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.. I Mothers Seek To 'Unfair' .Treatment Of _East Bay .Students I wv All The News Fit To Print Sillhltiilrnrell Sentinel dvertisers Invite YOU AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY VOL. 25, NO, 80. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, 19, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS. Warrant Issued In Man's Death ---------------------Gwendolyn Melvin Weds Jerry Howard Gwendolyn Melvin and Jerry Howard were mar-borne Avenue. The Rev. F. G. Hilton, pastor of rled Sunday afternoon at the home of the bride's St. John Progressive Baptist Church, officiated. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Melvin, 4319 E. OS reception was held at the same f To Participate In Training Seminar In recent joint meetings wi; h the Mayor, MDA Office of Com munity Relations, Tampa Bay federal Personnel Council, and representatives of the various publio agencies who administer the manpower programs, a cot\ tept of a training for community businessmen w a 1 developed "here for the first time an op will be provided _for ustnessmen to become acquaml ed with the majority of the major tions by representatives of t he programs at one time and ooe Atlanta Regional Southeastern place. Manpower Planning Council. To carry out this idea the OfEach of the major fice of Community Relations and programs established in the Tam Tampa Bay Are a Personnel pa community will be the subject Council have arranged for a Busi. of a short presentation to more nessmen's Seminar to be conduct specifically place in context the ed on Oct. 11 in the Dome Audi programs available locally. torium of the l'yl:ain Tampa Publia About 200 businessmen will be Library, 900 N. Ashley. Included Invited to participate ln the semi in the program will be __ aar. SEE STORY ON PAGE 2Z... SEE STORY ON PAGE I Ex Wif,e Shoots Hubby, (SEE STORY ON PAGE 2) Tea(her In Tampa (SEE STORY ON PAGE 22) Ma n ,Bo,oke, d Molesting 19Yr.-Old (SEE STORY ON PAGE I)


PACE TWO Fla. 5entlnei-Bulletin Publi shed everr Tues. and Frf. Cet Bo t h E di(J ons T u es day !epteml)e r t 9 19 72 Tampa Family Asks $12,000 After Finding Grasshopper In Food '.A 'f!lB\Pil fllmily of who' f\lq{ld !! in C!l{l \l:f !IWPtV;h canned 'by the Del C o. filed suit last Wednesday ask ing a total of $12,000 in damages. :JI4rs. Emma Dean Johnson, son, Rayfield, and her mother, Mrs. L llv ie Cll\rk, all of 1553 M \\i n Street, !llli. d they we:re eating dinner on the ing of Febraury 24 when they fou. n d the gl'Rsa\1\l.pper. They became nauseated, ill a,nc;l have sustained mental and p,hysica,J 1\{lg:uis h flince the occurrance. Ti:le suit was filed through Atty. Stuart W Umbarger, sayiag the com pany was negligent. Mrs. Johnson, who at that time COURTHOUS E Assaults J ohn Henry Brock, 34, was ar rested for ag-gravated assault Sutiday ke out sheet rock between the ceiling and roof to enter the bui lding-. Mrs. Lewis told the officer t hat she could net deter mine w hat items were missing at the time o f .the r eport. The burglars bft via the front door A .22 ca lib e r r evolve r worth $1 5 and two pai-rs of pants wo.rth $H5 were r eported taken from a bedroom at 1G05 1Gt h St. Satur day. Mrs. JVIary Young, 25, owner m a de the rep.ort. Unkno wn su&j ,ects p ushed in an unlatch ed screen from the left 1ear bedroom wi ndow to gain entry to 2412 Massaehuette s Thursday. They teok a pai r o l white ho t parn.ts and a pair of h a n dmade corduroy pants worth $1 be l o n ging to Willie Davi s M r s. Alene Smith, 24., 507 S. Tampania, reported Thursday that unknow n subjeets. entere d her h o me through a window and left unobserved wi t h a black and white T V. worth $150. Thefts Malcolm S mith, 20, .C,61!7 E. 14th Avenue, took a ca:n of wax frQ\11 the lws,\\Hll\ 15flid !iJW was f;lready in 11 well\\llne\1 co n ditio n and requireq medical attention before she was able to eat. The suit contends that all 'three "have in the pas t and s h all continue in the future to seek m e dical care and attent ion and will suffer great and lasting menta l anguis ll, p,f!in and suffering. The suit th.at Mrs. Jo.h.ns(.IJ;J wiU 1'\\ll l.w to "foll\J,W he\' n\);rJ.l\al li:f e 1\nd and he.!! a loss of earnings and earning capacity" since the incid,elilt. D e l Monte was listed as a foFeign company li ce nsed to do business in the state of florida. CAPERS ........ ..-.-.. from the shelf of Lil: General, 3 011 Me lborne Way, and place d it under his belt and walked out. Smith was apprehended outside and arrested. The wax sells for 80 cents. J D. Dunnell, 38, ll46 Union St,, was parked in an alley be h ind 938 T wiggs Saturday mo.Fn. ing wh& n an unknow n suspec t h i t him o.n the head and took $60 fl'om his po c kets. The thief fled in an unknewn directien. M c Kenzie Hawkins, 36 2122 Chestnut St., was parked Thurs day at Schiro Brothers, E. Broadway, whe.re he works, and someone broke into his car and took a tape playe r worth $15, then fled the scene. Charles Thomas Jones 67, 3506 2 2nd St. was p atke d at 2109 W. Cypress Thurs day b e tween 12:3\l-3':20 whe n so m e un kno w n subject took his gol f bag containing clubs, balls, a ball retrie 'ver, a glove, a tewel, and a pair o.f s hoes Mr. Jones said the items were worth $15 6.5 0. Tink Benjamin, 31, 3 5 16 Sarah, parke d his pi ck-up truc k at Chipc o and 22nd St. Sunday and left it unlocked. An unidmtified subject removed his tool box voltage 1 'egulator, a se't of scr e w drivers two hammers and a pipe threader, tota l value $ 300, then left the scene. MisceU.neous Ron a ld Lawrence Reynold s ll8, 2921 31st A venue, was questioned by po"lic e concerning a disturbance ins i d e Mass Brothers, Northgate, and f ound_ to be in pos session of a mi sdemeanor amount m arijua n a he was charged for the offense. Kendric k Lee, 34, 312 N. Palm, Pahnetto Saturday for a traffie and the arresting of was s-topped at Armenia and fieeF f e und a gun on his p .ers on He was charged with carrying a c once a led weapon. Panther Pratt Gets Life LOS ANGELES -The forme r so-called d e puty defense minist e r of the Black Panther Party, El nier ( Ge ronimo) Pratt, 24, w a s se nt e n ce d yesterday to life m pri sonment f or the 1 968 robb ery murder of a woman school teac h er h ere Pratt, who shouted at the jury that t hey We.re "racist dogs" wh e n he was convicted iB July, aJre-ad y faces a prison te-r m of one to f i ve years on a conspir ac y co unt stemming from a gun bat tle with police at Panther head quartel!s in Lcs Angeles in 1969. Pratt was ac.:cused of lining up t he murder victim Mrs. Caroline Ols e n, 27, and her hu s band Ken ne t h 35, on a tennis court in 196& and shooting them after rob bing them of $35. O lsen, who survi ved the shooting, identifie d Pratt during the b i al Cash Emptied While B artender l(nocked Out !Leroy ?1' 1 1 1 N. Wth St., was a.t bi : s h()me over the weekend for aggravat e d assault following an attack on Willie Tim Brady, 71, at the Pyramie o. the il\,iiU' Y Brady W;l$ Q.\l.t Olf tk!g bar s om e one too; approximately $.23 0 from the cas h r egiste r he sai d A at the :Sar told the o-fficer that tfue two men live together and had an argument earlier in the da.y. ire for f-ceetiom. What possible ex}}la natio11 can there be for such seemingly ir rational b ehavior? When asked why they steal, they say, in ef fect, "Bad companions," "F'or excitement," or, I needed money." Yet, othe r youngsters fi n d nondelinque n t different kinds of excitement, and .other ways to make money. Are they indeed R ebe l s without a cause?" Certaililly there is no 1110re e vi dence i n favor of the netion that they are hostile to cenveritional values than that they are fo.r a nything. After aU, they not oihly steal; they curse; they destro-y p.rtl, pe-rty ma,licious ly; they philander; they create puWf : also, they Black Bias General: I I:J.a.III'FfS INDIANAPPOLIS An In d ianapol is black general says discrimination still exists in the Army, and "everything hm i hunky dory." .811'ig. Ha}Ty W. Brooks Jr. who th. e service in 1947, returned he-me Wednesday to recei ve a key to the city and tommili tary installatieos. "Then still is discriminati-on tn the mi litary," he said, but we're coming to grips wiith i t and hope we can solve it, not onl'y for blacks, but for all minorities in-cluding women.'' are insolent t o t eachers, po licemen., social wo.rkers, and any ome who n1ight show a interest in pxoblems, including a parent. Perhaps t hey rejec t conven tional va lues because, in terms of con-renhonal v a lues, they are f ailures. They went to the mov ies and learned that Ameriean men s hould have' convertibles and handsome dothes. The y also lea:rn. ed, as they g _ot into the teens, that thei:r prospects for legitimate-succ es s ,wer e poor. Somehow they had. been' deprived of the ehance to. ''gee ahead" and enjoy a luxu1 i ous style o f Ji:fe. Tiue, in Un-ite.U States, ev-en .slum are in no danger of starving. They are well o f f by comparisen 'with t h e poor Oif Indo China and Seutheast Asia. Resentment against a so cial system has l ittle to. do with the objectives de'privatio n s it im poses. Res.entment when deprivations are greater than peopl e believe they ought. to b e. In the United States,. where the idea is secial ascent, poor ctimbEl'smay be more p i tter than poor eaters in other societie!l, and paradoxic a lly, the cQ.nsiderable 'amount of upward mobility :in America increases rather than decreases the :resentment of tnose trapped at th; e bottom. Af ter ,all, it dramatiz-es their fail ure. Faced with the alternative oi'blaming themselves or of feeling.' ;robbed of theu. li>irthright, they prefer to believe i n justice. See you a ll next week! Vero Beach Man O..rged I Migrut < : (anap Stalalaing gARLISL.E, Pa. Willie Le e Th.IJ.mas, o, Vero Beach, was 'Charged with murder Sunday in 'the :fatal stabbing of Sel!'afin R. Mejias, 40, Homestead; Fta., at a migrant labor -camp near here .. Police said Thomas was held witliout in Cu mbuland County Jail after Mejias was pronounced dead on arrival at .warner Hospital in Get tysbUl:g, Pa. RitZ Adult Thea .tre I Enjoy the hesl in X Bated Films in cool comlortahle JSih and Broadway .. Adults 1 8 OR. O VER I S THE .RE A DOCT'OR I N THE HOUS ; E "AND SOME DOCTOR. H E WAS.'' ALSO THEATER CiAM\ES -ntE KiND YOU LJII, !0 W A 'fllL !i I


Tuesday, Septem'ber t9, t972 Fla. Sen1tinei-Bulletin Pu'blished every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PACE THREE Black City Council Candidate Loses By 25 Votes In Orla,ndo ORLANDO -Incumbent B i 11 vacation in North Carolina Ankney emerged the undisputed But Kennedy was there wit h his winner in the Orlando District 4 campaign manager, Fred John city council race Thursday after son dutifully tallying the results a reco unt vcte for challenger Ar-from each machi ne as Mrs. Ank thur "Pa;Jpy" Kennedy. ney read them off as they looked Kenned y demanded the recount over her shoulder. Wednesday after election returns, Althou gh only 14 machines re including absentee votes, gave rna ned to be counted Thursday, Ankney a slim 25-vote v;ctory. it appeared for a while the reBut when voting machines from count would be thwarted w h e n the final eight precincts were machine s from Precinct No. 8, checked Thursday afternoon, re-Broadway, United Methodist sults from election certificates Church could not be were found to be exact-Ankney Officials finally diS9overed the received 7,468 votes, Kennedy machines were still at the pre7,443. cinct waiting to be picked up, and No discrepancies were found in after some hasty arrangements the 134 machines checked earliH and a wait of nearly two hours, Wednesday the last machines were rolled into City C lerk Bill Stewart was the the county warehouse. only official at the final tally. Although Kennedy remarked at Commi s sioners Wally Sanderlin one point during the count, "I D o n Crenshaw, the other don't expect anyth'ng to change members of the city canvassing on these machines," he refused board, failed to show up for the to answer questions or make a count. statement, responding only with Also missing was Ankney, who a terse ''no comment." was represented by his wife. "I have no comment to make Mrs. Ankney said her husband today,'' Kennedy said T'J"' left Thursday for a much needed ing to sleep on It tonight I a!. ways come up with fresh ideas in the morning." Kennedy outpoUed Ankney in machine vote totals Tuesday, but a predaw n tally of absentee bal lots gave Ankney the edge. Kennedy based his unsuccessfd protest "on the possibility of hu man error." A foulup Tuesday night delayed city tabulations when worksheets from the pre dom ; nantly bla c k Eccleston Ele mentary School precinct (258) ap parently were thrown into a trash can by mistake. County Elections Supervisor Dixie Barber attributed the sna fu to exhausted poll workers and said Wednesday there was. "ab solutely no indication'' the results had been tampered with She and Orlando Mayor C a r 1 Langford l!!'reed there is no need for an investigation. The recount began Wednesday with officials moving from poll to poll check ing results. By Thurs day afternoon, the remaining rna chines had been collected at the county warehouse. on Whitcomb ,Booked For Molesting 19Yea,r-Oid While a 34-year-old man proc eeded to criminally molest a Hl-year-old youag woman in an alley near Chi.pco early Sunday morning, one neighbor who heard her screams called police w'hi1e another watched television. The witness Who got a good l co k at the victim and her at tacker said the woman' s scream ing woke 'him about 2 a m., so he look e d out his bedroom win dow and sa w the pair iu the alley. He went outside, saw Clearly the man's attack on the woman then went back inside and watched television. Anot!her couple in the area Road. Five locked precincts delayed final tabuiations Wednesday night when no one could be located to open the doors. Stewart. s a i d Thursday, "We could have gotten them all last night but would have taken hours and we were all tired. Everyone agreed to wait until today heard the screaming and though they did not see the incident, called police to investigate. The officers reponed that the!Y BTrived at the s cene C hi.pco and 31st St., and observed a '70 Olds mobile parke d iu the alley. As they approached the_ car tfuey could see the SUSIPeCt in the pro cess of raping the woman. Upon seeing the officers, the man stop ped and got dresse d Ero.est L. Balkman, 34, E. North Bay, told the offLcers that he picked the woman up at The Rabbit's Foot Bar, ;!!9th St. and E. Lake, and oilfered her money to go wiih him, to which she agreed. He said he drove !her str-ight to the alley The woman was questioned, and tearfully told tJhe officer she did not know where the man g .(}t her from and w hen he started to attack her she started to scream and continued -to scream until th-l!ly arrived. The officer added_ the young woman had been drinking. --------------------------------------------------/ 'More -serVIces .than the Baltimore Colts -. _,"', ------: ... have play&, "To be a consistent winner, you have to findi-ng ways to improve yourself .. whether your business Is pro fqotball c?r banking. No coach '\ would ever be satisfied with an ordinary, average, run-of-the-mill player. You shouldn't be satisfied with anything less than the leader in bank ing. The First National Bank of Tampa offers you as services as the Baltimore Colts have plays. Everything from Bank-by-Mail to Equipment .. When it comes to banking, ) Natronal has the look of the leader. And that's from one old pro to another." Tom Matte/Baltimore Colts Running Back THE FIRST nATIOnAL BAnK OF TAmPA -n-tEOlDPRO


PAGE FOUR _Fla. S.ntbaei-Bulletln Published every Tues. and f'rl. Both Edition 'l'uesday, !epteml,er 19, 1972 ---------------------------------Publi she d every Tuesday and Friday. by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pubo lishing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida -33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. Eiecptive Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vice President-ProductiOJI )IRS. Jl.OSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Vice President-Advertising BAYW ARD BRADY Vice President-Public Relations Second class postage paid at Tampa, -Florida SUBSCRiPTION RATES $ G.SO Per Year One Edition. $iZ.SO Per Year Both Editions. Chaos At Olympics The Munich Olym:pics h a II long be remembered for the trag compounded by scores of questio-nable decisions and noic utterances. The slaughtermg of the 11 young Israeli athletes f;,y a gang of P ales'tinian terror ists was 'the most heinous ac t on the arena of the historic body. of competing sportsmen. The lntem'ational Olympic.s Commilbtee, under senile presi dent Avery Brundage, can hardly escape. the criticism of its inep t management of the .01YIY:l p iad. So many ?f the m various categorres were Impeach able that no doubts were left in the minds of the spectators that noll much care was e:x;ercised the selections of 'the. OlympIC judges. The most outrageous amon, g a succession of patent errors, was the banning from 'a11 future Olympics of 'two black a thletes, .one who had just won a g o I d medal in the 400-meter dash, -Vincent Mat,thews, and the other, Wayne Collett, the silver medal ist in the event. They were ex pelled because they did not the flag during the playing of the Star Spangled B a nne r .. Y e;t, couple of days before 1thts mel 'dent Dave W ottle forgot to take off his cap and got by w ith the explanation that "1 forgot.''. Wot tle also the bannmg of Matthews and Collet t as We beHeve most Macks in the United States love their country above all others, buf wan1 t to see continued improvements in hous ing e conomics, poHtics and spo'rts. We also believe that the flag and anthem ceremony at aport even'ts is a foolish-prac'hce that has no justif,ication ei,ther in logic or in patriotim. Such ex hibitionism, especially at Olym pic Games ,js at variance with the spirjt and aim of the Gam e.s, which st>and for brotherhood m s 'tead of national rivalry. The judging of the d i v i n g evenltS, the dea:ths of 'the Israelis, the controversial ruling against the U S. in -the basketball competUion, the taking away of the Gold Med,al of a '16-year-old Cali lend credence to our _be lief the U. S : does not stand In good internationally. And the decis ; ion to oust the two llack a thletea from all fut-ure I'RE$1DNT_NIXON CONSIDERS IT WRON6 TO 8U5 CHIL.IJRN FROM THEIR WHEN THEY COULD WALK TO A SCHOOL IN THEIR "THE NIXOR YEARS-CHANGE WITlOUT CIIAOS" .JUST TURN BACK THE CLOCK competi,tiona under the auspices of the lnltern, aavid Reese, reporter.


lf'uesday, Septem'Ler 19, 1972 Fla. Sealhie1-Bulletra PuLUshed every Tues. -and Frt Cet Both Eclitl.PACE FIVK AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD BRADY, In the second week of the Fannie Copeiand, TIA employee sounds of 'TOUCHDOW!NS'' across told of her "Metropolitan Cllorus" our high schools circuits, some of of which Mr. Jessie Higdon js my young guys from the Carver president, being invited to Vero Cizy-Lincoln Gardens areas like Beach to sing on a program. Told Al Sims Greg Trigg, Ed Sims, Mi-s. Copeland to say hello to my John Trigg, Hayward L. Brady, niece, the former Hazel Barnes Jr., Leon Foster, Ted Johnson, and hubby, Harry Hudson, if she Joe McFadden, Lamarcus Larmeets 'em: Come to find out Hazel ry, Lester Lewis, SteveStephens, and Harry Hudson were amorig Rancr.y Ru cker, Mark Dosal, Tim the folks of Vero Beach invitirig Smith, Odell Allen, James Clark, them to sing at their church Mt. and Leroy Staley, among others, Zion AME. Still a small woRd will find themselves led by Coach isn't it? es Abe Brown, Clarence 'White, From the other side of t h e JacolY Jackson Pop Cuesta, Ray world, just learned from a work Perez, and Sanford of Jeffering mate the newest movie house son Hi "Dragons" into rc; mgh downtown "TOM :CAT & PUSSY combat territory of Coaches Billy CAT,"are or interest in according Turner, Billy Reed and Al Barnes, to what side of the fence you're Hillsboro Hi "Terriers", led by on guys like Mike Heath, Billy Bul As of last week the top tune lock, Ricky Rivas, Bobby Arce, around the town was Simon's Ike Williams, John Q:unter -a' n d "PQWER OF LOVE''. Lawrence Gottman, among others, Mrs. Raynell Goodman, one of who'll trying to keep "Dra our cafeteria employees at m, gofts" from fire-whipping 'em will be among Tampans traveling at their dog-house. to Tallahassee (F AMU) to see Over the years, Coach Brown's how Coach Jim: Williams gontia teams (at Blake Hi) have had go his thing against North Caro pretty good success in the Ter lina A&T College. Plus Raynell,'s riersl and. Still one Hillsboro JU Ear-l Goodman, Jr., the ex fan writes-" Tell all the Terriers Leto Hi star and orie of my most bite hard, but fair at' home and liked young guys, will be playawa y from 'their compbunds,'''but ing ,.., i f y ou're in gC?Od shape (including Was grate ful tO the church tetanus shots) recovery t a k !(_ s workirig advice given me by Mrs. only a few -days/' Well, to th1s Sallye Crosby. let' s just say we shall see (or Jerome Thomas, ex-TCH grid read) what we shall (or read). star,_ home on Navy from TAMPA CITY POLICEMEN new base in Boston; Mass ARE HUMAN. Like the other Airman LeWis 1\'IcCasklll, form day, two C;lught me_ guilty of a er !Blake Hi swim team captain's bit of non-proper" driving, gave home on leave from E lgin AiFB, me a mild warning-lecture and Fla.,. with next assignment -re thanked me for some of my ways portedly being in Turkey. I've tried over the years to make There're more blacks playing their job a -bit easier. Yeah, they college quarterback this year than were white even "John Saw". r HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN prom AJJ the first week of high shoot lse of the "BEST DRESSEID WDfootball passes, Clannie (45) MIDN" around the town. After all Green, the young, ''Olde Bro" writings like that not only take running back of Robinson Wgh's time, but nerve too! Knights Is the most' tp}lted about. JETS HERE 'N THERE Good to see my part-time house Had nice chat with well known guy, J. C. BO'leman, got those sportsman along t h e Belmont TCH Crusaders off a n d rolling Heights-West Tampa parts of with two TID passes In the. second town, Robert "Bob" DiioD, th' ball against the East Bay In other A.M. The former high diana. Bet J011eph C., Sr. and &chool football star during our mother, Hazel Bozel Bozeman, '62-63 era informed me of now be liked this action too. -ing employed by Commercial Car.JOHN DAWSON wa1 On. visit l'iers Corp. And Db:on told of also with mother Mrs. Penny Dawson, enjoying his check-outs of this of N Bay St., and family ln corner when he's around the eluding sisters, Mrs. Elaora John town IOD, Miu Margaret DawsOD, Miss Former MacDill AFB airman Millie Dawson and brother, Ru from washington, D. c., SFC dolph Dawson, from Washingtoll,, (E-7) "Bill" Harley, was C where he's a Government talked with the other morning as WERE THE LA he was getting set to take one of DIES OF THE LAS DAMAS SO my Whisperjets headed back t.9 his new base, Ft'. Hood, Texas, CIAL AND CIVIC CLUB returning where this writer got his thirty to their fall season of activities day Korean War training and Ko starting with last week's meet rean War discharge. Sgt. Harley lng by Mrs. Mariha F. says he's to resume his Mobley of Habana St with club boxing career next month prexy Mrs. Eunice L. Stokes, presiding. Officers and members Mrs. Vermeil zanden, a for.mer working at the George of this organization of charming Washington Hotel, Ocean City, 'n fashionable town beauties are Md. whom the writer hadn't seen Coretha Argo, Dahlia Flor since 1953 recognized me at TIA ence Blair. Marl!'aret J. Brady, from the flick in the Sentinel tbo. Laura Fuller, lJIIian qard''IIer, Emina Hendrix, Martha Ken11edy, Vermeil told of having returned Para Lee Lazarus, Edith Meteye, to college, taught in Mi Ida Nix, Daisy Sweeting an tl ami, but presently living in Ru bonia, Fla. where her mother Mrs. Irma Young. Rokaner Williams is a bit under SEE YAU LATER the weather Mrs. Zanders also told of .1\frs. Dolle Dean being our Senitnel Bulletin circulat i on agent in Rubonia. Have to visit these fine folks when we get' a flight stopping off there .. Speaking of flights, Lawrence Hamilton, who had been visiting his mother from up Newark, N. J. way where he's owner of t h e Springfield Ave. Ballber Shop, says they're now building an air port in Newark just like the one we have Talk about a coincidence, Mrs. Gospel Mission Prayer Band Deacon Lonnie Simmons, Pres, Mra, W. B. Pickette, Re1pt. The Gospel Mission Prayer Band will meet Wednesday ev, ening at 7:30 at tlwl home of J, W. Lofton, 4021 LaSall. St. Let ua aU rememlber th sick and shut-ins. Visitora are welcome at all times. Uly White News riEATHS The fl,Uleral of Mr. Sam Nixon, a member of Lily White Lodge of Frostproof, No. 106, was held Sunday from Gause Funeral Home in Mr. Will Jackson rep resented the grand assembly. The funeral of Mrs. Anna Jack son, a meml;!er of Lily White Lodge No. 7, was held Saturday from Bethlehem Bapt Church of Brooksville. Mrs. Grace A. Ben nett represented the grand aS: sernbly. --Merritt lslaQd Presiding Elder John L. Wal lace held his 4th quarterly con ference at Mt. Olive AME Church of which Rev. C. B. 'Berry is pastor, Sunday at 3, the pastor was in charge of the devotional service and theNo. 2 choir furnished the m usic. ; Mrs. Lottie Lovett served as organist and prayer was offered by. Mr. Manor Curry. Rev Wal lace delivered the message. All boards made written and financial repOrts. One member left and one passed. All assesments were paid in full. The funeral of Mrs. Ella F. Taylor was held Saturday at 2 at Mt. Olive. Mrs. Enda Mae Holt and Mrs. Marior Curry are confined to the hospital. Miss Ruth Mass left Sept. 1() to enter Florida State University to study 'for her.JB : S. degree. Mrs. Sarah Devine, Rept' lmmoka[ee Services were spiritually high throughout.: the day Sunday at all churches in the community beginning with S. S, with the supts. and teachers at their post. Other services were large ly attended. On the sick list: Mrs. Rose Houston, Miss R. Fraizer, Mrs. Willie M. Wilcox and Mrs. Rosa .Stromon. The funeral of the late Mrs. Mary Foster waa_ held Sunday at the Triump Church of The funeral of the late Mr. James Johnson 1 is inc omplete at this time. The Church ofGod held their !program Sun!lay at 8 with all churches of the city participating. The revival meeting began at First Baptist Church Mon" day night. Preaching will begin Sept. 25. Views :Of Progress Village By lRA LEE ENNIS :. Phone 677-1310 Get well wishes are el(tended w Village beautician, MTs. M ar tha Wade of 'Fir Drive who is confined' to Tamipa General Hospital, Mrs. Ethel Nix stirred a packed Women's DSiY audience at !First Baptist Church <>f Pro gress Village on Sunday morning. She used as her subject "Thi' Fellowship of A Pray ing Christian Woman" whi ch was taken !from the book of Esther. Mrs. Ni.x was introduced by Mrs. A dell Pease. Music was furnished by the Ul!l ited Fellowship Chorus. Mrs Ros alie Harris was Pre siding Officer for the morning service Many other women ot_ the village and the city partici pated in both services : Mrs. Nix provided all With s : piritual ful filment and thoughts to remember. Hopes are for a speedy re for ooo of th&-Village's popular young men, Mr. Horaca !Baity who was injured in all automobile a ccident on -Thursday evening. Horace, son of Mr. and !Mrs. {Barbara) :Baity of 82nd st. is ex pected to enter ri'amiPa General Hospitalearly this week. J unior Girl Scout, Troop No. '100,_ will meet on Wednesday 5 p m. at the Progress Villaga Civic Center. Mrs Marjorie Anderson is Troop Leader. / 'Brownie Scouts will meet Thursday 4 :30 p.m. at the Oivic Center. The Scout Troops and !Mother's Olub are {{)r donations of Sofas, chairs, table lamps, ead tables and etc, Anyone havin g such donations may call Mrs ; Wilma Bouglt at 677-45\1.75 for pick-wp The pl1l'lpose of these articles are to decorate the Progress Village Civic Center. Your do nations for this project will ba greatly appreciated. ,, Rev.H. Nichols, pastor, and Ml's. Mary Townsend, Rept. .__, ____ .._ __ ___________ ,..,.. ... .,.


PAGE SIX Fla. SenHn,el-Bulletin Pu'blisliecl every Tues. ancl Frt Cet Both Edaioni Tuesday, !eptem'ber 19, 1972 -------HAND-BLOCKED PRINTS SYMBOLIZE PEACE AND LOVE FASHION SHOW NARRATOR Jamaican models show 'Ras' Lloyd Young's aew hand-blocked prints syinboHzlng the 'Peace and credo of Jamaica's Rastafarian sect. R.as Young wears one of his awn Hallie Selassie shirts and characteristic knitted cap. His bOutique Is In Kingston, but Rasta fashions may be found all over Jamaica today. ATTEND CONFERENCE IN GEORGIA The Rev. C W. Walker of Odessa, the Rev. A. J. Richardson Sr. and Herbert C. Richardson of St. Petersburg recently motored to Americus Georgia to hear the Rev. A. J. Richardson, Jr. deliv e r t he Educational Sermon duriHg the Southwes t Georgia C onference of t he A M E Church He is their grandson, son and brother, respectively. The y later journyed on to Ft. Valley to visit Rev Walker s brother, Roscoe Walker and family. MUSICALE On Friday even i ng at 8 o clock the Junior Choir of Highland Miss i onary Baptist C hurch .Is sponsoring a musicale. Several special gro ups have been i nvited MRS. MORG.AN PASSES IN QUINCY s y mpathy to the family of Mrs. Rosa Morgan for whom funeral 15erv ices were held Saturda y in Quincy She was the aunt of Arluster Morgan of Tampa ; OPEN HOUSE The Tampa Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of tatterDay Sain t s w ill spo nsor an Open House on October 3 at 408 Cay uga. All in te r este d people in the community are invited to attend anytims b e tween the hours of 7 and 9 p m. ViS ITS AUNT Edd ie G i bson, Jr. has returned to his home in Willis ton after a bedside visi t w i th his aunt Mrs. Ozella M. Gibson 1302 N. Armenia, who has been confined in St. Joseph s Hospital. RETURNS TO TALLADEGA Miss Johna Andrews, eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Andrews left Thursday for Talladega College. Miss And rewa, a 5 -year music major, will give her music recital in the Spring and will grad u ate in June She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. WOMEN' S DAY C OMMITTEES SELECTED Plans have been c o mpleted for the annual observance of Women's Day a t Allen Te)'!lple A M .E. Church on October 8 Mrs. Elfa Ruffin i s t he general chairman Mrs. Mimlie Mitchell and Mrs. Roberta Frierson are the co-chairmen. Mrs. Cora B : Larkins was selected to serve as t he coordinator of acti v ities again this year. Comini-ttee chairmen and members are as follows: U s hers: Mrs Ruby White, chairman Mrs. Edith Sullivan / and Mrs. Margaret Brady. Decorations and refreshments: Miss Beulah Gansey chairman, Mrs. Lula Flo y d, Mrs. Rebecca Riser Mrs Helen Williams Mrs. Emma Warren, Mrs. Lillian Simmons, Mrs. Estella Avery, Mrs. Eliza beth Tyler and Mrs. Alma McNeal. A d s-Memoriams : Mrs. Sally B. Crosby chai r man, Mrs Roberta Frie r son, Mrs. Fann ie Jackson, and Mrs. Cora Larkins. Pal r o ns : Mrs. Lula Stokes chairman, Mrs. Jo Ann Daniels, Mrs. lola McCloud and Mrs. Eula Williams. M us i c : Mrs. Catherine McCray, chairman Mrs. lola McCloud, Mrs. Charlie M. Ebans and Mrs. Cora Larjdns. C orona t ion: Mrs. Larkins chairman Mrs Rebecca Clarke Mrs. Lill i e Hous ton, Mrs. Irene Thomas Mrs. Velma Wilson Mrs Carey Ridgell Mrs. Josephine Brown, Mrs. Ondria Hunter and Mrs. Aretha Sn e lling. Publicity: Mrs. Thelma Holloway, chairman Mrs : Rebecca Clarke M r s Thelma Richardson Mrs. Eula Williams Mrs. Fannie Jackson, Mrs. Rebecca Green, Mrs. Josephine Brown Mrs. Pauline Barnes, and Mrs. Catherine Johnson. P r ogram : Mrs. Elfa Ruffin Mrs. Minnie Mitchell, Mrs. Roberta Frierson, Mrs. Thelma Benton and Mrs. Hazel B. Nelson. Sunday School : Mrs. Thelma Benton, chairman Mrs. Celeste Jtodgets and MJ;I. Eunice Rawls. 'ihe wiil meet at 8 p.m Wedn('!sday in the lower unit of lbe ehurch (Continued on Page 7) Enters Doctoral Program REV & A. J. RICHARDSON, JR. The Rev A J Rie!hardson Jr. will enter the STD (Doctor of Theolog y ) program. this fall, sponsor e d by the Theologic a l Association at Emory University. The young m inister ls a 1005 graduate Of Middleton Senior High and received the BA degree in Philosoph(V and Religion from Florida A and M University in HNlS. In Jufte of this year, the .Master of Divinity Degree was conferred upon .him lfrom the [nte rdenominational Theol o gical Center at Atlanta, Georgia ; at which time he was redpient of the James H. Clark !Preaching Award. He Is the son of Rev and Mrs. A J Richard son, Sr., of M't. Zion A. M. E. !Church, St. Peterslbur g al!ld is m /arried t o t h e former Connie Speights R.N of '11hey h ave a daughter, Monique [Renee : Currently, he is pastor of histo r ic Wlr.l yrs. old) St. John s AME Church, Columbus, Georgia Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 Eddie Rolle Pres ident Gwendolyn C. Hayes, Rept. '11he No. 2 C hoir of New Mt. Zion M. B Churc h, Rev. B. J. Jone s pa stor wiU have regular rehearsal tonight ( Tues ) at the c hurch beginning at 8 p m. The president i s ask, ing that all mem 'bers be present and on time. iMem)lers are al s o that you must attend at least two meetings per month 'In '"'order to serve the flr s t Sunday of the montb. A fashion show pravided entertainment at the buffet and coronation given by Las Amigas Social Club. The narrator was Mrs. Curtiss She aiso presented members of the organization and announc!!d the ne.w queen hlnts ROSALIE -'SCOTT, STAFf; ASSISTANT BY (}nO/ig CARNATION HOME sERVICE" DIRECTOR Hearty and wholesome Hamburger Rice and Corri Cassetole-'is the economical answer to cold weather meals. Velvetized evapOrated milk Olends with onion, :Peppers and ground beef for a tender and flavorful ineat layer that bakes atop corn, rice arid a tomato sauce mixture. Economical, nutritious and delicious; this casserole is meals in one HAMBURGER RICE AND CORN CASSEROLE (Makes 6 servings) 2 cups (1 pound 1-ounce 1 cup undiluted Carnation can) whole kernel corn Evaporated Milk 1 cup uncooked converted 3_4 cup chopped oni on rice 3,4 cup chopped green % CUP reserved corn liquid I pepper 2 cups (two 8-ounce cans) 3_4 teaspoon pepper tomato sauce V:! teaspoon basil 2 teaspoc)ns salt 3 slices process American 11,4 teaspoons oregano cheese 1 '12 pounds ground chuck Drain corn; reserve % cup liquid. $prinkle rice in .bottom of buttered 12 x 7 % x 2 -inch b aking dish. Spoon corn even. Jy over rice. Combine corn liquid, tomato sauce, t e a s poon salt and tea s poon ore g a no. Pour tomat o sauce mixture over corn. Combine ground chuck, evaporated milk, onion, green p epper, pepper, basil, remaining teaspoo ns s alt and remaining teMpoon o r egano i-n bowl. Mix well. Spread meat mixture on waxed pape_ r making 12 x 7 % -inch rect angle. Divide meat into 8 rectangles. Using large spatula, place rectangles on top of sauce in baking dish. Spread lightly to join into one rectangle. Cover with foil Bake In moderate-oven-(875 F.) .f30 'In inutes,, Remove foi1 4 bake 30 ;-:: ----minutes 'longer. Cut cheese siices in half dlagona!l y Place meat. Return to oven until cheese melts.


'l'uesc;fay, September 1972 :. Fla Senilnei-Bulletln Tue-s. lind Fri. Both .. ... Wee Bankers Club Will Sponsor A Luau Members of the Wee Bankers Social Club will give a Hawaiian Luau Saturday evening at 8 :30 at the Armettia Temple, 2717 18th Avenue. There will be fun and delicious food, and the proceeds will be given to the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation. Tickets may be purchased from the members. Pictured from left to right are Mrs. Bertha Dun can, president; Mrs. Ann Gregory, Mrs. Hattie White sinking fund treasurer; Mrs. Bessie Sims, Mrs. Mamie Johnson, recording secretary; Mrs. Estella Vinson vice president; Mrs. Bertha Wilson, financial secretary; and Mrs Sarah. Stewart, treasurer. Members not pic tured are Mrs: Susie Hicks, Mrs.' Katie Morgan, reo porter; Mrs. Laura McCall Ways and Means chalmans Mrs. Ann Marshilll cha plain ; Mrs. Ruth Jordon, bus i ness manager;" and Mrs. Doris Nance. PARTY TO BENEFIT" CONTEST ANT .Saturday night at the Ameri<;an Legion affair is a benefit party' for Mrs. Fashion ette (Mrs. Mary C. Mrs. ; Ellenwood is one or" the contestantS: 'in tlie Mr." Mrs. Social Club co .ntest )Vbich terminates October 7 at Ft. SEPT. 23-iLuau at Armettia Temple, sponsored by Wee Banker So cial Club, 8 :30 P.M. SEPT. 23-St. John M: B Church Fellowship Banquet, Potter Ele mentary Scliool, 7 P. M. SEPT. 24-New Salem P. B. Church Youth Coronation, Curtis H ixon Auditorium 7 P. M SEPT. 24-Women's Day, First Baptist 1Church, Keystone. SEPT. 24-Youth Day, St. Matthew M. B Church, Sulphur Spring s, SEPT. 24-Men's Day; St. James AME Church, Progress Village SEPT. Carnival and Songfest, St. John M. B Church, 12 noon OCT. Concert, St John M. B. Church, 8 P. M. OCT 7-"Mr. and Mr s. Social Club" Coronation, Ft. Hesterly Ar mory, 10 P. M. OCT. S--Women's Day, Allen Temple Al\IE Church. OCT S--Fellowship Day, St. John 1\l. B. Church. OCT S--Non Pariels Annual Bottine and Soulier, International Inn, 6-9 P.M. OCT. 8--Women's Home Missionary Anniversary Observance High land M. B Church OCT : Day, Greater Morning Star M. B. Church OCT. 29-Men's Day, Mt Sinal A.M.E. C hurch 11 A. M 8CT. 29-Missionary Day, Pleasant Chapel AME Church. OCT ,-31-Tampa : Urban League spolfsm;!' Ebony. Fashion Fair, Curtll Dixon Auditorium I P M. : "':lr' ;J i'! ,;;-t'-';1 3:i r ill .l ;.,j 1-i;:1 lr.: New Jerusalem P. B. 301 Highway, North THONOTOSASSA Rev. James Higdon, Pastor Mrs. Hall, Reporter Revival services began last night at New Jerusalem and Rev. George wilson from Talla hassee. will be preaching all of this w eek. S. S. will begin at 9:15 with the sup( Dea con R. R. H:all "in charge. The l ess on will be re viewed by-the pastor. Morning service will begin at 11 with the dea cons in charge ofd evotio n. The sermon will be d e livered by the pastor. Evening service will begin at 6 with the same order of service. The sermon will again be delivered by the pastor. Committee On Black Affairs The Committee on Black Affairs .. will m_eet Wedn es day, Sept. 20th at the Sugar Shack, 23'00 N. Oregori in West Tampa. Tne meeting will begin at 7 P. M. All community problems will be discussed therefore it is im portant that all interested per sons be present to solve all problems pertaining to Black peo ple. George Edgecomb is chairman and Louis Pimienta i s pubiic relation chairman. Pughsley Chorus Mrs. Louise Bolden, Pres. Mis s Hazel Petty, Reporter _The Pughsley Memorial Chorus will have rehearsal Thursday ni"ght at 8 at the hom e of Mrs. Fedonia Hill 2&17 E Lake Ave. All members are asked to be !Present and on time. lacoochee Services at Mt. Moriah Bapt. Church began with Sunday sch00l with the supt. and teachers at their posts Tlie lesson was re viewed by the pastor, Rev: L. Waddell. Mornin g services began at 11 with the deacons and officers in charge of devotion. The sermon was delivered by Rev. L. H. King of Clewiston Rev. K ing and his congregation will be with us on the third Sun day In October. At this servica we will have our mortgage burn ing ceremony. Dinner will served. Re v. L Waddell, pastor and 'oaisy repL \ .. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Continued From Page 6) FORMER TAl\'IPAN HEADS NURSING STAFF Former Tamp!m Lee Lovett is nursing supervisor of the acute care unit in the new wing of Sierra View Hospital .Porterville, California. He' is the former head nurse of the emergenc y room of St. Joseph's in Tamp_ a : ,.. ,. l\lr, Lovt:.tt attended 'Middleton High School, but .rece i ved his hi gh school diploma in Miami. He is the broth e r of Mrs. Ber!ha Comer, Miss Margie Lovett, Andrew Lovett and Mrs. Evelyn Scott, all of Tampa. HERE FR.OM JACKSONVILLE Mrs. Amy Stewart Currie has returned to her home in Jac kson ville aft e r visiting her son, Samuel Currie, Jr., Mr s Currie and the three girls, Alice,-Susie and. Mary at their new home in May fair Court. Mrs. Ctlrrie is a member of a pioneer Jacksonville family and a retired teacher. Many Tampans remember her brother, the late Bob Stewart, an officer of Afro-Amer ican Insuranc e Company. : ANNUAL BANQUET Moses Grand Lodge and Marion Anderson Grand Chapter will have their. annual banquet on Saturday evening at ?:30 at the D;Dwn town Holiday Inn, 111 W. Fortune Street. Mrs. Euni ce Young is the Grand Matron. VISITS SISTER Mrs. Rosa Lee Geathe.rs spen t the weekend in Jac ksonvill e with her sister, Mrs. l\lary Gibson, who \vill enter the hOspital on Wed nesday. (Continued on Pag e 8) Paid GOSPEL. COMMENTATOR ON WSOL HENRY BROWN Henry Brown Is the new commentator on WSOL for the all new tospel radio program entitled, "The Soulful every morning from 7-7:30 A.M. and Sunday 'Jf-9m Everyone II cordlaH1 invited to tu!' iii.


_. Fla. Se.uitlnei-Bulletin Published enry Tues. and Frt. Get Both Editiou Tuesday, SeptemNI' 19, 1S72 PACE EIGHT Treatment Of East Bay Students NIGHT BEAT By MARTHA WHITE Sentinel Staff Writer A group of black Progress Vil lage mothers of suspended and JJrrested East Bay High School r;tudents began early Monday m o rning trying to get the facts within the story that begins, "White and fighting to gether and ends "black student arrested." Mrs. Annie Lee Powell, Mrs. Lucille Valines, Mrs. Lula Mae H ern andez and Mrs. Irene Mar tin started their ,day long trek at th e school whe.re, after a while of waiting, they met with the dean of boys and the principal wh o told them a different story conc e rning the boys' suspensions and referrals to juvenile court. The original story began at 6:55 'l'ue s day morning, shortly after the students arrived on campus. The mothers could not furni.>h the facts as to how the fight started and con t ends that their sons don t really know either. The boys said that when they noticed what was happening large gro ups of bla c ks and whites were fig ht i ng all over the halls. Two b lack y ouths, one arreste d Tuesday morning, furnished po lice with names of five boys who allegedly started the ruckus. All were -detained on the testim<>ny given by the se bo,ys. who police called eye-witnesses. The fifth an adult. Wednesday morning, the boys reported to school as usual and attended classes all day. They were arrested by Sheriff's Depu t;es the following day on charges of aggravated assault with a student as the complainant One thing that unnerved 'he mothers is the fact that they were notified of the incident by au thorities after their sons were ar rested and lodged in a juvenile home, where they spent the night. Mrs. Martin said she was called at 10:30 and told that her teenager was at Lake Madgalene Juvenile Home. Confusion came up during the continued discussion of the incl dent. One white youth, allegedly beaten at a football game, is re portedly in the hospital in critical condition suffering from broken ribs and internal injuries. None of the four juveniles were at that game, according to the mothers, but someone mentioned to them that they were charged with the assault upon him. The youth that the boys told their parents they fought w it h wasn't injured to an extent that required hospitalization. School officials suspended the boys for ten : days but after a hearing held last Friday morning, the judge told the parents they could not send the boys to sehoul until after they are tried for ag gravated assault They were then released in the custody of their parents. The concerned mothers main tained that their purpose is not to start a riot, nor is )t to worsen race relations. "But, we are in terested in our children gettir.g treated fairly in all respects," they said One mother said she is worried about an aggravated assault charge haunting her son the rest of his life. Another said the ironic thing in the whole situation is the fact that several blacks and whites were all fighting at the same time but only the black kids were taken into custody. Hillsborough County Major Wal ter Heinrich said there had been no incidents at the school so far this week nor have any addi tional arrests been made. But, he said seven cases are pending investigation by the def)uty who investigated the initial assaults. The sher iff' s office also stated that the blacks were lll!'rested because they were accused beating one white youth. He add ed that one of the Progress Vil lage mothers said her son was hurt during the disruption and s he was urged to file a com plaint. The white mother filed a complaint, and thus the investi gation and arrests of the bla c k youths followed The mothers have secured the .h elp of an attorney to represent their sons at the trial for which no date has been set. .student is 17 and will be tried as ---------.. -------CLEARWATER NEWS A. D. ELLIS, Reporter "Faith is the chasm of despair on which the loads of Heaven s blessing ride earthward." Sunday was "Family Day" at St. Matthew First Bapt Church. During the morning worship a special messag e was d e livered by the pastor, Rev. P E. Dav en port, to those in attendance. The juniors were in charge of ser vices dur in g the entire day. Our hats are off to the youth of today, who b y ways and ac tion s, have not forgotten the bridge that took them over to the other side" and are clinging to the fact that God is the answer to all of their problems. The eity wide miSSion c on vened at the St. John P B. Church on Sunday afternoon, with the of churches present -and taking activs parts on the pro gram. Mrs. Lillie Brooks spear heads this auxiliary as president, and urges your attendance onl'e per month (each third Sunday afternoon) at one of the local MIRRORS OF SOCIETY 87 BEVERLY (Continued From Pare 7) Miss Janice Byers, daughter of Mrs. Wallllne Byers and James Byers, returned to Talladega College on Thursday. A graduate of Plant, Mits Byers is a senior and a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. DINNER GUESTS Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Broadnn: on Sunday were the Rev. A. Lybrand-, the Rev. and Mrt. W. D. Sblpp, Mrs. MarUyn Simi, Mrs. Eura Lee A4ams, Mrl. Allene Warmack, Moaica Gambrell, Aaron Sims, and Mrs. Florida Weaver of West Palm Beach. NO LOCAL MODELS IN EBONY SHOW will be no local models in Ebony Fashion Fair which is com;.ng o':l ()october The show will be presented in Curt1 s HJJwn and will feature only professional models and wa rdrobe provtdeq by Ebony NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS Members of the ALL TOGETHER SoCIAL CLUB will meet at II p .fll. Wednesday w1th Mrs. !della Smit h, 1316 Grace Street. 'fQE BAPTJST MlNlSTERS WIVES ALLl4NCJ!; is meeting today at th e Fellowship Center, 5051h Palm Avenue. meetmg of thll BAY ClTV QOOSTEJlS OLUB will be held thi$ evenmg. at 6 the Elks !lest, 809 E. L!lurel Street. l.{ostesses w1ll be Mrs Rwhtedeen Padgett and Mrs. Clara Morgan. Members of SAPPHIRE CIJAPTEfl. NO. 75 OES is meeting at 1!.30 p m. Wednesday at the Greater Bethel Educational Build i ng 807 Gl!IDfNG STAR 82 OES is meet i pg at 8 p m. Thursday at the Hall, 4303 34th Street. The Queen of the South Degree will lie given Members of the QUEEN OF THE SOUTH CHAPTER NO. 4!1 OEI 1rlll meet Wednesday evening at 7 o 'clock at 4303 34th Street. churches Miss Joyce Green, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander ( Dor othy) Green is currently enrblled at Florida A & M Univ. as a pharmaceutical student C ongrat ulations and best wishes for suc cess to Miss Green and other stu dents of our various colleges and universities. Mr and Mrs. Hollie Warthen ( Dee Dee) have returned to the.ir borne here following triPs to Jacksonville and Atlanta where they vacationed with their respec tive families. Mrs. Ruth is presently vacationing in New York with her sister. Mrs. Davis is a member of St. Matthew and serves as pianist for the Sunday school and president of Choir No. 1. Sunshine Social and Saving Club Meets Mrs Lillie M Sheffield, treasurer of the club, was hostess on Saturday evening as she took the members to Morrisoq Cafeteria where we dined sumptously on a variety of salads, meats, desserts, etc. The evening was conducive f'>r the occasion and the food suit able to whet any one's appetite. All members were present with the exception ?f one However, v ; e had as our y outhful gue::.;t, httle Crystal Lewis, granddaugh-ter of Mrs. B F Lewis. Following dinner we met at the Sheffield's home on La Salle where we enjoyed sitting and chatting, and sharing in Mrs. Lewis' happine s s as she beamed ove r the lovel y gifts from the club members in observance o! her natal day ( Sept. 30). The gifts were lovely and gr aci ous y and gratefully received by the celebrimt. Our October meeting will be l hosted by Dee Dee" at her Greenwood apartment At this me eti ng we will honor Mmes. Lil lie M. Sheff ield, Ruth Davis, and A. D. Ellis on their "special" day. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 By JOHNNY JACOBS Before yours truly gets into the soulful going ons that occurred over the past weekend, would like to rap a few moments on some thing that nobody seems to care about. Sometime back the city of Tampa launched a program on keeping our fair city beautiful. It was called "CAT" (CLEAN ALL TAMPA) might go. Some of the folks on the case at the DREAM BAR with the lovely lass are: Geraldine Askew, John Oglesby James Wil Iiams, the DREAM BAR'S own version of the "TITANTIC' < "Big Ant", Charles Felton, lovely day shift barmaid Loraine McClinton Delores Gatewood and Mr. Rob ert. Someone upstairs had decided to fight the litter bug. Yours truly sincerely wishes that someone who has a hand in making the laws for this city would enact an ordinance dealing with the re moval of posters -that are d is played during campaign elec tions (local and nationally) and the removal of posters that aro displayed when a promoter wish es to inform the public of a spe cial show what he or she may be bringing to town. Thls corner believes those of us who work so diligently to 'lail up posters to posts, buildings, hou5es, etc. should work just as diligently to remove them when that particular engagement or campaign is over As the old say ing goes, "you never meet your politicilj!l until he wants your vote And after the electic,n he or she slips back into th';!ir private little shell. Nevertheless, their vote seeking signs are still hanging all over town littering up the neighborhoods. The same thing goes for your entertainment post ers. The show will have occurnd a month ago but the sign still hangs. A few weeks ago, yours truly saw a sign on Central saying that ETTA JAMES" would be at the ''CLUB OASIS" that weekend. Not only is there no more OASIS" but "ETTA JAMES" performance at the club was well over a year ago. This corner is quite sure that if you take a ride around town through the res idential areas you will aee post ers asking you to vote for certain candidates wbo haye either lost or have been in office ao long they are about ready to run for re-election. The honorable Dick Greco had been in office at least a full year and one could still aee signs ask ing : the public to vote for him fJr MB,yor. This is ridiculous, but what can you expect when the head administrator shows a lack of interest in the beautification of Tampa. The author of this cor ner would vote for and support any city ordinance that would order the removal of an y adver tising no later than 30 days after that particular engagement or campaign is over Apyone who works as hard as these people to put over a cam paign or a promotion shouldn t mind working just as hard to remove their mess when it s all over-win, lose or draw. U some thing isn't done soon one won't be ablll to see the forest for the signs. A mist of glum has hung over th e DREAM BAR And it's because of the departure of one of the loveliest customers the club has ever had. Yours truly was informed by the lovely BER NICE HI C KEY that she may be leaving our fair city for good. She is contemplating on return ing to Atlanta, Ga to live with relatives She said between the signs and the jigalows it s just too much for her: One of her favorite spots is tht! DREAM BAR where she engaged in an outstanding game of pool. This corner joins many in wish lng you the best, wherever yoil it''. BERNICE WCKEY Yours truly wa.s invited for "a specialty of the house during the weekend. The specialty consisted of Delmonico Steaks, cooked to perfection coupled with Baked Beans and topped off with Ba nao;i Pudding It is truly some of the best eating you can find in the West Tampa area. Fish ing up this soulful dish for you are Cleatha Harris and George King. Oh, by the way the feast house is "KING BAR-B QUE over on Oregon C heck 'em out! They will be joining the big promotion set to start in our Sep tember 26th edition. The ACE LOUNGE is still ho1d ing its number one as the number one soul spot in the West Tampa area. Mary Francis was setting in for soulful Betty Goode who is on a one week vacation. Yours truly heard thRt the lovely lau is doing it up in the fun city of Miami. Some of the folks on the case at the ACE LOJJNGE over the weekend were Howard Davis, Louvella Samuel Parris :arown, Lawrence "Jack': Smith and Ronald McDonald Pressley. THAT'S MY CASE For those of you who are still struni out on that evil white horse of heroin Give it up now, before it's too late while you are still able to find your bearing New Hope Choir No. 2 Dea. Ira B. Bruton Pres. Mrs. Doris C. Moore Rept. !Choir No. 2 of. New 'Hope M. lB. Ohurclli, Rev John Willis pas tor, will have weekly rehearsal Thursday at 8 p m. The presi dent is everyone to please !be present and on time Remember to pray for and visi t our sick and shut-ins. National Prayer Band Mrs. Bertha Berry, Pres National Prayer Band No. 3 will convene Wednesday at 12 :at the home of Mrs. Rosa Pouche, 5830 32nd Ave. All members are a sk ed to be present and on t i me. Morning Star .Choir No. 2 Deacon Qyde Coney, Pres, Mrs. Mattie Harrison, Rept. Morning Star Choir No. I will have business meeting Thursday night at 7:30 and ..all members are asked to be ent and on time.


' '!'uesday, Sep, lemlJer t9, t972 GUEST D _AY PROGRAM DRAWS MANY Seated center, front This :part of the that pie United Church. for the recent Guest Day .. program at Tyer Tem row, Is Jessie Myers. Apostolic. Of Jesus-.. Mission No. Tbonotos .assa .. J1;ider J. White, Rep.t; Sunda 1 y schoofbegan at :W with stipt : Janet the school. Teacliers were at their posts. SUbject at. .the les son was ''Keep The Sabbath Day" .All classes wi)re combined into one with a speaker from ea' ch .Class commentin$. Olosin.;.g _re marks. were by Missionary Id' ella M itchell. !No. 2 journeyed to Cocoa for afternoon servic'es at 4 p.m. in behalf of Elder kins. Miss-ionary Mitchell deh -vered the messa._ge. The youth sponsored a program. Mrs Janet Felton was Mistress of Cere inony. youth took active parts on program, boost1pg the service to an ins

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September !9, f972 Fb. Sentii.tei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editlone PAGE ELEVEN Hillsborough High School B .. W J. BRYAN PUPilS Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor RE LIVE WRITING OF ANTHEM By Olivia Anderson and Earlene lichanlson Mrs. Lillie M. McDonald, Rept. S. S. began at 9:30 A. M. The Junior in the Spotlight Our junior in the spotlight to day is Willie Ann Davis. Willis Ann resides at Frierson Avenue with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Davis Willie Ann lists--as her friends Cheryl, Ken ny,' Olivia, Hendry Killins, Re gina, Mike Watkins and all the sotil sisters and brothers. Her hobby is jiving with the boys. H e r favorite food is liver,-and her main jam is Everybody Plays The Fool. Congratulations Willie Ami for being chosen Junior :n the Spotlight. School News ': Civinettes are back with th eir fabulous Terrier footballs. If you would like to purchase one con tact Earlene Richardson or an y Civinette. ,Brandon Good-bye To Miss Berry We the students of Hillsborou gh High School, would like to take this opportunity to say good!Jye to Miss F. : Berry, an Engli sh teacher at H.H.S., whose J ast day of teaching was Friday She is go ing to college to receive her doc tor's degree. Campus Info Mary Ann Davis glad to see you back around the den again. Otis Thornton, why are you such a lover boy this year. supt. presided. The lesson wa:> taught by the teachers. Morning worsh ip began at 10:45. Devotion was conducted by Mr. James Sweeting and Mr. Julian Reynolds. Music was rendered by the Sanctuary choir, usher board No. 1 served The sermon was delivered by the pastor who chose for his theme, The Immense Power Of God' s Holy Ghost" Hey Johnathan Jones, I think you should get yourself together, Evening worship was begun at 5:15. The same d e acons, choir, and ushers served. The sermon was' delivered by the pastor. He chose for his theme, "The Lovs For God' s Devine Church.'' don't you? What's up Lawrence Range, long time no see, dig it? Thought For Today Being beautiful Is being young, gifted, but !JIOSt of all being black. School Following the service the pas tor, and congregation went to Beulah Baptist for an after service of hymn singing by -the Sanctuary choir of Bethel Bap tist and the choirs of Beulah IBa.ptist; The combined choirs gave magnificent renditions tQ an apreciable audience. The Sanctaury choir is ur gently reqUested to be present By Edna' Robinson and Marilyn Boggs Tuesday night at the usual time. The presid e nt, Mr. Ralph Dew has veTy important l:ius iness that must be take n care of by the members of the choir. Senior In Spotlight Attractive, Loveable, Hand some, Intelligent, des crib'e our jiv.ing Senior of the Week! He i s none obher than Eugene Me; Clasin. He resides with h i s p a reYts, Mr: l!fld Mlrs. Andy lM aC !asin He Hsts as his favorite Food.,Anything edible-iFriends !Edna Robinson, Teaky, Anthony Andr ews Joe Janice Bow. den, R obert Fislher, Earline bam, Eleanor Jackson, Geraldine Davis, Red House and many more. Congratulations Gene for be; ng chosen as Senior in the Spotlight. J'iving Seniors: Ghenyl Brooks, Janke Bowden, Edna Rohinson, Benny OamJpibell, I !Herbert Newman, tAni.ta Jordan, Terrlyn !\{CIBride. Jiving So.phom ores and Juniors: Elilld e r Scott, Madisqn Murray, Cassandra Johnson, ? Phyi!ls Brook, Pliyi:lls Young, Gerald Brook Sharon Smalley, W a nda Johnson, :Ro nnie Engram, Carolyn Hud son AnthOiliY Lane, Marilyn Boggs .Lf any studen .ts would like any thing pnilnted in 1the paper please contact Edna o r Marilyn "Teakey !' 'i;houghts For Today The thing ,tha\ costs the least a n d does the most is just a pleasant smile. Untilthen.-Check you Later! Circle No. 1 is asked to be in their meeting, Friday evening at 5:30 in the Rhodes edu ca. tional building. Auxiliaries will resume their regular weeltly schedule. New Progress MB 3307 Shadow lawn Rev. E. J. Williams, Pastor C;_ Batchlor, Rept. 1 S:. S. will at 9:30 with the supt. and teachers at .their posts. Morning service will begin at 11 followed by BTU meeting at 5:30 Evening s ervice will fol low at 6:30. M i St ; W Monday night the Youth adult ( W d M (h OrftiRg lr 0111e0. 5 choir will have rehearsal. Tuesify_ i e en Hoaae Mssion' ; daY nigh t choir No. 1 will re-' Mr. Arluster Motg an, pres. .,. hearsal. Wednesday night choir Mr. Willie Spells, Rept, .. Greater Morning star Women'l No. 2 will r ehearse and prayer All memberii of the City Wide Home Mission Will meet Septem meeting will be held on ThursMale Chorus are asked to meet ber 19, at 7 :30 p.m. The presi-day night. Saturday at 3 the iat Mt. Olive AME Church for dent is asking all members to tiunior choir rehearsal will ba rehearsal for Men's D ,ay wbjcb present and on time. / iheld, and at 7:30 the Men's _w-ill be held on Sunday. The re. Rev. R. A. Crenshaw, pastor; chorus will have rehearsal. hearsal will begin at 8. are Mrs. Gussie Goodman, president, Tuesday night the No. 2 choir a sked to be on time. and Mrs. Dissie Hooks, reporter. will go to Grace Mary Church ;================:;=:;=:::;====::, of St. Petersburg to render "' The piesiding elderis WE DIY CLW SEA-WDRTBY FASHIONS FOB CRUISES AHD LAMB LUBBERS TOO. 3-PANTS . . OR 3 SUITS ..................... OR 3 DRESSES THESE PRICEt-CASH AHD CABBY ORLY ) ,,asking all to meet at New Progress at 7. All are asked to rememq e r the sick and shut-ins. Winter Garden J,ily White Lodge No. 62 ob served their 25th annive.rsary on last Sunday at St. }'aul Baptist Church in Oakland. Mrs. Creola Croskey, president of No. 6 2 was in charge of the pro gram. Appearing on progreni. were Marie Butler, Masrine Ander son, Johnnie Manning, Emma Fair!!loth, Pandora Coskey, Clyde Nixon, Joe Johnson, Lillie Wade, Marion Kennedy and Mennie PeterJ;on. Mr. George Ti)man and Rosco Stroud are confined to the hos pital. Mrs. Inez Thomas and Mrs. Hannah Pyor are in New York Mrs Queen Allen has also re turned home after visiting her daughters in Newark, N. J., Edith Conway and Helen Rubein and the Faison Family. < .. Funeral services for the late Mrs. Maggie Jackson was held last Sunday from The Church of Christ -in Winter Garden. Bro ther V. E. Williamson officiated Marvin C Zanders Home was in charge Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Latifm On September 13, parents and teachers witnessed pupils at W J. Bryan Elementary School re-e'n act the historic events leading to Francis Scott Key's (portrayed by Steve Nicholas ) histoli,c writ ing of the Star Spangled Banner, on the patio of the schooL Marcus Tariner set the stage with a military flavOr ashe led his snappy drill team through a fjne performance. Drill Team : Billy K e y, Samuel Howell, Charles Stinyard, Frederick Gause, Rus sell Mendez Judith Armour ; announcer, in troduced choral leader Melinda Hunter and her choral reading group (Judy Hardesty, Penny Pendl eton, Cathy Smith, Michelle Lamont, Elizabeth Fritz, Terri Goolsby, Jean Alexander, Betty Brown and Tony a Des sesseau). The group's choral rendition of "There'll Always Be was both enjoyed and heeded. To the thunder of British war ship guas turned full blast by Stephen Vensel, Robert Berwick and Kevin Blair upon Fort Mc Henry in Baltimore and amid the lingering smoke of bombardment Margar et Armstrong introduced this fam o us battle of the War of 1812. K e y, British prisoner B rion Curry, and others watching o'er the ramparts all night, were along with Bryan stu dents to see that star spangl e d banner yet waving in the dawn's early light over the fort and to anticipate that American soldier;;, George Green and Robert Stamp er, Jr had survived the '.ln slaught. I n answer to the question of the last line, first stanza of Key's be l oved poem, Bryan pupils were advised to looK beyond the excit ing story of the happening seen in the Bryan -patio today. Throu gh b eing cognizant 'of our country's heritage, by viewing our form of government in a relative per spective, and in evaluation of al most two centuries of democrat i c Bryan pupils, hopefull y, will take their place in their country's story to keep the ban ner forever waving O 'er the lan d of the free and the home 'Jf the brave." The studeht body, led by Mr. Boyle did' a fine job singing our national anthem and the Bryan School Song Clifford Poole ancl Robert Jones, headstart pupils, carried -the sign "You Are There, September 14, 1814.'' Room 21) pupils Mr. Wimberly, teacher, and Mrs. R. Brown, learning spe cialist, got us "there"' with this fine program Brigette Giorgette, Room 12, attempts with Rus sian Olympic Gold Medal Gym nist Olga Korbut. In Pen Pals, a Self-Realizath:>n Program option sponsored by Mrs. Etzler, Bryan teacher, thit pupils will utilize scholast i c skills, increase knowledge, and perhaps, make a life-long pen pal of a person of another land. Johnny Jackson Room 16, is also reach ing beyond continental U.S. in writing Walter P et ers in Ole

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PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulle ti n every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Tuesday, September 19, 1972 CoMMunity Schools Offer 'Adivities This year, at Tampa's Commu nity Schools, numerous activitie:: are being offered in the afternOO[I and evenings The following are lists of courses and recreational activities at Philip Shore, George Washington and MiddletQn Philip Shore Elementary School 1908 2nd Avenue, of which Rigo berto M. Garcia is Coordinator .and Mrs. Mary E. Bryant i s principal, offers: Driver Education, 6:30-8:30 p m Mon & Wed ; Basic Educa tion, 7:00-9:00 p m ., Tue & Thur.; Arts & Crafts, 5:00-8 :00 p m Mon.; Flower Arrangements, 6:00 8 :30 p.m., Wed.; Piano, 6 : 00-8:00 p.m., Mon. & Thur.; Reading For Fun, 4:00-7 :00 p.m., Mon. & Wed. Indoor Games, 4 :00-7:00 p m .,' Mon. thru Fri.; Sewing 1 :00-6:00 p.m., Mon. thru Fn. 1:1nd. 7:00-9:00 p.m.; Recreation, S:00-9:00 p .m., Mon. thru Fri. George Washington Jr. H igh, 2704 Highland Avenue Charles Brady, Coordinator and J ohn AI f o nso Principal, offers: Art & Needlework, 1:00-9:00 p .m., Mon. thru Fri.; Mathemat ic, 7:00-8:10 p.m., Mon & Wed.; Science, 8:30-9:30 p.m., Mon & Wed .; Piano (Teens), 4:00-6:00 p.m., Mon. & Wed .; Piano (Adults) 6:30-9:30 p.m. Tues. & Thur.; English, 7:008 :10 p .m., Tues. & Thur.; Social Stud ies, 8:2()-9:30 p m., Tues. & Thur.; Typing 7 :00-9:00 p m ., Tues. & Thur.; Sewing, 7 :00-9:00 p m Tues. & Thur., and Guitar, 6:0()-9:00 p.m., Tues & Thur. A ctivities at Middleton Junior High, 4302 24th Avenue, Fred Fuller, Principal and Leatricia Williams, Coordinator, are: (Activities for Students), Ind oor Recreation, 4:00-9:00 p m Mon. thru Fri.; Outdoor RecPeatirm, 4:00-9 :00 p. m., Mon thru Fri.; Sewing, 4:00-6:00 p.m., Mon. thm Thur.; : Arts & Crafts, 5:00-8 :tO p.m., Mon & Wed .; Handicrafts, 4:00-7:00 p.m., Tu es. & Thur. ; C < ,ramics, 5:00-8 :00 p.m., Tue. & Thur.; Math Assistance, 6:00-9:CO p.m., Tue & Thur.; Creative Ac tivities, 5:00-7:00 p m., Tue. & 'I' h u r. ; Reading Improvement, ():00-8:00 p.m., Tu e. & Thur .; Skating & Record Hop, 7:00-8:30 p m Wed.; and Entertaining Movi es, 6:00-8:00 p.m ., Fri. (Activities for Adults) Gym Recreation, 5:00-9:00 p m., Mon. thru Fri.; Adult Education, 7 :00-10:00 p.m., Mon. thru Thur. ; In strumental Music 7:00 :00 p.m. Mon., Tues. & Thur.; Sewing, 6:00-9:00 p.m ., Mon. & Wed.; and Handicrafts, 7:00-9:00 p m., Tue. & Thur. leto Senior High-Schoof I By A. Filer, P. Robinson and Ullimos Wright SUPER :JENIOR Jive, neat, crazy, are just a f e w of the many adjectives that can describe none other than Donald Ray Bishop. He is a member of 402 in which Mrs. Ayala: is sponsor. You will find Donald listening rto his favorite Jam-Dedicate to the one I love. Among h is hobbies are football, dancing and eating. You' ll find him jivdng with his frineds, Micheal Anderson, Pam Young, Bentaly Haley, Yasim Dilbert, Kim Walden, Bernard Russell, Dot Davenport, P a,t R o bins o n Annette Filck and many more. Donald resides with his parents Mr. and Mrs. William Bishop at 2401 9th Avenue. Falcon Talk J&miee Joyc ce, Gwen heard that you girls were working hard at learner. rRalph MciCollough we didn't know that you had -sueh a voice.Ceeila Brown see that you getting kind of sick now d ays. Dot and see that you two Juniors don't be going a round Steve KimiP how did you bug? Gail Anderson why is such manage to get ran over l:Jiy a a hurry. Club Sews JAil members of the I'llette's are BACK BY.POPULARDEillND "HOT PARTS AIID SIZZLER PANTS." Fort Armory Oct. 6, 1972 8:30 P M TICKETS OR SALE AT REGULAR PLACES ADVANCE TICKETS $5.00 AT DOOR $550 /Trinity CME 2401 No. Howard Ave Rev. B F. Salone, Pastor Services o n Sunday began at 9:30, with the Pastor in charge of devotion and he taught the lesson. I Jefferson High/ School By Deborah Thomas and Kervis Greaux Morning worship began at 11 with the No 1 choir in charge? of music The message was deliv ered by the pastor. At 3 p .m. the Choir attended the union, which was held at First Born Holiness t:hurth, corn e r 29th St and 32nd Ave At 5 p.m. a special meeting was call-ed. All officer's and members were asked to be present. The pas tor was in charge. Monday night a meeting was held by the Trustees. Wednesday night the No. 1 choir is to have rehearsal at 8 p.m.. Thursday morning at 10 a m the Distric t Planning meeting will be held in F t. Myers at St. Peters C.M E Church R e v Sam H Youngblood will be in charge of devotion. Saturday evening at 4 p.m. the Wardettes are asked to meet at the Church for rehearsal. Let us not forget to pray for the sick and shut-ins. Visitors are always welcomed to worship us at all times. to attend clwb meeting atKid ll\iasoo at 7 :31{) Tuesday Sept. 19.' Be present and on time We welcome all old and new students to a '72-73 School back here at the Dragon's Den Student of lhe Week She's a very well known student here at Jefferson this year. She is a Super Senior and a member of the Dragongras. Among her favorites are foodanything edible; record-Dedicated To The One I Love-beauJames Crews She is an active m ember of Al len A.M .E. Church and choir board. This week our mystery student Bernice Harvey. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Theodis and Thelma Holloway, 3912 Palmetto. Soulful Classes of Jefferson High School super Seniors Deborah T., Barbara A., Ker vis G ., David S., Rose P., Lamita B., Shirley C., Marjorie J ., Ber r:ice H ., Beatrice H ., Jackie H ., Faye M., and many more. Jiving Juniors ,' Linda G ., Judith A. Michael R., Chris T., Valarie R., Phyllis P., Dexter C., Angele I. Tony W., Ronald M. SPECIAL '*** "THAT'S WHY SMART -.;r; PEOPLE BUY HOW." "IT'S EASY TO PAY ... THE LARMON. WAY" Open Friday 'Til 8 P. M. FOR YOUB CONVERIEMCE Swinging Sophomores H enry S., Cardinia T Marian G:, Rickey H ., Rose B SherrO

lf'uesday, September 19, l972 Fla. SentiDeJ.Bulletin Published every ';l'ues. and Fri. Get Both Editions PACE FIFTEEN RED Delicious Apples JUMBO-CAL .. _.cNIA HONEYDEW MELONS SNOWHITf CAUUFLOWER. MORTON CRICKEN, TURKEY, IEEF, MACARONI & CHEESE Pot Pies ..... 6 =s1 CONCENTRATE Orange Juice Potatoes ... All VARIETIES FREEZER QUfEH Entree Dinners 3 ,., s1 SARA lEE AI'PU &. CHERRY Fruit Pies PIN.EIIEEZE GRADE "A'' MID. EGGS ... CUCKIN' GtOI SALnNES .... DIXIE DARLINI FAMILY LOAF WHm BREAD ... -MayonnaiN 59' 49' OIANGE OR ltEGULAA 11..._ hter .... 3 .... '1 lHitlfTY MAID DEEP SOUTH I.U. Catsup 4 .... II' lrapela ., 49' DIXIE DARliNG Raisi Bread .. ...., 29' UBBY" S OR THRIFTY MAID WHOlE KERNEL OR CRiAM SffiE .._ Jl! Golden Cera 4 II' STOKELY' S CUT -.. Greea Beaas .. 4-;.:' STOKELY' S ASTORAU;.u.,.oSI! ...ttc CeekhttOfl ....... Mt DIXIE MACARONI l CHEESE Dlnaer ALL FLAVORS BOffiED Chek Drhtks 5 ':;: $1 DEEP SOUTH KOSHER Dill Pickles ":59 Bavarian Kraut 4 .. TOP YA1111 STAMPS IN MU.T DIPT W D Uf-NO fiOtiH lllf ... 3 .. un111 .. __ ,_, .... _..,..._ ., t..OUI"O H A 100 STAMPS on purcha ... 16 to H .ft t:CIJI'OHC 200EXTRA TOP VALUE STAMPS. on purehaMS tota.Unc atl ate. H This may el.o b. Ukd in wilh other Trittle Headn Cou. pon s with luJII'er pur<:huea. Cou1>on 1ood throuch sT. tt72 IIATHORMAAHOEFR $349 CANNED HAMS !! iiiF BmSIETS w.. 99' IN 1 TO 10 ll. HANOI PAKS W-0 BRAND Ground Beef .. 10:PtCE PKGS: MNQ\)JT Fried Chicken FRESH PORK Boston Butts FRESH Por k Steaks TASTE 0 SEA OCfAH u.69' w.$169 ....... ... 79' Perch Fillets HEAT & SERVE COOKED Beef Fritters .... 59( 111. 99c


M. To Brigadier In Army Shuller Promoted General George Macon Shuffer, 48, U. S. Europe Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel was promoted to Brigadier General on Sept. 1 by Ge;Deral Michae S. Davison, commander Jn chief of U. S. Army Europe and 7th Army in a ceremony at U. S. Army Europe Head,quarters. Mrs. Shuffer assists with the ceremony. Gen. Shuffer Is one of three black generall holding top command or staff positions in U. S. Army Europe. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AWARDS $500 WASIJINGTON -Harvey G; Avery of Wash ington, D. C. (right) received ll U. S. Department of Justice $500 scholarship for the third year in a row. The award was by Attorney General Richard G. Kleindienst, shown with the youth's father, Harvey G. Avery (left). T.he young er Avery attends Howard University. The Justice Department Scholarship Fund Is supported by De partment officials and attorneys who contribute. any honOf.aria they receive from speaking engage ments. To be eligible for a scholarship, a student must have one parent employed by the Justice De partment and the combined incomes of the par ents cannot exceed $17,500. Middleton Evening Adult Sch6ol Tuesday, September 19, at 8:00 in the Middleton -Junior Higb, School Conference Room, the Middleton Adult Alumni will have its first organizational meeting to plan the year's activities. The executive com mittee will present sev.eral areas for the -group to consider One con cern is the promotion ()f the Black History class whic h is being Olffered for the firs t time this' semester. This class, which is being taught by pioneer teacher, Rudolph Har ris, is being offered every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7:30 p. m. Another area of con cern Is !s the soliciting of students, who are musically inclined to take advantage of the piano classes which are now being la.b with sev.eral e>ffered at the school. The piano Jlew pianos to accomodate a greater number of interestees. Other items .on the agenda will include discussion of fundraismg projects, Community and Student involvement in Al umni Affairs, membership aw areness, and ways to promote the over-all school curriculum. All members are asked to come out and help In structur ing the group's agenda for the year. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921 North Tamp a Apostolic Church Of Jesus Nebraska and Ross Elder W. B Hamilton, Pastor Mrs. Alma Soiomon, Rept. S. S. began at the usual. hour with the supt., Mr. Jimmie Lee Solomon, Jr. in charge. Morning service began with Mr. 'iimmie Lee Solomon, Jr. in charge of de votion. The sermon was deliver ed by Missionary Moreland. AYPU was taught by Minister Moreland Evening service was conducted at the usual hour. Misses Joyce L. Solomon and Sandra Willingham were in charge of devotion. A program was rendered late r by the Spirit ual Calvaliers of Clearwater We extended a hearty welcome to all our visitors who were present. S. S. beg-an at 10, morning worship at 11, evening worship at 7:30 and Tuesday and Thurs day evening at 7:30. LIONEL HAMPTON CHATS WITH PRESIDENT WASHINGTON All time--great jazz musician and 'entertainer Lionel Hampton meets with his long-time friend President Nixon at the White HOJISe. Hamp is actively campaigning for President Nixon's re-election because of his record of help for black Ameri cans. As one of his firSt contributions to the re-election effort, Hamp composed the hot new song "We Need Nixon." JEFATUL CALLING By FA1'H, A. PARK The Jesuit' Free Employment time Cashier; Factory workers; Agency of the Tampa Urban LeaMaids; Housekeeper and Cook; gue (JEFATUL) is calling upon Night Cook; Salad girl; Switch business, professional, and indus boardOperator I; Service S ta trial communities of the Tampa tion Attendant; Laundry help' ;Bay area to employ our appli and Elevator Operator. cants : The following people are JEFATUF needs: Electric fans, seeking employment : Women lookdeep freezer, and refrigerator. ing for work wit h children or in a factory; two 18 year old young JE FATUL T H.A N K S 1 The men are seeking fulltime employ Chrysler Corporation ment. Also, we nE]ed babysitting, Those needing work or workers, or anY; other kinds of jobs at 229-8117 teenagers who want parttimEf K ;or to P a r : k work after school. Plaza (northeas L corner of JOB opportunities: M a c hine and Nebraska), or come to 1026 Operator; Garment presser; Part Central Avenue or call 223-3454.


'l'uftlday, Septemher t9, 1972 Fla. S.atblel-8ulletln PuLUslted every Tues. and Fri. Get Botlt Editlone PACE SEVENTEEN Tw. o :Jitirds Hirinfl order JV : -Steal Set A Fo1. $100 For Minorities -SAN DIEGO, Calif. -A fed eral court ordered Friday that two -thirds of all employees hired by -the Imperial Irrigation District be Mexican-Americans and blacks. The Caiifornia Rural Legal Assistance, which filed a suit leading to tlie order, said the two-thirda majority hirin g rate was the highest ever managed by a court in an eJ)lp}oy ment discrimination case. U .S. .District Court Judge R.OCHF;STF;R, N Y, When two m;n iii bar offered him a 21-Inch ; teievislon -set for, $100. Wiflie Manor thought It wa a a bargain. It wasn't. It wu his own. Randy i9 and Larry C. Porter, 20, both of Rochester, : were arrested for popi!!Siion of stolen property after theY. met Manor to .sell him his ow_n tet, : ManCll'"' a qonstruction wCll'ker, had stopped at the bar on his way home from work and hil daughter had telephOned to tell him the TV had been stolen; Gordon signed A ,Jhort while aald the decree !oUowing an 18-day he was approached by the two trial on the suit filed on behalf stranaers. When the pair .took of the, National Assbciation for the Advancement of. Colored him to view the television, .PQI!ce People and : Mexican-American said, :Man.or ar. PoliticaJ Asso ciation along with raiJged a n)eetini to "buy'' the three individual a : set, When ManQr arrived at the The order will remain in ef: site he brought police with him feet until--the: percentage-of and got hls television set back, Chicano s and blacks in the-LIID free of charge, ... w ork force matches the age o f minorities in the coun ty's p o pulation Imperial County a major. agri lcultura l are a in California; has the .. po.pulation by percentag e of and blacks the stat e. -.. The suit aaid minorities .eon etituted per the Imperil County po j mlatlon bUt only 15. 2 per cent of the llD work force. Quinn Criticized -Over_ Black Role HOLLYWOOD, Cal i f. Can a _white a ctor portray\ a black he:ro iri today's race conscious :world? Isaac Hayes' Girl facing Jail Again Anthony Quinn thinks so. But aong before he has filmed the Award winning bioa-raphy of Haitian emperor Isaac Hayes attnictive girl friend, Henry Christophe, he has en ; Helen Washington, appears to be countered a flurry of oppositipn. taking in stride the Po,ssibility Quinn recently announced hia that she may have to return to int.enti o n to fulfill a long-plann. jail. ed project: to film the life of Miss Washington, who wears her who ruled Haiti in head without hair as does the the last cent1,1ry. The result was famed musician, says she now gets directors and actors who argued about 500letters a week from fans that only a black should play and young people she helps is Christ students about my experierlce. There are about 475 students confide in rna and tell me things they won't even tell the}r : socijl). worker If she. does have to go back to jail, Miss Washington says, "I couldn t make a statement tha' would make the people who follow me weak, ; .-.If I just said I was giving up they had put me back in jail then lots of might g i ve .\blacks down the middle ," he $1,000. bail posted by her lawyer r.emar k ed. "CORE has given me pending a hearing in the Supreme too." Soul Center Supermarket. 3523 N. 22nd Sl:BEET -" P.OIIE 247-2031 FBEE DELIVERY' \ FRE-E.-GIFTS FREE .GIFTS -FREE GIFTS ERD COT -PORK CHOPS 3 lhs. $100_ CHiciER WIIIGS \ 3 lhs. $139 .. <. I .RECK BOllES 3,-lhs. 99' DEL MOUE .PEAS 3CUI ggc JACK'S COOliES 3 hags ggc: DIXIE LILY SYRUP SIZE -FLA. DAlBY MILl GAL $119 GROUND BEEF 3 lhs. i BIBSJEU ,f DEL MOITE -E a 98' -DEL MONTE MUSTADS DID. ULY liCE 8 lhs. MORTOII POT PIES 41or $108 FRESH FLA. GRADE 'A' EGGS 3 dozs ... ggu_ CHICKEN GIZZADS CDCI STEAl lb. 99' DEL MONTE COD 3 cans DEL/ MONTE DRillS I DIXIE UL y MEAL 5 lhL 69c: MOBTOI DIIIIIEBS 2 lor $100 Lbs. 39c 0 R A N Ci E S Dozen Blacks May Be Key For Miss. s ATLANTA--Jt's hard to realize tha-t it' s been only 110 y ears sinc e I Mdssisss i pipi State declined a b i d to bhe NICIA1 A basketball champ ionship rather than plaiY again s t blacks. That was another time, an other era. For this fall, the Bull dogs are placing bheir offense in the h ands of a bl.ack quarterback and their defense, as it was a year ago, is keyed around another black. JMelvin 'Barkum, a eophomore from Gqlfport, Mi.ss., and brother of Jerome Barkum, who was the !New York Jets iNo. 1 draft choice last winter, is the youn g man the are counting on to bring new life to the SOutheastern Cmlference's worst offense. !Frank Dowsing a senior cor from Tupelo, Mi ss ., goes Into his third c ampaign as the Bulldogs best defender. state averaged less than 111 points per game in last year'& 2 -9.,() campaign but Charley Shira, a patient, long-suffering coach believes that Barkum and a.,.other s01phomore quarterback, Roc key iFelker of Brownville, Tenn., will provide the, offensive the :Bulldogs have been lac-king .. ".Barkum and Felker' have all carte blanche to do the film, but pockets of isolated groups are against the idea, is also a s .plit between black actors of New York, who are again s t my playing Chris tophe, and the bla ck actors of Hollywood, who are for it. I think the ones in Hollywood a r e !more p1

PAGE EIGHTE EN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both EdWonj :=I ===FI=or=id=a=F=oo=t=ba=,f=l :::=::::;-1----;;Reed Signs Knick Pact Tuesday, September 19, 1972 Orioles' Tommy Davi s Keeps Moving Along Tampa Stadium over half filled with apprehensive football fans Saturday night Sep t 9 was buz zing with excitement just before kick-off time. The Tampa Spar tans, under new head coach Earle Bruce, was about to attempt to ,thwart the nation's longest foot ball win streak held by Toledo University. The Toledo Rockets ltad won thirty five straight and were very proud Fans were won dering if they would see Tampa U. employing a four yards and a cloud of dust" type offens e. They !!;new that coach Eal"le l3ruce had been a disciple of Ohio State' s Woody Hayes who for years employed control the ball tact[cs When the final horn sounded, there was no more apprehensi on at Tampa Stadium The Spartans bad e nded Toledo s quest for number thirty six There were no four yards and a cloud of dust" offense used and the Spartans looked like a good solid foot':Jall team. B y the time you read thi s you will have already b een in formed of all the statisti cs and outstanding plays. The thing now. is to answer the ques tion "How good is Tampa U"? First of all let us all be aware of the fact that Toledo defini tely was not as strong as in the past three seasons. Th e Rockets sim ply lost too many players from last year's squad to be as effec tive as they had been.--The Rock ets were very inept at quarter back. Tol e do s sensational quar terback of the last three seasons, Chuck'' l):aley, was conspicious because of his absence T o ledG tried with a former go od tailback at q uarterback but as quarter back h e proved to be a good tail back. Tampa' s defense was way too much for the inexperienc e d Rocket offensive line. Offensively Tampa U showed Fa Icon -Trade Voided; Butler : Fails Physical ATLANTA Ga The Atlanta Falc'ons announced Tuesda y that the trade in which running back Jim Cannonball Butl e r was trade d t o the Philadelphia Eagles for running back T ony Baker has been voided A spokesman for t he Falcons said that according to Eagles off i cia ls Butler did not pass the physi c al examination No r e ason was given by the spokesman Th e Falcons took note of the fact, however, that Bu t ler com pl ete d the physicaL examination giv en all Atlanta players wit h no problems," he said : "We accept that decision and Butl e r will be 1-eturned to Atlanta and Bak e r t o Philade lphia," he added Buffalo Ike Bills Hill Cut BUFFALO N Y T he Bu(. falo Bills cut wide receiver Ike Hill and recentl y acquired quar terback Karl D ouglas Friday. Th e departure of Hill also a punt-return specialist lef t the Bill s with only three wid e re ceivers-J. D Hill Have n Moses and Bob C handler D ouglas wa s claimed from the Baltimore Colts about a week ago Frazier On Deadline MEXICO CITY Heavy weight boxing champion Joe :Frazier has been given until 'Sept. 20 to notify the World Boxing Coun cil if h& wm defend his crown against George Fore WilD or else lose his title thil w eek, WHC pre!ident Ramoa Velazquez aaicl. signs of being explosive at times. The Spart ans moved the ball well with an array of good running backs. Buddy Carter and Freddie Solomon handled their quarter back chores well Carter was poised and very much in control in the first and third quarters. Solomon was flashy and exciting in the second and fourth quarters. Solomon is the kind of player that makes fans stand up every time he rolls out. He may go all the way at anytime The Spartans running backs were more than capable both in quantity and qual ity Ondorff Pittman and La Grand were biautiful. La Grand former Robinson High star, WElS a very pleasant surprise WEST LONG BRANCH, N. J. ....... New York Knicks captain Wil lis Reed who saw only 363 min BALTIMORE The fi-rst half t b tt h utes of action in 11 games before Jme a mg c a mpwn w1th L u .t an attack of tendonitis forced him of this season Tommy Ang e les and a .324 batter witli out of a c tion for the duration of Davill was unwanted in his chosen the A s a year ago turned to other the 1971-72campaign Monday profession, in which -he has pursu its, such as managing a rock signed a multi-season contract, it done quite well for the last dozen group and acting was announced by club president years, His a cti ng career was a snort Ned Irish Almost as If blackballed Davis one a bit part in a Jim Brown Reed a 6-11 center who led the was out of the big leagues for movie but. who can tell ? If Knicks in scoring in five of his almost 21,-2 months after Oakland Chicago C ubs hadn t called witil first seven years with the club A s owner Charles Finley fired a job offer in early July the 33 and who topped the team rebound bini last March So Davis, a two year-old Davis might have deve ers in six of those seasons, swept lo,!Jed i nto a better actor than th all of the National Basketball As tallies in eight seasons, tops the forp1er fullback sociation s individual laurels in Kni cl!:s all-time list in rebounding I n an y event Davis is now the 1969-70 drive to the Kni cks and field-goals, as well as poin t t he sometimes-cleanup batter w it h first wi,>rld championship. production. the Ba ltimore Orioles his eigM He was named the Most Val The Knicks also announ ced that team in six years, and he i s uable Player in the NBA's All Luther Rackley 6-10 utility man -Star Game that year and then fol obtained from the Cleveland Cav hitting for them, too, just as h$ lowed with the awards that aliers in Nov, of last year, had always has. stamped him the MVP of both als9 slgmid for the 19712-73 season In this day of the non-hit te r the regular season and the cham th us bringing the entire squad It Is m yst ifying why a batsman pionship playoffs under contracts as the club be with a .296 lifetime average should Reed, who has averaged 20 gins its pre-season training at be shunted about like a .200-hi ttinlf All in all the Tampa U Spa r tans looked to be ready and hats off to C oach Earle Bruce for a job well done The question now is not how good are the Spartan s but how bad were the Rocke ts? We shall see what we shall see points in s oo ring more than 11,000 Monmo\lth College today reserve i nffelder What makes WGnderBread 5 0 .... s: Tl --lie Allfl& O!J_ e Squeeze te\Js ''The Ever wonder why Wonder Bread is always fresh? every loaf iswrapped warm from the oven iri''our 'alwavs thest:ofe: Wond:er \ tist and ... ... :"s...,. ::._ .. .. ;:::.:4.;. WOnder helps tiultd strong b0dles12 woyst : ,, ...


Tuesday, September 19, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both EdHiona PAGE NINETE Ellll OLE! ANOTHER LATIN HElPS BOSOX IN LATE FLAG c .HASE LUIS TIAN:r BOSTON, Mass. In i967, one ef the chief, but least publicized; reasons for the Red Sox pennant waa the pitching of Spanish llpeaking Jose Santiago, who won eight games without a defeat after the All-Star break. Santiago did not win a game in the World Series against the Cardinals, but he did hit a home run off Bob Gibson, while losing the opening game, 2-1. It was the only home run the Red Sox hit off Gibson In three games. This year, as the Red Sox again fight lhe odds in an at tempt to another pennant there Is ariotlu:r pitcher who is emulating what Santiago did five years ago. Luis Tiant, the Cuban who now resi:les in Venezuela, won five strai ght games in August and became the best pitcher in Boston. "Tiant is :throwing as well as J ever have seep him throw' and that includes his big year with the Indians," remarked Carl Yas trzemski after Tiant pitched his .second of three consecutive shutouts. .. Four Shutouts in Row When he the Brewers, 2 0, September 4, Luis had pitched six straight complete games, includ ing four successive shutouts, to impro ve his season's record to 10 4, with an earned-run average of 2 .08. In those m ost recent six cont ests, hurled 54 innings and give up just 26 hits and six runs. I would have figured he was all washed up, but he looks as good as ever," commented Don Drysdale after he broadcast one of Tiant s shutouts back to Dal las. Everyone seemed surprised by Tiant s work except Red Sox Gen eral Manager Dick O Connell, who signed him in the spring of 1971, "We felt that once he was in shape, he could help us," O 'C on nell said. ''And he is helping us plenty." The Red Sox would have owned Tiant before they actually signed him if O'Connell had received a telephone message in April of 1971. Tiant, who hurt his shoulder that spring pitching against the Red Sox in Winter Haven, was released by the Twins shortly before t i1e season started. He asked his friend, Stan Williams, to call O'Connell in Winter Haven to .ask for a tryout. : The Red Sox were playini a game that afternoon The listed phone number for the Winter Hav ball park connects with the tic ket office rather than O'Connell's office. The gids selling tickets got the message, but O'Connell didn't. "I would have returned the call If only out of courtesy1 O'Connell said. "And I have no doubt ive would have signed Luis then as we did later." Not hearing from the Red Sox Tiant applied to the Braves and Paul Richards signed him. The sent him to their AAA clu_b, but released him when faced with the decision of bringing hi:n up to the majors or letting him have his freedom. Then O'Connell called Louisville Manager Darrell Johnson for an opinion on Tiant'a arm. "-Take a chance," told O'Connell. "He looked to me as though his arm i.s okay." Southern Edges Tuskegee 24-19 BATON ROUGE, La.-T0ugh !defense at the right time was the key to the Southern Univereity Jaguars' 24-19 win over Tuskegee -Institute Saturday night at Ala. Coach Charlie Bates' Jags, 1-0 this season after the breath-taking opener, now must prepare for a tough Texas Southern U ni versity 11 that could be the elass of the Southwestern Athletic Conference in 1972. But the Texans must stop f3outhern's potent Wishbone-', which was good for 296 yards 10n the ground against Tuskegee. And stopping the Wishbone means stopping Henry Green, the Jags' new star. Green, a 6 1, 210-pound halfback from Ft. Pierce, danced for 118 yards on 22 carries and scored Southern's second touchdown em an 11-yard in the third IJeriod. After a scoreless first period, the Jags ex ploded on a 70-yard TD pass from freshman quarterback Dale Scott to junior wide receiver Rp.ndy Allen. Frosh placekicker Everett Route from New Orleans adde d an extra point and a 30-yard field goal in the period. The Tigers' LOUNGE Open Every Day Air Cond. Located: 859 Zi\CK STREET PROlE 229-9893 Kelly booted a 23-yard field goal and the .Jags took a 10-3 lead to the dressingroom. Green was thrown for a safety early in the third period, making the score 10-5, when defensive end Freddie Young from Gretna, La., caught him in the end zone. But Allen, a 6-2, 180-pound track man, ran yards on au end around to set up Green's 11-yard scoring run minutes later. Route' s placement kick made it 17-5 going into the final period. Sophomore halfback Edward Jordan then was the key to Southern's 76-yard touchdown drive, as he carried three times rfor 53 yards. His 30-yard run gave the Jags their final touchdown and Route's kick made it 24-5 with 9:02 to play. But the Tigers weren't through yet. Roger Delaney received the ensuing kickoff and lateralled the ball to Ken Dickerson who raced 79 yards to paydirt. Quart erback Ed Grimmett passes to Stanley for a two-point conYersion and a 24-13 count. Curtis Sparks recovered a Southern fumble seconds later on the Jags' four-yard. line and Hornsby Sams crashed through for the score. Grimmett's conver sion pass failed and Southern held on to the 24-19 lead on some clutch defensive play by end Marvin Davis -and safety Charlie Johnson. From Flodda Advertiser1 Buy Sentinel ......................... ____________ __ 1'----"W_.HO_D_O_NE_I_T _IN_S_PO_RT_S --.JI Question: What do you think of Teofilo Stevenson s chances as a fighter? Do YJll think Duane Bobick will make it big as a pro fighter? Answer: Teofilo St-evenson has a very bright future as a heav y weight fighter If he keeps on learning he wiJ.I. go to the top. Duane Bobick will be a rank e d heavyweight but he seems too slow to make it all the way. Q: Do you th i nk athletes should eat heavily on the day of big games? A: Again it is not how much an athlete eats on the day of games but what they eat. I persona!ly always seemed to perform better when I didn't eat much. Other athletes wanted to eat the whole thing. Q: Where was the game ping pong invented? A: Ping pong was invented in either China or Japan. Q: How much money does it take to get into National Golfers Association play? A: It takes something like $7,000.00 to get into NTGA Q: Is it true that Babe Ruth was an orphan? A: It is true that Babe Ruth was an orphan. Q: Do you think the Harlem Globetrotters could beat the teams in the NBA and ABA? A. The answer to this one is an emphatic "NO." Q: What do you think was the .Secret of success for Vince Lom bardi as a football coach? A: Vince Lombardi was a strict disciplinarian dedicated to detail and blessed with an unusual ability to reach the souls of his J>layers. Q: What was the name of the great blac:k halfback that played football for Northwestern Uniyersity in the 1930's? A: I believe Ozzie Simmons was the great black halfback of Northwestern U. in the 1930's. Q: How can I get tickets for t he 1973 Super Bowl? A: The best way I can think of to get tickets for the 1973 Super Bowl Game is to hi-jack PEt e Rozelle s office Facts and Figures The case of Olympic sprint coa c h Wright is one that stands out in the United States. Coach Wright is having to should er the blame for 2 of our best sprinters being late for trial heat9 thus being eliminated. The mix up of course is one that is in excusable and someone must be blamed Howev er, let us all try to put ourselves in Coach Wright's place. No man in his right mind would intentionally make such a blunder. Coa c h Wri g ht is despon dent and does not need critic ism. What happened to Coach Wright could happen to any of us Wonde r r.ot for Whom The Bell Tolls, In Time It C ould Toll For Thee. Just keep on living and see what hap. pens. Rhodes Scholar Dotson Feels Confident Of Making Knick Squad WEST LONG !}RANCH, N.J.Is there room on the New York Knicks' basketball roster for a 6-foot-4-inch backcourt man who can play defense? Although Hexward Dotson, the Knicks' less-publicized Rho d t s scholar (Biil Bradley is the other> would like to think so, the question is not so easily answered. Dotson may find the task of getting on t\le roster more diffi cult than making the dean s list at Columbia, which he did in six of eight semesters, or than the two years he spent at Oxford studying German, Italian, French, Russian, English and modern European his tory. The roster Is loaded with tal ented, big -name play _ers in the front and back court, and Dotson will have to bump somebody. Who? Not Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe, Dick Barnett or Dean M eminger : More than likely it will'be Eddie Miles, Henry Bibby, the third:roimd draft choice with HEYWARD DOTSON a one-year, rio-cut contract, or a host of other hopefuls in the rookie They had. S&K Green Stamps helped get them there. When transportation became a problem, the Springfield & Sangamon County Oil.) Community Action 'Agency came to S&H for help. Under a special arrangement,' S&H agreed to redeem their Green Stamps for a badly needed station wagon. The people of Sangamon County poolE:d collections and soon the program, had its wagon to carry children to Head Start program and day camps, and bring school dropouts to job programs. This is only one of hundreds of siQ111ar group savings projects organized to achieve a great variety of special goals year, --S&H would like to help your organization, through a savings to get the things you would like to have F.or information on how your group can collect stamps for !t s civic and charitable cause, write Box seu S&H Group Savings, 330 Madison Av!!3nue,;.. Hutchinson (i _New York, New York l oo 17. -ThC EnCouragement Company-.


PACE TWENTY Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Eclitlona Tuesda,., 5eplemLer 19, 197Z = -SPORTANIC FLOODS-By WILLIAM 0. BETHEL FLOBIDA A&M STUDEHT. SPEAKS OUT A short time ago a frlend of mine and I were riding along with a fellow who is a senior at Florida A&M's Uni:versity. Inevitably our conversation drifted into Florida A&M's future football for tunes. It was quite interesting to listen to what the young ma.n from A&M had to say. He was indeed affable and spoke his piece without reservations. He let us know immediately. that his opinions were those of most of the student body Flonda A&M. I was first surprised to know that the A&M seruor thought very little of the fortunes of Florida A&M as an institution of learning. He made it clear that he and fellow students thought very little of the present Florida A&M administrative staff. As far as he is concerned the school is doomed to oblivion and for sure a merger with Florida Sta te Univ e rsity He had us straining at our seat belts with his continuous monologue He said that spirit and pride is at an all time low ..at A&M. He f eels that the student body doesn't care much about what happens to their Rattler football team. According to the student there has been no harmony on the team and lots of looseness He said that the coaching staff is not together with each coach disgruntled about one thing or another In essence he says that he and his peers feel that The Old FAMU Spirit is now only a ghost. After listening to what the A&M senior had to say and adding it to other things I have heard from sources on "The Hill" I can t help wo1;1der about waht the future holds for Coach ''Big Jim" WiUiams and his 1972 Rattler fuotball team. First of all the statements made by the A&M senior concerning FAMU s administrative staff were taken by me as a bit harsh. I do not know iDr. Perry, Florida A&M president, personally but I can't con c eive of him being as obnoxious as the student made him out to be I do know personally people like Dr. Mahlon Rhaney, Dr. Paul Mohr and of COI.!l'Se Jake Gaither. I know these people are good people and they have been champions for The Florida A&M cause. There are other professors, teachers and coaches at Florida A&M I know that are wonderful and efficient people. As for merg i ng with Florida Sta te University if I correctly that issue has been settled for quite some time COACH WILLIAMSTHE SA VIOOR Finally when it comes to esprit de corp concerning football at Flori da A&M all that is needed is good, solid winning season. No one can actually predict if and when The Rattlers will have an other good, solid winning season Seemingly enough experienced football talent is left from last season's mediocre team to at least come up with a respectable record this time around. I know Florida A&M has selected a football coach that can and .will motivate esprit de corp. Not only will "Big Jim" Williams motivate the right spirit and pride his football team needs h e will put the minds of students back in proper perspective in due time. The one thing I know that Coach Williams and I have in common when It comes to coaching is that we know that esprit de corp is of the essence. There is no way yours truly can compaie with Coach Williams when it comes to coaching football. Thank goodness I can admit this openly and feel no remorse. Coach Williams is a gifted foot ball man and he is better when at the helm than at any other time. I also know that there is always a possibility of assistant coach problems when a new head coach inherits a veteran staff that has been around the school for a long time. Since I have not been \ close to the situation I can't say if there is 01" will be internal strife on The Rattlers coaching staff. A lot depends on the outcome of The Rattler's first two games under Coach Williams. U the outcomes of the first two games are good everything will fall inta place. If the outcomes are not too good there just may be trouble from all angles. Coach "Big Jim" Williams knows his plight better than any one He knows how difficult it was for him to make the decision --to take the job under the circumstances. He knows much the success or failure of his football team will mean to the fortunes of Florida A&M. If what the Florida AltM senior said has much trut h in it Coach "Big Jim" Williams will be bearing the cross for his alma mater. The onty way he can successful bear the burden is to have the cooperation of all concerned including his staff. My only advice to him at this p<>int is that if his staff does not fully cooperate with him do not attempt to fire them. Instead take them out in the woods and shoot them down like broke-Iened dogs. QUICK QUIPS: Jefferson High School looked good in spirit of starting its first varsity football season in years. The :Di-agons do nothing fancy but the staff of Head Coa c h Abe Brown -and assistants have them in good shape. Although I do not know the rest of The Jefferson football staff but I know Coaches Clarence White and Ross Foster 're dedicated men. For the first time in years the name of Hank Aaron Is not listed among the top ten hitters in The National League. That's what trying to hit home runs all the time can do. There is no question that there is something unholy between Olympic sprint Coach S t an Wri ght and Rey Robinscm. Rey and his father vaguely implied what was obvious on their return to Lake land from Munich. Now is the time for all good anglers to get out and get with the red fish and very soon speckled trout. Fishing for the two species will be good up until the first real -cold snap and then it will be come excellent. Speckled perch are getting set to go to worlt In fresh water. Look for next full moon period. If you see yours truly listening to starboard or on crutches any time soon do not despair. I was not stampeded by a horde of Hot Pants and Mini Skirtecft clad lasses. The old sacroHac could not take the strai n of my trying to retrieve an errant ball and watching Hot Pants and Mini Sklrls at the same time. The latter won. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers Foster Predicts Win Finnegan Over Cltris LONDON Bob Foster arrived last Wednesday with only one pre diction about his Sept. 26 world light heavyweigP,t title defense against Britain's Chris Finnegan I will win." WILLIE -sJARCiELL liKES-CUBS' WILliAMS IN MVP-VOTE The fighting deputy sheriff from Alburquerque added, however: 'It won't be a holiday over here, I'm going to treat this fight se riously and am prepared to go the full 15 rounds." Foster was accompanied by his wife, Pearl, and Manager Lou V i s c usi who was quick to point out that the cha mpion has .lost only once to a light-hea vy In 53 bouts. That was a hotly dispu te d decision against Mauro Mirra in Lima Peru. "Foster hates southpaws 1 i k e Finnegan," Viscusi said, "when he meets one he gets so mad he flat tens him as quickly as he can." Foster, who has been taken the distance onlv once in 10 title d efen ses, said "I'm feeling great and I'm about 182 pounds, which fs just about right. f know noth ing about Finnegan never seen him fight but I don't try to find out a lot about the I fight and take each one as he comes." Finnegan, 28, turned profession a! after winning the middleweig!lt Gol!f Medal at the 19&8 Olympi cs and holds the European Bri\ish and British Comm onw ealth rtles. High Dies School Player After Practice TOYAH, Tex. -Arther Lara, a schoolboy footbwll player, col lapsed during practice at Toyah High School Monday and died a short time later in a Pecos has pital. School officials said Lara, who would have been 16 Tuesday, might have been injured when tackled. CHICAGO Willie Stargell fig ures one disappointment in the Most Valuable P layer balloting is enough. This year, he says, they should give the award to Billy Williams. "I was disappointed last year, so I'm not priming myself for it this year," says Stargell, the slugger who is leading the Pitts burgh -Pirates to their third straight Nat ional League East title. Although Pittsburgh has an easy lead in the NL-East Stargell said if he were vot ; ng, he would select Chicago's Williams ahead of self for the MVP award "Who would I vote for?" Star gell ask e d, repeating the ques tion Number 26 (Williams), that's who. "He's like Oscar Robertson. He gets h is 96 points a game. He gets h is 200 hits every year, 40 homers, driv es in 100 runs, hits 40 or so doubles." Miami's Badgers Ferguson H,skies MADISON, Wisc.-Rufus "Roadrunner" !Ferguson ripped o:f1f touchdown runs of 512 and 30 yards and scampered for a total of 11615 yards in a 31-7 Wisconsin rout 'over Northern ![l}linois. Ferguson, who is only 5-foot-6 and 190 pounds, out the Badgers ahead 17 0 late in the firs t quar ter when he outran the Huskies on a S2-yard burst. !Ferguson, who broke Alan IAmeche's rushing record at Wis consin last year with 1,1222 yards, !played only two and a hall quarters in the game. Earn After School! See It Here Flrstf .With just three weeks remain Ing in the season, Williams leads the major leagues in batting and Stargell is tops in RBI. Stargell said he always thouiht the MVP award was supposed to go "to a guy woo had an out standing year for a club that does something which led 'to his disappointment last year when he had the best year of his career (.295), 48 homers, 125 RBis Pitts burgh won the pennant and Star gell finished a distant second to Joe Torre. "They said I didn't get it be cause Torre had a more outstand lng year," Stargell said. "I had never thought ef the MVP In any other terms, than plaxing for a team that had a good year. I re member two years ago, W illi ams had such a m-eat year but they gave it to Johnny Bench because his team won:" Rhodes Scholar Continued from Page 19) camp. "If I had to content with the forwards," said Dotson after b da y 's workout at Monmouth Col lege "I would say the situation is hopeless The backcourt is an other s tory. I've what the Knicks have in rookie camp and there's no way I'm not going tl) make it. All my peers from ti, Ivy League-Jim McMillian, Bill Bradley, John Hummer, Geoff Petrie and Dave Wohl-have made it in the N.B.A., and Dotson is next. "The way I see It, and Monroe have two spots locked up and there is Dotson in contenti<,n with everyone else." Have You r Son Or Daughter Earn His Or Her OwD Way By Sellng The FLA. SENTINEL BULLET.IN Order Papers Every Tuesday And Friday Frotn THREE LOCATIONS: MAIN OFFICE 2207 21st AVENUE CENTRAL AVENUE BRANCH 1511 Central -Ave. WEST TAMPA BRANCH 2330 Main Street


!'uesday, Septem:&el' 19, 1972 Fla. Seatinei-Bulletin Published ever.y Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition PACE TWENTY:.oNI! IT'S FOR TEAM LEADER' S TO DO JOB, LUCAS SAYS LEONARD LUCAS GAINESVILLE During last week's football Picture Day at the University of Florida it leaked out that Gator Coach Doug Dickey bad talked to the team and ad vised them against being --.:..coHtro versial when they met the press. "He told us that if we had a113' thing on our chests we shoulcl try to keep it there," related one player. Gator running back Leonard La Van ( Lenny) Lucas didn t actually disregard Dickey s statements but he did get a bit graphic when he described situations in Gatorland But anyone who uses the term "espirit de corps" when de!icrib ing a football team's attitude could be expected to do just about any thing. The subjects on which Lucas got a carried away were re lating to Diclrey as a coach, con cerning the situation where Carlos Alvarez bla s ted Dickey last spring and on the ,of the running hacks in general The result is that you have to eet fired up on your own, and some times that's a bit hard. "When you start 16sing you get in a bad frame of mind. Winning can make you feel great but i t also works the other way and you can get into a rut .If you lose, a cloud hangs over the team, so it's important to start off right, espe cially for the players On the Alvare z situation, said that it will be up to the "team leaders to set an example for ttie younger players "The freshmen and sophomores want to see how we react, said Lucas "If we don t think about it, okay and I don t think we will. I don't foresee any problems con cerning it. It may put a b i t of a burden on us for a while though." Lucas was the third leading er on the team last season behind Mike Rich and Tommy Durrance, but he gained only 169 yards on 65 carries. That fact didn t pleas\3 Lucas at all. The running backs were really forgotten last year," complained Lucas. But this year the coaches say we'll be running : the ball m ore and that I'll be doing more ball carrying." Dick ey says "Lenny is our best breakaway threat. He'll get the outside call most of the time, but he has the size and strength to run inside, too.'' The 6-foot-1, 190 pound Lucas is set to start at one running back position aHd 224pound Vince Ken drick will be at the other, and Lucas thinks the blocking will ptay ll big part in the Gators' success Kendrick is a strong blocker, but another reason we're goi ng to run the ball a lot is because of our offensive line," said Lucas "They're good, and everything de pends on them. Last year Vince got hurt and I got a little messed up, too. I _got some teeth knocked loose arid broke my jaw in the second game State Clobllers St. 27 Ky. Alabany KY Ken tucky State, trailing 3-0 near the end of the third quarter, cau ght f ire and swamped .Mbany State of Geor' gia, 2Hl, Saturday. Kentucky State finaHy grabbed the lead when K-en Cenault scor ed from the three with two minutes left in the third quarter. !Robert Booker added the fir s t of his three extra points. The Thorobreds scored again with 3:21 left i-n the game as Art Keller hauled in a s e ven yard pass fvom quarterba.ck !Michael Jackson, caQllp ing a 48yard drive. t Mike Beckham counted for two six-pointers ia the stages, going over right tackle for one yard and then only 34 seconds later haul.ng in a 311-yard pass from Jaebon. M!bany, opening its season, -!\cored on a 31.-yard field goal lby Thomas Frazier in the sec, ond quartet Wilt Chamberlain AWOL' From Camp JLJQS ANIGE[JES Genter Wilt Chamb erlain, who wants to re negotiate hi s m issed the Los Angles Lakers' opening pract ice session Wed nesday an d Gen eral Manager Pete Newell sai d there m ay be a fine. "Unle ss there was a reason a ble excuse for missing today' s opening practir ce there will be a i ne l-evi ed," Newell said New ell did oot sa r y ho w much Ohamberlain might be a ssessed. Oha.m; berlain e a ptain of the team that set numerous r ecor ds en route to the Nationa-l Basket t ball cbam pionship last season, has thre:aten ed-retj.rrupent if he is riOt al1owed to renegotiate. He is in tile middle of a two-year contract. Laker ma na.gement has said: it is against club po1icy lo renegotiate contra cts. Dickey is a methodical coach:' said Lucas. '"His attitude is simi lar to Coach Tom Landry of the Cowboys. Ellis Will Amos Box Johnsonr of the season I hope it's different this year. OUEVEILAJNID Former world heavyweight boring c hampion Jimmty Ellis wiH meet .Nkron figbter A mos J ohnson Thursday in a l!Oround matciJl. Dickey says. : 'You 're mature enough. You act l i ke gentlemen.' I have a feeling we might be a little hungr y this year. B11t I think we have a good team. We have esprit de corj,s." BETHUN. E AT HOME SAJURDAY A .FIER 15 -14 S. C. ST'ATE LOSS DAYTONA BEACH The Be cat camp The 6-11, 215 pound thune-Cookman College Wildcats junior from Atlanta, Ga. h a s will play their first home game been a consi stent ball carrier of the season against Morris since his freshman year. ''Never Brown College of Atlanta, Georflashy or tricky, he hits the right gia in Welch Memor ial Stadium and carry out b1ocking asat 8 p m Saturday night. si'gnments as they are designed. The SIAC Conference contest He'll have a great year if he Is expec te d to be a lively affair continues to play the way he's according 'to Coach Jack Me started. Clairen. ''We still have unpleasThe Wildcats iisted 23 rookies ant memories of last year's 20-13 loss to the Wolverines especialon the roster at South Carolina ly with two touchdowns called Stat e and most of them will face back," he said. Morris Brown College Saturday Commenting on the 15-14 loss The newcomers looked good. fo South Carolina State College Their performance just atrout last week, Jack said "if t here is ironed out my depth problem. anything good to remember it will SomE! of these guys are producing have to be .that the game in veteran style For instance on was the front four we started three non-e onference freshmen,...-'Robert Randall, a 6-5, The Wildcats outplayed the 270' pounder from Miami; Willie Bulldogs in every category but Lee, 6-0 241,Daytona and Al scoring "We had 17 first downs bert Burton 6-6, 255, Daytona to their 10; 181 yards rushing They played with all the poise of as compared to 96; 126 passing veterans; Lamar Cato, an outside yards to 19 and 48 yards punting linebacker from Atlanta could be to 32. The overall performance one of the greatest we've had. A for a season opener was good," former high school fullback, the McClairen said. 6-0, 195 lb. athlete is the younger B-CC' s running attack was bal. brother of fullback Donald Cato anced as ._three players had al Person. O'Neal Dozier an altermost equal yardage. Randy nate defensive lineman from Ft. "Sweetback'' Walker recovering Lauderdale has been a pleasant from a pulled groin, rushed for surprise this year. He had a 5o yards, Leopold Sterling car creditable performance I as t :ried ror and Donald Cato Per week.'' son f _close beh i nd 41: ; {. L Walker and Person scored : I ;Wfi. face tne season wIth 1!1 Enis, 312-7, of Louisville, Ky., is currently ranked fourth a mong heavyweights by the World Boxing Association. John son is 01 -7. Football Scores 'Jlexas Southern 37, Southern 0 Alcorn 9, Grambling 6 Bluefield 27, Salem 13 Fayettev. 21, Norfolk St. 14 :Federal City 12, Uvingstone 8 Jackson Prairie View 3 Kentucky St. 21, Albany St. 3 N.C. A & T 41, S. C. State 7 St. 38, Eliz. 0 Tenn. State 14, Morgan St. 0 Va Union 46, J. C. Smith 12 Winston .Salem -47, Hampton 0 Black UMP SAN FRANCIS CO-Art Williams of Bakersfield Calif., will become the first bla-ck umpire in the !llstory of the National Leag ue, president Charles S Feeney said l ast week. Williams be g an his career as ran umpire with the Pioneer Lea g ue iii. 1900. Since, he has worked in the midwest, Texas lllnd International Leagues He was a rightftlanded piticher in t he minor seyeral years before becoming .an umpire. He will make his INL debut Monda y inSan Diego. BUFFALO'S 0._ J. SIMPSON HAS SIGHTS ON RUSHING TITLE -0 J. Simpson makes no bones th rowing the ball half as much about it. r r s time '!or him to do r.nd are probably three times some seriousrunning. more effective." Simpson the college wonderboy Simpson s rushing yardage has w ho has caused more controversy also been hampered by a young, with his remarks about Buffalo inexperienced offensive line. This than with h is feats on the football yea r the Bills came to training field, believes this will be the cam p with their strongest line in year for him to bit the 1,000-yarJ five years but injuries quickly rushing mark. c hanged the bright picture I should lead th V league in Holes Are There rushing," Simpson said "I ex" Before this ye;ir I just didn't pect to carry the ball 20 times a have the confidence that the hula game and with no injuries, I would be th ere/ Simpson said. should gain 1 ,000 yards. If I don't, Many times I was already think my own fault.'' ing of going to The outs i de whi le 1 Simpson, 25, is -in his fourth was still down in my stance season as a running back wit.h Saban made some quick deals the Buffalo Bills. The most herwith other clubs to patch up tha alded rookie ever to come out line and the moves ; for the most of college, Simpson holds most of part, have paid off as far as the rushing records at Southam Simpson is concerned California and captured the c ,w-"Now the holes are there," eted Heisman Trophy in 1968. Simpson adds "You can hit t:1e Team 0. J. Struggled hole quick and make your break." In his first three pro seasons Simpson also believes the Bi!ls Simpson has not knocked 'e m have matured and again credits dead." He sat out the last half Saban for the difference of the 1970 season with a knee pline is the thing," Simpsn sa:c!. injury and had his best rushing "We're a more disciplined team mark last season with 742 yards this year. C oach Saban has been on 183 carries even though tha great for me and everyone on thi s team." Bills struggled to a 1-13 record. Simpson, who has stated in th e Durmg the Bills' s i x pre = season past that he preferred life in games this year, however, as compared with Buf son piled up 420 yards and s i x falo, has decided to spend the touchdowns on 84 carries. He next few football seasons, at credits Bills' new Head Coach least, wearing the red, white, and Lou Saban for tile sudden up blue of the Bills. swing. He has set some goals for him Simpson refers to Saban es self and the team an was counted out. He tossed down the cru mple d paper cup and jogged onto the deep grass of the playing field. O'Halloran weighed 244 pounds while Ali weighed 201. Man he said, "I'm ready to go now."


PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla: Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frl. Get Both EdHiona ... ,. .. Tuesday, !eplemlJer 19, 1972 RET'IRED I F AMU A t."e Hillsborou g h Community Col l e ge will decate its firs t per m anent building at the D ale !Mabry O ami ?US when C o lle gium I is opened Friday, S e p t ember m at 9: 3 ; ) a m for the f all _cla sses begin n in g Oct. 2 The four yea r o l d coll ege has b ee n o perat: n g in bu' ld ings at the Dal e M a ,bry site and pJ ant City T ; 1 e o!d airport 'ter m :nal als o i s in u s e f o r anothe r of its loc ations Collegium I is the first build ing in a m eg a structure of four collegiums and wh e n Jlinis hed each will be oriente d to specific programs In Tampa, Mr. Conoly w a s visiting Dr. Silas and C. Blythe Anderws, founder and publisher of the Sentinel, both. lifelong friends he met at the. Florida A&M High School in the 'twenties. The. elderly l!'entleman began teaching FA)\1U in 1930, same year the Alurimi Ass.odaMr Conoly spoke about the c on siderablE: growth of the school itself. "In 1887 the s c hool began : with flv ,apd 13 and now there .. o.ver ?00 in structors and 4,5:00 students'" IIi addition to .Qeirig in the as soc;ation Dr. Johnson : Philadelohia ; : director, Mr. Conf)ly a !so activelY work;S: w -th the Ta!neighbors ant' frielui., for f< o;r coil'sideration in oar time nf be reavement. A soecial tha111< tq Rev. Bernard M. Jones and Wilson Funeral Home. !Next mcnt: h will see groundbreaking for its second per manent bujlding for the begin n 'ag of a: 4!0 a cre caffiiJ!US ill Ybor City. tion began. He :remembers _that the association raised $5{) thllt first year, colle c ting a dollar in : dues from ea ch This hhasseeC h a m b e r Commerce, United Fund, and. civ{c or ganizations WARRAN:T ISSUEif-FOR' WOMAN IN. DEATH, OF HUS-BAN: o ,. A warrant was 'iss\.led M;onday against Mrs. Edna McGrady 31, 5019 29th St ; charging her with second degree murder following : the death of 'her husband, Willie, 13. two a f gumg before get: ting iOtO ihe caf. .. 'shortty. a shot was fired .to the hospifal in eriti2al conditl o n and rei'IJ1liried ip iil_tensive car e until his aeatl:i. Mrs,--McGrady. free on a $5,ooo-'' set pn t he origi.1:Jl -charge ofassault to--murder. TAMPA -In memory of our l-ear sweet Ange;ina Mays, wh:o -departed this life September 19, Sadly missed as the days go by. She's gone home to rest. Daughters; Essie M ae Robin son, Mora Maxwell Dorothy Kel ley; daughter-in-law, Lucille Mays; sons, Charlie Mays, iohn-. ny Mays Lewis grand daughter, Margretta Dub:in. MEMOPIAM Mr. l'vJcGrady died Sunday morning at Tainpa General w ith a gunshot wound in the chest. The. wound was inflicted 6y his wife whiJe they sat in their parkiod car irf their back yard Septem-t _... --.; ',_ .. j M M. Guemmer o f the coun-t y ber; 9th. A young : boy passing on..:. his repocted hearing the m i m t e ll his wife she was not : going .lVith him. after she got into the car _beside him. The 'boy sai9 the Solicltol'-'s office 'sai, d was heard on .case: Momliy and the judge granted a cont i ria ance in ; the case,,_A prelim inary hearing the early _part of OctobE!_l". Af(adia ; Highlights; '> Funerai services for home weekend after attend, !Ph en La .. than. were held Saturday irig the National 'Baptist Conven; at 2 at St. Johq M B. Church. tion of-America 4n-Dallas, Texas l t f and v a 'ca't I o nl ng l : n 'v 'ar"lo" us s TAMPA -In : ovmg memory Rev. W. H. Moore, pas or, c of our dear devoted son, Mr ficiated Mr. Raymond G1' een, pr.ay for a s afe return. Donald James Roseboro w )I o Mr!J,. Leol11 Givens and Mrs Ruby C hoir :and Ushers Union will be passed away this 1!Hh day of Nell l,{if kland is. _at held __ atr in : September a--year ago. l>ome. Wauchula Sunday ,at_,2:30. Rev : Sadly missed by mother, father, Rev. Alton Fain closed out a G. H Peterson IS pastor. < children sisters brothers, "re revival meeting at Ivy Chapel W : H. :cade. will.deliver the .. 'mes! latives 'and friends. :f AME Church in Nocatee Sa,t!ll' -sage and Shiloh .: B. Church day 1\ight Rev Neil McArthur is choir and :ushers will serve. MEMORIAM pa:>tor. Woine11 anc,l men' s day Mrs Scobt ; Reporter. : was a great success at Shil o h -' M B Church sunday; Mrs: Rt l hy Beulah Doreas Cirde Faison. was th. e women's day it < speaker and Rev. -C. J. Jmies Mrs. ai.y Cra-,v.fotd, Gbaix:man was the speaker for the m(;!n. Mrll. Etta White; Rl}'pt: Mr. Tommy Lanier will observe .The. Circle : of B .eulah b i s first anniversary Saturday IBaptist Church will meet Thursnight as president of DeS;>to day morn_ing. at !!. at -'.the. hoine of Mrs;,Ida Baker, _1418.:..GoverCount y Ch oir U:nion. Re_v. Ler:oy : nor Sf: Tl:ie lesson -was b y Mrs Kennol! pastor o of -Mt_ AME Eddie!! : Wilson : whose subjec t Churah closed out revtval wjll be "Singing Mountain of ing in Ft. Myers Friday. night at Great iilst Psalm and Mt. .. Olive AME Church. Rev. : Isiali 4-4:.21. verse. The alphabe t W. H Cade, pastor of Mt. Olive "N". 'T:he last meeting M B. Church of N.acotee and :. was held at the home of M r s Shiloh M B. Church 'is Etta V_hite, _,1415 A v e. ... ::. UNCLE SANDy _....., __ TAMPA .In of our Mr.s. Rosetta Lacont Wil Iiams who passed four years ago Sept. 18, 1968. .f6,78. l"ear not .that thy life shall come to an. end; 12,30 but rather fear that it shall never ha:ve a 77,66. Sadly. missed by your chil dren: -Mrs. A lberta Walker, dat,tgh ter; Robert and Williams, sons;, grands, greatgrands and family. CARD OF THANKS TAMP A The taiuily of Gwentta Wheeler wishes to ex .press their deepest appreciation for all .. flowers, cards, and ness., sympathy for' the los s of our loved one The Wheeler and Flowers Uy. Signed: Miss Gladys Cofield, the Smiths 11nd fami'es. Death NoticesFRANKUN .FUNERAL HOME Mr. Harry L. Sm_ith, 614 James St. Si/Sgt. Leroy Bruce, 191') P:tl metto St. Mrs. .T. Befw.fl)nt 241!! 32nd Ave., AJ!t. 505'. WILSON FUNERAL. HOME / Mrs. Henrietta Smith, 3611 E. L(misiana Ave. St. Matthews Choir No. 1 Deacon Neal Goodman, .Mrs. G. B. Campbell, Rept. St. Matthews Choir No 1 will have rehearsal Tuesd_ay night at 8 at the churc h All members are asked to be present and 'on time. The pastor is asking 1_1ll members to be present for t_he discussion of important business. WHUston Mr. Roosevelt C. Childs, 132S Nassau St The annual Duai Day at Allen Chapel AME Church was held recently. The theme for the oc 2511 casion was Rise Up 0 Men and Mr. John Wright, 2230 N. W. 93rd St.; Miami. Mrs. Mae Louise Arnett, 22nd St. Women of God." Mr. Calv in Me RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL qill and Miss Merdecia Stephenson -were the speakers for the morning and evening s-ervices. HOME Mr. Ro'bert Mitchell, 109> 'So. Oregon. We are grateful to th9se wh o made our effort a success amount raised was $1,00.23. Mr. Smart T. Thomas served as-chairman, Mrs. Blondell Jones Mrs. :Laura Turner, 1514 Main St. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOJWE Mr. Willie Ernest McGirady, was co-chairman and Rev. G. Al5019 29th St. ton Ferrell, pastor. lf.yoUr .-. four liVes on less than a week ,, J J .-bef(Jre 'we. ) tic. -. '.can put you in a.: -tltfee bedroom:_ home for_ $100 down and as little as' $86 a month: ; WOOD VALU:V-. EAST 6F U.S; 19 AT COACHMAN ROAD can 726-4769 for details, 4MLES-WEST of DALE MABRY-ON HILLsBOROUGH Cal 884-8000 for details Q ,. ...-: \a'W"; FHA 235 financing: $100 ciown plus $100 prepaid Items Monthly pay ment principal int!'rest, anCt m stji-ance) based on 360 payments at 8 % annual


Fla. SenitlneJ-Bulletrn Published every Tues and Fri. Get Both Edition TOE ..... I you, when you're an Avoa Rep resentative! People lulow u r products, they'll want t o kilow you, too. Build your own group of steady customers! Call now: Mrs. Smith 626-0874 or 87&-3242; St. Pete 862-4593, Largo, Clear water HO CREDIT??? Having Trouble Buylng a Car Because you are short o Cred it or Down Payment? LET ME HELP YOU BILL 232-4891 OR SEE ME AT SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 FLORIDA AVENUE EMPLOYMENT RETIRED MAN WANTED for Doorman. Apply TAMP A THE ATER, 711 Franklhi Street. No phone calls piease. ........ ....... EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR STEADY WORK, regular raises. Shrimp peelers, packers and laborers. Apply 9 A.M. to P.M. Monday thru Thursday. 9 A. M. to 12 P. M. I< < "' AVt, kit doW!'!, rno. payments or $ 1 S4 tnd Membership, FOB SALE VACANT UAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recell homes lD Progress VHIage : $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Plaone t88-125Z 7838 North 40th Street FOB BEl-T FOB BENT Clean PaDded Rouses Phone 251-1645 Opea Saturday and Sunday I WANT A NEW BOME7 -----------. $2011 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. CaD Equal Opportunity Corp. CaU !57-3201. $50. DOWN MODERN cgMt:NT BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, stove, refrigerator. $10,650 P. & I. $70.54 for 360 months at 7% mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER 172-2729 or 839-1422 LISTINGS NEEDED. BEAUTIF .UL SIAMESE Seal point Kittens. $15 each, $25 a pair. Call 839-1422 or 876-2237. ------------------CARVER CITY Lot 50' x 100' High and Dry. $2550.00 CASH BUSIHESS LEASES AVAILABLE AT. TAMPA PARK SHOPPIHG CENTER Nebraska al Scoll For REASO'tfABLE BATES PRONE: 229-1845 3 ida rooni, living room, dining room, wall-to-wall carpeting, air conditioned, concrete dri ve way, several beariag fruit trees and small patio Non-qualifying. $2500.00 clowu and assume mort gage of $125.00 monthly. PROGRESS YILLACE $50.00 DOWN. Approximately $69 per month, including Plt:I. 3 bed rooms, 1 batJt wall to wall car peting BmO, Chain link fence. Must see to appreciate. Priced af $10,500, Call BOB GADSON, Associate WILBERT WIWAMS REALTOR OFFICE 251-404! 251-3234 RESIDENCE 177-2171 3 BEDROOOMS, t BATH FLA. ROOM ON TWO LOTS. NO QUALIFYING. %710 34t11. STREET. %58-5151. ., From Floritla Sentinel Advertisers FOR EXECUTIVE 2 STORY ERRORS Adv e rt i a e r s are re quested to check the first appearance of ada for corrections. This newspaper will be re sponsible for only one incorrect insertion, ANY ERROR SHOULD BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY CALL 248-1921 SALE RIVERFRONT DLX. HOME 3 BEDROOM 3 BATH; FULLY CARPETED AND DRAPED. FULL KITCHEN COMPLETE DfSmE WASHER DRYER ROOM. LARGE GAME BOOM COVERED BOAT DOCK 2 CAB. GARAGE w /REMOTE DOORS COMPLETE BURGLAR SYSTEM LOTS MORE. $59,500 RIVERGROVE AREA See By Appt.Ph. 238-2903 PAGE TWENTY-THRB PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO HOME .LIFE FAST CLAIM SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORDS. INSURANCE HAMILTON AGENCY 1720 North Nebraska Avenue PHONE 229-1879 AUTO IHSURANCE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE Al' A COST TIHT CORRESPONDS TO DRIVING HISTORY. JACK BERRY GOT CAR TROUBLES? TRANSMISSION *OVERHAUL GEN. CAR REPAIRS BY EXPERTS CALL 248-6532 RAY'S CiARACiE 3007 34th STREET TAMPA AUTO .INSURANCE A. F. KILBRIDE IllS. Before and after an accident 1201 MARION STREET PHONE %%3-5531 4-CUT RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TBADDfG POST NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS, CLOSED ALL DAY WED. Open Mon. T .hru Sat. .11-6 3822 E. B'WAY. PJt.. 243-2411 FUREBAL DIRECTORS WILSOR'S. FmfERAL ROME 3001 29th STREET "Our Busin ess Is Ser-.lce" Phones: 248-61%5 245-%032 PUGHSLEY FOMEBAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired Pho nes: 247-3151 or 247-3152 ROCiERS FUNERAL HOME PhQne 233-9302 4605 34th Street or 258-0764 LADY ATTENDANT "WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS."


PAGE Fla : Pu bllshed every Tues. and Frf Cet Both EdHlolti Tuesday, !eptemher !9, !972 Diggs Urges U. S. End Ciold Agreement Fla. A&M Gets Peace Corps Grant For Teaching French as possible," Diggs said. The methods used to force South African blacks to go down the mines and dig the metal ost amosnt to a mere variation of the age-old evil of slavery," he said. TALLAHASSEE Tho Peace Cotps awatded a $97,950 grant 'l' uesday to Florida A&M Univer sity to teac h French to !Peace ,Cotps V o lunteers bound f o r French-speaking African coun tries The progmm will also all o w v olunteers to earn de gree s from the univerl'lit y while serving abroad, said. After Peace Corps orien tation, the volunteers will spend six n1onths learning French In the Virgin Islands, an intern pro gram from January to June at Florida A&M; then two years teaching English as a second language in Senegal or Niger. Dr. Paul More, dean of edu-cation at F AMU who will head the program, said 215 teachers will be involved in the program this year. Similar programs aro being conducted at Texas Southern, Tennessee State, Lincoln Mo. University and San Francisco State. WASHINGTON Rep. Charles Diggs, D -Mic h urged the Inter national Monetary Fund (IMF Monday to terminate lts agree ment with South Africa to pro vide a floor pri c e for gold ''We should do everything possible to bring the South African gold min ing industry to an end as soon Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers : 1'!--'( 1 : Dozens of Goodyear tire bargains. Most sizesMost tread widths. First come, first served! Sale ends September 30, hurry they'll go fast. I NO TRADE NEEDED 6.50x13 Cpc. Bl Vy tis 7.35x14 1 \Iouthn Bl Ny tis $1.75 to $2.00 Fed. Ex. Tax per tire, on si ze 6.50x13 Doubl e Eagle NW Vy tis 6.50x13 Cpc. 3 WVY tis $1.75 Fed. Ex. Tax p e r tire. SAVE BIG ON THESE TIRES TOO! TIRE NAME Pric e Tax Spd WT WS Tis Bl e m 2 ply 11.00 2.87 p awc XWW pe Tis 2 pl y 13.00 2.15 Cpc 3W Vy Tis 4 ply 16.00 2.00 Cpc 3W YV Ti s 4 ply 16.00 2 .12 p awc Bl pe Tis Z pl y 22.00 2.53 7.i5xl4 Double Eagle WW vy us 7:35x14 Doubl e Eagle NW vy tis $2.00 to $2.1Z Fed. Ex. Tax per tire, d-epending on size 7.60x15 Double Eagle NWVy tls15 8.55xl5 pawc 3W pe ti s 15 -2 ply 2.38 to $2.53 Fed. Ex. Tax -per tire, d epending on size MOW AT YOUR NEARBY GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES TAM PA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA ACROSS FROM Downtown ACROSS .,..ROM Easlgate Temple Terrace Hillsboro Plaza North Gale Britton Plaza Morgan & Twiggs Sta. West Shore Plaza 520z...N. 22nd ST. 9240 N. 56th ST. 2901 W.. Hillsborough 9222 FLORIDA AVE. 3813 S. DALE MA!IRY p i{oNE 229 5002 W. Kennedy Blvd Open Daily 8:30 to 5 :30 PHONE 988-4191 PHONE 877-9528 PHONE 932-6186 PHoNE 831-1891 Open 7:30 to 5:3tt PHONE 877-6701 Aqul s e habla Espanol Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 Open Dally 8:30 to S:30 Dally 8:30 to S 7:30 to 1 P. M ()pen Dally 8:30 to S :Stt PHONE !37-3361 Sa&. 8 A.M. to 1:30 Aq!d se 11abta Eapanol hab'a Espanol


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