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Walker Motel And Resort Owner Slain During Midni Robbery (SEE STORY ON PAGE 9 / RECiiSTER TO t Sentinel VOTE NOW Advertisers Invite YOU AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY VOL. 25, NO. 6'8. TAMPA, FLORIDA TUESDAY, AUGUST 8 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. CME's Close 100th A AZALEA SOCIAL CLUB HOSTS BOHEMIAN LUAU Mrs. Loretha Gray, president of the Azalea Social C lub chats with Owen Brookins at the Bohemlan Luau Friday night. The Luau was held at the Armetua Temple. OFFICIAL URGES EXPANDED ROLE FOR ATTORNEYS MIAMI Black lawyers not. in volved in housing and land devel opment law are missing unlimi ted oppor tunities to help their commu -as well as their own careers, a Department of Housing and Ur ban Development official said in Miami Beach last week Addr e ssing members of the Na tional Bar Association (NBA) at t e nding their annual convention in that city's Fontainbleau Ho tel HUD G ener al Assistant Secreta r y Samuel C. Jackson noted that the Administration s efforts have sub stantially increased the involve ment of black a ttorneys in federal prograj11s but said that many mo .re are needed. He cautioned that too many black attorneys are limiting themselves to traditional print' practice and not taking advan tages of opportunities emerging in HUD's housing and community de velopment programs. This represents oppo rtu nities lost n ot only to the lawyer who might have expanded his practice but, more importantly, opportuni ties lost to the black community, the people who need the black pro fessional's skills and sensitivities," he affirmed "As members of the bar, we must be ready to protect our po tential clients in the areas of hous ing and land development: Ten ants, home owners, land and i ncreasingly, minority contraa tors, developers, bankers, lendera and investors," he affirmed "Black lawyers are needed," Mr, Jackson emphas ize d and thei r opportunities are as limitless as the moves black people can poten tially make regarding l and. The HUD official noted, for ex ample that every HUD program involving new construction or re habilitation requires the services of an attorne y, not onl y for serv ices dealing with conventional real estate law, but addi tionally for le gal skills required to handle tech nical aspe cts of most HUD pro grams. The other services he noted, include application process ing formalities with HUD's field of fices, obtaining financing for housing sponsors, forming non profit corporations or profit-moti vated partnerships and trusts, ar.d (CONTINUED ON PAGE I) Conference -8EE STORY O N PAGE tt (SEE ST9RY ON PAGE 9) Young Man Fatally (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) Of Man 'Being Sought SEE STORY ON PAGE I 3 Arrested In Exchange Of Shotgun Blasts (SEE STORY ON PAGE Ia


., PAGE TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PubliaheCI eery Tues. an4J Fri.. Cet Botli dl.Uoib Tue.cta,;,-August 8, 1972 4ssauf(s JIOS eph !JOU!is TlhomiPSOn, ::, 00.117 E. Ralifux,. was cnt on tlhe left wit kmte> o1r simil lar instlrunm-n# smlll:l:S' througt1 the rear d'oo-r amf re' m o v e d a po rtable T .V w o r t h a st1m rtfG) eirg:ht t n p:e' wUrth $5.:Yj ami a pGJ:ta.ble> rrn ... c ord nlaNer worth $11J O ; lf>mi l eft iJll 1J,nrnrown dJa:, ection:. Mrs' D : r otih 17irol B e a Gll' S t., uruportiedi ''J?l iur sdtuy t h'ltt unknown. tnok a ; black and white T .V. vell'ed at $li 3 1!l from Dr. F A S.rn: t W s o ffi'c,e-, 2Cletl' N. H' mv:: ar.d. 'I'hey ente. r ,ed during bus ines S tleU;f's and took tJhe set f.r"c m t!C1 e l a b roo w al'l'd left thtr-auilding in an unknown direction'. TheftS'' CAPOS tfte> store. Se.curity officer' s at Zayre Derpt, Ste> aii'resten Ciaitrdll a Yflil!i;:ms, 31>;; f@l! atlilftl g;h '*'allked 1);!\'e-oU4l w ith slho-e:s tiM her f eet t did'Jll'' pay for. Betty Jean Wil1iams, 17, and a f .emale juvenile were stcpp.ed by selCUrity' officm--s-rt Za)'l"e' StoTe Thursday aftert:l!ey failed to p ay for a sailor' cap wortlh 68 cents. :Bobby [.ee Addison, 2 11, 34il't'47th St., llei}}(:}Fied tlJat ao uni dentified sullj:a'1lt moved a ... .21 2 cali.be ro' m 1 h i's rooml wntfe t'htt fi.umi'tm:e out hifil, Robert Wal-ker 5i3, 2 0? :4" Laurel, reported h i s tracto r m:Ower miss ing Wednesday frd m 214lt-l)) sride Drive. The tractor fs-W'6rtfr Julius Wil son, Sr., 42, 11?1' 6 m. dl>fumlllus Dlri've, tolJtl' his '6<4 Clhevy was taken from the p:t'lrltling lot at MJ:ruila Bar, E, 1J!lfu night. T he> cart" f!f w:alltfu $12i!l0' and a .215 $215 was insilfu.. Kedrick Garland 23, M ascotte, feipo rted to police he ,.,wa.s a ZOiOli T'amp a O'!Fyssey, 2300 N. Dale Mabry, Monday mouning. S'Om:e unknown pert&olt a p .an: knit sfucliis; W!OD'hll $"Ji\ a sfmrt S!lldn1j Wlll unklrfocwn &r:rft;a1lfon. -Miscellaneous F.a'walrti Helliry L ewig; 113, Plant! City, 'E!leodore Upsha.-w.; 381'11. IN. 2itJltfu St., Ulysses lifi:ooi:s, 25,. no 1 lfddu:es s aod D eb :Qlr a \1\l Gail! Jf e fulsom I7, no \'w.Ule ar'll'hur sda:'( ret oo&. Et. liGt.h Avenue for possessi"on of marijuana. The amount c ate f Fom the-g J:1&VIJI' cq_ns-biltll!bed, a f e ,Jony. U!PShaw was also c'harg. ed\ wJth carrying a conc-ealed Jfa;mes Lee E dlwar d Jone s, 2:9, 2609 Chipco, was arrested Saturday for possession o.f marijuanlf atr 3151 1 1 2 N. 2 :'hd Sit. to ptJJke Jia sa of ron b:eing. dli.socdellLy: and. W:unk. C')p : c k.en The, woman gut t : 1e when Walker resisted and drew c lhie ken and ex1ted the front door, an additional charge of resisting on foot. arriest Mrs, Ros e D.utl.U, 2:), JnJii'ce reporte& tfuib Mrs. Alber-took a wU\ite halter WIJI va'lued at ta Bradshow Amferson, 25, 3004 $5 .;!0, in the dressing room at -5t h Av:e., wa.s arrested Saturday Brothers, tried it em, w-eru fur posiess ion of bamituatA!ttand i1i im 11-er-,IPUDJ'Cf' .. s&1e Wilmi Small/ house lhal neeciS 1ixin' ... ,l .II o ... so x 1GD rL Lot At 3611 McBerry IIW, 5 Pt1 Cal laltltsl Pt&one: 241 1921 Railway lr'-ed To R ... e .Ws JAi CKS'OINVIL!JE' TM U. S. JUIStice Department asked a fed era! Tuesd'llly to> require IF\lor.ida Jil'ast J&;ifway to fleil1ire> by the 1Jefure re s-tlliike a gainst -. :Police S..ch fer Relatives Of tatest 'Victim fh 'e' in: '!me Justmlfu' &Cticm' came dming a heari n g as U. S Dis tr!ict Judge Clh.arles Scott tried to work out deta ids O!f a $11.5-milluon settlement to the 9% year -old. strike' by lll-nmi. QGlerating unil'frrs. New .-ftj Ull Hearing Slated Reed Ch.ges YORK -Wi!I:fs !Wed c ap&lin > ofi the. New Vorlt erb oc k e rs, pleaded innocent Thursday to formal charges. against Ji_.i'm\ i g Cr1mmal' Court from a run-in t h -at Re ed had' with 3'1\ duty on J n rl)r R'e-e d was cl\arged:. with: -tirck'1ess endangerment, menacing, a;ndl Jmpi fr.sanating an; 6Mi"ce1!' B.y fna Florida -Sentinel Advertisers !Police are searchiJilf M _i!l!'l'tliw(ll8i IJl t'O adlminister atid! t<1l M'11s;, Wandels. Lee's body was recover e d a fe: w minutes latex:..:. Mri's. ,Pantels was ta:h!DJ to Tampa> and fdlmitJte'd\ to the c-:tille u &it f6tr ob servatfoo tlll:er.t s>J!fe :lias been lfn'otfle J.I' I;OOJn and is listed in guarded condi tion. !Lee was pronounced dead uoon arriva-l at Tampa Ge-peral. Police ilbund pa1pers f n Leer s pocket!' Jiisting his address as Sthl .Avenue, but u pon checking :the> tfre y ft!llfllmt d t.1a1l Ire> 11-ad l rno'lte'ti aod no, O'M tl'telte eel to know h i m n o r where he: lived. i' nave &e'en:. s N l)rtlhl e;!'alllali'nal and: s gve i!alt other that Lee has Jived during; the past few years. One p a pel" on his person listed, his a sm-aH tG'-''tl-ia, NertJt. Carolina. Old Ma11, 101, KUied Aillfl -Arll al!ic:ia;I in quest determined tba.t. 100 y-eal's ol{J\, wacs g.jjrw c k :rcci'd :entUy by a car and killed _g_s he c rossed a. skeet. ul Center Super et 352l H. 22M S.tREE.T -u..sl 3 .. ..... I IIISUaJiir fMIAftl8 t POBJr i BEIU 4 ... ( -filii 'IlLII RF.M -r .... Smtr a am IBm 242-203-L l'BE& DELIVERY I CIICIDIP'IDI wEt IIDI 3 .. ,. --l &1' r Jilii ra.DB DmEUL1SD& DIKAIE. SUIA8 s .... st SWEET PDf Pia' IIUL1' ... I I l 4 [ I { I ,. 1 I


Tueaday, August 8, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published eY"ery Tuea. and Frf. Celt Both Ediltlons PACE THREE Walker Motel & Resort Owner Slain During Midnight Robbery J.am es Sterling Walker, 59, own er and operator of Walker's Mot e l and Bea c h Resort, was slain late Sunday night in an exchange of gunfire with robbery suspe cts Major John Salla of the Hills borough County Sheriff's Offit: e said Walker wa s inside the office of the m otel about 16 miles north of Tampa, alone, when the men, apparentl y two or three, walked in Evidently one of the mE-n pulled a gun and ciemanded the money from the cash box. Major Salla said Walker alwa y s k e pt a gun at the motel and some-.... how managed to get it while the subjects were there. Gunshots rang out in midnight silence at the resort and op e of the thieves' bul lets caught Walker in the ches<, near the heart. He was pronounc e d dead upon arrival at a local ho s pital. The thieves fled with the cash box and \t has not been determined just how much money was taken. No arrests have been made in the c ase but the sheriff's office is checking several leads and an ar rest is in the making. Major Salla asks that an yo ne having informa tion that may lead to the arrests of the persons responsible, plea s e contact him at the Sheriff's Offic e All information will be confiden tial. \Valker, the father of three dau ghters and husband of M r:; Mable Walker, has been in bu si n e ss in the rural area since 19G3. His place offers, in addi tio n to spacious motel living, a restau rant, a beach and picnic area. After the shooting it was be Ii'eved that the FBI was investi gating the shooting but the speci a l a gent in charge of the Tampa of fice said his office is conductmg n o formal investigation into the case since it wasn't a federal of fense but added that he is a b it' curious as to whether the shootin g death was in any way connect e d with a shootout there last January The shootout involved members of the Black Panther Party and FBI agents. One man was killed by a feQeral agent and others ar rested at Walker's Resort where they were staying at the time. The group included a Tampa woman and all were wanted by the FBI for murder, bank robbery and arson in New York_. JAMES WALKER I Three T ampans Arrested After Exchange Of Shotgun Blasts Tampa police reported getting several differ ent stol:ies relating to the "I:hursday night attempte d murder of Donnie Todd, 25, 371a 36th Avenue, and a friend of hi s, Roy Willie White. During the first conversaticn with pollee Todd said he and Whit e were inside his house Th Lm> d ay night when someone shot into hi s hou s e four or five times with a shotgun after stopping a car out front Ne ithe r of the men were in jured in the shooting. Both men the n got in White's car and left the house. At first Toed said the y went in opposite di rection of their assailant's car, then changed his story and told police that they went looking hr the men. When White's convertible reached the intersection of 37th Street and Chelsea they spotted the car and saw a passenger stick a shot gun out the window and point it in their direction. The man fired the gun with the pellets striking the left front fender of White's car. Todd stood up in the convertible -and h is shotgun at. the sus pects Todd told police that he does not know the subjects but believes that the shooting was because or a woman. After Tod d described tile car to poiice a radio alert was placed and the vehicle meeting the d e scription was stopped at 2-lth Street and 5th Avenue. The car was being driven by Samuel James Smitq 21, James Edward Gr ant 31, and Louis Baker, 20, as passengers. They were au arrested and charged with possession of a shotgun, counts of assault to murder, and shooting irito an occupied dwelling. Factory. For Buy $1M .KEW YORK Harlem bus!. nessmen climbed anothe r rung last weekend, when they purehased :._ through their com llllunity-owned corporation, the Harle m Commonwealth Holding Corp. a $1 million wood and metal ma.nufacturing business. Manhattan Borough Pres id ent Percy Sutton, a speaker at ceremonies marking the purchase of the Sch ultz Co. at 44 W. 143rd St., called the acquisition a "symbol of great community co operation that is of value to tha Continued On Page 24) Two Arrested For Of Possession Moonshine YOUNCi WOMAN TELLS COPS SHE SET 2,500 FIRES NEW YORK -A young woman told police this week .that she had Two men were arrested Friday set more than 2,500 fires in Brook evening for possessi on of mo on lyn over the last 11 years. "I like shine at Beach and N. Armenia to watch fires," Priscilla Haynes, after passin g poli ce m e n wit 23, of 419 Blake Ave ., Brookly:-, n csse d a sale being made told detect ives and fire marshals. Arrested at the scene were Hay"They t ake my mind off m y wood Pay ne 40, 2714 Union St troubles." and Emmitt Davis, 43, 2609 2Hh Miss Hayn es, who is 5 feet 3 Avenue. Their bond was set atand weighs l ess than 100 pounds, $500 each. \ sai d she starte d setting fires when Detectives N. Otero and J. H. she was 12 and has kept it up ever since Harris, Vice Control, were driving "I felt bad one day and I lit east on Beach when Det. Harris s9me fires in trash baskets in observed two m e n standing by a Prospect Park," she recalled. ''The 1972 Pinto One man, Payne, was fire trucks came and I got ex-handing the other Davia money. cited." Davis then handed two lottles to She admitted setting several Payne. It appeared to the officers hundred fires in Brownsville over that Davis had a gun in his rear the last year often torching three pocket as they stopped the cat. or four buildings a day. She said fayne was see n sliding the two she always picked vacant build half-pint bottles under the car. ings and checked them before she Det. Otero retrieved the two botstruck, to make sure no one ties and after smelling them placed inside. Payne under arrest. The other ofScene of Earlier Blaze ficer recovered bottles from t!te According to investigators her person of Davis and after ascer last target was a vacant four-story taining that the Pinto belonged to building at 108 Belmont Ave at Davis they got additional bottles the corner of Stone Ave. Flames from the car. broke out there at 9:30 p m suaDavis told the oificers that they da+', Firemen of Engine Co. 290 knew it was moonshine. The olresponded. While they were batficer said he also admitted liking tling the blaze 'Some neighborhcod it. Davis said he purchased the youths broke into the firehouse at six bottles from an unidentified Sheffield and Livonia Ave. at : d man on Main st. for $1.50 each. stole some boots, helmets, a transistor radio and _$12 cash. Fatally Self Man Shoots Arnold Chaoman who turned last Saturday, shot and kill e d him s elf Suo:iday ni ght with a .22 caliber revolver. Around midnight, Supervising Fire Marshal Michael Dl Ma-:co and Marshals Rudolph Dick and Michael O Connor were on their way to the fire hou s e to investigate the burglary when they smelled smoke at Belmont and Stone Aves It was coming from 106 Belm,1nt, scene of the earlier blaze PRISCILLA HAYNES As they radioed an alarm from their car, the marshals saw what they thought was a teenage girl running from the burn ing building. 1 They grabbed her and took her tCJ the East New York polic\t station where the girl who turned out to be Miss Haynes, reveaT e d that she was one of the busi arsonists in the city s history, ac cording to fire officials Held In $1,000 Bail The marshals said she disclosed also that she was unemployed, Oil welfare and a drug addict who had turned to the city s methadon:! program in an effort to kick her $30a-day heroin habit. She hail s i x previous arrests on burglary robbery and narcotic Charge d with arson this time, she was arraigne d before Brook lyn Criminal Court Judge Royal Radin, who ordere d her held in $1,000 bail pending a hearing la te r. Police who inves ti gated the shooting said Chapman, who lives with his rnotiher at 1J34JO Gano Ct., shot hims elf once in the stomach .. He died late r at Tam pa General Hos-pital: The officers }earned tJhat Ohap man was ill but no motive for the suicide was listed. His mother is sure that the shQOting was an acCident and probably happened when h.er son was cleaning -the gun as he often does. In Wreck, Sa.Vr! His L.ife At. the time of the polictt Inve -stigation, Mrs Pearl Cbap. man the mother, told police thrut her son was mentally ill /but w l hen contac-ted by the Sen tinel she MsureQ. a reporter that he was in good mind. When the arrived at the house Sunday Chapman was lying on the floor holding his stomach and saying for ""!v. eryone leave me alone, just let me la-y here -until tomorrow." During an interview, M 1 rs Ohapmim said spe was ups-tairs when she heard the SJhot. She c ame down and roood her son lying on the floor. The woman also said that 'her son was not de pressed before the shooting. Attending phy s icians at the hospital prooounced him d e ad at :10:.25. ; D rE'IIR!OIIT Two off-duty po licemen pulled a newborn baby l>"ate auto w l hen a car sped around 'them, ran a red }i.ght and slammed into a polke squad car in fronl of them. The off -duty poatrolmen left their car and ran to the ac cident scene to find the. officers in the squad car shaken but unhurt. Official Urges heered. '!'he s'ix pound boy and his mother were taken to Detroit Memorial Hoso!J'ital, where b<>tih were rel oorted "doing weH." Bar b cock and Block said tt wa.s the first Hme they had helped with a birth. Ritz Adult Theatre lhe hesl in X Baled Films in cool comlorlable surrounding Phone 248-1378 151h and Broadway Adults 18 OR OVER CiETT'INCi IT OFF "WITH HER IT WAS NO PROBLEM." .. I i ALSO HARRY'S HOR"Y ,., .. l ,SORRY WE CAtfONLYABBREVIA-TE;" ........... 1


PACE FOUR Fla. SeDtinei-Bulleltin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions Tuesday, August 8, 1972 Published every Tuesday ana .Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pub lishing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publisher C. BLYTHE ANJlREWS, JR. Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice President-Production )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice Prc1ident-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice Prelidea&-Adverilslng s;;-nd class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTWN RATES $ 'C.JO Per Year One EditieL Per Year Both EdUMM. HAD ALL CCI.MS AHD .. i RACE$ ANDEYERYBQDY Gar ALONIJ FINE -THAT$ THI! W4Y IT I)IIGHTTO PI! IN THE C8UNTilS;" r--CHAtRMAN OF THE NA"T'IONAI. DEMOCRATIC CCMMITTEE. Burstiat ltse' 11si11 lultble Durin the De.ocr.atic al ec.wention, tb. Seatiael oltlierved that contrary Ito w ll .a t maay pollliticians were sa,;..., the positive staPds taken on busin aa a tool in iesqrepU... .cbools tty s e n a t o r Georwre UMI''W ,_ aw. \ .a II'L.,.J!I II .... 'PRODUCT OF 111 BUCIIIfttral ? McGovern ..d in the pariy plat f:orm, mi_gh.t pro..-e an unes.pectecl boon in November. Since that time the Re,publi tans have released the resul ts of survey showing that of more than 7,000 peop-le polled, 58 per cent said busing is not a major is-sue in the campaign; We've ISeen saying that alt along, too. No one argues that this is not a conltroversial issue on which emotions run the gamut. What the Sentinel has argued is that busing has not been -a major issue until i't involved racial tion and that leaders like Presi dent Nixon and Gov. George Wal lace can be held d irectly respon aible for fanning 'the fears, emo tions and hatreds in this trouble .some $rea. This is another case of mani pulatiing people and taking ad va-ntage of emotions for poli>tical gain, from our poin:t of view a molt unworthy election tactic. I:t means putting personal and party election above the welfare of the country. America has been 1 i v i n g through a painful period since 1954 when the Supreme Court Outlawed racial segregaltlon in public schools. It has not helped et all in recent years to have a President who has sided with the racists, conservatives and separa The decision to dump Sen. Thomas Eagleton as Vice Presi dential canclidate on the Demo cratic: line-\liP, was uadoubtedly a difficult and painful one for Presidenitial candidate George Me Gover-n :to make. But the realilties oif politics being what they are, no other alternative course could have offset Eagleton's question able presence on the ticket. l:t cannot be doubted tha t Eagleton's past men-tal history -had literally dDminated the news and would have been a sizzling campaign issue had he remained on the ticket. There is a dolorous aspect to .this drama in the light of the fact that Sen. Eagleton is a fine, per sonable, able man who could have brought much rhetorical zeSJt and personal gtamor tQ the campaicn had he not failed ito reveal the presence of a skeleton in his closet. Though Mr. Eagleton is be lieved to be in -good health now, even his own doctors coulcl not guarantee that his men:tal Illness would not reoccur under the stress and strain of !the Vice Presidency or the Presidency it self ,hould he be called upon to fulfill that role. iiists. The poin: t that now must be as Nor ha. h helped to have sup 11essed is how much damage the porters of busing hide in the Ea.gleton incidenit has done to the corner while the other side fan McGovern campaign and how 11ed the flames. much of the damage is re The Sentinel has predicted for parable? No dou

Tuesday, August 8, 1972 Fla. Senlinel-Bullettin Published every Tues. and Fri Both Editions PAGE FIVE Word is, all the high school coaches of the area and perhaps the state, will unite together to try to bring forth some kind of sensible und erstanding betwem their male athletes and the pla tand-longhlllir styles. Its felt that with all coaches and athletic di rectors enforcing the same ruling no one team could be hurt by play er or players quitting the team. Like after all, today s high school athletes are "only" playing for a $20,000 college s cholarship, which could lead to a $1,000,000 pro con tract! The writer would like to add the coaches can either use their" "uniting method," for more re spect, discipline better appear ance and conduct, or either just let some "real girls" gO. out for their teams. And don't start think lng there aren't some girls out there who kin outdo the boys at anything! HERE'S AN IMPORTANT AN NOUNCEMENT ... Evening bigh school Model Cities Adult Educa tion to be held at George Washing ton Jr. High School, 2704 Highland Ave High school and refreshei classes begin August 28th Monday through Thursday, 7 to 9:30 p m. Classes in English, Math, Typing, Social Studies Science and Sew ing Registration August 21 through 24. Phone 223-5331, extension 227. Program sponsored by Model Cit." ies and Hillsborough County Board of Education John Alfonso Prin cipal. Charles L. Brady, Coorrli nator .. ANOTHER ANNOUNCEl\IE N T interested in a vendor j!)b at Tampa Stadium can contact Charles L Brady at George Wash ington Jr. High (address above). Must be 16 years old or older and have Social Security card Sl'ILL A N 0 THE R FROM AROUND THE TOWN The Yellow Jackets Little League pres ldent Earl Goodman asks that all officers and members be present and on time for tonight s ( Tues day) important business meeting to be held at the Sugar Shack at 8 :00 p m. JETS 'N BRIEFS Guess Principal Sam Horton, the Jefferson Hi "Number One Draaon," Wlill ag,Fee be lost a topnotch assistan t principal in Sam Ham peUo who moved on to the HCC level in educating Hear tell, Sgt. David Hicks, 'IIVho' s done many overseas tours including 'N am1 is baek out of the country for his Uncle's Air Force for six months He's the son ol Mr.. Vida Drye Back with our Educators, was told of what a great job Mr. Sam ''KtUer" Browu did last school year at Chamberlain Hi as Dean of Boys My surprise here wasn't so much in the great job b y "Killer." Already knew he had the "tools" for any school, just didn t know he was at Chamberlain Talked with Robert "Bob" Wil. Dams, ex-Tampan, who's spent nearly 20 years up NYC way, as he took my Whisperjet flights in 'n out over the past week Bob says he's just about had enough of life in the big city so he s pur chased a home back home in Tam pa, and hopes to open a busin ess too. He's the brother of popular Daalel Boone Williams and uncle of Willie "Popsie" Walker Former Tampan, Mrs. Delores :Richards wife of Kendal Richards, 'IlVas looking pretty as a picture and ln high mod-fashions too as she Whiaperjetted in last week frGm NYC for a few daya to stay with parents, Mr. aM Mn. BeRTy (Nella) AHeFMII 2203 14th Ave. AROUND .THE roWN By HAYWARD 'BRADY MRS. Mrs Richards was welcomed to new TIA by daughter, and sister, 'Mrs. Alma mcks, of Tampa-Orlando Delores is em ployed as medical technician at H I. P Multiphasic Dapper young gent, Woody Allea and his Atlanta airported airline outfit, "remarried" as of last Thursday evening follewing three months court job battle. Woody's now sporting tbe new :slack Shag" hairstyle, which has taken over with the brothers as far south as Atlanta, repl acing the Woody had to fly up to the barber shop one day last week Had interesting chat with Booker T. Joyner Fla. A. M. Univ. grad, who recently completed work at FSU on his Master s Degree which Mr. Joyner finally received fol lowing delays by FSU official s, who didn't seem to want to be lieve a F AMU grad could pass the FSU Degree require ments fairly and with flying colors Young buddy, Bobby Wild'!, who's done his gigging with TCEP and more A L Nellum and Associates, is now with our Model Cities program B. Williams, prexy o! the Bellmen-Waiters C lub asks that all members be reminded of tonight's important meeting, a t which time all financial reports of dance are to made JUST FOUND OUlr HOW IT WAS, "The Black Moses," Isaac Bayes, got -to !mow about Mr. Mose White's "Cozy Corner fried chicken." The report goes 'Isaac Bayes and James Browa met in Europe and W hile having lunch James B. told Isaac H to be sure and try some of Mose's COzy Corner fried chicken during Tampa engage ment. Four days before his en gagement here, The Black Moses" called Tampa's Mose White and a s ked that he prepare enough fried chicken for hil entire group. After finishing his fried chicken feast, Hayes told the crowd of 7,200 at Curtis Hixon, he d traveled :111 around the world, but never h<\d any like it. Word is B. B. King had said same during Tampa visit. Which goes to show the Kentucky Co lonel's not the onlY, kat making with the l fiinger lickin' good" chicken around the world FROM THE BRIDAL BOOK comes word of the upcoming Au gust 19th wedding of Miss Marva Louise Gatua, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James S. GaWn, to Mr. Rob ert Andrew Floyd. The wedding will take place at Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, wit!l reception following immediately a t the Sugar Shack -Allie Fl'llll Tile BrWal Book comes an lnYite to tbe marriage of Miall AIN'a Dille 0._, ter of Mr. 8lld Mn. Sinclair Gat Union Foreign Distrkt Tea The Union Foreign :Qistrict Tea for the Florida Seminaty School at Lakeland, was held recently at Galilee M B. Church of-St. Petersburg. Rev. Frank Cubby is the pastor, and Mode rator. I Views Of Progress Village By IRA LEE ENNIS Phone -&77-1310 The District S S. convention reported $154.75 T he BTU Convention $48.50; Public offering $100 and money reported for the Tea was $396.87 The following churches m ade their contributions: Mt. Zion Progressive, St. Petersburg; First Mt. Zion, St. Petersburg; Springhill, Tampa; Mt. Olive, -Largo; J e rusalem, Mulberry; Beulah, Ft. Meade; New Shiloh, Lake Wales; Arnie Ch11pel, Nichols; St. John, Dade City; Greater Morning Star, Tampa; St. John, Clearwater; Ma. c edonia Tarp9n Springs; Piney Grove, San Antonio; First Baptist; Odessa; Oak Hill, Tampa; First Union Tampa; New Jeruse lem, St. Petersburg; John, Tampa; Greater Grand Central, St. Petersburg; Greater Providen ce Progressive, Bartow; Shiloh, Largo; Friends hilp St. Peters Iburg; Deacon Willie Crosby; Rev. C. W Walker, No. 1 Junior Women; No. 2 Mission; No. l !Brotherhood and Drill Court. Mrs. Josephine Dupree, Mrs Elizabeth Whitehead, Mrs. Jose phine E.ady and Mrs. Dorothy Mott served as the various chairmen. Rev. S. D. Hicks, rept. Beulah Dorcas Circ:le Mrs. Mary Crawford, Mrs. Etta White, Rept. The Dorcas Circle of Beulah JJaptist Church will meet Thurs day morning at 9 at the home of !Mrs. Mattie Monroe, 1204 Mor [gan St. The lesson by Mrs. Eddies Wil s on whose subject w1ll be "Mount of Difficulties '', Isiah 4(}:5 verse. The alphabet letter is "H". The last meeting :was held at Mrs. White. lin 2204 N. Grady Ave ., a '72 Plant Hi grad, to Mr. Dennis Red dick. Th e wedding will take placP. Sat. August 19th, 2 p m. at Frien d ship Bapti st Church with recep tion following at Ragan iPark. The upcoming newlyweds are registered for china and crystal at Maas Bros of Westshore Plaza. ONE REAL KOOL-KAT BROTH ER, whose motto was: "ONLY FOOLS was se en where Belated birthday greetings to Mrs. Beatrice Barr, 5209 85th St. who celebrated her natal day on Saturday, August 5. Mrs. Barr will depart on Thursday, August 10 for Wilberforce, Ohio to witness .graduation of daughter, Mrs. Laurel Dupr e e at Wilberforce Uni versity Friends and villagers con gratulate Mrs D upree upon achieving a higher gQal in life Mrs. 'Barr and Mrs. Dupree are expe cte d to return on Saturday August 12. Greetings to Miss Barbara John son who celebrates her b i rthday Tuesday, Augus f 8 (today) Miss Johnson resides at 7907 Endive Avenue. he'll be workjng for the next few months as a prisoner at the C ity Stockade Wonder what's the -pay there per hour? Here's a Thought "You've gotta work or 'try b steal"" Rev H. H Douglas pastor of St James AME Church of Prog ress Village departed Sunday .for Jacksonville, Florida to attend the TriState Conven ti on of th e AME Church which convenes this week. Mr. and Mrs. Nat haniel (Areo tha) .scott aod son Pat of 5009 86th St. recen tly motored to At lanta, and Macon, Georgia. Whill in Atlanta they attended the rna jor league Star game. They also attended 1 the church where d eceased, Rev Mart in Luther King pastored. In Macon they visited relatives. Pat is still ex cited o ver the family s visit to Six Flags Over Georgia Amuse ment while on vacation The Scott returned to the village on Sun day, July 30 B irthday greetings are exten d ed all the way to Babenhausea Germany to son, Sgt. :fVficbael Ennis who will celebrate his natal SEE AU l-ATER day on T,hursday August 1(). \\. Ji.. ''A OAYOFFFOR YOUR SILVER WEDDtNGt? poI ,HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THtS iYERVTWENTYFIV vURS?tt I 11in9s-YoiW .Low IN lEXING10N1 IN -18181 OF A SLAVE MOTHER AND A SLAVE-OWNER FATHER, HE BttAME .AN Ac-TIVE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD WORKER I HE FAR AND WIDE FOR THE AMRI&ICtETY FROM 184310 ......... -: .. :<(" THEN_TOUREO ENGLAND AND FRANCE/ HE WON tNTERNATlONAl. FAM! ALSO AS A WRfTER AND AS OH OF THE ANf) GRATE&T THE NEGRO. : ; <' \< ., i I ; I :


PAGE SIX Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. Fri. Gelt Both Editions ..,.'4 Tuesday, August 8, 1972 Miss Black Teenage America Visits SEVENTEEN NEW YORK Cynthia Lewis, 15, ne"'Iy-crowned Miss Black Teenage America, visits SEVENTEEN Magazine and takes a look at some of the new Fall fashions for casual wear. Cynthia is from Houston, Texas and hopes to be a lawyer. An honor student at Lammarck-Fieming High School, her hobibes are tennis and dancing. I\IIRRORS1 O f Jl!.. Betty Everett and :\Irs. Helen Hankerson of Seffner are after a ten day vacation in D. C. traveled by mr and were the guests of their sister, l\lrs. Flossie )Ballard and family. While there, they were treated .. to an auto trip tQ Detroit to visit Mrs. Hankerson's sons, Michael, Bobby and Kenny. Qn t h eii way back to D : C., they stopped in Toledo, Cleveland, :Pitt sb urgh and Baltimore BACK IN PHlLLY :. -:Flying back to Philadelphif;l a few days ago was Miss Theresa Anita Bramweil, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Bramwell. She spent six deli g htful weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert McDonaldon 19th Avenue. MILITARY HONOR ROLL SALUTE On August 12, WDAE :will make a spe<:ial. Military Honor Roll Salute to Army Staff Sergeant John H. Stephens at four different time s The honoree's wife, Mrs. Robbie Stephens of 3303 38th Ave nue was inform e d by Ed Ripley, Vice President, Operations. VJSITS FRIENDS After addres s ing the National Alliance of Businessmen in Wash Ington last month, Ernest P. Boger attended a Roberta Flack-Donny Hathaway Concert and visited with the group's bass pla y er, Terry Plumeri, a former fellow USF Lab Bandsman. During a side trip to New York City Boger was the house guest of the T. R. l\lanueJs, f i r s t cousin of Mrs. Dorothy S. Boger of Tampa, Ernest's mother, VISIT RELATIVES Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson of Philadelphia Pa. spent a w ee k in the Cigar City visiting aunts, uncles and other relatives. They are the niece and nephew of Mrs. Ruby Vanderhors, 2127 Walnut Street; Mr. and-:\Jrs. Henry Davis, 2308 Harold Street in Lincoln Gardens; Mr. and i\frs. Earl Howard, 1915 Spruce Street; and Mr. and Mrs. John Harmon of Cherry s:reet in Lincoln Gardens. They were the recipients of many courtesies Mrs. Nellie Bythe-.vool? carried them to Busch Gardens, and they also visited Disney World and the St. Petersburg area. ,'Mrs. Robins011 Is a pharmacy technician of Douglas Hos tliial, and Mr. Robinson is an el'ect'ric (ilpprenticeor Alderman Rubo ,,.,llerCompany. They < left Saturdayr ; u : ;.j ,,. (Continued' Oft. : Page I} '-'' .. ,., .. '.i'E I .. GOLDEN RA YENS CLUB SPONSORS COCKTAIL HOUR ,. The Golden Ravens Social Club sponsored a hour Sunday evening at the Central Park Village Auditorium. The affair was delightful. Mem bers and friends pictured from left, front row, are Mrs. Lila Carrington, Mrs. Levia Carr, Mrs. R. L. Lawrence, Mrs. Gennie Mae Anderson apd Mrs. Esther Wilson. On th e second row are Noel Crawford, Isaac Sweet, Thomas Walker and Mrs. {@lie M. Crawford. ATTENDANTS IN SMITH-LUKE WEDDING Attending Ada Smith and Willie Luke when they were married last week were, from left, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jackson and Pamela Armwood. The ceremony was performed In First Union Baptist Church. GOLDEN RAVENS ENTERTAIN ON SUNDAY A d e lightful affair of Sunday evening was the cocktail party given by the Golden Ravens Social Club at the Central Park Vilalge Auditorium. On the guest list were, from left, Lou Davis, Willie Mae Peterson and Barbara Scarborough. New Jerusalem MB 4822 Main Street Rev. F M. Gar-vin, Pastor S S. b e g a n at 10 with the !Supt., and teachers at their posts. The lesson was taught b y R e v. Tys on. Morning s ervice be gan at 11 with Rev Tyson in charge. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. The Heavenly Trumpet Gos !Jle l Sing ers will render a pro gram Sunday at this church at 3. public is invited. All. members are asked to remember the aick: and shutins. COMING EVENTS AUG. 12-Gents Club sponsors Alfresco Party at Jackson Residence. 1207 Estel:e Street, 9 P. M. AUG. 13-Women's Day, Highland M. B. Church. AUG. 20-Pride of West Tampa Lodge No. 1 observes anniversary at Greater Morning Star Baptist Church. 3 P. M. AUG. 20-Don't You Worr y Club sponsors annual tea, Recreatioll Center, 214 N. Boulevard, 3:30-5:30 P.M. AUG. 20-Brotherhood Service Greater Bethel Baptist Church, 3 P.M. AUG. 20-MissiOllary Day, New Hope M. B. Church. AUG. 20-27--National Primitive Baptist Convention, New Salem P. B. Church, Tampa. AUG. 21---Revival, St. John Progressive M. B Church. AUG. 27-Federatlon Day, New Progress M. B. Church. AUG. 27-Annu;ll Pink Tea and Musical Extravaganza spon!i0rec1 by WSCS of Tyer Temple U. M. Church, 6-8 P.M. AUG 27..:..Youth Day Mt. Sinai A. 1\1, E. Zion Church.


Tuesday, August 8, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frf. Cet-ltoth Edttioifi PAGE SEVEl'f Prominent Chunhwo man Attends Relig.ious Meeti,ngs MRS. CLARICE C. HARVEY NEW YORK, N.Y.-Mrs. Clara Mrs Harvey's commitment to c. Harvey, an -internationally int-ernational affairs started as prominent churchwoman, will trav: early as 1939 when she was a stu-el to utrecht, the Netherlands, d ent YWCA delegate to the World an August 4-11 meeting, where she Conference of Christian Youth, will -serve as the chairman of Amsterdam, Holland. In 1962 Mrs. Committee on Erlucation and ComHarvey joined women from 10 munication of the World Co11ncil of countries at the 17th National DisChurches. This committ-ee will set armament Conference in Gene va. priorities for education develop In July of that year she particimeans of communication among pated in "The World Without the the churches. Mrs Harvey will re-Bomb" Peace Conference held in port the pr. oposals of the Educa-Accra, Ghana, West Africa, 196:1 tion and Communi cation Commit-was the year of her peace pilgrim-tee to the Central. Committee ol age to Ro.me and an audience v,:ith the World Council of Churches Pope-Jnhn XXIII. In March, 1971, ( August 12-16), which she-serves she was among 50 Protestant lead-as consultant. She will then journey -ers who went to Paris to discuss to England to participate in the issues with the delegations at the Executive Committee of t he World Peace Talks Her positions as naMethodist Co uncil at Wesley Coltiona! president of Church Women lege, Bristol, August 28-SeptemUni te d member of the Executive ber 1. Committee of the Worid lVfethodist Mrs. Harvey has an impressive Council and as chairman of the record of involv-ement in national Committee on Education and Com and internatih nal church affairs. munication of the World Council 1\t present she is the national presof Churches presently involve her ident of church Women Uni te d ; a in many parts of the international national which Protes community ... tant, Roman Catholic, and Ortho. Deeply committed to the OCO dox women express the ecumen-nomic development of her com ical dimensions of their faith and munity, Mrs. Harvey, in 1958, wa:> work. __ a founder and director of the State She has served on the Executivt! Mutual Savings and Loan Ass ociCommittee of the Commission on ation of Jackson, Miss., now a mulsfructure of the United Methodist ti-million dollar, all black, instituChurch, on the Methodist Committion She has been administrative-tee on Overseas Relief and as secly related for many years with the retary of the General Board of family businesses of Collins Fu Christian Social Concerns which neral Home Inc ., and Collins Incited her for outstanding efforts surance Companies in Jackson, for civil Rights and Peace in Miss., of which she is now presi-1963. dent. WORRIED? SEE COon1ta READER AND ADVISOR ON ALL MATTERS OF LIFE DO YOU NEED HELP? UNHAPPY? DISCONTENTED? DOUBTFUL? MARRIAGE PROBLEMS? HOME PROBLEMS? HEALTH PROBLEMS? LOVE PROBLEMS? 6503 H. na. Ave.. Ph. 238-6068 Tampa 9 A. M 9 P. M. Mrs. H1lrve y is a member of the board of the Martin Luther King Memorial Foundation From 1953 to 1970, she was a trust-ee on the 'nrd of Rust College, Holly Sp Miss and presently is on the Board of Trustees of Tus kegee Institute Alabama. On De ceinber 12, 1971, Rust College con ferred on Mrs. Harvey a Doctorate of Humanities Since 1964, she has been a member of the Mississippi Advisory Committee to t he United States Commission on Civil Rights. Mrs. Ha!'Ve y is a member of the National Association for the Ad vancement of Colored People a nd a life member of the National C ouncil of Negro Women In 1968 she was elected chairman of the Hinds Count y Community Servi ce Association sponsored by the Office of Economic Oppor tunity. In response to an invitation ext e nded by Mayor Russell C. Davi s of Jackson, Mrs Harvey has agreed to serve on the City of Jackson s Progressive Action Committee, which will encourage the econom ic growth of the city In April 1971 the Mayor a nd the Co mmi ssion of the City Council honored Mrs Ha r vey w i th an Outstandin g Citizen of Jackson" award. Wishing You A Happy Birthclay By MISS ROSE LOREl\ZO HAYES Birthday greetings were sa;d to Lorenzo Ha. yes on August 4. Galled "Mickey" by friends, renzo is a member of !New Salem IPrumitive Baptist Ohurch and sings with Ohoir No. 3 and the Oity Wide M en Ohorus Belated g>reeting s -go to Susan Voncia Williams who was two in July. 'She is the d'aug1hte:r of Mr. and Mrs. Elijaih. WiUiams of Hi-ghland Plines 'llhe little lady received best' wishes f11om her grandparents, l:r.Irs. Gordon of Leesburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Williams of Ocala ; her sister, Kimberly; and an aunt, !Mrs. !Delores Henderson of Waslb.dngton, D C. Gr. Bethel Circle No. 1 :Mrs. Lucille Scriyens, Pres. Mrs. Barbara Shaw, Rept. The No 1 Circ le of Greater Bethel Baptist Church will meet !Friday evening at 5:30 in the J W Rhodes Educational Bldg. of the church. All member.> are asked to please be present and on time. Brooksville .Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryant returned home from two weeks vacation in Newport News, Va. where they visited theit daught/ er and grandson, 1\:'lrs. Edythe B. Ward and son John. They reported a nice vacation. Homemakers Forum ROSE CRUTCHFIELD COST OF COFFEE EXPECTED TO INCREASE WH'llE N. Y. -Na ture, usuaHy the beneflacto r of food, has played some unpredict2 .btle tricks this pa-st SIP'ling. Tropical Storm Agnes has damaged strawberry in tJhe east. Gales have hit the grapes in Oali:orni a vineyards. Srpring freezes have n e a.rly wiped oi.1t many fruit crops in Oolorado and Oregon Hailstone s have. pelted ear,Jy peaches in South OaroHna And across tJhe border,_ w the soi.ttJh ear1y reports indic ate a frost' severely damaged the cof fee crop of Brazil, source of 3-3 per c ent of the world's c offe e supp-ly. Wlholes ale prices Of cof fee are moving up. And for -the consumer, this means coff ee drinking _is _to bE! come sl{ghtly m ore expensive but still about 2 c ents a cup. rBI.'azH is now in tJhe process of pickl ing its 19712-73 green cof fee crops The Brazilian, frost_ h :as not affected this current crop, but instead has raised questions about next year's crop in_ the minds of those who deal in fu tures on t:he cro,ps a scarcity in green beans for next year, prices of the beans have already gone up ap. pl'oximately 10 cents a pound since the frost in tlhe P arana province of Brazil was first an nounced. ( tParana i s :Brazil's leading coffee producing pr()o vince.) Although the figures vary, preliminary estimates are tlhat 311) to 40 per cent of Parana's crOll), which is now ooly in its Howell" stage on coffee trees, may hf:en damaged. Tile recent Bra2'JiJ,ian frost in July was the second damaging cold speH to hit the country in three years. A frost caused se vere d am;age to B trazil's crop in 1900. As a re.sult co ffe3 prod u ction in recent lagged and world coffee have been r educe d to abou t ::'1[) to 3 5 million bags from 80 mmion bag s j>ack in prior to 11h

PAGE EIGHT Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tuei. inCl. Fri. -.Cet Botli Edltloiij Tue.claf,-Autust 8, 1972 : ''"J .. tt BAHAMIAN MODEL DELIGHT"S DINERS AFTERNOON TEA DRAWS YOUNG GUESTS The Sunday afternoon tea sponsored by Fait h Mary. L)lwrence, Ma rgie Armstrong and Elijah Temple Church of God fn Christ drew many young Landers. The sponsor was Mrs. Roberta Brown guests. Seate d here, are from l e ft Edith Lawrence MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Continued f rom Page 6 ') PLAY AT 1\'IT. MORIAH A religious play, "The Old Ship of Zion will be presented at 8 P. M. Sunday at G reater Mt. Moriah P B. Church. Th e public is invited The cast will rehearse Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Bertha Pervis is the director. HERE FROM Mf,o\MI Friends are deli ghte d to see Mrs. Adeli Mitchell a former Tam pan w h o now lives in Miami. She is the house guest of Mr s LuciHe Hammond. Mrs. Mitch e ll is a nurse. HOME FR0:\1 H OSPIT A L Mrs. Janie Smi t i is home agai n after spending a few days at Tampa Gene raL Also back home after hospital treatment is Mr. Thomas Turner R UMMAG E SALE M embers of the Rogers Park Women's Golf Clu b are having a l awn rummage sale Thursday, Friday and Sa turday at the r esi denc e of Mr s. B e u lafr J oy n e r 316 W Francis The ladies have gather ed up a n i c e selection tha t i nclu des everything from bathing suit s to maternity clothes. ACnVIT Y A T HAR M ON'S HALFWAY HOME More than twe nty pre-sc hool c hildren will enjoy a Cut and T e ll H our Thursday mornin g at 10:30 at Harmon' s Halfw ay Home 790) E ndive Avenue .. Prog r ess Village This is the home's first pro ject. The activity will be und e r the direction of Mrs. Chestine McDan ie ls e nd Mary Turp-er. NEW LYWEDS A m'>ng n ewlyw ed in the Cigar City are Mr. and Mrs. Wil! i e _James Jordan. Mts. Jordan is the former Bessie Lee Grier. H OME AGAIN Mrs. A:lease Washinp:ton of Tampa is home again after two weeks d ay in New York and W ash ington She was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Brenda 'Jlhomas. -NOTES FROM TAMPA ClUBS Members of the PRINCETONETTES SOCIAL Cl.lJB will meet tonight! at at t he residence of Mrs. Teze Murray, 3311 E Nor t h Bay. Notes From LOdges SUNLIGHT HAPTER NO. 26 OES Is meeting at 7:30 P. M. Thursday at the Pallbearers Temple, 1902 Main Street. A meet.ing of LILY WIDTE LODGE No-. 13!l is scheduled for 8 P M Wednesday at Be thel A M. E. Annex, 1012 Laurel Street. READERS AD APOSTOLIC CHURCH APPEALS COMMUNITY Attention: Tampans and Neighboring Cities Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus w ill eac h of you become a WEE DIME M I S S I 0 N A. It Y Cause: Apostolic Church of Jesus Missi o n No Il, s members ( 16) are engaged in diligently -trying t o complete a church home lo cated on Jackson Road, off Hi g h way 579 and 301 in Thon otosassa. Your dime donation wil1 spur this toward a workable rea:ity. Send d i mr:s or other donations to Mis r;ionary I Mitcheli, 4606 29th Street, Tampa, Fla. aa&LO Phone 232--855l. Thank you and G o d 'ble'ss eachl of' you S White, Cocoa Services at Mit. Moriah AMIE Church beg,an at 1:1 with the pas'inr, Rev. 0. H. Houston in charge. The pastor wa s assi s t e d 'by Rey. C Tookes 'I\ue cihoi r and ushers served and Mrs. Ro s a IL. Jones was in croarge of the music. 'Prayer was o:tifered by IMr W The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Several visitors were !l'resent. Ho l y com munion was also administered. IEvenillg service began at tJhe u sual hour witlh the same order of se.rvice Mr. I-ssac J ohnson offered prayer. The s ame cihoir and ushers served and the ser mon was de.Uve.red. by pas tor. HOI.y comm.ooion was also VerdeU Hoos ton, reporie!'. Apostolic Church Of Jesus Miss ion No. 2 Thonotosassa 1 Elder J. H. Lee, Pastor Mrs. Beautean White, Rept. S. S. bega n at 10:15 with the condu cting the school. All teachers were a t their posts. The subject of the lesson was, "After," taken from Acts 2:38 verse. Su nday was pastoral day. E l 'der Lee pastored through0ut t he day. Noo nday services began with D ea. I. Mitche ll and Mrs. Hanet Felton in charge of de votio n. The message was de livered by the pastor. E vening service began wit. h Dea. Mitchell a nd Mrs. McCla1ri conductin g the d e v otion Tha :message by the pastor. Holy communion and feet washing ser vice was ad ministered. E ld e r B Hamilton, district overseer will be in charge o f s ervices at t he Mission Frida y night. The public is i nvited and members are asked to at@ld. Members were happy to have Bis hop and Mrs. We s t to wor s hip with us. Remembe:.. the sick and shut-ins. Winter Ciarden Mr,s, Mary Lou Smith of Alabama was in the city visiting ben daugh te r and son-in-law Mr and Mrs. Rob-ert Locus and Miss Willi e B Willis. M.rs. Jane Burch is home doing n i cely after. h avin g been in West OrangeMemorial Hospital. Mr. Robert: Bavenport is in West ange Hospit al. Mrs Ada Jefrerson is also in the hospital. Mrs. M!uDancing fashion. shows, offer e d along with tasty buff e t lunches In Nassau and Paradise_ Island hotels are, a feature of this y.ear' Bahamas Goombay Summer. Every Thurs,day from now un t i mid-Sep. tember, one of the major hot els in the' Bahamas capital, pr'esents Baliarnian models doing their thing. n i e Jones Scott is doing nicely having been hospitalized Supreme Grand Council of which Mrs Carolyn T Anderson is sec retary and Miss Johnnie M. :mer Miss Freddi e Anderson are mem bers, went along with other groups to attend the assembly in Newark, New Jersey. L i ttle Melvin and Lowana Henry are spending theil' vacation w ith fii ends Mrs Augusta Scott left to be at the beds i de grandson, Mr. Wonza S'-cbtt of Brunswick N. J. Save Tilne And Stamps Phone Your -News 248 HADDAD D -ISCOUNT CBILDIEM'S IULOir TOPS. A ,ND SHORTS Compal'e at 97c Ea. lew 2 lor $1 00 .MER'S STRIPED JEANS 2 pairs M EN'S NYLON SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS Reg. $2.97 -Assorted 2-$500 LADIES' NYLON HALF SLIPS 2 lor $100 USE OUR C .OIYEIIEIT LAYAWAY


Tueaday, August S, 1972 Sentinel-Bulletin PuLlls'hed everv Tues. anCI Get Both Editions PACE NINE MEMBERS OF SMITH-LUKE WEDDING PARTY Members of .the Smith-Luke wedding party in eluded, from left Eugene McCasbin, Penny Luke, Johnnie 1\lae Luke and Terry Smith. Ada Smith I and Willie Luke exchanged marriagevows In First Union Baptist Church Saturday evening : :. ': VISITOR ENJOYS HOSPITALITY: OF SOCIAL CLUB R. C. Havely of Glen Arde!l, Maryland, Is Ylsitln g relatives in the Cigar City and on Sunday evening enjoyed the hospitality of the The Sunday afternoon c ocktail party at the Central Park V illage Auditorium was a delight to those who attended Inv itations were accepted Social Club at a cocktail party. He Is pictured with his brother-in law 'W. H. Jones president of the Trojans Social Club. by, from left to right Leon Johnson Betty John son Mr. and Mrs. Lewis McNair and Mandy Lee Mathis. 'ATTEND PARTY HONORING A FRIEND .. Many persons entered the Elks Rest a few from left are Clyde M. Allen, Dorothy Ri chard days ago for a party honoring a friend Joyce son, and Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Mallardo Cotney. who was celebrating a birthday. Seated BLAC. K DISABLED LAW STUDENT A ,CHIEVES AT FSU -Lt. Gov. S ecretary of Comm erce Tom Adams and Chriss Walker a disabled law student wroking for the summe r wit h the Florida Department of Commerce, confer 0 n a le ga l prob lem. Walker lost both bands and feet In an agricultural accident several years ago By SUSAN PERCY FDC Staff Writer TA I L 1LAHIAJSIS:E:E Admiration v ery qn:ick1y wins out over sympathy wlhen yoil meet Ohriss Wal k er. T he 25-year-old Florida State University law school student lost both hands and feet in an agrdcultuarl accident 1J2 years ago, but hi s d 'i.s abHity hasn' t r stopipe d him from w m i uiling a record of a chievement that any student envy. is worlcing for tJhe summer at the Florida D -epartment of Commerce, doing legal researrch in the mfice of Indust rial Claims Jud: ge A. S Fontaine. Technically, W a lk e r is h a ndi capped; but meet him, talk to bim, work writ r h him, 1md y r o u find the word doesn't Ht. !Long montJhs of ho spitalization, !physical thel'a py and exercise followed his ac-cident and prehim to wea r limbs. Today, he i s a r bl e to li ve ,aJ-one; h e can write, walk, driv e a c ar and do the kind of job that e arns praise from h is boss, Lt. Gov. Tom Adams, Florida' s secretary o f commerce. Slaid Adam s, I W e see abilit-y, not Chri ss js doing valuable lega l researcl h for u s in the area of workmen's compensation law. He i s dor:ng a very fine Judge Fontaine w ho s\llper vises Walker directly, h as only praise for his p el'ormance ":I-t's amazing wh-at Chfliss is r able to do," h e said "ll'v e known victim.s of industrial accidents cond:iti on wlho never work agam. L ega ll y, he could be cla. s s ified as p ermanently and totally disa bled Walker believes individual d e termination plays a big pat'i in o ve l'coming ..a handicap, .. .and 'his own story bears it out. A nativ e Tallahassean, h e has ) a leadershi,p record tJ'-lat b e e an at Lincoln Hi g h Schoo l and tinued at Tallahassee Community Oo llege, where h e was stud ent body Vlice president and a .fres'h maQJjustice on the student court. W hile he was a n und ergradu ate at F l ol'ida Srta t e University, he was named a d e leg-ate to t'e Wlhite House Conference on Children, where he served on t''e health and r e habiEtation commit. tee. In the same ye ,ar, he was honored w ith a soecia l G over nor-"s A ward for Metorious S e r v i c e Actually onl y his student s-tatus prevented hi s b eing name d "Handicappe1l Flo ri d i a n of the Year. Walk e r h as apn eared in a film for t:Jhe Easter Seal Societv a11 i in one for t:Jlje Governor's Com mittee on Employment of t'1e Handicapped Althou g h h e hasn't yet decH ed on the fi e ld of law he wa n t 3 to imter, he views hi s wor k with the F r D.C as good prepra t io n f o r an y field Learning h ow to resench a legal problem is the be-st k ini of training at t : hi s stage. It's really a matter of learning how tJ use the t ools o.f o he trade said. most di sabled pe()l'll e h e doesn't want s ymnathy. But h e aceept the fact that peo;:Jl e r e 'act sympatheticall'Y ; h e r es r)Jects the kindnesr s that motivates the'r reac tion a nd ind'ulg e s the curi ou.sity that sometimes accom panies it. I 1 reaH1.1e that people are go in g to look at me twice, and I c a n understand that. I kn ow sometimes I s e e t hin g s t ha t make me take a second look Itt's natural to be curious a-bout somet hing c;Iiff-erent. Some-times p eop le even COm

PAGE TEN Tuesday, MacDILL SERGEANT PRESENTED MILITARY CITIZEN AWARD Charles M. Davis preaents the Miliilry Citizen ef the Year Award to MS&t. Bensford 0. Kirton .Jr.t.. while Mrs Kirton on (center). Mr. Davis is president of the Chamber of Comm erc e of Great. er Tampa. -U. S. AIR. FORCE PHOTO by Capt .Jebn B. Tayl or. FRIENDS AT WEDDING RECEPTiON ( MacDill Sergeant Presented Military Of Award A U. S Readiness Command Air Foree M aster Sergeant waa recently presented tlbe Milit>ary fitiien of the Year Award b.y the Tampa Obamber of Commerce. MSgt Bereslord 0. Kirton Jr., Cbief of t.})e Directorate ol ()peNI'-ions; g r aphics seeti oo, w>a s selected b y a C()mmittee of Tampa ci ti zens out of 16 nominees re tl.l}e local U. S Air Force a nd N av y The award i s pres ented an n ually for "sustained and oon tiu u ing participation in acmvities y,Ut. The m essage was again de liver ed by Re v Youngblood. We were delighted to have Rev and Mr. s. Spann v isiting with us during this service. We were also happy to hav e our Pres id ing Elder, l!v. A. L. Goodwin ... Tuesday night the president o:f the Usher board is asking that all Ushers meet with her 8 P. M. Wedne sday night the No. 1 choir will have re/ )learsal and all members are to please be on time. Thursday night beginning at '7:3 0 p1ayer meeting with Rev. Miller in charge, all members tre urged lQCO'int'' with PI'Oject HIQPIE in the Cen tral Park VUJ.aie and the Mod-el Oities Projert. MSgt Klirt:on wtls also cited for hi!! alltivity in Little League Plant Hich School s Parent-Teache. r s A880Ciation and Tampa's PIAIL football program wilere he presently asa manager of tile Board ol Directors. He is a n ativ e of Brooklyn, N. Y ., and has r esided in the Tamtpa are a for tihe last t!hree and-one half-yea.!'s. MSgt. Kir ton and his Ann, have an 18-year-old SJOn wlho recently graduated from Plant High Sehool;-Tampa. U S. Army G eneral J ohn L. '11hrockmortQn; O ommander-in Chi ef, U 'S. Re adi ness Comman d sai d during tbe ceremtoines, "This relationsh, ip between "the Armed Forces and the soeiety they h ave sworn to defend h as not be-en on those risked thedr liv es m comtbat. It must n o t be lost either, on trhe civilian society." -"J)f we are to survive as a nation," General Throekmor.ton contiu ned "we mu s t all pull to gether. We must con11prise a TO'I1AIL FOIRJOE. And that, to me, (ity Wide Men Chorus Mr. 1\rluster Morgan, Pres. M r Willie Spe lls, Rept. All members of City W ide M e n C horus are asked to meet at t h e home of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Powell, 2914 29t h Street, fo r busine s s meeting. Our out member, Mr. Alfred Di ckerson is on vacation in Miami and Live Oak. who is being transfered from Arkansas to the Florida con :fere n ce. We are very grieved to have lost Rev. Ward, but wish him the very best at his New Church in Sarasota. Visitors are always welcom ed to worship with us at all t imes Let us not :forget to pray for the sick and shut-ins 4-CUT. RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TBADIRG POST_ .N!.J.:I!TI!S $10.50 'i'Oi'LET $1.9 5 SINKS & CABINE TS WASH BASINS CLOSED "ILL DAY WED Open M... T1aru Sat. 8-6 : E. Pll !43-2411 We wish to take this oppor tunity to congratulate l'ie'V, Y?unjP!ood on biiillg given thirge of .. C.M E ()burch in Clearwater .f-Qr. th .-v: '72 '7a year, W e_ a patiently awatthtg:. the arrival---of our new pastor .._ __________ __. J s the real meanin g, tlbe real t."te r&ai JlUf'PO&e tbis her tod-ay." EleveD of the 115 nominees and their wives attended the lunebeon e ere-mooy. Each w u presented a pfaiiue from the made ilieir nominaiion. 1st Tactical F ighter W'mg OGmmiBnder, Air Foree ColOnel, Sid ne;y L Davis receive;d on be bll ol the base, a plaque b&ar ing MSgt Kirton s name. Future IMililtary Oitiozen of the Year Award winner .s' names will be engraved for dis-olav here. [)uring the ceremony, MSgt. IKJrton -recei v ed t1ree ]>Jaques and certifieates recognizing his achievement. Charles M. Davis president of the Greater Tarnfi}a Chamber of Commerce and Tam pa Mayor Dick A. Greco, Jr. were among the presenters. AUTO INSURANCE A. F. KILBRIDE IRS. Before and after an accident 12()1 MARION SREET PHONE 223-5531 SU ... EB JOBS FOR YOUR YOUNG SOli THAT CAll LAST ALL -YEAR LOIIG. START HIM AS A BUSINESSMAN Mr. aad Mn. CUries Baas ree eived lle .st wisliet after their wedding cere ... ny Saturday evelliag at lllle Jtome of u.e ltrllle l rod mother, Mrs. PlleUe WlUis. AI,DOIII frle .. s attea4inr were, fnm left, Kirby Watt, Frances INl aad Venlee Sims. DisaWH law SbHieat (Contillued From Pare !I) Qle artiftclal limbs. WalkT talb frankly and eaSiily bout hi disabi'lity li there is auy bitterness, it doesn t show; he is a comfortable person to ta-lk with A listener responds to his easy, open manner and finds the main thing that sets him apart from anyone else is his ability. He is the son of the Rev. and Mrs. Elie Walker of TaUaihassee; he has eig'ht brothers and sisters. Immanuel Holiness 2108 E. Ida Street Bishop W. Pastor Mrs. V. L6 c k, Reporter [mmanuel Holiness Ohurch wel comes you to their services at the u sual hour. ReVIival meeting \\1ill begin night at 7 : 30. !Ev an gelist Nelson E She1mon will be the speaker. Come out and let's have a go od time. Pray fQr the j sie k and shut-in-s. Mt. I Moriala. Willnt Workers Mrs. Mary Aan Thoraton, Pres. Mt. Moriah Willinr Workers will have a very important businel!s meeting on W ednel!day n ight at 7:30 at the clmrch All mem-bers are asked to be present at this extremely imJH)rtant :meeting. (horus Mrs. Louise Bolden Pre1. Mrs. Hazel Petty, Rept, Pughsley Memorial Chorus will have rehearsal Tuesday night at 8 at the home of Mrs. Fedonia Hill, on Lake Ave. All members are asked to h e pre sent and on time. Bu.y From Florida Sentinel Advertisers N 0 W! Fitsll FOR THE FLOR-IDA s ENTINEL BULLETIN_ 'tiais could be oae of IUs most valuable lessou ill respoasiltilitf. Be leanas lo manage Ids roale, wisely aad welL For flat aews,.,.., boy I that's a boosl ill seU-c:oalideace, as wen aS .. early start ill developillg a seiiSI of buillesss elllarprise accoaplisll aeal that will stud by ldaa all IUs W,. To tlat aewspaper .. ,. we say, "COIICiBATULlnOIIS." We'n pnad lo lmow yow.. PAPER BOOTES AVAILABLE IR ALL SECnGIIS OF TOWI! Take Your Pick -Of Boules,. Or Start You Own! (ontad: Fla. Sentinel Bulletin 2287 21stlYEIIUE -II Phone: 248 -1921


__ _______ Bethel Baptist. Bishop Hubert From 808 Short Emory St. T p d 0 Fl d Mrs. Lillie M. McOonald, Rept. Alabama 0 resi e ver orl a Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor JEFATUL CALLING By FATHER A. PARK The J esuit Free Employment Agency 'of the Tampa Urban League (JEF ATUL) is calling upon the busines3, professional, and indu str' a l communities of the Tampa Bay are a to employ our applicants. The followi ng peopl e are seek ing employm ent: Domesti cs l ooki n g for day's work, l a d y looking for work in church kitchen. JEFATUL JOB OPPORTUNITillS: Top no tc h secretary at private school for three days a week, janitor fot church, labor-ers, shrimp plant workers, factory workers. Holsey Temple 3729 N. 15th St. Rev. L. T. Montgomery, Pastor Greetings are extended to our new pastor and first lady Rev. and Mrs L. T. Montgomery who come to us from Bethel C.ME Church of Sarasota. Our former pastor Re v. and Mrs. Johnson will be returning within a few months to Memphis Tenn. Rev. Montgomery and hi s wife will be leaving for two weeks vacation and Mrs. Ros a :Bryant and Rev. L. B. Brown who are our assistant will be in charge of the second and third Sunday s ervices and our pastor will return on the :fourth Sunday. The Holsey Temple Gospel Chorus will have rehearsal Sat urday at 3. No. 1 will have regular business meeting on Wedn esday night at 8. All other activities remain the same Ali are asked to remember the sick and shutins Visitors are welcome at all t imes Sunday school began at 9:30 NEED A NURSERY 'THIS A. M. The supt., presided. The FALL??? Call JEFATUL at lesson was taught by the tea229-8117 or 223-3454. chers. JEF ATUL NEEDS:. .Mornin g worship b-egan at T ypewriters, typing tables !10:45. D ev otion was conducted f a n s small refrig e r ato rs, offi c e by .Mr. Allen Spotford and .Mr. such as paper, stenc il s Harold Scott. Music was render-carb on, .. hangers. ed by the Sanctuary choir. Us-JEFATUL THANKS -her board No. "1" s e rved. Tho Conso lidated Box C ompany sermon was de}ivered by the pasand Royal Bargain Center f or tor who chose for his theme", Dil emma Of Fol!owir.g The help i n g JEFATUL. Crowd." The background scripThose needing work or ers, pl e a s e call JEFAT.UL at ture was r ead by R ev. J. P. 229-8117 or visit us at 1405 Saunders, sele c ted from the book Tampa Park Plaza on the N. E. of St. Luk e chapter 13, verses corner of S cott & Nebraska. 13-27, from which the You ma" also com e to 1026 d eve loped hi s theme Several outstanding visitors Central or call u s at 223.3454. were present, E ve ning worship St. Peter Apostolic Church 3303 E. Ellicott St. Bishop L. R. Mills, Pastor Mrs, Walker, Rept. .Tuesday night mtss1onary meeting will begin at 8:30. Mrs. Walker will be in charge of the service. Thursday night the pastor will be in charge. S. s. will begin on Sunday at 10:30. Morning service wil-l_ begin at the usual hou r with the same order of service. Ev ening service wi ll begin at 8:30. Orlando The Orange.. Blossom Council will meet Saturday at 6 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gaskin. All members are asked to be present and on time. Pla n s for the trip to Silvi!r Springs and also the chartered bus will be discussed. No. 2.05 after the the usual Lily White Lodge will meet Tuesday second Sunday at place. .Mrs. Sallie M. Fuce, rcpt. ... .. began at 5:15. The same dea cons, choir, and ushers ser-ved. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. He chose for his pre theme, "At The Cross". Following the sermon the Lord 's Supper was served, followed by fellowship service. All auxiliaries will hold their meetings as planned within the group. Clewiston Services were _good at all churches in the community be ginning with S. S. throughout night service. The subje c t of the lesson was, "Worshipping In The Congregation.'' The -supt. gave a wonderful review. On the sick list are Mrs. ltfattie Lifton, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Collie White, Mr. Charlie Moore, Mr. Willie Belle, Mr. R. J. Ross and Mrs. James Mason. Please remember all the sick and shut ins. Phone all news to 9 837943. Mrs. L. M. William s rept. Buy Sentin2l From Florida Advertisers Warning: The Surgeon General H11 Determined lhat Cigarette Is 08llglrous to Your Htllth. 0 1172 IIU.IUYNOLDI TOUCCO.,.COMPANY, WINSTON-UUM. N .C.,' _ao ........ ... ,....,FTC Bishop Hubert Robinson was sent to Florida by the Bishops Council to replace tl'je late Bis hop George Dewey Robinson wpo di e d sudd enly week before last. by Bi s hop G. Wayman Blak ely who was located by the G e neral Conference in Dallas be ca u se o f a hearing prQbl e m. Bisho l l George Dewey Robinson was s ent to Florida by the General Con ference and he made one trip to F lorida before he died sudd e n-. ly two weeks ago in Washington. Bishop Hubert Robin so : 1 was B i shop Hubert Robin so n 'haa been pres iding prelate of Alabama-for four -years and had been returned there by ,General Conference when it clo se d in D a llas las t June. succeeded by B is hop Dinton R. Bishop Hubert Robin so n is tht> fourth bishop of Florida in less than one year. Early this year Bishop G. N. Collins was ki lled in a car wreck returning from the funeral of R ev. Luh-elle Long which was h e ld in New Orleans. Bi sho p Collins was succeeded Gainesville Servi c es at Shady Grove P. B. Churcil were in session all the weekend beginning on Friday night. The Ocala Area meeting closed last Sunday at Shady Grove p: B. Church The first service began on Friday and the sermon was delivered by Rev. D. P. Pendleton. At the S. S the teachers were at their posts and Mrs. Lorene Brooks and others were in charge The morning service began at the usual hour with the D ea con W. C. Johnson in' charge of devotion. Mt. Zion P. B. Choir !llnd ushers of Palatka served. Rev. J ., R. Rambo is the pastor The sermon was also d elivered by Rev. Rambo. The next meeting will be h eld at Mt. Zion P. B. Church of Eus ti s Rev. T. W Samuels; pastor and Rev. J R. Rambo, [president. Mr s Ro s a B. .J s mes is the secty. and Mrs. F. D. Shannon, r ept. All members of Shady Grove are asked to be present on Sat urday night at 8 for bus in ess meeting. Julia Patterson Circle Mrs. Nancy Jones, chairman Julia Patterso n Circle of B e ulah Baptis t Church met Thurs day at the hom e of the chair lman Mrs. Jones with eight merr:bers present aud three vi si tors. The devotion was l ed by Mrs. Weems. The lesson was dis cussed by Mrs. Nabmi Sea. The next meetin g will be at the home .of M 'rs. Mary Vann, 1!110 Laurel St. Visitors are welcome. New Hope Choir No. 2 Dea. Ira B. 'B.rutoil, President Mrs. Doris C. Moore, Choir No. 2 of New Hope M. B. Ohurch, Rev Jolhn Wil Li s, \Pas tor, will have weekly rehearsal 'Vhursd ay oigiht at 8 p.m. The IPreiident i s esk.lng everyone to !Please be present and on time. ,_., W I U .-IUIIIN.'nlt ISlltll"" Ande r son who was elected at the last General Conference a n d was sent to Africa. An d erson i s said to be in his early forti-e s and is consid ered to be the youngest bishop of the AME churc h. He was the brilliant pastor of St. Paul Churc h of St. Louis from which h e was elect ed. Immokalee S. S. began at the u s ual time will all churche s in the comm unity with the supts., and tea. chers at their posts. The lesson was time taught and reviewe d by Rev. H. A. Wade. At 3, all churches came to gether at First Baptist and :rendered a great program. Mr. Wilmer Simon was sponsor. On the sick list are: Mis11 Willie R. Fraizer, .Mrs. Rosa Houston, Mr. Will Simpkins, Mt-; Nakthan Reed, Mrs. Daisy Turner, Mrs. Daisy Livingston, Mr. John Smith. Mr. and Mrs. James Hudso n had as their house guest, Mrs. Hudson's brother of Phildelphia and their son and daughter-in law of New York. The y motored to Cocoa to vi sit relatives before leaving the city Mrs Adderley, .Mrs. M e rrick, Mi s s Miller are hom e after visit ing relatives in Alabama. Rev. H. Nichols, pastor and 'Mrs. Mary Town se nd, Rept. Mt. Zion Gospel Chorus Dea. James :Marion, Pres. Mrs. Amanda Isaac, Rept. The Gospel Chorus of New Mt. z ; on Baptist Church of which Re v B. J. Jones is pnstol" will have rehearsal Thursday night at 8 at the church. The !President is asking all members to be present and on time. All members must attend at least three rehearsals a month in order to s erve. Gospel Mission Prayer Band Deacon Lonnie Simmons, Yres. Mrs. Willie Belle W illiams, Uept. The Gospel .Mission prayel" Band will meet Wednesday at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Hosa Lee Sermon, 2621 26th Ave. All are asked to remember the sick shut-ins. Visitors are wel come at all times.


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PACE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Tueaday, August 8, 1972 Bishop Kirkendoll Closss 100th S:ession Of CME ( .onference By REV. M. L. NEWMAN TALLAHASSEE Bishop Che s ter A. Kirkendoll closed the lOOth session of the Florida annual con ferenc e of the C.M E Chur c h at Tallahassee Sund a y with the read i n g of the appointm e nts The ses sion open e d July 25th and clo s ed July 30th St. James w a s host churc h. Many. h i gh points .,;,ere featured Including the Women's Mis s i o n ary So c iety, The Youth, L aymel' and Minis terial ranks. Guest L e e turer was Dr. L. S. Bra nn o n o f Birmingham. Tu es day s s es sion f eature d o r ganization of boards and c o mmi t tees. The w e lcom e pro gram wa s Tuesday night with Coach Big Jim Williams of Florida A and M pre senting Coach Jake Gai ther guest speake r H e was a master and used the subject "What does God expect of Me?" Wednesday opened the sess ion by the bishop The ror call of ministers and delegates foll o wed. Rev. C. L. Reeves was memorialized by Rev. J B. B 'right o f Tampa who also retired after the session. Holy Commun i o n was administered by Presid i ng Elders A L Goodwin G W Wils on, Robert Chapman o( the Unit e d ME:.thodist Church of the Tallahassee di s tri c t The bishop R e v s. C C. Cowsen of Miami and M L Newman of the Divisi si o n o f Publi c Relations. R e v J. W Powell of Orlando was the Communion preacher. Thursd ay was Missionary D ay w ith Mrs. Ros etta Wells of Miami s e rving as conference president in ch a r ge. Mrs Margare t Wigfal' of Clearwat e r conducted t h e m o rning meditat ion Rev. W M Belk repre sented th e Florida Coun c il of Churches Rev. I. C Stripling and D. McElvin con duc t ed the noon devotion while 1 Rev. C Bryant of Bradenton Urban League Plans To Register Voters From 10 Northern_ Cities and Winter Haven delivered the Missionary message. Mrs Eve rline Garrett served as president of the conference stewardesses. T h e Missionary march closed the '!'hursday night ses s ion with Rev A L Dopson of Wes t Mi tc h ell C M.E Church of A t lant a bring ing the message Friday was Youth Day wit r. Mis s Eunice Coker of Jackson v ill e in charge Rev. W. R. J o h nso n of Tampa and Memphis preach i n g M ore than one h undre d young voi c es sang to cl o se the Youth Day s e ssi o n aft e r th eir bu s iness meetings Saturday was Layme n s Da y Roscoe Webb of Ft. Lauderdale wa s president. W. B Jef ferson of S t. Petersburg pre a c h e d th e Ord i nation sermon. T h e ev e n i ng s e ssion followed with Bishop Kirk endoll asking oth e r c o nf e r e n c e qu es tions which showed an in creas e of 250 new m e mbers. S o me $ C.O,OOO was reported. Th e J Lang K e rshaw himself to that figure. of the Florida House of Represent atives and Miami ;as the speak er for the Annual .... aymen s Ban quet Saturday night at the Flori dian Hotel. It was a great suc cess and the speaker was at best The Sunday s ess ion opened with Sunday s ch ool under the lead er ship of Re v J. L. Russ of S t Augustine who als o d e liver e d the opening s e rmon W e dnesday morn ing The m o rning worship call e d to w ors hip by Rev. M L Campbell, the host past or of St James. R e v L L Ward offer ee' praye r. Re v D A. B e ll of Wesl Palm B e ach and Rev. S WhitE of Gain e sville read the s c r i ptur e s. Rev. F A Stokes of Ft. Laud e r d ale r ead s ente nc e s while t h e Missionary off e ring was b e ing t a k e n R e v G W. Wilson pre s e nted the Bishop Kirkendoll whc delievered the annual sermon R e v A L Goodwin extended the invitati o n to Christian Disciple ship The Joint Board of finance lifted the offering and Bishop Kirkendoll read the ministerial and conference appointment for the next-confer e nce year. Tabernacle-Rev. D Franklin and Friendship-Rev. 0. Willi a ms. Conference Lay And District Officers Mrs E v erl ena Garrett Pre si dent Confer e n c e S t e warde ss Bo8rd; M iss Euni ce C i k 2r-CJ:tf. Director o f Y o ut h W ork; Mrs. Edn a H a rt-C o nf. Directo r of Chil dre n Work ; Mrs Ann i e R Wilson -Conf. Sec of Ministers W iveS; Mr. Lou is R o bin son-Dis t r i c t L a y P res il:lent; Mis s Eve rgi e C oker Distri c t St ew a r dess Pre sid ent; Mrs. Sidn e y H arris-Dist. Mis si o n ary Pre sid ent; Mrs. J W Pow ell-Dis t. Sec M ini sters W i ve s ; Rev. J L Russ-District D irec tor of Chri s tian Educati on a n d Mrs Edith D. Skyler-Dist Sup t. of Sunday School. Apponitments Of The .. Tampa-Miami Districts: Th e drive will begin immediate ly and will be headed by W e ldon J., Rougeau a 29-year-old recent _graduate_ of the Harvard Law School. ST LOUIS The National Ur Elliot L. Richardson Secretary of The other cities are Flint and ban announced today that Health, E-ducation and Welfare, Battle Creek; Mich.; Indianapolis it would conduct a voter registra .and Dr. George A. Wiley, execu and Fort Wayne, Ind.; Columbus tion drive in 10 moderate-sized tive director of the National Wei-and Dayton Ohio; Sacramento, Northern cities, including stam fare Rights Organization, were Calif., and Springfield Ill. \ Mrs. G .W. Wilson, president of tne conference ministers wives was presented a gift for her ser vices A presentation was made also to Mrs C. A Kirkendol' and Mrs Kirkendoll the mother of the bishop who was visiting Presiding Elder-Rev. A. L. Goodwin ; Trinity-Rev. C C Cow : sen; Stewart Memorial-Rev. W. B. Jef ferson ; Holsey Temple Rev. L J Montgomery; William Memorial-Rev. F A. Stoke s ; Gray Temple......Rev. D. A Bell; Bethel-Rev. L. L Ward; St. Phil lips---

Tueaday, August 8, 1972 Fla. S.Mioel-Bulletln PuhliaheCJ every Tues and Frf. Cet Both Editions PAC FIFTEEN .. : : ... .. Fine Food ... Priced Right S MOK-ED -PIC.NICS J PRICES GOODt WEDNESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY AUGUST 9th, 12th. I i : < 41 I 1 '< ...... -. .. r.. . I ., .. r -:_ ..: .. -: .. .J... .. ...,...... ...... : .. ;1/'TI(IAW '811rNMQtl -7/SS(IE


: \''f'1 f t:f. )1 :),1f ... I J t .... )_ :J. '; 1-, I PACE SIXTEEN _Fla. Se-ntinel-Bulletin Publ.i .11hed every and Frf. Ce t Both Editions JAMES GETS HIS SECOND STAR IN GERMANY WASHINGT-ON -Major General Daniel (Chapple) James, Jr., USAF, Deputy Assistant Secretary of De fense (Public Affairs), the stars of his new rank from his son Air Force captain Daniel James, III (left), and wife Dorothy ( right ),' Secretary of Defense i\Ielvin R. Laird assists Mrs .James during the Pentago11 ceremony last weekend. APPOINTED TO U. S. INFO POST WASHINGTON Attorney G eneral Richard G. Kleindienst last we e k e nd announc e d the appointm e nt of Hora ce S. as D epu t y Direct or of Public Information for the Department of Jus tice Webb, 32, b ee n assistant dire ctor for in(.ormation services for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) since December, 1970. The association h a s its headquarters in Gaithers b u r g, Maryland. For the t w o previo us years, he wa s with the Polaroid Corpora t io n i n Waltham and Cambridge Ma ss achusetts, and was manager for information and files for the P"olaroid office In Cambridge which he j o ined IACP. Baptist Church First Pro_gress Village Rev. B. J. Williams Pastor Sunday services were highly spiritual with C hurch School at 9:30 with the supt., Dea. Joe Beck' in c harge. Dea. Joe Beck reviewed the lesson M orning worshi p began at 11 wi t h D ea. Harris and Dea. Goodin g in c haige of d e votion. The No. 1 choir and ushers s ervetl. R e v. Will iams de li vered the m essag e. BTU began at 5 with Mrs Pittman in charge. Eve nin g s e r vi c e followed at 6:30 wi t h the c o mmunion following. Prayer meeting and bible 'Study will be held Wednesday night at 7:30 The pas to; i 3 a sking everyone to attend. The '!ipecial business meeting will be held 'Friday n ight at 8. Next Su nday afternoon morn ing service we will go t o St. Mary Baptist Churc h of Largo. The No. 1 u s hers and 3 choir ierved. The No. 1 usher' board will have -their anniversary on the 3rd Sunday. Rev. C H. Bolden and his people will b e here a t 3. Let us pray for the sick and shut-i n s. Allen Temple Choir No.1 Mrs, lola McCloud, Pres. Allen Temple Choir No. 1 will have b usiness meeting Wednesday night at 8 at t h e h ome of Mrs. Sally Crosby, 3024 Sanchez St. All memmbers are asked to be present. .,,. CERS Of. SEVERAL OES, CHAPTERS INSTALLED On S unda y, Installation c'er emunle!i wefe held f or officers o f several c hapters of the Order of Eastern Stars at Tyer Templ e United l\le thodoist Church. In the audience were members of Martha No. 155, and. Gertrude Leland No. 160 of St. Peters.. burg. COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE VISITS TAMPA Judge Leo Jac kson of the Court of Appeals, Eighth Distric t of Ohio is visiting his nephew Dr. Andrew R Jackson, 5011 Winnie, and his brother Mr. Fred Jac k son. Jackson attended the Na tional Bar Ass ociation meeting in i\Iiami last week, and wlil be in Tampa until Thursday. A native o f Orlando h e will also visit rel atives and friends there before returning to Cleveand. Tyer Temple U. M. Ce ntral and Ross R ev. E. J. Rivers, Jr., Pastor S. S. began at 9:30 with the supt. Mr. Charlie Harris in charge. All teachers were at their posts The lesson was taught by R e v. Rivers. Morning wors hip began at 10:55 with the pastor at his post. Music was 1 end ered by Choirs No. 1 and 2 with the No. 1 ushers and stew ards serving. The message was brought by the pastor. Holy communion. was administere d by :the pastor ass> sted by Revs C. B. Higgs and B. Johnson. Tyer Temple family is sadde n ed by the passing of two of our faithful members, Mrs. Ettie :Brown and Mrs. B essie Brown. Sympathy to their familie s Wednesday night at 7:30, Choir No .2 will have rehearsal. All m embers are rl1quested to be present and on time. Frida:y evening at 7 : 30, choi r No 1 will have rehearsal. Mr. Rams onic McDonald and Mrs. Ruby !Bradley and M r s. C ornelia. Smit h were at the A. M. wor ship afte r having hospita liz ed A vi sitor from Washing ton and former membe r of Tye r T emple was Mrs. Edna Clark, Please remember the si c k and shut -ins Visit with the m. Vi si tors are always w e lcome. From Florida Advertisers Buy Sentinel


Tuesday, August 8, 1972 \ ""' Fla. Publiahed and Frf. Cet Both Editieiii MM!EVEN'ft!lf ICLEARWATER NEWSf Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Hatchett of Clearwater, Florida, announca the engagement of their daughter, Paulette Andrea, to Sgt Howard G Simms, grandson of Mr and Mrs. Jake Mitchell of Wilson, N C. Miss Hatchett is a 1966 graduate of Pinellas High School of this ci t y. She made her debut in December, 1966, sponsored by the St Peters burg, Florida, Chapter of The Links, Inc. A graduate of Institute, Hampton, Va., Miss Hatchett is a teacher in the public 11chool system of Washington D. C. Sgt. Simms, twice a Vietnam -veteran, is completing eight years of service with the United States Marine Corps. He is presently serving with the Marine C orps In stitute Compan y 8th, and 1st S t s Washington, D. C. Plans are in t he o.ffing for a December wedding. An engagement party was held recently at the Hatchetts' home, announcing the engagement. Sev era! relatives and friends were on band to greet the couple and ex tend sincere congratulations aud to wish them luck from here :m. The couple left the city on Friday for Was hington, D. C. A stopov e:was made in North Carolina for a brief visit with his relatives. They were accompanied by Pamela and Peter Hatchett, sister and brother of Miss Hatchett. The younger Hatchetts will return to the city following a two-week stay in the nation's capital. Deidre Michele Lane and Janie -MaeFields, August birthday cele brants, shared their riatal days with a few of their friends at a skating party on Sunday afternoon at the Gay Way Skating Rink where both girls frequent often. J.anies' party was held on Thursday a t he-r paFents' home on Palmetto Street and Deidre's. is scheduled for Mooday afternoon at her home on Clark Street. other August celebrants include Mrs. Du. val (Dee Dee) Warthen of Green wood Apartments and N o I i w e Rooks. Noliwe's party is to be held on Tuesday afternoon at her fa ther's (Milton P. Rook) home on Eldridge Street. The little folk are looking fo11ward to a gala day a.s they participate in a cook-out in the back yard. Now that most colleges and uni versities have closed their dOovs ... ...0: !1'_ ; "-;:r#.. Sears for the sunhher, many students are ret!lrning to their respective hom!!s, some for a brief respite prior to resuming teaching duties over the county and elsewhere. In most cases those returning report hav ing spent a successful and profit able summer. Mrs. Daisy Bronson was among those who studied at Florida A. M. University, and re ceived her Master's Degree in Ed ucation. Others being equally re warded for their studious and dill. gent efforts are Mrs. Daisy Mt1r ray, Mrs. Margaret Paige, and Mr. Curlee Rivers. Mr. Calvin Johnsm1 was in attendance this summer also, and plans receiving his Mas ter's Degree in the near future. Congratulations are in order to these and others. who were so for timate as these. Mrs. Mary N. Heard and daugh ter. Ann K-aren, left the city last week for a visit with relatives in Washington, D. C. They w.ill re. tum to the city in time for Mrs Heard to resume her duty as teacher at Curtis later this month. Ami is a student at Clearwater High. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lane had as their delightful guest la.st week, Mrs. Mary Clayborn of De troit, Mich Mrs. Clayborn was on a church-sponsored tour of several significant sights of Florida which included Silver Springs and Disney ) .. -Penna. Prest SO Maay Styfes & here; early a:nd pick a wide selection a.t east-tare Perma-Presl, messes Priced:. fo; g;irVie y&u ve:ry. :best value. Siyfel :ta gie you ffie !est in s1Jfe. 3 ,fseaiSI .... a.IARWATEI Sf.,ftiiiSIIBLAm&D DfD.DII;I Yours truly spoke last week about the "BLACK PRINCE"ABRAHAM SPIRES, and his !1ew porn. I said that SPIRES didn't mind the rise 1n promotion just as long as the money was surate. Now, those were my words. The BLACK PRINCE didn t say that. A lot of brothers made some remarks concerning that statement so yours truly thought he would clear it up. However, yours truly woUld like to comment on this fact. SPIRES is a very dedicated' individual. He likes what he does and according to the folks who have worlred with him, he dees it very well. SPIRES gave up hls job as Orientation Instruetor with TCEP. He is now Field Represent a tive for the Florida Commission on Human Relations; Department of Community Affairs Jn other worms he'll be doing his th i ng for the wlrole state ct Florida. Congratura-. tions, brother-and right on! If ;ou guys are looking NA THAN HAMPTON, you 'II find h r m over at the HANCOCK BAR AND LOUNGE HAMPTON hung up h\s badge and gun (Tampa Po l rce De partment) to become manager for the famous bar and lounge. A bt of changes have be e n made For exampl tmd soul. Checit 'em Ol!lt. He DS there tl!l make yott[' visit pleasmable. Back f0r a return engagement at the HAW AllAN VILLAGE RES TAURANT AND' MOTEL is th e popular TOM CARLISLE. He is the popular, blue-eyed sotnl bwth?1' who does his thing like FRAN& SINATRA and SAMMY DAVIS JR. 1 r {-, .. x' -NIGHT r_ BEAT Check 'em out, it'll be a reJ.axinJ: change. Yours truly was out of tow!} during the weekend returning An gila and JohDny Jaeobs Jr. hack to J'ville. Due to this fad, yours truly, was unable to scoop up i)Jl all the soul cases during the week end. However, would like to puU your coattail to some of our s upe:r scul brothers and the latest rap on the1n. From reli-abfe sources, yours truly has discovered that Jazz Mu sician MILES D-AVIS has been ar rested and charged with hold ing a 22'-year-old woman prisoner in his West Side Ne.w York apart. ment. Acrdi:ng to court records, H1e 46-year-old musician was duty charged with "unlawful impris on ment and menacing.' The report read that the victim, Mrs. Lita Marker, was verbally abu _sed and slapped by the d e fendant a nd DAVIS also allegedly "prevente d l:::er from leaving .' fj:owever, the report did not say a th i ng a bou t DAVIS having to force h e r t o to his apartment in the fir s t place. Evidently she came on h e r own. Oh well, guess all PROMISES are not made to be broken The new Mack moti 0 n pi eture, "Come Back Charlest o n Bltw," was se0reQ li>y the talent e d Chi:. Ca'go singer-pianij'jt-c o m : pos c r OON. NY HATHAWAY. lit has been-sar d tha t one ea111 hal"dty JTeeognilze HATHAWAY witfu'l!lut his fairuJU9 B i g Gap H i s pll"Q'ng in I'Iorid& ffll'' her; and tille trip pi!'oved en joyabte. She p}a!'IS making a re. turn. trip soon i'n the future ancf p]ans making it much longer than this-ene was Mr. and Mrs. Cnarles J. win and daughter, returned to the city reeentfy fuom a tripwhieh took them to Tenness e e, Kentucky, New York, and Carelina. Mr. a JP;llf en thusia.st, played in .-gelf temn:..mem i Kirolllvt!le:, Tenn., whif a the fe'mal5 vi.Me-d in the city; They visite-d his brother, JameS' and in New Ymk, and sper;t a few h1!1' vt:titing her folks ill Nm-th Carolina, on their trip home. The trip was a pleaa. and enjoyabfe one. The past was spent by the Bald' wiNs. enjgyma the sight& at Disae:-, Wedd near ven1iion and give tmeiF communi ties the adval'ltage &f i1t s e-hliip-. 'Jlhe meetiitg will at 1.0 a .m. with Rev. Dr. J. C'. ilh e geflel'a-l pF&Siidmt, p reSiding. He will be :w;-sis>ted b-y t:J\e of. fik Gro ve Missumary Baptis-t Churc-h Miami, &o'l'ff, w 11'J,e Sfl" '\'ed a hio!llf: to the-fil'St sesshm Ta8f '!f!IW, wiit'f dlelive:r V:-ie' initfsf 8fl"nMIJ. Other mnsteft Mfd Tay be Manil in Imf)ira>tiwaJ addres.! a ml mative-Other : activdlties indooe-tbe l atmeJrmg of a m+W

PACE EiGHTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. anll Ft11. Celt Both E.Utloni Tueaday, 8, 1972 bii--] -SPORTANIC FL.OODS-By WILLIAM 0. BETHEL = TRUE TIGERS-OR TURICOATS In previous articles yours truly has attempted to satisfy curiosity of a lot of people Some of these people. I felt deserved to know the real truth about things they could only guess about or go by idle rumors. Then there were some people that I are going to believe what they -want to regardless of wrtte or say. Please remember I mentioned only one name m wrttlng about the whole thing That one name was Coach Abraham who is now head coach at Jefferson High School Coach ts about as close to me as anyone and he has proved to me m _many more ways than one that he is really a dear and true fnend. Coach .Brown was my assistant coach : for many ye _ars and not once was there any !lign of disloyalty from .. htm : Durmg most rugged days of trials and. tribulations I neyer went to Coacli Brown {Dr anything out of the ordinary but I always knew I could c ount o()n him if I wanted to : Instead he carne to me on more one occasion anq went out of his wa y to do somethmg of ,matenal value to help me in any way he could. Brown doesn t :ry_ to understand what m akes me tick he is JUSt tl}ere '!Vhe_ n the tlckmg gets off a bit. Coach Brown kriows that I never stand what made him tick but always was around when hts bckmg device went awry Coach Brown M r. Sooker .and Mr. John A Gr een have s t uck through it all and I Will always be,_ around ':hen they need me There is another little fellow by the name of Leroy "Jack' Maura who does not live here but lie knew what to do when I talked to him. What "Jack" did no one will probably ever know be. cause he is not one : to talk to with some silly answers Now I hope to ge t back to writing about sports in this spac e again This space was not meant to be in anyway an autobiography For those who like what I have written recently I say, "God bless you." For those who don't like what I have written recently I say "'J.f you don't like my apples just don't shake my tree.' QUICK_ QMPS: Recently found out that Ray May's father was my college mate at Tuskegee Institute.' May' 'is an linebacker for The Baltimore Colts. Ray is also a very nice person to talk -to. Look for a merger of The American Basketball Association with 'ftlo Basketball Associatia in a year' a time. The merger I WHO DONE .IT IN SPORTS J Question---How can I get in touclt with Ooach "\Big Jim'' Wi-Llia-ms? IA!nswerYou ma1 y ca.U tlhe resi-. denc e of Williams here in Tampa. He is 1i'llted as Jim Wil li'a.ms and the address is on 1Q11ace Street. Then you can : can the athletic department at IF'lorida A & M in Taliaihass ee Q-Mow large do red fi;sh get tQr1;efs; What should Porter of Booker Hi.gth, Soaraso' 1 do 1 : ta; iRed Collier of Roosev elt .A-The only can give iHig1 h, Wes t Palm.' Beach; JeM you is to keep on try" 1Gum" Drops" Wini ams, Doning to learn to wear rathletia Thompson High, Tarn!Pa; Willie.' supp()l'teri. If you don't brother Goose" Thoma.s of Pthyllis you just mf,gibt be sorry; Wheatly mgh, A 1 popk a ; Jim Allen, FACTs AND FHiURES l l\1iddle tc n High, Tampa; Jimmy: Smith of Middleton Higih, Tampa; I R600ntly I -was asked a quesWaite Bellamy of Lin coln Memo tion, or should I s -ay questions, a-ial Hig'h Palmetto; Spike'' that was so long and complicated of Griffin High Talla ihassee. Also it took a wthole pa ge to c ontain who would I start as my fil'st it. The. qp:est\on w ;aj! brought unit? to me by a v -ery good friend In answer to the fjrs, t portion J dhm}y Wright. of the question fue above men itl a gl'aduate of tioned array of bask ebb all play old Don Tlwilllpson Voc a-tional ers could have won from any Schogl is alway s intrested in group of All-Star high sclhool : a'thletics and still praticili>ates tp' la yers in the country. on a w!hen he has the time and enefigy g iven ni ght. A : s to whic'h of O ld Chop is getting a little bit the m 1 w o uld s tart if 1 were tired-like' rile bwt also like me coa c h woul d have to decide that h e won't give up in p ractice sessi ons. Indi vidua l iMrr. Wfiigtht and his co-hosts 8-tar s don t always make a good 'a.S ked me jjhese ques-tions as is; team so the' y w ould have to you have taken the fol.prov e the m s elves in every pha:rte lowing players and played an Allof tJhe g ame. 'Dhose that co u J d Star team black or wlhite, pre-do best what was needed would sent or past and won ? Homer s ,tart. For 1 8 Y eairs .A--Jif Frazier and: Rocky Marciano had met when bOth were in, the-ir primes it would have been organiz e d murder. fighters would have ended up in a ho s!J)ital or mor gue !Neither man would have won be ,cause they would have been too stwl:Jborn to 1os e Q-JWihat wres-tler held the wovld s heavy weight champion shlp the longest? ATLANTA -On a Sunday afternoon 18 years ago, an eight-year-old boy named Nate Col.bett sat in old St. Louis' Bush Stadium and watched Stan Musial, his idol, hit five home runs in a do;ubleheader against the New York Giants. was there when Stan h i t thos e five. Hitting five in on e d a y is unreal. Five home runs and 13 RBI -that' s some thing I didn' t think could be d o ne in one day. The major -league record f o r RBI in a doubleheader had been 11, h e ld by thre e Ameri can L eaguer s -C level a n d s Earl Averill in 1930, Bo s t o n s J i m Tabor in 1939 and B altiA-Jif I can vemember cor -rect ly Ed "Strangler" Lewis held the w orld's heaVIy weigiht crown lcnger than any ot:Jher wrestler. d-o you think was tlie grel!test catciher to ever play lba, s\ball? is a touglh one because there has been some great redown through the years like, 1 Mickey CocQlpane, G 'ab):>y Hartnett, AI Lopez, Bill Dickey, i Roy Gam r pa.neUa et al. but in 0 Knicks: No Eirl Deal YO IRtK --'--The most de nied rumor in town last end was a trade that had Earl Moul'oe retumi.iJ g to his native city of Philde1Phia for C 'ash a11d future dpa .ft considerations. 0 for Fred Carter. The Pearl coltlldn't be rea, ched for comment but, a s i>okesman for the s a 1 id the story was comipletely unfounded. .. \ Firs-t of all we don'-t need the money,", s aid the S pokesman. "liLa pla ,yer of the same abiliey was _involved, it miglht be. a dif. iferent story but why woUld we giv, e up Monroe for nothing?" The answer rni.giht be to alle Viate a sbicky situation, that if !having Walt Frazier Monroe opel'ating out of the same backcourt, when it aJl!Pel!rs bo1Jh need the ball to be fully effective. l Elal'l wa s hurdng aLl last sewson with bone spurs in his Is inevitable Tuesday night in Atlanta Stadium, Nate. Colbert tied his idol's record, blasting five home runs off Atlanta Braves' pitch :lng and driving in 13 runs, to break a major-league record for runs batted in, in a double header. The Braves managed to cool off Coibett Wednesday night. The siugger was_ hitless in three at bats, although he ;was in ten tionally walked, in the ninth. You know the Sa,n Diego Padres' slugger said "I \ ..... .-......, Show No Fracture In Bell's Back OUEIVIEiLAINID 'Dhe Cleveland I ndiais too>By that ,Xrays of rookie outfti.eld:er Buddy back were negative. 'Team doc-tors a t Luth,eran JM:edic-ili Oen:ter sadd Bell, who ran into' a fuiiiCe trying to catch a borne run hit by Baltimore's Bobby: GrWh la-st ni,gth,t, wa s itn acute stl'ain of his lower back mU!S'Cle. il'oUP." :Doctors s, aid Bell is suM,e_rfng from spasm.s and bas paiii. w\hen he site up or waiks. He will remain in the for in 1 tensive "therapy. heel/ s ald Slpokes. inan. "He has s iuce been under the knife. He'l-l have a muc-h bet. ter chance of ad3lpting the iKillick way of playing basketba-ll because he'll be wi ,th u a wthen camp opens Sept. Saw Coach iDave Best and his lovely wife out at a Baltimore Colts practice session last week. Coach Best, who guidied his Robinson Knights to The ClasS AAAA Baseball Tournament finals the past season looked the picture of health and had his always present smile on his face. Keep up the good work Evangeline for it seems you are on the right track. S t ill don't know exac tly why Coach AI Campbell t;esigned his position as head coach at St. Petersburg's Gibbs High. Did learn though that he split to Calfiornia Some of coach Campbell s bro thers reside in California. Mini Skirts and Hot Pants you are out of sight. If loving you Is wrong .I don't want to be right. I'll always be your cleaR up man and If I can't see you when I want I'll see you when i: can. Buy from Florida Sentinel Advertisers more' s Bo o g Powell in 1!166 The National League recor d was 10, set by St. Louis Eno!l Slaughter. CoLbert had two h o m ers and fiv e RiH in the first game. c olLecting a thre e-run shot off Ron Schueler, a solo horner off Mike M c Queen and a run scoring single. In the second game, h e !hit a grand-slam off Pat Jarvis and two-run home r s off Jim !Hardin and Cecil Upshaw. The "I was shocked when I hit last came in the ninth inning. it," Colbert S!lid. "As I rounded the bases I told the umpire at se c ond (Bruce Foremmirig) 'I don t believe this.'' He said, 'I don't either." Colbert vaulted into the major-league lead in homers (30) land RBI (82). Understandably the Padres swept the twi-night doubleheader from the Braves 9-0 and 11-7. Cincinnati Manager Sparky Anderson, who was a coach at San Diego when Colbert broke in (he came up in 'the Cardinal organization) said recently !he first had believed Colb ert could hit 50 horne 1uns in a !Season, but now thinks that estimate is conservative. "If he played in Atlanta, Wrigley Field (Chicago) Phil adelphia or Montreal, he'd have a helluva shot at the record,,. Anderson said last week Despite playing h alf his games in San Diego, whi c h has d e ep fence s and a 17-foot w a ll, Colb ert al r eady has more home runs at this stage of h is ca reer than did Hank Aaron, J ohnny Ben c h, Willie M c Cove y or Wil lie S targell. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921


Tuesday, August 8, 1972 Fla. Se"tirid-Bulletin Pllblished every Tues. and Fri.-________ PA_cw __ I_,!'J_!Iiill;li,PP.,.. _I! 1972 OlympiCs Last Big Shot For Kip KJJ!GANJO,. Kar boxers and field hockey players He jokes a lot and hides h i s of soap for finishing fourth in at the Kiganjo college. They u s e feelings about the sclhedule at a scholastic cross-c, ountry race. a packedearth trac k wlhose con Munkh that bars him from corru In he joined the police force struc tion Keino supervised four peting in the 5,000 meters as well and started running in earnest years ago. a s the 1 ,500. The finals of both on the verdant hills around Ken"The students buHt the track events on tlhe same day ya's foremost athWt ...,. ....U., ing him the Order of tihe BuJ'iloo ing Slpear. He was made an l'l.det of his Nandi tri. be. But K ei no, father of five, leadt a relatively sec luded Me 1\t his house on the police college ground s. By .the standards of many top Western atihletes, the .rewards from running hav e been mode s t ..:_ but so have been t M ya's police training college at_ themselves as a seLf-help p r o Keino was the s ilver medalist Kig anjo near M ,t. Kenya. ject," he said. "lt didn't cost at the looger distance four years The breakthrough came in 1965, any mone y." ago but in the 19-71 2 games he When Keino se t wo'!'ld records Kei no runs at I east 10 miles a will run in the 3 ,000-meter at 3,000 meters his 7:39.6 still day. "I've never seen him sitting lechase, ltll event he rarely has stands and -5,000 meters. He duwn doing said a fre-run in tihe pa .s-t. yea-rs. strains. He's been promoted rapigJy chief inspector in charge ol pihysical education af Kiganjo. He s boug:bt a tea plantation and has an interest in a Nakobl beoame the fir s t African to rw.1 quent visitor to the Olympic Kei.no is a hero in Kenya. a mile in le ss t han four minutes camp. !B-abies and stadiums are named and has done it more than W 'IIhe temper,ament of the young-after him and passersby ask for times since. er Keino, once l>ooect by Na[ll'Obi. his autogra.ph. President Jomo S!ports store Keino is preP'aring Munich fans for stopping during a race Keny ,atta rec?gnized !rim as Ken.._c ""II.._ Engine TunaUp 28 Front-End Alignment ldd$2.1orlir conditio"tdWI Front-end Inspection Cam ber, Caster, toe-ID Itt by precision equipment Adjustment to manufa cturer's specificalion a Includes o New Sp a rk Phigs o New Pointe New Condenser We 'll set dwell, chokel ime engine-balance carburetor-test a tarting, chargin g systems, cylinder compression, acceleration Deluxe Braia Overhaul $ .. hGitft Disc Brtktl a. ftrti&n cars .._c. .. Brake Helin&'' __ ,..,. __ __ fill M.any Models of B uick Skylark, Fo'{J.!, Che vy, Plymouth Rambler, Dodae, Olda F-85 and many, man)' morel $ft9!!brtktt,. .. for"I"Cira t New brake linings all4 o 4 New Wheel Cylinders o New Front Grease Seale a New brake linings all whe els Inspect Msll, New Return Springs Turn Drums Ara linings for o }(dd new fluid o Rem ove and clean front whee l bearings Inspect, repack bearings o Adjus t all4 brakes Cyl., hos es o Remove, clean, Inspect, ro_paek front wheel bea ring s o N e w fluid o Adjuet brakes If Needed: Wheel C y ls. $7,80 ea.r Drums turne d $3 ea.; Front Grean Seals f4.50 pr. ; R eturn Springs ea, o Drainln g of old oil R elill with 4 quarts new oil o Oil-level check of transm i ssion, diFFerential 4PLY NYLON CORD ,11as I d esign, radial darll Oil 'IBJI: plus 12.12 to $2.! shoJJide r Sin 6 50xl3 w red x. Tu:, e Triple-tempered nvloll I.' blackwall tubt deptndin.l on .silt, leuplus$1.?5 old htt. cord construclioa f red. h:. Add suo tor tnd old trt. w h ltewlls. tlatkwall TvilltSI For PrDblemSDiving Service ... tiD fD the GOODYEAR PRO/ NOW AT YOUR NEARBY GOODY-EAR SERVICE STORES TAMPA Easlgale 5202 N. 22nd S:f. TAMPA Hillsboro Plaza Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 2901 W. Hillsborough Aqui se habla Espanol PHONE 877-9528 PHONE 237-3361 Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 TAMPA ACROSS FROM Brillon Plaza 3813 S. DALE MABRY TAMPA Downtown Morgan & Twiggs Sts. PHONE 229-0821 TAMPA TAMPA Temple Terrace Horlh Gale PHoNE 831-1891 Open 7:30 to 5:3o TAMPA ACROSS FROM Wesl Shore Plaza 5002 W. Kennedy Blvd. PHONE 877-6701 Open fb ',t:'st( 9240 !IJ. 56th ST. 9222 FLORiDA AVE. Daily 8:30 to I P.M. Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. 0 PHONE 988-4191 PHONE _932-6166 8 ,\.M. to. 'AqUa se b _abla .. v Espanol pen Daily 8:30 to 5:3o_,_o;.P:;,;e;;;n;..;D;.;;a;.;ii;;:.Y...;.8;.;:3;.;;0.t;,;o;..;;5.;,;:3;.;;6;...: ________ -.. .. "'! .. .. _____


PACE TWENTY Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin every Tues. and F.rl. Cet Both Ed.itions Tuesday, August 8, 1972 I Baseball. Banter Just to prove that yours trculy is no athletic genius last week I wrote that Vida Blue may not reac h his 1971 form this year. Jus t about the day my state ment was publ i shed Vida go e s out and performs almost mas t e rfully. Ordinarily pitchers that ihold out as long as Blu 2 did first d on't come b a ck so quickly. Vida c ertainly was no ball of fire in his firs t few outi ngs h u t maybe he is rea dy now. With Oakland le a ding The American League West Division by six (6) games without very ,...muc h help from Blue it will b e all o ve r if Blue has com e Rro u nd. Oakl a nd 's only challenger see m s to b e the surpressing Chi cag o White So x and Richie Alle n is carrying them and no one m a n can carry a team to a p e nnant. I d on't see any way for the Chisox to overcome the lead The O a kland A's have over ithem. As I mentioned before The White Sox don t have much of a pi'tching staff; In fact The Chisox pitching staff is so un iknown it is v ery hard to re cognize their names in box ISc ores. When it comes to hitting The Oakland A's are..way ahead of 'The White Sox. About the only real potent bat The White Sox have is that of Richie Allen. Allen has been the differenc e as to where The White Sox are today and where they have been in the past. William "No Ne c k Williams at times h elp s out but he is a streak hitter Whe n he is hitting he is a ball of f i re. When Williams i s not h itting he is terrible. Ab out the only other fairly decent con s i stent hitter for The Whi t e S ox i s Carlos May. Carlos of course is not as good as he once was becau s e of losing f i n ge r s in an a c cident last y ear. I r epe!J,t that it is amaz i ng that The White Sox are where they are with what talent 'the y have. [n comparison The Oakland A's have "Blue Moon" Odom, "Catfish" Hunter and Vida :Blue to rota.te at will. "Ble Moon' and "Catfish' have be'!n ,getting the job done quite well for Oakland and have th m five (5) games in front. It is my feeling that if Vida Blue starts to get his rythnm to gether The Oakland A's could win thewhole thing. Jackson. State Selected For Classic Against Bethune Wild.cats J)A YTOIN\A BIEIAIC!H The IBetJhune-Cookman College Wild cats football team will play Jack son State College ( Mississippi) in Orha ndo's Tangerine BIDWll. Octo ber 23, aoco;rding to B.OC Athle tic Director Jack "Oy" Mc Clairen. J a ckson State College is a small college "power" from the strong Sou1!hwestern Athletic Con ference that bo-asts such nation-al ly ranked teams as Tennessee State University, Grambling, and Alcorn Coll e ges M cCJ.airen s aid S om e critics wi11 say I am stei!IPing out Of my class. However, I am af tJhe Uta t Bet hune" Cookman College has at fin e s t talent in the past few years. It is about time to move out and put tJhis talent to a real te!;t The Jackson State College contes-t w ill be tJhe Fourlih Annual Central Florida Classic I(I)Ollsored by B-CC's Alwnni !Association n!Je C1-as sic was or. ganized five years ago by the group under fue of Dr. Johnny L. Jones, P 1ast National !President and now Dlirector of Pwblic Relations The gala affair has grown into one of central Florida's pre dicted attra.ctions and Dr. Jones predided recently in a joint meeting of Alumni and the Ath l ebic that tl.he Central Classi c could be one of the nation's top be>wl games in a few years. Tlhe Miami school !SUperintendent also ll!tated that wi t h natiooal ranked teams suclt as J acksoo State we can soon r e alize a pack.ed stadium fur each game. O!Jber netional alum ni officers include: S4laft(}rd Ferguson, Pres ident; John Hamil tcn, 01g a son, Secretary; Oa-slhus Rdchard son,Treasurer; F"atJher Nelson Pinder OhaipLain; *lphonso Oates,' Parliamentarian; and James H Keys, Exooutive Secre tary. :Bethune-Cookm.an College Wild ca t s havethe nucleus ol a top rate d team returnin, g for the illl712 season Among them are tlllree freshmen who were named recently to the AU Cer. But as a 22-year-old rookie w i1lh no col leg-e..football back it may take more tih.an bJi,gh...sCihool le gends to insure any kiind of fu ture with the Redskdns. CJ:ia. cking that 'Over-fihe.!Hm Gang" is one of pro JiootbaU's toughest assignments, and Mul key knows it. "lit's hard for a rookie to make it on any NIFiL team," he sadd by tele(ilone, "but -this md. ght just be the hardest team of all lior a rookie to make. Around here they want eX!perience, and that's What they've got experience at every po9ition." Still Mulkey's not crying. He knows be has to his all to even have a chance of making _it. ".{ came in nere as a free a gent. You kn9W, no ink none of that oublicty t!bose mgh draft c hoices get., And man, I'm so poor my backbone's just about : sticking w my ribs. "I mean l bet I'm. tlhe poorest free agent in the history' of the N.FU.., but [m g i ving tJhis tfhing my best shot, 'cause I love foot ball. I'd play football for the Redskins for a au hour if tJhey'!l let me. J: 1ove the game just that muc lh.'' Wthen he got out of high sch :ool In 1008, he "just sort of hung around on the street and played a season of sandlot footbaH with U!e Westside Packers in an A-tlanta semi;pro league In 1959 te joined the Navy and one season of service football. Wlhen he got out of the Navy he went back to the P ackers and played one season, rush in g 'for over 1 800 yards befo.ae pa y ilig his own way to a Redskins tryout at Georg e town, where he was one of six out of 300 candidates who were in vite d to training camp. Last week wlhen the Redskins !I'Ookies met the iPhilad el.phia IE a g le rookies in a scrimmage, IM'll'lkey rusihe d fur 83 yards in 13 carries, caught four passes for 21. yards and tha crowd when he was apparently stopped after a three-yard g ain on one run but cleverly slipped 1away for ei-ght m()li'e yards. I've been running Sli.nce Januacy, trying to get ready and my legs are a:bout shot, but this i s something I want bad," ha said. "You kruow, George Allen is a good coaah. I mean Y'OU can see that from his record. .But it's funny playing for him. !Nobody ever knows what he thinks about 'em. He's kind of an easy rider. You can never what he has on his nriod. He's like a jig-saw puzzle with no pieces. Around here you pla one day at a time." has lasted three weeks in c amp. But even so he's not getmng his hopes up too higth. A free-agent rookie with nQ col lege h&s alJOOSit nothing but determination on his side. ''lEven if I don't make it, I can rest knowing I tried it, he said. "The other wa.y I was about to g Q crazy, sitting home watch Jvg TV, always 1lhinking that it could be me out there play. ing. You kn Oiw, I've come a long way from !Hiad'Per High and if L make it .I owe a lot to my old hi_gh-sclhool coach, Edd

Tuesday, August 8, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Cost High, OHmCAG O -Four years age there were no 'blacks on the U. S. Ol-ympic swimming team. In !1972 there will be no on the U. s. Olympic 'swimming t eam. In swimmin g, the AA,U nean derthals w t h o run th e meets barely have t ime to r e cord world :re cords when they are s e t But the color barrier does not fall so quickly. a ma.tter of econorruics," e xplai ned Pete r Del an d coach of the U -s. men's team from t 1 .'1e Univ ers.ity of Soutlfem Oalifor nia. Most of the swimmers "'h o will make our Olymp.ic team eome from f a milies of the $115,000 to $10,000 bracket. "That alone lets out -90 per een.t of the blacks in tt.he country. "It costs a minimum of $.1,000 B year for a swimmer to com pete in this country," De land added. is an investment without a return. ''; Many use sports as a vehicle to upgrade their lives. They can't do that with swim min g. -It' s strictly an upper middle-class proposition. "When 'black people start get \ing tile \JP!per middle-inoome job5, we' ll have-their ebildren .. twimmell!." In his 15 years as coaeh--M lJSC Deland bas bad one Wack wimmer. Oae coadl atteading the U. S. Oly mpi.e tr.ials, hen, JaM Sia.f. Swimmers ford of Washington, D.C. predict e d blacks will b ecom e a factor in n a tional swimming competi tion withi n four years. Mis s Stafford, who coaches the Was hington, D C. Staff oFd Sea !Devils, Las 65 registered AAU swimme r s in her club. Hal f are bl a ck. I F 'o-ur years ago, there wer: e six black swimmers register.ed Kith t 'l e 1\A U," M i ss Stafford sa-id. Now there are black Duane Thomas Kicked Off Plane LOS ANGELES Runn ing back Duane Thomas was order ed off a Dallas-bound jetliner at Los Angeles Inte.rnational Airpo r t l-ast night when he l'e fused to turn d o wn the volume of his tape r ecor der. A spokPcS man for American Airlines said theincident occurr-ed as Flight 378 began taking away trom the gate. Thomas was asked to lower the volume of his recorder, he refused, and was then asked to turn the recorder over to a stewardess of the pilot. He reiu"sed The apokeaman said the plane was turned around and Tl\Qomas was eseorted from the craft by sky marshals without incident. ThoDUlll reeently was traded fYOm the :O.llas Cowboys to the San Diego Char.rs. children with me in P'hiladelp ( 'l ia, P1ittsburgh and Va." M'iss S taford is wthite. The intere-st in swimming a mong bl acks rs s 1 he add ed. "ut you've gotto giv e t h e m a We charge _$1: 5 a month t o train. If a child c a n afifor d my fee, he pays. If he can' t he doesn t pay. take s years to becom e a grea t swimmer beeause y ou 're t e a c hi ng stroke and technique. We started imm scratc a and we've m a de great progTe-ss. Miss Stafford said her mo s t promi-s i ng students are liS-year old F1ied E.V'ans, 112-year-old iRo'bert Murray and 10-year-Qld !Roy Lewis. All are Mack She also cited tlw.o b lack eoac!hes Sk\t> Grant of Washington s Oatholie Youth Organlzati'On and Den Bradfield of Federal Ool!lege.-.. We've br oken the ice," Miss stafllord sa.id. "We'" lle got good swimmers wtbG one day will be. g:rea.t swimmers. Wlhen one becomes a natiana.l champiOn, it will ()pe-11 every-thing up AmQI1g the 'hundreds &I A.A.Uel's at t he t ria.ts bumping inta e11C'!1 ob'ler, coacihes and swim mers, tht-TE; iosn't a s.in.g!e black; One feUow a caaeh's h:1t is seen in the sta nds daily, but d'istppea.rs qui.ckly. "Yoo have to be colorblind uot to notice," sa< id Peter De land. FOR SCHOOl. W -ELCOME Per. Press Polyester DRESSES Sizes. io 14_ From $2.98 To $7.98 TO BA(K TO HEADQUARTERS JEAN. DRESS n. ia style ia IIHalilwl "aieJaow ol Wen IDes 7 To 14 S(HOOL PULLOVERS New st,les s-IUS 7 to l4 $1.98 To $3.47 FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN LARGEST ASSJITMEIT IF I MilLE From $4.4 9 SROBf SLEEVE S1111!S FIIOII $191 UP m OD '1EIIDT Ll!-A-WAY-PLAII RaymOnd's Dept Store Cll. 1511 ST. HI 7tla lYE Rill an Ylll STOlE CELEB-RATING 60th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY -' KeY. a. J. Lowry aad wHe, Evelya, villitri &heir .-, Jtey. A. Leon lAwry, .. .tor of Beulall Bap&ist Chaell, as part eC tlleir &&til eelebratton. L-ry has been P.!lStor of Zion Baptist Church In Bneklya ,_ 5t yeers aa4l pftlideat of the-LOlli IslaM Assoetatiea. He is alao a -IN!r of tM Coanni t tee n :r.&evatt., BreHJya Pllblk-Library Tru&ee Baarll, aad a de:e1ate te the llepuhlieaa Cn.U.. ill Miallli, A.,_ !1. 'nMIIr '"' iad.._ visitiaf Augu ... LeuisviUe aJUl Savaaaall, Geoqia, wllen flley went after epariia Tampa 'hesday The eeultlie married lJI Lauisvlde, GeVpa, A11gut 17, 1112. Their cetehraCioa wiD en oa Oetober 1i wltll trip to the x.Jy Lud, badadiaJ 'Rome. Ex Boxer Ethlie Macllea FOIIHI Deatl SAN FRANCISCO CUPl) Th!! battered, paj_ ama-elad body of for mer heavyweiaht contender Eddie Ma chen was fmmd Monday in the pal"king lot of his apartment house-. Homicide detectives were assign.:d to investigate his death. Machen 48, who had been under psychiatric' care fur several years foll'owing repeated brushes with the law, was disco.vered lying on his right side between a post and a car in the lot the apartment building. Coroner s investigators said the ;(} was a iaping one-inch wound 'at the c9rner of his right eye, wh;ch was also black and blue, and that be had a cut lip and numerous abrasions on his body. A trail of blood from t he ce .nter of the driveway to. the auto where the body was found indicated Ma chen crawled about seven fftt be-. fore he died the inestigators re ported Machen fought and lost to-the top heavyweights of the 19505 and l!MIGs and was a pel'ennial title contender when he fought Johansson, !"loyd Patters.on Sonny Liston, Ernie Terrell and Zora Fol }ey. Machen won his first 24 pro fights before losint to Johanss on. He was admitted to Napa State Hospital in late 19i3 sufferin& frOlll what was described as acute schi'l: opbrenia and paranaia. ln 191>6 he filed a petition for bankruptcy in federal listilli ol $66,902 and assets of $12,925nnd retired from the ring In 19117. H e was jailed In Berlreley in 1968 after a brawl with a policeman. Gavil AMI In Over Ag; e Tr Match I I'!JiiLAIDEitoPIH!iA Kid Gavilan and Gil who iooght fox welt-e-rweight title 210 years agll, will box a one :round er hibition rematch Aul!. 19 as part oi the Pmladel'fJWa Pmlli.es Old Timers weekend, the club sa.id last weekend Gavi1an n&w of Tampa, stopped 'FII1'Iler in Hhe i11th round in defending his titl e. iF\>rmer heavyweight champion J ersey Joe Wolcott will referee, l.acOCKhee Mt. Moriah Bap tist Chweh S S. was timely with the officers in ch-arge The subject of the was "Worshiping In 'The Congre ratioo." The teachers took charge oi their classes for 29 minutes a11d the pastor-reviewed the lesson Mc:wning worship followed. The pastor was in charge of serv ic e. The devotion was led by the dt% cons. A wonderful message was cleliv-er-eti b.y. the pastw. Evening service began at 6 :15. The deacoos led devotion and the pastor read the scriptUFe and de livered the message. n.e Lord's Supper was served to all. Deacon Williams' mother is on the sick list. Let us pray for a speed& recovery. Mrs. Joh nny May Lopez is also i11. She is--eon fiiad to Jackson Memorial tal scheduled for surgery at a later date. Rt!member all the sick and shutins. Mrs. Daisy story, Agent and Re JIOrter and Rev. L. Waddell, Pas+ tor. MtGovern On Panel


.PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frf Celt Both Editions Tuesday, August 8, 1.971 MEMORIAM 10ving memory Mr. Freeman Tyson who depart ee, this lif e August 9, 1970. Sleep on Dear Tis God who thought best; To take you from this world of sorrow, To a lovely place of rest Day by day we are striving to meet you, WALKER RESIDENCE IS SCENE OF BIRTHDAY PARTY In that .fair heavenly home 'Tis a land where all is happineSs; Up there where sorrow is unThe Saturday evening birthday party honoring Mrs. l'ennie Mae Neal, Mrs. Bertha Jackson and Mrs. LII'Vator Nelson was at the home of Mrs. Francis Walker, 3004 34th Street. It afforde6 much pleasure for both the honorees and guests. In the photo seated left to right in front are Mrs. Ruth Jackson and Patricia Jackson. On the back row are Mrs. Farie Bell Williams, Mrs. Gretc hen Kemp, Mrs. Irene Harris, Mrs. Ophelia Hendrix and Mrs. Walker. known. FUNERAL NOTICES 1 D. Derr, Tampa, Miss Franchon Boyd, Orlando; a grand nephew, Master Mark Johnson, Patrick Air Force Ba se; 2 step grandnieces, Miss Tammy Tillman, Okwania, Japan, Miss Yvonne Tiinnan, Tam pa; c ousins, Mrs. Doro t hy Humphre-y and husband Norman, WashSafe in the arms of Jesus Ange : s guard the s : eeping clay, We go working and trusting; To see you on that r es urrection day. Sadly mis s ed by: Mrs. Hattie T y son wife Mrs. Lorena Wa!k e r daughter, Yol ando Colson, grand: daughter, sisters, Mrs. Gussie M. Randol ph and Mrs: Catherine Cog er; brothers, M:r. Leroy Hall and Mr. El:gar Hall. MR. WADE A. -Final tribute for the late Mr. Wade A. ''Junior" Everette of l\'Iiami, Florida, formerly of Tampa who passed away August 5, will be held Thursday 4:00 P. from St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, Father Lawrence Higgins, olfieiat ing. Interment will be on the family plot in Memorial Park Ce metery. A native of Tampa, Mr. Everette lived in the Tampa Bay area a number of years before moving to Miami where he resided until his passing. He was affiliated and held certificate s in the following organizations. A certificate of a Master Cosmetologist, registered culture specialist, a member of the Sunlight Cosmetology Unit 24 of Miami, Florida; National and State Cosmetology Union, National Beauty Culturist League, Inc., also a certificate in Hotel front office procedure and PBX operator, and other organizations. Survivors a devoted wife, Mrs. Evelyn Everette, Tampa; a son, Mr. Cecil Everette, Dade City; 2 daughters, l\'liss Carolyn Everette and Miss Brenda Everette of Jacksonville ; a sister, Mrs. Hazel Derr and husband, Andrew, Tampa, a brother, Mr. James .. AI" Everette and wife, Louise, Tampa; 2 nieces, Mrs. Mary Francis Boyd and husband, EFnest, Orlando; Mrs. Brenda R. Rice and husband, Albert, Tampa; 3 nephews PFC Ronald J., D err, Fort Carson, R. Tampa, Sgt. Earl S. Jol'!n aon and wife, Harriett, Patrick Air Force Base; a step niece Mrs. Norman Nelson and husband, Randolph Tampa; 2 step nephews Mr. James Tillman and wife, Yvonne, Tampa, Sgt. Leroy Tillman and wife, Morbell, Okwania, Japan; 2 grand nieces, Miss LaphaD ing t on, D. C.; the Battles Family, W est Palm Beach, Mr. Samuel Harris and famliy, Tarpon Springs, the Crawford family, Tarpon !Springs, Mrs. R osa Lee and family of New Yoi:k; Mrs. Alberta :Marshall and family, West Palm Beach, the McGee family, Tampa; many other cousins and sorrowing relatives friends. The re mains will lie in state at Pughsley Cathednil for vi si tation of friends after 5 P M. Wednesday until hour of funeral service. Rosary will be recited 8:00 P. M. at Pug hsley Funeral Home Chapel. The funeral cortege will leave from 2214 E. Cayuga Street. FLORIDA MORTICIANS ASSOCIATION in charge. MURPHY, MR. DANIEL Fu neral services for l\Jr. Daniel Murphy of 3031/. W. Frances Ave nue, who passed away in a Jocal ho spital, will be held Friday at 7 :00 P.M. at Wilson Funeral Chapel with Rev. Bernard l\'Iil ton Jones, officiating. Interment will be in Mt. Siila Cemetery, Carnegia, Georgia. Survivors are: W1ie, Mrs. Pinkte Lee Murphy;. 4 daughters, :Mtss Sitirley Ann Mur phy, Miss Brenda Faye Murphy, Miss Linda Faye Murphy Miss Jo Ann Murphy and 2 sons, Master Daniel Murphy, Jr., and Master Leon Murpl.y; mo t her, Mrs. Net tie Murphy of Arlington, Georgia; 4 brothers Mr. James Murphy llnt!o wife, Mrs. Lu cy Murphy of Tampa, Mr. Julius Murphy and wife, Mrs. Iscola Murphy of Or lando, Mr. Jessie Murphy and Roy Murphy both of Ohio; 7 sis. tcrs, Mrs. Walter Mae Taylor and husband, Mr. Thomas Tay lor, Mrs. Annie Webb of Arling: ton Georgia, Mrs. Lottie Bell Hud son and husband, Mr. Roscell Hud son of Arlington, Gil., Mrs. Lillie Mae Williams and husband Mr. John Williams of Newark N. J., Mrs. B e nnie Clara Moore of Mid era Beach Miss Alice Murphy of Newark, N. J. and Mrs. Lod die Belle Peterson and husband, Mr. Lucius Peterson of Newark, N. J.; ; neph e ws James Murphy, and Nathaniel Murphy of Tampa; s nieces Mrs. Betty Smil e y and Georgia, Mr. Murphy had lived here for the past 18 years. He was employed by P. C. Martino and Company. The remains wiU be sent Saturday morning to Ar lington, Georgia in care of the Columbus Hall Funeral Home, where another' service wiU be held Sunday at 2:00 P. !H. The remains will repose after 4:00 P. M Thurs day at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Friday. "A WILSON SERVICE" Memoriam TAMP A In memory of Mrs. Joyce Ann Marshall Wilson who passe-d Aug. 7 1968. Sadly missed by the Wilsons, Marshalls and Coys. MEMORIAM TAMPA -In loving memory of the late Mr. Oscar. Gardney who passed away Aag. 9 1962. His memories will never be forgotten for he left a guiding star to guide us always through life. Signed: Children-Donnie Gard ner, Fred Gardner, Elizabeth Tyler, Cora B. Larkin Alma McNeil; Grandchildren and great. grandchildren. MEMORIAM Card o1 Thanks TAMPA -The family of the late Mi s s Gussie Butler extends their heartfelt thanlis to friends and neighbors for their si ncere thoughtfulness during the los s of their love one. We wish to thank Rev. A. Leon Lowry and mPm hers of Beulah Bantist Church. S)Jecial thanks to Pughsley Funeral Home and staff, Dr. James L. Green and family, M.D.A.A. Technique Dental Study Club, Allied Medical Society. Mrs. Lessie B. Lanier and Family. Death Notices FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME l\lr. Tommy Baker, 8312 N(). Otis Avenue. Mrs. Vicie S. Poole, 1356 Union St. Infant Girl Mitchell 3528 .CiaJ' St. WILSON FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Ettie "Brown, 3310 2 2nd Ave. l\[r. Daniel Murphy, 303. W. Francis. Mr. Milton Early, Sr. 5003 So. 87th St. Baby Boy Jones, 4018 E. Deleuil. Mr. Henry Brown 2212 24thAve. Mr. James Sterling Walker Rt. t Box 234, Odessa. STONE & GORDON FUN. HOME Mr. Jim Barnes, 2403 19th Ave Mrs. Bessie Brown, 1508 15th Ave. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME Mr. Wade A. Everette %76 N.W. 6th St ., Miami. Mr. Arnold (Junior) Chapman, 18!0 Cano St. Mr. Nilo Rogelio Alvarez, 3415 E. Buffalo Ave. Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 Eddie Rolle, President Gwendolyn Hayes, Reportl!r The No. 2 Choir of New Mt. u s band Mr. Henry Smiley, l\liss Annette Murphy, Miss Alva Mur phy, Miss Lena Mae Murphy all of Tampa and Miss Janice Mur phy of Newark, N. J and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of Arlington Zion M B C hurch, Rev B J. Jones, pastor will have reg ular tchoir r e hearsal on tonight (Tues.) at the church beginning TAMPA In loving memory of at 8. The president asks my b el oved wife Mrs. Rosa Wig-all members please be present fall who departed this life three :lind oil tf!Uft; M e m }Jer s are also years ago .1\ugust 8, 1969. Gon rlm'lind e d 'to c bin e to 'rehea'rsal but not forgotten. at least Twi ce a inon:th in order Your beloved husband Mr. Wil to serve the first Sunda y of He Wigfall, family and friends. eac h m onth.


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. PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Fla. Publihed every Tues. and Fri.--.. Get Both lcllttOni Tueaday, I, 1972 I lily White Society I DEATHS The funeral of Mrs. Victoria Sturkes a member of Lily White Lodge No 131, will be held Tues day (today ) f1om Central AME Church of Jacksonville Mrs. Pearl Washington will represent the grand assembly. The funeral of Mr William Ed wards, a member of Lily Lodge No. 220, was held M onday 'from Covenant Baptist Church of Ocala, Mrs F L Crompton rep resented t he grand assembly. The funeral of Mr. Cornelius Marines Attack Race. Split WASHI NGTON Gen Rob ert F Cus hm an Jr., the Marine Corps c cmmandant. Monday ord e red an end to the voluntary s eg r e gation'' of Marin e s in l iving quarters on l and and sea. In a l ette r to all g eneral a!1d c:ommanding officers, Cushman phasize d that t he long-standing of f icia l pro h ibitio n o f s egregatio n in barracks and ot her living areas under the co r ps' jurisdict ion als o Boyd, a member of L i I y White !Lodge No. ,28, will be held Frid1Y at Plant C1ty. Mrs. Ida Gary will represent the grand assembly The funeral of Rev. Frank Da vis, a member of Lily White Lodge No 216, was held at Jack sonville Mrs. Willie J. Stephens represented the grand assembly. The funeral of Mr George John son, a member of Lily White Lodge No 126, was held Saturday from Second M. B Church of Jackson ville Mrs. Pearl Washington rep resented the grand assembly. included de facto voluntary segre gation which ext ends beyond a reasonab le request by a few friend s to bunk together." Until now t he corps has tended to allow Marines to room with th eir buddies, w it h the result that, in some places barrac ks have be come divided into white and black sections The r e sult of such de facto seg regation has reporte dl y been in cre ased tension between black s and whites at some Marine faciliti es a nd occa s i o n al e ruptio ns of racia l l y t i n ge d vio:-enc;e. Thirte e n p e r c e nt of all Marino enli s t e d m e n are b lac k as are ARMO 1324 30 E. Broadway P HONE 2 47 4711 ,, 200 Persons Attend Tribute OOOOIA More than 200 citizens of cec traa Brevard C OUU ty gathered Sunda 1 y afternoon at Joe Lee Smi th park to pay tr ibute to tihe area's senior Ciiti. zens and to welcome Miss Black A 1 meri.oa, Joyce Warnec of Talla ha-ssee. !Repr-esen-tatives of the Cen. tral Brevard Reerea.tion As, so ciatioo, the Coc oa City Council !Rockledge Oit y Oouncdl, OocoaIRr oolcledge Oivic League, Com munity Action A gency, and Bre vard County sclhool s aU paid. their compliments to the older generation. Robert And 'erson, c'hairman of the Rockledge oou ncJI, sa id, You are sti ll our parents. It ios t() you we look for hel 1 p and gui dance when i t is needed. 1.4 per cent of Marine officers. Cushman further ordered field commanders to take steps to pla cs racially segregated bars, libert y hangouts" and restaurants out-of bounds to Marines and to make a maximum effort to stop a ct s of b y Marines both on a n d off base." Harlemites Buy (Continued From Pare 3) entire city of New York. thing, he added, we will upgradl). the products and expand thtt product line.'' James H. Dowdy, president of Commonwealth, at 2 12 W. 125th St., explained that $600, 000 of the '1 million came from !his organization's capital funds rand that the balance came on a Joan :from the First National I C ity Bank. S chultz supplies wood metal .and plastic products for super market chains form Massachusetts to Virginia, with a heavy con centration in Now York. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 He businessmen had no f business. If any UNCLE .. SANDY SAYS your 75,34. The bed had become a place of luxury to me! 10,30. I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the w orld. GS Twin Full Queen King Your Choice Any Size Each Piece' Close-Out Sale on Ticking Stock!These are the kind of savings you've always dreamt about There will neveJ.: be a better time to get rid -of that old lumpy or sagging mat tress artd get a new, deep sleep on our bedding! We've orlfoered more, so we 're giving you fan tastic deals on the mattresses and box springs we have ln stock! Many types of ticking, all sizes and each piece at the same low price a owl TWIN SIZE FULL SIZE QUEEN SIZE KING SIZE $55 EA. PIECE Mattress or Box Spring $55 EA. PIECJ!J Mattress or Bo]( Sprint $55 EA. PIECE Mattress or Box Spri n g $55 EA. PIECE Sold in 3-Pc Sets Only


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