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rAMPAN ATTACK"ED BY MOB DURING REHABILITATIOI. P-LANS . . , . ;;:: STORY ON PAGE 3) REGISTER TO VOTE Now--I l :\ Sentinel Invite -YOU AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY VOL. 25, NO. 66. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. S _ulphur Springs Girl Drowns A R l"ii'i:.s Page One I Two Arrested -Assault To Murler BARBARA TWINE (SEE STORY ON PAGE =) Mrs. Millie Mae Scruggs, 22, 3001 'J'helma, was shot in the left side of the nose Monday mornir g by Arthur Fagan, 29, followed a doniestic fight 11t the rooming house wlrere they live Police arrived and found the woman on -the porch in a pool of blood suffering from g u n s h o t wounds in the face. Fagan, wh.:J was still at the scene, told the officer that Mrs Scruggs was his girlfriend an admitted shooting her. The brother of the victim was questioned, and told officers that his sister and Fagan had been fighting on the front porch, and she pulled a knife and Fagan was cut during a struggle Fagan then pulled his gun stepped back and fired at the woman, he said. Mrs. Scruggs fell to the porch and her brother said he ran as Fagan pointed the weapon at him. Fagan was arrested for assault to murder. Also arrested for assault to mur der in an unrelated case was John nie ;Benjamin Calloway, 36, 2505 17th St., Apt. 3 Calloway shot at James Merrell, 41, 2505 17th St Apt. 4, with a .32 caliber snub nose pistol y;hile they argued in the hallway of their apartment building. Merrell said he went into his room and locked the door, while Calloway beat and banged on the door calljng him out. He said he crawled out the back dow and as he was r unning away from the house heard three more shots 34 Black Doctors. SALISBURY, Rhodesia The Medical Council of Rhodesia lists 34 black doctors in the country, which has a population of more than five milli on. (SEE STORY ON PAGE :t) SEE STORY ON PAGE 11 Bishop Geo. Robinson, AME Dies (SEE STORY ON PAGE 22) * Family -Party Ends In F ,ree For All ----.,....------. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) Of College Won't (SEE STORY ON PAGE


iAL Sentine18.die ..c1 Fd. Cd Both Ediiiaa DE!l'&OOT .:____ !RWice saiitr Mon-. tt!ha.t 4l!ljpersons were illnrellted .over 1lhe -:we.ektend in oonne.c tiQJl witih Jincidenils of !looting, "Wim'do.w .am&Shlng l ltnd ii.J)oradie violence whicb erupted in the city's dl'wntown area. Poliee said seven adults were a:crested and four juv-eniles taken intD ,o.l:l'litQ.dW .eM ;lw Mo.nClay in the third straight night 4ilf disturhances. cA. dozen >Rtol1e6 daJmaged or Clefacd, police .said. .Petroit Mayor Roman S. Cribbs Jllaced .1lh. e .blame ffior th.e 40utbrea:ks .on "nO!t ;weather. youthful boredom and too much to dnmk." Gdbbs e.w large wow.3s dro the downtown IUil'ea "The !oet1W'.al-s lhave been iOOr dey and will continue ltto be held, : GTibbs said ean{ly Monday rae he in specte. d ttbe The tht;ee-day festival coincided Sunday with the anniversary of the start of e bt,olLee Borting.ex:, &S, 00!08 Nautles liDriwe, dm:ing an amgtUnHlnt over m.on{\y 'tha1 was tJffiqen lfrom f a lther. Affiter S'hot, Worchest .er shot ting-er 1ihx;e e times in the lJffl).er body. Willie Joseph Wilson. 40, 31105 !!.7th St. r eported tha.t he was on the lower Jill o t early Mond2 1 y manning by nn unknown sub.i ec t while at 1 <8th Avenue and 22n d St. Mrs. NdHe 'Mae Whead with <11 blunt dbj:rnt. .BurJiaries D h-;wman 3::0 W. 'Flnan ris, re<;.JOllted t thc:.t t urtlmo.\\m subjects a t temTUted to brenlk in thtis procery store at N. 1Stih St. l' y breaking t .1Je fr ont lock off .the :door. .efforts were derered ty two i-nside locks. i\(fteT the at' em.p t, the burglars fled lmobserved. Mrs. Paulette Council, -23 37fl2 Avon, t ola !Jfolice Sunday .. t .hat 11 th-at s he coal d fllen tify t'ntered her an u nlockd door whHe no on e was 11t home and Mmoved :a w atcq, w orth $20,0 fi.rom its oose .arrll Jef t .<'\n electric guH a r worth $11<50, i:wo b{) Oks of instructions worth $1, a w a.tc11 value d a 1 t $ 7 doti .ble knit arrd <1111 wonth were rtakfl{tJ. : Frbm East Ellicot t Sunday. The items wen:! the ,prQ,perty of Mrs. Va ll ie Katie Everett. Thefts Charles Rdber.ts, 20, 4 <10.2 Bt., reportetl an urilmown reaCih!ed Jnto /his oall" whHe he wa, s sitting at t'he Senl!i:oole \Sank Friday .and tJook a brown p aper ba.g con1baS Fnma-y for takt'O-re en E. Hillsborouglh. Buy from florida Stllllintl Afi.ertisers BUSINESS LEASES AVAtiABI.E .ar TAMPA PARK PPIIG DIIDl brastra ad ltd FGr RATES PHOI.E: 229-1845 nlei>.dh:awnflie\Wn illheatbelr llmld r.e;bbed a cashier of $30, police said. Police said stores with smashed windows included the J L. Hudson G o., 'I'I'I'lg'hes-Hatcher Suffrin and Grinnell Bros., all on main Wood ward. A:n te!ltimll'ted :300 pol ice men moved into dowrrtawn area Saturday night to quell a simi in citing a riot. Police closed off Kennedy Square 'S.ullldl:ay, tu!J'11l'i.g e.dom just .go.t the best of tJbem.'' r Grib 'li s Slliid. Justice, .Dept.. 9tarfes .. Two firs With DiKriiRiRation WIA:SWNGIDGN T1he Dep.artmant Cilf Justice week oharged two Texaii real est.ate companies w1th vio1atmg federnl oivil rigihts laws by discriminating against blacks in the sellin g .aoo reotw.g of homes .in the Houston area. A>ttorney General R dC'haruttons Realty. The slrit to enjoin the six individua l s from any fur ther acts. of tli s crimination ; to make the b.ome availilble to an y qualilied b:uyer and to enjoin tile company f wm engaging in any racially d iscriminatory housmg or practices. 'Dhe Jim Co., whid1 h:as 14 sales offires in HQlston, was charged whlh violating the W88 Civi l R i gTits Act }}y: using discrimi.n.artoTy sales. t-echniques a n d adverti$ing to steer" black prospective purchasers to predominantly black or rap i rll y integrating neighborhood3 while channeling white purchasers_ to predomii)antJy white areas; and, -refusing t.o s-ell homes to blacks in predominantly wOJite .neighborhoods. Gribbs' chief assistamt, W al ter Greene, said the downtuwn distm'bances had been building for severa'l weeks. d om'inaJDt. 'lbe sucte .smJg h:t a cou'!'t order .enjmmm, g flirm fro.m disagainst blacks in 1Jhe s ale or rental -o:f hoosing and from failing to take all steps to correct t h e effects of discriminatory ?ractkel5. T lhe suit also charged that six persons living on Ardoes Street in Houston joined togeth-EARLY IN THE WEEK SAVINGS FIOM THE LEAD;ER Soul (enter Supennarket 3523 If. 22111 SriEET HCI BOIES 4 lbs. $10" RGIAIS I'BEE DELIYERY liB TIPS 3 Its. tJ :lb. I I .. 247-2031 SQI1B stEAl Ill. It 4 llts. $1.00 l i I l .CiaO IACIS 5 Uts. $1.00 BUS11 fill[ II aEHS j alortt-Ja1.A IIIII 11E1EIGDit: 3Zvz.II!Ae3t BOIWI 8I.DiCII i81.3fc 5 I 4 c.s It 1. c.s J ... -IIIEIII tiSSUE 1 .IU.BIII Qt. ,. 2 lbs. 1SC I -SPMBTR I .FUll YU.IE MEAl 3 t.rllc 3 I DillE LILY liCE l k


Tuesday, Aurust 1, 1972 Fla. Publirhed fiYM"/ an'd Frf. Get Both Edidonl PACETHREE Sulphur Girl : Dro,vns .A 1J2-year -old Sulphur Springs girl drowned Saturday afternoon while p layi n g riear the Hiilisbo r ou .gih River. Former lampan -Atta_cked During Drug Rehabilitation Plans in through a bedroom then let the others in through the back door In the next few minutes Web ster faced a nightmare, with some of the men harassing and beating him while the other men and wo men, totaling about 20, ransack e d the house looking for drugs and money. "It was terrible; they wer3 crawling around the floor like t e r mites," Webster said . Renae Beatrice Smith, 31112-A Kirby Street, was reportedly pla,ying w : th her sister, 11 and several other fnends, at' an area of tlhe River that gQes near t he Interstate Hi ghway i n Su1]J'hur Springs w'hen she spotted a to y in t!he water. 1Renae t old the o t lher s that she was go ing to sw im out for it. '11he girl entered tlhe shallow part of the water then went out to where it got deetl)er. Her sis -ter saw her fig hting tlhe water and called for help. 'l1he ch-ild's mother, Mrs Dore tha Smibh, s aid Renae has had a few swimming lessons and could swim a little. Authorities wh{) pulled the girl's body from the river said it was loca .ted in water 37 -feet deep. Ren a e i s survived by her mother and fa t:her, a sister and f{)ur brothers. She would liave been a seventh grade stlJSient at Oak Grove Jr. High School !Funeral a rrangements are be ing handled by WiLsOn Funeral Home, wiVh services tentatively planned for Saturday a.t 1. Ousted .Of College Won't Leave WIASIHII!NGTION Harland L. !RandoLph, fired month as president of Federal Cdte the leader of the gang into a bedroom where he stabbed him repeatedly with 111 pair of barber scissors This at tack was the only thing that mad& the rest of the group leare. In addition to tl'le money tha mob fled with and beverages from the refrigerator. The next morping Webster d is covered tliat. his car had been van dalized The headlights, antennas, windshield wipers, mirror" and bat tery were smasheg and wires were ripped from the distributor. Webster mov e d back to Tampa last year to't!i[{e -care o!nis ailing mother after a stay in New York and Los Angele s. He formerly op ei ated Alan's House Of Beauty,. here and was well-known as barber and hairdresser. When asked why the gang thought he had or k'new where drugs could be gotten Webster answered, Fifteen years ag() when I lived h e re I was in t he drug business but not now May. be someone that." Police officers reported that th e y arrested eight members of the gang at Cent r al Avsnue and Laurel in a stalled car . Twelvamed Col11't proceedings V{ere ternA family party Saturday at 3 t506 E. Av enue turned into a bottletlhrowiog free-for -aU aceorddng to police. -. . c ould get tJheir hands on. Police arrived and foupd man lying ori the :front porch bleeding The house had been ransacked with bro'ken in eyery roo m the .onicer s a id. Broken windr>ws, glaSISes, bottles; lamlp s and brica-brac were found in l!he debris All are being held under $10,000 bond. The man stabbed in 'the dis turbance was not arreste d at that time. rM:rs. M11rie Kirnes, at w'hose house the family wa s g athered, told pOlice .that quite a b it of liquor had been by all a n d one W o m a n stumbled dancing a round and fell and one woman s t u m b.l e d An argument started between IMl'S. Kirnes' son and tlhe woman, and the next thing she knew she said e'"erybod); was thl'ow ing __ art.y a.nd everything Several were c 1arried to the hos p-ital for treatm en.t inc duding OJ!e m all had !>een 'hit on the backof the head with a brick. No orie 'knew who in jured who when q uesti>oned :by police,-some it was a fa.mny matterthat could be that woman!" and called mem settled among them; bers of the jury 1"racist dogs : Arrested fot the multiple asHe had testified that he was in saults were Mrs. Agertb a bl'inSan Francisco and Oakl-and from ton, 371110 25th -St., -C. W. 13 to Dec 26. of that year CHri to n, 29, 33015 Coh1-apclle, and attending a of Bla c k Pan 'I1heodjs Clinton, l8, 351()6 a!lth ther Party meetings. Avenue. Boy Buried -In Sand Is Saved By 3 Men MUN.CIE, Ind. Thirteenyear-old Steve Hardin of Muncie owes his life to the quick work of three Muncie shopping center employes The three PQiled t.he boy from' certain death' when he was buried completely in sand at a nearby abandoned gravel pit. The po_lice. said the: Hardin boy and other youths W1!re play ing in a sand mound v,vhen the sand .shifted and buried him. The companions : ran for help at the shopping center, Ritz Adult Theatre heit in X Baled Films in cool .. c:omforlable surrounding: Phone 248-1378 .. Adults 18 OR OYERto sea:n:!h oU'I. a replacement for porarily l:}alted after Pratt an Randolph He would n{)t comment grily called the juror s "racist on the . progress dogs." Before verdicts on two other than to s ay an announceether com)ts could be reached, ment will be made in due course defense attorney Johnnie Cochran of tfme! asked for : a recess and Superior 1 Br.yant : did say he does not Court .Judge Kathleen Parker ISih and Broadway think "there is any ohance" anygranted it. one on the board wiU a ocept The jury of eight men and four Racu ; l o l : ph s challenge to debate women, after 10. days of delibera issues .aBeecting Fooel!'al Cily lions, found iPtatt guilty of the College in a public . murder of Mlrs. Caroline Olse n, At his press conference R an-'%7, on a tennis court at Santa dolph acknowledged the board Monica Calif. was le galhy entitled to refused Pratt also was charged with t o renew his contract if it so wounding Mrs Olsen's husbnd chos e, but he dec.!ared that Kenneth, 35, at Lincoln P ark .. numerous administrative and exDec 18, 1008. ecutive-I : :A:fter the guilty verdict w as m tUst fulfill" made it impossible read, Pratt' cried "I' didn't kill HEALT'H: KITCHEN "YOU CAM EAT THE _WHOLE THDIG." WAN PON NYMPH "AMYOME OR AMYTRDIG COULD-SATISFJ HEB."


FOUlt .... :Publlsbed e-very 'l'uesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pubo Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, fampa, Florida 83601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS "" Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON VIce President-Production 11(RS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS VIce President-Advertising Second class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 Per Year One Edition. 412.50 Per Y Both Editionl. Governor's Veto Must Not Stand The : N i x o n Administration stand ,altiU for the kind of hanky panky Miissis sippi' politicians are putting :,town in attempting Ito use sled>ge hammer tactics to gain control of a successful run heal1th com plex in Mound Bayou. Through g.rants made av,ail a 'ble by the of Economic Opporltunity this black town of 2,200 people has been operating 1\ community hospittal and health eeniter that provides services for 5everal hundred people daiily nd employs 468. Its sltaff is mixed, as is i l ts board, which is predominanty black and inc::ludes people who have :been active in civil rights work. That appears to ibe .the rub. Recently, Gov. William L. Wal ler vetoed a $5.5 million grantt needed desperately to carry on the work that provides medi<:al tlervices for poor people in Bo Jivar and four other counties. Gov. Waller, who is ex:pected to deliver Mississipp> i to President Nixon in November, had even balked att okaying a $1.5 million erant to carry on the work unttil the dispute over the full amount 'be settled. This is one of those p o w e r plays where the go_vernor wants to h 'and-pick the people to be in char-ge of a program hand:Iing this kind of money and he par ticularly does not want to have the board run by citizens who m racial equalitty for all. Worse, the governor's actions Imperil the health of lal'ge num J,ers oif poor people in his state. The OEO has the p owe r to override Gov. Waller's baseless veto. H should do so wiifhout hesitatiion. It should have done so long ago. M onies made available to im prove the lives of poo_ r people a;hould not t be used by those in power to develo.p more political anusde f -or themselves and cer talinly not to break the back of uccessful programs because supporters of racial equality 'are in :Yolved. College Challeng e Of interest 'to a number of formerly black state colleges be Ina threatened by takeover is the suit brought in :federal court by a group of students, faculty and alumni of Arkansas AM and N College lin Pine Bluff. Poverty-Pocket The sui: t complains that a sitate lcgisla>ttire act merging the col lege into the University of Ar kansas denries equal pro tection of the law. By BOB GILDER CAA IJceculive Director They point ou l t that the college is giving. up a board controllled by blacks to enter a situation where one black serves on a board with eleven whites. Pro grams are differenlt.. There is little question but thal t AM and N won't be tthe same as a branch of the University of Arkansas. At the same time the plaint tiiffs demand that every i>f ra cial segregation be eliminated from the University of Arkansas before such a merger be put in:to effect. There will be o ther questions, like wh-e tther some of the low-in come students who were 'able to a lttend AM and N would be aim ilarly welcome un,der the new ar rangemen t. Federal Judge J. Smith Henley has ruled that no merger s tteps be taken that cannot,he undone before a threejudge panel has a chance ,to decide the i s s u e A hearing is scheduled this month. What will come out eventtually cannot at this time 'be predicted 'but there are questlions that when answered will have impact be yond Arkansas. In fact, the im pad could reach Ito Florida, where our own Florida A & M has resisted takeover .efforts. For, tthe decision cou;Jd indiicate how far s tate officials will be per mitted Ito go toward gobbling up iblack and strip1ping !them Of influence they long have held in the educational world. An opportunity is now availablJ for poor mothers and fathers t-> work to help others meet the prob lems of poverty Project Follow Through is seeking poverty level pare_nts to work as aides. program is designed to combat the problems of poverty for over 1000 elementary school children in grades one to three and their fam ilies. The Project is housed at three county scheols-Lee, Sulphur Springs, and Thqnotosassa Ele mentary Schools The aim of Projedt Follow Through is to increase the pote n tial of poverty children through a comprehensive program including educational instruction medical and den t al care, nutrition social and ps y chological services and staff training. About half of the children in the program are participants of Head Start. Proje c t Follow Through seeks to continue the enrichment activities of HeRd Start for these children and their famrlies while offering services to Clewiston Services w ,ere good at all < clhurches in tlie community be ginCling with S. S. night service. The subject orf the lesson was Deepening 0ur Re lationshrup With God. The te,ach ers took chal'ge of the k c s,tor, Rev L H King dosed out successful services J as.t week. The Hel:p Meet The Need Club he1d their monVhJy meeting Tuesd t a y at the /home of Mr s. J. S G 1 ada}alh with M I1S. V. J. in charge The Friendly Xmas Sav" ling Club wHl meet Saturday n iglht at the home otf Mr. and Mrs Grady Moody at 8 The :president is aJSk>ing aN to please be present and on time, Let us remember t he s.i1 ck and We expect tha1 t if some of these major ba&tions of education ilave to completely desegregate studen t body an.d sta.ff they win Buy From Florida f?r the same kmd of foot ,. drag.gmg they_ have praotked u1L . Senlmel Advertisers to this time. ------------non-Head Start children. The re. sources of the schools, the com munity and the family are brought together to extend the learning skills of these children so they may become all they are capable of becoming. In order for the program to !}e successful, active participation o f parents is needed Mothers and fa thers are hired to assist the tea ch ers in the classroom and to vi3lt each child s home weekly to a i d t he p a rents in working with their children. In order to be eligible for these jobs, a person must meet the poverty guidelines, be a par ent, and have a high school diplo ma. It is not necessary to have a child participating in Project Fol low Through. The starting salary h $1.82 per hour or $3,785 for 10 months Employees are off during the summer. A training workshop will be held in August to acquai n t the aides with Project Follow Through and their role in the pro gram. Parents interested in working I n the program should call the Fol" low Through Office 8412 13th St., Tampa, phone 932-6409 this week. Any poverty level parents who are seeking employment should consider applying to work in this worthwhile program. This is a chance to help others while help ing yourself. Aug.121s Your Last Chance To Register To Vote In The 'September 12 .....


AROUND THE. TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY Nice chat had last week with the Rev. 0. H. Houston, pastor Mt Moriah A.M.E Church in C oco3, and Rev Charles Dixon, father of the Tampa schoolteacher, Mr. Charles Dixon Jr., and pastor of A.M E Church in Ft. Myers as both gents were in the area at tending the A.M.E Laymen's Con ference which convened in St. Pete. Both Rev. Dixon and Rev Hous ton were recently in attendance at the A M E C onference held in Dallas, Texas, with Rev. Houston serving as Chief Marshal of the General Conference-. The writer was: enlightened to some of the events .. THIS BRINGS TO MIN D MY THOUGHT FOR TODAY (AND EVERYDAY) which goes some thing like this.-"The past five big, weddings in my Church involving young couples and their parents bard earned money, which some totals. between 800 and 1000 dollars for the wedding, have f!Hied F last two weeks with the newly weds Why don't young people who are not too sure, or are just marrying out of some kiftd of "spite,'' just go on down to the courthouse and get married and save you: selves and your parents some JllOiley you'll be needing beginning the. very. next day .. ( Quotes of a Pastor of one of Tampa'::J largest Ch urches ). MRS. FRANCIS GILMORE RE T U R N E D VIA WHISPERJET FROM NASHVILLE, TENN ., where she attended recent C onvention of International Ma Sons and OES h eaded by Dr. Rev )\tty. Wililam V. Banks. Mrs. pilmore told of enjoying a derful session and also of her m teresting tours of such famed spots in Nashville, Tenn., as Mebarry Medical College Fisk Unl Tenn A&I Univ the Grand Olde Qpry and many other city hilight s. She's a member of Greater Beth el Baptist Church otha Lyon Evans No 152, O E.S., and insnr ance agent for Afro American Life Insurance Co . RECENT C A R D RECEIVED Jo'ROM FORMER TAMPAN, MRS. HAZEL BARNES HUDSON, who at the time was a delegate to the Rights Convention in San Francisco, Calif., from where she resides presently in Ver? Beach. Jlazel, a niece of the wr1ter told of meeting Tampa's Commun !t y Relations Director Charles Goos f,y Jones who along with wife Pat, a Plant High English instruc tor, I believe, was also attending the Human Rights Convention , JETS HERE 'N THERE, IN BRIEFS Former Tampan George Knowles visits relatives in the city from out California way, where he decided to set up shop" following Navy tour of duty George was met while out with nephew, Marlowe Lewis, roung Tampa boxer who recenlly made his ring debut in an exhibi.Uon fight against Joe Gholsten in St. Pet e Knowles is the son of Mr. EASY CARE and Mrs. George Knowles of Car ver, and brother of Mrs. Gra ce Sherman, Mrs Francis Swift, Mrs Coretha Ar!ll'o and singer Errol! Knowles of S. F ., Calif ... From the Sports Whirl grape vine word is James Cross, la::;t year's Leta Hi basketball star, who's supposed to be headed tJ HCC, still isn't quite sure of whether he wants to stay in Tampa for college play. With all the trav eling James did during his father 's, retired Sgt. Dave Cross' military career, I can understand his 1e sire for hatting-up Like to warn the girls to not be fooled by the Geraldine1 act of Flip Wllso11. The kat'S' a divorcee with four kids to his bone-making production Talked with Eddie Reddick for the first time in many mo ons. and Iear.ned he s now driving for the Pilot Trucking;. firm and raising horses. in Balm, P'ta. Fact is, Ed die had some of his horses in last weekend(s horse show Ernest B o romel, who startled the West St Fish Mlclt. busi ness. hereover 50 years. ago, is celebrating his 86th birthday Fri day.. He was honored' with a birthday party by son, Albert Boromel at his home Sunday That appeared to be a boss gos pel show Goldie Thomps o n, Jr. and Elmo Frabkltn, formerly of the Mighty Clouds of Joy, had set for our Armory last Sunda y, July 30th .. Lee Reddi ck, the not too long ago Bethune-Cookman College grad and brother Lennie Reddick a B..CC senior I believe are ret mored to be h-eaded for some nico headline making news soon. But more on this latter. Dennie Red dick anotherof the Seven Red dick Brothers," is met often as he brings passengers of his Grey hound Bu s Co. charters out to board my Whisperjet s and leave the flying to us Someone asked If the report's true black folks pay more for services than white folks. I believe this is a true fact, broth er but I sort of wish you d asked do' black horses eat more than white horses ROSALYN C. McQUAY'S BACK IN TOWN from Tallahassee with grandmother, Mrs. Rowena F. Brad'y to see relatives, Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Combs. Rosalyn s t he daughter of Mrs. Renee B. Perry of East Orange N J., and Mr. Nathaniel McQnay, Tampa JOHN W WffiTMORE WAS RE CENTLY HERE FROM WYAN DANCH LONG ISLAND visiting his daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. William (Velma) Doug las and host of friends. Mr Whit more, a former Tampan, is conver sion clerk with t he Franklin Na tiona! Bank Melville, Long Island A N I C E SURPRISE HAP PENED. FOR CHARMING MISS SANDRA LEE SULLIVAN SUN DAY NIGHT, as the yqung lady and seven! friends came out to TIA to learn their way around the PLAYWEAR Boys go for our colorful, easy-wear play clothes. Easy care, loo mom! Gel lhe lively lillie sel ready lor school, wilh our cool ideas. Raymond' s Dept. Store COR. Tth AVENUE AND 15th STREET Yhor City Frieltlship la,tist :Rev. W. L. W ebb, P astor Mlaa Mary H ee ey;, aept. Sundlaiy began Jlt a :)U IW!i.Ul tlhe supt., M!I'I. .A!eat:h& Woodbury, in dta.rg:e ol. service. All teac1hers were at their posts The le-sson was reviewed by the p astor. / Morning began at 11/1 with1Deoa. ;M;0bley and Dea. Wlade in cbarge of devotional s ervice. M!\1\Sic was rendered by the No 1 and 3 choirs Uslher board No. 1 served. The pastor de:Hvered the mess a ge from the suibject, ''IC an the Master Use You !Man Y visitors were present. I BTU began at 5:310 with of ficers in cha rge. Evening wor shi P fullowed W!i
y. airport, for the of Miu SultiV'an's fian ce, Sgt. R'Oblasld Reed fro m his base in Tngland the next night As S a n dra Le e a nd friend s were wal k in1 aro und who do they bump intfl? Right h e r fianc e Sgt. Ree d, who came a d ay (or rather a night) early, rather than layover. in Lort don England. Thus se.ttmg the stage for their grand march Au gust 13th at New Mt. Zion Church on Columbus Dr. Miss Sullivan is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sea rlg)lt Sullivan, and Sgt. Reed the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Reed. Friends witnessing the big sur prise were : Miss Annie Bell Allen, Mr. Eddie B. Wllllams, Mrs. De lores Milton, saleslady at J C. Pennys' and hubby Mr. O'Neal Milton, salesman at Maas Brothers (WSP ). MR. HENRY MOORE IS RE. CUPERAII'ING AT TGH He's the husband of Mrs. Ruth E Moore and father of Miss Diane E Moora, 2306 E Lake and a member of Mt. C alvary SDA Church .. J. C. TAYLOR'S a not too long ago returnee from swinging vaca tion in San Antonio Tex. where he visited his brother S. F. C. Robert Taylor, stationed at F t Sam Houston. Taylor a TECO em-FORT Wll STATE, BARBERS ASSOCIATION FLorida ibal"bers wdJil lr8flher in !Fort iPierce a-t the linn lor their 1 lll tlh :annua l convention Alugust JJ3.,1J5. 1 Entny fees for the oontest (){ Blow out, Al.rq !Cuts and .Atros be mailed iby August 11, to JOhn D !ElM, 5118 Means Cl:>urt, 1Fort .Pierce. ;Aony licensed .barber may enter and bring his own model. Prizes are $50, $315, and $1115. Mr. and Mrs. 1Robert Cole ol Tampa wiLl give a demonstration of t he latest ha k styleB. The convention fJheme is "Builddng iBetter .Bia,rbers. Through Togetherness." Bernard W Slmdth of: Lake Wales a ssociatioo pre sident, will stress togethernlli:ng the highest number of delegates. '11he h>cal president, Mrs. Ell za.beth Meble y ; gener-al cha4l'lo man, ,J. C. IW1lliams ; and co 1Wli1lie akll'llf with Fort Pierce members .ar making car9ful p1ans to make t:h:i!s a rewarding convention. JUST FOLLOW THAT SIGN AROUNO-HIC.,. I'VE GOT TO KEEP UP WlTH THE NEWS/ 11 .-......_ ThinGs You Should lnow #IUftU I? B.tCKWORTH I I I BORN IN VIRGINIA AROUND 17981 SON OF ASLAVEWOMAN a A WHITf OFFI. -,[/_I CER OF THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR/ HE WORKED AS A GUIDE FOR WAGON TRAINS ': 81TWEEN THE lAST AND CALIFORNIA,-AS A TRAPPI.A1 HUNTER, ,..,:,, '"' l


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published iiY.-y Tuea. i,bll Frf. eel 80th Edltlaas Au,Ust 1 '1972 MARION COUNTY INSTALLAT'ION BANQUET JAMES FARMER Bpeaker The iMarion f)ounty IBr. an.ob NAAOP will hold its InstaJ.l>ation E -anquet on August 112, at 8 p.m. at tJhe Ramada Inn on Highway 26 in Oc ala. The speaker wiJl be the Honor-able James L. Farmer, former HEW Assistant Secre tary of Wa s hingtoo D. C. At pl'esent, he is Executive Ddrector of the Council on 1 Minority iP an ning and Strategy, a minority peo:Ple's "Thing-Tank." Mr. Farmer was ooe of pioneers. in developing the direct action m.etihod which has characterized the civil r-i:ghts movein!ent since iMZ, when he was' .&,mong those who founded 1Jhe. Qongress of R-acial lEquality : :a:e has been' act;ive also in tihe labor' His first book, "Freedom W:hen?" was publlislhed by Itandom !House 1966. He i s cur-, Nmt1y working on an autobio: gr-ap: hy. : 'l1he leader -is maTried to the former Lula J:>eter-_ son. 11hey !have two daugilters,; 'l1ami. and Abbey. Membens of 14Je M arion County :Branch NIAAOP Executive Board i-nclude the Rev. L. S. Edwards, Hart, Jr., first vice Mrs. Mil dred F1orence, second vice president; Arbouin B Farmer secretary; the Rev. Ernest John son, treasurer; and Mrrs. Bar: bara re-cording secretary. 11he following committees have as their chairmen: Educ ation, Edwin Kendrick ; Leg -an .Redress, Dr. Lester A Young ; Lif-e Mem bership, J. C. Cunningh-am, Sr :; Fund Raising, Mrs. Qlristobel Political Action !Pinkney Woodbury; Youth, 'Andrew Madiwn, Sr. witlh !Miss Rlhodia Thomas as assistant; Employment, Isaac Butler; Additional members are Mrs. Dorotlhy Vernon, Mrs. Rlhodi,a Hall Will-ilam Vernon and tbe :Rev: Ulys ses Marlin. hints ROSALIE scon; STAFf I ASSISTANT 1 Capture the full flavor of curry in Chicken Curry Casserole. This one-dish entree is complete i with chicken and creamy ated m1lk. EnJOY more flavorful recipes m Carnation's new Easy-Does-It-Cookbook. To order, send $1.00 L wjth your name, address and zip code to: Home Service Department Carnation Company Box 50, Pico Rivera California 90660 CHICKEN CURRY CASSEROLE 4 to 6 servings) 1 package (10 ounces) % teaspoon Worcestershlre frozen broccoli spears sauce 2 cups diced cooked chicken 2 teaspoons curry powder cup butter % cup (21,4ounce can) 8 tablespoons flour drained sliced ripe olives % teaspoon pepper \ tablespoons fine dry bread 1 cup chicken broth crumbs 1 cup undiluted Carnation Evaporated Milk Cook broccoli according to package directions. Drain and arrange iri buttered 8 x 8 x 2-inch baking dish. Arrange chicken on broccoii. Melt butter in medium saucepan. Stir in fiour and pepper. Cook over medium heat 1 minute. Stirring constantly, gradually add chicken broth and evaporated mllk. Cook over medi:um heat, stirring con stantly until thickened. Add Worcester-shire, curry and Pour sauce chicken. Sprinkle with bread crumbs: Bake ln iriOderate oven (350F.} 15 20 minutes or 1mt11 bubbly. A SUMMER PLAN FOR POING GLAMOROUS NEW THINGS TO-YOUR HAIR NEW YORK, N. Y. Summertime just may utes, you give your hair a whole different be the time, we think,when we dre_ss most lmagi.look. There are so many effect you can achieve 11atively: with more freedom, more fun. We seem with Streak 'n' Tips. You can spray on a whole to be more open to new ideas when It comes to different cohu:, U you choose. You can build blonde Su -mmer fashions. We. wear wild--colon and splashy or silver "wings" of hair to frame your face. You prints and we're backless and halter-topped and can spray in gold or silver glints and highlights. our evening dresses and bathing-suits take breathAnd f.or, sJlecial occl}sions, for parties, for galas, less plunges. . y ou can a special design into your hair. 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Change Y-OUR look by changing the llalr. specialists since ,.1925, liave dreamed up l09k of your hair. Streaks 'n' Tips comes in Sil Instant glamour for your hair and It works like a ver, Blonde, Gold and _Frosty White. At all up. to charm. Streak 'n' Tips just what Its name tbe-mlntite drug, department and variety stores. flays: It streaks your hair, It tips your hair, it glim And .If you'd like $.Orne specially designed cut-outs mers and shimmers your hair with go!_!) en or to spray Streaks 'n Tips design onto your hair, blonde or silvery or frosted-white strand's of c olor. just send 25c to coyer. the cost of mailing to: Streak It sprays instant excitement onto your hair. 'n' Tips. r-o Nestle LeMur 902 Broadway, New Streaks 'n' Tip s comes in conv enient easy-toYork, N. Y 10010. Instant hair-gl amour will be use, aerosol form. You just spray it on, where you : on Its way to you lhStantJy, want it, with a pouf of your finger ; In mere Beulah Dorcas Circle Mrs. Mary Crawford, Chr. Mrs. Etta White The Dor-c a s C!ircle of B eulah Ba,ptist Ohurch will meet. 11hurs d ay morning at 8 at the home (If M rs. Etta White 141115 c-entral Ave. '!1he les s on by Mrs. Wil&on. Subject, M-t. Olive J o hn 16: 7 verse. Tihe le,tter is G. 'Dhe last meeting was held at the home of Mrs. [da B aker, 14118 Governor. Hyde Park Prayer Band NOJES FROM TAMPA CLUBS A meeting of the GOLDEN RULE SOCIAL CLUB will be held Saturday evening 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs Ruth Gonzalez, 3017 E. Paris. THE BAY CITY BOOSTERS CLUB is me7ting at 8 P M to night at the Elks Rest, 809 E Laurel Street. Members of the ROSETTE SOCIAL CLUB recently sponsored a give-away, and the lucky winenr was O tis Williams. -CO-MING EVENTS AUG. 4-Bohemian Luau, Armettia Temple 8 P. M. Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres. AUG. 5--Banquet sponsored by New Progress M. B. Church at the Mrs: Lillie M. Holloway, Rept. Armettia Temple, 8 P. M. The Hyde Park 1Prayer Band AUG. 13-Women's Day, Highland M. B. Church. will meet Thursday at 1J2:310 at AUG. 20-Prlde of West Tampa Lodge No. 1 observes annlversarJ 1fhe hpme of M r and Mrs. Ben-at Greater Morninl! Star Baptist Church. 3 P. M. jamdn Cutle r, 1.009 Longshoreman AUG. 20-Don't Yo o Worry Club sponsors annual tea, Recreatloa J)r.Tlhe last meeting was held Center, 214 N. Boulevard, 3:30-5:30 P.M. t at . the_ horne of Mrs. Church, ll P M. Riley :1J5tb.Ave. ;-._ The pubhc XUG '27-Federafioii Day, New Progress M. IJ.

. . . AT MANGER INN FOR BANQUET At the Manger -Inn for the awards banquet were Miss Diane MOOFe and Donald Jones. Miss aponsored _by the S. D. A. Volunteers Moore is tbe M. V. Leader. BLAKE DADS HAVE NEW QUEEN Blak e Dads have selected a new que e n The announcement was made Saturd a y night at Fort H esterly Armory during a : fabulous coronation ball. She is Virginia Robinson left, and she is being by last year's queen Florence Worthy. No.tes From Tampa : QUEEN OF THE-SOUTH.'CHAPTER 49 OES is ineeting at 7 P.M. Wednesda y at the Masonic HaU, 4303 3 4 th Stree t. A m ee ting of GUIDING LIGHT CHAPTER NO. 31 will be held tonigh t at 8 o'clock at 4303 34th Street .... Study Of BIMk Student Ousters Asked TALLAHASSEh: Claude An d e rson, Gov Reubin Askew's aida on education has asked school and principals to make a surve y of 1expulsions by race. Blacks are concerned that black youngsters are being massivrly expelled," said Anderson, who i s bla c k He said there was a trend towards clinically removing bla c k s without dealing with the behavior problems." The problem is increasing he said as 40 per cent of the black schools are closing and the num ber of black administrators is de creasing Another problem Is a legal one Some blacks are being perma nently expelled and there is no such law on the books Anderson said The schools are sending out into t he streets the ones who can least afford it. "Whites go home and their par ents bring them back in a few days b ut because of both parents working or the absence of the fa the r, a may be aut a year, h e said And e r s on said such expuls ions al s o cost school districts about $3 p e r c hild per day in state funds b ased o n attendance. Anderson asked the Florida A s sociati o n of District School Super int e nden t s to endorse the survey an d have principals conduct it in eac h juni o r and senior high school dur i ng the first two months of thi s school year and the first two of t he 1973-74 year. Buy Florida., 'FLOWER GIRL Lori Eugenia B.assett was a flower girl hi the recent Tolliver Harper wedding at Beulah Baptist Church. Of Christ 1312 Nass au St. Bro. D. Atkinson Minister Bro. James Norton Reporter Sunda y School began at 10 a m. with Bro Melvin Smith in chat : ga of devotional service The le s son w a s taught by the from the Old Testament scriptu res Psalms 27:1-10. Morning worship at 11. 'rile scripture reading was 1 Peter 4 :1-10. The message was delivered by the minister sUbject "Tlut Christian Conduct." James Norton delivered the evening message from the subject "All Unrighteousness Is Sin." On Thursday n i ght at 7:30 Bible study will be h e ld Come let us study the word of the Lord to gether. New Salem Choir No. 1 Mr. Carey Grant, Pres. Mrs. lceelee Patterson, Rept. The N o 1 choir of New Sal e m IP. B Church wiH have r ehearsal Wednesd a y at 8 at 'the

PAGE EIGHT FIL..5entaei-Bulletin Puhliahed e'Mry TueS. aDCI Fri. Get Both Editions, Auaust 1, 1972 BOOSTERS SEND CIDLD TO CAMP The Bay City Boosters Club sponsored a child to the Florida "PEP (Please Eat !Properly) Camp" at Camp Clover Leaf, Lake Placid From July 24-28, 101 children enjoyed this delightful outing. The Boosters check was made to the Hillsborough County Ex panded Nutrition Program. Mrs. Ora Lee Small one of the members is a home economist aid who a cc ompanied the group along with Mrs. Barbara Martin, district agent. ATTEND ORATORICAL CONTEST Mrs. Lucille B . Johnson, state director of education for tile Im proved Be1,1evolent Protective of Elks of was in Miami recently attending the Regional Elks Oratorical Contest. Contestants came from Georgia, North Carolina, Soutil Carolina and Florida The winner was Catherine Baylor from Charlotte N. C. Henry Arrington Ill accompanied Mrs. Jolm10n and they were guests of his stepmother Mrs. Geraldine Arrington and his sMiter 1 Robin. GOING TO GERMANY Word has been passed down frOm t he Depar tment of the Army that PFC Andrew Jr. will be serving a tour in Germany He will be working as a Personnel Specialist and hopes to be joined b y his newly wed wife the former Louise Cooper. The 6 2", 221 lbs. at hl et e will also play on the U S. Army Foo t ball team. He has played football for the past two years, and is a former defensive tackle and end for the Hillsboro Terriers Sims an enlisted draftee, attended Grambling College before entering the servi c e CLUB ASSISTS SICKLE CELL SUFFERER When members of t h e Blossom Club met with Mrs. Jessie Pres ton Sunday, i hier business session concerned the contribution to a fund assisting Mrs. Willie Bell Smit h of 4405 Englewood Street, who must have increasingly larger amounts of blood to help combat Sickle Cell Anemia. Members making up the Blossom Club roster are Mrs. Madelyn Clethen, Mrs. Dorothy Reed Mrs. Yvonne Waters, Mrs. Altamease Mitchell Mrs. Virginia Hill Mrs. Jessie Preston, Mrs. Ollie Mutcher son, :\:Irs. Ruth Brown Mrs Doroth y Youngblood and M rs. ;\lary May. THE JOHN SONS ENTERTAIN Special guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Johnson of 2918 18th Ave nue, were Mr. and Mrs. Ozzie J e nkins of Camden, New Jersey. Mr. Jenkins is Mrs. Johnson's bro ther. While here, they were entertained by members of the Wee Bank ers Social Club. The trip afforded Mrs. enkins her first flight and first t rip south Mr. John son recently had surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital. He is recuperating nicely RECENT VISITORS Recent guests of Mrs Ethel M. Broadnax were her son, Edward May nor and his wife and daughter Gussye and Michelle from West Palm Beach ; and a niece, Lori Johnson from North Carolina The presence of the guests also brought pleasure to Mr. Maynor's daughters, Miralyn and Be11ita, and grandchildren, Ad rian and Monica, all residents of Tampa Joining them one afternoon for a barbecue was Prof. Calvin Bexley. The visitors were here for three days. Wishing You A Happy Birthcldy MILlS ROSE Ton1orrow Is August .2, and that m eans bir-thday time again for Mr. Charles Tnompson of 273-5 Spruce Stre et. The riatiye Tam pan is a gr.:aduate qf l)pn Th o mpson High School, and he is employed by Suncoast Fabrics. Mr. Thompson is married .to th e f ormer Patricia Rus sell. They have three youngsters, Sheldon... Fern and Charlene Friends join his in wishing him a very happy. birthday Sentinel Bulletin staff writer, Mrs. Martha White will receive iller happy birt hday wishes on Aug ust 3 . On Saturday n i ght there was e delightful a ff air t h birthdays of Mrs V ennie M a e Neal, Mrs Ber.tha Jackson and Mrs. Luvator Nelson. All of them w ere July babies -. The party was given b-y Mrs. Fra. ncis Walker and Mrs. Levenia Henry and the Walk e r residence ,' 3004 43rd Street, was s c ene of the gala affair . Guests were Miss Loretta Hen ry, R o nald McKi. i mey, George Neal MJ::s. Ruth JackSQn, Mrs. Winter Garden IMII'. and: John Fludge smd Pabt y aod Adrie of E liz abe th N. J., were in t!le city visiting relatives Mr. and Mrs. L. B. West M.r. and Jones spent their va in the city visiting their 11nde Mr. aod Mr,s. Herman James. Two of the ch i ldren re mai ned with the James for the eummer. IM-r s .Al-lene M ,cFarland 11nd 'fcniil left week for a two wee ks vacati01r wher-e they will CHARLES H. THOMPSON Kate Dawson Mrs Farrie Belle Williams, Mrs Ophel ia Hend rix, Patricia J.ackson, Miss Gretchen Ke-mp, Willie Joe Walker Mrs. Irene Harris Michael and Alecia J ackson vis tt their daughter Miss Patricia M C'Far1and in Connecticut .aod her mo1!her and sisteqin !Newark, N. J Ool. Eddie Hall brother of Mrs. lEva L Holt was in the city with his He just completed a year' s duty in Germany. He will be stationed in Ft. Hood, Tex as The gr. andohildren ol Mr. .and Mrs. Bo yd Holt of R oc'hester, N. Y and New Jer sey are spe nd dng their Summer vacation here wiilh them. Miss S. Gallo way ROO baby Donra of Ocala is the .guest of Mr and Mrs. Benjamin F M:Uer1 679 South Bethune A venue. Tyer U. M. Ceatral and Ross Rev, W. J. Rivers, Jr., Pastor S. S. began at 9 :30 with the Mit. Oharli.e ial charge. All teachers were at their post. The lesson was tauglht by the pastor. Morning worship roll owed at 10::S5 with the pastor at his post. MlhSiC was rendered lby the No. 1 and 2 clhoiD!i of Harris Temple. The mess11n' t for .get the sick Mrs. Samh Williams Dea M-attnel Wil liams. Let s pray for 1Jhem a 11peed y recovery. I Rev L. Waddell, pas ,tor; Mrrs. Dai sy Stm-y, agent and reporter. From Florida Advertisers Buy Sen tilt! I PIO-NIER -FAMILIES Sl'AGE REUNIO' N IN C.LEARWATE R CLEARWATER Sunday the sprawling lawn of the pretentious and lovely home of Miss Jessie M. Walls of Harbor Dr ive, was the gathering place for hundreds of kin of the Lewis and Walls fam : ilies as they met in their reunion. Included in the huge crowd pr es ent, 1: venture to say that the eighth or ninth generation was among those who came from far and near to join in the gala event of the past week Rela tives began arriving the early part o f the wec:k from as far away as California; Washington ; D C., Penns ylvania, Virginia Connecticut, South Caro lina and Atlanta, Georgia F-lorida cities represente d were Archie, High Springs Evanston Dan ia, Mi ami, Tampa, St Pete Jackson ville Ft. Lauderdale, Alachua, and Gainesville. In order to such a huge crowd, a massi ve tent wa" set up in the center of the baclt yard, while every available shed, and shrupbery were utilized in provi ding shade and seats fo_r the throng. Beach umbrellas and tables placed here and t here pro vided shade also Under the tent were long wide tables ladened with foods .of all description and those attending tried sampling every dish Among the delicacies were a variety oJ cakes and pies gingerbread corn bread turni p and collard greens various salads green peas baked macaroni, barbe cued chicken and ribs, and all kinds of soft drinks. Plenty of everything for ever:li'" body. At the close of the d inner and in the natural settil)g of the gar den and Stevenson s Creek while standing before an arch of arti ficial daisies and seasonal green ery, marriage v o ws were ex c hanged by Mr. Sydney Lewis and the former Mrs. Essie Green beth of Tampa. Officiat ing was Elder C lifford Yarn of the Seventh Day Advent ist Church, and by the Reverend Lawrence Hall Mt Z ion M E. Church The Twelfth of Never" was rend ered by Mr. Dona ld Rutledge, Miss Lupell:lia Taylor niece of t h e groom, was matron of honor The bride and groom res ide in Tampa. Members of the Lewis and Wails families are grateful to all friends who so wiil i ngly and ably assisted in any small way thus causing the event to be such a meAtorable one-one they shall aJ,ways recall with pride and a grateful heart. Mrs A. D. Ellis Reporter Po-litical Revue By SARDY-MOIDIIIO In a history making event dow n Ft. Lauderdale way Judge Thom as J. Reddick was unopposed for the Circuit Court post he was appointed to b y Gov. Reub in As kew. He will now serve a six year term. Congrats to you sir Juc!-ge is a native of Tam pa. The lone black delegate to t he Republi can National Convention will be Leon Earles. Earles is a retired New York City dry clean ing and real estate executive. Mr. Purple Lily Usher Board 'l1he President of tte Pll!I'Ple L ily Usher Board of t he New :Mit. Zion Baptist Clhu.rch is ask ing all meffill>ers to be preset:Jt and on time to Butiin ess M eeting Thunsday at 8 p : m Bro Robert Baldwin p r esident !Rev. B. J. Jones, pastor. Choir Union No. 1 Mrs. M. Martin, President-!All members of the Nortih Tam pa Ohoir s Union No. 1 is to meet at Grelllter Morning Star M. B Ohurch tomorrow night ( Wedn esday) at 7:30 for business meeting. Earles admitted during a news interview that "99 per cent" of persons in his predominantly black neighborhood and even most of his family are Democrats. Democratic majorities will con tinue to control both legislative houses after the November elec tion, an anal ysfs of the races in dicates. In the 40 member senate, the Republicans can look to hold 17 .seats at most. That' would in clude tile 12 incumbents seeking reelection. Only tw o Republican se n ator s escaped all opposition: Ken Plaate, Winter Park a n d Henry Sayler, St. Petersburg. -Hillsboro ugh County blacks lost an unprecedented chance to pos sible election in th e County Com mission. With most of the can didates unloiowns, and fourteen run ning for t he district 3 seat of Clarence Prevatt, not a single black chose to ruri in the County Commission races The only two blacks In local r a c e s are Mn. Dorothy Har mon, w.ho is opposing Sen. David McClain, and Atty Warren H. Dawsoo, running against Atty. Tom Miller for a county judgeship. HADDAD DISCOUNT .. GIRLS KREE I GIRLS PAITlES -HIGH SOCKS REG. 39c EACH REG. 2 FOR $1.00 3 lor $100 4 lor $100 BOYS AND GIRLS BOYS BLU' E JEANS. DRESS REG. $2.97 REG. $4.97 3 pairs 2 $5,00 USE OUil COIYEIIEIT LAYAWAY


Tuesday, Aucust I, 1972 Fla. Senti nel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PARENTS OF THE BRIDE CONGRATULATED Yours truly was invited last weekend to Orlando to visit the Quarterbac k Club. The invitation oame from COACH BETHEL and The Rev. A. Leon Lowry, ; side kick, CHUCK." The 80 mile ieft; congratulates Mr. and ride wasn't as long as yours truly thought it would be, and it Harper, parents well worth the trip. Upon arrival -at the Quarterback Club, yours of Sandra Harper who was truly was introduced to club ownS/Sgt. er, "ACE" PRICE. We dined in the VIP Room and this corner Ernest J. Tolliver. Vows informed that the Florida Sentinel has a vast circulation in were said in Beulah Baptist the area. This corner has to agree Church with Rev. Lowry of due to the fact a lot of brothers and sisters expressed delight in reading TNB. It was a warm feeling and a warm welcome. While checking out the crowd, yours truly recognized one brother that a lot of us in the TNB scene knows CLAYTON "DOC BYAN NAN a soul representative for Gallo Wines. He ask-ed this corn er to inform the brothers at the AOE LOUNGE that he will be on their case in the near future Would like to say to the estab lishment at the QUARTERBACK CLUB thanks for the invite Had a marvelous time. Speaking of the ACE LOUNGE we might be losing one of our top soul brothers from the case for a while. THE "BLACK PRINCE" has been summoned to Tallahassee for possible placement in a higher position. According to Abe, the important thing is nof how high the position is, but if the \:money is going to rise uj: there with it. Well congratula tions "BLAOK PRINC-E", we hope that they both meet your approval. Those mighty "TEXANS" end e<:l a lengthy engagement at the ONE-STOP-INN last weekend and performed to a packed house In case you don't know who the "TEXANS" are, they performe under the name of "THE MASTERS." The mighty "BULL" did his thing on bass. The thous and voices of RALPH. LAMAR paralyzed the audience in djsbe lief. However the show w a s by the loveiy "MISS A 1PRU JOHNSON as she "TOOK YOU TH-ERE." Talking brieflv with CHARLES THOMAS, the soulful owner of the Joy House he in Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 BRIDESMAIDS IN TOLLIVER-HARPER WEDDING : Eddie Rolle, President Gwendolyne C. Hayes, Reportt;r Bridesmaids serving Sandra Harper Sharon Harper, Harolyn Clark and Sheryl became Mrs. Ernest Tolliver PLATFORM GUESTS AT S.D.A. AWARDS BANQUET The list of platform guests at the SDA Awards H a ll, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ashe. Scene of the Banquet Sunday evening Included, from left John nice affair was the Manger Motor Inn. Fredrickson and his guest, Coach Louis Hall, Mrs. I k I at t!heir post. The' lesson was mmo. a ee taught by the tea.chers and re-viewed by, tllie pastor. All other Services were high throug'lh .services were 1-argely attended. out the day at all churches in 1 Lillie; .. jBell'' Warren Is' community beginning-with 'home after visiti -ng her mother S. S with the supts. and teachers for a month in Georgia. iMirs. ll.ucy Jones is home after a month's visit with her mobher and other relatives in Alabama. On the sick list are: M 'r.s. Rose !H()Uston, IM iss WilUe Ruth FraJz. er, Mr. NatJhan Re-ed are home from the hoS!pi tal. iMr. Will SiiiiiPThe Nq. 2 Choir of New Mt. Zion M B Church, Rev. B . J. Jones, pastor, 'will have regular choir 'rehearsal on -tonight ( Tues day) at 8 p m The president is asking all members to please be present and on time. Those members who do not at tend choir rehear-sal at least TWICE a mont)l. will not be P .er mitted to serve on the first Sun day. _Julia Patterson Circle Mrs. Nancy Jones, Chr.Rept. The Julia Patterson Circle of .':Beulah Baptist Church will meet in th. e home of the chairman, Mrs. Nancy Jones, 4002 Palmetto St. 'I!hursd 'ay afte-rnoon at 6 p .m. '11he last meetipg was at the home of 1 Mrs Re.Jlis m218 Spruce St. The devotion was led by !Mrs Rellis and the topic ,by /Mrs. Mary Vann whiCih wa,s en joyed by all Visitors are al wa, ys welcome kins Is improving. i M rs. Thelma Adderly, Mlrs. Terrice iMerrick and M i ss San dra M'iller are vis iting their aunt, Ma ,ry P'owell and other relatives in Alabama. PACE NINE TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT By JOHNNY JACOBS formed this corner that even though the SOUL MASTERS en gagements are of lhe longest of a11y entertainer to perform in his PIDNTHOUSE LOUNGE he alw".;iys regrets their departure. THOMAS said that during their performance he has some of the largest crowds ever to pack his club They really d eserve t h e name SOUL MASTER", he con eluded However THOMAS i!! somewhat of a SOUL MASTER himself. For he is always able to maintain some of the best entertainers in the Tampa Bay area. He informed this corner that starting this week at the ONE-STOP..IN he will have ALEX KEINNEiDY AND T H E MJNID CHANGERS coming to all the way from Alabama . And that's a good place to be from ... A "long ways from Check 'em out! Make them feel at home. Think you ll like it. The Gator Bar jammed last week as the bi ggest box in the house (Juke Box ) whai!ed all th& latest tunes. D ottie and Joan are still at the GATOR BAR and of course the atmosphere is still as warm and soulful as ever. Also check Ant hony out in the kitchen, he is c ooking up some mighty soulful food. Remember fellows, the grilE who swear they have never had sex, probably have every night to swear. THAT'S MY CASE Remember, drugs are not f or brothers and si sters, regardless of their color or figure. Drugs are for small minded people with no future-suc h as crackers and niggers. IN FASHION SHOW Lizzie Moten mod e led this at tractive summer attire In the re cent fashion show at Peace Bapo tist Church. DO YOU WANT TO BUY? Call Robert Gadson Re. Salesman 877-2171 WILBERf WILLIAMS REALTOR 2122 MAIN STREET


.,, PACETf.lf Fla. S..tiDei-Bulletln Pu'Whlaed eYery Tuet. d Fri. Get -loth Llkiou Tuesday, Au1ust 1, 1 t72 Bethel Baptist 808 Short EmOI'y Street .Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor Lillie M McDonald .Rept S. S. began at 9 :30 a.m The p resided. The lesson was taught by the teaCihers. M orniog worsi11p began at 1():45 DeVQtion was conducted by Mist e r Moses AUord, Mrs. iBertha Carter and M rs. Simp kin s Musk was rendered by the Harmonettes. Ushers served. The Eermon was delive red by Rev. Saunders who clhose for his theme, The Master MissionaTy," whicih was in keeping with' the M i.._ Day hts were brought by Mrs. Shi-rley JelferS'On whiclh was thoroughly enjoyed by all who heard this wonderful dis cussion. Keep in mind the revival meeting in progreS>S. The pastor is urging all members, non-con verts, and friends to join in this re1igioos cl'US'ade. Bartow Services at Burkett Chapel PB Church, S. P Kilpatrick, pastor, began on Sunda y with a kick-off for the church's anniver sary. Our sister church from Ft. Pierce came to worship with us. The day began with S. S. which was opened by t he acting supt., Dea. George E Jones The teach ers were at the! rposts. Our le$on was "Receiving God s Forgiveness" whic h was reviewed by El der Kirkpatrick The morning worship was delivered by Elder Kilpatrick He de livered a wonderful message. The choirs sang with inspiration. Sev UP TO Clearwater Tbe St. "John PE Church of C)earwater held its annual Wo men's Day July 23. The theme was "Chriatian Women Responsibilities In 'nmes Like These Our guest supt for Sunday school was Mrs. Altamese Ellis of st. Matthew. Our review of the les son, "Receiving God s Forgive ness was by Mrs M H C arrol. The speaker at the 11 a .m. serv ice was Mrs Wigfall. eral visitors were present. The evening worship was an other wondereful service. The choirs sang and Elder Kilpatrick delivered the message ON YOUR CHOICE OF BEDROOM STYLES DURING OUR SUMMER WAREHOUSE CLEARANCI 6 D rawer Double Dresser ............... $99,95 Framed Mirror 7 D rower Triple Dresse r ..... $119,95 5-Drower Chest ..... $59,95 Twin Size Pone' Bed w/Foot .............. $39,95 Full or Queen Size Panel Be. d w/Foot .. $39.95 King S i ze Panel Heodboard .......... $39.95 1-Drawer Night Stand ......... $29.95 IDEAl. SELECTION$ .)::ii,liy. fnr MORtlEHOMI:S -De1k . ... H .tS Twill lire 'IMI a.d ............... .. --""o..-c'-t ........ . ......_. .......... a.. ........... . wjfoot ................. tl .. ..... h4.,...t ........ You'll love the massive to-the-floor de sign the antique brau hardware , th!t exquisite carved bOse and top mouldings the mar-proof p J astic top double drener and chest the center guided dovetailed drawera. AU pieces IU 4 M$editelrrane8an Greenaor ,. .. Dou b'e Dresser e Full Size Panel Bed With foot and Raila e Framed Mirror ALL 4 PIECES 5-Drawer Chest Regular $199 85 S/141dd DARK OAK FINISH BEDROOM Her aubject waa "'nle lncompar able Christ Pattern: Tbe Ufe For Today's Christians!" At 3 p m the Youth Hour waa held. A panel discussion was held with the t heme being "Communi e a ting With Youth And Adults b Times Like Tilese." The 6 p m speaker was Mn. Idella Smith of Mt. Carmel Bap tist. Her subject was "Christian Women s Needs In Time L 1 k e These Our chairlady Mrs Francis Wright and all the women of St. John are grateful to all who worked so hard and to all of the Total raised was $1,054.60 Chairman, Mother B. oempSf Pastor, Rev. A L. Lewten Reo porter, Mrs Elnora Keith ..._., ... ,.,. .. -'"'' ......_ c..-............... wj,.., C-.r ,... .$H,tJ I ON-r Hltt>tT"' ,Lii'I(IM;.a..t.,,, .. 091 tci"'!SIM 4 PC. GROUP INCLUDES: $f1Jt 6 Dra.,..r Double Dr- Larso fra01ecl MI..- 4Dra....,.Chaat 4 PC. GROUP INCLUDE$1 Double o.. ... H..-.y fraMed Ml,.,., Thl May-on-the-pockotboak bedroooio auite111Mdecl with feotvNa like .... r.r euldecl draw.,., hlth fidelity .,,.. ron. plallklaecl flnlah, .... ttcework tr1111, and h..-.y ""' tlqve l>ran hanlwa,. Ivy saags 7 7 ALL 4 PilCH Regular $119 95 Dt"' ,_..leW. ..... ""Drow ... o..I!Cktt ....... HeM .... r.t .. ... ... at,tt Full S lxo Panel hd ALL 4 PIICIS With Foot and Rollo Regular $219 85 a...,y 4 Drawer <;hoot l'ull SIH Pone1 hd with foot and ltalla Hew ond Sove $201


Tuesday, t, 197% Fla; S..liaei-Bull .... PWfelted enq Ud Frf ... Get Botla Llltieu _NAACP Set New, LowC...,le x For Bartow 'BARTOW Otis P. W illiatnll, state director of housing for the NAACP, announced Wednes day that a majo r l ow-rent apart ment complex will be built in Bartow. The 120 -unit facility will be :financed by a $l,G30, o 8 : J fed eral grant whic h Wi lliam 3 s aia "has been pending for three yea:rt!." The complex, to b e known as Tangerine G a rdens, wiH be locat ed on a 12 a rce site at the cor ner of Golfview A venue and Hamilton Street. Williams said he e x p ected all arrangements to b e completed within 30 d ays" and construc tion to b egin immediately afte r closing. The Burt Constr u c tion Co. Bartow, will be the g e n eral con tractor. The apartments will consist of 14 buildings, i n c luding 12 dwelling structures: They will house 12 one bedroom, <66 two bedroom and 42 three bedroom units. Occupancy is ex pected by late 1973 The apartme nts-will b e simi lar to the 132-uni t otis P. Williams apartment no w un4er construction in Lakeland. Williams said market value rents would be $156 per month !for the one bedroom, $171 per month for the two bedroom .and $190 per mon t h fo r the t\\ree !bedr oom units In addition to the livin g units; a washertte and. space for day .care center will a 1so be provided. The basic rent theapartlments will be $lOG for one bedroom, $117 fo1: tw o bedroom and $130 for three bedroom, with the federal government making up the differen ce !be tween basic and market YallLe rent. Under a speeial r ent supple4-CUT RATE PLUM BING C SOL'S TRADIIG POST NU-TUBS $10.5 0 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATERBEATERS WASH B ASINS, WALL CABINETS 18%.% E. BROADWAY PHONE 243-2411 SUMMER JOBS r B YOUR YOUHG SOH THAT CAM LAST AU. YEAR LONG. START HIM AS A ment program, some people will be able tct pay as loy u $ 5 8 $65 and $88 for the one, two three bedroom units -with the federal government again making up the difference. Williams s aid the will be unfurnished except for a refrigerator and stove. All uti liti es will be included in the apartments except phones. The apartment projec t is sponsored by the Urban Deve lopment Corp Leartis Johnson, Bartow, is president of the rs. Beulatt /Pqwell and other re1a.tives Of t!le vill age and city. All boys a ges IH4 intet"ested In playing HAIL football are askpd. to be at the Progress ViUage Park each weekday at 4 p.m. The Wild :cats iBoar's Oltili of Progress Village will sponsor a dance on iFriday IA.ugus t 4, 8 -12 p .m. at the ctvie Center. Charles ( Boot) ,Evans departed last week fur Wasihin gton, D.C. Florida Memorial college Guild Elect Officers .Edwin Grwham, f00111der and Chairman o f t he IBI()Ilrd o f the newly formed IF'Ik>ri da iMemorial College Guild la,st week, &nnooneed the electioo of the grouo' s firat slate of oUieet'll : I.At4 Green (1Mn J nck 1.), 'President. Mrs Green, formerly ILita Que.iado, is an active l1.leal ettA>mey-banker, and wile ol Jaclt II. Green, President ol 1 / 0 Associates, Joe., ootgoing. b-eman of Dade Grand Jury, and currently a candidate for IMayor iof Dade 1 0 ounty IM::rs. Green has lbeen a ctive with several other communit.y organizations. !Elected Vice ;Pre:gident wa 1 : Mrs R W /Puvyear, wife ill the c ollege weSJid'ent Elected Treasurer wa s Ml's. Ouistopher Ty. soo Wlho figu res prominently i n several other dvic organizations 11he ip\1111p(}se Qf the guild is to aid in financial, edu cational and civlic !Projects ol the college ,Presently it -has 85 memlbers and is 'Pia r.ming sevel'a l !benefits in be'ha.J, of ""lllege and its students. Gospel Mission Prayer Band D e a. Lonnie Simmons, Pre s. Willi e Bell e Williams R ept. The Gospel Mis s ion I P rayer IBand will meet Wednesday even ling at 7:30 at 1ihe home of M 'rs. !Ros a Lee !Pritc hett, !:!1121 23th Let us remember the sick and shuti ns. \"isitors are welcome. Mt. Zion Gospel _Dea. JB.JDes Mac ioa, Pres. M rs. Amanda Isaac, Rept. The Chorus

Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publlahed every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edlti.ofts Fresh Frter EVERY DAY UD SATURDAY 8 A. M. TO 7 P ,.M. ........................... 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Chicken BA(KS lb: SUHDA YS . . . . . . . . . . . 8 A.M. TO 12 MOON SPECIALS FOR AUGUST 2nd THRU AUGUST 6th -9c LYKES THRIFTY LEAH nRST CUT U.S.D.A. FRESH BREAKFAST BACON 3 Lbs. 79c PORK.CHOPS . 5 Lbs. $1.95 FRYERS -. -' Lb. 25C FlEE sf08 SIDE PABKIRG II FIUiilt AiD I,Fll LYKES PALM RIVER FRESH MEATY W l EN ERS ECONOMY PAC NE.CK BONES 3 Pkgs. $1.09 BEE.F STEAK Lb. 19c Lb. 79c SLICED PURE LEAN BREAKFAST BONElESS-. HAMS STEW BEEF-Lb. 59c U.S.D.A. FULL CUT 99c Lb. ROUND STEAK COPELAND'S BAR-C Lb. 99c SMOKE. D LYKES SLICED S AUS, A .GE BOLOGNA Lb. 59c Lb. 59c FRESH LEAH U S.D.A. TENDER JUICY PORK ROAST BEEF SLICED BABY 49c CHUCK ROA.ST Lb. BEE. F L.IVER --.. t,." """ 3 Lbs. $\:QO Lb. ""' .. , I ,-:.' .. -\ SAVE 26c SUPER ,SUDS Giant Box 3 9C SAVE 20c POTATO CHIPS M ,ayonn Full Qt. 5 Twin Pak )9C 2 Lb. Jar BEEF SAVE 20c: : Sloppy 'Joe 131/1 Oz. Can . WILSOM'S Corned Beef -Can. SACRAMENTO TOMATO SAUCE -10( EELBECK / GRITS 24 oz. Pkg. 19c .. 24 Oz Pkg. PERT NAPKI 60 Count 1 OVEH FRESH REG. 2 FOR 59c BREAD 4 King Size Loaves SAVE l&c JELLO PUDDING 4 Pack FRESH SHELLED BLACKE.YE PEAS Big Can 10c ACRES Big Can 1 TURNIPS MUSTAR WITH ROOTS GREEN! Can 1QC II""'"-. c ___ an ______ JQ


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. '-Pasbw -Says lest-Way To Serve Is With Businesses lord At'LANTA-The Rey. W. J. ford : believes a good :8011lld!!U investme.ot is 4lae bed way to ucther the Lord"s .,.k. 'lllat has been his philosophy simee 1955 when he founded the Fnee For All Missionary Baptist Chucch here triUl three members. l'dlllay, Free For An bu three samctuaries. DWDS aad operates folK" kinderearteas, an Qertmcnt complex, a in Undergrblld Atlanta. LaJit week Fde For AU ilad an oplioo to purchase the plush Top o' Peaebkee relltauraot tail atop the National Bank of Georgia building for $100,000. Staffd said the church planned to pur.cliaae the restaurant and begin 011 TuesdaJ, lurdl. dinner mixed drinks and offierimg nightly entertainment. Plao1 for the restaurant include ad.Wnal menus offering soul food he added. Tbe name would &:e ch-.te4 tG lbe Sottl at the 'fop of Pelldltf'ee, staftd said. A tp<>kesman for A. T. Timbe:lake, who owns the 'I'op o' Peachtree, said Timberlake has Jiven Staftd ancl the ellurch an4 trill .ell the tutaUNIIit if FrN 1 For AU chooses to buy. st.lford, a stocky Negro born an( neared in rural Jasper Count:v k the antithesis of the tradlman of tAecloth. ''tbe Paul' said, ber .die poor.' But. how are you goioe to help the Jl?<>r if you haYII!D't got anything to help them with?" stafford &aid during .an jnterriew one day last week. "Some ministen come in at 11 an'Pen e Black Atlanta Tour Guide .servic-!. un,e tour guide wm show both sides of Atlanta, t!)e plenty and the want. It's an at tempt to make-city fathers IMre teuitiv.e to .$OIDe of tile depressed areas of this city," be added. "We're gonna take people by the Stadium and the Civic Center and then we're gonna take them in th lums and the ghettos. To the black t:.ootUts we"rte gonna qy, 'Bee Blaek Atlanta First' and to the whites we're goona say, 'See Both Sides of Atlanta,' t:1e preacher continued. "We are go ing to take them acr011 tbe tracks. Stafford, who came to Atlanta at 17 on a r.ound trip ticlret his mot h er bought for him, worked in a laundry, a furnituN factory IUld before JoUll iotct' the GOT CU T-ILES? TRANSMISSION OVEBIIAUL *GEN. CAB. &PAIRS BY ILL 241-3291 I RAY-'S GARAGE 3tOY 3tfla IIIEEI IUIP& ,. -. GIANT-aUSES FIGHT OVEI H EAl'JH (ARE FOR POOl BlA(KS JACKSON', trythe 51-bed Delta Co!Jlmunity Ito. ing t" me the goat," com_ pita! with .a private h<>Spital 1. pliiined eo.-. William Waller after cated in Belzoni, aear Mound pickets bearing placards Bayou. him a .racillt, paraded Ollttiide Dis '.When you COMider that thlt t4JPe comparable operatioD Df the 65-bed "I'm the .oaly guy in :the history Belzoni hospital . has an of the state of Mississippi that has nual budget of $900,000, oc about ;ver clooe tor the pl)3:t" $4. 5 million less, you t11 people, for the btacb," be aadecl. imagine the magnitude of ,thil 'I'he govenaor waa lloondoln:de." he said. a budding ,c.litical fight over ifi-Richanl Polk projeet director. naneir!.r ()f a pioneer health eare said the Belzoni hospital has 3:1 project at the all-NegrG tmm of beds, not 65, and its $908,008 bUd<:: Mound Bafou, population 3,000. et compared with $850,008 fur the T?e Offioe of Economi? Oppor51-bed facility in Mound Bayou : granted $5 . 5 'The rest of tbe OEO :rant, :uif ::.ellioo.: to Pol.k. would go into ".comprehea. tG restsive hea1th work in the counties dents m a four-county area. But f C h .. _,; W 11 0 oa OlD& Dn a power play The bo.pital treated iabout tii.IJ)I to gain oontrol over OEO money persDg them, were raiSi'd by the of uearf,y $4 mil of the $S.5-million OEO for salaries On the other, proponents of the project claimed the critic.> simply weren't adequately formed and pointed to a press re lease fr()m Waller as 8B e.u.nwle, In the release, Waller wa8 quot ed as comparing the operation of ministry. "Atlanta," he says, "is a wide open city. If a !Jlack man is good he can make it, if not, he die s. They don't give out any favors Operations to the en



:suNG THEY WROTE GOLD RECORD SUCCESS IN TWENTY DAYS Black General-WillHead Division MAJOR GENERAL JAMES F.1 HAMLET WASHINGTON The Army announced Thursday the assign ment of a black general for the first time to head an infantry division in the United States. -' He is Brig. Gen. James F. Hamlet, 51, a native of Alliance, Ohio, who was nominated earlier this week for promotion to major general. Hamlet will command the 4th Infantry Div>isli.on /Meiclhani.zed at Ft. Carson, Colo., succeeding Maj. Gen. John Bennett, who is retiring. The change is ef fec tive Aug. 25. The move will give the army two balck major generals for the first time in history. The army's balck two-star MEMPHIS "If Loving You Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Luther Ingram hit was a sucess twenty days after release and general, is Frederic E Davison, Right" proved to be the right thing for Stax songwriters (left to earned them gold records, commander of the 8th infantry _r_ig_h_t_) _R_ay_m_o_nd_J_a_c_ k _s_o_n,_C_a_r-:I_H_ in Germany. BLACK STUNIMAN BREAKS A BA.RRIER IN HOLLYWOODBURBANK, Calif. --The role f the black stuntman in motion pi c tures took an histf the city more of the business at a gym n asium in Santa Monica ; he bought his own horse to learn west ern riding tricks, and took train ing in precision aub driving The next thing he knew he was a full-fledged st' untman knocking on the door of the Stuntmen s Association, which in due course opened to his persistent knocks. MoreBlack Families Needed In-Pinellas Adoption Pro jed ST. PETERSBURG Since the ad vent of . the pill, the lega lization of abortion in s o m e states, and the new morality of the so called ' Now Genera. tion," the availability of iJl fant is markedly on the, decline. Consequently Project CAN is focusing efforts on placing the child with' special needs 'That's what Project CAN is all about! Childt;en may be hard-to place because of age, race of medical pr<'biems. Nevertheless these children offer an adoptive family a chanc e to really do something :for a child in need of a per manent home and family, Funds are,::J>rov iided for Pro ject CAN Juvenile Wel fare Board o{ Pinellas County for the placement of the )'oung-sters. Most of thechildren on re ferral for adoption are black children. More black familiea are needed if. Project CAN is to continue to place childrep at the rate it has in the past fe\V months. Won t you offer a child a home? Some facts about adop tion are: You .must be at least 21 years of age; You can be single; You can be a working parent; Mar ried couple must be married at least 2 years; You don't have to have a large bank account; and, you don't have to own your own home to apply for one of these Persons interested should call, AI Thomas ; ir i St. Peters bu rg, 862-6525,


Tues d ay, Auaust 1, '1972 Shirley Chisholm' S By VERNON GARRETT Let it be said again : The black delegate response to Rep. Shirley Chisholm s bid for the Presiden tial nomination at the Democratie National C onvention should not be 11sed as a negative index to blar,k political awareness and racial sol idarity. There are several valid explana 1 tions as to why the fiery congress woman from New York received less than one-third of the votes of the estimated 459 black delegates on the first ballot. One expla:1 a tion-which became highly visible at the convention-was Rep Chis holm herself. Months before the final s how d own, Rep. chisholm had been ac cused of being a candidate of only her a mbitions and of the white Women's Lib movement. Admire Her Spwtk However, there were thousands of blac k people who admired her S{!unk, keen intelligence and driv-e, 2nd while conce ding her defeat they wanted her to "at east look good on the first ballot After the first b jg black dele gate caucus on the Sunday prior to the offici al opening of the con vention, Rep. Chis holm caus e d many of her supporters to see her in a different light That afternoon she practicall y alienated all of her mpport among the 13 black con gressmen and the leadership of the Black National Convention held in Gary last March. Before a battery of newsmen and television cameras she un leas hed a vicious blast at just about every black leader not comBuy From R orida Sentinel Advertisers mitted to her on the first. ballo t. It was one of those signifying" that reeked with self righteousness and strong --emotion al appeals to race. Her chanting, uncomproniislng supporters pll11ctuated her every remark from the beginning when she said : My brothers and sisters ( w il d cheers), let me tell it to you this aft-ernoon like it is (more cheers and stomping).'' ly, "Call names, call names." She declined. You ll find out who they e .re The entire story will l.-nfolded in November I'm not here today-as the man in the stre-et says-to gG around had mouthing every body." But that is exactly what she did by not being specific After her s peech many sincere delegates aad alternates tried to figure out the king-makers and power brokers: Was it Rep, .Ronald Dellums o! C alifornia who was ."h e r earliest backers? Was it ti:le Rev. 3esse L J.aok-son, who cuddles hor affectiQI11.8tely at .a January Opera ti on PUSH meeting in Was it Rlep Wal ber Flaumtry of D C ? Wes it Rep. Charles Diggs of Mi ohlg;an :or Gary Meyor Richarrl Hatcher, who headed the Gary convention? What about Rle.p. L0uis Strures of Ohio who .along with the Bev. Jackson had. d i scuss e d funds that .day wH; h Sen.,ge McGovern? Woe know could -be pl'esums:b1y guilty the Clhisn o I m guidelines. amGut tme slave trade She said at th e very moment that for a laves remains central -attraction. There -ar-e ather ohl "Slav e houses, but most are in poor re,pair. The 'Institute of Black A'frica in Dakar has set up a his torkal mu seum in .a slave house. Auro A. l. BILBBIDE DiS . Before .:after 4111 a ccident 1201 'M!AR:ION -sREET PHONE 223-5531 Her supporters shouted repeated state has made the pilgrima,rge here 'file islanders, who -enjoy the exdtement of a n fer:-yb!iYat -of taurists, .aTe wary of the plans fmr -developing tourist , H I _, Eadt CH \ 5 lhs. TENDEI RIB S lfAI Lb. 89c LARGE ,fRY-ERS Eadl 89c A I! l SWEETHEAR' T Bar c u.. tiHS Lit. 'VICO Pkg 35< RY P T FOOD 'IE SYBP 1/ z Gal. 5 &. A Ga


Tuesday, August 1, 1972 I Baseb,alli -Banter Bethun Coach 'Shocked! As Grid Star Signs Baseball-Contrad missed more for his punting abil. ity-we have good runners, receiv ers and passers but he sure lef.t me hurting for a punter C ontinu ing, Jack said he s a fine ath Jete and should do well. I w ish him luck.". Remember a few weeks ago .I wrote that I didn t think thaC Vida Blue wolud be able 1 o re turn to last years form? Hardly ever has a player held out as much as six (6) weeks from the beginnig of the season and the_n get the job done as usual. I have seen the same thing happen over and over again down through the years It seems that if a player doesn't get in on the ground floor of spring training it does some thing to his rhythm, timing and his whole performance. The thing that concerns me most about the Vida Blue case is that he may have tried too hard too fast after reporting so late This is never good for a player to rush in gettnig ready to play In jury' soren e ss and fatigue are almost inevitable. This is especial ly ti-ue with pitchers Pitchers often injure their arms or shoula ers when they try to thi'ow too hard too soon When a pitcher in juries his throwing arm it is u s uall y fatal as far as pitching Is c onc e rned Th i s is exactly wha t I f e ared the yo_ ung and inexper Blue might do. Vida Blue may be a lucky one ev e n though his performance so f a r tl'\is season has not been good to say t he leas t Up to this writ ing Blue had won two (2 ) games and lost fiv e (5) with an earned run average of well over thrfe (3) runs p e r nine (9) innings pitc hed This is of course is a lo n g l ong way from what V ida was doing this time 1aSt year. At this time last year he was l e ad ing all maj o r league pitchers with a eightetn (18) and three ( 3) w o n and Joss record He was also leading bo t h major leagues in almost every department and was a st -arter in The All Star Ga111e. The reason I say that Vida Blue may be iucky is that he is injured as r felt he would be but the good thing about his jury is that it is not to his arm. He was fortunate enough to hurt a knee which doesn't see m tci be too serious but enough to keep him from straining too much A youngster like Vida Blue is nearly always an eager beaver and when Oakland's owner eccen tric Charles Finley said he ex pected Vida Blue .to win twenty (20) games this year even though he started six (6) weeks late I knew Blue was in trouble First of all I knew he would want tc try .to win twenty (20) games to prove to Mr. Finley he i s worth the raise he squeezed out of him. Then again there was the thing to be considered A superb pitcher like Vida Blue just can't take a brilliant season one year and a dismal one the n e xt no matte r what the reason Vida Blue is like any other young athlete blessed with an in Morgan State Big Winner INE1 W YOIRiK J 1t's a wonder Earl Banks aod his assista n t s ever find the' t ime to gan State's football team; s Banks himself teaches a classroom fuur days a week, and he hel:ps his water tJhe prac tice field, type' and answer the o -fifice telephone Bl;l !fore practices and games, they issue equipment and ta pe play ers. BLbt Banks and bis staff have found time to mold t1he winning. est team in college-division foot ball over the last 110 so-i\sons. "!Mol"gan State boasts an .8 319 won } ost percentage to runnemp C e n tral of Iowa s 800 for 1952-71 When a3 anks booame he ad coach at Morgan in he i n iterited a team only the s e cond loser in Edward Hurt' s 31-ye -ar coaching career at Moor gan Sta. te "There was great pressure then," recall-s Banks, ''but J never worded. Hard W()rk and building spirit was 1!he an ever OllCe did I think a (Continued On Page 19) nate talent superior to others He has an image to uphold and he would stop at nothing to stay at the top I hope all this has been a lesSon to him and others. If he or others want more money : they should try in some way te get the negotiations over before the sea.tOn starts. Vida Blue may be able to help Oakland before the season is over but as of right now it doesn't appear that Oakland will need any help At this writi11g Oak Ja,nd is leading The American League West Division by a very comfortable margin and g o i n g away DAYTONA BEACH Bethune Cookman C ollege Athletic Direc tor said: -.. I was shocked to. read in the morning paper that Gregory Dobson had signed a professional baseball contract with the New York Mets He led me to believe that I could count on his services during the 1972 football season . I just don't understand it." McClalren was referring to a pic _ture-caption released by the New York Mets representative Julian Morgan today . Dobson out11tanding in football and baseball BCC_ was drafted PROFESSIONAL FROITEID AUINMEIT gas :: :::-. ( ,.' earlier this summer by the Mets, .. However he didn't sign, indicat i ng that he would rather finish school When rumors started earlier this week that he had signed, Dob son told a BCC offiCial tbat time -is running outfor me if I am ous baseball At 21 years old most players are already in the majora. This Is my big chance and I took advantage of it. When asked if he had--talked to his : coaches, DQbson simply shruggtd his &boulders . McCJairen said1 ."DobSQ_ n will ba During his career in footbaU, Greg passed for more than 500 yards, rushed over 700 and caught p?_sses for nearly 1000 yards Last .year he was second leading punter in the SIAC Conference with a 37-!J average As a baseball player hs struck out 214 batters and main tained a .400 plus batting averaga as he alternated in the outfield and first base. Dobson joined the Mets Farm Club at Pompano Belich today He will be used as an outfielder ''SNAP BACK,. -E.IE -TUNEUP zg Add $2 for aart9nd. 'ars. Iitclude s all labor and :these parts: New spark plugs, ... uut:uller, points, HOW AT YOUR HEARBY GOODYEAR-SERVICE STORES TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA Easlgale Hillsboro Plaza ACROSS FROM Downtown ACROSS FROM 5202 N. 22nd ST. Open Daily 8:30 to 5 :30 2901 W. Hillsborough Brillon Plaza West Shore Plaza Aqui se habla Espanol PHONE 877-9528 Morgan & Twiggs Sts. PHONE 237-3361 Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 229-9821 5002 w. Kennedx_ Blvd. TAMPA TAMPA Temple Terrace Horlh Gale PHONE 831-1891 Open 7:30 to 5:30 PHONE 877-6701 9240 N. 56th ST. 9222 FLORIDA AVE. Dally 8:30 to 8 P.M. Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. Open Dally 8:30 to 5::10 PHONE 988-4191 PHONE 932-6166 Sat. S A.M. to 5:30 J,!:spanol 4qul_ habia Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 se : -; .......... ;,


r rfutiday, Aueust 1, '1972 Fla, Sentint"l-Bulletln Published every Tuea. an d Fri. Celt Both Edidons PACE NINETEEN DIABET' S GETS JAC.KIE ROBINSON DOVVN BUT NOT OUT I NEW YORK Diabetes has teammates were there. Like Joe thrown a knockout pitch at J.ackie Black, Ralph Branca, Sandy Am Robinson. oros and Clyde Sukeforth. He can see nothing at all oul Some of his old rivals were of his right eye and the sight in there, too. Like Bobby Thomson. his left eye is only fair, accord in!: There were others also like Buck io his wife Rachel. Leonard, a fellow hall of farner; Typically, Jackie Robinson asks AI Jackson, and .Joe Christopher for nobody's concern, nobody's and Valmy Thom as, two former pity, nobody's bleeding heart. big leaguers from the Virgin It's not that bad he tried to Islands. make light of the whole thing :l{ahn began by saying J'ackie y, hile obliging a lady with his autoRobinson was born in Cairo, Ga., graph Wednesday at a local mid during the Spanish flu epidemic in .. town restaurant where the U S. 1919. Then he introduced Jackie's Virgin Islands government hon older brother, Matt who had ored him for his contribution and a fine sprinter in his time and unselfish efforts ln. developing oponce finished second to Jesse black athletes "See, ow ens . I still see good enough to write ; ,Most of you know my brother my name." through baseball," said Matt RobAt 53, Jackie Robinson certainly inson. "I wish you could have seen isn't ari old man. -. him on the gridiron He did some Nor does he look Hke one de things that were unbelievable. I spite the fact hts hair is prac also remember being at a track tioally pure snow \yhite by new. meet one tirrie Jackie came by Maybe he's having some trouble and he was still in his basebaH seeing but there isn't anything uniform. He had never wrong with his hearing. That' s still jumped before but I said to him perfect. 'c'mon, get; in tl)e J?road jump.' He So he leaned a bit forward in had no practice or anything but his seat and caught every word he won. They disqualified him that was said up on the dais on though l:)ecause he hadn t been Wednesday. Robinson purposely weighed beforehand or registered was not given a place on the dais. in properly The reason be wasn't was beClyde Sukeforth and Ralph Bran cause they made the affair for ca came next. Sukey told about Jackie Robinson something like how Branch Rickey, the late ex-this is your life show. Only in general manager of the Brooklyn stead of Ra1ph Edwards conductDodgers,-had sent him to scout ing it, Roger Kahn, autqor of Robinson and find out "if he can Tampa_ U. Titkets On Sale Aug. t The University of Tampa At>hle tic Department announced today that Spartan football kets !have been received and are nw on sale at the Plhillips F-ield Ticket Office. Tickets will also be available on August 1 at the Tampa, Olearwater, St. Peters. bui\g a .rid Lakeland. Sears stores; I Belk.J..indsey at B-l'itton; Air drome Tire on Oass -stree t and dn Brandon; acd Ma.CIDill Ser. vice Club Sea son ticke ts :are discounted .at $37.00 until August 9. Jlndivi dual game tickets are priced at $6.00, $3.'50 and $1.:50 for IMiami a.nd Vanderbilt; and $5.00, $3.0 0 and $1.00 for Toledo, E -astern IM ichlgan, Louisville, Southern I H!inois, D a rke, F lorida A & M, and Bowling Green, Ali Announces Pakistan Visit RA WALUINDI, Pakistan Muhammad Ali, former world !heavyweight boxing champion, js coming to Pakistan for a nine day visit Aug. 12-20, it was an no unced Tuesday. Ali will be the guest of the Pakistii,Il. government, a 1 o n g with 12 -member entourage which includes sparring partners. ners . They will give boxing demonstrat ions at Karachi, Lahore, Is lain : bad, Peshawar afid Quetta. Ali also will address congre gations in mosques. be11t. seller, ''The Boys of Sum. throw from the hole," while Bran mer," in which Robinson is in-' ca talked about "the greatest eluded, did arid it was felt Jacki e catch" he ever made, leanl ng out h f h d na rom p ase -out Mays High could get much more out of f.he of the Dodgers' dugout in St. Louis 'lind the 16th draft pick from proceedings seat-ed in the audience to .grab. Robinsop, and prevent him W_isconsin; tight end Willie rather than up on the dais. ,.._ frQm .falling in while Jackie was Allen, the University of Miami Some ?i Robinson's pld going after. a high foul b!lll. elumn. us struggling to make the .. . .. transition from basketball, and Curry Thr .. _ownfour TD. 'Shula has a thing for this .Passes In 4 rPolph-in. D 'rills. ,. . . time. He expressed. disap pointMIAMI :.... craig Curry ; fh! representing the ultf: ment Tuesday. over last year's rookie whose poise and camman" d m a'te test for the -_24 r_ookies modest turnout estimated at at quarterback 'have meriited atleft on Coach Don Shula's 7Q12 000. te)ltion in camp, will be among . man roster. Proceeds are used to fund four returning for <- "He's thrown four touchdown Larry Little's Gold Coast sulriS!Iturday .nighfs Dolphin 'Pa:sses in three scrimma -ges," lll1er camp for ghe'tto kids and squad scrimmage at 7:30 m _tlie Sh:tila said of" Curry, the No; the cosponsoring Kiwanis You t h Orange 8 draftee from Minnesota. "Froin Foundation. 9urry,. the_ Gables Hig}l : :what .we've seen -of him so far, "we .think it's a worthy !J>rodu.ct _batthng to make, the we're impressed. He .'s working cause," Shula said. "The players squad while doubling as quarter-as a receiver, too, because the and everybody else agreed to back and receiver, w!ll be .all dual role can help him make 'Pay their way in because they ing signals with Bob Griese. : the club." want to be part of what Little Earl Morral limd : Jim Del Gaizo ;The other Miamians all rookhis as3ociates are doing in the contrpJ led _(no kickinig ) -ies; are wide receive; AI Han-\ with Gold Coast.'' : OPEN' .. SATURDAY ... '1'1116 -'MORE THAN 200 CARS-FROM STATION WAGONS, FAMILY CAM, SPORTS ... FOREIGN CARS. '65's THRU 1972's. CHEY.ELLES 2-Dr. and 4-Dr. Low mileage . .. . from: Ferman's own rental fleet power steering, P?wer brakes, Factory Air! 12 $ 3 .27 5 from! Choice of Cillors! 72 --CHE. yy IMPALAS4-Dr. HT's. Fully power . .. : equipped, with Factory Aid Some Vinyl Tops! Low mileage from Ferman's $3395 Fleet! Wide Color Selection! 14 to Choose From! Your Choice! '72 CHEVY VEGAS 3-Dr. Hatchbacks. Auto. Trans., Factory Air, Low $2395 mileage from Ferman's own rental fleet! 8 to choose Choice of Colors 172 BUICK SKYLARKS 2 -Dr. or 4 Dr. Fu_lly . power eqmpped, w1th Factory Air! Some Vinyl Tops! 8 to Choose From.! $3395 Ch9ice o' Colot:s! . '71 BUICK RIViERA Power brakes, $3995 . Factory A1r, Tilt Wh. eel, Vinyl Top! '71 MUSTANG Big 6-Cyl., 3-Speed Showroom condition! Red with Black vinyl $2395 Intertor . . .. '69 CHEVELLE NOMAD STATION WAGON 307 Open Weekdays V-8, Automatic Trans., Power steer-$1595 _ _ . ing, Factory Air. 9 P; M., '69 CHEV IMPALA 4-Dr. HT, V-8, Trans:, : : & G o ld $1'795 -.. -''WBOLESALE-DEPT-.!'. (Bay as tracled in) '' COACH WHITE SPEAKS AT BANQUET On Sunday evening the Missionary Volunteer Society ef Mt. CaJvary Seventh Day Adventist Church had their awards banquet at the Manger Motor Inn. The speaker was Hillsborough Com munity College baSketball coach, Charles J. White. Seated left Is Mrs. Betty As_he, Mistress of Ceremonles1 BLACK BULLRIDER S -EEKS TO BECOME WORLD'S BEST CHIEYI,EJN1NE, Wyo. "The thing I don't like a :bout ibis bull riding," sa id buslcling on a .pair of meanlooking &p\JJ11S, "is tihat first you have to get on that damned 'bull." iBut getting aboa -rd dangerous iBrahma bullll in more than 8<1 rodoes this year is the only way IDiglhtman: c :an become t'he best bui..Lrider in tlhe world-insteed of being just the black bullnider. "I : admti t it, I'm sc.ared to death every time I get oo," he said. "Some people love it. I dread it.'' Dj,gihtman, 35, ol Crockett, Tex: isn't the fi r st black row iboy' to hit 1ile pro In 1000, wlhen he started, he was rela.t:i.veey unknown, but talented. Now, he's a real vet eran sdnee m06t riders a re in their earey H;e's been finish ing .thkd tlhe_ 0.9167 world com petition, totaling 16,01:4 points IRe wa 1 s fourth il968, then fell from tibe top five the next two years, and out. of the tOip HI last yea.r. 1But during the Giheyooe I Ftron tier Day:s !Rodeo tllis week he s howed signs of regaining his old form. ille carefulily prepared for a ride bandaging, testing and ad justing. Urul" his jeans he wore a woman' s girdle to he-Ja> ease an old rna> injw-y. He wrapped hJs riglht knee and right elbow in elastic banda. ges, and taped his wrists. Wlhen Ibis bull came out, Diglht man was ready, s-taying on even when the big anima[ biUirled hi. mself into the air and then tumbled to tihe ground. When the bull regained his feet, man was S:puJ:lring. He seored a fa irly good 63 points. The judges could have given hlm a reride because the animal fell. "'I figure tihe odds were '1\

.Recent l y y(i)ii!US ul:l!li.y stated that 1 W9lllfd elaberat a blli. what r:eali!y happened whm I l'eftl. Mid:dietm Hip 'nine yean have past Rne my Cileparlwe from 1llle ooee Belmont JleiafU se. ior High Stiloot. afteJ' twenty three (23) year as bead tbere- I say that tbft'e was some W rw4l to the point many peoplle tiUII. It is for Wis reasoa I to elaborate some en the whole b i t. I have beard so maray n r sions Ole last tiu'ee yean as to what redy happmed l tmn11 i t is oow liimie t o ret t00se that tml'l'll they but realli.J' doo' t know a dl!l' lilly !mow what bappe111elit. Frankl'yi It iis m) liJIJie's but wfiml I c111ntinue 1lo hear so many tnmg:s aliloc!.rut tlile whole tl!l:iimg I f eel that Ulere are some that deserve t o the real truU! Qf comse. as always I d'Gn' t give a tm!Un dama about what the busy loodies. ad mesa stnrrers say or spread. These type people ami t he:re alwaya. plenty of tilem anuJCI GJB any tmmg tbati givu them a to troobfe f Usu a tly people spl'ead gossip an out of S0ri5 aod male--op thiBgS that (!OJDe oot the way they want them to I have had. people to come up to me who were actmtfPy sorry tor me llfld tearfully express S)'mpathy becauae ef smne off tbe wall m.eas they bad ptclled up S(o}mewbere along the way I never tried to to some of these pepote what really happened becanse I Jmew 1t would have ben to 110 avail !or people in genera! seem to like to> bel ieve the worst At times I had to grin after talldnc to these people but deep down in!Nde I sort felt sorry for ftlem for be ing 8() as to believe every,thmg they hear. GoalsW......_ Aft e r working practically twenty U1ree ,ears as head coach, edtlcation chairman,. and bus driver ptua a thimp I w!II bav. to lldmtt I needed a rest and pnbably didn't have as muc:b fire IIICI bnm stone as I once had. The pressure of over seven hundred cames, lots of them as tbe .CIIIly CClaCb, u head eoaeh plua U. triais aDd tribulations of domestic aad life can t-f& man. Add to UJis a s taff that wouldll't confOim and wotbes. ODiy on& that bas been tbroug)J it eau poeaibly kllli)W th& effeci It ha.& oo the human body and its enroUooal system When a reai!}! dedicates ms body ana swl to the Derve. !fracktn& tion of coaching he has very Wle time for anythmg else. A dedi cated cooch needs and very ,.upport from that are cloeest to hlm. He needs understandmg because at times he is very aloof and even aelf centered. He needs. support beeause his life is one of nero today ad bum t.oiiU>Trow. If those closest to a dedi c a ted coa c h when the chips are sure doWll stic k wi t h him they are hypocrites and not peopfe wrth loyalty in their souls A dedicated coach has every kind of obstacle there is to be confronted with and if h i s wife close friends assist" ant c oaches and superiors don't stick with h i m when tbe inevitable arise s it can be one holy hell of a situati on Health And Critics My personal ph y sician had told me for quii e aome time !hat I neede d rest from the whole thing but I had a goal .in mmd. I wanted vety -badly to make twenty five (25) years M head coa c h. I knew that I bad developed a JIUlminary fllat was get ting worse as time marched on. The cond1tlon worned me nQ end after several trips to the emerge,n c y rooms of local 1 decided it was time to give it up and ask for an athletic t ors p o sition I had five ('5J more football games to go to make It twe nty years as a head coach then I was going to let i t go for a whil e at leas t My staff knew that I waS\ going to call it qui t s. The speculation as to whi c h one of them would be my suc cessor got t he better of some of them Of Ule seven ( 7 ) man .staff I had I knew there was only one (1) that. wasn t really uptight about be coming head coach I gave no indication as to whom I would rec ommend to be my &ucce!lllOr. My plans all along were to have Coa c h Abraham Brown succeed me for he worked honestly, {ai:h fully and tenaciously with me for years and years. HOwever, Coach Brown became quite despaired by the rebuttal of aome o f my a s sistants to our ways of doing things. We both knew all the time what was going on and Coach Brown decided to move to B lake Hi gh when came to escape the pressure. I knew that I bad a fight on my bands but I ciluldn't win it runn ing from it. A head coach always has criti c s .on th. e outside whether he is a winner or not. I knew wbo my outsJde cnt1cs were ,and I knew for years-the pats they gav e me on the back when w o n was only a search for a place to stiek a knife when and if 1 faltered I also knew that these outside critics wer& getting closer and closer to the dissension minded members of my staff and e v e n to my superiors. It was an almost unbearable situation for two years and I became nervous and quite frustrated. I knew that I co uld release or fire any member of my staff that I wanted to anyti me In fact it was suggested that I fire certain members of my staff on o c casions by my superiors. I didn t do it because e ach and every member of my staff were my former players whom I had coached, secured College athletic scholarship& for aod hired a s a ssistants when they graduatetk I felt tha:t some d. them still n ee d e d help in more ways than one That is my nature and al ways will be my :nature. I never want to hurt anyone In anyway. I s u ppose I do burt or have hurt_ some people at times but you can bet it is never intentional. Ceatinod ext week) QUICK QUIPS: It was a precious blessing to see Hank Aaron hit a borne run in the All Star Gall)e last week. Hank deserved it be c ause he was hi tti n g only .166 for his many other All Star Game appeax:ances. J\,ar o n lacks only fifty six (56) more homers to beat Babe Ruth s lill time home run record. Aaron. w ill ge t t hose fifty six (56) h o m e r s and probably more. Was glad to know that Coach "Big Jim" Williams had his tonsils remored recently. With the job hehas ahead of him he can' t aff ord any mid'-aeason ailments Believe me I know what ton silitis can do to a man. It was very good t() know that black golfer Nate Starks of S t. Petersburg W'Oil the recent NTGA tournament at Bradenton's Buckhorn Springs Coura& In a playoff Starks had lOilllt in a play off two (2) weeks previous in a NTGA tournament. Mr. Starks is richer u a result of his win and he now leads the tour games and often in tiie dressiag r00111>.. Mlt .Jilrl0Mm WiU 1111 studmil. in. sebeQL, IIIWi. while doing post graduate _._ He vevsaliile awl w:as aD ac; coiD4Plmbe.Q bass clarinet and oboe pllil)!ev .. Re. arso a lfflVY' good basketbalt coac'lll and often 1!1.\eteaullS. h.e. e.filached wort infura:. mu.ttal and cfty league chmpiioashfps Mr. Brow.n .. filf,liltet' W!ls -nev-er ret hi's lloamicap wi11l't what he w.11fttecll 00. ch &. became a pJ0Ii usht.g a et'llllci: h as Be lo'red yl!llllng pe0.ple ami hiilm. Be nevev missed 1111 119 a iR> he e filliliil Alt tlile tiu:J:ae Oil recemt Elibtss aaQ. deaiiiih M wasin -'11a.m.pas c-.. centrated Employment Plz&tpaa whee liet0 needy people of a11. Eacts,. creedS. ana cQlQrs... Tbe loas oi Mr.. B11own was a per-.a.l thina to me and l am suret.flei-e are many others that feel sa -me way. Mr. lAFemiD Bro.wn will be sorel:,v mi3sed b;y! the enfire al'ett aDd sr!at'e Res:t ht peace Lorenzo. Brown. HKKS Sill PRIME MAN IN lHI JUS' SECONDARY HE'MPSTEAD L ]POD ago, l!fter W K. Hids bad CGme fram HotlSton io NeW fDr a fiftfl.romrd dl'Fift lhel'e W'8l3' seven Yfl'ltl'S of fi!labail starling ellperief]ee ill h Jet defmme Hi elils had m a1 tilftft. Gus Hol:toman a Starter for Denver in l!S!t before coming t o the Jets arso in '7ft fur C'orrr el'f Gordon, had the. other year .. "There was steve GbJS. Earlie Thoml!S and s ai.d Hicks who was as a fr e e agent by the Oilers out of: Texas Seufh ern in 1964. Buf, we had t he besf secillld!ll'J in the league that year." That was Ule year the Jets se. ondary had the lowest percentage of passes completed against tlile:m in aU of footba1l. .. Last' year, lilowrier we had a lot of m illlries bac:k there,'' said Hicks. Almost e"'eEybody was lmr including me!' TllJ)Jlft) suf f ered a tendf:lft stnilll in t!ie opening game ag.ain5t Baltimore. Holl(}man sustBiined :t strained right knee against Engl and and then a broken wrist agafnst DaUas. 'l'bf>mas h ruli.ied ribs in the Jets game witlil: Miam i after being ., hero of the first content. Hicks miSted three-games with: !JnDse:J tn money won this year with $!5 ,9'I&.83. Went wailing on Campbell Courtney CatJSeway with friend Bob Martin last weekend and g ot six ( & ) red fish m abwt twenty (:) to thirty (30) minutes d u e t o rain lighting and darkness Het P..U aod Mini Sldrfs really don't do mu<:h to conceaf. Their :real purpose m essence is to reveal If they kill they surely will h:eiil. Right now I just n'h lm.ow liroW I iee l ribs. 'rllwe were filim& including some notable perfOI'rn aaces ; by Chris Farasopou!os PIU1 Wise, at safety spots and Ute. r.aturn af Jcl\n IDocftery to. tlile cor nerback spot after his good ye-ar in t!J69. .. I don t know what it's. geing tGl look like hack there this year." safd Hicks. "We afso have a tot of talented new fellows in camp tailS year. The ome thing we do have is a llllli of d'eptb. Ed Bille s the Jets' new defensive ba:ekfie J d coach, agreed, we have a good competitiV'e si'tuatfun in that backfield this :year, Biles sa: d Ru0gm!i;zed as tlre dean af tile secoodary wilth ei;ght years Of fJF() experiarce, tlre 3tl-yeacV-old t hGught he hadn>"t reaeliled h v s peak yet. .. I l' rke I'm iin the best shape :Fve been in m the years. Hicks maintamed. A two ,time alJ-star at Houston Hicks led the league in inter eepti

Ardnlr AlllLiAfflla'.fA .au ve'a e'f pr.o..fffW1lballl ' '\walk-ons : W i 1.1 i : e <en wwo children to t hin' k wbout. 'l'le .knows he owes 'them ll \husband and father's caite. G!lut :ar. ke d h m :der e from pro scout-s. lfhen 'forget about 'the pro scouts. Think about a truck :to drrve and meOical bills to pay. !Forget about football. Well, not qui t e ... "I always believed I had the ability to ,pl!!:Y ,pro football," said Green from t h e Saints camp dur-NFL 'Ra-oing 111 tpr .actioe lbraak. a mutter ltif let'tting : a l\nd I just ilo ,pe I can 'llra'we 11he m as t of i.t." G11een b elieved that. .ment tman, .dr.op.ped iby 'to l od k .at a couple < df free a-gents. Giteen w-asn't :one cif tl:rem Not at ! !But the '5-IO, 195-<}'lounder liailke d tto Shepher-d. not a bout 'f,ilS a *oad Moolcler ibut he''l aggressiansas 011w Mar.chd ti .and .Clarence "A':.e" Pa11kar: : a tr:ilple-tthreat -star wit!1 .the Itl.0'dger:s in the l9SOs. More :than 5 ,090 tlined the h1Hs ar. mmd :t he .Hall of F.ame building In -sunnw weathe. r .and \Wer.e rno;v.ecl by Mat-son I s emothmal responses. 'Matson, who sllarred -with the Chicago Cardinals, Los Ang e l e . Rams, 'Detroit Lions and Phlladei phia tdld of his poor child hood. I d idn't even have enoug 'h money for a football, .he said. I took a tin can, wrllJ).ped it up, and Pr-etended it w .as a iootball." Matson, the 1952 NFL R ookie o f the ear w.ith the Cardinals, .was -convinced he would <.make it in tllP. .sport despite his mother' s wishes that he b-ecome a doctor. Fa Icons' (larence BIHs Sars Helll Plav Again Soon "Sut .. when a man wants sru:ne thing in ,hi-s tlif fe and lhe wonks esenteJ I D.idn'.t ( G;eor.g ,e) tK.unz COtme by his former coach, Joe Kiuha G:ruE!E Ni\ill!UUE, S . C. -::Dhe Quick s howe:r .and ,th, e youl1;g man in the .bright gold too shirt w ith 1!he bi g C' emblazon e d on tne back h obbled ,for a Oonst'l\uc tjon project and s'hel ter fu-om 'the r-2in. iHe could .b-aMe headed for a h their tPaoes. :But then .a lot of peaple d o jdnl t !gO l11.igibt fll'JYd me \Was hette 1n a <>ner tJhan a lot of people think. "I should be out of this .cast lln two weeks," he said. "That !Jneans I Slhoul.d be re adw to play again :by the first [ df 1he the negular '11hat would be a pretty quick recovery. He was .hurt ,on .July 11M aDd the first g;arne J s Sept . 117. 'ro in that game would mean ,he .. w.oulq -Jla .ve to be baolt 1m(! ;abowt. 'iiix weeks ai'9 days?" 1-ich. tHe ,did, .out then w the R Qger.s P M.k Golf Asso ciation S unday at the .Roge :rs .Ra .11k Co.urse w.ru_1 Q,y D r W W. Andrews, A.mos ow ing 'himself comp1eteey .\'lil cseasens, has 1 b.een out' r-eg .ulw[ Jili a tlonee 'QJJe'r.BtiGn, biJI& Gale ruri! n ot. The Clhica;go Bears ha:v.e staJ'ibe.d twiae :at t heir !Biens!!elaer, 'l.n .cl . c.anJ!P od when all i 'he l'egula,rs 'Showed up l:ast .S'31Jrmd:ay J}r. Theo dot>e F .o-x., who perfurmoo the sur;gery. t fee lis :it's in 'Sa\V'rrs' best interest if 'be :del-ay s testin,g the knee in ,actual wankeuts. Sa\Y'E!I'S :bas r.eaa'he.d .1ilne '' ariHe:al phase" '()' f his r:eha19i1itation, and the w .a_y things 'Stan d rio.w. Abe Gibsen, the \Bears' new head coac:h, isn't sur.e whether 'OT not he can col:ll'li ,on him .bhis _w:ear. And if Gale S ay:ers doesn't make it this y .ear, that ,c01:1ld b e the end. CAG KnPS S(ORttKl IN RQIT TO REfiA,N HALIH CL1\aKSB'URG W. V.a. -West Vinginib .at the state liguor .s.tor.e. "1 oan k nor.mall1( s.aid Ogle-sb y a 15-,point per .game .scor -er and Jeading Tebounder .as a J.u .nior. I cal'l t nun, but I can .raise llil'tY l elit anm bead ,hi_gh .and can move my left hand. He 'went 1An .Missers league Hitter5 BDw1ing w. L. .Sta nding 7-11 store . .. . 2 1 28 -12 Magni'ficent !Four 1 a 24 -}6 Atlanta L ife ln. 9 1 22 -18 007 2 2 22 -'18 Bowers :Bar. Sh. 4 0 21 -19 Mitchell' s Clnrs 1 3 21 -19 iRed TQp B a r .. 2 2 131,2-26% Port IT'pa Bar .. 0 4 S J /z-31 Y 2 Ladies' High Game -Ora .Lee Br.own 172 Joyce Reddish 170, Eldora Baker 154. 'Ladies' High 'Series-Joyce Red di-sh 419, ((i)ra Lee Brown -43S, El dora Baker 391. Men's High Game-David Waters 194, Le vi '&maills 189, '!Wrone Reddish 185. Men's tligh Series-Levi Sma,!s 525, Lonnie Wi'lliams 5'19, D avit.I Waters 509. 1)6 V 0U 'WANT ro 'Sl'lliL? WE WL'SO B>UY EQUITY Phone Robert -Ga&on Re. 'Sa lesman WILIDT WILLIAMS REALMR 2122 MAIN STREET ilol!lr.s of sUI)iery .and lin reractioo lbewne use o t .biis :mus. dles. "IJ' il say I'm 75 per oent -recov he tti:l\g ai'.eund -en tCnutches tL1e me"' t wee.k: : al'ld with a cane < t he w-eek a'fter that." He 1g0t omt 'Of 11ihe 'Universi -f\y Eiospital in Mc;mgantow n i n 1'\ "<11ncd 1when IJ 1Wlllil't b.ack .at :the :end of the month, the doctors surprised at .h0w cweH I was g E t ting .a11o.und." Williams Leaps Windy 27 41/; Russians Lead SA:ORJ.<\.M.ENITIO, Calif. -R undy WHlia m-s m Sou: t Jhern Oa.I saa ned 27 feet 4.! illC'hes in tJhe l()l)Jg jump for the best pmor m :anoe in the ev-ent this y-e a r Sat u11da. Y night as A-merican teena,ge t r.a c k and field st!l!l'S h e ld Itu l>i a n athletes .t o a 62-<54 mar,g i n in tfu e opening haM of a dual inte:I7!llais 1e:ap wa s 1regacr:cled ll<5 P>Pv phetic oo wh!!\1: may be ef 'him at Murnu

1 .. .... ' :; .( t l "Y' i i ............ PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla_ Sentinei-Bulle _tin Published every Tuea. an'd Fn. Celt Both Editions Tuesday, Xugu!!t t, 1972 MISS' FUNERAL N OJ!I(E$ Of A Black Christian ;p BORDEN, 1\'IRS 1\lABLE M. -: Mrs. Mable Missouri Borden of 1915 State Street passed away July 27 in a local hospital. Fun eral services were conducted Monday, July 31, at 4 o'clock P.M. from the Allen Temple AME Church, Rev. H. M"Donald Nel son _pastor . follow -ed in the" Shady Grove Cemetery. A nati ve of Savannah, Ga. Mrs. Borden had resided in Tampa for a number of years. She was a member of the Allen Temple AME Church and the Grand Union Pall bearers Lodge No. 1. Survivors include a devoted brother, Mr. Ernest V> Borden, Sr.; 2 nephews Mr. Ernest Borden Jr. of Wash Ington, D. C., Mr. Edward Bor den Griffin and wife, Mary, of North Augusta, S. C., and a hos t of other sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains reposed Sunday evening at the Ray Wil Iiams Funeral Home Chapel. Ar rangements by BRYANT & WIL LIAMS (Ray Williams Funeral Home). DOUGLAS, JR., MR. ARTilUR A -Funeral services for M,r. Arthur A Douglas, Jr., 1002 La Salle Street, who passedsudden lythe afternoon of J11lY 26, will be held Thursday at 3 P. l\J. from St. Paul AME Church with Rev. F. C. Sanchez past0r, and Rev. L. A. Haisley officiating. In t erment will be In Shady Grove Cemetery. The body will lie in state at STONE & GPRDON FUNERAL D I R E C T 0 R S for STONE'S FUNERAL HOME INC 2401 E. Columbus Drive from2 P. MWednesday to near funeral time Thursday. A native of Or Mr. Douglas had lived in Tampa for fifty-one years. He was a retired Insurance Ageht, having been associated for 18 y ears with the Atlanta Life Insur ance Co., from which he retire d in 1970, and the Afro-American Life Insurance Co. before that for about 17 years. He was a mem ber of St. Paul A.M.E Church, where he served as a member of the Finance Committee. He to mourn his passing: his devoted wife, Mrs. Mildrt ; d Douglas Tam pa; 3 sisters, Mrs. Artesia H_u bert, Miami, Mrs. Theresa Gil bourne East Oran ge, N. J ., and Mrs. Madeliene Portier, Miami; a niece, Mrs. Hazel Alfred, Mi ami; 2 grand nephews Mr. He zekiah Alphonso Brown and Mas ter Arthur Douglas Alfred, both of Miami a sister-in-law Mrs. Har riet Lucas, Tampa; nephews-in law, Mr. Samuel Wells and wife, Chicago, and Mr. James Cathey, Tampa; many cousins, among whom are: Mrs. Mary Jef. ferson Hough, Mr-:--Willie James, Jr. and wife and daughter, all of Tampa, and Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Williams, Ocala; and 2 god :daughters Mrs. Doretha Ed gecomb and Mrs. 1 \'lildred Weaver both of Tampa, and a host of other s orrowing relatives and friends. Services are being rend ered by STONE & GORDON FU NERAL DIRTCTORS for FUNERAL HOME, INC. EVANS, MR. GERALD PAUL Funeral services for too Ia te .JUr. Gerald Paul Evans of 2302 27th Avenue, will be held Thurs day at 1 P. M: from Mt. Sinai A M. E. Zion Church corner DETROIT Ord_!.,narily, under J e wish laws only Jews in go od s t a n ding can beburied from a s y nagogue But Carl Adams a black Chris tian, will be buried tomorrow from Temple Beth El here. Members and staff of the t e m ple w here Mr. Adams work e d for 49 years believe it is the right th l ng to do. "He was a tradition here, said Rabat Canvasser, temple pres: d e nt. Mr. Adams, who was 7 5 years old, d ied this we e k of a at tack. He had worked at th e temple since obtainin g a licen se to work as a building engine e r Eve n retirement two years ago did .1ot k e ep him away, temple officials said. He was the most devoted mem ber we ever had," said R ichard C. Hertz. ynur favorite hymns that I sang to you on your bed of affliction, "Near The -Cross" and "Must J esu s Bear The Cross Alone And An The Woi-Iil Go Free, No-: 'there's a cross for everyone and there's a cross for The con secrat e d cross I ll bear-Till deat-11 shall set me free and thengo home, my crown to wear, for there's a crown for me." Someday I will meet you in thai Heavenly Home where there are no tears-nor heartaches. Sadly missed by your mother, Mrs. Derotha Brinson; brother Sp / 6 Ernest E. Brinson; sisters, Mrs. Hortense Brinson Whitaker and 1\Iiss Barbara D. Brinson. CARD OF THANKS of Nebraska and Florabraska T .-\!\1PA The family of the Avenues, Rev. Ramse y, officiat-late Mrs. Gwendolyn Lee Woodall ing. Intenm-ent in the family expresses sincere thanl's f a r acts plot in Memorial Park Ce .metery. of kindness, cars and other Survivors are: 4 nieces, Mrs. s e rvices rendered. Special thanks Rossie D. Riddick of New Jersey, to Tampa General Hospital and Mrs. Rosetta Halse of New Jer-the County Hospital employees, sey, Mrs. Ira Prince of Jack Clarence Wilson and staff of Wil sonville. Mrs. Janet Prince Of son's Funeral Home Tampa Elec. Jackso nville; A nephew, Mr. Clif. tric Co. employees Revs. R. L. f ord Duke of New York City; Lee C. R Curry, and P. E. -Ram sisterin-law, Mrs. Isabella Young sey a_nd Hoods Temple AME Zion of Tampa; Cousins, Mrs. Martha Chureh and all others who were H." Massey, Mrs. Panchita Kin g, so thoughtful and kind her Mrs. 1\la,ry L . JohiiiSon Mrs. Illness and passin g Thanks. Nora 1\'lcCall James W. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel (Cassie) Rogers, Mrs . Josephine Harmon, Hoyte daughter and son-in-la\V; 1\lrs. Marje Mrs. Chris-Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Allen son tine Saunders; devoted friends, an? daughter-in-law; sisters, bro-1\tr. and: Mils. White, thers and families. Death Notices Chat with Barbara Twine for awhile and you will discover tha$ she is not only visibly beautiful but possesses a beautiful personality as well. Evidence of her personality is the r e cently bestowed title of Miss Congeniality in the Miss Black Tampa pageant. Bar bara was also first runner-up in this pageant. She attends the University of South Florida, where she is an advanced Junior and is listed in Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She is a member of the Stu dents AI!'Visory Board, "Ethos," is Treasurer of the Senior Clas s of '72-'73 and president of her sorority, Zeta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Barbara attends New Mt. Zion M. B Church To relax she likes to sew, read, or play tennis. Miss Twine is 19 and lives with her parents, Mr. and Mrs John Twnie, Jr. at 2919 21st st. She s 5"6" weighs 135 lbs. and is 36-26:38. She's a Biology Education majo r with an interest in law. . -BISI:IOP GEORCiE D. ROBINSON, AME DIES Bishop George J>ewey Robinson, AME Prelate, died 'Monday in Bishop Robinson was sent to serve over Florida. 1\lr -s. Coreatha s aunders, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Boleti and a 'host of sorroWing relatives arid friends. The,. remains will re)l()Se at 5 _P. M : _Wednesday in WILsON FUNERAL HOME WashiQgton , J). C. J!e s!Jffere;d a Master Joseph Eugene Brown, heart attack. and expired beforl' Soon after the general con fer ence; Bishop Robinson came tD Florida and attended the District : the funeral chapel until funeral time Thursday. The funeral cortege will form at 2614 Cbipco Avenue.-ROGERS FUNERAL IIOME in charge of arrange ments. MEMORIAM TAMPA -In loving memory of my darling son, Carl Roland Brh\son who departed this life July_ :W, 19. We tried to save you son we did ourbest. But God who is too wise to make a mistake, took you home to rest. I am still playing and singing 3208 E. Chipco. medical attention could be rend-Baby Girl Canty, 1409lfz 15th Ave : Robinson was elected in Miss Regina Beatrice 1968 and sent to Africa where he 312-A E. Kirby Street. lived and worked for four years. RAY WILLIAMS FUN. HOME In tliis year's General A!VIE Co. n Mrs. Mable M. Borden 1915 ference held in Dallas, State St. Mrs. Minnie Ellls, i533 Arch St Infant Roy Simpson, 1809-\-2 Taliaferro FRA!SKLIN FUNERAL Mr. Marvin Moore, 316 Selma Avenue. -Infant Regina Faye Brown 1600 27th Ave. Mr. Johnnie McDowell, 1725 Pal metto. St. Conference in Bradenton,' where Rev. G J. Oates is Presiding El der, by Presiding Elder A. D. Burton. Plans were being madoe for Bishop -to move to Florida and live In the Episcopal residence 'in Jacksonville. Funeral services will be held at 9 a.m. Friday at Metr:O politan AME Church, Washington, D. c. Nebraska Avenue. STONE & GORDON FUN. HOME Mr. Arthur A_Douglas Jr., 1002 LaSalle St. EMPlOYEES WANTED )(r. Robert Johnson 2224 E. Buffalo Ave. CLERK I UNCLE SANDY-SAYS_ Mr. Freddie Williams, 4303:1/z 34th St. . PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME Mr. Lessley Turner' 220:> lsth Must be to type minimum of 40 words per file. Will be taught. to proof copy; 1-5,89. When you c!teflne liberty you limit it, 90, 'T7. and when you limit it you destroy it. 88, 72. Mr. Lorenzo Joseph Brown 3!107 34th Street. ROGERS FUNERAL HOME 1\lr. Gerald Paul Evans, 2302 Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 CIRCULAT.OM SUPERVISOR Knowledge of city car and n,!!at appearance required. be able to get along with young boys and adult carriers. Excellent opportunity for middle-aged or yobng m-an or Apply ill Person Only: FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN . -.


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JOBS NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED EARN WHJLE Y .OU LEARN FOB MEDICAL RECEP'IIONJST EXECUTIVE SECRETARY I WOMEJI CLERK TYPIST ABC S H ORTHAND KEY PUNCH AND NURSES AJDE. CALL TAil'JPA BUSINESS AND MEDICAL CENTER 223-3648 SECRETARY MUST BE ABLE to take shorthand. Experienced preferred. Many compan y benefits including com palty paid Insurance, paid va cation and holida y s sick leave, etc. Contact. personnel office 9-12 A.M. and 1-3 P .:\J. No phone calls please. SHERWOOD Medical Industries Inc. Highway 92 DeLand Florida An Equal Opportunity Employer EMPLOYMENT Nurses Aide Trainees EXPERIENCE NOT necessary. Mu s t be willing to work im mediately after sho.rt t.raining period. For further infGrma tion call Mr. Johns TAKE ADVANTAGE of the ep.. portunity to sell a product of a multi-million dollar company, Opening for distributors, sales women, managers, generous commission, modest. i.Dv.estm ent includ:es iav.eBtory training, and sales aids. Contact Mr. Johnson (813) 646-2951. HEAD START NURSE FOR C.A.A:. OF IDLLSBOROUGH COUNTY l\IAJOR FUNCT ION: Professional and technical. work in t h e area of health: planning/coordinating of health services. for Hillsborough County Office of C hild De velepment funded programs. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Working with Health Services Directors, volunteer nurses, s taff in planning and canying out the Health Pro gram; promoting meaningful productive communication be tween physici a n parents, child and teaching staff. QUAiLIFICATIONS: Graduation from accredited four-yea r col lege or uni versi t y with major course work In nursing; 3 to 4 years experience IJL generalized public health nursing progra m ; general knowl edge of community health and welfare services and experience In worki n g wi t h low income children and parents. SALARY: 2 9 $9,482 to $12,0V8, Send resume o f your qualifica tion s to Mr. Robert L Gilder, 1301 Florida A venue, Tampa, Florida 33602. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. 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CB home is selliil< at appraise Olf $22,580. 31 bedreoms wiUl formal! area, beautiful living room aad paaelled family room. Central heat and air W /W caFpeting, oversized garage aatl beautiful oak: trees. $19,5.00 FHA-YA SELLING AT appraised value. CB, 3 nice size bedrooms, a lovel y modern kill-h e n with all conveniences. Separate dinin g are a good size living roO"m, screene d in lanai for Florida living Call me. I have some ,thing important to tell you LIKE TO ENTERTAIN? A SUNKEN Florida room, would yO'u b e liev e 5 0 x 20', with wet bar! 4 bedrooms, 2'h b aths, entranl!e foyer, large living anw dining rooms, kitchen equipped, 8 ton central heat and ai r Brick veneer constr u c tion Swim in huge pool of 12' depth All t his on approximately 3/4 acres. Only $31,000 wi t h financing of your choice. Call ISABEL PERRI, ASSOC. O ffice 879-5700 -Res. 8776 884 TAMPA REALTY, IHC. 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