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JiiiY :4tH s h oo'tiftg At-, .. -:.Park Un_der \ (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) fjoJrii_d\rt. t ; REGISTER TO VOTE. NOW ie, lli'1tr111\'re, 1' : .. fil ) = i \_ J;. = i \ .. + : .. ... Sentinel Advertise's : YOU AMERICA's : FOREMosl .. i sEMI-wEEKLY ::voL. 25, NO.' 59. TAMPA SATURJ)AY, JULY 8, 1972 ... .. ..,. Famu Aiu.mnt M _eeting:, fSat. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 1') : i ... J' .. .. .. ..... *':. __ .. .-. '. _. BJacl( DepUty Ar.-ts -' SGc)plifting ,Team "'._:.: H .\ Y Oath. Drowns: Here. While .-.Visitini :Family. { .. '\; ... .. SEE STORY ON .. ':" :) NA.f\:CP HIP. DRIVE. ENDS WITH CELEBRATION The NAACP membership drive and college left to right are Mrs. Leola Dennis, treasurerr !!_l!holarship contest. ended Friday evening with a Matthew Gregory, president; Miss' Sylvia Haggins. victory celtbration at MacFarlane Park. Doyal second place winner; and Harold Reddick, vice ., 5 Named To COmmunity : Comm:ittee. SEE STORY ON PAGE a \ / Major, who first in the contest, was spon president, sored by Jaiiiej ll:argrett, Sr., left. Others pictured -.. -BicKks Are Urged To Create T By Governor Askew -: DAYTONA BEACH-Gov. Reu bin Askew Satqrday called upon blacks to not only seek political solutions for their own race but to "establish trust in both munities.'1 "I believe the black candidate and the black officeholder must recogttize. his or her resP<>nsibility to all citb:emJ'," he said in a speech f)repared for delivery to the Na lional Alumni Association of Beth une-Cooklllan College. cial concerns are best served." "Certainly it's understandable to Askew told the association that feel a special concern for one's while "the front seat of the bus own race. particularly when that is now available, there is still race long has suffered from under much to be done" in the area ,of representation in the balls of 'po civic rights; litical power," he said. "' But he saiil that economic, ed "Yet I submit it Is through a ucational and environmental prob. broader concern' that broader rep. .lems were also plaguing the coun resentation Is both achieved and try and state-and needed Input maintained. And it is through 'that as much as did problems that broader representatlO!l that ape were mor. racially Identified


'-ACE TWO Fla. s-tiMI-Balletin PuWblaetl every Taes. ua Fri Cet 8oth EditioDII Saturday, Jaly 8, 1112 .. .' :.:. :-.' -pi8Wl &od $100 in eaah and-fled .. r-----the 'licene --"'! .. Motlter, Daugbter Shotldting .. Team. A By -Black Depu_ ty James E. Williams, 25, 2705 11th Peliee Ulliou, Part II issued his famoos J:eJDarks: Slaeriff' s C.nity Rela.tioas : .,_ By -SGT. ARNIE MYERS Sheriff's Deputy i.ero,y IBl"adleiY anE)Sted a mtother-daugbter sboplifting team Wednesda y afternoon on Lake Avenue after they jumped bond over t\ro. montihs When trial time came neither Avenue in the 'faee with a gun In last week's column we dis "There is rigtlt to strike of the women appeated in oourt butt Saturday night at 22nd St., cussed the com:ept of a police against die public safety bly anyand Bradley." aMigned to-and Zlst Avenue and took undon, as well as wbd can take body, anywbed"e, at anytime." locate .them. Wednesd.""'-, Det. in cash and fled. d' 'k of 1"",, Pres;den .. "" rd "" 9 p plaee precee omg a ponce stn e. "-"" J<> went. to 311100 Lake. AveE ddie Ashfo '*" 1 14 mde iLet's begin fr{)m that point. SeveFranklin D. Roosevelt, in a letter ago. nue and arrested the women St., was walking. the 1 id ts b. d to the President of the National \\1hose re.al names are Johnnie track south of the 900 block of ra pres en.. ave The two were Mrested at Za:yre's De!pllrtmenf Store on lM'arch 21; and booked under false names. 'l.1le mother told p()lice her name was Willie IM'ae Jones, 11221 Han'ison, and the daughter' said slle was John l!ie Mae Jones. The twQ were due :.to appear in. Justice of Pea.ce Court April 19, alter be freed on a $250 bond eacb with bailbondsman Bennie Shu man representing them. Mae J,ones (daughter), 18,. and Cass St. Monday, and. was rob, With to a! of Federal Jones (motiher) '1 bed at knife point of $53. Ar. sSetrit.e abmongllpo 11';_e19 ....,.., '"' f h W'l p em er 1 "' re"All 'Government Em.n'-yee Tlhe judge Issued a capd.as for rested. or t e offense was I -:-f h' B 'to ""-.,_ ,..ru a cha lie McCray 28 erence to t e oo n ""n"e, should redi.ze tbat tbe process t1Ie on_glJlal rge M tth N. 1 :.43 1615 E President Woodrow Wilson stated of eollective bargaining, as usand Shuman tlhe bail 8 ew ea d 11 d ba Sh h... to 26th Avenue told poliee that an m an ad ress at He,ena, llVIton. ua y un erstood, cantl{)t be'trans-JUmpmg c rge. uman .... h" tau planted into tihe publi-c service. .,.,.;... ..., hadn't. unknown subJect moved IS pay -. smce women .1966 Mt:rcury W.rth $1,000, A Olf the. pobcemen of It has its distinct and in sur been. located. It will be left to from his driveway over the a great e1ty, leavmg that City mounC;able limttations when apo the, discretion of COU!r( as weekend. ., at tihe. mercy. of an. plied to pubUc !lersonnel mana-t6_.. w.hether the inoney Will .be Tommie Lee J4eNeal 25 thugs, Is a cnme agamst CIV'Ib gement. The very. nature and 2{U 27th Avenue, apt. 238, purpose of government make it returned to him. _ported that he was parked off my obliimponible for administrative ofa!nd St., at 27Ut Avenue FridaiY gation of poti.ceman ficials to fully or. to when an unidentified person cred direct a;s llhe. bind the employer in mutual dis broke a right to Olf a solrivate employee, p!oyee organiza,tdons." MilS. LOVJSE lONE:$ JOHNNIE MAE JONES COURTHOUSE 'CAPERS. took a black and white T. V. set worth .$60 and fled. Assalhs Burglacs entered the resideD Odie C. Donald, 21, 3301 Lila, ee o! James Amett1 2228 E. 'Was arrested at his home Monday Chelsea, through a rear windo,r aight. and cha:rged with aggrava Saturday and rambled through ted assault after he tried to the dresser, but stab Sherra Dean WilBoo, 18, nothing was taken. The burglar with a butcher knife at her apt., left through the back door. QIJOO 29th. Avenue .Aparlment A male suspect entered Willie 200, but was stopped by one Gilbert's hOW!!e at. 509' N: Oregon his friends. Saturday, and took a .22 ealibft Fred Watts, 37, was eharged -----'-.---------... y. P ae a IE SS Coleman 35, 4101 LaSalle, wtth a small' statue while invoiYed I I Lt a G E 16 and Harold }JeCuteon,. 40, ----------910 E. Yukon were in 3 llnna $5I .... im _argument Tuesday wtth a male suspect at Yukon and NeWall le .U caiJiel braska. The suspect picked up ly a large board and hit them both Mlve ID. zalia" eeftral times then fled th,_ tJce'ne on foot, poliee said. Dl&. Miss Brenda 17, stab-PIDS Mel Cacl Eugene Stmmons., 19, -..,..._...., Thonotosassa, with a kriife in the ferehead during an arplllent Saturday night at 2501 4th A 'Mf!lle. Kiss Graddy was with aggravated aseault. James Davis, 23, 1206 N. !Oth St., told police that an unidentified man stabbed him in the left arm Sunday duri11g an argument over a game of pool 11t Paradise Bar. Mrs. Evelyn Scott, 36, 1211% Kay, .and Steve Smith, 40, 1615 Govenor, were both shot by' a thirty-eight year old male sll'spect. Mrs. Scott said the man was an old boyfriend, and that tihe saw him earlier in the day and they aFgued. Smith said he was not with the worp.an, but \vhen he saw the man with the gun he started to run out door and was hit by a stray l1Ullet._ Burglaries Mrs. Clarice Sherman, 2317 lrd Avenue, 'told police that an 1midentified person removed a 'Window screen and raised the window to enter her house early morning. The burglar Fally .air eatliu..N, elllarge private llad7. Fla. a..., batbs, ealll&. BELIOIT HEIGHTS Wbnderful home for the right person. Three bedrooms, c!tntng room, Fla. room. Built-in-ga rage. CONTACT JOE KEIIEDY PHONES !33-'7951 or 258-3651 REAL ESTATE BROKER 2128 MAIN STREET OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY! took a tape_ deck from under and the whole .The eml!)1oyer is tt'le the dash, it was valued at $20. ot the commumty are m his people, who speak by nfea[ls of Robert Brown 30 or' !hands. He has no right to prefer laws enacted by their repres-enleus repo. rted pohee that he any private. ad.vantage to tbe pubtatives in Coogress. Accord!ingly, I' t was parked at Tainpa stamum IC sa.e y. admintstrative Dfficlials and emSaturday in a cat which belongs Governor Calvm Coolidge, Wltll ployees aJ.ike are governed and to Ethel Long, 2905 25th St. reference .tu t.he _!!oston Strike, _guided, and in many instances when an unidentified subject retricted, by laws which establish broke into the car and took an p(lliei.es, procedures, or rule'S in airline ticket worth $60, misc. Fwst ExtKutioft In persom1el matters. Since their papers, and three checks. own serviees have to do witlh the 35 Years In funCtioning of tbe government, a Miscellanious Two have been 'Char.ged witll c.arrydng a c-onceaied firearm. Mrs.' Partida Ann Hulty, 22, was charged after it was reported Tuesday that abe was carrying a .22 caliber revolver. under her shirt and it was confiscated; A .22 was. taken from" Ulysses Grant Bailon, 22, 4315 Arch, at the corner Huibert and Arch Sunday. A IIEAII CIIIE TilE Y .... very -llo111e wltll allistaaee FHA ZSS. Call 171-1541 -_,. lEI British strike af. pubtic emprro\}'ees mani fests nothing less than an intent V .,. on part to prevent or ob I. wl na struct the od' govetn-ruw,t until their demands are satisfied. Such action, looking toward tibe Jltllr.alysis ol governl!leot by those who have sworn to support it, is oothinkable and intolerable. Gil."eat strides toward the professiooalization of poHce departments h-ave been ROADTOWN, British Virgin Is lands-A 23-year.oJd convicted murderer was Wednesday. It was the first e.xecution in this Caribbean colony in 35 years. Bucldngham Palac:e announced yesterday in London that Queea Elizabeth II had rejected a plea for clemency for the condemned man, George Campbell Chalwell, a native of the island of Tortoln. The plea was backed by clergy men and others living in the colony. A jury found ChalweU guilty last October of murdering his 19-year old girlfriend, Jean 'lbomas, with a knife. The death penalty is com pulsory for murder. made in the last tlrirtY years. ,Entrance qualifie,atioos have im proved, disciplinary control hal become more rigid, political in terf>erell<:,e under the spoils system is rapidly d!isapjpeal'ing, and it is necessary to continue to improve in these 'fields if we are' to command. the dignity of the eitizens whom we sen'e. I'U See You Later. .. FRO IT GROCE.RY & -PAC.KIGE '3111 21da. St. Cer. Balalo lvuae Phone 248-3733 .. -'WE. ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS .. -. .. : -ca.e In Early Uti Gel 11ae Besl" r \ ... "' .. WE 111101 WE SELL AMEI!CAR EXPRESS MilEY ORDERS ... t.r-._ ShiP-nt Liaoleum 9 x 12. Came pick yours ClllatEN WINGtl TENDER OXTA(f;S SMOKED NECK KBONES ..... '.... IlL 45c .. RESB a.l&ING liENS ALL BRANDS MILK ..... :, .. 55c i 3 cans He MEATY SPAll. RIB TIPS REG. 75e 11.23c ...,. LARGE .. TIDE WASHING POWDER ICE PACKED FRYERS 39c Eada 98c FRESH BONES 2 lhs. 45c-. .. REG. 46c SUNNYt.AND'S .f-c ; LONG GRAIN RICE OOUN'JU SAUSAGE 3 U.s. 49c .. 7k .. -. -SLICED BJtEAKF AST BACON REG. 55c REG. 89c 79c BLACK PEPPER LEAN STEW BEEF -Can IOc U..Sic J..AJiGE 'EGGS REG. 15c TENDER CLUB STEAKS IN CARTONS THREE PAR.T TURKEY WINGE ... 99c Doz. SSe lb. 39c Specials fer Friday, sat.nlay, al .... ,. July 7. a. ami 10.


$atU&-day, July .I, 1972 :fATHER, SON TO BE REUNITED .AFTER -:EIGHT YEARS A story is o n e with bot. his. y oung JD!nd Jiad gotten a happy .ending. The story of confused on the most important Eddie Ja.mes Wilii!l rms, Jrr.,. detail of all. Inetead of it being teenager in PhiladelPhia yearn-: Tampa where he and his motbe;r ing to see his father again, is boarded _a bus, it on it's wa.y to a ha.ppy endiBg. was Webster, Florid a With tile help o f the Sentinel, .DeJ>bie,. ninth grade daugil .ter concerned people, police authmi-: oi Mr and Mrs. J antltS Tayl or, t; ties located tbe elder WUYams, said : Raymond and Jet Edwards who is making plaD.s. to go live ll half down -tile road PeDDysy}vani.a to get his onlsy from her family in the ruralson that he hasn't seen since section of.-Webster. 1964. ,. .. Robinson called Debbie's A 14-year.Old girl is o n e of family and tbey iD tum _oon; the many people due credit for tacted Williams wbo is now J.ivlooating : William&. Deborah Ann ing ;in <)rtando. He came to Taylor, ,visiting her aunt, Mrs. Tampa last.weeken!f to advise lEva M Rloliusori, 1fi06 :. auth9rities how he ca1;1_be reach !?ad the m -lUt ed. : .. 1F'r1day' s 1ssue of the Seo tinel ex DeJ;ective .Barbara .Wil1lams' of plaining. p):igbt of Eddie, Jt. the Prevention Divi11ion, She told her aunt-that she knew sai d she spoke With William!! the Ray mon d and Jet mentioned Mon4ay and gave him"tihe neces bein g the b<>y's unCile and sary; i n fo r mation !K1 in : aunt. toucb with bis soo. She sai d '11he bby had provided several he seeme anxiOUs to things lie tobe facta :bim: -. ,.. .{ .. .. ... .. 1 July .4th Shooting .. At-. Rogers.;. ... r., i .. oF JULY DANCE k u d p I I .. .. A Iaiit affair 011 July 1' was a Pre-Fourt h of ph! and p elitl included 1\lary Par n er 0 ice nvest1gat10n .. ; .July danee b y the Supreme Social Cl uti thar Hall. ,.. 1 Scen e o f .th e pre< lmliday fun w a sth e Labo r Tem: 1 A shooting at ROgers Park I other woman "said saw Tuesday_ afternoon put a damper and the woman dancing together,. :-:-.Youth':: Shot .Youth. Dr'owns Wh.lle v.SIt.ng on the ho li day fun of the hun and .later the w o man was dane. dreds o f peoRle that gathered ing, ivtth a little girl when Mills there for July 4th picn ics _. came. up, pulled .the littl.e girl By 4 Fam1y ... For Summer Tampa police o f f icer s said aside-and tried to dance with James Marvin Mills, 28, 370 8 E the 'woman again. An argument Henry, was shot twice during a started and another man came A 19 year old 'Tampa youth Fourteen-yea r.old Ricky Wlbite, quarrel with a woman at the up and tried to calm them; was shc;>t in the th.roat by a fri1!009 Harrison 30th Street Park. Officers F. E. Th.e police quoted one witness end after t.hey argued ovei a early morning while Baker and w. (;; Radovich sortas. saying that he saw a man girlfriimtl. .,... crabbing in the,... Hillsborough ed out several witnesses from the come up and striker Mills in 'Gregory Po}ire, 2922 21st lliver witdl his cou.Si.u. -large crowd that had the face with his fist.. MiHs A venue, w :as. to Tamp_a ; Ricky aQd lt}c'hard Hudgins -o( around the crime seepe and got started to run and thecouple General hospital With a .22 cah-l!W'T SlptUce Terrace, were up numerous accounts of chased him with the woman l>er slug in _his throat and was before eight to get; crabs from happeneii. firing a pistol at him. .said to be in good condition. the river near FOl'bune Street."' One man said he was dancing Three women, p<)ssibly the Police r&J)orted that the svs- Richard told police that Ri cky with a woman when he heard rn o t her and sisters of the fetnale pect,. Willia,ms, 17, had pulled a crab from the water a shot, :he looked up 'and saw suspect, told .P<>liclf that 2604 22nd Ave nue, and and threw it. upon the bank. a wom8ll chasing. Mills with a had heard saw or knew Rothi:!lg had a:rgue\l about :WH When : Richardtum.t!d ai"'UDd pistol. The man said he heard about the shooting. The older Iiams' girlfriend. Terry. '.felt Ricky was in. the .water. at least five shots and at least woman assured police that her that GregoJ;y h'!d a hand The 1 2-year,.old youtili cal).ed for one stru:ck Mills in the head but 'daughter couldn't possibly be talfing and wanted help f!om 'the. bridge attend.ant he "kept. running. This witness mixed up: in the distur'ijance; the two of. them tO .fight "it out. but by then Rdc:ky was said he : then. saw a man. grab Mills w a s taken to Tampa :Apparently Politeagreed a_ndat bottom ol the six-feet woman's. arm and lead her General .with a bullet .w_ent to "!'illlams' deep water. Neithe'i' of tl;ie boys away from the scene. wound ln. the r ight heel.and o ne mght to keep -the appotntment. eould swim A woman uid she a1nan in'the n eck. He t o l d poli ce .that Whenanother. frienl\1 up ."'!lW' Ricwn to see ."he lives with rty o r a .lb'r the friend had Ric k y lying On tihe bottom ,his grandfather. Ricky would rope r : f:o the t h e w a ter.. Farr then called p o have attended ninth. grade class-. .H1ams Witt! lice. : es this sc h o o l' term : .. :for ,assault to Rd_pky'l!l mct.i11er, MTS. Betti .. Funeral' Horite is ill ee\_ at $?,000: case -ts re_ white, very shocked cha trg e .of artrangets with .. tur:n-ble m QV'er the death of the eldest 'of fih al plans bein inoomplete at Court h h ld 'd Th. ....., 4. AP T ." U _NITS ': 200 ,.. __ ..... ExceUelll leaanls 6mg ia CABPEITEB'S SPECIAL AYAD.ABL& SOOII! Small house lhal nHils lixia' .. On 60 x .IOO FL Lot AI 3611 McBEBBY. $ 3,500 $150 ... ,., .. ,. ;AI Chdy 5 Per Cent lfttend "'' r. ; :-. :<; :. e r .;se _ve.n c 1 ren sa1 urs UlllS time. I : i -:. :.. # ::.. ...... : s;.:! ._ five .Named To City. '5 gomg to k11l h 1 m. He rart from ... .. ;f:!_.. Re-lations; Advis: ory Com :from > a .22 c ahber revolver. : Ill Mills said he kept-until .: he heard t h e s ixth s hot then ; 'fa-mpa rel!lldectts have Boa!'d, turned and. told t h e been.. to the city of the. iJ.litiat' meeting of ah11 was thro ugh. It '{(as then, 0oJiltftl1JD;lty Retlhe committee Wednesday even that the man up at-. lations AdV1SOry ing in the Conlerenc:e tacked him but .ran: when Mills' Na-med tO the. oomm1ttee by: .. iRoom t C1ty Hall, exfriends came u p to he1p him.' Joel .L. direcbor ol the plamed thilt the group is to meet Milfs was treated .at the hos-Agenonce a month f or the purpose of pitaland released in good concy, WJ!re: reviewing the. status of dtizem dition. -"c. Andrews, J:r., editor in the oiey, and to re. Befure leaving the scene the of the Sentinel

-. JtACE FOUR ,_ Pub&bed eftl'7 Tnelclay IDd Friclq bJ l'lorida SeatiDel Tampa BUlletin Pl*liabiul Co., 2207 Tweol7 First AftDUe l'ampa, Florida 33801. ---------------' C. BLYTHE ANDREWS FOUDtler ud Publiahu C. BL'fTIIE ANDREWS JJL J:Jieedve EtlHer SIMON Vlee Pftsldeat-Predadl DS. ROSE CRUTCIINLD Vlee Presldeat-SeeieQ .,_ JOHNNY JACOBS Vlee Prell.Ut-Ainrilui leeGD4 c:1asa postage paid at Tampa. Florida. SUBSCJUPnON RATa $ Ui. Per Year Oae Eclitloa. $U.st Per Year Jiodl YU... Dealing For The PHPie In That was a heartwarmin1 story out of s.ilon Rouge, La. ill which former aepegationist State Re_p. Risley Claiborne (Pappy) Triche admitted he had been wrong and apoke out stron&IY for brotherhood as he backed a fair-hiriaa bill. Rep. admitted he was lhe fello11r who twelve years ago offered secret.UO..iat hills to prrieat the clesetreaatlion of pu'blic achools. After expl-aining how he t'houa)llt was right then J.ut now realizes he was wrong, Rep. Triche went on: "I did not wallt to leave my children with the ,legacy t h at their tiaddy was a bigot and a :iacist. ,_ "l'in, not a .hitot and a racist. I want my family and my citi zens and my friend. and my constituents and the citizenry of this lltate to grow out of racism and bigotry. "Let us join banda with au the poople of this state, black and whilte, reganllNS of race, creed or for t h e advancement and betterment of our state. and nation.'' lit was a beaut.iM tn"bute to the millliona of Americans who haYe continued to labor in the long, llough struggle to bring Saturiay, Jul:r .. 1972 'I j Bayard Rustin SpeakS I : By BUSnN -o.drary to popular impression :to men are shut for women, and the woman most diaerimillated often consider their years of scboo'!.againat is DOt the while suburban Jng wasted. hou.wif e but the mother of a These are not subjective evalua-tbetto household. tions, they are innermost senU. PeOple have ariued that the rei inents ol black women 8,ll ell atively afAuent suburbim.ite wtiuld pressed in polls and studies. Yd be more V1!1nerable to the disaffec to accept their validity is tO raisa tim caused by her sextial role and significant questions about the more likely to embrace the Issues course of the women's liberatio!a raised by the modem feminist movement today. For black womc movement. en, no mater bGW profoundly their It ia hardly difficult to reacb sympathy for the issues ..Of memi such a conclusion, particularly it rrist equality, have largely ignored one'a judgment is influenced by the women's liberation movement the COIIVentional wisdom served by When Women's h'beratiOn rose to journalists and other opinion mold prominence several years ago ers. For it was the same sort of there were who warned that simplistic anJ.lysis, uiyth making should if fail w-alter the essenthl and which ly middle class nature of its apo many people that Wkillg people peal it would be unable tO will the are tbe most conse"ative force in support of and white work society, when in fact coose"ative ing class women. and reactioliary attitudes ue far And while some feminist leaders more prevalent among the wealthy. have aclmowledge4 this weakness Black women, in reality, hear \l(e still finil that black women, the drumroll of the movement fOr pOOr women and working women, female equality much more loud discriminated against and alien.. ly than do whites. And contrary to ated as they are, remain unenthu popular myth, poor women respond .. siastic and occasionally antagonisto a majority of the issues of the Jc to women's liberatioo. femmlst movement more fe"ently Too often tqey find that women's and in greater numbers than do liberat1on is concerned with rhet the middle class housewives and oric and consciousness raising to who comprise tlle the 11eglect of social change. core of streoath of women's times Gloria Steinem, Betty Fried.. tivist groups. .. an and other leaders of women' But while endorsing the broad tights groups focus on issues aq r For the fir.t time In histol'J' blacks will be goin& to Miami Beach aext week to play' c:nac:ial I'Oies.. ill a Democratic NatioDal Colwention. The more than 450 ileleptes will represen t more than 14 ceDt of the total. They have the power to make or 11r0uld-be presidential nominees. And they are attemptin& to do it. about a country where a citizea's opportunities aad responsibilities are not limited by race or color. The encouraging-thing about It is that we think there a r e many, many more Trichea across the nati10n who iieed little more than aome courageous leadership on the part of people in key Po sitions to encourage them to stand uP and be couDted. aims of feminists, black women dit irrelevant to the persooal lives of fer sharply over which issues jhey "working people as to appear consider most fundame)ltal to tantish. equality ....Wbile white woinen find Put there Is a inore basic reason it difficult to define and qualify for black disenchantment. Black Of arealler iaiJ)oJ!tance is the way t.lack cdficiala are dealin& in the eperi on the basis of pMgrains previously recommended by reaentatives ol larte numbers of people. Despite charKfl of deals, sell out and other such coolrful terms -from black poDticians who have aot yet clearly indicated h o w they would act in accordance with the d :ictates of tl,eir people, it would appear a new seme of re. &pon&ibility is Back when the Contteasioaal Black c .. 1aeua started hearints on :various important issues, it waa hy all that its mem ilaers aomeday would back. a can didate who aupported p..Ograms recommended because of w h t came out of the hearin.ga. The ma.iOr this time Is that a few black lipOkesmea did uot band together and de. cicle on wldlt they were willlni to barter. away our votes f o r : ifbis time the decision was based Gn the candidates' response to de-. ands made opeDly by thousauda -.f people representing the ..-iewa ef milliOns. Leaders like Mayor Richard Hatcher, Reps. Louis Stokes, Walter Fauntroy, Wil liam Clay, Charles Diggs and others, teU ua that Seu. McCoY era has heeD moat specific in his of the demands from 'lacks aDd that Is why they reo ac t positively to him. This newspaper has made no d!olice among the candidates for the conventions or for the geaeral election, but we can s a y without equivocation that at .thia tace ol the game we are eneouraaed by the way our poliU. eal leadership is c arrying out the people'-. mandates. U 450-talus deleptes -.Jit up too much at Mi8.1 ._.. they will ave. the ., mfluenee cannOt ... fGI'o aaen by the aominee. That Is why it ia so imporitant have leaders in t he State Houses, the Congress and thtt. White Hou:Se who place the concern of America and ita f -uture aho..-e selfish political con aideratioftl. Frientlship MB 3222 2th St. Rev. James T. Linl( Pastor S S. will begin at the usual hour with the supt., and teachel'll at their posts. equality, black women see equality people, because they have lived as a less etuaive ideal. For with discrimination and struggled women believe thet equality to a to overcome built m prejudice, canlarge degree can still be not relate to a cauSe which sepaby, more jobs, more and better quaJ rates and isolates social problem.t ity low and moderalle income bous-. on the basis of sex. They under 'ina-, improved public education, stand from personal experience quality health care imd programs that discrimination, poverty, 11.a1d to help the poor and the miseries they bring are n.ot I do not"'mean to infer that tent aex$lly exclusive. Jni.sm's psychological implications Thus while black women have do not concern black womeri Black remained conscious of the special women are hi fact more dissatisproblems they encounter as worn fled with their social roleS. More en, they are also cognizant that deeply than whites they dis discrimination is eSsential a mattressed that their sexual role may rer of class and race. ha?e limited their chances for self This is reflected in their choice fulfillment, are convineed that of social activitism. In past years dool'S to succes.S which are ope,,: black women played important roles in the civil rigbts movement. New Mt. .Zion 2511 E. Col-'ka Dr. Rev. B. J .so-;,, They were the first to respond to Dr. King when he organized ths Montgomery bus boycott and as sumed leadership positions in this and many other campaigns. Morning serviee will begin at. 11 with the pastor in ebarge. Evening service will beain 6:30 with the same order of service. All are asked to re ;member the _ai_ck and .. Services wili begin with Sunday SOO.oofat 9:310 with the supt., Dea. Virgil in dbarge. More recenUy blacks h a v e branched into other areas, organ izing domestic workers, hospital workers and school parapro{ession als, long the most impoverished and exploited of the female .work 'Milisters FeDowsllip. Hour Of Power Rev. L. L; Ward, Pns., Rev. E. Be11tly. Vlce-prea. AU Ministers of the Hour Of l'owir are asked to meet at North Side M. B. Charch Rev. J. Jordan is pastor. Saturd11y evening at 6 P. M business of importance. Race Relations Prohe. Begils Germ.aJIIY A White House..spon!!()l'ed race investigating tee mad e up of a blaek _judge; two black l a wyers and a wtlite n.Surance exe-cutive began a week's tour of U. S. Army units In Europe Monday, tihe Army re-ported J'Udge EdW>ard F. :Bell ol the W8YBe County, Mim., circuit court. bead of the "Operation Awaren ess group ; N id they wanted to tincf out wby tfteH '\'WU ... grossly di&proportinate number of blaclcs in stoekadee AJJ. Officers and teadten are asked to be present and on time. The review of the le eon will be by the pastor. Morning service begtios at 11 with the deacons in .charge of devotional service. 'l1be .N 1 choir and ushers wiil serve. The pastor. wm deliver the message. BTU will be held at 5 with the Milton bl .AU yooog people, members and friends are invited to come oot and take part in the discussion. Eveninl service will bella at I with the deacons again In dwlrge ol. devotion. The -&ame chon' an41 uslhers will serve and the pastor wiH bring the mess age. IAt 8 p.m. Sunday Dlight .the Voieee H01pe will present a musieal progl'am at the churcll. 'The public is invited. !Mrs. Jean Sheard i.s director musiciaa. ()n M t ooday tbe No. 2 Choir Uoiolf will present a Guest prorram at the chu.rch. The program begins at 8 and IDea. Virgil Broob is president of tih!is union. public i s invited to atteod. .. .Rememt>er to visit and pray fc;r tbe sick and almt-W. '11tey are desitous of :rour pnytn. You are extended a cqodial fn. 'Yitatfion to worship witlli us at -.,. an.d all ti metl. As our pas tor IIIIYS Is tbe elhurdJ. wlle in excess ol .n per cent of tbe in leO!IIInemmt.,. repert to tbe ilt :.Thus in the most important areas of aocial activism-Civil rights campaigns, labor organization, ten ant rights groups and the likeblack women have carved remark able records of accompliahmento. Their leadership has been construe tive and responsible; their mili taDCy indisPutable. ADd they bear with them the conviction that what they are doing is important not only in itself but also within the context 'ot the larger movement. for human and sexual, r cial, and social equality. Young Adult Clloir Union Ttte 1. c. Yomg Aduit atotr Unioo. business meebing wd-11 b; held Saturday evening at 6:80, at ,First Baptist of LincQln Gar; dens. Rev. John Stephenson iiJ pasa. AU directors He to be present a.nd time. 'I1Ht choir union was a great auecesa Sunday both spirirtualey and finan. cially. Gospel Program The Harmony Kine G6i,pel of will nlllller a propam Stmcla7 Dfcht at Trinity C.M. E. Church 2400. No Howard Ave., at 8 P. M. Yo\1 are invited to attend. ltev. L. L. :Wtd Ja pator.


r=;::s.tw==d=y=, =Jtal=y=Si= = = : AROUND 2-..,.st Tile Siaclay ScHol-LessO. ReT. 1. B. ,.._,.... Puler ,; s. B. begaa at tM uaual Jr m. A.' ... URI .,.U 1: hour with the fllpt., In charge, PASTOR, BEULAII BAniST CIWltCII IU I; The teachers w-ere a t their posts. ;;.. _______ ..;.. ___ .. The 11ubjeet of the leuon wu FIIIJIC liUIDliC Fn lAIII "Discovering A )(eaningfu{ I u rr '' Faith ... The Ieason waa revieW l J[lql Jt:l-11; 1 ... 11:7-lS eel by Mr. Jessie WilaoD. lllorn .All men aeed guidanC! they :-Here is Elijah standing,' first the By HAYWARD BRADY ine wonhip began at lL Devo-seek to make it through life. wind blew, then the, earthquake tion waa led by Dea. Wilson Some are dependent on counsel shook tbe earth and finally thtt and Dea. Warren. No .1 JOn, others on friends, and some fw,. but God 'did not speak tq and ushers served. The sermon on a cabinet 01' a board. Then him In of these. QuieUy md sieians who blew his way all the was delivered by the pastor. again some claim tbat they are softly, there came a still ama1l way up to tbe great "Sam & Holy communion was administ-guided by their own ideas andvoice bidding him. be still and BILLY BROWN, dapper busi.neuman, golfer" and hubby of lovely Mrs. .Mattia Bnwa, botb of whom moved back to Tampa following stay up famed Harlem, Dave" sbewtime set, has reered. ideals. .. Know God.'' tired ftom the entertainment whirl Home Mission Wll6 hel d at S This is not sufficient, all of us, Elijah had been so busy thinkto do work in the eburcb. Best Evening worship began at 6. Deno matter how sinart, bow erudite, log about himself and his woclc wishes and hat's off to .;,,, sir., votion was led by Dea. Griffin: no matter what "''ds help we 1 ,__ ed Th ... \Ulti he did not hear GOd, all ba N. Y way, will be a black J>usinessman, an! man of fashions Word is the 1'U)AMAA RESThe same choir. serv 9 : have need the guidance of God. could see was that he was the 1'AURANT,'" recently opened by sermon was delivel"ed by the Of course the problem is how to I f Black Civil Rights Leader Joe pastor. Prayer will be find that guidance and that is' Ouq one e t to carry_ on. We get WaHer aall Miaa Coaaie T11cker in held Wednesday mght at 7. what our Jesson is all about thinkingd' thadtl v to 1 1 loUW ero ves aroun us an St Pete, is doing real great. Be-. lSI rs are a w:an we come. we tlll'l_l in life, all the while God is t to lieve it's located on 16th St. AnyRf.'member the and shut1t be m the Btble or out break through but way with that name "UJAMAA" Ins. of it we find men oogged down, self is in the way. This is a you kin fmd It easiiJ. J B frustrated wonderger we must avoid at all costs. OOia. Favors was talked with fU8VIft8 JptiSt ing they mtgbt find JM:lp. -Finally Elijah beard the still the other day, and eveeything 905 Governor street Always there comes a q,uestion small voice of God, his own loner with the dynamic )'Otmg leader is / Be 1 p Ni bois 1 p stor bo'! can J get out of this convoice of despair and coming aloag just great.... v. ac r., a fusum, bow can I fUld my way wu Fprmer acboolchom M/Sgt. Services began at the usuat f was silenced, all the pbenomena nest time on &lnda beginniog wi1h out 0 this mtuatioa? Is there 8 of nature were pushed aside and E Uvlagatoa was home for SUnda-1 Sebool. '1be lesson was way There is a way out. he .beard the voice of God and a few days last wet!k, during Jesus said ''J am the Way, the th which time it was learned Enest taugbt by Mrs. G. Nicllols and and the Light." No one e gwdance be who's Iook:hig as youthful an d l'eviewed by the supt. need walk ill darkness, confUBion f-or L hisf lifbie. Godto d badthe addtbonal handsome 1111 ever will have his .M:oroing W'0'1'6hip was ce-lled to and frustration if they seelt God wor... or 0 re !'as no twenty years of "war 'n peace order by the pastor. A spiritual ihi'ough Christ need for h 1m J o be afraid and camp'' duty completed in t h e devotion was held. T h e senior w loot t the ro bet of God frustratejl be was not alone tbere cho. ed Tbe -A...:e. 3 P P were others, at least a remnant next eighteen months. tr very ..._..a-In this and observe. that he of seven thQUSand who had not BU..LY BROWN Former Tampan Tlteedere Blue tional seriDOD was by tile Bev. was a frustrated bowed to baal. and wife were seen get Nichois, Sr. The message wu man. He felt alone and destred feature of one of our upcoming ting set to a ffi&ht for an enjoyed by all. death He -bears a veice tbat same God spgke to daily newspapers (believed to be eight day stay In Hawaii, with Let us remember the sick and brings him out of his hiding place. Eli,ah and hi,m still speaks the Florida Accent magazine). their Teachers Asaociation. Mr. ebUt-4D everywhere. i'ny with He ia told to stand upon tbe today. He still the prophets. billy and several reporters and Blae is (the nephew of retired them and for them. Mrs. !Beatrice mount beflore the Lord. The Lord the aeers, the tbe ex photographers spent most ot Moo :Middleton In prineipal, A. I, FerWarmack is in tbe St.' EJU&beth waa.ln that place. and aD. who will day out at our fabulous $1,000,000, reD. 0 Hoepital. Pray with her aod for All of Ul aeed. to find a place and for bis VOice. 000 TlA. &booting clothi.ni fashion Keaaeth Biola was among her. where we Call be alone with God, Hi s gwdanee IS as near to us 80111188 and putting the story toTampans traveiin1 to Atlanta to Senl.or dtofr rebeanal rii he some place that his memories as hands and feet and as close pther. So, watch for it! BrowD see last weekend's Juz Festival on Saturday alternooo. Holy coin-and assOCiations about as breathing. aod wife are ownera of the and Mr. Rlola reports, Miss munion on Sunclaiy morning. it. ... "'.MALE SHOP" in East Gate Fladt, really did he r H Ll nd B (L ch We must remember too that we St. JoLPB Shopping Center and residence in things. 0 a apt. .ur must look within for God, for in. 1111 r beautiful River. Grove homes MRS, BERNICE MYERS IS deed the temple of God ia in our Lake Paaaselfkee area in Northeast Tampa. BACK F R 0 M CLEVELAND, MlO E North bearls It II here that God pauses Rev, C. -W. Baldwin, Paat.r BTS 'N' BRIEFS OHIO-DETROIT, MICH. VISIT. Rev. W. M. JWe. Paator to speak to us. It is bere that we BreiMl H las, 11. Word is Tampan Robert L. Met Mrs. Myers, who resides at Mn G. Triplett, Reporter hear his voice above all other a llgg epener Blou& has InQVed ufJ from the 3113 18th Ave., and ia a lOilg arid S. began: at tbe usll&l hour voices. II>edkation ceremonies for tha ticket cotmter to Customer Serloyal Springbill M B. Church With ille aupt. in Ail An old Coca Cola slogan runs: new cbut"Ch will be held SundaY' vice Representative with EAL in member as she arrived on my teadlers-were at: their post. "The pause that_ refreshes." It at U. Rev. E. M. Howell will Atlanta -Whisperjetnight Mooday after _IMoming_ worship waa spiritual. people to take a Cote delivered the aermon. The public AJid while speaking noon from Cleveland where she toea. W'lliie I&aac was in cb -arge break and refresh themselves. We is invited. !Follow ['15 North t() WoodJ Allea waa in town during visited an \Ulcle end aunt, ,Mr. ol devotioo. 'IIhe No. 1 cbok' and need to take time to talk with Lake 1P>anasoHkee exit. Turn left the from the Big A, and aDd Mrs. Me1KbaleJ (Ulliall) Myushers served and Rev. Cobbs God, we need to talm time to on Hwy. 470 West for fOUl' blocks mentioned he and airline en. in Detroit, abe visited Mr. delivered the message. listen to him. The old hymn puts then turn left at .churCh will meet again in court today and Mrt. R. L, (Allee) Delanla At 6; evening sennices began. it, Take Time to Be Holy" tbat (Friday> to try settling their per and Mr. aDd Mrs. Hunter in past the pastlor delivered the is our need today. 6onal dispute. Woody is being reptwo weeks. message. Prayer meeting '!bursI realize that the age In which resented hy an airline attorney JOE AND SALLy REDDING day a-t 1 'Ibe 1 -cboi.r will we live Is filled with voices, all and attorneys of the late Dr. AND ROBERT .AN-D JOYCE TUC -end will be a. guest kinds of Yoices vieing for our at. Martta Lather Kilt( Jr.'s SCLC KER returned last week from few dloit Peace 1Baptist at teotion. There Is such a babble Sam star lineman for days stay down Nassau, Bahamas !Mt. Zion :Monday Digbt, at it is zqost difficult to know yean w1th the St. Louis Cardinals way, wber'e they were highly en B. All welcome to aeod when God it speakiDg. Bow do and more recently the San Fran tertained amonr tbe famed Bay om' aervM:ee.-ILet us Pt&Y for we know the voice o( God when lhacle Sam's Help Coaltl _if ..... FOB YOU!! A ltome of JOur ewL Fiad etH IIOW. CaU 879-15U c .Isco 49'ers, was met a St. natives and lot to meet each. other. we hear It? In from Santa. Barbara, Walt "Ciyie" Fruler of the N Calif., to attend final ntes of an Y. Knickerboclrera. Jee aad Rob In Bartow. coming _to ert, members of our local Fire the ftmeral was hi atmt, Mrs. Dept., were al80 given a tour of OUver Parks of East Orange, N. the city by the fire chief of NasJ, Mr. SUas ia now a: businesssau. Nope I don't Jmow whether lll8Jl 0 and college instructor in they any new tricks far Santa Barbara. -. our fire fighter. to uae Believe mention was made of SAW LT. COL. 8. D U BE former ,JMMU All-American Ma GREEN' OFF ON WIKSPERJET Jor Razel&oa being recalled to pro FLIGHT TO DALLAS, T E X A S football by tbe Chi Bears as along with pretty wife, Marilyn, either a player or aSsistant coach, and handsome one-year-old son Former Supreme, Dlaaa Ross (Jr., I believe) Col. Green's an told guests seeing her sbow In Las Air Force pilot, with one year to 'Vegas last week of expecting ango for his twenty He's the son other babY; as a result of her of Tampari Mrs. Mignon Green, few months marriage. Yes, this nephew of Mr. Aady "tiHilp" Marone will make two. tin and brother of Mr, S i d n e 1 TMre were those seeing last Green of St. Pete. Dabe, MarUyn week fill-in prelim bout of the and "Jr." were entertained by vs the QIIUT)'IJ c a r ci Daisy aad Wilton t h e live, who felt Tampan Joe evening before departing. His next whipped Eddie "Bos' assignment may be in Taiwan Man" Lewlt, real close MARLOWE LEWIS, Plant High when seen from Curtis Hixon too. grad, ia reportedly set for mak-. Rlelaar4 presentation of ing his debut 80011 Mllr l\&J Charlet at CUrtis Himn drew lowe' the son of Mrt. Gra cie -K. Uoo. A crowd Of 3,000 was Deeded Shermaa and grandson of Mr. lor tbe young promoter to break Mrs. Geor(e Kaowles of Car even. He kin thank some of the ver City. 40,000 who went to see Three Dog THOUGHT FOR 1' 0 D A Y Nl&hta and exJelld Hendrix drum COMES FROM THE GENIU9 JneJ:, Badtly Miles for this... REV.'' RAY CHARLES who Zlllema Caueaur, the alnging said Sunday niJht--"To tell beauty formerly with our "Faith, whether a woman's fine or not I llepe and Charity" vocal group, may not be able to see 'em, but baa cut her firSt llinlle album. It's man I sure Ida feel 'em. So you eartlu.d, "Zulema: ; see, there's .I,..,a .,methlng Learned from tbe rents fOOd, OOIDinJr out of .amething IQiOtber of Claarles IeiiiiMy, one bad.". of Tampa's most outstanding mu-." SEE YAV LATElt OP!N SATUIDAY 'IU6P.M. Opea Weelalap 'Til 9 P. JL : ..._..,'Iii I PJI. More Than 200 Cars!_ -Choose lrom Slalioa Wagou, Family Cus. Sports. Can, Foreign Can. lhna 1972's. '71 MUSTAIIi. '72 CREV YEGA 1 C,l., S-Speed, Radle, Bealer, Baklaback, Auto Trus., RUJ.o Air, Low Mlleare. Beater, Fac&ory Air, Low 'MDe 00 '$2595 '70 FOU TOBIIO !-Dr. Hanft .. V.C, Aate. Tra Power and Air. ... -'72 BUICK SIYLUI 4-l)r. V.8, Aute. 'l'fau., Pewer \Dd. AJr. --$3295 -'72 CIEV. IIIPALA 4-Dl-. Aato. :rraas., V-1, Power & Air, .Low Milea,e. CWoe of Col er1. age. Choice of Celors! H&l YOLISWACEII Sqaareback statloa wa,oa, .. ipeed, Radio, Heater. $1395 '71 CBEV. YECI Rak'hback, S.Door, Staatlard TrailS, Btly U Jut as It waa Ia! $1395. '&I CIEVELLE MAUll t Dft. Har4te,, Aate. TI'HL, Air! But It Jut as it wa1 lraie Ia! _$395 SEE. FEBIIU'I IDTLET nl TIE FliES!!


Fla. Seiltlnei-BulletiD Published Tues. atl Fri Get Both FAitlaai Saturda1, July s,' 1972 YWCA GOOD NEIGHBOR CLUB IS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS :. .. .._ The YWCA Good Neighbor .Club is a club which The club's young president says that since aU Is made up of boys and girls 4-13 years of age. work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy, somo For the most part Club participants Uve within Saturdays -are just for fun such as arts and crafts, walking distance of the Y. Because of the Y's games and comedy mf!.vles. Also the young presl transportatlon problem the President IV1l Dean dent stated thai a weD rounded person must not Johnson and the YWCA Sponsor Mrs. Emestine neglect the edUcational slcllj of his Ufe so field Givens escort the smaller children to and from the trips to various places of Interest have been phin' Y. ned. Several times a year a big event is planned ; 1 The cJub was originally organized with the for the club such as. the the memberil will purpose to be of service to people. At present thel. be having in August. : project Is purchasing a 16mm movie projector for Any children who would like to participate the YWCA. To do this they have had car washes; please call 223-5647. raffled pillow cases; sold cards, candy, popcorn Among those already enJoying club activities and hot dogs. are, front row from left, Darlene Lawson, Regllia The primary purpose of the club is to teach Clemons, Carla Clemons, Usa Robinson, Tanya the children at an early 'age to be good citizens Rainey, Darrell Laws; Laynion Boling; second of their community ; to have respect for otber peo-row: Valentine Williams, Michelle Thomas, Prentis pie; and to do good for older people (along wth Rainey Vanessa Rainey, Janice Stennis, and third this idea they will make Christmas presents for row: Mrs. Rita Valdez, Audrey Boling, Janice the Old People's Home). The child'f'en also wll) be Jones, Theresa Ralnev. <;lark Boling, Ml'!l. Ernest taught personal grooming, and the development of lne Givens, club supervisor; and Mrs, Emma Shell, health habits. YWCA Director. !'HE JONES ENTE RTAIN ON FOURTH Mr. and Mrs. William H Jones, Sr. were amon& those entertain-_ ing on the fourth Their guests were Mr. and Mrs. William Lacy, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. L.eroy Baker, and Mrs. York, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Floyd, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Hannah, Mrs. Cathy Wilson, Mrs. Norma .C. Holley, Miss Vida Dry, Mrs. Addle Washington, Mrs. Ar. lene Evans, Miss Vonciile Dry, Mrs. Rowena Brady, James Givens, Mrs. Norma Johnson, Mrs. Leola Smith, Mrs. Donnie Gardner, Mrs. Pearl Dozier, Eddie Evans, Billy Jones, Jr., Harold Trent, and Mrs. Estelle Avery. KAYDELL WRIGHT ENTERTAlNS FRIENDS Friends were entertained Tuesday at the lovely abode of Miss Kaydell Wright, 912 Newport Avenue. Kaydell received her Juris Doc tot degree and is practicing law in Atlanta Georgia. She is the talented daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Caleb Wright. Persons present to enjoy the festivities were :\lr. and Mrs. Henry Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gill, Misses Justine Williams, Carnella Stewart, Jean Franklbi, Helen E. Long, Bettye Hill, Constance Lester and Jacquelyn Lockett of Dunellen. IN SYMPATHY Friends are in sympathy with Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Bell of 3506 2 7th Avenue, who left by plane Monday for Rochester, New York to attend the funeral services of Mr; Bell's sister Mrs. Willie Mae 444 First Street The BeUs are members of Allen Temple AME church. AMONG THE SICK Get well wishes to Homer Patrick, 805 3rd Avenue who is ill at home He is a member of Tyer Temple United Methodist Church Choir No. 2, and vice president of the City Wide Men Chorus. 1\Irs. Emma Roc kwell, 2208 19th Avenue is home surgery at St. Joseph s Hospital. She is a member of Beulah Baptist Church ,. and a local s c hodi marm. (Continued on Page 7) NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS On SundaY, afternoon at 5 : 30, members of the TROJANS SOCIAL CLUB will meet at the home of Lymon Reed, 1507 33rd Avenue. THE JOLLY J\lATRONS CLUB is meeting Monday evening at 8:30 with Mrs lola McCloud, .1257 Scott Street, and the birthday celebrant will be Mrs. Corthia McDaniels. Mrs. Celestine Williams hosted the last meeting, and at this time the birthday celebrant Was the president, Mrs. Gladys Anderson. THE CAREER GIRLS are having a par-ty Saturday {light at the American Legion Home. The public is invited. Members of TAMPA COSMETOLOGIST UNU NO: 1 will meet 'l'uesday morning at 11 o'clock at the Educational Building, 3223 14th Street The unit's membership drive is now underway. Mrs. Gladys Chattman will host a meeting of the ROSETTES !OCIAL CLUB Saturday evening at her residence, 3105 29th Street, Apt. B. CCoatlaued oa 7) Dr. Cromwell To At Beulah DT. R. A. CromweH recently reof Foreign !Missions of O>nventioo, Inc and formerly tJhe Progress ive National !Bapti5t Secretary with the Foreign Mis t;ioots IBaard of the !Baptist Convention, Inc. will be -guest niinister at Beulah iBtaiPtist Chur"ch SundialY momrng. !Dr.' Cromwell is no stranger to Florida. He formerly Pa .stored Ba.pust Institutional Clhurc!h in :Petersburg and Mt. Zion :Baptist Ohurch in 1Pensa.oo1a. He left 'Florida to W()rk with the iFQreign !Missions Boord and to ;pastor in Philadelpihia, Pennsylvanda !Dr. Oromwell and M:rs. CJ"omwelil ajre now livmg in Tampa. /Pastor Lowry and the Bewah !Baptist memiber&hip cord!iaHy in vite friends of the Cromwell's t and lriends of B eulah to visi:t Be'ulaih on Simday moming and !hear Dr. Cromwell's Fellowship Chorus Mrs. MozeUa Jackson, Pres. Miss Vanita Hall, Reporter The Un!ited Fellowship Oborus will have rehearsal saturday at 8 at Oak Hill I M B. Church of which Rev 'E. Bentley is pastor. All members are asked to be present and on t ime. Ushers Union No. 1 Garfield Anderson, Pres. Annie Randolph, Reporter Union No. 1 business meeting will be held at 3 at St. Jothn IM.B. Clhurdt of which Rev. E. iNewlcirk ios pastor. Your Dream Home Yea fbr you! If YOU qualify $67 per mo. with Govt Assist ance. Now call 879-1541. No, _obUgatl,on. WEDDING PLANS ANNOUNCED --The marriage of .Maxine Thoinas and Ozel Chisholm has beeia an!IOu.nced for t at First. Union Missionary Baptist Cliurch, 87rt E. Chelsea Avenue, to be followed by a reception at Potter ; Elementary School, 3224 E. Cayuga. Parents of the bride are Mrs; f404 Tbonotosassia Street, Mr. Charlie Thomas of Syracuse, New York. She Is a member of First Union M. B. C()Ufch, a graduate of Middletoa :High by the Hillsborough County School System. Mr. Chisholm Is the son of Vernell Chisholni of Ocala graduate bf Middleton Adult High School, a deaeon .. hi New zlGD M. B Chur_ch _of Clearwater, president 'of City Wide Choir UnloD, by H P. Hood Son,_ Dutle"dlll; Ribbon Pie is layer upon layer of fruit and cheese goodness. Cream cheese and velvetized evap.. orated milk blend together for a smooth and mellow stripe layered .between sparkling red raspberrY' gel Carnation's has additional recipe ideas. To send for copy, enclose your name, address and zip eode with $1.00 to: Food Service Center Carnation Company Box 50RS Pico Rivera, Cailfornia 90660 RASPBERRY RIBBON PIE (Makes 9-inch pie) 1 package (3 ounces) raspberry flavored gelatin 1 Yz cups boiling water 1 cup (lO.ounce package) thawed frozen red raspberries 2 packages (3 ounces each) softened cream cheese Yz cup.sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 envelope unflavored gelatine 3,4 cup cold water 2,h cup undiluted Carnation Evaporated Milk 9-lnch baked pastry shell Dissolve gelatin in bolling water. Acl.d thawed raspberries. Chill to consistency of unbeaten egg whites. Remove from refrigerator. Spoon 1% cups gelatin into bottom of pastry shell. Ch1Il \Jntil set. Leave remaining gelatin at temperature. Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add vanilla. Soften unflavored gelatine in 7:4 cup cold watn. Heat evaparated milk, softened. gelatine and remaining eup cold 'water over low heat for 5 minutes or until gelatine 1s dissolved (do not boll). Gradually add evaporated mmc' rnlxture to cream cheese. Beat until smooth. Chlll to con &lstency of unbeaten egg whites. Spoon cheese mixture over -set raspberry gelatin in pastry shell. Chill until firm Pouf rema.nipg ru.pberry aelatin over cheese layer. Chill until arm, 1 tO 2 hours.


u;, .. _( -: Saturday, Jvlr:. f, 1972 'I. ... ; ; <"# ;pJt .. f' '1 .: ; PACE SEVEN f -LAYMEN DAY ;AT. CHAPEL_ AA\E .EIGACED Ander&on announ ees the of her ghter, Alalia Jean to Waymoud 0. Mack, son' of Mr. a!id -,Mrs; Wilbur 0. Mack of TallahaBSee, MRS. SUSIE M. PADGETT : GUEST morning speaker : Mrs. M. Padgett, presiLorenza Hayes; Mrs. Bertha dent of the' Laymen Organization. Dudley,' Mrs Bessie Williams: At Pleasant Chapel Mrs Be$sie Jolly, Mrs. Richar .,.nnounces that Sunda,y ha_ s :Hattie De designated for another Laymen Day observance. Mrs. Marjorie Laney and _Miss Patricia Cen-Guest has accepted the invita-tei'. :.. : tion to-speak at th4! 11-A. M. The list ,Mrs. eervice. The Rev. A. Lythe "'!' D. brand is the pastor. .. S1itpp, Miss Naomt ,-tchell; Others who will take part in Mrs. Inez Sparks; Mrs. Thelma the activities are Mrs,' Irene Collins, Mrs, Jackson, Johnson Mrs. Arthur Shipp, .Mrs. Helen Kennedy, Mtss SandMrs. Randolph, Mrs. ra Thoma_ s, Maureen. Mazola Daniels, Otis Padgett, ter, Miss ?ynthta Felton, Mrs._ lB. S. Proctor, Mrs. Alicia ThoNoreen Fmklea, Mrs. Reatha mas, M rs. Ethel Jones, James 'Yilliams, Mrs._ Gladys Felder Lundy, Mrs. Benitta .. Banks, and Mrs. Helen, Thomas. ,-" .MT. PJLGRIM TONIGHT-AT ARMEniA--TEMP-LE Maude M. Fowler is inviting all workers and friends tobe present f.Or this a nnu.al iocial. event. Miss Anderson's father, Lorenzo Anderso n.-lives in Plant City. Both are graduates of gee Ittstitute.Miss Anderson is an Instructor of Medical-Surgical NurSing at the Bethesda Hcrs 'pital School of Nursing In ClnOhio. Mr. Mack is a supervi'sor at Seagram' s leries in Lawrenceburg; Indiana. A-laie summer wedding is planned, and it will be in Tampa at the First Union MissiOnary BaptbJt Church. ENTERS COLLEGE EARLY MIRRORS-.. _.,--; < Bj BEVRLY (Continued From Page 6J ORCHiD CLUB MEMBER& STAY .BUSY .!. Mr. and Mrs: Lawrence :Byrd recently hosted a gathering of the Orchid Club members, their sl>ouses, and friends at' the Pow-hattan Avenue Business included the -reading -:and signina of the charter. Otul hundred persons are needed to 4o volunteer work in the Sickla .. Cell proaram. Interested'persons may contact the secretary, Mrs. Joh.nny l\1, Ga .raer, 677-1607. In line with the Sickle Cell program, Mzs. Nell R. Webb, direc of the Cyrus T. Gteen Playground, is looking for talent to enter -the "Health Art" contest for children .of all agf41. Winners of the drawing contest will reeeive trophies donated by the Orchid 'Art talentS will be displayed in the Lee I}avis Clini c Enjoying the delicious food 'and drinks were Mr. and Mrs. 'Joha Argerious, Mr and Mn Clark, Mr. and Mrs; Dennis Gamer, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Maj, Mrs. Ruby Monroe, Mrs. Nell Webb, Mrs. Mlldi-ell Siplln, Mri. Mary Brown, EUa Cusseaux, Mzs. > Alta Daniels, Mn. Alza Mcf"lell, Mrs. Beverly Garda, Mr. and Mrs Ruben Reynolds, Mr. -and Mr&. Mitchell Felder, Mr. &Del. Mrs.' Char. -les" McCaskill, Mr. and Wallace Langston, ,Mr._ and Mrs. Joe Janes, Mr. and Charles J'ones, Mr. and Mrs: WHile .Joe Prestan, Mrs. Myra Coachman, .William Ellerson and Mrs. Johnnie King MRS. PONDER ENTERTAINS CLUB .' .. : Mrs. Ernestine Ponder hosted the Zeta Arnica's last meeting un;. til Fall. 'Attending were. Mmes. Bernice Tucker, FaDiiie williams, Celeste Rogers, Georgia Johnson, .. Mary Chestnut, Gladyll Whaley, Maxine :Doucta.-, lieallls McC lain, Corrine Riullerf, Earon Cuffie, Ida Gary, IJllda Smith, 1\foring of Brooklyn, N. Y who is visiting Smith, and Mrs. Priscilla In liddition to Jmalizing business items, some the discussion was centered oo the group's Fourth of July weekend trip to Nassau. Ji;njoying the exciting toilr were Mrs. Berniee Tuc;Jler, Mrs. Georgia Johnson, Mr. and Mrl; Jamei Radtord Mrs. Earon Cuffle, Mrs. Hil da Smith and Mr: and. Mrs: WiiUe Green; RAINBOW TEA J ; : The No. 3 Choir .of Grace Mary M. B. Church will spOnsor their annual Rainbow Tea Sunday afternoon at 3 The church is located at 37th Street and Lindell Avinue, and the public is invited ; James Anderson will be the speaker; and the Highland Mission, ary Baptist Junior Choir will sing. Mrs. Regina Palmore is the pr.esident a_nd Mr1, J. M. Willltms Is chairman. The Rev. B Thedford Willlaml is pastor. lUUSICAL PROGRAM ". / Choir No. 2 of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church on E. Columb\18 Drive is having a mi,ISical; program Monday night and each choir will have a guest chOir pre6ent. Later : free refreshments will be "" served 1 Vkpl Brooks is the president, :t\'irs. Gennle Austin the re. porter. Th-e pastor is the Rev B. J. Jones. STATE FAMU ALUMNI MEETING The Florida state Alumni Asscoiation ot Florida A&M Univer is meeting at Downtown Inn In Ta.mpa July 8 Thtt meeting opens at 10 A.'M., and the Tampa Chapter is, of course, host : Registration will begin at 8 o'cl .encourage tist Church of College Hill, ... Mrs. Ruth Perry hosted a shower for the pers: nable bride-to--be sponsored:, by the Mt. Pi!grim: children to s. S.'Don't .. erived seve,ral awards_ Gu e stS at nice aftalr W!!te l\friles Zena May, Mary Dorsetl, Women's Convention Friday ev, _, the sick -iui9. shutins > High for itis performance -in Loill!le Brown Almanda Palmer, Alice Beriha Kem!l. SyFl ening at 8 o'clock The affair:; r, Visitor8 are always weilcome -.iiusic and art. He was a member Underwood, Thelma Sweet, Leola Tay lor, Eugene Poster, and Mau!:'e will be at the Armettia B aqd1 j,;. of the Civitain Club, the Music Richardson. : _,, Temple, 2717 18th A venue. Brow.,n Temple: (hurth Camera. Club and the BJ .. t Another slY:lwer was given by Mrs. Grace Anglin. This guzs t .. Mrs. Carr. U! the wife .of: the. Rac}al Commrttee. list 1\Imes. Yvanne Doris Williams, Julia Thara, Lowt' Garr, Jr., :Pastor of %314 !7th Avenue _; -has .. recently } Netta Anderson, Rosalie Jonei, Bernice Armwood, Beatrice Rend er-St. Ma:f' MisS i onary. BaJ?tist ; w. w.

" .. -i-. PAGE EIGHT Fla. s e.-.1-Bulletia PaWIIIted ..-y Tues. aikl F". Get BoOt Ecf.itioai 'Satmfty, July 8, 1972 .. NEW : TO CElEBRATEPASTOR'S ANNIVERSA.RY ,. .. .. .... : .. MIRRORS _OF SOCIETY Mra. Tommie .11. White, Rept. The Mil'acle Prayer Band will meet Monday night at 8 at the lhome of Mn. Roaa Poochie, 2058 82Dd Ave. Villit9ra are. wei Timothy Calhoun, B7 BEVEilLY J -------------------------------IRev. pastor of"'New at ll services will. be rendered Hope M.B. Ohurch wiU celebrate by !Rev. !H. S. Seymore and cooOils 20t!h anniversacy beginning to. gregation ol Mt. P1easa11t of a;ight, July 7 througlh July 9. Twin Lakes. The past is ask!Rev M. C. Johnson, pastor of ing Bn members to -be !First ;Baptist ol West Tampa 1Frdda y night and all day Sun and his congt"ega.tiori will be in d'BY oharge ol services tolliight. Swl-AI. ac1ilvitJes for tJbe week re. day morning at lll, tile sermon ma.tn tile .except Mollda;y will be delivered by Rev. })an-nignt tiHt No. 1 dloir will have :iels, pastor of Friendelldp M. B. business meeting at 8. All are Clhurch on Lake Ave. Sunday asked to be pre::ent. You are dir-eetor. (ee.tiuet fn1ll ;.,. '7) -pano Beach, .._ c.ute WUBams and Mn. Fbtale Deaden-. 1'1.! Pierce. CAR WASH Members ol the Maaona lll1d Order of Eastern Star Youth Court No. 44 will sponsor :-a ear wash Saturday at the ENCO Service Station, 21st Street and 14th Avenue. MISSIONAR.Y WOR.KSOP Mt. Siani Mission Mrs. Gladys Boward, Pres. Mrs. ABDie Laura Pittmu, R.ept. wekome to worship wWt us Mt. Tabor No. 1 Ushers Lervern Cooper, Pres. Mrs. Dollie M. Browll, Rept The No. 1 usher board of Mt. Tabor-)f, B. Church of which Mn. Mary Thontpeoa, Pres. Mn. Tommie M. White, Rept. Area I Nj$$ionary Society Is havlnr Its final workshop Satllllt day at Mt. Zion AMiE of Port Taq)pa, 7315 Kissimmee street. 'Dle :Rev. L, C. Man is host pastor. The time.is 10 A. M. until 12:30.: The Community Prayer Band p D'!IO .: (L---L No. 2. Thia Konday night ehoil' will meet Tuesday night at 8 at 8aCI ...... nil !NO. 2 will also sponsor a th h f M S Le al program. The publie ia in-,. e ome o n. amm1e e Rev. ... c. Goins, Pstor Se t, 5o1 U St A t 521 "' vited. Let uJJ remember to pray_ .... 1 Lo .,diP to. Betty DawkiD&. Reporter !for and visit our sick' and shut. =-r 1 lams, ree r. Servieee Will Sunday were at their. posts. The lesson -with S. S. at 9:30, with the aupt., Dea. Jessie Manley, 'Was reviewed by the acting pas 1 eharge. Morning worship will House Of Mt. Siani Miss'aon will meet Sunday fi'om .f. to 6 at the home of Mn. Jenkins, 3007 IN. 36th St. AH are asked to remember the sick and sbut-ins. Vi.s4tors are welcome. Bethune High Rise Prayer Band Rev. T. J. James is pastor will have regular meetingMonday night at 8 at 'the ehureh. The presideat is asking all membera to please be and on Morning wonhip will began follow at ll, with the No. l i at 11 with Dea. J ... Shefield and choir and usher board serving. Dea-. C; in charge of. th'e devotion. The message was The pastor will brinl':_ the mes delivered by the acting. pastor. sage. '" .. The No. 1 choir and ushers serv BTU serviees .:wlll be held .at ed. 5, with the, Mrs. Abc Prayer 292% 22nd Street Elder Jl. Bryant, Pastor S. S. will begin at 10, morn 4ng serrice at 11 Baptism at 1 P. K. Everyone ia invited to come out and hear the true gospel preached. Mrs. Barbara' Greeil, Pres. Jrlrs. Mildred. Miller, R.ept. Bethune High PraYer !Band met Monday at 7 at the home of Mil". and Mrs. IBessoot, Apt. No. Tbe lesfron was taken from Pbillipao 13 :1-7 by !Elder H. Brown. The meeting WU.U be held at the home of 1Mrs. Arula Patter Apt. N.o. 008. Viaton are welcome. New Sale Choir l Mr. Emaaael Williams, Pres: !New Salem Ohoi.r 3 will f!PODSOr ,a King and-Queen Coro nation Friday night .at Kid Mason Rcreation Center on Harrison /St. The rprogll"am will begin at @ Mll"s .. Ellen Benjamin is pro gram chairman. Among the participants will be Mrs. Floretta Jacksori Mr. S. J. Wilson, Mrs. Henri Phil14;ps, 1M1iss Brendla Granville and Mhs-Sylvia Sneed. Men Tem,leNpitAW Mrs. Sallie B. Crosby, Jlrs. A. K. SUa--. Kept. Allen Temple Pulpit Aid Board will meet Tuesday night at the borne of Mrs. Sal"alh Lewis, -.tlhlB Nassau -st: All are aslaed to reo member 1be sick and sbutchrs. : The Tea 1rili be belcl Suada:r. July 16tb at K!d .lftiOD on Harrisoa. 'l1le time ..wit be from 4 to 6.. Sshile AIHI Easbile .,..., ... The SUDI!Illine nd Eastside Prayer Buds will meet SUndia1 IDoniing at 5 at St. Jobn. M B. Church of which Rev. Eddie N"' Jcirk is pastor. 1be cburdlia located at MOO. llli}th Ave. Deacon Mond, pt"ftideot (If lE-a&tside andMrs. Alice L1ine is reporter All bands a 're asked to be piesent and on time. All tire asked to' remember the sick Putitsley Mrs. Loalse Pre.. Mrs Batel Petty, Bept. Puitbsley_Memori al wlJl meet Satucday Jlligbt at 8 at the home of' Mrs. OlL Lake Avenue. All members. are asked to be pl'eSent and oo time.-St. Jolla Orcll No. l !Mrs. Gladys Crews. Cilairma Mrs. Etta White, Rept \ The No. 2 tmle 'of St. J'oh11 M. B. Chureh will meet Monday tLt 6 .at the home of Mrs. Camp. bell, 806 3rd Ave. 'fhe le ,!Json l:ly one of the members. The eubject will be ."Winning Souls By Satisfaction Coneern," 2nd Cor. 32:1 verse. The wt meet-was Jteld at the home of 'Mr,. Alice Lane, 1403 Arm-"'ood Ct. Eveni'ng service began at 6:30 .m charge Evening wor-. with Dea. Shefield and Dea. shtpwlll 't!e bel4 at 6 p. J!! in Greater Morning Star -Scrivens in of devotion. same order as The message. was delivered by ship. Buy from Roria time. Rev. Lowe, Acting Pastor the acting pastor. Let us rememThere will be an. after_Bemee LoraDdy MaDDing. Reporter ber to pray for the sick and program Slmday night with $ tin 1 Ad rti S. 8. at 9:30 with the shut"ins. Visitors are welcome various ehoint of. the. eity par- en e Ye SerJ supt., in charp. All SUMMER KNIT TOPS ,. Regularly 11_.9()-17.00 7.99 .,. Volir favorite knit tope re

.... _..: "' ,;.. __ Satu rd_a-=..y,.:....' ..... 2....;.._-. __ _.;.. -:: '...;..fla._ .. _.;..; Senlloe_ ..... _J .. _r._PD_. _w_t.Jaed !WY Tua. aaCI F r i. -Get Bot.: Ed ltioa s ... II Baptist PAGE. N I NE ; \ i<' 8 9 8 Short Emory. S t Com._er Palm ,...,. Re-v; J. L Overstreet P u to r Q 1 t s d :.nA M t Mrs. Lillie M. M ci>Oftald, R e p t n llB un on,.Jt gomery .f?f Detro1t MichJgaq was S S. be gan 9 : 30 A. M. the pulpit guest. He was ensup t., pres1ded The route to Miami where he will was by c o n duct a for Rev. W. Mornmg beg art F. Sr: Pastor of St. ,. 1 0:45 ... J?evo b on was co nducte d Mary's Baptist Church His : .by Mr M o s e s A Vord .aDd :family was with,him. Ali mem Harold M u s 1 c : was bers .. asked tO rerriember that ed by the ..Sanc tual')' cho1r Us-Sunday is Building fund da,y )ter. t>oard No 1 served. The .. Th Go 1 n d werinon: .. was ; delivered by, the .. e liPe anes ren er pastor who choie for his t h e m e, the mll:s 1 c Sunday Mr. Mel -"The Master Of The' S tol)D s." yln W at p1ano .. He selected his : backgroun d and enJ?Y some smgmg scripture from the fifth eig.hth a!lmversary of" the of the_ b ook of St. Mar)c.O n e -will be oq11erved on the member was added : to Sunday This will be a church. special day, _tor Faith ". Eveni n g worship began. at and friends areinvited to at-s ::1fi. The deacons; ch,ojr, tend. : iuid. ushers T h e sermo n Prayer services enry, Tues-. 'W,atJ delivered by the pastor. H e day,: : evening at 7 -:--Sunday cho,ae for his :theme; "The Ki!l&',, SchoOl at 9:30. 1 k : :The Servant, .. The Re deeme r of ... Let us attend a ll Ol our serS indei:s .; vices. : ;. Fo!ro wi n g ... the. : a\ Lord s-Supper was served to .a.n FaitH Thmple. ;... members, followed by extendmg right hand of re. uowship ... ... .:... .a M all, members: ..:... -nvrl B 1 The u11ual o f se rvice will. b e follOwed July .e. 5706 40th < !ofusic will be ren dered :by the Re,{ J. J ordaD, Pastor ; ushers will s. s. will beliin at 9:45 with eerve t>evotion Wlll be conductth s t' l M Fr dd' L. by Mr. Al p h on so A dams and e a 8 .sup e Ie. I :Mr. Allen Carr '.T h e sermon charge. The les so n wili be deli vered by the pastor. be reviewed by_ the plasto_r. .. '1 KASH N' .. KAIKY BECAUSE !BEY ABE BEALLY COMVEinaT; TBEII noo PBJca. LEAD TIE .OTHER STOlEs." ... ,_ QUEEII. DTEB WILLIAMS 2712 2411a A venae ., -' Florida '. TIE. MilE IF runs BBU DS. I -' .,_ l .. ... 1 ';], .. .... Members of the Sanctuary 1100. -A,. mornmg 1'1rBhlp choir are asked to meet at Pleadevotion Wlll be led deaean't C h apel AME Clfurch, Sun-' cons. The No. cho1r and the day at 11 /l. M. Th e address is 2 .ushers :Will serve all day .. 2622 27th "AvenU&. The presi-the sermon Will ?e by d M "'' l h the pastor .mormng 11,nd mght. .r. :.I:Yl P Dew I S urgently At 5:36 _]S.ible class at 6:30 evrequestmg all members to be h' F 'da ht present. We are scheduled to 1P r1 Y mg sing "for the worship service. pastor .and c_ongre. To all of our services the pub-' gabon will render service at 1' -'-' d 1 New Salem P. B. Church, Rev. 1c. 1s a. warm ,w_e come !R. H. p,nstor The No. 1 to worship With us.. h d th N 1 h 'Jl c o1r an e o. us ers w: .-----------.. acoompany the pastor. Sunday If you W ant a Home for $200 afternoon at 3 : 00 pastor and Dowu. P a y mts. as Jew as $67 congregation will render serv ic a per m o nt h. 'at Mace ...-.... savngsl ... : Sl 99 ; SPE CI AL! : An exCiting of styles! You're sure to find one that goes with your. So why wit?'The price i11 right. Do it today! -. ,. \"" Ent i ,.. st oc k not on wlr 5&11 pricn effr cliYe onl y on riKitod m rrchndjM". Oriain .. price t s h own on t'V'ft'Y 1 llr m All tO prior tile. / Five c:onvenierit.ways to buy: Zales Rev()lving Charge Zale5 Custom Charge Ma$ltr .. Layaway ..... -604 ...... -. ,:fRANKUN -... ..... WESTSI8BE BBITTOU PLAZA -f.;. .. (


PAGE TEN IUY ONE GET ONE FREEl 1\JY 01, GET 0HE Fll WHotf FROZEN. Strnies .. ':63' OHf, GET ONE tl& IOI!liN'S til Iars ... -6sc :. IUY ONE. GET ON' fiE .. REGUlAR OR STRAWIERRY ceese Cake. ':'99' fMfa.!, GET ONE I"'IK SHOflSliiNG Pottoes .... ':'39' BUY ONE, GET ONE fltEf LAMIIIEGHT Clleest Pizza .. IUY OHE, GET ONE t'IUIE, MORTON Cherry Pie ... 1UY ONE, OCT ONE AI:E RICH'S Whip Toppillg ... BUY ON'E, GET ON'E FREE HOW Alii) JOHNSON POUt> Toastees .... : 39 BUY ON!, G!T OHE f'ltf T ASlE 0' SlfA SHIIIMP Pany liaaers :: 4 'BUY ONE, GT ONE F1!EE .MCI(ENZIE Broccoli Cuts : 59c BUY ONE. GT ONE FREE TROPHY CSHWS ::69c -f1a. ,_.. ... W '!" : Pu&YN ..wiJq T-. Md f'rJ. Get Bo6 LlitioJas ... .... .,.ft 1 UG ..... -SMOKED PIC HOOD' S 100% PIME : _Orange.Juice 4-.-.sl HA.RV8T AlfSH Tontatoes NO HfAD ova 23c _;, ICEBURG LeHuce .. GOlDEHM'f .. 3 IF Bananas.. .. u. loc HOOD'S All RA 'IORS -. Su111mer 'Drlllks4::*l IIICIIIL It' CHUCK 10111 ,.69c c P-,t.. TH OR HICKOP-Y SWEE'f UA. : Sliced lacH .. ,..7t' .. !lATH' S lags ....... ...... :" RATH' S Sl10C Pepperoal 69' OSCARM.A.YER Sliced Bacon .. : 19' OSCARMAYERSMOKI! Link Savsage ..... '::19' COPELAND SURFER.P,t..K ... ldt M.-1 "" 5t ALL CENTER CUTS SLICED leef Lhrer .. ; 7t' 10 PlEaS BANQUET frietl Cltkte11, CRACKIN' GOOD CANNED lhc.tfs ........ .-. 'o! 10' ALL FLAVORS BREAKSTot4E ... rt .. -.4 &u. ................


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Our specialists wilf also Time engine Set dwell, choke e Balance carburetor Test llarting, charging systems, qliuder acceleration TAMPA TAMPA $2915 Disc"'"" fore_ ign cars InstaD brake linh1gs d four wheels JDipect m'Rster cylinder, hydraulic brake hoses Remove, deau. lospect, :repack front wheel bearings Add new fluid Adjust all four brakes If Neeaect: Wheel cylinclett $7.50 ea. -Drums turned $3.00 ea. Front pease -..-$4.50 pr .... Retum sprinp eL TAMPA TAMPA Easlgale Billsboio Plaza Korth Gale ACROSS FROM BrifloD Plaza 5282 N ZZud ST. Opea Dail1 1:38 a. s:a 2901 W. Hillsborougb. 9222 FLORIDA AVE. 3813 S. DALE MABRY Aqal se babla EIPUol PHONE 8'T7-t528 PHONE 132:61&1 PHONE 831 PHONE ZS74361 Opea Dally 8:30 lo 1:31 Open DallY 8:30 te S:st Dail y 8 :30 &e 6 P:'M.. Sat 8 A.M. to 5 :30 TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA Temple Temce ACROSS FKOM -Downlowa WEST SHOBE PLAZA MOI'IU A Twltp SU. tz48 N. 5C&Il ST. 5002 W. KENNEDY BOULEVABD PHONE HHitl PHON!: 9811-4111 PHONE rri-ntt Open 7:38 lo 5:30 0pea .DaUy 1:3t te s: OPEN DAILY I:JI TO S:SO Sat. '7:11 te 1 P. M. AQUI SE HABLA ESPANO L A al se llabla ElpaHI THE ISAAC .BAYES STORY DeCked out in fur, siJk, velvet and looking like a mogul from some ultra-scopic-multi-Iriillicm dollar movie spectacuJar, I S A A C HAYES made his dayview ap-... .. PACE ELVEN TAMPA-'S NIGHT BEAT By JOHNNY grandmother whipped me for my birthday. I didn't get a present, no cake, just a whipping and tha' really hurt me. Here 1 was broke and btmgry and il just tole me up." pearance in the state of FLOR '!'hiS' corner could go on and. on IDA last year. He chose as his tabernacle St. Pete's Bay Front on the greatness of I S A A C Cent ---BAYES, b\lt I am quite sure we BLACK MOSES rises are all familiar with the story of corner has disc:lVered that the other poor blacll: kid wb:J the BLACK MOSES will appear makes it big. As for BAYES, of in the Bay area at the CURTIS the many cars, the custom-made HIXON HALL on July l&. The California clothes and star status, MOSES bas had successful bits, he, too, bas bigger dreams. one right after the other His bit "I've been hanging out in Holly record album HOT Bl,JTTERED wood lately," he admits, "and I'd SOUL bas .been certified by the like to become an actor may RIAA as a gold album, indicating be. play Hmmibal or that cat sales in excess ol. five million, Who was done in the islands,'' grossing more than $Z million in melining Haiti's Toussaint L' cash. He'd already earned one Ouverture. ''I don't feel like no gold record. a Single awarded star, but you know one thing? 'him -as writer, along with David I'd Hire to be a millionaire." And Parter; of 8'ml M.an, a millionthat.. might be where lllr; Hot seller for die _,inging duel ol. Saa Buttered Soul is really going'. 'A and Dave, the breakthrough STAR AT LAST, ISAAC HAYES smash side that had established calmly c:mtemplates his private Perter uti Hayes as one Of the domain, digging e-very bit of his oation'.s top soul aong-writing success but those teams. earlier years when he had little This corner was informed that going for bim. -wben BAYES heard ab9ut it, be. wouict like to say congratula didn't yell, leap or shoot out in tioos to. the BATSONS. Jee and joy. He broke out in cold sweat his lovely wife, IAre, celebrated -though he did tab a moment to their fifth anniversary last Sat agree with an aide that his p!'ice untay Bight. It was a w a r m should oot go up to $15,008 a affair with a host of night. Buttered. Soul had guests. Jee. -Ba.a.., who is a an unlikely candidate -for_ hit member of our U'"'"ed St tes .. ,_ status and the a nu-good album. It's "boss'' track Farce, !ook a thirty leave from Fairbanks, Alaska, his presBY THE TIME I GET TO PHOE ent duty stlition. Would like to lf!X bad run to than 18 say welcome home Joe and this mmutes.. ()oly the late J .azz great corner wishes you and lOO Jellll Celtraae badclaimed the of ha right to take that long with one years ppmess. -soog and this sbeer l ength bad of the folks on the case limited its play 011 radio statioos were Mr. aad 1\lrs. Mike .Joaes. geared to short, bouncy tunes. Mr. Ud Mrs. Richard Loudia, Jaaae (Sack) Barn had spent Mr. aad Mrs. Jolmay Baaks, Mr. most of his life in a position so aad Mrs. Alfred Baress, Tbom bopeless that it might well fit ud Tbemasiae who were visit Cllades MiBp!l' descriptive phrase mg us from Jacksonville, FlL, "beneath the underdog." Yet be Edward .Jolulsoa, Mr. aad Mri. is not aShamed to tell his story, EIWie Smitll Mr. aad Mrs. Robparticul..-li for the benefit of eri Parbr, Mr. aDd. Mrs. Leroy youngsters who might feel they Sllllivaa, Barbara Zamadoe, Ear have n:> way out of poverty and Destiae Geo,e, Mary Honsby, despair. _Mr. ud Mrs. Paul H81UU1, Ben HAYES .waS bani 'D years 8gO ard ... CanlyB Mays, Lillie In the country town of. Covtngtoo, Fnemaa; IMtie Seymore, l\lr. Tenn. "in an 'old tin-top bouse, ud Mrs. Eddie Barker, Mr. ad with a midwife attending." He Mrs. Louis .BeD, Mr aDd Mrs. lost his mother when be was Sammie .James, Mr. ud Mrs. about a year-and-a-half. Due to a Charlie Jtoss, Mr. aad Mrs. Bob broken' home, this left only him-ert Douglas, David Joaes, Mr. self and bis sister, WILLETTE. ud Mrs. Fraiak JOIIes, Marlie The two kids ml)vecf to a Judge, .Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Hills-farm with their grandparents, maD, Mary Burgess and Mrs. Ed picked cotton and 'ahare.-cropped. die CoWer' who were visiting U!l HAYES said once be used to from Detroit, Mich. ud youra dream about being able to have truly favorite sister visitiag us a warm bed to sleep in and a from J'Ville., Mrs. Ida Green aad nice_ meal .and some dedaiiJhter, THAT'S .. MY cent clothes t,g wear. In order to C.ASE-Is it true that the only keep himself going, HAYES did reason they -can it dope is bewhateftf' be coUld to pick up a cause only dopes use it? few cents sellinr popcorn in movie houses, passing out circulars, taking back discarded pop bottles for the deposit and, of course, picking cotton. HAYES remembenhis tenth birthday ....;. "My grandmother !'you know bow older people say you Should get a w)lipping on birthday -for good luck-my YOUR DREAM lOME Yes, for you.! If 1011 q ualify $417 p .er Mo. wl&h Govt .1\.sslstance. N o w CaD 879-154.L obUga&ion. BAR ___ PLEIITY OF FREE PABKIIG COBlER LASALLE AIID ROME WEST TAMPA


,.. I FIL fubli.J.ed e..-ery Tues. anCJ Fri. Cet Both Editions ,,;-j IN AMERICA OF PAG_EANT FT. WORTH, ::._ Miss McKinne y (second from ners' trophies to Miss 1\lcKinney; second place. wlnner "MJp Linda left), of 'San Antonio, Texas, after being pamed Mils Te:Jtai Burley, Dallas Texas (seco nd from right>; and Allrd -plal:e winner, In the Miss America of Elkcf1lm Beauty Pageant semi-finals held Miss Mary Ann Boykin ; Beaumont, Teias The ftaals wiD .... !Jere. SliOwli congratulating her are (left) Grud Exalted' Ruler of duc ted daring the Elks a nnual convention to be held Ia St Louis, the Elks, Dobson R. R e ynolds, and Raleigh l. P al'ks, market man. Missouri, lil August..-' .\" ager, Southwest Area, for Coca Cola USA, who presented the win-' July 8, 1972 Mt. Olive AME 17(5 LaSalle Street Rev. A. F. Pastor Mrs. Ola M. Gonzalez, Rept. There was very nice atten dance in the weekend ol service. Love Feut was held on last Friday evening. On lasl; Sundllly Mer. Olyde assum-ed tbe duty as Supt. of the morning. The adult cla5S ll"etained tile oi!Uering hannefl'.' The lesson was reviewed by Mrs. Gonzalez. 'l1he morndng and ev.eoing ser vices weoo conducted in like m.anner. Rev. I!Jittle was in c-harge assisted by Oloir No 1 The morning sermon was taken from St. Luke 6th Clha.pte'l'. The subject of the s e r m o n was-"J Believe." Holy communioli was admin istered in both sei' viceS' of tihe da. AN .are asked to remembell.' the siCkand shut-ins. ChoirUnion No. 1 Mr. Charles WUUams, Pres. Mrs. McCloud, Rept. .. Choir Union No. 1 will be held on Sunday -at 3 at IMt; Zi.oo AlMlE ; Churclh of whiich Rev. Y B. !Bruce is pastor. 'lb-e church i looated on So D ak*t Avenue hter. Ushers No. 4 !! 9lJ1 :31() worship peg aa ts 0 n ay. its S Piritual home 7907 Endive Ave. Karen R-egina. ..... call to worslhtp was leaders, Rev. a!ld .Mrs. F. 0. Mrichael was ]0. ined in this ...... 'f No. 4 ushers will con-. g.iven by tbe pastor. A spiritua l SanCibez w!ho will return from Sgt-. J lMauuls, WI e, sermon wa5 delivered by Rev Dal!as, Texas where they bratiori by 25 of !his fri e nds. Mehere and daughter, Th>ret;ha vene Sunday at 4 at Ebenezer M. -lster Iiams 4907 79th Street. family members and friends Sgt. vered anotiler fin-e The Holy EuC'ha:Nst A fll;ll Mathis is on duty with Army Hollinger Is 11. senior at Bay !Lord-'s SUppe.r was administered is reqmred.. Chour '111e I P rogress Village AUk Sta.t;! Recruiting in Memr_pb-is. High Schoo_ 1 in City to all INo 2 will musmc. Re defeated the Orange La e n.Jil b th 'ck d hut Stars .of Ooallll, Florida on SUn >IMn. Katie Jdlnson ol. 4009 !Remember to PMY for and mem e Sl an s Jnl 41ay by a score ol. 8-7. _Tihe game 89rd St. is delighted to have Buy From Florida vl&it' ttle"' Nck aDd Shut-

Saturday, July I, t972 _,. t A .. ,:k ,\. ; i ., 0 0 Fla. Pul.lid.ed e..-ery Tues. and Frl. Get &th-'Editions PAGE. THJRTE&W Money 1 } : ... .... ; ..: MONEY CAUSES STORMY SES DALLAS Bishop W. F. Ball of South Carolina w a s ousted from the espiscopacy of the Af.' rican Methodist Episcopal Church during a riotOUJI session of the denomination's General Confer ence 'which didn't adjourn until 3:30 a.m. Friday. to levy a 4-year suspension on turn to preside, but when he took er said Bish!)p Nichols, "what can the pre}ate, one of four who were chair, South Carolina deleyou do sometimes but the charged with misadministration; gates, rushed the rostrum shout., money yourself? It's illegal, but But Rev. A. Lewis Others included Bishops John ing, are and what cna you do-?" :. : candidate for either of the pOinted to as unlawfully acceptina them. Bright of New York, E. L: .Hick: you Will net preside. Money has been at the root of !nation's. Christian Recorder, man of Georgia and H. !f. R:Jb : One carried a sign which read, much of turmoil during the heated; wrote Friday in his daily cooinson of Alabama. "The Ball game is over," and noisy, tense-sessions of the con ference newsletter: The episcopal committee which the prelate the. ference which ended Sunday. "Satan shall not his waj : The halls of Memorial Auditor ium rang with charges of mal feasance as thousands of dele gates voted almost unanimously had investigated the actions of Accusations concerning iniS:. all of the itme in the church. Satan the prelates recommended exori senior ,Bishop D. Nichols handling of funds have been im is God's bound dog and he ia eratiori for all f<>ur: But the 20,000 told The Dallas News F;Iday that posed on more than one officer on a leash ... Don't let the noise delegates of the 1.6-million-mem he regret_ted the action taken of> the denomination by delegates and clamor fool you The Holj ber denomination's oonferooce de-agamst Bishop Ball. who grab microphones jlnd cry Spirit also operates in a-storm." manded to act on each recommen "I never like to see anybody out their charges, often several Bishops retired were 0. L. SlierTrue Love. Baptist dation individually. come to such a -situation," said at once. man of Texas, I. H B:ormer of They voted with the Bishop Nichols. "But I hope the Moneyliandlers are being ac Alabama, Joseph Gomez, 2501 17th Street on Bright, Hickman, and Robin might come out cused of unlawful doling out of .historian and G. Wayman Blak son but would not hold still 'for Jnvolved 1n thtt chargee agamst funds and bishops have b e e n ley of Florida. Rev. W. T. Carpenter, Pastorcharges against Bishop the bishops, explained.the ilenior .__..;_ ___ Sunday chw.-cll school will be Ball, who pleaded for mercy and prelate, was alleged illegal levying gin at 9:30 with the su.pt. in denied the accqsations. "' of assessments. The General Con ciharge. The lesson will be re A hint that the conference was .ference all for the _. b '-' t Morn'n" 1 f .quadrennium meetmg and annual v1ew.:u y vue pas or. .., unhappy with the prela_te -rom coiiference(local bodies) must worsihip wiH begin at lll with South Carolina surfaeed during abide by them. t:be Deacons in char-ge of the devotion. The No. 1 choir and Tuesday's session of' the 12-day "!But if sOmeone comes to you No. 4 ushers will serve. meeting. n .. w'as Bishop !Ball's fur help or tbere is a ," 'BTU at 5 p.m. the president Is aslcing all the members to come out and take a part in tra.inin.g. The eveniiur worslhip will begmn at 6:910 witJh the same order of .' .. All week1lY events will be cant:PlP.d for the week. Our revival will begin MOOd-ay n.i,glht July the 10-14. each night is Rev. Percy Dass_ from Belle glade. Time 7:30 p.m. the public is 'welcome to come out and be with UIS through this revival meeting. Don't forget tO pray for tlte sick and sllrut-in, also them. -Friendship Baptist 3107 -E; Lake Avenue Rev. H. L Daniels, Pastor Mrs: Nettie Jacobs, Rejt. ..... BIG DOWJfTOWH STOBE t-. ,' .... \ ... t FOR YOUR SHOPPING AND PLEASURE S. S. at 9:415 with the supt. l1i cl'i-arge. All teachers WeTe at their .}lOst. 11he leron was reviewed IllY the pastor. Morning W

PACE FOURTEEN Saturday, July I .tt7J ''. .. FAMU ALU:MNI MHJIN(i And-ViewS IN Miss Sherrie Rept, By ROMELLO.BODBIGUEZ-/; Florida Alcll Uaiftl'llity state throucbaat the Dlllioa. iacfwliac Sullda!r .ldlool will becia at alumni president Otis Mob l e 7 f1orida. presemed FAIIU with a t:11t wi 41te 611Pt. Deaeun. R. B. Biack aa well .: white it baa cielfuit.e atyle. It dltes !IIQIIId lite CD aet all ,_ of tbe eheck fw $118,101, tbe most iA.Heft in dtaf'Ce "nle leseGn will people. are fiDaUy beIImiiC to DOt concern iblelf with rhymiDc aiUIIIIli in Tampa tbia 1ftek.. raised by the alumni iD one Jft1" be by. the pastor. UDdersta.ci and appreciate B lac k .,rica or "ndes" fl. fDil W he'll settle for a retJr- duriBc tbe It year biatal"y ol lbe Morning t'let"rice will at Poetcy; and :the at Hills-white poetcy .Its primary eca-llelllali.e nl1nlbel-dariDc a day iastibdiOD. : 111. wiUt the deaeou ia clrarge borolfP College are cern is to educate Black foiks to long statewide meetin Saturday llobley, elass ol st. leels tbat devotion ... 'l1le No. 4 C!hoir .. no exception. .thei.r past aod 'present bistor,-. et the Holiday Inn. .. the alumni who lift in P1orida -aDd ushen Noo. 1 Mll se!'Ve. The 1.be C:urricuium at H.C.C. does .awaken them to 'wbat is liappeo"I jlmt wet peiJP{e heft ha"re ait create!' respcmstml sermon will be deli'fe!'ed the not iodude a elaili wherein Blact arofund them and1 h eo that when tlteY return to their ity: 10 pastM'. Podry can be studied an d ua:m t?m persooa --:.:ti-eammunities tbroo"""-are lD the state and know fn..,t Evening semee wt1! .. begin at atalyzed, but John Jtodriguez and -as lgll. ... e they s h oold In oorpents VI'S. Brolnl. Mrs. Tfier. New Sale. PB w.m_ Y>IV\viae the. M r s. Sherd ick, 'M r .-1. 'Dyf.et, Dea. __ ...._ .--... ,...-c -..."' R B. Allen .and >BA!v !Jkovm. .. foll o wed by members of the 'FAMU SbEnie Willi tbe TAURUS {April 21-May .21)-:-brOwn. .: ... -:. 1605 Nebraska Avenue J 3 ciiltY arid adrilinistration kl .. vt.hO eo:: 'I'he pace and {December is-Jan. Elder R. R. Boward, Pastor will answer any questiOns from the came in first place runDer-up, in much to _be_ an.d enjoyed. uary ZO) :-: Pleasant'-..impr:ove-1\lrs. Catherine Williams, Rept. alumni coricerniog the institntion. the queen ccmtest. Some grahfymg tnVltabons. Lucky ments all around Jl1\d later, Last S'aDdQ-Rn'ices were in--_ lfobley u;,s 4bat FAIW aJimmi TueSday night meetiqg IIIDJibeq JS. calal' piak. startling developn:lentti You m3J' spiring l!eci-iac with Claurclt mllllt 1e1DaiD ........,. wicilaat aDd aU )'Gallll are asked to meet GE11D11 (IIQ 2Z-.Juae :21) fee\ unsettred for _wb.i\e,_ buCI Scob


PACE SIXTEEJf Fla. Pulliafaed ..-y ad. Fri. Cet Both Edltiolll July 8, 1972 TWO. Ll VING FOUNDERS OF. OMEGA FRATERNITY. HONORED PHILADELPHIA The two living Founders ol of the four founders of Omega Psi Phi Fra Omeca Psi Phi Fraternity were honored in Pbila 1ernity; James S. Avery, national Grand Basileus .. delphia when !Uu Omego Chapter broaght Dr. of Omega Psi Phi and an executive with Rumble Oscar Cooper ,. a North Philadelphia ,physician for Oil Company; Bishop Edgar A. Love, and Dr. SO years, and Bishop Edgar A, Love of the Meth Benjamin E Ma:ys, who recently authored the COD' odist Church together. Adding to this momentous troversial book, "Bora to Rebel." This celebration oceasion, Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, former president _is one of many throuchout the country honoring of Morehouse and presently head of the the two living founders. The deceased are Atlanta School Board r also a memb\!1' of .the fra : : Dr. Ernest A. internationally famous zoologist temlty, was guest speaker In the photlt read a nd Dr. Fran. k Coleman, prominent physicist and lng left to right, are James B. Pinkney, Basileus teacher at Howard University. The Fraternity was of Mu Omega Chapter In Philadelphia ; Mrs. Willa founded at Boward University In "'11. Conoer. 'l"ife p( Jl... f'\c-"Al' Cn,. .. ,.,.. Jl. "7ft""" Tres Charmant of St. Petersburg reeentiy selected to head the list of the city' s best dressed, They are: i Mrs. Rosena Ashwood, teacher, St. Petersburg Deadstart Center; Mrs. Mariam Griffin, Curriculum-Reading SpeclaUst, Wildwood Ele mentary School; Miss Lou Virginia Graves, Primary Curriculum As. sociate, Central F.lementary. Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, beauUclan; Mrs. Mar garet Minton, employee, Plnelias Opportunity Coua c:n; Mrs. Vera Straws, CUrrtculum-Readbag Special Ist, Campbell Elementary. PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER PAYS. TRIBUTE Mrs. Eisenhower, President Nixon's daughter, gets to. cether wtth Mr. W)Jitney M. Young, Sr., after she d-edicated t\te Whitaey M. Young Jr:, Residential Manpower Center In Slmpion Yille, Ky. The center was named by President Nixon a1 a mt!. morlal to the late' E:i:kutive Director of the National Urban Leaand his IUe work. EMPIRE -PAINT MANUFACTURING COMPANY I 3418 E. 7th AVENUE PHONE TAMPA, FLA. 241-2301 OUTSIDE WHITE < .. ......... $275 gaL INTERIOR-II EXTERIOR LA TEl OR: 00. WHITE AND COLORS. One Coal Covers Most Surfaces! LINSEED OIL PAINT SALE 20 per pl. Mrs. Florence Jones, Librarian, St; Petersburg Jr. College; Mrs. Alma Miles, houseke epe r private l"esidence; lUlss Ana Sheeley, substitute teacher, Pinellas County; and Mls. Murph teacher, St. retersbar& Exceptional Chilli Center.




. .. lila .Stlnel-tlulletfn ,Jues .-a .. F,t,., 0.. BOlli. Edltloni I r 4 "" ._ (,' I:" P2\GE-EiGHTBBN: First Baptist Church Allen T em pie AME Of Progress Vlllage 1112 Scott st. 405 N. oregon st. -;. H; M. Nelson, Pastor Rev. H. Storr, P.astor ." Rev. B .'l'. Wiliams, Pastor Miss Beulah Gansey.-Mrs. M. H. Coleman, Rept Summer Teen Chatter By PAUL RANDOLPH New -Salem MB Mrs. A. Simmoos, Rept. ..1 The assistant pastor wai in S. S. began at the usual hour Well, here I go again at tlbe jamming party on 32nd Street 9 at I_ ,;_" : lion, Oscar Ayala, Brenetta Johri-be playing and a talent show T L:-..: .. ...... B ti t St p t A t li son, Ned LyOns and Charlie Wash. will be presented... Marriage Ucens.es .. ap s e er pos 0 IC ington. TOP TUNES ui1 CentratAvenue -" .. (hnst Also spotted were Peter Smit1t, Ride Sally Ride, Blade Ulysses Moore, Jr., 21, 2109 Rev. c. H. Sheppard; Pastor !Norris Bass, Fredrick Thomas Back Stabbers, Tell Me This is. 28th Ave., Apt. 253, arid Barbara Ji&rlya Short, Reporter .,. 3303 E Ellicott, St. 12nd the. rest of tibe gang. '!be a Dream Somebodv, We The Ann 20, 2109 28th S g:" will OOgfu at 10 nd the ., Bishop L. R. Mills, Pa,tor !Flora Dora twins alias .Karen People, The First Time I Saw Apt. %53. supt. : )a. ailkdng. aH other. Mrs.' Walker, Reporter !Bolton and Kathy Brantley alYour Face, AU The Kling's Hor. Albert Lee Daniels, 34, 2702 teilchers please be at their pos.t-: \ S. S will begin at 10:30 with way s inanage to get down 11-ke Body 'N Soul. 14th Ave., and Rose Pearl Lat. and on titme 'I1be' SundlllY sCihool the supt. and teachers at their they have never done before. Well if you have any news han, 21, .208 w. Warren, les_81on will r'eV'i. ewed by an_ posts. _. Congratulations to Miss Black don't' forget the number is 2j)S. ted.,e tier from th M orning service will begin at .Tampa and her attendants. -Straughte r, 65, -. .-,,: m m e the usual h4ur with th. e pastor PARTY.ISCENE Until t:text -ti-lJl'(!, we the people 8tll Ave., and Lizzie Mae Ciark, P at:. in cha.,._, Streeter will 68 8th Ave. Mgiln at. eLast week I clhecked out some Jam On! C 1 M With the deacons m be in charge ofdevotional ser-oi the sets. was a Curlie MeCant, JP., 23, a ro, of the The No. 2 :vice. 0 k G B ti t ..Ga., and Romain Cassandra John and the aeni()T WiH serve. A musical program will begin P P PB a rove ap s : 18, 3305 25th St. The paatot-wd1l. the mes at-8 Sunday night with the Miseace Rev. G. Perkins, Pastor Gordon, Dl, 20, Plant sa g e. Gos.pel 2628 E Lake Aev. Rev. E. A. Todd, Pastor Mrs, Lorene Calhoun, Rept. S S. began at 10 with Mrs. Ollie ',l'odd supt., serving. All teachers at their posts. Morning service began at 1i with Deacon John. E.,.ns !'nd Deacon Edward Bold in charge of devotion The Adult choir and junior ushers served. The sermon was delivered oy the pastor. Evening service began at 6:30 with the Deacon Booker Varnes and Deacon Evans in charge of devotion. The sermon again was delivered by .the pastor. Holy communion and feet wash ing was held Visitors Day will be observed on the 23rd of July. WILLY JOHNSON and family were amazed at their new home-with Uncle Sam's help they pay only $67 per mo. for 3 BR home. CaD 879-1541 low! 1 Sears Mrs. L. B Perkins, Rept, City, and. Bernice Jynette ,!fol EveDtng sel'Vice wUI beg.in at Vtola S. S .. began at tlhe usual hour n1es, 16, Z411 25th Avenue.. 6 p m. with the same onler. ,ol lUng IS m char["eof the prow:th-all teachers at: t!lleir pasts. Jero11.1e Dallas Hires ; 24, 1607 serVice, Th-e lesson waa reviewed by the N. Manhattan, and PearHne Wil All acti\'i

I July 8, t972 __ Fla. Published TUft.'anCJ __ PACE NINETEEN .-'. ,-' S P EC1 A L : S -ALE 25%-DFF. BLACKWALL powER BELT .. POLYGLAS .. Why buy uri known br"nds when you cah get Goodyear Power Belt Polyglas at these price!!? Two fiberglass belts a mpst preferred tire body cord. You get 4 plies under the tread for strength-that's the Goodyear Power Belt Polyglas tire. (*4 body plies, 8 plies under tJ:ead In sizes H1B14, H7e-.15, }71-14, ]78-15 9 .oo-15 and L78 1 15.} You save $793 to $922 per tire IIICIIWall IIIC ... II ,... Tllltellll ....... ... IIIII' lalel'rice lila Price ... ,, .. .... h. WltiiTrlde Nee IIIII ,. 7.00 13 $31.70 $23.77 $2.15 C78 14 6 95-14 $31 70 $23 77 $2 .10 E78 -14 7.35-14 $34.80 $2t.10 $2.34 F78 14 7.75 -14 $36.85 $27 .13 $2.52 LARGER SIZES oN SALE too 3WAYSTO PAY AT GOODYEAR REE LUBE AND. OIL CHANGE!. -WITH EITHER OF THESE SERVICES ENGINE -1 BRAKE TUNEUP OR RELINE $29 l!!u.s.auto' a dd $4 for 8 cyl,, add $2 for air cond. cars .. forel&n Includ es all la bor and these parts 1: aervices: e.New spark plugs, points, cond ense r. Our speCialls Ia Install brake !inings all four wheela Inspect master cylinder, hydraulic brake hoses Remove, clean, inspect, repack front wheel bearings Add new fluid Adjust all four brakes will also Time engine Set dwell, Balance carburetor Test starting, charging systems, cylinder com,Pression, accelerafion TAMPA TAMPA If Needed : Whe41l cy!inders $7.50 eat Drums turned $3. 00 ea.Front grease seals $4.50 pr.-Return springs 50 ea. TAMPA TAMPA ACRO SS FROM Easlgate 5202 N. ZZnd s..-. Open Dally 8:30 to 5 :3 0 Aqul se babla Espanol PHONE Billshoro Plua llorlhCale 2901 llillsborough 9ZZZ FLORIDA AVE. PHONE 877-9528 PHONE 932-6166 Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 Britton Plaza 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 831-1891 Dally 8:30 to 6 P.M. TAMPA Temple Terrace H40 N. HUt ST. PHONE t88-41tl. Opea DUy I:SO 'te I:SO TAMPA ACROSS FROM I WEST SHOBE PWA 1002 W. KENNEDY BOULEVARD PHONE 817-6701 OPEN-DA ILY 8:'30 TO 5 :30' AQUJ SE HABLA ESPANOL Sat. 8 A .M. to 5:30 TAMPA Downlown Morgan 1r Twiggs Sts PHONE ZZ9-08Z1 7 :30 to 5 :30 Sat. 7:30 to 1 p; M Aqal se Ubi. EQ8MI -SPORTANIC FL.OODS--JOE LOMS ROW_ ALL ALOIIE LAS VEGAS, Nev. Years ago, Joe Louis was asked abou one of his opp::ments "He can run," said :. Joe, "but he can't hide." Now at 58, it is Joe Lo. uis who can't seerri to hide-from others or from himself ) 1!-e. is one of the most the world, stand." mg m the casm:> at Caesars Palace In a foolish, brown golf hat hands, signing autographs, having his. back slapped, hi; ego he looks like a man alone in the crowd, afraid, peering over h1s shoulder He says he t hinks the Mafia has it in for him. You find him in the casino in the middle of the Physically, the former world heavyweight ooxing champion looks much the same. Same smooth ; milk chocolate skin with few lines. Only a normal, middle-aged roll around his middle Same soft : that makes you wonder how, he could have knocked out 54 men. : the merciless pOunding of .17 years in the pro,. fess10nal pnze _nng-have brought ch anges. "Got time to talk?" you ask him. He looks at the pit boss, who says nothing says ... "Stire." You find a pillar to le;m agairist, in a darlt corner, out of the way. But Joe ll.>uis .is immediately diScovered. He's there to be discovered, an object' d'art, as it. were. \ "How ya doin' ch8mp?" a short, f.at man wants to know : "Fine," says LoUis, unemotiona,lly. "AlWaY.lJ gOod. know," says the man, "Joe looks like he' s asleep He at ways lO?ks that way, even on a golf course. Just like Julie Boros ; Yessir, -good Joe; good old Julie Bo_ros. A withered woman approaches; tentatively. "May -I have your a utograP.h, Mr. Louis? she asks, pausing. "Ah, for my grandson." r signs the paper, ''How many of those yo.u sign every day?" he is asked "Quite a few," he says : "Don't mind.'' "The main thing I like is when the yoimg kids who weren t : even born when I was know, the 13, 14, 15-year-oldi -w!Ult me to sign I get a out o! those young people say in' hello to me." Joe. was confined fur soi:ne time in a mental hospital in Den ve,r ... A few weeks ago, a national magazine said he is still ill"It's frightening to contemplate tli'e fears that torment his long nights: "Blow's your health, Joe?" you ask, .when the short, fat: man and the withered woman have gone. He : pauses long :/ stares vaciuttly past you. Finally he says, "All ight. Yeah. All right." Joe Louis was a hero and he was more -.- a warm.-, intensely likeable man wpo hurt a lot of men in the ring bu. almost no one except himself o11t of. i t ... He is being used now; some say, as a shill to help dmw people t9 a gambling He says no. "Caesars has been very g()()d t:> me," says. "They pay for my house here in Las Vegas. They gave me a job. I don't just &l this .;..;._ greetipg people ; 1 t ravel .a lot presenting the hotel. Golt matches,-boxipg viSiting boys clubs It's an easy Good friends. Good hotel peop le:" A young with slicked-down black hair w alks by and grabs Joe's hand. That's the ptin c h you used to knocjk: oui most people," he aays. -"This is the ptineb I use to take care of 'em." .. He throws his hlfud out as if, he were dealing cards. '"Ya;'' .f!ll'JB LOuis, smiling': 1 That ol' game." A _pretty blutde with blue eyes Could I hav e your autograph ? When 1 was l ittle, all my brothers could do was talk abOut : There Is A -boOk out riow about his li fe: "Browri. Bomber: The P ilgri mmage of Joe Louis," by veteran fight wr ite r Barney Its final line says LoUis walks "along a road s t ill unchar ted lind rilostly dark." '. : Louis is suing Nagler, though he says be hasn't seen the book, .. "I know Barne y Nagler changed .. something ar:Jimd," says Joe. ''And I was supposed to see it' all before it. was print e d. They w en t ahead and printed it without me seein g it." Louis never has been an articuLate man but the words begin to tumble out of him now. "Since 1969," l)e says, "I've had a little trouble with the Mafia. Th ere was this girl I used t o go with down iri Texas. She got volved i n dope making pQrnographic I made a lot of mistakes with girl because was trying to help her. "I told the trUe story to the poli ce !Ale guy at the hotei who 'was supposed to be my tr1-ie frien d spearheaded .the whole thing. A t one time :my life in r eal danger from the M afia. They tried to put me out of the way I wasn't sick at all when they put me iil that hospital in Detroit-:-er, Denv :er. The Mafia put pressure on my wife t o me in hos pital. "But it'll all 'be straightened put. I'm not '!-'orried at a ll, anymore : .. :: "Does that mean t hat" the Mafia isn't after you anymore, Joe?" "Oh, no._ They migbt rome b .ack at any time. But I'm no t goin g to l e t this situation c h ange my life anymore It's like Dr. Martin Luther King used to say: "U y o u're afraid to die,. you don't nothin'." He tries to smile but d oesn't quite m-ake it. .-"One thing I know," he says. "Your oest friends can set you up. Your beSt frie nds can kill you : He talks about running for sheriff of Clark C ounty w.hich In eludes Las Vegas, 'in 1974 "because when -I had the problem with 'the M afia I w ent to the clirren t sheriif and he couldn't help me. His hands wer e tied. 'JlaYbe I could do LA SECUIIDA CEIITUL BAKERY r THE BEST COW BBEAD CAKES PASTRIES 15UI STREET AND 15&1l AVENUE I


PACE TWENTY I Fla. Sz a nl-Balltlfa P.WWa .. wery T...-. uMI Fd. Get lodiLitti.l :,' ; c ; ; .- s.t.znlaJ', Jult 't 1972 rnulate As. Joe TIME :" a tougher earlier .starts in the st:eaJt that used to third said Jack al exammat10n than Califorrua. included five consecutive shutson .. "Be bad tO make a string "I doubt if any state has a outs. throw (to retire the batter Pepe BOB GIBSON ALL TIME. CARD PitCHING LEAOER tougher than ours," ,.,.1 couldn't 9eem to get loose Frias) and the ball probably sail Tennyson sa1d. may be tonight Jacksm said. "My fast ed.'' { equal but. tougher If Yank ball just seemed to fh>at up tbere." Two runners who were on base llnd Frazier want to dJBpel But he was effective enough not scored on the two-out error. st. LOYIS, Mo. -The cham-erratic in several previous relief rumors, all they have to do IS to be charged with an earned Jackson tied the record by sur take otll' examination nJJl until the eighth inning in tbe viviDg a leadoff single by Wilbur "Franldy, if don't want 4-1 reversal. Howard and blanking the Triplets pagne was raining on Bob Gibappearant!e,s son's tonsils the night of June Stan. :Musial, a teammate then, 21. This was retribution for besaid that Gibson was impressive ing rained out in. two successive in his early months with the Car starts before he turned back the dinals, but not so impressive that Padrea for his 211th victory as a he gave the idea he wolud be-to fight here, I think it is perJackson said he prized t.be recin the first i.nnipg. illonal, but I don't know why, ord more than pitebing a no-bit Plate umpire Fred Blandford They have nevu squawked about game for Eugene in the Pacific stopped play and retired the baseCJUr rules or Coast in 1!170. ball-it went to Jaebon's. (OividS Get "Any time yDu don't give up a A-after the .record fell at the stan run for 20 or 30 innings," he said, of the secODd iJmiDg". Cardinal that night. come the great pitcher be is. Now, at last,Gibby had become This writer covered GibSOil'S the winningest Cardin!j,l of first vidory and be did not re el!. He had broken .his tie with call any ultra-excePtion-at raves Jesse (Pop) Haines, who had about No. 1 or. several appear "you must be doiug something Olyilpics OK right. You bave to have eight meD behind you and ecoring lliM for you." McKeon attnouted Jaekson"s -lly Fr-Floricla Selllinel Aftlrtisers bowed out at 44 with a 3-3 recances that were to follow. NlEW YORK -If boxer Bobby ord and a reputation as a fierce iBut perhapS Gibson had a rea Lee Hwter 'aDd high jumper competitor just as Gibson bas son .for not bursting on the scene Gene Wbite,. both .serving prisoo been. with a spectacular strikeout deaente:oces, qualify in final trials. record to bia abitity to .. retain ---"----"-----The champagne on June %1 had but like that of Spooner they will be eotered in the Olym oome courtesy of -Manarer Red and several other bullet throw pic Games in llunich, Gemumy, following ers. Clifford H. Buck, president of the historic 14-3 victory. Sore-Armed Rookie United statea Olympic Comlnittee "It's amazing, absolutely amaz Gibby disclosed that reason on aaid Saturday. lng, that Bob still throws so bard June 21 in the Busch. Stadium Htmte!' ia eligible for parole next his grooye." A Serlells Pitcher "He's been able to command hi& breaking stuff," McKeoD laid. "He's taken bia job more riDusly ," McKeon 1lddecl. "Be's ,realized he's going to ban to make some adjuat.iDents to get to the big leagues and that's after all these years," Red. said. clubhouae. year from a -year term for "His breaking stuff is so "I had a sore aim when I was manslaughter be Ia serving in a end hard. And as long as I've brought up from Omaha,'' GibSon .pris:n at )Ianning, S. C. White been with I've nenr seen related. "I couldn't cut loose in is serviDg a two-month to twohim smile on a day he's pitchthe first game in Cincinnati. I year term. for forgery in the lng. Whether he's winDing was throwing mostly sinkeril and Centre County, Pa., jaiL losing 1-0 winning lU, be'a aD sliders and the arm kept bother Avery Brundage, president of business." .. -lng me for a eouple of weeks." the IDteroatioDal Olympic Com The champagne w as in sharp The only in Gibson's first mittee, has .indicated it is doubteontrast to the liquid that Gibson came in the second inning ful that JluDter would be able sipped after posting bis first big on Ken Boyer". double, Bill to compete in the Olympics. league vietory on July 30, 1969. White's infield.. Out and Joe Cun "The USOC strongly supports He beat. Jim O'Toole iD CiDcin ningbam'a single. Boyer Is still the principle of rehabilitation," nati, 1-0, on an eight-hitter in with the club as first base and Buck said in a statement. "We which be walked three and slnlck bitting coach. CU!lDingbam is in feel that Bobby Lee Hooter arid out two. the front office as special events Gene White are setting excellent .Bases Leaded IJI Nbdll. director. White Ia a broadcaster examplea for in pri8ou Two of the walks (to pinch-hit with tbe Yankees. wh() are atriVlng fo rehabilitate loa C.WBaw ......... Of y our owa wHir Vllde lam' Help. CALL m.JS.tt NOWt ters Frank Thomas and Don Gibson had mucb more offenthemselves." Newcombe) came in the i nioth sive .support in No. 211. Like 10 Buell: also DOted that Hunter and loaded the bases with two runs in the first three innings off participated in the Pan. American out. But, just as be was to do Cly Kirby and auccesaon. And Gamea In W11 and "bU. oondu.ct thousands of times later, Gibby you knew be had to Ia on was exemplary." White did not w()f'ked out of the jam. He rethe fun. in the game that started compe t e in the Pan Am Games.. tired Johnny Temple on a JY.)p at 6 p.m. on the longest day of Is one ol eight fly fly him? -Curt the year. He smacked a wejgbt. bo:1rera scheduled to com Flood, a late-inning defensive rerun homer in the/ seventh bming, pete in UJe fmal trials at JiWt ... RACIIIIIGHII. Y 8:00 ,-MOII.-WID.-IAI c&. placement. just before leaYing the game beWorth, Tex.. July 3-22. White is That was also Gibson's fllst cause be aggra11ated a pulled .left entered Jn the high jump trials lrtfttlton Road at DeSoto major. league start. He bad been hamstring. __.. at Eugeae, Ore., July s-9. r Warning: The Surgllll\ Gaa8nillas Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is to Your Health. 2Dmo."W',l5.it. ... .... RC .. ft'1t ) Menthoris Satem uses only natura& menthol, not the kind mad& in a faboratory.like our rich, fulf.fr..oed tobacc:m, ourmenthol .is naturallyJPOWR. Then we blend nawra& menthol with our superb .,tden tobaccos. It is a uniqUe blend found in no other dgarette.A blehd tha t gives Salem a taste that; never harsh or hot ... a taste as llalurallv cool and fresh as Springtime. ., lift a&ll'rlleLIITO .. .._._,,....-. ..


. ... f --..i.Liiihll'iiidaiy.i, TWENTY .ONB Iii Jaer ....... .J-.e. IIIIa an o f T am,pa, Aule -JeM. el ho.e, wUI .. lleJ4 d FUNERAL NOTICES .ALLEN, MR. ALPHONSO LEEservices for Mr. Alplaeao Mr. T u ll odl: AJiea of Newk, N. J.; nieces, Aquelyn alld LaSiaawn CMw; a ....-ttl 't'JMiins, a_, ..._ are, Hr. Gu Gore, Mrs. Enrble Gere, Mr. Preston ADea, Mrs. Donday AUea. an of St. Petenbllrg, Mrs. 1 Giles, Job Bnerly Giles, Deberah au Gloria ADell aD of Ortaado; medaer aJUI fatJaer-la-law, Mrs. Clara Milbry u4 Mr. O.Car Mil bl"J';' sis&er-4a-law, Ml Bose O.w; Jtnaen.ia-law, Mr. Leroy Chow u4 'Mr. Wllllam CIMw and a liM ttl eUler ........,.., rela tlve1 aad frleaa. A -utlve et Live oak, Mr.: Allea W lived llere for tile put S Jean, Be was a ferm er resideat of St. Petersbar, and a former iuCi'llder iJa dae mlls berwp C.Uty Sdaool Syatem. Pre.eaUy lie was a C..elllr In HlllaiMrwp Ceu.ty JWftllile Ceut. B e was .._ a JDeiUer o f Sima Pili Bda Fratenalty. The funeral cor&ege will form at 2605 E. Cayuga. Tlae remaiu wW re pose after 4 P .M. today (Fri day) at' Wilson Funeral Chapel, ntil neH flmeral time Satv.nlay. "A WILSON SERVICE" JIM Dukla, Miu Tlleblaa DuWaycross, Ga., Nlldlulel ..,... 4:31 P .M. at St. Jolua M. B. jels u4 Miu DiNa D8lliell, all ton, The Th0111p._ Falllily, Tile Chuda wHit Rey. E. Newkirk, of. Tuapa; 5 ..as,. Mr E4Wle Washingtea Fallllly, fte Mi4ehell fldatmg. latennent wtll be ba Duiels a H wife Beatrice J'aaly, WpM,........, Jleaerial Park Oeaetery. S.rel. TaJDpa, Mr. he C. DUielt Michael Saaders ud Cur. vivors are: husband, Mr. M08u &M wife .Jialotal'd ol Deerfield tis. Evans a n d devoCed Mosley; z nieces, Mrs. Ullie Beiteb.._ na., Mr. William Daalels Cw&iN Everllart, Amos Favors aDd hultaad., llr. Robert aJid wile Heianese el J'ack.MaTille, MI-. and Mrs. James L8rlliDs Favors of Leary Georgia and Mr. l.U A. Duiell alld w i f e Hnl. Hattie Saaders, Mr. wm Mrs. Gertnlde wih.n ei Reddinl, lean aH. Mr. Leskr Dulels aJUl Hall and Jame1 Tolbert and a Pennsylvania .aad other sorrow wife 'l"'lelma, ol Tampa; best el otJaer torrowlng relative& tag relatives aad frielllds. A Da ed-4aagk&ers, Mrs. Estella and friendl. A native Tampaa, tlve e1 Waycross, Georgia, Mn. ... uti kasitand William of Seff. .Mr. Eaaley Jaad Uved here all of Mosley had. resided llere for the aer aad Mrs. Barbara les ... bia llfe. Be was employed by past 50 years. The funeral corkasbaH. Temmy et Seffaer; 35 Hlllsboro Rarvestlng Company. tege will form at 71%% Bellller grandchildren; 3 sisters, Mn. The remains wW repose after 4 soa Avenue Apt. c. 'lbe remalas Mary Llza Crapps and husband P. M. today (Friday) at WHson -.ill repose. after 4:08 P.M. today Joshua of Edi. ... Ga., Mrs. Anna F11aeral Chapel, UJltu near funeral (Friday) at WilfMIII FUDel'al Clla. Thomas of Cocoa, na Mrs. time Saturday; "A WILSON SER pel atU aear funeral Um SatNaJUde Perry ucl husband Beary VICE' arJay. "A WILSON SER:rCE,. of Daw,..,. Ga.; 8 bntlters, Mr. Sammy Duiels and wife IAIIiu, l'fr, Wilinaa Dulels and wife Re'beria, Mr. Beiii'Y Daaiels a n d wife Ethel, all of Ga., Mr. BHtly Dulels IUl4l wife Pa tricla ef Al1way, Ga., Hr. Willi e Lee Daalela u wife .n of Cocoa, Mr. Osear Lee Daaiell and wife Pearlie Mae of coc .. Mr. E4 Duiels and wife Gladys of OrlaJado aad Mr. Leroy Daaiels o f Rartt.n, C...: motfler.iJa-law, Mrs. EsfeDa Dixft til New Smnaa Beacla; two llis&en-la-law, Mrs. MarT Keadrlck anti hasUnd WWie ef Morgu, Ga. alld Mrs. Beuie Scott of Gritlu, Ga.: 5 bnthers-la-law, Mr. Jolaanie Dix oa ud wile of Vlrp.aa, Mr. W. B. Dtxoa .... wife Maute of Etl IHD, Ga., Mr. Major Dlxee and wUe of Grltins, Ga., Mr. Willie Bolt Db:oa u wife of Ceeea a n d McNEALY, MR. .eral services fw Mr. Claude Me Nealy ot 410 E. Oak Averwe, wbo passed away ia a local hospital, wiD be held Satlll'day at Z:te P. M. at Wilaoe Funeral Chapd. witia Rev. W. P. Williams, ol fieiatiag. lntermeat will Jte in Memerial Park Cemetery. Sur rivors are: 3 soas. Hr. Oaude ; llleNealy, Jr. and wife, Mrs. Raby :. MeNealy, Mr. Jelaa D. Mc Nealy aad w.ile, ltlrs. McNealy and M,; Matthow Me Nealy and wife. Mrs. Fraaeiaa cNe&ly; _14 grandchildre n ; t great grandchildren ; a step. -daqlat.er, Miss Marie M c Nealy ol lllami; a 'brother, Floy d McNealy ol Peasacola and other sorrowiltg relatives and frieads. A native el MarJahna, Mr. Me -Lee Allen el 4 35th SWM, wJao pasSed away in a local Jaosp.lial, will be held Saturday u 4 P. H. at Wilson Funeral Chapel, with Rev. Bernard Milton JOBes, offi eiatiag. IDtennent will be In ShaiiJ' GI'Ove Cemetery. S.mvors are: wife, lUrs. Wla C. Allen; 2 Reeaia Allen of St, Petersburg aa K. Allen; IIMtber, Mrs. Arthu Lee AUea ol Live Oak; auts, Mrs. Nocille Giles of Orlaacte, Mn. Bds;y .(1. len of St. h&enbv(, Mra. AUa Teel of St. Pe&ernug, Mrs. Em ma Hidoa el St. Pe&ersbtlrc, Mrs. Frances Wilson ttl Oriaa4o, Mn. Sophia Jes ttl Pompano Beach, Mrs. Aloia ADell, Mrs. A d die Mae Allen and Mrs. EdytJte Allea aU ef Newark, N. 1.; uclea, Mr. Samael Allea of Orlaado, Hr. l eeph Allen of Live Oak, Mr. Sial mons Belltoa of S&. Pdenllarg, DANIELS, MR. JOE Faaeral services for tile la&e Mr. Joe Daaleb el. lilt 5Ul Aveaae, Tampa, wtao fro tills life ea .. lt72 In loeal wiU lte 1aeiAl at J P. M. Sa&uiqy from the Gru&er Be&Jael Baptist Chureh with tile Pa.sier Rev.' AIzo Heath, Mr. Jake DfDa Jr. a n d wife of olflclatlag. J.Mermeu wiD be In Tam,.; ud a hOIIt f Dieees, the famil,y plot of the 1lephews an4 other sorrowing rei Park Cemetery directly after the atlves and friends. FRANKLIN B O RNE, MRS. MII.UE L. -Funeral services for tlae late MI.'s. Mlll1e L. Horn e of 26011 l%th Ave nue, who paasecl .July 1, wiU be held today 4 P. M. from Allen Nealy had Uved. here for the )last 4 yean. 'l1le remains will repose after 4:00 P .M. tod.ay (Friday) at Wilsea Fuaeral Chapel, ulltll Dear funeral time Saturday. "A W ILSON SEkVICE" services. The remains wiD repose at the Franktin Faaeral H o m e FUNERAL DOME Is ia claarge ef from 4 P. M. Friday aatll .ear the serviee. faneral time Satuiay. Sarvlvors '-. blelatle: a devGW wife, Mrs. Ra MR. ROBERT, JR. lt7 Dalliels et T..,.; 4 daab Funeral services for Mr. Robert ten, Mrs. loluulie B. Bruer aad Easley, Jr .t. 3006 E. Ida, who -------------------------passed away ba a local hospital, fummer Fun= SLACKS Her e is.u.m.r l:wight and n ew. eo.. ancle our pants for yo" Our CoUedion &clatles { "SHIRTS' BY'' OLEii CASSIII IGOR, ELYTMT, FBEDRICO PIO .. BBUCIO ''PUTS BY" BUBBAID BRAZER LATII SLACI $29,95 "TTES BY'' WEMLOI $5 ap Oar Styles lndadel Flairs, .STIWCIITS STRIPES AND SOUDS. Take H euy this sammer la.:our carefree, UatatwelPt 41ouble knll summer slacks. Every color and style Imaginable is here. Play the warm weailaer a in our eoolloeklDI aeleetioaa, aacl Y"'ll stay calm ud refreslaetl a ll day lonf, Come iJa sooa. we'll eat-fl& Joa Jt.-e. PRONE -THE MALE SHOP 2311 E. llillslloroagla Ave. (Eul Gale Plua) lte lie .. Satanay at lZ aoon at W"alsoa Fueral Chapel with Rev, HaJW ... DR HaU, offidat bag. Ia&ermeat 1rill lte iD Mem wial Park ee.e&er,.. Survivors are: JDether 041 step.fatlaer, 1\lrs. Cora Lee '1110mas aad 1\&. Charlie 'l'laemas: llls&ers, Mrs. Cora Mae BaUer aad laasbud, Mr. Reno Butler, Eleaor, EarUta, Lava and Carmen Thomu of Tam.pa; bro titers, Claarles, Charlie aad Sam ael Tlaemas; -11'8Dd pareats, Mr. aad Mrs. Jolm Braatoa ef Tampa, and Mrs. Hattie Mae Easley of starke; auta, Mrs. Mil*'ed Ran Ier of New York City, Mrs. Cath ertae Gordoa aad hubaad, Mr. lnry Gordoa of Taatpa, Hattie Mae, Ama ... Junette a11d Cath erlae Easler aU of Starke; lllleles, Mr. Willie Braaten u4 wi(e, Mrs. Elaora Brantoa of Tampa, Mr. Rufu Branton and wife, Mrs. Beslya Brute of New York City, .Mr: Homer Braatea and wife, Mrs. Loreae Braatoa of TaiiQia, Mr. Ulyues Brutes of Tampa, Mr. Joiau7 Brantoa u d wife, Mrs. Edwina Branton of Tampa Mr. Wlllteri Branton and wife, Mrs. 'lbelma Branton of Dever, Delaware, Mr. Claude Braaten u wile, Mrs. Violet Braatea'"' .,. TaJDPa aad Mr. Euee Brutes u wife, Mrs. Ad die Braa&oa of Tampa; peat auta, Mrs. Lovle B. Rood of Mi ami, Mrs, Mary JoDes of Way. cross ;Ga.: L llieee, Barbara Lo rene &tier; ceuins, Mrs. :Mil dred Evaas ad laasbaall, Mr. !\lack Evaas, Leathea Gale Bran &Oil, Romaey Austi n all of Tampa, Mrs. Patricia Duabar and hus. baa4, Mr. Tony Dunbar of Jack SOilvUie, Mrs. Barbara Jean Hoagh and hasband, Mr. Frank Hough of Tampa, Mr. Wilbert Braaten, Jr. aad wile, Mrs Ruthle Ann Branton of Tampa, Thelma Mae Branton ofTampa, Edward Gor doa of Tampa, Lora Jean Bran ton of Tampa, Dorothy Mae Bran ton of Tampa; Ivory Gordon of Tampa, Cathy Diana Gordon of Tampa, Eddie Branton of Tain. pa, William Jones of Miami, An Die Mae Mit c hell, Johnnie Bran ton, Jr., Anna Wllaon and t.alld, EUzabeth Carry, Mrs. Doris Bryant an hasbaad, Claude Bran toa, Jr., Faye and Sharon. Brantoft, Mallie and Mitchell, Mrs. Alberta :Reed aacl ltusbanll : Temple AME Church, Rev. u; McDeaald Ne ..... pas&w, olfidat laC Flaal tribll&e for Mn. Bonae wiD lie SaMay ba Qaiacy from st. James AME. Oaarcla, Rev. Sbermaa, paMor, offtciatlng. Intermeat wW INt Ia Seaboartl Ceme tefT, A u&ive et Qutacy, Mrs. Boraea Uved l.a Tampa for 46 years aa kel membership in tile Amerteaa Woodmea No. 54, Mrs. F1ora Bsrclea, Cemmand er, tile Anaettla B &: B Society Ledge No. 1, Mr. B. A. TIWs, prellldeat, ud tile Graad Union Pallbearers Lodce No. 107, Mrs, Eddies Wllsoa, presideat. Su"i vors iDclude 3 llaapters, Mrs. La BeR Marie H oriotl, Miss Gloria Horae IAviarstoJa N. Y. C., Miss AriDelata Louise Dawsoa, Tampa; a 11&ett-daqlater, Mrs. Dorothy Mae GaDUD.OilS of Loaisiaaa, a step... Mr. 01a Williams and NEAL, MASTER STEVIE BY wife, RwaeUa, Pempaao Beaeh; DELL -Funeral services for a lfBIKidaaatater, MiH Katarah Master Stevie Rydell Neal ol Marte Kerion, Tampa; a lllster, ""itt! E. Wilcler Avetsae, who. pass Mr1. Everneza People, Breax, N. ed away Ia a local hospital, will Y.; 7 aieces, Mrs. Elaora .Jelm-be .laeld Saturday at 11:00 A.M. SOil an laasbaad, Arthar, at St. Joha. Protrl'essive Bap. Mrs. Louise Lewis .aad husballd, tist auarcb with Rev. F. G Ecldle, Wasklatee, D. C.; Mrs. HIHn, officlatinr Interment wid MaUle Green, Qabtcy, Mrs. Dorohe in Memorial Park Cemetery. 'City Mayes allCI kasbaad, Clifford, SUrvivors are: motlaer, Mrs. llat. MIIIB Mercedes Thorntoa, Marl' tie Neal; fatlaer Mr. Jamet1 Neal; anaa, Miss Marraret Dawson, 11ister, PlaylUs 2 brothers Mrs. Millie Browder, Tampa; 5 Kelvin aad James Stanford; aephews, Chaiile Greea Robert matemal grand parents, Mr. and Daw1011, Jr., Mr. Rwlolpla Daw. )Irs. IIlah SinClair of Cocoa; SOB a wife, Carolya, .Tampa, paternal gralMbnotber, Mrs. Bes Cortrelle Harris, Cbleap, ID.; ale Neal; aants, Mrs. Evelyq John Dawson, Washia&M, D. C.; Glover ol Dethall', Alabama; Mrg. 3 slsten-la-law, Mrs. LeGe Lou venia Hal ten, Mrs. Susie Dan. Thontto., Mrs. Martha Hartfield, ley of Ozark, Alabama, Mrs. Bes Areadla ut Mrs. Penale Dawson, aie M Edwards, Mrs. LoretJaa Tampa; antheriJa-law, PomJUles, Mrs. Ann Bu tler of Cocoa, pey Horae and Frank Bonae, ...., Miss Gertrude Sinclair el Mel N. Y. C.; a god daughter, Miss bour.oe, Mrs. Helen Wyu ol New Frances Napier, Tampa; a num York City, Mrs. Julia Brown o1 ber of eoulllns, devoted friends, Cocoa, Miss Mary Sinclair of N. Mr. a nd Mrs. Lewis Wllliams, Y C., Mrs, lreue Benjamin of Tampa, Mrs. Mary Niles, N.Y.C., Melbourne and Miss Elizabeth other sorrowing and Sinelair of Cocoa; wncles, Fred friends, Visitation hours f o r die, David, Roy, Hellry Johnnie, friends at Pughsley Cathedral Simon aDd Raymond Neal; cou. were from 5 P. M. to 10 P. M. sfns, Charles Sioclair of Miami The Armettia B & B aDd Calvin SiDclair of Cocoa Society Lodge No. l and t h e great aunts, great uncles and Grand Union Pallbearers Lodge other sorrowiog relatives and No, 107 held memorial services ftiends. A aative of Qaincy, Mas at the fiiDerat home Thursday night The remains will be sent (Contlnue4 on page 22) : Saturtlay momlng to Sims a ad Jackson FUDeral Home, Qulney and the family may be contacted there. Local arrangements by PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME. MOSLEY, MRS. ALJCE-FUDeral services for Mrs. Allee MOsley, formerly of 1420 Govenaor St., who passed awa7 In a loeal DursiDC If yoa Want a Home for $200 dowu Paymts. as low as f&7 per moatb. Dial A lome ud Lisln 879-5350


P AGE TWENTY-TWO Fla. S entinei-BulletiD P!Jblished fl'lery Tuea. a1ld Frf GelBoth Editions Saturday, July I, 1972 .FUNERAL .NOTICES Jessie Le e Hlckson o 1 Mi. ddletown Co'lln.; ,_. br9tber, Mr. Johnnie 11. ,:. WilHams and wife, Mrs. Thedor a Williams of Banford, Conn.; a nephew; Mr. Freddie Lee Hick son aDd wife of Middletowa, Conn.; ?J7 grandchildren, a great (Continued From Page 21) ter Neal bad lived here most of his life. He was a student at Lois -Elementary School. The remains \\ill repose after 4:00 P.M. to-. day (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near time Saturday. "A WilSON SERVICE:' 'sister, Mrs. Lillie Mae WUliams; 4 brothers, Mr. Herman Shep pard Sr., Mr. Eugene Sheppard, Mr. Ester Sheppard and' wife, and Mr. Edward Sheppard and wife; grandchild; 2 devoted friends, Mrs. Aggie Golden and Mrs. Mara McKinney and a host of other sorowing relatives and friends. A native of High Springs, Mrs. Thomas had lived here for the past Black Judge Union. Vote parties involved because there f3 little precedent for such a directive. The magnitude of Judge Bryant's order and its effect on the union was called "dictatorial" by a spokesman fdr W. A. Boyle; presi 7 nieces, Mrs. CarOlyn Bennett 40 years: The -remains will re. pose after 4 P M. Sunday at Wil and husband, Mrs. Beatrice Har ris. and husband, Mrs. Juanita SIDES, MR. BEN-Funeral &er sails and husbtnd, Mrs. Loraine son Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Monday;"A WILSON SERVICE" dent of the union. vices for Mr. Ben Sides of 2602 Hayes and husband of Detroit, zth Avenue, who passed away lit Michigan, Mrs. Josephine Royal a local hospital, will be held and husband, Mrs. Rosa L. Thosaturday_ at 2:00 at New mas and husband and Miss Cora Mt. Zion M. B Church with L. Scott; nine nephew11, Mr. Jobn Rev. B. J. Jones, officiating. nie C. Williams, Mr. AntlS Scott nternient will be in. Shady Grove and wife, Dea. Leonard Scott and MEMORIAM : JUDGE WILLIAM B. BRYANT At the Labor Department, a spokesman said that the order. is sued under procedures outlined itt the Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959, "is without precedent." The department, after months of prodding by an anti-Boyle faction of the union led by the late J ()o seph A. Yablonski, filed in 1970 a suit to overturn the 1969 union election. They were joined in the suit by Miners for Democracy, a group of Mr. Yablonski's followers. cemetery. Survivors are: a dewife,. Mr. James Scott, Mr. Johu 'voted wife, Mrs. Gertrud.e Sides; H. Scott and wife, Mr. Nathaniel a step daughter, JW:rs. iBernice Scott and wife, Mr. Her,man Littles and husband, Mr. Johnnie Sheppard Jr. and wife, S/Sgt. -Littles of Long Island, N Y.; Bernard Scott, U.S. Air Force, a st_ep-son, i Mr. Johnnie Di x on and Mr. Albert Rice and wife; an of Philadelphia, Pa.; : 10 s t e p uncle, Mr. Mose Sheppard; an grandchildren all of Lon g IslaiJ.d aunt, Mrs. Louise Ferguson of Y.; z brot h e r s-i n -law, MJ;". Tallahassee; severaL cousins, in WilUams of Tampa and MJ:'. eluding Dea,' James sheppard Arthur Lee Kennon of Bain and wife, Chris Sheppard Mr. 'bridge, Ga.; a nephew, Mr. 'James Eddie Davis, Lima. Sheppard W illiams and wife, Mrs. Linda Willie Mae Rope of Baltimore Williams .of Tampa; a great Maryland, a n d Mrs. Savannah hi.ece, Stephanie 'of! Tampa; Griffin of Havana; a host of Mr Yablonski and. his wife and daughter were slain in their home in Clarksville, Pa., on Dec. 31, 1969, shortly after he lost the elec tion for the union's presidency to : Mr. Boyle WASHINGTON-A Federal Dis trict Court judge ordered new elec tions last week for the leadership the United Mine Workers of America and he outlined strict _.procedures to govern the union's Strollers Bow&ng cousins, Mr. Abraham Mitchell ,great nieces and nephews and a 'of Mrs. Virginia Rob;n number' of other sorrowing re son of Tampa and. Mr. Rufus latives .and devoted friends. The Clark and wife., Mlrs. Lucille remains will repose after 4:00 Clark of Walterboro, S. C.; a P.M. Fri1tlay (today) at the foster son, John L. Little, Jr. and chapel of the Ray Williams Fun a host of other sorrowing re eral Home until near funeral latives. and friends. A native of time. The funeral cortege will Walterboro, South Carolina, Mr. form at 1734 West Laurel Street. Sides had resided here for the Arrangements by BRYANT & past 48 years. He was a inem \VILUAMS (Ray Williams Fun ber of Lily White SBA No. 20, eral Home)' Mr. Lewis James, President. The remains will repose after 4:00 P.M. today (Friday) at Wilso:n Funeral Chapel, until near fun eral time Saturday. "A WII..SION SERVICE" SHEPPARD, MR." JESSEMr. Jesse Sheppard of 1747 Pine Street passed ;.way July 3, in Bay Pines, funeral. Services : will be conducted Saturday at 2:00 P.M. from the New Salem THQMAS; MRS. PENSACOLA PEARL Funeral service.s for Mrs. PensaCQia Pearl Thomas of 1014 12th Avenue, w h o passed away in a local nursing home, will be held Monday at 1 P; M. at Wilson Funeral Chapel witb Rev. W. T. Carpenter, officiating. Interment will be In Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: a llaughters, Mrs. Geraldine T. Brown and husband, Mr. Herman Brown of Tampa, Mrs. Willie Lee Moore and husband, Mr. : M o o r e of T a m p a_ and TAMPA-In memory ol Mrs. Leamer RichaJ"ds Who passed July 6, 1970. There is a vacant place in our home that never shall be filled. Sadly missed: Your husband, Ernest Richards and children. mother and father, Daniel and Lillian Holton, sisters and broth ers.' Memoriam TAMPA-In loving memory ol Minnie "Cboo Cboo' Latson who _. departed this life, July 8, 1970. A precious one has gone, a place is vacant in our home that can never be filled, .but in our hearts you will forever live on. Sadly missed. by Dorrie Coney, daughter andThe Family. MEMORIAM. P. B. Church with the pastor, Elder R. H, Howard officiating. J:ntombment will fOllow in Memo. rial Park Cemetery. A native Tampan, Mr. Sheppard had resid. 1\Irs. Laura Rogers of Brooklyn, N .Y.;. 2 'Hns, Mr. Henry s ed here all of his life. He was a veteran of World War II, bav ang honorably bl the Uniled States Army. He leaves : to mourn his passing a devoted Thomas and wife, Mrs. Rosetta .. : Thomas of Los An,eles, Califor. nla and Mr. Clarence J. Thomas and wife, Mrs. Lucinda of Hartford, ... llrs. UNCLE SANDY 25, 30. Sleep hath its own world, 80, 66. a boundary between the things misnamed death and exist ence 69, 33. 1 CRAWFORD TARVER Passed: July 1, 1971 TAMPA-Happy first anniver sary in heaven. A precious one has gone, a voice is hushed and still, a place is vacant in our home that can never be filled. We miss you. Sister,Mrs. Katie Mae Lyles and nieces, Mary E. Morris, Mrs. Flora Bell Stephens of Sarasota and Mrs. Alke Smith. activities until Jan. l. l The order by United States Dis eagUe trict 'court Judge William B. Bry RESULTS ant designated the Department of Entzminger's Florist, 3, Four Labor to supervise the conduct of U's 1; Team 2-4, KiDg Solo the 196,000-member union and to mon Bar-B-Q 0; Charlie's Beer oversee its financial operations. Parlor 3, Kilbrid-e Ins. 1. :. Among other thing, the order Women's high game, Pearl Do makes union intel'nal affairs sub zier 168, Nannie Simms 162, Bar jeci to the "direc! supervision of bar a 158_. the Secretary of Labor," directs Men s high game, Wll all union employes to account for kerson 225. Manuel Mitchell 209, th d I' 't th Ernest Jones 207, expenses, Imi s e Women's. high se ries, Pearl Do umon s ability to make loans and zeir 481 N.annie Simms 430 L-::is hire new employes, and enjoins Scott -w'1. the union from ommitting viola Men's high series, Willie Wil tions of election procedures. kerson 590, Ernest Jones 581, Although the order had been exManuel Mitchell 567. pected since Judge Bryan declared STANDINGS the union's 1969 election void on Entzminger's Florist .... 25 7 May 1 it was awaited with some Four U's : 21 11 -apprehension by the 4 16 16 Charlie's Beer Parlor 13 19 Seffner -In memory of my darling mother. Laura Ann a Hamilton who departed. this life Kilbride In_s. 12 20 King Solomon Bar-B-Q 9 23 The reporter is Johnnye Davis. George Riley Dies. July 10, tiJ2. The blow was hard the shock George Riley; president of Lily White Lodge No. 19 of severe, Bradenton and State Deputy She couldn't know., that death was died

Saturday, JulyS, F1L PubllaJ.ed every Tues. and Fri.Cet &th Editions PACE BUSDIESS WHY PAY MORE? LET PATTEN CARPET SALES save you money. Special sav ing on Shags-$5.98 lq. 7d. installed, reg. $9.95. 251-3234 or 877-1801 ---------------------VACANT DAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recoil ditioned homes Ia VIl lage. $58 dewa. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Pboae tiiS-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday U HIT EM. WE GET EM. AND FIX EM; Well everything but a broken heart. SMALL BODY SHOP, 8710 Grapefruit Ave. 677-7S44. Her CREDIT??? Ravbtg Trouble BaJiag A Cal: Bfl:ause yea are siMri on Credit or D11wn PaymeDt7 LET ME HELP YOU CaD Bill FOR SALE WEST TAMPA. $%08 DOWN J:t'BA 235. :. 3. bedrooms, nil bath. VANITY HOMES, IN<: 1811 North Armenia. Phone 111 1531. -I VACANT HAVESEVERAL' NEWLY recaditioned homes in Profl'els Vii $50 down. -CaU HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR, Phone 988-I%5Z 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and SuncJay WANT A NEW BOME7 $%00 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. 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Church 115 Soutli Sunday %:36 P.M.-BeafiDJ alld Worship Service. WedAesday I P. M. Spin& Meuate Serviee. BHndfold blU of Reading. Jlear Rev. Earl WiDiams. Private readiag by PubHc i. weicome. ALICE L.' KNIGHT, Presideni 154-M41 01' %51-Hll $5GDDWI: PROGRESS -LLAGE 3 BEDROOMS, 1 bath, waD to wall earpet.. Paymea&s as Jew as $68.00 a month. P & I. !\lust see to liPPreeiate. CABYER CITY 3 BEDROOM, bath, Fla. naom, aad earpori. Built in evea and r-aage. In an area of well bJI! homes. THOROTOSASSA 2 BEDROOM frame home on two 'iatt with sneral.-bearillg frulf trees. With pave road In front and rear. Several ot11er areas to chiJOSe from. CaD :R.b ert E. Gadson, Assoc Office 251 4049, Res. 877-2171. WILBERT-WILLIAMS. Realtor : 'EVERYTBIHG YOU WAifTEJ) TO KROW ABOUT DREAMs: The Bible as Guide, Repeate4 Dreams, Children, "Luck,'' Sieepwallting, Dreaming About Your Future. Only $2.00 ROBERT WSHAW 244 W. 74th street Nlj:W YORK CITY 19023 SOL'S TBADIIG PDS1 Nll-TUBS $1Ut TOILET SEATS $1.91 INKS A-CABINE'I'S WATER BEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 3822 E. BROADWAY PHONE Z4S-Z4U ERRORS are requeated to check t h e f!rst appearance of ada for This newspaper will be re. sponslble for only' iarrect inaerUon, ANY ERROR SHOULD BE REPORTED ..-IMMEDIATELY CALL 248-1921 BEASORABLE RATES Phone: 229-1845 Savl nme And. Stamps Phone Your News : 248-1921 FUIERAL DIRECTORS WILSOII'S FUIEBAL HOME "0111' Buiaess Is ServJce" PbOBn: MUm. zu.mz P O _CBSLEI Faeral._ -r 341! !6tll STREET As lmpreuie --retlalred ; As leeQeutiYe, Phoaes !4'7-3151 or '.47-SlSI SHADY GROVE TOMOUOW SHADY GROVE 1\IEMORIAL PARK Is planning a new concept of cemetery: property development to most of our residents. SHADY GROVE will develop a series of beautiful re ligious floral gardens with a large central feature hi eaeh gardea section, Something from the Hfe of Christ or some thing from the Bible. The individual memorials will be of enrlasting bronze with Mother Natures 'IH!autiful green carpet covering the grave. An inviting guclen. spot that breathes happy memories and tells the iloiy ef Hfe, not death. l. The autumn winds know well wben the' leave wW .fall but no man knows when the earth will .claim a!l'ain the dust in leant for his creation. -. Tlae Cemetery Beautiful -:We Care Forever 4615 E. HANNA AVENUE-.' TFJ..-&26-2332:-


. (. .. .. r. .... PAGE TWENTY;FOUJt. BotJi !dltiGIIS ';,. .'5 &turCiay, July 8, 1972 t / WATSQN:.GL YMPH VOWS SAID -: Marriage vows were by Helen Watson and Bar. yey Glymph In the .beailtif lllly decora&ed St. John Progressive Bap >; tist Church. The Rev. F. G. Hilton officiated. A reception fol lowed at the chareh, and there was (another at {be -Sugar Sbacl In west Tampa. .NOTEs:fROMTAMPA.CLUBS ..... .. ; t ,. (Cootinued 6) : A of the WOMEN'S PROGRESSIVE CLUB !Iii)" .be held tuesday night at. the abode or :tdrs. Sallie Cherry, 701 E. 11umph rey Street. .. ; Mrs. Anme Jewel Marshall, 1313 Cypress Street; wtll hOst e .! meeting of the WEE BANKERS SOCIAL CLUB Saturday ilvenini at_ 8 o'clock. Fronl Tap todges. __ NO:'Ir at 7 P, M. Monday 1511 Centra Avenue. : ,, A meeting of LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 197 willbe held at 7 P. M. Saturday at 1511 Central Avenuf.\. --. '" Tonight at 8 o'clock, there will be a of Wlll'l'E. LODGE NO. st at 1511 Central A-venue tor the pew fiscal ye-ar will be elected. COMING -EVENTS' .. JULY 't-Veices of Hope In st1mmer recital, New Zion M. B. : Church, s P. M. JULY "Challenge of the .Creti," first Baptist of Seffaer, S P. M. lt ,.': -:. -:. JULY 16--Choir No. 2 Alullversary obser_vance, 3 P. M.; Adull Fashlba Tea, 6 P, 'M:,. Peace Baptist Church, JULY U-Spriq HiU Baptist lltnion No. % observes aaniversary, S P.M. -.. JULY %to-Blake Dad's 6th Annual Sweetheart Baii/Ft He'sterl)' Armory, .10 P. ,M. : ....... :..-JULY 11-Uome MISBion Anniversary, Peace .,. ... JULl; Fashion Relaxer, ;N .. Ave1,. :nae, 5.-7 P. M. : JULY %1-BellmenWaUers Cl\W's Hot DaJice, : \ 't. BRIGHTEN UP YOUR -HOME' ...,_ .. :r-"1 INSIDE AND OUT I .. t Children Love Bunk Beds! You'll Love The Prices! I 1: &Up "' All Bunk BedS he Complete With & ECONOMY P'ICED BUNKS : WAQON WHEEL i\illm .. ': ladudef two rugged Tw!a cfe-4 IJefff raarf and ladder sip Ill headboards aa4 foot-. In : cil;.._ iat Maple boarcll -,: rwo twin beds In meUow Maple Finish with .., reaiODably priced. guard r&l! and ladder-... .. .. BOOKCASE BUNK 'BEDS Two twin siie bedS wHb use ful bookcase headboards lc guard rail and ladder ... :; wagon wbHl tootboards Ill flaish };, .... plu; SHORT WORRY! LARMON e FANTAsTic si'Yi.isH MEDITERRANEAN .. : II E T T E ;-$ 95 But a GREAT .BUY!! B111Tf! Curtis Hixon AudUorlum, 10 p. M. .. JULY Dav, Friendship Baptist Church. JULY Day Mt. Pleasant M. B Chuteh. $1 2 .. .I 95. D I N E T T E .,. Similar To Ilh.istration 0.-: --_. CiviL Rights Direction INIE-W YORK ,... In. a pensive, his after tl, yeal'l!l fn philosoUhical and hopeful but not.-the NIA.AOP. too rnood, _R'Oy Willcins, I'm .not wishing 1or peace and executive of tlhe nation's lhappiness. and rove and all like JaJ"gest civi-l rights organization ,-that;" Willdl)s _said. Better aca sat in his office this week and demic, inteHectuat ar.d te-c>hni.c,al doubts that :the civil prep_a,raoon w011ld. have enabled rights. mov:emelllt took the inosf black people to; take advanila,g:e prQductive direction possible -11) or "the opportunities that are ago. : open tO sa4d [' m convinced," WiHcins 11aid, "We wQuld lilive had tio fight .... that if we had spent, as muCJh .. for them, We Wt>uJd have had. time in the.past-10 years, {:1952 to c:ompete_{Qr them," he said. to 197 2), knuckling down and What the rights movement acleaming things that oo man complished, he sai!J was that eculd take away from -1.1$, that people got "respect, fn would have been farther. a-some places it wnuld get a fear head now than we are. The at you, it would !orce peoPle to atmosphere would be eh.anging." you alh, a human be4ng Wilkins whOse NIAAOP begir.ls entitled to. aU tlhe rights and Its 63rd ooliventioo in privileges of other human be-'' ll>etroit Monday, told reporter In an interview at tile national But It didn't get you a job Jteadquarten Ia New Yock 1li tlllat'l all l'm aayinc.'' .. BEAUTIFUL WALNUT ,. .' .' FINISH! Y(;>UR FAMILY AND FRirimS .... > :WILL LOVE ITI "IT'S EASY Tl PAY TIE LABMOI WAY" Open Friday Righi 'T"d 8 P. M. FOB YOD COHVERIEIICE


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