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ATTY. DAWSON DOUBTS: HE WILL SEEK PUBLIC ; 0 E AGAIN All The News Fit To Print ; J1J1.lll ; 1 i ut ; -. -(SEE STORY ON PAGE I) Sentinel Advertisers Invite Y AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY .--........ VOL. 25, NO. 79. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATU RDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, PR City Council Accepts Housing C LADIES ATTEND AMIGASCORONATION Among the many ladies dresse d In their even Dorothy Williams, Norma Nelson, and lng attire, 'and attending the buffet-coronation spon-Emma Fripp. This nice affair was on Wednesday sored by the Las Amigas Social Club at t h e night. Schlitz Brown Bottle were from left, Mrs. Lonnie BREWERY SEEKING BLAC, K O WNED COMPANIES IN TAM.PA FOR .BUILDING CONTRAC.tS By Sentinel Staff Writer D C. "Chet'' Newman, man ager of minority affairs for Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co., d isclose d Thursday that his company i s seeking black-owned and operated union organized firms to assist in the building of their new canning company which is scheduled -to be approximately one mile from the site of the brewing com pan y. Newman told the.. Sentinel that altjlough the bid s were opened to all; his goal is tq c ontract at 15 per cent of black fir.ms in chidn link fencing, paint ing, roofing, setting and decking, plumbing or heating and air-con ditioning. The Schlitz Co., producers ()f the Watts Festiv al' (sponsored by the Urban League of Los Angele s ) is a member of P'US!H (People United to Save Human ity) o rganized 'hiY R ev Jesse L. Jackson of Ohica.go. The company and P:UISIH have established a 1 c ovenant bebween therrJr;elves which includes equai opporttmity in emp.Joyment, contracting, business development, medi

PACE TWO -Fla. SeDitJa.eJ-BulletiD Published e-.ery hes. and Fri.. Cet Both Edi&... Jury Appnvecl Ia 'Fr.n.' Case COURTHOUSE CAPERS Assaults Mrs. Mary Lee Johnson. to, 2218 5th Avenue, told police that she returned horne Sunday mon.ing about 4 a. m. "from a date ai)d an unidentified man was there waiting for her and struck :ber with his hands. Mrs Katie Bell Blackman, 1610 Nuccio Parkway, rep<)ited to police that .she was engaged in an argument with an unidentified e;uspect at her home wednesday morning and struck en) the for e head with the barren of a .22 aliber reyQlver. lurglaries Mrs. Faanie Bell Truitt, 44. 2066 E. 31st' Ave., apt. 655, called police about 5 :15 Wednesday and reported an unknown sub ject entered her aeartment ear lier and took a black and portable T. V. worth $50. The entered b'y prying the screen. with a screwdriver. Mrs. Constance Preston, 'l7, 3810 N. 22n'd St reported tO the oficer at the same time that a man had attempted a burgiary at her house buf was scared o.ff. She said she was upstairs and heard noises down below. SHe' went down and saw a mali ting her T V. into a duffle bag. He saw h er, dropped the 'i'. V. and ran out the back door. Mrs. Evelyn Mobley, M, 2085 Melville, reported that a '"stereo radicrtape player $200 was taken from ber home by unknown subjects Monday. Mrs. Gertrude Andrews,' 41, 4509 Troy, to1d police an unlmown man her house between 8: 30-9 Moodily ..,morniilg and took .. $200 in miscellaneous bills Between 6:30 a. m. and 6 :30 Several items were taken from the residenci;e of Mrs. Bernice Jackson Davis, 3514 20th St. Tuts day. They included a stereo tape comp6nant with two speakers, a bank with nliscenaneous coins, a suitcase, tapes and a portable radio, total value $87 Bernard Tate, 20, Lake Placid, was attending the wrestling mat cl:jes Tuesgay night at Ft. Homer Hesterly and tool{ his '69 Ford Mustang h )m the 2300 block:,:pf W. Lemon St. The car. was worth $1400. Mi.sS Barbara BrinsOn Taylor, 19, 3502 Bb Avenue, was observed by at Sears Roebuck Hillsboro Ave ., as she attempted to take a pair of slacks from thP store in her purse. The officer said Miss Taylor threw nee purse r.t the people pursuing her then ran to the parking lot where she was apprehended. slacks Wf're worth $5. A '67 Pontiac worth $750 belong ing to. Mrs. Ann a Lee Lewis, -16, 2801 Valentine Ct., was taken from her' pface between 7: 30 TUesday and 5:30 Wednesday morning by and unknown person. Police reported that Henry L<:e Smith ; 17, and two unidentified suspects removed the upper house of a on the corner of Ar. menia and Walnut They were at tempting to remove the complete phone from the booth when stopped bf police. Miscellaneous Officer Elisha Dixon, Jr., Tam pa Police Dept., reported he was 1.1ttempting to arrest James Tho-FT. ORD, cahf. A jury of nine ofJieeris to try Pvt. Billy D. Smith, accused of the ging" murder o: two officers in Vietnam, was approved ThurS day by the prosecution at his court. martial. When: defense attorney Luke McKissack said he was not ready. to question the prospective jurors, the ,military judge, Col. Rawls H.. Frazier; recessed the proceedings until today. The. nine officers on the panel were chosen by Ft: Ord comma,nder Ma'j. Gen H. G. Moore The: defi!Jlse has the right to challenge any of the jury mem bers after them. Two Of the prospective jUfOl'S are black, as is Smith1 24. Mq.st also have served in Vietnam. Smith is being court martialed on charges of killing the two ofifcers with a hand grenade at the post, where he was assignecl in Vietnam. It is the first "fragging" trial to be held in the United States. The military p r o s e c u t or asked eac)l of the officers whether he had been familiar with "fragging" incidents in' VIet nam. Some of them said they had heard of' such incidents, but none had been involved closely with a deliberate attack by U.S. troops on other American 'jler sonnel. Each of the prospective jurors, who are mainly officers ngaged in tronp training at Ft. Ord, said he believed he. could give a :(!!ir verdict o:ti the basis of evi dence brought into the trial. ;mas Atkins ; 28, at 809 E. Laurel .st.: Tuesday for disturbing the peace and Atkins resisted by struggling tofree himself from who was Mr. Fears' roommate. the officer's grasp. He was charg. After maiing it Clear w)lile with resisting arrest and rewere there they proceeded to "'" cieved a minor .laceration on his lieve Mr. Jobbs of his money which he claim amounted to about hand. $100-. l\(r. Jbbbs wall not injqred Frank Floyd, 21, 4504 Webster, but Mr. Fears re. ceived a few was arrested Tuesday night for on the forearm and side interferring with detec.tives while The trio left immediately and Urey were ciinductirig a. narcotic headed south and not been Africa, Meets. DIEGO,, Calif. The Si'O ond International conference d CQngt:ess of. African Peoples convei)ed here TbUFSday for five days of workshops designed to unify oraaniaations and people who relate to Africa. Buy From Fiorida Sentinel Advertisers ... Hill.ba.., ( U .S.n) AHiftcoln THE FIRST BLACK. PRESIDENT I oF THE u.-s.... 1 ONE SHOCKING REEL OF FJLM COULD DESTROY HIM AND BLOW THE l.ID OFF THE WHITE HOUSE! .. I TH. E IIIHn -== ,, JAMES EARtm MARTIN' BAlSAM 8UR6f&) MEREOffH. lEW AYRES Wll.UAM WINDOM BARBARA I In !:do' 0 A Pnmrill.elele 0 p m. TueSday m1known subjec's gained entry into the reS;idence at 3705 N. 16th St Felix Blanco, 49. Once inside, they ransacked the bedrooms, took $25 in assort ed bills, two watches worth $50, the house and car keys, then left unobserved. investigation. Momel)ts later, seen sfuce James Davis, 23, was arrested 'Cl .-. --'An unidentified suspect obtai:t ed a key to 3421 22nd St., board ing house of Mrs Naomi V, Frost,. 69, entered the house and took $480 cash from a bedroom closet Mrs. Frost said the bills were mostly 20's. Breach of Peace and disorderly .Frank Porter Hopkins, 56, 3304 E : Mohawk, told police that he was out of town the last three weeks and upon his return dis covered that someone bad tak::a 60 feet' of his chain link fence. The f ente was valued at $60. Thefts otto Johnson, lll, 7906 Croton Avenue, told police he was parked on Cumberland east of 11th St Tuesday between 7-5 and some un known person drove off in his '64 Chevy. The auto was valued at $300. conduct fol' using profanity and creating a disturbance. LeWis Tucker, ao, 2109 Jeffel'SOO, was arrested Monday ri1ght at Tampa Greyhound Track for darrying a concealed firearm. Mrs. Annie Grace Carnell, 35, 1039 Nelson Ct. ; was arrested Wed nesday at Central and Scott St. for carrying a concealeq firearm. Officers arrested Roman Lee .Rucker, 25,' 8314 Croton, for pes se ssion of. h_eroin Tuesday after they ,found a quantity on him at Central and Harrison. Two men were arrested this week for consuming on the street at Zack and Nebraska. Arthur Pride, 26, 1252 India and Bernard Cleveland Hunter, 25, 2105 Bristol' St. BOth men were obser-Ved by the offic .er outside the lounge with ah of beer. [ ST. poLIC-E---BEAT:: I Ertha Lee Baker, 18;' 1431 Dixie to pick up 3 hitchhikers. The Avenue, 5outh, was at ridi! etlded in a -parkfng let where Bayfront Medical Center for a the 4 begin tO drink. one thing severe cut oh the forearm. Ar. led to another when the three rested at the scene was Johnnie boy s, all Negroes, begin suggest Lee Brinkly, 23, of the same ading to one another about dress and charged with Mr; Fears of his inon..ey which He is free. on $1,000 bai l tbey .. prooeedeQ. to do without BURGLARY much trouble. After collecting R E D & FRO NT PACKAGE G ROCERY S T O R E 3918 29th Sl. Comer_ Ballalo AYUue PROlE 248-3733 WE ACCEPT FOOD. STAMPS_ "Come. ID Early ud Gel Tile Best" wE WE SELL AMEBICQ EXPRESS MONEY ORDERS LARGE EGGS IN CARTON TENDER FRESH HENS I PARTS TURKEY WINGS : IMJZ., '49c: NOT l'ROZEN U.. 45c lh.55c TENDER RIB ;J>ACKED OR. CLUB STEAKS DiXIE MEATY NECK BONES u.. sse: 5 II,. bag 69c 2 lbs. 45c With $5 Order SMOKED NECK BONES CAN MJLK SPARE iUB TIPS lb. 45c 3 large cans 59c lb. 15c With $5 Order RABBITS F EED 25 lh. hag $1.75 EXTRA LARGE FRYERS LARGE BOX ARROW WASliiNG POWDER Each tic CHICKEN FEED Box 29c. 25 lb. bag $1.45 FRESH TENDEit HOT GREEN PEPPERS BEEF LIVER LAYING OR GROWJNG MBASH Bag ISc lb. 65c 25 rJb. hag $1.75 An alert neighbor obsel'Ved about. $511, they apparentiy was Willie Rackett, 39, 9251h 3rd Ave-not satisfied wlth this amount WE CLOSE-12.:30 WEDNESDAY nue, South,. apt. 4 kicking in too and ordered him to. to his door of Loretta Washington, 22, : where th.ey fotind'i'.rames D. Specials Friday, Saturday ad Moaday Seplemher 15, 16 8r 18 of the same address apt. 6. 'nle incident was reported to Miss.-4 w a s h; n g t 0 n who made a thorough search and found that about 95c was missiDJr. Willie w;ts .. arrested later and charged with ROBBERY (UNARMED) Charle:;; Fears, while male :$>; ,.,as driving west near 16th Str'eet a'bout 11:30 p.m when he 1 -


. Saturday, Septemler 1 .6, 1912 Fla. every Tues anti Fri. Get Both Editlona PACE Mrs. Olga Charles Flies To Hanoi To Greet Hubby MRS. OLGA CHARLES By ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Society Editor Mrs. Olga Charles b o a r d e d Scandinavian Airline Flight 912 at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York Wednesday. Her desti nation: Hanoi. Three American Prisoners of War will be coming home in a few days. Her. husband, Lt. Norris Charles of Tampa, is one of them. She is a bit thinner than when her husband last saw her. LAS AMIGAS SOCIAL .CLUB HA.S CORONATION "She has worried so," said her father-in-law, Herbert Charles, 1108 'LaSalle Street. The Las Amigas Social Club hosted a buffet and coronation Wednesday night at the Schlitz Brown and many Tampans attended the nice affair. The guest were entertained with informal modeling, commentated by Mrs; Curtiss Wilson. Mrs. Margaret Somes ; left, was crowned the Queen and Mrs. Rosa Banks, center, was The club's presiden .t, Miss Alberta Nelson, looks on. Mr. Charles and his wife Ma. rie, have weathered many hours of stress and apprehension since Norrjs was taken prisoner in De-Five Blacks Arrested In Eisenhower Atty. -Dawson .He'll School S k p bl.. of fj : A !Major "walter Heinrich of the ee u IC ce gain Oounty Sheriff's Of. fi-ce s-aid this ( : F t iday) morn-By Martha Whit e is, .on t,he community ing th-at .five black ouths have Sentinel Staff Writer that los t in the election held on been arrested and referred to Speaking in rjtild tones that still held traces of disappointment, Attorney Warren H. Dawson in dicated that he does not presently plan to run again for political of fice, but did not forego the pos sibility. Dawson was defeated in his venture to become Hillsborough County Judge, Gr!)up Four, by Tom Miller in last Tuesday's elec tion. Victory would have me'i\nt that Mr Dawson would have h 'l come the first black-elected ficial in the county, but though he did not win he feels that the electio':l was not unsuccessful. September 12. juvepi!e : cou -rt following a disIn speaking of the defeat, Daw turban(!e .. at E.isenhower Junior son cited :several lessons that High School this week ; should i)ave been from the Names of.the juveniles were not election, by both himself and be released -but Maj: Heinri ch said community as well: -More blacks they .. were the suspects in the are going to have to get register' at the school where ed and : vote; an increasing num" over 18 wbites have issued com ber of white people are willing to plaints against blacks ... vote for a qualified black cand}-past few, police date and (that "for hire" black --said ; .1!J: Cldents flaed UP. when need t; be would a s A usuall y composed gentleman, s u t mdividuaJ or a D 1 d t b d group of. white students at the awson was se emmg Y Is ur e_: school. t-he fact for-hire However, a black 'mother com: m Immediate ?n --the Sentinel that her and _34th. were. untr r d1mghter-had be.en suspended mgly campa1gmng for his op-. .from scliool for 1 0 d ays aloog poneot. with seven ()f her frienls. after There are several to .. a .girl p 'uHed a girr alrze tlie small black voter turrt from a line as they were getting out, Dawson said .One is that off the bus and started beating was a small turnout of v:oters : in hef."' .. LT NORRIS CHARLES cember, 1971. As Mr. Charles talked about it, though he continued to smile, effort to appear ca-lm was obvious. When he opened his wallet far these pi c tures, his h a n d s trembled.. 1 He said, ''EVery since Norris was taken prisoner I have prayed, 'Oh Lord, let thy mercies come upon my son, even thou sal vation according 'to ...J hy word"." He has never doubted Norris' safe return. Mrs. Charles and Olga b ave shared the same conviction. Their faith has' not faltered, but Mr. Charles said that he has often had to call upon inner resources to be able to cont : nually comfort his wife, daught e r-in-law and his KIR S TEN other grown children, Herbert and Velma. While Olga gdes to join h e r hubby, their little girl, Kirsten is in Tampa with her grandparents She is a beautiful child ; too young to suffer the agonies of these past months. Olga, a San Dtego High School teacher is delighted over t h e prospect that Lt. and Mrs Norris Charles and daughter -will soon be together again When the POW' s and the women who have joined them return b the States, either New York or California, Mr. and Mrs Herbert Charles and 3-yearo ld Kirsten will fly there for the reunion. Hopefully this will be within the next two weeks : CITY COUNCIL REJECTS -. THEA IER LICENSE APPLICATION 1By HOWARD REYNOLDS Sentinel sitaff Writer lite i:ature, the council : told a Sentinel reporter thatthey that it was their m 'oral obligaThe City Council rejected an tion to the community to use appeal of a previou11 denial for -"disgression". in considering the tt:he issuaruce of a !JUmPer Or location of such thea li cense to E}lwest Stereo Theatr. es The Franklin Street-Central tres of Hillsborough Inc ., owned Avenue area is to : be rehabili by Fred Holton. : tated during the coming year and Paul Markos, attorney for the the council felt that .any attracIEUwest company was heatedly tion whic;h maY have an adverse by C:ouncilml3n _Joe e ffect on the community mlust Clnllura related that P a'st be limited 'had that an Councilman Lee Duncan stated ObVIOUS InCrease m dr-ug that he had VOted tb okay the abuse and prostitution m .areas licensing of Eltwest' but after where such theatres were locatconsideration : ''I I voted ed. agamst and will vote a -"ainst it The denialfor Heense, however, again no matter wher"' o; when," was ba sed upon the fact that !he said. Other councilmen inthe t -heatre was to .open only di.s;ated that they_ would consid blocks from the _Proposed er each a.p)I-icatiori separately .. of the Street iHoweyer, it seemed -thP. l!eneral IMmi I Mall,. and JUst too close feeling of the council that eacb to downtown said Ghil new application or J;e-newal far lura. licensing would meet strong opthe compan y had met position. a!l r eqm:ements set by the Marks indicated that he wouli c_Ity ordmance governmg estabappeal to the circuit court a hshment of Adult movies and g ain. "It was unsuccessful only in that it was not won, indeed it was a moral victory and in the context of the politics of this county it was the best near miss of any black candidate to date," he said. Dawso n was tire first black candi date fo receive in access of 40 percent of the votes cast. He received nearly 19,000 votes lo 25,000 for Thomas Miller Sr. general, both black and white; 'J11ie mother claimed that the second!)', the sm_ all black / voter white girl wa s sent home for turnout could be accounted for the rest of the day bcause she when it is recognized that white was upset" but her daugh: people have been free all their ter and t ile pther girls who sUPlives. '}JQSedly were bystanders, W,ere Thank You This may be accpunted for In some p:lrt by t the fact that his campaign was addressed to every r>ook and corner of the entire county His signs and literature were also evident in the downtown DawsOn said that suspended. whites hold all of the .. elected A meetm_ g the mothers poSitions and control most o{ tne and school offiCial.s was ed for this (!Frid ay) morm!l g thmgs that are effective, such as t S "'" b t t th" t "ih b 1 d tTt" t a u a Is wn mg v e usmesses, an u 1 1 e C : mothers were still waiting and that are by politics and rl_ aimed that they were being area, Davis Islands, Carrollwood, they had access of 100 candi "given the run around" a:bout Plant City and even in Ruskin dates runmng for one office i r the incidents. Lutz. the other, each of whom have As already mentioned, had Dawfamilies, many friends, and supson won, he would have made porters In spite of all this they all the reasons just mentioned, history as the first black-elected only turned out '33 percent of the each reason should be a factor official and would have been in white vote ; for prompting more blacks to a position that deals daily witil in contrast, Dawson said, blacks register and vote the lives, freedom and pocket:. only recently been free to IIi conclusion Mr Dawson sug. books of many black people. participate in elections, they have gested that the communit y ge2t Victory for Atty. Daw,son would held an y e ffective office iri some present plans and start imhave been a pe!'ljonal one but an the county and the y own or conplementing now to get somebody e ve n greater victory .for the comtrol only a small portion of the from this community elected til munity, in fact the glJ.in that tile things that are effected by politics something. community would have experienc and only had one black candidate -------ed in having a black cqun ,ty, judge runnin & jn, 1 :tlpne H lrt,, I, -Buy from,. would have outweighed any r,>er-. adclitlon,' l t1 H LsdrfteW!llat!'l Lbtler.-:; ; l' 't;' ',T r M ) H H : sonal gain that Mr. Dawson would standable tliat only a small p er. Sentinel Advertisers bave experienced. Consequently iL cent of blacks turne d out. Fill' I Wish to express my sincere and deepest ap preciation for the assist ance, both physical and financial, the good wish es, etc. and votes that I received during my cam paign for County Judge, Group 4. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. WARREN DAWSON


r PACE FOUR Fla. Seatlnel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions Saturday, 16, 1972 Published every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Publishing Co., 2207 Twenty Fir,$t Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publisher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. ExecuHve Editor SIMON JOHNSON Viee President-Productloa )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Viee President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Viee HAYWARD BRADY Vice President-Public Relations Second class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. 8UBSCRlt'TION RATES $ 6.50 Per Year One Edition. $12.50 Per Year Both EdiUons. 'Quotas And Racism All :the bull crap you hear about quotas these days coine from those who are so blinded by their own self-deluding propaganda t h a t they somehow have the gall to that blacks are doing bet ter than members of the majority race. Like Rep. Louis Stokes, D-Ohio, ehairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, we are shocked to aee our Jewish friends 'an d allies in the fight for racial and 'religious fair p I a y peddling the assinine myth about quotas giv.ing un deserved opportunities to blacks and other minorities. Here again is a clear example r0f how the majority group, for _whatever reason it chooses, can ignore all exis'ting fac;ts and figures regarding rights of a minodty group, and say or do whatever it wants w i ,th im pugnity. This is part of a t u r n i n g back of the clock that has been growing across t h e counlry the p ast few years. Whi:te house leadership -that has been eroding the civil rights .posture of the na tion, especially in the school de segregation area, also has been forefront in the hy sterics. Try :taking any of the meaning ful figures from the Census Re port or other reliable sources and show how have put black people on easy street in America to the of whites. .0 un-American and in the _kind of .racism we hoped the na tion was walking away from that we find it tough to concede. The bitter truth we m .ust face Is that many white Americans want more than their righltful sbare of the good things the na tion has to 'offer and they don't give a damn how many bjacks a .re in poverty as iong as t h e y and and their own families live good. Many of these same peo. p le see In quotas one means of b I a c k s getting a better share of the jobs and other opportunities The moSit optimist.ic of b I a c k men in America ( us) understands that he is in deep trouble when the word ''quota" becomes a nasty word. 1 Retirement Ag. e Should Be 62 This newspaper s trongly favors the Congres5ionaL proposal that would lower the Social retirement age of 62 for all Americans. The proposa l before the Con greas would limi' t the new retire men age to workers who chool}.e to retire after having paid the fund for 30 years or more. Under the curren1t. situation a rn'an who retires a't a :ge 62 only draws 80 per cebt of the pension he would get. at age 65. It is pos sible for widows to at age 62_ Retirement a t age &2 now means a person does not qu,alify for Medicare. A study of the retirement pic ture shows :that the required age m the Unaed S1tates is higher than in mos!t other countries. Wbi.le liv ing st'andards here are a higher an d more .people live lon. g .er, the age does not :invalidate the argument for a lower retirement age. Approxim'ately 65 c o u n tries have lower ag e requiremen,ts for retiremen t pensions than ours. This is particularly dismaying to us because recently announced figures poin:ted ou t 'thait only 47 per cent of 'all black males live long enough to enjoy Social Se curity beneHts. Those who have urged that the age for retirement for black men be lowered, might do well to sup port ithe move to drQp the age to 62 for all recipients. Such a change would m a k e available millions of jobs for younger workers and a : t the same time give older Americans a bet ter deal. Congress shoul d make this a priority piece of legislation. Hymn. Servkes / Almost two-thirds of the coun try's black families live at or be low the poverty level. Whites are much be.fter off. The black an employment rate is nearly double that of whites. A much higher ratio of blacks survive on welfare checks than do whites. The for one of Tampa's Hymn se rvices will be Beulah BaJPtist Chul"lch. This service will take place Stmday, September 17, at 8 o'clock ip.m. The serVICe wii:: be conducted _by IN. 11. Hill and M:rs. W. B. {Cook) Walker. The combined choirs of Beulah aod Bethel will be the instruments for this service. The HymM will be old favorites from generation to generation. Blacks live in the worst ghettos, have rela:tively few of the high paying jobs in or out of government, have mos t of the menial jo'bs, are on the short end of the educational gauge, hold rela1tively few political positions (52 hi Flor ida, none in Hillsborough Coun ty), the worst health care, etc. What in heavens name is. it that .. uotas supposedly 'have for J,I ,acks that whites don't think is right? We have the :answer ,J,ut it Ia The pas .tor and choir members of both churches invite you to come and Witness this Hrymn service. Voter Registration Starts In South Africa JOHANNESBT.JlRG, South Africa -. law not I'e qtnre a!:natiOnal election before 1$5, a d00r-to-d00f I Campaign is under way to register South Af. rica's estimated 21h million white TOters. The blacks have no vote. Political Revue ly SHDY MOIDIIO Otlr predictklns as to the outcandidate can .sway voters to ancome of the September 12th elec other candidate this way remains tions were accurate in most races; a source of swculation among po narrowly wrong in only three. litical prognosticators Here goes: In the only County Judge's race, We predicted Sheriff Malcolm we saw a nip-and-tuck race be Beard would win a landslide victween Atty. Warren Dawson and tory over his opponent, former Atty. Thomas Miller, Sr. We captain Charles Renfroe. stated: "The race could be deMr. Beard won by a 4-1 margin. term;ned by the bar poll which In the District 1 County Comwill be released Wednesday and mission race, we said c. D. (Dick) of course, the Tribune endorse Schoefield would be in a neck ment. Regardless of the outcome and neck raee with Bob Curry for of the bar poll though, we aren't the lead. Mr. Schoefield finished looking for a Tribune endorsefourth behind Nick Matasinai and ment for Mr. Dawson, w h o is '! : (Doug) West, Jr., a surprise black." m tl:us race. Mr. Curry finished As it turned out, neither Mr. first. Dawson or Mr. Miller got the Tri In th Di bune endorsement. And, we pre e strict 3 Commission dieted 1\lr. Dawson needed the race, we the vote black base of 8,000 votes to get power of Cltarles Miranda, and predicted that he would lead Joe elected We don't think that many _ll. Taylor and Mrs. Elizabeth Casblacks voted and Mr. Dawson tor, "who are fighting for the lost by slightly more than 6 ,000 votes runnerup spot. As it turned out, In the State Senate race be Mr. l\liranda finished t hird and tween Julian Lane and incumb"ent Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Castor are in the runoff. Ray Knopke, we saw Mr. Knopke needing more black votes for re In Distrid 4, we correctly surelection because this vote w a s mised that Carl L. CarpenteF, Jr. definitely a pivotal factor. We would lead this race because his said: "Blacks still consider Mr. candidacy was baclted by several Lane one of the best mayors in powerful political allies of Gov. Tampa's history and his vote here Reubin Askew. We stated: "He could be the pivotal factor. Mr. should win a first primary vic KnC)JJke is still not well-known in tory over his two foes, G. Gerald the bla c k community, and in the Thompson and Erwin Perkins.'' final two weeks of the campaiv.n, Mr. > carpenter did just that. will be out to siphon some of Mr. In District 5, we predicted that Lane's black support to his side EUiiworth Simmons would be the of the ledger." As it turned out, leader but stated further: "We Mr. J.ane won a narrow victory believe AI J. Greco, a former and and t.oough the official precinct tal we must say popular policeman ly isn't available as we write this and investigator, will finish sec column ; we'll ( wager a hot dollar ond ahead of Bob Lester and Mrs that Mr. Lane's margin of victory Mercedes DiMaio. Mr. Simmons was in the black precincts. finished first, but Mr. Lest e r In the state rep races, we said nosed out Mr. Greco for the run simply this: "Dr. Hodes off slot. On top of this, Mr. Sim should win re-election in his race mons must really hit the trail against Ed Prata, as should Guy and campaign to hold his seat Spicola in his r a c e against AI since 24,000 voters cast ballots Lombardi In District 69. James against his candidacy and only Redman may have a clpser call 14,000 for him. Mrs. DiMaio has with Mrs. Marv Jim Everidge, already said she is backing Mr. but he should still win. .AU three Lester, but whether she or any incumbents won handily. Poverty Pocket By BIB GILDER CAl Executive Director Last Sunday morning at 9: 45 a.m I drove down Main Strec:t only to be shocked by the sight of the skinny body of a young man being rolled to an awaiting ambulance. This young man was once a very healthy, bright ia dividual from one of Tampa's finest families. The reaction among Ure crowd was one of ex treme sadaess but very little shock. One person's reaction "They've had him dead 4 or 5 times He finally made it." An other said, "I sure hope it was an rather than bad stuff because I went on the same trip." When are we going to demand that this killer on the loose be stopped in our community? If it is not your son or daughter to. day, it be tomorrow. Drugs are readily available here in Hillsborough County. Drug treatment programs and facilities are not It's too easy to get hooked and nearly Impossible to find a way to get off the junk. It is not that there are no sln cere dedicated people who are working to help the addict free himself of the habit. But the ef fort is too little. Thecommunity as a whole has not joined to gether in a concerted effort to re habilitate those already addicted and stem the flow of heroin to the youngsters who may well. be tomorrow;js ad,dicts. There is so much t ilk, drugs, but eo little achQri. getting rich off the drug traffic in our community. Why are they not thrown in jail and stopped forever? The periodic "drug busts'' do not seem to dent the inflow of the "stuff." Something must be done. Drugs are in our grade schools and killing off the chil dren who should be our future promise. We can only highly commend those persons and organizations such as The Door who have val. iantly 1 tried to do everything with almost no resources. But we won der why so many people have found it so easy to look the other way. The fledgling methadone maintenance program (whf!e r.ot a panacea, at least a step toward treatment) was allowed to 1ie without a sound of protest from the community. Only now has the methadone program been revived by the Hillsborough County Health Department through funds sup. plied by the Metropolitan Devel opment Agency in anticipation of HEW funds. The irony of the whole thing Is that the brother who died only last Sunday worked formerlY. with the methadone program that died months ago.

Saturday, Septeml,er 16, 1.972 Fla. PuMished every Tuei. and -Fd. Get Both Ediitlont PAC FIV! Can't help but wonder w h at sort of humanitarians OW' men and writers returning from the Olympics in Muni<:h, Germany must' be, as they used reams of pages to tell of "how embarrass ed they were, or "how mad they got over the two guys and their Star Spangled Banner-Flag show ing and our basketball team los ing' to the Russians, 51-50, a n d most nev:er took a minute or, wrote a line about the terrible killings of the Israeli athletes, thanks to the real smart blunder by the West German police force But after thinking bout how the Germans felt about Jews a few years back, and perhaps still do, It made me wonder. Oh, you say we don't know those fifteen killed folks o v e r there, and that's their business, huh? Well, guess that the real so-called human way of looking at it for far too many of us these days But remember, there. are relati-ves loved ones and fnends who felt far more pain and sor row than the embarr. assment, Howard Cosell, Frank_ Klein and their fellow news guys claim they felt from the Matthew Collet Star Spangled Banner-Flag inci dent ... And what about Mr. Wottle forgetting to take off his bat during the Star Spangled Banner? Forgot that?' AND THIS WRITER'S LED TO BELIEVE John Mackey, All-Pro tight end of the Baltimore Colts football team's playing problems are stemming more from his be ing the President of the NFL Players Association than h i s ability to play football. As we all know, the Players Association and the team, owners ''do-not" see eye-to-eye on how the millions of "bread" should be sliced. My advice to Mr Mackey is; take care of the fmancial securities you now have, cause you soon may be job hunting, or trying to stay out of the "slammer" as out-spoken black Johnny Sample Is trying to .... JETS, HERE 'N THERE ... Have received several letters and suggestions telling of w h o should be listed among the "BEST DRESSED FEMALEW' around the town. Won't call any names now, but will say, "Mrs. FBS." of the eastside and "Mrs. CW" of the westside, were mentioned in all suggestions and le tters Watch for the real thing, next week! This sort of reminds me sev eral kats c ame up wanting to know, how was gent's Clarr.nce Bostick's name left off the BEST DR:ESSED .. MALES" list Guess, I thought Mr Bostick was living back up Harlem, N. Y way ... And would you believe, Mrs. Christina Bostick of W St. Louis St. had sixty-one relatives as her guests at Sunday's "GUEST !>A Y SERVIOE" at Tyer Temple United Methodist Church, of which the Rev, E. J. Rivers is pastor, and at whi<:h, the Rev. C. Don Steger was guest speaker before a SRO crowd: Might 1\lrs. Bostick still came In second best for the prized beautiful A -ROUND. -THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY Mlll'i'ay To Celebrate Seventh A1111iversary ; Rev. M. M. Murray will celebrate his 7th aniversary Sunday September 117 through next Sun day, September 24. The first service will begin oo Sunday afternoon at 3 and Rev. E'. Bentley, pastor of Oak Hill !M. !B. Church will be in bl M M An charge. white Bi e, as rs. ane The follpwing cOUl"(!hes will derson's guests, f9llowing a final appear each nig>ht: count, totaled sixty-two Leroy Edward Stokes says ev The services each night will erything's great with his new job begin at 8. Monday Rev. John S. down Ft. Lauderdale way 'cept Stephens, pastor of Baptist he hasn't been able to get the of Lineoln Garden; Tuesd ay Rev. type apt. he wants for his wife Ben tpastor of M arshaH and two sons. You say, you won-M.B. Chwcb; WednesdaY Rev! der, why? H. L. Daniels, pastor of FriendMrs. Rebecca Cooper of 3208 ship M. B. Chureh; Thursday 45th St. ; is among the candidates -!Rev. J. Jordon, pastor North in the Miss Allen Temple Cor<>side M. B. Churcth; Friday, Rev. nation" set for Oct. 4th. Among J. Thom pson, pastor of First Mrs. Cooper's children is Mrs. Union M. B. Ohurch. Sunday Sylvia Moore of the Columbus afternoon at 3 the guest speaker Court Apts. will be Mrs. M. Fowler. All Rumors have it, young boxer choirs and ushers are asked to Marlowe Lewis is set for moving serve Following the service a to Miami, where he'll be trained banquetwill be beld in the chureh by Hilton Smith .. annex. Mrs. Sarah Thompson will Then there's talk upcoming box be in charge. AH are asked to er, Joe Gholston has given up bring a covered dish. the ring for a better paying job Sunday night The Hour of with less pains Power will reader a service Gentle gent and record spinner George Nix is reportedly headed other. activities will be ofor a better hours show with durmg the pastors an WLCY-Radio, as a replacement ruversary. for the D. J. Mike Scott, time of the day, or evening. The former Valeria Wilder sends a hello from Germany, where she and hubby Bruce, were among the crowd at the Olympics in Munich. Someone mentioned ex-Tampan Rudolph McCloud as being a re cent Tampa visitor from New Or leans La., for a possible close out of his recently bought WTMP Radio station of which G e n e Danzey's general mgr. Photographer Simon E. Creal says everything's, everything at his photo shop located at 3305 E. No. Bay. Mr. Creal's available for photography of all kinds, wed dings, programs photos, And he's the brother of pronu nent St. Pete Funeral Home di rector, Robert Creal. This year's CENTRAL FLA. CLASSIC" football will be held Oct. 28th in the Tangerine Bowl Orlando, with the Bethw1e Cookman College Wildcats going against the Jackson State College Tigers Mrs. Dora L. Reeder is presently helping put together the Classic program, as a member of the Souvenir Program Commit tee, !National Alumni Associaation B-CC. Bellmen-Waiters Club prexy George B. Williams says every thing's bout set for their Back To School, Hot-Pants Mini-Dress Bell-Bottoms" Dance to be h eld Friday night, Sept. 29th at Curtis Hixon Hall (Gasparilla Room) MRS. DELORES HILL told o f how she and friends were highly entertained by Dr. Richard V. Moore, president of Bethune cookman College, who took time out to show them all the latest B-CC campus sites. Delores's a B-CC grad of a few years ago and one of our most widely-known niuslc teachers. GOOD TO KNOW, f o r m e r schoolmate up at B-CC, Harry and Lucile Morris, hosting ol our B-CC Tampa Alumni Association Chapter, ''NIGHT IN TRIIN1lDAiD" was a suecess That's good news to all "Wildcats." ONE LETTER READS IN Truevine Baptist 905 Governor St. Rev. J. P. Nichols, Jr., Pa-stor Sunday se'hooi began at the usual hour with the supt., Mr. George Barnhill in Morning service began at 'lJ1 with the choir and No. 1 ushers serving. The sel'mon was deli vered by the pastor. Holy com mooion was adimfuistered. iBap tism was held lllfter Sunday school. :We would like to thank all for helping to make our anniversary program a success. On Sunday morning the ser vices will be conducted l)!y our pastor. Sunday afternoon at Greater Morning Star IM. B. Ohureh, /Rev. R. A Crenshaw, pastor, will be in This will close out the anmversary services. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. VMiitors are welcome at all times. ML lion AME Seffner Rev. R. Neal, Pastor Services for Sunday will be gin at the usual hour with Sun day school and the supt and teachers will be at their posts. !Mornin g service will foll!JIW with the junior ohoir and ushers serving. A very good sermon will be delivered by our pastor. Pray er will be offered by the Cbureh Steward M. Messer AH are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. All ladies are to meet at the church on Saturday .after noon at 5 to help with the church fund raising project. Holy Community Prayer Band Mrs. Laney Stacey, Pres. Mrs. Mamie Bowick, Rept. BIG JOE'S BAR a:'he Holy Community Prayer IB and will meet l!lfondaiY a t 112 at the borne of Rev. L. M. !Miller, 20!16 E. Buffalo Avenue, /Rememiber the sick and shut ins. Visitors are welcome, PLENTY OF FREE PAUIJfG C:OUEB OF LASALLE UD lOME WEST TAMPA PART "Dear Hayward: t 1 read your "BEST MALE pRESSERS" around the town. Most named were fine, yet others did not need to be on the list, and then too, there were others not named that should have been among the dressed, etc, etc. (Writer's Note) You ean't win 'em an 8EE TAU I.A'I'EII The Sunday School lesSOII By REV. A. LEON LOWRY Bel}lah Baptist Church. i I > I Scientific laewledge Tlarealea Failla? Job 18:42; Prcrverbs 3:13-%0; 1 Co.riathiau 1-Z Very recently in a conversa tion with a friend -it was stated by the friend that we live in an age when our knowledge causes us to discard many of our old religious beliefs. I must admit that in many instances this is true for S()me I_>eople. They seem to think that God has been displaced and faith in Him is no longer necessary now that > we have come of age scientifically. Per sonality, scientific discoveries do not make the need for faith in God unnecessary. Scientific know. ledge to me does not conflict -with religious knowledge and truth. The same GOO established this universe and placed all things in order, so that the scientists in their study discover them, is the same God who placed revelation of Himself in our hearts. God rt veals his truth in all areas of life, not just one, It is wonderful that we have all of these discoveries; they have been of inestimable value to us but there are areas where we must go beyond the physical areas of scientific dis coveries. The area of morals, the ultimate value and meaning of life, here we get into area .e>f religicm, psychology and sociol ogy, These are as vit-al to us as other discoveries and I think that both scientific kMwledge and re ligious knowledge compliment each other. Unfortunately there is a tendency on the part of many scientsts to make fun of the religionist, and by the same token there is a tendency on the part of many religionists to make fun of the scientist. In our lesson Christians were being ridiculed but Paul talks of a higher wisdom than the phl losophy of the Greeks, it waa deeper. What Paul was talking about might have seemed e-a much foolishness to the learned Greeks ; but unto those who under. stood the cross it was both the power and wisdom of God. Christian truth can not be put Into a test tube and the results ba gained that way, one must hava something to happen to him on the inside in order to know it. In other words one must have an experience with God. If one want.t to know about God, he must ex perience God for himself. It ill not sufficient to read about God and to talk about God. A daily living witness by the professiug Christian is necessary to demoo strate that he knows God This is the only test tube. On.e can ooly live it and demonstrate it if he the Spirit of Christ in his life. I am quite sure that both the religionist and the scientist are seeking truth, that is, if they aroJ sincere. Both hav.e certain dis ciplines, both have had certain experiences and their approach is of necessity based on their exper riences and insight. Their search for truth should bring them to gether If they find the truth i should lead them to the God wh

T AG SIX Pl.ANS SUNDAY WEDDING. Mr. and J\lrs. Henry Melvfn, 4319 Osborne Avenue, nounce that the marriage of their daughter, Gwendolyn and Mr Je.rry Howard will take place sunday afternoon "at 3 o''clock at their residence; Miss Is a 1970 graduate of Hillsborough High School.' and is employed by General Telephone Compal!y. Mr uowaril was graduate froin Middleton High School and Is employed l!Y : National Cylinder Gas Northside M-Church. 5706 40th Street Rev J. Jordan, -Pastor Silnday will begin at 9 :415 with the mpt., Dea. AndrCIW Minor in clia l'ge The les son wiU :be reviewed by the p.astor. At the il1 1 o clock morning [)ea. J. B.Thorner and De a. !Felix KeJlley will lead t!he devotion The Jordan Chorus and : No. J. ushers.,will sene all tAt B -the Unity Choir Union wiil convene at thischurch the Jordan Chorus wiH be the 'host chirlf. Evening will begin at 6 with the sa: me order of ser vice. KNITTED CAPS AND POM-POMS IN ETHIOPIAN COLORS Knitted caps and poJ;Il-poms in Ethiopian colors out clothes, string and leather accessories, ham are the newest to come out of fl!shion-conmocks, paintings and sculpture. Many Rasta items scious Jamaica. Many members of the Rastafarian .may be bought along roadsides of rural Ja sect are talente6 artists and craftsmen, turning maica: ROSALI! SCOTT,. STAFF ASSISTANT Apostolic Church Of Jesus Mi s sion No. II at Thonotosassa Elder J. H. Pastor Beautean White, Reporter Sunday school be g an at 10 with ( Mrs. Sarah G asden cond ucting the s chool. ,prayer by :Mr. Alphonso Camon. Noonday services began at 12 with You t h on Parade. Each 2nd Sunda.y is observed as Youth Day. J .ames Felton and S'helia iMc Clain were res ponsible for devo tion services Tne message "A True Fouod :ation" delivered by Minister 1M. A. Anderson. Evening services at 7:30 COMING with Youth in ccoa !Florida to render services at B in beJhalf of !Elder Jenkins Anniversary. Please plan to at tend iPlease remember aU sick and shut-ins and include them in daily prayers. .Eider Tyler is still listed amorig the sick EVENTS .SEPT. 16-Hawaiian Luau hosted by Intra-Ciiy Civic Club, Letter Carriers Hall, 9:30 P. M. SEPT. 17-St; Paul AME Pulpit Aid Board observes 27th anniver sary. SEPT. 17-Women's Day, First Baptist Church, Lincoln Gardens. SEPT. 17-Homecoming, St. Luke A. l\1. E. Church. / SEPT. 17-Faith Temple M. B. Usher Board No. 2 hosts Annual Tea. SEPT. 11-17-True Vine M. B. Church Anniversary Observance, I SEPT. 17--:-LaParis Social Club presents Cocktail Ragins Park, 7-10 P. M. SEPT. 18-Ways and Means Committee of' Mt. Tabor M. B. Church sponsors Fashion Tea, Sugar Shack, 8 P. M SEPT. 23-iLuau at Armettia Temple, spoq,sored by Wee Banker So cial Club, 8:30 P.M. SEPT. 23-St. John M. B. Church Fellowship Banquet, Potter Ele mentary School, 7 P.M. SEPT. 24-New Salem P. B. Church Youth Coronation, Curtis Hixon Auditorium, 7 P. M. SEPT. 24-Women's Day, First Baptist Church, Keystone : SEPT. Day, St. Matthew M. B Church, Sulphur Springs. SEPT. 24-Men's Day, St. James AME Church, PI"ogress Village. SEPT. 3CI-Spiritual Carnival and Songfest, St. John M. B Church, 12 noon. OCT. 5-Musical Concert, St John M. B. Church, 8 r. M. OCT. 7-"Mr. and Mrs. Social Clu.l:l" Coronation, Ft. Hesterly Ar. mory 10 P. M. OCT. 8-Wome11's Day, Allen Temple AME Church. OCT. 8-Fellowship Day, St. John M Tampa $peak To In Plant City ATTY. GEORGE EDGECOMB& Men's Day will be observed Sunday in Plant. City a { Allen Chapel A. M: E. Church The speaker will be Attorney George E. Edgecombe of Tampa, G. V. Stewart, Assistant Director of Education;Hillsborough County, will preside. Kelly B. Williams is the general chairman, and the Rev. R. W, Warmack is the pastor. Mt. Carmel BY (lJ10/tfj CliNAT!ON HOME DIRECTOR Treat familY: members to an easy supper that wiil bring of approvaJ. Baked potatoes are scooped out, then restuffed with atasty potato-cheese-pickle relish mjxture. The potato mixture is extra-light and fluffy because it is made with mi:lk. The finishing touch for Hot Potato Dogs is the wiener that crowns the stuffed potato. Serve this family appJ.oved. entree soon. HOT POTATO DOGS (Makes 6 servings) 3 large baking potatoes % cup finely chopped onion % cup Carnation Y2 cup shredded Ch8ddar Evaporated Milk cheese 2 tablespoons soft butter 1,4 cup sweet pickle relish teaspoon salt 6 wieners :l,4 teaspoon dry mustard 4406 26th Street Rev. M. Jones, Pastor Mrs. M. Mitchell, Rept. Sunday BChool at 9 : 3 0 Wash and dry unpared potatoes (do not grease). Bake in with the : supt. ; Mrs : Geneva hot oven ( 425 F ) 45 to 60 minutes or until done. Remove Manning in c harge. from oven. Cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out insides, being ; Morning servic 3 beg an at :1Jl not to break skins. Mash potatoes. Add undiluted with the choir and ushers ser Carnation Evaporated Milk, butter, salt and mustard. Beat \dng. The sermon was delivered until light and fiutry. Add onion, cheese and rellsh. Mix by the Jlstor. well. Spoon mixture Into shells. Simmer wieners l5 min afternoon s Rev. utes. Make 8 diagonal slits fn each wiener. Place one GeT. !9-Missionary Day, -Ch,.ap_elAME Cllurch. -. OCT. 31-Tampa Urban League sponsoril Ebony Fasbio11 'Fair, iProct .or ... wiener cut aide up on : tj)p of each stulfed potato shell. ... to Bake 10 mhtutel Evening will follow. Dixon Auditorium, I P. M.


Members of Mt. Zion M. B. Church Choir ob served their 41st anniversary this week with a 3 o'clock 'anniversary service Sunday afternoon and a musical program on Monday night. The choir Includes, top photo from left on front row: Mrs. Le venia Henry, Mrs. Gwendolyn Hayes, Miss Patricia iackson and Mrs. Betty Tillman; and rear; Eddie R111le, president; Jack Coleman and Winston Jack-son, (faces hidden) Mrs. JuHa Baldwin, Mrs. Marie : Butler, Willie Robinson, ; Mrs. Hassie Carter, ami Mrs. Francis Walker. Pictured below are from left front: Mrs. Lula Johnson, Mrs. Helen Rivers and Mrs. Ophelia Hen drix; and rear: Mrs. Katie Reed, James Daniels, Mrs. Betty Snells, Mrs. Petronia Chaney, Asalene Waltower and Mrs. Julia NOTES FROMTAMPA CLUBS Members of the EXTRAORDINARIES SOCIAL CLUB are spon &orl ng an African Extravaganza Saturday night at the Ameri can Legion Home. The public is invited Mrs. Annie Rae Aikens and her daughter, Mrs. Maude Rae Waters of 3119 Ohio Avenue, Apt. 3, will l:>e hostess on Saturday evening at 6 o'clock to the NOVELETTES SOCIAL CLUB. The vice president, Mrs. Lena Wesley and the recording.,secretary; Mrs. Hen rietta Smith, will celebrate birthdays. Former members of the club have been invited. THE TROJANS SOCIAL CLUB is giving a party Satur4ay night at 8 :30 at the Ar,mettia Temple. There will be a door prize, and the public is invited. On Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, the H. E. 0. S9CIAL CLUB will meet at the residence of Mrs. Alice Love, 7919 Endive Avenue -_ at 4 p In the office of the American Legiori Home to hear reRl'itts on ticket foi; t4e banque_t scheduled for 8 P. M. at the Sweden House. .'. i. A meeting of, the SOCIAL CLUB Wed nesday at the home o( Mrs. Eilen' Robinson. Edria Nathan and Mrs.' devotions, and the hostess served a delicious .re_p"ast folewing the business meeting The next meet lng will be' :On September 23 at the hqme of Mrs. Katie Watson, 2110 S t reet. --PAID AD.VERTISEMENTS ; Dinner Sale Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Jones of 3201 E. Powhattan, announce the engag ; ement of their daughter, Church Of _Christ Cynthia Denise Anderson to G\ov 4 er David Cromartie. Phillippian Gos pel' Singers 'Will sell dinners s a ,turday "at t he home of Eddie Mae Jackson, 4222 }):. For delivery 2!i-0858. _. Dinner Sale Mrs Shedrick will sell Chit !terling dinners and potato Pies, Saturday, September 16. deliver. Call 677-5062. Sandwiches For Sale Mt. Zion AME Zion Church of Seffner will sell sandwiches, pronto pups, and sodas Satur beginning at 5. Dinner Sale r The Gospel Chorus will sell inners all day Saturday at New :Mt. Zion. -'' '-delil'1' ,-<,;,,_-,:;; _. ;A;t:.i 1312 Nassail...Street The br"ide-elt:ct ts a 1972 grad Bro. D. Atkison, -Pastor nate of King High S c hool and Is Mr. James Norton, :Rept. empl()yed at Eagle Stores, Inc. Sunday began ht the The wedding will be an event usual hour with Melvin Smith in of 5 P. M., October 14, at. New cnai:'g:e. The lesson wa s taugh(by ... Hope M B Church. Mr. Tillery of sarasota. I Moriiing service begaJY at 1'1 with all of.fieers at their posts. 11he scrLpture was read by the pastor, Barney A. Florence of Sarasota. The ,pubJi.c Is invited to at tend the Gospel meeting at the H e nderson St Chuvch of Christ. The services will begin each night at 7:30. Sept. lJl through the 2JZ1:1d. Evangelist iR. L. James of Pontiac, Mich. will be in charge of the preaching, North. Tampa Ushers Union No.1 Mrs. Josephine Eady, Pres.: Mrs. Lelit WUson, Reporter North Ta,mpa Ushers Union will 'have business meeting Mon day night at 8. Springhill M B. Church, Rev James Scantling is rpastor. AU bOards are asked to be present and on time. i I.' .:..I ;-; : ; ., Mrs. Warren Addresses Womea's .Day Audience at t Mt. Zion AME Church In Port Mri. Jewell Warren. Music was by the Baptist Church. 'I'EEN SEWING AT YBOJt CENTER The NSC Home Component announces the opening of a ne.w sewing cfa.S Of to meet each Monday from 7 p; M. at the Yb'or City Neighborhood Service Center, 16.25 seventh Avenue in Construction, p&ttei:n and techniques in using new fabrics for fall and winter ci()tpipJ Will be emphasized according to Angi" Sanfellz, Yl)or Home Technician, who will -teach the class. Classes are free. The extended time period for the sewing sessions is design e d to allow flexibility to students who are in schooi, and for the oon venience of pilrticipantl Persons are asked to call Mrs. Sanfellz, Ybor City NSC, 247-1121 "drop in'' any Monday at the Center, 1625 Seventb Avenue EBONY FASH-ION FAIR COMING TO TAMPA The Women's Gt,lild of the Tampa Urban League is sponsoring the Ebony Fashion Fair in Tampa at Curtis Hixon Auditorilum on October 3L Miss Gloricline McNair, Counselor at West Tampa Junior High School is Chairman LADIES AUXILIARY MEETS The Ladies Auxiliary of St. Paul AME Church met wilh Mrs. Ethel Davis. Mrs. Eva Pride and Mrs. Jessie c. Williams were cohostesses. They giacu ased tlie Luau to be held on Tuesday even ing .at the Schlitz Br<>wn Bottle and enjoyed remarks from Ben Griffin who was soliciting their support in forthcoming diurcb projects Attending were Mmes. Fannie Stone, Deanna McKinney, Rowena Brady, Dorothy Nelsol), Louise Daniels, Mildred Douglas, Ruby Ar rington, Inez Doby, Evans, Christine Thomas, Olivia Bagley. Theo .. Grimes, Shields, Cancerina Martin and Willie Baldwin. LABOR DAY F -UN The lovely l!_ome of 1\lrs. Mary Montgomery, 1906 Gray Street, was the scene of a Labor Day Cook-out for the Independent Sewing Circle The members are 1\'lrs. Lillian Morris, president; Mrs. Cora L e e Clark, Mrs. Zepora B. Williams, Mrs. Annabelle Walth our, Mrs. Louise Benjamin, Mrs. L!lcyUe Weaver, Mrs. Gussie Genndel, Mrs. Verdell Lafayette ; Mrs ; Mary Montgomery, Mrs. Margie Webb and Mrs. Ruth S.Jnith. Members on vacation, etc., are Mrs. Sarah Robinson. 1\lrs : Cora Marshall, Florence Reese, Mrs. Norma Tabor, Mrs Audrey Bush, Mn, Elizabeth James,, Mrs. Bertha Yates, Mrs. Gwendolyn Williams and Mrs. -Mary Lewis. Guests enjoying the nice affair were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Broad nax, Mrs. Allen Collie -r, Emanuel Williams, Alonzo Smitlr, Mrs. Alma George and family, '1\f.r. and Mrs. Shelby Weaver, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, Benjamin; W. H. Nimmons, Shelby Weaver, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Marshall, Mrs. Theola Houston Mrs. 1\lary Robinson, Mrt. Irene Hooper, B. F. Lafayette and fam ily, Mrs. Ethel Lee Garvin, Mrs. Barbara Hart, T. R. Moore, Artie and Carl Webb Jr.,. .Robin andt Lenard Ubanks. COCKTAIL ELEGANTE Members of La Paris Social Club met at the home of the busi ness manager Mrs. Cam.tna Hill, to complete plans for their Cock tail Elegante to be given Sunday evening from 7 until 10 P M. at Ragin Park, Lake Avenue at 12t h Street.. The Ways and Means CC!)iatlnuelf on paae B) ....... -.:. -: ; !: I ''.


PACE EIGHT f11. Senlttnei-Buftetm PUblls1iec1 eYery Tues. iuu! Fd. Cet Both Editloni S.turc1a,., Septeml,er 16, 1972 MIRRORS OF ,SOCIETY B7 BEVERLY (C.tiaaed. From Pace 'B Committee, Mrs. Dentlly Miller, Mn. Llla Pllilo aad Mrs, Mar garet Silas, along with the other members of the club, are working hard to make this an enjoyable e v ening. OUK SICK Mrs. Myrtle Brown, wife of Claadie Brflnl, lOOl Nassau Street, is convalescing at home following eye surgery. She is a member of St. Paul AME Church. A speedy recovery is wished for Dllalel B. Williams of Union Street, whO is a pat ient in Room 240 of St Elizabeth s Hospi t al. He will have surgery. Recuperating n i oely at home is Mrs. .Jeseplaiae Farragut of 2610 31st Avenue. She has reeently been discharged from a local hospital. BRIDAL SHOWER Mrs. Ireae Rataclt, 408 S Avenue, hosted a shower for b ri de-elect Gwelldolyn Melvin who will be married on Sunday to Jerry Howard. Mrs. Ratach aad Hiss Melvin are COWQrkers at General Telephone Compan y IN SYMPAmY J Friends are in sympathy with the family 9f the late Mrs. Arabella Jeh-., 838 N Texas Avenue, Lakeland, who died Saturday a fte r a long tlfuess. She was the mother of Mrs. LoreDe Braatota, and the grandnwther of Mrs. Bamara Reap, Mrs. Lora Bralltea and Mrs. Mildred Evus. Final rites will be Sunday at 2 :30 P. M. at the Church of Our Lord on S. Dakota Avethen who will ._ppear oo. the program are St. .klhn Choirs One, TWo and Three, Miss Flra Ferg-, Ler.y Bell, MrS. Francis Wi!lllun, Betty Sandler: Mrs. Betty Bryut, Dave Fleming, the Voice of Hope Choir, and Mrs. Salltlra Barr. MRS. MORGAN -IS AUXILIARY OFFICER The publicity director of American Legion Auxiliary 167 regrets the error in tbe announc e ment of new officers. Mrs. Beatrice Morgan is the new vice president, and nat Mn. Ciltlleriue Mcl>wffy. The next is 4 P. M. Sunday at the P()st Home, 2504 29th Street, ami the agenda includes the discussion of new project for fall including a hat give-away that will take place fiOOtl New members are asked to be present, and olrl members are urged .t.Q rejoin and help w i th the planning ening at 6 at the home of Mrs. Hattie Willi ams, '141'3 Annw o e d Ct. The son b y one of the mm'bers. Subject, "WaJlking .. Wifh God," veTse. The last meeting w as held at tbe home of M'l'S. Pearl Roya-l, 133fi:A. St. Progressive Ct.oir Union. :M.a. Meeel&a lacU., Pres. Mn. L. Owats, ile]*rter The Progressive Choir Union will meet Sunday at 3 at New Progre8s M B. Chur-ch ()f which Rev, E. J. Williams is pasto r The is invibed,. coming observance. The Board of Trustees w-ill meet ld:onda. J AU. are to ait'bend, ViSitors are always we1New MMe.alia MB SM E. DeLetlil Ave. Kev. a.w..-, Past. Mn. L. Owell!l, Reponer Last Sunday services were very inspiring begimUng with S.S 'The morning message was delivefi d by the pastor. The members are grateful to all who took part in maki ng our anniversary a suc cess. At S, Rev. Mott of Mt. Zion M. B. Church, Plant Cit y, closed out tbe anniversary. The pastor is away running a wrek' s revival. Rev. Everett, assoc iate pastor of New Bethel will deliver the mes sage Sunday. S. S. will begin at 9 :45, morning worship &t 11 -and evening service at 6. Remember the sick and shut-ins The p],!blic is invited to our service. nie No. 1 choir will servtt, aU day. Mrs. Host Brown To CoancH The Reatha W i lliams will meet Saturday night at the home of Mrs. Artie Brown. All members are asked to be present and on time. A report will be given by Mrs. Roberts on the trip to Silver Springs. Soutlterw T oae Siaters -The Southern Tone Gospel Sin g ers will render a program Sat ur day night at 8 at 1he Bridge, 7001 5th Ave. North, st Petersburg. MEN'S Aatiedl Ba,tist GlrG 2I88Z lstia Ave ; Rev .U...O lleadl,. pastor Stmday school will began at 9:45 with the supt in ch r age All teach ers are asked to be at their pos ts Women s Day wili be' observed all day Sunday. Mrs. Thelma LaJJJar will be in charge of devctiou. The No. 1 ushers will serve Mrs. Kinsey will read the scripture. Mrs. Audrey Lofton will be the guest speaker fur the day. Evening service will begin at the usual qour with the same order of service. The public .i s invited. laaapa Distrid by .. The Tampa D istrict Laymen meeting will be held Sunday from which Rev. A. W. Lybrand is pastor. Mrs. Susie Padgett is host president Mrs. Benny Favors, who is the !Oist. Pres. is aski ng al lpresidents, officers and nrembers to be pres: ent and ontime Mrs. Reatha Williams, rept. Choir Union No. 2 Deacon Virgil Jkooob, Pres. Mrs. Gennie Austin, Kept. Cho i r Union No. 2 business meeting be held Sunday 4 P. M. at Mt. Zion AilE Cbureh, Rev. Y. B. Bruce, .putor. The presiden t is asking aU officrs to be present and on time. Seatiael Aaertisers S.y Freni RorWa Wislling You A Happy BirtiiJay By MISS IWSI!: Sunday is September 17, and that means something to FeEs Bernard Holder. He will be cele brating' his 17th birthday at home ol his sister, Martha Blon ton, 1848 24th Avenue. Belated greetings go to Cal vln Sirmons a seventh grade, student at Blake Jr. High, who was 12 on September 13; and Herman Lewia Walker who observed in natal day on the 14th. FALL OPEl II& CREWS()X 4 $1'' PAIRS 'DENIM JEANS 2 $550 'tJ:S PAtR PAMPERS 10 Dispoa'ble 'ltiapen -815 FRANKLIN ST.


laturday, Sep temLer 18, 1972 Fla. S.Dtlne1-Bulletln PuLiished every T-.. and P'rf. Get Both Editiou PAGE NIN8 "MEATS ARE MORE APPEliZ!NG, YOU EHJOY EATING IT, AND THE PRICES ARE VERY LOW." MARGARET ELLEN GARDNER 2916 22nd Street Tampa, Florida I THE ROME OF FAMOUS BRANDS I THESE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY. Tampa 1725 H. Dale Mabry Tampa 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa ... 2301 norida Ave Tampa .. 50th St. II lOth Ave. Tampa 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa Hillsboro II 15th St. Tampa 8th Ave. II 22nd St. Tampa ..... 4101 norida Ave. Tampa Hebraska It: Waters Tampa .. West Shore at Kennedy Tampa 1112' So. Dale Mabry Tampa .. 4487 Gandy Plaza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. Cor. norida It Walen Dade City : 506 E. Pasco Plant City 507 So. Wheeler St. Palmello ............ SIS 7th St. Riverview . Hwy. 301 ';.11 Brandon .... 911 Brandon MaD Bradenton Cortez Road W. ol Hwy 41 lnvemess .. 803. W. Main St. Zephyrhills Hwy. 301 8r First St. Lakeland ...... 925 Barlow Rd. Ocala 2957 N.W. Pine Ave. St Petersburg 6095 9th Ave. If. Sarasota 3840 So. Tuttle Ave. II Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpeln Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. N. Venice .... 480 Venice By-Pass .. Hwy. 19 8t: Mmerlon Rd. SHOP ANY DAY-SAVE EVERY DAY ----............... ________ TEA SOLOIST No. l Ushers of Greater Bethel Baptist Church tea Sunday aftern .oon and one of the program participants was Mrs. EquiUa Lawton, who sang a solo. leto Senior High School By A. Filer, P. Robinson and. mtimos .Wright King and Queen In TlJe Spotlight !Handsome sweet, neat, chamIng, attractive, like wow manas you know these are just .a few adjectives that describe none other than Ultimos "Sugar Daddy" from the house of Wrig'ht. His hobbies are coming to class five days a week. Queen is none other than the sweetest, f.liest, jivest, soulful, !Linda from the house of Hires. Her hobbies are using what sjle .got to get just what she want. Her Beau is none other than the king, (not so fast who ever you are). Mter graduation the kin g and queen plan to on up to the Rattlers den, w1th the rest of the brothers and Con gratulations king and queen for being chosen in the Chatter Bo.x Mitchell Felder what's happening with the eyes lately they are rather reddish looking, gloss'Y too, when you enter in and out of your classes. Win ston London-heard you got that letter' from Bethune with quite a few question marks, what is it WIMP Special Hello's 1Frank Bradley, Anita Jordan, /Earlene Richardson, Lawrence Hires, Sobby Cason, Alphon s() Wright, Donald Chaney and J a ckie Hayes. Top Jams of The Week Holy, HoLy; Dedicated to the one I Love; Think A bout It; Good iF'oot. !Like wow man hang in, pick up on that baotlfilJ[>-. :News:. Football: ChamberlaiA vs Brandon, Chamberlain Stad ium. Time: 7 : 30-until. Admission $1.00 Student, $1.7 5 adults. Tic kets will be sold at the gate. All students are asked to support their school and team. Clubs: ZF:r. ciub Tues. 5:30-7:00; YMOS 7 :30 meeting it Kid Mason I'llettes club meet ing will be held Tuesday night at 7:30 at Kid Mas{)n. All old members and inductees are ed to attend. Think for .the we. ekend Think. Hillsbc,rough High School By Olivia Anderson and Earlene Bicharclson Hi. This is Olivia Anderson and Earlene Richardson to give ypu the Terriers' soul info. Senior in the Spotlight Our senior in the spotlight is the one imd only Mike U Brown He. is the son of Mrs P. Brown. Mike resides at 3515-20th Street. His favorite chick is Phyllis Epps. Around the den you can find Mike with his friends (everl' body), His favorite food is spa ghetti and the famous hambur gers from the kitchen of Hills borough High. His hobbies are shooting pool anP, running track Congratulations to Mike for be ing our man in the spotlight. Hillsborough High's Terriers will take on the Leto Fal cons Friday (tonight) at Hills borough High, 8 :00 p.m. Come on out and watch the big red do it1 thing Top Tunes 1. Coldest Days of My Life, Part I and II 2 Dedicated to the One I Love 3. Daddy s Home 4. Super Fly 5 Good Foot Thought For 'l'oday It's not what you've got, It's what you've got the power to get Later People




Saturday., $eptember 16, l972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin every Tues. and FrL Get Both Eclitlou PAGE ELF;VU: Bryan Patrols Safety Inducted S 'inai AME Zion Union freign News M Mo ah PB Pleasant-Chapel AME eb k -L r t 2909 N ras a Avenue By Rev. S. D. Hicks Rev, A. W. Lybrand, pastor .Mt. Rev. P. Ramsey, Pastor The Union Foreign Baptist Rev. A. L. Brown, .Pastor S. S began at its usual hour : r Mr AI'c D Si' "'""DS Rept Miss Sherrie Williams, Rept. h The Safety Patrols of the W. s. 1 e r-..... association wHI be held next month Wit officers and teachers pres Bryan Learning Center, 2934 E. The Sunday services for the at the St. John Baptist Church, Swnda-}F school will begin Bt The lesson was reviewed by Hillsborough Avenue were insta-llpast week b ,egan with Sunday Dade City leading up to the 9:30 with the s -upt., Dea. R. B. the pastor, Rev. A. W. Lybrand. ed by I>_eputy _and Crossschool at the usual hour. fourth Sunday. Rev. F. CUbby is Allen in cha11ge, The lesson will Sunday was Men's Day at. ing Guard Mrs .. Kilpatrick of the The morning service -was con Moderator and Rev. J. E. Harmon be by the pastor. Pleasant Chapel with Mr. otis Hillsborough County !jllerif('s De ducted Qy the pastor with the will be the host pastor. Morning service will begin at Padgett as chairman presiding partment. buring this most im Celestial Choir, ushers, and of. Church's 34th Anniversary Ill with the deaeons in charge and Mr. Eugene Padgett as copressive Patioceremony the Pa-lficers assisting. '11he sermon was of devotion. Ohoir iNo. 2 and ush chairman. Morning service began trols presented '"The A, B, C's of delivered by the Elder E. J, St. John Baptist Church, Bartow ers will serve 'and the sermon 'at 11:15 ,with the City Wids the Patrofi" Parkinson. will be celebrating their thirty will be delivered by the p .astor. Male Chorus serving. A dynamia _. ..-Mrs Catherine Young, of fourth anniversary Sept. 14-17th. Evening serviee -wiU begin at speech delivered by Mr. that s what we stand Ga. worshipped with Rev. S. N. Lumpkin, pastor. Din 5:30 with the same order of Michael odriqu. ez. He was intro for ... ....,.. us ner will be served Sunday at 2 service. tA. very good sermon will duced by r. Summer J. Wilson. of service to others \ .Men's Day program will be in the church annex: At 3 p.m. be delivered -by the pastor. Remarks werll given by the pas--'Ye}1elp people Oetober 29. the annivetsary will close, Choir No. 1 will have a musdal tor Rev. A. VI; Lybrand. F-Falr 10 every way to VtOE meeting Sooday at 6 Church Dedicated program iMonday night at 8. Evening service began at 6:31() E 'th 'd Serviees for Sunday will beSt. Mark Baptist Church, Plant The public is invited p.m. with St. James A.M.E. ac IS worn WI prl e gin at the usual 'bout with the City, Rev. E D Smith, pastor ; All choir members are asked Church of -Progress Viillage, Rev. T-True to our school, home pastor, White Robe Choir, ushers, has just dedicated their new to meet with the pastor on Tues H. Douglas pastor in charge of and offieers in charge' church building with Rev. s. D. day night at 8 a special the services. Both choirs .of St. arid community Y-You! We want to keep you Members are a s ked please to Hicks preaching the dedicatory meeting. Plans will be made for James were to render safe. remember your church obligasermon. the church Orade for the '73 spiritual songs wh1'ch was great tions. Attending the National Convention year. ly enjoyed. The sermon was de ; P-'Patf'o!S are neat and c\ean on .djltY All are asked to remember Tuesday_ niglieat 7:li5 prayer livered -by Cc;>lding and .ha the sick and shut-ins. Among the Union Foreign mem meeting will be beld.--All youth w.as by Rev. H. DougVisitors are always wek:ome. bers seen at the national Baptist of the church are asked to be las. Remarks were. given by Mr. Convention of America--;of which presen' t and. on Wednes James Johnson; CG-chaiimar{ and A-Always, yes always treat others as we want to be treated! T-Traffic safety We don't want any tra(fic fatalities. R----Remind : you of safe walk ing rules -Echlie Mae Slates \ Jackson Program L-Look, act and be alert Mrs. !Eddie !Mae Jackson will s-poosor a mll$i-cal on Saturday niglit at iMt !Moriah IP. B. ChW'Ch of which 'Rev. A. L. Brown is pa:stor : The program will begin at 8. The program will be in behalf of IMt. MQriah Choir Deputv Oates administered the P;;ttrol Pledge and Mrs Kilpalrick issued each a membership card. New Patrols are: Mike Fer nandez, Brian Curry, Rheugene Branton, Steve Nicholas, Allen Hunt, Kenneth Medley, Pam Hayes, Edward Johnson, Costella Moultrie, Cynthia Jr4oore, Becky Maddox ; Stacy Hanson, Aitgelo Lazzara; Aaron Adison, Charles Pendergrass, Anthony Halt, Rene Leal, Mary Ann BaranSky, Jimmie Norwood, Cassandra W a ts. o n Niurka Hernandez and John No votny. R. H. Brown, J>rogr!lm Chair man, Mr. A. Wimberly, Pa trol Sponsor, and Mr. Van Wal-lace Jr., Principal. No.4. '. The following will a .ppear on program: The Youth Adult Choir of Tarpon Springs, Angels Gospel Siflgers iNew Salem Choir No...A; Mt. Pleasant iOhoir No. 3, Philippian GoSpel Singers, Mt. iMoriahChoirs No. 2 and 3, IMt. Zion Youth AdultChoir of :Port Tampa, and many others. The public is invited. Community Prayer Band Mrs. Mary, Thompson, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White, Rept. The Community Prayer Band will Il\eet Tuesday n_ighj; at 8 at the home of Mrs. Susie Smith, 2105 28th A y enue, Apt .. 249. Williams is the director. ZAI.ES HAS THE El.GtN YOU WANT, AT OUR OWN LOW PRKESI Elgin, 2 diamonds } 17 jewels YOUR CHOICE Elgin, aut9matic, 17 jewels $2 9 88 Five convenient ways to baar1 %ales Revolving Charge Z.tln Custom C hrge B.mkAmtfi c.Jrd MutffCharge Layaway DOW-NTOWN 604 FRANKLIN ST. WESTSHORE BRITTON PLAZA Dr. J. C. Sa1ps, president ; were: day nigh tr at 8 !Bible Class meet Rev. A. W. Lybrand, pastor: Rev. and Mrs F. Cubby, Rev mg. IFrida,y night usher board We are grateful to all visitors !Uld J. E. HarmOn, Rev and meeting will be held at 8. All and program wh<> Mrs. 0. S Rev, and of the A. L. iBrown 'helped :to make the Men's Day Mrs. J R. Lee, Rev. and Mrs. E. Chorus are asked to meet' at a financial and spiritual success. D. 'smith, Rev. and Mrs. Eadie the chut.ch on Saturday at -3. Newkirk, Rev. L. S. McCree, Rev. All youth attivities will follow. Bethel Community' w. L. Webb, Rev. C..oluinbus Brid We extend our &ympathy to Baptist' Church ges, H. Gardner, Rev. !Mrs. P. lB. Shedri.ck and Family James Jackson, Rev. E. Bentley, in the passing of their aunt. 506 l6th Street South Mrs. Creola Sheppard, Mrs. JoseAll are asked to ,remember the St. Peier-sburg, Florida h D M N ll M sick and shut,ins. AU m :others of p me upree, rs, e 1e ae Rev. Enoeli D. Davis, Minister W 'lli M El' b th Whit the C'hW'Ch are asked tQ bring 1 _ams, rs. IZa e e The anM u al Evangel1' st1' c Cam h d M El. b th F It M their children to the church oo u ea rs. IZa e e on, rs. pal gn at Be -thel 'Bap C L M H tt F d Saturday from 3 to 4:30. The '-"' arrJe ong, rs. a le or ages. are fl;om z to 7. tist Church is now in progress Mrs. Beulah Savage, Mrs. Ceola and will continue through S.un Hamilton, Mrs. Ardersee Browri, day, Setptember 24. The Re Mrs. 'Bennie Pompy, Mrs Mary Bethel Baptist ligious 'Emphasis prea. ching will Lawrence, Mrs. Lizzie Shaw .and !begin preaching lin Tuesday Mrs. S. D. Hick. 808 Short Emory street night, September .19 and will con. Di'. Sams delivered his annual Rev. L. Overstreet, Pastor tinue through the 04. iDuring Mrs. Lillie M. McDonald, Rept, the week of preaching,_ emphasis address Thursday morning in will be on the following: tEvange. city .auditori,_um and was re-elected S. S. will begin at 9 :30 A.M. n1 s : m, IDectiJcation h The Supt. will preside. The les 11 vv w1t out opposer and h son will be taught by the teach ...., ,. New S u.,.., Lake Wales Preachi' ng : ;n .. :8 series of !*Jr ers assigned to the various class.... wu Rev. S. D Hicks and members vices will bE! the I Reverend iDr. of New Sltiloh will be in charge of esMorning worship will begin at Joseph 0 Valley the serV-j-ces at St. Johit, Bartow, 10:45 Devotion will be conduct Pennsylvama. Dr. :Bass 1s a } p.m Rev. S. ?-{. ed by Mr. Julian Reyoolds and great lover of peQple, dedicated Lumpkin, pastor. Mr. James Sweeting. Music will to every phase of Christian,en On fu.e 18th of Septemper, Rev. be rendered by theSanctuary deavor and a great .preacher. S. D. Hick&wm begin a orie wee!t Choir Usher board No. 1 will. You afford to miss any ot ser Th 'll -be d hr' s sermons. preaching in a revival service ve. e sermon WI e livered by the pastor. :Preaching &ervice wiU begi11 at Gr. Mt. Olive Bapitist <::burch, E sh' .11 be..t t each nl'ght at ei.rht b h vemng wor tp WI .,.n a ... Lees urg, Re"'. L. E. MeG ee, 15:15. The same deacons, choir and \Music lor these services will pastor. ushers will serve. 'i'be sermon be furnished by choirs of the On October 2nd, Rev Hicks will will be delivered by the pasfor. church. begin a one week's preaching in The Choir, pastor, a revival service at St. Mark, ushers and entire congregation Plant City, Rev. E D. Smith will render service at the United pastor The revival will last five Methodist Church of which the Bethune High Rise Prayer Band nights Reverend Rivers is pastor Mrs. Barbara Green, Pres. True Love Baptist Rev. W. T. Carpenter, Paator Olurch school will begin at 9:3_9 with the 11upt. in charge. All teachers are asked to be present and at their post. The lesson will be by the pastor Morn ing wofship at .11. The sermon by the guest speaker T h e pas tor will begin his vacation Sun day. BTU at 5 and evening worsh i p at 6 :30. The same speaker de livered the message. The pastor's is now in session Thursday night Rev Stephens and his congreitation were in charge. Friday night, Rev Ben Johnson and congregation will be in Chllfge and Sunday at 3, Rev. Link and congregation will worship with us. Please remember to pray for all the stick and shut-ins. Visitors are welcome. LOOK WHO IS COMING TO YOUR CITY!!! Saturday, Sept. -16 FATHER W. FORD For Games and Chances HE IS THE ONE For Love and Business BE IS THE ONE 2312 5th Avenue Tampa, Fla _. The Sanctuary Choir and a choir from Beulah iSaptist Chur c h win render a joint Hymn singing at 8 Sunday night. Be present and hear this very fine group ot singe rs, pian ists organ lsts and directors perform. If possible please call :vour an nouncements in to the clerk be fore Sunday if it is pos sibl e to do so T e lephone No. 257-2381. To all of our service the pub tic is extendt>d a warm welcome to wor ship with us Eastside Prayer Band Deacon A rch ie Mond, pres. Mrs. Ali c e Lane, rept. The Eastside Prayer Band will :meet -Sunday morning a<; 5 at the home of Mrs. August!\ Sim mons, 1203 Estelle, St. All visi tors are welcome at all times. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. Mrs. Mildred MiUer, Reporter The Bethune High Rise Prayer Band Cir cle met Monday evening at 7 at the apartment of Mrs. Ola Frazier, No. 514. The message was taken from Phil. 2 : 1-5 verse by Elder H Brown. The next meeting will be Monday evening at 7 at the apartment of the president, Mrs Barbara Green, No. 212. Visitors are always wei come Let us remember the sick snd shut-ins. Morning Star Pulpit Aid Mrs. MadJene Watson, Pres.; The Pulpit Aid Board of Great er Morning Star Baptis t C hurch will meet Monday night at 7 c t the church. All members are asked to please be present and on time. New members are wel come. Rev R A Crenshaw is pastor WORRIED? SEE READER AND ADVISOR ON ALL MATTERS OF LIFE DO YOU NEED HELP? UNHAPPY? DISCONTENTED? DOUB_TFUL? MARRIAGE PROBLEMS ] HOME PROBLEl\IS? HEALTH PROBLEMS? LOVE PROBLEMS? 6503 H. Fla. Ave. Ph. 238.6068 Tampa 9 A. M 9 P. M.


tAGE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published eYel')' ,-ues. and Fri ... Get Bo.th Editlona 5aturclay, 18, l97a ,.1 OF PAS 1 PRESIDENTIAL CAM .PAIGNS! The Campaign of The Campaign of Tha Campaign of The Campaign of The Campaign of Tho Campeign ol The COf11P,8ign of 1928 1928 1900 1908 1904 1904 1908 TIM> Campaign of Tho Campaign of Tho Campaign of The Campaign of The Campaign of The Campaign of The Campa i gn ol The Campaign ol The Campaign of 1912 1932 1900 1916 1940 1920 1936 1924 1944 Campaign buttons were first used in 1896. .These buttons are reproductions of those used in presidential campaigns. There are 38 historic buttons in all. Visit your dealer regularly and collect the whole set. That's right There will be a fifty-gallon winner every other week at every deater between September 4 a nd October 30. 90ulc:l be a wihnerl atMv station at AMERICAN OIL DEALERS CONTEST RULES HATS *TO* THE *PAST time you drive .into a participating American Oil Dealer you'll get a free button, plus a chance to be one of the winners of fifty gallops of free gasoline. Fill out an entry or take this coupon to any participating dealer. 1. Enter as often ae you like. Entry blanks available at participatlnt dealers. Entries limited to one per station visit. Registration ende Qctober 30, 1972. 2. prizes will be presented in the form of 5-gallon couponte Winners may select grade available at redeeming station. Value base4 'on pump price at time of redemption. Prizes will be drawn on Septem4 Register now for FREE gasoline awards. See rules at participating stations for drawing dates and prize structure for your area. SWEEPSTAKES ENTRY NAME ADDRESS CITY PHONI STATE ZIP CODE PLEASE FILL OUT AND DEPOSIT IN CONVENIENT I ."You expect more from American and you it.TM" ber 4. September 18, QC!9ber 2 ilnd October 30. 3 Contest open to all licensed drivers except American Oil Compan\11 employees and their IRS dependents, its egents, jobbers, dealeriJ" affil iates end their employees and IRS dependents. All federal, and local laws and regulations apply. 4. No purchase necessary. All prizes will be awarded. Prizes are non3 transferable and non-redeemable for cash. No substitutes will be mad for gasoline. income texas on all prizes are the sole respon sibility of the winners. 5. List of w inner s will be i)rovided upon written request io Americart Oil Company, Box 7145, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304. 6. There are approximately8,789.443 personi in the contest area ere eligible to enter this conteet. 7. Each winner will be asked, but not required, to grant permit& ion the use of his or her name for announcement purposes. $. Each .Participeting dealer will award 4 fifty.gallon prizes contest period. Drawings will be held 1\.. IOQb participotint. ll 0 American Oil Company uon from tn\rit 1\ ""' lllliiHia r -.. ,.


' PACE THIRTEEN Saturday, September 16, 1972 .,..,_,.,__ Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published eTery Tues. and Frf. Cet Both Edition -First Baptist Ch:arch Progress Village Rev. B. T. Williams, pastor Services beian at First Baptist w i th Sunday School, with our supt. Dea. Beck in charge. Morning Service began at 11 o 'cl ock with the JuoX>r Deacons, The Junior Choir, The Youth Usher Board a na the No. 3 Choir serving and ren dering the song service br both services. Mrs. Washington delivered a very inspiriational message both evening and morn ing services in the absence of our Pl!-&tm;. B T.U. began at 5 o clock witb the directors in charge. We are inviting the public to talre a part in our women day service Sun day, September 17 at the church, Mrs. Lois Bowers, Chairman, Mrs. AUamese H. Simmons, Co-Chair man, Mrs. l{enritta Saunders, Program Chairman. l"rayer Meeting Wednesday night and the ypung people Granr.y Tea Sept. 24. Sarah Lawrence Choir Union Mr. Charlie Ball Pres. FIRST UPWARD BOUND MOBILITY GRAD CHATS WITH HEW SECRETARY Mr s. Cherry Craddock, Rept. sarah Lawrence Choir Union will convene Sunday -at First ion M a Church, Rev. Joseph Thompson is pastor. The churcb WASHINGTON -Frankye Daughtos (left) chats with Health Education, and Welfare Secretary Elliot L. Richardson about the HEW U pward Mobilit y College of which Miss Daughton is the first graduate. The Upward Mobility College is a part of HEW's Upward Mobility Program. The Upward Mobility Program was launched in J971 with the full support of Secretary Richardson to help HEW's low-level employees advance to skilled jobs. The co!Iege currently HISTORY OF FRATERNITY TOLD Marion Cabrera gives the history of the local chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity at the annual awards banquet. Seated left 11 Herbert Carrington. The Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Gordon are seen at left. Faith Temple Rev. Floyd Johnson Acting Pastor Last Sunday, the Rev. E. L. Williams of Sarasota, was guest minister beginning with Sunday School. The lesson was review\'d by Rev. Williams. During the morning worship, he chose his sermon from Hebrews : Theme, '''fhe Shortest Way to Hell." During the evening worship his sermon came from the book of Theme, "It is Good to Trust Jn God." All services were spirit filled. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, he STOP organization P,resented n oratorical contest and ships were given to two young ladies. Mrs. Jean Cusseaux is or ganizer of this group. Sunday will mark the annur.l tea of Usher BGard No. 2, Dea. Homer Gantt, pre sident. This promises to be outstanding and the program will begin at a o clock. On the Fourth Sunday, the Missionary Society will stage a con test and tea. The Annual Baby Contest will be staged in October. Whose baby will win in this ef fort? On Sunday beginning with Sun day School, the Rev. Louis Carr will be guest minister. You must r.ot miss hearing this great gos pel preacher; You are always welcome to FAITH TEMPLE. BIG DOWNTOWN TAJ\'IP A STORE has an enrollment of more than 2,000 emplo y ees Miss Daughton Is presently employed as a program analyst at the Food and Drug Administration Now that she has earned her degree in psychology she Is being considered for training as an equal employment opportun ity counselor at the Food and Drug Admittl .s tration. ] s located on Chelsea, and the service will begin at 3. The pub lic is invited. The Exe c utive Board will meet et 2 :3Q at the church. All officers are asked to be present. Import ant business will be discussed. PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS AT RECENT ART CLUB SHOW Deborah Baker Is pictured as she recites Black P,.oetry during the Exotic Art Club a few days ago. The program was held at the Park Vlllaft Auditorium. BRUNCH PROVIDES HOLIDAY ENJOYMENT A brunch on Labor Day provided holiday en Joymeat for, from left to ri1Itt Mrs. Jewell Arebie1 Mist Miriam Alldersoa, Mr1. Ozepher Barrls, Mr1. Fannie B. Stoue and Mrs. Anthelllil Brown. The ene Js the bome of Mrs. A. A. a.. .....


PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every \ Tues. and ,Frl Get Both Edition -September 16, 1972 New Mt. Zion2511 E. Colambll8 Dr. New Salem MB 405 N. Oregon Rev. H. Storr, Pastor Mobile X ray Unit Schedule YOUR HOROSCOPE Rev. B. J. Jones, Pastor Services at Mt. Zlon rwill be gin Sunday morning at 9:00 with Sunday schoo( with the supt ... [)ea. Virgil Brooks, in charge. All other O.fficers and teachers are eXJPected at th.eir posts. Mrs M. H. Colemaa, Rept. Tuesday, Sept .19-INeigbborhood CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) Romance provides a gay back ground to the week's social activJ ties. You get on well with every one and ideas come readily. Lucky number 16, color white. Sooda\f sdlool began at the S-ervice Center Ybor City 1625 usual hour with the supt. pre-' IE. 7th Ave.-110 a.m.-41. p .m., ; siding. Mrs. B ritt reviewed the 2 p.m.-5 p m. lesson. Wednesday, Sept. 20-JModel !Morning service will begin at 1111 with Deas. Jones and B-rooks in charge of devotional service. Gospel Chorus will render music and the Purple Lily ush er board will serve. The sermon will be delivered by Rev. Mims. Morning service began at 1J1 Cities Servic e Center Ml!O" N. with Dea-cons A. Wimberly and '22nd Street-2 p.m ..S p.m., J. Ybung, Jr. in charge de-6 p.m.-9 p.m. votioo The No. 2 choir, Young Friday, Sept. 0!12-!Penny Saver .Adult chOir and ushers No. 2 llvfarket lith and served. Rev. E. :Edwards, asp.m.-4 p.m., 5 p.m.-7 p m. sociate pastor of New 1Bethel .4 '.l1hese screen. ing for IM. B. Oburch was in char. ge of persons over 18 are des1gned for pulpit due to the absence the detection of. possi ble active of our pastor. who was attending TB cases, certam lun g tumors the National Convention in Housand heart defects. Contributions ton, Texas. Rev. Grorge B-arnto Christmas Seals support this AQUARIUS tJan. 21-Feb. 19)An early week setback is overcome and later there are signs of happiness and romance. Satis fying achievements in a personal sphere. Lucky number 7, color grey. !At 5 BW wiU begin with the president, Milton Biggham, in charge. The president invites all parents, young people, and friends to come out to this service. hill was our pulpit guest. community health program. !PISCEs ( Feb. 20-March 20) -Widen your horizon; get out when ever you can. A little gOOd for tune financially. Seek a second opinion in one matter. Lucky num ber 5, color blue. 1Evening service will follow BT U at 6 with the same deacons in charge of devotional service. The sam\e choir and ushen board will serve and Rev. IMims will again deliver the message. Remember to visit and pra-y for the sick and shut-ins. Bring a sick out to chlll'Ch sometimes. You are extended an invitation t(l worship with tis during any of our services. Our pastor al, ways says "this is the church where evebbody is BTU was held at the usual hour with Mrs. M. Wilson -and r Mrs. R. Bethea in charge. Evening service "bgan at the usual hour wifu the same order oi servcie. The sermon was again rlelivered by Rev. Edtist Church o! Vience Ushers Union No, 3 will pre-sent tAt 3:30 the \Mission of Shepa on .sunday at 'herd Boys will meet. 3 at New Mt. Z10n Baptist Church. 1At 5 the Training Union Hour, Rev. B. J. Jones is pastor. There will be in s-ession. will be 12 choirs on program; Mt. IAt 6:00 evening service will Zion Gospel Chorus, of which begin with the same order of Deacon James Marion is pre;;i: ser"'ce. dent, will be the special guest of iMonday night the general misMt. Zion Ushers No. 1. Mrs. Doris sion will have business meeting .Tacobs Will give the welcome adat 7. All other activities remain dress. The public is invited. A the same. All are asked to re very good program has been member the sick and shut-ins. planned for your enjoyment. Earn 'MoneyAfter School! See It Here First I ambitiously. Friendly ties are strengthened by weekend arrange ments. Lucky number 2, color black. GEMINI (May 22-June 21).::,.. There's an air of urgency over one arrangement, so don't leave things to chance. A good oppOrtunity to ,make friends in mid-week. Avoid putting off a personal decision. Lucky number 19, color beige. CANCER (June 22-July 2ll) -A bright cheery week in whicll you overcome rillnor obstacles without difficulty. Excellent prog ress at work. Satisfying money trends. Lucky number 25, CO}()r gold. LEO (July 24-Aug. 23 -You are able to ma)te quick decisions and get bright new schemes under way. Be tactful and keep away from troublesome people. Lucky number 15, col .or orange. VIRGO ,Aug. 24-Sept. 23)-Lis ten to advice. Work is important, but leave time to relax. Not the week to take chances with money. Lucky number 11, color red. LIBRA (Sept. 24-0ct. 23 Ex periment, but don't take risks. A good time to begin a new ventu re or expand an old one. Lucky num ber 1, color green SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You can make a really good im pression when you try. Work prog tess is satisfactory, but make an extra effort to complete one task. Lucky number 4, color yellow : SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dev. 22} -Looking too far ahead won't do you much good; concentrate on the present. Pressing domestic tasks to be dealt with. Consider all advice. Lucky number 12, color pink. iB T U meeting will begin at fi. Evemng service will begin at with the same order of service. Sunrise Prayer Band Mrs. Sammie L. Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White; Rept. The Sunrise Prayer Band i under the direction of Elder L. Williams, will meet Sunday morningat & at the home of Mrs. Rosie Cross, 2105 28th Ave nue, Apt. 240. Visitors are weiHave You, r Son Or Daughter Earn !Prayer meeting will be held Thursday ni .ght at 8 All are ask ed to remem'ber the sick and shut-ins. Mirade Prayer Band Mrs. Sammie L, Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White, Rept. 1 The Miracle Prayer Band will lmeet Monday night at 8 at the home of Mrs. Bernestine Eng lish, 2814 29th A venue, Apt. 12. ri'he public is invited 'to attend. (MiJ!ister T. Calhoun is the di rrector. come. First Bapt. No. l Ushers Mr. Joseph Graham, Pres. Mrs. Trudie Mae Taylor, Kept. fFirst Batptist Ushers No. will have their regular meetin g 'Mon day night at the chureh at 7. !All members are asked to be present and on time. PSYCHEDELK SHACK Cor. North Oregon ud Fuller Slreel THE lEST BAR-B-QUE IN TOWJI SPECIALIZDIG Ill RmS CHICKEN STEAKS UD CUBAN SAIDWICHES ALSO BE.ER LIQUOR WINE His Or, Her Own Way By Selling The FLA. SENT.INEL BULLETIN Order Papers Every Tuesday And Friday From THREE LOCA liONS: MAIN OFFICE 2207 21st AVENUE CENTRAL AVENUE BRANCH 1511 Central Ave. WEST ,TAMPA,: BRANCH 2330 Main Street


Saturday, September 16, 1972 Fla SenHnel -Bull e tin Publbhed eve.-y Tues. and Fri. -Get Both Edition PACE FIFTEEN THOMPSON SHOlESS WHIT!! 3 9 ( Grapes ... .LL HARVEST FIIESH VIN RIPI 3 39C Tomatoes ... HARVI!ST fltfSH 1 0 79 C Corn 1 MORTON SPAGHETTI & MEAT, MACARONI & CHEESE, MACARONI & BEEF, BEANS & EcONOMY Dinners. MORlON CHICKEN, TURKEY,' SALISBURY MEAT LOAF LIMIT 6, PLEASE Meat Dinners ,;:38c MORTON CHICKEN, TURKEY, BEEF Pot Pies ... 5 8-0z. $) o -...... I McKENZIE POLY BAG PEAS OR MIXED Vegetables 2 2::$1 All VARIETIES Roman P111as ,::79c IUY ONE. GET ONE fREE SUPER&RAND P opsicles ... : .,:691 IMJY QNE', GET ON FREE CHECKERIOARD MACARONI a. Cheese ... :: 49c EXTRA TOP YALUI Sf AM.,... STAMI"S roLL.-IIIKI PLAIN 01 ftC FLOUR .. LIIIIT FOUl Willi OTH afte BEER .... : BxaEREDlluA. -fAIIIDLv LOAF Wlllllll 2 .. 4 9c LtAVEI LILAC 1'tNK UQUID DISH '1eter1et 3 ':! '1 ALL flAVORS IOffiED Chek Drlks 5 't CUCK CAT fOOD OR S LICK Dot Foeti a!:aa HUNT' S WHVI.E 21-0.. ToMatoes 3 '1 All flAVORS CANNE D C}ltk Drinks 10 :!' 19' ASTOR All PUitPOSf Cooking Oil -: 99' IN I TO 10 ll. HANOI I'RtSH W-D NAI< HUH 1'0111( PeT, TAIIJ, lrotl 1 .. 1 ltcklts flATf htf Stew w..o.NAI

PACE SIXTEEN Fla. Seatlnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frl Cet Both Edition ----LEISURE. TO_GS MODELED Diane Graham modeled leisure time togs at the recent fashion show sponsored by the American Beauty Social Club. The affair was at the Sugar Shack. I MANY GO TO MT. ZION ON WOMEN'S DAY A large number of members and friends went to Mt. Zion AME Church in Port Tampa Sunday for the annual Women's Day observance ; In the top photo Miss Alma Purify is giv ing the occasion. Seated from l e ft are Mrs. Jewell Warren, speaker; and Miss Edith Collins who g ave the decalc .!!ue The Angelic Chorus of Beulah Baptist Church .. in the background. In the audience, pictured below, are. Otis Har per, left rear; and seated directly in front, WeldoD Hodges and 1\Irs. Harper. -.Women's Day Plans Have Been Completed/ New PB 1605 Nebraska Ave. Elder R. H. Howard, Pastor Mrs. Catherine Wil[iams, Rept. Mt. Pleasant Baptist '2002 No. Rome Ave. Rev. G. W. Mitchell, Pastor Mrs. L. Bighams, Rept. ARRIVING FOR GUEST DAY Mrs. Ruby Young, left, and Mrs. M 'argaret Fisher are pictured as they .arrived at Tyer Temple United Methodist Church for Gues& Day. It was an activity on Sunday afternoon. Highland Baptist 3410 E. Nortl). S ,t. ,--. Rev. W. M. Bodo, Pastor Mrs. G. Triplett, .Reporter s s began at the' usual hour the supt. in charge of ser vice. All teachers were a't their !POSt. This was men's day. Rev. G o rdon, pastor. of Macedonia Baptist Church, delivered the message. Mt. Pleasant -men's and guest usber s served. At 3, guest deacons were in c:harge of devotion. The pastor tlelivered themessage. The pastor and members are grateful to all for maRing their day a success. On J;unday, the Progressive Choir Union will convene at New Progr ess M.B. Church on Shadowlawn ; Rev. Williams is pastor. The junior choir will have rehearsal at 3 Saturday and the No. 1 choir wil!"' have rehearsal at 5. All other Let us pray for each other. announcements remain the same. Everyone is always welcome to worship with us at all times. Tabernacle MB 1511 Cenrtal Ave. Rev. C. H. Sheppard; Pastor Ma rilyn Short, Reporter S. S. will begin at 10 with Mrs. MacDonald in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by the pastor. Everyone is expected to be at their post. Morning wor ship will begin at 11 'with the deacons in cfiilrge The No. 1 choir and junior ushers wiJI ser ve. The pastor will denver the message. Evening worship begins at 6. The same-order of service will be conducted. The No. 1 choir fU\d jupiqrs will the .r: maining of the day. Please VISit tlie sick and shut-ins. Etangelist Prayer Band Mrs. L. Owens, pres. The Evangelist Prayer Band of which Mrs M. B Spivey is direc tor will meet Sunday at 5 at the hom e of Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard, 1612 33rd Ave. The public is in v ited. MRS. MARJORIE GUEST Plans have been C()mpleted for Women's Day Sunday at F-irst !Baptist Church of Lin r coln dens, 41{)25 iPah,netto Street. The speaker at morning ser, vice will be Mrs M arjorie Guest. 1111 the evening, Mrs. Jennie Church school began at 9:30 with the supt Deacon Jessie Saulsberry in charge. The lesson / was taught by the teachers. Morning worship b-egan at 10:4 5 with deacons in of devotion The No. 3 choir and sen ior ushers served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor There were several visitors and three joiners P.B T.U. was held at 5 : Mrs. Annie M. Pinkney was in charge. Evening worship began at 6 w1th the same order of service bejnfl conducted. The sermon was de livered by the JlliStor. The rites was administered. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. Visitors are al ways welcome to worship with us at all times. This Sunday, holy communion and feet washing will be administered by the pastor assisted by the deacons and dea conesses. Daniels will speak. Other partici-pants are Mrs. !Audrey Sipotford, Mrs. Florence /Blair, Mrs. Willie Moae !Mrs. Enoil Burns Mn. Fannie Thomas, IM1,. Ida B-aker, Mrs. Betty Brown Mrs Louise Bold en, MTs. Rose Lowe MTS. E stelle !Avery, Mr s IHe'pburn and Mrs Sarah Prengley. i Mrs. Levia B Carr is the gen eral chairman. The co-chairman is Mrs. Callie M. Cra. wford. S S began at 9:30 with the supt., Mr. Beckton in charge and all tea.chers at their post !Morning worship f'Ollowed at the usual hour with the Jubile e Choir .and ushers serving Dea. J. D. Harriet led devotion and the pas tor brought the message. Four came to Christ. i BTU began at 5 : 00 with [)ea. r George Montgomery acting prsidect in charge. Evening wor ship followed. Dea A r be Taylor ld devotion The message was delivered by the pastor. You may visit with us at BillY time. \Remember the sick and shut. ins. St. John Baptist 3401 25th Ave Re. E. Newkirk ; Pastor Rev. J. Reed, Asst. Pastor S S. began at 9:30 wi t h the asst. supt. in charge .Morning worship at 10:50 with the asst p _astor in charge. Devotional ser vi ce was held by Dea. Hayes and Dea Lane. The ushers and young peoples choir served. The !message was delivered by R ev, Reed. Evening worship began at 6 The asst. pastor was in charge. Devotional service was held by Dea D. Harris and D ea. Mar tin. The same choir and ushers served. St John will sponsor a Fellow ship Banquet Saturday, Sept. 23 at 8 at Potter Elem. School.


s.tara.,. Septem&r t9_'72 __ na_. s..tm. __ -_u_uD_etfa_PU_ttll_slle_d n_e_ry--:-1W_I._ud_Frt_._Cet_Bo_a._E&_t_loai ____ PA_C_! tAMPA'SNIGHTBBAT I i I PATRONIZE THE CLUBS' WHICH ADVERTISE HERE. THEY APPRECIATE YC>UR BUSINESS .2502 IHTB ALBANY AVENUE FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY T'HE GREAT' TRAIN ROBBERS REVIEW : FEATOBIIG HILL PLUS T 'H CHILDS OF FRIENDSHIP -: \ \ oo YOU -LIKE-GOOD -TIMES?. l f OUR YACATIOI IS OVEII. WE DE lOW OPEN SO YOU CAl EIIJGY YIUR VACATIOI .. -BLUE DIAMON D YOU'LL. LOVE-IT. THE DREAM-BAR AND LOUNGE 2811 H, NEBRASKA i YEMDE : SAM WILLIAMS, Prop. ENJOY AN AFTDIIOON WITH VADIA : : : THE LOVIEST AND FRIEIDLIEST BARMAID: II TOWJI. WE SPECIALIZE IN PIRTS AND HALF PIITs -LET'S GET .ACQUAINTED -PHONE 229-2116 PRONE 626-1955 I mile I. oll-4 Hwy. 579, Tlloao!osassa -:-'. __ __,.;, _______ -Ritz Acluk Theatre THE HANCOCK BAR Enjoy the htsl ia X Baled Fi1:ms in cool...-.nh't A N D -LOU-. N_: (jE .. __ Phone 248-1378 15ila aiUI Broadway ....., II ,_ LOVE AM.AZON. STYLE "YOU lAD Tl 1 STRONG AD IEIL11f. I ALSO ( THE BET "THE WIIIEB C8ULDI'T TAKE IT ILL FRIDAY SATURDAY SUIDAY DAILY II -A.M. 1TO 12 P. M. 2100 Block Fla. Ave. W HAVE COMPLETED OUR REMODELING AND ARE NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS SAME LOCATION --C.. ia iM ...a our arlender HATHAIIf HAMPTOR : -.. THE BEST ICE COLD BEER The ZANZIBAR :! ;::: 2132 MAIN ST. Speciallzing in Hambarqers Fish WEST TAMPA MOST SOULFUL CLUB sandwichesPork Chops. OPEII TILL 3 A. I. DAILY Tonk" --WE DYE YOUR FA Y011TE Mill II 4301 34th Street ft. lllLF PJHTS PIITI m J'll I Air. cM'ir_. lor ,.... CwBiert : Mul1ar Your Hostess: Juanita Brown JUANITA sxon .EI 7 A. I. TIL 1 A. I. I


ft AC EICHTE ,EN Wottle Banning Criticizes Decision Black Wins Michigan QuarterbMk )oh !MUINifCIH -[)la,pe Wotble, wtiJ.. ner of the 800 meter run, said many memtbers of the U.S track tea>m were s hocked the decision to ban Vince and Wayne Collett from further Olympic competi lion "!Although I don't agree. with what they did, I feel they did .. ot deserve to be IWottle said. t And besides II don't thing tAle iiJQC even had the riiht to disqua]iJ r them, 0 "It should bave been an In Jtemal problem of tlie U S teaiffi' ." !Wottle himself came under criticism because he did not re move the golf ca1p he wears when be moUllted the victory stand for the playing of the National Anthem and the raising of the fla g. I& apologized [ forgot I bad it on," Wottle 0 Soul Keglers Bowling League Results Entzminger's Florist 4; Team 4-0; Team 1, Team 2-1; Team 6, Team 5-1; Team 8-1, Team 7-1; Team 10-3, Team ,9-1. Women's high game, Johnnye Davis 193, Lois Scott 190, Ollie Marshall 178. Men's high Ra,ymon

"'' Saturday, September 16, 1972 Fla. everj and -Cet 8otli Editions PACE NINETEEM l l __ _WHO-. DONE IT IN-SPORTS \ _Chaps. A _cqiajra ,,,'& -:: Black Player I HCC To Baseball Begin Practi(e Questian-How many' consec:.t oil found out -tbat is one and dull game tQ the average per ChaP!i Acquire Black Player tive ball games did ; Lou Gehrig of the most fascinating games in son but the. colorful Fischer has SA!N DIIEOO -Former NatiooLou Garcia, coach at ough Community College; has an nounced that baseball practice will begin on Monday, Sept. 25 at 4 p.m. at Redsland. Practice will be held on Monday, Wednes day and Thursday. Anyone ing to try_ out should come out play the Nevy _York Yankees? the world. Tryiqg to play it is put some glamour in the al Basketball Association play-Gerhrig played in something else again. Chess is a I believe Muhammed Ali when er Jerry Chambers has_ signed 2 130 consecutive ... games for the brain b'uster and requires a trehe says that Fischer copied some with the American Basketball New York Yankees. mendous amount of thinking plus of his theory in order to gain the Association San Die go Conquista-Q-Does Marques stlll patie nce. 'rher'efore yours truly limelight and arouse intere11t iii e he never gets his lanta and Buffalo ()! th1! N!BIA: Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News golfer Lee Elder? CMhuhammed A1 h has to qtieeri in check. Bill Fischer Last year he avere,ged 8.2 A-Lee; a native of mg. ess was a ways a sta1 chesswise is the greatest. points a game and 3 1 rebounds. Washington, -D.C. Q-Where is Adam "Pepper" Young, thil :ex-Pepsi. Cola Giant great player? Yourig now resides in New Jersey.' you think Rey Robinson will ha\re another chance to' win the Olympic 100 xri,eter dash -in the 1976 games in Montreal? A-Robinson is only 26 years old and there is no reasan why he can't win 4 years from now if he participates. r Q__,If you played dog races would you use the book or just pick numbers? A-If I played the dogs I would have to play numbers. You see I don't know any of the dogs personally, bun: can cipher. You -bould see me do my Goe6intos. Q-Aren't you afraid of sting rays when you wade Jish in salt water? A-Man I am afraid of sting rays when not wading in salt wa ter. However, I lti)ow a 'bit about how to avoid step'i5ing on the thorn that is at the of the tail of sting rays. Sting rays can't hurt you unless you step on that thorn. Q-Do you sincerely think that "Big Jim" Wiiliams can come up with a winner: at Tampa this season? ., A-If anyone can come up with a winner at Tampa this season "Big Jim" can.' Q-What do you think of Iris Davis' chances in the Olympic; sprints? A-Iris Davis -has: a very good chance in the Olympic sprints but. she has some very strong c01il petition. Q-Are Florida wild hogs as good to eat as domestic hogs? A-As far as I know Florida wild hogs are as good as domestic hogs to eat but you had better check with some more experien ,ced hunters about how to prepare them. Facts And Figures The inevitable has occurred. Bill Fischer, the American chess wizard, has finally won the world championship from Russian Boris Spassky. The much publicized end world watched match has fi nally come to an abrupt hl!lt w!tb Spassk,y resigning by telephone. The dramatic and nerve wrack ing chess episode has caused a chess boom ip the United States like never before. People that never even thougflt about chess before have suddenly become chess conscience. As I said once before I have dabbled in about every game ever played. I first became interested in chess when in graduate school at New York University. I no ticed that ip the paris !Ill around the Washington Square campus that all day long men and some women sat gazing at chessboards; Usually at_ every match there' were several onlookers. Of course my curiosity got the better of me again arid I bad to find out what was soing on. When I did Jearn enough to know what was going YOUR Two Great Goodye,ar Tires 'J.\4_tJi" AU._ Weather IV.. Both are top-notch h1ghway performert. P4ek your size ... Pick your price. 4 plies. of triple-tllmpered 3-T nylon cord. Tough rubber '$15 blook m$djj"ound 'ill 6.00xl31 6.50x13, or 7 .35x14 blackwa1l tubeless plus $1.61 to $2.00 Fed. Ex. Tax and old tire. 7.75x14, 7.75x15, 8.25x14, or 8.25x15 blackwall tubeless plus $2.12 to $2.34 Fed. Ex. 8. bl 11 t t2.4S or '' .o. Tax and old'tlre, "SNAP BACK" ElliE UP 388 Anylcyi.U.S. auto-add $4 for I cyl. ura, Add $2 for air-cond. autos. Service for Emission Control Systems only $1.00 plus parts with Enaine TunaUp. 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PACE TWENTY Fla. Seotlnei-Bulletin Published every 'aad' Frt ,.. Cet1Botb EditJone. .... I Saturday, SeptemLer 16, 1972 Br WILLW1 0. BETHEL TIE OLYMPICS, ARABS .. ISIAELITES \ AID BRODDU.IS For some reason which 1 don't quite understand yours truly had 10me kind of premonition conc_erning Ute 1972 Olympic Games. If you can remember a few I wrote that some unusual were going to happen but there 1s no way I could have foreseen that any thing so drastic and bizarre as Arab Terrorist!' assault ing Israel's Olympic team. I would never claim to be physic or anything close to it but I did have a general feeling of anxiety about The Olympic Games. When The Rhodesian situation developed and had its pressurized moments I thought that maybe things would go fairly smooth after wards. I can remember writing that politics were going to become more and more important where The Olymp : c Games were con cerned. Anytime politics get involved too deeply into anything look for some fiteworfs to develop. The Olympic Games were practically the last thlng we had going wherein all nations sould get together in peaul' and harmonious competition. Athletics and sports are predicted on fai r play and sportsmanship. .1\ny given nation's best athletes are that nation's prides and joys. Revolutipn ary and antagonistie groups have learned how important athletes are to countries and hence the Arab assault. It is a hor rendous pity that the world is in such turmoil that it can't even play and frolic together in a true way without fear of trouble. Just about only thing Mr. Avery Brundage, head ofThe International Olympic Committee, ever said that pleased me was when he stated that The Olympic Games wOuld continue after a day of mourning for tne dead athletes from Israel. My only hope is that terrorism at The Olympic Games will not mushroom like aircraft hi-jacking has. OLYMPIC EVENTFUL EVERTS The atrocio 'us Arab attack on The Israeli Olympic team was the icing on the cake for the most eventful Olympic Games in his tory. The Rhodesian, Arab-Israel things of course were the most dramatic of all the unusual events However, there has been cases of biased judgment in actual competition )ike never before We have all s een and know that some of the judges either were biased or needed cups 1md seeing eye dogs Then there was the astonishing mix-up that eliminated the Unifed States' two best sprinters Rey Robinson and Eddie Hart. blunder hurt Flori dians way down deep because there was hOpe that Rey Robinson who is from the Lakeland area, would win it all. Robinson surely had a wonderful chance to win a gold medal and without a doubt a silver or bronze medal. It seems that the time schedule mix-up is blamed on black coach Stan Wright. This is a pity because Coach Wright has proved that he is one of the best. There seems to be some kind of strained relationship between Coach Wright and Rey Robinson Wright plans not to use Robinson in the 400 meter relay which seems to be a bit odd since Robinson's times 1 have been fantastic in the 100 meter dash. Rey sort of summed ltall up when he said -publicly that he thought Coach Wright WJjl himself together but apparently lie doesn't. As usual there has been some stunning upsets in The Twentieth Olympic Games. One of the biggest upsets was Cuba's Teofilo Ste venson's smashing defeat of The United States newest white heavyweight boxing hope Duane Bobick. Teofilo is black and em ploys the classic style used by Muhammad Ali. For once I have to agree With Howard Cossell that Teofilo reselvles Ali: Teofilo is not as nimble as Ali but he has learned stick and mOVe means and he has developed a beautiful right cross. The upper cuts he used aga:nst Bobicj[ in close quarters were ala-Ali and very efective. 1 suppose its back to the drawing boards for white hope aspirants. I suppose one could truthfully say that the most exciting things to happen in te Olympic Games ave been in swimming. Mark Spitz did the seemingly impossible by winning 7 gold medals and all of them in world record time. Spitz is a super swimmer beyond compare at this time and we may never live to see the likes of him again. Our girl swimmers have been outstanding. Out water polo team has beeu surprising. Our wrestlers have shocked the world. The trouble spots in competition h9Jve been in events that we once like the sprints. M;aybe by the time ti\ere is another Olympic Games we will be able to accentuate the positives and eliminate the aegattvea. QMCI QUD'S: The Baltimore Colts seem to have bid a fond farewel to Tam pa. I doubt we will ever see The Colts again in person. Tampa was good to The Colts attendance-wise but there was / something of a jinx or when it came to winning and injuries. In case you didn't know it one of Tampa's all time great athletes, Leroy "Radio Rep" Porter is a physical therapist at one oL New York's largest hospitals. "Radio Red" is a legendary sports figure locally because of his feats while at Don Thompson Vocational School. Porter was one of the most colorful athletes v to ever perform in Tampa and at Institute. Bet you didn't know that Dr. W. W ; Andrews at one time could punt a fQOtball as well -as anyone in town. Dr. Andrews never played football but certainly could it if by no other way being a punter. Was talking to a local athlete the other day who is from Brooklyn. While fishing he said, "That sho ia a funny lQOking boid." I replied ; "That is a bird not a bold. He then said, "Well it ehoips like a boitl.!' Sure reminded me of the good old days in Flatbush ;when Dem Bums were doing their thing. Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp or wliat are 'Hot Pants" and ''Mini-Skirts" for. If loving "Hot Pants" and 'Mini-Skirts" make me a dirty old man, HaUelujab I'm a Bum. LA SECUNDA CENTRAL BAKERY THE BEST Rey Coach Robinson: w ouklft' t J alk LAKELAND :Rey Robill80n. the U.S. sprint star who was dis qualified in the Olympics fOl' fail ing ro show up on time for his race, said Tuesday sprint' coach Stan Wright refused to talk to him after apologizing. "Wright said he was very sor ry that he had made a mistake," Robinson told a news conference Tuesday. "But from then on he would come in and wake up my roommate but he never said a word to me." Stanford Cage (each Cleared Of Racism STANFORD, Calif. Stanf9:-d University basketball coach How ie Dallmar was cleated charges--by a committee investi gating last year's dissatisfaction among blac{k squad members. A report said there appeared to be "an honest desire" by the coaching staff to improve w:hat was generaly an "unedifying record." The five-man investigating team" to grasp the needs of individual : and, in or cer tain minority player., of aloof ness in the coaching staf.(, and some degree of in in tfrr-personal relations.'' The group recommended more financial assistance to minority improved communicatioa coaches and pl!lyers, and more attention given .to minority members of ; the coaching staff. Robinson, who will attend Florwas set up last spring after black ida A&M thi! year, said he basketball players became dis thought W r i g h t might have enchanted and submitted a set of been confused on the starting time for his race by thinking that demands to improve race rela The report, said however. that attemptS' to improve the situation would be of little significance "if tl:re athletic director and his of fice continue ro be insensitive t() the problems of race relations." tions. 16:15 hours (4:15 p.m), was actually 6:15 p m. 'The sprinter said Charges that Dallmar. was Wright had an updated copy of guilty of racism were "not sus the time schedule 'when he failed qrined by the evidence," the re to get his runners ro the track. port said. However, itsaid there Joseph H. Ruetz succeeded Cbuck .Taylor last week as tbe school's new athletic director. Robinson said he hoPed to play a "total lack of sensiitity" football at FAMU although he shown by the athletic department doubted would see much ac toward minorities in ltiring coach tion. before the final three gaines. es and assistants. DB. P. A. ER DENTIST ; 14041,2 CENTRAL AVENUE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT At My Residence Before 9 a m. He said he would also like to gG A study of the baslretball priJ on tour with the U.S. track team gram, the committte s aid, "did to Ghana next s11mmer "if Coach uncover an unedifying record of Phene 251-2139 Wright does not go on the tour." lack of of failure !Sears I I Sears Non phosphate detergent Cleans as well as the riation 's leading phosphate detergents SAVE72c 20 lb. laundry detergent REG. $4.99 It contains no enzymes. No NTZ YIU its heavy-duty clean ing power will get down deep to make clothes feel clean. Smell clean. Be clean. And it's economical too! AU you need Is a level V2 cup per average Buy a box today. 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,. Saturday, September 16, 1972 Fla. Sentfnei-B uDetin Puhlished every Tues. and Frf. Cet Both Edition PACE TWENTY-ONE / City COIIIKil Accepts New Housing Code Mt. Elder T. M. Fou&ala, Pastitr Mrs. LiDiall Juldu, By BOWARD REYNOLDS SetiDel Staff Writer Elder Thomas M. Fountain is aerving 'as out new pastor until the .. regular pastor, Elder 0. Paul comes to take up his pastorship eventually declare the property at Mt. Calvary repairable or condemned Elder' R L Woodfork, president The City Coun c il Thursday a c eepted the new city housing corle which con tai ned clianges suggest ed b y the apartment owners .and cit y attorne y s The entire ordin ance provides for a better criteria fo r tenant d w ellings throughout the c i ty and includes both estab lished and proposed rental tene ments. The Council plans to adopt the of the South Atlantic Conference new ordinance during its T u e s of SDA introduced Elder Fountain day's council meeting wit hout to the church / Elder Fountain a further complication. The proretired minister for nearly 20 posed plan has been in its draftyears was ordained as a Seventh ing stages for more than two Day Adventist minister 40 years years. ago. He has been called out of Councilmen agree that the new his retirement many times to The new ordinance was drafted by members of the council, apar t ment owners and members of the Department of Public Works and prov ides for d e struction of ren t a l properties which do not conform to s tandards involv i nt: h e alth. construction pest control and bnr11lar y protection. ordinance will prov i de tighter conpastor churches until the regular trot over rental agents and pro-minister would arrive. Some l"f hib it' landowners from taking 'Un the churches he has. pastored fair advantages of tenants living during his retirement are in Mi in poorly constructed apartments. ami, Fort Lauderdale, Winston The new law establishes f'!(>r faj n minimum whi c h mav be taken Into consirler a tion b y t he inspection officer w ho may Edmund H president ot : Salem, N. C., and Greensboro N .C. the Tamoa Apartment Association Before his reti rement he served said: "Il' s a good law, one that as President of the Lake Region the City of Tampa has needed Conference of Seventh-Day Ad for a long time Llo y d also reventist, serving the states of lates that S()me of the tenements Dlino i s, Indi ana, Michigan and presently established for public Wisconsin. He is married to the dwelling must now providP. former Mildred Cook, a teacher housing for people of all incomes in the Pottstown, Pa. school sys-or face condemnat i on. tern where they now reside. BACK TO SCHOOL FASHION TEA MONDAY NIGHT An Autum and.Back to S c hool Carswell Mrs. Ann i e Templ e fashion tea is being sponsored Mr!!. Bertha Stanley, Messrs by the members of the Ways Fred Davis, Toby Hale, M e lvin end Means Committee, of Mt. Gibbion, Tom Neal, Ri c key R o Tabor Baptist Church Monday bert11, and the following mode l s at the Suiar Shae!c, 2300 No. from Lakeland, Mrs. Marvelena Oregon Ave., 8 p. m. Crawford, Mrs. Connie Harris, The models will be wearing 'Mrs. Catherine Dunbar, and the in faahions from Me!!srs. Crawford, Marvin "'top to toe." Mr. Lorenzo John Harris. eon, a well-kno w n fashion pac e Other program partic ip ants .setter, will narrate the m e n are Mrs. Evelyn Price, Mrs fal!liionl! and Mrs. Jean Holland, Sarah Stewart, Mrs. Bertho asst., buyer at Colony Shops, Green who will s erve d uri n g will narrate the women and teatime. Mrs. Maude Jac ks o n )'outh, faehionl! ( will dedicate a spe cial !!el ectio n Youth models are Paula F osto the mem bers ocf the c omter, John Jones, Felix Thomas, mijtee,. music will be 'furni shed Ophelia House, Pamelia. Gilfort, by Mr. Elbert Ivery, Jr. and Linda Davis, Cberine Sanders, Mr. George Hicks w ill Cynthia Borders, Sonja Bryant, with all general arrangemen t s Anthony Alexander Forbes, together with t be. pres i dent, :Rose Jefferson, Larry Baker, Mrs. Annie Mae M a s s e y. Frances Cason, Cathy Duncan, The public is e x tended a c or (Raul Uzzle, Adrian". Hicks, dial invitat ion to enjoy an excit Andre Hicks, Veronica Kin 6 ii).g e vening o f fas hi(Jns tea. Christine Arline and Carlos Rusllell. Gospel Singers King Keith Parramore a n d Queen Dorothy Mock will be The Florida Gospel Singers will They have one son, Thomas Jr. and two grandchildren. SL Paul AME 594 BarrisOD St. Rev. F C. Sanchez, pastor Mrs. C. B. Martin, rept. A c t i vities at St Paul on Sund a y a re many First o:t the agenda is the budget and c.onferenc-e chi i m to be reported to the finance com m i ttee. During this period of worship at 11 thePulpit Aid Board will serve their 27th anl}iversary Ail inspi-rational prograin ha s been p r epared. Members of the board w ill gather at. 10:45 and malte their reports. Mrs. C. H. Martin is president. At 3:]0 Area No. t Misaionary Society will present their "Waist line Tea," in the lower unit of the church. Friends are invited to at-tend. 1 Added to the sick anl shut-ins list is Mrs. Ella W. Williams who is confined at home I Remember the sick and shut ins. Pea(i Baptist viewing the eyecatching array render a program Sunday night fJf fashions from a spe cial van at Grace Mary M B C hurch, 2607 24th Avenue tage point. The y are the. reign Rev. B.T:_ Williams is pastor The Rev. J. C. Goina ; :ing royalty' of this committ e e, church is located cin 37t h St. and Betty Dawkins, Reporter the Ways and Means. Adult Lindell and the program will' :mo dels are Mrs. Denise Keels, gin at. 8 p.m. The public is will .mar)! the 18th :Mrs : Ethel Veranc!\, Mrs. Ruth invited : .!lDiversary of our pastor. Ser-ijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiili.iiiiii.iliii. iii vice will begin with. S. S. at 9 : 30 with the "upt., il) charge. ;;)Morning worship will follow at 11, with the Goins Chorus and junior usher board servi ng. The sermo.n will be delivered. Sunday afternoon a y 3 : 00 o'clo c k Rev Bo on e pastor of Students Neecled For Ta.,a' s Oral Sd.001 For Deaf By MARTHA WHITE 'Sentinel Staff Writer A small group of youngsters we r e watched as they played early Thursday morning under the attentive eyes of aides }n charge of their recreational activities. A jet plane passed over head with I!Uch noise that one s ean would twinge but most of the children kept playing as if the plane WBI!n't there, while a few pointed upward toward the sound. The children, all students at the Tampa Oral School for the Deaf, hae hearing impairments, aome more severe than others. Mrs Sara Jo Parker, Director, Mrs. Lorraine Simmons, Social Worker, and Mrs. Ozepher Harris, Socia.! Service Aide, all met to discuss the need of more students at the school, and pof! sibly persons who need the services of the school. Mrs. Parker saic\ there are openings for children from birth to six-years of age. The younier ones are in olasl!es for a period out of a day, sort of as out-patients. The school personnel are sure there are more children in the county with hearing problems, but getting them to the is what they are more concerned about. Mrs. Simmons has had the Tampa Wide cristi City Choir Union Mr. E. V. Grima, pres. Mr. Hardy Williams, rept. The Tampa Christian City Wide Choir will convene at 3 at First Born Church of GOd In Christ, Elder Hill is pastor. The church is located on 32nd Ave and 29th St. All choirs are asked to be present and on time. :personal experjence. of dealing with families with children who 'are' hard of hearing. She !!aid there. is usually a certain amount of embarrassment on the part of the parents in },aving their children registered in an oral echool for the deaf. Howe ver, Mrs. Parker urges them to contact the school anyway so that the child's education can begin. 'fhrough research and study ing it was learned that e veryone of the children hears at lea s t a lit\le bit and the s c hool -helps them to use it more with the aid of phonic hearin_g aides. Mrs. Parker s t resl!ed the fac t that the tuit ion works on a slid ing ecale. Persons from low in come familie11, welfare hom es, and poverty areas are accepte d and a method for paying the fee is worked .out between the par enta and the school. Mrs. Harris was told of a :family of blacks in a housing project where some of the child. ren having h_earing and speech 'J)roblems and abe emphasized how much she wanted them to contact the school. Most of the children at Tam. pa Oral School for the Deaf hav e a language or speech pro 'blem. Thi s is simply because talking is imitating and the c hildren imitate only what they can hear, which in their cases i s very little. However though oral teaching the children learn to communicate -.vith eac h lithe:r, with the instructors and thus learn to speak. The i cho ol doesn't teac h \manua l communication, or sign language. but. instead. rate on increasing speech and lip reading. Tampa Oral School for the Deaf,, operated under the auspices of Community Action Agency, is located on Pax ten /'directly behind :Ballast Point Elementary School. KING'S BAR B QUE AND REST'AURANT 202 SOUTH OREGON. Piney Grove Churc h in Wildwood will deliv e r o u r ))astor's anniver sary sermon. He will al s o be acca ined b y hil! cho i r. Every one i s invited. If -your family of four lives on less than $140 a week before taxes, we can put you in a three bedroom home for just $100 dowri aD.d as little as $86 a month: BAR B QUE RIBS & CHIC.kEN ALSO SPECIALIZING Df SOUL FOOD SEIVDIIi BEGIIS 11:30 DAILY Miss Our 99c Special r --_....------, I KING'S BAR-1-QUE. I I SAVE 10% 011 OF I I BIBS OR CHICIEI.DIIIEBS. I You've TriH Tlae Rest. low Try .na lest! Tonight (Friday) Teachers :meeting will be held at 6:00 o clock Let us remember to pray for and visit our sick and sliut ins. Poverty Pocket From Pa1e 4) tire Health Department, U.S.F., C.A.A., H W B Family Services Association, Guidan c e Center Regional Drug Abu s e Council, Inside the Door, Inc., Vocational Rehabilitation, Proba tion and Parole. With some addi tional backing from the ci ti z en s of this community the programs can become a reali t y and tragedies such as Sunday's can be avoided We must pro vid e viable alternatives to artific ia l dreams an d oflet 1aolutions f o r those already This Is not someone else s problem. It ours Let us support all efforts to eradicate drugs from our com munity. / WOOD EAST OF U.S. 19 /IS COACHMAN' ROAD Call 726-4769 for details 4 t.'I..ES WEST OF DALE MABRV ON HUSBOROlJGH Cal884-8000 for details Iii by -= FHA 235 financlna: $100 down plus $100 prepaid lttrM. Monthly pay. ment (including principal, Inter..., tai\U aiMI Jnt11rance) llen4 on 360 payments at 8% annual


PAGE TWENTY -' -_.-. fl._. Published every Tues. and Fri. Get .Soth Edition ; ... 'f:t..., "'. ... ---, BRUCE, S/S GT. LEROY Fun era! services for the .late S/Sgt. roy Bruce of Davis l\lonthan A. F. B., Tucson, Arizona and 1910 Palmetto Street, Tampa, who de parted from this life on Septem ber 12, 1972 in the Month a n A.F B. Hospital will be held at ck A.M from the Cha Palmetto Street a t auproximat e pel of -the Ray Williams Fu ly 3:30 p. m. Saturday. S/Sgt. 11eral Home with a local minisBruce has been a member of the ter officiating. Entombment will United States Air Force for ei g h follow in Memorial Park Cem-e t ee n years and will be accord e d tery, A native Georgian Mr. a full militarv service b.v the l\f ac('arswell bad resid e d in Tampa Dill A F.B. Burial Detail personfo. r a nu_mber_ of years He was n e l. Survivors inC''ude: a devoted -8 veteran '0 ( World War II. hav mother, Mrs. Edna Hardwick of ing served honorably in the U. Tampa; a brother Mr. George S Army. Survivor s Include his Payne and his wife Elise of Bos. step-mother, 1\frs Viola Cars ton, an uncle Mr. Jobnnie weli of Tampa; an uncle. Mr. Nixon and his wife Nora of -Tam-Walter Cars w e ll of Davisboro, pa: 4 nieces. Mi1 s Pamela Payne, Ga. ; several co usiri s, am ong M i ss l Uichelle Payne. Miss Edwhom a re Mr s Doroth y S tirrup, norlna Payne IJndo 1\ck P.M. Franklin; 4 children, Ricardo, from the Dudley-Lawrence Memo Willie Jr., D!lnald and Wilnetha rial Funeral Chapel of STONE Franklin; 2 sisters, Mrs. Semen & GORDON, FUNERAL DIREC tha Evans, Mrs. Ruby Johnson; TORS for STONE' S FUNERA: L 2 brothers, Mr. A!:thur L. Ander JIOME, IN. with Rev. H. !Uc son, Mr. George Anderson; steP Donald Nelson officiatin g Inter mother, Mrs. Gertruae Anderson; ment will be in Shadv Grove father and mother-in-Jaw, Mr. Cemetery. THE BODV WILL Bl!: and Mrs, Eddie Franklin, Albany, VIEWED AFTER 8 A.M. SAT Georgia; daughter-in-law Mrs URDAY AT THE FUNERAL Morretha Franklin; 3 sisters-in 110M E. HE l e aves to law Mrs. Susie Ginwright, AI motrr_n his passing: his devoted bany Goorgia; Mrs. Mildred An wife, Mrs. Pearl Henry, Philadel Mrs. Mable Anderson; 4 phis, -Pa.; three si sters, Mrs. brothers-In-law, Mr. Emanuel Jessie Sullivan, Jacks on Johnson, Mr. Carl Franklin, Mr. ville, Mrs. Bessie MattheWs, and Matthew Franklin,_ Mr. George husband, New York City,--N. Y., Ginwright; 25 nieces, 25 nep-hews, and Mrs. Alice Collier ; Tampa; 35 cousins, 10 great nieces, 10 2 brothers, Mr. Frazier Davis great nephews, and many other and wife, Tampa, and Mr. James sorrowing relatives and friends. Thomas and wife, Tallahassee; a The remains will lie In state at host of nieces and nephews ; and l'ughsley Cathedral for visitation many other relatives and friends. of friends after 5 P.M. (Friday) The funeral cortege will leave today until liour of fmteral s er from 3609 E. Buffalo Avenu e vice. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL Servics are being rendered b y HOI\'IE in' charge, STONE & GORDON fUNERAL GLANTON, MISS JEWELLEAN -Funeral services for the late Mrs : Jewellean Glanton of 1508 Walnut Terrace Tampa, who de parted from this life on Septem her 6 19'72 in a lo. cal hospital will be held at 2:00 p.m. Saturday from the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church (located at 3107 E. Lake Ave.) with the Pastor Rev. H L. Daniels offiCiating. Interment will be in the Memor ial Park Cemetery d-irec tly after the serv ices The remains will repose at the Funeral Home from 2 :00 p m. Friday (to day) until near funeral time Sat urday. The funeral cortege will arrang e from 1145 Green Street. Apt. No. B at approximately 1:15 p m Saturday. Survivors Include two daughters Miss Alberta Glan ton and Miss Rutharene McGil very; one son, Mr. Larry Glan ton; a devoted mother Mrs. Josie DIRECTORS for STONE' S FU NERAL HOME, INC. HARLEY, MR. CHARLES E.Funeral services for Mr. Cha r l e s E. Harley, 38, of Osborne Ave. Tampa, who pass ed away Monday in a local ho spital will_ -be held Sunday, Sept. 17, at 3 o clock p. m. from Second B e thel Missionuy Baptist Church ol Wildwood Florida, Rev. John. Hill, pastor. Interment will be in. Royal Community Cemetery,_ Royal, Florida. A native ol Wild wood Mr. Harley had been a _re. sident of Lakeland and Tampa -for a numberof He was an Electronic Technician. He le. aves _to mourn: a devo.ted mother, Mrs. Ella Harley : Brooks and step father, Nel s on Bro oks, Wildwood ; brothers, James E. Harley and wife, Willie C. Har ley and wife Philadelphia; per Harley and wife Tampa; John Allen Brooks Nelson Brook s Jr., Columbus Ga. Booker I. Brook s Wildwood; Sisters, Essie Lee Hadey, Jacks onville; Beat rice Matthews and husband ; Wild wood; Delores Slngleto.n and hus. band, Tampa; Josephine Miles and hii'Sband Gernt.i:.TA -Funeral serv i ces for Mrs. H e n rietta Smith of 3611 E. Loui siana ;\venue, who passed away in local hospital, will be held S at urday at 1:00 P. M. at Wil'lon Funeral Chapel, with Rev. Bern ard l\'Jilton Jones, officia ting. In tement will be In Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: hus band Mr. Nathaniel Smith: a daughter, Miss Gladys Cofield; 3 grandchildren: Debra and Annette Bogan and Eddie .James Cofield ; 1 sister, Mrs. Annie Pearl Wash Ington and husband, MP. Clyde Washington o( Bartow; 1 brother Mr. George Gaines and wife. Mrs 1\Iary Gaine<: of Jrvingtnn, N. J.; S cousins Mrs. Esther Pattersnn, Mrs J""" Rivel's : -Ml'<:. Lc nora Fox ::nd 1\fr. Oliver Robin all of Albany, N. Y. and Mr. Rl'own of Wllmin(ton, Delaware and other sorrowin!(' rel:>ljveR and friends, A nat!"" nl Florida. l\'l:rs. -SmU'11 bad resii' "d here for the past 14 yeArs. .,.,.,. remall's wil afte,. 4 :00 P. M'. toilw (Frld l n .. at F"""""' rhlii1P. ..r .. 1 ,,..,... '""P.,.,l f:""n SaturtJ ? v. \ WIL SON T AMPA-In memory f\. f 1\la s ter G erald E. Owen s our dear s on who deuarte d this lif e Septen-her 16, 1g.1o. s 'a dly mis sed by mother a n d f ather, Mr. and Mrs. .John L William s (Continued On Page 24)


PACE : TWENTY-THRtt Dial 248 1921 .Classified Ad Dept. I EMPtiYMEII!'" -FOB SALE I : lCIBS Iii BY BISIIESS HRISTMAS SALE ON AVON l NO EXPE:JUENE. REQUIRED EABN WHILE YOU LEABN l'ltod'llds. Celongnes, jewelry and many mon. Friday and Satur day after 5:00 and. Swtday be-1 fore IIi SeUner uea. 689826!l. FIB MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST EXECUTIVE II CREDIT??? Having TroWile Buy}ng a Car Because you are shori on Cred it or Dowa Paymenl? LET ME HELP YOU tALL BILL 232-419: 1 OR SE' E ME' 1\iT SUI BAY' MOTORS 630& FLORIDA AVEmJE WOMER CLERK TYPIST ABC' SHORTHAND 'KEY AIDE. PUNCH AND NURSES C'Al.l. TAMPA BtJSJNESS AN'D MEDICAL CENTER. 223-3&48 FOR SALE VACANT ONE PHONE CAl.l. caa-you UAVE SEVERAL NEWLY o started toward a profitable rec ri spare time nwne-y-ma king opditiOUed homes In Progress 'vnportunity as an Avoa Represent-$50 dcwn. Call a tive. ycan meel aew peo. BAKER, REALTOR. pie, make friends, win prizes! Phone 988-125% Call no w for details: Mrs. Smith 7833 Narib 4oth Street 626-0874 or Sl. Pet. e &pen Sllturlla;y; ud Sallda!' 862-4593; Largo,, Clearwater, 3: WATER FRONT OOMES wiD 442-9556. delight an4. leave you breathEMPLOYMENT TELEVISION BROADCAS1 l lE&IIlUtwl Ius. Tlteir and e :dra features are too numerous to mention. Central heat and air, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, wall to wall carpeting,. exquisite family roo-m, prieed top -WITH F.C C F:IBST CLASS op erat&rs license-. Coatad Chief E'Dgiaeer. WEDU :t. 98'3 So. 20th St. Tampa. DAY OB HIGBT SIIIFT STEADY WORK,, rtt'ldar raises. Shrimp peelers., packers and laborers. Apply 9 A.M. to 3 P.lU. "lo-nday tlua 'lbtu-sday. 9 A. M.-to 12 P. 1\1. Frida):. SINGLETO-N PACJUNG CORP. Sotb Street aacl Road Eqvai QpputUDity Emptey;er I HAVE. OTHERS NM ON wa &er, bid just as lo,vely and priced to sell fast. ERNES1'INE HYLAND ASSOC. 25Ul78 WAHL REAL'IO:itS ----10 t1WJFYIHG j HYDil PARK apubaent bouse. $SOta Jllellth iitHme, $2,000 I clftn, $l!5t a moatJL all even illr or m-tllll3. I'LL HELP YH!! 110 CIEDlT? SIIAifEY CIEDIT? ABE YOU LDW 01 DIYIM PI DIED? tALL .... BILL BROil AlTO SALES 3808 FLA. lYE. 229-1157 mo. BUYSA2BR. TOWNHOUSE! WHYRENT!/ W.U.EftSAVf.. 0 "' 0 liCIMiS 0: 1:: s WOODBRIDGE AVE, "' I )_!lllSBOROUCH sso. down, 9'4l!'mo. payments of $18. 4 !nc!udfn(l .prlno!pal, and Homeowner:s Assoc. Membership, A)'JNUAL PEilCENTMliE:IilJIE,Cif_ .r. lt i 312 East Besr-$S,IMIO I 401 East lrois $.090 Low; dinu paymelli w -ith e-as;s terms. oteRSted? Call Tony :ufl'ata, J .... Assoc. Office 879-5700, Res. 87&,.'1553 .PLUSH WATERFRONT 4 BEDBIOMS JUST LIS.'IED. Fa1Malo11s C ctlonial! v A. can details. IIYEilliiDVE ABEA .LIKE NEW t-oncFe1i e blodi, 3 plus panelled ramd y room. 1\>lodern kiCclteJt, plus ail' eonditiolrell. Only f.I7,oo.J. f'HA. CERTBAI. HEAT UDAll ON BJY' ERGB.O-VE DRIVE th e.re is a 3; ... oem home with acl'een Jlcb. aJMl fenced in eonar lot feronly $19,500. I bave ke-,J- RIVEBGRO'It-IBIYE WATEBFB81'r LOT $12,500 ONLT. Will euey mori gage. SPANISH YILLI I PAMPER YOURSEJ,F-Live_ In \ restful surrounding. 4 large bed rooms, 2 Italian mosaic baths, living rogm, formal dining rGOm, big kitchen with ad-joining breakI fast room. AD-Spa11ish Mediter raneaa. Ce11tral Mitt: and air of course. $45,000 with flexible D.D.REW 'COHSTRUCTION TREMENDoUS: 'VALUE! On a .,_. Q-orner :1Qt. (;B, ,.3 bed. roorils, spad6us -ti1chen with f&rmiea eabiltds and new G.E. range. Only $16.000. F H A Call n_ow aDd .'b.e see. I I _ey -DltiVE 3Ml St., then cau ten you all about ... $1'7; 1 000.' PEIUU, ASSOC Omce 879'-5700 Res. 877-6881 TAMPA JlEALTY, llfC. REALTORS 3 BEDROOOMS, 1 BATH, FLA. ROOM ON TWO LOTS. NO QUALIFYING. 2 710 34tll STREET, 258-5151. -FHA 235 TIRED OF REN'IING? ONLY $15 STARTS THE PAPER WORK ROLI.ING. We-have beaatih.Dy aew 3 aDd 4 bet!'!'oom homes, baths, eaclosed Juje fullY lot5 at Pahil Rivel'. F01 w...-.. Call 62l-3471 HALLMARK CORPORATION i Ecpaat Housinw Opea every to '7:30 P M. :, FOB SALE WANT A NE:W: ilOME:?. DOWN, G OOD CREDIT. call E11,11al: Opportunity, Devekpmea& Corp. CaD--3%0>1._ MOOWN MODE:RN BLOCI 3 B.t:ROOMS1 CARET,, .C.ve, re-Jrigexat.el'. P. It I. fH 360 m011U1s. at 7'7o ml)ngage. DON f'AAI-.FE .BRODlll lm-Z'Z!;J or 83S-l4U LISTINGS BLOCK BOtlSE &-ROOMS AND BATH. $1 .. do-wn, $6:i a m6iaill. 32.06 East .Ida. O'WNER. 151. E. 7ta AVENUE. N ONE TIME BARGAIN CB, 3 BEDROOMS, l ba*b. large Fla. room, dilliag room ;uut kitcheD. $17,2St'. Only $-7118 ttOwa. DON TAAJilFE BR&KEB S72r:m9 cw BEAUTIFUL SIAMESE Seal peint KiUeas. eadt. $25 a pair. Call 839-U22 il.l' Am IISUIWICE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE A COST TIH.T CORRESPONDS' TO YOUB DRIVING IDSTORY I JACK. BEllY 62&-6,194 JACD811ln STUDII OF : PIAIO 1 FOR THE SERIOUS. and giUell pupil. By appeintment. 243-8321. AUTO INSURANCE A. F. KU.BBmE. liS. I Before and after an a ccidea& 1201 MARION STREET' PHONE :!23-5531 4-CUT RATE PLUMBING C TBADIIIi POSt NU-TUB.S $1t.Sfl TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINXS & CABINETS WAT'ERHEATERS WASH BASINS, CLOSED ALL DAY WED. OpeD. Mea. 1'11ru Sat. 8-S. 3m E. B'WAY. Ph. 2 4 :t-24U JUN1QK EXECUTIVE HOME SPACIOUS 7 ROOMS. 3 '.Bedrooms, co11crete black on 2'/2 .' -----------"" corner I.U. I _DO_ _N_. -T-AAF--FE--_,--,.B-B--:0-:KER--_,.. ; ... S39t-1422 Cooperative Spiritualist l:llurda. US _S. Paclrwootl_ 3 BEDROOMS, Fl.ORIDAROOM, balk witll vaaiiy. Beatiful kitchen. Larg;e livilal roem. Con crete b l ock and volcaaie stone Pedect. eii!Bdilion. Near Sears, County 10 ml1lute lirive tQ De-W VA .Hos pital. $17,250, $116 amenth for 3iO moths at 7% interesi. in eludes principal,interests, and FHA modgag:e lallrraace. BAKER RF!AL 'l'Y 7.83& NORTH 4'1th STREET PHONE 988-1252. FIB IEH1 TWO 7 1 furnished apartments for rent. 1513 3rd Avenue. Utilities pait': 1 BEDROOM FURNISHED aprt. mewt. :nlS.! 12th Ave. CB build tng. paid. 25!:5151. rOB EIIT Cleaa PaiDW' s ....... 251-166 I SUNDAY 2:3.0 P. M. and Wed aesday P. M. and message senice. -Puhlic invited Le. t us hdp you. Spiritvalist Mecll:l11S. Rev. Earl Williams 254-'441: 1 Rev. Alift LeoDarll Kaipt K I I l : I FLA.. SEI'diEL WAiT ADS 'Rft RAID-, -FUREBAt DIRECTORS -WILSOR'S FUIIEilL HIM 3Ml ZSOl STP.EE:I' "'Oar :Bwsiaess Is Servke,. Plleses: 245-203! PICISLEY I'1IIDIL ll8ME :Mil! 2SOl STREET' As Im;.essJn As Jteqtdred As As DHinL Ph_,: 2ft-lUI or 247-315% SHADY GROVE SRIDY GlOVE TOMOBIOW SHADY GROVE MEMORIAL PARK Is plalllling a new eencept. of cemetery, prep.erty develo .pmeat to most af eur residets. SHADY GROVE will develop a series of .beautiful religious floral garlk:as with a Jarge cenbal fe-ature ill eada garden section. Something from the life o f' Cbl'ist or somethlltg ; from the Bible. The iadividual melllOrials wiD be of everlasting bronze with Mother Natues bealliiful greea. carpet covering tbe grave. An Inviting garden spot that breathes happy aad t. ell!l the story 91 life, net death. The autumn willds knA,P w;eU --the kaves will lal1 bat 110 man knews when the earth wiU clalm again tile das& Ia lea1tt for his creatiolt ; : : '-_ The r&ntelery L We are rorewr 4615 E. I .]. : ',_


; '1.t :, Fla. Senttnei-ISullenn rU 'I)DSnea every TueS: an' a r rl uet D<'im. Lt111tlOn '1;1' T Saturday, SeptemLer 16 1972 PAGE TWENTY-FOUR (Continued From Page 22) Memoriam TAMPA-In memory of Mrs. Ida Johnson who left us August 27, 1971. Mother, what joy it must be at the end of the road! Your pla ce in our hearts can never be filled We love you but God loved you best. Sadly missed by son and wife, James and Lucille Johnson and Johnson family, MEMORIAM Memoriam TA!\'IP A-In memory of Louis (;Bird) Johnson who passed away 5 years ago today. To have, to )ove, then to part, is the greatest sorrow of one's heart. Time goes by, but memo ries stay as near and dear as yesterday. Deep in our hearts, you are with ns yet, We loved you too much ever to forget. Yow family: Wife, Beatrice Johnson; mother .and father, Fred and Mattie Hartis; brother and wife, Otis and Sara JQhnson. Memoriam TAMPA In memory of Mrs. Pearlie "Babe" Walker, who passed away six years ago (Sep tember 14, 1966). Remembrance is a golden chain Death tries to break, but all in vain. To have to Jove, and then to part Is the greatest sorrow of one's heart. The years may wipe out man y things But or her they'll wipe out never, The memory of those happy days When we were aU together. TAiMPA-In memory of my Signed: Rev. Charlie Walker, darling husband, Henry earring husband; children and family. MEMORIAM. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA-The family of the late Fred Walden acknowledge with grateful appreciation to the neighbor s and friends for your kind expressions of sympathy in the passing of our love one, "special thanks to Rev. B. M, .Jones, Allen Temple A M E Church, Lily White Lodge No, J77, tibe Chancllliers, Wilson Funeral Ho.me. The Walden, Sander' Ware and Peterson families. -CARD OF THANKS TAMPA::....'lbe famJiy ol the.Iate' Mr. Wautls Enirlisli would like: to' thank all ol their friends and lleighbors for all acts ol kind ness shown to themj during our bereavement. Special thanks to Rev. G E. Jackson and Rev. M. Jones and. Wilson Funeral Home. Signed: Mrs. Bertha English and family. CARD OF. THANKS TAMPA-The family of the late Walter Albert Maxey wishes to express sincere thanks to the many neighbors and for their consideration shown to us in our time of bereavement. A special thanks to Bro. James L. Daniels and Wilson Fuderal Signed: Maxey and Dennis fam,ilies. New Traffic Signals Set For Downtown mt you're driving on 1-4 during I00tober and decide to take the !f\shley Street exit, don t be sur prts&d ill a series of blinking light& begin to give you tons on how fast you are to approach to stop or jlo. The new system being install ed it a traffic con trol device called Move-/Merge'' or .. Green Bend.'' It is designed to tell the motoris t just whet to ex.poot at the merging point of the exit alld wiJY' aHow him to slow down or !!,tOp within a .afe distance ... The li ghtsc' wi:ll ivlso instruct the motorist when it is Ws turn to make'1'entry on-to the road way without an acddent. Steve Tlndale, Assistant Traf flo Engineer (Systems Bran, ch), rel81tes that the sy stem has been tried iti Massachusetts with re markable success on roads with good iiesign and travel condi tions, The Street test is to ins -ure that the coffi ,pufer C 'Rn Young Women._ Fight,-Bite, But Press No Charges Police were called Tuesday to investigate a fight between a twen ty-one-year old woman and a flf. teen-year-old juvenile. Both rece ived bite bruises in the face. but neither would prosecute. Miss Eartha Lee Brown, 21, 4310 37th st., told the officer that she has bad problems with girl for sever-al weeks. She said the gid callelL her out of her house and hitting and 't>it ing her. Miss : }j rpwn was bitten on the nose. ', ''' The youager girl stated similar facts to the officer but said that Miss Brown started the fight. She was also bitten on the cheek and received scratches on the neck, according to a police report. Texan Shoots, Kills Daughter efif!jctiveJ.y operate on poorly con-H 0 U S T 0 N _:. '"'(iwendlyn ,structoo roads wher e there are Johnson, 12, left her house be:ibad driving conditions. cause her parents were having The City Council has given its an :argument. She returned later : approval for the in with her two sisters and a broth staNation. However, the ma chines er, but WJlS shot and killed at will no t be piaced into position the fornt door while try'ing to until final okay is received from enter the house. the. State Depa:rbment of Traf/. r ....___ lfic Salety' and 'the Federal Highway Administration. W -EEKEND ton who left us two years ago, Sept. 17, 1969. Darling I'll always chedsh your love. Our life was so beautiful together. Wife, Ruth Carrington; Son, Henry E. Carrington; Brother, Herbert Carrington; Sister, Mrs. Flossy Williams, TAMPA-In memory of .Mr. Lawrence Niblack who left us C I A L ** : Memoriam September 14, 1970. To your grave J always wonder, the flowers I place with, -care, Da rling no nne the heartache as-I turn a:nd leave you there. Goo you to his garden, he Jrnew needed rest, His ga'T-den 'must be beau tiful. He only t;tkes the best. SadlY mlssea by wjfe Marie Niblack; daughter, and grand" daughters. -MEMORIAM TAMPA-In memory of my beloved husband and fa_iher, Mr. G aines. who passed a way two years ago on Septem ber 13, 1970. Gone but not for gotten. Y.ou will always live in ou.r hearts. Sadly missed by your wife, Emma Gai nes and child ren. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA-The family of the late Mr. Wade A. Everett (Junior) extends their thanks to friends and neighbors TAMPA-In fo_nd of for the many acts, of kindness Claude R. Ruffm who passed. red d uring theloss of t\leir S eptember 17, 1969. ,_ one. .Special. to Beyond sunset, 0 glad re f her Laurence H1ggms, mem union, Wtth ou r dear loved ones bers: of St. Peters Claver Cat who've gone before; Jn that holic Church and to the Florida fair homeland we'll know no Morticians Association for their parting, We'll : be together servces rendered forever James (AIL) Everett and fam Elfa Ruffin, Wife and the Uy, Mrs. Hazel Derr and fam Oarke aaci Celllas families. fly. "THAT'S WilY SMART PEOPLE BUY ;'IT'S EASt TO PAY THE LARMON WAY" Open Friday Right 'Til 8 P .. FOR YOUR COHVERJENCE All For Only $399.95 }.IIJl.JtiJ:uJul 9M, ARMON1 1324 30 E. Broadway PHONE 247_ 4711 .your --BANKAMERICARD fOe IVUYlHING W.0 1M1 s-.


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