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MrS. Harmon -Charges Failed To .Support Her .Candidacy . .._..; (SEE STORY ON PAGE Sentinel .. Advertisers :Invite YOU -'--__:._;__.:___.:___,.:__ __ ;voL; 25, NO. 97. TAMPA, FLORiDA, SATURDAY, NOVEM.BER 72 .. PRICE 15 CENTS ; :rAMP A MA. N .. STARS NICE PROGRAM PRESENTED AT LILY WHITE TEA There was a nice program for the At the plano is M;s. Ruby McCall, program chair ment of guests attending the Lily White Rqyal man, and seated right is Mrs. Anriie Pope, one of Court Tea. One of the program participants was the five ladles honored by the department. Mrs. Gwendolyn Goodwin, center, who sang a solo. r TAMP A FLORIDA CONFERENCE HOLDS 32nd SESSION AME churchmen assembled in Tampa pa; J. M. Hammonds, St. Petersburg; and BenniJ last week for tlte ll'ftllual conference at Mt Zion, Dyer of Largo who ii beinJ congratulated for iPlcturedo are from left to right, being recently wdalned. (;Urtis Jaeksoia or Lakeland-; L. R. Brown, Tam-. (SEE STORY .ON PAGE 2) 10: .. Sheriff Promotes Sgt. -' Myers To Lieutenant (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3). .. ')0 Judge Gives 'Sweet Cha-rl:ite' 101. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) 1::}. .Car To Share $750,000 -----(SEE STORY ON PAGE 16)


PAGE TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Publis!ted every Tues. and Frt Get Both EdH ions s.turday, November 18 1&72 T apa Youth Drowns, Grandmother Unable To Claim His Body CAPERS was living, she was told that she could not see him Mrs. Davis contends that she is the boy's le ga l guardian and has had h i m since birth but the offi ce r told h e r that was not good enough. Mrs. Davis s daughter l i ves in New York and is e xp ected in Tampa Thursday night. Assaults Roscoe McCloud, 55, 1415 E l m wood C t., reported to police Tues day that he was assaulted by an uni dentified man while at the Red Top Bar, Cass and Nebraska. M c Cloud told the officer that he was engaged in an argument with the man over a woman when the man struck him over the le f t eye with his fist or a small object. Mc C loud then walked to the train station and called police He .. !fused m e dical attention and to d the officer that he could identify the m a n on sight. Burglaries Mrs. Lula R i chardson 30, 2511. E. Caracas, told police Wednes day that burglars cut a hole in a window screen unlocked the window and crawled into her ho use. Th ey took a portable TV w orth $So a nd a clock-radio worth $15 and fled the scene. Mrs. Rosa Ann Mcintyre 17, 111 S Newport, Apt. 2, reported t o police Saturday that som e one entered her house through a wb d ow and took a bank bag with $ 378 cas h a stereo with two speakers worth $75, and a box of t apes worth $10. The burglars left via their point of entry. Th e Unoco Oil Co., 2902 E. Buffalo, was broken into Tuesday by unknown subjects who took $20 in assqrted brands of cigar ettes, according to police reports. An unidentified suspect entered the home of Joseph Reginald Moses, 2218 2oth Avenue Tuesday and took a portable stereo worth $150 and fled unobserved. THfts James L. D anie l s, 24, 2712 3rd Avenue, was arrested Tuesday evening for shoplifting. The se curity officer at Maas Brother s, 298 Westshore Plaza, told the ar r esting officer that she saw Dan. iels conceal two shirts, $13 each, in his coat and walk out of the store. He was apprehended and r1eld for police. Mrs. Lutricia Winkfi e ld 22, was charged with resisting arresl Wednesday while being arrestee! f o r shoplifting from Cook s Dept. Store, 5050 Columbus Drive Mrs. Winkfield was being p1aced in the police car when she broke the policeman's hold and ran away. When caught by one of the of-' ficers, she scratched and stru::k him and tore his shirt, police said. Miscellaneous Bobby Frank Lane, 27, 2414 2 4th Avenue, was being arrested Sheriff's Community Relations Bureau By SGT. ARNIE MYERS ------------Probalion And Parole years ago, no !Federal Pris on e:x:isted, and, of c ours-e, therefore, no federal pro lbation or parole. First in history -came the pd13ans, and \l?;'tr l r came substitutes for p riso n To d&-Y, the triplets, 'f)ro:bat io n, imprisonment, and parol e r e .present of One before, the sec o n d during, and the third dter c-onfinement. They give m e aning to ea. ch other. The priwn bec-omes an incentive to ward goo d b ehavior on proba t ion or parol e and [parole becomes an incentive for good behavior in prison. Let's distinguish b etwee n the two \ Parole is grante d by the "/Institution of correct ion and probation is granted by the courts. [)evelo'!J-ment c f the f ederal conc-ept was born approximately tlne hundred and twenty years ago. Federal La W llefore tha t time d id not per mit ;:ny l eniency. When a man was convicte d of a f ,ederal of fense h 2 was pr()mptly sentenced. Since the government had no prisons of i t s own he .served his t i m e in a l oca l jail, or state for which the f e d era l government d i d not pay rent T his la c k of interest in f e d e r a l offenders was due to the bet that there were so f e w c f them. Consequently, fCTr al m os t a century the. federa l showed no concern f o r its prisoners until 1 1%15, when a gi t at!c a b eg an for the con strue tion of a government prison. It is not surprising then that suc h correctional devices a s pro bati on an d rparole w e r e not used at f i r s t in the !Federal System ar substitutes for imprisonment. W ith the turn of the century, the number of ,Federal Criminal L a ws increased. With increased l aws, a greate r number of fed eral o ffenders c ame to the govern ment's attention. Whe n the first f e deral prison b ecame overero wded, the question of lega l procedures came to the 11etice of Congress. On Jurie 19110, the "Federal iParole Act'' was There simply were too many lifers in the federal prisons at that. tim' e, because sentences in those days were severe; so in 1913, the parole law was amended to make those eligible for parole after having served fifteen years. Each peni tentiar y was authorize d to have its own parole board, consisting of the: Warden, The P rison [)oc tor, a n d the Superintendent of Prisons in !Washington [). C. All were under t he control of the Attorney G-eneral and so, no pa role co uld be effective without his a pproval. Administratively, this worked out very nicely a t first, because probation officers were m embers of the !D-epartmient O!f Justice. and, therefor e, a i;hree-man ward. could not keep U I P with the work i nvol ved. Federal Laws Increased, and with that, violators multiplied The number of prisoners increas ed but only a very small per centage made parole. Ac cording to law, ia order to qualify for parole a prisoner had to find a reputa ble spon sor, as parole ad v is or, a legitimate and accepta ble offer of employment, and an approved place of r es idenc e. In those days the public attitude to ward ExCons was more severe than it is now. Man y prisoners were unable to get EIPOnsor or employment help from their home communiti-es So, they were re lea s ed "Scot !Free for good be havio r under the good times act, b e fore expiration of the maximum s-entence. 11-Iany of these found it difficult to adjust into a prejudiced and hos t ile com munity,. and so, they repeated in crime and were sent back to vrison. 'I'm convinced that our Correction a l system is not, per f ect, however, II think It is pre f erbale to anything else yet de vised. ; ru See You !Later. nesday while at Zack and Jeffer son for no drivers lic e nse. It was later discovered by the arresting officer that Lane was want ed the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Police stopped Sam Jones 23, 2026 32nd Avenue, Tuesday at 29th Street and 31st Avenue. W h en asked for identification Jones pro duced an altered duplicate license His name was written in wh ere it s houl d have been typed, poli1: e said. Jones told the officer that he found the license in a bar. Apostolic Church Of Jesus :Mission No 2 ThoMtosassa Beuteans White, Rept. S. S. was called to orde r at 10 with the supt., Janet Felton 'Pre s iding Mrs. Sarah Gadsden led in prayer. All tea.ehers were at their posts. Each class pre sented a short review. Noonday ser v ices began at 12. Each 2nd Sunday is youth day. Curtis Woodwood of Tampa -and Stella Williams of S ebring con ducted the devotional servic e Minister Bobby Lee delivered the message. Evening service began at 7:30 D evotion was led by the youth. Missionary Lois Powell ed the message. Our church annive rsary is in session. Elder B Hamilton of Tarpon Springs was in charge of the first service whieh be .gan Nov. 13 at 8; B ishop Raliney :and congregation of Dansville. was in -charge Tu.esday night; Wednesday night, Mission No. Q with Bishop Johnson and rmembers of Wimauma; Thurs-TAYLOR THOMAS T he grandmother of a 14-yea:old Tampa y outh that drowned Tue sday eve n i ng while playing on a mattress in the Hillsborough Riv e r alo ng wit h two other youn g boys, said she was not allowed to see the boy s b ody and was told th a t she wou ld not be able to release his body to a local funeral home Mrs Mable Davis, 57, 31 W. Park, said she was called to Tam pa General Hospital after her grandson, Taylor L amar Thomas 14, had b ee n carried there and pro noun ced dead on arrival. Mrs. Davis sai d that when the offi ce r handling the case learned tha t the boy s mother her daughter, day night, Elder G. M. M os l e y and congregation of Largo; Fri day night, Bishop J. H. Lee and c ong regation of Taffi4la Mission No 1 will be in charge; Satur day night, West Coa s t Youths Nathan Bosti<:k and Melvin Lee wial be in charge. The public is invited. Taylor and his two s c hoolmat es, 12 and 14 y ears old, went to the river at Bu ffa lo Aven ue and pulled an old mattress into the water. After b eing afloat awhile, one of the boys g ot off because he could r.ot swim Ta y l o r and the s eco nd b oy continu ed to float on the makesh ift raft out abou t 3 0 feet to check a fish trap, it was r e ported. T he mattress was caught in the current and the boys were unable t o take it back the shore. Both boys JUmped off and Taylor, a nonswimmer, we n t under and didn't come up. The othe r y outh who ciluld swim pulled T ay lor to the fup and was towi ng h i m to shbre. T ay lor s lipped back in to the wat-er and was again pulled up by the boy. He was holding on to the boy s leg, whe n he again Jet go and went under. The boy on shore threw out a rope but it was not long enou g h to reach the struggling boys An effort to reach Taylor proved futile and the second boy swam to s hore. A Fire Rescue Unit responded to the call and loc ated the body approximately 150' off Buffalo Avenue bridge west of the bank. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead at 5 p m Mrs. Davis said she had in structed Taylor to stay home from school Tuesday because he was involved in a misunderstanding a t the school a b i cycle and she was fearful of him gett in g into a fight. Taylor was a seventh grader at Oak Grove Jr. High School. RED .FRONT GROCER' Y & PACKAGE S T 0 R E 3918 2ltla Sl. Comer Bdalo lweaae ,_E 248-3733, WE ACCEPT FMD STliiPI .,._ .. Early ... Get 1'lle Best" WE DELIYEB WE SELL AIIEIICU EIPIESS .-.n .IDS WE HAVE LARGE AND SMALL Leu EM c.t POJ'k CUps WE HANDLE WILSON CHITROOSTERS COFFEE PElKA fERLINGS ONLY LATORS PIE PANS CAKE III.'Jtc ORDER YOOR FRESH BEN PANS-WASH BOARDBREAD REG. 'Ilk LB. OR TURKEY FOR PANS AND ETC. GIVING NOW! Extra Large Fryen Pork Steaks Black Pepper Each 98c lb. &9c Can IOc REG. 7tc LB. REG. 15c CAN TeDder Leu Club Steaks Meafy leek Bolles .Large Eggs ill Carlou lb. 99c 2 lbs. 69c Doz. 49c Ten&r Beef Liver lh.65c Teacler Stew Beef Larp ,Box Fall IlL Sic Box 39c Fresh linnuulllaaalntrger REG. 46c lh. &9c Westera Ox-Tails Bilz Cu Driaks lit. 4Sc 6 caas 79c Meaty 3 Parts REG. 8 90c Turkey Wings Bag Maws lh. 43c lh.39c WE HAVE FRESH VEGETABLES DAILY (WE CLOSE EYEBY WEDIESDAY AT 12:30 P. M.) Specials Jor Frillay, Satanlay ud Moauy, Nov. 17, 18 81 20


Saturday, November 18, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition PACE mREE SHERIFF -PROMOTES SGT. ARNIE. MYERS TO-LIEUT'ENANT Harmon Blac:k Leaders the formal announcement To Lt. i Myers, the most a mazing thing is that he was one of the four men to pass the ex amination that was prepared by authorities in Chicago The test was graded in Jacksonv ille. failed To SUpport Her Candidacy LT.--ARNIE MYERS Hillsborough County Sheriff Malcolm Beard announced Thurs day that Sgt. Arnie Myers has beeo promoted to Lieutenant in the Crime : Prevention Division. The promotion, effective on the day of announcem e nt, came al most a year to date after news broke that he was being given his Sergeant's title He is the first black in the county to re ceive such a high ranking with the Sherif-f's U e p artment. When contacte d by the Sentinel, Lt. Myers was still elated over the numerous con gratulatory messages he h a s rec-eived since During h is eight years with the sheriff's office, Lt. !Myers has received numerous citations and awards. One of the most note worthy citations is one he re ceived in 1969 when he was named the detective of the yea r for h is expert criminology used in capturing the E gy 1 ptian Cobra gang. For fiv e years he has been the unccnte s ted !President of the Florida Deputy Sh e riff s Association. Myers' riew duties now will be as shift -commander in the division. Since there is no cap tain in Crime Prevention Myers duties willbe to assume the same res, ponsibility, being next in command to the major. Lt, /Myers is married to the -former /Mai ye Alyce Herrington, a beauty queen during -her high school days at Oaklwd llligh School in Haines City They are parents of 'five children In addition to Lt. !Myers, others to receive '!)romotions are: Sgt. Dave Mitchell to Lt. in .the !Pat rol Division; Sgt. H. C. iH-ender son, to Lt. in the mns pectional Services Dfvision, and Det. Troy Surrency to Sgt. in the Criminal Division. Judge Gives Charlie' 101 Years JAMES W. SWEET tA 25-year-oJ.d rriao, whom his neighbors describe li. S a manner able and neat person who al ways tended his lawn, was con victed in Criminal Court Tuesday of rap!og a 20-year-old wo man and sentenced to [01 years in prison by Criminal Court of iRecord Judge Harry L. Coe [JJI. Though James William &weet, 00!!2'/a ill5th A venue, was trie d only on that rape charge of Juoe 9, -he had been investigated for several other a ssaults on young women that oc curred over 118 months in the same area. Tagged "Sweet Ch .arlie'' by the police depa -rtment Sweet was arrested June 11< 0 'after someone reported seeing a peep.ing tom in -the neighborhood The area had been under close surveillance and Sweet was -apprehended after a chase through alleyways and yards. .Sweet Charlie had : a method of operating th:at led police to Iieve that ali of the women were assaulted by the same person. On some cases he would ra.pe the women, then sit on the bed imd talk with them in a very calm tone telling them things about himseif and his ,family. He would then leave after_ taking money and other small items from the womoo;s homes. In one police said, lthe lra. pitst locked one woman's huS'band in a closet while he [performed his act. During the trial two women were [permitted to testify and both pointed out Sweet as their attacker. 1 Robert Knight, Sweet's defens e attorney; questiood the lighting in the bedrOOillJS and ar gued the point that" a positive identification of the suspect could 16,24 Brutality to an animal is cruelty to mankind-it is only the difference in the victim. 18,76. ATTY. WARREN H. DAWSON Mrs. Dorothy lEaton !Harmon, defeated 'Democratic nominee for the State Senate in the Nov. 7th election, charged in a prepared statement to the Sentin el-!Bulletin Thursday that "radal respect and sU1pport'1 from black leaders in the county failed to matet ialize in her campaign against incumbent State Senator David She also charged that the State's Demo leaders, primarily -Gov Reub in Askew, lent their su nu-ort to Mrs C. !Bette Wimbish in her Senate race, but not to h e r Mrs. Harmon :polle d over 57,0i0<0 in Hil\sborough and upper Pinellas Counties She was en dorsed bY the daily St. Peters burg Times ov e r her Republic an oppon en t, which politicos credited with garnering 114,1()0:> votes for her in a county i n which she is unknown : / But 1 Mrs. !Harmon took issue with so-called black lead ers who fajJed to su:Pport ,her, and named Attorneys 'Delano S. Stewart and Warre n 'iH. [)aiWson as two of th-e. bla ck leaders whom she supiported and fin ancially in the past, but got nothing' in return. "/My many friends of other ethnk groups wondered when the so-call-ed black leaders were go ing to give what they have been asking for so long racial re SJ)ect and support," M-rs. Harmon stated. She added that Governor Askew and other lElemocrats of state wide stature openly supporfed the candidacy of Mrs /Bette Wim bish a St. 1Peters'burg lawyer and former yice-mayor, who was defeated in h e r bid for a State Senate seat against : RepUiblicau incumbent Rich!l'rd Deeb. The much needed support for her candidacy, how-ever, never came from these statewide leaders. ''These observations are made to show that all of Hillsborough County, not just the black voter, is takeq for granted, with offers of little or no returns for poliWrong Company [n Tue sday's issue of the Sen tineiI Bulletin in an article titled /'!Local Television / Promotion of Ali-Foster :Fight Called Off it was erroroneously [printed that EBIO Advertising Agency was handling the promotion The newspaper was inform e d that the sponsoring company is Southern Productions. Th e local persons connect-ed with Southern Productions are: ALL AROUND GIRL TO WORK IN STORE. MAC & MAC SUPERETT'E 2409 E. Lake Avenue Apply in person during weekend. Therc n / Morris, Nathaniel Han na < h Atty Warr e n IH. .Dawson, Walter Wilson, Charl-es Davis, Charles Thomas T yrone Reddish, Joy ce Turner, Jo hn Anderson, Ervin McKeever and Simon !Hil liard Jr. The Chi : cago contact man is Walter T:urner, a former Tamp an. Anytime alter 8 P. M. 11ot be made. tical efforts, !Mrs. !Ha-rmon no ted. But [ am not holding any. thing against these 'so-called' black leaders anymore than I ani holding anything against Governor Askew and the othe r state and local officials whom [ personally supporetd io their bid for election." Attorneys Reply !B-pth Attorneys Stewart and Daugh.: 1 to. <:onvict hini. (Rf Udoer 17 11\USt btt accompanied by parent or guardian


PAGE FOUR Fla. every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition; Published every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pubo lisbing Co 2207 Twenty First Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Publisher C. BLYTHE ANDREWS JR. E:s:ecuUve Edi&or "' SIMON JOHNSON Vice Presiden&-Productlon )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice President-Society JOHNNY JACOBS Preslllt!nt Advertislng HAYWARD BRADY Vice President-Public Relations f)econd c lass postage paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSCRJ.PTION RATES 1!.50 Per Year One Editloa. $1Z.50 Per Yenr Both EdiUoDI. Political 'Stars' lt is hard at tthis point to say what might come out of the idea of a political straltegy workshop for entertainers, as pu't forth by Dr. M aurice Dawkins, executive director of the In 'dustrialization. Dr. Dawkins say s he w o u I d like to see the workshop or ganized by lthe National Black Assembly and has asked con sidera;tion of the ideas by such notables a s Frederick O'Neal of 'Actors Equity, Ossie Davis and Sammy Da'Vis, Jr. Dawkins feels a er ror" wa a made when stars like 'James Brown, Sammy Davis and J im Brown were bitterly as sailed for supportin g the reelection of P residen!t Nixon. Next time around, Dawkins in sists, :the barbs could be for black eni!eJ"tainers who back Democrab. 'Racism and povel"ty can only be overcome by a united effort. Our enemies would divide us. We help them and hurt ourselves when we cut each other down for tempor,ary partHa an purposes," Dr. Dawkins a sserted. How much h e I p .people li.ke Sammy Da'ViS and Jim Brown l end to any candidate is question able H is the man, not tthe party as revealed by the fact that Me Govern got 87 per cenlt of the black vote and President Nixon only 13 per cent. However, a work-shop on the order supported by Dr. Dawkins mighlt help get over to the pub lie the idea that there are bounds beyond which it could be dan gerous Ito protest another' s po li:tical choice. The Sentinel disagrees with men Hke Jim Brown, James Brown and S.ammy Davis Jr. for their pal"ficular selection in the Presidential race. But we fear we operate on dangerous ground when we react so d rasti cally as to atltack our poHtical or entertainmen t t figures in an econ omic way because they exercise their con stitutional rights to choose a favorite. In fact, we think a workshop of tthis kind in Hillsborough County would help those blacks who simply don' t understand the political proces s and its implicat tions. If nothing more than tha' t mes eage came out of such workshops It m ighit serve a useful purpose. The Kitty Hawk Brawl The Navy, the last branch of the Armed Forces to drop its rigi d color bar, is f aced with a racial conflict on a scale serious and bi g enough to c ause concern among high officials in the Navy De parlTt!elt thanks and deep appreciation to the many neighbors and friend s for all the acts of kindness during their hour of bereavement. Mr. Sidney Wright, husband and Mrs. Willie Mae Williams, aughter, Saturday, November 18, 1972 MEMORIAM TAMPA-In loving memory of our daughter, Voncile C. McCas kill who departed this life No vember 17, 1971. To your grave we always wander, the flowet s we place with care, but no one knows the heartache as we turn and leave you there. God &ook you in his garden for he kne'll' you needed rest, his garden must be beautiful, he only takes tho best. Sadly missed by mother and father Mr. and Mrs. Charles MCCaskill and family, MEMORIAM SEFFNER -In remembrance of our dearly belovd oue Mrs. Beatrice I. Willil l ;mson wh3 de parted this life, Nov. 16, 1970. Two years ago you went to rest. We all love you, but God loved be st. Mrs. Henrietta Starks, Daugh t er; relatives and friends., MEMORIAM TAM P A -Tbere is a place beyond the stars where life goes on forever, a place where loved ones meet once more and they are parted never. IN memory of our beloved sister, Mrs. Henrietta Ander son who quietly to rest Nov. 17 1971. M.rs. R06a Larkins Jtnd Mrs. Am-.!Ua Pounce, Si sters and Fi l mily. MEMORIAM TAMPA -In loving memory of my dearly beloved Willie T. Sellers who this life two years ago. God only takes the b zst for be called y ou borne to r est. I will always remember your loving s mile care ahd understanding. Sadly missed by your aunt, Mrs. Louise Johnson and FamUy. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA The family of Mr. Hosie Hicks wishes to extend their siacere appreciation &o their many frle!lcbi, neighbors and rela tives for their comforting expres sions of sympathy and beautiful flowers In the recent bereavement of a loved one and we also would like to express our special appreciation &o Mrs. Lillie M. Blair and niece, Mrs Dorothy Thomas Mr. Leonard Beal, Sr., staff of Wilson Funeral Home and Rev. Bernard Milton Jones. God bless you all Sigaed: The Hicks, Hatche1 and Kinsey Families. CARD OF TBAifKS TAAMP The family of the late Mr. Henry Johnson wishes to thank tbdr many friend s and neighbors for messages of con.dolenC!Cs, ftoral olfl2rings, and other acts of kindness extended to them during their trying ex perience. We also thank Rev. illnd members of St. Matthews k. B. Church. Mrs. Louise Johnson, Wife ancl Family.


hturday, November 18, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frl Get Both Edition PACE FivE Tantpa Man Stars In M ''W.II Ci '' OYie I y S one At 22, Ronald Bagley is acting 14. But, with good reason Ronald is portraying a 14-year-old youth TRWN Brad11 from the ghetto in a movie "Willy's Gone", opening Decem her at Twin Bays Theater. Joe Wiezycki, producer of the motion picture, said he and his crew screen tested over 100 yoWlg men to play the leading role in the film. "We were look ing for someone who could look 1 or 15 and with makeup and wardrobe, Ronald did a good MET BRIEFLY WITH JEFFERSON m PRINCIPAL SAM HORTON last Friday morning (Homecoming Day) with Plant City Hi Raiders on the way tl) 24-8, Dragons win. Believe Mr. Horioa and I were really at the Leto-Jefferson Hi gym to aee if we could get an idea on how Coach Dale Klay's caged Dragons are gonna fair in their opening encoWlter against the likes of Mike Brewa and Co. from Hills borough Hi and the rest of the Weatem Conference Word is the ,Tefferaoo Hi basketball team is loaded We won't know w.hethE:r with blanks or bullets for a few weeb though. Mr. Horioa went on to mention el!l*ltiniJ his new school on Cyprell and Manhattan, to be ready b7 nen July. His personal phy,;;j. cal-fitnesa program will be of ficlating a few college basketball gamea this year (be started with MacDill Hawks an.d HCC las' week) end the 'Number One Dr11100" even went 88 far as to .., bit Fla. A&M Univ. Rattlers will be a beating my BethWle Cookman C o lie g e "Wildcats'' agairi. this weekend in Daytona, "II" tbey play as well as they In the first quarter against lJT I EVERY DAY WE ARN SOMETHING NEW. tbe writer was infmed oy It, SWrka of Carver City Albert and Toay Baromel, 9Jill(lra of the West Fortune st. l"ih Mkt., that former Gov. Kirk had changed the nama ot "Mullet fish" to "Usa," before he was changed back to plAin Clallde K. Albert and Toay went on to tell of Mullet tt.h being called "Popeye fish" tn the Detroit and Cleveland areas. Also of shipments of Mullet from down here to the NYC being labeled as "Negro (ish". Which makes me recall was a can of oysters sold Jn Mississippi a few years back With a black man's picture on it d labeled, "Nigger Head Oysrs". That was right before the reedom buses arrived. Charlie Santana met for the first tl.roe in many moons. Was in formed the well-known former chef cook at SJH (now St. Eliza beth) is still doing his cooking things only these days at the CaUI!eway Inn Motel. Brother San told of some nice future J>lans and how beautiful life s a s a: Minister of the Jehovah Witness faith during the past five years Mild surprise was being told Oscar Nurse is one of the chef right aroWld the corner from my crib, at Hawaiian Vii iage Motel. Mr. NurSe and the writer have worked many spots together in Tampa and Ocean City Beach, Md. CALVIN "TREE-TOP" STURKS Tampa Housing Authority super visor, is now enjoying life with charming wife in lovely River Grove area home Among Mr. Bwrk1 present neighbors are, Bobby Thompsoa, Billie Brown, Atty. Warren Dawson, C. Blythe Aadrews, Jr., Perry Harvey Jr. and across the Circuit Jadge Walter Burnside. ... One kat asked me if the reason I hang aroWld the Jefferson Hi football and basketball teams practices some days is cause roy two house-guys are among the Dragon players? Let's accept that reasoning 'til a better one comes along And there was thi.s working mate who claims a report said a nationwide survey shows "most of t!)day's marriages are not as closrt 88 friends". Now all we have to do is find out what "frieads" are? AND FURTHER ALONG THE JETS 'N BRIEl'S Got to meet young .Airman Lell&er Lockett, a relative of Mr. CltrWopber Lockett of West Tam pa, I believe, as Lester W88 fin ishing hia leave-time following recent "boot" training in Texas. Alrauul Leekett left via Braniff Airlinea (after misliing my Whis perjet flight) foc Cheyenne, Wyom ing and on to Fraacla E. Warren .AFB, where he's to be asslrne.d to the 90th Comba' Support Group in SAC. AmonJ wellwiabers see ing him off were fiancee, 'Waada Rant ... Twaada llaf.ri10a, Mn. Gloria Casteel and little brother, Yasla Jamal Barrf1011,' age one month Many friends asked that get well wishes be extended to Mrs, Sadie Flowers, well-known bsr mlild, who's reportedly been a bit iii. Got to meet Slager Ike Cote brother of the late-great, Nat King Cole, who was headed to Chicago following a few days appearance here at the Backstage LoWlge. Ike says he'd love tl) move to these parts. L Talked with Barry Bruce of Philadelphia, as he and wife were headed to visit in Nassau follow ing weekend stay here with brother, Coach Earl Bruce of Univ. of Tampa. Barry said he'd like to see his brother Earle'.s Spartans get and invite to the Peach Bowl in Atlanta against ex Spartans get an invite to t h a Georgia Tech team. James Coleman of Aircraft Service Corp., and E. Curtis St. brought me one of his famous 'n delicious friend hardshell crabs with his famed sauce. And with the help of Cleveland Roberts, I was able to tell Mr. Coleman just what his fried crabs and sauce recipe is made of, but I promised not to tell. Not even Mr. Mose White pf Cozy Corner or Mr. Willie Bexley of Bexley's Sandwich Shop. THIS SORT OF REMINDS ME, folks out Carver City Lincoln Gardens way are glad to have there new "Joe's Barbeque Sand wich Shop" operated by Mr. Joseph Cheeseburger passing out those good sandwiches several weekend days and nights Cater small parties, too 1510 N. Hubert. Rumors have it, Mrs. Marlene Marshall, attractive staffer of Ruye Hamilton's Insurance Agen cy on Neb. Ave will be LA SEGUIIDA CENTRAL BAIEBY THE BEST C1JBU BREAD. CAlES .-PASTRIES 15th STREET AND 1501 A VENUE some nice headline news soon. But more on this later. GEORGE PICKUP, a working associate with TIA's Security staff and military service retiree told of his son, George Pickup. Jr., being contacted by music great, Lionel Hamptoa and being h i red to play trumpet with Ramp's band which will be playing here in the area at St. Pete's Coliseum next month. Mr. Pickup men tioned George Jr. being given :tn audition by Mr. Hampton while they were v.acationing in the Caskill, N. Y., moWltains last sununer FISH FRY TO BENEFIT YELLOW JACKETS LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL to be held tomorrow (Sat.) at the home of Mrs. F. D. Olds, on LaSalle and Rome. An other fWlds raising project being sponsored by the Yellow Jackets Little League Baceball, of which Mr. Earl Goodman is president, is a "Ham Give Away" set for right before Thanksgiving, when we kin use it most, Nov. 22nd. 'Ibese projects are to raise funda for League's insurance, field lights, paying of yearly charter and building a concession atand TOP SOUNDS around the town are like, the Temptations, "Poppa w88 A Rolling Stone", AI Greea's "Still In Love With You" and "You <>u,hta Be With Me", and C a r t I s Mayllel .. "Freddie's Dead" cause he got hit a car. SEE YAU. LATER job," be said Listed as a major motion p1c ture the -color movie has already released in several states by Jaco of Atlanta. In the show ; Bagley, a Tampa reared and educated man, rWls away from home because of con stant bickering and beatings from his father and ends up in the deep south. During the restricted rated movie, Willy gets picked up by two smart alecky kids who beat him up arid dump the youth from their truck. W i II y wanders around an orange grove Wltil ha comes upon a shack occupi-ed by a white hippie, John, who is about 25. They become friends and John is accidentally killed by an orange grove owner and his two sons who had gone to the shack just to "rough him up". Seemingly, the man was angry because John was trying to or ganize the migrant workers Here the plot thickens as Willy encoWlters. the two sons of the grove owner. Angered by the Wl St. Paul AME 504 llarriaoll st. Rev. F. C Saacbez, Pastor Mrs. C. H. Martia, Rept. Last SWlday St. Paul members and friends welcomed the return of their pastor and first lady, Rev. and Mrs. Sanchez with the hope and expectation of a good year. SWlday is pastoral day and P P I members are hereby reminded of eace rogress ve the budget and beautification 26!8 E. Lake Annue fWlds. A full attendance is dt! sired. Rev. E. A. Todd, Pastor dd d t th k d h t Mnt. Lorene Calhoun, Rept. A e 0 e SIC an s u m list are Mesdames Amelia Trico, Sunday sc hool began .at 9:30 Eddies Gibson who is at St. with Mrs. Todd supt. 1n charge. Joseph Hospital and Raphael .All were at their post. !Morning Martin at Tampa General. Mrs service began at 111 with Deacon Mattie Waller, and Mrs. Doris John iE}vans : and 'Dea. Edward Donaldson are recovering at !Bold in charge Rev Giles dellhome. Remember them and the vered the message and junior sick and shutins everywhere. They choir and ushers !No. I served. desire your blessings. Wednesday night, prayer meet!ng and Sat,., the junior choil' and ushers meeting. Please send your children at '12. You are wel to worship with us at all times. Friendship Baptist Rev. Qvod Dexter, Pastor Mrs. Nellie Bailon, Rept. Sunday school began at 9 :415 with the asst. supt. in charge. Loves u\11 Children" was the subject of the lesson which was reviewed by the pastor. Morning worship began at 1ll with IDe a. Oliver in charge of devotion The !No. S choir and junior ushers served. Rev Dex ter brought the message. New Progress MB 3307 Shadowlawn Rev. E. J. Williams, Pastor C. R. Batchlor, Reporter S. S will begin at 9:30 with the supt. and teachers at their posts Morning service will begin at 11. BTU meeting will begin at 5:30. Tuesday night choir No. 1 will have rehearsal. Wednesday night choir 2 will have re hearsal. Thursday night jrayer meeting and Mission meeting. Saturday night the male chorus will have rehearsal. Saturday at 8 Junior choir will have rehears a!. RONALD BAGLEY as Willy timely death of his only friend Willy attacks the men and picu l.!P a shotgun to kill them both. but somehow he couldn't. The movie was filmed in Tam pa more than a year ago, Wie zycki said and its success may be the basis for a profitable ca reer for Bagley. Presently, Bagley is in a north ern state attending classes for Xerox. His mother, Mrs DorGtb7 Bagley, resides in Tampa. Marshall MB Thonotosassa Rev. Ben Johnson, Jr., P JsWt Mrs. Maggie Hall, Reporter The pastor's 2nd anniverser7 Is being ob&erved Wednesday, Nov. Guest churches participating are: First Baptist ol Seffner, Rev. W. J Cooper, pas tor; Loving !Hill IP. lB., \Rev. I. H. Butler, Pastor; !Macedonia .M. lB. Rev. J. S 'P.aris, Pastor and True Vine IM. B Rev. J. P. Nichols, Jr., Pastor will close out the anniversary Sunday. Everyooe is invited. New Macedonia MB 3402 E. DeLeull Avenue Rev. Robinson, Pastor !Last Sunday services were very inspiring beginning with S. S The Gulf Coast Progress ive Ass'n. was held at New Mace donia last Sooday. The sermi>n was wondevful. This Sunday S. S. will bagh at 9 :415, morning service at 10 and evening s e rvice at 6 The sermon be delivtered :by the pastor. The public is in vited. Sarah Lawrence Union Mr. Charlie Ball, Pres. Mrs. Cherry Craddock, Rept. Th eSarah !Lawrence Choir Union will convene Sunday at 3 from St. John Pi'og Church of which !Rev. IF. G Hilto nis pas tor. The Executive !Board meeting will be held at 12:00 and all officers are asked to be presenll and on time. Evening worship be gan at 6 :30 with the del!lcons in charge of devotion The No. 3 choir and junior ushers served. The pas tor brought another beautiful message. New Sdver Moon, Int. Our church doors are always open to visitors Come and wor shi p with us !Pray for the sick and shut-ins. Evangelist Prayer Band Mrs. L. Owens, Pres. The Evangelist !Prayer Band of which \Mrs. iM. B. Spivey is .director will meet Sunday at 5 at the home ol !Mrs. Stacy, 1916 Chelsea. The publio ia invited. 124 IOBTI OREGON AVEIUE 1 block north of Kennedy Blvd. The hast laarhec:ue Ia Iowa Specializing Ia Bills, Chicken -aad Sleaks Also Liquor, Bear ancl Wille


Fla. SeDtinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. <;et Both Ecfitlon Salturday, !'lo.vember 18, SIGMAS OBSERVE FOUNDERS WEEK AND GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY After attending services at Allen Temple AME Church Sunday morning, members of Beta Kappa Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority bad dinner at Hawaiian Villa ge They were observing Found-ers Week and t beir golden anniversary Sorors from left to right are: Mrli. Carolyn Favors, Mrs. Johna Andrews, Mrs. Doretha Carrington, Mrs. Mildored Douglas, Mrs. Willie Gallon, who is being pre s ented a corsage by Mrs. Jenny Webb. Hood Temple AME Zion Rev. L H. McGill, Pastor Mrs. Sarah Mitchell, Rept. Last Sunday's Services were !Spiritual as. well as fin ancia l The R ev J. BB. Ke el, the guest rspeak e r was at his best. The rspirit was high at Hood Temple, witli the singing Gosp e l Chorus 0 with "the in charge. Mrs. Louise Williams and Mrs. Hardge led devotion. Mrs. Annie Jones del ,ivered t he sermon. No. 2 ushers s er ved. St. John Circle No. 2 Mrs. Gladys Crews, Chairina n Mrs. Etta White, Reporter St. John Circle !No. 2 will meet Monday at 6 at the home of I Mrs. Mary Crawford, 1GI2'5lh Cen tral Ave. The lesson by Mrs. Alice Lane, subject ''Growing [n Grace of ,P,raise, taken from 2nd Thessalons 2 : ,113. The last meet ing was held at the home of !Mrs. Lucille !Hicks, ill{)1211 Scott Street. BIG DOWNTOWN TAMPA STORE IN GERMANY PFC Fre d A. Gathers, son of Mrs. Virginia Gathers 1904 Beach Street, bas completed U. S. Army Basic Training at Fort Knox, Ken tucky, and Military Police Train in g at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Ho has been transferred to Germany where be will serve 18 months as a Military Policeman. PFC Gath ers is a 1970 graduate of Bla\e High School and attended Hills borough Bethel Baptist 808 Short Emory Street Rev. J. L. Overstreet, Pastor J\'Irs. Lilli2 Mae McDonald, S. S. will be.gin at 9:30 a.m. The supt. will pres id e. The les so n will be taught by the teachers a s signed to the various

Salturday, November 18, t97Z Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Cet Both Editlona PACE SEVEN Mt. Moriah Plans Women Recognition Day Gladys Monroe, Mrs Marie Lov ett, Mrs. Callie Crawford, Mrs. Cora Sutton, Mrs. Audry Brown, Mrs. Marcus Lang, Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Mrs. Roset t a Belch er, Mrs Brenda Twi. ggs, Mrs. Jo sephine McQueen, Mrs. Aletha W&odbury, Mrs. Mary Thomas, Mrs. Lucinda Owens, Mrs. Amy Cherry, Mrs. Naomi Jones, Mrs. Bertha Thomas, Mrs. Ethel How ard, the United Fellowship Chor us, Mrs. Helen Hughes, Mrs Adell Pease, Mriw."'i>elores Wash ington, Mrs. Alber:t,il Baker, Mrs. Clyde Mae Ardis, Mrs. Alberta Bl ake, Mrs. Earfha Mae Pease, Mrs. Geraldine Jones, Mrs. Eliza beth Bell and Mrs Gladys Crews. queen will take place at 5:30 P.M. This promises to be a beau tiful affair 11iss Blossom Of 1972' To Be Named At Annual Ball MRS. ANGELINE RUSS Women Re c ognition Day is planned for Sunday at Mt. Mor iah Primiti ve Baptist Church and the guest speaker in the morn ng will be Mrs. Angeline Russ. She will be introduced by Mrs. Mary Alice Dorsett. Others expect e d to participate ere Mrs. Lauretta Avery, Miss Helen Elain e Long, Mrs. Alic e Trent, Mrs. Ira Mae Ellison, Mrs. \ .. The list of particivants also in elude Mrs. Carrie Mrs. Ruth Mae English, Mrs. Gerald ine Mungin, Mrs. Pauline Porter, Mrs. Rose Gant, Mrs. Betty San chez, Mrs Eloise Jackson Mrs. Carrie Smith, Mrs. Annie Ran dolph, Mrs. Rena Young, Mrs .. Beulah Foster, Mrs. Clarice Mon roe, Mrs. Eloise Warmack, Mrs. [)oretha Graham and Mrs. Estelle Brown, Mrs. Dasolene Mills, Mrs. Margaret Williams, Mrs. Doretha Graham and Mrs Geanie Daniels. The morning service will be preceded by Sunday school at 9 :30. 0 The crowning or Mt. Moriah's Ladies aspiring for the crown are Mrs. Beatrice Green; Mrs. Sallie Sherman, Mrs Willie Mae Jones, Mrs. Emma Hearns, and Mrs. Bernice Marshall. Mrs. Louise Brown is the chair." man, and vice chairman are Mrs. Bertha Comer and Mr s Minnie Person The Rev. A. L. Brown ill the pastor. Allen Temple lll2 Scott St. Rev. H. M. Nelson, Pastor J;leulah Gansey, Rept, ; We weloome our and family back for the 12th year: '\ve are grateful to God for their return. S s wi!J begin at 9 :30. All teachers and students are asked to be on time At 11, the call to worship by Rev. Leroy Ken non : The No. 1 choir and ushers will serve The message will be delivered by the pastor. The same group will be in charge during the evening service. All weekly acti vities remain the same. -SHIRLEY HILL Remember the sick and shutins. Sympathy is extended to the Curry family in the loss of his sister. At a recent meeting at the ihome of Mrs. Dorothy Young blood, members of the Blossom Club made final plans for their' annual cocktail ball and crown ing of "Miss Blossom of l972." It wiH be an event of November 25 at 9 P. M. at the Labor Tern-The perfectl y beautiful idea for gift-Sweater cape. Fashioned of soft orion wintuk --_ delicately detail poincelle an d pastel embro_idered buds. A great for B !l Y look from SWEATER BE_E. One size fits all, 18.00 : Sweater *Christmas Shop here with our "holiday Money"l Inquire at our Credit Office. 1 0 ot ... _. REGINIA BRYANT pie, 1520 9th Aveune. Contest ants are Mrs. Shirley Hill and Miss Reginia Bryant. Advanc e tickets may be pur chased from Ruth Brown, Mary E May, Ollie M. Mutcherson, Madelyn Clethan, Altamese Mit cheH, Dorothy Reed, Jessie Pres ton, Virginia Hill, Dorothy Youngblood and Yvonne Waters, or you may pay at the door Wishing You A Happy Birthday MISS ROSE SHANAVIA S MITH Cute little Shanavia Va!1essa Smith was a year old Novem b e r 16. She is the daughter of D b orah Barke r, 2206 Ghipco S treet, and was the second prize w inner in the recent baby conte st at St. John Progressive Missionary Bap tist Church. Belated b : rthday greetings go to Mrs Lula Sumpt e r whose b g day was November 12. Mts. Sumpter, a popular n urse i s a member of the Medical and D e n tal Assi sta nts Association. THANK YOU TAMPA-Lucille Coefie!rl bkes this method to express my sin cere thanks and

PACE EICIIT Fla. Seallnei-Bulletin Published every Tue.. ADd Frl. Cet Both E&tlou MISS BLACK UHURU CONTEST SLATED The third annual Miss Black Uhuru contest sponsored by the Afro American Society at the University of South Florida is under way and eight USF students are competing for the title. There was a talent and original dress evening Wednesday in USF s Argos Activity Lounge. Miss Black Uhuru will .be crowned at the ball. at l3 P M tonight at the Downtown Holiday Inn. Western Prim Blacktash of Gainesville will provide music. All interested persons are invited and all who attend ace asked to wear formal or African attire. Candidates for Miss Bla(;k Uhuru, wbo will be elec -ted by the Afro American Society members (a ll black students on campus), are Ruby Baldwin a junior scx:iology rna& St. PetersQ!lrg; Lillie D unean, a sophomore phys : cal education ma.)Or from Ta'ftres; Mary Edwards, a junior criminal justice major from Lake Wales; Auti oliette Harper, a junior early childhood education major from GainesviHe; Mary a freshman from Ft. Meade; Essie Mathis, a freshman aooount ing major from St. Petersburg; Srlvia McCoy, a freshm an business education major from Tampa; and ClaretJaa Saulter, a freshman pee-law major from Quincy, HOME FROM HOSPITAL Council Glen of Columbus Drive, who was confined at St. Jofit'(:.h was discharged Monday. During his cvniinemen t relati ves vis i ting were Leroy Glen of Monticello, Mrs, Pau l ine AI, l en of Havana, John Glen and wife, Margie and John Jr., Tallahas see; Mrs. Irene Dean, Tallahassee; Philip Glen, Miami; Mrs. Jessi e Lee Howard of Mulberry ; Mrs. Jewel Ruffla, Winter Haven; and Pink Glen and sons of Tamp. a. They are cousins of James Norton ol Nassau Street. The visit ors departed Tuesday for their respective homes. GUILD'S PRE-HOLIDAY EVENT Preluding the holiday season will be the Fall Fashion Tea spons ored by the Ladies Gu.ild of St. Peter Claver Catholic Ch urch. A Thanksgiving motif will be carried out in decoration at the af fai r Sunday from 5 to 7 P. M at the Labor Temple, 1520 9th Avenue. Hig h light:ng the even ts will be t he appearance of many of the area' s most popular models who will show t he latest in unique f all and h o liday designs in addition to popular wig styles Some of the persons who have consented to assist in capacities other than modeling are Mrs. Delores Nelsoa, Mrs. Corrie Woodie, Mrs. Lillie B. Simmons, Mrs. Eula Gray, iMits Helen Long, Mrs. Geradline Williams, M". Essie M. Reed, Mrs. Cora Larkins, Mrs Thelma Creal, Mrs. Beatrice )(organ, l\lrs. Margaret Fisher, Mrs .R.aby Young, Mrs. Helea Jaeklon, Mrs. Lefia Dennis, Mrs.. Greea, Mrs. Beatrice Black Mrs. Helen Sallllders Mrs. Ellie Raz. ford, !\>Irs. Grace Casamayor, Mrs. Mary Lofaa, .Mrs Henri Fred and Misa Sandra Wilsoll. Mrs. Clara WU.Uams is coordinator-commentator and Mrs. Julia Padroa and Mrs. JosepbiJie Martinez are chairmen. All friends are invPed. WOMEN DAY AT TABERNACLE BAPTIST Sunday is des ignated as Women Day at Tabernacle Bapti s t ChW'Ch., 1Sll Central !fhere the Rev C. H. Shep))al'd 11S pastor. Sunday school will begin at 9 :30 A M., and Mn. Mazena Jaeksea will be the guest superintendent. Guest teachers will be Mrs. E. Daaieli, Mrs. J05ie Edcly, Mrs. G. Tripplett, l\trs S. Niebelali and Mrs. E. Braaoa. Mrs. Barbal"a Ann Bailey will be guest and the review \\-ill be by Mrs, Creola Sheppard. At 11 A M the speaker will be Mist Ann J:o tetcher. A m1xed chorus wiU Slug and the group Will rehearse Satur day ev ... uug at 6 ::SO Anyone who wishes may amg With the cnorus. A teucwsDip bOur ll p. m. Will close out the obsecvan<.-e. The puOilC 1S .nvu.eo.. Jlu.,N VA'i AT :, t 'fbe annual uay ooservance at St Matthew Missionary L...tur .: n 01 S\.UIJCal{ in ltlCOWQ, .... ales .npplet, lJ. Gilmore, Albert Ivery, A&t. oo rt. l'utt, 'tea uavenport, George Jones, ltaymond &11ua\s, ""'"r t Stan.e ; jaCkSon, Sammy Jone s, the N.ev. b .1... nanij, Cuar11e ... ..... .r, Anuster Morgaa, P P1Hman of Sau.rur..ouw, ana. guest 1rum bpr.nghill Haptist Church. 'l nr.. 1" .::..-.a: :OA.l'oui'.:.-.;; 1very ::,mgtrs will be fea:ured in Brooksville at the Heal i ng u:mue t.n urcn ;:,aturaay evenmg at 8 P. M. Mrs. Loretta Saell add 1...1e J.>uOtlC IS mvite.1 ;:,.,naay evening a ll o clock, they will be at Friendship Baptist Llan;l w n er e tn.: .-.;;v. )iurrav is pastor. D. ,\li1Js tnt! spua sur. bUIWRil' Y DOXA 'fES TO COLLEGE FUND At!Jna Kappa Alplla ::.oror.ty has donated $1,000 to ( he Pinellas County UilttOO. Negro Fund Committee, now campaigmng t o rwse toca! J y. 1 ne funds, part o1 a natwnal go a l or rnillOil, will go to 40 colleges in _the Un.ted bta,es tna. 1ece1ve no 1ederat or state rud. lhe campa.gn e nd s 15. NOLi MAKES HOLIDAY PLAN_S Tne l!;ntre Nous Soc1al C!ub, after enjoying a nice summer va ca t ion m<:t at tne home of M rs. Alma Morris 111 September to make plmu 'fvr the remamder of the year. Dumig. t he October meeting at Ule home o f Mrs. Ossi e StrQua, the group diSCussed plans for the hooo.SOn and w1ll a-dd dates and places when tne y meet at 8 P !VI. Monday at home of Mrs. Williams, 2112 Umon Street. Guests and members at the O ctober meeting were Jobnnie Mor ris, Renry l)'tfoud, Loren .. o Hayes, Tilomas Howard Creal, Mrs. Rae Mrs. Sarah Kite, Mrs. Joblm.e King, Mrs. Milk, Mrs. Creue Baker, !\Irs. Jessie Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth Hausely, Mrs. Ddla Butkr, Mn>. Thelma Creal, Sui! Council, Mrs. Essie Williams, Mrs. Ossie Stroud, Mn. Lillie Williams and Miss Edith Colliu. SONGFEST AND FASHION SHOW The Spiritual Wonders will sponsor a soogfest _and fashion show Saturday evening at 8 o clock at Young Jr. High School Tbey promise eome of tbe best singin& and outfits ever beard TJ.e Love Baptist Rev. W. T. Carpenter, Pastor This Saturday at 1:00 the mission sisters will meet at th9 Church to go soul winning. day Church school will begin at 9:30 with the supt. in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by Mrs. Mary B. Cochran. Morning worship will begin at 11:00 with the deacoi).S in charge of the devotion. Choir No. 4 and ushers will serve. The sem1on by the pastor. There was one brotiler added to the fellowship Sun day. BTU at 5 and even ing worship at 6:30 Monday night at 8:00 the No. 1 circle will meet in the home of Mrs. Evelyn Philon 1 908 15th Ave. Tuesday night at 7 : 30 prayer meeting and Study course Wednesday night at 7:3() Chureh Bible Sehoo l also Wednesday morning at 11:00 a. m prayer service the public is invited. Thursday night at 8:00 the No. 1 choir rehearsal. Saturday at 1:00 p. m. the Jr. choir will have their rehearsal. Please pray for the sick and shut-in also v isit them. Eaa.anuel MB 2204 Highland Ave. Rev H. W. W ilburn Pastor AT WILUAMS-WILSON RECEPTION Mrs. H. Pittman, Reporter S. S. began at the usual hour with t h e supt. a: : d teachers at theit posts. Morning service will begin at 11 with the deacons in charge of de,votion. The Santuary choi r and senior ushers will serve all day. The pastor will deliver the sermon Flowing tbe wedding of Judy Wilson and Charles WiUiams Sat urday afte rnoon they were feted at a reception at t he Kid Mawn Community Center. Among tbe guests were, from le ft to right, L i llian Bolden, Andrea and Fay Wilsoo, siiiter of the bride and her maid of honor. BTU meeting will begin at 5 Evening service will b eg in at 6:30 with the same order of servi ce Prayer meeting will be held every Thursday night at 8. Florida Gospel Singers The F lorida Gospel Singers will r e nd e r a musical program Sunday afternoon at 3 at the North Tampa Apostolic Church of Jes us, 2014 Nebragka Ave Elder L. Moreland is pastor of the church and G. Moreland is sponso r of the program. NOT:ES FROM TAMPA CLUBS THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF NEGRO WOMEN is meeting Sun day afternoon at 1 :15 at the r esid en c e of Mr and Mrs. Robert Green 1 714 Nassau Street. Hostesses will be Mrs. Rebecca Green, Ozepher Harris, Mrs. Lila Johnson, Mrs. Jean Bolden and Mrs. Clemmie James. r Members of the KENNEDY SOCIAL CLUB will meet Saturday evening at 6:45 at the home of Mrs. Ruby Watson, 2611 23rd Ave nue. Mrs. Genine Mae And e rson will h::>st a meeting of the GOLDEN ltAVENS CLUB Monday evening at 8 o clock at her residence, 1713 Nassau THE TROJANS SOCIAL CLUB will have thew final party Satur day evening at 8 :30 at the Armettia Temple. There will be a big door pr:ze, and the public is invited. A meetine of the BLOSSOM CLUB will be held at 6 P M. Sun day at the home of the president, Mrs Ruth Bro"'ll, 3201 27i:h Ave. Election of officers will head the agenda when members of the DON' T YQU WORRY CLUB meet tonight at the borne of Mrs lillie Rnss, 1004 Nassau Street. On Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, tbe H. E. <>. SOCIAL CLUB Will meet a t the bome of Mrs Alberta Watts, 6003 39ih Street. Mrs. Mamie Blue will be cohostess. mE ORCmD CLUB is meeting Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock with junior and senior associate members at the Progress Village Sportsmen Club. A meeti ng of ZETA AMICAE will be held Saturday evening at B o 'cl ock at the home of Mrs. Emestioe Ponder, 3409 Machado street. Mrs. Angeline Russ will be the hostess. Members are reminded to bring items for the grocery give-away. Notes From T aenpa Lodges On November 4, OTHA LIOON CHAPTER NO. 15! OES had a Masquerade Ball that was well atterlded by friends and co-chapters The polaroid camera was won by Mrs. Elizabeth 3306 E Mohawk The chapter is hosting a party Saturday rught home of Mrs. Chattie Martin, 4106 Grace S!reet. lbe public 1s invited. WEST HYDE PARK LODGE NO. 3%7 Flt:All is meeting Monday evening at 8 o clock at Tyer Temple United Methodist Church., Ross and Central Avenue. and seen SOCIAL CLUB SPONSORS TEA Members of the Working Women Social Club wiU sponsor a tea Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5 P M at the home of Mrs. Bessie Norman, 3005 S trt:et. Mrs .iewel Warren will be the guest speak er a nd will be introduced b y Mrs. Mary S.wden. Mra. Elizabeth Powea is preside nt. The public is invited. RECENT VIS ITORS M:r. and Mrs. Arthur Stevens of 1705 Nassau Street were happy to have for th e weekend t heir grandson and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stevens. Mr. Stevens, formerly of Columbus, Texas, is sta tio ned in Augusta, Georgia. TEEN DANCE The Social Adion Committee of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is sponsoring a Pre-Thank:siving Teen Dance this evening from 8 to 11:30 at tbe Sugar Shack, 2300 N. Oregon. The admission re quirement is one can of food. BUllJDING FUND R.u.LY Members of Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church are having raUy Sunday afternoon at 3 o cloek. It win benefit the buildint fund. The Rev. E. Lee ia actin1 New Hope MB 3605 E. Ellicott Rev. John Willis, Pastor Homecoming will be observe Sunday. All members are a sked to meet at the church at 7:30 along with the budget committee. Saturday a t 11, the No. 4 choir will have rehearsal and at 6:30 the men's chorus will have rehearsal at 6 : 30. All other activi ties remain the same. Sunday being Homecoming

, -Saturday, November 18, 1972 '1 SHOP KASHN' KABBY BECAUSE THE ,pRICES ABE BEASON ABLE ON EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY ,ON THE MEAT PRODUCTS. THEY ABE JUST NICE PEOPLE TO DEALWITH." MRS. CAROLYN GIBSON. 1807 _Tampa, Florida I THE HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS THESE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa H. Dale Mabry Tampa 2205 Kennedy Blvd. 230 I Florida Ave I Tampa ... 50th St. lOth Ave. Tampa 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa Hillsboro I.Sth St. Tampa .... Blh Ave. 22nd St. Tampa 4101 Florida Ave. Tampa .... Nebraska Waters Tampa .. West Shore at Kennedy Tampa 1112 So. Dale Mabry Tampa 4487 Gandy Plaza Tampa .. 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa .. 'Cor. Florida Waters Dade City .. .. .. .. ,506 E. Pasco Plant City 507 So. Wheeler St. Palmetto ............ 515 7th St. Riverview HYiy. 301 Brapdon 911 Brandon MaD Bradenton Cortez Road W. ol Hwy 41 Inverness .... 803 W. Main St. Hwy. 301 First St. Lakeland 925 Bartow Rd. Ocala 2957 N.W. Pine Ave. St Petersburg .' 6095 9th Ave. N. Sarasota 3840 So. Tuttle Ave. Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 Norlh Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. II. Largo .. Bwy. 19 Ulmerlon Rd. Venice .... 480 Venice By-Pass, SHOP ANY DAY SAVE EVERY DAY PAGE NINE : '76 BiShop Candidate AME Conference Rev. C. E. Wells pastor or' Mt. Zion AME Church of Waycross. Ga. attended the 32nd session of the l'ampa Florida Conference held last week at Mt. Zion AME Church, Rev. Y. BeRjamin Bruce, ; pastor. Rev. Wells is a candidate for Bishop in 1976. He was a I candidate in '72 in Texas and was the youngest in the race, be's ha his Rev. Wells said he was here to reacquaint himself with t.he members of the and to visit his personal friend, Rev. Bruce: ATTEND URBAN LEAGUE' BANQUET From left are E. L. Bing and Don Chappell Williams, Jr. whe were among persons attending the Urban League Equal OpportunitY Dinner Friday evening at the Downtown Holiday Ian. Mr. Williand Is president of the Urban League Commercial Industrial Council. YOUNG MINISTER SPEAKS AT TEA A splendid address was heard at the Lily White Royal COUIC Tea Sunday by the Rev. Joseph Dillard. The young minister Is listant pastor at New Salem Primitive Baptist Church.


Views 0/l'rogress Village Sy iliA i.E fiRS Paone iM111s. iB'o'bbie Jttg'Sl>N of 41802 811d1h St. m eturoed .to 11lhe e:a. rJ y 11:1 /M;en' r s Dil'Y fln :stlmduy 111it lliO : a m. !Pmominent lbnsineB:& man, IMr : S. ailtl7 E. 6mlsea Rev. .llotillJih ill. llbODqJBon, r P,&*or !Sunda_w J s dhOOl qan .at .1lhe usual hour -w.mh ;J}he .&qpl t in change. '!Dhe "te:aoher:s at theior lJlhe '!!Uli>;ject fff tlhe lesson WJlS "Nationaili:sm mnd In-ternatiunalism The lesson w a s r .ewi:e.wed by lihe ;p!Ult@r. Morning 'Wor:flhi;p .ll\y a success. rnbe dll\y was aa inspiration tbe gimring ;w,ith :lihe Sunday school. The speaker for the occ.asien :w.as er.y .eJ:ljqya ble The stll\vioe lfor :wiJil be as .alnnis ':HemJPle 1whkh .is at F'lower !A'v.enue. 'Ilhe l"tnog.nes s Village 'Gilfl .Scouts fM'l>theT s .Ohm w J ll E\J)Ons.or a ( C &r 'Wash an .Sa tUl'GI@', Nov-ember 11'8 !beginnin g .a:t ilii!b&O a.;m at .the iPno;gRes Villag.e .P unior and Cadette fSoouts llllte ; a-aked tt;o i/lea&e \be ; alt rthe .pav k ,pronu1U y < lilt t1iliis tbim e. L]t. tle MiBB Katdna < Golletml 4liJ{)(4 1ZQ1Ih !S, t .is .a:t fumn e :r.emwenatitg iaffit e r >beil\g (d.is: chllll' ,ged ffinoon 'lrailJJIPa Generr (IB. en>Flii\Wms m.atle w.er .ba:I s:ions. lClheirns !No. '0. ,and : 2 ,s,er v ,ed ,durirll'g tt!be ;e.uml[eneno.e m s ,gue'Stt ,choirs od:ln Ulhur..s. daw ;nl:ght ,w.hine 9 a m .... 251,.Zl11 PilE-PAINT 1111 E. ,&tEll 1 I Be still my !Bil.ul; t ho.ur is hast'ning on IW.hen m e WJien llia-IL_..;, ____ ______ JI "ppointment, 1 gcief, and !fear 18r..e mhe ilesuit 1'\ree tOf ihe manwa 1Ut-l'mn (llimFAIDUiiA is on bwrlhess ,and industrial kee_per; Ur ;and pressions of ouning their hours Of gnief .and :sm::no.w. And ask your continue:il :pna\Y'Bl'S in the futur.e. In the past ll:ampa Gonference, Mr. Ross 'N:!:!:M.tillen was ordained rby biBhQP t a n d ios now Rev. Ross : w:cM ullen. "Jlhe members of l!Retllel m11.e pnoud and-happy for lRe.v. :MCMullen .and reel that he ;will ; gi ,'l.e a (glte at service to the chur..ch. Sunday is ;y.auth 811 wish ing to donate food or mmh to ward the Thankf!giw.i:Qg :baSketS to please contact lNillS. fF. Nlllson, 8.67-7103, or :11lll5. \W.illiaJDB, (896-9009 if you ma.v.e ur 'Bins lind grief.s he be:ars. If we have trials .or 11roubles grief, sorrows, or seek sdlace, r-efuge, take .it t o 'the -Lor..d 'in LliAL NOTtCE IN TJIE CIRCUIT COURT OF 'XHE .l'lllRl'.EENXH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA, IN AND F.QR HILLSBOROUGH ((10UNTY CU7t! L ACTION CASE No !I MORTGAGE ROREOI;OSURE COLUMBIA BANK lihutin. !Re.v. 'lH'fllmi s dl u n il!g the moililillg M(o nsh\p f.frcom tfue lLot:tl !-s ,J'lrdl.RY :t o dmv.e !Mne. Ruqy E;tpps back .lifter a in :the lloJ!Pital and ,after suf.fer.in_g cthe l!lSB of her Jather j n .Miami. ; (i)ur ;is calso .with Mll5. Rosa Barulerson fftlld her entir-e family 1in 'the 161!8 < of >their cousin, Mrs. Margaret Webster. Mmes. Virginia Aldridge, Estelle Alex ander and Lucile Golphin were in Miami on Tuesday attending Dunation Day at Florida Me morial College. Remember \){Our ffihaoos giving gift on the fourth Sunday in tthis month. i'r"ou are ,always welcome at Faith Temple. pr,l!y.er.. A:Olyn 'E. P>yers, 'Reporter Rev. H. McNeal Harris, Pastor .IIDB 'NlEEI1S: Man lookiqg ffflr as an \We also meed jobs for \)m.Ullg !)le.q}Jle cw.ho .want to work llervice. '!l!hursda.y mi.ght dhe .chorus ..:will hll\ve 111ehearsa!l. 0n

&DtJDEN.'Jl OF' T;Biil our s-tudent' ofi tliE!:' wait> is; none other than the cute>,. un clers-tanding; man b tl\E!:' name of : Rohent B'grlfer.s EIB re sides with l liis nmtliel1', Mrs. berta E!brJiims; ab 48.1l1 'CI'nion, fu. Carvt!r lists, some ofi liiBl fiw-e:diaat'edi 'lfOJ 'Illle: @he :n l!.o11e:;, fOOdl,. edlliil!>.. SB> llsts liis; tiguts; as; Av;iUlll 'lli!iglf, anlf. lllitlomiBl Hee:v.eS}, liult lie! fum; o tlien firlem:ili:.. we wisfu !OU: all mte limit iru tliE!:' wonfdi,. and\ patulatiim.s fim Dei.nm chosen stu c:lenb: ofi' tlie week'. l'AilWSi \Ye) wcrullil l.ille! txJJ ihfimm; one on your victory against Wils-on Bulldogs when the' Attchet'ls came back strong in the. second halt. Jl)IHtidl .T.acltaon. sarmH!i 111 touchdbwro im ttiE!:' 3ild qum::tet: with the A'tlcliei:Sl beliindl. With 2' minutes; and !JIIJDe semmds left im pne Mamllilli caught a wide open. IJ8Bill tm:owrn by Mil:e Mitam tb t1iill the: saore1 and! lllllie MilBn.. w.ent bn fmr the; estrll\ pointl!l> to > l'ead tluf. .trchell!J : tD 8l m viciony. 'fi!OtT61'1T Too many peogfe-ltcli fOr what they w.ant', but scratcft for it. Gosper Pr..,a lo k ltaht The Jacob BMbers-Gbsper Sin g ers and the Washington Singers of C0i80& wilh an dte> Heall ing 'rempht ant 31&till !areeti andt McBel!liJ' ae three. 'I1le sama program will be held at 8 P .M. Sunday at the First Bom Church of Christ on 29th StDeet; CO.tml!.li!. OF 'I!1R[ .WEEK 'JRJdii w e haw.e-Anna IilaMis andt m:mnie> 115' eur S'opliomore> Couple oft tlie W:eew. A'nnat t'esides; w itir. tier parents,. :Mn. and! Nli'.!f. RbiJent L. :ma v is a tt 3506 311tdl &v:e>. A'Ima lists as; some> o f heir time: consuming: fulv.oritesi as; sewiillf, listening to > heir mail!; sih'g!!r.' e\wtis j}lmming trn her fawrite-r.ecords., Cllnltt W e l!.hve> 'J!ogj!ther" andt "Silpelr And: tlie : time tliatt isro'tt spent with1 heir liobbies iii; spent witfu liell f'awnitel person, Bbnni e &nn a. aiSGJ lists a &.w al fum' mfem& u .tnjori& Slediw, Jl)elinm SilmP.80n; Anthony maUl and! nmny, mone; llfetr plans fbir till.tf. am tio; alltend col !eFo Ronnie Savage is the proud son of Mr. and Mrs. James Savage amh li8' nesidelf ab. 300Z' sand! Ave .. When : Ronnie i.8l not. agendina; hi. s, time! witln Anna !O:Ill may find; him; listening tOJ either A;L Green em-A attend: BEC01t1JS: ]. lillace; Io. 'Jlba, 111 Can See. Clearly Now 3 W1iy' Clm/ We Live Together ..4 Freddie's Dead 5 Starling. AU. Ovett Again CLD l'lfBWS) I'llette. club> MHting will be held Tuesday night at Kid Ma110n. The tilll8; is 7:30. A WORD' TO ALL PeaCie' ., -B:Y, W eU souls whats, g oing, dbw.n ? BBitJ.lEHEB JN. 'l1BE. Hl!!:'re 1i a.m once move to, you e.>lu: b notll.e1: in. tlie> spotlig}lt this to.. some of the togetrher thing$ week>: i s; no t onLy !ll pla;yer-but tha. t tlicrse together KnightS'-BJre' bait& the titl'e : off being: a soph:o d bing, < lUr pzmud. bzrother naP.s, it :KN.f'GH!JJS, LN 'llH fl!l SPCOOI.JLI&.Hill cfuwu: troJ us Ii.ilfe his; favoritesbe CZ:hosen a s OUill Kni:g}\t in 1lne. i.irg jam, spcr1lli -gllt is, none other tl\:a;ru Min. Shper ; iammens ilrtis;.M'ayfiel'd' .Ail\r.i.n from the neuse of B!oli&!l'. and! I!lfe> ])t you ha.ve been He i'l the son o if JK!ns, Jl 1!J1lad\. uaundl the> den, you rna find d l ey, with w:from In! l!esi.de wihll. on Fifth Av.enue, All.;vin. is most liiin> wi tfu Sliennodl w : H"arcy J., ly :found a tround, A\h'v.in CiH:dinl m 'Jr.,. liliinlfey. Pit, :Mel\lin Eilr;v;a.mt &a:llb n, Rlona>lit Si J.Ghn, 'II.., Keith Flagner and' many more. and many more. In case you can't If not p-laying, Footl>all t y.o.u-&tre guess who it iS', he is H'enry sure to find him doing his Slniilh, tlie' son 1 oft :m: andl Mils favorite Eating, or just playing Henry Smith,Sr., of 2205 N. around on Phillip S hore play GradY Ave. in Eihcol'n G ardens. ground. Special futilos go out to Mrs. AINin came to. Robiinson from &. FbJid \ Patriilia. Fet:r.ell Gail Monro e Jr; Hi'f,!r s:cl\'ool where Williams, Sheav.on Broxton, he, abm piay;ed footbadil' and basShaon. 'thompson at Plant.. At lretba-1'1 a-.fter pl'a'Y'inw great on L.etG' we &a hello ,t.G-Annie Wood J t V. was, mo:v.ett up tl)> V on ard, Valerie McQ.uay,. Robinson Super team. Go-o:d' go Rbss, Pamefa Young. Sharon Alvin and> to. you letfton and' Vanessa Tliomas.. :fu:om being chosen as. 1st. co.. '" ..1 .,_ K.f.T.S: OUUUlU Bl!OUllw O:ur S'econ is mos.tlly fbundi around,, and Cornelius. non& otliet' thiHI' Glilnnie Green. Gr.ag&.\ the Booker T., after. ai\&l retires firom max. the; Jinighta.Vlille. Peggje, also li.'liy,llis Jbhn&Cin, q l9; worflliea. to. E'at, Dance and: play ned latei!Y?' B'er. pats ara e&el:ll D.o-., why aa quiet?.> Peuj6. R1chardSl)JT',. .Mul llall:viBl Q:eaus: andl Bemrlce :liar nns,, Eartha B\mlUey, and< yours .._, lbnml youlne> an A-trulY. Peggja alsu coiM-from _,., ..... ,. Jr. J!. H'. wfl-ere site' win; on tl\at in che-erleader sq,uad\ tomol'l'Ows Wancftf reallY' b& lEni'g>li.ts\ eongoratui'ationtt Miss atemnnw liigti>. .t'lin'f right Peg&!Je. MarilYn'. 'JifllD).&Y'Si DKI.Il. M'aJ:jprle .r.ohnson. is' so. soRbisLove and' be loved and stay tlca:ted' latidY: "Wll.y?" 'J:l'le-t'ypirrg_ class iii> typfug_ swift Iy. Tll:at'swhat' Ben Gordon said. liiimrd. that. Shirl&.! CutliHT / is worried1 .., b o u t Hbmeemning-MD. E .. v. c-.iiffia,, Pres .. NOTICE Mrs Jialld William.., Kept. 'Bhe Tampa. Christian City Wide hoir Uniort will'. bel 1ielCii 5unday at. 3 from. IM. Carmel AIMIE I Cliui'ch on 2Stli St. and' Chelsea lo: Hilts.boroBtll (nty Property Owners .0l.LECTION OF TAXIS WILL BEGifl ON NO.EMBR 21, 1972 AT TIE TAX COLUDOBS OFFICE, CODTROUSE, TAMPA AND THE BBANCR OFriCE. CORTY OmCE BUILDING PLDT mY, OK T:IE FOLLOWIRG: Real aacl Tangiltle Penoaal PI'OJII'IJ For: Couaty of HiUsho,l\ougb. Public Schools City of Temple Terrace City: of Ta:mpa. City of Pla-nt City Special lmprovemeld Sel'lice AaessDis fori Light Dist. No. 1 Progress Village I:.lght Dlst. No. 8, Essex Downs Light Dist. No. 2, Carrollwood Light' Dist No. 9, Green 1\'leadow, No. t J:.igbt Dlst. No. a Bay Crest Park Light Dist. No. 10, NW Park, Unit. 1 & I Light Dist. No. 4, Lake Egypt Est. IJght. Dist. No. 13, Del Webb Sun City Light Dist. No. 5, East Lake P.ark Light Dlst. No. 14, Town 'n Country Pk. Light Dlst. No. 6, Magdalene Shores J:lght Dlst. No. 15, Greenmoor. Groves, No. 1 Ligbt Dist. No. 7 ; Tampa Shores No, 7 Light Dist. No. 16, B11andon. Estates SW Tampa Storm Sewer Drainage Fire Protection Dist. No. 1, Brandon All' diofrs, are asked' to be: pre sent and on time. SOma of our Super Seniors ara Theresa Austin <:rwendblYn Muse, Maiesta: Bass, Janice Finley. The Jive Juniors this year are Gail Darlene. Cannon, Rose Jefferson, Linda Green, Marilyn Pease-, Shelia Price: and! many mo> r e SbpllamOI!E' s arolllllh hene: are li.'icy;UiSl Jolinson, Rose Brewster, Cornelius Ander son, Gail HiH W;anda Washing ton, A:'llnebt9' 5aiter, A>lronso Brown, Willie Thompson and man" mGl'e. Bamecmning-Tllis week tha Jefferson Dragons will ruff the Raiders from Plant City. So come to the game and support the mrg)ity Dragons Save Time And Stamps ,..ne Yenhws PAGE EI.E.VEN BiY WINl!,llJ!l D:FE. '11liOMIAS Ele H n1 y.ou chmks and dudes. W:eU., what!' 8' beea g!')ing; dawn? Welf.e hack again. on our good foot, to 13ning, you some of the at li.' w r est A\lsoOnook Sbneetr. While napping: witi& Pa trix:i'lli, better known as "Me-ow M'enia" She tells of some of her many wlii.ci:V atl'e:' food, enything and everything ; color, ofue; record, Coldest Days of Mt,y 11ife"; hobbies ., r e ad i n g mind& of young! men. ra her main squeeze, Eric Charles Graham' ; tigfttls ; Winnie> Kaye-,. Fran cine-, JaniCe-, Pattie Cathy, and Mary:. Aliter gJ:aduation. Menia plans. to llv.e a little. CAIJGKT JN 'EKE A'CT Donnell Smith. using Janice Beat head. fen a. di!Um Lacry Sha.w making five touchrlctwns witlt & paper footbaU. Sheryl Worth making, A's. on all her Geometey-testilt. Von, 'BIH>illy, !illl(lk ; Rnnnilt, and Mike,, tailing int'eresiL ih the opposiQr. sese futr a eliangeo. Jones trying to hide her nedooinw piillt.. HOME.UMIMG 'llhe-tlizreb lacli contestanfls for lomeoominif wel'e-llbtn'll' J'ean Ifailbacli, Anifta. Rutfr l'hi'Vey;, and M-arllll Buntellb'. 'IIMUGIPF FM 'l'ftiMY your good' fOOt, 1'11'. check ya, rr: .rur R'f _, K80L BJ' 61K!atr s &othett Jin. tfte. Spetlig:bt ,ti;ve,. c .razM, togetheJ;,. super cool best describes. oux bdher in t.lia spo.tlight. Matthew. Parker J'r ., b.e.tter. kno.wn as. Zeek.. ZeelG resideSJ at 7 920 Bahia., with. his parents Mr. and' Mrs .. Mat.thevt Sr. Let's. check into. some of the I>nath.eD's hobbies,; fo .otba.ll, tennia. and gaJf; Fa.v.ol!ita Foods -'anytning e d.ible; Favo. rite. Jam 1. Y au Don't Know Me By Now. Ace Bros. Kevin Anderson, Earnest Oliuk, W1Uie and Do .nal,d; Franklin, AlFred Hamilton,. Gxeg Ellenwoo.d, Dala l'fanlCerson l'ast but no.t Ieast Man. Qs.car. Gainous. HapgADini\ A.l:.o.rm& '1'ha Dea Two Brothers digging on the same chiek, Debra Jackson semeone i9' digging on your Glbma. Pwr'ks 1ms, :llinelly gotten her thing together. FOB lib's nhre tG be> important IJut [t's more Important to be nfue, Later Brothers and Sisters. Miradfe. Prayer Ban Mrs. Sammie L. Scott, Pres. Mrs. Tommie M. White, ReJt. Tli:e !Mka.ale Prayer Band will meet Moomaw night at 8 at the home of I Mr. an IMrs. Fattier son, ;IJ5JlJ5 Union Street, Apt. tiB. 'llli& public is welcome !Minister T.

MANYENJOY BEULAH DAY SERVICE SUNDAY '),'his is a part of the audience at Beulah Baptist Church Sund ay morning. The occasion was Beulah Da y New Mt. Zion 2511 E. Columbus Drive Rev. B. J. Jones, Pastor Serv i ces Sunday will begin with Sunday s chool with the supt., Dea. Virgil Brooks, in charge. All other officers and teachers are expected to be The review of he lesson will be by the pas tor The supt. invites everyone out to Sunday school. M o rning worship will begin at. 11 with the deacons in charge of devotional service The Gospel Chorus and Purple Lily u s h e r board will serve and the pastor will deliver the sermon At 3 p .m. the pastor is asking the Gospel Chorus Md the Purple Li ly Usher Board along w it h members and friends to ac c om pany h i m to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church where he will deliver the anni v ersary m e ssage of Rev. T. J. James. BTU is held each Sunday af.ter noon at 5 with the president, Mil t o n B i g.gham, in charge. He in v i t es par e nts young people, mem bers and friends to come out. E v ening service will be.gin at 6 with .the deacons in charge of de v o tional service. The same choir and ush e r board will serve and the pastor will again deiver the m e ssage Rem e mber to visi t and pray for th e si c k and shutins ever.ywhere. They are desirous of your prayers and v i s i ts The entire public is extended an invitation to wor s hip with Mt. Z ion during any and all services. Our pastor says, ''Mt. Zion is the chur c h where everybody is body." Philip Shore Offers Activities Phili,p Shore Commooity School, 1008 2nd Avenue, is offering the following activities: For Adults IEdU:ca tion, Tuesday and ThliTsd:ay, p .m.; Driver !Education iRe stricted license), Monday and Weduesday 6 :30-'8: 30 p.m.; !Flow er Arrangement Wednes day, 6-9 p.m ; Sewin .g, daily, 6-9 p.m .. ; Piano and Thurs day, 6-9 p m. For Students-Art s and Crafts, Monday, 5-8 p m ; Reading for fun, 1 Monday and ,Wednesday, 4-7 p m ; Sewing, daily, 1-9 p m ; in door games, 1 Monday through !Fri day,. 6-9 p.m.; 1 Recreation, IMon day through Friday; Ukelele, Tuesday and Thursday, 446 p.m. Sunrise Prayer Band Mrs. Mary Thompson, Pres. Mrs. M. White, Rept. The Sunrise Prayer will meet Sunday morni n g at 6 at the home of IMrs. Eva (Reeves, JlGth A venue. Visitors a .re a s ked to attend. Eider IL. Wil liams i s the director. Community Prayer Band Mrs. Mary Thompson, Pres. Mrs. Tommb M. White Rept. The Community !Prayer !Band will meet Tuesday night at 8 at the home of IMr. and IM:rs. Pattrson, :115ill5 Union Street, Alpt. 21.6. Elder IL. W i lliams is the director. Holsey T em.,le Rev. L. J. Montgomery, Rev. Rosa L. Bryant, Rept; S. S. began at 9:30 with the supt. in charge. The pastor gave a wonderful review Morning worship began at 11. The No. 1 choir and ushers served. Rev, Bryant led devotion and the pastor delivered a spiritual mes .. sage Orie member was added to the church. Evening service at 6. Bible study afte.r regu!ar devo' tion at 6 :30. The 6th memorial service will be held in memory of Rev. E: D. Lewis. The pastor will deliver the message for this oce asion. .. Each Tuesday night at 8, prayer mee'ting. Come and wor ship with us. On the sick are: Mrs Sarah Harrison, who is confined to St. Elizabeth Hos pital, and Mrs. Iylamie Douglas and Charlotte Wells. All weekly activitiies remain the same. Re member the sick and shutins Eastside Prayer Band Dea. Archie Mond, Pres. Mrs. Allee Lane, Rept The E ast Side Pnyer Band will meet Sunday morning at 6 at the ho!ru! of Mrs. Lula Cope. land, 2111 Cherry St. Visitors are alwa y s welcome. Remember the sick and shutins. Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers RAYMOND'S DEPT. STORE COR. 151h STREET AMD 71h AVENUE .YBOR CITY WE HAVE ALL THE LATEST ; STYLES IN ALL THE LATEST COLORS SHOW NOW OR LAY A WAY FOR CHRISTM.AS. WE ARE TAMPA'S HEADQUART'ERS FOR SOUL CLOTHING. RAYMOND'S DEPT. STORE SaitU't day, November 18, 1972 Debbie Lawrence Fund Opened DEBBIE The Tampa Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., lias estabii;ohed a fimd at ComJi}unify Fe' lieral Savings a n d LOan Association in the name of Lawrence. i>ebbie is a 15-year-old West Tami>a girl who has suffered for the past few years with leg ulcers and Sickle Cell Anemia, wr funds are run nlng low by the hig):l cost of med ical for the teenag-er. T1!9111as of the Sial Action Comm it $ 'aid Y.O\ir nickles, dimes, quarters, dollars and checks : are necessary for Debbie to receive adequate treatment. Look out the posters, cans and collectors that will Qe placed throughout the city for this cause. : The Florida State Theater Af!to sociation has given their permiS. sion for money to be collected in the lobby of the Tampa Theiltef Saturday night. Members of the {)rgjihization's interes:t g r o u p, IV ADA, from the University: of South Flprida wi.Jl be there from 7-10 P .M. collecting money for tbe fund. SEE -HEAR -AND SAY .MERRY. CHRISTMAS BIG 6FT LIFE-LIKE SCOTCH PINE TREE COMPARE 1 :o Preshai>ed branches are flame retardant for your family's ex tra holiday safety. Includes sturdy tree stand and handy storage carton. Top value! (jRANTS DOWifTOWR WE FIGHT INFLATION COAST TO COAST



PACE FOURTEEN Fla.. Seatlaei-BuJietin PuLUshed every Tues. aad Frl Get Both. Ed.itfona The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority BJ)Qn.sors a bewlin.g tournament heM el'ery Tuesday md ThW'll"'ay nights at Planters !Lane. IM:rs. LOu vema Knighter is preol Zeta. Their meetings lor this wftk will be held at the home ol !Mrs. Dolly. The Elite Social Cluh wi n be bo.Mmg their meellilg every first and tbiJ':d rMtJOday ni-ghts instead bf the usual Satuntay meetings. IMrs. Jessie llllla e Cooper is the clU'b's president. At st. Mark Ba\Wst Chwch, on Deeember s Elder Rids of Shiloh !Baptist Chur.ch, Lake Wales, will bokl their State \Board of Congress. !Regular .serv:iees. are held at too church every Thurs day night. Mrs. Mildred Hunter and dau-Rev.. B. J. Jenes lo Preach AnniYersary Sera At Mt. 1.._, The Seventeenth AppreciJitWn aniicea honorinc tae Bev. T. J. James pastor, Mt. Tabor 11. Church will be held Sunday Noftmber 19. The church ia located : on th4t oorner of AYe IUld Spruce St. 'Die JQUih, ehweb will the pastor ill a. pn;-.vice bq;imling at 10:30 a m. Mrs. Vonoeit Wiltiama ia ttirectrea ol tbe J")Uth ctwrcb. '1'lle morniug wm'ahip wPll begin at. ll with the No. 3 choir and ushers aerving. AI : 3 p m. the Rev. B J. Jones, pastor, New Mt. Zion 11. B. Chureh will deber tile aaniftrs ary mesaage. He ril be panied by the elloW, ust!en and members af New Ml Zion. Immediately f-ollowin g f he servtee, tDe Ways and Means Committee wm tn cllM'g& of the fe!Jowshiip banquet which wm !)e sened in the dining: area of tbe church. Mrs. Annie Mae Massey ts cll:airman of this eammittee. The pubiic f s extended a cordial invitation to share this day witl'l the members sf Mt. Tabor. Delt. Sam cbahrman. friMclsli(l Ba,tist 3m 2'ftht St. ltev James T. I!JIIk, Past.er S. S. Will begin at tbe usual time with the. supt. am.d teaehers ftt their posts. 'l"be leSIIIJD whl1 be reviewed by, the SliP. will begln at 11. Varioos eharebes will puti:ei pate In the pastor's 5th anni versary. The same onler of 11ervicewill be conducted at the All mem!Jers aacl mends are asked to attend. Remember the cck and .ahutiDII. By EVELYN WILUAMS Plaoae 752.-4403 gbtu left Wednesday to iain her 'hu&band, Mr. Horace Hunter in Germany. Mr. \Hunter is tl're sm of !M:r. Al lhel't HuntH, Renfro Street. !Now is the time fa. all yoo unregistered voters in :Plant Cit y til' take a .giant step. Get out aru1 register to vote. The results of tke last electius. should have enCOil:l"aged e vei:Jone to : act.. Lf you a ,ren't then d'o so and if YQU aN already a r egistered v-oter, 6en exercise your power. !N'DAlD didn't win his recelection by' sittiJl.g at the white bouse and we. eertainly c .an't get wh o we want in offic e. by sitting at our house. Be a pod citizen vote! Keep up the good work, Plant City Voters iLe&gue. Spri1 .. l Baptist Rev. Scantling, PIBter Elizabeth Whitehead, Reporter Sunday IJ'Chool t>egaa at 9 witb th& aupt. fn c&a.rge. All teac'hers were at their post. The Jessen was by tha p astOI' .. At llJl a.m. ll'lOl'll!ng worship. !Deacoa Jam.ea :and. !Deacon Eniua: fe af All chairs !R!!'ftd : fba. pastor b!rotllht the message. We illdl ..., 11iraon. II:rs. SQsje. Coy &1111! Fllllllie iB:rowu II'om. C'h,ieago w.. !Pins: han hem for W01Den Day tO> be' tlie: fourth Sunday;.. .All clloira ar&J uke4 to eerve in Day Senice, m .a.m. Oo the aide list are. lri&s. Qllat tie Belit.Gn and 'Mils. Sialnfl. S{piltes. {l"afd Ad'vertliseme!rt) Rummage t:ake Sale> A RumDJJlge and cake sale w.m ._... at .._ dllwelt Satu.rcfay beginonfJt Itt JIOOft. Hour Of Power Rev. B. B. ,._s.,. Dkedw The Huw: of PGwer will hav-e an installatfoo at a. at Ebenezer M. B. Chw:ch 1212 Seott St : Rev. J,, wr. Deering w i ll be the speaker. The mstalTatio11 of cllureb 0ffieen w:llo mud(Y belong to the. Jrwi oi Pbwel!' and thase woo desire tlo beeome mem beus. Rev. E. Bentfey will pre side. Gair Ilion l Dea. Vh:g& Jlnab,, l'hs. ... Aatilt, ..... Choir Unfon N'o. 3 will have business meeting Sund&y t p-.m. ali N ew Ho.pe M. B. Ohurch,. Be.v:. John Wi:11ia:, pstolr. IAll presidents and' officers are asked tc7 be' present and 011 time. LIFE READER AND ADVISOR When Doubtful Discontentetd or Unhappy Consult this gifted persoa AAhise1 011 all affairs of Life Home I..Gift ...a Marrtage Lucky Days !-ucky Numbers For appointments Phone -238-6068 Open Dally t a.m. till t p.m. Closed Sundays. &503 I. FLORIDA A YEIUE New Salem PB 1605 Nebraska Ave. Elder R. H. Howard, Pastor Mrs. Catherine Williams, Rept. Sunday services began with church schaol at 9<:30 with the supt Dea Jessie SaulSberry in charge. The lesson was reviewed by Mr. James Bell. Morning worship followed at 10 :45 with Deas. Saulsberry, and Miller in charge sf dev{)tion. 'Fhe N o 3 choir and senior ushers served. The sermon was delivered by Mr. G W Porter. We had se-veral visitors. P B.T.U. began at 5 with Mrs. Beatrice Spearman in charge as, s istied hy :Mil'. Riehud speru-maa, This Sunday, at 7:30 the P.B. T U dept. will a prayer breakiast. Ev:Hyane is i.n, v:ited to at t e nd. The No. 2 chair went to Haines Citiy tD represent the cllnreh in the Singing Festilval of the Sooth Fforida District Progressive P.B'. Associatinrll Evmmg wership began at 6 with ihe same order of service being cOI:Uiluded. Tbe sermon was delfuveredl b:w Mr. G W. Porter :Let us remember t0 for the sicli: and sfstitins. Visitl!ll's are always lftlcli>me. Highland Baptist 3410 E. North St. Rev. W. M. Hodo, Pastor Mrs. G. Triplett, Rept. S S. beg;an at. the usual! boor with the supt. in The teachers were at their posts. Morning wonsllip was spiritual with the deacons in dtarge of devotioo. The junior choir and No. 1 ushers served. The Monday night was a great success. Mrs. Nelrre Sheppard s e rved as M C. We are grateful to all the partici pants. Friday ni ght, the No. 1 choir and pastor will be guest at Mt. Si:ani AM!E Zian Church en Nebraska. Rev. Ramsey is pastar. hoir No' 1 w1ll hav:e-ll'e hearsal Saturday at 5 The Progressive Choir's Union will convene at the church Sunda .y after noon at 3. Everyone is invited'. Let lliJ pray for tile siek and shutins. All other announcements remain the same. Clloir IWe Me. 3 Mrs. M. .JacU., Pie.. Mrs. L. Owens, ltepHter The No. 3 ci'leir uninn. will meet at IHighb.nd IM. B. Chureh. !Rev. Bodo is pastor. The pulblic is. invited. Oak Grove Church Rev. G. Perkins, Pastor S S began at the usual time with all teachers at their posts. 'l'he-le980n was. 're';}iewed. by the pastor. Mm:ning serv ice began at H. The pastor delivered a fine sermon. BTU began at 5 followed by evening: service at 6. The All Stars of Cl earwater wil render a program the 3nd Sunday night at 7 :30. The public is invited. Evenina Star MB BeY. Lee, Acting Pastor Mts. Beulah Forster, Repj. school will begin at 9:45, morning worship at 11. 'l'here wHf be a church rally -Bun day at 3. The public is in'lited. We are asking all members to pey $&. Evening seJ!Ylee will be con ducted at S ::ro. The> public is invited to our services. Moatlay' s Prayer Band Mrs. Maaaie Williama, Pres. Mrs. Mary Foster, Rept. The Monday Night Prayer Band W illl' meet at: the homeof Mrs. Wilder, 1134 Maim St., Monday at noon. Evecyooe is invited. Pl:'a!J for the sre& and OUR AIM IS SERVICE W EN Y WAIT IT fer Yllr S..S App e _.r_ '..__ .. ;,_____ SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back We are buDding toward llae lay-wlaeli DEil'l s ,erwica IIDOinlmat ca11 .. _... aacllf .... you wild. Wa am nelli .. lhal goal now Service Wlaea Y W.l II is anilaWe ill alua11 cases. With nre nee,-, F 1 .-r lervi .fir tar r... piiuces il awailalla wh .... l' lealtfa, llfely ...-rly -._._Ill U.uNis of lie 1110sf frettaenlfy need 811 ,_.. ar. ..r.. lollul liae --r oa llle Semce lrucks. Jlny IWIIy ippett lneh an aftit aWe t. Yftl. senice calls. CaD Sears Service Today Tampa Sl. Pelersharg Clearwater Lakeland Winler Haven I Sears1 IEAIIS, ROEBUCK AND CO.


htarday, WoYember t8, Fla. Sent1nei-Buftetin Published every T:aes. and Fri. Cet Both Editions PACE FIFTEEN 4IMR'I' .-1$--lillilllt-CW. ............. &a_... SHORTEll. ... -c=59c P-EIE 41.S..I.l. auE "A" LARGE EGGS 2-89c IAJDWSH I PM, 12-0L CAI5 Mll:LER'S I PAl, 12L CA.,. ftSCH'$ I NI, 124L IUS. Cranberry Sauce 2 ':! 39 C loile41hAn .... .... SWEET Slice4 .. C4NI :: 79< W

PACE SIXTEEN REV. M.. C. JOHNSON HONORED ON ANNIVERSARY Association and pastor of First Baptist Church, When Rev. JU. C. Johnson, right) pastor of First Baptist of West Ta mpa was honored. on his twelfth anniversary a few days ago, Rev. P H. Jackson, Moderator of First South Florida Baptist Lakeland, g ave the anniversary sermon. Rev. Johnson was presented a token of appreciation and praised for his years of service. MEMBERS OF BEULAH HOLD ANNUAL OBSERVANCE Sunday was Beulah Day and memebrs a n d friends assembled for an outstanding program. Ladies in the rear from left are Mrs. Gloria Phil more and Mrs Sybil Barnes and seated In front are Sumner J. Wilson and the Rev. A. Leon Lowry, pastor. SORORITY OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY AT DINNER These are members o f Beta Kappa Sigma Chap. ter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and a few S i g ma Philos having dinner at Hawaiia!l Vii lage They were observing the sorority's 50th an n iversary. ROYAL COURTHONORS:f"rVE'AT TEA The Royal Court Department of the Lily White lecurity Benefit Association honor ed five loyal members Sunday afternoon at the annual tea. Honorees pictured from left to right are Mrs. Annie Pope Mrs. Ada Snow, Mrs. Annie Wimberly, Mrs. Mary Foster and Mrs. Ruby Dixon. Saturday, November 18, 1972 Car Vi(tim To Share $7 50,000 He wants to share money DETROIT -An Alabama black man who was awarded $750,000 after a Detroit police car rammed h i s auto has decided to share part of his money with the widows and orphans of Detroit area policemen Cuba Goldman, 33, of Birming ham, Ala., said in Det roit that he will give $5,000 to the widows and orphans to show "how fair t he Detroit police and courts" have been to him A U. S. Distr ict Court jury in Detro i t awarded Goldman $750,-000 in his suit against the city. The money is tax free. The award resulted kom an accident two years ago. Gold man's right leg was sha t tered by a Detroi t police car which !'an a red light and hi t his car at an intersection One passenger in the car was killed in the collision and two oth ers were injured. Goldman was hospitalized near ly five months and wore a full leg cast for ne arly a year. He 'now walks with a cain and is in pain most of the time sai d his A. Robert Zeff. The ac c ident Zeff said left Gol dman unable to keep h;s job as a sandblaster at a suburban Detroit firm The Alabama nat i ve had come to Detroit from Birmingham about a year before the accident to earn money for his upcoming marria,ge, Zeff said. Goldman's trial lasted two weeks in the courtroom of U S. Dis trict Judge Damon Keith Af ter little more than an hour of deliberat : on, a jury of 11 whites and one bla c k awarded Goldman the $750,000. Goldman said he would .give some of his money to the Hun dred Club of Detroit, a fund for widows and orphans of local po lice and firemen. "Ever since I've been in De troit, all I've heard from bl acks and whites is t ha t they never .got a fair trial and that they hate cops," Goldman said Monday. "I think I got a fair tri al. Zeff said his client s settle ment is one of the I arges t award ed in the state for such an acci dent He added that although at torneys for the city may request a new trial or -appeal the verdict Goldman stands a "good chance'' of k eeping t he money. After the accident and before the award Goldman moved back to Birmin g ham where his mother and his f i nance still live. His mother took him r''! and cared for him until his 1 '"!lend ed. His fiance broke the engage ment Mrs. Moore Addresses Beulah Day Congregation Guest speaker Sunday morning at the Beulah Day service wa1 Mrs. Esther Hunt Moore. She is a retired teacher of Cantanba Coun ty, Hickory, North Carolina.




PAGE EIGHTEEN Fla. SeJWtlnei-BullettD Published every Tues. and FrL Cet sqth Edlitlona ,. .. "' .: Saturclay, 18, 19'72 Lee Elder Leads Victory In Japan Japan -Led by Lee !Elder of Washington, D.C. the United States clinched its second consecutive victory over by taking an unbeatable 33-stroke lead after 36 of 54 holes ln the pro golf match between the two nations. The U.S. team, which led by J.7 strokes Friday, added 16 strokes to the lead today as six players bettered par and !Miller Barber equalled par '7'1, The seyen best scores among eaeh team's nine entrants are ros. c.omplied in daily scoring. Two Elder birdied the first hole additional Japanese players are with a 20-foot putt and the 16th competing for the first prize of froin one foot. He parred every five miliioo yen ($1,666). other hole the par three Elder, first hlack A!merlcan 17th on which he teed off into pro golfer to play in Japan, a bunker, maintained his ooe-stroke edge "ll the same good weather over Bert. Yancey and Tommy prevails tomor row in the final Aaron by firing a 70 to total round, l thin k 11 would have to need my car every day. 1m willing to pay for a quality gasoline I can depend on!' .Jt makes good sense. 1 hat'' s why so manY folks who can't afford to have their cars laid up, insist on buying quality' products. Like Amoco Super-fremium. It's quality that 'You know won't let you Co-nsistent quality, day after day; f!om one station to the_ What's Amoco Super--Premium gives you better mileage than other premiums. .,. 'So, if you depend on your car, depend on American, too .,.. ,. -. .. ;:-.., ;" ......... more from American and you get shoot a 67 to win," Elder said. Aaron and Yancey finished with birdies as Aaron sank a chip from the edge of the green and Yancey holed out from 1!5 feet Each shot a 67. Tom Aaron won the first prize of $116,28(! with Bert Yancy second, Ray Floyd third and Elder fourth after a 74 Sunday.


lafurday, 18, in PUfJIMied every Tues. and Fri.' Get Both Ec:litiems ....... ,., .. NEW 0. J, Simpson est to begin with, but injuries and With all his problems in three doesn t complain about Buffalo s personnel problems have caused pro seasons, the former Southern crumbling offensive line. He's so many changes that Simpson California sensation still eagerly end but has never knows who'll be letting signed a long-term contract prior no., thoughts of walking out on tacklers through next. to this season. the., lowly Bills. In a recent huddle, Simpson "I could've made a lot of bullaQuestion: Are salt water oat"I've cried with these guys," look-ed around and asked: "Does baloo about getting out of Buffish really not gflod to eat? Simpson said. after Sunday's 41-3 here know everyone falo," he said. "But a lot of otqer Answer: Personally I do not crushing by the iNew York Jets, else?" guys .are stuck here, too if that's eat salt water catfish but there is "I want to drink champagne with Simpson-who:has gained 812 thirword, and they can t get out." nothing wrong with them. Lot s them yards-.,.-has oper!lted he.h,ii!d e ight A major factor in 0. J.'s de of people eat them and they say Buffalo, 2-7, is still a long way different right guards, four cen" cision to sign the new deal was that the sail cat i's delicious. Just hom the Super Bowl. ters, two left guards and three the appointment of Saban as let me get hungry enough. While 0. J. won't gripe about left, tackles. : <. coach Simpson hadn't gotten .'Do you think Coach Fran his blocke,rs, Bills Coach Lou SaOnly 6-foot-8, 275-pound Dofurie along too well with the former Curci made a mistake when he ban admits "We don't have an Green at right tackle has been coach, Johriny Rauch. left Tampa U to go to The Uniline We haven t had bl d 'lli f 11 ''We weren't enemies, but we versity of Miami? n a e an WI ng or. a mne regdidn't g 'et along : His system was one since the beginning of the ular season games with the Aqler1\: No man maltes a mistake season lean Football Conference Eastern geared to passing. He me when he can move to a different Buffalo's wasn't the greatDivision team. (Continued On Page 20) position that will more than douSiz. e 6 .50x 13 blackwall tubeless plus $1.75 Fed. Ex. Tax per lire and 4 old FOR 4-PLY NYLON CORD ''ALL WEATHERlll:-'1 BLACKWALL TIRE Clean sidewall des ign radial darta on shoulder Triple-tempered nylon cord construction body es ura 1 ... _=:-Other Size Slightly Higher Priced 4WH,EEL BRAKE OVERHAUL INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING PARTS & LABOR: New brakelinlxiga all4 wheel11 New front grease seals New return springs Turn drums Arc linings for total contact Add new fluid Remove, clean, inspect, repack front wheel bearings Inspect entire system e Adjust all 4 brakes PROFESSIONAL lUBE.AND. 31LIAII ''SNAP BACK" ENSilE .. UP-$2918 ;uJ;,:-, A.4q2 for aJtcond. cars. Includes aU labor these spark er, p PROFESSIONAL FINTEID .ALIGNMENT -JQII_ ROW AT YOUR REARBY SERVICE STORES TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA Easlgale Rillshoro Plaza TAMPA TAMPA 11202 N. 22nd ST. ACROSS FROM Downlown ACROSS FROM Open Daily 8:30 to II:SO 2901 w. Hillsborough BrUton Plua Wesl Shore Plua Aqal se habla Espanol PHONE 8'77-9528 Morgan &: Twiggs Sts. PHONE 237-3361 Open l)aUy 8 :30 &o 5:30 1813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 129-0821 15002 W. Kennedy Blvd. TAMPA TAMPA Open 7:30 to 5:3o Temple Temce lorlh Gale PRONE 831-1891 PRONE 877.e701 8240 N. 116th ST. 1222 FLORIDA AVE. Daily 8:30 to I P.M. Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M : Open Dally 1:30 to 1:31 PRONE t88-4191 PHONE 932.:6166 Sat. I A.M. to I:SO Aqal 1e laabla Eapanol lqal te babla Eapuol Open Dally 8:30 to 1:30 Open Dally 8:30 to 1:30 PACE NINETEEN ble his salary. Q: D o you th i nk B o b Foster has much of chance a-g. ains t Muham mad Ali : ""' ; r on this month? A: Bob Foster always has a chance be cause of his lethal punch Howe ver he is just trying to get in on the big money that is a part of anything Muhamma d Ali does : Ali will do as h e pleases again. Q: Is it true that spe e kled !.rout have worms inthem cer ta n times of the ye-ar? A: I have heard that speckled trout have worms in them cer tai n times of the year. I have never seen any worms though be cause I have been to o busy eat ing the speckled trout. Q: Did you think it was right for Johnny Bench to win The National League MVP award over Chicago's Billy Williams? A: : Sor -ry sir I am not on the selection committee. Q : Why is it that you won't coach anymore? A: Who sai d I wouldn't coach anymore? Q : Is it true that Florida A&M is expecting its' best basketball team in years? A : Florida A&M has recrui t ed its finest group of tall freshman in years : Coach Ed Oglesby no longer coaches football and is de, voting all his efforts toward bas ketball. These two factors should make for better things for Rat tler cage fortunes. Q: Do you th i nk King High School will have much of a chanc e in thi s year's state football play offs ? A: Sorry to say I h ave not seen King lj:igh play football this sea son therefore I can not give an opinion Q: Heard you s i ng out at The Huddle Club recently Have you ever thought of singing profes sionally? A: Aw shu cks man you are just trying to flatter me. Singing professionally has been more than just a thought of mine recently. However, it i still only in the thought stage. FACTS AND FIGURES I oan remember when Joe Fra :r:ier and Muhammad Ali met in March of 1970. I was in the third row at Curtis Hixon Hall to see the historic battle via c losed circuit television. Bob Fos ter, the light heavyweight champion of the world was sitt i ng not too far away. Foster p ut on quite a show in his efforts to boost a Fr azier vic tory. He nearly went beserk when Frazier floored Ali in the fifteenth round. Later I found out that Foster a genuine dislike for Muham mad Ali. He says that Ali is all for himself and cares not one bit what happens to other f i ght ers. This seems strange fo.r ev eryone knows Ali has carried sev era! fighters to keep from hurting them. In fact Ali warned not too long ago by boxing of ficials about his carrying other fighters. Mr. Foster gets his chance to make some of the Mu hammad Ali attracted money later on this month. I wouldn't miss it for .the world. If Ali knows what Foster thinks of him it shou ld be a really good shew. City Wide Mission Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres Mrs. Lillie Mae Holloway, Rept. The City Wide !Mission will !have their Thanksgiving [)inner Thursday mon1ing at 6 at Allen Temple AJMIE Chureh All bands are asked to be present. We will have our regular meetIng rrhocsd-ay at 112 at the hom of Mr and IM:rs, iHa. gans, 1018 S-cott St. The las't meeting wa !held at the home of Mrs. Thelma Hearn, 121510 Central Avenue Apt. 106.


PAGE TWENTY Fla. SeDUnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt. Get Both EITHER YOU IS OR YOtr AIR'T GOT IT What w i t h all the hum drum and flurry about TampaU s f o otball vi c tory ove r proud Mia m i and th e amazing fea t s of The Mi a mi Dolphins it seems tha. t most people here in this part of Flor ida h a ve all but f o rgotten ab o ut a very important event about to h a ppen on N o vemb e r 21st On Tu esday n i ght, November 21s t, Bob Foster, one of the most pro ficient light h e avyweight champions of all time will try his hand at beating th e great Muh ammad Ali. There are a Jot of people that I kn o w will c ringe whe n they read that I call Muhammad Ali great Well they can cringe all t hey want Cassius Muhammad Ali is a great and let no man deny what is writ t en I have always believed in calling a spade a spade I know practically from nothing about opera but I realize that Enric Caruso was tremendous as was Mario Llanza and Jan Peirce to n a me a few I don't know much about soe<:er but to me Pelee is the most If you say J oe Namath isn't something special you are tetched in the head Ftankly I didn't think mucll of Rocky Mar ciano but the man had to have something on the ball to win 49 conse c utive professional f ights without one single lOS&. To me Sam Huff was a villi:an on the football fiel'd but I had to respect the fact that the man could really do his thing. There are people in aU fields. that are repulsive to people but great in their chos.en field of endeavor. They tell me that James Bzo.w:n is as. har.d to g,et along with as a hunger crazed Wildcat but who can deny that he is the real thing when he does h i s t hing. The blues isn.'t al.l together m.y thing but &. B liing can sing them for me all night long any time. Some people aa-e just born to do what they do. If you think Sammy Davis Jr. learned ail the things he does you mre ready for the funny farm. Muhammad Ali was born to pri7;e. figbt. No he is not invincible but he just may be the greatest bea#weight to ever put on a pai r of boxing gloves. Manif, many peopie want ed to crucify Ali when herefused to be inducted into the armed forces. Frankly I coufdn t go along with him on the issue but that has absolutely nothin g to da with what he does in the prize ring. ALI THE MYSTIC For a long time I couldn't understand Muhammad Ali and a.Jthough I know now I com-prehend him more tt.J. I once did I am net sure I can read the cat completely. A has to dig way down deep to even begin to put Muhammad Ali tqcether. For a ma_ ll with such limtted formal academic training Ali does won ders m the area of psychology;. He has psyched praeticaUy every big name heavyweight in the business. All is: so goOd at his: p&-yche game that some times he even psyches himself. At ttmes just about. figiht ti. me, especially if it's a big one, Ali to be a rovmg mamac. You can alw:ays ten when he is not too sure of himself just before fight time. If he goes into his raving an.d act he is woriied. What he is doing ia him self !Rto believing that he Can whup his Op. vonent. HIS: overt and exhuberant exhibitions both. on his oppOnents aqt himself. all hts psychology skills, exhuberance etc., Muhatiimad Ah IS a master showman. Although some of Ali'S antiri& aieon corny side, the man has that called ohulsma epfrig for You doo t learn or develop charisma. Either you have got lt or you don't. BOB. FO&TEB liiD tilE MOMEIT 8F D1m1 Bob who trains in Tampa for some ot hiil fights has publicly for all the world to hear or read that he doesn't like says that Ali is .an for himselL arid do;esn't care a smgle abou! what happens oo other fighter&: also says that All ts a btg off. Foster was one of IJ!Ost avi d rooters. for Joe Frazter when he won over All in Mat:ch of 19'7() Foster out of his seat yelling like a when Frazie; Alt. m the 15th r0Uild of the fight. Well Foster won lt be in a .s.eat at Curtis Hixon Hall next TueSday Xli!iht; He w1U .be 11? the rmg with the man he has belittled s& mueb. I wootf Ali knows or h .eard how and what Bob Foster feels about him I and, lile Bob Fost-er and for his sa:le l hope Muhammad Ali doesn t know about the thi ngs he has said. QUiCK QUIPS: Maybe tide has finally turned fur two of my better friends still scrambimg day and nilght trying to put football jig puzzles togethe_r. Coach Abe Brown got .his Jefferson High Dragons to ?.Io:-v ,?n good, Plant Ctty H 1 gh team last week end Cea e h Jtm Wtlhams Flori'da A&M Rattlers; strUC'k' SOuthern Un i a lethal blow lasli Saturday. Keep 'em blowing flames and sp1ttmg venom fellow coaches. If you believe in comparative scores it will be Interesting to an eye on what happens when Notre Dame ami\ Miami tangle thts weekend Notre Dame is nationally ranke a SQ, maybe we can fmd out how good Tampa U. and Florida A&M &:e. Irememher Tampa U. beat Miami and Florida A&M gave Tampa U. quite a struggle. If you know any thing about throwing a cast net now is t h e time to get into action. Mullet 'are everywhe!:e and it is the time of year when they are roeing if you know what that means. Yours truly made an honorable mistake when he wrote that The Miami Dolphins could be the first team in NFL histocy to go undefeated. The Chicago Bears did it way. back in 194:1. Those were the days w:hen George: "Papa Bear" Hlalas had: Sid! Luckman, Bulldog" Turner, George Musso, Ray Mc the coaching staff. Under considera tion, it was learned, was the vet eran Salty' Parker. !f Parker is signed, it is likely he will be in Touted 0. J. hom Page 19) No. 1 to run the ball, not to block, not to be a receiver." S i mpson realized that Floyd Little was a 1,000-yard rusher un d e r Saban at. Denver and w as pnomised! he would get more chances under the new Bills ad ministr.ation. Saban has kept his word and 0. J. may just make the 1,000' mark, but it isllit coming easy with the lack of blocking up front. But Simpson has: V0Wed t01 keep low Ing until the holes start to open up and the Bilrs. become winners. JtliiN the tbind base 00. with :Rasebotto at fiat. In the Jne'lmtlme, Raseboro has become a capitalist, opening a {)01,000 supper chili in Pomana, Calif and becoming : a represen tative of Athletes Finaacial Serv ices .of Buena: Park, Calif. SCheElul-ed to open his dub No vember 22, Roseqouo will operate the African Palance in conjuncI Freddie The 'Free Loader" Solomon does it again. The Will 0 the Wisp like Solomon started his first game at quarlerback for Tampa U. against a hi1glrly fav ored Miami team but it won't be h i s last start. Although T h e Spartan defense was s11perb it w-as Freddie who kept The Hur ricane off babmee aH night long in Tampa U's astanisRil:rtr 7-0 w:ln over Miami. I think practically everyone in Tampa knew all along that Freddie w a s. really the man This is to take nothing &.way from Buddy Carter who has done a joh for The Spartans. I think Carter knew as well as ev.evyone etse what was ta come eventually. Carter probablyis a better passer than Solomon but when i.t comes to moving the ball and the team Freddie The "Free Loader" is the man and everyone knows it. Look for Ceach Earle Bruce to go to the Wishbone of fens.e neJrt season so as to ex ploit Sclamoo's trickery more Freddie SQ!omon is the man of the hour at Tampa U. Meanwhile up at Jacksonvil!.e Coach Doug Dickey and his ever hungry Gators couldn't seem to get altogether a.gain as they lost to a fair team Coach Dic key is on a hot spot and it is' g,l!l!tirrg hotter. Be thune-Cookman keeps on roll fng alon11:. They beat the daylights out o.f Kentucky Sliate last w:eek and they are looking aAe-ad t.o Fforida A&M. tion with tw:o partners. One is the head: of tile Blaclii. studies pro gram. at. Cal Pol$ (P&mona). Athletes Financial Senrices, Inc., handles about 100' m-ll!jor league basebaU players along with 250 phy;si:ei--ans and 8m'geans Jadha a Clt!ltOmer 'l!beir newest client is Stee Carltm, the' N'ational League Cy Young Award winner for the Plliill:es. AFs won't have to run benefits for ita clients. Ei:Pt y;ears ago Dodger rookie Jim turned ov.et" his fi. nanci'ld affilirs to a junier college economi:cs professor, LaRue Har ceurt. Lefebire's World Serres check f.rom 1-965 was invested in unde veloped land near Palmdale, Ca1if. Reportedly, that investment now is worth $-100,000. Roseboro and Gary Jones, a pitcher in the Cleveland tion who also works for AFS, refus.ed' to verify the figure, but admit land purchased at $900 an acre now is worth $3,800. I Florida State is hobbling along from Saturday to Saturday The Seminoles have a serious injury problem and' it looks like it is not going to be solved this season. Gary Huff and his boys w e r e lucky to sq_ueak past Tulsa 1ast week. Coach "Big Jim" Williams fin ally got his Rattlers to put it al together in an important win over Southern in Baton Rouge. T he Rattlers had to play goo.d football to lead Southern 211-7 in the last quarter. 'llhey finally WXJn 28-14. Keep up the gpod work Coach Williams. C.o.ach Fran Curd of The Unl versity: of Milami had mixed emo tions aoout his loss to Tampa. Of cours.e he wanted to win to keep his Miami team rolling. They had won 4 straight until they ran into Freddie Solomon and his running mates. Coach Curci w,as, hurt by the loss fmt was proud of t h e bOys he had once and coached at Tamoa U The Miiarnl Dolphins are stili the big thing in Florida Football The Dolohins outdid themselV' e S by humiliating New 52-0 fur t heir 9th strai-ght win without a loss This Just doesn't happen in pre football todav It was Coach Don lOOth victory in 10 years as a head coach in the pro The also 3veng"ed last year's. uoset loss tD New England afiter 'l!be. Dolphins had wen 8 Roll oo Dol phins and Shtt l a and you deserve to win it all this time


Saltur.lay, Novemoor l8, 1972 FUNERAL NOTKES ALDRIDGE, M.RS. SARAH F. Fin 'Shady Gro.v.e Qemeiery. Suri.vol'll ar.e: wife, Mrs. Ethel Mae lllttler.; a son, Mr. W.Uiiam Jer.ome .Butder., .Jr. of Atlanta. Geor,gia ; s &lqtbter-s, ,Mrs, llearldine r Hodges .and husband, Mr Ed w.al\d Hodges, Mr.s .Jones aad Miss P<&trioia Butler; 1 r gt:andtlhillr.en, 'llemi Lyn, Kimla, Gary, Nathaniel, Ed wartd, lr. Bad BOber:t llr.; a !Sister, Mrs. Belzora F. Craw.ford an. d husband, MT. T. 'M. Cr.awfol'd; a brother, Mr. Ra,ymon4 Butler :and de, Mml. lliiuuiie Mae Butlel'; a host of nephews, among w:Dom are, .J. 9hn Buller of New York, N. Y., Rud()lph Webb of Ft. Laudel!dale, Bemumil Butler of Pompano Beach, and William Web'b .ef New ork, N. IY.; a .host of nieces, among whom is, Doris Harris o'f T<&mpa; 2 Hitei'S-'in-law, Mrs. Jellllie Mae l.ones and Mrs. Ev.a '(i{)ontinued On LINCOLN-GROCERY "WHIRE YOU 'IT A liTTI1 MORE" We Accept .Foocl Stilllps 3801 '29th Street. Pltone: W Accept Food Stuqts IPDI ALL. DAY W1311ESDAY. IIOJEIUER 2'2. TRA11KSGmiG m 'TJLL 8:00P.M. CI.GSD ALL DAY I'HURSDAY. tiiV D1113l 23 TRAIIKIGIC DAV.


PACE TWENTY-TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri Cet Both Editions Satturday, November 18, 1972 repose after 4 P.M. today (Fri day) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. 'A WILSON SERVICE" a graud FUNERAL N OTICES niece, Mrs. Ethel Mae Hamilton, great grand-niece Mrs. Jeanette Vinson and husband, William ; great great grand-niece, Debbie Vinson, nephew Luther Pratt, (Continued From Page 21) great great grand-nephew, Wil liam Vinson, Jr.; a sister-in-law, Mrs. Edna Harrison, 2 brothers in-law, Will White and Herman White; cousins, J. B. Lampkins, Mrs. Sophia Lampkins, Mrs. Ava Mae Lawrence, Mrs. Althea Nes bitt, Leroy Lampkins, Curley Lampkins, Mrs. Laura Asia, Mrs. Lelia Asia and Mrs. L illi e Mae W a llace; devoted friends, Jess e McKenny, Mrs. Catherine Andet s o n and Mr. and Mrs. William Ellerson, Jr., other relatives and many sorrowing friends. Memorial services will be held at 7:30 ut the funeral home by the lod ge The remains will lie in state for v isi tation after 5 P.M. (Frida) ) today, and the family will receive fr ie nds at the funeral home from 7 to 8 P.M. tonight PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. 1\fae Patterson of Tampa; 2 brothers-in-law, Mr. Willie Weaver of Tampa and l\Ir. Dennis Reddicks, Jr. of Chicago, Dl.; a host of sorrowing cousins and friends among whom are, Mr. Carl James an6 Mrs. Virgie L. Brown; a devoted friend Mrs. Naomi Liggon and other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of Ocala, 1\lr. Bu tler had r es ided here for the past 50 years. He was a retired member of the Internati onal Longshoremen Association, Mr. Perry C. Harvey, J r ., president. The remains will repose after 5 P. M. t oday (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" BREWSTER, INFANT JOE N ,\. 'I 'HAN, JR. -Funeral s el'Vices f o r Infant Joe N athan Brewster, Jr. of 424 Stratford Ave., who passed away in a local hosp ita l will be held Saturday at 12 noon at Wilson Funeral Chapel, wit h R ev. Bernard Milton Jones, ficiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: moth er, Miss Olivia Moncur; father, Mr. Joe Nathan Brewster, Sr.; a brother, Robert Lee Henry; maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Moncur, Sr.; pa t ernal grandmother, Mrs. Elsie Brewster; aunts, Mrs. Veronica Crawford of Chicago, Illinois, Mrs. Linda Dupree and husband, Mr. Ronnie of Chicago, Illi nois Brenda Reed, Beverly and R e nita Moncur, Mrs. Evelyn Kemp, Mrs. Joann Jones, Rose, Elaine and Joy. ce Brewster; uncles, Mr. Joseph Moncur and Rudolph Moncur and other r ela tives. Born in Tampa, Infant Brewste"r had lived here all of his !He. The remains will repose after 4 P.M. t oday (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Chapel, until near funeral t ime Saturday. "A WIL SON SERVICE" CORBETT, JR., MASTER WIL LIE JAMES -Funeral services for the late Master Willie James Corbett, Jr., of 1009 Longshore man Ct., who passed in a local hospital will be held Saturday, Nov 18, 1972, at 2 P.M. from Mt. Moriah P.B. Church with the pastor, Rev A. L. Brown officiat ing. Interment will be in Shady G rove Cemetery. S urvivors ate: fat her, Mr. Willie James Corbett Sr., of Tampa; mother, Mis s Carrie Mae Jenkins of Tampa: paternal grandmother, Mrs. Mary Alice Corbett of Tampa; maternal grandmother, Mrs. Mary Lee Jenki ns; great grandmother, Mrs. G ennia Parker; great great grand m other, Mrs. Nancy Wright of Jacks onville; 7 aunts,. Mrs. Caro l y n Bostick and husband Jesse uf C o nn Mrs. Anna Bell Bridgeman of Tampa; Miss Bertha Jenkins of S. C.; Mrs. Lillie Ruth Russell and husband Bobby of S. C Mrs. Joyce Bloom and husband Major, Mrs. Edith Undetwood and Miss Patricia Corbett; great grandmoth er, Mrs. Carrie Jenkins of Gar n ett, S. C.; 4 uncles, Mr. Asberry J en k i ns and wife Jeanette; Mr. Gus Jenkins ; Mr. Robert White and wife Eloise; Sp/4 L ewis COI bett of Ft. Benning, Ga.; 2:i cousins. The body will lie in s tate at t he Franklin Funeral Home < : hapel from 5 P.M. Friday (to day ) until near funeral time Saturday. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME in charge of arrangements. HILL MRS. GERTRUDE-Final t ribute for the late Mrs. Gertrude "Trudy" Hill of 3205 Chipco, who passed away November 13, wHl b e h e ld Saturday 2 P.M. from Greater New Salem PB Church, Elder R. H. Howard, pastor, tf fic iating. Interment will b e in Memorial Park Cemetery. A native of DeLand, Florida, Moth e r Hill lived in Tampa for a number of years, served on the Mothers Board in her church and was a member of GUP Lodge No. 1 Mr. William Bryant, president. Sur vivors include a devoted husband, Deacon Lewis Hill; mother, Mrs. Maude Young, father, Mr. John Young; niece, Mrs. Ethel McKinJONES, MRS. LEOLA -Funeral services for Mrs. Leola Smith Jones of Hallandale Florida who passed away in a local hospital in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, will be held Saturday at 3 at Grace Mary M. B. Churelt, Rev. Booker T. Willi<)ms, pastor, with Rev. F. G. Hilton, officiating. Interment will be in the family plot, Memorial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: a loviug and de voted husband, Mr. Smith Jones ; a wonderful son, Mr. Bernard Smith; a daughter, Judy Jones, all of Hallandale; 2 brothers, Mr. James R. Smith and 1\'lr. Eddie J. Smith and wife, Mrs. Bernida V. Smith of Tampa; an aunt Mrs. Alice P Sutton of Tampa; 5 nieces, Mrs. Ruby M. Malone and Mr. James A. Malone of Brooklyn, N. Y Mrs. Helen L Johnson and hu s band, Sp/5 Thomas P. JohnsQn, Jr., Ft. Benning Ga., Valerie, Rhonda and Klisa Smith, all of Tampa: 7 nephews, :Hr. Eddie J. Sm ith Jr. and wife, Mrs. Ida M. Smith of Tampa, Herbert, Samuel, f-.aron, and David Smith, Florida .4. & M University, Tallahassee, Fla!, Mr. Albert E. Smith and wife, Mrs. Jennette Smith of Brooklyn, 'N. y and Hothen Jones, Jr. sisters-in -law Mrs. l\-1. L. Jones, Mrs. Clora dean Monford and Mrs. Connie M. Graham; brother-in-law, Mr. Hothen Jones; cousins, Rev. and Mrs. B. T. Williams, Mr. James Toombs and wife, Mrs. Teresa Toomb s Mr. Robert Toombs and wife, Mrs. Sarah Toombs and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. Born in Tampa, )trs Jones had lived here until adult hood, when she moved to Hallandale approximately 15 years ago She is formerly of the Robles Pond area. The funeral cortege will form at 3512 E. Buffalo Ave. The remains will repost after 4 P.l\'1, today (Friday) at Wilsan Funeral Chapel, until near funeral time Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" LANCE MRS. EVELYN Fu neral services for Mrs. Evelyn Lance of 3002 Arrow Stre et, who passed away in a local hospital will be held Saturday at 4 P.l\1. at First Calvary M.B Church, Georgetown, South Carolina, with Rev. Frank Verene, offici a t i ng. Interment will be in th e First Calvary Church C emetery, Georgetown South Carolina. Sur vivors are: husband Mr. Thomas S. Lance; daughter, Mrs. Vanessa Green and h usband, Mr. Erne s t Green; 3 grandchildren, Franklin, J oseph and Anita Green ; mother, Mrs. Essie McDonald of Georg e town, South Carolina; 2 brothers, Mr. Oscar McDonald of George town, South Carolina and 1\'lr. James McDonald of New Have,t, Conn. ; 2 sisters, Mrs Janie Gree n and husband, Mr. Willie James Green of New Hav e n Conn., and Mrs. Sadie Green and husband Mr. Thomas Green of Philadel phia, Pa.; 3 aunts, Mrs. Keith of Andrews, S. C ., :tldrs. Cinda Frierson of Kingstree ; S. C., and Mrs. Elliese Williams of Mullens S C.; 2 uncles, Mr John Henry Williams of Mullens, S. C., and Mr. Ellex Pus h e a of George town S. C .; a number of nieces, n ephew s cousins and other sor rowing r e latives and friends. A native of Georgetown, South Caro l ina, Mrs. Lance h a d r es i de d here f or about 1 3 years. She was a member of New B e th e l M. B. Church, Rev. L. R. Stancil pastor. The remains were sent this morn in g (Friday) to Georgetown, S. C. in care of the Walter Fraser Fu neral Hom e The remains rep ose d from 4 P.M. Wednesday until 8 P.M. Thursday at Wilson Funeral Chapel. "A WILSON SERVICE" WILLIAMS, MRS. LEOLA RE BEC'CA (BIG GEECHl -Funeral servi ces f or Mrs. Leola Rebe cca (Big Geech) Williams of 1511 Pierce Street, who pa s sed awa:v in a loca l hosp i t a l will be held Saturday at 2 P.M. at Highland Baptist Church 3410 E. North Street, with Rev. Bernard Milton Jones, offici a ting Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: 3 daughters, Mrs. Accola Lemons and husband, Mr. George Lemons of Tampa, Mrs. Mae France s Rise and husband, Mr. Semmie Rise of Boston, Mass., and M iss Delodis Williams of Tampa; a son, Mr. Ozzie Williams and wife, Mrs. Lonnie Bell Wil liams of Tampa; 28 grandchildren Mr. Ulysses Lemons of Boston, Mass. Mrs. Ruth Mathis, Mrs. Margaret McQuay, Mrs. Johnn :e Mae Cannady, Mrs. Daisy Huff, Miss Barbara Lemons, Mr. Willie Lemons Mrs. Laura Bell Brown of Daytona Beach, Mrs. Gloria Gibson, and Mrs Mary Brown of Tampa, Mrs. Evelyn Hudson, Mr. Sylvester Rise, Mr. Cecil Rise, Miss Rita Rise, Miss Shirley Ri s e, Miss Rosalyn Ris e, Mr. Lenay Rise, Miss Myra Rise and M:. Irvin Rfse of Boston, Mass., Mrs. Leola Shellman, Mrs. Essie Cole man, Miss Cathu:ine Soarre. v, Mrs. Shirley Grimsley, Miss Vick y Powell Mr. John Henr-y Johnson, Jr., Mrs. Jacque line Gil bert, Miss Rober ta Gail Williams and Mr. Robert Williams, Jr.; 70 great grandchildren; 11 great great grandchildren; 2 sons-in law, Mr. John Gilbert of N ew York City, and Mr. John Henry Johnson, Sr ., of Miami; a de v ote d friend, Mrs. Annie Lee Walker and a host of other sor rowing relatives a n d devoted friends. A native of Albany, Geor gia, Mrs. Williams had residl d here for the past 46 years. The funeral cortege will form at 361') E. Wilder Ave. The remains will MEMORIAM TAMP A -In loving memory of my dear husband, Mr. Leroy Graham, who passed November 15, 1967. The clock of life is wound but once-A nd no one has the power to teU where the hand will stop-late or early hour Sad indeed to lose one so dear as one can restore. Live-love-toll a will place no faith in tomorrow. For the clock Yf life may be s topped. The present is only our own. Your loving wife, Mrs. Ruby Graham and fam!Iy and the Bry ant Family. MEMORIAM TAMPA -'loving memory cf our d ear. d aughter and sister, Mrs. Ora Lee Carpmter who expired two years ago November 14 1970. Sadly by mother, Mrs. l\1il'tha Nelson and family; sis ter, Mrs. Flora Jones and family. MEMORIAM TAMPA -In m :mory of Mr. Jasper Hill who passed away Nov. 17, 1970. We miss you bad ly. Wife, Mrs. P 'arl Hill; daughter, Mrs. Felma Monday. H your family of four lives on less than $140 a week before taxes, we can put you in a three bedroom home for just $10u down and as little as $86 a month: VALLEY EAST OF U.S. 19 AT COACHMAN ROAD CaH 726-4769 for details 4 MILES WEST OF DALE MABRY ON HILLSBOROUGH CaH 884-8000 for details .., 1iJ by LaMonteShimberg Corporation '4:J FHA 235 financing: $100 down plus $100 prepaid items. Monthly pay ment (including principal, interest, taxes and ons1,1rance) based on 360 payments at 8 % annual interest.


PACE TWENTY-THRD Dial 248-1921 Classified Ad. Dept BUSIRESS ,f\VON HELPS MAKE dreams t-.e tnle. Nered extn w h t.r .. new furniture? New applianc es? ;Bedeewati1tg? Wllatever yew dWam, turn tt 1Dto reality a!l aa Aven Representative. It's an easy way to millie -ey ia your spare time near h a me. ) Call now: Mrs. Smiill ."or 876-3242, St. Pete 8&2-4593, Largo, Clearwater 442-9656. HO CREDIT?? HAVING TROUBLE BUYING A CAR BECAUSE OF CREDn PROB.J,EMS OR DOWN PAY MENT? 100% Fiaatdag ATailuie LET US HELP YOU CALL OR COME IN NOW SUI BAY. JeWr8IS 63t0 FL(MtiDA AVE. 232-4891 TELEV ... : UOADCin i TECJIIICIAN WITH F.C.C ftiiST CI.ASS ep erators license. Contact Chief Engineer WEDU CIIANNEL 3. 908 So. !lith Street, Tampa ,33605. All Equal Opportunity ----'-DAY Ill IICIIT smrr r SI'EADY WORK, regwar raises. EMPLOYMENT BAYVIEW HOTEL WANTED HOTEL elevator opera toi-. Apply in person. 208 JackIQII Street. TYPING, MIMEOGRAPH address UIJ, by handicap at home. Rea sonable, fast, accurate. Phone S7J-4082. MANPOWER IS RIRIHG : JOBS EVERYDAY. Wertl Cile days. you want. Dliib' cash, Cash IMiluses. $1.e ,_. lillur and liP. Monday t11n FriAJ". ApJb -s a.m. to 9 a.& IWIPOWEIL K 41& W. KENNEDY BLW. FOB SALE WANT A NEW HOME? ,200 DOWN, GCJOD CREDIT Call Equal DevelQp.eld Cwp. CaD .. DOWJII IIODE:rui tJ!';::o;NT BLOCK 3 BEDROOMS, CAJtP', ate..e._ rehigerater. $1t,t51 P. & L $'ill.5i fu M m.tbs at mortgage DON TAAl'l'E BROKEB 172-2721 or 839-1422 I.JSl'INGS NEEDED. FBA-10 CLOSIHG. COST POitT TAMPA ABEA 4 YEA& OLD eM HOME. 3 W- I I'GOIDS1 'IMailt-iB cleaa ,_reJI. $4'58. u..efi ...,.. CaB YOU CALDE&ONI, ASSOC. Attoss fntll Uma:liitf tl !'_..a : EIWlD YlLIES, AV AILABI.E JIALE FEMALE BABYSD"''EElS, C o a" a 1 eseea& Jatm Nurses, H-. A_..1UIIIie, U-. censed Pradkat ...._, a d Pll.f-SS mJ IC Registeftj _..r home Ill' hospital a&ligll........ loll ._., MINIMUH OF $Sf DOWN wM wide oa elll( M 1Mew a 41Q, 7 montllly Ho11.t $7l a days a week C!iiMitll'tt1*7 llllin;iaf mont:la. 3 lllfAII ) ltadt,, wall 1ervice. te 'wall lllvilt-fn M'e!JI ad BABY SUTEU OF AMER., Die. ASSOC. ll NwRI aad AWes. ,_ Pl! !m al and Fair W.J!tl. 5407 N.. FLO&JDA A\'IL

_P_A_C_E_TW_E_NTY __ -_F_o_u_a_ ______ F_I_a._Se_n_'t_In_e_I-_B_u_ll_eH. n PuLIIslied Frl diti6ft'i"'' y .. Saturd ay, Noveint>er 18, 1972 FOR THOSE WHO APPRECIATE T 'HE FIN.EST, ii:r** Now you can entertain on a regal scale with this beautifully proporttioned, handsomely designed sui t e. Moreover, you will be amazed at its peasant price! Authen tioallY. s tyled, each piece is solidly made of select hardwood and hardboard finished in m e llow Spanish Oak. In c luded are 42" x 60" x 72" trestle table with mar-resistan t plastic top, 4 side and 2 arm chairs, 54" buffet and 3-shelf hutch with ligh t ed showcase interior. To be a Queen of a ho s tess and yet watch your bud get like a mi ser, you must take ad v antage of this opportunity while stocks are complete. SPECIALLY PLANNED AND PACKAGED TO .SAVE YOU TIME, MISTAKES AND MONEY! SEE WHY LARMON IS THE LEADER WHY WORRY ABOUT DOWN PA Yl\1EHT OR EASY CREDiT TERMS WHEH EVERYBODY KNOWS "LARMON LISTEN.S." A ON 1324 -30 E. Broadwa PHONE 247 -4711 ''M d '' a e1ra ------*. Di(ling Elegance Eajoy Thanksgiving in aJe. 9 PIECE SUITE Trestle Table 4 Siiie Chairs 2 Arm Chairs *Buffet *Hutch galll dining. A dining room nile thai is sura lo brighlaa. lila eyes ol your vuesl. Buy. llow and receive a FREE 6 : transistor pocket radio (with .. uy purchase $61.95 or more). "IT'S EASY y o PAY T'HE LARMON OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT .. 'TIL a P. M. FREE PARKING IN REAR OF STORE '*** Ole/ Work/Classic Spanish Styling The rich, good taste of this Span ish styled suite will add a n ot e All This For Only of quiet refinemen t, warmth and dignity to your bedroom. There's an abundance of stGrage space in the l arge dl"esser and c hest; $ their dustproof drawers measure 18" from fr o nt to back-nearly 95 4'' more In depth than most. Plastic tops are mar, sc ratch and stain resistant rich n atural grained Spanish Oak fini s h on select hardw oods and h ardboard. Int ricate car vings on the drawer fronts ac ce nt the ornate antique finish hardware, T ruly magnificent furniture that will give you pride in owning and budget priced too.


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