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Tampa Poli_ce Dept. Sam Jones: .... J ,.,, ? : .. AMERICA'S SEMI WEEKLY SEE STORY ON PAGE 3 Sentinel Advertisers .Invite YOU. :VOL. 25, NO. ;;;:;: TA,MPA, TUESDAY, JULY 4, 1972. ,: PRICE 15 CENTS. / BishoP Brig-ht Dies :At AME Conf ; .. 1 .' :-;* '::. Yount Tampa.Man: ..' f_r .. Shot To Doth .. ,:. > -: .,. (SEE Sl'ORY ON PAGE 22) _SEE.S'{ORY ,.. -:-.... > .r : .. -\ \ :; t .. ',;;'':" -' f;t:" :' :.,; .. ... / '"!', -Famu's jl_ ,': ... : le8,:.)r. Dies "' --8EE STORY ON PAGE Z1 *. ElderHoward DETROIT Young Martin Luther King III ap Chapter Southern Christian Leadership Conference pears to be following In his father's footsteps as he Operation Breadbasket Division, 14 year old Mar s 6th Sch,oo l Co n easily talks to an enthusiastic 15,000 people at the tin King Ill spoke at & Special Tribute Progl'alll recent BLACK EXPO '72 _held at the Michigan for his late father, Dr. Martin Luther King. State Fairgrounds Sponsored by the Michigan ---------(SEE STORY ON PAGE Zl) AME GENERAL CONFAB ELECJS. EIGHT BISHOPS DALLAS The AME General folilerence elected eight new bis hops of the church Saturday and SUDday. -Elected were:. Jolla Adams, a. 'J r A. Hildebrand, S. S. Morris, John Bishop G. Dewey Robinsoii. Is Anderson, John Talbot, H. B. the new' presiding prelate of the Brookins, Robert James and Eleventb Epi&eopal District el Frank Medlson ReJd, .li. l'lorlda. '.


PAGE TWO / I'Ja. $.a ali ti-Bulletm hi'Uwejlll;;. T.u. aDCI Fd. Get .,. Editinii Harold. Wa'*' 16 Heatl' Tantpa Maritim& AssOdaiion ft;.;. L ... .. .,., oses school,$$ A 6-ft., 2-inch, 230-pound vetenrt of 20 years as a an Tampa's waterfront waa named Friday as new administrator of the Tampa Maritime Association. Harold .JCharley-Rq) Watson was nanie.d to the $12..000-per-ye_ar position Friday by the Board of Trustees of the 'l;ampa Maritimo '!'he board i:s com posed of three members of JLA Local 1402 and three members rep resenting empMJyel's. The Mac Farlane, Fergueon law firm also has a member on the board, and was represented at Frida]J's meet ing by Atty. Hugh MaeFariene. Watson succeeds Perry C. Har vey, llarn-y succeeded to the presidency of ILA Local 1402 upon the two weeks ago of his father, Peiry C, Harvey, Sr. HAROUt WATSON -R a c. tal distUir'bllllle:eS wlrlcih kept rm. dreds of JacksOnville studellta out of classes tluring the :pan sdicYol year were a primary factar ii1 the -school system losdng mDre than $1 milMr i& state funds for next. year, officials said Duval County had an anmge during the school year. of 104,487 students in gr ades ,1-12 'thilf was 5,563 studellts fewer tln t!le prev ious year. Offietia.l!l said about '.008 riu. deBts !witched to privaie selleolis as a result of a massive de-' order which went into effeet last fall; -and tile ren of the loss-.was camed lJy 5t-. &Eilts siayi.ng of clas& 1W.--eal!lle of racial tensioli. The husky WatsOn was elated Nor' t t::e' rn ScLool when contacted by the Sentinel II R Bulletin Saturd3y. & said he May Lose Ail comed tbe challence of his new job, and added that he would wan WASIHIDNG'l'IOIN me federal dilicently iD the positiDD which pro govemmeJit for tbe tint time cesses aDd ciQler claiiJis ha.s. cut oft fnmls:" to Deril!em for the 700-member Local 1402. school distl:iict fotr failure to comHarvey told the Sentinel he ply with the 1964 Chdl fughts AME .CHURCH TAKES STAND ON DRUGS AND DIVORCE DALUS: The Africa:a 'by the AME Church :Me:t:hedit\ EiriseoJI&l Council of -Appointment of a committee Billho)lrJ Saturday morning calto perft!et a plan of union by led on the 1.25 million-member the AME, CME and AME Zion church to fight for stronger Churches by 1!l76. erog an i& legali:i--lrnpr&ved ntir.ement and -ed abortion, an end to the Vi!!t-plans for Alr1E nam War and the use of the miisters and bishops.-church as. a base to build a ,voter stronger, more "radicalized'' tion and participation in politica black community. by black. Bishop Ernest "Bik-...;..f:mtm>-ved oppmotrmities for l'ban of the Ms-.w()men in the church hierarchy. ha.ps 71-P:te eJ>i.Kopa} address support for better recommendmc pofu:ift 'tb-some health, :o-beosing and guaranteed! 20,000 and alternates ) 'jolDS for an people, regardless from throughout the United". of'. race. States. Wtst IBdia' and Eish()p Hickman received a meeiiC ihrough Joly !?r. at Dallas standing Yote of confidence by Memorial Auditoriunt .. ; the after his speech, Other inindicating 'an informal adoptimt clU4ie'd: -' .. &i-.the. -,-Opposition 'to "easy divoree He spoke for several minutes le gislatiou" and all, appeal oh; 'the "Jesus Movement," remembenJ fo follow the Bible's garding .it as a fad and dollbtinstroctioils ing the .. PeOple's lrin-to futller SJ*e cerity, bat coJJclucf.ng, "U t!li. explonticrfl. IllD'Yement is ol JDaD it will fail, -lmJ)ftvemeirrt of eol-bat if it is of it bas io leges and mn-:r.rities sponsOTed succeed." Watson, 40, Is a native of Tampa and graduated from old Don Thompsoo High SchoOl in 1951. P.t Don Thompson be was a star ath lete on the basketball and football teams. He played center on the baskEtball team and end on the football team. He made aU-district as a basketball playet' in se nior year but woo an atbletie ,;cholar!'hlp in football to Florlda A&M Uriiversit:v be from I!151 to 1!152. He retumed to Tampa in 1!!52. married,. d .. woent wouid work with Watson until he Act familiarized himself with his d'.lt'' sio\esmen for the Health, Edu-'. '0'URIHOUS. E CAPERS ties. Tlie new president of Leaf eatifa ad WelJare Departmest .. 141rl also IIDDOUI'iced that Andr'N said IMidL. a suburb --!"11"----------------------l.oYett, a heatler in tile. fll Detroit, would $351. ul _lelddng the dloor. 'l1le men. were wwJd rqlace watsm 83 iD federal school aid un1est il Assa Is uoablie to ret hi, she said. k de egreeates a aU-black elnlmeause ef a Jloar,l w\!d&ed beto work all a lonplloremau. slevrio:re. s '-""". of A.nie Lue 21, tweeD wa!hing maehine and wha rnides in Tbcmoto-tart "" 111""' QPeJIIirll ta E. ITth Avenue. :repOned to Watson workecf his way througb the ranks on the waterfront frorn laborer, to header, to stevecJore. FP w:1.r, a f'tPveflnrP. at the time ol promotion Friday; the neXt Sdfoo} ye.6. mM &1. L.l. dow,. ,sassa with his wife, Bernice, and [pOlice uu:at Slue five children, begins his new .job,, was hit several ._by -an Thefts toclay (Jioaday) llf tile Maritill'Jie p I 0 81 E s s man; : .ne mao hit .A.!IIR>clatiou'& Ilflf bu:iJcling on Cass tbe womu witJh 1P fist. street Nebraska Avenue. AD unicleatilied usdng HalrJ General Watklins, 71, 3506 2S4b St. Hid between 11:30 .Tunday aigiht and 2 Wednesda Y son,e ualm0W11 person took his 12 voh worth $8, from und tire hood of hls car. He was parked at home. Prog. BaPtist To Meet In Jatksoaville July 18-23 Tile amtaal vi' the Edidl Barrii. :l1nt Bap6sl,. Bde Prape11he Bapmt Slate s-day Glade; lJ-ocl*ow Ramiltm, Oak ScllCICil aad Baptist 'nai11i11c Ullila De Be't". J. EuF-.wiD ec..ne ill Ulliaa lliami;. Lela. sonille hiJ at LiWe IIKk : .l.cllln:J. k.., ,...,._..; Dr. Baptiat Ourdt. one :ae,. W. C'. Bal. w, I.Melw.f; U. lin'. L.. Mit:dd 8 JaG&. ,...__ Jlalb, .Jel 1 ... ,......,..; lin. II L LAG E m. JUt stnld lin. Jo. uo Hains, 21, 321-4 E. Lnbiana, s-everal at her. IID1111e Fri3 bedrooms $511 llowa Yt.U ta wal. lcarpet ...____ill i ..., ..... ; al"i!nULE ............ a.a day. ., ,. Jimmy Bog:an, 28, was charged with 11M2ult FrWay after he struck Mlrs. COil"lise Mlary Bogan oo the head with a brick foUowinc an argumellt. D ...J.....: .. um,....es Miscellaneous !Polke officers a search w..Tant for gamb!Wog par aphernaria at WJ.S Oh.tnut Fd day night and Willie Police reperted _tilr.a.t M!l's. Ruth 'R10bert Pope, 60, above address, Polrter's apt.. a.h 37M1h E. Ida. _.for possession of lottery par was brokea _.. )ly her est:ruc-a)llleoalia. ed husband Pna.y: 'l'lle C'ltal'ge was breaking and With iJttent to commit nothing was ... Officer c. ll. Dame said he eb6erved a white tt. Chevy Tile R.n. G, W. SaJi .J.. Fir 'wda .) )w, tM' l!onYille is Jle:sidtat of .. SuD-' BeY. L. .. Jlil&. an kL .... day Seheol Dqwt -c. _. the,, B. AJar -. Odallo; u.e .-.. > -ReY. J;ela T. :rren.t. Ill J111tmt ii:, 'J1Jedlard T....-; W; is .111 due ae B. tJ:Df: ... G .1ac::biD'riJ; .... James Carl Saaa lin'. I!. I. JlrirailfaQ, :ft_ uaa1 A male s\i&peft esteftlf Mrs. Olethas Hili!\ Avenue ; Friday apparently witll a key, as no forced entry drivillg in & n erl'lattc manner saturday moning aDd attemped to atop it; b\J& -!lie 1lri..-er speed elf-U!P imd t1riN to elade him. A sawed-off sh<>tgoo was thrown dellt vi' tile state I ,;.iw; die BeY ..... BwJuciCtt, Bilrtcrw; A -., ol ......... et : u.e Rn'..J. ........ Centrat.l.i $llatll PllricJa bY Wlt, _tlrbado, -.t lfi'L __. offian _. .-en1 .....U e1 Part .h:::saa, Odllillllr the ClllllWatiaD. Amlwc ....... ltlis lis"'(; .-Rev. G. W.. JlitdeJI _,. ,.....,... who 1Nis le'1'ftd as .'t'b ,.. '' 4 C..' &.irs of 1M Sundaly SdaD8I far _, _;. ye;: ecaftDlia& !:.;i = gi11 wifll the state Eseeutite lloBd _, I 1 a .. AM Qww"' laww on .Jaly II lit 10 a:.m. ,..,..... ..,_. Jinn ._. Jepllp of welcome wiJI be at 7:Jf ..-: ....,..,. ... __,_ ..,.._ wtlite Tile cmnotim will iDduae ...a, IIOciely ._. comws, worbbopi, J1;, h A Bep. u.ntlly ._.'1':1,_ .ef medbap 81c1 _. New Olr'lellal, ._ ...._ w.k JnOIIS. ........ -... the .will lie 3: C. a a a .-ce SatM, Mrs. Mary llllillloulll, ll!s., .UaaiM, ..W tiaal e1 A -11. Jacbolmllr; Mrs. tk biDs Ia )1st a fint Step T N. JftWna ol Oriaedo; ta Rr9 ..ttaweiwc Nep. rlci* ia tile ROOie'Rit WilliaJM a1. St. Jo.'m. .tale. Sanfm-d; Glean BcJetjc, ZiaG BiJl, -....---__;,.------Orbndo: t.he HeY. Ales Jlarueor St. Paul, T.alre\a'DII; a.ter, .. SeCODd BaJJtist. Jacklmvillr; -Estella Kidd, Mt. Aaratt, Jaclucm. ville; Alvin MeWboster, J a....&aJabling viaiatiOQ-1'be' said he JW&i.ced a biJice 'ia Glleot' left rear J>OC'et and a revealed a .22 cal. pistol. DISCOUNT LilES IIIFGIIS BOYS. waLK -TS .... ,. $5.97. -; .. ...,T' Oif SHillS ,.. c .. ... .. Al$1.17 REG. $2.97. IIBPDiMIIIT :0, "' PRESS SHIRTS Beg. $2.97 "' low 0.1't':S.1i7


. PROGRAM ASSISTED BY LABOR UNIONS up jobs on a continuing basis. Approximately 500 youngsters Applied .for jobs with the Tampa Urban League's Save-A-Youth Summer Employment, and the or ganization is still attempting to find summer jobs. Tbe program got a tremendous boost last week when tile IDftsborough Counb Central Labor Union, the United Steelworkeri Union and the IBEW, Local 1124, and the Roofers Local 179 madecash totaling $325 in addition to requ esting a team of youth to do clean sAM. JONES GETS OVERDUE /. ...... PROMOIION. TO SERGEANT !\Irs. Augusta Marshall, Executive Director of the Tampa Urban League, left, accepts the check from Harold Reddick, Co ordinator, Human Resources Development Institute, jAFL-CIO and member of the Tampa Urban League's Board of Directors. Others from left are JarVIs BeD, Barbara Booker, Margaret Williams and Miss Helen Long, Director, Save-A-Youth Summer Program. July 4 Barbecue Nowadays Doesn't Have .' Flavor Of Old ., PACE TIJREit Weekend Assaults Probed, Suspects Being-Sought Doctors at St. Joseph's HOspital have listed the condition of .Angus Collins, 49; as good after he wa!' shot in the chest in Sulphur Springs Sunday night Police said Collins, who liVes at 4206 E. Ellicott, was I'ollirig nice with a group of men in rear' of a house in the 900 block of E. Yukfln when the shooting happened. ColIins had won $S from a man wh() refused to pay after being asked several times. Collins told police that he asked the man to give him his winnings and the man pulled a .22 caliber revolver and shot him :in the chest. UPon arrival of. polfce, the sus pect, 28 or 29 years old, ran acros:J Nebraska to avoid being arrested Collins driven to the hospital by a ftiend, police Collii}S told police at the .hospl tal that he knows the suspect, can identify him and will prel's chargf's against him. Police said tl\e sus pect _is also W!lnted for breaking and entering. In a Saturday night brawl, 38-year-old Thonotosassa man was stabbed while at Street arid Lake Avenue : '!'he victim, Leon Lyman, 4309 Thonotosassa Ro.. was reportedly struggling with the man when he was knifed Lvman is listedin fair condition at Tamoa General. The investigating are still trying to dP.termine who the attacker was He ran froin the scene before they arrived. By MARTHA WHITE Sentinel Staff Writer it in a big iron washpot. They Jones was promoted. His duty then The Fourth of Juiy Is a sigmil with a metal franie to hold the kept it stirred with a "battling was to help train recruits. for barbecues .in Florida. A bar meat, set a fire of oak wood 'tick" This was the stick used for While working in homicide ; Jones becue is a mai,n feature of family burning, and liried the .bottom of beating clothes on wash day Sam Jones is a modest fellow. solved and helped solve ml}nY reunions, ail-day sings, pOlitical the pit with red coals Gra 4ually Fimilly the meat was done, and He refuses to give himself a ver cases and the office missed him gatheri2s and other places where they fed lhe hot coals into tha the men cut it into smal\ pOrtions bal pat on th,e back but his lengthy terribly when he left them upon pe:ople come together. bottom of the pit > in big or By record with the Tampa Police De being and SC!mehow they There is a change though even T4e meat was swathed in salt that time the crowds were, arr: v partment shows that he's one managed to get him back in .the ip putting on a baFbectie. Nowby a rag tied to the end. ing. If the occasion was political, heck of a cop." .. _homicidE! squad. adays the, meat is as likely to be of a stick, and also covered often a platform had been. built by the Yesterday (July 2) marked De By this time. his police chicken as it is to be porl.t. or some with a sauce !lad speaker, who .mixed and tective Jones' first day as a full' edge had broadened to such an other. been made of vinegar c atsup, hot with the people as they move :I fledged Sergeant with extent that his superiol'S Chicken can be barbecued quickpepper and .'other spices accord along and helped themselve!l to force. June 30, City of Tampa Pohe would make a greater col)trihuly in comparison with a whole side ing to taste. barbecue, brunswick stew, light lice Chief J : G Littleton persontion by being a classroom teacher of pork or beef, arid is less exThe rile at ccioked slowly A}l_ bread or cornbread, cakes an-t alfy told Jones of his promotiQn. for the recruiting ac!lderny : .fanes !?ensive. It is just as likely to be night long the men pies and wh!ltever 0tl}er. goodies ." The promotion wasn't a bit pre! obtained a State Teachers Certificooked over store-bough ( charcoal, savory meat, burning wqod the women had cooked. mature for a If<> lice man with such cate and is qualified tp tea.ch all a practice which would been -. coals, the meat turned, thus 'July 4 came and Wl'nt police knowledge and ability a3 56 subjects in Jhe recruit ctirricu. unheard eqn ... aroma: of ,Jn. Flor ida '-: ... ; Sgt. Jones. far years peop1e. have }urn .. : -In the times remembered by mtxed With the grease droppmg Nowad\!Ys many of the "barbe addressed him as Sgt. and some .. Sgt. Jones -has numerous citamiddle--aged peopie :at. today, a into the coals : ; ""'' ; cues are 'differentindeed: Tha times tt. But being the kind of tions, -awards. and commendations barbecue was .an ail-day and ali The men had a :Jolly with meat for a barbel!ue is more guy Det. Jones is, he always lets and achievements. He was one of night affair. The mep b:arbecued .talked politics, likely to be preoared by a dustom them know that he was a Detec the city's first black detectives, the meat at night generally ---t?ld and discussed; the world business, so that the .cooking job tjve or Corporal Jones. he's been rec9gnized as officer of they were at it au through the through the mght. is no longer a s{ the city He will schedule their street assignl{lents and exercise suoervision over their work. 'rn addition to his Sgt. duty, Jones will be attending classes at the University of Tampa where he is a senior working toward a degree In criminology with hopes of grad uating next summer "B.y the time I finish my poUce work I hope to have mv masters and tPach police administration on the college level," he said. sho-t To Sgt. Ralph Mills ; Homicide DiVision of the Tampa Police Depart ment, said Monday morning that 22-year-old Aundra Lee Ball, 2621 E. Lake Avenue, is bei ng held in the county jail without bond as a principle involved in the first de gree murder of Robert Easley, 19, .3004 E. Lake. .. The person actually accused of shooting the youth, has been iden tified as Wendell Long, 22, no ad dress, who is being sought by the police. Sgt. ldills said the death occurred at 10:30 Friday night on 2!lth Street, an argument. He said Easley and Mrs: Ball had argued inside a bar at 29th Street and Lake Avenue and two people said they heard the woman threat en to kill the youth. ; The same witnes8es told polira they saw Mrs. Ball pass an object to Long and told him if Easley "pushes me, shoot him." Sgt. Millt said the argument wound up out side the bar in the street where the shooting presumably took place. Easley was pronounced dead at a local hospital from gunshots from a :22 caliber pistol. After the shoot ing and before arrival of police, Long fled the scene and h.as ; tot been captured A first degree mur der warrant was issued against him. Mrs. Ball is being held for grand jury acti .on. .Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers ..


PACE Fou. .,._ S ,, '1_1e' 8u1hiDa .......a eN17 T ..... ..-a Fri. Cet BotL UttWas ..,.I Tueeday, July 4, tt72 .._ Publisbed every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sectiael Tampa Bulletin Pubo .Jishinl C.., 27/Tl Tweaty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33801. c. BLYiH ANDREWS 4 Fountler aad Publiaher C. BLYTHE AND&EWS, JR. SIMON JOHNSON Viele PretWe.M PrMaction l. .. MJUI. :ROSE CaUTaiFIELD. :Vice PrellleM-Soelety r JOIINNY JACOBS Vlee PretiWelllltMiftl'tiling 8e
Mitchell vice presideatial nominee. "rm Mt !nt.Hested ln bein the Vice presidential nominee and I woulcf not accept the If lt were offered to me," says Askew. -loIF'uneral services lor Hr. Je-Many delegatea iD tJae camp of The U. S. Supreme Court has rome R. Jones was held Frid8f' Sea. George McGo.em wid de ruled that Florida must make wei-at at Kt. Zi

Tue.day, Jwy 4, 1972 Fla. SealiDei-BulWJD PuWI+ed eYery Tuet. UCI Fd. IWJ. EditioM PACE FIVE BTU AROUND. .THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY. RECENTLY RECEIVED WORD Thomas and Albert Bryant, two OF TONY MOORE, Tampa Cath ;-of the four children of her son, olic Hi basketball star, signing former Tampa star athlete big a scholarship to Temple Univ. in John Bryant. T..r..llu Ceavmtioa Jaat Saaday in Soallt-. Ortddo. :.1 N. Bewanl AY-aev. L. L. Wa,.. P..._. Mrs. Patriela no.,..., llepl. Seniees 011 SuDday begaa at a.m. with Suoday acbool. The supt wu in charge of devotion and the leasoo was tlaoght 1Jf the teachers; Momiog wonbip was cooducted at ll1 a.m. with the Golipel CJton1111 ill the stand. The eall to wonbip was given by Rev. Sam YOUDgblood, and the message was delivered by Rev. Ward. : Evening worship !>egan at 6 p.m. with tile same order of service being carried out. The message was delivered by tbe lin. IDn Bills and Keitia Brown are visitiDI iD New Yon with lin. A'ltemeaae BrowD, llrs. Gladys MIU'IIball, 1lies Jouita Blla aDd Mrs. EDese ColliDs. .Misa Delores L8nee left last Sunday to live witlJ her sister Mrs. Myrtle Ma800 ol Hartford, Conn, I Miss Virginia X. Ball, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ball has enrolled at Lakeland Busi ness lost. (lin. Alice Taylor 111111 lllild reo ol Ven 8pelll tile weekeud with the Errina, Me, lverys aod Fai.llau Families. Mn. LuJa Kelly iS ill at llime. IMn. Lula Kelly is ill at 118me ges aod Pamela of lllihraukee_ Wis. arrived last Saturad.f to visit relatives and friends. Tbe City Wide Mission meetIng convened last Mooday ing at tbe Primitive Baptist Cbureh of which Rev. Dennis Byrd is pastor. Mrs. Gladys Hed ges is president. Philly. Moore, 6-1, who played :MRS. HAZEL KENNON WASH forward-guard under TCli's coach INGTON AND SISTER, MRS. Richard Porter, was one of the BLONDELL BLACK, are visit county s most highly sought after ing here from CleYeland, Ohio. pastor. Holy Communion was ad ministered during services. !Mrs. Frances Collins, Mn. A. -B. Roundtree of W aucbula left Suoday to visit with Mr. and Mrs Willie Harris and relatives in Wetumpka, Ala. Daniel A lrvin left Friday to spend the summer with his bro ther John Bruce Irvin. Mrs. Oame B. Daniels l"isiting Philadelphia with ber cousin Mn. Lillie .M. Schofield. George L. Ry1es is visiting in Mara.au, Wis. Tbe Gro\'>e Davt> Church of which Rev S. J. Jelm son is pastor, atteuded tbe Choir and Ushers Unioo on 1as t Sun day in Arcadia Tbe union was held at St. John Baptist CIJureb. Rev. Moore is pastor. Georga Soelling is presideot Mrs. Henri etta Beusoo reporter. players and was the first grad The lady flew in Wed. to attend uating eager to sign a four year the final rites Saturday of an scholarship to a major school. aunt, Mrs. Annie Mae Wright. Tony, one of TCH's most popular Hazel, wbo formerly resided in TONY MOORE Tampa, last weekend was in Washington, D. C. attending the wedding of her son, D8ft11 Ken. nou, who -attended St. Peter Cla ver Catholic School taree years while he, his mother and sister, Karen, resided here. Darryl is now in D. C. working on Mas ters Degree at Howard UDiv. Karen is a senior coed at Central State College, Wilberforce, Ohio. JOHNNY McMILLIAN whom a lot of readers may remember as "tbe young white boy who Wll8 !I rent agent for R. T. Brod Real tor on Neb. Ave. for years," was talked with for quite a while the other day. Johuy told of his ups and downs in life, business, mar riage and months of illness. He attributed his come back in life to, the grace of God, his mother and new wife. While also telling of being a member of the First Baptist Church on W. Kennedy Blvd., employed with Don Watson Realtor' and of how ever grateful students, was the seventh leading he'll be to Mr. R. T. Brod, now scorer in county last season aver a second-hand furniture store own 17.4 ppg. with a total of er on Howard Ave. for the many 453 points. He made first team, things learned during his fifteen all-Sunshine Conference, all-coun years employment. ty, all-region 3-AM, and first JETS player selected on third team all Gloria Ballard; former Middle state. The new coach Harry Lit ton Hi and Tuskegee Inst maj wack, Temple Univ. "Owls" play orette ; now employed at TGH, I er is the son of Mrs. Gladys believe, was the winner of last Moore. week's Joe Tex, Hot Pants con BO STROUD, BACK F R 0 M test, at King Arthur's Inn Motel. HIS LAS VEGAS, MUHAMMAD Believe Gloria was one of the f.LI VISIT, said like Brady man, Bellmen-Waiters Club winners at J sought of felt out there, like I their dance last year too was looking at a movie. Getting Tampan SFC. Ben White, an meet celebrated folks you of. Army Recruiting Sgt. in Port Ar ten read so much about, like thur, Texas, had lots of company inovie star, Jack Palance, "Jim for the Fouth holiday weekend as, Jny The Greek," Willie Mays' ex his mother Mrs. MaUle White, "'lfe Margariuet and daughter, sister and brother-in-law, Lottie Margaret, taking in a loocheon an6 Earl Goodmaa and several that cost one-hundred-fifty dollars other relatives drove out. ($150) per person, with a show Good to see NAL's skycap Wil featuring an Ice Skating Revue He Turner back on the job after and Miss Diana Ross, getting to being out for nearly two weeks isee guys lose thirty -t housandwith a fractured arm received ln dollars at the gambling tables a rather unusual acCident. Mr. tbe day and cpming back Tomer w as at the Armory, watchflo play later that night. Being of. ing a wrestling match, when be fered the servcies of Muhammad slipped and fell Ali for an exhibition bout for .Ron Lee, a blonde 'n blue eyed Tampa, while also getting to be soul brother, formerly with our In Ali's dressing room and belpWhisperjet set before joining lng escort him to ringside." 1 Swiss Air Lines, was telling B. Wednesday nigbt at 8 p.in. the INo. 1 Ohoir will have rehearsal and an choir members are asked to please be present and on time. Thursday nigobt, begjming at 7 : 30 prayer meeting. tMiss Annie is at home from the hospital. Let us pray for and visit with her. Viaito.rs are... alway welcome to worsmp with us during any .and all services. Of PeiKI Band Prince Prayer Mrs. Walbr, Pres. Mrs. Y oang, Rept. The iP rlnce of Peace By Faitb Prayer Band will meet Wed nesday uigbt .at tile St. Peter A:postolk Oliureh. 1be church is )ocated at Bla E. Ellicott St. ad tbe meeting will begin at 7:30. Elder Hogu1 ie director. per hour BRINGING US TO 0 \1 R TROUGHS FO'R TODAY "If ther& was nothing wrong in the world there wouldn't be anything for us to do "When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fmgers are pointing at bim self." REMEMBER THIS, caUIIe you'll probably never see "Uades" Tom, Jim or Fraak ol the "Downtowner&" writers set get up enough nerve to write it-"If you find yourself at a sports event rooting for the kat of your color (be he from Russia, Germany, Cuba, France, Atrica, etc.) don't feel embarassed, you're only ahowing-"LoYe, American Style.'' SEE YAU LATER Mrs Inez Lampkins, :Mrs. Katie Ervin, Mrs. Bonnie M. .Melvery attended the annual Buy fr011 Florida Setdilel Allvertisers )IrA. \ ,.. THINIS TOUGH ;; IF ntiNK !Q.1; -)'YOU'RE CRAZY/ (f""'.w ... .-. .. ;.._ _____ ___ -.. m1 11 A ---.TliE FAMOUS PHILADELPHIA CWftCH LEADER WHO WORKED WITH BlSHOP RICHARDAl OFFICER CANDIDATE DAVE B. Dll:oa, whose planning a trip W CROSS JR.. reported to the U. to Africa, where Lee visited last S. Marine Base at Quantico, Va.. year, after finishing USP' u an for six weeks of precommission African History major. N o w tng training in officers candidate Herb, if you happen to be sleep school, u. s. Marines Corp. Dave lng out there in the j\Dlgle and ls a gradaute of Leto High, 70.71. find that you're lying by a big This fall, Dave will return to python snake, as my pide and Benedict College aa a sophomore I did, just lie still, and he'll In chemistry. He is the (the anake) Will eventually crawl of Mr. and Mrs. Dave W. away.'' Can't prant an (WIUie Mae) Cross, preaently swer. But he did say "if the Af. touring several states visiting reirican j\Dlgle is in the fifth floor LEN1(FOUNOEROFTHE AFRIQAN METHODIST _g atives. ; of a hotel, this might happen.'' SEEING WHERE M Y R 0 N This sort of reminds me, AI J8 PRESBYTERIAN bert Baremel, owner ol West PISCJ'\ftAI COLLEGE, s. c. BOUND, brought Fortune St. Fish Mkt. with bro_ vr,.. "'"""""11 r U :?r'!fi: r rn; to mind the delayed, RINiy Sims, ther Toay, hu aet plana for tba pro football signing o1 a few years next leg of hia "round the world LOW FEVER .. ,C OF. 1793/ WHEN l1 BRtnSHCA.ftft back, as Myron's one of our ll'eat tour" durioc a lifetime. Albert's '"""' .,.-1 un10.1.1 tootball linemen looked oyer by next trip i to Indo-China. He r 1 ... .,. .. .....,. -.. ..... -Our colleges here in the state behad plana to visit Peking, Cbina CfTYOFWASHIIUNPON INTIWAROFI812,THEYRCRurrEO?.nOQ of his height. Like Sims, for five days, but tourists permita n\;J r ==k 8 'NEGRO FlGH!ERS/rWct&ArrALfONS SEEN RETURNING F R 0 M turea Ia the summer job }II'GII'am ,__ ... ,. PIIILADELPRIA, PA. VJ8IT was for kids. Tbey kin now work a bit, OREWdlCKSQN IN "nl BATTLE Of HEW .IAI.I %.taJ&/ .Jealdas, Mae BeD rap, play and bave all sorts ol __ zc:::-:r'!!!!!l: Sa.,._ ... M.... .... Bell ll'ea& fuo totether, while llelp-.-. i -a .. wbo broucht back to Tam ing auper-n. themlelvu and pa ber twe JOUftl ..-lllldlou, a dollar alar eenta (t.IO)


SIX ".The" Rainbow Tea Sunday afternoOn id the Pearl. Hart,. Mn. Mattie Davia, and Mrt. Elsie Matollic Temple was quite jovial with a nice pro-Livingston; and rear, Michael Rodricuez, KiDJ Solo gram and tasty. J'efreshmentt. Among those at-moD Waters and the Rev. Georce Porter. &ending were, from left to right. front row, TEEN QUEEN WINS IN MIAMI. 36th._ ANNUAL coNVENTION Tueaday, July 4, t 972 ARCADIA-TEACHER CLOSES 45 YEAR TEACHING CAREER OF. B & p SCHEDULED AUG. 1-6 MRS. THOMASENA M. FLOYD .. NEW YORK CITY -They're v1cmg 100 pre-school ehildren, it more than a group of 8,000 black has an annual budget of $50,000 women in 350 chapters from coast. which they are responsible for to-coast. The National Association The feeding of 9,000 uoderpriv of Negro Business and Profession ilepd childreQ: for 10 weeks this al Women s Clubs in this day of summer which they initiated and the black revolution regard lhem-, huaince been aided by a federal &elves as activists fr.om way back. .. grant of $105,000. from the i.r, s.. Long before the civil rights revDepartment of Agriculture. t>lution and the term "black PoW A lhoe' fun.d in Palm Beach eP'" became a way of life for County, Fla., Jor children whose blacks, the B & P, as they're com.. par'ents are unable to purchase monly referred to, were in the fitrugcle. As one Mr.s. Senior citizen programa opernt Rosalie J. McGuire, the retired ed by 300 chapters that auiat the Baltimore, Md., school principal elderly in a variety of wayt 10 arid national president of the group, that they may enjOy their old age 1 points out that they've contributed in comfort. more than $500,000 to a college In addition to thue the national schal.arship procram for underorganization has alao become deep. }lrivileged female high school grad ly Involved in drur abuse and pre uates. vention projects, voter registra we might not be ln the tion, black hisk>ry, career clinics spotlicht, the membership takes and good croominr clinics for sati!lfactioil in lmowing that they're young women. doing their share in the continued Established in 1935 by the late struggle to provide a better way Harlem school teacher, Ollie of life for our brothers and sisPorter, the Business and Protes ters who need a helping hand," she sional Clubs t that time provided said. an outlet for black women who Scheduled to hold their 36th anhad spare time to give to commu nual convention at the Americana nity aoeial, eeonomic and educa Hotel here from Aug. 1 to 6th, the tiona! programs. They real anticipated 800 delegates will take ized that more was needed than inventory of the many projects in rhetoric !llld if they were to achieve wh ich they're involved. In workany ilegree of success in their out shops, disCussion groups and panlooks that d e dication would have els they will analyze the progress to be their hallmark. of those committees appointe d last -They are associated with many year to further the club's goals. nationhl and international orgal}With its membership compose d izations, amon g them the Leader. lf women who own businesses ship Conference on ; Civil Rights, ranging from beauty salons til the United Nations of the U. S small manufacturing firms, schoolNational eouncil of Women and teachers, high-salaried employees the President's Committee on in local state and federal govern Aging. Shirley D. CutJt .r, Miss Black rnent, plu s a girls' youth division, Mrs. McGuire said that because Teenage Tampa represented her the B & projects include : of the intense interest in this year's city in the finals in Miami A day care qenter In Cutbert, presidential political elections that June Zl-24. The pageant was held Ga., which they renovated when : she would urge the delegates at at the Sheraton Four Ambassa given the rundown building. Serthe convention to heavily stress dors Hotel. She competed in ev ening goWn wear, sport wear, COMING. EVENTS .JULY 3-Fourth of July Breakfast Dance, Elks Rest, 809 E. Laurel, 12 midnight. JULY 4--l\fen's Fashoin Show and Shipwreck Danee sponsored by Holy Names Men's Club, St. Peter Clav;er Auditorium on Governor Street. talent and the question and an swer segment, and placed 3rcl runnerup &o "Miss Biack Teen age Florida," SheHa Davis of 1\liami. Shirley is the d a ughter of Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Cutler, 2111 Riverside Drive, and attends Jef. ferson Comprehensive H 1 g b School. After 45 years .. of untiring and to be a part of the school by retr dedicated ser.Vice., to the boys and dering her services as a good citi girls of Arcadia, DeSoto County. en and friend of the schoOl. BeFlorida, :Mrs: Tbomasena Morgan side {rom this she has fraternal l'loyd retired as. a ptiblfc school and aocial commitments to per ieacher at the end of this school f()l"Dl, which wi11 her both term. busy and active. She .senses a deep feeling of : SoCiatly, she iS a charter memgratitude and fulfillment wheQ she ber of the-Renaissllnce Club liees, hears, or reada of the and. the DeSOto County Woman s achievements of her many former Club. students,_ who are now making F,fatemally, she Is president of priceless c:iontributiona to our S'>_ the Florida State Temple Of Elks, ciety and. the world as: doctors, secretary. of Peace Temple lawyera, preachers, teacberi ... and. No.758 Daughters of Elks, aecl'e other occupations too numerous to tary of the Triple City Past Grand name. Rulera Council, Past Sbe believes that she -bas the-Grand Trustee of the, National right to feel that abe has played Temples of Elks, and a member an important role In the making of of the Lily White Security these per10nalities, and rightly 10, Being the daughter of a Met )l. for a good belinninl Ia euentiaJ odist minister, MrL Floyd has en in the maklnr of any personality. joyed a well-aeUoned Christian life. Mra. Floyd it humble yet proud Presently, she is Church Schotll when any of the11e former students Superintendent and Secretary of tell her of the influence she ha1 her church. ,... had upc)ii their Jives. With all her affiliations, It is Upon retirinc she said "'11Us i1 understandable that she will be a perfect day, buJ not the end 'ot kept quite busy. In to her a perfect day, for there is too other activities, she plans to tlo much additional work to ,e done." additional travel, an experience She certainly plans to continue that she loves dearly. GUESTS WELCOMED TO NEW MT. ZION .JULY 7_:Nineteenth Annual District Tea sponsored by Mt. Pil grim's Women's Convention, Armettla Temple, 8 P M. JULY of Hope In 'summer recital, New Mt. Zion M. B. Sunday was Guest Day at' New Mt zion Missionary Baptist voter registration when .they re Church. At the evening service, guests were welcomed and re1 Church, 8 P. M. .JULY 30-Men and Women's Day, Greater Friendship Baptist Church. .JULY 29--Blake Dad's 6th Sweetheart BaD, Ft. Armory, 10 P. M. JULY Clu\l'i Jio& Pants-Bell Danee, Curtis Hbon Auditorium, 10 p. M. / turn to h om e towns. "When all i]J lstered by, from left, Bertha Washington and ClymogUDe said and done," she added, "politon tics is still one of the best means of remedying whatever wrongs we protest against and unless we vtite we con't bring about ehange." Buy : from, Florida Sentinel Advertisers


Fla. Fri. Get. Bot. h Edttlonl PACE SEVEN l ., TRES CHARMANT: CLUB OF ST.-PETERSBURG PRESENTS SICKLE-CELL ANEMIA BALL. -. Tres Charmant St. Petersburg : Is a .. social and b.nk. Members pictured at the affair are f r o m dvic club establfshed to render and sponsor social left, Daphne Porter, Mary Murph 1 historian; Henrietta activities ln. the community. On.. Saturday evenfng, the Sheely, reporter; Dorothy Rainey, Margaret Knowles, group presented a Anemia Ball at .the Ratreasurer; Alpba Sheffield, lUary Hall, correspondiag mada. Inn. Pr!ceedos. will go, to aid slckle..Cell secretary; Mable Gipson, Harriett Byron, Sueise Ed victims In St.' Petersburg,-c and to establish a blood wards, Nancy Akins, recording secretary; Marion Burns, and Vera St raws, president; Not shown are: Katurah Creal, Gustina Harris, vice president; Mattie Ever ette, "haplah1; Gladys Franklin, financial secretary; an d Mary Frankli':J ... Wishing r A lfappy .. rit -MISS ROSE ) '' .MIRRORS OF SQCIETY : v By BEVERLY WEDDING DATE SET 1 Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jones, 1144 Chestnut Street announce that the marriage of their daughter, MarY, Catherine and Joseph Bethune will be an event of Jul y 7 at Beulah Bap tist Church. The reception will foUow at the Elks Rest, 809 E : Laurel Street .The bride-elect is a 1970 _graduate of Blake High School and has worked -as a teacher aide at Carver Elementary School. The prospective 'bridegroom has attended Hillsborough Commun ity_ College, and is employed with the Division of Family Services, Food Stamp Department PRE-WEDDING AFFAIR A pte-wedding affair was given for Helen Watson and Harvey Glymph Friday evenirig at the home of llr. and Mrs Lucic u s Glymph. '. .., NATASHA NELSON Robert Thomas and' Little Miss Natasha Nelson was.. Yvettt! of 710 N. Oregan .Aventfe, two years old on June. 2s an:i WBII the scene of a surprise shared birthday goodies with her .. day party hon-oring' Mrs. h Gene Patterson of: .1119 Green "St: ... big sister, Sabrina, w o 1s .. She is the daughter of Mr. and : 'This was a well Secret .by he r Mrs. Carlton Nelson, and grand eight children, Mr. Pa.tterson and -'; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mrs Edna_ Barnes. A Henry of Progress Villa@ and Mr11. The ni(:e affair attended Mary of Mr and M _rs: Sharp f' Her dad 1s. attendmg college m and M r s G rant..: and her "''"'"''''" Among the guests were Mrs. Connie Smith and Mrs. Fann f e Henderson of fort pierce. others attneding w e re M..S Joseph Judge, 1\lrs. Louis Watson, Mrs. Vivian Gardner Mrs. Clara Wilfiain'l, 1\:ln. Alice Wynn Madodx, Mrs. Lorretta Williams, Mrs. Lois Joh'l n:v B. Watson, Harvey Glymph, Bobby Cotto n; Joseph Judge Louis Watson and Mrs. Dorothy Hudson. IN ATLANTA .' ... : -:-, Everett Clark of Miami and Alton Blanton of Tampa were among : the numerous residents of Flor ida driv i ng Atlanta for t he J azz F e stival. :, SERVICES FOR J, S. LOVE Funeral services for 'the. late Juli'an Love of 411 W P:rrk Ave nue, who WaS fatally injured in a tru c k acciden t in Lumb :rt: m N : C. on June 21, were held Thursda y in S C J:l,W,.TAS ATTEND REGIONAl. : CONVE NTION "' The 24th Southern Regional Convent i on of Delta S i g m;i T : teta sOrority, Inc. met recently at the Day tona i n Day tJna ,f This conferel\ce was attended by D elta represen t a t ives f r o m t ers in Florida, Cieorgia, Alabama T enn e sse e and pi'. The Tampa Alumnae Chap ter w a s represented by Altam es e Hamilton, William!!, Jean BGlden, Vivian Kitc.hen1 Flor i ne her, _rn.om, Luvat?r, and 1s m along \\'tth '. .. :. ::.,,., ,._ ,EARLY GLIMPSE the children. The Thomases .and Pattersons y.;o .IMrs. Carolyn Finley of _are : m e mbers of New Salem Mis-: : .OF :FALL FASHIONS Abel, Lucille McKinney and Rose Dt!hart. The chapter r ece ived plaque commemorating their parti c ip a t i on in WlCS (Womm i n tonilnuni t y service). This _-project is c ?l\tere d around ass i:;ti ng reo turning female Job Corpsmen find S\l,itah e jobs, e tc T h e project was coordinated by Gwendolyn Bates, Social Actions. Ch ail"o, Ohio,,., celebrated a birthday on s iona}'y l!aptist Chu r ch .. Th e ;." For Fall,' body language Joes June 22. Alonz with her hubby and tf'l"s. on chtldren are ,Zan1ce, Gwen, universal. This Peter Pan col two youngst ers, she 9eparted Ak R l ne e Annette, David, Jared body suit evoking the ron Friday night headed this way. _lrTTJt;lthy and L1sa. gentle, softly feminine moOd of Thl!Y will in Georgia hut ltte ... \ fashion "'ith shirred dropped \ in sometime ne xt .' --Holsey Temple shoulder, puf!ed sleeves, satiny week Carolyn IS the daughter of .: : cuffs and st1tcbmg around the Mr. and Mf:S. W. R Crutchfi e ld. collar, is by Bonnie Jef- Th e Crukhfi ekls' graiuldaughter, Rev. W. R. Joluison, Pastor ferS'on for Burlington Bodies to Tomia Rhaynette was fou' r on 'Ilhis week was set a5dde to flatter extra sized .figures June 26. ToMia is th e daughter of '&'how a p preci ati,on 'to R e v : and as well as tradtbonal and Mrs William Rhe a :!Mr s.Johnson and son, R a ymond ium a?d medillm/large body suit Crutchfield by the many members and. fri enthusasts. panty hose Folks belone;ing to .C./ M ends of Holsey Temple and the Burlington tn Hot exact. E. Chur c h with J1,111e birthdays are-area. ly match the hue of the Jed by the p as tor the Rey. L .J,. W e dn es d ,ay ni g ht, Board bpdy suit coordmate with Ward whose bi g dav was June 30. No. 1 _and 2 in cl!at-ge of reds in th e plail!. s uit. It all adds For the ne x t few days he will be services at St. J ames .A.IM.E;' up to P'owerful fashion Impact. f o r the annual conferOhurCh P r ogress Vi)1a. ge, : Rev. --'/:.. ------enc e in Tall a hass ee Jul y 26: iH. H J)ouglas i s pastor. A_long : Oth ers of the Trinity congreg a wi t h St _Mary .A.IM.iE,' Church s chool and You b h Departm ent tion on the list are Mrs. Dorothy .of Seffner, Rev. T .1. Jacobs will be in charge The guest will Aski e w a member of the Usher pastor. Thursd.ay N e w .'\R Zion be Grace Chapel OMJE Church Bo a rd June 2 7 and Thorn e ll Flo y d !Baptist of whioo Rev. of P l ant Oit y, R e v. L. E. Sum e s of Thonotosassa a steward, June Bo bby Jones 1 s Stewards il th e past.or. Th e Appr eciation 2 9 and 'Ilrustees were m will come tp a cl<>se at 8 p.m. with Steward Memorial C.M.'E. : Herbert Drew obs e rved his IF1riday; :fllood 'l'lem1ple A!MJE Church of st. Pete11sbur g guest. birthday on June 30,. and thel'e Zion, ,Rev M cGill pastor and Rev. W B. Jefferson ts pastor, 'was a party in hi s hono r at 2504 M1t, Zion AIMIE Oburch Seffner, The No. 1 and 2 ohoiors 'are tbe J9th Rev. R. 'L : Lee, presidi.ng Elder. sponsors. The pwblic i! invited 'l'he residence of Mr. and Mu; Sunday at 3 p.m Sunday to attend. man : : The cop.vention w as. highlighted by spee c h e s by Jean Noble, Y!a> t national president, author and profe s sor at. New York Uni versitr; Lillian Benbow, .. present natio nal pre si d ent ; t he Black Etperi e n c'l which. d e picted 'in!lsi c ally th e life a nd strug gles o f bl ac! c f r om sl a v.ery. to the a sp ecia l servi ce at the o f h<.>nOlary Soror MarY McLeod Bethu!Je and several other m e morabl e and informative a c tivi t ies and ...se5sions : ON. VACATION Miss Beverly Diane Clark 17 year o l d grad a u te of Hills bor o u g h High Schooj. left Friday with her l\lorris Alexander for a In Newark, N. J !hey w ere accompani e d by h-:r grandpar e nts, Mr. and Mrs. 'Ltdh e r After h e r 'Visit I n Newark ; Mis s Clark \Vill go to N ew Y ork t o visit another p-andmotber, Mrs. Susie 'Jackson. .,.. Notes From_ Tampa Lodges._ A meeting of LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 10 will be h el d Fri d a y ni ght at 7 : 30 at th e Lily Whi t e Templ e on 2 9t h Street. M e mbers of LILY WHITE JR. LODGE NO. 10 will m ee t S a t urd a r at 4 : 30 P.' M. !lt the home ot Mrs. E t hel M B r o a dnax 2631 31st Avenue. "'' QUEENS OF TH!E SOUm CHAPTER 'NO. 49 0. E. S i s m eeting Wedne s day e v ening at 7 o 'cl ock a t the Masoni c Hall, 4303 34t h Street. j Buy From Rorida Sentinel Advertisers


PACE EIGHT I 'i;, SCOTT SAN Barr)' R. Scott, ... of Mn. Maria J. SAN ANTONJO-.Air.a C... Scott of lis lhidce St., St. A.,.. D. Cldler, .. of llrt. ZleM V;. tine, has eeoi,letetlllil U. S. Air C1dler of 14M AnMe FJ Fed Force basic trafllhtg at tile Air Pteree, 11 .. Ids U. S. \ Training Command's Lackland Air Fee INIIIe traDJq at the Air AFB, Texas. He has been 88&ignecl Training Command's L a c k Janel to Chamrte AFB, m., fW trabllng AFB, 'hut. He Is remainillg at Jn the missile net. Ladllucl .. trillaUif Ill tile Airman Scott, a Wlf. rractaate ef c.miy poUee ...... AlrmaD Cllllft, Richard :t. Murray High School, Is a m1 cradaate ef F.-t Pleree If wna't an mrcty fer. cldhtrell atteHiag ltreak for ... tllat wllal these Vacatlea Bible Sc!llNI at the 2Mb Street Cllardl. et yougaten wertt eaJO:rlDJ when the photographer crirtst. Eveu' mundng' abeat lt:3t, there a vJaltelt. and atteruled MorrJ!I Brown Col. Central rugb Scllool. '' lege, Atlanta. : -.JOHNSON. -_,.. BAR'r/ SAN ANTONIO-Alrmaa AleMa SAN Late7H. JohHott; :Jr. ; son of Mn." ADHa eUe Bart Jr., ,_ of Mr. anut Mn. I. Paulk of 462 N. -yi ; Ei.ghUl st., LafeyeUe Bart of m N. W. -!ltl Miami, has ociBpletH lais U. S. ..he., Fort X.aderclale, Jlas Air Feree INisle &nllldal ai -tboe -...w lila u s. Air Fwee "'* Air TralDing Commaad'a _Lacklalld traJabtg at the Air Tralaltac On AFB, Texas. Be has been assfgne d ma .. Ladda.... AFB Tesu: Be C. sa.e,.ar AFB, Teus, ler hM lileelt ...,_. t siaetParcT IJC u a medkal Jlelter. Alnua An; 'I; 1w &a air:tolln&Oa; a lf79 ef Mlallll entt Airmail llart :taekse High 1\olta 1171 ,........ _., Nrra' :. ami Dacte Jmlor conele. I .. lily -White. -Sptie_ty _.: Deatll "' JrtSeiDbly; s / 'J1Iie of Jlft.. .. I 'l1le fuuer-al. are Incomplete fer. lin. WH-Mae a JIMIDMr. ef liams, a member of Lily White _llt;:f Whit.. Lodce N ol Lodce No. 1.86 of St. ADcuSt.tne. (]ty, W'B:" heW Saturday_ ;pe.rt Wa&fagum lriH re-from lld'Wl AIM -<1auroh )JJ"esellt the assembiJ ...,. of _Mn. Ma. ? B. The funeral at Mlr'l. Ethel grand Divine; a memhe: of Lfty : !Lodge No. 95, wss held Satul'deY Mt.. ,......:.;;.. (L-! -2 at Titusville. .Mn. Lola Arm-. &IR" ... r drong' represented tbe E4cUe ioue, Pre.. aasembly -'. G....-.&ya Ba)'ea,. :ae.t. The nmeral-of Mn. ADru. e Mae . Wright, a member ol Lily wtJite The .No: z. eboir New Mt. IUldge N'o. l.M, waa held Satur:0. Obucdh,.Rev :B J. dey at-Saloeip 'M.B: Qlurcb. Jones, pastor l'ri!l have regular of HYde P ark. Mrs. Ew-a Lee:. c hoir reliear.saf tonight (Tues ) Adams representt!Q the grand h e gi_nning at 8 P. M. BlUe Flame B Q l523 Crace .( ..... 4 I L ..... s,... SPECIALIZIRG II TIE BDT. iuls-11 TOD Also Claickeu, Bam uti YOU' Faftl'ile .wL C.. Yisil Mn. lea ... Dendly -liW ... TeleneY HIGH SCHOOL. CLASS REUNION IS FU-H AFFAIR 'lite ......._.. a few u,-aco b7 me.ben el tile Laaulr .lftidenee are, fnm left, ClaretU FQ. ... .IIIMetu Sdloel Clall ol ., w Ia- .. Betty Meneada, Gwell La.,..., ... Peade ..a 8 fu alfi.lr. Muy W bee _. of teedl WU... wM eadl ..._ ,__ leq u.ie; At a Pri7 at ( ..... 'HEW MT. ZION. USHERS. '... U.,_ aenfltc .. GweR Day at New Mt. Zi were, frem left, 811elia w....;.., B._ Missiellary .JiaJitill CIR!rcll lalt. Sunai enng alld Alu Belley. ';.s .... Ritz. Ailuh > i .. ..... 'l E'lpJ IU J,ul -it Bated. FU.. ill cool ........-., mm lSIIl .-...._., d Allabl 01 m:a .viRGIN HOstAGE -waEI SBE WIIDI SHE WAS BELWEr SHOT ON LOCATION. "!:".


. I Fla. Sentlnei-Bulletin Pulallalled enry Tue1. and Fri. Cef Botll Editions --.---. --..,_ NOTED BLACK PUBLISHERS PRES IDES .Ghanaian. Evangelist Begins 40 Day __ .. U. S. Visit -JOHN ARTHUR MIAMI. -John H. Sengstacke, right, publisher of &be Chicago tiona l Newspaper Publishers Association annual meeting at the Four Defender, l\lichigan Chronicle and Pittsburgh Courier newspapers is Ambassadors Hotel here. Others on panel left to right: Berkeley shown last weekend presiding at discussion Improving Op." G. BurreD, J. Owen Funderburg Inez Kaiser. portunlties for Black Americans.'' Discussion was held during Na1Forty-one year old John Ar thur, a Ghanaian evange.Jist ar rived in New York on June 20t b to begin a fortyd!IY tour of ths United States. During his jltay In the State&. Evangelist Arthur proposes to travel very extensi vely and to explore the states from a religious point of view. John Arthur holds the post of Executive Director of the Gos pel International Inc., a non denominatilonal society Wlhich goes by the slogan "that they all may be one,, ,r_;. .. ,;.: .. ,. : A journalist cum author, Ar thur is leading a sooiety which seeks to fo_ster Ohristian Unity "' and is working seriously towards world evangelization crusade, Wihile in the United State!! he proposes to meet top brass persona1ities.-.l!! various missions, and would like to visit the offices of the American Bibie Society in New York. "I proi)ose-' to 'meet Rev. Os born of Oklahoma; Bill y Graham of Minneapolis as well as Rev. Goo-don Iinsay of Dallas and many others whose names I may wlhile lhere,,. Arthlll' aaid. DR. RALPH ABERNATHY RELAXES IN JAMAICA ,. U. S. Civil Rights Leader, Dr. Ralph Abernathy, aDd Mrs. Aber f r i en ds In Jamaica recently. With them Is Rev Bernard scott Lee, aathy, relax on the beach at the Royal Caribbean Hotel, Montego pexHecOuTOtlve asslstaDtJo Dr. Al!enatby. -Jll,fAlCA TOURIST BOARD Bay, jamaic a Dr. and Mrs. Abernathy vacationed with a poup of -He-expresses hrs" interest_ fn gettin g in toUch with publish ing Houses imd bookstalls which deal mainly in religious books and other allied goods ,:, THREE BIG VOICES. FOR BLACK SOUNDS NEW YORK Three leaders of t h e Black community in the entertainment world Joined to gether at a party celebrat in g Billy Eckstlne's re cent smash opening a t the Persian Room of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Shown are (left to right) M ;Belt executive vice-president and chair man of the board of the Stax Qrganization, pla y wright-producer-dlrector-composer..Jyrlcls& M e lvln I' Van Peebles and Billy "Mr. B" Eckstine. Bell's memphi s-based Stax Records acquired the original Jiroadway east a lb uin of Van Peebles' new hit mu sical comedy "Don't P lay Us Cheap,'' and Eck stlne now recor ds for Enterprise Records ; a dl vision of Stax. Mr. B's newest album for Enterprise is "senior Soul." !Evangelist Arthur's lint. bOOk (Coatinued On Page : N{)MINATED AS AMBASSADO!l TO GUINEA WASHINGTON Teren ce A: Todman a career Foreign Service Officer with the Department of. State, has been nmoin:detl by Presiden t Nixon to be U. S. Ambassador to the Republic of G uinea Mr. Todman, who has beell Ambassador to Chad since 1969, will succeed Ambassador Alb6rt W. Scherer who was reo ceatly appointed Ambassador toCzechoslovakia. Mr. Todmna, 46, of St. Thomas, \rirgln Islands, joined the Fol'o elgn Service in 1956. He has _had assignments in. New Delhi Beirut Tunis and Lome, where he served as Deput y Chief of Mission from 1965 to 1968. In Washington Tod\nan served as Countty Direc tor for Eastren Africa until his appointment as, Ambassador e. Cliad. Todman, who is fluent In three foreign languages French, .1\rabic and Spanish-received the Department's Superfcw .. Service Award In 1966 He Is a 1951 grac!.uate of the Inter-American University In Saa Puerto Rico and earned a .. from UJd. c7 versity:...hi -1952. During World War n, Mr. T6dmati served as 6 :iU.S. Army First Lieutenant, Ordnall1e.


"\ I ... PAGE TIN .,._ s..afpei-JWieltla PuWI .. w.--J T ..... aN Frl Get Boo. L1itiaM l CMOICf wwH $S OR OlDY fXCtUOING OGAifTTES COFFEE MAIWILL HOUSI DELICIOUS AS .... ...u 'WWt1ll5 ef4111na.H Cozy Kitch _99c .. ......... -: MoKl!lioiN on l'fAS 01 WIIID Yege.. bl 2 -$1 ta es. .... IIII!DSe'l'l! Coel WWp ... 2 $1. Freach Fri.. 9c Potatoes : 7 HIAlH ICi ClfAM Cake 3 -sl Rolls ... ,. Varieties Ice Fl. : .... 59c Freezer -Que-! 99c Suppers .. -LEMONADE 4 :: $ 1 .M1 VAIII'IIU MOODS SUMMER DRIN:IS 4 :: s1 ltUWSl fiESM TOMATOES ... 3 .-He ICEBaO LETTUCE 19c LEMONS .. 11 "' 39' KUW$1 rlfSH CANTALOUPES' 3 .. He 1/ S .CHOiaW.ftiiRANO a..ck Steaks 89' U S CliOICE WlliAAI10ULE>Ea 79, L' 0.,. c...-...... -.. .....0 111AND oa lYICIS $UGAI! CIIUlC 59 C .... ,............ W.OIIAM)sucR ._ a... ,......... ,., ... s.a. .... .. All 51115 U .5-.D,A. GltADE A"IIIO

Views-01 Progress Villilge -'"'" ... 7 .f.; II& LEE ElliS ;. Plaoae m-1311 Dea. LouJe Sillimoaa, PreL Mn. Willie Ben Wllllaias, lle pt. PACE ELEVEN JEFA1Ul CAlliNG Belated birlltday greetiqa to also a grandclauatater or il\k and The Gospel MisaiGil Prayer little Mi5s Skientlhia V. FieL1o1 Jln. Love. Band will aeet at 11te Jeatit Free ElllPk.fmeat tor.sernce an kinds, such u of&. wbo celebrated her &tll'-Htat :Mrs. Wilma _..;:. .7:10 at tile home--of tln:Jiilmie A of .._ __ day Sund J ..., Ski 1........., ...... J-es, ...... Alt a ........ gency _...... ..ampa Urbaa work, and ckiving; b&y cloth;..,. Qll Une &AJ. en ..l.ild _TeD, Derriet, __ ..,_._ _.. """ ._,., "" Ano Le ( 'T"'"" mTn') -u:... -u...: th dd a1. -ed to remember ..... e liclc aDd ..... A .. u.. ia --.e one month to two years; IDil -a 15 e gran au5..._ Dale returned ..._ the vi][age last Ul' b "t 1Mr .and Mrrs. Wil;bur ILMe -week-end aft;-' spendmg tWo shut-in. All visitors are tUSI!I'I!, pro ..sstma and Jnd1u. 'em\fled foods, ehairs, typewriters. Endlve Avenue oome. rial of the Tampa Bay typing tables, f .. n;n.. and c-. in Tallabassee and Quincy ...,__ ...... M Ann L (j ne area to emplgy 01.1r-appU.caota. .. shorthand books. I s s ette Burow ove de Florida visiting relatives. part! last Monday for W& alneSJI JOBS NEEDED: Domestic look. JEFATUL THANKS: Archie Davia ;n-gton c:. .... .. irig s .. two of Yoors tru]J-and family ing for days wor.k; : woman .J.ookiug .. _Inc.,_ Peninsular Paper Co., -mel ... "r' "' w.,.,.... SerV'!Ces at Shady Grove P. 18. f b c lid t d B camping sponsored by the Pri_ detighted to have Slis ter, Mrs. Clhurcb of which Rev. N. E.. or JO m day nursery; students onso a e ox Co. mitive uglh tile efforts of Harold ENJOY -SOUL:; FOOD-FROM Soul (eftter : Supermarket 3523 I. Z2ad STREET -.,. PIIDE 247-2031 'Reddick, Coordmatorr, Human Re. sources Development lilstitute, and member of the Tampa Ul'baw Leacue' Board of Directors, three loc:al lllliciM made eMih eontn'buticn s applied k is Tamiia Ut'ban League's Save-A-Youtll Plrogram The (leagUe is s1iatl atteiJliPI;ing to find jobs for these youth. Housewives, businessmen, IIICI who. in need of help bouser I S. GOOI lOUD STEll ROZEll PIES ROT SAUCE 'AR CAMPS NiiBEHs 31ane ggc -TISSUE 10 'roDs_ ggc youtJh. -. .Approem&teiy lOO YDIJliCMers Mt. Zion -AME ,. ae:v L. C. Mann, P.-stor Krs. Evei;Jia Masba,1 R.ept. On las t Sunday the Mrs. E. H .Green was In ciJ.arge. ot. -iba OhUl"CCh ..ul teacheT'S were at their posts and t1a.e les was reviewed by the tor. : M-orning service began !1:1 witlh the pastor in cba.t"Re ol devotioo. Prayer was led b,-DM. !Domer Green. The jwii.or etloir aDd Wlbers No. 1 served. The sermon .. waS: de1i vered br the pastor. Our booster I>eaket" was llln U.Die King. : Womss Day will be beld on the second Sunday in Mn.Helen Canty is chairman. Hlol'Y communion wiH be administered Clll Suaday.

I. ( \ PACE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Pu'Mished eetY Tu-.; aiad Fri Cet. Both Editions Tuesday, July -4, 1972 .. WI. I \ 1431. EVERY DAY AND I SATURDAY 8 M.TO .7 P.M.. ACCEPT ....... : ................... 8 A. K TO 8 P. M. FOOD Stamps SUNDAYS ... : '.: ..... .......... 8 A.M. TO 12 NOON SPECJ4LS FOR JULY Slh TBRU JULY 91h FRESH FRESH FAT BACK / ":IULLET FISH-. ,_ BEEF KIDNEYS I WHITE BACON--. Lb. 15c Lb. 15c Lb. 15c FIEI!' mit SloE Paamc 11 FBOIIT oo BED I.S.D.A. JUICY CHUCK ROAST 59c U.S.D.A. IIOILDEB : 1FBESB. FIBST CUT< LEU PORK CHOPS 27c Lb.-39c- ElfDS PIECES .. -_ -SMOKED ROUND STEAKS -,___ __, __ _. -.B -Aco N_. DES& DYEI : u.. 89c -CHICIEII u.s. _:$1 FlESH MEATY SPARE RIB TIPS 4 Lbs. $1 COPELAND'S ALL MEAT BOLOGN.A 2 1-U..Pkgs. $1 Lb. 9c COUNTRY SME -HOG FBESHMEATY -.. NECK. BONES 5 Lbs. $1 CRACKLI'NS. COPELAND'S ALL MEAT u.. 25c W I E N E R S 2 Pkgs. $1 .. ,.\"!: I o :t DEL MONTE TOMATO SAUCE .. 10c Can .. ASST. RAVORS CREAMETTE E Box --.. SOAP .. JELL. O BRiLL Box.-1()< : t iox: >10 WOODBURY'S 3 Bath. B.rs soAP: ... 4 .I Reg. Bars: SA YE I 21c PLUS DEPOSIT PEPSI COLA 6 _16_ Oz. Bottles LOIC CRAIN OLD MILWAUI SAVE 3. RICE '-.:.." ,..... BEER 99. 6Pak Giant .Bag ( .. .:. .. ;; : .. -.: SAYE 14c .. ... s I D s .. ._ 39c-.. Giant SUCAB HOREY. .. : '(iRAHAMS 3 1-U.. Boxes $1l COLDEN ClAIR .. DDfiER .' ;MA.CARONI & CHEE$E 6.-Boxet8 KELLOGG'S SAVEl CORN AJAX FLAKE CLEANSER GIANT 2 Cans 29c 18 Oz. Box-3 HURT'S JEWEL O -IL '. REG. 53c CATSUP 48 Oz. Jar: 89c 26 Oz. Bot. 31




-.-na.. s ........................ -..qT ........ .... Gef ... EM" T.-..,.. ,_. 4. twn lllid" -lw. _JiSse Jacks. P,1Idin1 S 'J-. IDA STAlE-1 1 ._..,, .. ,,s W il Push PO J R ,_ : -A'I"LANDA 'lbe three black iiUl IIK\Jv W T ALLAHASKE ..:,.;. President sa.te colleps ia Georgia lllaft MIAMI. Chicaco black leader traditionai supp()rt among mirw-tion of Uniftui'"'a ...S special ucJaring IIDd pqyaical .._ Jesse Jacbon pnil)ieted 111ft ity .,.....,._ B&anle, :U:anhall this -week atud.J at -m.titute llfonsored fic:MDdes,,. iDc.I..N .... :.Jea''-__._, TI,ursday that bids will The ,..uac civil richta lemer .. :aounced the of Dr. fiJ-Antiodl' Ci:ellece Freddie L. GreciJHS ( .rs. Her profeuioDal" 'I!Mkground faDi ,&aster .Ia t1te .lep annoilal:led ._t Oper._ PVIH jlllllinH. Groomes) as Assis InCludes positions as lirector of brokm. windows and faulty fire e. ll'l -..o will a,en a MiaAii oftice wbica tant to the President for Mino-the training program tor .. a........, tA& sute Board oi Be-National Oalvenbon. will be located tenrporarily in the ritJAffairs at Florida State stifutional researchers lit Flori tolid W'edK:M&y. Jacksoa linged first-ballot Mount Zion Baptist Church at t trniveraity eUective Jv,!y 1. da A and M.-special University System Chancellor support the condition that Me NW Ninth St. Dr. Gl'--will WOI'k closely to the u. s. Office Ill George Sim:pSon, who did the-GQv-;rn his "Unemployment, the black rota. 'With the .tmiili.tntion ill iden-tion's Divisioa at Cone&-e bridge gd& detailed inspections. _blll elf nghts tw public education, voter tif7ing coacema liiUII recompoit,. assist.M. supervisor witll !Beg eDt.<; :.air-man Lee i&IIl"ge its mam tllrust .lll&'ll!.ve econoauc and black Cuban re!aUO.bips 'llileftding IJ&lu.tirm.s for equal 001" theFHA in the u. s. Depart-of Atlanta said the blame rests aid Co the nation's minorities ' eonlressionai 21 41eiqates .. io Dnllouatie Mrs. Groome s holds the Ph. D. 81lna event witll Tarrupa anll Black Caucus. 1, convention-. The rest would .haft deiree bom Florida State in Bom in Jacksonville, the SarMifJiblt b.eing tonSiidered for Jackson said be lias conferred -to come from uncommitt.l COQ11MiOY-edllation and. .. y..:t-old ..... two year a sit. with these and other black leaders Sou fn ..... JI. Ed. aDd B.S. degrees. fnM diildren: ill ,""'. :But .. a eveJlt, ft-. and sees "no conflict in our com as Louisana, Georgia AlabJ'forida A and M She has had and Derek bom was bi g by a l! staHards, said moo aoels!' and c...-. fl'o!ll a.. 81Ckfitional study at the m 1968. The Groomes resides al one Mason. "I bavea't seen this llc:Golern ,, .. .o..i._ l,3C .&.le gate 'IICa. ttermg.el ane .. -.Uecl blaeb tate 'for Administrators' spon3306 'llilr'L...-z-B'oM a Tal,.. --i N _....._.:_. _.._te -aaay falaek together' in votes as of '11tursday. He needs n ooaem-s;. .ll&l'ed the< oak Ridg-e A.saoci.,. 20 years. of memiJerslhip," he ob1,500 for the nomj.atlon. The sources said. tllat llladl "it:'f pl)d, tht; fellow_ Of tl)e almost 500 black dele leaders frofl!a number of sta .... 600. I B I k -Ma slilp .is naseuriilc arid the food gates coming to the convention together Wtth tile .... m.... I a( -. sons.-._ was appetite-pliealling.'' Jackson said there is "a hers or and Jlr .... "::' Taere was from of 200 uac:emmitllttl defitpbes'' who Govern, would appear at.::. -a -.._ lB'Miern Sllar lil 1lfae long o-t cou)j hold the ley to McGOvern 'a news conference O.JIIi'al. -Attend' Florida' SesSIO. n wmcft fllnd .. first-ballot vict.ory;, Oil MO!Jd&y t4f anDMDCe ... .' .-cit The black supp&rt is believed to 'II& mea Fr'Iday r&' t ana ttrf,!IMO h,Ons. ere be swelling as the result of Me ,.PORT CHiAJRILOT.VE..More Hillsborough, PiOOU.as, Moanatee, spi:riltual. evertones wi1_Jh Govern's impressive victory in At. a ne'Ys conference tldl: a.n 600 F'ree and Acced Sarasota, Ohat'lotte a'lld Lee DWIIStfft. speakilr about New York primary earlier th' Rtchard G. ......., a.ck :a.aao. from :n d'UntJi.es t. 1ae -.ellins an4 uftity, aDd feUGwsiJip. .. .. IS the South D9:kota .._ 'l"'ioricR jammed iilto 1:1nner ty ., l'ata .. WefCOIIDilag the_ degates. was BOIId nd Mrs. Kin& lae .tfe el _)agate _.. tW .....__ p t "'"' A Le Go d r--.. ..,. w. & Green el the Fort Illy ell'S -1 'gh-"Lo...a.-. Iii ex:peetei Mr. .. or uuar, ..... e menean a '-""an. uu.,q;e ., Jodire. ... 1..,. ....... civi ri ,. reqgiaitoe l,.lil9 .v'*-liea Hall Sunday a-fternoon for Lt wa s just a tremendous 'There s& charte ed b among those black leaders who committed by next Friday-le St. Jolitr"s Dlly Lre! vied' -;:--a lirlit. t.-........ JeMis _;erh :...,,.:: bW:ks to Y .. w-e ::Representation was heavy from...__ ty, 11a1d Worstlipful ; bona all .... Jib. JOin tlle McGovern bandWagon in opens fn Miami Jfeadi. ritfa btmpllf 'riai1illf y_,. daJa. r, --. He. IISSe'fted that Mr. ._ I ., WE IU CLDI rAIIIOIII : na miiSD un r.naas !II. 3 PAITS .......... ...... ..... 01 3 SUITS ...... .. : .... ""'" 3 MESSES ................ .. $450 .!Hal PliCa CISil All A:UBY OILY / ._-(ampllel 3527 22Dd .... '-..... J.G.a ,., .,... .... .... 2ft-13ft to the session. SOme lll!mbers of the Bf;lc i Govem was already assured ol. ,''11t \ftS an IDapiradon for me,; Caucus, whiCh been holdmg out 1,413 votes, not llle Mid Felch-, ...... to IiiJdge .. a .. nl. of _Wilde biDe. bers. It wiLl llelp wifJII: me Its blact m of are a-, berlshl'J illlereens 81111 in tie lJe. pected liD !hrow fbeir lief in masonry.'' .. support beflmd McGovera--wat11 After tbe _three hour meeting '.l few dap. .' for the s tanding t'loom only crowd J acksoa, who orgamzed Opera there t'he feeding of ...; tion (People Sa_ve macnitude: roast prime> nw Buuwut,-) after Wl!h baial ham liuttel' bean&,. the ClmstiaD l-' to., slaw, salads ., all Bteedbaa killdit btelld and two of W.. has r..n aetiife lleGovem caiJ..; and pies. """ all along and his an Altlhough malliY local, wlliae '11tursday caiD!! as no Masons were invilted, there were sarprise. -none. -Jacksca &aid the turnmc point 'tiM llW'Iet w a llr bn*ea in ll4cGoteln's can:apaian eame in te work togetba ill unity," said Cafifmnia wtlere Kina Seltn Rivers ol. Sarasota's Lodge and Bond campaigned fo,:-a South Dakota senator ..._ eat sharply iato Hullert Humplue,-'a lladl, Vie lllusewife For Post _, VDEINlNlA -reglisteM wters heft are elio gjble to decide Wed_... whellt er a ioeal fllou.sewife bllldr man will tilt tile tena of a furmer 1a WQID&D -a bl.efl man ihas ever served on .. Vienna Oity Cooncil. IMII'S. Boo T. Ali'QIIe ... .Joelm W. Lfteer; 1t111 .t a local maDUlacturinc compaJ'. rcc:eiwll -... ---....... respectively kl IHAL IIOTKE I'K'IIIIOOI' NAME PuMle-Is ._..eby given that FAMU 'NEWS / I aillpel tellilll -a. regisTALLAHASSEE, l'la .,... two slots that are scbeduled t

-T...-.,., July 4, 1972 Fla. Seatieei-Bulletia PubliaLed every Tues. ud Fri. Cet Both Editioas PACE FIFTEEN


. I Dr. W. W. Andrews, rifht, recently elected president of Gam, Annual Scholarship Award to Hewitt Esmond, left, and Arthur D. ma Zeta Lambda Chapter, of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and Allen, right. Robert Gardner, Supervisor of Personnel of Hillsborough County Both young men are recent graduates of Tampa catholic. AI School System, and chairman of School Awards committee for the len plans to enter Moreho11se College in the fall, and Esmond will fraternity, are shown here presenting the Roland J. Sr. Lincoln University of Pa. EASTERN STARS HAVE RAINBOW TEA A nice-affair of Sunday afternoon was tlie RAinbow Tea given by the Joint Council of. Order of Eastern Mrs. Elsie Livingston was chairman. The Masonic Temple on 34th Street was the scene, and the gathering Included, from left, Mrs. ;eorge Owens; Mrs. Jzzie Evaas, and Mrs ..i. i MaUle Holloway. Mobile Homes Ordered Opened To More Blacks TITUSVILLE -A mobile home park here was ordered Monday by U. S District Court Judge George C. Young in Orlando to open up to more black residents The u S. Justice Department brought suit against Northgate Mo bile Homes Ranch asking the court to enjoin the mobile homes park and its operators, Mr and Mrs. Lester Grooms, f r o m barri ng blacks through discriminatory pol icies. The suit also asked relief fl)r two families the government al leged were denied entrance on tho basis of race. Judge Young found that evidenc e presented by the government in dicated application policies of the park were discriminatory and ex Cluded applicants on the basi s of race. But he denied relief to the Rev A. R. McCreary on a finding that there were other grounds than race for not accepting the black evangelist; He ruled Mr. and Mr's. Foy Wil liams were not deprived of any right under the F air Housing Act because they were not bona fide applicants for a mobil e home s it & in the park. SPEAKS AT KING TRIBUTE PROGRAM DETROIT Angela Davis speaking at the Martin Luther Kin1 Tribute Program, Sunday; June 18 1972 during BLACK EXPO '7 Z activities at the Michigan State Fairground. Over 15,000 J,Jeople waited patiently and quietly for 3 hours in the hot State Fair Coli 1eum to hear. Angela Davis who had been delayed in a traffic Jam. REFRESHMtNT TIME AT VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Mrs. uat.Ue Miller and Mrs. Estella Allen supmen In the----llackground are Owen Hammock and ervise the refreshment line at the 29th Street James Vann. (:hureh of Christ last week. The partially hiddell caused by the many people on their way to the Fairground and BLACK EXPO '72. BLACK EXPO '72 spons9red by: the .M i c hlgall ChaJiter Southern Christjan Leadership Breallbasket Division. SOULFUL AND EXCITIHG STONE FOX-MAGAZINE-.ON SALE NOW IN TAMPA ST. PE'tEBSBUBG -' CLEARWATER ORLANDO


Fla. SeiatJ..e1-BuDella enry Tuel. anti Frlo Cet Bot1.. Editloiii PACI!! SEVENTEEN : : Nationrs f .irst BirHial Effort _Ia; FlOrida 'In l868_ : : I : -:The "Black and Tan". quently liniited by racial C o nstit u tional ol 1868, ation," writes Hume. "They were part Bf the nation's first W. simply unwilling to fraJ:!le. a docu. racial effort to _aajust to the reali ment which might impose 'black ties of in postwar rule' on a number of the state's. So u th \Vas the most turbulent of most. populous counties. As a rethe : Recons t ruction ,i.. &lilt, the constitution fmally accept: Conventions, aceoniing to an art ;.r ed was designed to assure whi t e he printed in. the upcoming R,=publican dominance in Florida." .TUly issue of the Florida11istorical -} Although the delegates split Quarterly .. -al91fJ racial lines and the eonsti t uA Jess progressive constitutio.; tioa was designed to prevent black was drafted -than in other. rule, it was nonethelesS a "rather stateS, -according to the progressive lpstrument," according Florida Historical. Society' s Quar : to Hume, "that pJ:ovided for en terl:,-, because of the failureof the franc;hisement of the freedmen and black delegates to attract signifi. a tax"supported system of publia cant numbers of white delegates education." The convention alsa into a .biraci=!]. majority coalition served as a trairiing ground for bent on framiDg a more democrat future Negro leaders. ic document. The article, "Membership of the Florida Constitutiarw Convention of 1868" by Richard L Hume, pro fessor of history at Washington lns1rance Confab sets Confab July 10 State University, dQcuD:lents the How to achieve growth and s uc bitter," factionalism that. the cess while improving service 11t delegates. every of company operations 'The Florida :1Bla,:k and'Tan" will command the attention of the convention, the name 'given by 52nd annual convention of the Na Southern white oJli)Onents of eontional IJI!surance Association at the gress!oo81 Recoostruction, consist Los Angeles Hilton Hotel, July ed Cjf-50 delegates, induding 19 10-12. blacks, 15 Southern whites.; 13 President James H. Browne, vice whites from outside the. South be president of American Woodmen s fore the Civil War, and three Life, in discussing the convention s BLACK PRESENTED whites of unknown. origbi Tbe autbeme, Growth and success Dr. Claud Youa(, rlgll&, President ud foaad-.,.. ot tile Mlcbi(IUI cbpter SCLC 'from Roue ol Rep thor further categorizes the dele. Through Service," stated that i:l e r of the Mlebigaa Chapter Soutbena ChrlsUaa ftlea&aUv.e mem'ber, NeHs 8U4ers. Rep. Saiaders, gates who to aid blacks and order to meet the growing compe Leadership Conference accepts a Sbte Preelama a aattve Tampan, Is tb.e daqla&er ef Mrs. Ethel c from within the industry and tion in resarda to BLACK EXPO "n !lad tbe work James CNom. Ic an as conserva from. government and business in tives those who opposed such general, Black life insurance com _BLACK CONDiirtOR_IS PUTTING Chemistry but changed his mind about going to medical school, conducted Italy's. La Scala Opera after winning first place in the Guido Cantelli International Con ductors Competition. measures. panies mu/Jt adopt' new methods : The "radicals," compOsed of a and seek new approaches to in majority of blacks, did not have sure viability. enough votes to get their progres Major will be made sive constitution. The majority co 'by William D. Grant, chairman alition, 24 whites and five and president of Business Men's wanted to continue white domiAssurance co. and chairman of nance, writes Hume As one white the Life Convention one convention participant later of the four trade associations 'SOUL'. tN_-HIS, ph:>ity. And, i'd like it to be a LiETROrr -J a ni e s Frazier, the black Wh9 Was guest conductor of the Leningrad Phil harmonic last fall, is trying to bring II'JUl to the Classics and the classic tO his ioal brothers and sisters. Fr. azier is writing fwelftb l&Ddmark." i:; Frazier, 32, ooe of -the' DetiOit Sympbooy's three conductors, .iaid a Hollywood at\ldio is mterested In bis musical ud he will apeod twQ months in Califomla soon to work on it. He conducted orchestras in Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Nashville, then was invited by the Soviet con-. duct at Leningrad He was t h e youogest AaleriCari .an

JtACE EfCHT:mN Fla. eftfrJ Tue. aaCI Frt :Get Botti Editions Tue.clay, July. 4, 1972 .: ... ... ...


' Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published e.er, Tues. Frf. Gel Botlt Edltfonw PACE NINETEEN Patterson .. To Fight Agosto NEW YORK :__ Floyd Patterson. set for a lucrative re turn bout with Muhammad Ali on Aug, 28, signed Thursday for a 10 round fight with Puerto Rican heavyweight Pedro Agosto at New York's outdoor Singer Bowl July 14 .. I The former two-time heavy weight champion said he has a fight with Ali in the works for Aug. 28 at. Madison Square Garden. "It's not definite yet," said Pat terson. "I've got to get past this one first," meaning Agosto Agosto, now living in Oradell, N. J.; hasn't fought since he lost a 1o:round decision to the late Jim Elder 14 months ag9. He has an 18-3 record with 14 knockouts. The 24-year-old native of Ar royo, .P. R., said he has been iiJ actiye "because nobody will fight me." .. is fighting him .for a $35,QO!I guarantee from promotP.r Stev.e Brown of 15 Rounds, Inc. Brown said Agosto will collect MICHIGAN STAR WlNS_ CAMERA. F-ROM JUNIOR. MISS $15,00Q / ; The 37-yearcold Patterson has a 54-7 record. He was stopped by Ali .in the 12th round of a title fight at Las Vegas Nov. 22, 1965. Patterson outpointed Argentina's ()scar Bonavena Feb. 12 iii the ex champ's only outing of the year. Signs Steeler Pact LUBBOCK, Tex .;.;.. Michigan U. 4efeaslve star Mike Taylor re Jeam, selected eac-year by the American FOC!tball. Coaches A.ticiela ceivea a camera from Amelea'a Jualor Miss, Lydia Hodson, durblg tioa1 Kodak is also a p01110r of the JaDior Miss Pareaat. Tayhlr, practice seuloa for the Coaches AU-A .. eriea Game Ia Lubboek, Texwho tolled fer :Po Schembecbler' Wolverines, participated In the as. Center Ia .Vaa B. Pbilllpa, vtce-p.-esldeat, IMarketlag, Eastmaa aaailal as oae of the aatloa'a top fciotttatl stars. PITTSBURGH, Pa. Quarter-K_odak Company, the Kodak AD-Am_e_rl,_ca_.;....__,,..,;.;.;, .. _._...;.._...;... _;,_;,_.._,..... back Joe Gilliam, Pittsburgh's lltb PLODDING=. RED--'SOX .. BOAST .HARPER BOSTON, Mass. _: Mcist of 1tha I like to drive them in and from first to thil:d, which is what Under those conditions I have a players the Red Sox acquired I like IDlY extra-base hits. But r. counts. And one of the reasons he sign for Luis wbicb tr!ies bim through trades in the off-season leacloff hitter is. suppQSed to score has only a handful of steals, is from the responsibility of swinging have been nothing to write home a lot of runs.' Luis Aparicio, who hits behind him. at any pitch to protect me on the about, but Tommy. Harper is sav 108 RuDB Reasonable Goal "Harper would have a lot of bases." ing the day. 0Jlly twice in his career has steals if it weren't for me," Luis Harper never baa been known Harper, the best base runner .the Har,per scored more than 100 runs said. "We have been working the as a power bitter, but he never Red Sox have had in years, al in a season. But he has an ex hit-and-1'\111 well and that's the rea bas a spent at ready has captured the im&gina 'cellent chance to do so this year. son Tommy isn't gettinJ Fen way Park. B9atoa'a fame!l tion of New England fans who aro In i965, while with the Reds, In a recent game, Harper broke field wall hits made pOwer bitters not used to speed at Fenway Park. Harper led the National League in with tbe .pitch and Aparicio bunt out of many leuer men than BOston Owner Tom Yawkey himruns with 126. In 1970, when be ed. Harper wheeled around sec Harper. self. insisted Harper be inCluded in had his big year in Milwaukee. .ond: and made it tothird on a sac Despite the fact that he is not any deal with Milwaukee. 'nle BosHarperscored 104 runs. rifice, a rare play which no one supposed to be a slugger, Harper ton owner has been attracted to "Sure, I'd like to lOO runs at Feitway could remember the hit 31 home run for Milwaukee Harper as a player for a long tim?. for the Red Sox this year," Har Red Sox executing in recent in-1970. He could do the same in He felt Harper's hitting style was per said. "But 100 victories would Cleae Teamwork this ye_ar. He is also a well suited to Fenway Park, and be more to my liking." "I .don't ever worry about run. candidate to lead the league in he coveted Harper's speed. The way the Red Sox have. been ning with Luls at bat," Harper redoubles. Harper has been leading the Red playing, they WOI)'t come cl01e to vealed "I know be will get a piece Pitchers An FaHerlag Sox in home runs, runs scored and 100 victories, but it would be hard of the ball. We 'have been working Along with Harper, the Red Sox RBIS most of the season. He has to blame Harper for what has P!*'s very well. acq wred two pitchers and an out been leading the American League happened as the Red Sox struggle have signs .. I can give to fielder from Milwaukee In ex in runs scored. to get to the .500 mark. Aparicio.' There are certain pitchchapge for six Red Sox players. "That's my .job, to get on baSe Harper isn't stealing a .lot ol but I don't name them-on The pitchers-Marty' Pattin and draft choice from Tennessee State. has signed a multiyear contract with the National Football League club; a spokesman for the Steelera said Wednesday. : Terms of the pact were not dis closed. The 6-2, 187-pounder led Tennes see State to a 21-1 record over the past two seasons. Running back Franco Harris; the club's top draft pick from Penn State, the only holdOut. Pat Skrable, the out fielder, retired. So far, Harper is the only player who is holding up Boston's eud of the trade. niBEIT a...Pabdttl ...... ..... 251 and score runs," Harper said. bases, but be is. getting around m I am positive I ean steal. Levi Kraussehave been disap-........ I Waming,Jhe Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. ,20 mg. "111",1.6 'mg. nicotine' av. per cigarette. FTC Report APR. 72. .. Natura.l Salem uses only natural menthol. not the kind made in a laboratory .. Like our rich, full-flavored tobaccos, our menthol.is naturally grown. \ Then We blend n'atural menthol with our suJ)erb golden tobaccos. It is a unique blend found in no other cigarette. A blend that gives Salem a taste never harsh or hot ... a taste as naturally cool lnd fresh as Springtime tlfl I.I.IITOOLn 10 .. cce .. .,J .... t


PACE TWENTY a ,ROCK STIU A -J-FAST THIEF 33nl 11 'THDAY St. L-OUIS, llo. Leu BMck was a fer start. He ;.a. -delliNed f a -game Winnirlllg 11treak on 1lh.e rQad in .tlhe fint hnl!f llf June. What' more, the left fieflde.r ;who all to often has been maligned })ecalUie ,of hie ber "iltook aa in l!la'ack" blnled in a .sies ef cat ches. 8riUiaat Gleove W41dt I there ._.. ILI!W' &ubt that Brock still was the .most emci!t-1ng pia)'ll!ll" m the Lw dispelled those thoughts wibh bts GilloJii)lae m adamon :to hi Dither -ta.lents. The Cardinals could well hav.e stretdletl. that w.irmlitW: ctretllk t'o IBeven ;nt 'tme-y tlilew a ;J-1 lead in the nintlh II!Jld tklst to the 4..3, in the 1ntb June 12. Brock had hel,ped pro;tect '!Jhat 3-1 m&'l'gm wTtlh. a running cate+!. fll. a .\ foul IDf" 'llo 1lile WI: field eomer and l1ater with a 1ea;Pinc eatbdh ef a l!lr.We a,y ez:-teammafbe Leriens. l"elllli' Salver G:Ncery a'Oil :iJa -tl!.e minor Cola won .ill the ma.}ar JWCl :Btob'.i .Amaco won in the senior ; These teams beat &st half 8nnem, DriC'S, il4 Ltrcal 1411112 .-4 Cone for .the overall league chaqri.aashi;ps.. Pepsi {;o'la and Boos Amaco will now play in 1lhe aty 11epsl. eoi.a wiR Bei.gtplia. Wil liam .Judge >is 'llle 11HlMget" WI !Peplli ca See If .If ere Fitsll Ex-1 St.B.stetl Chi .Dope Charte nJOS ANGElJE&-Farmet" feot "l.all JOtar IUcihanl (Dick) I.e. .B.ass., el.w!1ve runniDg back fer llle lAs .A.ng.e1..ea w.aa .ac rested Mooday in Santa Monica an -fl. mari ).ana _. ft41 iua. ..,_ JI<)Sses .sion ol .heroin, police said. Nal"'Otics detective Larry Ande.I'S'Oil sai4 ftley went to .B:as1 tHlnre Mmrtan .AW!., l:.JI& p:m., lliltl!lr a "tip," and ietmd. l:!l! m;ariju-aons plants growing in two p8t:s. A1ld.ersm said iJite 'Pimts 'W1!ft \en than a talft. A ft1at-dt df the 'bo11re, Anderson tur!tef 'alp 1l &meant 8f what tMy 1l'MltgM was heroift. An-este 'Wi1ftt BUs, J!i, wa Miss "Priee, ?:7, wt. l'e fu.qflll IIJo her cWt-ess. FOR THE'" FLORIDA-SENTINEL BULLETIN lids ..W be, one of :llis most 'Aiuable lessons in I'IIIJOnsihililr. ...... to manage ,IDs ...... 1rilllf ...... u. r. die .... .... "' ....... a hoost .. .U.Ca .. a wl a u ..., ill llpiag a .-se of .... a. enllipiiw ... acullfJiial Ill lhal wm stand i W. all his life. To lhe newspaper lloy, we lay, "CORGRATULATIORS." We're proud to know you. PIPDI ROUTES AVAILABLE IR ALL SECTIONS OF TOWI! 'Take Your Pick 01 Boutes, Or Start Your Own! C..tad: Fla. Sentinel Bulletin I 2207 21st A VENUE -01 Phone: 28-1921-


. ....._ ___ ._F_Ia._S_a_li_li_a_l_-..-;; .. .... __ ..... F_rl_._._c.t..;,.,.. _a.a __ &I_M_ ... ___ .._ __ .. TWEHTY-OHa f_.' s J. R. (. Lee,_ Jr. Dies .::. Pre Are Defiaitely 'llulaan Beilp' --Seaqe _Seals. EW!er B. -... GTand Ati &.. 1lhe Semum. Presirient. of tihe: SeuaiL Ftorilla 'b!f Eldetr A. L. PriniiU.,_ ]l.apbiS 0llalrm Sdloel Drown,. Mnr. Mlei!Qh. P :s. C!Ulrdt juat ele&eli a the of 'hlapa his. fifty-sixth wbiieb c on, seliVing-. A.t 8.:30 like venilli at Plrt.miRve -... wu held all the Pacl:i3.tist lJt Odancm of ment I:IOuse-amt was Elder W. D.\. fa paa.ilol". 'IWJlt .the of The-wu Wit q--, Mprs. J!!Vely;n. Juee of night with h brMtt Pll&blr iD New Salem. P. B. ChurdJ. of chall'ge of the W'edlres-'Ja-m:pa.. Elilw 'P. W. Samuels, day-mol'lliD4r at I W'8B tiae &:boel i PaaUna GIN!at. ami Mrs. of Me4ilods '\"'liidl Mils. l!..ifti Mae. Eveeyn: Amirews wee m <.Wr11e. Pe1lemloe. al Stt.. ill momiaa> a.t. i Srbsol charge. At 10:00 Elder Howard .. of MethiOch! and tl oflkialt:y opened' the conventioo of certificates fotr attend'IJ:Dee-, with a hy11111. allrl hanaeaake of A.ti. l0:3Q, aLL. b'WIIi.ness was-rom.-kllowsih.ip. At lJ9i: 46; our Bible pleted a.Dd: tile eleaioa. ofi ofExposition, with a summ.ary hy ficers was hel8. All olfletn'' -. LIIII L .Je. e -" Elder Z. D. Coaston on a "Pray-thenwlves. Mrs. II ........ er Clllwre'Ji.' Viela Jladstm. tm. recouding Silrvi.as. were ......;.,. .. -": .w: At noon Re':. F. L. Grahani o1. seeretary, wi\o resigltedo after 30 .,... ....... ew Fkllrirl '11.----w. t 'It years ol aervice. m b -n.'. a -......... e At JlOQn Ditneyland wa.s toured W!ildt wibfl h,-E.IAier a at 7 :30. was the Youth Coro tha. suots. aDII at: tilleir ot SuasOiba. 7 : 30 thla nation a11d OratxJtiioeal Contest. !PO*. m liD; M-messag-e was bNq!ht EW.s 'I'Da Youth. see--ted from viewed by the pastors. G. L Girant Hadnes CMJy w.ti -c""' '" .M li'ilst. O..:cli. w_u b, lllll!ltllers ef Ant.iooh !' .. B. -Clhurcll of Orlando BN.oks. was. m. C!'W at tbe setr-C!QJICreg:aU.. mOl."DD-aDd Miss. SChool of Methods, viae.. D.ea.con. :Bihade.s 1M: dM'\tQ 111& adt 8, of Meldlocb, a-b IM!rs. Beatrice Spearman, New ti6D&T. a.nd flliloir Na. 1 tbe Bible-...... Salem P B Tllmpa, were crownalllli sen:ed.. '!be B,emnOJl. h.W, tlwB tl mewtrial senb ed:. The OJ.:aklrical c:.oDt.est winner J. R. E. LEE, JB... wn alsa. deti:ve:red 1l6r Rw. Paad: JO!lti. A was Bwtda. JQyce Qranville, also _Brooks. ness wu, 1tfa Mli allG of New Salem. JACD NIGII ILY a:OeMAru 1:4s. --.-s&r.-SIMJS. l .,.. racrtnton .... v ..... se.\lli.tet Fii'S4J lM}MJ. a1r auual ad*el!6es: WMe Sunday morning at 9:30 Mas& bqaa a.fl uaual hou.r witbi the deliWertci. ,._aken Wtl.'e: CJi.urcll Sohoot was. hdd wi.fa same: oraer ol. A Youth President-Sandra A !Mrs. Joe Ty.Ier, Mt. Mol-iab, .,... .. '""':. ve.ry Wclllle!k'l Loll& Tllm.pa. n:e.wly elected District good sermon was deli'lered. by ana ,._ .......:.-. Supt. in C'h8JI'ge. At 11, Elder Rev. Brollks. \.ftUift1ll1 "'-'U'Y_.. The e:om.m.UIIity l" a.. .,,;mpa"t.... E.W.etr. B. H. HewaH. Howard aCid congregation ol. New "" 111 ..,. u..r ... 1 Salem,. Tampa, were iu. cb&rg with MisS C. Ad'dt$on __ .. ..,_,.,..,_, ...,. p.m. the Youths Anuoaal ,.. i ..... ""'-"-.l 1 -'w. serv ce Five sciholarshia>s were in tm.e passina ol ..... .. >.. .. er un._,..eon at the Pal'liament "" "'"w H ptesere4l to oo1leges Qi their Mr. GeMge AddtllOII. Fti8 ftllneral ouse :w.JJth Elder T W. Samuels and ftva. cbild.res Wei"e wiiJ be oft M'eftdar .... ""ar and Mrs. Bessie Buefield ia J "" h At !!elK to. the Plri.m.itiv .........:st rett Funeral Hom--. Th"' c arge. 6 :00 1ltle Womea's C ..... '"" D rt h d .&IDJ!t in Springs, iw a'--1_ ___.. ..... .l..... epa ment a it's annual can"'Ia ""-h ro;r ""' .. q'J'"'t""'<=.r ..... m dl li h "' c urd1 sCihool crown was Mn. ... __.__. __ A. a_... e g t service with Mrs Beat-.D'r,...,.. r cn:v ....,. then Pl'el!ented. Family. in :pessU!g-ol tmei.r nee Lewter ba cflug;e. Elder -M, Boward eeded t11iB mrs sistft> Mn. S&rah MilleJ.r. The E. D. EdlMCld ol Pbrat Ci\J ses!!iln and was very: funend wiH Ire held 01! Sllftday and P.a1metto brought t8e mess-with the and cooperation at Jerusalem BapMst Oitwea. age at 7:30, witA bi8 o( aB .*be MrS. Jtose Houalieo l!t ced.Md tiQa -the-c5s&rid aa.t 1iluleti Ged a at l..akeJand GeJM!I!al Fride. moru.ill.:g, Scliool.. of aMtW MiM WilDe-R.ttt l'nzie.T is abMJ Methods i,egaa &t 1 fQU&ww by COIII&ineC to NilpLH Geund Ho&-the l!.ihle at loQ:30, pital -the. Women's wa.a in charge wi1h lllns. Lul.a M .,._., fRw. N. Niftels. an .,_,. ... .MJI.. Milor1 TW'DIIeJIIi, ,..._rter. J)Jr.esid:iag. BwineeJa wu !held at noon with the anaual Sa.v s--, WfHMDtl 1>eiag detiltDV ftR .. vend by-!:lfler E. D. Balltwia ftl. y u_ of Ft. Meade a&&Wei ly rOH OUf ...,_,_ :r.. e1 Bal'bw. .LOUNGE


PACE TWENTY-TWO YOUNG, MR. ROBERT H. JR.-Funeral services for 'r. ::;: .: never die. You are sadly missed by your daughter, Mrs Irene Hudson MEMORIAMTAMPA-In loving memory of our dear mother, Mrs. Madie H. Williams, who departed this litEt July 6, 1966. Gqne but not forgot ten Sadly missed by your children alfd grandchildren. ,CARD -GF THANKS TAMPA-THe family of the late Mrs. Alice W. Manley would like to thank our friends and neighbors for expressbig their kindness dur Ing the passing of our loved one. Mav God ever bless you. Yours In Christ: Manley, Wil Iiams, Baker, Mills, Davis, Smitll Families. BLACK AMERICA OF TAMPA' AND HER ATTENDANTS rle Core; th!rd; and Debra Coleman, These honors were bestowed on ThursC:.ay evening. The lovely pageant at Curtis Hixon Robert H. Yo.ung, Jr. of Los Angeles, California who passed away there will be held Wednes d.IIY at 3:30 P.M. at Wilson Fu neral Chapel with Rev. Bernard ltlilton Jones,, officiating. Inter ment will be in Memorial Park CARD OF THANKS The beautiful girls here are "Miss Bl;tck America of Tampa", Eartha stewart and her at tendants, from left to Barbara Twine, ftrst runner-up; Edith Randolph, second runner-up; Car -----------Cemetery. Survivors are: a EMCEES PAGE ANT daughter, Miss Pam'ela Young; TAMP A A sincere thank yo11 to friends and neighbors who re membered me with kindness dur ing the of my beloved sis : ter, Mrs. Bessie Baker of Fort ltlyers. Fla. Special thanks to Rev. Rivers and members of Tyer Temple Church. Signee!!: Mrs. Sarah Kite. grandmother, Mrs. Lena Butler; an uncle,_ Mr. Ho.ward H. Young; an aunt, Mrs. Nettie Lamar; cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt !Lester, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D h N '' McCray, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Louis eat ottees Bryant, Mr. and Mrs WILSON FUNERAL HOME Wright, Herbert and Dale Powell, Mr. Elijah WoOds, 2702 E. NorthRoosevelt Lester, Robert Rickie and Vickie Morgan, and bay Sand.ra JC

'j. Tueaday, July 4, t 972 Fla. Se.tfeei-Bullelin Publi.Jted nery Tues. ud Fri. Cet Both Editiofts PAGE. TWENTY-THR BUSINESS WHY PAY MOB? LET PATTEN CARPET SALES save you moaey Special saviDg on Shags-$5.98 sq. yd. inetalled, rq. $9.95. -251-3234 or 877:1001 VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditioned homes In Progress VIJ. lage. $50 deWD. CaD HAROl.D BAKER, REALTOR. Ph9ne 98!1 7838 Nortlt 4tdl S&net Open Saturday and Sunday NO CREDIT??? Having Trouble Buying A Car Because you are short on Credit or Down Payment? LET ME HELP YOU CaD Bill OR SEE ME Af SUN RAY MOTIBS 6301 FLORIDA AVE. EMPLOYMERT HELP WANTED EMPLOYMENT -HELP WANTED LAUNDRY PANTS Presser, ex JJerieace. Forest. Hills Cleaners and Jaa!Miiy, 2314 w, Lluebaugh. 935-0945. Now lnterviewillg For Metlic-Center TraiDees WOMEN to be train ad certified for Medieal Work. Nunes Aides, FOR SALE 1 ------WEST TAMPA I CORNER LO'l', 3 bedrooms, 1Voa baths, CB home, stove and refrigerator. 3 BEDROOMS, l bath, Fla. room CB home, cbala link fence, weD laadscaped, air condit}oned $50 DOWN Medie-As!istants, PROGRESS VILLAGE Clerk Typists Key 13 BEDROOMS, waD-to-wall carOperator& needed. Call 223 3f4t. pd. see to appreciate DAY OR NIGHT SHin LIGHT LINE LABOR neecled for lfOBTBYJEW lOLLS full inside prod 3 BEDROOMS, Badul, ------------' ._.,FHA 235. PUIBSLEY Faeral Rome BROKER Office 121-4111 AITBUB A. 'EVAIS BEILTR VACAN'I' 253-3154. HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY ditioned holllft In Progreu VIto ---S-1-.,-EM-,-. FR--A..,-. ---lage $50 down Call HAROLD ._..... Jlainleaace Elechicia BAKER, REALTOR. $410 DOWN .-..-.:w:z orENING for PIAPt Electrlciaia. Jrlut bave eoftsiderable lmlu& trial electrical experience, good reaeral back JI'Ound ... llaDd iee&L Ex cellent (!-'7831 Nertll ..... Sftoeet Open Saturday and Sunday WANT A NEW HOME? f200 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. C.U .Equal Opportunity DevU.,mat Cerp. Call 2li7-3201. ,.,_ ; tad pencn:mel office: ])J!l'I, MONTE ceJU>O&AnON, 2M $10 DOWN '1'1111 BOMZ lltas J111t .,.._ frnl-1,-,aiated inside and. out and .. at deaa as a ,en. Bait 3 hdre-, alr-een....._, of nuae, cltaia Iiiii.-'E. 7tJ. Ave. :t

, PAGE TWENTYFQUR FIL Sentinei-Bulleitln Publlahed e v e r y Tues. anCI Fri. Get Botll !dltlon l .,_. Tueaday July 4 1972 3 ROOM GROUP $299.95 ARMON .1324 30 .. PHONE .. 248-2557 SPANISH_ 3-ROOM ,., your BANKAMERICARD welcome here _.JwttYDIMt ........ How all the grandeur of old Spain with this Medi terranean desigit houseful available at such a low price. '" Beautiful hardwood 1:onslruclion in grained. oak finish. Worry-free plastic top, 40" round table extenda to a spacious 52" Chair. reature decorative carved effect with cane accents, comfy box seats. li-Pc GROUP :$249.95. -LIVING ROO I Luxurious ensemble st;led with paM pering foam cushions, scalloped bases. Loose pillow-back sofa, biscuit tufted lounge chair. 1-Pc. GROUP .. BEDROOM Romantic group boasts simulated earved. detailing, ceater guided draw ers, plastic tops. lttchrdes a double 1-llresser, mirror, 5-drawer chest, pattel beadbeal'd, NUe stand,. 4-Pc. GROUP $289.95 Plenty Of FREE Parkln1 On lot In Rear Of Store


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