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Policyh'olders And Public Invited ,, To Central Life Golden Jubilee All The News Fit To Print fao1rii{da1. f --: -!' "e-=r\= =t= : e -! 1 ; 11111 I l1l1l I AMERICA'S FOREMOST (SEE STORY ON PAGE I) r----------------. Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU VOL. 25, NO. 72. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. 1 Miss Page One ETHEL VERN IT A HARRIS (See StorJ OD Page I) Hard Times Hit Angela Supporter CARUTHERS Calif.-The farm er who put up his land as bail for Angela Davis claims he has com e upon such hard times that he i s leaving his farm here in s earch of work Rodger McAfee, 33, placed classi fied ads in two northern Califor nia newspapers, the Visalia Times Delta and the Fresno Bee seeking work as a milker or herdsman. He .said repercussions from his support for Miss Davis had put him into an economic tailspiu, sending bill collectors to his door and blocking credit he needs to operate his 405-acre farm. McAfee, whO' describes himself as a "humanitarian Communist,'' put up his farm in lieu of $100,000 bail for Miss Davis who has sin ce been acquitted of charges of mun der, kidnapping and conspiracy jn the Marin Calif. shooting in Au gust, 1970. He claims life has not been th!t aame for him since He said he originally h a d 72 cows, but some were poisoned and others were sold to meet He has only 27 left Threats have been made a g ainst him and his family and he has b e en forced to seek psychiatr: c help, he said As a result he has transferred ownership of his farm to his wifd and five sons The land will be leased and his family will go with him, if and when he finds anoth"!r job he said. ''I wan t a job as a milker or herdsman or anything else whera I c a n occupy my time construc tively and have a sane environ ment for my family," he said. FAMU Gridders Picture Day On Sept. 1 TALLAHASSEE Picture day f or the Florida A&M University !Rattlers will b e h eld at 2 p .m Friday Se pt. 1 at Bragg Stadium on F AMU campus. All coaches a n d players will ba available fur photograph s and/or Interv iew. (SEE STORY ON PAG E 3) j p' (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) Love For Dog (SEE STORY ON PAGE 2%) Gay Papa Promoter Canc:els (SEE STORY ON l'AGE Z) S : a ,ys, No No SEE STORY ON PAGE


PACE TWO Fla. Senitlnel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Ed7, iN. Ql2nd St., a cash register worth $ ,2JQ>O were

Tuesd : ay, Auru.f 22, .19-72: Fla_. Pu'hJished -Tues._ Fri CelBoth Edltfoa 'AG!.TRREE White _Man Killed By Neighbor Because Of Black FrieDds A r a cially overtoned feud b e tw:een two Highland whit e men e nd e d this weekend wit h o ne b ei n g s h o t t o death with an old f as hion e d 1 2 gauge double-ba r reled s hotg u n P olice repor t ed that H orace Solom o n Jr., 46, 3 806 42nd S t r ee t and h is ne x t d o or n e ighbor Wayne Lee Edwards, 36, .3808 42nd S t r eet, argued con ti nuously abou t the ex cessive n o i se at Ed w ards house Sa t urd ay afternoon Edwards an d a group of h i s black friends w ere l a u ghing and t a lking outside a ca r park e d o n Edwards propert y when Solom o n b e ca m e angry Solomon for Edwards t o get those "SOBs out of there and the two men exchanged a f e w words Edwards son told polic e that Solomon apparently became angt:y at his father for cursing a t him. Solomon pic k e d up the gun, wen t into a bedroom to Joad i t and c am e back s aying t h a t he could m ake the m l e a v e Th e man put the gun t o a bedroom screen and fir ed it striking Edwards in the lower back and side The pelle t s tray eled ov e r 28 f e et before s t rik i ng Edwards killing him almost in s t antly. All of the w i tnesses interviewed said the two families argued con-Two Arrested For Assault To Murder After Gun Duel Two men were arreste d fo r as s a u l t to murd e r Monday afternoon af te r m eet ing on the street in a gun duel. Arres te d in the 400 block of E Park w e re Herbert Thomas 40, 405 E Park, a nd Solomon Shaff e r, 38, 604 E Park. Whe n police officers arrived a f t he s c ene t o invest i gate the shootIng they were met by Thomas who said he had been shot in the ltg. Upon b e ing questioned both men t o ld a dif f e ren t story as to who sh ot first. Shaffer said he wa s wa lking d own Park wh e n h e was m et by Thomas who fired four sh ots a t him from a 22 calibe1 pi s tol tak e n fr o m his shoe. Shaf fe r said i t w a s then t hat h e pull ed his .38 cali ber re volver and s hut Thomas i n the leg ; Thomas said ; however, that he met Shaffer who shot him in the leg for no apparent reason Thom as said he retaliated by shooting at Shaffer four times. Neither of the weapons could found on the scene and both men said some un id e ntified man took the guns and fled. An ambulance was called and Thomas was sent to the hosp i tal to be treated for the gunshot wolllld in t he leg and Shaffer was booked at the city jail. After treat m e nt Thomas was arrest ed and ch a rged wit h as s ault to murder B o th men signed complaint w it h drawal forms and were relea se d from custody th is ( Tuesda y) mo rn ing. Fire Rescue Unit In Sickness And B y MARTHA WHIT E Staff Writer !Rob e r t T u c k e r one of T a m pa's few b lac k fire-men s a i d this w eek t h at t h e r e are man y peonle w h o know very lit;tle or nothin g about the ,:fiir e d epartment's R es c ue Division. F or t his r eason he tho ugh t ho woul d share a bit of informa tion with t he publ ic that mi gh t hel.p t o s a ve a f a m ily m emtber's life. Th e Tampa F ire D e pa rtment R escue D ivision c ons i -sts o r 5 t h ree men: s quads a heav y d c t ty r esc u e uni t and tw o res c ue b oats m a nned b y 613 m en on t h r e e 24 hou r s hifts," he s aid The pri mary fu n ctions of t h e res cue div i s ion is t o r e spo nd to fires and other emer-genci e s, to s earcih for possible trapped persons ren der e m e r g enc y treatment to victi m s on t he sc e ne a nd a c t '8.3 a s afety unit on the p r otecti ng aga i nst el ect rical 1-tazard s s u c h a s f alli n g w all s T he 1 y a ls o super vis e fire men on t h e sce n e t o prevent acddents. Th e uni t al s o h and1es numero u s other cases. Tu c k e r Sll!id, Th ey res p o n d t o everyth i n g from c h ild b i rt h to heart atta c ks i ncluding drow n ings, e l ecbroc u tio n s, au to mobile acci d e n t s cuttings (n'lr inor and maj or) a nd slhoot in gs The me n w o r k ing the r esc u e division a r e not just ordi nary f i remen. "They are t r ained by doctors an d in hos pitals to pro vide o u r community with pro f essio nal emel'lgency medica l ser vice." The Rescue Unit is now in training for "Operation Heart: beat," consists of 300 Fro m Flo rida A d vertisers Buy Sentine l hosrpoital. A medrl. c al c ommand Is lhour s of tra ininrg b y doctors in a curre ntl y b ein g set up from the fire rescue vehicl e on th e sc ene t o th e n eares t ho sp ital whereby a doctor at the ho s pita l will lbe abl e to. advi se the team on t h e a ccident team a s to what e m e r ge n cy treatments a r e nec ce ssary .Pe .fore and duri ng the tra n s f e r o f patJients to the hospital.. Tu c k e r with over fiv e years the fire d epartment, is v e r y to his job He is als o dedic a ted to r peot>le -b lack a s w ell as all o ther races and wan t s to see t o it that th e y are aware of a Htfe s av in g func t ion in operation aro und the m e very 'day. He s ai d that. an y one needing the rescue uni t is ask e d t o c all the Tampa Fir-e Depart ment, 2133-4f21111 an d request the fire r es cue Th e fire r esc!U! uni t do not transfer people to ho s pital s bu t an ambulance is di spatched with each call t o the rescue unit and id' t he need aris e s a member of the unrit will acc ompany victims to t he hospi tal. rOne questi o n o fte n aske d is how muc h do e s the un i t cost. "This is a pu b li c servic e to tlhe -community b y t he fire depart In.ent t h ere i s no charge for t h is se rvice at all," Tucker said. T he fir e resc ue un i ts are sta tioned in f ive strategica lly lo eated districts to insu r e rruprid service to thos e in n eea. Th e m ajor i ty of t h e men's training is o n t h ei r own tim e and they receive n o extra compen sati?n for the trarin i ng, They are dedlC'ated men to the com l munity and !)elieve in their slogan of' "dedicated to saving lives and pro p erty." 1 T h e rR

PACE FOUR Fla. Published every Tues and Fri. Cet Both E&tlon Tuesday, Augu.f 22, 19'72 P ublished every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pub lishing Co .. 2207 Twenty First Avenue Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. E:s:ecutive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice President-Production )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising s;cond class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $ 6.50 Per Year One $12.50 Per Year Both Editions. There Is Black .Drive For Nixon A dozen black officials from nine atates that have Republtcan Governor met laat D e c e m b e r President Nixon's Cnief po Jitical lieutenants for a full dresa briiefing on the Adtninistra'tion's efforltS on behalf of minorities. A mon1th ag o, a dinner ai'ttended by some 2,500 blacks, raised $200, 000 for the Nixon campaicn fund. The word, aince then, has been passed around. that Mr. Nlii!ton is. going after the minorities vote. In 1968, Mr. Nixon an estim a lted 12 :per cent of tile Black vote against 85 per cent for Hubert H. Humphrey. This waa a considerable improvement over 1964, when 94 per cent of the Black voters supp'!rted President Johnson over Sen. Barry Goldwater. President Nixon wHl not 'air personally his Administration' s civil rights policies and pro grams. Thall might put him in an awkward posii1tion with the Southern electora-te he i a trying to woo. His black state ofificials will ring out the ltid ,ing of the Administration's 'achievements on the black front, To help 'them in their difficult asSJignment, the black officials :were given a aix.page report on the Admini-stra,tion's minori1ties record, asserting thalt the ''civil righits budgeit''-had risen from $75 million in 1969 to $235-million in 1971, that more Macks had been placed in hig.h-level govern men' t jobs by Mr. Nix-on than any other Preaident, and lthat t h e pro,gram for assistance to minori lty business-es had flourished. One of !the GOP black officials was asked I f he di d not 1thlnk 'that Mr. Nixon' himself should fiipeak about his achieveme(lts in this 'area as well as enlis1ting black state off iciaJs lt: o do the )ob, he replied: "The President will count on his record to do his talking." We shall see. Dead Or Alive Another aign of the influence lof the law and order'' mood was the post,ing of ''dead or alive" cash bounties by the American Federaifion of Police. : 'In era when hijackings kidnrapings have been added to the flourishing crime wave and WHILE THE _SEGBEGA TIONIST ABE AGAIN ON THE OFFENSIVE the nation aeemi in a head-long decline toward Jease James-type atandards, the police once again may have signalled why !they are being queSitioned 'and in so many. ways. No matter the intent it isdis gracefu,l and hithly disturbing to have American Federation of Police put up "no lle-ss !than $1 for th e apprehension, "dead or alive,'' of anyone who kills a law enforcement afficer or er. Reward poalters senit to police and fire de.partments 'announced the bounties. So here we have men entrust ed with the en.forcemen l t of law actually inviting others to com mit murder, to execute auspeds without trial and in fact Ito carry out a degree of punishment ruled illega: l by the U. S. SUJpreme Court. If the pol,ice can stoop to this level, !the n cel"!tainly it won't be long before the criminal element will provide similar sums to any one fooli i .sh enough to shoot who invade 1their turf. The AFP is opening the door to a new kind of bloodletting un known to modern-day Americans. It would mean innocent men 'be ing murdered and guilty men executed in an Hlegal carnage for which !the AFP would he re sponsible. Now is the time for the AFP to retractiils irresponsible ty ofifer Law enforcement officials, in eluding policemen, should m'ake !known their Ojpposition to thia misguided effor' t to curb violence agains1 t police and firemen. The rebirith of "dead or alive;' bounties is a s1tep backward that must not be taken. Noon Day High Rise Prayer Band Mrs. Sammie L. Sc ott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White, The N oon Da y Hligh Ri s e Pray. er !Band will meet Thursday at :noon a t t he hOme df !Mrs, Sam._. tnie L Srott 1M15 Union Street, Apt. 001. All members are ex Poverty -Pocket By BOB GILDER CAl Executive Director THE NEED FOR UNITY In housing tbe Blaok man is forced to twice as much for The time has come when there dilapidated, termite infested m'Uist be a united edlf!ort amon g homes abandoned by White fldglht. an IBlarck people in our com SomG real estate dealers are munity, v-arious per getting rich otif of w'hlte fear have found reasons not to and the fBla,ck: seareh for a d e unite but t hese reasons are cent home But the Bl-a ck 11till no longer v alid. A tremendous fulds good housing an i.mpoosible step ln the right direction is dream with a gold plated price lbein. g made by the Hlillsborough bg. !County Committe e for Blaek Affairs dedicated t o freedom, fighting a war for freejustic e and equallty 'J1he Ohair dom in another county started man of t:his Oomlffiitbee ts the by the people with power. The : able, mild mannered but highly s ame poor I Bla ck man who risks ,capable Attorney Geor ge Edge-ibis life for IJ:ris country returns comlb. This Commdttee is m i aking home to find his the a total edlf!ort to include everyform

IIJ.\aesday, .Auguat 22, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Ediition PAGE FIVE moment or. two with youra truly, doing his other thing. As "Friend-AROUND THE'TOWN ly Bob Adams" the Atl.ap.ta Braves nightly man wou';d put 'it, "It's always great to havtl pjC By HAYWARD BRADY A nice letter comes from forTHOUGHTS FOR THIS CONVEN. mer Sentinel"Bulletin working TION -"I will make a mate, now Sports Infoz:mation Di bargain with the Republicans-if rector, Southern Umv., Baton they will stop telling lies about Rouge, La., C. '"FredHearns, the Democrat$, we 'IYill stop te.1-reading in .par.t-"Dear Brady: ing the truth about them". Been reading your column reg-. (Quotes of the late, Adlai Stevenularl y. Must say it's the next best son): .... "The Republicans have thing to being in Tampa. Just a their split' right after election, and line to let you know there are the Democrats have theirs just some good things happening here befox:e election.'' (Will Rogers) for a few of the "Home Boys." JE.TS HERE 'N THERE, IN BRIEFS C. FRED HEARNS Johnny "Radio" Carter has new fight mgr. and promoter, M oses McDonald, scheduled to return to ring soon. More on this when things materialize. Remember Charles "Chubby" Washington, who played e11d in foo. tball and forward in basket b i:l!l for Coach Bill Bethel at Mid dleton 1965-&7? Weli, he came to SU on a footba11 scho1arship but did not make the team after h1s f irst year. He stayed in school, however, and graduated Thurs day, August loth with a B.S. de gree in P.E. Tells me he has a job at a Tampa high school. Our own U t tle .i\Jidloew Frazier, who averaged only 4 points a game last season u a freshman, is a likely starter this cage Several of our returnees had grade and discipli J}ary problems, but c a r 1 Stewart said Frazier had the secQnd best grades on the team and was no problem at aD. It looks lik& good bet to see lour Tampans atarung on o u r football team. Nadauiel Lee (Blake----+1-961.) offensive taekle: AI fred Saaew (Midd.:eton 71)', linebaeker, following a fabulous (!prilrg Lany "'111e Cat,. Tbemas {Robin.son,..-61), defemsi)/e end Roberi Gollllwl (Hiillsbor071). left halfback, fn our ne w Wishbone-T'. llanW 'Boo" Leriu-.... David Walker, both of !.tid dleton Hi 'rrt, were cut from tbe. team, Levins following two kna. operations. Nat Lee is a good' pro draft pick, if be atay;s Now if W8i eooltl jl!l8t win a few games, we could be right hy N0v. llth, wflen tha !Ji\attlers of Coach Jim Williams come up here. Hope you can mall:e that game-Fred llearns. HERE'RE A COUPLE N I C E Word is Tampa'merchant sea, man, Dave Harris, lias arrived in the states from tour which took him all the way to Jeru salem. And Dave bas written and called a lot of folks to say he s got a lot to tell of visit to the Holy Land. He's the hus band of Mrs. l>rineess Harris, beauty shop owner on E. Sh1id owlawn Ave. Edwards Stokes, EAL working mate who got promoted : to another position at Ft. Lauder dale airport, says he likes the crty So we11 he's gollna move wife; Joyce, Brandon Hi school teach er and their two sons down there. : Someone asked if oui-Sheriff Malcolm Beard once attended the Univ. of Tampa and played foot bal ; there? Could be cause Sher iff ,Beard still seems to like run rung after folks. Or tackling sit uations anyway. But truthfully, 1 woulda found Lf easler to answer the question on whether or not Mr. Beard's gonna be our next County Sheriff. Was told Willie Robinson, Jr., the rushop College, Tex-as_ from Tampa's Zack St. area IS gonna teach this year here out Town 'N Country way. He's the very fine son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie (Sarah) Robinson Bet you didn't know, Mrs. Es sie Reed, beat out several of Tampa's beauty contestants in winni11g her third place-. award in the recent Be llmen-Waiter Club danee contest. Finally learned, Goldie Tbomp. son, Jr. and e:x-Mighty Cloud of Joy'er ''Eimo'r FraBklla, did their Gospel Singing :Program here, but it wasn't too wei! at tended. Do you knoW there've been some modlel!ing acllools. in o u r eOWttry \\fbo1 by to teacb young ladies more than tbe< ut of mod eling The-y try to throw in a bit boot the world's "oldest profes aioo" tOO>. Found in tiaUI with &Orne of Tampa : s maat prominent citizens and edueatora, Mr. aM Mrs. Ria.ant tEn> Pdle,. t h a t their lo-vely daUIDter MJ Shar: maa J'Jhle, t&e Jml:sboroogh m grad and formK daneerette, Is still on tour in. Europe. Or was dmring Mr .-Mrs. Pride's visit to our new TlA with relatives weelkend. And while< apeakiaa ol promiJ.t. ent folkS seea. tO\lring our hun dred millioa. doll.r TIA, there was Dr anti M:n. Davt' E. Smith and daughter ad .everal other relatives tow-ina our "first won der of 'Iampa" (football -atadium second) wl'lile stopping to chat a WORlD? Sl. COoNICI. ltEADER AND ADVISOR f)N A:l.l, MA'Fl'EitS f):t' LIFE DO TOO NEED BEI.P? VNHAPPY? DISN'IENIED-?' 001JiBD\lL? MARKIAGE PIUNI-LEMS? ReME ltOBI.EKS! ----HEALTH PROBLEMs? I..&VE PROaLEMS? 1513' I. Fla. lYe.. PIL. Z31-1068 Tpa I I. IL I f. M. friends stop in." Miss Viola Houston, '72 Hills borough Hi grad, mentioned while out at TIA to pick up brother, Irving Washington, who s been va cationing across the southern eastern and northern part of the nation from Blake Hi job, of her plans for enrolling in' Atlanta; Ga. of Modeling. Yes dear reader, it's true, sin ger Johnny Taylor, did formerly sing with the Chi.cago Sau1 S tir rers gospel group, two lead sin gers after Sam Cooke. "Bread" had a lot to do wlth his going to the other whirl too Just as it did for singer AI Green going from gospel t<> rock. THE COMMUNITY LOST AN OTHER WELL THOUGHT OF CITIZEN, JOSEPH "LIL JOE" SHEAD. The late Mr. Shead, a youth activit \ es director at the THE LATE LITTLE J6E SHEAD Tralier !Park gym and pool, pass ed unexp ectedly sometime Sat. Cause of death was not available at this writing Absent Brother, "Little .Joe's" final rites are be ing artanged by Ray Funeral Home Inc.," William Bryant and Don Ch:appel Williams, eo-owners. Please c onsult our fun eral notices. Little Joe" is pic tured in a pho t o taken by the wri ter, as he was arriving background, as he was arriving from Denver Colo. visit with dear friends, the Joe Latson s SEE YAU LATER Buy From Florida. Sentinel Advertisers JEFATUL CALLIN G By FATHER A. PARK TAMPA -The Jesuit Frea Employment Agency of the 'l'ampa Bay Urban League (JEFATUL) in calling upon business, professional and in ..dustrial communities of the Tampa Bay area to employ our applicants. The following peo. ple are seeking employment in the Tampa Bay Area: Woman looking for live-in j ob, P.BX Morning Star Choir No. 2 Dea. C laude Coney, President Mrs. Mattie Harrison, Reporter The president of tire No. 2 ch oir of Gr. Morning Star M B. Church is asking all members to me et at the church Thursday night at 8:30 for business mee ting. Please be present and on time. operator looking for office worlt and workers s eekin g places for room and board. JEFATUL OPPORTUNITIES Car lot 'boys, casbier, truck drivers, mechanic, waitress and night dock worker. JEFATUL THANKS .A\B Heating and Air Condi tioning Company, Consolidated Box Company and Mr. and Mrs. Edwards Biekiza. Need A Nursery This Fall??? ? Call JEFATUL at 229--8117 or 223-3454. JEFATUL NEEDS Clothing, staple foods and office supplies. If you need work or w orkers, please call JEFATUL at 229 8117 or come to 1405 Tampa Park_ Plaza. We may also bG reache-d at 1 026 Central_ or by calling


PAGE SIX !Ia. Sendnei-Bullet in Pu blished every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Ediitiona Tuesday, 22, 1972 'fHE COLES ATTEND REUNION lUr. and Mrs. S. C. Cole of 2212 E. Buffalo their six children: Clarence, Jenny, Robert and Thelma of Tampa; Gladys vf Tallahassee; and Billy of San Antonio, Texas, with their families motored to Jac kson Tennessee, the home of 1\'Ir. Cole, to attend a family reunion -on August 5. Approximate,"y 300 relatives were there including 26 members of the Cole family of Tampa. States represented were Florid;'i, California, Texas Ohio, Penn sylvania, Mic higan, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey, Missouri and North Carolina. The person attending the reunion was Uncle Willie Collins who is 96 years old He motored from Erie, Pennsylvania The youngest was John Cole, 8 months old grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Cole. Also a t tending were Mr. Cole's sisters, Mrs. Trannie Nunn of Los Angeles Mrs. Oiie L. Shepard of Tampa, and Mrs. Leolie Jficks of Bells, Temiessee Doretha Mungen, a close friend of Glad-ys, also attended. The family attended / morning service at Tabernac. e Baptist Churc h and afternoon service at St. John Baptist Church where Mr. Cole was converted during his boyhood TO BE MARRIED Mr. and Mrs. Louis Walker, of 1509 Lamar Street, have an nounced that the i r daughter, Velma will be married Sa turday even ing at 7 o clock to Mr. Richard Monroe. The wedding and recep tion will be at the bride s home 1509 Lamar Street. HERE FROM NEW YORK Down from New York City for a visit is Miss Dorothy Clark. She is the guest -of her mother and sister, J\frs. Ruth Gage and Mrs. Thelma Turner; and friends, Mrs. Josephine Barton, Mrs. Lillian Canada and Mrs. Bernice Johnson:. Miss Clark enjoyed a party on her birthday, August 6. She ex pects to leave by p,"ane Sunday. HAT FASHIONS PRESENTED Members of tile N i neteen Wonders Social Club and w omen of First Baptist Church of Lincoln sponsored a hat fa s hion show Sunday The delightful models were Mrs. Rose Lowe, Mrs. Fannie Thomas Mrs. Sarah Gooding, Mrs. Mae Doris Bunts, Mrs. Inez Figgers, and Mrs. Callie Cr;1wford Gues t s from Enterprise, Alabama were Luvia Owens Beatrice Brooks, Aclena Rain Mrs. E. Walker, Mrs. Willie Mae Brooks, Mrs. Birtha Rodgers )Irs. Ollie Brooks, Mrs. Jessie Smith, Jack Brooks, 1\lrs Mattie Brown, Mrs. A. Scornies and tile Rev. Neal. The first prize w en t to Mrs. Fannie' Thomas. Mrs Callie Craw ford was s ec ond and Mrs. Mae Doris Bunts was third. Mr s Ernestine Mitchell w a s t h e narartor. FAMILYREU N ION The William s Walker and Limehouse family reun ion wa s Sun d ay a t the b e a u tiful home of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Walker 5807 L a ng sto n Drl ve Palm River Village Th e ga t herin g includ e d Mr. and Mrs. Willie Walk e r Mr. and Mrs. D a niel B. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Limehouse and their c hildr e n ; Mrs. Alb erta Walker Robert Bl a kely Miss Janice Clark, Mrs. Marie Long Grover Long, Clint and Irving Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Lero y Baker. Als o e n j oying the pl easant day were Pamela, Renae and Onieta Rolando, Lorraine Yvette Harris, Diane and Vannessa Blakely. OUR SICK Am o ng our friends who are sick are Mrs. Lucille Thomas of 1506 M a in St ., who is at T ampa Genera ;; and Mr. Willie Gordon, 2130 Pine (Continued on Page 7) NOTES FROM IAMPA CLUBS Several MODEL CITIES BLOCK CLUBS are meeting within these next f e w da y s All meetings are scheduled for 7 :30 P. M. AREA B which includes Jackson Heights, Belmont Heights and the immediate surrounding ai:ea, is meeting tonight at the Lake Avenue Branch Office 3310 E. Lake Avenue AREA A ( Co.lege Hill Ponce de Leon and immediate surround ing area) is meeting Thursday at the Community Service Center 3410 N 22.nd Street. Also meeting on Thursday will be AREA D ( Ybor City and im mediate surrounding area) at the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce; and AREA C ( North Tampa Area) is meeting next Monday at 8100 Nebraska Avenue (Above Sulphur Springs Pool). Members of the TAMP A CHAPTE R OF THE BETHUNE-COOK MAN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION wiJ.l meet at 8 P M. Thursday at the Tampa Urban League. The president Mrs Dora Reeder is ask ing all members ..to attend. A meeting of the NOVELETTES SOCIAL CLUB will be held Wed nes day evening at 8 o'clo c k at the residence of Mrs. Henriet t a Smith, 1808 North Boule vard THE SICK BENEFIT MEMBERSHIP CLUJJ is meeting Sun day afternoon at 2 o clo c k with Mrs; Ida Stevens, 1410 Morgan Street. (Contiuned On Page 7) COMING-EVENTS AUG. 27-Federation Day, New Prilgress M. B. Church. AUG. 27-Annu_al Pink Tea and Musical Extravaganza sponsored by WSCS of Tyer Temple U. M. Church, 6-8 P.M. AUG 27-Youth Day, Mt. Sinai A. M. E. Zion Church. AUG. 27-Friendly l\1. B. Church JJsher Board No. 1 sponsors An nual Tea, 3 P. M. AUG. 27-Annual Youth Day, St. James Al\'IE Church Progress Village. AUG. 27-St. Mark M. B. Church of Port Tampa Home c oming. SEPT. 3-Breakfast Dance sponsored by Bay City Lodge No. 268 at Elks Rest, 809 E. Laurel Street, midnight SEPT. 3-Stayat-Home l\lembership Tea, Harmon's Halfway Home, 7909 Endive Avenue, 5 P. M. SEPT. 3-Red and White Tea sponsored by the American Beauty Social and Civic Club from 6-9 at the Sugar Shack. SEPT. 10-Greater Bethel Baptist annual tea sponsored by the No. 11 ushers in the J. W. Rhodes Educational Building from 3-5. SEPT. 10'-Guest Service, Tyer Ttmtp)e U. '1\I. Church 5:30 P.M. 15EPT. 10-Women's Day, Mt. Zion A.' M. E. Church Port SEPT. 23-:-iLuau at Armettia Temple, sponsored by Wee Banker Social Club, 8:30 P.M. A former Tampan, Mrs. Joyce Sweatman Gosey, who now re sides In Washingtno D. C., was a recent visitor in Tampa. She was acompanied by Mrs Althea Sutton, Miss Arnishia Sutton and Miss Sharon Delaney. All of them are employed by the Department of E1!11cl1tion and WeUare, U. S. Government, Washington. The visitors were the guests of Mrs. Gosey's father, Mr. Willie Sweatman, 7415 O'Brien Street, Port Tampa. They were enter tained by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cannon, Mrs. Geneva Ferrell and other former classmates and friends. They visited Busch Gardens, the N. C. 0. Club at MacDill Ail' Force Base, Beach, the Sweden House, and popular night clubs of the city. St. James AME Progress Village Rev. H. H Douglas Pastor Filmore, Rept. Sunday sd10ol be gan at 10 with IJ\'Tr s. Bra dl e y a cting swpt. in charge. All teaders were at their po s t s The l ess on was re v iewed b y 1MTS. Ola !Myrick. M orning service began at li1 wlith the p astor in c h a r g e At 3 the Progr ess ive Ohoir Union was held. iEve ning began at the u sual !hour with R e v J. iL. Gay in charge of the e v ening ser vice All weekly activities remain the same t Mrs ,E. Harris is on the sick list. Marriage Ucenses Robert Andrew Floyd, 25, Hous ton, Texas and Marva Louise Gatlin, 21, 1518 Nassau Street. Nathaniel Alfred Reeves, 28, 1146 Union St., and Verlene Haw kins, 30, 1113 Main St. Waymond Ollio 1\fack, 24, Cin_ cinnati, Ohio, Alalia J. An derson, 23, 4425 N. 48th St. Alfonzo Cashous Bowers, 19, 2814 Valentine Ct., and Brenda Joyce Womack, 17, 7914 Allaman da Avenue. Eugene Douglas Taylor, 20, 1003 32na St., and Cynthia An drea Walters, 17, 2321 Chestnut ; John Raymond Mullens, 34, Berwick, La., and Frances Duett Nelson, 37, Ft. Myers. Clarence Ollie Kirnes, 43, 3506 28th Avenue, and Glorious Do retha Houston, 33, Lakeland. James Robert Thurman, -22, 3103' E. Chipco and Patricia Ann Ford; 19, 2214 14th Avenue. Rodney Eugene 21, 3913 Cherry Sf Elizabeth Ann Neal, 19, 3919 Cherry St: Moses Vann Jr., 21, 2506 15th Avenue, and Patricia Ann Luke, 19, Seffner. Bobbie Lewis McDowell, 28, 1918 Chestnut and Beverly Elaine Maddox, 19, 1936 Spruce. Dennis Redc!1ck, 25, 3005 Cher ry St., and Abra Dale Gatlin, 18, 2204 N. Grady Avenue. Leroy Epps, 24. 812 E. Palm, and Gloria Ann Massey, 25, 1126 Harrison. Willie Lee Jackson 28, 214 W. Palm, and Dennie Mae Brown, 30, 422 W. Amelia. Theodo Buttes, 29, Lakeland, and Mattie Elizabeth Wilcox, 40, Lakeland. Alton Redding, 38, 207 Central anil Roberta Mathies, 40, 2303 Ola Ave. Dr. Mary !1 Smith Joins Bethune-Cookman Stall IDAYTONA BEACI:I, Florida Dr. William F. Kornegay, aca: demic dean of Bethune-Cookman College announces that Dr. Mary Alice Smith has joined the Be th11rteCookman Co.lege Family as professor of the Teacher Trai ning Program ahd will coordinate the Florida Southern College, Lake land and Bethune-Cookman Col. lege Cooperative Internship Pfo.. gram. Dr. Smith received tile B S de gree in Secondary with : a major in English, from Beth--. une-Cookman College; tile M.Ed. Peace : P .rogressive 2628 E Lake Avenue Rev. A. PastOr_ Mrs. Lore_ne Calhoun, Rept. Sunday school began at 10 with the supt. /Mrs. O llie Tood in charge. The lesson was taught /by >Rev. Giles Morning s 'ervi, ce began at 11 with Deacon IEdwai:d Bold and IDea eon John i E vans. char, ge of deotion. The sermon was deliver"d by 1Rev. IH. 1 Giles. '11he adult choir and ushers iNo. 1 served. !Evening began at 6 :30 wit h tlhe same order of service. The follo win-g are on the sick list: Mr s. lEva Harrell, and other s 1 ck and shut-ins members. Wednesday night prayer meet ing wiU be held. All members are asked to be present and 0111 time. DR. MARY ALICE SMITH degree in Education from the Uni versity of P i ttsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and the Ed. D de gree from. Indiana Univers ity, Bloomnigton, Indiana. Dr. Smith has had 18 years of teaching and administrativ e ex perience, having served as i n structor, professor and most re c e ntly, chairman, D i v i sion of Ed ucation Edward Waters College, JacksonvLle Florida, f rom 1966 t o 1972. She has published many ar t i cles anJi travelled exte nsive l y abroad Dr. Smith will bring a w e alth of experience to Bethune Cook man College. hznts BY (}J;;m.g Pfak CARNATION HOME SERVICE DIRECTOR Din.e in English tradition with Pot Roast and Horse radish Sayee. The meat cooks to a juicy brown; the Hprserad1sh Sauce cooks to a creamy smoothness w1th the help of Velvetized evaporated milk, Makes a .Prettyplatter of roast, pearl onions and tomatoes w1th a bowl of Horseradish Sauce near by. POT ROAST AND HORSERADISH SAUCE (Makes 6 servings) pounds pot roast 2 fresh tomatoes Seasoned flour 1 cup reserved meat Juice 2 tablesp()ons oil 1 cup undiluted Carnation cups can) Evaporated Milk beef broth 2 1 teaspoon salt tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons prepared JA teaspoon pepper horseradish teaspoon thyme 1 tablespoon Worcestershlre 1 bay leaf sauce 1 pound pearl onions Roll roast in seasoned flour. Brown meat on all sides In hot oll in Dutch oven 20-30 minutes. Add beef broth, salt, pepper, thyme and bay leaf. Cover tightly and cook in slow oven (325 F.) 2 to 2% hours. Add onions and continue cooking 45 minutes or-until meat is tender. Cut each tomato. into eight wedges. Arrange tomatoes on roast and cook an additional 10 minu.tes. Remove meat and vege. tables to platter and keep warm. Discard bay leaf. Reserve 1 cup juice with as little fat as possible. Discard remain. ing fat and juice. Slowly add evaporated milk to flour atirring vigorously constantly to blend well. Pour Dutch-oven. Add reserved meat juice, horseradish and Worcestershire sauce. Cook over medium heat until thick stirring constantly. Serve w !th meat and vegetables.


Tuesday, Auru f 22, t972 Fla : SenUnei-Bulletln Published every Tues. and Frf. Both Edltlonl : PACE SEVEN CSO'S Put Final Touches To Plans For Social Hour MISS GLADYS BROWN coordinator When members of the Clerks and secretaries Organization met Sunday at the home of the presi dent, Mrs. Annette Jac kson touches were put to plans for the Social Hour they are hos t ing Sunday Auaust '1:7. The aff air is from 4' to 7 P M., and will be heid at the Sugar Shack, 2300 N Oregon Avenue. Mu sic willbe by Harold Brew er at the and a committee has been appointed to oversee the refreshment table. Black and white will be the color scheme. Members will wear long dresses. Miss Gladys Brown coordina tor, is pleased with ticket and mentioned that. 'fl.1,1 g6 the organization's end of the year projects. The group has established a reputation for its charitable contributions and assistance with worthy munity projects Already thts year they have given eight elec tric fans to the Seffner Juve_nile home and made cash dona \tons to .several other causes. Miss Brown a past president is a secretary at the Florida Sen tinel Bulletin Ti c kets may be purchased at the door or from Miss Brown, Mrs. Jackson, Fannie H1ll, Grace Clark, Elsie Dani els, Cora Lyons, Barbara Batchelor J o h n s o n Rubye M c Nish or Louvenia Mit chell. Special invitations have been forwarded to several promin e nt athletes who are currently in th i s area, and visitors in the Tampa Bay -area will find this an ex cellent opportunity to meet old and new friends MIRRORS OF SOCIETY B;v BEVERLY (Continued From Page 6) Street, who has been admitte d to Hillsborough County Hosp ital. BACK FROM HOUSTON Mrs. Bertha Weston of 3523 E. Genessee Street, m Mon day from a three-week vacation in H o uston, w1th her daugh ter and son-in-law Sgt. and Mrs. Albert Perkms. Sh e was accom panied by grandchildren, Debra Weston, Sheila Miller and Sundae Matthews of Charleston S C. ATTEND NATIONAL CONVENTION Tampa Cosmetologist Unit No. One was well the national convention during the week of August 6, m Dr. Cathtean B. Ross was one of the south.ern host ess es Umt One m embers attending were Mrs. Bessie Dix, Mrs. Ormiller Kelsey, Mrs Catherine Lawrence and Mrs. Rosa Muldrow. Mrs. Elouise Warmack attended the institute and received her Master's degree MRS. BENJAMIN ENTERTAINS Mrs. Ellen Benjamin was pleased to have as her Sunday dmner guests Mrs. Patricia Curry and son, Timothy of Detroit They are vi s iting her aunts Mrs. Lilile Ross and Mrs. Coma Tunkins, guests at 1\'lrs. Benjamin s dinner gathering mcluded !heir cousin, Mrs. Lillie Burke of Jac ksonville, Mrs. Isabella Tolliver, Mrs. Rosa Daymon and Sbelia Thomas. PARTY GUESTS Amon g the guests at the residence of Miss Brenda Russ for her birthday dinner party were her sister, Mrs: Jasie Maxwell of Bra denton Kenny Sirmons and Mrs : Fannie of-Bradenton,-M .r. and Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Hos ie Neal, Mr. and 1\Jrs. David Martin, Mr. and. Mrs. : Ronnie Pinero, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fernan. dez, Jr., Mr. and Mril: Fred Rust, Jr., Rudy Provango Mr. and Mrs. John Carnegie, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barnes Sgt. and l\:lrs. James Moore, and -. l\:lr. and Mrs, Lawr. ence Ritcber. AT JUNIOR ACADEMY Cala Jenkins is a student at' the Tampa Academy, a part of the Seven t h Day Adventist Church The school term began Au-gust 21. Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 Eddie PresideRt Gwendolyn Hayes, Reporter The INo. 2 10hoir of INew Mt. Zion :M. B : Ohurch, Rev. B. J. J o nes pastor will have regular choir on tonight (Tues. ) at .,the chllrch beginning at 8. rrhe president a s ks that all memlbers please be present and on time. !Members are also rem.]oded to come to rehearsal at least Twice a month in order to serve the first SundaiY of eac h month. Wishing You A Happy Birthday By MISS ROSE MICHELLE MAYNOR Relatives and friends say, "Happy Birthday'' to Mich elle Maynor on Augus t 22. She is the 9 year old daughter of Edward and Gussye Maynor, Riviera Beach Michelle is the granddaughter of Mrs. Ethel M Broa dnax and l i ttle s ister of Mi ralyn and Be nita She likes to read, sew and li ste n to the Jackson Five Another August 22 ce lebrant is Mr. Allen Alphonso Cannedy He i s receiving his greetings at 2614 Chipc;o. ___ ..:...._ __ Trinity. CME Church 2401 No. Ho war!l Avenue Rev. B. F. Salone, Pastor Services on Sunday began at :10 a m. with Sunday school. De votion was led by Rev. Salone All teacher s were present. Morning worship was conduct. ed at' H with the No. 11 Choir lin the stand. The Scrtpture was read by J:tev .Miller and the Pas tor delivered the message. At 3 p m the iNo. :1. c hoir at" tended the Cboir's Union which was held &t Friends hip IM. B Church of Carver City !Evening worship was con ducted at 6 p m with same order of services being carried out. We were ha 1 ppy to have with us during our .. services !Pre siding Elder Goodwiri who talk ed with us and urged aU ffi,em hers tO please see the sec'y. Mrs. Gladys !Britt getting your name recorded as you report your asse!Yment, on Sunday. Tuesday night' the president ol the USher board is asking all Ushers to plea se meet her at the church -for business meeting.' WednesdaJy night the INo. l Ohoir is to meet for business meeting It is veny important that all members be present. Thursday night prayer m eeting. Saturday_ evening at 3 p m the juniors are asked. to meet ,at Mac!Far lane Park for their picni.c. On Sunday Dlight t!he No. 1l Choir is to a cppear on .program at Sprin ghill IM. B. Church Sul phur Springs Rev. James Scant KING ARTHUR'S INN PROUDLY PRESENTS A Big Dance And Show Direct From The Castaways, Miami Beach and the Jet-Away Lounge, Miami. THE RAVV SOUL EXPRESS Featuring Papa Cool and J. J. formerly of the Oceanliners MANY SURPRISE GUEST ARTISTS This Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday lakeland Church To Hole/ RevivalAncl Institute / The Rev. Alex Harper, pastor of Greater St. Paul Baptist Chur c h 1130 N Webster Avenue Lakeland has announced that a soul saving and Institute will be held there August 28-Sep tember 1. Speaking in the revival service which will begin each night at ? P.M. will be tht Rev. M. C. Moore, pastor of the Second Bap tist Church in Oxford, Mississippi. He is noted for his unusual appeal and persuasion. Persons who will teach courses in the institute art the Rev J. L Overstreet, t he Rev G I. Brad ley, the Rev. Lew i s Rentz, the Rev. P. H. Williams, A R. Dan iel and Larry Roundtree Courses offered are as follows: Children Movement, Youth Move ment, Dea c ons and MeR1 Mission ary W or kers Leadership Train ing Church Membership and Junior Women. REV. ALEX HARPER YOUTH CHOIR OBSERVA.NCE OPENS WITH SUN. SCHOOL hiAWATHA DONALDSON The '.Greater Mt. Carmel AME Church Youth Choii will hold its second annual observance Sunday beginn i ng with Sunday school at 9:45 a.m The churc'h is located at 34th Street arid 38th Avenue, and the observance will termi nate with the Youth 'For Christ March" at 4 o'clock Tyronne Bulmer, son of Mrs. Lu cille Bulmer, is He TI:IANK YOU_ Mrs. Shaddle Miller and family would like to thank t6eir niany. friends and 'neighbors and the staff at Tampa General Hospital and a very special "Thank You". to Rev. John Carey andmeml)ers o.f St. L uke AME Church. Mrs. Miller is now at after a long in thee hos,..tat ling is the IPas tor. Visitors are a1way.s welcome to visit with us at all times. !Let us not for .get to pray for the sick and shut-ins. TYH:ONNE BULMER is also president of the Youtb Choir. 'working with Tyronne as tha co-chairman is Hiawatha Donald son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Donaldson She is the choir' s recording secretary. The theme is "Youth Choir, and Revolution Mrs Marjoria Guest will be th e guest speaker. Mrs Martha C. Kennedy and Mrs. Willie B Donaldson are the dire ct ors. The Rev C. D La zier Is pastor Blake Adult Center Announces Registration Registration for adult eveoing s chool classe, s is now underway at 'Blake Adult School Center. IPer s G ns de siring to attend the fall term may register dail y from l-4 arid from 6-110. School will open for classes Aug. 28. For additional information caH Blake Adult Cente r, 1323c0055. Henry J. !Ballard, t PDinci-pal. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS (Continued From Page 6) Members of the FRIENDLY FIFTEEN SOCIAL CLUB wiU sponsor a Pre-Labor Day Dan ce on September 3 beginning at 10 P M at the Labor Temple, 16th Street and 9th Avenue Musi c will be by the Soul Operator s Band. Members of t he MERRY DONNA SOCIAI1 CLUB are meeting at 8 P. M. Wednesday with Mrs Corrine Campbell, 2126 Pine Street. Important businesg will be discussed when the CARVER CITY CIVIC CLUB m eets Wednesdy evening at 7:30 at the Forest Heig hts Community Cen ter. Four speakers will d isc uss conditions in t ha t area, and residents of Lincoln Gard ens are invited Notes From Tampa Lodges DON'T MISS IT!! Members of LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 5 wi.l meet Wednesda? at 7 :30 P. M at the 29th Street Temple. KIN(i ARTHUR'S INN Mrs Ethel M. Broadnax State Director of the JUNIOR DE PARTMENT OF THE LILY WHITE S. B. A., requests that con .636 Mabry. Tampa ... .. .... g r(!duates.


PA<;E EIGHT C!E1A!UE'S TROM.4S o.tit at the OOE-SroP-:ID!N Sbow:ed lhis eing ,grmd out ef the het jazz neythms NIGHT BEAT By jOHNNY JACOBS .. fuat reverberate off the waHs and .says usoul is nere:'" :rt s a -place Where any respectable -person wouldn't mind going. Speaking of respeetab"le plaoes, 11Jhe ACE iJO i(UlNGE, 5 peal'11eatlled !by >tfue ll ove1y and grace-'ii1!11 Slmllt'MA1N >aqways '(ill t'he move f0r 11Jhe best at'I'l'l0sphe-re socializing. Hette )'0a .can find some of 'tlhe !Oest, tihough il'rexpen -sively pnicecl, dniHs in rt:be Bay 'mlea. llm.S. hwiite s ;ail her m:any friends inom dJI:le 'r am;pa lb,y area :te come IVi:sit \\Wth !her .at :one of lr.am.pa' s finest lounges. Yours tnuly igh:ly rec-ommends it -for those who savor -a:ttenticve l!lervioe, lbe111uliilill sur-roaruiin;gs, .1111d a 0.0n,genijal .atmos pbere, conducive to good converami .relalfulg. f\nd if you haw e .a J!U16'hlem .dan't fret, just talk it over with the head bar-1Ieaderess. \the i@vely iB!ETTY -GOOilHE. She has an answer for If }'.(I)U h aven't visited the downte.-vm liOuel.dirig to suculent priime rili>s ;au j.l!IS. The newly ,fum. perted chef and Maittre d go to great lengflhs to make every -meal an event ,. cA:nd every meal is an event y ,ou wen t forget. Yoo.ur.s tr.d\w was at a party '1ast T we Sdleol Teadters No.iiated As OvtstMdiAg .M;rs, J'-orllilan alild MTa. Be1iriice Nelson haw !bee n se'ledted as Olits:tandin,g Ei l em:entacy 'Teaobers 00: America ifminate d by .the sc'heel prin .cia'l .earlier this year. the s teaChers were .selec ted for this nationa'1 honor on b .aasis (j)f tiheir qlll'ctfessienal and civic .aclJierements. Out'Sl!an:din:g Elemenba.ry Teaoheris oi America is an innua'l Jmlil gram hli!nl!lrmg fue men and wemen whe ifuawe dislJin;guished tihem sel\V\E$ \by the !heir -sel'V.ice and leadershi-p in the 'i-e1-d of ele mentary edmcatien. Eaeh year, the lbiGgraj)h.ies of 'henoreal we featured in fue a waTd s V111mme, OU'ii.'STAN!I}JNG !ELiE MENTARY '1' E A C l1 E R 'S OF AMERTCA In arulG.l!UlCing tthe .aw.ard win 'ners .fio tine 5Chool Dr. V Gilbert !Beer.s, lilirector {)I tlae Ol!ltstancii.ng Elementary T.eacfu-. a-s :of Ame.r.igLltitian. .. Ja.es ... wa At Bayfrnt (enter s.n. week and just as it reache!!l .James ililr.ewn, the master _of 'er ray'fu1 stage'S a y,oung iaily raw soul, will .be ,pfSented w.ith walked up to me :and playfUlly his .J. B..'.s Blues :Band on Stin snatc'he d lJl!IY c.her,ry my day. 2t7, .at 8 :.3.0. .at the drink. With suggestive eyes and B.ay.r.ont Denter in St. 'Peters. a coy smile she said, "now what_ .bW',g. do -of ltlmt." Y'Ours Broyt.n vJduaUw a ivhlg legtnuily w.ery .Beri.ously, T 'w.e .and" 1n 'the .music 'business,. first heli.l!IV.ed in .an ey.e :lior an introdll!le.G soliil .rnusi.c to .the 'and ra t:oo.bh for a lkJatln." mases i.n 19i6 with l}"lea-5e, IDH!A'T'S MY liis lirst gd].d record :and M .Jilr.ug-s is yeur tl!ri:ng,.now prac'fioa1ly the nationa'l anthen !'l0ur 1lhlng :ain't haroly them .ot .blnes and soedl music. 'W'Jmt\1 !happening these day.s. 'This SJmday n:ight 'he''R _be 'lio_________________ _;_________ lng hislfmest record Good 'F-odt," N Sho N S hoot I and -detemens'tratiilg the dance of ts the -same 'Jlame. 0 I 0 ( ''August 218th may not be the .first day of school for many .c-hdldren it m011. :nod; .he to .oom@Je te the :Mrs. Josephine iLewis is on ficlb.e.dule an:d enter <91'lbool on b Qoc"'""' M ..J 6(;'-e y "ean .. u son m oture to ll; lUI;<> .QI>0ve tli>er e at CHnk &C'bedu'les for next week -9 for physical-s and immunizations lMrs. Daisy Te. and ere: Rev. L. Waddell, pastor. leadu Wiliaas taa.1 'Ilhe 'l!lleal1lh-a Wil):l iams Council held i!heir menth1!y nreeting at troe home

!'uesday, .Auruf 22, 1972 Fla. Senitlnei-Bulletrn Pu hllshecf eYery Tues. and Frt .Get Both EdUionl PACE. NINE ---------------------------------Policyholders, Public_ Invited To 'Central Life Golden _Jubilee MARLON T. PURYEAR By MARTHA WHITE Sentinel Staff Writer The policyholders, friends and gener. al public are invited to JOm the official staff of the Central Life Insurance Company, Friday August 25, at the Golden Jubilee Ce :e bration The program starts at 1 P .M. In the auditor ium of the home of fice, 1400 N Boulevard, Tampa. The principal address will be de liveted by Mahlon T PuryE'ar, Director of the New York C ity Urban League and brother of Dr. R. W Puryear, President of Florida Memorial College in Mi ami. Following a well-planned pro gram, refreshments will be served to all who atte nd. The Central Life was organized in 19212 by the Bryan Brothers, 'tom. and Will and the following founders : Dr. G P Norton president; Rev. S J. Johnson, vice president; Dr. L A. Rowel :, treasurer; G. S Middleton sec retary; Dr. J. N Anderson, W. W Andrews Mrs Mary McLeod Bethune Isaac L N Houston Allen Jones, J L King C T. Lowrie T L Lowrie, Dr. C. H Norton Rev. M. D. Potter, G iD. Rogers, Edward W Stone J. L. Street and Andrew Williams N. Y. Urban League Director, brother of Dr. R. W. Puryear, president of Florida Memorial College, to Golden address. The Central was one of three companies organized in Florida by the Bryan Brothers. They learned their skills in the Afro American Company during the time that A W. Price was presiNEW OFFICERS OF NATIONAL FUNERAL DIRECTORS & MORTICIANS ASSOC, NEW ORLEANS--Chatting prior to closing cere monies at the 3l>th annaal convention of the Na tional Funeral Directors and Morticians Association at the Fairmont Roosevelt Hotel In New Orleans, are (from left ), Leon Harrison of Los Angeles, newly-Installed president of the group; E. Perry Palmer. of Columbia, S. C., newly-installed first vice-president ; and Bobble FranF ois of New Or leans newly-installed aeconcl :vice-president of the association Ritz Adult Thea.tre EnJoy the hesl in X Baled Films in cool comfortable surroundings Phone 248-1378 .-151h and Broadway .. Adults 18 OR OVER NEIGHBORHOOD DOCTOR "HE-MADE ALL HIS HOUSE,CALLS." ALSO I AM NO VIRCiiN "AND WOULD LIKE TO PROVE IT." dent, A. L Lewis, secretary and L D. Ervin was Agency Direc tor. They w i thdrew from the Afro and organized the Peoples Industrial Insurance Company In 1919. They withdrew from t h e Peoples and organized the Cen in 1922. They later withdrew and organized the Keystone in 1931. The Peoples and Keystone were later bought by the Afro. The Central grew and grew and grew unt i l it became a LITTLE GIANT From Dr. Norton to Ed Davis The Central began as a small Indu st rial comp any with a capi tal structure of .10,000. It now has .. a capitaLstructure of $200 OO() with a substantial surplus The first president was Dr. G P. Nor ton, who was suc ceeded by D l'. L. A. Howell then G D Rogc r!l served a iong and fruit f ul term. He was suc ceeded by Dr. Mary McLeotl Bethune E. E Brough ton then be came president and was followed by N H Martin who, for rriany years, had ser1 e d as comptroller and general man ager. Edward D Davis be came presi dent in 1964 and duri n g h is ad ministration the capital increased from $100,000 to $200,000. LEISURE ACTIVITY FOR ST. PETE MOTHER ST PETERSBURG Learning to swim can be fun as thll mother relaxes at North Shore Beach with her daughter. T ALLAHASSEiE Sometimes the simple things in life are a mite too simple like appoint m ent calendars So Bessie Hauis did something about H. What Mrs. Harris, who Is the staff assistant to M C. Rhane y, vi ce president of Florida A&M University Office of Academic Af fairs did was inven t a new and improved appointment calendar fo r all tha busy-bodies of the world. -X-The Department of t he Nav y has approved est ablishment of a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) at Florida A&M University it was announ c ed re cently by U S Sen Edward Gurney R-Fla and U.S Rep. Don Fuqua, D-Altha Effectively August 1st FAMU will become the four t h predomin antly bla c k university in the na tion to have a Naval ROTC uni t. The University also has an Army ROTC unit that has c ommission ed 637. Army officers since 1948. --.xFlorida A & M Univer sity has received a $54,000 grant from the U S. Department of Health, Edu cation and Welfare for c ontinua tion of a special trai ning program f o r elementary mathematics teac h ers at recently desegregated scho o ls F AMU School of Education Dean Paul C Mohr said the grant will fund t he third year of the university's TDDS M athematics Institute proje ct whi ch began in the summer of 1970. -Florid a A&M Un ive r sity has re ce ived a tot al of $10,549,520 from the Stat e University System (SUS) f o r t h e 1972-73 educati on and general operating expense a 'p as its share of the $194 million bu dg ete d to the ni ne universi t ; es in the system, r ep resent i ng 11. 5 per cent over the $9,453,074 the University rece iv ed in 1971-72. ---' .... ........ The Florida A&M Uni ve r s ity S c hool of Pharmacy has r e c e iv e d n early $500,000 t o d es ign a re-] cruit'!nent program tha t will stim ulate interest i n pharmacy as a career. The Department of Health Ed ucation and Welfar e has pharmacy D e an Dr. Ira R obin son $469,814 t o b e a warde d dur ing a three-year p e riod The funds will be spe c ifi c all y us e d to recruit minority students and students from low .income groups. -ll-A Florida A&M Uni ve r s ity fac ulty team. from the S c hool of Agriculture and Home E conomicg left recently on an internati ona l journey in search of c oncerning the contin e ntal d r ift theory The c ontinental drift theory as sumes that at one time the land on earth was c onne cte d into o ne single mass and that ov e r tima the land drifted apart to form the c onti nents as we know them to day -xUnder the banner of Unit y and oneness", Dr. Warren M. Mor gan new vice president for stu dent affairs at F4MU, has set as of his primary g o a ls, more concern for the welfare o f stud e nts, a more dynamic and participatory role for student af fairs, and a bold student recruit, men t program. Dr: Morgan who assum ed his post on JuJ.y 1 after servin g a 3 dean of students at Benedi ct C o l Columbia, S C ., views t h e student personnel rue a a s the most vital education a l for-::e at our uni versi.ty 1 -x-, ... Dr. Rupert d. Sea l s, d e an of the S c hool of A g r i c ulture a n d HQme E c onomi cs at Florida A & M, is in Nepal to participate in a -study to determi ne the feasibil ity of establishing an a griculture c ol lege i n t h e d evelopin g Sou t h Asian n ation The stud y Is be ing cond J cl e d by Q1! Midwest University C o n sortium in Internati onal Affai r s

Fla. Se_nlt'lne'l-Bunetln 'Pu'b'l1she.c1 every Tues. and 1"rt. Cel Both 'Edit1on.s Tuesday. A'V,Iuat 22, 1_972 __ --------------\ \ PRICES GOOD: WEDNESDAY THROUGH,; "' S .AJURDAY .: AUGUST 23rd. THROUGH 26th. ell 0 1'-:, ; ; ROAST


'l"uesday, Avcu.t 1972 Fl Pu'blishe-tl evny 'rues .. IPICI Fd Cet Bot Editlone fHCC--News And Views I Views Of Progren Village By ROMELLO RODRIGUEZ By W lEE ElliS-P lhone fm-1310 'Five years a go, Willi rum< iDen. nis, .Jr. had no interest in edu cation or the desire to finish sehool. Today, he iJs a smdent at UC. iC. and needs only fourteel!l tmurs to .gratfuate .and comltinm:e his studies; ID p .billl)gs o ;fl'Thly at U. S.F. 'Mr. Dennis was born, reared, and educated in Tampa. He at tended OoTI'ege -IHiTI Elementary, Young Jun-ior High, and graduat eci from King in .1970. While at Winter Garden. Mr. Mose Siplin pa>ssed A111g. 18' at his home He was a :mmber of St. Paml AME Church and' a pioneer ciitizem of this city. Mrs. Arlene MeFavland .and grandson, Tonie. spemt tfueir vae'altiQlill iiin Com>neclfcutt and N ewaFk N. J ., wifh her daughter. Miss Patricia Me -Farland, Mrs. Eula C. Stalling and sister. Mr. and Mrs. C. McFarland and Mli'. alll'a Mrs. Heocy Ellison ee!e brated theiT 5th anniiversary ati Flagler Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis0n are members of Bethlehem B ap tist Chureb of which R ev. F. B. Wilder is pastor. Mr. Terry MeFaJr1amd of New aJJ ka. Mrs. Ross is the ni-ece of Mr. .Arthur Fairoh ild. Mrs. Faircloth just returned from v iaiti'Ilg h e r mother in B'ullen, Ga., and her siste!T i!IJ Colqmbus, Ga. Kilmlg. tltre r two sisters, amd a brotheT. WMJ.e at homte, ,FJe enjoys his favorite> whieh i;s, al1t "Whetu I am ve'riy angr y or depressed, I explo11e in arts, instead of taking olllt my ag::L:es-sion. on. hU:mans," lile C'Ommented about his ra vorite h'@bl\ly. Brothetr Dennis is oot ene> Qft those "S(i)'allled" super cool, ul travliolet mack brotJhers He is a super C(iJ(I)], ultra-violet !Black mather m other words, he is fur real. L kelancf .A.. Soul Saving Revival and lliJI sUillme willl be ib.eld at St. ll?auf' B-aptist 'Chl!lll'c'h of wlillli!i!'h R ev. .Mex Harper is pasWolr. 'Ji1he church is lm;cate d at Nttrth Webs,1le:r !Avenue. E -vangelist M. I C .. : M IIilm"' e p3. <&t0r of See'ond IBa'!'J't. Church of. <([)x;f{)rd, a i R. aniels, and IMr. Larny JRound 'tree Tne services will begl.nl o n day, !August 28 and wiU end Sept. 1. Serv'ices. will begin eaoh niigh'eg:a>ro att; 9>::3() :il.m. IMtts !Mi1tc-fre:Jill. of 561Jt &1'llpt. pJ!esilt 1 1 0 t4!5 weeks OJti f.n se-ve:uat Devotion was conducted by !Mr. :Eastern S tates. Her fir.st stop James S'wee 1iiirtg -am Jlllillia'll' will be :East Orange, !New Jel."sey Reynold's. was rendered W'her'e she wi'lll vi sit frer d'a'U alsov1s4k .and mon was by Rev R. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. !Mrs. IL. Saunders, vilsiltitng alild' Lm ay iMd'ss. Sa;n:dil:'a Kmg, wlro c-e'llet'l"a>tai Rev. Jaspe r Slaunders. her N 'ata' l d lrey on Sarturday, AuAt 3 in the afternoon, the gust I9' S'and 'ra, d'"au gtMer of !Mrs. Brotherhood pregented tJheir an iBetty King of S5t;1n is a '712 miillif program. 'Jilhe !Rev. J a.mes graduate of Brandom Bligh Schoo-l. Classes will be . HmelT, P astor, Sit. J .ol!m IML:. anrl iE:1.rrl ( 1Rosabe'llie } tutional B-a. pti-st Ohurc' h, Choirs, have been v;ery busy The of S t Jrom-es A. 'rloL. E. C:l!.!JJ!i'ch-are buSiy making t11eir Anmu < a l Ob senaJill of the president, Mr. Ralph Dew, Tuesday nilght at 7 :il 0. All members are asked to 'b. e tw 'e. serut amd on time. of' is on fhe and must be taken care od'. The address is i1119 SootJh Dakota Ave. A:IT a ,wciiliaJI!ie'f! reswm e tfreix usua-F sdFredltrle of meeting.s. -Plant City The manageir of the Gospel Met! is having a I!J:ig gospel program Sunday at 2 a:t the .A:Fi?hl'lr Borrn gB!clg Groups appearing on progEam-The Mets ef P!lmt City, the Spiritual !Cavaliers of Pal mettil!) The Mission Gospel Sing ,er3 al Tampa, the Spiiritual Harmoniz Immokalee Propess Village Sixth Grade C :ter ServieES\ were largelY' at.ttendied at a1L chlllrches in tl'Ie cammunity beginning with S S with fhe su perintendents and teachers at their posts. At Fins t Bapti-st the' Ie sson, was. taugl.itt by theteacf.rerif and Mrs. 8-. L. Williams, Pr.incipal revie wed' oy Rev. B'rown. Morning egits4mrutruiiD f01' gn:ratcl;es l!-6 will worship began at 11 with D e acon be held at Progress Village Sixth Collen Rhodes leading devotion. Grade Center, Aug w s t 23, h N h aJ97J 2 fr{)m. 8:;;w a ... m to Noon. T e o. 1 us ers welle a:t tlieir !Aiccor ding, to IMr. iL. WoTden, Dir posts. The pastor del.ivered t he ecl0r !El :ementary Edwcation, message students in grades 1 ,s; m31y re At 3, a program was held at gN!ter at th'e' nearest scli., ool in Allen ChQpeo!, AME. Mr. Wilm e r th'eCOMs iberone !l'egts1llraJtion i!J and Mrs. Lannie Smith\ who is f& cf!mpleted. p roving. a t home. IF1irst must be siJC Rev. H. NichOlS', Pastor and years old by 11!, 10013, Mary 'Iawnsend, Reporter. /Parents or all first grad'ers anJ:i;. et:eers of Bartow ami tlle Southern aires Of I.akeland .. EJ:der Robert -Zillner wil:l deli ve r the .message. mN.st supply their children ({ birth and! i immU: niz-atli.on reoord-s :at regis>tlration, A. ll)unham Scllrool Re porter !M rs. s : iL. Williams<, IPrfn. cipal. I par.alM 'offered at four-yl!ar cotfeges and career ftefp JID.til prepare mn ptJblu.::servJce, engrneenng_!ecnQofogyt health and busmes:s; careers. ... CJa:s:s:es; are lreld at five con v enient focatrolll5 throog&mrt f.Jmsbor .. Ollligh tftecost:!S'k>w. You can,atte m d HCC for no mqre tha:rr $9 pet credit. fr .OEIIE JUst $270 for a year of full-time s:tudy. O n e ph:one CcJU wm get you the informati-om )'bll need' on courses and. das:s: ... Call today, &11\d we'U 5e111'd y.ou fuJi t detarw. C'ai811..0SSS \ c c HillSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COllEGE the multiple cftofce Everyone is invited!. ------------------------


PACE. TWELVE .ria. Seminei-Bulletin Published every Tuet. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, Aucuat 22, 1972 All Lean Beef Heck Stew ,BIDAYS ........................... 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. BEEF. SUNDAYS .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 A.M. TO 12 HOOH SPECIALS FOR AUGUST 23rd THRU. AUGUST 27th Lb. 19c LYKES SLICED LUNCHEON MEAT Reg. 35c 15c FRESH JUMBO M U L L ETLb. 1 sc LEAH RIB _EHD CHOPS Lb. 59c FREE STORE SIDE PARKING 1H nOHT iRD IlEAl FRESH FRYER CHICKE. N BACKS Lb. 9c WHITE BACON STREAK O'LEAN Lb. 15c LYKES SLICED BOLOGNA Lb. 59c SUGAR CREEK WIENERS 2 Pkgs. 89c I COPELAND'S BAR-C SMOKED -S :AUSAGE Lb. 59c U.S.D.A. ALL LEAH MINUIT STE.AKS Lb. $1.29 U.S.D.A. FULL CUT USDA TEHDER JUICY-ROUND STEAK BEEF POT. --ROAST.Lb. 69c U.S.D.A. ECONOMY PAC BEE, F STE,AI Lb. 79c : Lb. 99c FRESH CHICKEN LIVE. R OR DRUMSTICK Lb. 49c FRESH BEEF T01NGUE. S Lb. 59c .. t< BOLD 99c SPARKLING WHITE BtEACH Quart 1QC SAVE 26c JOY REG. 85c King Size S MARTHA WHITE 'Hot Rize' MEAL 5 Lb. Bag RITZ CRACKERS Stack Pak LYKES MAXWELL STEW BE.EF GIANT I !-1 LB. Can 49C KREY BEEF SL01PPY JOE BIG 13 !-1 OZ. COFFEl 1-Lb. Can 7 LONG GRAD RICE Can 49C 3 Lh.Bag 3 -SAVE 40c, PUSS 'H BOOTS CatFoocl 8 Cans $1.0




PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and .Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, Aucu.t 22, 1W72 Calvary Church\ 311 E. W ilder Mrs. lillian Jeakins, Rept. Apostolic Church Of Jesus On 1ast lEider C. T. Mission No. 2 ThOnotosassa !Rich ards-' preached ibis farewell Elder J. H. Lee, Pastor sermon to a full house. Elder Mrs. B White, RelM].rter !Richards left to resume his du. Sunday sehool began at 10 with t i es a t Oakiwood College, !Huntsthe supt., Janet FeltA>n in charge. vill e Alabama as J>rofes-sor of All teachers were at their posts. IReHgion. The church members !Miss Sandra Dail ey was t eacher were sadden by lEider 'Richards of the junior cla ss The l esson l eavi n g and wHI him vel'ly was reviewed by I Mrs. Sarah Gas much. iBecause of his sincere den. l ove concern an d dedi cation for Noonday service began with the 'church a new spiritual aDe. acon Arthur Underwood and wakening was aroused at Mount ll'virs. N a o mi Oarte r in charge Calvary. of devotion a\Hniste r M. AnderOn M onday August 01 Mount s on delivered the sermon. This Calvary School 'lhad its was enjoyed biy an. opening, f o r tJhe school year.. I Miss i onal'\y 1Mitche11, [}eacon We would lik e to invite you MitcheLl and Shirley Underwood onee a ga in to visit at Mt. Cal-are attending the Sunday School v a ry. Sahbath Schoo l is h eld at Convention in ALbany, Ga. a m ., Divine Worship at 11 Evening servi 1 ce began at 7 :30 a.m. Young Peop!e IMeetiing one witJh 'Mr. J. Carter and Mrs. hour before sunse t 1Pra1yer Ser-..., !Naomi Carter in chal'ge of de vices i s 'held each Wednesday at votion The sermon -wa-s again 7 :30 p m. delivered by Minister Anderson. '!1he Dorc as Center still have /Memebrs are r emin ded not to clot!hing and other us eful items forget Septembdr 111'7th appo intfor those in n ee d !Remember t o ment in Cocoa witfu !Elder J en visit and for our sick and Park !Prayer !Band wiill meet Thursday at i1J2:30 at the h ome of M1rs. Annie Bell !Davis, 151.5 !North A. Street. The last 1neeti n g was h eld at the home of Mrs Lenora K e aton, l Undell. All members are :asked to be present l)nd on time. The public !invited Arcadia 11\ifr, s. WiHlie Mae B ates of !No catee u nderwent surgery on Thursday at IMem ori a l IHoStpital. Miss Linda Clllrk is also cooined at Sara,sota Memo rial !HoSJpital. :Mrs. Eva ILew is is c onf ined at DeSota Memorial Hospital. The Calv alaires of Sarasota will render a musical !Pro: gram !Sunday night at the. chur ch o! God lEider I E Jones, IPastor. A Gospel iProgram will be held Sunday night at St. John M. B Church, .Rev. W. H. 'M oore is pastor. /Mrs. /Betty Gibbs is in Miami at the bedside of her mother Mrs. Inez Harrington. Mrs. Grace Scott Reporter. Beulah Dorcas Circle M;s. Etta White, Reporter The Dorcas Ci:rcle of Beulah !Baptist Chur -clh will meet Thurs d ay morning at 9 at the home o f I Mrs. J:da :Mae iLloyd 11'41G Armwood Ot. The lesson hy !Mrs. /Eddies Wilson, subje :ct will be "Burning Mountains" taken from Hewbrew 112:11-3. The a 1phebe t letter is J The la st meeting [llac e was Mrs. I da Baker, 14118 Governor street. Orlando Mrs. [Jllie of Lake /La IDona Apartments left l as t week on her vacatio n to vlisit her aunt in !East Orange. IN, J IMrs. .Mack i.s a memiOOr of L ily Wihite Lod ge No. 77 and' also a member of R;oyal C ourt iNo. 7'7 : Mrs. Sallie I M Grave s, I Rept. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248 O.'';special ,, from WEIGHT WATCHERS. IF YOU ACT NOW -YOU ACTUALLY SAVE MONEY -WHILE YOU LOSE 'io in now and be eligible for current rates as long as you are a current me-mber If you act n ow you can actually savi money-while you loee weight. Beginning September 5, 1972, the .weekly fe.e for Weight meetings will $3.00. Regtttrati,on Wtll be $7.50 (includes fee fof first meehng). If Y.9.!' lotn us now, before September 5, you'll be eligible for our current rates for a' long as you are a current member. :we THINK YOU'LL AGREE THAT WEIGHT WATCHERS IS THE OUTSTANDING VALUE IN WEIGHT CONTROL. JOIN US TODAY. YOU'Ll BE GLAD YOU DID. Wherever you .are, we are. There's a meeting near you. WEIGHT@, ;COLLECT CALLS WfATl(HERS { I CHEERFULLY I"\ I 1 ,....,. ACCEPTED -CALL 813-877-6796 Chunh Of God Sunllay School And Y P W W Conv. The ; Church of God [n Ohrl.st Jurisdktion of Southwestern will begin its fifth annual Sunday Sclbool and Y .fP.W.'W. Ooo.vention at College IHill Ohurclh of God rrn Christ. Bi s h op W. iE. Davis ds the pa.stor. The first serv i ce will begin Tuesday morning at J.' O 1 with Col l ege Hill Ohurch choir in charge of the mu s ic. Wednesday morn l ing tihe supt. of the Sunday SchooliDept., Raymlond Jac)Qson will be in charge. '.Dhe mus ic will be r en dered b y Queen Street Church o God, St. Petersburg and t}le choir from the Seffner Church Rev. Hicks (OIMIIIds Revival The Rev. S D. Hicks of Tampa, Pastor of New Shilolt Bapbi ,st Church, L ake Wal es and Pro gressive ... Ba-ptist Chur ch Wau hula, has recently preached one week a t the Shiloh IB a I P tis t I Ohurch; ID unedin, for the IRev. C. H. Mobley, and will preach at i Mt Zion Ba ,ptist C hurch, Aug. 12.1-. 25, Auburndale Re.v. !H. "'!:;, Brown, Pastor. He Wlhl preach Aug. 28-Sept 1 s t at the !Mount Moriah A. Ch urch, wood, Re v. W C. Grant, Pastor. ;He wm preach Sept. ill8-'22tnd at IMt. Olive, !Leesburg, Rev. L. E. IMcG'hee, Pastor Gainesville Thursday Y P.W.W. Conven Shady Gr.ove P. B C h urch servtion will beogin with Mt. Charles ices were good all d ay Sunday Davis in charge. Th Insplirational beginning with S. S The les .>on choir and :Brown Temple will was reviewed by Rev. D. P. P en bt: in c har.ge of the mu s Opetl Every' Day Air Cond. Located: 1St ZACK STREET P1181E 229-9193 KNIGHT' & THE PIPS WITH TBE PERSUASI'ONS AND WilLIE TYlER & LESTER. IN CONCERT .AT Curtis Hall Saturday, Sept. 2nd. TICKETS: Day Of, Show. Tickets Available' at: CGLLEGE RILL PIWUIACY CENTRAL SHOE REPAIR, Tampa; MAll'S WOBLD, SL Petersburg, ad CDBTIS BIION DLL BOIIF ncE. BOOBS IPEI 7:30 SRIW TIME 1:31 ''GREAT FAMILY ENTERTAINMmfr"


'l'uesday, August 22, 1972 Fla. Sen tinel-Bulletin PuMishecl every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions ,ACE FIFTEE!f SAltA L 89' APPLE PIE ':: NO IliAD ova 25'J!W ICEIEltG CaLOI'HANf WWPfO, 18' LETTUCE ........... .. MCICfNZIE MIXED 2 $1 VEGETABLES. &,fACIC leo cr ... lara ::' All VARIETIES IN<1UDING JEff' flfEZU QUEEN a. 99' s ...... ,. ...... MCKENZIE MUST MD !l/IINII'S 3" $1 ... ,.... ..... TROPI-CAL..t.O II $1 Ora Drl1k..,., ASTOR INSTANT 7 9C Potatoes .. VINilf,l 39' To ... --l, o., ooo EXTRA TOPVALUE STAMPS TOP VALUE STAMPS on purcha.e total.in& N t o ... 91 C o u t on s A & C arl! worth :100 JlnmJ l l on A purrh.oK o ( S:.l\1 Coupon H 1.. C "'" wMt h 3!,n 1111rnp on Pncha .. o( 12:$ thfoul(h Couponl A, R 6 C nrl' Wl'\tth 4 6 0 llAmpt o" 1 purcha of J J O .VO or men <.:OIJI'O N C 150EXTRA TOP VALUE STAMPS 200EXTRA TOP VALUE STAMPS on puroh totaling tlO to 114.98 2 20' c ,_ .. DIXIE'DARLING FAMILY LOAf Whi te Bread 3 .... TliRifTY MAID Tomatoes 29' CRAKIN' GOOD Saltines .. DIXIf DARLING OR23C All VARIETIES KRAfT 39' Wle1er I. :'i larltecue Sauce ;-ARROW "IOC Paper lap kina'\ All VARifTIU IXCUT IHf &. fRIED CHICKEN &ANQUU .,. ''C SUPPERS ,,.. OOVIRNMI!NT INSPlCTED fROZI!N 79' LEG 0' LAMI ....... .. &ATH ott HICKottY SWifT SLICED 79C lACON ..... DI!EP lOUTH Mayonnaise ... 10 I'IICI PACKAOIIANQUET frlodChlckea :.!:$1" leef. 79' CLh;kNDrlnks .1 0 '!.:: 89' SUPfRIRANDHOMOGENIZI!D$115 59' M Jk KALF I w... IlL HfAT l SEI!VE COOKED 8 C WISCONSIN C leof Frlttera .. 9 Dalay Clleoao .. 99 SH!NAHOOAH GRADE A &AllAIIO OR CU.CKIN' FROZEN CORNISH 79' 200D 1 oc Ia Hena11.":' tal llaculta'.: W.O BRAND iUCID AMERICAN 69 SUPERIRAND 4 99C ChoeseFood'!: Yogurt. !:; All IV.VottS THRifTY MAID latl .. 3:.::25' aiCK CAT I'OOil SLICK Dog food ... 8':.:: 88' All VAittfTIES CRACKIH' GOOD JUMeQ 3"""$1 Dlxl Plot. .... -THRifTY W.ID 1t 01. $ .. 5 1 THliffv MAID WHOLE KERNEL ott Cli!AM STYLE 4 !loc. 88' lolden .(ora THRifTY MAID All 4 1t 01, $1 LI lo ":!' u .. -;-59'


PAGE SIXTEEN Fla. S..tlnei-Bulletln Puhllslaed every Tues and Fri. Get Both Editions Tueaday, Auruat 22, t 972 Offidal Says BICKk Graduates Must Explore New Business college grad uates must explore other fertile economic areas and occupational fields where Blacks have yet b make their mark, urged John L. Jenkins, director, Office of Minor ity Business Enterprise, U S De partment of Commerce. As the Commencement speaker at Tennessee State University Nas hville T enn. (Saturday, August 19), Jenkins, a native of Chatta nooga and an alumnus of TSU, pointed out that, "Thanks to the outstanding contributions of Black colleges such as Tennessee State University, Blacks have made not able progress in t he arts, music athletics and medicine. However Jenki ns added Blacks must now begin to pursue aggres sively increasing new opportunities in the private sector, as owners and operators of their own busi nesses. Jenkins told the graduates, My message to you is this the world is tough It's tough for white grad uates -and even tougher for Blacks. Bu t your chan ce s of mak ing it today are far greater than Our Servicemen I SAN ANTONIO -Airman El liot J. Adams, son of 1\'lr. and Mrs. James L. Adams of 1938 N. W. 83rd St., Miami, has com pl e ted Air Force basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex. During his six weeks training, be studied the Air Force mission organization and customs and re ceived special instruction in hu m a n relations. Th e airman is remaining at the Air Training Command base fot specialized training in the secul'i ty police field-. Airman Adams is a 1972 grad nate of Miami Central Hig h School. McCLENJ.>ON SAN ANTONIO -Airman Da vld L. McClendmt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. McClendon of Bronson Fla., bas been assign ed to Chanute AFB Ill., after c ompletl!!g Air Force basic train in g. During his six weeks at the Air Training Command's Lack land AFB, Tex., ke studied the Air Force mission organizatien and customs and received special instruction in human relations The airman has been assigned to the Technical Training Center at Chanute for specialized train lng. In. the.. aircraft. equipment maintenance field. Airman McClendon is a 1972 gradu aoetf SHRDLU gradaute of Bronson High School. SAN ANTONIO Airman Romie K. Smith Jr., son of Mrs. Mary Smith of 609 Court E, .Jack sonville has completed Air Force basic training at Lackland AFB Tex. During his six weeks training, he studied Air Force mission organization and customs and re ceived special instruction in hu man relations The airman Is remaining at the Air Training Command base for specialized training in the se curity police field. Airman Smith Is a 1972 grad -uate of Nathan Bedford Forrest Hl!!h School. DAVIS SAN ANTONIO Airman Leon B. Davis, Jr.. grandson of Mr. and Mrs. R o o s e v e It Burnett of 968 W. Bentle y St ., Orlando has been assigned to Chanute AFB Dl., after complet ing Air Force basic training During his six weeks at the Air Training Command's Lackland AFB, Tex., he studied the Air Force mission organizing and CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE GROUP 16 Nonpartisan Election Henry G E n nis, Jr. Campaign Treasurer your parents' chances were, Ol' even my own I must add-here, however, you must prepare your self not only in areas of academic achievement, but in how to live how to get along with people how to reason and negotiate, and how to be ready when the true oppor tunity comes your way In discussing expanding new op portunities for m inorities in pri vate business ownership Jenkins said, When I graduated, the job that I hold today didn't exis t There was no national concerted effor t to get minorities involved Son Of Sergent Police Assigned DENVER Airman Joseph S. Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam uel Jones Sr. 5902 Slst Drive, S., Tampa, has been graduated at Lowry AFB, Colo., from the U. S. Air Force inventory manage ment specialist course conducted by thtf Air Training Command. A irman Jones, now trained to inventory supplies by use of. elec tronic data processing machines, is being assigned to Shaw AFB, S. C., for duty with a unit of the Tactical Air Command. TAC pro vides combat units for air sup port of U. 8. (round forces. The airman, a 1971 graduate of Brandon (Fla.) High School, attended HU!sborough Community College. in the economic mainstream of this country. The Federal Government was not spending one hundred million dollars -to provide the needed re sources, rechnical assistance and capital for Blacks and other mi norities to own and operate their own businesses." Jenkins said it is through eco no mi c sufficiency -Blacks own lng their own -enterprises and be coming producers as well as con sumers -that "we can have some say abou t our future development and destiny as a people." Clewiston Services were very good at all churches in the community begm n i ng with S S throughout night service. The subject of the Jesson was Sharing In Christ's Work The superintendent came forward w i th a wonderful review The pastor of Greater Friendship Baptist Church and congregati on are engaged in a wonderful revival all this week. Everyone is welcome to join in this great revival. On the sick list are the following people : Mrs. Mattie Hilton, Mrs. M Allen Mrs. Collie White, Mrs. G. S Gadajah, Mr. James Mason, Mr. Charlie 'Moore, Mr. Willie Bell and J. R. Ross. Please visit them and give them flowers while they live. Please phone all news to 983-7943, L M. Williams reporter. ----------------------------------------SET TV SALUTE TO NAT KING COLE SEPT. 10 HOLI.,YWOOD-Nat King Cole is honored post humously on the 90-minute special, "Zenith Pre sents a Salute to Television's 25th Anniversary, airing Se pt 10 on ABC-TV at 9 :30 p.m. (EDT ) Making the presentation of a Silver Medallion Is Dinah S ho re, herself a recipient. Accepting on be half of her late hu s band Is Maria Cole Devore The Zenith Salute in song, dan ce, drama and comedy pays tribute to those super stars who have left an indelible imprint on TV over th e pas& quarter of a century, and Cole certainly has been among them. c u s t oms and received special in struction in huma n relations The airman has been a s signed to the Technical Training Center at Chanute for specialized train lng in the aircraft equipment m a inten a n c e field Airm a n Da v is is a 197 0 grad nate of Jones Hi g h Schoo l, f!'he last meeting was !he ld at tihct Julia PaHerson Circle Mrs Nancy Jones, Chairman il\lrs Edith Dunbar, Rept. The Julia Patte rson Circle of !Beulah Baptist Church will m ee t at t h e hom e of IMr s. N a om i S e a U.t3J3B Spr uc e S t Thurs d a y at 6. home at' IMrs. Mary Matt hews. The devo!J.ion wa1;1 l e d b y I Mrs. !Hayes and t h e lesson w a s t a ught b y I Mrs. M atth e ,ws. T h e subject was Burni ng Mou ntai n s The >highli gh t s were gi v e n by tMrs. Sea and others. Vis itors are al ways


Fta. Jeattiei-BuDetln Pu'blished every Tues. .n4 Fri. Get Both Edttion .. ... .'" ; .. ...... \Wfj 1$1 Alternathv At S C L C il).il\iUL. inflation and to tlhe drug probiem, McGov,rn Says Blacks Wilt -Get r{ey U. 5. Offices IM\IiLWlAVKEE Black leaders will be in line for bigh federal if George S. lMICGovem is elected presidenj;, The [)emocratic nominee n a me ed f i v e nationaUy promdoent blade leaders whom be said he -ts ''considering" fOI' cabinet or flub-cabinet-level posts. The South [lakota senator made the disclosure wtftie fiLm m,g television sports and comr mercials for future -campaign use. !He was at the Wisoons!n motor factory ol tbe Teledyne Coil>. here, manufacturen oi heavy air oooled engines. :Approximately 50 employes were questioning M-e(;()vern while Charles Gugg enhei.m, meW. consulant Who s peeiaiize.s in m9,k ing TV .campaign films, record ed the sessi. McGovern replied that lle be lieves blacks sbould ooeupy hrlgh posts in the federal esta bli!!hment and that he plans to follow tlhrouglh ;hit pcme)", The blaeka _mentioned by MeGovern are Rep. Louis Stokel of Ohi9; the /Rev. Walter Faun. trey, wle dele ,gate in Congress from Wasbington, D.C.; iRep. Julian &nd, Georgia State Legislaoor; the !Rev. Jesse Jackson Chicago civil rlglhts leader; and Gary (ilnd.) M ayor :Richard Hatciler. All had fligured importantly m quest for the no!Wnation, Buy fro11 .Florida Sentinel Actvertisers aNTRAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANl INVITES Los An,geles and currentl y operat ing in run e of the 26 states in which it is lic en sed moved into the bil lion-in-for.ce dass with the awa rrl ing last week of $36 million o f grotJp insurance w .the firm by the American eaa Company of Green wich, Comn. Polkyholders And Ivan J. Houston, FLMl, .presi dent of Golden state, .said 1119. achievement also makes_ his oom pany t'Be first minority-foonde.d > life insurance .firm to reach the 10-figure in-force mark during the lifetime of its founders." Original _, Norma 0 HcGuston, chairman of the board, and George A. Beav ers Jr., a director and former chairman, were tw>G of the com pany's original organizel'S in 1925. Both were present to witness the formal presentation of American Can s commitment at Go 1 de n State s home offioe Willi .am .Nick erson Jr., Who \headed the foond ing trio died in 1945. Gets Divorce CINCINNATI Yvonne Wam bua, -a native of the Cindnnati area, Wbose diplomat-hils band fled the United States wita their two children more than two years ago, was gra11ted a di.vO'l:'IOe here Tuesday, Domestic rela&os George Heitzler granted.Krs. Wambua the divorce on the gnui1ds :cl. gross neglect. Peter Wambua 116, took the couple's two clillben 1n Feb ruary, 1970, and flew to Nairobi. Mrs. Wambua filed ehar-ges .


Tuesday, August 22, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt Get Both Edaion PAC NINETEEN ida sports scribes to be I WHO DONE IT --IN SPORTS I and every year the Gators were made out to be among the tops i n the Southeastern Conference and even the nation. It always seem e d to be an injustice to me for the writers to put the coaches and players of the Gators on the spot all the time. The Gators haven t had the material to win the SoJtheast.ern Conference in years let alone be ranked near the top in national polls The Year of the Gators became something like a broken record year after year. Year after year. it was the sama old disappointment and discontent. The Gator coaches and pla yers would be made to look like out right bums. I know the writers were victims of wishful thinking and really meant no harm. Now it is time for pipe dreaming Florand Jace facts It seems now that Frorida sports writers are about ready to Jet 1,1p on the Gators and point the brunt of their positive writings towa r d the Florida State Seminoles arid Gar y Huff True enough they made George Mira and Steve Spurrier super stars but the truth soon came to light. John Reaves may be their latest victim and Gary Huff could be their future victim. Q -Is it true that Coach "Big Jim Williams tried to get Na thaniel TQJY" Powell to come to Flori da A&M to be one of his foot ball assistants? A-H Coach Williams did try to get C oach Powell to come to Florida A &M with him l don t know about it. Q-How good is Chuck Fore man of Miami University? A-Coach Fran Curci, Univer sit y of Miami head coach says that Chuck Foreman is the best college back in the country. What Coach Curci says I be1ieve all the time Q-Where is Coach Crowder who used to coach at Dunbar High in Ft. Myers? A-The last I heard of Coach Bernard Crowder he was and teaching somewhere in Geor gia. Also heard that he had a good team. Q-Is it true that white or sum mer trout do not refrigerate Vf'ry well? A-White or summer trout hav3 8 tendency to get soft and mu.shy even though frazen. They are ex ctollent when cooked fm mEdiately after being caught. Q-Do you think the Wishbor.e Formation will become popular in professional football? A-Formations of all kinds have come and gone since the pros started the "T" Formation and none hl!,S repla'ce'd it. I don: t ex pect the Wishbone to take the place of the "T" although it will be used some. Q What do you think of ath letes and long heards or hea v y A-As a c oach I would in some way get my athletes to come clean sl:aven minus long hair. I would not force them to do It eit her. However If a player can make touchdowns fielsi goals or hit home runs better than an y one else I couldn t care less if be looked lik e Rip Van Winkle. Q-What is a fluke fish and where can I catch them? A-In northern salt waters what we here call flounder are called fluke. Flounder can be found any where in the Tampa Bay area. Q-Which animal would win In a fight between a male lion and a male tiger? A-Although lions are called 1 kings of the jungle I would bet on the tfger in a claw to claw fight. Q-Do you think tile game of Jai Alai is honest? A-I can't honestely say if the game of J ai Alai is on the up and up. The reason Is that I have never seen a Jai Alai game. It probably is just as honest as other pari-mutuel sports. FACTS AND FIGURES Recently I read where local O'Halloran Foreman Gets Bout SAIN DIJE!Gi O O alifornla'1 new boxing C ham pion, Jack O'IHalloran said he has signed to the world's iNo. 2 heavyweight contender, George Foreman. O'HaJ.Ioran fuld the Sports and SportsiWriters As sociatio n that tJhe fight would be Sept. 16 In Bo s ton, O Halloi"an's home tO'W'Il. 'J1he lantern-jawed Irishman de feated Henry Clar k last week for the state crown on a split decision. "[ think I'm going to shock the hell out cxf Foreman," he eaid. O 'Halloran added he has reach ed an agreement flor an early October fight with fitfth -nnked Jose Lui s Garcia of Argentill'a but the pape'rS have not been signed. sportswriters are building up Flor ida State s outstanding quarterback for All American and Heisman Trophy honors I don t consider myself a professional sportswriter but I do write for a small (very small) fee Attention publisher and editor ; and with smile on my face I can say what I make is better than nothing because I enjoy wha t I haie learned since beginning my literary efforts. Through profes sional ethics I have subdued any writers In the case of Florida I may have had to con tradict or criticize fellow sport;;; State J s great Gary Huff I feel that the time is ripe to write an opin ion I know Gar y is great because my team had to face him when he was at Leto High and I was at Middleton High as coach We beat Gary that night but not easil y He is a good one but I hate to see some writers continue to put some coaches, teams and players on the spot. For years It was the Florida Gators that were built up way out of proportion to their real poten tial. When the real truth came to light looked bad Eacn Don' t you ever worry abou' "Big J i m Williams even though I can't think of anything bett e r than seeing you and yours v ii1l them all. I will never put the kiss of death on you Sometimes I think it would be b-etter if all sports writers were former players or coaches. 4-ply nylon cord e'Tufsyn rubber 6 .50x13 Blackwall tubeless plus $1. 75 Fed. Ex. Tax old tire .. ...;r.(.:. '1845 7 .75x14; 8.25x14,. J f 7 .75x15; 8.25x15 l!lackwall. tubeless plus $2.12'$2.34 Fed. Ex. Tax and old tlrt Blackwal l tubeless plus osa 8 .55x14 or 8 .55x15 $2 .41 $2.48 Fed, Ex. .. Tax and old tire WHITEWALLS PRICED SLIGHTLY HIGHER EXTRA LIFE $ 2 Air-ConJ Cari $2 More 8 Cyl. Cars H Mort Includes New spark plugs New points New condenser Our specialists will set dwell and choke Time engine Bal ance carburetor Test startl.ng, charging systems, cylinder com pression, acceleration W OTHER PARTS EXTRA IF NEEDED,, 0 PROFESSIONAL ... FOREIGN 9ARS,., Install brake linings ali 4 wheels lnspe'ct master cylinder, hy draulic brake hoses Remove, clean, Inspect, repack front wheel pearings Add new fluid Ad Just all4 brakes U needed: Wheel' cyls. S7.50 ea., druma turned $3 ea front g r ease aeal $4.00 pr return so; ea. Transmission and differential check Complete chassis cation New oil Price Includes up to II qte. of oil and all labor 3 GO-FLIT& AllIEATHEI. .BAmRY- &OFF FRONTEID AUGNMEIT *995 2Gal. Gas Can tf BALLI aa .... OUR REGULAR EXCHANGE PRICE ON ALL MODEL SIZES Sizes to I'll Most American Mode Care 12-voll AnY U.S. car plu peril If needed$2. for em wltntorSion bara, Makes e .. 99" little tlaitr All purpose, 8-color gas can, :1-'tlatureR ft 6 '/ a'' revcnibln Conatructed for long dis tance and accuracy High compression liquid center, long lasting tough ,., I ) (\ \ 0 \ ( .... MOW AT-YOUR NEARBY GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA Eastgafe Hillsboro Plaza ACROSS FROM Downtown -ACROSS FROM 5202 N. 22nd ST. Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 2901 W. Hillsborough Britton Plaza Wesl Shore Plaza Aqui se habla Espanol PHONE 8 .77-9528 Morgan & Twiggs Sta. PHONE 237-3361 Open Daily 8:30 &o 5:30 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 229-0821 5002 w. Kennedy Blvd. TAMPA TAMPA PHONE 831-1891 Open 7:30 to 11:30 .Temple "Terrace North Gale PHONE 8'n-8701 9240 N. 56tJj ST. ; 1222 FLORIDA AVE. Dally 8:30 to I P.M. Sat 7:30 : to 1 P.M. Open Dally 8:30 to 5:31 PHONE Open Da ly 3:30 to Open Dally 8 : o to 5 :so Sat. I A.M. to 5:30 Aqul ae habla Espanol Aqui se habia Espanol I I ,.


PACE TWENTY Fla. S.Ditlnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. ancl Fri Get Both EdHloni SPORTANIC FLOODS .. (Continued from Page 18) dom and asked if George was home. I then placed the receiver to the microphone so the students could hear the reply. The fellow $aid, "Man you must have the wrong number, no George lives here.'' I waited a few minutes and dialed the number ag ain and asked the same question. The man said, ''Listen fellow I am tired and trying to rest p ;e ase don't call again." I waited a few min utes and repeated the procedure. The infuriated party on the other end loudly said, Blanket y, blankety, blank I told you there ain't no George living here and d--you don't call here again." I explanied to the students that this man now has a thorough case of irri_ tation. I waited a few minutes and dialed the number again. Th e irritat ed party said, "What the h-. do you want n ow? I said, Listen man this is George did I get any calls?" There was a long si l e nce then a despaired Oh No! The studen t s were in an up roar for several minutes. I knew there was tension in the group b ecause I had hit pretty hard on the subje ct of confusion and irritation, c o n c erned with int e gration. The students knew that the party on the other end of the line was at first irritated and finrl ly tho r oughly confused The n there was the waitress who said to me and my guest, "l am sorry 'we don t serve colored people here I replied to her, "That is good because we don't eat them She looked at me kind of funny and went back to have a cau c us with therest of the employes. Finally we were served I guess The Devil makes me do su c h things. It all pays off though. Try it sometimes you might like it. QUICK QMPS: Look for FAMU s Olympic sprinter Ray Robinson to become a footb all star as soon as he finishes with track. Kid Gavi;an who now resides in Tampa and is going to Phila d elphia for a replay of his title fight with Gil Turner sure enough gave Sugar Ray" Robinson one devir of a fight in their first en c o unter Many feel Gavnan won that one It was close but I think Ray w on. I was there -that night in Philadelphia. L ast Wednesday, August 16th, was my natal day. Thanks to little Ingrid Bethel (4 years) for remembering her daddy when he reached Jac k Benny s age (39). Didn t get to go fishing a t Boca Grande as planned but will later. Bay fishing not as good as it was a couple of week s ago but loo k for an upsurge soon Fresh water fishing is good for panfi s h and shou ld hold up for quite a spell. W 1th a natal day just pas se d I am begininng to realize what time means Thought I would celebrate a bit and latched ont o s o me Hot Pants and Mini Skirted la sses. After a while they s aid they a ;awy s did respect me since t heir high scliool days and still r es pect me. I was grateful but respect wasn't exactly what I was looking for P leas e Bot Pants, Mini Skirts, Splits, sizzlers et. al. I m ay be o l d but I am not yet cold. At 39 I need a little more than r espect. Southern Jaguars P 'ick Rich Jackson As Pro Grid Favorite By FRED HEARNS Southern SID iBIA.1101N RlOIUr G I E, iLa. South ern University's Jaguars, on the verge of beginning 210 da 1 ys of fall football practic-e, think form er SU immortal Ric-hard (Tomb s tone) Jackson is the greatest tAt l e ast, that's what they in dicated in a taken just priQf to Thursday's first workout in f!horts. New Head Ooach Ohar lie Bates has only t!hree weeks get his y-ouog team ready for its Se pt. 9 opener against Tuskegee Institute in Montgomery, Ala. Jackson, an All.;Pro defensive end with t!he Denver Bronco s at 6-3 and 2515 pounds, wa. s the top vote -getter in the poll that was ciom:inated by defensive pla yers. Born in New Orleans, Jackson is in his year as a professional. Others who drew top reco gnition from the 85 football pros for 119712 were defensive standouts Willie David (iDeacon) Jones, ( r Mean) Joe G '"""' Greene and Oharles (BUJbba) Smith. Top offensive hon'Ors went to running back Duane Thomas who l e d t:he DaUa s OowbOJYS t o their Super Bowl vktory last season, antl to Kansas City wide re ceiver Otis 'l1aylor. 0 J. Sirn!p son Joe Namrath, Gale Sayers and Larry Brown fohlowed in that order. All ,Pro guard Larry Little of the Mia.mi Do1phins was the only interior offoosive lineman named a a favorite player Some 70% ol. the v:otes were casts fC11' defensive plaiyers. Sout!hern has former out standing prolesshmal defen sive plaij'ers on the coa {!hiog s taff in Hea4 Ooacll Bates, defensive coordinator Riclta rd Train) iLane and Harry Gunner. Bates played with the Ohica go Cardinals, Bears and New York Titara wbile Gunner played with th& Cincinnati Be-ng-ais and Chicago. Bears. IUan:e, ol course, is the former three-time AlNP:ro defensive baek HIGH SCHOOL ALL-AMERICAN SIGNS WITH JACKSON STATE JACKSON Miss. -6-6 All-American Eugene Short signs a grant-in-aid with Jackson State Col lege as his mother, 1\'lrs. Martha Short and Head Basketball Coach Paul Covington look on. Short averaged 30.9 points per_ game during his senior year at Blair High (Hattiesburg, Miss.) and was named to the all-district, all-South and all-state teams as well as to a pair of All-Ameri can teams, First Twelve Years 'Toughest' For Bethune's Jack McC'Iairen athlete at BethuneC ookman C ol lege Jack earned 12 letters in foo t ball, basketball and track in 1951 54. He won All-Am e rican honors in football and set several conference records in track and field. DAYTONA BEACH Bethune Cookman Headcoach Jack Me Clair e n entering his twelfth year is the Dean of Coaches in Floridp.. Coll ege s The former B e th une-Cookman All Americ an who j oin ed his alma mater a fter a bril liant career with the P ittsburgh Steelers said "the first 12 years are the t oug h est. "Problems have started mount ing and we are still five da ys a way from our opening practice date. We will have to -rebuild our of fensive and defensive lines and we are virtually without a punter since Gregory D obson gave up his se nior year of eligibility to play pro fessional baseball. However, I am confident that these problems wil: be worked out if we roll up our sleeves and get right to work. Dttr ing the past 11 years I've learned to meet the toughest problems head -on.' About 75 athletes reportl!d for practice on Wednesday. McClairen said, "I've already alerted the players to report in shape because the rough 'stuff' will start right away in an effort to prepare for an early game with South Carolina statl! September 9 in OrangebUI g. Over half of our cuts will be made the first week of practice. This will allow the veterans to begin running game patterns.'' McClairen said "no special Jilasis will be put in one parti cu lar area as we plan to strengthen the whole team. Statistics wise, we didn't do bad last year as the Wildcats rushed for a team total of 2 ,223 yards and passed for 1,000 Ciroin lnfe(tion Sidelines Blue CLEVELAND-Lefthanded pitch er Vida Blue, winner of the AmeriValuable Play er and Cy Young awards in 1971 had to leave Saturday 's against Cleveland after working onl y one inning because of a re currence of a groin infection. Blue 24-8 last year but only 5-7 this season following a long hold out, was tagged for two runs in the first inn i ng hy Clev eland wlbh tibe Detroilt Ll&ns who seems destined fur Pro FoOOball's Hall of Fame. Soutllern's oeosive coaches are James Shaw, Kenneth Tillage and Gerald Kim ble. yards. Our d efe nse gave up less than 1,000 yards as the y allowed opponents only 950 yards total of fense." McClairen has never had a los ing season as he has posted a 53-28-2 record The athletic director and headcoa o h was an outstanding Completing a tour of du ty with the Armed Forc es, he was sign e d by tl:ie Pittsburgh Steelers of the Nation al Football L eague wh ere he had six outs tanding seasons until he was sidelined with a knee in jury. He made the All-Pro -team in 1958, SOUL BOWL ''72'' SEE JAMES BROWN DOIKC liS U TEST DARCE ..THE GOOD FOOT'' ATTIE BAYFRONl CENTER ST PETE, FLA. 8:30P.M. AUGUST 2711& Tickets $4 Advance $5 At Door CRD.DR DOER 12 YEUS OLD $2.10 Tickets sale al: DOCTOR'S PBABIIACY, MArS WOILD, SL Pete; COLLECE HILL PDIUIACY aat1 CENTBAL SlOE REPAIL TmpL


Tuesday, Aug\1$t 22, 1972 Fla. Sen.tlne1-Bulletin PuLllshecl every Tues. and Fri. Get Both EdHionl 1' ACE TWENTY .ON& Godwin urk Southern's 'Next All American ? By FRED HEARNS Southern SID BATON ROUGE La. When Southern University middle 1ine b acker, I si ah ( Butch ) Roberts c n .gra duated aft e r the 1970 football seas o n folks around Jaguarland sai d i t would be a long time be fore anyone could take his place. They were only half right. Along came a relatively un known sophomore who never had played in a game at Southern -with the unforgettable name of Godwin Turk to shatter Robert son s modeTn school record for in dividual tackles in a single season: Turk made an incredible 123 unassisted tackles in 10 games to top Robertson's mark of 112 in 11 games. You don t replace an 4li-Ameri can like Robertson overnight, but Turk surprised even his coaches ss the 1971 season progressed. Both men have similar charac teristics : they are 6-3 and weigh about 230 pounds each; they both were once tight ends ; both have been grid s tars in California; they both have been known to show their tempers on and occasionally off the field and both play their hearts out against Grambling Col \ lege. Robertson voted the Defensiva Rookie of the Year in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams in 1971, wasn t the last Soutlrern player to be named an All-Ameri. can; defensive tackle James Os borne (Chic..ago Bears) and flank er Allen Dunbar (San Francisco 49ers) won that honor this past aeason. But Turk is the kind of football player who comes along but once (or maybe twice) in a decade. Of ficially in 1971 he made those 123 unassisted tackles, 52 s s is t s, dropped enemy quarterbacks twice, blocked two extra point a ttempts and caught opposing runners be :hind the line of scrimmage eight times I think my best game was against Grambling," said the out spoken native of Houston, Tex In spite of a 3i-3 loss to GC, Turk made 15 tackles, four assists and won the Most Valuable Defensive Player Trophy for his efforts. This year Turk is determined to. make All-American. He was voted to the honoraple mention All Southwestern Athletic Conference squad as a sophomore, but Is de termined to prove he is the best in the league. "I ex pect Turk to be the leader of my defense," said new Southern Head Football Coach Charlie Bates. "He might not make as many tackles this season, but he should be better," Bates said. Turk, who left Houston's Phyllis Wheatley High School in 1969 for the University of California at Berkely, was a standout on his freshman team: starting mid dle linebacker, he won the Bob Simon Award as the best defensive player for the frosh. But playing in the Pacifie-S Con ference didn't appeal to him as it once did, and he transferred to Soutlrern and set out the 1970 sea son when RobertSQn was perform ing his heroics. He's looking forward to return ing to the area where his college career began, as the Jaguars play Santa Clara University in San Francisco's Candlestick Park Nov. 25 to dose the season. So Godwin Turk -a former of fensive tackle, offensive guard tight end, defensive end, fullback and middle linebacker at Wheatley High-has his eyes on making the grade u an All-American and, Eddie Wins S .mith Team GoH The team of Eddie Smith, El mer Smith, Ken Hamilton and Iva Minor won the golf scramble at Rogers Park Sunday at the seventh hole of a sudden death playoff with the team of David McDonald, Earl Roberts, Herman Curtis and Frank Matthews. The team of Charles Hamilton, Dr. Charles McAllister, Amos Hamil ton 'aDd Harold Lee was elimi nated on the sixth hole in the playoff All three teams posted scores of eight-under-par TEN.NESSEE STATE SIGNS FIRST WHITE CAGER The team of M C Wilder, Alva Richardson, Sam Hunter and Harold Johnson finished fourth after winning a playoff from a team composed of Jasper Mc Clinton, Aaron Smith Escalante and Proi. Robert U. Sutton. Both teams had seven under 65s. INIASHVllUJE, Tenn. Russ Wingo of Nashville, has beoome the first white high sebool play er to accept a basketball grant in-aid wi u h Tennessee State Uni < Believe it or not, I didn t take Tennessee state as a last resort," said ..-Wingo, a 6-loot1 gua rd and honorable mentioo selection of The Associated Pres s all-state team. "1 talked to several other coaches and even visited a couple of major colleges, but this is where I want to to sc : hool," he said "You couldn't ask for a better basketball anywhere or a better coaelh," Wingo said. "I've been con sidering t!le offer since the first of JUly and, al though it's been six weeks, I think I've known all aloog where I was going." He said he had been playing with TSb cagers for tihe past two summers at the campus. IHe met players that way and caugM the attention of Tiger Coach Ed M a rtin. [ know he thouglht I was kidding when I first asked hlm i:l he was interested, Martin said. "But, he seemed to fit in SQ weli and I didn't run up on man unsigned boys li -ke him. I'm just thrilled he took me up on the offer. He 'll help us : ; ; 'IISlU, which has an enrolllment of 4,$10, finished No. 1 in last season's final AP Small CoHege basket bali p

PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin eYery Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edttlona Tuf!sday, Aucuat 22, t 972 FUNERAL N8TI(ES tf. r""' ,zKJtJt e=""; : e;e;; .. M f 4:00 P.M. today (Tuesday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, and after 11 A.M. Wednesday at the church until near funeral time Wednesday "A WilSON SER VICE" aHt. .:' -Funeral services for Mr. Sid ney (;Bob) Anderson of 2702 E. Columbus Drive, who passe d a way in VA Center -Bay Pines, will be held Wednesday at 4:00 P. M. at Allen Temple A. M. E. Church with Rev. H. McDonald Nel8011, oflt.iciating. Interment will be. in t.be family plot Me, morial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: wife, Mrs. Ethel V. Ander son; a devoted mother, Mrs. Car rie Brown; 2 brothers, Mr. T. Anderson and 1\lr. Jaffi/es Brown and wife; An uncle, Mr. Harry Anderson; An aunt, 1\lrs. Eddie M. Ruffin; A great aunt, Mrs. Maud Ludley of Wild wood; many devoted cousins, Mrs. "Charlie Mae Al6ton and husband, Mr. Herbert Alston of New York City, Mr. Harry An derson Jr. of Wimauma, Mrs. Virginia Ruffin and Mrs. Eva Fishburn ol West Palm Beach. 'Mrs. Carrie Spikes, Mrs. G e org.e Williams, Mrs. Armetta Wil so n of Wildwood Mr. Eddie Wilson and Mrs. Ruth McKenzie of Washington, D.C. and a host of other cousins and other so .rrow lng relatives and friends. Born in Coleman, Florida, Mr. And er son had lived here for the past 60 years. He was a retired train porter and a veteran of World War Two. He was also a member of the Armettia B & B Society and Bay City Temple, Order of Elks. The remains will repose -MEMORIAM TAMPA -In me111ory of our dear loved one, Mr. William Sweatman who passed away Au gust 22, 1970. Your memories 'Siill linger with us. Sadly missed by your wife, sons and family: The Sweatman, Hardy, Bowens and Goosey Families. MEMORIAM TAMPA --'In memory of our .loving husband and father, Mose McCloud who departed this life August 22; i96I. Gone but not forgotten. Wife, lola McCloud; Children Bessie, Margaret, Deliah, Willie ,-rod James. MR. EDWARD DAVIS TAMPA -In memory of Mr. Edward Davis who departed this life August 18, 1968. Gone but not forgotten and sadly mi sse d. Signed: Mr. Bennie Davi s brother, also wife and children of Mr. Edward Davis. HON. ELIJ'AH WIFE DIES AT ACiE 72 CHICAGO The women w h o stood with h e r husband during the trials and triumphs that hav_e. made THE NATIOIN OF ISLAM" the largest Black nationalist movement in America died in Chicago last Saturday a t the 11ge of 72. Named CJ.ara Evans when she was born in Georgia, Mrs. Muhammad endured a long illnes s before the end came in the big brick house that is the family home Kenwood, on Chicago's south side. The funeral service held at 2 P. M last Tuesday in Mu hammad's Temple No. 2 at 7351 South Stoney Island Avenue, Ch cago. Clara Evans married Elijah P oo l e -her husband s original name at COrdele, Ga., March 7, 1919. That was four years before they joined the World War I era northward migration of Blacks and went t o Detroit. Later they moved to Chicago From their marriage came s : x sons two daughters and over thirty grandchildren Allen Temple Ushers No. 1 Mr. John Curry, President Mrs. Edna 1\1. Johnson, Rept. Allen Temple ushers No. 1 will meet Thursday night at 8 In the lower unit.. of the church. T h e president is asking all members to be present and on time. Im portant business will be discsused UNCLE SANDY SAYS l:f,SG. Music was a thing of the soul-a rose-lipped shell that mur mured of the eternal sea -a strange bird singing the songs of another shore. 98,77. \:. Woman's .love For Dog Leads To Murder Political Revue A middle aged Tampa woman's iove for her dog led her to kill a man aft-er an argument Monday afternoon. By SAHDY MOHDINO Police reported that Mrs. Louise Greer, 52, 204 W Ros s, was stand ing in her yard talking with Larry Daniels age not listed, 206 W. Ross, when he qegan kicking h P r dog Mrs Greer told t h e police that she asked Dani e ls repeatedly to stop but he said h e was just pla y ing and continued to kick the pe t. After a few minut es they began to argue and the woman walked into her house. Mrs : Greer got her .32 caliber pistol, went to her back yard and fired the gun to make sure it would operate, then walked back to the front. The woman fired two shots a t Daniels who was standing on his porch He f ell head first to the ground and was lying face down when the investigating policemen arrived. He was pronounced dead at a hospital with a bullet wound in the left side of the chest. Mrs. Greer was arreste d and charged with first degr ee murder. Black Panther Survivor Gets Raid Term OHilCAGO A survivor of a 1009 police raid in which two Black Panthers were shot to death was sentenced to six months in jai'! Friday for refus ing to testif1 y a n the tria I of State's Atty. 1Ed,ward V. Han rahan and .. 1(1 other s. Blair Anderson, member of the Black I Panbher Party, was sentenced for contempt by Judge IP hilip itiug re1atives in (Stess.


Tuesday, Auguat 22, 1972 Fla. Senitfnei-BuDetrn Pu,lfshed every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions TWENTY-THREB I BUSINESS DRESSMAKING done at my home reasonable. 2212 E. Co lumbus Drive. SOON THE CHILDREN will be back in school what will you do with your time? Sell Avon. Call: Mrs. Smith 626-0874 or 876-3242. St. Pete 862-4593, Largo, Clearwater 442-9656. JUNK CARS REMOVED FREE 223-1574 NO CREDIT??? Having Trouble Buying a Car Because you are short on Cred it or Down Payment? LET ME HELP YOU CALL BILL 232-4891 OR SEE ME AT SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 FLORIDA AVENUE EMPLOYMENT STUCCO MAN LEADERS AND JOURNE YMEN. Open shop, good pay, year round. 9il-4214. JOBS NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED EARN WHILE YOU LEAJ:tN fOR MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST EXECUTIVE SECRETARY WOMEN CLERK TYPIST -ABC SHORTHAND KEY PUNCH AND NURSES AIDE. CALL TAMPA BUSINESS AND MEDICAL CENTER 223-3648 MIBOBIOLOCiiST The Laboratory Coatrol Center of Sherwood Medical Industries Inc. at DeLand, Florida, has an openlag for an Individual witb a B-.S. Degree in Microblolon: ;This position assists In the supervision ef sterility testing and environ-mental control. Applications will be held In confidence Please send resume a n d aalary requirements to: Industrial Relations Manager SHERWOOD Medical Inc. P. 0. Box 2078, Fla. 32720 No Telephone Calls Please An Equal Opportunity Employer Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers EMPLOYMENT FOR SALE IMMEDIATE OPENINGS SEFFNER AND THONOTOSASSA AREA WE HAVE several trainee open4 ACRE track, can be purchased lng for Nurses Aides, Medical or divided acrely. Located east Receptionist andBusiness Sec-of highway 579 on Bessie Dix retaries. No experience necesRoad. For Information regard-sary. Positions offer job oppor lng purchase, contact CARL tunities while in training. Must LARRY, 986-2292 or L. w. LAR-be willing to start immediately. RY, 872-7068, Only those women looking for -----------a secure future need apply. VACANT 229-8381 -11AVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon-FOR APPOINTMENT ditioned homes In Progress VII AND INTERVIEW lage. $50 down. Call HAROLD FOR SALE WANT A NEW HOME? GOOD CREDIT. CaU Equal Op.,ortunity Develo.,menC Corp. Call 257-3201. $50 DOWN MODERN Ci:Mi:NT BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, atove, refrigerator. $10,650 P. & I. $70.54 for 360 months at 7% mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-142% LISTINGS NEEDED. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS MOVE IN TODAY THIS HOME is located on large lot In extra nice area. (River grove). Owner will carry mort gage easy terms C a II Sallie Fordyce 884-5416, BOB PINSON/ REALTY 238-6428 $50 DOWN APPROXIMATELY $69 a month, includ-ing P-1. PROGRESS VILLAGE 3 BEDROOMS, 1 BATH, wall-to wall carpeting. BIRO, chain link fence. Priced at $10,500, Must see to appreciate, WOODLA WJf TERBACE NO I QUALIFYING S BEDROOMS, 2 BATHS, eeaereie block home, FloricJa room, Jatlo, air-oonditioaed lUaUs. Terrazzo ftoon, feaced yard. This is a prestice lloJile. '. Ia aa area of well-kept homes TlMPl S BEDROOM, I BATHS, Ft.rlda room, BIRO, refrigerator, 411sh washer, central air and heat, 1 car Jarace. Nice large ahacle irees. This Is a spacious borne -aear lhopplng and 1 block from bus line, ,000 FHA or VA, 2 BEDROOMS, concrete block, 1 bath, gara_ge, air-conditioned on 2 lots. This home is In lent condition. $15,000, Terms to be arranged. WILBERT WILLIAMS REALTOR 251-4049 or 251-3234 21!2 1\'IAIN STREET BAKER, REALTOR Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open Saturday and Sunday FOR SALE NICE 2 BEDROOM, FRAMED house. Com.,letely fenced yard. Low down payment, take over payment. Take a look at 2913 11th St. and call me. MR. BARR, 879-2257. BEY!!! NOW YOY CAN buy your own beautiful new 3 bedroom home for $200 down and as little as $67 per month on FHA 235! Call MARSON ENTERPRISES. INC. 876-1063. FOR REHT IIEW BOARDIHG ROME FOR THE ELDERLY JUST OPEN FOR PEOPLE of I all ages. 3 hot meals a c!,ay, transportation to j and from the hospital. 223-4tnO. Furnished Apartment For Renl $35.00 A WEEK, $70.00 In ad \fance. No children. Will pay water blU. 20071,) Lamar St. 223-4078. FOR RENT I BEDROOM apartment furnish ed and 2 bedroom unfurnished. All electric kitchen, air condltlone41. I & M APTS., 1002 Lem on St. 258-5151. -FOB RENT Cleu Paiatecl Rouses' Phone 251-1645 Save Time And Statnps Phone Your News 248-1921 ERRORS I'LL HELP YOU!! Advert i a e r s are re quested to check t he first appearance of ads for corrections. This newspaper will be re sponsible for only one incorrect insertion, NO CREDIT? SHAKEY CREDIT? AR& YOU LOW ON DOWH PA YMEHT? CALL NOW. BILL BROWN AUTO SA,LES 3800 nA. AYE. ANY ERROR SHOULD BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY CALL 248-1921 PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO HOME LIFE FAST CLAIM SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORDS. INSURANCE HAMIL TON AGENCY 1720 North Nebraska Avenue PHONE 229-1879 AUTO INSURANCE A. F. KILBRIDE INS. Before and after an accident 1201 MARION SREET PHONE 223-5531 4-CUT RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TRADIRG POST NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS, CLOSED ALL DAY WED. Open Mon. Thru Sat. 8-6 8822 E. B'WAY. Ph. 243-2411 BUSIIIESS LEASES AVAILABLE AT TAMPA PARI SHOPPIHG CENTER Nebraska al Scoll For REASOIABLE iATES PROBE: 229-1845 FLA. SEIITDIEL WUT ADS WOBI BARD PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO INSURUCE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE AI A COST Tit o\T CORRESPONDS TO YOUR DRIVING HISTORY. JACK DERBY 626-6194 GOT CAB TROUBLES? TRANSMISSION *OVERHAUL GEN. CAR REPAIRS BY EXPERTS CALL 248-6532 RAY'S GARAGE 3007 341h STREET TAMPA FUNEBAL DIRECTORS WILSON'S FlJNERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET "Our. Business Is Service" Phones: 245-2032 POGHSLEY j FUIIEBAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As De si red. Phones: 247-3151 247-3152 ROGERS FOREBAL ROME Phone 233-9302 4605 341h Slreel or 258-0764 LADY ATTE NDANT "WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS." MAIL YOU, R AD BElT OB BOY! LEASE OR HIRE! TELL OR SELL! 20 words or less will cost $2.00 per edition and 10c each additional word. If you 11ee4 hep in writing your ad, or to out bow mucb larger ads will cost, just call "MISS RESULTS" at 248-lt!l. Ple-ase enclose yo;r check er money order for each ad you wish to ba-re published. WRITE YOUR AD HERE Under what classification should be publish your ad? Your Name1 o ooo o .oo Your Addressr .... 0 oo '.!''''' .t 0 0 '.!0 0 '.! Your Telephone Numbers 0 o ...... 0 Mail thl1 form wltll yonr cbeell v money erder te2 THE SENTINEL-BULLETIN, P. 0. B-ox 3363, Tampa, FLORIDA 33tol.


rAUl!. TWf!:.NTY-f'OUR Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. Frl Get Both Edlitlonl Tuesday, Auru at 22, 1972 A WHOLE HOUSEFUL Of Furniture For You! 9' X 12' RUG With purchase of a 3-loom Outfit! I YOU MAY BOY ANY ROOM SEPARATELY GUARANTEED SATISFACTION AI $789.95 A ON 1324 30 E. Broadway PHONE 247 4711 .. Including Lamps, Pictures, Carpet, Bedding! 3 ROOMS Complete For Only $39995 Up 9-PC. LIVING ROOM GROUP! Clean Modern styling on sofa companion chair with wood finish legs ; s c or ed fronts and re cessed bases on square, octagonal commod e s and cocktail table ; chrome on 2 table lamps; and 2 coordinated picture s. 8-PC. OAK FIHISH BEDROOM! Decorative carved effeCts antiqued hlgbllght a triple c!-resser; a mirror, 4-dr. chest ani panel bed. Also Included: mattress, box spnng and 2 plump pillows. --7-PC. CAREFREE-DIHIIG SET!-M x U-60" table has plastic top ; 8 chair 9or.al upholstery. Metal finish legs, BUD


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