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HUNDREDS OF VETS. DESCENDlNG ';oN Two: AREA VA RIYALS ,........._ l l (SEE $TORY ON PAGE 22) All The News Fit To Print \ Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU AMERICA'S SEMI WEEKLY ;YOL. 25, NO. 88. TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS Fired Black Cop Feels 'Railroaded' MOTHER OF BRIDE GREETS GUESTS AT RECEPTION Dorothy Lyles and : Cbarles McC askill were marLyles, right, bride's mother; It as she rled SatUI'day evening at Mt. Zion AME Church greets guests, Mn. Iren e DensOn and William In Port Tampa. The receptloa followed at the Range. Southweet Center. Mrs. Catherine (LASSROOM TEA.CHERS ENDORS.ES ALL DEMOCRATS EXCEPT HARMON. The Sentinel learned that the Teachers Association ) CT A) has gone all out in sup r.ort of all Democratic candidates n the November 7th election ).rith the exception of one. The CTA failed to endorse Mrs. Dor othy Harmon, a black teacher, is opposing David McClain, incumbent,-in the race tor State Senator. : Since th e endorsements of the (;TA were announced last Fd day, the Sentjnel 9ffice has been fwamped with calls from black voters wanting to know why they failed to support the educator "ho is also a member of the or ranization. Robert Martinez, Executive Di rector of tlw CTA, said not a sin gle call has been received from anyone questioping the associ a tion's endorsel@llts. The only i>erson that ca!li'd, he said, wai Mrs Harmon herself. Martinez said he didn't speak with Mrs. Harmon himself but she did come by the office later and left a letter for Bobby Brew er, president of the CTA, though Martinez says he hasn't read it. When asked why the CTA failed to sqpport the long-time teacher, Martinez freely said the decision was made by the all-white com mittee called PACE (Political Action Committee for Education) He said the members of P ACj!: Interviewed all candidates on ao;. tober u: and they with most of Senator McClain's poll (Continued On Page 3) J Jake Gaither In Town Wednesday A. S. (Jake) Gaither, athletlo director at Florida A & M Uni versity, will be in Tampa Wed nesday, Oct. 18, to discuss the u. of Tampa-Famu g ame Nov. 4th. Gaither will meet with alumni, businessmen and other friends of the university at the Sentinel-But letin n e w s roo m at 8:00 p. m ; All of these Interested parti es a:re asked to please be preaen t ,81ld 811 time so that matters .relatinl .. the rame eaa be diseussetl. (SEE STORY ON :PAGE 3 ) SEE STORY ON PAGE to-Pedestrians Nearly BuUets .. w (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3). RiGhts G roup Gets NeW _(RE &l'QRY ON PAGE 15) Arrestecl.ln 'Robbery' M .. w T [(SEE STORY ON P AGK 1.1


. '"J'ACETWO. Fla. Publislied e very Tues. and Fri. Get Both. Editioni "?. Octoher17, 1972 COUIIHOUSE calibeis; one .12 gauge shotgun, a caliber semi a a t'Omatic, a .2il Miicl malic: shotgun and Wesle;r Thomas, 25.,, is beimg: : -.:. Jw, o Men Have Duel : 111 Bar A 'IRIJlan L was; hE>Sla li t m.m. ailong with a &ullflt by police fw a5sai.Llt. tOJ ptallzed m. faiil! coaditiC!ln Slilllday poriaile TV were l!eJIOrted miss. against his; brC!lther and wBel!ll sbt a1 Tampa Gen-inc -'lbe iielill'oSI are w.orth $991. his kotiler's wife eral via of Amubl:ance-, InC'. She 'Die lock tll'l the hnt door at Jcl!D Arthur Thom>as, 381, Da>lemen were arrested :fiCilir as:sad murder Fridaty iliigjlt to thehr at1ia ell en eaoen otller with knives' theymet in the middle: of the roO>m and started cirtitmg e'ach oth-e-r ul:p, aod attn figbtiiin g ibriefliy, White left' goillg in the direction of hi s home and Eag. lin w errt el!l'1lside W'lreYe h-e was rater pidted' tiP' by iJ\; lll!b\Tta:nee; [nc. had been badly beaten about the 4013 E. Grove was pried oy unville, Alabama, and his wife and eyes }>(iilieeo said!. nom wb.Q. eliLtered tne Jo.yce, 32,. aQQp.ted hi& brl he tried to leave S. -B. Xnss, to leli'Veo, Wesley lttJ .. W4. E:. 'Zth Aven11e, Satwrrla(Y-p!ieaebed tb.e-m anc;!. cle-mal!leled -charg ed' with bream&"' -and en. afternoon with 32 paims o n lad.iies. tW they' g ilve the e igllt-ti!I0m.tJil.. lerirrg with interr-ti to commit as.. 1:lt'ldel'weaF'. 'Fhe-seeuri ty officer old b-aby tO' him. The famrlf:'was i!auit earfy Monday morni'ng; LeG wemt: to 2002 E; 4th Avenue, resitold police that be saw the s it ting in the-w ear and when trene of Willis maa take the menhandise from Wesley threaliened! them with a 29 amd beat on dfoor WUiiiJ Ure a eGWJ:tier ami pVace. it in a paper g,an, Thm ;ms d:um;ve of but GKd. screen cl'lil0r 'l.Ulillatiehec;!i. He em-lllag; :mdl walk (i).l!lt The valuer ml }teal' a sh.ti bein g fired. The hmJ!. terecll with a weap0n in ---lilaOO the item flllCiafri $1!3 .44. let, hi!ti. the ear on the Eig_hll flrmrie, and tFlFeaterred E'verett' and Miss Heuy Mftefee, Jr., 47, l!6lli2 door. 1 tl Lamar St., was in the rear of Thomas had his other three Virp:inia 1-ii ton! 24 a 1930. 7thAveaue-night children in the back seat of 1 '1e dress, w iit& b001Ly :!'!ann if they _, interfered. He then str)Jck Gwen when he was robbed by an un. car and they told police .that as Mii!ton., severa, l tiiil!us: in known suspftfi : The man lost: tiwo their cfadit;y dlrove oEf they sa.w the-fa:ee with Lee ..,2s sets of car keys, a Wlll.lfut wouth Wesley niit B'essie and df.ag Fler by aS .!eft t!!e $7 containmg J.D. and! $9, ami! a down the st11eet. boul!e -Thomp$ is M 30-dll>y -leav;e. man. shC!lt Le:wis -"" "" .. :Jl from 'kmly atJd i.i i n Brown;, 26, 2ii01ii' PailitfiiJ:x m ill!!e the thief. Plant CitJ before: gq; ti!IJ K01rea. right 1 e g Saturday, evemfug. A with a 32 He told tl\e officer t!'rat hrs-orothBrown was at Cass and Nebraska snubnose revolver robbed Biff er has vowed to take the child when the shooting aee!llliTed Burgex of Ybor City Friday night wheru he leaJVJes He ad'cled that, L '""'1'-". ,..6 of $ ]66. The> man belrl a g1ili1 on he '. nec...o. .. ,.,,..., Mrs.. omse .,] "'""" """ ....... t'1 ,., .....__"" .,. ,......., --J 35th St., reported. Sattitday 1i.o ... e emp anul alii the befoFE!-1\luwing tO> .nave his: brothero : lice that was Ql!l moaey illl a bag. then! fled1 in a prosectuttlill and' see tW, Ere qpes; head by her commCillltlaw lms-nearby aM'eY,. not take tile cl!il'd t frem 1'!i:s wife. band while at 300n ud Emma rs. JohnsoB,. 41, 30H She said the mm used Si l!J.e.e:r Anow st., t treffted a t a: lo cal ho&pital for knife wounds in the chest on the arm when a detention order was issued for him to .. be held and chaTged in the offense. Leon White 54, 36116 llr Buffalo, was later arrested at Tbe: bift: due-) between the twe liiiletl\ t(JM)l: r p llate: ia' tliie Blue I R iJ'Jbon Tavern 4 000 219th St. and the only person in the place wl\o admitte-d seeing the incident gave police tl'ris version: The tw0r were arguing, then bath feft and returned a few m inutes later. They entered 1lTnzou g h differei:llt doors and *ere: Jrotb carrlfig }mj,ves. : H.e said Breoksvile Services at Bethlehem B.apt. Church. hegan. with SUD.da.y s:e!w.Ql with the asst. supt. Mrs. Nela Ma.e IMi!l!lts in IMomh:llg s:erv,ia::e: began at wwm lile:aC!&Ill 1 R0ililert Timm(!)(ls aliJ.dl De3ic. m Al' e s Holmes, in cll!ia:rge: ef cfev0ti:em;, All eli0in o t the ehW!'0h s:el!Ye:d'. ThE!' an, r.euncement s were by ID'avid rReese. A hyrrin was lined iby R e v. E. Bennett. !At; 3ltlfue Senior usht\lrs oos:erv.e d tlieiX 8tli B 'F 'U meeting was held at 5:3i0; am Mrs. Jenm.i:e D. WrigM wasr iDJ eharge. E.V.eni'II!g service Mga;n at 6 .:00< wi'tihl Jlleoacon E. Cole illl' char g e of devotion Baptism was h eld for thes.e. ca.n.did:a.tes ; : w.'l"e..:ry l:iaJms alild hills. sis.t'el" ':1.\tiss fi lialll'I!S'. 'Fhe-s enniml w;a;s d 1e11i"lell'ed ihy ;l'le.w. EJjijah B.emret1t. Rie, v. :L. E P:lliSt9r a .nd. David M. i R'ees .eo., !'ep;tl. Wbli1!e> No. ll woumt. -,-. When. was. at the hospita l he-ref.Used to give imior!llation sayiri.,. hU attacker ijllknon.im, Services at Mt. Moriah Bapt. Church-began with S:tiniiay :school wit!. slJlDit. llll!lO at then posb. Th:e: l:e!SOJII! W lllS> -reviewed b;r the: pastol!. ,M:ommb:ng beg:liD at 1!1. wit& the. choir am ushers ser...img. !Miss Waddell was in dra11ge 04!-' the musi:c. The ser mon was delivered by the' pas tor. IA1r. :t H. King; and his com gregati'0IJl iW!!n Clewiston was in clilaargeof tie service. Rev. Joe E:ait es, t I Rew. .A, Owens and otl'rer mirus1ietrs were our. ,pulpit guest". Mter the .service the Mort,g;a;ge, bwrnfug,., ceremony was heid. Mrs L. Wa dd e ll, pastor and IMrs ill}ii!isy S 'tlill"! ... 8ll:Mi n]IO:trte.r. v,iwte Olll the tmrcll lblem 8()5t,_ The : :tnQney rais-eii 'rom t.lte. Sa& of tbeo S'entmel J!iulle.:tiin tO! il.adg e No. 1:4$. to-buiird llJI' ft'fle.]:l' tl!'eOi!SU l'e:ll', polire he aDd a in were arguing at his home :and .We cut him with a Mistellaneoi&S Joe 34,. N :,29th St. 81111 E., B'tdfalo, WiaS ., Sunday at E Lake $d .2S.tli. St. The mft:tmg is part. of a em tinijin3 c bmp:a:ign t "' bring to blaek. of BmsbOJoug!h During-t.lle : meeting, wiJiJ. be dliSI cari&l!IS isi'!J:Ies aB'e('\)ing; the. welfare: .01 .ow C'Cimmunity; i n ,el'udiin;g tfte fml'll'e &J Q.ntraJt AVeDile' ed the in West Paw Btill-e y twa, weelts a ,g&. !Balb, y S!row-er fg S]patesatli: INe1g}ili'ctEhood: HQUSe! 4131& Ni. l2l:l4i S't!lree:t. Co.11l:rus is celDill:il!ied t9 1ifre Cent.e1r m arbitucne entered her house Friday and ates) were found on the floor. He teok a .22 caliber long rifle from > was also charged with possession a wall and fled. Tile door W?-5 of bubituates. unlo'ebd. she said. Mrs. DorothJ cromwell, 36, SI:Jbjects broke m .. alt 7th Avenue 5f). st. Pete, was at 3905 E Loui siana, arrested at I-75 and Rome' Sat t e sident of Carl Homer Norton, urday for carrying a concealed 82. Six rifles, two .22 firearm. : 'J'he. e-xaet .. list of will) ._, anntl.Wl>t:ed l late-r t.I'J.isi :weeli:. The im:1'udes membel'S I foo.m Celrte'I" fmr A lJruited JUaeli C.O>mmumt:w a m d hm llliadi Womett In A>. etiOD cusistc mg :o1' yomg m>m C'emtlral Pad Vilbge<. 'JMle. publlic ts. invited to1 oome out ll!OO t.alle parlin. the meetiii:Jg. 1'1te C:el!llteY Is begjnning, a legali defense cam]HI!i;&J11 01 Paw Bamey. Heis miraatlWS< l 'y; bo.m his bullet wounds and may be released from the De'im'e the ew oi. tlte: week. 'EJ!e, CeJI!te:r wi11 be e:-g u,pea tH community to helip to cover the expenses of his bond and le-Ritz Adult Theatre Enjoy tile llesl. in X Rated Films, in c:ool comlorlalii mmantlings ..._ 241-1371. 15111 .U Bnllway Adults II 01 lfEB P ILASTIC DOLl "BIT JIST 11 ... ALSO SHE NEVER SAID N : O .unoov 0. lilY FO R Two 6-ROOIB Apts. Uafnishecl Allll Available Oa Nov. 1, 1972 I 334Palm AvenR $23. Eadt Per We&k, PIUs $40 Breakawe Fee Moves Yoa Ia Plao.e: 248-1921.,


Lil Ge-neral -Oerk Arrested In 'Robbery' Mrs. Betty O 'Hara, 28, 3012 42nd St., a clerk at Lil General Store, 3315 Nebraska, reported to police October lOth that the store was robbed of $230 by an armed bandit who escaped in a car along w .th an accompli c e who was waiting for him. Through investigation it has beeh revealed that the alleged robbery was perhaps a conspiracy between Ml's. O'Hara and the two men. r Mrs O' -Hara, along with Wil liam Porter, 25, 3522 E. Osborne, 112 Segel Apt., and Roland Rod man, 19, 209 Segel Apartments, were arreste d Thursday. Police were led to the trio when the car Williams was driving was stopped and posif.vely identified as the one used in the getaway. Williams denied knowing anything a'bout the inc : dent, but said he was in the area on Tuesday and around the time of the robbery A stake out was staged at Rod man's. apartment and he was ar rested when he returned home. Mrs. O'Hara was implicated as the instigator of the scheme and she too was picked up by authorities. ThJ three suspects are out on bond. Mrs. O'Hara's bond w a s set at $500 and the two men a -re out o.n $1,000 bond each po lice sa'd. Pedestrian Nearly Hit By Cop's Bullets PACE THREK MR. AN] MRS. McCASKlL'. AT RECEPTION A Tampa citizen, who refused to give his name t11 the Sen t i nel-Bulletin, claimed t his (Tues day) morning that he and several o-ther pedestrians were nearly struck by bullets fired by .a c a p at a fleeing suspect. CROMARTIE-ANDEl\SON VOWS SPOKEN IN NEW HOPE Marriage v.ows were spoken Saturday evening by 'Cynthia Denise Anderson and Cromartie in New Hope Baptist Church. The lovely bride, a l!n2 graduate of King High School, is the daughter ,of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Charles MtCaskill a .re pictured at their re ception Saturday evening soon after tak\ng marriage vows in Mt. Zion AME Church of Port Tampa. The reception was held at the Southwest Community Center. The citizen said the soooting incident happened between 9 and Cireater Fountain Cha_ pel FIRED BLACK AIR:PORT COP 10 p.m. Monday night at the w0 :8 106th Annual AME Conferente -. street, when the shooting start'-ed," he said. "Bullets were flyins, o{ Los elect-ing everywhere and there were .c.. tu a.h.t a;;s,&u<.o. to ,ne .. FEELS -HE WAS ; By MARTHA WillTE Sentinel Staff .Writer : A ex-iootball trying to earn a clean livillg, has been forced to take: a joQ at a chemical c tplant. after losing his job as a policeman at TaiJliPa ilnternational Airport because of a "low e v aluaticm quring the !Probationary -period." J oe 1 1\litchell, -the first black football player for Hillsborough High Sc hool (i1ooS-.'OO), was a:Iso the only : bla ek on the 411 in an force a't the '$100 million aivport : i Mitehell applied for the posi tion under civil service, took tests an'd was hired in }\pril of this year with six months probation: Toward t he last of September, Mitchell did-n't re ceive check: for which lep 'him to his (liity of ficer. Tliis Mitchell feels, 'was' just used to draw himto. the officer for dis cussion of the evaluatio' n. ;A, c cording te-M i tchell, the dutyofficer told bini that ihe did not the which included ap-pearance, makseveral other persons walking on pal' Distr.ct of the Airican IV1etn-lleJI.I lll A1nca; !,.,, ing suggestions, creativeness, and Nebraska, induding two very odist Episcopal Church, convened :r. iJ: .JOl'u.niLh, .J. W .I:Surrou_gn.;1 unbelievable, just unbelievable Re E L D 1 t '-' he said. When asked how many h 1 h v. ames, pas or. li E ... Green; A. ff. nustBn, '.Lam' t _at anyone wou d s oot at a o T d ... 9 th days he missed work, Mitchell n ues ay mqrnh,g at e pa Comerence, C. C. tlrou0;3, S. person. with so many .innocent f b said. about. a da:Y each m.onth. openmg o t.u, conference ranch W. McKinney; G. J : Oacei>, A. :u. o n the street. Everybo-dy d h puti-ing the entl!re s _1 t u11t1 0n .1"' m1ss10nacy was hel wit Mrs. BurtOn, C. lJ. Dixon, J. D. Stron., ,. had to< duck for cover because M I R b' E 1 s in s .harpof the way he was shOOt. ing his ary : o Jpson, plscopa up. om, H. D White, K M. Black ly $aid, "it's like being rail. ervisor, and : Mrs. I. er,-G. L. CJ:i'amp,on, G. w. :rar pistol."Tbe man called for an conference Branch President. Af' me r arid Rev. A : R. Richardson. roaded; -.you know .it' s .like investigation of the 1'nciden t and 7 30 R D 1 the h t I f the_ ba6 k "stabbers, s miling in : ev. ame s, cs pasAlso s:::en at the annua con er-"I just don't know tor, 'Conducted the eall-'.to wcrerice were--Revs. A. :r.i. Scott, E. what is coming to." He shi p followed : by a -_hymn E. Laston, R. .V. Weoster, A c. then hung up. prayer by Rev. H H. Huliter Chandler; R. E Lamb Kenneth they. (his zlllperiors) kept telling him ,that he was a good otlfi.cer Rev. K. S. Dupotu 11resented the D. H. Jamison, 1<'. H. Pitt-(1 T h Bishop who' gave remarks on tha-o" McRansom and Mrs. Callilt patted. hiin on the back : ass room eac ers -' w o _rk of : v ar,tilus __ :The Green, widow cf Bi;;;ho, p F. L. and saying everything was fine : _r f 1 i i .. rea,"son f _or being (Contmued From Page "1) Bishop then presented :{tev: I F -" Green. Some o tl)e leading ay. Bradley f o preach. the annual ser-!llen from acf

PACE FOUR \ !eallnel-Bulletln PubUshe4 every Tues. Frf. Cet Both E&tloU Tuesday, Oc:tcl)er 17, 1972 Published every Tuesday and Friday h1 Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Publishing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publiaher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, J3. ExecuUve Editor SIMON JOHNSON Vic:e Preliden,Procluctloa )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice Preshlea&-Socle&y JOHNNY JACOBS Vic:e Preslcteat-Adverilsln( HAYWARD BRADY Vice President-Public Rela&iou Seeond class postage paid at Tampa, Florida. / SUBSCRJPTION :aATES $ f.SG Per Y _ear Oae EdiftoL $12.50 Per Year Both EcliUoDL 66 Years Late Fori 167 Blac:ks F the record and probably because Rep. Augustus Hawkin, D-Oallf ., was demanding that the re<:Ord be ae:t .traight, the Pen tagon has wiped away the un precedented dispace it befiotowed on, 167 black Gls back lin 1906. Beoause no mem-ber of Com panies 8 C and D, F irat Batttal ion 25th Infant-ry, would to having participated in the shooHng up of Brownmlle, ,-exaa, nor point his fincer at any other sold-ier, all 167 mem bers were drummed out -of the military with dishonorable dis charges ever h-aving been formerly tried or convided of any cr-ime. 1 One person died in the -aboolt lng that reportedly grew out of a racial incident -involving one o,f the Gls and a white woman. Re searchers say the bla<;k Gls were not involved. The disgraceful drumming out could not blave happened to any other but black servicemen. A l t ltbe dme Preaident Theotiore Roosevelt ordered the dis charge, Col. William L. Ptitcber was -being investigated for hav ing declared of black Gls: I never liked them, and the farther away from me they are kept the better it plea.es me. "For tthe life of me I cannOt see why the United States should try to .make soldiers out of -them. Certainly there are enough fine white young men in this counrtry to make Soldiers of wilthoUII: recruiting from such a aoun:e." That was the mood oif America ln 1906 that resulted in the di? gl'&

Tuesday, October 17, 1972 Fla. Seailnei-Bulletia Pu, blished every Tue1. and Frl c.t Both Edition; _,. .. -. PACE AROUND THE TOWN By HAYWARD So many times I think back to !\lEN'S DAY PROGRAM The many sermons heard from my program is scheduled for Sunday, pastor of the past ten years, Oct. 29th, and among the men Rev. It McDonald which participating on the program will makes me know there must be a be Rev. James L. Keel, pastor of Supreme Being somewhere, as Mt. Olive AME Church of San Rev. Nelsttn, so often -reveals of, ford, who'll be the guest speaker. "How great God's mercies are, Rev. L. B. Brown, Mr. Howard not because of me but, in spite Harris, Atty. George Edgecombe, of me!... Mr. Fred Gardner, Rev. Owens, AND WOULD YA BELIEVE, Mr. Leroy Clark, Mr. Clifford Ba got three letters last week telling ker, Mr. CHfford E. Brady, Mr. me bout the fine fashionable ways Roosevelt Baker and Dr. James of Mrs. Gwendolyn Tucker of L. Green. Mr. Arlusta Morgan 'is Hyde Park. Learned Mrs. Tucker general chairman and Mr. Ho ia the wife of dapper gent, Mr. sea Gallman, co-chairman. James Tucker, who was one of JUST THINK, we're fortunate Tampa's grand olde "Tigers" to be living in so many eras ot when they were really "Tigers .'' time. Like we still have war Just like to say to this, Mrs. around the world, some folks still GwendOlyn Tucker, there're some living Jn slavery condition, soine friends 'n relatives around t h e folks making millions of dollars town who think you're just ths daily, the depression years, styles greatest. of the roaring twenties, gangbusA LETTER COMES FROM ters and Mafia and before anl the WESLEY COLBERT of the Union junkies and pushers, drug. Correctional I.n.Stitution, Raiford. Infested era, ever known to man Mr. Colbert, who's known mostly kind .... as ''Buteh" by friends here, and 'TWAS A GREAT NIGHT OF "The Soul Crusader" by his fellow BIRTHDAY PARTY CELEBRA, ''brothers" and inmates up there, 'IliON FOR MRS. ERNESTINE writes congratulating this fellow "SWEETS" GmBs AND MRS. on my column writing ways while RUBY POWELL. The gala all also mentioning, Everyday a night affair took place on the back young soul brother or si.ster is tent covered lawn of their dear abused and hurt in our society by friend, Mn. Ellen Nora "E. N" their own people." Mr. Colbert Ca.eaux' newly interior-decorat went on to write of how "most of ed Lincoln Gardens home. Before the young brothers and sisters mentioning folks who enjoyed are first hurt at home by their Ruby and "Sweet'" birthday parents, who seem to forget their party hosted by "E. N." might responsibilities while thinking just mention the goodies served first of only themselves.'' Wetley like, ''cheers" of all kind, for the ended his letter saying, "This ar mind, and a fabulous buffet tables ticle on the mistakes 9f black par line with many foods from crab ents will hurt a lot of parl!flts enchalado to mullet fish deep in Tampa, but parents don't con fried in an old fashion iron boil tinue to dis-respeet your children ing pot like grandma and mama as if you don't have any, because used ta Ule. your children need you, as you The "Ruby-Sweets" party was needed your mother and father.'' co-hosted by Mrt. Beatrice "Sis Yours truly, Wesley "Butch" ter" Marr, Robert Gaines, son of Solll Crusader" Colberi, Mrs. Gibbs, Misses Dale and Dar ANOTHERI N T E R E STING lene PoweD, daughters of M r s COMES FROM REV. Powell. And among guests were, EDWARD L. BYRD (N.R.N.A.) of J. L. Smith, 1\'Irs. Helen Taylor, the Fla. Division of Corrections, Connie Audrey, Eloise Lowe, Road Prispn, Arcadia, who is pres Mr. and V. J. Henry, Lar. ently awaiting releaae from prison well Jones, Mrs. Marva McCloud, after serving five years at various Mrs. Rita Edwards, Mrs. Fifi penal institutions and road pris Glymph, Mrs. Margaret Mount, ons in the staie of Fla. Rev. Promise Mount, Lula B. Patter Byrd sent me a copy of his latest son, 1\frs Elizabeth Leroy poem writings, which he dedicated McBride Christine McCarter, to among other :relatives and Mike Allen, of Buffalo N Y., Mil friends his sisters, Doretha Blue, dred Edw ards, Mr. and Mrs. JQhn Laura Mae Byrd, Sandra Watkins, Murray, Mrs. Carrie Vin "PrinceH," Brenda Watkins, cent Sampson, Dorothy B 'Queen,'' Cassie Lee Johnson and Jackson, Mrs. Claudia Wingo, his "king 'n queen," Ernest and Mrs. Detore!! Hlll, Mrs. Helen Annie Byrd. Hope to be to Paige and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel publish parts of Rev. Byrd's poems (Evelyn) Capel. entitled, "As Long As r H a v e Featured songs of the occasion You" and "Let's Master Underwere James Brown's Get _On The standing Sisters." Good Foot" and Chuck Berry's AN INVITE COMES FROM fal". t rising recording "My Ding THE CHECKERS SOCIAL CLUB A Ling." MEMBERS who say Mr. Hay. ward Brady: We would like very much for you to attend our "SO. ClA:L HOUR," Sat., Oct. 28th, 7 P .M. until 10 P.M. at Ragan Park, 12th St and Lake Ave. Folks the wrfter accepts your invitation with only one question in mind, am I to bring my checkers and board along? Just joking, okay? -IMEN OF MT. SINAI AME ZION CHURCH READY FOR ANNUAL SEE YAU LATER Pughsley Chorus Mrs. Louise Bolden, Pres. Miss Hazel Petty, Kept, The Pughsley Memorial will have rehearsal on Tuesda y night at the h!?me of Mrs. Fre dania Hills, 2617 E. Lake Ave_, All members are asked to ba present and on time. L .EONARD DRIVE -INN 1700 W. COLUMBUS DRIVE We Are Under Hew Manageal DRIVE IHII PACKAGE WillOW Rol Soul Food Eallt Ben or Tab' II Willa Yn Trinity CME 2401 North Howard Rev. B. F. Satoae, Pa1tor Services on Sunday began at 9:30 with Sunday school. The supt., Mrs. Alma Rhymes, was in charge. The lesson was taught by the teachers. Morning worship was conduct ed at 11 a.m. with Rev. L. Mil ler in charge of devotion. The message was delivered by Rev, Salone. At 2 p.m. the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Golden, 2313 .st. Louis was dedicated. Rev. Salone was iri charge. At 3 p.m.. the Union was held at New Progress M. B. Church, the Har monizing Gospel Singers (former ly the Daniel Chorus) was host. Evening service was held at 6 P.M. and the pastor w a s in charge. Monday (last night) a very lm pol"tant business meeting was held with the stewards, trustees, pqs.: tor and members. Wednesday night there will be no rehearsal for choir No. 1. Thursday night beginning at 7:30 prayer meeting. The men of. Trinity have ten tatively set a date Jor their men's day for the fourth Sunday in No vember (26th). A very nice pro gram ls being planned. Visitors are welcomed to wor ship with us. Let us not. forget to pray for siclt and shtit-ins. Gospel Mission Prayer Band Deilc. Lonnie Simmons, Pres. Mn. B ell Pickette Kept. The Gospel Mission Prayer Band will meet Wednesday eve ni.iJg at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Nellie Simmons, 1210 9th Ave. Apt. 6. Let us all remember the sick and shut ins. Visitors are al ways welcome National Prayer Band: Bertha Berry, Pres. Natiooal Prayer Band No. 5, of which Rev. H. BroV@ is direc tor, will meet at the home of the pre.aident, Mrs. Bertha Berry 3330 22nd St., Wednesday at noon. The public is invited Mt. G,spel CHris Deac. James Mari011, Prea Mrs. Amanda Isuc, Kept. Mt Zion Gospel Chorus will bave election of officers on Thurs day night. All are asked to be present_. Tyer Temple U. M. Ceatral I;; llOH Rev. E. J, Rlnn, Jr., PaM41r Bar Drops (olor Ban On the same day that ilia s. S. beian at 9:30 with the Jlustice ll>epanmeot filed suit supt., Mr. Charlie Harris in in U.S. 1Diitrict Court, the ownen charge. All teachers were at their of the 40th Street !Bar in Ta-mpa post. The lesson was taught by agreed to stqlp refusing service Rev. E. J. Rivers. Morning wiJr to The unusually s-peedy ship followed at 10:-55 with t!le action ooeurred Thursday. '\'lfllen pastor at his post. Music was owners Thedomire R. Suarez and rendered by the No. 1 choir The Ji:lsie Gutkese agreed to stop re junior ushers a n d afewards fusing service on the basis of served. color and race and to post a Wednesday evening at 7:30, tha sign saying: "The 40th Street No. 2 choir will have rehearsal. Bar is open to the general puib All members are requested to be JJc of race or color." present and on time. Business of importance. Friday evening ut Hyde Park Prayer Band 7:30; the No. 1 choir will have re hearsal. Sunday evening at 6, the No. 1 and 2 choirs and ushers will accompany the pastor for service at Mt. Zion AME of which Rev. Y. Benjamin Bruce Is pastor. Mrs. Sylvia Jones is at home for a few days. Mrs. Edna Ab rams is a recent shut-in. Please visit them. Visitors are always welcome Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres. Mrs. LiUie Mae Holloway, Kept. Hyde Park Prayer Band will meet Thursday at 12: 30 at th!t home of Mrs. Evelyn Williams, 2505 19th St. The last meeting was held at the home of Mrs Bertha Robinson, 1519 North A Street. .All lp'e asked to be present and on Tan !l'opics f 0 IS IKING I A ... f( ..... ; .:.1. _,;.., 'ill J

PAGE SIX Fla. Published every Tues: and Frt Get. Editions Tuesday, Ootober 17, 1972 MR. AND MRS. SOCIAL CLUB HAVE BEEN SELECTEP The new couple in our town is Mr. and Mrs. 5ocial Club who were selected a few evenings ago at Ft .Homer Hesterly Armory. There were four eontestants and the competition was keen. Pictured early in the evening before winners were anounced were, top photo, Evelyn Austin of the Azalea Socjal Club who won the Mrs. Social Club title, and Will Mururell of the Golden Hawks, run ner-up for the Mr. Title: Below are Mary C. EUenwood of the Fashion ette Club, runner-up for the Mrs. title ,and Walter Jackson of the Extraordlnarles, who was named Mr. Social Club. '": AT, AFFAIR HOSTED BY FIFTY IRON. 'MEN From left to right are Mr. and at the recent affair bosted by Fifty Iron Men Club. Arnold and Mr. and Mrs. Roger McKay who were It wu at the liome ef ID. ud Mrs. Robert Scott. BANQUET GUESTS The Rev. and Mrs. H. W. Wilburn were among guests at the Sweden House for a banquet held In observance of New 1\lt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church's 70th anniversary. Rev. Wilburn is the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church. PRETTY NON P ARIELS MODEL One of the pretty models 'In the Non Parels Souttier-Bottine Show was Carolyn Plummer Mack. She was delightful in a Door length. dress and cape. COMING _EVBNTS OCT. 21-Planning Session of C. M. E. Winter Council, Fort Myers. OCT. 21-22-Mediums Council at the Rose of Sharon Spiritual Church, 2708 23rd Avenue. OCT. 22-Mt. Zion AME Church Dual Day. OCT. 22-First Anniversary Observance of Mt. Zion Jr. Choir OCT. 27-The Annual Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Mardi Gras Ball, Curtis Hixon Convention Center. OCT. 28-Checker Social club hosts Cockt ail Hour, Ragan Park, 7-10 P. M. OCT. 28-Bethune-Cookman-Jackson State Football Game (Central Florida Classic) Orlando, 8 P. M. OCT. 28-Floral Court Convention, 1902 Main Street, 9:30 A,l\1. OCT. 29-Fashions and Tea presented by Cosmopolitan Social Club, Elks Rest, 4-6 P. M. OCT. 29-Tea hosted by Sanctuary Choir of Emmanuel M.B. Church. OCT. 29-Women-Men's Day, St. 1\lary AME Church, Seffner. OCT 29-J\Ien's Day, Mt. Sinai A.M.E. Church, 11 A. M. OCT. 29-Misslonary Day, Pleasant Chapel AME Church OCT. 29-Men-Women's Day, Friendship M. B. Chur c h of Carver City. OCT. 29-St. Paul's Men and Women Day. OCT. 29-Missionary Day, Holsey Temple C. M. E. Church. OCT. 30-Queens of the South No. 49 OES sponsors Soul Food. Ban quet, 1\iasonicHall, 4303 34th Street, 7 P. M. OCT. 31-Tampa Urban League sponsors Ebony Fashion Fair, Curtll Hixon Auditorium, 8 P. M. NOV. 1-5-Pastor's 12th Anniversary Observance, First Baptist Church of West Tampa. NOV, 4-Masquerade Ball sponsored by OES Chapter 152, Labor Temple, 10 P. M. NOV,_ 11-Baptlst World Day of Prayer, New Salem P. B Church, 1!)05 Nebraska 10 A.M. Baptist Bazaar, Activities Building, 7:30-10 P.M. NOV, 12-Lily White Grand Royal Court presents Annual Tea, 1511 CentraiAve.uiu:, 3-li J'. NOV. 1.6-Calendar Tea sponsored by the Armettia B & B Society, 1711 18Ul ATenue, I P. M.


Tuesday, October 17, 1972 Fla: Publisltecl every ''i:ues. and 1'1rl. Get Botti Utttont ,._.PACE SEVEN .-? "'ff .. t Wishing You A Happy Birthtlay MiffS ROSE MRS. EDITH STEWART Among our readers who have birthdays in O : t aber is Mrs. Edith REV. J. A. STEPHENS Stewal'lt of 2205 Mallory Street. She will celebrate her 70th birth day on October 18. Mrs. Stewart is the wife of Jo seph Stewart and a member of St. Luke AME Church. Folks who will be saying "Happy Birthday" will include her daughter, Mrs. Marie Gibson; grandchildren, Ker mit, Keith, Korky and Zelda Gib son and Josephine Dennard; and .great grands, Sabrina Preston and Kakice Gibson. The Rev. J. A. Stephens observed his natal day on October 12. He fs pastor of First Baptist Church .. of Gardens, a member of the Hour of Power, and owner of the Btg John Bar becue Pit on 40th Street Archie Dawkins will be 11 Oc. t : 19. is a 6th grader at Meacham Sf.. JWe. lfar:e. All PAC :members are 1,1rged to be present and become in volved in his child's learning proceSIJ. MRS. WARREN RECEIVES AWARD Mrs. Jewel D. Warren was recipient ol the "Outstanding .. Mistress of Ceremonies" award for 1972 at the Mr and Mrs Social Club Coronation held recehtly at Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory The award w as given by t he Azalea Fa.shionettes, Extraordinaires and the Hawks Social Clubs ATTENDS JACS CONFERENCE Among the 35 area coordinators attending the recellt J .ACS reg lonal conference were Mrs. Carolyn J. Thom&)son anli Mrs. Barbara Mobley Thomas. The conference was in Atlanta, October 5-i. J ,AC (Joirit Action in Community Service, Inc.) is a national as volunteers who offer their personal assistance ro yoimg men as volunteers who offer thier _personal assistance to young men returning from the Job Corps. FALL FASHION TEA The Ladies Guild of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church used the occasion of a covered dish supper hos t ed by Mrs. Julia Padron to begin planning their Fall Fashion Tea, November 19 is the date seleCted and it will be held at the newly remodeled Labor Temple from 5 to 7 P. M. Members a c cepting co-chairmanship responsibilities were Mrs. Annie Bell Williams, Mrs. Lorraine Dennis and Mrs. Thema Bonner, models and fashions ; Mrs. Theresa Warren, Mrs. Mary Jones, Mrs. Thelma Maura, refreshments ; Miss Victoria Casellas Mrs. Bertha Scott, Mr. Josephine Martinez registration; 1Mrs. Helen Morrison, Mrs, Bernice Corbett program ; and Mrs Barbara Gay, publi city (Continued Oil Page I) PLAQUES AWARDED TO UNCF SUPPORTERS When the United Negro College Fund Commit tee dinner-meeting was held recently at the Man ger Inn Dr. Richard Moore left, President of Be thune-Cookman College presented plaques to sev eral outstanding pe rsons for their support In the effort. Recipients were from left top photo Dr. F A Smith Robert Scott, Charles Jones, George Edgecomb and Art Wiggins; and below, Winstoll Woods, Sales Manager, AicHnes; Mrs. Dora Reeder, Lee Davis, Max Ho!Hngworth, Vice President of Winn D i xie Company; and Harvey Buf\o ney, who Introduced the speaker Visitor Entertained MRS. SIDNEY BAILEY Saturday night was party ti me at the home of and Mrs. Clyde Mays 3703 E ; McBerry The honored guest' was tbeir sistercin : law; Mrs Sidney Bailey of New York City Among guests greetings t he \fisitor were Mrs Roberta Walderi Joseph W McRae Mr and Mrs : Ross Mrs Delores Childs, Joe Nix James Gant, Mr and Mrs Benny Williams Dudly Hearn, Mrs Ollie Mae Myers Ted Jack s on, Mrs Juanita My: rick Mr.:s. Dolores Jon .es-, Ralph Myrick, Mr. and Mrs My. rick, and Wright. DINNERS The Missionary Society -of Pleasant Chapel AME C hur ch will be selling dinners Friday and Satur day, at the hOme of Mrs Ethel M. Broadnax, 2631 31st Ave. 243 8631. Dinner s will be delivered. :save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248 Dual Pay At Mt. Zion :There will be a : d a y Sunday at Mt. Zion A:f-4E Churcp; ill South Dakota the ; Rey Y B tba pas: .tor-. _Mem_bers are planning Dual Day. .. as chairl!lan of P. ].l;il:. l)ay is Mrs: Eta-;Mae : Patter&On. Mrs. Beatrice iBl a j:: and Mrs. F1ossie Wilson :are the cd-chairmen . The program cominittee ; Mr-11. Emma Lewis, Mrs. Catherine Pil cher and Mrs. sarah Stewart : are. putting t"ogether a very nice pro. gram The public is invited. Speaking at the 11 A.M. servIce will be Mrs : Jewell who is the recent reCipient of. an "Outstanding Mistress of Cere monies" award. .. The music depArtment, Which l s busy selecting : music for oceaslori; iricllldes Mis. 'Petty; Mrs : Qphelia Hopkins and Idella Watts : MRS. EVA MAE PATTERsON chairman NOlES: FROM TAMPA CLUBS o! the NOVE'LE;TTE SQCIAL CLUB will meet Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Joseph ine Frazier, 1817 N Delaware. On they will have a party and give away a box of groceries at the same address A -ineetini of .the' ALL TOGETHER SOCIAL CLUB will be held Wednesday at the re!>ide11.ce of Mrs Rosa Manuel, 2101 Spruce Street On Wednesday evf)ning at 8 P. M. members of the A I UERICAN LEGION and the AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY will enjoy a Fun Night at the American Legion Home, 2504 29th Street. All members -and their friends are invited MERRY DONNA SOCIAL CLUB is meeting Wednesday at ths home of Mrs Corrine 2125 Pine Street. THE BAY CITY BOOSTERS will meet tonight at 8 o'clock at the Elks Home, 809 E. Laurel Street. Notes From T'ampa Lodges A me etin g of GUIDING STAR CHAPTER NO. 82 OES will be held at 8 P M. Thursday at the Masonic Temple 4303 34th Stre et GUIDING LIGHT CHAPT.ER. NO. 31 OES will -* .. I Pk Ib is evening at, the te mple.


A bit of fashioq individualism is noted In the wardrobe !JI Na thaniel Johnson who is a barber when not modeling. He is p : c. tured In the Non P ariels show wearing a cape jumpsuit. The match lng panJs and vest are covered by a long red velvet cape w ith tangerine silk lining. MIRRORS OF SOCIETY By BEVERLY (Continued From Page 7) Mrs. Jnlia Padroa is general projects chairman, and Mrs. Helen Morrsioru is the president. Committees will be completed at the next Ladies Guild meet lng Sunday mornim; "after the i1 o'clock K..1ss. MRS. DANIELS ENTERTAINS ORCHirnf Mrs. Alt:i' Daniels recentlY hosted a meeting of the Orchid Club at her 42nd "Street home. The business session included reports from the By-Laws committee and ticket chairmen, Mrs. Alza L. McNeil on the sale of the "Nassau Trip" raffle to be held a t the anm: .al Hootanny on October 29 at the Daniels' home. and friends enjoying the delicious foo4 and drink wer e L o uise Bryaut, Johnny King, Rae B.-Jessie Mae S hellman, R u b y S. Powell, M ary Fra nc e s Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Rube n R e y nolds Mr. a nd Mrs. Primus Mount Mr. -and Mrs. Otis Willi ams, R u d o l p h Nat han Mr. and Mrs. Mr. aiid M r s. Mail s f i e ld Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel MaY, Authorine .. Clark Billie Byrd, Ruby Monroe Alza McNeil Ella= "cusseaux NeU Webb Mr. and Mr s Garcia and Mildred s ; pliJI. .. Monroe, Beverly G PETERSBURG Seated to rlght are Mrs. Alic e i ack-the home of -Mr; Mrs. Robert Creal for a son, )\Irs. L;vdia Dailey, .. Mrs. Willa Whitehead and tea. It w.a!J bY... JVQtnen of Bethel AME Mrs. Eva Oliver of St. Petersburg who were at Church. .. BRYAN ORIENTATION IS A rewarding for all who attended the open House and Fafi' .. Orientation at Bryan Si xth Grade Center'. Among pers o -n with center, -an Instructor, were Mri Mrs. Theresa Keaton and !\Irs. DoroFRIENDSENJOY HOSPITALITY OF MADEMOISELLES Enjoy ing .ihe. recenf hospitality oi moiselle Social Club were, .from .left, Mrs Louise Mrs. 'Loretha Gray, Robert Smith, and Mrs. Annie Doris Brown. The dance w-as at the Cuban Club. : UnderwoOd in charge of iby Minister Joe Wimes of Ft. tion. An inspir-ing .message was. !Pierce Allen Temple Cholr No 1 by El

r OCto'Ler 17, .1972 Fla. every Tues. and Frt. Get Both Editlone PACE NINE LYKES SUGAR CREEK FRESH..SMOKED ._ PICNICS UMlT 1 -PER FAMILY LB. I LB. I liat:AUT'f pOlK .eEANs ... SHURFINf: ......... tMSON ROYAL aU(.K PEAS OR CARROTS.,, 3Q. DEPPER 4 "-AN 25 SOUTHLAND \

PAGE TEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Pu hlished every Tu'efl. and Fri. Get Both EdHions Tuesday, October t7, 1972 Black Mayor Takes Over Seventh Largest Alaba11a City PRICHARD, Ala. Historical ly, Southern politicians have been of either one or two types. The first, described as "statesmen of the old school,_,sound in their eco nomics, devoted to the Constitu tion and ever alert to subversive and foolish proposals," the sec ond, drawn from the ruling class dedicated to reaction and the preservation of the status quo. The Election of Algernon John son Cooper represents the advent of a new and vital third force in the southern political sphere. For A. J. Cooper, known af fectionately as 'Jay,' not onl y black, but also He is 28, well educated, a grad uate of Notre Dame University and prestigous New York Uni versity School of Law, and derogrant, at 4 h p .m. a.t the Insti t ute of Black substandard ousmg and Unity Inc., 1510 16th Street, South am?ng blacks is the first of its kind in st. m the. small Blackbelt Alabama Petersburg The Inst itute's Pro town. gram Committee chairman, Saul In a c1ty w1th a t?tal populaRentZ said, "The community pro bon of 41,000, 5? gra!ll series is an att empt by per cent of wh1ch IS black W th the Institute to pri>vise informa-only 38 per cent of the blacks tion and e..duc ation to the St. Pe voters his tersburg Black comm t m i ty which -a coalition of blacks and wh1te s has not been available in the -launched a massive voter reg i s past." t.ratiori drive which saw 1 ,800 nPw -voters added to registration rolls 1,200 of whom, were black ... One of a growing number of young blac.ks to return to their homes in the South ( Mayor Coo per was born and raised in Mo bile, Ala., which surrounds Pri chard on three sides), Jay Cooper expressed a belief that "the challenges of politics were great t'St in the South for black peop.!e.'' While a law school student, Mayor Cooper founded a gro!.ip known as the Black American Law Students Association and bas encouraged many black law students to go back home, where "the needs are greatest Prichard is probably the most conservative cit y in Mobile Coun ty ... which is probably the most conservative county in the state,'' the new mayor said. Yet, Mayor Cooper is optimis, tic about the future of the once thriving Gulf Coast town He cautioned those assembled Africans Ask Aid w (rop Tradin_g LDBEIRIEVliL1LIE, Gabonresentatives of 313 African na tions have proposed '1Jhat indust rialized countries cut ba ck on the production of sugar lind ve ge tabf e oils in order to give poorer nations a better chance in national trading, The suggestion came in a report 01r international aspects of a g ric ulbural adjustments in Africa" adopted by delegates to the r e g i onal confereace for Afrirca of the !Food and AgrkuUure O rganization of the United Na tions. The delegates also stated iJhat "the develo .pment of synthetic substitutes for an increasing number of primary agricultural impo6e8 a serious export products from developing thrate to their economi-es." EMP'IR. E PA'INT MANUFACTURIMG COMPUY 3418 E. 71h AVENUE PBOIE TAMPA, FLA. 2 41-2301 OUTSIDE .WHITE .............. $275 gaL INTERIOR IE EXTERIOR LATEX OB OIL WHITE AND COLORS Oae Coal Covers Most Surfaces! LDISEED OIL PAINT SALE 20 per gaL 3523 H. 22nd STREET PiOIE 247-2031 FREE DELIVERY W E ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS GROURD BEEF ERD CUT POll CHOPS FRESH FRYERS U. S. GOOD RIB STEAKS lb. ggc PIG FEET 3 lhs. ggc LACE TISSUE TIME SAVER BLEACi .CAL. 49c With $5 order JACK'S COOliES U.S. GOOD BOORD STEAlS lb. ggc FRESH GREEN CABBAGE lh.10c LEMOIS SWEET POTATOES -.... s 2 HAM BONES DEL MONTE PEAS 3 DEL MONTE GREEN BEANS 3 cans DEL .MOITE 'COlli 3 cans ggc. DEL MONTE DRINKS 3 cans 991: For 99c


Tuesday, Ootoher 17, _1972 MESH. BAKING Potatoes HARVEST FRESH VINE RIP!! Tomatoes ... 4 I All PURPOSE' JONATHAN Apples ... TREASURE ISLAND COOKED 99 80Z. ( PKG. ALL VARIETIES MORTON CREAM 4 s1 P8 14-0L 1 es _Pkp. ASTOR FROZEN. 6 t: s1 09 ASTOR ALL PURPOSE Cooking THRIFTY MAIC Tomatoes ..... Alll'lAVO.S CANNED '-'!!' Chek Dri.-ks .. ASTOR SLICED, CRUSHED, CHUNKS Pineap ple ..... PORI S"-IT o IAJ!. a .our: THRIFTY MAID Pineapple Juice .. 3e.s1 THRitrY MAID Pork & Beans PORI LOlliS 7 9 ;"mliills". c SMAtllfAH fi!SH P0ttK SP&IIRIIS rttESH PORK LB BOSTON lUTTS EHOCUf ..._, CENTER CUT W-0 BA:ANO U S CHOfcE TOP THRIFTY MAID MIXED DIXIE DARLING FAMILY LO!P VEGE $ WHITE TABLES 51:! 1 BREAD 2 :49' POlK $ SlllOIII 'I 59 ........ 1.19 SHAll (IO!t!LESS) .. liiCs & 1-u.. IO.U,.,.,.,., .. .. 39' IACU ........... .. 15' W D BRAND COOKEO SLICED POlK j ," 101\ED I-Ll $ LIYII ,. ., .. !1: 49' IIAM ., .,. 1.69 U S CHOfCI W4MAND W D PlltAND Oil ,CHUCil "LYKES 12-0r. tOAST.... -... l:l:. 79' WIE.EIS ... ., 59' U S CHOfC E W-0 IAANO' BOHflESS SHOULDER OSCARIMVUREOULAAOI ....... $1.19 ........ ,\; ," THRIFTY MAID CUT DIXIE DARLING GREEN su..$1 PRESTIGE 2 sac BElliS. c. BREAD t:!:. 7 STYLa DIXIE DARUNQ GOLDEN 5=-$1 POTATO 18-0x. 29' CORN BISCUITS THRIFTY MAID LARGI; MEDIUM DIXIE DARLINI'> ...... St!$-1_ .. V"RJETIES REGULAR STRAINW HHl .. THRIFTY MAID BFOAOBYD 4-4<,w.-9 APPLE {:; 5 $1 SAUCE =


. PACE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frl Get Ed,j.iOils I ....... ....,.....__ Specials Thurs., Fri., Sat. Y ltor Clty'slargestS.at tl"lllarlret .................... Across from Las Novtdadts ,....;;;o......--.----'--__ Always Stores ide Porlrii EVERY DAY. ARD SATURDAY 8 A. M. TO 7 P.M. J"BIDAYS .............. ............. 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. SUNDAYS ..................... B A.M. TO 12 NO.OR ; 1 SPECIALS FOR OCTOBER 181h THRU OCTOBER 22nd AUTBORIZED FOOD STAMP STORE LYKES PALM RIVER FRESH FRYER ... SMOKED ;,--. -Ham Hocks : .... 25( .. GOLDEN FAT CHICKEN NECKS BAKING HENS WIENE.RS ,]Pkgs.$1.09' Lb. Sc -.. Lb. 39c rBEE STORE smE PARKING II FRONT Un JUST HEAT AND EAT :. : FRESH MEATY BREAD .. \ BEEF PATT'IES rtURKEY L E .GS -SUGAR C..URED Lb, -19c SLAB. SMOKED BACON FRESH TASTY .. '10RK BRAINS : Lb.. THICK MEATY SPARE -RIBS Lb. 29c ..... SUNNYLAND'S PURE PORK SMOKE. D SAUSAGE : SLICED FOR PORK CHOPS I One PORK LOIN FOB BAR-B-QUE FRESH SPLIT -BROILERS FRESH HONEYCOKE ,, BEEF TRIP: E U.S.D.A. TENDER JUICY BEEF CHUCK ROAST e FAMILY PACK SPECIAL ECO_NOMY PAC STEAK U.S.D.A. LEAR TENDER Lb. 69c Lb. -49c. Lb. 69c, Lb. )]C lb. 25c I Lb. 59c Lb. 79c .. SAVE 2oa GIANT BOX I GAIN 6 JERGER'S SOAP Bath Bar 1 BBILLO SAVE 7c CLEANSER Can "FRESH SHELLED' BLACKEYES Tall 1 O C WHITE I Tall (an 1 COPELAND'S Pure La:rd 3 3 Jars SACRAltJENTO Sa;U(e 10 Cans .EA TWELL 'GRATED 3 Cans LYKES -Chi.li & 3 LONG GRAIN RI.CE 5 Lb. Bag 5 9C Half Gal. 4 -KRI;Y BEEF SAVE 20c SLOPPY JOE 131h Oz. Can 4 LYKES ) CORNED BEEF HASH Tall Can 3 SAVE 20c IVORY LIQUID King S ize Lb. ... ... ... ,. 59c / ROUND BONE ST'EAK .. Lb. 89C BRAKE FLUID Can .\


. Fla. Published every Tues. and Frt. Cet Both Edition .: ,. r # .MAXWELL HOUSE DIXIE. L ,ILY-. : : s A L A D . 89:' INSTANT COFFEE Meal or Grits Dressing : C Big 6 Oz. Jar Lb. Bag I I Full Quart 'Oc OLD -MILWAUKEE FRA!fZIA'S BROTHERS RED IIPE T'OMA T'OES 4 Giant 21/2 Cans W .HIT'E 'PORT BEER NORTHERN. -WINE 612 Oz. Cans 99c Full rrfth 99C I I 'ATHROOM TISSUE 10 Rolls MAYFIELD CREAMSTYLE .GOLDEN CORN 7 Cans -JMCY FLA. FRESH GREEN DOUBLE LUCK I ORANGES CUT GR. Cans $1.00 5 til. aa. 59c tb. Sc. YILL-'. SPACiHEnl SAUCE 4 FARCY ICEBERG ; VINE RIPE VAl CAMP'S PORK & 3 Giant 21/J Cans LETIUCE TOMAT'OES CIRCUS DRINK$ 4 46 Oz. Cans 2 For 49C Lb. 29C ALL MEAT .: -LUNCH M .EAT... 3 12oz.Cans GOLDEN KEY CA.IPB.ELL'S SOUP. SACRAIE'NTO SAVE 351: EVAPORATED CHKKEN & RIC. E TOMl TO PASTE Cans $ 00 Tall Cans $ I OVEN FBESR REG. 2/59c i c BREAD 4 -King Si-ze Loaves YELLOW OLE O HOLSUM BUTTERMILK 3 Lbs. NABISCO OREO 0r CHIPS -AHOY 2 Bags c 4 Cans


' PAC FOURTEEM Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Pulillshecl eery Tues. and Fri. C.J Both Edition Tuesday, October t7, 1972 T 111pa laynaen lo Meet ln. Arcadia The Quarterly Meeti n g of the Tampa Confer _ence Organ izat ion of which Mr. B. S. Proc tor is president, will meet-on the 6th Sunday, October 29th in Ar .. cadia, at Mt. Zion AME Church, :Rev. Leroy Kennon, pastor. conference laymen will be m charge beginning with Sunday school at 9 :30 a .m.-and the ing worship at 11 R:ev. Kew non will bring the morrung message. Lunch will be served. Springhill Baptist Yukon Street Rev. James Scautliag, Pastor Fellowship Hour Of Power Mrs. Elizabeth Whitehead, Kept. Rev. E. Bently, President Sunday school began at 10 w ith Rev. J. Jordan, Vice Pres, the. supt. Mr. Sheppard in charge The Hour of Power met on of the church school. The lesson Sunday night at First Baptist w .as. reviewed by the pastor. Church of Lincoln Garden to bring At the morning service Missioa to a close the 12th Anniversary Day 'was observed The speaker c e lebration of Rev. -John Ste was Miss Joan Washington. phens, pastor of First Baptist At 4 a Season Tea was presentChurch of Lincoln Gardens. ed by the Missioanry Department. The following were on program. A beautiful song service was Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Tyson, Mrs. rendered by the choirs of LincolnC. Eady, iMrs. J. Eady, Mrs L. Gardens, Oak Hill and Macedonia. Moultrell, Mrs L Barksdale, Mrs The message was delivered by R. .Harris, Mrs: M. Belton Mrs. Rev. R. !Robinson, pastor of New C Sheppard, Mrs. W. Smith, Macedonia His scripture was tak Mrs. E. Whitebead, Mr. Williams, en from St Luke 16th chapter .and Mrs. Brown. There were 150 and the 15th verse. S ubject: "Theregistered guestS present at this Message of Evangelism.'' tea. The pastor's wife was preThe 12th anniversary of Rev. sente d a: love offering on her trip and Mrs. s ephens was a big success. I Our Serviceinen I W I LLIAJ.'\IS J A CKSON At 2 p.m. Mrs. Flor:a. chairman of Lay Actlvitles, will present a historical, spiritual vice There will be a panel diS cussion by lay delegates who at tended the recent generaJ confer ence with the c ooperation of such outstanding ministers as the Rev. F. C Sanchez, Rev. A. J Rich ard.son, !Rev C iD. Lazier and Rev. Martin. Mrs. Inez Sparks, Historiographer of the Eleventh Episcopal District, will give the history and. purpose of the lay organization. to the association which will be held in Dade City. Mrs. Creola Sheppard, district president pre sented the love offering to her. The next of the Hour SAN ANTONIO -A I r m a n of Power will be held at Gr'eater Cornelius Williams, son of 1\'Ir. Friendship M B Church of which and, Mrs. Toby Williams of 714 E. Rev. M Murray is pastor, the Eighth Ct., Panama City has been 4.h SlUlday in November. assigned &o Shepaprd AFB Tex., SAN ANTONIO Airman Dan l e i L. Jac kson, son of Mrs Mary A. Jackson of 9276 Road, Jacksonville, has been as signed to Lowry AFB, Colo ., after completing Air For ce basic train ing. Th: s will be. the last meeting before the annual conference which convenes November 7-11, at M t Z ion AME Church, Rev. Y B. ,Bruce, pastor. Th!_s being election year, the bent president, Mr. Proctor, seeking reelection with the ai!ll to help lead -the conference m endeavors preparatory to the com lng connectiotial meeting, to con vene in Miami, wi -th 'the Eleventh district as hosts. He will be grate ful for your vote and support at the annual conference in Novem ber. B. S. Proctor. president;. Mrs. Reatha F. WUliams, Chairman Public Relations. St. John Mission No. 2 Mrs. Lennie Myrick, Pres. Mrs. Dorothy Williams, Kept. All youths will meet Tuesday evening at 5:30 81(. the church for a special meeting. Mrs. Tyson, Mrs. Eadv, Mrs. Moultrie and Mrs. S. Milian will be in charge. Temple Choir No. 2 Mr. John Houston, Pres. Miss Beulah Gaasey, Kept. Allen Temple Choir No. 2 will have rehearsal Thursday night at 8. All members are to be present. Im,portant business will be discussed : Beulah Dorcas Circle Mrs. Mary Crawford, Chairman Mrs. Etta White, Kept. The Dorcas Circle of Be u rah Baptist Churc;h will meet day morning _at 9 at the home or Mrs. Elizabeth Coker, 1211 Mar, ion St The lesson by Mrs Eddies Wilson The subject will be "Suf ficiency Divine Grace" taken from" Titus 3 : 5 The alphabet let ter is "Q". The last meeting wa:;, held .at the cjmrch. St. John Mission No. 2 will meet Clewston Wednesda y at 7 at .the church. The president is askjng all to ; S e very good at all b t d t erv1ces wer please e an.on Ime. churcbeS in the community begin Rev. F. G. Hilton IS pastor. ning with S. S., throughout night AUTO A. mBRIDE IllS. Before-aD d .after an : acclden& 1201 MARION STREET PHONE %23-5531 THE CHRISTIU Lonely? 'Fiad love, marrlage-: or just a frlend. -Meet teachers, preachers, service personnel, nurses, etc. manyevery day hard working Christians. All _ages .... write Todeyr TIE FBIEJiDSRIP. ELUil P. 0.8os: 9042 Newfowa Station Saras&ota, Florida 33578 service The subject of the les son was, "God Meets Man In Hu man Sexuality." The teachers took charge of their classes fo:'45 minutes. The pastor gave review. The pastor, Rev. 0. W. Bnr roughs of New Bethel AME Church and members are getting .ready to observe their women's day program next Sunday Last Sunday, several buses of mem bers of Greater Friendship Bap tist Church of which Rev. Leon King is pastor, motored to the city where Rev. King was reared to celebrate homecoming at L!I!Coochee. On the sick list: Mrs. Matti e Hilton, Mrs. Christine Pender,. Mrs. Mellenday Allen, Mrs. Mag :gie Flambough, Mr. Charl j e ,-Moore, Mr. Willie (Daddy Bell) Belle, Mrs. t,ucille l>ope, Mr; James MaSon -and Mrs. Callie White. Mrs. is also on the' sick list. Please don't forget tovisit all the sick:Mrs. L. M. Williams, reporter. E-Z TV & STEREO RENTAL1729 .West Kennedy -\: ,. Plaone 251-0551 Psyclaedelic Bar Tape Decks Stereos Portable Console Color TYs Also, Complete lome Entertainment Centers -' 10 CREDIT CHECK RO DEPOSIT Free D,elivary Free Service Up To 24 Monlhs All lleJd paid appUes lo purchase. St. .Matthew MB Rev. C. J. Long, Pastor Mrs. Mamie L. Brookins, Kept. S. S. began at 9 :30 wit!). the asst. supt. Dea. Frank Carter in charge: Morning service began at li. Dea-. Robert Shipp was in charge of devot:on. The scripture was read by the pastor. At 3, the mission was in charge of service. Mrs Hattie Shipp is president. The guest speaker was Rev. J Jordan of Northside M. B. Church. BTU began at 5 with J. Nealy in charge. Evening krvl<;e began at 'l:>ea. Robert .$hipp was in chllfge. All are asked to pray for the sick and shut-ins. Vis i tors are welcome to worship w ith us Sunday in our women's Day observance Tile No. l choir of which Mrs Georgia M Camp bell is president is asking a 11 members to please be present Tuesday night for rehearsal and those who would like to become members. Pintlling Ministerial Fills Jobs NASSAU, Bahamas -1Prime_ Minister Lyq9en .P. Pindling' an nounced a new Cabinet Thursday following hi. s landslide victory at the polls Sepfember 19. The 12 appointments become effective Oct. 16. When Parlia ment convenes October 18, Pindling will pi:esent the ne}V bly the "White Paper on Independence" and out,J. line his policy for separation. from Great Britia'll by next July. Paid Advertise'inen& REV. EDDIE BURROUGS Rev. Eddie Burrougs, minister of Mt. Gilb oa Missionary Baptist Church of Bartow; Florie,a will be the Evangelist for the week be ginning October 15th through 21st at New Salem M. B. Church, 4lJ5 North Oregon at Fig. The pastor aad members of New Salem M. B. Church extend their welcome to all In the Bay area to worship with &hem on this gra eeeasioa. after completing Air Force basic training. The airman has been ass igned to the Technical Training Center at for specia liz ed train ing 41 the transportation field. Airman Williams is a grad uate of Bay County H i g h S c h o o !. HOLLAND SAN ANTONIO Airman Henry L Holland, son of Mrs. Mary A. Jefferson of Wabasso, has completed Air Force basic train big a& Lacldand AFB, Tex The airman is remaining at the Air Training C ommand base for specialized training as a securi ty policeman. Airman Holland Is a 1972 grad uate of Vero Beac h (Fla.) Sen for High School. Mt. Zion Choir No. 2 Edc!4.e Rolle, Pres. Gwendolyn Hayes, Reporter The No 2 cho i r of New Mt. Zion M. B. Church, Rev. B. J. Jones, pastor will have regular choir rehearsal tonight (Tues.) beginning ats P.M. All members are asked to be present and on time. Members are reminded to at tend at least two rehearsals per month in order to serve. The airman has been assigned to tlie Te c hnical Training C enter at Lowry f o r specializ e d training in the supply field. Airman Jackson, a 197 0 grad uate of Bishop Kenny Hi g h SChool attended Florida Junior College His wif e, Josephine, i s the daugh ter o f Mr s. Annie B Frazie r of 4205 Etta St., Jacksonv ill e. JASPER SAN ANTONIO Airman Ol den H. Jasper, son of Mrs. Hat tie M Rou s e of 616 S W. 12th st., B e lle Glade bas been to Blytheville AFB, Ark. after compl eti ng Air Force basic train Ing The airman has been assigned to a unit of the Strategic Air Command for further training and duty in the ac!oministrative field. Airman a 1970 grad uate of Lake Shore Junior-Senior High School, attended Florida Me morial College. Save Time And Stargps Phone Your News 248-1921 Thank You To the People of Hillsborough C'Ounty, I ext,end my thanks for electing me tO the offic e of Circuit Judge. I shall do my l?est to justify this ex. pression of conlfidenc e in me. ; To those fine individuals who worked. volunta'rily and tirel essly in my campa: ign, I express my deep an

Tuesday, Ootober 17, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Puhlished every Tues. and Frt .. Get Both PAGE FIFTEEN Fla. C .ommission On Human Relations Names New Diredor Peace Pr8gressive 2628 Easf'take Ave. Rev. E. A. Tedd, PastOI' Mrs. Lorene Calhoun, Rept. Bethel Baptist 808 Short Emory Street Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor Mrs. Lillie M McDonald, Rept. Veterans' Day' legal Holiday For Post Offi(e Veterans' Day will observ e d as a legal holiday on Monday, Oct. 23, 1792, at all postal instalia tions, Postmaster J Gonzalez announced today. ROBERT B. RACKLEFF The Florida Commission on Human Relations named Robert B. Rackleff its new Executive Di rector at a meeting of the full Okeechobee-Rev. J. H. Willian'is, Pastor Mrs. Alta Faye CalhOUDd, Rept. On Sunday morning at Bethel M. lB. Church, Sunday s chool l w;,ts well attended; all officer s were present and at their usual po s t The Sunday sd!ool le s son wa s re viewed by Rev. J. H.. Williams. Morning worship began at 1[ a m. Devotion was led l;ly Deacon Strickland and Deacon !Palmer with a very soul stirring' pray er by Deacon Strickland. Tlie Youth Choir and the u shers were. at their post of duty. The medi ta,tion prayer was offered b y Rev. iRobert !Nelson, with Miss M-ary Autrey siqging the meditation, sweet Hour Of Prayer." \ Missionary G. IR. Rivers delivered a v ery soul stirring sermon,' and the slpirit was very hlgh We-are especially proud of our Youth for takin g suiCh grea t t;tands in Church and the won derful job tne y're doing in rais ing funds to landsc&Jp e the churc h groun d s iLet us not forget to sUipport Senior Mission on Tuesday ni .ght and Junior :Mission on Wedne sday night. The :Inspiration Cho i r members are asked to be rpr e sent Thursday night at 7 : 00 p .m. for c h oir rehearsal. L e t us remember_., to pray an extra prayer for the s i ck. Our t;ick are :Deacon John Birts IMr. Willie !Mrs. Matti e We s t a n d others that are shut in Cocoa Youth Day was observed Sun day at Mt. Moriah AME Cburcll of which Rev. 0. H. Houston is pastor Morning service began with the pastor and Rev C. Tookes in charge of devotion 'l'he choir and ushers were nt their posts and Mrs. Lonnie Ford and Mrs. George Gilyard were in charge of the music. Prayer was offered by Mr Oliver Wynn. The scripture was read by Rev B L Latticker Jr. The sermon wu also delivered by Rev. Latticker Jr. The folowing joined t b church : Mr. and Mrs. James Jones, Jr., and children, of Co lumbus Ga. Eyening service began at 5 with the Junior choir and ushers serving Mn. Lonnie Ford and George Gilyard were in charge of the m4sic The Junior Department was in charge of the service. An_ appreciation program was given for the pastor and his wife A banquet was given by the -stewardess for our pastor an4 his wife. The Orlando Conference .eill be lleld on Oct. 24th. All are asked to remember the 11ick and Mrs. Susie Lewis, rept., and Rev. 0. H ; Houston, pastor. on Friday, October Sunday school began at 10 6, in Tampa. with Mrs Ollie as supt. Rackleff, 29, a Ph.D. candidate in charge. Morning service began in h i story at Florida State Uni-at 10 with iDea. Edward Bold versity, bali an ex_tensive backand Dea John Evans in charge. ground in race relations fn Flor The pa&tor delivered the mess ida. age. The No. 2 choir and junior His record includes the spearu shers served. heading of a registration Mrs Carrie Davis and Mrs. drive in Gadsden County which Annie Thomas are on the sick resulted in the election of a black Jist. Please pray for them. mayor in the predominantly black An Appreciation Program will city of Gretna several scholarly be held Oct. 22 at 3 at the church. articles published in such periThe pubJi,c is invited. The junior odkals as Negro Hlst01-y choir and ushers will meet Sat Bulletin, and a former poSition urday at 1!2. All children are as Associat e Editor of the Talla asked to be present and on time. hassee-Tho(llasvllle News. His book on Florida's environmental City Wide Men (llorus problems, Close to Crisis, was published earlier this year. Mr. .. Morgan, Pres.' Rackleff assumed the Execu1\olr. W. Spells, Reporter tive Directorship as of Friday, The City Wide !Male Chorus Oct. 6, commenting that he had will have rehearsal Wednesday sought the position because of night in preparation for men's "increasingly deep frustration day at Mt. Sinai A M E Zion in recent years over the lack of Church, 29109 Nebraska Ave. He fundamental racial progress in hearsal is s c hedu l ed for 8 p m. this s t ate Ple a s e be p r e s ent. -----------------/ s. S. began at 9:30 a.m. The supt. presided. The lesson was taught by the teachers. Morning worship began at 10:45. Devotion was conducted by Mr. James Sweeting and Mr .' Julian Rey nolds. Music was rendered by the Sanctuary choir. Usher board number 1 served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor He chose for his theme, "God Is Our Bridge Over Waters The scripture was read by Rev. J. P.' Saunders. Evening worship at 5:15. The same deacons, choir, and ushers served. The sermon was delivered by the pastor, who chose for his theme, "Sharing the Unltmited Blessings of God's Storehouse." The sanctuary choir .is in the process of strenuous rehearsalf>, getting ready for their annual musical concert which will be presented Nov. 19th. All members are urgently requested to attend 2 1l reh e arsals Mr. Raloh Dew No service will be prq vided that day except that a Call Window at the ,Airport Main Post a! Facility and at the Downtown Stat ion will lie open from 6 :00 a m. to 8 :00 a.m. in order toband ou t mail to firms whose mail 'is r e gularly handled as holdouts There will be no city or rural deliveries except that Special De l:very service will be provided. Collections will be made accord ing to supplemental and regular holiday schedules. \. is president of the choir All auxiliaries will resume their same schedule of meetings and rehearsals as planned within the group. Buy From Rorida Sentinel Advertisers Leamtobe something_ you're not. Start a new Your local Army Command offers you 300 choices-from eloctronies and connriunications to auto mechanics and finatipe, depending upon the specific skill the local unit. You're paid while you learn. you'!: while you serve for four 4-hour sessions a month with us and two weeks each year. 9a11 !oil free, 9 AI\{ to 8 .. Or mru.l this counon. .. ---------------------------Army Reaerve OnD<\rtUDities brlaDc!o;l'mtda u pays toxo t? about the lteserveunltnearmycommumty. I under no


PACE : SIXTEEfi Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri Cet Both Editions Tuesday, 'Ootoher 17, t9'fl'' Bartow Services at Burkett Chaipel P. B. began withS\lllday school at 9:30 with the acting supt., Deacon A. C. Williams in charge of the chul'ch school. ,Elder Kilpatrick reviewed the lesson. 1Morning service began at 1J1 with the choir and ushers ser ving. The sermon was delivered .by the pastor. The Women Civic League was our morningvisitors. They were also obsel'Ving their anniversary. We also 'had visitors from Tampa, 1Ft. Pierce and Evening servilce began at 8 with the same order of ser vice. Another very good sermon was delivered by the pastor. Tyrone Jones and 'Laroma Green who are faithful members df our chul"ch ,, al"e attending the FFIA Conve)'ltion in Kansas City, : Missouri. Elder S. p ; Kilpatrick, pas tor/ Gainesvdle &:rvices at Shady Grove ,P. Negro Southern-Region Republican 'Officials B. Church began..: with Sunday school with ;the supt., JM:iss Aud .. rey. I:eth in chal'ge The Jesson l\(as -reviewed --by thepastor, :E'Ider :s. J : !Lawrence. 1 Morning service began at 1!1 with dea con Bennett Brooks in .charge of. devotion. The sermon was by the pastor. Negro Republicans from five southern states met in Atlanta re eentl y and formed a regional organiza_tion to encourage more Ne to become Republicans and to get out the biggest possible vo t e for President Richard M. Nixon in November. The organizatioa nominated one of their members as a candidate for the Executive Committee of the _National Republican Commit t ee. The GOP is divided into four regions and each region was t o n omi nat e a member, o.,e of .. whom would be selected for mem b ersh ip lo the National Executive Committee. Dr. C Clayton Powell ( seate d ce nt e r ) was nomin ate d for the prestigious GOP post. Powell AUDIO AIDS DEMONSTRATED L i brary Audio Aids were when parents vlsltecl Bry an Elementary School during Open llouse. Pict!'red bere are, from left, Glenda Wilson Edmund Nelson, Sabrina, Adrena, Chan dra a n d Christine Watson. BREAKFAST TIME FOR DEMOCRATS D EMOC RATS came together for breakfast at the Sheraton reeently. At1en diug were from left Mrs. Essie M. Reed and daughter, Carvette, Mrs. Carrie Williams and Mrs. Shirley Hudson. is an Athinta optometrist who has been an for the party. Other officers selected by the group were (seated ) Region ch airwoman, Mrs Alfred Tenn y son of Little Rock Ark. Dr. Powell, Vice Co-chairman, A -J. Turner o f Raleigh N. C., and (standing l e ft to right) Treasurer, John Porter of B i rmingham Ala., Secre tary, Ms. Janice Tompkins of Chattanooga Tenn. CoPublic Affairs d irector, C. A. Scott e ditor -ge neral manager of the Atlanta Daily World, and 0. S. Smith Jr. of Raleigh N. C.-(Photo by Arthur Smith, Jr.). Mrs. I F :0. Shannon is con fined to Gen. Hospital. Others on the siek list ara Deacon Sammie CamPbell Mn. !Ethel Blake, and Mrs. Corary. Mrs Vassie L. C ainpbell and Elder S J. Lawrence, pas-,: :: MADEMOISELLE CLUB ENTERTAINS AT-CUBAN CLUB. Members of the MademQlselle SQCjal Club en-Mary Williams, Austin, Be (ty Drayton an tertained friends last weekend at the Cuban Club. Ruby Bright Among folks enjoying the fun affair were from left PARENTS OF BRYAN STUDENTS VISIT SCHOOL I ,I During the early weeks IJf each scbliO'f' term parents are given opPortunity to visit schools and meet teachers. A few evenings ago the PTA held Open House at Bryan School. In this photo an Instructor, Auguster Wimberly, left shQWI a student's work to, from left to rigbt, Tom Pendleto11, Mrs. Ruth Brown Reading Specialist, Mrs. Annie Cason Penny and Susan Pendleton Mrs. Tan ner


Tuesday 17, with tbe eupt. in North Tampa A postQic lesson 'wail revie wed by t'he Church. Of :.Jesus tor. Morniir-servic-. with the yo\iths Nebraska and Ross and Soloman in char-ge ol .deElder R.L. Moreland, Pastor votion. A glorious testimon al' Mrs. Alma L. sOiamon, Rept. vice fullowed. The aer,inoo8 were s S be g an at the usual hour dell:vered by Missionary lb. Tho .. ,>'. You expect more ..... mas and G. t Jforeland. PNyer e ime : .for prayers Mter -morn ing ttie church motored to JP,

PAGE EIGHTEEN Fla. PuLUslied every Tuel. and Fri. Cet Botli Ed,tloni Tuesday, Odober 17, 1972 @ Prothro Is Doubting thomas -SPORTANJC FLOODS. -. RETIREMEIIT FOR BARRETT? AS SOON AS HE CAH'T PLAY NEW YORK Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe drive Rolls Royces Teammate IDick Barnett, the 36-year-old poar man of the New York Knicks, drives a Cadillac. Cynics never mention Barn ett's automobile, only his age and the word retirement. "Retirement?" asks, "I'm not about to relihQuish my starting position, my playing time and whatever. However Red wants to use me is okay with me.' But Barnett, who was referring to Coach Red Holzman, isn't a starter anymore. And he played only eight minutes Tuesday night in the Knicks' National Basketball Association seiiSOil opener. Frazier, who scored 16 points and Monroe, who had 15, are the starting guards Second-year man Dean Meminger, who shot seven for 12 and grabbed seven rebounds in a 16-point performance, is the third guard. The Knicks have so much talent that they can carry as a luxury, or 'as trade bait when Willis Reed comes off the injured LOS Los An geles Rams, almost out of des J?eration, have reached deep into their reserve bag and come lip with another potential running star -Bob Thomas, a Los An geles product who played at Ari zona State (Tempe), A hard blocker and tackler who had been consigned to special team duty after a so-so rookie season in 1971, Thomas exploded for 142 against San Fran cisco in last Sunday's 31-7 vic tory to win the fullback job. Wil lie Ellison, the 1971 ace, was shifted to halfback. 144 yards and two touchdowns, hut was bepiwh "Big" Jim .Wil liams, in h i s first year with Earn Money ) After the party. ..1 the mother of Mrs. A surprise birthday party _)vas -. Barkley. H:er has gi ven for Mrs Juanita ,; We hearts of m!lpy"'in School! IFAMU, commended his team's offensive block and defensive sec cndary, but stopped short of claiming a powerhouse runnir:g game. "We can't overlook the run ning, but our offensive and the six interceptions were the keys," Williams said Although the win improved the Rattler rec ord to 2-2, the remiiinder of the season willl>e tough, Williams said. FAMU plays "always to ugh" Tennessee State on Oct. 21 and has games against "I:aiJlPa, S,Quth ern University and Bethune-Cookman. F AMU sophomore defensive / back Leroy Powell el}lerged the star as he grabbed two Wolverine errant tosses. Williams said Mor ris Brown was "tougher than th& record shows.'' The Wolverines have not' won a game in six starts:See If Here First I e.nd Mrs Lois: of Florida, ; / night, October 14th at the homEf'-" served as the chairmim of of Mrs Hunter Friends givirtg the committee of First 'SOut h : surprise were Rhudene Lee, $n-: 'Florida ; Baptist ASsocil!tion nie Williams. Fredia Ellis; JoAnn,_,men's Department Treasurer qf .< Forte and Nita Hunter ,.. congress No. 3, "Youth, .and woHave. Your Son Or Daughter Earn Prayer band meeting will .'!>e, :,::rnen's depart{Ilent, president of held this Sunday at the home of 'Ministers and Deacons Wives Mrs. Lucy Lee. Mrs Lee liv'ils Business .. M ,aJl-". at the corner of Marshall and Ten. of Lily White Lodge No. 3, First Vice Presidimt of Cit_y-Wide Ali l raining Starts Early CHERRY HILL, N. J Mu hammad Ali said he will go to Stateline, Nev., to begin training for hia scheduled 12 round fight with light heavy weight champion Bob Foster Tuesday, Nov. 21. and Community Missionary So ciety Secretray of Calanthes, member of Household of Ruth and Heroines of Jericho and secretary of GI'and Benevolent Society No. 2. Mrs. Mitchell has left many posts to be replaced and many memories to be remelnbered. Rorida Gospel Singers The Florida Gospel Singers and the Spiritual Wonders will ren der a musical progr ,am Sunday night at the !First Born Churc h of /Al'(!adia. 'l1he program will ibegin at 8 The chul"Ch i11 lo, cated on Ourtis St. lMrs. Dora is the Ebenezer Jr. Choir "My contract doesn't call for me to be in Stateline until the week before the fight," the for mer heavyweight champion said. However, I'm going to get there much sooner. I'll do my early conditioning at my training camp in Deer Lake, Pa., where there is hardly any elevation and then go out there and get used to Paulette '11lomas, Diredor the high altitudes." The Junior Choir of 'Eibenezer HiS Or Her Own Way By: Selling The FLA. SENT'INEL BULLETIN Order Papers Every Tuesday And Friday From THREE LOCATIONS z MAIN OFFICE -2207 21st AVENUE CENTRAL AVENUE BRANCH 1511 Central Ave. Ali said he was concerned about M. 'B. C hurch of !Rev. the 6,000 foot altitude at State-R R Jones is pastor will have line Foster is from Albuquerque a musi c al progn-am Thursday N M ., with an elevation of;!'4hQ\\t: the "WEST 11,000 feet. The fight will b6:;held at the Sahara Tahoe Resort 'itotel wtJ.l\ participate. :.; The_;.pubhe it TAMPA-BRANCH 2330. Main -Street lhowroom. invited ._ ___________________________________ .J


Tuesday, October 17, 1972 fla. Sentlnei-BuDetin every. Tues. and Get &th PAGE NINETE EN ------WHO DONE IT IN SPORTS : I "' Question: What positio,n did Lany Doby play for the Newark rodent famil'y and they look like small rats. all I think the best way to be come involved with The Greater Tampa Swim Association in one Eagles of the Negro Leagues? Answer: Larry Doby played second base mostly for the New-ark Eagles Q: Did Mr. Oscar Williams of TCEP ever play football? A: Mr. Oscar Williams wils once a very capable halfback Croams Academy of Sanford. Q: What do you think of rac coon meat as food fare? A: I don't know anything about racoon meat as food fare but others tell me they are good. If you cook one let me know. Q : Is it true that alligators .1 ay eggs? A: I have been told that alli gators lay et:gs, however, I have never seen a l\ y alligator eggs. Q: What was the fellow's name that taught so many black base ball players in the Orlando area? A: I may be wrong but I believe the fellow's name was Charlie Pelham. Pelham was ei ther in Daytona Beach or Or lando, Q: What was the lowest score you ever had ih golf for nine holes? A: One day Rogers Park had an earthquake and I had a 46. Facts And Figures way or another. First of all J the ?est way to a"' s.ocated Is for u s to develop some of the natural black swim talent that is around. The bla6k talent is around, but just hasn't been discovered or developed yet, This does not tors have not been trying to de velop black competiti v e bla c k swimme:s. I krig w of se veral black swim instructors that have tried harli for years to develop black swimmers. The real problem is that we Its black P!?ple got a in swimming It could all stem Q: I am always catching gar fish and would like tQ know if they are good to eat. Recently I mentioned the fact that no are associated with the Tampa Swim Association. I think a lot of peo ple thought that I meant n'l blacks are allowed to become sociated with The Greater Tam pa Swim AssoCiation Nothing could be farther from the truth. Frankly, I don't even know if any blacks have attempted to become associated. baQk to our horrible {ear of W1,\_eii of us were irowipg up we wo);.fd get whipping in a Number 2 zinc tub to<> The younger of have no fear of water In A: Most people I know don't eat garfish bu t I know Indians prepare them in such a way they are good to Q: Where can 'I. see a good rodeo locally? 1A: The closest place to Tampa I know of rodeos being held reg ularly is Kissimmee, Florida; Q: What is a shrew and what I do that bla<;ks should beg,g.m,.e inyolved with The Greater Tampa Swim AssoCiation in Ol'le V{,tJ/ or another. of FeotltaU Scares time we Win }}ave fx a_pmpe!\tlxe I $ was oply a short tim:e hi here no sw1m/ p66ls m which to swln'J't I can {<>rnt the l was at Walker's a does it look like? ,.-. A: Shrews are members of the Savannah St. 20, Bethune 9 Famu 42, Morris Brown 14 Jackson St. 2'2, Southern 17 27, Valley 21 Ft. Valley 67; MUes 6 wottilr iW! ta her $P],l the .. e f cause he had never been Wa ter and swim. in BLACK MARINE FENCER IN OLYMPICS WASHINGTON America this year sent her first black fencers to the Olympics, and one of them was Marine 1st Lt. Ber* Freeman, a National Champion who one dany. Th9mas disaP,i>elired as qui.ckJy as he had a ppeared Wednes day. !Hiis, d epartmre lfrom the Galt Ocean Mile Hotel, the Chargers have stayed all week in preparation for today's 11 p.m. game with the Dol.pihins in the Orange Bowl, came after Thomas had attended his first ream meeting in the moming, then took part in his second practice of the year. Mter talking to Thomas !Friday night and again Saturday morning, Charger' s Coach Har land S'Vare aparently thought things were nearly settled "I'm glad that this is over. If it's over. I think it's over. Jt's been complicated and difficult for everybody. [t's all go ing to work out, [ hope. If it d'oesn't, it doesn't,". Svaie' said. Llt didn't. IAifter returning from Yaoke e Stadium to the ihotel, asked a San !Diego radio man for a ride to Miami. When the man replied that he wasn't ing, -to !Miami; with his suitcase in hand, asked a tnan' in the parkin g lot for a: 'ridfl. From IMi&mi his destination was known. The move may ilave shocked" the !Chargers but the desk clerk at the Galt Ocean iMHe. said Thomas actually

PAGE TWENTY Fla s-u.ei..Bulletia rery Tues. aai Frl G.t a.tL Editfons T.,as Just Eyes The Ball "Maybe I1l .play defense next year." SllfS theI'll :be of more help "When I was a freshman," said Eastern Michigan game, McCarty the Fran .CuCi recruit, they was moved to flanker and sopho weren't sure 'What tlrey more Greg Pjeper to split end. Has Anotller Gilmore Arri:vecl On JU-Stene? there.!' Mc'Carty m discouraged becanse be hasn't been ab1e to get his bands on the bal1 a s muC'h as he'd like 'to. As a regular at 'flanker or split end this year, M-cCarty has l.atched 'Oil to just one pass for 1'() yards. "lts been this way 'for thrl'e years;" says the former Auburn dale AIJ.I.,state (1'96!9) defensive back who quariberl> acked two o'f Marvin Wil\ey's teams at Po1k Caunty bigh scboot "I've aiways seen plenty 'Of time, but they dtm't throw it my way." McCarty msisfN ae'. s oI'?" Blue and ,.eammate John "lBiue MOon'' Odom in a .si1r:>:utitlt match in t'he A's d ressing rQQlll Thursday after Blue pitchell four innm : g .li 'W. r-elief and saved the 241 vk\;Qry for Odoot. It. started With !lOme goodnattited neecllfng by .abGUt llis haviDg to rescue Odom. 'l't :all started ia. fun,'' 'Blue ca id about ltihe :i.Dcident 'tJtat almost rerupted ja,tG fight. Jt wu .just one rJif those things that happen,"' :s-aid Blue with an easy smit-e. ".John and !I hue !lO hard ea cb. ota:er. wh 6,\llld worlc as an executive for a bat!hroom fix. ture cont,iany dm-irtg ft.i.s Mid '611t against Finiey this season, still feels he's got s'hort cbancged m 'tbe SEtt1ement. making $'00,000 this y-ear, ab'oot $(5,()()9 rn9re Htan in 19'ill. He was 6ll0 tnis season after a \M-'8 record in 1m. 8wy F.... RtMa Seatilel AdVertisers -When a ftibinty m.lllfl w,ant'S ,a beer, be eooM go tG rl!t'm.w:aUkee. 'When ihe quenches his thrist am subsequen'tlly d.esi rJ:IeS g ,reat area1., 'he might ga to ilihe Fr.enoh Qu'll!rter 0f New Orcl-ans or to Sand at so got some gre a t saooters, _we're strong; and We have ll JPOsitive ntti'tU'de.' FOIIDIT DeaD Pabaled lean .,._ 251-116 FABULOUS FOOTBAlL, ACTION IIEID-TIIIIC EICiiilhdl The Ra. A&M University "RATTLERS" The University Of Tampa "SPARTANS" -. Saturday, ,Nov. 4th.-Tampa Stadium Kick'oH 8:oop_-M. -Thrill To The Nationally Famous FAMU Marching 165 FORMATIONS THAT "DEFY THE .EY" BD.IEYE e PUL_SATING MUSIC THAT you. j IESERVED SEATS $5.00. SPECilL BOTE: $3 EACH EID ZOJIE SEATS GO ON SALE SATURDAY MORNING AT TAMPA STADIUM OILY!! 1i1.11. UlilssiOII TICKETS OM .SALE AT TAMPA 0. Ticket Oflice FAJttU el Tampa C.O.p I Hill Pharmacy ADI ..._. SMp a .... s .lail Bonds -Cozy Corner. Ia Sl. Ptterslnarg at Sl. Peterslnart FAMI Aluud. : 1 1 City Coga's ......... YICIEIS OltSILE AT TAMPASTADJJM IEI'IIE CAME.


TAMPA'S NIGHT BEATI By JOHII(Y JACOBS eenter oniy al:louL 20Cl!a f'or the ROB EaT A. FI..Aat. SHOW, ltrftf ....... and so. is. tlhis c llrne r .,... .. Yotws truly wlluld to say l.itlle leatle to, $he one. time feF AINTHONY DruY.E INN The Forest Hei ghts L i f t I e before it be.cAme, BROWN'S League: will ba.ve. its. org, ani-D RIVE. INN. The. young !'ad has zational night J:anded a jpb, with. Sit Rol!and Pari Elementary Sicl (...-ittee -' The Sick <:lomlllittee oli New Salem Choir Nlo. 2 w r ill meet IF'riday night at B at 3:lQ6 Mac hado. The :p-11esidell t is, askiDI all memhe-.Fs to-please be pre. s en t and on time. Cafeteri' a at East Gat e Shopp i n g S .ehQQl. at. a Jpn., Cent er. He started. M,f)nday and The R. V., Will.i,am,s, two, litUe league: fields. will be worlting al:Ong;;ide h is side is, asltiog e v:¥e. tQ e .ome out "If ltl!e i ntereste d in1 the kick, Ectdi:e HaD They were cele-" as tbe leq;ue: ne.eds 'not, only. your y;allln:g hoy;s in City, Lia.r brating; the reunion at the verY financial aid. but ph:ysical help com Garcliem ad F0ees b poptt}a r 2!'ANZ118AR ov.er in West t oo frar this, oom.ing season. b .e:li:weem the ages 0li 'il ood 15, Youts truty very seldem dabFr.utees; Swift. Your s tl'Ull!' s poke Tampa. However, one brother With the Sl!lHI:ll't. of the parents please come out to the me-tin l hfes in polit.es beeause there i s briefly with one of the brethers Hng at the bttr had thi:s to sh, the oopes to have a senie abl e to eook, u!'ltil ne.. w high. school In tlie area and 'l'lite league need$ peopte ali of the ti me. Aml norm-pla yed somewhat of a diSappem t-yoo ean cook li!ke the cook tlitat c .oac.l!le!t, e .0lMeSSi@l:l) WQ!rkers atUJ al'ly this i:s what a pelitician tries ment t0'&ud the tumoui. for the tlile rib s at the-graunlils keepers.. 'nlese: caD t ke bel H :BAR, :B-QltE m...a. oo BFother world on "'er '"t o-1 b "'' 'th t... h 1-,., o ma you 1eve. owever, show. He: was .. that s u ....... <> what ______ :..._ __ __; ____ ___, __ is. necesSary for the welfare o l the :PEOPLE. He is dedicated too the welfare of all the people, not iust the fe.w rich or the-maRy poor, but aU the Pe6P.le, bl a e k o r wh1te er what have youv Thls time yours tr'tlly is going, t.o r :de the F O R :LANE' highwa y, and vo t e for .JUI..IAN B. LANE' He is a Demecrat and is ri.UlDing for State Senator, District 23 .Jetie B WiN' s Sr., woo is. very sbreow;d when it comes to taging a po liticia n throl!l8,h the mill, is campaignil.l g h i s heart. out fw the aforementioned genblellWl and that' s good en.ough f me. So think abeut it Jil!others! When y,ou are makiag up, yeUl' mind> to. v ote, don't for reg, u:dless' of who you v;01:e just: be sure to vote. A 1'ot ot peopk think I've made lt. You kno.w 'Washi.ng ton's own' lliind of. .tb.ing;. But. li haveD'tr. made it."' 1'bese are tme> wQiids oB the ur:r talented daUi,btelr C!l'f Mir. aad Mu. IAiroa BOJt.E!RT:A Jl:LA.K..'' 'l'fle : lass made her" debut: at the< BayfFont night, 13. llo.beria was 1 boon tili a m.usfu.al tami:1y in .A..shnflJ'e:, Nel.'th Carolina. At. 13 abe. won &eondi plaee ire a statewide, sepeptedt pianO> eon.test At 15, afte-r uvi'n&-skipped seveaf sl! receiv.ed Ill scnolanmp tO> llowal'd three years later she graduated with. a B .A. in music. education, and ac.cepted a $,%',1!00 & year te.aehing jQo fn Farmvil:te, N. C Befare she s .truek pay, dirt in the mtertainment wodd', she worked part-time as all. accompanying op.el!a sinpr, dire .cted an amateur production of ... Aida' and three years later the talented schot"Jl teache. r devoted her summer to a fulltime sio&iAg Mid cauer. lt bao.ce. -.she was. fi'l!e rught s a we.ek during .t.De, yeru: She. lives in. Alexa ad'ria, V'a., j'ust across the rivet: fn a new hame. with lae.r husband, bass pl.ayet steve iN'o. vosel and faU Her first was at; "Henry's, Fub.,'' wbere like: Buri Baclaarada, AI BiWel', Carmen Mcltae, Kia Stanley, Eddie WllO.dy, AI IH, Bill ancl Les te. fall by wheile:\lfl' U'le;lf wetre: in. to.w.n.. JJ.es McCann was the one who l!eally furthered her career. Thi& led:. to her first album whi e h was ealled "First. Take." During the, m terview; ROBER'l':.t ltated.. 1 want to be a siJli ,er. Jl0t a blaek sing,e. 1 &m' bla"1t. I gJ:e. w up in a lill:adt l'wme 1 think black iS> b:e.ai.J!o nful, but tibeR i$ so llllllCb .... m.uSie. in, the, waddi that lla$1 nothi.ng to> de w.itbh! b1aek.'" Sa ha.s alslil D.eea. lalileled a iaq ainpxr and a &llk sinpr wh0 is aJao at home in a .chy.thm andl rUfti 0011t.es.t. H::ence, she adm itrt\ "tl!' ve lilftn J! sound like Nu Iii.__, N"aaey Willoa, Oddia,, S.Ve&aH, DiOillle. w :u:. wU:R, e:\le M'aloalia It everyOOdilf aa.idl ll: lOunded; li:ke. eae pe1rson, l!'' d werry,. But when the! A M 1 80Wld lik& tlie-m alF, ])' lfne.om ]'ve got OWD1 lillie>." Rillti 0B D .And. this llli'ght ad\:1, a st:yle that you, will bet beall"a great deal of. Ill addit i on, IJhe. has the beauty, ver.s.atilit!, purity of 110undl a n, d d'rive necessary to really be.come the complacent star. S.me-ef the folks that were OD> case to witnes& the. an. 0f 'ROilll!Ro'I1A Fl-AK wete. the lovely Karol : Swift, brother Lloyd and charming mother "SlAP Mer f#: 1ft FOR YOUR 'J'w& Cre&t CO>&d'y,ear Tiles tnlf U' tile:-All._ We.tf1H IV. Both ar top-no.tch Ms,I'nnr perlbmtm.. l'tck yow: siz:4t, Pid: y:or price. r .. I i l I I' SWAYS TO PAY AT GQQDVEAJ\ Rlftlt I PIIlOf I! 1WI IDD'f CiOO D YEAR SERVICE STORES T&JIP&. TAMPA TAMP :A ...... BillsMI. a Plaa 'UMP:& TAMPA I '-UIJZ'. Ni. 211111 S'l. 2901 w. llllr.benu.gl AROSS FROM B.wnlown ACROSS FROM Olen D ... ._,_ $:3t I PHON 8!-16381 BriHon Plaza West Shore: Plaza Aqlil u haiti& E ... Op,en Dally &o 5:30 I MolgaR A 'Jwlgp Stt. PB.QNil! m"3110 TAMPA 3813 s. DALE MOB' I ll'BONE 2!M&%l I soez w. KeJtDedY' TAMPA Borlh Gale PHONE 831-lMl Open &o PB.0Ni1 lm470JI TtiDfla 'EIIIac& Dally 8:30 1 P.-. 9!Mll N'. 5ftk 1222 FLORIDA AVE. I ) Silt:., 'kX '-' 1, P:." 1!1. Open Dail! S: 3G fo 5:31. ) l J!'-BQNE, tt8Uft S:at; it Open Dally 8:3_1) to 11:30 Qpep Dally 8;30 to Si!li \&41Jf se Jiab,la J!l..,aJIIII : -


PAGE TWENTY-TWO Fla. $entinei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt. Get Both Editions Tuesday, Oetober 17, 1972 Hundreds Of. Vets On Two Area :Hospitals 14U N. Madison Avenue. The proceeds will be added to the general fund of the auxiliary. OMerving their "Speciai Day" this month include Mrs. L. M. Sheffield, Mrs. Mary SAM CANTRELL -1h t h 'th t't t' Mrs. Ruth Davis, A. D. Ellis, Mr. By a w en e ms 1 u Ion IS com Brown, Sr. ; George Brown Special Sentinel Reporter pleted their total average em-1 t b 1 500 Th' ld III, Rev. P. E. Davenport, and t 1 b f t th P oymen WI e IS cou .'J\.!rs. Evelyn B. Rooks, and Lou-They s rugg e Y 00 ; ey and will mean a great payroll come by ambulances, cabs, au:dboost to Jhe Tampa economy. isil Perry. mobiles. A woman holds a small According to information from Mmes. Sheffield, Davis and El child riding on one hip while she the St. Petersburg Federal Ls were feted on Saturday evelends tier stump-legged husband ing, now almost totally occupied n : ng by the members of the Sunher other arm. Scores of men by the Veteran's Social & Savings Club at lackmg an arm or leg, a fmgc:r there are now I 016 000 veterans their regular meeting with Mrs. or a hand; suffering from w?unds in Floiida .. 'and that figure Duval Warthen (Dee Dee) as or scarred or maimedcr is increasing by 5,000 per month h cd:ss. hobblmg dra, More than 250,.000, better than Mrs. Warthen prepared and gmg a. foot or p_ropellmg a quarter-million, of these vetserved a most delicious and des e lves m wheelchairs, to the doors erans live in the Central West kctable dinner to the meinbers of the new 7 st?ry 720 Tamra coast Florida area! and those honored. Foltowing the V eteran' s Hospital fol' mstant re. d i nner, gifts were opened and lief and-or hospitalization. _are_ qmck to pomt out gz:atduly acknowledged and ap. Only to be subjected to hours' .. employment preciated by the recipients Many of tortuosity and the infinite wait. P?rticuhlrly .for )he friendly greetings were extended Ing, and the infamous government der-pri.vileged. There lS ?P" eaC'h honoree and the gifts were gobbledygook then to told for s>thcr memal lovely. that there is no room at the Inn! la?or ed programmed to make a presenta-it's infancy, they simply cannot. shortage and emergency) and has t'on to the confab She is Curricucope found the nurses knowledgeable lum Reading Assistant and is But this brings no relief_ t<>; t \11:, a!'d The doctors are housed at Blanton Elementary, vets they hurried up and wa tt < highly competent but the P._a <'t p t b ... z E:rs urg. ed too--long fu too many wars ..,... t.ients and doctors are disturhed to exP.' ect that. in bv 'f-actdhat: there is not a George Brown III and Valerie vilian Jife. full-hme: : presently Brown, children of Mrs : Veronica The mqst ser;fous anc;l ': an one or two Brown, celebrate their birthda:1s calling for hospital!-_, available fli!it CQme. m for cono on Sunday aJterhoon a t the hqme zation ,are 'sent to Bay Pines VIr : -sultations. Mostly patients reI of their maternal grandmother, Hospital in St. Petersburg.' The : : quiring are sent to M'rs. A. D Ellis. 1 Pines, as it is known by older Gainesville : This aeficiency .!;!! Quite a few tots gathered to v ete rans, supplies excellent merli-. riqusly disadvantag .es. the staff share in the gaiety or' the a ftercal and adjunct services Itocdoctors ... : noon .-.:.The weather was ideal and cupies .429 acre' s with -15 buildings .. m Halle, the ne w the little folk enjoyed several on the grounds. ._ Pines Medical alSo hours of fun befitting the smallThere 'are. 950 .. employees; a faces seveaL.problems .. His.-builci" fry set. medical staff of i40 ings are be: ng he js'-. doctors In contrast, ., ;at almQSt full Kappa Alpha Sorority .. Tampa under a us. due patients to held lts nibnthly meeting on Sat. picious jU!It: pri.ot":IEWS "One pouud of learning requirl"!s gratefut'. to those who asten pounds of common sense ta sisted in _:making the Baby Con-' apvly it a -financial sueThe 'Grim Reaper came into our Mrs. Viola Scrivens, presi. commi"mity during the past : week, dent, is appreciative to all for calling' to their eternal rest Mr such loyal support The winners Sponsors Religious Skit Sunday evening, in an : service (8:00), the Foster-King Chorus will sponsor a skit : "Old Ship of Zion which 'promises to be highly spiritual and enlighten ing. Come out and fellowship with us, and you'll be glad that you did Mmes. Vera Hewitt and A; L Davenport are directresses. The pastor leaves the city on Wednesday for a brief vacatil)n. He solicits the prayers of the church. Ned Graham, a longtime citizen were : :FirstPlace ($M.Oo), Vanes : and a ,.city employee ; Mr. sa Tumpkin of 1153 LaSalle St., On the sick and shut-in Jist are" Brooks J and Mrs. Julia Adams. Sebond Place ($60.43), Marcy Mr and Mrs Eddie Wigfall, Sr., The latter was a m 'ember of-St. : Adams 0410 .. Taft St. and Third Mr. and Mrs charlie Bembry Matthew First Baptist Church Place; ($30:00), Setredree White,' and others. wh ere she served in choirs o: 2 e and two and in other depart mel)ts of the church during her lifetim e. Final rites were held on Tues day evenirrg a n d interment Wednesday morning : Larkins Fu neral Dir ectors were in charge of burial of the three It is our prayer that God will condole and lend ari understanc;ling ear to the b e reaved of the respective fam mes. Mrs Francis McCants returned home on saturday evel}ing {rom her home in Birmingham, Ala .. when she had attended the fuof her. Mrs. Cants is clerk at the St. Matthev : First Baptist Church. !tf the J.ily White :rtoyal Court No. ti. UNCL-E SANDY SAYS 12,49. To believe In Immortality I s one thing, 38,47. but it Is first lleedful to believe In life 90,13. .FUNE.RAL N OTICES GILBE R'f, l\liU. Funeral services for Mrs. Min nie Lee Gilb ert of 2996 E. Curtis St., who passed away in a local hospital, wHI be h e l d Thursday at 2:00 P. 1\1. at Morning Star M. B. Church with Rev. R. A. Death Notices WILSON F UNERAL HOME Mr. Joe Nathan Henry, 2701 2Uh Ave. Mr. Edward Bailey, Sr., 710 3 rtl Ave. Mr. Hosie Hicks, 2309 22nd Ave. Baby Boy Cobb, 3204 St. Mrs. Minnie Lee Gilbert, 2906 E. Curtis St. Mrs. Beul-ah Barber, 422 So. Orgeon Avenue. Mr. .Johnnie Crawford, 1411 Governor St. ; Mr. Henry Johnson, 3723 29th St. Baby Boy Thomas, 3916 Cherry St. Mrs. Janie Harris, 2602 17th St. Mr. Francisco Martinez Valdez, 3711 E. Clifton Street. Baby Boy Brown, 320 W. Ross Ave. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME Mr. Cap Allen, P. 0. Box 34, Wl.nauma.' Mrs. Maggie Bowen, 1533Y z Arch St. Mr. Clyde Lee Harris, 313Yz E Amelia. STONE & GORDON FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Sylvester Essie Baldwin, Potter St FRANKLIN HOME Mrs. Idella Park, 1020 Cleveland St. :infant Giri Jones, High land Ave. Master Johnny White, 426 Sel-ma Ave. :Mr., Johnny Bonney, India St. IS Crenshaw, oHiciating. Interment Will lle m 5hauy tirove s,uvivors are: !Vir. Kalpll Uilbel't; a daughter, Deanna Uobinson and hu > baud, lhr. t'ett s Hobinson of Baltunore, Marylami; a grandsc.n, h.enne.h Kob.nson Gf ilaiti'more, Ma 1 yianil; motiler, !Virs. Sallie Wooilen of Albany, Georgia; a s i ster, Mrs. Pegg y Hemlerson and husb a nd, Mr. Julius Henderson; a brotller, Mr. Curtis Wooden, U. S. Army, C o lumbus, Georgia; a number of n i eces, nephews, cousins ; 3 sistersi n-law, Mrs. Nellie Clem ons and husband, Mrs. Helen Jacks on and husband, and Mrs. Luci lle Wocdard ant!hu s band; a brc!ber-inlaw, Mr. Johnnie Gil bert and w i fe, 1\'lts. G:adys Gil bert and other sorrowing rela tiv es and fr 2 ends. A native of Albany, Georgia, Mrs. Gi'.bert had resided here f o r the past 7 years. She was an employe e of Murris-o:. Cafet eria The remains will relJoSe after 4:110 P. M. Wednes_-l'ay at Wilson Funeral Chapel un.til l'e !lr {!''ler?l time Thursday. "A wn:SON SERVICE" PLANT C-ITY-To the memory of our sister, the late Thelma Ellis Sesler Music Teacher," Hillsbo-rough County Schools, Plant : City Florida who passed away October 17, 1968. The Families: Seslers, Ellis aud .Mobleys. CARD OF THANKS TAMP A The family of the .late Mrs. Sallie Nance wishes to express heartfelt thanks and .deep appreciation to the many friends and neighbors for all the act.> of klndnes s during their hour of bereavement. Special thanks tq Eider Jacob Whitehurst and Elder Maxwell Doyle and the staff of Wilson Funeral Home. Sicrned: Nat Green and '' Among folks enjoying the recent party given by the Fifty Iron _Men were ; from left ; Mr : and Mrs. Me !tan Brown arid Mrs. Atkin Brown. They were at the abode of Mr. and Mrs. Robert ScotL


Tuesday, Odober t7. 1972 Fla. Seallaei.BuUetin Puldished eVUJ Tues. aNI Fri. Cet ao Editions Dial 248 -1921. (lassified Ad Dept. IIISIIESS CD mother. wilL !Xrby sit fo11 wor.kiq DIAitAel!s, ley the day or the> hour!. 87Ai..6ij,15, IIEIEDFr?? Because of credit problems or do:w.u. pall', ment.'! 100% fi.naacin.g, available:tet us. help you CALL OR COME IN NOW SUN RAY MOIOBS 6300 FLOR. IDA AVE. 232-4891 EMPLO'flmiT DOMESTI 1\ND ln.tematiend leader In' the: of' sujplies: :'aij -seeks a \ foil our (thre._, 'headquartered East of DeLand, is Dll utes west of' Dayttl!Ji amll fair wage!J'. .alli AN..4 %3f'.Sll33 or 25i1'.3886. MAlfP8WEit IS JOBS EVERYDAY, Work the day.s,. you w.ant.. Daily cash, t:asli bonuseS'. fl OO per and uv thw 6 to J 9! a.Jli,. l JIIIINWEir J&. 4l6 KllNl'!f.ll:&'Y BLVD. Aero!l!t fronr of NEED' PROGRMIHERf Analyst. MUli have ;puiaUnum. 3: ciJIW expetienitl rD..: t;liie/disk eMmonment. M'anafa>during sy,s. te1118l 'Prefer Pkalre a I:,IIWdi Oppodtn8tJ; Jlillpfoy.el1 Degree with a Ma ,jot iit Accounting. me(uil!e&.; \Jp. to I in,. dustrial desY.:eti but DAY 01 ... 18111 Please submit resume> < history aJRii u:&.:s : STEAIDY WORK;-reg}Ual .. raises-. accounting_ :liclf8 Sliltimp peelers; padel!s and' busif!ess; coanes;: iuld &l!eir-di> Jabwers. Must bring Socfal Se In t.v.: ... ellllity card. If under 21 must Industrld ....... hao:r bring birth certificate. Apply 9 s .... : e a a"' : A.M: to 3 P.M; Monday tbru ,. 9 14. M. to 12 P.M. Mel!ica l =-.oN PMIJNG P.O. Box :O.I.ari; 3ln00 1 sot&. st., and\ trceta. Road No Te!Qhae aDS' f'1i!ase. N&-espemence An Equal JliQro;ell' Ei:p&al., ruaB.P ... Clllll! IDID CIIIIIJ ID Yla UW. IIJWif PA'fllllrf? I ... CALL ROW Bill BI8Wtl A&J & SALIS 3800 FLA. AVE. .... mo.-... BUYS : A 2-BR. TOWNHOUSE! 'WHY HOSPIT A L AND DOCTOR TRAINEES NEEDED WOMEN WANTED' ta be trained foil' Iooal aPea: hospital ami deeoffices-. M.ud be w.Uiiag to immediate. & fee ment.. Limited: opeaings.. Hleetee will! Juwe> 11ft' opperiunP.. ty to eam. while wainiog. Call< 229-838!1. FOR SALE WANT .'\. NEW B8ME1 11 FOR SAtE : PICKERS : HI E LSB+HtOOGR lf" RV:E&'Hllt of 'Jireue"'s a!Jsa wantSJ fJ:uit pick:. el'S' fO\! the season'-Willl piek up at' Mattie-'s GlTGeeiTy Stotre, SeftnelT at 6i A.M.,. on 22wli St. aeross b4tm SheH y Gl!een l s restaurant from 6 ; : 36' A.M. to> 7 A.M. For further call\ 8269933. NON QW!ALIFYIMG Jement block, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, stove, refrigerator, carpet, fenced yard. $'12,.100> c oft'veuitmt terms. l $200 DOWN, GOOD BEDrr: aU E'q!lal tl'wOITtunifJ 1 D'ON T AAFFE, IJIWiiER 8 7.2'-27<29> or 8-39-1422 Catr. 257-321JL B Y O,WNER, CllTSill' fJM BlJD..T 2 BEDROOMS, dining room, Iiv' ing rCJIOIID and Iatrheu, 'Ierrazo Door, .8\ ma'!Ony finish, li yeam old1. E'xb fal!JD! 1 room E v eey;thiilg near. B y appoin1menf. &'n-1'. -llJIOWM M6DED BLOR 3 CABPE!Il, stove, refrigerator. $10,650 P. & 1 $70\54' f01:: 3'6Gl months at-7% mortga![e. DONI 'f:&A:tFE !l'ROKEB or 800'-Ji42%: LISTINGS NEEDED $-100; DQ.W.N ltl.S& f150 pl!epaid Ailmost new. ConeiTetre bfuck, 3 : bed-, FOR. SII.E Executive Riverfront Z Story Deluxe 3' bedltooms 3 futty caiTpetecf and draped', Fun kitchen -omptete inside Washer-Dry er room. game room, Cover.etf Boat Dtlck, 2: Cav Garoag.e witli remote door.s-, c : om plete bull'g!ar system. Lofs. M'or:e. Rl,EIIBRE .IlEA SEE BY-APP1. OILY PIOIE 23l-2103 FOR DLE house. Fla> 1'118111 Oil J, rots N'o qualifyiiig. 251t-5 t51. FOI BElT 1 BEDROOM FURNISHED apaQ. ment. 1905 Central Ave. 1 BEDMOM HOUSE for rent, fuaished. &17 W. Amelia. 87/i 5954 S BEDROOM IIOUSE, Carport, and utilU.y room. $126.00 a month rent. 4732 Trilby. Across from Westimghouse on West Blvd. 258-:fl:Tt. PUBLIC SERVICE AUTO Ht:>ME LIFE Ft\S'I' ..M SERVICE R:t\1'EIJ FOR OOOD AND BND> DDIVlNG RECORDS. I :NSURANCE RAIDL 1011 IGENCY 1720 N4rih Nebraska Avenue PHONE 229-1879 rooms : l bath sto:ve and> re-Ji'tgerator: .Ini P'on 'tailftlla. FLA sER.. rn'EL taR.Uf 'Iota! $15,550>. Convenient tet'DlS. .., wllnl DON '11AAF-FE BROKER DS WORK HARD 872.27291 01: 839-1422 II If your family of four lives on less ,fban $140 a IMMEMAH C&VDAGE Ar' A oST Tlli!\'1' URBESPONDSi TOtJB DRIVING HISTORY JACK aar 626-6194 GIT CD 'IIOUBLES? T:RANDIIS8ION OtVEKBtUIL GEN: e.ur. REPAIRS .aT EHDTS au. '241-6532 II AY' S Qefore taxes, we can put you in a three bedroom home for jUst $100 down and as little as $86 a month: G A A G E WOODVALLE.Y EAST OF US. 19 AT COACHMAN ROAD 126'-4'769 for details ... -. 4111A.ES WEST OF DALE MABRY ON Hl.lsscmiGH for details / ... M7 Httr miEET TAM!! 'fURERAL DIBK'IORS -....n FUIIRAL HOME 3001 29th STREET "Gur' Business Is Service" Pheaes: 248-6125 245-2032 PDiiBSLEY FIIIIH HOME 28f:Jt. STREET As Impressive As Required As> Jbe'))l:aalthlt As Desired. Phones: 247-3151 or 3117!-:J1115a, ROGERS ... EIIL HOltE fto 233-IIR 4605 34th Slreel or 2J&.I'JM L.4DY AT'llil'NDANT WE. Gl\rg'1:Wi: BEST FK lll!Si." : ; : ; : l


/Ia. Seotlnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frf, O.t Both Edition .-pAGE TWENTY-FOURTuesday, October 17, 1972 1 NAACP To Elect lily White Society Nominating C:ommlttee ._ _____ .;.._________________ Mrs. Helen Saunders, Secretary, Orlando Tilt Royal Courts the Lily Whites lnvites all the courts in the surrol,lnding counties along with their friends to attend a tea Sunday in the annex of Mt. Olive AME. Jtev. L. A. Haisley is pas tor, The church is located on Wa.shinaton St. ing is 648 Ander80n, next to !Bethel Baptist Churoh. Last Saturday evening a l e w members of Lily White Lodge No, 005 surprised Mrs. Alice share with a birthday party. All members with October birthdays were recognized Mrs. Blackshare is a charter member and was fil\. ancial secretary until her health began to fail. She has been fined for quite sometime. We wish her a speedy recovery. She re.. celved many gifts and donation.s. Deaths The funeral of Mrs. !Nettie Ruth a member of Lily 'Wihite No. [00, was held Thurs day from Greater Bethel A 1M' E Church of Mia-mi. IMTs. Jessie Giles represented the grand as The funeral of Mrs. Frances !Preston a memlber of Lily White !Lodge No. J.91, was held Thurs day from Antioch Baptist OhUrch of Miami. Mrs. Jessie Giles re presented the grand assembly. The funeral of iM:rs. Estella Claridy, a memlber .of Lily White !Lodge No 415, was held Sunday from Galilee Bapt. Ghuflch of SAVE $108 Hawthorne. Mrs. Susie Sandlin Tampa Branch NAACP, said thai represented the grand assembly. the meeting date on letters mail T he funeral of iMrs. Nellie ed to members is incorrect. The [)avis, a member of Lily White general membership will meet at !Lodge No. 14, was held Sunday 4 P. M. Sunday at the American from Elizabeth Ba;pt. Cbur ch of Legion Home, 2504 29th Street, .Arcadia. Rev. !Bossy Watson re for the purpose of electing a presented the grand assemlbly. nominating committee and the The funeral of iMrs. Pearl Roy, trans action of such other busi a members of Lily White Lodge ness as may properly come before No. 10 was held Saturday from the meeting. st. John 1M. B. Church with All regular and life members the pastor, IRev. IE. Newkirk whose membership is paid at officiating. !Mrs. IEura Lee Adams least 30 days prior to the meet represented the grand assemlbly. The funeral of Mrs. !Mary Bell Mitchell, a member of !Lily White Lodge No .. 23, will be held Saturday rom M t. IMoria'h Church of Plant City. Mrs. Ida Gary will represent the grand assembly, Royal Court No. 205 will meet Wednesday evening at B. be on time because this is the last burial. Mrs. Annie IM. H&ffi!l!on is hostess and Mrs, Arleie l{yijc:k, president. The meet lng art entitled to vote or be to Office. Should bring member or meeting notices as All are urged to Bradenton The Sunlight PaHbearers N1), 294 President, Mrs. Mary MeClain was involved In an auto accident and is ronfined to bed at home, All are as ked to pray for her. 1 Mr. IF. Coleman, r ept. ON. 3 PC. TRADITIONAL OR MEDITERRANEAN GROUPS! NOW! and such .as Neye_r Thism,e.IcONLY CONVEMillT TERMs ARiAIUI {(\\ ; ... I. Matchinll. TaliJu, Jneluclel u J-PC. GRO. Uf': .. Sola, 2 Chair 3 "'an-ton Iobin,_ your BArflfAMERICAJIIJ we lcome here ,. '> Shop And Save -----* 4 2$-. .' Jn Our Great Sale! 1324 30 Broa.dway PHONE 247"-4711 ,! Ta:adilioaal lrlo tro. uy outl4k-. lhe picture of charm, ** the ultimate hi smart buying! The 100" Tuxedo sofa ls _! < .. : fabric arid color matched to downy pair of chairs In sumptuous damask with seats in buoyant Polyurethane foam. If you're In the mood for lovely living, make U Traditional! Separately: Sofa $269. Chairs each $119 Save $108. LOOK TO LARMON'S FOR BETTER TERMS THAT MEAN LOWER PAYMERTS WHY WAIT COME IN TODAYI OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT 'TIL 8 P. M. Plenty Of fREE P :arking On /lot In Rear Of Store


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