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Lorenzo Brown, TCEP's Assistant Director And First { E ',Joye, Dies I : : ::irt: < r----------. ; REGISTER TO 111._ l i o-b

PACE TWO Fla. Sentinei-Bulleltm Publlahed e-.ery Taes. anti Fri. Get Both Editioaa. Sa.turday, July 29, 1972 Lerenzo Brown, J(E P'S Assistant Direc:tor And First Employee, Dies (OURTHOUSE CAPERS Assaults Jool Wayne Shad:, 16, 4609 35tll St. told police that he was hit on the head with a small hand gun at Osborn e and Tuesday. The attacker, known only as Jackson, fled the scene. money, $2 was taken. Ja. fl!es Thomas Akins, 28, 409 E. Oak, apt. 5, reported that his house was broken into twice Tuesday. Taken from the J.oroenz'O Brown, Director of Institutional Training at TCEP, d ie d Wednesday in Tampa General Hospital after a five-week fight against cancer. He was 36. Brown entered the ht hired by the program when it be gan in June of 1968. His job was to contact, evaluate and monitor all cootracts with junior colleges, schools as well as private insti tutions tQ training for TCEP He is survived by his father, Arto Brown and several o t he r close relatives and friends Pughsley's Funeral Home is in charge of final arrangements, whiCh will be held 'saturday at 1 p m. at New Salem Primitive Bap tist Church, Rev. R. H. Howard, pastor and Rev. F. G. Hilton, of ficiating U y.u Wa11t a Home for $tOll iowa -Paymts. as low as $67 -per m011tlt. Dial A Rome aNI Lisla 179-5350, BBOTIEIS MISSING Aaybedy knowiq the whereaboats tf WI-LLIE LEE CAR, 'l'ER or ARTHUR CARTER fwnlerty f N. J., Please contact IAOMI EVAIIS 3213 E. HANNA AVE. .... m-.3 Thdr. pare.ts, -Jolla Lee aMI Rosa Lee Cartee are dea4. Police reported that Elbert Wimrey, 19; 4223 and an unidentified suspect were engaged in an argument Tuesday night when the suspect pulled a knife and cut Wimley on the left arm. Mrs. Irene Brown, 25, 4241 E. Palifox and her husband were in a domestic argument Sunday and Mrs. Brown was hit with a rifle in the back, according to police. p .remises twQ.. J;adipen .a locked bedroom door and rem<>'ved. a ladies wallet contain ing $20 and Fla., drivers licenses. They also touk eight cans of beer trom. the before leaving. The items belonged to Mrs. Helen Delbra Swindell. Mrs. Emma Mae Wingfield 1900 Morgan, told police that she returned home Tuesday and saw three juveniles running from her house. They entered -throUh the rear door and took a purse from the bedroom. 'l'be purse W1lS dropped after the Police reported they stopped a vehicle on N. Suwannee near E. Waters Monday night for a suspicious perso1;1, checked the car and arrested Collins Worthy, 19, Calvin Wade Sperling, 21. end Clyde Carlton Evans, 21, for of marijuana. George Taylor, 37, 506 E. Frances, was arrested at Central and Srott Wednesday afternoon tfor prosession of heroin. A search of the man revealed 30 decks of the drug ru. satiiA wur liS--. ... RED & FRONT GRO(ERY I PACKAGE STORE 3111 29111 St. Ceraer lhdfalo AftiUie WE Atan FIID STAMPS "Ceate .. Early ... Cel The WE DELiti:ll WE SELL AJIEIIKU EIPRESS IIIlEY IBDEIS Besl' CHICKEN WINGS lla.3k FRESH BAKING HENS 111.55c LARGE ICE P ACKED FRYERS Eacll. SUNNYLAND'S roUNTRY SAUSAGE REG. ftc LEAN STEW BEEF lb. He TENDER OXTAILS lb.45c FRESH NECK II().NES 2 Ills. 55c SUCED BREAKFAST BACON IIJ.7k TENDER CLUB STEAKS TIDE WAS111NG PO\\'DER .,_ 46c Reg. Box 39c LONG GRAIN RICE REG. S5c 3 lhs. 49c BLACK PEPPER REG. lSc Culk ALL BRANDS MILK REG. 7Sc With

S&'lurday, July 29, .1972 Fla Sentinel-Bulletin }'ubllsltecl ft'lery Tues. anti Fri Gel Both-Editions PACE THREI! Atty. Dawson Seeks County Judge's Seat ATTORNEY WARREN H. DA. WSON Prominent Tampa Aild r e n said, arrived aboot twenty m[nuets afte r the police were called t o the scene. A w'hose children had been playing w:uh the Nat1han c hild r ren, the oldest being liD year-old, dis covered _theboys were alone cne day when slhe went to look f1Qr tlheill" pM"ents. She reported. that the youngest boy was almost run over by a IJ)assing car, and she cat-ried him home to teU lhis mother what r h a d happened. 11heboys told the woman that their mot1her was not at. home, and had bE!en for about three d'ays and they were hung-ry. The woman s-aid she g ave thetn. sandwic

Fla. Tuet. allCI Fri. Cet Both ____ s..t..d_. __ _.:..Y ... _J_ul....:.y_29__:_, _1_1_72 __ Published Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Publishing Co., 2207 Twenty First AvenUe, Tampa, Florida, 33601. :.C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice President-Production )IRS, R _OSE CR .UTCHFIELD Viee President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice Presideat-AdveriisiaJ -----------------------------Second class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 Per Year One Editioa. $1%.50 Per Year BoUt Ed.itioal. Olypics Fund._ Drive There is Kreater spectacle to be found anywhere than the ()lympic Games. And this :around is no differen' t than 4 years aco, and 8 -and 12 and ,6. And no person or thing 'should be permitted to block an American'a desiire to participate. Not necessarily for the glori fication olf the country, but for the enhancement of the indivi image. Ship.ping 3,000 athletes an d more than 200 aaaorted officials to the Munich games next month, 4s a costly venture. And, at the moment, citizens in general and a ports fans in particubr, are be inc bombarded with requests for to finance the program. While there has been no of fidal confirmation of. the report, fit is said in some sources, gen erally considered reliable, that the U. S. Olymp, ic Committee ha'S a storage already of some $2 million which President Clifford H. Buck descr.ibes as ''insurance against hard 1times.'' Moreover, the cot:nmiHee anti cipa:tes another $1 million, at leas: t, from large companies that are being giiven the right Ito iden4 'tify their produc ts as "in official use by the U. S. Olympic team.'' f:t must be 'the task of the in citizen to weigh the merits of the appeal against the credibility of the repQrt. The Sentinel, however, won'ders why the U. S. government can afford to spend $10 billion ttollars a year in weaponry, and $30 billion annu a1ly in space, yet cannot find a paltry $500,000 a year (for four years) to the total of $2 billion for a program thall: means so-much Ito. the nation's youth-politicaHy, physically and psycholo, gicaJ.ly, Beauty Of Skill A man is in. !this w or I d only because he knows how to do something well and he has a skill that communi ty needs, says Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, former president of More house College. The distingu. In many cases, students applying for loans for the coming school year will have the loans because of bureaucratic red tape, The University of South Florida has announced t h a t studen t s should expect a three months delay in the processing of their applications, We can only wish that in the near future promising programs will benefit the people as soon as possible. pelays in funding an..Q ad m l nistrative hang-ups have strang led many good ideas for helping the poor in the past. Let us hope the Education Amendments will deliver its promises to the youth of ollr country before the promise goes stale. Commerce/ Contract Awarded T'o Florida -A&M WASHINGTON. Announce-ment of a one-yea r $190,000 contract with Fllorid-a A & M University in Tallahassee to jprovide bu siness a sslstance ser vices to minority enterpreneurs was made this week by Secre tary of Commerce Peter G. Peterson. The Commerce Department' s Office of Minority Business En, rterprise (OMBE) is providing the funding as part of its Jocal business development organiza. t ion program.' OMEB Director John L. Jen kins said the Funds will enable !Florida A & M to provide mi nority businessmen with such business support services as busines s plan review, feasibility studies, and ongoing manage. ment and technical assistance s ince the business is underway. Executive director of the Uni 'ersity pr()gram is IH; Sybil L. M:obley. Local business development or_ganizatiions are community sponsored minority business as .sistance centers at which a cur. rent or potential minority bus-' inessman can obtain or be directed to any form of busine ss aid available within his cop1.munity. Referring to the contract award, Jenkins said, "We wel come this relationship witn fF\lorid' a A & M University in President Nixon's expanded :minority enterprise program. Under its excellent leadership It has demonstrated a keen w areness of the needs of mi. businessmen and a capabilf ty of the skTiHed assistance to meet those needs." OMEB was extablisned in March by President Nixon in the Department of. .and charged with the responsi bility of coor

Saturday, July 29, t972 FIL S...tiDei-Bullelfa PuWW.atl erj Tues. aild Fri. &th Editiotts PAC FI V! AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY Received several -letters and calls following comments h e r e last week concerning our beloved coach, William 0. "Bill" Bethel, A couple read "Dear Mr. Brady: I'd like very much to commend 70u on your thoughtful sketch ?f Coach William 0. Bethel. It IS further commendable that you've analyzed evaluated, and taken i'n to stock the ups a n d downs which 'can possibly encom pass the life of any individual. "Many good men have excelled through the balls of successful accomplishments, only to f i n_ d themselves victimized by dis asterous circumstances, which can be realized only by a j>erson who has been victimized by .the same set of "In recent days, I personally have seen a delightful change in our beloved Coach Bethel, He illustrates through his everyday appearance that he has not only found himself but that he is also rlad to be back. In my most bumble opinion, I feel C o a c h Bethel is back with us. This tiine to stay! Signed Eddi.e Walker, Jr., P. 0 : Box 621. ANOTHER LETTER RE get this man where he belongs. People in Tampa need this man and he needs people, especially, black young boys and girls. "I know about trouble be cause I have had my share. I would like to leave these words with Coach Bill Qethel, N e v e r give up Coach Bethel, when all the world seems against you .. and skies -are overcast, p 1 a c e your trust in GOO, have faith, and trouble will not last. It's the will to try again, that counts the most of all. Before a baby learns to walk, he has to crawl. I know it seems hard to come back, when things are going wrong, but with a prayer inside your heart, ev erything will be alright. T h e climb is always steep and rough, but you can do it, because you have done it before. May GOO bless you and your family always. Very truly yours, lleroard E. Wynn .... JETS 'N BRIEFS, DB. P. A. EBYII DENTIST CENTRAL AVENUE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT At My Residence Before 9 a.m. Phone 251-2139 HERE AND THERE Learned of another of our fast rising and dynamic young min' isters, the Rev. Stephen Davis, a member of Mt. Olive Church. It's said among young Rev. Da vis' top sermons is one entitled, "The Twenty Top tunes." Plus th"e Mod-Preacher acclaims him self of being, "dne of the Preachers who was sent, and not just one who went." Don't thinlt. you have to be a preacher to figure that statement out either Coach Charlie White over at HCC signed tw o more basketball stars last week to scholarships Signed to play for Coach White during the 1!172-'13 season ""' e r e Clarenee Callahan and Nate Doug las. Callahan -is a 64, 210:. pound forward who's expected to be contention for a starting berth, while Douglas a 5-8, 130 pound guard is figured to be a backtip man for Leon Leek.y" Smith, last year's second .leading scorer .. Coach Tim Autry, black assist ant basketball coach at Univer sity of Maryland, the school now hailed as the UCLA" of the south and east, was met last week as he was at the Jesuit-High .gym viewing our summer basketball league high school play and to get a look-see at pre-season All American, Mike Brown of Hills borough Hi, whom the MU Terps are very interested in Coach Au. try was also impressed by the play of Jefferson Hi s Anthony Chester. Although his plat-hair style didn t go over too big .. Received report stating G:>Spel personality Rev. "Brother" Joe May had passed in Georgia fol lowing a heart attack while mak ing an appearance last week. He had been presented in T a m p a many times by the late Rev. Gol die Th0mpson. One soul quarterback says when you go out for the quarterback ing positbn as a pro you have many opponents. Like most of your white teammates, the man agement and front office, your coaches and last but not. least, your opponents Neb Lyons, Plant' Hi '72 grarship will fol low at 11. The deacons will be in charge. Remember the sick and shut-ins. Eastsitle Prayer Ba11d Dea. Archie Mond, Pres, Mrs. JUice Lane, Rept. The East Side Frayer Band will meet Sunday morning at 5 at the home of Mrs. Augusta Simmons, 1203 Estelle St. All visitors are welcome. Remember the sick and shut-ins. accompanied by his friend, Atty. B: Anderson Mitcham. P 1 e a s e consult funeral notices for. final rites inf :>rmation .... YELLOW JACKETS LITTLE LEAGUE ALL-STARS BOW TO TOWN 'N COUNTRY 9-1; for third place finish in tournament play. League president Earl Goodman announced a free picnic will be held tomorrow (Sat.) at Yellow Jackets field for "all league play. ers'' at 11 A M till 3 P. M. Bar-8-Qued ribs heads the menu. SEE Y AU LATER ON STAGE! IN PEkSON!-* BILL DLEY AIID TIE COMETS I 80 DIDDLEY CBIBBY CHECKER *GUY I. S BOIDS TIE CBYSTALS BOBBY COIISTOtl 8r THE_ COMSTOCK-L111. TAMPA, mY 29th 8:30P.M. ORLAIDO, JULY 22lltl 8:15 P. M. Orlanllo Sports Stallium PRICES s:ro s45o ssso Tickets low lha Sale: CURTIS HIXON BOX OFFICE BELK'S OF BRITTON ALL AREA SEARS STORES Jhe Sunday School Lessoa By REV. A. LEON LOWRY Pastor, Beulah Baptist Church DEEPEIIIIi 01hl BELA TIORS WITH GOD I JOHN 4:13-19; EPHESIANS 3:14-21 One of my favorite h y m n s runs thus, "0 for a closer walk with GOO; A calm and heav'nly fram, A light to shine upon the road That leads me to the Lamb. This is the desire of every true Child of G:Jd. Men long for the indwelling of GOO and so the psalmist says, "My soul longeth. yea, my soul thirsteth for Thee, 0 GOO. All of us are weary, discontent and frustrated until we find satisfaction in GOO. If this is what we desire then our desire need not go unsated, for G::d bids us come unto him. He stands ready and waiting to help us, to receive us and to give us his eternal companionship. How do we come to know God? How do we come py this deeper relationship with Him? There are a number of ways. First -cf all, those who are called by CDi-ist's name must daily practice bis j:Jresence. There must be a daily demonstration of Christ likness In all that Is said and done. Sec ondly, and perhaps this should be fir,st, there must be a con fession of Jesus Christ as Savror and Christ, Lord of all. This is going beyond the giving of assent to a set of statements, there must be a of., one's life wilil the life of Christ in spirit and in truth. We must worship Emmanuel M. B. 2204 Highland Ave. Rev. H. W. Wilburn, Pastor Mrs. Mary Jenkias, Rept. S. S. will begin at the usual time. Morning service will fol low at 11. The deacons will be in charge of devotion. The sanc tuary choir andsenior ushers will serve. The pastor will de-liver the message. This activities remain the same. Let us pr-ay for the sick and shut-ins. Remember -our tea from 4-6. Mrs. Mosley was the lu cky winner of the Tv set which was given away recently. New Progress MB 3307 Shadowlawn Rev. E. J. Williams, Pastor Mr. Robert Coleman, Rept S. S. will begin at 9:30. service will begin ,at 11. BTU meetirig will begin at 5:30. Evening service will begin at6:30. on "'Monday night the Young Adult choir will have rehearsal 'Tuesday night choir No. will have rehearsal. Wednesdaf night choir No. 2 will have re:. heaisal. 'fihursday night con ference will be held. him, serve him, and act lik$ him with all of our hearts, minds and souls. In othet words, wtt must constantly imitate Christ 1n all we do. Someone might ask, "H:>w is this done?" The answer is to bit found in the life of love t ha* Christians are to live. If one is really living the life Christ de marids he is living a life 1>f love and therefore he abides in God and God abides or dwells in him, How do we lm:>w the love of GOO? We know it supremely as it was dem1>nstrated by God send' lng his Son into the world so that men might live through him. I heard our Choir singing an other of my favorite hymns reo cently, it always moves me. "0 I love Jesus because be first loved me It has a line that runs: "There is a name I love to hear, the sweetest name on earth, love to sing it s worth, It sounds like music in mine ear. It tells me of a Sav' ior's love, Who died to set me free; It -tells me of his precious blood; The sinner's perfect plea! Jesus Christ awakens and ar:mses love in us, if he does not then we are not bound to him But his love binds us to him and then it reaches f.rom us to include others That's what our forefathers meant when they said: "We love everybo!iy be cause we love God." Love ol G:d will make us love every body. Without this the world dies and there is no real Christian life. If we are to continue to deepen our Christian life we must constantly ertgage in the act of g1vmg praise lo God We must glorif:r His precious name Her& again, more than mere d s are necessary. We must give God the preeminence in all_ we do, in the office we glorify God as Christians by doing a beauti ful job, by maintaining a ?odly attitude, a beautiful spirit What ever we do, we must do H all to the glory of God. We ought to thank God for the opportunity to do the j:-b. He g i v e s us the strength He provides so much for us. How important is praver irr all of this. .May GOO enable lis to .glorify, praise and maw fy his holy name in our daily responsibilities. If you want a Home for $%08 down -Paymts. as low as $6? Per Month. DIAL A HOME and listen 879-5350


fACQ OBSERVANCE PLANNED AT FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST -SUNDAY_ The anniversary observance of the Dea coriess 'and Home .. Mission Board of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church will be held Sun day. The church is located at 4123 l:lassau Street in Carver City. The guest f or the oc 'dsion will be Mrs. Gwendolyn Tucker, a member of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church. She is the wife of James Tucker, and the motherof two daughters. Mrs. Tucker is known in the community for her leadership qualities and Christian abilities. t : Helping to obsrv.e this occas Ion will be Mt: Seventh Day Adventist Church, New Salem Missionary Baptist Usher Board N:J. One, Lincoln Gardens Missionary Baptist Church Choir One, Mrs. Patricia Pierce, Miss Gail Anderson, Mrs. Ruth Mc Ghee, Miss Alice Burgess, Miss Irina Lee Marion, Miss Doris Wil. son; Mrs Irene Peoples, Mrs. Gladys Brown and Mrs. Florence MRS. GWENPOLYN TUCKt;R James. Mrs. Alethea Davis is the chair man of the program com!J1,ittee, and the Rev. Qvod Dexter is the pastor. Girls Go To Camp. Wai Uau MONICA JOHNSON Two members of Girl S c o u t Troop 588, Alma Denise Davis lfnd Monica Venita Johnson, spent two weeks at Camp Wai Liau ) Biology Site near-Palm Harbor. This was the first session at the new campsite, and they were the only black girls attending. Alma is the -darghter of Mr, FASHION RELAXER ALMA DAVIS and Mrs. Raymond Davis, 3505 River Grove Drive She has been a scout for 4 yearS. Monica s parents are Mr and Mrs LeroY' John!Y.ln, 4204 E Clr tisStreet. She has been scoufing for 5 years. Mrs. Mary Williams is the Troop 568 leader. A Fashion Relaxer Tea will be held at the Sugar Shack COm. munity Center, 2fl32 N. Oregon Ave., on Sunday from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m., hosted by Modern Free and Accepted Masons, Chapter No. 75, O.E.S. Local and professional models a,s well as s:Jme of the B -ay Area's well known musical talents will be presented at thijs events. Some of the models, program participants and those assisting in o'her capacities who will display aq array of the latest styles in dress wear, hat and wig styles will be: Bonita A. Best, Chalandra :Bryant, Nathaniel Johnson, Mrs. Lenora Brady, Mrs. Janie Brooks, Mrs. Elizabeth Curry Mrs. Alberta Blake, Mrs. Ethel Mae Anthony, Miss Louise Peterson, Miss Saturia Shuman, Miss Gloria Kelly, Miss Gwendolyn FiehJs, Mrs. Ozepher Harris, Miss Marilyn White, head, Lorenzo Johnson, 1\lrs. Clara William!!, Mrs. Doris Donald son, Miss Gladys Brown, Miss Helen, Long Miss Carolyn Williams, Mrs. Regania Sturks, Miss Alyce Mills, Miss Donna Smith, Miss Marie Bowers, Mrs. Martha Britt, Ronald Hardin, Mrs. Jacquelyn Longtime friends Mrs. Rose Mary Hopkins and Mrs. Willie Mae Burney and their children recently enjoyed an exciting cruise to Nassau on the Bahama Star. In the photo above, Mrs. Hopkins and her daughter, Tara A-gatha are greeted by the Bahama Star captain. Below Mrs Burney and her children, Larry and Jacquely n are about to leave the ship for a sightseeing tour. WINS PHYSICAL FITNESS AWARD Jeffery Jerome Johnson is C OMIMG EVERTS JULY 29-'Biake Dad's 6th Annual Sweetheart Ball, Hesterl7 .. 10 P. M. JULY 29-Buffet Supper an!l Popularity Contest sponsored by Ma. sons and Stars, Kid Mason Center, 8 P. M. JULY 29-Ebo,ny Club sponsors Hot Pants Dance at Labor Temple. JULY 29-Trojans Club hosts Cocktail PartY; Regan Park Auditor ium, 7-10 P. M. JULY 30--197 2 Fashion Relaxer, Sugar Shack, 2232 N. Oregon Ave nue, 5-7 P. M. JULY 30-0ES Installation of officers and Social Hour, Tyer Temple U. M. Church, 5-7 P .M. .JULY 30--Cocktail Hour sponsored by Golden Ravens Club, Central' Park VIIIagc Auditorium, 1000 India Street 6-8. M. JULY 30--Home Mission Anniversary Peace Baptist. JULY 30-Youth Day, Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church. JULY 30-Calendar Tea, Emmanuel M. B. Church, 4-6 P.M. JULY 30--Mt. Zion AME Family Dinner, Southwest Recreation Cen ter, 7506 Morton Street. AUG. 4-Bohemian Luau, Armettia Temple, II P. M. AUG. 5-Banquet sponsored by New Progress M. B. Church at the Armettia Temple, 8 P. M. AUG. 13-Women's Day, Highland M. B. Church. Allen, Ericka Thomas and Gilda Thomas. Also taking part will be Mrs. Floretta G. Jackson, Lorenzo among young Tampans receiving Hayes, Hill, Harold Scott Randolph .Johnson, Insplra the. Presidential Physical FitAUG. 20-Pride of West Tampa Lodge No. 1 observes anniversary at Greater Morning Star Baptist Chur c h, 4 P. M. AUG. 20--Don't You Worry; Club sp onsors annual tea, Recreatioa Center, 214 N. Boulevard, 3 :30-5:30 P.M. tiona! Choir, Church of God In Christ, James E. Lundy, Miss Bertha ness Award. Signed by the Randolph Mrs. Cora Lee Aldridge, Mrs. Alice Trent, Mrs. Isabell president, it reads, "In recogniAUG. 27-Federation Day, New Progress M. B. Church. Tolliver Mrs. Lillie Ross, Mrs. R,ebecca Green; Mrs. Ruby Young, tion of outstanding physil!'al gratulations to you on this ac Mrs. Augusta Marshall, Miss l\1. Doris Wilson, Mrs. Willie M. achievement and exceptional dedcomplishment." !cation to the ideal of a s o u n d Jeffery is the son of Mr. and (Continued on Page 7) mind in a strong body. My con MrSI. Will ie Charles Johnson of ZlOS Spnice Street. The seventh grader at Blake Just Jr. High School has four bro thers and five sisters. NEED MORE TAKE HOME PAY? DON'T WORK HARDER WORK SMARTER $50. for 10 hours Th1s can beaccomplJslied with out leaving your Call Mrs. Cole 2.'13-1455 WIGS, CLOTHING, JEWELRY, REFRIGERATORS, AIR CONDITIOHERS, TV's, ELECTRIC WASHERS. ON THE "EASIEST CREDIT TERMS" Ill TOWH HUB CREDIT CLOJHlE-RS FRANKLIN TAMPA, 'FLA.


Saturi!ay, July 29, 1972 Fla. Tues. anCf, Fr(, Both Edl

PACE ElCHT MIRRCJRSOF--SOCIETY 81 BEVERLlt (CO.Ciaed J'rm Ple 'i) 'Jhe annual Yootli Day serviceso at Mt. Pieasant Miss ionary BapTbe-amwal Youtb Day servien at Mt. Bap_ tist Cbwdl will w Sunday. Sunday Sclloof will open at ':30, the g\le!tt will 1M! Patrtda Jej'Rlso. The review wHl be Jivm lil7 PetCT s:.idt. Other Sunday ae b::-oL partrei ; pants witl be Deberah Faye PatriCia WaHia,..., u.tra Sweet, Afelrtlta Nertft, Strarea Hnry, LaSJJ ... .,..,., ... Kicky ltlartln. At the nwmitlg sel'vree, the speaker will Barbara Takinc part in tl!ris 9enh:e wi'I.f be Midtaet SheMoir, Narmeite SimS', Enin MaCg8JDI!!TY, A..-tte J'owlf:l', :Bernie Ha"ey, J ... arry Tlie"sa Milllfallly Demra Boss, Ambro-se !Iscalmte, Piek ney Willbm AMuws, C otelnaJt, CassaiiM'a Al l r ,' l'fhCaD Micffelle Alldrews, Patricia RobinMW, :arme1t BI'O,.. aM Smi6. Varioi'.IS dwi,lrs willl Px:eseut a musi:eal. )li'Oiram at 3 o'cl:oe k :FR1Wie MNn>, Patricia .J""-onr -Alttlaa l\JwNn. and Beatrice Jrany arl!' tltte dtair!liil!1l, amf the Rev. G. w. MhcJteU is the :Pastor. 'FKOJAN!J PI.AN PAB'I'Y Geutlinne'R ell the TW,ians Social C11llb wil[ have thei:r slxtl!l -... nual Ball of Fame Cocktail Party Stwctay e'nSiing frum 7 biiiiiD 1ft' P. V. at Rag:an Parlt, :Jl.ab Ave!WC' and l2tb The pui>Ue is invited. OES JNSTALLATRJN ceremonies for eleven cflaptets or ti'Je Order ot'" Eastem-Sbr in 'ram!l8 llr:ld 'ftallotosa!sa Win be-l'lelld at 5 P. Sunday at Tyer Tl!mill* Metllodi:it Clurcb. some of the persons taking part in tl'le cerenroni'elf wrll be St. John Missionary Baptist CI:JOn:tl> ol Ba-trtow, Mrs. Mary Arline of :Mral'I'M Gr.and Williams-oL Miami,. &;ate. Grand Master; 1\liss Cuolt Q11M:k ofi l?lattslmi'gh New York; Mrs. PiB.W McDMiaM e f St. Mrs. Geoariia Owes the Ligon Evans Cb'Gnll'. the _Re'Y. E. J. IUnrs J,,, an4 Mn. Mable MRS. SJ:MMONS IS HOME AGAIN Mrs. Argusta Si...._, 1201 E&telltt st!ie-et,. i'.t> lrome again after. a-nice visit in -De1lroill> wflin a siHat., Mrs Donaldson js a membet' Mis__.y: Sociriy, Wo_: me:n of Ali-en, Pulpit Aid ad; ;.M Cbei.r Ng_ 2. A :REA THREE WORKSHOP. .. -. -. : Bethel AME Church will be''tl.le sce.inJ of tbe tl'rird Are a SaturQ.ay at .10 A.M. .. F. f... Gitlfllft is pas t or. The. tlwme" New Maal'!meS' itt--" :Mission, wm dfs e usse'd by_ Jfrs. Reii.ri l'1!flftps, a repre!feritatfve' from 11\llen. Tl!'mp-le, and Janie .. Churches participati'Ai .wrrr be Arlen 'f6!lple, Mt Zion I!Yl Hyde :Park, Ward Tetnpfe or BracferttQrt, Payne--C!hlpei of Mt : Casmel No. 2, St. James of .... .VHhlf& amt St. of j! :a!ft.y Harbor. .. .'c>, .: .. Mrs. Cora Bene Larlfns, to.((ot y!Mh_ will meet with youth directors in the a 0 Mus.. pl_. for ac.i 1ivities '' ". minister is to Ms to tlfe meet-fn& and presiding elders. are ,to tepr'eaent tlleii distri:cts. : Amra Mords. is are\ t:l'u1ir!fi.an. The br'ancb Y.P director is Mrs. !:Tizabetb Srnini, an' d Mri. Ruftye Sancllez is cttnference president. ; MISSIONARY SDVJCE Mrs. Martha Kennedy will sPea-k M Soen&w Misfiooary Soeaty Hrvice-at. Allen Teffijlle A JiiE. at l1 OOers win -brt Mis& BeuWl )ka. Ulliaa SiJDens, -OliYeUe tover .. n, Mrs .Obilria :F.rlel'soa I:..U.j Myers Mrs. Aretaa Snelliags MP.. ltawl&, Mu. ltebecca Clarke, Mrs. Mary Pressley, the Rev. Lerey Keara1, Mrs:. Virlllia Freeman, Mrs. Eva Mr> Funfe Jackson, and 1\trs, :FIGriM Mcl.e&d.. St. Jon Ba,tist New lion Nil Ba,t. 34 8 1 2;ittilll A-..-a.1a Street Rn. E. Newkirlr 'Pastfllr Eldu B. W ; Wil.Pallf, 'Pastor S. S. at 9':39> w iith the Mrlf; hMa L. W;tliiaDM, )le,t. i aftel' the morning 'Was given by Dea:. Evening worship begin at 6.: (:ity, at St. Lake 11 B. CJtG-nh. with Dea. MeCf}y eha.-ce. The The :youth will awear o. prllf!ame choir and ushers served. The message was taken from gram at 2 'l'h j&:oi61nr are Phil. verse. aaJ:te4 ct9 meet at the c11urd1 at The youth wi:fl accompany the-;.,.. ill 9 & to Jtswr to the Deacons and. W 41 can1a llinistera -Congress in Plant Plant City by bus. Wishing rou A Happy Birthtlty By MlSS ROI& Mrs. Amtie> Mae Mit cheU of. 2620 21th A venue cefe brated her biirfthday on Jnly 23, slle was treated to dinner at Morril!'on s Cafeteria by her "adopted. ; daughten, B-eatrke .Wafker and Beverly GrarnbreU. Afso help in g make the day une of thebest were Mn. Ethel Mae Gambrell, Mrs Nina Drews, Mrs. G}(nia Mn. Penny Dawson, Decarlo Walker, Debra Gamb.reD, Darren Gambreil, Kesia Ethel Bolder, Carl Gambrel!, and Mrs. MitcheU s ihubby, Lemmie Mttclrell. Birthday greetfugs are e:x;tended to Mrs. Bertha L. Buchanan. Her big; da:y tn July Another July celebrant is Wil :lie J. lgram natal day was .o the 26th. Ucenses Turner, 40, 207 E. Park, and Ma81e Evdya R!ISS, 36, :tlt7 N. AJINmy Avnoe. Charles Allen, 22, 3216 -E. Lindell, and Eleaner Louise HfMges, 18, 4104 & Palifox, Willie Isom LYke" 18, Seffner and Ada Mae 18, 8707 E. Henry. Rocer Sheppard, Jl;. Plant City,. and Myrdis VerneH Yeldell, 20, Edgefield, S. C. CaJrlton Lassiter, M f! D i U AFB., and CaroJ,-11 Jalleit GeU,man. 20, 4608 36th St. Si41ney Lewis, 70, 1725 5-th A ve1111e, and Essie Green:, 50, 172(; 5th Ave. Al'chic Lee Ro)linsee, 2 1, White Springs, and Williams, 18, 3618 E. O.bonte. Oscar Leenard Walker 1'1 921 and Barbara Yevette> Wintberly, 17, 938 Spruce St. JJ.nald S. Ball 22, 1503 20tll St., and Vel111a Jean Mille-r, 20 1503 20th St. .A.thur Lee Reese, 4-01, Mac Dill AFB, and Peadie Mae Saxton, 24 St. Pders urg. L4fnnie Anderson. !Jl, 3H6-H:tlt A veo., and Tommie> L. Brown. 32, 2719 12th. Walker Lee JohiiiMII, 3J, 1607 E. Columbus Dr., Dmke Mae Morgan, 29, 2'421 B i llll':.md A Vt!'., Apt. 1. Michael Robert. Simpkins, 20, N. Y., and DiNt. Jrr; 17, 382t 22nd St. Tlomas Lee Pallldl', S. Dakota, and N aiNy Greelf, 57, 502 S. Fremont Edward Arnold Jr., 74, 4&83 Troy St., and Maxi_.. McConico, 21, 3816 E. EMMa. Willie James J&dari, 2f, 3204 24th Avenue dllll lkHw Le Grier, 24, 3701f Jl La bdrht. Emmitt Harvet. Kinsey, Lyens, Ga., and Martha Sa Farmer, 27, 20f5 22nd Ave, '"d News Bapt. Good Newt Bapiist Bible Sclool week will berfrr July 31 thnugh A,ucust &. Adult and chiildren -will be from 9 to 12 each da!. This class will coist of chiWren :from ages 5 to -12. Guests for trW bible class week are as folws: Monday,. iRev. A. Leon Lowry; Tuesday, Do>n Williams of USF; Wednes day, Rev. Dan Griflin; Thurs day, Rev. Billy Barbft .. d Fridsy, Rev. Earl KeiiJ; Adult clases will be taught bJ Rev Kelly. You are invited to atte1111 oul' worship serivces: S. S. begins at 9:30, morning wonhip at 1():50 and Bible study at 5 :3(). Uncle Sam's lelp Could Mab il lappea FOB YOU!! A home of your own, Find out now. :all -..m1 Sa tu:rday, July 29, 1t72 TAIGNG. PART IN YOUTH SERVICE Owe ., y-.g W"Milea well Jmm ( "'' work in the field ol religion who took part in the Youth Day service at New Mt. Zien Baptist Clwrch W"as l\li5.t Fletcher. She gave the CJCQsioJJ. Mt. (afvary Church Mrs. Lil-liaA JnkiiM, Rept. TJre cl!utth weJC'Omed Elder C L. Rfchirnfs w-IIOW as te'l'nJI'f)'l'a:ry o.f Mt. Calvary. Elder Richards is a .professor &f .relip;ift atOak wood C9llege in Hntsville, Ala ., aM has taught then for 25' yars. A native o-f New York :Rfehanb is-married an4 the fathe>r &! three C'hildrell. He wiD be> hen untH the middle part &f Augultt. On Sab>bll.th Saturday, the yo11111' peGple departmeDt w m begi n a dass on churcb d6ctriJre mm Elder Rida,.. wm tea h th ;elass. If yR are iin; teres:te6. i :Jl\ t}l:e teachlws o f tfre> SDA. Cll : mc-h or wouW to kno w y,tl' teacMnf'S:, you are i:nvi-ted to at iteud c faliJH!t. Diano :MGe>te i&. : Jk:m:em lln t& vmt aDcl P l'll' 7 Jgr E>ur s:kk a!!ld Some a-ti ll o n tP.ur' trists. ClOsing remarks were made by the pasMgming worship ealled to Ol'ftr at 11 with the' No. 4 choir ancl duty. The pesto delivered the sermon. At .t, tDhen union No. 3 held tiMir b'Ulfmess meeting. Mrs, TO$oke-s; is president lind Mr. Lemtm Tyler, host president. Remshmellts were served after the meeti Evenmg service followed witl1 the ehoir and ushers serv irrg AMthU fine message was delivered by the pastor. Mrs Miller is confined to tan. Hospital. Friends may vr,.n her'. Let us pray for tJ!e wid: shut-ins. N.ro Tllftday night is Love Fa.t and *stimonal services. nr.: N&. choir and ushers will sen-eo SUJiday. Visitors are always: were.me. -St. Paal AME 5M Biris.n Street Rn F. C. S.Jichez, Pastor. Mn. C. B. Martin, Reporter SWIJCiay wiD IJe. mis sionary day. Mn. Jaee V. White of Tampa and St. Petersburg is the select ed speaker. Members and !rieare invited to hear this g.reat: christian leader at 11 A. M. Suaday. Mrs. Jada Sheppard will make the introducticm and Mrs. Katheryn Quarlet -will Guest soloist will be Mr. Alfred Dickerson. Sympathy is extended to Mrs. Arthur A. Douglas who passed suddenly Wednesday. Mr. DougJu was a faitful member of St. Paul and was recently ap pointed sedretary of the conference claim committee. Added to the sick list and shut-ins is Mrs McLaughlin who is recovering nicely at home after a brief stay TGH. The .. sl dreaad girls choose their wear .. n. We're lops for well-s!yled, value-priced clothes;. Ra,.ond's Dept. Store 7th Avenue and 15th Street YMrCity


Sa : turday, July 29, 1972 Fla. 5enti'!,,IBulletin Published everv Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PAGE NINE ----. THE JUST RIGHT-FOR EVERYTHiNG ATTIRE "I SHOP HERE BECAUSE THE PRICES ARE ECONOMICAL AND MY DOLLAR GOES FURTHER." REV. SAUL M. NICKERSON 3113 E. Columbus Drive Tampa I THE HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS c THESE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE 'YOU MONEY Tampa 1725 N. Dale Mabry Tampa ... 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa .... 2301 Florida Ave Tampa .... St. 81: lOth Ave. T11mpa 305 W. HillsborO Tampa Hillsboro 81: 15th St. Tampa 8th Ave. a.: 22nd St. Tampa 4101 norida Ave. Tampa Nebraska 81: Waters Tampa West Shore at Kennedy Timpa 1112 So. Dale Mabry Tampa ": 4487 Gandy Plaza .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa. Cor. norida 81: Waters Dade City .. 506 E. Pasco Plant City 507 So. Wheeler St. Palmeito .. .. .. .. 515 7th St. Riverview Hwy. 301 Brandon 911 Brandon MaD Bradenton Cortez _Road W. of-Hwy 41 ln'lem,ss .. 803 W. Main St. Zephyrhills Hwy. 301 81: First St. .. .... 925 _Barlow Rd. Ocala : 2957 N.W. Pine Ave. St Petersburg .. 6095 9th Ave. II. Sarasota 3840 So. Tuttle Ave. 81: Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 Rorlh Park 4120 Park Blvd. II. Venice .... 480 Venice By-Pass Largo .. Hwy. 19 81: R iL SHOP ANY DAY SAVE EVERY Johnn i e Favors appeared in the recent fashion show at P

PACE TEM Fla. S.. ... ei-Bulleltin PuWi.J.ed eery Tues. ad Fri. : Get Both Edit'M.u Saturday, Julr 29, 1972 UIIIT Oil Y-CIIOICl Sl H .U u EICL CIIS. DETERGENr FAI tz.PII. .... n,.. 011 IIOUlMLEMOtWif 011 Lleade. ::10' MOIIIOM er... MC1CENZ1! I'!AS, CORN, Oft MllC!D Vega-taW .. 2::$1 .-os EYE Tasti $l Fries 4::: AU VARIETIES fRRZU Que Suppers. FOOD STAMPS! -."I Ul IIIitH S414tt ..,_. .... II At-ltd wt wlltiHIJ M se. WJ ,.... ricllllltrt is 1tw b ... II.S.D.A. fOOl ,_ Sta..,s 1M less lila 111c ST AMI'S It ulilitd la.Uits hi tills hsl! Sll., WI11-DIIIt fer lilt ksl ill -1!!/i arta WIMDialt 1M ltd Cllel sins J s.,wice ; 2 Q.al ity; 1M 3. l'rlct. let art atllltriltd It _rt ... llltst sta..,s nlra s"its witll Tt' YaiM Sta.-,s. CEMTEil CUT s IOMEI.ES pORKCROP5 EMD CUT LJ. POlK CIIOPS LB. sUt All RAIOIS CHEK 0 DRINKS I $ 19 I.S. CIIGtCE W-1 IIWII MTTIII -BONELESS ROAST OR STEAK Ll. All VARIETJfS Excm SUCH> Iff!' I l'lltED CHK.KfN BANQUET 99 C SIPPEIS .. !: W D IRANOCOOKDIOILED $1 59 lAM ... ,, ... ,.. W.D -COOK!D IAICfD $ PICNIC .. ..,.. 1.39 MARHOffER CAN $ HAMS ....... 3!o 2.99 TASTE 0 SfA COOKED 99 C FISH STICKS !!: FROZEN PEElED & DfVEINED I"$1 2 9 SHIIIIP .... ; ,... GO"/fRNMENT.INSPECTED FROZEN lAM& SHOUlDER 69 ( CHOPS ......... .. GOVERNMENT INSPEctED FROZEN 79 C Ul 0 liMI .... a. COPELAND SURFER PACK I-. 5 9 C LUIICIIMEAT ,..._ All_ CUTS SUCH> BEEf 7 9 C liVER .._ l'lUSIUlYIIUTI!IIMII.K 4 39 BISCUITS. :::; THOMPSON SEEDLESS WHITE 3 ftC Grapes G lb. 7 CGiiiGioupes 3 '" 99c lARGE GEORGIA 5 $1 Peaches. ... .. VINE RIPE Tomatoes c .: ..,., n 1 AC Itt. 7 CALIFORNIA ICEBURG Lettuce ..


S.turda,., Jul,. 29, 1972 Fla. S...tinei-Bulletfa PuWi.Led eYer,. Tues. aad Fri. Cet B.th ----------------------------------'.' PACE ELVN New Salem MB 40 5 N. Ore ron Rev. H. Storr, Pastor Mrs. M. H. Coleman, Rept. S. S. began at the usual hour with the asst. supt. and teachers at their posts. The lesson was reviewed by Rev. R. Reed. Mt. Olive AME 174!; Lasalle St. Re., A. F Little, Pastor Mrs. Ola M. Goazalez, Rep_t. On last Sunday the services were nicely attended. Mr. Clyd e Allen presided over the S. S and the lesson was reviewed by Mr. Benny Favors. The young adult class obtained the offering banner. Greater frielulslip Ema and' 35th St. ReY. M. Murray, J>aator Mrs. R. Fler'inr, Rept. Sunday marked our annual women and men's day. S. S. began at 9:45. All guest tea chers were at their posts. Mom ing worship began at 11. The morning speaker was Mr. L. Hunt and at 3, Rev. Daniels served as pastor. The of the women and men's day program are grateful to every one for helping make their day a suc c ess. Views Of Pt!Ogress Village By IRA LEE ENNIS Phone 677-1310 birthday rreetings to Mr. H. L. Haywood 5406 87th St. who celebrated his .natal day on Sunday, July 23. Mrs. Annette Barrow Love and cousins, Linda Ann and Skien etha are delighted to have fr-iends, Misses Mau ri'ce and Gail Jackson of the city as their guests thi s ieek. Annette and cousins reside with grandpar ents Mr. and Mrs Wilbur lowed by dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Jackie) Clemons and son Shaver as. guests. Mr. and Mrs. Brown reported a joyous vacation and anniversary celebration. All boys ages 9 thru 14 in ierested in playing PAL foot ball are asked to please pteet at-the Progress Village play ground, Monday, July 31 at 4 : 00 P .M. Morning service began at 11 with Deacons T McCloud and S. Turne r in charge of devotion. The No 2 choir, junior choir, junior ushers served An asso ciate member of St. John M. B. Churc h was in charge of the pulpit, as our pastor is on vaca tion. He delivered a very wonder ful .}sermon. Several visitors were present: The morning and evening worship was conducted in like manner. The morning Scripture was read from St. Matt, 25:l-30 The sermon was delivered by Rev. L. Williams Choir No. 2 and ushers No. 1 served throughout the day. At 6, regular evening worship began. The Murray Gospel Chorus and the No. 2 ushers were iri charge. (Alice) Love 7919 Endive Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Young Johnson Sr., and famil y of 7907 Endive Ave. had_ as their guests this week a brother, Bishop Cleve Johnson and daughters Misses Carlotta and Carolyn Johnso n of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They also visited another re lative, Mr. and Mrs. King Wat ers of 86th St. On Mondayo Mrs. Johnson and brother, Mr. Cleveland Waters accompein ed, Bishop Johnson and dau ghters to Homestead, Fla., where they visited her brother and si'Ster and kids a couple of days. Bishop Johnson and daughters departed Wednesday for BTU me eting began at the usual hour with the director Mrs. R Bethea in charge. Evening servi ce began at the usual hour with the same order of service. The ,sermon was de livered by Rev Reed. All are asked to' remember the sick and shut-ins --visitors ere wel c ome at all times. Buy-from Roricla Rev. Little expressed his ap preciation for the services ren dered. We are always happy to have visitors present. All members are asked _to at tend services on Sunday as the Young People will be in charge of the services. At 3, the de legates from the General con ference will give a report. Sentinel Advertisers Staurday, the pastor is on program in Plant City at the annual congress. He is asking the No 1 choir and chorus to ac company him tMre. Let us pray for our sick .and shut-ina, I Ebenezer MB 1212 S cott Street. Rev R. Pa-stor S. S began at 9:4.6 with .the supt. Mrs. Chapman in charge of devotion. The lesson was re viewed by the pasto.r. Maurice and Gail are daughters of Mr and Mrs. Wright residing in Highland Pines Estate. The Belmont Heights Little L eague All Stars defeated the Progress Village All Stars 26 0 on Tue sday at the North Bran don Little League Field. Both teams are Little .League District 13. Mr. and Mrs. Ben (L.ena) Brown, daughters Domie and Chandra 4914 80th St. and grandchildren, Toynetta Len .and Alonzo Tarvoris reCently re turned from a short vacation in Havana and Tallahassee Fla., and the State of Georgia where they visited relatives .and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Chan dra and Alonzo added joy Atlanta, Georgia to spend a few days before returning to Phila delphia PSYCHEDELIC Morning service began at 11 with Deacon Joseph Chapman and Mr. James Brunson iri charge of devotion. The. men's chorus and ushers No. 2 served. Five member s W'ere. added to the church. A very good sermon was delivered by the pastor. Rev. and MJ:s. Lemona and their son was added t

PAGE TWELVE FIRST BLACK NAVAL OFFICER TAKES COMMAND MILTO N, Fla.-More than iooo "Persons were on hand last Monday to change of com. mand c e remonies at which Commander Richard E Wililams U SN relieved Commander Bobie An drews, USN, as Commander of Training Air Wing and o ver 500 enlisted persons are under the com mand of Cdr. Williams The squadron relies heav ily upon the skills of its mechanics technicians anlft plane c aptains to provide the necessary up k e ep and safe flying conditions of the 100 assigned aircra ft. Five at South Whiting Field. Comm a nder Williams ; a \ veteran of over six teen y e ars in naval aviation, becomes the first bla c k N a val officer to a Naval unit sta tion e d in the deep south. It is expected a minimum of 600 students fly ing more than 7 0 ,000 hours will have completed the Basic Propeller Flight syllabus under Cdr. Wil Iiams command Training Squadron Three based at South Whit Ing Field, near Milton Florida trains student Nav a l Avia tors in Transition Precision A c robatics Basi c and R a dio instrume nts and formation tactics in the North Amer ican T-28 Tro j an aircraft, Cdr. Williams a nathe of Jacksonville Is a graduate of Kentucky State College. He is mar ried to the former Ruth Tyson Dunmore of Phl la delphia and is the father ofsix children. Mrs, William s is shown helping to cut cake commemoSome 100 flight instruc t ors and support officers rating his taking c ommand Summer Teen Chatter By PAUL RANOOLPH A great big hi, to all my tiful sjsiters and tojtether bro t .hers! Yes, everything is ev erything. Wlho Me? I'm here end there because that's _my_ job to hip you on the happenings which I can find here there. TO BE CONTINUED SOUL SISTER ... Our continuation of our Qeau, tiful sister. She's one o(:: a kind fellows, 'She's crazy,hip, :fine, foxy and wow, she's soul heavy! Stand up, Dawn Frank and take your bow. the daughter of Mr. a pd Mrs. John Franklin at 2JS9 Beach .Street. Continue !lister. are : Food-'-shr\wi.Js 'and spaghetti; r .ecord-l'm :stiU In With: You; singers:2:.. Isaac Hayes .. and, Temptations; associates -Paul R., Janice"b., Sonja K., Annie M Robert G., Ruth B. Joyce H., Alice W;, Helen yv., Richard F.,. Gregory G.; Eddie W., Henry C., Veronica B., Sheryl B., Wayne F.; Gussie B., Steve D., Fred D.; Scholboy and Ernest Adams. This is the end of our, continuaSchool To Reopen August 28 -Paul Dinnis, Public Relation Official with the_ Hillsborough County School, announced this week that Monday, 28, is the first day of classes for !lll students. On a day-to-day basis, the program of activities for the pre-school conference period will be as follows: Wednesday, August 16, Joint Principals' Meeting -Leto a. m.; New to Tampa teachers meet with Chamoer of Commerce. Tharsday, August 17, All tea chers report. to local schools. F'riday, August 18, County/ w ide nteeting of instructional (televisedJ;9 a i m. New teachers meet :}Vith d ) rec tors aiid supervisors of instruction for introductjon to services tion of "Sister -Franklin." ALL ARO UND NEWS Doing it was_ the thing at the Bellman's Waiter's Ball. Some :familiar faces there were: Debra Sam!!, Melvina Williams, Essie Reed, Marvin Bowers, Sha;ron Slaymon, Debbie Monroe, Sherrie .. Smith, ft{icheal Smith 'i,lnd yours truly. Congratulations goes 6Ut to all winners of -the Gay Pappa : echolarship. G w e n Cor.bett, where did you get yo 'ur racing license from so r can' get mine ? Be sure to stay tl.mi!d in 30 you can get tlte info and "my .super bad set coming up soon. :Rainy days and MondaY'S get me down because of all around l news. .. GAY. J>A. NC.E This week you can dig on my .summer action at Ourtis Hixon. Ga:y Pappa presents danc .ing, kampus .kappers and a live band. The jam set this week, Tampanian Pimps. Check your :face in the place. '-' THOUGHT FOR TODAY bur continuing str11ggle maybe ended as soon as w e can get it together. Check you aroup.d. City Wide Prayer Mission Band Mrs. Carrie Duval, Pres. Mrs. A. R. Simmons, Rept. The CitY Wide Mission Prayer er Band will meet Tuesday at 12 noon at the home of Mrs. Essie M. Porter, 1205 Estelle St. Let us remember the sicK and shut-ins. Visitors are wel come. available 1:30 p. m. Monday, August 21, All day inservice meeting in each sub. ject area. Tuesday, August 22, Teachers in own schools. Wednesday, August 23, Registration Day -Teachers in own schools. Thursday, August 24, Tea.chers 9 .W:J) schools. August 25, 1'eachers in own ; GUEST SPEAKER Mrs. Marjorie Guest was the guest speaker at the Rainbow Tea recently held at the Kid Mason Center. Community Prayer Band Mrs. Mary Thompson, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White, Rept. The Community Prayer Band will meet Tuesday night at 8 at the Pel)tecostal Church of, God, 509 E. Columbus Drive. The 1 public is invited. Elder L. Wii liams is the director. Mt. Moriah Choir No. 3 Rayfield Jackson, Pres. The No. 3 choir of Grea 'ter Mt. Moriah P. B. Church of which Rev. A. b. Brown is pas2 tor is asked to serve all day Sunday. All ladit:s please wear black dresses. Your Dream Home $67 per mo. with Govt Assist ance. Now call 879-1541. No Yes for you! If you qualify illitig'atiell J -Mrs. Ethel Howard Is pctured as addresses the audience at a recent tea at Mt. Zion AME Church in Hyde Park. Buy From I Rorida Sentinel Advertisers -CIVIL SERVICE ACCOUNT ANT III $959 mo. degree in Acc tg. plus 3 y rs. exp, In prof, accounting .ACCOUNTANT 11 $790 mo. degree In A c ctg & Z yrs. exp. Prefer governmental. PLUMiBING INSPECTOR $716 mo. H. S. plus 7 yrs. exp. of which 5 yrs. must be as Jour neyman. Must obta i n Journey man or Master Plumber's certifi cate. REFRIGERATION CASEWORK ASSISTANT MECHANIC lll $486 mo. H.S. plus 3 yn. college $682 mo H. S. plus 6 y rs. e x p or 3 yrs. e xp. in eocial work REFRIGERATION GROUP HOME PARENT MECHANIC II $442 mo. 2 y rs. college and 1 yr. $620. mo. H. S. plus 4 yrs. exp. exp. relating to youth develop: MECHANIC 11 ment. $620 mo. H S. plus 6 yrs. e x p COMPUTER OPERATOR II MECHANIC I $682 mo. H.S plus 2 y rs. exp $535 mo. u.s. plus in d ata processing InclUding 1 yr. exp In operating of comput 4 yrs. e x p ers. KEYPUNCH OPERATOR II 1 yr. exp. GARDEN EQUIPMENT MECHANiiC I mo H S. plus 3 yrs. exp. as gen. mechanic $463 mo. H S plus Hrs. are from 4 :45 A.M. P.M.-12:45 U'tiLITY MAINTENANCE ll ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY $590 mo H S. plus II yrs exp. Medical background preferred COMl\fUNICATION CENTER OPERATOR .$420 mo. H. 8. plus 1 yr. PBX or regular switchboard exp. TITLE CLERK $400 mo. H S. plu s 2 yrs. clerical up; mo. 8th gr. plus 4 yrs eip, (1 yr. must be in Water o r Sew er system operation.) UTILITY MAINTENANCE I $400 mo. 8th gr. plus Z yrs. exp gen'l. mechanical repair.* UTILITY OPERATOR II $SliD mo. U.S. plus 6 yrs. eip. Must possesa or be able to obtain appropriate Water or Sew e r Works Operation Certif. CASHIER CLERK II UTILITY OPERATOR I $486 mo. H. S. plus 2 yri;. exp $381 1p0. H. S. plus 3 yrs. clerlMust possess or be able to ob cal exp. lnclucting 1 y r. cashiertain appropralte Water or Se wer ing. Must work 3 :00-11:30 P.M. Works Operation Certif shift. MASON Ill SECURITY OFFICER $620 mo. lOth gr. plus II yrs. $,381 mo. 9th gr. plus 2 yrs. exp. exp.* Shift differential paid, STOREKEEPER 111 $486 mo. H.S. plus 3 y rs. exp. Some supervisory exp. pref. DRAFTSMAN I $400 mo. H.S. plus 1 yr. exp. DRAFTSMAN II TRADES HELPER $400 mo. 9th gr. plus 1 yr. exp In bldg. mech or equip. maint.* LANDSCAPE GARDENER $400 mo. 9th gr. plus 1 yr. exp. as prof. gard-ener or related. GROUNDSKEEPER II $510 mo. H .S. plus Z yrs. exp. Ruskin and Turkey Creek Areas ENGINEER OF SURVEYS $364 mo. 8th gr. plus 6 mo. exp $870 mo. H.S. plus 7 yrs. exp in a variety of Eng. and land survey work including 3 yrs. in a supervisory capacity, SANITARY LANDFILL CUSTODIAN $364 mo. Ability to read write. and *Acceptable related experience may be substituted for educational requirements as det-ermined by Civil Service. Hillsborough County Civil Service ROOM 273, COUR-THOUSE, AN EQUAL .. OPP, ORTUNI1Y EMPLOYER


Saturday, July 29, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frf. Cet Both Editioni PACE THJRTEEN ALLEN TEMPLE USHER BOARD CELEBRATES 55th ANNIVERSARY SU_N_D--'-A-Y ----Usher Board No. 1 of Allen Temple will observe Its 55th ,annlversary at 4 P. Sunday In the lower unit of the church. Pictured here Is a cross ceased members a tribute will be made to per sons who once served. Present members will be presented and Clifford Brady will read the history of the board. The speaker will be Fred Gardner. He will be introduced by -H. A. Lockett, Lorenzo Hayes, Alfred Dickerson, Mrs. Ruby McNish Mrs. 'Joy ce Reddish Mrs. Fannie Hill Miss Glad y a Brown and Mrs Annette J ackson. section of members who served on the. board at one time but are not presently active, deceased members and persons who are now serving. Others to appear on the program are Choirs One and Two of Allen Temple, Mrs, Catherine McCray, Mrs. Thelma Holloway and Mrs. Grace Clarke are c llairmen; John Curry Is the president; and the Rev. H. M cDonald Nelson is the pastor. A short memorial service will be held for de[Sears I WinaTripto Walt aild attend N ominatii1g Convention Come in to Sears and .register today I Winner and three members will fly to Or lando on Eastern Air Lines official a irlines of W aU Disney World and be transported to Walt Disney World. Leave Tampa Airport September 29, and re turn October 1. Eastern t he airline with Walt Disney World weekend holidays all year round. The prize includes : lodging, two Winnie-the-Pooh Outfits (1st outfit includes a sweat shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes; 2nd outfit includes a complete outfit from the Winnie-the-Pooh Fireside Collection not including shoes), and a pass to Walt Disney a Magic Kingdom for the weekend. Any child between the ages of 1 to 7 during months of July through September may enter. The winner will be a convention delegate and ma y be accom panied by two adults and one c hild To win ; visit Children s Store berfore August 12 and fill out a ballot with the eligible Child's En tries received at all the Sears stores listed below will be combined and one winner drawn. chances of winning are one in 137,438 in Hillsborollgh, Polk, Pinellas and Pasco counties. The winner will be notified by cert ified mail and have seven days to respond. If no response, a new winner will be drawn from the remaining entries. Prizes are not redeemable in cash. llS the winning child, you'll be your area's delegate to Pooh's nominating convention. Yes, Sears nominates Winnie-the-Pooh for President and wants you to meet Pooh, his frj.ends, and hear what Pooh as President can do for kidsl J:wploy es of Sears, Roebuck and Co Walt Disney Pr0ducti011.ft .Euwm Airlines thei r a d v ertising agen cies and rneml>era Gt llleir .iwmediate fllllli.li ea !"' not elic i ble. TAMPA ST. !810 E. HILLSBOROUGH 2300 TYRONE BLVD N. cLEARWATER : LAitliuo ; wJNrEI,um 1297 195 E. MEMOa.IAL BLVD. 200 K. 'SW True Love Baptist 2501 17th Street Rev. W. T. <;arpenter, Pastor Church school will begin at 9 : 30 p, m. with the supt. in charge. The lesson will be 1e viewed by Dea : Joe Ho bley. Morning worship begins at" 11 a. m. with the deacons in charge of the devotion. The No. 4 choir and the N o. 1 usher bojird will serve. The sermon by the pastor. There were three' add e d to the fellowship last Sund aY BTU at 5. All are asked to come out imd take a part. in training. Evening worship will begin at 6 p. m. with the same order of service. The sermon Ly the pastor. Monday night, the mission will meet in various homes at 7 : 30; Tuesday night at 7 : 30, prayer :irleeting and study course; Wed 'nesday night, at 7:30 Bible school lesson also Wednes day morning at 11 chuTch prayer service; Thursday at 7:30 the No. 1 choir will have rehearsa], This Friday night is conference night the pastor is asking :all the' members to please be pre 51irit. Please pray for the sic k and shut-ins. Br9wn Temple Church 2314 27th Avenue Elder W. W. Gi1yard, Pastor Mrs. Katherine Hardge, Rept. S. began at 10 with the eupt. in charge. The lesson was .reviewed by the pastor. Mo .rning service at 1'1:30 with Mrs. Ruth Outing and Mrs. Jones in charge of devotion. The message was by the pastor, Prayer meeting will be h eld every week at the usual hour, All are asked to remember the aick and shut-ins. Visitors are 9.relcome at all times. St. John (ircle No. 2 Mrs. GJadys Crew, Pres. Mrs. Etta White, Rept, St. John Circle No. 2 will meet Monday at 6 at the home of Mrs. Nettie Culter, 1000 Long. shore man Dr. The lesson by one of -the members. The subject will be taken from Second Chronicles 7:14 .. The last meet i1ig place was Mrs. Annie .L. Lundy, 1415 Armwood Ct. You Could Have A N .ew Home Of" your own wlth Uncle Sam's Help } CALL 879;1541 NOW!


PACE FOURTEEN Fla. s.nta..I-Bulletin Puhltelaed F T ..... aad Frt Cet Botla Editi4Nu Saturday, Julr It, 1972 IHCC-News A -nd-Views By BOMELLO RODRIGUEZ CLEO WILLIA!\'IS, JR. "From the life I've lived, I pleted one year at Harvison Jun ior College in Irmo, South Caro lina after which he entered the U. S. Army, where he served f :>r tw o Mr Williams' discharge from the army was followed by six years o f off jobs--factory worker, taxi cab driver, elevator opera tor. He later enrolled at K e n tucky State College in Frankfort, Kentucky and pro cured his B. A. in 1967. After obtaining his B .A. degree in history and political science, Mr. Williams as an employment counselor and a social worker. In 1970, while work ing and attending school full-time, he received his masters. degree from Western Kentucky Univer sity before accepting a positi:n on H C C.'s counseling staff Aside from h i s counseling du ties at H.C.C Mr. Williams is a talent scout and statistician of the Hawks {H,C.C.) basketball feel that I can h e I p others to team. help themselves ; that is why J Mr. Williams enjoys h I s wife chose oounseling as my occupaand two children, while not at tion," replied Cleo Will iams Jr. work and he also enjoys his hob a one year veteran of H .C.C.'s by, astr:>logy Astrology can tell counseling staff. a man how to read or get along Mr. Williams fini s hed elemen w i th others" says William s about tary and seni o r hi g h school in his favorite pastime h i s hometown Spartanburg South Perhaps the ardous trials C a rolina While in high school he tribulations that Clea"-encounter played fo: tball and was h e a d ed while trying to complete his trainer of the bask e tball t eam. education is very indicative in de Upon his graduati o n from hi g h picti ng the "American waY of s_c_hoo_I_ln-1955, Mr .:.. _w......:..:il.:..li_am__:s_c_o_m_ _l_i_fe..:..'_' _f_o_r_B __ Ia_c_k_s_in_t_h_ s_c_oun_t_ry. St. John PB Lake Panasoffkee Rev. c. 'w. Baldwin, Pastor Miss Brenda Huggins, Rept. New Salem PB 1605 Nebraska Avenue Elder R. H. Howard, Pastor Mrs. Catherine Williams, Rept. Faith T e11ple Bethel Baptist Corner Palm and Lamar 808 Short Emory St. Rev. Flo;d Johnson Actinr, ReT. J. L Onntreet, Pastor Pastor "' M.-s. Lillie M. McDonald, Rept. V\iorship began on S. S. will begin at 9:30 A. last Sunday with a lively S. S. M The supt. will preside. The Teachers were present. The supt. lesson will be taught by the was out of the City on business teachers assigned to the various and Mrs. Josie Gant acted in classes. his absence. Rev F. G. Jackson The fifth Sunday is geared towas present and was asked to ward the observance of Missions. review the les s on It was in / A well planned program h as teresting. Rev J ac k son was pulbeen prepared for ,your spirit, u pit guest also and preached a al enjoyment. Plan now to be spiritual sermon. The Junior present at the morning and ev choir under thedirection of ening service. Mrs. Emma Mrs. Marion Jone s, rendered Belcher, Mrs. Ozie Dew, Mrs. the music. Jodie Jackson, Miller,.:.. andMrs. Although it rained, evening Cora Marshall will be in charge. worship was well attended with The pastor and asst>ciate mini-the same Juniors rendering the ster will assist in various music. Rev. Floyd Johnson degories. To all of our services livered the sermon. Rev. an4 the public is extended a warm ?firs. Frank Jackson were visi. welcome to worship with us. tors. On Sunday, the group from the Correctional Instituti_ on, who appeared on the third Sunday will render a musical program with other musical groups at 3 : 00 o'clock in tlie afternoon. Members and friends are in vited to hear this program. All officers are requested to re: main in, after morning worship for a meeting to discuss the re" novation CTf our Nursery and We were happy to s e e Bethola: Minger in worship af ter shut: in days, Mrs. Minger is one of our fine Deaconess. Mrs. Minnie Ti. mmons and her daughter, Mrs. G. T. Bowd e n spent a few days in Sarasota. Mrs. Timmons is one of our lovable Deaconesses. -Immanuel Holiness 2108 E. Ida Street Bishop W ..Lock, Pastor Mrs. Virginia Lock, Rep( Services will begin at the usual hour. Friday, (tonight) tlie 5th Sunday meeting will begin at 7:30 with a guest program. Mrs. Gladys" Frye will be the guest speaker. -Saturday night, the mission aries will be in charge of ser vice All missionaries and mem. bers are ask ed to be present and on time A yQuth program wilr follow with dinner being served afterward. Closing re marks by the Bishop. New Macedonia MB 3402 E. De Leuil Ave. AU en AME 111Z Scott Street ReT. H. M. N eleoa, Pastor Min Beulah Gansey, Rept. The junior chureh 'Wail in charge last. Sun_ day. Air who attended services enjoyed tht> youths. This Sunday, S. S wiU begin at 9:30. Mrs. Royal w i ll be in charge. All teacher's are asked to, please be present and on time. Morning worship at 11. senior missionaries and junior miss ionaries will be in charge. Cho i r No. 2 and ushers wilt serve. At 4, the No. 1 ushers board will observe their 43rd anniver sary with a tea. A well plan!l ed program has been prepared. They are looking for your sup port. All activities of the week re main the same. Stewart board No-. 1 will meet Wednesday at 8 in the lower unit of the church. Remember the sick and shut-ins. Mirade Prayer Band Mrs. Sammie L. Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White. Rept. The Miracle Prayer Band will meet Monday night at 8 at the home of Mr. and .l\frs Wil l i e Colbert, 1247 Scott; Street. Visitors are welcome attend. Minister T. : the -director. Sunris.e Prayer Band Mrs. San.mie 1,, Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White, Rept. The Sunrise Prayer Band will meet Sunday morning at 5 at thehome of Mrs. Essie Mae Moore on 20th Street. The public is welcome. Elder L. Williams is the director. Church sChool began at 9 :45 wi t h the asst. supt., in charge. Morning service began at 11 with Willie Shula in charge of devotion. Baptism was held after the morning service. Dinner was also served. At 3, afternoon. service began at the usual hour There. we1 e visitors present from out of town. A11 are asked to b e r the sick and shutins. Our sympathy is with the family of Mrs. Katie Gibson, who passed Sunday afternoon. Her children namely are Mmes Ro s a Sanderson; Dorothy BoroSunday services had a spiritu nel; Mildred Anderson; Glad y s al beginning with the C. L C s. Watkins and Deacon Charle s mee -ting at 8: Church sch-oor G i bson. They are all faithful began at 9:30 with the supt. members of our church. The Dea. Jessie Saulsberry in funeral will be Saturday at 4 : 0 -!l .charge,' Mr. James Bell reviewo'Clock at Pughsley's. You a r e ed the: lesson. Morning worship always welcome at Faith Tern began at 10; .45. with. Dea. pie. ..Seniore and M. C. Crawford in charge of devotion. The youth clio1r and ushers rendered ser vice. .The pastor a wonderful sermon We had severltl visitors. Among them. wer. e : Mr. and Mrs George Felton of Stat.en Island, N. Y. Last Sunday service were in spiring beginning wilp S. S. The morning and evening mes sage were delivered by the pas tor. There. will be no service at the chureh. The Ministers; Dea cons and Sisters Union is con vening at Friends hip M : B Church of which Rev. iT. T. Link is pastor. The pastor will preach Sunllay at 3. The public i s in v-ited to attend these services. Evangelist Prayer Band Mrs. L. Owens, Pres. The Evangt!list Prayer Band of which Mrs. M. B. Spivey is director willmeet Sunday at 5 at the home of Mr. and Mr:i. J Prit!,!hard, 2621 .26th Ave. The public is invited Bethun' High Rise Prayer Band Mrs. Barbara Green, Pres. Mrs. Mildred Rept. Bethune High Rise P Fayer Band met Monday at 7 at .the home of Mr. and Mrs A. Bessent, Apt. No. 619. The message was taken from St. John the fourth chapter, and it was de livered by Elder H. Brown. The next meeting will be Moriday at 7 at the home of Mrs. Hattie Rouse, Apt. No. 321. Visitors are welcome at all times. LOUNGE Open EveryDay Air Cond. Located: 859 ZACK STREET PHONE 229-9893 There were two joiners. At 2, Elder Ho ward, _the No. 1 choir, senior ushers and mem, bers motored to St. Mary P. B. Church via bus in Haines City to render service. BTU began at 5 with Mrs. Annie M. -Pinkney in charge. Evening worship began at 7:1 5 with the same order of service being conducted. Elder Howard delivered the sermon. Our sick and. shut-ins list is still getting longer. Let us re member to pray for them. They d esirie your p!.'ayers. Visitors are welcome; Save Time And Stamps. Phone Your News 248-1921 EMPIRE-P /AI,NT MAMOFACTOBIHG COMPAHY PHONE 3418 E. 71h -AVEHOE 241. 2301 TAMPA, FLL OUTSIDE WHITE .......... : .... $275 gaL DfTEBIOB EXTFJliOR LATEX DB 00. WHITE AID COLORS Oat Coal Covers Mosl Surfaces! LllfSEED OIL PAINT SALE 200 per pl. Northside MB Church 5706 40th Street. Rev. J. Jordan, Pastor s. s. will begi n at 9 :45 with. the supt: Andrew Minor iri. charge. '!-'he lesson will be reviewed by the pastor. < Morning,. wors hip at 11. The devotion will be led by the cons. The No. 1, 2 and The Jar-:dan will serve. Mrs. Ruby Thorner will be at the :Piano. The pastor will deliver the sermon morning and night. Friday night (tonight) the pas tor and congregation will render service at Greater St. Luke M. B. Church, of Plant City, R<:lv. C. W. Burn, pastor. We will l e ave the church at 7 P. M.; Monday night July 31, through August the. 11th a City wide revival meeting, prayer w1ll begin each evening from 7 :W-8:30 Monday night August 7 (preaching, Rev. Fate Blas i ngane, !pastor of the Greater Providence M. B. Chureh, Bartow, will de liver the sermon each night. The public is in v ited. House Of Prayer 2920 22nd Street Elder Pastor. Mrs. Rosie Bryant, Rept. S. S. hegan at 10 Our Fifth Sunday is in process and will last thrO'ij ghout Sunday night. Free dinners will be i!erve at 2 : The Traveling Stars will der a program Sunday night at 8. Come and let us enjoy Jesus together. Mr. Willie Lee Jack son manager and Mr. James N-elson, sponsor. FOB SALE Beautiful Duplex.. New. $300 income $23,000, $3,000 down 603 West Euclid. Ave., 1 block n orth of Columbus Dr. and No. Blvd. Owner. 876-7614 or 877-5768 Select Group Of Watches And Diamond Watches At 20% to33% Off Regular Prices HERE ARE A FEW EXAMPLES OF SAVINGS:. MAN'S AUTOMATIC CALENDAR SKINDIVER WATCH Reg $W.95 Now Only $39.95 LADIES FAMOUS NAME WATCH 17 JEWEL Reg. $59.95 Now Only $48.88 MAN'S AUTOMATIC WATCH 17 JEWEL Reg. $14.88 Now Only $11.88 LADIES 14K WHITE GOLD !6 DIAMOND WATCH Reg. $295.00 Now Only 235.00 Entire stoc k n o t on ule. Solie prices effec tiv e o nly on sel ected m e r chandis e Original pric e tag shown on every item AU ite m s s ubject t o prior I Five convenient ways to buy: Zales Revolving Charge Zales Custom Charge BankAmericard Master Charge Layaway DOWNTOWN 604 FRANKLIN ST. WDTSBOBE BBITTOI PLAZA




PACE SIXTEE}If Fla. S..t.inei-Bulletin Pulllalted Tues.-a.M-Fri. Get Bot'h Editioas ------. ---. MT. ZION YOUTH DAY PARTICIPANTS Sunda y was Youth Day at 1\ew 1\it. Zion Missionary Baptist. Church. Participants included, Alesia Jackson, Kelley Hawkins and Iicbell e Barris. Behind them is Patricia Jackson. -PR(}GRAM PARTICIPANT West Hyde Park Lodge No. 327 F&AM laid a cornerstone at Linc oln Garde.as .. Baptist Chlll'ch this month. One of the program tarticipaats was Robert He deftaect the ; occasion. AT -Mc:ANT -JOHNSON,RECEPliON Attending the recent McCant-Johnson wedding reeeption,. were, from left Mrs. Edith McCant the groom's mother; Mrs. Helen lohnson, mother of the bride; and Mrs. Betty Brinson, a guest. YOUTH DAY IS OBSERVED AT MT. CARMEL Youth Day services' were held in several Tam-are Brenda Hudson, Desiree Jackson and Betty )ia churches Sunday. Pictured here are pulpit guests Green. at Greater Mt. Carmel AME Church. From left CHURCH WOMEN ENCOURAGE YOUNG MEMBERS When Youth Day senices were held at New :Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church Sunday, it was encouraging to the young members to see the pews filled with outstandi _ng senior members of the church. On the front row are, from, left, Mrs. Evelyn Price and Mrs. Queen Cowens. The next row includes, form left, 1\frs. Lucille Evans, Mrs. Marriease Rroolts and Mrs. Emma Tolbert. PULPIT AID BOARD SPONSORS RAINBOW TEA The Rainbow Tea Sullday at the K!d Mason Recreation Center was sponsored by the Pulpit Aid Board of Allen Temple f'.ME Chur ch. Mrs. Betty Baker, left, was the Mistress of Ceremonies. Another participant was Emma Anderson A DREAM COME TRUE LA SEGUNDA CENTRAL BAKERY ; very own home wi-th assistance FHA 235. Call 879-1541 THE BEST CUBAN BREAD CAKES PASTRIES 15th STREET AND 15th AVENUE


-!'Ia. Seetieel-Bwleitla PuWWaed ..,.,., T .... aad Fri. Get a.th &.tltions .,... _,AGE IEVENTEEM : ., "':. ... a t ____ ,_,_ TAMPA s : NIGH'!' ISB.AT PATRONIZE THE CLUBS' WHICH ADVERTISE HERE THEY APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS --THE PARADISE BAR -YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS AT -'POPULAR PRICE_ S .. 2 BARS yo s _ERVE vou I -OPEN 'TILL M. EVERY MITE -. MAGGIE. MGR. ON. E STOP INN Lui Three Days Friday, Saturday ami S.aday PENTHO.USE .LOUNGE THE TEXANSARE BACK THE EXCITIWG SOULMAST'ERS BAND From DaUas, -Texas FEATURING "Miss A,pril Johnson" Falndou Song aad Daace Arlid nJDAY SATDDAY -suiiAY PRONE 626-9955 I mile I. ol.l-4 Rwy. 571 Tboaolosassa THE DREAM BAR Ritz Aduk .Theatre EnJoy lhe hesl ia I Baletl Fibu ba-cool comforlallle nrrounding A N D ( 0 U N G E .._. m-i37a .. lSA ... .. Adalb 11 ma VACUUM "SIIe Eaflletl That lfame-hd All :ne Gays Knew Her By II." ALSO .. -2861 II. IEBUSKA l YEIUE SAM WILUAMS, Prop. WE ARE. NOW BLACK OWNED AND :oPERATED .. WE SPECIALIZE J1 PIITS AD PIIT$ LET'S liE! ACQUAIITED. PHONE 229-2116 HANCOCK HOTEL. COURT BAR LOUNGE .PACKAGE STORE lUI P88L IS BICI OPEUn "' STOP II IIIIC Tlli FAMILY : Enjoy A Day or Twe of Swiaa...., ... Air: RMIDS OUR BAR AID LODGE II lOW .DDEI. TIE REt MAll& MEifT OF llTHllt Ia uel say laello telaia -11111K IT HERE OF TAlE IT WITI Yll PHOIES: ROTE!. 229-5519 221-2247 2100 BLOCK AYE. -. THE. BEST ICE COLD BEER I AND WINE IN TOWN Soul Food At Its Best Specializing in Hambargers risb Scmdwi,ches -Pork Chops. "The Hooky Tonk" 4311 341ft Streel Ph. .,, .. ,. Your Hostess: Juanita Brown JUANITA BROWN SO lHIS IS HOIJ.YWOOD nat thllY Tla.r Flllll Y SlTmiDAY :SURd 'f .. -. JlliiiiCIIT. SlOW. SATUBDAt -. .. DAILY. ll A.M.: TO_J2 OPEir SO YOU CAR EHJOY YOUB, YACA n01. .. ; BLUE DIAMON D COB. 4th A VENUE II 29th STREET 'YOU'LL LOVE IT. :. I : .'. '-:: THE DEU-CE. .LOUNGE -2102 HIGHlAND (C8B. Ot .IDGIILAID ARD PALM) .. : WE SPECIALIZE: II HALF PliTS PIITS AID nFTRS OF FAVMITE BREW Day Barntaid BmY ..: '"' ., ,. OPEl 7 1.1. TIL 11.1. All CODITIIIED FOB mJI COMFORT PBOIE


na. Sentmel.!Bulletin Uid Fd. Cet: Botti EdttlOni Saturday, July 29, t972 .--;Ring Test PACE ElCHTJIEN By WILLIAM 0. BETHEL = .. I See Him Wonder What Brady Saw Or Did He Bear II? I Didn'l 'tttt@ Recently one of my ex-football players who writes a column for this paper ran a picture of me and in wanted know what is wrong with me. Mr Hayward Brady 1s really a fnend of mine and I really know it QOW. Mr. !Brady is just as confused as a 'Jot of other people are about some changes I have gone through h the past few months. A lot of people knew me only as_ a easy going, hard working, dedicated coach for nearly years. Coaching was my t?ing is my a_nd always Will be my thing. No one can possibly know what 1ts hke to all of ones adult life struggling toward a certain .-goal and get w1thm reach of it and then the rug pulled out from under them unless they -have had it happen to them. Gym work with a ranked middleweight has convinced Tam pa welterweight J. T, Dowe he need have no fear of the .out power Mexican Chucho Garcia has always shown in his two fists. Dowe, a professional fighter !or only four months, will face the journeyman in a .. 10 rounder at Curtis -Hixon Hall M onday nig.h:t July. 31. The bout will co-featured with a 10-round welterweight .fight finally matchiri g unbeaten Tommy Von Hatten of Dallas and Tampa's Eddie Davis. They were scheduled to fight in Aprii, but Von Hatten ap peared in a Dallas fight ail a substititue too near the Tampa bout and the Tampa Boxing Commission ruled him ineligible. Davis instead met young Dowe and took a hard-fought 8-round derision. Von Hatti!n, widely known for 'having his blonde, shapely wife, Pam, second him hi the ring, did make it to Tampa for a May fight card and easily knocked out Houston's Rayin ond f'Pink Panther" Boyd in the eecond round. Von Hatten is J. T. DOWE now 14-0. Do we -had only one professional fight when he met Davis, rbut since then he has knocked out Charles Fullard in Jackson viille and Ros co Bell iin Miami, Bell has fought in features i:1 Tampa rings Garcia, from Reynosa, Mex has fought many times in Tampa and s e ldom Jet's an opponent escape his knockout pt:nch. But his experience certainly doesn t worry Dowe. D o we worked out sev eral times recently with the World B OPI!t-f SATURDAY. P,M; -MORf .THAN :200 CAR$ FROM-. STATION WAGONS, FA)IILY CAh.S, CARS; :FOREIGN CARS: -'65's THRU 1972's. .. SPORTS '72 CB-n EL .. L ES-2-Dr and -Low. mileage from Ferman's own rental fleet, lieiirini, brakes; Factory Air I 12 to $3 2 7 5 ChOose from! Choice of Colors! '72 c 'an IMPA s4-Dr. HT's. Fully power la.ft equipped, with Factory Air! Some Vln yl Tops! Low mileage from Ferman's $3395 Own Rental Fleet! Wide Color Selection! 14, to Choose From! Your Choice! ,72 CHEVY VEGAS 3-Dr. Hatchbacks. Auto. frans., Factory Air, Low $2395 mileage from Ferman's own rental fleet! 8 to choose from! Choice of Colors! '72 BUICK SKYLARKS 2 -Dr. or 4 -Dr. Fu. lly power equipped, w1th Factory Air! Some Vinyl Tops! 8 to Choose From! $3395 Choice of Colors! ,71BMCK RIVIERA Power &teerlng brakes, $3995 Factory Air, T1lt Wheel, Vinyl Top! $1595


July 29, t 972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fd. Edidems PAGE NINETEEN I football In flo,rida. I JOE.PROfiT. .. NEW KNEE :,_ ; ;:: : l GR:EEINVi.II:ULE, S.C. He sat in Chicago hotel room, a modest young man with a mJodest smile, on perhap8 the happiest day in his life. made all op. t he plaY.:," Profit was Less than two months later saying here Wednesday as he Joe Profit thought his : world 'and 57 Falcon rookies and vet had come to-_and end He lay ):ans reported for the. first day face-down in the' Atllffita Sta'< of T .raining__ Camp VII. "I've dium turf, a knee sbattered fol_ been hit a Jot harder. It was lowing a kickoff return and a .the ankle. The right. ankle to Although baSeball's right in the middle of its long season the ar rival of The Baltim:Jre Colts in Tampa last week has stolen the scene. Some of the veteran Colts including ,Johnny Unitas arrived early last week, took long and thorough then went right to work in shorts. The rest of the contingent of veterans arrived last Sunday and went thr-Jugh t h e same routine. The Colts donned pads a n d protective equipment in the lat ter part of this week probably Thursday. It is thei:i the fun be gan. There are still plenty of rookies around and plenty of them will have to go. It will be man for himself and God for them all. .l'he only way to find out if a rookie is ready or not for pro football is to put him to the acid test. This means one on one; two on one and at times .three on one. Only the fittest shall survive. The squad will get smaller. day by day until open-.. ing day time when the limit of 44 players. is reached. You can expect most of the veterans t':J be around when op ening day comes S:J it is the new comers will be the ones subject ed to the most violence The coaches know already what old he aqs can do so it is only matter of getting them in top .shape with as little violence as possible so as not to sustain too many injuries to tlie triedand true. -It should be quite a show out at The University of _soutp Florida soccer field. Meanwhile The Miami Dolphins lire still going through the wrath of Coach Don Shula s suicide train ing program. Those that survive will be tested in pads starting late this week. Many of the new Dolphins won't even make it to pad time because of the gruelling training program. Up in Tallahassee Coach "Big Jim" and staff are getting theit stuff together for his inaugural season. You can bet Jim will have what he has ready. Over at Be all is silent, as usual_ You never_ know w h a t Coach Ja_ck "Cy" has until The Wildcats hit 'the field for an opener. Coach Doug ey is .as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof up in Gainesville after a so-so first season He knows he has one foot in the gr ave and the other on a banana peel. Up in Seminole territory StroDers BowRng League RESULTS Team z.:....a,. Kilbride Ins. 1; Charlie s Beer Parlor 3 Four. 1; King Solombn Bar-B-Q 4, Entminger' s Florist 0. Women s high game,' Olivian Mathis 186, F1rarices Pascoe and Pearl Doizer 168, Norma Johnson 100. -Men's high game, Earl O Neal 203, Willie Jones 200, S:>lomon Brown and Manuel Mitchell 195. Women's high series Willie Jones' 560, Manuel Mitchei'l and Solomon Brown 556, Willie Starks 480 STANDINGS Entzmi.uer' s Florist 29 15 Four Us's ,..... 24ilh Team 2 ....... 25 19 Charlie's Beer Parlor 19 h 241,-2 King Solomon B -B-Q .. 18 26 Kilbride Ins. ; ... 14 20 The reporter is Johnn y e Dav is. Handicapped Readied For Kids Game The handicapped kids of Hills borough County are being readied for their annual trek to a Tampa Tarpon baseball game. This year, the kids will witnesl the August 14th game between the Miami Ori"oles a nd the Tarpon s at 7 :30 p m. The event is s ponsored by the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce and all _Jnterested In spoo5or ln g kids .. t o = the -game should phone &he Chamber. is st.ill on cloud after a good football season Under new coach Larry .}'ones and a teiiffic basket ball se ason. The ; seminole staff is in l'!igh Sl!irits so look fer a He had just. signed a ptofesgood football season. sional football contract with the All is quite on Western Atlanta Falcons calling for ference and local hi g h school $WO,oao or. more. He had come front. one is afraid to say a long way, had Joe Profit ef anything ; The crying t Sat; '7:30 to 1 P. ; Aqut' le habla' : TAMPA ACROSS FROM Wesl Shore Plaza 5002 W. Kennedy BlvcJ. ., .:J>HONE 877-6701 ;'.{ '.,. :.. ': OpeJl :Pally 8 .:30. to 5:31 Aqni 'l.'e'' '<-,.


PACE TWENTY Fla. S.t-.1-Bulleitia P.),II.Led ry Tues. and Frl .. Cet Both Editioal Sa.tur4a,., July !9, 1t7! I WllO DONE IT IN SPORTS I Who'U Hanel Off, Who iu the Tampa area. After Jimmy For Jaguars In 72' Q -Do you think Hank Aaron will break Babe Ruth's all-time borne run record? A -All things being equal with oo misfortune Hank Aaron should break Babe Ruth's all-time home run record witqin 21AI to 3 years. Q Was Isaac Hayes ever an athlete? A-U Isaac Hayes ever was an athlete I never heard anything about it. Q -When wm greyhound rae ing return to Sulphur Springs? A The dogs wiU be back in the Springs around the 5th, 6th or ? c h of September. Q -Do you think Floyd Patter son will do better this time than last when he meets Muhammed Ali? A -I personally think Floyd will do much better this time when be meets Muhammed Ali. I be e lieve Floyd when he says he was hampered by an injured back the last time However I do know that Ali has a tendency to fig!tt like he wants to when he wants to. Q -What is Rick Casares do lng now? A Since Rick quit managing The Huddle Club on Dale Mabry I am not sure what he is doinc. I do know he married a well-to-do lady not long : Q -Where is Adolphus Frazier .and what ia he doinc? A -The last I heard of Adol phus Frazier, the former A&M football 'Star, he was com pletely out of football and was re siding in California. Q -How does Floyd Mum phord feel about his chances al winning back his cornerback po sition with the Miami Dolphins? Q ....According to Lloyd's father, Leonard Mumphord, he feel that be can win back his cornerback position. I know Uoyd well to know that what he believes he can do he will do. Q-Why did Rey Robinson wait so long to start running track in high school? A Rey Robinson Is from out side Lakeland, a little town or hamlet called Bradley. In Brad ley, Florida, there was no way for him or anyone else to know that he had track It wa : > finally discovered that he was a r.atural sprinter in his senior rear at Lakeland High School by one of the coaches. Q -Who do you think ls the best black pool player in town? A -In my opinion Jimmy Bo gan is tne best black pool player SPORTANIC FLOODS (Continued From Page 1'8) through being free to get down with the actual happenings. Some others have the philosophies and theories but brother pgbt now I have got the real thing -and the whole thing. If anY'one wants to know of some of the experiences I have had during my search for my destiny I can slartle them if they ask. No .I haven't done anything illegal except maybe the normal traffic ticket and I never will. You don't have to do anything illegal t:J be out in this revolutionary world and learn from the inside what, why, where, when and who; No Bill Bethel doesn't need any handouts and if he did -he would be too proud to ask for them. Jlis only objective in life now is help deserving sons and daughters get through college and it takes ooly a chance to d o what he knows how to do to < accoin, plish this goal. My sons and daughter, one is too. small now, \In derstand that their daddy will drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log -he will bow and scrape and take anything less than he deserves to accomplish anything and they love me for my fortitude. know that my flair for somethingof stubbor ness was mt developed it sort of came with me. To the over two hundred sixty (260) boys I helped to get athletic (there were a few girls too) scholarships say you don't owe Coach Bethel one damn thing. Whatever success you may have. had is my reward. I am only sorry that I may not be able to help even more like you. Remember always d:) your best to help that_ boy or girl that deserves it and I will be even inore re warded. ,. (NEXT WEEK THE REAL STORY BEHIND THE SCENES) QUICK QUIPS: Haven't seen the replay yet but I read thllt Muhammad All wasn t quite up to par when TKOed Al Blue Lewis last week in Dublin, Ireland. Wonder what Blue has to say about it? It was good to see Nate Starks of St. Petersburg almost win THE NTGA golf tournament. Starks, a black man, lost but it took a play-off and -a missed two and one half (2lh) foot putt to do it. This may not relate directly to sports and athietics but I can t help mentioning Isaac Hayes' hit called S:tulville. I ask everyone, black and white, to listen closely to the lyrics of the song and if you do a revelation will come to you concerning life in the bl9.ck ghetto. It is a good song for coache s to listen to, especially white coaches with black athletes. The s : age is now set for the Floyd Patterson vs. Muhammad AU fight scheduled for late September Ali wasn't at his best against AI Blue Lewis last week and Floyd looked better than ever against a plodding Pedro Agosto. Patterson should prove a real test to see if Muhammad is sure enough ready for Joe Frazier. glass jaw and all, always tries .hard. Mini Skirts and Hot Pants are showing everything that juts. It's putt ing us all in cave man ruts I'm just down and grab me a Bertha Butts and to take Bertha to one of the huts Sometimes takes a lot of guts But to turn them down you have to be nuts. BIG JOE'S BAR P!.ENTY OF FREE PARIIIG CORNER OF LASALLI: AHD ROME WEST TAtiPA I wouldn't dare say, but do know there are some peeping youngsters around. By FRED HEARNS end, in spite of his size SCMIUlena SID "In the Wishbone formation FACTS AND FIGURES BATON ROUGE, La.-There'll be plenty of unfamiliar faces cr:>:>s ing the goal line for Southern Uni versity's Jaguars in 1972. Names like Allen (Jubilee) Dun bar, Henr y Brandgn, Ernest Mur ray, Jerome Bettis ; Lee Drew Hudson and Eddie Richardson al;'e now only memories from last sea son. Southern fans now must be come accustomed to the Henry Shaw continued, "the tight e1;d doesn't to be a big, stronr blocker Morris' speed will make him a constant one-{)[1-one threat in the defensive secondary and that's what every quarterback wants." The person I am about to write about is one of the best known sports personalities in the City of Tampa. Unfortunately he did his thing at Middleton High School be fore I got there. Since I..-have not seen Robert "Rabbit' Harris In D long, long time it is impQssible for me to do a thorough thing on him. However, I feel that no one oeserves more recognition than "Rabbit'' for his contribution to sports in the area and at BethuneC(}(lkman College. "Rabbit" played fo: tball at Mid dl e ton High back in the days of "Big Jim" Williams and "Rabbit" became known starew;de for his powerful thrusts' at !he line. "Rabbit" could tear an op ponent's defensive line to on a given day and he was feared by all who played Middleton High. Greens, Johnny Jacksons, Robert Gollmans, Ralph Morrises, Dale Scotts and, yes, even the Rodnev Milburns who will take their place s thi:s season. There also is the possibility that Milburn the 6-{), 185-pound Olym pic Games high hurdler, will be a prime target on pass routes. And what team wouldn t love to have a duo like Morris and Milburn who has something near 9.2 speed in the 100-yard dash on the n ceiving end of an occasional pas!l. Mr. Harris went to Bethun! Cookman on an athletic scholar shin during the days of Coach Ru dolph "Bunk:v" Matthews When he was in high school "Rabbit" b-ecilme a terror of line busting at Mr H a r r i s played four straight years as num one fullback at Bethune-Cock roan and De will always be re membered for l;lis desire and ef fort. The inaln thing Mr. Harris should be commended for is his to help in athletics any way he could in Tampa. "Rabbit" always wanted to coach boys but someway, sOmehow the opportun ity never came. Instead he bas de voted his time and t'ffort toward officiating junior high and high school games. Many times Mr. Harris bas worked bRrd in games for nothing just to help out. As of now "Rabbit" is one or the most experienced officials around and he is always availablz in a pinch. Mr Harris resides in the Hyde Park area of Tampa and can be seen alinost anywhere good football and basketball is played. off to a dedicated Tampa athletic man, Mr. Robert HRab bit'' I{arris. 'Soiilettes .Bowling League RESULTS Mike's Gr:Jcery 4, Eddie's BP Service Station 0; Team Entzminger's Florist 1 Team 5-3, Penny Saver 1; Team 6-3, Golden Gate Speedway 1; Team 1-2, The 'Slave Market 2. High games, Margaret Fisher 177, Johnnye Davis 166, Debra Larry and Lois Scott 15li. High series, Margaret Fisher 463, Barbara Hadley 448;. Johnnye Dayis 439, STANDINGS Team f ... ; .......... 30 Team 5 ... ..... ... 2i Golden Gate 23 Penny Saver Grocery 22 Entzminger's Florist ZO T ea m 8 ......... .. 19 1\Iike's Grocery 18 Team 1 ............. 15 Eddie5s BP S. S ; 15 The Slave Market 14 10 16 17 18 20 21 22 25 25. 26 The reporter is Johnnye Davis West Basehall -Coast League The Tampa Dodgers will meet the St. Petersburg Braves Sun day afternoon at 3 at the 22nd Street ball park. Last Sunday the Dodgers edged the Lookouts by a 3-2 score in the first game of the double header. Sunday afternoon the Look outs will play the St. Peterii bul"g Tigers and the Bradent o n Devils will play the-Tampa Gi .anta. New Head Coach Charlie Bates has said right from the start that his WisbJone-T is a "four-back" offense-one in whic,h the four men ir. the backfield all ll)USt be able to run, block, execute and react to situations with equal skill and pre cision It's a team effort-there's no doubt about that. Green a 6-1, 210-pound halfback; Jackson a 5-11, 215-pound fullback, and 610, 1 9 5-pound Edward Jor dan are the only returning letter men in the offensive backfield. But several new faces, including some fine freshman prospects will be trying to improve on i971's final total of 1 ,056 rushing yards in 10 Offensive backfield Coach James Shaw says of Green, "Right now he has a whole lot of potentiill. He needs to work more on con centrating on covering the football with maximum security," he add ed, "but he has the potential to, in time, be c ome one of the top running backs inthe Southwestern Athletic Conference -he's big, strong and agile." He rushed for 50 yards on 21 carries his year. Jackson is another sophomore who could Ire a superstar. "Fundamentally, he's real sound," said Shaw, "and he's a real fine block er ... although he's not for a fullback. "And GoHman is a real fine run ner," he continued "who needs sc.me work on his biocking if he does that, anyone playing ahead of him will have to be a suoerstar : Gollman was red shirted as a freshman last season. It's possible that these three run ners, in addition to freshman quar terback Dale Scott, could form the nucleus of the Jaguars' running attack this year. Scott, a 5-11, 190-pounder from Pensacoia, was practically the only signal-caller the Jaguars had this spring and Shaw said of him, "he showed great promise and leader ship ability this spring. "We want to get the best 11 athletes on thefield at the time," said Shaw, "and we just don't think we have 11 offensive players better than Morris. There's a of him moving to tight Joe Profit I Continued from Page 19) with weights. Eventually, I got back to running and Jerry (trainer Jerry Rhea) brought me along on a schedule,' a progralll of. rehabilitation. A month or so ago he had me going through my cuts. But first I went through warmup exercises. That's the only time my knee was stiff, when I was warming up. Otherwise it felt as it had always felt ... good." Profit wants to make good ift thtl NFL. He remmbers the "Joe Who'' talk .of the Falcon draft, the stigma of being vir tually an unknown from an Unknown school. Admittedly he didn't have the best ground for a pro career. No re flection on the school or tha conference, but a player cannot get the coaching and training at Northeast Louisiana ha would receive at, say _Notre Dame or Texas. "My wife Debra has been an inspiration for me,'' he says: encouraged me and kept ine going ." "I looked a.t it this way. pie say you can't come back 100 per cent _from a knee. For me that's a challenge. I have sought to develop a winning attiude for camp this summer. J. feel I am ready for it. That challenge is there and I accept it." Profit appeared in only four games last season He ran the !;>all three times for 10 yards. His :(our-yard burst off right tackle gave the Falcons a 2017 lead over Los Angeles before ])avid Ray kicked a 47-yara field goal on the last play of the game for a tie. That was what. the Falcons ex pected from Profit, that quick burst. "lou know, after an Jnjury you wonder about your speed." he says. "I was timed once recently and I did a 4.6 jor the 40. I have d

rr Fla. S..tiaeJ.. JLiti. hltli.Jied e"MJT T .... aad Frf. Cet a.tlt Llitiolli PACE TWENTY..()Q Memories Of owens' Feat Undimmed After 36 Years 5T. LOUIS Mo. When the runner climbs the steps at Mun ich' s Olympi c Stadium and touches his torch k> the Olympic flame to signal the start of the 1m Games, memories will rush through the mind of one who will be standing, watchin g and remembering a day 36 years ago. Memories of a day in 'Berlin And now, in an Olympic year when the Games are returning to Germany, he will be a special guest. Memories of a da.y that will live forever. ... stand there, lookin' down that track and through your mind goes an the things that. have happen to you. You think about the people who are responsible for you being there. You think about the home fr-m which you have come. You think about the community where you liv e. You think about the school you are representing. You look at the Wli form you are wearin', the uni form of Amer:;ica. At The Starting line ". And then you st an d there with y'our legs not feeling that they can carry the weight of your body. Your stomach doesn t feel like it is &ere. Your mouth is dry. You lo::Jk down again and tbillk that eight years of hard work, eight years of coaching, eight years of racing and all the that people have for you are going to be crammed into the next 10 and a half seconds ... Jesse Owens crouched. The Ger man starter raised his pisbl. Crack! Owens leaped forward, his arms pumping furiously The c rowd of 105,000 at Reich Sportsfield rose to watch. Owens' beautifully A. Triple Dresser B. 2 Twin Mirrors C. Huge Chest D. King Size Headboard E. King Size Spread F, 2 K ing Size Pillows G. 2 Pill.o.W Cases H. 2 Sheets fluid floating strides powered him into the lead and he streak ed across the finish line first in the 100-meter dash Aryu Theory Shat tered The y oung sprinter from Ohio State had won his first g :ld med al in the 19>36 O lympi c Games. His skin was black. Ralph M et c alfe of the United states h a d placed second. His skin was black. And on that August day in Ber lin Adolf Hitler saw his doctrine of liryan aristocracy crumbling before his eyes. Owens was to win four gold medals in the Games at Berlin. His time in t he 100 meters was 10 3 seconds. He won the 200 meters in 20.7, the fastest it had ever been run arOWld a curve. He won the jump with a leap of 26 feet 5 1/4 inches. And he ran the leadoff leg on the vi -c torious U S. 400-meter relay team. In all, Jesse made 14 appear a nces at Berlin running four heat s each in the roo meters and 200 meters and jumping six times. He broke O lympic records nine times and equalled them twice. Owens and his nine team mates, the Black Auxiliary Ger man newspapers disparaged. had ripped to threds Der Fuehers haughty pronouncement of Negro inferiority. At the end of the week, when the five-ringed Olymp ic Hag came slowly down from above a packed stadium in the twilight at Berlin and the Olymp ic flame flickered and went out, a legend had been born Owens moved alongside Finnish distance runner Paavo Nunni & American pole vaultfr Warmerdam as the three finest competit-ors track and field had produced Today Owens and his wife live in Chicago where he has a publ i c relati::ns business He still sets a swift pace. It is for one of h i s clients; Schieffelin and Co., a liquor distributor, that Owens has been making trips across the coun try. Film on Black Athletes He assists in the showing of a new film, The Black Athlete," a brainchild of Herb Douglas, who won a bronze medal f J r the U.S. in the broad' jump in the 1948 Olympics at London Douglas accompanies Owens to the appearances. The film highlights outst anding performances by Negro athletes over the years. Owens is the nar rator. "It was not made to stir up controversy," O wens said, but to depict what the Negro has con tributed to sports in America. It was designed to be shown rrimarily in the Negro community. The idea is to inje c t pride to k t the Negro know what some of lis brothers have d :ne. ''" Suamhle Sunday At Rogers Park The R :tgers Park Gall AsSilcia ti o n is sponsl)ring a Golf Sc r a mble a the course S11nclay, Ju: y 3etlt. Prius will be to winners in the aJtd ail golf en are aslletl to partieipate. .t:atry fee fM' tlte-event is $5. Quality Bedroom Group Complete Wifh King Size Box Spri ngs o n d Mattress and Bed Pock i; King Box an. d Sup port Set BAHAMAS TAPS HURDLER SMITH FOR -OLYMPICS MIAMI 11Ungs happen fast with Danny John Smith, the in stant hurdler from Miami-Dade Junior College North. Only six months after compet ing in his first hurdles event Sm !t!1 has been selected by the Bahamas to run his specialty at Munich. "It just shock!! me," Smith said. "After I ran that 13.5 seconds my h<>me country read about it ( in the Herald). So they put me on the team." Danny was born in Bim i ni on!y 46 miles from Miami. He has grown up on this side of the GuTf Stream spending only holidays on the island. "They say I will be the only Bahamian hurdler ever to run h the Olympics," Smith said Friday. c i didn t have to run any trials. I .:iust sent them a verification of College Level Busing Eyed In (ieorgia MACON, Ga. A group of white eitnens aJld faculty members has. aaked a federal court to order busing, if 11ecessry to bring about a racial balance at predominantly blac k Fort Valley State College. The suit is aimed at forcing the state's Board .of Regents, the governing body for the uni versity system, and the presi dent of the college to take im :mediate steps to remove the ncial identity of the college by whateV1!r means necessary OPEN SUNDAY 12 OPEN DAILY 10-CHARGE IT.- Convenient Terms .i'.',"' Avatlcrbl pfol1-., my original time: Smith' s best effort in the 121). yard high hurdles places him st>V enth on the world list this year. He ran his astonish i ng time tw o months ago at Jacksonville This has all been stuff for Smith, only second-team in track when he was graduated from Jackson High. Dann y has grown so much i n just a few moi:Jths," Dade Nor t b Co ach Roosevelt Richardson sai d. "He knows where he's going now, and he works a little bit hardf!r. I'm telling him I want to see a medal." Smith's ch ances of a medal against the world s toughest hur dlers would seem dis tant, but h is whole story has been lmprob able. "It would be one of th06e thinll that har.mens just onre i n a lifetime," Richardson added A serious drawback has bee!! lack of comreti tion for Smith i n South Florida. Financiallv unable to comoete In ti-M! bist U. S met>ts: on the West Coast, Dannv has run mostly the clock He dash<'d 100 yards in 9.5 seconds recen tly at Fort Lauderdale a career bf!t. "Ever since the national jun io r college mPf't Coach. Richardson heen workine: wi t h me." Sm it!! said "I feel I have technique out now. Mv chances? Let's sav I'm gnino: l 'l a crac k at it. I a feeling I can do about 13.4." Danny com e s from ?.. n athlelie family Uncle Y:>ma Bahama and cousin Gomeo Brennan both en joy ed success_ as professional b o xers. Richardson can see Smith on th e awards stand at Munich with a Bronze Medal draperl a!'ound h s neck. The one-two favorites are U. S stars Rod M il burn. the wor:d recnrdholder and Thomas Hill. Will i e Dav enoort is the defenrl ing champion, while Danny is new blood. The pressure is on Dave n port. Danny can be more relaxfd and run his race." Maybe if Dan ny runs limbo-loosa he can turn a January experim ent into September immortality Buteve n reaching the semifinals wol;ld be a feat. Presuming the worst for a mo ment, he will be onl y 24 years old w h e n the 1976 Games are held at Montreal. He will enroll at Flor ida State this fall. Rhodesia Is Of Olympic Target Protest BONN Britain has formally objecte d to the West gov emment ever athletes taking p!llft in the Mun1ch Olym pic games, a British Embassy spokesman said here Saturday night. West German officials said the Cabinet had instructed Interior Minister HansDietr ic h Genscher to discuss the question tornorr0\'1 with Willi Daume, president o f the Olympics Organizing Comm i t tee Mr. Daume said in Munich to day that the pics Commi t tee had dec1ded m Sept. that Rhodesia should take part in the games next m ont h under the flag of Britain Officials of the organizing com mittee said that West Germany agree d in 1966 that if the 1972 games were held in Munich no restrictions would be placed on th e er.try of compet itors from a n y country. Rhodesia formerly the self-gov erning colony of Southern Rh ode sia, declared itself independent in 1865. After consultation with 1Jlaclr Africari countries, the Olym pics committe e appeared to be satrsfied 't i :(thoaesfaili d escribed as Rhodesian (British)"' there would be no object ioila t:1 their partic ipation.


PAGE TWE-NTY-T-WO Fla. SentinelBulletfft Publislled Tuea; ud Frt G.lt Both Eclklont ,:."'' Sa1 turCiay, .Juty29, -1972BROWN, MR. L o nc:l' Car ter of 3503 25th who away in VA Center, Bay fines, will be held Saturday at 4 P. M. at Wilson Funeral Chap. UNCLE SANDY SAYS ------,i9, 66. Wit consists In the resemblance of things which differ, 54, 30. and the difference of things which are alike 44, 39. _. t I with Rev. Benard MlltO JOiles, offlcia*ing. will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors_ are : a step daughter, Mrs. Lessle M. Owens and husband, Mr. Moses Owens; step son, Mr. Willie D. Jackson of Mia'ini; 5 grand daughters, Carolyn Jackson, Debra Jackson, Cathy Owens, Connie o wens, and Pamela Owens; a grandson, Moses Owens, Jr., a great. granddaughter, Stephanie Jackson and other sorrowing rela tives and friends. A of Eutaw, Alabama, Mr. Carter had lived here for the past 5 years,_ He was a veteran of World War II, having served in the U. S. Army. The funeral cortege will form at 3513 27th Avenue. The remains will repose after 4 P. M. today (Friday) at Wilson Fun eral ChaP,el, until neat funeral time Satur6ay. "A WILSON SER VICE" CLAYTON, MRS. ADA CARRI BELLE -Funeral services for !\'Irs. Ada Carribelle Clayton of 1004 N. Oregon Avenue, who pass away at her residence, will be held Saturday 'at 1 P. M. at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 3107 .E. Lake Avenue, with Rev. H. L. Daniels, officiat ing. Interment will be in Memor ial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: 2 0aughters, Miss Maeola Miller and Miss Jannie Clayton; 2 sons, Mr. Eddie J. Raiford ;m d wife, Mrs. Della Raiford: and Mr. P. Clayt on; grandchildren, M;iss Ger aldine V. Hall, 1\liss Madelyn L. Hall, Miss Margaret A. Hall, Master James R. Hall, Miss Valen, cia D. Miller, Miss Maeola N. Mil ler, 1,\tiss Edith Raiford, Mr ; Ed die J. Raiford, Jr., Mr. J'immy Rai ,Jrt!, Mrs. Cynthia !Raiford, Miss Shirley Raiford, Mi-ss, B .etty. Joe Raiford, Master Regjnali:l Raiford, Master Edward Raiford Master Dwarie Raiford and Miss Michelle Raiford; great dren, La Tasa L. Hall, Ronald Raiford and TwaUa Raiford; a sister, Mrs. Lettie Miller; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins; a 6aughter-in-law, Mrs. Edith Stall worth and other sorrowing rela tives and friends. A native of Ebb, Florida, Mrs. Clllyton had lived here for the _past. 28 years. The remains wili repose after 4 P. M:. today (Friday> at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until funeral time Saturday, "A WILSON SERVICE'' I CURTIS MRS. LENA MAE (a/k/a Mattie Davis) services for the late Mrs. Lena Mae tis (a/k/a Mattie :will be held at 2 P. 1M. Sunday from the McLean Funeral Home Chapel of Douglas ; Ga. The interment will be held in the Upton Cemetery of Upton, Georgia after the ser vices. The remains were carried to Douglas, Ga. on Thurscf.ay (yes terday) and will repose at the McLean Funeral Home on Sat urday until near funeral time. Survivors include, father, Mr. An drew Curtis of Douglas Ga.; step mother, 1\'lrs. Rosetta Curtis of Douglas, Ga ; 3 sisters, Mrs. For WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT could )Iappen to you? Your own home. Call 87_9-11>41 for In formation on the 235 program. elK Lee t BeiK aa4 Jnas'ba.d, John DOUGLAS, JR., MR. ARTHUR A. 11le; Ml111 Venell Curili aad MISI Mr. Arthur A. Douglas, Jr., B-etty Lois Curtis, all of t_ampai :ioo2 LaSalle st., passed suddenly t brothers, Mr. Andrew Curtis Jr. Wednesday afternoon. He was a of Waycross, Ga. and Mr; Tom Insurance Agent, having my Curtis and his wife Ernest-been associated for 18 years with lne, of Tampa; 2 step-sisters, l\'liss the Atlanta Life Insurance Co., Vera Curtis and Miss Elouise Cur from which he retired in 1970; and tis, both of Douglas; 4 uncles, Mr. the Afro-American Life Insu-rance Co. before that for about 17 years. He was a member of St. Paul AME Tommy Curtis and wife Ella, Mr. Melvin Curtis and wife Eula Mae, Mr. Ivory Curtis and wife Essit; Mae an6 Arthur Curtis and wife Vera, all of Douglas, Ga.; 3 aunts, Mrs. Della Jackson and htlsband Peter, Mrs. Estella Me Clain husband Jap, both of Doug las and Oreine Hen derson of Waycross, Ga.; a de voted friend Mr. Nathaniel Lo gan of Tampa and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and other sor rowing relatives and friends. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME was in charge of the local ar rangements. Church, where he served as a member of the <:;ommit tee. He leaves to mourn his pass ing: his wife, Mrs Mil dred Douglas Tampa; 3 sisters, Mrs. Artesia Hubert, Miami, Mrs. Theresa Gilbourne, Europe, and Mrs. Mlldeliene Portier, Miami; a niece, Mrs. Hazel Alford, Miami; and a host of other sorrowing rel atives and devoteil friends. The time of funeral services will be announced by. STONE & GOR DON, DIRECTORS (Stone's Fune ral Home, Inc.). (Continued Ort Page 24) CEMETERY SHADY GROVE TOMORROW SHADY GROVE MEMORIAL PAR'Ki Is planning a new concept of 'cemetery property development to most of our residents. SHADY GROVE will develop a series of beautiful re llgious floral gardens with a central feature in each garden So,JJI.ething f _rom the life of Christ or some thing from the Bible. The individual memorials will be of everlasting bronze with Mother Natures beautiful green carpet covering the grave. An Inviting garden spot that breathes happy memories and tells the story of life, not death. The autumn winds know well when the leaves will fall but no man knows when 'he earth will claim agaln the dust in leant for his creation The Cemetery Beautiful ....:. We Care Forever 4615 E.HANNA AVENUE TEL. 626-2332 -EMPLOYEES ADVERTISING WANTED SOLICITOR Salary,plus Musl have .neal appeauance Willing lo hustle. I CLERK. aulo, Must be able to type of 40 words per minute file. Will be taught to proof copy. CIRCULATION SUPERVISOR Knowledge of city, car and neat appearance required. be able to get along with young boys and adult carriers. Excellent opportunity for midjlle-aged or young man or woman Apply in Person Only! FLORIDA SENTINEL:. BULLETIN 2207 21$1 A JEHU


' S.tul'day, July 29, 1972 Fla. S.tlnei-BuDetta Publlalaed eery T and Fri. Cet Both Editions BOSIHESS U HIT EM, WE GET EM. AND FIX EM; Well everything but a broken h eart. SMALL BODY SHOP, 8710 Grapefruit Ave. 677-7344. SAVE 011 CARPET PATTEN CARPET has a spec ial on Shag with pad and in S;tallatlon, for oaly $7.S5. Reg. $10.49. 251-3234 or 877-1001. VACANT DAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditioned homes In Progress VIJ Jage. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. PboDe 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Salurday and Sunday AVON RE-PRESENTATIVES make money, eajoy JUe mo.re meet friendly people! It's easy, even if you've never "sold'' before. Call now for details: 1\'Irs. Smith 626-0874 or 876-3242. St. Pete 862-4SW. Largo. Clearwater 442 9656. NO CREDIT??? Having Trouble Buying a Car Because you are short on CredIt or Down Payment? LET ME HELP YOU CALL :BILL 232-4891" OR SEE ME AT SUR lAY JIITOIS 6300 FLOIUDA AVI:NUE EMPLOYMDIT DRY CLEAIIIIG EMPLOYMEIIT TAKE ADVANTAGE 9f the op. portunlty to sell a product of a multimiUion doll-ar company, Opening for distributors, sales women managers. generous commission, modest Investment includes btveJitOry training, and sales aids. Contact Mr. Johnson (81S) 646'2951. FOB SALE_. FOR SALE 3 BEDROOM HOMES and bath. Jackson Heights. 4206 E. Idle wild Ave.,-4305 E Deleuil Ave., 205 W. Warren. ARTHUR A. -EYARS, Realtor 253-3054 Open and Sunday WANT A NEW HOME? $200 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. Call Equal opportunity Development Corp. Call mm NOW YOU CAN buy your own beautiful new 8 bedroom home for $200 down and as little as $67 per month on FHA 235! Call MARSON ENTERPRIS. ES, INC. 876-1063. VACANT UA VE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditioned homes In Progress. Vii lace. $SO down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-'115! 7838 North 480t Street 0pell SaWrclay aad Sunday .. DOWN MODERN Cl!:.Mt:NT BLOCK S BEDROOMS, CARPET, stove, EXPERIENCED PANT presser refricerator. $10,650 P, Ji: I; for dry cleaalng depar"met. $70.M for HO monlh1 at 7%. m.ftcap. NATIONAL CLEANERS, 30%0 DON TAAfFE BROKER Kennedy BIV\t. S72-mt or 831-14!2 FOR SALE FOR SALE Beautiful Duplex NEW. $300 lncome. $23,000, $3,000 down 60S West Euc lid Ave., 1 block north of Columbus Dr. and North Blvd. Owner. 876-7614 or 877-5768. 4 UNIT APARTMENT OWNER RETIRING. All units occupied. Monthly gross $277. Priced mid 20's. Call B11d Manke, Assoc. Res. 884-0371, offic e 876-2404, TAM-BAY REALTY, INt., REALTORS CONCRETE BLOCK 3 bedrooms Ph bath, carpet, air-conditioned Port Tampa, $15,900. $1,000 down. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 CASH FOR YOUR LOT! I WILL P A Y up to $2,000 for lots with sewer and water. Marson.-876-1063. OYER PAYMENTS MOVE IN TODAY THIS HOME is lucated on large lot in extra nice area. (Rivergrove). Owner will carry mort gage with easy terms. C a II Sallie Fordyce 1184-5416. BOB PIMSOR %38-64%8 '$50-DOWII APPROXIIMA 'l'EL Y $69 a month, P-I. PROGRESS VILLAGE 3 BEDROOMS, 1 BATH, wall-to wall carpeting. BIRO, chain link fence. Pl'iced at $18,'500. Mud &ee to appreciate. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORLISTINGS NEEDED. IDA is recntUiag for T11aiaiag FOR SALE lf0 QOALJFYDfG Coordinator to develop and adIN PR()GRESS VILLAGE minister a total training P l" O LOVELY, S BEDROOM, cement. block home, 2 bath. Ceatral 3 BEDROOMS, 1 BATH, wall-to-gram. B achelor cleg.ree an-d 3 heat and air. All electric Jtltchwall carpeting, Newly recondi years responsible personnel tlon ed. $11,300, $300 down, $82training, or educati11D ea, larJe liviD( aacl dllliBI area; a month, experieace required. Salary: ud famUy room. 1114 Harbor 110,398 with liberal frlll.ge bene view Annue off Baylltore. f i ts. Apply In person to U.S.F. FoR SALE fi PERSONNEL office. FA()-11 6015 SOUTH IUMES AVE. 8 Tampa. room boUle, ao aHfytag. $200_ USF An _equal oppertunlty tm. dewa, balaace llkt rent. ployer. ; NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED EARN WHILE YOU LEARN FOR MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST EXECUTIVE SECRETARY WONEN CLERK TYPIST ABC SR()RntAND kEY AIDE. PUNCH AND NURSES CALL TAMPA BUSINESS AND MEDICAL CENTER 223-3648 VACANT HAVE SEv!:ML NEWLY recon dltloeed ill :Pntress VU lace. $SO down, Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Pboae 918-1U2 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday -aJid S1111da7 FOR SALE I LARGE BEDROOMS, Fla room, living room, dlnlac room, and large kitchea. A double ga rage and all new appliances. Central air 11ad heat. FHA fin ancing. 710 W Frances, 223 2855. I'LL HELP YOU!! HO CREDIT? SBAKEY CREDIT? ABE YOU LOW ON DOWII PA YMEIIT? CALL NOW BILL BHR AUTO SAL.ES 3800 FLA. AVE. WOODLAWN TERRACt NO QUALIFYING 3 BEDROOMS, Z BAniS, con crete bloc k home. Floril!-a room, patio, air-conditioned ualts. Terrauo floon, fenced yard Thle ie ap restige home In an aree of well-kept homes WEST TAMPA 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHS, Florida room, BIRO, refrigerator, dish washer, central air and heat, 1 car garage. Nice Ioree shade tree1. This Is a spacious home near shopping and 1 block from bus line. $26,000 FHA or VA. BELMONT RFJGBTS NEW, Beautiful 3 bedrooms huge Florida room 1 bathroom home on large lot, circled driveway. 4206 E. Idlewild. Must see to appreciate. Priced $17,250 FHA S BEDROOMS 1 bath, built-In kitchen lovely home. Priced right. 4305 E. Deleuil. Priced at $14,200. FHA. 2 BEDROOMS, concrete i bath, garage, on 2 lots. This hom. e Is in excellent $15,000. Terms to be WILBERT WILUAMS REALT. l .t";" :!51-4949 or 251-1234 11!2 MAIN STREET FOR SALE FOR SALE SAVE $200 1963 CADILLAC, all power good tires, and new sticker. $49s :oo. Phone 876-8731. _}122 Farwell. 3 BEDROOM ROME BEAUTIFUL HOME, carpeted throughout. Wall fuel oil unit walk-in closets, imd fenced in yard. $10,500, Progress Village. ACE LAND, INC. Office: 877-8363 TOM LUFT Evening 626-0034 FOR SALE 3 WATER FRONT HOMES will delight and leave you breathless. Their beauty and extra features are too numerous to mention. Central heat and air, 3 bedrooms 2 baths, wall to wall carpeting, exquisite family room, priced top 40's. I HAVE OTHERS NOT ON wa ter, but just as lovely and priced, to sell fast. ERNESTINE HYLAND ASSOC. 251-2178 or 872-9384 WAHL REALTORS ---EXTRA NICE 4 BEDROOM Frame Home. Clean as a Hounds T-ooth. $9400. Total Price: $300 dn. pay rest like rent for $&4.38 a month. Pay ment Includes principal In terest, and Mortgage insurance. $150 moves you in on credit ap proval. EXTRA SUPER NICE LOVELY 3 BEDROOM Block and Brick home near Sear!l and county hospital. $17,250 total price. $700 dn. pay rest like rent for approx. $150 a month EXTRA SPECIAL NICE 3 BEDROOl\ 1 CONCRETE Block Home near Sears. $14,200 total price. $450 dn. payments $95 a month Includes Interest, Prin cipal and FHA Mtg. Insurance. $225 moves you iD on approval. EXTRA SUPER SPEtiAL! REDUCED -FROM $13,500 to $11,750. Double site lot com p letely fenced with lots of trees. The Yankee is sick of the South and heading for the Frigid Northland. S bedroom& Florida room and plenty of room for a (arden. $400 tiD. payments approx. $95 a month. SUPER DUPER SPECIAL CLEAN 3 Bedroom frame hame on Emma St. Air condi tioned, carpeted. Lots of exl.ras including rait(e and refrigera tor. Reduced $1,000. Now $11,500 total price. $350 dn. Payments approx. $94 a month. Just remember, Sincerely and Service Is our slo(an for Suecess, BAKER REAJ,TY 7838 N. 40th STREET Phones 988-1%52 or 988!12 FHA 235 Get on the bandwagon now be fore Its too late. Why rent? Buy now and s -ave. We have beautifully new 3 and 4 bedroom homes l'f.t baths, enclo sed ga rage, large fully landscape lot at Palm River. For Information CaD 621-3471 -------------------FOB BERT FOR RENT 1 BEDROOl\1 flll'nished CB build--. lng. 2718 12th Ave. 2llll-ll15t. PACE TWENTY-mR FOR BERT FOR REN T 1 BEDROOM FURNISHED house. $20 a week 601 E. Frances and 2307 12th St. Phone 877-5951. VACANT HAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditioned homes In Progress VIla lage. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday FOR REHT Clean Painted Rouses -Phone 251-1645 BUSIHESS LEASES AVAILABLE AT TAMPA PARI SHOPPDIG CENTER lebraska at Stoll For REASONABLE RATES PRONE: 229-1845 PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO INSURANCE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE Ar A COST Tllo\T CORRESPONDS TO YOUR DRIVING HISTORY. JACK BERRY 626-6194 For Spiritual Advice CALL OR SEE SIS. BBADLEY Phone 237-1121 3410 E. Lambright Avenue AUTO INSURANCE A. F. mBRIDE IRS. Before and after an acciden& 1201 MARION SREET PHONE 223-5531 4-CUT RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S. TBADIIG POST NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILEt' SEATS $1.95 SINKS 6: CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS, WALL CABINETS 3822 E. BROADWAY PHONE 243-2411 FUNERAL DIRECTORS WILSON'S FUifERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET I "Our Business Is Servke" Pbonils: 248-6125 2 4 s-zoaz


PACE TWEN1Y-FOUR Flat Sentinel-Bullet in Publihed every Tues. and Frf. Get hth lclltions la!utday, July 29, 1972 FUNERAL NOT. I CES (Continued From Page 22) DAVIS MR. WILL -Mr. Will Davis of 41901 Main street passed away July 21, in a local hospital. )funeral services will be conduct ed Saturday afternoon at 2 P. M. from the Chapel of the Ray Wil Iiams Funeral Home w i t h the Rev. F. J. Hamilton, officiating. Eetombment will follow in 1\lem O..ial }>ark Cemetery. A native Georgian, Mr. Davis had been a Tampa resident for more than 50 years and was a retiree of the Railroad Industry. He leaves to inourn his passing a devoted sis ter, !\'Irs. Ioler Harris and hus IJand, John; 3 nephews, Mr. John P Harris and wife, Alice, 1\'lr. Jessie Harris and Mr. Freddie Harris ani!wife, Betty, both of Berkley, Calif.; 5 nieces Mrs. Doris Baldwin and husband, Don ald of Tampa, Mrs. Essie Joliff and hus band, Irvin, Mrs. Ada Yumar and husband, Robert of New York N. Y. Mrs. Nellie Da vis and l\h s. Annie Mae Rogers, both of Ne)Var k, N. J.; 5 great nephews, Mr. William Harris, Mr. Freddie Graddy, Mr. Irvin Pres ton 1\'li. Thomas Baldwin, and Mr. Harris of Berkley, Calif.; 3 g1eat nieces, Miss Sonya Graddy, l\1isi Sheila Harris of San .Francisco, Calif., and Miss Alexandrina Jolliff; a sister-in-law, 1\lrs. Naomi Harris ol Tallabas see; a devoted friend, Mrs. Louise Winter of Tampa and a host of other sorrowi11g rela&ives and friends. The remains will reJ)ose after 4 P. M. Friday (today) at the Chapel of the Ray Williams Funeral Home. Arrangements by BRYANT & WILLIAMS (Ray Wil liams Funeral Home). GIBSON, .1\'lRS. KATIE ..:.. Final tribute for the late Mrs. Katie Gibson of 3718 MeBerry St.reet, who passe'd -away will be held Saturday 4 P M. from Pughsley' Cathedral. with Rev. Floyd John son officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. A 'native of Valdosta, Georgia, Mrs: Saturday 1 P. l\1. from Pughsley Cathedral with Rev. Albert Fow Jer, officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. A : native of Bartow, Georgia Mr. Thomas resided in Tampa for a number of years. Survivors in clude 3 brothers, Mr. Moses Thomas and wife, Mattie, Macon, Georgia; Mr. Phillip Thomas and wife, Mary, New York; Joe Wil liams, Tampa ; 2 sisters, Mrs. Susie Williams and husband, Wll lie, Chicago Ulinois; Mrs. Sam mie Lee Stewart, Tampa; 5 nieces, l\Irs. Lucile Bullmon and husband, Mrs. Henrietta Thomas and husband, Daisy L. Thomas, Mrs. Mary Thomas a11d husband, Tampa, Mrs. Bettie Jean Carter and husband, Miami; 2 nephews, Mr. Peter Martin and wife, Mary, Detroit, Michigan; Mr. !\loses Thomas Jr. and wife Tampa; many other relatives and sorrow Ing friends. The remains wlll lie In state at Paghsley Cathedral for visitation of friends after 5 P. 1\f (Friday) today until hour of fun'. eral service. 'The f.uneral cortfge wlll leave from %%15 17th Avenue. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. Gibson had resided here for more than 50 years. Survivors InClude WILLIAMS, MR. FREDDIE -a devoted husband, Mr. Mose: Gib Fu11eral service s for Mr. Freddie son; 4 daughters, Mrs. &ose : SanWilliams, 430!Jlt2 34th Street,. who derson, Mrs. Mildred died Saturday, July 22, In a local and husband, Arthur, Mrs: Doro-. ho.spltal, will be held this 'satthy Boronell and husband, Mario, urday at 11 A. M. from the Dud Mrs. Gladys Watkins and husley-Lawrence Memorial Funeral l>and, Harry; 2 sons, Mr. Ben. Chapel of STONE & GORDON jamin Sheehy and wife, Rose; Mr. FUNERAL DIRECTORS of Charles Gibson and wife, Ger-Funeral .JiojUe, I11c., 2401 E Co trude; 16 grandchildren, Mr: lumbus Dri'fe with a local minis Howard Sheehy and wife Delores, ter officiating. Interment will be Mrs. Barbara Moorehead a 11 d In Duncan; Mississippi. The re husband, Theodore of New York; mains of Mr Williams will be Mr. Mario Boronell Jr. wife, sent by air Saturday afternoon Sylvia, 1\lrs. Delores <;ephas i i!nd to the Hanks Funeral Home of husband,_ Charles of New Y .ork; Shelby, Mississippi for further Mrs Joyce Madison and : liusband services and interment in Duncan Earl, Omaha, Nebraska;. Oil s_unday. The body. will lie in Harry Watkins IU and w',ife,' .Lo state for the visitation of reia lita, Mr. Ronald Watkins ; 'Wa&h tives and friends at. STONE'S ington D. C.; Mr. Way11e. Wat-from 3 P.l\'J. to funerai kins and wife, peborah, Michael, time S!!turday morning. A native Watkins and Harolyn .Watkins ; of Mississippi, he had resided in Charles Jr., Donald, Gerald, De Tampa for several years. He wayne, Gregory and .Gayle Gib-leaves to mourn his passing: his son; 21 great grandchildren, 2 wife, Mrs. Bell Zora Williams great-great gra11dchildren; an Vallejo, Calif ; a son, Maste; uncle Reverend L. N. Ander-Frederick Williams, Tampa; mothBon and wife, Mrs. Aurora An-er, Mrs. Clara Williams Duncan, derson of Ocal a, F 1 or ida ; 4 Mississippi; 3 sisters, Mrs. Eve hieces, Mrs. Ruby Duty, Mrs. lyn Benson, and husband, Mr G. Margaret Webster and husband, Benson Chicago, Ill., Mrs. Bev Ervin, Mrs. Wanda Carter a n d elyn Carr and husband, Mr. L. husband, Ralph, Mrs. Bertha Wil C. Carr, Chicago, Ill., and Miss Iiams, Philadelphia, Pa.; cousins, Kaye Wllliams, Chicago, Ill. ; 2 M.-s. Grace Gammon, the Cold brothers, Mr. Houston Williams lng family; 3 sisters-in-J aw, Mrs. and wife Mrs. Bertha Williams Bess ie Cash and husband, Tom, Duncan, Mississippi and Mr. Wil Julia Farmer, Tarpon Springs, lie Williams and wife, Mrs. Dor1\lrs Eulee Hunt and husband, othy Williams Chicago, Ill.; 10 Eugene, Philadelphia, Pa.; many nie.ces; l4 nephews; many other other sorrowing relatives, friends. relatives; d ev ot e d friends among an6 neighbors. The r e mains w ill whom are Mrs. Carrie Kyler and l ie in state at Pughsley Cathedral Miss Cleo Brown; and a host of for vi s itation of friends after 5 other sorrowing friends Services P M.


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