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TAMPA ... M .OTHER. WITH SICKLE CELL ANEMIA NEED BLOOD -REGISTER TO VOTE NOW (SEE STORY ON PA G E 3) Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY VOL. 25, NO 61. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATURDA Y, JULY 15, 1972 PRICE 15 CENTS. Dewey Richardson Robbed Again FLA. A&M ALUMNI REGISTERED AT STATE. MEETING Florida A & :M A lu m n i arriving at their state Nickson, Cheryl H iii, Lewis, and Dot Reed meeting which was held Saturday at the C'own-(standing). Being registered here Is Noble Sissie. town Holiday Inn, were registered by 1\liss .Jackie LEAGUE STUDY SHOWS BLACK FAMILY STRENGTHS 'WtAISHIDNGmON'l1he Nlalbi.onal Urban !League announced thLs 'Week publication of the MghJ:y pra. ised and p!!'Ovocative "Tihe !Strengths of BIack :Fiamilies" that cthaJ.lenges many of the .stereotype whiclt have served as the basis for social plarnndng. The study, by Urban League Director Rlohert lB. !Hill, was first made public at the League's annual conference in Detroit' last Auguet. U.s pub lication by Emerson Hall Publishers, Inc., now makes it oo the nationwide basis iDr. Hill's study takes dead aim et the idea that black famliHes ere matrtaroha.J, disol'lganized, pellhological and disintegrating. Instead, he contends, the bl ack. ha-s been able to survive because of Lts factors strong kinship bound s, strong work ori entation, adaptabmtJy of roles, strong achievement orienta tion and stmng religious orientation. iln exploring the often repeated charge that black wives are "do mineering matriachs" the study found tJhat most black famHies l"wlheth,ar or : nr(. ohara cterized by an equali tarian pattern in which neither s pouse dominates but shares de cision-making and the perfor mance of expected taskis Using a wealth of statisti ca] data, Dr. Hill also challenges the stereotypes that black fami lies are apatJbetic or hostile to chiM adoption; tlhat most black college students come from dle-clasa iam:Uilea wi,th colleg eeducated parents; that Illegiti macy is a growing problem in bl.ack .families; that poor blacks are less likely to work than poor whites, a11d that black family incomes are largely derived from female heads of households. Di. Hill holds a P lh. D. in Sbciology from Oolumibia Uni versity, and was formerly Re search Associate at Oolumbi

PAGE TWO futla7, Jtllr ts, 1112 (OURTHOUSE (APERS TAMPAN BOOKED FOR MURDERING W IFE 1 Sheriffs (omamity Relations Bureaa Assaults Mrs. Anna Mae Leon, 35, was arrested for aggravated assault :Wednesday after she cut Napoleon Gaines, 920 12th Ave, with a brolten water glass. The two had an argument over posseBsion of a which led to a scuffle and the cutting. Bobby Gene Lundy tclld police that he was walking to 'Central Avenue from 3rd A venue and 16th St., and was shot at !rom a pa-ssing vehicle. Lundy could give the police no identification of his assailants and no des cription on the car. Burglaries An unidentified suspect enter ed 1037 Harrison, Wednesday, 1residence of Mrs. Theresa :Wright Wilder, with a key at the rear door and took an eight tl'11ck stereo tape deck with :radio and 4 speakers worth $120 burglars left unobserved. Apartment 149 at 2104 28th A venue, residence of Mrs. Veola Thomas, 31; was entered with a key Wednesday by unknown subjects who took a .26 Caliber automatic worth $44, and $86 in cash and fled. Mrs. Ruby Deana Jackson, 24, fll01.4 Oregon Terr., reported her house' was broken Into 1'\Msday by unknown persons. A black and white television, worth $80 was taken from the apt. Burglars gained entry to 29th St. Tuesday by forcing out two jalouise windows on the rear door. Once inside, they i e moved a .32 caliber pistol, valu ed at $15, and a file box with ;personal papers, valued at $5 The items were the property of Mrs. Alberta Randolph Watts. Mrs. Dolores Irvin, 28, 21i!!t Avenue, reported to police that her house was broken into and ransacked, TuesdaJ nothing was taken. Thefts A stolen U. S. Treasury check in the amount of $193 was given to Mrt. Al-berta Martin Lewis, 63, 29. 01 21st St .. WednesJames Bogan ; Jr.J 28, E. day by unidentified suspects as Frances; Apt. 1, booked last a rent deposit on an apnrtm(!nt for slliyiq bit es&raage. thef were to rent fro111 the wife, Corliis, 28, In lr011i .t Baawoman. cock's Lounge, 2186 nortcla AveLeroy Allen, 61, 2310 Central nue. The shooting happened bt Ave., told police. that he let two front of two police officers pass women into his lng the scene at the time. The house early Monday mornins-and officers said they saw &an pull he went to sleep He said when his wife out of the lounge. He he woke up his keys were mis-&he smiled ancl waved a& them, sing and his footlocker was open. the oficers said, before U.ey A file box containing $125 was Jaeard two sbo&s aiiCI saw Mrs. missing and the women were Bogan slump to the lroau. Do gone. gan fired another sbot lato her By. SGT. ARNIE MYERS -----------Crime Prevelllioa Display Vellide: in preventing, reducing, and eliminating racial and inter-racial group tensions. Also, we hope to acquaint with tlheir In just. a few. more d ays, your I'E!Sponsibility in the preserV1ation Hdl!oshorollglh Coollty Slh.erioff's of law aDd order by stimulating O!f.!ce will he to ex-!PUblic awareness, as well as pose oo you, tbe citizen, our public ioterest in tJhe prevention Crimi! P reventi,cm Mobile Dis of c-rime 'PI18(Y V Thool!ls txl tlbe wisdom and patience of Siler:J'f Beard, along witlll the l!mdance of Major WaHer C. Heinrich, the Crime Prevention Divjsion d!f County Slheriff's Department were suc ce6Sful in obtaining a J.oan grant from the Federal GQvemment f<1r the purehase of this trailer, in order t.bat we can e stablish some. kind of rapport with citizen s, youni an-d old, black and white, rich. and: p:>Or from all areas of our community. There's no doubt in my rmnd that the alert a!ld respon!Yive citizen, along with profe56ional law enforcement working to-gether is more tJhe to t he oJ'POflitim As sergeant in Clharge of "tae Com munity. Relations Bureau" llt the County lDepartment I vrou!d like to ex tend a mvitation. aU oi y:oo on bebalf of &leriff Mal colm E to our services. for us2 of mobile exhilbit uDit yciu!" time permits; we 1ire at ";your" disposal. For information pertaioiiJg to this unit contact IIH! (Sgt. .Arnie Myers) at 21218-'r.lll.Jl Ext. Z/7. We are privi leged to !lerve you. Well, that's about it I'll see you next week! Street Gang leacler Executed Youth Hits Causes Of Near Central Area RebeiJion body aad then gave u p to &he officers Bogan was held for gru4 jury bearing this week. BUSIIIESS LEASES AVAILABLE The lli!ed for tms "Ell'hibit Unit" can be related to tbe continual inc rease of Trailer wiJ.l be utilized iii all crime. 'l1he Onime Prevention segmen-ts of the oomunity Its purpos e will be t;o foster and im prove communicati.oo and mutual understading in relatioosmp with tbe County Sheriff's Mice and the community it serves. The mobilitby of this trailer will extend to areas of our rural as well as our urban population The Crime Preventim asJ)eCUJ of this project will be designed to formulate and develop, ill conjunction with other ageociee and comDl\lllity invol vement, new and innoV'ative Relations. The interior of this !Programs of Police-Oommumty trll'rler will consist of display case s. IDach to cover a particular educational or crime CHICAGO Three persons were killed and two wounded Sunday in wb&t police believe was an execu tion of a leader of tbe Black P Stone Nation, a federation of street gangs. Sgt. Joseph Adlesick of the lice gang intelligence unit said three of the victims, including tbe dead men, were thought to have been members of the Main 21, the Stones' ruling body. A noted young Tampa leader 'l'hursday took issue with the real causes behind a near fullscale rebellion Monday night in the Central Park Village area. Omali (Otha) Favors, former head of the Center For A Unit ed Community, said he was present when the "near :full-scale rebellion took place" end talked with the persons in volved including police officers, eye-witnesses, and some of the victims. "I saw the .warring parties lined up on both sides; the police with their helments and riot sticks, !!hotguns, carbines, and helicopters against the young bloods with their bricks and bot ties, "Favors said in a letter to the Sentinel-Bulletin The letter contin .ues: Lieutenant Simmons of District 2 (Centl'111, 22nd, etc.) read :from his report that the uprisi:ng started when Officers Snyd er and Hutchinson tried to stop a young black from strikinaa young black woman When it was over, four black males mtd been arrested, one officer bad suffered a broken finger, OM officer had lost h,is service and one young black 'Wflman had been knoclred unC!onscious by a nightstickblow to the side. (The 16 -year old gil-l has not been charged; three of the four. males had adjudica tion withheld on their charges which I'11nged from disorderly conduct and resisting arrest to 1111saulting police officers. ) LACK OF HUMAN RIGHT IN CAUSE "The anger of the moment was directed toward the foreign troops who were imposing their white authroity on the black community. Several persons, inICluding myself, felt however that the underlying hostility went much deeper that that. Abd-Allah Bey, spokesman for the presently-inactive Center For A United Black Community, stated that the whole situation stemmed from the inability and unwillingness of the all-white, c:ity -county governmental struc ture to deal with the-human rights and human problems of black people, tl'11pped as we are by t h e white majority. These kinds of incidents will continue to happen until we Unite and llegin exercising power over our own lives and the affairs of our community. MILLIONS SPENT "Betty Simmons, head of the Goodwin Block Club, stated that these kinds of disturbances on Central Avenue and elsewhere will probably until young blacks in these areas are able to spend their time involv ed in healthy, constructive and relevant activity, instead of simply shooting pool and hang ing out on the bl.l!.cks. "Yet, all the city and county 'leaders' talk about is Jtpending millions of dollars on more policemen, tearing down buildings, moving people off Central and buildil\g a mini-park : More lights, pavement and _plam trees. I agree with the two of t'bem," Favors conciuded. Police Are Pelted In Harlem Fuss NlEW YORK Sporadi.c iilci 'of looting and dis turbances were reported in Har lem during early morni.ng hours Tuesday.. Pollice said four patrolmen re eei\'ed minor illjuries and tttat at least four per50114 were ar rested. About 40 patrolmen from the tactical patrol foree were nJSII. ed to the area roughly be tween loetn and lleth along Lenox A venue. Police said the disturbance parently was &parked When po. li\'e in an-unmarked car tried to questioo tWo men at Fifth A ven u e and lil.eth street. T1be men and fled, police said With the officei"S in pursuU, the men called on residents f.or aid and the officers were shower ed wiUJ. bQttlt!fi and debris. FOR RENT Clean Painlell Rouses Phone 251-IG45 AT TAMPA PARI SHOPPDIG CEIITEB lellraska at ScoB For REASOIIABLE BATES PRRE: 229-1845 These subjects will not only prevention function show and ex;pl11in Sberiff's Office actiYities and methods, but also .Crime Prevention P rograms already active within tftle department at thls time. 'Ibe scope is to furnish .guidance and edu&ttiooal material to the youth and adult members of our oommooity r and to aStlist He said the shooting apparently resulted from a falling out ovtr one man's failure to pay for drugs received. The intended victim, police said, was William Throop, about 25, who was almost killed a year ago in a shooting, a few months after having been acquitted in tbe sniper slaying of a policeman. Tbe other dead man was Lee Jackson, 27. R E D & F R 0 N .. J PAC K A (i E _(i R -oC E R Y STORE PIOIE 248-3733 3918 29111 Sl. COmer Bailalo Aveaae WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS Neo.e .. Early .... liel Tile WE DELIVER .WE SELL AMEBICU EXPRESS MilEY 'OIDEIS LARGE EGGS IN CARTO N Doz. 49c FACTORY PACKED DIXIE CRYSTAL SUG AR 5 lh. ltag 69c (With $5 Order) LAR GE BO X ARROW W ASHIN G POWDER Box 29c HOT GREEN PEPPERS Bag 15c MEATY NECK BONES 2 lhs. 45c S PA R E RIB TIPS lla.25c EXTR;\ LARGE Each 98c FRESH TENDER BEEF LIVER U.. 65c I PARTS TURKEY WINGS lh. 45c TENDE R R I B CLUB STEAK lla. 91c S MOKE D NECK BONES lit. 45c R ABBIT FEED 25 lla. llag $1.75 CHICKEN FEED 25 lh. ltag $1.45 LAYING OR GROWING MASH 2 5 lh. ltag $1.75 Spetials for Friday I Sahmlay and Monday I July 21.221 ud 24th


Saturday, July tS, 1972 Fla. fl'lf/rY Tu... uCI Frf. Get Both Editions PAGE THREE TAMPA MOTHER WITH SICKLE CELL ANEMIA NEEDS BLOOD Eleven ago a doctor's $mitlh was in the hospital for a examination revealed tlha.t Mrs. blood transfusion she got pneu Willie BeH Smith had Siclcle Cell rnonia. IHer three day stay ex Anemia. A>t that 1lime the d 1 stended to 14 da y s and to a $935 ease was not widely discussed. bill. When asked what hospi t al But now after years of researCh she goes to Mrs Smith repli ed, and study it h as been lea rned ".I try to go to the c, said, "She 111nd $105 veFy -much f(}r ... doeso't want any .. money, just MARY JONES IS BR. IDE or' JOS'EP' H BETHUNE: every two mooth.s, but, that's not .the b1QOd.". o Mrs. Smith has aiJ. She ha s to pay for lab work, help from several state r1 b t Ch I p t be r f the 'we .. ddin .tt the cost of the. roo m fJ'nancilil servic e s but has not Mary Catherine Jones and Joseph Bethune celi g 1 er, a mem o ...,.. ter, were m!lrried 08 July '7 at Beulah' party; reception followed at the Rest for a three. d ay pb.l!s other Church. Tlte Rev. A. Leoli Lowry, A t hospital costs ap.c:L .usl\albygoes .. .. Mrs. Smith, Per })us band an d ..... ---:.....:..--:--------:c--. with a $412!5; .hoSfP'ital. bill the;r children, whose ages ranP,a -... P.ix fr.om to 13, liVe at Engle-a Dew-ey. Rtch.ar.dson Agaln .. Saraso'ta .. Mortician il com pHcations set in? .. 'WOOd st., in the \1cinity cl In October of 19711 while Mrs. Middleton Scihool. Once again, for s(}me incon as "!M.r: Democrat,". was Arrested in .. Figh' t ,' eeivable rea'Son,' DeiWey R i.obard brutal.Jy attacked in .J anuaey at :.. lnJu r 'ed :,._rl Charged w.th aelng 1110n has been dealt an injustice. his Central Tampa borne and Stewns, U An unselfish inan. who bas workrobbed. He stayed in a local 52, 2115() Noble Avenue, owner Qf .. ed mO!rt, of his hospital for several monjjbs and the stevens' Funeral Home, was o d I I ( t I years trying to hel-J?. and edu thoug : h lost an ere; arrested Qn .Juby s : -__ ISOr e' y n en ra OW cate black people po\ttleally, was Several includmg IM r. Stevens wa s wit!h robbed : wednesday of $24 that S'DOIP have given benefits in simple assimlt after a A woman \vlho cladmed that dent and a supplement to trhe bad been collected by a. loc!lii lhds to raise funds for a!l with former Sara sota County her daugiMer was struck_ and raport states that Miss Robinson Church and donated to him. artificial eye and with medi J udge Russell 'I'homas. Ste knocked out evening by was arrested, but plaeed on juM-rs. : Eliz albetJh Benton, Mr. cal expen ses incurred during his vens was released on a $3011 bond a policeman during a di.stmbance venUe docket aud released to (R-ichardson's sister whom he n.()w confinement. Saturday afternoon : on Central Avenue : said she has her mother The girl Was chargIives with, slh:e and a friend ; Acoording to StevelliS, he was been unable to get tlhe names ed with Breach of P'eace (dis-were sitting on her front porc h She -Had To Have called by Jud. ge 'l'lhomllls Qf Red> of the officers on the &cem!' turbance) by officer A. H Smith et 21100, 22nd Street Wednesday wood Avenue on Saturday re from anyone at tlie police staat' Tampa General Hospital, when the burg1all' en W d '0 .g.a-rdtng the disposition of a body tion, and was told by Capt Woodwhere her mother had taken her tered t,hrough the back after last .1 Or Op5 Stevens was at bis fune lee, wlhen she weljt to see him for treatment. jpulliag 1Jhe latc:h oM-the screen L<)S ANGELES A 29.year-old ral home Stevens said he a greed Thursday, that haa --The repurt Ind-icates ; that Gail door. I man was hospitalized with multiple to meet Thomas (now an atbeen charged with being dis_. was. questioned by the officer Mr l\:i.c!h:ardson rttJurned home h torney) at his office in the Pal orderliy. at the hospital, and said that to find his do.thes o n the bed InJUries Sunday after e was mer Bank Budld ing: 'I'he bank M rs. Grace Oamell, Nel she > was hit in the s ide as the 111nd tlh.e room A struck by. a building is ciQSed on Saturday Ct., tlhat _her daughter, officer was swing:rlg h:. s night str{)ng-box that contamed bhe, dropped fl,'om a wmdow by hts for ai!ly normal bus iness trans Robmson, .lJS, has not been stick in the crowd. Gail said money iJad bee!J. pryed open and friend, police said. actions : charged and ylace : home fol19wing .a!l. argument over refusal to accept pa1pers Tlhomas cident. get back, bu( s1 he didn't hear : Mrs. Ben,ton beihieves the bura welfare check w1th Ofena wanted to serve Qll him .the. .Johnny. 01ty ?f Tamp a. him and got hit, ac cording to glar frightened off when her 25, ,when :he heard her call from lawYer locked tile doors re[ufo rmation : sa1d he. police. friend went into the hoooe to -an upstairs window As he looked fused to allow Stevens to leave a complett: report of the met The docte>r attending : the young .froJ1!t bedroom. up, the melon came hurtling the build :n.g. A scuffle eri sued ,.. girl at 'bhe hospital repoorrted that 'Mr. known in the He_nry suffered a broken rtght when : stevecis : tried to ge t the Stevens s aid: had one brokeo rib, but was ; key tlhe Stevens .. Mr. infotm ed the Bul in good condition Property For 4:-APT. UNITS -918-141h AVEHOE $5 200 gross bicome.per year Excellent tenants Uviq ill CARPEHTER'S SPECIAL AVAILABLE SOOH! Small house thai needs tixia On 60. x 100 Fl. Lol AI 36 il McBERRY. $3,500 lolal cost. $150 dow'll, $75 per monf!t_ ) AI Only 5 Per Cent lnleresl 1921 a.rnvEid at letin that )le haJ. mred a.S his Oapt. 'food-lee cou\d not be '" after a W i t ness haVl!!g attorney -M-r. I WilLiams of reached f

I'AGE FOUR Fla. Seatiaei-Bulleiia PuldWaed eYeQ TU... u6l Frl Cet Boda Eclltiolls Published every Tuesday and Friday b1 Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin ,Publishing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. c. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder. and Pu!>liaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JB. Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vlee Presidea&-Protluctlea )IRS., ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice Presldent-So.eietJ JOHNNY JACOBS Vlee Presideut-Advertislna Second class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBS(:RIPTION RA_T:U $ 1.50 Per Year Oae Editio11. $1%.541 Per Year Both EdiUo111. The Demo Show At Miami. Beach Exec:utions Abolished -The Supreme Court 'by the .closest of margins, 5 to 4, has abolished death penalty as ''cruel and unusual punishment.''-At long l!!st the United Staltes has lifted ita head from the dark ages and joined more enlightened nations of the world in discarding this barbaric praetice of legalized killing. The fact that 600 men were on death row at the time of the rul ing. adds to the argu inent that executions h 'ave not been an ul:timate in detering crime. There are no indications in other count11ies nor in states that abolished the death p e n a I t y earlier tha.t moving away from caused any dramatic increase in crimes. But there. is plenty of evidence to show that executions some times resulted -in the legal .mur. tier of the wrong _man and that they di.c:riminated agains't' the poor, particularly black people. Justice Wiilliam 0. Douglas, Thurgood Marahall, William J. Brennan, Jr., Potter Stewart Byron Whiite. turned in the majority decision while PreSident Nixon's four appOintees dis. agreed. AU nine justKes filed sep Miami was all ablaze t.bis week uate opinions. loud banners' and angTy del UDless 'we are a lot W Orse as eKates. ()peoin night set the a society thaa other c.ounluies, empo of the Democratic N_atioDal the_ of the death pen Coavention which proYed the lty will prove a healthy_ thin mo.t uproaring m the history of the party. The seatU.. of deleaate, the platform and otheJ; issues were raised before the Rules Com and debated o n the f loor uf the CGDventioD. Unit Rule -Primaries, Winner-Take-All Pri _.rift aJld Cross 0 e r ...otiDK were also discussed. In additioa to theae, tthe expected Wallace assault on the platform never :really .came olf. N either did the "Stop McGovern" campaip. The Democrats had one 'thing iD 1their favor: their conventions are always animated by in-fighting, open-floor strugalea for preponderaDCe of tactical stra legy. They have the kind of formalities or pre-determined 21tancea so characteristic of Repub}ican conventions. The Party is truly a people's party with all the idiosyncrasies of the broad Amer ican masses. "nlis conventioD. had more viaiible blacks than ever belore--some 600 delegates and al ternates. They may quanel bit terly like fishermen' wives on the river bank, they niay be sin ister of rules and c:omposil!ion of state delega:tions, deapite all that they'll close ranks and p e a c e and harmony finally prevailed with the electioD ol Sen. Georae McGovern of South Dakota for President and Sen. Tom Eagle ton of M iis.ouri as his r\mning mate. The gravest apprehension now facin g the is what George Wallace and the South wiD do, 01 DOt do. delega.tion waa practically iporecl. School 'bu .. lng is a p()l l i :tical issue taken out of context but an issue just the same for the masses of whites in the South Presidenit Nixon ia certain to play on tMs issue durIng the campaign. The wording in the Demo plat. ;form will be made flexible 'bJ McGovern in J 'his detei-min .. tion to win the South :and tli e Presidency i n N.ovember. The battle julit 'beDmin for the fighting Demos. Black Nantetl Head Of Va. School Board WASHINGTON Eleanor Ames MODI'Oe, a fo.;mer .,.. sistant professor of aocial work at Howard UniversitY, was elected this week to be the first black chairman of the Arlington Scllool hrd. In a strict 3-2 party-line vote, two otber independent to the board joined Mrs. Monroe rn electing her to replace Repu"!). lican appoinree Homer Lee Krout as chairman. Krout, the admini$ trative side of Republican Rep. Joel T. Broyhall, was supported by Republican appointee Henry st. J Fitzgerald. Mrs. Monroe's election was made possible by the appointment of two new members of the board Mich. ael Timpane and Mary Lou Diet rich, by the independent-controlled County Board Timpane and :M:-s. Dietrich took their seats for the first time yesterday, .replacing two former independent appointees that included a conservative supporter of Mrs. Monroe said last night that although the chairman's position has few powers her election indicates the presence of a new rna jority concerned with complaints about the schools from the black community. Jamaica Paper Stops P1bllshing KINGSTON, Jamaica The Gleaner Company has decided to suspend operations of their pub lications following the breakdown in talks with Bustamante industrial trades union The Daily Gleaner, published by the company, said in a statement Saturday in view of a production slowwn by staff workers over the past three weeks, it had to auspend oper ations. Negotiations have been going on for a new two year contract. There was no publication of the afternoon paper, the Star, nor the Sunday Gleaner. d :auy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers Poverty PCKket B y BOB GILDER CI A Executive Dinctor Much has been said abOut wel fare and the peqple Wlho receive it. Dming t.be politic -al season it appears t!bat poor people become a target for many poli ticians aspiring to higtler office. In the process, many bad. pieces ol legislation can be enacted. Yet this legislation is the law of the }and and pedple are requir ed to obey it. Such i$ the case will! the followmg piece ol. le gislation known as the "workfare" bill. The "workfa.re" program is now a reality: Effective July 1, many adults who are Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFI>C) recipient will be required. to register with the !Department of Labor for Wa in ing or employment, or risk los ing their welfare The Work Lliclmti!lle ('WIIJN) Program lhas been expanded a s a result of the passage of the Talmadge Amendments last December Now all AIFIOC recipimts miast regist er with .the tonowmg exeeeptiQllS: 1) chlld'ren under age 16 or full time stucklnta; Z) adults Wfhti are m, old or: required to care for an incapacitated !amily member; 3) m:otlhets with dlSd ren under six years old or car ing for a child wben an adult m :aie 11amily member in the bolisebold is regljatered. 'Jbe State ol FIJorid!a hu 11.1>pro:ll:imately m,ooo AlFlDC recipients. About 113,000 ol theee we.llare clients a re adults wbo rould be affected by t1he new "'M:llliM'e" reqairemeDt8. '!be new laws 'l1rill ligniAeantly in. creue the size ol. the present Wl1lN Program. 'lbere are two seriou questioDa ra!seci by the 'Dalmadge mend.ments. Can the ex.,aDirioa and mange. in the preeent W1IN Progt-am improve put perior. mance ol. Ute WIN in placing enrollees into actual ploy ment? Wbat imPact will this program have on weJla .re reform (iHJR. 1) ? The WIN Proi!r'a-m's Intent hal always been to redOOe tile wei fare rolls by a1181isting recipient& to prepare for aDd aeeept em ployment; However, too often t!lle W.JN' Program efforts have fail ed to pJac!! substantial persons in actual elnpoyment. The oew law seeks to solve the dilemma requiring that 1/3 ol. the WIN funds be on either job creation througll .PU blic service eJDIII}oyment or on the-job training programs. This S'houl.d result io improved per formance c:i the program. How ever, at most only 5% ol the present WlllN enrollees have been placed in eithe.-public eJlliPloY ment or on-til-job training. m. creasing the number of people in these areas as much as would be needed i6 asking a lot. It appears that once a gain too milc:h is being asked w!bh too little to liecomptisb the purpose. In addition, the passage of the workfare" program could lessen support -for proposed wei fare reform (H. R. 1). The wel fare reform proposal is a compromise between those who wish to stresa the workfare aspects of welfare and those who ba11e reform on a concept of federally_ guaranteed income for families The Talmadge Amendment in corporates only the work re quirements and does not i:nelade the guaranteed minimum income. The "stick'' is a reality, but there is no "carrot". "Workfare": is AFDC re. eipients' are now required. to reo gister for work or traininc. However, the muddied welfare system remains unchanged. Bad ly needed reform may be dee layed While our legislators wait to see if the expanded Win Program experiment will work. The expansion ol publiC .er. vice employment on-the-job training ill a step forward but 110 traininc program' will reduce the welfare ro!Js if there are no jobs availaple. What happens to AFDC families if1 the "Work fare" experiment fails? It is our hope that the Con ,resa of the United States wiD eee.fit to pass a more humane, workable bill in the comintr year instea!i of spending billion of our dollars on a no win war. Contrary to t!le thinking of many politiCians, the majority ()f the American poor are not lazy, sliiitleu welfare bums but rather tJrey are Americans who need and deserve an opportunity to help themselves _$52 MILLION TIED TO --INTEGRATION VOTED UNFROZEN BOSTON The Legislature has Circumvented the 1965 racial inbill ance act by voting to free $52 mil lion withheld from Boston because its schools were found to be in adequately integrated House passed bill was given final approval by the Senate 011 Thursday on a voice vote. But Gov. Francis W. Sargent was ex peeted to veto the bill. The racial imbalance act the state Education -Department to withhold construction aid funds from communities whose school committees do not submit an ac ceptable plan to alleviate racial imbalance in public schools. Bos ton has failed to formulate such a plaT! The U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare earlier year said the city was violating federal civil rightS laws by main taining a "dual school system" f"r white and "black students. HEW asked that the city make changes to bring the system in line with the laws. The law Is under scrutiny :n the courts. '!'be bill spon110red by Bo.stoa J'epreaentatives, addres&ea : itseif pecifically to the city's problem. Jt calls for immediate payment of :money withheld durillg the. past two years wben the state cracked down on the city's schools. The state said Boston was not entitled to the funds because i' has approximately 65 racially imbalanced schools. The act defines imbalanced schools as those w ith more than "50 per cent non-white" enrollment. Tbe Boston school committee has submitted various integration plans to the Department of Education under the law bu t they were aU found inadequate. As a result, state aid for the city's schools haa been held in escrow. Black Env o y S e n t To Sout h Africa WASHINGTON....:.. The State De partment. a11nounced Thursday i bas chosen James E. Baker, 27, to become the first black Ameri. cim diplomat sent on permanent assignment to the U. S. Embassy in South Africa. Baker will become an economlc1 and commercial officer in the embassy. State Department Charles W. Bray Ill aaid. Baker hu been RrvlnJ in the-li. S &at. baasy In Tokyo in a similar pacity. Assignments normally run two to three years. -


Saturday, July IS, 1972 FIL 5eatioei-Bulletin Puhllahed every Tues F ri. Both Edit ioas PACE FIVE AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY : Bethel Baptist IMI8 Sllort Emory Street ltev. J. L. Overstr-eet, Past.r Mrs. UUle M. McDonald; ltept. S. S. will at 9:30 a.m. The supt. will preside. The lesson will be taught by the teachers. : Morning worsbip will begin at 10:45. Devotion wilf be conducted by Mr. James Sweeting and Mr. Julia. n Reynolds. Music will be rendered by the Sanetoory choir. Usher board No. 1 will The Sunday School Lesson By R EV. A LEON LOWRY Pasto r Beulah Baptist Church l PRAISDfG TIE LORD PSALMS 103:'1-5; 104; 150. Our lesson background comes but with the richest .of spiritual to us entirely from the Book of values. All that his life really Psalms. f!; is intere8ting to needs God provides, giving note that the Book of Psalms. his soul new life force, just I Here's some good news I wanna working this summer at J. w serve. The sermon will be deliTell ya LOSE TEN (10) Lockhart Elem. (formerly College vered by the pastor. has a dual function, it is both as He does to the molting eagle a hymn book and a prayer book. which casts off the old feathers The whole gamut of human ex-and puts forth new pinions. We periences can be found "in the perceive here that the physical POUNDS \>VIm GRAPEFRUIT Hill>... lE vening W01"l9bip W'iM 'beg'm JnET IN 10 DAYS. (A Special" Had nice chat with longtime at 5:15. The same deacons, choir, Report From Los Angeles) "The friend Charles McCaskill, who's and ushers will The ser popular grapefruit diet that "real home on vacation for a few weeks mon will be delivered by the ly works" is sweeping the coun from his merchant seaman job. pastor. try, enabling over weight peopleCharles told me a nice, amus'I'he general Mi ssion invite you of all walks of life to easily and. ing, true sllory told him by a to be present Saturday eveoing quickly become slim, trim and at. sister-in-law, but 1 haven't figured at 4, to their Quarterly meeting. tractive "while still eating al a legal way to tell it to you, yet. The highlights of the meeting most all they want.'' Without pill Have you noticed Billy Brown, be a Summl8ry of the las drugs or exercise, thousands of owner of the "MALE SHOP" and son-s last quarter by Mrs. people are slimming down and "Silk" of the Melba Moore-Ciif Jefferson, Mrs. Lucile feeling yotmg again. ton Davis TV show wear about Scrivet111, and Mrs. Ozie Dew. The Psalms: Love, Life, Joy, Sorrow spiritual, and p sy'chologicill Disappointment, Sin, Repentance ergies of the psalmist' s life felt Comfort, Condemnation, Imper upon them the creative tC>uch C>f cation-every sort of human God. so; addressing his o w n frailty and faith. But in this soul, he summons it to praise particular psalm the mood is Him. one of joy, none of adoration Not content to praise God for and praise. personal blessings the psalmist There is usually no weight loss the toughest hats to be seen anyOVet'laU &UillJillat'y and geoet"al for the first four days of this where between here 'n Harlem, observations will be given by tbe' diet plan, but suddenly on the N. Y pastor. All the world is urged to give thinks of God's dealings with his thanks. to the g -reat and good people. Central to his thought in God. It has been said that his this range is the Lord as the psalm is a liturgical composi... God of righteous action on tion; it was probably used when half of his people. God takes the the thank-offering was presentside of the those oppressed ed. Some scholars place it in ing up for them leaders' like post-exilic times. Moses, who interpreted to them fifth day you will drop five pounds Believe fireman Robert Tucker 1Mrs. Mary Alice is the llllld continue to lose about a or working mate, Joe Redc!olng general chairman. Plan now to pound a day up until the tenth salted to begin fire engine driv be present. day. Thereafter, you'll lose a ing traiRing soon. To all of our service6 the pubpound-and-a-half every two days LearnM during a A .M. TIA lie is extended a warm wei. A call to remember the blesthe Lord's everlasting mercy aa smgs and the goodness of God the fountain source of His deeds. is isstM!d. Having done this, The psalmist recognizes Gocl prasie and things giving are exas creator of the universe. Un' until you reach your proper' rap .session with ABM supervisor oomte to wol"S'bip W'itth us. weight. Better yet, you can still and DuPree Press, ast. mgr_ eat almost as much as you want Bobby Nelson, his attractive sis Of foods like steak, chicken, lobter, the former Barbara Nel11011 is ster with butter sai.ICe, gravies, doing fine while residing in Oak bacon and-scrambled eggs. And land, Calif. with hubby Clayton pressed. The psalmist looks at like the Russian wh() vou will continue to lose weight. Foster. iYeah, like I'm gonna try thia Noticed FSU's great defensive one tool back Eddie McMlWaa is back up CONGRATS TO LEROY EDto hia pro-football seaaon's tricks WARDS STOKES, a former work of having a main coaches heading mate here at TIA with EAL ache, claascoom grade problems. who abo has worked as one of See rna all of the four yezeta Ed Our ticket agents at Atlanta Air die baa had his coaches (andoth pori and more recentb', Walt ers) wixTied as to hia grade or pisney World. Mr. Stekes is martial status. presently at Miami International C.C. received word of doing two weeks of train his being hooored ias a lng before going into the position five year'era with EAL, with a to which he w.as promoted Jest banquet scheduled fur Nov. at week, Customer Service RepreMiami Beach's Fountainbleau Ho-sentative at Ft. Lauderdale Air tel. port. And since I didn't make the lUR. AND MRS. C U R R y irade in a try a few years ago (OLIVIA) CARMICHAEL were the "Freedom Buses" era, guest soloists last week at the can't think of a more deserving fabulous birthday banquet honor gentleman. Mr. Stokes is the busing the late Dr. Mary McCloud of Mrs. Joyce S&okes, Bethune. Gov. Reuben Askew ?>fiddleton teacher, now at Bran was guest speaker at the event Qo11 Hi. The stokes are parents held on the Bethune-Cookman Col of two sons. lege campus. The Carmichaels Gentle George Nix, disc jockwere scheduled to fiy to Nash tY at W'IY Radie, is spending ville, Tenn. last weekend to 'rebis vacati

'PAGE SIX Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. at1d -Frf. Get Both Editions -Saturday, July tS, 1972 __ ..;.______________ SPECTACULAR SPECTATORS ON THE SPORTS SCENE -.. AIKEN FAJ\IILY REUNION -The firsf family rewiion pf the Aiken Family was held the Fourth of July at 'the home of Alexander 3000 45th The pi-cnic was a gala affa1r with tradibo!lal platters printed shirt to make pulling It together easy for guy who can't resist making points The whole men's wear' concept has evolved to suit this casual yet particular dresser., Gone are the stiff confining suits that wer_e clearly labeled "for office only." Today a man his desk, TO-BE MARRIED ,. JULY 1S..,...Play, of the Flnt of B!ffnert 3 P.M. JULY 1'-cboir No. 2 Amuversary : observance; 3 P; !ttt Adult Fashion Tea, a P.r M., Peace Baptist Churcb; .' JULY 21-Bellmen-Waiters Club's Hot Pants-Bell B'lttoms Dance, Curtis Hixon Auditorium, 10' P. M. The Rev. and Mrs. Ben John son, Jr., have announced that the marriage of their daughter Ro maine Cas.sandra and Curlie Me Cant, Jr of Thomasville, Ga., will be this evening at the home of the bride. Miss Johnson Is a sophomore at Paine College. She received award for Best Actress of the Year for her role in "Purlie Vic tOrious." Mr. McCallt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Curlie McCant, Sr., Is a ju nior af Paine College and a mem lter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. JULY 23-Spring mu Baptist Mission No. 2 observes anniversary, 3 p M:. JULY 23--Men:women's Day, Friendship Baptist Church. JULY Day, Peace Progressive P.' B. Church. JULY 23-Fellowship Hour of Power, Trinity OME. Church. JVLY 24-Fellowship Hour of Power, Oak Hill Baptist Church. JULY 2.9-Blake Dad's 6th Annual Sweetheart Ball, Ft Hesterly Armory, .10 .P. M JULY 29-Buffet Supper and Popularity Contest sponsored by Ma sons and-Stars, Kid 1\lason Center, 8 P. M. JULY Mission Anniversary, Peace Baptist. JULY Fashion Relaxer, Sugar Shack, 2232 N. Oregon Ave nue, 5-7 P. M. JULY 30--Youth Day, Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church. AUG. You Worry Club sponsors annual tea, RecreatioD Center, 214 N. Boulevard, 3:30-5:30 P.M. JULY Hour sponsored by Golden Ravens Club, Central Park Village Auditorium, 1000 India Street, 6-8 P. M. JULY 30-0ES Installation of officers and Social Hour, Tyer Tern pie U M. C.hPfCh, ;5;-7 J>,l\'1. Notes From Tampa Lodges WEST HYDE PARK LODGE NO. 327 F&AM is meeting at 8 P.M.. Monday at the Odd Fellows Hall, Central and Scott. THE LILY WHITE JUNIOR CONDUCTORS are asked to meet at 1 P M. Sunday at the home of Mrs. Eura Lee Adams. 2514 Ridgewood Avenue. At this time conductors will be prepared to make reports from their junior lodges. Members

Satu'rday, July 15, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin every Tues. Frt Get Both Edi!tions PAGE SEVEN PILCHER DAUGHTERS RECEIVE DEGREES Mi. Calvary Chunh West Hyde Park Lodge Will Lay Cornerstone ... CAROL. Receives Master's Degree CHERYL graduates Cum._:Laude Mrs. Lillian Jenkins, Rept The men of Mrt. Oal vary honored Elder and Mrs. Sloan and children, Michael and Sharoo, with a banquet in the FeUows.hip HaH of the church on Sund,ay afternoon. '11he program consisted of each de!l)artment of the church preforming. Speeial guest were E.Ider and rMrs. R. L. Woodfork, President of the sOuth Atlantic Conference of Seventh,Day Adventist and Pastor E. J. Rivers of Tyer Temple. 'I1he guest speaker was E.Ider E. LeWiis1 pastor of the E I i m Seventh-'Da.y Adventist Church in St. Petersburg. Elder Sloan preached hds la.st sermon as pastor Of Mt. Calvary on Jwly 1. He has accepted an Misses Carol and Cheryl Deiores Pilcher are among Tampans appointment to the Jacksonville, receiving degrees in 1972. They are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. F'lorida Ohuroh where he assumLemuel Pilcher 4515 Ashmore Drive. Carol received her Master's ed his duties on Sabbath JuJy B. Degree in Math.Sdence Education from the University of South ,Many outstanding changes took Florida, and Cheryl received her B. A. degree in. Music from Florplace at Mt. Calv>ary while under W. A. STEWART Worshipful Master CURTIS SAMS Secretary Ida A & M University, the leadenhip of P1astor Sloan. carol b a 1965 honor graduate of Blake High School. She attend.;. Some were the retirement of a ed Talledega College where she received her B. A. degree in Socio-10 year morta.ge in 3 years, a logy in 1969, and taught Economics and P. A. D. at Leto High new school erected at the Wilder School for a year before enrolling in the graduate program at USF. Avenue addre.ss, and the renovaCheryl is a 1968 honor graduate of Blake High. While attendtion of the church at a coast lng FAMU, she maintained a high scholastic average during her of $79,000. Aa a goiug away gift West Hyde Park Lodge No. 327 F. A. M. P, H. A., will lay a cornerstone at Lincoln Gardens Baptist Church Sunday .after noon. The church is looated at the corner of Palmetto and Gandy Street, and members of the craft are asked to be at the church at 1:30 P. M. Those traveling 1-79 must exit at Lois Avenue. A brother will be there to give di rections. New Minister Comes To Greater Morning Star entire four years rating in the top percentage of her class and the pa.stor and his were 8 f fl d S 1 Ad graduated Cum Laude. She has been employed by the Hlllsborough uy rom Orl a entme vertisers County School System as a music __ a_p_ru_s_e_. ____________ REV.R.A. CRENSHAW The Rev. R. A: Crenshaw of :Macon Georgia, has been called to pa;tor Greater Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church of 'I'atnpa. He f"rznerly pastored Pine Level M. B. Church in Dub lin, Georgia .. The minister nolds a B. S. de gree in Education (rom Ft. Val ley State College; a B. J. H. degree from the American Theological Seminary of Nashville,. Tennessee; and teaches in t h e Macon Public School System. He and his wife, BEtty, have four chiMren. St. John Cirde 2 Mrs. Gladys Crew, (:hairman Mrs. Etta White, Reporter st Joh1:1 Circle NIJ. 2 will meet Monday nigiht at 6 at tJhe. home of Mrs. Anni'e -K. Lundy, lAJ1'5 ArmwoOd ot. The lesson by Mrs. Alice Lime, swbject, For servdce," taken from First Oorth. '11he last meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Caldwell, 806 3rd Ave. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248 If you Want a Home for $200 Down. -Paymts. as low as $67 per month. Dial a Home and Listen 879-5350 1 tf3etklindseff Gl RLS' FASHION 1 00/o POLYESTER DOUBLE KNIT ''' BACK-TO-SCHOOL. o RESSES AT. LOW;.LOW PRICES ... :\ many thirogs to love about polyester ... ils H but lets tl.art with eaty care, wash, positively no iron. Shapes are young, easy, fuu-free. Beautiful i fgiJ i:olori, clear and true. Take 11 tip from the lmart get here early. At: thtst prlcis, we predict. a sellout! Girls' Dtp4rlment Uae Your Belk lindsey Charge-It Card, Master Charge or llclnkAmerloard } ',;; ') .I


t.:IRR0f!S of SOCIETY. 1;;9 NE i---OU1IP CDifd.iam ilmliiDo .._ u.rt his title 'to Gee ..Jo: ..._. liJl .an p!llle w.bidh .8H1D ._ ciud..d .lofJe a.al k.t.ies Badl bH IIR title tor w.a:iter ll.:*aiilden IW.Ri !tiDe wimJer dJi Aid SllliBI1i cl .&mea AME CI:Bwil. -....; ._ liB presiliJeiJt. per.wms pllllbicigllat.iQg the Jlllll..-n w1ll '. WiMiam IL a....wick, and tile mother of two sons, William Jr. and Alfonso Bernard. FAMU GRAD Mi!lli Gail Anderson, the daughter of Colice Anderson and grand daughter df. Mrs. Isabelle Wilson of 1314 W. Platt Street, grpduated from 1'1kmioda A&M Uriiversity in June. She will begin duties with the HilllsbmiiJ!lgh County School System this fall. WEEKEND VISITORS Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Gainous of Tall ahasse e Mr. and Mrs. _Lol,liS Rush and children of and Mrs. Daisy Chri s tian of Ft. Lauder dale were recent weektmd cf Mr. _. Mrs. Midull'.tiIBen, lllltl7 E. SkagwaJ' Mr. Gs=, Mr.&. rs. C bridien are. the br8 ther and sisters of Mrs. Ric:hard110n. The family was at A.h o0a .fJbe FotmUt w OJ.. the oUiling with tmem w.as a 'l'mnJ;a ffriieua, Cw.& .....-. AWAY 32 YEARS Ge.rge Coleman of ;;yracuse, .Iiew York, Is home 'itr the first time im 32 years to viSit sisllells, Mrs. Susie Bass and 11rs. Annie Wright, and a msther Le.n C... n He is aiictlm,..Uet! bj .la.f' Dawso., brother sted a suite in the penthouse at the F'ontainbleau on Miami !leach for delegati elllli ...,...., ... db! CWitlWSJI:Mm. Tile Hammonds recently returned from a two weeks vacation in Mexioo C ity, Los .,.lell, Sa 811111. Las Vegas. tvEDDING DATE ANNOUNCED 11& .and Mrs S h erman T hompson h a v e announced that t.ie mar riage ()f their Linda to J ame a E w.i1l be at 6 P M. S atur da y in t'he University of South Florida hip Chapel. The rece ption will follow at 2002 Zlst AvE!Ilue. SHAPE UP WITH EXERCI SE You are invited to join the Physical Fitness class 9P" ned t,y the City of Tampa Recreation Department at Wes t Tampa &eorea tion Center You will look better and feel younger. Ew!rci'le will you reduce gracefully and avoid the reduced look. The classes are held each Tuesday evening from S:.lt-&:.38 P .:M. --d. tile fee is just $1.00 for tDe teD weeks. You aMu1d wear !1ooE 'wrts. slacks or tights and ,3'IIIRl lllaf' bii!W' : M:ldi -.el io wcdll ....... P.qe JZ) Nwthside MB 5706 40th Street" M,onroe lest Council Jtev. J. Jordan, Pastor ; s S. began at 9 :45 wihb the Vn. Clarke MOBMe 16. 1800 eupt.. Dea. Andrevt >ia Wlill \le Mit t1& eharee. The lesson ibe .teh J\eatlba Oaanril ca by the past &. Jln. Beber a t9e li![laNICII'. The pubHe is A iTEMD JJON"t:s. BETHUNE AT ELlS REST l'ilk ha!IWMI is .w-ed as Jlley .eater F.avOI!d&a .uhDSOD, allll Mu. Charles W h ite wf.tb tile Elks Betlt .ai&eD11 .Mae Rlq!tiQn -z__,., .l:lio U..ghters, MariaeUe 4UUI Menica. -n.e :married Mary aDd Josepla_ Bethune. Tbet' 6ft Xr.a. ..-lad evtllllJig. ----inside ... outsirle all arounJ the bouse .. Sears ( 3ri Great Thi s Sears Has Evervthint Y Need F. Honae lmpro 1 :ll .f -ma terials eec:tilan fs 1i1rle a ...,.,_, .t..w". Y'OU lH lliiaih ic:leu a..me .. Wt.dler .,_.. j JtADPR.e n t for 'RIIIl 0.. <00\ler., air or Wa!l;er, treai""Wt iewwwe _pr.adtical aa Ollllllli ea Sealli b _. .. ,. rj-.. hie' 1 ..-a.:r -di 1-.e ..a u ble _pbtB. ,_,. Seara .can arrallfle r-0111111pleie jo... ataDation, profeB&ieiMll io-tlle-IIIOme planaing .and PRfE eeiiu at :w ft yoU:r, home All cl Sea.r s e xPer'iencei!! "Rome Im p rovement sales_iDen .k now.and i n -&Ollordance w:th an "local. onti :nanc:ies and la-Ws. We Obt.tWl perm its and arrange for offinisbed jobs. by local offi cials. where n-quirild. Seftl'll doea it ail. Maints.a.e A&reaiKta '!'IIese ap;e -t, R&ilaiiile f. smallextm of parchases. With -,.ou .need BeVel' worry service .on Sellft!! a p);iianees and .mechanical equif>melli installed as part of"JOOUr illlf>rovement -Sears trained technicians are jwrt; a pheme ca.ll They'll de peudable service with .a anilewhen _yoo. want it. Conv enient en.t' PlaMI Seam Modernizme ci:edit Plan fo-r materials and lahol-lets you. mjoy the laome you. Deed now. Consolid-at.ac all your bins underone plan payq for your project easier.. Ne l'leed fiG deal with a variety Gf Qlllntn(: .tors. Senci in iiae coupon or rome to Sears today and let a sa,....,an -explaift the advantages: of the Convenient Mollernizing Credit P.la;.. 2010 E. HILLSBIIOUCH AfENI PHONE 236-5711 Your, Dream Heme Yes for you! If you qualify $67 pet> .... with Gmt fl,ssis&;. ance. NoJr .-caD 87!H5U Ne WIGS, CLOTBIHC. JEWELRY, REFRIGERATORS, AIR-CONDITIONERS, TV's, ELECTIIIC WASBatS. OR 1'1 "EASIEST CREDIT TERMS" II TIWif

Fla. Published everv Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Edition! .. '1 SHOP KASH N' KARRY BECAUSE THDIGS ARE REASONABLY PRICED AND THEil STORE LOCA TIOH IS CONVENIENT.". ... DELORIS. LESTER "1807 4th Avenue Tampa, Florida IL____ m_E_ _o_ME_or_r_u_ous_B_UI_D...,;;;s ____ ___,l / c # tHESE-ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU.MONEY Tampa 1725 H. Dale Mabry Brandon : ... 911 Brandon Mall Tampa 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Bradenton -Tampa 2301 norida Ave Cortez lload. w. "ol RYiy 41 Tampa .. : 50th SL Ia: lOth. Ave. Invemeis : : .' 803 W. Main SL Tampa : ; 305 W. Hillsboro ZephyrhillS Bwy. 301 Ia: FirsJ St 'Tampa 8BtihUSboA ro .2125thd SStt. Lakeland ... 925 Bartow Rd. ampa ve. n Deal 9 A T 4101 non'da 1 e a .... 2 57 .H.W Pine ve. ampa .. v .. Tampa .... lebraska Ia: Waters St Petenburg 6095 9th Ave. H. Tampa .. West Shan at Kea_.edy Sarasota: 3840 So. Tuttle Ave. Tampa .. 1112 So. Dale-Mabry ; IE Bee Ridge Road T 4487 "--d Plaz St. Petersburg _Beach ampa .... .. uua y a Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue 7625 B&na Pass Road Tampa Cor. norida Ia:. Waters Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. D d C 506 E. P 19 H th a e ily .. asco or Plant City 507 So. Wheeler St. Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. H. PalmeHo ... : ... 515 7th St. .... 480 Venice ByPass Riverview .. Rwy. 301 Largo .. Bwy. 19 Ia: Ulmerton Rd. SHOP ANY DAY SAVE EVERY DAY WINS FIRST JOURNALISM SCHOLARSHIP IOWA CITY, Ic.wa Joyceann Phillips, a 1971 graduate of East High Schqol, Waterloo, has been named winner of the first Seng. stacke Scholarship to The University of Iowa School of Joarnallsm. Established In January for the benefit of minority students the scholarship was named in honor of John H. Sengsta c ke Sr., publisher of the Chicago Dally Defender Th e award will provide full tuition for Miss Phillips during her freshman year in the U of 1 School of Journalism. The Waterloo was on the staff of her hi g h school news paper Orange and Black, for two years. She has worked for the past year for the Educational" Talent Search Program at the Uni versity of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls. 1 Miss Phillips was chosen for the Sengstacke Scholarship by' the School of Journalism Committee. Based on merit and need the scholarship will be awarded annually to a minority / group member. Recipients will also be eligible for Special Support Services fundi provided through the pQblenUy. .... Views .Of Progress Village I By .IRA LEE ENNIS Phone 677-1310 Mrs. Nancy Slater and !age are busy making final KaY',. Kim, and plan s for "Mock W.e'dding" retur"ed to which wiU be July 23rd Florida :.on Thursday after vis!tat the This a.ffair will ing hersister; Mrs. Willl)a Hay: begin at' 6 :30 P. M. Mrs. Qla : wood and family 6406 87th St. Mae Myrrck and assistant and other family Jrnbers for inviting the public to this night weeks. of spiritual enjoyment. to Mr. and Mrs. Rhudine Reid 4815 86th Mrs. Henry B?ure, 5414 St. is expected to : return to tha 87t? St., who will Village this. weekend after visit their 23rd weddmg anmversary ing in Georgia w.i.th her moth er. on Sunday, July 16. Hopes are M S lloo H 1 d for many more years of tors, a I o mes an son ethemess for Mr. Mrs. Eric 82nd. depart for Georgia this weekThe Youths of. St. James A. end to. VISit parents, Mr. M. E. Church of Progress Viland Mrs Dow!lrs and other family members. Mrs. -..,....---------------Dowers is reportedlx under First Union MB weather at ;ime, 3707 E Chelsea Joseph H. Thompson, Pastor. Sunda y School began at the usual. hour with the superintend ent in charge. The teachers were at their posts The subject of the lesson waa: Finding God's Guid ance. Th e l es 5on was by the pastor. Morning worship _began at 11. Devotion was led by Deacon Tim and Deacon Griffin. The Choir and Ushers 5erved The ser mon was delivered by the pastor One member was added to the church. A wedding wa s h eld at 3 Prayer meeting will be held Wednesday night at 7 Visitars are always welcome. Remember the sick and shu tins. Brown Temple Church 2314 A venue Elder W. W. Gilyard, Pastor !\Irs. Katherine Hardge, Rept. Sunday school began at H t W'ibh the supt. in ctharge. The le-sson w11s by M1rs. Ruilh. Ou tin g a nd the lesson was re viewed by the pastor. 1Morning service beg .an at lil:3() with Mrs. J onoo and MTs. Brown in charge. of devotion. The ser moo was delivered by the pastor, On nigiht, Rev. E J. Rivel's, pastor of 'l'yer Temple l L M. ChurcAU are asked to rem.ember the sick and shut-ins Visitol'S welcome at all times. LA SEGUHDA CENTRAL BAKERY THE BEST CUBAN BREAD CAlES. : PASTRIES .. I 15th STREET AND 15th AVENUE


PAGE TEN Fla. .Sentiaelhlletla Pullli.hed.every Fri. Cet Both Editioa1 Pfll .-. s.::.'l a..u .,._... ll't.:-19' tW. -Ill:)-%8 oz. ,.. .. ""n ttr.c'k Drhau .. 5 _.*WTM -IJIAIIliiC-f:I.OAP c a.., .. a aS. e ..... 4t Wlrite ., .... 2 -49 .... !Ninll .......... ...... .. 49' .1.1... cr I C;mzsl ......... ..... ..s..--

t:la.! r elll" .,. P .. l" \ and Fri. Get Both Ectis.-r A1 I_DS e -elediea lrlllriu11 !105 SMwl I Rev. Jl. r. k., ..._, The bqaol at tlleiJJ IIIIIIDl time with Slm-98Duol on Sun'tl.ay.,, and tbe beautiful' llfll'. 10n .... ........ Mornina. was; calll!di b order bs tblf. paalni:. 'L'he-Seni011 Choir stlnedt dlntotioa. tfta; messagE!! was bl'Ougbt b the tor. Thll! Jl!bl,)" CammuaiorL \\laS 5erved. Both services were ea-Joyed by all. Garfield Anderson. Pres. Jlno: Anoi Rept. Let us remember our siClt ana The No. 1 ushers union. will shutlina e'ftiy'\\11\erl!". Mn. BeutnCI!" convena at 3 at United. is still reco?l!riha: in 3t. M. B; Cliurcli, 4320 E. Ifenry. Elbspibi Let ua; n,.,.... ,.,_ ....::nt-. ..-..... .......... ......... with liiHt' aml ftJII Imr. 'l!lie-JPUtiilc inv:i&dl s, .-. ,. .... TMI rill Ull JI.L YIM..C S1MT-.U.I I S.IIB.e ,;m, !IJIIa :E. 'Elliuu4m .... -....1JaUier'; ........... sdoel< heg2ll' -Dll:311 wDh dut supt.,. l'llllm. T. 1.. Bing iD ciallll!'-.til teatahen!!! WlfJIIt at .118W p!llt!. :llruJ!nilll& \1lll!lll8bip De-flit. tlat UltUIIi. Dint. llblt!etB waa ill chilllp 16 *" 'WI!IIIiDm. ne cfulWel!elt Ute 'lllie:ISAl IIIII.U8li. conweDaua, WBI hegim M.Onl&}t nigjlt. BrftDJIIQ' is llflliedj 1D> CliDle' out aM ltei9-us gut ttti& meetia& 1!!lt&r diMmiilt suptl. S.1 .. 5 ILIIIU 1 .. At ,. Ma11lay :eewiatltation :tbll JlliillafMR!ouw,Jt. C will begjn eaeli night. at s; The following cliurldteSt will appear on PJ'(Jg,mrD:: 1\tlondQ,y night, mw-. J .. P ... tor of Union;. night, Grace of Sb. peters burg, Bfev:. W. IDlfuu, pastor;. W edne!Jdarf night, New B'ethel Dt. tB. Churnh, Bla'lr. L. R. Stancil.. pastor;, 'llliursdwy nigbtJ.. Spring hill M. B hurohi .fames' putnr; Fioida.y night, 1\t. B1. Chwm:lt, W. L. W el)b1 plistml; Sundaql: mOJ:nOtWc Hill will bein chalrga with Rhv. lL Roberlllotl deliver-. '.ing the sermon; Sllmhty ing 3111 :) :R.:Is. 1i1. Goi:dslr, piiStol' of will! be in chamge; Sunday lli&'ht;; New Mt Rev. 'B'. :r .Tones, pastor, M'ondlaY night,. The Fllolm of Jrowe,. L. L. Waud, pl'&ident, wiU: be in charge. .: Deacon Robert E. Balkman, .prognmo cl:mli'l'Tftan and. Y/. Graham, co-chairman. New Progress Ml 3311:7 Sliad8wlaw11o Res. E. I,.' WiiJialli&,. Pa&kr MJ::-ROOert Repc)dlar 'S. S. !Jetin. at 9:30 foll'owed by WQI:llbip.. at 11. B'Ilf at 5:30 end eyening 'Worsrup at 6:30. night the JOUD& adult choir will have: relmarsa.t;. night. th& &. 1 choii Will: tuWe u hearsal; Wednesd:ay nigfit the No. 2 cham, awi> 'J;hllll3datf ni(dlt will' be meellinr& and. llliasioo.. SatuJ:da!w at a UUr ,Dmiu cboilr w hears.al!, audl DigiK at 7: 30 flt2 mate: chmrus c will! Jeheara.. fbr OWl sinS a,nd. iltut ins. Lake Panasoffkee Rev. C. W. Baldwin, Pastor Mlilllo Bllle1aila .. 1Jih4 ... 'Dhe-deamation; 'lor St. JQhn were held, on last 9tmdal}'. :!\e semmut was by lilllbilr lE. M. Elbwflli a.mt en joyedl all. >tt& peJ:liiJil; WIIHI added to the church. We: woulli. t& thaak alL Who helped to make tWs a suc cessful program. Miss Bluk Teet Oosett Geil Denise l'ilonr.oe, oi SUrihlt field; Mass., is the new Mia. Blaci Teenage Amecic;a. She won tha title lrattuldar .nigflt in a natioual pageant. spoWIOl'ed b BoniWl: Char ity of Va. Miss. MowJoe: a lliflb. school :was, arowned. by her. Sharon Suton PA.CE ELEVEN fstla,t..No. 2 .Usllus Mn; 'Dwllly ....,._ 'llhe-l'fq, lJ', 'llllllei> 'boM-dl ot FII'3t Baptistt e:ltUI'!ln od' WeM: 'Vamp&> Gt' whick B&v. it:; C J'-ohneon jg. paeto;to will' meet llf(lm. daly Jriwhb at 7' a.t the-61im!uh The pnsitftrntt is ae!Onw IIIli mem bers to. be tnesent ami; on. iime. ;,., '. .,..,,, CluiiS Mrs. Jllg.dcm, M'ils. Slenrvea 111ft', R'ePt. The l'lfetropolttlm 6 cu 17e-f <:llrorus. will render the on at Mlt. OarMet JA:M!E Oliumt. lfev. l'letl-g:i:mt wilt be> in' cliargt!-. AU' nnmrtJers artt aslfed to be' at tfte by T: 3ft: 'l1nr cblt'nlb.. is located 011 St. and 3'!11!\' !tve. City Wide ....... Me.. land lbt. caftia :&uQI; 're!lo .&. ... Sim-o&,.. llepL 'lllia-Wide M!ssion ll'ray l1lamh wHIJ. 11U!e1l at 111 at the home ot Mrlf.

PACE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published eYery Tues. and Fri.. Cet Both Editions REEDS AT RECEPTION Mrs. Essie Reed, .and her daughter Wendy Carv.ett, were 0 emong the many who joined : Joseph and Mary Bethune 0 ; 0 at 'their wedding reception at the Elks Rest on Friday evening. MIRRORS 0 oF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Continued from Page 8) en the flo:}r. Flora Dawson is the instructor. llERE I<'&OM MASSACHUSETTS .MAXINE THOMAS IS JULY BRIDE The' marriage of Maxine Thomas and Ozell altar to be given in marriage Chisholm took place-Sunday at First Union Mission James Woodard. A reception ary Baptist Church. The brldl!, 'a Tampa teacher, Elementary School. is pictured at the' chur.ch as she approached the -llr. 'and. Mrs. _Richard M Ellis and their 7 months oid son, Riarco Marvin are in the_ Sunshine State f.r:om Dorchester, Mass., to visit her parents, the Rev. Gilford Edwar!ls, Jr. of 4202 26th Street, and his Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ellis of Milton. Little Riarco will be blessed Sunday at St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church by his grandfather. His g:>dii}other will be Elizabeth Edwards, his mother's 'sister. BABY SHOWER Mrs. Caroiyn A. Favors honored Mrs. Juanita Larry Reese with .. a baby shower at the Kid Mason Recreation Center. Mrs. Reese has just completed her junior year ai Clarke College in Atlanta. The baby is due in early August. Guests arriving with party gifts for the expected new-oomer were Mrs. Sweetrix Wiiliams, !\Irs. Jennie Webb, Mrs. Gloria Phil more, Mrs. Jacquelyn Warm.ack, Mrs. Catherine Randolph; Mrs. Dorothy Figueredo, Louise Delency, Mrs. Willie Mae Bass, Mrs. Claudia Lowry, Mrs. Frederika Hill, Mrs. Pearl Holmes, Mrs. Lu cille Hammond, Mrs. Irene Peoples, Mrs. Hazel Sheppard, Mrs. Mary. nett Mathis, Mrs. Julia Jackson, Mrs. Mamie Long, Mrs. Jacob ison, Mrs. Etta White, Miss Juanita L. Mrs. Evelyn Hill, J\1rs. Ida Baker, Mrs. Mary Williams, Mrs. Rebecca Jones, Mrs. Athenia Brown, Mrs. Juanita Gloover, Mrs. Oui&a Lewis, and Mrs. Rober!a Brown. DISTRICT CHOIR REORGANIZES A:. Clifford Smith, pre!iident of the West Coast District Choir of the Apostolic Church, is in the process of reorganizing the choir and after the recent auditions the f:>llowing persons were chosen; Nathan Bestic, Ethel Mae Bostic, Roxann Streeter, Melvin Lee, '}::Edith Lee, Francis Montgomery, Judy Kay Montgomery, Sheilah Mcntgomery, Audre}' Montg!)mery, LaShawn Call, Mae Carolyn Smith and Joann Solomon. 0 _,, -TAMPANS ENJOY CRUISE ON BAHAMA-.oSTAR on the arm of Mr. followed at Potter You A Happy Birthday Tara Agath-a Hopkins, above, was the first tO abake bands. with her captain of the Bahama Star after arrival in NaSiaia. Looking on was her mother, Mrs. Rosa Mary Hopkins. Wishing MISS ROSE A former Tampan, Mrs. Carrie S. Knight of Jacksonville, was honored recently with :. a surprise birthday party by her 'daughter and s:n-in-!aw, Wilson and Lillie Wa!ker of 2520 St. Conra4 Street. Mrs. Knight expected to be carried out to dinner. at a local restaurant to arrive and find a host of relatives, friends and out-of-town guests waiting to wish her a very happy birthday and to give her beautiful gifts: Mrs. Hazel Petty celebrated her natal day

S,afurday, July t5, t972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published e,;ery Tues. anCI Fri. Get Both Editions PACE THJRTEEN And VieWS By ROMELLO RODRIGUEZ Black Students United ('B.S.U.) held its annual ball at the Sugar Shack last month, and the high light of the event was t:he highling of Eva Louise Weaver, 18, as their new queen for the 1972-73 school year; succeeding Ray Jean Bryant. "I felt real good, because I was representing the Black segment ot the population at H.C.C. and 18roudn the wordl," Eva re plied after being crowned queen. Eva is a sophomore at H.C.C maj:Jring in speech, pathology, 18nd audiology. While at H.C.C. 5he acts as _historian of the Pllli Chi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kap pa, Vice-President" of the airport's collegium student government, and maintains a 3.5 average in her classes. The newly crowned queen re sides at'1009 Eskimo Avenue with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Weaver. At home and abroad her originality can 'be characterized House Of Prayer 2920 No. 22n d st:. Elder H. Bryant, Pastor S. -S. began at 10 followed by morning service at 11. Co'me lllnd hear the true gospel deliver ed. The Happyland Gospel Singers rwill render a program Sunday at 3. Everyone is irivited to come out and join in with us. by loud cobr schemes as well as designs which she mindfully creates. Alter graduating from H.C.C., :_Eva plans to attend Northwestern .:. University in Illinois and MackUniversity in Kamrpala Uganda, where she will continue studies in speech pathology and audiology. The Queen ended the interview by saying, "We the young, gifted and Black salute you, yours, and ourselves in love and peace, bring ing courage onward to the world Right on sister, right on!. ...;. Sarah lawrence Union [ Mr. 'charlie Ba ll, -Pres. Mrs. Cherry Craddock, Rept, Sarah Lawrence Choir Union wm convene at 3 at the IMt. Oarmel AIMlE Cif whicih Rev. C. D. La2lier, is pas tor. The Execucive Board will meet at 2:30. All members are asked to be present. The pUblic is invited.-.. Gospel Program A gospel program will be Pll"e sented. on Satuday ni,ght at' the iPilia'r Ground of Truth Ohurch in .Avon p,ark by the following 'l1he All Sitars of Olear water, Gospel of Plant City and the Mission GoSIPel Sin,gers. \.Alllt" FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE AND PLEASURE Diamond bridal ids at one'low price REG. SALE -$9995 $ 89 9 5 c. 6 diamonds, 1<& Klrat sold .. .... .. \ .J -BL.I\CK KID HAS PRESIDENT NIXQN TO HOLD ON TO HARRISBURG,. Md. President Nixon toured flood ravagedsoutheastern Pennsylvania last week and landed at Harrisburg where an eigh t-ye a r-o f d who only identified herself as "Jess" grasped the President's hand as he circulated among crowds of victims. "The most moving thing was the kill that grabbed my hand Nixon told his escort at William Penn High School. "Children often grab the hands of older people. In something like this, people want something to hold onto. The look of fashion. 1 7 jewels Reg. $59.95 Sale $49.95 Reg. $55 Sale $45 Reg. $49.95 Reg: $32.95 Reg. $39.95 Sale $39.95 Sale $22.95 Sale $29.95 -. USE. ZALES -CHARGE PLAN .. YO!JR OR, MASTER_ l_


P ACE FOURTEJ!( FIL Seatiaei-Bulletia Puhllshed eYery Tuet. aad Fri Get Betta EditieM _S.tanla:r, July 15, t,-2 ...,_ _________________ ..... ---..... .TAMPA RESCUE PERSONNEL CERTIFIED AS PARA MEDICS Yacatioa Billie School At Mt. Calvary < Olildren ol the oommullli.ty, ages 3 to ,. are invited to at rBefore Mayor Dick Greeo and Tamp-a City Council, memben of the TaiDJl)a F1re Department's Rescue Ddvisioo. were certified Wednesday tiight as Pata-Medics." The para-medical teclmiclan Is tend a two-week vacation Bible the first phase of a progrram de-school to be held at Mt. Calval'ly signed to upgrade tile emergency Seventh-Day AdventiiSt Clhurch, medical eare services iD tile 3ll11 E. Wilder Ave. July 17-28. coooty. Enrollment will be held be-The second pluse, dubbed -tween the boors ol 9-M! on Mon Qperation Heartbeat. oonsiste ol day, July 17. Cl,asses' will in a medical command aystem cooclude craft and nature. study necti.ng t:he six units ol the Re. as well as Bible study. 'llhere cue Division to local hospitals will also be supervised games to tiy radio teiemetcy. This will assist the child roo in using up allow the transrnissron ol elecexcess energy. [n ceremooies held in Cowlcil Chambers, Riob ard Blank, Chairman of the Hlilisborougb County Emer. gency Medical Ser vice Committee and Syd K. Har die, President of the HiHsborough Count r y Heart Assoeiatioo. signed certi:liicates for eo Fire Depart ment Resuce personnel. The certificati-on cW.mma.tes one and one half years of hospital and traming, more than 300 hours for the men. The men did tb: s mostly on tlbeir own time and fur no extra com pensation. Highland Baptist. 3410 E. North 8&. Rev. W. M. B ... r-. Genevieve Triple&t; S. S. began at the usu al bour. with the supt. in charge and all teachers at their pos( The morn. ing worship was spiritual witb Dea. Marcello Herds iD cbarle of devotion. Tbe pastor delivered the message. The No. 1 choir and ush ers served. troeardiograms of heart attack Primary and j:mior students \ictims directly to the hoepital will have a special workibook wbere a doctor will evaluate his made Uip of puules. com pletion conditlioo. It s&tooW. be test and oilier exercises. tiooal within 60 days. Tampa Mrs. Bessie Oampbell will be Fire Department Resuce Squads in charge pi tile &ebool with are curr ently eqUipped with !Messr. Fiocida Speigbt, Gwen heart mohlrors, I. V. ftuid6 and' doiyn Atlcins, Ann Ebanks, Ella the drugs to provide Qobbs, J anice Allen and Doris comprehensive cardiac oare iD ..._tley, assistiug. field. There is no cbarge. for enroll-ment, each. cbi.ld however BTW (ommllllity School be accompanied by an adult for eDroument o n opening daf. SPe cial graduation exetciees will be held at l:he close c< the two week school'. Children of any denomination may attend. Refresbmeats will be lei"Ved every day. The Following Clas.es are being held at Booker T. Wasbing_ ton &hool, 907 4th Avenue. sewing. M:oriday /Thru 1 p, m. to Q p. m.; Reading for faa. Momtay, Thur Thunday, 3 p m. to 7 p. m.; Piano leftOil, :Monday and Thunday 6 p. m. to 9 p. m., and Tueaclay and Tbnnday 3:30 p. m. to 1:30 p. m. -Game room, llonday Thru Peace Baptist ZM'1 U ti! .beue llev. J. C. Gellis. Pastor Betty DawldM, Aeporter Choir No. 1 will have rehearsal at 5 Saturday. Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7:30. 'l11e Progressive Choir Uni6n will con vene ab Friendship M. B. Church on Lake Avenue SUDday at3 .Rev. Daniela is pastor. Rev. Stevenson and congregation will wors!tip with us Monday night. All other activities remain the same. All arc'! welcome to worship with us Let us pny for the sick and shutins. Friday 1 p. m. to t p, m.; Handi craft, Monday ami Wednesday 1 p. m. to 9 p. m., and. Friday 10 a.-m. to 6 p.m.; Typiftc Mon day aDd W edneadat 7 p m. t.o II p.m; Guitar leuaa, TuMday 7 p. m. to 9 m.; Teen clab, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs-. day, 7 p. m. i. p m.; Art aucl Craft, Taesday and Thursday; 8 Services will begiD SuDd.ay with Mt. Moriah Jr. Ushers Claude Mobley, Pres. Mrs.' Nettie Dam, Dlr. .IMt. Mor



. ... ... PAGE SIXTEEl'" Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions July 15, 1972 -----------------------------------------------New Salem PB 1605 Nebraska Avenue Elder R. H. Howard,' Minister Catherine Williams, Rept. Las-t Sunda'Y services w e r e very good beginning w.ith Clhurcill school at 30 With tlhe SUIPt.,. !Deacon Jessie Saulsberry in charge. Morning worship began at 10:45 with the Dearons Josh Mc!Wil liams and Greenie McKinnie in charge of devotion 'IIhe No. 3 choir and senior usthers served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. There were several visitors am1:lng them they were: !Mr. and Mrs. Willie Brewer of Sanford, Florida, Mrs. Leomia Carpenter of Winter Park, Mr. and Mrlt. Blessings of Branden to, Florida, M rs. Annie Mae Joon son of an!} T/ Sgt, Doyle L. Austin of Laredo, Texas. We were very glad to have them. Thel:e were two. joiners. B. T. tr: at 5 with. Mrs. Annie Mae Pinkpey in charge. A beautiful topi.c. was discussed. Evening worshio began at 8 the s;tme .ord_er. of service. 11he sermon -was deli\tered by the Rev. Albert Vickers. Congra-tulations to Mrs. Thel ma Green for winning the Queen's Contest of the .Nlo. 3 choir, also Mrs. Bessie Lewis Flrst runnerup, Mrs. Altamease AleJCander, Second runnerup and Mrs. Ollie Fn21ier, Third run l'ler-up at their Coronation whic!h was held last Friday nigoht. Our sick and shut-in 1ist is gettlj.ng longer. Let to pray for them. They desire your pra.yers. Visitors are weloome to wore;biP: WitJh US at. all time, wihere ll, siimer finds God and a strang er finds a friood. First Baptist Seffner Rev. W. J. Pastor Dea. H. Green, Reporter S S. began at the. usual time with the supt., Mrs. Higgs in cr, arge. All teaohers were at' their post. Morn-ing WOl'S hip be gan on time. The devotion by Dea. Green and Dea. Rile')'. The pastll'r delivered the Bap!Jism was held after morniog service. Next Stmliay at 3 a prog>aiJl wHl be. held at the' dbuch: The No 1 choir of St. M-atthew Ba!P tist Ohuroh of ,ampa is spon sor. Please' oome out and wit nl.'ss this gt"eat program. Please pray for the S'iock and shutins. Mr. {;lark is still on the list. Bethune .High Rise Prayer Band Mrs. Barbara Green, Pres. Mrs. l'lildred Miller, Rept. The Be!Jht:ne HigJh Rise Pray. er .Band Oirdle met Mqnday evening at 7 at the A pt. of Mrs. Anna Patterson, No. 60S. The message was taken from Ed. 5:1 8 verse by Elder H Brown. The 11ext meeti.ng will be held Mori d!ly evening at 7 at the Apt. of Mrs. Jannie Foagao, Nq. 714. We had two visitors. Visitors are always welcome New Macedonia MB 3402 E. DeLeuil Ave. Rev. R. Robhison, Pa11tor Mrs. Owens, Reporter Last Sunday services were In llpiring beginning with S. S. The morning and evening messages were deliv ered by the pastor. This Sunday S. S. will begin at 9:30, morning worship at 11, end evening worship at 6 The e e rmon will be delivered by the pastor. The No. 1 choir will serve. The public is alwa,ys wel eome to attend our s ervices. You Could Have A New Home Of. your own with Uncle Sam's Help. CALL 8'79-1541 NOW! JACKSON 5 PRESENTED KEY TO NEW. YORK CITY The Jackson 5,America's soper sin'gin g kroupj receive d the Key to New York City in a presentation on the steps of City Hall prior to ldeklng off their summer tour with a SRO concert at Madisott Square Garden. Shown (left to right) are Deputy Mayor Edward Hamilton, Tito Jackson, Marlon (holding the key), Michael, Jermaine and Jackie. Down front Is the youngest Jackson brother, Randy, who Is touring with the J-5 this summer WOMAN RESIDENT MANAGER. ,OF HOTEL DISCUSSES ACTIViTIES lsfactton In helplu'g to train the staff and then watching them prog ress daily In the demanding, competitive hospltaUty b uslness. NASSAU, Bahamas Barbi Hoefling, resident manager of Halcyon Balmoral Beach Hotel, discusses day's activities with cow&rkers -at front desk. Th-: lovely ----------------------------i Friendship Baptist 3107 E. Lake Ave. Rev. H. Daniels, Pastor Mrs. Nettie Jacobs, Rept. S. S. began at 9:45 with the 1upt. Mr. Robinson ia cha:rge. The lesson was review ed by the pastor.' Morning service began at 11 'With the deacons in charge of devotion. The Daniel Chorus and Junior ushers served : The 1ermon was delivered bf Rev. Anglin. BTU meeting was held at IS "With the president Mr. Williams Gilmore in charge. Evening 11ervice began at 8 "With the same order of service. The sermon waa delivered _bJ Rev. Edwards. Tuesday night at 7 Missionary !meeting. Wednesday night at 17, song service will begin follow ed by prayer meeting and bible study at 7:30. Saturday at teacners meetini will l!eiiD.


Satur .. y, Jaty t!, 1972 ;f1a.. f d ..... P ..... Wted ..-y Taes.. -.1 .Fft. Edit._ PAGE SEVENTEEN ---------------== ---IG T PATRONIZE THE CLUBS WHICH ADVERTISE HERE ... THEY APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS STOP-PENTHOUSE LOUNGE THE TEXANS .ARE BACK THE EICITIIC ... SOULMASTERS -Ffllll IaDas. leas FEA TUIIIIIi ... -__ ,"Miss. April-. .. ,: .-.. Fa!Julous :Song and Dance -Artist -. THE PARADISE BAR YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS Al POPULAR--PRKES 2 BARS-TO SERVE YOU .... .. ...... .. : ... _, __ OPEN 'TILL 3 A. M. EVERY NilE : .. MAG,IE KILPATRICK, MGR. _. .. .. : FimAY -luHDAY : _, .. 1 _mile. H. Bwy. 579.' --_Ritz Adult. -Theatre;, __ Enjoy tlae llesl ill rlaletl Films ill eoadorlallle suriounclia .. Phone 2 _48-1378 15th and Broatlway. .-.. AcJubs 18 OR OVEB ULTIMATE .PERSUASION w1aea Everylhiag Else Has Failed Try Tlais She'D Like Tile Whole Tlaiag." -. ALSO THROUCiH THE DOOR KEY HOLE TJae Tlaiag You Rave Always _81 Seeia1.' FRIDAY SATURDAY_ SWDAY MIDIIIiiiT SlOW SATURDAY DA Y II .A.M. TO 12 P.M. .. .... 1)" -IS AC -HAYES : JHE,--DREAM aA. R -. .... ;----AND LOUN-GE .. : I. IEBRASIA A ftMUE SAM WILUAMS, Prep. -W E ARE NOW_ BLACK OWNED AND OPERATED WE SPECIALIZE II PIIITS AID HALF PINTS LETS GET At:QIAIRTED _.>. PIIIIIE 229-2116 -,. .THE. BEST ICE. COLD BEER ... AND:WINE IN TOWN IN -CONCERT :,_ _-. -Soul-Food At Its Best.: SHDAY. JULY 16 8 __ in :. Fish CURTJS HIXON HALL Sandwiches Pork Chops. FEW ncKETS Sit' ONSALE "The Honky Tonk" $7 $6 $5 4309 34th Street Pia. 239-9834 COLLEGE HILL PHARMACY CEITRAL SHOE REPAIR Your Hostess: Juanita Brown JUANITA BROWN SEARS BELl LINDSEY CURTIS BOXOI BOX OFFICE MD'S WOBLD; SL. Petersburg. -OPEN 7 A. I; 1 A. M.


1 ... PubUst.;tt Fd. Gelt'Botli Saturday, July 15, 1972 AIKEN FAMILY REUNION HELD ON THE FOURTH MRS. THELMA .. GREEN. CROWNED QUEEN Mrs. Theima right, who was crowned queen of New Salem's Choir No. 3 Is being congratulated by Mrs. Henri M. Phil lips narartor for the evening. The ceremony was held in the beautifully decorated Kid Mason Recreation Center last Friday evening. Trinity Pastor To Celebrate Sixth Anniversary Rev. L. L. Ward, Pastor of Trinity C. M. E. Church, will be celebrating his sixth year as pastor, which will gebin on Sunday afternoon and will close on the fourth Sunday night at 8 P.M. Sunday afternoon at 3 P. M. the Pastor and congregation of Mt. Tabor M. B. Church of Tall!avest will be sponsored by the Usher Board At 8 P. M., Rev. T. W. Streeter and mem bers of First Baptist Church, Winter Haven, Sponsor, Pastor's Aid Monday, St. Matthew M. B Church, Sulphur Springs, Rev. G. E. Edwards pastor and Con gregation, Sponsor Go s p e 1 Chorus and Choir No. 1; Tues day, College ijill Church of God And Christ, Bishop Davis pastor, Sponsor,Missionary; Wednes day, Mt: Moriah P. B Church, Rev. A : L. Brown, pastor, sponsored by Stewa:rdesses; Thurs. [(Ly, Mt: Oliye,' !'1: B. Church! :Rev. C ." P. Epp1i ,pastor, Spon \Sor, Stewards. apcf, 'rrustees; day New Progress M; B. Chdrch Rev E. J Williams, pas tor, School .and Youth Dept. On-''Sunday mght the anniversary will conclude with the Ministers Fellowship Hour Qj Power, at 8 P. M All w11ekly services will begin "-t 8 P. }M. The inyited to attend. '"': '" "":: All Mards t.o mlil"l\e a of $$, each member $1. 'per;.yea:t:. \.. .. .""". .. New; ; 40:>. N. Ore g on Rev. II. Sto rr, Pastor Mrs 'l\1. H. Colf,lman, Rept ... Sunday scU1ool. began at the usual hour Vlth t'Je supt. and teaohers at th_eir posts: 1MoJ.'ning service began at 11 with the .. )"oung and Rhymes, clhoir No. 2, yooog auul.t C 'ho!, r and ushers No. 2 sHving. Rev. H. Harris was in charge of pu l.pit due to the absence of our pasror who is on vacation. Rev. Harris also deli vered the sermon. Several visi tors were present. B'W meetmg began at tlhe usual hour with the {i' ilrector Mrs. R Bethen in charge. 1Even ing service began at the ti s ual hour with tlhe same order of service. A very good sermon was delivered by the Rev. Harris. One person was added to the church. All are asked to remem ber the. sick and shutins. WOU LD YOU B E LI EVE IT coul d happen to you ? Your ((a ll 879-1541 for Faith Temple .Corner Palm and Lamar '"' Rev. Floyd Johnson Acting Pastor The membel's will observe tJheir Church Anniver-sa ry on SUnday all d.;ay beginning with Sullda school. Mlr. Bobby Slimmons, supt. and teaclhers will be in charge. !During the morning worslhip, a. group from the Correctional stiMe who are still detained there have formed themselves fnto a quartet known as the Gos pel Crusaders will render ser vlices for the benefit of tJhe Or gan Guild along with the regular worship services. In the after. noon at 3 .:3{) p.m. the Rev J. L. Overstreet, M1nister of. Great On the Fourth of July, Alexander and. Martha Bostic hosted the first family reunion of the Aiken family at their home, 3006 45th Stree t. Pictured in the top photo are members of the first and fourth generations. They are from left, Cassancka Atwa ters Regina Odams, holding Carla Williams, John nie Douglas, Onda Thompson and Darren Douglas Second row from left, Leslie Williams Robert Tuley, Bruce odams, Eric Thompson, Cornelius Odams. Third row from left, Adeline Millings, holding Patricia Millings, Lucille holding Gregory Thompson, Ella Jones and John Millings. Fourth row, John Millings, Ada Mlllings, Martha Bostic James Exum, Lillie Mae Exum and Jame1 Atwater. The bottom photo Includes members of the sec ond ani third generations They are Johnnie Doug. las, Esther Thompson Leslie Williams Alberta Coleman, Sylvester Williams Janet Douglas Earl Williams, Regina Williams, Odessa Groves and Mrs. Tennie Groves. er Bethel Ohurelh will deliver .. the Anniversary Sermon. His very fine Sanctuary and members will accompany hiim. 'Reports will be made after the serviees and members are urged to attend both serv1ces.. and visitors are invitl!d tQ att6d. BU&iness meeting was conduct ed on Wednesday night Deacon R. H. Kinsey as Moder a-tor. An interesting meeting was conducted. M1sswnary meeting and prayer services will be held on Tuesday evening. .Om sick and shut-ins : Deac,on Cla:repce Smith and his wife Mrs. Lessie Smith, who sufiered an acCi dent on the 4tlh of July; Mrs Bethol a Minger, M rs. Lillian Brown 'Prayers are asked for their speedy recovery : YG\1 are always welwme at Faith Temp\e:" Prayer Band '( Mrs. L. Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White, Itejlt. 'llhe Prayer Band will meet Sunday morning a ( 5 .at the home of Mr and Mrs Lewis Hill, 31WS Ohipco The public is invited. Elder L, Oilfector. Miracle Prayer Band .-Mrs. Sammie L.'Sc citt, Pres< ; Mrs. Tommie M. White, Rept. '11he Miracl e P ra. yer Band will meet Monday nigJht at 8 at the home of Bishop and M rs. M. B. Jooes, 2102 Fremont. Mini s ter Timothy Calhoun, Director. The public is invited. Community Prayer Band Mrs. Mary Thompson Pres. Mrs. M White R ept. On Tuesday night at 8 p.m. the Community Prayer Band will hold its meeting at the home of Mrs. Mary Thompson, 1701 5th Ave. Elder L. Williams, Director QUALITY MEATS Greater Friendship Oak Grove Church Distrid laymen Emma and 35th Street Rev. G Perkins, Pastor Rev. M. Pas,tor Mr. !IJepnY. F!lvon, Pres. Mrs. L. B. Perkins. Rept. Mrs, R. Fleming, Reilt. Mrs. Reatha Willi ams, Rept. Sunday beg an at the S. S. beg.an at 10;45 all Organ{ u:;,ual hour all teaCihers at teachers it. their ( pQSt'. T e es 'utioli will b ave meeting tfieir posts. The .l esson was reson was reviewed by the ,pastor. d t tih to Morning : worship begarl at 11. .on .Gtegg s Temple viewe ry e pas r. The No. 2 choir and ushers servAME Church,-C. Nichols, ;:M'Orning service began at t1 ed. pastor. and the pastor delivered a fine At 3, the choir's union was held AU. officers and members are sermon. at the, church. At 6, the regular asked .to be _preos.ent and on time. BTU began 'at 5 p.m. followed order o f service was conducted 'IMrs. Inez Sparks is clhakman of b y evening service at 6. The The pastor delivered the. mes-the :r.;,aynien Activil/ieiS, wtLl. be in Happy Land Quartet wiH ren sage. On the 4th Sunday, the dbarge Of the tppl c for diBJCus-der a prog ram t>his Sund a y nig ,ht men -and. women's day w_ill beMore important business at 7:30 p m. The public is in observed. The womefl will have diBCUsseci. V'i

Saturday, July 15, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin every and Fri. Celt Both Edition!l PAGE NINETEEN Felix Push!!s. Right Button, S .naps Out Of Batting Slump close to the plate and I stood away from. it. "l chapged Any time 1 didn't get a hit, l would switch oats. I tried anything every-. thing. I even ordered some new ATLANTA, Ga. Felix Millan "I'm one of the nine," he said. bats, a different kind." probably could play second base "That is notice enough for me." .Felix grinned. dressed as Santa Claus and go Expected To Hit .285 "They didn't do any good," he unnoticed. He could stand on. his In these parts this season, Mil said. head at home plate during the lim has gained notice'because of Actually, Millan was too anxious. National Anthem and i:10b0dy would a which he recyntly has He figured it out when he reali:i!ed pay any attention. shown signs of shaking. whJ he was pulling everything when Welf .. not really. But the watch Millan on a regular basis previously he sprayed the ball all Braves' second sacker has to rate aren't 'used to that. Neither is around, to all fields. as one --of the most underrated Braves' -Manager Luman. Harris, : Milian had no out players jn .bar;epall.. Gr.anted, he or Felix' teammates who. expect what he was doing wrorig than he is having an offseason with the him to hit his .285. embarked on a hitting streak. He bat; but just' check the All-Star ''This has been the. longest slump looked up one day. and 'had hit balloting. Millan's name isn't to of my career," said Millan when } safely in 11 straight games and be found under the heading: ''Sechits were only a rumor. "I started had tacked almost 30 points Ollto ond basemen.". : doing everythiQg different I : h1s 'batting .. a-verage. The hustling Braves' standout does notlet it' bother him, how ever. SoJ:Il.tl ..yeren 't born to Jllake n_eW$paper l:lea!)line.s,, ar;1d Felix-tlie quiet one of them. 'He shrugs -it off; BALTIMORE BULLETS .GAMBLE ON ELVI. N HAYES BOSTON, Mass -It wasn't a .trade. It was a gamble. Sure, El vin Hayes, sent by the Houston Rockets to the 'Baltimore Bullets for Jack Marin, will increase coach Gene Shue's firepower.But Hayes comes equipped with problems. Despite a high of re bounds, he's mostly a .Dne-way player-offense: He doesn't like to pass to his teammates and his track record with management al ways has included a lot of turbu lence. In fact, at the time Elvin was traded, his lawyerwas trylng to renegotiate his current. 10-year contract with 1. Houston. Marin -may not have Hayes' sta tistics, but Jack is still one of the best forwards in the league. Chances are he'll be noticed a lot more with the Rockets than he ever was with the Bullets. "Marin is the kind of player who can coine in im!l1ediately and !:lelp us," said Rocket Coach Tex Winter. "Originally we were going to experiment with shifting Elvin from center to forward but when the opportunity came to get a proven cornermati.-well, we had (Continued on Page 20) 'That doesn't matte-r/' he said. I just try to do my best. Maybe sometime if .. I hit .325 or .330, people will notice. But as long as I'm in the that'.s all that matters. I just want to play baseball." THIS WEEK ONLY Millan paused for a moment. Strollers Bow&ng league RESULTS Entzminger's 3; Kilbride Ins. 1, Four Us's 3, Kdn.g SoleBar-itchell 2125, wime Starks 209, Willie Wilkerson -205. Women's high series, JOihnnye Davis Pearl DOiz,er 4155, Lois Scott' 452. Men's high sedes, E-rnest-Jones -572, Manuel Mitchell 567, Willie Wilkerson 54C!. STADJNGS Won Lost Entzminger's Florist .. 28 8 F'our Us's .. .. 24 12 Team 2 ...... :. 191,.2 Charlie's Beer Par ;. 13'h Kilbride Ins ..... ....... 13 23 King Solomon B-B-Q .. 10 26 Johnnye DaVis; Rea)orter. soulettes Bowling League RESULTS Team 1--4, Team g.....(), EntzFlorist 3, Edd,ie's B>P Serv-ice Station 1, Mike's Gro -cery 3, Team 5--ll, lden Gate Speedway 4; Team 6-0, The Do INiathings The. Slave Market 0. Higth games, Evora P.imooto >and Barbara Stevenson :Ml1, DebraLarry 1M; Carolyn Nix, Cora 'Tu.rner and Fra11ces Pascoe 178. Hdgm series, Pearl Dozier 495, Debra Larry 466, Cora -Turner 466. STANDINGS Won Lost Team 6 23 9 Team, 5 .. .. .. 20 12 Golden Gate Speed 19 13 The Do Nothings 18 14 Entzminger's Florist 16 16 Team 8 .... ........ 15 17 Eddie;s BP Ser. Sta 14 18 Mike's Grocery 13 19 The Slave Market 12 () 20 Team 1 ........... 10 22 Johonye Davis,, Reporter. MEN'S SALE Very nice pants -Flair, all colors and sizes $4.95 and up. POLYESTER BELL SLEEVE SHIRTS AT TAMPA'S LOWEST COST. DASHIKI SHIRTS SHORT SLEEVE. $9.95 Double Knit Sport Coats Sizes 28 to 52 at low prices. Use our easy Lay-A-Away. This sale Sunday and daily 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. except Sat. 713 S. HOWARD AVE. WAREHOUSE SALE' \ ENGINE Includes New spark New points New condenser Our speftllist will aet dwell, choke Time engine "Balance carburetor Teal atarting, c;harging aye terns, cylinder compreHion, acceleration. OTHI!A .. ARTS IXTitA IF NEEDED a cyt, cora $4 mote, odd S2 lor olr-cond. .. OIL & LUBRICATION .... 88=,BRAKE RELINE Jns_lall brake linings all 4 wheels Inspect master cylinder, hydraulic brake hose& Re move, clean, Inspect, repack front wheel bear inlll Add NIW fluid Adjust all 4 brakes. "NEW Wheel Cylinden if NEEDED only., $7.50 each *DRUMS Turned If NEEDED only ....... $3.00 each FRONT GREASE SEALS if NEEDED only-$4.50 polr RETURN SPRINGS if NEEDED only &04' eoch I:XCEPT DISC BRAKES, FOREIGN CARS -Muter Cylinder, boaea, wheel beerins extra coet if NEEDED. Price Includes up to S qt1. of oil, and all labor Transmission and differential oil check Com plete cha.ssla lubrication MARATHON 13 Trlplotemperecl .,pi)' nyloa cord construction Clean tidewall detign, r-adial dart on thoulder Tufsyn: rubber in the tread body Biveo durability Size 6.50xl3 blackwall tubeless plus .' $1.75 Fed. Ex. Tax and old tire. Other sizes slightly hiaher priced Blackwell Tubel 7.75-14 PIUS $2.12 Fed. Excise Tax 7.75-15 Plus $2.13 Fed. Excise Tax 8 25 Plus $2 29 Fed. Excise Tax 8.25-15 Plus $2.34 Fed. Excise Tax WHITEWALLS ADD $2.10 $ : $ BIKkwell ,...,. .... 6.00-13 PIUs SUl Fed. Excise tax 6.5G-13 Plus $1.75 Fed. Excise tu 7 35-14 Plus $2.00 Fed. Excise tax WHinWALLS ADD '2.10 MARATHOII.83 Blackwall TubeleM 8.55-14 PIUS $2.46 Fed. Excise tax Plus $2.48 Fed. Excise tax WHITEWAUS ADo$2.10 MARATHON 83 4 pllea of 11-T nylon cord Tou1h Tuloyn rubber 5-rlb, over-lap block 1r81d with wrap-around lhoul-def .. HOW AT YOUR HEARBY GOODYEAR, SERVICE STORES TAMPA Easlgale 5202 N. 22nd ST. Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 Aqui se habla Espanol PHONE 237-3361 TAMPA Temple Terrace 9240 N. 56th ST. PHONE 988-4191 .:.;. Open Daily 8:311 to 5:30 TAMPA Hillsboro Plaza 2901 W. Hillsborough PHONE 877-9528 Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 TAMPA Korth Gale -1222 FLORI-DA AVE. PHONE 932:S166 Open Daily 8:30 to 5:39 .TAMPA ACROSS FROM Brillon Plaza 3813 S. DALE MABRY TAMPA Downtown Morgan & Twiggs Sts. PHONE 229-0821 TAMPA ACROSS FROM Wesl Shore Plaza 5002 W. Kennedy Blvd PHONE 831-1891 Open 7:30 to 5:30 _, PHONE 877-6701 Dally 8:30 to 1 P.M. Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. Open 'Dailf 8:30 to lhst \ sat. 8 A.M. to Aqul 'ae habia Espanor .,,_.


PACE TWEin"l' Fie. Sr t" ei.BeiLtli-P.LIWaed ..,ery T ....... Fd.. Cet Boda EdlU... JESSE OWENS LEADS FUND, DRIVE FOR OLYMPIC TEAM NEW YORK-Jesse Oweas (ceaCer), the form er Olympic great now as "Mr. Olympics," opens fvad-raising prop-am fer U. S. Olympic Team in front of giant elednaie sereen ef Bu l ova Accutron sign. John Lee (left), presit,eat fll Red Barn reauraats, and Walter .t The s..rtiaf News are with Jesse. A watch compaay Is eeeperating wHil Red Barn iD a aatio.wide faad dme SfHSOred by U. S. OIJIQic Commiteee. Tu. coaCriltutiou may al8o be sent te tlae U. S. Oly.pie Team, P. o. Boi SZIB, Graa Cell tral ....... New York, N. T. 111111. AngetHosannis At Bat .. ANAHEIM, Calif.-'l'bree clays after becoming Baltimlire'a &en era! manager HatTy :Daltoo sm pleted the Frank Robins o n trade initiated bJ Lee J.lacPhail. run aeainst tbe A'a. Be loves tc eat. "It aema liile I ai.,.,.. clo agaiolt the A'a," be said after hitting his ninth home .rUB. "I cet excited wben I play them. off Wilbur Wood opeoinc day," Dalton recalled. "We felt lut year wa.m't bi.l real year and I'm sure Cedric Tallis and Bob Lemon felt the same about Murphy." Murphy had cone from. a 16: game wiuoer to a 17-game loser. .. -SPORTANIC FLOODS-FATE OF SWATTIHG STAR OUYIA ROW II HANDS OF SURGEONS j TWIN CITIES, Minn. You knew it would happen sometime. yet when the announcement was made, it struck like a bolt of lightning. Tony Oliva was to have another knee oper ation and probably would be lost for the remainder of the season. Indeed his future as an outstandili.g player, a star capable of receiving a salary of $105,000 a season, was in jeopardy. Oliva, the American League's leading actife hitter with a .SlS career average, fini!ffied at age 31? Oliva, named as an All-Star each year he has been in the league, not in uniform? Yes, it's true. The man who suffered much in achieving success now must endure more. His" brilliant career hasn't been at such a crueial stage since he failed in his original tryout with the Twins in 1961 and almost returned to Cuba after being released. To compound the situation, his fate as a major league player rested in the skilled hands of surgeons. Now, it didn't matter bow well he could hit, or run, or throw, but how well they could operate. Tony underwent two operations on his right knee for tom liga ments follownig the 1966 and 1967 seasons He also overcame some injured knuckles, a shoulder separation and a sore arm. Then on July 29, 1971, he attempted a diving catch in Oakland and fell on his right knee. At the time he was hitting .375 with 111 homers. He played until September, his average falling to .337, still good enough for a third batting title. And on September 22, he underwent surgery on the knee again, this .time for t:>rn cartilage. He never recovered. He limped in spring training and couldn't be taken off the injured list until June 9. KNEE GAVE TONY PAIR Oliva played 10 games Bill Rigney shifting rigbf frelder to left field because it woludn't require so much of him physically. IH managed nine bits in 28 at-bats for a .321 average, but you lmew it was ooly a matter of time before he was deactivated again. His lmee pained bim. It had to J:ie wrapPed heavily so he could play and it affected his performance. He couldn't run in the out field or on tbe base paths, and he couldn't puU the ball, either. "It hurts all the time," he said. "Some days, it hurta worse than others, but it always hurts. I don't underst1111d is that it Is so weak. Last winter, I could lift 38 pounds with it. Now I can lift only 22. It is so weat it aometimea gi.-ee out on me when rm walking on the stz-eet. They pawned when Dalton IIC quired Doll Buford, swapped for Pat Dobsoo and Mike Cuellar and drafted P.aul Blair away frOm tne Mets. They became the eomet' stones of a dynasty that bas won lly family ia alwaya there aod if I doa't bit a home run, it seems litre I'm helping to win the game with a bale-bit Ol' nmninc the had dropped t rom 27 borne rtlnll and 9!t RBis to eight and 52. "I know fbey aaid I was doing the wrong exercises all Winter. but l waa doing the ones they told me to do. Then I switched to a new in .,ring training and have been doing it ainee. three straight pemumta. Dalt'Jn refUses to rate his trade for Bob Oliver. "Tb.at's for you writers to do," he said. All right. It's the seeood best he's ever pulled off, a pi.teher (Tom Murphy) who was in the bullpen going to Kansas City for a hitter who sing)ebanded1y turned the offense around. King at this wriling, was fourth in the league in hits and runs batted in, tied for fifth in triples and in the top Ht in home runs and batting average. "He made our club," said Man ager Del Rice. "He gave us some thing we've never had, a power hitter." Give Mama Oliver an assist. Ur(ed On .,,. M.m "Either you hit a bome run for me or you won't get any IOU) food," his m:lther threatens ev ery time sbe 8eeS bim. Bob Oliver ahrafs bits a home bases.'' He baa the classie build cl football player, 6-t% end 218 pouods. But King Ollie wu born to play baseball. "It'a fate," be said. "I really believe I was born to play base ball. Baseball players are born. You can't make tbem. If you can play in the majot's and its in the fates foe you, you'll make it. But if JOU believe and it's not in the fates, forget it." !Perhaps it :was Oliver's destiny to become an Angel. He loves to hit in Anaheim stadium, collect ing large bits there ooe af. temooo in 1970. He was a Kansas City Royal then and he was a member of the Royals when 1m season op ened. Dalton had spent much of the spring trying to obtain Oliver. Marplty Tailetl Off' "It looked like the deal had cooled off when be hit a home run had a bad mental attitude," Oliver admitted .. "I was. battintr eigbth and playin1 in left a n d right field (be prefers first base). "I'd get a couple of hits some days and think I was out of it. Neit day I would look and my name wouldn't be in the lineup. It might ha.-e been different with another manager. "Of the year I had in 1970, some managers might have left me in and waited for me to. play my way out ol it. LeiDOil didn't." King Ollie delivered c h o m e run in bis first game as an An gel. But be didn't win over the fans immediately. Baltimore BuRets Continut!ll from Pace It) t to act on it. H No Time To staH Pat Hot -And (old Dodgers List Asked to put the deal into a Baltimore viewpoint, Shue replied: "When you bave a which you feel is going to improve 'it s record, changes aren't necessary. But if you're on a downward spir al-and our record wasn't as good One Consistent Bat: Mota's LOS ANGELES, Calif.-Although ft didn't require a super JICOUt, or even a bird dog to make the assessment, baseball men aasigned t.t> look at the Dodgers, agreed tbe club's one minus factor was a lack of consisteacy Ho.wever, the one refutation was Manny Mota, who was consistency itself. Yet, until the third month of the season, he had some trouble being consistent, through no fault of his own. The 34-year-

MANY ATTEND_MT. PILGRIM TEA AT ARMETTIA TEMPLE Guest ell Ita_.. for ML Pilgrim's Distrid Tea hdadecl, from left, Mn. Jose...._ MHft, Shirley Laffitte aad Mis. Sbirley Sllipp. Malay atteaded tllf Friday evening affair whicli .it-as held at the Armdtia Temple, PAL Eagles Set Grid Registration 'lbe P .AL. Eagles Football Team wf,ll hold registratJon at !Fair Oak's St. iiUid Caracas at 5 p.m. eaeh day .tarting Monday, July 16. AU prospective Nayers must bring a birth certmc,ate ami twenty." five centa for insuraoce. The age is from lO"years--old to :W-years. Gld, 1m pounds or oodu. Teaans Sdedule Games Tampa :Dodges (9-:1) w iII meet St. Pete Tigen -. (fH) at i2I2Dd St. Ball Part Suoday at 3 p.m. ,ampa LookOOUi (9..()) witl meet Tampa Giantls (") at Ouaca dean wbiie st. Pt'Ae Braves journey to Bradenten to me-et the Nine Devils. All games wtill _start at 3 p.m. Buy From RoridaSentinel Advertisers SATURDAY, JULY 15th JOHN R. WA'M'S 1 SAN ANTONIO-Alrmaa James R. sOB el Mn. Mabie V. Pe UN Z2a6 Ave., Tampa, has eoapleted Ills U.& Air 1'.-ce basic anua, at the Air TraiiU.g CMIUIIaJid LaeldaJid AFB, Tex. He hal lleea as&ipej t. Slteppard AJ'B, To., for traillbiK ill air ftaft maiate ... ce. 'Alrmaa Watts Is a tt Jl'adaute of Braeken rillce Selleol, Sau _. aite.ded mUsboroap Juior CelleJe. ma wife is ihe former Mae I'. Roe of 3010 N. star of Tampa. New Mt. Zion 2511 E. Drive Bn. B. J. Joaes. Pastor SIDlday sei"Yices will begin with Stmday school at 9:30 with the !Supt., Dea. Vir.gil Brooks, in All other and teaclhers are eJIJI)eCted to be at their poat. The review of tlbe les soo win be by the pastor. !Mll)rning service .begins at 11 with the deaoons in charge of devotional service. 'I1he Gospel IOhorus and Plll1Ple !LiLy uSiher board will sene. pa.stor will clelivel' tbe message. IBTIU will be hekl at 5 with the president, Milton Bigebam, in charge. is invited to come out aDd eD]oy the lesson discussiOn. rEv-ening aenice will begin at BROWN'S DRIVE INN RESTAURANT (Formerly Anthony Drive Inn) MAIN STREET WEST TAMPA OPEN 24 BOORS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK .. IPICiwzdcC II CUBU SUDWICBD .. STEAKS SOUL FOOD --IIIII IlS BIEUFIST EAT IT IEIE 01 TAlE IT liT. FAMU EDUCATOR ADDRESSES ALUMNI 1 Amoai from A & M UDiversity hen te a i dress the AllfDUii AssociatiOD Satanlay IIIM'IIUtf wa!l Dr. Rltpel Seals, Scbool of Agricultun. The weleome was fivett by LiHietea Long, seated, president of the Tampa Oapter. -MALE GUESTS ENJOY PLEASANT EVENING A reeeat; Mdal eveat of interest was the Mt. Pilgrim Distriet Tea wbiclt a evelliBg ef goed foeti and enteriaiiiJIIent. Guests lacluded, from left, Robert Shipp -a1ttl the ReY, H. L. Daa lels. Sanderlin Says He Will Seek Judgeship ST. PETERSBURG -James B. SaDderlin, a St. Petersburg announced his intent for candidacy for County Court judge Tuesday. -Sanderlin told a press conference that he wants to help 'reform the juditiary system of witneas retention in trials and to propose a night court. "1 would lilre to eliminate witnesses' haviJlg to wait too long ill eourt," Sanderlin "It's eostly to them, espeeiai1y the little man. "I would like tG propose a system in wbieh witnesses would lbe in court for as long as necessary for the trial -not all day This would be done by better sdieduling of trials." Night court could be used in traffic court perhaps, Sanderlin said. "Then people won't have to take time off from their jobs to attend court," he said. "This tould be done at night." Sanderlin. who lives at I with the deacons JD OO.ge 2709 17th St. s. is the second of devot.ioo. The soame elwir and black candidate to announce in ushers wiil :serve and the pas tent for a judgeship. The other tor will deliver 1lbe sermon. is I. W. ''ilk.e" Williama w'ho Remember to visit the sick announced Monday for a seat and shut-iDa aDd sa,y a prayer on the 2nd District Court of (or tbem. Appeal. You a'l'e iDmed to WIOI"9bip with Sanderlin reeelved 'his B. S. us at all t.i.JPN. A's our putor degree at Howard Univenity, says, ''tma ia the chlB'clh Wlbere Washington, D. C., and hir. la" everybody is aomeibody ." degree at Boston University. KOLE CITY UHDER NEW MANAGEMEIIT WITCH FOR GBAID OPEIIIIIC Visit Kole City Market 4001 34th STIEET


PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri Cet Both Editioas Saturday, July tS, 1972 1 FUNER.AL NOT.ICES. S:\IITH, MR. AVERY Funeral services for Mr. Avery Smith, 3216 16th Street, Tampa, who passed! in Jacksonville as result of injuries sustain!!d 'in an auto ac cident, will be held Saturday at 2 P. M. from the Dudley-Law rence Memorial Chapel of Stone & Gordon, Funeral Directors (Stone's Funeral Home, Inc.) with Rev Madison Murray officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery, The body will lie in state for the visitation of relatives and at STONE'S from 1 P. M. Friday to funeral time. A veteran of the Vietnamese Con flict, having served in the Air Force, Mr. Smith was discharged honorably Sept. 17; 1971. He was a student at Tampa Technical In stitute. He leaves to mourn his passing: his devoted wife, Mrs: BOGAN, MRS CORL.TS. S -. SHAW-Funeral services for Mrs. Ups h aw B o ga a of 206 E Ftances Ave n ue, w ho passed .. a. \\'ay in a local h ospital, wi ll be b,!!ld _Saturtby at 1 P .M, at Wil soo Funeral with Rev. l!oward Storr, Pastor of New Salem M. B. Church, officiating. Intermentwill be_in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are:-bus band, Mr. James Bogan, Jr.; 2 daughters, Corlissa Upshaw of : Tampa and Sherrie M. ypshaw of Minneapolis, Minnescta; moth et", Mrs. Mary K. Upshaw of New York City; a sister, Mrs Gloria J. Reed of Minneapolis, Minnesota; a brother, Mr. Deborah Nelson Upshaw uf St. Paul, Minnesota; grandmother, ._Annie Rae Akins and hus ili!itd, Mr. William N. Akins, Sr.; 3 aunts, Mrs. Ruby Andrews of ft1hmi, Mrs. A..-nes Price and Maull. A. Waters and hus band, Mr. Willie J. Waters of St. l':lul, Minnes<>.ta; 2 uncles, Mr. William N. Akins, Jr. and wife, 1\lrs. Olga Akins and Mr. Leo A 'nephew, Bryan K. Reed cf Min!leapolis, Minnesota; 60 Cf)Usins, motbet:in-law Mrs. L. Williams and husb .M. today (Friday) at .'Wllson Fune ( ral Chapel, and after 10 A.JW. Saturday, at the church until near funeral. "A WILSON SER VICE" The Family. llemoriani UNCLE /SANDY SAYS 18,66. Govern the lips as they were palace-doors, the tdng with in; ,35. tranquil and fair and courteous be all words which from that presence wlo. 11,09. PLANT CITY -In memory of Mr. Kemp Knighton who departed this life July 11, 1966. Signedt Wife, Louvenia Knigh ton; two sons, Marrlon Knighton, Mr. Kemp Knighton, Jr. and fam u,. MEMORIAM TAMPA Ia loving memory of our beloved, Bishop Lillian B. Young, departed this Hfe _July 14, 1971; With your gentle kind ness for your voice is : stlll, you never will be forgotten loved one as long as memories last, there is no one ever to take your place. Your family, Rev. J. D. Edwar6s and wife Zadie Mae, Delray Beach; Earl J. Edwards, ltuben Edwards and wife Elnora John H Evans, and wife, Mazie D.; Marion Evans and wife Willie Mae Tampa; John H. Evans, II and wife Linda, North Imogene' Evans and children, Palmetto. May bless us all. MEMORIAM TAMPA In lo\'ing memory of my son, Johnnie Sherm.aa who passed July 11, 1969. Three years have gone by, but it only seems like yesterday. Only GOd knows the feeling I have deep within so slt!ep on. God bless you. You will never be forgotten. Sadly missed: Mother, Della Sherman; Brother and Sister-in-law, Robert and Lillie Sherman. '!c CARD OF THANKS TAMPA-Thanks to everyone for their prayers and kindness during the illness and passing of Robert Terrell. Special thanks to Rev. B. T:. Williams and First !Baptist Church of Progress Village also to Wilson Funeral Homie. May God Bless You All: Mrs. Grace Terrell. Card ol Thanks TAMPA The family of. the late Mr. Clifton E. Walters, Jr. wish to thank their many friends and neighbors for their kindness shown them during their time of bereavement. Thanks also to Wil son's Funeral Home. The Walters Family. A DREAM COME TBUE.. Your very home with assistance FHA 235. -Call 879-1541 i


July 15, 1!72 Fla. siaatinel-:a.Jielt. P.Ufalaed enry Tues. aaCI Fd. Cet Botll Editions PAGE TWENTY-TBRQI BUSDfESS. VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditioned hemea Ia -Prapns VU. )age. $50 down. CaD HAROLD :BAKER, REALTOR. PM!te 1&8-1252 7838 North 40th street C) pen Saturday and, Sunday FOR LEASE % BAY SERVICE STATION LOCATED at Howard and Greea street. For iliformatioa Days !fl!l-!ltl, EYelliars 861Z. 10 Havii Trouble : Bybag a Car Becaase you are short on Cred Jt or Down Payment? LET HELP. YOU CALL. IIIJ. '232-4191 OR SEE ME AT -SUN BAY MOTORS 6380 FLORIDA AVENUE EMPLOYMENT. MAN WANTED te de wen, room and board. Must live in. Salary oPen. 3800 Queensboro Ave. South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 1167-7m. AVON INVITES YOU &o stan earniD1 extra cash selHng our ucitinl cosmetics fashions for fiummer, '72! For a personal ap JPOintment, .call: Mrs. Smith 126-0S'" er SL Pete 1162-4593. Largo. Clearwater 442-!656. U HIT M, WE GET EM. AND FIX EM; Weil everything ut a broken heart. SMALL BODY SHOP, 8710 Grapefrait. Ave. 677-7344. Bospilal anti' Doctors Traillees>We'Heil WOMEN W ANTEJ) fer state atJroveiJ Tampa Medical Pre:. Jram. We offer : tralnilll ancl o fee placemets .lor NIU'SH Aides, RecepUHI.._, Secre taries, Typists ami K-ey Punch Operators. Call 223-3648. IHTEBIOR DECORATOR WE HAVE AN IMMEDIATE OP ENING F 0 R AN EXPERIENCED DECORATOR. OUR COMPANY OFFERS THE VERY FINEST IN EMPLOYE BENEFITS, INCLUDING: Paid Vacation Paid Holidays Group Ufe lnsuraMe Group Hospitalization Profit Sharing Discount Please apply In person at the Personnel Department, Sears, Roebuck and Co., 2010 E. Hills borough Ave., Tampa, Florida. We are an equal opportunity employer. D1PLOYMEI! DRY CLEARING EXPERIENCED PANT presser fer dr.J deuial tleparirMWt. NA'fiONAL CLEANERS, 3020 KeRDedy Blv.d MAN WANTD TO LIVE in as a handyman. Paid -Wftldy .. 3Mt Queftaero -A\oe., sO., st: Petersburg; :na. Phfte 867-7079. HEAD START COORDINATOR POSITION OPEN Start I CoerlliltaU. ftllr Cemmulty Ae t.ion Agency of HillsborMP -CoUDty. MAJOK FUNCnON t Prlifes Sieaal and techaical work' In Cite tlevelopmen( and nilnliu fl011 of 3 HEW/0:0 Programs in Bilsborough Otunb, ing monitoring ad evalllatial tile 'Prolrams. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBI J,.RIES: liaataias line er e8Jil munication between OCD Bel ional Office and the Progams. A&leltds an Start meetiP and ke.. abl'eaJ& of aD new prornm tlirecUve, fldtk6aes and materials related &o a Ja e Head Start Program. Helps pia prograiDll fw ihe eommullity re lated to Early Eel cation. QUALIFICATIONS: B, S. 81' B. A. degree in EdueatiH, Ol' related experience I field of Social Work or Behavioral scleaees; 2 to 3 years of wel'lt experience in the area of eom munity services; 1eneral knowl edge ill the area of Federal Prorrams, Health and Welfare Ser vices and working with low l.n come families; considerable knowledge of child development and behavior and Hillsborough County Head start Programs and Guidelines. SALARY -Si $10,1M l.o $13,977. Send resume or your qualillca tions to Mr. Robert L. GIIMr, 1301 florida Aveaue, Tampa, F10rlde 33fi02. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE AD Equal Opporiuaity .Employer FOR-SALE WANT A NEW BOME1 f%00 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. Call FAtui OptOdwlit:r .. Cerp. CaB !ri7_.1. .. BA VE SEVERAL NEWL T nee. ciHioaed homes Ia Pnlftlll VBlale. $50 doWJt. CaD IIAKOLD BAKER, REALTOR. Pltue tB-1!52 71311 NorA 40th Street ()pea Saturday and SuU7 SSI DOWN MODERN Ct;Mt:NT BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, ... w. relri1erator. $10,151 P. A I. $70.U fer HO meaths at 7% mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER 87Z-27zt or 83t-14ZZ LISTINGS NEEDED. I'LL HELP YOU!! HO CREDIT? SHAKEY CREDIT? ARE YOU LOW ON DOWR PAYMENT? CALL NOW BILL-BlOWN AUTO SALES 3800 FLA. AVE. __ .. _F_OB_SAL __ E __ HEY!!! HAVE SEvERAL NEWLY reconNOW YOU CAN buy your own tiHioBed hemes lli PrlrtSS Vi.,. W.utiful n-3 b.ome lage, $50 down. CaU HAROLD for $200 down and as little as BAKER, REAIJrOR. $67 per month on FKA 23!iL P..._ Can MARSON ENTERPRIS.. 7838 North 40th Street ES, INC: 876-1063. Open Saturday and SUDday FOI& SALE 3418 E. LAMBRIGHT NICE HOME located on nice RO QUALIFYING double Jot. Living room, dhting 3 BEDROOl\IS, 1 'Ita&&, 'large Jet, room, and kitchen with range. carpet, range; alld refrigeraler, Screened front porch and carpert. For informatin call Sallie 884-5416. $550 DOWN, LIKE NEW frame, BOB PIN SOl, Realtor 3 ldrooms, 2 1tat11s, ear Rebles Pan, $16,000, DON TAAJTE BROKER CASH FOR YOUR LOT! rn-:mt er 139-lm I WILL I" AT up to $Z,IOt low S JIED800M, l bliA car-,efed. Iota witlt sewer aDd water. Small dow p1JIIellt and as Manoa. 876-1063. sanv pa,._.u. --$ -50-DCJWR___ WILSOI B. BBIRSOI BROKER PROGRESS VILLAGE Offic."e 6%1-4095 3 BEDROOMS, 1 baOa, wall te waD EveDiBg carpet. Paymeats as lew as VACMft' 3 Bedroem beme widl $fi.M a moaUt. P A J. 1\olust I -rage aad refrigerater, see te appl'ffiate. Carpet aJtd feac."e. CARVER ern 13 BEDROOMS, Baths, clewa. FHA %35. I BEDROOM, baUt,. ABTBUB A. EY a us room, and earport. Bwlt m Aft oven ud l'allge. IJI aa area ef I lEAL TOR wen kept laomes 253-3054 TBOIIOTOSASSA I BEDROOM frame home oa two lots -with several beariJlg fruit trees. With pave road' I front and rear. Several ether areas to choose from. CaD Rob ert E. Gadson, Assee. Offiee ZSI I 4049, Res. 877-2171. WILBERT WILLIAMS, leal lor TREES TREES TREES JUST LISTED! Formal dining room, HviDg room, waD to waD carpet, Z er J bedreems pln pueled clea, large E-N lrith moclen conve leaces. Park like rrCMUtds. $11,5410 mA-VA. Bivergrove Eslales Area nus BEAUTIFUL CB home is Mllil a& appraise valae ef $ZZ,511. 3 bedrooms wUit formal dillblg area, beautiflll living nom aad pueled famly room. C.B.A. W /W over sbe 1arage and beaaUilll oak beee. $11,500 FBA-YA SELLING AT appraised vahle. FOB RENT VACA]Ij"T HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditiOHII homes I Progress Vii lage. $50 HwD. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 4oth Street Open Saturday aa, d Sllnday FOR RENT 2 BEDROOM furni shed apart ment, air condition and all electric. I & M APTS., 1002 Lemoa St., 258-5151. BOARDING ROME FOR TIE ELDERLY S HOT MEALS, televisioa, and air ceaditiea. WiU pick up. 2007. Lamar Si. m-355!. Buy Fr0111 Rorida Sentinel Advertisers PUBIJC' SEBYICE AUTO INSURARCE UI.MEDIATE (;OVERAGE A'l A COM' THAT CORRESPONDS TO YOUR DRIVING HISTORY. JACK BERRY !' AUTO INSURAN

PACE TWENTYFOUR Fla. Sentinei-Bulleltm Published every Tues. anCI Fri.. Cet Botli Edlttou t Saturday, July 15, 1972 DYNAMIC 'FURNITURE Friday, Saturday At LARMON FURNITURE Homemakers make a note of ihese days and be here for fabulous savings: on a .Jremendous selection of brand name t home furnishings! You'll find bargains g alore throughout the store and ihey-are all as Impressive as the ones shown Newlyweds ; come in and get acquainted. Let us show you how easy it is to outfit your home beautifully and still stay well within your budget! '. Super-firm! Suoer-smooth! Suoer comfortable! Full 3 foam mat tress-your contour sheets will fit. The attractive decorator strip ed covers are extra heavy for long wear. Two complete twia size beds for less than $100. TWO FOAM BEDS Two 3" solid foam mattresses. 2 scroll top white plastic head-boards decorated with 5 gold buttons. 2 matching box springs com plete with legs, brackets, and hardware. 3 INCH FOAM. MATTRESSES .. SEWING MACHINES LETS YOU' CREATE YOUR OWN MONOGRAMS, SEW ON BUT TONS, OVER CAST MEND AND ._DARN. PRICES START AT $114.95 OMLY TiE rur -KING COULD MAKE YOU THIS FANTASTIC OFFER! 95 2 PIECE SOFA AHD CHAIR BEAUTIFUL SPANISH STYLING e THIS LIVING. ROOM GROUP WILL LIGHT UP THE WHOLE. HOUSE SOFA INTO EXTRA BED. CHOICE OF COLORS. WANT EASY CREDIT TERMS? If-;::-:----::-:-.;. EVERYBODY DOES! THAT'S WHY SO MANY PEOPLE 911.C._. BANKAMERICARD LOOK TO LARMON'S FOR J. BETTER TERMS THAT MEAN LOWER PA YMEJITS .. IVMTI ..... GIIfilllll-.... A M 0 N -WHY WAIT COME IH TODAY! ': -OPEN FRIDAY HIGHT 'TILL 8 P. M. 1324 30 E. Broadway FREE PHONE 247 4711 Plenty Of_ Parking On Lot In Rear Of Store


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