Butler, .Elalae Browli aad Michael stcme. .. _, -r .. ... RECENTLY MARRIED :MRS. MICHAEL A. DANIELS Mr. and Mrs. Benny Favors of Tampa announce the marrjage of their daughter, Anita to Pfc. Michael Antonio Daniels, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rawls. The wedding took place on June 17 in Mt. Olive A M E Church with the Rev. A. F. Little offici ating. On July 5 the groom will resume in the United States Ma rine Corps. The bride will con tinue studies in September at the University of Florida in Gaines ville where she will be a sophomore. / -----_ From .:Tampa lodges ... ... TABITHA COURT NO. 15, : HEROINES ;_OF JERICHO, will 'meet at 6 :30 P .M. Thursday at the Harnim Temple. CLUB NOTES Members of the SUPRE. M Saturday at the home : of Mrs Thelma Green, 2508 14th Street. Mrs. Katie Watkins will be the co-hostess Mrs. Bennie Mae Clark 'of 1520 Nassau Street, wil lhost a meet ing of the the PRINCETONETTES SOCIAL CLlJB tonight at 8:30. Secret Sisters will be feted. THE MERRY DONNA SOCIAL (:LUB Is meeting Wednesday night at 8 o'clock with Mrs. Annie Mae Gordon, 2130 Pine Street. JUNE 29-Miss Black America of Tampa Pageant, Curtis HixOn Hall, 8 P. M. JULY !-Pre-Fourth of July Day Dance sponsored by Supreme Social Club at Labor Temple, 16th and 9th Street JULY 3-Fourth of .July Breakfast Dance, Elks Rest, E. Laurel, 12 midnig'ht. JULY 7-Nineteenth Annual District Tea sponsored by Mt. Pil grim's Women's Convention, Armettia Temple, 8 P. M, JULY 9-Voices of Hope in summer recital, New l\lt. Zion M. B. Church 8 P. M. JULY 29-Blake Dad's 6th Annual Sweetheart Ball, Ft. Hesterly Armory, 10 P. M. JUNE 30-Pre.Fourth of July Cruise to Nassau sponsored by YWCA. JULY 30-:\Ien and Women's Day, .Greater Friendship Baptist Church. JULY 4--)fen's Fashoin Show and Shipwreck Dance sponsored! by Holy Names Men's Club, St. Peter Claver Auditorium oa Governor Street. JULY 21-Bellinen-Waiters Club's Hot Pants-Bell Bottoms Dance, Curtis Hixon Auditorium, 10 P. M. Buy From .Florida .Sentinel ;Advertisers


June 27, 1972 Fla. e:very Tu.ea. and. Fri. Get Both Edidons PACE 'SEVEN Wishing You. A Happy Birthclay MISS ROSE Michael Harvey, spn of Mr s. Shelah Harvey, 3303 38th Avenu e, celebrated his birthday on June 5. There were about 15 of Mike's little friends over to have a wond e r ful tin1e helping him to celebrat e his second birthday. A party was given for Tonya Pelt on her 6th birthday by her gra1_1dm9t her, Mrs. Lorene Cal houn, and parents, Mr. and Mrs George 'Pelt. The fun affair was on Sa t\irday afternoon at 403 lfer nandez Coui-t, Robles Park Village. GuestS w e re Zondera If o wright, Sylvia Lane, Paul Calhoun Jani_ ce Wri g ht Angela Wright, Kim' p Westbroo ks C harlie West brooks Ant y na Marthy, Albert and Melvin Marthy Jody Owens Netia Jones. and Alga Jones, Willi!! Shaw and, Carlina Carr. Adults at Tonya s .. party were ---Brooksville-MICIJ 4EL HARVEY M -rs. Heien Shaw Mrs. Vera Lane Miss Boa twr ight, Ailen Carr and Vanci'e Lurry. Mrs Ruby Vanderhorst of 2127 S; S. began at Bethlehem Bapt. Walnut Street gave a delightfd Chu-ich with the supt. David b i rthd ay party for her niece Mrs Reese in charge All 'teacheis Helen B Thompson, a senior at were at their posts. The Florida Ui'!iversity. .. reviewe d by the. pastor, Morning service began_'at 11. The list inCluded Miss with : Deaco ns A1ex Holmes : anc;i Nr-;:trt, show on Juiy 2 at' Lowry Park: The :Parks granted per iniSsion for artists lo use the area. at, the Sligh Avenue and North Boulevard entranCe for exhibition space. -, : Tlie show is open to-= all artist:;, and jun for with cash pr!zes for each ,' are no en-: tnii1 c e ,requireil)ents except a n0n 1 irial_ entry :a. ten by t:"n di'splay space. Art_ ists to furmsh their own display eqmp-ment. '. Artists : wishing to enter this fes t ival should write to the FlorIda Fine Arts Guild, Inc. 4011 Santiago Tampa 33609 RECENT VISITOR Mrs. Ella Barnes. of Cindnna_ ti ; Ohi o, has enjoyed a yaca-. ti on in Mexico arrived in Tampa Thursday to stay in the Cigar City until Sunday She : vias the guest' of aunts and an uncle, Mrs, Minnie Wllliams,. and Mr. ;md -.Sam Ta ylor. There was a picniC for _her >pecial pleasure at DeSpta Parle and one o f the was Mrs. B enjamin. She was .. also entertained during herl:irief stay by the Rising and, Mr. Jame!l Jac kson: : TO ATEND FESTIVAL. Among Tam pans ali set to take In: the Jazz -:Festival in this weekend is Car-roll Nelson, a .June graduate of the Umvers1ty of South Florida with a B A degree in Soci ology She will be the guest of l1er sist er; 1\lrs. Paulette Geter, the former P aulette Nelson HOSPITALITY GROUP The internationally recogniz ed volunt e er community s e rvice o f WHITrS (W orld of H;elp In Time to save) A:s, so ciate:;, Inc : Youth Service Clubs sponsored by the Harmon's "!fillWay" Homa : Foundati::-n Educatioi1 Projec t, will help to pro vicj_e hosp ita litv for delegates and visiting friends to the Democratic and R epu blican National Conventions. in -rvnami.. This hospitality projeCt, which -,will be coordinated : in Miamf by the local WHITTS '{outh Club with the assistance o f th e Youth Division o( the-Greater Miami Na t ional C ouncil of Ne .gro Women and other interested will be,_set U'l at Florida Couri e r Office, 670'5 NW 1 5th Avenue, and all serv ic e s will be rendered in behalf of aid to the prevent.\oq and coritrQl of j uvenile d el iqu ency, which is the program o ( the Harmon' s "Half-Way Home Project. -John W. Harmon, IIi:, and Andre M it c hell, youth chairmen f r the hospitality _project,-will -be assisted bY' :\[rs. Dorothy Ji:. Harmon, executive director of .WHITIS Service Clubs ; Mrs. Tracy Collins, recepthmist the Harmon's HalfcWay'' Home ; and 1\Irs. Eunice Liberty, presi_dent of the National : Council d Ne gro Women in Miami. .. -. Volunteers wm be needed to h e lp provide the follmvinos e r v ices : hostesses, phone service. transporta tion, baby-sitting,"\ sight seeing guides, housing, run errands, aid refreshme nts, conven : tion even ts etc. all of which w ill be provided t ,h.ro ugh a stee r Jng committee at the offi ce of the Flor ida Courier c ompliments o f .th? Sengstacke Newspaper Persons interested in rendering community service to this worthy project both individually and as an organization cont<::::t. .lohn W, Harmon; Ill, or Andre :Mitchell, (305) 693-40-51 in Miami; or Mrs. Dorothy E .Harmon, 251-3678 or 251-4323 in Tampa -.' MARRIED 29 YEARS Congratulations to S/Sgt. and Mrs. John H. Stephen who ob s erved their 29th wedding anniv ersary en June '26.: He is with thE!,. U S Army in Germany, and she resi d es at 3303 Avenue MISSIONARY SOCIETY MEETS SUNDAY The Senior Missionary Societ y of Allen Temple A M. E Chur c il will hold its regular monthly meeti n g Su nday at 5 P M. in the_ lower linit of the church. Mrs. Ruby White wi-ll be the leadet and others who are expected to participate are: l\lrs. H-B. Nelson, supervisor, Mrs. Lu\a Stokes, Mrs -Velma Wilson Mrs. Euniee Rawls Mrs. Alma :\lcNeil Mrs. Edith Edwards, Mrs. Ca h erine McCray, and Mrs. M. E Walk er. The society s project for July is to make special errands for the sick shut-in and the a ged. The n ew clothes proj2ct is also continued from last month. Mrs. Irene Thomas is the presi den t, and the R ev H. McD o nald Nelson is the pastor. YOU ARE INVITED An examination of the present and future will be depi cted in the July film p1ogram s e t for 7 :30 P. M .. Ju ly 6 ill the Tampa Pub lic Library, 900 N. Ashley Street. Slated (or viewing are Love Me, Love Me, Love Me" and "Animal Farm. The first feature Is a cont e mpoiar y animated moral tale about l ov e, characte riz e d by the dry wit of Bri t ish humor. The second, b ase d on George Orwell's fable, Is the of revolt and tyranny on Farmer .Jones' farm. Free to the public, both films are In color and are appealing to children and to adults From Florida Sentinel Advertisers


,ACE EIGHT Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. f'rl. Get Both Editions Tueaday, June 27, 1972 'Educational Development_ Tests A Florida Hfgh School' Equival ency J?iploma 'lnay be earned b, applicants who pass .the Gel)eral Educational Development T e s t.. '.rhe test; consisting ,o( five batteries the fields of Eng lish Expression; SoCial Studies, Natural Sciences, Literature, and Mathematics, is offered e a c h month at the Adult Education center. M a n y educationa]ly -mature adults, including veterans and ser\'icemen in Flori.cla, have not hid opportunity' for one reason or to complete the formal requirements for a high school cllplorlla. Such persons, through reading ; travel, self-directed study the practical experi$}ce of 1ffe; have reached a level of edu competence equivalent tJ that normally reqtiired for high Revival Services In Bronson -.f?chool graduation. Since many of these people cannot c afford to EVANGELIST G. M. MOSLEY the amount of time in class There will be a revival cru ', attendance to ; satisfy res ade in Bronson, July 3"16, at the quiremeiits }or a : locally issued Holiness Church conducted by c high school diploma, it is felt that Evangelist G. IM. "'Mosley. Two me!!:lJS should he provided where' serV'ices will be .heid daily,. one by' a credential, .. equiv&lent to a at :1'0:310 AJM., and tllie other at high school diploma, can be issued 7:'30 P. lM. Prayer will be ofllpon satisfactory completion cf fered fur the .sfck nligihtlw. atandardized comprehensive tests. Evecyone ri.s inV'itw. Pearly Orientation for the GED will be :Mae is tllie host pastor. held the last Tuesday of month at' 7 p.m: in the Adult Education Center, 2309 Mitchell Ave nue. The GED Test will bEi admin istered the second Tuesday, Wednesday and :'J,'ihUrSd!'IY (all three nights) from 6 p.m. to I0 p.rrv and the fourth Tdesday, Wednesday and Thursday (all three nights) each month from 1 p.m. to 6 p .m. For further counseling, call 229-tl66 or 229-7167. lyer Temple Corner Central and Ross Rev. E J. Ri\!erS, 'Jr. Pastor Mrs. Rubye McCall, Rept. S. S. began at 9:30 with the tmpt. Mr. Charlie Harris in charge. The lesson was taught -"'l>y Rev. R M. Jones. Morning service' began at 11 'With choir No. 2 and ushers No. 8 serving. The stewards and -etewardnes!Jes also : served. -A very good sermon was delivered. by pastor. The motored to Reddick to deliver the eulogy for Mrs. Bertha Reed. Wednesday night at 7:3Q choirs No. 1 and 2 will have a joint rehearsal. The following have been discharged from the hospital Mmes. Addie Uudson, Lenora Perez, Mattie James, and Mr. George Cook. Others confined at home ere Clara Thomas, Claudia Scipio, Ransome iaJld Lucy Knight. T h e administrative board meeting was held at 4. At 5:30 the wscs met. Visitors are welcome at all times. New Hope Choir. No. 2 ,. Dea. Ira B Brntoil, Pres. Mrs. Doris C. Moore, Rept. Choir' No. 2 of New Hope M. R Church, Rev. John Willis, !):>astpr will have weekly rehearsIll Thursday night at 8 P. M. The president is asking everylne to please be present and on time. Lachocchee Services at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church began with Sunday school with the supt. and teachers at their posts. The Jesson was re viewed by the pastor. The junior and senior members 11re asked to meet at the church em Saturday at .5. Important busi l'ess will be discussed. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Hamkins ere home after spending their va c:ation in New York visiting their Mrs. Story has also returned home after visiting her aon and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ran tlolph Story, in Denver, Colo. Jlrs. Lena Edwards of Mt. Mo-Trinity Church 2'401 No. Howard Ave. Rev. L. L. Ward, Pastor :Mrs. Patricia Thompson, Rept. Services on Sunday ,.began at 10:00 A. M, with S. S .. The supt., Mrs; Johnnie Mae was in charge of devotion and the lesson was taught by the Morning worship was conduct ed at 1l with the Wardetts in charge of. music: The call to worship was given by Rev, Youngblood and the message de livered by Rev Ward At: 3 P. M. the Usher Union was held at St. Matthew M. B. Church of Sulphur Springs. The messa'ge was delivered by Rev. Jones, Acting Pastor of Evening Star M. B. Church. The next: meeting of the Union will he held at Trinity CME the fourth Sunday in July. Evening worship was conduct ed at 6 P. M. with .the same order of service being carried out. The Wardetts Sang and thi! message was delivered by Rev. Youngblood. Tuesday night the president of the Usher board is asking all ushers t'o meet with her at the church at 8 P. M. Wednes 'day night at 8 P. M. the Gos p el Chorus will have rehearsal. All' members are asked to please be present. Thursday ni,ght, beginning at 7:30, prayer meeting will be held. Let us not forget to pray for the sick and shut-ins. Visitors are always welcome to worship with us during any or all services. The Church Of Jesus.' Mission No. 2, Thonutosassa Elder J. H. Lee, Pastor Mrs. B. White, Rept. S. S. began at 1 0 with the 'Supt. Mrs. J. Felton in charge. All teachers. were at their posts Noonday service began with Deacon R. Mitchell and Mrs. J. Felton in charge of devotion. The sermon was delivered by :Missionary I. Mitchell. Evening service began at 8 with Mr. A. Camon and Mr. Herbert Bowers in charge of de votion. The sermon was deliver-ed by Missionary Mitchell. Friday night regular services will be held. R-evival services will begin July lOth through July 24th. The public is invited. riah is confined to Lakeland General Hospital. Mrs. Daisy Story, Agent and Rep. Tampa s Beautiful Black-Owned Homes TAMPA'S BEAUTIFULBLACK-OWNED HOMES.. The home has unusu,al, separate carports, three The residence of i\Ir. and Mrs. Bill McCoy, bedrooms and two baths, and is total, all-electric 3512 River Gtove Drive, has the distinction of behome on 100 foot lot on Hillsborough River. Home ing featured in Beautiful, and being paid has 1,800 square feet of Jiving area and bedroom a river boat visit by former 'TODAY television and kitchen area divided by huge living room. No personalities Dave Garroway and Jack Lescoulie: space is wasted h1 extensive hallways, which .. was The eight room, ultra-modern home of Mr. and noted in House Beautiful article and television McCoy was featured in House Beautiful in feature. Even today, twe.Jye years after it was Oct., 1960 when it was built, and later during built, ,the McCoy home Is-still considered "'' ultra the year visited by the television ))_ersonalities. modern." We Accept ENJOY_ SOUL FOO D FROM. We A _ccept' Food Stamps Food Stamps cu. s.) Soul Center .Superlnarketcu. 3523 If. 22nd STREET CEITER CUT PORI CHOPS Ill. ggc TURKEY WilliS SLICED RAM O'SAGE PEACHES 3 cans EYAIGELIHA YAMS 3 large cans 99 c 1 BUSH BLACK EYE PEAS 5 cans ggc TOILET TISSUE 10 rolls ggc BAHANAS FREE DELIVERY -PORI STEAKS GROHD CIIUCI lb. BRISKET STEW 3 lhs. $119 GA RED TOM-ATOES 3 large caas 99 c BUSH SPAGHETTI 7 cans 99c NORTHERN TISSUE 3 rolls ggc WE ACCEPT U. S. FOOD STAMPS PROlE 247-2031 OXTAILS RIG MAWS 4 lhs. ftc B. c .. caw 3 htls. U..aa&t (with $7 order) BLU'E PLA U: GREEIS EVERCANE SUGAR 5 U.s. 59c, (wilh $7 order) PEACHES OIIOIS


Tuesday, June 27, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frl. Get Both Editions PACE NINE MINORITY FIRM A WARDED $500,000 KEY PUNCH CONTRACT KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. The Small Business Administration, Atlanta, Ga. acting_ on behalf of NASA's John F. Kennell-y Space Center has awarded a $507 909 contract to New World Services Inc., Orlando, Fla. The cost plus fixed fee contract covers the period June 15, 1972,-'through June 14, 1973, with -an option for one additional year of service. New World Services will operate and maintain the automatic data processing keypunch services in support of the .Information Systems Directorate at KSC. The services wiiJ be available to NASA, NASA contractors and other-government agencies located at the Kennedy Space Center and at KSC facilities on the Air Force Eastern Test Range. NASA is actively pursuing efforts to increase the participation of minorit y business firms in the NASA Procurement Program and the New World Services contract is the largest NASA award to date under Section 8 (a) of the Small Business Act. The purpose of this provision Is to assist and foster qualified minority firms In achieving pro ductlve and economic stability In a competitive business environme nt. NEW ARK MAYOR MEETS WITH RECORD EXECUTIVE NEW YORK -AI Bell, chairman of the board of the Stax Organization and vice-president of Stax Records Inc., is shown, left, meeting in New York with Kenneth Gibson, mayor of Newark, New Jersey. The two men met to discuss the expansion of Black-oriented business enterprises not only in Newark, but throughout the country. Bell, who heads one of the most sul'cessful and prontable record and publishing cmJ}ires in the country today. that "Black is not only beau tiful but that Black is beautiful business." I Our Servicemen l\IATT AIR SAN ANTONIO -Airman D ennis E. Mattair Jr. son of Dennis E Mattair S1., of Rt. 1, Madison has completed his U.S. Air Force basic -training at the Air Train ni g Command's Lackland AFB, T e x He has been assigned to Chanute AFB, Ill. for training in ailcraft maintenance. Air m a n Mattair is a 1971 graduate of Mad ison High School. FOUNTAIN SAN ANTONIO -Airman Lloyd L. Fountain son of l\lr. andt Mrs. B. Fountain of 2610 Henrietta St., Jacksonville Fla., has completed his U.S. Air Force basic train ing at the Air Training Com mand's Lackland AFB, Tex. He has been assigned to Lowry AFB, Colo ., for training in the muni tions and weapons maintenance field. Airman Fountain, a 1970 graduate of E. J. :Butler High School attended Massey Techni cal Institute. TUNSIL SAN ANTONIO Alrmaa Bruce D, Tunsil son of Mrs. Teadie ; J. Tunsil of 2005 Lake Drive Lake City, has complet e d his U. S. Air Force basic train ing at the Air Training Command's Lackland AFB, Tex. H e has been assigned to Lowry AFB, Colo., for training in the muni tions and weapons maintenance field. Airman Tunsil is a 1971 graduate of Hig h School Orlando His father, Cor ; n e lius Tunsil r e sides at 113 2 C> retta Way Orlando. ROLLE SAN ANTONIO -A I r m a n George 0. Rolle son of Mrs. Sybil Y. Rolle of 1245 Burden Court Tampa, has completed his u .s. Air Force basic -training at-the Air Training Command's Lack land AFB, Tex. He has been as to Chanute AFB ; Ill., for training In fuel services. Air,nau Rolle is a 1971 graduate of Blake High School and attended Hills borough Community College. JEFATUL CALLING By FATHER PARK TAMPA -The Jesuit Employme_nt Agency of the Tampa Bay Urban League (JEFATUL) is calling upon business, professional and industrail communities of the Tampa Bay area to employ our applicants. The following are our needs: JOBS: Domestic for days work; man for church janitor's job; students for summer jabs; women to help in day nursery. Gospel Mission Prayer Band Dea. Lonnie Simmons, Pres.' Mrs. W. B. Williams, Rept. The Gospel Mission Prayer Band will meet at the home of Mrs. Williams, 4020 LaSalle St. Wednesday night at 7:30. Refreshments will be served after the meeting. -Vlsttors are wel come. R emember the" sick and shut-ins. Allen Temple No. 1 Mrs. lola 1\lcCloud, Pres. Mrs. Millie Horne, Hept. The No. 1 choir of Allen Temple AME Church of which Rev H. McDonald Nelson is pastor will meet Wt>dnesday night at 8 at the church. All members are asked to please be present and on time. Jefatul Needs: Baby clothing age 1 month to 2 years. We are also In great need of the voluntary services of a Remedial Reading Specialist who can help (for an hour or two a week) a 13 year old NON-READER, A very poor boy with 18 and sisters. Please call Father Park at Sacred Heart Church or at the Urban League. Job Opportunities: Outdoor workers; semi-retired man for yard work; live-in maid; truck driver. Jefatul Thanks: The Peninsular Paper Company. ThO>se needing work or workers should call Jeftaful, 229-8771, or came to 1405 Tampa Park Plaza (corner Nebraska and Scott). Beulah Dorcas Circle Mrs. Mary Crawford, Chairman Mrs. Etta White, Reporter The Dorcas Circle of Beulab Baptist Church will meet Thurs day morning at the usual time. The lesson by Mrs. Eddies Wilson. Too subject will be "How Do 1 Divcover My Life Work?" taken from St. Mark 8:34-37, and St; Matt. 6 :31-34. The alphabet letter is A. The last meeting was beJd at Mrs. Beatrice Robinson's, 156G Parkway.


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There wasn't too much of anything going on in the Bay area over the weekend, except for the same which were visited by the same people. So yours truly would like to use this week's TNE to rap about !>lacks in the theater and a soul brother that's comin"' to town. First the theater: Yours"' truly rapped extensively a week or so ago about our duct in the theater during the viewing of black motion pictures. However, calling our attention to this disgraceful behavior didn t do any good, one way or Thinkin"' tha:t we might have realized"' otir mistake and thinking that we had decided, not only to respect ourselves but those brothers and sisters around us, yours truly decided to try it Q!le. more time. I call it, "MY HORRWLE EXPERIENCE J>URJNG THE VIEWING OF "NIGGER CHAR-LIE." I never knew there were so many disgraceful words in the foul language dictionary. Oh yes, the "mocking bird" was on the case also You know, the one that sits through one picture about five or six times, and tells tbing about the scene before 1t happens, That killed yours truly taste for movles And I'm afraid that if that type of conduct continues, a lot of other folks are gonig to stop. And if the movie attendance falls off, the movies are going to stop. wouldn't it be kind of embarrassing if history read: ln/ BLACK MOTION PICTURES 'destroyed because black attend ance did not know how to conduct themselves." Think about that!-The Genius is coming to town. There is an aspect of the impos sible in trying to capture a portrait of RAY CHARLES in wprds, sentences, paragraphs, even as nu one to date has captured "SOUL'' in concise, definition. There is the distinct possibility that R A Y CHARLES IS SOUL. I don't even remember there wasn't a RAY _CHARLES. "My people made me, and I can always go back to them," he once said. "I try to bring out my soul so people can understand what I am. I want people to feel my soul Soul is when you can take a song and make it part of you-a part that's so true, so real, people think it must have happened to you Soul is like electricity, like a spirit, a drive, a power." These are the words of the genius. And for over 25 years, Ray Charles has done pre cisely this, reaching out to, and touching ALL people. He has drawn from each musical stream and made a river which he alone can navigate. CHARLES was born September 23, 1930, but was not born blind; only poor. The eldest son of Aretha and Bailey Robinson, he was born in Albany, Geor-TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT By JOHNNY JACOBS gia. The Robinsons were and Jim Crow still flourished in the South. l\lr. Robinsondid odd jobs as a handyman; Mrs. Rob inson took in washing. The personal life of RAY CHAR LES did n:Jt begin to darken until he was four. His younger brother, George, accidentally drowned in a washtub in the front yard before a panic-strickened Ray could summon his mother. But the man and his music had already formed an acqu-aintanee. "There was an old gentleman named Mr. Willey Pittman, and he had an old beat_ ; up piano on the front porch. I'd go over and stand by the piano and listen, and pretty soon he'd move over and make room for me and I'd sit down and bang away up on the high keys. I wasn't playing nuthin.' He knew it, but he'd smile and he'd say. "Thass so good, sonny. But you g:Jtta practice,". CHAR LES said during an inteniew. At ten his .father died; five years later he lost his mot11er also. At. St. Augustine's School for the deaf and blind, CHARLES learned many things between the ages of seren and fifteen; to read and write braille, to type, to play -a limited classical repertoire on the piano, to make mops a n d brooms-and the fact that he was a Negro. Armed witn his pride and dignity as' a human being, lo':_e of music his refusal to allow hiS handicap' to limit him to a life ot basket weaving or to degrade him by a life of dog, cane, and cup, RAY CHARLES, at fifteen, left St. Augustine's and joined a dance band in Jacksonville, Florida. "I wanted to m a k e money," CHARLES later explain ed, "and 59 I tried to copy them COLE arid CHARLES BROWN). But that wasn't the real me. I was just pretending Finally, CHARLES realizing that his musical imitativeness was robbing him of a personal identity as a musician, said to himself, "well; from no.w on, win, lose or draw they're going to have to accept me for the way I sound myself." On his own, he played the Apollo in Harlem; he foJ;"med a group to accompany singer RUTH BROWN, His was the first Ne.gru act to bave a sponsored television show in the Pacific Northwest. The year fol lowing his Atlantic pacting, CHARLES called the label from Atlanta, Georgia, announcing that he and his band were ready to record. From that session emerged, "I Got A Woman.'' Today, when RAY CHARLES is not on concert tour with his RAY CHARLES REVUE, he spends time in his olfice -at IR:PfM International. He walks unaided through the building's hallways, occasionally uttering a "BeepBeep, to warn per sonnel of his progress. But his ACTION TV & STEREO-RENTALS 4016 N. 22nd-237 Psychedelic Bar 8r Tape Decks Slenos Porlahle and Console Color TVs Also, Complete Home Enlerlaiaaeal c..ten NO CIEDIT CHECK HO DFJIOSIT Free Delivery Free Service Up Te 24 tleds Allleiii,.W .... illll ...... E.nel Ml 228( Hirhland Rev. H. W. Witburn, Pastor Mrs. H. Pittman, Reporter .S. S. began at the usual hour with the supt., in charge. The lesson wa! reviewed by the pastor. Morning service began at 11 with the deacons in charge of devotion. The junior and young adult choirs al1mg with the junior ushers served. The sermen was delivered by the pastor. BTU meeting was held at 5 followed by e "vening service at 6:30. The same orde r of service was carried out. Prayer meeting will be held every Thursday night at 8. All are asked to remember the sick and shutins. Clewiston Services were very good at all churches in the city beginning with S. S. and the suiPts. and teachers were at their posts. The lesson were all reviewed by the pastors. At Mt. Calvary Bapt. Church; of which Rev. L. M : Kitchen is pastor, observed their anniversary all of last week. The members of New Bethe[ A::ME Church are attending the General Conference in Dallas, T exas. Rev. Burrohghs, Mrs. Alma George and others will attend All members of the FedeTa tion Women's Club and the Help Meet The Need Club are in Belle Glade atfending a meeting at the Holiday Inn Mrs. Allen of Belle Glade is the h0st. president. Mrs. Ve;ra Whitefield is the local president. Som e of _the members attending are l\lmes. Eddie Moody, Pauiine Cunshaw, T. Moody and others. All are asked to remember the 11ick and shut-ins. Mrs. L. M. Williams, Rept. Services at all churches in the community began with Sunday schooi, with the supts. and teachers at their posts. The FriendlY Xmas Savings Club will meet at tihe home of Mr and M-rs. Amos Beckton on Saturday night. All members are asked t() be present and oa time. proficiency in a recording where he even does his own mlx ing, have given rise to the Tumor among employees that "RAY CHARLES can really see." CHARLES' fierce independence has seldom defeated him. He learned early back in St. Alilgustine, when being led across a street by a seeing friend. "I said to him, 'I think I hear a car coming.' 'Naw, it's only the wind,' I woke up a block and a half away." RAY CHARLES, his wife, Della, and their three sons-Ray Jr., David, ani!. Robert-live in Los Angeles. He is proud of his growing and guards -the privacy of his life as a family man from public eye. The public personnage preserves this one are as a private indivi dual for himself. RAY CHARLES, a man, and his music, hilVe created an awe-in spiring monument, a matter of the history of popular in the twentieth century But it .is his intense humanity that com' municate to his audiences, ransmotted through the medium of his medium of his music. Charles is a rather than a person ality. Because of the man, RAY CHARLES, there is also t h e RAY CHARLES LEGEND in his own time. Currently celebrating his 25th anniversary as a musical personality. THAT'S MY CASEWouldn't you really rather be a legend than a dope addict? from Roricla Advertisers APPLY :aN PERSON MUST BE EXPERIENCED 1415 E. Busch iiYd. ASK FOil FREDDY Jlut le Over 30 PACE ELEVEN Summer Teen Chatter By PAUL RANDOLPH Hot fun in the summer time is where it is. Right on! I, Paul Randolph, will be running it' all down to you on the summer happenings around Tampa. SPECIAL HELLOES Special helloes go out to all the together sisters and brothers home for the summer and to all visiting black people We the sisters and brothers of Tampa, bid you w e lcome. GAY PAPPA DANCES Each week Gay Pappa Miles will be sponsoring dances at Curtis Hix on Hall. Make sure you are on the scene. SQUL NIGHT AT TAMPA SKATING CENTER You will laugh, scream and :holler at the fun p e ople have each MonIOS, 10202 W, IJvd. Clllvet City, Ca. 90230 -:-Room 107 SEE "SHAFT'S IU8 SC01" AT YOUR fAVORITI1'NM'REI


. TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulle4tin Publiahed every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, June 27, 1972 .V FRESH Ybor City's Largest Supel'lllarlctt Acron from Las Novedades LEAN Always FREE Stares ide Parking ---------EVERY DAY AliD SATURDAY 8 A. M. TO 7 P.M. F.BIDAYS ........................... 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. PIG TAILS. SUNDAYS .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 A.M. TO 12 MOOR SPECIALS FOB JURE 28th THBU SUN., JULY lsi. Lb. 19c .. OPEN 8 P. M. MONDAY JULY 3RD --... : CLOSED "ALL DAY. TUESDAY. JULY. 4TH: .:. 1 : '" t : ... ,.. LYlES PlLM' IIYEI .. .l. 1 I 1 : TJrJCI MEATY -RES I .. ... ,:. .. "sPARE RIBS f R Y E IS 3 Pkgs; $1.09 Lb. 39c Lb. 27c : bEE sidE siDE PABKIIG II ROIIT Do REAR : THICK FATBACK WHITE BACON Lb. -15c BEADY FOR BAR-B-QUE S :PLI\T BROILE: R Lb 33( PURE LEAH GRO:UND-BEE. F 3 Lbs. $1.49 U.S.D.A. REEF \ 4th JULY SPECIAL SPARE RIBS lO LB. Case $14.95 LYKES PURE /PORK SMOKED S .AUSAGE lb. 69c PICNIC SPECIAL GRill fRANKS POi ROA.ST 2 $119 Lb. Pkg. _.,....s9 ___ c __.I / LEAH TEHDEB CHUCK STEAK Lb. 79c FOB CHAR-COALING BAR-B-QUE SWISS STEAK Lb. $1.29 SUGAR CURED SLICED BREAKFAST HAM 49c LEAN LOIN PO,RK CHOPS .....JI/f' -Lb. 69c JULY PICNIC SPECIALS PICNIC TIME PAPER NAPKINS 60 Ct. 9c PICNIC PAPER LILY PLASTIC COATED PLATES Reg. 35c 19c LILY Hot Or Cold Cups Reg. 35c Pkg. 19c > ) BRIQUETS : CHAR'COAL 20 Pal 99c .. 'J: > .. ; ... : $1 PICIIIC .. ; : MUST'ARD .. > Jat-r : : : : 10c. -.: \ ; CHOCOLATE Mo()N,PIES 3 $1.oo : 'POTATJ. B E E R C H I P : S FALSTAFF 20c 6 Pak 99c Twin_ Pak 39c ALUMINUM : LUZIARNE '. .;, ... : FOIL ,JEA BAGS Roll 19c 100 79c BEG. 2 FOB 25c BISCUIT MIX .. Pkg. Sc SPARKLING WHITE BLEACH Plastic Quart 9c TAMPONS SAVE l&c MODESS TREND 45cValue 23C Giant Box 39C SAVE 14c SAVE 14c JOY IVORY LIQUID Giant Size 4 9C Giant Size 49C


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Fla. Puldi.hed ., ., Tues. Fri. Cet Both Ediiioas Tuesda.,., J-. 27, 19'72 -----nYE COPS .liNKED TO SIX EXECUTION"", MURDERS CHICAGO -A federal grand juty may begila witD5 es SOOil in conHCtion with an I'BI imesiigatiioa l!nking five Chicago policemen with the exe cution-style murders of at least sis bllack men. 1'he one &e\'geant. are suspeets a con tmuing, seven-menth FIH investi galion of tile The Illl'tlr delrs showed a number ef shni larrues. High poliice sourcestold The Chicago Daily News that t h e y fear there may be more killings as a result cl the investigation and sensitive nature of the accusations. FBI agents went to Chi'Cago po Ike headquarters in the l'ast few days t& examine personnel files, Tbe Daily News learned. All five suspected policemen are black and are assigned to four )IOlice districts on the West Side. No identifications have been made :Jet, officiai sources told_ T h e Daily News.. Pl:>lice Superintendent James B. Conlisk Jr. said Tuesday that a major investigation of the sus :pected policemen. is underw.a.y by IRs division and his homicide unit. The mvesti!gati01'1! is being con &ted jointly with the FBI, Con lid; said. He confirmed that he llad met with Marlin Johnson, folrmeJT Chici!JgJ') FBI chief who .is II0\1t' p-esident of the Chicago Po Dee :Soard; Deputy Superinten dent Michael Spiotto; and Roy K: Illoore, cuvrent speciali agent ill! charge of tile Chicago FBI of tiee. Spiotto and Moore declined t() comment. 'llmee witaesses have been lined up fqr pEliiSible testimony before the federal grandi jury, of ficial sources said. All three wit nesses are in protecti..ve custody. The investig.a4liea may lead to disclosure of rivalri'e'S> among members of an interstate n81' cetics ring, The Daily News learned. The murders reportedly were all committed by uniformed po licemen who were riding in blue and white Chicago police squad cars.. One victim reportedly was or dered out of a squad car and shot in the back. When the bul-lets d'td not kill the victim one suapected police assassin,. report eclly slashed the victim's throat with a knife The investigation also is check ing reports that two innocent torists were murdered by. t h e suspected poli'cemen, who mis took them for others. The investigation began in early 1972 when the family of one victim, Richard Stean, went to the pofi'e-e to report Steans' disap pea11ance. Stean, who later was f o u n a murdered; disappeared mysteri ously in his 1971 Cadillac El Do rado while carrying $2,500 in cash to pay a contractor who h a d worked on his-apartment. The disappearance of -Stean -triggered an investigation by the police and the FBI into the pos si:ble conuecti:on with the mur-_ ders of five other black business men. Melita, Oiff Show A Hit NEW YORK-A few seasons ago, a young womm1 named Mel'Jla Moore mad'e it big on B'road 'Way in the musical "Purlie." This season, a young. man named Cliftoo Davis is. mlllking it bfg In tne musical "'1''wo Gentlemen of Verona." Now OBS has presented the premiere of a music-variety hour ealled the Melba :Mo ore-Clifton Davis Show. In the hallowed !badirtio.n of l!f36s mus-icals-, the two performers are making it big together. on television. Evidently a bit embarrassed by the direaliy seasonat land5eape of repeat programing, the networks are beginning to retuxn to the idea of using. the late 8pTing-summer period a$ a showcaee for new series, some speci ffua!ly tailored to the season, others being. tried-out as fall'Winter series. Several Sll'e on tap including e.t least two out of the All in the Fa:mily school of blue-collar rea!li8m: The Super with Richard and1 The Corner Bar, :with Dell. The Melba Moore Clifton Dalvis Show, produced by Viacom International in association with Stan Harris Productions, is scheduled for a. run of five weeks. If the first instalment is any indication, however, the series shouldn't end there. With Stan Harris as producer and director, tne emphasis of the series is-professionally and imaginatively kept on ment. As both stars are exceptionally tllllented and attractive that much of the production, strategy would seem obvious, but in television nothing can be ta-ken for granted. Originating in New York, the series uses a boardinghouse setting, complete with oddball board and a rooftop for musical production n u m b e-r s. Moms Mahley is the landlady, and Miss Moore and Davis are the young lovei s, which gossip reworts they also are-off-camera. On the show, though no matter how contemporary the veneer, they live separate apartments, fully separated by two floors. But, then, this is entertainment, and there is no priority on realistic deta-il. The boardinghouse is just this side of sumptuous, with its specious, chic anartment offering what looks like impossible duplex living. Ning Street For D.r. Ki111 Deaied MON'li'GOMERY, -Faced with mounting opposition from the wl'lite community, the Montgomery City Commission voted this week to : rescind its action of two week& ago naming a street in J,fonti commillllion stand it5 oriwlnal aretioo. 'J'be'. name was changed' 011 Juae ., crt1 to lloRot" the late civil rights figure who led the Montgomery bus boycott during the 19'".los. The petitioners, however, expressed displeasure when the com mission voted to named only sev en of the 11 blocks on the street for King A week later white groups appeared beforethe commission de' manding that the name be changed back. Carl Herbert Lancaster, an architect and! a leader of the -white-Citizens Councils, said. "It bei\ooves a g:Gvernment oo honor man who plUlblloph.y is to bresk any law ha dbesn't' beiieve' inl" Hid 118' would. net oit;eet, liewe o ee it tbe citj' aamell ........... Gty' MuW fer Miami TALLAHASSEE-The Sou-them Christian Leadersh-ip onference may: orga11ize a "re SUfl'rection city" in Mia;mi Beach to house demonstrators during the national political conventions, an 8-CLC official said Wednesday. "The plans have not really jelled," said the Rev. C. K. Steele, national SCLC first vice president. "They're in the mak :Fng and whether they're completed or not,' I dqn't know/' Steele said a tent city" would make it possible for demostrators to have a place for demon strations, to have a place to sta.y, and coordinate their ef-forts." While Gov. Reubin Askew and U. S. Attorney Gen. Richard Kleindienst were announcing federal troops, will be stationed in Miami Beach to back up local and state police at the conventions, Steele said he be lieved IBIW enforcement o-fficers at the conventions will be "tolerant and moderate in dealing with demonstrators." Copies of the joint f1nnouncement from As-kew and Klein client were ;eleased in Tallahassee and Washington. AskeW, s-p ea.king later to the Florida Bar at its meeting at Disney World, repeated his aim to "protect both the public safety and the right of dissrnt in Miami Beach this summel!" during the coll-ventlons. a street "entirely within the Neg'l:()l community'' after King. Jackson St'reet-the street on which King once lived-is in a black residential neighborhood, but there are some white-owned businesses and a white masonic lodge located on the street. Other white groups protested the change on historical grounds, saying it was fitting for Montgom ery to honor President Andrew Jackson whose military battles contributed significantly toward opening the. state up for settlement in the early 19th Century. One of the black petition drive leaders asked the commission to name an interstate highway run ning through the city after King, but the commission took no action on the request. Atlaata Mid-Year lif HeWs BI:RiMiNIGHAIM -'I1he Alabama-Florida District of Atlanta !Life lasuraoce Oompr.ny, Mrr. C. J. Greene, !Manager, Alabama and Mr. M. V. Y001:11g, OlJU, Area Director will host the third ,RegionSJl Mid-year Manager's Conference, June 19,20, 19712, at the ParLiament House Motor H'otel, 4J2(l South 2(}th Street, Birmingham, A1abema. Vice Presidet'l.t,Agencry Director, L. J. Gunn, OLU, will! Launch the Conference Pr{)lgram by p -resent'ng Ul'le dynamic 'I1heme -"LEADERSHIP AND MANAGE MENT'S JOB." Mr. C. J. Greene, will preside> over the conferenee pro-gram in collaboration with Vice Pres ident-Agency Director L. J. Gunn, OLU, and M'l'. M V. Young, Area Director, AlabamaFlorida Managerial !Personnell in atJtend ance are: IMessers,C. J. Greene, B'irmingham, Ala.;. K Zeigler, Dothan; 18. Payne, HuntsviUe; 0. B. Purifoy, Mobile; iL. W. Meeks, Montgomery; J. C. Ha rgrove, Opelika; T. D. Daytona JBeach, Z. Sapp, Jr., Jacksonville, E. F. Hall, Lake1and; R. L. Mos es, Miami; E. B. Bennett, Orloodo, G. E Pell6ocol:a, J. IMetzs, Tallahassee, C. J.Jiones, Tanl{Pa; H. M. Flowers; West ,palm Beach, and S. IF. H

TUMdey, Juee 7:7, '1972 zr .Mt:WP.Ity JVEW/ll CI.DSEIJ /),qy 7N44t!t IIFJJ!t'l. Lb. Fla. Sentiae:J-BuUetm P.uhlished and Fri.-Get Both Ed.itjons PACE FiFTEEN


PACE SIXTEEM ; .. Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Puhliahed every and Frt Get Both Editions Tueaday, June 27, 1972 -: AME Gen. Conf Meant No To Pres. .. {)ALLAS TEXAs The. ., fusal 'of the AME General Col\ feience to hear Ed N ixoit the brother'of P11esident was not intended as an affront to _:the p r esiden f! but a rejection of the leadership of Bjshop _..; D. Ward Nichols. A worship been setup 'for Bishop W. F. Ball -of ,": 'Sol(th Car9lina to oz:ing the 'ln iissage. Bishop Nichols who 1'Was presiding introduced :Mr. Nixon to speak five minutes bethe' sermon ;The bishops of the church walked off the -' Pandemonium. reigned 3729 North 15th,. Street William R. Johnson, -ir : Pastor Rev. Rose Bryant, Reporter -t.,.. .Sunday was Choir No. day and featured the singing of the .. churche& in. Choir U:nion No. 2,. Mrs. Gennie : Austin, J?resi4ent of Choir No. 1, was in charge.,. The '. miirnirig -.. serviceS'. were under the direction : of 'the pastor, w h o 'preached from subject: "Wit.. nessing: The Never Ending Task." Music was furnished by Chojr No. i and Pastor Johnson was assist/ed by Pastor L : B. Brown and Rev. Rosa Bryant. This has been designated "Pastor's Appreciation Week" by the members of Holsey The mern hers and friends have planned sev 'eral to show appreciation to Pastor: and Mrs : Johnson for -their during ._the past six months, since coinjng to Holsey as pastor. Services will be eac:_ h .night; starting on Wednesday, at p : m. '' services will be 11nder the auspices of the Ullhers and will feature st. )ames A.M.E. Church of Village, Rev H. H. DQ!Jglas; pastor., and St: Mar.y A).{ E : Church, Seffner, the Rev T. .. J. Jacobs, pastor. Or{ Thursday the Stewa r ds and tees will be 'in 'The Rev. Bobby-Jones and his congregalio!l from New :Mt. Zion Baptist Church will render the service. On. the Stewardesses will be in cqarge .. and the Re .. v P. H Ramsey of Hood Temple A.'M.E. Zi:on ch'urch and tile .. R. L Lee ef the Mt Zion A.M.E. Zion Church, Seffner, will direct the serviceS . -supreme. "Shamefl!l", "Disgrace-One of the first things done Mrs. Rubye Sanchez, Wife of ful" many mini sters shouted. by the General Conference was Rev. F. C. Sanchez, pastor of Bisho,p Nichols had not con the election of Dr. Harvey Wal-St. Paul Church of Tampa, sent s).llted the other bishops for den ; over Dr. Ezra Johnson as this telegram: "Mrs. Hazel Nel their 'approval of interrupting chairman of the Episc opal Com-son wife of Rev. H. McDonald 'the worship service by having mittee. Nelson of Allen Temple is mis Mr. Nixon to speak. The bishops A resolution was defeated to sing at 7:15 P. M. Thursday. felt._that w)!en a service is set-remove all bishops. Mrs Nelson got in a Yellow 'up to give tha_ nks and. praises -A movement was started to Cab to go to her hotel and as of to God it should not be interrupt-.. rev-ise the book .of d isc iplines now has not been seen since." ed by 'play politics. which will include increasing She also sent. this list of peo. B j shop Ball; after order was _some salaries, readjusting some pie f rom the Tampa Florida restored, preached a stiiring of the officers of the Gen eral Conference attending the Gener.sermon and the great audi e nce Conference to eliminate dtiplica, al Conference: Rev and Mrs A. shouted for joy. tion. D. Burton, Rev. and Mrs. C. C. Brooks, Rev. and Mrs. F. C. San c hez, Rev. and. B A. Martin and daughter, Rev. S McKinney, Rev. y, Ben jamin Bruc e, Rev. G. J. Oates, Rev. C D. Lazier, Rev. A. W. Lybrand, and Rev H. McNeil Harris. Mmes. Ethel Jones, rsu sie Padgett, Fostella S!lli th, Reatha WilHams, Essie Jones, Sallye Holmes, Evelyn Howard, Alma Mqrris, Evelyn Jeanette Collins ; Marie Burns, Ludella George and Elizabeth Chambers. BAHAM-AS MINISTER OF-TOURISM ADDRESSES TRAVEL AGENTS NAsSAU, Baitam'a!! '.:.... ProTtd as .weJI she might be, is president of .Paradise Island-Ud. !\'Irs. Maynard, appearing iD the Mn. Clement T. Maynard, left ; wife: ;of tiM: Bahamas 1\Iinisteiof Crown Ballroom of the Paradise Island Hotel and Villas, spoke to. TOi.r:ts.m; _Ho!J. T. ,Maynard. Pictured .here, the Minister dining travel agents from .. the United States and Canada, who visit -._ (right) is. addresshag more than 1 ,200 travel ageiits.: from acroSil the ed tbe for the official opening o( Bahamas Goombay United -states and Canada with his .. (lffi.cial opening remarks at' the Summer, which presents street dancing, folklore shows, art exhibits kick-off festivities for .Bahamas, Goombay Slimmer. be and many other functions on a daily basis in Nassau, Freeport and tweea .Mrs. Maynard and her husband Is Mr: Gene Barrett, a vice the Out Islands : through September 10. Communion wjll be held on mo'rning with Pastor' Johnson ih charge At 3 p.m ... Grace Chaper Church of 1Plant City and its pastor, the Rev. L. : E.-Sumes will worship wit 'I Holsey. At 6 :30 p.m. the W. B. and congregation from Stewart Memorial C.M.E. Church, St ... Petersburg, will wor ship. Thl,l Board of Christian Education., sunday School and Youth Department. will be in charge of Sunday's services. .. .. .-. A special Church Confe rimce will be held at 5 on Sunday. The elec tion of delegates to the Annual Conference will take plac;:e at that time Also the recommendations for officers for the 1972-73 conferyear will be made d uring the Conference. The Fourth Quarterl y Conference will be held on Monday night at. 8, with Presidiag Elder A. L. Goodwin in charge All members are asked to be pres ent for both these important me e t i ngs. The public is always invited to worship with the Holsey Templ e family. New Salem Choir No. 1 !\Irs. Carrie Grant President Mrs. IceLee Patterson, Repotter New Salem C hoir No. 1 will have r e hearsal Wednesday night at 8 at the church All are asked tu be present and on time. The sick committee will also meet Sunday:.aftetnoon at 3:30 at the home of Deacon and Mrs Horace Jones, 1913 21st Ave. Dea son Jones is also the chairm a n. uRBAN LEAGUE SUPPORTERS PRESENT $60,000 CHECK HOUSTON -C. C. Garvin Jr. (left), Executive Vice P reside nt and Director of Standard Oil Co. (New J e r sey), and J. E. Queen (right>, National Coordinator of Community Relations of Humble Oil & Refining Co., 11resent $60 ,000 check to Vernon J o t dan Executive Director of the National Urban L eag ue. The gift r ep r ese n t the Jersey Standard family of companies' continued support of the L eague since 1946 with c<)1[tributions totaling almost a ; halfJWJ(iiui dollars. Programs of the League are concern e d with education, emplo y ment and training opportuniti e s andt the maintaining of posl til e intergroup relations


. SENATOR HUMPHRE SURPRISES PUBLISHERS AT MEETING ,. MIAMI -Surprise visitor to the Newspaper Publishers Assoc : meeting ai the Four ovation when he appeared. Shown at his left are: Ambassadors Hotel last Friday was Senator Hubert H. Humphrey. Senator Humphrey got standing Garth Reeves publisher of the Miami Times and host for the confab, andt Frank Borman. Bradenton The City Wide Miss-ion will be held at New Getheseam.ane Sunday at 2 :30 'I1he is invited. Mrs. Oharles Brooks will be tlhe speaker. The mission is dQi.ng a wonderful job supervision O!f the new preS:il:lent, :M' r s r Laur.a Bell !Lewis. MTs. JM. McCla rin is vice p-resident. '.I1he Home 'Mdssion and the Citly WJde /Mrission fs COillbining. The Home i Mtssion will celeba:'at.e i!heir 2l5tlh anniversaa-y &undaty at the above named church. The Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 Eddie Rolle, Pres. Gwendolyn Hayes, Rept, The No. 1 choir of New Mt. Zion M. B. Church, Rev. B. J. Jones, pastor will have re-gular choir rehearsal tonight (Tues.). beginning at 8 P. M, message will be brought by Rev. R. H. Hammond. Mirs. Lena Jones is p-resident and Rev. iD, IL. Jooes is I MTs. is bile reporter Omegas Set Boatride NEW YORK-DeForrest Taylor chairman of the Show Boat Com mittee of Kappa Dmicron Chapter Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, an nounced Monday that the 32nd-annual hoatride will be given, as usual, on Friday, August 4, at 8 "p.m. ln New York City. This year the group has char. tered a brand new boat the "Day Liner which ws.s built in Jacksonville orer a of two years PAGi SEVENTEEN Ki. n .g' 5 Widow Hits Humphrey' 5 Stand TALLAHASSEE Mrs. Coretta Scott Kin g said Sunday she will support any mainstream DelllDcrat for the presid e nc y if Sen. George McGovern loses the n ominati::.n, but attac ked Sen. Hubert Humphrey for refusing lo rule on Gov. George Wallace as a running mate. Mrs: King said in an Interview with UPI that Humphrey vacillated the War issue early in the campaign, when McGovern was on record strongly against it. She said he.:later b .acktracked on his anti-Wallace stance v.1len' he lost the California primary tO Me-at a cost of $350,000.000. The boat has a capacity of 3 ,000 persons, is capable of cruising at 16 has four spacious decks with hoth indoor and outdoor facilities, and snack bars on each deck. The "Day Liner" is berthed at Pier 81, foot of West 41st Street. Govern June 6. ." I think Sen. Humphrey h a s been very inconsistent on many of the issues, -and this inconsist ency has cost him, I think mucl1 support from many quarters," Mrs. King said. "Certainly Sen. Humphrey has been one of the liberal forces in the Congress ; and in the country for many years, but I feel that h i s recent stance (on W,allace) as well as earlier, when he didn t take a strong position against the war, proves that he is a person who has difficulty really keeping a firm positio n once he takes a position." Humphrey and bot.h ruled out Wallace as a running mate before the California voting. After that pJ::imary, Humphrey sai d lle considered Wallace a highly unlik-ely choice, but would not state emphatically again that he would not accept Ala-bamian. SEXY S081.11JL Alfl EXCITIIC. STOlE" FOX MAGAZINE ON SALE NOW IN. TAMPA ST. PETEBSBHG OBLUDO LINCOLN GROCERY / 3801 29th STREET. YOU GET A llTTLE.: ,MORE" .... ..... ... .... 811-t.;QUE ltiiS. .. -' 79c 5 ;. il:' Bag 39( ,. .. '" .!h i tYKES SUGAR L'IDS:SUCQ WE A((EPT FOOD STAMPS I' .-CREEK. WIEIERS 2 Pkgs. 98c CIE )BOI.BA .,. JUICY ROUND ST'EAIS Lb. 89c OLEO PATTIES 2 Pkgs. For 29c CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAY, mY 4lh th. Pkg. 65< LARGE FRESH FRYERS Eadr 79c SMALL SPA,RE RIBS LEAN AND MEATY 30 Lb. Case $23.50 lit .. 0 .89c .. -,:... WitTE POTATOES 5 Ua. Bag 35c FLORIDA DAlBY OR FARM' BEST IILK OPER SUtfDAY TILL I P. M. Gallon 99< I ____________ ..., =.:


PAGE,-EiGHTEEN Fla. every Tu.s. anCI Fri. Both EcUtton!i Tu&aday, Jun. 27, U)72 need my car ever\\ day. I'm willing to gasoline lean depellCI On:' -It makes good sense. That's why so many folks who can't afford to have their cars laid up, insist on buying qualit{ 'products. Like ,l\moco It's--quality that What's more, Amoco Super-Prem1um g1ves you better dep_end on_ your You e xpect more from American and you get it.


Tueaday, June 27, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Pu'blished every Tue.. an'd Frt. Celt Both Editions PAGE NINETEEN --------------------------------------------------More Bla,ck Fans Sought By Ha.wks ATLANTA The subject wils basketball, or more specifically, ho.w to get more blacks to attend At:lanta Hawks' games. Last year blacks made up only 8 per cent of the attendance at Hawks' games, and blacks held ()n_ly nine of 2,398 season tickets. "Appalling for a city with At)f\flta's reputation as a sports center and where there are more prosperous blacks than any other in the National Basketball AsBociation," commented Jesse Hill Jr., a black insurance executive. .. Hill and several blacks met b the office of Richie Guerin, Hawks' general manager, with several of the team's board members. First, the participants heard a report on a survey of other N.B.A. cities. New York did not respond to the survey. 32 Per Cent Black in Baltimore Of those cities responding, t:1e survey showed that 32 per cent of the fans attending games in Balti more were black, and 8 per cent of the season ticket-holders were black Cincinnati had less than 5 :DODGERS' ROBINSON SEES KNUCKLER ONCE. Too OFT'EN LOS far as Phil. lqiekro was. concerned the guessing game was ov.er. The time wa!! now ahd, was over and done with. : Tbe trouhle was Frank &bi,lIOn, 2( other Loa Angeles Dodgl!rs and 5S,J97 who paid the1r way into Dodger stadium tO watCh a brillilu1t -pitching duel knew the same Niekro, the Atlanta Brave's picher' workini Oil a 3-2 count with. two out arid Willie Davis :Perched on .aecorid, would come to Robinson, the' Dodger bitter, with the knuckleball. Niekro did just that. Twice ear-. Jie1' in the game. had stTuck Robinson out on knucklers. -This time RObinsorf put the lmuckler far over the left field fence into the Dodger bullpen: That meant two runs and enough for a 2-1 victory e>ver the. Braves F:riday night. "He knew it was coming all the way," .Niekro said later. "I'd him three straight balls then two strikes that were knuckleha!ls. And, LI'd struck him twice on knuckleballs. He knew what was coming. "But; you know, I'll go home and think about that one pitch !01 two days, but I still would b.ack with the knuckle ball." "Maybe," Niekro says. "But I know I .feel a.s confident as ever.'' But, a strong case CIUl be made for a jinx. The jinx is two facedon one side of the coin; and the other, Dodger Stadium. "I can. beat the Dodgers in Atlanta," says Niekro with a shru.'l. ''But I don't seem to be able to beat them There is sue; stance to that, he has tried this year twice here and has given up a total of three runs. He bas lost both times. There were two out when Davis ripped a qall to the right field corner. Hank Aaron got to it and got a glove on the ball. The ball popped out. That's a two-base hit and Robinson, the power of the Dodgers, is there with a chance to break the 0,0 duel. "I had it," said Aaron. "I had it in my glove and it just popped out." per cent black attendance and only two blacks held season tickets of a total 808. Detroit's black attendance was 30 per cent, with 6.5 per cenet hold ing season tickets. Portland had 12 per cent over all and .37 pet' cent season tickets held by blacks while Seattle had 8 per cent all and 3 per cent season ticket. h0lders. "The Hawks' problem is that their games were played at Georgia Tech where blacks have no history of attending games," Hill said. "That should be solved this season with the opening of the new Colisseum. "In Detroit, I found an intense pride in the Pistons and team members were involved in their community. Sea&ea Ticket Coeia $200 "But Atlanta should be able to surpass Baltimore and Detroit in attendance. The holding of nine season ticketiby blacks i1 just not representative of Atlanta." Guerin noted that "people can afford $70 for football season tick ets, but in basketball we're talking about $200." Finally, the men took the sug-' aestion of Herman Russell, a black construction owner and reputed to be the only black majorstock holder of a major professional franchise. He said several of his friends plan to sponsor parties h1 their homes and invite potential .!eason-ticket purchasers. Russell and Hill stressed, and Guerin concurred, that the Hawks should make certain that blacks were visible to the Jront office. "We really need your help be cause the whole league has been 'lax in this area," Guerin told the gathering. "But I'm more interester in Atlanta than in the rest of the league." Sun. July 2nd, 8 : 00 p.m. j CURTIS HIXON. HALL, TAMPA TICKETS: $6 $5 $4 TICKETS ON SALE NOW CURTIS HIXON BOX OFFICE, BELK OF BRITTON, ALL SEARS STORES, COLLEGE HILL PHARMACY, CEHTJIAL SHOE REPAIR AND THE MAN'S WORLD, 147 3rd St., North, St. Petersburg. THE ALL NEW RAY CHARLES SHOW '72 wiD be at the HOLLY WOOD SPORTATORIUM in Hollywood, Fla. July 3rd, 1972 8 p.m. Globetrotters Tackles Books CHARLOTTE, N. C. -Fred "Curly'' Neal of the Harlem Globe trotters is wrestling with college textbooks this summer instead of flipping and twirling a basketball with his zany team. Neal has returned to Johnson C. Smith .University to complete his degree in physical education. He left Smith in 1964 signed with Globetrotters. Because of a demanding schedule and foreign travel, Curly was unable to return to school. "I have always been concerned about education," the shavedhe11ded athlete said "When I was at Smith in the early 60s the opportunity was. not iis great' as it is now. : If an opportunity for: an athlete came along he would forego his education for a quick buck. "This se'ene haa changed for athletes. College corriculuma and athletic programs stress, academic valuea now. As .. re!ult; the average player as well as the superetars receive: their d_egrees within the required time."_ _Neal, whoae bald :head has. become an international aymbol, is reporte

PACE TWENTY Fla. SeotM.I-Bvlleltia PvLliehed .very Tues. anCI Fri.-Cet Both Edltiotat Tueaday, J .... 27, 1972 WILLIE: NO BLACK MANAGER UNTIL 'BUSINESS' PERMITS NEW YORK-Willie Mays does not want to be baseball's first-or even second-black manager, but he says it's strictly up to the owners when that long-delayed his toric step is taken. There are plenty of candidates, and the public is ready and ball players have accepted the leader ship of black athletes as team cap tains All that's needed is another Branch Rickey to, simply, do it. "There are quite a few quys qualified Mays said yesterday before receiving the May Life Saver of the Month award at Le one's, "but it all depends on the ownet s. If they're ready to have one, they will have one When It Will Help Business "But baseball is a business,'' Mays continued realistically, point ing out the kind of facts that have not always endeared him to his more militant colleagues. "That's what they told me in San Fran cisco. They were losing money and they had to let a lot of guys go. So when the owners feel a black manager will help their business, we ll have one Mays feels that the way the pub lic accepted him (and such as Maury Wills and Frank Robinson) as team captains show they're ready to accept a black manager. Again unlike many who are less patient, Mays at least publicly says baseball's reluctance to name a black manager doesn't bother him -"Why should it?"-and he warns that the ident i ty of the frail blazer will' be very important. -"The man the y pick has got to be a lot similar to Jackie," Mays said, referring to Rickey's thor ough search before he chose Jackie Robinson as the player strong enough .to stand the pressure of breaking baseball's color line 25 years ago ; "Things are a lot dif ferent now and he's got to be very patient. Young players are a lot different than when I broke in. They've got to be treated differ ently and the owners have to be very careful who they pick as the first." Mays still apartment huntbg and appalled at New York rents. sees no managing future for him self. "According to my contract, I can coach with the Mets whenTm through playing, but I don't have to, either There might be some thing else I want to do," he said. Willie nixed the idea of a front office wouldn't be any good at it."-and he said "I don't want to be a manager It's a lonely life and they come and go too quick. I've seen it." Wants to Teach Young Players Mays sees himself as a teacher, not as a coach who relays signals from first base and hits ground balls to i nfielders before the game. "I can teach. I can work with kids, with young players, that's what I'd like to do," he declared Attending yesterday's luncheon was one of the prime candidates for the mantle of first black man ager, .Jim Gilliam, for the last s:x years a coach with the Dodgers and in that field himself a pace setter. Gilliam, here to appear In the Oldtimer Game at Shea, weather willing put it bluntly "Yes, I would like to manage,'' Gilliam declared, ''but it's up to the front offices, the owners, the people wh:> put their money up and are waiting to take a cbance on a black manager, just like Mr. Rickey did with Jackie. When the right ownr says, 'I'm willing to take a chance' that's ,when it will be." More outspoken than MI!YS, Gil liam declared: "I think the public is ready for it. The people come out in droves to watch black ball players they accept black coaches. I think they'd accept a black manager." The world may be ready for one, but Mays and Gilliam agree right now the world is being outvoted by 24 major league owners, Silas Headed For Boston PHOENIX, Ariz.-Paul Silas, H1e rugged forward who helped turn the Phoenix Suns from big losers into consiStent winners, apparently will be traded to the Boston Celtics. The Suns general manager Jerry Colangelo said Tuesday the Suns apparently will be forced to trade Silas to Boston in exchange for National Basketball Association rights to Charlie Scott; the American Basketball Association's lead ing scorer last season. General manager Red Auerbach of the Celtics said he would accept only Silas in exchange for the rights Scott, who played most of last season with the ABA Virginia Squires suddenly signed with Phoe nix during the closing weeks of the season The Squires subse quently filed suit against the Suns in an attempt to get Scott back, but the two teams reached an out of-court settlement last week which left Scott with the Suns. However, Boston had first rights to Scott if he joined the NBA. Colangelo, however, said Auer bach acted prematurely" in say. lng Silas will definitely go to Bos ton, adding that "we have un t il Oct. 1 to compensate Boston for the NBA draft rights to Scott." "Paul Silas belongs to us now .said Auerbach. "When Phoenix reached its settlement with Vir ginia Phoenix owed us Silas and no one but Silas. They must deliver him to us, and he will make us a much better team next year. RACII NIGHTLY 8:00 MATINDI I :45 MON.-WID.-IA I. 'SARASOTA KENNEL CLUB 5400 Bradenton Road at DeSotQ Florida West Coast AH-Star Game The annual east-west all star game of the Florida West Coast Baseball League will be played Sunday aftemoon at 3 at the Campbell Street ball park in St. Petersburg. ROD MILBURN BLAMES LOSS ON THEFT, ROBBERY The Tampa Dodgers will send such players as Robert Waites, John Bagley, Earl Jones, Ver non Felder and Vernon Jack son. The west team will be made up of players from the Dodge r s, St. Pete Braves and Bradenton Nine Devils while the east wiii be composed of star players from the Tampa Gianfs and the St. Pete Tigers. Mor r is "Blitz'' Eve r ette will manage the west team and '\"illie Henry D a vis will m a nage the east team. Jabbar' s Wife Gives Birth MILWAUKEE__:_tar center Ka reem Abdul-Jabbar of the Milwau kee Bucks has become a father, the National Basketball Association club announced Thursday, The Bucks said his wife, Habiba, gave birth to a daughter, also named Habiba, May 15. It is the couple s first child. Atlanta Hawks Sign 4 Rookie Hopefuls ATLANTA-The Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Associ ation announced the signing of four rookies for the 1972-73 season. G:en eral Manager Richie Guerin said that Larry Strozier of Morehouse, Billy Pleas of Detroit, James Green of Paine College and George Allene of Texas Southern had signed contracts. SUMMER JOBS FOR YOUR YOURG SON THAT CAN LAST ALL YEAR LOKG. START HIM AS A BUSIIIESSIAN NOW! By BENNJE THOMAS BATON ROUGE, La. Rodney Milburn, Southern's Olympic Medal hurdles hopeful, was a week end winner in Seattle, Wash and a loser at home, but the Milburn losses didn't start with his misfor tune at home. On the heels of winning the AAU 100meter high hurdles cham pionship for the second straight year-on the heels of a semi-finals loss-Milburn returned home only t o find that all of his b e long i ngs had been wiped out by a fire of undetermined origin which gutted his campus residence. Saturday morning in Seattle, Milburn discovered that his wallet had been robbed of $26 7 a factor which he blamed Sunday after noon on his poor showing in the AAU semi-finals when he was beat en by Tom Hill. Visibly shaken by the unfortu nate turn of events Sunday eve ning, Milburn said, "After I dis covered tnat my money had been stolen Saturday morning I just couldn't get myself together men tallyfor the semi-finals .. I just didn't have it." But tbe plucky Southern University hurdler came roaring back in the finals to post a 13. 4 to tie the meet record and claim his second straight AAU National title. "Befor11 the finals I ut down and said to myself that I just had to get myself together and worry about my money and llow I would get back home later," Milburn mused, and the results as by Bat011 Rougeans on television Sunday afternoon showed just that. Milburn said that he viewed the : local telecast of the AAU finals and agreed that while it looked as See II Here Firs#! he just died before going over the final three hurdles, he ran the poor race 03.8) because he just wasn't with it at the time becaUM of bemoaning the money loss. He said that AAU officials pur chased him an airline ticket fOl" his return trip home. Milburn said that his losses ht the Southern University fire, "has cleaned me out," as he listed 11 suits, about 11 pairs of slacks, shirts, shoes and other wearing ap. pare!. But he s e emed most concerned when he explained that almost all of his mementoes, trophies and awards from track triumphs were included in his belongings lost in the fire, including several watches Milburn said that all that he had left, clothing included were the items he had on the Se,attle tri p with him, "and I usually travel. light, he added. The Southern University campus fire started about 3:30 a m. Sun-. day morning and completely de stroyed the University Bookstore located on the first floor and which bad second floor living accomm\)o dations (temporary) for some li persons including Milburn. Milburn voiced hope that things would work out for him, "and some good thiQgs happen for me" before the Olympic Trials i.n Eu genee, Oregon S(}me two weeks from now. LOUIGE ()pea Every Day Air CoaL LOCATED: 1159 ZACK STREET Plleae 229-9893 FOR THE SENTINEL BULLETIN Tlais coald he one of his mosl valuable lessons in respoasihiQiy. Be learns to mana'e his route, wisely and well. For file news paper hoy, that's a i hoosl in seU-coaficlence, as well as aa early slarl in developi.ag a sense of husillesss elllerprise awl accomplish meal thai will sland hy him all kis life. To the newspaper lloy, we say, "COlfGRATULATIONS." We're proud lo know you. PAPER ROUTES AVAILABLE II ALL SECTIOJfS OF TOWII! Take Your Pick Of Routes, Or Start Your Owa! COST PROFIT .50 .75 $1 $1.25 30 Papers $3.00 $1.50 etc. 10 Papers $1 Papers $1.50 20 Papers $2.00 25 Papers $2.50 :Contact: Fla. Sentinel Bulletin 2207 Zlst AYEIUE OR Phoae: 248-1921


"JlleeeaS', .,._. ;1.1, umt rta. Fvblbhed uer, Tues .alld f'r1. Get Both Uttiolts PAGE TWENTY-ONE WRITERS TOO HARSH ON LATINS: CLEMENTE PITTSBURGH Roberto Cle mente, closing in fast on baseball' s exclusive 3 000-hit club, claims the news media are overly critical ()f Latin American players. "Some of the ball players may be afraid to talk, but I am not," the Pittsburgh Pirate right field e r and native of Puerto Rico declared. "A few years ago t he writers used to say that I was a good )litter, but oot that good," he said. "And it is just like that with all the Latin players. The writers always come up with that 'but'." Clemente, a .318 lifetime hitter, f!dded that his image as one of baseball's leading .hypochondriacs -an image he flatly refutes-can be traced to disagreements with writers. _"I don't keep my mouth shut when they said things that were not right," he said. "So they wrote 11arcastic things about me, thinking I was hurt all the time and 110t wanting to play." The truth, according to Clemen te, is that he never bas asked to be acratched from a lineup "If the manager wants me to play, I play, no matter whether I am hurt or not," he said. "Once I was playing with a bad bruisd on my leg, and I heard a tele vision announcer talking about how I babied myself too much. Clemente, who this week became Pittsburgh' s all-time runs batted in leader with 1 ,275 needs 58 hits to become the first Latin and the 11th player ever to reach 3 000. "I don t have to worry abo u t what the writers say about me a n y more because the fans have seen me play and they know the truth,'' Clemente said. The writers can not fool the fans." He added, however, that he was concerned for the many young Latins in the major leagues, like Rennie Stennett and Manny San guillen of the Pirates. "When a young player from the United States makes a mistake, the writers say it is inexperience," he said "But when a young. Latin player makes a mistake, they make it seem like he is dumb, foolish." In explaining the all e ged bias, Clemente cited the example of long-distance runner Jim Ryun. "Jim Ryun has been down in the dumps for a couple of y ear.>, but the writers stick with h i m The y don t try t o help Lati n athJ ptes. Ma y be they think we don't deserve to be heroes." Clemente added that he believes the situation will change "because the Latin players are prov ing to the fans that we are as good as anybody." "My biggest satisfaction is that I can play and a lot of others my. age can't," said Clemente. Correction In the Satur4ay, JUJte 24, Issue of the muler the cehimn "Couribouse Capen" U was reported that Mrs. Evelya Brookins was Involved in a fracas over neigbborlloocl children. The 'olf Associatioa Sets Wed. Meeting The Roaers Park Golf Assodation will meet Wednesday at II p.m. at the clubhouse to discuss plans for a summer tournament and the possibility of sponsoring a Perry C. Harvey Memorial Tournament In the fall. 1\fr. Haney was an ardent golf e r and supporter of the golf conr11e. Dr. W. W. Andrews said eighteen membership fees were collected Sunday, and one Junior membership. It costs $2 for an adult membership and $1 for jun iors, Dr. Anc!-r. ews said. Persons interested in joining should attend the Wednesday meeting along with other members of the As sociatioa, newspaper would like to clarify the fact that the Mrs. Brookins In volved lives at 2869 lllth Street altd does Dot refer to Mrs. Evelyn Brookins, soot N. 30th Street, wife of prominent physlclaa Dr. James 0. Brooldas. Three Cities Fadng Disuimination Suit WASHINGTON -The Justice D epartment, undertaking an attack on job discrimination in the nation"s firehouses, has singled out three large cities for possible legal action under the 1 9 64 Civil Rights Act. Atty. Gen : Richard G. Kleindiens t said in an interview that the fire departments of Birmingham, Ala., Chicago and Los Angeles have been warned about alleged discriminarory policies jn the employment of firemen. He said a fourth Eastern city will be put on notice. It will be the first time the government has moved agains t a municipal agency under the 1964 law, whose ment provisions Congress over hauled last March to extend cov erage sopecially ro employes of state and local governments. "It's a little like filing an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) dase," Kleindienst said. $ In l}{! {c* ** Jt.. TO FIRST 50 CUSTOMERS it DOOR l!leclarttloiuf llnc:oln'l Atldresa Sultabl for tram ina Great Educatl011al Valwa No Obligation No\hin1 to l!uyl GE 6.2 CD. Fl' FKEEZEK CBii ; 217lb. capacity Removable basket Adjustable. temperatlll'e control Self-adjusting ilmer lid $158 wwAs4aiJ GE FICI'ER-FLO -AUTOMATIC WASHER Three waeh cyclee J:a. eluding perm8Jient presa e Positive water fill e Hydropower wash action Unbalanced load control e Turbotype pump e Heavy duty Ya :hp motor and Depend-0-Mech transmission e Porcelain enamel finish oa top and drum $198 3 WAYS TO PAY AT GOODYEAR GE 14.7 CU. FT. NO-FROST REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER 14.7 cu. ft. capacity Freezer holds 148.4lhs. Separate controls for refrlgert Jtor and freezer Never needs defrosting Fast freezing ice compartment Slide out shelf $298 IT" I For Major I. TV purolll'*' Ill tile lioodyur C111t.M1r Crl .. t Pllll. :If you don't '"'" 1 lllflllhly and pay off your account within 90 days, you can deduct tha finatcln& char& J I I / .__ ----------\ lfOW IT YOUI IEIRBY GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA ... TAMPA TAMPA Easlpla Temple Terrace Hillshoro Plaza Horlh Gale ACROSS FROM Downtown ACROSS FROM Britton Plaza West Shore Plaza -5202. 'N,.. ST. MerJu A TwiJP Sta. epen Dally 1:3t to 1:30 9240 N. 56tla. 'h. 2911 lV. EHUsborough 9222 FLORIDA AVE. ll13 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 229-0821 5002 W. Kennedy Blvf. Aqul ae habla Espanol PHONE 988-4191 PBONE 877-!5!8 PHONE 132 .. 116 PHONE 831-1891 Opea 7:30 to 5130 PHONE 1177-6701 PIIONE 137-s311 Open Dally 8:3& te 1:31 6petl Dafty 8:31 to 5:30 Open Dally 8:3t te I:SO Dally 1:3t te I Sat. 7:11 to 1 P. M. ()pn Dally 8:341 to 5:M Sat. I A.M. to 1:30 Aqul te habla Espaael Aqal u EapaHI


PAGE TWENTY-TWO rIa. :sentanea-DUuenn ruonsnea every uea. ana r n. ueet oorn 1 ueaaay, .June 7."1, 1 !177. Blacks, Whites, Notables Bid Farewell To Perry C. Harvey FUNERAL NOTICES BECKWITH, MR. WILSON-Fu-. r.eral services for Mr. Wilson Beckwith of 1008 Pierce St., who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Wednesday at 3 p m. at Wilson Funeral Chapel, w ith Rev. Bernard Milton Jones offid atiug. Interment wilt be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors arc: Moultrie, Georgia, for final rites and interment. Local arrangement3 by BRYANT & WILLIAMS (Ray Williams Funeral Home). In a fw1eral servtiee that pack ed 1,500 people into Beulah B aptist Institutional Ohurch, Perry C. Harvey, Sr. was prai.sed by a series of religious, civic and labor leaders Saturda,y as being a prolkl black man who left a legacy for ot,hers to follow. At some moments du11lng the hour and twenty minute service, most eyes in the church were brimming with tears; at other moments the church was fi!lled with choruses of "Amen, amen," es the memory of the labor leader was recalled and praised. Actually, eight eulogies. were ddivered, includio'g an impromptu invitation to Ralph Massey, president of the Scubh Atl-antic, Gulf Coast !District of Others on the program Thomas Gleason, p .resident, International Associat;on; tHarold Watson, Local !1.4C 2; Rev. A Lowry. tor of Beulah Ohurch; U. S. _Rep. Sam Gibbons; the !Honorable Tom .Adams, :Lt. Gov ernor, State of Florida, and C. IElythe Andrews, pti'bl-:sher C!f the and Grand President of the iLily White Security !Benefit Association. Rev. 'iVI. C. .John s on. pastor of Fi'rst B-antist Church of West Tampa, deliver-ed the formal elllogJy. Noting that he worked wit':l JrvTr. Harvey s 'nce 119,3:7, Gleason said he often so-u:;!1t his advice and excla.imed we have a very dNr fr:oed." Massey said he had knawn Mr. for thirty years and his legacy has given all ILA mem bP-rs the inspiration to carry on. Watson, a do.ck worker for t\Nent;y-one years who came up ur.der M r. Harvey, told the audience that the union has lost a brother, and father, and-that !l'.fr. Harvey had the reput.abion of heliping anyone urider any c -il'cumstance. "He has 1 e f t something wi th us," Watson cooeluded. Rev. Lowry, who worked closely wiiflh Mr. Harvey on the Com nwnity Rela!Jions Commission, said tie respected Mm as a friend, fabher and counselor. "He_ was a self-made man who really lifted himself by his own boot strajps," Rev. Lowry noted. Fighting back tears, Rep Gib bon8 said he stood and was weei r h<>!lrs of bereavement. Snecial thanks to onr pastor, Rev. J. T. Link and the Wilson Funeral Hnme. Signed: The Thurman Family. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA-We. wish to thank the many friends, neighbors, Progress Village neighbors, College Hill Homes Project neighbors, College Hill Prayer .Band St. John Church and Rev. F. G. Hilton and Wilson Funeral Home who were kind during the passing of our mMher, Mary E. Lott. Signed: The Allen, Dove, Lott and Lawson -Families. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA ._ The family of 'Mrs. Daisy Gibson wishes to express their thanks to all the friends and neighbors for their sympathy during our bereavement. Signed: The Family-Lillie Mae Jennings, Robert Gibson. A musical program _will be hE'ld Saturday night at St. John M. B. Church. Rev. S. N. Lumpkin is pastor and the program will begin at 8 P. M. The 1 I is located' on 7th Ave. CLASSIFIED ADS The participants will be the Heavently Trumpet Sing-ers o, Tampa, and the Golden Gospe)., Singers of Decatur, Ga. 'I The public is invited. Services at Burkett Chapel P.B. Church of which Rev. S. P. Kilpatrick is pastor, began with Sunday school with the superintendent and teachers at their posts. The lesson wasreviewed. by the pastor. Morning service began at 11 with the deacons in charge of de votion. The junior choir served and a very good sermon was de livered by the pastor. One person was added to the church. At the evening service our new robes were dedicated. Death Notices FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Annie Wright, 2329 St. Conrade. l\Irs. Christine Jackson 1718 No. Willow. Mr. Robert Paul Del Pion, 4704 Spruce St. PCGHSLEY FCNERAL :!\Iaster Benjamin Hamilton, 340 W. Palm Avenue. Mr. Ramp l\'Iarshall, Jr., 2332% Cherry St. WILSOX FF::\'ERAL HO:\IE Infant Remeisha Angelica Barr, 5H02 85th St. l\Iiss Belle Hightower, 4:305 ?.lain Street. I\Ir. Wilson B8ckwith, No. Pierce St. 1008 FOR RENT UNFURNISHED 1 Bedroom Apt. 918 14th Ave. Weekly, Plus $40 Breakage Fee We Pay All Utilities Phone: 248-1921 FUNERAL DIRECTORS VIILSON'S FtmERAL HOME "Our Is Service" Phone11: 248-6125 245-2032 PDGHSLEY Funeral Home 3402 26th STREET As Impressive as required As inexpeusive as desired Phones 247-3151 or 1147-315! ROGERS FUNERAL HOME 4605 34th Street Phone 233-9302 or 258-0764 L\DY ATTENDANT "WE GH'E THE BEST FO.R LESS" ..


Tueaday, June 27, 1972 FJa. Published every Tues. anCI Fri. Get Both-Editions I"' 1\.\ar.:. 1 W r..N 1 ITHKtr.l BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT I EMPLOYMENT I FOR SALE I FOR SALE VACANT MAN WANTED to do. ACCOUNTANT I CASH FOR YOUR LOTI I COUNTRY HOME HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY reconroom and board. Must hvem. -1 dltioned homes in Progress Vii Salary open. 3800 Queensboro fort' t I WILL pAy up to $2,000 for CEMENT BLOCK near Seffncl;'. lage: $50 down. CaJI HAROLD Ave Soutli St Petersburg Fla or ammum y Ac Jon gency lots with sewer and water. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, $10,800, BAKER, REALTOR. 867_7o,9 of Hills,borough .county., :Marson, s7s $1119 !)own, $71.22 monthly. Ptin Phone 988-:i252 Major Function: Accounting cipal and interest for 360 .inonthl WANT A NEW HOME? at 7'11 7838 Nort h 4oth Street WOMEN WANTED work in the maintenance of ., 0 "200 DOWN, G(JOD CREDIT. Call DON TAAFFE. BROKER Open Saturday and sunday agency fiscal matters,. budget-NEED EMPLOYMENT? Now is iug am?! cost accounting system, Equal f)pportunity Development 872-2729-your opportunity to work an4 and application of governmental Corp. Call 2;;7.3201. -839-1422 regu a ons. vACANT Need several women that have Duties: Including preparation HAVE SEvER. AL NEWLY recon a desire to becoine either nur HO CREDIT??? FOR RENT. Having Trouble Buying A Car Because you are shori H Credit or D11wn Payment? be trained at the same time. I 1 ti and! audit of Financial Stateditiom!d homes in Progress Vii ses aides or business secre-3 BEDROO"IS 4802 88'h $75 00 ments and reports, prenaration I $50 d C II HAROLD .. taries .. age. own. a deposit. ... "'75.00 monthly See of contracts, and continuous BAKER REA """R "" be willing to start im .. '-'.1." MR. S.. ALLEN. ,.-. 4813 -.87th. im-auditing of delegate ag encies. Ph 988 1252 .. mediately. Call Career Dir one .' 7256 after' 6 P1M. or weekends; LET'ME HELP YOU -Call BUl ector at 229-83SI. f Jtrsearch Federal guidelines and 7838 North 4oth Street _. DAY OR. U1GftT SHIFT., have a c:r Open Saturday, and Sunday r "' '. :,,_ -ftl I and be able to do local I VACANT 3 Bedroom home' 4th -Co_ tlege degree in ac .. counting or new anc!i refrigerator .. ; .me_Jtt P!;r / wee 23Z-48il OR .SEE ME SlRf. BAY M8TORS 6300 FLoRIDA 'AVE. LIGHT LINE LABOR needed for r Carport and fence ,,. No and! no chtl,clFen J>ay full inside prot!-ucUon must equivalent in. training and ex-,. _.._ -. own '' utilities. 241"8863. \ EMPLOYMENT have Social Security card and perience. 3 BEDROOMS, c!ioil VACANrP. proof of age if under 21. Apply Persons interested In applying d FHA 235 Monday thru Thursday 9 A .M. should SCild resume of .educaown. HAVE recon.: to 3 at 50th St. and Uceta tional background exper. ARTHUR A. 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OWNER TRA'NSFEIUlED, must seU oaly $104 a moilth: Buy owner's equity,-and take O''er paymets 'Very nice, extra clean, 3 bedroom block .. home with fenced in front and back I too. x -Iss-" ur ':. COMPLETELY FENCED.' H'a' s clean tiedroeo1 ,, h o 'in e ; Wlth Florida rOOOJ. Sit&iag among majestlcal piae 1U141.;. oak trees. u you Dke this Is .the for you. If room, Flonda room and kitChen 'are an knotty panelled. Priced-$12,750. FHA :terms, $400 c'-own. $110 pe' month. Call HAROLD BAIER,. Realtor Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 AUTO HOME LIFE FAST CLAIM SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORDS. INSURANCE HAMILTON AGENCY AUTO IHSURAHCE lMMEDIAn COVERAGE al cost that eonftl)onda 18 yea driving blsten Jack BetrJ;; For AdVice CALL OR s u SIS. BRADLEY Phone 237-1821 3410 E. .. GOT CAR TRniLES? 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PACE TWENTY-FOUR ,17, -1972 Blacl' Dodors Sought SAN DIEGO, Ca!if._:_A predomi nantly black medical association is mounting a nationwide campaign to eliminate r a c i a 1 imbalance among doctors and otber medical practitioners Dr. Julius Hill of Los Angeles, president of the Golden State Med ical Association, outlined the program at the group's annual con-Larmon's The Furniture Leader Presents Its vention, which concluded Sunday. Start' out ia slyle He said the nation needs 30,QOO black doctors, 15,000 Mexican' Wilh fhe lUXUrioUS American doctors, 4,000 to 5,000 c I I his American Indian doctors and 2 500 om ort 0 I Puerto Rican doctors to achieve smart suite! rarity with the white medical rna jority. : A terrific group for budget minded About 6,000 of the nation's 350, homemakers! Contemporary de-000" physicians are black. sign sofa and matching tub Hill tola the convention that 'chair feature luxurious biscuit and ''Project 75 .. the association's mi button tufting fot deep seating comnol'ity medical training .program,. fort. Bo. th move easily on br!!SS is. to prospective _heatt:1 finish ball casters. Complete your students. as early as juriior _big!: living rooin with this walnut finish school and give them guidance and table group, Cocktail or helj:J thrmgh m-edical or para-square commode. medical schooL A panel of black physicians said Nearoes face severe discrim ination oractitioners, as yo.ung doctors loans to start_prac tices and :o-os medical students. "We might as well face the very basic fact." s_aid Hill. "Black doctors are just not particularly wanted socially:"Tampan Charges Drug Continued From, Page 3). transferred to the inventory crew but instead "just off, that is accord:,)g t() wlhat _the t tt 0 people armmd here say, wens said. He' said the inventory .cr_ew and the .sto.re have no connectwn vv'hatsoever; Owens s-aid he was trying to be nice to Htoltoo by giving him a few hours to help him out. 'li reitlly 'd.idn't need. another :man and ran .overtime on work hours every week becaus-e I gave him those hours. Nol>odty pron:liloed him aruY'tihing," \Owet:lS ccncluded. Owens said earlier that Holton walked out Saturorter of President Nixon, pleaded with blacks here .to abandcn the ir "en.salvement" to the .Democratic Party. McKissick. director of: Sou 1 Ciit.y, a Nmth Oarolina .cent-er for black economic development, spoke at monies at Malcolm X College. After warning his audience that what he had to say migJht oot i>e popular, McKissick said blacks in the United States are willing .slaves of the Deino-cratic Party. I don't believe that all 'black pt)Ct\JlP .should be in one pany, be that a party in a city under a strong mayor f'l' be that city Chicago. We should go a'1d seek demands from the Part,y and go and seek demands from tJhe Democratic Sand'a In TV Dee Stars Western BUNK BED Sturiy bookcase bunk bed i n charming maple finish. Ladder included. $8gss Big Swivel up ROCKER! $4995 Handy 3-Pc. PARTY. SET STEREO your, .. :' .. BANKAMERICARD up Richly grained pecan tone ac cents the trim lines of this' group. Single dresser, tilting mirror, 4-drawer chest, panel headboard. Drawers are guided and dove-tailed Tufted a top m3ttr ess, boX sPrhlg eluded. Contemporary Sleep Set! --COMPLETE 6-PC. SUITE ... : INCLUDIN<:t group acMs a gracious note to dining. China 42x42-52" table and 4 chairs in bold Old Spanish ; finisli. }.IJJlJ1il.tiM OM ARMO: N' '-.. HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Sandra Dee will star in ABC's Movie of the Week, "The Daughters of Joshua Cabe," her first appear llnce in a western. IT'S EASY TO PAY THE LARMON'S WAY Open Friday Night Till 8 P. M. -Plenty Of Free Parking On Lot In Rear Of Store 1324 -30 E. '\Broadway. From Florida Advertisers Buy Sentinel-PHONE 248 2557.


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