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Famu Fan Suggests Ivy White League Opponent F c. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 21) :All The News Fit ,To Print \ 1> FLORIDA. entinel AMERICA'$ FOREM i: f Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU VOL. 25, 94, TAMPA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, NOVIEM.B ER 7, 1972. PRICE 15 CENTS One Arrested For Forged Checks SA!NJ' PETER CLAVER STUDENTS DONAT.: FOOD' Young students from Saint Claver CathWaiting with his donation i!! Ronald Frankl in ; atid olic School are shOWn donating food for the. needy placing food in a box held by UnLversity of South at the 509 Twiggs street Metro-Ministeries Office. Florida student is Theodore Valdez. ,Black-White Methodist Merger Is Set BIRMiNGHAM, Ala. Final action was taken Tuesday for the absorption of' the all-black Central Alabama Methodist Conference in to two all-white groups, the Ala. bama-West Florida Conference and the M>rth Alabama Conference. Heavy King RIO DE JANEIRO -A 255-pound police officer has become the first black man to be chosen king of Rio s famous February carnival. U. N. Overrides U. S. On RaciaiQuestion Flip Wilson Sued On Paternity UNITED NATIONS, N.Y.'!'he U N. General Assembly, A Chicago woman sued cooverriding U.S. opposition asked median Flip Wilson Wednes countries on Thursday to day for child support and medi hold aid to South cal payments claiming he is the Afnca and Rhodesia "unhl they renounce their policy of colonial father of her son born m New domination and racial discrimina :York last May. tion." The assembly adopted a reso lution 99 to 5 with 23 abstentions and five absentees. The United States, Portugal, South Africa, Britain and France voted against the resolution. Mabel Robinson asked Supe rior Court to declare Wilson the :father of her son, Joseph, and order him to pay monthly supIPOrt and medical expenses for the boy's birth. Be A Good Citizen, VOTE TODAY, November 7. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3). (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) ] .. : County Reports. Blad I IKftease SEE STORY ON PAGE 11 j ... 'Victim Fa:ir After Weekend Shooting (SEE S'IDRY ON PAGE 2) Who Sta;rted Tampa Park Apts. Dies (SEE STORY ON PAGE 22) 1


PAGE TWO "?.-"' _.,... .. Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both ....... Noveft\l'lier ?, 1972 Sheriff's Conaunity Relations Bureau I By StiT. ARNIE MYERS ------------''Interrogation of Sex Offenders" trend of the future, realizing, of CAPERS In the usual eourse of events, individual s wlho are accuseiil <>f having committe d sex offenses h-ave U0 be i;!liberrogat e d o:i:! seve r :aJl im!Po rtant o ccasio n s. Wh e n they first arrested. there must he an investigation. The interro,g.a.tor gainiug ;Nlrj),port w ith the inf>0rmant is most imi!)Ortant coN,rse, that the person b eing questioned millst be a willing ta!J. Sa:tl!lrday with first and se cond d egree burEs <>ve r the right s i de of his bod y P reston s gi r lfrie nd Bernice Williams 35, was arres.ted for a g gravated assaul t for throwing h o t watJer on the man. Mrs. F amri e Be ll B ivens, 2 0, 4511 Courtl a n d reported to p olioe Sunday tha t she was h i t over head wit h a brok e n ooke bottle b y an unid e ntified assailant. She said she was at Zack and Ne braska. Mrs. Maxine S m ith will not b e prose cuted by h e r husband, Leroy, for biting h i m 0n the chln Thle wom a n b i t mer husband .Sunday e vening at t he Pyram i < d B a r 1034 Central Avenue he c ause h e attempted to dance with anoth e r woma n she told police. Mrs. Jessie Mae Washin gton, 34 1315 Green Street, was engaged in a n argument with a? o l d boyfriend while at the Zanzl lbar 2132 Ma i n St., Saturday. She oold poli c e that she walked out s ide and he foll G wed and assaulted her w ith a She was at St Joseph' s Hospi tal for tre<:t ment of th e laceration when ques ti o ned by police. An ex, bo,yfri end of Mrs. Pearly )a,ae Gero3n, .39, 1115 Union St. visited h e r Thursday and starte d an argument. He then struck t i1e woman, knocking her to the floor where she was sti.U lyiin;g wh e n police arrived. The officer :-e ported th a t the woman had a b ruise on her temple. J esse R. Jordan, 38, 2004 N. H oward, was arrested Saturday I o r aggravated a ssault on hi3 common-lmv wife, Margaret R ay s on, 31. Pol i ce were given cn!t fl i d i ng sto r ies 'Of what happ-ened, but found out that the two h a d been drinking nd arguing duriP.g the day and a mirror was brok e n in t he bedroom when t he door was kiokied open. Jordan used a piec-e 0! the glass t o cut the wo-man 011 the and on t11e foreh'e'ad at the She a!sa a f>racW.red elb'ow, po hoe said. Burglaries Mrs. Ilene Hudson, 1926'h N. "W'i'llow, reported a breaki n ..t:t her apartment Thursday. A 2!'." port able TV worth $100 was taken b y t he burglars. Police said th ere was no evi dence of forced entry e n d be:tiieve entry W 'as g.airre a wit h the ai'd 0f a pass !key. A black awd white TV wor>th $ 4 9 bel:on 'g.ing to Mrs. Louise Rhett, 1521 Gree n S t., was take n k0m her home Thursday. No v isi ble means of forc e d entry was foun a and p0l i c e sa. i d ap jpar ently a key was u sed t 0 open t h e front or back do or. Alii win dow s were secure, it w;as .veported. An u.11 known m al e suspect entered tJhe home of M iss Ethel Vernita Harris, 4016 E. D el eUJl Avenl!le, Friday morni ng at 5 : '5'0. Miss Harris was a w akeN ed by the man as he touch e d &rer a :>, d she and h e r roonimate sca r d nm a way. She said h e fled in a car he had park e d '{'}utsi, de 'Dhe !Black Diamond Bar, 2314 Armenia, was broken in to Wedn es day t he owner, John Ranson re p orted. The burglars ente r e d t'l-e place through a connect i n g door betwe en the bar and. Mario's Can tina which was also burglariz e d. made off w it h $ 2 0 .in change from the machines and $107.50 worth of cigarettes. A two-speaker tape ,pla y e r $50 and a ooltJr 'irV worth $i!;50 were tak:en Ui1:4 Chest nut Friday by burglars apparently using a key The items were the property of Mrs. Ger-ald i ne Barnes. Mrs. DJtrotby Harris, 609 7th Avenue, reported an burglary at her home Saturda y r.ight The screen had been re m ov -ed from the window but the burglars were unable to get in. Burglars removed the glass panes from a front window a t 1508 N.. 16th St reet, t he home of Mrs. Thelma Deweese Shaw. They entered and took $10 in coin, an afro wig and a pair of shoes, all worth $22. They left via the rear door Man Fa:ir A .fter. Weekead Shooting Al!:le.rt Lee Hardy, 23, 1642 And r ade C t. is li sted in f ,air conditi on at T ampa Gener a l Hospital with a bull e t wound irr the s t om a ch left of his naval. He w a s sho t Satu-rday m o rning b y thirty J a mes Th o m as L ang 1611 Andrade Ct who has been charged with assaul t to mur-der. Lallig oon,tJends lrowev e .r, that the s h:Joting was an acei d ent. He was knee'lin.g over the wounded man when police arrived at the t;cene cry ing that he ''d i d n o t mean to shoot the boy. He told >the inVestigating off ice r that H12rdy was racing his up and dow n the street, and be cause of the loud muffler, he told ll i m t o t a ke llie car to the drag E trip. He s aid the man then yell e d somethin g at h'm, then ask e d what was he going to cl.o about i t Lang said he then got his gu n walked down to the young lnan's house with the weapon in his p oc ket. He s a id he had the gun in his pocket beca use th ere were several other men standing in t he street with Hardy. Words were exc hanged b e twe e n them, h e said, wl')en Hardy squared off as if to him him. H e th e n p ui!e d the gun out, acci d e nt a lly pulling t he trigger. H e the n car ; ried tJh e man into his h ouse a n d wai>ted for the ambulance and po li ce. The wltne .sses to shoot i ng b o th juveniles said they were he l ping Hardy work on the muffle r One did say that Hardy threw his hands u p bef ore Lang pulled the gun. Lang is being held In t he county jail under $5,000 bond. Buy From Florida sentinel--Advertisers Thefts Mrs. C onni e Anderson 20, 1904 20th Avenue w a s arrested Saturday f0r sbQpli f ting from Ma a s Bro'thers, 6!1:2 Franki lin S t reet. 11bl. e wo-man w:as being w.atclhed b y itre security g .uard as s'he pla-ced a pants-suit in mer purse and out. The w0m>an told police thatt stle d i d not why she took the merch'!ln'dise w orth $21. The securi ty offic e r at Zayre's D e.pt. St ore, 2525 Hillsborough, a'l!IPrehelilded 2o-yearld Dona lcl. Eugene Thomp so n 1U8 E. Talia f erro, for sh op l ifting la s t week er;:rd. Tho mpson went in llhe dress ing r-oom witJh a worfu $7.97 ami -came OLtt w.i.tih i t s tuiftied in his pants. He w a s s1RD;ppecl. .as he left t'he store Miss Val e r a Oliver, 19, 2101 E. Chel sea, and a 1 5 year-o!d g irl companion were arrested for shopliJL1ng, .fJ10m Cook's D ep t Store On'lum 'bus Plaza. They had two skirts and top s ets w0rth $7 $8 and ]1)lare d them in ft.leir lJ efore walking !Jut of the store. Euge ne McDonald reported b p olice that s omeone took h i s 196 3 Che:vy from the pa r kilil,g l ot at 2125 Main St. Friday n igh t. T he car was wort h $a50. loainao Will 'feme 2 M ore CLEARWATER J osep h R od rigu ez, 67, b ette r k now n in !Petersb.ur,g as Joe !Bonimo was h i t two new dr.ug obarg, J s Friday as 'he a,ppea11ed for -ar raignment on two earlier drlg char,ges. The man w'ho pol:rc e ha:ve labeled fme kin@}in of iPinell as County her0in tralfic arod e m defendant Jose @ h !E.J:i-as oif St. P>eter.Sbur. g J!)lea:iiled innmcent t o tw o o'f se l ling arr d @IDS sessing iAeooin -and :two aew im te :g.e.t alt rtJhe ,110@1. IIXf h i s sex problems; an d that w.o;o;:I 1!1Hdh ra, lJher Se>e 'him be t reated thiam ibe i n Th e probl e m of p rivacy is a prtic ularl y importa n t one in h terv icwing se x o ffe nd e r s since, GbiVIi' ous l y, thet' e i s [itUe tli:at is O(l)t private ab:o-ut tJe wnol e procedu r e, and t h e offende r rea li zes that :ll!nytbin.g that be says may be heJd ;against him. 'irh.is disadnnta.ge may be m ini m ize d h owever if clle inter vi ew e ; the i nformant that his maa n m>urpose is to tl e J.' rather than tro punis'h 'him, t ha t the m ai n .Cif the i!Il terview i s to g e t at i!he t rue fact s in o;rcle r to under'Stand why t he o.fender c ommitted his of f e nse and not merely t'O d is co ve r what h e di d. I ve b e en t o l d b y so call e d ex.perts that que s ti. o ni.ng a sus,ped under the i>n fluence o'f is the mo'd 'eTD Six Per:sons A ,r,,estell On G;nnWing Fiive men and a W0n.1.an were Wl'eSI:ecl in Vbor C:ty on d.h:ar ges 'Of .a'Ll'd lkeep inrg a )glal11'1Yiing b e use !f1or tll1Ile, 54, 1004 12t h :A.v.enue, and his w jif;e, Ina, 48, were (lhar.ge d wattih lkeeping 1bbe hou se w,!:)en enliered armed w[ttlh. l8 s earcJlii w;aram:t Mr.s. iF1r arrests Oct 13 an d 14, the f.(l)ur W.e!le clescl'li!bre d 1by .as .members mf a bl<:.<:.k ,g;&ng called Il>e 'M:au Mau 'iUh-ey -are .accused of ransack ing ib(')me of !Paul Corbett August -4 end 1lciilling Ooi'lJett fi7, a retked ;nsur;ance broker; h i s :t.lardan 57; her aallg'hter by : a Barbar a S. Boancl 22; ;and Mrs. D0rothy Deny. i!O, Mrs. '00rbeWs sister. lrew ,Aiexuler In Crftkal 'Cenllion oc::AL!A [dev:i Al exanarer, v.em er;a .'tl1e iJe..al\ler, suffered .a hean >and lies in cri t i c:al con d iti o n et Munr.@ H0i> iPi'ta.l.. He was ihHs&'etJl,)all co ac'h :a:t !FJ0r.itia :A-&M Col1"E!g.e tlbe teens and an.d pr.odmcred man:y .cb:am]llionsh:ip ,tJeams. Sa,e lime And S ta111ps Phone Your News 141-1:921 Ritz Adult Theatre Eu,jo-y lhe best in X Rated Films in cool comforlahle surrouadmgs 248-1378 .. 15th and Broadway Adulis J 8 'OB OVER "SHE ALWAYS GAVE HER BEST OH GRADE RIGHT." ALSO CUNNING STUNT "If DEPDIIS UPGII JIIW WIHIIG Ytl ABE."


'fuescby, November 7, 19_72 f'la. SeJ:Ilinei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frl. Get BC)th Former Killed _By Robber. At High Pance A 20-yea.r-old Northwest \vash-.PoliCie Arrest -Man Jor Ferged Check After: Brief Chase ington man was arrested in conTwenty-five-year-old curtis nection with tile shooting death Rouse, 4oo6v2 28th Street, wasFriday night of a former Tampan arrested Monday after{loon after who was chaperoning at .. a horilzhe, two other men and a worncoming dance at Wilson High an attempted to cash four SchooL :forged: checkl? _at a grocery Two of the men were (!based to an aputm.ent building on W estshore, wJtere police lost them after (s' uspects) entered and ran. to the third floor. and was taken to the city jaR and booked for attempting to pass forged checks. Rouse was tranSferred to the county jail under the charge of ut;tering a fol'ged .. check and appeared in a hearing this (Tues day) morning. Police said Ricardo Juan Robstore on Westshore Blvd : inson, 4<;27 Iowa Ave N!W,. was Tampa police reported that the arrested in death of Alphonso of the Dale Mabry A van wa-s noticed parked near the building and Rouse was found in back of the vehicle hiding Iinder a pi!e of blankets. He E. Brown, 45. Kash i N Karry store -alerted Brown, a gu dance counselor at other ,stores that the' group refused to the rights card The other three suspects are 'Still being sought by police Wilson, was chaperon :ng a dance mig'ht try to cash forged checks on the !chool grounds and was there. Earlier .that day they had fatally wcmndd when he attempt-cashed some of t11e b:1d checks ed tp follow a man who had just ano t h e r Kas h N Karry. stolen the receipts from the At 2:30 p.m., the three men dance. .alld young : woman were in the Witn zsses to!d police Brown was >eheck cashing line and all .hand-standing near the ticket table ed the: cashier checks from an around m idn ig ht at the entrance auto p_aJ;t;s canter. The ch ec ks, to the ''armory,". where the toti!.ling $422, were turned over : dance -was being held, wh t n a to the manager. who stalled.-the man ran in, grabbed the cash b o x 15upjects until police could be no. and !lan out. tified. A call placed .to the busi. Brown, who pursued the man ness which was stamped on the to the c1r;veway, was shot once checks :and the grocery store in the face. He stumbled bac k ALFONSO E. BROWN imanager was told that .the perinto the -doorway, witnesses said. son's si gnatur. e on the check was He was taken to S'bley Memor : al home ;Saturday afternoori _to l'lot an :authorized one. Hospital, where' he died about l:SO h i > sympathy and assistance to 1 ... man, at the end .. of Mrs. Brown, said, '''There_.' s net a m the ine, carrie d on a co.nverRobinson; unemployed, was armuch you can. 'do, but it is a -sation with the subjects, then. rested about 8 : .30 a.m. Saturday' personal thing to bought a f ew items .. and left th,e at police h e adquarters. Scott said he had driven his store. VI 'hile wai.ting for the Will:am W. a daugh te r Marvalisa, a seni :?r at. checks to be cashed two of the teacher at t:Je schOol, said m-ost Wilson to the dance, and return-subjects went outside and talked of the 300 or 400 people .. the ed for her sho rtly after midnight with the man. oance were students. ):Jut he recwhen P.rincipal Maur:ce A J ack Soon afterwards, the mana.ger ognized some as outsiders son called to inform him of the called them to let them know Brown, who lived alone with Ehooting .the chech wGre imd h:s wife lvi, ary, at 13 8 Webster The Browns, who met .in Hl69, they could get the cash. At that St. NE had stayed at the school had been married since last Fe]:)time offi:ers .arrived on the for the lwmecorning football game ruary. They had no children. "We !SCene and to appre and to cha ue rone the dance s c hedwere both widowed," said Mrs hend the t q no avail, as tiled for 9: p.m. to 1 a.m. Brown, a Veterans Administration they b ega n to flee from the Mrs. E row n said her husband employee ; crime scene. ''enjoyed li's w ork w:bh stu-A native of Tampa, Brown held 'The fifth still near his. dents" and had been "quite in-a bachelor's degree in relj,g : on car, was briefly detain ed but volved in the community" at Repand theology from Bethune-Cookwas t_o, leave after _the er Jr. Hi g h where he was acting man College in Daytona Beach, policemen learned that he_ JUSt assistant for three F la He did i&aduate study at talked with the group b eca use years before coming to Wilson Stetson University and received a 'he knew them : and was in no in September. master's degree : in education from way connected with passing t?e "It is re)Zretful that a person Iadiana UnN:ersity \ in 1%5. He bad checks. loses h i s life while volunteerb.ght fr'r hvo years at Alabama In the next few minutes, ing h's for the studmts' A&M coming to Washingand: police e njoy ment.'' said School Supt. ton. .. tried frantically to catch the Hegh .J. B(:ott. Brown's mother, Mrs. Debonia ,subjectS.. Scott who went to. the Brown Brown, stilt in Tampa. .:_"'---....:;.---"..;_ ___ PRINCIPAL EXTENDS GREETINGS J. H. Kendricks, prin cipa l of Middleton Adult School, greets the audience at the recent observance of American Education Week. Note Death In Senior's Revealed MIAMI The death of Labor Department official Robert Sen iors has been ruled a suicide by the Miami Police Department. Seniors was found dead recent ly on his kitchen floor. He had been shot in head with his own gun. 14iami homicide drew the conclusion that the death was a suicide when a note left by the victim was found on the kitchen fable. In it he'd wrote that he'd "lost interest and had no appetite for things." Pol :ce found $438 on the vic tim and immediately ruled out robbery. Senior's widow, Addie, as well as close friends and co-workers still to understand why he would have wanted to take his lifQ. U. Voting -'(ailed 'Antf.-. WASHINGTON ;_ The WasQing ton Research Project, a: ptiyatel:y financed group, that Justice Department has been pas sive in enf-Orcing the 1965 Voting Rights Act in. states.. .. "The :system is rigged blacks, and the: Nixon Admipts tration has been unwilling to tlJ\{e tne necessary aetion to make -the 15th (equal rights) a reality and not just a paP'l:r guarantee," the p roject said m a 230-page : Justice Department John V': Wilson .'disputed the re port. He said that blacks f-e r elective offic-e m southern states covered by ihe act. "They wou!51 not be encourag e d (to run) if th ere weren't more blacks e!igib:e to vote b e cause nf enforcement of the Votitig Rights Act ," Wilson said. The report said that the Departrp ent "stjll !ails to eff e ctive a ctio n to remedy the continuing ,;md extrem ely iow black vot:r r egist ration in many sou thern states "Moreover, the department has stood by as recently register e d blacks have been d is enfranchised by r eregis tration re.quirements." Soldbr Charged On Morals Count VICENZA, Italy -A black American soldier foom a nearby U. S. military base walked into a pizzeri-a here Wednesday night wearing only a cap, sauntered among the clients sitting at tables, and then ran out. Police identified him as Char les E. Ganske, -21, from Miller, S. D., and were looking for him oo bring charges of commottinf: -.cts oontrary to public mol'ala. .URBAN. LEAGUE GUEST s :PEAKEH FRIDAY : Vernen .JJ:'r t Urban: League. Is scbedu:ea to serve -as. guest .at the Tampa .Urban League' a Friday, loth, : .. -.Qr J3elljamin E. _Mays, President Emeritus, MorehOuse Col : Atlanta, Georgia r wi ll be -h?no red : by the League at the Dinner. ,,.. This meeting ', t}ie :of its fiftieth anniversary, 'wiiLbe held at. 8:00 p.m at,the H9.iday Guests will he able : to ., n..eet Mr. --;and Dr. Mayes during j hour at .In.n, l)_eg{uing at 7:00. p ni for ii,e dinner meeting JM!,. obtained contactIng Mrs. Gwend{llyfl Administrative Tampa Ur.baa League, at A TOKEN OF APPRECIATION Mrs. Richiedee n Padgett, left, is pictured at First Baptist Churcll ef West Tampa Sunday afternoon as she presents a token of ap. preciation to the pastor's wife, Mrs. M. C. Johnson. Mrs, Padgett Is presideut of the Pastor's Aid Club, and ihe eccasioll wu tbe ,astor' 'welftb anniversarJ ebservance.


PAGE FOUR Fla. Se.tlnei-BuHetln Published every Tues. ancl Fri. Cet Both !"uesCJay, November 7, 1972 Published every Tuesday and FridiJ by Flt,rida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pubo lisbing Co., 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and, Publiaber C. BL YTBE ANDREW.S, JB. Es:ecaUve Edito&' DON JOHNSON Vlee Presldeac-Proclactloa JIBS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice Pretldeat-SodetJ JOHNNY JACOBS VIce HAYWARD BRADY Vice Presldeat-PabHe RelaUou &eeond clasa postage paid at Tampa, Florida. 8VBSCIW'TION BATBS $ 1.11 Per Year Oae EdlCleL $1%.50 l"er Year Bo&b Eclltleuo FCC -Handw.nting The handwritiag should be the wall few telev-isiOn and radto still opeNJting with dis criminatory hiring 'N:ew Federal Commumcaltions Commisaion member Benjamin L. Hooks has lost no time in joining with Commissioner N i c h o 1 a Jolmson in demand ina the541 hiring be ihnproved before liceo5es are ap proYed. A recent case saw licensee for 13 starioDS in Omaha, Neb. ap proved ovw objectilona of the Black -Identity Education Aasociation by a 3-2 vote. HGOk$ and Johuon disapproved. There sure to be other charges of racial hiring by slta tions which are privileged to make money using :the airwaves that belong to all of us. Two lthmgs could happen now to give the FCC the kind of wallop it needs to require sta tions to live up Ito realislic hir ing policies. First, Commisaiooers Hooks and :.JohiMOD could sway anOther of the memiJer.s Ito vote with them on suc:h c:MeS'. Second, the Pre6i ._t coWd: make that iJl his next .appointmenlt to the FCC that he chooses anoither concern ed American of the caliber of Hooks and Johnson .. To an u e compliance with of the. Sentinel would like to see both thinl{s happen -other commissionen voting with Hooks and :.JolaDSOil and .alllew member who eees thinci their way. The '-African Wars. African freedom fighters are eounting on the support of black Americans to help them win their wars of liberation in SOuth Afri ica, Rhode.ia, Mozand)ique, An ola, Guinea and South West Africa. They need fillancial aiel, cloth lng, food, medicine, e!tc. But most of all they need the kind of port 22 IJlillion black Americans can provide the. in fluence ithey .hould be able to bring on the U.S. pver:nment to. change 1t polic!es of back inlf the racist white regimes are keeping them -:enslaved. Thifl support can be shown ln a number of ways, euch as bring pressure on public officials, lnclud.bg the PrM-ident ol the Stqttes, and io hyinc aimed at punishing those firms in cahoots with the white--minority regimes of : sou:them ,Africa. It would be an unforgivable lap in the face to A f r ic. a n a struggling for their freedom, and tha!t of every where, _if 22 million descend-ants of Africa :were -to fail to do what they can to break !the bonds of slav ery. l:t als.o would be an ad-mis..ion of hortsightedness !bordering on the crimin al. The size of today'a world clictaltes l t h at no people can be free when people of a same_ race or color are enslaved P;e-oause of those traits. The sltruggle in Africa goes on here, in the Cari:bbean and else where. Evenltual victory over racism, slavery and conoliali.m is What we are called upon to do is hasten the day of victory which surely will be good for mank-ind every where, without regard to r ace creed or Clewiston Services were very good at all in the community begin ning with SUnday school with t11e supts. and teachers at their po&ts, The le&Sons were all reviewed by the various ministers. The Friendly Xmas Savings Clyb last meeting was beld at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. Black. the. meeting a delicious din ner was served. The club's 11th anniversary was als9 observed. The annual Xmas party will _be" held Dec. 12 at the home of )ofrs. Kensey. Tbe Help Meet the Need Club Tuesday night at the hOme of rs. J. S. Gadajan. Mrs. v. L. Whitefield is the president. Mrs. Ola Robinson would like to thank all for appearing on her program held at Friendship M B Church. -'1be following are oil the sick list: Rev. Lee Jenkins, Mattie Hilton, Helenda Allen, James M-ason, Charlie Moore, Callie White, l(n. Alexander, Maggie Flambourgh, Elder John Wirdley, and others. All are asked til visit these members. Mrs. L. M. Williams, Rept. Lacoodtee Sunday s,chool at Mt. Baptist Church was timely with the officers in charge. The teachers took charge of their classes for 20 minutes. The pastor gave the review. Morning wor ship followed with the deacons in charge of devotion. '!be No 1, 2 and 3 choirs served, and the pastor delivered the message, The Lord's Supper was served to all. Evening worship began at 6. The pastor delivered another fine message. Rev. Joe Bates waa pulpit euest. Mrs. Daisy Story, agent and reporter, and Rev. L. Waddell, Pl!Stor. Mt. lion Cheif No. 2 Mr. Pres. Mrs. Gweadolya C. Hayes, Rept. Tbe No. 2 choir of New Mt Zion 'MB Church, Rev. B. J. Jones, pastor, will have regular choir rehearsal and busiO"ess meeting tonight at 8 P .M. at the church : The :President is ask ing that all members please be _pre8ent and on time. Members are reminded to at tend at least two rehearsals a .month in order to serve. Equal Pay Granted JOHANNESBURG, SoUth' Africa -The city council here has form __ ally approved a policy of egual pay for both black and white doCtors ori" its staff. Save lime And Stalllps Phoie Yr News 248-1921 Florida has gone in every presidential election b u t one since 1948---in 1964 when Lyndon JobMon carried the state -and it is expected to continue this GOP trend today (Tue&liay). dents are either b:Lacks or Latin. The exodus of whirtes from in tegrated sChools and tbe Cuban influx are believed the cause. --Slightly more than two out of every five attorneys surveyed by the Florida Bar earned m o r e than $25,000 last year. Only one out of every 10 earned less than $10,000. Approximately 8,000 questiooaires were mailed out in the slll'Vey and 4,000 were returned. This is the coiUiei!Sus among Democl'ats and Republicans, both on and off the recoro. Seaator George s. McGovera will carry the black vote iq_ the state by a huge, probably landslide .margip but this won't be enough to off set the Demo switcbi.Dg. by white voters. And this also means tbt though the Demos outnumber Re publicans by 3-1, the projection is that Mr. Nix will carry. the state by 1 million voters. ----. -x-For the ..first time In Its 111 Newly elected NAACP Field Di rector R. N. Gooden says his or ganization is prepared to file law suits against the Florida Highway Patrol, Department of Natural Reand "any other 8 t 8 t e agency we feel is discriminating against blacks." Both mimed agencies denied any such dis orimnation. -x.---year history, the DadeCo1mty (Miami) public sdwol system this fall enrolled more b 1 a c k and Latin students thao native-born whites. Attendance figures show tbat 124,292--

Tuesday, NovemLer ? 197% Fla. Sea.linei-Bulletia Published eYery Tues. and Frl Get Both Editloni PAGE FIVE As time marches on across this "new nation" of ollil's, here's the most tmusual report received from my Eastern Air Lines : 'Falcon" headquarters in Miami during the past fifteen or so, years I've been employed with EAL anq writing for the Sentinel-Bulletin. The Falcon report reads "NEW YORK MUSLIMS MAKE EAST E R N TifEliR WINGS TO CHICAGO TOUR Day Roundtrip". ''The nation of IsLam's T'emple No. 7 let Eastern be their wings for an historic charter ffigbt from New York to their National Head quarters in Chicago, Sunday, Qct. 1." The group of nearly 900 lims six Eastern air crafts at JFK in early morning hours, flew to Chicago, and re turned the same d_ay. J'ames 0. Pnltton, J'r., division vice'i)l"esident, and Mella Craft, associate representative, public were the host and hostess as well as coordinators of the trip, but theirs were repre sen9atives of the all-out efforts of numerous employees. -sliccess, beginning to end.Tbe trip WI8S declared a re IIOUndiog success by the Muslim families aboard. It VIla. started off with complimentary pre-de parture coffee service and copies of their newspaper, MlllutJDJDatl Speaks. Dining service provided attractive meals tailored to the Muslims' dietary restrictions, and flight attendanl:a wore uniforms appropriate to their dress codes. In, Chicago, the Muslims visit ed their National !Headquarters, ',l'emple No. 2. Yor many it was their -first visit to -the striking edifi ce which the nation reeently acquired. And the highlight of their trip, they were addressed their leader, The HOnorable ;Elijah Muhammad. In addition to attending service et their Chicago Temple, the New Yorkers were taken on a bus tour of their ever-expanding en terprises, including a new clothing store. Later many dined at the Muslim-owned Salaam Restaurant on Chicago's South Side. 11he !Muslims, no ted for their policy of economic independence, are one of the many groups that con stitute the napidly growing mack travel market. OTHER JETS, HERE 'N THERE Talked with Kash N' Karry cashier !\'Irs. Dorothy Greaux, who &aid her trip to Cleveland was just great, while having her moth er, Mrs. Nancy Dixon, along to enjoy it all. Dot and Mrs. Dixon were visiting among others, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley (Alfrestine Fa vors> Malone, while also stopping by t'() see former Tampans Earl Thurston, "Geronimo" and Cia reiba Curry Johnson and the for mer Mary A. Ellen Thurston. Mrs. Greaux's daughter, Stepbenle, is In T ampa. Wonder who told me she WillS back in NYC with dapper dad Harold Shelby, anyway? And while speaking of folks coming 'n going, Mrs. Alexis Raifanl flew in recently from Balti more, Md. to begin a year of management training at First Federol of St. Pete. Mrs. Raiford is a graduate of Morgan State College Surprise was having Barnett Bank teller, Mr. Henry Smith tell me his son; Harolcl Smith, a track lltar was back -at FSU after just a few days at aarlt College _jp Atlanta. Fact is, Heiii'J' and wife, E lizabeth Smith, visiteft Bar tid end daughter, CaroiJa. last weekend at FSU while also taking in FAMU's homecoming.,, Word around the town and at Margaret's Restaurant has if, !Atty. Delano Stewart has success fully given up cigarette smoking, as of foor weeks ago, "'tty. Stew. art told some friend he's feeling like a new man. Wihich sort of reminds me, my youiJ.g boss, c. Blythe Andrews, Jr., gave up cig arette smoking too, four years ago, while trying to kick cigars with peppermint candy. Might rerommend the Islam new teachIngs... Met for mer Blake Hi cage star Frederick "Clay Tyson" Reeves down at the washerette Friday and fn addition to being a FAMU junior cage star, men tioned he and Corrie "Greedy. maa" Graham are the only Tam pans on this year's Rattlers bas ketball team. PluS' still short of a big seven-foot, 250 cen, ter. Wonder if the coaeh pays the cost to show who's boss up th:!re on the hill? In keeping with the NCAA rules of course. Even learned during the week end nephew Clifrord E. Brady, Jr., has joined F AMU's Navy ROTC organization. Guess that's a sure way of not being drafted Army. A PAUSE HERE TO PAY RE SPECTS t'O the pasing of Mrs. Perrol L. Davis, 1504 Nassau St. who died last weekend. The late Mrs. Davis, a well thought of for mer neighbor in the Kay a n d Pierce streets area for many years, Is the sister of--Mrs. Ruth White, and Mrs, Margaret Thomas of Grace St., and a very dear family friend of Mr. Earl Smith. She is a -member of st. James Episcopal Church, Fattier Uve)y, pastor. Please consult our Pughsley Cllorus Mrs. Louise Bolden, Prtlll. Miss Hazel Petty, Kept, The Pughsley Memorial Chorus will have their rehearsal Tuesday night at 8 at the home of Mrs. Fredonia Hill, 2617 E. Lake All members are asked to please be present and on time. Beulah Dorea$ Cirde Mrs. Mary Crawford, Chairnaaa Mrs. Etta White, Rept. The Dorcas Circle of Beulah Baptist Church will meet Thurs day morning at 9 at the home o f Mrs. Mollie Moore, 3202 38th Ave. 'The lesson by Mrs. Eddies Wilson. The subject will be "Answex:_jo taken from St. Mark 11:20-26. The alphabet letter is T." All members are asked. to meet at the home of Mrs. Ida Baker. 1418 Governor St., at 8:30. The last meeting was also held at the home of Mrs. Ida Baker. SDA _Calvary Elder T. L. Fountain, Pastor Mrs, LWian Jenkins, Rept. Elder F: S. Kiett was renamed bead elder of the church as mem bers voted their new slate of. oil ricers for this coming year. Mr. John Harmon was named Lay Activity Leader. Other top officers named inClude Mr. James Jones, head deacon, Mrs. Leatha Sneed, head deaconess Mrs. Ruby Smith, Sabbath School superintende'lt, Miss Shirley Jones, Youth Lead er, and Mrs. Ann Harris Jacksot, School Board C hairman. All church offices are filled by a nominating committee select.ed by the church with the exception of that of the pastor, who is a:> signed to his church by the South Atlantic Conference of Seventh-day Adventist with head quarters in Atlanta, Ga. The new officers will take over their appointed posts in January. Remember to visit our sick and shutins. Visitors are always wei. come to visit otir services. Mt. Zion Gospel Cllorus funeral notices .. Dea. James Marioa, Pres; Mrs. Amaada Isaac, Kept. Mt. Zion : Gosj,el Chorus will haye rehearsal Tfiurstlay 'niiht at 8 at the church. All members are asked to be present and on time ; All members are asked to at.tend three rehearsals a month. Winter Garden Elder K. D. White held his quarterly conference at Mt. Zion AME Church Stmday at 11 in Oakland. Rev. C. R. Powell is pastor. Elder White held quar terly at St. Paul AME, Oct. 29 at 3. All boards made fine reports. Rev. L. Jeffer son, pastor. Mrs. Gladys Reynolds is home doing nicely after having been in West Orange Memorial Hospital. Four members of a Winter Garden family were injured

PAGE SIX THREESOME LEAVES SPECiiL CHURCH Pictured leaving a special church service at Pleasant Chapel AME from left, Elnora Rogers, Rhudine :Baker and Savannah Sparks. It was Missionary Day. FRIENDS ASSEMBLE FOR BIRTHDAY AFFAIR Among friends assembled for the birthday af fair for Mrs. Odessa Booker and Mrs. Marion Jones were, from left to right, Mrs. Janie Mar shall, Mrs. Ann Marshall; Mrs. Doretha Gray, Mrs. Pearl Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keaton. Mrs. Bo. oker and Mrs. Jones were Oc tober celebrants. NOV. 7-10-Bazaar, Beulah Baptist Church, 7:30 P. M. NOV. 10-Musical Program, Mt. Moriah P. B. Church, 8 P.M. NOV. HI-Dedication Service, Ebenezer Baptist Church, 8 P. M. NOV. 10-Urban League Equal Opportunity Dinner, Downtown Holi-day Inn, 8 P.M. NOV. 11-Barn Dance, Elks Rest, 809 E. Laurel Street, 10 P.M. NOV. 11-Anniversary Observance of St. John Progressive Young Adult Choir, 7:30 P. M. NOV. 12-Lily White Grand Royal Court presents Annual Tea, 1511 Central Avenue ; 3-6 P. M. NOV. 12-Musical Tea sponsored by Choir No. 1 of Trinity CME Church at Sugar Shack Community Center, 4-6 P. M. NOV. 12-Musical Program, Peace M. B. Church, 8 P. M. NOV. 12-Beulah Day, Beulah B aptist Church. NOP. 12-Women's Day, New Jerusalem Baptist Church. NOV. 12-Guest Day, True Vine Baptist Church. NOV. 12-Men's Day, Hood Temple AME Zion Church. NOV. 16--Ca!endar Tea sponsored by the Armettia B & B Society, 2717 18th Avenue, 8 P. M. NOV. 18-Tyer Temple U. M. Church sponsors Thrift Sale, 3410 22nd Street. NOV. 18-19-Turkey Festival Golf Tournament, Rogers Park Golf Course. NOV. 19-'!Uusical Concert presented by Sanctuary Choir of Bethel Baptist Church, 3:30 P.M. NOV. 19-Fashion Tea sponsored by St. Peter Claver Ladies Guild at Labor Temple, 9th Avenue at 16th Street. NOV. 19-Anniversary Observance of the Goins Chorus, Peace M. B. Church, 3 P. M. NOV. 19-Eighteenth Anniversary Observance of Guiding Light Chapter OES, 4303 34th Street, 5-7 P, M. NOV. 21-City-Wide Men Chorus' Anniversary Banquet, Schlitz Brown 7:30-10 P. M. NOV. 25-Blosom Social Club's Annual Cocktail Party, Labor Tern pie, 9 P. M. NOV. Clothes Dance, Alpha Phi Alpha Fratenlity, Fort Homer Hesterly NOV. Day, spring Hill Baptist Church. NOV. 26--Men's Day, 'trinity CME Church. ltlOV, 26-Women'a Day, Friendship M. B. Church. Church Queen Mrs. Irma Martin was crowned "Miss Pleasant Chapel" on Od. 29, when the Missionary Society of Pleasant Chapel A. M. E. <.:hurch presented their annual program and queen coronation. The contest results were dis closed on Sunday night, Mrs. Martin's opponent was Miss Rhudine Baker. Mrs. Martin was sponsored by Mrs. Ann Worthy and several members of the church. She is the mother of two daughters and a son, and is the owner and operator of the Der-l\1ar J)ay Nursery, She is a very dutiful member of Pleasant Chapel and belongs to several clubs and or ganizations. The Missionary SO<:iety clent is Mrs. Ethel M. The Rev. A. W. LJ'bl'aa41 ia the pastor.; Tuesday, Novem'her 1972 ATTEND GAME IN TALLAHASSEE sharon Yvett Harper and Patricia Ann Ferrell were among ( he younger T ampans in Tallahassee to witness Florida A&M University's homecomi t ng g ame with Tuskegee. They stayed at the Hiltoo and were accompanied by Sharon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otis C. Har per of Arch Street. Patricia is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Ferrell on Willow Avenue. RECENT VISITORS Mrs. Anine Mae Livingston and Mrs. Louise Freeman of Live Oak and Mrs. Sadie C.Jair of J acltsonville were recent guests of A-lfred Diclierson, 1601 Mitchell Avenue. Another visitor was Mil t&n Granville of Live Oak who was here to attend final rites for his cousin the late Robert Seniors. GUILD PLANS FASHION AFFAIR Membeti-s of St. Peter Claver Ladies Guild met Sunday to con tiaue planning for their Fall Fashiort Show to be presented on November 19 at the Labor Temple, 9th Avenue and' 16th Street; Models will gather at 7 P. M. Friday for a rehearsal. The narrator will be Mrs; Helen WilJiams. Mrs. Helen MorriSGD is president. IN HOSPITAL B. A. Tillis was admitted to the V. A. Hospital last week and is respng nicely. He may be contacted in Room 240, South Vete .rans Administration Center, Bay Pines, Florida 33504. LOCAL CHARMETTES ATTEND STATE CONVEN'l1ION Charmettes, Inc. of Florida had their state convention in Ft. Pierce and the convention theme was, ''The Ultimate Challenge Involvement." The keynote speaker was Mrs. Cleo Leateh a &ci.ai S t udies teacher from St. Lucie County. In keeping with the convention theme, the Hillsborough County Chapter pledged to continue their support with the civic project in a threefC)ld &pproach on Sickle Cell Anemia: awareness prog_rams; screening of Hillsborough County citi zens and the S C. A. Blood Band ood S. C. A. bank account; in which donations will be cumulated for research. The newly installed Charrnettes, Patricia Beacham, Evan geline Best, Dorothy Thomas and Lydia Rodriguez were warmly greeted by the State Chapter Exe<:utive Board. : Mrs. Best ru:d Mrs Rodriguez recognized for their descri.p7 tion of Charme-tes .appears m the state annual. It is as follows: C, C:harming; H, Hooest; A, Alert; R, Radiant; M, Mature; E, E!nergenbc; T, Trustworthy; T, Talented; E, Elegant and g : Sociable. Charmettes, Ine. received an award and life membership in the NAACP ft>r outstanding community involvement. Mrs. Ella Cuseailx president; M rs; Evangeline Best, public relations chairman; and Mrs. Gwendolyn Lamar were appointed to the Executive Board. Other members of the local group are Doris Wilson, Doris Scott; Dol'ofily Thomas, Veronica Stewart, Fifi Glymph, Phyllis Rene Jordan, Hill and Juanita Cannon, An informational and educational forum is scheduled for 7:30 P M on No.vember 14, at the Progress ViUage School. At this time all citizens of this area will be sc reened for Sickle Cell Anemia, a, nd a film will be Sihown. Dr. Fred Smith will be there to answer questions HERE FROM MONTICELLO Theodore R. Blue is here f rom Mon t icello to visit his sister Mrs. Juanita M. Walker and niece, Beverly A, -Mosley, 3221 E: Cayuga. Blue, a retired teacher, is a fol'mer captain of the FAMU football team and band leader. MR. CLARENCE W:YNN PASSES Ch1rence Wynn of Winter Haven d\ed Thursday after a short illness. He was the ba-other of .w. B. Wynn and Mrs. Cbarity Bowie of Tampa. Services will be at 4 P. M. Wedne$day in Monticello The family may be contacted through Sloan's Funeral Home' Monticello, HERE FROM NEW YORK Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lee of New York City left Monday efter a nice visit with his mother, Mrs. Ethel Jackson, 2612 18th Street Mr. Jones is a New York City detective and his wife, Elaine, is a teacher. They were spotted at the Rattler-Spartan game SatliJI'day night with his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs, Samuel Childs. On Sunday evening Mrs. Jackson hosted a buffet dinner at her were Mrs. Edna Childs and daughter, AntiOnette, Mrs. Margaret Brown and Mrs. Dorothy Lewis GREENVILLE RESIDENT VISITS .,. Visiting from Greenville is George Raymond who is dividing his time with his sister, Mrs. Rosa Lee Geathers, 2101 28th Avenue, Apt. 235; a niece and nephew, Mr. and l\lrs. Marion Gilbert, 1857 2&th Avenue; and another niece, Mrs. Arlene Sherman, Progress Village. STATE USHERS CONVENTION The Florida State Ushers of the Church of GOO convened hi T ampa October 28, at the Church of God, 22nd Street and 22nd Avenue. The Rev, John Collins was host pastor and John Gordan is the president. were iMrs. Naomi Leonard, Mrs. Geneva Phillips, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Carrie Brown and Marion Freeman of St. Petersburg; Mrs; Somersliia, Mrs. Grace James and Mrs. York of Jacksonville; l\lrs. S. Chisolm, Johnnie Parks, Li11da Parks, M. Chisolm, C. Chisolm; and 1\:Irs. Charetha Parks of Mianli; Mrs. D. Hankerson, Mrs. Donna Silas, Mrs. Lorine Williams, Mrs. Rose Williams of Lakeland; and Mrs. C. M. M:athis, Mrs. L. D. Burney, Mrs. Ella Best, Mrs. est Best, Mrs. Willie Lee Patrick, Mrs. Mary Best, Mrs. Elice Sledge 1\:lrs. Maggie Hampton and Linda Hampton of Tampa, ,, Marriage Ucenses Charlie T. Williams, Jr., 20; 3307 E. Ida, and Judy Patricia Wilson, 19, 1516 Nassau. Louis McCaskill, III, 20, ?205 Harold, and Janice Marie Hall, 19, 4404 30th Street. Bobby li;. Lewis; a&; 2305 15th Avenue; ,nd Ruth Ware, 30, 2305 15th Avenue. Eugene Grady; 48;' st. Pete, and Marjorie Graham; 47, 1019 Kay St. Lorenzo Lewis, 40, 4303 Osborne, and Emma Lee Goodman, 47,-4303 Osborne. Ernest Waylyn Richards, 43, 3003 E. Jfern, and Eloise Mathews, 31, 1702 27th Avenue. James Holmes, Jr.,. 18, 1545 Main, and Deborah E. Latson, l6, 947 Main. : William Randolph Burney, 25, 925 Union, and Trenda Louise 'Gadson, 17, 1349 Main. .JOseph David Hicks, 22, 4411 Booker T. Dr., and Nana Yvonne Parham, 19, 2630 29th Avenue.


. ''. .!Ia. Sentiriei-Bufletln: Published every TueS. and ,Frf. Get I i PAGE SEVEN CINDERELLA TOGS FOR HOLIDAY PARTIES_ It's all In the game choosing games for parties (like dunking for CIN DERELLA Sportswear separates sets the mood In 100% Cotton, Left, blue knit pants make it with a pink scene print smock, ruffled at the shoulders center, blue knit chicken print shrink tops a blue gored skirt and white voile satin stripe shirt (Polyester/Cotton) right, pink rlbless corduroy jumper ruffled at the shoulders look soft apd pretty worn with a white eyelet shirt. From CIN DERELLA Sportswear for Holiday. Notes From Iampa Lodges 'fHE ARMETTIA B & B SOCIETY LODGE NO. 2 ECHOS will rehearse at 7 P. M. Wednesday and any member of the Armettia Society who is interested in singing with the group is invited to the rehe arsal. New officers of the ECHOS are James Marion, presli dent; Az-alee Colbert, vice president; Lue Dell Moore, recording secretary; and George Nelson, treasurer SUNLIGHT CHAPTER NO. 26 OES is meeting at 7:30 P. M. Thursday at 1902 Main Street. GUIDING LIGHT CHAPTER NO. 31 OES Is meeting at 8 o'clock tonight at 4303 34th Street. hirtts ROSALIE S-TAFf'. ASSISJANT BY (}J1{}/(g_ HOME Turkey Hash with Puffy Topping is the fixings of an after-the-holiday supper. Use cooked turkey, potatoes, celery and onion to season the hash. Velvetized eva porated milk blends into a batter almost a cousin to Yorkshire that bakes over the hash. Left it so good. TURKEY HASH WITH PUFFY TOPPING (Makes 6 to 8 servings) 2 cups diced cooked turkey 1 Yz teaspoons salt 2 cups peeled chopped raw 1 cup sifted flour potatoes 1 teaspoon baking powd;!r Yz cup chopped celery Yz cup undiluted Carnation Yz cup chopped onion Evaporated Milk 11,4 cups (lO'hounce can) % cup warm water cream of chicken soup 3 eggs =% teaspoon poultry 1 tablespoon melted butter seasoning 1,4 teaspoon pepper Combine turkey, potatoes, celery, onion, cream of chicken soup, poultry seasoning, pepper and t teaspoon salt. Blend well. Spread mixture evenly in 8 x 8 x 2-inch baking dish. Sift flour, baking powder and remaining lfa teaspoon salt together. Place in medium size bowl. Slowly stir in evapo. rated milk and water. Add eggs and butter; beat 2 min utes with a wire whip. Chill 20 minutes in refrigerator. Bake turkey mixture in hot oven (425F,) 15 minutes. Remove from oven. Quickly pour chilled batter on top of turkey mixture. Return pan to oven; continue baking 35.40 minutes. Apostolic Church Of Jesus Mission No. 2-Thonotosassa Bishop J. H. Lee, Pastor Mrs. Beautine S. White, Rept. Sunday school was opened ab 9:45 with Mrs. Sarah L. Gadsden conducting the school. Prayer was offered by Deac. R. Mitchell. Subject, 'Satan's Second Attack". Tlre class discussion was enjoyed .-.by all. Dea. and Mrs. A. L. Underwood conducted the morning woship ai-12. Everyone testified. Sunday was pastoral day. Evening servic e began lit 7. Dea. R. Mitchell and Mrs. B. Wh' ite conducted devotion. The message was again delivered by Bishop Lee. Following the mes holy communion and feet washing were held. Each Wednesday night at 7:30, A.Y.P.U. hour with Mr. A. Camon and Mr. J. Carter in charge of the meeting. Everyone is invited to attend. Friday night service will begin at 7:30. There will be a series of service begin ning Monday night after the sec. orid Sunday,Nov. 13. Nightly services will be held for nights. Monday night, Elder Ham ilton of Carver City, Tuesday night, Bishop Rainey of Dans ville; Wednesday night, Mission No. 2 night and also -Elder John son of Wimauma; Thursday night, Elder G. M. Mosley qf Largo; Friday night, J. H. Lee of Tampa; SatUI: day night, Youth West Coast District will be in charge with Minister Melvin Lee and Mr. Nathan Bostick in charge: Please attend these meetings. The mother of the year rai[y will terminate the 4th Sunday. Remember the sick and shutins. Hyde Park Prayer Band Mrs. Eddies Wilson, 'Pres. Mrs. Lime -M. Holloway, Rept. The Hyde Park Prayer Band ,.,rill meet Thursday at 12:30 at the home of Mrs. Annie B. Davis, 1515 No. A Street. The last meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Rebecca Johnson, 1920 15th Ave. Remember the sick and shutins. Visitors are wel come. Gospel Mission Prayer Band Deacon Lonnie Simmons, Pres. Mrs. Willie Bell Pickett, Rept. The Gospel Mission Prayer !Band will meet Wednesday eve ning at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Juanita Sherman, 1919 5th Ave. Let us all remember the sick and shut-ins. Visitora ara wel me. Wishing You A Happy Birthclay i\ti8s ROSE MORRIS Sharing birthday honors at a party on Qctoper 29 were tV{c cousins, Morris Everett, Jr., and Raymond Mills. The party was at the home of Morris' parepts, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Everett in Seffner. Raymond is the son oZ Mrs Annie Davis. The boys' brothers, si_ sters, cousins and a bunch of friends er.joyed the festivities. There was a delightful birthday party for Mrs. Lillie Aikens the lovely home of her daughter, Winifred Whigham, 3919 Arch Street. The affair was hosted by her children, Bernice [Mary and Curtis Sampson, riet Carter and Andrew Whil ham, III, and her hubby, Aikens. RAYMOND Enjoying the affair were Rosa Manuel, Debird Graham, Howard and Thelma Creal, Beatrice Pat terson and Ed Harris of St. Petersburg, H-enry and Elizabeth Smith, Mildred Tabor, Fannie .Johnson, Geneva Taylor, Jean Bailey, Herman Tim, Doris and Georgia Hilliard, Bernice Tyson, Camilla and David Brown, Caro line Squash, Myrtle and Ned Lyons, and Nathaniel and EfEe Turner. Mrs; Thelma H. Brown cele ibrated ther birthday on Novem ber 3, and belated greetings in clude Mrs. Arlene Sherman, Octl)o ber 27; and Regina Williams, who was 6 years old on October 31. MRS. DORSETT ADDRESSES AEW AUDIENCE Mrs. Mary Alice Dorsett is pictured addressing the audience at the Middleton Adidt Schoof American Education Week observance. Seated on the rostum are, fro m left, the Rev. Rud-olph Jones ancl Mrs. Helen Wilson. NOTES FROM .TAMPA CLUBS THE WEST OOAST LADIES AUXILIARY is meeting at 8 P.M. Thursday at the home of Mrs Marie Cooper, 2907 22nd A venue. Th6 hostess will be Mrs. Ola Pitts. Church Of Christ 1312 Nassau 'St. Brother D. Atkinson, Pastor James Norton, Rept. Lord's Day service began at 11 with the supt., James Norton, in charge of Sunday school. Melvin Smith led devotion. The lesson was taught by the teachers. Morning service began at 11 with James Norton reading the Scripture. Prayer was led by John Lovett. A very good ser mon was delivered by the pastor. His subject was "Wilful Sin". Evening service began at the usual hour with Melvin Smith b charge of devotion. The sermon was again delivered by the pastor. His subject was "Moving By Orders". Bible study will be held Oil St. Matthew N\B Rev. C. J. Long, Pastor Mrs. Mamie L. Brouks, Rept. Sunday school b-egan at 9 :30 with the supt., Deacon Rufus Jones in charge. Morning service began at 11 with Deacon Frank Carter in charge of devotion. Evening service began at 6 with the same order of service. Deacon Hough led devotional service. Choir No. 1 and ushers will serve all day Sunday Prayer service will be held every Wed r.esday night. All are asked t() remember the sick and shutins. Thursday night beginning at 7:30, All are asked to be present and on time. The public is invited.


PAGE EIGHT Fla. SeD\lnei-Bulletin Published every TueS. ud FrL Get Both Ediilona KEYNOTE SPEAKER NAMED FOR ANNUAL BEULAH DAY MRS. ESTHER D. MOORE The Beulah Day steering com rnittee has announced that Mrs. Esther D. Moore of Hickory, North Carolina, will be the keymote speaker for the 11 A. M. service Sunday, The theme Is: "Total liivolvement In Chris tianity," Mrs. Moore, a lady of great stature and eminence is a retired school teacher who holds the B. S. and M. A. degrees. She is held in high esteem both locally and nationally, aiid is the recipient of numerous citations, the National 'Mother of the Year Award'' and recognition by President Richard M. Nixon being the most signifi She Is the affiliate of and deeply involved in many re ligious, educational, civic, charit able and fraternal organizations including Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. The committee has provided special seating for members of Alpha Kappa Alpha who attend the service. The pastor of Beulah Baptist lnstittitional Church, located at 1006 Cypress Street, is the Rev. A. Leon Lowry. Members of the steering committee are: Mrs. Sweetrix L. Williams, chairman; Mrs. Clarissa Thompson, Clar ence Wilson and Eddie Felder. FAMQ. Y PLANNING DIRECTOR Miss Marjorie A. Cost.a, Brooklyn, New York, has been named Director of National Center for Family Planning Services at HEW's Health Services and Mental Health Administration, tO become the first black female to head a majOI' Federal health pregram. She will be directing a program with a Fiscal Year 1972 budget of $9'7 miDi on. Miss Costa, on the faculty of Brooklyn College's Gaaduate Di vision since 1969, was appointed in 1970 by Ne. w York Mayor John Lindsay to serve a three-year term as an Advisory Board member to New York -city s Department of Menial Health and Mental Retar dation Services. She is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Provident Clinicai Socicty's NeighborhKid Center in Brooklyn. JEFATUt CALLIN:(i By FATHER A. _.ABI The Jesuit Free Employment Agency of the Tampa Urban League (JEFATUL) is Cl!lliqg up on business, professional an:! industrial communities of the Tampa Bay area to employ our applicants. JOB NEEDS: Young wom:an wants work in a factory; young man wants work as a fork-lift operator, and a young man wants work as a porter JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Truck drivers, warehouse work up to now with our food drive; we still need your food donations. We also wish to thank Mr. Dan iel Boone for the assistance that he has given us. JEFATUL NEEDS: Typewriters of any kind, type writing tabl es, electric fans, and canned food for the poor. Political Revue from Page 4) ers, cashiers, janitors fer church Thurmond appears the one .with lllld rental agency, lxibY" the most headaches today. On Bitter, telephone salespeople, per H 11 ht N 1 k Ze'gl r d d del u s -1 a oween mg c 1 e .S?ns nee e _Iver .. mm' was endorsed by Gov. George air conditlonmg mstaller ..... Wallace, Zeigler also .rportedly person, carpenter, sen_u-rehred has the youth and black vote .in. couple to run hotel, packmg com a bloc lined up against him. pany workers. The combination of Wallace, yolilr .JEFATUL THANKS: and black makes a strange coali E'veryone who has helped WI tion in S. C. ATTENTIVE ST. MATTHEW WOMEN'S DAY AUDIENCE This group of women Is a part of the attentive The occasion was the annual Women's Day obo audience at St. Matthew Baptist Church recently. &ervance. AUDIENCE LISTENS TO MRS. MARY A. HORSETT Seated In the cafetorium of Middleton School, this audience listens to Mrs Mary A. Dorsett. She was the speaker for the American Education Week observance. Brooksville Services at Bethlehem Baptist Church began with the assistant supt., Mrs. Nela Mae Mills in charge. Morning service began at 11 with Deacons Alex and James Washington in charge of devotion. All choirs of the church served. David Reese read the announcements. Mrs. Hallie J, Redding rendered a solo. Mrs. Carrie Tucker observed her 82nd birthday at this service. A very good sermon was delivered by the pastor. .At 3 the Junior ChOir met at Allen Temple Church for the Federation of Choir program. BYPU meeting was held at 5 :30. Evening service began at 6 : 30 with Deacons Mallie Washington and Robert Timmons in charge of devotion. Th e sermon was de livered by the pastor. Holy com munion was administered Several persons were added to the church. Rev L E McGhee, pastor; and David Reese, Rept. Apopka Services at St. Paul AME Church of which Rev. G. L. Bryant is pastor began with Sun day school at tpe usual hour. The supt., Jennie Howard was in charge. Morning service began at 11 with choir No. 1 and ushers mg A very good sermon was delivered by the pastor Evenjng service began at usual hour with the same order of service. We would like to thank the bishop for sending our pastor back to us. : Mr. V Clair, Rept, New Hope Choir No 2 N:ew Hope Choir No. 2 will ba:ve rehearsal Thursday night at the tlsual time. All are asked to be present. Deacon Ira Bruton is : president LADIES. SHARE NATAL DAY HONORS Natal day honOI's were shared by Mrs. Maricm Jones, left, and Mrs. Odessa Booker, right, Sund11y afternoon. The party wal at Mrs. Jones' home, 1609 Scott Street,and many friends attended. Mrs. lillian Wylie Wins 1st Prize Mrs. Lillian Wylie of 3004 E. Williams and o ther ladies of the Chelsea, Lodge No. 29, was the Committee are all smiles bee ause winner of the 1st prV.e of $50 at they work to .get the auditorium the f und raising effort of the of the Temple redecorated for Comllllittee of the Lily White the Fall aetivities. Ways and Means Committee of Several lodges a:re yet to re the Lily White fmnily on Monport. The Crompton Council gave day. a donation of $75 to the effort. M:rs. Addie Jones of 1600 31st This amounted to t;he total of Ave. won 2nd prize of $20. Lodge lllQnies from sale of badges at No. 188 W!l!S in charge of the the April Grand Assembly. winning ticket. Mr. Lewis Jones Mrs. Rubye Dixon of Clearwa of "2613 28th Avenue, Lodge No. ter and Mrs. Doretba Brinson of 20, won 3rd prize of $10. Ft. Tampa were among those who Mrs. Selma Smith, Mrs. Reatha attended the drawini.


Tuesday, November '1, 1972 : -+ FliOZEN FOOD MJ#j IJIIIHY I OlE 0 5 100 E 'GGS I'"LDIUOA FRiiilt SMAll 3 POZ. SH-RIMP t{Joz. POTATOES CRINklE CVT E JUICE il()NNJ) 'UJ\1\ Fla. SebllaI-Bullet' Published every Tues. and Frt Get Bo1L Eclitlon1 PACE NINE ----------------. ,.. :-29f LB. 18 La UP L'(KSS SUGAR CREE_ K 'PlCNlCS WHOLE BliKING' HENS PI\I!S" PLUMP 1\ El L&./WG.' PORK C"OPS FRYERS CUBE STEAK PO:T RO' us.o.A. .' _. 59c I GooD BEEF lB. SHOULDER ROAST _. __ po RK s us'GE Su!IINYLA140: 7ru n ft SMOI

'"' PAGE TEN Views Of Progress Village By -IRA LEE ENNIS -Phone 677-1310 Li.ttle Misses Shylonda !md Shywanda '!I' ;a w 1 o '1" c .elebr, a : nea their second birfud:ay, w.hi.dh wa-s Saturday, No:v 4 Wlilll h : a :pa-r t y on Sundaw a r t tlhe .nome of t-heir grandparents, Mr. -a'flil Mlrs. r nest (Eliizwbe1Jh) [\)tql111ee, tBil\62 Fir Drive.. iLittlle fr,ienil .en iha:n d to h elp tthem 1lhe !Party goodie s w er.e : 'F.Len'ly .!Ii>J!IWne. e Jf:r, Debbie SteveB, \VV: a$'llle \ 0-w.ens Jr., Monica ana 'Torrance iLe.e, Clare nce Webb Jr., RhoDia !Ii>n pree, 'FelHeia lf'.a'YldoP]!1h, !Kiadnr. Adults pr.eeeJiil; 'Wleil'.e .MJr.s. .A>iidie lhanton, M!I'll. A-na ([;ee, :Mtr.s. Baaihara 1\'k. -IJ!ltlil :Mms. RellTiy ( .Jackie ) .lllhl)Jlll\B'e, 1\lffiss Yv.onne !Banks :aua Miss iRI:lfra Dupree, ,ann :slzy.wanda 'llllle rowiin da.ugh.te.r.-s of MT. .Chat'les "[' a w ,Jor : aarit li'Ws. AJ1etlha 'il'.a_wlor. .and MT.S. .lJ aanes (\VIi:t:gie) Fcr.ader :ami :faaJrll_w ,of 4901 7:9th St., 'had :as 'thell w,r, e.ekenil ther sii-s:ter, l\lirl$. W. !Bilaiin. e li Mns. Ro.lroes ll'eyxesented :St. .James A M.lE Oh.m la h !P'mo,gres-s wili-1a.ge. \R.e-v:. ll.'l. lEt. iiD.oqg.Ia-s ;pas tm: tolf :St. ll&mes. 'The lJilimiis iliwmill, 490 4 7.9rtfu : S.t. and t.lhe famfly, ii'.923 iiDn&iwe 1\:>.le., were deli gh.te d '\Wii..lffu :a ,h:nie'f eslmran, JBJt IB.ib1mne Ceokmam i College, .iiDa:wttona .!Bea.dh,, IF. lro iida, in :how:n roo :aititenll tt!h.e 'Florida A&M' lllam;pa UmiverS!cy !fio:othall ..c'las 'l'iic.. :she :neturned !_o .awrt;ona on. IS1m6.ay Jitig h t. ( Qallet!te Girl Scout 'Troop N o. .(-917 w.ill!l meet "Tuesilay, JJlilll. ,art; tthe Civic 'Center. Mrs. lM. 1L. ll'urner lis tro.o.p leader. Mms. Mary W < eu&ruff u s :a'tlsist:MJ\t. lT\tmior No.. '75il. w.ill meet W..edn:esda .w;; .5.i0:0 pm. at .fhe Ciwic Cent.m:. -lllrs. :M!arjorie Antder-son is Jlea .der. Brownie 'lalong Servicas at Bethel MJB. Chumh with Mrs. Henderson and Worn-were greatly Jim!Pilnea .ellC.OO p.ldJr.a Jior nur sick. We're 'IDlre :lhmr iBWl Mr. WBDtl b' After :mCilrq was hfftd 'Itt .JFI.inst < Clhundh pool for lli>Eiliever.s ,u_>i!!o Christ. BTU was helo a't 'P.M. s.e r .. e And StalllpS Aone Your News 248-1921 TED: ... OilS-PAY ..U: nNG lr S.. As 1' ..... .... COITltT AGENCY DmECTOB Central Life I.-Company Of Rorilla 1400 H. BOIII.DID TAMPA, FJ.OBIDA Bethel Baptist 808 Short Emory St. Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor Mrs. L illie M. McDonald, Rept. Sundl\Y school began at 9:30 A.llll. 'lllhe pne:Bided "llile lesson tauuht :fhe t:.eadbens .assigned to the v.arirour .Classe-s. MOllil.in:g w.onsh i p .at !HJ. :'ll:5.. 1Jl).avo.ti(!lll o.onduolled bw !l.!fr. !Emndld S:oot t and .111I'l". MID!i0s Mann. Music :was nender.ed \b_y tthr President". The scripture was fro m the Bo o k of I siah, 1.'h.e llitty-:tiliii:nfl chap t er, ver.coes .illl'e ttb r.nugh ten. It was read b F 'Reveilfmd &aund ers. One member was added :to tthe church. -began .at The same deacons, choir ana U h :ers s"'"vetl. 'The be at re hearsal Tuesd2. y ni ght. President 111!;a}ph Wlew tis ,w-,pe_o.hlng member tllo tb:e annesent. All illmtilli'Rnies ,wJ.ll mesmne tihffir same schedule of meetings and -rehearsals ftrr week. Apouolic Clalrch Of J ,asus 3121h W. Palm Mley B:shop .J. 1H. Lee, P-astor Mrs. JLee, 'Bept. Revival '!!Eirviioes <&n iMo.nda.y .nig;hrt a.nd M.im ist.er Lac'kE\Y is 001. c lh ill II" lie (()ff l!lbe -prea:cnilrg eRcfu mg'ht. 'The pub lic is invited. T.he F\asQ.r's Aid rrreefiisseurj Ave. The IW'i!lll il>:egim rut 15!. The folll!JWmg w.m 'lllppear 011 IJ)IIIegn-am: The Flonida iAJl:l :Stars, The Holy P!l'!Xfriteers,, !Ilhe Sodfhern Airs, '['.he .iRiegillattrw:-s., ;and man_w o.theu;. Mr. R. 'L Pettmumm, manager. M'l!s. A. 'Morgan, 'Pres. 'Mr. 'W. Spe'Jls, Ttep't. ll'he l(}it;y i\VIide Malle Dlmrus member'S !B.'I.le illlllke:d ill D mee't .on W'elhres./.!a;y :ntg'.lrt a't. 'biTe 'hum e .oe Centr.a l !S.dh.oo'l. S!lN .Ainnaa "',....... F. -. "' liD!. Leis E. :fl :i_,_ of UU W. .:ltGt :st., .hdk.-m'illle. has been t.;o &Balle AF!B, C:afif,. .aft.er Air Feme baTile ---hats a-n 't.l 1lliit Ifill die Atr f.-fwlritller _. &.t,y in ille .(ii!Jil is :a 1972 Ellw.a'lid H. White Biiclh St:lho9ll. MOll ijiAN IVBI ONE VOTE WILL COUNT Bar' lniii.U.C....._ --.:. .-:...:_ .. jlj --..... *-'I t. Wfi'Mf I p I 8 For Free Tantrf 'I n. Pill Call: 229-1192 Or 223-4729


COUNTY REPORT'S BLACK TEACHERS ON INCREASE A.eco,ndiing to tlhe stattisliieail 1orrrratib n giveJT by tl're> p'(l)l lce' department upon the desire and urgel!l sgeeiiaJ!itia swrh IllS 9Vecfull. fnsfumctfon groops, etc., and fn these the black instructors are regaining strength in numbers. Sch ool work is gradually beICQ.Jn!i;ng a favorite among blacks: there are numerous holidays and only ]SQ school da.ys. Irostxnretio.nalf SlllfaJitms nOJWI g.o to, a; :BA wi1JIL. a. ma:Eimuml G!ff on up to a DIJctorates' Degree' at $11,8 50. It was indeterminable before time to determine seniority raises on the stated pay scales. The Sentinel would clearly like to speci:fiy where the scho0l funds come :flirom: Hillsb&raugh County .... w e wil!li not publ'iirl'y place the blwme on. an.y on.e org-anization, alfugedly .. has the .LOWEST aveaJge spent per pu pil per year :lfGr current tions. (This--;is< considered on a daily average; mttendance of 98,694. The revenue which comes :JillG.m sab.l'lol tax on property; State sales Federal Income tax; excise and The State. ]lacing Commtii teoohing Bn coaching prGJfi'e:ssion," says Bill tQ gDelllb aenti!H! 6f til\.-e> Bb'sto .tt> Celtics and later their aoli!C!h now a television a>nruwtllCer .. lw tlli in'Stlant on the spat, 00.. se!'Va'1rion> blf _Jackie as the thre ()Ut the fim liall for the s-ewnth game of tli' e World Series., was this: "Show tfutt' Y,Glll all'e' as they s.li.ow tli.at tlie game can be rplwyedi tmJ races, one neither stqpe!7ii>r to ttlie other; but a el!JiiS{rinc of skills that determine ability ... Holy Revival Prayer Band Wi.ar Davis, Pres. Ml! 'Betey Coston, Rept. The Hofy Prayer Band will meet Weditesday night at a at the home: of Mrs. Dubellry, 232' been. chosen, lwld& the. ti.tla of befu,g, a Eadt'' be ing a popui'ar bl'ad!: b11Gtruw a.nGAmd. t h t e 'lliro:ma. Kingdom, m" lilw oulmr is a member of tli.e super futd v arsfty Footlia!T team. Whiie rapping to my brother, he threw I!G1lli! hea.vy lines on me; of wll.iuh h-e> 'I'I'(JI!I!d like for yours truly to scope to a![ you Black !Brothers and Sistens, such as; favorite food: Nothiing but sou ,IJ ( (Ne.iEbone!f and collard greens.)\ diig it R'e-c0rd: Fre. ddie's Dead, M:othing much, but just. taking life easy. Jammers: Cum tis Mayfield and "Ike HayeS\'" His motto: "lilerog Black." My brother aJia(JJ laUd on me some of :his feUo:w Block Hi-others and! 1 sisterS< at the 'lrech, whom Pin about to lay on to you who aJre what we would say his tights; : Ronnie Vann, Carlton Matthews, An.t.llony, .lllllfut:U JP'ul't.oru, C'aJtitiiliy' :lfaot bal! team for an upset victory' e'ler Wymore Tech. The score. was 341.-6. Also congratulations to Streeter for coming :in first place in the "Homecom ing Queen Contest." Thought For Today Any fool can criticize, con demn, and complain; and mos.t fools do. So, until' next week, this iS. Carrie' andi Ethel, saying "R'iglit on." HILLSBOROUGH IIIGH By Oli via a'lldl Earlerre R'iclh rrd'son My stery" So u l in the Spotlight Soulfu l hip, cute and intellec tual are just a f e w of the things to describe our mystery student in the spotli ght. S he reside s at 1312 14th A ve nu e with her par ents), Mr. a.nd JYlrs.. M.oses. AI,, fi:ed l 'l!.o p:as& t he t ime she gets. a kick out of s ewing and li stening to the soulful sound s S'll.e really dig s sounds from the Bla c k Mos es I saac Ra.y,e s. Her favorite food is meat loaf. Fier friends-a:I'C Nata li e Jlo y eial birthday g G es out to Ernes t Adams) Bedyndia: Alford, Olivia.. Anderso n 3ll1d ast Associa tion will convene at New Mace donia Ml.B. .1lutmh,. Wedaesday t:bnougft Sunda!r. Be"''. R. Ro)J i'nson rs pastor and the cllurch is located at 34th St. and Dei'euil' Ave. Rev. B. Thedford Williams is the Moderator. Other officers are Rev. E. Gorden, J. T. Link, Deaemt H. Maclin., Mmes. J!anme M. Williams, Emma Dix, Bernida Smitlh, an-d: nnie> II..Wldy Iright hb.e pragram. will be presented by the locat churches. Thursday night will be Intr:> ductional Night. and. de.voti o n will b.e ledi by; D'e'acons Jl. Fountain and W. Isaac. Highland M .B. Chm m h : choirs andJ ushers: wi!l serve and the sermon will be de livered by Rev. W. M. Hodo. Friday morning the Women's De p t. will be in charg e. M n s. C. lel'ld devotion. A s o l o w i il l::re LundY lmd ms. M Williams will rend ered by Mrs. B. Smith and M!!:s, L Qwens wi1l b:e in charg e of th e El{ble f esoon Fri'day afte r noon the service will beg i n : at 3 andl Mli!s. L. SandS. a n d Mus. G. Na s h will : lead l de votion. Friday night will be Educational Night. Mrs. W. P. Powell and Mns. C. Jlrowar d will be in cl:largJ! of dev;G tion. M a rshall M.B. Churcl11 ush t .. eblee Sunday school began a t the usual hour with the supt!s. at their po s t s at all churches i'n tll. e c0mm u n ity. 'li'l\.e teaIllls. Annie lil.ludsolll. was tlie sp on'SOT. A special program held at 5 at St. John M.B. Churah. A motorcac'e left from FitrslL Baptist Church to render ser vices at Shiloh Baptist Church of' Jl,ab' li'tooidt. Ji11nsd li&Jr ... p81iMkw.r 'ftw, ......... mf wilf serve-. Mrs. 11: CradiioeiS will render a solo and Rew. a Jolmsow will deliver the sermoo.. Satuno isters and Brotherhood will lJe iB charge. Deacons J. Smith am:l R. Goins will lead devotio r l'.. FriendShip M..IB, lle' asl{-ed t to 1 isit these a nd oth er si c k and shut-ins. Mrs. Ada Adder.ly of N ass i:t. heneo visiting. her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs Willard Adderiey. '11he funenl o the late: MuS' l!ldi1!11J stevens was hetd Suncta) a.U 2 fpom 'Irriumph G:hurch' Bar rett Fumral Home was in charge. Re v. lil. Nichols, pastor, ruul M:us. Ma.ny Townsend, rept. Save nme And Stamps Phone Your News 141-1911


' PAGE TWELVE I Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin P,ublished and FJI. Get Both Editloni Tuesday, Novenilier 7, 1972 .. _.....,_ ___ ...._..._. ............... ..._...._._.. ... LEAH Thurs., Fri., Sat. TRIMMED ...... .yaY bar City'slarttlt Suptnwarlctt Pl(i _.. Across from las Novtdadts Always FREE Storeside Parking EVERY DAY AND SATURDAY 8 A. M. TO 7 P.M. I TAILS l'RIDA YS ......... : .. .. 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. 4 -w SUNDAYS : : ................ ;. 8 A.M. TO 12 HOOH Lbs. SPECIALS FOR HOV. 8th TJIRU HOV. 12th $1 LYKES THRIFTY B .REAKFASTBACON 3 Lbs. $1.00 AUTHORIZED -FOOD STAMP STORE SUGAR SLAB. ;-' BACON _Lb. 29c LYKES PALM RIVER WIENERS 3 Pkgs. $1.09 FREE STORE SIDE PARKDfG 1R FBORT AND IJiEAI LEAN 'l4 SLICED PO,RK LOINS Lb. 69c FOR BAR-B-QUE BABY SPARE RIBS Lb. 79c FAMILY SPECIAL ECONOMY PACK BEEF ST'EAK Lb. 79c U.S.D.A. FULL CUT ALL LEAN BEEF NECK ROUND SlEAK Lb. 89c STEW BEEF U.S.D.A. WHOLE 20/25 LB. AVG. Lb. 19c BEEF RIB Lb. 79c CUT AND WRAPPED FREE FOR RIB STEAKS ....-------.- U.S.D.A. TENDER JUICY FRESH MEATY TURKEY LEGS Lb. 29c BEEF p or ROAST FRESH FRYER Lb. 59c Lb. 49c FOR LARGE FAMILIES AND RESTAURAM1 CREA.MSTYLE SWEET' COR I RED KIDNEY BEANS MIXED VEGETABL.ES PORK & BEANS Ciiant No. 10 9 Ciallon Can JIFFY COR. N MUFFtN Box 10c SWEET SUE 3 I LB. Gizzard & Rice $1. SWEE TSUE 2 I LB. Chi. & Dumplings $1 SWEE TSUE 2 I LB. Ham, & $1. SWEE TSUE 2 I LB. Stew $1. PERT I BEECHNUT NAPKINS BABY 60 Count 1 EEL BECK MEAL Or GRIT'S 5 Lb. Bag FRESH MEATY PORK LONG GRAIN FRESH TENDER BEE. F Lb. 59c NECK BONES 4 Lbs. $1.00 RICE Lb. Bag AMERICAN BEAUTY SUNNYLAND'S PORK BUTT'ER BEANS 3 Cans SMOKED SAUSAGE Lb._ 59c SAVE 20c FAB Giant Box


PIL.tSIU,RY'S ; -_--FLOUR .:'-MAXWELL HOUSE : IN;SJANT --_ S .HORTENIIIG ,.-, ...... (PLADf OR Si:LF BISIHG} COFFEE Lb. Bag -BUSCH. Giant 6 Oz. Jar *We ,ACCEPT--BEER ; ---. : fOOD. 6 Pak 99c STAMPS ly{ RESB CUT i"Ri:sB YELLOW (OLLARDS SWEET CORN Jumbo Bunch : 10 .For. 69c LARGE DELICIOUS APPLES 11 For 99c GA. BED SWEET POT'ATOES Bushel $3.95 FULL 50 lBS. Lb.-Can AMEBICAH BEAUTY PORK & BEANS 3 Giant 40 oz. Caas $1.00 .. _, GOLDEN RABYEST TOMAT'OES 5 Giant 11/z Oz. Cans $1-.00 IIUT 2 Y2 CAliS PineApple-GrapeFruit 3 46-0z.Cans. $1.00 MAYnELD CREAMSTYlE CORN 7 Cans AMEBICAH BEAUTY RED -BEANS1 7 Cans $1.00 Whole White ,Potatoes 7 Cans $1.00 PINT' O BEANS 7 Cans GR. & WHITE LIMAS 7 Cans I --ASSORTED FLAVORS -. MILK '. Shasta Drinks Tall eaRS $ oo HO DEPOSIT t OYEM-FlESH BEG. 2 FQB 59c: OLEO PATTIES 6 8 oz. Patties t BREAD 4 King Size Loaves SAVE 26c: SUPER KOTEX lUMBO SIZE BOUNTY TOWELS KBEY BEG. 69c BEEF SLOPPY JOE IELLOGG'/l.."" COIN FLAKES Box Of 24 3 Rolls 1 31/z Oz .Can 49c HOLSUM BUTTERM.ILK BISCUITS 4 For BAHQUET MEAT BOIL IN BAG SPAGHETTI& MEAT POT -PIES 6 .For. 99c.


PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues ..-cl Frl Get Both Edition Tuesday, NovemLer 7, 1972 TAMPA'S NORRIS CHARLES SAYS HE'S STILL NOT FREE \LOS AJNGrJDLES -A month to the day after he returned to San Diego from a North Vietnamese prison camp, !Navy Lt. Norris Charles told several hundred Pepperdine University stud e nts here. "['m a released man, but I m not free. He won't really be th e 2:1year-old black reserve officer said, until the war is over and the other prisons of war also come home Asked about current negotia tions a r P,Parently bringing an end to the fighting in Southeast Asia, Charles said, would really be beautiful. If it's a realit y it would be He told new s men he doubts that the P:OIWs are getting the full story on the progress of the agreement; that although its terms report dly were broadcast by Hanoi, "they (the North V i et namese) can censor whatever they want. The young officer was at the campus to receive a commenda tion from Ca:_lifornia Assembly woman Yvonne Braithwaite Bur ke Des cribing himself as a happy man since his return when he thinks of .the PrOIWs left behind ,__ O.iarles was reflective and soft-spoken in trying to ex plain his feelings a bout America and the war which ended for him when he was shot d01Wn la s t December. As he did when he first came back, Charles referred to U ... S. problems in r!lcial and oth e r areas, suggesting that the United States has only begun solving them and must work harder He drew applause from the ettxlents when he said, "You, the American people, have the responsibility to terminate this war and br:ng those prisoners borne." The "ultimate freedom," he said, "will only come when we are true to ourselves.;, Charles did not comment on the U .S. position in Vietnam until an old fri e nd, Alvin Smith, h a d a s k e d new s men to leave so tha t Charl e s could have an u n in h i bit e d "rap sess i on" with the s tude nts. Then according to li s teners, he said' he felt that the war is an u njust one. Earlier, in response to questions at. an improffilptu news conf e r m ce, Charles declined to view a "tug of war" the relations b e tween the military and the anti-war activists who accom pani e d him and two other PlOWs h ome froni Hanoi. Of Mrs. Cora Weiss and the Committee of Liaison With the !Familie s of U S. Seriveemen D e tained in Charle s said, "They've done qu ite a j o b as far as getting mail in and thin!ls like that. "They have taken this respon sibility on themselves to help the POWs They do it because t h ey are Americans and thev're good Ameri ,c11ns. Why was he one of just three cho se n for release? "I've thought about that, try ing to figure i-t out. I think !PUt all the names in a hat and pulled out three. [ was just one of them Charles is still attached to Naval Hospital in Sao IOiego and. said he intends tl) spend one more year in the !Navy, "for several reasons one of which is to have a baby on the Navy." he said, he will return to school to study economics and int-ernational relations with the hope of helping to "solve the problems" either in some sort of government work or as a col l e ge jostructor A I' N A -should leave Uganda as soon as m1n: m ot the last 'British Asians being expelled from the country bad Foe Of Briti sh departed Amin has ordered all noncitizen A s ians without speciKAMIPIAILA, Uganda Presifie exemrption out of Uganda by dent Idi Am'n says his decision Nov. 8 to eXipel British Hig h Gommis Wambuzi succeeds Justic Bene sioner Richard Slater did not di c to Kiwanilka, a form .er prime mean the High Commission h ere mini ster who was taken from would be closed. the high court handcuffs last Speakin g a t a ceremony at mon th. Witnesses said he had which Uganda s n e w acting chief been arrested by military pojus trce, S a mu e l Wambuzi, wa s lice, but the next day a govern sworn in, Amin said that even ment spokesman denied tha t he though Britian was waging a was in government custod y and !Propa g anda war against Uga nda su zges t e d that he might have he was "not 1g oing to close their ihig h commission in Uganda." bee n abduct e d by guerrill a s He said he had asked Slater to l e ave Ug a nda, "not becau s e :r am against. the British, but because the hig h commissi o n e r had been advi s ing Britis h teac h ers to leave the country." A min informed Slater he. Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News 248-1921' BUIIIEIIMAI LEGiSLATOR QUALIFIED DEDICATED Keep Julian Lane working for you in Tallahassee Paid for by Julian Lane for Senate Committee, Jewel Crum, Treasur BiH Outlaws City Housing Discrimination Af.rian Nations FeelingEffects Of Brain Drain / GAINESVILLE In principle, Gainesville commission approved an ordinance Monday night mak ing it illegal to discriminate in all housing m.att ers in regards to race and religion. The final legal draft will come to a vote Nov. 29 following the public hearing which saw more than a dozen people appear porting it. Commissioner Joe Littl-e prom ised such an ordinance during his election campaign in April. A minority report from the ad hoc committee recommended dis crimination on the basis of sex be included, but it was dropped on a 4-1 vote. Citizens in -the audience also suggested including marital status c i ting the problems of welfare mothers in obtaining housing and financing because there was not husband. LAGOS, !Nigeria -How do you get them b a ck to Mrica once they've seen Paris or New York? That's a growing problem for lhe uoderd!eveloped countries of this va s t continent d e sperate for skilled manpower to help in the task of n a tion building. Thousands of Africans train ed abroad as doctors, lawyers, engineers and archite cts or. in other professions are refusmg to come hom-e. Visas To Study Thousands more across the continent from Seneg a l to Ni geria and Benya are aP'Plying each year for visas to study overseas. The brain drain is as apparent 'in -Frenchs peaking Africa as in the English-speaking nations as students flock to the Sorboo.ne or Harvard or Oxford Once overseas many decide to stay de s pite the evidence that they are badly needed back borne. New citi e s must be built, road systems established, modThis issue was not even consid-ern agrkultual methods intro-ered for a .. vote, but Little sugduced disease eradicated, judigest-ed t,hose with comJ?la!nts fo cal systems bolstered, communi before tne human relat10n adv.s, cation networks eX!Panded, and ory board and present th e ir education spread Urban prokms. The seven member board blems along are overtaxing exist to be expanded to nine will handle ing eX!Pertise. all enforcement of the program. There is one area of discrimina tion allowed. The ordinance will exempt all areas of public hous ing MayorDick Jones explained that some projects needed to be able to shift residents to better racially balance them, onel of the main objectives of the ordinance. Planning board member Tom Coward said the ordinance was 20 year.s overdue, but there are other kinds of discrimination not included such as in !inancing. Boston lategration Chief Named For Aduh Education BOSTON Suffolk Superior Court Judge Robert Sullivan last we. ekend named the Rev. W. Sea vey Joyce, a former pres i dent of Boston College, and Frederick L. Brown, a lawyer, as special mas ters to oversee the implementation of his timetable for racial balance in Boston public schools. 'Why can't they come back?" lamented the Sunday Times here recently in one of a se ries of articles in the Nigerian Liberian Honored By President William R. Tolbert Jr. of Liberia received a gold medal from the United Supreme Council, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Right of Prince Hall Affiliation, Southern Jurisdiction U.S.A., Europe and Liberia. The award for "Best Mason of the Year" was presented by tiia group's soverign grand com mander, Dr. John G. Lewis Jr., at a banquet given b;r Tolbert and his wife at the Executive Mansion in Monrovia to honor the Masons at the 86th session of the council. More than 450 American Masons press on the country's growing number of eXiperts. ''It is simrply because th e y are unable to scale down their cul .tura l and social lives to the smaller en v ironment of their home towns after spending all the sever a l impres sionable years in London, Paris, New York, and else where." "It's di sgu sting," says ooe !Nigerian offical unhappy about the gen eral l a ck of Rioneer spirit in Africa. "The :Pea ce Conps and other foreigners have don e more imd worked rharder _than Africiaas themselves to build up their countries." Com ments from Mricans ov er seas made UJ> a sad catalog of problems that aFflict the ef forts of developing nations to stem the flight to betted living and working conditions abroad. Escape Depression iMany point to bribery, cor ruption, and tribal discrimination involved in hunt ing jobs in .Mrican countries. Others note the labor market is already glutted, with unem ployment and under-employmeat a chrqnic and growing problem. So why bother!, they ask. Some argue that working con ditions and research facilities nre sore)y lacking and complain that burocracies seem to deli berately throw up stumbling blocks to private entenprise. are attending the meeting. Pre senting the -award Dr. Lewis told Tolbert : "You are not only a great Mason all the time the Mason 9! the year ; Tolbert s a I d AfroA'tnerican Masons have distingUished them selves in various economic, tech nical and specialized .fields in an advance

Tuesday, November 7, 1972 f'la. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions Best Btan $!i Or lht 0r11w m;w4ilo& Cicarettes EE::::::;69c I Ll. CAll $5 11r lion Order hcludlc Ciaarettn RGENT K LOINS PKIN PI SIRLOIN u.s. CHOICE W-D BUilD TorST TpiEs FROZEN RANGE J FROZEN FOOD DIIIIEIS ASTOI CH

PACE SIXTEEN Fla. Seatln!I-Bulletin Published every Tues. and FrL Cet Both E ditlona Tuesday; November 7', 1972 CHEERFUL GROUP AT :SIRTHDAY PARTY This cheerful group enjoyed the hospitality .cd Mrs; Odessa Booker and Mrs. Marion Jones a few ; days ago when hosted a to -eelebrate their birthdays. Seated from left are 'Mrs. Jean Moore, Roger with Calvlln Toombs em his lap, MJ:s. Linda Hill and Mrs. Betty White. COCKTAIL PARTY HONORS.TWO FRIENDS .. Veola Bass 8Dd Polly aacl st;uf ing, W. ;Lise, Katie Stewart_, Delores Mond atta CoiUer Hicks, 1we 'friends, Ml'IS. .Wassa and Mr5. Marion Jones, were hOnored Sunday evening at the Jones residence. The ciccasion was their birtbQay p.uests seated from left are Bessie Hill, Lee ..... REGISTRAR'S :PROVlOES CHATTING .. _: Pausing to chat at the registrar's table a few wards, Attorney Edgecomb, CWO' evenings ago at Curtis Hixon just ou tside the Bobien Louis Harper. This was an Omega Mardi Gras Ballroom were, from left to right, Psi Phi affair. lin. Dorothy Harmon, Carey Jones, Freddie Ed-, ELECTED TO BOARD OF DIRECTORS NEW YORK, N. Y. Mrs. Whitney M. Young, Jr. has been 2lected to the boar.d of directors of Philip Morris lneol'lporated, It was announced here last week by Joseph F. Cullman 3rd, chairman Cif the board.. Mrs Young, an edvcator and author, Is the widow of the civil rights leader who served as executive director of the National Urban League until his death ln 1971. II..: EDUCATOR ADDRESSES CHURCH AUDIENCE When the Men's l>ay observance was helcl at St. Paul AME Church, the large. audience was addressed by G. V. Stewart, Di rector of Admini stration, Hillsborough County Schools. WORRIED? SEE -/ -LIFE READER AND ADVISOR When Doubtful ....; Discontentetd or Unhappy Consult this gifted person Aclyises on all affairs of Life Home unharmony Love and Marriage Lucky Days Lucky Numbers For.. ._PJtOintments Jlbone Open DaUy 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. Closed Sundays. 8503 N. FLORIDA AVENUE


Tuesday, November 7, 1972 Fla. Published every Tues. and F:rl. C.t Both ,ACE SEVENTEEN Grand Royal Court Slates lea The Grand Royal Court Depart ; or' the White SBA will have their annual tea on Sunday at the Lily White Temple at 1511 Central Ave. The program will beg in at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Donnie B. Guinyard is the Grand Presi dent of the Royal Court Dept. Some of the participants wlll be Miss Robbie Lee Mack, Al berta Amos, Tina Mack, M:s. Amelia Lowe, Mrs. Ethel Alford, :Mr. Lorenzo Hayes, Mr. James Lundy, Mrs AS.si.e Lee Colbert and Mrs. Eura Lee Adams. ReY. Joseph GilLard will be the speaker. 4111 .J$.: Mrs Rubye McCall is program chairman and Mrs. Johnnie Mae Thcmas and Mrs. Cora Clark are co-chairmen. Mrs. Reatha Williams, Rept. North Tampa Apostolc Church Of Jesus Nebraska Ave. Elder R. L. Moreland, Pastor Mrs. Alma L. Soloman, Rept. Sunday school began with tb& supt. in charge. All teachers were at their posts and the lesson was reviewed by the pastor. M o rning service began at 11 with M1ss Jeanette Louis and Tyer Temple UM :Rev. E. J. Rivers, Jr., Pastor Mrs;. Ruby McCall, Sunday school began at 9 :30 wits the supt. Mr Chatli'e Har ris in charge. Morning service be.gan at 11 with the choir 1 and ushers serviDg.The stewards aga "Cookie" Jones did the serv ing and ''TERRESA" James !Brown ll.er way from customer to customer. Needless to say, the ACE : LOUNGE w a s jammed packed an day and half of the night with sweet soul, as the band played on. Of all places yours truly went, the most enjoyable en Jgagement was at the home of COACH JIM. WILLIAM S and his lovely wife.. Y ou.r:s truly was !treated to pigs feet, black eye peas and some soul cooked rice. .This was the 9ay prior to his fall to the Tampa Spartans. The !Spartans buffed the Rattlers by a margin of 26 to 9. BIG JIM'S defeat reminded me of MU-: BAMMAD'S defeat. Any man or team good winning. However, it takes well discipline o-r a well-trained man to stand tall when they have been ed. Muhammad did so even ing his fall. to the canvas and ISO BIG J.IJM when he gathers his team at the end d the field, not in a jester of anger because of defeat, 'but to give thanks to Almighty God for. being to participate, to thank Him for letting hia boys complete anothel' game wlth no and to ask ior a safe .to Talla: bassee, After th'at Ute band played the FLOfilr>:A A&M ALMA MATER.'If you are an alumni of Florida A&M, and you didn't witness the game apectacufar, it's because y ou are an alumni lik;, !alumni that Ieave.s a smkmg 11hip and l'M quite .sure yoa kno; wlia:t's the first thing to a sinking ship. THAT'S CASE-OON'r FORGET To VOTE-TODAY IS ELEC.. TION DAY. lily White News DEATHS The funeral of Mr. Claude How ard, a :me'mber lf Lily Whit e Lodge No. 46, was held Sunday from Galilee Baptist Church of Hawthorne. Mrs. Susie Sandling represented the grand assembly. The funeral of Mrs. Jo.sepbine Scott, a member -Gf, Lily White LOE!ge No. 11&, was held Saturday I from Mt. MOt"ialt mmrch of Mrs. Lula Pew represented the assem'My. The funeral of Mrs. FlMene Ballard.a member of Lily White Lodje No. 37, was: beld '111ursday from M1. Olive AME ChlliJch wUll the )MIItet, ReT. A. F. IJttre, of. lciating. Mrs. Eura Lee Mdanw representeli \be &rancl '\;.


PACE EICHTEEN Fla. Senftinei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt Cet Both Editions -Novemtler .,, Fresh01811 Make Famu Rattlers Ponder Past, Future -Florida A&M football is on tht> way back, and you can quot e Ratner Coac h Jim Williams on that. In fact, to hear Williams talk, />.&M may be closer to achieving its one-time heights reached un der the legendary Jake Gaither than most would be led to be li e ve Williams is one who echoes the feelings tllat the Rattlers are ''the best twoand-fi ve team you'll ever see." "We're young and very inex p e rienced and that's why we're losing," the first-year coach sai d. "But I'll tell you this, we have ns good a crop of freshmen as you'll find anywhere. "I know what I can do as a coach, and I know what these k ids can do If we have another recruiting year like we had last year, we're going to be right back up there." Optimistic? Well, for evidence, Williams throws these freshmen at you, all of whom either started or saw extensive action in the (Rattlers hard-fought 26-9 lo.ss to Tampa Saturday night: -Tight ends Willie Cook and Randy Williams Cook, the startet, was a first team All-State cho ice last year at Lakeland Kathleen Williams, a superb blocker though not the pass-catching threat Cook is, hails from O! iando's Jones High -Defensive backs Steve Isaac of Eustis and Kenneth Clark of Jones. Isaac has moved in as a starter while Clark has been seeing increased action each week with one starting assign And Missers Hitters Bowling League Pin Smashers 3 1 23-13 Thebodeau Corp 3 1 2 2-U Hamilton Ins, Agency 3 1 21-15 7-11 Stores : .. 2 2 20-16 Supertest ....... 1 3 20-16 Magnificent Four -,,., 1 3 20-16 Port Tampa Bar : o 2 2 17-19 Teatn 1 ... .. 1 3 AAMCO .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 3 13-23 Mitchell's C.Jeanei'S 3 1 10-26 Ladies High Game: Hattie An drews 186, Panzie Stllirks 183, Carrie Verriett 165. Ladies High Series: Hattie An ldrews 186, Pansie Starks 183, Diane Young 463. Men High Game: Manuel Mit chell 206, Nathaniel Cann on 202, Allison Lewis 199. Men High Series: Anthony Lovett 522, Manuel Mitch e ll 530, Allison Lewis 512. Strollers Bowling : Freddie Driv-e l i m Mkt. 4, tzinger's Florist 0; -Team 1-4, Charlie's Beer Parlor, 0; B udqy s IBP Service Station 3, Kilbride Ins 1; Team 12:4, Team 9-0; King Solomon Bar-B-Q 3, Team 10-J ; Team 6, 1. Coin"O-Magic Laundromat 0. Women's l\.igh game L o is 1i::kott, 194, Pea'rl Dozier 181, Ora, L. B row n and John,nye Davis; :178. Men's high game Manue l !Mitch e ll 222; Solomon Brown 217, Rubin Padgett 215. Women's high s-eries Lois S cott 5o6; Pearl Dozier, 535 anpen Dally 8:311 to 5:30 .. : _. Open Daily 8:.30' to 5:30 PROFESSIONAL fRONTEND 11 GOODYEAR HEAVY DUTY SHOCK ABSORBERS AliGNMENT $1oas TAMPA ACROSS FROM Britton Plaza 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 831-1891 Daily 8:30 to 8 P.M. .-.A:k to 5:30 ,. ,, Regularly 4 for $63.80. Now Buy 4 for $47.85 You Save $15.95 Hurry Offer ends Sat. Night! TAMPA TAMPA Downtown ACROSS FROM Morgan & Twiggs Sts. Wesl Shore Plaza PHONE 229-0821 5002 w. Kennedy Blvd. Open 7:30 to 5:30 PHONE 877-6701 Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. Open Daily 8:30 to 5:31 _AqUl ae habla Espanol A qui se habla Espanol I


Tuesday, November 7, 1972 .lla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edaions PAGE NINETEEN Bullet. Brings (l;evela,nd WiUiams Closer To God DENVER Cleveland (Big Cat) Williams, his face marked with the calling cards of 91 op ponents spanning a 25-year box ing career talks quietly about the d a y that changed his life. "It was Nov. 28, 1964," he ex planed in a humble tooe. "It was the best thing that ever hap pened in my life. It was a bullet from the gun of a Houston policeman, who had stopped Williams a n d three friends for alleged intoxication. It was a bullet that resulted in Williams being pronounced dead three times. It was a bullet that reportedly paralyzed Williams for !Jfe and a bullet Williams still car-ries in his side. "It brought me closer to God the 39-year-old Big Cat said. "It showed me who God was." The shooting, which kept Wil liams out of the ring for two years, "didn't change my style in the ring, but it changed my style in other things. "I used to run around with women and drink and smoke and everything wrong said the man who has knocked Qut more op ponents in the first round (19J than any other boxer in history. "Not anymore. The Bible says 'the wise man will change and the fool never changes.' I've changed. "If you saw me yesterday you wouldn't b e lieve this is me today," said Williams, 74-16-1 f!:'J: ,;d into Friday rright's witlr1 Peru heavyweight champ Roberto Davila. "If only people wouU Boozer Plays Dow n Own Feats, Plays Up Bala.ncecl Jet Attack NEW YORK Poor Emerson :Aoozer. He isn't feeling well. Be has pains and his legs hurt. Only don't ask the New Patriots to swear to it: Boozer, the compact muscle man running back for the New York Jets, has fattened up his rushing and scoring average con siderably at the expense of the Patriots, even thollgh he swears he's stili not 100 per cent physi cally. Two weeks ago. Boozer, playing with a bad leg, banged away for 150 yards and three touchdowns in 3 44-13 victory over New Eng land. Sunday, bothered by smaller :hurts, he was 'held" to 91 y:::rds but still managed tpree more scores. They boosted his total this season to 11 touchdowns, highest by far in the National Football League. "I'm still not running right,'' said the soft-spoken Boozer, lost in the shadows for the past J'ew years as simply one of Joe Na math's blocking backs. "I've still got sore spots here and there. I got the back of my hand banged up pretty good against the Pa triots and somebody stepped on me. It's nothing that'll keep me out of a game but it's enough to slow me up just a bit.'' Boozer and John Riggins have combined to give the Jets a "thunder and lightning" effect in Foreman Gets Offer To Spar With Foster ALBUQUERQUE -He a v Y weight boxer George Foreman has been offered $5,000 to spar with light-heavyweight champion Bob Foster in preparation for Foster's fight with Muhammad Ali Nov, 21 in Stateline, Nev. Foster's manager, Lou Viscui, said Foreman "is a big guy the type Bobby needs in front of him to get used to Ali's bulk. We figure Ali will be weighing between 218 and 223 pounds." Viscusi said he sent a telegram to Dick Sadler, Foreman's trainer in Hayward, Calif., Wednesday. Foreman, the 1968 Olympia gold medalist in the heavyweigh' class, is considered a leading ccn tender fur the heavyweight crown now held by Joe Frazier. Foster said he learned a lesson in his fight with Frazier two years ago when he was knocked out in the second round. "I tried everything to gain weight then, but I couldn't," he said. "I learned that I couldn't fight at more than 100 pounds a .nd that's what I'm going to weigh when I face Ali." Jimmy Ellis Posts TKO Win In Seventh BECKLEY, W.Va.-Jimmy El lis, former World Boxing Associa tion champion, scored a technical knockout over Harold Carter 37 seconds into the seventh round of a scheduled 10-round bout. Ellis 111J'ped his record to 39-5-1. Alas a 19-12-1 record. their backfield and have com plemented each other brilliantly ; Riggins led the American Confer ence in rushing until being sidelint>d Sunday with a bruised toe, Boozer is the touchdown leader and up to a week ago, Namath \vas the No. 1 passer in the AFC. I'm not really concerned about the touchdowns," Boozer said. "As l01ig as--wewin, I'm happy: I play tci win and I hoJ)e we make it back to the super bowl. I'm not worried about leading the league in anything. Anyway, there's no way you can keep up with those kickers in scoring." 'fhe three-touchdown effort Sun day was Boozer's third this season and he readily admits, "I don't think I'm ever gonna get a fourth." But it's quite possible this season since the Jets are by far the highest scoring team in the league. "I think our great team bal ance has a lot to do with th10:t," Boozer explained. teams re volve around their quarterback. A good quarterback wants bal ance. He doesn't want to run too much but he also doesn't want to pass too often. And we have the best here." ljsten to my story they would change too, but Ws a thing zn individual has to find for him self.'' Williams found God while lying in a Houston hospital bed no feeling in his left leg and believed paralyzed for life. "I felt the miracle of God go through my leg," Williams said, bending the limb with a hroao smile on his face. "I was never to walk on my own again, but I am.'' At 39, Williams has one last hope: "If I continue to win I will get another shot at the title, but if I don't that's okay. "When I finish fighting I have a job to go to-the greatest job in the world-serving God. God to'ld me to do it in a dream." Williams' professional career began when he was a 6-1, 185-pound who dropped out of seventh grade to earn money "for my mother and grandmother, the only family I ever knew. "When I was a kid coming up through school I was always fight ing and this fellow from New York saw me and asked me to become a fighter," Williams said. "That was when Joe Louis was strong and I wanted to be just like Joe.'' His first stab at the pro ring lasted "four knockouts and a dive," and then officials discovered the big kid from Griffin, Ga., was only 14 so Williams t o ok four years off. Shortly after his 18th Williams was reading a boxing magazine that mentioned Lou Viscusi-one of the game's top managers. "I called him and told him I wanted to be a fighter and wanted him to be my Williams said. "So he told me 'come on down to Tampa and train'." That was the start of Williams' road to the glories of heavy weight boxing. Known as one of the world's hardest punchers, Williams has faced them all. He fought Sonny Liston twice and lost by TKOs. The 1959 battle between the two saw Liston decked with a broken nose before coming back to win. One of Williams' biggest triumphs w a s a seventh-round knockout over Ernie Terrell, who shortly thereafter was namfed World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight champion when Mu hammad Ali who knocked out Williams was stripped of his title. If Williams had to do it over a gain, however, he'd fo11get fighting. "If I were 14 over again, I'd serve God," he said. "There are mimy things about God that people today don't know and should Jearn. The only God they know is a bottle and a cigaret."


' PACE TWENTY Fla.. e:ve.ry Tues. anti Fd. Get Both E.litions Tuesday NovemLer '1, t9'J2 EIID-01" All ERA? T11e 1972 Clasic is now history. And history it may be. It appears that Tampa Un i versity is not interested in Florida A&M in fOOtball anymore. The only reas6n I have heard is that FtWida A & M has not been offering enoagh competiUm. Tms of eourse is a very mmsy exc:nse. In 196!J, when the series had its' begirmmg, F1m-ida A&M beat the Spartans. In ood 1m Tampa U. woo' easily. Satu!'day night Tampa 'U. 'WI('lft bnt they knew they were i:n a football game In. f art Tile Spartans and Spartan rooters were frightened plenty for 2Va ql!larlers. IMPROVED FLOIIDl A M -Florida A&M .. new head coach Big Jim'' Wil lliams is struggrmg a]ong: wfth a 2 wen and 5 loss record. The Rattlers are much improved over 1970 and 1971. Saturday night it was reaiJ1y a dog fight until the middle'. of flhe 3rd quarler. "Big Jim" bad The Rattrers really fired up. I ha'fe to admit that 1 thoogbt The Rattlers wOOj.d wfn it in tl:re 2nd quarter Wffiiam Vmsoo, fO!'mff Blake High sw _.\liiiller Coach Wi). Iiams, and I weRt to the game togetner and "he Of CQWse bas the utiD03t etllilfidence .in Coaeh Williams. He lliDd I almcil8t wmt INnaaoas wben The Battlers went ahead.. Since both ol cus bave tile same kind of eoiUi:deMe in Coach Will!ams we felt that it eoWd bare been the time for The Rattlers to get aU. togetbeF ILORG COMES FIEDDIE souar. : Just when Vinsoo at1d I, ptl!lS of thak The Rattlers might be ready alpark:ed by the eh!isFie rtlmling a Solomoo. who gained ,1.;1.9 yards on the ground, and running back Emie Duooee, who rushed for 14'1 yariis Famu led twice ln the first period and stayed within striking distance until late m the foortb quarter. The Rattlers opened scoring with a safety wben Tampa s Dubose was tadlled. in his own end zone The Rattler two-pointer came alter they punted out of bound s on the-Tampa aneyard line. The next Famu punt backfired when a long pass irom center rolled int& the end zone. Grooms pounced on the loose ball fO Tampa's. first score. the Rattlers came hack. Run.ning .back James E arly ran a kickoff back 5 yards and later quarterback Kenny Holt soeaked over from tile 011e to p ut Famu in front again, 9-7. Filfater I ap Harris Oaarted With Mirier do." :AOORON, Obio .Arthur "Tap .. Ali was in Indianapolis to Harris, undefeated in 19 proeampaign for Demoerat Tlteofessional fights as a welterweight; dore Wilson, candidate for Indi-was one of two persons chal'!ged ana attorney 'generaL Tuesday with first degree mur-Ali said his Nov; 21 f"Jght der m eoDnectiOD with the shoot with light-heavyweight champion mg ol a ba patro Bob Foster Will be his eight B -..r _.. .. ... p : The Srntrtans took the lead for good late in the second quarter as quarlerback Solomon threw an Uyard toudldown pass to Du base, capping an IM).yanl drive in eigbt plays. Jn tbe tllird quarter Tampa got possession oo the Florida A&M 27 with a !ltlCcessftil onsides Irick and turned it mho three pomts, witu Bob Cooper booting a field goal fr0m 34 yards out. : Cooper kicked his second field goal in the last peliod--a 4o yarder set np 1y an interception by teammate Dare Bangstoo. -Wifh 1 : Ofl left OI\ the Tampa running back Erank Pitts rowled over from the three to put the game on ice. Famu is naw 2-5 while Tampa is 6-2 on the season. Tampa 7 6 3 10-26 Florida A&M 9 0 0 09 FAMU-Safety Dubose taeltled in emd zone. Tampa-Groom recovered fumble in end zone (Cooper kick)' FAMU-Hott 1 run (Coleman Tampa Dubose l1 pass from Solomon (kick failed) Tampa-FG-Cooper 34 Tampa-FG Cooper 40 'Tampa-Pitts 3 run {Cooper kick) A---! 1,350. AH DEERE LAKE, Pa. Muhammad Ali, training here for his upcetming fight with Bob Foster, denied 'Thursday a report he will figbl Jack O'Halloran Dec. 13 in Boston. "I am nat fighting Jack O'Hal. loran," Ali. said. "I am fighting Bob Foster Nov. 21 at stateline, Nevada match since he Io&t the nown to arru, "" ...... _,.....,..y rmce, ,Frazier. ADd. lie pointed ont that! 20, both of Abon. allegedly shot Fruier has ; defeDded his titk aDd killed Seller Brown, Jr., 38, oo}y twice. .J of Mron, llcmday' Bight duxing LOUIGE Ali said the heavy ring an argument at a local cafe. ule :Places his dream of a $10 :millio., gate and return bout 'With Frazier in jeopiudy. "I cODld get. eut up. I eould get butted, one little alip and the Joe Frazier dream is over," he said. Warning: lhe_Sur!JeOfl GenNf Ills Da..,.;inetl -:0. Smoting, ts flaAgerous m YIM 0petr Eftry Day Air COitl. LeeaW: SSP Z,\CJC STREET PllOIE -221-1113


Tuesday, November 7. 1972 F.la. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Edatlou.a PACE TWENTY .ONE .Diego Segui Shapes Up As Cards' Strong Man DIEGO SEGUI srr. LOUITS, !Mo. OJd Brownies never die, they sign players who wind up starring fur the Cardina ls. At least that was U t e case with Diego Segui. Al Za r iHa, an outfielder with the former Bmwas, spotted Segul toiling wit h TuCSQll (Arizona IMexico 'League) in WBS. egui was barely 2G and fre s h out of Cuba. He had bee n sig-ned originally by Cin.cinnati, which bad C uba n Sugar Kin g s then, but was with Tucson, an ind-e Jlen dent club when Zarilla was scout for the Kansas City Athletics. "IHe was one of the better ones I f. sign. Ill3,fbe I would be nothing a hallpiayer, '' said Secui, 'Who has seen more than a .few -cme-time pmeooms fade fast after sigmng fm-b'ig and t.Di!:n losing their zest and competitive urge. White. Famu Fan Suggests Ivy league Opp011ent For Oassk A white fan Df the Famu Rattkrs nggested Monday the !tattlers sbould forget aboat ptay. iftg the Ulliversity of Tampa nen ,.ear and play Yale University er aiHidler .Ivy League sebool. The fan, w11e said he wmdd Bet give kis name b..t wlw IIOIIA4e4 like a Yale nHhrate, 1t8itl lae rea4 aiMNit the Fanw-Tampa Ml'ies eJMliag last week Itt t h Tampa Tri1Hule ... die Setltiael and "I was very distal"becl aiMMH Ute tmptieations!' He said after thinking about tt, he caJied Dr. Kingmaa Breftter, of Yale U. in New Bawen, Conn., and 111CCHW a .....ale liMe with the Rattlers in 1973. "He was very receptive to a.e Idea and sa14 he heUevea Fe dominantty Wack scheola are play. lag about the !lame caliber of f41ot ltaU as the Ivy LeaguNs." tile Famu fan said. ''It could lle tbe llegintdng of a fine rivalry for the 11ft& ad I do believe tbousaDds of white people would attend jiiSt te see -what tbe outcome lie." The Famn-U. &f game etuled Samriay night whea tJae Spariau *a(CW to a come-from-belriad l!i-J rlaary. "I saw tbe game aad don't tllink the Spartaas rea.ly for CDJnpetiti.oa. Alul I ftWl'k their reeor41 t. JWe the name sCJwlots proves thill. They lllc'ky io wia Satw-4ay lrigbt, regartlless o1 what Ceaala Bruce allll the .Pl'Mii say about file layoff ete. But sill, if t1ley want to play a btf-time scbedllle, llltettld be aUoweil to. I elsa think that Famu can draw 30,000 or Dli8l'e faas witlt .Ivy seheol another toug'h A W of white people feel 'Ill I fe. The Famu llud II wUa $i to see ... AR lnvestlgatiGD tiy Sentinel thM thoagh 811_ Ivy LeaPie ..... 11011Slbty be tt 4ehitely wen't be acatnst Yale ill l:97J el Fam' 4Me 4arlaf the 'DtabgiviJII ltoiWa:r. At fllat tiJil,e, Yale lllaYW BUIVaril Nell Year and bas beeu IJiayiag -t1teaa on the ltoUday since the tw.o teams fielded footbaU teams slsty :v.ears ago. DUANE THOMAS SUIT' S UP BUt SIT'S ON CHARGER BENCH SAN .Di!WO Bnnnmg back Duane Thomas was activated by the San Chargers Sunday llut stayed on the beneh as his former teammates, tbe Danas beat the Chargers 34-. I 28. Thomas had not played since the Cowboys traded him to San [)iego for wide receiver Billy Tarks and running back Mike Montgomery July 31. He bas &t.VIDA BLUE AND JIM BROWN CAUGHT AT MOVIE SCENE NEW YORK The mudt talked ahllt lot. tilriller stan Jkowtl, 'Hartin Landau ucl Bft.wla HeYDWI Productkln of the Robert Rartierla-Davill ,s,kec, aan Ludua Palullli a4l aaric Cite fitm, BLACK GUNN, inal!overtantly often a play ftfm 4leiNt ef v Blue. Tlae fU111 ieals with a upon "color'' aames, :not to meatien. a eolerRI Waek lligM dulJ Hvental'es itt the Let lilleup cast of past aNI present athletic llerees. Antefes ndenvertd. It :was proC141ce tty Nm JSaseban pitcldn.J star, Vida Blue, 11171 Cy Prigge. wMil .Hil-. eKeeufilve proand Most Vababte Player selectiett, MMI Jim ._.. Barti..,...Daifl, wtto wrote tlte origillaUy ..-non, Natieaill FootttaU League MVP, reganlea .._y, tile filll1 from a screeuplay by as the greatest l'Wllilug back in ,....... hiAM'y, Fnllldin c.ea 1Ntse4 Otl a sceaarle lly bert are caught in ftlis off-camera scene during the Shearer. $1loeting of BLACK GUNN. The actitOn"'Jtacked Star Connie Warae&l Super Hawkins PHOENIX, Ariz. Connie {(}rward and newly elected cocaptain of tlte Phoenix Suns, was W11rned Friday that he tep.ded several team practices and showed up unexpectedly for a workout Friday. A Charger spokesman said the 25-year-old ranning baek was shortly bef1'>re the game. He indicated t'hat the Chargers have agreed to pay Thomas more than the $22,000 he was supposed oo make h t the final year of a three-yeaT contcact wita Dallas. "He agreed to new terms, etherwise he wou fdn't be here,'' the spokesman said. "Nothing if.ormal has been signed Taom.as was greeted by a mix .ture of cheers and b0011 frem tf'5 who h it! familiar No. 33. For most of the p regame warmup, he stood apart from 1 hj;s teammates in the end wne. He too'k no part in calisthenics but near the end of the drill ran a few wind sp;rints to cheers from the crowd. Thomas waved to the crowd as he walked off the field for the pregame meeting. He .'iltood at attention for the national an them until the last few seconds, rwhen he began walking near the bench area. He sat motionless during the one arm draped Ci>ver the back of the bench, and was nev er put into action even though the crowd started ehanting, "We !wan t Thomas," after the seore reached 81-0 in the third quar ter. At times, Thomas was tha only man on the Charger bench a1!! the rest of the players atood the aidelinea. LAKERS ADD TO --B ,ENCH LOS ANGELES The Los A.ng.eles Lalren of .the NBA ho,pe they have solved their reboulldling pt.oblems with the addition of 235-p.ound forward B i 11 Bridges from the Philadell!.hia Footbal s,ore5 "Bethune 61, Ala. st. s Tampa 21, Fama t Albany St. 21, Clark 6 AkGnl !7, Miu. Vatley U Eliz. ca,. 41, Li'l'illcs&eae u Ft. Valley %11, Savaaaala st. H lbmptea SJ, st. PHI's & .Jacktiq st. 21, Teuc Seathern 7 HMy!Md st. 17, S. C. state -11 Mer .gaa 15, B-ard 13 Pdei."Sbllrg st. Zl. Norfalk I 'l'e.a. st. %( Morris ar-11 14 LiltCCIID H. Cea. M'iatMri 7 would be suspended if be misses an.Gtber practice "witOOut legiti mate reason." Coach Buteh van Breda KoJff issued toe warning to the Natiooal Basketball Association star abort ly before tbe team new to Seattle for a game with the SuperSonics. Hawkins, who has missed four games with eore back, over slept and did not make the Suns' workout Thursday morning "It's kipd of hard to explain something lilre that to somebody," said Hawkins. Van Greda Kolff said Hawkins also faced a $100 fine. "I've only filled one other play er since I've been coaching for missing practice," Van Breua Kolff said. "That was Jimmy Wallrer in Detroit. I stuck him for $:500. I mean. a guy just doesn't miss practiee." SaD& General Jerry Colangelo named Hawkins co captain "to give Connie more re ponsibility." _, 76ers. The Lakers dealt away re serves John Trapp, a forward, and 6-foot-11 center Leroy Ellis to the 76ers Thursday for Bridg es and center :Mel Counts, a former Laker. The deal is expected to do two things for Los Angeles: Give valuable bench time to lforwards Jim McMillian and Happy Hairston. Gi v e the Lakers a tall c(mrer !Who can shoot from_ the outside. Last year, when the Lakers their firllt NEA title, Hairsron and M c Mill ian had little rest because the top Lake r reserv.et;, Pat Riley and Keith are more guar.ds than !forwards and aren't great re bounders. Addlitionally, Wilt Chamberlain, while one of the league's great rebounders and crefenders, is no outside shooting threat. loser of its first 10 games this year, gave up the 6-6 Bridges for Ellis, who is con sidered the fastest big man in !the league. Trapp was a reserve for two seasons. In an move, ths 76ers waived Luther Green, a former ABA player with the New York Nets who was picked Up as a free ag-ent this season. Ellis, 32, has played with four clubs in his 11 years in the NBA. Trap p, 27, is a 6-7 defen sive specialist who averaged seven points a game in his four NBA seasons. Bridges, 33, is the only ac tive NBA player to grab 1,000 rebounds in each of his last six He played nine years_ with the Hawks in St. Louis Atlanta before coming to Phila delphia last season.

PAGE. TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-BJ&lletin every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Editions c ,' Tuesday, Npvember '1, 1972 FUNERAL NOTICES DAVIS, NJ.R3. W. 'Final tribute f.:;r the late Mrs. Perrol W. Davis 1504 Na11sau Street, who passed away 1, will be held WednesC!ay 11 A, M. St. James Church, }'ather Arthur J. Lively, Interment wdl be Sha?y Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Davis was a native &f Tampa, Survivors m elude 2 sisters, Mr5, Margaret Thomas and Tam pa; Mrs. Ruth :Royal andt husband, Ernest, Pontiac, Miclligan; a brother, Timothy Colston, Miami; .a stepbrother, Mcintosh, a foster bruther, Earl Smith, Tampa; cou!ms, a number of and neph:}ws, a nd many friends. Th e remains will lie in state at Pughsley Cathedral for vi!litation of friend,s after 5 p M <-Tuesday) today until hour of funeral service. The family will' friends at the fu!)eral home from 7 W 8 P, M. tonight, PUGHSLltY FUNERAL HOl\IE in charge, DOUGLAS, MRS: ANNIE BELLE -E. \Y-right; brother, Mr. Merrell -..;..Funeral services f01; Annie Mclntoiih and wJfe, brother-in-law, DOllglas, 42lq Fay_ e (:t., Apt. M;r; J. R: McDonald god 202 who t paii:Je4 in a local hOspital Mrs. Patncia Gibsnn, wni be held Wednesday at 11 A.l\:1. Abiliene,. Texas, @nd Mrs Bernice from tile Church, Chatllam; a host of other rela Ocahi Fla.-.. with t)te Syl tives and friends; Born in offiiating. and had resided here his entire iDent in the Tucker Hill Ceme' A retired employee of Fel fery, OeJl!a, :na.' survivors_ are 2 lows Motor Co; will daughters, Mrs. Mary West and at the \vllson's Funeral husband; Ml'. Willie West and Chapel after 4. Tuesday and Marguerite S., Bryant; -'after 1 P.M. Weduesday at Mr. Cal'eyH. Jones, 3rd, and church. "A WILSON'S SERVICE Mrs. Edna Jones; great Leighton' A. Carter; sister, Charley Mae Smith; aunt, Mrs. :Bessie Wideman; devoted cousins, Mr. and. Mrs. David King and Mrs. Serena Howard; devoted friends, Lillian F. Bryant and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bray, a host of other cousins and. ot!ter relatives. A native of High Springs, .Fla. She lived nine months in Orlando, Fla., and re eently moved to Tampa. The re mains wm repose at the Wilson's. Chapel after 4 P.M. Tuesday. The funeral cortege wEI leave Tam:11a at 9 A.M. Wednesday. "A SON'S SERVICE!' WRIGHT, MR. PERCY O'NEIJ,.. Funeral for Mr. Percy_ O'Neil Wright, 1313 Kay St., who passed In a local hospital will be held Wednesday at 4 P.M. froni the Tyer Temple Methodist Church with the Rev. Eddie J.. TAMPA -In memory of Barto Rivers, officiating. Ihterment in Crosby who passed Nov. 5, 1!:68. the Memorial Park Cemetery To have, to love and then to part, Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Mary Is_ the greatest sorrow of one's .27,32. I. all my success In life to having been always a quarter of __ an 19,66. hour before hand. 90,77. heart! Time goes by, but memories stay As near and dear as yesterday Deep in oilr hearts you are with us yet. We loved you too much ever to forget. MAN WHO STARTED -TAMPA "PARK.APTs. DIES IN ATlANT. A -!:igned: Mother, Mrs. Ruby Vanderhorst; Uncles and Aunts, i':r. and" Mrs. Earl Howard, Mr. a11d Mrs. Henry Davis, Mrs. Alice Thomas and family. MEMORIAM ATLANTA -A 1 bert Leroy Thompson, nationally promine!!t housing expert, died last Tuesday morning. A funeral mass was held for him at S);. Paul cf Cross Catholic Church en Friday, w : th Father Gregory Paul officiating. Al Thompson was the prime mover in g:tting Tampa Park Apartments cf Tampa Et2rted. He showe d Perry Harvey and C. Blythe Andrews how to put the prqject together. This was one of the. many projeCts t:1at pioneered and improved race re lations in public housing in the S-outh. He was 62 years old and was a native oi 1'.1J:2mphis, Tenn whzre he graduated from Le Moyne Coll::ge. is by his widow and three children. '-CLEARWATER NEWS -. TAMPA Precious memories h:: '7 they linge cf our d e a r mather, Mrs. Harriett Jaiksoll, whJ left us November 9, 1987. Children-'-Louzetta and husband Rev. Roscoe Rogers, Steve and Floretta, Charlie 8lld Kate, Grif fin and Willie Jacl{son; grandchi! Laurence, Joyce, Brene,a, Nathaniel, RJbert and Be ty. CARD OF THANKS TAI\1P A -The family of .Mrs. Hosie Hicks wishes to extend their sincere tn their many friends, neighbors and relatives for their comfort ing expres!lions of sympathy and beautiful flowers in the -re cent bereavement of a loved one and we also would like to x press our special appreciation to Mrs. Lillie M. Blair and niece, .Mrs. Dorothy Thomas, Mr. Leonard. Sr,, staff, of Wil r:on Funeral Home and Rev. Bernard Milton Jones. G od you alt Signed: The Hicks, Hatchef and. Kinsey Families. CARDor TBAIKS-cLEAliwATER :-:_With grateful hearts, Mr.s. _Jimmie. Jones and family this method in ex pressing thanks of kindnesses shown recently by their friends at the passing of their bro!her, the late 1\lr, Willie Palmer. ) Death Notices WILSON FUNERAL HOME j Mr. Luther Bennett,. 504 St., Dade City. Mrs. Annie Belle Douglas, 4210 Fay Court, Apt. 202 Mr. Greenie McKinney, 2908 21st St. Mr. Richard Thomas, .2618 E. Genessee St. 1 Mr. Percy Wright, 1313 Kay St, Miss Lena Archie, 1206 India St. Mrs. Alice Williams, 19391/s. Main St. Baby Boy Richardson, 37,3 Lowry Ct. Infant Carnithia Denise Taylor, 3808 32nd St. STONE & GORDON FUNERAL HOME Mr. Henry Felton, 2103 Cano Ct. Prof. Alfonso E. Brown, Wash ington, D. C. (2802 21st St., Tampa) Mrs, Laura Fuell, 4207 E. Osborne Ave. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME Mr. Taylor James' Hoey, Jr., 1910 Beach st. Mr. Herman Sheppard, 1738 W. Laurel St. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Perrol W. Davis, 1504 Nassau St. Mr-s. Margaret G. Webster, Arch St. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Norma Ann Wilson, 3503 Highland Ave. Infant Girl Carr, 322 Adalee St. A. D. ELLIS, Reporter "Yield what you have. God can work miracles with little if the little is surrendered dedi The Mission Society No. 2, headed by Sister Jimmie Jones, sponsored a skit, titled "Victory or Defeat" last Friday evening. The attendance was slight, but the lesson taught and benefits derived were profitable. The officers and members are grat'3ful to you for your presence. Let's pray for the spiritu'll progress of this auxiliary and others of our church. The Junior Choir and Junior Ushers, under the direction of Mrs. Frances McCants, are spon soriiJ a cake raffle on Nov. 19. Please patronize this worthwhile effort of our youth, thus help ing them put over a great pro gram for their Master. The mission department and others were invited to the Senior Missionary Program on Sunday afternoon, an event given by, the Mission Department of the St. John .Primitive Baptist in their annual program. Our hearts were most sincerely saddened last week as the Grim Reaper visit-ed our c o m munity and took home to rest the late Miss Vyunga McDowell, Mrs. Ollie Robinson and Mr. o, C. vYaHace. At thi s writing, neral and burial rites are incom plete. We moan the passing of these persons with their respec tive families, but commer,d them to Him who has never needlessly causEd His child a tear. Look to Him for comfort and condo lence. :Mrs. Carrie Palmer, Mrs. Jac!.son, and Mrs. Jim mie the funeral of their son and brother tively, the late Mr. Willie Pal mel', in Barn: y, Georgia. His wife preceded him one week in._ death. Our sympat}Jy also is be ing sent to these families. Mrs. Jones is grateful to Mrs, Doreatha Harris and Mrs Mamie Owens of Greenwood Apart" ments, who among 111eighboJ;s and gave to Mrs. Jones an appreciative financial ital and Mr : Aaron Pullins is Rev; W. H. Moore is pastor, confined to Sarasota Memorial ficiating. Mr. Marion A. Barnes Hospital in Sarasota: Both 'mcri of Pierce attended funeral rites are deacons at Shiloh M. B: for Mrs. Hattie Jones last Church of which Rev. W: H. Cade day. :Mr. James Burford of Punta is pastor. Pray for them a Gorda and lUany more attended speedy recovery. the final rites. Funeral services Mrs. Delphene Lewis was taken for Mr; Norman Bell will be beld to Lakeland General Hospitill in Saturday at 3 at Mt. Zion A)'IE Lakeland last Monday morning Church. Rev. Leroy via ambulance. Mr. Adam Mack pastor, will deliver the eulogy. is in Memorial HospitaL where his Girl Scout Troop No. -205 .had condition is poor. Mr. Eddie Jiles their Halloween party on Hillo underwent surgery last_ Mol)day at ween day at the residence of .their St. Joseph Hospital in Port Char-' leader, Mrs. Irene Humphries lotte. HiS condition is fair. Mrs. from 3::lo-5:3o: They had a wonCarolyn Anderson of Punta Gpr. derful time. Adults present were: da, formei:ly of Nocatee is con Mrs. Henry Idorn, Mrs. Johnnie valescing_ at home after having Scott and .. Mrs. WaJke _r. been confined to St. Joseph HosMr. and Mrs. Horace Warmack pital in Port, Charlotte. Mrs. of Ft. Lauderdale visited rela. Anderson is the daughter of Mrs,. tives and friends here -last week G. Scott. P.ray for a speedy nd. Mrs. Warmack attended recovery and alw all the other some of Congress No. 1 convi!nsick and shutins. tion and also the funeral of Mrs. Funeral services for Hat Hattie Jones. And Diahanri To Wed Singer Diahann Carroll and former talk sllow host David Frost announced they will be married in London at Easter. The black singer fir 'st gained fame in the Broadway production of 'No Strings" and later starred in the television series "Julia". Frost, until recently was host of his own television show. They have been datil)g for sev eral years. The engagement was announced in New York. It will be the first marriage for Frost and the second one for Miss Carroll, who was divorced In' 1962 by Monte R;ay, a theatri cal agent, a spokesman said. Buy From Florida B'ack W flman Is NICE, -Who is most popular diplomat on the French Riviera this summa? Eleanor Hicks, 29, the stunning h'ew American 'consul in Nice. Miss Hicks, who comes from Cin cinnati, wrote two plays and sev erai songs while serving in her. former post in Bangkok. "I've already composed t w o songs here, quite nostalgic but in mY own, style" confided the pret ty black girl, who is also noted for, per singing. In addition to consular duties, she is currently looking for a v:Ila in which to live, playing tennis, driving sports cars and planning a book. M'lr riage, she says, is one of ht>r Sentinel Advertisers


7, l972.), i,i[' Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Ed1tioni J' WU ttf -... .:P PACE TWENTY-THREE Dial 248 Classified Ad. Dept. &USIIESS-BAYVIEW .IIOIEL WANTED IIOD!L a,lly In person. !Ill! l'YPlNG, .MJMEOGB.&PB address-111, lly haAeap ait llmne. Rea :!IIIIIIIWe, flllllt, Phone 876-4082. .AVON 'uE.LPS MAKE dreams rome true. Need extra cash for new furniture? New appliances? Redecorating? Whatever (Your dre-, *-m at mMI 'ftality as an A \'1811 It'-s easy way 1o m:ake money ln your .Dme Aear Call 110w: MD. sDiiUa -626.4874 r I .. ; s76-3242; St. Pete 862-45!13, LarII & 1. ,_ IILE 1f&Nr .& !lEW iliDIIB! .., DO'Mil, GOOD mEDJI'. cau, Equal Oppor'&unlty Development Corp. Call 2m.3Z01. JIDf YGUR JIONEI', '1'0W111K r!!'=E.. IICDES:llll 'IILOCZ 3 BEDROOMS, CARPET, stove, refrigerator. $10,650 P. & I. $78.51 for :161 aontht lit I morlpc-e. DON TAAl''FI!: BROKER 872-2729 ---1422 go, Clearwater 442-9656. -St'EADY WORK, nisei DUPLE X AND APARTMENT Combinaa.n. Located at st. Dow.tairs eadl laat; livillg r-.as. bet roems, 'kitchen nil Sep arate entrances and carports. Upstairs -large 3 bedrooms furnished apartment plus de lightful deck. All uOAlts rented Let illcome pay your mortgage. LIS'l'INGS NEEDED. I JIO{!JSE FOB &\I.E 1735 NORTll A STREET HOUSE 1N EXCELLENt' OONDIDQN. and JIO CREDIT?? lfll pNillleas or dOWII .. ._., aQiilable CAlL OR (JOJJE IN BIY JJIIIBS FliOKIDA 1\VE. 232-4891 laborers. Must bring Sedal Sec:ariii.Y eal11. II .-..., -U must eirtla certificate. ANIIY 9 A.M. 2 "P..Ii. .....,. thru 'l'Jaur.y.. 9 A. M. .to 12 .P.M. Fliday. SINGLETON PACKING ()ORP. 50th St. and Uce'ta 'Road No expellieal;!e necessary. Equal OHortunity Employer JIIIIIIIRil __IS -EMPLOYMENT -----------.mas E"-EEt'l'DAY.. Work the SEMI T"UCK iafl! 'J'IJU .....t. Daily cash, aa n

PAGE T WENTY-FOUR Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Botti Editions ,!; November 7, 1972 --------------------------. .. -' Q .REAT BU.YS-ARE:,OUR STYLE! ,. ,. \' SElEO BEAUT'IFUL TABLES ACCENT ON ITALIAN PROVIHCIAL Hexagonal door commode, a square door commode and pedestal cocktail ta ble with doors all have rich,. imported marble tops. VALUE AND SAVINGS! THAT FASHIONABLE SPANISH LOOK .tiexagonal commode, a square and a coffee table with scroll carved motifs, decorative edges and deeply grained finish. .. AT .HANDSOME SAVINGS! THE EXOTIC FLAVOR OF THE EAST P S Hexagonal drum table, tart square commode an d cocktail table with a dish'essed pecan finish and AT $ 95 FREE SIX TRANSISTOR POCKET RADIO WITH ANY PURCHASE $69.95 OR MORE unique crisscross pattern fronts. UNCLUTTEREQ CONTEMPORARY MOOD Hexagonal and squafe commodes and a chest cocktail table with a Ius trous walnut finish/ solid cast hardware and plastic tops. SERVICE AND SELECTION! "IT'S EASY TO PAY THE LARMON WAY" OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT 'TILL 8 P. M. Plenty Of fREE Parking On Lot In Rear Of Store


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