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'I Have Been .There,' C ;ouncilnlan Kotvas Says Of -wy, --.....----=---,-----S'l'ORY ON PAGE 3) -All The News Fit To Print I t i I Sentinel AA.\ERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WfEKLY Advertisers Invite YOU VOL. 25, NO. 84. TAMPA, FLORIDA, OCTOB ER 3, PR,ICE 15 CENTS ______ Big Jim Plays nem One At A Time J CONGRESSMAN METCALFE SIGNS AUTOGRAPHS FOR INFORMATION CENTER N E W YORK U. s. Congres s man and 1972 Olympics In Munich. Congressman Metcalfe, Olympio sprinter, the Honorable Ralph Metcalfe Democrat f rom Illinois First District which en 'ignlng autogl\aphs at the kick-off c elebration of compasses Chicago's South Side, was one of the -SEE STORY ON PAGE Zl A (SEE STORY ON. PAGE 3) Shooting .. Vktim Fair, As5ailant ----(SEE STORY ON PAGE 2) --'-' ,. Susped In Father Slaying Held In Jax (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) I I Tampa Singer To Psh Expo ; Olympia Information Center during the luminaries attending the Cinzano festivities. -----.8EE STORY ON PAGE H Be A Good Citizen, VOTE Today, Odober 3


PAGE TWO Fla. SenHnel-Bulletin PuMished every Tues. and Fri. Get Both ./ Tuesday, October 3, 1972 COURTHOUSE 'CAPERS Assaults Wilbur Powell, 68, 3002 E Hen ry, and an uniden tified arrested 10ubject were engaged m an .ar gument at Powell's house Sunday evening. During the argument, the suspect shot Powell in the left side of the chest below the armpit with a .22 caliber revolver. The man left the scene, went to his home at 2510 E. Chelsea, and was later arrested for aggravated assault. Eddie' Smith, 2fiJ7 74th Avenue was sitting In his car et 3313 22nd St. Sunday morn Jng when an unidentified suspect approached h i m and stabbed !hiln in the left wrist with a butcher knife, police said. Police responded to an alarm at a liq uor store at 1307 W. Platt, and found Walter L. G ib bons, 43, 3102 E. Ellicott and Pete Duque 29 2525 W. Brad dock standing. at the scene. Gibbons told the officer s that an unknown person in a dark Vol\_{s wagen passed them and shot at him. with an unknown gauge shotgun setting off the alarm. Neither man was hit, but police termed it assault to murder. Burglaries Mrs. Betty Jean Jones, 22, 1814 15th Avenue, was asleep Monday morning and was awakened by n oises in her house. She saw an unkn own man walkin g d own the hall and started to s cream, scar ing h i m away. He entered through a rear window and left v i a the rear door. Nothing was taken. N-athan Hayes, 38, no address, was arrested Thursday night for attempting to break into Thoma son Grassing lnc. 73U iN. Row lett Park Dr., according to po li ce reports. Mrs. Annie M. Powell owner of P owell s Cleaners, 45()1 N. .roth St., reported that an un known subject ent ered the plac e Saturday afte r 7 and before 7:45 Sunday morning. The burglar made an opening by breaking out three concrete blocks and once inside took a man's white hat worth $5 and. left. Mrs. Hattie D smukes, 49, 1037 7th Avenue, Apt. A., told police she was in the hospital from Wednesday lll Sunday noon and while she was away someone broke in to her apartment and took a black and white .TV worth $150 and a stereo radio record pla ye r worth $30. Mr s. Dis muk es said the door was closed but not lock ed. Mrs. Vivian Delores Myers 26, 2152 21st Avenue told police she was awakened Friday al:iout 2 a.m. by a man stand ng over her bed. She asked w ho it was and he t o ld her t o shut up, then h it h e r in the mouth and ran. Nothing was taken. -Thefts Mrs. Essie Mae Emmanuel, 32, -71Y.l N. l!f:h St. t:Jld police Sun day that s he parked her car in front of h e r house and walking t owm::d the house with her chil dren wh e n a man grabbed her bag from her shoulder. The bag cont a i ned $37, drivers lic enses and miscellaneous papers. She was pulled to the ground when the bag was taken, she said. A vehicle belonging to First Na tional Bank of Tampa "(Data Pro cessing Dept. ) was parked at 5440 Mar:ner Drive Sunday and the se. curity officer saw two men get ting out o it. They broke the front vent and }Iad the hood up and as the officer approa c hed them they ran. The men were caught a b!0ck away and identi fied as Willie Floyd Davis, 24, and Roland McDuffie 23. Mrs. Blond Eva Gallon, 38, 606 E. Frances, and Mrs. Alma Jack son, 32, 21265 N. Morgan, were parked at 16th St. and 15th Ave nue Friday night and Mrs. Jack s o n got out of the car leaving her purse with Mrs. Gallon. An unide!ltified approached the car and asked for a cigarette and w hen the woman reached for h e r purse, he snatched it and grabbed Mrs Jackson's purse f1 om the seat and fled on foot. Mrs. Gallon lost $6, two watches, and J.D. papers. Mrs Jackson lost $50 and papers, according to police. Sammie Lee Darns, 36, of Hartford,' Conn., reported to police that an unknown subject took $811 from his room at Holiday InnDowntown The man said the theft took place between 3:30 Friday af ternoon and 2:10 Saturday. He told officer he had one $500 bill, three $100 bills, a silver dollar and a $i0 gold piece Miscellaneous James Mitchell, 48, 207 W. Palm, Apt. 1, was charged with possession of stolen property when a TV belonging to Mrs. Doris Johnson, 29, 315 W Park, was re covered Friday at his home. Clifton Bud Cofield 45, 222 E. 4th Avenue, was charged with carrying a concealed firearm this weekend A policeman saw Co field damage a public:: phone, de tained him, and while frisking him found the weapon in his pants. Police detectives executed a search wararnt Friday at Maddox Barber Shop, 14o7 W Rome, and arrested one person for possessi on of gambling paraphernalia. Fol lowing the search, ChaFles Mad dox Jr., 1711 St. Louis, was ar rested on t he charge. Eugene Johnson, 22, 1140 Chest nut, was arrested Friday nigh t in front of Bexley's Pool Room 2144 Main St. for possession of mari juana (felony). Mrs. Levia Brooks Carr, 69, 1310 19th A venue, was charged with possesion of lottery para Armed with a search warrant, the officers entered the woman's house and coH fiscated the evide nce Bla'k Studies T>trmed Not Practical For Jobs PITTSBURGH -Arthur A Fletcher, executive director of the United Negro College Fund, says courses in black studies are nice but not very practica l for Dlack students who want to get a good job "Go ahead and take black studies," Mr. Fletcher, former E-Z TV & sTEREo RENT'AL 1729 West Kennedy Phone 251-0551 Psychedelic Bar & Tape Decks Stereos Porlable Console Color TVs Also, Complete Home Enlerlainmenl Centers HO CREDIT CHECK NO DEPOSIT Free Delivery. Free Service Up 1'o 24 Monlhs AU Renl paid applies lo purchase. Shooting Vi,tim Fair, Assailant A -fot:ty-eight:yeat-old man is in fair condition : at Tampa General Hospital following a pre-dawn shooting Saturday at the Busy Bee Corner, 27th St.,. Lake County' 5 Only Black Sheriff' s Deputy Is Fired and >Ilth Av enue. Robert Stubbs, 2612 12th Ave., was shot hi. the stomach while he stood at his car, following a argument inside the bar with a -man known only on sight. Stu9bs told the officers when in terviewed at ,the hospital that he was at the bar dr-inking with several men and be ca me involved in an argument with \ one of them. He said he told the group he was leaving and went out--to his car. The man followed him outside and asked him not to leave, he said. Again said he was leaving and the ll')an pulled a small gun and shot him in the stomach. Stubbs got into 'his car and drove home, but does not know what happcncd next. The wounded man. was lying on the back seat of his car when police arrived at his house and was transported by Ambu-lance Inc. to the hospital. His girlfri end was at his house and told officers that Stubbs left to get cigarettes and while he was gone she fell asleep. She was awakened when he stumbled in saying he had been shot and wanted to go to the hospital. She could give no further information on the .shooting. Assistant Secretary of Labor, told black students Monday night. "But please understand t h a t you'll have to develop technical competence if you want to be part of a work force jn which the blue collar aspects will be very small." TAVARES -Lake County Deputy Christian Taylor, the coun' ty' s only black sheriff's officer, was fired Monday 1 afternoon for drinking on duty, crossing into ¬her county without authoriza tion and carrying unauthorized persons in a patrol car.'' The firing by Acting Sheriff Frank Meech came after a two day investigation' of a claim by a white girl that she had been r:lped by Taylor while hitchhiking through Lake County Saturday night. Meech, appointed sheriff after suspended Sher iff Willis McCall was suspen ded by Gov. Reubin Askew said "the claim of rap e had pretty well been disproved But he said the intensive investi gation had established that Taylor was guilty of the other charges. The girl and her 25-year-old companion, Arthur Alred who have been held as materia]. WJt. nesses in a Lake County jail since Saturday night on orders of State Atty. Gordon Oldham, were to be released, Meech said. They will be paid .their witness fees and released," he added. Meech stressed at no point did the 17-year-old girl actually sign an afffdavit charging Taylor with the rape. And, Meech said, Alr.ed ''never corroborated her story." And Meech said, "The girl fail ed three inde pendent polygrapn tests administered not by vur operator but by an independent operator, the state attorney's operator." The test were conducte d ln Meech's own office, he said, but no Lake C ounty sheriff's officers were present at the time. Earn Money After S h II ( 00. See It First I Furthermore, Meech said, "The doctor who examined the girl hours -afterward could n o t subs tantiate in any way what do you want to call it could find no proof of penetration or any thing else." Meech said the investigation rlicl establish, however that Taylor picked up the couple wh i le they were h itc hhiking east of Highway 441 through .Tavares and took them to th e Club Casino in Eus tis, where, Meech said, he "bou ght them beer and booze and stuff." It was in a little room in back of the club that the girl contended she had been attacked but Meech said Oldham s investigation only showed that drove the couple from the casino into Oran ge County. Once in Orange County, Meech said, the girl told her story to an Orang-e Count y deputy sheriff who radioed his office. It was that message that touc hed off the intensive activity of the last two days. Taylor, an enormous man much feared by many Lake : County blacks, was rehired by McCall as a deputy after Taylor fini shed a prison term for manslaughter. McCall rehired before Tay lor's civil rights were restored, but later succeeded in

__ _Oc ___ 3, 1_9_.7_2 __ F_.I_a._Se_n_t_tn_e_I._.B_u_ll_e_fi_n_l'_u_L_I_is_L_ecl_e_ve_r_y .... T_. u_es_/_. _____ __ ... _P.,...A_C_E_; 'I Ther:e,' co u ncilman Kotvas \Says Of Lincoln By MARTHA WHI'l'E Sentinel Staff Writer Joe Kctvas, youthful member of the Tampa City Council, de nied Monday an a ccusation that "he ha sn't been seen in the Carver City-Lin coln Gardens since election" by taking a Seq tine! reporter on a tour of the communities where imprpvements have b e(m made as a :result of his actions While on his to Lincoln Gardens," Kotvas to spect .a small recreational area near Palm Avenue on Highland Avenue Ee expla ined that !Mrs. West o.f the civic club for that communitY called and told him things t\Iat needed fixing or r e placing _at the playground. After her call Kotvas g e t in his fast back Volks and went to inspect the place and got first hand of just what needed to be done. As Ko'tvas walked around the playgrotind he stol)ped to c'heck a water fountain that was busted oct his initial visit then looked around to see if the oicnic tables requested by him had l;leen placed there. A. satisfied look came over his face when he saw that the City Parks deipartment had complied with his request. Driving I-4 to Lincoln Gard-ens K otvas, _the only fJlltime councilmao, that the council is legislative and not administra tive therefore they can only ask that things be done instead of d e manding thein. At Cypress and Lois Kotvas pointed out tl1e fact that he had take n a petition to council meet ing from res idents requesting a traffic light at the dangerous -intersection Action on that will probably take some time, he said, because traffic lights cost $110,0(}0 each and the city is already short on funds. Drainage ditches with stagnant wate r seemd to be one of the main. concerns of Lincoln Gardens resid ents. Kotvas was con fronted with .the problem and immediatefy took action to hav ing the smelly, mosquito breed ing ditches cl e a ned Evidence of his action are cleared recenUy tended ditches around .the well kept homes. A-round several homes the ditches are still filled with tall grass that tend to distract the attention from the beautiful homes. Kotva s asserted that the reason these haven't been clear ed is be cause of the shortage of clean :11g crews. Driving toward the ,Forest Height C()mmuQity Center, Kot vas proudly talked of the newly installed windows th.at were re placed aft.er kids broke the others out for the lack of something better to do. As he drove around the building and saw most of the w'ndows were cracl;ed or riddled with BB shots. Seemingly de fending the fa ct tJhat new win dows were reeently installed, Kot vas pointed to the stickers still on the shiny glass. the kids in the area broke them soon after repla,cement. Ditches have been cleaned at iLaurel and G-rady as a result c f Kcitvas' requests. ,Another pro blem 'he has undertaken is at !Lois and pnion. Dra inage gutt-ers on the street kee 1 p the water from settling in front o.f homes but all of it flows and stands' on a corner bus stop. SUSPECT IN FA.THER SLAYING ARRESTED IN JACKSONVILLE Willie C Toney, 26, hunted by Tampa police since the Augu s t 25 shotgun shooting of his father at their horrie at 4410 Booker T Driv e, has been arrested in sonville : Toney was initially charged with assault to commit murder after he shot his father, Lerr;y, 52, at close range with the shot gun following an early morni-'. g argume nt. The elder Toney w a s admitt e d to St. Joseph's Hospital suffering from massive pellets in the lower stomach and died thu next week Police reported that after the shooting Leroy left the house in his car and a warrant was issued Domestic Shooting Brings No Charges Ernest Junior Williams, 41, 4 502 29th St., was shot twice in the right forearm by his wife Monday morning, but refuse d to give the corre c t account of the incident and said he will not press charges against her. Williams told the officer he was shot at the corner of E. Emma and 29th Street while walking home His mother, however, gave a different story. She related that she was in h e r bedroom and heard h e r son and his wife arguing in the kitc hen All of a sudden, she said she heard two shots and heard her son say he was shot. She came out of the room and saw the two of them strug gling on the floor and Williams took a g un from his wife. He che c k the weapon, then threw it int o the bedroom and pushed his wife out the front door. Sh ortly afterwards h e left, t oo. The elder Mrs. WilliaiYts s a id she did not know where h e r son nor h i s wife went. There was no pick : up o n l e r placed for the woman be cause there will be no formal charges. for his arrest Following the man's death t h e charge was changed to second degree mur der. Capt. Ezell of the homicide di vision of the Tampa Police De partment said he does not know if .there are an y local charges against Toney in Jacksonville but plans are being made to bring him back to Tampa to face the murder charge Justice Dept. Files Suit Against Roller Skating Rink The Department of Justice filed a civil suit last week charg ing the owner of a Florida roHer skating rink with refusing to admit Negroes Attorney General Richard G Kleindien -st said the -suit was filed in U S Distri ct Court in Tampa, against Tobious G Robin son, Jr., owner of Robinson's Roller R ink in Plant City. The suit said Robinson repre sents that the roller rink is a rprivate clUib in refusing to allow !Negroes to u s e the facilities, and their exclusion violates the 1 public accommodations section of the Civil Rights Act of 1004. The suit asked for a c ourt order enjoining Robinson from maintaining that the roller rink is a private club and from re fusing to admit Negroes on the same ba s is as whites. Pughsley, Chorus Mrs. Louise Bolden, Pres. Miss Hazel Petty, Repll'rter The Pughsley s Memorial Chor us will meet Tuesday night (to night) at 8 o'clock for1 tehearsals at the home of Mrs Fredonia Hill, 2617 E. Lake. All members are asked to be present and on \ime. At. the Lincoln Gardeps p-lay ground, he noticed t:1ings were kept up exceptionaUy well since an early summer fa celift. Cori cerned narents want lights installed, Kot vas but then ...a director would have to be there at all times and at present the city budget can't accommodate the extra salary. "People tend to neglect Car ver City and Lincoln Gardens," Kotvas said w)lile waving at I MattJhew Gregory, a civic mind ed resident a:nd president of the Tampa NA,ArCIP. It's a model community but the' residents just --don't get in volved by going to the civic club meetings D-riving along l1e called the area "beautiful" as he admiredthe weU-ke ,pt lawns and the people "nice" as lhe spoke to a few of the friendly residents. !Near the end of the, tour, Kot vas simpJ,y said '&l you see, I have been out here and getting things done." Sometimes it takes more time to get various de partments of the city to agree to a made by a council member. Because of Vhis, people tend to blame the councilman in their area for neglected points. Kotvas apparently was refer ring to an item by Sentinel Columnist Hayward Brady, who asked that Councilmen should be to residents of their districts for improvements. Brady, a strcng advocate of black area improvements, has been a columnist for'"fifteen years and is a Sentinel Vice1 President. Arcadia T h e DeSoto County Choir Union will be held at Mt. Pilgrim M .B. Church Saturday night at !l. Mr Tommy Lanier, pre sident, and Rev. Herbert Morgan, pas tor. The women and men's day oro gram of Friendship M. B. Church will be hdd Sunday. Mrs Mam mie Jackson, chairman; Rev. P. V Bowens, pastor, and Mrs. Mildred P. Barnes, speaker for the women. Mrs. Delphine Lewis is con fined to DeSoto Memorial Hospi. tal. Belated birthday greeting to Mrs. Grace Scott whose natal day was Saturday, and Rev. W. H. Cade whose natal day was Sun day We wish them many more. Mrs. Aaron Pullins is confined to Sarasota M"emotial Hospital b Mrs. Willie Mae Bates was taken to the doctor s office in Sarasota Monday by her daughter, Mrs. Nazarine Cox. Sympathy to Mrs. Katherir.e Wilson in the loss of her mother, Mrs. Minnie Bing. Mr. James A. Roddy spent a week Jlere visitir,g his sister, Mrs. Doretha Blandin and family The of M:s. L. Newsome is here visiting her and family, Rev. and Mrs. Lu cious Newsome pastor of Eliza beth M. B. Church Remember the sick and shut-ins and pray ior them. Afro American's Women's Editor Dies Requiem Mass for Mrs. Lula Mackay was on Sept. 26, in 5t. James Episcopal Church in Balti more, Maryland. She had been m since July. Mrs. Mackay was a native of Spartanburg S C., and prior t o taking residence in Baltimore, taught school in her home town. She was a product of Howe Jun lor College and Tennessee A&I in Nashville, Tenn ., and later tended Morgan State College in Baltimore. She joined the At rei in ; 1929; arid during the 43 years handled all types of assignments She promoted to women's editor in l93!t. SUSPENDED BLACK USF PROF CALLS .CHARGES 'ARTIFIC.IAL' Edward McDonald, cAs sistant Professor of Afro-Ameri can studies at the University of South Florida offered opposition to the Sentinel recently against an earlier release by the school on legal action taken against USF by. him. McDon11ld said the University's "allegation that I 'voluntarily' re signed before witnesses is unttue," he began. It was learr!ed that on February 15 and again on March 17, McDonald was asked to resigil. In an .interview with a repprter, McDonald said the school offi cials asked for his resignation be cause of differences oh opinions stemming from an assignment he gave his students entitled "USF: An Economic Resource For Tam pa's Black Community." McDon ald said apparently the students findings and reports made some one "unhappy." : On both the occasions he was asked to resign, McDonald refused because he felt there was u:> cause for him to terminate his employment. However, again Oil March 24 he was summoned to the office of Carl Riggs, Vice President, and Wa,li threat ened with "suspension ly and without pay" if he did not resign. At that time, the suspe td ed educator declared, "I had a wife and children to support and impairs the integrity of the "s{)o called administrative inquiry.'' The black professor charged that the witnesses were "advocates for the university and the entint proceeding was highly ,irregular and without cause." Toward the end of his prepare,j statement, McDonald said the unt versity makes much of the fad that the program chairman, Mr. McDonald's replacement and the equal opportunity coordinator black. "It fails to mention that Dr. Riggs, the University's law yer and the other 'witnesses' arft white. On July 14, additional evide oca to support McDonald's allegatio11 of disparate treatment were pre sented to William Thomas, dire.:: tor of the Civil Rights Division of HEW and delivered in Atlant:. personally by McDonald The fi nal disposition of his allegation3 must come from the national headquarters of HEW and the contract compliance offic;e of Lta department of labor. The matter is scheduled t() come to court again this McDonald said. McDonald has remained sJs pended without pay since .June 6. Trinity CME was the only source of support." 2401 N. Howard Avenue McDonald also claimed that 'te Rev. B. F. Salon-. Pastor never received a copy of the Services ori Sunday began at charges against him. 9 :30 with Sunday school. The Present in R i ggs office during supt., Mrs Alma Rhymes, was the March 2 4 meeting was the in charge. university s who ad! Morning worslhiJp was conducted vised Riggs, but, McDonald &1at 111 a. m with Rev. Salona 1eged, he wasn't given the benef!t in charge of service M usic was of counsel. rendered by Bro Waymood John During this confrontation, Me-son at the Piano. Donald volunteered to take a polyAt 3 p m the Trustees S1])0n graph (lie detector) test as he sored a program, with Rev. felt the charges read to him and Congregation of Plant without foundation and in some City as guest. instances absurd Evening wor s hi ) was conductMcDonald stated that ,8 ed at 6 p. m. with the sarrie orde r of service be ;og carried were read to him as to why he was being asked to resign but ac out. cording to him these reasons .A week of introductory servi c e s began last night introaucing Rev. were "obviously very artificial." >Salone to the many friends and In no instance did he feel the ac. neighbors. Each auxiliary will cusations against him were in be in charge one night begmmng sufficient compliance with univ?r Monday (la s t night) tlJrough sity policy to merit suspension. Friday. Services will began each And, McDonald said so at the night at 8 p. m. meeting in a lett e r dated March .First Baptist Church of Lin-28 withdrawing his resignation. coln Garden was in charge, soonThe three-year professor at sored by the Stewardesses. Tues USF did not elaborate on. what cay (tcnight) sponsor, S'.lnday the read charges were but claim e d school, Wednesday the Steward that Lawrence Robinson, USF at'board, Thuvsday night, Trustees, torney, refused to allow him to [>'riday night, 'Missionaries. Sat take the polygraph test "to reveal urday evening the Wardetts will the truth." rehearse at 4 p.m. McDonald feels this seriouslv Sunday eveningat 3 p.m. Rev. Brooksville Services at Bethlehem Ba :Dt. Church began with Sunday school with the asst. swpt Mrs. Nela Mae 1 Mills in charge. The lesson was review e d hy the pastor. : Morning service began at 111 with Elijah Cole and [)eacon Alex Holmes in charge of devotion. All choirs of the church served. T h e announcements were given by David R-eese Rev Elijah Bennett lined a hymn. A solo V ras ,rendered by Beulah Williams. The sermon wa.s delivered by the pastor. Baptism was held after the ser mon At 3 the Junior ,Federation met at The Church of God and ren dered service BTU meeting was held at 5:3 1 0 with Mrs. Jennie B. Wright in charge. 'Evenk1. g s e rvice began at 6:30 with

FTa. S"entlnef-lfulfetrn Yuolfshed every Tues. and. F'rl. C:et &th E"dttiOrui Tuesd'ay, OCtober 3, t 972 ----------------------------------Hifiifii\ ._..,:;: l'ublished. evey, TUeslfay and FriOay, Hyi FillJiida Sentinel 'Dampa Bulletin Bubo lishing. Co., 2207 Twentw Eirst> Avenue, T11impa, Florida. 3360h C. 81!. 'HE' .A DftlEWS ancf Publiaher C. BL w.IIHE-ANDREWS, JR. Exe Prestdlmf"PI'oduntl0111 )IRS. ROSE CR'GTCIWII!BD V lee -Preslctent-Socletx .mBNN-Y JA'COBS Vice. Pre-slll!mt-A'dvertfslna lfA 'YWA>J\.D BRAD Vice Pre-sident-P\Jbllc R.lelationl" SMond class< p0'8taga: paid lftl 'l'lliill!a;, 8UBS61tltf1'10N' R.NI'BS. f 6'.58 J eft bar One' Editioll. f12l58 Pel' Botlb BdltiODC Potts And N .av. 1 'tl\e IJJO:I offered George McGovern a oone--l a.a t weeK-. trm:ler. fire d&Wn iw. Wah:iR1J!' ton a Hbu'Se Ad\ninistwll' .. tiOI\) S:ultcomm-ittee looking. ; j n !to the possi:Liliib.y o fe-gisf'ation ili at W(tu{di p.u!l< stlh\p o.n tlie pol1.-! talt intr .l)umnas Georg,e Callup. and E.ouis admit.td lJeing an. in the presi den.tiat elecltion. coufld t.m ou.t tl!J' be Ito Senator !WeGOvel'D Jtoth had Senator lagg:ing behind Presidlenf N.iXon IJy a'&ouf 34 poinlts in tneir lasf polls. Rather than a.ttamting a bancf wag,on effec t fer Nixon.,. GallUp. and Harris, :the im-pa hlf-e-pfe< conc-lude Ni!X.on sl\oulti not win By tl\le kind ol ma'l'lgins '&e ing, reffecte'd in the pol'Jis McGovern. is a man who in the pa-st lias done ok-ay iu.. the f.acut of bail p4l.fs .. And lBJat week. end, he up 6 pGints im vile Gallup auTvey. Right now h.e ha no choiat but to p.Ult on t:he best: f ace possible, worlt h'ar,d' and hope fo:rr bette!! showing.-. a l' other polTa become p l)fic in the nex.t month. Possibly the most effect of p.uJ!,Iic op'iniun po ftg is whcen-the-y place a candidate f ar in lthe rear tkey hae the ,tend4inc:-y t be l. The one certain th.mw an o:b ae-rver can SI&'Y a&out pds iit !!Frat tiOmetilnes 1 (1\ey are aome times mixed', somethpes wrona au.l it wilt W Nov. 7 before we find out in the presicHft.ti.tl et: Jorget : T x (r its For Print e Scllools tl'outd be mo11e ob"Yieus th.:n the fiact tlfat t a :x> eredilfs tor pannt, a of p1ivrate ell rrd won't sf.aft Up uJt Cler tile constiituf.ional test &f sep-,. aration of state and church. 'Ale courts hiwe rufed' this way. Vwo m:aior church s .ponaors of sohool sylitem&, the Cath. olics and Jews, takeo opp-G!fing:; views on tlie issue. Catholics con til10e. to.-press fuu aith htotru t,.._ to. malreil: pessi'bl&-for them: Vo rum dl efro.wn scl:tool!s. Jewish leaders lia& concec&d tllenu: is> at C-Gnfllet. This, i. am ed uc:ational l issue that shouHi' be-settlird b:efor.e it ou of' h>atrd and! cauae unrmc:es division. in tiie community. Cl\ret: an& o"'""" -tti-ec religiau& veDS'\18 s'tlalte-que-trtion; tlieTe-also is-th"e mall:lrer o' ugport f'or the public schoeis. CDut! Ulllhn!standing of this sit uadolt' iS' t:tiat gublia-SGh.ooL IP'0rl no-w-iS' at w dancel!Ousliy> low level. R'o.w s-1\ort SJilfhllied it would' Jie. to. talie money from r rlte-already ... pirmh.edt guh1ic schools, rro. Jie:lp-fiotr elementla.J:.y andi second att)ll' ll!l!\l'el )M'ivate achoofs. 'Frue-; die pmwate-ue frr also. Bu tiM systems are cliCJaen lby p:IR'entS' ; who Jiave reasona for preferring them. and wlio voluntarily d\,ciae Ito. ma.lw the extt;a. saai'14e..-'Fhe: WGUidJ lJe. bet.test of wi*k m 8:tl!oll'tr, wdl.fiju:aocedt acrlt-oet Sstem. titan> witii l'wCJ in-adequallte l!lhr-t i-a tBe clloice, as we. see. H. The ont'y aati>wer, fr:om. 'tl\a!li. p .oint. of v.iew, is, to foPg-elti abou b ,a.ttempt.inc to sip:h'Om off taiX fo p.rivatle -Nwtlt Tampa Atmtolft (lhn:dl Of Jetus Neb11aska Av-e. and, Ross Eldet: R b. M:o11eland\ Pastor. Mr.s. Alma L. s olom-an Rept. S. S. began at the usual hour witlt tlre. supt. and teachers atr their post' s. The lesson was re :viewed by the p-astor. Morning service began at 11 with :Beacon c : Sheppard-tn charge of devotion. 'Jlhe-ser-mon delivered by the pastor-. A-YPU meetirrg was lteld ; at the usual llour with the presi dent IJ>eacon Shep!favy Our ralLy will terminate Sunda,y afternoon. at 3 The. public is invited. to all of our sei ices. A.ll are a sked, to re member the sick and shut-ins-. Elc&r W. B. lla>milto n is ouJ: Overseer and Eld"er J, H. Lee ou11 Bishop. Tyer T empte UM entral and' Bos:3> Rev-. E. J. Rivers-, Jr,, .J?astor S. S. hewan at with the su.pt., Mt. CharlieHaTris in charg,e All teachers were at their posts. The lesson tall8ht by; Rev. lit J. Ri'Verlf'. Morning, worship followed at [0 :55 with. the pll'StoJr at his post. Music was oy tne No, I and cli.oi v al!\d N.o. 1 ushers and s4leW'Illl'dos The mes-sage was d'eli'Velled. b(V.' the pastor. F.f'O)Jy COUilJmU'llliOR was ad mi nistered assisted by Rev. C B. Higgs, Wednesday evening a.b 7 the commliltteemeet to c omplete-plan6' ou'l.! Dual.. Day. The Alltav Choill willaJ.so have rehear88)!-, Fnid-a.y ning at 7:30, choir No, 1 will. have> rehearsaJ. Mir. Young attended morning worship a fteD hi!-Y.l.l}fli-been a; '' for weeks, M:vs. W.' McDons.);d' is at nome from 'fGH'. Renxem.t.e11 the sick and shutins-'ll.nlf. \lil!it with them, Visitors are Sw ays welcome to worship :witlr ua: I What has. Disney WorH!' meant' to Tampa,. some 100 miles south of the bil( attractionin 0rlando"?' Well hotel oc-cupancy iS> up 10 to 15 P.ercent over t he summer ofl 19"11',' car rental increases of 30 ttl. 35per cent; ; traffic at Tampa International' up b-et ween 25' and' 30 per.cent In ml.dition F1oridlt Department7 of Commercefigures show job st>abiUy in the improved each montH so far in E"or insttmce new unemplb:y ment: cOmR!!nsation claims filecf dunin'g! the summer months were dowrr 2'1'.2 per cent from last yeal'. -Im the District 8 Council race: in Jac ksonv.i!le F 'ra n r Hampilm, bi\Ick politi cian tftere, has a new. og}?Oirent' He s 43-year-eld Kndrew ('Pel11t<)l Perltlits After ttle. Initial pnimaey three weeks agp,. Perliilllll ttlo.ug}it he had! been. beaten b.)' Florida Star E'ublishen EHc o Simpson. PerR!ils SUJ?Rotters so:uglit t unsuccessfully to-have Simpson disqualified on residency, requimments. Then after ele-ctiurr result& were certified ; nuttihg, Hamptbn and. Simnsun in' Ule run off, errors were discovered by the; wpervisor of! electian 's-office.. im ll! Iilistrict 8 split pre.cinct, witll same ballots having; be en c-ast irr the race b.y, voters. who did' not live. !m the district' A circuit court. then placed Perkins, reS" t aurant owner, in the r-unaft apinat m. H'ampton for tlie Demo l nomination: on the Nov 7 -general electiurr b'aUbt'. Seventeen precincts are -in I:Jistrict: 8 and. MI.'; IDim:pton has beerr esta'blislt ed as t he favor:i te to win, .-]('Leander Shaw Jr:, a former Famu Law professor is in the runoff. for Circuit Court, Group 19, alsu in Jacksonvilleagainst J.bltn S. fox. Only 2 ,000' votes. separat-Revue MOI.e l ed tHe two men irr the-fiist pri mal')' ; with Mn; Co pulling 2> and' Mr. Shaw 20,274. Incidentally, the Jacksonville B-arAssooia tion endbl'Sed botH merr as "highly quruified." Florida Trans!jOrtalion Secre tary Walter Keven says that a $2:4' million .turb. o train SY.stem will be s.et UR between Orlando and -Miami with work getting_ un der way before January: 1>. $1'.3 million deficit, to be absorbed by the' department,, is expected the first yeat: of ogeratiorr. -X'-1\Iayor .TDha of Nltw York> took last off to talte: to the national camgaigJL trail' for senator-6-e. orge MeGov em fbr the. first time. The me:s sagj! that he. carried to Iowa, Min nescbi am:t Michig;m that the Demo Bte-sidenti-ai nominee-was no ndiclll, and' both the message and' the New York M'a yor were we'll receLv.ed. In Winona, Minn a town of' 26;000-popula tion, Mr. received a standing ova tion from a crowd of 500 when heentered: the Winona St'ate e!ol legeauditorium. -xMcGovem supporter:t in Hillsborough County are attempting to reach the gnssroots voters-both bl-aclf and white_ They are can vassing and. telling the-:eema program to these perr--IJle. Talking about confidence! Tfiey 've gpt it, despite the polls showing 1\ft>. .Mc(iiovem in bad' shape: across-thecountry -xFire L. C; Lehmann of: the Tamga-Fire l:>eiTartmen:t' has announced plarur fbrthis year's observance of Fire Prevention Week, October 8 through the 14th : Features of the week-long pro g.ranll here will include me drilla-tContinued On Page ec011men l BUltEltN lh ese Candidates The l'luida Seatiul Bulletin. recennelldS lhe 'foHowinr candiiafes who in our judg_ements are hesl lfUliti,. in lie Oclolier 3 election. Be-sure: tO> vole. STA>'FE REPRESENTATIVE (Group 65) George H. Sheldon COUNTY COMMISSION ( District! 1) Robert E. Cu11y 0UNJJ:Y MMISSION (Distl:ict 3) lleH.y c.-COUNT COMMi8SI()N (Disblict l S\f Ellsworth l litam t _. 3VDGE COURT OF APPEAL (Group. I) lleuy Esta.va JM\JI11 JtJIJGJB

Tuesday, October 3, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tueg. and Frf. Cet Both EdHioni .... ./PACE FIVE Retired Senior 1\Iaster Sgt. Clem Triggs, who' s the husband of Mrs. M. Wlem) Jl'rigg.s oi Car ver City "f-ather of six (or is it seven?) '!llr iggs' children, Jeffer -son H i Boosters Club member, rpart-time Yellow Cab Co. super visor at TIA, ,and the only man I know besides ihe late Gen. I Dougl>as Mc1hthur to be -station ed in the !Phillipine I-sles f o r more than eight -sh :aight years (besting even lRetiretl Sgt. Dave Cross, Sr. P I tour time). Well anyway, Mr. Triggs sure said the -season's best thought as he told friends whil e w-atching son Greg (20) Triggs run a 94 yard kick off TD, rUBh for moFe than a hundred ,yar.d-s on offense -and pla-y a fine defensive ogame Friday night in Jefferson Hi Dragon's -28-m loss to King Hi-''If that : bo y would do his work around the hous e like that, he'd be my num ber one son." .WHJiiJE MEN'l1IONING lrHOSE Jill DR'A "GONS, lik e to say CoaCh 'Abe iBrown n staff sure ha-ve 'em .playing an exciting brand o f ball for newcomer..s to the W'est-ern sity pla'Y. '-Soon &J.s the ;ne-w young 1 i>cagon ,gri'diiePsg .start puttiytg "two lhalts" of hea'dsllP footb-all :prey together, rthey'll -;probably come on to out-do the llld ;THS rl>ragons ogr--eat 1\ick Casares -and outstantling WJayne Williamsons' !lEWS So far, .-all l'Ne been >able to find rbout ,the '116W bla-ck loatly the waliehful 'l}yes of hubl)y Pop" JloUow.ay 'Bnrtlen ? s .Milk Co. 'l!upervisRobert Morrison had re opened his Morrison's Pharmacy out Jut is to b-e reloeated in 'Tampa. The mWs here, 'Eldllle 'IM c Ashan, will be J8. tap -dl;af.t c hoice ..of the pros, -ev:en H he is from the black ,side. tbeen pr.o type By QB -since hi-gh school days in Gainesville ... Was _good to -.see young friend 'Ellis Wftfker 3oining u s on the 'L'IA job set. >Ellis -still holds the -all time 1'a!IlP.a ,scoring record in football (formerly held by .Lar r y Smith of L.A. Rams), which he ran to mhile a Tampa Calh oli c High Crusader. Walker is ex pected to enter college next year. -Folks are -still talking bout the fabulous bfrthday party given fur Wfiss :J:oyce '.urner down at t-he International Sportsmen's Club last week. guests ed was O'oyce t s brother, \ W'Iilter Turner, director of Public 'Re lations for 'Muhammad 'Ali ... W-atch your dri -ving speeds -when ,going to the F AMU -games, as the law boys up that way know when it' s gonna be >game time, -ilml how to get hold of some extra dough, real yom drivi11g 1fast. Most hotels up there in the Tall'Bhassee area are re portelUy -sold out for the na. :At&M Un iv.-Tenn. '-A. & I. State IJni v game alreatly .. The former io\melia Wilder daughter -cef 1 \Mr 'Mr.s Donald L-ee) WUder, is now in rRhode Islantl -with ,hubby, 'Naval iOffhrer, A.Igen:on G.4u)per of 0r lantlo cBoth 1ll'i! .former -A:&M .stu dents m yce .Ballard senior :art maJor -and -si&ter Miss ,oyothla tBaltar'd rformer Mitidleton !Hi ma;ior.ette were llriven !'back to 'final yoe;ar :at y .mother, hmiise >Ballaz:d Thase -eollege c yearcs ,fot -stutle1 1ts 'Sure .;seem to -roll <11roun'd ,'fast .tlan t lf!pecbiUy when not t the ; .. Smi .prige -was ltHlrntng neigl'ibor Wilder, is into hls seecmtl lyear "&S r a sstui:lent rat HGC TIKE 'TO 'ACifNOWUED"GJi1 '"1'-HE NIOE E:IYDf<}RS IDEOEf.WD 'F.ft'OM 'Mrs. 1 Willlams and u-M'A'RG," '\u\ fuithful rea\ier -anti fan" for their very splen'dld will rbe ,gi'lell near-future r ptlblicat-ion eonsidemtion .ladies .. .wnRD -Is, the furmer tA.nn Mtlls .of -'Seffner anti -of recent days, -4John 'Davis uSF .grad, both former wor-king mates .at TIA were .quite uniq11e i:n their honey m0on's location .as the new Mr. -and 1\lr.s. .John 7Davis did their thin-gs --along .our iDale Mabry. W>ell, ,guess -when you consider they live way ou t in Seff ner, you kin -still -say they honeymooned, out"of-town. -;SOMEONE ASKED IF I KNEW soul gentle gent Geo.,ge Nix is still considered a 'fparttime" disc .j0ckey for Wli.CY !Radio, although the "Mike -;Scott l!oogr-am" he took over was a full-time one when Mtke had it? Nope didn't know that fellow but have no .ti-ced for years that's the way the ball seems to be bounced at ya, 'specially when you'r-e from "oth er side of t he track." Post Set SEE YAU LATER ,8tfite Holiday Dttober' 9 Columbus .J)ay will b e observed a s a legal holiday on !Monday, .October 9 at all postal installa tions, 'Postmaster J A Gon zalez .announced toda y. No window service wm be pro vided that -day except that a Call Windo-w at the Airlport !Main .Postal 'Facility and at the DoWI1 town Station will be open from 6 .a. m oo 8 :a,m, in order to r iband out mail to firms whose rmaiJ. is rergula .rJ.y handled u tboldouts. 'f11heFe will be no city or rural deli-v..eri'Cs tha t 8 r pecial :!Deli-v-eey 8'6rvie& --will be proT ided. Gotnmuiity t 1 Activities SchedUle A t Jackson H ts. School 3501 Mth St ., 'iP.hone 24-8-3792, Coordinate:, Mr. Bennis 'E. Gainey and Prmct pal, Mrs. A Simmons, the follow ing activities -are offered Piano lab, 3:.00-6:-oo p.m. Mon. & Wed. ; Piano lab, 6:00-9 :00 p m Mon. & Wed. ; :Piano lab, 6:<30-'3:30 --p. m ., Tues. Thur-s. Fri.; I ndoor Recreation, 3:00-9:00 p.m., 'Mon. thru Fri.; Handicr-afts, 4:30 -7:30 p.m. Mon thru Fri.; Outdoor Ree --reation, p.m., Mon. thru .-Fri. ; Arts & crafts, 5 : 00-9:00 p m \Mon. .thru Fri.; Music, 3:00'6:00 p.m. T.ues & 'Fhurs ; Tutm iing Lab, '3:00-6:00 -p.m., Tues & Thurs.; Milinery tHat Making ) 6:00-9 :00 p m. Wed. & Fri.; -Bkat ing, 4:00-7: '30 p :m., Mon. thru !Fri and Record Hop, 7:30-9 :00 p.m .. Thurs. J3x;yan Elemental;'y 2934 E. -Hill-Sborough Av-e. Phone 235-7Ul. Coordinator, Mr. Lin Stefurak and Principal, Mr. an, Wa llac e offers : llntiloor Recreation, 4 t00-6:00_ p m Mon .; Outdoor 'Reare-ation, 14:1)J. S:OOp.m., M0n .; Se-wing, 7:00--8:0 0 p.m. Mon.; 'Piano '-it:00'6 :00 p : m. -Tues.; Indoo r .-Recreation -4:004!:00 .p.m., Tues. ThuFs 'Fri.; Outdo ot Recr-eation 4 i00" 9 t00 .p.m., Tues., ,Thurs., Fri.; Piano, 4 t00-6t00 p : m ., Wed ; Arts & Crafts (Children) 4t00-6:00 p.m., Wed. & Fri.; Arts : & Croafts ( Adults ) 7 t 00-9:00 p.m. Wed.; lnd0or -Recreation, 4t00;-"6:00 p.m., W-ed.; Outdoor ReCPeah on, -14:: 0();9:00 p.m., Wed. ; Se-wing 7 :00 :.pr m., Wetl .. "lltrd -Bpecial events 7t:00-'9:00 p.m., "Fri. West 'T-ampa Jr. High Scho ol, \2105 'North t-H>aban:a : Pho.tre -1177<8146. Thor.liinator, 'Mr. EEmest "Flernan -tlez .and : Prin'llipal 'Mr. iR6lph N -ac -caro. 'Shop 7 t00-9:l30 ,.p :m., Mon & -W-et!.: p : m .. \Mon. 1& W'eti.; ::BewiQE, 7000; 9 :,00 -:rues. & 1'huns. f Handicr-.afts .'i: 30 i9:l30 ..p.m., :Mon., \W:e\:1., >Arts & Cka:fts 7:00"9:30 p m ., 'Mon. :thru ll'huns ; Recr,eation -3:00 ll0:00 ::pim., thr.u ri.; 'English for .Born, 7:00:00 p m 1l'ues. <& Yl'hui's. oan'd Citizemhip, '7000 -10:00 p.m., Tues and Thur. "Sulphur Springs Elementary. Nlth :Phone -935-5559. Coordinator, Mr.'E'IITl Gambas nnd ll'rincipal, 'Mr. \James R-ogers Out'door a : .00, 9 :00, .p m., lE'I!eli):dl;ly; Indoor ffiecrea '-tion '3:00:9:'00 p m ., Everyday; Arts & Crafts,'l6:00-9 COO p .m., Mon & Wed .; Arts & Crafts, 6 :00-9:0') Tues <& tl'tums.; o.uit ar LesMon & Wed. and Chess, --6f00i 9:00 ,p:m., llhurs. -B. T. washington 'Jr. 904 14th Auenue, Ph0ne ( Co overtr There are still no Black elected officials in Hillsborough County. Yet another election day in Hills borough Cou nty has passed with out a -single Black candidate Fe ceiving the Notes necessary to he -elected This leaves the Black community with no repFesentation once -again Is it important to have a mem of the Blao k community in -an elected positi0n? Let's l0ok P.t the facts 'Many, if no t -all, major decisions affecting our Ii.ves an'tl the lives of our childFen -are d-e t ermined by the elected leaders. With no : Bl-aclt ..elected of. ificials, it is not surprising th-at the Black ommunity often ,gets__, the short end of the stick. Man y elected officials .are insensitive to our needs 'Fe-w minority members occupy tap anpointed positions. ll' eder-al po verty -itnd manpower programs are underfunded. Black teachers are vanishing from the classrooms of our schools .Buffalo Avenue was widened up to the football stadium, but is still full of potholes in the Bl-ack com munity. All of these problems can be directly linked to the extremely l-ow voter turnout in the l3lack nrdinator, .'Mr. Ben D Griffin, -and fl>rincipal, .Mr-.s. M-ar,goaret !Fisher Typing 7:00-9:00 p.m., Mon & Wed ; 'Sh0:p, --6::00'19:00 prm !I'ues, & Thurs.; :Bewing t 6 COOOOWO p rm., Mon.-& > Wed .; >Arts r& lli.afts -14:00. -:OO..p.m., Tues. -<& '!1'-hur-.s.; tReading Improvement, 4:30-6:30 p.m. fEues '& Thttns .; r Ha:ntlicmfts .l3 :30-,!l:OO, p m., Mon. v Wed ., ffi'ri.; i:mo prm ,, Mon ., 'iWe\:1 .. Thurs.; Dance Classes 3 :30-!}:3() ,:p.m. IN-ed. ,-& TkullS. ; ,Sports .&. Games Outdoors, 3:30 :00 p.m., Everyday; Indoor Games, 3:30 ':9:'00 -p:m., 'Everyday; Caire Deco --ration p : m ., "'Tues. & ThullS 11lllil l'Peen C!lub narties, 7 :00J9t:OO Tues ,.(&\W-ed. hol'C 711(1 :Booth \ W;estshoPe Revl val .servirces c-l1>serl on Frl d'ay -night an'd 'R-ev. 'fRhotl es ol City was in char:ge .of. tha ,prea.ching. Churches from .Lake kind .Ft. .Myers -and .. churches of ;tJhis community 'Were .present a b was AJh.e IM.C, .:Rev. W. IM. 'Bar ,ger is the pastor. 1rMr"l. Mary Colly is home aftel" visiting her sick sister in Bain br4d -g-e, Ga Rev. H iNichols, poas tor. Mr.s 1Millr y re-pt,


A very nice affair at Potter School a few days ago was the Fellowship Banquet given by St. John Baptist Church. The Mis tress of Ceremonies was Mrs. Sweetrix Williams, right; and at left Is Mrs. Floretta Jackson, soloist. ---------------------------Notes From Tampa Lodges The annual memorial services of the IMPROVED BENEVOLENT PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS OF DISTRICT SIX will be held Sunday at 2 P M. in Bradenton Elks and friends planning .to at tend may call Jerome Wilson 229:7200; or Mrs. Lucille B. J ohnson, 248-3'382. A meeting of LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 138 will be held tonight 11t 7 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Hattie Williams, 2505 12th Avenue. SAPPHIRE CHAPTER 75 0. E .S. will meet Wednesday even ing at 8:30 at Greater Bethel Educational Building, 007 E Laurel S treet LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 10 is meeting at 8 M Friday with the president, Mrs. Ethel Broadnax, 2631 31st Avenue A meeting of LILY WHITE JR. LODGE NO. 10 will be held at 4 P M. Satur day at the address. THE HOUSEHOLD OF RUTH 3583 is meeting at t he Broadnax residence Thursday at noon. NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS A meeting of the MERRY DONNA SOOIAL CLUB will be held at 8 P M. Wednesday at t he residence of Mrs. Annie Mae Gordon, 2130 Pine Street. Members of the BAPTIST MINISTERS WIVES ALLIANCE will meet th i s evening at 7:30 at the. Baptist Fellbwship Center, Pafin and Central. THE AZALEA SOCIAL CLUB is meeting. at 7 P.M. Wednes day at the home of Mrs. Loretha Gray, 3307 E Chelsea Members will finish plans for their whist party to be given Friday evening .llt 8 o'clock at the Harram Temple, 2715 29th Street. There will be three prizes and everyone is invUed On Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, members of the GOLDEN RULES SOCIAL CLUB will meet at the home of Mrs. Victoria Ham mond, 3205 25th Avenue. (Continued on Page 7) COMING EVENTS OCT. S,.....Musical Concert, St. John M. B. Church 8 P. M. OCT. 7-"Mr. and Mrs. Social Club" Coronation, Ft. Hesterly Ar rnpry, 10 P. M. OCT. 7-New Mt. Zion J\1. B. Church Banquet, Sweden House, 8 P.M. OCT. S-Women's Day, Allen Temple AME Church OCT. S-Fellowship Day, St. John M. B. Church. OCT S-Non Pariels Annual Bottine and Soulier, International Inn, 6 P. 1\f. OCT. S-Women's Home : Missionary Anniversary Observance, High. land M. B. Church. OCT. S-Musical Program, Friendship M. B. Church, Carver City, 8 P. M. OCT. S-7oth Anniversary of New Mt. Zion M .B. Church, 3 P. M. OCT. 15-Women's Day, Greater Morning Star M. B. Church. OCT. 15-Philoettes Club sponsors annual Green Tea, Kid Mason Recreation Center, 1101 Jefferson Street, 4 P. M. OCT. 15-Women's Day, Friendly M. B. Church. OCT. 15-Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church Anniversary. OCT. 27-The Annual Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Mardi Gras Ball, Curtis Hixon Convention Center. OCT. 28-Checker Social Club hosts Cocktail Hour, Ragan Park, 7-10 P. M. OCT. 2S-Bethune-Cookman.Jackson State Football Game (Central Florida Classic) Orlando, 8 P. M. OCT. 29-Women-Men's Day, St. -Mary AME Church, Seffner, OCT. 29-]\[en's Day, Mt. Sinai A.M.E. Church 11 A. M. OCT. 29-Missionary Day, Pleasant Chapel AME Church. OCT. 29-Men-Women's Day, Friendship M. B. Church of Carver Clty. OCT. 29-First Anniversary Observance of Mt. Zion Jr. OCT. 30-Queens of the South No. 49 OES sponsors Soul Ban quet, Masonic Hall, 4303 34th Street, 7 P. M. OCT. 31-Tampa Urban League sponsors Ebony Fashion Fair, Cnrtis Hixon Auditorium, 8 P. M. NOV. 21-Cit:v Wide Men Chorus' Anniversary Banquet, S chlits r-:n Bottle, 7:30-10 P. M, -MEMBERS OF ST. JOHN HAVE FELLOWSHIP BANQUET St. John Baptist Church members and their guests at Potter Elementary School a few evenings ago for .their Fellowship Banquet. Seated in a place of honor were the pastor and his wife, the and Mrs. E. NewkiFk. MASONICGROUP HAS ANNUAL BANQUET The annual banquet of Moses GrandLodge and Iiams of Miami center; and the Illustrious Na tional Matron, Mrs. Meredith JC'hnson, right, who ,was here from Jersey City, New Jersey. Marion Anderson Grand Chapter OES was emceed by Tom Hankerson, at microphone. Among high ranking Eastern Stars were baughter Madelyn WilWilliam Bryanl Speaks -At Mt. Olive The annual Men's Day ob. Servance at Mt. Olive A. M. E, Church last month was address ed by William Bryant, a local fu neral director. The was made up of prominent church men from all parts of the city. Paid Advertisement RUMMAGE SALE New Bethel Baptist Church, 4200 31st St., Is sponsoring a rum mage sale, Saturday, Oct. 7, 1972, all day .lit addition to clothing we have house ware. an4 jewelry lteml sale. PINEAPPLE TOPPED COFFEECAKE 11h cups Rice Honeys or Wheat Honeys Cereal cup light brown sugar, finnly packed lih cup flaked coconut 3 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted '"' teaspoon ground mace l (1-lb., 41h -oz ) can pineapple chunks in pure '' pineapple juice draineQ 1 'h cups sifted all-purpose flour 1 'h teaspoons baking p0wder teaspoon salt 2 eggs cup granulated sugar cup butter or margarine, m e lced, coole d ,Ii cupmilk Combine first five ingredients; set aside. Dry pineapple on paper toweling. Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Beat eggs and sugar until thick and lemon colored Stir butteror .margarine. flour mixture with m i lk ; 1 blend until smooth Pour mto a greased 8 -mc h bakmg pan. To},i with of cereal mixture, tJ1en pineapple. Sprinkle with re..; maining c e r ea l mixture. !Jake in a pre-heated moderate ovell' (350 F.) 45 to 50 minutes, 01; until done. Serve warm or cool. SALAD CHANGE OF PACE Is pears-fresh pears that Jn your m11rket now at such attractive prices. Leave the peel on, but q1.1,a1 ;ter the pear, removing the core, and serve it on yout, Javorite a creaml' -


Tuesday, Oc tolier 3, !972 Fla. Senitlnei-Bulletrn PuLiislied every Tues. and Frf. .Get Both EdHiont PACE SEVEN FAMU ENDOWED WITH PRESTIGIOUS ACCOUNTING CHAIR TALLAHASSEE --' A visiting professor-Dr. .Joe Cramer (left) chats with FAMU student James Bryant (center) and .instructor John Green on the ampus at Tallahassee. F AMU has become the s eventh American university endowed with the prestigious Arthur Young Accounting Cllair. Dr. Cramer, a Penn State accounting expert will teach accounting courses and seminars at FAMU. Dr Cramer Is one of JO black accountants in the U.S. who are both Certified Public Accountants and Ph.D's. CLUB P 'RESIDENT'S SON AIDS WITH ENT'ERTAINING HARRY LaMARR The current president of the Non Pariels Club is Mrs. Ruby GOING AWAY DINNER Lewis, 1709 Nassau Street. Members and friends always look forward to the time for a meeting at her residence. It i's beca use her son Harry LaMarr does so much to things pleasant for her guests. On September 24, the group was there for their regular meeting, but it was also Mrs. Lew.is' birthday Again, Mr. LaMarr's hospitality was at its best. Drinks were served by James Jackson. Mrs. Lewis' pile of birthday gifts was very impressive. Besides members, other enjoy ing the nice affair were Mr. and Mrs. Adrain Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Woodie, Mr an. d Mr' s Ruben Reynolds, 1Mrs. Mary Robinson, Mrs. Mildred Douglas, Mrs. Blanche Dennis, Mrs. Josephine Allen, Mrs. Lear!ean Lacey, Howard Harris, James Blake,. Clarence Slaton, Horace Williams Bill Henry and Robert Green. A going away dinner Sunday honored Air ]force Sgt. and Mrs. Kermit Gibson and daughter, Katrice, who were leaving for Texas. The dinn e r was at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Gibson, 4312 Grace Street and other family members enjoying the ni ce affair were his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stewart Sabrina Preston, 1\Ir. and Mrs. Nathaniel Dennard, Zelda, Keith and Korky Gibson. Mrs. Gibson is the former Patricia Chatmon. She and Katrice plan to be in Texas with Kermit for the next two years. MRS. ART EST ENTERTAINS CPS The Clerical and Professional Staff had their first meeting ot their fiscal year Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. Jessie Artest. After the business session, Mrs. Artest served a very enjoyable dinner to members, Rose Duhart, Pearl Coffee, Bertha Booker, Minnie Sullivan, Marie Beard, Olga Brown of Bradenton, ldella Sloan Jennie Webb, Essie Feu, Bernice Jackson, Bessie Lewis, Frankie l\linnis of St. P etersburg, Altamese Culver and Theora Hous ton. Also enjoying the hospitality were Constance Lester, Edwin Ar test, Walter Beard, Paul Culver and Atty. Minnis of St. Petersburg, Mr. Webb and Mr Jackson. HERE FROl\1 NEW YORK Mr. and !\Irs. Felix Wooden and son, Stanley Paul of Rochester, New York, were here last week to attend the funeral of her nephew, Herbert Harris. Mrs. Wool!-en is a former Tampan, and Mr. Wooden Is a native of Crystal River. AMONG THE SICK Among the sick Is Mrs. Lucy Knight of 1913 Grace Street, wM II Ul at her home. She is-the siste r of Mrs. Allee Trent. LOUIS WHTiEHEAD ATTENDS UNIV. OF FLA. Louis Whitehead, Ill, is studying at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The fre!!lhman student entered on September 21. He is an honor graduate of Chamberlain High School and during his high school days he was the musician for four _church choirs, First Baptist of Progress Village, Mt. Pleasant Trinity C. M. E. and Spring Hill Baptist, where he is a member. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Whitehead Jr. 906 E. Yukon. A highlight in his life this week is a birthday on October 4. He will be 18. St. Matthew MB Rev. C. L. Long, Pastor :Mrs. Mamie L. Brooks, Rept. S S began at 9:30 with the supt. Deacon Rufus Jones iu charge. Morning service began at 11 with Dea c on Robert Shipp in charge of devotion The scrip ture was read by Mr. Jt'ny Nealy. A was lined by Mr. Henry Hunt. A very good ser mon was delivered by the pas tor. BTU meeting began at 4:'45 ;with Mr. Jerry Nealy in charge. Evening service began at 6 with D eaco n Frank Carter in charge of devotion. The scrip ture was read by Mr. J erry Nealy and the hymn was li.ne d by Mr. H enry Hunt. Another very good sermon was deliv ered by the pastor Youth Day will be observed on the second Sunday. Wom en's Day will also be observed on .the fourth Sunday, A\'1. m e mbers are asked to re member_ the sick aild shut-in : V1sitors welcome at all tiine.. ... ; ,;,. Douglas Will Model Fashions For Non Pariels M rs. Alberta Blake, chakman of public relations for the Non Pariels C lub says that among the new faces to be seen in this year's presentation of their annual fashion show will be Judy Douglas, receptionist for Tampa's city engineer and for mer Tampa City Hostess. Mrs. Blake is employed at Mass Brothers as a saleslady and is familiar with the new trends in ladies fashions. She is also one of Tampa's popular models Sh e talks about the new direction on the fall calendar whi c h will be noted when models walk on stage in the Garden. Room of International Inn Sun day evening. According to Mrs. Blake, the mannish look (haberdashery and layered) is the number one look, and the Dolman sleeves. Straight from the sports page will be baseball jackets for sports and evening. This. show will emphasize that fashion is a way of dressing that is current and of the moment. It must change to exist. Tickets for the show may be purchased from any m ember of the organization: Mrs. Ruby Lewis, pl'esident, Mrs, Edna 0. Garvin, Mrs. Louise Brown, JUDY DOUGLAS Mrs. Eula-Henry, Mrs. Helen Williams, Mrs. Delores Hampton Mrs. Elizabeth Braze lton, Mrs. Iretha Slaton, Mrs. Ozeph e r Harris, Mrs Rebecca Green and Mrs. Blake. Wishing You A Happy Birthday MISS ROSE FRANKIE JACKSON Fall days are ei!Pecia!Jy nice !lor birthday parties and one of our friends having fun with pals on her third natal day September 27, was Shea Eileen Speights daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Speights. The party was hosted by her grandmother, Mrs. Leila Aldridge at the Aldridge Day Care .Center. Tots enjoying the gala afternoon were Lisa and Terryne Murphy, Kirsten Charles, K e n neth Austin, Rita Bryant, Dexter Brown, Joseph Cochran, Michael and Marcus Geaster, Melissa Franklin, Sarita Dexter, Paul Harden, Ralph Joyner, Marriel Love, Cynthia Sumes, Sonia Taylor, Kenneth Thomas, Francelia Tripp and Gregory Montgomery. Frankie Lorraine Jackson was 11 years old on October 1. She is the popular daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson, 2325 Spruce Street, and a fifth grade student at Tampa Bay School. John P. Moore celebrate d his SHEA SPEIGHTS bkthday Saturday at The Ne\9' Ltunge. Many friends and co workers were on hand to say. "Happy Birtday' to the popular l ongshore foreman. October is also the birth month of Mrs. Gwendolyn Sistrunk, who will rece ive her best wishes on the 8th. James Aikens was given a surprise birthday dinner by his wife Lillie at their lov e ly home, 3911 LaSalle Street. Mrs. Aikens selected a wid e variety of colorful foods to decorate h e r table and on the rece i v ing end of her hospitality were Ed Har ris and Beatrice Patterson from St. Petersburg, H erman Tim. Rosa Manuel Winifred Whi g iham, Rex Aikens, Mary and Curtis Sampson, D B. Graham, Harriet Carter,. AI)drew Whig ham, III, Frisky Sampson anti Bernice Barnett. Another celebrant is James North a West Tampan, whos e big day is October 3. Mother Waddles: Black Angel. -.w, She runs "the most unorganized, successful operation in the world"-with unshakable faith and compassion. Read the story of Rev. Mother Charleszetta Waddles, arid how-with out government funds-she manages to clothe, feed, or c:on: sole 100,000 people a year. One of 47 articles and tn the OCTOBER READER'S DIGEST


... PACE EICBT SDA Has S011ething Fr Every Religion, Minister Says During a visit to the Sentinel office last Elder Thomas M. Fountain interim pastor of Mt. Cal11ary Sl;)A Church, d i scuss ed some of the most outstand in. g points of the Seventh Day Adventist faith. Most important, perhaps, was listening to Elder Fountain tell of the ori gin of the c ustoms car ried out in the SDA church. 'We have some t hing from almost ev ery religion there is. The Seventh Day Adventists adopted things from o ther religions that we thought stayed close to the B ible," the 40-year-minister th&r brothers they will be wash ed away in the feet washing cere mony before communion is ad ministered,"' Elder Fountain said As printed in the book of Genesis, the Seventh Day Ad ven tists keep the Sabbath Day Holy by worshiping on Saturdays. From s unset Friday until sunset Saturday is their Holy day. The churc h is organized into confer1 ences as in the Methodist church but instead of Bishops .their con ference headS are called Confer ence Presidents. THE BORONELLS AT LA PARIS AFFAIR The i r church baptism as in tl.!e Baptist Church and l i ke the Primitive Bap tist Church fee t washing is h e ld. "We feel that, as depicterl in the 13th Chapter of John, that if the mem bers have ill, feelings toward Elder Fountain, a retired min ister who has pastored several of the country's leading SDA. church es has been in Tampa since the last Saturday in August -and will remain here until October when E.Jder Sloan from Jacksonville is expected here to take over at Mt. Ca t vary. He is actively connected with the South Atlantic Confer ence loca ted in Atlanta of which W L Woodfolk is president. Members of La Paris Social Club had their Auditorium. The guest list included Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim Rest Baptist Cocktail Elegante a few days ago at Ragin P 'ark 1\Jrs. Ma.,t!o BoroneU. Our Servicemen I SAN ANTONIA -Airman Les ter Lauria, son of Mrs. Willie M. Laura of 509 S. Fourth St., Perry, has been assigend to Cha nute AFB, IU., after completing Air FO'rce basic baining. The airman has been assigned to the Technical Traning Center at Chanute for specialized train ing in aircraft maintenance. He will begin that training this mcnth as the Air FOce is its 25th anniversary. Airman Lauria, a 19'70 graduate of Jerkins High School, attended Narth Florida Junior College at :v-----. 8AN ANTONIO -Airman Ed ward .Gaines, son ol Mrs. J. Kindell of Altamonte Springs, has completed Air Force basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex. The airman is remaining at the Air Training Command base for spedalized training in the t;ecurity police field. Airman Gaines is a 1972 gradu ate of Winter Park (Fla.) Higb School. ROSS SAN ANTONIO Airman Willie ROss Jr; sou ol 1\lr. and 1Mrt, WllHe Ross of 607 Norten Seminole Avenue, Inverness, has been assigned to Chanute AFB, Dl., after completing Air Force ba11ic ttaining. The airman has been assigned to tile Tec!hnical Training Cea ter at Chanute for specialized trabafag hi fuel services. Airman Ross wiU begin that tralnig tbis moath as the Air Force is celebrating its 25th an ni nrpry. He Is a 1971 graduate of Citrns High School. DAVIS SAN ANTONIO Airman John W. Davis Jr., 11on of Mrs. Mildred F. Davis of 119 West Crawford St.,. Lakehmd, has been to Lowry AFB, Colo., after completing Air basic training. The airman has been assigned to LEONARD DRIVE -INN 1700 W. COLUMBUS DRIVE We Are Under lew Muagemenl DBIYE 11M PACIACE WIIIDOW Hoi SOul FoodEat It Here or Take JtWilh You Apostolic Church Of Jes.,s asto.r .. :... :r:-... The pastor's 30th '" al'iniver sary 'ill be observed 'this week. The fo,IJowing will participate on program. Monday night at 8, Elder G. M. Mosley of Largo will be on program; Tuesday night at 8, the D eacons' Board o.f Elder Hamilton's Churc h in Tarpon Springs will be in charg e; Wednesday night, Mis sion No. 3 from Mini s t e r Moore. land's churc h will serve; Thurs day night at 8 Missionary n ight. Mrs. !della Mitchell will be in charge; Friday n ight at 8 the y ou t h will be in charge; Satur day night at 8. Bishop Rainer of Dansville will be in charge" ; Sunday evening at 3 Elder J. Oliver will serve. Everyone is invited. the Technical Training center at Lowry for specialized training in the supply field. He will begin tliat training this month as tbe Air Force. is cele brating its ZSth anniversary. AirBljlln Davis 1s a 1972 gradu ate of Lakeland High SchooL 4202 Nassau St. Rev. W. R. Brooks, Pastor Sunday SChool began at 9:30 with the supt. in charge All teachers were at their posts Morning s ervic e began at 11 the deacons incha1 'ge of devo tion. The sermon was deli vered by Rev. Brooks. Evening serv. ice began at 6:30 with the same orde r of service. Holy communi < m was administered Revival services began on Monday n ight and Rev. M. M. Murray will be in charge of the preaching. Rev Murray is pa:stor of Friendship M. B. Church. The J>U,blic is invi t ed. Church Of Christ 1312 Nassau Street Mr. D. Atkinson, Minister Mr James Norton, Rept. S. S. began at 10 with Mr. Melvin Smith in charge of de votion. The lesson was taught by the minister. Morning wor ship was called to order at 11. Mr. James. Norton read the s cripture lesson. Prayer was offered by Mr. Robert Cormick. Minister Atkinson delivered the message. The public is invited to attend a II our services. Bible study Thursday night at 7:30. Come and study with us. What's Your Worst Habit? Is It Not Voting? Elder Fountain's home i s in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. H .y4e Park Prayer Band Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres. Mrs. Lillie M. Hollo,. ay, Rt-vt. The Hyde Park Praye r Band will meet. Thursday at 12:30 .at the home .of Mr. and Mrs B 2 n jiunin Culter, 1'718 Nuc cio' P ark way. The last was h eld at the home of Mr s. Gussie Car ter 410 South Fremont Avenue Let us remember the s i c k and shut-ins. Bradenton The No. 2 choir of New Geth semane w i ll observe their an niversary Sunday at 2 : 30. A very good program ha: s been planned for your enjoyment. Deaco n S.am J ennings is president. !Rev. D, L. Jones is pastor. Mrs. Houston was the organizer of this choir. : Lily White Lodge No is trying to add more members; !Mrs. IMartlila Jenkins is gen, manag.er and Mrs. M ary McCl a in, president. The Lydia Council is also doing a wonderful job. !Mrs. Martha Jenkins, pres. IMrs. Velma W.alk er viee pre.s., Mrs. Jessie Mil 1e; is fin. sec'y., Mrs. J. Avan, recording sec'y, If It Is .. Kick The Ha.bit. Register To Vote -Books Close Odober 7 SPOIISOBED BY MINORITY DIVISION -. Democratic Party Of Florida ., ....... : n'. LOWE, Director \


.f. ..Tuesday, October 3, 1972 ...., a/erl)#_t:S.ot9 Y 0CTOl3R 4 7"#/('0t(GN 0CTOI3ER, 197.z.. Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Pu'blished every Tues. and Frt Get Both Editions FRESHEST fiiiiiiiiiiiiftiiiiWiiiiftftiiiil Quantity Rinht1 Reserved


PAG E TEN Fla. nery Tues. and Frt Get Both EdUloni Tuesday, October 3, 1972 Kings and Queens Handsome, sweet, intelllgent, understanding, jive -time, fri-end ly are ju s t a few of tile many adjectives that can describe norte other than Mlcheal Shalt, n, Le m Andrew, iBern artl Russels Winwm Lon don Robert Warren, Afltlette IJ!iJEir, tJltrno!! and m any mote. Mli.eheal re5klelS witJh parents lMt. and Mrs. Anderson. Cute crazy, n eat, jive are jUst a few ()[ thE! many tltat an t.ell about no one but 'LH Mi4i!! Cecel ia Brown, she ls a member of 200 and Mr. l3arrett ill s.ponsor. Amo n g her favorites is food'-ilf;am:burger f ri'ncli !tiM, her jatn is Dedicated to the One I !Love, hobbiee-sports, jiving a round an d hllving a good time. !Her is none ot.her than C l ifford L. Williams In her s ,pare time yo u can find her jillng witlh some of he r friends; Anthony !Micheal, Pony, Annette, Darlene, .Elaine, Kattie, y ours truly and many more. she' is the daughter of M.rs. Bernice Brown and Mr Larry Brown. She res ides at lm9 Chestnu t St. Congratulations Micheal and Cecelia for being Ki n g and Queen l 'llette'!l U you are interested in atte nd ing Y AMU homecom ing in O c tobt: r please contact Jackie Hayes Pam Jackson Betoria Williams, Annette Filer or any member of the I 'llette's, p rice $12.00 dollars. :Fal con' s Chll Chat .TnniM, Gwen, .royce, lind t he rest of the gang on Friday you'all really lov e that white h orse. What s the problem? Tanya S helton you seem to bf a brain with all thoAe books Earl, trltmos, wh1it was t he matter with you Friday. G ail Anderson why so fast get ting to class, you aregoing to g et a ticket for wa lk ing so fast. J&m's of the wefk Coldes t d a ys of my life. F r eddie' bead. Good F'oot Everybody plays a fool. :Dedicated to the one I love. You are my SuMhine King Senior High School By Beatrice Leggett and Angi Williams of The We. ek Student of The Wee k is ThereI!R Sllns Pick Hits One l.;i!e To Live Starting All Over Again Get on The Good Foot Motto ':Don't make a fool out o f yo urself for s om e one else, be cn use whil e you 're no t looking they're smiling. ('IlliiiiNIK AIBIOUT IT). WANTED: Young men with Junior College backgroud To lrain for Supervisory PosilioM GOOD PAY WHILE LEAUIHC Assignments Ready As Soon As Training Is Over COITACT AGENCY DIRECTOR Centra, l Life lnsuraMe Company Of Florida 1400 If. BOULEVARD TAMPA, RORIDA Chamberlain Hi School LENNON AND CARMEN BROWN Coup les In The SpotligiU: Chosen as "Co upl e s In the Spot light" f or this wee k are Debra Cote and R obert Balkman D ebra Core is the daughter of Mrs. Elizab et h Du gge r and tt.lB ides at 3913 East C helsea. She lists her favor i tes ar Food : Any th i ng ed i ble Record : Lonely Man, Hobbles: Cooki ng and watdlmg football and baskl:lt ball game3, Male Singer: Jerry Butler, Female R o berta Flack, and Main Man: Robert Balk man H e r acti'Vit:es includ e : Kiwanettes, 0! Spanish National Honor Soclet:v. In ne r Club Council and Vice Presirient of Nation HatJOr Society She is also a member of Friendship M. B Churc h congra a r e extended to Debra C ore. Robert 1an, Pookie" as he is kn his friends, i8 the proud so r. and Mrs. Robert Ba l krnan ils act ivi ties inc lur:le "C" Club, J r. Clvitan Pan Ameri ca n Team and he FiJ.'(hting Chiefs Football Team of w hi c h he is a captain His fa-vorites i n clude Group : Sly and Family Stone Male Singer: I s aac Ha yes, Rellord : Coldest Da y s of My Life, and Food Anything edible. Po okie at 3615 Eas t Louisiana and attends Oak Hill M. B Church. Congratulati o ns are exto bOth of our soulful Sen iors. Late Birthday Wishes Belated Bir th day wishes are I'Xt e ndetl to G ail Jackson. Gail 's Birthday was last Tuesday and s he was 17. Also we would like to give a late Birthday wish to Melva Morrell whose birthday was Saturda y, Sept em ber 23. Club News: Recently the "Illettes" Social C lub initiated ten new T h ey are : Desire Epl'lrom Sandra Hir es, Rosal y n NorwMd, Selina Ricks, Sher yl Figg ers, JoAnn Hai les, Linda Jorden, Carolyn Hud son, and Alma D ebose, also Rob i n Preston. Congratulations to all te:1 girls. T he I 'llettes are asking all sons who are interested in going to Tallaha ssee, t o please contact any I'll ette m embe r as soon as possib l e. The price is $10.00 mem bers an d all o t hers $12.00. Beulah Dorcas Circle Mrs. Ma r y Crawfo r d, Pres. Mrs. Etta White, Rept. 'l'he Dorcas Circle of Beulah Baptsit Church will meet Thurs day morning at 9 at the home of Mrs. Etta White, 1415 Cen tral Ave. T h e lesson bv Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Subject, ;,Salvation," Act. 3:6-8 verse. The alphabet letter i! "P". The last meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Ida Baker, 1418 Governor St. Cocoa :Morning service at Mt. Moria h A J.'vi:IE Chuf1Ch b e gan witJh Sunday schoo l with th e supt ., Mt. AI bert Johnson and tea, e herg at their po s ts. 'Dhe lesson was re viewed by I Rev. Ca lvin ToQks. Remarks were given b y the p.u tor, Rev. 0. :H. !Houston Morning servke began at 10:46 with the choir, usher!!, stewards, and stewardesses serving. Rev. Tooks conducted the devoti on Mrs. Rosa Jones was at t h e organ. Prayer was ofert!d by Mr. Walter WYnn A vety gOOd ser mon was d elivered by the paa tor, Mr. Sheward joined our church Holy communion wali ad ministered, ;;'-.:1!'1""'' "" ,. Evening service began at 5:411 with the s ame of9!lr of 8ervi>Ce. Rev. Tooks again WM ln charge od' devotion Pra.yer was vf.fered by !Mr. I ss-a.c Johnson. I Jefferson High $chool I By Deborah Domas and Kervu Greaux Junior in S potli ght: Out Junior in spotlight this week is Linda Green the l ove ly daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie A; Green, 3926 Cherry Street in Lincoln Gardens. Linda lists her favorites as:.. beau-Ronald Phil more; food-anything e d i b l e; record-Dedic ated To the One l Love ; Hobbies-listening to rec ords and dancing. Aro u nd the .den you will usually see her with her Roaalee, Debor lllh, Kervis, J udith, Faye, Water head, Brenda and Dwight. Af ter graduating Linda has hopes of becoming a se cretary. Bus N ews: It' s been said that if you ride either bus 151 o: 160 you are l'idiflg t he be $ t. The drivers are Mrs Brantly and Mrs. Hill. Hellos: Spec ial hellos are extended to Reginald Cozette Williams Annie Woodard Pamela Young, Kim Johnson, Michea l Da v i s, Jack Johnson Kathy McCardy and Jimmy Legette, Top Tunes: Freddie's De ad -Curtis May lfield; Good F oot-James Bro wn; Dedi ca ted To The One I LoveTemptees; and Us e MeBill Withers. Can You Imagine: Rosalee P ittman as Rosalee St udent In the Spotlight Our student in the spotlight to day is none other than c razy, silly but most of all soulful Sher y l Figgers. Sheryl resides at 240G Buff alo Ave. w i th h e r pare nts Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Figgers While rapping with Sheryl she lists as her favorite food-c;hlck en. Her hobby is sewing. Her friends are Pat, Sharon Brenda, Another very good sermon was delivered by the pa. sto r M rs Susi e Lewis, rept. and Rev 0 H. Houson, pastor. Slabmen ... Lamita Brown as Lamita Black ... Michael St l 'eeter as Michael Roadster .. 'Sharon Holes as Sharon House ... Marian Green as Marian Orange ... Faye Miller as Fay e Highlife ... Juan ita W righ t as Juanita Wrong ... Shirley Cut. ler a s S-hirley Bu tcher ... Bern ke Harvey as Bernice Hal:rlo .. Paulette Wa shington as Paulette Lincoln Adr,ian Styles as Adri a n Fashion? Nicki ng Wiih The Names Korl

. Twsday, OetO\er J, 1t72 PAGE .ELEVEN ... I Views Of Progress :Village _.I ; By IRA LEE ENNIS -Phone 677-:1310 ; Bethel Baptist 801 Short EJDory Street Rev J. L. Overstreet, Pastor Mr. Lilli(! M. l\'lf.lDonald, Rept. Brandon High_ School ly Edaa Bolriuon ud Marilfll Bott The Pastor, officers and meni h ers of Harris Temple United Methodist Church, Progress ViU. a.re are inviting the publi C to join tham a" theY obiei.'Ve L.a.y men's lDa y on Sunday at 1111 a.m. !Mr. Favors has accepte d the invitation as guest speaker. Rev. T A. Harris is pastor of Harris Temple. W. J. Bryan Elem: Nathan Hale (Ricky Cook)' face British Major ( Gre,gory Johnson) with immort;al qpd in spiring words before Bryan d ent body at outdoor patio ceremony Wednesday, 20. Commemoration of this great patriot who died at age 21 on enemy gallows Sep tember 22, 177 1 6 wa s effected by Room W uJider the direction of Mr Jamel', instJ,"UCWr and !Mrs. Brown, learning S:pe(!hllist. Tbe, ominous heavy beat of the Bryan drum everr Qther sound as t}le l3ritis.h 1\'bjor !lrul Rod coats f\Jldr ew Ware, I M c'Danie l, !Ricky Webb, Jeff iLanning, !Mal'k Tumer, Mark Grover, John Ah)e/E;lltl, Robert Simi, ePd Jelf Hays the doome4 Hille to Executioner Stanley Fonte ]lJ[ and to the gallows standing in the B .ryan patio. Pupils were keenly im pressed with P 1atriot Hale's love for his homeland and were called upon w be plltriotic abways. Primary objectives of the pro were: ( 11) enhance pat -riotism; (2) -to make eae h pupil aware () Patriot Hale and his stirring words of years ago. Flag holders were Danny Bai and Jt#rtil'}' Jobn.wn; aJJ nouncer wa1 .Julia K:enn#dy ; rator wu In 1 about the Reserve unit near my'!'ommunity. I understand I'm under no obligation, I \J Mr./Mr../Mf.---..------------------j. Addreul ________ ....., _.,........,._.,._ .., .,. __ ... ..., ,...._-----] statt------------ZiP---------Current Employment-----------------Phone_,_ _______ .....,,.....,. Ar -. MllitaryBackgrGund (II __ SMOS Date of SeparatioQ ... ....




-' Tuesd ay, Oc toher 3, 1972 Fla. SenHnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frf. Cet Both Editloni PAGE THIRTEEN --------------------------. CREAMY WHITE PURE LARD EELBECK Meal or Cirits ORANGE PUHt:H GRAPE Circus Drinks c ( Lb. Bag 3-Lb.Jars ... "FRESH SHELLED" COUNTRY FRESH GRADE 'A' SMALL Blackeye Peas A .cre Peas EggS 4 Dozens_ $1.00 ANDRE'S Cold Duck $1.79 Turnips With; Dicecl Roo FRESH CRISP FaiKy Cukes 3 For EXTRA FANCY LARGE PR:OGRESSO-SAVE 45c Tomato Sauce 1 Cans $100 Field Peas With Snaps Early June Peas 10 Cans $1.00 DOUBLE LUCK Cut Green Bean __ s 7 Cans $1.00 MAYFIELD CREAMSTYLE Golden Corn 7 Cans $1.00 BUSH __ Spaghetti_ & Tom. Sauce. 7 Cans $1.00 HE.RSHEY'S CANE .. BRAND SUGAR Cigarettes C Reg. Carton $3.69 Lb. Bag King Size (tn. $3.79 SOFT QUALITY COUNTRY BATHROOM TISSUE 10 Pk. Roll 88c ROLL OLEO 3 Lbs. 49c SHASTA DRINKS GALA TOWELS 10 Cans 3 Jumbo Rolls HOLSUM 88c BUTTERMILK BISCUITS 4 Cans 29c SSe FROZEN Cut (ORN or Mixed V e9etables 3 Big Bags 99c FROZEN FORDHOOK LIMAS 2 Big Bags GOLDEN HARVEST _.," .... LIBBY'S FROZEH CONCENTRATE / 4 Giant Cans._/88c ... .. ea. WHOLE KERNEL NIBLETS CORN 4 Cans


P.M':E 1FOUR.TEN Black Food firm Heaclecl By Marvin Davies Sets Tampa Showing ST. PETERSBURG -A new lllack O(nn,pany, :So..w Deltight Pro. ducts lac., anDOO!IIll. oed tlfa :wef'k tts national premiere showing will take place in Tam-pa at Holiday Inn Motel (East), Thursday Octo !ber 12, & om 5 to 7 p.m. The key note speaker for tb:is bi5toric busi affair will be Mr. Walter Sorg, Assistant iD'.iree.tor Gf the Division of Printe Programs, OMBE 'United States Department of Commer.ee, WaW.o,.gton, D.C. "Soul Delight," say s Marvin Da yies, former NAACP Florida field ,'' is -the fi rst aad en1y Blae k firm organized on a na tiOAal basis with the primary purpose to place in the marketplace of America an easily identifiabLe consumable product brand lab.e'l, Soul Delight, upon which t'he iBlaek family and other wise con sumers can permanently rely upon for quality' price' taste arrd eon cern ." &lui Delight represe.ots the fir s t .successful brea'kt6cough by a llla.ek comp : aoy iB to the pr, oj:itabie and held Flor iGa citr.us processing industry. Soul Delight also annouced that its first product Soul De;Jig h t ,Orange and Grapefruit Jui c e wbich has been test marketed enthusiastic acceptance at Nation al Conventions in Phiila deJcphia, Mi:ami Chliea;Jo and T:ampa, is ready for distribution. The bright red, black and iJ"P.,.en lai!>eled canned products o( :S.ool it>Jight have the potential of qttick!y ibecoming the dominant hou.>P. ilGl!i brand name (.d-J l!!.s .towards tbi.s vital mar ket. On a national scale, we thou,ght we would t6ke the About price, D.av leJI We want our to .be by all Americans That is why our pr.iiee is in a range that everyone C lW .aff@l".d. -A basic of Soul De tight than J profit oriented company is to help 'in developing the health and eco stability of the Blaclt Coin JDI;lftitY. ''f'.o attest to its corporate stbilit.Y to the consumer is the goal M supp9f'ting and &pOOIIM\ing e6m munity consumer clubs, iaeWd-i;ng establishing scholarship funds fot .needy minority yDU-ths l!Jlult$. The economic thmf.t will be t9 set up Black di.tritM.ti'M,s 8f.l4 the creation of 'Riarl8femeat 8f!G orate level positions within t.he company. Although orange juice and grapefruit juice repre:Sent the first ieady l9. r rnNkeimg, S@til plans to dew' lop 1!11 ll.n.e of quality food goods an""'d t>everages invited to Sgul Delight',s $\owing owner.s and principals of major food chains ; Presidents ,eolleges, superintend:ants of sch..ools; buyP-rs officia l s from pr, o.curement of fed agencies; in Flor;da government: memb.e.r:S of the ci t rus io..dustry; Bla ok r ter-s; rteligiOJl,S, dviil IUld and th_e m._e.iilia Sentinel Advertisers FOR RENT 3 Bedr0011. Apt 3802 29th St.. $25 Weekly Phone: 247. 2738 Tuesday, Oetol.et .I, 1972 FHIII Rec:eives Aaounting Honor TAILLAHJA&SIE! E ) inorida are Chicago C.olumibia, A & M has become the seventh W,j,ooii, Michigan and Ohio State. Amerkan university and the '11he visiting p.rDfessor, Dr, Joe r OJilW preSium It's about as big a prestige designed to interest black stuitem as you can get in account-dents in the subject. in,g," s : aid Dr. Sybil Mobley, dean A T.elC;as ;who re.e.eived of .the !F, AIMU Department of his Pa.'D at 16dian a &sJness. rlt' put UiS on the map. Cramer said he is one of lQ like instantly." biack aeeountant s in the country my white counterparts becauss firms were not hiring blacks -at that time." He his priiD!lry responsibility dm:ing the ope qQal'ter he wiil spend at F AMU as "motivaticm students, making. them aware of OIJ'portunities in my !field." Mobley has put Cramer to work on plans to upgrade the Florida A&M bli:.Siness d.epartme6t into a fult-fie .dged scbool The chair which is an who afe both eertified puhtic :academic t erm for a visiting acwuntants and Ph.D 's financed by a "In the past ther.e h#.. s he.en sour. ce outside the university no need for blacks to enter cerwas provide(} by th!! New York-tain areas because there were Arthur Young accounting no jai@s far bJ.aeks," Cramer said. f.irm. "Wh.e.n I !l).Y. masters of busiaess, a step that would Uead to accreditation of !School and bette,_-jC:l. b and academic opportunities for its gra duates. Mob-ley said the only other degree in 1960, I simply could to the honor not acquire a j.ob coropac.able to "'Th.e here, as far as I'm concerned, is to increa!le the number of blacks teac hing in f).el.d," Cramer .said. Upwar4 Bound Betins faR Pr.am With food embraces and w rm greetings, one hundred fifty UP w;ard Bo1llnd stu.dents assembled !In the Physics at the Unive-rsi-ty C:lf Soath Florida Saturday to b,egin the ac .a..demi c year of P r oject Upwa-rd Bou nd This d11y marked the seventh the prc;>g;ram has been in operation .at the Univ ersity. The pr. ogra.m. i s d esigne d to in obtaining a college ed ucation, \'i'tha other;wjse wou !l d not 'h:a;ve t he oppcr rtJnity be.cau se t>f or reasons. It is a !lnogra'l!l). IIPOnl!orerl by the Uni 'Yersity of South Florida and "the denartment .of Heal t h, Education and Welf:are ei her "American F'l"Uit, Aff'Wil.n Roots," iMpired by Rev. Jackson. Zulema, a Wl'i ter, singer and musiciaQ, says "American. FI11it, AfJ'ican 'IW<&ti" .,.._.. in.Jilired :by Rev that ".Btaek -Americans are American fruis with 4fJ'icaa by Eu.r-&pep brutes." In her owri inimita hle Zulema has. lack.ISWl-'s and it a an!i rJOul-ful of the program. OUR ONE VOT' E -Made The. PLEASE ACCEPT MY SINCERE .Since U is impossible personally to thank the many thous,ands peOJ)lle who supported my candidacy for county commissioner dis trici I please accept thismethod of my prteiatian. Your support on 3rd, muen appJeciated and may I remind you YPOB ONE VOTE WILL MAKE J'HE DIFFER!II!I! .Ia JiATASSIIfJ FM imJJff COJIMISSIO 1m1JW J PM Jol_., CJJJ.Uiillet 19 IIIPI Jifk JJJ.IJ.uJJ, 19!1 .hiJ!!,


'I / I &.rWMt ,.c.., ... .. .... ....... lilcyd ..... ...... ,., ..n...uu.ow .......... _. __ __ IITHIOOM 111511 MAliA PIIS. of 280 .ARROW WHITE, PINIC, YIWtff FACIAL nss 1UZ. CAR talm lAID 1WZ.cMS r.wn IGMATGB. fUt CAIM TIIInl....., STEWED TOMATO& GREEN IEANt ... CAll 'f8lf'Tf IWI tlllil 1MZ. Ola IIAIIU.IIUI UlUIIA .. SWIUPEAI IREIIIEIIS BABY FOOD 4 Oz. Jar 9c .5 =$1 MORTON Cl11CKEH, TVRKfY, IHf, TUNA POT PIES ........... -,_ -DfUCIOUS Apples ... 2 :: 'I fi'tORIDA. 'fELLoW toU .. 10 ears 79c H....... SALAD Toatoes .4 "*'I OIOIIOIA-SWEfT Potatoes 6 '1 H.UVIST PUSH Prune Plu 4'1 IMSTII'S I'IMI Lemonade 4 :. 'I I PAGE FIFTED uioun ... ....... :-9te 'a.a.,$J6f FliED CHICIII .. .,. OOVERNMENTIHII'ECT!O faOZEH UG 0' LAlli ....... P 7 .. .... Flftl PAITS 69' W.f>....,. lUCID IOLOGIIA 19c W O llr.fHi faOZIN-1-d: ... muEnu ............. : .., ITO 10 lt. HAHOI PACK .......... .. 69' All CI!NYB

I PACE SIXTEEN Airman Gets New Assignment S A !i ANTONf O -Airman Marion W.Trigg, son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Trigg of 3911 Arch St., Tampa, has been assigned to Sheprard AFB, Tex., after completing Air Force basic training. During _his six weeks at tho Air Training Command's Lack land AFB-, Tex., he studied tho Air Force organiza tion and customs and reeeived liP e cial instruction in human re lations. Tuesday, OctoNr 3, 1972 GUESTS GREETED ON ARRIVAL AT LUAU The airman has been assigned to the Technical Training Cen ter at Sheppard for specialized training in the communications Guests arriving at &he Tampa Letter Carriers Hall Saturday evening for &he Hawaiian Luau received a : lei along with their g}-eet ing. Hostesses were members of Intra-City Social Club. The treasurer, IMCI. Evelyn Allen places a lei around the Deck of Willie Taylor as Mr. and Mrl. John Stevenson, left and Mrs. Taylor, center, look 011. field. He will begin that: training this month as the Air Force is celebrating its 2:>th anuiver sary. Airman Trigg is a 1972 graduate ".of Hillsborough High School. ------------------------MRS. HARMON INTRODUCES SPEAKER Seated-right is l\lrs. Dorothy Harmon who introduced the speaker at the recent NAACP Banquet at the Sweden House. At left is the Rev. Josephine Harmon, a retired teacher. NICOLE WINS BABY CONTEST T h e baby contest at Beulah Baptist Church ended a few t 1 ys a g o and the first prize was taken by pretty little Nicole Batt:e, ll' h'l i s be ing held by Yvonne Harris. She Is being congra t ul a ted by the pastor, the Rev. A. Leon Lowry. LUAU GUESTS ARE ENTERTAINED BY DANCERS Cuties Ia Bawallaa eostumes entertanled the guests at the recent luau given by &he St. Paul Ladies AIDiliary. Tbe scene was tilt! SchHtz Brown BoUle. Girls In front are, from left, Cynthia Mitch, ell, Cassandra Hall, Diane Mitchell; and rear, Joselyn Johnson and Annette Quarles. MRS. tUSSEAUX; GHATS,''WYI'H A GUEST Mrs. Ella Cusseaux:, left, chats with a guest, Mrs. Rene Jordan who was at her home for the Cbarmettes installation affair. A social hour lei lowed the ceremony.


Tuesday, October 3, ...... __ FJ_a_. __ Se_m_ _ln_e_J._B. ul_le_t_in_P_u_J._I_is_Ji_ed_ev_e_r.:...y_T_u_es_.__n_d_F_d_._._Cet __ Bo_tb,_E&_..::.:.'iIOn:..:. Eleventh -Epis(Opal .Distrid Gospel Mission M I ( .. S Prayer Band JEFATUL CALLIN:Ci eets n omRIUnton ef(8 Deacon Lonnie Simmons, Pres. Mrs. Willie Belle Pickett, Rept, By FATHER A. PARK ORLANDO -A new approach to Methodism with special sig. nificance on prayer was develop. ed as hundreds of laymen, pre .siding elders,' and ministers met in a mass communion service, Saturday, September 23, at Mt, Olive AME Churc h, R ev. L. A. Haisley, pastor, Rev. G A. Rut gledge, presiding elder and the !Right Rev. Hubert N. Robin son, presiding prelate. This prayer session, called by Bishop Robinson, was a meet ing together, not as strangers, but working and praying part ners, interested and eager to meet the same needs and goals through prayer. The program, beginning with the prelude and ending with the Bisbpp's Blessing, was ably !Presented by Presiding Elders; Laymen and Ministers rendilring sermons, solos and concluding the Holy Eucharist. The white robes. suits and dresses present ed. a memorable picture of purity. Mrs. H. N. Robinson, the Bishop's wife was presented by. Mrs. L. M. Pickett, Episcopal Missionary President. -' Following the .. mass services, Bishop Robinson met with Lay President Selmo Bradley and members of the lay executive b 'oanl for the purpose of :ing an amendment to the annual .conferences s c hedule of Jay ac tivities. The laymen of each annual conferenee were previous ly scheduled to meet on Saturda Y morning after the close ot the conf erence on Friday even ing. Bishop Robinson made .the :amendment to state that the laymen will meet in their busi nes s sess ion on Wednesday even ing following the l oca l of Saturday mormng This being election year for all conference Jay officials, the Bishop will present the lay officers with their credentials on Friday evening. This applies to all the seven conferences. Conference President, Mrs. Irene L. Taylor, B. S. Proctor, Frederick Wilson, M. Haw kins an:d state officers, J. T. Brunson, Mesdames Evelyn H? ward, Bernice Henderso n, Su sie Padgett, Queen E. Lencon, Mr. Samuel 'r. Piper and others gave brief 1 eports of plans being iormulated for entertaining the Lay Convention to be held on Miami Beach, 'Augllst 1973. Mr. W .. J, Anderson, Episcopal tor brought forth a umque eou'rtesy plan that will be pub Revival Services !Revival are now bein g held at :1008 Main St., EMer Prince Gordon is in charge of preaching. The public is invted. Clewiston were -veey good at all in the community beginning with S : S throughout night senice. The sUJbject of the :Lesson was, "The !Battle !For Man' s Mind. The te.acher.s too k charge of their dasses for 415 minutes. 'fhe supt.' came forward with a lvo nderfl,ll revie< w of eacih cla ss. The Help ,Meet The Needs Club held their monthly meeting Oct. 3 at. t,he borne of iMrs. S. Gaddajah at 8 with the president, IMrs. V. L. Whitfield in charge. The ,Friendly Xmas Savings Club will meet at tibe home of !Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Williams Saturday night at 8 Mrs. Susie !Bec-kton is president. JMr. s Hill and Mrs. William l s will be hos tesses. iPlease let us remember to pra y for the sick and shut-in!! at home and those in the hos p itals. On the a;ilck list: Mrs. !Mattie Hilton, !Mrs Pauline \Peterson, 'Mrs. Alexander, IMis. \ Oallie White, .:M1-s. IM. A:lle.n, !Mr. James Mason, IMr. Chadit

I I The Pittsburgh Pirates and that the title will be decided unthe Cincinnati Red Legs definitetU the last game of the season. IY will battle it out in the The Americian League Eastern National League play-offs. The Division affair was once a Pira-tes defendin 1 g World Chamteam race. The New York Yanpions, won the National League kees making a comeback was in. :Ea -stern DiVision in a walk over it but seem to be out of it now. the second place Chicago Cubs The Baltimore Orioles are still r.fhe -cinciimati Red Legs didn't in it-and personally believe that havG much more trouble win if they still: had Fi-ank Robin j10n ping the Western Division over 'they would be leading. As' it is Houston. Oakland has the Ameri' the battle ts between Boston and. can Ll)ag"1le WesternDivision -Detroit. To me it looks like title in the bag despite game Detroit but only because of efforts of a rejuvenated Chicago M11nager Billy Martin._--, :White Sox team. For the last I still say it will be Pittsburgh few weeks the American League to win the World Series. Maybe Eastern Division race has been a -I will be wrong _again but that's real rat race. It doesn't seem the way I see it. Bethune Plans Homecoming For Jackson State's Walter Payton G,ts 7 TDs In Game JACKSON MISS. Mississippi DAYTONA BEACH David L Leaver, Chairman of the Athletic Committee at Bethune Cookman College, announces that plans are underway for the gala homecoming activities; Friday and Saturday, November Memorial Stadium was a regular \Payton .P>lace ... night. Walter_ place that is, as the' Columbia, IMississiJppi sophomore twi sted and turned and hulled and Siprinted his way to y-ards rushing, seven touchdowns, and a pair of two point conversions against ILane (Tenn, ) College. 1972. The Kentucky State College of Frankfront, Kentucky are noted for their outstanding :teams and have produced many of the brilliant performers in the American and National Football Conferences. Coach Jack McClairen will bave his charges ready to per form before a keyed-up student and alumni group on November 11. The activities will get under way on Monday morning, Nov ember 6, with a per-dawn dance at 5 a. m. Mr. Broderick McKinney, pr_esident of the Student Govern ment Association, and his staff will be in charge of tne home coming week activities. It was only mathematical that Jackson State managed a: mere 7t2 points against the burnt-out Dragons in gaining_ their second win of the season against no loss es. : Besides for279 y .ards, the big sophomore caught three passes for -212 yards and return ed Lane's onLy kickoM l!6 yards. He missed by two !points ty ing the National Association of iinterco!legiate Athletics scoring record f(>r a single g :ame. I -Season .. Ends (hicago$tugger, All,n : ARLINGTON, rehs .. :...:. Slugge r Pick Allen of 'the .ChiC,_a! go White Sox, a top candidate for. the Mos t .-On Saturday morning, ':he Marching -l'Jen of Coo) 1 1113 runs bat t e d in and has. .sos average; arrived at the airport in Chicag(l Friday only to be told by M ,ana ger Chuck Tanenr to take the rest of the season off. "[ don't plan on using him anY'way ; said Tanner. "He's been playing with a bad knee and he's done such a gi:eat job for us, he deserves .the rest of the season off." By missing -the final six g ames the Allen, wtho is se. cond in tlie batting nee to. Rod Carew who.:has a :317 average, i:> most likel y forfeitin g his chances for the. triple crown: : Allen did not argue with Tan ner and made plans to go to his home in Philadelphia. er 479, Sara Jones 456, Yvonne Waters 451. High game men: Johnnie Fav ors .243, Willie Starks 201, Lonnie Williams 201. High series men: Johnnie Fav ors 562,' George Williams 539, Manuel Mi tchell 538, Lonnie Wil liams 519. WORRIED? SQ: COoMaLIFE READER AND ADVISOR When Doubtful Discontentetd or Unhappy Consul& this gifted person Ackrises on all affairs of Life Home unharmony Love and Marriage Lucky Days Lucky Numbers -For appointments Phone 238-6068 Open Daily 9 a.m. 9 p.m. Closed Sundays. 6503 I. FLORIDA AVENUE -October --3, 197% ALTHEA GIBSON CHATS WITHNEW. TENNIS STAR NEW YORK -Former tennis champion Althea Gibson (left) and current great Evonne Goolagong compare notes during the press reception In New York City at which Miss Goolagong was presented an award for her outstanding contribution to ten nl!l. Miss GibsOn was both British and U. S. wo men's champion hi 1957and 1958. Miss Goolagong, the 21-year-old from Australia, won the British title at Wimbledon last year andwas runner-up this year. Soul Center Supermat\et 3523 I. 22nd STREET '-PRONE 247-2031 FREE DELIVERYWE ACCEPT FOOD SIAMPS : END COT PORK CHOPS U. S. liOoD RIB STEAl -_ CHICKEN WilliS3 \ DEL--MOI. T E JMCE -iutfrs -CATSUP -. 3 hOllies ggc HURT'S FRUIT COcKTAIL a cans ggc ; JACK'S COOKIES -'. GROORD BEEF .. ., BRISKET STEW 3 lbs. $149 BOSH PORK 8c BEARS 6 cans gga-BUSH BLACK EYEPEAS 6 cans -CA. RED TO"" TOES : .. 5 cans gga HOHT'S jfi TOMATO SAUCE 3 bags ggc 6 gga MORTOI. FRinT PIES -3 lor gga FLA. FRESH ORARCES DOZ. FROZEN COLLARD MUSTARD TURNIPS 4 99' YELLOW OIIOlfS BUTTER FISH OR : -SAID PERCH 3 lbs $ 1 00 -. PAN SAUSAGE 3 lbs. $100 CHOCK ROAST -KELLOGG'S CORN-FLAKES 4 _ggc: EVERCARE--SUGAR 5 lbs. & .9c: With $5 Order 1l nME-SAVER BLEACH l Gal 39c l Wilh $5 j l i MORTON POT PIES 4 lor ggc: ARI'S POTATOES BED RIPE TOMATOES ... 29a ..... ,._


Tuesday, October 3, 1972 Fla. Sendne!-Bulletln Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Edatons PACE NINETEEN John Mackey: Story, --Of' Unwa,nted, ,Player NEW YORK John Mackey Rosenbloom hadn't sold the Colts joined the San Diego Chargers after a week of 'intrigue and in f ighti ng It's as much a par( of the National Football League as_ :the games themselves, but selcom as ob'!ious And seldom as. demeaning to buy the Rams; tliis never would '"f happened." But since t he strike, his per. formance as a player was :im. ited b y a surgical knee and an ailing elbow Tom M it chell emerged as the Colts ; starter at tight end. S ev eral months ago, Mack e v a s k e d To--most NFL aficionads, John Mackey is for being sel e cted two years ago as pro football's all-time tight end. When .Don the Colt coach be ran with a completed pass for _trade h1m. a _ssu_red the Baltimore Colts, he dragg e d b m a chance to :ega_ m JOb. tacklers w ith him "The lucky But MitcheiJ was estabhslied as ones fell off," it was said. As the M C ff t d 1 A wen o see c a er y 3n pres ident of the NFL P ayers st ld h' t t d M k h h d h d o 1m o ra e me, ac ey soc1abop, e a _t e same nye. explained by telephone "I didn t To the consternatiOn of the cl ubt t li d t h h ld 1 300 1 t wan o e secon -s rmg. DENVER W.orld heavy weight cha mpion Joe Frazier, clai min g he was "about .ready. to take him out in the streets," said_ he wanted to fight Muhammad A li anywhere, anytime. ''I don't care whether I have to 'fight h i m in my back yv. rd, said 'Frazier, who arrived in Denver Wedne sday to p re ,J)ft-Fe for' two e x hi bition bouts a s a preliminary to the Ron Lyle Buster Mathis fight F r iday '-'I w ant t o shut him up onc e again. [ hope I ca n put thi s guy (Ali) up o n a hill pushing up dai s ies Frazier said he was t ired of Soul Keglers Bowling League RESULTS listening to Clay, which is how he referred to the former title holder. He is a good fighter, 'but I proved to myself and tl--.e world la st. March that I am a better fighter." Frazier's manager Yank Dur 'lha m said the fight probably wouldn t be held before March : 1 973. Durham also said offer from Astrodome C hampion ship Enterprises Inc. of Houston for Frazier to meet George F 0reman in a title fight "was not up _to par." The Texas group offered Frazie r $500,000 or 40 per cent of the gate. Durham said Madison Square Garden offered $775,000, but the problem was f inding Fore. man's trainer, Di c k Sadler. statements that Frazier was dodging top contenders were un found e d. "Every time Joe Frazier gets ready to fight, the top 10 sud denly get busy" he s aid. Fra zier an d Durham said if Mathis made a good showing Friday 'he could have a return shot at the crown. Ma t his is the only fig hter, to have beaten Frazier; he did i t twice : when both were amateurs. Frazier said he offered every boxer in the top 10 a s h o t a t the title, but they a ll "turne d me down several times These guys don t want to fight." Durham said he would allow Frazier to fight any challenger anywhere but California owners ; e e P oSeveral hours later, on his "We are willing and able to fight Foreman a s soon as we can pin that guy (Sadler) down," Durh_ a m said. He said "If you knew the rules in California you wouldn't u;ke your fighter there," Durham said, adding he preferred to have Frazier fight in America 'because he's an Ame:cican and won his title in America." gether years. ago durmg radio, he heard that the Colts had Entzm i nger s Florist 4, Mun foot?all s only strike An, d he c : ld placed him on their retired list. g in's Stucco 0; T eam 6-4, Team it h1s wa ; v. At one of the bargam-Joe Thomas, the Colts new gen, 7-0; Team 4-2, Team 5-2, !ng appeared in a era! manager, contends that Team 9-3, Team 8-1; Team 1-4, purple JUmp smt. Mackey ithreatened to retire if he hl'gh game Pansl e _.I Fl d F tb II I "Whv are you wearing that wasn't the regular Mackey con' or1 a 00 a thing?" an owner asked. tends he never mentioned retireStarl_ts 201 Johnn ye Davis 200, : "Whv are you ment. Frances Wilkerson 189. socks?" Mackev countered. Then on Tuesday in Thomas' Men's high series Willie Wil:--------------------------..;...1 "Because I like white socks," ff' h k t k' b t Iiams 194, Willie Wilkerson 193, The Tampa U. Spartans have lin the Spartan backfield there o 1ce, e ep as mg me a ou Wi!lie starks 185. done it again. Presently the are three of the best ball carriers the owner replied using the word 'retire,' Mackey 'Spartans look like world beaters ever in the history of the schoo l. "I like this purple suit," Macksaid. I asked him if he was play_ Women s high Frances under the able tutelage of new In Pittman, Ondorff and La ey retorted calmly ing lawyer if I was under inter-Pascoe Pansle Starks 510' ,head coach Earle Bruce. The Grand they have about as much "That didn t surprise me rogation Frances Wilkerson 507 Spartans seem to hav e every-d th th t Me n s high series, Wilile Wil-goo as ere IS In e coun ry. Mackey said, "because if I wasn't Mackey demanded that he be kerson 570 Willie Jones 513 Willie thirig. They have a very able There is no use going into the a player, I couldn t remain as placed on the waiver list. Thomas Starks 511.' defense although is no one quarterback situation. In Buddy president of the Players Associarefused, not wishing to risk losipg STANDINGS single star. If there is any weakCarter and Freddie Solomon tio n. him for $10?. The next da!, Ed Team 1 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 10 2 ness in the Spartan offensive Tampa U. has about the bes t What was surprising what that Garvey, the attorney who 1s thE!' Entzminger's Florist .. .. 9 3 cou ld be in the secondary but quarterbacking duo in the count-very NFL team was so well forExecutive director of the NFL Team 6 ............ 8 4 no team has tested it yet. The try. What Carter can't do S o l o tified at tight end that he wasn t Players Association, spoke to Team 5 ... ....... 7 5. Spartan offense is superb. The mon can. What Soloman can t / worth $100 to inspect. In the NFL, C ommissioner Pete Rozelle !ind Team g .... 7 _S. offensive line has been a thing do Carter can. The y both do most you always hear coaches saying,' then to Thomas. Team :4 5 7 : of beauty. If there is any w:eak-things. well. .. What we need is more winning I told the commissioner that Team 8 ............ .. .. 5 7 -ness in the : offensive How good are the Tampa U. ballplayers Here was an estab the Colts were s t ashing John r v Team 7 .................. 4 8 1 It t t kl H th Spartans? This is the big ques me 1s a ac e. ow ever, e u l i shed winning ballplayer, wal) retiring him ,' Garvey said. Team 10 ........... 3 9 tion now but don't ask the m .. -won t be 31 until Sunday, availsta shing is the word the comMungin's ........ 2 .10 offensive tackle s have been do-versity of To:ledo, Northern able for $100, and 25 teams igmissioner s office always uses The reporter IS Johnnye DaviS. ing their jobs well. Mic hi ,gan and Eastern Michigan. nocedhim M were n wkn we ruks proven rookie Perhaps not every that limit player freedom They team, but surely some teams ap( the commission's. office) tell us p arently w e r e influenced by that it prevents teams from Mackey's role wlfh the Players stashing players, circumvent i ng Association the player limit." Several months ago it is whisAfter what Garvey calls an "unpered, the Chicago Bears arpleasant conversation" w i t h ranged a deal with the Colts fer Thomas the Colts placed Mackey bim. When he was re-elected on waivers. But the other 25 president -of the Players Assoc ia-teams ignored him. tion the Bears backed out. And by Oct. 8 look for John But a few hours 11fter waivers Mackey to be starting for t he cleared, Willie Wood phoned h i m. Chargers at tight end. That day WoOd, the former Green Bay the Chargers play in Baltimore. Packer safet y man, now is an as l!!istant coach of the Chargers where Harland Svare, the general manager and head coach, has emerged as the warden of pro football s Devil Island. In recent weeks he has welcomed four players unwanted by most NFL teams Duane Thomas Tim Rossovlcll, Dave Costa and now John Mackey. "Joe Thomas was with two ex pansion teams, the Vikings and the Dolphins, before this," ey said. "Handling kids on an ex pansion team is different than handling veterans. ind if Carroll LOUNGE Open Every Day Air Cond. Located: Z A CK STREET PHONE 229-9893 Barkum Puts Bite Into Bark, Bulldogs INIASHVlliLII.IE, Tenn. -Sophomore quarterback Melvin :&arkum engineered Mississippi State to a 10-6 Southeastern Conference football victory over V!!nderbilt Saturday night a s the Bulldogs ended .an 8-game conference los ing streak by surViving a late Commodore charge. Barkum, first black quarter back at State, s cored the Bull d ogs touchdown a three-yard sweep witb less than two minutes remaining in the first haLf, ca-w ing a 412-yard drive launched on Jolin Davis Calhoun's -pass -interception. 'Barkum had fired a 47-yard pass to Bill Buckley at the Com modore 27. to set up Glen Ellis' 4!8-yard field go ai on the second play of _the second period. New Silver Moon, Inc:. 124 NORTH OREGON AVENUE 1 block north of Kennedy Blvd. The best barbecue in town Specializing in Ribs, Chicken and Steaks Also Liquor, Be'er Ind Wille J 'j black brainpower to Pill this shopping center on the map. .: C Progress Plaza in Harrisburg, Pa., was planned to be owned and operatea by blacks, in the black community. It's a dream true for the Leon Sullivan, founder of Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America. And Frank Smith, Jim Grier, Jim Swann and Nick Prim of the people who made It happen. Our 'contribution was Frank Smith, who set up an intensive course in all facets of shopping center development. We've also teamed up with IBM and OIC tQ set up a training center in Harlem. There, young minority people can acquire skills in the computer field With staff and equipment provided by IBM, a $25,000 grant from the S&H Foundatlon and the self-help approach of the OIC, the quest for equal opportunity goes on. Our involvement with minorities is a continuing thing, ranging all the way from giving money to helping people help each other.


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publfslied every Tuet. and Fri. Get Both Edttr...J .... Tu.Sday, October 3, t972 ', FLOODS-ly WILUAM t. IENEL Watt ftaier: 1.1 .Milficm Pad for 5 -NE!W YGRK -Although .the stiFf, .har.d bar.gaining ended -sev r e!lal weeks ago., .it wasn'.t re.v;ealed -until Jast week that Wfilt Fr.azier !bas renegotiated a new iKniok conl mact. ''I don t know if Mr. Jr.ish thinks I'm the best guard in basket t ball.'' -sm i led F.r.azier, "hut he's paying me like I'm the best:" I uish .is the .Knicks' fPr.esident. t o ur. win Weiner, 'Fr.a:zier s busines-s :manager and 1par.tner .in W-alt F.r.azier Enterpr;ses, Walt ts, wlthout questiun, the -highest ,paid guard in .basketbalL 'His cnrttnrct .is hi gher ':than even West:S." Weiner wo.uldn'.t disclose .the exact terms but West is repurte d ly puOing ; in .$600,000 J.or two ye-ars but -the x, 'Who is r,aking i n $L7 : million .for years. Frazier' s contract pt mbably is a !i.ttle o-ver Scott's ..figur.e. "iJust .can .me the .mo.d millionaire," .:Said W,alt, Pennsywania. etr.olt, .Where the .rK'tlicks ;were to : plll y 'the toni'gh t.. I 'N.e'd a urd W,altls 1manager were -talking d>ut I .was not iin <&ny df ;.the megntiations,'' !Holzman :said 1(f .talking 'Con .. ltr. of rftollmm and tC.ents. !If nfllllllgenYent !f eels ; a lDHln !bas 'the 't8te11t tt lnlt !he$ millienail!e, tiB !:bl&finniqg lhi6 silcth I}Jl!O season, tnttS =a !the lhltet fftulhilmll. IJle!s llillro weny tbW on cars "Bntl adbriittetl ill iBrdi lifttiJwe lltlll6 lR6118 Royce lfor 'IDhe m cenJJe lJ}lllte df ouree, Js 'W!JF. 1l1he 'C, df cour11e, ito r (Ql.y.tie, ;his .nWimanre. Sin ere lEm:l lWiomtee 4lll!t!tlfW r:owns <'It !!tolls, .with =a Jicense ,Phlte, ; the !lltm!ting .tl'ra ;a that will tbe : tcQgh 'to hort:s on :the ll!lffilton are making t t big -as ;pro b aske't ball coanhes. Sam w.outd .like to join :Bob Co.uli,Y, !Sill $lmnman, iK c Junes anti. rr-om JHeinsohn on i he ll"Ocad lto ridhe's, i>ut 'the foumer :Gelt lhas a mi-ssion to .arumrnplish .with !the coUtme kiids befor:e fhe can 'think of lining his retkement h o m e wit h the :J}tayfff loot -his former teammates m-e banking. Jones is coach and athletic .di rector at Federal City Colle-ge : in 'ashington, D C., a f o ur-y ear school fully 'Suppol'ted -by tthe fed era! government. !He 1is in his fourth season at the colltme .and has yet to field a .decidedl y strong team. But Sam i :sn't -conC'erned over .the past 8-12, 15-10, and 'Mother '12-.13 dle1fSons. He lis J.pllimarily Jnter.ested in :fO!lte1ling ihe !Spirit df the :for ,Noungsters. ':!?his ;pr.eoaouPiitron ;was :fo-ne.wost lin 'hts ;mind -when JJ-ones oe-pte.tl !'Sn timlitati'on 'fr<.()m TP..art, of tthe :2\lmelliC'll, moniiJ!!Ofit, mmwnUtiaal o l@lni:zoation .dedi oated tto ..a ;,succes!lful -and Amevican in l18 Gounh t ies, IJon-es >elqltairrs. "Jl'h e :basketball ruc:ohange .prQgr.am has .been -suc cessfuL I went to A.SillllbfGTON ;Senior quarterbaek Matthew Reed paS$4 'l!'d .d'i>r 22.1 '!' rds touch ;d' ow.rul at! Guambling crushed :View 86 0 -Saturday ,be ,great .among tthe .!Ud-s iind coach es. I went down there .to work and .that:S what I did. A tv,pical called 'Ior an 8-1.1 a m. ses sion with 'hl,gh setrool ana c'dllege coaches; S'5 p.m. at 1ii.j h .school gyms, and s p :m. wtth e-aa:clfes anti. teams." 10t-e '!0,1.'01 nril"O"'kers at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in 'Wash'ington. i ( Glfllntliiiug:, 2-2, -completety ovet\Whlibned 'thliir Sauthwatielm rivals, holding 1!he Pan ithe rs to minus fS3 yards on i:ifte!liHl. Pllllil\ ie Wew iffinF!Jlrell. the .gal$ -wll!h tt h nee, first dloWIU\, 23 yards passi:pg, and minus JI.06 rushing. t lReed, higli1y tolile d !'88 a .pro !Prospect, contpleted tll1 .11f 19 1Pal'ltfe't!. J.H-e :fired touchdowns of m., 17 -and /l7 yardi!, two to -split end Ohanles 'Smith .and :the other to reserve -wide receiver Sammy :WJ:igtht. S.,ers 1V NE. W YORK Gale Sayers and Tucker FrederiCkson, t:twn !fermer lNtttional ltl'.ootb'all Lie11gue run !liing tiMlcks, have sigzmd '-Y.Iith the CBS Television Network a!l .analsts for ,this .aeason: s .NFL ,games, _the network -announced iFriilay. : J 'Both Sizyers -and IF rederudkson were 'No. 1 tir-tif.t choices in 'the '1965 C Olli!ge fu'ltft 11nii both rre tired 'this -season -after .extensive knee injuries. PLEASE A T .helie are scores of c'liilBreri in -!f'Juiitla who hav,e .no moms .ftnd -d'aik. 'f ihey're foster .ohilBr.:.en. U'iley -don't -belong an;ywheFe ito permanent parentt-8, 1ro 'Phrce ;lo ,iheir own. (8lltld T'he ate About lhtt a chiUl _troUld fu'6lol\g to 'fOU. t' s to 'B.dqpt ttUW--lJlO no !lun:g wait fl ou ihave fo i1e iiuh or a .:ho:me 1Jl' .ev;en aurve 'QlOUT -OWJl trrnity. 1dl youtve tmtUy got 1o do is !love a chilli. fcmifly


\ T'uesday, October 3', 1'972" Fla-. SenthteMtulfeiin, PuMbhecl 'Fues-. aond P::rf.. Get Be&. 81' 1M RAYING T'H AT A 11 fAMU 'D.AJ,..L;.All:DSIS!S!ElE.. -F amv' s; Big_ Jim Wiliiam& is look dng, one-game. aJ:Iaad : N o molltf' aad. no less. Enthusiastic about his und.e.ndbg Rattl&nff off the ninth-rated West Carolin a. team 21q q in1 a 1 thn:iller Satm;da y night, Jim still is wonri&dJ aboull Alal)ama State in 1fii e. 5a.tur:d11 y.. "You have to play them, oa.e at a> time>," B i g J4m toltl & Senr tine! reiPOMier Sunday morni no$ "l:i\fwyb'e they wer-e lbGking.-ahead of.' us and got kins any team in tJ\eo S.J!AiC!: a an J:)ecat you on a given da\Y and' i 's "var.y ; VE!ilY dy mor-e than one g,ame a t a-tim&."' 'llhe Rattlers will go into 1Jhe-g a:me. at I M : ontgomer.Y.'s eramptoll! Stadium slight favorites, but Jliin 1 dil!r oounlls. this .nole. "W.&/11, be-p11eparedi foil' aren't g.oing im. '\\\elll-b out to win. a ndt cip-atoe-a halldl.foughll he said "FlORIDA A&M LATE TD liiPS WESTERN WOliNA, 21-11 -I'n the b-Mkg.Found the :toar from eAtJhuse d funs. :titom, couii:F Be hear.dl. Chaerl$s I. J'!Jnfj;; Timotlhy 'Jlhomas. and J'Ohlll llimr iel' lend1ng th-eir s.uppont tO' 1ille-dtctums of l th.a fabl'Ele in the lasb17 'Pitem;i>S sa-iil l he. was sti-ll t.I>ying to recevett: "E..\lsny_body.. w.as-standin-g ih the s.tadli.im when the last. TID waS> s211-t tt.:S-0 Punts -t:-3!J:' Fumbles-lost 3 l P'enaltfts-yards. 88 40 'IALLAHASSE:E li"l o r i d A&M: q}larterback H ult hurled' a 13-yar.d:. touc,hdbwn 17as to split end Eiidie Lingo wilil 17 .se_conds tD play Saturd'a nigli i g-iving, the Rattlers a comefrombehind 2-I-17 victory over West:oern Canolina. I:.ingp, leapeD. high. into the air in front oti the Wes.te&n Carolina goal post to snag the aeniat amiil a swamn. of Catamount def'en.ders. Rattler linebacker-Wa\)r.ne: Cbililens sec UD-thewinrunsscor& when be n aaad: into tbE!l Cat b'ackfielrl and batted! dowm a. punt with. seaond& left. ta. R'attle11 ltnelllackw Wa)tne-Simli pounced GilJ t:be foosl! fuill: at West. t:rn Carolina.'s. 28-}land line .. The defe:at wai!. tile fii:st for 'Wes.term Ca-colina, naw 3 1, which bad hem rate-d: ninth. in 'the; MIi'l!ess. smaliJ colle-pfoot-ball polL Florida k<\1MI is now 1' 11 arrd l tnis marked t.i\e first v jctory for new Coach Jim Williams : Mistakes crippled the error prone Catamounts-as Western Carolina lost thre'e> fumbi'esand had a p118$ int'erceyted Western. C::::llrolini was dt.ll'm, 14'-7, at' halftimebut fuught-back to take a 17'1:4 lead in th& final quart-er Cat fullback David' Hacket!fr, who scored' tw.i.ca, burst; over from the eight-yard' line for -the tying touchdown in the thitd p.e. riod. He also scored on a one.. y ,a-rd: ill! the, Western G:anolina pl'ace kiekell' 42yard fie .Jd; into. a bllisk to. the Cats. a 17 :1-tl fead' thall heidl until the> finaL seconds HoJt-&< in both: e.rurltattlinr sc011es, sweegilli) his. r.igjili enm on: an. eigfl keep en fin r FA\MJI!I' s; finst touchdll:ivn-, an dl a to llimlt' $ N'a1: numb61:>' of 'll&m.poos wJt!ll ab-116-ndedl 1Jh 8> ftn:-bhll! SJloC_ ond stn-aig.lltl I:tr Y OUi fue l! gQQQI w.hyjJb )\O.lb SEta lij} :fG!ks, fur Y.0\4 Jlirm sWed!. "Iii llb gi}ld We Will.l'\:. lilt-th.ftllll dQOOl.: Lacoochee Slrn mecS; aJT. Mro. Mtoniab; B:aWrlst ll:una.fu beg( cbuooifi City '.llhe: Bastov-i&. asking all. m:emb:em ooop.erat;e. on th.e thind iit bl:iis mon -th a t wJiiclJ. time we> b.e obsenv.i:n:g; our b.l.ll!lllin& i!ooemony. B liE King and: CGn'@l fii,il tion w;ill.l r:en:d.e:l." senvice with. us, oru that l:f E.lya .,..., 1R!ev.: !L.. Waddell, p asto.r and IMJrs-. Daisy S : bory,, a -gent and regorter. .A. llllJSt SUC Ces......r:ut tullD.OOb of lilac-& atr t he; Icu:g .es.t poill r i : e .al :rally ilL thAf dty.'s lrisroey waJS illeldl 'Ibunsdmy: e'leomg at the Statte's ll'3i1.1mer-s. M i:n.'ket .. Through 1Jiie e-flfurtsofJ Mli8s ililiv.elY.n Williams-andJ Jolmita> tEI;u nteu, seme 8()0 bburlfs-were among an:. estimated' arowdl of 5\lOOO peuplB. IE'veFyene-wa.s en.te.rrtafue4 by Mr. Willie Thomas, Jln. worwer wlto turned out .a healUti ful fish supper. Aomong tli.e politica-l figures Wel'e EUsworth Simmons, Ifulreru e'arltow, iJ.ll'on Kilgore and Geor.ge S'l\eltl.on. Allen Cha1pel A 'M. IE. Oh.urch began, at 111. a.m. with botli choirs serving in an. effilrt 'to strengtJI'len the A.IM.IE'. Obmah forty. da.y fast. O r d : e.r of ser vice was c-arried out by the -pasw .ani!L visiting, m>iillili.be us, Rev. IIi.. H. S;),;kes,. and Rev.. Williams of Na;p1e8). SeJ:mon was delivelledi hy the past.oJ:, IR.e.v. iR. W Wotomaclt, Amon.a:. the visitors was the s-ister oJi IM.lls. IF'annie M. w.hose Sewa.ndess Boa.!:dl-was 11erving fun the> month. Mlls. Gl ad.y s : 5imunons1 hus-band: and son, of Ohio, had a rather AI shoJ:t vi-sit h-e e bu.t a ver>y inFamu21, Wes.t Carolina, i7 spka.tion.a f visit. A:Ja,. A & .M 41., Bethune 22' S-i:-stten-El'Daneea B .e.l},, on:e of! .1\lhany Str. w.;. 'llilske.g;ee 10 th.e oldest me-mb.ers off the Allen tty. Hamptoll< OJ 1c:ha pel: .A. Ml. :m is i n; B 'isk 231, Sru'l!aruurh St. 1-ti Sou-tJh Fillmdla B:lllptist lilns 36'1 PraiJJie View Cl p1.taJ. tim :pnaeDS; ot .Jac .ltson 28', Ke.ntuc.ky. st. 14 aid! Jttts!Ji:a ns. tha t hex h-ea>lth :rc N.h &, 1l 23, J... s.itlt l2 &nd s.tnen_gth. be. N Centval 29-, Morg;an 7 'Ilhe Soc1al _CLub IM.ets, 'Iena:. 38, Sou.thetll> 15 &\Hmy ii11s,t and! thtrdl. va... \J.niou. 13 s. Sta.te> 6 night. IEollts a.11e. b.eing, Ill.aCfu wiwi-.SalO:: .st. 14 now to _sponsor, their second an Central St. (Okla.) 21 Langston nual I:.I!ttle 'MiB3' 1illta-ck IP1ant 14 C itY : Mrs. Jo Ann Brown is the Ark. AM. & N 22, Central Sit. ipi'esqtfent. 131 .Ali' news of' the city lie Bisliop 28) Mclllut1ny, ollege-22 reported to Mis1t Evel!yn Willia;ms J''US!it IPI\on-e 7152'--1121!11. IKerfW an eyeo n th-e colum:R fur upcoming ev'ents andl 1 fta ,ppen-ings._ There's an old Chinese proverb. iS veliy true>: YOiio can't kinvnecsa> witho11t a; rll'wa;I'd; !Not in silv-er nor goldl, but in the joy from the Lord' fn sahoolJJ and' ho.spit:als and! act:iv.e d.'isplaars at: the FedlmalJ 0!fice 508> Zan stneet and ab Wel!lr S.&ene-Sb.ap_ping Ritz Aclalt Theatre .., ... llesi in :r Ratecl rdms m cool r:omlildallle IUIIMIIiap ,._ 2._,1371 15111 _. ... ... II 1'1E11 THE NOONER "181 WOULDII'T TIICII A Dllfi UITIL AFTD 12." Aut HIGH "'rriE IIIIBEI DE lmEB. Yaurs, t wttake.nd. lerl him B.a.R fa.r a bniftf. witJh sru:ne old kiends. ''BOO,'liSIE, : a. reg,ular on ab the; P.Ql,>Ular bar, was baMing a few w;th one. o( hi;s l/!llltnecs, TO..M LLOl:D'. LJ!.QYD the. author tha.t he. is. a b:eqJJ.ent li.eadllr o1 TN.B a.n d lo _Qks (o.o.warrd to te.ading it e .very w.e.ek.. He. as.ke.d' :tOUI:ll -trul:f to iniorm the publie that he''s social L i'zii'lg, with the same mall that broke him a few :years agu!!{ ean-imagine. Al!io-on th& cas& wett& a ooup-lti oo weU !mown whO> h:a;\le been biamedi fur the shu&t'age. OI'J) ll!'a.viSI Ililan .d', Bqr, Nli:.k aadi Bigr Allat.. Dl has; beem s-aiJ:il tl:i.at with these two young men-lkvill! the! Belmmrit aue.e, it c .auseJ>; to. tilt!. 'Illie fo_e&;_ c ausihi( the water le,vQl: to risel ill! thiS! anea and le.a.vinfl.l a on tb&.: ll!l.andi w.ith. tllis w .as. the coma.diaru Q{f R 'ARAI!H:SE: B>&R, Ml!.:n WU!.I>MMS; .Ill! ami his sid& kic.k WH!.Il.lllt G'&JJEN. 'lthe; w .alll s:tr.ee.t-busine.s .sman and! o.w.nen-oft' th.e ll!B!E'.&M! B.A!R i Qu.li. off tp ,\\Uh fQJ:: a w.eeks ccmliu.cing; up: materials, to_ his; business. WJl..UMS' o _hb.er hail iSJ runnina; th& show fo_ n ll.Q. w andi dD.i.nfl.l a. beaut:i.CW job 'hiS' was; no dl.ifin' enb. 'Ilhe: Ja* hll\15 W.IIBi .i:am. J?aakBeliiml\ 1lhe, ban p ushing tile bre\\11 and! suds: were-Cltar.llil barmaids Sl 111 e and co .ursec, Y'edia Meray SO.me: of( tha folks on' .the case were t.i\e lovely P.aura BY.rd, fol111\el'ly bar.maid for LTIOO) BoA R. Tli& lo v.el lass, in fermed this; . Sheis on hell wa' y tQ and. be1te.J: thi.iJy. .&ll!o on th& case; enJLOOU, w.ho, is a.ss.ocriated with the-G>lden Hawks over on 29th St. He. infme.d tbis Cotner tl'lat he: found l:iis cat that w.as s.toren about three montlis agp. The yo.ung, lad: was at. the D.RE'AM The C'olleg:e HiU Chu1>eh of t;'odl Iru and llll4l'l'S; will served; Tuesday night, Re.". F. G. Hilton of St. John Progr-es e:we< C&UND: will se.l!v:e: andl the YPWW! will. bel in Werl n.esay.. Jtie'htr, 11,, H.a>Jtt of HainesCi -ty Chuooh ;Christ will serve and the S. S. dept., Jile llt '.Fl'IUl!S day n.iglltt, Jlllder W G .. of St. Petersburg Queens Church of God In. Christ will serve and the Missionary Dept., will be in charge, and Friday night, Mr. Randolph Johnson will render a musical program. The public is invited to join us in our annual appreciation serOrlando The Busy Bee Club will spon sor an [ ,ce Cream Social Sunday at the home of 1Mrs. 01-audia Mote, 81J5 W. Anderson St. from 2 to I. 'Ilhe !PUblic is invited. lulda llakel1 pres. -' !Mrs. Nettre Johnson, rept. TAMPA'S. NIGHT BEAT it BAR. atin8i, FEA.CHES" the se.xiest b an p:Jaid i111 town aske:d: yours_ to. inform anY,; cont1aetl ed. air 566 E J.I!.J:tances, Apt. 3\, The B ahangedl to 'NAT AN> The> cllang& was bno _ught::: abJmj) by the-n8WJ manag_-en; 'Jlh& namB is: n.o.ll tli.e thin!f that. bas; heen a.hani1idl. iS; al5o lliv.e: en tantaiooumt andi y.ou c _an a>lS!ll se.e theJatesi ot the: tim fi@lr:i. Sue.b: fighta as. PA 1!'tESQl)), hi.a e.l!Own, .ro& L.Q.\116 g.r:ea figpt.s and manM, manM-obhens.. ChM:k. it 1 Y-'Ollll is, lowlu "Bt>l'lll'liBl.!' .A.t qt :y.GI:l! c.an find '-''Jl.EMLJ i." belrindJ the, b .att do ing hi s, thing. lftMtPlllON aJao informed this corner that he has o.ndeted-Ill b.a.t.h, o tbe, s ;we.&taaJ; looking, Girls. e..v.er. tQ bit 'IlamWl:-Some. o.f, thefolks on the case-' o:v.er the. weekend we r e FtaD.es Jones, Lllra .f.oneS:, LJDJfa MAuUb& Wllne Mae. Davill., Jolm Da.\lis, E'ssie Mae. WilUam.s May IDiom, lternard' Young: an11' Jim Scuuy with his wh it:oe Sttngray wl'lich h:e c allssii'ver Miss Audrey Carterand. her lovely side lciclil', LoreK.a-gra<:ed the> l'ast week 1 end' while theband played. on. Jl>MM !PE HKKS:, for the soulful SJ:l'Ot, asked this. corner to inform the brothers. that the lov.e ly Miss Witlieuspoon i on the case doing h el' thingbehind the -bar. Wlll.SO_N, manage. n f o r the; IN>'Flll.BlN AoTI.QlN M!. Sli'OO..TS. MAIN;'$ LQUNGE: ov.er on Main is stil h doin{g greatr won ders. Assistant_ Mauagen C. 11'. was, pushin& the s.uJ}s. last Suruia w nigpt. w.hile. w ai.ting f9r tire: allrni:g}iltets to. arri\te. Yours ena;a.g.e.d bimse1f in. a deep con.v.ensati.Qll with, the great and 'w.is. e M.QS.ES. WHITE. Needless to I a. lot .. Sume of the oiler soul folks on the case were : "lap." and .fo A:nn. Armstrong, Lola. (JUg, Sylvia Spencer, Enlyn A:ll'en 11'erelt Dennard, .. JOyce' ',. EJJ!;!n Miilcey, Dav,id Wtfgltt, eorn Bread' Adnie Joe Smith and-the loveliest with. the. prettiest smile in th house WiiHam.s. truly talked brieRy wi t h thelovely-owner of th& A E L0l.J'NGIE, MRS:. SPit MAN, abeut heP" seulful elub. Slie infurmedl tflis aomer tkab sheo gets p.w:e> p)e.Mlll!& out of pre,viding &Qnut of the-nic..e (o.r ker brothers. and sisters.. Some o f tbe brothersand' sisten on the c-ase tlieo weekend! wene-: Jl'Qkrl Bak.et BHb. awl: f>-e.aib:.ll'" Peache.a in(o.rmed this corner that he. wi]). returning te. the ri& d,()) his thing). Also on the case. w.as Tamp;j. s own "lial!Ql Swift" along with ('ai!Qiy,a. Marion MIJ ler lbew!ll aJMI Sweet Pl!iscilla They a big w.eekend at t.be mtt str:rth;g Fnicil.a;y and\ Y,OI.WS doesn t Y IS DE.AD, YOl!Ji wAN111 m u A .Jit1mWFREDD-'Y IS DEAD.


October 3, 1972 -FUNERAL :"OTICES I Lily White Society I .... BERNES, MR. AJ\1.l'ONIO ...;. Ff. nal trillute for the late Mt An tonio "Anthony Sastre" Bern:es of 4007 22nd Street, who passed away Sept. 29, will be ,: held Wednesday, 4 p.m. from Pughs ley Cathedral with Laur enee officiating Inter ment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. A life-long resident of Tampa, Mr. Bernes was a nrem_ber of the El Marti Maceo Cfub. Survivors include a brother; Mr. Louis Sastre, Tampa; a sister, Mr's. Mercede Gonzalez, Havana, Cuba ; 2 nephews, Louis Sastre, 'Jr., Mr. Manuel Alfonso and wife; 6 nieces, Mrs. Sinesia and busbancJ, Sonia V;ddes and busb!lnd, Mrs. Oldulia Williams, .Mrs. Liseta Ayala and husbamJ, M.rs Amy Gonzalez and husband, Mrs. Martha Sastre, Debby Ann Sastre; 3 grandnieces, Mrs. Nydia 'Ayala, Mrs. Lilian Alfonso, Miss Sandra Valdes, 5 grand nephew!ll, Mr. Armando Valdes of New -York; Mr. Vicente Lopez, Jr., Mr. Clarence Williams, Joseph Will, lams and Anthony Williams, and : sorrowing friend,.. The will lie in state at Pughsley Ca 'thedral for visitation of friends after 5 p.m. (Tuesday) today, until hour of funeral service. The Rosary will be said 8 p.m. to night at the funeral honie chapel. The cortege wiD leave from 19M E. North Bay. PUGiiSLEY FU NERAL HOME in charge. BRYANT, MR. ERNEST L.Fu Qeral services for Mr. Ernest L. Bryant of 1507 Nas!iaU Street will be conducted Tuesday afternoon (_today) at 1:QO p.m. from the chapel of the RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME with the ReY. Howard W. Storr, pastor of the N e w Salem M.B. Church, officiat Ing. E n tombment will follow in Shady Gr ove Cemetery. A native of Camilla, Georgia, Mr. Bryant bad resided in Tampa for a num b e r of years. He was a membt>r of the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church. He leave s to mou::n his passing 2 devoted daughters, .Mrs. Charlie Mae Da vis and husband, Frank. of Tam. pa, and Mrs. Viola Frazier and busband, Jessie of Albany, Geo-gia; a beloved sister, Mrs. Au n : e Ruth Daniels of Arlington, Ga.; a granddaughter, Miss Geneva Strum; 4 grandsons, Mr. Jessie Strum, Jr. and wife, Ruby of Albany, Ga., Mr. John Arthur Jackson, Mr. Nehemiah Bryant,. and Mr. Joseph Gurvin; 5 great gtandchildren, 4 nephews, grantl nephews and a host of other sor rowing relatives and The funeral cortege will form at 1714 {'ass Street. The REMAINS WILL NOT BE VIEWED. Arrangements by BRYANT & WILLIAMS (Ray Williams Funeral Home). HOUSER, MRS. MATTIE BELL-Funeral services for Mrs. Mattie Bell Houser of 2913 28th Avenue, whl? passed away in a local hos pital, will be held Thursday at 3:00 p .m. at Wilson Funeral Chap el wlth Rev. Bernard Milton Jones, officiating. Interm!'!nt will be in Shady Grove Cemete1y. Survivors are: busband, Mr. Eu DEATHS 1iene B. HQuser; 4 daughters, The funeral arrangements Mi:s : : Sandra B. Debost and hu!;.are incoinplete for iMis. 1 Minnie l\'lr. Johnny Debost, Mrs. .Bing, a member of Lily White Emma Jean Houser and husband, Lodge No. 14 of Arcadia. Rev RUdolph ; Mrs. Matilda E. Ken-Bossy Watson will represent the no and Mr. Ralph Ken-grand a s sembly. no and Mrs. Margarite Weldon The funeral of Mrs. Lucinda and husband, Mr. James Weldon Gooden, member of Lily White of Newark, N.J.; 4 sons, i\'h-. !Lodge No .21H, will he. held at Winifred L. Harris, Mr. Charles Zion Baptist O !wrch. of Harris; Jr., and wife, Mrs; Loui;;e !Orlando ,Mrs. Viola Pctm,son Harris, Mr Willie Harrjs :1nd will represent the -gtand as wife, l\'lrs. Mildred. Harris and semibly. Mr George R. Harris and wife, The funeral of Mrs. Holt a Mrs. Wametta Harris of Wyanmemher of Li1y White Lodge dach, Long Island, i 'i.Y.; 2J grandNo. 7 :1, will be held Sunday at chjld1en; 2 brothers, Mr. Gns the Holiness Church on Hicks Thompson and wife : Mrs. Mary Ave. in Sanford. Mr. Joe John Thompson and Mr. Willie Thompson wilt' the 'gralid son; a sister; Mrs. Julia Mae Tres assembly. Tlle funeral of Mr. Norman .sley; 10 nieces and nephews andother sorrowing relatives and .frien_ds. A native of Anderson, S. C., Mrs. Houser had resided .here for the past 52 years. She .was formerly a resident of the Robles .Pond Community. The re mains will repose after 4:00 p.m. Wednesday at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Thursday. "A WILSON SERVICE." chado Street, Apt. 1, who passed in a local hospital, will be sent to Pelham, Georgia, in of RQbert Stephens Funerai Home, where funeral services and interment will be held. Survivors are: wlfe, Mrs. Mary Williams; sons, Mr. l{enry Lewis Williams, Jr., Mr. Bernard Williams and Melvin Williams; a daughter, Ida Wil-Harris, a member of Lily Wh:ta 28th Ave [., 0dge No. 3, of Tampa, wiil Henry LeWis Williams; Sr., be held Tuesday (today) from 3219 Machado St., A<>t. 1. the Twentieth Street Church of Mrs. Sallie Nance, 2225 18th;/, Chir_st of Sa 'nt Ave. / The claim was pai d Monday nlg!'!t Mr. Steven Stanton, 2707 :E.: at the Memoria} servic. e hy Mrs Palifox. JEura Lee Adams. Mrs. Beulah Ann Wilson Lewi!J. The funeral of Mrs lvra Ford, 2016 2 4 th Ave. a member of Lily White Lodge FRANKLIN l' UNER.\L No. 2!JI6, was )leld at Mou n t .Mr. Troy A King,:. SQ:i l hawk Ave. _' : <\ :' : : 1 P e11s_ant Churc t h of God By Faith of waverly. Mr. Will .Jackson: l\'lr. Clarence Eiablo,: Rt. lj 'lt ,Pre _sented the d assemhly. Box 126, Seffner : c Infant Girl Samuels, 31'9 GJadys l The funeral of Mrs Annie K St Butts, a mem!ber of Lily Wnite !Lodge No. 1124, was held Sunday St. at Folton, Miss., The claim was Mr. Le ster -Oates, 409 E. Oak. ipa:a _pist. La;ymen Or g auizat: on will have their second. annual inspirational program on Sunday at 7:.00 at BetJhel A:Mi E Church, 10>112 Laurel St. Rev. -F. L. Gil>lia n s AU choirs from the v arious churches on HARRIS -Funeral 'services for Mr. Norman HarriS, 2255 Queen Street South, who passed awny Thursday, will be held Tuesday, October 3, 1972 4:0(1 p.m. at Twentieth Street Church of Christ, with Brother Robert of fieiating. Mr. Harris, a native of Tampa, moved to St. Petersburg 22 years ago. He is survived by bis wif-e, Mrs. Eva L. Harris, St Petersburg; a son, Norman Jr. and his wife, Claudia Harris; 2 grandchildren; grandmother,. Mrs. ,; Gussie Bailey; one aunt, Mrs. Virgil Tyler, all of Tampa; a fos ter daughter, Miss Angelo Palico, New York City; 2 sisters, moth er-in-law, Mrs. Hattie Benyar'd, father-in-Jaw, Frank Benyard; 5 brothers-in-law ....and their wives and relatives. Friends called 11t the funeral home after_ 2:00 p.m. Monday and at the church from 1:30 t'> flineral time Tuesday (today), THERE WAS VIEWING OF :REJ\'lAISS FOLLOWING SERVICES: CREAr, FUNERAL HOME. Phone .896 2603. WILLIAMS, MR. HENRY LEWIS, SR ...;.. The remain-s of Mr. Henry Lewis Williams, Sr. of 3279 Ma TAMPA In loving memory of my mother, Mrs. Victoria C. Bradley who fell October 3, 1971. --Greatly missed by daughter, Jannie Bell Banks, brother, Sam Cal!-e, sister, Amanda Felton, cousins, nephews and nieces. MEMORIAM MEMORIAM TAMPA -In memory of Thomas J. Pa.well who depart ed this life three years ago to day. To have, to love ant!then to partis the greatest sai:row of ones heart. As time goes by mem ories stay as nea r and dear as yesterday. Sadly missed by your wife, Bet. tie Powelt; children and grand children. MEMORIAM tt:e Tampa Dist. will render t h e mus ic A very gOod program hal'! been planQed for your enjoyment l Tne publi-c is invited. Mrs Reat'ha Williams, reporter and Mr. Benny Favors, president. STATEMENT OF OWNJi,:RSHIP; MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION 1. Tille of Publication: FLOR IDA SENTINEL BULLETIN 2. Date of Filing, Oct. 3, 3. Frequency of issue: Semi weekly. 4. Location of known office of publication: .2201 21st Avenue, Tampa, Fla., HHisborough 33601. 5. Location of the headqllarters or general business officf"of the 2207 21st Avenue Tampa,, Florida. 6. Names and ac!-dresses of publisher, editor and managing editor: C. Blythe Andrews, 2207 21st Avenue, Tampa, Fla. Editor: C. Blythe Andrews, Jr., %207 21st Avenue, Tampa, Fla. 7. Owner: C. Blythe Andrews, 2207 21st Avenue, Tampa, Fla. Mrs. J. B. Andrews, 23rd A venue, Tampa, Fla. C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 2207 21st Avenue, TaJllpa, Fla. Dr. w. W. Andrews, 3105 %2nd Street, Tampa, Fla. 11. Known bondholders, gagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of bond's, mortgages or other. securities: Co lumbia Bank of Ybor City, Tampa, Sam Haimovitz, 11. Extent and nature of cir cula tion: A. Tatal No. copies printed (n .et press run) Average No. copies each iss'!!:_ during preceding months Actual Number ol copies or single issue published nearest to filing date .. B. Paid Circulation 1. Sales through dealers anti tarriers, street vendors and coun ter sales: Avg. No. Artual No. -UNCLE SANDY -SAYS TAMPA -In memory of my husband, Mr. William Powell who passed four years ago, Sept. 29; 1968. Sadly missed b y your 2. Mall subscriptions Avg. No. Actual No. .. C. Total paid ctrcidation Avg. 35,60. To believe w ith certainty 8 8 ,55. w e must begin_ b y d o ubt big. J.0,20. TAMP A -In memory of our dear mother, Mrs. Aicinda Simmons, who passed Oct. 4, 1968. Four years ago she was a noble mother loved by all. Sadly missed by your dart ghter, Mrs. Katie Williams, Swi nton and hu s bad, Mrl Will ; Swinton; Mr. Charlie Y oung, a dear friend, and family and friends. Mrs. Lula Mae Powell and Fam ily. CARD OF THANKS CLEWISTON The family of the late Mr. Charlie Jones of Bir mingham, Ala. take : this method to express our sincere thanks and deepe s t appreciation during our bereavement to our friends in Clewiston for your prayers, cards, cash, ... _and aU a c.ts of. sympathy' }it tlie Loss .of our Iovett' hile!: May God ble:>s each of you. Signed: Jones, Ziegler, Henl'J' and Frazier Families. No. Actual No. D. Free Distribut!on: Avg. No. Actual No. 2. Copies distributed to news agents, but not sold: Avg. No. Actual No. E. Total Distribution (sum of C and D) Avg. No. Actual No. F. Office use, left over, unac counted spoiled after printing: Average No. Actual No. G. Total Avg, No. Actual No. I certify the stateme nts made by me above are correct and compl e te. lsi C. Blythe Andrews


October 3, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin PuLlished eiery and Fri. Cet Both EdHions BUSIRESS 10 CREDIT?? EMPLOYMENT MUPOWEB IS BIBIIC FOB WE GROCERY STORE FOR SALE MEAT, BEER, good profit, rea 10n for selling, language bar rier. 3717 N. Central Ave. in front of Robles Park Projects FOB SALE BARBER SHOP FOR SALE Because of credit problems or tlown 100% financing available Let us hel)f you CALL OR COME .IN NOW JOBS EVERYDAY. Work the Call 2211-9901 after 2 P. M. MAKE OFFER. Due to be movt>d because of Urban Renewal. West Tampa area. 2211 N. AI bany Avenue. 223-2894. days you want. Daily cash, VACANT Cash bonuses. $l.60 per hour 13 BEDROOM block home. WallFOR BENT SDK RAY MOTORS: and up, M;onday thru Friday. to-wall carpet, large shady lot. Apply 6 a.in. to 9 a.m. ARTHUR A. EVANS, REALTOR 1 BEDROOM FURNISHED apart ment all el'ectric kitchen, air conditioned. I & M APTS., 1002 Lemon St 258-5151. MANPOWER, _IMC. 253-3054 6300 FLORIDA AVE. 232-4891 416 W KENNEDY BLVD. WANT A NEW HOME? Across from University of Tampa tzoo DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. Call EMPLOYMENT KUBSES AND-AIDES WORKING TOGETHER for Pro fessional recognition and fair wages. Call A NA 236-5933 or tsl,:i886. : .. ':-, -DAY OR NIGHT SHIFT STEADY ')VORK, regular raises. Shrimp peel ers, packers and JabOrers. Must b r ing So cial Se curit y c a r d. If under 21 must bring b irth certificate. Apply 9 A.M. to l P.M. Monday thru Thursday. 9 A. M. to 12 P.M. Frillay SINGLETON PACKING CORP. 50th St. and U ceta Road N o e x peri e nce neces sary. Equal Opportunity Employer MEN OR WOl\IEN SALES COUNSEL lF YOU HAVE a desire and ability to work with people we will train you to earn a 5 figare in come. .In a and exciting field with dignity and prestige. No age limit, no ex perience. The only qualifications are hard work and a desire to lie successful. For personal interview call Mr. Floyd or Mr. Dale, 8 7 9-'120. Equal Opportunity Employer JOBS NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED EARN WHILE YOU LEARN FOB MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST EXECUTiVE' 'sECRETARY .. WOMER CLERK TYPIST !. ,ABC SHORTHAND KEY PUNCH AND NURSES AIDE. CALL TAMP.A BUSINESS MEDiCAL CENTER. 223;.3648. rOB SALE .. 'sse noWN MODERN CE!\I{l!:Nl' BLOCK 3 'CARPET, lltoft,1 refrigerator. $10,650 P. & 1. $70.54 for 360 months at 7% mortpp. .bpN TAAlFE BROKER 872-2729 or Ut:-142! ; LIS11NGS NEEDED. VACANT BAVE SEVERAL NEwt Y recoil diUoned homes In Piogreu VB lage. $110 deu. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Pboae 988-l!U 7838 North 4oth Street Open Saiufclay : ancl Suncby I'LL HELP YOU!! .. NO CREDIT? --. SUKEY CREDIT? ABE YOU LIW 011 DOD PA YMERT? CALL IIOW. BILL-BROWN AUTO SALES 3800 nA. AVE.' .'1841110.* TOWNHOUSEIWHYRENTI Ga4e 'WATERS AVt. s II 11QMl$ AVf:.. z < "' J:!illS_BOROUGil AVF:. 1885() dQYm. S48 mo payments or $184lnc!ud!na and Homeowner's Assoo, Membership. ANNUAL Equal Opportunity Development Corp. Call zm-3201. FOB SALE Executive Riverfront 2 Story Deluxe Home 3 bedrooms 3 baths, fully carpe ted and drap, ed. Full kitc hen -Complete inside Washer-Dry _er room. gaine room ; Covered Boat Thick, 2 Car Ga rage with remote doors Com Plete system. Lots I More. RIYEiUiR01i: AREA SEE BY APPT:. OILY PHONE Buy From Rorida Sentinel Advertisers FOR RENT Clean Painted Houses Phone 251-1645 1 BEDROOM FURNISHED apart ment. 1 2th Ave. All tric kitchen. 258-5151. BUSiifESS AVAILABLE AT TAMPA PABK SHO-PPIN G 'CENTER Nebraska at Scoll .For REASOH _ABLE BATES PHOHE: 229-1845 H your family of four lives on less -than .$140 a week before taxes, we -.. can put you In a three bedroom hop1e for just $100 down and as little as $86 a month: WOOD VALLEY EAST. OF US. 19 lt.r CCWHJIAN ROAD Cal 726-4769 for details 4 ta.ES WEST OF DALE MABRY ON HLLSBOROUGH Cal884-8000 for detaUs til by LaMonte-Sbimberg Corporation _, P'HA 235 financtna : UOO down. plus $100 prepaid Items. Monthly pay ment (inoludi(\11 IntentS\ tues and lnsyrance) 'bued on 360 at'8" annual Inter-. PACE TWENTY-THREE PUBLIC 'IIIVICE AUTO HOME LIFE FAST CLAIM SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORDS. -INSURANCE HAMILTON AGENCY 1720 North Nebraska Avenue PHONE 229-1879 AUTO IHSUBANCE IMMEDIATE COVERAGE Ar A COST TIH.T CORRESPONDS TO YOUR DRIVIN G HISTORY. JACK BERRY 626,;6194 AUTO INSURANCE -A. F. KILBRIDE INS. Before and after an a c cident 1201 MARION STREET PHONE 223-5531 4-CUT RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TRADING POST' NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS, CLOSED ALL DAY WED. Open Mon. Thru Sat. 8 6 3822 E. B WAY. Ph. 243-2411 GOT CAR TROUBLES? TRANSMISSION *OVERHAUL *GEN. CAR REPAIRS BY EXPERTS CALL 248.-6532 RAY'S GARAGE 3007 34th STREET TAMPA FUNERAL DmECTORS WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET "Our Business Is Servi ce" Phones: 248-6125 245-2032 PUGBSLEY FUNERAL ROME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired. Phones: 247-3151 or 247-3152 ROCiERS FOREUL'BOME Phpne 4605 34th Streel or 258-0764 LADY ATTENDANT "WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS." SEII111EL. WAD _ADS DD


) PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Fla. Senillnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt, Get Both EditionJ Tuesday, Oetober 3, 1972 ---------------------------------------------------------Double duty bargain! Good-looking 74'12" sofa with wood f inish legs opens to a big regular size bed, $189.95 A pretty and practical 7-PC dinette with walnut grain plastic top table and 6 c ath_edral style chairs, $99.95 SHOCKERS! Mallresses or Box Springs TWIN OR FULL SIZE I I $29.95 Deluxe quality at unseasonably low ..II!.prices! These bedl!1ng sets assure you of long-term plus firm support. QUEEN SIZE KING SIZE BEDDING SETS BEDDUIG SETS j FOR EVERY CREATIVE HOMEMAKER! For the 'I'd rather make it myself" person, a sewing machine and cabinet to help you make it right! Zigzag, nov elty stitches. FREE SERVICES, TOO! INTERIOR DECORAT OR ASSISTANCE, DELIVERY, MUCH MORE! SUPERBLY DETAILED BEDROOM You'll bring the best of Mediterranean to your bed room with this dramatic 4-pc, group that hands11me carved effects. The suite includes triple dresser, vertical mirror, 5-dr, chest and chairback head board, $249.95 CUSHIONY AND COMFORTABLE No living room could be more inviting than the one that features this 80" sofa and matching chair, All over biscuit tufting and a rms that curve gently ou(. ward promise relaxation, while ball c asters add style and $16995 J. $19995 J, 'z:S == $149.95 '-""=..,::,= IWWAI We'll Arrange Personalized Budget Terms! ALL IJ1EMS SIMILAR TO ILLUSTRATION 1324 E. 7th AVENUE 247-4711 A "Bumper Crop" of new fall furni lure fashions priced now al ing" savings! You'll lind abundanl values! Authentic Moorish look in a square door $5995 commode, a sliding door cocltail and hexa gonal door commode. BIG SAVINGS ON FINE CARPETIMG! AGRYLIC PILE SHAG Cozy warm look for all your best floors, 9x12 $59.95 POLYESTER PLUSH 12x15 $99.95 HI-LO NYLON PILE 12x18 Room Size RUGS Up to 36 sq. yds. of continuous filament polyester pile, Satisfaction Guaranteed on All Purchases!


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