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Man. Dies From Self Inflicted His Wife Hospitalized --------'-------------------------------'---!'::-' ON PAGE 3) All The News Fit To Print AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI WEEKLY Invite YOU VOL. 25, NO. 86. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, OCTOB ER: 10, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS Dr. Moore Tells Retirement Plans SEABOARD EMPLOYEE RETIRES AFTER 45 YEARS Seaboard Coastline Railroad employee Bryant arm of his chair is his wife, Mrs. Susie Williams, Williams, seated center, has retired after 45 years and standing from left to riglit are the children, with the company. A party honoring his retirement Veronica Williams, Leon Williams, Barbara Scar was held recently at his residence. Seated on the borough, Doris Moore and Brenda Williams. M .an Shot l i n Stoma(h Aid A 39year-old man was shot in the stomach with a small caliber revolver Sunday while struggling with a father and son team out side the Lido Bar, 1930 E. 7th Avenue. Harvey Hanes, 3221 29th St., eave the investigating officer very little information and re fused medical attention for his wound. The officen determined that was inside the when he was D,y tp,ree men and an argument started. A father; his son, and a cousin believ e d to be recently released from Raiford prison, are the sus pects in the shooting. The mana ger of the place ordered them out side and once outside the son pulled a gun on Hanes and asked if he were ready to die. Hanes and the younger man started to fight and the father then pulled a gun and the three of them struggled with one of the guns flr\!l g and striking Hanes in the stomach. The foyr men left the scene, and the three suspects are beini .Ought br police. Court Told Education Beats B .using WIAISIHil\NIG'l1 0iN The Jus tice [)ep

Fla. Seminei-Bulle!in Polished every Tues. and Frt Cet Both Editions Tuesday, Octoller 10, 1972 CouiJIIOUSE CAPERS. .... --. .., Assaiks Mrs. Ma ble Davis, 71, 816 W<. called police Sunday night rlter she was hit with a con.:rete block thrown from a car toecupied by three white men. IMN!':Davis said -she was sittingin her front yard a'S the men in the red sports car kept driving !around. For no apparent reason, cme of them tli'rew' the bri c k &nti hit the woman in 'the chest. Her injur y not require medical attention. John Rambo Jr., 24, 1333 Green Street, reported to .police that he was cut Friday while engag-ed in .an wj.th a iwoman at the Bronx Bar, 1702 /'W. Row.ard. Rambo said he and Cheryl Robinson were arguing and she picked up. a broken bot tle and struck him. .... \ from a drawer behind the bar. The suspect esq1ped by l!reaking o:ut a restr.Qom window. Mrs. Betty Douglas, 46, 2419 E. N. Bay, r.e-poded Thursd ay that an unkoo:wn subject entered ner bouse and took a p orta ble color TV worth $125 and a tape player wHh cabinet worth $50 and fled the scene. A color TV worth $200 belong ing to Mrs. Dor ot hy Carswell, 2616 E. Genesse, was taken from h e r house Friday night while she was away. The cu!.prits ent ,ered through an unloeked door Miss Linda Dixon, 24, 311 E. Ross, apt. 15, reported that she and Brenda Dixon and Gail Den nis were in t heir .apartment, above address when a man c;:ame in through an unlocked door and pa General Hospital that she by security wi_th the dress wort h had b een beaten k1cked by her $18. I:Joyfriend, Lawrenc e Brown, 20. Mrs. Marla Blanco 27, Howard She related that '!9e and a arrested Saturday )lnale friend were mMiling along \\lith !hoplifting when lilt 22nd St. and 24th Avenue sije to leave Zayres !When her boyfriend confronted Def>t. Store, Ave .. with i)ler and said, "this must be your a pair af $5 shoes The security !birthday", then struck her with cffic'eir &ay.r ll4rs. Blanco put her Jlis fist knocking h e r down, old shoes under the counter, ?Ut kicked her. She said she ran OJl the new shC?es and walk out. tfrom the scene. She was apprehended and h el d Eddie Roy Daniels, 21, 1624 for police, Lacona Ct., was at 1649 -26th Louis C Sweet, Jr., 20, 403 s. \Avenue Sunday visiting a young wto is employed as a !Woman when an sus-janito r at E:vans PrOduct co 808 Jle_,c t walked in the a P J ,rtment, N Ro ., me WIJ:S arrested as a suspulled a knife and him W.ct in tfl! tneft of _$155 from the in the back twice Tll:e suspect place. Wl'ien arrested, Sweet had then 'left the scene and D a niels one dollar bills with serial got into his car and drove to b \ll. iilffalo and 22n d S"t, .calnum to those 'P. on a list kept irt the office. in his led police. He was admitted to pocket. Sweet said he w on e loeal hospital in good eondition. in a game t!1e and krrew nothing of Nathaniel Watts, 17, 4006 the theft. Main; was .shot in the leg with 11 .22 caliber by h1s Ligh.tbw-n, 42, 2309 11unt Saturday for tearing g p that an un the house. wept home, .l)eraon took her purse from where he l ives with his aunt, a wh 'J.t e she works, 107 nbout 3:45 tha t morning and Dri xe, and, fled out the found the door locked. ':His aunt, doqr Sbe said the purse wus Mrs. him to go worth $10 contained .$600 I!Wa;\C -and he stl,lrted to tear the cash, :a diamond 'riiig worth $90, door d o wn. She shot twice a ri.. with through the screen to scare him, W!ll'tli fiOQ, a b1rtlu;tone rmg worth she said, not to hit him. $35 and ot_her, miscellaneous paClarence Copeland, 27, 2904 pers and items. E. Caracas, was charged with Leroy 18( 1721. Cherry assault and battery after he St., tokl. that he was at etruck h i s wi'fe, Dorothy, 25, in 2102 Hdiwm.'tf Avenue Saturd-ay the f-ace durin;g an ar_gument at when an unidentified man forci their home Saturday night. Mrs. bly tQ.Ok $!r from him and r an east Copeland told the offiCer that on Spruce they w ere returnin,g from a daace end started to ariue in the f11ont Mrs. Ha.ppie 49, when her tnt'litiana struck 11007-a&rd St. reported that she her. The woman' s face was struggled with a man at elightl y swollen, police said. li:IS213 Mth Avenue in an effort to hold on to her purse. The 1\{r'!!. Sarah Louise Jackson, .man took her pu rse and ran 39, 811 3rd A venue, was cut on lj.way. She said s he had $(3 cash the should-er by another uniden-and J.D. papers in the l>ag. tifie d woman for no known reaeon, according to M1:s.\ Jackson, -The :security G:ffker at Zayre who said the woman used a IDeJ)t. Store, 25?5 HilisJl>oro Ave knife to attack her. watched a man Friday. as he took a pair of '$5.510 pants from Walter Hitchman, 57, 1708 N. the rack, walked around to a 'B' St.,. was in the head by va c .apt ai'Ble and placed the rollgirlfriend s!inday with a .as ed tn bis troo.,sers. The man c ali!Jer pistol. fol-was as Jimmie Arline, lowed a domestic quarrel at 21, no address given. their home, police said. A 511!-year-old man was stopped at N. Fk>rda, Satur'4:.i,Y. for !E1aj.r put two. pairs of in his pocket ovt door and by the 11rore m an.ager. *J Elft.'Pl& 53, 44?5 pJJeilted. Ulp a pa1r of sliija k'P rack .in W. T. Grant, Franklm Street, Convict EarnS Degree In Jail OA(RBooqjM.IUi);,. ui Victor Laure11ce TayJor earned a bache lor' s degree in 211 months with a nem--perfect average but he couldri't attend: tion cerem-onies at Southern oois University; Taylor is se rvin g a 2i5-year sentence for bank roobery at 1ilie federal penitentiary in Marion, Ill., Prison officials said Taylor completed his studies through correspondence courses and co operative programs between the prison, the university and a cal junior college. Tayler receive d his degree last week in spe c ial ceremonies at the Toledo Group Raises Bond For Black Murder Suspect TOLEDO, Ohio Bond of $150,000 for the release of a 28year-old black man char; ged with the fatal shooting of a white pa trolman was poste d yesterday by a group of 50 white and bla c k Christians and Jews of the city. The defeadant John M. McClellan, whose fir s t trial on the charge ended in June with a dead locked jury, bad be e n held in the county jail for two years He faces a retrial Oct 10 on the fir_st-degr e e murder charg-e. He announced after his release yesterday that he would enr.oil at the Universit y of Toledo. Cash for the bond came from the Legal Defense Fund Commit tee, and Advoc ates for Basi c Legal Equality, both private groups comm itted to r aisi ng mon ey for impoverished defendant.>; anonymous donations of $19,000 through a University of Toledo law professor, and $21,000 through the head of a local Internatio.1al Longshoremen s Association here. and thew h shOpping bag Mr'!!. Williari ts was stewed before she left the store and was ehal'!gEid with MisceU.eous pen1tentiary. authorities feared he wo1.1ld Taylor said that be sturued 60 a t tempt another escape. to 70 hours a week, sometimes Taylor is up for in .1976. finding reading time during Bu't Oklahoma officials:. will be job in the pds waiting for him to finish his term on's education department. 'H:is for the jewelry store robbery study seheduie netted him a whenever the federal pr: son re grade-point average of 4 .89 out of leases him. a possible 5 .00. He has a possible 52 more yearsThe 28-year-old convict majorin prison the combined total of ed in psy c hology with a m i n:>r in the federal and state sentences. black American studies. Th i s Robinson said he and other SIU fall, he will be admitted to SIU o fficials would intercede for Tay as a grapuate student in p sy lor at his 1976 parole hearing. He cbQlogy. said he also was trying to in-Walter G Robinson, Jr. elivestigate a possible waiver for rector of the SIU black Amer ica n the unfinished Okl a homa senstudies program, told Taylor's tence. story this way : The Dallas native enlisted in the Taylor lists h i s career g oals as Navy when he was 17. His Navy obtaining a Ph. D -.-, bec omi ng a recruiter said he wouid be el igible professor at a majo r university, f e r pilot training or publishing books and articles in tra'ning program -,_ :,his field ana "liviag .happily ever Ho weve r he was ruled ineligi- after." '' ble fo r aviation trai. nin g bec ause Even if Taylor doesn't ge t out b e wS.S: rurd '.qf. prilson in 1976, R obinson said wasthen passed up for offi cer ..::he's 'riOt too wofrfed 'about training. "If he continu es w i th his work, It was then, while still in the he already has a 'c a ptive a u di Navy that Taylor robbed h i s first ence' he can work with t:-te bank H e and a friend 'took other inmates at the $125,000 fr-om a San Diego n av al station bank in N ove mber 1963. Abernathy's Stafl Cut He was apprehended almost immediately, pleaded guilty and A11LAN'DA -Severe financial was sentenced to 10 years in straits have caused the Souther n pri son. He served four years of Christian iLeadersh i p COnference that sentence, then went home to to let nine full-time staffers Dallas on parole. 'and some part-time employ es Howev er, he was then arrested go -at an annua l saving of for a jewelry store robebry in $lOO,OOQ Oklahoma and sentenced to 25 'Bernard Lee, executive assis-years in a state penitentiary. t (\ ,,.:.. A ; Poooe Robert Lee !White 17, E Obio, with displaying a deadly w eaqxn Sunday after they Olbserved him with l .Bedroom Apt. a W' flanking knife and t:r.vo large briCks while attadting his brother. ltobert and his 21-yeai old brother were fig!hti.ng at iLake and Jeiferson and the 'bro ther wa11 bleeding from the elbow when p<)li-ce an-iv:ed on the scene. 3802 29th, St. $25 _,,Weekly -. Officer R C. Gomezwas ari restin. g Jimmy Lee Agee, 20, on 21st Ave. fur drivi!!g while intoxicated ([).W.ii.) Saturday and .after Agee twist-ed the olfi!cer's arm also

Tuesday, Octo her. t 0, t 972 Fla. : SeMinei-Bulletin Publish eel eery Fri. Get Both ditto. PAGE THREE Three Y ea. r Project. Aiding families With Retairde!d Childr,en T o End .. NOTE LEFT BY MAN 1N MURDER SUICIDE CASE Tampa' s Project STAR goes out of business in Februray, ending a three year program to help alle viate the complex social and eco nomic probl e ms of low-income families w i th reta rded children. STAR (Serving to Advance Re habilitation) has operated on a budget of $84,000.00 a year w ith eight staff members and two com munity organizers provided by Model Cities. The project h as .served approximately 127 fail).i lies, mostly Blacks, at Tampa Park Plaza. The staff has been helping fam ilies to solve problems in housin.;, t ducation, employment, nutrition, and other related complications these families. The two (2) sponsoring agencies are the Tampa Urban League, and the Hillsborough Association for R e tarded Children. Represen fatives from some 20 agencies serving the retarded are on STAR's Advisory Committee. While it would be ideal to con tinue the program with locJ.l funds, that does not appear likely, according to Mrs Mathye Mc Cloud, Project Director. There is apparently no morfil federal funds for this kind of a project and local agencies do not have the funds to underwrite a proj e ct of this magnitude. The problems still require intens i ve working with families. It has taken three years to educate fam ilies that there is help available. We are, to teach them to use the agencies within the community and before we're terminated we hope they'll know whe.re to go. MAN DIES -FROM OWN GUNSHOTS, WIFE Most of the clients are onty mildly retarded as found in the school system. A major obstacle is that of building effective rela with public schools that families find indifferent to their An abortzd case of murder-sui cide early Monday night left Clyde Lee Harris, 28, 313';2 E AmeHa, dead from two self-inflicted bul lets and his 25-year-old wife Le ola, in Tampa General HosP,ital. Tampa police took a statement from the couple's 11-year-old son who related to them what had happened. The boy said his mother and father had a fight earlier that day and his mother left home crying Soon afterwards she re turned, told hsr' husband she was leaving him and began to pack her things. They began to argue again on the porch of the house and Mrs. 'Harris started down t,he .stairs. The youth added that he was standing about 25 feet away near the corner of a church when )lis mother reached the bottom of the stairs. He then noticed his father as he pointed a pistol at her and problems. shot her once in the neck. As t!le. Mrs. McCloud indicated that a woman fell to the step, Harris Resource Seminar of state and !;Jfired two more shots, both into his cal agencies held in July-August own chest. to continue service of STAR "riid Police were then called to the not guarantee anything.'' The scene and Mrs Harris was taken Federal government's contribution to '}:'ampa General in critical conto the Project was supposed to dition. Harris was dead upon arterminate after three years with rival at the hospital. At th;s local agencies picking it up after (Tuesday) morning, Mrs.Harris J QE PIGGOT. d f EDITH was : undergoing surgery, for r.1that. an wi e, moval of the bullet. Tampa poJ1.ce said this week man lying oo the f!'oor and Pi ... It was learned later that po"' Z Ch N 2 that 29-year-Qld Joe W Piggott got on the coueh lt was I icemen were able to get a state-Mt. ion oir o. left a suicide note in his home uot determined whether or not ment from Mrs. Harris at the at 4001 30th Street before he tlie man had cut himself at that hospital before she went to be Eddie Rolle, Pres. fa tally shot his 21-year-old wife, time but he wasn't dead be-x rayed She Confl.rmed her son'. Gwendolyn Hayes, Rellt. th 1 h d h' h k ::; Lvur tunes" en s as e 1s own cause e spo e to his uricle. that Harris had fired The No. 2 choir of New Mt._ throat with a rlizor The tA .relative said that tlte unde th e shot. Zion M. B. Church, Rev. B. J. contepts of the ; note. were not went back home to call police The Harris' are parents of four pastor will have regular divulged by poHce. .. who found both persons dead children, all of whom were supchoir rehearsal tonight (Tues.) The investigati-ng officers re when they arrived. It wa s specuposed to leave with their mother. beginning at 8 P. M. ported that when they arrived lalifld that Piggott slashed his -----------------------.----------'--'---------::-----,.--at the house shortlr y after 8 thr. oat. when his un t cle went to Earn -Money After S : I chool- II Here Firs# I Have Your Son Or Daughter. Earn His Or Her Own Way By Selling The FLA. SENTINEL Order .Papers Every Tuesday And Friday From THREE LOCATIONS: MAIN 2207 21st AVENUE CENTRAL AVENUE. BRANCH 1511 Central Ave. WES T BRANCH 2330 Main Street a m. Sunday morning, the body ppone P?llce. of rs. P1ggott was found in A path<)logist on the-scene the doorway of a bedroom with mad'e a fast. exammaticn and four .32 cilliber in Yerbally to tl:Jat her body an. hour's : the. man wooden frame house.. for only twp 'lt,Ours.'The .written m a : .won't be avail11-bl8 {)f the. ho, for seye":tl dn';tslOn : shQwed that, .. ,A family jlipokesman s aid the h1s rouple had Iiv,ed for Wife, P1 gg!)tt : m Jront of. si .ic :years lind were rents bathr90m. m,trror andbegan of fiv; chiidi:en ; ; aw)ly pis :throat. Arp. _, parently the sight. hi!!; own A}l satd fuat J-oe hadblQOd and himse\f _In_ the seemed for fac. e was too much. fo' r him bej;_he past. cause he atOtr>Red. Jiri(f went into often ,co,w_ e over i;Q tJlk: to her;; the living room befoi.e inflilctirtg about -the fatal gash Once : in the liv. ly, she sald, .f}e a : .. ing room, sajd, Piggott and. sta;ted att:ndmg, took a second blade .and cut on a r_e,._ular F.rtends satd himself "extr-emely and that durmg the pa-st few weeks, from eado-earY Joe often talked apo'!t : churc_h :Rfillatlves had. more. details to -a_nd. how add when ta}ke'd witlh Monday smc.e he h1s hfe to morning. It was said that Chr!st. lowing the late: Saturday night Piggott's father, a North Caro sh()()t:ng,. that stemmed from a lina Minister, to'' Tampa 7 fight, the man. refU:sed to let Monday alld is ma!Cin.g plans to the children leave the hou$e. take his son ba,ck. for : burial. lfQwever, early Sunday morning !Franklin Funeral is in the. eldest child, a six-'year-old of jllrrangements _for Mrs. girl, managed to get. out and !Piggott ran to an aunt's house next Jn. addition to her children, door. four girls and a baby son, s 'he The uncle went over to invesis survived by her mOther, Mrs. tigate and saw theyoung wo' Gloria Davis. CITY-. -PRISONER SHOT BY MAN WHILE VISIT'ING H OM E A city prisoner who was on a work assignment on the city gar bage truck is listed in fair con dition at Tampa General Hospital following an early Saturday m orn ing shooting at his home. Paul Eugene Owens, 22, 4242 E. Curtis, was working on the truck in home area and decided to run home and speak to his family. He left the truck at Padgett's Nursing Home, near 40th and Osborne, and told the driver he would meet him at the service station at 40th ( and Osborne. Owens ran 'fo his hous e wher.l! he lives with Catherine Bobo (Owens) and went in the ba-::lr door to the bedroom. When he reached the room he saw Mrs. Owens lying in the bed with an other man, identified as Benjamin Haskell Copelan, 25, 4521 E. Palifox. Owens reached on the dresser and got a gun but Copeland pull;;.:l one from under the pillow and shot Owens twice, once in ';he head arid once in the shoulder Owens ran from the house tG the corner where he was to meet the truck but refused to wait ff)r the 49th St. 'tmcl into an alley where he fell. While (Continued Oa Page ZZ)


PACE FO.UR' f ffliidit Se.iMi f ,ltUII!efiJI Published every and Ftid'aif ; bJ/ Flflllida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pubolishing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue1 Tampa, Florida 33601. BL Ym ANDREWS. f and Publiaher C. M."V'IHE ANDREWS., JB. Executive Eclitel' Smft>N JOBNS&N VIce Presiden&-Productloa }IBS. R0SE C& 'tJ TCJIFliELD Vice JOHNNY JACOBS Vice Presid'i!at-Advertisblg HAYWARD-BRADY Viee hesident-Public Rel'atioas -Second class pald at Tampa,, Fiouid'a. StJBSBW-'DON' RATES' $ E-.5&1 Jrer-'l'ea o.e Ellilioll> $12.50 Per Y enl' B oth EllitloB&. City Hail S hi! S Sonte.thing In tile t.wi8t:ht o 1the si:tuggle ta make Mayo!! Didr G11eco .and his P&f i'Ce Deparm,tent CODIIICiaUS" of their mora} respensi"M tity to the. :black commun-ity, eidence keeps ilinat up d 1ay _af tel! t)ay Oft the, marked fa.ilu.re ef the adJJta.:isb'ation., to cope witl\o itis mo.st buassig problems and the legoitintate ou:tcrjli of '.fa.mpa! s reSibft black .. popufatiott. A black yo1,1fh was shot! in Tampa last week and such ac.tJ.on. continues-to appe.ar Ito .us as a.D una:batea aDtil-Waclt riltua teen pabol eaJ!lt drew a crowd to the minOF disturbance as police men reddeasfr wielded their shotguns and practked th'eiti st&m antics witft !these lethal weapons. As u sual in case of this Kind, the offieers tel l onestol!y and black witnesses another One th-ing is for certain, the man atlltKk an officer with a cu. e stick: and! 1 the-cornered and shot h.i m dow n like an ani mat. We believe in quiek app:rehen sion and swift o.f per of any repl!ehensi:bl'e cJ'i .me. But aho.0tin& a c0110ered down whlle surrounded by six pol!ice offiicet!S pro."ides a moJ.al in.junction to Ta.pa's, white officer-s and c.omlftUil!ity not to do whalt they would not have cfone Ito ttllemaelves. 'l'hiis beld is f:on tif.ied by the. fact that a similan c.as e Pw&b intr a wh-ite person who struck a po lieeman wifn a pa.int can for arresting her son for IJtarijua:aa pa&o essi.m, did!a' ll! e'Yen t:esutt ia an. arresll. The case l th.en rests with the city's chief exeeu,Hve.. officer:,. Dick Greco. Rut the usua.J,ly loquacious MayoJ.T a Ruddblike silence oa an)llthing involviDg tb.e Police De-partment :rather t h. an :.aise his voice and ith row hra moral leadership to correct obvious Et remained for a. hlaek leader to pr;eveDt a: rear l"iot at Tamp1 a General Hospital, w .aere sev,ellal ahQtguu wielding blaektl! nad gone 'to "get juS'tiee" on the niwht of dte To '{ires of an ti.ncipieDit. :re-volt rests in.. tthe hands of the Dis police deparilllen. t must be told to quell pos-BLA..'S DES TillY IX GWI IIAIDS.,. sible violence. linatead of stirring 'ill with Qdicufous shows: of inan. power and firepowet the: black. communit)l'. The abrasie attitude .hy: lfhe Mayo.l! concerninat liia police deerudfies all ef the hone.t. au ptty deeds he-:baa penormed fer blacks duririg his admiriisbatioa. He jV&1i doesn:' l t seem to give a tinier' damn about the black an' d b.awn eiltizens of Tampa\ and ltheil! unflagging demands' fOJ! sbuclllural reganiz.a ilion of the P ol'ice l).eparimenlt So l'll-meRit, ab.te aD attiotude ra.i.aes serious doublts as, to the real dvic responsibility of the Ma.yot!, and onl .y; ltime. and events will de termine the logic of this assess ment. Uni isis Stand Up More than 1,000 black union leaders met in Cllicago rece,ndy to d.ec:tare themselves du'ty-bo-und to work tthe reelection of Presiden! t Nixon. Tiley ptedged tGJ spend tthe ir monies and to work h-ard at turn iq out the "ote next month on behal of Sena!l!or Geor1ge McGovem, 1the DemocrtatiC: presi d.enllial candidate. ln takina a f i.un poai'tion for a candidate they feel .best l'ep resents the interewts of their com mun,ity>, !the leaders a t the Chi c ago meeting also biit lteJtl.y criti;. cized the AFL-CiO Council head ed by George Meany for its ao c alled' neutral Sltance. The AFL-CIO stance does not. properly take i nto consideration the e.oncerns of black organized w orkens, 1the Chicago conveners BJaek union l'eaders by t h e Cr laudaMe action in Chicago ha.-YI& told the AFL-CIO Council iD no unc:utain terms th a t decisions which deep.l311 affec-t them canno: t J;,e mad'e without due tion tihew Now ifl 1they can turn out votes on: election day to. hack up the PA!P.er poai: r ions takeD, these UDo ion lea.d ers. will be listened to in the AFLCIO and elsewhere. Political Revue MRS. l\IARY ALICE DettSETT Mrs. Mary Alice Dorsett is the write>in candidateagaii\St. State Rep( Elvia Martinez in. th.e Nov. T g,eneral elooti.on Mr. Dorsett is wid'ely-known in \ both the black and white communities and has been a candidate in three other races -xDeroo Presi dential aspirant George-Me&ovem met last week with repres of the Nationai News paper Publishers Association in New York. He was questioned on b1ack appoinfunents, the .&lab. Israeli cenm'iet, ElemlOmiC' prierities and\ bl aek businesses. While speaking of the Senator, se'l!eraL of the counb r y s leading mayorS> have. joined! his-bandwa gen ill> what has to lie-the mest underpublicized aspect of his campaign in the South Without giving t he names of the mayors, which we have;--take a look at the cities and where they are located: S y racuse San Francisco, Louis wle, St. LDais St. Paul, Voakers, N Y., IDe.trait [)av:enli)art, Iowa, Gary-, Indiana>, Ft. Wayne>, In diana, New York City Cinc innati, Milwat11kee, Atlanta SaD> Jose, Calif ., N.ew Youk. Seattle, El Paso, 'l'exas, Kansas C ity, Mo. Me a nwh i le back home in Tampa>., the Me&;v;ern for Ptesident Campaign is a f Lea. market and bake sale in an at: tempt te, naise. full the el.os. lng weeks of the campaign. The public is invited to participate by sending donations. of all usable items to 212 S'. Boulevard Satur day, Oet. 14 from. 9 a.m. t;o, I -xFrank Hampton longtime poli tical power in Jacksonville's bla<:k community, was elected to the County Gouncil, District s seat last week Hamptoa defeated An drew (!Perk) Perkins by 2,223 to 2,039 in the runof election Not making it in thewas form er Fla. A&M U law prof Lee Shaw, Jr., who was defeated in the Group 19 Circuit Court race b y John S. Cox. The CQuat was 30,680 to 25,723 -x-The two toughest races fo r DemO& in tl'leo genera-l electrioll' will be between Bob Curry and Char les Birdsong for the County Com mission and Julian Lane Ward Daugherty for the State Senate Cun, and Lane aJ.!e Demos and ane running hard to win theiJT seats. Bla'k Surgeon Is Appoia.teCI To Post NEW YORK -Dr. S'amue11 h Kountz a pioneer in trans plant surgery, has been named chai11nla.l\ o: the department of ISllii'gery of the i>ownstate Medi leal (l;en.ter in Brooklyn. Dr. Kountz, 42 years old is eo-director of the University of Califo11. nia School of Medicine at San Flrancisc, and is .. one o:l 'the few black d-ep.artment chai'l"o men. His surgical team is credit ed with performing about one tenth of the 1,000 organ trans plants done in this country Ias11 )lear. One of his first goals, he said, would: I>e to setr up a kidney i tl r anspl&nt: program to serve ;Brookl y n. He estimated that Rhout 200 Brooklyn residents required' such operations each yea11. Dr. Kountz was born in Lexa, A:rk., and is a graduate of Medmm.e m Ltttl:e Rock. "He will assume his new post tion Nov. 1.


:Tuei\day, Octoher 1.972 Fla every Tues. <&ad F,rf. Get Both PAGE f',JV.Jl And so once again, "'King" James Brown proved he s top master of the R & B whirl to come thru these parts, as drew nearly six thousand fans. to the Armory last Friday night JUSt to see if he could Sb.Gw 'em how to do his new thing -"The Goad root. The shGW and dance was : oduced by M r. long ,hme Tam,pa friend and business Andre White the e1::penver Bronco-Cinn. Bengal pro player. ( AND WHILE SPE:&K i iNG OF .. W:" city position by Mayor Dlck Greco. And the Franklin St. busines!:-, w .en t oo. t-o say, he fee ls Wbtte is our eommunity s t:op spect i n tlhe political of llture of Tampa, as 1}ae me.atbe footOaHer as r. the loob, the know-how l'II,IJPing ability ) MILD SURPRISE WAS LEAIL"l Riei WILLIE "BATUDI" LAR-IY'S now manaiing Leonard s ar and Lounge on Columbus r. w'bet. most Gf the I!IOul ph'eera" seeking traffic ia now \ .. fOI:!li thi'S, 'N BRIEFS, MIXED WiTJI "THOUGHTS FOIL 'ro DAY" 1 doocl to know illnesa ol. Mrs. Aurullla SimiDoas. pi And while of tne'l b,amed '1George worlt:inr maite lor the past fifteen-plus years at EAL Geer.e R. "Myo" i Williams is recuperat, ing at 'l:to Gainesville V:eterar.s Hospital nea: the Unfv. of Fla. Mr. WIJUams, or ''Tokye" till his friends, is the hus ltand o1. Mra. Doria WllliaiDIJ, and (ather of Terri aad Tracey WIJ. Dams of Carv. e r Cit y Doris is a ,._ -AROUND THE .TO:WN By HAYWARD BRA-DY Civilian Personne: superv .i:smr .. t MacD1ll AFB T.he sev eral TIA plan to take a flight or drive to visit with "l'ok-yo" soon Tod!ly'-s first thought gaes "T'1e men who try to do smmetpj.ng, and fail are infinit-ely better t'han tho3e vho try to do nothing and suc ceed A:Rmther thought sass "A bo0k may be compared to yaur neigh bor: If it be good i t cannot last too 1Gng; If bad, you oannGt g-et rid of it too ear'Jy" .. "BritiSh" mentiaDed h i s brother Woody Allen be!ng in for short vi sit last week before taking off to Ui>ur in Loncion, England Mild C0penhag.en Mr. James Blake., hubby of tht fashicmable Maas Brothers do'rl-1own sa1e&i ady Mrs. Atberta Blake, was reportedly of the one awndred do1hr '}Jill given away during special 'COOlest at AU'en lllempie AME r Ohuroh. W:as trying fer that "y-ar.d" myaelf. Wood is frimd, Olcal' Ayala, Jr., son of retired .City of Tampa police Mr. Oscar Ayala Sr. and Mrs. Ayala ot Lin coln Gardens Qrady Ave., writes teUim& b-.. mttch be's -etljoy ing life at Clm OoUege 1n At' hmta, Ga., and ia expecting t'G be Mine on visit at'O\II\d Xmas time. Ye:ah, this made me w_onder buddies, o.et.r, Jr.,1 Gregory Wllliama lllld Earl Ward, Jr.. are gonna $pend the Thanksho11dat's too? 'CaUH i do believe, clilege campua (apeakJng for is tbe inGii lone laOIM plac. iD tile world. Next to an Army camp Gr graveyard. F'ttlt TilE Di\INCE FANS AND READEU W11G RAVE BEEN 'BOOT DONZA &.tftll, p1anillt-orcan ist-..oac tltyiUt, b:l\'ltidr db the "SIN'l Operalorw rOoalbo;'' who .made hw first a few IDOiltila qo in Fa., it wu 1Mmeci "D811111le is now full-'time with UP job. po.&tion net pal'IAlime w ith a weal bank lltafl rt&: be :SIWe of kncnriaa WGeN Jaer Sal at. ''o...le," "WtMml most fans feel ldn out-shape,-if oot out .sing Or 'f' (betber half") is Jte wiC. of well lmGwn east Tam!Hl pla5'er EMR Batte ExBlalt.e-P tan t football .star lineman w.,... SIIDII, who was red-!Sbirted last season at FAMU, is now one of the top pl.ayers from his lineback;er s po sitioo. Got a chance t<> b-ain w it h Wayne, a neigh:oor .daring the summer. Talk about a gentleman, AND HERE'S MOB.!:, OF TO DAY'S ''J1ROUGHTS: "Our prayer and GOO's mercy are litre two buckets in a well. While ene asANDU WHITE, JAMES BROWN, TRACEY St. Ja.es AME Rev. H. H. Douglas, P.astOl' ( MI's. tra Lee Ennis, Rept. P,res iding Elder, A. T>. :Sur ton held a Mery su.cesSiful q .uar terly col!liferen1 ce at 1 St. James A J M JE. Ohul'ICih on Sunday at 3 p.m. This was the final quar terJ:y conf,eretwe af Conference year. Alfter tlhe usual order of service, Rev. Burton deli-vered a v-ery brifu !but timely m-essage us:inga s his sUb-ject "Following Ohriist With 'IIhe Cross." Music was fuvni s hed by the .No. 1 Choir The business sess,i'On was w ell in order a-s all boards made very fine lieparts. Our .A.nou.al OGnfer .. enoe wHl be held Novemiber 7 thr.u i1.10 at IMt ZiGn A. M iE. Obu:reh of whroh Rev. Y B Brwce is pas tor. cends, the other decends "My business is mlit to vemake myse'!I, but malre the absolute best .of what God made" "Never be afraid of giving up ymur .t;)est, and GGd W i:ll 'i' ive y.ou his better." SOMEONE M!ENTIONE, D THERE'S A BUS OOING WEEK LY TG F.tMU fGr fue b w cast of fifteen trip, Hope to have more info on this soon. That beats ch11neing highways "clleers" fiUed drives, and 1urking tl'affi'c cops with ti ckets in Perry, Fla. 'n those dther hic'k towns anytime. Of course my crew kin 'Whi.sperjet. you there 'n back in thirty minutes each way too OOPS, for weeks now, the wri ter's forl(Otten t0 OGBF&talate friend Archie Chaaey, for the ii'eat .,;oo be's 8iftg hm ld new po.sih as .at Mwri aon s Cafeten. Imperial K0UM on Dale Mbry. dult 1\k.! Olaoey wasn't .doing just a -elftt 1vr Y"l"' as llnjoy dinner -,rith waiter l"nnliil: mn and tbe men of lhrnsrm Cafeteri1l tlf jCUt Gate, too 'l'lltiS FAit, 'Tift!: MDQ' 'OF TBE "FIFTY IKON MEN 'CLtlll" :tVI: MET ARE: Jlai"CM Willi..._, all-time Middleton Hi a'tilJete .B:edterl 1Udaanl8oa, a Sentiliii s JNice es 'foirtt-five _.. meatbera to .... :to p .. sEE YOU LATER. 01 Progress Village By IRA LEE EN:NfS 677-lJUl IJRir:t 'hd ay .gr.eeting'S : to IMirs. Rebooc a G ainous of 591!0 '851Jb St. Wlho celebrates her natal day '!1uesd ay, ;o. 1 Miss Wanda Starlmg, of Mr. 'a!l'ld J. P. (IE1rrcma) IM'ayweather fEomHy 7924 .aalhia Ave at the passing of his wifre !Mrs. Clote Jennings on la5 t Ta General Has pita! as results orf b eing seri ously injured at wovk.Mr. '11hwro moaJn is the brother of Mrs. Ora lene AleJ&andea:c:on Rolbert Wilson is pl'esident wrilU oeie11lrate oi.ts .9th Annivers ail'y o n Sru'Tlday, (')cto. ber Hi, 3 p.m at 1Jbe dh:u:rcll The ,public is cordially i nvited to come Gut and helllr itev. TJ KNOWN-=FOR trfs --,:. ""---,AMOUS .. 'IN-WASMfNGTON __.....___ ---' =-oPP08E THI...._ WOR, K jOHN C:0A1.HOUN; _1'HE PRO;..SLAVIRY .., .,. lEAOER-_ T .. .UN:fON-CANNOT


PACE SIX Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frf. Cet Both Edtitlons Tuesday, Ocfol.er 10, 1972 Wishing You A Happy. Birthclay. MISS ROSE MRS. SARAH KITE ll\fr. and Mrs. Charlie Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith of Miami. October 1 was Mrs. Mattie !Morgan's birthday, and there was FL Lauderdale Girl Receives Scholarship ELISE L. ROMER WINSTON SALEM, IN. C. -' Elise Romer, a 1972 graduate of Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, is one of the five students chosen to rec. eive a four-year sc r holarshi.p s ponsored by R. J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. for journalism majors She will attend Michi gan State Uni versity. Elsie's parents, Mr.. and Mrs. C Romer, Sr., live at. 3e'ro N. W. 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale. 11here was a aui'Iprise birthda y party for Mrs. Sarah Kite on September 29 hosted by Mr. and Mrs 'Mitchell Das!her at their home. A rolodul dinner was ser ved with the assistance of Mrs. Sarah Stewart and Miss Dawn Dasher. Mrs. Kite beautiful gifts from Mrs Elizabeth Hans ley, Mrs. E isie Williams, Mrn. !Marie Mrs Ocie Stroud, !Mrs, Gary Mrs. Camina !Hill, M!;_s. E;:lla Mereer, Mr. and !Mrs. Olaren rce Slaten, Mrs. Jessie :Williams, Mrs. Sara:n Stewart, !Mrs. Corrine Baker, Mrs. Franlqe Mrs. Corrie Du!Jlas, Mrs. !Ollie Williams, Ml'):!. Willie Queen !Favors, LOrenzo Hayes, Miss Na dell Grant of New York City. ll\lrs. Green and Mrs. iBertJha Grahllim. a surprise d inner at tJhe Sweden House arranged by her sister, iMrs. Anna Broughton. They were joined by Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Tillis Mrs. Theresa Wri.ght and Anthony Morgan. The scholarship will provide $2,400 in financial aid during ber four -year college career, Trinity CME 2401 North Howard Ave. Other friends Mrs. on her d ay were !Mrs. Willie M ae Willjams, Mrs. Bell Williams of Clearwarter, Mrs. Dodie Paige, Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Alexander, Earl Smith, r Mr. James Norton celebrated his SJPecial dary on October 3. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Hrayes of Riverview are saying "\Harp.py !Birthday" to several grandchild ren this month. Roni Sherrell and /Ronelle Sheri Lowery were 4 years old on October 7 They are twin daughters of Mr. and :Mrs. J ames Lowery, 48JS E. Our tis. !Richard Hayes was 6 years old on October 8. Ri ,chard is SQn of Mr. and Mrs. Rabert !Hayes of M ango. .Arnez Hayes was 2 years old 6. His parents are Mrs. Ernest Hayes, MRS. SLOAN'S SISTER PASSES Sympathy to Mn. !delle Sloan in the passing of her only sister, Mrs. Louise M. Jackson of Rochester, New York. J Mrs. Jackson was an instructor in the Rochester School System. Friends May contact Mrs. Sloan at 424 Flint Street, Rochester, New York. ROYAL COURT PLANS TEA The Lily White Grand Royal Court wilL bold its annual tea on November 12 from 3 until 6 P. M. at 1511 Central Avenue. Local presidents will be hosts. Mrs. Johnnie Mae Thomas and !\Irs. Cora Lee Clark are chair men Mrs. Donna Guinyard of Orlando is the state president. VISITS FAMILY Dr. Ronald John SHeehy was in .the city visiting his family for a few days. He has just received his Ph.D. degree in Micro Biology, after study at the U. S. Government Oak Ridge Laboratory, Oak R i dge, Tennessee, and has accepted a position in Research at the U S Government Institute or New York. He will also study for his Post-Doctors degree in Micro-Biology and Genetics Dr. Sheehy is a graduate of Blake High School of Tampa, and More house College, Atlant; Fold !Vaporatea milk into gelatin mixture. Into 61hfup ring mold. Chlll until firm (about 2 hours). Unmold and aerve. : ; I


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both PRETTY NURSE CHOOSES FASHIONABLE ATTIRE The fashion statement from White Swan for Fall '72: soft, eou'ture and flattering. Here the waistline gets special focils with sthiuning inset belt. Side buttonptacket gives _wrap effect. In WOV en textured polyester and a variety. of fabrics. Also In a wide range of sizes-t'egular, tall and petite. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY_ By BEVERLY Continued Fr"om Page 6) WINS NON PARIELS STOLE .. Mrs. Kate Carnegie of Avenue is the happy winner of the beautiful fox stole give11 away by the Non Club at their exciting Bottine and Soulier It was an eVent of Sunday even. ing at the Internati onal Inn, and. it was another big hit. MRS. LARKINS WINS TITLE Sunday was Women's Day at Allen Temple AME Church and one of the h i gh spots in the day's a-q tiv i ties was the crowning of 1'Mrs. Allen Te-mple.'" Tl-)e title was won by Mrs. Cora Bell Lar Jtins She was c rowned by Mrs. Roberta ifrierS?n; a co-chairman. ,-:_ .. EVEN-TS 15-Women's Day, Greater Morning Star M. B. Church. OCT. 15-Philaettes Club sponsors annual Green Tea, Kill Mason Recreation 1101 Jefferson Street, 4 P. M. OC'_I'. 15-Women's Day, .Friendly M. ];l. Church. : oc:r. 15-Mt. PJeasant. M. B. Church Anniversary. oc:r. 21-Pla,oning Session a{ C. M E Winter Council Fort Myers. OCT 21-22-Mediums Cou_ ncii .at the of Sharon Spiritual Church, 2708 23rd Avenue. 22-l\lt. Zion A.ME Church Dual Day. OCT. 22-First Anniversary Observance of Mt. Zion Jr.. Choir. 27-The Annual Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Mardi Gras .. Ball, Curtis Hixon Convention Center. OCT. 28--Checker Social Club hosts Cocktail Hour, Ragan Park, 7-10 P. M. OCT. 28--Bethune.Cookman-Jackson State Football Game (Central Florida Classic) Orlando, 8 P. M. OCT. 29-Women-Men's Day, St. 1.\'lary AME Church, Seffner. OCT. 29-l\len's Day, Mt. Sinai A.M .E. Church, 11 A. M. OCT. 29-Missionary Day, Pleasant Chapel AME Church. OCT 29-Men-Women's Day, Friendship M. B. Church of Carver City. OCT. 29-St. Paul's Men and Women Day OCT. 29-Missionary Day, Holsey Temnl e C. M E. Church. OCT. 30-Queens of the South No. 49 OES sponsors Soul Food. Ban quet, Masonic Hall 4303 34th Street, 7 P. M. OCT. 31-Tampa Urban League sponsors Ebony Fashion Fair, Curtis Hixon Auditorium, 8 P. M NOV. 4-:Masquerade Ball sponsored by OES Chapter 152, Labor Temple 10 P. M. NOV. 12-Lily White Grand Royal Court presents Annual Tea, 1511 Central Avenue, 3-' P. M NOV. 16-Calendar Tea sponsored by the Armettia B & B Society, 2717 18th Avenue, 8 P. M. NOV. 21-City-Wide Men Chorus' Ann _iversary Banquet, Schlitz Brown Bottle, 7:30-10 P. M NOV. %6-Women's Day, Spring Hltl Baptist Churcla. WEE BANKERS' LUAU IS NICE AFFAIR The recent luau hosted by the Wee Bankers Social Club was a very nice affair. It was held at the Armettia B & B Temple, and many attended. Pictured here are from left Michael Hic ks, Hazel l\-lcPaul, Dorothy Lyles, Mr. and Mrs. Broadus Hicks, Mrs. Mattie L y les, Theo Hicks, David Greea and Helen Allen. They were guests of l\lrs. Susie Hicks, a Wee Banker m ember. FAMILY HAS REUNION AT LOW-RY PARK GOOd food was bt. abundance when the Brown family gath;ered at Lowry Park not long ago for reunion. The part _of. the group pictured here In cludtis, left to right, Darlene Harris, Doro lhy Anderson; Maggie Harris, Faye Harris and Maga lene ijarris. Engagement AnnounceJ Mr. and Mrs. Charles Strouder, 2311 E. Osborne Avenue, have an nounced the engagement of their daughter, Carolyn Alexander to Earl Harris, Jr. The bride-elect Is a 1972 grad ruate of HIJisborough High School, and is employed by the Lily White Security Benefit Associa &ion. Mr. Harris Is the son of Mrs. Gloria Harris, 3014 44th Street. He was graduated from Middle ton High School In 1971, and at Hlilsborough Community College. He is employed at the St. Joseph H a spit a l. The wedding will be at 6:30 P M. ; October 31, at New Hope Baptist Church. Paid Advertisement DINNERS The Missionary Society of Pleas ant Chapel AME Church will be selling dinners Friday and Satur day, October 13th and 14th at the home of Mrs. Ethei M. Broadnax, !631 31st Ave. 24'3-8631. Dinners will .. delivered. Apostolic Ch_urch -Of Jesus" Mission No. 2-Thonotosassa Elc!-er J. H. Lee, Pastor Mrs. Beautean S. White, Kept. On Sunday Missionary !della Mitchell was in charge of the .Ser vices. The first service was Sun day school and the supt. :Janet Felton and others were at their posts. 'Prayer was offered by Mrs Sarah_ Gaqsden. The adult Class won the banner. Youth Day was observed. Noonday service began with the youth in charge. Deacon Ar thur Underwood ana Deacon Reuben Mitchell was in charge of devo tion. The scripture was read by Mrs. Gadsden An inspiring ser mon was delivered by Minis ter M A. Anderson The youth are in charge of the services every second Sunday Evening service began at 8 with Missionary A. Solomon and Mr. J Carter in charge of devotion Members are happy to h a v e Mrs. Underwood and the Camons l back in our midst after being called away to the bedside of an ill parent. Mission No 2 Is grateful to the members of Minister More land' s church who was responsi ble for evening worship. Mrs. B S White served as M.C Mrs D. Powell brought the message. A.YPU will be held each Wed nesday at the church Mr. Camon and Mr. Carter are spear head 'ers of this auxiliary Regular 1serv i c e Friday at 7. Morning Star Rev. R. A. Crenshaw. Pastor Lorandy Manning, Reporter Sund-ay school began at 9 :3() with the supt. in charge. AU teacthers were at their post. 'l'he lesson was reviewed by the pas tor. ,Morning worship servi. ce b e gao at 111 with Dea J. Scott and. D e a. H. Scriven in charg e of d e vo t ion The l!lessage was deliv e r e d hy the :pasfur. His t ext was I am SatisJi e d With Whab iHe Done" Choir No 3 and No. 3 u sh-e1' b o ard served. Eve niri g worship servlce be gan a t 6 :30 with Dea H Scri ven and D e a I. Sh e llfi e ld The m essag e wa s deliver-ed by the pastor. Remember the sick and shu t -in. -St: Matthews Chorus Mrs. Mamie L. Brooks, Repartel' All members of the Jubilee Chorus are asked to please meet at the church Thursday n i ght at 8 for rehearsal and those who would like to become members. The members are asked to be at New Beth e l M. B. Church Sunday for the choir's union at 3 Dr. Abernathy Visiting Chile .AJTLA!N'I1A -Dr. Ralph David !Abernath y, president of tha Southern L eadership Conferenc e New Hope Cho.lr No. 2 l e f t Sunday for Santiago, where he will attend a we e k Dea. Ira B. Bruton, Pres. long conference sponsored by tihe Mrs. Doris C. Moore, Kept. World Peace Coumcil. Choir No 2 of New Hope M B The international meeting will Church, Rev. John Willis, pastor, include discussions on the Viet will have weekly choir rehearsal nam war, the Middle East, tha Thursday night at 8 p.m. The !World Pea-ce Oouncil s commit president is asking all memben ment to the United Natioo's to please be present and on time.c sanct-i'ons against .-t Rthodesia and Remember to visit and pray for South 'and< s-trategy fen our sick and .. of the hird World


PACE EIGHT Fla !emttiei-Bulletin Pu'bHs1iea ever, Tae!. >&ncl Frf Get 'Both Edffion. JUUAN BOND, JAMES BROWN ISSUE VtlTE GALL :ts, ATLANTA Georgia state !Representative Ju-lian BOI!d and Superstar JameS fss.ae a call for 'every soul brother anti sis1er" to become registere4 voters. The call was made .during a recent at Braves' Stadium In Atbulta, Geor. gia. Bond and Brown joinect together in ap Ll -pealing to youthiiul Black voters to "get htvolved."' Prior to the appearaee of the Dation's .JUUilber oae periormer, regisliration was cond.ucted at tbe stadium. 'I'he registrratien was uranged by .the Yooth Oitizensh l p )Fusd, Inc:, a non-partisan yodl otlieDted voter regi'Stratlion ageacy. "WH' E:' E YOU (i:ET A liTTlE OREI' FOOD ST'AMPS ELCOMED 380129t Street. L.ARGE. F YEIS Eath 9c U.s. 49c liL 98c .. .FLA. lAilY LK YELLOW RIE 3 Phgs. $1 IRIUO ClEAitd 2 Cans 29< -lEI Su.s. ACKS 69c IOIID STEll lfts. .98c OLE8 fATTES 15c c:LAS 4 Ots. $1 l1QU-ID TIEI Bettie. 19c NAMED DIRECTOR OF REGroN AL OFFICE WASIIINGII'GN, D. C. -AOx, former ACTn. !B'TIU meeting was held at : 5. Our d ee,pest sym,p.ath_y is ex tended to the Jenm.z.gs F :amil y in t h e lo .ss of a :f.aitJhf,ul merniber 01H' cluu'cll, Mrs. Clote J en Dings Wednesday night :Pr.ay-er meet tJPI'eseDied the cnnd tu;seim.b1 y 'The l\uner.al are inrornp1ete for Mrs. Annie L. John'Son,, a member &i Lil,y White Lodge No. -4.4 m St. Peten<>burg. Mr. M cKineJy ReB will ;sent t he .gr.and .assembly. Rorda r_,a ,Ap.st.lic Oaurd1 Of Jesus A ve. alld lt<6811 'EIMr lt. L. Pastor S\:llld.ay ecimoi beg-1n1 :at the .OOUT with iihe .pa-stor ill dtat:ge. The 'IJU'[l't. al'ld te1l elbers wer-e ;at tlheir f>0SU; -a, 4l2illl .T()hn .BeF1 Dr. The p11esident is aslcall .to p1ease be present .and on ti-me.


\, J OctoLer 10, 1972 Ct1oD: TNU. S,.r. .<7'r l:l1 n" /f/. ; ; .. < ; Fla. SeattA'ei-Bulletia Published every Tues. aacl Frl. Get Both Edition PAGE NINE t..ei'I,V Park -ROAST : .. o ... J. /1.---.. -*-. -


PACE TEN Fta. Pu:hlisL.ecl: e"Yeey :Tu;es.. aDd Frt Cet Bofla Edi.tioaa i Tuesday, Cktolau to, 1972 King Senior High School 'Famu Reorganization A I ssions OHice lr ....._ Le1111l_. ... William "A ).0011[ AT :&lid. :!tool, SQWful and a mite sistel' deseri'bes QUI' s oul b the B!aek ]ite.,.. Site resideS at 4415 .:rem Bell 'Drive-with Mr parents, Mr. and Mrs. Booker T. Washington. She lw!dis. SupH-bail title f an uptig)1t Seni wben a veal, ly let thlnp bang an out. Dane ing and jivmg arOiill!ld with the dudes is cmly balf of !her duties The otller ba!Jf is spent f gossippmg } 1rith some of her titia: I..aretta DeRiSe, Angi. Dietric. Lil, Bntlda, .Jfif'!. liiiieb and :mal'lJ mOve. to keep your SliiSpetlr;e. down, our sool in U. Blac:k "Ute" is Marilyn from the of t'.OJptl S INFO t..etta Wa.slliagtm I bear JClll haw submitted an ad under '"*'*ed meB,. simgle and free. Jl see you tinaBy put the last put e r the cake mix (J!Alwn wi t h Duncans). Deon Morgan, what's this I hear obout a weazer Hey Roek what s up to thehal"d pjmpiing !!'t c;GNGltATtl'IAnoNS LIONS We-!I. the Kine went all out t.'l. prove to !:he we 're No. .... Keep up tile good plays Robert, BeD, Roose-velt Kerin, Charle$, Dietrich, Qiftord, Keith, Autoor. A lbert. Raacoe Del many othen. WM' Birt! I 'I Wishes lJappJ Biri1ldaJ is extended \ tn Williams. HappJ' Birthday from all of dljt KiDg Hi Lions. 1101'10: Oo1r da Good G uys m. 'lbe LioD''s are No. 1, I Tampa Bay Tech School BY c.n. c.m.y DR. WA:aREN MORGAN TAlLAHASSEE -A reorganiDliln ol :Florida MM Unive!' my's. registration and admissions JUllior in t11t Our junior in the spotlight is a together chick in many ways. She is considered one of tha most popular juniors around the campua,. beaid.2.s. being Black and. Jleautiful. Hfti fa'901'ites are Foul', anythipg edible; Record; Think t.About lt); amd Voe.-sOD., Busmess E du ucation She is none other Uan that Blad sisller ol. soul, Linrla Smith--. Linda saitl she eDjpys !Je.. fng AJI'reda Morns, Carlton Matt hews, Ethel Fulboln, Gail Da:vis,. Jackie Bunter Caro-&ffices is part of what FAMU's lyn Burgess, Clillwd and DnJ president for student af. mQre. But she it fairs hopes will ba a "new image,.. wbeD she is with. her JiUCJt for studeRt Matthew Wilst!lll. "Be8istration has become in My other Brother, who has been the students' minds a very buclw.sen is only known by his nick reaucratic relationsh i p so much &!;ueak:r.'' He is a tOfletb-paperwork, so standing in er Senior Black, BWd, And line a 50 little human coptacl," lige!Dt. :&. resides in Progress said Dr. Warren Morgan. ViUaae with his parents. He en-"We warii tO> humanize that with : his .Black Bro !h-process, and also make it IDOfe ers awl Sisters. He 1s IlCIOe other e&ctive and functignal said the th.a: Mat""'"' 29-)rear-eld Korgfll, who was ap. tftews. Bis an: Ulpointed to the tap student affalrs: mer':':at.l l'alm, RollDle Vann, post !ast Fracma Tacylor, Ctrolyn Burgess, In an attempt to accomplish thatgoa), Morgan said the office of the DDi.liersily registnr at P'AMU bas. been moved from > t s pasition 'llllder the vice president fcir acat!Pmie affairs ir.to the !tttdebt affairs division. The move is part of an efl:ort to coordinate> an student aenrice areas 'IIDder ooe administraffte umbtella, according to 1\ioqan. And. when fWllb are availab:,e J' AlRJ officials plan to convert the former Tallahassee A&M Hos pita) bGild:mg. int o a student. services center to bouse the di'Y'isfoo of studeD t affairs and its related offiees; To Roll ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY \ .146 Named Bethune Honor DAYTONA BEACH-One hun dred forty-six students were named to tlie Summer Honor RoU, acconi.ing to Harrison F De Sinelds Relistrar and Director of Admiaions, Bethune Cookman College. 35 from the Volus i a CountJ' and 18 students scored 4 .00 averages. Patricia Baker, a senior from OpLocka; Barba-a Bll!Chner, Ormrmd junior ; Beverly Campbell, /Jack 800Ytlle senior; Cassaodra Franat lA YFROJtT CENTER ST. PTERSIElG FRIDAY OQREI lltl, 8:81Ja al ........ at $4, $5, er Sl Tickels h Sale 11:- ALL AHA WARD STall .LEGE,.L ,_,. nEWS P.AIIIl8Y Tampa Mil lltl a II. Pllenlmrg IBOIY BIYE Ill 11.-Pele .. ;;,'l;l, ... cis, Sllllfwd senior; Bernard Goodman, Bronx, N.Y. junior; JuJia Ladd. Pensacola sophomore; Carl Lopn, Philadelphia, Pa. junior; Da'rid Moore, Daytona Beach, fres.hman; Russell Mootr y, Miami, senior; Diane Roche', Dade City junior; Salenta Smiib, Dl!tytma_ Beoaclt, freshman; Vehlla Tate, AVClll Park,. senior; '\ taftl Thomas ButJer, .!leQ-i; Gweftdojyn Weston, Jaekson-Carrie and may mo.w-e. But Squeak tens me thai. be nothing better tban bemJ w ith his main ebicir. The we 'believe-in are atW&1S from the thinp n do lf. tMre is any me who would mre "ted ill this c.QI. umn, contact Carrie -or Ethel during the day, and we would be glad to print it. I Leto a, A.. mil. -Wright Brotben .. 'lite News IH'andsome sweet, neat, jive ll!nderstandilllg. friend!ty crazy, are just a few ol the. many word!' that ean de seJ"ibe none other than Bentley B. J. Cool Haley, while rapping with my ace fri end he li sted some of .his fav orites such as food-anything edible, Jam.....JGive a Toa s t To The. Fool. You ll find B entle y jiving around the Falwns den \riUJ soine of his main ace's !Linda Hires, G ; wen Sava.ge, Mic heal Anderson, iDonald Bisho;>, li.em Andre"(s, /Pat R o binson, .Jaillc e Chapp el, Joy ee Brewes te:r, Annette Filer. Kim W a lden and maDY more. In bis spare. time you find him nmning wit!t. the fellows He is the S(JO of /Mr : Mrs. S. N':whrson Neat, sweet, are the only words that can }lODe other than Veron ( V. C.) iMyriet. He is a. member of 314 in whidl Miss Kuntz.eJman ill spcmsor. You 'll find him liste ning to his favorit. e a Toast To. 'l1le Fool, his hobbies an girl sCt>uting and basketba ll and playing in the pinto, his belle-is Lisa Garda, favorite food""-CCUard greeDs and n ee k bones' : Among his friends are Tub, Hill. Wimp, Dennis, Lynet te, Jaclrie, Leola and many DWre. H e resides at :!tli14 5 t h A v e. witb Mrs. Dolores Jones. lations fellows for being brothen. in the news. FAMU Bomee.miag 'If you would like t& .attend F i .\ tMU homee oming Oewber 28, please contact Jaekie Hayes, Linda Hire!! Annette Filer, Pam J a cksoll, Betoria Williams Robert Warren, Wins.tu'l IA>ndon or any member of the I'llette's or YN SO of wbidr Winston London ia vice Top Jams Give A Toast To The Fool, 'Freddie's Dead,. Baby Sitter, !Papa was a Rollin' Stone, Ben. Pierce Junior Hi School lr Avilla Trigg and Rhonda Reeves STUDENT OF THE WEEK him with Sara Smith. CongratulaOur student of the week is none tions for being the Student of tha other than Ceasar Allen. He re-Wee k. sides witi). at 4118 A special ootice to ali of the Arch Street in Carver City. Ce:tArchers Football team, we wou!d S&r liats hiS favorites as: Hobbie.!'-: all like to that you're "The playmg football ; and he just hap.. Greatest. Better luck Cobras, tha jle'DS to a member of the. next time. But remember the Archers football team. His favorKore, ite foods, anything edible; Jams: 111e Arcllers To" Dedicated To The Qne l -Lo\"'!, 1 Dedicated 'Io The One I Lov and Kempbis At. 2. Why Can"t We Live Tarether not jiving around he can be seen 3 Freddie's Dead with. his tights: &my ilarshall 4 The Good Foot (Head), Rponda Reeves,' GilM-rt 5. Think (About It) Sims, Avilia Trigg, Steve Wil .. no.pt. : hams, Robert Borde,rs, Cheryl Dwight Kitchen lind many lt's better to be loved, than not more. But you are sure to see be loftd at all. ... H igb By. lbvm An.erso ad Earl. Richaris. Senier Ill 11a.e-Spotlight Our seniOI' in 1ibe spotlight resides at 2048 :lllst _Ayel\-ue. with her parents Mr. and Mrs. I. Martinez. Her hohby is reading. Her main jam is Dedicated To The One I Love; J amnia: i$ Isaac Hay es. She lists as her favQrite food-spa.ghetti and meat baUs. Her main man is none otiJler than Lutber L. Rogers Jr. Among .her many friends are Al'ia Ball Charlotte Oliv ia, U>retta and man-'Y others. She ill the one and oo1y Sivilia Maria !1\Iartinez. After graduation Sivilia plans to go to college and l)e. come a guidance counselor for underpri v ileged children. Con gratUlatioDs Sivilia. SekQQl N&ws ville, WilkerSOII, Ft. Lauderdale, aenior; Charles Williams, Lake Deleo, senior; Hillsborough Hig,h will play the Wint.er Haven Devils Friday (to n i ght) in Winter Havea. Kick off is I. All ;persOI'liS mterstered in joining a club, cheek out the J.AJMAIA Soeiety. because it' s full of soul. ThougM For Willie Wright Ft. Pieree, senior; and Ida Cheese, Pensacola, sen ior-. 1&\ free society must be a ae-11-society. ,-___ ._ __ JOS. SCBLI'IZ BREWING CO CONTAINER DIVISION r 1 I I Accounting Function Responsible for the development and imp)emeDtatioe Gl the purchas:q effort as it :relates to tbe purcha9e or-stares and direet materials inventories. Assist. in the development of operating standards and dire c ts the preparation ci departmental budgets. Supervises paJ'l'(JU hmetion of timekeepiog. Qualific:atioDs should include a BA/BS in licc:ouiliiq plus 1 3 years ind ustrial or public experience. For cGDfidelitial <:onsideration please send resume and salary requirements to: I I I' I ... t. r MHa&" IIMillsbial RelaU... c..w.er Di..-W. ... S.tl HOt Street P.O.Ba81 hit CrMII, WlsHIIIIItt AIM An Equal Opportllllity Employer ---------I t r I I I I J


Tuesday, OctoLer 10, 1972 Fla. Sentinei. BuUetin Published every T ues. and Fri. -Get Both EdlitioDa PAGE ELEVEN Jefferson High School By Deborah Thomas ail lervis Greaux Spec ial Notice work ing at the pit (ocoa ,Services. at Mt. Moria'II-AJME Chlllrch began wiith mt@m.i.Tl'g service at 111 with t.he pastor R ev. 0. H HG:u;stan in dl,arge of devoti o n R e v C. Took e s assisting the pastor. N'@. 2 !Serve d. :M:r. 'f. Sawy e r in charge '(}j' d e v.o t it m Prayer wa s oiftfered by O.V!Ir. lisiah Joht;i'e Aft e r ;gra duating he plans to @n Gnpevine We h eard that V a l eri e R edcliek. Shel i a Price and Gail Burn e y are r eally 'rog.ether this year. Moo, we g10t t he inll o that S n lia P rice an d Ben Gordon want t-m be i n the (Ain t that right ?) J a c k i e Ha yes and Pam Jackso a ., r e ally say a U the words to :th eir ch eers. H.ey. Linda Will iams, heaoo! y u u ie.!it the DragiJns D-en. R o b ert Re.Y'filolds is very co o l C::orne lius Anderson, why so clean lately {smile). Some o f -the members of our Soulfu i Foo t ball Team for year; '\ ;rwm 'Trigg, Gregory Trigg, E d ward Sims, .steve Lott Hay war,d Brady James R ic ks Joe :MeFad den, Randy Rucker, Albert Sims and LaMareus Larry. We're so pr",()Ud to have ooe :-y instructors In 'the coo111ty. Mr. Clyde .Allen Con,g. ratulationsJ Jams You Are My Sunsmirie You 're Still A Yotmg Man GWt w Th o ugh t T o be black is to stay black, and to stay black is being proud. "Lafler" 01\ YTONA BEACH ll'Jae fu. ture of 'Bethune-'Coo'kman G e Uege looks bright, iDr. R i charr.l V. MoGre s ai d !in an interview Wed nesday, but that" future w ill be molded wit!). some<;me else at the helm of rthe ilnstitution which he has headed for 25 Y}!ars. Moore said he has informed the C"m'llege'. s Board ()f Trustees he wou1d llke : to retire at tbe end ot the 1973-74 schpol year. He's been e l i g:it. l e tfG>r :retirement since N5Q vember when he t urn ed 65 and will retlre earlier than June, l9:f4, if bis heall:h should fail, h e saiIS Auto Mechanics Cashiers Chemical Specialist-s 'Cier:k TJ:Pi9ts Commun'ication 'SpeCialiSts Crane Operatc:>rs ... ,.. nata Doctoos Draftsmm Electrician s Eledtrmiclnstruu.B.at Repainnen Engineer Equipment Repairmen Equipment Storage' Specialists Fimm:reClerks He:ury :Eqrupment'l!iuck Drivers Helicopter Mechanics Intelligence Specialists Inventory Clerks Laboratory Technicians :Mmlhine Operato:r.s Meti.palSupply Speciali s ts Military Policem e n Nurse s Technicians Personnel Records Specialists T-edlmitum Plumbers .IPJr,adtiical "Programmers Repair Parts Clerks Shipping/Receiving Clerks 'Stm;ymen I i 1 1 tl MilitaryBackground(Uany) nk 1 = Date of S e paratio n 1P,}K@"S 1.---... --.... ----------------... ----------.t smp. There were 248 fultim e stud ents et illb:e Its Committee was held S eptember 27 in the home of !Mr. and Mrs Thomas V in Ray,crest. Chairm alll 'IM:rs. G r a ce Walker presid, e d P resent a t il'b.e mil.eliiOJg were from the Ba y Crest area :and West Tamp a w!ho have c'biild!ren attentling Bay Crest Elementary .M:

PACE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Pubiished every Tues. and Frt Get BotL Yllor City's largest Supenwarket lila Acrosi fiooli. Las Novt!lades FRESH FRYER 1 1 Always FREE Storeside Parking EVERY DAY AND SATURDAY 8 A. M. T07 -PX Chicken BACKS, fR IDAYS ......... ............. .... 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. SUNDAYS .................... : 8 A .M. TO 12 NOON Lb. SPECIALS FOR OCTOBER I Uh THRU OCTOBER 15th 9c AUTHORIZED FOOD STAMP STORE LYKES THRIFTY LYKES SUGAR CREEK SUNNYLAND ... -HOT 3 Lbs. 89c 2 Pkgs. 89c 59c FREE STORE SIDE PARKING 1R FBOHT AHD FRESH MEATY TURKEY W I !NGS Lb. 19c '--------ALL LEAN PORE MEAT MINUTE STEAKS Lb. $1.29 DEBUQUE'S FINEST SMOKED SAUSAGELb. 69C U.S.D.A TEMDER JMCY LEAN TRIMMED BEEF POT ROAST Lb. 69c -PIG TAILS .. 4 Lbs. $1.00 U.S.D.A. LEAR TERDEI 79 .. ( '-------.:.---', Economy Pac. Steak Lb.-LEANLOIN P01RK CHOPS :Lb. 69c U.S.D.A. FRESH F RYERS Lb. 29c FOR BAR-B-QUE Baby Spare Ribs FRESH FRYER CHICKEN -DRUMSTICKS FRESH LEAH BEEF T'ONCiUES CEHTER CUT I SLICED HAM Lb. Lb. 49( 59c Lb. 89c Tuesday ; OctoJ;er 10, 1972 JEWEL SHORT'ENING 3 Lb. Can KELLOGG'S -CORN FLAKES Giant 18 oz. Box OVER FRESH REG. 2/59c BREAD 4 King Size Loaves ALL MEAT LUNCH MEAT 12 oz. Cans EELBECK EELBECK MEAL GRITS 24 Oz. Pkg. 19C 24 Oz. Pkg. 1 -JERGENS BATH BAR Bath Bar PERT N APKINS 60 Count 1 BEECHNUT BABY Jar 1 .ROYAL GELATIN Box 1 SAVE '24c: I TIME SAVER JOY > Giant Size )9C Full Gallon 3 SAVE .IDe Ajax Cleanser 2 Cans SAVE 14c Real Lemon 8 Oz. Botti' Charmin Tissue 4 lak JUMBO Bounty Towels 3 Rolls


Tuesday, October 110, t 972 Fla. SenUilcei-Bulletfri PuLUslled every Tues. and. Fd. PAGE. TH'IRTF%M ASSORTED FLAVORS Shasta Drink ouNCA.rt HINES .. DEL MONTE. DOLE KERBEL OR CREAMSTYLE CAKE MIX Ciolden Corn Giant 28 $ 00 Oz. Btls. RO DEPOSIT OLD BOONE'S FARM BEER StraWberry HILL. WINE -. 6 Pak 89c Fifth 99c GA. RED SWEET FRESH CRISP -' Lb. 10c Cello Bag_ 1 Oc RED DELICIOUS. JUICY SUHIIST l 4-Lb. Bag 39c Bag .]9c I Cans $ LYKES VIENNA SAUSAGE 5 Cans $1.00 DEL MONTE DRIHK -I Pineapple Grapefruit 3 46 Oz. Cans $1.00 MAGHOLIA CONDENSED MILK 3 Cans $1.00 DOUBLE LUCK CUT GR. BEANS 8 Cans $1-.00 RED TOMATOES 6 Cans $1.00 ARGO SWEET PEAS 6 Cans $1.00 -''FRESH SHELLED" BLAC.KEYE PEAS 10 Cans $1.00 SAVE SOc FIELD PEAS With SNAPS 10 Cans $1.00 S .AVE MARTHA .WHITE .. CHI liTO. "' Giant Box FLOUR PLAIR OB SELf BISIIG Lb. 811 EITBI FUCY LONG ClAIR RICE Lb. Bag PURCHASE GRADE "A" FRESH MILK Gal. Ctns. MARIE GALE FACE & HAND LOT'ION 69, Value 39c OLEO 10 8 Oz. Patties BLUE DUTCHESS FROZEH BERGAMOT 1/z Pri,e 69c MIXED VEGETABLES 3 Bags PURE WHITE PET'ROLEUM JELLY 69' Value COCONUT OIL SHAMPOO ": .. $1.29 Value ... .. ... FROZEN CUT OR WHOLE OKRA Big Bag FROZER FRENCH c


PACE FOURTEEN Fla. Seatiael-Bulletia PubliShed eYery Tues. d Frl Get Both Editiaea TUescla,., OctoJ.er to, t972 -I Our Servicemen I JACKSON SAN ANTONIO Airman Dan lel L. Jackson son of Mrs. Mary A. Jackson of 9726 Greenleaf Road, Jacksonville bas been as signed to Lowry AFB, Colo., af ter

Tuesday, October 10, 1972 Fla. SeDtlnel-Bulletin Puhlished every Tues. and Fri. Get Both PAGE FIFTEEN DIXI! DARliNG fAMILY LOA!' White Bread .. 2 :49' ALL rt.A YORS CANNI!O ir Chek Drinks .10:-19' 11 II.ISS & IIEOWR WHITI p otatoes. i'O'MGiOet ;l' ... Ji Dtllll DAaUHO AUV ... P'IIIS HIINZIII!OUlAa STIAINID Apple ... ac Str ... el. ... .'!: 7 ...... "!.., Qt.IIOH' GOOD UGIJtAA Oil DIP /' Dlllll. IWIJNO 'ANCt ,..... -49 .. .... .. .. .. ':!. (lie ....... W-D iltAHO IIONIW$ IEIF STIW o o : 14" IH 110 10 lL HAND! 'AICS-W-D NAND I'K$1t .,.. IIOUND liEF lt. 6ft liASTWITH RIIS, LEGS, THIGHS,I'II!SH .. FRYER PAR-TS .......... lt. 69' .. ... ---.. ---u s FANCY DeliciHs \ 4-;l. c J8111be Apples .;. 59 L 6 ,., ltMVlST \ o ,..... .c M.vut ,,... c ...... 10 ... 79 .. 2 .. 49 AU VAaleTIEI -ON ..... ,.,..,7aclce .. y 11-t1.31c .. ,.. 7 Dlaun ..., SUI .. ,Ac.... 2""'$1 ... 7 i slclel. .. lHRIFTY MAID Sugar nlllll'fY MAID Lunch Meat DRI' SOUTH Grape Ja111 .... lolL ......... .... .... ...... ,..,,.4 ............... sf' AllVAIIiltill-suaD -.- l-It. c-.1. ........... ...... ....... ...... It' "11 -llf:!' Mill -., .. : ..... .... ... I ............. ........ ... a==-c-,..,. ...... lt.. ,,. ..,...: : It'


PAC! SIXTEEN Fla. Senitlnel-ISulletln rubnsned nery Tues. a.nd Fri. Get Both Editlona MR. AND MRS. B. A. TilLIS HOST _DINNER PARTY PUBLISHER IN CHINA CU.ICAGO -..,. John H. Seng stacke, editor-publisher of tlie Chicago Daily Defender and 10 widely circulated weeklies, is now in mainland China along with rep Mr. and Mrs. B A. Tillis were dinner hosts a few days ago Pictured from left to right are Mrs Anna Brough ton, Mrs. Robert at their 26th Avenue abo4e. Guests of h onor were Evangelist and James, Mr. and Mrs. Tillis ; Evangelist James, Anthony Graham, Mrs. Robert James of Pontiac, Michigan, who were here for Mrs: Mattie Morgan and Mrs. Irene Benton, with whom the James a two weeks meetings at the Hendenon Avenue Church of Christ, ._re!:ided while here. tors, they were invited by the resentatives of 21 other major dailies. As members of the Amer lean Society of Newspaper Edi Chinese Hsinhua News Agency for a three-week tour of the coun try. Sengstacke, a member of the board of ASNE, is founder and former president of the National Newspaper Publishers Association. The tour group will. return from thina on octo.,er 23. MUSIC AND TALKS PROVIDE BANQUET ENTERTAINMENT : Nice "music aad baspirlaf talks made up aa richt, Glady's Street, Mrs. Elizabeth Lusane, entedainlac _program for the recent St Joha Fel Mn. Bennie Pumpkin and U. Martin, a deacon, lowsbiP, Banquet. included, from left to TIME OUT FOR CELEBRATION Folks at the B. P Service Station, 34th and Lake, took a breather Friday n ight to help Maxie L. Wilcox, center, and Wll Iiam Rev. Jones, right, celebrate birthdays. Their cake is being presented by Mrs. Bes sie Zeigler BEDy from Sentinel Advertisers Dr. Beacham, Former T ampan, Is Cited 'DA, IL.IAHIASSEE Dr. Herbert Beacham, chairman of the de partment of Industrial Education has received a certificate of ap pre-ciation from Florida's State Commissioner of Education, Floyd T Christian "for outstanding ser...vice to Florida education." The c e rtific ate was awarded in c on nection with Dr Beacham's par ticipati on in the preparation of the new and now published vol ume Industrial Arts for Florida Youth, Bulletin 726. D r. Beacham is and has been for the past several years a member of two significant s tat e w ide committees : The Florida In d u s t r : 91 Arts Advisory Commit tee and the Florida Industrial Art Curriculum Guide Commit tee. The latter committee was respons:ble for the developmen t of the new bulletin The new docu ment was developed over a pe r iod o f a,Jproximately three vears [n Aoril of thi s y-ear, Dr. B e a ch am a uthored an article published I n the Flor ida Indus t rial Arts As sociation Q uarterly POinti ng out h is concern s and the n e ed for selection. trainin!!. and certific at ;on of trade teach ers. Dr. Beacham is a native of Tampa and _graduate o f Don Thompson High School. LOUNGE Open Every' Da y Air C ond. Lo c a ted: 859 Z,4,CK STREET PHONE 229-9893 FIFTY IRON MEN'S WIVES AT. INSTALLATION Wives of the Fifty Iron Men were at the r Robert Scott resi dence Saturday for the installation and social hour that followed Seated from left are Mrs. Carrie Richardson, Mrs. Gwendolyn Payne, Mrs. Margaret McKay and Marie Arnold. CLUB HAS INSTALLATION AFFAIR A nice affair Saturday evening was the Installation and Social Hour hosted b y the Fifty Iron Men Club at the \t!)b!ltt dence. Enjoying the affair were, from left, seph McRae Robert Scott Robert Savedra, honorary member; and 1\fr. and Mrs. Eugene Payne.


. IE P!l1el!. .Mr. Be,pt, Tanp ()bxWi;a:n 00-y ,Wlidoe Choir 'UT!Mon 'Wiill lblli>IDess '11uesnaw at 'New !Progress M. !B. Obuvdh, '31!tth s.t. and Sh-adowlawn. Rev. IE. 'J'. W!iiliams, 'is pa'Stter. Arll di.oers .ana asked 'Ito he JlFeSent. ID.he :meet ing w.Nl .at :a. J:f there a oo any ch0k-s Wiho MIO. rud a&e >to be come a .member of ilhis union, they ame w.ellQQme t o .c001e to this business ....... ,. SdlaiJ 'lin @IIeJI8I".atian iar '!fu1e :tien Boom 1 d W. lJ. Szy.an r:clen't.er iinwte.d B-ee c ue 1llit $ d. itlhe 'IDam i>,a 'lllin.e t o 1l!he 'W:.eekilN B,Pl1xiit.uad will me e 1t at :1! :at fue lboone (Q'f Ma:s. :fi0Sa 'Clr.ess, 2!1ill5 :28th IDiil,e .iPI!ll!llic iis .i'Iilv,l ted. w..ime JUS r beart alftaek. atiills !(IE. 11l))e 1 newy !Amn i'\iene Shelii i i ami IW!illi-am iis ilihl.e 'teacher; ; Mr.s Jiitlltllh lllll\C!lMlil, dminman, WaD W!allilare, k. TO All VETEIAIIS a-EX-SEIVKEMEN {Or Their Wives) ARMY NAVY MARINES AIR FORCE COAST GUARDS Who _laave honorably ared ,flieir Alllllrf in lime of war or peace. he 1111 llle lenelils a.e ally ... 4r woman wM ienecl IU coanky hoaerattly is kee hrial ,.ace a ilaf1011al cemetery. Close:st: natioaid amelery is ia iM ;area. I Due lo tM Jack flaese facilities Meally J.tiaJ space is._ beiRJ as ill the Veterans' "Cut1ela II fele(' t. tile valeraas' .sec;tioa a .. sa Bitl Park ........ k ensw to -tile u.e .. ..... -. 11111u's _burill.,.. .. at .. Adilitial u w : -........ la< atlvaace-r&Jis \1!1i; 1 -. I .. JirptJu'l _... lund chup ef $1lM. ,as 1..-..J by mi. a JWr IGII spaces will lie .:S. lill .. firit.com-. jiml.....t ..._ ..... ftlerftlioa, _maifc., ...._: ------t Y.DBAII' SU:IA j URDBI Of VAlOI 5edien j-BU. PAM GX'I11If '"'-'I .. Of V allr'1 P. I. 11123, Taap. J1a. 23&111 9 A.M.TCI I P.M. I'AC'. _.e Hill: P --_...1. .r _... f.N .... "" v.-.. .. Al<.a:.< (JA loo oOOO I ........... ... ; 1ft' ... .. 879-6120 Rose Hill P.ar.k Cemeierw lis a >prii-'e mgaa lzation, not connected In any with .ibe Federal Government or 'any "Of tits agenmes, CITY ,. a c. -.ce._.,,,,,, ,, I llalanch of Service ,""'"'-'' J Seryl _ce Number u .. ,. ... ,..,, .... !IT 'Jlamber In Fanlily T: -,:._. I Rank at Discharge '" ""Y-4""'" ,.. ,,. ... TO AU. 'TIE fA.LY -.. ,.. he fllllily --which wiD ... yoa and ,_.. taiBiy swer ti.e ........ For yoar iree family lleconl Plauer Call Ul-1121 JIIWI :PACE :SEVEN'fBEN lew Slleill fiB' !B.!Y :s. :1) IIICS'S ''inhoe 'Sesf>'k).n ._,. a. ,86olr,, Pador '. 1lbe iBtm .B:a!J!l!;iisit IQ, M H. Kept, .:A:S'Iltlciartli.m ;aDd Women'lll <0&11-:s. s M ifm Sunirlay was v!81:1iiion of 'IF:rUllc a tbe hiDmr wilil tbe is .m"Gder.ai'li!tr wiJ!I. can ult, iD cl:l:ai1ge. IAB!l teat:hers were :vene art iJbe St. ,lTJ'im at. >,hir 'ipfit. '!be !lessoo was reJClhtmdh,, &de Oioi>y, W we.ed .Dea. UQming a Dew. .JT. E iFI0niier Bm wai .Mr L. iJy MOO. Olllo1tly. lflhe Slromr a;>reSidelil. !Mils. R Be:ba i 'fif 11lbe '. De.a. .Gfuneeh\ess. 'Be same Gmeer:s, blJim.iie !Drea1n WJiil:l. 1be in cih-arge. 1milB16 :ileliVEd fur night file ill1 a.:m. senmm wii:l!J. lhe iby B.erWiioe. tdeliverm :il!.w$ w;as and ooe .!EliiOlila' nn lha Ser-ut &e Sicit and Sbat-iM. 'illy Riew. .lfmtes. W.-eJila!J..es-Y{{)u :are weioome to attend oor d:a:y 7-::ll!i, 9.El:1'ml'JG ib: y iiev. serv>iees :lM,. :MO!Irr.a. w 'l1hllll'B&y a@l'll'lii;mg, 'il:1hemtlte. : '']Let :aB!I.'e I 1:....--t... u M :o:ea. rc. w. Y 'MZ-allikier. aa. .a.m. JS&m0n lbw !Rtev. Cesltt:inl. :a.m iiD-y IR'&-V. !W. L. We'bb. 2 :00 IP m. se!l'rnon Rev, .S. D. H4-ck-s; IMil'1i-stexJS and 'D.eaoo.ns Wiw.es !Mrs, Cartrie Long in charge, Friday .eVte.fl1ili,;g. dllll< C ati61tlall Hour. M:aTy JS!pa11n and Lanie Davis in cll,a;rge !Mrs. A;gn.es n.ean will present president Shepi_par.d ror An:111ual 1 Address. .Sermon by L. :S. 'M1 ciCree 8:'30 sermon by R ev :J. R. Lee. morni FI-g, y&l.!li\ib. Uolemr. Mrs. Eadz'!lh:eitlh Cooper lin clia!l.'ge. ,Gra1J11d alfl Miiss M a;riiftYI!!l 'Wl!Jd'teheac1l, o f the V'((')ut&i Deparoment, wiill be presented -by MI;'s. E. 'The Um o n Ui!iiOOn will. be m a t().(illll;besd;. 11Be :tm!St. y.0uiths preSent, their _p,resadent M7UJJ. be crowm ed. ut\.ell. 'llhe il!1 a m.. 1111om Rev. E. B'81il.tteY :S p .. m. Youlih 'i1 11 .. m rt. V:is'ltors Au-e. ex- 1>eckld :to -.abt-end. .M;any other tlill.mber-s will -lle rendered. CltJa:IiY their 'flllliwingsiton, 49015 312nd St. Let .us all remember the siok 1!Jild, fihut ins. Visitors are Hyde Park Prayer a-1 M>rs. Eddies Wilson, ret!. Mrs. Willie Mae HoUI-.ay# ltept. fJllo Hyde Park Pra'YiQ8. .1\!CiV, _E_ l\ft!llS, ..... 1 ....,..... s. s. began at !1:30-W'illl ilia su,pt Mr. Charlie Harris in charge All teaflhers were at the .ir ,pest. The !lesS!iln .was taught' by tire pastm. Morning worship fol lowed at 10:55 with the pastor at 'llis' post. Music wai; rendered by tbe Altar 'Choi r. The nressa,ge brought to us ,'by the 'pastor, choir N'O. 2 will' 'have rehearsal Wednesday evening at 7:30 All members .are r.equire d t o pre: senit and on time; lf'he Altar 'Choir will. !11!1'1!0 halVe ;r.ehear.Eial. Choir No. 1 will have rehearsal .ait :Z :3'0. Mr. Toby Hate d s a -patien:t -at TGII: At home recuperatir\g fr.Qm recent .surgery ar-e M am i e Simmons; Wilhelminia McDooald aild Mrs. Lenora Per.ez. !Mrs. Viola Ke1ley is a pati ent at lohn's Hopkins 'Hosp ital in Baltirnoi-.e, M!;l She was stricken attending the filliler.al <>f an uncle, 1:1he Tarn:pa Chapter of the !N.ihon al. A1uCJm:i Associat4,on i1 IBithurie

p AC! EIGHTEEN Tuesday, October 110,, 1972 The Tampa/ Lookouts Capture Second Straight Title The Tampa Lookouts have captured their second atraight title in a row. Pictured on the back row from Jeft to right, Coach Don Fernandez, Jorome Thomas, Wally Shephard, Aubury Grantlian, Don Fernandez, Jorge Marino, Tim Grant, Hipolito Arenas, Jr., and owner Hipolito Arenas, Sr. On the fro1it row are bat boy Murray, Manager Henry Davis, Jorge Leto, Cyril Brown ; Gerald Jones Ronald Hardin Robert Lope z, John Cardona; and in front Albert Arenas and Butch Arenas. N C. A A. Checks, Hitters And Missers BowHng A :la. Stale : Hold: s Off Rattlers Fla. A&M Ala. First Downs .. ..... .. 20. 8 Yards Rushing 107 45 Yards Passing ; ..... 203 57 Passes ........ : 11-21.3 2-14-0 Punts .. .. ... 9-40 Fumbles Lost : 1 Penalties .......... ; 95 72 MONTGOMERY, Ala. Fight Ing off a late touchQc>wn bid by Florida A & M, Alabama State made two first-haif touchdoWns st;md up for a 13:8 victocy Sat tlrday night. .. FAMU,. suffering aeven costly turnovers during the threatened with a litte JllOre than two minutes remaining. But an interception of Rattler quarter back Kenny Holt s pass at the Alabama State 20 ended the drive. Rattlers (1-2) couldn't put any points on the scoreboard tmtil the third quarter when a bad snap from ce_ nter on a punt rolled out of the el)d zone for a safety. Holt passed to freshman Wiilie Cook fro in the one-yard-line for a fourth-quarter score. Ahibama State, now 3-1, gdt its first score When Lonnie Broznas plunged over frorri the one in Wilt Net Answering -So -Sharman Writes -[JOS AINGE[JES Wilt Chamgooil opportunity of : wfnning th. e berlaia, the oMilcj;U holdout, has cha:mpionshilp again and it's been unavaili!Jble tio LOs imperative that we get of f to (Jabr Coach Hill Shal'm:an by a good start." telepl!on e so the. Cf not oontraicts. ly.'' "llif ,we a Ytar The Lakers have woo all four Snarw:..an -iild. 1111 could games tllw've ynjerstand winy :will [.e. roy E1lis, a rail-thin 6-llJl., 11 to 'fl. Ji# ye a at of Wilt LEONARD ptiVE -INN 17. W. GOLUMIUS DRIVE We lH laller Mew Maaqemenl __ .,,, : .VI ... PAGIAB WIROW .. the first period. The Hornets' se c ond touch down came early in the second quarter when Earl Williams threw a 59.-yard scoring strike to Dor iley Ross. WASHINGTON Howard Uni. Team 3 .C. :.. '"2 2 12 8 versi-ty says it a n Bexley Bar-B-Que 1 3 L't 8 N.C.A : A : irtvesti"gation into J he Magnificent Four 3 1 12 8 eligibilitY. of its national cha m Team 1 . 0 4 12 8 pion soCcer. team, which is made HamJlton Ins. Agcy. 2 2 10 10 up en:tirely of foreign players Port Tamva Bar ... 1 3 ,10 10 An investigator from the -Na.: -7 : Eleven Stores 11 1 t 11 FLA. A&M i 8 0 6-8 tiodal CoHegiate Athletic Thibodean Corp. .. 4 0 9 11 ft,i.A. STATE 7 8 0 0-13 ence hu been gQing over How AAJ)fCO .... ... : ..... 3 1. 8 12 ard s 'ac.ademic records and Mit chell's Cleaners .. 1 3 8 14 l run viewing players. He is apparent High Game Women : P.ansi& '_.kick) ly loo1tiiig for .. violation s of "re: Starks 197, Carrie Verriett 180, Ala.-Ross 59. pass from E. Wil cruifing regi.llat'loris aiid the' As.' Eldora Baker 176. 0 Iiams (kick failed) 1lm!lteur re lligh .--Series Women: Pansie Fla.-8afety : snap : rolled out of ql!i"rement, Leo MileJ, the How Starks 455, Joyce Reddish 447, zone ard athletic director, said. Garrie Verriett _447. 1 : pass froni Cpa' ss 'The. 20 &oCcer the High Game 1\'[en: George Wil Track Stars Gridiron Eye NEW -W itli the Olym pics now finished and the future of a professional track and field league still Clouded, quite a fy.r track notables have taken !-/1 the football field in .r hopes i>f landing pro contracts come spring. ? Oly:mpic hurdles Gold Medali}lt Rod Milburn is a starting wide receiver for Southern U., while Gerald Tinker, a member of tlw 4 X 100 relay team at Muriich, is starting at wingback for Kent State And Rae Robinson, who missed out at a chance for a Gold Medal in the Olympic 100 meters because of the much-publicized starting time mixup is among the top rushing threats for F lorida Hottesf .. pro prospect though may be Willie McGe-e, a 9.1 sprinter w.ho didn't make the Olympic team because of muscle injuries .. McGee, a wide. receiver. for Alcorn A&M, is on just about ever y scout's .winter book of. top prospects. Football SC:ores Ala. State 13, Famu 8 AJbaay St. 14, Bethune 14 Alcorn 7, Tex Southern 7 : Ark. AM&N 7, Southern 7 qramb!ing 27, Tenn. St. 18 Ellz. City 13, Va. Union 8 F:. t Valley 68, KnoxviUe 8 Buy From Rorlda Sentinel Advertisers mostly bl_!lck. all hams 245, Johnson 218, from countries in Africa and the Tyrone Redd1sh ..211. Caribbean The team has run up Hign Series Me!J: George Wil a 19-game winning _streak against ha!lls -61_ 5 Favors 566, college competition Tyrone Reddish -565. High Rattler Booster Club For .Cheerleader Bias Sets Tallahassee :Trip The W.est Coast Rattler BoostIH!AJM!I'L'DOIN, Ohio -An inves ef Club is sponsoring a ous trip tigation will be held by the De to Tallahassee to the Famu partment of iHealth, Education Rattler-Tennessee S :ate f :>otbail and Welfare (iHIEW) into char:g es .game to be played Octqber 21. that black girls were : rejeeted For further information conas cheerleaders a t Hamilton Gar tact Billy Reed, after 6 P M., field High School because of their race. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;; !Leonard Hamilton ao investi. gator in liiEIW: s civil rights divi sion at Cleveland, announeed a hearing would be hel

\ Tuesday, Octoher 10, 1972 fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt Cet &th Ediition Cage Star. Cautions Youth INDiANAPOLIS Mel Daniels the veteran center for the Indi \anaPacers of. the American Bas ketball Association, advises under class men who are in a hurry to sign a pro basketball contract to take their. time. Daniels cites the case of David Brent (the 7-foot center from Jacksonville University who si gn. e

PAGE TWENTY Ameclle's Breaks Record MAD IS 0 N Wis. Rufus "RoadnmRer" Ferguson rushed 197 yards and broke the Wisc on siR caree. r scori n g record of Atan Am e che with two touchdowns Sat ur'day in a come-from-beh i nd Badger Big Ten victory ove r N orth'm:!stern. Wisc o nsin 3-1, needed two touchdAlNICIISiOO-Willie )ljc. Cov ey San Giants first !llllll'lltl hoW clothes ciea1uae .avioCe.S, aceord.ing to a suney by BM:Id Ameli ca dJ:wequea. iM!CiCovey aaid be usualiy aD exh sui teue 011 juu to i lwln.c home .hiM *"be clN&el. Be ..-. most prof.a;iOO.at athletee do the aame. Giants' Hart A.t Maridlal F .. S.,..ry SAN FRANCI!CO ..,.. PitCher Juan !Mar.ichal arid third b .ase man Ji-m Ray HTrt m the 'San Francisco Giants will Wld&gG surger:r next M onday at 'stanford Medi cal Cenfer Mat'ichal, :ill by a sore back, wiii. be Gil for c omicthms -of a .djSC i n the lower back, the baseba!.!. cluh a;tated Thas Still lnteresfttl SAN DIIOOO Duane 'lboiUd see ms t.,ntraiCt it h1q1 anl( go o d w)J.en the Condors folded tlils year : ; "I': m ... a sJ.g. n he h!'-. s ty t-o <;et eer is short at But y_Qu'v_ e to be syre you're prote.cted in fGU:r contr ,act SendMI Fla. Published e..-er,. Tues. and Fn Get BotL EdtitiODs Tuesday, October 10, 1972 TOP BLACK GOLFER LEE ELDER -IN BENEFIT TOURNAMENT PITTSBURGH Planniag Golf Toaraameat to benefit Sickle CeU Asemia Besearck are, left to right, Roy Kolaler, Maaager Com mllllit y Belatiolll, Gulf 00 Corporation; golfer Lee Elder; Joha Chrisllaa et WDC"TV aad Tile Dandy Duffers Gelf Club of Pitts fte t.wutlleM t1 beiag held at C.me B Gelf Club .ear BaUer, Glllf and the Pittsburgh TV station wiD C&-IJMM'Hr the tournament, Oct. 14. Gulf sponsored Cosmo Pro "Yiak" Wil la the Nigerian ()pe11 Ia lr70 a11d Elder in lr71. Elder W'Oil I& aad wiU defeacl his title aext year Ia Lagos, Nigeria. Be ka1 woa ner .5,001 ia Jm &be PGA Teur. \ Say1tello to Old file ... lts heyday was in the Roariq.gTwentie$ and now it's making a comeback. 1 General Te-lephone has jus_t added Cand. lestick phone to its decorator You can get it in black or red or white And you can get it simply by callin our business office. Just tell them ,you want to talk old friend. ,liji:l' GEnERAL TELEPHOnEI


Tuesday, Octol.er 10, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published e.e.ry Tues. and Frl. Get Both Editlo.s PAGE .ONE TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT By JOHNNY JACOBS Johansson when be became the only figbter to ever lose his title and regain it in a rematch. Also y6urs truly witnessed a number of replays of the "BROWN BOMBER" JOE LOUIS in action during h i s reign as the king All in an, it is different and very exciting So check 1 the Hancock Lounge out and see if you don t like the change. Your truly had the pleasure through invitation of visiting the lovely NCO Club out at Ma c Dill Air Force Base last weekend. It was one qf their rare soul nights. Yours truly has been informed that nwst of the entertainment out at the club is normally on the country and western style. However, every now and then they tl}row a little soul 0n the brothers and sisters who happen Speaking of reliving the pas.t:, the motion pi cture f.lms while you enjoy the evening, Nathan over at Hancock Lounge has included something of this nature into his evening of ent ertainment. Had the pleasure of again seeing FLOYD PATTERSON regain his title from Some of the best Bar-B-Que in the Tampa area c an be found at the ZANZIBAR BAR-B-QUE. So j o in the soul crowd and take in some of the best eati ng in town. THAT'S MY CASE-I see where heroin is still number one-and some of the brothers on the corn er just shoot i t for 1fun. Well if you think it'& ll joke and you are starting to smile remember Frel-dy is dead and he is going to be dead for a while. to be stationed oq the base. Last weekend it was a gala affai r. Participating was one 0 the best soul bands this corner has w-itnessed in quite some ti-me. Guess you would have to go back to the days of the TIG F AMJL Y to cempare the performance ef this' group The inv it ation w a s through the grac e of the lovely Mrs. Lorean Batson, the spouse of S/Sgt. Joe Batson who is ing up a tour in the coldest part of the world, Alaska Others in VIllved in the fun afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jones and yours truly and his other half. Would liike to say thanks to Mrs. fer a lovely afternoon. '!he OHiUCK BORIS TRIO did up a thing at the Casabah taurant & Lounge at the Holiday bm West over the weekefld. If you haven't been to the Casbah yet, yours truly strongly suggests that to you if you like the best ba Here one can dis cover an excellen t choice for dining and entertain ment. The completely new din ing room features a variety_ ef favodte entres plus an excellent salad bar. After d i nner eJljoy dancing on the elevated dan.ce floor ana listen to your favonte tunes Popular entertainment for your listening and dancing pleas ure is provided by the CHUCK BORIS TRIO. Tell them TNB SENT YOU! The Red Lobster Restaurant Cocktail Lounge is truly a har bor for seafood lovers and re markable reaoonbly priced Spec i.alizing in fresh Flida seafeed with delightful addrtioJils from dis tant points of the compass su e h as Maine, Maryland Peru, Chile and even &>uth Africa to name a few Every dish i s pre pared from knowledge ga inea and re-citpes developed in over 25 years. That's nlt a } l they ha:ve that has a M of saul. They just picked up one of MacDill s number one ser geants, S/Sgt. Jones now retired. He infermed your s truly that since he has given the Air Force 2(l years of his he finally has a chance to eat some real food, witb the label saying GI issue. One of the newest and most e-x4:iting clubs to spring to the sur face in the bay area is the lavi sh ly decorated :BACKSTAGE'at 20li Arctic Ave. An unusual Ctlncept in entertainmeJilt, thill very dn ferent night spot combines the elements of a supper club, lounge and old time theatre. Take in a vintage W. C. Fields or Chaplin movie. Businessman s luncheon is servelil from 11 to 2 P M Lounge entertainment from 9:30 P M. to JOB 4-WMEEL BRAKE OVERHAUl lNtLUDES THE FOLLOWING P ARTS & LABORl --- N-ew brake linings f Add new !L:. d all 4 wheels _, Removal cle&n i:nepe-::t, New front grease.-aealt :-"' repack.fiontw,heel bnri-na New return sprlnp Inspee t en tln -!lly&telll Turn wmms Adjust all4 b.taku, :rc linings for tc.ta1 JEFATUL CALLING By FA TRER A. PARK JOB SEEKERS: Woman is fookfng for work as stock clerk; woman looking for work in Social Services. JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Maintenance men ; 2nd or 3rd class Carpenter; Truck Driver; 3 good motel maids; waitress ; fac tory workers; tile workers; bus boy; andassembly-line workers. JEFATUL NEEDS: Electric fans ball point pens, t y ping paper, and volunteer who speaks and reads Italian to assist in evening Italian class for JE-FATUL Language School. JEFATUL THANKS : The Mari o n Reed Funeral Home and the Boza Funeral Home. Those needing work or work ers, please call JE' FATUL 223-3454 or come to 1026 Central Ave nue, or 229-8117 or come tq 1405 Tampa Park Plaza (northeast e0mer of Scott and Nebraska) Buy From Sentinel Florida Advertiser$. PROFESSIONAL lUBE MD OlliM&E sso "SNAR-&ACK" EBIE TIP z-gas ears. Tndudes all Ia bor and "these parts: New siJark condenser,_ points. PROFESSIONAL FROITEID AUGIMENl 1095 3 A.M. You can stroll down their famous film hall of fame, or en joy a spin around the dance floor In their unique and fascinating cocktai-l lotmge St()p in their "Pat ace Theatre" and take a look at such favorites as W. C. Fields, Laurel and Hard:v, Charlie Chap Jin and many others. It' s some thing to see and to remember. to the billboard the INK SPOTS will be aopearine: at the BACKSTAGE SUPPER CLUB Oct 17 thru October 22. Check 'em out! HOW AT YOD IIEARIY GOODYE.AR SERVICE STORES From Florida Aclverti.sers Buy Seatinel TAMPA Easltate 52t2 N-. 22ad ST. Open S: 30 to 5:30 se habla Espanol PHONE 237-3361 TAMPA Teapre Tertace 9240 N. 58th PHONE 988-4191 Qaen Dally 8:30 to 5:30 TAMPA lillshro Plaza 2901 W. Hillsbereugll. POON-E, 8'7-9528 Dally 8:30 to 5:30 TAMP' A: lortl Gale. 1!22 FLORIDA AVE. PHONE 932.616& Oaen Dally 8:3t to TAMPA TAMPA TA\MP:A\ ACRt>SS FROM Dowmown ACR0SS FR'Ol\1 Britton Plaza Morgan &: Twiggs Sts. West ... Plaza 3813 S. D;'\LE MABRY PHONE 229-0821 5002 w. KeDUd,, B&tlo PHO.N-E 831-1891 Open 7:30 to 5:30 PH&NE m--GI.:I! Dally 8 : 30 to 6 P.M. Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. ()pea. Itail,.1:3f te I:; : l Sat t A.M. to 11:30 Aqul 1e babla Espaaef lqul -haltla Es,...a


PAGE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sen1tinei-Bulletin -Published every Tues. and Fri Get Both Editions TuesdaJ'; October 10, 1972 FUNERAL N OTICES ... .... .... ,.. .... !. ..... "' ................... 1 uTON (WASH)..:_Funeral services for Washington (Wash) Green, Sr., 1935 Walnut Street, who passed Wednesday evening in a local hospital, will be held Wednesday, Oct. 11, at 3:30 p.m. from the DUDLEY LAWRENCE 1\-Iemorial Funeral CHAPEL of STONE'S FUNERAL H 0 M E, INC., STONE & GORDON, FU NE. RAL DIRECTORS, with Rev. Charlie Cotton officiating. Interment will 'be in Memorial Park Cemetery. The body will lie in state at the Funeral Home for the visitation of relatives and friends o f STONE'S from 10 a.m. Tuesday morning to Funeral Time Wednes day. A native of Marion County, Florida, Mr. Green grew up in St. Petersburg, and moved to Tam1>a more than fifty years ago. op-.. erated tbe Rhythm Shoe.-Sh ine Parlor at Central Avenue and S e ott S treet, for more than f:J!try_ Death N .otices r.n.GERS FUNERAL HO!\IE Mr. Ed Pollard, 1721.St. Joseph Street. WILSON: FUNERAL. HOM:E Baby Boy Jamoes; 4416 Atwater Dr. :r.lrs. clote Jennings, 7924 Bahia Ave. Baby Boy Piggott, %101 Rivera Ct. Mr. Wesley Alonzo Williams, 4012 E. Louisiana Ave, Mrs. Pearl Roy, Governor Sit. Baby' Boy Perkins,. 34.11 E. }'ern. Mrs. Jame Anna Chestnut, 1615 15th Ave. FRANKUN FUNERAL HOME Infant Girl Russell, Z610 lOth S t Mrs. irene A. Mitchell, 3528 N. Clay St. Mrs. Edith Lewis, 4810 30th S t Mr Joe Windell Piggo.tt, 4810 3Qth S t RAY WI.LLIAMS FUNERAL HOME. Mrs. Annie Woods, Wimauma. 1\'Irs. Annie Currington, 2107 Cherry St. STONE & GORDON FUNERAL IIOME ;Mr. Washington (Wash) Green, Sr., 193li Walnut St. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Emma Sike, '1015 E. Columbll8 Dr. five years right up to his passing, and was a partner in the opera tion of the bu slness for many years until about 1964 with the late Mr. Norman (Slim) Ran dolph. He leaves to mourn h;s passing: a son, Mr. Washin gto n Green,-Jr. and wife, Pauline, Milton, Fla.; a foster daughter, Mrs. Ernestine Mitchell and h usband, Willie, Tampa; 2 grandchil dren, Master Willie Mitchell ;:nd little Miss Renay Mitchell, both ol Tampa; cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard McCormick and Mrs. Ada McCormick, all of Orlando; a very devoted friend, Mrs Fann i e Thomas, Tampa; other de voted friends inlucde: Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Mickens, Jr., Win ter Park, Mr. and Mrs. John I>. King, Mr. Roy Daniels Mt. Ira Peterson, Mr. Nel Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Turner, Mrs Lillie Mae Carpenter, Mr.' James Davis, Mary and Mr. and Mrs. Temrle Boggs, Mr. Clyde L. Marshall, Mr. Harry Showard, and Mrs. Grace Gammons, all of Tampa; and a host of other sorrowing r elatives and friends. Services are b eing rendered by STONE 'S FU N E RAL HOME, INC., STONE & GDRDON, FUNERAL DIRE< > '.fORS MEMORIAM 'L\Mt'A In .niemory of !l.>r. Locious Thomas Wilson kno w n as "Bo'' who ieft us. October 10, 1970 : To_ yOQr: grave I always wander, the ftowers I place with care, Darling ito Olie kitows the .heartache as I turn and' leave you :there.' God took yo : u to his garden, he knew you needed rest; His garden must be beauti ful, He only takes the best. Sadly missed by mother, Mrs. Rosa Lee Pinkney and son, Michael; sisters and brothers and grandmother, and 'all the rest of the family. Lacoochee-Servilces at Mt. Moria' h Ba1pt. ChUI'Ch began with S unday school with the SUIPt., Daisy Story in charge. The lesson was re viewed by the pastor, Rev. L. WaddelL Mrs. Grant and Mrs, H ickman were present at Sunday school. lRev : L H. King and cong1:ega tion will render service with us on Su .nday morning, All mem UNCLE SANDY SAYS 40, 60. There is a chord in ev. ery he_art that bas a s i g h 62,80 -in it if touched aright. 56, 78. Joe (Booby} Henry Dies In Hospital Joe Nathan (Booby) Henry, Tampa spartsman and operator of two pool halls in the Belmont Heights area, died 1\lo-nday even ing at a local hospital. Death was attributed to a mass ive l:eart attack. He was 56. Henry was stricken Sunday night while visiting 30th St. home of his lifelon g friend. Dr. J. 0, Brookins. H e was rushe d tn the hospital where Monday he was reported showing signs of improvement, but he took a brn for tlte worst a n d di e d late r during the day. He was w:d e!y knnw n in the 1Belmont Heights are a where he operated pool balls on 29th and 34th Streets for many years. Funeral arrangements are in complete as we go to Fress. Arcadia Women a n d Men's Day Programs will be h e ld at Mt. Zio n r. The cnly Tampan promoted by the r'rm i s Mrs. Wri.ght, a 20-year-old sa!e$ supervisor. CLEARWATER NEWS A. D. ELLIS Reporter "When a man says he is go ing to

Tuesday, October 10, 1972 Fla. Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions / ... .. BUSIIIESS AVON HELPS MAKE dreams come true. Need extra cash for new furniture? New appliances? R e decorating? Whatev e r your dream, turn it Into reality as an A'Vo n Representativces. 1ft' s an easy way to make money in your spare time near home. Call now: Mrs Smith 626-0874 or 8 7 6 -3242; L a r go, Clearwater 442-9656. 10 CREDIT?? B ecau s e o f credit problems or down payment? 100% finan c ing available Let u s help you CAL L OR COME IN N O W SOH RAY MOTORS 6300 t:LORIDA AVE 232-4891 EMPLOYMENT WANTED A man ,t o dri i e niinister In s t a te a n d out of' "state. Must li ; e Ro o m and board fu rni s he d. Pho ne 867-7079, St. P eterburg JOBS NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED EARN WHILE YOU LEARN FOR MED ICAL RECEPTIONIS T EXECU TIVE SECRETARY WOMER CLERK TYPIST ABC SHORTHAND KEY PUNOH AND NURSES AIDE. CALL TAMPA BUSINESS AND MEDTCAL CENTER 22-3-3648 EMPLOYMEHT NURSES AND AIDES WORKING TOGETHER for Pro fessional recognition and fair wages, Call ANA 236-5933 or 251-3886. ---------------AND DOCTOR TRAINEES NEEDED WOMEN WANTED to be trained for local area h o spital and doc, tor offices. Must be willing to start immediate. No fee place ment. Limited openings. Those selected will have an opportunl ty to earn whil e training. Call 229-8381. MANPOWER IS HIRING JOBS EVERYD A Y. Work tlre day s you want. Daily c ash Ca s h bonuses. $ 1.60 'per hour up Monday thru Friday. Apply 6 a.m. t o 9 a.m. c MANPOWER,IMC. b._6 >W. BLVD. Act()jis fi-om Uni versity of Tampa DAY OR NIGHT SHIFT STEADY WORK, regular raises. Shrimp peefers, packers and laborers. Must bring Social Se curity card. If under 21 must bring birth certificate. Apply 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Monday thru Thursday. 9 A M. to 12 P.M. Friday, SINGLETON PACKING CORP. 50th St. and Uceta Road No experience necessary. Equal Opportunity Emp!oyer Buy From Floritla Sentinel. Advertisers I'LL NO CREDIT? SHAKEY CREDIT? ARE. YOU LOW ON BOWl Pl YMEIT? CALL lOW BILL, BROWN AUTO -SALES 3800 FLA. AYE. 22:8-01-57 mo.* _TOWNHOUSE! "t WHYRENTI FOR SALE WANT A : NEW HOMET f200 DOWN, GOOD CREDIT. Call Equal Opportunity Developmen' Corp. CaU BY OWNER, CUSTOM BUILT Z BEDROOl\fS, dining room liv lug room and kitchen. Terrazo floor, CB masonry finish. 1 year old. Extra large utility room. Everything near. $19,000. By applri.ntment. 877-8752. VACANT UAVE SEVERAL NEWLY recGI'I homes in Progress Vil lage. $50 down. Call HAROLD BAKER, REALTOR. Phone 988-125! '7838 North <(otb Street Open SaturdaY. and Sunday FOB SALE 3404 E. JEAN 3 BEDROOMS 2 baths. ARTHUR A. EVANS, Realtor I 253-3054 BARBER SHOP FOR SALE MAKE O FFER. Due to be moved becau se of Urban Renewal. West Tampa area. Z211 N. Al bany Avenue. 2 23. $58 DOWN MODE.RN t;EMKNT l'JLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, dove, refrigerator. $10,650 P. & I. $70.54 for 360 months at 7% mortgage. DON TAAFFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 LIS11NGS NEEDED. -FOR REH, T FOR SALE Executive Riverfront 1 BEDROJ\-10 FURNISHED apart ment CB b u hding 27181h 1 2th 2 S tory Deluxe Home 3 bedroom s -3 baths fully car peted and draped. Full kitchen -Complete in s ide Washer-Dry er room Large game room, Cover e d Bo a t Dack, 2 Car Ga rage w i t h remo t e doors, Com plete burglar system. Lots More, RIVEKGROVE AREA SEE BY APPT. ORLY PHONE 238-2903 Ave Water p aid, 258-5151. I FOR REHT Clean Painted Roilses Phone 251-1645 Save Time And Stamps Phone Your: News 248-1921 H your family of four lives on less than $140 a week before taxes, we I i can put you in a three-/bedroom home for just SJOO down and as little as $86 a month: \ WOOD EAST OF US. 19 AT CQIIONAN ROAD Call 726-4769 for details 4 MILES WEST OF DALE MABRY ON HUSBOROUGH Cal884-8000 for details by LaMonteShimberg Corporation ,, FHA 235 $100 down plus $100 prepaid items Monthly pay mtnt (inclu11ing principal, Interest, taxes and ranee) ba$eil on 360 piyments at 8"/o annual intereJt. PAGE TWENTY-THREE PUBLIC SEBYICE AUTO HOME LIFE FAST CLAIM SERVICE RATES FOR GOOD AND BAD DRIVING RECORDS. INSURANCE HAMIL TOll AGENCY 1720 North Nebra ska Avenue PHONE 229-187 9 AUTO llf.SUJWICE DlMEDIATE COVERAGE Al' A CuST TH4.T C ORRES PONDS TO YOUR DRIV ING HISTORY. JACK BERRY 62s:.&'J94 AUTO INSURANCE A. F. KILBBIDE IHS. ""Bef ore and after an a c cident 1201 MARION S T REET PHONE i!23-S531 4-CUT. RATE PLUMBING C SOL'S TRADIN G POST NU-TUBS $10.50 TOILET SEATS $1.95 SINKS & CABINETS WATERHEATERS WASH BASINS, CLOSEI) ALL DAY WED. Open Mon. Thru sat. 8-6 SS2% E., B 'WAY. Ph. 24_3,2411 COT CAB TROUBLES?: TRANSMISSION *GEN. CAR REPAIRS BY EXPERTS CALL 248-6532 RAY'S GARAGE 3007 34ih STREET TAMPA '' JUEBAL Dmmoas WILSIIfS FHEBAL BOJIE 3001 29th STREET ''Oar Bwsiaess Is Service" Phoaes: Z43-6Wi 24S-ZOS! PUGHSLEY FUIIERAL ROME 3482 26th STREET As Impressive As Re.qulred As IDexpeasive As Desired. Phones: 247-3151 or 247-3152 ROGERS FUNERAL ROME Phone 233-9302 4605 34th Skeel or 258-0764 LADY ATTENDANT "WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS." SEITDIEL WANT ADS Wnl BARD


Fla. !enrtlnei-Bulletin PuLilshed every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editions _, Tuesday, OctoLer tO, 1972 Shop Early A void The Christmas Rush H 'UNDREDS OF HOME IMPROVEMENT IDEAS T'O CHOOSE FROM-LAY-A-WAY NOW AT LA.RM ON'S BAROQUE BEAUTY INSPIRED BY SPAIN! MASTERPIECE ROOM! Bold flourishes and carved effects set the tone for the massive beauty of this 5-pc. bedroom! A ric hly grained finish is com plementecfl by antique brass finish \ardware. Triple dresser, twin mirrors, chest-on-chest headboard. TUBIO STYLE 24-HGUR COMFORT! Great llddUion to your home a sofa-sleeper! 86'' sofa with alloV.er bis cuit tufting, mass ive roll arms, casters converts to a fuit size bed for overnight guests! C_,..OIARY C8RNER EtfSEMBLE! and COmf!lrt in a corner groUp that feature s biscuit tuftlu(, high roll arms and brass finish casters on sofa and end an upholster e d bar on the table. ur Y IANKAMERICARD welcome here AU lleaas Simular To IUuslration 1 l!.r GRACIOUS DINING IN YOUR -FREIICH PROVIHCIAL ROOM! The most elegant dining style Is found in a 6-pc. suite with graceful Frenc h c abriole legs. Carved effects are restrained and distinctive. A lighted china with glass shelves, 42x62-72" table splat back arm chair and. 3 s l de chairs. }.uJutil.uAJz 9M, ARMON: LOVELY MIDITERRANEAN ACCENTS! 1324 lO E. Bnaclway PIIONE l.t7 Ornately fashioned C!lrved effects distinguish this l1andsom e collection of oak finish occasional tabl es. End table, cockta il table and square lamp table. "II'S EASY TO PAY THE LARMON WAY" OPEN FRIDAY KIGHT 'TIL 8 P. M. Plenty Of FREE ParW.. 0. Let In Re..-Of'" Store


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