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.AI Hastings Not ::SOrrY About Words Used In Pinellas eech REGISTER TO VOTE NOW i """" ._;;;. STORY ON PAGE I) Sentinel fdvertisers YOU AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY VOL. 25, NO. 69. TAMPA, FLORIDA SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1972 PRICE 15 CENTS. Couple Sues city For ssoofooo I -) RETIRED PRINCIPAL IN SPOTLIGHT AT A worthwhile activity last weekead was the banquet at the Armettia Temple given by members of New Progress Miasioaary Baptist Church. One of the promineat guests Ia the spotlight was Ray-ford B. AileD, retired principal, who was the Master of CeremoSes. Others seated from left to right inclut!oe the"' Rev. H. H. Douglas and the Rev. E J. New Progress pastor. Murdered Vktim Dug Ow. n Grave PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad-The principal witness at the murder trial of former black power leader Abdul Malik said that Malik had t ricked a (Port of Spain barber into digging his own grave and then ha:cked and 'stoned him to death inside it. Adolphue Parmassar, a 21-year old high s c hool graduate, told t he high court here tha't Joseph Sk er ritte helped dig the grave believ .. fng it to be a soakaway for sew a ge disposal Malik was build i ng ---at his home. Skerr i tt's body was UJlearth e d from a shallow grave near Malik's burnt-out residence at Arfma, 20 miles from here late in February. Mlik a former London based black chief also known as Michael X, Stanley Abbott and Samuel posilion, face downwards. Then he Agustus Brown are on trial for his chopped Joe on the neck with the murder. cutlass and tossed him to one s ide Parmassar told the court that on of the hole Parmassar told the the night of Feb. 8 he, the three court. accused and Skerritt took turns to Parmassar said Malik then dig the grave: which Mal i k said jumped from the trench and threw was to form a sewerage outlet stones from a nearby heap in t o Parmassar said he had dug two the hole. steps i n the hole as Malik had in. The boy Joe got up and start. s t ructed him when Ma.Jik came to ed stumbling towards the othP.r the hole with a cutlass in h i s hand. side of the hole He was shouting He jumped Into the hole and 'Oh God Oh God repeatedly, and shouted at Abbott I am ready Malik then took a very large stone now, bring him," the witness w i th both hands and struck Joe on added the head," the witness said. "Abbott held Joe (Skerritt) Skerritt's last words were "I around the neck and jumped with 1Will I will tell Parmassar him into the hole. Malik took ioe told Attorney-General Karl Hud by his head from Abbott s hand. son-Phillips, who Is leading the He was holding him in a lyinl prosecution caS&. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) SEE STORY ON PAGE 11 Man -Atti,mpts. To -. .. KiU. Yo&ag Daughter ,I (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) Lack ,Of Black I :Power Is Attacked SEE ST.ORY ON PAGE I Upward Bound Stude,nts Bound For College -BEE STORY ON PAGE I& /


. -i.i"". ... .,._neaDuuean n!onaaed every l;et Both Saturday, 'August 12, 1972 COURTHOUSE (APlls Assaults iMrs. Manela Johnson, 4.7, 300.1 E. Hanna, reported to police that she was by a thineeo year-old juvenile while in a udghbors yard Tuesday after noon Mrs. Jolhn ,sQn said sr. Albert Cutler's offi c e ft)'i3 Weist C ass, a>:d entered t he b uildh1g. The cffice w as ransacked but r:ot}iinr, r-c,:;lOrted missing 'David Mitc !hell, 1>:}, 3 ,:01 East G rove : reported his bouse en tered IJ.y unknown subjects Sun d av or Monday and a bla.ck and w1-J;t2 T .V., W9rth $11, m h:; ing. W(}odr vw WHs on .Hici ] l ard scn, 39, Scott St., A ,pidentifie d subjects entelf &tis hou s e M onday thmugh a ren r windeow and l-ate r ru:1 out the front door. Noth ing was take n. A p ortab1e T.V. wo,rth $51.l and a sewin g m a chine worth $:1D() be longin ,-; t1 Mrs. Geool'a JohnS{)n, :;ceo Machado were tSsing from in front of his -house Tuesday. The Cntroversial case involving Penl\Sylvania House Majority Leader K : Leroy lrvis, Monday ordered the Harrisburg Moose Lodge to drop a ban against serving Negro The ruling was a. victory for Irvis; a black Democratic leader who waged a four-year legal bat tle that ended once in defeat in the U. S Supreme Court. The nation's high court n a d ruled against Irvis' argument that Lodge No. 107's liquor lic ense should be revoked, by agreeing with the .lower state courts which had held the lod!"e was not a "public accemmod-;;;tion. The latest decision by the state supreme court is based on an enlargement of the public modation issue, which follow s the ruling oLPennsylvania Human Re lations Commission that let the lodge keep its li c ense but dir e ct it to serve Negro guests i;' Republi,'s President Directs The Of African Beating Convicts BANGUM, Central African Re. public, France-Presse President Jean Bedel Bokassll this week led an army detachment into Bangui prison and ordered them to beat up convicted thieves w i th woodEn batons. Earlier in the day, General Bo kassa made a broadcast prom is ing the "most severe" punishmPnt for thieves and predicting deaths for tomorrow. When he ordered the soldiers in the prison to stop the beating after 10 minutes it. was impossible to tell bow bad the injuries we .;-e among the bloodied men. "You can keep on hitting them till you kill them," General Bo. kassa ha d assured the soldiers as they advanc e d on the 46 prisoners, sitting in two ranks on the ground irt the prison courtyard. The pris oners screamed as the soldiers battered the.m. General Bokassa turned to a Group Assails Powerlessness Of: Blaick; People In T'ampa OthaOmali Favors, co-founder and director of the Center For A United Black Community sa id this week that the staff of the Center is c ontinuing its assault on the powerlessne ss of Llack :people in Tampa by bombard ing our people with ,the id ea of "Black Freedom through Bla c k Political and Economic Unity.' peqple in thisarea. We will be carrying the strugg le to the streets, living rooms, parks, rstorefronts, etc., everywhere we exist." Favors main taine d that r eal "Black Unity-Freedom is an idea whose tim e is way overdue in this community, a cross America and around the world. But it is not going to come He said the attack will be concentrated in the Central A v enue Section over the n ex t few months. "Our obj ect ive is simple," he said, "to make unity and fl'eedom everyday ideas on the lips and minds of all our cor respondent as we watched and said: "It's tough, but that's life.'' The general, wear i ng h i s army uniform, assigned one soldier to b eat each prisoner, telling thenl the coqntry was in danger from wrongdQers. down to us out of the s ky. We ve got to work at it-all of us"1 Favors said. Omali and h i s staffers all with th. e fact that political and economic Unity-Freedom iS' like a seed that m u s t be planted, then nurtured everyday. The Cen ter that see d in this Com -munity,_ they stated The mem b erfi of the Center said, "Par e.nts, teac hers, ministers, bu s i nessmeR, w orkers, students; bust. lers a nd junki es tilu st nurture property for Sale t.his revolutionary see d s o that orie day soon it become enou g h to s o lve all 'our problems." Th e temporary headquarters for the Center For a United Black Community has been set up at 1019 Central A venue, telephone, 229-9721. Anyone wanting_ to obtain more irifor rmation about specific activities goals' and objectives, or anyone w ho wishes to volunteer his or iher services should telephone or come by after 1 P M. Mon days, Wednesday s, Fridays or !Saturdays. CABPEITER'S SPECIAL AVAILABLE ROW! Small house lhal needs lixin' Do It YourseU On 60 x 100 Fl. Lc! AI 3611 McBerry $3,500 lolal cost. $150 dow" $75 per AI Only 5 Per CeDI Interest Phone: 248-1921 [n addition to Favors,other members and officers are: Secur,ity. Officers-Otis Kenyat ta Thoma s ; Central Section Leader Kaream Abdul J a b ibar; F AMU Student Liason Charles X(Ray) a n d Progra m Coordinator Abdallah (Bar ney) B ey. -AUTO INSURANCE A. F. mBBIDE IRS. Before and after an .--accident 1201 MARION SREET PHONE 223-5531 R E o-F R 0 NT & PACKAGE GROCERY S T 0 R E 3918 29th St. COmer lkdlalo Aveaae PROlE 2-'3733 WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS In Early ull Cel The Bed' WE DELIYEII WE SELL AMEIIICU EIPBESS MillEY OBDEBS FRESH BAKING HENS lh. 55c LARGE FRYERS Each 98c FRESH LARGE CHICKEN WINGS lb. 39c tUT PORK; CHOPS lb.79c REG. 89c LB. L'EAN ''PORK STEAKS lh. 75c COUNTRY SMOKED SAUSAGE lb. 89c BLACK PEPPER. Can Ilk: REG. 15c CAN LARGE EGGS IN CARTONS Doz. 49c MEATY NECK BONES 21hs. 49c SPARE RIB TIPS 2 lbs. 49c LARGE BOX TIDE REG. 46c SMOKED NECK BONES u.. 45c NORTHERN TISSUE 3 roDs 39c REG. 3 ROLLS 45c LEAN STEW BEEF lb. 59c TENDER WESTERN OXTAILS lb. 4!c LONG GRAIN RICE 3 lhs. 49c REG. 3 LBS. 59c DIXIE CRY S TAL SUGAR 5 lb. -hag 69c Wit h Ordf':r ANY BRAND MILK 3 large cans 59c With $5.00 Specials lor Friday, Saturday and Monday. A agasl II, 12 and 14


r Saturday, August t-2, t 972 Fla. Sentlnel-B1Jiletin Pubi!S'Le-d every' Tues. awid F-:f:. Get ,Both Eclittton PACETHREI!t AI Hastings Not Words Used In Speech m entary to make a point." The speeoli to ab\)ut 4!1 persons representing 1 1 8 hu man relations grou ps in PineUa s w as v inta. ge Ha s ting s -rapid, rambling and o c c a s i onalLy p ro fane IHe c alled blacks sup port'ng IPres eident Nixon "ni g ge r s fo r He s aid tJhe real de seg reg a tion iss ue in whites' mind s i s n o-t bu s in g, it's the ni.ggers A n d h e called Vice Pres i den t S p iro T Agne w "a crazy son of a bit ch" -a contrast to t h e Democrats' first vice pres ident ial this y ear, Sen 'I1homas \E agleton "\He_ had tJhe for titude to recognize he had a pro iblem and do something a t bout ST. PE.TEiRISBUIRI G -A rip snorting: spee ch given at a human re1ations seminar here M:on d ay by Fort Lauderdale lawyer. .Mcee Hastings has aroused tlhe ire of : Pinellas School Board member Oharles Crist. Upset : by Hastings profanity, Cri s t said Tu es d ay t lhat he tele P h cned Milt o n Willford, co-direc tor of 'the school system's hu man relations which spon sore d the s em -inar. I I t o ld him tJhat we ch ec k t he s e pe op le 'out and if i t hapuen e d a g a in I would hold him direc tl y r e sponsible Ccis t said Will ford wa s apcM geH.c., he sai d Bu t H a stings, re a clhed b y 'Ji h e Times .at h is Fort Lauder dale h ome, wa s not. Qui t e fra nkl y I don't give a damn wh a t he say s Hasting s de clared. "That Slc ho o l Board m ember obviousLy did not get r a i se d : i n Am e ric a. M y speeclh i s not meant to deride ; I ex!Plaine d t!hat. I t is acerbic com it," Hast!ngs said Cri s t who wJis not at the semi nar, said he had been told that IHial'ltings also call-ed Nixon a "son of a bi -tch" Bu-t Hastings denied i L iNoting Cr-ist s abseoce Hastingi :;;aid, The real tragedy is that the School IB:oard members did not attend. 'I1hey had an op port.tmity f or the interC'hange, o f ideas, which is so irnJpor-tant in the Pinellas COunty school s vstem.". \He ha d no aoolog y f d r the "ni ggers for :Niilw n remark either: :'That's exa.ctl y ho w I tfe el. he &alid. 1lheyve lost cre dibility thou g h he (Cr ist) may f ee l they 're outstanding colored folk Crist sa-id nig -ger" is "qu;te a derogatory remark when black s u s e it among tlhemselves and out of p 1ace" in t5e sc ho o l system s pr.ogram s He called the s peech "the sort <>f stupid t 1 hin g that hurts" the program and ra ce iela ticos in the count y -., .HJasbings the firs t Florida bl-ack sinc e to run for U S Senate l ost that .race iu -W70. : FATHER HELD FOR ASSAULT TO MURDER OF 4 -YEAR OLD t A f!Orty-thre e-ye ar old Tampa f ather was clharg ed Thursday night with ass -ault tJo murder tafte' r he attacked his four-year old daughter during a f amily fight. ( I Mrs P auline Green 412, 32 _()3 4 4th St. sa i d herhusband, Lee Ellis 43, a retired mi!4.tary man, w as dcunk and s tart ed arg uing with the f a m i l y ab:out nothing She said h e started breaking Up furniture and '. t hmwing i t out: the fron t door He was c u r sio.g the amil y and eveiy ()ne became a.fraid and ran out t.h e front d o or s'he s aid A t one point, he c aught the little g irl, picked her u p over his head cursed her and s aid "I'm g o nna kHl you," and threw her to the pavement. M r s Green said she then I'lan ba: ck to prot eet her d -aughter and started fighting_ with her husband. He !PUlled a kni.fe on her, and their s ix teen-year-old son, pic ked up a cha: l o and hls father aX!I"Oss t-he :&>rehead. Mir. Green threw the. knife at his wife < and cut iher on t.he left alfm, then 'turned to f ight tJhe boy. At this time, police arrived and interrupted the brawl. One officer s aid the girl was sc a red, did not appear. in jured other tha-n minor abra sions She told the officer wlh.at her daddy d i d to her and that he said he was going to kill her. Witnesses ablll'acted by the in the g ave the_ '>O:ffi, c ers : the same account of the incid ent. The s-ixteen -yearold son who struck hi s wa;s oharged wibh assault and battery and released. tO the cuSil:od y of his mother: Green being held in city : Suburbs Face Suit INIE!W YOtRtK A suit aimed at opening N e w Jersey suburbs to blacks, Slpanish s peaking al!ld poor pe<>ple has been in Bergen County A spokesman for the Subur ban Acti on (S'A11) s aid the action .was aimed at New J ersey's e n abling Jaw s --w hich pass down zoning P<>wer to munic i palities "We f e el the state ac-t i$ directl y r es -ponsible for keapin g blac-lcs,_ i ng al!ld poor people locked out of moSI1: suburban municipalities by f ailing to provide adequate statu tor y standards to requi r e t owns to provide housin g fur aU &rou ps," s aid D e nni s on Ray, geu. eral Council for the SM. R -ay said it was the first time a class action suit had been used against a lal'ge number of defendants and w as "the most sweeping-a-ction thus fa-r taken agains t 'dis crimina-tor w zoning Th e complaint filed h ; l superior c ourt lists as defe nd ant s five municipalities : L i ving s ton Way n e, East B runswi c k Holmdel and Franklin Lakes. They were selected beo au s e the y are in dif feren t counti e s and b e c ause of the l ow !Percentag es of minority groups in .Ray s aid tlhe e nablin g act was u s e d to kee p l:ndn1 on;t i es 9Uit o f the suibur:bs "' We'r e g o ing afte r it and we're a sk:iiJJg the courts MALE CHQIR. CELEBRATES FIFTH Members of the Male Choir of Peace Progress friends were present to congratulate them at theft lve Baptist Church have ended five successful recent anniversary observance, years of togetherness. Church members and ATTEND SUNDAY AFTE_RNOON TEA AT JOHNSON RESIDENCE I The Sunday afterDoj)n tea at the Johnson resiIn Christ of Seffner. Attending were, from }eft. dence benefitted the Faith Temple Church of God Mrs. E. L. Wllson Da;,is. Federal Judge Se.ts $5,000 Bond A bond of $5,000 has been set by Federal District Jooge Ben Krentzmah for Herbert Monroe, 3S, 2311 24t-h A venue. Monro.e was arrested by fed eral ageJ:Jts a_t his home for possessio!) of marijuana. He post ed bond and was released from custod y pending trial. to' kilock it down he said. The suit was brouglht on be half of the' Newa rk Tenants Ooun cil the North J ersey Comrnunity Union the Northeastern Econo mic IDevelop.ment Oor,p. the 'fenants A ssociati-on of Paterson ,and six otiher plaintiffs five of them are' black fndividual.s livin g in Newark, Plainfield and Eas-t Or-ange. FAITH TEMPLE NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN 602 E P -ALM AVENUE Just a phone call wlll enroll Stolen. FurnitureFrom Former. E111ploy-ee. !Police recovered nineteen piece! of furniture missing h : om J B Hickey Rental Co., 1305 Franklin, when they executed a search war rant at 2307 E 13th Avenue Apt. 4, owned by David Lee Flem ing 31. Fleming a former employee of the company' worked at the ware house from February to June of '72 and since that time an in ventory was taken and several items could not be accounted for on the floor, nor on paper. When the officers went to Fleming's apartment Thursday afternoon, he admitted that sev era! items in his house were tak en from the warehouse and point ed out to -the officers many of the pieces He consented to have the owners of the company come to his apartment and look aroUhq and identify furniture taken from their warehouse. Items including antique chairs : coffee tables, step tables, lamps and night stands, were c onfis cated from the house Couple S .ues City For $900,000 Almos-t a year to date a:fiter a malicious be ailing from uh.ree 1p01ice officers Theodore Holton and his wife, Addie, filed a federm suit ag ain s t th e City o f Tampa ask!ing :f!:>r more than $000,000 in punitive and compen-satory damages. Holton now 28, is a s king $800 000 and his wlfe is asking for $100,000 b e cause she feels >the beating and her husband' s injuries C aused h e 1 r t o lose bhe comfort, society and oonsortium" of him. Filing the s uit through his attorney, Arnold Levine Holton c : harged that 11he damages received l aSI1: A-ugust in a beating from policemen W A Sawye.r, !Nelson Otero and A. M. Peters during a dice ga-me raid at Oregon and Nlorth 'fA' Street. W i tnesses said the three of ficers picked Holton up and...used his body a s a battering ram and smasl hed his h e ad against a telephone booth mi:>vin g i t a cou1ple of inC'he s The witnesse s continued s ayin g all three men Fleming -:vas chargt;d. buy-then fell to the gl'ound ao d one ing recelVmg and atdmg m the -of the officers sma s1hed H o l ton's conceal111ent of property lhead repeatedly against the The value o f the ttems not booth' s conCJrete f o undati o n until been determmed --at the bme o( be wa s uncon s ciou s. the r epor t Hol!Jo Q w a s in th e h ospit al in fair c on ditio n a few day s b ef ore unde rgoing facial sur ge r y 'fPtl. suit c!harges t h a t he 11Mi6 d!!nied his rights under the V.S. Constitu t ion.


PACE FOUR t:1a. !entaM1-Bulwtn PuM1s1lid eery Tue'i. iru! Frt. Cet Both Edittonl!i r August 12, 1972 Published every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pub: lishing Co., 22()7 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601.. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANJlREWS, JR El[eeutive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice MRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Soddy .JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-A4vertisbtg s;;-nd class paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 Per Year One Edition. $12.50 Per Year 84JtG :Eaitius. Q-uarterback Last Of S.recl Positions The quarter::bac:k position is the lat of those held sacred and dear in NatiQnal F 001thall leape ranks. Wilen we aay sacred, we mean the last position where a black man has not cracked in atyle, or pen the leasll: chazac:,e to crack in style. Just five years ago, cente_!", guard and middle linebacker were the spots where blacks sup posedly didn't h a e enough braiaa to play. Sure, they could run the baU and play tackle and end, wide receier and t ight end, but the unwritten rule that they just have the '"hrains'' to play quarterback. Black quae terbacks were as quar terbac:ks and turned mto re ceivers or defensive backs. Then along c:am.e WiUi e Lanier of Kan &as City. Lauy Little c.f Miam.i and Jamie Rivers of the S t L?ui s Carrlinals to cradc the hogwas b about guard and middle lineback er. Now we have lived long enough to wartc:h the slow emer genc:e of black quarterbacks. Marlin Briscoe _had a coed and brief fling with the D e n v e r Broncos but was announced later as too short an. d traded -off to Buffalo and finaUy is now a wide receiver whh Miami. Eldridge Dickey wa'S the best pure passer in college ranks when he was drafted by Oak lana and ihacned into a wide re ceiver. D rickey probably is going to get run out of the league now !because he is still cocky a n d talking ahouil: how was treat ed by mana'l(emen t. At any rate, Joe Gilliam of James Harris of Buffalo, John Walt-on of L.o.s Angeles, Karl J)o.qlas of BaltiM'Of'e., and Crai'l( Curry of !Miami, are currently vying f o T quarterback positions. The BattitnOre case is cloaest to us because we have watched practices a'l USF and t.lked with several of the black pla'yerc& on the team. In oar jud;puent, the f i r s t thing of note about the Baltimore 't!ltu-ation is that Johnny Uni:tas Js over./lhe-hil L His -pas.es don't anymore and he no lcm_ger is accurate over tthe 15-20 _yard range. B111t Baltimore and local don't talk aLcut this because Uniie 'tin, 391!JoS '&mz11: ,EiJde'r L. Williams is the director. .. -Friendship Baptist Corner Emma and 35th St. .Rev. M. M. Mw-ray, Pasioc Mcs. F. R. Fleming, Rept. Sunday school at 9 : 4 1 5 with the supt. neaeon L. Mills in charge n w a s ad m:ini stered. F ciday night choir N o. 1 and t he CA()rus combined wiU a.ppear on pro gram during the r e vival service at N<>rtJ hs ide Church, Rev J'l!cob J o rdon, p as tor. Our annual revival service is now in progres s. Sunday ni .ght will end the week of prayer service. Rev. James Se antHng wm be in char-ge () the preaching all of next week. Choir No. 1 will attend Ohoir Union on Sundns in overseas mi ssionary dru.ties for over years, in dudling services in Ohinra and lEast Malt., Mr. B S. P.roc tor in clhrax:, ge. s ervice b egtan a t 1rt wit h Re v L. Richie in cihtar ge of devotion Oloir No. 1 and uslhe r s s erve d The serm o n w:as deli v ered b y t h e p astor. Hol 1 y c D m m u nton was adm, ini stered. Evenin g service began at the u s ual ho u r wit\ h t h e same order o!l' servi ce Appreciation Hour wiU be given. fur our pa stor oo the ;floorth Slunrlht pra.yer meeting and !Mission. Saturiiay at 3 junior choir, re!heari!lal. Ml are asked to pray for the .siek and ins. House Saiat Of Gotl Ia Christ 4216 E. Che:J.sea Elder Jatqes Cochran, Pastor Minnie Simmons, Rept The pastor's eighth anniversary is now in progress. Elder Crawforo of Winter and El!der Taylor of S i t. Petersbmg will lbe in charge tonight Monday night, IDlder Harris and the issi!OIItary women of St. M;aWhew w ill be in ccharge; Tuesday nigtht, St. Matthew goSipel choir; Wed nesd'lly ni ght, Ser erd-ay HJol-y Char ch will be in cha r ge; Thurs d a y n i ght, the House of God No 2 of w hicl!J. EWer Willi .ams is P'astor will serve and F riday rught, .Elder Waters will be in 'charg e Ma-s. Geraldine J one s is ch airman. Carver City Prayer Band M r s Alvada Dex ter, Pres Mrs. lola H arris, Rept. The Carver City Pray e r B a nd will m eet Tuesday at 11: 3 0 at the home of M r s. lola Harris, 4901 M ain S t. The meetin g last we e k was h e ld at the h o me o f 1fev. E. Ellis. Two teena g e n the at this m eetli ng. V isitors are always w e l c ome. Remember the sick and tihutins. Hour The Hour Of Power will. hold Its monthly 'business meet Saturday evening at 6 P. M ai Northside M. B Church, Rev. J. Jordan pastor. All officers and members ace asked to please he present and on time.'' Rev. L. L. WaM, PreiSident; Rev. E. Bently, vice president. Aug.121s Your Last (hance T e Register To Vote In The Septhe r 11 Primary


Saturday, August 12, 1972 Fla. Senti-nel-Bulletin Published every Tues. an(J Fri. Cet_ Both Editions PACE FIVE From the beg inning, here're a few thoughts-"Two things indi cate weakness, to be sil ent when it is proper to speak, and to speak when it is proper to be silent It is the soul and not the strong-box whic h should be filled Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody .. AND l\IY BIGGEST THOUGHT O F THE WEEK has b ee n won dering whet her or not EJmo Franklin, the ex-Mighty Cloud of Joy'er and Goldie Thompson, Jr. had their gospel singing program here at the Armory the other week e nd? MR. MARIO GONZALVEZ A N D DAUGHTER, ARACELY, HAVE RETURNED TO SAN JUAN P UERTO RICO following vis i t here to attend final rites of their uncl e the l ate Mr. Rogelio Al varez, pionee r Tampa citizen, businessman, ow ne r of Alvarez Cleaners in Ybor City Among well wishers seeing the Gonzalve:f. on flight back to S an Juan werE Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hodges, and son and daug h ter, Michael and 1\lyrna Mrs Carrie North and children, Alei:la and Arturo and Mr. Rogelio Gonzalvez. ALSO WHISPERJETTING OU'l SUNDAY FOR NYC WERE MARY ALICE T AYLOR AND ''RELA TIVES PARTY" which includ ed Sanford Callaway, Mr. and Mrs H erman Britt and daughter, Ron da, and Daisy Cross, "l\'Iary !Alice and the other New York ers had b een here for the past two weeks visi ti ng parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Taylo r of E Lake Ave ., her s ister, Mrs. Esta Mae Phug and brother, Mr. J. C. Taylor, Jr. T hey also visited Mi ami and of course, Disney World YOU'D THIN K, with all t h e drowning h e adlines and stories we ve been having to report dur ing the summer, even youngsters like six-year-old Johnny B. Jack son and eleven-year-old Johnny Anderson would realize the danger of crabbing from those side walls of the Hillsborough River. Saw nothing but death lurking in their picture in last week's daily newspaper. Parent s should punish youngsters for doing these dan gerous things. And then try show ing them how easy and safe it is to get a dozen crabs for about a dollar fif ty cents ($1.50). RUBIN McPHERSON, 1 as t year's Hillsborough Hi JV basket ball standout, is working hard in the summe r basketball league tc be ready for varsity play. Me Pherson's hi tting the summer nets over at Jesuit for a near 13 points a game average. Nat Hananh, Jr. of T a m p a Catholic Hi impresses the writer one of our most improved hlgh school basketball players. Tampan William Harmon's do lng a fine job as Executive Editor and General Mgr. of the Fla. Courier (formerly the Pittsburg Courier ). Mrs. Renee B Perry fl-ew il" last week from East Orange, N J ., to v isit r e latives and pick up visi ting daughter, Rosalyn Me AROUND: THE TOWN .BY HAYWARD BRADY Cray. Didn't know the niece was here rmtil she had left. Juliette Sweeting and sister, Wilnetta Sweet i ng, were due back home last Sat. with parents, Mr. and Wnton (D-aisy) Sweet ing, following trip via EAL to Philly and visit withU nc te James S weet i ng and family. Sunday is D-Day" for the grand march of Sgt. Rob insky Reed of St. Pete, home o n thirty day l e ave from Air Base in Eng l and and 1\fil!s Sandra Lee Sallri van. No worry bout it being the "13" between these two young lovers W ord is Budd y Anthony's Res taurant located at t h e Gator Bar -and L oung e is going r e al great with the soul menu. Former working mate up a t Ocean City, Md. Ruddy "Rubdown" Sampson and wife, of Or l ando, were seen ofl for the first time in many moons as they were in TIA stopover while changing planes f o r Orlando, following L A ., Calif. vacati on Rub-down is employed with NAL at Orlando airport. a reminder. T a ke time to have water-put in your car battery every few days. D on't go out one morning and get the sur pri se I got. Dapper E.AL skycap, I:.ouis Bos ti ck, is back on the job following two weeks of vacation spent be tween his two hometowns, Atl an ta and Tampa. Sgt. Clensey Roberts is back at Wal :er Reed H ospital following week's stay during his thir ty day out-patient leave time. Wonder what ex-teammate up at B-CC, Jack "Cy" McClarien surprise was after one of his star a t h letes signed to play for pay with more college time left? Guess "Cy" hasn't heard the new song which goes You ve Got to Get It, While The Getting Is Good." Or something like that anyway. Just realized my ex-high s c ho111 mate, Rev. Rudolph Jones, is e man of many job talents to serve his fellow m an Rev. J o nes can help you in the hospital (Lab Technician), the church (pastor) and the funeral home (licensed embalmer). Mrs. Edna Nile of N Grady Ave came up and said how ever grateful she'll be to ex-Middle ton Hi --coach William 0. Bethel for the years he spent like a father to her son, Freddie "Teco" Niles, presently v.acationin g here with wif e and two sons, eocourag ing him to s tay in school and gettiJ}g a basketball scholarship to Texas Southern Univ Mr. Niles is now one of the Lon S t a r State's most popular former high school edu cators, n<>w with the Houston, Texas poverty program similar to our Model Cities pro gram. Saw ex-boxing great Kid Gavilan walking to work the other morn ing and noted that the "Keed'', an allJt.ime great welterweight champion must be enjoying Tam pa's soul foods 110 _much, should he decide to return to the ring it'll have to be as a heavyweight. SEE YAU lfATER WORRIED? SEE READER AND ADVISOR ON ALL MATTERS OF LIFE DO YOU NEED HELP? UNHAPPY? DISCONTENTED? DOUBTFUL? MARRIAGE PROBLEMS? HOME PROBLEJ\IS? HEALTH PROBLE MS? LOVE PROBLEMS? S503 H. Fla. Ave. Ph. 238-6068 Tampa 9 A. II 9 P.M. Grace Mary Baptist Rev B. T. Williams, Pastor Mrs. Rose Cobbs, Rept. S. S. began at 9:30 with the supt. in charge. Deac on S West son reviewed the lesson. Morning service began at 11 with Deac ons S : WH!iams and W. Toby in charge of devotion. The same choir served. 'F h e y served all day. Baptism was held after devotion. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Visiting in the morning service was Mr. and Mrs. Malone f:rom Brooklyn, N. Y., Mr. O'Neal Anderson of Rocheste -r, N. Y and Mrs. Mazerine Davedson, Springhill, Mass. :B-TU meeting was held at the usual hom with the president in charge. Evening service began at the usual hour with D eacon E. Smith aoo E. Porter, Sr. in charge of devotion The sermon was again d e1ive:red by Re v WiUiams. The Senior Missionary Society wiU have a program Thursday night, August 17th at 8. The sermon wiH be delivered by R ev. E. Jones. Mrs. L Sands is the president. On S a tm-day at 2:30 the Y-outh Council w ill meet at the High land M. B. Church. Mr. E Por ter J r ., is president. Saturday at 5:30 the No. 1 ushers will have business meeting. All mem bers. a:re asked to be present and on time. Vac ation Bible School is fti}W :in session at Grace Mary. Please send your children. All are asked to pray for the sic k and shut-ins. Visiton are welcome at all times. Faith Temple Corner Palm and Lamar Rev. Floyd Johnson, Acting Pastor Sunday was a high day with the Rev. Saul Nickerson delivering the morning message and Rev. Floyd Johnson delivering the evening message. The Chancellor choir was at its best with Mrs. Margaret Jordon at the piano. The attendane<3 was very good. The Gospelraes will furnish. the music Sunday and this promisses. to be a great spiritual day. R e me mbe r your Nursey a n d Kindergarten. Business meeting will be con du c t ed on W ednesday nignt at 8:00 o'clock .and all members are a ske d to attend. \Business of importance. Auxi liaries are requested to bring written r eports. You are alwayit welcome at Faith Temple. Fwst Union MB 3707 E. C helsea Rev. J. H. Thomp6on, Pastor S. S began at the usual hour with the supt. in charge. The teachers were at their posts. The subject of the lesson was, ."Worshiping in the Congregation." The lesson was reviewed by the pastor. Morning worship began at 11. Devotion was l e d by the deacons. Choir No. 1 and ushers serve d A wonderful sermon was deli vered by the pastor. Holy communion was administered. Evening worship began at 6, Devotion was led by the deac ons. The same choir served The sermon was delivered by the pas tor. Prayer meeting will be held night at 7. Visitors are always welcome. Rememb e r the sick and shut-ins. Bethune High Rise Prayer Band Mrs. Ba-rbara Green, Pres. Mrs. Mildred Miller, Rept. The Bethune High R ise Prayer Band met Monday evening at 7 at the Apt. of Mrs. Hattie ;RQu!tC, No. 221. The lesson was taken from St. John 1:1-4 verse, by Elder H. Brown. The next meeting wilr be Monday evening at 7 a t the apt., of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Miller, A.pt 811), Visitors welcome always. lhe S -unday Sch.ool Lesson By REV. A. LEON LOWRY Pastor, Beulah Baptist Church WOBSBIPIRfi IN THE FA_MIL. Y Deuteronomy 6:1-9; Psalms 78:1 8; 2 Timo t h y 1:3-7 From the moment God estabwho have a s trong religious f o un lished the family in the Garden dat.ion are able to stand tall i a of Eden the family and the home the times of crisis testing, have been the basis, the found a Their strength is not from with thm and the bedrock of soci ety, out b1llt from within. If we are to h ave a good society Most people wit! agree that at we must have g ood families, good t'-e the e t h n r was a s rong re omes. ligious bias i o t B t Early tn the history of the He n na ton. u brew s '-''OFshilp of God became f we must admit tha_t there is very v !aflle part of fami)y and a of tha:t bras. Once h ome life. Among the Hebre ws we bad strong rehgrous homrs religion began at hoome, it was and from these h omes came ou r rare i11deed to f ind a Hebrew great men and women. I hasten home wilth out a familly altar. to say they were not materially I n lliat home the father was the wealthy homes m most 1nstances. priest wh o led his family in worThey we-re pJOI' or average or be ship of G od. Before their c hifd r en low average in materials, bu t learned to go to the T emple they they were wealthy spirituall y learned t o w orship at home. GOO Om parents were stroog on teach-was not to their lives mg the B i ble and the wa y o f h e was aJil _par t. God, they were stern in the area How seldom rs tb:!S true in. our o f morals and behavior. It paid day. Indeed, one o f the last things ri:eb dividends most collrples who are tc Om l esson us to a horns tse h-a i n which a yooog man receiv e d ...,,.,. a u rs e "1n'-' 0 spmt so li d teaching from b i fo b u a l ho;me they are or showd H s r earers. st h i h The t':-'.,-k oo t th e epi,omlzes the froth of h i s e a s Y wr a u err and hi -'-furnir ture and everythin g else and ': s granw.rothe r if they thlnk about G o d at all it ills own We know ol is rather perfunctory. Timothy s contnlimhon to Paul. Constantly we need to teach our It has been my practic e to al children the f 'th d h -ways couples to rnclude t h 1 aJ an t en tr.v God in. their plans, for it is more .0 e ? the m develop that fattb than a trite diclae, The family Jn the u own lives so !hat it w ill 1 that prays tog .ether stays tog e thbec!)me a part of thezr life. Wa er." Every married couple, newly teach and work with our children married or otherw:ise ought he not that t hey will believe jns t gin each day with prayer_,_ There we b elieve but that the.v is indeed an inne r strength that Will be ab le to come to a per oornes as a reS!Jlt of worshping wnal knowledge of the w 0 r t h God and value of God in their ow n Thi s Is somethin g my f ather lives. For faith to be meaningfu l and mother always practice d anC' an individual, he must develo p preached in the home in which 1 t o ut of h is own experiences. I grew up. Family dev otions are God h elp us to guide them along stm practked in that home the way. The Hebrews wel'e urged to instruct tl\eir children in thi ngs re l igious at home No one can really worship God if h e has not b een taught any t hing abou t God It iE important too, that thi s teaching b e done by thos e who know God. In the Hebrew home there waE no suc h thing as allegiance tc gods rt was arlegiance to GOD. Everywhere they went, tn and out of their homes this fact of the openess" of God was to be imo.ressed on the minds of the children Th e conversations were saturated w it h talk of God. WE. do a lot of talking in front o f our children but not about God Some of the conversat i ons that go on in our homes would put the most profane sinner to shame. Jt is no wonder that so many ot our children are so spiritually shallo;w they have no example or examples of real family wor ship So when times of testing come they crack up and go to p ieces .It is very true that those Northside MB Church 5706 40th Street Rev, J Jordan, Pastor S. S. will b egin at 9:45 w i tll the supt., Dea. Andrew Mino r in charge. The l esson will be reviewed by R ev. Ben F. Frazier. Morning W(}rshi p at 11 with the No. 2 choir and usher; serving. The pastor will the mes sage both mornimg and night. Bible class at 5:30 and evening worshirp at 6:30. The same order of service will be conduct ed. Remember the sick and s hu tins Eastside Prayer Band M r Archie Mond, Pres. Mrs. Alice Lane, Rept. The Eastside Prayer Band will /meet Sunday morning at 5 all the home of Rev. L M Mill er. !2016 E. Buffalo Ave. Remem ber the sick and shut-ins Visi tors a.re always welcome. PROBUCT Of U .U. 110:\ NEUTMI. SI'IIITS IIISTW.tll FIOM


PACE SIX 0. E. S. SAPPHIRE CHAPTER NO. 75 PRESENTS STIMULATING FASHION RELAXER The Fashion Re)axer presentedo by 0. E S. Sap. phire Chapter No. 75 of Modern Fre. e and Accepted Masons of the World was a very Impressi v e and stlm ulating event Members of the chaPter Include bot tom row from left Doris Hilliard Regenia Meeks Mary Andrews Grand Worthy Matron 0 Florine Jones of Miami, Camilla Brown Reatha Williams John ole Mae Holloway Iris Miller On the. se cond row are Bernice Barnett, Constance Safford ; Geraldine Wil Iiams Bernice Hopkins Mercedes Reddick Floranlta Goins Fannie Johnson, Ethel Jon e s and Henri Phillips Members from left te right on the row are Lillie Tucker, Lilli e Aiken s, Gloria Smith, Georgia Hilliard Fra ncls Jennings, Worthy Matron Winifred Whigham Patric ia Doby P earl Fi sher, Willie B. Golden Eddie Lee J ones and Betty Walker Mrs. Henri Phillip s wai program c hairma n Homemakers Forum BOSE CRUTCHFIELD ._or of the p1eat. NOTii.:S FROM 'G. DRUM STICK BEA 'l' How long to keep ch ic ken? Ycu can count on k eepi ng fresh chick en safely for two days. Loosen the supeqnarket wrapping a n d store in the coldest part of the refrigrato r. To keep chicke:J longer, rewrap in moisture-vapor resistant material and freeze it. Maximum storage for properly wrapped and frozen chicken is 12 months. GAIN OF 25% in chicken con sumption iii this decade is pre dieted by the United States De partment of Agriculture, adding up to 50 lbs. per capita. This is good news in the national nutri tion picture since, the National Broiler Council reminds us, chicken is one of !:he most economical meats yet is an outstanding rource of complete high quality protein with low flat hence low c:alorie cont ent. J PICNIC POINTER ; Chicken is a marvelous meat for t h e picnic Basket, s o d eli c ious yet so } economical. When cooking chick en for a p icn i c, do not cool it at : room temperature, the Nationa l Broiler Coll!lcil advises Put it in th e refrigerator to chill quickly as soon as cooked. If traveling some distance be sure to pack chick en in an insu la te d container or ke c hest to ke e p it fresh longer. r QUICKC OOKER for hot sum mer kitch e ns is chicken. T r y s kill et dish es to help keep ki tche n temperatures lower and nutrition higher with chicken's high qua1i ty complete p rotein. The Nation al Broiler Council calls your at tention t o c h icken thig h s for gJOd value at your market now The s e flavorful rounds of dark meat are easy to bone and cook quickly Just cook them gently in butter or margarine atop the range for delectably flavored and meat to serve in summer. A par ticularly interesting dis h made with chicken thighs is Chick e n Scaloppine which is cooked in the style of northern Italy with but ter, lemon juice, parsley and a hint of marjoram, a delicate herb w ith subtle flavor. Simplify a summer meal with this appealing meat d ish.' Serve it with rice and a big bowl of salad, sparkling with crisp greens. CHICKEN .SCALOPPINE 8 broiler-fryer chicken thighs, boned 1 teaspoon Ac'cent lh teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons butter or margar i ne 1 tablespoon 2 tablespoon 1 tablespoon lemon juice chopped parsley chopped chives Wilberforce Grad T oday is graduation day for Laura Dupre e who receives her Bachelors Degre e f rom Wilber force U niver sity. S he is t h e daughter of Mr. a nd Mrs. James Barr, 5209 85th Street, Progres. s Villa ge. Mr s. Barr flew to Ohio to witness co mm e n ce ment ex e r cises. 1/4 teaspoon leaf marjoram To bone chicken thighs, cut along thinner side of thigh to bone; scrape flesh away from bone and remove bone Place boned thighs between 2 pieces of foil; pound with side of cleaver or rolling pin to flatten Sprinkle with Ac' cent and salt. lVIelt butter o r medium heat in large skillet. Add chicken, skin side down. Cook about 10 minutes, until light ly browned. Turn; sprinkle with lemon juice and herbs. Cook about 10 minutes, until tender. Serve on buttered toast poin ts; garnish with thin lemon slice. YIELD : 4 servings. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS : -. THE TROJANS SOCIAL CLUB is meeting Sund ay afternoon at 11:30 at the abode of W. H. Jones 2414 12th Avenue Mrs Minnie_, Jean B yrd w ill be the birthday c elebrant when the FASHIONETTE SOCIAL CLUB meets at 8 P .M. Monday at th e home of Mrs. Elois Warren, 4511 39th Street. The next meeting of the CAREER GIRLS will be at the abode of Mrs. Lillian Davis, 3001 Chipco A new group the DOVES S OCIAL CLUB, Was organized re cently at th e home of Mrs. Audrey s p o tford, who was elected presi: dent. other officers are Mrs Ruth Walker vice president; Mrs. Mary Smith, recording secretary; Mrs Teresa Toombs, treasurer; Mrs. Jessie Thomas critic; and Mrs. Elois Bell business manager an d reportet:. The next meeting will be Saturday night at 8 o' clock at Mrs. B ell s residence. Persons wishing to join this club may contact either Mrs. B ell or Mrs. Spotford. Members of the LEISURE HOU R SOCIAL CLUB are hosting a party to n ight at the American Legion Hom e, 2504 29th Stree t. The public is Mr s. Ann Shaw will h ost a meeting of the JUST US SOCIAL CLUB Saturday evening at 6 o clock. She resi des at 1515 Union Street Apt. 202. A door prize will be given at the party given by members of the SOCIAL CLUB Saturday night at t he Armet-tia Temple. :2118 18th Avenue. Fun begins at 8:30 P M., and the public i s invited A meeting of the WEE BANKERS SOCIAL CLUB will be held Saturday evening at 8 :30 at the home of Mrs. Bertha 407 S Fremont Avenue COMING EVENTS AUG. 12-Gents Club sponsors Alfres c o Party at Jackson Residence. 1207 Estelle Stree t 9 P. M. AUG. 13-Women's Day, Hi g hla nd M. B. Church. AUG. 18-Musica) Extravaganza St. Matthew Baptist Church In Sulplmr Spr ings, 8 P. M. AUG. 20..:.Pi'ide of west Tamp a Lodge No. 1 obse rves anniversarJ at Greater Mor ninl! Star Baptist Church. 3 P. M. AUG. 20-Don't You Worry Club sponsors annual tea, Recreation Center, 214 N. Boulevard 3:30-5:30 P.M. -AUG. 20-Bro therhood Service, Greater Beth e l Bapti s t Church, 3 P.M. AUG. 20.-Missionary Day, New Hope M. B. Church. AUG. 20-Men and Women's Day, St, Matthew Baptist Church, Sui phur Springs. AUG. 20-27-National Primitive Baptist Convention, New Salem P. B. Church Tampa. AUG. 21-25-Revlval, Stl John Progressive M. B. Church. AUG. 27-Federation Day, New Progress M. B. Church. AUG. 27-Annual Pink Tea and Musical Extravaganza sponsored by WSCS of Tyer Temple U. 1\I. Church, 6-8 P.M. AUG. 27-Youth Day, Mt. Sinai A. 1\L E. Zion Church. AUG. 27-Friendly 1\I. B Church Usher Board No. 1 sponsors An nual Tl)a, 3 P. M. QUERY ANSWERED Con ,;umers have asked why some chickens have dark bones. The National Broiler Council has this explanation. Since broilers are marketed_at such a young age, 8'h weeks their bones contain more blood than older birds. When these young chic k ens are stored fn the home fre ezer, t he blood coagulates and darken s the bones and the meat surround i ng them. '!'hi s in no way aff ects the flavor \VIGS, CLOTHING, JEWELRY, REFRIGERATORS, AIR CONDITIONERS, TV's, ELECTRIC WASHERS. :'r ON THE "EASIEST CREDIT TERMS" IN TOWN HUB CREDIT CLOTHIERS l0 915 FRANKLIN ST.l0 TAMPA, FLA.


BACK FROM NASSAU Back from an exciting cruise to Nassau on the New Bahama Star are Mr. and 'Mrs. W. H. Jones, W. H. Jones, Jr., Mrs, Addoie Mae Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Havely, Mrs. Arlene Evans, Mrs. Leola Smith, Nathaniel Tucker, Mrs Margaret York and Mrs. Ethel Jsom. ENGAGED COUPLE ENTERTAINED Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel McCardy of 1517 31st Avenue hosted a cocktail party Sunday evening and guests of honor were Miss san dra sullivan and Sgt. Robinsky Reed. They will be married Sunday. ,_ Guests were Miss Annie Bell AJlen, Eddie Williams, Arnold Sul livan, Perry Sullivan, Mrs. Aan Miss Ethel Storks, Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal Milton, Tober, Sheila, Leon, Clarence, Eric and Tyrone Balloon and Torya McCardy. BRIDAL SHOWER There was a bridal shower for Miss Sandra Sullivan on Mon day. Hostesses were Evelyn Price and Ernestine Coleman and the nice affair was at the Coleman residence, 2928 21st Street. Friends at this party were Miss Annie Bell Allen, Miss Debra Nelson, Mrs. Carolyn Jones, Mrs. Melba Williams, Mrs. Dora Dixon, Miss Rosetta Baldwin, Miss Betty Miller, Mrs. Beulah Jones, Mrs. Joyce McCardy, Miss Torya Miss Carnella Stewart, Mrs. Daisy Jenkins, Mrs. Elvira Pinder, Miss Ethel Storks, Mrs. Alberta Clark, Mrs. E. Macon, Mrs. Ellen Sullivan, the honoree's mother, Miss Francis Sullivan, Miss Mary Sullivan l,!nd Mrs. Eyelyn Kemp, HERE FROM NEW YORK In our town from New York are Mrs. Vera Williams and grandson, Kevin. They are guests of her brother-in-law, James L. Wil-liams of 3303 29th Street. Mrs. Williams, a native Tampan and former member of Beulah Baptist Choir No. 2, has been away for 30 years. She plans to re (Continued on page 8) Sears KAREN HAYES August is another big month for birthdays, and one of our Perma Dresses I In So Many Styles Be here early and pick from a wide selection of easy-care Perma-Prest dresses. Priced to give you the very best value. Styled to give you the best in style. ) -For $6 ST. PETERSBURG I Sears I ;rAMP A CLEARWATER LAKELAND WINTER HAVlf Sears Roebuck and Co. :. : PAGE SEVEN Wishing You A c Birthday little friends celebrating her special day on August 12 is Karen Hayes, daughter of Mr. .and James Hayes, 3408 E. Hanna Aven!le. If littlQ have wondered where she is this summer, she is enjoying a nice vacation in :Macon, Georgia, with her grandparents, Mr. -and Mrs. Ezell Covington. She is expected in a few days to begin the second g rade at St. Peter Claver Catholic School. DARREN WATSON 'Darren Watso"u, so;.,_. of :Mrs: Lee, celebrated his b .irthday at Disney World Satur day. He was 3 years old on August 3. Darren is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs: Fred u!e ap.d Mr. lind Mrs. Harold Wat son of Seffner. PATRICIA. JACKSON Popular Patricia Ann son's birthday is August 11 Pat, daughter of Mrs. Bertha Jackson, is a senior at King High School. Celebrating her 13th birthday on August 7 was Judy' Lynn Davil!, daughter. of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Davis, Sr., 3901 E: Curtis. She is an eighth grade student and is loo)dng forward to a short vacation with her 'parents up the east c6ast as an added birth month attraction. Her party was hosted by her. :sister Victori1,1. Ell,line; So .me of her guests celebrating August birthday's along with her were Victoria, August 8; their dad, whose big day is August 16; .and Debra Brown, Tony Wilson, Sabirno and Cheryl Hannah, an born in\ August. Judy had three guests visit ing from New York: Cyrus, Bruce and Laman Proctor. Other guests were Jackie Zefgler, Sandra Davis, Carlette Jackson, Chuck Bently, Ricky and Delores Edwards, Sandra Brown, Jeanette Davis, Tammy Jackson, Janet Ferrell, Slpeneer Bennett, Brenda Hunt, Jimmy Welch, Sylvester watkins, Ro nald Zeigler, Ronnie Davis, Arthur Brookins, Michael Zeig ler, Gloria, Lemark and Charlei Simpson, Glenetta JUDY DAVIS Charles Brooks, Christian Hol ton, Harriette McBride, Beverly Melton, Carmen Hannah, Vir gil. Melton, Kenny. Balkman, Carlton Ja:ckson, Chuck Kleck ley, Johnnie Miller, Darryl Wil liams, Marti w oodall, Anthony Williams, Darrell Richardson, Curtis -Dixon Gloria Jenkins, Kathy 9uff, Willie Armando, Horatio Frank Brook, ins, Donald Glover, David Coleman, Kerry Neil, Richard Wil liams, Donald Earl Singleton, Yolando Jackson, Leonard gin, Gregory Everett, Reginald Browii, Gary Carouthers, Ann Jackson, Weldon, Lovell --.and Warren Brooks, rell and Alma Watkins. Effie Mae Street was 14 on July 11, and her sister, Doretha Sheet, celebrated a birthday on August 2. They are daughters of Lillie and George Street. Carver City resident, Mrs. Louise Bolden of 4115 La Salle Street, adds another candle to her cake August 11. She is pleased to have as her guests her aunt Mrs. Viola Wilson of Miami; and cusins, Eugenia and Rosalind Thomas of N. Y. City. Also enjoying an August 1l birthday is Cheryl Johnson; an eleventh grade stude.nt at Bran don High School. She is tha Granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace w illiams, 3226 Lind e ll Avenue: Other friends on the list are Mary Johnson, 2321 Cherry St., August 7; Willie C. Johnson. 2108 Spruce, August 8; Mrs. Henrietta Petty, 1303 Fig St;o August 11; James Allen Green. August 19; La Twynia Johnson. August 29; and Dyronda Johnson, August 31. True vine Baptist 905 Governor Street Rev. 'J. P. Nichols, Jr., PaRtQr Services was called to order -at the usual time beginning w;th Sunday school. The pastor wss in charge o f both services l'.lld delivered the mes sages for day. Choir rehearsals will lie at their usual time on Saturdav. Let us remember our H oly Communion on Sunday. Let us pray with and for th e sick and shut-in. St. John Circle No. 2 Mrs. Gladys Crew, Chairma11 Mrs. Etta White, RePorter St. John Gircle No 2 will m eet Monday at 6 at the home of Mrs. Pearl Roy, 13136 A. Governor St. T

PACE EIGHT Fla. Published Ttlfl. lkl Frl. Cet Both Editioni :AU.Ust t2, t972 MIRRORS OF CSOCIETY By. BEVERLJI'" .- -. .. "'" ., ( Ccuitinued From J>ace .7) turn home next week. MARRIED 37 YEARS Mr. and Mrs, Willie Sherman will observe their 37th wedding aruiiversary on August i2. : They

Saturday, August 12, 1972 Fla. Publf.hed evenT.ues. aa(l Fri. Get Both Editions PACE NIN! "I SHOP HERt BECAUSE TH: E ARE EY AND lASH N' KARRY IS A NICE PLACE TO ROSEtTA MAX-WELL 24fl -25th Avenue, Apt. 4 '-Tampa, Florida I ;!_ .... .. TIE HOMEOF FAMOUS BRANDS r ... THSE ARE T-HE STORE_ S THAT SAVE YOU MONEY ... 1725 If. Dale Mabry Tampa 2205 lem\edy Blvd. Tampa 2301 norida Ave Tampa 50th .St II lOth A vi. Tampa ...... 305 W. Billshoro. Tampa .... Hillsboro II St. Tampa 8th Ave. II 22nd St. Tampa 4101 norida Ava.. Tampa Nebraska' II Waters Tampa West Shore allennedy Tampa 1112 So. Dale Mabry Tampa 4487 Gandy Plaza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. Cor. norida II Walen Dade City .. .. 506 E. Pasco Planl City 507 So. Wheeler St. Palmetto .. .' ...... 515 7th St. Riverview Hwy. 301 Brandon .. .. 911 Brandon MaD Bradenton Cortez Road W. ol Bwy 41 Inverness 803 W. Main St. I Zephyrhills 301 lr Fint SL Lakeland 925 Barlow Bd. Ocala .... 2957 lf.W. Pine Ave. St Petersburg .. 6095 9th Ave._lf. Sarasota 3840 SO. TuUie Ave. II Bee Ridge Road St. Petersbu.,g Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpon SP..rings 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. If. Venice 480 Venice By-Pass Largo ; Hwy. 19 lr Mmerlon Rd. : l "' SHOP _ANY DAY SAVE EVERY DOING THEIR THING .AT LUAU Doing their thing at 'the Bohemian Luau were, from left, Sallloo uel Austin, Evelyn Austin and Wilbert Kedler. The luau was spom-sored by the Azalea Club. GUESTS ,AT FAITH TEMPLE TE_A A tea at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Jo.bnson, 1901 Lemon St., provided conyiviallti for::, of Faith Temple Church of God in Christ and their friends. Among the guest!! were, Supt. and Mn. A. J. Perry. House Of Prayer 2920 N. 22nd Street Elder H. : Bryant, Pres. Mrs. Rosie .Bryant, Kept. Sunday school began at 10 with the supt. and teachers at their posts. Morning service wiH begin at .11 with the usual hour of serviee being carried out. The Morning S tar Gospel Sing ers will render a program Sunday afternoon at 3. Elder L. L J ames and M rs. M 1ary Young will be in charge Rev White Spiritual Qaveretts of Pal metto will render a program Sunday night at 8 Deacon Pres ton Daymon is the manager. Greater Morning .Star Riw. R. Crenshaw, Pastor Miss LOrandy Mannings, Rept. 'Sunday school beg an at 9 ::'){) with the supt. in charge. ThEt lesson was reviewed by tJhe pas tor. Morning service began at 11 with Deacon C Harrison .and Deacon I. Sheref.ield in charg e of devotion 'IIhe serinon was delivered by the pa stor. 'Jibe No. 1 choir and ushers served Evening service beg an lit 6 :31) with the Deacon I. Scribens and Deacon Sherefield in charge or ; deVotion The same choir and u shers served A very g ood serm o n was by the pas tor.


."' rAcE n:N FIL S...tlael-Bullllla ever,. ukf Fri. Get Both Edlticms Safurclay, AUaw;t t2, t972 You Can Se e ,a._.&ac ::A .. c ........... '-. ... ........ s ... ..,..,.., ... .. I.H 'UOIIUfml4SWI!D, ., .-...

PACE ELEVEN Saturday, Aucust t2, t972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PubHabed every Tue_,. and Fri. Get Both Editiou YOUR HOROSCOPE-'JMJURUS (A pril m.Moay 21)will be of f\m mi d-week. The intention s of someOne wiho B e sure to take the advice of an interests you w H t become very oider per s o n Lucky number liO, clear and yo!l will be pleaosed. c olo r blue. !Expect a s.mali w:ndfall, .and an !LlEfR!A (Sept. 24-0ct 23) important le t t e r m i d week This Business -and pleasure seldom is no time to bear a grudge m i x but you roy making a sue Lucky number 1 color br:own ces of both. A p1an better QEM!llNii ( t May 22-June .U)after ya.u discuss it wi .th a partDon't m 1ake c.h a nges, espeCially cer. B y ti.lle weekend you will in Thursday will leel proud of yo!lr progress. be a lucky d a y at. work and you iLv cky number 5, col o r .yell ow. will an opportuMty lEx-SOCI:ti:>!IO (tOct. M-Nov. 2!3)pect something unu:su.a1 socially. Ycu. a!'e all set to have fun. !Lucky number 7, colo r pink. A money could be chancy OANOE1R (June r212 Ju1y 33) unless Y'QU take care ove:r de Oheck a t endency to be overawed t a i ls. Clarify the situation with. by others. In the h-ome, get your. a friend before, making a -:d:'!ciideas to harmonize wi-tJh those si o n. Lucky number 12, color of a partner and see the dif;fergrey. euce in surro!lll d ings. ILuclcy num(!Nov. ro-IDec. ber 2, color red. "'2)-your bl1iglh-t !Personality will iiJEO (July.-sure boors. A roman-tic fri e ndship is your main interest at the jLucky number f16, color mauv e : ARliE'S -tAt])ru 00) -.It will be tO S!Oil't out your affairs to see what oao be done about duties A g ood week for wGrk and leis!lre. You have plentY of energy to'spare. number 6 c olor sHver. with electr i c eye Features ele-ctronic flash. Built-in electr i c eye a,u-. tomatic exposures. Uses Instant load 126 eartridge tilr'n. Each flash costs iess than 1 ;. The savIngs In flashcubes will help pay for the camera In no time. new Keystone everf\aJh I \0 FRE-E! OBLIGA 1181 A5 Advertised On TV Features color corrected f:5.6 lens for sharper, brighter pictures or slides In col or or black and white. Ooubla ex4 J)6sure prevention. Up to 100 "flash pictui"es" pe( set ofM penlight batteries. Maae in Guaranteed for one OFFICilL EITIY BLAIJ( IQTHIIC TO BUY! YOU. COULD BE .LUCKY -WINNER Ullleu. eeDtest is veld Ia yoar. state .F loeallty, briar or maU entry blank to GRANTS CAMERA DEPT. Sfmply flU out entry blank to the left of thil article aDd mall or brhig to Big DOWN 'I'OWN STORE'S C a mer a Dept on or before Aug. 26 1m. : You 8 not have to be present t o win! CONTEST ENDs SaL, Aug. 21, 1171\ Name Acfi1res1 :........ .... ... . .. . . ............... ............................... -City ,.,., ... .... .... Phoae .. ... per... IS_ yean of are r. older is eligible to coatest except employeesof W. T. GraB& Ce., and their fami BIC Do.WITOWK STOBE Drawillg wiU be held Saturday. August 26. 191! I Views 01 Progress Viflage I By 11\A LEE ENNIS Phone 677.-1310 Sympathy is extended to !Mrs. Mr. and Bal1ard returned !Maggie Early 5003 87th Street to Atlanta Wlith many beau-tiful and other f.amily members at gifts. on M onday. 'They will de the passing' of ber husband4 Mr. part Atlanta shortl:y for ll\1hlton E 'uly. .sr. on Fr_iday the state of Califurnia where ni ght. they will make th-eir Happy birthday to .}taster Le-Our: "deepest SY'IDIPatby is ex i r oy U'donsalv:atge, Jr. who will tended to Mr. Ric!hard Cobb, celebrate ibis 7th naba f day on tllec,es Misses Cynthia, tMtamie, Sunday, Augoot 113. Weegie" as Peaches. and Willie !Mae ('Bill) he is caJled: s.on of Mr. aod Mrs. ,Hull and nephew RlandQlPh iHtall Ler:oy !Mon&alvatge, Sr. 8305 at the passing of their wife and Endiv -e-, Ave. is a student at .aunt, .IMrn. W'!Jllile -M!ae IOol#J I Ru skin Efe:mentary Sch90l. 5401 8'7th St. on Wednesday mom-. tMr. and: fMITS. IEllsworlih {Sal-ing. l ie) Holmes arillounce the marriS /Sgt. and IMn. Samuel Algae of daughter Miss Christine Jums and !her mother, IMrs. Ver Brooks to !Mr Isreal IBMiard on nice will depart Satur July 24 in Atlanta, Georgia. The day for Las Vegas, Nevada after new}lyweds. arrived in the village announcing his retirement from last weekend and were !honored the K S. rAir Force On A!Ugust witlh rec, eption at the Ho1mes 1 Whil e S /Sgt. tAllum-s was on resident '002 nd St. oo Sunday duty at IMac'Dill Air (f1or:ce TSase night. was beautifully for the last two years; the with a Iaflge tmee-resided at. oms 85th st. nroute tiered wedding cake topped with to Las Vegas tlhey will visit miniature bride groom and Mrs. A!llum;s' sisters in San An surrounded wi1lh live w'bit e car-tOJti.a Teias wlhere IMr.s George nations. Close frieo ds an.d class-' will rewai&. S /Sgt. ruid lAl mates W!!N. ;on hand ti(r greet the .lums Will mike their !lome in !bride and groom and Wish them Las Vegas. S / Sgt. and iMr.s. AI. many years of happiness and sue-lums and !Mrs George cess as th-ey tile many appreciation. enjoyment for occasional goodies and punch. the ,hQspibality and shown by. the. many -11he.y Friemlly Baptist Rev. W. L. Webb Pastor. Miss Mary Hosey, Reporter' Sund ay schoot began at 9 :30 with the supt M:rs. A Wood 'bury in charge o f devotion. All teac hers were a t their posts. The l esso n was r eviewed by tlhe pastor. Morning service beg an at n !Deaco ns M 1 cQueen and M-obley in. charge of devotion. Choir No. 3 served. The sermOn was de}li vered by the pastor. Holly com muoion was administered. BTU m eeting beg, an at 5 : 30 'with tlhe aMiicen"s clhiarge, !Evening service followed with t he same order of serwce. sermon was delivered by the pas tor. Re viva l s ervices a .re being held all of tJhis week. Rev. Frank Cubby i s in cbar ge Ofthe preach. ing. The public is invited Ml parents are asked to send their chiidren to Sunday scllooi. Gospel Sweet Aagels Mrs. Brenda Mills, Manager The Gospel Sweet Angels will render a program Sunday night at 8:30 at Emanuel Holines,; Church of Lakeland. The is located on 4th Ave. and Mis siouri. The GosPel Mellow,tones of St. Petersburg will also be ou program. De". Snell is. the sponsor. FIOritla Gospel Silaers Joseph La-caton, Mauge. r The Fla. Gospel Singers will render a program at Fir,st Temple Church 27th Ave and 24th St. Sunday afternoon at 3 Deaeon Sturks is the sponsor and Efder W. W. Gilyard. pastor. "I'he public invited. metduring theirstay in the village; : ---1 I Friendship Baptist 3107 East Lake Ave, Rev H. L. Daniels, Pastor Mrs. Nettite Jacobs, .Rept. S. S. began at 9.:45 with the .supt. _in c harge. All teachers were at their posts The lesSon was re.vieved by Deacon William Gilmore. Morning worship at 11. The deacon8 were in charge of d evot ion. The N:o. 1 choir and 'Us hers served The message was delivered by R ev. M. Ang lin. B'fU at 5 with the p resident in charge.. Evening worship will follow at 6. The same order of iService will be conducted Holy communion was admin-ister ed. Weekly activities: Tuesday .night, Missionary meetingj night, prayer mee\4 ing and bible study; Saturday at s ; teachers meeting. Let ua remember to pray for the sick and shut-ins. Browa Cllurcla 2314. !7th A veae Elder W. W. Gilyard, Pastor Mrs. Katlterlne Bardge. Kept. Sunday school began at the usual hour with tihe supt., Mrs. Alberta Baker in char:ge. A:Il teaohers were at their posts. Morning service be gan at 111 :3() with Mrs. M 'a"Y Williams aod i?lf r. Schef1teld in charge ol. de votion. The sermon was delivered iby the pastot. The choir and usber.s were et their posts. At tUO 1lh.t. 'Young Wilting Workerc will meet and /Mrs. Harris and Miss G Bostick will be ill' chart' All ar:e lll'Sked io the sick and shlit--4rle. EMPI. R:"E-PAINT IIAIIIFACTUIUIC COMPUY P-E 34l8 E. 711a AftiiDE TAMPA, FLA. 241 ouTSIDE WilT ............ : $275 gal. ll'rEIIOR EITERIOB IATEI 01 OIL WRITE AND COLOBS he Coat Covers-Mast Sarfac:es! -JJISEED IlL PAINT .. SALE 2 ... pl.


PACE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bullellin Publialled every Tues. and Frf Botll Editions Tuesday, August 8, 1972 PASTOR'S ANNIVERSARY OBSERVANCE IN SEFFNER REV, AND MRS. W. JAMES COOPER The First Baptist Church of Seffner will observe the second anniversary of their pastor, the Rev. W. James Cooper. August 14-20. Mrs. E. Johnson is the chairman, Mrs. J. B. Clark is co chairman. The theme is, "We hav e c ome this far by faith, leaning on the Lord." .. The. following auxiliaries will be in charge of the s ervices: Mond a y night, Deacon Board in charge with guest c hurch, M t Mori a h M. B. Chur c h of Plant C ity, the Rev T L. Jen kin s p a stor. Tue s d a y ni ght, Choir No. 1 :in c harge, Bethel :M. B. Church of C_ity, The Rev. S. Hard in, pastor. Wednesday night, Youth Choir !n charge, Marshall M B. Church of Thonotosassa, thQ Rev. Ben Johnson, pastor. Thursday night, S. S. in charge; Loving Hill P. B. Church. 'the Rev. I. H. Butler, pastor. Friday night, Usher Board in charge with guest choirs from the Tampa Bay !ifea and Plant City. On Sunday morning the gener al body will be in charge aud at 3 P. M., the Rev. C. W. -Burns of St. Luke M. B. Church wjl] be .in charge. A repast will be held at the clos e of this service. -REV. SIDNEY.. HEN.DERSO' N .. T ; O sPEAK New Hope Baptist Church, 3005 East E.Jlicott, w ll hold its annual College Youth Day program Sunday. The guest speaker will be the -Rev:. Sidney Henderson Rev Henderson is the licenti a te minister --of Mt. Mis sionary Baptist A g-raduate otf Blake High Sohool Rev. Henderson also attended Knoxville College Knoxville, Tenn whe re he received his B.S in mal h e inatics While tending Knoxviile College, he was a very active member in the col lege ch o rus United Campus Fel lo wshi p Organi z ation and Alpha P h i Alpha Frate rnity, Inc. He is pre s e n tl y by the Hills b o rough Coun t y School System as a math t e acher at Pierce June High S chool. Rev Henderson p l a ns to further h i s educ a tion by attendi ng Atlanta Universi t y to pursue a master s degree Also featur e d on the program S u nday will be the New Mt. Zion M i ssi o n ary Baptist Church youth ch o ir. Th e y are billed as be i ng on e of T a mpa s most famous you t h choirs. The Rev John Willis is the pastor ; Gail Williams is c hair man ; and Solomon Jac kson is the co-chairman Church Of Christ 1312 Nassau Street Metropolitan Chorus :Mrs. Jes sie Higdor., Pres. Bro. Atki son, Pastor :Mrs Glenarzen Hill, Re_pt. Mr. James Nortan, Reporter The 'Metropolit a n Go s p e 1 S. S. began at W with Mr. Chorus will meet Saturd ay night IMelvin Smith in cha .rge of deat 8 at t he home of the presivotion : The lesson was taught h Women at 11. Scripture lesson by Mir. lDay program whi .ch will 'be ;;,r; .. by em Sunday mornmg at 111. AU "'\Jastor. 1 :members are to meet, at -the, 7 :31() Thursda.y ehuNih on time. Highland is iO.. bight. .-!\.11 invited. Come eated at 3410 E. North St. aad;;,study with ue. -Women's._ Day Observance A t Highland MRS. ADELL PEASE The annual Women's Day ob servance at Highland Mis sionary Baptist Church is set for Sun day beginning with Sul\day School at: 9:45. Mrs. Rosa Cobbs will be the guest superintendent and Mrs. Comer will give Revival At St. John Progressive MISS ANN FLETCHEll the review. A Sunday School will be the crowning of the queen. This honor will be bestow ed by Miss Ann Fletcher. At the morning service, the speaker will be Mrs. Ethel Ho ward, a member of Mt Tabor Missionary Church where the' Rev, T. J. James is pastor. There will :be a tea at 3 P. M. and Mrs Adell Pease will be MRS. ETHEL HOWARD 'the mistress. of ceremonies .At this time Miss Highland' will be crowned by Mrs. .Bermi'e 4 1Clay, co-chairman. Mrs. Genevieve Triplett is the chairman, and the Rev. W. -M. Hodo is pastor. Tampan Receives Honors Robert E S harpton; a native e of Tampa and assistant pro. fessor of mathematics at Miami Dade Junior College South Cam pus has been awarded a Ford t'oundation Fellowship for the !academic year 1972-1973 ; Sharp ton will continue his doctoral ,studies at Michigan State Uni versity, East Lansing, in the area of Instructional Systems with specialization in materials research and development for the Visually H'andicapped in lhjgher education. speaker Revival services will be held et St. John Progressive .M. B. Church, August 21-25. ch)lrch is located on 25th Street and Chipco, and prayer services will begin promptly at 7:30 P. M. The speaker will be the Rev. Earl Cheeks, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Spartanburg, .South Carolina. Earlier this The August issue of Creative Crafts Magazine, pubiished in New Jersey, selected one of !Sharpton' s designs its The Magazine cover was widely received by the National Asso c'iation of Hobby and Crafts !in California. The cover de sign is a String Ship Pattern, Symmography\. A. nationai educational and ROBERT E. SHARPTON craft publication company ha offered a publication contrac with the talented designer, The publication is scheduled for re lease in December with additi onal patterns in local stores. Robert joined the Miami-Dade year, / Rev. Cheeks was the Junior Coll:ege faculty three guest speaker during St. John's years ago after many years Annual Men Day observance with the u. S. Deaprtment o:f and proved himself to be a well-State in the Middle East. Since versed, dynamic speaker of the ,returning to the U. S. he has gospel... been very active in National Everyone is invited to atte!ld Associations and Program De these services. The }tev. F. G. velopment for the Disadvantag Hilton is pastor. (Continued On Page 13) Hillsborough Community coaege -CHILDREN'S ENRICHMENT PROGRAM OFFERS lENNIS FOR 6 16 Great opportunity for youngsters 6-16 years of age! Tennis will enrich their lives and their physical development Lessons will be available 9 a .m. to 12 noon. Saturdays seven consecutive weeks be ginning August 19 through September 30. Meellhe instructors and register from 10:00 a.m. 12:00 noon allhe Dale Mabry Campus August 12. Fee is $30.00 lor lhe seven weeks '-ol For addilional Information Call 872-4851, Ext: 274 Diiector_ ol Relations Hillsborough Coaua..Uy CoUege (


Augus t 8, 1972 New Hope.MB 3005 E. Ellicott Rev. John Willis, Pastor The Brotherhood will mee t tonight F;riday at 7:30. Services Sunday will begin with S. S at 9:30 All teachers are asked to be at their_ posts. Morning worship at 11. Our annual c ol lege day program will be hel:l. The college students and gra, duates will be in charge of service. BTU at 5. All members wh o have been united into fellow ship are asked to attend orienta tion class at 5. The pastor is asking all deacons to be present Sunday at 5. At 6:30 evenin g service will begin. Devotion will be led by the deacons. No. 2 choir and ushers served. The pastor delivered t he sermon. All activities for the week are can celled. Prayer meeting will be held all week beginning each night at 7:30. Preaching will begin Aug. 21 for five nights. Rev. Paul Jackson is in charge. You are invited. Young Adult Choir Union Dea. Lonnie Mills, Pres. Bertha Mae Mingo, Rept. -New Mt Zion 2511 E. C loumbu s Dr. Rev. B. J Jones, Pastor Sunday services will begin with S. S. at .9:30 with the.supt., Dea. Virgil Brooks, in charge. Other officers and teachers are expected to be a t their posts. The pastor will review the les:son. Morning service will begin at 11 with Deas. B ailey and White in charge of dev otional service. The No. 1 choir and usher board will serve. The pastor will deliver the message. At 4 p. m. the wedding of Miss Sandra Sullivan, daughter of Dea. and Mrs. Seawright Sullivan, and Rob i nsky Reed, will b e solemnized at the church. BTU will begin at 5 with the president, Milton Biggham, )11 charge. The president invites parents, young people, members and friends to come out and take part. Evening service wm follow BTU at 6 with the same deacons in charge of devotion. The same choir and ushers board will serve and the pastor will deliver the sermon. Remember to visit and pray for the sick and shut-ins all around. They are most desirous and grateful for your prayers. You are extended a cordial :Invitation to worship with us St. Matthew MB 1014 E. Yuk on St. Rev. G. E Edwards, Pastor Mrs. Odessa Holder, Rept. S S. began at 10:30 with the pastor in charge All teachers were at their posts. The l esson was reviewed by the pastor. J Morning worshi p began at 11 with Deacon Van Wiggins 4n charge of devotion The No. 1 choir and J r. ushers served. The pasto r delivered the mes sage. Evening worship at 6 T he same deacons, choir and ushers served. The pastor delivered the m essage. One was added to the church. Holy comm uni o n was served. Saturday at 6, YW A will meet at the home of Jose phine Hall. Sunday morning at 11, mission society will be in charge of service. Let us pray for and visit the sick and shut-ins. Emmanuel M. B. 22134 Hi'gbland Rev. H. W. Wilburn, Pastor Mrs. H Pittman, Reporter Sunda 1 y school will begin at the usual time with the supt. .a11d teaCihers a t their posts. The J. C. Young Adult Choir's Union of which Mrs. Mozella Jackson is directress will have /business meeting Saturday even ing at 6:30 at New Progress M. B Church on Shadowlawn, R ev. during any churc_ h services. Our pastor says, "this is the church where everybody i s somebody." Morning service will begin at 11 with deacons in charge of devotion The junior choir aqd adult choir will serve. The junior u shers will also serve. A very good serm o n will be delivered by the pastor. IBTU meeti11g wdH begin at 5 followed by evening service at 6 : 30. E. J Williams, pastor. All .sent and on time ... Business of presidents, directors and mem importance. Let us continue t o bers are asked to please be prepray for the sick a n d shut-ins. !All other activities remain the same. -OPNOW FOR SCHOOl. WELCOME \ TO BACK -T'O HEADQUARTERS SCHOOL ---------------------------/ Per. Press Polyester DRESSES Sizes to 14 From $2.98 To $7.98 JEAN DRESS The in style in beautiful Rainbow -of Colors Sizes GIRLS' PULLOVERS lfew-slyles Sizes 7 lo 14 $1.98 To $3-.47 FOR BOYS AND YOUNG .MEN LARGEST ASSORTMEifT OF DOUBLE INIT SLACKS Sizes 8 to 20 From $4.49 SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS FROM $198 UP USE OUR CONVEifiENT LAY-A-WAY-PLAif Raymond's Dept. Store COR. 15th ST. ARD 7th AVE YBOII CiTY YOUR STORE" PACE THJRTEE!If MR. WILSON AT ANNIVERSARY OBSERVANCF; Sumner J .Wilson prominent morticia n was Master of Cere monies when members of Peace Progressive Men's C hoir obser ve ll their fifth anniversary. Mt. Pleasant Baptist 2002 N. Rome A venue Rev. G. W. Mitchell, Pastor Mrs. Loui s a Bigham, S. S beg-an at 9:31() witJh the supt., M r Becktoo in ciharg'e. All !teachers were at their post. !Morning wofs,hi p at 1[. The dea cons were in 'charge Of de votion. The mesS>age was brought by Rev. Smith a visiting minis ter. IAt S :30, B;TIU began. Evemng worship follo wed at 6:00. Dea. J. D. Harvey led devotion. The No. 1 choiaand usihers s&ved an day. Another visiting minis ter, Rev. H. L. IDirris brought the messa.ge .All a ctivities of the week re ed. -Tampan Receives (Continued From Page 12) / .. hi s full-time signment at Miami-Dade ; he js a reg-istered Model with The Marian Polan Talent Agency, Miami. He has done fashion collection, traiil ing :films, photography work and commercials. will be featured in the 1973 Cheverolet printed _advertisement. mam the Slame. lli -ght, the reviv,al meeting begins with pr.zyer meeting. Preaching will ibegin Aug 2Jl. All are welcome. Please come out. SOUL .BOWL "72'' 'SEE JAMES BROWN DOING HIS LATEST DANCE ''THE GOOD FOOT" AT THE -BAYFRONT CENT .ER ST. FLA. 8:30P.M. AUGUST 27th Tickets $4 Advance $5 A t Door CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS OLD $2.00 otf sale II: DOCTOR'S .. liA.RIUCY M41f'S SkPete; COLLEGE HILL PHARMACY and CEIITRAL SHOE BEPAJa, : >


I __ F_O_U_R_T_E_EM _______ F_la._ .......-Se_n_tin_._e_I_-B_u_l_let_in_P__ub_l ..... Auctist 12, 1972 UPWARD BOUND COLLEGE BOUND. ZOOt Nebraska Ave. 109 So DakOta "'t. Sinai AMI Zion Zion AME Mt. As Project Ulpward Bound at college. vantaged, but potentiaHy ca, pable Rev. P. E Ramsey, Pas.tor 1 'd Th'-"' f' tud be f Re_v. Y. Benjamin Bruce, Pastor the Unlvel'Si:ty of South F on a h Y-t ve s eob gan restudents o further their educaMrs. Alice D. sfmnl(NJS, Kept. concludes its seventh -summer gular freshman classes :thiS sumtion in a college or post-secon Tlhe Sunday services for the Pastor Bruce of Mt. Zion A. ResiidenUal !program all mer at' USF. These students will dary program. past week were held with -the :M. E. Church, announces his seventy-eight senior students who continue at tihe, university this The !Propastor. White Robe Ohoir and of-text for Sunday, August 1 1 3th will graduated from high school .in fall. Nine students enrolleji in a gram provided an experience for-f at their posts. '!'he serbe a-s follows: Lf Loving You Is J une and participated in the pro&peciaf for regular colthe students to live on a mii. mon w-as delivered by Rev. P. E. :Wrong I Don't Want To Be gram at USF have accept-l-ege. freshmli!l at the versity and to get a Ramsey t&ken from Seci!ind Ti-_. IRig"ring weekly Smith, Tennessee A. & 1., Xavier pating in tLhe program ma : y a pp ly charge 9f Sunday chu r ch sclhool. Sunday night, 8 o'clock a musifor approximately two years at University, Hillsborough, M 1 anathroug h their res pective high Morning service will begin at cal program will be presented the university or at centers lo-tee and Polk Jun!ior Oolleges and school counselors, or c a ll the U with the choir ushers alld by the No ; 2 choir of Mt. Zi9n cated conveniently in the e ounty many. others. Upward Bound office pastor in charge. with 26 clhoirs participating. Mrs. area:s. Tlhe students also receive Upward Bound is a pre-ooUege at t h e University of South-Flo-OVE meeting .. will begin at lEva !Patterson, President a ifd &pe-cial counseling and Informapreparatooy desigi:led rid a for ful"tlter inform a tioo. 5 :30. All members are asked to choir members are extending a tion about choosing a career or to assist ecooomically dis adR i clfard F. Pride is DirectQr. be present and on timeT All cordial inV'itation to all. ----------------------__:-----------------,--are asked to particiSund a y, Aughst 20th will be True Love B .ap_tist New Salem PB St Luke AME pate or assist with the church IHome Coming l)a_y at Mt Zion. : activities / All are asked to te'J1his is an S 0 S to all members the sick and shut" ins and friends, to make your con25111 17th St. Rev. w.T. Carpenter, Pastor Church school will begin at' 9:30 with tl;le supt., at her post. The lesso n wilf be reviewea -oY Mrs. Cochran will be made by tbe' pa!ltor. orning worship' at 11. THe aevotiop will be led by the deacons. The No. 1 choir .al).d No 2 ushers will serve. The'' pastor will deliver the sermon. .. Evening wor1.1hip will at 6:3'0 with' the same choir and ushers serving .' 1 Monday night at 8, Circle No. 1 will meet at the home of iMrs. Cochran. Tuesday night, prayer meeting and study course at 8. Wednesday night church school lesson, and Wednesday _at 11 A M., our mid noon prayP.t service. Thursday night, the No. 1 choir will have rehearsal. Our V.B.S. started Au g. 7-12. The church anniversary will 'Qegin next week. We a s k you to pray for and visit our s i ck and shut-ins. Bethel Bap,tist 808 Short 'Emory Street Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor Mrs. Lillie M. McDonald, Rept. S. S. will begin at' 9:'00 The supt. will preside. The les 100 will be taugtht }>y the _pastor. Morning worShip will begin af JID:itS: iDevotion .. will be conducted_ by .Mr. Allen Carr and iM'r. Alphon-so Adllims. iMrusic will be rendered by the J ooior Ushers will -serve. The sermon will be delivered hl the pastor. Evening worship Will Pegin at 5:11. The same deacona, choir, aod ushers will serve. The sermon will again be i delivered by the pastor. IIi. possible 'please call yoor announcements into the clerk, te'lepbone niiiDQer 3571213181. The publk! is a wa rm wetcome to worshtp witlh us in all of our services. 1605 Nebraska Avenue 'Eider H : Howard, Pastor Mrs. Catherine Williams, Kept. Mrs Catherine WHHams, Rep t S und a y a c tivl.tie.S began with Church School '1lt 9 :30 ... with the sti p t., Dea Jessie Saulsberryin chal'ge Morning worSJmp at l:0.:4i5 witlh r>ea: Nero Miller and Dea. Jessie .StaulSibeiTYi'l of _;devotion. Tlhe No. 2 <:boit: and senior ushers rendered service EMer H.Oward delivered : a sermon There were. eight joiners and alSQ seve l'al visitors. A moog them were: IMr. Lemuel M yl'lkk of New York 'and Mr. Jim Binging who was soloist from the Ohurch of The l s les of Ind4an .Rocks Beach 3, the' IChurJ:ih Sc hool ceie lbrated its 67th annivers ary wilih all choirs on a musical parade program which was E" vening w orst hip began at 7. The same order of servke was con ducted. At 8, M:rs. Bessie Ba.re field sponsored a talent prog .ram from the churclh s cihool member s w!hieh was a suceess. : Monday night Elder Howard a n d all choirs went to Greater iMt. Moriah P. B. Chlll"CCh to ren der service-:In Elder Brown's annivel"Sa:cy. All aux:iIiary activities for next week w : n be discontinued. V t i&itors are al ways welcome to w01'!!hlp with us at all times. Our sick and shut-in list is sti.H getting longer so let us remem!Qer to pl'ay for them. They desdre your prayers. First Baptist Seffner v 'Rev. W. J. Cooper, Pastor Dea. H. Green, .Reporter S. S. began at usual time with the supt., MF!I. .IJiggs in charge. All teachel'S were at their posts. The lesson was en joyed by all present. Morning worship beg .an on time. Dea. Green and Dea. Riley led devo tion. The pastor brought the message. The Lord's aupper was served. On the 4th 'Sunday fn this Let Judy Wh1teteil Write Judy White at Tampa P.O. Box 111, Tampa, Florida 3360:f.',.:if0f' muJ FREE copy of this fact-filled booklet to help you save : 270925th Sltreet Rev. J9hn E. 1\Irs. Delia Pimlenta, Rept. Visitors are welcome art: all tribution or pledge to the build. : ti.rp: es .. ing fund. 'I1he annual conference will be held at Mt. Zion in Oetober so there is .. oo time to delay. 'll he regular serviees were held throughout the day on las t Sunday beginning with Sunrning and even ing messa ge for worslhip ser v i ces admiiilistered Holy Euc1arlst assisted by the R ey s, G E JackS1Cil 1md T. Jacobs. The 27tJh aniversal'\y of the /Pul.p: t Aid B oard wHl be obser ved on lihe t:hi:rd Sundl;!Y in Aug. 3 -5 committees are workin g to make tihis an' outstalfdin.g oc : c ils, i on. Mrs. 'Floretta Ja. ckson is chahman : Homecoming will be held on third Slunday in September. Th e organiz ation was sef up last Smday wi-th Mrs. Eugenia Hicks serVling as general Ohiairman. Captains for t}l:is occasion hav e !been selected and will receive th-eir group lists Sunday. We are proud to know Mrs. Donnell 1s -hiome irom the taL Let us pray for a11 of the sick, bereaved and needy We welcome you to Vlisit With us at all .times. :month, the pastor' and officers Salem MB 405 No. Oregon Rev. H Stprr, Pastor Mrs. M., .JL Rept.' S. wasopened at the usual hour with the supt. presiding All teachers were at their posts. The lesson was reviewed by the visiting min ister. Mor ning wor ship devoti()n.. was led by D ea. T. McCloud and Dea. L. Whit field. The No. -1 choir and Im perial Choir and No. 2 -ushers served. Rev. C. Edwards, a member of New Bethel Baptist Church was in charge of the !PUlpit due to the absence of <>W pastor He de!ivered a spirk tual ermon. Visitors were prese n t. Rev. C. Cotton was our pulpit guest. BTl] was .and a nice program was held. Mrs. R. is directress. Night ser vice began at the usual time with the sl'me order of service i>eing conducted. Another fine message was deliverell by Rev. Edwards. The Lord's Supper was served and one was added to the church. Remember the sick and shut-ins. You are always welcome to our services. ,ritual services held last Sunday Pastor' B t u c e preached from iJhe tiheme Holy comm1,mion was ad'!llinj. .ster' ed morning and assi$t ing the p < astor were Rev. _,llirs. ,-IE. M. William!S, stewards and stewardesses. : On the sick .list ar:e M



PAGE SIXTEEM FIL SentiMI-Bu11etin Published Tues. aDd Fri. Get Both EditioDJ 5afurday, Aupsf 12, 1972 First Baptist Church Uncoln .. Ciarden 4025 Palmetto Street Rev. J. A. Stephens, Pastor Sunda:Y sclhool began at 9 :415 with the supt. in charge. The lesoon was reviewed by the pas tor. Morning service began at :IJl with tihe d eacoos in charge ol devotion. The senior ushers serveo. One pe!rSOD was added to the church. Evening began at 6:3Q with the same ord-er af service. Holy .communion was administer ed. At 7:30 a film will be s:hown at tbe chumh on Dangerous !Drugs on Sunday night. This w ill be sponsor.ed by tlhe Taffilpa Police' Dept. The public is in vited AU are asked ;-to remember the sick and shut-ins. lA hat fashion s 'hQw wiUalso be hetd on Sund -ay afternoon from 4 to 6:30. Mt. Zion Ush9rs No. 1 Mrs. deli Hudson, Pres. Mr. Helen Fesser, Rept, FAITH -TEMPLE CHURCH OF GOD' IN CHIST HAS TEA The .. No. 1 ushers of New Mt. Zion M B Church will Saturday at 6 at the The president is asking all mem bers to please': be present. Busi A very nice affair' on Sunday afternoon was the tea sponsored by Mrs. Roberta Brown to benefit the Faith Temple Church of God B ell, Mrs. Roberta Brown, District Missionary, Mrs. Doretba De Bois; .Supt. A. Hines, Mrs. Ruby Montgomery; state Hospitality President, Mrs. Susie C. Johnson; and State Supt. of Central Florida and pastor of Faith Temple, J. G. J&hnson. ness of important. In Christ or Seffner. The. residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Johnson was the setting and gliests enjoyed a social hour. Pictured hi the rear is J. W. Olivr, deacon Others are, from left, Mrs. Eva ACCEPTS PRIZE FROM ALUMNI PREL Y One of the prize winners at the Bethune-Cookman College Alumni Association's "Moonlighting in Nassau" Saturday, evening was Scott, an insurance executive with 1\'letropolitan Life. He Is pi ctured accepting his prize from the group's president, Mrs. Dora Reeder, at whose residence the "affair was held. Choir Union No. 1 Mr. John Williams., Pres. Mrs. lola McCloud, Rept. City Wide Choir Union Nio. 1 will meet Sunday-at 3 at Mt. Preasant M. B Church, Rev. G W. 1 Mitchell if! The No 1 clhoir o.f Mt. P'leasa.nt wiH be the host ohO'ir. The wel come address will. come from !Miss Kimberl' Y B roxton. The pub H e is invited. Ushers Union No. 4 Mr. Albert McKiney, Prett. Mrs. H. McCalister, Rept. Ushers Union No. 4 wiU cele brate their aunivers,ary on Sun day alternooo at 3 at st. John IProgres sive Bapti,st Ohurc:h of whicih ; Rev. F G. Hilton is pas tor. The sermon will be delivered by Rev. L R StancH pa.stor of /New BetJhel M B Church The public is invited. LA SEGUHDA CENTRAL BAKERY ........ THE BEST CUBAN BREAD CAKES PASTRIES 15th STREET AND 15th AVENUE BETHUNE-COOKMAN COLLEGE ALUMNI GIVE PARTY "Moonlighting in Nassau" was the name given ta the party given by the Tampa Chapter of the Bethune-Cookman College Atunini Association Saturday night. The fun affair was at the home of \ Mrs. Dora 'Reeder, left, president. Seated are CWO and Mrs. Kelley Bolden, and standing from left are Dr. J. L Green, Mrs. Thelma Brown, Le roy Twiggs and George Sullivan. BOHEMIAN LUAU IS FUN HAPPENING A fun happening last weekend was the Botending were Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Lee CaldwelL hemian Luau given by the Azalea Social Cldb.A&




, l..'r' I .; .. ,z;::" Fla. Tues. anCI Fd. c.t Saturday, August 12, 1972 ; : ,,,, .., Black Coach aypaSsecl As Leto High Head Grid Coach -SPORTANIC, FlQOIJSBy WILLIAM. 0. BETHEL THE DIYUICIBLE Every once in a while along comes an athlete that supposedly invincible in his sport There has been one of tholle m almost every sport. I can remember when Bob Feller was consider ed to be almost unbeatable when he was in his prime for The Cleveland Indians When Feller came off a farm in Van Meter, Iowa, whereever that is, he could throw a baseball well over ninety (90) miles an hour the sixty feet six inches (60'6") from the mound to home plate He was just wild enough to have most of the hitters in The American League scared out of their wits. There were some hitters in 'I1le American League that didn't even try to get a hit against Feller. They wept up to the ''plate trembling in their spikes and ready to duck juoli.t to look at three .. strikes as soon as possible Of course time its toll with Feller and he lost his bullet. ":Bullet Bob" was around for several years after he lost his high hard 'ooe and won over twenty games on know how and a curve he developed. When I first began to realize that black baseball players were definitely good enough for the major leagues was when "Bullet Bob" Feller was in his prime and ''Satchel" Paige was in the twi light of liis famed careex: they used to barnstorm around the coun:.._ try. Bob Feller would have 'with. him the best big name major leaguers he could get to3ether an1:i Paige would have with him the best players from the l'fegro Some of their enc?unters were masterpieces with Paige and his entourage usually -the vic t ors O f course we down here in the good oJd South never saw: any of these great' games because such things just weren t allow ed in confederate territory during those unholy days. Five Tampa coaches, including former Middleton head football coach, Billy Reed, were passed over this week in their bid for a head coaching position at Leto High School. Vernon Korhn, a virtually un known Bll!listant football coach at High was named Tues. day night as the school's head football coach. RecotJ:lmended by the school's princ. ipal, Frank Scaglione, Korhn was appointed by the Hillsborougli. County School board to fill a vacancy left by \le offen s ive and defensive coaching with emphasis on o:ft When upstart, the then Cassius Clay arrived on the scene Lis ton again employed his menacing stare tactics These are many boxing experts that say Clay was horrified by Liston but he didn t stop talking. Listori actually thought he was invincible him self because he had heard from so many sources that he was. In. that first championship fight with The ''Louisville Lip" Liston found out quickly that even though Clay was back pedaling around the ring like a six (6) day bike rider with his vehicle in reverse he was terrific punishment from a steady stream of slash ing left jabs he became violent Liston went after Clay snorting like a bull and throwing wild punches like a run-a-way wind mill but he wasn't hitting a thing but where the will-o-the-wisp Clay had been. Liston soon not only .. became tired but absolutely con fused. It was then thaf Clay realized the myth o( h:ivincibility around Liston was really only a Clay gained courage and began to put together his patented combinations to the big head of the arm weary Liston. Soon it was clearly. obvious to that the myth was really only a and Liston was the first to know it. So rather than suffer further and punishment Sonny just wouldn't 11:et off his stool when the bell rang for the beginning of the sixth (6th) round Sonny claimed that he had hurt a shoulder and may be he had but I wi .Jl always believe that he realized he was' a beaten man and decided not to go The reporter is Johnnye Davis The t:epOrter ; js; _Johnnye Davis. find 1: flaw or weakness in almost any adversary. a way to take advantage of that flaw or weakness and work hard on your strategy Faith. may move but there always must be a mode of operation Hence my belief the gOOd master will give strength and wisdom to those tha. p ut fortq an effort selves Nothing is invicible but I know too many people ragged around the knees fr9m kneeling in. prayer. miracles. In other words do something if its wrQng. QQIPS: I'll bef you didn t know _that _fhe late '. "Sonny" Liston lu1dll't thought a thing about boxing until he tried it ''whife serving time in a penitentiary .' Before he was released the Inmates would face the gas chamber than Lston in the equared c:lrcle. Blaek ace A .rthur Ashe :won a1 big 9ne Is ten thou8and $10,000 dollars richer for his efforts. After his big win Ashe went ; right "back. to his old 'way s by getting upset In the first rotind of J:ii.s very next tournament. Speckled are doing well iri Tampa and Boca Ciega Bays but the is yet to come. Live bait shthnp are al90 now ayaH:. abie in abundance to thoSe that want : THQE l s ALWAYS A W AY .. Just can't figure ou t why ther-e 1are riot mo .re black yQu.;gsters out Of the golf course. They just can't be : reading the ;SpOrts pages While on the subject of fighters that were supposedly invincible of : any further. Ag-ain .the unbeatabJe 'Was beaten. I can' t help that horrendous (for me) nrght in June of nineteen Indian Joe wanders into town and tries to cheek into a motel hundred and thirty-six (1936) when Super-Man Joe Louis was on the When told he needed a reservation '1\e aaya he j111t left Qne When Tampage. It just didn't seem possib\e that any man could stand up he gets a room he wants everything and he ean. ; t understand to the awesome attack of the lethal fistic attack of The Brown thing comes in instant He wants ftre w:a&er. but they .:w<>n'' Bomber. On that shocking night one of the most astonishing uP serve it to him. Willie; the bell boy, gets him .Oinethlng to smoke sets in sports history took place. Old trial horse Max Schmeling in his peace pipe. Joe !lOOn gets tired of doin jhiil war dance alone was to be the next victim of The Brown Bomber However Sehmeland warits some squaw action. Willie tells him where Bertha and ing and his manager Max Jacobs had noticed by watching films of the rest of the hot paats and : mini skiria do their thing. Joe stWn Louis' fights that Joe had a tendency to drop his left harid after ble down and reaches in and one by the hair. The Afro f.1rowing a jab. 'I1le strategy was to cros11 over with a right hand comes off in his hand. Joe sits down in and says, "ugh! when Louis dropped his left The first right cross caught Instant scalp too.'' tnan Louis flush on the chops and 'I1le Brown Bomber was v i sibly hur. t The dropped left and crossed right went on for twelve <1;!)!'ounds and fifty six (56) blows. When the fifty sixth right exploded on the swollen jaw of the wounded and confused Brown Bomber he staggered along the ropes half way across the ring and collapst!d. He attempted to get up but then laid his head on his arms and ap peared to just go to sleep. It was on that nght as a twelve (12) year old boy I learned that nothing but nothing on earth is invincible or unbeatable. The lesson I learned that night helped me tremendously down through the years to come. If you look and search hard enough you can BIG JOE'S BAR PLDTY OF FREE PARKDfG -COlliER OF LASALLE AND ROME G RACII .NIGHILY 8:00 MA TINIII .lal SARASOTA 5400 Bradenton at Oe.Soto ... t:::=::;======:=J : : .. ; ei!ason training He mention thab !he was interested in the cants' abilities to artriculate tG 2tudents, faculty and booster clubs and their ability to 11dministrative details. A sour c e close to the Sentinel disclosed that Roland Acosta iformer head coach at -Jefferson High School, disclosed that ha has been overlooked for the pa s t years head soach. dng jol>s. are cc;>n.$!erned. _When contacted about the appointm en t of Korhn, Acosta S aid simply, "It was the principal's choice,'' /then added, I would like to !have ha.d. it (the job)". In th& Hillsborough Oounty School sys. tein for over 16 year. s Acosta !Said' he "guesses" he'll tea. at Plant this term: Ha. began coachipg in 1964 at'ld was head coadi at Jefferson in 1966. Acosta said he has been on vaca. and when he 'returned ha that he did not get tha iJOSition. Early this year, a federal court in New Orleans, Louisiana, supporte.d a black coach .was ''unjustly demoted after !his s c hool was closed in a de sei[regated order.'' The cour11 ordered that the Florence, Ala bama B!!hool provide a head coaching job for the foot. ball, basketball and track coach. of over 10 years. When his school closed too black coach was given a job as a phya ical education instructor and assis tant coach at a previou s ly all white school in the relatively small Alabama town. During the coach's first term at the the school both the foot ball and ba s ketball coach re signed The black coach applied for both positions but was turn ed down in favor of white ap pli cants fro m outside the s c hool s ystem. A similar case is the one of c oac h Billy Reed, head coach at !Middleton f or two years before the s c hool was phased out as a senior hi g h school. W hen th& position at Leto became avail able many Tampa sports enthusiasts were sure he would be the one to fill the vacancy. Questionable to some is his abilities, as mentioned by Scag lione ( Continued On Page %1)


Saturday, August 12, 1972 Fla. every Tues. and Frf. Cet Both Edi;tions PACE NINETEEN I Kenya Runner Hurt, Out Of Steeplechase NAIROBI, Kenya Ben Tampa's Dodgers And Trojans To Hillsborough High Football Meeting (THE BALTIMORE COLTS) Jipcho who had been consider e d a strong prospect for a gold med a l in the 3,000-meter steep lecha s e at the Munich Olympic Games, today said he is pulling out of the event because of a leg injury. The Tampa Dod gers will host the Tro-fans at 2l2nd Street Par k Saturday night at 7 :GO in a game AU Hillsborough High Sch oo l boys wrho finished spring football practice and So phomores are asked to meet Monday night at 7 :3<0 in the school s gymnasium. All Sophomores are asked to bring their birth certd'icates to the meeting. After. several trip s to the University of South Florida re cently to check out the Balti more Colts as they prepared for their exhibition opener with the Washington Redskins I mus t say that I wasri t sure but I didn't think The Colts were really mentally ready. No I can' t say I felt that The Red skins scalp The. .Colts by anything like thirty. three ( 33) to three ( 3). However having b e en clo s ely associated with football for many years I. just did n t like what l saw. At first I that 'maybe it was :all because almost ail of my asso ciation with the game had been 011 the collegiate and high .sc hoo) levels where emotion and espirt-de-crop reign supreme. Even though I have been around pro-camps before I thought that maybe the pros of today were too business like to get upt-ight about anything as trival liS an exhi.bition game. The Colts seemed to me to be quite com placent and just going through the motions. I visited with several of The Colts personally and talked with them while they ate or loitered around DeSoto Hall. I won't call any names but a few of them were quite aloof and in general not very sociabl'li._ There were plenty of others however that were more than glad to talk and be obliging. What disturbed me was that the few that were not with it important cogs in The Colt machine that has done so well in recent years. No, not all the big names were not with it.' John Unitas was very con genial and cooperative. This was also true of Bill Cunie, Tom Matte and several others. Eddie Hinton was nice and so was Ray May plus a couple cf other fellows I didn t really know. My youngest son had a ball by just looking at and (being around The Colts. Friday night at Tampa Sta dium what I feared came to The Baltimore Colts just weren't ready for the Washington Redskins. It could or could not have been because cf lack of spirit or emotion jn practice sessions but something was Jacking. There is no use nie going into statistics or any thing else that went on, on the !field because if you are a foot ball fan you know about thOse things. I will say though that black quarterback Karl Douglas seems to be the one that is being tlo/bbed as the .scapegoat. In my opinion Dou glas was not nearly as bad as he is being made out to be No he did not move the team very well but most of the time he was operating behind a lino that was defintely not The Colts first string offensive line. Douglas also had several of his .bullet like passes dropped. One thing for sure is that Karl Dou gla s certainly didn t score thirty three (33) points for the R e d s kins. Personally I think Dou glas played about as well as any o f the res t of the C olts Coa c h Mc Cafferty of the Colts didn t help the anquish Douglas must be suffering through by making the s t atement that he made a mistake in starting Douglas in stead of John Unitas. Of course I am in no position to criticze Co a c hM cCafferty and I 'am o n e never to down a Coa c h I will always bel ieve t h a t some things are a Jot better off unsaid publicly. I was cer t ainly .glad to learn that Dou glas did not miss the team' s DR. P. A. ERVIN DENTIST 1404ltl CENTRAL AVENUE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT At My Residence Before 9 a.m. Phone 251-2139 flight purp. osely the day after the game. I was concerned that ihe could have been discouraged. Maybe the sound. thrasking The Redskins put on The Colts could be a ble ssing in disguise. Maybe The old m e n The Red skins employ taught The Colts a lesson in being serious about being prepared. From what I saw The Colts can't be that bad. I look for them to bounce back but they had' better find an other quarterback if Karl Dou glas does not fit into their The K enyan distance star said, however, that he will still compete in the 5,000-meter run. He injured his leg two weeks ago when he tripped over some barbed wire left on a track 'plans Johnny Unitas is still capable but at thrity nine (39) he is not going to make it through the whole season. of Stars. i Morris Blitz Everett t1.1re his starn suclh \Biagley, Reggie Burns w i ll f e a a s J o hn and J o e Homer (Tubby) Tuft will bring such stars as Eddie Welch C hick Velasco, and Kenny Knight The two clubs have been around for quite a few yeal's and this pro mises to be one of tJhe year' s top contests. Sunday afternoon at 2:3'0 the Dod -gers wiH hos t the St. Pete Tjgers at the 22nd Street Park. Opeo t!Y g, Located: .. 859 ZACK STREET PHONE 229-9893 ..... ... ........................................................... : __ --:; FnllltEnd Alignment t& fi/ilaoo 'z for ur&l'l'ith tort itn Dar Engine TuileUp ldd $2 tor alrcondltionetf eu t Includes New Spark Plugs New Pointe Front-end inspection Camber Caster, toe-In Ill by precision equipment Adjustments to manufacturer' s sp e cificati ons I New Condenser We'llset dwell, choketime engine-balance carburetor-test atarting, charging systems cylinder accelera lion Deluxe Brake Overhaul $8 lntludos tho Pollowll P'atts lftd Laltot: flu;t Dlst Sra.,tt l hrtiln Cart o New brake linings aJI4 c wheels olNew Wheel Cylinders Ne. w Fwnt GreMl! 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Clean aldewll desian radial dartl oa ahoulder Triple-tempered nylon cord constru.ctloll $119 5 I POPULAR SIZES ONE LOW PRICE 7.75x15 7 75xl4, 1 25xl4 S .25xl5 Sit e 6 50x13 t 4& $2 3 blackwalltubt 18 dependin. gon&ill, J e u pJus$1.75 and old tr e F ed h Add $3.10 for old t1re, whitewalh." .. llackwall Tubelest FDr PtDblemSDivlng Service ... OD to the GOODYEAR PRO! HOW. AT YOUR NEA-RBY,; GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES TAMPA Easlgale 5202 N. 22nd ST. Open Daily. 8:30 to 5:30 Aqui se babla E!ipanol PHONE 237-3361 TAMPA Hillslioro Plaza 2901 W. Hillsborough PHONE 877-9528 Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 TAMPA ACROSS FROM Brillon Plaza TAMPA Downtown Morgan & Twiggs Sts. TAMPA ACROSS FROM Wesl Shore Plaza 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 229-0821 5002 W. Kennedy Bl vd. TAMPA TAMPA ,4 Temple Terr-ae& _, = p;:___:__ u ... ,.. ''t 9240 N 56th ST. 9222 FLORIDA AVE. Dally 8:30 to I P M. Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. OPen Dail y S::iO to 5:31 0 PHONE 988-4191 PHONE 932-6166 Sat. 8 A.M. to 5:30 Aqul ae habla Espanol Aqul se babla Espanol pen Dally 8:30 to


PAGE TWENTY Fla. p ,ublished 'f.uea. caad .Frl Get Both E-ditiGBs Sahmlay, Au,gust 12 l97Z 'T r w -I .Annbrister F o r Batting (rown With Indy i ['NIIJ)J:ANA!F'OCIS, [ll!l d The last may 'be in t'he case of E d Arnt brister. Armbriste r w ho was the eig;hth '!lnd J ast playea named in the controve rsial wint e r tdeal between t'he :Hous t on Astros and OWcinnati R e d s is ma'king a sbrong !for t ihe Amen : ican Associ a'titm batting clha:mpionshlp in his 'first ye'a r in 'lfriple A !Near the end of J u l y, with f ewe r than W games rem'a i n ing on the sdhedurre., he w:as a'll1Qn g t he 1eague 'ia ,3il. 7 average, just a 'Cmrp' re of 'P'O'ints b e low Om'!ltm'. s iflim Wohllf10rd ( .32 2) amd te?IDm-arJ:sitJer aliso 'ltras d ev e1oped into an -otherwise diismll.i yea,r ifor ;rndianapoli s Manag,er Vern R : ap.p "He h:as all, illhe thiings you l i ke to s e e in r a JP1ayer.' f s'a}cl Rapp. "!He has ,go od bat .c-ontrol, ell!.ce'lllent speed and a strong and accurate t hr0wing arm. !He s'hGw good j udgemen t in playing tthe hltters and 'tfu11owing the. rig.h t 'Qase. He also has great base-runrung and takes a d vant of every mistake by the r opposimmn. Ed has a trem endous p:ersomt'lity. He' s very happy and easy going. But he d oes lack experien ce in h it:tiing with runners on and he it, too." 0 Def,ense' T John Henry GA1NIE&VIlLLE Henry was s i ttin,g oo. 11 iben'Cih in the winne r's lememlber the las t time be l()lll[ y stlm'ed three p o ints in a basketball. g ame. And while throwlin;g a r.e p e a tOOly 1lo the floor in Hemry voiced the op i ni:on ht be didn't bhink ,s.ooring bhree points was wort h fire effort ihe put in pJ:Ie!*lring fur the AD!lStar g ame. [ m s orry if <11JP h.ere the u s uall y ebti lli.ent, m w .efioot 10iuc h guard said. I wish [ h arl: .stay .ed hoole slick. This whole t!hin.g was a waste for me. I td!idc'ft llDy tllring. O bV'iou sly, Illrenl"IY WillS m i ffed e.t being sh.1!11lied ta an !O'bscwr e l'@te i n the Ad!l-S'bai" a#air. The H enry has t>ee n a ccust0!11led to tlhe SJPlOtlig h t this pas t sea sO'll. H e aver a ged a h e adY 2, 8 poiots for Oarol City, am1 his <0ffif-1Dailan. e e ju, m1p shot wl.bh two seconds remairuing in ove:r-tiim e a 1!ltate Ctass A 1 A IAIA. fur the Clhief s. Told ab01lit Jitentry':s 'ooll111i:aSali.d bhe downcast !fency, t3:re rhUllled to 'tlhe f;loor tgain. !Henry, pr.obably tlhe mos t inffamous player in 'Da'li' e O@uney lhi:st.ory, w beads .ll)or (lN;aJ. Jit1Cl!'lerlts in 'IDu!lsa, Okl a and some new ch allenges. fA.ISkrem w a sb:ed UJi1 and nt least t t nree or '!iGUJ.' 3

Au.u:sf 12', 1972 Fla. Slei.ti.el-Bwlledn P\1-..IW.ed eorery Tues. and F':rt. Cet Botk Ed rtions PACE TWENTY-ONr B .. ;;,;a7; -;GffJMM chester, Georgia and Mr. ArJWld ., 3. daulft Shady G'J:'On 'emeCemy;. Suvnon J. 8. Thomas. and wif-e', Mrs. ters, Val.arie, Carlos and Marie are: 4 tlautbien MM. adaeJto Mary 'llllonaas nd a host ef ether FUNERAl NOJI(ES JmOWN, MR. HENRY JOE -Fu_nerat s&vices f&r Ml". He&ry Joe Brown of 2212 24th who passecll away in a local hos pital, wilf be held Saturday at 2 P. M. at St. Matthew 1\I. B. Church with Re-v. C. J. Long, officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Pal'k Cemetery. vors arc: a daughter, Mrs. Mary Alice Evans and husband, Mr. Albert Evans of Ctevel'andl etiiu; 2 sons, Mr. Willie B'ro.wn a ri d wif'e, Mrs. Emma Brown and Mr. Aaron Brown and wife, Mrs. R-ub:.r Brown aN of Pbi'ladelohia, l"a.; 22: l pea& gramkhildrell!; 2 sisiel'S., Mlls. l.fzzie. of Mi, all\ a.IHlb, 1\ks.. A u cretia DixoD oi Miami;. & aepll ews; 6 nieees;. a friend, U1:s. Viola Shellman and'. a host o i o ther sor : r&wing, neratrves and uiends A native ot C'amilta, Ga Mr. Brown liad resided' hine for more than 30 years. He was a m ember o t BoaJ)d ei lleaccms of his c hul'ch ao4 alSo sened as custodian o t h i's cllurc h \ 111! was afso. a member of li.il y White SBA No. 29, Roy; W:l'lie, pl'es. and Kin:g Sommoo l!.odg.e No 53, Masonic-0I:den, M r 'lim nie-Simmons, W. )Ji. 'Jl!Je. ne m a i ns will t:eP'Jse after 4 P M. (F'l' ida y) at W ilsorn eral until near tun-era l time Saturday. "A Wif.SiON SER VICE" BROWN, MRS &ESSIE WHITE l i un.eral servic_es fo:n Mrs. :ftas sie Whit e Brown, 15:0.8 t5th Ave ., who p .assed S unday, Aug u s t 6, in a [ocal h (ls pitaJ will' b e hel d IS,atu r day. at 4. P Ill.. from T ye r Temple U nited Me-tltodist Ch urch wHh. Re-v. E.. J pas t01;, oUiciating, Interment will be in. Park Cemete r y The body will lie in s.tate for t.he v i sita:tiGn cf r elati'lles and friends fi o.m 2 P. M. Friday to near funeral time Saturday, at STONE'S. A native of Arc.hie, Black (oath Bypassed (Continued from page 18) Flerida, s .he had li\\ed ia Tampa for 44'. 3!e:ans. MI:s. Bre\l!rtwas .,, member of. the lJsher Bea r d at Tyer lJ. Methodist C_hurclt, and a 'Licensed P lia.ct LeaJ. Nurse. She-lea v.es to hell :passing: 2. sistells M;us. Rosie a-nd Mlrs Mali! Bellamy, Philadelph ia, Pa.; 2 luu-thers MJ:. rsaa. e W&te, Tam pa, and Mr. William Glover White an4 w.if e, MFs. C1ar a White, Phitadelpllia, Pa.; a &i&tel!" in-taw, Mrs. Rosie Allehle, Fla.; and! a host of ni eces, nep;he-ws, c&Usias, and' ot ;he'" iag; retat.ins and> biffltds. 8flo. '\!ices anebeiag, nnd'ewe4. STONE & GORDON FUN.E &Al. DmllCTO.RS for S'10NE'S FU N.ERM. .116M.E, MR. J ll\1 i111Dftal fi:lr Ji m 2403 194oll Ave., wltQ pasaed< Stta. da.y evetliftg; August 8, ifll a lo 1Hiti>pttal, win he-held Saturday afT 1 P. M. fno. m New Mt. :Men M. 1llaptist hurch with Jhw. Robhy J .Jones of ficiating. Interment will be in the J.'amicy lot at 1\lemerial Park Cemetery. The body will lie in stat e for the visitatien of rela ti\'eS' and friends from 1 P. 1\f. Friday to near f.un.eFa1 t ime Satunfay at. SWNE.'S. A native Gf' Ga. he had lived iiLTampa fer 5il years, awl was a rdiced Coastrt&C ti.eu. worker with Milfs. & Joues CbBS.tttuctiN Ce. e.f St. Deters-burg. Fra. lie leaves to mournhis llal!si.ng : his devoted wife. Mrs. Jessie Mae Jtarnes; 4'. grand' d'aug_h tleJ:>S, M'n lfelen and husband,. Mr. Nathaniel Pbirad'el'prua, P'a. Mrs. Haz.el lfudson aBd' hus band, Ml'. lla.rry Rudson, Vero Beach, Mts. ltar baira Belt aJrd IWsl'lad' Mr. Matthew Belt, and Miss .' Betty Barnes, all m Tampa; s; great g:mand. ehil&irenr., .Deoorah, 1\ng.ela, an& Gregory Jacobs, all of Philadelphia, Pa., and: lle sha: e R.oxann.a Tampa a daug,h ter-in-law,. lJirs. Pauline B arnes, a sister, lJ'Irs. 1\ian:(e Wa d e and husband, Mr. G.eorge Wade, Tampa; niece, Mrs. Kate Barnes, S t Petersburg ; nephew, R'ev. BIIibM J. Jmres and! wife, Beu:l ah Tampa; cou sillS, M.s Dorothy CleiiU)n and k!l s harul, Mr Clem on, Mrs. A!Jli,e.nta Thomas, M r s Isabell Robinson, a-!1' of' Tampao, Ml'S. I sabella Russel l Phil'adel'ph ia, 1"-d!. Mrs. Juli-a J ollnso n and Mrs. SliettQ n bl).tbJ ot &cala; and a liosfr ot o.tlte r -refutil\les and! fiiend s Se-n\ l'iees al!. e -heing rettdl}f!ed h)l S'l!&!'I. E & G6'R'Dt)N, P"'l!JNEitAL J)fR'E TQRS fo., STONE'S FUNEltA:L lfQM'E, IN. During Reed' s stay at Hills borougl\ he was in chaerge of a elass as wen as his teae h i:ng duties S'i-ttri: ngin on h is. sessi'Gns earlier M:\, is yea>r, a-Sen trinel e porte r was impres sed' wittli the way he hand-led the ma?le, female, black and wh-ite; group o.f hig h s c hool students. He proved his ability as a coac h when he led the M'idtll'eton, Tigers to a> Western C onfer.ence with a 9 -0 1 r ecQ rd'. CHAPMAN MR. ARNOLD J Very. compose d, :Reed' said he FiD:,a;l; ttibu.te fu tile late Mr. was "'d isappointed'" in hi-s n o t ru!IQl' d ol 1840 getting t h e job. Cano-Cool'tr, wile tmSsed a ,way The other ta:p me-n considerel l August 6 will be held Saturday were: Jim Reed, io'l'merl y at ]; P. M. frem Pu,ghsley Cat!Mdral 'llurkey C!7eeli:; Phil Magg-io, Wi!th ltev. Aft;ert Fo wlier, of. !l!ormerly at Pinecrest; ancf Jlohn fief:ating>. JD.termeJI.t will be in J!litlrgess foPmerly 11>t Plant and Memorial PaJ!k C em-eteny. A life now a: Tampa bu s i nessman. N@ne lo11g r esid4!1lt o t Tamp.a, Mr. Ar ef them c ou:ld be contactP.d' for II!IIW1 was, a Jll'a4aatile ot MnWJ.eton e ommen.t. Wayne Hig:la S,clulell cl:ass 0>1' 1958, and (Ceunty Athletic JilireetaJT could was. an, eDIDJee at 11eti be eantiaded! by-the1 Me-.dal:. JliMpitali. a 6rbuado. afte r s ev ,e:tra1 calla. Survivors include: mother lira. Cltapman. Ta.mp a auats, !\Ips. ine Chaney, 1\bs. Mardta Lee; sll!llnwia: lfe!at.i;ves. aliCI mend's. A !Fm.a WiJiiams, Orla-ndo, lY'Hs. Thomas, Miss Lizzie Lee Fletcher native of' Macon, Georgia, Mrs. Nac l mi Gibson, JY..rs. Marie Myers, aDitl Miss. Em Mae Ftetehel' had> lWedl heR tom the Tampa and M 'rs. Mar.l! l'la.rvey. 3 sons, Mr. Harrison J. Thomas past 19 years. The remains will 2 tmdes, Mr. G ell n g e of Man ches t e r Ga ., Mr; .f.DSeph repose a ft-er 4 P. l\' 1. to(!ay (Fri Tampa, Leonard. Fletcher arul Mr. Levouia Fletch day ) at WilsoA h:apel, l:.dgeco.mb, R .rookly n N. Y.;, er; a si'ster Mrs. Mary M'a'rtha untU ne-:ur fllDen1 ti'llle> cousins, Attnrue-y Georg,e EdgeTliomas and husb a nd MJ:. P'aut P. 'lllte F11De!:ali Ci:M!t .eg,!!' wi!:L f&Jim at comb, and Cat;olyn, Simp. 'li'homas oi 1\'Ianchester, Ga.;. % 42'18; E.. Ctur tis-. "li WliLSQN Sll1t son Mary 1\'Iayes, JUrs. Eva 1\ia e brothers, M11. Thomas YJ:.11"' AnderSII.n Ml'S Ve'Ed e U G i b so n, Mrs. Cathe1:ine 1\lar :o,n. Thcmas, Ru.duli,;'h Gibso.n, n 1iss lll a11re Mye11s, !'ill's. Lillie H a ll, Mil. and Mts. Mv. G ein rge Mc-Ka.y man!ll O>(;he.r ing, nelatirves and friends. 'll l b e rema.ins wi!lt lie-in state a:t Pughsle-y Cathetba!i visit:: tion o kimds ater 5 P. M. ( Fritl:a,y) tmla,lf unt v .iA:e. 'MJGJISl,EY FlJNEBAL II(}ME in charge. CABSWili.L, MIL TOM ru!'Fal' Senic.es fo.r t. late 111m. Tom Canwel ol B9 Nae.sau Sired, wjjl he C 8 Rdlleted. & tmr daY'. Allg115 t 12, 19'1i2., l!y Jte311'8'.' He teav c s tD moUTn h is passim! : a d-evote d wife M rS' Vi d a Can w.el t ; :r so rt, M : !' 1l C <:'Fs .v e-!1>, l r .: brotl't>er, Mr. WaFter Ca-rs welt, D:tvm'b:lr o &a.; step. ch!tg.!l>t('r s Amy l"'.ttFicR an...t Wlii,1 fie-!'d'; Mr. Jia-!'."'cs and !fi1r. Rids and w ife. Mr. \ 'fi!lie-Hi'"lks of P'lll.; Nb!!e-;;, Jlf.rs. Hfne5 of p!Ha, Pa. nfrs. Stil'P'll"l, Doretfia t':'171ten, Mrs. RIJ! mend C ohl. and lltiami; Grantl chiltlren, y,ntllia Jli.ck.s, lent h : s llicl'-'>,. Ang .el:at Ricks, She r y l llicfts., Valerie .roe Jones, Dllllllka lone s lkllce Jones, L!!on aa4> la.alll'es. lacks.on;. a greactgr.andchll&, Aag,elina Hick s aU of: 'fa.mpa, a oi a e v,oted a;ntOilg, w.hom is Mills. Saras. Laura Robinson and a. nie ce, 1\h>s Bett.l) .Joseph an a husband, Mr. Willie Jose ph o.t Guy;, Iil.diana and other sorrowing r e lativ e s and A nati.ve of Homer ville, Geogi.a, Mr. Early h a d li.vedi Irere fo11 the past 40' years. H:e was a neW:edl me:mller or ll.tA LoeaJ. 1402, M. P-enry Ha nvey, J1r.; p:re s iden.t. Hewas alsO> a 'llet e ran. of War Ji, setved illl the> A.runy 11he nemains w.ill r ep ose after 4i P.M. (FFida;y) at. W.ilson Funeral Chapel, until n ean funer.a b time Satutda,y. A WILSON SERV ICE" FLETt:lfER, MRS. GLA:&YS. -Funeral services for M rs. Gladys Fletcher of 1410 18th Avenue, who passedl away in a loca}:" hoqital, wHI be h eld Saturday at 4 rM. at Wil'se111 J:unerah Cbap:el with ltev. Jternarct M.ilton Jone11, offi JOHNSON, MRS. DAISY senic.es for Daisy Johu;; son, IZ4' Scott Street, who passee s udcienl'y Tuesday, Au1Jusi 8 will be liel'd Saturday at' 3 P. M. fum, Fir.st Baptis t Chuuh oi Cohe g e Hill with Re:v. W. Jll. Gordoa pastor, ofiiciatiag. will' be in Shady Grove emeter)t. 'file body; wilt liein state we the visitation o{ relatives andl friends from 3 P. Friday to neal' funeral time ar STONE S A natis. Ma rY' Simmons and> hu-sband l Georg.e, Tampa, Miss Alic e J o hnson and Mrs. Mal1 garet Cole andr husband>, Coun cil, all of J'"ew York City, N. Y.; 2 sons, Mr. Clif f ord J o hn so n and wife Mrs. John O llie .l:ohnslln Dad-e-ity, and MIT. Hemty Johnsom allO w i fe, MRs. G eoligia F JaJm so n Tampa; 2 sis!er.s Mr.s. Frarrkie Holmes and' husband C ha:l'lie Chief l and, and Mrs. Nellie Willi:ams;, Jaekson.viile ; g .P;ondchlldrenr. Mlr. Donald' Edwardl Young and wif e 1\ks. Shil1ley Far Reek away, N .Y. Mr. Claren('e Johnson andr wife; Mrs. B:etl:y J olmsum. Mic h a el Anthony J ohnso n Miss C ynthia l c hnson, Miss. Tue' ; a C u le all o f New York City N. Y., Mis s Va tari e R.. lolmsoll!, Mr. Keith Johnson Ri m Michae l John son all 'llampa, Mrss. l'!:elen > H : m kerson M i s s Debra H a nl af Tampa, Mr Kevin Young Mr. KaO Young, andl Mt:. K e nwin ll:ounw, a!ll ot\ Far Rocl1a,way N. Y. : ma3y 11ieees, n e pfu!ws an.d< coasiitS; and, many; oth e r relatives; devot e d f.:iends, M rrs. Lena 'lla(Yfor and 1\fi:;. Pryor, botli of Tampa; &ndl many ot fulr sorro. wi111lr: [ fi"'rrds. Services are tieing-rendere d by S'JIQNil' &: GORDON, l"lJNERM Jl);J. RE<':TO RS for STONE S F VNER.'\111 IOOMil, IN. M RS, V KUl S. Flm eral services fiW' the late Vreie s Pool'e-of 681> 22nd Av.e nue Apt. No. C, Cordele, Geer gi'a, wlto deparie4 &em Uils life on August 6 1972 In a Tampa hospit.al, w .i1( IJe. held, at p.llb. Saturday f ro m the Zion Hope Baptis t ChUJtchl ot Ga., with the: pastoll Rev. Clari:s, of ficiating. Jtttermentt will be in the famii,:J! plot of The South Vie w Cemetery of Cordele direc tl y af ter the services. The remains will r e pose locally at the Franklin Fu nera1 Home from 5 p m. Frida y until 12 midnight Friday, when it will be carried to The Dowdell Funeral Home of Ga. and repose there until near eral time S'atut'day. Sucvi"6l:s in cfude: 4 sons-, Mr. Robed Poole of 'liampa, Mr. Roosevelt Po.ole of Tampa, Mr. Willie J. Poole and his wife Rhudlne of Tampa a p d Mr. J. C. 1Ppole of Tampa; 4 ; daughters,. Mrs. Mae Francis Riggins husband Andrew ot M:eli'Miune. Mra; Aui Pea d Wallaee aruiJ h .er husbandl 'tf!m:o a Mrs. AIUiie-Bell .btis allll ur hUsband Ar:tlwl! ami. Miss; R tdi y 1\tae Poole, ail! of. 31 bre Mr. J o hnnie-Sho!lflen aad hiS wife. Inez of' Co.lldlele-, Mr. Plwt Shorter o1 and 1\!r. Barney Shorter and his wife o! &rdele; 3 sisters, Anna Ray and hes: husbend RO>bert of Bradellton Hts-Wright and h e r hushand Willie. .1. of Lake City and Miss Molly Mae Sh'ortell' oil' 3 6 grandchil dte.ll\ and a hqst: of eousas, nieces, and! othetr so no-w in g r e i an.dl biendS. FRANKLIN Fto'NERM!. HQME w;ill be In charge of the-1\'IJB. .JAMES STE R LIN'G (B:QO'IlS') Fun. e llal servi c e s for Mn; James Ste.rliR{f ( B : oots) Wa!kell ofi B .t. l, S. a:l.4, Nessa, Flerida1 (Kecy;stone) w bJ 01 passed away at hi& resideJtee : w.iiJl be: h el d at ll A .M at Stl. Luktr .&.1\I.E. Hareh, !5th Skeet; _. ('Cimtiued: On P'llge J%. )


PAGE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinei-Bu;Uetin ,Publbhed enry Tae.a. and Fri Celt Both EcUt:-1 iiri$li;(t1SI. i:fiiil"ll l>iiiiiiiiiliiiii 'i iii i i i i i i i i-ii Auaust 12,1972 FUNEUL NOTICES .. S. S. will began at 9-::W with the supt. Deacon R. B. Allen l Summer Teen chatter By PAUL RANDOLPH (Continued From Page 21) i7th Aveaue of which Rev. John E. Car1 Is pastor, with Rev. A. J ; Blchardsea, ir. pastor of .John's A.M;E. Church Columbus, Geor!lla, officiating. Interment will be in the family plot, Shady (/.rove Cemetery. Survivors are: wife, Mrs. Mable L. Walker; 3 daughters, Mrs. Colleen Gambrell and husband, Mr. Robert Gam brell of San Antonio, Texas, Mrs. .Janice S. Myers of Baltimore, MarYtand and Mrs. Linda W Arenas and husband, Mr. Albel1 Arenas; 3 grandsons, 8 gran.d l!aughters and a great grandson; father, Rev. Charlie Walker; 4 sisters, Mrs. Muriel Manning and husband, Mr. J utui H. Manni _@.g, Mrs. Iuez Richardson and hus band, Re v. A. i. Richardson of St. Petersburg, Mrs. Cur tiss W. Wilson and husband, Mr. Clar ence P. Wilson and Mrs. Mary W. Lee of Chicago, Dllnois; 5 brothers, Mr. Wlliam J. Walker family will receive friends on Frl "'ight from 8 to 9 at t h e church. The remains will repose Friday from. 4 P. M. until 6 P.M. at Wilson Funeral Chapel, after 7 P. M. until 10 P. M. at St. Luke A.M.E. Church and from 8 A.M. until near funeral time Sat urday at the Chapel. THE RE. MAINS WILL NOT BE VIEWED AFTER THE EULOGY. "A WIL SON SERVICE" lid. CAR L H NORTON TAMP-In remembrance of .Dr. Carl H. Norton who passed away August 13, 1957. We loved him but God loved him befit. Sadly missed by his wife, Mrs. 1\lat.tie Norton and children Mrs. Linda Dirtcm, Mrs. Lottie Bexley, Mr. Carl Norton and Mr. George 1'' "rton. MEMORIAM TAMPA-In lovi!lg mempry of our mother, Mrs. L. Worth who departed t,his li:fe, August 11, 1970. A pei:ious one from us is gane, voice is hushed and .:still, a place' is vacant in our home that never can be illed. Signed: Mrs, Eunice L. Fraizer and husband Richard; Mr. Dan J,arry, .Jr.,. Mrs. Lillie L Hen derson andhusband Robert and : and wife, Mrs. Illinois Walker of 'Los Angeles, California, M r Charles Walker and wife, Mrs. Rosemary. Walker, Mr. Mordecai 'Walker and w i fe Mrs: Anna .waJ: k e r of St. Petersburg, Mr. Cal vin C. Waiker and wife, Mrs. Leola Walker of Denve" Colora do and Mr. W. Herbei't Walker and wife, Mrs. Grace Walker: 6 ,.unis, Mrs. MaUie Morris of De troit, : M,icbigan, Mrs. Mary Harris of Lexington Park, Md., Mrs. EU CARil'or TBAMKS Ia Cooper of Gary, Indiana, Mrs. -Annie 'Harrison and Mi'li: Minnie TAMPA-ne family of tbe Myers of Clearwater, and Mrs; KaUe express sin Ll!Uall Morris; 2 ullcles, Mr. thanks to and Roscoe Walker of Ft. Valley, Ga., friends for. all acts ol kindness and Mr. Bill James and wife, .rl'nde.red t() the family during Mrs. Amanda James, a number her _.and passing. Special of nieces, Bephews, cousins and thanks to Pughsiey Funeral Ho ,me host of other sorrowlag rela .staff for efficient aerviees ren .tives and friends. A -native of dered. .Fort Valley, Ga,, Mr. Walker had The Sanderson; Sbeeby, .Boro resided In the :Keyslolle area for nell, Anderson, Gibson and Wat more than 45 years.He was a kio8 JDember of Mt. Pleasant A.M.E. Church. of Keystone of which the CARD or TRANIS .Rev. Paul Brown is pastor. He was al110 a member of GUP Lodge No. 41 of which Mrs. ale Jones ls president. A former emptoyee of the CUy of St. Pe tersburg Water Dept .. Mr. Wal ker was owner of Walker' Mo tel aad Beach Resort on Gunn Highway in Keyetoll _e. Memorial services by cup-win be at 7:30 -Friday evening at the church. The famBy ,oi.the late Mr. Will Davis expressed sin cere thanks for acts of kindn.ess, food, cars and other services. Special thanks to Bryant and WUiiams Funeral Home and Rev. '1'. F. and J. E. Lee Mrs. loler Harris, Sister and FamiUefl. UNCLE SANDY SAYS in charge. Morning worship will begin at 11 with the deacons in charge of devotion. ,The No. 4 choir_and No. 1 ushers will serve. The ser mon will be delivered by the pas tor. At 3:00 Mrs. Minnie B. Per son will sponsor a calendar tea. The public is invited. Evening worship will begin at 5 : 30 with the deacons in charge. The same choir and usher will serve. The sermon will be de livered by the pastor. .Sunday is Rally Day and the supt. Deacon R. B. All en is ask ing all Sunday School t eachers and pupils to double their con tributions. Tuesday night youth prayer meeting at 7:15. Wednesday night Bible class. Friday night women's auxiliary meeting. All youth are asked to meet at the church at 8:00 Saturday: !Hey, what's it goin g to be like? !Dig on this the first of t:he l!O:l S o ulful Heaviest fur the summe' r soul happenings will be listed in two columns of Summer Teen Chatter. Here's the first 59. See if you'!' name appears belo.w. To these .}00 pec.;:>ie, k e ep on keeflin on! 50 Summer S(JUI Heaviest Part 1 : Fellows: Oliver Brooks P>aul Sheelhiy, Nat Bolden Cliffoid Wil Iiams Oscar Ayala, Gre g Grif !fin, Ernest Adams, Alton M Louis Brinson, Paul R andolph, I R ,obert Gilclhrist, Henry C:trr'ngton, Ral,ph Rossell, Ed wards and Micheal King Gids: Annie Mount; Allen, Van Brown Sheryl Blay. l o ck, Delore s West, Alba Russ e ll, [}wan 'Franklin, Sonja Hardy Alice Whit e, JCiyce Hopkins, Rae: h ea l Joyner and Ale t tha Smith. Rut.h Bo weTs, Delores Russ, Te.00 to 1flOSe c.f t:1e 1st, 2r.d and :tr d winners. Tlhe band will b e t!he E:howmasters' B and. An admis sion fee wi)l be c 'harged frida y 11ight. Let' s do it to it at the dance. Until-tomorrow .Io; Love:. Pray for the sick and shut-ins. -. United MB 4320 Henr. y A v'!nue Rev. Willie Hopkins, Pastor Job B ,iaS Charges 5unday services were v-ery good beginning with' S. S. with the supt. Deacon Roosevelt Harris in charge of devotion. Uaijud, Jlell Says Morning service began at the .usual hour with Dea con Harris in charge of devotion Ushers Union No. 1 will meet at United at 3. A stone drive will take place on Sunday. This will be for the building fund. The Traveling Stars will render a prcontinue to provide quality ser vice," Kingsbury said. Mt. Moriah Choir No. 4 will sponsor a flea market on Satur day at the church from 9 to 3 P.M. All members are asked to be at the church by 8 A. M. IHCC--News And Views -By BOMELLO RODRlGUEZ Antioch Baptist Church 2002 15th A venue Rev. Alonzo Heath, 'IIhe Ha. ppyl >and Singers of Greentree, S. C. will rende r a program Sund >ay nig\ht at 8 after service. The is invited. Come out and be with U6 CARD OF TBAMKS TAMPA-The family of the late Master Dcm. zell Hollomon, Jr. \\ishes to express their sincere thanks to neighbors and friends for all acts of kindness shown during our bereavement. Special thanks tO the pastor, Rev. B. 1'. Williams and members of First Baptist Church, Progress Village and the asst. pastor, Rev. Patton and the staff of Wilson Home. "Itf I bettered my skil1s, I cotdd get a better job," commented ye a r old P1atrida Ann Thomtp son. After waiting. seven tedious years, she enrolled at the Business University of Tampa, and received a d egree in secretaril ski:Jls. Now eight yea r s lat' son Wants All CoHeges Shut If Fort Valley Goes ATLANTA -If Fort Valley State College is closed be cause of .alleged inferior academic pro grams, tnen all colleges in the state University System should be closed, a widely known graduate of Fort Valley State said' Tues Card ol Thanks vices even though these services TAMPA-The family of the late are for all studeJ:! :ts. I hope Mrs. Minnie Ellis wish to thank more Blacks wHl take an inte all of their many friends for in this, one of many ser all acts and ileeds of kindness VH!es offered at H .C.iC.," she -day. ''The Fort Valley State College Is no more desplcable an d .no more rotten than other education al institutions within the declaretl Dr. H. E Tate, associate executive secretary of the Georgia AssoCiation of Educators. d ed th d LA >&aid, reo er .... em ur!Dg tuetr IMli Th 1 ... hour f be t S I ss ompson s a w. 0 reavemen pecta _Tampa. She attended Harlem thanks to Rev. .M. C. Johnson, 13. ,54. All truth Is an achievement 11,20. If you would have truth at its fuU, value go win it. 88,55. Dr. Ralph T. Heath, and the staff of tihe Ray Williams Funeral H6m\e, for efficient services ren .. de red. Signed, Mrs. Agnee KitUes and The Family, Mt. Sinai Mission Mrs. Gladys Howard, Pres Mrs. Annie L. Pittman; Rept. The college is not a diplo 'ma mill as'charged in recent court hearii:JgS, Tate said in a state ment co-released by Drs. Ozlah Pearson and Cleveland Pettigre w also 'Fort Valley Spate g t adwates. F1 1Hi 'P! L Buy Fron, Florida Sentinel Advertisers Mt. Sinai Mission will meet Sunday from 4-6 at the home of Mrs. Lenney Robley, 3510 16th St. us remember the sick and shut-ins. Visitors are wei come. Two lawsuits filed in U S Dis trict Court in Ma c on .charge that the S tate Board of Regents has illegally maintained a racially Identifiable insti t ution.


Dial. Classified Ad Dept.___ .., BUSIIESS SEWING DONE at my bouse. Reasonable. 2212,East Columb us Drive. BUILDING ALREADY equipped for YOU to occupy. For infor mation call 872-6752. YOU'RE NO STRANGER to your neighbors when you s Kow them world-famous Avon products. We'll help you build -your own ,roup of s teady customers in your own -Territory near home. It's easy-/ -and fun! Call for detalls: Mrs: : ''Smith 626-0'874 or 1 St. Pete Largo, Clearwater 442-9656. JUNK CAR S REMOVED FREE HO CREDIT??? Having Trouble Bu y ing a Car Because you are short on Cred it or Down Payment? LET ME HELP YOU CALL BILL. 232-489l OR SEE ME AT SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 FLORIDA AVE NUE FLA. SENTINEL WART ADS WORK HARD EMPLOYMEIIT r. SINGLE MAN wanted to live iD and do Call Rev. Robinson. Phq lle 817-7079, St. Petersburg, Fla. JOBS .. NO EXPERIENCE KEQUIRED EARN WHILE YOU LEARN ,FOB MEDICAL RECEPTIONiST EXECUTIVE WOMEI CLERK TYPiST. AB'C -,' KEY PUNCH AND NURSES 'AIDE. ,. CALL TAMPA BUSINESS AND MEDICAL CENTER-223-364$ FOR.SALE WA_ NT A N-tw HOME? $200 l)OWN, Gotf:p Cl,lEDlT. CaD Equal Opportunity Devel6pment Corp. CaD 2S7-3201. / tst DOWN MODERN CEM.I!:NT BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, aove, refrigerator. $10,150 P. It 1. $70.54 for 360 months .. 7% mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 838-H%% LISTI:LSGS NEEDED. FOR SALE NICE BEDROOM, FRAMED house. Completely fenced yard. Low---tlown paymeut, take over payment. Take a look at 2913 St. and call me. MR. BARR, 879-2257; -CIVIL SERVICE ACCOUNTA N T III $959 mo. degree in Acctg. plus 3 yrs. exp. in prof. JlCC_ ounting. ACCOUNTANT .Ill $790 mo. degree la Accig. It 2 yrs. exp. Prefer WORK RELEASE -. CASE WORKER $68.2 mo. degree Ju Psychology, Socio. or Field of BRANCH TAX OFFICE MANAGER $716 mo. degree in B u s : Adm., or -related plus 1 yr. sup ervisory e xp. in moderate sized business function.* SECURITY OFFICER $381 mo. 9th gr. plus 2 yrs. exp' ; differeatial paid, in $486 mo. H.S. plus 3 yrs. exp. S ome supervispry exp. pref. PLUMBING INSPECTOR $716 mo. B.S plut1.)'rl.exp. lu a variety of Ellf. udJ!'JIIlsar vey :work s year In a ; lape'rviloty .. Ul'ILITY, OPERATO._R U PM pi1JI t yn. exp. Mast Po-sess or. be obtai a appro)lrlate or Sewer Wo.-ks Operation Certif. "' UTILITY OPERATOR I $486 mo. H.S plus 2 yr11. exp. Mast possess or be able to ob tain appropriate Water or Sewer Workt Operatioa C.ertif, ...... TRADES HELPER 9th gr. phil t yr. np. bldg., meeb. or equip. malnt.* LANDSCAPE GARDENER PURCHASING : CLERK $400 mo. 9th ,r. plat 1 yr np. $400 mo. H.S. plus 1 yr. office ,as prof. or exp. DRA FTSMAN it -$510 mo. H.S. plus 2 yrs. exp. GROUNDSKEEPER .II DRAFTS MA N I $400 mo. H.S. plus 1 yr. exp. ENGINEER OF SUR V EYS $870 mo. Ii.S. plus 7 yrs. exp. in a v ariety of E;ng and land survey work including 3 y rs. in a supervisory capa city. Rpskin and Creek Areas $364 mo. 8th gr. plus 6 mo. eJrp. SANITARY LANDFILL 111'T CUSTODIAN $364 mo. Ability to read aad write. *Acceptable related experience may be substnuted for eclucaUnal require m ents as determined by Civil Serviee, HillsIJorough Count1 Civil BOOM 273, COURTHOUSE. TAMPA AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER FOR SALE HEY!!! NOW YOU CAN buy your own. beautiful new 3 bedroom home f!)r $ZOt clown and as little as $67 per month on FHA 235! Call MARSON ENTERPRISES, INC. 876-1063. VACANT 8AVE SEVERAL NElnY dHioaed iiemes la Pro,reu VII lage .. $50 dowu. CaU : HAROLD BAKER, REA:L:roR Phone t88-1252 '7838 North. 4oth Street Saturday an.cl Sunday FOR SALE 3 WATER FRONT HOMES will delight and. leave you breatll:: less. Their beauty and extra features are too numerous to mentiOn. central heat and air, 3 bedrooms 2 baths, wall to wall carpeting, exquisite family room, priced top 40's. I HAVE OTHERS NOT ON wa" ter, but just as lovely -and priced _to sell fast. ERNESTINE HYLAND ASSOC. 251-2178 or 872-9384 WAHL REALTOR S EAST SIDE S BEDROOMS ; llf.&-.Baths1 carpor t. ARTHUR A. EVAIIS, Realtor 253-3054 Open Saturday and S '!nday / DOW,H APPROXL"ATELY. $69' a month, inclucMng P-1. PROGRESS VILLAGE / S BEDROOMS, l BATH, wall-to -wall c arpeting. BIRO, chain -. link fence. '-. Priced at .$10,500. Must see to appreciate. WOODLAWN TERRACE NO'' QUALIFYING 3 BEDROOMS, Z BATHS concrete block laome. Florid-a room, patio, air-eonditioned Wlits. Terra_ zzo floors, fenced yard. This is a prestige home 7 IIi of well -kept homes WEST TAMPA 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHS, Fiorlda room, ,JliRO, refrigerator, dishwasher; central air -and heat, 1 car Nice large shade trees: This is a spacious home uear shoppi!Jg and 1 block from bus !hie. $26,000 FHA or VA. 2 BEDROOl\IS, concrete block 1 latk air-eoaditioaecl -oa 'r 2 lots. This home 11 ia excel leaf eoa4ition $15,000. Terma t. be WILBERT WU.LIAMS : REALTOR 251-4049 or 2Sl -3234 2122 MAIN STREE't._ FHA 235 TIRED OF RENTING? ONLY $15 STARTS THE PAPER WORK ROLLING. We have beautifully new 3 and 4 beckoom homes, 1'12 baths, enclosed garage, large fully landscaped lots at Palm River. For Information Call 621-3471-BALLMARK CORPORATION Eqaal OppOttanity Housing Opea nery clay to 7:38P.M. I. ,!fJ I !"IJi,; SER91CE ---AUTO IISUBAHCE FOR SALE BY OWNER 3 LAB.G!j: BEDROOMS, 2 f u ll baths, double car garage, 3/4 acre& and. fenced 510t 12th Ave IMMEDIATE COVERAGE A! So. -near Palm River Village. A COST TH CORRESP ONDS &zt;z2H. ,-<".f_o J:OUR !fiSTOR-Y. BiliRLAID PliES .{ACI-BEDY !' ; .. J BEDROOM, 1 bath, eo11cerete block, wall to wait carpeting, Foi Spiriluid Advice .and panelled Florida room. -Air CALL OR SEE condttioaed and yard. FHA terms. Call Edclie Cabalerci.. SIS.'-BRADL REA Tv, REALTORS -.'Phone or 877-7848 -, 34.141' -E. Lamb;ight TAKE OVER PAYMENTS MOVE IN TODAY T IUS HOME is located on large 'ict in extra nice (River grove). Owner -win carry-mort gage with easy terms. 0 II Sallie Fordyce 884-5416. BOBPIISOJ 238-1428 FOB BElT-FOR RENI' 1 BEDROOM apartment furash ed. 1905 Ceatral Ave. C all In the: eve.ff ng 877-5951. Famished Apartment. For .Rent $35.00 A WEEK, $70.00 in advance. No children. Will pay water bill. 2to7 Lamar St: FOR RENT 1 BEDROOM apartment ed, air co n ditioned, a) !electric. I It M 1002 Lemon Si '258-5151. 4-CUT RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TRADING. POST NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS It 'CABIN ETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS CLOSED ALL DAY WED. Open Mon. Tbro Sat. 8 6 3822 E. B'WAY. Ph. 243-2411 FUIERAL 'DIBECTOBS WILSON'S i'UIIEBALHOME 3001 !9th STREET "Our Business Is S ervice" Phones: 248-6125 2 4 5 -2032 -' --------PUiiHSLEY FUIIERiL I!OME 3402 utb STREET As As Required Inexpensive As Desired. Phones: 247-3151' or :_SHADY GROVE-CEMETERY \ SlABY GlOVE-TOMORROW -SHADY GROVE J\liEMORIAL ""PARK Is planritng a new colacept of -eeme'tery property development to most of our re" sid(mts. SHADY GROVE will develop a series of beautiful re ligious floral gardens : with a large feature in each garden section. Something from the life of Christ or some thing from the Bible. The Individual memorials will be of everlasting br.onze with Mother Natures b eautiful green carpet covering the grave. An inviting garden spot that breathes happy memories and tells the story of life, uot death. The autuma winds know well when the leaves will lall -bot .. ma11 k110ws when Che earth wUI clliim asaia the d1lst la leaal for Ills creatioa. _The Cemetery Beaalihd -We Care Forever E. BINRA A VERVE $. 626-2332 I'LL H .EtP YOU!! HO. CR.t:DJT?,.__, SHAKEY cREDil? ARE YOU LOW 01 DOWJI PAYMENT? -, :_ BILL BROWN. -AUTQ SAtES 3800 FLA. AVE.


TH-ESE PRICES ARE DESIGNED-, FOR T'HE WORKING COMPLETE, THREE IOOM,S OF FURNITDR FOR AS u)w AS .. $ THIS IS WHY_ LARMON'S FURNITURE IS THE l _EADER. \' '' : ; -, .: .... :. '. _; .. A .... ; -... \ l9995 SIMILAR TO '. ... r I .-1t'" ,. r ..,..;. \ -.. ,...., .. -i SIMILAR TO ILLUSTRATION l ; -:_-/ I 3ROOMS in Contemporary .. ; f hy bem Fro lay 3-loo. : For; your llvlai tiaek.:.-o.fa bed chair, 3 wa..:ut taiJiet. s lamps." In t ... IMldr:oom; deuble !b'ess ei', mbTor, cliest, pallel bed iD waiDu' ftnith, maitreQ, bo)[ spring .-pillowll. Dine on tbis 6roaze : tone table set with 4 vinyl eovered cJtain. Separately.' DOWN PAYMENT OR CREDIT TERMS SEE WRY LABMGII IS THE LEADER RotPMf .. -styuq your home, Have a cQmpletely Colonial home with IOfli, chair In vinyl oarvet!' ef a wing-back sofa, loWaP fects, : S tablet, 2 lamps. BedrOom maple finish tablet, il. wUh triple mirror, illest, cbairback IMadboard, dreseer, mirror, poflel' betl PillS table and I :wrougllt iron trim chairs mattress set, I pillows. Dtte set ,.,.... at 0"8 !OW price! incJucfes plaatfo top table and 4 mate's your .t "IT'S EASY yo PAY THE LARMON WAY" / OPEN FRIDAY KIGHT 'TIL 8 P .K Plenty Of .FREE. 9 lot "Ill Rear Of Store :'' --.


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