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REGISTER TO VOTE NOW _______ ...,__..; -,,_ .vol 25, NO so ... FOREMOST SEMI: WEEKLY. t>-"" 1972. (SEE STORY I) Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU PRI C E 15 CENTS. NAAC, P 's,. I kin s -, ( .. 4, .. ... ..,.... a .. i I ... -----,. -_.;-: t'i-' "_-: ..... .... . ....... .. ,-; : 1/h < ; .. .. ; (SEE STORf ON PAGE &J .. ....., _______________ __...,__...,._..;.;.,___,..._"_____ .....,_.:......:,.,....._;;.....;.......;,;:...___,_ SEE STORY ON PAGE ll I \ M 4i;s. Pane _One_ : I O..s Daughter. Bj Policelian On Central ..,; : "' :; _: : ... .. -;.. > L ENDA M ARIE BURTON --,..,.( SE E STORY ON PAG E I) A Tain_pa woman compla\ned tl'iii ('tueda y > Mon\isi1 tflat her -_ was ; and tm o cked un consctowr 8n Cen tral A ve n ue Mond ay evening dur: -. : ing iriV':Ilvin!i two other black youths. : iarlr Apts. Heist ; Nets $600 ., t I ( ,. Mrs.. Gr ace Carnell, 1039 Nelson Ct., sai d he r d aug h ter, Gail Rob in so n was. struck i n t h e side with -l nigh t s t ick an'dk nocked out ---------, by the whil e she was lop king at the officers attempt to '. i. l (S E E STO RY O N PA GE 3) p lace tw o other black youths Ill\ der arrest. "' .1 Mrs. Carnell said the three of ficers at the scene told the small crowd of people to get back moments later, her daughter was struck. She added that her daugh ter was taken to t h e emerge n c y room of a l oca l b dspital and had .. to wait three Hours before receiv ing trea.tmept. ; .. .. "When I tried to find out what three officers viere sent t o t h e scene on Cen tral;'' Mrs. CarneU eaUI, f'DObody at seemed to know what the officers : names I,.t. was '' se n t to tne 'hospital to. check the incide nt, and the condition of the gir l Mrs Carnell added, "and it r look s like he was on scene himseH w.bcen she W!IS struck." Mrs. Carnell concluded that sh had contacted her lawyer for pos sible civil action because "too much hitting on children is be: lng done in this town for no rea son at all." Louisiana. G overnor Signs Equality Laws Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards signed his mime Wednesday ta seven bills striking the laW'S. from the books "Right on," said Rep. Dorathy Taylor of Orleans, who wit nessed the signings "Black people In t,.ouislana,'' she told Edwards, "can raise their heads and walk with diiilftJ." ( '...*''\ ; FCC -Black Wants .. ., .. Bcilance' In. Media (SEE STORY ON. PAGE 21) / Two -Wives Booked -, / .. For .Hubby Assaults SEE S'fORY ON PAGE I i


TWO 1 .... the .ft.r s from the b;r pao; .. A-L ,;": :.-:-: ,, .: .... A ; n 'ed \.. For -r Ud 'tepJaeect' them lllin WaD ..... eluinge ........ Ykt aS. Black, ... :IR. 1 ... -$1so, : ablac}t .. ;' Pft.Dission r Shoot. wo .. ... p ; _oyees_ and whih! TY worth $60, and ,. ae :-laterviewe > ad4iac:mal'!hine v alued at $50 wet"e... t .. .. ;. tile MetrOrAtliiDt taken t .he of fice of D r : W. W :: Mrs .. ida Jlae 5t,"''i834' : .SAN FBANGISCO .-::-Con .. DeKalh sCl Ph!sideut Andrews at 3105 22nd st: between_ f 14th Avenue-, at 21st St. and li4Be! f1le? a 4" Ricbard Niioa' t o conduct an imI Friday and 9:20 Sati.Jrday 1110r11-21st Avemue Saturday' mornipg penc;Il mediate aDd thor o ugh mg. burglars re,mo.ed a Jal-, -When -ber pulse was snatched by askmg the Call surtounqinr the shooting i n cidea t ousie and pushed the screen in to, tm man. The P\!rse C,?urt allow. by an. i"'partial bi-racial enter.. .... ontaitied $ 6 fn cash miscellaneous h im to give new.s. mtervlews. ,... c former" pnn te.m. William:s aeCillied the 1!-eoJer TV $19e, twe SiJ-papers anci l. I!OO savmp With Angela Dasis in .connectio IRS supervisor 9r "Damn near op' TVs. worth each,_ a book was valued at $3.with the 1970 Marin erating an slave marTruetoue 1'V worth $30. a tape subJects grabbed Jesse ahooting, said he was oeing ket." .. player,, $25; 20 tapes worth I5. 44, 1008 St., from .. .an opportunity to anSince the. investigation, both di. a, fan v a lu e d at $5, rad1.1-behmd Fr1day at T.G.H. awer the !'false lies" and "half rectors of the sOuthern }legional record player, $30; a trans1stor ra .and too\t $3 from his pockets and defamatory! atoriea he accused and the Atlanta Service Center ol dio WOI'th $2, a set .of told earrings f!ed. t}le state a tt,orney general' s ofIntenuil Revenue Seniee worth $2, and $5 m pemdes A black.leatber ladies' purse val:fice of publishing. ___ derecl their resignations. Williams : taken kom the of _W1llie .' lied al $4,c(Jltaining. personal ... -------said that from the reports be. has aft!", S. Eskimo pers and dri"Rrs.-license in the receiVed by m s empl oye e s, it's a Mrs. Barbra Thomas, 21, 1549 name of Mary Louise McCullough, and had it parked at 20th St. north miracle-that something terrible haS 26th Avenue, reporteil ller apart 4il5 38th st., was tall en from the of 8th Avenue when some uniden. not h' appened before nO. r 'While meot w&,. broken into .s&iurtfay !rent s.;at of a at 2245 fled the scene in it.. we do not condone violence, Wi! night or early Sun day morning, Melvill-e' Saturday; '!'Pe vehicle was 'Jlle' ear was worth $200. support Miss Butler's efforts to Kissing are:tape car. tridges Wortll unlocketf ancfthe uri-' G. 1'745 st. Louis. gain her freedom and we feel Stln! $4 ; a 'blaet ami wtute TV worth observed. o :. ..._ .... ..". -bad his 19'70 CJidillae, worth $4, 000, whateV1!r she has done, she did it $70, wooden_ v.:orth $5. A '64 Chevy ..,-hkh belongs to> l!t ff. Florida Monday out of -being re)ll'eSBecl to the. point Untdent(fied subJects pined enHorace Lee Patterson, 35 ... 3205 s_tar -:. betwee1 and returned to find d no return." Williams said. boy tt 3405 29th St., hOme ol Elijah: : st. was' taken from Ute cOiner of :-'it hild betn. removed by an unRev. Williams added, "When will and ()wens Sat penf;IQ: Black people stand up and dow and took a Tj; wor .UJ"$100, a .> 111dayor SUnday morning: The car their women." is a Black band 1aree dfamoqd valued at $150. au-., From woman aJ;Je. and willing to work worth $250, and fled ,unobserved 'Booker Barber, 55, 2704 22nd u 1H but out. of .her by an Jacob Smith, oW'ner of Jacob1 s bad of a '63 White who Recreation Centb' 401 :E. re. bevy wlifch :fie tongs to 'Jatnes. A.. Sentinel Advertisers .. _. .. ,. drive Blacks oot of their .jobs be' ATLANTA Yiss Emily Bullet. .' fore they qualify for supervia0ry7 26-year-old black ez-e.raploye of the Out of 400. supervisors, .,_, ., ... / Atlanta Service Cellter af the ln-. : lesalh'i\f. 10 are Black. KDii1y But ys' _;,. .:, :< ternal Revenue Ser-Vice. was ... if-:i'1er iias't!.e repu tati o n of being ODe -. .. S o :,.u. l .(en' : su .. ket ralgned last FriciQ. ia a DeKa1b -of the inaat e fficie n t emp)o:yees ,at IIIUI County, Court 'befin Su -'iRS, but ber super-Visor perior Court Judge. T.ilmand on gave her that would not ... .. .. eharges of shooting two e10her for aupenrisory pas!. ployees, includillg her tJQi. Since ,Emily's depanure from 3523 .. 1. 22ai STBEET ... .. ,,-' PBOIE 247-2031 cin Friday, Junlr 2, l!m. Sbt IRS, they Jlaye bad t o assign out on $10,000 bond. : :. -work load -tO three employe 2 s. Miss Butler stood. silt before Every superviSor in the division Judge Tilmand while ller cbiel beW Emlly was having serious council, Attorney Louis& Hoi'DIIby, emotimill probl ems: Site had been pleaded her not guilty as charged. to se_ e the IRS doctor, _Equal Op' Attorney also a fe porlunity Federal male, demancled a copyof !Jle i!l ; of the-IRS Federal Union, her dictment.-list' of 'state's witnesses, suPervisor's -;bief supervisor, the 'and reserved the right tofile any direator .. of the Atlanta IRS Center pre-tria] motions. Tria1 date for and ))() woUld :help her. She Miss Butler has been-set te begin had even tried to resign, but that Monday, August 7, 1972. didn't even work .. After studying IRS employees' "The incident was Vf!lY unforaffidavits IIDd bearing testimoay ttm.ate may have to go as to the activities to priaon aDd sene time but 1t being perpetrated upon minorities will be for a. crime not committed and other employees by officials by her but by the supervisors and and rnanagemeDt of lRS, Rj!v. Ho. afticials IB$." Assaults v.as arrested for &rand larceey em Saturday after Eddie Lee Vicks, 42, 3001 E. McBerry, reported $180 'Mrs. Mary Uoyd, 49, 609 W. in ca15h had been stolen. Palm, repgrted to police that she 'Nice said that Leonard Mumwas hit 'OTer the head -with a pool pbartt, 47, used' : tire iron to pry cue Thl!J'Sday night at Main and open the front cfoor' of Mrs. Pam;y Fremont Avenue, following an ar0 Griffith's apartmnt, 2901 Pan with an Ul!identified .. C:ort. FridQ ni&ht .to gain en pect. Mrs. Lloyd e and Le tcy, but was nnabte to take any- were--arpili& aliDIIt a pmt he WM indisacreemeot aDd U slle l!ick> out w the pia;-e the IU!pect Har> h e r and _struck h r lis" apartment at 210 .1/ ... : w1th the stick and fled the sce-ne. Friday and took. a: black P o 1i c e reponec that WiUie white T:Y 1IOl'tll Knight, 48, 2Se1 5th Aftllue, nid uNct: a emerete rock be was cut on fue neck Sunday at to .break the front door wiJ\Qow to an unknown lacation by an un-enter 2402 Central Avenue, resi -known person. Kn.i&ht drove him dence of Grant A&t.on. 26. Takea self to the hospital following from the premises were a atitreo Incident said. : record player, earphones and--An unide ntified suspect aske d speakers worth $175; a Polaroi d Bobby E. Lewis, 20, 2016 '24th Ave -camen worth $15, a m11n's nue, for $2 sUnday at Mallorv and wateh ; $35, .and .. eilht track tapes 22nd Street, and when Lewis re worth $35. .. fus:d the suspect assaulted him Unidentified subjects pried 'the witb a knife. Thomas. Jolly 29, 2312 doorlmQb off at 210 w. Fri 18th Avenue, was also assaohed day and took a 32 caliber l)istol by the suspect. frem. the dresser drawer and fl ed. Mrs. Jacqueline Simoos, 20, 1116 The pistol, worth $15, belonged Chestnut reported Sunday that her. exboyfriend broke into-her apt. to Abra}Jam Neal. thi'GUih the front-window and as. '11Mlmas Sutton, 50, 3712 It Paris 11aulted her. In defsding herself, St., reported his house butgla;. ehe stabbed him in the stomach ized Friday. Items listed as misS ""ith a knife. ing included a portable TV worth $70, a watch worth $50, and a .22 &.rllaries caliber revolver worth $10. l3urglars entere d the reside nce Clf D a y i d J)oe, Jr. 31 .. 2808 34th lit., through a '!indow took a .32; .caliber revolver 1Vorth $11 and.left unobserved. Mrs. Shirley Ann Brooks, 19, Two tenants at 414 E Emi!y re ported money take n from their rooms over the. weekend. Rob ert N. Wood, 20, reported $ro in cash taken and t. Simpson 20, said $110 was taken florri hili dress-' er drawer. Police said the burg-_;FREE oELIVERY--WE REDEEM_ STAMPS u.. ftAc 3 ;.,., '111M SillS liD IACII EllS ;, ,. .. ,; 01 TULS. <-3 ... : \ JACn Clllla -\ ,. "' 3 .. DD1E LD.Y liCE SUWI s (Willa $5 o nltr) ,. IGBTIDIIAPIIIS .-2 39c .liBEEI BEAlS DID m ..... ... DJI EIJS 3 f' .,, IIILLIT FISI ..... SliCE :'". 2 .......... 9t > ')J.. -.3 ........ It ,:t-:. .. -' CIIDCIIL ... 4t PITlTIES s .. 3t-' .. .. SPIRE BIB TIPS 3 lbs. ti.;. !IIIII liDS 4 :,. 9t ,, IGIIEIIDE :a J .; .. ... .. liT SliCE : .... lEOS 18 nils ggc L-n-y-ucE PEPSI COLAS .. ... -.:.ik.2t ,i.'... .. 99c .;


. F1a. Sentlnet-BUiJetln Pullli s hetl n'd Fd. : ,' :" : ; Ta Wife; :. Apts. Heist \ Yfth. .. : $ .. 6 .. 0 0 A young man was boOked on : S .tid: Nets fast degree munfer cbar.ges .A witness interviewed at the Sund ay after two pGlice said ijhat about live min. witne8Sed biin &h9ot and kill prior to the she .. .About lll:.:JO Monday miJrniog his twenty-year-old 'wile outside a,n and saw tlhe tJwo men I".:i!Jobed tlbe Tampa the Hancock Bar, 3105 Florid a man pilsh the woman against the J'lark Apt. onice of approltjmate-. Avenue: .. do()I" and then outs ide. 'I"he shot. ly $600 at gunpoint, J .... """ E .. 11 ed James Bogan, r., uo, QUI) 1<0 ow to Mrs. Mary Ballard, manager. Francis, Alpt. 1, was arrested at .AD.o1lher. witness : said the man -M11S. Ballard sa-id she was too the scene as 1he stood over his entered the bar and she over nervous at the time to get a young wife, after. firing him tell woman t() description, but said that both t l1ree shots into her body "rome here," and threaten her men were 27 00 years old and The officers said they were on wtth a .38 pistol if she did not acted nervous. routine patrol duty traveling go with him. The men walR'ed ir.to the office rio-rt'h' on Floii.da when they ob'. The officers to inter. and asked Mll"s._ Eile en Moore, served the man puU the wqman view Bogan .at_ the scene but a cleric, for Clhange for a $210. out of the lounge, so they slowed -be said he _would not make a bill, and wom-an told. them their vehicle to see if every1jhing statement w1bhout an attorney. theY didn t have change m the was alright, The man smed 1 Mrs CoNiss. UiJ.shaw Bog c::1:1 office ; The man then pulled a : and waved at the officers amved Vif ambulance at gun and told _her that she was tbey.,c)Ontinued to reduce thar T. G. H., her clothes saturated gonna give him all the c'ba nge speed trying to get' out ol t1he with .blood, and four bullet hol!;!S tilieY hlad'. M-rs. .. wa S traffic The officers said they in her body and was carried into .the office f.o tile heard the woman call "office!', dead on arrivaL There were two cash was told .otfi-ce'r," and then they heard 'holes in the left side, one in hand over all the money. M-rs. two shOts. One offieills and wrapped money, leavmg car and pulled his revolver on husband had hit ber en the head the chan .ge on the Meanthe man ,who put hi!i .gun oo the a br!ck and)lad in_ her pos v.iifle, the other bandit held Mrs. groUnd near the woman. session at the time of the shooting MOQre, Nadine MICOloud, another.. An ambulance called for oohlce of a hearing conceril ing _.,,. eterk, an'd Pedro the victim, w'b'> was lying face the incident at Tampa Mw]ici-Pea: ce, Jr. 1 on the g round witJh blood pal c-ourt on July 19th. Five-feet-three inches, 118 M-23.36., Yes, lt souds. good and looks good, the way eighteen-year-old LencJa Marie puts It together; Lenda, the number one ywng for the Sentinel this week Is &he daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. C. MIUs, 3209 25th Avenue. She Is a 1971 graduate of Middleion High School a nd is presently attending RJC, Airport Campus, where she hopes to get a deiree In Sociology. Her ambition Is to be an airline stewardess. To enhance her charm and grace, attends a charm class on Saturday at HCC, and in her spare time likes to aew; play tennis and bowl. IMI"S. Balla rd was also told to coming from her IUO\Wh and a Bogan is scheduled for grand open the safe, but refused and !pullet wound iii. the center ol her jury hearing this (Tue&day) told him there was no He back, apparently an exit wotmd, morning. then threatened her w1:th tlhe gun .. and forced her and the -1 T Ch d ot'hers mto the bathrooll). They wo arilpa _IV IS a rge .. ,. were told if they opened the there would be some With Assault To Murder : tAlthougoh t,he alai-rri had been 's-et. off earl-ier, as 1!0011 as. the "Two were. charged with .could not be questioned by police. women heard. the door close assault to over the He is listed 'in guarded condition U d f d M .. Woman'. Denleil they came .out and ca-lled to see end after they both a'ssaulted their at. St. Joseph's Ho:<>pital." ni enti it an if the police were on tJhe. way. husbands following argu-On Sunday ; : Mrs. Fannie Lou F d D d J L Su' t .fled ment!i iri Sl!parate iflcidents Jacksan, .:aa; 260lt sth Avenue, fired oun ea .. ou;. I wll .. a 0 To .. Mrs : Barbaril Je&n;,. Godfrey' 2'7; .. three sbQts. at her hilsbattd John, A My-two-year old ma. n was MIAMI .:.... A Trop_ I lamS: I S 2331Grace, who her 43, .with one hitting hit;n in _th& found dead 6:20 tibis Jcal J>ark Track of discrim :intervene .In band in _thj! chest, toJd that" ;!-aft and o ne in the forearw morning; draped over : a in fnating women has 0 .. I A k : .they ltad : been ariuiag over other 'fbe third bullet missed -. the back'yard of a house on W. filed in u. s. D istric t Coi.trt by Candidates .fee. tlac women herhusband aUegedlJ.., Mr -Jac.ksonsai!l that have '(>QHee no foul State Rep. Gwen Cherry .. ,; Zc WlilS seeing She !lafd she ha v ing tto ub lt; ,f!)r the last play, and are m aking : no Mrs. Cherry filed the swt on be-St. PetersbUrg la-wyer I W. ... Ike .. him ori the ; pqpne t"alking .. to hiS few mo nths beca u se of hi!! Wife's tifieation n!ltil the looatllon of his hillf .'of arion. Allen Ha)lan Williams, !t recently .' girlfriend, as sh_e tf!e. pbooe = S!!.id they mext of kin. .., dale, whom she said was denied a candidate fer the State 2ild DI.S off the wall and he threw earlier but didn't think amount One' oobce ofilicer seejob -as a tJict af Appeal, .file4 : agairist tlte wall She '"ie e(!:'tO much )le-'Htd: struck lng : hi-m: m::. op}er. se:r-. ; ;.;. i \ tion m :. f:ave h,er arid be;' lo ber.: with ru.s arid' agg r avated toxiCated and 1t is l:!ebeved 1lha_ t : : : :. at,tack agai!Ist the s. 5 _per. go ahe a q and stick hlm -and : start. a PUrn on ; her and snortly be had _under tihe: to Johnp! :&ake_ r, Cx-ty .of: cent fijing !or .. .. : ed choking : bet, so she stabbf>d : in and house wpere l!e -found, a c ; Tai!J I !)a linformat1 on i : Williams feeJ!! ---him : She said ber hliSband < rs. Jaeksop said. they hadbeen. unconstitution_al It detue.s out the bi\Ck d'?Or, ba ck i':l tpreat : equal Iav.: the house ;md laid 1Jown on the en ed !te r With a apd struck ."' i -. Property For 'Sale ... : -.4 : -918 I41h'AYEIIE .. .. l---:s5,200 ,. year.: .. '' ... JxCelleni. iiiaaals -. &Yia) ia CABPEIITEltiS SPECIAL A YAILABLi: 10011! ': .. s ..d', thai a'aeu fixia ,. ": J; ... : 0. 60 X. 100 FL _Lol AI ) 3611 McBEBBY $3,500 cut. $150 $75 per moiiJ!a AI 5 Per CeDI laleresl 'i .. 248 1921. : ""; does not roflect a rational rela He then ".weht to his car lier in the I face: She too said her to the cost of caJllpaigu' drove away; she said. :';,' :.": on her : ing ; : ; 'arm;aitd .. she couldn't take his The fee,_!! per. cent of; man by: a neighbor, but he ':":' j4mping l)n' Jier : any more so she ficeholder's salary for one lo get in the ambulll\ce, an d in shot,, him. .' : would cost Wi!Uarris .$t7()Q,.to seek stead drove himself to the hcispi .. -Mr is in -fair conditin" ,.ilie setlt -onJ he noi.Jtt, vfbicll pays :" tit! where 'be. and._ at T.G; _.:a. .. ..-, ; ... .. :,._, ... :. .. ) .: -: -NA. A'( P's: : lo : Retire? u n constitutional and prelim . inarv injunction tO be g ranted ... dit I Ali candidates for state '' DETROIT Roy Wilkins head of _NAACP as rnf.fie. e th Novem'--of civil rights, but ihe : w orld is SAN JOSE, Calif.Santa Clara judge were killed. chang4tg and so must the NAACP." County has sent a bill of $485,965: Batchelor said the bill was auOne aspect of the orga.nizatio.."l to the California finance director thorized by the ne.,\i Bagley that many .delegates to the convcn for the first part of the Angela requiring state reimbursement for tion w4;h to s.ee is a repudiation Davis trial. prison:relat-ed trials : He said the of its non-partisan toward 'Phil Batchelor, aide to Santa ... co1.111ty paid out $166,Q45 in sal the presidential election : Clara County Executive Howard aries overtime and benefits for w Campen, said that the bill, d eputies ; $262,378 for remodeling part of $600,000 and secur:ing covers the period between Noy. .f9r .. met!ical 1971, ana :.\pril .9, .1972. .. ; Servlce$ _!Uld, for i trial, t,fajlSCrlpts, The remaining part of the bill and the $43,113 for miswill cover the period up to June eellaneous legal costs. :Buy From Sentinel Advertisers


JI'.ACE FOUR PubliJhed every Tuesday and Friday bJ Florida Sentinel Tampa BuQetio PUIJ. Iiabing Co., 'J:Jm Twenty First Awoue, Jampa. Florida 3360L -----------------c. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. El[ecuUve Editor SIMON JOHNSON VIce PreddeDt-ProducUOD )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD VIce Pretddeat-Soclety JOHNNY JACOBS Vlee Presideld-MveriWal Second class polltage paid at Tampa, FloridL BUBSC&IPTION RAU:S $ t.ll Per Year O.e EtlHrell. $1%.10 Per Both Ec1Hlon1 o.daw' Racial Deeds The nils flOJ'D ccw ernmental accepltance of housiq permeate our en tire society. Generationa of gov eIUilelllal parikipatioa in racial zoning have yielded a bitter har ;vest of racially a e g r e ted ec:hooh, unequal op portuaity, deplorable overcrowd U.. ia OIH' c:eatral and vir tually intnctible racial poi:ariza .. ttGn. It is too late ia. the day to ar.-ue that it ia burdeasc.ne to arrect these historic wrongs, or that officials lack mu tory to do sO. So ruled a U. S. Coart of Ap peala in outlawina' the use ol ra cially restrictive qreements on laad deeds in tDistrict of Coluaahia. The co'llri heard the with all tea. of its members present. Six jadces .Otec:l for the rul inc and four al'ainst it. Amoq those who coocurred lD that opiDioD wu Chief Judge David L Bazelon who hu beea G.istinpiahiftc laimself as a potent YOice in all mil richts ma tteros that have come before his court. He has. never faltered in hi5 interpretation of the Con stitution on the side of jua:t&ce for the poor and racial minorities in quest of constitutioaal pi'Otlectioa;. Aa far back as 1 M8,' the Su preme COUrt had held that ra c:ial aDd relqious restr.ictWe ccw enants on the sale of real estate were illegal in the now famoas flaasherry case. The aame pnthi Litions were tllCorporated in the Fair Housing Act of 1968. 'Thus, tJ.e action of the Appeab CIOUl't was a reaffirmatiaa of a e.taWieiaed priudple, done, how ever on a larger tcale of social pe..,ective. A Radal Slw I John Volpe, Secretary ef was ..-iaoroasly -.ltraided fer reierriq to a 46-.,ear-old esecuU.e in his depart ment as 4'dtis little black boy." V o1pe was !'eferring to Ceoqe W. Haley, chief couneel f._ the Department of Urllaa Mass Trauporbltioa. The came after Haley had introduced Volpe at a meetiq of Coaferee.ce on Tr.....,ortatiea and Human Need. in tile .., .,......d lty U.iYft'-"7. Snenteen UCI TO !BE 01.1 Dl YS ? tlae coaference isaued a lltatemeat a i l a presa coalereace. It said 44black people were ODCe agaia subjected to the patemalistic racial attit.dee and :remuks of whites se typical' of the bigoted aebtude. oi white Haley, a fonner Republican .tate Seaaior from Kansas took the shockinc, iacreeittle attitude that the remark was "cmaialy not a racial .lUI" Alld he called a press coafereace to reveal his reaction.. To bim the COD tA!xt ef tile rema..k in4icated "a .,ery persoaal relatiOBship. He (Volpe) caUed me and said he was afraid he had caued me some embanssment and that wu not his intentioa,,. Po&tical Revue ly SAIDY MOIIDIHO Under a new FloridA law, pat : legally committed to, state mental institUtions won't lose lheir riehts;. UJey'll be pei-mWed to w&e. evm if jJ; means vmeeliuc wtiD,I machines into the in.stitu lions. Kotbers, in case yoo didn't Jmow. norida enter lng edlool for the first this faU must have been immunized against sewn diseaas--diptberia < -.booping cougb, tetant111, polio .eftn-day measles, rubella aDd GenDIIn uaeas l es. of the youth have now regiatered. says Lisa JlaWne, the Natiooal Voter R.egistratiQil Coordinator. ADd of further intere.t .is that the sarvey sbows that peopJe prefer Democrats over Republicans by a ratio of 3 to L The South Florida Committee Minority Affairs reports t h e following interesting statistics. Of tbe ffl Fl.orida Count1es, anly 51 blacks have been elected to pub, lie office, only in 1he Florida 'House, 4 are Ma.yors and only two are School Board members. But the sU.temeat by the Black C4nuDittee aid the remark waa A 217-page rei>ort OD black em -''iDdicative of this. Administra ployment in South Caroliaa's .tate governmel& conch.wles that "black 'The Committee is based at West Palm Beach,and angrily wrote to black newspapers in tbe state: tion's attitude towarl its black empJ.ofmeat statistics ai>Pear to "We are under-represented and ignored by local, state and na tional levels of government. Let this election year be our time for change! Let us demand a piece d the political action from both political parties!" AmerU:au population. reflect modern vestiges of hist ori c "We cannot Sec. Volrpeys and on 1 Y toEa. mtegrabon in state gOft!I'Do statement as a shp of the toa. merit now_" woe, as bas been &aftesteci. Tlais The report, which was commis-is an.d we &ooed by the Governor's Advisory d d 'Lt" Co.mmissicm on Human Relati ons ema.a a puu tc apology from represents a major challenge to 1.'he Coocresaicmal Black Caucus has lauded the Supreme Court Decision on the death penplty, contalding that ol. the 5M in mates on death. row tlaroughout the country, 324 are black and 14 are Puerto Rican, Mexican or In dia11. Further, tbe CIII.ICUS noted is the fact that Of the 78 men sen tenced to death tor rape, 68 are the SecretaiY; to tlae coaference Gov. .Toha C. W e s t who has participaats and the black par promised an end to diiCI'iminllf.Wo t 'fi lt W 1D state tovernment. ICipaJt'ts spec tea y. e en ... d 1 t' .. ;o o11ercome 1scr nuna 1on the olack .parbc:Ipanis re-qainti blacks, the report says. buff. Volpe slto'IIW apoloaize. .state go111ef'Dment must bart harply from past Blacks Get_ Jolt Offes: Agree To Quit Protest EAST ST. LOUIS, ID. :__ More than 50 bladl: unemplo,e4 men woo occupied City Hall IB'e :fur a days said yesterday they ha-ve agreed to an offn' of jobll hr Mayor James E Williama. Frank Smith, chairman of the United Front and ooe of the protest organizers MUd that in addi tion 1D 93 immediate jobs eiierea llooda.y night, the city has agreea to open up 80 more. bringioe the job total to 173. "Were to leave City Halt ;, ._. '\'i'lle.fu\lnd i,t. We are pnt 'and wanting on welfare as JQme peop!e would say," Smith said ... wSRt jeD!, if they haw to be -from a federal progt"am." practices. -. Wack. "We feel that tOe8e statistics "nle prsdent;t'he Congress of pomusintt obetit f:t:::atot Senior citizens of Fbida dllqe4 1._ -that the state's elderly poor won t tbe impositioo tbe death pen benefit from the 20 per in-, alty," the Caucus stated. "'We are poeatly eacour.aged by crease In Social Security. the restrictions placed on capital The preblem, 11aili Mu F.W plmisbmeDt. urge that the oa, is the state categorizes Social courts 'lrill not delay the com Seeurity .-,yments as income, and plete abolition of the death pen aU income is subtracted from the d;y nationwide. The ruling wa1 mmdmwfa $U4 it pays in weUare not against the death penalty, to the indigent elderly. but the imposition of the penalty The over411 registration lP, 20 has reached 43 per cent according to a survey conducted by the Young Demoaatic of America. Florida was listed among the Albt stites (Alask a. Delaware, We fear that legialat, .. es m a 1 legislate around ttJis recent espeeiallr the southern state.. to maintain capital punishment. Wb8t mar be required is federal Jemation to ebolieh this in humane punishment, In policy, principle and pnctice," t h Caueus cencluded :Miwouri, New Jeney.

Tuesday July. U,. 1972 : : Fla. PuWw.f enry Tues. and frl Both Editioai 'AROUNDTHE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY -Bethel_ Baptist 108 ..... & ..... ,. lltftet ... Mn. IJIUe M. llleDeull, lleperier ltev. 'J, L. Overstreet, Pastor Sunday sehool. bel at !i30 a. m. The superintendmt pnRded. Thtt Jesson was taugbt by tbe teaehers. MomiDg worship began at lt: -15. Devotions were condudal by Mr. Alphonso Adams and Mr: Allen :carr. Music was rendered by the special chorus. Junior u 1 h e r s Tomorrow (Wed.) will begi n the chur-ch aud asking far a forty !erved. The sermoo was d elivered CALL AND PROGRAM of t h e thousand doDar ($40,000) loan for -by Rev. Saunders. He cbolle fror East Tampa District, Swlday bis (Waller's} bu&iness. The gent "his theme, "Little Things Mean a School Convention, MiYioDary Sr. asked me if 1 tbougbt bis church Lot," 'The developed bi.s Jr. Societies and LaY"worlr.era Or should have loaned Mr. Waller the theme by references from various ganization of the Tampa :na. Coomoney. My III15Wer? Certainly, 85 chapters in the Bible. ference. The Conference will eon Waller through his organizing of -Many visitors were present. vene tomororw Wed., July 12 tbru the "JOMQ" organization, and his Among our special guests was Mr. 15th, begiuning at 10 a .m. at Ward stand aDd demand with that black George W Conly, retiring execu Temple AME Church; Bradenton t' t F ....;., .. Uncle Tom" picture (mural) in 1ve secre ary, .n.m"' General Bn-. M. M. Martba, pastor, BeY. the st. Pete courtboase a few Alumni Association, Tallahassee, G. S. Oates, Jr., Presiding El Rev_ -Dewey ......._, Biah years back, with tbe doctrines and Florida, who spoke briefly to -the teacwn... of the late Dr. Martin audience before the sermon. hi Tbis theme: Recaptur Luther KiDg Jr."a Hoaorable Eli Evening WO'I"S 'p began at ing Old Valaes In A New Age." jab Jllubammad,1!te., beiPed build The_ same deacons, choirand usJi. Associate PRsidiog Elders a r ff my .. Black Pride" 'ers sened. The sermon was c:Je. Rev. c. c. Broolll, Bn. A. D. George B W'Jlliams, prexy of the livered by the pastor, who chose BtlrlR ami :Rev. 5. W. Bellmen-Waiters Club, reminds all :tar-his theme, "Joshua a Soldier ConventioD features a divenif:Jed members of toailht's (Tuellday) of the Cross.'' Elks Put baited. Ruler (Mad's To Meet In ort.de Aclult Class For Hospital W arcl Clerk Pesitiea The Florida State EIU .AUoeia ltegistration for an adult clasi tion of theof W Past to train persons for hospital ward Exalted Rula-Cocmci1s of l'lllrida, clerk )JCl8itjoo wm be beld daily will meet in Orlando JUly from 9 a.m. to 12 noon beginning 16, for a statewide meeting. Boy :wonday, July 17, at Brewstet al Palm& Lodge of Orlando will Adult School located at W. Rosl be t)! boat kxlge. Street aad Tampa Street. Elks Couocils fwm the enti,r e Enrollment in the clasa will be State of Florida will be present. -limited to the first 15 penMJDS meeting will begin following wbo "register, accordi -ng to Mrs. a 10 a .m. Coffee Hour. Followmg Caroline Moore, teacher. First day tbe meeting, will be a Dinner and for class instruction will be Mon Cocktail Hour. day, July Z4. state Prestdent, W 0. Perry The class has a duratkn of five Is spearheading the meeting and moriths The first two m:Uths it Grand Lodge Secretary, and Carl meets daily from 8 :30 to Diem .son will be present to talk 3 p.-m. at Brewster. The follow with state and local lodge (1!. fng three months, &tudents reflcials ceive on-thejob training-under Chapel A.ME Ohurclh on Sunday. Barrett Funeral Home was in cb ,ar-ge. Rev. H NdJfatn model church Jcbool in important. meetiDg at which time The brotherhood m'll hold thefr dernon.tratioa .and. le.oD eurc-finlll pJau an to be completed for -meeting night at If. The bet, Evangelic wodmhop lftViee-. the' club' opeomilte July 21st .. Bot supervisorand ai-e ask-Litsary PrJgram, EIAy Cat-Pant.i, MiDi Dress, Bell Bottoms lng all members _to be pi'e$!!lt and a Flll!ll: was iAformed .by a Ncerd r..as fssae of BuHetin_ WJll ion Review .00 District :Banquet. Vega returnee of a m,ovie atuclio -grve you the' bigbtigia of the .An informal report of 10me of bem. built uear 'l'ampa. Ot' Ri.ah meefing. The scheduled is 4 the area folk.l who'll be appear way 30i. -So 'we all may be stars p.Allm. __...___._. _.n iDg oo pror;rams durina Uwi our soon .......,_....._ ...-w resuDft> their day conveDtKm-"&e9. Luey :Miu Eartha stewart, following J'eiUlar IIChedule of meetinp ad _,, Rn. L.B Brewa, 'Bev. T. t"--,._.. __ ,_...._ T teheanalt for: .the week B. :Nra. -Alyc:e B. Oates, one tory m ..., --B...,. am. -. Berllke Haney, Mrs. EDen Joy-pa" eolltest, took a ftigbt out to alee ....__ Miami for a few da:P relasaUon -- Ml', Ml'a. CawoJ.7a -JDIMion, Mrs. Celeste Beqen, -Mrs. Eliza btofore gcjng full swiag into the lteUa Ford. Mn. Mattie Roberts, 'Miss B1adl J'lortda" pageaat tbis -Senices were very good at. Barbara Coefield, Mrs. Lula B. month all Clbarehet ill tbe eoiDIIJiitly 'be-Stokes, ae-,-. B MeDeuW Latest wore! has ft, the new VA wifll SUnda, IJdaool -rib AttJ. Warren Dawsoa, Mrs. Doro Hospitlil will be having itl grand t:be IQPb. and t:eaeheB K tileir thy Boaer, )Irs. Guest:, opening between August pciiRa. MiN Dorta Wils-, Mrs. Ophelia aad Octaber. )l[y adv:lce7 Don't At Allell -.Dbapel .MIE . Let's see now, be-prosram -.bile trying to decide be Iieve Mrs. Watson is hert! with relatives, Mr. and Mrs. H lr tweea wlJecee life in Sunshine (J ki M l ) 0 ,_ d State or Sumry Calif. ac e orr son verwn an Ac t t lk d th Mr. and >Mrs. R ..... (E*Jia) o a aroun e Ove,... 8lld graadebildras,.. 'llu Cown., &lin a Lake Resort out there and VJdd lnik. aile is a frieJJd ill Mt!'llla to be getting and ueigbbor UP' Graad 'Bapidl, badr b pic:lde popularity o! old. Mich ,.,. of fDDft" Tampaaa lilller ._.., while and aul)l fakiDa" a ftl,bt: bade to Dallas, ter, l8a Bftlllla Sltaaa told soaw brothen b efore (Writer' a Note). 1'bil .,.., departiq. "LiiR! brotben here'-; a sort of &'Jt cold on me : SorrJ littW "bread" {DIOIIeJ), and I'm bout tllat. amna aeod up bii pnye r 'for. JETS IN BillErS JUU, .U" Juae hiP ldlool gr.aa.te, :ICta A frieDd aad I have a bet on as Roraetta Wbite, was a 'ri8it Jlere to whether Tampa Is pnna outdo from :s.tow, GIL, for tllnf -ween, St. Pete Ia the emwd for the apstoppiat over Ill the ol peanac:e of "Iliad M.n" lsaao graacldad, Jlr. Eupne 4401 llaJa. lwn' 1 St. Pete. 26th Aft. (BiplaJcl Plaa). Tlllked with Wn. W "Billie" metta left m the CbampiGg llcJD. .Js }JMfor of Bolle1. Temple day for 81 ..., iD .-.. OlE C'bardt, the other day and l'l. 1., where Me will rnide the YlUI&' SDbliater' toldof benig with her eomdn, 111.-Jlarp!et 10 baJ .lettiq ap White, Pam-Am atewarde8, and f Ilia cbareb iD Birmingham, attend Ruters Uni-.erlity Afa. 8lld Tallaha5see fa:ter this A hello from Germany and month that he wasn't able to be Tampan, the former Valeria Wild hent for the first night of er, F AMU gract IIIJd ct.urhter of "AppredatiGR Ni.abt" SPQrlsored by Mr. and Mrs. Don (Aaaie Lee) Mn. E. D. Lewl aDd the offic er Wilder, wbo' npe'ded tO be in and members of Holsey Germany wtt& llutJby for two CME Church -)"1!ars 80&'1' OF aEMINDS ME of a Someone wants to 1awJw If the joke from tl.e brlihter side of life "Ujama RestaurSJrt"' at Wal which went aomethlnr Wle thisJer and :!Ilia Coaaie Tueker in St. The preacher after preachPete serves roo.l" Don't fnJ what lie thOUiht" wu a boss for sure, but quite sure it 8ennon to ht. small town coogre 00., JeUow, all boUa Jeer aad C.. pieD, toMl u.ber t. pass bls nlct an ltoDI IOUl peeple. 'l1U 8at fa-o&.IDg t1lrouih the crowd ; sort ol remmds me-, waa tGMi a Wilen the preader lOt his hal few ,..._ lMck 8y felWw of back be-JeMed ill ft, than Bntiler 10f6 w.ner consinc' to his .. _CIP' l-.r1111111a at least f. thiags_ YOII SIIOuid laow ... I WILLIAMS .... t LANYER& -wiS'TORiAN? f WHos. TWo-VOLUME WORK ON NEGRO HISToRY: CAME OUT IN tse2/ HIS .HtsiORV.QfTHE NEGRO "[ROOPS QfTHE RESELUON WAS PuelrsHED .IN 1887/ ONE FACT HE HELPED Pf!IIO!ER/. ...._ ... _., ____ _,.-...


PAGE SIX Fla. Seatinei-BulletiD Published Tues. and Fri Get Both Edkioas -r:uesday, July tt;, 1972 MRS. VANDERHORST ENTERTAINS TEACHER A delighUul dinner party was given by Mrs. Ruby : a few days ago at her residence, 2127 The ruce affair .was in honor of l\llss Alfreda J Grady, res1dent of Tampa who teaches in Broward Coooty. Enjoying Mrs. Vanderhorst's hospitality were Mr. and Mrs. -bert Guzman Mr. and Ml'i. J. Coffee, Mrs. Alyce Gollmon, M1ss Edith Collins: Robert Simmons, Willie Bradshaw, Earl Coilar;e, Miss Linda Jelks, Herman Wyche, Harry Dorsey, Mrs. Maxie Mr. and Mrs. Earl ltoward, Mr. ancl Mrs. James Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis, Jr., and :Ernest Vann. COSMETOLOGIST UNIT ONE ELECTS OFFICERS of the Tampa Unit N .o. 1 elected afficers for 1972. They are: Mrs. Ormlller Kelsey, pres ident; Mrs. Rosa Muldrow, first vice president; ;Mr. Catherine Lawrence, second vice president; Mrs. Bessie DiJ:, .financial secretary; Mrs. Evencle Williams," recording secretary;_ Mrs. Evelyn tfeasure;_; Mrs. Nevada Bell, chaplain; Mrs. Eliza Jones, ass1stan t and Mn. Elouise Warmack, reporter. Mrs. Eula Bostick is back with the urut agam, and new mem. bers are Mrs. Barbara Baker and Mrs. Erma Jones FAMILY REUNION On the Fourth of July there was a gala family reunion hosted by Mr. and Mrs: Lutht!r John11011. Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. MarshaJI Jones, Jr., at Evans Park i n Seffner Gathered for the fun were Mr. and Mrs. Enest Joe and aad Mrs. Aleunder Joe of Lakeland; Mr. and Mrs. Willie Joe and Mrs. Ac!ella Snider of MulberrY.; CharUe Joe and Ray, from New Jersey; Mrs. Bertha _(keen and Fannie Jones, Tampa; Mr. Mrs. Marshall Jones, Sr., Tampa; Albert Fagon, mulberry; Mrs Renee Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Fre4dle Jones, Tampa. other guests were Unda, Bertha, Theodore, Luther Ill, and La Veme Johnson: Loretta, Paulette, Adella, Marshall, Kenneth, sJtall J1 aiHI Harold Joaes; Stanley. and Ardella Jo; Ronnie WashiJigton Alexander Joe, Jr., Anthony, Mlarita, Ella ; and Royge Green Mary Jennifer Delphine, Thieron, Ec!dle. Steve, Jackie and Jimm; Jones: Lalnar Angela, Pamela, Coral, Jeneave and'Lazette Davis. YWCA SPONSORS TRIP TO NASSAV Members of the YWCA and friends enjoyed a superb Pre-Fourth ()f July cruise b Nassau on the M/S Sunward Norwegian Caribbean Lines They visited the Government House, forts, night clubs, movies, beaches, Paradise Island's exclusive casino, straw markets, shops and an additional Catamaran Cruise with a Calypso Com bo ihe Cantain's Party was also a pad of the gala cruise. YWCA staff In charge .cf the tour were Mrs. Mary L. Amara and Mrs. La Verne Vogt, and in the group were Mr. ancl Mrs. David Douglas Mils Barbara BallooD, Ulas Balloen, Miss Raye Bryant, Mrs. Vivian Seniors, Mrs. Gelrgla Johnson, Mrs. Ora Lee Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Green, Mr. alld .Mrs. Ulus Ru11, Miss Rote WHilams, Mrs. Henrietta Peterson, Mrs Elizabeth Pierce, lin.. La Verne Vcigt, Mn. HUda Smith, Mrs. Benlce Tucker Mrs. Braedlae Ponder, Mrs. Earoa Cume, Mrs. Mary Chestnut, Mrs. Rose hdelrck, Mrs. Thelma Richardson, nmothy Rlchard10n, Mr. aacl Mrs. Frank Amaro, Mrs. Mae Scott, Mrs. Mable Bile, -Mr and Mrs. Henry Rust, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Curran, Mrs. Molly No trant Mrl. Kitty Clayton, Mrs. Georlla Carver, Mrs. Nell Dy10n, :Mrs.' Annette Rlcter,Mrs. Dora Wyker, Mrs. Agnes Morvant, Mrs. Sadie McCaskill, Mr1. Hazel Root, Mrs. Ida Gordon, Mrs. Anna Mae Sanford Mrs: Harriet Beae1ch1 AI Boulon and Ted Benson. ON VACATION Mrs. Gertrude 2119 Cas.s Street, left Friday to visit rel atives in Detroit for 2 weeks going to New York for a t'Yo week stay with her son, Willie Roy Rogers. She was accompanied by her 10-year1old g randdaughter, Sharon Watsoa, daughter of Ml'M. Eiois Melville, 306 N. Fremont Avenue. CONVENTION WORKSHOP The Women's Convention Auxiliary to the Baptist General Con, vention of Florida will have their convention W'Jrkshop July 25-27 ()n the campus of Florida Memorial College in Miami. The work shop is called the annual bouse party and it is under the direction ()f lllrli. Celestine Mrs. Sasle Belley is president YOUTH CAMP AND. CONFERENCE The Baptist youth camp &t F:.lorida College will b6 July 31-August 5. This iS. for boya lllld girls 9 to 12 years .. old. A teen conference will open on August 7. Registration closes on July 20. The $12.50 fee should be sent to W omen's Missitmary Union, 1230 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville. AT JAZZ FESTIVAL Among those driving to Atlanta last weekend for the Jazz }'estival was Mrs. Shelby N. Weaver, Jr., the former Harriet BenJamln. She was the guest of Atty. Kaydell Wright, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Caleb Wright, who rcde back with her. Enroute back to Tampa they stopepd to visit Mr. and Dock Lamar, Jr. at. their palatial home in Decatur an Atlanta suburb. Mra. Lamar is the former Louise Davis. They also stopped in Fort Valley, Ga. to' pick up Harriet's father Sam Benjamin; and visit with her grandmother who lives there. HOME FOR SUMME : R VISIT Mrs. Rudean Crawley and her active two year old son are h ere for a visit with her mom, .Mrs. Doris Simmons. They are the wife and son of Captain G. Douglas Crawley. The family is stationed at R. A. F Alconbury, AF'B, Huntingdonshire, England. Mrs. Crawley is on the board of directors for Family Service, secretary of Military Council of Catholic Wives, and a member of the Social Action Committee. During her spare time she attends Cambridge University and does substitute teaching. Other family m e mbers visiting Mrs. Simmons for a reUnion are the Kinr; family from Richmond, Va ., and the Roberts family from M adison, Wisconsin, HERE FROM PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia resident, Edward Thompkins was here last week to. visit._ his aunts, Mrs. Odessa Booker of 123:1. Burden Court and Mrs. Essie Mae Potter, 1205 Estelle; and his grandmother, Mrs. Little Rice. Jle left Monday ; During his stay he was treated to a fishing trip by Leroy Johnson, and was guest of ho nor at a crab enchalada party. ho s t e d by Mrs. Janie Bell 1\farshall Mrs. Mattie Corbin and Sam Smith. PARTY PLANNED FOR .MRS GRACE RlU:Y : G,l July, 14; Mrs. Gra.ce Riley will be, celebrating a "irttiday. 8he is a barbaid at the Blue Chip an(l a party wnf be tiven in her honor by her Mrs. :r-ouella Gordon. The fun (Continued on page I) ---Ballerina Spotlightec! In July Seventeen NEW YORK-Susan i..ovelle, a )mdding 18-year-old ballerina, is spotlighte d in the July issue of Seventeen Magazine as a perforrri _er who "moves with a grace, ease and intensity that few others can The Brooklyn, N. Y. teen has won such praise as a member or Arthur Mitchell's Dance Theat.:-e of Harlem. Susan has classes from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, on Saturdays and Sundays dress ings, fittings, lectures and dem cnstrations .until, as she claims, 'Tm too tired for anything but sleep." Like most black dancers, Susan was brought up to believe there was no place for her in ballet. : "We're always encouraged to takE' modem dancing inste!ld," she coni menta. But with the chartering bf ensembles like The Dance The atre of Harlem, things have chang\ld. They not only provitie black dancers with a place to practice and perform, but also add new dimensions to ballet. Susan say s her group .''shows that ballet isn't restricted to any one race or color." Deseribing a joint performance with the New York City 13allet last year-; Susan says, "It was the SUSAN LOVELLE hardest thing I ever had to do. We danced the mambo, samba. arid boogie-all on pnintl" Susan's-hard worl( pays off been to Europe, the Caribbean, all over the U. S. and will return to Europe where she majors in psychology. CONTEST WINNER this summer. Susan enjoys working under At"oo thur Mitchell and feels "he is a man of the people His work is reflecting more of the black ex. Susan lives with her Mr perience:" Citing as a recent '!X and Mrs. Stanley Lovelle, at 1389 ample "Fun and Games," an elec Park Place, Brooklyn. She is a trifying dance in which two blacks graduate of Packer Collegiate In l are assaulted by four whites .she etitute and attends Empire State adds, "I think the message ColJete, Saratoga Springs, N. Y..., speaks for itself." Doyal MaJor was the top priz.. In tile NAACP icholarhlp contest wlllch ended a few days al(o with a victory celebration at MacFarlane Park. Her __ was James Harfrett, Sr. laptist Of Progress Church .:Villagi Rev. B. T. Williams Pastor Sund-By serviceS began at First Baptist With school. The Junior Chok and the No. 3 supt., Beck in charge. The the musical selec tions for tbe m10ming and even' inl serviees. The Youth : Usher 1Board SEI'ved; Rev. WliUtams delivered the inspiratiooal messages. BTU began at 5 and evening servree at 6:30. The Youth Uslher Board, pre sen ted by the president, Debra Brown a tOken of $150.00 to the Ohairman of the 'I)'ustee Board, Wallace :Bowers for Ohurch Oulr JP!as'ix:tr' s li?Jtlh Allln&ver sary begins July 10-17. 'llhe pub lie is invited to c ome out and help us to make this year's an niversary a succes'sful one. :Mond-ay ni -glht, F irst Baptist, West Tampa, school and BTU in charge. Tuesday night Bethel Baptist, Willi ams Jubliees and USher Boa -ro No. 2 in ral Committee in charge. Mon; day St. Paul Baptist ChlJ'l'Cih, Pierce, Deacon Board and Board-' in cha'llge. All will begin a t.;. S lliglbt. Mrs. Nevada ltell and Rev: Everett are on th e Joick list. cookinn hiniSu ROSALIE SCOTT, STAFF ASSISTANT IV fh1atg HOME SERVICE D.IIIECTOit Serve a salad with the taste of spring. Moided Tliree Bean Salad combines kidney, garbanzo and green a flavorful gelatin-velvet l zed evaporated milk milk adds important vitamins, and calcmm to the salad. For more tasty Ideas, send for your copy of Carnation's Easy-Does-It Cookbook. Enclose your name, address and zip code with $1.00 to: ,. Home Service Department Carnation Company Box 50 RS Pico Ri v era, California 90660 MOLDED THREE BEAN SALAD ., -(Makes 12 servings) 2 packages (3 ounces each) JA cup chopped -green \ lemon flavored gelatin pepper I 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup (83,4-ounce can) 3 cups b'oiling water drained rinsed kidney beans 1 cup undiluted Carnation Evaporated Milk 1 cup (83,4.ounce can)' drained garbanzo beans 1.A cup vinegar 1 cup (8-ounce can) 3-4, drops hot pepper 11\JCI drained French cut green 'A cup chopped red onion bean J Dissolve gelatin and. salt In boilini water. Cool ; Stir In evaporated milk, vinegar and hot pepper sauce. Chlll to C(>nsistency, of unbeatep egg whites. Fold in onion, green k pepper an

Many friends joined Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Glymph for their wedding recepfion at the Sugar Shack following the wedding ceremony at St. John Baptist Church. Mrs. Glymph is the former Belen 1"'.PAGE sEVEN Watson. Guests in .. the top photo from left are AU.ce Theresa Keaton, Ruby Epps; George Glymph and Mr ; Mrs. Glymph. Tyer Temple UM Below ai-e RooseVel Baker and Mrs. Barbara : Miss Lorain.e a P.aOOJlte of' 8;'andon High School, departed by car Frii!-ay. evening for InglewoOd, with her sister and Palmsy and CMster wmlams, who were here last weekend to aUerid the wedding of their sister, Lola. Their mother, Mrs. MollJe Johnson and brother, Reginald, accom OF .SOCIETY .. By BEVERLY (Continued From Page 6) Ia scheduled t; start about 9: -30 and "Baby Snake" will be the host. Friends are invited. NAACP MEETS SUNDAY, The Tampa. Branch NAACP area meeting will be held at 3 P.M Sunday at the Civic Center in Progress Village. The public is invited. CONFERENCE DELEGATE Miss Jeanette A.. CoJDn's, popuiar at Central Life Insurance Compeny',. atten&ed the 39th General Sessioo .of the General Conference of A .. M. E. Church_ in Pallas,. TeJtas. She was a de)egate froin the Eleventh Episcopal District which includes the Cor. Central and Ross Rev. E _J,' Rivers; Jr., school 'f.>egan 9:00 witlh _1Jhe S\!pt., Mr. Oharlje Ha:r ris in c!hall'ge. 'I)he lesson }V'as re.. viewed by Rev. n; M. Jones. iMorning servic,e b_egan at liJ. with the No. 2 choir and ushers setVtng. The ste-Wards lllso. as, sisted by the pastor. : A very _good sermon was delivered by the pastor: !H/i.s wbject was "This Same 'Friday .at clhoir !No. 1 will have rehearsaL All other activities remain i1be !Mmes. Gertrude Lowe and Comella Smith are eonhled to -Tampa General Hoiitplital. MN. Cllludia SC.Iipio. is home a.fteT be dng oolllfmed to tftie hOspital. M'rs. Sylvia Jones is confined to NursIng Home. ... '' .' Bahamas. "" ; : Miss Collins, an .o\ltstll&: pi vic :and" religious worker, ls a of St. Paul A. M. E. Church and president of the Senior Missionary society. .. VISITS DISNEY WORLD .... IPle.ase pray for. the sick :;and Miss Beverly ''Mosely arid her fiance, Harold watson, Jr. drove Delicia Kimberly Mosley and Lisa Watson to Disney World on July D for an exciting day The occasion for ali" this fun was Delicia's birthday. She was 4 years old. LEGION AUXILIARY ELECTS OFFICERS At a recent meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary, officers were elected the next two years. Mrs. Ella Johnson is the new president, and the others are Mrs. Beatrice Morgan, vice president; Mrs. Carolyn Favors, secretary; Mrs, Annie D Tillis, treasurer; Mrs. Marie Anderson, chaplain; Mrs; Ethel Johnson, sergeant-at arms; and Mrs. Olivia Bagley, chairman of entertainmertt. '. The meeting time has been .changed to the third Sunday of each mont,h-from 4 to 5 P. M. )fembers are reminded to bepresent Sunday for the first meetihg'with _t-he new PHiiidenk_ WATCH THE GAME : : ". Tanipa La.Yman will have a meeting at st. AIMIE Ohurch of Brandent

PAGE r.ICHT P1a. St b1-hlleiJD Puwwte41 eftior T1iei. iatl F ri. Cet Bodt UltiOii. T...._,, J.t, U 1t72 --._ : r AMPA 'S .. <:. ::'"NIGHt; BEAT By J ACOBS_ East ... :_5 .... \Sdloif <:: East T a -da.y-School Co n ventio n wiH. be gin o n Wednesd a y -momiDg at Ward Tem ple AIME -Tampa Choir a long tan Cadillac. It's about two delivered 1 Elder Jenkins. blocks long and the driver wiD last nigbt a 14 night have a wide soulful smile. 'lbat'a nviftl befan at M.ission No. 2 Union. f ... _,_ ... do in Eveeyooe .118 In him! He 1s noted or uvwg we vited to aome out and be reo Beam E. D Grlffia, Pres. Mr. Hard. y Williams, Rept. Yours truly was talking with vived ._ ol GOO'. VIRGIL HENRY over at the ZAN-w _.... 1be Tampa Cltristian City Wide Cbc4r Union Will have neas m e eting TUesday (tonigtlt) at Northside -M. B. Cburd! at 8 m., A ll Olficet'!l m aaked to be present 1114 OD .. -ZIBAR BAR-BQUE PiT last week lllo4' Spirit aod Grace. The birth end and he informed this corner mGDtll raBy was postponed that there are many people 'tt'M July 211. still come in and ask for a Jio .sandwich from the same slab that that soul sister hit that soul brother In the mouth wjth. It seems to be the thing in West Tall)pa now. Any time a brother baa a prob ]em with his soul sister, he just orders a slab of ribs from the ZANZIBAR BAR-B-QUE PIT and rubs it across her lips. It tastea so good she'll eat the whole thing. Now that'swhat I call a atimu lant. Check 'em out and gre ase on. Some of the folks 011 t he case at the ZANZIBAR BAR B-QUE PIT last week keeping Mr s. Henry and Gertrude Hall busy were: Calvin Stewart, Frank Williams, Gene Green and Robert Collins. Yours truly stopped by the PAR ADISE BAR saturday night for a brid moment to chat with two Lachoochee s. at Mt. Moriah Baptist HydtrPirk Band w caUed to order at h usual Mrs. Eddiee WU10n, -Pres.-time. 111e pMtor g,av'e u.e reo Jln. IUWa Lewis; Repwt.er vie-W ol the le&SIOil. Morning wor. Hyde Park. P r a ye r BaDcl shiP ilollowed. 'lbe No. a. choir' will-lnjl!e't 'l1whidaJ at l!2 : (i0 at was in the stand and devotion.. the oo me Mn. I..Gvie Clan, was led by tme deaCOII8. Rev. 15$: Main st. The Ja,st meetmg Joe Bate. wu pulpt Be was hel d at the home of Mrs. .-d tile eeripWre leMOn, llB4 J o se-phine GikJrist, 370&. Mtll tile peator delivered the St. A;Jt. 301. All are asted to ap. remember b! sick and l&veaU!c begQn at 11:15. 1be public is Invited. TU Lord' a Supper was erved; TaW amouot ,_. ttie_ day ,.. $301.1R. miN. stewart aDd JlobD Willa stewart, Jr. arrived from Denver, Oolo. Sunday Digftt. and repried a love'r trip. Pleaae your money ready when I deliver tile papers. 1Mrs. Daisy Story, Agent and :Reporter and Rev. Louis WaddeD, Pastor. -Ritz Adult Theatre -., ; r-: E"'joy llae .. sl ..... 241-1378 iD X BatH Fibas ill co81 tomorlahle 1111'feandiDg 15th ... Adults 18 OB OYER i .. THEPLAY--BOY TAKES{ A WIFE "UYBODY'S WIFE." LIQUID LOV_ E -aUT YOU'IA'E TO -MAlE IT TJ.IAT Wit.. (' {;1J -. .Summer: = :Tee6 .... -... _. ,, B y f .AUL R ANDOLP H -fl1ie Blaclmes. -Of-our-. Pants, Double xmt or Body Shirta, where: .it is. SOUl heav.y people. Wid e Brim Hate lllatcDng Cellon Our tames Cllll reany tell yO\l---.Fasbional)le Bib Heel what it's all about. Women Backless Dresses, Hip SUMIDB SOUL 11-Juggers, Wild Color Dresses, and BRO'ftiER PERSONALITY ,. : Sandals and clogs. A I!IOUl heavy bnJ4her ill tiM G ;ty Pappa Danees ia. none other 1h1111 Er.-I M.r M-iles would ftke tG m. nest Adams; Yes, this dude aDd ilorm teenagee that the deadhis super fro Ls GUt Ant per-line lor Sddanbip Applicatiooa sooaJity Jo the Erneri is due July 15. Be sure to get resides with his mother Mrs. yours in. The band tlbis week w IE. Adams at 1AI08 E. Ave. Solid J\mt also will be a favorites are !ood, anytbiog taJeDt show. See you there. SeeD me ttit!l'e Is ilast week were Glenda Sllltes. ,somebody; tPeoola HeDder.son, Sonja Ha;Flalk and DOnnie Hathaway vry, Altioa .MciOollougb, BraZilia also Delfooies. Ernest is seen IP-attersoo, Debra R. Wiiiema. witb the lollowing people, Paul ILan:Y Mount, Judge F avors and IRandols*. &bert L. Jones. the group. Cul'l:is Shermau, Barney Doyle Until next 1ime "Power to the and Harold Bradley. ()mgratu ptq)le,. {Black) and back them lations Super Fro. in aJJytHng they endeavoc to do. Flallabaek Soulfid Soaa418: -GoiDg 'u Circles. Love Land, and Show Mil How, WaDt Ads, !Funky Man FasWoa Coraer: I Men: Polyester Double Knit Souther To. Sinters The Swthern Toile Gospel Sing ers (i Tampa Will on tile progi!am for the Sell sational Voealairs in West P 1 alm IBeacb on Sunday. Two pNil'ams will be held. 'l1te first program will begin at 2 and tile night program will begin at 7:30. The entire community ie invited. CO.MING Hilla Sdlool R. 0. T. C. To Be Open To Girls : WtA$DNGTON The Atmy anoouuced tbia week that the junior Resea-ve <>meers Trainiing Oo11p5 programs in high .s<:hools woo1d be open to prls beginning witftt .the new sooool year in September. !More than 000 high schools tihroug1hout the United Stata. ['Jue:r

ATTENDED XINOS SUB-DEB BALL The Xlnos a counseling club for Junior. and Senior HighSchool girls, sponsor;d their Sub-Deb Ball Friday night at the Trowel and Trades Building to bid farewell to their senior members. Pic tured as they enter the ball are Aletha Smith and her escort, Earl Ward. I Our Serviceinen I vt:r of 1035 N. Texas Ave., Lake land, has completed his U.S. Air Force basic training at the Air Tr;ainlng Command's Lacklaild AFB, Tex. He has been assign ed Co Sheppard AFB, Tex., for training in accounting and finance. Airman GI;Ynn, a 1969 graduate ol Thomlts M. Cooley Hiyh Scbool, Detroit, attended Golden ValleJ Lutlieraa College, Minneapolis. SOCIAL CLUB SPONSORS HOLIDAY FUN The many guest who joined the Supreme Social Club for their Pre-Fourth of July dance Sat urday night at the Labor Temple were by MJss Erma Coffee, right. Mrs. Frances RobiJto son, a member of the club, Introduced the talente sl?ger. .SUPREME'S GUES.T BY MISS ERMA Pictured above are. members the Supreme Hall, Johnnie Davis, Holllnsbead, 1\laxine Social Club at their Pre-Fourth of July Dance at Davis, and Ann Harris. Not. shown .is Mrs. Fran the Labor Temple Saturday night. They are from ces Robinson. left, Cassanc!B on Saturday Bahamas. Ennis is employ night. :Mij,ss res ides in _ed as an at GT & E. IMiilaml wiih her parents and .IM iss Oolleton is an RN at Taml.>& sister. Robert will spend a few General Hospital. SAN ANTONIO Airman Eddays .with the Bailey's Qe!ore reHa.ppy ,. bi.rthda,y to GOO-son, SAN ANTONIO -,Airman Kenneth T. Washington, son of Mrs. Lois M. Washington of Mara thon, has completed his U. S. Air Force basic training at the Air Training Command's Lack )Jlnd AFB, Tex. He has been. as signed to Keesler AFB, Miss., for training In the administrative field. Airman Washington Is a 1970 graduate of West Phlladel phla High School Philadelphia, Pa:, and attended Florida University. His father, Booker T. die J. Henry, son of Mr. and turning edto tJhe Vi!JIJage. Francina Master Dale Maurice Haywood H 1 7 journey to Tampa ,after .school u.1l.l.ce'ebrate ..... d bi'-'-l-. ,,. Mrs. Christopher enry of 022 ... ro ... 'J .. .,.,. uu closmg to WJSlt her aunt, \Mrs. day on '11-'-rsday Jlll' y 1". "'-alwashington, resldell at 611 Jack. son sf., Valdosta, Ga. GLYNN SAN ANTONio-Airman Leon ard Glynn, grandson ol Josh Tar S. W. 174th Ter., Miami, has coni F f uu o "" pletetl his U.S. Air Force basic VIrgie razler_ a-nd is the son of Mr and iMrs H. L. training at the Air Training Com IMr. James Frazier was feted (Wilmift) Haywood 5400 87th St. mand's Lackland AFB, Tex. He with a suyprise bir11hday party Bela-ted birthday greetdngs to' It remaining at Lackland flit' by bis wife Virgii.e on &turday :Mil&ter Shelly ,Eugene Gainooo DANIELS tralniDg in the security pollee nigbt at tlheil' home 4001 79th Jr. Wlho was one-iyeiiii'-Old Cl:l field. Airman Henry Is a 1971 St. Many friends were pre-sent Tuesday, July 4 "Tatum" aa graduate of Miami Palmetto Sen and enjoyed the delici-ous fried DENVER Airman Billy L. 101' lligb School. His wife, Helen, chicken POtato salad, mixed he. i-s called is tJhe son ,of Mr. Daniels, son of Mrs. Odessa Ia the daughter of Mrs. Arlena party chlps _and dips, and Mrs. Shelly E. ( :M'llry) Daniels of 8815 N. W 12th Ave., Miller of 10020 S. W. 183rd St., pooCTh, sodiBB arid cake prepared Gainous of 87th street. Miami, has been graduated at MJaml, Lowry AFB, Colo., from the U. N H (h N 2 S. Air For.ce Inventory manage. 8W Ope Oir 0. meat specialist course conoocted by the Air Training Command. Airman Daniels, trained to in ventory supplies by use of elec tronlc data processing' machines, Is being assigned to WurtsmUh AFB, Mich. He will serve with a unit of the Strategic Air Com mand, America's nuclear deter rent force of long range bombers and lntersontinental ballistic mis sUes. The airman, a 1971 graduate of Miami Central High School, attended Miami Dade Junior College. Dea. Ira B. Bruton, President Mrs. Doris C. Moore, Reporter Choir No. 2 of New Hope M. B. Church, Rev. John Willis Is pas tor, will have weekly rehearsal Thursday night at 8. The president is asking every one to please be present and on Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers SOULFUL AND EXCITIHG STONE FOX ON SALE NOW IN TAMPA e PETERSBURG CLEARWATER e ORLANDO


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YOUR-. HOROSCOPE TAURUS (April Z1-May 21)-:I'ba acting. on irnpulR. Use your intentions of someone who inter-ment about tbials you overhear: ests you will become very elear Elise your way out of difficulty, and you will pleased. Expect a Lucky number 18, color bliiCk. small windfall, and an important PISCES (Feb. 20)-Let letter mid-week. This is no time time settle a domestic problem. to bear a grudge. Lucky number 1 Give thought to a new method of 1, c{>lor brown. working and try to ttrnmge more GEMINI (May 22-June 21}-Do leisure hours. A t()lllantic interest not make changes, especially in at the weekend. Lucky number 16, romantic plans. Thursday will be color mauve. a lucky day at work and you will ARIES (Mar. 20) -It grasp an opporttuuty. Expect some will be wise to sort out your af thing unusual socially. Lucky num-fairs to Re what cart be dooe ber 7, color pink. about neglected duties. A good CANCER (June 22-July 23)-week for work and' leisure. Ycru Check a tendency to be overawed have plenty of energy .. to by others. In the home, get yoiir Luckv number. 6, col!>r silver. ideas to harmonize with those of a partner an. d see the difference iii surroundings. Lucky number 2 color red. LEO (July 24-Aug. matters are important and you have a big decision to make. By mid-week you wiD be in 11 position of envy at work. A bright outing is likely at the weeRend. Lucky number 4, color amber. Winter GardeA. Mr. and Mrs. : MacKay and Mr. Leroy Davis of Can ton, Ohio were in the citY visiting Mr. Mozel .Anderson Mr. and Mrs. j-ohnnie Wils

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PAC! FOUit'I'IBif : .. ;: MJW.al flftirT T ..... w Fd. c..t .a.a. l'.tlitioU -Tueedas-, Jalr. 11, 1.,2" .Bill (lite "-1 Readies Fall .Variety. Show CIDCAOO-One ol the perU. of bic Company (which made some press apntry ia tbe constant temp. tenae. aa it w ed'ucatiaaai), and tation amcJilg ita practitioners to now here comej Cosby with a take a good story and try-to make Monday night variety sbow in Sepit better. The usual is that tember. nobody knows what the beck is And there was Cosby on a platgoing on. form in ; a large meeting toom -It was a surprise-but it should atop the Las Vegas Hiltpn Inter-not havebeeli..-wben itwas annational Hotel eonfronted by some oOunced a few months ago that 50 television crftica who wanted to Bill Cosby would atar in a oneknow what be wu doiDg there. hour variety show on CBS-TV next wasn't he supposed to be in class fall. -or something? -How could that be? Everyone Well, as it _tunJ.a out,, Cosby is Jmew from previous pre88 releases in school, and he is indeed, work that Cosby had retired from show ing in the master, doctor program business to go back to school (upon completion you get both de pursue a graduate degree in edugrees) at the University of Mu. cation. sachusetts He has two years to ... His retirement' was announced go, havinl! completed one. after NBC dropped his halfhour But Cosby is nOt going to be a aituation comedy show. And we classroom teacher. He is working all were given a picture of Cosby on educational film and television, reuouncing fame and glory, to say which actually makes more sense. nothing of great wealth, in order On Saturday mornings, also on to-dev prowriting them all. They are part &est. Tbe underprivileged kids of his program at the university. clearly needed him more than we Cosby did. not want to talk much did. about that series because he was But there was Cosby still in Las meeting the critics to talk about Veras, and there was Cosby stiil the variety show, but he did say making sorne of the finest comedy the Saturday series would be a record& lliDce Shelley Berman first step toward getting rid ol taDred into an imaginllrY telepbmt!, what he called "the :Big Brother and there was Cosby on Tbe Elecof educational TV". S. African Blacks Discover Passports Hard To Come By 10HANNESBURG, S o u t.h Africa When white _South Africans need a paaporl, they Ifill out an official fona .ubmit-.: it with $4 and await the docu tftent. Black applicants need much more money, effort andpttience. Africans must aiUpPiy a deposit of $632 if thl!y plan to visit the United States and $266 if Europe is their goal plus the application fee. -Immicnttion aut!Writiea"' aay the clepoaita arerequired ia. eaae the traveler becomes etrand< ami mtiK be retu-rned at government Suspicions blacks believe the deposit is aiiiiN at diacouragllng them from foreign travel. Some point-out that even Afri ean students able to atudy abroad on full scholarships fork cr -t:-. depcita. The red tape doesn't stop with money, however. Blacks have to provide eieht copies o__f letters to su.pport the passport application from two notables, unsually a clergyman and an officeholder in their segregated communities. -Then the applicant getS a clocument from the Bantu Ad.: ministration Department's migration which must be cleaJed -at Jebanneaburg'a Affairs Depart-ment. .. ''Bala$U'' the otfieial label for Africa!'}s and "Non-Euro pean'' ia -South Afrleanese for aybody who isn't wllite. The cle aralice from describ es the applicant's worthiness and political leaningS, if any. It also ret)Orta whether he or Ferman's Annual 2 'WACs. Aine4Tt bter lealy DENVEJt ..:.. The request had to go all the way up the chain of command to and the Defense Pellartmenb-, bllt the U S Army last week dedded to allow two WACs to participate in a beauty pageant. "It waa a 'bigr hassle to get them in -first the Army fused them participation -but Pub lie Affairs. got them to al low it," said Mrs. Bobby Shar riff, coordinator of the Miss Black Colerado beauty pageant. "It is the. first time the mili. tary ltas ever allowed wome to enter in any kind of beauty pa geant at all, according to my sur vey," she said. They are Spee. 4 B08etta Phil lips, 25, o( Patterson, N.J., and Pvt: Alma -MeClain, 19, from Chicago. Miss Phillips is a coun selor who works in the F"rtzsi'm. mons Drug Control Ceutet, Miss McClain is a clerk m the ant General's Office. Since ft Was a first for the Army, whfch is rapidly trying to change ita isnap, more than one general had to take a look at the request and approve it, accord ing to -s. Sgt. Williams of the FitZBimnona public affairs office. General Lt. Gen. Hal B. Jennings Jr.,._ Chief of Infor mation Maj. Gen. Winant Sidle and Direeter of the. Women's Army Corpa (WAC); Brig. Gen. ; Mildred Baile,-ali sent 'best wishes to lliss Phillips and Miss : McClain," Williittns said. He said--the message read in part: ."The Army has no objec tions if one (of the 1Vomen) is aa a winner (in the Colorado pageant) or the region-al or nationa; eompetition. she ''is censidered t a fit and proper -penOn to viait countries where there is no racial tion." !Deome f*x and poll tax :receipts must he produced. Birth a11t OK in th case of minors. .-Kany applicaDts aay tbat if any of the neeessary pipers or funds are Jadring, immigration officers decline to pass it a.loq to headquarters' in Pretoria for final Buy From Rorida' Sentilel Allveltisirs Sweepout! OPI!N SATUUA'r 'JI.fP.M. Over 200 fl ..t ean Ill ..a. prices! ...,.._. aB weell loaf. Sacrific e '72 CB'""-"'"... -.1-Dl'. ud 4-Dr. t.w mileage lioY.Iiol..,.. fnm own rental fleet, $32 5 pawer steering, Jli'Wer brallles, Factory Air! 12 to 7 Choose from! Choke of CWrs! -. -..t lll'tf ....aiW4-Dr. BT'L. Flllly ,.,..er flo -ll'lr. with Factiiry Ali! s.me VID)i TOPII! ww mlleqe -from Ferman's $3 395 Owa Reittal l'leet! Wl41e c.ler Selection! 14 to Choose J'r .. YMr CWce! ,72 CHEn VEGAS uatchuea. Aa&o. Trus., Factory Air, Low-_$2395miletlle fr:-Ferman's owa realal fleet! I .. daeNe ln.! C1lolee of Colon!'.: '72 BUICK SKYLARKS $ 3395-J i'ae....,. Air! Some Vinyl T.,.! I t. Choose i'IHI! ol co&ws! '71 BMCK RIVIERA =:. $3995 Vinyl Top! ,I llfti'STAHG Bil 8-Cyl., J.Speecl, Sllewroem $2395 rau condition! Retl wtth Black 'riD,t Interior! '&9 I'DRIVELL. NOMAD sTATION WAGON S07 9 ... Weelalat.lllioY 1 V-1, Automatic Trans., Pner Meft $15 5 lq, Faeter, Air. 'Til 9 P. JL. '69 I'Drtr IMPAU 4-Dr. BT, V-8, Allto. Trul., $1795 Salu&y 'till P.Jl ... Power Air! GoN wHit. l&'fE 8P Tl $51111' 101 "WHHLESALE DEPT." (kr a 'nl ia) ---BlACK STUDIES GROW IN NUM ERS,-STATURE. NEW YORK Although diyld-races. Dr. Roscoe C. Brown, 41red on what black BtudieS are, ector ol. tile .ID.aCitute -Afro. what they sbould be and wMm American Affain at NeW Yort they Slhoald readl, number ol Univerlity, 1.W, "Uterall)' teu black educators, Hdal scleoti&tl of thousands ol students have aod intellectuals a .gree that the been introduced to the reaUties dis ci.pline bas forever elhanged of racism in A!Jlerica and some aspects oif America's high-innumerable contrilN!ions of er education: people tie WOI'Jd -In less than toUr yeara tfle ... and to understand the miver COileept has goae far be,md sality of the human corulition recitations of black "first" in Commenting on ''the quality'' American history and tbose of black studies courses, Brown eolll"l!e6 ..... soul toed cookiQC was maintained, "They are probably qne -tbat were put togeth-er no better nor worse 'than oCber hastily fn an atmos

7..-,., 1 t, 1172 .... ""J ., Fla. !.e'MMI-Bdetia Pul.IWaei .._., T--. _. F.t. Cet .... EM GROCERS 4915 34th SIREET 2Sia Ne ALBANY -' PENNY SAVB NO. 2 2511 N. ALIANY AVI OPEN SUNDAY I A.M.-3P .M. r ---' 'I : f' :; t PACE Flf lUX I.,


P 1' ,. SIXTEElf Fla. SeatJaei-Bulletin Puhliahed eYftF T .... aatl Fri. Cet Both Edltlou UPWARD BOUND STUDENTS SELECT QUEEN FROM THESE HEAUTIES What must it be like to peer down from behind the glaring lights of a stage and see somber inale faces mentai,ly scoring both one's talent and one's Dozier, Kitty Winrow, Cheryl Greene, Brenda Mitch ell, Barbara Sheppard, Kenla Quintela, Nita Black, Sylvia Pearsell, and Karen Scott. rest followed suit so that now the c o n test has reach ed state-wide proportions. The winner at USF will represent the Project Ia Gainesville at the University qf Flori d a this month. looks? Students In Project Upward Bound at the Unlver ilty of South F1orida wlll select their queea wl&hin a few days from the ten selill-floaUsts above. Reading left to right are: PegJJ Bomu, Vaneua All contestants, as aU Upward Bound students at USF, come from Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee, Polk and Sarasota counties. The pageant Is-spon!IOI'ed by the Studen t Govern ment Association. USF's was the first of the Florida Upward Bound Projects to have such a beauty pagealit. AU of the I ,. .KAPPA CHAPTER HO;NORSFLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE-PREXY MIAMI -The Fort Lauderdale "'Iunml Chapter of Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. selected and honored Dr. R. W. Puryear, Presi dent of Florida Memorial College, as outstanding educator and citizen ol the Jear, 1971. Roscee C. Webb, left, a Kappa, and member of the Fori La derdale Chapter, Board of Directors, presents the aan u al award to Dr. Puryear. Mr. Webb Is Dean of Students, and Director el lltudent Personnel, at Florida Memorial CoUeJe, Miami. Youth Day At St. John The No. 3 choir of St. .M. lB. OhurCih al. which Rev. iF._ G. Hii!Jton is pas tor:, will have their annual Youtit Day observance on Stm

. t972 I'lL '6 ... "\\.Weda PUit.hetl iwiiJ TMi. ft\. Get IWII ....._ PACt SEVI.Nftllll ANDERSON; Fat MRS. KING-IN PETERSBURG NAACP to Ya .. Tlie EIII Of A Writi ... 1st lid Presilelt?' BOOTON-During its eDtire U.-Drlllllt J.r 'Baltlwill year history. the National Associ. ColumDist .Jack .AadedOil aakl. : appeared at Wor atioo fOI' \he A dvancement oi NEW YORK :_ "rm writiq, 'l'bouab Baldwin aaid be 09ftlo Tuesday tlhr.t kllormatioa of a mal 5JIOII.Ioie4 'by tile ored People hu been headed by .I'm beebmiua came the enaotiooal malaise thai 198& visit to St. Petenbur. g by 13 blade house memlbece IDto white mea. James BaldwiD. Wrth tile :recent fololwecl the murders al hia :Mrs. Coretta King was eQI\Sider. the alleged fli the_ Now the Bostcm NAACP chap. publieatiOD of a ooDectim of e friends,. their murders struc:k him ed 10 important by tl)e FIBI that government iA th ter says it wi) Jhead a to says. "No Name The Street."" d eeply Ill wan tbat relate to it was to ofber : tiaa Qf domeetic ]lteeram.. parii. hafta black liUID elected presithe writer hope. a JoDi draucht tlaem6t ID hia wodat.. serV'icet. cular}J u tbe7 te Nepoee. ->-.d ol the _.._.,.&a.' is finished. .. I decidecl I ban 110 riaht Dar ADder son saicl be. bacl some .AndenoG salcl the Seeftt Ser.-........ .. talked eDertetieallJ reaaaa to deepialrinc.'" he said of the FIB:I' s secret filee em Mrs. vtce kept the .uames abQ'* E Bobinsm aid Ole Reommenda-.: here m a recent eo reute "But r do DOl belleft io the )JrOmo King with him, but w.Ud read 180,.000 PN*-Ia its clata bank, far 8 black prNident will be to FraDc:e, a fuod.rai lie of. iD the same ways. notlliug but iDnoeuous poriioll5. including sudl promiaeln Wlhnes presented at tbe national NAACP : ing tour f AnJela Dlnia. The Tbere will be IDCII'al appeala 011 .. 1 bave oo deelire to aas Paul Baney, C'Qmeatloa. Detroit thia weeJE. : wri:S spoke ol droueht. DQ' ': maral cross tbe laud tile. of. c omedi.ii.D. Groodto Man, a .etor end. : It both a period Gl. ex-be said. It h a I half-truths and m lJSinlormatiCIIl aDd fulk .,_.. :. .. ten d ed 111Dess and an emotimal none. that is contained in tile :mm: ac1liva Joan Baez. -'J'he. emftllt ts Kme writing bloek, be said. Be ,m ecdmue to liN ID files, ... he said. He llid blacks were tn. onl!Y'-. Kaplan of Mas. Kaplan, The ilbless begaD witll JWd. :rrmee, because he said it alfardl iHe read from what lie said pwp listed bf' the whose 'term e:.pirei' in JIIDU&ry, win' diaillusiou'IIJIDt. with tbe bim opportuuftly fw won witb was a 1966 eatry Oil Mrs. Kille' .... he said .bout said M is "perfedly wllling to dvil_ rigbts movemeDt io America. Out daily ellirmishiq black trip to St. for an .. 5,500 of. them C0081iituted what sem ItS long as they want me." DuriDI .,the reeuperaticm be fouad white issUes. -8!PPearance at a tbe the. agency called its "IBlaek Robinson praised Kaplan and his way around tbe writiD&' block. J>asadena Community a.a:tL NatioDalist" file. Am'nc tllo&e other white leaders' for advancing "For a it .went .,adly be-Mil'S. JGag saag in. a ba.._ oa tllat list, he .aid, were eiftt the NAACP bver the years, but I Y:'as, oo somel-or the HattJIPY Workers Dl!iY right!! Ieade11s Raliplh D. Aberna added: "The time l)as come when thmr l. didn t want to face Tbat, Nunery School and Kinderg>arten -it!,, Boy llmis; \Roy WWdaa aDd almost 28 million blacks tn this said, .. wu the .murder of on Karch 10. former baseball star coontry have tired of the seem. friends, Dr. Martin Luther Kin! .Anderson "'11ie lnteHi -biD&oD. ingly eternal reservation of the Jr. llaloolm X, list is genee eoosidered 10. lmpor-tADdersQn aapp)ied tlae hearing in our organization for 8 A lD the Mnericau tant thal it was ctissemin ated with a copy ol tihe computerized member of the white race." m Pans Baldto Secret Tam.pa; li Del. 1t RGDlld Dellums wm s ne..,t'cnmd determination to Offtce of Special Investigatioos, st ep.. that the pres! nve ... J simply diseonred you can. IRobi,ns Air Fo:rce Base Ga.. and D.(laiif., serwtg aa ctliairl!lan dent s office _IS largely an honor you see!' l Blacks Jeiliag To Protest Pligllt MIAIII 'l'bree black or-,amza. tiOu have joined forces to organize demmstrations during the Democratic naticmal c:-.e:nti;m aimed at dramatizing th epligbl tbe poor. cme of!ce ol Naval of Vaucus beanng, : Bl'J position &Jid tbe operational -."'11le tangible tbat hap. Char l eston S.C." bJa croup would ecaider leadership i8 in hands of pened to m-.and to blacks m Leaders Friday o Ill AndersOI'I said that tfle FIBif fitiD nit. oa beba!f of. iboH W il.ldu. the NAACP's execuU-vo that whole terri slrateo for a series of demcutra-r and the Secret Serviee kept tabs included 011 it. ., .. sec retaly. .. ble time was the re&hatioo 'that nlliea, aiJ-Dilht 'rigils O>J! on \'irtual.lly every protl1ftren( lAs for ille 1'.111'11 IUJ"VeiBaDce Wilkina could oot be reached for our destinies are in our. hands, side tile ccmveotiOO ball lohbyiDa bbek in America, even stlifting of King,. Atldenclll .llo)d coiiUDeDt, but John A. Morse ll asa.od --DO ooe else's. of delegates IDd the agents to follow Martin ILot;ba. tlhe heanng 1INd k Wal 110 se-slstant. executive director, said be NCJIJ tbe Writer wbD me. was a of Resunectian City D King's widow after he was em tilat the late F1B1 Drir'edor felt that the fuajarity of COD.ven-torrent of creativitr procJueiDg es. Banding together are .the J. Edgar JJio?ver the ti011 delegates woald re and op.says, novels and .For Mr. em' Oui.stiaD Leadenlbip ()f ifle mr, AndeMOn said: late Dr. iHattiif .I..Utlbier ](iag Jr.; P$lle a move to bar whites ft'om Charlie. .' a play, feels that he can ence (SOLC), tbe NatioDal WeUare apparenoliy, a:ny

' ; ruesday, July ,u, 1972 Patterson, Alt Sign NEW YORK 1.\{uhammad Ali, the revenue from the fight which overlooking AI "Bl!!e" Lewis, and also will be shown on closed cir Floyd Patterson, not overlooking cuft television. PattersOn.; 37, will Pedro Agosto, signed Thursday get a guarantee of $125,000 ag.ainst to fight each other in -Madison 25 per Square Garden Aug 2R It will be the second fight be "Blue Lewis is tough," said tween the two former heavy Ali of his seheduled fight against weight Ali stopped : Lewis in Dublin, Ireland, July 19. Patterson, who was the chal "Btit I don't think abo .ut losing. Ienger, in 12 rounds in Las Vegas, I believe it's impossible to lose Nev., Nov. 22, 1965. Asked about his fight with Ped Ali was. in good verbal form ro Agosto in New York's Singer during the news oonference. Bowl July 14, Patterson fight will be on closed "I haven't taken that flgbt fbr' circuit television and not on home granted. The Garden has. I would television. like Joe Frazier's," said prefer they hold this press con' All. "His fights cheap. AiJ my fights are on satellite "His last fight (Frazier-Roo : Stander) so bor ing ; _ev. 1 ery time the bell rang 1t woke the referee up." : Ali, 30, who was stripped of his title because of trouble with the military draft, pointed out once agafn that he really beat Frazier in the fight that is the Only loss on Ali's record. "I found out one reason I lost that fight," said Ali, "was that two of the judges were on the draf.t board." ference ,after that fight I don't .A.. A F any fight for '' 0 lmng o r ; The Garden really isn't taking : air n I l i I anything for .gran ted. If either PatterSon or. Ali lose in July, H A A II'' T o_mer_ s _: '-t '_ ference, they wiil riot meet iri ihe -12-rounqer. AU _will\' get a guarantee of says < ly set me baoek,i' Aaron said. agai,nst 35 per cent of he.s: sWiDgilig ; fOr,''( run 'A man age can't lose his eveey time at timing .Spll'ing tl'ilin!ing is awful to' breaok'Babe 'Riitlh's important to I .had my Hitters And 'Missers : ... League : cord 'of 7ll4. ing and then I lost jt. .-Itf you Aar.ori, who hdt his 65StAi 1Mon-. can't see Iiv e -pitching fur two < day nigbt lead the 'Bra weeks, _you just get meS>Sed up.'' ;,,-,Won' Lost Standing ves ,i_o a over the Aaron's 6'56th homer was a M-ilgnificeilt 4 .3 1 2i..:..; 7 H<>ustc_>n :.AJ9tros, saqd. after the three-run blow tha.t brought his Mfkhell's Cieao 3 <1s-ilf. game.tbait:-aU tJhe RBI total. to an even '2",000, the :Store .... 1 3 17..,-11 ; breakiing ,_the record natur.ally :fkst man -iri N'Btional League Atlanta 4 : o :tS....:.i3 r_un histol'Y to reaclh that plateau 007 '.. :::: : 3 1 : sWUJ;g. sa1d he s tQ a pomt Aaron couldn't believe he was Bowers Bar. Sbop .4 o now v.ihere be on a the frist man. RedT.op Bar .. o 4 __ evecy tirp.'l he wa&s to "il thought -(Stan) .Musdal .had .. p rt'lin B 1 ,_ .0 :: 2,0oo,'' Aaron said. "That's a lot o a a r -t. 7Z .ovn orr 11 -.,. .. d ''" '----,_. f T .......... ,.J.;t bout !Hiig!li : Game .. !Ladies!' Oarolyn 4 : o, .-,. ,..._Vll eaw o runs. never a !3, Diane Young .-198, .... getting there .. If. you are consisBrowu 181. 1s. No tent, -a wh:ole .lOt of things 'will !Hgm stnies'"tadiieii : rnaiie. fall in place/'.. Two rature Obnitail! hrtic_ .in;mJS ... 1 T-._ alhar ',' r ... .. has admittedbbat.hes g'Qlng for Only Ruth,.witlh-2;209, has moce -,-.--,. MM,<>fa Brown_463, the fenees 'every;tJi, nie; a-ltibougb RJBI than Aaron.... TALLAHASSEE Two future participants got to-. G. be has &aid previou!IJ.y that be's 'Ilhe Braves' star left llhe g-am. gether rec'ently on tile Florida A&:M University campus. Ethel ADita Games iMen: Solomon no longer trying to m.t to right in the .. bottom of the seventll White (12) of Shadeville who recently _broke_ the state reeord In the IBrown 199,' Lovett 194, fie'ld. mning with a bruised rdgbt.wrist. 800 and 50 yard events In Tampa Is headed for the National Special __ 'ILOrinie Willial!lil ., Aaron Hid-be : didn't see bow He .. was hit by a sha11> In Los Anrelea;,. ,Sbe received .tln from __ :_High .. series. !Men; Ant1bonY ... u : cOUld break .ibe -l'ecord until er off the bat. of pinclhbitter Bob FAMU aprlnL.Iiar, who will the U. S. ln .!100, -Samuel-, Smith 006, ... the-middle ol li.Wlt(. il he OODti Stinson. Olympics 'In Robln110n qualifled the Olympics by 492. ; ; nues at hiJ preeeJllt He hae Aaron said the wrist would have lnlng a 9,9 In the finals of the 100 meter dasb ln ,., ; -". .. 117 homers P'liWJl.g been broken if the ball bad 'l'rlals. Y' ,., !him. 518 bebiad, IR;urbh, ,lke also was .Aiid that includes Jri.ttJ:ng bom:e fessional baseball .players, 11,re body .left teammates shud ning he was squirming in uni a factor, he eatct ruris, which is uppermost in his ; eager b : gd their m sympaillhy, form and had to leave. By tl!e "The two,.week layoff real mind this year. uniform. Except ma)'be Ken Sm 'its awful what happens, SBld end of the game .well I just gleton of the Montreal Expos. Manager Gene Mauch. felt so for him, the state Lately, he ha&. been jtchjng to "It looks like he just : stepped he' was m." get out of his-'-tbe uniform gives out of a shower of mustard gas." him hives. "I. doo'flmow, what look food allergy and ran extensive "I never want to touch it ag ain," like after a mustard gas show testS. :Then ihey rim blood telits the 24-year .. old outfielder said, his er,'' team Doctor Bob Brodrick to see If It was an other form of troubled mind somewhat relieved said, "but Gene'' ; illnes with the discovery trult -it appar sOunds right.'1 : .. c ently was the ._fabric that. Singleton first began scratchii\g .:._ Nothing. :. caused several severe outbreaks in spring training camp with tl}e The outfielder of hives in the last mOnth: .. -:New York MetS; switchM fr.(!t)i ; a notebook around wiJh him ev _, a wool to cotton undershirt arid erywhere he went to record what .. And just tO .. be safe, no cho. got relief. foods he ate No luck. col ate ice cream, either,'' he add. .,,.,..<' Four ho11rs' after the uniform ed. Traded to MontJ.:eal; he. went on, he. broke out again. : Fin Singleton's. case had a.llergists grew l!lOre and more ally, tb!! .obvious answer came-at the Mc,ntreal General HoSpital_ 'able in the Montreal uniform. it.must be the uniform. : bitting the books again. They _tried "' Two weeks ago in Cincinnati. Last Sunday he sat for four dozens of tests to determine wh;lt he burst out in hives from neck hours in the Expos' clubhouse triggered the itchy red welts to knee and was sent home. The wearing the newstyle double knit uniform, a sample the Expos had RACII NIGHitY 8:00 MA IINIII I :45. MON.-WID.-IAI. SARASOTA KEIIEL.CLUB Road at QtSqto made before deciding whether they might switch .. He wore it; and didn't break out this time. However, he can't wear It ln a game because the pants dci not fit. He is not .supposed to wear it because league rUles that uniforms must all .be the same. "I think an exception will be made here until we finally make a move to the new knits;" says General Manager Jim Fanning. "The knits are more comfort able, harder to tear, easier to clean and cost almost half as much." LOUN.GE OpeD Every Day.-. Air Coad. LOCATED: > 1St ZACK STREET -, Phone 22 ... 9a93 :. J. '!' WE 'WILL BE ClOSED .. J : 1 1 :FOR : 2 WEEKS sTDffiG] U L Y 10 TIIRU .. .,. JU:LY .. : :za--FOR RE.MODELING ... -WE WILL REOPEN I ONDAY, JU'L Y 24. -WELCOME BACK! -BLUE _DIAMOND 4111 AYEIIOE AND 26th STREET / >';. YOU.'LL LOVE 'IT. : ,..


Tuesdi.y, July tt, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bullet!Puhli&Led Merf Tues. and Fd. Gel Both Edido111 PACE NINETEEN ChiGgo' s Soccer Fans Honor Pele With-Frenzy County Track And field Meet .July' 21 NEW YORK Wilt Chamberrecords during the 1971-72 cam:ibe fourth Hills borough lain, who led the Los Angeles paigu, it was Saturday. C]!JWA U:KiE1 E The -Miilwau kee announ : ced Thurs day the acquisition on waivers of outllielder OHie B : rown from the Oakland A's. .Brown 28, had been obtaaned by Qakl!lnd flrom San IDiego May 17. He was hitting .m 11>itlh one home nm in 54 times at bat with Oalcland. He had hit .1711 in 70 times at bat for San Diego. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 will be held lit the King High Game. I game this month, after appear ing in cities like Djakarta, In donesia, where over 60,000 peop!e saw hi-m, al)d in New Jersi!y. At 31, Pele's legs tire a little quicker. School Football Stadium on July 21st at 7:30 p.m. The meet is for at their nearest Coilnty PlayThe rec?rds by the 7-foot-11,2 boys and girls, ages 7 through 14 ground. For further information 275-pound Chamberlain included: years of age. call the Recreation Department most career points, 30,335; most .. Pele. was so much in control of his moves, it took hdm only five minutes to seore his goals and assert his royal supremacl}'. They came-as if -planned---in the 44th minute of tJhe first half and upon returning for the second half in the fourtlh mdnute. In order b compete in the meet at 223-1311, Elrlenll\on 233. seasons leading NBA .in rebounds, a boy or girl must win their par Events in dashes, relays, soft 10; most seasons leading NBA in ticular event on a County Play ball throws, broad jumps, and field goal percentage, eight; most ground. Eaeh playground will high jump will be held. rebounds career, 22,298; most min hold a meet for their area prior There will be four age divisions utes played career, 44,319; most to July 21st with winners in each for both boys and girls: Peefield goals made career, 12,255; event qualifying for the C

' PACE Fla. S..tJ.ei-BulleitJa Pu'bllaeil ... rrTues. aaCI Fri Cet Both Edltiou. Tue.cJay J ul y U 1972 ... :: The home fll lRaltby, retired TamPa busineumaa Lee Davis aa41 Mrs. Dam b loeate4 o n sevea lots at S7ClZ E. G.ber.-Anlllle. :U. 11M a total of 14 rooms, four bedrooms and four batllll, an laside living area of over 3,600 square feet. BuiJt'ln 1963, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Davis chose iype furniture for their fabulous and spaciOIIS abodt;. The dining room Ia a skp-up type witb rcll.etl orieidal Wl'OIIPt lroa &ef81'atins1i lrom ,... lery 81141 IQteben; :t'lrepiaee in lluge faaily l'Oftl 1e wllll-te-waB aJUI aB reem. are ft'enisri. B-.e JIM sereetaed swlmndlll' peel aad Ia .-rea r ia Nme motif u maia home. T o p ........ 1h.w1 froM 01 lo-fnlla Osborae Avenue aJHI bottem plteto show. Hftaei pool area I n Fa' s Ray Roltiason latprovecl For ReCelrt mAILLAHASSEiE Fw aomeooe whJ didn't get a IOOd early start In bfs trade eareer, Florida A & M's ltay Robinson has made iJp a lot ol. grouad and time coming Olit ol. tile starling blocks Ol Ia.te. '!be thlfn 19-ye&!':old !IOpboonore from Lakeland came back to Tallahassee to a boisterous wel come as the late!Jt A & M studerit to ca'l'Ve bis name in tbe world'g record book. His 9 9 elocl!ilng in tihe 100 .meters Saturday n.tght (July 1) in tftte OlyrntPdc at Eug-ene, Ore stamped !'>im as one of five 9Plinters in llhe world to run that d istance that fast. iNo one has ever 1'llD the 100 metens fastl!'l", including the A & M graduate Bob Haues, Wllw won the gold medal in the 1.864 Olympjes with a 110-ftat clockiing. Eilbt JDGI'e weeki of train fng and a meet the Russian team in NiO!l"Way all t11at stands bemween aod a at a gold medal of his own in tlhe Olympics at IMunidl, Germany, Aup8t :5-September IO. ,...,.. ooming a long way since IRobiaeoa first took liP wack three yeaN ag<> as a sCihool at 1Jake1and oomibat bore41oor. poiiJitiDg out 1bat the one bed artart came tn bit IO.lt nm. ability out of tile starting blocks also caught the eye ol flbe u. s. team ooadles, W!bo bave indicated that RobiJi.. JOn w:ill start tbe for the U. S. iD the OlYilliPics. Bobinson plans fro taKe a week off before resuming training at the A & M campue. He'I.l report the U. S. traioing site at Brunswick, Maine on JuW 18 for a three-week session -The U S. team will. then move oa to O!Jlo, Norway for three m:ore weeks of trai:tt .lng &nd a mid AugUst meet w1tih the Soviet Uoioo team belore g -oing to IMtmicb. Llgal Notices IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OJF THE 'I'IIIKTEEN'lR .JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE O F FLORIDA, IN AND I'OR IDU8BOROUGB COIDITY. CIVIL AC'I'ION Notice of l'oreclosa-e s.Ie Nactce Is 'llen!lly gina tha t .JAMES F. TAYI.OK, .JB., Clerk ., C1m11& Co.rt ef llilltlbow..P C...,, :n.ricbr wHI, oa tile 211& daJ ot JwlJ, :mz, ld 11;30 o'cloCk A. M., at the WeM l'rt ..._. ., Ole -n IHIIse ia BiDsbenuJh ADII, It wasn't Until a little over a. tlbat he ran 1M -.e lto meters race. And, wasa't until mght (Jul1 I) t1at be had eonvmced the wedd dill& lie was for real. Vastly Ullderntted. into CMIItJ, ia aM _CitJ of Tampa, tile Trials d...... tilt pick the' Fllrida, otier ,_ sale aad sen at U. 8 : BoiMson clicked ...,ue .-*">' to Ute WJhell aDd off. :w.e, ro.il, 9.9 and 9 9 times : belt Wdder the foDOtr Ill a spa:n -rL tft while .Ia& 41nerlbed IHaakd tlJe Olympic H!ed!ioo eonun-tee In C6Uat!, Florida, Ill CJrieloal field Of 48 ... wit' 1rim ltaell to the tlhree The Sooth 458 feet CJI lhe NE u: S -............ 114 ol tile 1'fE J./4 CJI Seethlt 8, ._.. ""' 'ftnnlllltp !S South !I "'lltat's a-l f want>etC to do," East tEM tile East 4t teet llllicl :ao\linloa OD bill return, "make tbe OIIJmpic te&Jm. thereof, aDd leas tile .5eatfl lit a...tt Okays "'llhrilled? Ys The bi g.gest feet ct1 the west s. reet ..... _,,1 ol ... Jess Ale West sa feet K ks' 1 my,. thereef. RIC IIIIS -' a w. w a-atwal talent, ,.l'IAIIIIlt to tile ftui of SCLC LEADERS SKIP RAllY iRiobiDIO!I. f:llaeed *e reason for NEW YORK Dick llis iD tDe TrW to h' lorecws11re entered in a ale MIAMI-A crowd of about 1,000 hour before the \lot mostly Miami blacks thrcDpd to by 3 p .m. the scheduled .-.t Liberty City's Manor Park Surl there were ODly about SGO penou day afternOOD for a rally .,_. -there sored by tihe Soutbem Cbriltiian The tint group of 34 poor people Leadership Conference. wbo W'ill camp in Resurrection JS-yar-Gid pilrd wllo was ham .: oi QMDing ou! of .-.c Ia lllill .::..n, the .-uns ofv= HOLLOMAN Signe a con rae or e "'". "I just don't straigllten up as But at 4 -p. m., an hour after the City n pul)ed up in a y ell o w school rally's staniq u.e, neitaer U:ie bua at 3':30. 'I!le y had .le f t Granada,. leaders nor the 500 oat-oi-tOWD MW... at 11001a Saturday and baa blacks scbeduled to move into throolh tbe Digbt SCLC's Rearredioa City II on '.l'1J,e rally had beetl adverliiN Miami Beach had amved. throttafr both poster and l'adio com-. In fact, the only sign of the mercials on soul music widely advertised rally was a lo One poster -a red, white and cal sound band. '1'he Raw Soul blue sign taclrecl t. a: tree at NW Express, blariJJe tbnJu1b a pile o! 50th. Stre_et and 12th amplifiers and spealr.(n oa a fiat verbsed It as a of 'tbe bed truck. polities al poor people." Students in African outfib joined welfare redpiesa, jeau.clad white radicals and loeal Miami bbeb, many of 1rbom brought their c:hil dren to tbe park, at NW 50tb Street ancl 12th A'ft!DUI!. Kelly Bumey sat on a peen bike. ''l came to bear Appy-Dappy,"' wbo he esplaiDed is "Martin Luther King's frieDcL At 4 : 30 the man Kelly was waiting for-SCLC leader Ralph Ab ernathy-still bad DOt arrived. A contingent of stude[\ts for a Society arri-ved from their J'la"iftinao Park on the Beach and unfurled a red-811d white banner. "Fight Racism," it said. -Ivan Rolle, a. sat m the Jras5 under a black umbrella. He worked In the-"Back to Africa" JDOYelllent In 1919. 'ftlg year be's fillr Ad::msas Concrneman Wilbur Milia. The crowd at the ghetto park wae predomin811tli black, but was. sprinkled with !lOme of the white radical .-hp are campiniJ, on Miami Beach. Qeea lips For Bladls' Pagellts ATLAN'fA-BeiDC a blact beauty queen had .ae for Kimbel'l1 l'aullmer. H. As lbe reliDqaisbed the title of ;Miss. Black .... Geoqia in Atlanta, she made which went according to the UIUa1 Jorrn for about five minutes, and then abe bepn the paaeant by clescribint what it waan't. After expreSiq appreciation !or all of tao. who had worked with .ber lhe Mid, "Bat fclr. 10me rea1011, I feel are IrreleV aal things fn Jnr lite as a .queen : r feel It f my responsfbflity to heighten the contradictions of black beauty pageaats Tile spee5 catr.e as a surprise Misa Fimiicner said one of tbe thiJJp 1m11JC with black .... that .,. that sbe was fnvolftd With offered National Basketball A!!sociation quickl!ly 1n the h'lllldAd meters vs. Plaintiff season, the New York Knicks an18. 5 1 do in the hundAd yoanls," ROY WILSON LLOYD nounced Saturday. he e1qptained in deecBbing tili.e an DO KIS E. his It will be Bamett'a 13th profes-lcm&er meters -race wife ... GEOIIGIA LEE lliooal seasoa .-. 'l'llat \ft5 Robinscn LLOYD W Jea'l"JH!d ill Ilia lllMers '..;:....;'_ ftiL.a a Wng-ea.t weels ago. WIIW VIIY ''il "'* J1N1t 1lfbe out of u.urpes laee .. !our times," said in a n d Ole kl'et namber ef whlcll .. niWIIleY 21M126. r.... A tl) "11 ........ club aid it is ry PI' ..,.. Olin will .be rwwring again MINNJ:.AI'd.JS. IliaD. -liinne-Ia September _. may return to sota outfielder Teary OUTa mder-tile lldhe IW-..... went. aJIIIIJer on his ailiDe fiallt laler. An by the Twins office Mid the priiiiiiGBs for Oliva's recmey ta' pta,. baseball was llr rn. Flerida Saalilel A.hertisers HADDAD wrl'Ni:SS mJ 1aaad aa4 ftle ef fldai seal ol aal 4 Court, ftfi'-;Mtb by of .htr, lfJ!. .JAMES F 'I'AYLOa, JR. Cleric of trw Clreulf COIIWt of Hlllsfloreug11 Pl

T....a.y, J.ly U, 1ft2. Balance ;In Meclia MEUPBIS, Tam. "rm tired of wbite folb-telliq me what black folks are In,'' said Ben Boob. "I knew what blacks want. It's a car aDd a television set and a good meal. Good books and a Jood ch\ll'ch aod college for their cbilclren Just like everybody Hooka sbouJd know. He at e nothing 'but Navy beans and ba 0011. skin at many a meal u a boy. worked bud to cet tbroucb college. then built a la'w practice and got upper-claM-black af. fiuence. On July 5, tbe 47-year..old attorney, Baptist minister and for. mer criminal eourt judce w a sworn in as the first black ewr to serve on tbe powerful Federal C o m m i s 1 ion (FCC). -HQoks was nominated to -the aeven -member eommt118101l in April by Pre&ident Nlsoo and approved by tbe Senate on Kay -30; Be 1rill aerve in the $38,800 a year po8t for seven ye81'11. '!'be FCC is one of tbe moet lnfiueotial boards in the nation in its capacity u re,w.tar of the radio and teJeviJrion in61usll'y. And liDob says that for years the news media ha.ve failed &o give "balanced" eoverap to blacks. For the most part, Hooks told UPI in an interview at his home, the media have represented blacks as throwers of Molotov cocktails, t.hieves, killers, rapists and lazy who do nothilli but pumpfor more welfarle. "I st.ret. balaDNid ... said Hooka. "I agree that t h e bad news il news and it should be aired. But the media goes so far in it. zeal to feed tbe bizarre to a that the good 8Jid tbe ordinary getl left out. "Wben my little grandJOD turns on the teleVision, why doesn't he alllo see black middle-elass doc tors atriving to fight sickle cell anemia, black educators figbting to briDj order out of chaos, black lawyers battling injustice, or black women selling cakes and cookies to raise money for old people's homes? "'11lat little boy should be able to make a choice Oh whether he wmts to he one kind of black 1101\ or another. Aa it is the main imqe be Jets at. blaeb is bad." Hooks said the public 111 born barded ,with promiDellt white figures on television as a matter of COONe. "The white audience baa 1 t s President Nixon and John CeiUlal lp and Heury Fords to relate to. You ever aee a black on a talk allow esoept maybe an entertainer or a sports fil\ft? "I'm DOt aaying that any of that Is bad. But I am ayjng that my crandlon eucht to have a choice ol more than baseball, show busines or riotint in the streets." Hooks, a eraduate of LeMoye Owen College in Memphis and De Paul Univer,Uty Law School in Chicago. is a lifetime member of the NAACP and an >Official of the late Dr. Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). He was named in 1964 by the late Gov. Frank Clement as a criminal court judge in Memphis, thus becoming the first black judge in the South on a court of record. He was elected, with a heavy vote from whites and two years later but resigned in 1968. Hooks bas practiced law since 1949 (be makes a lot more than the FCC's imnual salary now) and -is pastor of the Middle Baptist -Church of Memphis. Hooks will rent an apartment h1 Washington for about a year until be and his wife, Frances, can their home here and .move north. The judie, as he is known local ly, doesn't want to jump into the FCC with the reputation of a crusader. "I keep In mind that the com munications media, including the telephone ud telecraph aervices, which the FCC re.gulatn are for all people-not just blacks," be said. "But" in many large cities, blacks made up .about 50 ,per cent of the poplol}ation 8Dd they deaerve their share of media exposure md local programming. "I don't want tohave any offi elal influence on television pro -gramming at thiS time;" said Hooks carefullY.. "But my Job gives me a platform." Pygmies, ManY Owned By Planters, Are Afrka' s Second-Class_ a French Catholic misllon ary was assigned to Nola, west of BAGANDOU, Central African Re public-Camille :Belet, an African planter, owns 22 pygmies. He in herited them from his father and will leave them and their childrt'll his son with the rest of his property. here, and will work exclusivoely with the In tbe equatorial forest aroWld this market town of 4,000 inhabi tauts, the pygmies are not counted with the population. They have no possessions and no complaints or ambitions are acknowledged. Bagandou is "a good Christian village," but bas been done for the surrounding pygmies, according to a French priest, the Rev. Philippe Reynaert, who has worked for three years in the area south of M'Baild in the southwest ern corner of the repubtic. "One day I asked my African Christians to pray for the pygmies and they burst out laughing,'' Fa ther Reynaert said with shame, adding, "'11le Africans considt:r pygmies subhuman." Missioiaary Is Asslped The basic problem for uie church is that a missionary cannot work with blacks and pygmies at the -same time because the Africans would drop out, the 33-year-old priest explained. Recently, how The pygmies of the Central Af rican Republic beloDi to the Ba bioga race, which ia found in the vast forest zone that extends into Cameroon, Zaire and the Ct>ngo. Mi.uionaries who work in this area that there are 25,000 to 50,009 pygmies in the Central AI rican Republic alone. Bagandou PYIJllY men are about four feet high. Tbeir skin is cof fee-colored lighter than that of the Afri*t tribesmen in the region Their features are Negroid, with flat BOSe, broad forehead and large eyes. They generally go nak e d, except for a few leaves or string and a piece ot clOth Most belong to African planters. They do the heavy work, clear the bLISh, cut down trees and help with the planting and harvest. "lily ,pygmies go to, the forest to hWlt for three to six months a year, but they always come back," said Mr. Belet who owns ceffee and eom plantatioos on the out skirts of Bagandou: 'l'be pygmy labarers are sub missive to their and show no sign of discontent I work because the master gives us salt and ciga.rette&," one of M::. Belet's pypliea said, adding that he had left his wife and children in the forest He spoke in Dim benga, the pygmy language, which most African plantera here Wlder stand. Asking the African planters if t he pygmies went to school was like asking if theJ had gone to the moon. The pygmies are afraid of sun iight and don't like to bring their families out of the forest," Guy Boukama:n a planter explained. Mr. Boukaman owns 14 acres of farmland in the Bagandou woods and a large number of pygm ies but he would not specify many. Most planters are afraid of taxes .. Jl The pygmies live in small round huts made of branches and leaves, and sleep on pieces of bark When the insects get too much for them, they build another hut. Chance Affect. Some Their only nourishment is man ioc roots, bananas and other local fruit and game. They generally suffer from severe malmlptrition, tuberculosis and malaria and di e young Black Views Held Hard_ To Figure wilD Bits Ceafaslea, Frastratloa been "prisoners at religiOn." tlbinks he caD predici bow Ained-Wbile salutin chmges brought Hob901t takes the i)OSi.tion that can bl'ackis feel or will act as abOut by the civil riebts move:Marilin Lutiier King Jr. uJ,timiBte a group off base, ment, Hoblon contends tba t some ly was a "detriment" to black accordtog to one bi.aclt poUtiol those early leaders have to aspirations because at his a!P cian and activist. 'nlere is no take some hl&me for coofusion proach to probletm. "ll don't -.....1-sharply defiaed "black., opinion aDd frustfttioa in tile black oom-think you can. talk about what or political -}108iitiob. he insists. mllll4f. is wrong by talking about cbang-"Blcks can't te thought of as "[ don't think ttie black com-ing peop:ie's hearts," says H!ob having any single point ol view," muoity baa any 41nal&'8is, inat's son. tile poiitician, 1ulius !Wb the problem," be Hid io an in No Unity Expected 8011 of Wal'ltrington, "except tbe.t terview. ''We 1111e late in our Hobson said he does not see I'm black and don't ....aat to be ol 11le poitilcal and any possibility of the emergance mistreated for tlhat reason. ecoaogHC situation in America of a coherent, unuied black poliHobson's cueer as an adlv and the WOII"ld and that i1! why tical parl!y as preposed by some 1st extEnds a t leut as fat bac k you don't find very many blacks black leaders and politicians Not all 1M2 during lite iim wave of fn the radical movement. that !Hobson wouldn't ljke to see ''fNoedom rlden" and hH coo''OW civil leadets ean it attempted. -' _.,.._ tliftued un:abated to ; J)e Wi1tt ; .... ;-..oaust" 'Wen don't always act In their He Js eurNiftily tile V"tee Pftel. they-ooly -eturJiec1 dmaity:'' .()wn intel'est;'1 Hobson said-. He ... l e.ndidate 1he tidtet Beeallt!e the ctiU!'Cil wa-s Black a4ded, 'TIMt N.acb II know are nr. Benjamin Spock of lbe ADH!I'iea's fint-indepeDdeat invery enamored ol the Demo. rattietl left Peoplft Party. atitutioo, he llllid, bl'llclul have atic part." PACE 1WNTY .ONB NAACP Aides Rip. Mayor On Job Bias DETROI-T The Lindsay ad minis t ration is directly subsidizing discriminatory employment prac tices by excluding blacks and Puer to Ricans from high-salaried city construction joba, Herbert Hill, labor director of the NAACP, charged here last weekend. Hill said at the 63rd annual con vention of the NAACP at Cobo Hall here, that blacks .and Puerto Ricans represent only about 2 per cent of these 4,000 "aristocratic and juicy jobs, some of which pay as much as $25,000 a :ment." Hill, who is white, said that the rate of unemployment for black workers in the 20 major centers, including New York, of urban white populat ion c oncentration, ii now between 20 per cent and 38 per cent and. that the unemploy'. ment for chetto youths will agaia be in excess of 50 per bf the middle of the summer. In addition to Lindsay Hill also blamed the Nixon admin istr ation for its "tragic retreat on every civil rights icsue." He asserted tnat backing off is a far. reaching affect uJ)on the daily live'S and future hopes of black Amel'lcans." .. The mayor of the city of New York is responsible for this," he told larp pthering of the esti mated -2,4811 deleptes the week-long convention, which endl tomorrow Cr&&. For Black Workers "This whole affair takes on ed 1i111ificance in view of the total .failure of tile New York Plan," be declared. "Black workers are now experieneiDj a major crisis of unemployment and underemploy-"Just as the administn. tion has deliberately withdrawn the long-standing federa l commit ment to school integration, so has it also withdrawn federal support for efforts to eliminate racial dis crimination in employment," be said. Aerican Business Is WhitesOnly, Says. Chief WASHINGTON-Amencan busi Editor Gillespie says that ness il! still a closed 80Ciety which nomic Power has become the rol bears a "whites only" sian, says lying cry for Blacks in the sevE!D Marcia Gillespie, editor-in-chief of ties." "If we dare to believe Essence, a mapzine for black _-says Gillespie, "that the pendulu;n women. of poftr is swinging in our di In a signed editorial in Essence rection then we must as Bobby Editor Gillespie dedicates the July Seale stated, 'Seize the time.' issue to all black women "who are She ask., Blacks not t o jud ge movinJ up and down harshly "sisters and brothers out these racist barrien." there learning the system's 1amt-," Says_ MI. Gillespie: .. True in for, says she we must be tM last few years business has of the fact that Working for eased a few of us In, but not th e man is not working with him" enollih. Certain p1'e8Cribed routes "Know thine enemy says Mar were opened, but too many others cia Gillespie, "find out how he are still closed. And we are far gets that thing play from satiafied.' dumb if you must-but get that Aa an accompanytng article and then use it for the points out, are few Black collective good.'' fcinale faoes appearing on network newscasts. In fact, the total number of minority faces in net work television news operations is less than five per cent." This Is true in spite of the Federal Coin munications CommisSion's "unde fined order" to the Industry "to hire minorities, and allow those already in the industry to ad vance The FCC wanted the news rooms to reflect the community it served. If the community had a 20 per cent Black population, the FCC wanled the newsrooms t:J have 26 per cent Black employees." The TV industry shows sips of coon"'ratting, but it has moved slow ly, aceording to Essence. s 1 85 WiU Bear Name Of Martin Luther Kiftg MONTGOMERY Ala. -;Th e C ity Commissi{)n, which had nam ed part of a Montgomery street in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and then took it all agreed finally Wednesda y to name an interstate highway in his mem ory. The portion of the east-west I-89 within the city limits was desig nated the Martin Luther King Ex pressway-subject to approval bg the state and federal governments. Earlier the commission had re named several block of Jackson R en. Shirl e y Ohdsholm, can. Street in honor of t'slam' et'vt t didllite for the Democrratic Pre_-'"" sidential is 00 exrights leader who first gained ample of tfue frustration of the fame as the leader of the' Mont black Hobeon &aid. In gomery bus boycott in the mid spite of her failure "flo iet any 1950s. But that action was rescind significant voile, she 'WOii't come ed afterward opt of lfue A I G any cireumstance8," he t anta U. $2M rant said. Wlhile eallillg for 'inore pro found analysis by blaclm of government and politics, and related discip]d:oes, Uob sou personally rejects the s e. paratisom oadvooated by some young blacks FMget Roles'' I'm black and if I forget that, I ll die," he says. I jus-t don t thing the (proble m s of the \Vorld will be iolved ln a black a.Dd-white context. Ft\1 beftl veey diffieult for me to dis ting uish between waniors Y t h ether they are black, white or red.'' Yet ; he S!IIM, -Bepratism -''has to be played out .IWld it bas to be played out by the young." Nevertheless, he mamtains, it is a l!halli&w position and leaves blacks "in an open tield." ATLANTA-The Atlanta Univer sity Center Corporation has re ceived a gran t of '$2,224,217 fr o m the National Institute of Health for biomedical research and re seareh training. The six -year grant, larg est ever rec e ived by the Atlanta Univers ity Center, was part of a program to support institutions which have student enrollment drawn mainly from minority groups Project director of the Minority Schools Biomedical Sup port Prorrm is Dr. Joe Johnson Jr. pro fessor of chemistry at Atlanta Uniwrsity. Bay From Roritli s.tinel Aclrertisers


PACE TWENT.Y-TWO Fla.. Published every Tues. and Fri. Gel Both Eutioas Tqtsday, July t 1, t 972 :;, MEMOIIA::-::M:-:-._ --: __:__'. _--: ___ .....-------:--__ -:_M=EM:=: ,::..:.._ .. JUNERAf 'NOTICES-: .' TA!Wi;A-Ja loring of our loving mother, Mrs. Emma Ellis wlto departed thill July 13, 1966. PERMENTER; MRS. LEOLA Funeral service.s for Mrs. Leola Permenter, 3721. 29th St., who passed in a local nursing. home, will be held Sunday in Milledge ville, Ga. Interment in the fami\y plot in the Baldwin Cemetery; Milledgeville; Ga. Survivors are a foster son, Mr. M. C. Permenter; three nephews, Mr. James Jack 'son, Jr., Mr. Albert Jackson and wife, Mrs. Eva Jac.kson, Milledge ville, Ga., and Mr. Willie L. Jack "son and wife, Mrs. Jack son, Mllledgeville, Ga.; 14 grand nieees and nephews, a number of c:ouslns and other relatives. Devoted friends included Deacon and Mrs. McKlniPy Slaughteril, Mrs. .}'loyd Miller; Mrs. Ola Gre:ory and Mr: and Mrs. S. I : Wooten. -A native of Milledgeville, Ga., she resided here for 35 years. A mem .ber of st. Peter Claver Catholic Church and a member of Lily White SBA No. 128, MFs. Ola Greg ory, president. A wake service will be held Tlitusday at 8 p. m. at the Wilson's Funeral Chapel, The remains will be sent Friday eve ning to the Salter's Funeral Home, Milledgeville, Ga., for further -serv ices. "A SERVICE" Sadly missed: Herbert, Susie ginia He was a student a,t South and Robert Ellis Children Junior Hig)l School in Martins-1 : burg, West virginia. "A WILSON ;-SERVICE" MEMORIAM TAMPA ,.;. In. loving memory of our husband and father; AI fonzo Jones who passed away July 11, 1971. Gone but not for gotten. We try not to be sad when we tlllnk about you, but in our hearts and space in o u r home will always be vacant. They say time heals all wounds but a year is too soon Sadly missed by your devoted wife, MrS Eddie Lee Jones, Jatlice, Ernest and Annie Davis, children; and all relatives and friends, Memoriam MEMORIAM MRS. DANETTE JUANITA SMITH TAMPA -We miss you and will remember you "Jesus Paid It All." The CARD OF ;THAHKS TAMP A -" The family of the late Mrs. Pearl Roberts Frank lin wish to thank their m a 11 y friends for the many acts of kind ness rendered. to them during their period of bereavement. Special thanks to E. J. Rivers, mem IHirs of the Tyer's Temple United Methodist Church, and the staff of the Ray Williams Funeral Home, for efficient services rend ered. Siped, the Family-. CARD OF _THAHKS TAMPA. of the late Mr. Jlowe Farriar, wishes to express our sincere thanks to the many friends and neighbors for their many acts of kindness shown during the passing of our ioved one. Thanks to Mr Marcus Bryant, ,1\lrs. Denle Love, Mr. B. Otis and also Wilson Fun eral Home Signed: Mother and Father, Cousin Robert Shuman, Mrs. Jeanette Venterss. ,' Death Notice$ uNClE_,_SANDY SAYS ----45,68. Fear not that thy life shaD c:oine to end, '77 ,50. but rather fear that it shall never have a begin nlng. 31,22. ..... : ... JJIY. Sentinel Advertisers TAMP A In loving memory of our beloved; Bishop Lillian B. Young, who departed this life July 14, 1971. With your gentle kind ness fur everyone, your voice is still, _you never will be forgotten, loved one as long as memories last, there is. no one ever to take your place; Your family, Rev. J. D. Edwards and wife Zadie Mae, Delray Beach; Earl J. Edwards, Ruben Edwards and wife John H. Evans and wife Mazie D.; E. Marion Evans and Imogene Evans and Palmetto. May God bless us all. MORTICIANS PLAN J LARGEST. -.tONFA8. IN NEW ORLEANS.


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.t -...: ,, '. ; rAGE TWENTY ; ,,_ P.ubliahed eery aad Frii' Get Both 1' July ,1 t ,' t97Z BELLE GLADE l s _HOST. TO,: .. ASSOC. OF WOMEN'S CLUBS Mrs, Daisy :Murren; Tubercul!)sis The 64th annual session of the Florida Association of' Women's Clubs and the Florida Association of Girls" Clubs convened in Belle Glade. at the Holiday Inn last Association and Ruralr Health Conimonth. Mrs Irma Allen of Ft.' ; dale was elected president; Mrs Louise R. Johnson, Bradenton, vice president, and Mrs. W. M. White L of Belle Glade, public relations CO ordinator. Mrs. Ida Mizell of Belle Glade was l;lppointed chairman of Health Education. At the Sunday Cmivocatiop, Mrs. Cato Roach of Ft. Lauderdale was the guest speaker. Mrs. Amelia ; Houston of Belle Glade received :the "Clubwoiil.an of the award, and awards were given to. Calvin Clay and Harvey Poo.le, presidents of the first bank and first loan company for blacks in Belle Glade. Cop.sultants for the Health formation Workshop were Richard Warfield of the Palm Beach cotni, ty Health Planning council; M McCain of the Social Security Ad-. ministration; John Fulton o( the Division of Family Services; June Elder, RN, Palm Beach County Health Department, and I J Holsey 3729 N : 15th Street William R. Johnson, 1r., Pastor Sunday's Services were veri inspiring, wi.iih P.ator : ),. :B. BTown in P'II>Stor Johri : son aitd dele'gate J anice Bowden are in Bilrminglba m, Alabama, attendoi.ng the Natronoal Y outb Conferen_ce miftee, Clubwomen of Florida are plan nini a scenic bus tolir to the Na tiona! Convention to be held in San Jose, California ,' July 29-Au gust 3. The Association passed resolutions in support of busing as a ve hicle for providing quality : tion fOl'. all studen ts, and for the exploration of means to institute more humane methods to discipline which will not ',interrupt the edu cational and wholesome develepment of the student. -Peace Proaressive PB 2628 E. Lake Ave. Rev. E. A. Todd, Pastor Mrs. I...Qrene Calhoun, Rept. Service began at the usual beginning wjth Sunday school at 10 Ali teaCihers wMe at t}leir post. service began at 11' with deilCne6, Pas tor, On la-st Sunday a.fiternoon at S p.m., Pas-tor Jdbn$on cooducted a Ohurch During this CQnference, reports were made by various ILUlliiliaD:ies and : delegates were elected for the : tusvtlle Annual Conference, wbiclh \ will coo.vene July 38th t!b.ru lwy ootb ;> 'nie funeral of Mi-. F.red Fi.sb at TaJlabassee, 'er, :&- who lived at Qto .OOve : were Mrs. Elzoca plliSFfl(i _on Satur-d:atY at tAlbert Colem an, aDd Mtss Qroange Memol'i-al, Hospit-al in : :Bowden (represenmg 1ile Youl;b) Orlando. : Also Dn last Sundar evenin. g The funera'I wi.JJ be beld Satui. at 6 :3'0, the Pastor, 4ay hom st. J ames AIME 'WOrship--with us at any and all or call 223-9454 or c_ome to 102 t i mes. Central Ave. (Pyramid Hotel) WORRIED? SEE .. COotvta : READER -AND ADVISOR ON ALL MATtERS OF LIFE .: .. 00-YOU:NEED HELP? : UNHAPPY? DISCONTENTED? DOUBTFUL? PROBLEMS? ROME PROBLEMS? PROB.Lij:MS? LOVE PROBLEMS? 6503 :1. Fla. A v.e. Ph. 238-6068 Tuapa 9 l. M. 9 P. M. '. --.. : .. .. 3 -R ooiDS I t I "' T I' ,. "' t ., PBitED TO 'SAfE' YOU ..... ._.. 7-pc : Uvlnt ..uoi-UJ!e W' ... : 3 a,.m .hp -al Soflr; coorcliaa*'f Jouage chair; Z 5 eo cocktail table with carefree plasCtc tops; J decorator ; .. smart lamps. _, ; .. '8-pc, b,ed.rOOnt"lD dr&:matic campaign Ia. eludes triple dresser. vertical mirror .. 4-drawer.. : <'; paael headboard in pecan finish. Quilted top mattren, box tpriag, Z pillows. -. > :. : 7-pc. clinete set to;' : t11b.li, I high back padded vinyl-seat a'nd ....... Conveaient terms tailored 1o ,


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