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Edgecombe EleCted Of Committee For B :All The News Fit To Print Chairnlan Affairs j J (SRE STORY ON PAGE 3) Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEKLY VOL. 25, NO. 11. TAMPA, FLORIDA, 19, 1972. PRICE 1 S CENTS. Man Attacked. And Robbed O f Ring p SHERIFF MALCOLM BEARD HONORED AT SPORTSMAN'S BANQUET Hillsborough County Sheriff Malcolm Beard was honored Tuesday night at a banquet sponsored the International Sportsman's Club at their head quarters on Main Street. Sheriff Beard was in troduced by Tampa Businessman Moses White, left, who was pictured by Sentinel photographer wiping away beads of perspiration prior to the introductioD. Sheriff Beard was accompanied lo the banquet by hi& major department heads and their wives. An overflow crowd attended the af fair, SEE STORY ON PAGE 24 SEE STORY ON PAGE 24 Student Registrat. i ,on Slated For Wednlsday SEE STORY ON PAGE lo-* Man SenteMecl In (SEE STORY ON AGE!) .... .. Warrant Issued : a .116-yeai:old boy was arrested and got a rifle, sent to Lake Magdalene to await-r and placed in a juvenile home The Cole brothers said they a hearing. His mother said were in the middle of the Ma n In Hos pltal rifle. when the s'hot was fired. A man, bone from the fight. 1 A police unit was to r s tanding nearby, told police the The arrested youth refused to the Northview Hills area to In !bullet struck a telephone post make any si!atement concern near htm, ve s tigate a U!pon ing the incident and told 4Jhe their arrival they were met by The Sentinel lellll'lled that the police, by gesture, that the rifle Jiinmy L. Oole, and his arrested boy and one of the wa.s in a shed behind the house, brotJher, Fourania V. Cole, W, brothers were ftghting when the His mot!her, present at the J>()oo 41&1.2 Ashland, who told them that joined and helped hls broo ll!ice Bltai!on, taM abe WJ.

PACE TWO Fla !efttlnel Bulletin Published eve r y Tues ud Fri. Gel Bot h Edit loni Sa t uroay, Augu s t 19, 1972 Sheriff's c-nity RelatiOIIs Bureau I Warrant Issued Against By SGT. ARNI E MYERS Man I Q Hospital -------.! A deteCtive in the Crim e THE ROLE OF SOCIA L the bread winner; mental d eP revention Division of the TamVIGILANCE lficienc1 o r d isease; alcoho lism; p a Police Department said this The America n of ,gambhng; p romiSC\lity ; to o week that assault to murder aiving is one of the highest of many chi ldren for an u nskilled c hal'ges have been brough t nny nation, yet burglary, rob -father to support o r a harried Dennis B u llock 25, 1 4 18 bery, car theft, and other forms !mother to supervise. Such pro Estelle, Apt. C. of larceny are frequ ent. These b lems not only reduce the ef predatory crimes are, as a mat-fectiveness of parental contro l ter of fact, much more numerous by curtailing i ncome and than crimes against t h e p erson ing the family to occupy the &UCh as murder, rape, and ag ]east desirable housing they are gravated assault. F urthermore, illdirectly responsible for in ef tmd this accentuates the para-fective COJUmunity control, too.

Fla. Senotinei-Bulletin -published every Tues. and Frt. Get Both Edition PACE THREE Sa! tut"dily, August 19, 1972 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Atty. Chairman Elected Of Committee For Black Affairs Central Life Insuance C o trea s urer. 'Fund Ra-isiug Committee-Hal" old Reddick, Atty. Delano S. Stewart, Ch 'arles I Jones, Kelly !Bolden, Jetie B Wild s, Sr., Ro bert Scott and Edward Davis Atty. elected man of A ffairs. George Edgecombe was W cdnesday night ch -air the Committee for B la ck l Fiorty -one pusoos repres.en ting a vast cross-sect io n of T a mpa's black popu la tion attending t'he meeti n g at t he Longshore men's H all on Harrison Street in an effort t o f orm a co a lition t' hat would b e heard a t the poll s and &pra k to n eeds of black peo ple in H i tls b o rou<:(h County. P erry C. Harve1y, Jr., pre-sident of Long shor e men s Un ion Lo ca l 14-02, called the m eeting in w'hat he terme d "an e:fort to get blacks into tJhe mainstream." He said black persons fr<>m all walks of life young, old, rich and poor were n eeded to make the coalitioo work. "W-e're all still black, you know," Harvey said, and that i s t he differ e nc e. Atty. Edge-combe, an a ssistant c _ounty solicit o r will have t h e support of Willi e Guinyard and Haro l d Watson as co chairmen. Gui nyard i s form-er president of the Florida A & M Student B ody and i s a yo u ng a c tivi s t Wats on i s a lon gs horeman w ho moved u p through the ranks to b e -com e administrator o f the Tam1p a Kelly Bol de n who ha. s helped in the rebui lding of the NAIAOP in tlie Tampa area, volunteered the and social clu b list to the organization for future mailing purposes. Edgecombe and others noted that "tJ he mass b lack mu s t be a ll o wed to parti c i p ate equ ally and no h ig

PACE FOUR Fla. '!eafl. nel-Bulletm Publls1iea eYery Tues. ud Fri. Cet Bot1i Editions Saturtlay, XuruSt 19, 1972 ilu1 l u, I Published ever;,; Tuesday and Friday D'l Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pub lishing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS and Publisher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. Executiv.e Edi&or SIMON JOHNSON Vice President, Production )IRS. BOSE CRUTCHFIELD Vlee Prcslden&-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice Presldent-Adnrtisinl "'S;;'nd class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 Per Year <>e Edition. $12.50 Ps Year B.U. Editiou. Divisiveness Again In Black (ommunity? That old monster divisivenea.; is again rearing its ugly h.u.d in black communitiesacross th. country. .Recently, a CORE offkia l ac cuMty rega:rd: less o.f what hlau :ruas tor pu:b. lie office. "'When I .-an for pu-blic .office, they .aid: I wa too asertained. No-w that Wuen Dawson is runnint for ]Nb'ic. office, they're saying he's tQO 'snQQty;/ All some people in the need is aD excuse to pipe about some thiag.'' This kind of diVJisiveness ia just what aome white poli!tcans, who mean us no good, like to. Se4l. That is wha' t lost blacks a Congre&si.On.al seat in New Jersey when th.Me blac)u could not agree on whc). would run in the p-rimary aad let a white win the nomina tion in a. distrot that is predomi nutly hJa ck. This, kind of is al SQ the kind ,that can irreptU!a.bly wrench apart the local C:QDl muni i ty in the coun ty and national elec: tions. From our 'Y i w,. Nenwhite1, ac. :ross the coUlltry are undivided in their eftforl$ to equal r .. ts, education, be-tter housing, moa;_e wages and a bic ger piece olf the acti' ori Wha:t. is. ewdent: is that we-ue diverse. in political ph:toeo. phies a:nd ou,.r approaches to ting what we desire most. Some ran: t and rave, some work quietly beh,ind the scenes some are in the public eye. Our more visible champions ha.ve never presumed to speak for aU of us. Each has his own fol lowing and methods. But as a divergent as they az., lit 1hould not lbe thought by ,.ny .. --" 'one lthr t the Black Caucus or the fcr Blacll Affairs, d BANQUET FOR SHERIFF ATTENDED BY NOT ABLES The In*ernaiioaal Sportsman's Club sponsored a Dawson, aDd Major John Salta, also of the Sheriff's fW Slteriff Maleela Beard aiPt oftlft. BeUl Majers Beillrich and Salla are household at their Main steet: and among the names In law enforcement in the. wiWe IIGtables present were:: left to right-Major Walter DaWilOa il a can .. te for Couty Juttce and lleiuic:ll of SllerlWs Dept./ Atty. Warna H. maM a IOUiilll speecb at the affair. tJ:.e Democratic:. Voten League, et. al. do not have the-interests of us all in mind. In fac: t, is needed is more brothers up front demanding that larger alic.e oE that is served to eft-l'l?OIM us. Money Fer Tuskegee Study VJ) Vidims -Ala.kma S.ea.tor James Allen has, ift bcMivcett a. proposal mak il possiWe. f,or up 1to $25,000 Ito he paid to tb.e 'ric tims of ltihe Study and ttheir fam ilies.. biB would utablish a m the federal govern meat sa.y.in& that these poor black of Maeon County should get some:thinr; for having been nude human l u:inea pigs in a s.yp'hilis stud.y: conducted by the Public: Health s-rvic:e. Even af te:r the dlscav.eiiy of penicillia these subJects were denied b-eat ment. Only 75 of 'the 400 aevet survive. LawJers will be ping into, the court& in the to determine wh&Jt these men and' their fam ilies sllould f or the }"elln of suffering they underwent and the way many of them died in a mot questionable program. Ap proval of Allen,'s bill would help by way of while leaving final determinat ion of sums to tthe courts. Allen aays he is ";profoundly disturbed by an assumed power and right in the scientific com munity Ito subject human beings to experiments of this nature 'Wtithout full knowledge of th. e -.. dividual.s involved.'' We. nt\t only concur but tind it even more disturbina: tthat government would ha;ve been par:ty to the entire tMug. eMit Unton Mo. 1 Mr. Charles Williams, Pres. MI!S. lola McCloud, Rept. City: Wide ChoirUni&n N&. l will be. on program Sunda:r at: a at Spring-Mil Baptist Church, Rev. James Scantling !Pastor. Springhill choir No. 1 will be ho.st. The is in vi ted. Save-lille Aatl :S._s Plaoae Your News 248-1921. Charles Hadfey Gets J(EP A,..._.t AI Cannata, director of the Tampa Concertrated Employment Program ( TOEP), said this. week that Charles Hadley 'W'a.e' appointed Director of In

Saturday, Aupst 19; 1972' Fla Seatlnei-BuUetln eYery Tues. and Fri. Cet Both 1Editlou PAGE FfV Rev. William Henry Gordon, churc h pastor and c()-owner of S t one &: Gordon Funeral Home, Inc. perhaps said one of the week s best thoughts, as he told an audience during an ogy's sermon-" When a person 1s up in the chur<;h, 1any Sunday he misses atte!lding \ he gets the feeling of havmg done something wrong or haVIng missed someth i ng that' s a part of his Sunday s life MRS. PRINCESS HARRIS SEEN WHISPERJETTING FROM "GOOMBAY VACAT>ION" in Nassau, Bahamas, where she was accompanied by friends, Mrs. Gertrude Robinson, Cosmet i tian from New Orleans, La. who's her houseguest and Tampan, Mrs ; Sarah who from her many VlSitS to Nassau took the ladies on a.-week end grand tour of the island's beaches, market plac _es, entertain ment spo t s and villages. Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Robinson of New Orleans, before flying on to \Nas sau had attended the National Convention held re' cimtly in Miami. The writer's big gest surprise -here was of "Prin cesi" many years and wide range of travel this was her first _Nas sau visit ... MR. AND MRS. CHARLIE (LILA) PHILO ARE SAN FRAN CISCO, CALIF., VACATIONERS, as gu ests of their daughter. Mr. Philo, real popular gent out Hyde Park way and around the t own, is a retired railroad employee, now managin g the Olde Folks Bar and Lounge. Believe h i s buddies, Roger "Popeye Alex ander, and Nat "Dinky" Johnson, talked him into going to the west coast v i a NAL, which gets you there in two days faster (four hours) .. AN INVITE CAME TO JOIN gentlem a n Nat A. Johnson and h is fellow The Gents Club mem hers at their. Alfresco Par-ty" held at the James Jackson resi dence last weekend Sorry to have mi5sed the set "Gents. JETS COMING 'N GOING HERE 'N THERE 1\frs. Viola Favors and neigh bor, Mrs. Emma Turner, were due back from Grand Bahamas (Nassau) visit, where they stop ped over at the famed British Sheraton Colonial Hotel along fame Bay-St. They 're the wires. of Delta 'Caps, Johnny Favors and Willie Turner Certainly was good to know Coach AJ Barnes of Hillsborough Hi still checks out the corner when he has the time. C o a c;: b BarneS-/ complimented the writer on some of his most recent works here. Barnes still hails as one of the greatest running backs ever in a Tampa high school. Bo stroud says he had even more than Lenny Moore, .the retired Colt.... Was ever so grateful to learn too my friend and fellow church official, Mr. G. V. Stewart, still finds the time to read this corner and find it sometimes quite infor mation-al. Mr. Stewart who hails as one ol our city, state and naAROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD. BRADY tion s foremost educators, even made h : s fine in front of our Founder here at the Sen tinel-Bulletin, 1\l.r. C. Blythe An drews. Why no man, I didn't get a pay raise in my Sat. Why? Freddie Niles, along wrth w1fe, Geaeva, and son, Wilbert a n d Ronal(., are due for hatting up soon for drive bae-k to Houston, Texas and schoal opening, follow ing vacat-ion stay here with rel atives incluaing mother, Mrs. Ed na Niles and sis ters, Dorothy Niles, Lucile Franklin and Cath erine Cooper Got to chat briefly with Miss Rosa Thomas, shortly after she Whisperjetted in from Washing ton, D C. va-cation Sat Rosa, a Robinson Hi '72 grad, sa1d she didn't get to see RMN, Fact is, ddn't think she tried t o Good to know Howard Jordon, one of the kats who keeps me looking extra pretty the town, is doing real nice foll?wing heart surgery recently and 1s ex pected back with brother bar ber, Perry King at the shop within t hree weeks My young friend Mike Latson son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis (Violet) Latson, won't be running track for Southern Univ. on doc tors orders and WQn't be studying out Baton Rouge, La. way be cause of enrolling at our UsF .. Someone asked if the report's true, recent Leto Hi grad Thomas "Skeet" Manning may be playing his foo t ball next for FA:MU. That was news to me too fellow Thought it real nice of family friend Sumner "S. J." Wilson, prominent funeral home co-direc tor a l ong with brother, Clarence, to bring visiting brother, Edward by TIA to chat a spell hatting up for S C. where he was to join family for tr(p to NYC Good to know Eddie McMillian of FSU wbo used to be one of our boy's Friday areund the old TIA, has gotten straight with his college classroom wor-k and will be ready to make the college All American and pro big m o n e y team real soon. The S. F. 49'ers have alceady told McMillian he s on their draft list. Mrs. Cllarlie Mae Roberts, wife of Cleveland Roberts, went up to a family reunion in Birmingham, Alabama last week, and the affair was attended by more than 1100 long-lost relatives. Oscar Ayala, Jr. and Grecory Williams, two young friends out Lincoln Gardens way ,are getting set for their big trip to Atlanta, Ga. Oscar reportedly is going to eventuaLly play basketball for the Morris Brown College Wolverines and Grecory is on a tennis 'Sc hol arship to Clark College'. Other friend from Lin:cOIJi Gardens and HCC, Earl.Ward, Jr. is said to be beading to Atlanta, a lso MRS. HAZEL NELSON was ex pected home during the w e e k from confinement at 'l'GH. $be's the wife of Rev. H. M. Neboll, pastor of Allen Temple A. M.E. Church AND WHILE SPEAKING OF ALLEN TEMPLE AME CHURCH, READER ADVISOR ON ALL MATTERS OF LIFE DO YOU NEED HELP? UNHAPPY? DISCONTENTED? DOUBTFUL! MARRIAGE PROBLEMS! ROME PROBLEMS? HEALTH PROBLEMS? LOVE PKOBLEMST 6503 If. na. Ave. Ph. 231-1068 I .La!' K Grace Mary Baptist Rev. B. T : WiUiams, Pastor Mrs. R. E Cobbs, Rept. S, S began at the usual hour with the supt. in charge. Morning service be .gan at 11 Mrs. J. M. Williard and Mrs. C. Brookins in charge of devotion Choir No. 3 and ushers served all day. The sermon was delivered by the pastor. Testi mony servic e was also held. -The sermon was d e livered by the pa-stor. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith of Brookl y n, N. Y. and Mrs. Daisy M.Williams -of Washing ton, D. C. Friday night befo-re the fourth Sunday Choir No. 1 and ushers will go to Largo to render ser-. :vice The Morn ing Star M. B Church of Largo will render .servi c e with us on the fourth .Sunday morning. Ushers No. 1 will have business meeting Saturday at 5. New Salem MB 405 No. Oregon Rev_ H St-orr, Pastor Mrs. M. H. Coleman, Rept. S. S. began at the usual hour with the supt. in charge. Mrs. L. Wilson gave the review of the lesson. Morning service began at 11 with Deacons L. Young and J. ;Rhymes, choir No. 2, Young choir and ushers No. 2 serving. The -sermon was deliwr ed by Rev. C. Miller, pas-tor of 'First Baptist Church of Coats ville. P,., delivered the sermon. :This was enjoyed by all. BTU meeting was held at the usual hour with Mrs. R. Bethea in charge. Evening service. began at the usual hour w ith the same order of service. A wry good sermon was delivered by the pastor. Two !Persons were church. Visitors all times Truevine added to the are welcome at Baptist 905 Governor Street Rev. J. P. Nichols, Pastor Services were very good all day beginning with S. S with :the supt. G eorg e Barnhill in charg. e. M -orning servic e began 11 with the deac ons in charge of d e votion. Choir NQ. l s erved. Hol y C ommunion was administered. The sermon was delivered by the past or. The Nichols Jubiletts will !have rehearsal Saturday at 4. All are asked to remembtr the sick :and sh)lt-ins. Visitors are welcome at all times. Mirade Prayer Band 'Mrs. Sammie L. Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. W'hite, Rept. 'The Miracle Prayer Band will meet Monday night at 8 at the home of Bishop and Mrs. H. Sirmons, LaSalle 'Street. Visitors are welcome to attend. Minister T. Caihoun is the direc tor. (he Sdtool Les-son By REV. A. LEON LOWRY Paster, Beulah Baptist Chur-ch I SIIAilllfG Ill -CHRIST'S WOBI Matthew 17: 1 20; John 15:1-11 In speakin.g to his followers on one occasion Jesus said: "My Father works and hiterto I work." On another accasion he s a id: "Work while it is day for the night cometh and no man can work." Our Lord was a worker for and with God in the plan of redemption If_ we are followers of his way of life w e will become worke r s too and share in a glorious experience. Somehow there are many who feel that when one becomes a follower of Jesus that one can then sit back and take it easy, there Js nothing more to be done. How this mistaken idea came about I don't know. I ad mit tha-t there is a plac e for med.itation and contemplation in rel igion, but after that ac t ion is demanded. Followers of Jesus supposed to -bear fruit. God nothing Christians. Every man born into this world has a worl< to do if he doe s not do that work he has wasted his life and has lived as a parasit e. J ohn's use of the vine and the branches t o -teach us this Jessen is not foreign to lire on 1 ex pects to find fruit on the v ine ata certain time, that is har vest time. But before the harvest there is a time when the gardener, or the vinedresser, in this instance, cuts off all t he dead unprodu ctiv e branches, leaving the vine loolcing rather nake d I remember my grandfather pruning fruit trees. I wondered why he w.as cutting he told me that he was gettmg rid of all the dead, unp r oducti v e branches in order that the trees might produ c e better and fruit. It was necessary he said to make the trees bleed in ord e r Ifor them to produc e sweete r !fruit. I suppose the lopping off of unpro du ctive facets or branches Bethune High .Rise Pra;yer Band .Mrs. Barbara Green, Pres. Mrs. Mildred Miller, Rept. Bethune High Ris e Prayer .Band met Monday at 7 at the /home of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Miller, Apt. 816 The lesson was taken from the 13th chapter of Roman and the tenth :verse through the fourteenth by 'Elde r H. Brown. The next meeting will be Monda y at 7 from -th e 'home of ..Mrs. Annie Boone Apt. No. 202. Visitors. are welcome at all t i mes. of our lives is certainly ne ces. sary for us to live as God woulil 'have us live Sure l y there a r e experiences in life that we mav, well compare to tha t o f p r un ing. Are we not pruned by the de ath of loved ones or frie nd s, is it not true that s ic k ness can hum ble us? Surely the 1os s of because we have take n a stand contrary to thei r s on some moral or soci a l issu e ft may be that we are ostraci z ed. !by our club members but as painful as this may be it i s bet t e r for us spiritually to stand up and be counted. 'ljhat is the n e ed o f the hour men a n d we men who will take a p ostive stand for God let come wha' !may. I know now what grand :father -was doing, he was culbi vating his fruit trees by cutting them back, but that was not a--H that he did. He fertilized uul sprayed those trees and he tolll me that the detached cut eft branches cou l d not bear, fruit. they had no li:(e in them. He :further said that the r e a son f o r (,!Utting them off was that' some thing had happened to the m to cause thm to wither and d r Y up. They depended on the t re-e for life, detached there from they could not produ c e So :it ds with the Chri stian, he is nothing detac h e d i ro m God He can do nothing wi thout .th e a itl of God In orde r to be produc tive the Christian mus t g e t h i s inspirati on, his stre n gth fro m God and the n he c a n produ ce the kind of results G o d d es i r es. W ithout doubt there will c om g ha-rvest t i me wh e n the resu lts of ones labors w i ll b e tot a le d o r gathered in Agai n, I r ecall the work my grandfat h e r did, I re call the sweat, the bac k break ing labor, but he n ever c o m p lain ed. He was look i n g f o r the harves t to come an d w he n i t d id was happine s s S!.!re-Iy. there were mome nts of f rustratio n sometimes t h e c r ows came the starlings and ate so me o f the seeds, sometimes t he ra-in seemed so far away, at o t h e r times moles would burrow beneath and d estroy the roots, .but my' grandfather n eve r q uit, he never .gave up, h e n e v e r \ doubted that he would r e .av a plenteous harvest. H e d id not alway s get t he amount o f re trun for his back breaking labor, but he was grate ful. However, in the work o l Ch r ist, we are to do our bes'f: no matter w hat come s It m a y be hard, there may be -resistanc e to our best efforts, but we are to work arduous)y bearing fruit. l 0 U I G E It ill not for us to worry abouu the results. Thes e are in thtt hands of Ohrist the Lord, it -is Open Every Day Air Coad. he who will give the pay announcement was made of the llecalef: terms of the increas e. Our duty, selection of the general 859 STREET our responsibility it to dG our man and co-chairwomen for the1r PIOIE 121-1813 job without hesitation or reser.o upcoming Women's Day Program. !..------------..: vation. This year's program will be head __ .:__ ________ ================== ed by Mrs. EU-a Ruffin, -who bas as her chief assistant, Mrs Ro beria Friersn aad Mrs. Mhlaie MUChell. Mrs. 'nlelma Bettton is program secretary and Mrs. Thel ma R.U.wa,-, asst. sec. More on later FKOM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WHIRL, Mr. ud Mrs. EnteR 1. Owena of Amelia Ave. topped off visiting nieces from !Philly, Pa., Marie Saae4ge vaca tion here by taking in the Jolnuty Taylor Show 'N Dance Mr. Owens is a fQI'mer claasmate end Army mate. Only he did twenty years more than me Also on the J4uul7 Taylor Show scene w a 1 charming Mrs. Allee R01ers. Klnda JihGrt of info on Allee, but Johnny Taylor's the k -at who re corded hit.s like, "il'm Qnly Dolnr My Thing, Who's 'Maki!lg tov.e?" and "Ain't No Uae In Home, Cause Jodie' Got Y'oor Gal 'N Gone," etc. etc. lEE YAU LAnlll EM.PIR,E-'PAINT MAIUFICTUBDIC caMPilY 3418 E. 71h A YEIIUE P-E TAMPA, FLA. 241-2.1 GDTSIDE WIRE ..... $275 tal. IIT EIT UTD B :00. RITE UD COUIS .... Coal Coven Nest Sarlaces! LIISEED 00. I IIIT SALE z "' gaL


PACE SIX New Mt. .Zion (Jiebrates Pastor's Anniversary Sunday, August 2{)th mem-bers aud friends of New Mt. Zion M. B. Church, 2511 E. Col umbus Dr. will gather in four separate services to show ap preciation to their pastor and his wife, Rev. and Mrs. B. J. Jones, Rev. and Mrs. Jones will be ce .lebrating thei r fourth anniver at M t. Zion as leaders. Several committees unde r the leadership of Dea. J. W. Leeks and Mrs. Delores Wheel er, man and co-chairman respecti vely, have been working hard for may weeks to make this ail-day affair a most enjoyable one. The theme for this year's anniversary is ."Honoring a Young Courageous Leader .in An Age Of Great Challenge." S. S. will begin at 9:30 with the supt., Dea. Virgil Brooks, in charge. Other officers and tea chers are expected at their posts. The pastor will review the lesson. 'fhe Deacons, Deaconesses, S. S. and BTU are sponsors of the 11 a. m. service. The Gospel Chorus and Purple Lily usher board will serve and the Rev. Biily Baskins, pastor of First Baptist Church, Opa Locka, will deliver the sermon. At 3 P. M. usher boards No. 1, 2, Purple Lily and Junior Us hers will be sponsors. Rev A. L. Brown, pastor of Mt. Moriah P. B. Church, along with his choir and ushers will render -service. The alternates are Rev. L. R. Stancil of New Bethel Baptist and Rev E. Gorden of Macedonia Baptist. A banquet will follow this service in the annex of the church and each member 'is asked to bring a covered dish of salad or dessert. The Senior Mission and pit Aid Board will snonsor the MRS. B. J. JONES COMING 6:30 p. m. service. St. Luke AME Church, Rev. John E. Carey, pastor, and his choir and ushers will be in charge of this service. In an after service at 8 p. m. Choirs No. 1, 2, Gospel Chorus, Junior Choir, Junior Women, Nurse' s Guild, Pastor's Aid and Gleaners Club have been chosen as sponsors. Mrs. Lula Sumpter is mistress of ceremon:es for this The service and sermon will be by Rev. F. C. Cubby, Galilee Baptist Church, St., Petersburg, along with his choir and ushers serving. The alternates are Rev. E. Bentley, Oak Hill Baptist, and Rev. C. Epps, Mt. Olive Baptist. Members of Mt. Zion are !iSk ed to come out to the church. Saturday morning at 10:30 to prepare the church for Sunday's services. The entire public is invited out to any and all of these vices. Help us show pastor and his wife our ap preciation on thi s their 4th Anniversary. Our pastor always says, "this is the church where everybody REV. B. J. JONES Sunrise Prayer Band Mrs. Sammie L. Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White, Rept. The Sunrise Prayer Band will meet Sunday morning at 5 at the home of Mr. and :Mrs. Louis Hill, 3205 E. Chipco. The public is welcome to attend. El der L. Williams is the director. Allen-Temple Pulpit Aid Mrs. Sallie B. Crosby, Pres. Mrs. A. Simmons, Rept. Allen Temple Pulpit Aid Board will meet Tuesday night at 8 at the home of Mrs. Thelma Richardson, 2502 15th Ave. EVENTS AUG. 20-Pride of West Tampa Lodge No. 1 observes anniversarJ at Greater MorninR: Star Baotist Church, 3 P. M. AUG. 20-Don't You Worry Club spOnsors annual tea, Recreatloa Center, 214 N. Boulevard, P.M AUG. 20-Brotherhood Service, Greater Bethel Baptist Church, 3 P M. AUG. 20---Missionary Day, New Hope M. B. Church. AUG. 20-Men and Women's Day, St. Matthew Baptist Church, Sul phur Spring s. AUG. 20-27-National Primitive Baptist Convention, New Salem P. B. Church Tampa. AUG. 21-25-Revival, St. John Progressive M. B. Church. AUG. 27-Federation Day, New Progress M. B. Church. AUG. 27-Annual Pink Tea and Musical Extravaganza sponsored by WSCS of Tyer Temple U. M. Church, 6 P.M. AUG. 27-Youth Day, Mt. Sinai A. l\1. E. Zion Church. AUG. 27-Friendly M. B. Chur(!li Usher. Board No 1 sponsors An nual Tea, 3 P. M. AUG. 27-AnnuaJ Youth Day, St. James Al\IE Church, Progress Village. AUG. 27-St. Mark M; B. Church of Port Tampa Homecoming. SEPT. 3-Breakfast Dance sponsored by Bay City Lodge No. 268 at Elks Rest, 809 E. Laurel Street, midnight. SEPT. 3-Stay-at-Home. Membership Tea, Harmon's Halfway Home, 7909 Endive Avenue, 5 P. M. SEPT. 3-Red and White Tea sponsoredby the American Beauty Social and Civic Club from 6-9 at the Sugar Shack. PROUD PARENTS. OF THE NEWLY WEDS Proud parents of the recently mariied Sgt. and Mrs. Robinsky Reed stopped briefly to co .ngratl!late each other following the wedding cere mony at Mt. Zion Baptist Church Sunday. On the left are the bride's parents1 )\lr. and Mrs. Sea right Sullivan. On the right; parents of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Reed; Jr. TO SPEAK AT BETHEL BAPTIST REV. JAMES HOWELL Rev. James Howell will peak at_ Bethel Baptist Church Sun day afternoon at 3 In observance of annual "Brotherhood Day" which Is being_ sponsored by the brotherhood. Rev. Howell is of St. First In stitutionai Church of Palmetto. Morning worship will begin at 10:45. Devotion will be conducted by Mr. Julian Reynolds and Mr. James Sweeting and the Sanctuary Choir will render the music. Ushers No. 1 will serve. The _pas. tor will deliver the sermon. Sunday schooi will begin at the usual hour with all officers and teach ers at their posts." The president of the Brother hoOd, Mr. Jamer Rhodes and or ganizer, Mr. Curtis Sams a nd all members extend to ypg. a cordial welcome to worship wiih tnem in order to make this. occasion a grand success. -Emmanuel M. / 2204 Highland Ave. Rev. H. W. Wilburn, Pastor Mrs. H. Pittman, Rept, S. S. will began at the usual 'hour with the supt. and teacherl at their posts. Morning service will begin at 11 with the deacons in charge {)f devotion. The Santuary. Choir and senior ushers will serve all day. The serm. on will be ed by the pastor. BTU meeting will begin at 3. Evening service will begin at 6:30. Prayer meeting will be held Thursday night at 8. All are 'asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. $INGFIELDS OBSERVES 30th ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. (Emma) Singfield, .2913 20th St. observed their 30th wedding anniversary. Friday nigh.t at their home. Helping to make this occasion a joyous one were the following relatives and friends: Mr. and Mrs. Willie IJigraham, Mr. and Mrs. James Love, Mi-. and Mrs. Sylvester Mobley, Mr; and Mrs David Douglas; $r., 1\fr. and Mrs. J. C Bozeman, Mr. Joseph McRae, Mr. and Mrs. Earl O'Neal, Mil'S Helen Long, Mrs. Ossie Stroud, Mrs. Fosteila $mith, Mr. Otis Singfield, Jr., Mr. Shawa Singfield, Mrs. Jimml Kay English, Miss Arnetta Smith, Mr. and !\Irs. Plaid, Mr Edward Gansey, Mrs. Dorothy Kelly, and Mr. Lticlous Barbara. The Slngfields received many beautiful gifts. They are the proud parents of Jour children and two grandchildren After the party, Mr. and Mrs. Singfield motored to Orange Heights for the weekend. S/SGT. JAMES LOVE RETURNS HOME Saturday night was the scene of a gala welcome home party bt honor of S/Sgt. James N. Love whO has just completed a three year tour of duty in Mainz, Germany. The party was hosted by his wife, 1\frs. Deloris Ford Love and sister-in-law, Mrs. Barbara Hepburn Ford. Guests enjoyed a delicious ming. day will be observed Sunday at Mt. Zion AME Church of whkh Rev. Y. Benjamin is pastor. The morn ing speake;r will be Rev. Bernard M. Jones. Others on program are:. o. C. SiQgfield, B. S. Proctor, Dr. James L. Green, Bobby 'J,'h.ompson, Astor Bell, Sumner J. Wilson, Revs. Everett C. Curry, Kearney, J. D. Johnson, Young Johnson, Alonzo Gary, How ard Pierce, Samuel Owens, Will Brady; Eddie Lawrence, Lewi1 Archi.e, Japtes. Richardson, Solomon Sylvester Mobley, Mesdames Qla l\1. Gonzalez, Carrie Mae Taylor, Etbel Lawrence, Ruth C. Archie, Iris E. Miller, Jeanette Collins, Gwend-olyn Good win, Pearl McNeil, Victoria Rand, E Kate Slngfield, l\lattie Tate, Rosa L. Burke, Osie L. Stroud, Lillian Carswell, Lee Bivens, Eddie 'fhompson, Fostella Smith and others. Homer J. Hemmingway is chairman and Mrs. Alease Washington is serving as program man. FORMER. TAMPANS RETURN HOI\-IE Farmer Tampans, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wilson of Brooklyn, N. Y. : left Friday after spending two weeks with his father, Mr. Len Wilson and sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Tinsley, While here 'they were entertained by the Preston Williams at a dinner and tour of Busch Gardens They were also dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Aquilla Davis of Carver City, MISS ANDERSON TO WED SUNDAY Alalia Jean Anderson, former Tampan now residing in Cincinnati, Ohio will. become the bride Sunday of Waymond Ollio Mack. A place settiag. has been set up at one of the local jewelry stores. MOTORS TO DONALDSONVILLE, GEORGIA Mrs. Myra Coachman got a chance to try out her new Pontiac last week when she motored to Donaldsonville, Ga. to be at the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Lucille Pew who underwent surgery. She was accompanied by her childre n. THE SCOTTS HAVE GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. Reynold Scott of West Tampa were happy to have their children, grands and great grands visit with them this summer. Arriving from Stanford, Conn. were Mr. and Mrs. Edison Scott and daughter, Theresa Ragsd-ale and sons, Eddie and AI Rags(Continued on Page 7) DR. P. A. ERVIN DENTIST 14041h CENTRAL AVENUE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT At My Residence Before 9 a.m. WIGS, CLOTHIHC, JEWELRY, REFRIGERATORS,-AIR CONDITIONERS, TV's, ELE.CTRIC WASHERS. ON THE "EASIEST .CREDIT TERMS" Ill TOWJf Phone HUB CREDIT CLOTHIERSlyt.915 FRANKLIN ST.lyt TAMPA, FLA. -. -.


.,. ... ,,. .. ,:Fia Senitnt.ei-Butletln PubllsheCI ever}" !foes. aiuf f'rl. Cet Both. E'ditioftt1 ,., : 1 : ,. r -.:PAGE SEVEN : ; '' '8altutday, August 19, .,, .. ___ Guest, Speaker At D. Y. W. MiRRORS OF SOCIETY ,,_Club 5th The D. Y W. Club wi11 observe their 5th anniversary Sunday from 3 :30-5:30 at the North Blvd. Rec reation Center Mrs. Gwendolyn Tucker will be the guest speaker. Appearing on program will be Allen Temple Pulpit Aid Board, Adam Junious, Chatillors Choir, Mt. Pleasant Jr. Choir Miss Aletha Smith, City Wide Male Chorus Greater Mt. Carmel Jr. Choir, Little Demone Pratts, Mrs. Louise Johnson, Mrs Mary Wil liams, Mrs. Eddie M. Williams, Mrs. EL en B e njamin, Aggie Gol den Norman Johnson, Estella Junioti s, Bernice Hopkins Carolyn Miller Mrs Martha Kennedy! Mrs. Martha Darriego, Mrs Henn Phillips Theresa Huntley, Vera Coy Reynolds Mrs. Frankie Mr&. Gloria Philmore, Cora Lee A drich Mrs Martha Ravanna, Mrs Sara Stewart, Gr .. Mt Carmel No. 2 Choir, the Young Women of of Z i on AME and their No. 1 ch01r, Mrs. Elizabeth Randolph Alfred :Dickerson, Mrs Annie Mitchell, -'lhs : Dena Crapario, Mrs.. GWENDOLYN TUCKER Trent and Mrs. Lenora Brady. Mr Frank J. Davis is president of the club. The public Is in vited. Bob Ciilder To. Speak Sunday Afternoon St: -luke al Singers MiS.s Bertha Ran dolph, Mrs. Ceola Doby a n d Miss Shirley Edwards, Dea. James Lundy, Mrs. Lillian Cohen, Mrs. Barbara Mitchell Miss Rose BOB GILDER The Pulpit Aid Board of St. Luke AME Cl)urch of which Rev. John Carey is pastor will observe its 27th anniversary Sunday be ginning at 3. The guest. speaker for the occasion will be Mr. Bob Gilder, widely known and ac claimed for his fight for human rights and against poverty for the past decade Others participating on pro gram are: Mr. Charles Jones, Mrs. Henri M. Phillips Mrs. Ro sanne McCullough, St. Luke Choir No. 2 Mr ,Robert Britt, Grace Mary. M B. Chtirch, choir No. '2 of Mt. Moriah of Tarpon Springs, Miss Ann Wiggs, Gospel Faith Inc.reasers, Mr. Lorenza Hayes; Mr. Rochester Gilbert, Mr. Ran dolph Johnson !!nd his InspirationSt. Paul-AME 506 Harrison St. Rev. F. C Pastiir Mrs. C. H. Martin, Rept, .. Sunday is pastorial day and all members are advised that the books are open for conference claims to be paid along with the ,budget and beautifucation funds, to the Finance Committee. Mr. Herbert Charles is the chairman of this committee. Members of the Pulpit --Aid Board are asked to meet with the president immediately after the morning service on Sunday in the sanctuary of the church. It is important that all members attend this meeting. Mrs. C. H. Martin, rept. \ Da!vis, Mrs. Cynthia z'eigler Miss Brenidine White, Miss Donna Ros s, St. Paul Puilpit Aid Board, New Mt. Zion Pulpit Aid Board, Allen Temple Pulpit Aid Board and the American Beauty Social Club The chairman, Mrs. Floretta Jackson invites you to this great occasion. The church is located at 2709 25th St Sears KATHY WILLIS Home after a-ttending summer sessions at Bethune-Cookman Col lege is Miss Kathy Willis, daugh ter of Mrs. Kathryn Willis. Kathy is a 1972 honor graduate of Plant High School ; She currently wears the title of "Miss Teenage Tam pa 1972' and was a winner of the scholarship sponsored by the AKA Sorority A graduate of Jo ann Toretta's Modeling School, she served for two consecutive years as a Pacesetter Fashion board member. Kathy enjoys modeling, reading and : music. She will return to ace August 27 as an advanced freshman majoring in Communi c ations. Miss Willis is a member of Tyer Temple l;J.M. Church of. which Rev. E. J. Rivers Is pastor St. Matthews -(hoir No. 1 Deacon Neal Goodm n, Pres, Mrs. G. M. Campbell, Secty, St. Matthews Choir No. 1

(ContblUed From Page .2') ChtH"cb, corner of' Willow and LaSalle. The sp.on3Ql'lJ. &f the f.Hm, The Young Women'&. A,mtiliary of the chl:llcl! fs publle to come out and see this. won.derfur lin<:1t tb.it is the fil>&t ap.peaxance in thi&. area. MR. TUCKER IS .BACK AT 1\tr. J a -.ell, p. Tu.c:ket tQ. hi }ob. la.s.t lifQ.Ud',ay at CN,Wil Z elledlMh C01; p after a. six week:> away from work. Tbl:ee; weeks oi bis vac.a.tiolil in. New Y'Ol:k.. He was tlilere tzy his, wkie. :Bo.t.ll reJ,J.octe.d au. eo.joyal>l-tri.p, On their 10eturn. home, tb.ey PJ'oug,ht, back a lit.Ue reJ.a.tJNe:. Muy A!lll .rettexs.. rlaugb.ter of 1'1.1-. and Mu. Alo.-zQ. JdJetso. who t bree with them. She returned home last week to t.lw seccnd &:rad&. this scbl:>ol. t.era CHE.CKlNG ON THE SICK Mrs. Lucille Thomas, aunt of Daniel B.e.ue: Willla-.s. is 1n Drs B.oMd Leoa WiJijams is. conto, v; A in. Ne-wY cl>llt. Mr!i:. areol C!l Cen.bval is in Ceot!10J H0spithl!ll. -' Mrs. Hattie Norton of l'Z12 Na.s.s,a:u Sb't4t1t tco.t sliU! gery and is resting at home.Mrs. Norton, an. _.LPN at st. :miizar belib is a o. Olllll'U li::hrist. Ffiends maY' 1stt he. Mrs.. :Lessie-&rdt,. li,i5, MitcheU A1eenl!le fs in st. Bci>s.. pi.ha:l, Room lt25.._ She a a oi lfQp& M. R. and serves on the usher board and other departments oJ' her chureh. Please visit with het. WiSHING YOU A BUP>Y llilR'fllD.AY Hapw hirth.d31Y are t'EIJ littre Allriaa SiJns. who was furl!(! years old August 16'. He-is. the. &On of Mrs. Minba MaynQ Sims, grandsma of Mrs. Maqant 8lild great gL'81ldl of Thomas a.._ EUrtd RrQaU.ax Aeiaa attie-nQs. Day Nlill'sery. ArnQDg his muy liike,s aR .1' and the> Jaeks0 n Five. Mrs. Alice D. celebrated nabal day AI!IW. 17. Baptist Rev. : Scantling; Past().F Mrs, R:&pt. S. S, at. t.he. supt., Mrs. Shepp-..ard in chal'g'e. AU teachers we-:re a\ their and the x eviewed by Mr. Earl Glynwh. l;v.en.ini at S v.:itb. the sam,(!, -w as. lW b;w B.utle:t". AU a.c.:tk.:i.tit.s rewaiu the: same. New Hope MB 300 5 E. Ellicott ke.v. Jeb, services bl New f'!lllier wil!li begin: ni'&-h:t a11: 't:ao. ([; .. Qir NO .t -willl ... Satw:da.y at. :U., 'Fb. 114leG>'$! wHl netlears-. a b night at 7!. is av..dl will begi:a at 9 :3.0: wi.hll. 8-S : with.. SlJiP;t. a:n4t a t their w.i!l!l begin at ll w.itb, ch.o-ir NQ-. 3 a.nd &eltlll'.I.Oa w.Hl be d'e Uve:redi by the. :p_as.tol'. Jil!tU meeting will begin. at Ev:enJng will bew-m a:11 6 w-it It 1the. sam.e-ol?d.e:r oili A wil:l\ b _$3 held. P .. H .. pas.tor. Q f FUis..t Jla. J;!tist b:l.t. Cb.11Fch of. Lakela.nd will be.gj,n. J!l;a;ea.c.hi.ui, n..t ol!Jlt :.;e-vival on M.on nig,ht. servi:c!es -will each night &t. I.-11P Dist. Laymett 1\b. BHDy }'avo.JIS; MJ:S. Rutlta Willi.aiDI>, B ept. ':Fhe. Tampa Dislllfic t Laymen of the Am: Chmte h wi: U nw! t at MK Ol'ive: A:ME' Chu11e h Rev. A. F. I:.iitt.De-, pastol"' .tUb oifleell'& andl asked to bepl'esen1i &ntill ol'l MI.'S. IAez S.f)al"ks, ])i;!leciior .o-1' Lay A e tivlti(i!S wi-ll be in charged of the topic for-discus sion. Morning Mgan at l1 with deYotion J.}y JameS Eady. All choirs. served as The sermon was delivered b:y; the pastor. His suhject was, "No Cowan! Soldier.'' .wE Wftt NOT It[ UNO[ItSOlO,. BTU b-egan at 5:3 0 with pres ident Whitehead in charge. Night service began at 6:30. The sermon was d elivered the pastor after w hi c h Holy> communion was administertd. On the sic k list are: Mrs. Sarah Spikes and Mr. Johnny Harrison. Let us pray f o r the sick and shut-ins. Auxiliary week begins on .Augu s t 21, NorthSide Baptist. Church wm serVi', Rev Jaco b Jordan will deliver the message. Tuesday night Rev F. and Bethel A.ME. Wednesday night1 Rev. H od o aJJd Highland Ave. Thursday night, Bethel ;Baptist, Rev. L. R. Stancil. On Friday night, Rev. Thompson and Firs t Uni.on M B. Chun:h. On Sunday morning, the. youth of Spri Dghlll will take The speaker will be Mr. Victor George Peterson. {)n S tm day night at 8 p m the Hour of )'ower will convene at Spring )).ill. Ebenezer MB AMERICAN OUNl STORES TAPE NOJES FROM TAMPA QUBS THE 3 w. W&Mil:JWsi t.uJ.a ils. a party Frlda night at at 11 i:s; M>rs. Mary Neal, president. N&. 1 wi-11 have-aJt 11 m tl\e l!i'tre ati'OHa.J bi!I>Hding, 321B2 stJ!"t '.fbe. lis; a.s.king all members 1!0 pl:ease attend. i,s. Qlil! Bolt all Please den 'ii ful'the-we to worshi P' a-t ReV'. Pli'l:ten s chuttel't St. :JlQ):lG> . 327 J:'&AM will meet Mtomlayn:i\gbt a t the; (l)Qd I!Jiallll, Central and' Seott. All members are aske -d' tQ b& pJ:esemt aw;l) on Hme. l.U.:Y WBJ'.ti:, Ct>NDU'lOftS win beheld Sl!ln at 1 at.. the hl.tme ok Ml's. Caldwell, 1 21-3 Bucden ct. The las.t was. b gld at the hQme of Mrs. Eula Lee Ad 'amsc where a delicious mentt was served'. These attending were Maude Fowler, MJ:.s. E.Jizabetb. Po,vell Mirs, Gussie White, Mrs. !Eva M. Patterson,, M'l's Frances_ CaldweU, Mrs. :Benita BanKs, l'v;l:rs. Ethel &oadnax, Mi-ss l'lrenda GranviHe and Mrs. Eula U:.e Ad a ms. Al't conductors are. aslted tQ pleas.e. attend this me.eting.. Mrs. E t hel M Broadnax, State Director. INTERNATIONAL F&AM MASON AND OES YOUTH COURTS NO. 4:t awl 4:-L wilt a w.ash Salttlrda born 8 A Mi. to 8 P. M all FW S; :aP 14th .6;.ve. 22nd Slt, Clll!fence-Smi..tb, presi dent. SL John. Cirtle No. 2 Mrs. Cbairma,ll l Mrs, E.Ua. White, St.. JJoh.n. ([;i'!Zcle: No. 2t wi11 rnll.eit Molul:ay-ev:eni ng. at 6 &t: 1lma of Mr 1213; St. 'Flie tesso-n byone of themem heJ

Fla. .. Bulletln Pulllshed eYery Tues. ancl Frt Get Edit lone PAGE NINR ... J_ -.. ... ''I'VE BEEN SHOPPJRG limE EvER smcE nRST: iJPEIIED uo 1 iJKE 1 sAvE 011 .EVEBYTHIRG 1 .. f MRS-. PIRI(lE'! MOORE 2204 25th Avenue ,. .;' i tampa, 5 ... TIE OF FAMOU. BRANDS I .. THES E A .RE THE STORES .-THAT. SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa 1725 N. Dale Mabry Tampa .. : 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa ....... 2301 :tlorida Ave; Tampa 50th St. 8r I Olh -Ave. Tampa .. 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa Hillsboro 8r 15th St. Tampa 8th Ave. 8r 221id SL Talllpa ; .... 4101 norida Tampa .... --Nebraslca 8r Waters Tampa .. WesfShore al lennedy Tampa .. 1112 SO:h,le .Mab.Y Tampa 4487 Plua Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. Cor .. norida 8r Walen Dade City ..... : 506 E. Pasco Plant City 507 So. Wheeler SL PalmeiJo ........ 515 7th Si. Riverview ... .... 301 .... -911 BraDdon MaD_ ; Cortez Road W. ol Jlwy 41 Inverness ..... 803 W. Main SL. Zephyrhills Hwy. 301 First SL Lak.eland .. : 925 .:ilar.ow Rd. : Pine" Ave St fe.rsburg .. 6095 9th Ave. I. Sarasota 3840 So. Tullle Ave 8r Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Boalf Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Pinellas Park 41'20 Park Blvd. I. Venice .. .. 480 Venice Largo .. Bwy. 19 8r Mmerlon Rd. .. A .NY DAY-------LOUPLEAT BRYANTc-KillKLAND RECEPTION: A striking coqple among the niany at the. reception for Mr !lnil Mrs. Reche Kirkland Sunday at the Motor Inn wa Carolyn Grice and Richard Pride. Elaine >Bryant and Reche ex -' changed vows earlier at Robles Park Auditorium. ELECTED. SEC. OF FLA. AG TEACHERS Tampa W :oman Airman To Colorado SAN Patricia: Williams; .daughter of. and Mrs. Arthur ,Killins of 4304 Arch St, Tainpa has been to Lowry AFB,. Colo J B G ., tl 1 gri. after completing Air Force basic reen_, a ona a training cultural in Hillsborough Co.!lnty lor twenty :fiv e years, &\X lit the has' been : 'Secretary of, Au; Trammg .Command 3 Lack the Flor"da_vocational 'AgriculturAFB, .. she !h al Teachers Association which Air Force miSSIOn, orgamzabon met in .its annual conference in and customs and': received M iami Beach Aug,ast 7. This is instruction in h11man rea state-wille, integrated organizalations, tion which is composed of 325 ag. The. airman has been assignf'cl ricultur:al teac;hers throughout the to the Technical Training Center state of Florida. He was elected at: Lowry for speciaHzed Secretary for the 1972 term. 'ing in the supply field. / 1\fr. Green holds the B S and M.S Airman Williams is a 19iZ degrees in the field of Agricultur-graduate of Howard W Blalc al Edil c at!on from Florida AgriEveJihig Adult High S c hool. cultural and Mechanical Univer sity Tallarassee. He is employed as Chairman of the Agricultural Department at Tampa Bay Voca tional Technical Center, and is a deacon and a trustee of Greater Bethel 1Bl\ptist Church --------------------Buy from Florida Sentinel Advenisers ---------------LET YOUR VOICE 'BE HEARD ELECT ERWIN P ,erkins Co,nly Commissioner Dislricl 4 Democ;rat A man who Is well q u alified with 27 yeats of business ad ministration in Hillsboro Coun ty, a man who is concern4ld about his fellowman, a man who stands for equal tunity for all. Paid Political Adv.


PAC E TEN Fla. Senitlnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri.Cet Both Ediitions Sa!furday, August 19, 1972 Rtfii'ST; R ,ATION OF STUDENT'S SLATED FOR .NEXT W ,EONESDAY .Although it own't be until Mooday, Augus t 21ffih that they .start attending class, many of the more-than-1100,000 p U!!)ils in H!iHs boroug h Oounty Sc 1 hools will re port in at tJheir' schools -next week for registration and orien tation. Biggest day of pre-school activities will be n ext Wednesday ( 1\ug 23) when all el ementary school pUJ!lilswill be registered, between 8:310 a.m. and 112 noon have been made so registration of all elementary rupils may be done by pupils Bnd thei r pa.reot!i at the: r nearby neig hborhood sclbool, even though they may be bused out of the ar.ea to attend another school when school gets underwa-y. Lawrence Worden, director of elementa-ry education, said t each ers from 6th Grade Genters will be presrot Wednesday morning in the 1-' 5 grade sc hool s to register sixth graders who will be bused. 'Likewise, for first-through-fifth graders who will be b-used to a satellite school teachers from the 1atte r w ill be present in the 6tJh Grade Centers to regis-ter them. lin addition to t'!e Wednesd-ay morning registration, Harris C

August 19, 1972' Fla. Sentinei-Bulle.tin Published every Tue!l. and Fri. Get Both Edition --------------------------JEFA 1UL CAL UNCi By FATBEB A. PARI Woodridge Elem. School Woodridge Elementary School announces that Registration for 1st through 5th grade children will be held at night on Wednes 'day, August 23 from 7 to 9 p. m. at Orange Grove School. I Views 01 Progress Village __ B_;y;...I_RA_-L_EE_EN_N_IS_-P_h_on_e_6_77_-1_3_10_-::: The Jesuit Free Employmc nl Agency of the Tampa Bay U rban League (JEFATUL) is calling upon the bu siness, professional and industrial communities of the Tam pa Bay area to employ our appli cants. The following persons are seeking employment: Typist look ing for office work, man look ing for truck driving job, commercial artist looking for advertising j ob, PBX operator looking for offic e work, workers looking for place to room and board. JEFATUL OPPORTUNITIES: Nurse's aid. daytime factory wor kers, laborers, and one electric technician. JEFATUL THANKS: JEF A TUL wishes to thank Pete Fernandez of Surplus Salvage, Re uia Brothers and Company, O l d Peoples Nursing Home, Tony Pe ------' Brown Temple Church 2314 27th Ave. Elder W. W. Gilyard, Pastor Mrs. Katherine Hardge, Rept. S S. begins at 10 with the supt. and teachers at their posts. The lesson will be reviewed by the pastor. Morning worship begins at 11:30 w .ith the deacons in charge of devotion. There will be an appreciation s e rvice fo1 the pastor on Sunday, August. r 20th, Elder Johnnie Outing of Orlando will bring the message. On Sunday night the Rev. Rivers and members of Tye r Temple UM Church will render servi ce at 7:30. Please pray for the sick. Vi sitors are wel c ome. rez, Mrs. Mack Hayes, Miss Nancy Williams, for helping JEFATUL this past week JEFATUL NEEDS: Clothing staple food, office sap plies knitting supplies, and elec-tric fans. NEED A NURSERY THIS FALL? Call JEFATUL at 229-3117 or 223-3454. Those needing work or workers, pl e ase call JEFATUL at 229-el17 or come to 1405 Tampa Park Plaza. We may also be reached at 229-8117 or come to 1026 Central Av e nue New Progress MB 3307 E. Shadowlawn Uev. E. J. Williams, Pastor C. R. Batchlor, Re

PAGE TWELVE Fla. Tues an'd lrl. Get Both EdHiona Sarturday, 19, 1972 Mt. Pisgah-Chorus To Render Musical: Program _Tonight Tonight at 8, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Chorus Pompano Beach will render a musical program at St. Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs of which Rev. G. E. Edwards is pastor. Other choirs Miss Black Florida ORLANI)O -Fredi Grace DeGraffenreidt, .. Miss Black !'eign with a v isit -1o Walt Disney World's Magic Khigdom, where she and her eeud were (l'eeted Cinderella Castle by Micke7 of the city will appear on program. This Sunday at St. Matthews, Sunday School will begin at 10 and morning worship at 11. The guest -speaker will be Rev. F. Pisgah Baptist Church of PompllJlO Macedonia Baptist Church, Begins _Reign With Visit _To Pisney World Mouse, Goofy and Pluto. From leU to right are 3rd Fredi DeGraffenrciili ; Miss-Biack-Florida; and Zll4l runner-up Mary Louise "JohnSon;-Miss Black Palatka; -numer-up Sheryl Jackson, Miss Black Ocala, runner-uup Paula Forrest, Miss Black Orlando; -

SARA LE! APPLE PIE NO HIAD OVH 25'JUMr ICEBERG CRLOJ'IiAHE WRAfPEO 18C LETTUCE .: ..... .. MCKENZIE MIXED VEGETABLES. .. 650-TOP VALUE STAMPS White Bread THRIFTY MAIO Tomat oes 3 CRAKINC GOOD 29c DIXIE DARLING HAMtURGfR ALL VARIETIES KRAFT 1l 3 9' Wiener luns. :C.. larltecue SCJuce : KRAFT C Mayonnaise ...;t59 ARROW "10' Paper OE!I' SOUTH Mayonnclise .. ,... '...t49c !:.ate clh";k"'irinks .1-0 SUPER:RANO HOMOGENIZED$115 Mtl k IAL All FlAVORS THRIFTY MAID THRIFTY MAID If.._ Gelatins 3::.25' IDDiesauce .. UICK CAT fOOD OR SLICK THII\Ffv MAID WHOlE KERNEL 815 88' O.CRfAMSTYlE 4 llor. -88 Food. .:. Golden Corn ... I!' All VARIETIES CRACKIN' GOOD JUMBO 3JIN $1 Dixie Pies. N&. .. .ALL VARIITIIS EXCEPT IRF l PRIED BANQUET I I 99C SUPPERS GOVERNMENT INSPECrfO FROZfN 79C LEG 0' LAMB ....... .. RATH HIOKO.Y SWEET SliCE; : 79' C lACON ........ .... 'lO Plla PI.CI(AOIIIANQUfT RATH FrledChlcken!.::$16 Dried leef. 79' H!AT l SERVE COOKED CWISCONSIN -leaf fritters .. 89 Dalsv Clleese .. 99' SHENANDOAH GRADE A BALLARD OR CRACKI N fROZEN CORNISH 79' 200D 1 oc Game lle11s '!: Ull llscults'.: W 0 llltAND 6 9 C Yogurt -.


PAC FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin 'Pu bli she d every Tues. and Frl Get Both Edittona Saturday, Aucusl 19, 197Z Faith Temple Corner Palm and Lamar Rev. Floyd Johnson, Acting Pastor Rev. J. H. Williams of Okeechobee was the Pulpit gues t last Sunday morning He chose as his text" Christian Love'' and during the evening worship, Rev. Jacob E. Jordan, pastor of Macedonia M. B. Church was our vjsitor while he is enjoying a vacation, that his members are giving him. He was asked by Rev. Johnson to d elive r the sermon and he chose a s his theme, "Keep pressing On Rev. Williams' s wife accompain ed him. Our attendance was good at both services. Next Sunday, the guest M i ni s ter will be Rev. Lewis Carr, who is well known in this com munity as a great spiritual preacber. You cannot miss hear ing this gospe l preacher. The Chancellor choir will render t.he music all day. Do not forget to make, your self interested in btrilding up your Kindelli"arlen a;nd Nursery. Missionary society meeting, Tuesday evening -and praye r services ll'uesday evening. Yuu are .always welcome at Faith Temple. Holsey,_. 3729 Ncn1b 1001 Street Rev. L. fl. Moatsemery, Paster Rev. Rosa L. Bryaat, RepGrier Sunday s c hool began as usual' at 9: '30 w :th the supt., Mr. A Coleman in charge of devotion and review of the lesson Morning worship service began at 11 with the Rev. Rosa L Bryant in charge of devotion The Rev. L. B. Brown delivered the message. His theme was "Love. The pastor is on vac a tion but will r eturn the 4th sun: day and take charge of the ser vi<: e. A'l other a-ctiv i t ie s remain the same including praye r service each Tuesday night at 7 and Bible On the s ic k list is Mrs. .G,enia Austin at 'home improving. Let us pray .for the sick and shut-ins everywhere. You are always wel c om e t o come ana worship with us in all ou r services. Frieadslaip 'Baptist Corner of Lois and Nassau Rev. Qvod D.exter, Pastor 'Mr11. M. Lyons, -Rept. S. S. began at 9:45 with a;upt in charge. Morning -se:rv.ice began at 11 with the -deacons in charge of d evotion. 'llhe junior choir serv ed. The sermon was deliveo.rel by the pastor. Mrs. .Doroth y Harmon and sons were present. Visitors are welcome all times. Revival services will begin on Monday night and will end on Sept. 1. Rev. Foster Garvin will be in charge of the preaching. The public is invited. Spiritual Revivals Celebrate First Anniversary The Spiritual Revivals will cele brate their first anniversary be ginnig on Thursday night. On Thursday night they will be at Antioch M B Church, 2oth and 15t h Ave Rev Heath, pas tor The time is 7 :30. Friday night the !JFOUP will be a t the Apostolic Church of God 2014 Nebraska Ave Rev. More land pastor. The time is 7 :30. The group will apepar at Pil grim Re s t M. B. Church on Sat urday night at 7 :30. The churcl: is .located at Nassau a nd Lois Ave. in Carver City and Rev. Brooks is the pastor. Sunday afternoon at 2 P M the group win appear at the AI mettia B & B Temple, 2718 18tl: Avenu e. Sunday night the Spiritual Re v iv als will apepar at Morning .star Auditorium Tl:ie sponsor J. T Garten. The programs are free e a c } night The manager is Robert Jacobs. frienlslip Baptist 3-107 t Lak-e Aveaue Rev. H. ; L. Da'lliels, Pastor Mrs. Net(ie Rept. S. S began .at 9:45 with the assiti:n g supt. in charge. All tea chers were at their posts. The was reviewed by the pas tor. Morning service began at 11 with the No. 1 choir and junior us-hers serving The d evotion was led by the deacons A very good sermon was delivered by the pastor. Evening. service began at. 6 witn Deaco n Earl clark and Hosia Daniel in chal'ge of od.e-votion. The No. 1 choir and jnnio r ushers ,served. The ser mon was delivered b y the pastor. Tuesday night at 7 Missionary meeting. Wednesday night at 7 song servic e, and at 7:30 pray er meeting and bible study. Sat at 2 the Young Aduits will meet at the church. Tea chers me eting will. begin at 2 on Satnrday. All are asked to attend all weekly activ ities. All. are a sked to remember the sick a nd shut-ins. Pilgrim Rest Baptist Nassau street Brooks, Puter Servlces were good Sunday be ginning with Sunda y school. The acting stUrt. was in charge. Dea. Harris and Mr. R e.e s e were ill charge fo the ( devO'tion during morning service. 'The jun ior ushers and choir served. The pastar delivered the sermon. Evening wocship began at 6 :3C with devotion being led by Dea. C W Shiver Rev. S P Maney de livered the sermon. The s a m e chcrir and ushers served. Remember. the aick and shut ins. ,11811UC:J OF U.S.A. !C." NEUIRAl SPill$ DI$IW 110M Mt. Sinai AME Zion 2909 Nebraska Ave. Rev. P. E. Ramsey, Pastor Mrs. Alice D. Sirmons, Rept. The Sunday services for the past were held with the pastor, 'Celestial choir and offiil.t their posts. The Presiding Elder Rev. R. L. Lee visr...cd with us. He delivered the message. AHer the morning service the First Quarterly Conference was heJd. All boards mad:! their reports. The White Robe 10hoi r ed on program a t the Choir Union at Mt. Pleasant M B. Church. Plans are .being fQrmubted for the. 'Youth Day program, which w i ll be held the fourth Sunday in August. Mrs. Martha Cail is the chairman. Service for Sunday will begin at 9:45 with the supt. in charge. Morning service will begin at 11 with the White Ro b e Chorr, ushers and the pastor ln charge. Members are reminde d of the Special Rally which will end ()oi} Sunday. V.OE will begin at 5 : 30. All members are asked to please partidpate. All ac:r.e uked to re mern er the sick -and shut-i:ns. New Macedonia Ml 3402 E. Dele ail Ave. Rev. R. Robia!IOn, Pastor Mrs. L. Owens, R ept. .S. S. began on last Sund2y at the usual hour with the supt. and teachers at their posts. The morning and evening services were all delivered by the pastor. Revival services are 11ow in session at New Macedoni:i. Pray er service began on Wednesday night and will end on Friday night. Preaching will begin on Monday ni ght and will end on Friday, Aug. 2 5. Services wiH begin each night at 7:30. R ev. 0 W. Wadel!, pastor of thi! Little Z ion Baptist Chu.n:h of Marianna, will be in charge of the preaching. S ervices f o r Sunday will be carried out in the u sual manner. Choir No. 1 will serye all day. The seny\ons wiU be deliv ered b y the pastor. The public i s in vited. :Evaagelist Pr_ayer laltl Mrs. L. Owens, Pres. The Evangelist Prayer Band of which 'Mrs. M. B Spivey is director, will meet Sunday morning_ at 5 at tbe home of :Mrs. Thomas, lli53 'Main St. SIMM Jill Y8UI !RIC ..... :; TDT CAl LAST 1i.L YEAR LONG. START 11D1 AS A Highland Baptist 3HO E. North St. Rev. W. 1\1. Hodo, Pastor Mrs. Genevieve Triplett, Rept. Women's Day was a great success in number, spirit and finance. We are grateful for the support. Mrs. Cobbs was i:n charge of the St:mday school and Mrs. McCallester reviewed the lesson Miss An;n Fletcher w a s iri eharge of. crowing the queen. Little Rhonda Trip'lett was chosen and her father, Rhoney Triplett, a ccepted the crown for since she was in Dayton, Ohio with an aunt !Uld uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Fre dd i e Hender son. Mrs. Ethel Howard was the mO'rning speake r. It was a great success. The afternoon 'fea was als o 'SUccessful with Mrs. Adell Pease as mistress of ceremonies. Mrs. Fannie Mae Butler was crowned Miss Highland. On Saturday the No. 1 Choir will rehearse at 5:30. Sunday at 3 P. M the Progressive -Choir Union will concene at St. James AME of Progress Village, Rev. H. H Douglas, pastor. On JJeXt Th11rsday night the chm:eh and pastor will render se-.f.vjce at Springhill M. B. Church. Rev. Scant-ling pastor. Atl other annotmcements remain th-e same. Everyo11e is welcome to worship with u s a.t all times. Let ns pray. for each other. Mt. Ohe AM '1'7 45 LaSalle Street R ev. A. F. Litt:le, Pasillr Mrs. Ola .M. Gftzalez; Rerit. Services were conEtlilde::l as usual o'JI last Sunday. M r Clyde Allen over :the .s. S. The lesson was by the paster The adult class won the offering banner. Rev. Lloyd Ritchie delivered the morning sermon. The evening sermon was detivered by oar pastor. Choir No. 2 and 't;Shers No. 1 served all d ay. A1l are aske-d to r emember the -sick and members. Visitors are wel com e at all E!gan with Churc h School at 9:30 with !!he Deacon Jessie Saulsberry jn charge. The lesson was taught by the teachers. Morning s e r vice began at 10:45 with the Deacons Henry Semore and 1\f. C. Crawford in charge. The No. 3 choir and senior nshers served. A very good sermon was d e liv e r ed by the pastor. Several visitors were present. namely Miss Gloria Issac and Miss Madeli!Jle Camel. BTU meeting began at 5 with Mrs. Annie M Pinkney in charge. Evening service began at 6 with the same order of service. A very good sermon was d eliver ed by the pastor. Baptis m ser vice was h e ld. There were silt candidates. This Sunday the National P. B. Convention will begin at our churc h. Elder P. D. Brantley of Miami is the president. Every member is asked to do their part, to make the conv:entwn a success. AJl are asked to remembEoor all &f aur sick and shut-ins members. Visitors are welcome at all times. _, AME PROGRESS VILLAGE Rev. H. H. Pastor Tari Filmore, ltept. S S began at 9:45 with the supt. Mrs. Majorie Anderson and a1l teadners at their posts. The was by Mrs. Katherine Morgan. Morning service began at 11 with the 'yo-uth department in >eharge. Mj,ss Leticia Myrick was the s .peaker. The Southern Tone Gospel Singers r endered a nrnsical program Sun:day nig:ht. All weekly activities r e m a in the same. Mrs. J osephine Wright i s on the sick list. Visi tors are welco-me at aft t i m es. Good News Bapt. 2314 J 'efferson St. Rev. E. Kelly, Pastor S : S. will begtn a.i 9:30. Morning service will begin at 11, and. Bibl e Study will begin at 5 : 30. Rev. Kelly will be in d1arge _of the J:esson. Slid .es o.f the Haly Land will be sho-wn on S!lllday evening at 5 AH are asked to be present. (Oidad:. Fla. Seltinel Blllletia zm 2111 lt Phone: 248.-1921


Sa1lurlfay, 'A"1lJ'Qs't 19, 1,972 Fta. !atfnei-J!Iu' Retln Publis1iec1 e'i'ery Tae!. and Frf. Cet Both EdHlons PACE FI'FT!EM ISIAY AI 'PA ELL SUPPLIED RY PRIDE YOUR SAVIN' I DISCIUIR ftiDS. NO STAMPS! NO GAMES! NO TIE.,.JNU JUST LOW IUS COUNT PRICES. EVUYDA yt OUI GIA1DED CHOtCI IS. NATU'RAL. lY JIMDit NATUII'S : WAYJ, NO FAl}S IV H ADDEDl EVERYDAY t. lOGNA, OliV. l OAF,, ll'VE't C.liE: ts.l:, Ji!CKU &f'lM!J!ItO :'' '_, \ -. ,",I '\ :. ,,: "" Rt'StlWJ :ro t>EAlEi$. NOr RESPONSIBLE FOi ffl'OORAiJ'RltAL ...... ---r_..:. :;, ::.. :. '!"


PAGE SIXTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published enry Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition MRS. HUGHES CROWNED QUEEN Mrs. Helen Hughes was selected Queen of Ushers Union No. 4 when the Union celebrated its 24th anniversary. l\Iany gath e red for the occasion of St. John Progressive Baptist Church. MRS. PEASE IS MISTRESS OF CEREMONY Mrs. Adell Pease Is pictured at Highland Missionary Baptist Church where she served as Mistress of Ceremony for the Women's Day Tea. The tea was a Sunday afternoon affair. Refreshments Served Aller St. John Program Ushers Union No. 4 observed it's 24th anniversary .Sunday after aoon at St. John Prog. ressive Baptist Church. Immediately follOW lug the program refreshments were served in the church'a annes. RECEPTION AT THE MANGER INN -.Friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs, Recbe Kirkllind accompanied them to the Manger Motor Inn for :a reeeption immediately following the wedding ceremony at Robles Park Auditorl!um Saturday evening. PicJured here _are Mrs. Cara Woodie, Mrs. Mattie Jackson and Mrs. Gladys Jackson. PRETTY GiRLS A[L IN A ROW These pretty girls were members of tile Sul livan-Reed wedding party. '/,They attended the bride, Sandra Lee Sullivan; ail she exchanged vows with Sgt. Robinsky Reed Sunday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. They are from left, Regina Thomp. son, Bernita Nelson, Cheryl James and Annie G. Richardson; ------------------------------BRENDA RUSS FETED WITH BIRTHDAY PARTY Brenda Russ was feted with a birthday party recently and many of her co-workers and friends were on hand to wish her well. Pictured here are Mr and Mrs. James Moore, Mary R. R"st, and Priscilla Pinero.


-Fla. PuLits'hecl very Tues. ad Fl'l. Cet Both EdutORa A'SNIGBTBEAT PAIROHIZE IHE CLUBS WHICH ADVEB"DSE HERE Jl n.D:Drl".!lrJI.'I!'r ""'1i'I'D> I t .l. .I V'V' D D ; ONE-STOP-INN FBlD.A! SA 1UBDA'I SIIDA1 DO YOU Ull GO. liMES? nB YKA'JI8 IS OER. WE AlE aw lfiR Sl U1J Cll. EIJIY RUB 'IlEA! ... COl. 4tlt AYDUE. 25th S1BIE1 Rtl'tl liE IT. THE D ,REAM BAR THE UPSEITERS B :AND AND LOUNGE FRIDDlE WilSON ANI' SARAH' KEllY PHOHE 626-9955 mile R. ol 1-4 Hw, ,., Sl9! Thonofo.wsa -SAM W.ILLIAMS, Prop. ElfJIY .lllf AfTERHDOif WlTK YAIB THE LOVID'E Alta FIHENBI.IESl BABMIIa IK 'IOiWR WE SPECrAt.l!! lit PlfrS ARD DLF PutTS tET'S. GET' AE.QVIIHTm P-E 22!-2'116 Ritz Adult Theatre HAN(OCK BAR EnjOy lhe best in X' Ratedl Jilas. iii c: l GOalfadlbla .Phone 248-1378 l!idlllfltBroadway Adulll!li'DBi A N D L O.UNCiE lADIES PANIOM '"lo: Autyone) Wla8JIIatpns to Be: a Ber Home: 2100 B-.... rt Av.a. .IlLS. IVCB Ftl. YISIAL AID WI NAVE COMPLlm OUR REMOIWtl6 "Sea: II You'lL t Itt.. All AR NOW OPEN Ff)R BUSIES rRmAv sAr.uaBAY. SURDAY SAME. tc)(AIIOtl. .. I L &It 'li P. M. Come iD Blld meet 0111 aew huiRlle, JfA1JIAQif IIMI!t'JII lhe ZANZIBAR 21.00 Block Ela.. Ave WESl lAMPA> MQ&l S ,QUWJl ClUB 8PE Tilt 3 AM I. DAILY:. WE HAVE YOUR FAVORITE DRIHI Ill JiiiiTS' PIITS FIFTHS Air Condid'oned for your c:omforf "JIMMIE," lfanag,er 'EMi. BES'F' lID BBB -AND WIMIE. IN Soul Fcoo .At 1\fs, Beat SpeciaJ. ,i'z-mC] m IL Fish Sandwielles ChopS. r nky llllk" 4119: -Skeel?.


PACE EICHTEN Fla. !enlinei-Bulletin every Tues. and Fri. Both 8aturCJay, Aurust 19, 1972 JIMBROWN ENPORSES PRESIDENT WASHINGTON, D. C._ -Jim Brown All-Pro football player and actor endorsed Presi dent Nixon for re-election this week. Fo-llowing. a meeting with the President at the White Ho.use, Brown said, "This Administration has emphasized 'Black Capitalism' and economic development. I believe this Administration will follow up on their promises. I have said I will travel for the President, talk with Athletes and Blacks all aver the country and work to re-elect President Nixon." Brown wenf on to say that "Democratic rhetoric hasn't proved anything." Actor Jim Brown just finished filming his new motion picture "Slaughter" before arriving in Washington. I Baseball' Banter I Ali-Joe Up In Still Air Just recently I wrote about how confusing it is now to keep up with the standing in major league baseball's four divisions with the playoff system and all. I for one am just beginning to get the hang of the whole thing but I noticed recently that there may be even more confus ion added to the already mum bo-jumbo situation. up with another one. Add to this all the confusion of trying to keep up with the constant flow of new players an<' chaos just may be the results. Everytime I try to watch a base ball game on television up p<>ps an array of new long hairred mustache wearing or Afro-wear ing bearded players. At the rate things are going -it won't be who's on first any more it be who's on frist and where In Hades Is First. Negotla tioos for a heavyweigiht title return match between champion Joe Frazier and No. 1 challen ger Muhammad Ali at an im [p' asse. Atty. B-ruce Wri .giht, secretary of Oin'p., F'razier'a backer since 1965, said negotia tions with Jack Kent Cooke are at a standstill. Cooke holds an opinion on the return bout. "We told t!hem what we want and we even offered to drop the guarantee and work on a per-a li centage, but they wouldn't go StroDers ow lAg along," Wright sa'id. 1 F'razier has said he wants $3 League million to fight Ali, whom he dei'eated in 1 1 5 rounds at Madison CLEMENTE: LEGS MAY/ A RUN AT RECORD PITTSBURG -If Roberto Clemente's sore ankles keep him on the bench much longer, the Pirate rightfielder may run out of time to collect his 8,000th career hit this season, IOlemente, who will turn .38 this Friday, hasn't been in the start lng lineup for more than four weeks. In that span, he has had one single in two pinch-hit ap pearances, boosting his career hit total to 2,961 ..:... nine short of Honus Wagner'a all-time Pirate mark. Pirate Manager Bill Virdon had hoped to use Clemente in a three-game series beginning to night in Los Angeles, but the possibility seems remote. "II don't know when I'll be able to play. I just don't )mow," Clemente said Sunday, shaking his head to emphasize the un certainty, Sitting on a stool in. 'the Pir ate locker room and shifting through heaps of fan mail, Clemente said he was anxious to get back in the lineup, "I want to play," he said. "I have played lots of times before when I was hurt, but this time it is different. I just can't run. If I could run a few steps I would be in there, but I can 't". The Pirates have been winning :without Clemente, and their lead in the N atiotial League East has climbed to 10 games. How ever the, health of the righttfielcl'er holds the key to !burgh's playoff chances. That-was evident in a July 9 game with C,incil).nati, the last game Clemente -started and game in which the soreness m his ankles: first developed Dodgers Exhibition To Play Game The Tampa Dodgers will meet the St. Petersburg Alouettes in an exhibition game Saturday night at 7:30 at the 22nd Street Park. The Alouettes, a semi-pro team will be ma:kin.g their :first appear ance in Tampa featuring James McDuffie. Sunday afternoon at the 22nd Street Park, the Dodgers will play the Tampa Giants in a West Coast :t,eague Before the game, Clemente had been sidelined two weeks with intestinal virus, and the -Pirates had lost five straight to the Reds, leaders in the West Division. Though nine pounds und-er weight, Clemente lined a game tying single against the Reds and scored the winning run in Pittsburgh's 3-2 victory. However, the strain of running took its toll. "I knew son'iething was wrong because I couldn't feel the lower part of my legs," Clemente said. After the game, he reported soreness in the main heel cords in each of his ankles, the Ac hilles tendons. "I don't know how it happen ed,'' Clemente said. "I still think it has something to dl) with the virus. How could I hurt both tendons in the same particular place at the same particular time ? Pirate team physician l'oseph Finegold doesn't have the answer to .that. question "I don't know," confessed Dr. Finegold who has prescribed ,heat tre'atments and stretching exercises 'for the tender tendons. "We feel he shouldn't he out too much longer," )!'inegold de clared. "I hope so," said Pirate iBill Virdon. Basketball Ends Summer Season The George Washington Tigers and the Knicks basketball teams played a game recently for the Summer Basketball League cham pionship. The Knicks defeated the T1gers, 82-72 in the game played at Mid dleton. The Knicks are the first runnersup. Walter Robinson, coach of the Tigers, said his team played un tiringly for the championship with such high scorers as Herbert Moore, Earl Simmons and Foster Thomas: But the Tigers had tough opposition with the Knicks floor ing Andrew Frazier and other top basketball players. Mr Charles Brady is Coordina tor of the Model Cities Center at George Washington Junior Higb Scbool. FLOWER EHTERPRISES PRESENTS GLADYS -KNICiHT' & THE PIPS Can you imagine major league baseball decidihg to explore fur ther two propOsals to split The American an d National Leagues into three or four smaller lea gues? Well this is what is going on and a committee will study the realignment question. T h e committee will inake a rep<>rt at baseball's winter meeting to bE held in Hawaii in December. King Soloinon Bar-B-Q 3 Char Square Garden in New York in lie's Beer Parlor 1; Team 2--2 Entzminger's Florist 2; Four Marc'h UJi70. .1f WITH THEFor the life of me I can't see what can be done so as to break the two major leagues up into three or four smaller leagues However I will say I wasn't sure the four division plan would work either but it seems to have caught on even though there is still some muddy water to be cleared up. Right now I hope a new realign ment set-up for major league baseball will not come to : : past. Maybe I am a slow lear11er or something but if every one is li!te me they haven't become ac customed to the four ,division play-off system yet. A new re alignment right now would not be unlike -the new dances young sters come up with. By the time I can learn one dance they come Us's 3, Ki!Qride Iris. 1. Wright said he also has given Women s high game, Carolyn a "go ahead" tio two promoters Nix 190, Ora Lee Brown 185, Lois for a ma.tch with George Fore, Scott 18i. man, the 1008 01ympic Men's high game, Willie Jones who is unbeaten as a 200: Solomon Brown 199, "Ernest al. ., Jones 192. "Madison Square Garden told high series Carolyn us .that they .can work out -the Nix 503, Lois Scott 476, Pearl tax situation in New Y : ork and 'Dozier 457. we a,greed tp Foreman Men's high se;ies,' Willie Jones Wright S:aid: "We_ also 5'43, Willie Starks '505, Solomon .agreed to take the s11;me match Brown 503. to tJhe Houst 10 heavyweight rankitngs in a year and a 'half. iFrazier's repl 1 y j,s that he has "been all the t01p con tenders except Foreman and Floyd Patterson, and neither seen-is willing to chaHenge him. PLEHTY OF FREE PARKING CORNER OF LASALLE AND ROME Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers -PERSUASION' S -AND WILLIE :tYLER -& LESTER Df CONCERT AT Curtis Hixon Hall Saturday, Sept. 2nd TICKETS: $4 Adv.-$5 Day Of Show. Tickets Available at: COLLEGE RILL PHARMACY, CEHTRAL SHOE REPAIR, Tampa; MAN'S WORLD, St. Petersburg, and CURTIS HIXON HALL BOX OFDOORS OPEH 7:30 SHOW TIME 8:30 ''GREAT FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT" ,)-iJ ..


Saturday, August t9, Fla Sentinel-Bulletin every Tues. and frl. Cet Both Ed iti ons PAC NJ:NETEEN.: Elder's Desire: To Play Masters $53,000 in 1969, his banner seasvn. Last season he accep ted a n in vitation from Gary Player to pete in the South Afr ica n P G A., the first black American to play in that country which has a na tional policy of apartheid. Keyes Treated For Neck Sprain HARRISON, N. Y. Lee Elder, one of the few black players on the pro golf tour, has one burnirtg desire. I won't rest easy until I win a tournament and get in the Masters," the sturdy 38-year. old Eldet said. There's more than pride involved, more than becoming the first of his race to play in the Deep South citadel that is the Augusta Na tioria l Golf Club course. There' s money. I t h i nk it could mean as much as $250,000 to me to be the first black player in the Masters," the candid soft-spoken Elder said. "It would come over a period of time. "I do so many exhibi tions a year. If I won a tournament and played in the Masters, the number of exhibitions would go up and sa wou ld the amount I get for them "But that's only if I m the first. Being t he second blac k playet wouldn't mean much at all." A black has never played in the Masters, the first of the season s four major tourn aments. None has qualified for the. invitational event. But there's been a change in the eligibility rules. Now all winners of regular tour events are eligible. Previously a handful of non-exempt players could get into the restrict. ed field only off a special point HiHers Bowling And Missers League. First Teams Won-Lost Standing 7 Stores 1-3 32 16 Magnifi Four .. 3-1 31 Bowers Barber. 3-1 28 007 ............ 3-1 25 Atlanta Life ... 1-3 24 Mitchell Cl. 1-3 23 -25 Red T. Bar ,, 3-1 191h-281h Fort T. Bar .... 1-3 91h-38lh High Game: Carolyn Nix 100, P ansie Starks 167 Diane Young 1 59. !Ladies High Series: Oaroyl n Nix 525, Diane Young 415(), Joyce Reddish 430. Men lfi,gh O.amses: SJ01on1

PACE TWENTY Fla. PublisLed eYery Tues. and F rl .. Cet BotL Edition Sar turday, Autust 19, 1972 I WHO DONE IT IN' SPORTS ] I..__ F_oo_tba_l_l _ln_F_Ior_id_a __,1 QUES'l'ION-Where. was Goo,se Tat\!l'rn's 1!1ome t own? AM!S.WE.R-Geose Tatum w as: born S@111'rewnere in Arkansas, Q-De y0u thi ,!illk t h e baskets In basketOOJ1 ever, be raised to mset the advantages of taller playei"s ? A-It wou l d be foolish to raise the baskets ill baske tbal l to off. set the advantages of ta!Ter pfay ers. If baskets were raised t o say 12' ft. instead of the present 10 ft. they would jus t be 2 ft farther away from the shorter players. Q-W'ho was t he greatest lrl-ack J ockey ever? A-Isaac Murphy was the mo sf noted blac k ho\\!Se' joc key e wer. Q-Who was the greatest school running ba ck ycm ever saw? A-I h a te tta get intt') tl:ris one but it would! oove to be betweeN Nathaniel Da.vj)s, Le'@llt MeQI:Ii3iy and Cy ril Pfmcd'et:-o Attl!leks Hi'gh. D ania, Flor i lda. I ma>Y be a b1t prejudi c e but Davis W'Ql!lll,j be my choice until pl"l!l>Ven atherwise. Q-What i s the best bai t for pompano? A-The best bait_ f 0 r po:mpanD I s sand fleas: Sheddar crab is also good. Shrimp wi:lil' alSo> get the job dome am 50-'tllle' tilrmes pi eces of l:hve wlrnirtie Ti ny f e ather-jigs are best when it comes t(i} artiilliida. Q-What was the :ta>aumre o bM major le ag ue baseball teatO!J: tha>t use d to be i!ll Boston ahmg wirtlir Th e Reel So!lt?' A-At first it was The Boston B ees a nd then The lilvyWeight champ i on f ought Jloe L<'luis fQr tlite h eavyweight e-rown and' [ost vi:a a knockout. Q-Who was the first prof es sio n a l botbalU player tl!l' eve : r kiick a f ie ld goa>TI over 50l yaurds?' A-If I ca1111 c mnrectl i y Bert R ec hi d 1ar kiieked a fielld goal of 53 yards tior tine fi>rst 50 yan has to say or in this case write w hat he feels RecentLy I had a most interesting experienc e and it all revolved somewhat around past experi ences in athletics Some way, somehow I found myself in a gro u p of what iis gerreraRy lm0wn a.s I wel'lll! t .o-tlire estab-1i'Shmelll't caware as to-whm1e I was gag or what te ex);let I just wart arn>el'lrll aslrel!l meto go and I was ti:red of wate-hi ng re-1runs viJa the ane-eyed moo.steli. Lo anidl behold I ram:. i nto sevea l oi my f0nm:er stmdeRts at Kiim;g Hi:glit Sd1Eroi. I gJ!lt a real\ good f:irsl! mmd m side look at what really goes on when the down with it younger s e t do their thing. In the hundred> or so people milling around were se:veral boys I had once coacln:edl 1rlilere was only four a'l'OundJ including me and my bixmd and when I was introdu ced to a lot of the pe0pre as a el'IQ!Ch I was beseiged b y all sorts of questions abol!Lt athl:eti cs Ag a in I was proud of haviimg once l!Jeen a coach. EiavDng been a coMh once gave me tilfe-op. p0rtunity to get close to the hipPY group and to understand them llretter. Th e l o ng haired, mustach ived, bearded, dirty jeans wearil!!Jg amd ball'efooted erew proved a ljf)t to me. I have often won dered what they were trying to do> and why. N0w J krmw quit e a l ot more. ]f Y'@U' a'le-IDne to just condemn tlire set y:ot: never wil:J: u!'l'C'le-rsta!I'ld them' Act ually they are just young human beings doing thilitgS rom what we older Pe(J}P!e did. 'li'lney love athletics and kno w a. lot about t he subjeet. lileuuse they read and m(i)St aJi tlnem Jn:ave b e en connected with school in one way or another. They alsc rapped a .lot about academics because it was exam week at The Umversity of SOuth Florida. Regardless of what they look like or act like they are i nterested in scloool and in learning. There are a cl}upLe or more things I don't think I quite un d e rstand about them but I am goin g back to see if I can com prehend the issues a bit more For one thrng I can t for the life of me get u sed to the resound ing loudness of the'!r music. The hard roc k grourt they had very good bm brother they real ly shook flle roof off the p!ace l was for an hgur or mm:-e aiier re-avi:m;g. Then there was the l ilttle b londe that asked me if I didn't kn o w the Camel dgarettes 1 was s m 0 kmg w0uld probably gilve me caneer. I comh!fu't see what brand she was sml!lking but it si!D"e smetled ftllm'y. I am goilng to find out what is g.oing om. wilth tlrose pe0ple by getting out there with them the way my elders should have done when I was wearing zoot wilth the neat pleats, cuffs and hotro-w clilllars I also wore c-reats wiith padded shOIWlders and wilth length enough. to hang below my knees allld witr. a Jirellt in the back. My slwes were slmarp emmgh at tin'!? tre tG be l!lse'd for W0th picks My Big Appte mat was muc h whier at the lilrirrn tlman the sombre-res some oE the brothers wear tooay and I always k ept a tmkey fea ther sticki ng in it. I tlile jitterbu g complete with truc!D'm-g Suzy Q, Camel walk ad sand mall'l. of my elders bred t und-ers.tamd me am:d! my hep-cat ure111clls tllrey swrned us and called us foo ]s. l needed anderstanding, theu : j1!1st like the 1oJillg of today meed it. You may never, Ql!llite completely understand th-e lmrng ihairs of today but Y0'1ll don't stand a c h a nc e s i tt.ing O!il .yomr tan critic izing and phifo S{!)]lllhizimlg. -'Fli!e. long us a nd more than you thmk we need tbem. Barkum Agree To SIE,AT'TILE Jeli'&m e ( Gee) B arkum, Nil}'. 1 dtrailit at the N e w York Jets anl!i ao Ol!lt standing pnil -spec t as a ended his li!@ldol!llt S:a ,ti1JJ.1n!by by agreeing to 1ternms by with Weeb Ewbank, coalll'llomrmv, when the Jle-ts return from to day's eJChi&ition game ag:alill'l'St the 1Pittsb1Jllrgh Steefe1rs: hf'lre. The formall signing wi 'l'l take place probao]y on Mooda:y. Aduaily Ew:Uank 3\Ilr kum's attome y had re' ae'hed a greement ye sterda.y tlire Jets left New York. M was then a m.Jatter of getting in t o uch with .Blarktlil1l at h1s b<&me in G1!11lf!)Mt Mi11S'.s, alild having rum a;pp>rove ti're arralligement. 'IIh\.e Jlets Were' e n route here by t1'ren, and Barl\:u m and Ewb>ack fimlally m.a-de eonnect.i:on s a l'ittle aJiter nooo tooa y. I'm. j;u,st gl:Mt it's over amd I'' m eage1' t& gl) to, WOl]jk/' Bal1-kum told Ewbamlk. Be said he had W0-'lrki'B1g OOit with bi;s brother, Mel'Vin, a goos-Caster Is 6 feet 5 m .ches tan and weigniS 220 pooods wbille Barkum is 6-.3 and ud comparabEe speed, and either ca liJe-lilsed at t ight ecd or. wiide receiver. 'l'l'le reeeiwmg department Is Gl'lle in whieb the Jets are tihinnes-1:. DeB woo i:s 35 yeaTs old, aed Eddlie Bell who is til!lly by pro football ('5-IJI.&, ]50 pounds) are the ooly eXJperienced pass-ca-tchers avafl able with Caster on the side lines Barkum l:ives up to pectations even parti:aUy, the team will be strengthened considerai bly, So tbe agreemeot with Barlmm Ql!l]y added to a general a i11 ClJf. tranquility surrounding the Jets. 'IIbey went into the Steeler game, as will into, al:J their exh!iJbitioo games with Mthiog much to prove o ; perfm. Yols lose --oa State To Iowa Tenn. Ten nessee lost a standout quarterback prospect Tllesday when Dan Fletcher f1f Cedar Rapids. l'owa, notified Coacb Bill Battle he plans to transfer to Iowa Sltate JFlete.her, a 175-pound sOpho more, had been counted on to be tJhe Vol's badcup quarterback behmd Clondredge Hollo way, an-other sophomore. Hollo way is Tennessee's first black quarterback. Fro11 floricla Advertisers Locally it seems that. the big thing in football is still The Bal timoce Colts. The Colts are more in the limelight now than they were before they looked like a group of sand-lotters against the Washington Redskins. All sorts of reasons have been given for the h orrible showing The Colts made. E ven read where one person felt that The Colts could have had too much feminine a c tivity out at their University of South Flor ida camps. Having been out there several times while they were preparing for The Redskins I will have to say that The Colts def initely were not hurting for fe male companionship Still I think female companionship never hurt anyone as long as it is just com pmlionship. The Baltimore Colts are gro wn up, mature and pro fessional men. I am sure they have sense to know what is what when it comes to females a n d footbalL The only complaint I would have about The Colts and their fratern. izm g with USF co l eds is that I envy them. After -the fiasco against T h Redskin black quarterback: Karl Douglas took his share of the b l ame. lit may be the last time he wm have to bear the brunt oi lmOI:he'r Colt JOss. The dust hadn't cleared away from Tam pa stadium before negotiations were being made f o r another qoorterback to back up Johnny Unitas. The Colts now have an other quarterbac k by the name of Domres whom they are de pending on to spell U nitas. Ther. they have Jack Mildren, University of Oklahoma sensation, hack from The College All-Star game. Mildren is actually teach i n g Don McCafferty and the r est of The Cvlts the now famous Wishoone formation which he ran so well in college. Summarily speaking it looks like curtains for Karl Doug las as a Baltimore Colt quarterback. Also saw recently where t h e Colt rookies put on a show sat irizing the veteran players and the coaching staff. They say the show was a gas and was very much on the bawdy side. It i11 also said that the show relieved some of the pressure and tensior on the squad and all is well now Well if a bawdy show help> The Baltimore Colts then let's get them more of the same com plete with the works. If they want some real a ction Bertha and the sisters sure enough take care of business. I'll take them t he re. Griffith Kayoed By Arm Injury JDIE:NV.EIR Emile Griffith, a five-time welterweight and middle weight champion, was knocked off the Aug. 1!2 program because of a torn right arm muscle. Mike Hayes, Vic-e Pres -ident of tlbe Denver Boxing Club, said Griffith was pulled off the sche duled bout wibh Jorge R>osales, afte r it wa s determined h e had suf.fered a torn arm mus cle in a recent training session in New York City. >Dr. Eddie Campbell, a New Y ork Sta te Boxing Oommissioo phJlsiCian, said Griffith would need three to four weeks of c >omplete rest from boxing for the injur:y to heal properly. The main bout that evening will see Denver boxer Ron !Lyle up against Mac Foster. Lyle goes into the ring at !Denver's Mile !High Stadium with two organizations r ecently naming him in bhe t op l!O brac ket of heavyweight C onteoders. !F1()Ster carries a 28- 2 score card into > the arena. SOUL BOWL "72'' SEE JAJJES BROWB DOING HIS LATEST DANCE "TBE GOOD FOO'r' AT THE BAYFRONT CENT'ER ST. PETE, FLA. 8:30 P. M. AUGUST 27111 Tickets $4 Advance $5 At Door emt DB UIDEB 12 YEARS OLD $2.08 Tickets on sale al: DOCTOR'S PHARMACY, MD'S WOIILD. Sl. Pete; COLLEGE BILL PBAIMlCY aaj EifTBAL 1111 REP AlB. Ta.,a.


Salfur"day, 19, 1972 Fla. Senittnel-Bulletln Publisliecl every Tuei. and Frt Gel Botlt Edaion' PACE TWENTY-ON iiililililililililillilililiilililililililililil .. il .. FUNERAL NOTICES BYRD, MRS. SUSIE A. SINGLE TON -Funeral services for 1\lrs. Susie A. Singleton Byrd, 29th Street, who passe d sudden l y Saturday, August 12, at her residence, will be helc!t Saturday, August 19, at 11 A M. from the Beulah Institutional B a p t i s t Churc h with Rev A. Leon Lowry, pastor officiating. Interment will bl' in Shady Grove Cemetery. The body will lie In state for the "isitation of r elatives and friends at STONE'S B. Jackson ahd other sor rowing relati:ves and friends. A nativ.e of Wllildo, FlwJda, Mr. English had here for the past 47 yean. He was a retired employee of the Atlandc ke Company. The remains will r.e pose a ;fter 4 P. M. Wday (Fci day) at Wili!Otl. Funeral W FROM York Ci-ty, N. Y. Mr. Leoaard Beal and wLfe, Eleuise, Mrs. De !ores Beal Fo!i4er and husbaJHI, Lumfi etd, aU of Tam,pa, Mrs. l i a Beal New York City N. Y. Mr. Leonard Beal., .Jr:. and w ife, New ark, N. J., Mrs. Glor-ia Beal Creedlla.rcy and husband, New ork .city, 1\lrs .Ja c guelyn Reeves and husbaJUI Marion, l\l.r. F..ank Beal and wile, Beatrice, Mrs. Joyce Beal Ford aad husband, Clarence, all of Tampa, Mis s Aletha Scroggins, M:iss Jeraldine Scroggins, Miss Caro1yn Scro 6 gins, all of l'lialea'h, MA!Nier Eric Beal. Tampa, Miss Baynes, Mrs. Claudia Ben Mrs. Const

.'llt'ft PAGE TWENTY-TWO f'la. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fd Cet Both Ed, ition .Saifurday,August 19, 1972 Wanda Susan, Reginald and Tony ; a sister, Mrs. Maggie Lee San ders and hu s band, Mr Robert Memoriam FUNERAL N OTICE S LEWIS, MR. HENRY Fune 1 al services for the late Mr. Henry Lewis of 109 W. Warren Avenue, Tampa, who departed from this life on August 16, 1972 in a local hospital will be held at 4 P. M. Saturday front\ the li'ranklin Funeral Home Chapel with a local minister officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery directly after the ser vices. The remains will repose at the Franklin Funeral Home from 4 P.. M. Friday until near funeral time Saturday. The cor tege will arrange from 109 W. Warren at approximately 3:30 P. M. Saturday. Survivors in d ude; A son, Mr. Richard Wal .ker and his wife of Tamna: 2 g-randsons, Mr. Richard Walker Jr. and wife and Mr. L. J. Wal ker and hi s wife. both of Taibpa; One brother, Mr. William Lewis of Tampa; three nephews, Mr. Nelson Lewis and his wife Thel ma of Tampa, Mr. Walter Jamies Lewis and wife of Warwick, Ga. Sanders of Tampa; an uncle, 1\'lr. (.Continued From Page 21) vices are being rendered by Mrs. Sylvia Milian and Mr. Cia STONE & GORDON, FUNERAL renee Brooks ; a brother-in-law, DIRECTORS for STONE'S FUNMr. John James and a host of ERAL HOME, INC. other sorrowing relatives and Born in Tampa, 1\'lrs. GRAY, MR. ELIJAH Fune James had lived here all of her at service s for th. e late Mr. life. She was a former m ember Elijah Gray of 1227 Harrison cf Choir No. 2 of her church. Street, who departed fc.rm this The. 1emains will repose after life on Aug-ust 12, 1972 in a lccal 4 M. today (Friday) at Wil ltospital will be held at 11:00 a.m. son Funeral Chapel, un til near Saturday from Franklin Fn fune.ral time Saturday. The netat Home Chapel with the R ev. family will receive friends at L. B. Brown, officiating. Inter-the church after the service. "A ment will be in the Memorial WILSON SERVICE'' Park Cemetery directly after the services. The remains will repose at the Franklin Funeral. from 5 P. M. Friday until funeral time Mr. Gray was: a long time member of The lntetnational L6ng s ,bQ11'ein..m:'s Associa tion Local 175!1 of lUr. Jeremiah Carson is the president. Survivors include; wife, Mrs: Viola Gray 'of Los Angeles, California; A daughter, Mrs: Hazel Burkett and her bus band of Pinola, Mississippi; de vo-te'a friends, Mr. Jeremiah Carson Mr. Clem Wasl)ington, Mr. Wilcox, Mr.Willie Fluitt; Mr. Cleve land Chapman and Mr,. Luke Parks and a host of other Mrrowin.g relatives and friends. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME will be in charge of the se rvices. and Mr. Jim Redding and wi fe of 1 Biuffton, Ga.; two nieces, Mrs. Ida !Uae Porter of Tampa and Mrs. Della Mae Th .omas and husband Jesse James of War 'lv]ck and a host of grand nieces nephews and other sorrow ing relatives a p d friends. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME will be in charge ofthe services. MRS. CARRIE RAN DOLPH -Funeral' services fOl' the late Mrs. Carrie Ra. ndolph Swift of 2117 Arch Street, Tampa, who departed from this life on JAMES, MRS. ALTAMESE Funeral services for Mrs. Al tamese James of 2311 27th Ave nue, who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 1 P. M. at New Mt. Zion 1\lissionary Baptist Church with Rev. B. J. Jones o.ffidating. In terment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: hus band, Mr. Fred James a son, Mr. George C. Brown and wife, Mrs. Margaret Brown; a grand daughter, Miss Shelia Renee EI'Own; aunts, Mrs. Hat.tie Mae O'Neal and Mrs Alberta Sims of Ocala; nephews, Mr. Roose velt Jones, Jr. of Tampa and Mr. Robert Jones of Gary, Indiana; a host of cousins, among whom are, Mrs. Madelyn Cole, Mrs. Mary Lang, Mrs. Creola lterd, Mrs. Alma Franklin of Taw.pa, Mr. Wilbur Sims of Ft. Lauderdale, Mr. David Brown Miss Gladys Brown, Miss Mag" gie Brown, Miss Mamie Brown MAJTHEWS, MR. JOHN WILLIE (T.I\MPA RED) -Funeral ser vice s for Mr. John Willie (Tampa Red) Matthews of Marsha'llville, 'Georgia, who passed away in the VA: Hospital, Dublin; Georgia, wiU be held Saturday at 4 P. M. at Mt. Carmel A. M. E. Church, located on 26th Street, with Rev. Miles Jones; officiating. Inter ment will be in th-e family plot Memori"al Park Cemetery. Sur vivors are: a daughter, Mrs. Joyce 0. Woods and husband Mr. Franklin Woods of Newark, N. J.; 3 grandchildren, Dessie Beverly and Darrell Woods all of Newark, N. J.; 2 sisters, Mrs. Elsie Thomas and Mrs. Mae Alice Nathaniel; a brother, Mr. Elijah Williams and wife, Mrs. I' ronnie Williams ; a niece, Mrs. Jeannette Savage; 2 grand nieces, Mrs Eleanor Green -and Mrs. Dale Chaney of New York City; 1 grand nephew Mr. Lee andrew Ford; An uncle, Mr; Ray. field Williams and wife, Mrs. Lucille Williams; 4. grand alints, Mrs. Tarsie Mobley Mrs. Lottise Wright, and Mrs Vicola Wright and Mrs. Liza Scribin ol Brooks viDe; a number of great nieces and nephews cousins and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native Tampan, Mr. Matthews was an instructor in the Georgia School System. He was also a veteran of World War Two and a City Council man of Marshallville, Georgia. The funeral cortege will form at 2207 18th Avenue. The remains will repose after 4 P. M. today (Frida!)') at WillSon Funeral Chapel, until near fWJeral time Saturday. "A WILSON S ER VICE" UNCLE SANDY SAYS 19,55. Despise not any man, and do not spurn anything; 18,74, for there Is no man that bas not his hour, nor Is there anything that has not its place. 22,34. August 14, 1972 in a local hos pital will be held at 2 P. M. Saturday from the Beulah Bap tist Church with the Pastor Rev. A. Leon Lowry, officiating, In tcrment will be in the !Uemo.rial Park Cem eflery directly after the services. The remains will rt>pose at the Franklin Funeral Home from 5 P. M. Friday until near funeral time Saturday. The funeral corte. ge will arrange at 2117 Arch Street at appromxi nla.tely 1:30 P. -M. Saturday. S urvivors include: A devoted Jmsband ; Mr. Harrison Swift of Tampa; A brother, Mr. Willie Hammond of Tampa; 3 nieces 1\liss Sarah Lee Ails, Miss Glo.ria Jean Ails and Miss Mary Ann Ails, all of Tampa and a host of other s orrowing relatives and friends. FRANKLIN FUNERAL JIOME will be in charge of the Services. WALDEN, MR. FRED, SR. }'uneral services lor Mr. Fred Walden, Sr. ol 3507 Clay Street, who passed away in a Lake Wales hospital will be held Saturday at 1 P. M. at Wilson Funeral Chapel with Rev. Bernard Milton Jones, officiating. Jnterm,rent will be. in the famiiy plot, Palmetto Cemetery, Pal metto, Fla. Survivors are: wife, Mrs. Dorothy Walden of Braden ton; a daughter, Mrs. Beverly M. Ackerman of Bradenton; 2 sons, Mr. Melvin Walden of On terio, Canada and Pvt. Fred Walden, Jr. of Parris Island, S. C.; granqchildren, Wendell Walden, Twyla Ackerman of Bradenton, Melvin Walden Jr., F'elicia, Michelle, Frederick, Diana, Kim, Melvin Walden, 111, Jake Ware of Washington, D. C.; a niece, !Urs. Barbai:a L. Peterson of Bradenton; cousins, Mrs. Louise Jones of Los An geles, Calif.; Miss Phyllis Ware and 1\'Ir. Nathaniel Ware of New berry, Florida and a host of otber sc.rrowing relatives and friends. A native M Cairo, Geor gia, !Ur. Walden had lived here for the past 15 years. He was and employee of the Industrial Company. He was also a ritember of Lily White SBA No. 177, Mr. John W. Curry, The remains will re}IOSe after 4 P. M. today (Fri day) a t Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" MEMORIAM TAMP A -In memory of Mrs. Mary Thompson who passed Au gust 18, 1968. We loved you but God loved you best. Sadly by the family. MEMORIAM TAMP A In loving memory of my devoted husband, Willie Johnson who departed this life August 19, 1964. A precious one from us is gone, his voice is hu s hed and still, a place is va cant in our home that never can be filled. Gone but not forgotten. We love you but Goi!t loved yo11 best. Signed: Mrs. J IJouise John son wife ; daughter, Geraldine Jabnso11 and Family. MEMORIAM 'l'AMP A -In memory of our son, brother and uncle Mr. Dan Albert Woods who departed this life on Aug. 18, 1970. Although you are gone your memory will always remain deep within our hearts. Signed: The Woods, Thomas, Jlamilton and Turner Families. M -EMORIAM TAMPA -In (oving memor y of Mr. Willie H. Small who de parted this life Aug. 20, 1970. A precious one from us is gone, a voice is bushed and still, a pla ce ls vacant in our home that can never be filled. T'AMP A -In memory of Den nis Wright who died August 18, 1966. Sleep on br!Jthel' rest from your toils and care, we stm cher Ish sweet memories of you. Moth er too bas joined you there. Signed: Mrs. Willie Ruth Grant alster; ancJ the rest of the other sisters, brothers and relatives. MEMORIAM TAMP A In memory of Mrs Mary Frazier who departed this life 12 years ago 1961. Sleep on and take rest. We loved ; you but God loved you best. Signed : Mrs. Lillie Mae Jen nings and family. Signed: Mrs. B. Small, wife; Ethel Davis and 1\lrs. Emma Clark, sisters: Joe a n d Charlie Small br. others Card of Thanks TAMPA The family of the late Miss Renae B. Smith ex presses sincere thanks to the many friends and neighbors for their kindness s-hown to us in our time of bereavement. Special thanks to the Salvation Army and Wilson Funeral Home. S!Sgt. and Mrs. Ruffin Smith, Jr. and family. Card of Thanks TAMP A The family of the late Mr. Henry Joe Brown ex press sincere thanks to all neigh bors and friends for all acts of kindness shown during our be reavement. Special thanks to Wil son Funeral Home for efficient services rendered. Signed: Mrs. Mary Allee Evans of Cleveland Ohio antft family. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA The family of the late Mr. 1\-lilton Early," Sr. would' like to extend thanks to their many friends and nelghbo.rs for all acts of kindness shown to during hfrurs' of, row. Signed: !Urs. Maggie M Ear ly, Wife and Family.


Sailurday, Aurust 19, 1972 I auSIIIESS FOB SALE Wi\NT A NEW HOME? :J200 DOWN; GOOD CREDIT Call Equal Opporiuity Demopment 1 Corp. CaD 257 .. 01, FOi SALE $50 ,BOWl APPROXIMATELY $69 a month, inclulliag P-1. PROGRESS VIllAGE NEW IN TOWN ? l"d like to td yoo aboat the special benefits of sellin g Avon in your 11ew neigh borhood. It's a wonderful way to make friemls while you make ex-1 tra mo ney during hours you choose CaU MR. Smith: 626-0Si/'4 or 876-32,2 'St. Pete 8112-45!13 Largo, Ole:arwater $SO DOWN 3 BEDROOMS, 1 BATH, wall-to-i 'MODERN CJ!:Mli:'NI' BLOCK 1 wall -ca' rpeting. BIRO, chain 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, stove, link feliCe. Pr-iced at $Hl,500. I CARS RDIORB FIE 223-1574 10 CREDIT??? Having T11ouble &uyin g a Car !Beca use you ar.e Short on Cred it or Dow.nc Payment? LET ME BELP YOU CAU BIL' L 232-48!1 OR SEE ME A'l' SBIIAY MCmiRS 6300 FLORIDA A VENUE EMPLOYMDT STUCCO MAN LEAD}':RS AND .JOURNEYMEN. ()pen shop, good pay, year round. 971-4214. 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BUSIIIESS LEASES AVAILABLE AT TAMPA PARK SHOPPIIIG CEHTEB Nebraska al Scott F o r REASOHABLE BATES PBOIE: 229-1845 FUHERAL DmECTOIS WILSOR'S rttfi .EBAL ROME 3001. %Mil STREET -"Our BusiDess Is Servic-e" Plwnes: MS-6125 U5-211S2 PUaiHSLEY FUMEBAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As D e sired. Phones: 247-3151 or 247-3152 SHADY GROVE CEMETERY SHADY 'GROVE TOMGBROW SHADY GROVE JUEM ORIAL PARK is planning a new eoncept of cemetery property._ de\'elopment to most of our r-esidents. SHADY GROVE will develop a series of beautiful religious filoral gardens with a large central feature in eaclt garden sectio n Somethin g fr-om the life of Christ or so m e thing -the Bible. The individu a l memorials will be of .e\'et lasting bronze with Mothe r Natures 'beautiful green carpet covering the grave A n inviting garden spot' that breathes happy memories and tells story life ; not death. -.. Tbe autumn winds knew well when the .leaveswill fall but no man knows whe n tile earth will claim agaill the dust ln Ieant for his creation. "' The Cemetery Beautiiul -We Care 4615 E. BAllA AYEIU -TEL


PLATFORM GUESTS AT WOMEN'S DAY TEA On the platform at Highland Missionary Baptist Church for the Women's Day Tea Sunday were Rev. W. M; Hoooo, pastor, Rev. R. J. Jones, and Rev. Phil Ramsey. Mrs. Adell Pease was Mistress of Ceremony. TAMPAN SEES SPLENDOR Man Attacked And Robbed Of -IN VISIT lO HOLY LAND 48-year-old man was attack: ed and robbed Thursday night al Central A venue and Scott St. BY MARTHA WHITE Sentinel Staff Writer One Sunday morning a 10year-old boy sat in his Sunday School class and listened to his teacher talk about the Holy Land and the many sites to be seen there. In his young mind he visualized how great it must be to see, with his own eyes, the things he studied each week iq Sunday School. Going there wasn't very easy for him becaus e his father had died before he was eight and he had to quit school before the thiid grade to help support his mother, his three sisters and brothers and himself. But, his determination to see the much talked about place didn' t stop there. This year, af ter keeping the lifelong ambi tion fr-esh in his mind; 1\o{r. Wesley Ulmer, now 72, vis1ted tha Holy Land. Mr. Ulmer, a deacon at New ll4t. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, and a lifelong friend of C. Blythe Andrews, publisher of the Sentinel:Bulletin, was ono of two Tampaps on the 22-day tour, with Mrs. Isaac Mickens as hostess. The -retired insm:ance saleroan at Central Life Insurance Company, and Mrs. Isabella Har ris, a member of. Beulah Baptist Church left on July 3 to begin the tour from New York. On the second day, they began in Athens, thent1>, Corinth, on the third day, the' city where Paul spoke brilliantly. While there they saw the Temple of Apollo and the Roman Ruins containing the platform from which Pau1 preached. Mr. Ulmer was unable to re--Jnember a:ll the breathtaking sites. but c arried a book in which he jotted bits and of information about the tour. He mentioned that Jerusalem was :really "wonderful". On. the l!H;h day they began to tour the city. Early that morning the guide showed them the Garden Tomb (Gordon's Calvery). They saw Pilate's Judgement Hall, the Fortress of Antonio where J es u s was tried before Pilate, they then procee ded t o thE: Te-mlpie area on Mt. .Moriah and visited the Dome of Ro c k built un the ancient site of Solomon s Temp le. Mr. Ulmer recalled the drive ithrough Mt. of Olives overlooking the, beautiful city. The Garden of Gethsamane was much like it is described in the Bible MR. WESLEY ULMER as well as the Traditional Tomb of Mary, he said. The trip in cluded a tour through the room <>f the Last Supper and Kini David's Tomb. W Lewis Smith, 1733 Morton Street; told police that he went to the Greek Stand to eat. Upon 1 leaving the restaurant he stood on the, corner and was confornt ed by a man wearing a yellow shirt, Smith said the man struck him in 'the mouth with his fist knocking him to the ground. Wlhile on the ground. he heard someone yell to the suspect "kick him." The man then pulled a dia mond ring from his finger and ran from the corner. Smith told police the three men' standing nearby could have been with the man that attacked him but he 'has no way of being sure. --It was one of these three wh() yelled while he was being at tacked. The ring, containing two diamonds, was worth $150. Smith related that he could possibly identify the man who him but doesn't know him by name. He added that the mari lives on the second f!oor -9ver the Cozy Corner Chicken Restaurant .at Central. and Laurel, but it was later learned by police thR>t the restalirant does not have a second floor; "Jacob's well-where Jesus met the woman-is the only thing still standing in reality since Bibical times," Mr. Ulmer said. Many of the sites have lbeen rebuilt and some places have markings to show where certain things happened. Choir Union No 2 -In Mr. Ulmer's most prized possessions now is a jar of Mr. Virgil Brooks, Pres. water -from the JordanRiver, Mn. Jennie Aus'tin, Rept, where Christ was baptized. He Choir Union No. 2 wili li.ave also had the opportunity to !business meeting on Sunday at wash his hands and feet in th9 4 from Pleasant Chapel AME river. Church,Rev. LY.brand is the Halfway through the trip, -the pastor._ All officers ar. e asked t!> group stopped on the 12th day be present and !>n time, to from Jacob's well This was the area wher!t Philip the Deacon, Peter and John achiev ed success in converting the in haibnitants. After traveling on the roadtway pastDothan, iqto the Valley of Jazreel and througn Nain, where Christ raised t() life the widow's son, Mr. Ulmer 1said they had before them Mt. Tabor, the traditional place of/ the transfiguration. To sum the entire trip up :Is ralmost impossi ble but Mr. Ulmer tried to as he said, "Corinth, Athens, Jerusalem and Rome are the cities that reveal much of the mission of Chris". The !assistant Sunday S c hool Super dnte nd en t and t eac h e r of the Young Adult B ib l e Class said a trip to the Holy Land will help everyone in their religi


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