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PrOmoter;,, ae l ieves. Otrte: r Ttil!ns 4 cause Of Gay c Papa. DisturbaDce -----------...,..-------------(SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) REGISTER TO Sentinel I Advertisers nvite YOU-... VOTE NOW AMERICA<'$ \. FOREMOST SEMI_ V:OL. 25, NO. 70. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, 4UGUST 1 PRICE 15 CENTS. .Black Official Dies. dent __ ___:_______ (SEE S'IORY ON PAGE 17) / V A ';I (SEE STORY ON PAGE %2) --,_, .. ... .. -, 28th. laymen's Con(ab Closes l l n St. Pete ----____.:_' -8EE STORY ON PAGE 1' -* : Half Of Fame Should Ha:ve 30 To 4 0 Blacks -----(SEE STORY ON PA. GE 19) / Ma: n At : Over Food Bill -' BETHUNE BUSINESS MANAGER AWARDED HONORARY DOCTORATE ----SEE STORY ON PAGE I DAYTONA BEACH Betbune-Cookman College nity the commuility and the college. No job has James E,. Huger was awarded the beea too small or large for him." Dr. Huger, whG Honorary of Laws Degree during the Summer served three terms as a Daytona Beach City Comheld thl.s,. week at J,Je. thune-Cookman Jnissioner, is currently a candidate for the Count:r In presenting the honor President Richard C .oUDCiL ,v. Moore said, "the recipient has served with


PACE TWO Fla. Sentmei-Bvlletin PuWished every Tues. Fri. Cet Beth E&tleni 'J"uesCiay, :Au.,m 15, 111'12 couRTHOUSE CAPERS 'Girl &m.<5 .Years Fr Heroin GITS YEARS FOR -POT, HE'S _BLACK AND _BITTER Assaults IR4lte:n Walker, 19, li9ll8 :mm la'\ue, and Andrew iFranke ,Jcibmon, 31, were arguing-day inside Gene's Bar, llblloey and Ql2nd-Street, when Johnson got a .38 revolver from beneath the bar aftd chased Wal:keF from the building. Jolmst>D finO ilhe gun hit Walker in the rigllt temple. Johnson called the pi)lic:l! and wa.s arrested for ag gravated-assault afteir irlvesti gation. !Mrs. Carolyn Thomas, 23, 4!00 IE. Oak, a .Jlt. 4, repor_ted to po-:_ lice that an unknmm w!!ite man struck her with his hand when she his advances wtile at 914 N. Dale Jlla\uy.J. C. Hicks, 416,, Me:Ben-y, and Job Soolomafl, 56, Ev a M ae Browl'l; 22, 't(} five y-ears in state pri:.sen. with a recommendation that oo !Parole be given. She wa& _arrested in the May drug roundu_ip in Gainesville's black ghettoS' and charged with selling Ji!eroin t.e llCdercover agent Jackie Mms on 11'Jarch 28. The State agreed to drop three charges. and s he guilty to one ease. HOUSTON Lee otis Johnson, convicted o giving an tmdlercover ptJ1ice agent one marijuana cigar ette and sent to prison for 30 years, is black and bitter. I went to prison l had a philosophy which said if we struggled hard, white people would finally see their wrongs agai:lst black and move to correct them," he said, rubbing a slim hand across his thin beard. "But I don't believe that any more. Things bave piled up on has vowild t o recomme. For four years I've had no metld. the sbate impose the life o111tle.t fOl!' Now I know sentence for heroin and cocaine it wouldn t take much of any_thing pushers durfng the next legisla: to set me off." Jim Douglas l(),, )4115. .tive session. JohDSan, 32; .served four years 47tJh St., rep{J!rted -oo.--police that Lorenio Hendenon, 1!7, was of his 3ft-year sentence while his anman struck him semeneed ro three years Wed. attorneys tried t(l) get it overand took $4-5 and 8 $200 ueSday afternoon for ms parf' turned. After five appeals and telep}M)ne bee-per fr>re arrival of poliee. ment April 110 at 1000 S I E 1 1 b:!iek T s he u 1. Sll!tnrday a security offieer 'at -street. : Y exas .-out rn. .m ":Rigllt after tl.le jury delivered Super X Drugs, E. Hillsboro, 'Dhe yputh ha.s a long series of Johnson of-the verdict, my honkey attorney Roberta Boston, 18, 1'700 juvmile o.ffe:n5es, show. ncrals W-ere out to an& turned to me arid said, "Well, I Pallaido Ct., walking around the so underoover agent. :n:.a:de a martyr out of you.' So J s:tore prickmg up several items,_ I wasn t guilty .. 1 le;ry. of fired him c:: the spot," Jahnson but wheJt s he reached the clheek-sliC'h a post in Texas. guy and I. _certamly didn t glVe '-d "Who 1 the hell wants to be 0:ut c0:ooter slle had only a few NathanielTyler, a 17-yeal' hrm any mart]uana. But I knew a sai n .,_ of the tbi!ng>s picked up. The veteran of work as a peace a martyr?'" offic-er apprehended Miss Bos-oftieer; left a jt!}b wnh the :Bexar : MaD Shot At Jolm80n., the second oldest of ton outside and she prdduced County sheriff's office here to four children, was born in t!)ree bars of soa[), three clipaccept the job. He also is a n .. ..:_ BiD ana but moved to Texas with big on sunglasses and an extension er }ail guara, a policeimiri in VYel' UVU when. h e was a child. He cord from her purse. Galveston and an investigator Janies .C. Blount, 44, was ar---said he followed the "usual pat MFS. Sandra Dcl{)res Reddick, :!115; 3151:"'3 ::!'lrd St., reptlrted her llou s e broken into Monday after neon. Missing are two SJpeakers and an ampt ifier Y 'OrtJh $00and .a black and white T.V. $50. Mrs. Reddick told that her had been broken into Miscellaneous earlier, but she failed to report !Mr-s. Emma Long, 4r.l, was witlh tihe Texas -ltangers. rest.ed Sa-turday fo1o aS-saU!lit tO of a black. youngster grow-ml&r'd'flo aft.er bi',Sihot at Howard -fng up in a bi-gcity -he 'He was chosen over five white, Gibson 4l9"t5it!li5: :IIOoth st; in frOthlllg was talrell. F:-iday ni-ght or early Saturday morning an unknoiWn eubjeet removed an Ulllatehed IStreen from an operi window and took irom rErnest Texas_lown Picks BlaEk Polce (hill SA1:'-l' AiNTONiliO, Tex. Thwn councilmen have hired a Negro !pOlice chief in suburban Slhavano Pl!rk, and associates say he may be the first. of his race to hold po,se bi.s ft}ree ia, Gibson tlle investi.gatm.g !ormatocy as a teen-ager. Oft the north edge ()( San ADfu.. li!hitt he !:kau Blount and -Later: in }\is early he served ftio. I < )Mr&. Hat!_ a.rgpipg a .fOOd t!me again for auto theft. Then m dec-lined : to teJ:l a b -""'-.. A .,_ t'-. ... m : at nl'S.aurant, -w.:P*'n 1966, he_. entered Texas ooU -... er.u porter his Only : tha.t : went evef to ask w)lat. was' tlie Jlllfl bee ame """"litically aware." he's ''over 21.":: ". .. -. said Blotmt pull''I bad always been interested i.'\ Describing as .. a tit. a,. gaD ud; )ioi<ed i at him, thtdreem rights mevement, bwt sign oi a he -ee*e' l'>Uir bus.i I ever Cfm)d see the nonviolemt said: has asked me nies.s.'' -' i -bi:t," he s aid. "I mean, I was net ie tMir_ hw:nes for and B-I:own sOot a1i and-about to stud there peaceful1'y they say how glad they M-e l'm-missed, then w.alked dcnJlD 30dl and let cat hit on me." going to be He pie-ked liP by poliee iD lt. was at eollege where he Tyler said he ae:vertnele-ss does the :rear Geldell Hawk jOmed the stl:ldent Cotlot want Cycle Cluh _at Emma ud onlmatiog Committee and hi6 ra. to heet>me too eltlse with Sba:va-S!b'eet. Wtt. eial witR city officials .DO Ptark HSideftts. that: Ire .diOn t _SIJ,oo;t -aDy<>lle, and started. But' he said he was "!pro''I want to be a woOing out tbere m tfle f.eld,'' he ell-plamed. "lf yoll get tOO erose. you eu't do tiM!-job right ., noes he feel that. his will affect his as ehiei'! Said Ty.i-, a pol.ieemMi is like bein.g black both hne p.ro&lems. il'd bave the s:ame pre. Mems if I'd wmte., a i pooeem:m l hue J>ema. a -nd a refused to any then by a white soeiety lay ,.... Rorila: SetttiRI AftertiSers 8(1) that all he did was respond After his m.ti.iuua: convietWII, John50ll wu Hilt. t6 a pmon farm of the Department ol Cbr I Sale C&lfa'llri.SnaiL A'AB.III.E lOW! Rit.t --Adult Theatre ; Sllall.._, dial .... lim'' It YIJarsell Enjoy llae besl in X laled Films ia cool comforlaltle Phoae 248-1378 ISih utllreaalway IDitsl-EROTICA USA t;. ''Designed To Lower Anybody's Nature. ALSO S H -EliA ;:; .,.here Vias Eaough Breath tell TJ so x 188 11 ,_ 3611 M,Beny_ $3.5.ll:fal cosl $151 tiers; $H-JH 'If ..,. 5 Per riat 1921?


Tuesday, August t 5, t 972 Fla. S.Dtlnei-Bulletln every-.Tues. and Fd. Get-Both-J!;GitiOn rAUl:. I n..n.i.a Police ftrrest_ Eight In Lottery Raid MIAMI-Met ro d e tectives, armed with a search warrant and a fist ful of telephone bets, broke through a front door to arrest eight sus pects in a lott ery ring, police said Sunda y. Operating out of a r esi dential home owned by Idus White, 3317 NW 50 St., ring handl e d about $3,000 week l y in bets, M etro d e tectives said. Part of an organized crime bu reau investigation, the arrests net ted a large quant ity of lottery tickets and related paraphernalia, an adding mach i ne and over $3, 500 in cash. Whil-e officers took bets over the telephone, dEtectives arrived at the front door of White s house, and it locked." They reporbd the occupants:, some attempting to flee the scene, tried to destroy the lottery ticket> before police finally gained entry. White. 59; Idus White, Jr., 25, and Elizabeth White, 45, all of 3317 NY 50 St., were charged with possession of lottery paraphernaEa possession of lottery tick e ts ancl aiding and assisting in the con duc ting of a lottery. De lory Herr-11, 52, of 3235 NW I ;_ Promoter. Believes-Old.er. Teens r -', >,.;. rAfter reading news.p apers ac counts and werLg>hing the facts surroUnding a disturbance at Curtis Hixon .Hlall last Friday uig!ht, C C hester M:iles, pro moter for Gay Papa dances, relea sed a st;,atement on what he believe was the cause. Miles said tJhis is the .seco nd suc h the first being on October 8, 19711 after whiclh. he susoended s-everal teenagers. Miles has been conducting t!he dances s ince 1969. He noticed that the trouble makers are usually the older ones li8 and 19 years old : the future," Miles said, no one will be admitted w!ho is 18 years old or older unles s I know them p e rsonally The promoter also noticed t'hat the ones starting trouble are alwa ys the boys that come with their harir in r plaits, werarring tennd s shoes and dre8'8ed untidy :From now 00 youngs -ters who 53 St. and his wife Dorothy 39; Douglas Conyers 35, of 2175 NW 69 Lane; Ernestine Hilliard 37, of 5730 NW 11 Ave and Hu; ie Bendrass 57, of 3312 NW 49 St., were charged with possession of l c.tt:ry tickets come with their hair-

( l PAGE FOUR Fla. Published every Tues. and Fri. -Both Ediitlons Tuesday, August 15, 1972 Published every Tuesday and Friday by / -, Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Publishing Co., Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publisher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. Executive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice President-Production HRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society ( JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 Per Year One Edition. $12.50 Per Year Both Editions. Better Rules Needed At Teen Dances The wild melee which OC curred a l t a teen dance sponsored by Gay Papa Miles last weekend left mu.ch to be desired in these :ty.pes of affairs, though Mr. Miles has promised to regu.Iate them bettter in the future The Gay. Papa dance a have much to promote scholarships for deserving 'black youths in the area. The dances have also provided wholesome recreation for teens, p-articularly during the summer months, as the result of a lot of hard work by Mr. Miles himself. But two po llliitions were determined in the second such flareup at these d ances last weekend. One was that 1, 700 teens in one haU where dancing and con tests are allowed i s for trou'ble, r-egardiess of lthe age group. We believe if these prac tices are to be continued, tthe dance should be held to 1 ,000 or less. Secondly, more black officers should be employ ed It-o monitor the teens as they better understand the mores and folkways .of black youngs:ters. Teens today are sensitive l t o po lice officers :because they believe the (officers) misunderstand them. While we do not have a clear view -of the reasons behind the teen susp;eCit of pblice, black o f f i c e r s certainly understand black teens better than white of ficera. And while we donot con done disorderly conduct by any l one, .black or whi,te we can't help but feel that the si Jtuation would have been controlled better by black officers. Black pareDts who allow their youngsters to attend Gay Papa dances will naturally be m 0 r e auspicious about atJte .ndance in the future after the latest ind dent. It is not enough. for Mr. M.iles to pubHcly' prodai. m that he intends to screen older !teens, or declare tha: t the dances will continue, regardless. We certain ly hope they do, but under con lrolled circumstances and wii'th better guidance and m011i torin.g by black police officers. THE CBGICE IS YOUBS FOB A CLEAIEB ,COMMDIITY .. -Vote.rs Turn Back Political Radsm Gene Talmadg. e must have smiled when he watched Georgta television, whether on high .or down under, remembering that ''They're getting back Ito basics." Federal } Communications Commission had just refused to ban senat.o:riial candidaile J. B. Stone's commercials from the !tube, depite pleas from civil rights organizations that they were inoiltemeJllts to violence. T :heslurring spot was sched uled by a CBS Atlanta a.ftilia Jte about 8:15 p .m. on a Sa rturday. Putting this candidate's stone age message in the middle of "All in the Family' -certainly caused problems for some listeners. I t did; however, give tthe tube a taste of reality. Compared Ito Stoner, Archie Bunker is a benign character. Bunker may 'inspire tprej'\ldice, but he doe:an 1 t coJ:De close to the real thing in forth right advocacy., Stoner was a sport, a thrOW back in modern Sowthern polir t i ics. There are too m a n y minority vo-ters for it to be otherwise. Not even Lester Maddox has resorted to such tactics. Our. only present consolation after read,ing a bourt Mr. Stoper is th&'t the audience for :this kind of diversion has dwindled. O.ne line of :attack remained. Mr. believed firm'ly in his method, _but massive out_p()ur ing of voters showed him he made a Jterr :ible misltake in kind of Ito the Ceor gia electorate. He was no where near the top when the votes were counted. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your .News : 248 Poverty Pocket By BIB liii.DEB CAl Executive Director_ Are you eoncerned a.'bout in,. equality and discrimination? The shortage of job opportuni ties? Inferior housing, streets nd sidewalks? Does it worry you that schools are not educa ting our c hildren? That there is a lack of adequate public tllll.nsportation and recreational facilities ? Do you feel that your elected officials are often ins enstitive to your problems? Do y ou feel that the drug menace is spre ading and the c rime rate is spiraling? If these and the oth e r politic al issues that affect all our per sona l lives are of importanc e t o y ou, there is s omething that you as an individual ca-n do. You can :vote and encourage aU your friends to vote. 'it is not importa'nt how ou vote, only that through the strength CJf the ballot, your opinions and veiws are expr. es sed. Voting and the demoeratio process of government by the Mo.el (ities Adult School to Open IL!Ouis M attioli, pril)clpal of bhe Model Cities Adult Education I P,ro :g11am, ha s announced that adult evening hlgih schools will open this fall in the del INei,glhborhood Area .at Benjamin !Franklin Jr. High School, 39M '!21st Avenue, and Geor ge Wash l!ngton Jr. School, Z1l04 Highland Avenue. Regrstration will be at the re. epective schools 7-9:00 p.m. Au gust 2l tJhru 24 and re sume Monday, August 28. A in Educa tion will be offered F P aniklin. ".Dhis should be of interest to eveey adult in the area, The pur, ch-asing power of our dollar is s r hriuking fa rst and this .course is .de.sd gned to us in improving our l)uying habits. Mr. I M attioli Jl(}ints out tlhat, aitbough the course is offered as .a ered-it it is open everyone rand he hopes t 1hU !ev.ery .adullt interested in his or, :her .R_lllldla.sing P<>tentiaJ. wili at' tend. ". ,.. :people is the basic founded. people Is the basic foundation on on which this great Nation (which does need a few changes) was founded. Countless persons have died for the precious right to vote. Now we all have this ilege regardless of race color, religion, sex, national origin or economi c stptus. It is through our vote that we can hav e an impact on the rpo!itical pro c e s s You can hel p shape the destiny of your child r e n and grandchildren. You may !think that your one vote is :meaningless b u t all of thos e \Si ngle votes add up to d et er1111ine the cours e our City, our County, our State and our N at ion will take. The first step in voting your political r i g h't s i s to regi ster to vote It' s easy to regi s t er. :Permanent Voter Registration Stations are lo cated at: Tampa-Courth ouse, City Hall, L ibrary Por t Tampa Library, Ybor City Library, West Tampa Library, and -West Gate Library, \ Plant City-County Office :Building, and City Hall. Temple Terrace City Hall, :Brandon Library, Rll3kin Libr ary, Lutz Library. and Sun City Center Library. There is also a mobile unit iocated the city. Check iR the afternoon paper for the daily locations. Everyone must register by August 12, 1972 to vote in the up coming primary. Registration then reopens the end of September for the November elections. Vote for which ever candidate lor party you wish but do register and vote. Votin g is a re of every citizen. If we do not voice our opinions o n !Candidates -and is11ues, we can !hard1y complain 1 about the au tions of our elected officials. Malco lm X, Bobby Ke,nnedy, j.Tohn F. Ham T. !Moore 'lln,d Dr. Martin Luther Kin g did theil' tJng by dying 'for justice : and .equality fn thi. tcountry. At least _.you can do yours by registering and voting your convictions.


Tuesday, August -15, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt Get Both Edition FIVE Would ya believe that over the past few years and months it's b een noticed by me and other black ci tiz ens flying around the nati o n how black airlines steward esse s (or might I say the rna jority) tend to act bias with their s ervice towards black passengers! The situation has gotten so ob vio us that it reportedly causM an airlines black vice president to really "read" the sisters out dur ing a black caucus meeting in At lanta. The vice president eve'n went on to tell the now h igh-flying sis ters about how they don t even speak to black people, when walk ing through airports with their white working mates (This is even true with many non-flying blacks, working in white whirl, but living still in black society). Yet the black peop.le these folks seem ashamed and afraid to speak are usually the ones who did most in helping them get the job or position. N o t too long ago, a black college president and black newspaperman,while flying somewhere on one of t hose airlines; noticed the black stewardesses deliberately ignoring them service-wise. Not wanting the young lady _to g e t buste d or anyth ing, the gentlemen sent for her. Seating her betweP.n them, they told her the obvious. With tear-filled eyes the youn,; lady said s he was just trying tG pot get accused of being pre ju d iced and giving too much servi ce t o black passengers. The two inen's advice to her was just give all passengers the same fine qual ity of service! After all, at 33,000 feet and 600 MPH, everybody s sure nuff FINAL RITES HELD FOR MR. JIM BARNES SAT. at New Mt. Zion M. B Church, with the Rev. W. H. Gordon officiating and & Gordon Funeral Home, Jnc in charge. The late Mr. Barnes was the husband of Mrs. ,Tessie Mae Barnes of 19th Ave., grandfather of Mrs. Helen B. of Philadelphia, Mrs. Hazel B. Hudson of Vero Beach, Mrs, Barbara B. Bell and )liss Betty Joyce Barnes, : all nieces of the BRIEF TOPIO UERE AND THERE Former Tampan Clarece L dropped by TIA to chat a spell following his arrival from Washil)gton, D. C. for final rites 9f mother, Mrs. Ettie (Mn. Babe) Brown, a former pioneer citizen of the Robles Park area, for whom {inal rites were held Monday at fyer Temple United Methodist Church with the Rev. E. J. Rivers, lr., officiating. "C. L.," a rail road service employee of many years who's thinking bout moving back to Tampa, was one of the kids from Robles Park, along with f:larence P. WUsoa, S. J. Wilson, Mrs. Ruby Powell, Fred tlarebce Copeland and many mo .re, .. ho "were not bussed" the 10 or is miles to school. They had to -AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY walk 'em. Word is young friend Jeffer y Niles last season s All-Co.nfere:1ce Academic Team member from Leto Hi ; has enrolled for his freshman year at U of F in Gainesville ; where he was awarded a scholar ship .. Gregory Williams, one of t he city's best tennis playersfrom HGC (or Is it USF), after seeing where black tennis star Arthur Ashe is riow earning more than $100,000 for his tennis play an nually, says he's gonna work hara.. er to improve his game, and may be. Williams went on to mention our next black tennis player 1s on 1 the Wake Forrest Univ. team via Jamaica or one of those islands. Surprise came in hearing popular gent Richard Blake, tru_cking firm employee, stm has his bachelor's title. Guess I have to put Blake on my aro1:1nd the town most elig J ble bach elor s list Winston Davis, liJ1other fine ycung friend and star for Central Fla. J. C. via Blake Plant High Schools recently had surgery on a finger he cut seriously in an accident on his sum mer job. Feeling here is, I came back to my basketball play .fol lowing two trips te the "twilight zon e," so I know Winston will .. Tam pan Miss Sylvia Marion w(s among the summer graduates at Atlanta Univ recei ving Masters Degrees last week Sylvia's the daughter of Mrs. Alterlean Ma rion, and a former "Miss B ethune-Cookman College Ti{ere s five of this fellow's ( fel low workers for EAL at TIA cele brating this month of August. And just in case you may want to send 'el!l something here 're their names-Bob Boll day, Willis Bolden, Grover C. Cus. seaux, E. P. Edwardl, Arthur B. Johnson. No, I don't know their ages. Just, more 'n twenty-one. Freddie "Teco" Niles, visiting relatives from out Houston, Tex as way, came out on our lJncoln Gardens Playground and joined us in a few games "Tecol' went on to_ show some of my younger guys some of the cage moves which made him All-State and All-American Middleton HL end All-Southwest Conference at Texas Southern Univ. Mrs. Fayethone Edwards a n d hubby, Franklin P., celebrated their twenty -fift h wedding anni versary laSt week And for those not in the know, that' s the "Sil er Wedding Anniversary." Mrs. Martha Taylor, employee for the BM firm at TIA and wife of Mr. Jerome Taylor of Chipco St., spent a few days of her vaca tion time visiting relatives out there in the "new state" of Mis sissippi, aecompanied by daugh ters, Hazel and Katoria. It appears Woody AUell and his Atlanta airline outfit hadn'tSet tled all their difference after all, as word Is they're taking tha dispute back to court. One fellow says, "Like man the reason gonna vote Dem: ocratic, is so I kin get to live WOBBlED? SEE READER AND ADVISOR ON ALL MATTERS OF LIFE DO Y()U NEED HELP? UNHAPPY!' DISCONTENTED? I)OUBTFUL? MARRIAGE PROBLEM8? HOME PROBLEMs? HEALTH LOVE PROBLEMS? &503 I. Fla. Avl. Ph. 238-&0&8 Tampa 9 A. M .. 9 P. M. Bethel Baptist sos.shc)rt Emory St. Rev. J. L. overstreet, Pastor Mrs. Lillie M. Rept. JEFATUL CALLING S S. began at 9:30 A. M. The supt. presided. The lesson was taught by the teachers. By FATHER A. PARK Morning worship began at 10:4 5 D e votion was cond u cted by Mr. Allen Carr and Mr. AI phonso Adams. MU'Sic was ren dered by the Harmonettes Jun ior ush ers served the sermon was delivered by the pastor. He c hos e for his theme, "Ye Shall Know The Truth and The Truth Will Set You Free." E:vening worship was begun at 5:15. The same deacons, choir and ushers served. The sermon was d elivered by the pastor who chose for his theme, "Caught Up In The Spirit And Held Up In The Spirit Of God 's" Love." Revival meeting began Mon day_ night August 14. and will continue through August 18. The Richard Saunders Fort Worth, Texas, will be the guest r-evivalist. The pastor is expecting an invitation to the public to j o in dn with this crusade t ------il.ike a Republican" Some one else said "Tii e average man is more interested in a woman who is interested in him than lie is a woman with beautiful legs." Who said this? The former "Miss Legs" herself, Marlene Dietrich. Another quote goos, Home is a place where, ..yhen you have tc go there, have to take you in.". FOLKS ARE STILL TALKING BOUT THE FABULOUS "NIGHT IN NASSAU PARTY" sponsored by the Tampa Chapter Bethune Cookman College Alumni Chapter, and hosted most graciously by Mrs. Dora Reeder, princi pal of Dunbar Elem. WILLIAM STEWART flew in recently for a visit with mother, Mrs. Willie Lee Carter, from up East Rutherford, New Jersey way where he's a chemist with Matheson Gas Products Corp Stewart deparfed for few days visit with Manzel Johnson in Denver Colo., and Ft.' Ord Calif., with sister, M/Sgt.

PACE SIX Fla. Stmtinei-Bulletin Pu, 1 9t h St., and Inell Causey, 21, Georgia Neely, ,Johnnie Williams Mildred Harris, Doris Scott, Li)lie 2610" 19th St. Campbe ll Pansy Baines Rose Thrash and Rosia Mitchell. Russar Norm a Simpson, 19, CELEBRATES SIXTH BIRTHDAY 4236 E Curtis, and Evelyn An Robert Ansel Fennell DI celebrated his 6th b irthday with a dred s, 19, 4509 Tro-y Sf. part y given by his mother Shery l and grandmother, Mrs. Doro thy Charles Edward Mayberry, 22, Greaux of 3920 Cherry Str e et. Robert will be a first grader at 3520 E. Osborne, and Betty Ruth Chr is t the King School. Lawrence 16; 4507 39th St. Little friends at Robert's party were Kirk Tucker, Sherylene, Rrandzet Edward Williams, 34, Deylene and Millie Rob erts, Robert Austin, Christie and Derek Blount 3016 E. Jean St., and Wilmette Linda Yolanda and Norris Morrow, Jamie Sullivan Luke Green, Ann Militello, 28; c3016 E. :' 'Tlln:t.ajl-Reggie, Vaness, Jackie and r Shelia McCarter, Charlotte Scott, St. ,I.J.r.,m;o ;al!do J Die!!o t4nderson, Wcabda Hills, Joseph 0 Rufus Palmet' ; '"t8 ;' 7917 Bahia Yolanda Hatisfield, Willie Green, Alton, Virginia anc1 Avenue, and Linda Elaine Gary, 18, 83rd St. ( Continued on Page 7)


Tuesday, Au,gust tS, 1972 Fla. Sen:tlnei-Bulletin Poblished every Tues.' and Frl. Get Both Editloni PAGE SEVEN REV. COOPER OBSERVES SECOND ANNIVERSA.RY !Rev W. J Cooper, pastor of First Baptist i Cihurch of Seffner, began obser v ing his second anniversary as pastor of First Baptist on Mooday night and services will continue on through out Sunday afternoon. 11he ser vices will begin each night at 7 : 00. No t1 and 2 will be the sponsors. On Monday night the pastor tmd congregation of .Mt. !Moriah M B Ohurch of 'Plant City was in charge of the service. Th.e Deacon Board was the sponsor. Tuesday night Rev. S. Hardin, pastor of :Bethel .M. iB. Ohurch ol Plant City and his congrega tion will be' in charge of the service. Choir No. 1 will be the sponsor. Wednesday night 'Rev. B. John. son and congregation will be ia charge of the service. The Yotith Choir will be the s ponsor. Thursday night Rev. I. H Butler, pastor of Loving Hill P. B. Ohurch o f 'Jihonotosassa will be in charge of the service. The Sunday S chool tDept will be the sponsor. iFriday night a musical pro gram will be held. The folloWing choirs will appear on program: il\of.t. Moriah M. B Plant C ity ; St. Mary P B., Plant City; St. John Progressive, Tampa; Allen Chapel A 1M. E ., Plant C ity ; First Baptist, Church o f the Living God St. Luke M B An tioc ; h M. B., St. !Mary IP. B S't. Mark M. lB. .First iBapt. Choirs No 1 2 amd 3.-Ushers Sunday morning First ]}aptist will be in charge of the ser vice. Sunda'Y : ali\eO:noon at 3 !Rev. C. W ;Burns and congrega tion of !Plant Cit;y will be in c harge of the service. This will conclude the anniversary ser vices. All board members are asked to make their reports. Mrs. E stella Johnson is the Chairman of the anniversary pro grams. The public is invited to all of our services. New Hope Choir No. 2 Dea. Ira B. : Bruton, Pres. Mrs. Doris C. Moore; Rept. Choir No. 2 of New H<>pe M. B Church, Rev. John Willi s, tpastor, will not have weekly re!hear sal for the next two week s. The president is asking all mem b e rs to ple a s e sUJpport our revi val. 4-CUT RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TRADING POST NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS CLOSED ALL DAY WED Open Mon. Thru. Sat. 8 6 3822 E. B'WAY Ph. 243-2411 --------------------------cook(ng hints ROSALIE SCOTT, STAFF ASSISTANT BY {}r/(}/{g CARNATION HOME SERVICE DIRECTORTortoni is that make-ahead dessert for a leisure company dinner. Simply make according to recipe directions, freeze and 5 hours later serve. But more than convenient, it is also glamorous and luscious. Velvetized evaporated milk makes the dessert velvety and smooth For additional re c ipes, order the new Carnation's Easy-Does-It-Cookbook. Send your name, address and zip code to: Home Service Department Carnation Company Box 50 RS Pico Rivera, California 90660 TORTONI (Makes 10 to 12 servings) 1 packas(5Vz ounces) chocolate pudding and pie filling mix 2Yz cups undiluted Carnation Evaporated Milk lYz cups water % cup sugar 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 teaspoon almond extract 1 cup sliced almonds 1 cup flake coconut 12 maraschino cherry halves Combine pudding mix, tf;f cups evaporated milk, water and sugar in medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil, stirring occasionally. Pour choco late mixture into large bowl. Cover mixture with waxed paper. Cool until mixture mounds from spoon {about 30 minutes). Chill r e maining 1 cup evaporated milk in refriger a tor tray until ice crystals form around edges of tray (15.20 rpinutes). Whip until stiff (2 minutes). Add lemon :Juice. Whip very stiff (2 minutes longer): Fold whipped evaporated milk, almond extract, almonds cup coconut into chocolate mixture. Arrange maraschino cher ries and r emaining* cup coconut on bottom of 6*CUp ring mold. Spoon chocolate mixture .into ri'ng mold. Freeze 4 hours. Unmold on chilled platter and serve. o ; DIRECTOR OF WORK-STUDY PROGRAM 1\IIAMI Miss Lorine Clark has been named Director of Work Study Programs at Florida Inter national University, Director of Career Planning, Financial A i d and Placement, Donald Smading has announced. :Miss Clark's duties will include counseling and helping needy stu dents find part-time jobs to fin ance their education under the federal Work-Study program and later locating employment for graduates. She rece ived her Bachelor's De gree in Education from Florida Atlantic Universit y at Boca Ra ton and her Master's Degree in CoUege Personnel Administration from the University of Miami. Miss Clark has lived in Florida all her life and says she working with students Retired Businessman Visits Tampa MR. FRED DOUGLAS JOHNSON Mr. Fred [)ouglas Johnson, re tired busdness.man of Charlotte, N C. is visiting his sister, Mrs. ,Roberta Johns'OO Frierson and brother-in-law, Mr. Geor ge L: F .rierson, Sr. of 2'ro8 02nd St M .r. Johnson was the owner of Cozy Oorner Restaurant for more than twenty-1\ive years in Char lotte. This is his fi.rst trip to Tampa and Mr. Johnson com mented on meeting many .friend ly people sil\Ce his tri; p to Flo1\ida. Mr Johnson enjoyed a delight ful dinn e r at the lovely home of his niece, Mr. and M rs. Wil h e ( B'irdie F) S iiT!I;J>SOn, 41200 Union St. To r o und -up his list of activit ies Mr Johnson was carried oo a tour of the c-iby where he visited 1Buseh Gardens and the Skyway in Sit. P eters burg Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 Eddie Roll e, Presi d ent Gwendol y n Hayes, Report e r The No. 2 O hoir of New Mt. Z ion M B Church, R ev. B J Jones, pastor will have regular choir rehearsal on ton igh t ( Tue s. ) at the church begi nning at 8 The presi d ent a s k s that all mem lbers please be present and on time. !M-embers are also re minded to C o me to rehearsal at least Tw. i ce a month in order to aerve the first Sunda y of each monoh MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Con ,inued From Page 6) Dwayne Thomas, Pamela and Stanley Wilson, Rosalind Daniels An gelia Mobley, Pamela and Cecelia Lesmond, Josepll Burgess, Yolan da Gathers and Eric Butler. Also enjoying the fun were Lynn and Carla Cooper, Earl Mincey, Patrick Warren, Johnny Williams, Ronnie and Wilbert Niles, Phylli s Niles, Misses Carol 'Smith, Pat Butler, Renae Price, Rene Dani els, Felecie Greaux, Reginald and Kervis Greaux, Eddie Prater, R L. Davis, Keno Vfnson, Harold Smith, M/Sgt. R L. Roundtree, Mrs. Nancy Dixon, Mrs. Evelyn Daniels, Mrs. Evelyn Mobley, Mrs. S tephanie Ware, Mrs. Katie Anderson and ;'1-Irs. Patricia Young. ENJOY WEEK IN GEORGIA Mr. and lllrs. Otis Harper and daughter, Sharon Yvette back home after a week in Georg;a which included a grand tour of many points of interest. In Augusta, they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Moore; and they visited Mr. Harper's aunt, Mrs. Fannie Johnson; and his cousins, Ernest and Doris Jackson at Fort S teward Army Base. On their way home, they sto pped to see Mrs. Louise Smitlt in Woodbine. VISITING IN TAMPA Mrs. Ruth West, Mr. James Franklin and Miss Arletha J e nkins of New York City were the guests at the lovely home of :\lr. and Mrs. James Aikens, 3911 LaSalle St. Other hostesses were Mrs Bernice Barnett and Mrs. Rosa Manuel. The three New Yorkers were entertained with a going away party The table was beautifull y arrange d with c olorful foods. Gues t s who enjoyed the lovely aff ai r were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith, Mr. Walter Turner, Mr. and Theodore Robins nn, Mr. William Nimons, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert' Butler, Sr., Mr. D. B Gra ham, Mr. Herbert Butler, Jr., Mrs. E hel Jones, Mrs. Jrrse p!tinit Culver, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Brown Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Gatlin Mr. Clarence Bostick, Mr. Benny Favors, Winifred Whigham, Mrs. Naomi Triggs, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Sampson, lllr. Tommy Lake a nd Mrs. Vida Dry. RETURNS HOME Mrs Thomas Williams of Philadelphia, Pa. leaves bday fJ r the Quaker City after spending a d elig htful mont h as the gues t of h e r sister-in-law and neph ew, Mrs. Dara L. R ee d e r and Bobby Many court e sies were extended Mr s. Williams while h ere. E h e en jo y ed several trips to nearby cities including a trip to D : s n e y World l\IACEDONIA WOMEN'S DAY SUNDAY The wom e n of Ma c edonia M B Church will be obs e rving t hei r annual women s day Stmday Sunday school wiil begin at 9:45 with the supt., Mrs. Letha Woodbury in c harge. Mrs. Gladys Da ven port will give the review Mrs. Ethel H oward is the mornin g spe:Ik er and Miss Leahicia Williams i s t he n ight speaker. Other participants are: Margaret Williams, Eva Baker, M 1\'Iurray Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. McAllister Pearly Mae Bond, Ottie C Brown, Annie Bell Steauder, Mrs Robinson, Lucinda Owens Eloi s e Davis Peggy Young, Winifred Whigham, Regina Meese, Renden Baker, Mary Williams, Sylvia Shipp, M. Hall, Lillie Akens, Crzetl Bush, Dorothy Smith, Bessie Bandy, Essie Coleman Lula Jones and Ernestine Kelly. Mrs. Yvonne Smith is chairman ahd Camilla Brown is co-chairman HERE FROM DETROIT Mr. and i\lrs. Eddie Jackson, formerly of this city are h e r e on an extended vacation from their home in Detroit, Michigan They .are the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Scrivens, 3620 25th S t. They are also visiting with Mr. and )frs. A. Strawder, 4111 Carn e gi\l Court. MR. MORGAN IS BACK HOME Mr. .John L. Morgan, 1534 Laurel St has returned from h i s va cation which was spent with his son and daughte-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Morgan, Jr. in San Francisco, Calif. Many hospita lities were extended him. DO YOU NEED CLOTHING? The Dorcas Health and Welfare Center of Mt. Calvary SDA church, 3111 E. Wilder has good used to be given away. Anyone interested may contact Mrs. Ethereda Johnson, 3709 32nd St. or phone 246-3301. CLUB PLANS ANNUAL PICNIC The GoldCD Rule Social Club members and their families and friends will gather at wry Park Sa t urday at 10 A M. for their an lnua picnic ; There will be a delicious menu consisting of chicke d annual picnic. There will be a deli c ious menu ronsisting o f chicken, ham, potato salad,_. beans, potato p i e and other goodies serve d from 1-3 P. M. All members are asked to please come out and en joy the fun. Mrs. Ethel M. Broadnax is president and Mr. L J Rayford, general manager. ORCHID CLUB, INC. Rec entl y the Orchid Club Inc. of Hillsborough County became affliate members of the Florida Sta te S i ckle Cell Disease Founda tion Mrs. Ella Cusseaux is a member of the board of and a representative of the Or c hid Club The club met August 5 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J a m e s Clark. On the agenda for the evening was a report from Mrs. C us seaux on the progress of the Sick l e C e ll program and p l an s for th

P .M:E EIGHT SGT. AND MRS. ROBINSKY REED Sandra Sullivan became the bride of Sgt. Reed Sun-day in a beautiful ceremony at Mt. Zion Baptist Cblll'eb. Is a graduate of the Universitr of &luth Florida. Sst. Reed is stationed at an u.s-. Air Force Base in Englaad. P -olitical By SAIDY MDIIDIRI some 40( 'Per cenl of the will be virtuaUy all-white or all -bladt during the l!r7:2-73. school year. At the 'Same time the pre-Federal District Judge Willtam T. Hodges last weekend ordered the name of A t to r n e y Ike Williams of St. Petersburg pla c ed on the ballot as a candidate for the Second District Com t of Ap peal Williams charged that sup ervisors of elections in the 13eounty area surrounding Tampa acted in "bad faith" in denying dieted enrollments for 67 aries and jumor h i g h schools paired or clustered for desegre gation show that school officials expeet signifieaht adjustments in black-white a large number of elecbors' sig natures he gathered Of 4',248' sig natures WiHiams submitted, only 2,286 were verified by supervis ors, falling short of a required 3,000. Elforts were begun,. last week to reduce pei!senal crimes by blacks aganist black business men and residents in two major e;lum areas. of Pittsburgh. The blacks have the cooperatien of Poke &apt.. Robert CoiVU.. The majority of the young ple, who worked fQr Jo1m LiDclsa:r last and. Mueh have' mount ed a Jl"assr.GOts campaign f o..r Sellaior Ge.oq_e McGovern ill Hillsbofough Cliunty. Thoug)l they were not sl!Ccessful in their cam paign LiaclaaJ in the Fla. Pri mary, the kids are confident that the youth vote coupled with the blaek vote< in the county will aid MY. McGGven considerably into. a sbOwin( in the county. .. Atty. General Robert L. Shevin Theapathy of and white : has instructed Deputy Atty Ga. voters in_ Hillsbor&ugp County Bary Richanl. to draft legislation giles .imexplained. figures which would close the gaps in released by, SUper'lisor -of the Federal Civil-Rights Law tioos .TOri. Sebesta indicate that. Shevin said that Florida has very forty (40) per cent of the elfgible little legislatiion a the fiel

ll>' 1972 BETHUNE-COOKMAN COLLEGE SUMMER GRADUATES DAYTONA BEACH Shown above are members of -the 1!n2 Bethune-Cookman College graduation class. They are from left to ROW: Rita T. Seate, English, Tampa; Wileen Randall, Psychology, St. Petersburg; Virginia Smith, Business Administrat tion, DeLeon Springs; Seresa Woodard, Psychology, St. Petersburg; Portia McGee, Psychology, Jackson, Miss.; Jessye Bivins, Biology, _Plant City; Christine B. :qarby, Engli11h, Green Cove Springs; and Rosemary Young, Psychology, Jacksonville. SECOND ROW: How. ard Brooks, Business Admhiistration, Daytona Beach; Sam Adekunle, Business Administration, Nigeria; Paula James, Business Administration, Daytona Beach; Joe Wagner, Business Administration, Daytona Beach; Rim aidCromartie, Business Administration, New York; Willie F.: Dennis, Mathematics, Jaeksonvllle; Sarah McRae, Business Administration, Phillipines; Barbara Alayu, Business Ackninlstration, Phillipines; Barbara Robinson, Mathematics, Ft. Meade; Janie Cord, Socie logy, Daytona Beach ; Eric Williams, Sociology, Detroit; Carl Pyke, Elementary Educ ation, Daytona Beach; and Warren Bakef, History; Newark, N. J. NATIONAL HULA HOOP CHAMP CHECKS FGRM OF SISTER LOS ANGELES Sandra Gaylord, 1971 Na tlonal Hula Hoop Champion, checks out the form of her sister Teresa age 7, who is a contestant In this year's event. The 1!n2 National Hula fourth year at the Universal Studios Tour Enter r Hoop Championships, sponsored by Wham-0, makers of the popular toy, will take place for the .Jainment Center, Universal City, California, on Thursday, August 24th. Regimial Hula Hoop Cham pions from all over the U.S. will be competing for the top prize of a $1,000 U. S. Savings Bond. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Continued From Page 7) Jesse Lee Gllthers Gilbert and son, Gerry. Their,6tffer two children, Rosa Mary and Roger remained in grandmo t her, Mrs; Rosa L. Gathers of 2101 28th Ave., Apt : 235. T h e the son and daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chester Gilbert, 2406 24th Avenue. Purple Lily ,Usher Board 'IIhe President of the Purple ILUy Ush e r B oard of the New iM_!;. Zicn B:aptist Ohurch is asking all members to please be and on "time to business ni:eeting Thur sday ni ght at 8 :p. m Bro Robert B a ldwin pre si dent, Rev. B J Jon e s 'Pas tor. TAKING ACTIVE PARTS IN FASHION RELAXER Taking active parts in O.E.S. recent Fashion Relaxer Is Mrs. Henri Phillips, General Chairman of Provam and Mrs. Gwenl alya Tucker, Narrator of Fishiqn Show. Notes From Tampa Lodges SAPPHIRE CHAPTER No. 75 OES will have a meeting Wednes day night at 8 :30 in the educational building of Greater Bethel Baptist Church, 807 E. Laurel St. All members are asked to please be present LILY WHITE LODGE "NO. 10 will meet Friday at 7 :30 at the home of Mrs Ethel M Broadnax 2001 31st Avenue Bus i ness of importance Please be present and on time Mrs. Ethel M Broad nax, state condu ctor. LILY WHITE JR. LODGE NO. 10 will have their meeting Fri day even i ng at 4 :30 at the home of Mrs. Ethel M Broadnax 2631 31st A v enue. Please attend Mrs. M i ralyn Sims condu c tor GUIDING STAR CHAPTER NO. 82 will meet at 8 Thursday even lug at the usual pla c e, 4303 34th St. Business of importance Please be pre sent and on time. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY NO. 167 will meet Sunday from 4 to 5 a t the American Legion Home, 25Q4 Street. AD members are asked to p ease be pr esent and on time.


PACoE TEN Fla. Senftlnel-Bulletln Pulblfslied every Tue8. and Fri. Cet Both Editions Tuesday, Aurut ts, t972 _,.---:.. :;:;..__-----=-.:..;:::_ --...:...:_-'-"=-'' --= = --:;..:=-;:;:::_ __:____::__ Othef wtyt to rlettt your ftmllt throdgh the comlttg Wtek PAit:!ES (J!;,0! r LB. LB. --a;5.P./I. LE19N 7EIV..OER.. C'#PtK STEA. Bl?lfKET \


Tuesday, August 15, 1972 F la. Se n t in el-Bull e ti n P u b lis h e d every Tues and F r i Get Both Ediitlon ___ __:_:_____: __ --------------'PACE E L1EVEN T yer Temple U M Cor. Celltral and Ross Rev. E. J Rivers, Jr., Pas tor Mrs. r:ubye McCall, Repo .rter Sunday school began at 9: ZrO wi c h the swpit., M r. Cllarlie IH arris in char.ge of the Sunday Chur ch Scho o l. All teaeher s were at thei r posts a n d t he l esson was reviewed hy the pastor. Morni ng service b egan at 11 wi t h the p asto r in charge. Ch o ir !No. 2 and u s h ers No. 2 and the stewards serving. T he sermon was d e ivered by tJ.he pas tor. Mr. and Mrs Eddie Jackson of [)etroit, f ermer members of T y e r T en1!Ple we r e present. Wednesday evenin g at 7:31 0 choir No. 1 and Ohoir No. 2 will have a joint rehear s al. All other activities remain the same .Mrs Wilhelmen i a McDonald i s still a oatient at Tampa Gen. I Mmes. Sylvia Jone s, A lberta Wil liams, and Lillian Damon are confin e d at a nursing hom e. Please pray f o r all of our sick and s hutin members. Visitcrs are welcome at all _times Evening School Holds Registration The Middletcn Adult Evening Sehool will beglin its fall sem es ter on A1]g u s t 23. Registration i s now in process every evening .Monday t.hru T hurs day. Bas ic courses s u c h as English, .Mathe matics, Science, and' History, as well as enrichments suc'h a s ll'viusic and Typing are being of fere d A registration f e e will be charge d. Additional inflorma tion c an be obtained by calling .Mr. .James Kend ric ks at 2138-74415 or visiting .the center: 43.02 34th Street. Revival Services At Mt. Pleasant fAB !Revival s -ervices will begi n o n Tuesday ni ght at .Mt. Pleasant M B. C hurch. Rev. G W. M i t c llell pastor. P rayer meeting will be h e ld all of this week and preac hin g wiU beg: o (\n ilVIonday night, August 21. Rev. T. W. Streter will be in dharge of the preachin g. All choirs are a sked to participate. /Mrs. Louise Big h a m i s the reporter. From Florida Advertisers Buy S e n tine l Apostol i c Church Of Jesus :Missi!m No. z at Thonotosassa l\1is sionary I in charge Elder J. H. Lee, Pasto.r Sun d ay scho ol began at' 10: 1f2 a m. \v. ibh Mrs. Sarah Gasden d i recting the School and Actin g Supt. in the absence of Supt. Janet Felton. Noonday wpr shdp began at 1'2 with Dea. Mitchell and Mrs. .Anderso n conducting devotiop. The m essage by min is t e r And ersen. Subject of the message "iPut yo u into remembance of these things. Evening s ervices began promrpt l y at 7:3 0 with Mr. and Mrs. J o hnny Oarler conductin g de v o t ion. T he messag e was brought by Mis sionary I. Mitchell. Members are remind ed of the Sunday Sdl()ol Convention which w i ll c onvene in Albany, Georgia, .Au g u s t 17 throug h August 20. :Plan to attend if possible. There w i ll be no F -riday night ( A ugust 18) services at the mis sio n Services will be held Sun day Augu s t 20. September 17 M-is si on NQ. 2 will journey to Cocoa for 3 p.m. services in behalf of Elder Jen-kins Anniversary. A special request of prayer is sol icited from eadh of you for the sic k and shut-ins every where. Mrs. Beautean S White rept. Holsey T 3729 N. 15th St. R ev. L. J. Montgomery, Pastor Services for Sunday began at the usual hour wit h the assis t ant pastor, Rev. L B Brown in charge. Choir No. 2 served. A very good sermon was deliver ed by Rev. Brown, for the morn ing and evening services. W ee kly activities are: Wed n esday night at 8 ushers No. 1 will have business meeting and choir No 1 will have rehearsal; Friday night at 7:30 choir No. 2 will have rehearsal; Saturday at 3 the Holsey T emp l e Gosp e l Chorus will have rehearsal. On the first Sunday in Sept. Holsey will be host to Ushers Union No. 3 Mr. F. Clayton,. ptesident of ushers No. 1, is asking all members to plan now to make this a successful affair. Visitors are welcome at all times. WE DRY CLEAN SEA-WOBTBY FASHIOIS FOR CRMSES UD LARD LUBBERS TOO. ....... .... ...... OB 3 ...... s4so OR 3 DRESSE S s4sa THESE PRICES CASH A N D CARBY OILY Campbell Cleaners a212W lttee t ,. .. 4817-llrllf .... 232-5301 Trinity CME Church 2401 No. How ard Ave. Rev. L. Miller, Acting Pastor Services on Sunday began at l:O a.m. wit h Sunday schoo l. De votioo was l e d b y .Mrs. R lhymes, and the lesson taught by the teachers. .Mornin g wor s hip was con d uct ed at 11 w i th the Wardetts sing Jing beautifu ll y. T he .m,essage was d elivered by Rev. Miller u s ing for a subj ect ":Expecting To Re ce ive Something," Eveni ng worshiP" was conducted at 6 p m with the same order of service b eing carried out. Another fine message was deliver e L l b y R ev. Miller, subject "God The Great Deliverer. n ig h t the choill"'s union bu s ines s meeting will be !held at !Friends h ip .M. B. Church of C arver C ity, R ev. Qvod Dex ter i s t he pastor. Ti me !! p .m. Wedne sday night choi r 1 will have r e hearsal. All members are a sked to be on time. Thursday night beginning at 7:3'0 m}rayer meet ing all members a nd fri e nd s are urg ed to come. On the fourtt'l S1.:oday ( Aug. 27) all are assesed $210 t o be paid to t!le S ec'y. iMr s Gladys Britt. For more in formation on the need of this money contact Mr. U. H. Bais d en chairman of the Steward !Boar d Next Sunday evening at 3 p.m. the Choir' s Union will b e h el d at Friends hip n.vr. B. Church, Carver City. :Members yo u are remind e d of your pl e d ges. L e t u s n o t :fo r ge t to pray for the sick and shut-ins at home and every where. Visitors are always we-lcomed to worship wi t h us at any time. Lily Wh"te News DEATHS The fun e r a l of Mrs. Oarrie Smiley, a m ember of I.dl'Y White U>dge No. 22!0, was held in Georg ia T h e claim was paid in Oc-ala by iMrs. Cora Williams, !President of L o d g e Nlo. 2 120. The fun e r al of Mr. Henry IB rown, a member of Lily White Lodge No Z9, was held Saturday from S t. Matthews M B. Church with the pastor, Rev. C. L. Long, officiating Mrs. lEma Lee Adams represented the grand assembly. The fun e ra._l of Mr. Ed Harri, a member of Lily White Lodge No. '713, was held at Orlando Mrs. M rary Holland the grand assembly. The funeral od' Mrs. Victoria Stukes; a member of Liey White !Lodge No. 1!31, was held Tue-s day from Central C.t M.1E. Ch u rc'h of Jacksooville .Mrs. Pearl Wash ington represent the grand assemhly. Beulah D orcas Circle Mrs. Mary Crawford Chairman Mrs. Etta White, Re pt. The Dorcas Circle of Beulah B a ptist Church will meet Thurs day morning at 9 at the home of Mrs. Ida Baker, 1418 Gover nor St. The lesson by Mrs. EdProud Haughty" taken from diea Wilson, subject "Mount of Proud taken from Prov. 16:18-19. The alphebet letter is "1". The last meeting p lace was Mrs. Mattie Monroe, 1202 Morgan St. Hyde Park Prayer Band Eddies Wilson, Pres icle n t Lillie M Holloway, ll.ept. 'I'he Hyde Park Prayer Band will meet Thurs

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' ... PACE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Ed itiona Tuesday, Augut 15, 1972 28th Annual Layme n Convention Closes J n St. Petersburg By BERNICE s. HENDERSON Districts and pledged her coopera-Public Relations Director tion in all endeavors of the Elev enth Episcopal D istrict. ST. PETERSBURG-The Tampa Wednesday aft ernoon, the la:ty Florida Conference hosted numerassembled in a workshop Wltll ous great leaders of African Meth Mrs. Juanita D Lewis, d irector of odism in attendance at the 28th An lay activities, presid i ng. The the m e nual State Laymen Convention of was discussed in the form of a the Eleventh Episcopal / District Chain r eac tion Forum b y Mescomp rising Florida and the Ba dames Lillie J Frazier, Irene L hama Islands, July 25-28, at Beth el Taylor, Byrd, Pearl T. A M.E. Church R ev. H. McN ea l, R ee d, Peggy Cooper, Ethel Jones host pastor; Mr. S el mo Bradley,:-and Essie Jones. Episcopal lay president; Mr. B S The Ele venth District Layman's Proctor, conference lay president; Cent e r Trustees held open di scus Mr. Elijah local lay presision on the architect's bluep rin t dent; Rev C. C. Brooks, host oref o r the construction of the mai n sidin g elder, and the Right R ev auditorium at the center in 4ak e G Dewey Robinson, presiding land. President Bradley was auprelate (now deceased). thorized to proceed with plans and Mrs. Mary A. J e nkins Episcopal report his findings in the annual registrar, reported the largest dele -trustee meeting in Octob e r. R ev. gation in the hi s tory register" d, G L. Champion, J r. pre sented a with the -Tampa Conference being fum:! raising project to the laity represented w ith the.. largest num that would help finance current ber. expe ns e s of the layman's center Presidents of the seven confer and Edward Waters College The ences, represe nting 60,000. layme n conferences, up on request of were : Mrs Irene L. Taylor Sou th Bishop Robinson, offered their fiFlorida; Fre derick Wilson, Orlan mincial support for Edward Waters do Florida Conference; Paul Ram College Frolll these discussion s, a k ins, West FlQrida ; Russell Ste committee of nine laymen was ap phens, Florida Conference ; M. M. pointed to meet with Bishop RobHawkins Central Florida; J. L inson for clarification of existing Williams (in absentia), East Florconditions at E. W C iqa, and B S Proctor, Tampa W e dnesday evening at 7 the CO'l Florida Confe rence v e ntion was highly entertained Rev. H. M Harris presided at' with a welcome program present-the opening session, with Rev S. ed by Bethel A.M .E. C hurch a nd ( W. McKinney giving the call to other community agencies At 9 w o r s h i p. The convention wa;;; p m the annual banquet was h:!ld graced with the pre sence of Bishop at the spacious ;md artistic Brad G D ewey Robinson who deliver"d ford Coach House. Dr. William R the annual s ermon. B is hop RGb-Smith proved to be a witty and inson was presented by Presiding i deal toastmaster. Ably keynoting Elde r C. C. Brooks of the St this exquisi te affair was Senat o r Petersburg DistriCt. M a llory Horne who urged the ra,-::es Following a masterful message to elim inate racial strife and think the H oly Eucharis t was admir.is on th e preservation of humanity. tered by the pres i ding elders and A spectacuiar event was witnes se d ministers. wh e n the award committee com Vis ito r s were welcomed and inpo se d of Mr. Aster Bell, chairman; traduced by Mrs. I rene L. Ta ylor M esdames L. R Randall, Laura who graciously .prese nted Mrs G Robinson Willie M Hart, Lilli s J. Dew ey Robinsop ; wife of B i shop presented meritorious servRobin son; Mrs S L Greene ice plaques to Mrs. Bernice S widow of Bishop S L Greene Sr.; Henderson, South Florida ConferMrs. R R. Wright, widow of ence ; M. M '-Hawkins, Bishop R1 R. Wright; Mrs .. L M : Florida Conference; Mrs Flora Pickett, Eeiscopal Missionary presTampa Fla. Conference; ident; Mrs S elm o Bradley; Bi s h o p F. W. Wilson, Orlando Fla. Conf er W. F Ball, two illustrious young ence : Samuel Johnson, Fla. Conferladies of the 15th District, comence; Pau l Rankins West Flo rida prising ,Johannesburg South Af-Conference, and a very special rica, and all laymen' and ministers state award to Mrs. Althea Ayers collectively Mrs. Robinson brought who has served in all capacities of greetings from the 15th and 16th the Lay Organization Mrs. S el:no I SUMMEB JOBS FOB. YOUR YOIIG SOli THAT CAM LAST ALL YEAB LORG. START HIM AS A BUSIIESS.IAI lOW! See II Here Firsll M .. ,.j. BERNICE S. HENDERSuN Bradley was presented with a love l y corsage Thursda y morning the Evangel i stic services were fervently car A & M Alumni Supporting Mrs. Wimbish, Shorter S'I;.. PETERsiBURG -Florida A & M University Al umni Association has endorsed the candida cies of--two Pinellas County D emocrats, C. Betty Wimbish and Charles D Shorter, both candidates for the Florida L egislature Mrs. Wimbish, St Petersburg vi ce may. or, is seeking a four y ea r t erm in the Senate, o p pos ing the re-el ec tion bid of Ri c h ard J. Deed, R-St. Petersburg. Shorter, a St. Junior College instructor of government, is contestin g the r eelectio n of Rep. A S. "Jim" Robinson, R-St. Petersburg, t o a two-year t erm in the State House of Representatives. Mrs. Wimbish and are A & M AI MoCor, A & M director of alumni affairs, said the asso ciation is "determined to flex our political muscle s especially our graduates and other De mocrats who favor the continued existence of Florida A & M-University." ----;---. FOR THE fLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN Tilis could be one of kis BIOd lessoR$ in responsillilily. Be leams le maaage his roule, wisely ;uad well. For fhe aews paper l.oj, tlaats a boost ia as. weD as u early s1ar1 in developing a sense of buiaesss enterprise ud accomplish meallhat wiD sland by all his life. To the newspaper lloy, we say, ... We're proud lo bow you. PAPER BOOTES-AVAILABLE IH ALL SECTIOIS OF TIWI! Take Your Pick 01 Roules, Or Start Your Own! Contact: Fla. Sentinel Bulletin 2207 21sl AYEIOE Phone: 248 -192' 1 ried on by Episcopal Chaplain E. J White: At 10:30 a m Bi s hop Robin so n proceeded with the balloting for Episcopal offi cers. Tho se e l ect e d or re-elected were : Selmo Bradley, president; Samual T P iper, ex ecutive vice; Fre d e rick Wilson, 2 nd vice ; M M Hawkins, 3rd v ice; M iss Isa M Hunt e r ; recording s e c retary; Mrs Willie L Francis, as sista nt r e cording secretary; Mrs. Evelyn Howard, corresponding secretary; Mrs Mary Golden fin an, cia! secretary; J T Brunson, treasurer; E Whit e, chap l ain; Mr s Ine z Sparks, historiograph er; Wastell Francis, parliamentarian; Mrs. Louise Byrd, director of lay activities; Mrs. Bern ice Hender son, director of public relati ons; Mrs. Veresta Thoma s, youth di r e ctor; Mrs Queen Ford, a ss ist ant youth dir ector; Mrs. Will i e M Hart, chairman of l adies auxil iary; W J Anders o n coordinator, and B. S. Proctor, leader of ,prec.i dents. Rev. F c San c h e z in stalled thenewly elected officeJ;"s, Thursday 4:30 p m bus loads of d e leg a tes toured interesting plac e s of this historical city. Thursday evening the "Youth on Parade" presented a very unique and edu cational program under the super v isio n of Mesdames Wilhemina Rhe tta, Willie M. Richardson and Queen Ford. Friday a continuation of com mittee reports and resolutions was heard and pass e d Th e presid ent's address was received with m 10h acclaim. At high noon Friday a solemn memorial service was held for d e p arte d laymen and our minist e rial family who has served faithfull y. Special tribute was paid to Bish o p s G N Collins, C A Gibbs, J o hn D. Bright, Mesdames Lula B al dwin, Terri Toles V iolet Ha r ris, Mess rs. Will Ivey and Joe Brooks. Felicitations and praise given Bethel and St. Petersburg for their kind hospitality .to the lay organization. Closing expressions were given by Rev. Evans of Quin cy. He also l e d in the circle of lov e and friend shi p w it h a memorable b e n e dic ti on. Th us the 28th La yman's Con vention b ecame history with the s eat of th e next c o nv en t ion be i ng in the E;as t F lorida C onf e r e n ce. Tim e and place to be published late r. Our heads are bowed once more in sorrow for the sudd e n passing of our gre at Bishop G Dewey R o b inson, but we welcome the entry of an o th e r stalwart, Bishop H. N R:>binson. Immokalee ServiCes were very g_ood at all churches in the community !beginning with sc' hool at the u s u a l hour with th e supt. and teachers at their posts. At Allen <(ha]}el A IM. E. Church, R ev. A. P M cOoy pas tor, rendere d service ,at 3 at St. John Church. A very good service was had. IMr. William Simon was the sponsor. !ReVival s.ervices closed on Frlday night :at Sit. John Ohurclt. IRev tArthur Jlaeksoa was in ch a r g e of t h e preaching. Rev. Jackson is the ,pastor of Wel come Baptist Clhurch of Fort Lauderdale. The follow ing are on the sick list: Mr. Reed, Mr. Hous ton, Miss Frazier, Mr. Emanuel !Hooker confined to N aq>les Gen. Hospital. Sympathy to :Mrs. Martha Wil Iiams. in the passing of her husband Mr. Ulyssee Williams, who !passed Friday at Nruples Gen. Hospital. S ympathy to iMr An d:ew A skew !amily. Mrs A Craslea is fn the Na !Ples Hospital. Rev. H. Nichols, pastor and. 11\'Irs._ Mary T o wnsend, r e porter. from Florida Sentinel Advertisers Getting serious? Give Zales "first Promise" ring! Atlast herfint diamond! $19.95 1 diamond, 14 Karat .gold tdiamond, a l

lfuesday, AuKU.t 15, 1972 Fla. SefttlneJ-Bulletm Putllshed nery Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions PACE FIFTEEN PRICEI 10M All. -THIU 11 COI'flANO 1.4iG Nl51cfTS OR Cf' SAUSAG_ E ....... COINED liEf ...... H W -<:1 UANo SliCED AMEIIICAN IONEI.ESS CENTER CIK CHEESE FOOD .... PORK ClOPS .... $1.39 HUNGRY jACK IIUTTEAAIILK OR &UTUR TASTING 10 PIECE PKG. IANQUEI" BISCUITS ..... 2 :.: 29 FRIED CIIICKEI !: $1.69 BIIEAKSTOI-E W 0 IRAHD SliCB> YOGURT ..... 4 :.: tt BOLOGNA CRACKiN' GOOD .. SALTINES29 1-LB. PKG. B0TTLB> MAIO LARGE RIP! CHEK DRINKS ... 5 $1 OLIVES .... : .. 3 T:: '1 All flAVORS THRifTY MAD PfOOY ,, FRUIT DRINKS 3 :.:: It' DOG I !.: *1 DIXIE DARliNG FAMILY LON' WIIITE IlEAl. 2:.: 49' -


. I .' "' ; t. Tilesday, Aucust tS, 1972 Lacoochee Servoices at M t eModah Ghurc!h began wHJh Sunday school wibh the officers and teaehers at their posts Mrs Daisy Stx>ry reviewed the lesson Mrs. Johnn y Lopez h as returned home after being con fined to the hospitaL IMrs. Aliberta Blackman Is home after visiting her brother in Dothan, Ala. iMrs. Daisy Story, agent and CeP'orter and Rev. L. Waddell, pastor. Noon Day High Rise Mrs. Sammie Lee Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie Mae White, Rept. The Noon Day High Rise pray er Band wiU meet Thursday at noon at the home of Mrs. Rosie !Benjamin l!Sl15 U:l'lion Street, A 1pt. 201. .M'inister Timothy Cal houn ts the director. Home. Coming NEW BANQUET DRAWS YOUNG AND OLD. A )arge Jiumber of happy members aDd guests, both yOung and holding Terri Suttle, Brenda Daniels; Denise Shelman, Queen Wll homecoming Sunday, August 20. eld, assembled at the Armettla B &c B Temple Saturday evening for Iiams, Rene Suttle, and Lenora Jones, holding Terrell Joae1. 1972, 11 a.m. More details in Fri-a banquet. Setecl from left In this photo are Debra Shelman, day's edition. EDUCATOR PREP ARES SPACE AWARENESS COURSE KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla.-A Bre'9'ard He is shaping the course to acquaint the pubCounty educator and specialist In aduU education Jlo with the origin of space exploraflon-"to give bas been employed by NASA to prepare a cur-them a basic understanding of rocketry and ric ulum for a high school credit course for adults populsion systems." to be offered this fall in Florida. Through a study of vehicle assembly, launchThe Brevard representative is Jones, lng landing an!!, return flight Jones believes that left, county Director of the Adult Education. Jones adults will become famiHar with space travel so on leave from county schools for six months, is that public awareness of the nature and scope of en duty at the Kennedy Space Center. the space program will increase. KSC' s Director of Adminlstratl.on G. A. Van Jones spent his childhood In Leesburg, and was Stden, coorc!oinatlng with the Department graduated from Leesburg High School. He received of Public Instruction, arranged with Dr. Wayne a bachelor s degree In humanities and a master's White, of Schools, for the assigning degree In education from Florida A. and M. Uni ef Mr. Jones to the temporary KSC post. vers ity. Jones said the course entitled, 'Space Aware-Prior to Joining the Brevard school system In ness," will help adults achieve an understanding July 1970 Jones served.: as a teacher, principal of the beginning, the nature, the scope, the achieve anil coordinator of adult education in Sumter Conn ments, the benefits and. the future of the space ty, Florida for 15 years. program. Churches In South Scored Africa J O HANNESBURG, South Afric a A r eport on apartheid and the churches in South Af rica is to be published this, week, outlining the conflict be ttween the state and what are known as the "English' church es in this country. The report, part of a large atudy project on Christianity in a society based on sepera tio n of races, was sponsored by the S outh African Cou n c il of Churches and the Ecumenical Christian Institute of South Africa. It is highl y critical of English churches, whi c h it says are guilty of practicing discrimination in their own ways. The publication, the result of 'about three years of work b y a :special commission, is signed by several of South Africa's leading English chu r c hm en -that is, clerics be longing to churcheil other. than the Afrikaans Dutc h Reformed Church The r eport, analyzing the flf -fects of apartheid on the life mission of the church find s the people "seriously restricted by apartheid Jaws and customs in Sout h Africa" and by restric tive actions by the state against ., thE! and other church w 'orkers: .. Whites Sit in Front T he English churc hes practice their own form of discrimi n ation, the r eport charges DIRECTS LAW ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM 1 Cornelius M. Cooper Is a former Los Angelel policeman who now Law Enfor cement Assistance Adminis'. activities In the Federal agency's moSt far-flung region. '. As an LEAA Regional Administrator with headquarters near Franc isco, !\Jr Cooper directs the agency's activjties in Calf fornla, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and two tropical Island territoriei I -American Samoa and Guam--6 ,000 miles : across the Pacific Ocean 1 Mr. Cooper,.,49, awarded some $63 million'jn Federal grants Ia the past fiscal year. As the senior official of LEAA on the West Coast, he beads a staff of 27 .experts In fiscal management, police l work, offender re)Jabilitation, court administration, organized elvll disorders, narcotics -and systems manpowe'r development. The job of my agency is to reduce crime-and create safe coM munities throughout the )and," said the ex-police sergeant who hal upgrade status with the agency. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers PRooucr or u .s.A. ioo' NEUTRAL SPIRITS Dtsntito rioiA


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Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every and Fri. Get Both Ediitiona Tuesday, August 15, 1972 -SPORTANIC FLOODS By WILLIAM 0. BETHEL MUHAMMAD ALl-THE NON-CONFORMIST Recently I was in a conversation with fellov.:s In which was included one white fellow. Th1s one wh1te fellow IS al ways around and he is one of the most unptejudiced white men I have ever known. The conversation was about great fighters. This white fellow however was just about all other white men I have talked to about great fighters. Practically all of them will go along with Joe Louis being the greatest or one of the greatest heavy weights of all time. However when the name of Muhammad "Cas sius Clay" Ali comes up it is clearly obvious they don't want to hear anything about him. It has become to me to see white men cringe when the name of Muhammad Ah comes up. At one time I couldn't understand why white men just didn't want to give Muhammad Ali the credit that is due him. No matter what Muhammad Ali does or how wel! he does it he is nothing less than obnoxious to white men. Any fool should be able to plain ly see that Ali is one of the greatest heavyweights to ever step into the squared circle. I will have to admit that I didn't care a thing about Ali when he fir.st came into prominence with his loud, boisterous and braggart ways : In all my years in athletics I always leaned toward the strong, silent type, athlete. I never went for the chesty and loud mouth type. I just _couldn't the likes of hammad Ali and I was sure Sonny L1ston was gomg to shut hts big mouth After that first Liston fight I had to take notice of the eccentric LOu: sville Lip. It wasn't long afterwards I learned that Muhammad Ali really was who he kept trying to tel! everyone he was. Ali was then and is now The Greatest. Later I was in Miami and was residing in the same hotel as was The Greatest. I got to know him and went out to Miami Beach to see him train. After the exhibition Ali put on that first time I saw him trai n convinced _me that there never has been and never wi!l be another heavvwetght like him. If Muhammad Ali ge t s clobbered the very next fight he should have proved to the world by now that he is a super fighter No I will not say he iS invincible because no one is invincible in any thing. WHITE MAN'S STRUGGLE WITH HIMSELF Muhammad Ali will never be anything of a hero or super fight er to the average white man. The average white man is not ready yet to accept a boisterous chest beating black I?an. Of things are better than they on c e were in that _whtte men cept a black as a champion but they subsconscwusly are ltvmg m the past. Tradition and custom are stlil important aspects of the white man's culture. Even though I know many, many of them are really trying and making an effort to adjust it is quite a strug gle for them. The average white man has to accept the fact that blacks do excell in many things but they surely want the black champion to be humble, soft spoken nad thankful. I know that it is a bitter pill for lots of white men to have to swallow the arrogant didn't give a d--antics of some of the black brothers that are doing their things now Muhammad Ali of course may be the world s most hated black man by white American men. Still there are lots of other blacks disliked by white men because of their refusal to be meek, humble and thankful. There are others that don t bow and scrape but none of them brag and boast like Ali. Jackie Robinson got to be quite a pest to white men after he became established Jackie didn't say too much he just ran over anyone that got in his way and was ready to cha!lenge any one at any time Wilt The Stilt Cham berlain has been a bitter pill for most white men to swallow. Wilt is practically an introvert but he just won't kneel down and take anything that is offered him. Wilt also is a problem to most coaches Jim Brown couldn't care less what white men think of him. Jim does his own thing in his own easy going way and is aloof to what anybody says or does. Richie Allen has just about run some baseball men completely bananas with his don't care at titude .. The latest hated black athlete is Duane Thomas Thomas became a public enemy because he won't talk. He choose to everybody but when he finally decides to speak he evokes pure acuJ to rriost sports writers, coaches and white fans THE GOLDEN RULE A man whom I respect very much said something to me re cently that really set me to thinking and his statement though sim p!e in content made a whole lot of sense. Mr. G._ V. Ste_wart said to me that white men are hav .ng a much harder. time trymg to ad just to change than we realize. He also said that some of are trying harder than we are but their adjustment. endeavors Just be more difficult than ours. Mr. Stewart also sa1d that young whttes are accepting the change very we!l but older whites are having much more of a problem because of past teachl ngs, customs and traditions As a result of what Mr. Stewart said to me I will be much more pat ient with confused white men because eventually they will have to learn to live with as takes all kind and how a man a cts or lives 1s an mdivtdual thing If they put up with the antics of Ted Williams, Leo Durocher, Max Baer, Tony Galen to, John L Sullivan, Ty Cobb, The Great _Malenko et. al. they are just going to have to put up w1th their _black counter parts. What is the difference between Muhammad Ali and Joe Namath? Joe Namath is white and the darlmg of the sports world. Muhammad Ali is black and hated. The sooner we all learn to be patient with each other as in dividuals the better. There just isn t going to be any more Stephin Fetchits, Hello Mom, Hello Pops I-I wins or no mams, tltank you mams and pleases. The Klu Klux Klan will never ride again unless they want to commit suicide and there just any use saving con federate money for the south for sure is not going to rise again. Th e n I say to uptight black s maybe there will be a revolution but I hope I am not around when it happens I don't believe I will be. Believe me be ye bla c k or white it is a matter now of Jiving and let live with The Golden Rule paramount. QUICK QUIPS: By the time you read this yours truly will have had a fishing trip to Boca Grande with Jamil Gougens and Henry Lovelace. It's been a long time since I was there and if we really get to go I personally plan to load up another barrel with fish as I did last time. Local high schools are preparing for pre-season football train lnll and all is still quiet. Crocodile tears will begin to flow shortATLANTA, Ga. -If the Braves' Dusty Baker doesn t watch out, somebody is going to pin him with the name Mr. Clutch, Baker, one of several youngsters on whom the Braves base their hopes for the future, has shown a talent for coming through in clutch, dramatic situations. Check his record. May 28-Two out, bases load ed, score tied, 6-6, 11th inning. Baker singles off Giants relieve.r Jim Barr to provide the Braves with a 7-6 victory. May of ninth, Braves trail, 1-0, none out bases loaded. Baker singles off San Diego's Mike Corkins to drive home two runs and give the Braves a 2-1 win. June 12 -Baker's eight-in ning sacrifice fly breaks. a 7-7 tie and subsequently provides the Braves with an 8-7 vi ctory. July 7-l:lraves versus Pirates, seventh inning, game tied, 2-2. Baker delivers an RBI single off Bruce Kison to get his club a. 3-2 triumph. Homers to Beat Cards July 22-Braves and Cardinals tied, 7-7 Baker leads off the lOth inning by hitting the first pitch he sees from St. L?uis relief pitcher Tony Cloninger for DUSTY BAKER The 23-year-old center fielder not only has been an "instant hero" on several occasions this Season, liut he has also been a good; sound, steady player for the Braves. He has given .them their best play in eente r field in more sea sons than Braves' management care to ren1 e mber, and he lends speed to a club that i sn't over ly endowed in that department. And Bake r if you take th$ wo r d of Braves director of play er personne l Eddie R obinson, is growing with the team. Robin so n includ es Bak e r when he says, We are ba sica lly a team of sophomores. W e havtt a lot of players on this club playing only their second full year in the leagues. Tough Job for Sophs "I know from my own days that' s tough. You still don't have that -full feeling of security you. need to be a good, complete. ball-player. "We've making a lot of mistakes, physical and mental, this year and a lot of that is because we 're a young ball club. The Braves' official named catcher Earl Williams, short:) stop Marty Perez, third base man Darrell Evans and outfield ers Ralph Garr and Mike Lum as other Braves with their best seasons still ahead of them. "All of tliose guys have pl a y ed only one full season a s re gulars up here," he said. ''They're going to make mistak es for a while. Baker is 23, Wiliiams 24, Perez and Evans 2 5 and Garr and Lum 26. ------------------------to provide an. 8-7 vic1 : B b II B I The lOth-inning homer off ase a a nter Cloninger is the kinq of ... i young players dream abput, L....;....;, ____ ..;. ____________________ _, Clonin ge r had just entered the With the current baseball major game. J:laji:er talked. with le agtie season heading into the mate Oscar Brown in the Braves! home stretch some things are be dugout. before Du sty went. to gintifng to happen There are sign.:& bat in the inning. cf both division races in the Amer-"1 think I'll take a pitch; see -ieiui League getting tighter Cin _what he's got," said. Baker. "Naw man" said Brown "go up the;e swlnging." Baker took the advice and stroked his fifth homer of the year. ly though. cinnatl and Pittsburgh seem to have their respective division races in the National League pretty well wrapped up. As I mentioned once before so many teams inMr. Charles ""Oodie'' Daniels is looking for someone to play good chess w;th. "Oodie" can be found at 1202 15th Avenue after five in the afternoon. Mr. Daniels can play the game and play it well. I sincerely believe American Bill Fischer could take the world's chess championship away from Russia's Boris Spaasky if he would concentrate more on his game and less on trivial things, Fischer may win any way so what may seem trivial to me may be like a mountain to him. Indian Joe wanders back into town and can't f i nd his way back to the motel where he stayed the last tiine He stands around on a corner half a day when the fuzz got curious and asked him if he was lost to which he answered, ''No me not lost wigwam lost." .... Indian Joe then spots a trio of white hippy-type cats arm in arm with Bertha and sisters practically unclad in Hot Pants, Mini Skirts, Sizzlers, See Through Blouses and no bras. Joe coufdn't un derstand the hippy talk but said, "Ugh, Joe gottum learn Paleface forked tongue tillk." valved in both leagues with four division races to keep up wit h it can be quite confusing for the average fan. Also there are so many players to keep up with it is virtually an impossibility Gone are the davs when there were eight teams in each of the tw(} leagues and no divisions and no playoffs Back in th good old days just about everyone knew all the play ers and their nicknames Remem ber Lou Gehrig was called The Iron Hoss; Bame Ruth was called The Sultan of Swat or Bambin o ; Pepper Martin was called the Wild Horse of the Osage; Lloyd and Paul Waner were called Bi!l Poison and Little Poison; Bob Feller was called Bullet Bob ; Emia Lombardi was called Schnozz; Joe DiMaggio was called Joltin Joe; S t an Musial was called Stan ThEt Man; Jimmy Foxx was call ,ed Double X; Sal Maglie was call e d The Barber; Enos Slaughter was called Country; Bobby Brown was called The Doctor; Charlie K eller was called King Kong; Jerome and paul Dean were known as Dizzy and Daffy; Elwood Roe was called Preacher; Eddie Lopa t was called The Junkman; Johnny Van der Meer was called Double N() Hit; Lefty Gomez was call e d Goofy; Hal Shumacher was calle d The Shoe; Ty Cobb was called ThEt Georgia Peach; George Selkirk was called Twinkle Toes; Johnny Mize was called Tobacco John ; Joe Medwick was called Ducky; Glenwood Rowe was called School Boy; Leo Durocher was called The Lip; Mike Garcia was called The Bear; Willie Mays was once known as the Say Hey Kid ; Bill N ichol son was called Swish! Bill Sk ow ron was named Moose ; Ted Klu s zewski was called Muscles et al. When I take a look at bo x score s today frankly I don't know w hC.'s who anymore. As IL hav e said before it is all very amusing but oh so confusing Ba seball play e r3 are coming from everywhere n o w and I won t be surprise d an y da y to see Joe Bftslk from Outer M on golia in a major lea gue lineup. FOR RENT Clean Painted Houses Phone 251-1645


Tuesday, Augut 15, 1972 Fla. Senitinel-Bulletin PuLiished every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edtitiona PAC NINETEEN -30 -To-40 -BliKks Should Be In Baseball Hall Of Fame Richard D Powell one :time general manager of the defunct !Baltimore Elite Giants, b-elieves former stars of t!he black base ball leagues are being short changed b y a decision to select only., a few of them for the lfall of Fame at Cooperstowo, N. Y. Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, and. Buck Leonard have been so iar by a special com mittee. Only a few more, with the final .total probably less than 10, .are tQ be named later Powell insists that's a Jl'lisc&rria ge of ''Thirty or 40 wouid be closer to the truth," be says. "How the C'C>mmittee arrived at a Ji gure of about ilO I'm certain is a m 'ystery to anyone : acquainted with black bas eba{l for any leng th of time. HO'w ca n anyone beJ.ieve that out of the thousands of players in over 7 : 5 years of play from the lS' W's to 18150 that, glven an equal opportunity, only :10 ffi.erit Hlall of Fame indull ion? Powell, now 6:0 and retired civil service em1p-loye living in iB.altimore, was inV'olved it1 black basebaH for more-than three de cades at various positions from batboy to executive He sa ys he spent much of that time with the B-altimore clu t b of the. Negro National League, serving as gene ral manager in 1941.! in the waning days of the league s exis tence. Out of Business "!When the major began taking our stars after 1947, there wa'Sn' t point in try i ng to stay in business," he' says. '..!J>HONE Lc: PHONE 932-6il6!; H.;.., ,,.. ..,. Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 Open Daily 8:30 to 5:39 Sat. 8 A.M. to S:SO Aqul se habla Espanol PHONE 877-6701 Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 Aqul se }tabla Espanol


PAGE TWENTY _Fla. SeDtlnei-Bulletln Pl&lished every Tues. and Frt. Cet Both Editlona Tuesday, Augut 15, 197{. AU Certain: Bobby's 'No NEW YOrl!JK The telepihone had made a single "ping" as if clearnig its throat before g ettin g down to some seriou s r ingin g but .Muhammad Ali pick ed up the receiver before it go t the d h a nce H e llo he said grumpily and 1 could tell !he was still half a s leep It w a s 7:310 Saturda y and Ali in New Y'ork to a t t e nd the Oiymp ic boxing tryouts rat Poin t, had not planned to ans e u ntil noon Hi s v oic e so u ndi n g gJro.ggy until I m e ntioned .B obhy !Fischer, and the n r M u i ha mmrad Ali was sud d e nl y .awake "!Ain't tha t something?" he said. B oh by Fisclher must have b ee n stud:ying m e real careful. He's doin.g the same thing s 1 d i d and tJhat's Wluy he's b eco min g l:'l c h and f amc:ms." tA lot of Ali s friends have told h i m tJhat B-obb y' Fis cher is C'Op y cating him, !proj e cting the same 1ude, sp o iled brat imag. e whiclh tAli perfected while b ecoming the hig h e st-pa id most controversial fighte r in ring history. iBobby Fischer, Who i s in [ce l a nd p la ying a 2 1 1 -game seri es a gain s t :Boo is S rpras sky for the world chesschampion s bip, has b e en on the front pages for the last two w ee ks. Fiscrher ha s bec ome hot news copy not so muc<9 because oJ his chess rol a ying skills, bu t oe C ause of his dema nds on the Pl'Omoters ()' the match. H e h as driven t e l evis :on execu t i ves JJr o tJh e wall by !Petu lantly d e mand!n g the removal of camern s th ere to film the $000,000 tnatc h. He_ has threatened on s everal occasions. to w alk ou t oo the chess series because tlhe H g h t ing imd :accommodations w ere not to h is liking. He has insisted that onl y be be allo w ed to u s e 1!he swimming pool a t the luxuri ous hotel where h e is living i n seclusion akin to that of a Trappist monk. tAli i s c ertain Fischer is do in g all of these things to k eep him s elf and the chess series in the h ea dlin e s. "It ain't no accident tJh;at he's actin g that way," Ali s a id. "I'm sure that it's aH part of a plan. He may not be lpUI'JPOsely c opying me, but some:one is telling him h ow to do all 1!hese things. i s doin g the tJhing for chess tbat [ d i d :!lo r boxi n g Nobody talked muc'h a t bout chess un t il F-ische r 9ame along. Now everyone is bu ying c h ess sets and le arning how to play the game. "You have to ca .piure the p ub lic s im agination Th e :liact that you c an pl ay a particular sport or g ame better than a n y one else in the wor ld i s not enough. Th e public rejects tJhe simple truth tlhat a m a n is a champion in 1 hi s field. IPeor ple are b ored by excellence. They are turned o f f by ohampiop.s who !have no personalitie s A champion has to sell him s elf to the peaple by bein g dif. fere nt. He to be an actor, a n d he's always erlain of the Los An geles Lakers the Most Valuable Play e r in 1a,st .stlaero.o(lll Nla Uional !Bask etba ll Assoo r a tion plrayoffs, 'J'ue sday wa S named Winner of the M 1aurice Stokee Memorial Award RACEI NIGHTLY 8:00 MAIINEII I :45 MON.;...WID.-IAI SARASOTA KENJii CLUB 5400 Bradenton Road DeSoto I WHO _DONE IT -IN SPORTS I Q-People keep telling me tha t what I call a goph er here in Flor ida reall y isnt a gopher What theP is a goph e r ? A-What you call a gopher he r e in Flo rida really is a species of l and to rto ise A r eal gopher is a small furry animal that lives in holes in northern states Q-What year was it that J e s s a O wens did so much in the Olym. pies and in what countr y ? A-Jesse Owens did his thing in the 1936" O lympics in Berlin, Germany. / Q-What do you think of the Uni ted States' chances of winning the 1972 Olympic games? A-I thi nk t he Unite d States has a very f ine chance of out poin ting all other .nati ons in male event s. Look for Russia to win the distaff games by several points Q-WheiT is it b est tide time to c a tch speckled trout? A-The best tide time to catch sp e ckled trout is on a three or four ti d e day an hour or so be for e flood tide is up to flood tide. Q-What is meant b y par in the scoring of golf? A -On regulation golf courses th ere are three kinds of holes. The longest holes fn yal'ds fro m t ee to pin are par 5 hol es. This mean15 that a good g olfer should F r .azier, A .li Bout Set, In LA?. HION!OiLULIU A W()rld title fight between h eavyweight p ion J oe Frazier and M Uham m,ad Ali i's in the works and a Los Angele s matchmiaker hopes to have t he bout wrapped up i n 3 1 0 to 40 days non Fraser, vice pres ident of :Forum Bo x i ng Inc. told the Sl s t annual meetiog of the World !Boxing Association Monday that tlhe b()ut hopefully will' be staged during November in the 18 700seat Los Angeles F()rum /Fraser later told UP[ that Jack Kent Cook e presi dent of Forum Boxing Inc., and owner of t he Forum, the Los Ange l es [;akers and Los Angeles Kings h as the right to the mglht "locked in.'' "Oooke -wui grve guarantees comparable to the tir s t figmeri oan Basketball IA.rsSJOlCia ticn San !Diego Co nquistadors r ece ntl y and former All-American Center A-lex was named gener;al manager. Jones was a ss .jstant coach and scout for the iNiationa.l B asketball rAssociati on eham;pi o n Los Ange les akers last year. LO.UI-GE Opett Every Day' Air C.a. Located: 859 ZACK STREET' PROlE get the ball in the h()le in 5 strokes. The next shortest arc called par 4 holes ai)d the th ir d shortest are par 3 holes. Q-Where is Andrew Frazi e r this summer? Is he at Southern I University or is h e h ere in T ampa? A-Andrew Frazier is r ig ht here in T;Impa for a few more weeks. Q-When do you think Hank Aaron will break Babe Ru t h's all time home run rec()r d of 714. A"-At this writing Aar()n has 662 homers which means he has 52 more to go. I ll say H an k will d o it in 2 years or l ess and no more than 2lh years Q-Where can I catch mangrove snapper nearby? A-A plac e where I cat ch man grove anytime I choos e is at the end of an old d ef unct dock in back of the U S Arm y Reserve s tati()n in S t. Petersburg. Wad e out far enough to cast a w eigh tl ess l ive shrimp to the end of the old dock and hold on for an yt hing that just may corrie along Q -Will Coach Freddie D yles still be head ba sket ball coach at Gibbs High School ne xt season? A-Saw Coach D y les a few da ys ago and he didn't say an y thing about not being head basketball coach a t Gibbs High School. FACTB AND FIGURES In the last few weeks two of the ffi()St prominent h e avyweight fight ers of t he 1960s d ied. A few weeks ago Zora F oley F,oley all t he be s t and gave Muhammad Ali qu ite a fight. Eddie Ma chen was fou nd dead aft-er leaping from a s econ d story fire escape a few days ago. Machen wa s number one cont e nder b Sonny Liston s heavyw eight tit! e in t he early si xties Add to the d eath of Foley and Machen the somewha t mysterious death of Sonny Liston a short time ago and the violent death o f Rocky Marciano and it makes one think about t he d estiny of fighters. It seems that so much happens tc the old fig h ters after they f in ish their ring careers. Remember Jack John son d ied in an autom o bile crash. Ezzard Charles is an i nvalid, almost helpless. Kid Gav ilan is almost blind Bob Mont gomery is blind Tommy "Hurri cane" Jackson is walking on nis heels and is aimost incoh e rent. Joe Louis had heart twl\ble an d also a mental problem Max B aer died l m untimely death a years ago "Sandy" S addler is al mo st blind and Willie Pep is a bit shaky. Mar ce l C erdan was ,killed in a plane a ccident. Rand y Turpin is having all sorts of trouble in h i s native England Tig e r Jones died a few month s ago Barne y Ross got into a mess with drugs and old Sam Langford went blind before pas sing I cou ld go on lik e this for a long t i me with s everal fight ers involved. Add to this the grief, mi sery, pain and woe that most of the b ig name figh ters encounter with financial probl ems a fter t h eir careers are' f i nished and it makes o ne wonder if it is all worth it. There are some great fighters who survive the hazards and pit falls and con ti nue to do well w h e n their fighting days are over b1J t mostly they are exceptions "Su gar Ray : Robinson is doing a lright so far. O f courS!h]ack D empsey and Gene Tunney 'have done quite well with Tunn ey a Wall Street broker. J ersey Joe Walcott se e ms to be making it al right Rocky Grazi' ano has done well via t elevisi o n. So, all ex-fighters don t go down the drain, but a good percentage of them do. SOUL BOWL -, ''72'' SEE JAMES BROWN DOING HIS LATEST DAICE "THE GOOD FOOT'' AT THE BAYFRONT CENTER ST. PETE, FLA. 8:30 P. M. AUGUST 27da Tickets $4 Advance $5 At Door CBJi.DREI -DDER 12 YEARS OLD $2.08 -Tickels o8 ..1. .ai: DiCT(fas PHARMACY. MAN'S WORLDf .St. Pete; COLLEGE HILL PiABMln' CEITQL-, J .. E IDAII,


' Tuesday, Aueuat t 5, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published enry Tue s. and Frl. f1Jatone PAGE TWEN-TY .ONE Gardin: What Am I Doing Here?_ MIAMI When Don Shula !Picked up Ron Gardin from Pittsburgh on waivers last week, a lot of people wondered why, including Ron Gardin. "I've been asking myself over and over again, "what am I doing h ere? Why wopld th man pic k me out?" said the second best pYt specialist in the AFC two years a go. "I mean, they' Y e got Jake Scott and Dick Anderson o n punts and Mercury Morris ()n kickoffs. The y'l'e trying me as a defensive bac k, but they've got a secondary which was number one against the pass last ye a r. "At firs t 1 thoug-ht, maybe Shula's just going to use you Maybe he needs somebody dur ing the exhibition season," Gardin said "But Shula doesnt do things like that," Gardin get up and sat on the edge of his Biscayne College dorm desk. "' You can usually tell what's going to happen to you by the way they will treat you You know, the equip-ll)ent men, the trainer and so on. They don't realize it, but they categorize you by how they you-if you 're a 50-50. case. "Well, I can't tell anything here," Gardin said "Here's how I'm hoping Shula's thinking," !(,iardin said: Jake's value at strong safety can not be over emphasized. His chances of get ting hurt, as a reckless as he is on pun ts, might be too good. If Jake got hurt, it would hurt the Dolphins substantially," Gar d : n reasoned, "and. I understand Jake had some pr{}blems with his hands," he added. Jak'gproblems with his hands were that both were broken -one in Kansas City, the other in the Super Bowl. The left was operated on, but it was decided not to operate on the right. -"We didn't want him to have the hand in a cast for maybe the first one or two regular season games," Shula said. "Jake could field punts right ;now but there's just no need to right now. What we brought in Gardin for, was to look at him as cornerback. We couldn t keep a man around just t o return punts, but returning punts was what kept Leigh here last year,'' Shula said. he looks like he's ready, assignfar Sbula admits he has no idea how Gardin can perfform at the cornerback "If he look s like _he's ready, assige ment-wise ..:... then he c6Juld pta:y scme aganist Green Bay,'' Shula said. "But if a guy gets beat Pred,icts 10 U. S. Ciojld-Meda;ls LOS ANGELES-Of the 24 men 'li track and field gold medals up for grabs at Munich, America will pocket 10, ,predicts Jim Bush of U. C L .A. That's two less than the U. S. m e n captured at the Mexico City Olympics four years ago. How ever, Bush whose Bruins have won two straight N C A A. titles and three in his eight-year t-enur at Westwood, explained: I t hink we've got the stronge s t team we1ve had but we've got the strongest we've ever had; too. I""think lO gold medEJls would be just : super in the face of this competition.'' The youthful-looking Bush, who will be at MuniCh, has three a h letes on the Qly mpic team: quar termilers John Smith and Wayne C()llett, and high jumper Dwight Stones "We should take 1 -2-3 at meters and either Wayne or John will win t he gold,'' the U. C. L. A. coach said "With the exception of the high hurdles, I don t think we can possibly sweep any o t h e r event." Bush gav_e the former U C. L. A quartermile stars a piece of advic-e before they le.ft for Europe. I told them to keep same workout schedule as they have had," he said. ''It got them this far. The trouble spots for the American trackmen? "We're goi ng to get strong chal leng e s in the shotput and pole vault. l think we have our hands full in the sprints, 400-meter re lay, the 800 meters, and in every distance race. Nevertheless, he sees a U. S. victory at 100 meters against fa. v ored Valeriy BOI;ZQV of Russia, .stating: ,. "I've been saying it all year and I still s ay it : An American will win the 100. But I don t know which one of our sprinters will 00 it." Going in the event for the U S. are Eddie Hart, Ray Robinson, and Robert Taylor. The V. 8. wmners, aush fore cast, will include Jim Ryun (1,500 meters), Dave Wottle (800 meters) and Rod Milburn ( high hurdles). I have a lot of confidence In -JimRyun,'' the Bruin mentor re rparked. "What he did at Mexico City at that altitude was fantastic. I felt all along he was running too MINSTER PRESS -ill Thi1 It a n excellent chance to become Involved and grow from the very btgining In our new facility Ill Tampa. Candidates should bet 1. lperlenced in the operation and malnten once of the Minster l'reu and lliu Pren, 2. Experienced In the operation and moint1 ance of high speed automated production equipment, 3, Q\lofity conscious. 4. Willing to spend 3 months in Milwauk .. WI. fot training. 1. Owner of a complete set ofmechanic hand tools. Ooecl w.ge -d frfnte benefit I!I'OII'CIIIIo lnttrMted cand lclotet pleoM opply t-State of Florida Employment Service State OHice 800 lwltll Rooa,t 109 1 .. : l .. : I \ .... ... 1 because he's not confident, or uncertain, that creates a tough mental block that' s hard to overcome. I mean if 60,000 people s e e a touchdown pass throw, over you it's hard to take. I wouldn't want to put a guy in that position," Shuia said. Ever since Gardin made it to the Super Bowl as a rookie with the Colts in 1970, he's had prob l ems. Fir!lt at New England, wh e re he went following the s a c ond game last sea s on. "When I left the C olts I was leading punt returner. Then came New England and the balls dropping on the ground. There we1 e more balls dropping between us than we were catch ing. They had three guys back catching. I ask Ley poldt's winning meld goal fcr B'l.Nfulo, which got three touch downs from 0 J S i mpson on runs of four, one and yards. "II't wa s a sneak with re. g ula;r blocking," said Harri s. "There was a big hole up the middle. Some guy rut me. I spun off him and the next thin.g I knew I wa s loose." Harris is a Jlll'aduate of Grambling. Antoine Hurt CHICAGO The Chicago '!ears said their prize rookie tackl e, Lionel Antoine, suffered a sprained left knee during their 20-17 victory ov _er the Houston Oile r s Thursday night and it be in a cast 10 days. Team phyician Dr. Theodore Fcx: made the diagnos is follo.wii:i:tg X -rays of Antonie's knee. Bear Coach Abe Gibron said he dicl not know how long An tolne would be out of action. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers


.,. : ... PACE. TWENTY-TWO Fla. Pvhlisliecl enry Tues. and Fri Get Both Edition Tuesday, Aucuat Is, 1972 .. Additted -Vietnam : y t Furiljl Notices. MEMORIAM Attemptsl riple Murder' S 'uicide A 25-year-old Vietnam veter;m lock came back and went intc is listed in fair condition at Tamthe apartment. He called for her pa , growmg o : d .lt's better to say Mrs. Carrie Swift, %117 Arch st. surroundings Luncheon oand din In many a dis c ussions. sight. M! is failing, my ; : J Iili t;fOk i frpp p tthllfli: ; li11 Jlenry; 1 ,409 Orange ners include choice steaks, dethe reasons for copmg' out on h eart' s m a spm, but I'm not td 'ehtl1 1tl!1! iri 1 s6hlt'!orre"s j filheraf : llilldeil l : : ; ; ; licious roasts, local seadrugs Have heard excu se s from doing too bad for the shape I'm box from an overdose of drugs. Mr: Elijah Gray, 12%7 llarrisoa food and fea tures over 20 interbeing lonely, broken love affairs in. Diverticultis is a word hard THAT'S MY CASE. Street.


Dial 248-1921 Classified 'Ad Dept. BUSINESS FACING BIG BACK-TO-SCHOO'L EXPENSES when cbihlren start the new term? now earning money nea, btJ.me in yoiU' spare time. Find ou t bow to sell Avon products and eax:n. money f a x tuition, c :o thes and aD those end of-summer bills. CaU for Mrs Smith 626'-0874, 011 8.71t-32't2. St. Pete 8624593, Largo tearwa ter 442-!1656. JUN1 CAIS .nEE HO CRDfl'??? Having Trouble Bu(Ying a Car Because you are shod on Cred' it or Down Payment? LET 1\f E HELP YOU CALL BILL 212-41!1 OR SEE ME AT SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 FLORIDA AVENUE Elt1Pf.DYMEIT SINGLE MAN wanted to l ive in and do light work Cail Rev. Robinson. Phone 867-7U79, St. Petersburg, Fla. Hurses Aide Trainees EXPERIENCE NOT neeessICAL REEP1'19NU1' EXECUTITE SE.C:ltllTARY WOJIEI' LERK 'JYPIS'l! A,K SHOR'ftiAND KEY PUNCH' AND NlJRSES : AIJJlE. CALL TAMPA BUSINESS AND MEMCAI.. CEN'ID 223-3648 F8B SAJ.E WANT A NE:W. RDM!E1 $2M. OOiWN, GOOD CREDIT. Call Etptaf Opporillllity Co!!p. CaU Z!;:J:-3201. $5G DoWN MCDE!CN BLOCK 3 B-EDROOMS, CARPET,. stove, relrigerater. $ID-,650 P. & I. $7&.!>4 3&0 moaths at morigag. e OON TAAIFE BROKER m -%72J or 839-1422 LJISTINGS NEEDED. SEFFNEB AND THONOTOSASSA AREA 4 ACRE track,. caa be ptUcbased or divided acrely. Located east of higli.way 579 on Bessie DU Reali. For -informaiion reglU'd ing purchase, contad :ARL :tABBY, 986-2292 or L. W. :tARRY,. I I I Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. CONfAlNE:R The applicant we seek 1. Should ho .v t 1-.t 2 ')!..s ience i"' .alid: ahi!M, or c.ntplafw, r. leNd circuitl)f. 1. Should: have shooting logic citcui"'r 3. b. lhl'llllfllll)l '.... UM menl; .4. D.C. Drive experle.nce. Good wage and fringe benefit program, Interested candidates pleCIM apply1 Stale ol FIDrida E.proyment Service State Office Bldg. tOO lwigrp ltoom 109 'J'ampct, Florida I'LL REl. P Y8U!! 110 CREDIT? SBIIEY CREDIT? ABE 180 I.DW 81 DOWN PAYIIIIIT? AU. NOW BILL BROil AUTO SAlES 2 FOR SALE $50 DOWN .""AP:Pil&XWATE't Y $69 a month, lncluemg P-1. PROGRESS VftLAGE 3 BEDROOMS, 1 BATH, wall-to wall carpeting. BIRO, chai link fence. Priced at $10,50()1, I NO QUALIFYING 3 BEDROO MS, 2 BATHS, COil> crete bi'o: home. Florid-a room, pai.io, air-conditioned units. Terrazzo flous.. fenced yard. Tms is a prestige home in an area of well-kept homes WEST TAJWIP l 3 BEDROOM, BATHS, Florida room, BIBO, refrigenter, dishwasher, central ail and heat, 1 car garage. largeshadle tree-s. This is. a spacious home near slwppiag and l from bus l i ne. $%&,000 FHA or VA. 2 BEDROOl\fS, concnte brock, 1 bath, garag. e, OR 2 1'6ts. TIUs home Is in exceltent conditiou $15,000. Terms to be a:rrangelt. WII.BIIT WIJ.U.UIS REALT8B 25144M9 or MAIN STREEl' __ BRAID HEW/ COHS'DlJnlOH TREM E!"fi>OUS V AUJE! On a CGI'Jrer lot. t:B, 3 large bed reeMS, spaeiDas kitchen with fwmiea cabids aatl new G.E. Only $1!6; ,000.. FlfA. VA. Calli -w be linst to see. I haln key. JIST LIStED DRIVE BY &liM :JtdA. St., then call mM-MI teD J1.8a aD aboat this cust.m 1MWt kauiy. Then drive by 3002 E. Peaiontas-. on a beautiful corneF let. Both FHA or VA financing. Anol11er Rivergrove Beaaly eB, 3 BEROOMS, Z baths, fam ily :noa, ail'-conditioed. I ban ke-y. Ill IIIITIIIJED R, l NICE' SIZE bHrooms, a beaatifid famify room, modem kitehea hotlse newl!y painteL Oldy $l'i.,58f i FHA-V \ WEST TAMPA 2-ST()ItY HOME-live aJmost reat free. Dew:nstairs eeJI!9)etely fill' Jlisbecl. alt fenced i. WMIM you, believe for onl!y $Ji :t,.9M FHA-VA? LID. ft. EITERTAIN? A StJNKEN BALLROOJ\1-Iiliie Florida room, would you be Jfeve 5&' x 2.0!, wilh wet bar! 4 bedrooms, 2'12 baths, fo,er, large living aiul dining k itche11 efl,uipped, 8 tGn ceDtr.al heat aml air. Briak veneer conStruction. S!lllim in Jw;ge poa r of 12' depth. All this on approximately 31-l acres. Only $31',008 with of yolll' choice Call ISABEl. P.ERIU, ASSOC. Offiee & 19-5.700, Res. 877-6884 TAIIP& IEAITY, IHC. REALmS ---I PDBI.IC SEIVItE ----------H-EY_U_t_ -------.------------------Now YOU AN your own AlTO JISDlltE FOB SALE beaw tifwl new 3 bethreom home fw $200 d&wa aM as littk as $&7 per mo.ntll on FHA 235! Call MARSON ENTEICPRI:SES, JNC. 87&-JIIti3. VAtANT UA VE SEVJrB.U. NE.WLY reeoa-dmoned he.DJeS> fD Pnpesa YJl Iage. :ji50 dowa. Calf llABGLD .BM{EK, REAI. TOR. .l"froJJe. :i&S-125!: 7. l'luta 4'4la Silled Open aad' FOR SALE NICE 2 .BEDROOM, FRAMED house. Completely fenced yard. Low doWJ& payment, take over pyment. Take a look at 2 lH3 hL ;:,t. a Ad cad me. 1\'Jri. &AkJt, 879'-2257. 3 Bedrooms, I !1 Balla $IIJI OOWtf TBIS NEW eemw. blo. eli J Jrome caa be yours llltd'el' li'IIA 23& pian as Ictw as $8,.00 a moltih for 3lWI' mom&s, at illierest, aJKl' $ 188' d&IIan for pre-paid. items. &AU. BOB PIKSOI IDLtY .,. 3 BEDROOMS: 2: wU. bllilt-ill kikilea, paaflkti familyroom, A. e:upeted, a ubnty rooms,. pills e-xba lal'ge FDA. MAXINE KERN Res. m-..11'.!23 NEAT AS A PEN 3; bethNms, att-. e-tfiitieaed. N e a $t1,541ti. FHA t erms:. ISUEU Dtwlt. Beallo1 .93:r-m6 nil IEI'I 1'0& RENT 1 BEDBOOM apartment flll'Jtisla. e4,. air all elecbLc. l M APTS., 1M l.emett st. 258-5151. l WEDROOM f:B buihimg. m& :t%tll-ATetme. Weekly rent $30 a week. Water, )Nildr. 258-5>151. NEW BOARDING ROME 1'8 TIE ELDDLY JUST' OPEN FOR PEOPl-E of all ages. Ait-conditioned, 3 bot meals a lllaJt, transpodatiO. te and M&pitaJ.. m--w.o;, Furnished Aprbnenl For ... t $35.00 A WEEK, $70.00 In ad vance. Ne cbitlllren. Wilt JtQJ water bin. 2007.1h Lamar St .. 223-4070' PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO HOME LIFE FAST tAIM SEltVlfll: BATES FOil & .00& 4NDRA HIVING RE.C(!}BDS. INSURANCE HAMILTON AGEHCY 1720 North Nebraska Avenue PHON.E 229-1879 IMMElHATE CO:VEitAGE A:r A COSI' TB<\T CORRESPONDS TO TOUB DRIVING WSTORY. JACI BEBIY For Spirihaal Advice CALL OR SEE SIS. BRADlEY Pho11e 237-1821 3410 E. Lambright Avenue AUTO INSURAN('l. A. F. KILBRIDE liS. Before aDd after an 1Z6ll MARION SREET PHONE 223-553.1 GOT CU TB8UBLES?: TBANSMLSSJON OVEBBAUL *GEN. CAR REPAIRS' BY EXPERTS CAU248-&531 RAY'S GARAGE 3817 :MI. S'I'BEET TAMPA BUSIIESS LEASES AYJB.UJ.E AT TAMPA PAll SBIPPIIC Cllt Reltraslm at -Sed Fu lEI-AILE DTES ...1: 229-1845 WII.SIII'S FUifEIAI. HtME 30!8o1 29til S fiBEE'JI ''6w:: Bllsiness Is-Senrlce" Phones: 24!r-6125 2f5-2032 PlfCHSLEY FUNERAL ROME 3402 26tll-. STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired Phones: 247-3151 or 247-3152 R 0 G E R S FDEIW. liME Plume 233-9302 4&85 :Mill ... .. 251-1764 I.ADY ATTIJNDAN.'I ''WE' G .JVE TJUl BEST I'D LESS."


\ PAGE TWENTY-FOUl\ Fla. Sen r tlnei-Bulletln Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editlonl 15, 1972 A CAKE FOR_ BRENDA_ Brenda Russ celebrated her birthday Saturday with many friends and relatives present. To make thtl occasion a memorable on e she is pre sente d a cake b y h e r s i ster. FRIENDS AT RUSS PARTY' Among the many friends w.ho gathered Saturday night to wish Brenda Russ a happy birthday were David l\1artin Frances Carr. I { FLORIDA SENTIN-EL BULLETIN WANT ADS w oRK HARD UNCLE SANDY SAYS ----15,69, Y o u cannot force tlte gro wt h of h uman life and civiliza tion any more than you can forc6 th ese slow-growing trees. 40,33. That i s the economy of Almighty God, that aU good growth is slow gtowth 89,77. MIDDLE OF THE MONTH SALE ATYou Save. Plenty. LARMON: FURNITURE INC.ONLY$ 00 (Similar lo llluslralion) Fabulous. -Bedroom or Living Room Suite --t:r SOFA BED MATCHING CHAIR t BEAUTIFUL LAMPS Z STEP TABLE S l COFFEE TABLE 5 PIECE PICTURE ENSEMBLE 2 DECORATOR PILLOWS (Sil\11 LAR TO ILLUSTRATION) ARMON. 1324 30 E. Broadway PHONE : f ) J "THAT'S W y SMART PEOPLE BUY NOW." "IT'S -EASY TO PAY THE LARMON WAY" Open Friday rl(ighl 'Til 8 P. M. FOR YOUR CONVENJENCE


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