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Gilder HOpeS TCEP" Isn't Indicted Employee Along With Arrested _(SEE STORY ON PAGE 22) REGISTER TO VOT E NOW AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY r V OL. 25, NO. 62. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1 972 Woman Shot By Man'sLARGE GATHERING ASSEMBLES FOR COR ON A TION A large gathering assembled In the Kid Mason Recreation Center last week to witness the coro nation of the king and queen of New Salem Pri mitive Baptist Church Choir No 3, Waiting to congratulate the new royalty are, from leU to right front, Mrs. Thelma Green, Mrs. Eva Carter and Mrs. Yolanda Archie. The ladies In the rear are Mrs. Lillie Mae Isaac Mrs. Willie Nell Gray. Ex Ram Lamar Lu,ndy Victim Of Rare Malady LOS ANGELES-A serious mus 1lUlar disease which apparently has no respect for physical strength, bas felled Lamar Lundy, on e time m embe r of the "Fearsome Four some" of the Los Angele s Rams. The 6-7, 250-pound defensive end of the Rams' halcyon years, is reportedly suffering from a malad)' ..,. lcnown .as myasthenia gravis, a serious muscular malfunction. He also Is victimized by diabetes and arthritis. The big Purdue University prod aot left his position as assistant of the San D_iego Chargers Ill tht! middle of the last National Football League season. At the time, members of the coaching staff donated muscle tissue to him, In April the Natlional Football League awarded Lundy, w !to played 13 seasons with the Rams, a permanent and total disability pension of $700 a month plus a lump sum of $4,200 as retroactiv-e payments for six previous months. In addition, medical costs were paid through the Chargers' insur ance program for coaches. Harland (Swede Svare), head eoach of the Chargers, said Lundy had trouble breathing and swallow fni when he wu atricken, quotina medical sources as saying, "the brain was producing too little of the fluid needed to transmit nals to the muscular syst-em." Williams Name d SA'N Billy Wll lla.tns of the Chicago Cuhs wa11 named Na tional L e ague Player of the Week for tJhe pedoo end fng July 116, l e a g ue Presiden. Charles S. Feeney announced 'Williams btt safely 17 times fn 29 at,bats for an average of .58&.1. He blasted four home rtul8 anq tkove in 10 rune in aeven / (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) -... (SEE S1'0RY ON PAGE 3) Bishop Bright He, a ,led In (SEE STORY ON PAGE 22) I Otha f.avo:rs-Of .Black Unity Plan SEE STORY ON PAGE Poor And Needy To Get Home ... (SEE STORY ON PAGE I


PACE TWO fiL S.tinel-Bulletin Publl.hed eftly T.et. a.. Fri. Cet Both Editiont. 'ruesday, July 18, 1972 COURTHOUSE CAPERS Assaults !MM. Delores Barbar Jean IBak. 32, 'm6 2Dd ATenue, and her roemmate, Jln. W a'lker, ?:1, were engagect ID an argument Sllllda y afternoon, ac cording w police, and a fight enSiled. Mrs. Walker grabbed a knife and as the two struggled, !Mrs. Baker was cut on each and in the area of tlhe rjg;ht kidney. Turner p .arks, 37' N. Al baoy, reported to police that he was assaulted by en un identified assaa,lant at the Statio n Bar. 1947 Mam st. Mrs. Kary M Woodall, 49, was arrested Friday night after she stabbed Mil'S. Odell J. lR: a!Y, 59, 1!110 Avenue twice with a kn i f e while at JJ."'! Nebraska Ave nue Samuel Arno-ld, 28, 1910 14th A ve was arrsted Friday after he shot Turn e r Doole y -69. 200j l4th : Aventie, i n the foot follow ing an argument Miss Mae Liz zie M:aybue. 21, 1 .008% S,pq-uce, to po lice that s he went out to a local b a r Saturday ni gh t and after she return ed home her boymend beat her ab3ut the head and bOdy bec ause o f jealousy. Burglaries 1Police reported that burglars u s ed a knife to unlock the door at E Hanna Friday and w ok a ladies gold riDg worth $4t2, and 1 with diamonds wortb $ 52. T hes e items were the PTO-_ p e r t y of M r s Mar-ion Sjplin 00. L. C L ewi s, 21, 2005 Jefferson Apt 5 reported that $120 w a s take n from his .apartment Saturday by an unknown perl)on. Donald Staton, 319, 1725 West Chestnu t told police that bur trlars broke t!le lock on his frpnt door and ran-sacked his Saturrda y then fled the s cene with a model of a r o lls royce that holds liquoc w()rth $1D, a watcll worth $Hi a skin divers ..ntch, valued at $3, cuff links worth srJ, a 3!. caliber revolver worth $30, a .38 c a lib e r reV'olver valued at $40, a box of mi s c tools worth $50, a suit w onn $50 and misc. papers. Burgla-rs tme screen to gain en t r y at 17<212 24-th Avenue Tuesday, residence of Ruloopb Jackson, .2!t, and took ,a: stereo tape player with amplifier w o -rth $21:.'5, an automatic turntable wor t h $50 and a ladies w11llet con t aining $4:5 in c-ash and food stamps wocth $46. r Tllefts UnidenWied aubjects broke ltle right vent window of a car which beloags to Claude Gil-bert, 2006 IMMI Avenue, '11tUTsday and took a tool box contain ing misc. rools worth $?100, five fisil4ng rods wortftt $313, five reels worth $101 and fled unobserved. 'Mrs. Odessa Leola Oalvin 57, 2020 E. Columbus Drive report ed that two-of her checks from the Florida Farm Bllil'eau Insu rance Co. value unknown, were taken from the mailbox: at lZth Avenue sometime last week by an unknown person Lonnie Safford 11208 Delaware, t o ld police some unidenti,fiea per. son removed a tl'lasmissioo and c utclh from his '67 Pontiac between 7 '11tun;daiY e ve ning and 7 F.ruday morning w hile p arlted in fTont of nls house. The items w ere valued at $200. Willie Frank Cradic, 613, l 15i19 Lamar St. repofte4 that two yI>roadhed Hatrowe Oausey 45, l!l!1' 4 15t h Avenue, Saturd.a(Y with a gljll aod took his wallet con ta-ining misc. papers and $27 in casb and his keys and left in his '66 Chevy Oa. price The value of tlhe car was placed at $11,000. Geot"ge Bacon, sa, East O.sbome, was robbed at gUDpOiot of t1l1 and a pocket lmile worth $3 .Sattmia'Y at Osborne and Web ster St. The culprits fled on foot. Misc. Morris 25, Ferrell Ct. was cftarced witl.t forgery Saturday altel'lle cadied a Rals ton Purina check made paY'able to J oon J01}ms()o in the amoont Gf and later_ tQ a second one. Daniels tried to sna tcll b()Vh ethecks after the a s st. manager told he would Itave w in a ke a call to get an okay on Ulem. COUIIty' Needy People To Ciet Homaaker Services In The Hotne Sfat;) Department of Health 1. Provision of relief in family and Rf!h_ bi!itation Services, Divjcrisis situatioos involving the ab sion of F a mily Services, has conseoce of the homemaker by riis tracted with the Division of Wela .person to stay in the fare of the Hospital and home and care for same until t he Board of Hillsborough County to crisis is over; provide homemaker services 2. dispatch trained homemakers in the homes of needy people. ro teach improved nutrition ami The $536,674 program will be the homemaking skills to people in first of its k i nd in the state and need; was proposed by the Division of 3 provjde aSsistance (by Welfare who. has been operaHng sending homemaker into needy an Office of Economic Opportunity home) to families needing S!ICh home management program s h1ce services due to illness or ment:>l 1966. The pro.iect is designed to retardation; serve 3 ,000 Hillsborough families 4. work closely with social and combines local in-kind funds workers in assessing family aud ($134,.331) with Feral IDQDi".S individual homemaking strengths .!$402.343) obt .ai,ned from Title IV and weaknesses so that plans A, of Soccial Security Act, to be developed to improve the home provide the services Monies for environment .situation; fmch programs were made avail5. provide short-term homemak able through the "Purchase of -u assistance to employed adults Services Provision" of the Social :who o1ten must take time off from Security Act approved by Congress jobs to care for children, elderly in 1967. persons, or ill relatives; The new program was conceived : establish close eontact with and prepared by Division of Weineedy homes to develop knowledge fare staff and submitted to Div [ about family economics and prob llion of Family Services (state weilems 10 that the needy may be fare) for consideration 1 o :n e Instructed .in such areas as ago. : j ; 11 a v _i hoUsekeeping, Features of the new program In-: i:lot hmt repair, etc. elude: 7. work closely with existing Wom Ch.-ged With Shooting Her Son, 17 ST. PETE:RS IBUiRG Mrs. Oarolyn Corine Hicks, 44, of 162 Jot'dan Park, was charged Wednesday wit!! aggravated assault on her son for whom she later had to sign a sur gery permission release, police said. Pol-ice said M rs. Hiicks and her son, Henry Lee Johnson, Jr, argued at their residence about 8 :50 a m. about who wou-ld wash the dis-hes. Two gun shots were fired and one struck Johnson in the rigbt h and JQhnsoo was admitted to Bayfront 'Medic al Center. surgeey this morning. Home Ftrebombed CHICAGO -A firebomb was t hrown into the basement of a black family's South Side home Monday morning in what police believe was a raciall y motivated incident. No damages or injuries were caused by tbe small blaze resulted when a bottle filled with kerosene was thrown through a basement window of the home of &bert Draper 26, of 9932 South Charles Avenue. Draper said that be had experieooed no previous since moving into the predommantly white neighborhood. three JDODths ago He said be was able tD extinguish tbe fire with a -garden hose. H;encies such as Division of. ily Services Divisim ol VocaWlilal Rehabilitation, Bureau of Services lor tbe Blind, Hillsborough County Home Ecooomics Educatioo, bo. rhood Service Centers and others to provide maximum referrcl capabili t y so that clients may oeive more complete assistance. Referral for services be made by social workers employed with referring community agencies such as Divisioo of Family Services, Hillsborough Coonty Hea!th Department; Division of Welfare, Hospital and Welfare Board and others. As are received. t he Assistant Coordinator of the program will be beaded by a t ordinator, one assistant _coordinator, four homemaker supervisors, and 50 Black FBI Agent Is With surrender OfHij.Kkers iLAKE 1A0 and MexiCJn ($1,800) and two parachutes. Authorities said the ran som dem-ands were met in Phil18delpbja when the .hijackers swapped planes, but they would not disclose tbe exact amount.' While in PbilladeLplhia, rut IElli<* Adams, 52, of Miami jumped out the front wiadow. tbe p&ane landed at Lake Jack11011, eopilot Norman W Rea gan, 34, of Miam i and flight eo-gineer Gerald Beaver, 37, ol Spring, Tes:., both julll(ped out of the front of the plane leaving three stewaroesses bebind. Reagan sulfeT-ed a broken pel vis, broken wr, ist, pos.sible facial breaks, broken ribs and contu sions when he jumped. Beaver had ben shot once in the right side, apparently after the pilot s escape in Piliiladelilbia Both men were listed in fair w good con dition at a Houston hos-pital. RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TilADIIG POST NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 3822 E. BROADWAY PHONE 243-2Ul BUSIIESS LEASES AVAILABLE AT TAMPA. PAU SIOPPIIC CEITEB lekaslra at Sc:olt For ,IEASONABLE RATES -E: PfOperty For Sale. -SPECIAL A'IILIBLE a.! .. .. :;,._ s.au ............ lixia. u i: 1 ri. Wilt Tbe llcJspital and Welfare Boarci has legal and fieeal for the program. Its aAmioistra:' : tiao is guided and directed by the .. / :, -,' f _.. > ', r, .... "'<: ,._-. .. : ,_ ... .,. riJ .!U.i.-c",_ Welfare Counci l through the Di::> rector of the bivisioo of Welfare. A Homemakers Services Advi&ory Committee compOse({ ol onethird COBSUmer of eervice!l, me third lay persons, and ooe-third persoooel will provide in. for-mation on oeeds and advice J' II Wy 5 Per r-datiog to tbe services provided by the procram and its objeetiws. Client members of the commW-ee shall be elected by tlrget aua residents from each of the four NeighborhOOd Serviee in Phone: 248 the County. -. REt $1.17 ...... s1oo ,. TERRY CLOTH -CLOTH REG. $1.57 s .lon -' .. --.DISCOU-NT : .ALUMINUI :-fOil ... 18 & lor $100 Limit 6 Per C usronie i -18 GALLOir: .. TRASif--CAl. REG. $1.97 .. lOW 2 ..... 'sr 1SE 011 tatdiEift'. -UtiWlY / I


'ruesday, July 1B, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publ!sheCI every Tues. anCI Fn. Celt. Editions PACE THREE -Man Who 1'11reatened Mayor's Office Listed Mentally Ill. A 23 year old Tampa man arrested morning for creating a disturbance in May::r Dick Greco's office appear ed in Munieipal Court this (Tues day) morning Willie Floyd Thomas, 1008 Kay Street, l isted by police oificers as an apparent mental case" storm ed into the offi c e before noon and demanded to see the mayor. town." He was arrested and taken to jail. He has no previous police record. Court findings were not avail able before press time. Suspect Sought In Assault To Murder Case A suspect is being sought in an assault to murder case at 132G Central Avenue Sunday that left its victim in critical condition. Walter James, 46, 1409 Orange, The receptionist, Mrs. Melba Overstreet told that the mayor was on vacation and he became very enraged and began using loud profanity. Identifying himself as Abdul Mohammad. Thomas proclaimed that "if the King can't rule, ought to get off the throne.'' Actin g v e r y nervous, Thomas said he needed money b catch a bus out of town at 6 P M and vowed that if he didn't get the money or "if you don't put me in jail, I'll kill everybody," reported the investi gating officers No weapons were found on Thomas was stabbed in the upper chest, near the heart, by an un, identified man following an arguMrs. Overstreet said Thomas had threatened to kill her, the ether office employees the mayor and every other "bitch in this menf at" the Cotton Club. Police officers said they arrived on the scene and saw on. the floor on his back with his shirt unbuttoned and a wound in his chest. They added that the!"e was very little cooperation from the people on the scene, and in formation of the circumstances surrounding the case is very slim; One witness did tell the officers that he was in : the rear of the building whim he heard :Tames and Fifteen -Year Old Attempts Suicid e A fifteen.year-old girl was rush ed to a local hospital Saturday after she attempted suicide by sho::ting an excessive amount of unknown drug into her veins. When questioned about the attempt on her life, the girl told the p:Jlice that she tried to kill herself because she was inad ) with her boyfriend and that she found the drug on the ground w h i l e walking home. She said that she did not know wl\at it was. The girl was released to her mother, without treatment, be cause the doctors did not know what drug the young girl h a d used nor h:w much of it, and she was in no: danger, the. doc tor said, because whatever drug ii was she did not use enough the suspect arguing over monP.y, He said he did not see the fight, but did see the suSpect walk out of the building, and saw the wound ed man on the floor A second witness added that he saw the suspeCt pushing a chair on the man's neck, but did not see a weapon James was transported to T G. and sent immediately to surg ery. WOMAN SHQT BY BOYFRIEND'S STEPDAUGHTER Mrs. Lucille Knight, 49, 2106 shortly the Tampa St., told police that she argument with the woman. Mrs. was shot. by a female Johnson s daughter and her boy-w bile she argued with the young friend came into the bar, and after girl's mother at the Honky Tonk the argument between twu Bar, 34th St. at Chelsea. women became heated, startPolice were called to Tamp:1 ed to fight. Mr. Johnson said that General Hospital in reference to while the women were fighting his the shooting and were told by stepdaughter walked up to them Claude Johnson, estranged hus.. and pulled a small pistol from her band of the suspect s mother, that purse, stuck it in Mrs. Knight's he and his wife have been sepaside, fired orie shot, then ran (JUt rated for years and he is now of the bar. dating Mrs. Knight. He said t!:ie One officer visited the scene two of went to the bar-for where the shooting allegedely tuok a drink; and after they had been place, but was unable to locate there for a while his wife.came anyone .who knew of the incident. in and started to argue with the .. Mrs Knight is listed in satis woman. The women argued factory conditlGn at the hospital. while and Mrs. Johnson left, but to kiil herself. The doc tor al;o related that the gi'rl's arms were scarred ,and it apJ)eared that she had been shooting drugs for quite sometilpe. the mother of tire girl said that she had never tried suicide before, to her knowledge, and she knew nothing about her daughter using drugs. She did_not see her take the drug Saturday she said Sav3 Time And Stamps You. r News 248 = I ----'More than the Baltimore Colts haveplagS: "To be a consistenfwinner, you have to keep finding ways to improve yourself ... whether your business J s I pro football or : banking. No coach .,.. would ever: be satisfied with an ).: ordinary, JlVerage; ron-of-the;..mifl player. shouldn't b'e satis.f!ed with anything less .the leader m ing. The First National Bank of Tampa offers you as many services as the Baltimore Colts have plays. Everything t'rom. to--Equipment Leasing. When it come_s to banking, 1 First Nationalllas the.look of And that's from one old pro t<;> another.'' Matte/Baltimore Cf?lts Running B c ack l 1HE FIRST nATibnAL.BArtK. J 0 lHEOlDPRO_ '. :, r ,,


--PACE FOUR ublished every Tuesday and Friday by l'lorida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin-Publsbing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, fampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BL YTRE ANDREWS, JR. Eiecutive Editor SIMON JOHNSON VIce Presldent-Productioa )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vlee President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS \ lee President-Advertising \eeond class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ ..J._50 Per Year One Editien. $1%.50 Per Year Both' Editions. Road To Power r" The Democratic National Con [rention, this year, more than ever presented an unusual op itortunity for the black_ leader 6Jtip to assert itself in a manner fonsisten t with its ratio of P?" Jtical strencth. That n a measure, was certified by the presence of 472 delecate. and 350 .alternate black ac credited to the tonvenotion, t h e Jargest in hisltory. To conaolidate the substantive 'ower of that electorate bloc and convert it :to reciprocal assets com menaurate with the : multiple :needs of the race as a whole was a formidable undertakinJ'. The element of -time, in the' context fDf the -gathering, worked against formulation of aneffective -rategy. Obviously, so big a task should Lave been fashioned months in advance, not on the eve of an tmotionally high pitched gather lng af the clans. The kind of coLesion that would solidify indifferences -into a solid front was impeded by the mon fllono of the "Old Guard" whose thinking does not exotend beyond the len&'th of their noses a n d Uncle Tomism have been for our inabili!ty in the past to develop a solid black front. Faced with this roadblock In their path, the young black lead ers must first find a w a y to eliminate the Old Guard or :negate its baleful influence be fore any real progress can be made. Poli:t,ical realities recognize only electoral power. The 0 I d Guard goes after crumbs, usually ion an individual basis, from the table of the white folk in power. The new lea-dership demands its proportionate share of the loaf. Taking all the handicaps into the black political equation. Miami stlill pointed the way to black oo litical dea:tiny in the perspective of future his1tory.-Public Must Know All kinds of complaints are heard these days about media attention being a cause of disruptions in schools and other public institutions. The argu ments suggesll: that kids and the _see .. w;hat happen.t d tempt to emulate their peers. It is quite close to saying that If the media did not. report the -. -, ..... disruptions in the larpr commun-ity then the atudents or pn eral public never would h a v e thought of the idee in the first place. Or, that had no one ever inen tioned prOte.lts, none of society would be plagued by them in their numerous and varied forms. Would officials, police officials, public officials et. al. prefer thllllt the general public: not be told about the diuuptions within theirinstitutions? And would these officials just as soon not have the mediia report that Johnny and Jane can't read the way they should? Or that there are too many dropo outs? Or that schools need more money? Or that there ia a bar rier between the black. communi ty and tt h e .police department stemming from years of decay in relations? Or that some police official is on the take? It may be that the media can not give adequate coverage to the and political process as they exist today, as it cannO't do in moat other fields. But within the limitations of re sponsible repol'ting the media mua:t no

"AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY Ricky "Slim" Galola, 6-8, fastris ing star, James "16'' Clark, Eddie Norman J: .Joaes "Mulld oo" Sims, Kenny "Jaboo" St. Pete is featured in the na Lyoas, Anthony "Bodeae" Ches t i ona! black matl.i_,e "]l;nc;:ore." ter and Bubba Brady, TCH at The article's .mtled, ''Why A tack was led by Jerry Shipman, Man Supports George Wal J. C. Bozeman and Nat Hannah. No, I didn't bother read MARVIN WILLIAMS A N D story. I already knew the GLORIA BALL were crowned the "King and Queen" of St. Mat C. C. Knight, just back thews M. B. Church of Sulphur a driving tour thru the state Springs, where the Rev. E. D. Ed Ala., says Wallace was not wards is pastor pre judi ce d about what color folks Heard tell of Morris Everett in 'Barna he's got hitting that wei ''Hog day" celebration out Seff. f are line For most parts says ner way being a success. Guess Mr. knight, in Ala. now-a-days it was no other way for it to you can go where you kin afford be with Mr. Everett and those regardless of color Guess it sort barbequeing two of the top soul of like, if you're hot you're bot, fkes Guess you'd have to say boxer Jerry Quarry said the words of the month, as he said, "After see lng my brother Mike get Whipped (KO'ed) I didn't really wanna fight. Melvla WUder and G e o r g e Brown arrived on early A. M. fiight from few days vacation in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area Where they went following the re oent tour thru the southeast with their "Phillippians Gospel Sing ers." EWott Pyles, Unlv of Kentucky Law Student, fllowing his grad uating from Tenn. State Univ. says brother Alfred Pyles is ex pected to sign with Southern Univ. Elllott, a Kappa Alpha Psi Fra ternity man, is working this sum with the Mayor's Youth Council and part-time at TLA: Also part-timing with us out at '1'IA is young Minister Rev. B. L. llarris of 2133 Arch St whose business card features the read lng "Christian-Teacher-Gentleman Singer." Learned during talks with Rev. Harris of the location of several of our young ministers. Rev. Alfred (A, V ) Werd is pas tor of 'Mt. Harmon P. B. Church ln Ft. Myers. Rev. Curtis Lester ls in Miami. And Rev. James Howell's pastor of St. John Baptist in Palmetto. This sort of reminds me, learn ed Joha Stepheas, pastor and !!>under of the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, is now also church pastor of a Baptist church fn Bradley Junction, right down the road .. JEFFERSON HI BEATS TAM PA CATHOLIC HI IN SUMMER J.EAGUE BASKETBALL PLAY. 'J1he fighting Dragons of C o a e h Dale Klay and No. 1 Dragon Principal Sam Bortoa, in a top summer. league cage battle last \\reek beat the Tampa Catholic Qrusader'.s by a score of 74-60. J'he new Dragons were led by "PROF" LORENZO JOHNSON WRITES FROM NYC, where the Tampan aaya he's having a great time at the "Newport Jazz Fes tival" held this year il} Madison Square Garden for nine days. JohDSOD Says the reason I don't see 'm much is cause he's flYing NIAL these days MRS. PEARL LITTLE'S HERE -ON VISIT FROM MANHATTAN, N. Y. (NYC) stopping over with sister, Mrs. Fannie Hicks of -Tam pa Parks Apt. Mrs. Little must have set some kind of a record e.s she said around 4 A.M. the other morning, my Whisperjet set guys have mishandled her bag gage three straight visiting times this year. She's threatening NAL too..... UP ON THE BRONX, N. Y. SCENE, GOLDIE THOMPSON, JR., is doing real great in the music whirl, presently being the feature attraction with his organ sounds at the Monterey Club. Goldie Jr. and Elmo FranJdia, formerly of the Mighty Clouds ol Joy, will be presenting a big Gos pel program here at the Armory July 29th MRS. BERmA BROWN, 2620 E. PALIFOX ST, PASSES. The late Mrs. Brown, is the mother of Mrs. Lilllaa Marshall of West shore St. and Mr. Jimmy Brown. Please consult our funeral notices for information concerning final rites. AMONG JULY'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRANTS ARE Sgt. Bernice Boyd (July loth) WAC of more than eighteen (18) years service stationed at Ft. Ord, Calif. Her sister, Mrs. Catheri11e Jones, wife of gent Charlie "Red" J o a e s of Central Park Village, cele brates her day tomororw (Wed.) July 19th, aftet seeing daughter Catby Jones, have her ice cream 'n cake day July 12th. Miss (Sgt.) Boyd and Mrs. Jones are daugh ters of !Urs. WllUe Lee Carter, 1210 Governor st. THERE'S A BIG, LI'IT LE LEA WORRIED? SEE READER AND ADVISOR ON ALL MATTERS OF LIFE DO YOU NEED HELP! UNHAPPY! DISCO NTENTED? DOUBTFUL! MARRIAGE PROBLEMS'!' HOM E PROBLEMS! HEALT H L OVE PROBL E M S 6503 I. Fla. lve. PIL 238-&068 ,_,. I A. II. I P. M. Mt. Siani. AME_Zion Nebraska Aven ... Bev. P. E. Ramsey, Pastor lin. Allee D. SlriiHIOS, Kept. The Sunda'Y church school be ,.n at the usual hour wdtlh' !ReV. Josephine Harmon ln Wt"ge. Presiding Elder Rev. R. L Lee was preseot. Mrs. Allee ID. Sirmons was appointed 8upt. ol .the SAmday church sClhool with M rs. Beatrice Gallmoo as essistant ,u:pt. Morning service began at ll 'With the pastor presiding. The s : ermon was delivered by the pas tor. Tlhe sermon was deli vered by Presid ing Elder Lee, His sUbject was "Eldjah IF\aint ed." Several officers were QIPpointed after s ervi ce. The White RJobe Ohoir present ed a Grannie Tea on-Monday night at 8 in the Educational !Building in the. rear of the church. 1 Many outstanding choi rs and per50nalities appeaTed on .pro gram. Prizes were given for the most orjg.inal Granny costume. IMr. .AI'li.IISter Morgan is presi dent. AJJ are asked to remember the eJck and shut-IDs. Vdsitors are welcome at all times. Mt Carmel. f406 Z6th Street Rev. M. Jones, Pastor Suoday school be1lan at 9::ro with the teachers and s\ipt. at their poets. The leS60n was re 'riewed by the pastol'. .. IMomf.n.g service began a.t 1Jl with !Mrs. Brooks in charge of devotion. The seTmon was deli vered by the !Men's Day will be observed on Sunday Ml ace asked to remember the sick and shut ins. GUE ALL.STAR GAME T B IS WEEK (SAT.), JULY 22nd It'll be the Yellow Jackets Little League All-Stars directed by Mr. Rufus "Ft. Cromoty and Mr. Freddie Bosendof against the Forrest Heights All-Stars, un der the direction of Mr. Jolmny Favors and Mr. Frank Amaro. Earl Goodman and Sgt. Reginald Williams are presidents of the respective leagues. The game will be played sat. at Interbay Little League Field, 7:30 P M And you have a long time to find out where that's at .. SEE YAU LATER First Bern (Ilardi Wimauma Elder A. E ll la, Pastor Mri. Colllas, Rept; Sooday the services wiH be fin at lil witlh John In charge of the service. The memlbers m-om the 1ma.jth Holy Church Will also be with us Bishop Knaerson and members from the Tampa Church will also be pre sent. This service will be held In order to raise money to send our. pas toT to the Bible School and Youth Congress in W.aycrriss, Georg.ia. All are asked to be present. .Lacoochee S. S was timely at Mt. Moriah with the officers in charge. The subject of the lesson was, "Find ing God's : Guidance.' The supt. reviewed his lesson. Mrs. Lillian Stewart has re turned home from Deriver, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Algro Owens made a quick stop here to visit their fa ther, Rev. A. Owens. Mr. Colum Elllllllllllll M. B. ZZ04 Bigblaad Aye, Rev. H. W WDbunl, Past.r lin. M. Jeekias, Rept. Sunday school began at the usual hour Mth the supt. and tea.ohers at tlheir posts. Morning began at 14 wHJh' the deacons in charge o.f devotion The Sanctuary Choir and Senior U9hers served T:he sermon was delivered by tihe pa5tor. Evening service began at 9:3() with the same order cd service Pra.yer meeting will be held every 11hursday night at 8. All are asked to remember the sick and shutins. The Tea will be held on the fourth Sund ay, All are asked to remember the sick and shllltins. bus Story visited his brother in Tampa last weekend. Don't forget the sick and shutins. Mrs Daisy Story, Agent and Re porter, and Rev L Waddell, Pas tor. Things You. Low Stllleld ,e.. WAR.D A IERRIT 8M ITH MAN, HE \SERVED FOR YEARS A WHITE CONIREIATION ATSOUTH BUTLER/ N.Y./. ONE OF __ TIE MOSI' POPULAR ORATORS OF HIS DAY,HI TOURED THE U.S'/ ENILAND All) THI WElT INDIE8 / l l'll .,_ -------------. I 't -'!)


PAGE SIX Fta: Sentinel-Bulletin Published every TueS. anCi Frt Get Both Ec&tions Tuesday, July 18, 1972 --Links Ciive Attention To Mrs. Nancy Iones, Pres Julia Patterson Circle Homemakers Forum ROSE CRUTCHFIELD 'Ilhe Julia Pattersoo Circle of p t Of Th '70' .. Beulah Baptist Ohurcih will. meet riOrl leS e s -at 'the home of. Mt'ls, Mamie The Links, Inc. closed out the AS a safeguard, bring with yOU medic ations your physician may have recommended. Although a nasal spray such as NTZ, Neo Synephrine nose drops, and many brands of eye drops are usually available at a drug store near hotel or cottage, your rieed for fast relief of the annoying symp toms, and the local pharmacist's hours may not coincide. other medications may require a pre scription. It is a good idea to have duplicate prescriptions, and VACATION PLANNING FOR additional quantities of the medi. BAY FEVER SUFFEB.ERS cations. Perenniitl hllY fever would do well to consult more Al)d, should you have the eh:>ice, thG travel folders when planning arrange to go on vacatioo during their vacations. Some of the folihe hay fever season There are lowing suggestions come from a many areas of the U. S. that are brochure made avail.a:ble by a relatively pollen-free. medica] center concerned w i t h -I-the study of allergic diseases. LIVEN MEALS WITH They are ofkred specifically for FRUITS AND VEGETABLES the hay fever victim with the ON BEET STREET everything h' h I'd h is rosy! Serve fresh beeta to hope ol making IS 01 ay apliven up the color in. meala. Gartravel by automobile is beo den-fresh, bright beets are good lng coosidered, one that is boiled, pickled, or in salads. Try conditioned is best. Otherwise boiled fresh beeta topped with tho.se affected ahould sit near a sour .. cream. The United Fresh closed window. Convertible tops .Fruit. and Vegetable Association advises that fresh beets are in should be kept up. particularly good supply in your Seashore vacations are a wise market now, and they suggest choice, but' only when the that for beat quality, you look for comes from fhe ocean. Breezes small or medium size roots that coming from hind carry pollen. are firm and of good color. C Peach preserves sweeten the fruit, lemon Juice heightens the .flavor and a spicy struesel sprinkled atop completes this peach of-a-pie. Of course, It's the pastry that really makes any pie. You ere assured of flaky, tender pastry by using a con-.:enlent pie crust mix. STRUESEL PEACH PIE Makes 6 servings Pastry: 4 cups fresh or frozen One 10-oz. pkg. Flako peach slices, thawed Pie Crust Mix and drained 3 tablespoons cold water Filling: Topping: % cup peach preserves 14 teaspoon cinnamon 2 teaspoons lemon juice JA teaspoon nutmeg 1 tablespoon cornstarch cup sugar Heat oven to hot (425F.). pastry, place all but V, cup pie c:rust In a medium-sized mixing bowl. Gradually add water, tossing lightly with fork. Form Into bali. Roll out on lightly floured board or canvas to fit 9-lnch pie plate. Place In pie plate. Trim; flute edges high and prick bottom and sides with tines of fork. Bake In preheated oven (425F.) 10 minutes. Remove from oven, Lower temperature to moderate (375F.). For filling, combine preserves, lemon Juice and cornstarch. Add J)each slices, stirring just to combine. rour into partially baked file shell. For .eoml:!lne mbc,:Clnnamon, &Pt-ltiJ Newly e\ected .. tq the office of vice-president was Mrs. Vera Cod well of Houston, Texas who succeeds Mrs. Bessi"e Hill of Newark, N J. and .rlr. Vivian Pen nof Boston ,elected member at-large of the Executive Board She succeedS Mrs. Edwina Big gins of Houston; Texas. Mil's. J. E. Harmon. Devo. Holding this year's biennial con bon was led by Mrs, Haynes. vention in New Orleans, La., 427 The_ les8011 was Mrs. members from throughout the Dunbar, highlights by country spent five days working Mrs. Weem-s VIsitors are weii:m a full agenda revolving around come at all times. the theme of this years meeting, B I (i Priorities of the Seventies-Other new members serving on Ow lng reen Links Effective Involvement the Executive Board are '-Mrs. Now:" Jewell T. Thompson of Baton Mrs. Janice M. Johnson, Miss Another significant action of the Rf.luge, Director of Freedom and Vivian B. Jackson of Bowling delegates was a vote to divide the Arts; Mrs. Pauline Ellison of Green, and Miss Jo1ce Clark of equally the sum of $46,000 hi!tween Arlington, Va., of. Ser Wauchula are confined to the Medical Center at vices to Youth; Mrs. Eugene Memorial Hospital. 'University and Meharry Medical Long of Tyler, Texas, Director College for Sickle Cell Anemia of National and International Girlene; Joyce Research. This was part of the' trends and Services; Mrs. Norv ter of Wauchula are visiting.' in organization two-year grant-in leate Downing of Newp:>rt News, Gainesvjlle with their aunt, Mre. aid project. Va., Public Relations; Mrs Willie Gladys Williams. t' highlight of the week's ac. Glanton of Milwaukee, Wia., Di _,. lVItl'es was the "Magnolia Civic rector of the Central Area; Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Hills, Jr. : Luncheon" held on June 30th at and family of st. Petersburg were : whieh time a check *"0,000 Julla Smith of Los Angeles, Calif., .,..., Director of the Western Aree and Sunday visitors Bowling Green was preiented by the National Mrs: Allie .Weeden of Washington, with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hills, .. President to Arthur Fletcher, D. C., Lepl Advisor and General Mrs. Elize.beth Reed and TomEiecutive Director of' the United Counsel. mie Williams Ft. Lauderdale Negro College Fund, the other are visiting with :Mr. and Mri. c. recipient of the Unk'a two year Six new chapters admitted at Mcivery and relatives. rrant-in-aid. thiS 'year's me'eting brine the Mrs. Floree Williams and Cal Other officers re-elected for a number to 124. Tbey are located vin RobiiHIOII. of Atlanta, Ga., are term ere Mrs. Ruth Me in Silver Srings, Md., Lansirig, visiting with Mrs. Inez Lampkins Cants of Ohio, finanMichigan; Toledo, ottio; Miil and relatives. cial secretary; Mrs. Beatrice But neapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota; Midler of BaltimOre, Md., treasurer; land,; Texas and Sail Fernando Viola Daniels and Jamie ol Wauchula visited last week in La Grange, Ga., with their uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Haskins; Sac- Valley, California, and Mrs. Moses Lampley and rela tives. Mrs. ianice M. Johnson and Leori Fuise have returned hoine from the Hardee Memorial Hos pital. Little Cotrina Johnson is visiting in Ft. Meade with her grandmotb Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, and relatives. Sarasota. ol Lily White lodge ol which Mel A. M. E. Chtll'dl, 2700 U.oks Ave. at 4 p.m. Rev. B H. Martin is pas tor. The sermon will be delivered by Rev. S. P ol. this city. The public is invited. Oome out and see what the Whites are doing and tlhe reason so m-any people are :Join ing tlbis lodge. Mil'. James Jofm. fl(JI'l, f.lnancioal secretary; M'l'S. Helen Young, teller and Mrs. M 1ary WUsoo, recording secre-tary. Cocoa Mrs. Susie E. Lewis, Reporter !Morning worship beg8ll at 111 wHlh the pastor, Rev. 0. H. Houston in The pastor was in c

''>-'Y .' Tuesday., JuJr. 18, 1972 t1a. Tues. Get Both Edidoni PACE SEVEN THE GRIFFINS AT WEDDING RECEPTION ON PROGRAM The 'list of guests attending tbe Jones-Bethune wedding re eeption recently Included the popular Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin. E -lder Bu:l1_ o : n '. A .i'ice p;ogram highlighted tht;, recent Ranlbow Tea at Grace Mary Baptist Church. One of the partlelpants was Valarie Smith who gave a reading. first.-. Bap.tist :Church : Progress .. Village __ : Rev : B. T WIUi'ams, ..Annual. Conference service. Rev: Storr 9ur for mer as-: FLORIDA_ HOSTS NATIONAL. BEAUTY .CULTURIST'S .MEET WASlfiNGTON, D. C. When .. the National Beauty Culturists League, Inc., holds its 53 annual convention in Miami, Florida, July 20 to August 10, st;ite resi dents from forty states and from the Bahamas and South America will be present with their delegations. State Presidents scheduled to be present according to informa tion from Dr. Katie E. Whickam, National head of the organiza tion, are' as foliows: Mrs. Cecile E. Whittle, Alabama; Mrs. Maxine Collins, Arkansas; Mrs Se benia D. Berry, California:; Char les E. Johnson, Colorado; Mrs. Charlotte Johnson, Delaware; Mrs. Estelle Campbell, Dil)trict of Columbi -a; Ross, Florida; Mrs Marion Crowder Georgia; Mrs. Lena Saunders, Illinois Also Mrs. Pauline Humphrey, Iowa ; Mrs. Katherine Smith sas; Mrs. Margaret Mitchell, MRS. CATHLE 'AN State President Maryland; : Mrs. o azyelle S. Hill Presidents; Mrs Maude Gadson, Michigan; Mrs." Theresa P. GranNew York City; Mrs. Ruth Val ger, Minnesota; Mrs. Asalene entine, Notfolk; Mrs. Jef Hambrick, Mississippi; -Mrs. Aline ferson, Kansas City; Mrs. MCU'1 .refferson, : Missoin-i; Mrs. L. Mayei;'S, Columbus. OhlQ; Mrs. Bruton, : Nebraska; Mrs. Cor a Margaret Minor, -Durb11-m, Nor t lt Ballard NewJersey; Mrs; Clara Carolina; Mrs. Madeijne : Oliver, Wells New Mexico: Mrs. Bertie Chicago; Mrs. Beuhler Hunter, Crosby, Texas; -Mrs Lillian W. Atlanta recording Mrs. Snipes, N1lrth Carolinai Mrs. Ml;lrgaret Mitchell, .,, Baltimore, Jones, Ohio; MJ,-s.. financial ., secretary, tre!lsurer; Gladys Lampki _ns, Okhlhotna; Mrs Mrs J::sephine Thomps on, Wash Cleolis Richardson, Pennsylvania. ington D C.; historian; Ver Also Mrs. Alyce Crowder, nice Mark,' Detroit, and commit Island ; Mrs Margaret H. Miller, tee chairman Mrs. Serena E. South Carolina; Mrs : Cl-ara Nlln. Patterson Philadelphia senior n any, Tennessee; Mrs. Mae : trustee board; Mrs. A!la::,T. P a l Levels West Virgina; Mrs. Ruth mer, Washingto-n, D c.,: Jr. tru'i Valentine, Virginia; Mrs Marla tee board; Mrs Billie C,a1:4oll, Edwards; Washingttm; Mrs Lu_Louis, Jr. Executive board; Mrs. cile Woods, Wisconsin; Mrs. Wil Mary L Myers Columbus, Ohi o lie Mae Saunders, Nassau Ba' Sr. Executive board; Harry W. hamas; Mrs. Eurhodo Parris, De Gra c e, Gulfp:Jrt, Miss., Courtes y ; meral"a, .. Guyana ; S:Juth America:' Mrs Jewel Williams Dallas trade Offi cers of! the; league in addi: show and Mrs. ciara tion to Dr. Whlekam 1nclnde ViCe Norfo l k African Projep t Rev:. A, D B urton; the evening !!ermon was b.y the Rev. soCiate. pastor an!}. presently pas. ildding -Elder Of the Tampa 1\L Jones. eli.oirs and Ushers (or of the New Satem ?.f. Baptist trict of the Abican Methodist from Mt. Carmel No. 2 and Church, delivered a most inspira, IEpis,eopal OhtJrGh, held the Gregg. Temple served at this tiimal sermon at the morning serv nual' .Odoference ..of .tihe Tampa service: Mrs. A D; Burton, P.re; ice. Rev. Hunt, a member of St !District Sunday School, sidect of the Miissiary Matthew Baptist Church, read the and Junior Missiooatiies, and La:Y ment, pres>ided during the scripture. We were very happy in at Greater MOUnt Oarmel sioRal'Y Hour. The. of the deed tohave these and IA.M.E. Ohurcl: on July: ].l?r-14;was: ''Involverrrent Wibh their flimilies worship with lJS. ltev. C. D. Lazier was the host the Mon&ter -::-". : B. T ti began at 5 o'clock pastor. 1;'\nxiety. with the assistant director Mrs N F : lin attend_!lOCe were .Pastors! : Some of the Walkins, in charge. Evening wor. rom Tampa Lodges'. !Local Deacons, Evangelis ts, SuMrs. Alma Morris, Mil"S. ship at 6:30. Our pastor delivered o_f Susie Padgett, Mrs. Carolyn Fa the message. The William Jubilee __ ..::,...;. ____ .=, ___ iPres1dents of Leagues, SeniOr vors, Rev. Lazier, Rev. J -B. Singers and the No _2 Usher-Board LILY WWTE LODGE NO. 136 of Port Tampa is meeting at i!!Wl funior MisSiiooaries, Keel. The Mesd ams Jada_ served both ... 7 P. M this erening The Royal Court will meet at 6:30 People Departments, Laymen_ pard, Helen Our pastor, Re:v. Williams, will Members of U:DY WHITE tODGE NO. 10, both and sen ;and Delegates from the. twelye Oaro'lyn his _12th anniversary on Mon io(, nieting 1 :3 0 at tha-!Cfhu,rohes of. the Ta'lliQ>a Dis hams, Griffm, and Catol Smibh, d ht th R J W D h _h0.J1le \>f..the .. JS;,_2ll31 e nu e Conference anli piS-pri.ct Mrs. EUza:beth The ar mg .w1 : o e dn e sd a y con-: 807 E. J!s '!1he Rul:ng Force Of The The 01o5mg Session of the who m and made -N(). 31 (). E.: S. isf;j,leeting this l&ingdom of God." The Opening {)oofer:ence consisted of a ser-. years pastors anmversary a veiy evening & 1fSIP!!K at.: Masoriic '34th_;'1!tree t Session was one of Workshop mon b.y Rev. H. H. _Dougl>as. successful one. Of LILY WHITE LODGE .NOd 3 is meet-Tlhanksdyi ng. Rev F. c : Oh9irs-and Dea. Beck, supt. of the Sunday lng at 8 T!mrsdaf a!. ihe :29th Street ,,_ Sanchez d e livere4 Ule Annual (;rom .St. J ames and St. Mary School, .has that the Serm

' PACE EIGHT Pia. !eDtiael-Bulletin Pu'bUshed nei'J T1M1. il..ti Fri.. Get Bot1a EditioU TuesdaJP, July 18, 1972 HDisborough County. Ope0 To Polio? Dr. John S. Neill, Hillsborough County Health Department direc tor, this week.issued this warning to all county residents, "'111e re cent confirmed case of polio mye litis in Ft. Myers stands as an ex ample to all people that compla cency regarding immunization can be devastating. I urge that all persons between age 1-18 who have not had a polio immunization, or who have fallen behind in boosbrs contact their private physician or the health department." In a survey conducted last by the health department, Tarnpa areas of low income are 50 cent short in immunization cover age of the recommended 85 per cent minimum community protec t i on coverage. High and middle in come areas in Tampa lack '27 per eel'.}:. Plant City Jacks 33.9 per. cent and the balance of the county 313.7 per cent. When even OQe <>f the community falls below safe-, ty level it that tbe entire surrounding area is. exposed to." epidemic.' The recent school compulsory immunization law ensures fin.t time students in this county all shots required. Children not hav ing completed up to date immu nization schedule will not be ad mitted to school this August. But the health department "is still strongly concerned for t!le one to five year olds who are at home aTI9 not as immediately available as th-e school age chi! r dren. "These pre-schoolers must be protected against diseases which can leave them with life long dam aging effects," says Rick Crank Division of Health Regional Immunization Coordinator. He ex piained they are the group where immunization levels are spotty they are harder to get to. They can also infectothers with out actually bec.oming sick them selves, The Lee County polio vic tim 'is; three old and has experienced paralysis in and arms. HillsbOrough County Health De partrnen.t's im. munization clinics for next week are: Del Rio (Nick Nuccio Rec. Center, 4805 E. Sligh), Thursday, 9 a m : Drew Park (Cordelia Hunt) Comm. Center 4017 N. : Hesperides), Monday, 10:30 a.m.; Grant Park (Community Center 3802 54th SU, Friday, 10:30 a.m.; Lee Davis (24th St. and 28th Ave.), Monday, 9:00a.m. 1:00 p.m:, 8:00 p m. Tues., Wed., Thurs., 8 :00 p .m., Main Health Dept : (1105 E. Kennedy), Monday Friday, 8:00 a m.-5:00 p .m. Pla11t City (Gounty Courthouse Bldg.), Mondlly-Friday, 8 :00 a m. and 1:00 p m. River:view (Civic Club), Monday, 10:30. a.m. Sulphur Springs (Community Center, 12th St. and Seward), Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Joyce Ely lRuskin), Friday, 9:00 a.m. Citrus Park (Baptist Church) Thursday, 1 :00 p.m. Longtime Daughter Of Elks Seeks Grand Treasurer Post When the Elks National Conwn tion meets in St Louis, Mo., t'n August 25. Mrs. Pender J. McCall will be a candidate for Grand Treasurer of the Daughters of Elks. For the past 25 years she has served as Grand Recorder. The Philadelphia resident has been by Tem p les in 12 states and in the D istrict of Co lumbia; she has atte n de d .. and has. been enqor8ed by state tions in five states as well as by the Tri-state Convention which in eludes Maryland Delaware and the District of Columbia; which convened in Baltimore in June, and the New England and East-ern Canaaa Convention. For last three years Mrs. McCall has had the honor of bei.n:g mistress ceremonies for the Presentatiort of Debutantes, spon sored by the Ways and Means De partment of. the Daughter Elks of the world ; '' A of the Phyllis W heat ley Temple No 51 since 1932, Mrs. McCall served as secretary to the .late Grana : Dtr. Ruler Abbie M. Johnson for eight years and in the same capac_ity_, tp thE! Grand Dtr. Ruler Eliiabeth Ross Gordca for two years. She was senior mother of ;Phyllis Wheatley Juve nile Class, bOard member of the class until 1961, and presi dent of the senior mothers and junior gti artlian council of Greater. Philadelphia for three years Mrs. :McCall was bookkeeper for the Past. Exalted Rulers' C ouncil fer five years and assisted in setting up the following Temples: Leverta, Pride of North Philadelphia, Pride of Northeast and National Capitol. Since tlie inception of the Penn sylvania Queens Contest in the late 50s McCall has been its execu tive secretary, is the state record er of the Pennsylvania State Asso ciation and served as auditor for the past year. She was also ap. pointed for 1972 as chairman of auditors for the Sbining Light Past Dtr. Rulers' of t he East ern Di!ltrict of Pennsylvania. Since 1946, Mrs. has been bookkeeper and secretary of st. Simon the Cyrenian Episcopal Church, serving under Dr. John R. Logan, and then Rev. John R. Logafi, Matriculating at Spelman College In Atlanta, Mrs. McCall went to Philadelphia where as a administration student at Duncan Business School she finished in the upper 50 of her class. She is the wife of Samuel McCall assistant to Grand Exalted Ruler Hobson R. Reynolds _HCC Registration Set. August 4 HilWlorough Community Col lege will hold central reg.istra tion for its second term FTiday, August at both the Dale M abry and Plant City Campu ees. Registration hours will be 2 p.m. to. 7 p.m. The central registratii()n follows a week of ad SEE Raymond's Dept. Store COR 7th AVENUE AND 15th STREET Yhor Cily Ask Us Aboal Our Back To School h-UY-l-WAY PLU r.' A110sttlc (Ilardi Of Jesus Mislioa No. 2-Thollotosassa Elder J. H Lee, P a sto r Mn. Be au&eaa S. Wllite Repertu Sunday school began at 10 with the supt., Janet Felton, in charge. Deacon R. Mitchell will take the place of Mrs. A. L. Underwood until she returns from maternity leave. Noonday service began with Dea con R. Mitchell and Mr. A. Gam on in charge of devotion. Testi monial service was held 'l1le ser mon was delivered by Missionary Idella Mitchell. The members of Mission No. 2 mourn the recent passing of Mis sionary Bertha We extend heartfelt gympathy to the family of this pioneer of ties. Funeral services will be held Saturday at at No. 2 Mission iri Thonotosassa.' : Evening service began at 8 with devotion conducted .. by Deacon Mitchell and Mr. J Carter. The sermon was delivered by Elde r Lee. Revival services are still in ses sion and Elder Lee is in charge of the services nightly The revival services will run until next Mon day night. All are welcome. Tyer Temple U : Ceutral aud Ross Rev. E. J. Rivers, Jr.; Pastor s. S. began at 9:30. with the supt., Mr. Charlie Harris, in charge The lesson was taught by Rev. B M Jones and was re viewed by Mrs. Rose Duhart. The morning worship began at 10:55 with the pastor at his post. Music was rendered by the No. 1 choir with the junior ushers and ards serving. The message was brought by the pastor whose sub ject was "Going Fishing." Among the morning worshippt>rs_ were: Mr. Homer Patrick, MesClaudia Scipo, Clara Thorn as, who has been ill for several' weeks. Wednesday evening at 7:30 the No. 2 choir will have rehearsal. All members are urged to be pres ent and

PACE TEN Fla. Sealiaei Bullllllia PuLIW.ed pery aDd Frl Cet Both Ed itiou Tuesday, July 11, 1972 I Our DANIELS Servicemen I High School. His father, Jeb D. Ervillg, resides on Rt. Z, Bartow. RANDOLPH Beulah Dorcas Circle Mrs. Mary Crawford, Clar. Mrs. Etta Wldte, Reporter' The Dorcas Circle ol Beulah B-aptist Oburcb will meet Thurs day at 9 at t!he home o1. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gutler, lJIOO iLQngshoremao Dr. Apt. A. The lesson by Mrs. Eddies Wilson, subject ".Mt. Siani," taken from Exodus 19:11ao. The alPhabet letter is "D." The last meeting place was M rs. Jennie Simp6011, 1006 Ohlorette St. Gospel Mission Prayer Band Dea. Lonnie Simmons, Pres. Mrs. Willie Belle Williams; Kept. SAN ANTONIO-Airman Charles E. DaJIIels, son of Mrs. Rubie .James of 516 S. W. Avenue B P-1., Belle Glade; has completed his U. S. Air Force basic trainillg at the Air Training Command's Lack land AFB, Te:z:as. He has been asaigned to Sheppard AFB, Texas, for training in the civH engineering mechanical and electrical field. Airman Daniels attended Washing toR Senior High School, Ga. His wife, Gloria, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Adley Cll Belle Glade. The airman's fa ther, Willie Daniels, resides oa Rt. SAN ANTONIO-Airman Bellja min T. Raadolph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ra11dolph of Rt. 3, Lake Placid, has completed his U. S. Air Force basic training at the Air Training Command's Lack land AFB, Tesae. He Is remalniag at Lackland for training in the se curity police field. Airman Ran. dolph Is a 1971 graduate of Lake Placid High School a n d attended Florida Memorial College. His wife, Elnora, Is the daughter of Mrs. Elnora Kearse of S-A CaPVer St., Be!'e Glade. The Gospel Mission iPrayer 1 Baod will meet Wednesday at 7:30 at t..be home af Ml'll. Nancy SUtton, 1001 Long .shoreman Dr. All are asked to remembei-the llick and shut.iM. Visitors are welcome at all times. New Hope Choir Dea. Ira B. Bruton, President Mrs. D o ri s c. More, Reporter Choir No. 2 of New Hope M. B. Church, Rev. John Willis, pastc.i', will have weekly rehearsal Thurs day night at s p. m. The president is asking every one to please be present and on time. Mt. Zion Gospel Chorus ] f'\u;f.m.,". ERVING SWILLEY Dea. James Marin, Presideat Mrs. Am a n d a Isaac, Reporter The Gospel Chorus of New Mt. Zion Baptist of which Rev. B. J. Jones is pastor, will hearsal Thursday night at 8 at the church. 1be president is ask ing all members to please be present and on time: Pughsley Chorus Mrs. BoldeR, Mrs. 'azel Repor'ter Pughsley

Tuesday, July 18, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published everv Tues. anCI Fri. Get Both Editioni MT. PILGRIM'S DISTRICT TEA IS DELIGHTFUL Pictured 1111 the front row of large crowd Mary Fedrick. The tea was an event of FrldaT on hand for ihe dellghUul Mt. Pilgrim District Tea evening, held at the Temple. are Mrs. Betty Young, Rlchardean : Stewart and CHILDREN IN CHISHOLM-THOMAS WEDDING PARTY Children In the Chi$holm-Thomas Wedding party.-Sheila .Jones, Lorl and Schlnlnee .Jones. TheT last week included ; from left, Kim 1..-wrenc:e, were flower girls. ALUMNI, HEARS. PROGRESS REPORTS !\Irs. Martha Kennedy, center, a local teacher, among grad uates of Florida A lc M University who heard progress reports anti future plans for their Alma Mater. Smooth ls -The Word For Dems' Gavel. Gal r MIAMI BEACH (Convention Bu Is mandatory if a fifth of the d!.'le.o reau) When Yvonne Braith gates demand one. Yvonne fre waite fell exhausted into quently discouraged the threat by bed at 8:15 a.m Wednesday she pointing out that a roll call of all was not aware that slie had prethe states would take an hour sided over the lol)gest convention "I sweated that out quite a few / session-11 hours-in political p'lr times," she admitted. "If we had ty history. Nor could she know had a roll call on all the votes, that she had probably also give;1 we would have been there for two the Democratic Party a new black days." There was only one roll female star. call-on abortion. felt like it," M.rs. Burke gig She added, "I tried my best tG. gled later when informed of the be calm. I was concerned about a record set by the televised vote possible uproar a number of times, and-talkfest which she had kept because once a convention firmly under the control of her out of hand it's almost imooss : ble gavel all through the night tc get it back on the track. Slim and pretty in a blue knit Especially when people get tir ed, dress, the 39-year-old California they fret constantly; and they legislator smoothly guided the were telephoning us from the restless delegates through a floor all the time with all kinds of complaints. of 21 votes before the controver sial 1972 Democratic Platform was A Los Angeles lawyer with a finally nailed down at 6:20 a.m. Ia:-v degree from the University of She is the convention's vice chair Southern California, Yvonne is the man, and many who admired her Democratic nominee in the race skill regarded her as even more for a House seat in California's effective in avoiding delays ar:d Coll(ressional District, which disruptions than the chairman 18 78 per cent Democratic. If Lawrence O'Brien, a seasoned old is elected, she will become tha pro. second black woman in Congress Isn't Everybodv H ., : in addition to Rep Shirley Chis: appy holm of New York II k T 1 U f N k II Yvonne's tools besides her hu"e ac ampans n RIOR orelgn ews, Broo svi e gavel were a non-nonSense not only won the nomi-N 1 S h ( t 1 The three tmion of the Union experience in working under strict nabqn last she als:l atiOna OR eS Foreign. Bap!Jist Associ-ajlion of day was held Sunday rules-of-agenda in her native state the wife of William Burke, whi.clh Rev. F. Clllbby is modera and an understanding of human' a Los Angeles businessman. ;.,. th f' t t' .. h h' at Bethlehem Progressive Baptist It Is her d l r or e IrS, 1me m e IS-k>r, will hold ""'eir res>"...,...ive nature. secon marriage. t f Fl 'd ..... t te '11 Church. Sunday School began at ory o orl a, uue S a WI sessions next week at the fol"You try to do the you can Whatever spla.sh she. makes in by blacks at the 1 1 9:30. Mrs. R. F. Hart served as the Hou y 1 k Naticoal Youth of Americ a owing paces: supt. Morning worship was called she said. "You have to accept the se, 1 ely: to be. Speaks, Inc {)rlatol"ical Oonteet. Union No. 1 wi.U ronvene at to order at 11. Mrs. Nelia M."Mills fact you're not going to make th-e basis of last night's They are R.aP.Ust Evening .service followed. Mr.i. e 'groes M s tbl T .July 28-30. Church, Plant()tty, Rev c .. w Pinkie Roberts and Mrs. Blanche ore uscep I e 0 Burns, Pa.stor, Rev. J. M. ScanCambric led devotion. Mrs. Joice p [ROiiald Mitchell is a 1;5 year tling, President.' Mrs. Nellie Mae alnt: Lead ld ff h 1 WI'lliams I's pres!'dent of The B. Richardson, who was the guest c Je_ erson Sc oo stu : k t d d b ,. .. Women's Departmen t. spea er, was m ro uce y Mrs; He 1s among the top 3 istate winners and a second 1 : '-Union No. 3 Will hold its senMildred Sims. Remarks were made -A 27dby off slum all -i>iac e wi!lller in the local ()pti. sion _at the New Bethel Baptist by the. pastor, Rev L. E McGhee. survey mdicated Wednesday black Prior tow th! 1950s lead-based Speedh COO-test: He will quH'Cih, .Wmter Uaven, W.' Reesee, Reporter. may be inhereatly paint was widely Since a fuur minute Ol'ation 'IF. Lewis, P astor, Rev. S D. G ( S susce.P_tible to lead poinson. then, it has been replaced wib't eqtitled, "Our Ohalilenge: In!Hlicks, Presiden-t. Mrs. Jose,pnine reen OYe pr1ng5 _mg pam:t on old city ,slums other based as the danger ot Mi-nlhae''s parrents is president of The WoTh s be s t 1 than white children. lead became known. v "' '1 ;. e un am p1r1 ua Smgers A us H 1..... S are Mr and MT'!I. Willie Mi.tc4lell, Departmen-t. The pubhc will be at the Church of God In ea uu erv.ce study ;431! Main Street. Is mVIted to !lttend eacll union Christ of which Elder C. W How-sedaidf amo1 ng lsbla:,k children t&\1-tt Dr. Roger S. Challop, one ot Rev. S. D. Reporter. ardis pastor. Dea. C. E. Davis is or eve Vl lead in theirWo government pediatricians in Six:teen year old Micihael Smith blood, 33 .percent had amounts Cincinnati -whoconductedthe fs. also a Jefferson stu sponsor Everyone is invited to at considered excessive by the U.S. !fllrvey, told UPI in a telephone dent, and was third place winOrlandO tend. The church is located on surgeon general while only 11 ... interview blacks deficiency Which :ner a t the state speeclh oonMiddleburg Avenue. !Percent of the white youngsters allows lead to accumulate mora teet j.n June. For two yeali"S he AU Lily Whites are asked to tested did... repid'ly. placed first -in the Optimist plea -se attend our annual Lily "Cultural or genetic factors contest, and waa c!hosen best Wlhite Anniversal'IY on Sund ay at gust 27. in Persons who ma y t>lay an important role rAmericaoL&m speaker at the 2J9t;h IM:t. Olive AIMIE Oburoh, Rev would like to nde on our in the black C!bild.reo," t}le Health 5ession of Boys State in TalLa hasL. L Hai&ley, Pastor. He will are a sked to contact Mrs. Sallie Servjce study concluded. "We ISt'e. The subject of his fuur 81so preach. Rev. Haisley is a Fuce. can't say it is because black kids minute oration wfil be ''Thds I State Duputy, live in worse housing, [Believe." He is the son of Mr Mrs. Elaine McB-ridge and FOR RENT we found a 3 to 1 difference when rand Mlrs, Henry Smdth, 3900 children Angelea and Bobbie of ,,.., the housing was equally bad." Cherry Street. G.reen Cove Springs were the Clean Painted LEAD POISONlliNG can cause weeke111d guest of 'Mr-s. Sallie mental retardation and death. !First pla.ce winner of the state Mae Fuce. Houses The surgeon general ha,s. estimat; eontest was 16 year old Ailibert The Councils of Lily White Phone 1645 ed that 400,000 children have IMyl"a from Daytona High in Society will have their annual dangerously Mgh levels of lead l)aytOila Beach. meeting and picnic Sunday, Au ill their blood from eating paint Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921


Tuesday, July 18, 1972 Fla. Sentiaei-BuUelia PuLiiahed eerr Tues. aad Frt: Get Both EdltioM PACE ELEVEN New U. S. Attorney Speaks Out On Civil Rights W1ASHIDN1GTON Attorney been given to drive down titat Ghana--Burial Set As Gainea Retlms Body Of Nkrumah Transplant Patient Envisions Long Life General Richard G. rOOd." the new head of U. S. DepartMr. has repeated ment of Justice, is firmly com-.Jy cited Ute Justice Depart mitted to securing equal rights ment's record of enforcement of for all Americans. three years, particuiarly in the The 48-year-old Arizonan, who civil rights. laiW'B in the past was sworn in as tJhe 88th At-areas-of educati.oo, employ-ment torney General on June 12 after and housin .g. .serving three. years as tihe No. He has said that tihe Justice 12 man in the department under 'Department will continue to John N. Mitcllell, bas frequently press for programs like the spoken out in sLJPpOrt of civil Plan to "rid tbe rights guarantees for black and land of discrimination In employother minority groups. ment. "Racial : discrimination is Regardin!! school de,s.greg.ation, wroog. It is moralLy Wrong. It Mr. Klertidienst believes that is legally wrong. lit is socially national standards Slboul.d be es wrong lt mlust be substantially tablisbed "as step forward eliminated if we are to survive toward the elimination of racism ISS a nation of :free and inde-In our country." pendent people," Mr Kleindienst "We are committed to quality lhas declared. education for evel'y C'hild in this In his first meetin g wilil newsland," he has said. "Wihat we ACCRA, Ghana The body of Kwame Nkrumah was flown back here last weekend in a special Guinean Air Force plane. The militaq government or dered all flags to be flown at half staff. until the former President is buried in Nkroful, a village 190 southwest of' here where he was born .on Sept. 1, 1909. Return of the pan-African lead, er's body to Ghana marks the cul mination of protracted negotia. tions between the Government Na tional Redemption Council here and President-sekou Toure of Gui-. -nea. Mr. Nkrumah died oh April 7:1 .in Rumania, where jle was re ceiving medical treatment. INDIANAPOLIS Louis B. Russell Jr., who has lived long er than anyone in the world of a transplanted heart, ia counting on 'being around at least 22 more years. RUBSell; 47, an Indianapolis school teacher whose strenuous daily schedUll! wqulc$ exl:laust many normal persons, entertains a growing Optimism about hils future because his doctors do. "Not long ago," Russell said. "I was up and running arourui for 22 hours one day and the electro cardiograph pattern slipped a little and my local doctor was ooncerned "They had asked me to follow a slower than .normal pace after I left the hosPital because they wanted to see how long a per. son o:Juld live with another's heart in him Can Last 22 Years aeU said. He said not only Kemp -but. other doctors associated with lUll medically historic case are now fairly eunfident he will live a n-.:rmal life span. The 'heart now in his body: and being accepted bF the bOdy-is that of a 17-year-old Providence Forge, youth whC) was killed when he stepped out of a restaurant during a ghetto gun-fight. Donated by Parents The heart was donated by the parents and transplanted to Russell in the hospital at Rich mond. Russell still keeps in touch with the donor's parents and says he has accepted the youth's birth day-Aug. '13-as. one of three spe cial days in the ye. The other two are his own birthday .in April and. the Aug. 24, 1968, an niversary of his operati-on. men as Attorney General, Mr. are opposed to Is the Federal Kleindienst disoeu9Sed the need imposition .of artifici al means of to establish a national policy ac! hieving an artificial racial to eliminate discrimmaAiion so balance .", tbat every citizen is aocortled Mr. Kleindienst has also. called "equality not only ol opportunity f()l' the recruitment of more but equaqty of hope and equality blacks oo police forces and has of promise... cited dle need,. for improved At first, President Toure refused Ghanaian requests for the body and gave Mr. K.krumah a state fu neral in Conakry, the Guinean cap ital. The Ghanaian had spent most of the years of his exile in Con akhy, following his overthrow in 1966 in Ghana's first military coup. He was given the symbolic tit!li of Co-President of Guinea by Pres Ident Toure. "But I talked to the cardiologist. at Medicul College of Vir ginia at Richmond, Eric Kemp Russell goes to A doctor here and he told me he wa1111't con-twice a week now-down from the cemed because the heart had three times a week routine he gone 22 hours at a stretch befollowed for two years---and reo cause he now thinks it can go 22 turns each January and July to Richmond for a completeset ol His speeches have carried !hilS training of law enforcement ol civil rights theme: fi fn "We know that 'in the civil communmty relatiODS. rights field, can The new Attorney General, a be a pitfall, that we oa nnot member ol the Nratiooal UriNm Roy Wilkins, executive director rest on yesterday's gains, 11hat League since 1000, Is particularof the NAACP, denied, however, dlere iB still a 1oog road ahead. J,y .. 'RiUt tbe work o1. black that there was a "funnal organ And we in the JuMice Depart-chic groups sudl as Delta ized movement against Nixon's ment are making maximum use Theta Sorority In the rehab!ilielection" at the convention. He 7eafs. -If his new heart does last that long, and Russell says he feels quite strongly it will, he will ob serve his 69th birthday anniver sary "and that's pretty close to a normal life span for anyone." "I don't just live day to day, I look forward to tom:Jrow," Rusol. the legal vehicles we have tation of feder-al prisOnerS. noted that tbe NAACP has on1y J k Bla k R le Ted: Supreme Court ac son ( o Republican Barry Goldwater. R Q R h Jackson, however, made it clear -eversing n ig ts during his speech that he would / B I N t favor the Democratic nominee and WASHINGTON Sen Edward lg n J IA.ftr. urging black Americans to have M. Kennedy, D-Mass., Wedmesday confidence in themselves. accused the Supreme Court of At a news conference, Jackson backing away from its responsi DETROIT "Eigbt years ago," tests. Suit VaHey Asks Fort Integration MACON The state Board of Regents and Fort Valley Stu, College President W E. Blanchet were named defendants WednesdaF in the secood federal court suit to be filed withiD three months in aa effort to wtegrate the college. 'ftl.e labest suit was filed oo be half of white taxpayers, parents and students and some members of tbe college said the Rev. Jesse C. iackson, 'blacks were "picking cotton in Louisiana. Next week we'll be picking a president in. Miami." That, Jackson told 2,300 cheer ing delegates to the 63rd annual N A A C P Convention Wednesday night, is the definition of revolu tion-change within a short time. est and largest civil rights 01'said that the NAACP show,l 01'. bility to preserve the rights and ganization in the nation met ganize a drive for unity among equality of Americans. hind closed doors to consider a the nation's black leaders, and "The Supreme Court had been It the court to consider the plan to help defeat President Nixthat it should downgrade the imthe senior partner in proteeting possibility of exchangig.g Fort Val on in the electioo. portance of whether a Democr,at the guarantees of human justice ley faculty members and admiois Throughout tbe week-long con or Republican is elected presifor all Americans during the past trators with Macon Junior College, vention, Nixon's strong anti-busing dent. The vast majority of 20 -,ears," Kenuedy told a meeting Georgia Southwestern College ia stand has come' under attack. vote Democratic. of the Black Caucus-the 13 black Americus and Middie George Coli only resolution passed by the dele:-. "Brother Roy Wilkins needs to members of the House. ege in Cochran. gates so far accused Nixon of call a "black-on-black" summit "But in recent months, their de The suit also suggests that quaUBefore Jackson, hea'd of Opera tion PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) in Chicago, spoke, the Resolutions Committee ol the oldIeading an "assault upon the 14th conference," said Jackson. "We're cisions by narrow votes haYe be fied black students now enrolled Amendment's e q u a 1 protection all trapped in the black condition, gun to turn back the sanctity of or to be enrolled as freshmen at clause" by suggesting a constituand our survival is hooked up one many safeguards we though were Fort Valley State this year be re tional ban on busing. to the other." : insured," ,he "B_ecauae quired to attend one of the other c;ourt wont pull Its share In three institutions if they live withstruggle for -then we In commuting distance SUMMER JOBS nR YOUR YOIJIIIi SON THAT CAN LAST ALL YEAR LONG. START. HIM AS A BUSIIESSMAN N 0 W 1 See It Here Firsll FOR THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN This could be one ol his mosl valuable lessons in responsihilily ....... He leams lo IUilage lais route, wisely aad weD. For the news paper .oy, dud's a hoosl in seU-ccmfidence, as well as an early slarl in developing a sense ol basinesss enterprise and accomplish meDI thai will stand by him aD his lile. To the newspaper lloy, we say, "COIGBATDLATIOIS." We're proud to know yoa. PIPER ROUTES AVAILABLE Ill ALL SECTIOHS OF TOWH! Take Your Pick 01 Rnles, Or Start Your Own! Contact: F .la. Sentinel Bulletin 2207 21sllVEMUE OR 248 -1921 m the Congress will bear a greater responsibility to revive the nation's flagging spirit.'' The court has been -noticeably more conservative on several is sues lately, especially since Presi dent Nixon appointed Justices Wil liam Rebnquist and Lewis Powell, considered conaervative on most subjects. Nixon has appointect four members of the court including Chief Justice Warren E. Burger. I 'nle regents were named defend ants in a separate suit filed April 19 by wilbur Avera, Fort ValleJ' city clerk and registrar, who said the registi-afion of large number-a of black students enrolled at the virtually all-black college dilutecl !his vote since the wMte popul-artion of the eity is in the minority. There has been no decision ia UU. case. i u.. ..e..a.A li:.


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__ I-B_u_l_letta __ Pi__Wllh __ .ed--:-ev_e_r,;;_T_u.,_ ....:n41_-_F_d_.-:--Ge_t--:-Both--.LI-i_tioa_s __ ._fu_e_sd_a...;.y.;.., __ louisian d add7 was a Paders FreM BLACK CAUCUS BIDS _U. S. AGENCIES AO ON. PROBLEMS W ASHINGTON-After four days o f listening to charges of inequi ties in such basic programs as health care, housing, weHare, job training and food stamps, the Con gressional Black Ca_ucus demand ed today that Government agencie3 take corrective action within 90 days. package to be introduced next January 1 Congress was also faulted by the Caucus for not ensuring that the laws it passed, mainly in the last decade and usually after great struggle, were carried out as in tended. If the appropriate Congres sional committees will not conduct hearings on the operations of pro grams it created, Representative Ronald V. Dellums said today, the Caucus will hold such hearings. One sentiment most o ften ex pressed in the hearings the Caucus held this week, however was that most of the necess -ary laws had been enacted and that the prob!em was to see that they properly enforced. This conviction was voiced by witnesses caught up in the programs-the intended recipients of Federal aid, public interest lawyers, and a few pres ent or former Federal administra tors. Some of the areas cited were the following: Job training programs that were depicted as a bonanza to employ ers who accept Federal subsidies and lay off the workers shortly after training is completed. 'As a first step, Mr. Dellums said, legislation is being drafted to re quire Federal agencies to present to the proper com mittees for advance review rules and regulations for all new programs or any p r o g r a m changes." "' Familie s displace d and without relocation assistance because of highway c o nstr u ction, despite pro tections written into the Federal Uniform Assistance Act that suitHe also called for a meeting be tween the caucus and all Cabinet members to discuss possible re medial action. These steps do not bring results, the 13 Black Repre sentatives who make up the Cau cus are preparing a legislative s:ble replacement bouiling and lien-" efits be pf':IWided. .. Restrictions imposed by the gov ernment, by regulation rather than by law on the sites where low income and moderate :fnCOJrie liol!sing may be built. ;;.: Reluctance to act against states tl:)at violate Federal voting rights. BLACKS OCCUPY. CITY DEMAND JOBS FROM CITY EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. Mayor James E. Williams Sr. said he will ask Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie to create 400 joi;Js for blacks in hopes of ending an occupation of City Hall. A group of blacks have been in City Hail since Wednesday, de manding jobs from city Qfficials. Only a few employes worked on Thursday as about 200 demonstra tors remained in the building. A spokesman for Williams, said about 100 blacks remained in City lfall this moniirig and the building would be shut down again Williams discussed the request for 400 new jobs after a meeting Thursday night wit)l state man power offiCials and an aide to Ogilvie. He said the meeting "estab lished a dialogue" with gav WASHINGTON-A federal judge bas ruler{ here that a $3 million scholarship fund at the University o f North Carolina established in 1966 by a wenlthy chemist for "white boys and girls" cannot be restricted to whites. .The ruling, handed down last week by U. S. District Judge Bar rington Pr o cess. t'urrentine died in 1966 at 86. In his will, Turrentine established the tr\lSt. fuitd at North Carolina, where he .had earned his bache lor's and master's degrees. He also willed each of his 11nieces and nephews-his closest relatives -$5,000 According to his will, fntended the scholarships a n d loans to go "to white boys and girls who reside in Alamance County who would not be fi llancially able to (go to North Carolina) without such graat or loan." When the bank that executed !'urrentine's will sought to remov e the racial restriction, several of n ieces and nephews sued. 'l'hey accordinf to court pers, that since the racial reo ltrictio n waa ille c al, tba entire ernor's staff. Money for' the jobs w o u l d oome from $3,5 million in state and fed eral funds which the city has bee;t trying to obtain, Williams said. Earlier this w eek t h e mayor asked both Ogilvie's office and President :tll"ixon for job money. "The real issue is the 6 ,000 to 8,000 y o ung men who a r e unem ployed;" Williams said. He said the new jobs could include "crews that would clean a nd repair streets and sewers and tear down old building$.'' Frank Smith, a spokesman for the protesters said 'fhursday he -. thinks mayor ".has handled tht> situation very excellently and I am sure he understands we want meaningful jobs and not a siJ: month progtaiu." will" should be declared void and the $3 million should revert to them. in orderiDg that the will stand as originally written, but without any racial restriction, Judge Parker wrote: "Mr. Turrentine's dominant and overriaing purpose w a s to aid charity generally and to provide scholarship assistance. In contrast with this larger purpose, the racial limitation is one of minor .significance." "The deedis still a viable docu ment," wrote the judge, who is black. "The administration of a tr. ust with a racially restricti VP. provision is illegal, but -such ille. gality n eed not be fatal." If the $3 million were to revert to Turrentine's relatives, the judge wrote, they. would "receive wind fall benefits never intended." According to officials of the uni versity, no grants or loans have been mad e under Turrentine's will because it has lleen in litigation The university student body is ap proximately 10 per cent black, and the .population of Alamance Coun ty approximately 30 per cent black. Buy Floritla Seatinet Aflertisen Triche, a ataLe legislator from I ( ( '&got' Repents the south Loui siana bayoti town of I ontempt ase ___ I Napoleonville, spoke in faVor of SAN FRANCISCO --..:. Con-BATO N ROUGE, La. -Risley two bills designed to protect racial tempt convictions against twct minOrities from employment di.r women who refused to answer Claiborne "Pappy" Triche-, a sawe(f crimination. question's about the Black Panoff country lawyer who led the fight against court-ordered school Then he ew:plained his change of ther Party and the operation of aesegregation 12 years ago, stood heart: its newspaper have been revers "I know what some of you think. ed by an appellate court: tall in his white seersucker suit "Wh F A d t 1 know what some of the people en 1..,.mmen men tn Monday before the Louisiana Leg-t t t t k th outside the halls of this house are eres s are a s a e, e govern islature and repented. ment must use a scalPel, not an He said he no longer believes in gQing to think-'Oh, but listen to a;x," said the Ninth Circuit be that segregationist.' Isn't that the Court of Appeal 1n the case of segregation cause "I did not t 1 hild guy who offered all the segrega-Sherrie Bursey, 20, and Brenda want o eave my c ren with b'll d f h h t10n1 s 10 1960 an oug t t e Presley, 24. icy throughout the nation." He said in a statement that he will submit the proposal Monday in w asbington. "We are not saying that civil rights enforcement should riot be vigorous," Miller said. "We are saying that all states should he battle to preserve segregation in The two women were em our public school system?' ployed by the Black Panther "The only reply I can make to newspaper in 1970 when they that gentlemen is that yes that made a series of appearances And td that time in the befo;e special grand jury in state of development of the his-vesttl!iatmg an a:l_leged on the hfe of Prestdent Ntxon by treated alike." The proposed plank says, in part: "Laws and law enforcement on the vital subject of civil right.::;, including voting and deset: regatign of schools, should be applied uniformly throughout the country. Equal protection of the law and due process of law woulj be hypocritical slogans if the statutes under which theSe principals are en_forced are not equally ap plied tory of our state, we .thought the art 's chief of staff David we were correct. And we now fmd Y that we were wrong D h d L" urmg t e gran Jury mves 1 Triche said he never planned to return after retiring from the leg islature in 1968. But after four ye .ars, he did run for re-election. "I had a very firm conviction that 1 wQuld not seek public oi fice again. I had a very firm con viction that it was too much of a burden to place on my family and my close associates. But there's one thing that drove me -gation the women were grantt!d. immunity from prosecution ancl questioned about the Panthers and. its newspaper. back here. ".6-nd the thing that drove me back was I did not want to leave my children with the legacy that their daddy was a bigot alid a racist." Soul; Center Supermarket -' : 3523 I. 22u STREET PHOIE 247-2031 FREE WE REDEEM FOOD STAMPS J EVEBCUE SUUI .. 5 lhs. 59c (With $5 onler) FARM VALUE BREAD TOILET TISSUE .. a ggc 10 rolls ggc YAI. CAIIP GOLDEN lEY MILl O'SAGE PEACHES -PORI. BEAlS 3 cansggc 5 cans ggc ggc < BOSB COLLARDS, CAREY 54LT GRADE A EGGS 2 dozs. ggc (Large) MUSTARDS .; TURIDPS 2 boxes 25c 5 cans SOLID MABGARIRE MOlTON PIES POT PIES 21or 49c aer ggc -41or gge CABBAGE lb.lt I LEttuCE COD sean 49c Jaead 25c_ GBOUIID BEEF FLA. NECK BONES STEWIRG lEIS -3111s. ggc 31bs. 99c U.. 39c m TIPS PIC FEET SUCED. BREAFAft BACOI TURK-EY WilliS ... WHOLE RESB nYDS 31111. ggc \


. Tuesday, July t8, t 972 Fla. lllllaei-BuDetia e .. r,. Tues. aad Fri. Get Both Edltioas .. PAGE FIFTE.EM (()r l!.f.AA. r-1TMII -----.... THE WAY WE"KEEP FOOD PRICES D---7UMI1 88.QIIlKG 11M I.. /.YKIS WllNB/S P/6 a.$. GooD 7iAIAf",e. I --


Fla. Sesatloel-Bulletln Puhliahed ner, Tues. anti Fri. Get Both FRIENDS GATHER TO. CONGRATULATE-COUPLE AT NEW SALEM CORONATION Frie_. cathered a few days ago at the Elks FroiD left to right are JeweU Sneed, Joann Thomas, Rest ta Joseph and Mary Bethune Dorothy Lyles, Aut!orey Bethune with baby Racquel who ha exchanged vows about an'. hour earner. and Sheryl Fennie. The setting for the recent coronation activities by the No. 3 Choir of New Saiem Primitive Baptist Church was the Kid Mason Among those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Gon-aalez. Twenth Annual Laymen's Confab To Convene BERNICE s. HENDERSON and recommimdations at the bustST. PETERSBUR.G The An-ness meetings beginning Wedne& nual Legislative and Administra-day and continuing through Frition Session of the Eleventh Episday. The convention theme and copal District A.M.E Laymen motto wiii be presented by Mrs convenes in St. Petersburg July Juanita Lewis on the opening date. 26 at Bethel A .M.E Church, 912 SOUTH FLORIDA 3rd Avenue, North, Rev. H. Me CONFERENCE SPECIAL Neil Harris, pastor. The South Florida Conference Representing more than 60,000 and the Eleventh Episcopal Dis members of nearly 1600 congrPgatrict IDOUrn the tragic demise Of tions in the state will be laymen Mrs. 'Lula Baldwin of Delray and ministers attending this yearBeach. Mrs. Baldwin was kiiled in ly meeting. v an automobile accident while re Registration begins at 7 :30 a.m. turning from the Genera} Confer-., ctuly 26, with Mrs. Mary A. Jen-enCe in Dallas, Texas. Also hurt kins, state registrar, In charge. In the accident were Mr. Joseph FAMU ALUMNI REMINISCE DURING L Morning worship begins promptly Baldwin, Jr .. husband of the deThere was much talk about old times when at 10:00 a m. with State President ceased, and Rev. and Mrs. J. D. members of the Florida A & M University Alumni a few days ago. 1\lany took advantage of the lunch bre;1k to do a bit of reminiscing. Sdmo Bradley welcoming the deleEdwards, pastor of St. Paul A.M.E Association got together for a one-day conference gation. Church, Delray Beach. At this writ--------------C ST C Bishop G Dewey Robinson, ing the survivors of the accident SCLC Office Hit, 'Harlem 4' ONTE HAIRMAN newly appointed prelate of the are much improved and at their Eleventh Episcopal District, has homes in Delray. Foodstuffs Ruined T been asked to a Holy Mrs. Baldwin was an active lay est1mony Eucharist service and deliver the woman in all departments of the MffiAJM[ -'11he 1Miami office annual message. to the laymen, lavchurch. She was district president of the Southern OIM'isman LeadCalled Ue women and clergy at 10:30 a.m. of the West Palm Beach District ersh.ip Conference was broken opening day. Lay Organization, second vice of into early Tuesd ay and SOLC NEW YORK Defense lawyers B. S. Proctor. host-president of the South Florida Conference Lay offiCiials sa4d that a tvro-day say the chief prosecution witness the Tampa, Florida, '' Conference Organization and held several of supply of food for c aiJIIP6is at' in the fhst three murder trials of and his staff of officers are anfices in fraternal and civic orgafl Resurrection Oity I[ Was desthe so-called "Harlem Four" has ticioating the largest attendance..._ izjitions. She leaves to mourn their troyed. giv,tn.theni an affidavit recanting in the history Florida laity. All loss a devoted husband, a daugh Poliee said the destrucbion aphi.stimony. ministers are asked to have rep-ter and son, several relatives peared to be tJhe work of van "I kllew nothing about the crime re!lorttation from their churches. host of sorrowing friends. She was dais who furced open tJhe back at all except what I picked u:,1 ...... M rtL. H 1 1 d T d J 1 11 A door, tore telephones ofl. the .tue n rncess a ua ote, on eu og ze ues ay u y spe. froiJ1.police and reporters and from 1 1 'I wall, tossed typewriters on the :."!" 4th Street and 1st Av enue will c1a memoria WI I be said in the being driven to the scene," said t 1 t' tl-oor and hurled serve as convent_ion headquarters. .. s ate ay mee mg .or. Mrs. Bald the .witness, Robert Barnes, Jr., bread and other foodstuMs aOther hotels, motels, and private win. ,' round the office: in the affidavit filed 'I1mi:sday : : homes will also accommOdate visMz:s. Irene L. Taylor, president Attorney .. William M. Kuntsler An SOLe spokesman sa.id tlhe itars and of the South Florida Conference food also was wicked and stomp-moved in Manhattan s u p r a m e Election of state officials will be .. Lay Organization, is calling the Court for an order from Justice : held ; Thursday a.m., July 17. Alt' if! their regular quarterly Joseph A. Martinis to dismiss the persons aspiring for office wip eon, meeting July 30, at Greater Allen Racism and tension are 80 case against the four young blacks credentia_Is A.M.E: Church, high that there could be blood-who spent eight years in jail durupon amva!. CoJ?mittee. : chfurmen The IS full of .Important s hed at the Bay Annex," Walfuing litigation. and other agencies of the church .. and pertment Information every dn.gtoit said. He dbal'ged tbat \ wm, delive r their annual larma!l needs to black employes who attempted Last Martinis. ordered the f four, now free on $5,000 bail each, R ..;: .1 ,,to use a restroom avo red by to stand trial for a fourth time in : .. ended : 'Acting Postmas.ter T. iE. Me Barnes said in the affidavit that I J c 11. T ld: Cargo d en ied at that time that be "cooperated" because police -a X -ou 0 ellllpiloyes were being reprimandthreatened him with beatings, the 1 ed usirig the "wrong" rest-electrie chair or life imprisonment room facility; but acknowledged during questioning following the .JAJOKSONV1IlliE 'Jihe U. S. from engaging rurllher In that blacb and whites were lar" 1964 Jllurder of a Harlem shoptostal Service was accused in a ed discriminatory acts. gely usin g separate restroonu;. keeper. federal court sUit Mond>ay of dis '11he A-ction also seeks back pa.y He said it was being done on "For years I have wanted to tell eriminating against blackis in for alleged diilc rimination il:i past a voluntary basi s the truth but I was always under cranbing promotions in its Jack-promPIJions and birin.g. Acting postal manager A. F. the impression that I was in aonville facili-ties. !According to th. suit, there are Whittier said M'()nd'ay a report troubl:e if I ever stopped cooperatThe sui.t filed by 2l2 black post only five blad11s among the 161 by Clarence H. Featlherston, diroffiee employes also charged supervisory personnel in the Jack-ector of the Office of Equal Em that segregated restroom facisonviUe Post O&ce slightly ployment Comp.U.anee, had dislities are mainta.ined at tlhe post more than three per cent. counted cha rges of discrimmaeffic-e's Bay Street annex. The issue of segregoated resttion a-t the postal U S Plostmaster Eimer T. rooms was raiiSed April Z1 by Featherston's report, dealing Xlassen, 1ooal NIAAIOP President James wit>h a compLaint filed by p()Stal James Workman and the postal Waslhington and pos

'l'uesday, July 18, 1972 Fla. S.IJaei-Bulleltin PuWWaed Tues. aa4l Fri. Get Beda LUtloii PAGE SEVENTEEN Rise In Black Chilclren' s Pride Tied T o Black Oriented Books fi. euit Oourt CJI. .Aweak has $400 000 Grt BasiOnler ..iwtn ', ""Ibe bow's argllmjel)t that 1 ._ !t laeq 'the facilities, t.be buses, For '. Meharry T 0 Alaltama Distrid penoonel or know-bliw to bus' ul ,.. "'E"' onrr ,..,.,.,..,., ..,.._ B....; ls of no avaif; the circuit court IN\E!W YORK, J Y ll ..... e. ,,. '" ... "' said. NEW YORK The increasing availability of Black-oriented books for juvenile readers and the grllW ing acceptance of them by both Black and white parents and teach ers has undoubtedly contributed greatly to the rise in Black chil dren's pride revealed by recent studies, according to Audreen Bal lard, associate editor of Redbooit magazine. An article ln the magazine's cur rent issue reports that these books are now being used in Head Start programs, community day care e n t e r s, libraries, independent Black schools and even in some public schools .. "All (Black-oriented) books have one thing in con tends Liz Gant, professor of Black literature at Rutgers University and author of the article, "They don't hUrt a Black child's lmaga of himself; instead they help clari fy and strengthen it;" she said .... "Black children should not bm prehensive Medical Center here after bavin-r waited only eight Two days earlier, &'he eald, she and her 110n waited lour hours at a hospibal to see 11 doCtor. "The, service Is better here," 11he sai4!. "It' s : f -aster, more con. .where .J live, and tile doctors see,n more. .and interested in my prooblerns. '' "lt's tdte kind of plue YOII ean really feeL comfortable in," the my modler of seven The medical center is Dart' of a program started by the Na flion al Medical .AISsociation Foundation, wbicll would like to esta flliSJh a network of units in IowL"lcome and pr-edomoinantl!y black Imler city and rural ueas. Shaw is one of two hospital projecll! l!lpoOnsored thus far by the foundation, whiich was set up by the National Medical AIJ. IKlCiatlon, an organization of black !Physic-ians. 'l1he association says it bas 4,000 members. The foonda tion was lnistrict Court in Birmmgfiam) warded a $400,000 grant from this utumn, the Fifth U.S. Cir cannot co.m. pel a student to at Carnegie Corporation fA New tend a disliant school and then York. Announced today (Tuesday) vices. It oilers to students a faR to provide him the means by the education of students in broad range ol leamiog opporto reach the sc:hool, oor can it community health care. .. tunities outSide the traditdooal, 18llow circumvention of 1tle deMeharry .Ja oow one of a few bOs.pital-based, disease-oriented segregatioo plan by wholesale medical schools In tile nation setting, with a curricu1m Con exceptions to traiWer proviemphasiziog tile community centrating on Ute social and en sione." lhealth and ap. viroomental influences on health. The lower court had agreed to proadl to Ute training ol JlbY ri1he College has aP.: desegregate tbe scbool.s but had sici;ans, dentists} and otlher health proxillNltely 110 per cent of Dlack not required busing. workers, many of wbom are ex physician practicing in the South "To do 110 would render tlhe en pected to practice In areas lack and near:Iy 40 percent of. Black tire plan desegregation a futile ing adequate health __ m __ Ut_e_n_ati_._on_. ____ :-r_e":'s_t';U"'--e-, ".;.. _,the __ c_o..;u_rt_s_ai_d.:.. __ 95 > ALLWEATHER lr Size UOxl! blackwall tubeless plus $1.75 Fed, Ex. Tullld ol4 tire. Oilier IH lllalltlt Jllllltr prieta, IIARATHONU ll.ckWIII Tutlelefl Phlt F..T, 8.50 13 Plus 1.75 F.E.T, 7.35,14 Plus 2.00 F.E.T, Fila Many Modell Ofl Corvalr Chevy n Dart Falco11- Valiant Charger Mustmg Rebel Tempest PROFESSIONAL" AliGNMENT *777 Ally U.S. ear plue part& if neededAdd for tara wltll torsion bars, PROFESSI.ONAL ALLWEATHERDZ:TIRE Ambassador Barracuda. Belvedere Chevelle Comet Rambler Torino lUBE AND OllCIIMGE *444 Triple-tempered 4-ply nylon cord con struction Clean sidewall :radial darta on ahoulder Tufsyn rubbu iA the tread body glvet durabilit y M ARATHON 83 TIRI! e plfel of triple-tempered a-T nylon cord Tough Tufsyn rubber a-J'!b, over-lap block tread with wrap-aroUDcl ahowder Vega Montaso Cortina Toyota Javelin Wltltawtlll Add tt.IO MARATHON83 .,.cllwllll Tubelefl 1.55-14 PIUI $2.46 F.E.T. 8.55-15 1IU5 $2.48 F.E.T. '"' Manr Mo4ell of1 Olds Polara Thunder bird Wildcat Grandville LeSabre Marquit Mer cury Monaco Newport Bonneville Caprice Clita llna Centurion Chryeler 300 Ford Ambassador 3 GO-FUTI BAlli aa Conttruc:ted lor loq dla tance and accuracy High compreuloa Jlquld center, lon1 lu Iiili touab. l'Oiltiac Buick : Whi..Wellt Md ..... \ t IAINCHJtC:K; If we Mil out of )'OW' alze we willl.sue you a rain check, assurlna future dellvtry at the advertised price, ...................................... ..... .. ........... J l O W A T YOUR HEARBY TAMPA East gale 5202 N. Uad ST. GOODYEAR /SERVICE .. TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA r'. _: .. ; :;. Hillsboro Plaza ACROSS FROM Dowalowa ACROSS FROM 2101 W. WUsborough West .Shore Plaza OpeD Dally 8:10 to 5:18 BriUon Plaza MorgaD tl Twiggs Aqul se habla Espaaol PHONE 877-!15%8 Sts. PHONE 237-3381 0!D DaDy 8:10 to 5:30 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 229-0821 1002 w. Kennedy Blvd. _., __ .. -., TAMPA TAMPA i Terrace Horlh Gale PHONE 831 Open 7:10 to 5:30 .. PHONE ;. '\. Sat: M. Open 15ally "8 :3t to i:st .... .. 9222 FLORIDA AVE. Dally 8:30 to I P.M.. --. ,,,, ,. 9240 N. 56th ST. '. ',, PHONif !:I!J-4!11 PHONE 932-6186 Sat. I A.M. to 5:3t A'ld ee c baltla Espuol Aqul ee hatila EspeMI ., 'Oa y 8:111 to 5:30 O p en D ally 8:3 0 to 5:39 I .. .. J ,, J!-. l,< .'." ......


PAr-"" F.tGHTfEN -. Fla. Pubtlslie< every Tue.. :an=CI=F_rf_. _. _Cet-=. _B_otli_ EcU __ tl_oni..:.. ____ T:..u:..es:..: .Tampa Native Named Southwestern Athletic Golf Coach of Year SOUTHERNITES GATHER FOR 1BOB LOVE' NIGHT BATON ROUGE, La.Southern Universit, baskettiall All-American Bob Love was. honored with a dinner and was presented The Bob Lee Me moria! Trophy : Friday night, June 23, .. _in BatoL Rouge for his contributions to Southern as both a player and alumnus. Shown at the affair In Jionor of the 6-8 all-pro forward for The Chicago Bulls are, leH ri'ght, su Athletic Diredor U;' s. Jones, Southern Louie Bond, former assistant' basketball coach John Brown, Director of Public .. Contacts B(mine Thoma 's, foi'iner Southern basket ball great James Love, farmer. Southern head basketball coach Dick Mack; former Southern irack. c!laCh Dick Bill and Southern-. athletic train er Carl Williams. Park Ciolf Assoc Sets Tourney Of July 22 2 3 to compete for the prizes. Blair Big-, "it With Trooper BALTIMORE :.:...:;_ Baltil:ri:ore oles center fielder 'Paul Blair is becoming a big bit Maryla:1d State Trooper Bill Christian. The Rogers Park Golf Associa. tion will hold an 18-hole Club Tour nament on July 22-23. Eighteen holes can be play ed either day with prizes being awar b ee n many good seasons in be offense is going to force coaches tween, but last year's 3-7 overall to go with the bigger defensive l'ecord was the worse In the backs who can stop the run. Cleveland Williams Rebounds For Surprise Knockout DENVER Cleveland "Big Cat" Williams used a worm electrical cord in the dressing room to tie shut his tattered suitcase and said old man could have 10 more like him." Williams, 39, a veteran of 91 !tight s in 21 years and a heavy ; "eight contender in the mid : !1960s, had just knoeked out an opponent 15 years his junior and the crowd loved it. "C'mon, old man, put him away," they shouted. And when Wiliams rebounded from knock downs in the first two rounds to come back Monday night for a ninthround knockout, the 8,400 fans gave him a standing ova. tion. "He's fast," Williams said with a soft smile of younger opponent Bobby Mashburn of New York,-"but the old man ia cago. "I wasn'Un the booth a minute when this ball came rocketing bark and nearly tore my head off," said Christian; "I looked doWn and guess who wa:s batting? "Paul Blair, of course." :faster.'' Williams; wl;lo. lost to Muham Ali for.' the. title .ln sa1d he neyer an opponent lightly. "If he: can' punch, he _can knock you out," Williams said. Mashburn obviou!!ly didn't fol low the same strategy. Through: out. the 10-round heavyweight preliminary Mashburn's trainer kept telling him. He's an old man, he's an old man." The old man's trainer, AI De Napoli of Detroit, says Williams trains three to six weeks before each fight. Asked how long Williams could go on fighting, DeNapoli replied, "Who can say? It's one fight to the next. How could I t>redict ?" Williams, who suffered a seri ous gunshot wound in a 1!!64 incident in Texas, says he still carries the lead slug. But, he add ed, "I have God on my side." Doctors cont e nded Williams would never walk again he said, but, "I got angry and threw the brace s and crutches out in the yard."Williams, who lived briefly In St. Petersburg last ye!lr and fought out of Tampa says he is not concerned whether or not he'll e v e r get another title shot. So why does he continue? "Fighting gave me my strength back," he explained "And l love it.''. BATON ROUGE, La. Ronald Brown, a former 11amiP an, has been named the 1972 Southwestern Athletic Conference Gleased," sa id Brown, a gr.aduate .. of MiddletOO Jiig!h Scthooi and Ft .. State College has been thee Jaguail'S' golf caach since 1.SI69 and has. led his team_. to second pla.ce fin ishes In both his first two years and the spot in 1972. Prairie View A & M College won bh' e SWAJC championsh i p for the third. consecutive year with >Gra: mbling second and Southern third. B rowri had on-ly one senior on his squad, which illclUded All-SWtAC ltice

Tuesday, July 18, 1972 .r Fla. Sentinei-B_ulletln Published every Tues. and Frf. Celt Both Edidons PAGE NINETEEN I WHO DONE IT IN. S PORTS J QWhen do you thirik Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali will meet again ? die Graham's son will be just as good as Eddie was. Q-How does a person get into the city recreation department umpiring and refereeing anything. He ..only said that he would do the best that he could. Of course Ali was his usual aff able self; When &!!Iced if. he was lo:k ing Alvin Lewis in sign ing the -Patterson contract, Ali commented -that he worried abou_t that there was absolutely no way for him to lose to Lewis and there was no Use even thinking about it. A:_Don't lo-ok for Frazier and Ali together -this year. It may happen in 1973. Q-Do you think L 1 o y d Mum.phord can win back his cornerback position with The :Miami Dolphins next season? A-Mumphord may have trouble winning back his cornerback position because of his weight. However, Lloyd Mumphord. has taught me to_ never under esti mate what he can do. Q-Has any,-black man ever driven in the Indianapolis 500? A'-AB 'far as I know no black mari has ever dr.iven in th Jn. dianapolia -500. Q_:_Do you think Ray Robinson of Florida A and M will ever break the 1'00 yd. dash record! A-With the times. :Robirson has been running he certainly. has a chance to. break the 100 yd. dash record. : Q-:-What do you think women going to' poo} rOOMS! I A;_As far as women going to J)(>Of JIOOIDS it is all according to wnat kind of pool room it is. Q.;_ Who is suppoeed to be the l>est black bowler in town? A.,-:Sirice I am not. much of a bowling fan mf.self I eari't say who isthe best black bowler in town. However I will try to find out._ 1 Q-How old would you say Pelee the soccer player, is? A-I know is in his thirties but that is all I can l!ay. you think Eddie Grallam's son will be as '' .great a. :wrestler as -Eddie was A-Froin all tha_ t I hear. Ed-gram? A'-1 suggest you contact Mr. John Brady of the department. FACTS AND FIGURES I see where Flpyd Patterson has still got enough courage to challenge Muhammad Ali. I ad mire Floyd for his faith in him self. Patterson is not the kind of man' to try something unless he feels that he can do it. Floyd has always been the humble type that demands the respect of ev eryone. In the press conference at the signing for the bout Floyd as usual -refused to say much of The Muhammad Ali vs. Floyd Patterson fight sh:Juld be a very interesting one. Of course I think Ali will be-way too much for Floyd but Floyd Patterson is al ways .dangerous. He said he would have done better in his first en counter with Ali had he not hurt his back. I believe him. All. ARRIVES .IN: IRELAND .. : FOR FIGHT, .CHIDES .. D U B L I N Muhammad Ali stepped from a plane Tuesday with an Irish shellelagh in his hand and sliid: : "I'll use this to whip Joe Frazier.' partner. : "He would be much better known if so many fighters 'in America had not refused to box him. "Me, i'd box anybody. -I'm a chamPion .. Joe Frazier is too ugly to be a champion. He should donate his face to the American Bureau o(Wildlife." _,. ,, Th; former :,..orld boxing champion arrived for a12-round fight against AI "Blue' is of. DetrOit iri DUblin next A band of female pipers greeted him.' as he set foot ln Ireland for : Ali promised he would win ba,r.k the first time. the w o rld title the next time he fight& F r azier. ."rll give the Irish public 8 good ''But he's dodging me," Ali aaid. show, as I have many friends in ''He would p refer to box others this country," Ali said at an imto keep putting off the end of the promptu airport news conference: road for himself. Ali said he was tired, but Ire was his 'usual bouncy self with : "We will meet some time, of newsmen. : course, because Frazier needs the is quite a boxer, u m oney. He has a large Ali aaid of his former sparring w1th. one more on tbe way. GOD IS HERE II BISHOP. WILLIAMS I Moving AU lind ol Condiliw And Blessing People Willa Homes, AaJomobiles, Bank Accoanis, Basiaesl Sacceu, Health. ud lap piness. Do Yoa_ Wul God T'o Bless Yoa in, (J) Day? ORE WAY TO BIG MOJfEY DO YOU WANT G O D TO GIVE YOU $5,000, $8;000, $1&,000 or $20;000 o r jus& $1,000. Mel any amouJllll. God. has sen& a bl ack Je11uit to Ule world l!Vho can do all Wnga through the power of bls day and nigh& prayers to G&4 G oo Is giving 1lgh& to the blind and_ pe op le who never tliough& they w ou l d walk again are waMI:ing. Here Ia a man of God &ha& belp_ing people all over the wor l d through the poweJ> ;,j 9f prayer to have all kinds of !""CCeH. Do yoU wan& a home, automobile, a bank a c c ount a big b u11ln.ess success, Joy,' happi n ess, peace of mind, .money on iep o f mon ey-HE A LTH FROM CANCER, TB, HIG H BLOOD PltESSURE, SUGAR, A HEAR T CONDI TIO N THAT IS ABOUT TO KILL YOU, OR DO YOU WANT SOME ILLNESS IN Y OUR LIFE THAT HAS Y{)U IN A WHEEL CHAIR, ON A 'WALKING STICK, IN BED AT HOME OR S OME HOSPITAL THAT:.HAS YOU IN PAIN :TO M O VE AND NEVER COME BACK TO YOUR LIFE?' Do you waii& your husband, wife, boy or girl friend that has left you to return t o your Ufe and make yoo happy gala? God. is doing these things and many &hl'ough &bis great man. People itbat were sick for years are finding health through our minister prayers. If yo11 have a oondiftlon that you wan& God &o move from .Y?Ur Ute, (!r a condition such as drug abuse, drug addiction or s o me serious ccmdition from some loved one or friends life such as. imoldng or DRUG ADDICTION. If so contact .hit DIVINE MAN OF GOD WHO IS ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS. Let him pu& your 11ame or your wife, husband, boy friend, girl friend, or anyone names on his divine altar or prayer and talk to God for any need. HOME AFFAIRS, LOVE HEALTH, SUCCESS A BLESSING AND IF SOMEONE IS ON DRUGS AFTER HE PRAVS TO GOD AND DO WHAT God &old which has &old no other man on this earth bow to do these great things; ail that is wrong In your life, your loved' ones life or someone dear and close to you will disappear at once. People come to our minister by jet from thousands and thousands of miles away as far as California and !Canada, and gone home healed of sickness that they have for years. 1f you ltave a serious health problem or need GOD TO BLESS YOU IN SOME URGENT iMATTER, catch A JET AND COME TO DETROIT. MICIDGAN or RUSH TO THE WESTERN UNION AND SEND OUR MINISTER A FREEWILL DONATION OF $10, $15, $?0, $25, $30 OR $35 for this double deliverance from God .' We have a MIRACLE HEALING PRAYER AND A DIVINE SPIRITUAL PICTURE B .LESS1NG FROM GOD. Many people have written to &ell us tluit once they touched this prayer and followed our instructions, &hey were delivered from all sickness. People also say llhat just a look at God's picture blessing they are blessed In one, two and three days through prayerful help from our minister. People tell us that they have gone !here and there and given people three and four hundred dollars for help and are still sick; some say that they have given ministers all kind of money donations for financial deliverance from their debts -and poor stations of life and are still poor. Let us help you by going to yoilr Western Union, rushing to your 'Post Office sending &he Bishop your telegram donation or special delivery letter with your donation, ad dress and phone number and we will rush both the Mira-cle healing prayer and the !Picture Blessings, Size 12" by 24.'' You can be blessed and healed in a hurry if you 'Will contact our Bishop. Telegram and night from all sections of the world NOW OR COME BY AUTOMOBILE, BUS, TRAIN, OR JET. JET TO THE FAST WAY AND LET GOD MOVE YOUR CONDITIONS FAST AND GO HOME TO BE SICK NO MORE. WE HAVE A BLESSING FROM GOD for all who needs same If you have someone drugs in your home, send us his or her name for prayer and let us pray specially every hour on the hour for ten days and send you a ftnira cle prayer to place In the home any where any addict or sick person lives Including a hospital room while we pray for their deliverance. Prayer Mission o l Deli v e r a nce Bishop JOHN L. WILL IAMS 185 0 3 _PRAIRIE S T DETROIT, MICHIGAN Ph: 862-0223 TELEGRA:'\1 ME FRIDAY AND BE BLESSED SATURDAY ... -SPORTANIC FLOODS-INJURY TO FIGHTERS In watching Uie Bob Foster V!!. Mike Quarry Muhammad Ali vs. Jerry Quarry doubleheader via television recently I became aware of two imortant factors. First of all there is just no light heavy weight around today that can come close to defeating Bob Foster. Foster is so much better than any otqer light heavyweight around none of t hem can even hope he bea;t him. He hits too hard for any of them. He hit mike Quarry _so -hard with a left hoOk Quarry was out {or several minutes. In fact 1 became worried that Quarry may have been st!tiously injured. Some times when a fighter is out as long as was it could mean that he is finjshed. I have seen it happen. several times. I will never forget seeing Ben ny Paret practic-ally die in the ring As much as I love the fight game I am fearful that a fighter may be permanently in jured. Just look at the case of l'ommy "Hurricane" Jackson A few years ago Jackson was the sensation of the ring. Today he is stumbling around : the city of New York the next -thirig to a half wit. Jackaon took too much punishment. The most exasperating thing about the fight game is that the men in charge of fighters like managers, trainers etc. don't seem to care much about the welfare of thier All they seem to care about is making money. If Mike Quarry's handlers care any. thing aoout his welfare they should see that he gets a thorough phy sical examination before he gets into Jhe ring again. Chances are Mike Qua,ry won't get a thorough physical examination before he fights again. Woo knows whether or not Mike Quarry has a blood clot or .arne other kind of ailment ftom the terrific punch he took? Only physicians can' determine such things. :ra GBEA Tt;ST A GAll In Muhammad Ali vs. Jerry Quarry fight a couple ol factors were very evident. First it is a f act without a doubt that Jerry Quarry simply can' t handle Ali. Quarry is a good fighter witb a dangerous punch but he can: t hit Jerry Quarry can however' do wen witn ariy other heavyweights but Ali and of course Joe Frazier. Ali also proved that he is really ready now. Not only did he apepar to be slim and trim he also bad more confidence than I have .seen him with in a He stood in front of Quarry wit h his gloves to his sides and elUded punches as beautiful u anydne that ever. did it. He was in punching range of Quarry era\ times with his arms to his sides doing his !\ow famous d011ble cl utch sll u ffle. Ali also backed into corners and would motion for Qu'arry to come get rum When Quarry wOllld' come to 'get him he would run into one o{ Ali's potential combinatiohl!. Quarry Soon refused to go to Ali.:.., Ali also had his uppercut in fine form. In essence Sam Williams, owner 'ofthe Dream Bar summed it up by saying that Muhammad Ali was tbe m the station. Showing enough to cause temptations. By the time the day is over old attendant becomes a rover. He's looking for mini-skirted all the time. Pretty he ends up in the welfare line. SOULFUL AND EXCITING STONE FO X MAGAZIHE ON SALE NOW. IN : J i __ : .TAM P A 1 '. e ,ST. CLEARWATER e OBLUDO


PACE TWENTY Fla. Sentlael-BuUeltm Pultlialaed. every Tues and Fri Get Both Editions Tuesday July 1 1972 I Basketball Banter I I read recently that Hank Aaron says he is trying to hit a h:Jme run every time he goes to the plate in his attempt to break Babe Ruth's 1tll time home run record. In my opinion Hank has plenty of time left to break the record and he should not press. From personal experiences I know that a hitter hits less h:Jm ers when he is trying for them all the time than when he is just swinging normally to meet the ball. The terrific wrist power that Hank Aaron has his every swing is a potenti.al home run. Hank Aaron doesn't have to swing for home runs, they come natural to him. I surely hope he is not m ak i ng a mistake because I be li e ve he is-gQing to break the rec ord in time anyway. Then there is the case of one Johnny Bench. Bench has made a believer of me. When I first heard ot his great potential I thought maybe he wa s a bit over rated. I went out personally to see Bench In spring training. It's been a long time since I have seen a catcher with a throwing arm like Johnny Bench has. Not only does he throw the pill hard he is as accurate as William Tell was. Bench is an excellent receiver who is now learning to handle pitchers well. Bench's main forte however is his hitting. Man that fellow Bench can really swing a bat. He had a fairly pObr sophomore sea son last year. That is a poor sea son at the plate for him. Now he comes back this season and he is literally tearing the hide off the ball. There is nO doubt in my mind that Johnny Bench will be around for a long time and he has not reached his peak yet. If Alston Retires, Wo-uld Like Job NEW YORK Walt Alston feels 20 is a nice round number. When he finishes managing the Los Angeles Dodgers next season, October of 1973, it will be 20 years he had the club, and that will be enough, he has confided to a fev. of those close to him. The Dodgers will be hard pressed to find another Walt Als ton, a man who has guided them to six National League penants and four World Championships and who certainly ranks as the finest manager In baseball today. Fortunately for the Dodgers, they have plenty of managerial candi dates among them. More perhap!' than any other major league club. For starters, they've got Frank Robinson and Maury Wills. They also have Danny Ozark and Jim Gilliam in their coaching ranks along with Tom Lasorda, managing for them at Albuquerque. as its next managerial possibility. Which brings up the case of Maury Wills. This 'is his 14th season In the ni_!jors and unquestionably his poorest one. Some say he's all through as a player They cite his .117 average, the fact he has stolen only one base this season and his age, which is the same as Jack Benny's-39. Maury Wills doesn't believe fs through. "My statistics are very poor," he says. "I know that, but that's because I haven't played regularly. When I'm through, I'll know it. I won't kid anybody. Certainly not myself." Wills has a iot of pride. He has 119 much, it sticks out all over him. "I've always earned. my keep," he says, "and I always will. Some players will gladly sit back and draw their salaries. I can't do that. I want to earn mine. I still think AU 'Scres At Spar Mate Of Frazier DUlBiLIIN, ll'eland -Former wortd heavyweight clbampion iMubammad Alii threatened to hit a spectaror during a training session Wednesday. "Get out of hel'e before-! bust your nose?" screamed Ali. The spectator was Raf Ander son, one of current world cham pion Joe Frazier's. sparring part ners. "You have been sent over to spy on me. You go back and tell ugly Joe that I'm fit and ready and waiting to get my title," Ali said. '11he outburst had the gallew of 700 fans laughing after Ali arrived 00 minutes late for a sparring session in preparation for his fight Wednesday ag.ainst AI (Blue) !Lewis. Anderson said he was in D1llb lin because he hoped to fight a swpporting bout on .the. Ali cud end also to act as 51Parring part ner for Lewis. "IDo not underrate Blue Lewis," sald Anderson. "He bias one mean punch and could worry ALL" Judge Wells Allows To Play OAKLAND-Wide receiver War ren Wells is returning to the Oak land Raiders after a one-year ab sence.' Afameda County Superior Court Judge Stanley Dieden al tered the terms of Wells' probation Friday to alolw him to practice and travel with the Raiders this season. Dieden ruled that Wells must live in a Catholic retreat house when not practicing, playing or traveling with the team Wells missed the entire 1971 season after being sentenced to prison for vio lating probation in an attempted rape case, derson and Earl Weaver were given a chance to manage in the majors means that there will be other new ones, too. One day soon there also will be the first black major league man ager, and after him there will ,be others until nobody will ever give anymore thought to a black manSilifting Of StargeU Gave Pirates Boost PITTSBURGH Bob Robert son of the Pittsburgh Pirates says he has no complaints about Manager Bill Virdon's decision to use Willie Stargell exclusively at first base. "I can understand his thinking," says Robertson, who held the job but now shares third base with Richie Hebner, "Willie has to play some where," Robertson added. "His bat has to be in there. lf Star gell playing first makes us a better team than I'll accept it." Virdon made the switch last week so that Stargell, a fotmer leftfielder, could rest his ailing knee. Since then, Stargell has belted two honie runs, boosting his season's total to 17, and helped the Pirates take a four-game lead in the National League East. "I've been having trouble with my knee continuously running in the outfield just makes it worse," Stargell explained. "At first base, I won't have as much time to think about it hurting." Stargell emphasized, however, that he h1,1d not demanded 'the first base job. L "I said I would play leftfield this year but I intended to make lit plain that I wanted to play first base next season," he said. The husky power hitter oc casionally had played !irst in the past, so the switch wasn't so drastic as it was for Robertson, who hadn't played regularly since the minor league. "I consider It a challenge and I accept it," said Robertson. "I still think I'm the best fieldinlf first baseman in the major lea gues. "And now I want to be the best third baseman in the lea gue. I'll come out to the ball park every day and work at it until I am the best." Robertson, who opened the season with a disastrous slump, has belted five home runs since mid-June, lifting his season total to seven. His batting average has climbed about 40 points, but still is only .156 "If I was hitting, the move probably wouldn't have been necessary," said Robertson. "So 1 am going about it without the least bit of hard feelings. There is no question in my mind that this is best for the team and I am all for it." Robertson has played third steadily the past week because Hebner has been nursing a back injury; However, they are ex pected to begin platooning. Virdon said he had explairl ed his decision to move Stargell to both Hebner and Robertson. "There really isn't anything they can do about it since I told them that is the way it is going to be," said Virdon. "But I think both of them took it very weli." Since Stargell has been play ing first, Vic Davalillo and Gene Clines have been sharing left field. Virdon suggested that he may even decide to use Hebner in left, with Robertson at third and Stargell at first. like to think we'd have all thr.ee of those guya. hitting at the same time," Virdon said Davis Returns With A Bang OHiiOAGO At the age ol 32, Tommy lD6vliS hit .ili:M. for tJhe Oakland Athleti.cs. At age 313, he was unemployed. "{ played a detective and fl you see the movie, don't bldnk, you may mliss me." Tlrere's no doubt in my mind about the ability of any of these to manage in the majors, and when the day comes that Walt Alston tells the Dodgers he's go ing back to his farm in Darrtown, Ohio, for good, there's };ttle doubt in my mine! they will ask him for his rec,1rnmendation a3 to who should succeed him. I can salvage this year, if I play, and I feel I can come bacK and have a good year nexf year. Stan Musial came back and had a goc.d year after a poor one. He came back and hit .330 I believe and then quit. I don't want to quit on a ,year like this one." ager than is given to a black ball player now. DaV'is inally got a job \Frl.day with the Chicago-Oui bs. On S\Unday, ihe hela>ed tili.e 't:ubs break a slump wi.th hits In fi.ve at babs and three runs batted -in during a doubleheader sweep over OincdnnatJi. "I baseba:Il bad for gotten me," he said. "At 313, I didn't tlhink I was through, but no one seemed to want me!' Ten days ago, he went to Flo rida to work out and for tJhe last 1\'l'eek thad been working witlh the Cubs. /He'.s sti11. over his normal playing wetgdlt of 100, but says: Lf yoo think ['m now, you sbould have seen me before I began workiing out." Nevertheless, he was aetivated by the Cubs Frlid.ay and install ed at first base against. leftbander Don Gullett in SundaY'I first game. IHiis first time up, he walked the next time he broke a scoreless tie with a two out line single up the mid dle. The Cubs went on to win the game Walt Alston isn't the type to toss names around at times like this. primarily because he doesn't care to gloss over anyone and cause hard feelings, but I'd have to say. when the Dodgers do ask him whom he's recommend as his suc cessor, he'll say either Maury Wills or Da!Uly cnark. There always is that chance, of course, that one of these two mt'n or both may be tapped for a man l.lgerial job the end of next season. One major league club I know of already is about Ozark Maury Wills isn't playing coy. Ask him whether he'd like to manage a major league club and be says sure, why not? But he doesn't go around stumping for a manager's job. Neither does Robinson, whom I'd hire in a minute if it was my big league club. The old order changeth and that augurs well for men like Robin son, Wills, Lasorda, Ozark and Gilliam. Perhaps it changeth not as quickly as they would like, but the fact that people like Frank Quilici, Don Zimmer, Chuck ner, Frank Luchesi,_ Sparky AnRACII 'NIGHTLy liOO MATINIU lzl MON.-WID.-IA I .SARASOTA KEIE QUI 5400 Bradenton Road at Dt_Soto. 'really the way it should have been some time ago. But you know baseball. It's so slow. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers FOR SALE Beautiful Duplex.. New. $300 income. $23,000, $3,000 down. 603 West Euclid Ave., 1 block north of Columbus D r. and No. Blv d. Owner. 876-7614 or 877-5768 DaV'is was releaSed by Oak land in March l.n what was considered partial retl'libuoon for role as Vida !Blue's coofi. dante. He worked out for 10 days with the Oubs in Scotts dale; Ariz., but was released and went borne to Los Angeles. '11hen the Oubs went into a bittling sluiiiiP, and -Davis got a telephone call from Ohicago General Manager Jobn Holland. "I hadn't done .auy plia!}'ing," Davis said. I was spending a lot Of money and doing a lot of hustling. I managed a musioal group, sold cable wire and even appeared in a movie with Jim lkown. lin the second ga:me, be went two-for-three with two more RIBil in the CUbs' 10-6 vdctory. In both games, he was reptaced for defensive reasons by Joe !Pepttooe. M1anager Leo Durocher said he plan.s to platoon Davis and 'Pepitone at first, with Pepitone fillm..g in as a late inning defensive replacement and Jim Hickman shubtling between first and the outlfield. Ritz Adult Theatre Enjoy lhe llesl ia X Baled Films ia cool comforlahle nrroudiag Phone 248-1378 .. 151h and Broadway Adults 18 OR 10VEB SUNDAY SUITOR "She ... Suday In hTe Week. ALSO ELEVATOR -nat Was Ber 1 ... Becaue Slae Was Always C.U., Dowa."


_____ Tues __ d_a.:..y;..., J_u_1.:..y_t_8..;.,_1_9_'72 __ __ _In_Pub __ l_iala_ed_e_ve_r..:.y_T_ues __ ._lld_._F_r_I.__C_e_t_Bot_h_Ed_it_io_n_s ___ __:P:.:.AGE TWENTY.ONB -Farewell To Pele? Pr0110tion, J rick Spoils. His Image LOS ANGELES Actress Sarah in Brazil where soccer is the n-; Bernhardt had some 40 "farewell'' tiona! sport. He's called The King tours before she finally bowed out and the Black Pearl, and is of show business in the 1920s. a reported $340,000 a year tax rice Chevalier said goodbye five free. times before quitting at 83. He said he'll have no trouble Now sports fans are wondering keeping busy after ire stops bow many "farewell' appearances ing. He owns publicity agencies, Brazilian soccer star one of sporting goods stores, cafes, and a the world's wealthiest and m:>st rubber factory, is public relations admired athletes, will make. director of a bank, runs a prO. For more than a year, as he motional program for a soft-drink travels the world, his appearances firm, and recently starred in have peen billed at many stops as a tast time locally" games-only to movie. have him show up again. But his main aim is to be a Ask Pete how he acquired a good husband to his wdle, R06e reputation as soccers most unrema;ie; daughter Kely, 5, and son tired "retiree" and he says it's all Edmho, 2, a mistake. / "My wife has been practically EveR Aaron Ftgures He (ouldn't Hav.e Hit Reju.venated Gibson ST. LOUIS-The St. LOuis Card inals' Bob Gibson, dallying for straight-pitching victories after a losing start, has National League batters moaning again. "I didn't even need to carry a bat up there," said pinch-hitter Jim Breazeale of the Atlanta Braves after swinging wildiy at a third strike in the seventh inning of Wednesday -nightfs game with the bases loaded. -"Tha.t guy's got my \100! for be lng great., Gibson, wholost his first five games of the season, had his ball smoking and his slider break,... ing as much as 18 inches as he pitched his third shutout of the season, beating the Braves 7-0. barrass_ 'yout declared Braves anyhow," Aaron said glumly. M.anager Luman Harris. Han-is In the fourth inning, Rico CartJ slUgger Hank Aaron of the Braves led off with a triple, the lineup to rest fr'om the 15-m-But Gibson proceeded to strike out ning marathon of tlie evening beEarl Williams on a slider, force fore. .... Paul Casanova to fly to short left Aaron has hit five of his 19 f:eld and then threw another slider h?iners so far year off Card past Marty Perez to end the threat. pitchers, welcomed the "I had my fast ball going goodchance to Sit this one out. ft was my best pitch,'' Gibson "I couldn't have hit. one off him said. JOHNSON PICKED TO WIN TOURNEY ON TOUR SOON It's a publicity gimmick used by mother and father to our children Mme promoters to attract specta?! ,our tours," tors," he said after a game with he .. SBld. She deserves a break. his Santos team. "I am not qu:tWe have a five-bedroom aparf; ting until 1974 when my contract in Santos, a beautiful coastal with Santos expires. city about a drive from It was the ninth triumph in a row for the 6-foot-1, twc>time Cy YOWlg Award winner who had a 16-13 record a year ago. Since May MILWAUKEE George John son has been picked by the win ner of the Milwaukee Open to win on the golf tour soon, possibly this week. John Colbert won the Mil waukee Open by one shot over Johnson and three others, but only after sweating it out on No. 18. "George is my pick next weelr, boys," said the elated Colbert. who admitted he knew Johnson was hot on his heels. "But I knew he hJu:i a long way to go," Colbert said. "I didnt worry about anybody else until the last green. I thought a four there would end the ball game." "The promoters don't realize bedrooms are that in their efforts to make monf!V filled With trophies they are hurtinug my image. "!We have no special. luxuries ridiculous. I can't be retiring every because we don't like. them. We month." want to live simply We have a Retirement announcements bemaid who helps with the houseran when Pele said last July he work, b_ut Rosemarie takes _care of as permanently withdrawing from tbe cbildre':' sometimes I Selection Brazilena, a team made wash the dishes. up of Brazil's finest players that What does he think or women'll represenU! the country In mterna-aoccer, catching on in some areas? tiona! games. But Pele remainil "I. would rather' see women play / under contract to Santos, a pri volleyball, or sit in the bleachcts nte team, until 1974. cheering. It's not a pretty sight to Pele, real name Edson Arantes see a woman trying to bounce a Do Nascimento, is a national hero ball off her chest." ,/ BOXERS BID THIS. WEEK FOR OLYMPIC BERTHS .. FORT WORm,Tex. Bobby Lee Hunter, whose rehabilitation in a South Carolina prison has made him one of the top amateur boxers in the United States, will get his chance along with more than 80 other fighters this week to make the U. S. Olympic boxing squad. Hunter is serving an 18-year sen tence at tbe Manning Correctional lnsti.tution in Columbia, S. C., for manslaughter. He will be eligibla for parole next year. 1 Hunter had never put on a pair cf boxing gloves until he was im prisoned. But under the supervision m Ray Satterefield, a corrections officer who will travel to Fort Worth with him, Hunter has to the top of the flyweight division In this country. He is the current AAU flyweight champion and won the Bronze :Medal in the Pan American Games at Cali, Columbia, last year. The possibility of Hunter being t1 member of the United states team at first caused reported rum blings from Olympic officials in Munich, but last month the presi dent of the Olympic Organizing Committee said there was never eny thought of barring Hunter from the nmes. Before the committee's state ment, New York Corrections Board Chairman William Vanden Heuvel formed a group to protest any planned action against Hunter by Olympic officials. "Youth around the world will find an inspiring example in his success which confirms the reality or hope and the poSsibility of re demption for all of us," Vanden Heuvel said. Although the Fort Worth trials are the most pUblicized phase of the Olympic selection process, the winners in the 11 weight caRgor ies will not automatically win i1 trip to Munich. The 11 winners, along with 11 "challengers" picked by the ing selection committee, will train at Bear Mountain, N. Y., for three weeks. During the seoond week of the training there will be a ... challenge match" between the two fighteril in each weight classification. If the winner in Fort Worth .also wins the challenge match he wins a trip to the Olympics. If. the challenger wins, however, there will be a third bout to decide the Olympic competitor. EMPLOYEE WANTED ADVERTISING_ SOLICITOR Salary, plus commissioa. Masl have aalo, neal appearuce. Williag lo haslle. Apply Ia Persoa Daly: FLORIDA -SENTINEL BULLETIN .. ., ,_ 2207 21sl AVEIIUE 20, Gibson has a phenomenal 1.37 earned run average for 79 Innings, reducing his seuon's ERA to 2.62. Gibson was rareljbetter than Wednesday night wllen he struck out six Braves and yielded two walks. He was unshakeable in the clutch. In the seventh inning, the bi, righ-bander allowed three to fill the bases, with one out. Then he struck out Breazt'ale on a curve and two fast balls and got Mike Lum to fly out. "Like I said three years ago, it doesn't take Gibson long to em-Bob Gibson: 10 Straight HOUSTON Bob G i b on struck out llline out ot. ro batters lOVer one stretch and Donn C1endenon slugged a tie-breaking ihome run in the eighth inning to give the St. Louis Oa'l'di.n:als a 3 triumph over Ho\IISton Moo day night fur Gibson's lOth consecutive vietoliY.

PAGE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fl"'. Celt Both Editions _Tuesday, July 18, 1972 Say Bishop-Bright -Healed Wounds In_ Church IPH!IILAlDIELPIHliiA F'une .ral -services for Bis.hop J .a,hrr Douglas Bright who died July 2 on the rostrum of the Al:\iiE General Conference in Dallas, were held !Friday at the Mlother Betlltel AME Church, 67h St. below P ine, where he was elected to the bis. ltopric and where he had ved a Hl-year pastorate. The two-hour service s, at the. mother 'churc h of the. denQmina tion, was' one of dignitJY so lbefiting to t12e mindster who was the 72th bishop of the AME Church. .Presiding was a J.ife-lmig Bis-hop Ernest L. Hickman,_ who served the Epis copal District and was assign ed to the First Episcopal Dis trict during the. !Noting -that newly '!!lected Bis hop Richard Allen Hildebrand, Qf B rooklyn, N. Y., elected on .the second ballot, had l>een the c hoice of Bishop Bright, one pre late said: ,-, had healed the in our nmks. Hi! had Settled the trea surer debate. He had made fur ther court unneces-sary Ho had ele"ted Hil!}ebrand to take his place. "Hi:s bridges were all crossed. His battles wnn. An unseen cha riot was wai:ting, so thTowing 'his mantle to Hildebrand, he stepped aboard." Other participants were: the iR-ev. Joselhp Joiner, piiJStor of 1 Motfuer Bethel Ohurch; BiShop Ill. Thomas Plrimm, Fourth Elpif! copal I>i.str-iot; Bisl!Qp G. Dewey !Robinson, lJltllh Episcopal Dios trict1 and Bishop Frede11ick Tal : bot, l&th Episcopa-l District. "His man, Hildebrand had just been elected bishop aod was, brought to. the rostrum. Bright did three tliings: He em 'Ilh.ousands ol inbraced Hildebl'and. He took off eluding is aetiva md one re-. his episcopal ring arid slippe9 tired. bish9p, came to bid their. it on finger. He farewell,: hut yet, there took. off h1s s that were very fewtears shed; nor. he was weal'mg and p1nned 1t oo sad laces, booause as' one bis! iHildebrand. hop said, .. I'll be seeing you." "He did one liiOl'e thing. He -Young :.Talks; Of Countyviidt Unity ptan Youthful black rights activist, -to accept the program put forward Omali. Otlia Favor.s, who has be-:!n by tlie Nationai Black PoliticaJ out of touch with the public since convention held recently in Gary, the death of one ofhis workers, Indiana: Instead, they fell back on said Monday that he has been dothe worn-out tokenism of "putting ing silent wOJ'k, thinking and black faces in high places." In ning for the past two months. &pite of the high qualifications of -Favors spoke out last week after the individual persons, they can the Central Avenue disturbance have no real effect on the real where policemen allegedly struck problems of our people because of a young girl with a nightstick causthe program of the white-majority ing, in Favors' words, "near full .:Democrats, and beca:!JSe the e scale rebellion." black representatives do not march Monday afternoon Favors told ; at the head of a black the Sentinel what his "silent work" solidlf united l>ebind th_ eni. Tele will mean to the community. vision scenes of black delegates "Supp(Jrters of the Center For arguing over George Wallace ver a United Black Community have sus the more sophisticated whit!'!. :mapPed out a -major drive to f urcandidates proices how far we still bring .togetller all segments have to go. of black people in this county. The Hillsborough couq_ty will fill va first part of "The Unity wil L cancies in some of its highest posts set in motion this week with later this year We still won't the launching of a countywide fund represented because we still have raising campaign." not organized ourselves into a The golll of. the tund raising drive and self is to raise $1,000 by the middle of JewishAmericans raise million3 _.6.ugust. Funds raised will go toof dollars every year for Israel .ward opening a bhick bookstore and other Jewish causes. Italian and variety shop-''African Village Americans, Irish Americans, etc., People's Market," and toward re all support their own _p(!(?ple Po opening the Center Itself. litically and financially, all around Getting away from the subject the world The Latin-Americans of the fund raising campaign Om can point' to Ybor City, to their ali said, people are still be councilnien, 'commisSioners, and to ing deprived, lied to, discriminattheir support of Latin causes ed against, abused, misused, solrl throuhgout the world. out, l>etrayed, and trampled upon We are going to unite.. our peOple 100 yearsafter the ending of so that we can do the same! alavery." For example, he said, Black people have worked mir, Bishop -Hildebl'land re_p;esent-' ed the Bishops' Council; Joseph M oKinney, newly elected trea. surer, represenred tile G.eneral MEMOBIAM TAMP A-In memory ol my dear mother, Mrs. Carrie Bell Elliott who departed this life July 17, 1965. Though she is gone, the memories wil never fade. Her spirit Uves on in our hearts and grows dearer as tbe years go by. Signed: -Mrs. Juaalta Roby, Daughter and FamHy. MEMORIAM 'I;'A:MPA ..:..In memory of our brother, Benjamin Calviii who passed away July lt, ltGS. In oar hear1s he Is fondly membered, ud. sweet memories c:Ung to his. name. We, who loved him. in. life sincerely, still love him In death just tbe same. The Wilson's MEMOBIAM. and Connectional Officr 's;_ the Rev William Lee Freeman, of New York City, the Presiding il!!lders; _the Rev. T. E Hart_oer, tpast o r of St. M.a!tthew A IMIE ChUrch, ministers; Miss Ruth Hug;hes missionaries; Oharies 'Th'1>tt, laymen, and the Rev Jeff. rey Leath, youth. ALso, tributes fiom 'the family -were read by Bishop Bright's daughter, Miss Gwendol.Yn N. tr.ibute from. a friend, the Rev. Rkhard-R. Stokes, New York City, ,whi> served as of the F -irst District in Dallas. !Attending BishOps -Bio&-1toP. E. L .. Hicl!:man, Fh-:St Epis copal District; Bishop Henry !Murphy, second; Bishop I. H. Bearden third; rushop. H. M. Robinson, n.in!Jh; Johil :Adains, tenth and .'G. Memorial Service For Bishop Young wey eleventh. AI!d :Ef s hq;t> S. S Marris, twelfth; WiUiam R. Wilkes, thir .teenth ; Frank M adison Reid; fourteenth; Venton Anderson fifteenth ; Fred Taloot,. sixteen: t h .;: H. H. B-rookins seventeen th, and Fred James, eighteen th. : A15Q attending was :retired Bi;. h:op Joseph Gomez. Choirs fr0om the churches ol the Philad-elphia Annual Mi>ther Conference provided the music'. Solos 'ere. \by the Rev. J a mes L Da::drid ges, ot .iM:t.: Pisgah Church and the : White Sisters. tMJan, y and city officjais_ attended .the ran Thursd -ay from 6 p :m. iuitil 10 and :: from 9:30 a:m. until li1:30_.a:m:,. .t:ites. at aeries in Hillsborough a n d sheriff Malcoim B e a r d said Pinellas counties drew lengthy the O!)nspiracy chargea stemmed comments from Bob Gilder, head from police reports that plans of the Commurlity Action Agency had been made t:> rob the Brinks and Al Cannata, administrator of armored trucks that go to Won "Miss Gail Robinson, the 16-yearacles together iri the past. We can old who was knocked unconscious and MUST come together and work by a pOliceman in last week's pro -'miraCles for each other again-= test on Central Avenue, denied that starting now. The 'CENTER FOR .she was guilty of any wrongdoing. A UNITED BLACK COMMUNITY She also absOlutely that has a plan for achieving UNITY, -was viSited at the hospital by a INDEPENDE;NCE, and PROSPER .policernan, charged with di5ordet' ITY for all of our people. The -ly conduct ; arrested; and then re. plan will pot work, though,. unless Jeased in the custody of her parall of us join hands l>ehind. "THE TAMPA ...:. Ia memory of our beloved mother, Mrs. -Carrie Browa who 'pasied July 10, 1969. .We aUU-mlu you and your amUJag tace. FOr ua you dld yaar beat. Sadly mlased by your chll dren aacl grandchildren; TOEP. .,der -Bread Company here and a Arrested following a by prominent faniily's l>each home in the Sheriff's office the .state Pinellas County. ents as reported by a spOkesman UNITY PLAN." for ttie Tampa Police Department. "We call ol) the good of "A .short while ago I' ;,.,as. asked the black community to support 't() move' out of an apartmept. that this fund-raising campaigD sO that I had just rented. The reason tha: t the first step .will l>e a 'the gave was that 'they and total victory for Africans in didn't know that I was _black!''' _. Hillsborough County ; across Amer Favors -COntinued: : The Demo. ica, imd all areund the world/' 'eratic National refused _Favors concluded. \ 10,32. SUccess lies, not In achl eving what you aim at but ta aiming at what you ought to achieve, 110,78. and pressing for ward, sure of achievemeat here, or if not here, hereafter. 19,18, II ; ;. It: .l ., .. :, .. .1 Signed: 1\ln. Bessie BroWQ and Mrs. Ethel Holt. WILSON FUNERAL HOME M -r.. Mamie Z305 11th Ave.-- Twin Girls Johason, 3415 E. Comanche. Mrs. LucUle Julie Ward, Rt. Z Box 26, Thonotosassa. Baby Boy ColliH, 507 E. Francis. Mrs. Gwendolyn Lee Woodall, 3503 E. Buffalo Ave. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME l'fr. Robert Lee Brown, Sr., 2106 Carmen St. Mrs. Bertha Brown, 2620 Pall fox. FUNERAL HOME Mrs. SalUe Johnson, 2217 15th Ave. S.Sgt. Willie Allen, 7413 South O'Briea, Port Tampa. Mrs. ; Willie Maude Borden, 513 North Oregon. PUGBSLEY FUNERAL HOME Mrs, Bemmie Russ, 3503 Mae attorney's office were: Win,iam : Speaking of Urquhart, Gilder .. R. Urquhart, 48, : 3908 Cleveland, said he would not like to deal !1 recruiting tlie him as a man in 9f funded program ; J o e making a statement. "In no Rodnguez, 38, 3413' e all bad in term. for armed robbery; .and of helping prisoners.': Gilder add' ton 1s a:n escapee from a Georgia ed that there should be so m .-. !Prison where he was serving a 15 place for a man, who has paid year sentence for breaking and his debt to society, to get assist entering. '!'he men were arrested ance in getting rehabilitated into had.o St ROGERS FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Myrtle Wiggins, 214 W. Palm Ave. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME Mrs. sarah Criswell, 2824 No. HunUey Ave. Mr. Leroy Jacob, 6111 Selmat St. ., Infant Boy Smith, 3632 No. Bay St. Mr. James Kirby, 718 Moody St. Mr. William Henry Freemlm, SUO 35th St. society. Urquhart, who has ployed .bY TCEP for about six months, dealt with offenders in an effort to bring them into the program as or to find suit:able employment for them. Cannata said he interviewed Urquhart when he was hired and felt that he was rehabilitated and was r e ady to devote his time and J e f forts to the full ot-; i : the program. According to bini:; his work during the first vias : : (Continued On Page 24)


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, '. PACE' TWENTY-FOUR" ;,\..t,,,.l;t .... .. Both' / July 18, 1972 Political Revue By SANDY MONDDIO REP. JOHN RYALS The political season has reachSheriff of. Hillsborough County fmi ed "start up" proportions with 12 years and is now seeking his the announcements of severa l per third term in the Florida House .liOns for the various House seats. In private life, he is an insurance Mrs. Mary Jim Everidge has consultant with Bankers Life Com ann::mnced her candidacy for the pany. Deino nomination to the Florida -x-House of Representatives, Dis,trict Six prominent" black mayors will 62. The seat covers part of Hillsbe queried on the nation's urban borough County outside the Tamcrisis by 'a panel of distinguished pa city limits and western Polk newsmen at the National Urban County. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Blair League's 62nd Annual Confab July is her campaign treasurer, and 2 in St. Presiding George Hamomnd Turner, deputy will be former Cleveland Maypr treasurer. The First National Carl B. Stokes, now newscaster Bank in Plant City has been des for WNBC-TV, New York. ignated as Campaign Depository. -xState Rep. ,John L. Ryals of The Poor People's Platform at Brandon has announced plans for the Demo National Confab last re-election to tbe Florida House week included eight positions. from District 63. Ryals gained They were: Po:Jr people must be his seat in the House in 1966 and represented at all levels of the has served on numerous commit Demo Party in reasOnable pro tees during his tenure of office. portion to the1r numbers in the State Rep. Julian B. Lane, a general population; All Americans former Tampa mayor, has offi must be guaranteed the right to cially qualified as a candidate for an adequate income and an ade the Florida State Senafe, District quate living environment; Nix-23; on the Demo ticket. Lane is on's family assistance plan as seeking the position formerly held proposed in HiR-1 must be de by State Senator T. Truett Ott, feated; The War in Vietnam must who is not seeking reelecti':m. end now; All Americans must Jackson Logan is his campaign have their economic security as chairman and Riley Hogan is finsured. This demands a compreence chairman. hensive program which includes Rep. Terrell Sessums is running broadening the minimum wage for re-election in District 66 of coverage to include all jobs now the House. Sessums, a lawyer, exempted; All Americans must be is scheduled to be the Speaker enabled to obtain a decent home of the House of Representatives and an adequate living environr In Novembzr of this year. He has ment at a price they can afford served in the Legislature since to pay; : All American children 1%3 and has fostered an cutmust be assured creative and con stantling record, too numerous to tinuing pr:)grams designed to mention h-re. support and supplement every State Ren. Ed Blackburn, Jr., aspect of a child's life; Coopera of Tpmple Terrace, annO'Ilnced his tion with and support of organiz candidacv for rP.-election f r 0 m ed groups of poor people must District Bla.ckburn served as be recognized as the legitimate means of involving p:or i>rople. All of these positions were exCi;Jder Hopes plained in a leaflet distributed '" at the confab. (Continued from Page 22) Urquhart suffered a heart at tack two m::.nths ago and stayed in the hospital for three weeks in intensive care: At the time of some of the charges he was in the hospital," Cannata said Urquhart reported to work last w:eek for the first time in almost nine weeks. Gilder said any company, from time to time, will hire people that turn cut bad. "That goes for newspapers, .television sta tions, private sectors, the sheriff's office and the police department as well. We can't conceive of con demning the whole thing (TCEP). It appears that many, many per sons over the past seven years have been helped by federal pro grams. Some turned out bad and thousands turned out good," he aaid. Gilder, who called himself the "'Granddaddy of all federal pro grams in Hillsborough County," said that he hopes the people (guilty of charges) will be con "icted by the people (the CQI!l llnunity) instead o( the federal itself." All four of the arrested men are eing held in the county jail with eut bond. Plans Bahama Cruise Janice Reynolds, 4217 Arcb. Street, is leaving Fridav for a three-day cruise on the SS Flavia to the Bahamas. Sbe will be join ed by Lt. Charles Malone who is stationed at HO!IUelltead Air Foree Base. On her: : she will spencJ a few days in the Miami vea. / .-.-....... SOMET.HING SPECIAL FOR THE JULY. BRIDE FROM LARMON'S T'HE FURNITURE STORE THAT CARES PC. BEDROOM SUITE $ 00 __ ... (Similar to llbistralion) Fabulotis Bedroom or Room Suite 14 BIG PIECES $13995 -..f:r SOFA BED *MATCHING CHAIR *I BEAUTIFUL LAMPS 2 STEP TABLES l COFFEE TABLE 5 PIECE PICTURE ENSEMBLE J Z DECORATOR PILLOWS (Sil\ULAR TO ILLUSTRATION) ''THAT'S WHY SMART PEOPLE BUY NOW.'' } .uJlJtiJ.uAJl 9nc.. e I 14 t ARMON! 30E. Broadway PHONE 247_-4711 '1T'S EASY TO PAY THE LARMON WAY" Open Friday Night 'TU 8 P. M. FOR YOUR CONYEIIERCE


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