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Prog,ress Village Youth Dies After Freak Lawn Mo cident REGISTER TO VOTE NOW \ I I (SEE STORY PAGE 3) Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY VOL. 25, NO. 63. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, JULY 22, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. --------------------------------Federal Act Provides .161 Jobs ELLIS BA-BY IS CHRISTENED BY GRANDFATHER One of the highlights in the life of seve.n at the Edwards resid, ence from left, his par f)ld Rlarco Marvin Ellis' was Ius christening 'cere -ents, 'Mr. and Mrs. RichaFd M J!;IIis, Riarco ana mony Sunday morning at St. Matthew Missionary his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Gilford Edwards, Baptist Church. The ceremony was per{ormed by and his godmother, Miss Elizabeth Edwards, who ills grand-father, the Rev. Gilford Edward. s, Jr., is his moiher's sister, who is the pastor. Pictured later in the afternoon Members of St. Matthew. Baptist honored Marvin Wil lams and Gloria HaD as their new king and queen last Thursdny evening. King Ma..Vin Is being crowned by Ola Johnsoa who was the aarrator for the coronatioa pageant. Terrorism l s By SAN FRANCISCO A shad. owy outgrowth of a split in Bla c k Panther Party-the Liberation Ariny"-is claiming sponsibility for killing policemen, setting off bombs and committing other acts of terror across the nation. Up to now, most police depart ments go along with the grim claims of the group, also knewn -as the "Afro-American Libera tion Army, but not much more Information has been made pub lie The most recent incidents in a l on g line of violence occurred in San Francisco and poli c e here believe that they smashed one of the organization's local units with the arrest of Anthony Bottom 20, who they said volunteered a long list of local violence claimed by the "army." Bottom who was arrested wibhr (Continued oa page C) (SEE STORY PAGE 13) (SEE STORY ON PAGE 15For M .iss Fla. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 22) lntem Tells Of Chang,es In Police Depanm,ent (SEE S T ORY ON PAGE Links Give $68,000 TO College Fund SEE STORY ON PAGE


PAGE TWO f'la. Sentiaei-Bullellia Pulliahed every Tuei. anCI Fri. Cet S.th Editioib. Sabirctay, July 22, WOMAN_ LO:SES $1,200 IN CON .GAME Bla,kburn Trial Under Aide Way ORLANDO-Trial began Monday for Matthew Smith, former hench man in Harlan Blackburn's shatSheriff's Community Relations Bureau ._ ___ By SGT. ARNIE Physical inlh!'Opoiogy And The. Law: One of the. questions often asked in regard to skeletal or semi-skeletal remains is the proxi .inate lengtth of Hme since death. 'l'his is not really within the provirice of the Ant hropo logist, though after some ence he may be prepared to contribute to a discussion in which various factors are con sidered by those investigating the case. A sixty-nine-year old woman was flim fiarnmed out of $11200 Tuesday b.y a male ron artist and his female COIJlJPanion at the !Exchange National Dank. Mrs. Flora Dickens 204 South Oregon, told police that sOt burn's organization, but Smith work for Nle bank. maintains he is inhocent The was describ-ed as beMore than 50. of J he 60 persons ing 5 '5 5'7", .. 1175 Lro lobs. and then arrested have pleaded guilty approximately 40 ye ars old. The to gambling law violations. .. woman looked to b.e 35 40 Trial testimony begins today in yeaTs old ; and about 5'6", M _rs .... Criminal Court -Judge W. Rogers Turner s chambers. .tDJckens The identification of skelehil il'emains. is a very specialized of work, aad tll!e p2ople who are fully flJ'ep,ared for it is lim i ted. 'Phese pe<>QYle are call ed p i hysic a l Anthropologi sts, and it may be of some interest to consid-er how came about. Ph ysical Anthropology is the study of the m:=ny features of the human body which vary from one individual to another; Antbr<)pologlists their course o f study with hu man anatomy, givin-g s pecj,al attention to the skeleton whic l \ as the most .durable part of the body, furnisohes 'information 'bout iprehis toric as well as modern Also, they study the abundant hterature .in wthich human variations arean a i y zed with reference to sex, a g e, raee and environmental influences. iLastly ; they should have direct in ha_ ndling human skeletons in adequate numb-ers; this 111ay be done either in medi cal school oollections or, more in collections recoyer ed from archaeologic al exc ,avaRemember tlhat a body ly buried in a northern climate, during monthS when bhe mean temperature is at or near rreez ing, is virtually in c old s torage. On the other hand, it has been sa; id that the bod y of a 300 pound m an can be reduced to a skeleton and a f e w scraps of dried tis sue during one month 'of warm weather; the body being loosely a overed ahove ground and accessibly to blow mes. COURTHOUSE CAPERS-Afro Hairdo Gets In -The Way. Of Mat'h For A (ig ti<:as. In the latter ca.se tJhey ac in -Jestoring broke n -material and draWing con_ elusions from fragments. Another question not in the Anthropologist s field is the caue of death. In the majority of cases the cause of death will leave no marks on the sk eleton; however, occasionally an ment causing death may fracture a bone. The essential ia whetJher the breakag-e pla.ce at the time of deatJh or after Burial or during exhuma ti-on. One of the most interesting of identification to the An1Jhrqpologdst, is the determina ion of race. The features by Assaults Mrs Annie Lois Carrington, 156, 307 E. Park, told police that for some unknown reason, Ro bert Williams grabbed her and beat her about tl)e head, bruising h e r in the face. Mrs. Carrington added -that Williams had been her common-law hus band fo r five years, but they no longe r live together. B _urglaries Police said apparently the Jler sons who entered Alexander DeBose s h o use at 102 E. Ross, apt. 14, Wednesday afternoon h a d a key as no evid ence of forced entry was found. Taken from the apt. were two tele one color, w10rth $300 and one black and white worth $5o(), and a stero receiver valued at $100. Bu1glars pushed in a door at 2700 N. 29th St. Wedriesda:y to enter, and removed a portable; T. V. v-alued at $284.80, and left through their point of entry, police said. The T. V. the porperty of Hural Buck ley, 23. Wiley, 47, 2714 125th A venue, told police that unknown subjects entered his reside n ce between 9-11 w ednesday morning and took a ra

Sa-turday, July 22, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published eve,ry Tues. and Fri. Celt Both Edit ions PACE THREE --Siamese Twins Joined By Heads Make (a ,.,eer In Music PHILADELPHIA Yvim1:1e and Yvette McCarth er, Siamese twins, of Los Angeles, California have been singing gospel music since five and now on tour of the East Coast. also taurcd cities in the United States inCluding Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, and now Philadelphia. Following Phila.delphia, Yvonne and Yvette will tour New York, Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, St. Louis and Miami. living. They were born in Nigeria ten years ago and separated at birth. But for. these two twins (Yvonne ano Yvette) to survive jofned together is incredible." Researching the births of Siamese twins, there seem!l to be only two sets of Siamese twins that lived for any Accprding to doctors, Yvonne and Yvette, the youngest of eight children, would not live to see their ninth birthday. As far as musical inspiration is con cerned, the twins consider Aretha Franklin the greatest, followed by }.Jill Withers, ,AI Green and the Jackson 5. great duratlon. However Yvonne and Yvette, 23, will appear in con cert at Christ Memorial Baptist Church, 25th Street and Lehigh Avenue Saturday at 7:30 P. 1\I. In exclusive interview, Yvonne and Yvette told the Tribune they started singing gospel at the age of five and received their first break when bac king their pianist .in a recording session recently. Rushing from city to city to perform coneerts is "no problem" for the twins, because they look forward to eating their favorite foods: hamburgers and chicken. Two Siamese men, Chang and Eng, were born in Bangesau, Siam (Thaila nd ) 1811 and died-. in 1874 in Mount Airy, North Carolina while on tour with a circus. The second set of Siamese twins were Rosa and Jo seph Blaze!, who were born 1878 in Skerychov, Bo hemia and lived in CzechosloVakia. The twins toul:t'd Europe and the UniOliee, e&peelally when 1t came to One thing bhllit de \ pa.rtment lacked is a division t hat ha!'dles only juven_ne cases, Thne _And ita.-,ts she saJd 1[1 qlllme'l Rr. i l t ., h n 'I r { vent10!1 all cas'e s rnone fOUr 1 e\Vs 1 involvmg a person liS-years or younger and in many cases tha detectives atre more of counse248 IPensa.coJ.a for over two yea.rs. Her returni ng to school and in -terning with a juveni le squad will h elp her in working wibh and handling ohi'ldren at the juvenile home. A .f.amdly woman; M rs. Cheese fs mothet' of three daughtel'S, Twa-na V., 10, Jacquelkte Y., 7, and Letida R 4. Her husband Roscoe, is ail ins -tructor at Es cambia Hig h Sc hool in Pensacola. Mrs Oheese's stay in Tampa wlll end on Augu-st 2. F A 6 Year Term MIAMI -,_ Black militant AI Featherston, convicted Monday night of the 1970 fire bombing of .Dorsey High &!hool was sene tenced to six year s in prison to run concurrently with ten years he is serving on federal and state charges. "I dop't think he should serve any more time, Judge Alfonso Sfi!pe said as he passed sentence on Featherston. "the philosophic-A 13-year-old Progress Vil lage boy died Thursday afternoon from the of a freak accident that Tuesday afternoon while he was mowing the lawn around his family's home. Donzell Holloman, Jr: 4805 86th St., was cutting the lawn .. early that afternoon. when he suddenly ran and told his father. that he had been hurt. Donzell _was rushed to Tampa General Hospital where he immediately underwent emege ncy surgery to reniove an object that, had lodged in the boy 's chest. It was determined that while Donzell was mowing the grass the blades of the mower struck some unknown object and sent it hurling, at the_ youth. Officials at the hospital said the boy never regained con sciousness before h e expired shortly before 3 P. M_. Thursday. As his father, Donzell Hollo man, sorrowfully talked 'of his son's accident he took a moment tO'offer a. word of warning to other youngsters tha't might be al leader" of the Black Afro delapidated junior high school. Milital}t Movement. Both sentences are to run Judge Sepe passed a similar concurrently with the seven sentence on Willie Charles Har-year term whi c h Harris receiv.ris, fo1;mer chairman of. BAMM ed in June Sepe ordered. who already is serving a seven Featherston and Harris sen-year sentence on another charge. tences mean that ne ither man :I t 1 t q l an day. of 1 year ''f()r h1s pa'rt 1d tM bme even though a burning of Dor-sey another criminal court jury found them two years for taking part in guilty of arson and conspiracy the conspiracy to fire bomb the charges after a three week trial. .hurt 'the 'same way. He said he wished they would take time to remove all dangerous objects from the grass before, starting to mow, so that no other lives will be lost the way his son's was. This fall, Donzell would have been an eighth grade student at Dowdell Junior High Sehool. Donzell is survived by his father, his mother, Mrs. LouveniaHolloman, a sister, a !brother and other r elatives an"

/ -' PACE FOUR Fla. SeatJaei-Bull.tht. Publt.hea eei-y Tues. Btl .Fd. Cet BotJa EdJtioai Saturday, 22, 1972 ... --. _;,. Senfif SAY THEY SHOULD STEP FOR wARD OFFERS THEMSELVES FOR PUBUC OFFICE AS-THE NATURAL LEADERS OF THE BLACK MASSES. PcKket Published every Tuesday and Fri4ay bJ Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pub lish i ng Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, A new day is ail haJld and must grab. the potential. Black power muSil be gainei. for t e black masses. alt the polls with highly qualified black candi 'dates. We have the candidates if. they w.ould_ ONLY QUALIFY. By BOB GILDER CAA Executive Direclor Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publisher I c. BLYTHE ANJlREWS, ... Eieca&ive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice Presldeat-Productloa HKS. I ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice Presldeat-Socld)' _.,.,. JOHNNY JACOBS Vice Presideat-Advertialll \ Second class postage paid at Tampa, Florida SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 Per Year Oae Editioa. $12.50 Per Year Botb Editioaa. It's Iisne For Us To Qualify late --Will GJ, : Up BOYPOWER '7 6 a new, plan adopted by Boy Scouts cK America is seeking "to deeply involve a repre s enta tiv e one-third of all Am e rican boy s in Scou : t ing" .Sc outing has 'l>ffered a fine program f p r youth and their parents 1910. While Scouting has alwa y s embraced youth of all races, re iigions, nationalities and econo mic backgrounds, in rece,nt yel!_rs. Scouts have placed greater emThe decline in black uneJ:Il phasis on involving -mo.re inner ployment reported in :the SeDtinel city boys in the progra(Il. laa:t week is welcome news, The guiding of is it real? Scouting character developSen. Pro:xmire, chair ment, citizenship training, ment-man .of the Joint Economic Com al and physical fitness remain the same, but the program m fttee, contends that some-cate taken a critical look at itself lfOries were actually -unchanged to develop innovative approaches and that deY.iations for all woJ;"k to recruiting a wider range of ers show up in the months parti cipation from low inc'Ome to come. And wi th. the new mini grou ps. Non-traditional spoRsers mum waae up sixty-cents p for Scout groups and a greater. use of women in the program hour star-ting Qt. 1973, look. forare two methods by which .. more many businesses Ito. go out Scout groups been started of business (most M ack busi in. the inner city. nesses are small businesses) and One of the e x citing new .. the black unemplo.ym' ent rolls to ideas develo_ped is the Scouting Para-professional In increase. 1971, this program was beg.un In an eledtiOb. year, these indito provide -"an oppo rtunity for cators--unemployment and t h e low-income per 1 Though blacks .not of living index-become po. sons to work for the Boy Scouta coalesced their forces 'Ill-Htlk litical issues, particularly since t>f America''. The Paraprofes. C t t least sionals perform a wide variety borough ounty as ye a President Nixon. promised to ge. t of tasks previously performed tiome of our qualified P e 0 P l e t he total jobless rate d own to 4.5 by professional Scouters. They fihould step forward and _seek per cent this summer. o11ganize new Scout units and public offiice. The. deadline is U P lt now stands at 5.5 per cent help :Keep old units going. Some on us and only four names have -tor wMtes. The figure ia 10.7 work in local Scout offices peras possible candidate!!. f.or blacks. paring all of the many things On Monday, A!tty. Warren H. needed to keep Scouting operat The better than one percenl ing. Others call on ministers, D .awaon a for.mer asststant <:Fty d th bl k 1 1 age potnt ro. p tn e ac .. eve pasors, school teachers and adattorney, is to qualify fr.om Ma..Y to June still leaves ministrators, aml neighborhood for a county judge's post. The minori ty workerS fai' too clQse to businessmen to try to get them names of Atty. Arthenia L. Joy levels .of joblessness in to help with the Scout programs. 1\er, M.rs. Josephine the aenei'al n.:....ulation since the To .get this program going in Robert Gi,lder have also b e e n ... -... our community, Mr Fredric G. ta f th C Depression. 'Dogers, Par apill-ofes_ s ional Train iheard as prospec or e oun h ...-S S Nixon's inf:lation pohcy ing' Executive from National ty Commission and tate enate. played a pa:rlt, too. While .the new Office of Boy Scouts or Blacks represent eig!t.teen pe.r order of last August attempted America has been in the Tampa cent of tthe county population 1D to shift economiic gears, tbe area this week to pro vide in Hillsborough County b u t there -ed formation and assistan c e on the isn't a single elected public had us un program to the local Scout offi official. Just about every com employment in an effort to'clieck cials. f inflation. ,... Tl!_e Program is look-munity-in Florida 0 any stze 1 At tt:-his ra:te it could take un ing for low-income persons liv ahead of Tampa in the til Jan. 20 to meet -the 'lng in poverty areas. A h igh arena: Political handouts to a objectii.ve; and we don'. t even see _. school is not a nec c eschosen few blacks is in the past th t .b Tt ith th e sary reqUirement. Th e y are look in most Florida communities-a pOSSl -1 1 y now w e n _w except Talnpa. While the masses minimum wage staring f t l t. I bl k in the 'face. the war gear -_p.L.rm Rest Bapt"st suf er, one or wo po tea ac s ing down, demand for war goods -'I get all the gravy in highly paid alacken and many produ<: 'positions and .. other favors. tion plants will begin laying off lit would seem here !that t h e worker_s. Other businesses not (:ounty Commission and School u Board races offer op geared to the Vietnam War w : PortUnltii.... LlackS ii:O aet ...._ have to productivity ii:O 0 kee' p _fr_om cutting back workers elected, or at least have their vote under tthe new minimum w a If e c:lout felt. And we can. think of schedule. people out of many persona who would work, they _can't buy products excellent candidates in two -races. To a few: Jim Ham and Will be forced_ to D 1 cut back personnel. mond, Rubin Padgett, At tty. e It looks to us like lnitolerable Stewart, Atty. Edgecomb, unemployment is _just ax;ound the Ira -Blossom, Bobby Bowd'en, Al-ton White, Ty Reddiah, Harold corner for moat black people, N. Reddick, Charles D avia, Omali since we are the la&t hired Otha/ Favors, Jerry N. Harvey, fid fired. ( James T. Hagrett, Jr., Perry C. J I (la"med Harvey, Benny Shuman, Mrs. errOfiSm -S I from P.age 1) '4202 Nassau St. Rev. w. R. Brooks, Pastor Mr&. Emma Shivers, Rept. S. S. began at 9:4:5 with the eupt. and teachers at their posts. Morning seJ;Vice began at 11 'With the deac ons ill charge of devotion. Rev. Brooks delivered the sermon. The junior cho.ir and :ushers served. -' _-Evening service oegan at 6:30 ,...ith the same order C?f The sermon was delivered by the \ pastor. Sunday will be Women's Dinner will be served after the ptorning service. All are a s ked to remember the sick and ins. Visitors are .at all times. Allen -freddye J. Cusseaux, Dr. W. W. Arldrews, Dr. A. R. Jackson, Dr. F. A. and Mrs. E a.sie Mae .Reed. These men and women rep resent lhe potential for. a power base among blacks in T m p a whether we like it or not. They represent highly qualified people by any who could deal wit-h unremitting toil for t h e another mart after a shot punctJ1112 Scott St. chase, gave detailed accounts Rev. H. MCDonald Nelso&, Pastor black -electorate. of the sla y ing of a policeman the Miss Beulah Gansey, Rept.' bombing of a slain police offi Mrs. C. Rogers al o ng w itli cer s f u neral and assorted .. hold -other members of Allen. Temple ups. He ais0 said the group made lllttended the -s. S Cortvention an abortive attempt at blasting last at Ward Ttlmple a police stlltion with an anti !AME Church in Bradenton. tank gun.' S. S. will began at 9:30 !Mrs. R9dgers in charge. Morn (hor Union No 3 &ng. service wm begin at 1.1 the junior department in ing for persons at least .18 years of age who likes people, are wiiling to become involved, and desire to get ahead. The starting salary is $2.50 per hour or $5,-200 annually. Right from the start the is trained in the basic tools and te c hniqu e s of the job he is assigned. Para. professionals learn not only to d0 the things required f o r his immedii!J;e job but also for more difficult, hi.iher-paid jobs. As progresses up the job ladder, he re eei y e up to $3.75 per hour or $7,800 a year in a \op job. The Scouting Program is in en exciting period of innovation a -nd change. Boy Scouts have al wa y s offered challenging oppor,...tunities for our Outh and are developing new programs to meet the changing times. Opera tion REACH is designed to keep youth from becoming involved in drugs. It is more .: 1an an ed program. The Scouts 'try to reverse the pressures on you ng peo.l?le to use bY, offering alternative ways to have friends and be "a part of a group The Explorer Pro gram i!l vocationally oriented. Youth plaeed in businesses throughout the country are given an opportunity to learn skills in 1heir own area of interest. If, you are in be coming involved in the Scouting progr,am in your neighborhood as a paraprofessional or a volun teer, call or write Mr. John E!tchus, Gulf Ridge Boy .ScQuts of America, 4ffO Boy Scout Boulevard, Tampa, phone 872-8539 (" In order that more inner citY.: youth have the opportunity tO be Cubs, S couts, and Explorers, more adultsft are needed. c an get in i olved to help boy o r the.:boys of yc;>ur neigh, borhood good cit t zens and leaders in the commJ.mity tomorrow through Sc outing today._ Tampa Florida.. J Distrid Laymen The Tampa :Florida Laymen Organ i zation ot .. whic h Mr. B. S .. PrQctor is president, completed plans on Saturday in a meeting that was held at St. Stephens AME Church ; Braden : ton to liost the State Conven of the Eleventh EPii!Copal District of the AME Church in St: Petersburg July 26-28th. This will ,be held at Bethel AME !Church, 1!12' 3rd Ave. N ., Rev. H. M c Neil Harris, pastor. The headquarters -of th'e con ventiori wiU be held at Princess :Margrette Hotel, 4th St.-and .. First Ave. Mr. B. S. Proctor ; host pres. Fellowship Of Po11er Rev. L. L. Ward, PreB. Rev. E. Bentley, Vice The Hour of Power. will cldmax the Six1Jh of Rev. Ward P astor Trinity OMIE' Ohuroh,' 2401 N. Howard, Sundaiy night at 8 P.IM. On Mond:JtY nlgbt the Hoor ol will be W'ilth Rev. E. IBentW, 'Putor Greater Oak Hill OhUII'dt a t 8 p m. '!be !PUblic 1 s invited both ndghts. Metropolitan The Metropolitan G o 11 P e 1 :Chorus will have rehearsal Sat ut

Saturday, .July 22, 19'12 Fla; Sentiaei-Bulletin Publi.Letl e.er..y Tu ana Fri Both Edltloas PACE FIVJt AROUND THE TOWN By HAWARD BRADY One of the most tragic rumors beard al ong this corners grape \Tine has it, the downtown Tam pa Theatre management m ay have to stop the showing of bl-ack star red movies because of the un called for foo):like conduct car ried on by "some'' black movie goers You know it's a hell (or shou ld f say heck) of a thing when citi zens in a town or city as great as ours can't go to a once beau tiful and clean theatre Stjch as the Tampa Th e atre once was, and sit down and relax and s ee a m ovi e he paid hi s money to see without some bl ack, stink, plat haired clown walking and talk ing, cursing and making nois es, as if the fool thinks you paid to see him Moy "grapevine-writers" say 1 the movie troubl e-makers are coming from over Central Park Village Projec t way, but I say NO not enti r e ly. Those few who are coming to be the '-oowNTOWN CLOWNS are coming from all around the town! 1 SOMETIMES I WONDER if many of us aren' t letting Q.leton High coach William 0. Bill" Bethel down? Those of us who know the man, I'm sure know what I mean. Is a man who has given twenty-three (23) years of service to our community n o t w orthy of us gQin. g up t:o ask what's t he matter coach? Instead of whisp ering among ourselves man, what's wrong with Bethel? COACH BILL BETHEL ness, tragedies, heartaches, heart breaks, domestic problem'S, finan cial'> problems and the likes It takes a strong man or wo man to just make it normally through just his lifetime along. Our greatest help coming from prayer, faith and work And nev er are we able to downgrade a man or woman for we know n ot what our d estinies are to be, un til t he day of our r ace with the great old track star who never lost a race, death ... AN INVITE COMES, READING Mr. and Mrs. Otis C. Harper r equest the honor of your pres ence atthe marriage of t h e i -r daughter, Sandra Arnette Harper to .Mr. Ernest Joseph Tolliver on Sunday July (23rd) twenty-third five (5) P. M. at Beulah Baptist Church. Re ce ption following cere mony 1114 Ar ch S t. JETS 'N BRIEFS David "Tight Wright ex-Blake and FAMU basketball star, is really a hard lu c k pro prospect. Last year the Boston Celtics had too many no-cut players" ahead of him This year he was headed to the Floridians and they went out of buisness Little cuz, Thomas Edwards Brady; arrived h o m e on EAL f!igbt unaccompanied from few weeks visit with brother and sis teri n-law, Carlioa. aDd Yvonne (White) Richardson in Washing ton I>: C. Tommy was met b y mommy, Mrs. G I ad 11 Pauline Brady ; One lady told another "oh child ; widow Browa. just wants herself a husband The other dy replied, yeah, but which one of ours? Jefferson HI cagers won their fif t h game of the seasdfi r e a 1 easy, by a forfeit afte r Leto Hi didn t show-up Curry of Spruce S t. who's slated to make some nice headline news soon with M i s s Bobbie Jeau Bunts of 2704 19th Ave., mentioned his visiting bro ther, Cpl. Vaughn Curry of the U S. Marines who was in last week visiting wife, the former Etta Houston is heading for Cali fornia with next assignment in Puerto Rico : Ex-record spinner and radio exe cutive Tom Hank e rson i s report edly enjoying life away from radio on his new Model Cities Pro-Maybe some may yell like man, gram job that's not my business! Well, the Jimmy McCaskill ; Plant Hi '72 way it' s seem from this corner's grad, is in Navy taking \Tiew, many a time it wasn't "boot training" in Orlando. His Coach Bethel's business ta the brother, Charles McCaskill, Jr., kids from Blake and surroundIs slated for some other kind of ing high school s whom he helped nice headline news. But more on get so many good athletic scholthis later .. ; > arsbips whi c h kept them from This corner nominates the re banging arou nd and going t o cen t Democratic Convention as the where our M ain St. 22nd St., and biggest "TV Comedy of the year." Central Ave s oc iety leads 1 And wor d from our young boss, The man was my first football c. Blythe Andrews, Jr. has it coach at Middlet on I felt it m y those Repub lican s are gonna even duty to speak up, and not wrut top that "Laugh In" session even until it's too .late. This not a though t hey know Richard M. gesture to try to downgrade the Nixoa.'s their man Do you know man. I want to h el p, and feel a TV c amera makes some folks that many and may foolish enough to commit mur want to also. Life IS a hard strug-der or try highjacking an air gle and alwa y s has been filled plane! ? with troubles and woe.s of Tampa\'! Rud y Sims was looking WOBBlED? SEE READER AND ADVISOR ON ALL MATTERS OF LIFE DO YOU NEED HELP? UNHAPPY? DISCONTENTED? DOUBTFUL? MARRIAGE PROBLEMS? HOl\IE PROBLEMS? HEALTH PROBLEMS? LOVE PROBLEMS? 6503 I. Fla. Ave. Pia. 238-60&1 Tuapa I 9 l. II. I P. II. New Salem PB 1605 Nebraska Ave. Elder R. H. Howard, Pastor Mrs. Catherine Williams, Rept. S. S _began at the usual hour with the supt., Deacon Jessi e Saulsberry in charge. Mr. James Bell reviewed the l e sson. The Sunday School Lesson By REV. A. LEON LOWRY Pastor, Beulah Baptist RECEIVING GOD'S FORGIVENESS Morning service began at 10:45 with the Deacons Willie Brown and Harold Moon in charge of devoti on. The choir No. 1 and senior ushers serv ed; The sermo n was d elivered by the Rev. Porter. % Samuels 12 :1-15; Psalms 51; 1 John 1 : 8 9 At 3, the Senior Usher Boaf.!i Chorus motored to United M. B. Church to appear on program for the Ushers Union.' Mr. Garfield Anderson i s president. Evening service began at 6 with the same ord e r of service. The sermon was delivered by Rev. Spry. There were several n ames added to our long sick li s t. L e t us remember to p.ray for them. They desire your prayets. Visitors are always welcomed to visit us at all times. First Union MB 3707 E. Chelsea R ev. J H. Thomp s on, Pastor S. S bega n at the usual hour '?lith the supt., in charge. The teachers were at their posts. The subject of the lesson was "Passing the Lord". The lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Morning worship began at 11. Devotion was lec1. by Dea. Grif fin. The No 3 choir and ushers served. The sermon was deliver ed by the pastor. Eve nin g worship be'gan at 6. Devotion was l ed by Dea. Grif fin. The same choir and ushers served. The sermon was deliver ed by the Visitors are always welcome. A. Leon Lowry tAll of us h'e s.in.tied, all of u s sin Because we do we need forgiveness. We migh t not admit this need to others, but in out saner moments, deep withdn we know we nee d to be forgiven In tod ay's world we have an increasing n umbe;r of people who are, patients in mental in stitu tions, there are counties s others on waiting li sts, and still obhers who are b ei n g breated by p riva'te vh:vsicians. In many instanc e s the doctors tell us bhat many of the se p .ati ents are suff e ring from fe e l ing of guilt. which lie d ee pl y repress ed in the subcon scious. A s a resu lt the behavior, the mood and thinking of these peo ple seem i rrationaL Really, there i s no chemical prescrip tion that will h elp them, tran quilizers m ay calm them Jioll' a while, sleeping pill s m ay hel > p them to s l ee p fur a while, but these feelings remain. Many (,)f these kno wn to us a.s ps .ycand he had sinne d against him self Sometimes we f e e l that the thimg or the things we have done makes it imposs ible f o r us to 1ive witJh our,se 'Lf. [It Is difficult to seek forgive ness of others becau se of prid e, but this is easier than fo, rgiv ing ourselves We ought to seek great for :early two quarters in the forgivene ss of others we have the Canadian Football League wronged an d make every effort game of his Ottawa R oug hriders to get right with t hem. contamination on the inside. J esus had not yet made -appearance but the psalmrtst here ante-dates Jesus as he deals with his o wn condition Hi s was in his heart. He wanted a ,1mre heart s o that he could s e e God, wors : hip God His sin mig;ht h av e been that of lust, hate or t h e contempla t.loo of some f o ul de e d, what ever it was, it l eft him fe e ling dirty and fil thy. He r e alizes th-at he can not live a balanced life in his condition thus he calls for mercy. How l o ng before m e -rcy and restoration came to our fdend we do not know but we do kn o w that he was on the rig h t road. We do know that such sin cere searoh and desire God's for give ness. alwa ys brings results. Any man or woman who tu God humbly seeking mercy a nd for give ne ss will re ceive stremgth, power, and peace. There is a message here fOl' eadh of u s, we must seek God'il inner cleansing we tnust _come t-} God and confess our sins and repent of them, remembering that God's plen teo u s in merc y and that he is quick to forgive !David did no t know what ws know in and thr o u g h Jesus, so it was really difficult for him nevertheless he trusted that G;i would hear Mm. I do not suggeill that it is eas y f o r us today but we do have more to guide us than did DaV

. 'AGE SIX Fla. Sentlneani7Jation has donated $68,000 to tJhe United iNe -gro Oollege Fund's c am!p aign a PIPal. Dr; Helen G. Edmlond:s of Durham, N. C. national president of tJhe Links ; made the p;resen. tatiori O'f the to Artlhoc A:. UINOF executtce director, at the Links' UltJh N ation. :a-1 AS COSMETJCS FOR BLACK WOMENONLY MEET LIBRA;S CREATIVE MAKEUP ARTIST, MARTIN LATIQUE, FOR MAKEUP TIPS, IN OUR DOWNTOWN TAMPA STORE' TODAY THROUGH SATURDAY. It's a whole line. of. cosmetics created by blacks for today's black woman. The blended shades and colors stay true. And there's more: Liquid Makeup, 5 natural shades, 3.00. Lipstick, 6 shimmery shades, 2 .00. Translucent Powder, compast or loose; blends with all skin tones, 3 .00. Skin freshener tightens pores, 2 .00. Complexion Cream, lightly medicated, clea(s oily skin, fades blotches, 1 3.00-5.00. *Use Your Maas Brothers Charge -Card It's Better Than Money TOGETHER DUSTING POWDER YOUR BONUS WITH A PURCHASE OF 5.00 OR MORE OF LIBRA COSMETICS. Cosmetics, downtown Tampa only. Church. Tlie pro)pective bridegroom Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tolliver of AJ)'alachicola. He is an Operation and Intelligence N o n Officer stationed af MacDIU Air Force Base United States Readiness Commaad as Emergency A:ctloas N.C.O. black s and t hat the Links' support W

July 22, J 972, lr 1 i't Kicls Give Nice Program For ladies With Gifts MRS. ANNETTE JACKSON CSO Presid-ent When the ladies of the Clerks rand Se c reiades Organization vis ited the Seffner Juvenile H ome. Sunday afternoon, they carried eight 20 inch portable electric fans which are adaptable to window installation. ln return, the boys and girls presented a nice program. for their special pleasure. It .consisted .. of skits and songs. The fans were presented by the president, Mrs. Annette Jack. son .Accep ting the school w a l1 J ohn C Blair, Coordinator of Choir Union 2 Deacon. Virg il Brooks; Pres: Mrs. Jeannie Austin, Rept. Choir Union No. 2 will convene Sunday 2: 4 5 P l\1. at Greater .Mt. Mo :ria h P. B. Church, Rev A. L. Brown, pastor. All.choirs are asked to be on time. The !Public is in v ited. JOHN C. BLAIR Supervisors. A spokesman for the club said that this is just o n e of their sev eral projects for this year. Mrs. Fannie Hill was project chair man. Other members accompanying Mrs. Jackson and Mirs. Hill were Mrs. Grace Clark, Mrs. Rubye McNish ; Miss Gladys Brown and Mrs. Louvenia Mit c hell Members unable to be present were Mrs. Barbara Johnson, Miss Elsie D an iels Mrs. Joyce Redish and Mrs. Lyons. Brown -Temple Church 2314 27th Ave. Elder W. W. Gilyard, Pastor .1\'Irs Katherine Hardge, Rept. S .S beg: a!l at 10 with the supt. in ch:;trge. The teachers were at their posts. The lesson was revie\V:ed by Dea. Curry. Morning .w(m;hip began at 1:30. Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Williams led d evotion. Missionary Baker taught the The 4th anniversary -will b e held Sunday. Elder Las. ter of New York City will bring 'the message. The choir union will be h eld,at._3. We were hapP.Y to have wi t!!. us Mrs. Bigham of. i C hicago. '' For the first time boneless and skinless frozen fis h f illets, eas'J 1o prepare within minutes, are now availa?le at local stores to hel p tt i e hou sewif e who wa nts to be an ms tant _gourm_et cook. These new fillet s are identical in size and r eta1n the1r shape when cooking. They are what Down East is call e d liner'' quality or top of the catch. Varieti e s are all the favontes-cod, fillet of sole, ocean perch whiting pollock and flounder. To pan fry, dip fillets _in salted milk then in flavored flour, and fry in '), cup of cooking oil at moderate heat until gold_en brow o n, about fiv e m inutes. Turn once. (Eiectnc fry pan settmg 380 .) To oven bake, preheat o ven to 400 brush with salad oil a nd p lace in greased shallow pan Bake 15 mmutes or unt1l fis h flak e s with fork. Fillets can be cooke d while frozen. Only those ne eded are used the rest r e turned to freezer For gourmet recipe l e af l et, write: Gourmet Fish, P.O. Box 23027, Tampa, Fla. 33622. Neighborhood Day MRS BETTY BAKER guest speaker Mrs. Betty Baker has accepted the invitation to speak on First Baptist Church of Lin co ln Gar den's first annual Neighborhood Day Sunday at 11 A M The Rev. J. A Stephens is t he pastor. Mrs. Baker,. a teacher at Ro bles Elementary S c hool is a me.mber of Allen Temple AME Church .1\lpha Kappa Alpha S or ority and several other civic and fraternal organizations. She is the wife of Clifford Baker, and their daughter, Bertha, is a junior at Florida A & M University, The Lincoln Gardens resident receive d her early education in the schools of Polk County and is a graduate of : Florida A & M University. Storytelling Winner curtis Lane, III, son o f i\l r and l\I r s. Curtis Lane, won first prize in tl;e Midget Division Storytell ing Contest h e ld at the Kid Ma son Recreation Center on July 19 for the District 7, T ampa Recrea tion Department. H e will enter t h e City-Wide contest later this month. OFF TO BAHAMAS Leaving today o n a three-day Bahama cruise aboard the SS Flavia is Janice R ey n olds, 4217 Arch Street. She is accompanied by Lt. Charles Malo n e of I'li>me stead Air Force Base. l\liss Rey no lds wiJI spend a few in 1\liami before returning to Tam pa. PACE SEVEN I I Choral Group Plans An Oriental Tea lor Mon. Members of the Pughsley Mem orial Ch0rus have planned an Oriental Tea for Monday night at 8 o'clock a t the Sugar Shack, 2232 N Oregon Ave. Mrs. Louise Bol den president, has announced that talented persons froin in and out of the city will appear on the program. Mrs. Gwendo l yn Tucker will be t he Mistress of Ceremon ies Some of the participants will be choirs from Mt. Carmel, Allen Temple, Tyer Temple, New Salem Primitive Baptist; the Galilee Men Chorus of S t. Petersburg, the Me tropolitan Chorus, the Voice of Hop e, New Hope Men Chorus the New Salem Chorus the First Born Choir, Mt. Z ion AME Choir, St. Luke AME Choir, Mrs. Betty Sanc hez Mrs. Luedell Moore, Mrs. Rosa Lee Mitchell, Mrs. Pauline Young Mrs. BE!tty Jones, Mrs. Bessie Jones, Mrs. Ruby Youn g, Mrs. Joann Moore, Mrs. Amelia Lowe, the Oak Hill Choir, Mrs. Jessie Williams, Mrs. Hat tie Thomas, M Jses White, the Rev. F. Lowe, the Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Johnson Jr. and Mrs. Chris tine Saunders. MRS. LOUISE BOLDEN president Others who are on the list are Mrs. Fannie B Stone, Mrs. w. H Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. F I. Lowe, Mrs. Delores Hampt:n, Mrs. Naomi Cliatt and the ways and Means Committee of Mt. Tab or. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Contin ued from page o) Elaine Burkes. The popu1a1' :t l"" ,, "' iourth grade studen t '(tt, l'-. u1g:::)W 0-..U J:>t.;UOO!. l. vu JYa y sd v .. .;e ;:,unuay aL u ;ii at u rc:a"er JVotn Av tnue. 1YUcnael has Hnauy couvu.eu u .s mo,ner tnat IS capao1e or Oellvenng the message ana nc.s wr h is suuJ ""' ".u vcSUS Lame 0 .:lOUr Home, l'i'Ilat VVUU!U :1.0 uot he firth graae stuaent at St. Paul United M etnwst and a men, ber ur :, cout .t'a C K No. 30, and .Mt; L.a rmeJ u sncr board l 'lu. J. he was guest SOlOISt at Ward Temple L.nurch 111 braat n .Ll at tne hast 'l'ampa District Sunday ::;e:hoo! C o nventiOn. The youn.,;ster will be presented by his cousm, nreuua HiHitley. Othe r participants will be Particia Hart, 'ferry .HcLea n, B e ver ly Bell, Kelvin MCLean, Betty Green, Jacque1yn nell, L.neryt JacKsG. I Gail Jackson, and the Mt. Carmel Youth C lLir. Mrs. Martha C, Kenendy is tile direct or, and Mrs. Willie B Donaldson is the ass1stant director. The Rev. C. D. Lazier is the pastor. NAACP MEETING Tampa Branch NAACP is meeting at 3 P. M. Sunday at American Legion Home, 2504 29th Street. Interested C ttJz e n s are invi t ed. BAND CONCERT The Sulphur Springs Congress of Blo c k Clubs is presenting in con cert the Hillsbor ough County Adult Education Band on Monday evening at 8 o clock at the Spring Hill Playground. Everyone is invited MR. AND MRS. KEA VISIT RELA TIVE.S Mr. and Mrs. J H. Kea of 2621 Av e nu e are home agai n after a visit in Savannah, Georgia, with Mr. and Mts L o r enzo R e b bins, owners of Robbins Grocery. Th ere was a d elightful fami ly re union in S tatesboro at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Samps on, and th ey were also overnight guests of Mr. and William Bro w a in Savannah. All these nice people who showed SJ much hospitality were nieces and nephews YOUTH DAY AT NEW MT. ZIO N The R ev. Earl Reese be the speaker at 11 A M Sunda y at New Mt. Zio n M B Clwrch. The occasion i s Youth Day. Jo h n Progressive Young Adult Choir will sing Th e speaker at 6 o'clcdt will be Miss An ni e Bell Allen. YOUTH DAY AT MT. OLIVE Th e 11 A. M speaker at the Mt. Olive Bap tist You t h D a y o!J. Servance w ill be the Rev. H H Harris, and the Hols ey Tem"':l Choir will sing. Miss Betty Lawrence is the chairman, and the R e v, C. C. Epps is pastel'. CHURCH DEDIC ATES ORGAN In an impressive cer. emciny led by t h e Rev. Y. B. Bruce, the W o men of Allen of Mt. Zion A.ME Churc h in West H vde Park h : ld d edication services Sunda y morning for the church's fir s t organ. Program participants were l\'Irs Flaretta J a c kson Mrs. Dorothy Bi sbee, Mrs. Bernice Nelson, Mrs. Doris Donaldson and Mrs. Fr'd ericka Simmons. Members of the club are Mrs. Henri 1\I. Phillips Miss M. Doris Wilson, vice presiden t ; Miss Katherine Elaine er, secretary; Mrs. Willi e Mae Green, treasure r ; an d Mrs. :\be Williams, financial secretary; Mrs. Alease Washin g ton 1\'lr s Flor ianita Goins Mrs. Emma Fripp, Mrs. Gwendol y n l Hoore, Mrs. Idl'lla Watts, and Mrs. Jacqnelyn Allen. 1\-Irs. Isabelle Wilson is the ci u b m ot her. OPEN HOUSE AT JENNINGS RESIDENCE The beautiful new home of i\lr. and Mrs. Jennings, 1746 (Continued on Page 8) Your Dream Home WIGS, CLOTHING, JEWELRY, REFRIGERATORS, AIRCONDITIONERS TV's, ELECTRIC WASHERS. $67 mo. with Gov't Assist ance._ Now call 879-1541. No Yes for you! If you qualify obligation, ON THE "EASIEST CREDIT TERMS" IN TOWN 915 FRANKLIN TAMPA, FLA


PAGE EJGH'r Summer Teen Chatter / To all ; wishing you a soulful v eekend. Ta.ke oare gid f eU ows and girl take e.ar.e ol your m a n beeause the ba. ckstabbet"s are out to you. Did you d i g on the lsaac Hlayes Show last Sun d a y? Seems oo me like Tampa bas a lot of fia> sbi.on under co ver. WelJ, they came to the lig ht. If .vou were there, d i d you check 'om the weird and the tog etJher st y les of oomOIITOw a n d today? Well, so mucih for that, here's the low down and H 1 e happen. ings. SIDulf ul Personality Soper Cool Your Super Cool Personality In the_ news 'tJhis week. Yes, Cool IWbert Gilchri s t. R obert Gilstrap" is tihe son Oil. IMrs, Annie Mae Gilc-hrist and Mr. Jimmie Gilchrist. "Gilstrap'' f avorites are food":-'Shrimp ; re cord-Bac kstabbers, jammers Tempta tions, he se en with -f the lesson will be by the pastor, Parents are urged to come out to S. S. withtheir child ren. Morning worship will begin at 11 with the Jr. deacons in charge of devotiorial service, The Young Adult choir of St. John Progressive will sing and the usher board will serve. The Rev. Earl Reese will bring the message. At. 2:45 p. m. the No 2 choir Union will be held at Mt. Moriah P. B. C hurch Rev A. L Brown, pastor. The No 1 and. N o. 2 choirs of this church are marez, .. Mr. ud Mrs. Willk! Till nil i n Mr. and Mrs. Sll a FiSher, Mr. aDa Mrs. James Mrs. B. Reese ,an!f. Dr. aad n-. -,. ':,, 'The 'Jenirlags have two' Edwenla Mauriee, t ; and (:edriek, JeiD.ings .is the owner of Jennings & Son Q-roeery Supt., Morning yvor-: sermon by the pastor. Tiie N o. Monday night at 8, the Progress hip will be at l h .will s ing. The .-public is sive Choil s Union anniversary and e;vening worship 6. The invited. --. will c onven e at St. James A M: __ __ ....;..; ,;.; ;;,.'.;.' -:..' .;.. _;...;;. Oii;'";;... --.;;;....;;.;; __ E. Churc h of whi c h R e v H. H,: Douglas is pas tor. Baptist choir will be guest c ho i r for Highland. Let us pray for each othe r .. New f$cedonia MB 3 402 E. DeLeujl A v e. 'OPEl T1JESDAY SATUBDA Y II A.M. UIITIL ci.osEj) MOIDAY SUHDAY ;:; ..... ; .. MILLER & JONES. SMOKEY PIG.BAR-B-'Q CATEBntG SERVICE Rev. R. Robinson, Pastor Mrs. L. Owens, 'Reporter last was_ inin Bibs -Chicken j Mullel smrmg. The mormng and even ( .... ,. Phone 231-9772 .S. at 9:45 .. ,, ._ ....


"I SHOP KASH N' KARRY BECAUSE PRICES ARE .LOW AND THEIR MEA.TS ARE TENDER." CURTIS WILSON 4009 28th Street Tampa, Florida THESE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa .... 1725 H. Dale 'Mabry Tampa .. 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa ...... -2301 norida. Tampa .... 50th St. lOth Ave. Tampa 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa ..... Hillsboro &: 15th St. Tampa 8th Ave. .22nd SL Tampa 4101 nori._ Ave. Tampa .... Hbraska Walen Tampa : West Shore al Kennedy Tampa .'. 1112 So. Dale Mabry Tampa ...... 4487 Gandy Plaza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. Cor. norida Dade Cily .. : 506 E. Pasco Plant Cily 507 So. Wheeler-SL Palmetto :: ......... 515 71h St Riverview .. Hwy. 301 Brandon .. -. 911 Brandon MaD Bradenton Cortez Road W ; of Hwy 41 lnv.emess : 803 W. Main St. Zephyrhills Hwy. 301 First St. Lakeland 925 Barlow Bd. Ocala 2957 H.W. Pine St Petersburg 6095 91h I. Sarasota 3840 So. TuUie Ave. Bee Ridge Road St. PetersbUrg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road .Tarpon Springs 5570 0.$. Hwy. 19 North Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. I. Venice 480 Venice By-Pass. Largo .. Hwy. 19 mmerlon Rd. SHOP ANY DAY .SAVE EVE.RJ DAY. MISS UPWARD BOUND CROWNED AT USF. / The lov e ly Miss Va nessa Dozier was crowned Miss Upward Bound at theU niversity of South Florida from 25 participants vied for the 1972 titl e All partici pants compete d in talent bathing suit, street. and evening attire. Miss Dozier accompanied herself at the piano as she san' "Sum mertime" for ''her talent number. She is the daughter of Mrs. W. E. Dozier of Lakeland, This fall she will be a senior at Kathleen Hig h School. Her hobbies are singing, reading and serving p eo ple in the com muni .ty. He r ; ambition is to becofue a law yer. Runnerups were : Fii;st runnerup, Barbara Sheppard, Kin g High School' Tampa; Second runnerup, Sylvia Pearsell, King High School, Tampa; Thiri runner-up Alba Winrow, Auburndale High, Auburndale; and Four' ll runrierup, Karen Scott Robinson Hi g h Tampa. Pentecostal Of .Jesus 2803 E Osborne Ave Elder A. Waters, Pastor The fifth Sunday Union wm begin Tuesday night with the Community Prayer Band, Elder Will iams, Dire'ctor, in charge. Each night followMig there will be guests from throughout the city rendering .preaching, pray-er and song services. / Sunday morning S S. will begin at lG:SO. Bishop M. B Jones will deliver the message at morning service. At 2 dinner will be served at the church. A Missionary Tea will 1 h eld at 3 with Mrs. Tommie M. White in charge. All Missionary ladies are asked to attend. Please remember to pray for and yisit the sick and shut-ins everywhere. WILLY JOHNSON and fa were amazed at __ their ne w home-with U ncle Sam's help tlley pay onl y $67 per mo. lot 3 BR home Call. 879-1541 How! BIG DOWNTOWN STORE FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE AND PLEASURE


PAGE TEN F la. Selltmei-B'}Reitln Puhii.Jied eery Tues. aa41 Fri. Cet Both Editions Sa turday, July 22, 1972 llmlt 1 Yeur Choice With $5 Or More Order Excluding CicareHII DETERGENT TIDE ARROW I DPWAUCI CREAM STYLE 01 WHOLE IEIIIEL I COli IHULAI. CUT IIIII lUlS LAIGI 01 MiliUM PUS MIXID VHITAILES SAUIIIUUT DIXIE DARUNQ FAMILY LOAF WHITE BREAD 28-0z. LNf 49c Get The Savings You Can See Price Savings That Stamp Savings That Add Up To Dollars! Add Up To Gifts! h tf & Meat and lncludinc .spag e 1 MOR10M U.S. CHOICE WD BRAND BONELESS CHUCK P01'";11S 5 80L $ tkP. ROAST. 0 0 GOOD JULY 20th thru 28th ALL COLORS ARROW OR AURORA BATHROOM QUAM11TY RIGHTS RESERVED TISSUE .... MORTON MEAT lOAF SALISBURY, CHICKEN OR TURKEY Meat Dinner-s. u:ITI HOWARD JOHNSON 11 oz. pkc. Corn Toasties .... 3 SUPERBRAND Ice Cream sa -ndwiches lt,:;.k79' TREASURE ISLE COOKED 5 -hri mp . ,,_ c 3 2-Ro[ Pkgs. MARHOEFER BONELESS COOKED CANNED HAMS $2'' CAN. U S CHOICE CHUCK BONELESS $1 19 STEAK .. U S CHOICE CHUCK BONELESS /' suifAK .$1.29: HICKORY SWEET OR PALM RIVER 79 :: SLICED BACON. fRESH PORK toSTON BUTT 7 9 C PORK ROAST .. CENTER CUT C : : PORK STEAKS 99 _: fROZEN GOVERNMENT INSPECTED 79 ; : LEG 0 LAMB TASTE 0 ,SEA COOKED I. C ., FISH STICKS ,..: 99 COPELAND MilD SAG .: 69, SAUSAGE i OECAR MAYER REGULAR OR BEEF 99 C : W1ENE,RS .......... "': : W D BRAND U S D A GRADE A fROZEN TURKEYS 49' PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE. 2 :.:.29' -


. : PACE ELVEN s t J 1 22 tca.;,2 : FJA: PtihllsLed eerY Tuel. =et::...:.F.:.rt:.:.;..;.. ..:G_et_Bot __ h_E_d_ltl_oa_ _________ a uruay, u 1 "'' . llie J'jO .. g .. e I Fait\ Temple. Ttue love Baptist Holsey 'Temple 2501 11th Street. 372t North 15th Street Corner Palm and Lamar Re"'. W. T. Carpenter, P"tor h A t .... WiUiam R. Johnson, 1 Jr., Pastor Rev. Floyd Jo nson, e IDI Saturday at 2:00 will be bapRev. Roea Bryant, Rept. By IRA LEE ENNIS Phone 677-1310 Minister ti'sm. Everyone 1s asked to .. ______________ ..,;;::: s d ,,_. h d y at ""' Services on Sunday were under _un ay was a ,.,g a present. Church school will begin ,. IMrs. Hazel Womi3Ck and daugh ter Angl!la of Alfaffi and a Ave. left' on Thursd ay fior Washington D.C where they will visit her brother, Mr. Robert (Bobby) Fel der. Mrs. Woma ck and Angela will also v i sit l)er sister; Mrs. Alice 'Jiavlor in iNew York Oity before returning to the vmage. at St. James AIME Ohurch of F1aith Dunng the morn, at 9 :30 with the supt. in charge. the direction of Rev. L. iB. Brown, Plrogress Village as the Junior ing worshtp, a of The lesson will be reviewed by who served in tJhe absence of Choir presents a "Mock Wedof the InstitutiOn the supt. Morning worship .Pastor Johnson who was in Bi.rm This atfair 11nder the fn .Arcadta a begin at 11 a. m. with the deaattending the leadership of Mrs. Ola Mae to an apprectabtve groul1> of cons in charge of the devotion. National Youth Oonference. IMytrick and assistal).ts promises tors and memlbers The,y The No. 4 choir and the No. 1 On Monday evening.. Pastor and to be very enterta: tning. Rev. render a program on the usher board will serve. The IMrs. Johnson and son, Raymond H. H. Dougla s is pastor of St. Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. mon by the pastor. returned to the city. They along James. with other group;s. They are lUwith two youth deleg ates, Janice-'l1he Progre ss ViUage Sohool the interest of the Organ Guild. BTU at 5. /AI) are asked tq_ !Bowden and She1ia IBlount, re IM rs. Lena Mae Vann and son Summer Enrichment Progll'am You a-re inviteQ. to attend and come and ta'ke a in ported that the meeting was the [Rocky 8500 GI!"apefruit Avenue held open house on Tuesday, bring your friends. training. Evening worship wtll grandest they have ever attend will depart via Eastern Ada-lines July 18 at the s chool. M : o re than DIJI'Iing the afternooo on .last begin at 6 p. m. with the same ed. More than 1000 youth along en for New Y ork to 115<0 )'(}ung folk enjoyed games Sunday,Rev. J. L order of service. Sermon by the with over 600 adults met to-. visit her sister-in. law, Mlfs. Lo\v!hicih a w arded P l'izes to the win. delivered the A-nniveFsary Ser-pas tor. gether in worshdp, stud1y and f el rene Ha rd y M.rs. :Vann and ners and s l howing of all the difmon using as fiis th-eme, You Monday night the mission will low s hip for / one week. Delegates Rocky will join 'daughter and frent Arts and Crafts by the don't' know His Clhoir, uslhers.. .came from a s far as Spokane, h h b 1 meet in various homes; Tnesday 1 C 1 s1ster, Patrtcia w o as een students. 1ihe biggest attr-action and congreg ation accompanied "" Washington, [Jg:s_ .Atng e es, a t vacationing in New York !or of the_ evening was a dance with him.' The day was also a finan-night -at 7=30 P m. prayer m .etlt : f orn.ia, Bos ton, IMassas. iNiecie R .ogers and Mrs. day night at 7=30 p. m. church standing spe akers inCluded Mr. land VIllagers, Mr. -and l 'OCk 'n rolllllllm l l..ers. "'he 0 "h Bible school lesson, also Weq,. R b J B A t t to the "' .. _., Thelma Hadley wer e among e nesday morning at 11 prayer o ert rown ssts an llVIr s. Nathimie l Crook and family Trio is composed or' popUlar .'viimany who tooK: a C['Uise on Mon, h Plre s ident of the USA; Atty. iN y k service, Thursday at 7:30 t e 1 In ew or 1 !a g e young men: Robert J acR-d 1 ay for Freep'ort an. d i s h 1 Dooald L HioHowell, Regwna .No. 1 choir will have re earsa 1lhe public is cordi a lly invited son, drums; Morris Williams, lands. retwrned home reSaturday evening at 5 the No : Director of the 2ffice of Com to attend a night of spdiritual fun base gll'itar and B obby McClari,: laxed toda 1y. Mter many months, 4 choir will have their choir pliance of the !!.qual E.mrr>, loy. on Sunday, July 6 : 30 p m. ty, l ead guitar. we were hil.ppy have the rehearsal. Please pray for. the ment Opportunities Comnmssion, -Friendship Baptist Corner of Emma and 35th St. Rev. M. Murray,. Pastor Mrs. R. Fleming, Reporter S S. began at the usual hour with the supt. Deacon L. Mills in charge of devotion. The les son was reviewed by -the pastor. Morning service began at 11 with the choir and ushers serv ing. The sermon WAS delivered by the pastor. At 5, our BTU meeting was held. We will go toTreasurer Land on the second" Saturday in August. -Evening seJ;vice began at 6 with thil same order of service. On Sunday our annual Men and W o men Day program will be held Mrs. L. Hunt will be our guest speaker for the W o men. Mrs. Pearlie Raines is the chairman. Deacon L. Mills is the chairman for the Men. All mem" bersa re askea to coopera te. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. Uncle Help Could Make if Rppea FOB YOU!! A home of your own. Find out now. Call 879-1541 Baptist back in we taught by the tea-_ Smith and Mrs. Bethola Minger Mrs. Mary Hosey, Rept. the Rev. W Charles Larkin, are, still shut-ins. Let us pray S, S. bega.n at 9:3Q with the Associa te Director of the. Con chers. Morning worship begin a-t fur !ill of the sick and shut-i ns supt: Mrs. Aleatha Woodbury sultat4on on OhiJI'Icih Union ; P'as You 111re' M;wayls at in charge of tbe lesson. All tea-tor Johnson preached 'the Wed !Fiaitih Temple. .. chers were at their posts. Thenesday morning Med itation .mes lesson was reviewed -by the-sa. ge substituting for Bishop J. asst., Pastor Claude Allen of G.atry, :rndi ana. 10:45. Dewticm will be conductof A ..Christian'' which stemmed ed by Mr. Alson Douglas and from the text, "Why call on Mr. N. D. Jpnes. will 'be. if. you won't trust .Him?" Morning service begP:n at 11 rendered/ by the_ Harmonettes. "At 3 o'clock in the afternoon : with Deacons Will James and Junior ushe-..s will serve : The h d McQueen t'n ""'arge of devotional tlie .pastor,. c mr, an congrecH sermon will be deliVered by the gation rendered worship service, services. The choir No. 2 and pastor. at Faith Temple Baptist Church, ushers served : The sermon was At 8 o1eloek-in the afternoon City. delivered by Rev. McDanieL the. pastor, _c:opg, regation, :all To all of our services the BTU at 5:30 choirs aiid all usb.ers are schedulpublic is extended a warm wei'jl'ith the officers in charge. ed to render serv,ice at } he come to worship with Evening( service began at 6:30 Beulah BaPtist Church ; Cyp ress with the same order of servic e. street, of which Rev A Leon CENTER The sermon was again delivered Lowry is pastor. Pastor OverSOUL by Rev. McDaniel. street ( Bethel Baptist) is exil ect; :. -All parents are asked to send il)g to gov(;!rn "'their children to church school. themselves according to this reSUPtJlMABKET' All are asked to remember the quest. sick and shut-ins. Last w:orship 35'23 ]fo: 22nd Slreel M p servi c e was earned o.ut m ,the-Ad, of Tuesday, July 18, should iSSiOR usual Devotion was have s nce d bre_ akf _asf 1' cond.ucted by Mr. ib.m es Sweetbacon On ast Sunday the: Missitmary ing and Mr. Rl!ynpldii. Society of Mt. Moriah .P.. B-; Music was -rendered by the 3 lbs. $L99 Churc h presented a program in Sanctuary choir usher board the Sanct1lary. No. 1 served. The sermon was Hoi 3 lhs 99c. Refreshments were served foldelivered by the pastor who lowing the afternoon service. Next week beginning on Tues day, July 25th, the IF1lordda An nual Conference will convene in Tallahassee wibh. the 1 Rt. Rev : C. A. Kirkendoll, presiding. Pa.stor and .M!rs: J ohnson al()ng with the official delegates : IMi'!s. E. D. !Lewis Mr. Albert C. Coleman 'and M iss Bowden will leave early Tuesda y morning. 'Jihe Conferen-ce will close oo Sunday July 30th with the reading of the a 1 ppointments for the yea r On Sunday, JuJy 23rd, P 1astor Johnson will preach his la.st ser mon for this conference year. His subject win be: "The end of the Be ginning." E very mem ber and friend of Holse y are cordially invi).ed to these se:: vices chose for his theme Evidence The morning -speaker was. Mrs. J of Beulah -Baptist Church. Mrs R ed dick was : introduced by a n-SUMMER .JOBS. FOB YOU YODC SON Till T CAN LAST ALL YEAR LONC. :Pastor Johns on and family will eXJpress their thanks and a,pp.re'cia:tion to the !Holsey F 1 amHy in a small get-together at the chul'0h on Satu1rday evening at 8 p m : START RIM AS A BUSIN.ESSIAN N 0 : W 1, FOR TH E FLORI.DA. :SENTINEL BULLETIN This could lie of valuable lessons Jn respoasihilily., his roule, wisely well. For lhe news pape. r hoy, lhal .. ia seU-coalidence, _as wU as an early slut in ... v.lophag i of-basinesss enterprise an,d accomplish meal .that Will sfaad hy him all hit We. 'Jo llie newspaper hoy, we say, ''COifi;BA TULATIONS." We're proud lo know PAPER ROUTD A YAILABLE 11 ALL OF ,TOWN! Take Your Pick Of Routes, Or Slari.'Your Own! I Contad: Fla._ Bulletin. AYEIUE 01 Phone:.,< 248 1921_> .... _.;; other Beulah member, Mrs. Muriel Manning. The spirit ran high as Mrs : Reddick. beautifully attired in white spoke with Apostolic Church Of Jesus dignity and poise. Her theme LARGO was Spiritual Counsel in Carnal G 1\1: Mosle y, Pastor Crisis. \ Tlie Apostolic Church of Jesus Mrs. Reddick was presented a -west Coast D .istrict Youth De lovely corsage and prize of partment is rel}dering a $87'73 by the Missionary Society in behalf of the pastor's anmver of Mt. Moriah P. B. Church. sary at 8. The publlc is invited.


\ PAGE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Pu'bllahed every Tues. inti Fri :. :July 22, t 972 Wishing You A :Happy Birthday-Committee Securing For Candidacy -Of "Ike Williams MISS .ROSE A group of Tampa citiz e ns is Jllakil)g plans to sec'!re signatures to help Atty. Ike Williams qualify as a candidate for Judge of the Secondo District Court of Appeals CONNIE JONES When Connie Jones observed her birtqday on. July 15, there were sixty-one little friends to help her celebrate The kids en joyed horseback swinging, wagon rides and games. Connie is the daughter of and Mrs. l}lvin Jones of 3415 26th Avenue. _July 16 was Rosalind Daniels' birthday She was eight. Rosalind s mom,-IMrs: Evelyrt Dan i els gave a nice party for her at their residence, 1713 Cherry Street. Attending were Rodney a n d 'fammy Lovett, Michael Colbert Chariss and Charlette Walker, Sandra Balkman, Lisa Nicholson, The committee met at' t h e Tampa Urban League July 20th at 7:30 p.m. to m;;tp plans tor the campaign. The Sentinel learned that the campaign will get underway in the following shopping areas: East Gate and Zayres on East Hills Avenue; Penny Saver on Peace Baptist 2607 24th A v e. Rev J. C. Goins Pastor Betty Dawkins, Rept. The Pres ident and members of choir No. 2 are grateful to every one who contributed in making their 25th anniversary a succes s both spiritual and financ ial. Sunda y s service will be short beginn ing with S S. at 9 : 30 with the supt, Dea Jessie Manley, in charge. Morning worship will follow at 11, with cho i r No. 3 and usher board No 1 serving. The pa stor will deliver the sage. Sunday afternooJl the pastor c()ngregation will journey Ito Beulah B l\

Saturday, July 22; : tiJ72 ---, every Tues. anCI Fri. ce't Bottl Ecltttoni, _Employment Act Provides161 .Jobs For .:-Tampans Bethel. AME Gulf (oast 1012 :Laurel st. p Assn/-Rev. F. L. Gillians, Pastor rogreSSIYe ,. : Mrs. Reatha Williams, Rept. The Ministers, Deacons and The third quarterly Sisters Union Auxiliary to the, Whe $5-billion emergency jobTherefore, il a person takes the :was recently at Bethel and Gulf Coast, : Progressive M. B. bHl killed by _the House test onee and : faiLs -they IU"e Presidmg Elder A. D. Burton Association will convene at' Wednesd -ay does not affeet the tutored in theiiweak wteth, in charge All boards made Frinedship M. B. Church for fui}Ctions of the E i neTgency Eo1111er it's Eng;lish, Miath or some their reports. Rev. Burton was Jerusalem M. B. Chu:reh July ployment -enacted in 1971. otller subject The teaehers don't ai.,Q .m ot-t?e 26-30. J ames o. Human Re-teaCih the actual test but give mornmg service. Choir No. 2 _. Wednesday night, the junior Developer for tJhe M etro-!heLp in the areas where the in-and ushers No 1 women will be in cho/ge at 8, politan Devel

PAGE ,: r: la; :seftttnel-JSulleUn P"utraheCI ewry Tues. inctFrf Both Ultloaf Saturday, July 22, -----Cherry Notes First Baptist Church Uncoln Garden YOUJI. HOROSCOPE By GWENDOL S. CHERRY r (025 Palmetto Skeet CANOER June 22-July 23=--HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Rev. l. stephens, Pastor TXKE advantage of an exeellept S. S. at 9:45 with the offer with out second thoughts. acting supt: Mrs. Ruth M. Me You may find it difficUlt to l:lolf THE dan, Texas and Secretary 'of the Ghee. The lesson wii.s reviewed your tongue when others do things CARROUSEL Commonwealth, Delores Tucker, by the pastor. which dO" not meet with your aP:Miami Beach Convention Hall Pennsylvania Morning servi_ ce began at 11 proval. Tone down extravagance stands stately and silent, the tents Pre-convention challenge :were with the deac ons in charge of Lucky number 16, color blue. ha. ve been quietly folded and reheard by the. permanent chairwo. devotion and the Stephens LIDO July 24-Aug. moved from Flaming.!) :f\ark, the man of the standing Credentials Chorus and juniorushers servhopes stand better of ful brass band ceased playmg .and Committee, the Patrician beauty ing. The se-rmon was delivered fillment this week You seem to the usual rass-a"ma-tazz climate Ambassordess and Attorney Paby the pastor. be more at peace and more tal that follows a convention is no tricia l{arris. Mr.r. Martin Luther At 3, the Cornerstone cere--erant. ,Expect a new introduction longer evident in Miami. The. King was present and accommony was conducted by the Bay at the weekend Lucky number 9 summer of '72 will remain etched panied the Presidential Candidate Area Council of Blue Lodges color white. ....--:in the minds of the magic city to the Black Caucus. F AM PHA West Hyde Pa: .:k VIRGO Aug. 24-Sept. 23-citizens and visitors as a summer delegates t o the NaLodge.. No. 327. The speaker wa3 TAKE more care with m:J):ley; to remember It was suddenly this .t1 .0n al ConventJ'on were m a n Y Rev. E Bentley. A visiting risk only what you can afford. summer that we watched along h h f B dl J t'o G ht t th t t f' d t black women legislators, State c urc rom ra ey unc 1 n o ng ;o e op o m o u with the rest of the world, the RepresentatJ'ves "erda Welcome, was also present. what you want to know. Faith in wonderful world of politics unveil v Th f' t 1 N hb h d If d b lit 'Jl Maryland; Dorothy Tayl91', Louise 1rs a-nnua e1g or oo yourse your a 1 y w 1 beforeour very eyes, the .drama, iana Boswell, Mary-Day and Banquet sponsored by help you later in the week Lucky the excitement, the joy, the sor the Emergency Fund Committee number 6, color amber row all beautifully woven into this land :are. some of tho .se I recog. of First Baptist, will be h eld LliBRA Sept. 24-pct. za -convention. The picking of a nized in various on Sunday at 11 and at 3 KEEP out of the limelight and Presideptial Candidate often pre_The m:Jst vivid and colorful o'clock. The public is invited. you will find you are better off sents many probl e ms but this was NON delegate black woman wa s Tickets can be purchased f r om th:an you expected can a(not so i,n '72 .. Senator Ge:Jrge MeAttorn ey Flo Kennedy who is the Mrs Ruth McGhee at phone ford a personal luxury A Govern handily won the election founder and President of the 877-3870. son you are to meet' may on the fir s t ballot Feminist Party. Flo hurried por e All members are asked to re-contact you at the weekend. Lu cky The Governor's Host Committee tion of the Bible she considered .the si c k and shut-ins. number 7, cofor brown. on Minority Affairs performed a discriminatory to women in Fla. scoRPIO "'-Oct. 22-miraculous task N>:twithstanding mingo Park during a crowd o f Peace Progressive ARRANGE a quiet week an d the hectic time we had s ec uring if.teresting onlooken. Cha:irwu make Plans for a coming event. information regarding our lesponf th N t l W If h 1628 Lake Ave. You can regain im advantage re, sibilities, a compl e te breakdown ,..... Rev. E; A; Toqd ; Pastor cently lost if you remain patien t in communication and the lack of w1i5 very candid arid outspoken all CalboWl, Rept. At midweek there ma' y heAl suran offfce, the convention was an during the convention stressing At 10 began witlh Mrs. prise encounter. Luck number overwhelming success A)l activi!the $6,500 floor for welfare Ollie Todd in cick U!! is ld'rs. Eva be depressed But a friend will 1 extend my sincere thanks to man Rights Commission '-i n N e w Har.rell. Please pray for the sick soon lift your spirijs and your the members of the Minorities York was also a delegate. The Wednesday night a t 7, p rayer s:Jcial connections will brin,g you Committee who were: Jay Janis, twins > from Tennessee were simply meeting. Sunday a fternoon at 3, much joy, pJan aht;:ad for a com-Co-Chairman; Manelo Reboza and delig!l ;ful-one was a delegate will be vi:sitol'ls day. You are ing festivity. Lucky number 1, Charles Hadley ; co-vice chair-and the othe : r an alternate. welcome to attend. color f awn men, Dr. Bernando Benes, Attorh AQUARIUS J 21 F b 19 ..ney Remus Allen and Mayor Blacks and women weJ:,e really At Beula Bap,_ -SEFOOE yo-;; a for d f T 11 h A. t outst anding in this convention de. / James For o a a assee; L Jr or against a certain matter. ob-11nd H spite the fact that some states Mx:s. Melissa Reddick and gene-ney Isiah WI 1ams a Mrs. at tain all possible f acts' and opin. G f J k 'II had no black delegates such as ral home mis-sion!I_ l lOll a ead, (X)uncilwoman Sallye B Mathis of structure. Miami Beach the twin pastor of Bethel BaiP'tist Councilman E a r 1 convention city has one conven-and congregation will render serJohnson of Jacksonville; Commistion down and one convention vice 'at 3 in the Sanctuary ror r sioners William Blair and Walter more to go-the. Republican Con-the general borne mission socieby. LA s EGOIIDA "EifTRAL BAKERY Smith of Gretna; Councilwoman venti on Our neighboring city, Mi-The publice is inWted to botlh ijary Singleton of ami Beach has earned the name IServkes. M:rs. M. Reddick is THE / BEST Eve Brennan and others. I look of the c : nventionJ_camelot of the forward to the suc c ess of the. world -NEXT CONVENTION Emm' anue' l 'MB CDBAI BREAD .CAKES PASTRIES Democratic party in the PLEASE. d t 1 1 t' 15t STREET AND 15th AYENUE pres! en Ia e ec lOll. New PriUiress MB I Rev. H. w. Wilburn. Pastor/ii"===.==::;:=:::=============:;:::=== Black women were in attend .... M kins it rte .nee in every Capaci -ty, off!' cers, 3 d rs. Jen epo r i ==--=---::..:.. ___ ,;.._ __ ..,..,. _____ =---3 07 Sha owlawn Sund ay sclhool wiU begin at i.e)egates, alternates and digniRev. E. J. Williams, Pastor the u sual time with tJhe taries. Congresswoman Shirley Mr. RoberCColeman, Rept. in charg e. Morning services will C:hisholm displayed the c:Jurage S. s. begins at 9:30 followed begin at 11. The jwnior usher



PAGE News And VieWsl By ROMELLO RODRIGUEZ Hey brother man; what: s gc;. ing en?" I s a formal greeting used by Black students to connotate a feeling of Brotherhood and unit)' amo ng blacks at H.C C.'s A irport Collegium. "Our people are beginning to realize that we are alone in tho world, and the only way to a c hieve any kind of anything is thro ugh unity, commente d Fred Hayes, 19, who is a freshman at H.C.C. Patricia Harris, 23, another stu d ent at the colle g ium commented, "At H.C.c ; we have found a new self-concept of / what it means to be Black I n classes, though we are a minority we react as a group In essence, we have to be for each other, whether it \be in discussions, in pasttimes, or in distressful situat ions The ordeal of slavery, followed by centuries of New Salem MB 405 No. Orel!"on Rev. H. Storr_, Pastor Mrs. Mamie Coleman, Rept. S S was IJillen at the usual flour with the asst. supt. .pre siding. LAU teaclhers were at their pos t. The les son was -reviewe d by Mr Doster. Morning Wt!rship and d evoti on was led by Dea cons E. Williams and P Wilson, Jr. The No 1 ch oir, llll'perial choir and the No 1 u shers ser ved .. Rev C. Edwards was in charge of the pul!}it due to the absence of our pastor Who is (",II vacation. We had quite a f ew visitors. B'rU was interesbing and all c:lelgates who attended the s.s. and BTU Convention gave their reports. Mrs. R. B,ethea is the directress. Evening servi c e began at 6 s a me deacons, choirs and uslhers served. Rev Edwards deli vere d another wonderful sermon. !Please let us not forget the sick and s'hut-ins Remember yo u are .always welcome to attend any' of our services. tAt. Pleasant Chorus Grace McArthur, Pres Mr s Maggie Cusseaux, Rept. Mt. Pleasant Jubilee Chorus will have. rehearsal Saturday :night. at 8 at the churc h AJl member!!! are asked to be present for this special rehearsaJ. This choir will render the music on Sunday morning at 11 11t .Pilgrim R es t M. B. Church, 'corner of Cypress and Grace. Mt.Tabor Usher Board Mr. Leverne Cooper, Pres Mrs. Dollie M. Brown, Rept. 'J1he No. 1 usher. board of Mt. Tabor M. B Ohui:clh of which R ev. T J Jap1es is pastor will have rriee ,ting Monday discrimination, forced the Black map to live in a cultural "No mah's land" in which we were robbed mentally of our Blackness. But now ; our minds are being re to normal. We are finding out that it is not how one looks physically, but rather, a state of mind In conclusion, is the almagna matio n of the Blacks ,at this cam pus the first step to state, local, national and international unity of our people or is it another dream that can never be tral}sformed into reality? f St. John PB Lake Panasoffkee Rev. C. W. Baldwin, Pastor Miss Brenda _Huggins, Rept. Church School wm begin at 9:45 witly M _rs. Mary B a ldwin in charge. Morning worship .. :at 11 and Deacon Willie DuPree will be in charge of devotion. The pastor will deliver the mes sag e. TOP, BLACK MARINE TO NATIONAL WAR COLLEGE Lt; Col. Frank E. Peterson, cme of the--Marine Corps' most distinguished pilots, this summer en" ters the War College In Washingtonn, D first black Marine to be so selected.) From .1969 until recently, Peterson's assign men t the Special Assistant of the Marlne Corps' Office of Minority Affairs was to improve race re, Thus he has been in a unique position to reflect on the chaning role of the blacks In the Corps. ) E.,vening servic e at 5. The same order of !(ervice will be conducted The pastor will de liver the message. Baptism will be held Sunl}ay at 11. Pray for the sick and. ins Visitors are welcome at all times. C. He becomes thefirst bl!lck ..Marine to attend the prestigous school, considered one of the train ing grounds for gener ,al officers. (Another such school is the Naval College where lit. Col. Kenneth Berthoud Is completing his studies the _In photo, Geperal Cushmail, of the1 Mai:ine Corps, congratulates u. Col. .Peterson. Sears WinaTripto Walt / -and attend Pooh's Nominating Convel'ltjon Com. e Seats and today! I Winner and three family members will fly to or lando on Eastern Air .. Lines, offiCial ai rline s of Wa:lt Disney W o rld, and be transpoded to Walt Dis .ney world. Leave Tampa< :Airport September 29, and re turn October 1. Eastern the airline withWalt Disney World weekend holidays all year 'round. "" {r At 8 at the. church. 'I1he presd dent is asking all members to bt> present and on time. The prize includes : lodging, two Winnie-the-Pooh Outfiti (1st outfit includes a sweat shirt, jeans; and tennis shoes; 2nd outfit includes a complete outfit from the Fireside Collectiol) not including shoes), 'and a pass to Walt Disney s Magic Kingdom for the weekend. Evangelist Prayer Band Mrs. L. Owens, President The Evangelist PrayerBand ef which Mrs. M. B. Spivey is director will meet Sunday morn ing at 5 at the hpme of Mr and Mr11. J. 131 2 Arch it. The public is welcome. Usher Union No. 3 Dea. Nathaniel Cannon, Pres. Mrs. Ida Mae Bell, Rept. Ushers Union No. 3 .will have usiness meeting Sunday at 3:30 at St. Luke AME Church, Rev. J ohn Cary is pastor. All officers tre asked to be present and on time'. Important business will be 41isc ussed. If you want a !lome f4Jr $200 down -Paymts. as low as f67 Per Month. DIAL A ROME and lislen 879-5350 Any child between the ages of 1 to 7 during months of July through Septem :ber may enter. The wiriner will be a conventrori ahd ma y be accom:. panied by two adults and one diild. To win, visit Sears Children's Store berfore Aug ust 12 and fill out a ballot with the eligible. Child s n ame. tries received at all the Sears stores listed beloW will be combined and one winner drawn. Y.ou r chancel of winning are one ir\ 137,438 in Hillsborough, Polk, Pinellas and Pasco counties. The winner will be notified byl certified mail and have seV'en days. to If. no response, a new winner will be drawn from the remaining e.ntries Prizes are not redeemable in cash '' As the winning child, youtll be your area;s delegate _tO Pooh's nominating cOnYentlon. Yes, Sears nominates President and wants you to meet Pooh. his friends, and hear what Pooh as President can do for I ., ... of SeaN, lllcl Co., Walt nr..r ProdooliCIIIIIIJ l:NMI'II Airll.-, their adveriUinC &Dil ...._ '-' at immediate familiM are Do& ellcible. \ CLEARWATER LAIELAIID. WllfTEB BA VEl TA"A ST. PETERSBURG !010 E. HILLSBOROUGH 2300 TYRONE BLVD. N. tm MISSOURI AVE. 995 E. MEMORtiAL BLVD. 200 AVE. K. SW



PAGE EfGHTEEN Sentine1-Builetln PubUshed _eyer, Tues. Frf Get Botti SaturCiay, July 22, 1972 Dpuble .. Knit Su,its Expo Singleton To a T Guest At Mt. Banquet Coach White speaker Calvary MONTREAL, Que :-Haberdash able to cope with the situation as ery connoisseurs will tell you that clothes make the man. In June, though, Singleton be Well, in Kenny Singleton's case, came more miserable. Day aftl!r there is a slight adjustment. day his body would be covered C lothes make the .ballplayer-or w\th these garish welts every time : at least they make the ballplayer he peeled off his uniform. tick. Finally, Ken reported to That s the story with the rangy, ager Gene Mauch in Cincinnati switch-hitting outfielder who wu and told of being unable to open severely handicapped for three his eyes that morning and of be weeks until he changed his uni ing very weak. Shortly it was de form. Instant cure! cided that the 6 -4, 215-pounder The Expos were In Cincinnati should get right back to Montreal wh e n Singleton was sent home June and undergo a series of allergy 20 Some allergy which caused him tests. to break out in nasty rashes and Preliminary tests were primarily puffed eyes finally had gotten the negative, though at one stage it better of him. was felt that chocolate ice cream might. have been the problem. The Expos knew that Singleton Team physician Dr. Bob Broderkk was plagued with this proble1n ordered Ken to desist from chomp' when they secured him along w it h ing on his favored ice cream Tim Foli and Mike Jorgensen in dishes. the trade with the Mets for Rusty That proved a mirage. KEN SINGLETON For three days Singleton wor(ll the double knit in practice and had no reaction afterward. Finally, on July 5, Mauch sent Singl-eton in to against the Dodgers and Ken responded with a sirigle Two days later, Singleton start ed for the first time in more than two weeks and came through with a two -run double and a one-run single in a 7 2 win over the Giants. "Yes, I feel" much stronger," Ken reported after that game. I know the doctors told me that it was psychological, but I defi nitely was weak. It might have just been dread of wondering-what my body would be like when I took off the uniform-but it did bother me.'1 Ken's Output -Declined For the platoon-minded' Mauch The Mis sionary Volunteer So ciety (Yo uth organization) of Mt Calvary SDA Church is sponsor ing a banquet "A Night to Remember" honoring its vaTsity basketball team-The Saints The team was organized in 1968 by Lonie Hall who has diligently struggled to provide w.Q()lesome and enjoyable recreation for the youth C oach Hall led the team to a 6-0 record this season which qualified them for the champion ship game in Atlanta Ga. Guest speaker for this occasion will be Coa c h Charles J White, a man who has devoted his life to the training of good athletes The scene of the banquet will be the Manger M o tor Inn, Sun day July 23 a t 8:00 p.m. Call 246 7331 or 232-5731 for ticket infor mation. The attke is formal. Staub last spring. Undershirt Suspected but not cure. S i ngleton is particularly important, but the skipper had vowed not to play Singleton "while he is both ere d physically and mentally this Those angry rashes must be terribly disturbirig. 1 for a while. Maybe a few will drop in now I certainly hope so. Condition Gets Worse Equipment manager H a r v e y Finally lt was determined that However, at the time the Mets Stone almost hit the thing on the the Expos wool uniform was caus'l'he Expos and the i r fans hope so too, becau se the recentl y turned 25-year-old Mt. Vernon N Y, produc t is one of those men on whom the team is building for the future. had been able to keep Singleton \ ; woolen undershirt was the culprit. ing Ken his grief A double-k nit Singleton raced to a good start and led the team in home runs and RBis in ApriL His pro duction tailed off in May an i dipped badly .in June wh e n h i s malady gain-ed the upper hand. problems und e r control. For a Ken still had a cotton shirt of Met uniform was ord e red and, sure couple of months th e Expos were stock and that did provide relief, enough, that proved the answer. Billy's Bat Bright In Wrigleys' Darkest Hour StroDers Bowhng league -RES ULTS ,.t: Charlie' s Be e r Parlor 3 Entz Flo ri.ft 1, Team 2 2Vz; -Fonr tllz, J(in g Solomon Bar B-Q 4, KUhride Ins. ,On his t):lough, the contact: w:rs crisp im'd;.the line drives were dropp}ng -i.fJ. to both fi e lds I figure have to for the secondJ1ail, a nyway, said Singleton, who dr()pped to .227 by the time finally rested. (!was hitting them right at ; DR. P. A. ER_VIH DEN TIST .. .1404/2 CENTRAL AVENUE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT At. My Residence Befor e 9 a.m. CHI CAGO, IlL-This being 'tire All-Sta r season, there could be no more appropriate time to discuss the subject of Billy Williams of the Cub s. The s l e nder, southpaw swing. ing outfielder wasn't elected as a starter on the National League All Star team and he may not even be n amed to t he squad. Nevertheless a s far as the C u bs are concerned h ere i s a perennial All-Star No -matte r how bad a season the Cubs may have as a t eam, Wil Iiams isn't dragged down to the l evel of t he rest. He keeps h it ting And no matter how di s m al a slump the Cubs may be in, it seldom effects Billy. He ke eps hitt ing. This was glari ngly eviden t again in the r ecent plun g e of the Cubs when th e y went on the road in July, losing s even out of n i n e games in St. Louis Pittsburgh and Atlanta, while another one ended i n a ti e T he Cub team batting average f or those 10 cont es ts was .224. Ao:1d what do yo u t hink Williams hit in this h o rrible stretch? A r ousing .471. Swe et-swinging Billy was 16 for 34, including three h o me runs. A t that point, h e was pitting .314 for the season with 16 homers an d 46 runs batte d in. He's Mr. Consiste ncy Although Billy has his ups and downs from day to day, a one-word d escriptio n of his over-all perform ance is consiste nc y. He's a manager's dream, because he's a lways there ready to play. A ll the evidence nec e s tsary for that is the fact that he s e t the Nation a l League r ecord for most consecutive games played when h e _appeared in 1,11 7 before sitting one out on September 3, 197(} t o snap the string. And he's misse d very few since then just one this year so far. His beautiful swing never val'ies-a marvel of r epetitive R ction And i t doesn't matte r who the pitcher, rightly, lefty, underha nd e d, side-arm or any whic h way. Williams subscribes to the Rogers Hornsby phil o sophy-"They've got to throw i t over the plate, don't they?'' The consistency of Billy Wil eve n extends to his bat. He nev e r changes around from one style to another or from weight to another. "I've used the S-2 Louisville Slugg;er bat ever since II was in Double-A ball," said Billy "It's 84 % .inches long and weighs 32 "In training, just aa exercise to my wrists, I will use a bat t .hat weighs two ounces more. But when the s -eas on sta'rts, it's back to the same old S-2 mod e l: And I 've never u sed any other. Some hitters when they get jammed a lot may go to a thicker handle But it's not the bat. It's the way. you s wing it.'' A Hitter's Park Billy's latest hitting surge has lbeen on the road, bu t oddly enough h e credits Wrig l ey Fie ld with getting him rolling. In fact he believes that the "friendl y confines,'' as Ernie Banks lon g ago named the Cu tbs' ivy-wailed playpen, is one of t h e big' r ea_ son s he has hit so well the ye_ars. And it' s not because it's easy to reach the comparative s hort dimens ions of Wrigley Fieid. lit' s somethin g a little more subtle. "I believe that Wrigley. Field makes a b etter hitter out of '" me, because I know that I doQ' t have t o give. it something extra to hit the ball out, said Wil liams. "That's the bad factor of a big roomy park 'In the big park, -you take that all-out swi n g and, as a result, you take your ,eye off the ball. In Wrigley Field I know I don't hav-e to pump up to hit the ball out, so I keep my eye on the pitch better. And I also take a shorter swing. Eye on the Ball "Just as soon as I got back from our last West Coast t r ip I knew I was hittin g the ball well again because I got a few hits to l eft. field. I was watch ing the ball better." Billy h ad h is greatest year in 1 970 when he hit 322, collected 42 homers and drove in 129 runs That year, he finished second in the voting f o r the Most Valuable Player Award. However, he's never had a r ea ll y bad year. Billy's l ow in RBis is 84 and in h omers 21. Grambling Sets Morgan St. Tilt NEW YORK Grambling and Morgan State will play football in the Whitney M Y eung Jr. Me morial Classic at Yankee Sta d ium Sept. 9 The 2 p.m. EDT game will be the f ourth meeting of the two schools for the New Y(}rk Urban League, with Grambling holding a 2-1 e dge The game was named in honor of Young last year. Women's iht i g>h game, 'Pearl 1Do21!er Ol ,ivian M ,athis liSil, iBarha.ra l t 33. Phone 251-2139 1\'len's higlh game, Willie WiF kevson WiJl.ie Starks i.St2, Ernest Jones !lf-11. W omen's high series, !Pearl Dozier 507 Olivtian 5tH, Carolyn iNiix 4187. : Meri.'s hi.gh sedes, WiUie Starks 526, Willie Wilkers on 504 Ernest Jones 4186. STA NDING S W o n Lost Entzminger's Florist 29 11 Four U s s . 25% 14Yz Team 2 .......... .. 22 .J7 Charlie's Beer Par. 16V2 231/z King Solomo.n B-BQ 14 26 Kilbride Ins. 13 27 Johnnye Davis, R e t p orter. "RACES NIGHYL Y 8:00 .... 1:45 "If you Want a Home for $ZOO Down. ,Paymts. -as low as '$67-: per, mon t h MON.-WED.-IA T. -SARASOTA KENNEL CLUB Dial a Home and Listen 879-5350 Bradenton Road at DeSoto OPEN SATURDAY 'TIL 6 P.M. Open Weekdays 'Til 9 P. M Saturday 'Iii 6 P.M. tH-AN 200 CARS F.ROM STATION WAGONS FA :\II LY CAh.S, SPORTS :o);t ARS, FQ!tEIGN CARS. _'65' s THRU 1972's. 2-Dr. and 4-Dr. Low mileage 72 CHEVELLES from own rental fleet power p.ower brakes,_ Factory Air! 12 to $327 5 Choose from! Ch9ice of Colors! '72 I.M -PAL. HT s .. Fully power eqUipped, with Factory Air! Some Vinyl Tops! Low mileage from Ferman's $3395 Own Rental Fleet! Wide Color Selection! 14 to Choose From! Your Choi ce! ; 7 2 CHEVY VEG-AS 3-Dr. Hatchbacks Auto. Trans. Factory Air, Low mileage from Ferman's own rental fleet! 8 to choose from! Choice of Colors! '72 BUICK SKYLARKS 2-Dr. or 4-Dr. Fully $2395 power equipped, with Factory Air! Some Vin y l Tops! 8 to Choose From! $3395 Choice of Colors! 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Saturday, July 22, i972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Celt Both Edi tion! PAGE NINETEEN 1 WHO DONE IT IN SPORTS II!--_B_ase_,ba_II_B_ant_er_. ---:1 llie lliffe Question: How much do coaches pate in athletics while in jun:w leaving "Old things about baseball today is tryYork, Chicago, St. Louis M-: m and managers .mean to teams? high school. He went to Middl et0 n Folks" went to Arcadia, Flor;da ing to keep up with all the lead-treal and Philadelph ia. In th e Answer: -Teams, coaches and High School and wellt out for foot for one Year where he worked in ers of the four divisions. Most of National League West Di vision managers complement each other. ball as a very small halfback.' To recreation. He then went to New us can remember when there there is Cincinnati Houston Los There can be no wi nning unless tveryone's amazement Milton made York -where he is now. supervisor were eight teams in t he two lea Angeles, Atlanta S ; m Francisco both are good. the first team from the very fir st. of recre' ation for 16 YMCAs He gues and it was easy to keep up and San Diego 1 Q: Is it true that on e fightt:.r Milton became known as "Old lives in Newark, N J., and com. with the leaders at all times. Now At this writing Detroit is lead. once A h eld three world championFolks," played three years at Mid-mutes to New York -city daily there are two divisi ons with six ing by one in The Ameri c a n ships at one time? dleton and never weighed m ore where his office is in the Harle m teams in each divi sio n. In the League East race.' Oakland is A: It .is true that Henry Armthan 138 pounds YMCA buildipg. American League East D ivisions leading by 4 'h in the Ainerican lOt-rong once held the featherweight, Mr. Smith went to Bethune. Mr. Smith is married to the f 0 r : there is Detroit, Baltimore BosLeague West rac e. Pittsburgh is lightweight and welterweight cham Cookman on an athletic scholar-mer Rosalind Woods of Richmo n d ton, New York, Cleveland a n d l e ading by 41h in the National pionships at the same time. ship in 1951. He left Bethune-Cook Va. She is a high school teacher Milwaukee In the American Lea-League East race. Cincinnat i is Q: How many points d oes it take man in 1957 after spending a h itc h in Newark and they are buying a gue West Division there is Oakleading by Jl/ 2 in the National to win a regulation volleybdl in the service. He played football hOme there.' Mr: Smith and h is land, Chicago, Minnesota, Kan League West division. game? at Bethune-Cookman and also at wife are in Tampa for a visit with sas City, California and Texas. Now all this is amusing but t o A: It takes 21 points to win a Camp Rucker, Alabama. After his folks wbile on In The National League East Pime it is quite confusing regulation volleyball game. ---------------------------'Q: Is it illegal to hunt rabbits at night with a light in Florida? A: It is illegal to hunt rabbit s with a light at night in Florida. Q: What are tilapia fish? A: All I can tell you is that til a p i a are a fish imported to Flor;d:1 waters from South America. Q: Do you think there has very many big fights that 'were fixed? A: I don't know how many big fights that were fixe'd but I am sure there have been some Q: Where can a person learn to play golf? A: Best bet is to go to Roge r s Park and seek Mr. Willie Blac k. Mr. Black will help you. Q: Where can a person f!nd some good bird dogs for sale? A: For information about bird dogs see Mr. John Henry Evans at his home In the 2900 block of 21st Avenue. Q: What ex-fighter was it that finally got caught up with a habit? A: I believe it was Barney R oss that got caught up with a dope habit. FACTS AND FIGURES Milton Smith finished Booker T. Washington Junior High School in 1947. He was too small to partici SQulettes. Bowlipg league RESULTS The [)o Nothi ing5 3 Eddie's iBIP Service StatJion :1, Team 6----4, The Slave i M1alfket 0 G i oJden Speedway 3 Team-8-11, :Entzrninger's 'Florist 3.1 Team Team, 1 3, IMiike's Grocery 1. iHi.gh games, IF['ances .Pascoe 003, Olivian !Mathis 0'-Neai 190 Hig>h series, i F1rances PJa.scoe 519, Cora Turner 4816, il}e l bir a iLarry 482. STANDINGS Won Team 6 .............. 27 Golden Gate Speed 22 Team 5 . 21 The Do Nothings 21 Entzminger's Florist 19 'l'eam 8 .. .. .. .. .. .. 16 Ed.die's BP Ser. St 15 Mike's Grocery 14 Team 1 ............ 13 The Slave Market 12 Johnny :Davis, 'Reporter. Lost 9 14 IS 15 17 20 2 1 22 .23 24 Hawks' Payne Indicted Again ATLANTA -Atlanta H a w k s c e n ter Tom Payne already in di c ted on three counts of rape and four of as saul t i n Fulton County, has been indi cted in Dekalb County on t w o more assault counts The sevenf oot two-inch Payne, who joined the Hawks l a s t year as a financial hardship draft e e f rom the University of Kent ucky, was charged wit h assault on two different women. One was in April and another in May. Buy From Sentinel Florida Advertisers ALLWEATHERNTIRI Triple-tempered 4-ply nylon cord con struction Clean sidewall design radial darts on shoulder Tufsyn rubber in the tread body glvea durability .MARATHON 83 TIRE $ 4 plies of triple-tempered 3-T nylon cord Tough Tufsy n rubber 5-rib, over-lap block tread with wrap.-around shoulder $ 95 ALLWIATHIft m:: Size e.soxu blackwall tulltlesi PIU$ $1.75 Fed. lx. Tax and okl tire. O .. r lfue ell1htlt blalltr prltlc. 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Pll Man)' Modela oh Olds Polara Thunder bird Wildcat Grandvill e LeSabre Marquis Mer cury Monaco Newport Bonneville Caprice Ca !a llna Centurion Chrysler 300 Ford Ambassador Pontiac Buick Whitewalls Add $2.50 PROFESSIONAL FRONTEND AliGNMENT J77 Any U .S. tar plus parts If neededAdd $2 for cars with torsion but. PROFESSIONAL lUBE AND OIL CHANGE *444 3 GO-FLITE &OLF BAllS Constructed lor long tance and accuracy High compression liquid center, long lasting tough cover NOW AT YOUR NEARBY GOODYEAR' SERVICE STORES TAMPA Easlgafe 5202 N. 22nd ST. Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 Aqui se habla Espanol PHONE 237-3361 TAMPA Temple Terrace 9240 N. 56th ST. PHONE !l88-f191 Open Daily 8:30 &! 5:30 TAMPA Hillsboro Plaza 2901 W. Hillsborough PHONE 877-9528 Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 TAMPA Horfh Gale. 9222 FLORIDA AVE. Open Dally 1!:30 to 5:30 TAMPA ACROSS FROM Briifon Plaza '3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 831-1891 Dally 8:30 to 6 P.M. Sat. s.AIM. to 5:30 TAMPA Downlown Morgan & Twiggs Sts. PHONE 229-0821 Open 7:30 to 5:30 Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. Aqul ae habla Espanol TAMPA ACROSS FROM Wesl Shore Plaza 5002 W. Kennedy Blvd. PHONE 877-6701 Open Daily-8 :30 to li:St Aqul se habhi Espanol


PACE TWNTY Pul.liahed e-very Tues. an4 Fri.. Get Both Edttioas Sa.turday, -SPORTANIC FLOODS-WILLIAM 0. BETBEt JOD A. GBEEK-MASTER ARGLEB Recen.]y 11' was talking to a fellow who told ine that fishing was his thing and that he l.'eally knew what to do. I took the man at his word. A little later I went fishing with the fellow and I was really astonished to learn that he really was way off when it came down to really knowing what he was doing. There is thing Ii think I know and that is how to fish the wa:ters of Tampa Bay. I started fishing in Tampa Bay some twenty yeats ago knowning practically nothing. I got off on the right foot however because I had the best teacher in the area. I started fishing with John A. Green, former teacher a t Middleton High School and presently at Hillsborough High Mr. Green was raised on the waters of Tampa Bay and knows every i n ch o f it from Egmont Key to Campbell Courtney Causeway. He knows where to firrd the kind of fish he wants and how to catch the m J c hn Green is basically a trout mackerel and redfish angler. He will go after mangrove snapper at times but does not take much sto ck in sheepshe.ad, angel fis h and the li:ke. He knows how to/ c atch th e se fish bu t consider them to be for beginners or people wh o d on't know ho' w to catch game fish I have 1-ished with Mr. Gre e n all these years and that is how I learned what I know. Mr Green and I have done some seemingly impossible things in T ampa Bay We have had people to tell us that what they were lookin g at just c ouldn't be. I will try to tell you some of the things we have l.n Tampa Bay and you can believe them if you want to 'Firs ( of all in spring summer an d fall months we never buy bait. Mr. t a ught me how to use a bait cast net and we know where to find white minnows pT actically all the time. He taught me how ...t'o chum them up in large s c hools behind the boat. Usually two or three casts is all that is needed Of course we a live bait wrll in the boat of one kind or Aft.er .catching the we head to a area picked according to time, bde and weather conditions. Then we go into action with methods that may be very unusual to the average angler. Sometimes .we dise ard live bait after we have found the fish and go to artificial lures. We either use mirro-iures or floreo jigs most of the time and lately we have found we can make a lure in a few minutes thati will do well. IHTERESTIIfG IICIDER-TS On one occ;asion we caught so many trout and redfish we had to borrow a wheelbarrow froin the fish camp owner to get them to the car. One trip with the wheel barrow wasn't enough eithe1r. The people at the fish camp gathered around us in complete awe. No one else had done very much that day and they couldn't be lieve what they were seeing. On another occasion we almost sank Mr. Gz:een's fieeen foot boal and had caught one hundred and twenty eight redfish. We were standing in redfish and the gunwales of the boat were just about at water level. We could caught that many more but we had no place to put them plus the fact we were completely w:Jrn out. Again we created a mild sensation on our return to the fish oainp. We were so tired we had to sit down and rest a while before. we could start the hard task of un loading ; the boat. We had one place we called the post where we could go at any time and if we caught under seventy five _to eighty trout we catch forty or fifty before d;1rk. I can remember us catching ninety or more mangrove snapper almost at will. As I said be fore we didn t want sheepshead and angelfish so _alwp.ys tried to avoid them. We had one place we went for snook In the afternoon. We didn't use a boat and used reflector spoons for lures. J'he snook would wel}r us out every afternoon and finally end up taking all our spoo n Of course we would have our load of snook every after n e on I can remember catching seventeen snook in one afternoon from a boat in Palm River. I can remember getting Into a school of bullred fish around the snags of Egmont Key and getting worn out hauling them in. We had to make a quick switch from light tackle to heavy tackle that day because the reds were just too much for our regular stuff Those reds hit any and every thing we throw into the water that day and fought furiously. WIHTER In winter after the first three or four days of cold weather we don't use a boat very much anymore. We havechest waders and know of several slews, holes and canals where we can get all the trouts or reds we want. Most__ .. of the time we use nothing but artificials after the water gets cold. Using jigs and pl.ugs is an art and just because you throw it into the water and. retneve them doesn't mean you are going to catch fish. Once at Apollo Be ach Mr Green and I were catching huge trout on jigs so fast some people came over to ask us what in the world were we using. We show them and they went off to a tackle shop and were back quickly. They nearly broke their arms casting and ret rieving their jigs but to no avail. Meanwhile Mr. Green and I were getting a trout just about every cast Finally we l o st all our jigs and decided to depart becasue we had more fish than we could carry. The people all around just shook their heads in amazement. On our next trip to Apollo Beach a few days later a law officer came over and told us we couldn't fish anymore. )3elieve me fishing Is an art and don't ycu ever forget it. Some can and some can't. QUICK QMPS: LOok for Andrew Frazier to do big things for Southern Uni versity this coming basketball season : Southern has a new cage coach also. Both Jim Bivens and Robert English will get their chances at making the New YOrk Jets foot ball team this fall. Both will go to camp with the Jets this summer Bivens and English played at Middleton High and Texas Southern University. Hear that Coach Jack "Cy" McClatien over at man may really have something this fall. It is said that he has some huge mobile linemen. Fishing is for trout, mackerel and there are a few red fish in the bay. Fresh water fishing is also good acocrding to where one goes and know how. No matter what anyone says about mlnl-sfdrts and Rot Paats they have to do their thing. I have been of thept. I'm guilty. Patterson Halts Agosto After Six NEW YORK -It was a far lowed with a twq;liaf!ded volley cry from the legio ns of / fans to either the hea d or the body. that used to fill much of the old Agosto was a one-at-a-time Polo Grounds or Yankee Stl,\puncher while Patterson fired to, watch Floyd Patterson in outhitting his f1ght. !foe, six to one, throughout the There were only about 3,000 action. tfans in Singer Bowl this week In addition to his cut eye, to watch the form .er world Agosto broke a bone in his. left heavyweight champion f!ght hand. Neither fighter was both Pedro Agosto, the Puetro R1can ered by the high humidity. In who makes his home fact, the l?inger Bowl, site of ln Oradell, N. J. the 1964 Olympic trails that Agosto, fighting for the first furnished the route of Fra-time since April of 1971, proved zieJ's gold medal in Tokyo, wall cooled by a pleasant breeze. Patterson claimed his usual satisfaction with his pe 'rforman ce. He said, "I will keep fighting the next two years. 1 expect to' reach my peak then. I think I will have mastered every move by then because I get better all the time. I know right now I am more confident of my ability than Clay (Muhammad Ali) ill of his." durable to a point despite a bad cut at the outside corner of his left in the second round. But the 24-year-old Puerto Rican proved of little value as an op.ponent for the 37-year-old Patterson, who bat_tered Agosto into submission. The fi ght endMartinez .Earns Met Huzzahs As A Versatile Fill-In ed at the end of the sixth round on the advice of Arthur Mes cante, the referee, and Dr. Ed win A Campbell the commis sion physician, who examined the cut. PattersoJl Is Sharp For the record, it. stands' as a technical knockout at the end o:f the sixth round. There is l ittle doubt Patterson would have fi!].ished off Agosto sometime in the next two rounds. Patterson exhibiting great punching speed and mobility, scored almost at will against the plodding Agosto. Mercante and Tony Castellano, a judge, had Patterson in front, 6-0. The other judge, Harold Lederman, scored it 5 to 1 for Patterson. Patterson, winning his 55th fight against seven losses and, one draw, recorded h.is 40th knockout victory. ,Ag. osto a truck driver for a shade depart ment, suffered the fourth loss of a career that began in 1966; He has won 24 fights. Patterson weighed 1 9 3 lh pounds, Agosto 196. Patterson smashed hard hooks to A .gosto's mid-section and head, then fol-If you Want a Home for $200 down Paymts. as low as $67 per month. Dial A Home and-Listen 879-5350 ON STAGE! IN PERSON! *BILL HALEY AND THE COMETS BO DIDDLEY CHUBBY CHECKEB .GARY D. S. BONDS *THE CRYSTALS BOBBY COMSTOCK 8r THE Lid. TAMPA. JDL \' 29tK 8:30P.M. ORLANDO. JULY 22ad 8:15 P. M. Orlando Sports Stadium PRICES $250 $450 $550 Tickets low On 5ale: CURTIS HIXON BOX OFFICE BEI,K'S OF BRITTON ALL AREA SEARS STORES In Orlando: Sports Stadium MONTGOMERY WARDS INFINITE coLONIAL PLAZA Orlando Choice Seals Availahle NEW YORK, N. Y ..!. The intin, erary that Mets' road secretary Lou Niss issues before each trip includes, in addition to all perti nent travel information, the meals that will be served each United Airlines charter flight The m

Saturday, July 22, 1972 Fla. SentiMl-Bulletln Publi.betf every Tues. and Frt. Cet Both Editions PACE TWENTY-ONE f FUNERAL N OT'IC'ES AKINES, MRS. WJLL:INA-Fu neral services for Mrs. Willina Akines of 3004 Arrow St., who passed away in a local hos pital, will be held Saturday at 11 A.M. at Wilson Funeral Chap el with Rev. Milton Jones, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemletery, Survivors are: husband, Mr. David Akines; 1 step-son, Master I ss ac Lee Campbell; 3 sisters, Mrs. Helen Calhoun and husband, 1\fr. King David Calhoun of Plant City, Mrs. Joyce Jones. and Mrs. Pearlie Mae Timmons and bus band, Mr George Timmons; A brother, Mr. Walter Mitchell; 6 nieces, Miss Evelyn Jones., Mrs. :Mattie Smack and husband, S/Sgt. Micllael P. Smack of Mountain Home, Idaho, Miss Lin da Jones, Mrs. Letha Mae Allen and husband, Mr. Leroy Allen, Mrs. Carolyn Campbell, Mrs, Joyce Budge and husband, Mr. Ulysses Hudge; 7 nephews Mr. Herbert Jones, Mr. Thomas Lee Jones, Mr. George Timmons, Jr., Mr. King David Calhoun, Jr., Mr. Walter Eugene Timmons, Master Ralph Timmons and Mas ter Samuel Timmons; 17 grand nieces and nephews a number of cousins and a of other sor rowing relatives and frineds. A native of Plant City, Mrs. Akines had lived here for the past 32 years. The remaJns will repose after 4 P.M. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, Wltll ne-ar .funeral time Saturday, "A WIL SON SERVICE'' BROWN, MR. ROBERT LEE SR 1\lr. Robert Lee Brown, Sr., 2106 Carmen Street, passed away July BROWN, MRS. BERTHA L. -Mrs. Bertha L. Brown, 2618 East Palifox St., passed away sud denly July 14, 1972. Funeral ser. vices wiH be conducted Saturday at 11 A.M. from the First Born Church of the Living God 3727 29th Street with the pastor, Elder J. P. Hiils, officiating. En tomlbment will follow in Memolli al Partr Cemetery. A native Flo ridian, Mrs. Bro. wn had resided here for over fifty years. She leaves to sadly mourn her passing, a son, Mr. James E. Brown, Jr. and wife, Lottie; a daughter, Mrs. Lllllan Shuman Marshall and husband, Samuel M ; a bro ther, Mr. George 1 B. Garnett, Jr. of Reading, Pa.; 10 grandchild ren, Bruce, Ronnie, David AI pbonso James m, and Donald Brown, Misses Chiquita IL., Ber tha, Shirley and Deborah Brown; a god-daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Hutchel'ISon; two Mrs. Joseph V. Garrett of Jack Florida and Mrs. James G. Garnett of Wimauma, Fla.; 1& nieces, ei ,ght nephews; sev.eral devoted friends including Mrs. Estella Woods of St. Petersburg, Fla., Mrs. Johnny Lee Jones, and Mrs. Ella White both of Tampa, !!:Ia.; and other sorrow ing relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 4 P.M. Friday (today) at the chapel of the Ray Williams Funeral Home until near the hour of funeral services. The funeral cortege will form at 2620 East Palifox Street. Arrangements by BRYANT & WILUAMS (Ray Williams Fu neral Homle) CREWS, MRS. MAMIE-Funer 15, 1972. Funeral services will be al service Mrs. Mamie conducted Saturday at % P 1\:1, C.rews of 2:)5 nth Avenue, wbo from the Bethel AME Church, passed away in a local hospital, 1012 St., with the Rev. A. will be held Saturday at 1 p.M. W. Smith officiating. Entombment at New Mt. Zion M. 1 B. Church will follow In Shady Grove Ce metery. A native Georgian, Mr. with Rev. B. J. Jones, officiating. Brown _had resided here for over Interment will be in Memorial forty years. He was a member of Park Cemetery. Survivors are: the Bethel Church where for 5 sons, Mr. Homer Crews and many years he served as presl wife, Mrs. Mary Crews of De. dent of Usher, Board No. 1. He troit, Michigan, Mr. Edmond leaves to mourn his passing S Crews and wife Mrs. Annie daughters, Mrs. Theresa H Wash Laura Crews, Mr. John Crews, lngton of Tampa, F1a. Mrs. Ma Mr. James Crews and Mr. Wil ;mie D. Kennedy of Cedar Rapids lie D. Crews and wife, Mn. Iowa, and Mrs. Gloria A. Logan Beverly Crews all of Tampa; 3 Y k N Y k SIS t daughters, Mrs. Alma Hollinger of New or .; ., sons, g. :,Joe H Brown and wife, Eloulse, and husband Mr. Robert Hoi U. S. Army, Germany, Mr. Roll linger of Tampa, Mrs. Luevenia ert L. Brown II, Mr. Booker T Wallace and husband, Mr. Robert Green and wife, Inez Mr. Jeri Wallace of Orlando and Mrs. mlah Green and wife, Lucllle all Hattie L. Daniel and husband of Tampa, and Mr. H Joseph 1\lr. Willie James Daniel o f Green of Hempstead New York; Greensboro, N. C.; 34 grand a n adopte_d daughter, Mrs. Ann c _hildren; 4 great grandchildren; 2 sisters, Mrs. Mary E. a number of nieces, nephews, flradley and Mrs. Gladys King, cousins and a host of other sor of Waycross, Ga .; a brother, rowing relatives and devoted Mr. Johnnie Williams of Tampa; friends A native of Clay County, grandchildren, 13 great-grandGeorgia, Mrs. Crews had resid and a host of nieces, ed here for the past 23 yea r s. ilephews and other devoted rela The remains will repose after 4 P.M. today (Friday) at Wil tives and friends. The remains son Funeral Chapel, until near 'Ifill repose after 4 P. 1\{. Friday f191eral time Satur.da:x .. WIL ( today) of the L 1t <.I l. Williams FIHleRI Home until near the hour of faneral services. Ar raagements by BRYANT & WILtJAMS ( 1Ray Williams Funeral Bme> FREEMAN, MR. MLL,IAM :UE:NRY -Funeral services for 'the late Mr. William Free man of 3110 35th Street, Tampa, who departed from this life will be held at 3 P.M. Satur her passing a devoted daughter neral service. PUGIISLEY FU day from the Frleudly Mission Mrs. Mattie Lou Hill; a sister, NERAL HOME In charge, ary Baptist Churclr (Oak and Mrs. Bertha Potter of Macon, Central Avenues) with the Pastor Georgia; 3 nieces, Mn. Jurell Rev W. L. Webb, officiating. Merriman of Detroit Mic h. ; Mrs. Interment will be in the Memori Doris Scott of Valdosta, Georgia, al Park Cemetery directly after and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Coop the services. The remains will er of New York City; Cousins, repose at the Franklin Funeral Mrs. Mary Lou Brown of Detroit, from 4 P.M. Friday (to Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mon day) until near funeral time Satcur, Mr. and Mrs Chester Clark urday..The funeral cortege will of Valdosta, Ga., and Mrs. Doro arrange from 2109 31st Avenue, thy Frazier of Detroit, 1\lich.; Apt. No. 5i'9 at approximately brother-In-law, Mr. Arthur Zeig2 p.M. Saturday, Survivors in ler and wife Sallie, and a host elude: 4 sons, Mr. William Henry of other relatives and friends. Freeman, Jr. of Lakeland, Mr. The remains will lie In state af Levarne Freeman, Mr. Josehp ter 5 P. M. Saturday at the RAY Freeman and Mr. William Free WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME man, all of Plant City; A daugh CHAPEL. The funeral cortege ter, Miss Tina Freeman of Plant will form at 2304 11th Avenue at City, a devoted mother, Mrs. 3;30 P. M. RAY WILLIAMS Bertjla Freeman of Tampa; 8 FUNERAL HOME In charge. (Ar brothers, Mr. Charlie Lewis rangements by Bryant & Willi Freeman and wife Nona, Mr. ams), Johnnie Freeman and wife Gloria, Mr. Jerry Freeman, Mr. Ralph Freeman, Mr. Cleveland Free man and wife Nancy, Mr. Ben jamin Freeman and wife Pat, all of Tampa, Mr. James Free rna of Ft. Pierce, Fta. and Mr. Livingston Thurston of West Palm Beach : 4 sisters, Mrs. Fannie Ethel Durant and hus band Edward; Mrs. Mary Ellen Graham and husband Joseph, both o f Tampa, Mrs. Alberta Wat. s_on and husband Otis of Denver, Colorado and Miss Alice D. Thurston of West Palm Beach; Grimdmother Mrs. Wilhelmena Scadlock of Tallahassee; 12 aunts, 12 uncles, 37 nieces and nephews and a host of cousins and other s orrowing relatives and friends. FRANKUN FUNERAL HOME will be in charge of the ser vices. RUSS, MRS BEMMIE W.-Final tribute for the late Mrs. Bemmie Wblte R11Ss of 3503 Machado Street, who passed away in a local hospital will be held Satur day 1 P.M. from Pleasant Chap eJ A.M .E. Church, Rev. A. W. Lybrand, pa!itor Rev. L. C. Mann, officiating. Interment will be In Memorial Park A native of Marianna, Mrs. Russ was a pioneer citizen of Tampa and served an the Stewardess :Board No. 1 of Pleasant Chapel A. M. E. Church. Survivors in elude 4 daughters, Mrs. Rosalie Baker and husband, Mozelle Raker; Mrs. lnell Uiapman and husband, Frank Chapman, Mrs. Savannah Sparks and husband, Sylvester Sparks, Mrs. Elnora Rogers and husband, Sylvester Rogers; 3 sisters, Mrs. Lou venia C alhoun, Marianna, Mrs. Annie Tauner, Jacksonville Mrs. Mary Wyman, Fo.rt Myers; 4 brothers, Mr. John White and wife, Annie White Woodbine Georgia; Mr. Felix White and wife, Louise, Stuart, Mr. Julius White MiamU, Mr. Colbert White, Fort M yers; 15 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren; a number of nieces andnephews Including Mrs. A dell Hudson and husband, Mat thew Hudson, Mr. Ulysee Russ and wife, Mrs. Angeline Russ, Mr. Willie Lewis and wife Mrs. Ruth Lewi s ; a brother-in-law, Mr. Robert Ruse and wife, MTs. Laura Russ Cottonclale; a si sterin-law Mrs. Mary Russ, Cotton dale; several cousins, including Mrs. Ida Britt, Mr. James Baker, Mrs. Cora and husband Mrs. Annie Plant and Mr. John Russell; many other s orrowing relatives and devoted friends. The remains will lie in state at Pughsley Cathedral for visi tation of friends after 5 P.M. I l SMITH, MISS MYRTLE WIGG IN'S -Funeral services for the late Miss Myrtle W. Smith who s uddenly July 17, will be held Saturday, July 22 at 1 P .M. in the Steve-Emma Me mo.rial Chapel of the Rogers Funeral Home with a local minis ter officiating Interment In the family plot in Shady Grove Cemetery. Miss Smith was a native of Tampa and resided in the West Tampa area. Survivors are: 2 brothers, Mr. Joseph Cam, bridge, Mr. Dewey Smith and wife, Annie Lee; sister-in-law, Mrs. Mary Cambridge; 5 nieces, Mrs. Joyce Watson and husband, Robert, Mrs. Pauline Johnson and husband, Edison, Mrs. Bernice iButler and husband, William., Mrs. Vivian Murray and buS band, Frank, Miss Frances Cam bi:idge; 9 nephews, Mr. George Smith and wife, Diann, Mr. Joseph Cambridge and wife, Cecila, Mr. Lawrence Cambridge and wife, Shirlene, Mr. Dewitt Smith Mr. Charles Smith, Mr. Ronnie Cambridge, Mr. David Smith, Mr. Paul Cambridge, 1\'lr. Milo CamJ)ridge and a hOst of other l!orrowing relatives and friends. The funeral cortege will fo.rm at 1906 E. Columbus Drive. The remains will repos e at 5 P.M. Friday un til funeral time Saturday. ROGERS FUNERAL HOI\IE in charge of arrange ments. WARD, MRS. J ULIA !LUCILLE -Funeral' services for Mrs. Julia l.uciile Ward of Rt. 2 Box 2 6, who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 2 P .M. at Wilson Funeral Chapel with Rev. J S. Paris, Minister of Ma cedonia Baptist Church of Thonotosassa, officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. Sur vivors are: 3 daughters, Mrs. Joyce 0. Woods and husband, 1\fr. Fra. nklin Woods of Newark. N. J., Mrs. Margaret W. Harris and husband, Mr. Lovett Harris of Tampa and Mrs. Maxine Moore and husband, Mr. James Moore of Seffner; 5 sons, Mr, Thornell Floyd and wife, Mrs. Rosetta Floyd of ThoootcMiassa', Mr. Willie Allen Ward ol St. Petersburg, Mr. Tommie 4 Ward of Newark, N. J ., Mr. Winston Ward and wife, Mrs, Lou Wa.rd of Nasbway, N. R,. and Mr. Joe Ralph Ward of Thonotosassa ; 18 grandchildren; A sister, Mrs. Inez Miller and husband, Mr. Robert Miller of Thonotosassa; A brother, Mr-. Lawrence Floyd and wife, Mrs. (Continued On Page 22) IWLLOMAN, MASTER DONZ>':LL -'Funeral services for Master Donzell Holloman Jr., 4805 86th St., who passed in a local hos pita! will be held Monday at 2 P. M. from the First Bapsist Church Progress Village with Rev. :E:'d mond Pattc,n officiating. Inter ment in the Shady Grove Ceme tery. Survivors are his mother, Mrs. Louvinia Holloman; father, Mr. Donzell Holloman Sr.; sis ter, Mrs. Lorena Young and bus band-, i\lr. Murray Young; broth er, Mr Joseph Holloman; mater nal grandmother, Mrs. Elnora Covington; maternal grandfather Mr. Willie Covington both of Adel Ga.; paternal grand-mother, Mrs. Rosa Holloman, Palmetto, Fla.; paternal grandfather Mr. Samuel Holloman Augusta Ga .; aunts, Mrs. Dorothy Deberry, Mrs. El dora Johnson Mrs. Sallie Walton and Mrs. Mary Lawson all of A del Ga.; Mrs. Louise Hanker son, M iami ; Mrs. l:lattie Sheard, Flint, Mich.; Mrs. Maple Wilson New York, N. Y., Miss Francis Holloman, Baltimore Md ; Miss Addie R. Holloman Brooksville Fla., 10 uncles _!lnd other r el atives. A native of Tampa and an eighth grade student at Dowdell Jr. High School. The remains will repose at the Wilson's Funeral Chapel after 11 A. M. "A WILSON SERVICE" PICK OUT YOUR CHILDREN'S SCHOOL CLOTHES NOW! JOHNSON MRS. SALLJE -Fun. eral services for the late Mrs, Sallie Johnson, 2217 15th Avenue, will be held Saturday afternoon at 4 P. M. from the Ray Wil Iiams Funeral Home Ohapel with a local minister officiating. En tombment will be Ia Shady Grove LAY THEM A WAY PAY A UTTLE EACH WEEK YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL PAID FOR WHEN SCHOOL REOPENS. Raymond's Dept. Store 71h Avenue and 1511a Streel YhorCily ------------------\


' PAGE Fla. Tues. and Frt Ced Both Ediltions Saturday, July U, 1972 fUNERAL NOTICES (. .. Page ..21) Oreatha Floyd of New Yor)<, N. Y., 2 aunts Mrs. Beatrice Still ings and husband Mr. James Stillings and Mrs. Arrie Sti!lings of Thonotosassa; A great aunt; 2 uncles, Mr. Macon. Larry and wife Mrs. Ethel Larry of Tampa and Mr.. Lacon Larry ami wife, Mrs; Anna L. 'Larry of Brooklyn N.Y., nieces, nephewsr-3 sisters tn-taw; A brother-in-Jaw, Mr. Will Ward; A son-in-law, Mr. Wil Ue Frank Johnson and wife of Tam'pa and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. Botn in Thoootosassa, -Mr-s. Ward had lived there all of her me. The remains will repose after & P.M. toda y (Friday) at Wilson Chapel, until near funer al time Saiu:rday. ".t\ WIU.ION SERVICE" '- 1. -WOODALL, MRS. GWENDOLYN services for Mrs. Gwenctolyn Lee WooC,all of 3s03 E. Buffalo Avenue, who passed away In a local hospital will be held Saturday at. 4 P :M. at Ho.od Tetnple AME Zion Church, Rev. L. H. McGill, pastor with Robert officiaiing. -Inter: m ent win be in Shady Grove Ce metery. Survivors are: husband, Mr_. Roosevelt Woodall; "a daugh ter, Mrs. Cassie Hoyte and hus band, Mr. Daniel Boyte; a son, Mr. L eroy Allen, Jr. and wife ; Mrs. Christine Allen; grandchil dren; Masters Oral and Reginald All e n, Hugh Boyte and Miss Re gina Allen all .of Tampa; father, Mr. Albert Mitchell, sr.; sisters, Mrs. TheodoQra Kennedy and bus bahd, MI'. Sam Kennedy, Mrs. Ella M. Rivers and hu s band Mr. Richard Rivers en Mrs. Daisy 1\lcCray of Roc hester, N. Y. ; Mrs. Mary 'Ponder and hus band, Mr. Hulon Pond e r of Lar go, Mrs. Ethel Ri c hardson of Mrs. Dorothy of Quincy, 1\'Iiss Argia 1\on. This sub here this week and yo u are .doenter int!) co lliference ing yourself inju sbic e if Y'OU as to whether a g}rl of lighteT donot come out and be a part color can be ac cepted bv her of the mll'king," said""Miss "Talapeers a s "black." Unanim ously has se e Linda Grooms, at a press the girls agreed that color come; confeTence T:uesday nigiht at the from within, tJhat every black Manger Motor Inn 11he girls today has to prove himself recam(! \ to Tampa Monday, and \ ga :rdless of their s'hade. are 8!!lending tJhe week a.t the 1;"9ung ladies vying for tha Manger. tit.le are Patricia LeaJand, Miss The fiiteea young ladies dis-Bl!lck Belle Glade; vera Step pl ay!ng their c .harm and poise, hens, -Miss Black Bartow Fred were Viewed and questioned by d i e DeGre:fifenreid.t, Mi'ss' Black o_f the a nd t eleB ro w .ard Renee Barnes, VISIOn media, -and t hey made it Miss Black Beach; very apparent that they are aErnestine Jenk ins Miss Black ware of their blackness and au Gainesville; Linda Johnson, Miss : 't hat goes along with being black Black Highland County; Lynda f a Jaekthe one of today's was Linda Williams. She sc.u, ( Pee-Wee the girls have top vocal groups, Bubba Leeks was cha rming in a long print and her, i s shortest () t'he 'l'am.pa's gif ted 14-yeaT-old, white sandals. gtOUi p 5' 3") that Young Artist of Famu and as a representative of all bl-ack Cathel;ine Roberts will people of Florida, the winner during intervals. Willie .. Tyler should be aJble to "ra'P" tO the (\Yentriloquist) arid Lester will bro thers on -as hN:J, MEMORIAM D. : C. and Mrs. Melvin Brown of St : Petersburg; unc:es Mr. Wil liam Lee and wife Mrs Dimple.s {.ee of New York City Mr.AI bert Walker !tf New York City, Mr. M arion Lee of Moultrie Ga Mr." Leroy Walker, Mr." Barr; Walker of Tampa; a number c! Dieces and n epliews, one of whom Is 1 \'lr." Jile Kennedy and wife Mrs. Heleia Kennedy; a number oi eouillns amon( whom are,. Mrs. W'flean PoweU and husband, Mr. Godfrey : : Mrs. Audrey : ( ... j '.".MP A In _loving memory of our _dear sister, Mrs. Gertrude B!liley who departed this lif e -July 20, 1970, ,but if only seems like yesterday. Our hearts are still sadden. you wlli never forgotten. .. Si(ned: Rev. Foster M. Gar. vih aud Ernest J G.arvia brOthers and the entire Garvin .,_ Lewis -and Mrs. Mable Walker all uf Tampa;--gOdmother Rosa :Pdle; : mother-in-law ; Mrs. Eliza' IJeh Morrison of Bowling Green; br.othets ln-law ,Mr. -Jimmy w GOd--t' AMP A -7 memorj oi v olia MEMORIAM wife, Mrs. LOvie WOOl-ail, Murphy 'Ander1011 who departed TAMPA I 1 1 Mr Jo\m H. Woodall and wife this Ufe July-1t; 1t7t n ov ng meUJ.or': Mrs. Ro.a Mae WOodall of sadly mi d M E .. ...._of my dear mother, Mrs. Fran-. ue rt. mma Ch i h Pa; sliters-in-law, Mrs. Laura B. Evans Mother aud F ces asta :W o cle,partell .. this For: -Sate -. ;;;;;;;: Ufe, July !0, 1971; Although It's very "hard to bear; The 'Io.s. of : one so dear, May : the memories .. of you, Keip very, : cuPEI, ra's SPECIAL: A .. llaal:_ aleds.lixiD' uNCLE _SANDY : SAYS ........ l!ear. Signed: Mrs J Louise Williams, daughter ; grandchiJd ren, great grands, great great and : family. MEMORIAM 0. 60. x lilo Fl 1.01 AI 1 3611 McBERRY \ ( $3.500 IOial '150 don. $J5 per 54,68. Manners-tile llnal ancl perfect flower 70,55. ol DOble 77,3Z. T A!MP A -In loving memo,ry of my beloved husband, Joseph Robinson who passed away July 22, 1971. In our hearts be Is a presAI_ ODiy 5 Per Ceal ent reminder of, sweet memories J 'l}at was of his life. ;. ;we who loved 1 n Jika tncet:e Jy, c herish that same tove for him in death. Laura Roblnsoo_ wife aDd tam Uy.


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Before ud after all accident 1%01 MARION SREET PHONE W-5531 For Spiriiaal Advice CALL OR SEE SIS. BRADLEY Phone 237-1821 3410 E. Lambright Avenue -Cooperative Spiritualist Church 115 South Packwood Sunday 2:30 P.M.-Healing and Worship Service. Wedaesday 8 P. M. Spirit Messa1e B1indfold workshop. Very Oe:Dble financTBEES TREES" TREES l lng. JUST LISTED! Formal dining MAXINE KERN ASSOC. BiUot Reading. Hear Rev. Earl Williams. Prtvate reading by appointment. Public is wel -come. ALICE L.JNIC.,.JJ:T President 254-6441 or 258-11411 room, lovely living room, wall Res. to wan cal-pet ; 2 or 3 bedrooms ISABEL BROWN, Realtor plus panelled den, large eat-in 933-397, kitchen with modem conven------------4-CUT RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TBADIIG POST letl(CS. Park-like grounds. $19,500 1 F8B BERT FHA-VA. ----------NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 3822 E. B.ROADW A Y PHONE !43-%411 Biv.ergr-ve -Estates Area '1 THIS BEAUTIFUL CB home is ldliag at --appraise .of $2!,-stl. S bedrMins with t.rmal l4ing area, lteautiful living room aJHl panellet. famtiy room. Central heat aDCI aiF. W/W !!a'rpeti"', over sized 1arage ad beautiful oak trees. $19,S. FilA-VA SELLING AT value. CB, S -triee size bedrooms, a lovely JD04kml kitcbea with aU conv .emeaees. .Separate diniag area,;; iood size JiviBg ntOIII, Jn laui fer nerida living > :Call 1 have HIDething importaa"t to ten yea! I&E TO DITEI'rlll? A :SUNKEN BALLROOM-like Florida teem; woald you believe 50 x !0, witll w:et bar! 4 bedroems 2lk baths foyer, lar1e living 'and diaiag rooms, ki .tchen equipped, 8 ton eeiltr'al heat aacl air. Brick construction. Swim ia huge )1001 of 12' Cl.eptb. AU this on 3/4 acres.! Only $31,180 with fianeillg of __ I Duple)( and Apartment j .Combination 1 OFF LAKE AVE. near schools, lbOpping and bus. CB duplex 4Jownstairs; each sid-e has liv b!g roon:t, bedroom, full bath, kitchen and carport. Upstairs features a large 3 bedroom -apartment surround ed by sOil deck for sunning or entertaining. All units rented. Let yilur baeome pay the mcrt. gage! Owner li4Didating. Prh,'l)d to sell at $19,800. Call ISABEL PERRI, ASSOC; Office Res; 877-688<1 TAMPA REALTY, INC. ",' IJ:ALTORS VACANT RAVE SEVERAL NEWLY reeoaditioaed. home in Progress Vil lage. $58 do.n. CaD HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phoae 988-1252 7838 Nerih teth Skeet Opea Saturday ancl Saaday FOI BERT CleuPaiated ... Phoae 251-1645 Saver_.. Alltl Sta.ps Pllofte Y01r Hews .248-1921 FIIIZAL IIBD:TORS WILSIII'S FUIEBAL BONE 30t1 29th STREET "Our Bosiaess Is Service" Pb011es: z-.ct25 245-2032 PUG ISLEY I'UEilL ROME 341% _..STREET Ai Impre&Sive As Required As IRexpellSive As Desired. PhHes: 247-llSl or %47-3152 SlABY GBOYE TOMOIBtW SHADY GROVE 1\lEl\fORIAL PARK Is planniac a new concept of cemetery property. development to most of our residents. SHADY GROVE will develop a series of beautiful re ligious floral gardens with a large central feature in each garden section. Something 'from the life of Christ or some. thing from the Bible. The iadividual memorials will be of bronze with Mother Natures green carpet covering the grave. An inviting garden spot that breathes happy memories and tells the story of life, death. \_ The autumn winds know well when the leave!!' but no man knows when the earth will claim again t}le in leant for his creation. The Cemetery Beautiful -We Forever 4615 E. IIHRA AVEHUE TEL. 626-2332' ,' .. :


PACE TWENTY-FOUR 'Not In Tune,' Mereclitlt Quits Political Life J ACKSON, Miss -James Me::-e d i th said Monday he is withdraw ing from politics because it has b e come apparent he is not in tune or in s t ep with other blacks The 39-year-old veteran ci v il rights act i vist said in a prepare d statement that he was resigni n g from any role of public leader : ship," but la ter added he would try t o help t he bla c k communit y ... Fla. Puhllahed eYery Tu4t5. and Fri Get Botli Editions Saturday, 22, 1972 become self-suffiCient. I am from politics because the .re i s perhaps nothing more f uti! than trying to an idea whose time is not a.t hand,' said Meredith who gained national fame a decade ago when he be came the first black to enroll at the University of ''It has become obviously clear that I'm not in tune or in step with ei t her the black bourgeoise or the black Regardless of wheth ; er my position i s right or wrong it does not fit the prevailing mood -Panel To Advise WASHINt;TON The bff ice of Economic Opportunity has .. an nounced creation of a commit t ee to advise the OEO on ways to cre ase private resources in pro gramsdealing with poverty. The 21-member commi t tee is headed by Dr. John W. Nixon of Birmingham Ala a dental of t he time, he said West: Coast Baseball. start oo the mound in t h e f i r s t game for the Do d g ers whi l e Re g gie Burns or Vern on -Laau. > .Jac kson wiU open in the second game. '11he 'Tampa Dodgers, now w ith a 10< 1 record, will meet the 'l1ampa Lookouts wi t h a 10-o re cord, in a double header Sunday afternoon a .f 2 at tihe 22nd Street B allpark. 'llhis is the bat tle for first place in t!le Florid a West Ooast League, :Blitz Everett will S uch sta-rs as John Bagle y Joe WTi g ht, Robert Waiters, Je rome 'llhomas George Marinoad and Geor-ge Leto. will be seen in ac t ion. The o ther league games will be: Tampa Gain tos at St Peters buTg and tJhe 'l'i gers at Branden ton. I'VE GOT A GREAT' IDEA! LEI'S SHOP -LARMON'$ THE STORE _AGE IS-OVER! THIIGS ARE PRETTY SOFT II LARMOI'S BED-.-<" DDIG DEPARTMEIT! It is lime to move into tomorrow with SMOOTH-TALK YOUR-HUSBAND. ilof our b-eautiful mattresses. You'll be TO BRIIGIIG YOU 11 1:0 SEE OUR .BIC amazed at how you can SELECTIOI OF IEWEST HOME sleep and how tested you'll be the next HAVE_ A morning. FAMOUS BRAID, MATTRESJES ORBOX SPRINGS ALL .Ai 'bal: -PRICE-'--YOUR -ctrOICE s -39 : i TWI N -.QRFULL $1ZE REG. $59.95, $419.95, $79.95! Save substantiall y on famous make IJedding in. e very i!Jl;lgj.nable ticking firmness. Our over-stocked condition makes l t possible for you to freshen up for spring without robbing the bank. All designed with sturd-y crush proof e!lges, turning l)andles air. vents. early and plenty! -A T LARMON'$ WHY WORRY ABOUT DOWN PAYMENT WHEN EVERYBODY KNOWS "LARMON LISTENS" SEE WHY LARMON IS : T H E ,LEADER! OR EASY CREDIT TERMS }JlJUtiluAJl 9JtC. ARMON 1324 30 E. Broadway t P HON 247 4711 1 your .. : BANKAMERICARD here "IT'S ..... EASY-TO PAY. tHE LARMON WAY'' OPEN FRIDAY NIG .. T 'TIL 8 P .M. Plenty Of Of Store j .-


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