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Coke Machine Squabble Splits Small Belmont H l Church ,All--The News Fit -To Print AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY VOL. 25, 83. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1972. i l (SEE STORY ON PAGE S) Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU PRICE 15 CENTS.: Mayor Deserves An Honest Salute EDITORIAL ON PAGE 4 .. (SEE STORY ON PAGE!) Dead Arsonist Still tlnidentified ALTON WHITE Alton White will definitely be appointed today (Friday) to the Former Tampan Norman Harris Dies In St. Pete Hospital ST. P\E'llE!R ,SIBUIRIG Norman !Harris, a former native and re sident of Tampa, died Thursday in a St. Petersburg Hospital after a l engthy illne s s. He was 49. "Big Norman," as he was af. fectionately known in the Tampa !Bay a rea, was a huge man of 6 3, 300 pounds, who was en gaged in the business of mot i ons through Platinum Un limited Inc., St. Petersburg. Hi-s g randmother, Mrs. Gussie Bailey, ;and a cou s in, Ml's, Virgin Tyler, .. ,.both reside at 3!Jl!4 alst Avenue, Tampa. Mr. B11rrls resided at 1256 Queen Str-eet, S., St. Pete. .. Creal Funeral Home ls in ol funeral arrangementa. $20,000-per-year post as Director of the Metropolitan Development Agen cy, Mayor Dick Greco told \he Sent i nel Thursday In a telephone conversation with a Sentinel reporter, Mayor Greco said: l am meeting w it h him (White) today (Thursd ay) and' will definitely make the for'mal announ c ement of h i s appointment at 4 :45 p m. Friday. It is safe to print this as a fact.'' WhitO\ will replace Joel Koford, who resigned to en ter private busi ness The former football star at. M i ddle ton and Famu served as dire cto r of the Commun i ty Affairs Division of MDA and two weeks &go was prom ote d to Deputy Di rector, second in c ommand at MIDA. Ron R otella is expected to be named Depu t y Director, and Bobby Bowden, an assistant to White has alr eady been named D irector of the Community Af fairs D ivisio n The MDA t1as a budget of $20 mill ion and employs 700 persons. (SEE EDITORIAL ON PAGE 0 Teenager By 'Apologetic' Rapist Detectives in the Crime Prevr.n tion Division of the police depart ):llent are trying to locate a po lite rapis t who apologized after. attacking a 15-year-old girl ea rly Thursday morning The girl was on her way to school and took a short c u t through a parking lot at an open Belmont Heights laundromat when the man came up and placed his hand around her ne c k and drag-. ged her to the building After criminally assaulting the school girl, the man asked her name, address and age. When he learned that she was only Hi he told her he was sorry for bo t h ering her, but he thought she wa1 NAACP. Youth Director Speaks At Coronation Young people of the community were at Cur tis Hixon Hall to witness the 1972 coronation of the King and Queen of the youth department of New Salem Primitive Baptist The speaker was the Rev. R. N. Gooden, pastor of St. Mary Pd. mUive Baptist Church In Tallahassee, and the state yopth director of the NAACP. He was Intro duced b Miss Brenda Marshall, left. older, He then warned her not to come that way again and left The frightened girl, with bruised knees, and disarrayed clo t hing ran ro her grandmother' house where she related the ncldent. Police were called and a neigh borhood search failed to turn up the suspect. The young girl was taken to the hospital for examination and treatment. Be. A Good Citizen, VOTE Tuesday, October 3


PAGE TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both E&Uoni Wuruy, September 30, 1972 F 'ORMfR TAMPAN a ,OOKED ON. TAX EVASION ( ,()UNTS JQseph Rodriguez, also known &s Joe Bonimo and reputed to be the top narcotics trafficke r on the Suncoast was arrested ;w'!l at t h e Stat i on B a r for a disturbance and resistin g arres t Odificer P H Garcia Tampa !Polic e .Dept., reported that he office r Marito walked -into the bar .and saw the two wom e n figlhting w ith knives. Th ey broke them \l'p a n d informed them that they were under arrest. Wh il e b e ing handcwffed, Mrs. IAtls attempted to grab officer Garcia's r evolve r and struck him in the f a ce. Marito wa s handICUffing Mrs. Brins on and she k i cked him severai times on the leg and hit him several times i n the batek. Ulyss es B rooks, 2 1 j 215!10 Cen tral, Aipt. 5, reported Tuesday nfternoon that he was stabbed in the back by an unidentifi e d asll aHant. The attack f.o1lowe d an argument over money b e tween the two at and Harrison. /Marion Oliver 313, 20012 29th Avenue w a s treated at T ampa G eneral H o -spita l this week for second and t!!ird degree burns o n hls face and chest. Oliver's w ife, Orella 3 ;2, ap p roached h i m wh e n he came home from work and t o ld him s l he found two phone numbers in his wallet. She went into the kitchen; he followEd her and S'he threw hot grease on him. He would not press charges. Blrglaries !Mrs Mary Whit e 28, 19116 Pine, 4, Wednesday that her apartment was entered by un known subjects who took a por table re cord player with radio, worth $40, and a portable stereo pl ayer worth $i45, theh fled the scene unobserve d. Burglars opened an unlocked door at 21500 N. residence of .Joseph Grant, 5 1 3 and took a nickle }')l:atedi)earl h a ndle revolver wortlh $49 and fled. Between 5 .a.m. and 2 p .m. I!VI onday, s,ubjscls en tered Mrs. Pancbita BrazH's house, 17l215c Green S t ., a P'P arentl,y witlh a k:ey pol ice said took a T V off a st>and in 'the living room and left via the p'Oint of entry. : B o nd has been s e t at $5, 000 for O'Neal Darden, Jr., 19, 300 E. Ross, Roger Fudg e 19, 1008 e3r d Avenue, for breakin g and enternjng with intent to com. mit pe tty larceny, 'Darden and Fud, ge who iden t if ied himse1f as R ogers Walk e r a t the time of arrest, were cap tured 3:31() Wednesday morning in si de the Cuban. Club HltJh Ave nue and l t 4th St., aft e r p o lice responded to the burglar alarm. Thefts 1Robert Lee B o lden, 47, O;:.mde n S .C.; r eported to police Wednesday that three men beat, cut and. robbed him of h is wal l e t wit!h $70, a watch worth $00, a transistor radio worth $S and a suitcase witJh a : pproxim.ately $00 in clothing. The robbery wok place Sunday and Mr. !Bolden only knew that he was in the "city limits of Tampa. ; Miss Rosa Lee Jester, 17, 1214 !IJlttJh Avenue, told police that she was on N. 14th St. under I-4 on the east side on the street Wednesd ay n i gh-t when a male grabbed her from behind and took a combination ca. ssette tape player radio wortJh $215, then fled on foot. A. brown rooster worth $20 and a white hen worth $ 1 1 5 were b:k e n lfrom the bacwyard of B ablo Girion, 413, 1 71111 N. 'B' St., some time Tuesday night or Wedne$ day morni ng. The theives also took clothes from the line in. clupor t i on in the exhaust products de p e nd s to som e ex tent on the air I furl ratio. 'Some 6lf the ooriditlons of operation that tend to increas e producti on of carbon monoxide indude, low tempera ture within tbe engine (i.e. be fore it was "warmed wp" ), idling or racing the motor, and o pera tion at exce ss ive spee d or again s t a heavy load such as a stee p .grade. AU standard fuels, in duding diesel oil and butane; produce la!'ge a.mounts of carbon monoxide. Occas ionally, the interiors al moving passen ger automobiles accumulate toric quanti t ie s of Carbon monoxid e without the passenger' s know-her, she said. She was thinking him, and became de pressed and took four oontact capsules. She was released from Tampa General after a few hours of ob servatin monoxid e contamination is de fective muffler, leaky tail-:Pipe, blow-b y l eaky m a ni f old ,pipe gas ket, leaky manilfold-en gine con n ecti on, and a leakt y exhaust pipe. Muff lers !ire sometimes made of a 'flat sheet of metal which is ro.liEd up to form a cylinder; the ed ges of the sheet being sealed where they meet. This seal may be s plit 'by the backfiring of the automobile, after Which it will lea k dan gerously. L ea ks in the t ail- radiator grill in, some recent models. Experiments bave r e vealed that high co n centrations of carbon monoxide can be found in an auto of this when it is standing or mo vi n g s lowly. ,Be extremely careful when you're visiting drive-in theatres on cold nights, when you h av e to us e the heater, or hot nights, when you have to use the air conditioning. For your own safe ty, crack-a-window w hile the mo(a is idling I'll see you later! RED FRONT GROCE R y & PACKA : (j STORE 3918 2911a St. Comer Baffalo Avenue PHOIE 248-3733 WE ACCEPT_ FOOD STAMP! ''Co. Ia Early and Get Tlae Besl" WE DELIVER WE SEL L AMEBlCU EXPIESS MOREY ODEBS LARGE FRYERS SPARE RIB TIPS FRESH HAMBURGER Eada 98c lh. 2Sc lb. &9c DIXIE CRYSTAL SUGAR FRESH BAKING HENS S lb. hag 69c SUNNYLAND ( Not Frozen) SMOKED SAUSAGE lb. SSe With Order lh. 79c CHINITO RICE c 3 lb. laag 49c BLACK PEPPER LARGE EGGS IN CARTON Can Uk: With Order Dozen 49c REG. I5c FRESH CUT PORK CHOPS CHICKEN BACKS -lb. 7Sc LEAN 1\JEATY SMOKED -NECK BONES 5 lb. box 99c FRESH LEAN OXTAILS lb. 45c lh. 4Sc NECK BONES LEAN PORK STEAK TREND WASHING POWDER 2 lhs. 49c lb. 79c 2 boxes 4Sc WE CLOSE 12:30 WEDNESDAY Specials good for Fri., Sat., and Mon., Sept. 29, 30; Oct. 2


' 8aturday, September 30, 1'72 Fla. Sen i tlnei-Bulletln PuMished every Tues. and Fri. Get EdtitloM PA!fa t:ftREI Florida's Attorney General Has Seve.,teen Blacks On /Staff TA,[ JLAHiA,SSEIE Attorney ney Barry Richard has conducted General R(}bert L. Shevin )las talent searches for black attor fulfilled a campaign commitment Iiys at Howard University in to staff the .State Department Washington, D.C. and at law of L::!gal with at least schopls throug. hout the southeast. 10 per ce n t bla cks. As of Sep-"Unfortunately," the Mtorney tem.b e r 1st, the Attorney G ene- General said, "we have lost some ral has 17 bla cks working in potentially outstanding young nearly every d.vision of the De-black attorneys afid administrapartmm\t and in varying capators because the State's nfinimum cities from attorne y t!Jrough starting i p ay for pr<>fes sional messenger. The Department has people is less than they can get 100 employees in private enterprise or private Shevin. said, "Since we retained m any of the professional and Shevin went on to say that cie: :cal: sta.ff when we assumed he felt the office of _the Attar office, we have had to await ney General is involved in vital normal : attrition through retireand relevant work on of ment and resignations to bring the people, and given the time in minr's unappropriated funds to the Tampa Tribune for an ad vertisement welcoming the Veter ans Hospitaf the city of Tam pa. Councilmen who favored the move indicated that the publicity would be bought at reduced rates Greater Morning Star Rev. R. R. Crenshaw, Pastor Lorandy Manning, Reporter S. S began at 9:3'0 with the supt. iri charge of devotion. All teach_ers were at their post. The lesson was reviewed by the pas tor. Morning worship at 1 1 1 wiVh and would show peeple in other places ju"st what's happening in the city Councilinen Joe Kotvas and Vince Meloy strongly rejected the idea, however Kotvas fold the council that "we are capitali zing on human suffering by using tax dollars to pay for this since it is to be a profit-making or ganization,'' Kotvas added that he believed that. the funds would best. serv e in .the interest of hu: manity if it was donated to the hospital instead Meloy voiced objection to tile governmental agency participat ing in a "sucker deal" rigged up by a profit-making firm a nd assured councilmen that. it would be heard again. Bot h Kotvas and Meloy refused to have their pic. tures or names affiliated with the advertisement. Dea. A M l cKenny and Dea. I. Sheffield in charge of devotion. The mesage was delivered by Gospel Sweet An_gels. the pastor. Choir No. 4 and u shers served. The Gospel Sweet Angles will Evening service began at 6. render a program Sunday First The message was delivered by Born Church on 29th St. Mrs. vered by tJhe pastor. 'Let us Easter is the sponsor, and the remember the sick and shut-ins. program wHI begin a t 3. Tha Vi sitors are welcome at all times. publi c i s invited. Ike Williams Support Of Denies Esteva ST. PETERSBURG Atty. I. W. (Ike) Williams Wednesday c!enied reports by a Sentinel poli tical columnist he was sup porting Henry Esteva for Judge,. Court of Appeals ; Sandy Mondino, the Seritinel Builetin political columnist report ed in "Political Revue" Tuesday that Wiiiiams wpuid throw his suppert to Esteva in his run off race Oct. 3 against: Atty. Edw'lrd Boardman. "Nothing cQ.uld he furthe r from the truth,". Williams told a Sentinel from his office : here. "I got 34,000 votes in eighteen in the raelt and I am: sending out letters asking my supporters to support Ed Boardman in the .runoff. I want that made distinctly' clear to every one," Williams concluded. Holy Community Prayer Band M rs. Lanrtie Stacy, Pres. Mrs. Mamie Bowick, Rept. The Holy Community Prayer Band will meet Monday at 12 at the home of Mrs. Josephine Gilchrist, 2706 24th St. Apt. 301. Remember the sick and All .visitors are wel come. Sunrise Prayer Band Mrs. Sammie L. Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White, Rept. The Sunri se Prayer' Band will meet Sunday morning at 5 at the home of Mrs. Essie Mae Moore, on 20Vh Street: Visitors are wel come. Elder L. Williams is the director. ._,_ ----------VOTE FOR. ROBERT E. (BOB) CURRY To all my good friends. I have worked for all the people in Hills-borough County in public recrea-tion. Now I wish to serve you as your County Commissioner in frict 1. Thank you. "Bob." COUNTY (D) COMMISSIONER Dist. 1. County Wide ./ Paid for by the committee to elect Ro,ert JIJ. "'(Bob> ;Coke ft\achine Squabble Splits Small Belmont A squabble over a second key the keys to the safety deposit b'lll" to the money box a coke rna at the Exchange Bank, which chine has apparently split a sma1 : contains the notes, mortgag:!s, Belmont Heights Church, the and or 1property of the church Sentinel-Bulletin learned Wednes1:.nd if. any removal of such notes, day. mortgages, or other documents The hassle began last July 'Jewhich affect the cburch that you tween the minister of the Comturn them immediately over C() munity Missionary B a p t i s t Deacon Bowers; s. that you im Church, on Ida between 14th and mediately make ap accounting b J5th Streets, and Deacon Wi!:ie Deacon Bowers for the $58 in the Harris. Deacon Harris aiieged!y Choir Fund and turn the money put the mo11eY: box under a over to him or records substanti-after Re.v. D C. Cummings obatin g any distribution of that tained a second key to it" from money; 6. that you turn over to the local coke company Deacon Bowers, ail other prop. Mrs. LOla Mae Neal, 5l9 W.. erty Qf the t;hurcb including t!1a Ross, former linancial secretary <;:ommunion Sets which have also at tbe church ; said t!he dis'p;.tte ... been wroiigfuily kept from this got out of hand and split the 25. : congregation; and last, to turn member church when Rev; Cun\ c hm:ch, any rents col m_i11gs prached Jrom the pulpit lected on behalf of this church about tb< m,oney, box under ruck .. ana th "at au : monies be account!'d and key. Shortly Mrs. :. for to Peiuw!J ao\'\'l!rS and or th:t Neal charged ihe two de --of --the.. cons at the church, Deacon Har "These spec-ific demands a tt ris Deacon : :George H. An: 'made :.Upon you because it dersqn were relieVed of' pears that is in -exce'ss of duties by the pastor. Dave $200 unaccounted for by your ers was named by Rev Cumcommittee to the church for 'leV mings to >replace two sus era! months and :that you _re penqed deacons. fused con:nstenMy; despite re Some members joineg the two fro111 the congregation, deacons and Mrs Neal and1 de from tlie pastor, frc;>m the under manped that Rev. Cummings vasigned and from your own attnr cate the pulpit "within thirty ney to account to this congregadays" but Rev. Cummings re, tion for said monies." a law firm, remained as Mrs. Neal said the two suspend pastor and he requested certain ed deacons and the defecting funds be turned over to be members have also a lawyer, a]ld have the Obvwusly about the spht.. quests of the pastor's lawyer. Mrs. Neal exhtbtted a letter from "Why should we turn over to lawyers representing Rev. Cum--'thein the Communion Sets" sha> mings, which included said. "There is a $17,000 m;rtgage researched rules and regulat i ons on the church and the note i5 the Baptist Chu_rch and $200 per month until we get whtch ma

.... Fla. !ea'tlneliilulletin Published every Tues. and Ftl Cet Both E&tloni Saturday, September 30, 1972 I .11_niti J Published every and Friday br Florida ,$entinel Tampa Bulletin PubUahing Co., -2207 Twenty Fil-st Avenue, ll'ampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, J B. E:a:ecuUve Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vlee )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice Presldent-Soelety JOHNNY JACOBS Vice Preslllent-Advertislog HAYWARD Vice President-Pnblic Relations Second class postage p'iud at Tampa, FlOrida. SUBSCRJJ'TIQN RATE-I '/ $ uo P-er, Y .ear One EditloL $1%.50 Per \'ear Both EdiUenL Big Jim William.$ts. The Ji; .s. tGr will give the review 'of the ) -Mayor::'An HoneSt-Salute Jesson. Morning worship begins at it with deacons in charge of devotion. The No. 2 choir and ushers. will serve. The pastor will del!ver the messa, ge. All choir members and til!luirs .are reminded to wear their fall Mayor, Dlek Grecomust be commended by this newspaper and other blac;ks in the.coinmuni ty for. hla appointment Alton to the .$2.0,000-per-year post as direc:ttor .of the IYietropotitan Development Agency. It is true that the Senttnet and. many other Macks have taken the mayor to in the for hts policies on police de partment brutality, the .Model (:ities J'rocr.am, educatiOil iitands !lot .nduciv. e : to race reJa tions 'and. oiher matters of d ir.ect c:onc:ern to the welfare of tlui c:ommunilty general, in particular But it-is a.1eo true d!Att in the 'appointment of Mt. : the M 'ayor show:ed a lot pi hardnosed cuts .cuts this. and ot_her blacks 1n .tke past claimed be didn't .have. In thl PTA will be at 7:30 P. M. Tuesday dn the c!rfetorium. Pat

laf(urday, September 30, 1972 Fla Sentinel-Bulletin Puihlfshed every Tues. and Fri Get Both Editlona -----PAGE FIVE The Univ. of Tampa football team, fans and followers, on both the black n white sides of town were qui t e talkative over the past few days about the f oot ball coaching ways of Spadans head coach Earle Bruce as the "Black 'N Wmte Spartans Side line Coaches went on to s a y somethi ng like this "We know we've got a good coach in Earle Bruce, cause he helped c o a c h Woodie Hayes build a powerhouse and nati onal championsh i p team up at Ohio State Uni'v. C o a c h Bruce really has hi-s coaching staff and players under control, when he speaks they listen. Wasn't that something, Coach Bruce had fullba c k Paul Orndorff walkin g up and down the football field holB fn g a football and saying, "I will not fumble," cause he fumbled once in a game. Coach Bruce demands that all his players go to some church on Sunday's And if he finds they didn't go, look out!" The "Black 'N White Spadan Sidelines Coaches," in their talk, figured all the above things or tactics of Coach Bruce were okay, BUT-They wondered bout, "Is he FREDDIE SOLOMON AROIJND THE TOWNBy HAYWARD BRADY present fine play behind quarter b-ack Buddy Carter, who just hap. pens td be white. But mightI say, black qua rterbacks as football team leaders, are here to stay, just as were the Jackie Robinsons in baseball and Wilt Chamberalin's in basketball. If you don t believe me just as k round the campuses of Georgia Tech, Univ. of Tenn ., or Missis sippi State Univ. and for that mat ter, among many others. City Wide Mission Band Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres. Mrs. A. L. Simmons, Repi. The City Wide Mission Pra.yer Band will meet Tuesday at 12 at the home o1 Mrs Lovie C lark, 1553 Main St All are asked to pray for the sick and shut ins Visitors are welcbme. Metropolttan Chorus Mrs, Jessie Hid g on, Pres. Mrs. Hill, Rept. The Metropolitan Gos pel Chorus will have rehearsai Saturday night at 8 at the St. John M. B. 'Church on :Mith St. All Jadi es are asked to be .present and on time. to south wing 2B. room 4. OOPS, THE NAME, "MRS. CHRISTINE DAVIS," wife of F i r s t National Bank recent retiree, Mr: J. Frank Davis. How did me 'n their dear friend, Mr. L. N. Brown, mgr. of the Blue Flame Barbe{Jue Pits come up with the name Katharine anyway? Sorry bout that man. THEN TOO, SEEN WHISPER JETTING BACK TO CHICAGO, ILL were Mrs Hattie Turner and daughter, Annie Lee Straugh. ter, who had been here visiting among relatives and friends for two weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Mitchell (Flora), Mrs. Beulah Mae Smith, Mr. Walter Turner MISS BETTY JOYCE BARNES, d f local candidate for Queen of the an am1ly, and retired, SGM and B-CC-Jackson State College "Cen Mrs. Walter C. (Helen M.) Stevens of Palmetto st., L. G. Also among tral Fla. Classic" footbaJl..game well-wishers seeing these folks off to be held in Orlando nex t month, on their EAL flight were, Tampa is bein ghelped hy a dinner sale Police Officer Willie Monroe and to be held tomororw (Sat.) at the several of his relatives .. Sugar Shack by the BUT WHILE MENTIONING Tampa Alumru Chapter B-CC. POLICE OFFICERS, received Want some soul-cooking? Drop by word of Ervin Ellis, the ex Don LOOKING FOR SOMEWHERE Thompson Hi star athlete being TO GO TONIGHT AF fully recovered from wo_ unds re-TER, Well, ceived during a police investiga-there s some m.ce guys like, Tom tion in N J. now visit Hankerson, Will Weirs R oger ing: in Tampa. Will be ever grateAlexander Taylor, Hom. ful to t he nice times Ervin Ellis er Johnson Bird Ephrom, James Richard Hall and Willie Wallace, James Be ve l Sam Mar. Williams gave the writer during shall Robert Cole, Russell per. several Newark visits son, Curlis "Skipper" Sams, BobJETS HERE 'N THERE by Brown A lton JOhnson and For'mer Tam pan Carlton' 'Rich puexy George Williams among ardson presently living in Wasb the ington, D. C. with wife the former Walters CluJ:> ;sa ck. To School, Yvonne White, is slated to make Ht ot-Pants Bell -bo some n ice headlinenews in tlwse Dan c e at Curtis parts soon Carlton's the son of GasparJlla Room Mrs. Gladys Pauline Brady, 1Sl9 D FROM UP. NYC WAY State S treet has It Tampan M1ss Cynthi.al Woody Ailen was talked with daughte; of Lenora the other n i ght while headed back y, Grove Circle and Mr. John to A tlanta Ga Learned Woody E. Brady, of State St., and a '72 was in tov!n to leave son Shawn p-ad o f Edward Waters College, m Jax i din NYC for a f ew days visit with grand now res1 g m and workmg at CCNY. Apostolic Church Of Jesus Mission 2-Thonoto sassa Elder J. L. Lee, Pastor Beautean White, Reporter S. S.began at 10:15 with the supt., J Felton conducting the school. Prayer was led by Mrs. Sarah Gadsden. Ali teachers were p -resent and at their post. The lesson was enjoyed by all. Morning worship begaa at 10 :45 with Mr. J t:artel' and .Mr. Alphonso Camon was in -charge of devotional service. Missionary MitcheU delivered the message. Evening orship 8. Dea. !Vtitchell and Mr. A. Camon conducted devotional service. At 8, Minsiter M. A. Anderson de livered the message. A one man's program was sponsored by Mrs Sarah Gadsden in be half of the building fund. Many participated. Mrs. A L. Under wood was mistress of ceremon ies. The church young union will meet every Wednesday night at the church. Friday night is re gular service. Members are re minded to prepare themselves as Mission No. 2 is responsible fur. Thursday night, Oct. 5 services of Elde r Lee s .anniversary beginning Oct. 2-9 Eastside Praver Band Dea. Archie Mond, Pres. Mrs. Alice Lane, Rept. The East Side Prayer Band will meet Sunday morning at 5 at St. .John M. B. Church Parsonage, 3401-25th Ave. Rev. E Newkirk is pastor Visitors are welcome. Remember, the sick and shut-ins. ELECT New Macedonia MB 3402 E. DeLeuil Rev R Robinson Pastor Mrs L Owens Rept Last Sunday services were t;piring beginning with S. S Th$ morning message was delivered by Rev G Thomas and the r1ihg message by Rev H Hunt associate minister of St. Mat: thew .This Sunday, S. S. at '9:45. morning service at 11, evening service wi-ll be conduct-ed at 6, The pastor is qack from vacation, Hewill deliver the message Slln day. Communion will follow taa message. The No. 1 choir wi\ 1 serve. The public iJ; invited tt worship with us. Friendship Baptist 3222 24th St. Rev. James T. Link, Pastor S. S. will beg-in at the usual time with the supt. and teacher!J at their post. The Jess on by the pastor. Mornin g worship at 11 with the dea cons leading d e vo tion. The sermon b y j he pastor. Evening service at 6. The same order of service will be held. Holy communion will be administered. R emember the sick and shut-ins. Visit and pray f o r them. Rev. Crum is r ecuperatin g from a throat operation at hom e Visitors are welcome to worsh-ip with us. Evangelist Prayer land Mrs L Owens, Pres. The Evangelist Prayer Band o f which Mrs. M B. Spivey is d t rector, will m eet Sunday mocning at 5 at the home of Bishop 2102 No. Fremont. The public is invited Zacchini CIRCUIT JUDGE GROUP 17 NOI-PARTISAJI ELECTIOI I October 3 Paid for by Campaign Treasurer Richard J. S chwartz dad, Bud Allen. and aun t, 1\frs. SEE YAU LA ER Margaret A Fisher, while he ..yent T---------------------------------on tour to London, England and trying to get rid of his football team' s directional security, quat' terback Freddie "SOS" Solomon '! F irst he used Solomon to run pun ts and ki ck-offs, with so many run ning backs on the sidelines s t and ing r ound doing nG>thing. And now he's asking Freddie, a poten tially great quarterback, with two more years of pla}ring time ( after this one) to play flanke.rback be cause says Bruce, "Freddle'!l 4 .3 second spee d at the 40 y a r d s makes him the fastest of Spartans, and Bruce says Solomon has "great hands." This writer asks, do you sup pose for one moment Coach Weeb Ebank of the Jets would put his number two quarterback, Al Woodall out there in the football war to receive pun ts, kick-offs or play flanker, because of his hands or speeds or just because Jo e Willie Namath is doing good right now and threw six ID.passes Sun day? Presently to me, it seems Freddie Solomon is In C o a c h Bruce's "excess baggage quarter back load, because of the team's Copenhagen Miss-(Atty.) Arthenla Joyner was kind enough to stop by Sun day and give a live view paint of t he FAMU -A&T game -Someone writes aslting if the re ports true former Fla. Educ ator, Alfonso Brown, one of our most dapper dressel'S of all-times is thinking bout going into politics up Washington, D C. way on the Sam Gibbons side? I just plain, don't know fellow. And while speaking of Captiol Hill, someone asks if the reports true, the flick "THE MAN" was partly made along the poli tical life of Adam Clayton Powell? Find that one sort o f hard to answer, cause 'haven't seen the movie AMONG THE SICK AND SHUT IN is, Washington "Wash Green owner of the Rhythm Shoeshine Parlor on Scott and Central, "Wash" is in the County Hospi tal, following illness of the past three years, where at this writing he was reportedly feeling a great deal better. Mr. Green Is confined New Silver Moon, Inc. 124 BORTH OREGOH AVEIIUE 1 block north of Kennedy Blvd. Jhe best barbecue in .town Specializing in Ribs, Chicken ad Steaks Also Liquor, Beer and Wille Yeur Worst Hallit? Kick T 'he Hab.it. Register To Vote Books Oose October 7 SPOHSORED BY MINORITY DIVISION Democratic Party Of Florida JIM LOWE. Director


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt Cet Both EdHions 30, t972 Madalyn Lovell Hillar!l,. fda. Stre t i!! for the title of Little Miss Philoette. -She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs James Creal, and the ,e;ontestant for Group One ; woriung with this group are Mrs. R icbadean stewart, M r s. Ellie The contest will on. the third Sund11y of October at the Kid l\Jason HOUSEW A RMING AT REED RESIDENCE M;. and Mrs. Charlie Reed have a lovely new home at E McBerry, and .on last Fdday e y ening friend!\ arnve d w1th mce gift s for a h o usewa r ming Attendmg and Mrs .Mbert Lee Mr. and Mrs Rowe Taylor! Hicks.' Mrs. Jeanette S mith Mrs. Hicks St e ve Wllhams M.rs. Maggie McNeal,. Mrs. Leila Mc Kinsey Mr. and Mrs. James Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Everhart, l\frs. 'Ruby Wilson, C)ara Aaron Stilling, Mrs. Lautry Reed Robert Williams, Mrs. Jub. a Thorpe Mrs. Frances Baker, Mrs. Genevieve Jones Altamease Burney Mr. and Mrs S y lve ster Ham Mrs. Annie Jones Mrs. Altamease Burney, Mr. and l\frs. Ham, Mrs. Annie MacMiller, Mrs. Hattie Parker and Mrs. N e ttie Chan e y. Pers ons unable to attend but send i ng gifts were Mrs. Joyce Stemper Mrs. Alton Daniels, : Mrs. Flora Baker, Mrs. Katie Allen, Mr s Mlnnie Stubbing, Mrs. Ida Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wal ker, Mr and Mr s Eddie Edwards Adolphus Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gibson and Mrs. Aileen Harper. MRS ALEXANDER DIES IN JACH;SONVJLLE Mrs. l\bzie Alexander a re. tired of and of t he f irst graduates of Fl9nda Normal College died Tuesday :Final r i tes will be at 1 P. M. Saturday Jacksonville at EbenezE!r United Methodist Among her Tampa relatives are Mrs. Leonard M.r and Mrs. David. Mobley Jr., Mrs. Mable Mrs. Luvema Mit_cbell and Mrs. Sylvia Holmes. BltiDAL SHOWER A bridal shower was given at the home of Mr and Mrs. Brooks by their daug hter Aldina for Miss Mary Levonne .Rackard,, who is b r ide-ele c t of Joseph Ho'pkins. Mary is the daugfi ; ter of Mrs. Dorothy Lily Rackardf. Joseph is the son of Mrs. Ber nice Hopkins. Gue s ts were Linda Gatewood, Yolanda Lewis, Barbara Solomon, Bertha Sanders Kay Jackson Frances Norton Eartha King, Dar l e ne Rackard, Andrilate Rackard, Jewell Rackard, Rack ard, Renee Alexander Fredricka Alexander, Debra Diamond of Waycro s s Georgia; Mrs. Janie Brooks, Dorothy :Mrs. Eddie Lee Burrell Mrs. Bernice Hopkms, Betsy Wdbams of Wa yc ross 1\lrs. 'Lila Mae Diamond of New York City, and Mrs. E. Jackson New York. CENTRAL FLORIDA CLASSIC The National Alumni Association of Bethune-Cookman Colle.gt!l is sponsoring the Central Florida Classic at 8 P M on October 28, in Orlando. The Be t hune Wildcats will meet the Jac kson S t a t e Tigers. GREEN TEA AND FASHION SHOW The Philoettes made final plans for the Green Tea and a fa s hion s how which will t ake pla ce on October 15, at the Kid Mason Commun i t y Center Final t o uches were put to pl a ns Sunday at the ho me of Mrs. Lest e r Vickers. The ladies enjoyed d elic ious food, f ollo w e d b y a card ga me The ga t hering included 1\lrs. Julia Timmons 1\lr and Mrs. Her bert Bol e n, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Ragins, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Womack, Mr and Frs. Frank Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Da v id Bunts, (Continued on Page 7) VISITOH.'iS )'REATED. -TO WEEKE:ND AT }ybe!J ,:j'qny. ln Tampa this hi" cetting the iiroup there and back. Not mer,. his Mn. P. Wilson ; treated ahown Is Andy Walke r of St. Petersbr'rg who ar: him, six jn!'re .of her nephews, and h,er son, to a .. rived after the len ... long at tbe Jake : The group Included; Tony, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin C. Wal front row left to right, Clarence ; Jr:, "Chink" MC ker, jlf Denver ; Colorado, lived with his uncle and Donald, Dwight Wilson, Wyatt Walker and Craig family, Mr. aad Mrs. William H. Walker on State. Allen; .bacJt row, Morris Walker ; Mrs. Wilson and Stteet during his six weeks stay. on the ground I& Mr. Wilson who as."' -'---:-------' Ouislandiftg Teacher -Mrs. clara Tolliver Boone bas been named Outstanding Ele mentary Teacher of America for 1972. She is employed at Avon Park Middle School The former Tampan is the daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Tolliver Randolph. She attended Middleton High School and is a grall'llate of Bethune Cookman College. FORMER TAMP AN BECOMES MODEL Pam Renee Wade daughter of M l'tand Mrs. Ch. arlie Moss, recently graduated from th e Bar bizon School of Mode ling In Cle v eland, Ohio, and among the twenty five graduates in her class, she ranked first. .She will be modeling professionally out of Washingt o n, JJ. C. ;. BiG DOWNTOWN TAM:PA STORE \. .. ZALES RiNGS REF .. ICT YOUR YOUNG ._IFESTY&.E convenieat wa)'l to bu.y: Zle s Re.vol\'in& C har g e Zale1 M.uttr ChArg e Ly w y DOWNTOWN -604 FRANKLIN ST. WESTSHORE BRITTON PLAZA WIGS, CLOTHING, JEWELRY, AIR CONDITIONERS, TV's, ELECTRIC WASHERS. DR. P. A. ERVIN DENTIST 14041h CENTRAL AVENUE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT At My Residence Before 9 a.m. Phone 251-2139 ON THE "EASIEST CREDIT TERMS" IN TOWN l0 .. FRANKLIN


' .' September 30, 'tt7J' Fla: Senitfnei-Bulletln Put.llshecl every Tuef. and ,FrL-Cet_ Both Editlonf -I PACE SEVEN MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Continued from Page 6) Mr. and Mrs. Edward Montgomery; Mr. and Mrs. Buddy_ Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Richmond 1 \'lyrick, Mrs. Jarue Brooks and Mr. and Mr. Arlee Vickers. IN TALLAHASSEE FOR FOOTBALL GAME Many Tampans were spotted in Tallahassee last weekend They were on hand to witness the Florida A & M-North Carolma A & T football game which end e d in a 22-20 victory for North Carolina. Some of those at the game and attending the Hospitality Hour at the Quality Motel were James and Authorine Clark, Mrs. Rutha -Mae Harper Mn. Elnora Cuseaux, Eveyn and Dan Cappe, 1\lrs. Lydia Rodriguez, Mn. Ruby Powell Walace and 1\lildred Slplin, Sam and Elouise Brown, James Coleman, Mrs. Lillian Williams, and Johnnie King. PERSPECTIVE BEGINS SATURDAY The first fall show o! Perspective will be seen at 8 o'clock Sat urday morning on Channel 8-WFLA. The Saturday program will feature black school principals ; Sam Horton, C alvin Bex ley, Blake-Just; and Marion Cabrera, Lockhart Richard F Pri_ de is the moderator THE WATKINS HAVE GUESTS Recent guests of tbe Rev. George Watkins, '3008 Cheslea were Mr. and Mrs. James Mayes and children ; Angela, Pamela, Valencia and Vanessa; and Mr. and !\Irs. Jay L. Peacock and children, Cheryl Burt, Jaynitah, Vanessa and Christel all of Brunswick, Georgia; and Mr. and Mrs. William Mays and daughter, Ranc!-a of Buffalo, New Y ork. HERE FROM MACON Mr. and .Mrs. Manuel Taylor of Macon, have returned home after visiting cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall O'Neal of South Packwood. GET WELL WISHES Get well w i shes go to Mrs. Thelma Brady Holloway and brother, Joint E Brady who are home after being patients at Tampa Gen eral and St Joseph's. They are members of Allen Temple AME Chur c h Friends are also glad to know that Boone Williams has been discharged from t he hospital and is recuperating at his resi dence, 1550 Union Street. The reporter for First B11ptist Church of Seffner reported that Bro. Briiwn was ill at his home We have learned that he is a patient at the Community Hosp i tal Room 605. OFF TO NASSAU Mrs. Eliza Ford of 105 W Oak left this morning for Nas sau, Bahamas. She won the trip from the Tampa Pilot and Is accompanied by Mrs. Aretha Snelling. She delayed her tr1p be-cause of a visit from her daughters and their families from Hawaii, and New York City, Sgt. and Mrs. Wright Richards and Mrs. Tom mie Lou Ford. Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Snelling are members of Allen Temple AME Church Mrs. Ford is an employee of the City of Tampa Recreation Department, and Mrs. Snelling works for the 0 Ware Appliance Company BACK FROM HA WAil Home again after a fantastic vac ati9n in Hawaii are Mr. and Mrs. Eston Sheppard. In the-heart of Wajkiki ; 'they stopped at the beautiful iPrin Eess Kai!ilane :aoteL After days there, they visited Los Angeles ; .sim Francisco, and other cities They had opportunity to .lnte.J}d ohe of Sammy) J)ayis shows along with Gladys Knight .in Las V.egas. :: .:. Ally. Richard Walen_ Makes Pop Visil Washington, D. C., recently at tended a General Convention, around Black Entrepre neurship ; at the St. Petersburg Hilton Hotel for four days. While enroute to Thomasville, Georgia, be sto}lepd over hi Tampa for a two hour lay-over. Atty. Waters is the cousin of Miss Helen E. Long, 1616 :t3rd Avenue. He _!e ceived a B. S. degree in Psy chology and the -Juris Doctor de gree from Howard University. Paid Advertisement DINNER SALE THE PHILLIPIAN Gospel Singers will sell chitterling dinners Saturday at the Hararm Temple on 29th Street. For delivery call 254-1571. GUIDIHG -LIGHT MISSION NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN 2902 27th A VENUE ",Qest Care Anywhere" MRS. VELLENA VALDEZ, Directress Bus. Phone 248-5911 Home Phone 229 Non Pariels. _Will Present Very latest :In Footwear The president, Mrs. Ruby Lewis, and members of the Non Pariels announce that this year's showin g of their Bottine (shoe :!or men), and Soulier (shoes ;.. :lor women) will be what is cur rent in the now fashion and to gether look for fail! 72 foot wear. It will feature. clo -gs, Gucci, platform soles, boots, mod and Frenc h heels in pastel colors, suedes and the haberdasher look, layered and lace-ups. Although, the spotligM will be on shoes, the latest in all wearing apparel will pe shown. International Inn's Garden Room will be the Sei!ne of the 11how on O ctober 8. All models will be there that morning: at ilO for a spedal rehears a!. _The list of models includes Mrs. Claudia Collier, -a profes sional, who is employed at Mass Brothers in Sportswear. Other po -pular ladies -featured 'are Lillian Simmons; Louise Herron, Delilah Jeffers, l:lelen Long, Tina Caroline :White; Gloria Taylor, Ci.ndy Dexter, Brenda Marshall, Eevlyn !Burney, Gladys Brown, Robin White, Rita Anderson, Bernadine White, Lisa Hammonds, W i lliams E a rlene Williams, Edith Baker, Shelia Owens, Marneese Haley, Demetria Merritt, Marion Jones, Patty Rob inson, Brenda Terrell, Gladys \Mit c hell and Ann Smith. MRS. CLAUDIA COLLIER model The male models will b e Sam Spearman, Clarence Bostic, Nat ihaniel Johnson, Ri cky Heard, Billy Brown, Benny Garvin and James H i ll. FROM. TAMPA CLUBS THE GOLDEN will meet Monday evening w i th Mrs Gennie Mae Anderson 1713 Na ssau Street. On Saturday evening at 6:45 members of the KENNEDY SO CIAL CLUB will meet at the home of Mrs. Ruby Watson 2711 23rd Avenue Mrs. Clara Waring of 516. E. Park Avenue will be hostess to the H. E. 0. SOCIAL CLUB Tuesday at 8 P .M. A meeting .of.the MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF ALLEN TEMPLE AME CHURCH Is scheduled for 5 P. M. Sunday in thc.t lower unit. THE TROJANS SOCIAL CLUB is having a party Saturday at the home of W H. Jones 2414 12th Avenue The public is inv ited. Members of the ORCHID CLUB will meet Saturday e vening at 8 :30 at the home of Mrs. Alta Daniels, 6002 42nd S t reet. B'rth day celebran t s will be Mrs. Ruby Mortr<>e, Mrs Willie Mae Byrd and Mrs. Beverly Garcia It was Mr. Sheppard's first .trip; was delightful. ______ .!.,_ --:---:--::-:::-============;;;:::;;;:::::: Notes From Tampa_ Lodges .; NICK MATASSINI OUR ONE VOT' E Since it. is impossible personally to thank the many thousands of people who supported my candidacy for county commissioner dis trict I, please accept this method of expressing my sincere ap preciation. Your continued on October 3rd, will be much appreciated and may I remind you YOUR ONE VOTE WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! HICK MA TASSIHI FOR COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT I Paid.lor hy Conunillea lo Nick_M4l)assinL Bob Baker, A meeting of HYDE PARK LODGE NO. 327 F&AM will be h eld Monday evening at 8 o 'c lock at the Odd Fellows Hall Central A ve nue and Scott Street. COMING EVENTSSEPT. Enchanted Evening hosted by the Mademoiselle Social Club, Hall, 1226 Broadway. SEPT. Carnival and Scmgfest, St. John M. B. Chur ch. 12 noon. OCT. 5-Musical Concert, St. John M. B. Church, 8 P. M. OCT. 7-"Mr. and Mrs. Social Club" Coronation, Ft. Hesterl y Ar

PACE EIGHT Fla. Sentlnel-Bu1Jetin Published every TuM. and Fri. Get Both E&dona Wurday, September 30, 1972 1 Wishing 'You A Happy Birthtlay MJM JtOSE Vonda!yn Bryant was a year old on September 23. She is t h e daughter of Mrs. Constance Bry ant of 1346 Union Street, a n d while her mom is at work, she stays with her aunt, Mrs. Pa tricia Lee of 1527 Spruce Street. A bun c h of little friends shared party goodies. On September 27, Keith and Kenneth Limehouse celebrated thei r 8th b irthdays. They are twin sons of Mr and Mrs. Joe Lime house 2307 Beach street. Their party was at the home of their aunt, Mrs Alberta Walker. The September list also includes Oscar Johnson Sept. 21; Beverly Ann Ford, Sept. 23; Dorothy Evans, Sept. 26; James A. Jones, S ept. 27; and Thomas Pique, Sept. 30. New Salem PB 405 No. Oregon Rev. H. Storr, Reporter Mrs Mamie Colema n, Rept. S S. was o pened at the usual h ou r with the supt. presiding. A ll teachers were at thei r posts. Morning worship d ev otion was Jed by Deas. W. Robinson and A. Wi mberly. The. No. 2 choir and junio r choir and ushers served. The pasto r deli vered a spiritual sermon. "Who Do You L ove Best" was his subject. !There were quite a few joiners. BTU was inspiring. A nic e l esson d i sc ussion was on the Mrs. Bethea is the directress. The same deacons, choir and u s ht;rs served for night service. R ev. L. Carr, pas tor of St. Mary :M. B. of Largo preache d. Last Sund a y, the Mother's Bo ard of the churc h presen t ed f3cholarships to some of the children who were entering col lege for this term. 'The amount was $100 and was highly ap ipreci ated by the students. Mrs. M Wilson is chairman of the board. P lease let us not fo1get the 13ic k and s hut-ins. You are wel c ome to worship with u s VONDALYN BRYANT Church Of Christ 1312 Nassau Street Bro. D. Atkinson, Minister Mr. James Norton, Reporter Mr. Melvin Smith was in Charge of S. S. whic h began at 10 The scripture reading and prayer was read by M r James Norton and the l esson was taught by the minister. Morning worship at 11. The message was delivered by Mr. Joseph A. At kinson whose subject was, A Some Cannot Obey," We had one for baptism. The evening service began as usual. The was deliver ed by the pastor. Subj ect, Mu s t We Be Members Of The One Body.'' Thursday night at 7:30, B ible etudy, The public is i nvited. Holsey T em,le Rev. L. J. Montgomery, Pastor Rev. Rosa L. Bryant, Rept, S S. will begin at 9 :30. The supt. will be in charge of devo Morning worship will begi n at 11. The No. 1 choir and u s h ers will serve and the pastor will deliver the message and lead de votion. Holy communion will observed during both services. The pastor is requesting all memP"""""""1 P'<'On1 fTiOT A film directed by Dorio Argento Lfu "Four FWes on Grey-YeiYM" Michael Brandon Mmsy Farmer P'.erreWorielle Francine Racette Pilgrim Rest Baptist 4202 Nassau St. Rev. W. R. Brooks, Pastor S. S. began at 9 :30 with the supt. in charge and all teachers at their post. The lesson was re viewed by the pastor. Morning worship at 11. Dea. C. W. Shivers and Dea. Charlie James led de votion and the pastor delivere:d the message. Evening worship at 6 :30. The same oficers were in charge. A meeting will be heid Friday night at 8 at the church. Saturday evening, the No. 3 choir will meet at 4 for rehearsal. A spiritual re vival meeting will begin Monday night at the church Rev Murray will be in charge. Everyone is in vited. Remember the sick and bers to be present to bear thi s special message. Evening worship at 6 with the same order of service being con d ucted. Prayer meeting each Tuesday n i ght at 7. All our sick are im proving and all our weekly acti vi. ties remain the same. You a r e welcome to all our services. Re member the sick and shut-ins in y our prayers. Rev. lsaa(_ Personality, Douglas, Gospel In Tampa Tonight The Gosp e l Faith Increasers, a fast uprising Tampa Gospel group, is sponsoring the pre sentation of Rev. Isaac Dou;J las of New York City along )With the Tampa 100 voice JCommmunity Choir in a gospel concert Friday night (tonight) at New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 12511 E. Columbus Drive, Rev. B. J Jones Pastor, entitled, Lord I s My Shepherd." Rev. Douglas, founder of the New York City Community Choir, has trained extens iv e ly /throughout the United States ;spreading the gosp e l in song. He has appeared o n the popular rtelevision program, Soul and is scheduled to reappear in Octo ber. This year Rev. J a m es C l eve land crowned Rev. Dougl a s as the Prince of Gospe l. The Chris REV. ISAAC DOUGLAS ltian gentleman is al s o a m em-The concert wili als o have ber of the Gosp e l Works h o p of featured, Prof. Randolph John America. .son, Arthur Jo nes and m any other talented choirs of the Tampa is proud to have him in the city and it is hoped that :Tampa Bay area, everyo ne will come out t<> wit-The program is produced o y ness the talent of this great 'Bi g gham, Hi cks and Jones g os pel personality. The program begins at 8. Fading Reception? Light Jlashes? Other Your T V Is Telling You Its Problems! Prevent a major repair bill by calling Sears Service at an EARLY sign of trouble. Help add life to your TV and save yourself the aggravation of your set failing during your favorite program. Skilled service is just a phone call away! Call your nearest Sears Store today. CHARGE l't on Sears Revolving Charge suoP AT sEARs AND sAvE. rc:::-:::1 Tampa SL Petersburg Satisfadion Guaranteed Cleuwaler Lakeland or Your Money Backr, CO. .v; ,,--; Wiadlf :laveD ;, <, t


' I SHOP KASH H' KABRY BECAUSE ITS C L 0 S E TO MY HOME AND THEIR BARGAIHS ARE THE BEST IH TOWN." \.. THELMA WILLIAMS 2416 14th Avenue Tampa, Florida I THE ROME OF FAMOUS BRANDS THESE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa .. 1725 H. Dale Mabry Tampa 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa ... 230 I Florida Ave Tampa .... 501h Sl. 8r lOth Ave. Tampa ... :. 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa .... Hillsboro 8r 15th St. Tampa 81h Ave. 8r 22nd St. Tampa ..... 4101 norida Ave. Tampa .... Nebraska 8r Waters Tampa .. Wesl Shore al Kennedy Tampa .. .. lll2 So. Dale Mabry Tampa 4487 Gandy Plaza Tampa 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. ,Cor. Florida 8r Waters Dade !1t y . 506 E. Pasco Planl e'ily 507 So. Wheeler St. Palmello ... ...... 515 71h St. Riverview ..... :-. H w y 301 Brandon 911 Brandon Mall Bradenton Corlez Road W. of Hwy 41 Inverness .... 803 W. Main St. Zephyrhills Hwy. 301 8r Firsl St. Lakeland 925 Barlow Rd. Ocala 2957 N.W. Pine Ave. St Petersburg 6095 91h Ave. H. Sarasota 3840 So. Tullle Ave. 8r Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass R oad Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 Norlh Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. H Largo .. Hwy. 19 8r Olmerlon Rd. Venice .... 480 Venice By-Pass SHOP. ANY DAY-SAVE EVERY DAY BARTOW MAYOR. ADDRESSES BANQUET W h e n t h e m e mb e r s of th e NAA C P h e ld th e i r fa ll banque t last w eek a t Swed e n House the add res s wa s by B arto w Mayo r G e or ge G au se. Man y atte nded. Peace 2G28 E. ILake Ave nu e R e v E. A. Todd Pastor Mrs Lore ne C alhoun R ept. St:nday school b eg an at io w i th t he slllpt ., Mrs O lli e Todd i n charge. All teachers were at their rposts. Morni n g service began at l!l with Deacons Edward Bold an d J o h n Evans in charge of devo tion. T h e adult choir and ushers No 1 serve d A very good ser mon was d e live red by the pas tor. Eveni n g service began at the u sual hour with the above order of service Mrs A n nie Thomas is co n f :ned at home. W e were h appy to have Deacon Hold at chu r c h afte r a s hort illness Mrs. Sally and fa m i l y were prePentecostal Church Of Jesus 509 E Columbu s Drive Bish o p J J J ohnson Pastor Revival services will begin at o u r ch urch on Monday n ight. A Patters on will be in chag e of the pre aching-. The p ublic is invite d The gos pe l will b e preached and prayer will be offered for th e s ick and suff e r i ng. T h e services will nigh t at 7: 3 0 Mr s. Doroth y !Miller, Rept. s e n t at c h u r ch on Sun day. P rayer meeti n g will be h e ld Wed nes d ay at 7 T h ursday ni ght ou r month ly cooference will be h e l d All m e mbers are as k e d to b e present a nd on time. BE SURE T'O V .OTE OCT'. 3 FOR Judge Henry Esteva Judge, .Courl 4 Appeals Endorsed By Mosf'Of The Leading Newspapers In An 18 County A rea, INCLUDING: ST. PETERSBURG TIMES ST. PETERSBURG INDEPENDENT LAKELAND LEDGER DADE CITY BAHNER LAKE WALES HIGHLANDER BRADENTON HERALD FLA. SENTIMELBULLETIH LA GACETA, NAPLES DAILY NEWS BROOKSVILLE SUN-JOURNAL HAINES CITY HERALD All of lhese out s tandin g newspapers can' t be wrong VOTE ESTEVA (Pai d politic a l a d vertisement)




Saturday, SeptemLer 30, 1972 Fla. Semlnei-Bulletin Puhlished every Tues. and Frl. Get Both Edition PAGE ELEVEN Faith T 111ple Fn!87 Friea.slrip Baptist 3tt7 E. Lake Avenue :Rev. H. L. Daniels, Pastor Mrs. Nettie Jacobs, Rept. Tampa Bay Tech.-School Conaer Palm ud Lamar :Rev. J011epla H. 'i'Jaompsom Bj Carrie Cauey 1M EIMI Falloa Rev. Floyd Johus011, acting Pastor Last Sunday, the Sunday school Sunday school began at the was conducted by Mrs Ethel Arm u sual hour with the supt. and strong, the supt. The lesson was teachers at their posts. reviewed by Rev. Johnson. During Morning service began at 1.1 the morning worship the sermon with Deacon Wilson and Dea was delivered by Rev. Johnson ceo GI'iffin in charge of devotion who spok e from a portion of t he -' The special served. The Sooday sclwol began 9:415 with the supt. Gilbert RobinSQn Sealrs In the SpeiHglat Her favorites include beau-Ron ald B!Qunt. Records: Dedicated lit the One I Love Tights: Francine, Mike, Carrie and a lot of others. L'l charge. book of Genes i s and all hearts sermon was delivered' by Rev were spirit-file:!. Craft. His subject was "Walls Morning service began at i t with the deacons frr C'harge of d ev otion The junior chair acd ushers served. Rev. Daniels deli vered a very sermon The evertogether C lif f o r d "Pretty Black Ulmer. is oor black brother in the spotligh t. Clifford is well known for his taste in wearing the latest rag s, and for being one of the be$1: dressed brothers around the den. His .favorites are Food : anything edible. Record: all the latest sounds by the black artists. At the den Clifford is majoring i n Print Shop, and likes nothing be t ter than being with his black brothers and sisters. He can be s e en with C arlton Matthews R()n n i e Vann, Francine Taylor, Ethel Fulton and many more So, I 'lay right on brother for lreirrg chosen. Dance : Good foot. Voc-subj -Busi ness Education includes (Data Processing) So, I say right 011 black sister for being chosen At 3:00 o'clock in the aftern,Jon the M i s sionary sodety ended a cont est b etwee n two groups that were l e d by Mr s Estelle Alexand er and Mrs. H e len Smith. B ut h groups made nry f i ne financial showin g and corsliges were pinn e d on both of th e leaders. The pro gram wa s in charge of Mrs J ohr, nie B. Ril ey, who served be autiful ly as maste r of ceremonies. Mrs. Mary, A li ce D orse tt, who is w ell know n in the .ci ty brought a m c s sage that will not be forgotte n soon Mrs. Virgini a Aldri d g e is the ...p.resident of this group. Can: t Talk." No w dur attention is on th e fourth Sunday in O c t ober wh:en the baby cont est will be term i nated betwe e n the auxiliarieg. Bu siness me etl ngwill be conductd W e dn es d a y night aft e r th e second Sunday in October All m e mb t'ril are tirged to be present. Bus ines s of importance. Our sympathy is with Mrs. Grace Gammon in the loss of a n e phew who lived in Phil81:1el phia Congratulations to Mr and Mrs. Thomas Epps who h ave moved into thei r new home 30H9 N 46th Street and they are hav i ng it blessed Saturday afternoon. Our pulpit guest Minist e r oh Sunday will be Rev. T H Thomas of St. All members and friends are asked to attend and h ear this great gospel Min i s ter. us not forget our si e k and shut-ins You are always welcoms at Faith Temple Tabernacle MB 1511 Central Ave. Rev. C. H. Sheppard, Pastor Marilyn Short, Reporter S. S. began at 10 with the supt., Mrs MacDonald in charge. 3he is asking a:ll officers be presents and on time. Morning worship will follow at 11 with the deacons in charge. The No. 1 choir and junior ushers will serve. The pastor will VOTE OCT. 3 "U our public school system is to survi ve it must be strong at the local level, your county school board. Only through an effective board can we get the most from every education d ol lar. This we owe to our chil dren and our community." RE RECT cECILE ESSRI

tACE TWELVE Fla. Sentine1-Bu11etin Published every Tues. and Fn Get Both Edlitlona !epteinl;er 30, 1972-' PARK ISDEDI A TEDIN P-ROGRESS -VILLAGE The new county "J)ark. o l;ft, of the Civlo Village at Ash Avenue and 86th was Council of P r ogress Village, and Wallace C. Bow cated afternoon. The new (aciiity is ers, J'ight, business Jru!nager. Simmons-Bowers Community Park In or lowry, Anniversary Speaker At Bethel In St. Pete Bethel Community B a p t i s t Church will celebrate its 49th Anniversary beginning Wednesday night, Octob e r 4, ;;tnd con tinuing through Sunday, her 8. On Wednesday night, Octo ber 4, a works hop will be c onducted for a ll officers and Jay Thursday night, O c to !ber 5, an ordination servi'ce for d eac ons will be conducted The sermon will be by the Reverend A Leon Lowry minister of Beulah Baptist Church, Tampa. On Friday night; October 6, will be youth night. The youth choir of New Hope Baptist Ch)lrch will give the music, and the sermon will be by the Reverend J. L. F e nn e ll. Services for Sunday, October g will be announced later. Rev. Enoch D. Davis i s pastor. Uorthside MB Church. 5706 40th Street Rev. J. Jordan, Sunday school began at 9 :415 \\

PAGE THIRTEEN : ,.. I 3307 E. Shadowlawn c. R. Batchlor, Kept. j Jtev. E. J, Williams, PastOr Sunday school will begin 8\ 8:30 with the supt. and teacher& ttt their posts. Morning service will begin at 11. 13TU meeting will begin at 6:30 Evening service will begin at 6:30. ; ; Monday night the young adt lt choir will have rehearsal. Tues day night choir No. 1 will have "rehearsal. Wednesday night. choir No. 2 will have rehearsal. day night church conference will be held. at 3 t})e junior choir will have rehearsal. day night at 7 the Male choir wil: have rehearsal. Monday night the No. 2 choir will go to Pleasant Grove and their to Progress Vii iage to appear .. on jll:og.ram. ; All are asked to remember the aick and shut ins. _Mt. Sinai. AMEZioi !909 Nebraska Ave. R.ev; P. E. llamiMiy,' Mrs. Alice D. SirmoJ!, Kept. ., ., j)E LIGHTFUL EY.ENING SfRNT. IN HAWAIIMf SETTING Sunday school at the :usual hour wlth the supt. presiit The lessOn was taught by 'Rev. Mrs. Josephine -Harmon ... Morning service began at 11 with the Celestial .. Choir; ushers and officers .at tlhefr p(>Sts. The youth pastor -Of Mt. Tabor M.B. Church, Rev. E. S. Hendersm1, was the guest minister for the A .. delightful eveaiag Ia a Hawaiian setting was recently '"hosted -the table from left are H. C. Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. J. Chatmaa lly members of the a-City S9cial Club. The delightful affal r and Mrs. 'Palmer. drew .. the spacious Letter Carriers Hall. Seated at -at the home if morning. Robinson. Please make plans for Day pro gram which will be held October 29. Also remember your obliga tions to this program. The White Robe Choir bUsiness YOULL DIG THESE BUYS AT HADDAD !':ILL NOT II UNDERSOLD AMERICAN DISCOUNl STORES : ..... -,. \ ''PERMACIL TAPE'' 2 ROLLS '1 00 t fOil """" ; Services for Sunday will be car. ried out in the usual manner. Holy communion will be admin istered. All are asked to remem -ber the sick and shut-ins. Visitors are welcome at all times. On Saturday evening at the Downtown Holiday Inn member!l ef Moses Grand Lodge and the Marion Anlk!rson Grand Chapter OES had their annual banquet. Among those addressing the ban quet audience was the Illustrious National Matron, Mrs. Meredith John!Min of Jersey City, New Jersey. At left is Past Grand Mas ter Young, who gave the invOcation. Grace Mary -Baptist Lindell Ave. and 37th St. Rev. B. Thedford Wilijams, Pastor Mrs. J. L. Cobbs Kept. Men and women's day was ob served Sunday. 8. S. opened with our guest supt., Mr. Paul Anderlon, in charge. All guest teachers took charge of the classes. Morning worship began at the usi.uil time with De a. H 'Porter and Dea. E. Dawkins leading de \'otion. The men's <;horus sang. Rev E. Jones delivered the mP.s sage. At 31 the ladies were In charge. Mrs. E.. Palmore and Mrs. G. Nash led devoiion. The No. 1 choir and senior ushers served The guest speaker was Mrs. Pau line M. Porter. Mrs. Ruby Daniels Is In Tampa General and Mr. Jones is in the County Tpe pastor s an niversary will begin Monday night after the first Sunday, Mt. Zion AME Zion Seffner Rev. Raliegh Neal, Pastor Services for Sunday will pegin at 9:30 with Sunday school' and the supt. ; teachers and other cers at their posts The pastor has asked members to encouraga some one to come to Sunday church school along with thein '. Morning service will begin at 11 with the juni.or choir and ushers serving. The prayer will be of fered by Marvin Messer. O ur Presiding Elder, Rev. R. L. Lee, will be present for the first quar terly conference; The sermon will be delivered by Rev. Lee, after which the business session of the conference will be held All members are asked to have their writen reports. Junior choir rehearsal will be held Saturday afternoon at 5. Our musicians will be present All children who would like to be; come a member of the choir ani asked to be present. WORRIED? SEE READER AND ADVISOR ON ALL MATTERS OF LIFE DO YOU NEED HELP? UNHAPPY? DISCONTENTED? DOuBTFUL? MARRIAGE __ PROBLEMS? HOME PROBLEMS? HEALTH PROBLEMS? LOVE PROBLEMS? 6503 _If. -na. Ave. Ph. 238-6068 9 A. K 9 P. tt. I'


PACE FOURTEEN Fla. Sen.tinei-Bulletin Published eYery Tues. and Fri Get Both Ediitlons Salturday, September 30, t 972 Mt. Moriah PB Rev. A. L. Brown, pastor Miss Sherrie Williams, rept. Sundaf school will begin at 9:30 with the Supt. Deacon R. B. Allen in charge. Young Aduh Choir UQion Dea. Lonnie MUis, President Bertha Mingo, Reporter The Y C. Young Adult Choir Union will convene Srunday at /Morning Sta"r M. B Church of w hich Rev. Crenslhaw is the pas tor. The program will begin at 3 All presidents, directors and members are asked to be present. The publie is invited. Views. Of Progress Village 1 First Bapt. Church of West By IRA LEE ENNIS 1 Phone 677-1310 Tampa Ushers No, 2 wiH have :., ___ :_ __________________ _. Morning service will begin at l1 with the deacons in charge of devotion Choir No. 1 and ushers will serve. The sermon will be delivered by the pastor. Evening service will begin at 5 :3'0 with the same order of service. The sermon again will be delivered by the pastor. The pastor would like to. thank a:ll of thj! members who went with him to Sarasota last Sun. Tuesday nii'ht prayer meeting. Wednesday night bible clas s ):neeting. Saturday afternoon at 3 the A. L. Brown Chorus will ihave rehearsal. All a:re asked to pray for the sic k and shut-ins. New Hope Choir No. 2 Dea. Ira B. B ruto.n Pres. Mrs.. Doris C. Moore, Rept. Cho i r No. 2 of New M. 1B. Church, Rev. Jolhn Willis, wilil sing along ChOir No. 1 aU day Sunday m robes. The presi d ent is asking for everyones coop eration. A .Remember to pray for our sick end shut-ins their regular meeting Monday night at 7 at the c hurch. The is asking all members to be present and on time. Mrs. Mozella Jackson is direc tor. EMPIRE-PAINT MUUFACTUBIRG COMPAIIY 3418 & 71h AYEIUE PBOIE TAMPA, FLA. -2301 OUTSmE WRITE .. $275 gaL IITEBJOB EXTERIOR LA TEl OB 00. WRITE AIID COLORS lhae Coat Covers Most Surfaces! LIRSEED OIL PAIIT SALE per gaL WRYIIOULD YOU VOTI OCTO BIB 3rd? I am deeply grateful to the thousands of voters who expressed their confidence in me September 12th. If you were among those who cast their votes that primary, you are to be commended for exerc1smg. a very precious right. Many public are yet to be filled, and your vote is important. Make certain your voice is heard October 3rd. JUSTICB DIIIIIDS L.AL IJIILITY University of Florida Law School graduate 24 years' practice before every court in Hillsborough County Admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court Assistant City Attorney for Tampa Fo.rmer President, Tampa Jaycees Former President, President's Round Table of Civic Clubs Former National Director, Florida Jaycees Past Chairman, Tampa Sports Committee Past President and major organizer, Tampa's Police Athletic League Paid for by the campaign f)lnd for Robert H Carlton, Tom Fairfield Brown, treasurer. Birthday greetings go to Mr. Gerald Brooks who celebrates bis 115th nata-l day on Friday, Sepbember 29. "J.'B as he is called is the son of Mr and Mrs. !Moses Brooks 5i2()5 8oth Stree'a is a sophomore at Brandon High School. !Miss Annette Barrow grand daughte r of Mr and Mrs Wilbur Love 79W Endive Ave was victorious in retaining her cmwn at the Annual Youth Coronation s ponsored by New Sale m Primi tive Bapt. C hurC'h on Sunday evening. Th 1s gala affair took place at the Ga sparilla Room of C urti s Hixon Convention Hall. This vic t ory gives her a trip to t he An nual Sunday S ch ool Convention n ext year. Girls on 2nd and 3rd l e vels are urged to b ecome Brownie Scouts. Mrs. Van Scott, Leade r of Troop Baptist Highland 3410 E. North St. R e v. W. M. llodo, Pastor Mcs. G. Triplett, Reporter S S began a t the usmtl ho u r with the supt. in charge and all t eachers at their post. Morning worship was called to order at the-usual, time with Dea Willie Isaac in charge of d e votion ... Rev. Jones delivered the message. At 3, the church worshipped at N ew ,Jerusalem M B in City Rev. 'Foster Garvin is pasNo. 'tas and Mrs. Sylvia Bora nell Leader of Troop No. 459 are ur ging parents to. register their girls in one of the Troops. Meeting are held each Thurs day, 4 : zo p m. at t t e Civic Cen ter. Girls of 7 thur 9 grade l eve ls are also invited to join the newly formed Cadet Scouts in this area. Cadet meetings are h e ld on W ednesda ys, 5 p m. at the Civi c Center. Mrs. Mary il.ucille Turne r ls the leader. Happ y birthday to Mrs .. M ar gare t Lott of 8323 Endive Ave : who will c e lebrate her natal day on Saturday, Septembe r :W. Hope s are for a s.peedy rec overy for Mrs. Luma Dug ger of 4 915 88th St. who i s c onfined t o Centro Espanol H ospital. Mrs. Dugger, a very faithful m ember of .First Baptist Church Progress Village wa s strickened with a mild heart attack on Tuesday. tor. The church anniversary w a s in progress. Th e D e acons Federation was h eld at 8 The juni or choir sened at New Progress in their appre ciation program. Sunday at 3, the junior choir will s e rve at Greate r Morning Star. Prayer me e ting Thursd ay ni ght at 7:30 The jun ior choir will h3.ve r ehearsal Saturday at 3 All other remain the s a me Ple ase l e t us pray for each other. You are welcome to worsh i p with us at all times. FOR YOUR CHILD'S. SAKE VOTE FOR E. W. 'RICK' WEIMAN, IIILLSBORODGR COUMTY SCHOOL BOARD DISTBICT 7 Political AdY. paid fer by R. L. Brumfield, Campaiga Treasurer BACK BY POPILAB DEMUD ADDED ATTRACTION : MONTEREYS AND DOLLS Fort Armory Q -ct. 6, 19728 :30 P M TICKETS ON SALE AT BECiULAR PLACES ADV AliCE TICKETS $5.00 -AT!:DOOR-.ssso


Salfurday, 30, 1972 Fla. PuLii shed every and Fri. Cet Both EdJ tlona PACE FiFTED U S NO. 1 WHITE VENT VUE Potatoes. For $1' \ GEORGIA Sweet Potatoes1s.18c CHECKERBOARD MACARONI, & CHEESE SUPUBAANO ICE CREAM. o ALL VARIETIES FREEZER QUEEN SUPPERS W D attANO BEEF STEAKETTES 0 FRENCH FRY POTATOES.W. 0 3:::$1 ''(1o : 63 1 u 99c 0 ... :-aa 79c -------------------------------------------------------------------------------All Flavors Thrifty SOUPS GRAPE JAM Jar SUPERBRAND PATIIES 9F MARGARINE HaH 1 ftC Pond U CllACKI N GOOD SUPEltUHD HOMOGENIZED -Saltines :29' Milk ............ _u Kraft Deep Sl!"thAll VARt!T!ES HEINZ REGULAR STU IN!O Mayonnaise tt.S9' 49' Baby Food :; 9' AS'IQR All 1'\JRPQSf All ILAVORS CANNED Cooking Oil 99' Chek Drinks 10 !,;.o;-at KRAJ'T MACARONI & CHEES E or 4 '.:;: '1 GIW!N G IANT VACUUM PACK Nlblots Corn .. 4 1:! '1 AMOWPAI'Ett Npkias ... o ::: 10' THRifTY MAIO VACWM PACK WHOLE KERNEL lohltn Corn 0 J 1:! '1 All VARtfTIH CllACKIN' GOOD T04STIR 11-li ,.,,, 3 = '1 Grtonl...., Peas 4 .. *'1 -THRifTY MAID LARGf OR MEDIUM,._.._ liLAC PINK LIQ\IID DI$H Dotortot o J "' .... lrt0ft o o 5 11o. IN '1 EX.TR-' lOPYALIISYAMPS \01\}ll HU COUffiN ANO Pl./ll(!iA$1 0t II U IIU IIOACH& AliT II ...... ; .. 99 -1110s......-. -.:.. 99 fiSit FllUTS t.. ..." o PftliO ,1 ., COCITAIL $HIIMP o o o o o o o ..... i'AST! 0 SfA OCIAIII PIICIII o o o o. Hu.T & SiiVE COOKED 1-iL ,,. nsH sncKS . . ,.,. -""'-.... -...... -'-..... ... U S CHOICE BONELESS SHOULDER III)AST OR Shoulder-Stea k .. 1&29 U S CHOICE Strip Steaks ; ..... I f St W-D -sac ee ew ... .., U S D .A. GIIAOl '. A IN L&. IOXI& Fryer Legs ... 1&4fC PlOrr ;, PlANTGRADE" A __ .:_ T .._ .,..__ urKey ;, .. Leg Quarters ... ,...:


SWEDEN .HOUSE FOR BANQUET Frea 'left are George $leltloa, candidate-for Slate Represent ative, aad Mr. aad Mrs Bob Gilder. They attended the NAACP at the Sweden Bouse JUt. week. Among well known citizens attending the NAACP Banquet at the Sweden House were Mr. and l\trs. George Dennis. Both are staunch supporters of worthy community efforts. LA SEGUifDA CEHTRAL BAKERY THE BEST CUBAII BREAD CAKES PASTRIES 15th STREET AND 15th AVENUE VOTE o I OCT.-31 FOR PROVEN LEADERSHIP! RE-ELECT SIMMONS ELLSWORTH -AD A\10 FOR BY WLLIAM D STAFFORD, CAMP. TRES. 1972 1ANNIVERSARY OBSERVANCE AT-MACEDONIA IN THONOTOSASSA On Sunday, members of Missionary Baptist Church had a grand time celebrating the anniversary of their assistant pastor, the Rev. F. Williams. The speaker at the morning service was the Rev. Saul Nickerson. In the afternoon the Rev. C. Baldwin was present with his congregation and choir. Visiting ministers were the Rev. James Hig don and the Rev. A. Stewart. Seated froni Jeff-at the table are Garrett, Rev. F. Williams, Mrs. Williams and Thomas Gordon with back to camera. The youngster Is the. 9ordon's son Thorn as, and next is his mother, Mrs. Florence Gordon. Leroy Bradley, a deacon, was in charge of publicity. tkat 1\f 1110 FLORIDA AVEHUE '1j' PHONES 225-3171 223-2909 $ .27995 onl1 t a es EASY TERMS f) PRETTY, GLOVE .SOFT, PRACTICAL VINYL OF COLORS INCLUDED! Multi Purpose Se!ver -Room Divider DOU BlE DOORS B OT H SlOES fiNISHED F RONT AND BACKl Th is distinctive plece IS a MULTJ. PURPOSE SERVER You may warlt use It as a T Y sta n d a server. tw>okc ase stereo or tape cabinet fOom divider or linen chest. A s tand .ut I n any r.olel : 8 Piece Living Roo_ m Group SOFA-BED PLATFORM RO CKE R 2 STEP TABLE S C O C KT AIL TABLE 2 DE C OR A TOR PilLOWS M U LTI-P U RPO SE S ERVER I n styling, beauty, utility and VALUE this complete EIGHT PIECE living room group is really a WINNER. The e xpansive sof a -bed and matching platform rocker are upholst ered in r ic h, durable supported Vinyl, have hardwood frames, doubl e dowelled and glue blocked for maximum d urability. Platform rocker has reversible P olyurethane FOAM seat cushion. Tables and Mutli purpose Server feature rugged. sturdy block construction, beautiful walnut color finish on Fiberboard and wood combined. Complet e grouping available Itt several equilly stunning decorator color' combinations. ::>r :-';1 ... WE HAVE PLENTY OF FREE PARKING II FRONT OF STORE




PAGE EIGHTEEN Fla. S.utinel-Bulletin PuLJ.Islled every Tues. and Frl. Get Both Editlonl Ballur'day, 30, 1972 -SPORTANIC FLOODSBy WILLIAM 0. BETHEL liCK CASARES THE BOY A few nights ago yours truly ran into Rick Casares We of course had a lot to talk about. We talked about .the old days when be was Mr. eve ryth i ng in high school while at old Jefferson High. He remembers the days when he and his Latin friends used to get together at McFarlane Park for weekend sand lot football battles with Negro boys. This was during t he days when blacks and whites were not allowed to engage in legitimate athletic contests in the state of Florida As Rick spoke in his slow and careful way he seemed to relish the memory of those days. He couldn t help show ing ooncern about how much injustice was done to the black a t hletes of the area during those bleak days CasaTes related that some of the black boys of those days would surely have been aupe r stars had they been given a chance to show their abilities. I can remember driving out to McFarlane Park and parking back in the shadows so that my players wouldn't see me, to wa tch the rugged games Casares was right in feeling that many a black athlete wasn't treated right in those days. I didn t want my boys to see me because they were not supposed to be playing sand lot football while playing football for Middleton High School. I didn't s t op tilem because it me great satisfaction to see them more than hold their owns agaii)st the highly publicized and much her aided likes of Rick Casares and his cohorts. There are black men walking the streets of Tampa today that were in those memorable battles and who could have made it real big. I will not name the black players of that era tltjit were a part of the games because I would surely miss .The' black players came f rom both Don Thompson Vocational School arid Middleton Senigr High School. It was : during those days that I sure enoUgh realized tl;l,at football players eould play football as well or better than any one else on earth. It was during those days tha,t I also realized that bhck coaches were as good as-.coacoos as ariyone. Our black boys were as sound fundamentally even in those days as any other football players. -RICK CASARES THE MAR I will always -remember Rick i Casares for his tremendous ac complishments as a star fullback for The Florida Gators and later The Chicago Bears. The man was a great football player : lind no one can deny tflat However I will remember Rick Casares even more from now on for the way he reacted when our conversation wandered into his days w ith The Chicago Bears and his relationship with the late Willie Gallimore. There is no need for me to go into who and what Willie Gallimore was .. for any who knows anything about football in Florida knows about Willie Gallimore, Ri c k asked me if I knew Willie and I suppose I knew Wiilie Gallimore as well as anyone else that was not around him most of the time. When Rick spoke of the great tragedy that took the life of Gallimore he almost came to lit was then that I knew what kind of man Rick Casares really is. He si>oke very deliberately and slowl y seemingly struggling to maintain his com posure as he talked about his playing days w ith Willi e Gallimore and The Chicago Bears I never knew that he and Willie were so close. I never knew that he Gallimore and the rest of The Chic ago Bears had such a hard time with Coach George "Papa. Bear" Halas Casares made it plain t hat Halas was almost impOssible to get along with and that he not only was tough for Gallimore and other black players he was rough for all players to get along with Ri c k Casares told me of his early days as a youth and how muc h trouble he had Most people d o n t know that Ri ck Casares wasn t always-Mr Big Rick cam e up the hard way arid he had his p r oblems as a youngst e r W ith crucodile tears welling in his eyes Casares told me that one of the greatest thrills he evel' had in his l if e was when he returned to h i s real hometown as a football star. H e had practi c ally b e en ch a sed out of his nat iv e abod e be cause o f his antics a s a rough and t umble youth He. tr. ied to ex. press to me the fe eling he f e lt when he w e nt back to h : s native h o metown to r e ce ive the keys to the ci ty He said he a ct uall y show ed the m a n in charge at the c it y hall where the deten t ion room for juvenile delinqu ents was to the amazem e nt of th e man. The man didn t know that Rick had once been a regu la r visitor to that det e ntion room in the day s of yore H e told me what ari exhilir a tin g feeling it was to go back to the plac e as a h e ro wh e n he was an out c ast before .. I could f e el h i s e m ot ;ons be cause I better th a n anyone el s e know wha t it i s t o c o me out of near chaos and oblivion and a c c ompli s h some t h i ng Life f o r Rick Casa re s h a s not al way s b ee n a b e d of ro s es but he J e t m e know what the smell of ro s es is like. Onc e th e smell of rose s fills the n os trils of anyon e who has had to endure the ste n c h o f poverty and minority type living ros e s fla gran c e is mount. M y conversation wi. th Rick Casares that night made rna under s tand how much it means to a man to h ave come from no w here to somewhere by his own determination g r it and desire. Ri c k Casares is no longer a celebrated athlete but he has found an o ther way to be somebody. Hard tim e s, trials and tribulations make a man reach way ba c k into his arsenal o f past experiences that are so important when the going gets tough. Rick Casares admi tt edly made his share of mistake s but he knows where the ros es are and he hasn t forg o t t en their fragran c e He has r e ached d eep into bis reservoir of rags to riches to complications life t o come out with a wonderful way of life. Rick Casares is a human being with wha t so many p e ople of to day don' t have a semblance of an idea of. Ri c k has humility love rand charisma in his bag and it is going f or him Throw in a bit of ve rsa t i lity and you have a man going places and he c an call his shots Spor t s and athl e tics hav e b ee n a colo s s al th i ng in Rick Cas a r es' life and now he knows it. Th a t nigh t w ith Rick Casares I sang as I have n eve. r sung he f ore I w ond e r why? QUICK QUIPS: Re ce ntl y at a place In a place called Andy Town, Florida I saw a m an act u ally call allig at ors t o his ba c k yard by making some t hin g Ik e a .grunting sound I grunt e d a n d g r unt e d but to no avail. I m going t o call some alligat ors soon or bust Som e one rece ntly asked me ab out where they could find the hun ge r crazed wildcat s I mentioned in a previous art icle The last t i me I saw the hunger crazed wildcats t hey were relaxmg under a very much shaded oak tree urping and burping p i cking their (Continued on page 20) Strollers BowDng league RESULTS Team 3-4, Team 9-0; King Solomon Bar-B-Q 2, Team 12-2; Martinez Cleaners 4, Team Team 10--3, Team 1-1; Team 7...., S Team 6--1; Coin-0-Magic Laun dromat 3, Entzminger's Florist 1, Women's h i gh game, Frances Pascoe 187, Pearl Dozier 183, Johnnye Davis and Flora Poitier 182. Men's high game, Willie Wilker son 221, Charles Lee 212, Roberi Scott, 204. Women's high series, Frances Pascoe 522, Pearl 513, Allie Marshall 476 Men's high series, Charles Lee 570, Manuel MitChell and Jimmy Ackerma h 556, Percelle Marshall STANDINGS Coln-0-Magic Laundry .. 10 Team '7 ............ : I 3 Team 3 ............. ,.:;, 8 4 Martinez Cleaners 71f.. 411a Team 12 ..... ...... 6 6 Team 6 ..... .... 8 6 Team 10 (incomplete) 6 6 Entzminger's Florist .,.. 8 6 King Solomon B-B-Q ; 5 7 Team 1 ... ; .. 1 1 21/a 8112 Team 8 .. ; ... ...... "':',, 2 10 9 (Jncomplete) 0 8 The reporter is Johnriye Davis. Springhill Baptist Rev, James Scantling, Pastor ldrl Elizabeth Whitehead, Re'pt, Sunday was a high day at the church. S. S. began at 9:30, All teachers were at their posts. The aupt, te back from Dalias, Texas whe .r e she attended the NatiOJl&l Convention of America, :Mornii).g wo111hip began at 11, The meNage was brought by the pastor, !At 3, the u.hers union was held 'l'he me11age wu given by Rev, C. Sheppard, Jr. Ali enjoyed it. JJTU W!s held at the uaual homr with th P,refident in President Whitehead mad her teport. from the N. B. Conven ltion. Ev ening service Will call ed to order at 6:30. The eame 'order of service was conducted The No, 2 choir sponso r ed a musical program at 8, Dea. IJames Sheppard served as M C. iLet u1 pray for the sick. The church was on program Tues day night at Bethel AME of SUlphur Springs. 'The pastor Rev. !Francisco Rodriguez preached a wonderful 11er mon. Winter League Baseball Sunday afternoon at the 22nd Street ball park the 'fampa ;Braves will play against the St. Luke AME Rev. John :E. Ca..:y, Pastor Mrs. Della Piniienta, Reporter The morning worship service beg.an at .111. Choir N o 4 and usher S served. Mr. Carey Jone11 d e livered the me ss a g e All pre enjoyed the me s sage iln the evening service ch oir INo 4 rendered the program under the leader s h i p of the directr ess \Mrs. Rela Stroud S e lections were rendered by Sharron Bryant, Richardeen Hills Renee Higdon, Antonia Ross and Debra Thomas, llnst.rumental duets were pl-ayed b y Mrs Gladys Frazier and Millie I M c:Oonald Pray for the sick and Choir and ushers No. 1 wiH serve Sunday You are welcome to at t e nd our services Community Prayer Band Mrs, Mary Thompson, Pres, Mrs. Tommie M, Whife, 'ltept, The Oommunity iPrayer Band will meet Tuesda y night at 8 at t:he home of B is hop and Mrs IM. B. Jones The pu:bJi, c i s in vited to a;ttend Elder L, Wil Iiams is the director. Tampa Giants in Winter League Baseball competition. Willie Black is the manager. _WHAT A LINEUP! -4:00pm 4:30 5:30 s :oo 7:00 7:30 Mayberry. R.F. D. with Ken Berry PERRY MASON Dragnet with Jack Hatry_ Webb. n PULSE NEws WEATHER SPORTS CBS News with Walter Cronkite Tr-uth or Consequences with Bob Barker


fiaJturday, September 30, 1972 Fla. Stmtinei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri.-Get Both EdWons PAGE NINETEEN ---------------------------------------------------------------Question: How many years did Babe Ruth play major league baseball? Answer: Babe Ruth played ma jor league baseball twenty two (22) yea rs. Q : Who picks the judges for the Olympic Games? A : As far as I know judges f o r the Olympic Games are picked by the International Olympic Committee. Q : If you were the coach fer the University of Tampa football team w ould you play Buddy Car ter or Frer;lclie Solomon at quar terback? A : I will not tri to answer this one mainly because I am not the football coach at the Universi ty uf Tampa. Q : Do you think Gary Huff iJ really Reisman Trophy material? A : The way Gary Huff is go ing he certl'linly has a chance to win Reisman Trophy honors. _East Bay High SchooL Q : Do you think C huck Fore man of the University of Miami will make it in the pros? A: In 'my opinion, Chuck Fo!:e man will make it big as a run ning back with the pros Fore man has the size and everything else going for him. Q : How long do you think Coa ch Earl Bruce will remain head foot ball coa ch at the Univers:ty of Tampa if he has a successful son? A : If Coach Earl Bruce continues to be tl)is as head coach at Tampa U. he won t be there any longer than he can find a better paying job at a larger schooL Ohio State just may be that larger school sim:e Coach Woody Hayes has said .that he will reti_re the end of this season. Facts And Figures Recently I ran into a gentleman facts. Mr. Meeks has promised to get to me some of the fa cls I need although he is a very modest person I hope any ex-athletes in the Tampa area that would like for me to elaborate on their for mer athletic prowess will leave at the bffice of Tile Florida Senti nel Bulletin a thumbnail sketch of their past experiences. Chances are I know a lot already. -Air Slat.,5 Exhibitions :Reed Sparks Knicks -... ;BOSTON Former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali will box in four two-rou nd ex hi bitions Qct 11 at the Boston Gar den promoter Sam Silverman an nounced :r'he Ali exhibitions will precede a 12-round 'rematch between Emile Griffith and Joe Denucci. Grif. fith won an unpopular split deci WEST LONG BRANCH N .J. Willis Reed, making his first ap pearance since last Nov 1l, scored nine points grabbed 10 re. bounds and assisted on five oth e r baskets Friday night to lead the New York Knicks to a 97-94 VJC tory over the Baltimore Bull et s in an exhibition game. sion earlier this month Ali has been guaranteed $15,o00 for his appearance, said Q : What was the name of great clowning first baseman fJr the Cincinnati Clowns baseball team after Goose Tatum quit playing? by the name of Bill Me' eks ; and : we talked a bit about his day!! with the Pepai Cola Giants oasc A : The great clown that played first base. for the Cincinnati Clowns after Goose T!!tum quit playing was called Lun popo That is all. that I know. Q : What was .the name of the fighter that beat Jack Johnson lor t he heavyweight title? A : Jesse Willard was the name of the fighter that knocked out Jack Johnson in a disputed fight in Havana, Cuba Q : Where is Harold Griffin, t he former Hillsborough High and University of Florida football star? A: The last I heard 6f Harold Griffin he was Dean of Boys at ball ream. Bill Meeks was ont of the greatest hitters to ever come out of this part of the woods Meeks, as I remembe r, played the outfield well and though he never was cohsidered to be a long ball hitter, he always met the ball solidly I can remember playing many games with Bill Meeks and he almo s t never struck out, no matter hJw good the opposing pitcher was. I hate to write so little abol'.t Bill Meeks, but he was playing top notch baseball around Tampa and elsewhere long before I carne to this part of the country How e ver, I don t want to tell the whole Bill Meeks baseball ;;tory until I can get more pertinent RECORD SET 1N 'BETHUNE WIN OVER MORRIS BROWN DAYTONA BEACHRandy Wa!lker, 190 pound sophomore, led Bethune-Cookmim to a crushing victory o ve r Morris Brown College at Stadium Saturday night. Walker carried 235 -yards in 16 trips for a new school record. He also scored two touchdowns including a spectacular 73 yard ramble in which he left a haff a dozen sprawling Wolverines clutching at Memorial Stadium air. The game called by officials with 9: 12 left in the fourth quarter after a 10 minute free-for-all brawl between play. ers of both teams and spectators. The fight was started after an unsportsmanlike conduct call a gainst the peralty prone W ol verines. West Coast Baseball 'fhe Tampa Dodgers will meet a baseball team from Lake Hamil ton in an exhibition game Satur day night at the 32nd Street ball park. The game will start promptLy at 7 : 30. The Tampa Trojans defeated the Tampa Dodgers, 6-4, last Sunday behind the sturdy hurl ing of Eddie Welch. The only other home game at 'Memorial Stadium it seemR n ow will be the 2 p.m. No vember 11 Homecoming against Kentucky State. The Wildcats are now 1-1 fol lowing Saturday's night' s SIAC victory. Brown B-CC 13 21 27 436 206 126 Morris Fil' St Downs Rushes-yards Yards-passin_g Passes Punts 16-3 7 -o 12 :1s-a 5-37.4 2-37 -1 1 Fumbles lost Yards penalized Morris. Brown Bethune-C'kman 146 150 o 7 6 13 14 14 14 H 56 B-CC CJ.ark 15 pass from Penn (Robinson kick) B-CC Person 5 run (Robinson kick) B-CC Walker 16 run (Robin son kick) BCC Person 1 run ( R obinson kick) B-CC Walker 73 run ( Robinson ki ck) B-CC Peterson 6 run (Robinson kick) MB Thompson 21 pass from Hurst (Henderson kick) B-CC Patterson 25 pass inter ception (Robinson kick) MB Jenkins 30 pass from Hurst (kick failed) BIG.JOE'S -BAR PLENTY OF FREE PARKING CORNER OF LASALLE AND ROME -W}:ST TAMPA I NeeclA And Dad There are scores of children In Florida who have no morns and dads. They're foster child:ren. They don't belong anywhere -no permanent parents, no place to call their own. Eut a child could belong to you. It's easy to adopt now--no large fee, no lopg wait. _You don't have to be_ rich or own a horne or even have your own family, All you've really got to do is love a child. Contact T'he State Division Of Family Services Abeut Adoption. ... ;


PAGE TWENTY Fla. Sentlnei-BuUetin Publtshed every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editiool Saturday, September 30, 1972 New Salem PB 1605 Nebraska Avenue Elder It. 11.. U.Warll,. Paster 1\ln Catherine WiDiants, Mrs. Yates Meetillg Calls /Mrs B. M Yates who ts the Chairman ol the Old Ship of S e r v ic e s fo.r Sunday began with Zion wlliclh win be presented the C. L C.'s meeting a t 8 Sun at Mt. Zion M. B.. Church, would d a y CburC'h Sclho ol beg;an at 9 :310 like for ali m e miber s of her w i t h the su:Jt Dea. J !Jssi e Sauls-committ e e to meet wi th. h e ( berry i n cha rge. J!Monda y rught a t 8 a t the clhurch. : 1\fornrng servi c e ber.,'ln a t 10:415 [ m portarrt business witl b e dis with D e a Nero Miner and Dea. cuss ed about the p fay P f ease J essi e Sauls berr y -in charge o f pla n n o w t o attend thi s im.P'Ol'd e v o t ion T he T ee n a g e c'.I-Joir and ta.nt meeting, j u n i o r u s h ers r served. Rev 0 S S t e ph-ens-on pastor of M a ce n":".rlda Sin ft,ers d(}ni a M B Chrur.e h of Tarpo n rtU V0 3 S p r i n g s, d e liv e r e d t h e sermom. The F lorid a Gospel Si ngers O th e r s pres en t w e r e l\'fr and w ill render a music a l pli'o-gram M rs. F r a n k Mor r ow of BufFal o S unday at 8 at S o u t hern Em N Y -manu e l Tabern acle C hu r c h FreA t 7 p m. the fiftJh a n nual Youth Caro n a t i o n was p r e sented a t C u r t is H ixo n H al l. C o n g r atu lati ons to Dwayne H oward a n d A n n -ett e Barro w f ot their winning a nothe r year a s king a n d qu ee n. Runnersl!J?S w e r e Sha t O n H es ter, J u d y Coats tAl bert Myr k k Joseph S immon s and L e mu e l A ndrews. A ll are a sked to remember the sick a n d slhutins. are w e lc ome a t a n tim es. B ethel Baptist 808 Short Emory Sheet R ev J. L Overstreet, paostor Mrs L.ini e M McDon ald, Bept. S. S. w ill begin at_ 9 :30 a m T b e s u pt. wiill preside. The IesSO!l w ill / b e t ai!Jigbt b y the teae-h M o r ning worshlp w m l!legiB a t 1 0 : 4 5 Devo .ttio n will be ed by -Mr. Moses: Allford and Mr. H a t:ol d Sc ott. MliiiSie' wil be rend. by UJ. e Sanema.ry dxoirr. U s h e r boa r d No. 1 will sefi'e T he sermon w ill!. be delivered b y t he pastor. Evening w orship will begin 5: 11J. The same d ea:eons,. choi r a .nd ush :ers wiil f se.rve 1'he> sel'!ll{)!1 will be d etive redi b y the p astor. Fonfo.wiDg tliui! senrum the: LA!lrd' s s upper will be se.trVed to; an members b y the past o r;. assist ed b y the a!Wlcia t e miaiste.r3" amd d eaeom. Tllwse that I'Ja'l"8 :not t h e right hami of f ellow ship mio tile diJl!IITCh reminded t o be present and on. T o aJl of ow-!ien'ioeei the publis i s e xtended a wa.rm wekom& w o r ship with us. ELD:T .... Miracle Prayer BaH Mrs. Sammie L. Seott, Pres. Mrs. To-ie M. Rept. The Miracle Prayer Band will lneet, Monday night at S at t.ae home of Mrs.. iBertba Ben!)', 3300 !1i2nd Street. M'in1ster T. Oalhoon is the director. mont and C h es .tnlilt B is h o p M L Cutler is pastor The publit" wtl'fttw.tfs 3 WAYS 10 CHARGE Our OWn CURomer Credit Plan Ma.ster Cfmp 8ankAmericard ()fU.YATUST!D DON IILQJRE The Qualified Candidate for stiiOOI. BOAID DISTI1T. Piacticing -aUo1ney in Plant City an1d For mer pYblic sthool teacher. Assistant Public De fender for Hillsboro ugh County. Vice -President of Kilqore Hardware, in Tampa. Paid Political Advertiseme n t NFL mswlated 1oz. Mugs Fealures all 26 NFL helmets 6.6c V ac uum se a l e d double wall in s ulatedicleru f o r hot or cold d r inks NO' outside cond e ns a tion. 10-or.. c:ap>acvVy. PROFfSSIONAl 'Al.B '1095 Any, U.S. car plus parts, if Add $Z tor cars with torsion bars.. fi-/ l:: INSTAWD 4-WREEL BRAIE 1111 AMERICAN 2 88.COMPACT CARS ADD $UifWsblufarct I. llliury .sind cars. Disc brakes extr1. Jnclude1 f ull inspection, fluid; dean-repack f.rollt bear.inaa. rr lle.tded: Wheel Cyls, $7.50 ea.. c1t111u turned $3 ea., front IQis pr., u. .IGW AT. 1118 REABII GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES T&MPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA Easlgale Hillsboro Plaza ACROSS FROM Downtown ACROSS FROM 5202 N. 22nd ST. 2901 W. Hillsboltough Ope a D. S:: 381 te-5 ; PJNJNE m -!1528 lbiflon Plaza M0.1aa A Twiggs sts. West Sllora, Plaza Aqlli flaib. E..-.1 Open !)'.lily 8:30 to S.::t# PHONE 2317-3361 3813 S DM.E MABRY PHONE 229-0821 5002 w. Kennedy Blvd TAMPA TAMPA North Gala PHON E 8:U:-1891 Opea t& PHONE 177"701 / 9!40' N'. 5S'tlr ST. 8!!2 FLORIDA AVE. Dally 8:301 to I P.M. Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. Open Daily 8:30 to s:se PHONE 988-4191 PHONE 932-6166 Sat. 8 A.M. te 5:30 Aqui se. baWa \l!l.,...t '. Aqal se habia Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 1 ; t j


::.:I .. ; fb. Sewiftel.lhdle& nery Tues. and F..rl. JtACE 'nYNTY .()ft ARsONIST \YIIct--''IN Rl St. :Pall AME All \ AME SJJ[l.. NO ... .. ... .. ... -". Jle.,.. :15. 1111 Scott Street begir Lat Rev ; H. M. Nelson, 11 --:..h R T-K Ito. C. H. .. Miss Heldak GaMey. Jlellt. w:n. ;eT _....,.,roy earne,-Tampa pollee are still trying sulifing seeond and -thlnt' There _is no slilistitute for We are oh&enrmg .Holy Along witil eboir No. 2 and to learn the identih of a b!.adt de..,..ee iMlrns :f'aB -..r.eent ell. _, ---'-......... ..,;..... -...:..o--:-"" _,... !hen !Se.I'Vitng. The sel'DlGn will u3 ,.. ..-.. end beginmng FmY ""'5''t wa .. be del' eft!d 1... the uto man who burned to death in : m Jds body A4r ,up at 'I'ollm[la-multiple Love .Feast. The pasoor it! aSk 1 "F 11 early Thunday ID.Cil'lling fire at qe&e.r,d lJ#l&.Pital utt!r for treat-realizing the fact that churdJoeS ing ali members tO be present. Elvenmg '!ler'VIce wiU at Kake Land Bak-ery4 1M-. East. m-eat. .. A woman, lftez are by volun!tary Holy -w.iU he ad '6 with same order of ser-Buff:alo. The fire totaUy destroy: !MGhee, aliu CarolYn T!tomas, -rommitntent and-suppital where he is listed ih crloomil:lg "Men a n d Wo.meri's Day" desire your sick and shut-ins .. handywork exploded in .his tical dCOndition. IPolice -have Jiicl.iritieS rather 1han makmg it face." Gasoline or some atber placed a hold on him a.nd the the 9:dusive prerogative of the bighly .fiammab!e liqui.d was ap i.s being .held in jail. w.ith women. The date had been set pal'em:.I.Y pOured light on a gas f.orm..al elharges pending inv.esti.for Oct. :29. 6tove befure the arsonists ct). qld gation. In a reell t meetil'lg of the escape. BndweU, a!mori-8 sterring committee ther. e was investigation re-word .aroond the "!lampa police an JJ.greement that .OO.Il!'W; and vealed thri the dead man was h f awcilliers and all niember.s of one .of 1JH! men wbo se.t tae fire. station, as a long reeoro 0 the ch:ureh -be m\r ,oGtiidelines will be were awakened by a kmdex-of 1967. when lie was investigat brought to tile attentioo of the piosioo oomin.t frOm. the storeed iJJr attemped armed roObery. entire Mrs. Chli.s front. As several people went ootIn June ol. 19:11, Brad.weR -and .tine Thomas ill general chairside their homes to his-wife were ure6W by police man. 8 mim was &een. ruiinmg aw.ay on an exrortion atllemtl't. They Sunday wi:ll he pastoral day. from the building with his cloth tned te pay a yo&H\g Yhot-. City A .fulf attelldJuwe is v -deSii'ed; mg aflame. A young man started woman and two of. her children Holy I!Jueha. rist wm be admiiai:sto cha!Se him but lost the bll!'n i.a. exchange for Uaeir -re- -reftd by the .pastor aDd. IUs ing man in tl\e darlmess; fiiSal to testify in an armed Seturda7 tb.e However, said, a man robbery case. ary la-will ta .Brad. .. -enton t0 .atteM t:Ae .oonference HUD ,L:_ br.a.Deh meefu1.g at Walld Tem IUCII UJtlffleS lllfSC:JepadCII$ lDf Rev. R. M. .In .. Minimum Heusing_ = :f.. eweat HUD'a revi-s4.oo. were not D3n Tay1or, resl4t coding renewal type projects. representmg .HUD,s reg-Assistant City Attcxrney J o e Taylol' re!!POnded by .saying tha.t iooal c:Ust.rict office in Jackson Wbo, was .primariiy in Mo&W!t took this as a persao.al ville, issued an unofficial st.at;e-strumental m -the wording of tb.e veBiettt and embarraSsed h 1m llllerit to the City Council Tlllirscode stronglY rejeeted the eom dlllritlg a pu.bli.c meetin,g. char&inc that tbe n:lelita made by Taylor which sooe BUD's reque-sid sugges .:lopted Minimum Standards for lashed out against Section cG-15 Uoa .. ialrfuaed on the Dwelling and Co mmercial .. Code of. the code which does not fmo.ee tutloul rJ&htS ol. ci.tizens. i h e ft>lates certain stipulations Out owners of private homes tG M (JOUOCi!. VDUld 00 adltpt ihe pDiie lined in tlle Sou1ile.r.D standard elude certain items requinld by aDd if neoe&ary ameod it at a Bol!Sing Code. 'nle discrepancies rental properties in regard t:J later ate .after HUD \aDd .loc4.11 amid delay Tampa in getting it's bathrooms. .NO A ol.f,j,cia$ onkr. ',. 1 Albare CJi Weral funds ailoca.ted "Why is it we alw.a]S llav.e -'llle Drdiaaace w.as fw.acded by the l"ederal Government per to put up -with -tbe rltficllloas to : the IUJ'Oil''S olfice Tuesday tainiec to :UOA BGd other urban standards of frl!D?" sai_d' f<>r .siCnab.w. XMAS : TJ:ME & GENTlEMEN o.r 2 FacUI u4 Ollcoa BaUer IHitJl with the "Precious Oil of Mink" are to fOil 110w. These allld tllll' other lahJeus Koseot pPldadls eaa lie y..-s simply by eallillg eae .t tile follll'l\iag Be.ty AHMI'I: M"mtlfe WMet-s, m.581f Pete Smith ............ 243-'8651 Auie ll. ; ...... W-55111 ylltbia "lnqo .. !51-3218 Jlhtisaw, 2210 E. <'Ali n..-. Gendiiue Giflor4 _-rn"sm Catlly B.lwwa .... 247..:2433 O.nt1a G. Gften !38-:iW Una E. FieNs ...... !54-2153 Beulah 3Dyee .. %38--4607 / 1\'lary Pearsan 221-4094 MMkda .II. .. 231-4894 Litlie JIIiils rn.o.a._ ,., Plalli O.ly ....... 152-W4 .Jereme CaHaman Plant City": .. .... 1s%..ooss Cal:-411. Marklle WitJiUIS, Plat O&y .. 152-7481 MarJ'Ierit.e A4atM 241-3'1'51 Mary AUen, S738 Lowery C.Urt eara eicka ..... ,. Get Jawlve4 m Jlae raatastic hid e1 loscel The Cosmetics Of Tomorrow. J.fllire ,.._. J1aa neyr X.as Calalep lail able .DDWJ LlNCOlN GROCERY We Aept Foecl. Phone: 244-6304 BRILLO CLEAISER 2 Cans 29c .ILEEftEX -TOWELS' 3 Rolls $1.00 BEEF CHICK ROAST u. 79c VIGO YELLOW RICE 3 $1.00 _]801 29th Street we Accept Stamps "WHERE YOU GET A LITTLE. MORE" PUREX, BLEACH .. \ Gal. 59c UE.ENEX NAPIIIS 3 Lg.Pkgs. $1.09 ... ) CHICKEI BACIS5 u.s. 69c -TEIDER IOUID STEAK Lh. 98c FLA DAI:RY I MILK Gat. -.99c VALLEY DALE IIEIERS -BEG. &9c-I'IW CJRL Y Pkg. SSe -, CHICIEI IECKS 5 u.s. 49c TUIKEY IIIGS 39c


. ... ,, PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Se111tinei-Bulletin PuLiisbecl every Tues. and Frt -Get Both Ed>i tions Saturday, September 30, 1972 FUNERAL NOTICES Augusta, Georgia i brothers-in Jaw, Mr. Benjamin Qwens and Mr. Samuel Owens and a host of otherrelatives and de voted friends. A native of Pbila delphia, Pennsylvania, M r s Owens bad resided here for the past 15 years. The remains will repose after 4:00 P. M. today (Fri 6ay) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral tllme Saturrtav. ''A JOHNSON, MR. EDDIE Fun eral services for Mr. Eddie John son, 18th Ave., who passed Sundayevening in a local hos pital, will be held Saturday morn ing at 11 A. M. o'clock from Mt. .Tabor M. Baptist Church with Rev. T. J. James, pastor, officiat ing. Interment will be in Shal!-y Grove Cemetery. The body will lie In state at STONE'S FUNERAL INC., STONE & GORFUNERAL DIRECTORS from 2:30 P.M. to 9:45 A. M Saturday morning, for the vis i t ation of relatives and frienmily, Tampa; an6 a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. Servkes are helno: ren (l,ri>d bv STONE'S "L IJOME. STONF. & i":Oll DON, FUNERAL DIRECTORS. OWENS. MRS. L 0 R E T T A FRF.NCH -Funeral services for Mrs. LoreHa .French Owens .;1 5707 43rd Street, w h o passed away in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 1:00 -P. M. at Wilson Funeral Chapel, with Rev. Bernard Milton Jones,officiating. Interment be in s hady Grove vANN, MR. STAN E. --: Funeral Ceme!er:Y. siti"vivors are: a de servi<'es for Mr. Stan .E._ Vann voted husband, Mr. Alfred of Los Angeles, California who 2 sisters, .:\'l k La"'-l Cl...:niDe, Co liiiiA by. Il'iortte :Jiu rg. rporatlon .,. 'FHA 235 firial\ciril: $100 plus $100 p r epaid item;. Monthly pay ment (including principal. interest, taxe1 ami ins1,1rance) based 11n 360 payments at 8 % annual


llaluraay, Septer 30, 1972 Fla. s.Minei-Bulletm every Tues. and Frt Both Editions PACE TWENTY-T ... REE Dial 248-1921 Classified Ad Dept. BUSDIESS AVON'S 1\IONEY-MAKING PLAN for apartment dwellers ean help you earn an average of $15-$25 or more a week, spare time. Meet people, make friends, win prizes! Call Mrs. Smith 626-&874; or 876-3242; St. Pete 862-4593; Largo, Clearwater 442-,556. LOOTED TmME OHLY ,, ASTRO MAGNETIC CHART $2 ASTRO ZODIAC PIN PAL -$1 SEND DATE OF BIRTH HOUR AND PLACE TO KIM'S KLOSET P. 0. BOX 7623 ';l'AHPA, FLORIDA U6U HO CREDIT?? __ Because of credit problems or down payment? 100% financing Let us help you CALL OR COME IN NOW .SUR BAY MOTORS 6300 FLORIDA AVE. 232-4891 EMPLOYMEHJ DAY OR MIGHT SHIFT EMPLOYMEIT IUBSES 4ND AIDES WORKING TOGE111ER for Pro fessiOJtal recopltion 81ld filir wages. Can ANA 236-5933 or 251-3888, JOBS NO EXPERIENCE. REQUIRED EARN LEARN FOB MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST WOMER CLERK TYPIST ABC SHORTHAND KEY PUNCH AND NURSES AIDE. ) CALL TAMPA BUSINESS AND MEDICAIJ \ -. 223-36U $ -LABORATORY TECIIIIICWI Microbiological WE ARE SEEK,ING a tebbniclan for the Microbiological Sectkln of our Laboratory Control Cen!l'he position 'requires High School graduation, good man ual dexterity, and ttie abilUy to work in an isolated area. Candidates must be neat 'and orderly in dress and habits imd will be req1,1ired to demonstrate their manual dexterity by act.STEADY WORK, regular raises. ually performing testing on sini. Shrimp peelers, packers and ulated prod11cts. .. laborers. Must bring Social SeApplications will be held In curity card. If under 21 must confidence. Please send resume -.ring birth certificate. Apply 9 and __ .requlrementl. tot. A.M. to 3 P.M. Monday tbru Industrial Relations Thnrsday. 9 A. M. to 12 P.M. Friday,. : :;f S BE I W ltl.I:D : .,: SINGLETON PACKING CORP, Medical 'Inc. 50th St. nnd Uceta Road P.O. Box Z078, DeLand, SZ720 No experience neccessary, J No Telephone Calls Please :. Equal, ;, .Employer l'LL :ftE:LP YOU!! ) --. CREDIT? SBAKEY CREDIT? ABE YGU LOW OX DOWI PAYMEU? CALL lfOW : -H :, BILL BROWI -AUTO SAlES .1 } .. EMPLOYMEIT .DRIVElS P.OSITIONS AVAILABLE FOR straight truck and tractor drivers. Must be 21 or older and pass driver qualifications. Ex cellent benefits available: Ap ply in person at 5125 W. Hanna Avenqe. I F. H. ROSS AND co. ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO. J An: Equal Opportunity :Employer OR WOMEN SALES COUNSEL IF YOU HAVE a desire and ability to w9rk with people, we Will train you to earn a 5 ure income. In a c!-ynamic and fXCiting fleWwith dignity ahd prestige. No age limit, l).o ex perience. The only qualifications are ]lard w()l'k and a desire to be successful. .F()I' personal ln tervlew call Mr. FloytJ or Mr. Dale, Monday 879-6120. Equal Opportunity Employer FOR SALE 2407 RIDGEWOOD AVE. 3 BEDROOM 1 BATH LIKE NEW condition. $500 $15,100 total price. Kitchen equipped. 2 car garage; SAM FISHMAN, IN(;. Realtor 253-0979 ------VACANT 3 BEDROOM block home. WallFOB SALE HOME BUHGALETTE CYPRESS AND NORTH BOULE VARD yicinity. Nice neigh borbood. Large 3 bedrooms, 1 bath home, 2 bedroom, Ph bun galette, $16,000. Adjoining lol available for $3,500. Can Lily Guagliardo, Assoc. Office 879-5700; Residence 872-0671. WEST.TAMPA CUSTOM BUlL T 3 BEDROOMS, % baths, h u g e family room 25' x 25' then or 4 bedrooms, large dining area, kitchen with loads of cabinets, central H. and A. Extra large laundry room. $32,000 FHA or VA. 3 UHITS. HOUSE AND :SUNGALETTE$8,000. Easy terms. CaU Tony Licata, Jr. Assoc. Office 879-S700 Rl!s. 876-7553 DUPLEX $14,500 FHA VA CB, 2 Bedrooms each side, com pletely furnished. A BEAUTY IN WEST TAMPA % BEDROOMS $20,000 VA. to-wall carpet, large shady lot. BJVBfiDOY E A .BEA ARTHUR A. EVANS, ;REAL TOR UD 253-3054 LIKE NEW Loncrete blOck, 3 ---_,..-,50-D-. O-WN--"----I bedrooms, plus panelled family room. Modem kitchen, plus air MODERN CEM.I!:NT BLOCK conditioned. Ollly $17,600. FHA, 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, stove, refrigerator. $10,650 P. & I. $70.54 for 360 months at 7% mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or. 839-1422 LIS'l1NGS NEEDED. -------------BARBER SHOP FOR SALE MAKE OFFER. Due to be moved because of Urban Renewal 2211 N. Albany Avenue. A ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY LIKE NEW CEl\IENT block 3 bedrOCims, l bath; near MacDill AFB; range, refrigerator. $15,000 Only $500 down, $100.14 a month 30 yrs. 7% Mortgage. DON TAAFFEE, BROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 GROCERY STORE FOR SALE CEIITUL BEAT .un All ON RIVERGROVE DRIVE there Is a 3 bedroom home with screen porch and huge fenced In comer lot' for only $19,500. I have key. SPAIISB VILLA PAMPER In restful surrounding. 4 large l]ed rooms, 2 Italian mosaic baths, living r0<1m, formal dining room, big kitchen with acJjohlfng break fast room. All Spanish Medlter ranean. C'entral beat and air of course. $45;000 with flexible terms. MEAT, BEER, good profit, rea .1 BRAID JEW ion for selling, language bar-rier. 3717 N. Central Ave. in COHSTRUCTJOif .. front of Robles Park Projects. Call 229,9901 after 2 P. M, TREMENDOUS VALUE! On a comer lot. CB, 3 large bed3 WATER FRONT HOMES will rooms, spacious kitchen with delight leave you breath formica cabinets and new G.E. less. Their beauty and extra range. Only $i6.000. F H A are too numerous > to Call now anc1 be nrst to see. J mention. Central heat and air, have key. 3 bedrooms, 2 ba!bs, wall to wall carpeting, exquisite family room. ERNESTINE HYLAND ASSOC 251-2178 WAHL REALTORS 872-9384 FHA 235 TIRED OF RENTING? ONLY $15 STARTS THE PAPER WORK ROLLING. We have beautifully new 3 and 4 bed1.'oom homes, P/2 baths, enclosed garage, large fully landscaped lots at Palm River. For lalormaiion Call &21-3471 HALLMARK CORPORATION Equal 'opportunity Housing every day to 7:3j) P.M. ----------------------CUSTOM BMLT DRIVE BY 6804 30th St., then call me-I'll tell you all about this custom built beauty. $17, 000. Call ISABEl, PERRI, ASSOC. Office 879-5700 Res. ll77-6884 TAMPA REALTY IRC. REALTORS VACANT UAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recon ditioned homes In Progress VIl lage. $50 down. Can HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-1252 7838 North 40th Street Open -satul'day and Sunday WANT A NEW BOMET I $2110 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. CaU Equal Opportunity Developme1at Corp. i CaU &:;7-3201. 1 FOB SALE HYDE PARK 3 FAMILY furnished, gGod borne, plus income or investment. Small down payment. 837-3331. FOB-SALE Executive Biverlronl 2 Story Deluxe Home 3 bedroomS 3 baths, fully c;ar and draped. Full kit c hen -Complete inside Washer-Dry ,er room. Large game room, 1-Covered Boat Inck, 2 Car Ga rage with remote. doors, Com Plete burglar Lots More BIVERGBOVE AREA SEE BY-APPT. ONLY PBOHE, 238-2903 FOB BERT 1 BEDROOM FURNISHED apart ment all electric kitchen, air conditioned. I & M APTS., 1003 Lemon St. 258-5151, FOR BENT Clean Pa.inled Rouses Phone 251-1 &45 1 BEDROOM FURNISHED apart ment. 27181f.z 12th Ave. All elec tric kitchen. 258-5151. PUBLIC SERVICE GOING TO BALTIMORE MARY LAND Oct. 5, want to share expense. Return in two weeks. _228-7006. AUTO. DISURAHCE Il\IMEDIATE Ar A COST TB',<\T 'CORRESPONDS TO YOUR DRIVING HISTORY. JACK BEllY 626-6194 AUTO INSURANCE A. F. mBBIDE liS. Before and after an accident 1201 MARION STREET PHONE %%3-5.531 4,CUT RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TRADING POST NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS It CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS, CLOSED ALL DAY WED. Open Mon. Tbru Sat. 8-6 3822 E. B'WA Y. Ph. 243-2411 FUHEBAL DIRECTORS WILSON'S HOME 3001 29th STREET "Our Business Is Service" Phones: 248-6125 245-2032 --PUGHSLEY FUHEBAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As As Required As Inexpensive As Desired. Phones: 247-3151 or %47-3152


. :rrr: Both LHtlo.l Septemtier' tt72 True Love Baptist Bethel AME Church. 2501 17th Street 1012 Laurel Street Rev. W, T. Carpenter, Pastor Rev. F. L. Gilliams, Pastor Mrs, 'Reatba WUiiams, Rept. Church School will at were very good 9:30. The supt. is asking all ttie day at to be at their posts. Twin R:al:ly,. Daeing conducted. Prayer meeting every Thursday night at 8 The public is invited to an our services .JJ-. .. Jn .a...._..., SCHOOL ,BOARD, What/the people want: Safety for our c\lildren Safety for our teachers. Safety for school personnel We must enforce discipline To .return. law order our schools, 1 :ask y _our support on October 3. Paid for by Greco, Deputy Campaign Treasurer. COME .JO. O .UR : ....... -: .--. .ANN'U :At .. ,: ,.. T 'hurs. Sept., 8 To Sat 7 Storewide Savings! Bargains From M .any &VERY BElK LINDSEY SlORE Use Your Belk Linqsey: Master Charge or I : l


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