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Mrs. Ruth Brown Expected To Be Named P 'rinclpal At Jackson Elem. SEE STORY -ON PAGE ,. All The News To -Print .VOL: 2.5, ,!Qt. Sentinel Advertisers Invite YOU 1 I PRICE 15 CENTS Rev. Lowry Leads Rae----., erations. I BLACK COUNTRY MUSIC STARS AT. AWARDS BANQU'E1'-Phone ( 'al l -Nets Centra,l Park Auditorium For Black Caucus .. Members of the Central Park :Village Black Unity Caucus com plained this week that they had been denied the right to assembleat the Central Park Village Auditorium for their regular s u nday afternoon meeting. A phone ca.Jl ,from the Sentinel later resulted in the group's getting the auditorium for meetings, Th.e group said that a meeting was held in the auditorium Sun day afternoon, October 22, with approximately 75 person present to discuss the disturbing pro blema and the oppressive ditions in the area and to dis cuss alternatives for indepen dent community action to solve them possible. At tha end of 'thal meEitlng the group :planned to --ge t 'together the fol lowing SJinday ilfternoon at I (Continued .. Pa& I) -SEE STORY ON PAGE lt -):}. -Y outb Claims Forced To Commit Robbery (SEE STORY ON PAGE 3) Man Sought For Molesting Young Girl -------(SEE STORY ON PAGE Z) lit (SEE STORY ON PAGE Z)


PAGE TWO Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published nei'y Tues. and Fri Cet Both Editions Satur.fty, DecemLer 2, 1972 Assaults Terry Loren:llfl) Boltc>n, 23, 2909 tlefferson, was lll"ftBteil W ednes day night and charged with asu.ult and battery and resisting arrest. Police that Det. Jl F. Edwar;ds am! De-t. M. A Floyd were east bound on Zack 1St. wMa. sto,pped the car' :fClr ci'Oilsmg pedestria11s. Bolton BJld an unidentified man were )lassing at the time, when Bo.l-. tcin ran up to the driver's side (lf the car and s.tarted yelling a:nd accw-ding tq. Det. Edwards, the driver, then got out and attempted t.o identify himself when :&JtQon pushed lbim against the car. 1'h.e Gfiirer then grabbed the an-9y the dCllth.es and advi.se4 lhim that they were detective-e. Bolton ran away hut. was, caught lfl.l'ld tl'te started to exchange blows Bolton was. knocked. tile grwncl and s.tnlek bit 1lelwl on a _piece &f sustami:nr; a laceratii);m: Qollt the faftheed. Miss Elizabeth Faley, 18, 1504 North B Street, told ipo1ice she was burned by he'l' 1boyfriend between 11 Friday night and '1 Wednesday .morning. She said the man' used -a heated kitdlen fod and it on buttocb SN'ft'al times. Pallll 59, 1409 Govern&:r, .was shot in the foat wi. t'h a .38 caliber, revolver; Steven son's wife, Tessie, 58, toid the investigating officer that she shot her husband because he start-ed lJeating her while in bed. Stevenson was admitted to a focal hospital }Vifh a fractured ankle. He. w ould not press char ges, pGtiee said. Levonne Ruth Gaynor, 22, 12 46 J oed Ct.., &lld Do ,ris. 22 1224 Harrison St., were arrested Tuesday; iw ing. Thy were iJiy tme security officer at Walgreel!liS, DowntoWIIi as tJJ.ey re:JIIIIC)Ved erosy Man Sought For Molestiag. Girl 10-,ur-oid cirl was tllr The;, l!rotaer was told t;e get. "ictim of an atlemptetl rape at 'behind a me while the: mao ():30 morning while :proceeded -to undress his sister. waiting _f0r bar ubClol ws. at He said he. c.aJ.Ue from hehiw.l 24 t h St. and Lake A venue. the tree and told the man to The girl and her 8-year-old leave his sister alone and he brother left home to catch the at him, but he ran to bus as usual, imd ten Minutes the other side of' the house. later the bo y ran back fe1!He watched. tile man as he btg his mother that his sister forced his sister down on a blan was being assaulted by a man ket that he took from the back they di.d not know. The mother o:t the house,. he said. He :followed the boy to the scene of tlsen nm home to aei u -thel'. the offease and !OUDd hft Tlile: ki6. descriilell tile ll">1:111e' ter., alome. t th th b t d The boy told his mother that man eJr mo er, u sa1 while they were standing on the from the description she was not JCorner, the young man, 1 'Z-lS:. sure. whether he was one famiJlar Years -old. a.'P-hed them amd-t o the :neighbQI'hood. The womn .--that: o-.med the. loliiSe that h asked if tlt ey weuldi like t& make attac-k place ift back Gf &1\U a quarter. The boy said they both 1Bt1id "no" and the man then whose blanket the man used, gr&'bbed them and took them to said she was asleep and heard th, rear Gf a nearby ho.use nothing ..... Drunk Dfiving ArFests tn Tampa Increase 3 lndidecl Air. Hi. ck" J a Fer Odyssey BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -A spe cial federal grand jury Mc>nday indicted three men with hijackiuc a SoutherD Airways je(liiaer :Nov. 19 "CIIi three a;eparate eharps:: aircraft: pil:aeyr, lbdnap ing and interference with inter state commerce by extortion. Since Jan 1, 1972, a concerted dri-ve to remove the drunk driver from the streets and roads iJa 'Tampa and Hillsborough Colmty has resulted in a +i8 per cemt .m. crease in arrests lor driving nile intoxicat-ed (DWI). It has been dveumEnted nationally that 7 per c Ent el the drivers are driDken; and ible fCII' 19,110 traffic: deadt.s a yar. The three, Jlelvin charies c*. 21, of -Oak Ridge. n.a and Jlenry J)ewmiam Jarboo,. JL, 25, and Louis Douglas Cale In order to let citizens in the community know of its efforts, the GRater Tappa Akd'lol .Safe(Moore) 27, both of Detroit, Mich., arrested by Cuban authc>rities some 28 hnurs after the hijack They are stiil in Cuba. ty Aetion Project is annc>uncing the formation of a Speakers' Bu r.eau. Its traiFIIfd will address any civic, fratel'._Qr church its sen; ices for which there is no charge. \ drin.king Presentations range in length from 15 minutes to 40 minutes. Slides and printed matinal ac. company the pcesentat:ior!'s. Program chairmen and other lntere$ted parties are urged to telephone the GTASAP Speakers' BureauReservation Coo.rdm.atOII', Mr. Rober t at m..% 411 from 8 a m to 5 p.m. The Greater Tampa ASAP is a project and bas ,/ been in operation since Jan. 1, 1972. Its obj e ctives include re moving the drunk driver from the read, determining if he or-she is a problem drinker, <1nd il so, resort to rehabijitation to change Clriving habj ta in relation to Eleven Tampa }!!Oicemen and ten Florida Highway patrolmen, knCYnn as. DWI squads, are workil!iig with the. piroject to detect and appre'bend dril!kint Save Time And Stamps PMae Y.News 24-1921 metic items from the counter, put them in their purses and walk -..t. The l:!Ulies we r e wrM tmknown person Tuesday l!lig.ht or Wednesfiy -rniag. Be said the' '?r:; worth $22', was unlocked and parked at Malii St A witness told police that he .saw an. limidentifie.d white JII.l!.n. I D'FNIE mtD a ear ]!)eile.nging t& 'Benjamin Mungin, 3'8th St. The. car was parketl at 5107 2.2nd st .. mid the man reported that 1m eigl!t track tape playe-r WClrth $fi) was Willie Lee B.amilt-. 21. 230\l 5th A venue, a d'river for Home and Wilson. lnc4 22l 12.th St._ toJd police that he was forced at to 4lbne his tnKk to a w00de4 aand reiDC)-..e the '1'1le items tOtaliJf: incllllded a mr, tHee eoJer TVs, lie ft. of six Matk amd wrote J'V s and a st-. Bamii). :lion said got mto tl!e truck at 19th St. and 7th Ave. Miscel1111115 Mrs. Laura H11berl, 71, 1'1721 St., was anested W edsday at 1 p.m. aml .t'huf;ed with aiding and ass.iisting m lo t te-ry, bookmaking and possession of paraphernalia. Ttte ardle-.t.edi:ws em tla8 cfoo.r and ideatified them. as: poliee-Q,ff1Cft5. 'f11e.:y tmc beard. mSoule ,,. they fOiuG then way 'F1Iie Jft'mises w;eze seumed aeiff' s c..-nuai'tr lelatiOIS a. .. By t T. ARNIE MYRRS ---------J -GAMBLING AND THE lAW rve often )Ieard that. baseball lias always beien past tirae. mipt bave been tnle many years aco, but Way most Americans are only interested in games of tnat pl't>dltee money. In their haste to be big consistent winners they very often beoome tee prey tar easy, pmh!ing hustlers. Let's use this opo portumty to discuss tbe diee hustlers. I'm sure :rou already !mow that meati!11 ean be earrit\.d.'" Q!:l wit h fair ar dice soine gamblen.,. a& the result qf ccmstant a nd prolonged practice, have acquired a technique all their own in controlling the dice. Now if ytm don't belle-re ytm ean be had by a Slllooth rolling dice shoc:Jters-my man you are really in u a rude awakening. Ohr hustlers that. are nat so ski!Jed with the '11,1eebanis of the dice game have t,o s.wiidaing in clic:e kne:wn as 'passeFS" when theJ are tlre shooters. Wlien someone is the shooter, they switch in dice known as "missouts".. The sklre dice or Tariety .are far from periect. -Each dice usu any has -fault 11:1 anothe!':' In bank pmes, is in faw.r of the hduse, and m private .games it. is qamt Ute shooter or pe1"SOn rol'Hng the dice. Utmost care is exercised in the maufacture of fair diee. They and four slips o.f paper with natations were founcl and take:n as Bellald Lee Reed,. 19;, tJilO 120. St., -s anested for posSfi&. sion of marijuana near the Lom!'ge; Zaek and Nebras-ka-. The .... was: fowld to 'be in pesl!llelS5ioJl of 2& gDJrJ.S> {felbny) aftd toW the arresting &f:fieu' that !he a for J401 and wa'S to fell it: to make: a.ome Clluidt liJODey mustbe true and square. However. devious ways used b]' the professional gambler to trim .tJie unmi!tiated. Tbere are dice loaded to wm or lose and with a little sleight .tJI hand are switebed iftto tae pme. 'fbe aTerage can't ftally detect the difference be cause the loads are placed near the. edge. m solid dice, aDd the spots through which the load is imserted is repainted. In transparent dice, the spots are drilled oot and a tilly gold disc is in-ami large lOad cannot be inserted since they would lYe detected too easily. 'these are sometimes called perciMle as tbey mcre:ase. tbe t1rke or profit. Dice known .'as "passers". so -toaded as to make more passes. "Missouts" are dice.. loaded to throw more seven5 and less points. ''Shifting" diee or are always non-trans. pareat dice wbieb are loaded with 'mercury. Dlese dice are controlled by tapping them on the floor or elsewhere and allowiag thein to stand in the desired positiclll for a: re. sec:onds. BeIirve it: w ltot, the load win DDt shift w!B thro\m. In some table gaDs, an electro-magnet bas been perfeeted to control t he dice. The dice an not contrnUed unless the tattle current is on. It is well known that all varietbs of crooked dice can be purchased gambliag SUP.PlY houses. Some of the di:ee maDUfacturers even maiDtaiD night phones f..,: accepting rvsh orders. Man, the mUst be really getting thick. 1 imacine the need for l!ioney is universal and it's not evea. De.CeSiary .to attempt to plain oor. peed. kit it; l know, i!Dr111e:f iS Jd b.ut at tliis paint, l to Sa:J' flaM. it is ill fl'Cint of wsl's e'ftf' m aeem.d place See yau R ED FRONT/ GR 0( : E R y & p ACI A'E STOR E 3111. -SL eor.. ..... & ..... .... E 241-3133 WE HElPI r-. StliiPS ... -c..& Early ... lilt 1lte Jesr. WE' IDJftl WE SELL .... .... EIPBESS IMD .lEIS ........... Leu Perk Sleala Larwelox !"., ,. ... .. 7k .... 1.arte FNSit Fryws JlEG. Me Weslelll lxTails ... I Coetry s..w Sauage lla. Extra. T_. Li'HI U..ISc .... Jce, Packetl Fresla Luge -CU:ka Fresll Beel lilllleys 3 Pads 'hrby 1rmgs III.Gc .... 4Sc -I IL& WE HAVE RABIT A CHICKEN Exira lea ..... Slew FEED. LAYING AND GJlOW-... lit. He lNG MASII IN zs lbs:. BAGS. WE HAVE WU.s&N CHITTER-............ l.eq .... I.JN GS IN Ills. S lbs. AND 11 ... : Dr. 45c a u.s. REG. 3 lbll 59c Fresla. Pork .SMulders End Cat Fresh F.ggs In Carlou IJa. Perk Claops Dez. 41c fresla .. leads 1Ja.'J'9c lorllaem Tissue lh. Pc Small Pig Feet 3 rolls 39c HALF OR WHOLE SUGAR IlL REG. 3 BOLLS & CUR liD SWEET Specials for Friday Saturday and Monday, Dec:. I 2. 4


Saturday, Decem'Ler 2, 1972 Fla. SenHnei-Bulletin PuLiished every Tues. and. Fr[. ... Get Botb Edtilons PAGE mREE Younger Element. Maket Strong. Bid. ELDERlY MAN.'S PIPE STARTS F c 01 .. 'FIRE, HE DIEs IN FLAMEs or ontrol Tampa NAACP An .t .. dy blind mm who"''" loood, h wer and iilfluence : in the affairs of the community squared off with the 'old guards" of the Tampa bran c h of the NAACP wlien they accepted the mandate of the public re cently tO bid for positions of ieadership in the local civil rights organization. William C. (Bill) Bryant, co owner of Ray Williams Funeral Home, will oppose Matthew Greg ory in the upcoming election for president of the local NAACP branch. Widely-known and respected in the city, Bryant is self-employed, ibis black or' ientated : and is tlierefore in a strategic position to speak out on issues, when :Without ariy rear of repercussions, a.s p resident of the NAACP : B dant loud in his praise of th e effort!! made by t!le ''old guard" to proteCt the irtlerest of groups thtbl)gh their work in the organi:iatiQn, but added that, their day for structive, aynamic, lead ersh i p in civil : rights : activities is drawing to a Gregory, a slightly over middle. aged gentleman, has been very effective h i s since over upon the resignation of Bob Gilder, now head of the Com munity Action .i\genc y. Attorney Arthenia L. Joyner who _is destined to play a major Tiny gift boxfl hold the bigse.t pearl rh's of 1 Karat sold. See our Christmas today! Rtvolvini Cho .'A' o Cuttom Chargf o BankAmorlcord o Mute; Cnors LyowAf SUMDAY, DECEMBER 3rd DOWITOWI TAMPA BRING THE CHILDREN-TO ZAL.ES JEWELRY'S SANTA WAGON SUTA will be al Zales lrom 12. DOOR to I p.m. Let your children take a full 5 x 7 life natural photo with Santa. come. You'll cherish It for years to ALSO OPEN HOUSE BICi DISCOUNTS .DOWHTOWH 604 FRANKUN STREET WEST SHORE BBITTON PLAZA an smoke : inhalation after setting as Mr. Mobley's guardian ;Jy fire to his accidentally wit h preparing his meals, etc ., said his pipe. he has no relatives in Tampa and Sam A Mobley 83, 913 Walton that he sat most -of the time in was pronou nced dead on arrival the lounge chair smoking his pipe at Tampa Mon-She said he em many occasions day aftern09n w1th second would _light the pipe and throw burns over the upper portiOn of the match to the floor without his body putting it out She was not Inspeetor B. Buckley, Tampa at home at the time of the fire Fire Dept., : said it she said. the fire sta_rted :in the living room from failen ashes of the man's was fOUJ1d lyiilg face down. m a corner of rooni sign offoul play' w 'iis ) : Youth :Claims Forced To C,:. B,YANT ; An ar-role.in future loc.31; ii. ntv, state rested .. 'fharsday night" on a t of grand larceny after imd natiomil P.olitics;-made her 1 he stole a large amount of cash first qid in tHis. .. when !(rom Qoo4y-GoodyRestaurant,. she a s cepted the: :nolhinatioq for 111 ,9, J:lr. Flqrida,Avenue .' ele f tive positio!l it?-pate:1 Witnesses tald police t4at bally youth identified as Robert Leo tee of the loeal 'branch of the nard, 1807 E. 26th A venue, jump NAACP. ed on -top of a servi-ce counter Mori a third of the hunabout 9 :30 and grabbeq $270 from dreds of active of the a cash dn.wer. Tampa branch .of the NAACP inPolice officers on routine pat sisted the naples of rol saw the youthrunning down affiliated with the organization Harrison toward Central A venue most oJ his lif-e,: Miss Joyner, Mrs. and stopped hi .m. They found the Dorothy E. Harmon and Robert money in his pocket b itt we .re Scott, :sr; be phiced in nomina. unaware that he was a robbery tion for positions of leadership ;n suspect. Upon checking, they the organizatio!) for .1973-74. learned that there had been a Bryant will challenge Grego1y robbery at Go.ody-Goody and for the position of president of Leonard was arrested .the local branch of the NAACP Upon being questioned ; Leo in the election : to be held -at St. nard admitted : taking the Paul AME burch, Friday evebut said he had done so after ning, December 15 at 7:30 p m. being forced at gunpoint by -a This \Viii be : tlae only contest in nother man. The officers learned the elEi ction as all other nominees that there ; was a :inan standing have 'rio. opposition to .. date Their in the area when the robbery oc acceptance of the nomination for cui-red bu t there 'was no evi office is tantainoimt to election dence to conne ct him with the since no additional nominations crime. N orie of the witnesses saw can be accepted for office follo\1. the man with a lng the No:vembex: meeting. This ___ .. Leonard was. taken to the city i s stipulateq in the natiohal con. jail and booked fQr :grand stit1,1tion of the NAACP. ceriy: The following Tampans nominated for offices indicated during the monthly meeting held recently : P,residerit ; Matthew Gregory; vice president, :a.. l'f Re!;Igick; secOI\d president Fl!th er Austin Park; third vice pre s i dent, Rev. F. Sl!nchei ; tary, Mrs.' Helen Saunders ; as sistant sec retary, Mrs : Beatri e e A ; Wright; treasl)rer Janies T. Hargrett Sr ; alternate Mrs. E : D. Lewis. The elective membe r s of the executive committee are : Herbert Q.barles, -Mrs. Paula Sanchez, Atty. Arthenia Joyner, Ellis L. York, Rupert McClen dop, Jr. Garland E. Baker, Wil liam C Bryant ; Rev J B Keel, Miss Victoria Casella'S Mrs Jean C usseaux, James Barrien, E : N. New Mt. Zion : 2511 E. C olumbus Rev. B; J Jones, Pastor Sunday seryices begins with Sunday school. at !l :30 with :the supt. in AU: offficers -at. teachers a-re expected to be at. the i r posts. T}le will be by ti!J.e P!lStor. Morning service will begin at 11:00 o clock with the Deacons in charge of the devotional serv ice The No. 2 choir and No 2 u s hers board will serve The pastol; will deliver the message. BTU at 5 with the president Milton Biggham in charge. Everyone is invited to come and take a parl. Evening worship begins at 6 Lacy Mrs Claudia B Silas Mrs. with .the same choir and usher Annie Tillis B. A. Tillis, Ches ter G board serving; the pastor will eorge, Mrs. Willie M Dav i s, okesman that was on the Oct 29th date they. had Since that time they have been unable to resun1e their meetings although they have -attempted to ge't the auditorium by tele phone; direct contact an ; d through written request. Agnes Si{Ilmons, a *mber of the Federal Housing AdviSQry ComJllil tee saie tha t Mrs. 1'4ar jorie Guest handles the booking!J of the auditoriums for the housing authority's audito r ium The Sen t ine! was unable to c ontact Mrs. Guest for but did talk with ,Ear l Shields, the manager of Central Park Village Homes, concerning the matter When called in his office early this (Friday) morning, Shield!J mentioned that his disttict manager, Elmer Brickner, was thero and wanted him to listen in on t he conversation ; B r i ckner, who did most of talking during the telenhone con v ersation, seemed very di s turbed over the fact that the people had been denied the privi lege of using the building and said thatMr. Shields has the say so over who uses it. This, according to Shi e lds was not known to him, Bri ckner said that if Mrs. Guest has a request to use cer tain spaces she has to post her in the office so that the pro}eet mana-ger will be a war e that the place is to be OC ii.i pied on a ceitain day. In the .future Brickner said, he wants the auditorium reserved for the 1Committee's meetings every Sun day afternoon. Y!_e refu!i !ll of a group of students to leave the bui1ding a f ter having been ordered to do so by authorities Buy From Florida Sentinel Advertisers


PACE FOUR Fla. Se:o1:lnel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fr:l Get Both Saturday, 2, 1972 Published every Tuelida)' and Frida)' by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Pub lishing Co. 2207 Twenty First AYeDue, Tampa, Florida 33601. C. BLYTH ANDREWS Founder and Publidaer C. BL YTIIE AND.REWS, JB. Esee.Me SIMON JOHNSON Vice PresldeBC-Productlon )IRS. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Vice J>resi4elltSede&J JOHNNY JACOBS Vice PresideldAdvertislnl HAYWARD BRADY Vice Presideu&-Publlc RelatioDs tieeond class postagtl paid at Tampa, Florida. SUBSC&IPTION $ 6M Year ODe Edl&toD. $12..50 l'er Year BoUt EcliUeaa. NAACP Deserves Help We were delighted this week lo. learn that the In Tampa ( s s 'till alive and ktdring its membeva:hip and ftnancial problems. On December 15th, t li e lcx:al branch wiU eled a IPresident and board members. From the names of candidates for the v arious of fices we can be as &ured that if h the NAACP .follows it e nabon wide trend of a more youthful leadership, its grassroots work of improving the life of black peo ple and poor people will move on. There is stiU much work Ito be done in race relatiOns in Tampa. This newspaper, .the Community Rela1tions Advisory Committee and a few .other black and white leaders who field complaints, can'l t do it alone. An active, NAACP with a youthful, dynamic leadership can play a key role in winning and badly needed job improve m-ents, better police-com-mtinity :relations and help wlith badly needed grassroot a political or ganization. It's no secret thalt 1thousands of and liberal whites w h o suppor.ted the NAACP when the work was more glamorous, have fallen along the way. Others are helping new and m ore militan' t civil rights groups. But say, these people can be won back to 'the NAACP fold with a lead 'locally that attempts to help with the many people problems. Black leader. s have made the poiDit thalt blacks have a poor rec ord of supperting -their own causes and dubbed them quick to forget. Making the NAACP sup,port plea even more aubatantive is the reoen t exdam,aticn of B 1lack En terprise pu:blisher Earl Graves. M .r. Graves, also a respected economist, sa}"& Llack'S in this country halVe a combined cross ealtional p!J.'Od,uct ,of $42 biUion. lf we were a na:tioa, th-at sum would .make .our GNP the ninth largest in the world. Graves eatimaltea -$:S'OO minion th.ia year wiU .co Ito travel while a fantastic sum. wiU go in!to ,suk Schools and Master of for. a. Radi o Talent Presently, iMrs. Swain is serving as Public Relations Coordinator, Lakewood High School Band Boosters Mn;. Swain i s a member of the Alpha ,Kaf)lla Alpha :5omrity, iN a tional Education Association, Qu ettes Auxiliary to Omega Psi Phi Fnternit;y and the !National Coun ci l for Negr-o Women. Mrs. Swa'in is married to Robert J. Swain, D.D.S., and th irnother ,of six children The Florida Regiona l Medical Program js a t i on esta.blished Ito prov;ide ,co operative, "bo'ld and innovative" .solutions to FlDrida',a .health .cant ,roblems,


Saturday, DecemLer 2, 1972 Fla. SeuUnei-Bulletin Publlslled every Tues. and Fri. Get Both, Edritloni PAGE FIVE The writer's personal observa tion seems toindicate Black people and White people are further apart "socially" than they were some twenty years ago in tbe U.S .A. However, we seem to show better opportunities for all people across the nation during these same twenty years plus period. There is no cause for alarm about the stalemate in progress of a Black-White society, u this non-progress is merely caused b y the Black man's new caut ion trend towards whites and the White man s new resentments towards the opportunities now en joyed by blacks, and the past years of progress of the American Black man which now surpasses the progress made by any minor ity race of people over the past twenty years. SUPPOSE a beading like this could sort of come under the topic, "Guess Who's Coming -To Dinner". BUT WOULD YA BELIEVE, the newest saying of. the Bla ck man up north is, "I'm going to move to God's country, down .south" AND liERE'RE A FEW MORE THANKSGIVING TOPICS, TWEN TY DAYS 'FORE XMAS Assistant Administrator for the Commission of Community Rela tions John Daniels, wife, Betty, and sons Keith and Kevin, spent the Thanksgiving holidays wit h Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (T.W.> Long in West Palm Beach. Mrs. Lo)\g is the sister of Mrs. Daniels. HEWITT SMITH, Xavier Unhr., New Orleans La., freshman, spent the Thanksgiving with mom Mrs. Martha H. Kennedy, local s e hool teacher. HewiU s the neph ew of prominent dentist, Dr. Joh:a L. HewlU.,,. Was told of former Blake Hi track and football star, Eddie McMillan, FSU senior and son of Mrs. Margaret McMillan, be i ng selected to play in one of the North-South football games, but !hadn't found which one at press time.,,, JETS One fellow says he now uses grapefruit juice as chaser for his fifth a day of Scotch whiskey be cause, "the grapefruit juice helps keep my waistline down". Guess that' s one way of keeping your mind off eating too. mueh food, but oh boy Received word of ex-6enTel Carolyn Conyer, transfe1 ring to Atlanta where she's now with the Bell Telephone System. Also learned the other (lay of young minister, ltev. Jll. L. Harris of Arch St., having recently given up his eligible bachelor's title. Talked with former entertain ment promoter, George A. Gre gan, Jr., while he was in last week for visit with dad, Mr. George A. Grogan, owner of the Ebony Drive Inn Enterprises of St. Pete. George, Jr., is still :ra siding in Washington D C where be's serving with the District of Columbia Zoning Commission as Administrative Officer. George, Jr., was re. cently one of. six per. .sons in Washington, D. C ., to re ceive the Distinguished Service Award from the National Civil Service League (NCSL) on behalf of outstanding aervice perform ance Former Tampan, Miss Margaret WJUte, was in for few days vis i t with dad, Mr. Eugeae White, TIA employee following recent trip to Spain aboard PanAmerican Air Lines, wher9' she's been flying as a Stewardess the past four years, while residing in Newark, N. J. Got to see former Tampan, Mn. Mary Ellen Thurstoa Rogers for about the first time since she graduated as one of the beauties of onoe of our most fabulous clas s es ever at Middleton Hi. Be lieve Mrs Rogers was headed back home to Cleveland, Ohio Dapper Louis Bostick of Tampa Atlan t a was in during the week to check on working mate, An drew "Drew" Spencer, who be came ill in Atlanta and was brought home to SJH while re cuperating. Woody Zlnn of St. Pete was the winner of t-he 151hpound ham given away by the Yellow Jackets Little League of which Mr. Earl Goodman is president Cuz, Louis Valdez ; was home visiting mother for Thanksgiving. Vald.ez was recently appointed to the position of supt of Was t e Collection in Louisville K y. 11n appointment made by the Mayor. MRS. CHARLENE BRUTON ARRIVED SAT. FROM OMAHA, NEB., and among well-wishers welcoming her home was up in arms little daughter, Kimberly, sisters Jacquelyn and Paulette, a recent bride, and her mother, Mrs. Bet*y J. Dupont, who recog nized the writer from that flick up there HERE'RE A FEW THOUGHTS FOR TODAY Do you know with that new "No-Fault" divorce law In Fla, you kin now get rid of your mate in three to four weeks? Which means if you file now it'll come to you as a Xmas present Or at least you kin shout, "Free At Last" by the New Year. Adding to this, word is, if both parties agree to agree before the Judge (getting round the ex., pensive give-away lawyer fee) you kin get rid of your aO.:Called headache for fifty dollars or less You know the grass always looks green-er on the other side, doesn't It? New Silver Moon, Inc. 124 JIOBTH OBEGOJI AYEIIUE 1 block north of Kennedy Blvd. The besl barbecue in lon Specializing in Bibs. Chicken and Steaks Also Liquor, Beer ud Wille MORE OF TODAY'S THOUGHTS "There is only one wa y to get ready for im mortality and that is to love this life and liveit as bravely and faithfully and cheeifully as we can" "Faith and works are necessary to our spiritual life as Christians, as soul and body are to our natural life as men !or faith is the soul of religion and works the body". THIS SORT OF MAKES ME WONDER, just what type of Christian folks do we have living in that war-torn area of Dublin, Inland? ADVANCE T I C K E T S FOR KAPPA S KBRISTMAS BALL 3re now being mailed and are on sale The Kappa s Khristmas Ball will be held at the armory Dee. 22nd and the purchasing of your ticket assures you an invitation to their annual "Black and White Ball". Doa Chapell Wllllama, Jr., Is Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Polemarch and Rudolph Burgess, dance public relations director. REPORT HAS IT THE "DOLL HOUSE" under the ownership of Nelsoa Griffith and the Band is now open for social ac tivlties giving the community an other fine spot to go and do your own thing. Hats off to you, sir! AND THERE WAS THIS WRIT ER BLOWING ONE OF HIS BIGGEST EVER SCOOPS, as t forgot to extend birthday greet ings to my dear mother, Mrs. Cinderella C. Brady, 1112 Gov. ernor St., who celebrated her day Monday, Nov. 27th.' And just think of what the warld would be like u mothers forgot our birthdays that way So here're belated birth day greetings to you dear mother. Hope you like the belated gifts. And many, many thanks for the years of parental guidance and support which made me man enough to face this beautiful, but sometimes troubled a n d SEE YAU LATER 912 3rd A verme South St. Peteraburr, Florida Rev, H. McNeal Harris, Pastor "And as they were eating, Jesus took bread and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the desciples, and said, take eat, is my body." "And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and to them, saying drink ye all of it for this is my blOQd of the new testament which is shed for many for the re J:nission of sins." As we come and kneel at the altar on Sunday moming let us remember J esus' death and suffering, that he died that we might liv.e. !Rev. Harris' sermon text on Sunday morning is "At The Cross." Scripture readings titles 2nd chapter 1st to the 14th Monday night official board meeting. All officers are asked to be present at this time The trustees will hold their monthly meeting the seeond Sun day immediately after morning service. Mr. Hubert Smith president ap.d chairman presiding. Mus.io Sunday morning l1 under the direction of Miss _0. B. McLin and Mrs. Frankie Minnis. The combined choirs are l!inging. Let us not forget ou flick and ahut-ina, The Sunday School Lesson. By REV.A. LEON LOWRY Pastor, Beulah Baptist Church A IWf FOB TIE 180 I Chronicles 36; Jeremiah 1:!8 There is no such thing as a man stumbling into the work of God. It is my firm belief that God ordains and calls men for special work There is alwa y s a man for the hour, a man pre pared for the task. 71tis is the way the Bible I read brings it. to us. Every man who appears to do God's work is called of -God' The man with whom we are concerned today was a priest ; not a self-styled priest, but a God called priest In fact he was consecrated by God before he was born into the world. When he young manhood God sum moned him to his ordained task. Jeremiah made the excuse that he was too young God d i d not accept this excuse but related to Jeremiah. the fact that he had been selected before he had been conceived. It was no accident that Jere miah was a man of stature, in fact it was the belief of the Hebrews that God is behind the births of great men As far a s they were concerned greatness in a man had nothing to do with biological happenings, it was an act ofGod. Armed with the unswerving be lief that God had set him apart for this special work Jeremiah did not falter In the time of dif fi.culties and road-bloeks man needs to have the assuranc-e that the task he undertak e s is worthy of his total devotion. With out such an assurance one will not overcome the difficulties along the way Like many of us Jeremiah could not see, at first, the great meaning of the events before him. He hesitated a bit, but more than this the work seemed beyond '1is youthful strength and perhaps his experience. Thus, he hesitated. Not so with young people today, seemingly there is no hesitancy on their part to speak out and ,say it as they think and feel. All over the world young people are marching and demonstrating for what they believe ought to be. We can not and must not mini mize the wonderful things young people have done across the cen turies. Lest we forget the many fine things done by young people in our day, let us remember Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesse Jackson and hundreds of others. It may well be that Jeremiah's hesitancy was not due to timidity because of his age it could have been that he felt at that moment the tremendous pressure of a prophetic ministry in which he would be called upon to cry out against the establishment of his day. Jeremiah had no need to hesl tate or to worry for God told him that He knew where he would serve and how. God g ave Jere miah the assurance that He would be with him. Jeremiah would be speaking for God, he would he dealing with eternal truth He would be speaking God' s word. How marvelous it is for a p r eacher or for any servant of God to know that he is speaking God' s word. With this knowledge a man possesses. an authority that goes beyond himself and his per sonal limitations No man can really speak fol' God unless he is called b y God. The man has no power withjn himself Many times he does n o t want to speak He looks at him self and sees all of his weak nesses and but speak he must because God has placed a word i n his heart for his people Th is happens in many areas political scient ific, educa tional and so forth So it is that many a man many a woman not only preachers in t he pulpi t are used by God to speak for him Jeremiah's message was not just one of judgmen t it was als() to be a message of hope. God was seeking to lead his people i n the paths of righteousness, truU t, mercy and justice. It was Oil these principles that Jeremiah had to stand and speak He had to call things as he saw them, which means that some times he had to proclaim the judgment of God on his people. Then again he preached that men might turn from wickedness We must see that our task is bGtll to preach judgment with the hops that men will repent and escape judgment. Men need to know Mt only that they will be judged for their sins, they need also to know that if they turn from their ains, God will forgive them and will save them. Buy From Roricla Sentinel Adverti.sers -AUTOMATIC RADIO .. v ..... ,,v For Christmas Available 2 Locatio111 4115 Btvd.' Phoae 872-8444. North Gate Ceater


PAGE SIX Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frl Get Both Editions Saturday, Decemler 2, 1972 '. TIME AGAIN FOR CHRISTMAS COOKIE BAKING Well, look who's In the kitchen. CINDERELLA cooks up a Holiday storm In a pastel pink shirt n' skirt look with puckered midtiff. The dirndl skirt and midriff Is flocked with flowers and fOT a two piece look In one. All polyester and cotton a11d "Stop the Press" too. ; ; no ironing needed! It's another pretty from ()INDERELLA'a paired with a pink and white gingham checked shirt Holiday NOTES FROM TAMPA CLUBS Members of the GOLDEN RAVENS SOCIAL CLUB will have an important business meeting Monday evening at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Gennie Mae Anderson, 1713 Nassau Street: A meeting of the AMERiiCAN BEAUTY SOCIAL CLUB will be held at 8 P. M. this evening at the residence of Mrs. Lecola De bose, 2921 18th Street: They will make plans for their annual Christmas Party. THE KENNEDY SOCIAL CLUB will hold their regular meeting Saturday evening at 6:45 at the home of Mrs. Ruby Watson, 2614 23rd Avenue. Mrs. Ethel M. Broadnax, president of the GOLDEN RULE SOCIAL CLUB, is calling a special meeting Saturday evening at 7:30 at her residnece, 2&31 31st Avenue. The -purpose is to complete ar rangements for the annual banquet. On Sunday afternoon at 3 P. M., the 19 WONDER VA<;ATIDN CLUB is meeting at the home of Mrs. Marion Rivers, 3011 18th Street Mrs. Winnie H. Lee will be host to the MORNIING GLORY so. CIAL CLUB Saturday at 5 P. M. at 2918 19th Avenue THE H. E. 0. SOCIAL CLUB is meeting Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Amelia Lowe, 1506 Mitchell Street. Notes From T alilpa Lodges A meeting of LILY WHITE LODGE NO. 39 will be held at 8 o'clock this evening at 1511 Central Avenue. WEST HYDE PARK LODGE NO. 327 F&AM is meeting at 8 P ; M ... Monday -at_ Tyer Temple United Methodist Church, Central and Ross. i ', C6MIHGDEC. 10-Baby agd Singarama, Holsey Temple C. M. E. Church, 6 P. M. DEC. 10-Dual. Day, Tyer Temple United Methodist Church, 11 A.M. DEC. 10-Annual Tea, United M. B. Church, 3:00 P. M. DEC. 17-Christmas Program, Peace Progressive P. B. Church, 7 P.M. DEC. 22--Kappa Alpha Psi Ball, Fort Hesterly Armory. Dave Besl Named 'Coach of Year The recipient' of Hillsbor. ough County Coaches Council's annual "Coach of the Year" award was Dave Best of Robin son High School whose team won District and Regional champion. ships and State rumier-up He was Jtonored with a Dave Best Day by the student body and also re ceived recognition from WLCY Radio. Mr. Best teaches Drives Edu cation and bas been in the school system five years. The graduate of High School and Florida A & M University Is the ion of 1\lrs. Ella Best anJI I s mar ried to t h e fomer Evangeline Richardson. They have a 3-year old daughter, Bonita and reside at 316 E. Fern Avenue. Wishing You A Happy Birthday Today. is December 1, and that means that Michelle N. Mosley has arrived at the age of on e.Michelle and .her mon Jacquelyn, r eside.with her-gr_!lndparents, Mr. Mrs. James Williams, 4907 Street,, Progress Village. Also celebrating a birthday on the fir'st is' Jacquelyn Yvonne "" -. Wo1'nrack1 daughter of Mrs. Beat' rice :Synnom and Tom Bynnom of Waco, Texas. Mrs Wormack, a General Tell employee, is the wife of Jl;lmes 'wormack and they have two youngsters, Jowimia andJaine$, Jr. They : reside at 2403 E: Ida htnts : : ROSALIE SCOTT, ,STAFF 1\SSISTAN.T BY fh101tfj sERVICE Dl RECTOR Serve Cherry-Lemon Holiday Dessert for your holi day buffet. This festive layered dessert of ana white starts :with cherry gelatin a:nd cherry pie fill ing. evaporated milk blends softel}.ed cream cheese for a rich and creamy top layer. Make and chill iri the early afternoon. Serve.' with. extra cherry pie filling for buffet supper that lligltt. CHERRYLEMON HO.LIDAY DESSERT (Makes 8 to 10 servings) I 1 package (3 ounces) 1 tablespoon g r ated lemon flavored gelatin lemon rind f 1.4 cup sugar 1 package (3 ounces) 2Vz cups boiling water cherry flavored gelatin 11 package (3 ounces) 2 cups can) softened cream cheese cherry pre frlhng % cup undiluted carnation Evaporated Milk Dissolve lemoJ?. gelatin and in boili n g water.'; Cool. Combine cream and evaporated milk in mixing bowl. Using eleCtric mixer beat until smooth. Stir evapo!ated milk-cheese !l)ixture gel.atin. ,Add lemond rind. Pour gelatin into shallow 6-cup mold. Refrigerate until partially but not firm. Dissolve'cherij gelatin in remaining f cup boiling water Reserve cup cherry pie filling; add remaining pie filling to cherry gelatin. Spoon cherry gelatin over partially set lemon gelatin. Chill until firm (2 to 3 hours). Unmold and serve with cherry pie filling; .... -----' DIJ. P. A. ERVIN. DENTIST 1404'h CENTRAL AVENUE CALL FOR' APPOINTMENT At My Residence Before 9 a in. Phone 251-2139 WI.GS, CLOTHING, JEWEL.Y. AIR CONDITIOIERS, TV's, ELECTRIC WASHERS. ON THE "EASIEST CREDIT TERMs II TOWN HU.B __ -FRANKliN ST. 2yl TAMPA,


. Saturday, December 2, '1972 Fla. Se ndnei-Bulletin Published every Tues. an d Fri; Get Pt\'GF. SEVEM GUESTS AT NEW SALEM FOR TEA he _re are some of the guests atthe annual tea given by the Fighters -Far Pro'gress or the Federation of the Blind. From left to right are 1\frs. Ruby 1\:lack, speaker; Mr. 'and Mrs. W. M. Hightower and Mrs. Minnie Percy. CLARETHA SAULTER IS MISS .UH-URU The charming CJaretha Saulter, center, was crowned i i Miss .. Uhuru recently at the Downt own Holiday Inn. : She Is pictured at the coronation af fair with other participants. From left to eight are Mary King Sylvia McC oy, Essie Mathis first run ner-up; Miss Lillie Ann Duncan second runner-up ; Anth;lonette Harper, and Ruby A, Bald win --. Ta.mpan Elected lo GREGG TEMPLE AME CHU-HCH. Jn Cheyenne, 1\'IRS. ALBERTA JOHNSON and cdaughter, FeliCia Pi:l{Qri, johnson, !former Tam pan, .'....w a s elected Councilwoman from. Ward I in Chey enne, Wyoming in-the No vell).ber 7th election. Mrs. Johnson, the former Alberta Dixon the _daughter of an4 'Q-. Jr. ChOir No. 2 and ush ers serve for the morning service. At 3 e choir had their seasonal tea. Miss Ann Fletcher was th d guests peaker. .On Dec 9-10, the youth depart ment wiil have a two-day session with l\4iss Margie Cason as guest speaker Saturday night. Miss Cynthia Kendrick wiil be the guest speaker Sunday morning and at 3, Miss Bertha Randolph will be &uest speakir. We -are askin& the .. 42nd St. and Cayuga Ave. REV. R. A. CHRISTOPHER pastor 'You are invited to attend wor ship services Sunday at Gregg Temple AME Church Sunday school begins at 9:30 a .m.; wor ship service is at 11, and evening worship is at 6 :30 Prayer meeting and Bible study are held on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Holy communion will be ad ministered by the new pastor, the R .ev Ronald A. Christopher wh() is doing a fine job since being appointed to the church. He is from the Island of Bermuda. cooperation of all to makethis a success: :Pray lor the sick and ahutina. BRAD.YS CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING .'The Joveiy home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brady was scene of a Thanksgiving dinner for the Brady clan Highlighting the dinner was the precelebra: ion of Mrs. Cinderelia Brady's birthday I, Among others enjoying the festive activities were !\Irs. Corine Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Will Brady, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie FerreU, Mrs. Pauline Barnes, Miss Betty Barnes, Mr. and Mrs Clifford : E BraC:,y, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Theodi-s Holloway Mr. and 1\l. rs John E. Brady, Clifford Brady Jr., Bernice Harve y l\'liss Ingrid Brady, Thomas E. Brady and A, J. Ferrell. THE BROWNS HAVE GUEST S Enjoying Thanksgiviri g dinner w : th Mr s Thelma H. Brown o f 17th Avenue were her mo ther, :"lrs Mary B. Hoffman ; an aun t Mrs. Lucille B; Jo\lnson; a b rQthei' Holly Hoffman and friends: E stwick, Mrs ; Anthenia Brown, Mrs. Rosa 'Davis and a couSJJl, Mrs DuJ;'ree. Mrs. Brown serve d a turkey w i th all { he trimmings. : MRS. VANDERHORST ENTERTAINS Vand-erhorst o f 2 127Walnut Street hosted a lovely dinner party on Thanksgiving for relatives and friends Her guests were Misses Araell Bryant, Frankie .Parlthon and Helen B. Thomp. son, all seniors at Florida A & M-University ; Mrs. Ella Mary Holmes, principal of'E. uclid S chool and Mrs. Dealma Fountain of St. Petersburg; Mrs. Pearl Coffee, Mrs. Miriam Rivers Mr. and Mrs Henry Davis, Robert Simm o n s, Herman Wyche, Sgt. Harry Dor: sey, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Howard, HERE FROM PHILADELPHIA Arriving in the Cigar C ity a few days ago was Mrs. Myrtle Stevens of to spend with her. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stevens, 1705 Nassau Street. Mrs. Stevens is a secretary in a -Federal Government office. REQUEST PROGRAM Mrs. Elizabeth Whitehead will serve as Mistress of Ceremonies for her annual _Request PrO.gram that will be held at 3 P :M. Sunday at_ Baptist where Rev. J.-C. Goins is pastor. Twelve chiors smg songs that have been : requested. This program is held once each year, and the public is invited. H. Martin Is the presiden t ; Joe Beck Jr. is vice president and Mrs. Fannie Copeland is t he secretary. MARRIED .13 YEARS Congratulations to Mr. and M' -Fs Daniel Boone Williams -.1550 Union St., who celeorated their 13th anniversary November 30. They have four ST. PETERSBURG RESIDENT PASSES services for Mrs. Carrie Bell Thomas of St Petersburg will be held at2 P M at Mt. Zion Progressive Baptist Church. She was the mothe r o ( Mrs. Elois Scott of Tampa. CHOIR OBSERVES 60th ANNIVERSARY : Members of the 1 Choir of New Salem Primitive Bapti s t Church will celebrate their .60t h anniversary Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clix:k. The anniversary sermon will be by the pastor the Rev. R. H .Howard; and on Monday evening at 8 o'clock, the observance Will clOse with ii special musical' prog .ram. Mrs. Bertha Comer, a member ... of .. Mt Mori.ah .. Primitive Baptis t Church, will be the Mistress of Ceremonies. Everyone is invited to both events. Mrs. Carrie Grant is tha president, and Mrs. Icelee Patterson. serves as the reporter. MRS. lOLA McCLOUD ENTERTAINS CLUB On Monda y evening the Joll y Hour Matrons Clu b me t a t the hoJne of Mrs. lola McCloud their last business meeting of th e year. Receiving birthday honors were Mrs. Lillian McFadden whose natal day was November 22, and Mrs. whose birthday is 2. Attending were M;r. Gladys Anderson, Mrs. Jessie Blakely Mrs. Petsonella Margn e, Mrs. Birdie Mae Jones, Mrs. -Coretha Mc Daniels, Mrs. Celestine Williams, Mrs. Mary Stevens Mrs. Sarah Kent, and two visitors, Mrs. Gertrude Gibson and Mrs. Barbara WOMEN'S DAY AT SPRINGHILL .. The annual Day a t Springhill Baptist Church was a great one Guests in Sul)daY. School were Mrs. Mollie Jones, Mrs. Mary Webb, Mrs. Alma Johnson, Mrs. Almen -la Dance! and Mrs. Lottie Glymph. A beautiful Rainbow Chorus served at the morning worship. Mrs. Silvia Mllllan and Mrs. Elizabeth Whitehead were in charge of music. __ Thi( was M is s Ann Fletcher and other partici pa,nts were Mrs. L, Thin, Mi-s; Carrie Ballard, and ushers from St of Sulphur Springs and Friendship Baptist. At the 3 o'c!ock serVice the speaker was Mrs. Loretta Hunt. Music was by Mrs. Louise Robinson and a mixed group sang. : The day's soloists were Mrs. M. Murray and Mrs. Retha Scott, &l)d among the out-of town guests were Mrs. Susie Coy Mrs F'annie Brown from Chicago Illinois. 1 Carrie Richardson w as for the Women's Day achv1hes, and the Rev ... James Scantling IS the .pastor. KING. : SOLOM,ON'S BAR B .. QUE 2909 WEST CYPRESS ST. WE WILL CATER TO YOU FOR THE HOLmAYS ;PECIALIZIHG IN TURKEYS-H _AMS OR WHAT _EVER YOUR FA,NCY


PAGE EIGHT Fla. Semlnel-Bulletin Pultlished e"t'ery Tues. and Fri. Cet BotL Editioaa Saturday, Deeem!,er %, Ucenses Aposto&c Church J esse White, 34, Thonotosassa, Of J and. Joan Renee Cartwright, 24, eSUS 2 901' Pentagon Ct. 2014 Nebraska at Ross David Lee Neal, 36, 612 Ex-Elder R. L. Moreland ; Pastor teelda A v enue, and Ruthie Bell Mrs. Alma Solomon, Rept. Pleasant Cllapel AME Rev A W. L ybrand, Pastor Mrs.. Evelyn B, Carter, Rept. Nea:J, 33, 612 Excelda A venue. Erl die Lee Turner, 19, 2\40 school began at 10 \ LaSalle, and Gloria Simon, 16, w ith the supt. in eharge. 2202 Highland Avenue. Morning service began at. 11 The first quarterly conference :was held on Friday night with the Presiding Elder A D. Bur ton in charge, All boards made fine reports. Sunday school befall at 9 : 45 with the pastor in c narge. Morn ing service began at 11 with the junior cho i r serving. The sermon was delivered by the pas-. Frankie Benja-min Steadman, with the junior deacons in 22, 917 E. Yukon, and Barbara .of devotion. The sermon was deb Ann Woods, 20, 1016 E. Gkave'red by the pastor. I oosa. A YPU meeting began at the Jessie Manley, 53, 3ot7 Chipco, rusual hour with the president and s usie Ruth Gibson, 44, 4811 Deacon C. Sheppard in charge. 36th St. A youth program was presented. Robert Clarence Gooden, Jr., Evening service at the 20 3412 E. Henry, and Carol usual hour with the order Ellenwood, 23, 5711 Troy of service. The iermon was Ct. -vered by our Dist, El Sylvesta Wallace, 21, 4101 E. der W. B. Hamilton of Tar.pon Hanna, and Rosa Lee Brim, 17, .Springs. Remark s were given by 4101 E. Hanna. Minister Lee, also of 'krpon Joseph Williams, Jr., 27, 3002 IS_pring. 44th St., and Beatrice Storey, Mrs. Alma Solomon is ho;me 20, 2916 N. Cord St. after begin confined to the hos-: Henry Wiggins, 73, 15&8 Nas-pital. sau .St., and Mellicent M. Dil-'. Our Deacons and -Ministers bert, 57, 2316 St. Street. Council will convene in Fort Connie Ellis Wilson, 38, 13!4 Pierce this weekend. W. _Platt, and Audrey Small, 28, Services for will 1321 Arch Si'reet. gin with Sunday school at Joseph Leonard Echols, 23, 505 usual hour followed }\y mornmg S. Avenue, and\ Erma and evening services. J ean Wilhams, 21, 3008 t ,tb St. Joseph Mitchell, 20, .3201 E. .Jean S t., and Carolyn Devonne Davis, 18, 2115 Cherry St.. Geo r g e Nathaniel Wynn, III, 20, 3606 E. M "cBerry; and Clara McNeal 19 &606 E. McBerry. Leon Galnes, 35, Plant City, and .Lynda Faye Mincy, 21, P1ant City. New Progress MB 3307 Shadowlawn Rev. E. J. Williams, Paiitor Mr. Robert Coleman, Rept. Monday night the Young Adult Choir will have rehearsal. Tues day night choir No. 1 will pave :rehearsa L Wednesday night choir No. 2 will have rehearsal. Thurs day night prayer meeting. Sunday school will bEgin at fl :30. Morning service will begin at 11. BTU meeting will begin .at 5:30. Evening serv ice will be gin at 6:30. .Bethel AM Church. 1012 Laurel Street Rev. R. W. Wormaek, Rept. Mrs. Reatha Williams, Reporter Sunday schooi began at the usual hour with the su.pt., Mr; B. S. Proctor in charge. Morning service began at 11 with Mr. 0. C. Singlefield in charge of devotion. The No. 1 and 2 choirs along with the No; 2 ushers. served. The sermon was delivered by our new pastor, Rev. Wormack, who con;tes to us :from Allen Chapel AME Church of Plant City, On nigpt an official meeting was called by our new :pastor. All stewards, trustees and other members of the vari ous auxiliaries of tbe church were present. All weekly a ctivi ties remain the same; t or. ,. Evening service began a t 6 with choir No. 2 and junior ushers servi ng. Rev. W. D. Shipp deliv-ered the sermon. Choir No. 1 will have rehear sal Friday night. All members are asked to be present and on tinN!. SL Paal AM -504 Hani&OR S&. Rev. F. c. Saildlez_ Mrs. c : B. Mariill, Kept. Sunday is pastoral day Mem bers are hereby reminded of the budget and beautification fund at 11. Tlui pastor will deliver the message. Choi r No. 1 under the direction of Mrs. Ruby-e J. Ar rington will render the music and the senior ushers will serve. Holy Eucharist will also be adminis tered by the pastor and his as sistant. A full attendance is des i red. Sympathy is to the family of the late Mrs Birdie B. Burney, a pioneer member of St. Paul who served faithfully fur many years. Mrs. Myrtle Brown, Mrs Mattie Edwards and Mattie Walker are recover i ng at home. R emember them and the sick and shutins everywhere. They desire your blessings. Boycott Cuts School Attendance ORLANDO Absenteeism ran as high as 53 per cent in an ele men tary school in a predomi nantly white section of Orlando Monday as a group called People Power staged a boycott against forced school busi ng The group If your family of four lives on less than $140 a Week called for a countywide boycott, but schol administrators said only about e i ght schools were affected -all of t hem in the Pine Hills area. Pine Hills parents kept t heir chi-ldr-en home fom e lement a r y and junior h igh classes vent ng displeasure over a plan to d esegregate three more area ,;chools before taxeS, we can put you-m a three bedroom home for just $100 down and as little as $86 a month: EAST OF US. 19 AT CQtCIWAN ROAD Cal 726-4769 for details FHA 235 financlnc. $100 !fo)Wn plus $100 prepaid ltet:ns-Monthly pa/c ment (lncludin& principal, Interest, txes and bued on 3 0 payments at 8% annual Frienclslaip Baptist 3UI7 E. Lake Av.enue Rev. H. L. Daniels, Pastor Mrs. Nettie Jaeoba, Rept. Services-. were very 1good througout the day as we were ()bserving our annual Women s Day program. We would li ke to tha.nk all who helped to make it a s uc ces s Mis sionary meeting will be held Tuesday n ight at 7. Wednes day n ight at 7 prayer meeting and B i ble study will be held. Thursday night at 7 Men s Bible class meeting. Saturday after noon at 2 Young Adult class meet ing. Al s o o n Saturday at 5 t e a chers meeting will be held. All a r e asked to remember the 11ick and shut-ins. Prayer Bald Dea. Archie Mond, Pres. Mrs. Alice Lane; Reporter The Eastside Prayer Band will rneet Sunday morning ..at 5 a:t tJle h0ome of Mrs. Annie Lundy, 1402 Armwood Ct. All visitors are welcome. Let us pray for the s ick and shutins. Advertisement) BAKE SALE The Gleaner's Specialt y Club ef New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 2511 E. Columbus Drive, the Rev. B. J. Jones, pastor will sponsor a take and Pastry Bake Sale, Sa t urday, December % 197%. The sale 1tarts at l:GO p .m. at the ehutdt. Everybody eome!! -Mrs. Gwendolyn Lamar, presl lent. GUESTS AT .ALPHA DANCE A-mong the at the Soul Clothes Dance last week e nd w ere Mrs. Perry C. Harvey, Jr. and Rudolph Cohen of Atl a nta. It was an Alpha Phi Alpha Fra tern ity scholarship affair A Hen Temple 1112 Scott St. Rev. H. M. Nelson, Pastor Mass Bealah Gusey, Rept. Rev. Leroy Kerney delivered the message last Sunday. This Sunday we will be observing our holy weekend beginning Friday night Love Feast at 8. 'nle past:>r is asking all to come out. S. S. will begin at 9 : 30. The supt. is asking all to be present and on time. The call to worship at 11 by Rev. Kearney. The No. 2 choir and ushers No. 1 wiil .serve. The message by the pastor At 6 the same group will serve. Remember the sick and shutins. The senior missionaries wiil Claoir Union-No. 1 Mr. Charlie Williams, Pres. Mn. lola Harris, Rept. The City Wide Choir Union Na. 1 will have busine$8 meeting Sun day at 3 at Allen Temple .AME Church of which Rev. H. McDon ald Nelson is pastor. All members are asked to please be present and OJ:l time. ,Name pulling for the Xmas party will be held at this time. meet at 5 at the church Sunday. Mr .Mobley funeral will be heid Saturday at 11. All choirs are asked to ISing. You are welcome to worship with u ( at all times. SA VIII liS l T CIBISTMlS TillE. XMAS WIG SALE WJ$11 Jk WEAR VIIGS .................. S195 lRO WIGS .......... : .................. $495 AFBO PUFFS ............. .. .. .$315 pr. PORTABLE CAPLESS WIGS .. .. .. .. .. .. $&t5 OR FREEDOM CASCADE .. .. .. .. $595 100% RUMAI R .liR WIGS . $995 CASCADES .................. . NO Gags NO Ginunicks CH08$E FROM. DO YOUR XMAS SROPPIIG EABL Y. CATHERINE BARJA W l(i SHOP: 1415 E. BUSCII BLVD 933-1811 OPEN MONDAY-SATURDAY 9 6 P.M.


Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Frt. Get Both Editioni ''I SHOP AT KASH N' KABBY BEt-USE MOST PRODUCTS ABE CHEAPER AND YOU SAVE A LITTLE EACH WEEK." I REBSHELL MOBLEY 3112 E. Columbus Dr. tampa I THE RIME OF FAMOUS-BRANDS I THESE ARE THE STORES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY Tampa 1725 N. Dale Mabry Tampa 2205 Kennedy Blvd. Tampa ..... 2301 Florida Ave Tampa.... 50th St lOth Ave. Tampa ...... 305 W. Hillsboro Tampa Hnlsboro 15th Si. Tampa 8th Ave. 22nd Sl. Tampa 4101 Florida Ave. Tampa Nebraska Waters Tampa West Shore al Kennedy Tampa 1112 So. Dale Mabry Tampa 4487 Gandy -Plaza Tampa 8331 Nebraska Avenue Tampa Cor. norida Walen Dade City .. .. .. 506 E. Pasco Plant City 507 So. Wheeler St. PalmeHo . 515 71h Sl. Riverview Hwy. 301 Brandon 911 Brandon MaD Bradenton Cortez Road W. of Rwy 41 Inverness .. 803 W. Main St. -Zephyrhills Rwy. 301 First St. Lakeland .... 925 Barlow Rd. Ocala 2957 N.W. Pine Ave. St Petersburg 6095 9th Ave. N. Sarasota 3840 So. Tuttle Ave. Bee Ridge Road St. Petersburg Beach 7625 Blind Pass Road Tarpon Springs 5570 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Pinellas Park 4120 Park Blvd. N. Largo .. Hwy. 19 Ulmerlon Rd. Venice .... 480 Venice By-Pass ; .,.:" 0 t ---SHOP ANY DAY-SAVE EVERY DAY MRS. RUBY MACK SPEAKS AT TEA Mrs. Rub y M a ck was the guest speaker Sunday afternoo1l at New Sal e m M. B. Church whe n the Fight ers For Progr es e Chapt e r of th e Florida Fede r a tion of th e Blind h e ld the ir annu a l Fall Tea. H erthe l Dunnigan i s the loc al pre side nt PULPIT GUESTS AT MT. ZION AME ZION The Annual District Conference was held at Mt. Sinai AMB Zion Church recently and on Sunday the pulpit guests included, from left to right the Rev. Raleigh Neal pastor of Mt. Zion, Seffner; the Rev. C. R. Curry, pastor of S t. James, Kissimmee; and the Rev. Edith Gibson, assistant pastor of Hood Temple, Tampa. Good News Bapt. 2314 Jeffersoa St. Rev. E. C Kelly Pastor Sunday school will begin at 9 .1ith Dea Henry Brown in charge All teachers are asked to be on t i me Junior worship service be g i ns at 10:40 with the directo i, Mrs J Cox in charge. All pare:1ts are invited to come and be our special guest in our junior wor ship service. Morning worship at 11 with No. 1 choir serving The sermon will be delivered by th11 pastor. BTU will begin at 5 Mrs J Allyn will be in charge. Even i n(l worship begins at 6 :30. Wednesday at 5 :30 Bible study, prayer meeting at 6:30. The yo ut ll director is asking all youth t o meet at the church Wednesda y at 5 :30 for :Xmas activity p r actic e The Boy Scouts wiil meet the church Saturday at 1 :30. We will leave for the activity bu ld ing at 1:40. Please be on tim e You are invited to attend our worship services ----------------------------BAKER FINANCE COMPANY 3625 W. CYPRESS Loans to $600 CAR FURNITURE SIGNATURE ...... "';,..... ..... ,...,, ;.. Phone 879-5340 ....._.,..,.__ t'


'PACE TEN Senline1-BilDefiD Puh1iwd TW!.s. and Frl. Get Both .Jaturc'lay, Declemlter 2, 1972 St. .AM Ke.v. k11a E Cuy, t':ut.or Mcs. Delia P .imftt&, The n last S.un.day cdm. Miss w .as t!he speaker. Ed a.n.d 'llr. !ll>. Donnell. 'I'he .sermon \Will'S ieJlawere d by the pastor. O.ur sympathy is e:dien.&ed to Mrs Jf.est>ie .M. Oart.er II!Ild &. m ily in the ,of her !fa(tiher in Qwncy. -!Mr. and M!l:tl. Kayw.am Dampton Sr. hail r.eilumed fa1.0m Va. .after v4itt;iro,g :bbeir who is ccmfine.d at t1lhe Naval Ch.oir NJ:Imher 1 me. m i b.er.s .and wil1 ,on 'BliD.day. Vlisito;r.s are weic.o:me at .alll times. A'll a:r.e ask:e d Ito remember ttihe sick and Faidl T.,le Ml .COraer Palm 11ud Lamar Rev. Fle-ye .f411uts8o, Adie,g Rev. J. P. Nichalos, pa-stlilr True Vine MB Churcll waB ,gueflt mwister all day last SUFl.iay aad the attendance w .as :good, t be spirit ran high. Trhe junior chair nendered the music. On next Sunday, Rev. B. P.a ;;r ton, paster af New Shi l e h Chur.ch, Alachua, wil ll be tbe g uest minister. Members and are ure-ed to attend. R:ememlber this is the last month in m2 and Srmrla,y eveni:J,g the !m-d''S Sup;per Wi' ll 'be served. Remember ail of the Sic'lc and Ehutins. Y{)u are always welcome at Faith Temp1e. Holsey Tele :Rev. L. J. Moutg.ome .ry, Pastor .Rev. Rosa L. Bryaat, Reporter S. s. will begin at 9:30 with the sup-t. conducting the devotion. The pastor wil'I gqve the rreview. Morning wi>H ibe held at 11. The N<>. 1 .choir ill$ld ushers will serve durmg both servic.es. The pastor wiiU leJlld the dev .otion and del iv.er ,tJhe ine.ssa ge. Holy cemmunion w1iU be administered. Evening serv. ice begins lilt 6 with the same oraer of seric.e being c.onducted. One was added to the churcll la,st Sunday. The pastor will deliver the message. All members ar. e asked to be on time for special business meeting. Prayer meeting at 6 each Tuesday nagh t. Come amd w.ors'laip with us. Let us remember the eick aJKt shut-ins. Mt. ...... 1lev. A. L. Brown. f>, afitor Ma. Sberr;ie WiUiaas, Rept. Sunday s choo l wiU begin .at 9 :80 witlh 'the l)eac.on R. B. AHen. in llGrge of deotioJl. '!I'he N o. 3 ,OO:oir atJtor L .. B'i,fltam, ... Su'Rday 'School 'b.eg:an at with the Jll>r. EeJ.c:on in charge <>f the Surui11y ehwr ,ch All teache'!'s we.re at M c@:nning serioe hegan at !1.1 w:ith the .I ubilee Oh@rJllfS a.'llld The IWlllS led by the .deac.ons. The sernwn was delicvered by Rev. R. Rust of Ft. Meat:le Fla. BTU meeting Wl\'S held at 5:00. !Mrs. MiteheU Wall! in chal'gle. iJ<}v.e'l'l i ng serrioe eegan at '6:30 with the same order of s ervice. The was delivered by t ihe The .'J-uib!Lee Chorutl will have l\ebeat'Sal on nigbt. 'Dues day night prayer meeting. ;nesday night N.o. 1 will have rtehearsliil. ThurMay ni;giht c lhoir N .o. 2 'a'ill have sal. Friday night will be held. All are ask-ed to be pr,esent and on time. All are asked to vi-sit the tsick and shut-ins. Vi..siw:rs are wekome at a'Il times. .... t Prayer .MNi. Ella White, Mrs. Beatrice Robin-, Rept. The B.elmont Heights N-eighborhood Prayer &nd of which Rev. H. Brown is director wiU meet :Saturday Night at ':l :3<0 at the home of Mrs. Almeadia Jackson, 29Z9 E. Emma St. ltemem ber the sick .and shut-ins. Visi t-ors are we'lcome. 7:30 1t P. M. AUSTIN CINEMA {Fennerly UEW'S) 872-9387 I. WESTSIIOBE 11.0 1-4 lOW PLAYIRG OlE IIF TBIS SEI.SOJI'S ClEAT JJUSICAL EJITEITAIIMDITS .SEE HOW A HEW STAR 1S BfJRtf "You can alltl Diaa loss' aame to .. our list ol def mite Oscar conteftders for nr -Baa Barrett, Sylldicated A 111ftie.mme tkal is a joy to wallow in with lump in lhroal _. a .seq ia ya.r hearl!" -Judith Crist, New York Magazine DIANA. ROSS 'LADY .SINGS THE BWES' Bethel Baptist 808 Short Emor\Y -st. Rev. J. L. OiVeNtr ,:Jd, Pastor Mrs. Lillie M. McDo.naW, S. S. wiJ:l begin at 9:30 a.m. The supt. wiU pr.eside. T:he lesson will be tal.l'ght by the teachers. Morning w .C:>rship will @egin at 10:45 Devotion will be conducted l>Y Mr. Harold Sc.ott and Mr. Moses Alford. Music will be mon the Lord's Supper will b.e serWld hy t he pastor, .assisted ._, s aid Court on Nov .ember 2 1972 F. TAYLOR JK. Clerk C:lr.cuit Court By A. Trice, Deputy Clerk (Court Seal) Nov. 10, 17, !4 and Dec. 1 Views 01 Village. By mA LEE ElliS -Phloe 671-1:310 &1ated birthday .greetingil to Mq's. La>u'!'el DUre.d ; p r.ogra m. 'aev. Rarr.i'S deHv .ered the messs,ge. Dea. Kill'S .nd Mn;. Flem> il:lg a:r.e gmltefu1 to .aJ.J who f)Brl:ieipa:ted o n pr.ogrJJ.m. A t 8, the chorus a cc.om panied the pastor to the H:n,g. Aa:J. nreeting'S f.er the f<'>l' !.Gwing w.eek remain the same. All yGUth:s. eonta:ct your director for a part in the Xmas prop-attJ. Pn,y f'Or the sick riab. Jnnior Usheu will meet Saturday afternoon at All members are asked to be present and on ti. me. Buiber 6. T ;he same order of .s:BJ'v1ice Wli.U be c onducted. Holy oommunion wiii be administered '!I' .uesday nigiht, th.e pastor and (l.&Eghip be gins at 6:30 with the same order cYf service being conducted. Prayer meeting will be held every Thu!'l!lday .at 8. The public is jnvited. Sentilel Advertisers LA SEfiiJDA CEitRAL BUEBY mE BEST CIBD_ .EID CAKES PASTRIES 15tt1 ft'KI!:I!:T AND ._ A.VIj:NUL Business Shody' s HOUSE OF -RIBS Featuring the best Ribs in the west. We serve the world's largest chiekeas p1115 ham, -.-ge, .cnws aad di!Jnen. Yes, we deiiver. Dial 251-9590. .Opea Thursdays Sundays 6:00 P.M. 3:ecl A. M. We are located diagoJtal ll(:ross from tAte Ac e Lounge, 2Hl N. AlbaBy Avenue. By popular ,demand we are open on S.nilays 6:00 1>2:3&. Ya'Jl come. HAROLD, MARY AID BERNICE LIE PROP. A II 0 U I C I N G HILIIAY STOlE RillS Starting Monday, Dec. 4 we will be open every night tiU 9 P M. for your holiday shopping. Be sure lo see DU line of: e TOYS e BLACK AID WHITE DOLLS GLASSWARE BUGS AHD SPREADS AMD MAIY GIFT ITEMS We Gill Wr.ap fREE BUCHMAN'S DEPT. -sTORE 1910 EAST BBG ... WAY 248-190& TAMPA, FLA.


Saturday, DecemLer 2, t 9'12 Fla. Senli.net.Bultetin Published eve:ry Tues. and FEr. Cet Both PAGE El.E.VEN Another fJverdue FAM_ U Reropilielt The nnly entered fnto by the University of Florrda and Florida A&M 'Universi'ty krrockfng dawn artificial ba:ni:el's to a fufl'y coordinated' agrtcu.l'1:ural education. and resear.ch prog,r a:m at tfre Tal.lafrassee institution is long, overdue. The agreement,. formall:y cooeluded. by UF President Stephen O Comaeli and Fierida A&M President Benjamin Perry, puts al)i end to all G:oRditieas and. requirements raised in the past which effeG:tl'llely i90lated the gram at l'fooida A&M from t be statewide programs carried out at other units of the university sys tem and hewed up by the: Institut e of Food\ and .ttgrie"'ltllWIIl\ Sci ences with aeadq,ua11ters oa the UF in G.ainesvi.r!e:. It means that the F AMU Fo,nm hereaftel!' will.l rui'ICfien, !lS a intepal of the stat&!Wide program, :with beneits flbwing in botl1 di-rectionS". h!t an immediate and benefit it w:i1 U me'lftl the establishment of an. agric.mL tural ani!! e duc'3iliion center on the Tatlaltassell' cam-Pubic u.r., Sets Chris-. FestiYal Tamplll PUbl i c Library wi:ll sa Jute the yuletide season with a "Christm>as Fest1val" in film a:t 7:30 p m Dec. 7, at thll' main building 900 N. Ashley St. Open to the public free bhe 60-rninute program will fe atura movies for all ages. "Pluto!s Christmas Tl!'ee!' un folds a problem faced by fwo mischiev.ous: chipmunks when thet r home is chopped down "Silent Night: A Christmas Carol<" b:acs the writing; of the Austrtlln cat:n'l. Religious art through the cen turies is V'iewed in the "Coming. of Christ". Concluding the p'FO" gram is the film "The Littlest Angel" which reveaTs hilt gift to the Christ child. pi!IS, uruiel! the mnecfimr of Dr. Rupe _rl G. 5ea!S", dean fJf i'AMU's School of Agriculture and Home lcommics, t& coa.dinate the RflauE's agi'MYftl!llll:l RMW&h and education programs. Its cost will be Targely uncfe-rwritten bY the USDA Cooperatfve Rese'areft and Eirtension semeelf. 'lhe 'Vree Pr'esidenti for .Agricul fr:rral Affairs of the Vnfversity of Ffo'frd'a will con tin'U'e' ta> be respon. sib're for overall' coordirrati'Oll of statewide teaching, research and extension p r o g r a m s, including tl'w!JH at the new FAMV faei'llity. AU participating FAMU faculty mflllbers wi 11l hold complementPnY ap)j)eimtments in theil'"' ti ve deplll ntments at tJ:re of F!Ori'da. In sum, it means. that wonk being done at F AMU, in the field of agriculhu:al education > and ne lft.llll!ch> wiU at last be as an int egrall pa!!t of the established statewide programs and competw OIT its; oWn Scholars Au.W NEW YORK A l:Jni V'E!i'si.ty 86Ciol6fist has cri!ti'ei-ze'd tile idea that "only bl ack ars can bt.ax:lfs.." Dr. Robert R. Mortoo, Gi4dinga ptrofeSS0r of at Cofu.mbi a and' author of ei'ght b'ook.-, sa, id in a lecture that till! "in .sider" and ''outsider." doctrine is part of a new "ethnocentrism" among minority groops growint out of two c'enturiesof di; dcl'imi n'ation il!fut the ld'ea 1 that only a black st'llalla!! cam understand his race, he said>,. would lead to the con CIIJ.Si'On' that "only women can un de!!!Riand women; men, men' ; cap ltalfst, and\ c a t holics. Ca tlto1ies. "It would appear to follow," he added, "that If onLy black sGholars can understand blacks then only white scholars can un derstand whites-." OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL 9 P. M. MON. THRU SAT. THE BEST FOR THOSE WHO WANT THf BEST RILLSBOUUCII. IIGII By OUVM ANDE'Rst'JN And E'AR:t..ENE RICHARDSON Soaltal Sellion iu the Spotlig)lt Fmnd1y, intetlilg.ent, and souljust a few of the tfuings to-de'Sri'be>-S'il!:!t:l Sal'lky" Wil liams, our soul in the sp0tlligl \t. Sanky resides in Plant City with her parents, M .r. and Mrs. Kelly Wi'lli:ams Her hobl!li'eS' are paint ing and just being Sanky. She aets a.lel'lg well withi evtttyOI\ll!' but some. of her tights are Sheryl, Cand'y, ]Ike, Vm'&'ent,. Cathy. Ci11'ivia, Brend:r, Earlene, Eddie, and Cad. Sanky dTgs an of tl:'re soul!ul sound's. e5)1e'ctally those coming from Isaac Hayes. After gtadua tiorr sft-e p'fans t& attend' Clark 'University tO' b"e'C'Om'e' a General Pnrctieran O'm: secnnd 8ou r in the spotltght Is the jiving Gregory 5herntatt. Gr*gory resic:Ms at 36:t.f Frierson, With !'tis parents, M -r. and Mus. C. Sherman. Greg tiil}ts al'e Aar.on.,. :Ben. l'llyll'is, M ichaei. and the Black, Princess. His favorite food is cake. To J18'SS t!w: tiJmtf fie Tiles fo cook an'd l sin-g. Greg's main jam is If Don t Know Me By Now and his Main jammers are Sly and The Famil'y Stone. After graduation Greg pllans to further his education and strove for a Do'ctorial Degree. C'GI'fgratulations Sanky and Greg fo!! Being cnoS'en> ia. the spotlight. 'an You Imagine Earnest Adams with a h air.eut? C'ottm ari> nat fr.yfn' i to jive aroundl?' :R01'1nie gwin'Son with out h'ei" !Jifd! fro? The Kei'l'ey sisters without the Tri:gg brother.s B'aitbra Thomas being qui.et? C heryl Stukes being Ch-er.yi Kyles? Bilttlrd'ay Wisbd Happy bi r.tbday wishes go out to P'at Anderson Ronnie Swinson, D'arlene Jones, and to Bobby Cason. Happy bi.r.thd'ay. Tlloag:ht For 'Fotfa.y Of' all th e thin:g,s. yau weal!', isthe most important. LA"''E'R BUIDOI 1118 B.y M A RJLYN And EDNA .Ro:BJNMJN S!l'T!J.DEN'P &F 'l!JrE WJJEK Cute, cra-zy, andl swe et deS'Ilrihes Caroyn Busn Jm own as "Honk". Hook resides at 3204 22nd !t.ve While rapping-witih Hook, I found she is ll' memb-er of SoulviHe Communi .ty Chair.. Her favorites are e'dible; j:am, Ohe Life ta JW,v-e ; g-roup, Staple Singers; h-obbi-es, sin ging, jiviag around: sewin'g.; ti:ghts, Shir" Je:r Gtlrcfun, Elinder Sott, Sylvia Davis, Be'Ver fy, .Alndl.!'ea<, Ranaltl Ephram, Fre'dl, Wa.yn e Seawoodi, Joe Banks and malf:r, many mor.:e. Congratulations 'Hook" for, beinrf Student of the Week. :Btnunfon 1 wiU glay ai!linst Cham ber fain D"ec. 5 at Chamberlain Pl'ease eome o'Ut' and sup port the :Miglity Ffgntfu' Eagles. TOlJ Flft, t. Papa Was a Rolling Stone 2. Lave Jones3 F'l:edtlie's IDeadl 4 I Love You MOre' 'Ihan You'll Ever Know 5 > y;:ou. Ought ']'o -:Be. With Me THO.lJGH:t FOR TO.D>A Y Wilen the power of love over comeS' the love of power there will o-e> P'EACE! B'e real Black for me' Dig where' l?m coming :t:rom1 d'eaffrs of two I'Jlitck students during tfn! No'V. I6 ctampw clash that stad'euts had pe"r.nti'ssfon to oC'cupy tfre adrrtfnistratrorr but1 d rng S!Wrtly before pofic'e stormed fn wit!\ tear gas. '.There wasn't any fear at a! T," Nathaniel Howard, one of the protest le'a'deTs md. "Na doon were blocked. No one ever asked us to le'alV'e' the buill'd'ing. "S'eutl\er.n Presid'ent G. Leon Nettervme said he wa:s goin>g to see about (th-e a1trests of sa'Rle students). We requeste' d &i:an to remain until' we got an lM!ISwer andi h-e lfPl>l'oved it,"' !tudent said'. l'foward' s statement s c'lm're as the "Biack People's Committee of l'nquiryn &eglft:l. its sec'l'lnd day of unofiiei :a1l he-a: ritrgs intO> the deaths of Denver A. Smith and Leonar.::l D'. B'r.G'Wn, 11otl\. 20' The dead students: wer.e fe'!.led by what the coroner beii'e'Ve'S wel!e buckshot p ei.Jets. KIIG-SOOOL By BE'ATJII(:t: l..E'GGETT And ANGIE' WJJi,UAMS STUDENT IN Tl& SPOTLIGHT Student in the sp!'ltli'ght for this week is Deborah "'Slick" Jones. She is the proud daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymon d J:ones, resid ing at 5811 34th St. WhHe walking all around the Lions Den Debra is found mostly tallHng, which is her alway s thing witro both the g.uys and gals like : Diane C., M.; Deon M., B'eatrice L., Stephanie s ., Florenee H Sylvia P Sammie H., W. B McDaniel, Dianlll W Linda J., Roosevelt S., and many more-. De &ra is always in tune with her favorite hits such as-: Soone in Love With You and Ben. If Debra is not listen ing to her. fa:vorite tunes you'll probabiy find her doing a lit tle digging on her favorite singers, Curti's and Isaac Hayes. Sooner or later you111 see Debra doing a little swimming, sewin,.:, bow!in g and. (How about that Deb ?) D'enra really gets down to busines s> \Wth her main squeeze, M a rvi:n We-st. Congratu lations Debra for being chosen student in the CAMPUS I NFRO Roosevelt Stillings-, Ben Gra ham, Roscoe Gree111, Kevin Mc Lean, Robert Stubbs:, Albert 'Fordham, Dietrich Colntl:!n and Scoop you guys have reallly gone down in the history of f the mor.ning ta'!iimg testim'OO: y frem Dr. Nette-rVil i!e. GYste said aU tresti meny woul'd re'In1Bin1 se'!lret, but refea;s'ed a statermmt sayin g the' p'8tl'ef !lad "made great stri'd'es a'l'rd wa:s. very !fatiisfi'e'd with t & e at t&e conclusion of (Monday's) hear mg. Guste sa:i d ailtout 95 pe'l'SO':ls ha.ve' been ililUr.'viewe'd. :Ht!!wa:udr Em-e-o'f seYe"r.al-stadents a:zr11esied a tel' the ti'on, allegedly for causing. the clllmpus disruptions, said at no time did the stadents. talre' 0'\' e r the' admin'istr'&C!ion bi.Wl'd:i'ng at huthe11n as ciailm'e 'di by villllf other "No students wel''f 81rm'e'd," he sai Flh rida> s-el'lwfs win be displayed in the Mer! K e l c e li&nry a t t he: o 'Bam p'a through Frii!l'a'y-. The> was put toggther by Mar-tinez, a Ul s tudent who is managerfor the l>IiUsbG'!!6ugh< Ci:ounlty tern for Prof. Fred Minni:g.' Bhm k 'l!e1et;s, wiU l be part of : a d isplay Te'JN:s will b-eJJart of a display ofi aU. social scien-ce teX:tilmoits used in: Fl'or.rda some' oft atre sti l l{. Wl!i!llten1 ham th'lf tr.a'di tional point oil v.il'!w wl\kh. teN' dll tOl B'l>allk hisfforY', sa4dl Marfirrez. BethuneC (} 0 k man College at Daytona Beach will> Iteeei Ye & $00 ,000,. capit:ll fund t gr.artt-the William' G. and M>ari e Selby Foun'd'ation, it was atmouiT!l-edl T a e if d t If Y' by P'almeu Firsli N:ationat B arrk and 'lilustt <\:d. o 't. Sat:asota. aood. Jackie Jones, reaiiy kept us in al right. J'allkie'. L.lON'S SOOND Ben. your cheering the' spirit, well l an See Now Peaee' fn, theValley, 'MM'll9 wher.e' you stand, wiU m'a:ke' y,ou fonget that you were ever th-ere. LO GE Every .Day Air Cond. Located: 859' Z,.,_'K SlfR'EET PIIIJHE' W RRJED? SEE LIFE READE.R AND A-nVISOR When Doubtful Di'HMttentetd> or l!JnhQpy onsult this gifted pevson. Acfrises on all lllfairs of Life Home-unltQI!InOJI LO!Ve> lllld Marriage Lucky IJ'a:ys; :tucky Numbt!vs For appolntmeafil J1aone> 238'-6068< Oaily 9 a m. till! J>M. .. oeed &503 ll11.81A tdll


PAGE TWELVE Fla: Sentinel-Bulletin PuMished every Tues. and Fri Get Both Edlitiona Saturday, DeeemLer 2, 1972 Highland Baptist 3410 E. North Street Mrs. G. Triplett, Rept. Morning worship was spiritual with the deacons in charge of de votion. The No. 1 ushers served and the pastor delivered the mess!lge. The ushers served in the Us iher's Union at Friendship M. B. 'Church at 3 Rev. H. Daniels is pastor. The .pastor and members served at Ebenezer M. B. Church Rt 6 in the Deacons Federation. Rev. R. Jones is pastor. Rev. Ed wards of St. Matthew M. B. Church and congregation served also. The junior choir will serve Dn the J. c : Young Adult Choir Sunday at 3 at Fr. Friendship M. B. Church on Emma and 34th St. They will also have rehear-. sal at 3 Saturday. The No. ; 1 choir will have rehearsal at 5. The Lord's. Super will be ad ministered Sunday evening at 6. Prayer meeting at 7:30 Thur-s. d ay. Let us for each other. New Macedonia MB 3402 E. Deleuil Avenue : Bethune High Rise Prayer Band Mrs. Barl;lara Green, Pres, Mrs. Mildred Miller, Hept. J Bethune High Rise Prayer Band met at 7 at the home of :Mrs: Janie Fagans, Apt. No. 714. The me ssage was taken from the Exdust 15:23-27 by Elder H. Brown. The next meeting will be Monday at 7 at the home of Mrs. Bessie Miller, Apt. No. 616. All are asked to remember the sick and shut-ins. Visitors are welcome at all times. City Wide Mission .Tyer Temple UM. Central and Ross Rev. E. J, Rivers, Pastor S. S. began_ at 9:30 with the supt., Mr. Charlie Harris in charge. All teachers were at their post. The lesson was taught by the pastor. Morning worship at 11 :55 with .the pastor at his post. Music was rendered by the No. 2 choir and ushers No. 3 and stewards served. The mess age was -delivered the pastor. Friday 7, 'the No. 1 and 2 choirs will have a joint Please remember the !Sick .,and shut-ins, Mrs. Viola KelJey .was hospitalized in Balti more, Md. Mrs. Eddies Wilson, Pres. Mrs. A. L:' Simmons, Rept. The City Wide Mission will St.. Matthew Baptist meet Tuesday at 12 at the home of Mrs. Lucille H;ickerson, 1021 Rev. C. J. Long, Pastor Scott St. Visitors are welcome at Mrs. Mamie L. Brooks, Rept. all times. Remember the sick and MetropoUtan Chorus Mrs. Jessie Hidgon, Pres s. S. will begin at 9:30 with Mr. Shedrick in charge. Morn ing worship began at u with Dea. Carter in. charge of devotion. \ MB 3222 24th Street Rev. James T. Link, Pastor S. S. will begin at 'the usual time with the supt. 1md teachers Rt their post. The Jesson will be reviewed by tlie pastor. M'Qrning worship will be conducted at 11 twith devotion. The pastor. will deliver the sermon. Evening service at 6:30. Holy communion will be administered. All weekly activities remain thesame. You are welcome to wor ship with us at all times. Evangelist Prayer Band Mrs. L. Owens, Pres. The Evangelist Prayer Band of which Mrs. Mary Spivey is the director, wHI meet Sun day morning at 5 at the home .of Bfshop and Mrs. Jones, 2102 North Fremont. The public is in. vited. Southern T Singers The Southern Tone GOspel Sing ers will sponsor a musical pro-New Hope.MB 3005 E. Ellicott Rev. John Willis, Pastor The church business meeting 'Will be held Friday night at 8. The pastor is asking all niem bers to be present. Sunday ser vice will begin at 9:30 with church school. Devotional service by ,the deacons at 11. The No. 1 choir and ushers will serve and the p:astor lfill deliver the ser-mon. BTU qusiness D?;eedng at 4, _an<\ training union at 5. Evening wor ship will follow at 6:30. The same choir and ushers will serve. The Lord's Supper will be ad ministered The Girls Auxiliary will meet at 7 ... Choir No. 3 rehearsal at 8, jupio r women mission at 7 and the senior mission circle will ,-neet at various homes Monday. Tuesdl!-y, at 7:30, prayer meeting and Chri .stian Doctorine Course at 8:30 Wednesday "at 7, Bible class .and Thursday No. 1 arid 2 choir rehearsai. You are wei come to worship with us at all times. Rev. R. Robinson, Pastor Last Sunday services were very f(ooq beginning 'with : Sunday school with the supt: and teachers at their posts. Mrs. Glen Hills, Rept:. Metropolitan. Gospel Chorus wiJI have a special rehearsal Saturday night _at 8 at the hollfe of the .president Mrs. Hidgon. All members are asked to be present and on time. Plans will BTU began at 4:45 with Mr. N ezly in charge. Evening serviCe will be called 'to order at 6. The serion mission will be in Business Meeting gram Sunday at 8 at the Armettia B&B Temple, 2717 18th Ave. There will be a business meet ing at the Ap ostolic Church of Jesus, 3121h W Palm Monday :night at 8. All Saints are asked ito be present. and on time. Bis Morning service began at 11 with the choir and ushers ser ving. The sermO-n was delivered by the pastor. Evening service began at the llsual hour with the Hour of Power in charge of the service. Sunday school will begin at 9:45 with the supt. and teachers at their posts. Morning service will begin at 11. Evening service will begin at 6. The Holy communion wilf be administered during the evening :service. All are asked to remember the sick and shut:jps. Visitors are welcome at all times. Peace Progressive PB 2628 E. Lake A venue Mrs. Lorene Calhoun, Rept. Sunday school began at 10 with the supt., Mrs. Ollie Todd :serving. Morning service began at 11 with Deacons Edward Bold and John Evans in charge of devo tion ; Rev. H. Giles delivered the sermon. The junior choir and 'Ushers No. 1 serVed. At 3 the ,No. 2 choir rendered a musical program. Refresh ments were served. There was no night service. Mrs. Maude Trudsell is con fined at home. All are asked to visit her. Wednesday night prayer meet ing at 7, and at 8 choir No. 2 will have rehearsal, and also our monthly conference. Satur day afternoon at 12: the junior choir and ushers will meet. The Christmas program will also be discussed. New Salem Baptist 405 No. Oregon Rev. H. Storr, Pastor Mrs. Reporter S. S. was opened at the usual hour with all teachers at their !post. Mrs. W. Cardwell was act supt. The pastor gave the ll'evlew of the. Jesson. /be made for the Xmas party. Morning worship devotion was led by Deas. I. Young and A. Wimberly. The No. 2 choir and junior choir and ushers served. The pastor. delivered the mess age. We had quite a few visitors. BTU was inspiring and a nice discussion was on the agenda. Mrs. R. Bethea is the directress. The same officers, choirs and ushers served for night service, Rev. H. Harris delivered ll won derful sermon Please let us not forget the sick and remember you are always welcome to at tend our services. Plant City And .Ushers Choir .Union Mr. Ray C. Halley, Pres. The City Wide Choir and us. tiers Union will observe their 12th anniversar.y o'n Sunday. at Mt. Moriah Bapt. Church. Rev, r. L. Jenkins is the .pastor. The Jrogram will begin at 2:30. charge Mrs. Hattie Shipp is !President. Mrs. Lillie Williams will lead devotion The Male Chorus and the Progressive Us hers Board will serve all day Our special guest will be the Sensatiomil Vocalaires of Wast Pafm Beach, the Mission Gospel Singers, and the Voices of Hope. The public is invited. SALEI FAMOUS JAMISON SLEEPER SOFAS SAVE $50 to $60 Regularly 279.95 359.95 229.95-299.95 Elegant sofas by day ... full s Jze bed by night. Opens to super firm Vita pedic mattress for a great night's sleep. Traditional styling in stain resistant fabrics. Choice of full or queen size styles A. 2-cushion style with full size mattress. Reg. 279.95 ...... 229.95 B. 3-cushion style with Queen size mattress. Reg. 359.95 ....... 299.95 Sleepers ho.p J. H. Lee, pastor.




PAGE FOURTEEN Fla: Senif'lnel-BuUetin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both EdHlons Saturday, Decem'Ler 2, 1972 Rev. Lowry Eletted Chairman Of CoiDIIIInity Relations C011ittee Rev. A. Leon Lowry, pastor of Beulah B a p t i s t Instit utiona l Church, was elected Wednesday chairman of the C ommunity Re lations Adv i sory Comm i ttee. The Committee is one of several or gani zed under the Metropolit a n Development Agency and replaces the old Commun ity ReFaboos Commission, of which Rev. Lowry also served as chairman. At the meeting heid in the of fice of the Community Relations. Division of MDA, Rev Lowry was nom inated by Co l by C. Ar m strong, vice president of the Mer chants Assoc i at i on of Tampa, and the nomination seconded by C. Blythe Andrews, Jr., of the Sentinel Bulleti:n. BEV, A. LEON LOWRY Armstrong w:as then nom inated by Andrews as v ice cllai:rman of this uwderstanding and' a working the comm it tee. He also served on of eltisting projects tile' the oh:l C!}mmiss ion Dr. Cmrad c & mmittee will make suggesti'Oms J<'erlit a, a promment T a m p a amd recommefldations to. tne or-dentist, is-a l so a member of tile rector of the Metropolitan Dev el<-Commi ,ttee and was present for opment Agency as to futlll'e plians the elecl ion. and programs. Charles I. Jones. assistant di Each member wiN serve fw two rectOI", Office of C omml!lllity Reyears on the Committee. As chair lations, chaired t h e meeting and man, Rrv. Lowry will also serve briefed members 011 a program om Mayor Dick Greco's Adrisory for the community in 1m. Board. The Committee will deal wit h citizen relations, amd federally funded programs such as employment, youth and recreation oriem. ted projerls will be given re .. view consrder'ation-as wrlf :ztl facets of inter-relations between the offices, businesses and of Tampa. 1be. comrilittee s aim win be a ful l mderstanding_ of all aspeets of citizen relations. Based upon First IW11 Ml 3707 East CJI.ekea Rev. Joseph H. Pasto? Men's Day was observed. S. S. began at t he USl!lai hQ1llll' with\ the guest s u pt., Dea. Eddie N unm in cha rge. The. gae!!t teachers !Were at their p011b The sub ject of the. r es.son was "What K i nd a.-t Peaee?" -Tne lesS&!il> was by :Rev, M. Ankc1rown. W&nhip began a t 11. Devoti on was leEI. by Dea. F. Graham. Dea. L. C. Wan-en and i>ea. White. and 30ngs were s u ng. The pes;t speake'l' was Re-v. E. GOTdon. H i s S'lT!'rject was 'God's CODCenll For Nan." Afternoon service began at 8 : 30. Devotion was by Ji)ea, J : Scott and IDea. L.. Warren. Solos were sung. Th,e guest speaker was Rev .. Thomas S't:retteT. Hiis subject was "A ;Man Is Hard To Find." Prayer !meeting will be 'he l d WeoreUty Harris, Jkpt. S. S began at 9:45 with the a c tiln:g supt. in charge. All tea.ehet'l!l-are uked to be at thir p. 1 eh-ofr a long with the ushe:usEvenmg serviee at 5 :31.. Beth sel'l'll'Y is pastor. Mrs. M be present and 011: time-. for the siek and sh:utins. Tahernacle MB 1511 Central Ave. :Rev. C H. Sheppard, .Pastor Marilya Shri, ae.a. S. S. will begin at 10 'lrith the supt., Mrs. MacDona l d in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by the pastor. Everyone is expected to be out and on time. Morning worship begins at 11 with the deacons in charge. The No. 1 choir and jtrnior ushers will serve. The pastor will deliver the message. Evening WOl"sbip will begin at 6. The same order ot service wm be eooducted. Tile public is inv i ted fo e&me and worship with us in all onr services. lmael Holiness O.da -2lt8 E. Ida Street Bishop W. Lock, Pastor The mmrbers of Immanuel Ho-liness ClluTe".h, 2108 E. Ida S:t. wefcomes )'00 to their sern ces' Saooay. S. S. will becin at 10, m:oniing wonhilp at 11 and evenling worship at 7. study Tuesday at 7 and .11ervi:e'e Thursday night at 7. Let us pray for the siek and shutins. ShHoh Host To State Mission Board The State Mission Board, Dr. L. S. McCree, chairman, Rev. S. D. eo-chairman and pastor of host cbureh will render serv.iee at Shil oh of Lake Wales Monday night, December 4, at 7:30. The board it an auxiliary to tme Progressive Baptist State CO'nvention of Florida, Dr. J. C. Sams, p r esident. The meetin g will be in behalf of two churches, the newly built jS.t. Ma.r k Baptist, Ji'l.a.nt City, iRe:v. E. D. Smftn, pastor and the Beufah Baptist, East Lake Wales to be bui tt, Re-v, C. Hay ward, past&r. The sermon will be preached by Rev. W. L. Webb of Tampa. Refireshments are to be served efter service. The pu;blic is in vited. Re-v. S. D. Hieks, rept. Mt. liR UsRrs No. 1 Addl Had.toa, Pres. Mrs. Helin Bept. The No 1 ushent board 00' New 'Mt. Zio'Jt-Baptist C htm!'lt will lbfeet MOJRday n rght at 6 :30 at the e-Fmrc:-h. Tile presideltt is asking aU memkrs to please be amd on time. OUR AIM IS SERVICE WHEN YOU WANT IT for Your Sears Appliance SIMP AT SEARS AND S A YE Gltal!illlteri or Yoar Bad VIe an lnaiiU., rowan the tlay wile EVDY service appoinlmenl Aft Ira made exactly '\flaen you wanl. We u& -.illint dial geal...., s.mc. Wielt You Want It is availahle in almost aU Alii. Skilled, courteous iechaicians are avail aJde,-all. specially trained in Sears ap 'Jiwusa-. ollhe. DIOSJ frequently ......., ed pariS are sfoeked fur fast servic._ .-, lhtr trucks. Raay fully lndu. ue. avail aYe r. ,_ service cak


Saturday, December 2, 1972 Fla Senrtlnei-Bulletin PuLHsbed every Tues. and Fri. Get Editions ..... BEEF tf.IOOOS" -Orange Juice 4J1 Tomatoes MORTON, 3t Chicken, TurkeJ,........, D 11-0z. 1 nners .. !"r. APPLE PIE $1.09 CHERRY PIE $U9 PAGE FJFTEllf


PACE SIXTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri. Get Both Edition; Saturd ay, December 2, 1972 -------------------------------------------NAT JOHNSON WINS nRST.PRIZE Nathaniel Johnson left a local barber, captured first prize for his attire in the Soul Clothes Contest' sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. At right is Charles I. Joiles. True Love Baptist 2501 17th St. Rev, W. T. Carpenter, Pastor Choir No. 2 will have c h o i r r e h : arsa'l at 7 p.m. Friday. The <:hurch will have their confernece Friday at 8 p m The pastor is a s king everyone to be present. Saturday at 11 Mrs. Cochran is ask i ng a U the children to meet at the church for the Christmas rehearsal. Sunday church school v:ill begin at 9:30 with the supL in charge The lesson will be re. viewed by Mrs. Dorothy Mc Conico. Morning worsh i p will be gin at 11 a m with the deacons in charge of tire devotion Choir No 1 and No. 2 usher board will serve. The sermon by the pastor. One candidate for Baptism and two added to the fellowship on last Sunday BTU at 5. Evening worship at 6:30 p m Monday night the sion will meet. Tuesday night at 'i':30 p m, prayer meeting and study course. wednesday at 7:30 p m. church Bible school lesson, also at 11, prayer service. The public is invited. Thursday night at 8 p m. the No. 1 choir will have their .c.boir Friday at 7 pm. the No. 2 choir will have .their choir rehear-sa L The church of welcome. Please pr a y for the sick and shutins and als o visit them Save Time And Stamps Phone Your News :248--1921 REOPEHIMG OFAnthony's 'Drive Inn AND FISH A :nd CHIPS 2123 MAIN ST TAMPA, FLORIDA FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, -19.:72 CATERING TO: PARnES BANQUETS AND PBIYA'TE MEETIIGS. ... Specializing in: Steaks, Country Fried Chickea, Hoi Chili, Pancakes, Soul Food And Sea Food HOME MADE PliES SERVING: .BREAKFAST, LURCH,. DINNER AND SHORT ORDERS Now Listen And You Will Learn Something You Always Get The Best For Less At ANTHONY'S DOORSTEPS, Now Bun lad TeD Thai! FEDERATiON OF .BLINO liAS ANNUAL TEA When the local chap'ter of the. Ji' I!Jrlda FederaLeonard Hart: The affair was on Sunday tion of the Blind held their annual tea, the recepafternoon in New Salem Missionary Baptist Church. tion committee included Mrs ALPHA DANCE IS FUN AFFAIR The Soul Clothes Dance given by the Alphas right, Billy Mitchell, and Mr. and Mrs. Tlmoth1 Sa t -urc!oay provided an evening of fun for those at-Thomas. tending The gathering included from lert to PUBLIC NOTICE: TENT SALE STABTIMG TODAY FRIDAY, DECEMBER lsi AT 12:00 NOON 'TIL MIDNIGHT SATURDAY 10 7 SUMDAY 12 6 JOIN THE CROWDS FOB SPECTACULAR FURNITURE SAVINGS CiiANT FURNITURE WAREHOUSE 3902 W. HILLSBOROUGH PRONE 876-4147


laturday, DeeemLer !, 1972 Fla. SeDtmelhlletm PuLiished every Tues. all4l Fri. Cet Both Ednlona PACE SEVENTEEN PATRONIZE THE CLUBS WHICH ADVERTISE HERE THEY APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS .TAMPA'S NIGHT BEAT DO YOU LIKE ; GOOD TIMES? OUR VACATION IS OVEB. WE ABE ROW OPEH SO YIU CAl ENJOY YtUR VACATI8H. BLUE-:DIAMOND COB. 4th AtEWUE 25th S'l'IIEET YOU'LL LOVE IT. ONE-STOP-Tite Stylistic Band FEATUBIIG. Marion Sleclge DIIECT FROM MOITCOMEIY, AI.AilMA nil&! lD SATIIDAY. S!li111C &1 1:31-BTB. lllile N. oll-4 Rwy. 571 'l'a...-.ssa < Ritz Adult T -heatre r..;., 111e w 1 ... 1a coe1 _.rtabl, IUITOliiiUIIIalll' ,._. 241-1371 .. 15Jia ...t ...W.y : lftlts II OY 31EW SIIWS LOWPOP SKY .PILOT ALSO EASY PICK UP' T :Hf DREAM BAR AN D LOUNGE 2111 I. IEBBASIA A tEIUE SAM WILUAMS; Prop. EI .JH H IFTEIII-WITI Vllll 111E L8ftEST AID RIEIOJLIEST BARMAID II ...,mn-1 WE SPECIII.JZE Ill PIITS ANI lllLF PIRTS LET'S GET ACQUlti1EI I PHONE 229-2111 LEONARD DRIVE -INN 1700 W. COLIMIIS liRE We Are Under New Managelllllt DRIVE I ,NN PA

Fla. Senithiei-Bulletin Publlslied every Tues. Fri. Cet Both Ed1 itfcfui ;... Satur"day, De<:emLer 2 'Preacher' Has No Hangup. SAN DliEGO The San Diego I do to win." And though he does occasional HCC HAWKS TO PtAY ANNUAL COMMUNITY CiA.ME Chargers have a "Deacon" among Norman and his wife Margaret ay lead the team in a Sunday them in defensive end D a v i d send their three daughters to the morning spiritual reading when Jones, but it is tight end Pettlis Clairemont Christian S c hool dur they can't get a regular minister The Hillsborough Community Brady and a group of youngsters Norman, the son of a Deacon, ing the season here. At home in or lay speaker on the road, Nor College Hawks basketball team from the playground, coaches, who has earned t h e nickname Dailas he works with young peo. man says he doesn't try to force will have their second annual athletic directors and princip3ls ''Preacher" for spiritual reasons. ple in the Golden Gate .Baptist his convictions on anyone. Community N i g h t Basketbal1 are all scheduled to be at the He is a man is fully able Chureh -"I don't want to be regarded game Friday community game. to lead the Chargers in locker "My father was a Deacon In as some kind of angel," he says, The Hawks will play their first room prayer and then minutes the New Tabernacle Church," "That I m not. If I go out for home game against Broward Jun Coach also Illentioned later go QUt. and lead them in ihe Norman sa;)ls, recailing his cbild din .ner I might_ have a cocktl\il, ior College (Central campus) and that county college presidents fierce combat of professional ioot hood in Lincolnton, Ga., "and and I do use some cuss wordsthe admission is free to all of the from t15F, T ampa u-.--; F'larida biill. no religious hangJJ;l people 'in. that county tend to altbougn I to limi't their use coJ,inty : residents accordingto College. and H(;C's o\"!n .pri!Sident, abQuf i-t for him -regard Jhe chqrch a s ve 'ry sa--Afld }s able to laugh with c-OtiCh;:clluck White.' Dr. Mortiln s. 'Shanberg ;'Will also c"I don : t think there is any concred. My family always attended the friendly jokeS. : A large crowd is anticipated at be there:_ At' hjlli urrie Dr. flict with faith and football," sa:ys '" "For a'.tiine I roomed with'_ the game, coach white berg wilL SNakto t!le audience ; Norman; a 32-year-:<>l. d veteran in ; A quiet man' off the :field : Jones," he says .with a The mayor ; J?! ck Greco The p(oba_ ble season with San Diego -..Norman fs .a tougl'i and respect7 smile. 'Preacher' and the expected to be prell(!nt along with will g1,1ard, aft_er nine years in Dallas ed competitor on it. He's caught 'Deacon' together in the same several other well c known Tam David "He gave me certain tale)ttto 'passes for 127 :yards so far paQSo:,Alton White head of the Tyson 'guatdDavid' Smitll: He: didn't give me a foot-.. this season < while spar-ing' tight -.. W ,.!am 5 : Says Metrqpolitan Development Agen 6'3" ball : is just a way to end duti!!S with ariothe'r veteran, H cy; Bob Gilder executive dirP.c-fi'5" .. C,Qab[, '.fs Norman What I do John Mack ey. -_ 0 p lndi._YtdU!'ll' tor of the Community Action : 6n' Clauile u Agency; Mrs Sybil Barnes di-sl ; c ensurang. Ham. lr!!ctor of Community Relations ._ lm 5 .'' enniS -. ou r for UCC; Lewis Jones anCk already asWhite Hawk-s played a n agreement announced Wed the Wll'I'F rom competing in Rattlers' 21-16 loss to Albany sociated with the Wllrm' is Bon against Browaxd Central Wednes : nes day by the Women's [ntermajor championships such as the State last week bother him. He nie Logan, a gradu day gym national Tennis -J F'ederation (!WI U S Open. : is preparing for Saturday night's ate of iMo:Iig. an State where she and sligntly .edged' .over them: TF) and the American Tennis "llt's a shame in the 14 Orange Blossom classic game i n played on the men's team, 83. -. tAssocilltion. years since ([ won the Wimbledpn Miami's Orange Bowl against The .ATA, a 4,000-member or-and U.S. titles, no other black Maryland Eastern shores ganization .that S!PI\Wned Arthur woman has made a significant not an alumni problem," Aslie and Althea Gibson :Oar-mark in the world of ten' nis," said Williams, but he declined to iben will select up to six black Dai'ben said. "ll think that say anything else that would womeri to qualify foi: the right this new opportunity should proidentify his critic. to play against women pros vide the impetus needed to change as Billie Jean Kiilg, Nancy Gun that. ter, Margaret Court and iR.i)i;e; : Mrs. Darben was the first mary Casals on the Vir ginia black athlete : allowed to com S !ims : 18-tourney 'cir; euit, of which !Pete in. { JI.SLTA eyents. s t Petersburg's )fa_stex:s is one "It was pretty tough said Gladys IM. Heldman, publisher !Mrs. Darben of her pioneer ef of Teimis World magazii:Ie and or forts. "They -didn'twant blacks gauizer o:f 'the Wl!ITIF, and !Dr. to play on the grass courts at Cl yde C. JF;'reeman, A'DA presi-the time. IMaY'be they thought I'd dent,' called the a .greement a eat the grass. instead. 'mutual recognition I M rs. Gunter, one of the eight women who originally broke a way from the UISILT:A to form a women's pro circuit two yearsa.go to seek mPre recognition and money ; said she and the other players would be willing to sit out the major champion ships if the lJISIL'DA banned either group. "J.f we're suspended," she said, "it would just prove that the FOR HIS CHRISTMAS e STACY ADAMS SHOES ARROW SHIRTS STETSON HATS SUITS BY RATNER. MAX ARGINTAR MER'S STORE 1522 71h Avenue Cily.-. ''OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT." 100 per cent ACRYUC MULTI .COLOR NOVELTY. RIBFine Gauge $5.98 Sizes lo -40 Jfylon Zippers $5.95 $4.49 DEPT -COR. 15th STREET AND 7th AVERUE YBOR CITY


Saturday, DecemlJer 2, 1972 f'la. Sentine1-Bu11etin Published every Tue'.!l. and Fri. Get Both Ed itions PAGE NINETEEl\ Q-When was the last time Al bany State beat Florida A&M in football before this year? A-I can't remember Albany State ever beating Florida A&M in football before this year Q-Where is Charlie Green who starred for Hillsborough High School in basketball a few years ago? A-Understand t h at Charlie Green is at Florida So1,1thern Col lege in Lakeland and is expected to do well for the b!lsketball team there. Q-Will the new Jefferson High School have a gymnasium? A-I am not sure about this one but I will certainly find : Q-What year was ft that Jesse Owens dominated : the Olympic games? A-Jesse Owens did his thing in the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin, Germany. Q-Cail anyone fish in the Port Tampa canal now? A.:...The lasf .time I was out Port Tampa way people were fishing in the canal. Q_:_Would you coach a high school or college basketball team' now? A-Man have you lost your cotton picking mind? Show me where they are. Q-What do you think of Be-. Soul Keglergs Bowling, RESULTS Slave Mkt. 3, Anglin's Main t enance 1, Lucky 3, Team 4 1, Charlie s Beer-Parlor 4, Entzminger's Florist 0, Ray mond's Dept. Store 1. Women's hi .gh game, Pearl Doz ,ier 173, Dorothy 161, Frances Wilkerso n 160. Men's .high game, Raymond Shoats 204, Willie Starks 187, Solomon Brown 175. Women's high s eries, Johnnye Davil$ A59, Pearl Dozier 451, Frances Wilkerson 445. Men's 'high series, Raymond Shoats 537, Willie Starks 519, Solomon Brown &07. STANDINGS Won Lost 'I'he Bold Ones ... 33 !'5 Charlie's Beer Parlor 301h 17lt2 Entzntinger's Florist 30 18 Raymond Dept. Store, 27 21 Team 9 :.: ... 24 24 Slave 'Mkt. .. ; ... : .. 23 25 ream ."4 .. :--. 21 27 Maint. .. .. 201h 27t,2 Lucky Strikes:.,, .... 17 31 Mungin's Stucco .- 14 34 The' reporter is Johilnye D avis,' Strollers Bowling League RESULTS Team 9-4 Charlie's Beer Parlor 0 Team'1-2, Team 10-2; King Bar-B-Q 3, Coin--0-Ma gic 1; Soulful Fo?r 4 Freddie's Drive-N-Mkt. 0; Kll Ins 3, Bl!ddy's BP Sta. 1 Entzminger's Flonst 3, 40 Women's high game,. Manan Jones 196, Nann_ie Simms and Pearl. Dozier 181, Tur.ner il'71. .. Men's high game, Robert 215, : Peri:y Jones 214, Ernest ,.Tones 208. Women's high series, Marian 535, Nartnie Simms 49-5, Pearl Dozier 462. Men's. high series, Ernest Jones 564 Manuel Mitchell 6 5 2, Rudolph Hills 540. STANDINGS Soulful Four 33 15 Kilbride Ins ... 32 16 Freddie's BP Ser. 29 19 Coin-0-Magic Laun. 25 23 King Solomon B-B-Q 24th 231/a rea m 1 . 231h 24'4 Entzminger'& Florist 23 25 .Team 10 ............. 23 25 40 Minut'ea Cleaner 19 29 .. 19 29 (;harlie's Beer Par 11 37 The reporter is Johnnie Davis. and someone overheard. That is all Q-Are there any :rampa boys on the Albany State football team?. A-As far as I know there are no Tampa boys on the Albany State football team. Tarpon Springs' Nixon Scoring FACTS AND FIGURES thune-Cookman's Randy 'SweetPeople quite often ask about Herman Nixon of Tarpon Nixon, a slim 6-foot \ flanker, is back" Walker's chances at mak littl-e Andrew Frazier who was a Springs High doesn't score the one of the reasons Tarpon is ing pro football? super cage star at Middleton easy way. Why against Tampa headed for the regional football A-Haven' t s e en "Sweetback" High School. I learned frvm Bay Tech he scored on runs of playoff against North Fort Myers. play but from all-I have heard be Freddie Hearns who is a publicity 55 and 76 yards and caught TD Second in the scoring race was has a very good chance to make man at Southern University that passes of 62 and 28 yards. Bruce Johnson of Northeast. The pro ball. Andrewis doing quite well and Nixon s scoring proficiency has fulloack who rushed for more Q-Heard you may appear at is scheduled to start for the given him the Pinellas County than 1 ,200 y ards, scored 88. the Backstage Lounge as a Jaguars this basketball season high school scoring title with a points on 14 touchdowns and four singer. Is this true? despite his size. total of 104 points on 16 touch extra points. A-Anything you hear about me As for those wanting to know downs and eight extra points. The most proficient kicker in appearing at the Backstage for sure Andrew really is the the county was Seminole High s Lounge is rumor. The subject was nephew of heavyweight champion brother of Joe Frazier. As I have Bob Mackey who converted 26 touc)led on by a friend of the Joe Frazier. Andrew's father who said before there is .a lot of heart extra points and hit two field manager of the Backstage Lounge lives right here in Tampa is a in that 'Frazier clan. goals. EASY m AFFORD, SMOOTH RIDING DURABELT Great PICK YOUR SIZE PICK YOUR PRICE LOW-PRICED $ DOUBLE BELTED DURA-BELT Two plies of polyester with two belts under the tread to re strict squirm. High tread wear expectancy $ 70 F78x14 blackwall tubeless plus $2.52 Fed. Ex. Tax and old tire. 40. $ f bbokQII ""''"' plus $2.34 Fed. Ex. Tax and 7 .00x13 blackwall tubeless plus $2.15 fed. Ex, Tax and old tire, G78x14 bla\kwall tubeless plus $2.69 Fed. Ex. Tax andold tire. old tire. { .;: Cl78x15 blackwall tubeless plus $2.78 fed. Ex. Tax and old tire. "SNAP BACK" ENGINE IUNEUP GO-POWER TO SPARE! I PROFESSIONAl Service Values $2 I aa 6 cyl. u s autoadd $4 tor 8 cyl. fodrd cars. Includes all labor and these i1arts: New spark plugs, condensBBJ POWER HOUSE. BAMRV: t $3486 exchange Group PH24F Amp Hour Capacity 88 Cold cranking amps SO:l lUBE AND OIL CHANGE sso ROW AT YOUR REARBY GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES TAMPA TAMPA Easlgale Hillsboro Plaza TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA 5202 N. 22nd ST. ACROSS FROM Downtown ACROSS FROM Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 2901 W. Hillsborough Brillon Plaza Wesl Shore Plaza Aqul se habla Espanol PHONE 877-9528 Morgan & Twiggs Sts. PHONE 237-3361 Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 3813 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 229-0821 5002 w. Kennedy Blvd. TAMPA TAMPA -,emf!e Rorlh Gale PHONE831-1891 Open 7:30 to 5:30 PHONE 877-6701 -92'4i'f N. 58th ST. t222 FLo1hnA AVE .. Daily 8:30 to I P.M. Sat. 7:30 to 1 P. M. Open Dally 8:30 _to PHONE 988-4191 PHONE 932-6166 .., -. Open Dally 8:3o to 5:30 Open Dally s::io to 5:3() Sat. 8 A.M. to 5:30 Aqul ae habla Espanol Aqul Be habia Espanol -


PAGE TWENTY Fla. P ... blished every Tues.. aDd Frl Cet Both E&tloes Saturday, DecemLer 2,. l9'Z2 TIE TILT OF THE MAROOI AH: D THE OBAIGE BLOSSOM As I sit here trying to remember what life was like belie ln The Ci.g,ar City and our Sunshine State some or so ago I realize that we now live in an almost completely different and more complex socie t y. Wilen I first came to 'Iampa in the_ Iate sum mer of 1'946 ail the talk athletically was. about The Tilt ol The Maroon and Gofd and The OraGge Blossom Classic Of. course The. T:lt of The Maroon and Gold featured: The Betfume.-Cookman Wild c ats against soi:ne well known black coi:lege !ootoaH team.. The Orange Blossom C l assic w :as the real biggie that featured The Florida A & M Rattrers against the best biack college team that wotrld accept an invitation to come to Tampa. Both games were played at the then beau t iful Phillips Field Both The Tift of The Maroon and Gold and The Orange Blossom Classic were the thing dul'ing those days. The Tilt was pLayed in Tampa for several years after I first came here. Black people from all over the s tate flocked into Tampa and there was an a ir of festivity and frolic t he whole weekend. The Bethune-Cookman Wild cats were vet.y popular in Tampa because there were several Tam pa boys on tile team. I can remember seeing fellows like "Rabbit" Harris, "Sport Anderson Ben Moore and Cecil Harris play in The Tilt. Later came fellows like Hayward Brady, Charles Brady "Old Smith et. al. Also there were lots of Tampans attending Bethune.Cookman as studen t s plus a large gro u p of alumni. I can remember being all agog at t he whole thing. Central Avenue and The Rogers Hotel (Pyramid) were the headquarters You could hardly move aloog Central Avenue for all the people at about parade t i me. Everybody that was anybody was .there and having fun. The Orange Blossom Classic was even a more festive a.Uair than The Tilt of The Maroon and Gold The Rattlers were always at the top and they always invited the best team available. The Rattlers featured many players from Tampa and The Bay area. Great players like "Big Jim" Williams, Abraham Brown John Poree, Sam Brown, Clarence Montgomery, Carlton Thompson, Ji. K. Green e t. al. played in The> Classic during days. The year before I came to Tampa The Classic featured Florida A&M versus incomparable Wiley College of Marshall Texas. This game will long be remembered because one : of the Long brothers who were coaches at W iley c ollapsed on the sidelines and eventually died My f irst year here The Rattlers invited University of Pennsylvania. Most of The Classic games were billed as for the national championship I knew practically every player on The Rattler team for I had played against them several times People like Shot Montgomery, Ted PrimUB, "Traz" Powell "Butch" Lawson Hank Lamarr, "Boo. kie Ingraham et. al. doing their things for The Rattlers. In that game against Lin coln the Pennsylvania team featured a tremendous defensive line. "Big Jim" Williams was the quarterback for The Rattlers and one his plays was a jump pass to an end running a patte;n JUst beyond the defensive line. At times Big would J':lmp .more than once trying .to spot a t eceiver. The Lmcoln defensive line was way too much for The Rattler off ensive !ine "Big Jim" took a terrible beating that day and ended up m the hospital. Many a time it was that "Bi g Jim" wou l d jump pass and be completely snowed under by an avalanche of golden Jerseys worn by the boys from Lincoln. Birg Jim" also played a halfback position during those days and he picked off a Lmcoln pass and re. turned it over 60 yards before being caught. defeated Florida A&:M that afterooon and there was no JOY pre':alent. Also there was great concern about the condit i on of f.ayonte son Big Jim" Williams who was carried oft the f i eld late m the game and whisked away to the hospital via a wailing a mbulance I can never forget how everyone stood in almost t otal Silence as their hero was carried away. WHEIE DO WE liO FROM HERE? All of a sudden The Tilt and The Classic gone from Tam pa. I can remember The Tilt being played in smaller cities around Central Florida but it never reached the proportions it had in Tampa. Now I. h:a.r nothing of The Tilt of The Maroon and Gold end I assume It IS a dead Issue. The Orange Blosom Classic wound up in Miami after a shot in Orlando In Miami The Orange Blossom Classic grew to almost an unbelievable proportions Some of the games drew almost 50 000 fans to The Magic City's famous Orange Bowl. Never before probably never again will a football game between two black col leges create such clamor as did The Orange Blossom Classic in Miami. Celebrities and important people from all walKs of life could be seen at The Class ic. Hotels and motels on Miami Bea c h broke precedent and opened their arms to blacks and the rush was on. Now the greatest black footb all festival of them all may be nearing the end. The Rattlers haven't been as potent as they were in past years The Miami Dolphins are the thing in M i ami and have hurt even The Univers i t y of Miami football attendance The wonderful years of The Orange Blossom Classic in Miami seem t o be fading away. The greatest football thing for blacks in the last 3 yea r s h a s been The Tampa Classic which featured Florida A&M versu s The University of Tampa. This was a real going thing and now it seems it is lost. So why not bring The Orange Blossom, Classia back to Tampa? U not The Orange Blosom why not create a nother classi c for Tampa. Tampa loves The Rattlers and especially The M a rching 100. We need a big football game in Tampa that features our state's largest predominantly black university. Maybe The University of Tampa could be invited Such a game would certainly out do Orlando's Tangerine Bowl and by a long shot It appears that The University of Tampa is going to continue f.ts winning ways and T he Rattlers are going to get better for sure. Maybe we have a blessing in disguise. QUICI QUIPS: Bet you d :dn't know that one of Tampa's most popular bail bondsmen Mr Ira Blossom played tackled for The Florida A&M Rattlers during the 1940' s Coach "Chuck" White really has his work cut out for him this basketball season. His Hillsborough Community College Cagers are very inexperienced and is having backcourt troubles offensively. Try to get out and cheer Coach White and his boys along. They need it. When the recent rains are over look for a ifeat upsurge Ia Raulers Ready For ClassK MIAMI -It might just turn out that thea:'e couldn't l'rav;e been a better rnatcbup for tbe 46th Or ange Blossom Classic !!han Fl.or ida A&M' s Rattlers and Mary land, Eastern Shore's Hawks. On the suriaee it could look like a losers bo .wl with the two teams sharing 10' losses between them, but the two have striking in that many feel that. neither team's indicates the quality of ball it plays The Rattrers, under rookie llead coach Jim Williams, have 3l wealth of talent but b a v e not been able to put it aU togethe r except for a few times this sea son. "We have a good foo t ball team," Wi.l:liams sai d "a very good team much better than a lot of peoplerealize. Wd bav:e been beating ourselves all sea son lmd yoo eanlt have' a good record wherr yo u beat ;)'OUrself." During the first part of tile sea son the Rattlers were plagued by un t imely penalities but lat ely the problem has become fumbLes and interceptions. Williams knows the team has the capac i ty to put it all together as they did against ninth ranked Western Carolina or a sel id Bethune-cookman and is not; surprised when t hey do Maryland is in the same situa tion. The Hawks and Rattlers have played only one common op.. penent-North Carolina A&T-and: the Rattlers lost to the Aggies while the Hawks whippP-d them. Like FAMU, part of Ma;y!and's problem has been the overall strength and balance of its con ference. The Hawks oompete in the rugged, newly-formed MidEastern Athletic Conference and had to confront such powers as Morgan State, North Carolina Central (the conference champ fan ) Delaware State and several o t hers. Both teams will be out to prove they are better thaq their records and Mary l and will have. an extra incentive in trying to become win ners in the for the fir s t time in three tries. The Hawks played in the OBC in 1954 and> agai:n in 1957 and the Rattlers were the winners both times JalleS Rackley W110re' s Rushing Record TALLAHASSEE Sophomore tailback James Rackley is only 82 yards away from the Florida A&M single season rushng record and he has one more game in which to try to eclipse the old standard set in 1956 by the late Willie Galimore Galimore ran for 820 net yards to set the mark and Rackley now has 738 and could surpass Gali-Ashe Beats For Wmter Lutz Tide: ROME Arthur Ashe outlasted scrappy Bob .Lutz tO> W in the first and only winter world tenniSl championship in a tie-break in the fifth set Sunday and pick up the largest paycheck of his ca reer. Ashe, who muffed one cham pionship point in the 12th game of ttre fifth set, put away the world winter title on the eighth point of the tie break to win 6 2, 3-6, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6. A she, 28, of Richmond Va. took home $25,000 for the cham pionship Lutz of Tiburoo, Calif., picked up $16,000 for second place. more s tota l this weekend against He has been averaging 73.8 yards Maryland, Eastern Shore in the per game and needs only 55 to 40th Orange Blossom Classic. reach 793. I f Rackley does get the record, though perhaps an asterick would With the Rattlers emphasizina have to go by his name in the the running game this season they Rattler record book Galimore will set an all time record on the set his record in a nine-game second attempt in the game. season and this week s contest against Maryland The school rec will be the eleventh of the year ord for most team rushing atfor Rackley. temptsin a single season is 55! Even if be has only an average set l.ast season The Rattlers al game against Maryland, Rackley ready have attempted 551. should top his personal reco;:d One dubious record the Rattlers of 793 yards he set last season. set last week in their game but surpassed that figure when against Albany State was the the y lost six against the Rams, most fumbles lost in a season. boosting the total to 24. The previous high was 23 in I Well, it is about all over but the shouting on the state high school and college football level. As I write this eyes will be on the big one between the Gators and the Hurricanes. The-Gator Hurricane affa i r has developed into quite a grudge thing with the eligibility of Hurricane players I being the main issue Look for a real war in this one. both salt and fresh water fishing. Things were jtist beginning to haP.pen when the r-ains came. The g a m e between Florida A:&M and Maryland State in the Orange Blossom classic is 'lO' causing much fuss. Neither Mary land State nor Florida A&M haw very impressive records. It seems that' air eyes are on the amazing Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have the entire state in a state of frenzy The Dolphins can seem to do no wrong Everyone is hold ing theirbreaths for the Dolphins to have an unprecedent!ld unde feated season and to go on to win the Super Bowl. The remaining regular season schedule of the Dolphins favors an undefeated season. As for the Super Bowl that is another issue. Anything can happen .jn the playoffs and all fans should know it. If the Dolphins can go all the way it will be nothing short of a miracle. Florida A & M s loss to Albany State may hurt The Orange Blossom Classic However look for The Rattlers to out do Maryland State in The Classi c Hot Pants and Mini Skirts are supposea to be out of season. They are still around though for some rhyme or reason. We say to them t o keep on hanging around and for goodnes.s sake please don t go down. I t "He shoots more accurately, hits hMwt, resists damaltJike a IIIIBif su.l ad UIIIU and chllliiS like James King High has a chance in the state high school pla y offs don t expect too much The Lions are really Crippled and have a tough row to hoe. Here's Coach Jerry Durnin and his boys can survive the te.st FOR XMAS for women and men featuring tE N DURA Man Made tStar of the Orient Man Made Star Sapphires lOve r 150 Styles .. tFree Gift Case tLifetime Guarantee Call For Free Brochure Laaeita Deaison


Saturd ay, Decen\lter 2, 1972 Fla. Sentinel-Bulle.tin Publish-ed ev.ery Tves and Frl. Get Both Ecli:tlona PAGE TWENTY..ONE FUNERAL NOTICES BRADLEY, MR. SAM UEL '('SA'M) -Funeral ser:vices far Mr. Samuel ('Sam) Bradley of '%508 t!l.th Avenue, wllo passel!t away 'in a local h11spital, will be hetd Sat urday at 10 A. M. at Wilson Funeral Chapel witb Rev. 'Bern!llrd Milton Jones, ol'ficiatiag. Inter ment will be i.n Shady Grove Ce meiery. Surviv-ors are: 2 stop daughters, Mr. Gladys Lawson and huSband, Mr. Gus Lawson and Mrs. Essie C. Wa:Uace ; 3 ste,p ,sons, Mr. Chandler Cato and w'ife, Mr.s. Bertlul .C.ato, Mr. Mil Ja.ge Ca&a aad wi'fe, Mrs. Annie Ca'to and 1\k. Charlie Cato and wife, Mrs. Lillian Cato; slt\P granddaughters, 1\frs. Pearl Har rison and llusbaul! 1\lr. Eddie .Harrison, Mrs. Bemice Oweas, Mr.s. Mable Pore and Mrs. Doris Hubbard and huSband, Mr. Char lie step gr.anikons, l\fr. Lucious Anderson and wife. Mrs. llucille Aaliel'lon, Mr. Melvin Tayror 'llnd wife, Mrs. Tay lor .,_ Wa&tliJigten, U. C and Mr. Chandler Cato .l.r.; a number of rea! ,gr.andcbildren and o .lher llel ati:ves aDd lrienc!-s. A .uatil'e of M .on.tgomery, Alabama, Mill repose after 5 P. M. -satvlld:av at _.ilsen Fburg, Mr. Jeuie .J .of Atlanta, Mr. John Barnes of S,Ylv.ania, G.a. Mr. Nathaniel Rames of st. J>.eters .b.u11g, and Mr.-Coursey llames, Jr., also of s.t. Pe'.e.I':Iillurg; sis ter.s-ia-law, M:rs. Lka 'Badtley an6 Mr.s. Mary B.ames af St. Peter.llb.ur .g, als.o, Tilifany's ,godiPar ents, 1\-lr and Mrs: Jessie T.ury and husband. Ernest. Rk.Jtmond, V a ; 2 neph ews. T .em W.alker Washington, D. C., and John Bader, Savannah, Ga.; other relatiwes and sorzowin,g b-lends. T.HE RE MA'INS WILL NOT BE VIEWED A'T FVNERAL HOME NOR AT THE_ CHURCH .but will lie in (

Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published every Tues. and Fri.. Get Both Editions Saturday, DecemLer 2, 1972 illliiiilllllllllllllliiiliiiilllliilllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-Ftoyd and wife, __ s_t_re_a_rn __ __ I_n __ __ PAGE TWENTY-TWO FUNERAL N OTICES Floyd of south Orange Park, N. by the dark river of death, and .UpboundEieds Officers Y.; great aunts, Beatrice yet tis more than a dream. Why Stillings and Mrs. Arrie Stil.ings should we weep when the weary Upbound Project at the Uni-and other sorrowing rela-one's rest in the bosom of Jesus, versity of South F la. elected its (Continued From Page 21) state at Pugbsley Cathedral and the funeral cortege will leave from the funeral home. PUGHS LEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. MENTION, MR. eral services for Mack tion, 4008 E Osborne Avenue, who passed away last week, were held Thursday at 4 P. from the Dudley-Lawrence J\ [erno .rial Fune ral Chapel of STONE'S FUNER AL INC., STONE & GOR DON, FUNERAL DI RECTORS, with Rev. R. A. Christopher, pas tor of Gregg Temp:e A. E. 'church, offi ci ating. The body wa s not' viewed Mr. was a native of Kissimmee, but h a d lived in Tampa most of his ; life. .He was a retired employee of tb e HElsborougb County Court House, and a veteran of World War. I He -leaves te mourn his passing: cousins, Gussie B ailey, Tam pa, Mr. Tampa, Mr. Tommie and wife, .1\.Jrs. Alij!e M e ntion, Detroit, Mich., Mrs. Lula Warren, a n d Mrs. Clinch, anc!o Mrs. Virgin Bailey Tyler, aU of Tam pa. STONE'S FUNERAL INC STONE & GORDON, FUNERAL DIRECTORS. ROWELL, REV. FRED W. -Funeral services for the late Rev. Fred W. Rowell of 1326 North B st., Tampa, who departed from 'this life on November 25, 1972, In a local basp'ital will be held at 2 Saturday from the Franklin Funeral 'Home Chap e l with the Rev. W. L.Webb officiat ing. Interment will be in the _Memorial Park Cemetery directly after the services. The funeral cortege will arrange from 1326 North B St. at approximately 1:15 P.M. Saturday. The remains will :repose at the Franklin Funeral _Home froni 5 P M. Friday "untii _funeral time Saturday. Survivors include: one sister, Ozella Gibson of Tampa; cousins, Beulah Frazier and her husband Willie, Miss Beulah Crompton, Mrs. Clara Mitchell and busbanil .Frank, Ethel Warren and .husband W. Mrs Rosa Lee Schofield, Wilson Colden and wife Emma, Mr. Burney Hill; Willie Walker and wife Doretha, Mrs. Clydell Smalley and .Joseph Crompton and his wife Verlyn, all of Tampa, Hattie Lee Payne and Alberta Miller and husband Jonah, both of Clearwater, Eula IIarris of L;ugo and Mr. Willard Maubsty and his wife Dorothy of Philadel phia, Pa: ; friends Michele Williams and husband Ralph, Jones, .John Brooks, Miss Ros a Davis, Miss Patricia Johnson, Rosa Lee Mrs. Floranita Goins and Minnie Lett, all of Tampa, and a host of other sm rowing relatives a n d friends. FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME will be in charge of the services. baud Al:en, Ella Lena John sou and Ethel Lee Thomas of St. Petersburg, Mrs. Lucme Hill and husband Joe, and Mrs. Elois Scott and Leonard of Ta:mpa; a son, Robert T hornas of St. Petersburg; 2 sis ters, Viola J ames of Bruns wick, Ga., and Mrs. Della Mayfield of New York Ciy; 8 grandchildren; 7 great grand cbildren; sever' at' ]\ieee's, nephews, cousins and dear friends Funeral services will be held Saturday, December 2, 1972 'at 2 P. M. from :the Mt. Zion .. Progressive Baptist Church, with the Rev. L. S. : Cree1 offi<:iating. The remains will be placed in the .church Saturday :at 10:30 A M ; u!ltil f imeral time: THERE WILL BE NO VIEWING THE EULOGY. may call Friday evening after 5 P. M. at' the Chapel of the McRae .Funeral Home, 1211 5 : b Ave. So:, St. Petersburg, Fla. Interrnen t will follow in the Linco'-n Ceme tery. "A SERVICE", St. 'Pe'"rburt, Fla. MRS. ANNIE L. -Funeral services for Mrs. Annie L Williams, 1320 Fig S'reet, who passed Nov 28 in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 2 P. from New Salem M. Bautist Church with Rev. Howard Storr, .pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. The body will lie in state at STONE'S CHAPEL from 12 noon Fr:day to 8:30 A.M. Saturday, and THEN at the church, N. Oregon Avenue .. at Fig Street, from 10 A. 1\'I. Sat .urday to funeral time. Wil lianis was a member of Pallbear ,ers Grand Union Lodge No. 8, .Mrs. Catherine Brookins pres. The lodge will conduct Mem : orial Services at STONE S CHAP EL "at 7 Fric!oay evening. A .native of Americus, Ga. Mrs. -wil li arns bad live!!in Tampa since .1901. She was the widow of the late Charlie Williams, a Spanish-American War Veteran. she leaves to mourn her pas sing: a daughter, Emma D. Haw kins and her husband Julius Hawkins, Tampa; a d aught e r -in law, Corrine Williams L ees burg: 3 granddaughters, Mrs. Elizabeth Leonard and husband, Mr. David Leonard, Columbus, Ga., Miss Ann Hawkins Tampa, and Miss Linda Willi,.ms, Leesburg: 2 great grandchildren, Stepbanle Leonarf' Columbus, _and Duanna Williams, Leesburg; and a host of other snrrowine-alives anlf friends. STONE'S FUNER.\L HOMK INC., STONF. & GORDON, FUNERAL DIRECTS. CARRIE BE. LL -. Mrs. Carrie Bell Thomas, 2694 18th Avenue South, St. Peters lmrg passed away November 25, 1972. She was a native of Quit man, Georgia and bad resided in fit Petersburg for 48 years. s ur ivors include 6 d augbters Mr!!. tizzie M. Simmons and husband Jto lSevelt of Dettoit, Miclti,gan, Mr1. Renda M. Dixon and husWARD Mlt. WILLIE ALLEN -Funeral services for Wrlie Allen Ward of 3201 5th Avenue S St. Petersburg, Florida, who away in a local hospital there, will be held Saturdav at 1 P. at Wilson Funeral Chap el. Rev John Stephens. of ficiating. Interment will be In Park Cemetery. Survi vors are: 3 sisters, Joyce Woods and husband, Mr. Frank Woods of Newark, N. J., Mrs. Harris and ine Moore and husband James Moore; 4 brothers, Mr. Thornell Floyd and wife Rosetta Floyd, Winston Ward of New Hampshire, Mr. Tommie Ward' and 1\Ir. Joe Ralph Ward; 18 nieces -and nephews; an aunt, Inez Millet: and hus,!laJ!d, Robert 2 Mr. Will Ward and Mr. Lawrence tives and friends. Born in bow peaceful the slumber, boiV officers. for the Student Govern Tampa, Mr. Ward badt resided in happy the waking for death is no ment Association for 1972 and St. Petersburg for a few years more than a dream. 73, at a recent meeting of the The funeral cortege will form students. at the borne of the late LuSadly missed by b u s b a n d, Charles Randall, a senior at cille Ward on Fowler Avenue. The Hiram Loekett; mother, East Bay was elected pres. Char-rer:.ains will repose after 4 P. Etta Howard; sisters, brother, les is the president of the senior today (Friday) at Wilson Funer-nieces and nephews. :class and is a member of several al Chapel, until near funeral clubs in the school and his com-time. "A WILSON SERVICE" MEMORIAM munity. Other officers were :Kitty Winrow, vice _pres., Cora Bridge, r .ept. all of Polk County; Laverne McDuffie, sec'y ., lene Thomas, corr. sec'y., of Manatee County. Othe r student .officers from Hillsboro County are Charlie Floy'O., Sylvia sell and Keith Batchlor. sentatives of the SGA Committee are Andr'f:lws; John .Kennedy,_ Jeff Vanderbort, 'Mary McClesky, Abi.gal Stevenson, Carlos O'Farrill.. WHITE, THEODORE Fu neral services for Theodore White of 2603 E. Palifox St., who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 2:30 p.m. at Wilson Funeral Chapel w I t b Rev. Bernard Milton Jones, of fidating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors _are: 2 sisters, Marie White and Ireoe Ferguson and band, George Ferguson: 3 brothers. Mr. Tom White and wife, 1\frs. Marie White, Brow!' Wb'ite and wife, Jew ell White and Mr. Arthur Wh;te and wife, Mrs. Alberta White ; nenhews, Norris White a n d wife. Mayvesta White of Ft. Lauderdale: and Napoleon White; a niece. Mrs. Alrneta Hamilton and husband; cousins, 1\frs. Bea trice Dixon and husband, Roy D i xon, Vinetta Ski -pner of St. Augustine alld Vinetta Smith of New York City: a sis ter-!n-law, Alberta Wbif.e of l>unnel!on and other sorrowing re'atives. A native of Holder, Florida, White bad resided here for the past 52 years. The f"neral cortege wi11 form at 2 .E. Curtis St The remains will renose after 4 P. M. todav (Fri: dav) at Wilson Funeral Ch,.r.el, until nellr funeral time. "A WIL .SON SERVICE" TA.MPA In loving rernem brance Qf William H. Turner, Sr., who died Dec. 3, 1970. The shock was sudden, the pain severe, we little thought such grief was near. Oaly those who have lost can tell the pain of parting without farewell. Our hearts still ache with loneliness, our eyes shed many tears, only God knows bow much we miss you at the close of two sad years. Love and sadly missed by wife, Delilah M. Turner; daughter, Mae Alanda Jeffers; son and daughter-in-Jaw, William H. and Thelma Turner and grandchildren. MEMORIAM TAMP.A -In loving memory of Charlie L Lockett who departed life to death Nov 26, 1971. Sadly we t hink with tremulous breath, AI we stand by the my.SIMON TABOR Passed Nov. 29, 1971 Gone but not for. gdten. We will never forget the days when we all sat. 'in a daze. Praying and praying, while soft whispering voices were saying we Jove you, we love you, only to remember God loved you best be chose you to take your rest. The k i nd deeds you share d with your loved ones will always be re membered by everyone. The wind will blow, the rain will fall, they will never e 'rase the deep imbeded prints of kind: ness, considera tion and under standing you bad for all. When walking the last. mile of the way I could see the courage .and sunshine in your face, bright and gay. These are the miles that you strived day by day; the loved ones you behind will say, love you, We love you but God loved you dearly too : Sadly missed by wife Tabor; sister, lola Harris and children MEMORIAM TAMPA In memory or our .dear mother, Mrs. Annie Larkins who. passed away Dec. 1, 1971. Sadly missed by children: Hom er Patrick, son; Willie Mae Mc : Kinzie, .. daughter; John McKinzie, son-in-law and family. CARD OF THANKS TAMPA The family of the late Dea. Greenie McKinnie would like to express their appre ciation to the many friends and neighbors for their acts of sym pathy during the recent .bereave ment of their loved one. We would like to express our special appreciation to Elder R. H. Howard of New Salem-' Baptist Chuch and. members, Lily White S.B.A. No. 11 and. the deacons of Church. Carrie and family. The SGA is b4sy making plans for the trip to Pisneyland before the Xmas Holidays. Cora Bridge, reporter lAt. Moriah Choir No.1 Deacon Clemon Davis, Pres. Mt. Moriah Choir No. 1 will not have rehearsal Saturday 'pight. All members are aske d to meef' at New Salem P. B Church oh Monda y night. to ap pear on program. CARD OF T)fAHKS .__ The family of the late Leola Smith Jones wishes to extend their sincere ap preciation to their many friends peighbors and relatives for th ei r comforting expressions of patby, your thoughtful words beautiful flowers, acts of kind ness, cards, letters, telegrams and other expressions of con dolences during our recent be reavement. We also would like to express our appreciation to Rev. F. G. Hilton members of Grace Church and Wilson's Funeral Home. God bless all of you. '-Signed: Smith Jones, bus band; Mr. Bernard Smith, son ; Dea. and Eddie J. Smith brother and sister-in-law ; James Smith, brother; Alice P. Sutton, aunt and other relatives, CARD OF THANKS T -7 The family of late Mr Theodorll R. Leek, Sr. wisJt e s to thank their many friends and neighbors who were so kind and thoughtful during his iliness and pass ing. Also thanks to Rev. A. F ; l.ittles and Rev. B F. Salone and the personnel of Ray Williams Funeral Home Mrs. Delia Leek, wife and .family. CARD OF THANKS TAMP A The family of the rate Juanita B. Southern land would like to take this op portu11ity to thank. the many friends and neighbors for their ex pressions of sympathy during their hour of bereavement. Petsonella and family. Save Time And Stainps Phone Your News 248-1921 44,55. The courage we desire andt prize Is not the courage to die decently 10,80. but to live manfully. 99,66, BIG DOWNTOWN TA:l\iPA STORE


Safuid ay, Dec:emiLer 2, 1972 Fla. SenHnei-Bulletm Publislied every Tues. and Frt Get Both Editions PACE TWENTYTHREE BUSIHE$S, LIVE IN THE C IT Y? Li v e it up as an A von R epresent a tive! 1\'leet frlentll y peop l e make ex tra money s p are time for the ''extras" you want and nee_;. For facts on Avon' s special money-making plan f o r apart ment dwellers ca ll: Mrs Smith 626-0874 or 8 76-32.42 St Pete 862-4593, Largo Clea rw a t e r 442 9656. RO CREDIT?? HAVING TROUBLE BUYING A CAR BECAUSE OF CREDit PROBLEMS OR DOWN P AYMENn 100% Financing Available LET US HELP YOU CALL OR COME IN NOW SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 FLORIDA AVE. 232-4891 EMPLOYMEIT ELECTRICAL TECUICIAN W E ARE SEEKING an electri cian with skills in machine de velopment and the capabilit y of performing the electrical wirin g and c heck-out of machinery and control systems. High School Is re< -(fl!ired .. Satisfactory completion of trade school or Jr. College course ia electrical layout or the ex perieace equivalent, Is de sirable but not required. send re sume and salary requirements to: Industrial Relations Manager SHERWOOD Medical Industries Inc. '. 0 Box 2078, DeLand, Fla. 3272 0 'I Ecrual Opportunity Employer EMPLOYMEifT TYPING, MIMEOGRAPH addres s ing by handicap at home sonable, fast, accurate. Phone 876-4082. DAY OR lflliRT SHIFT STEADY woRK, regular rais es. Shrimp peelet:s packers and laborers. Must bring Social Sec urity card. If under 21 must bring b irth cer*ificate. Apply I A.M. to 3 P .M. Monday tbru Thursday. 9 A : M. to 12 P.M. Friday, SIN,GLETON PACKING CORP. 50th St. and Uceta Road No experience necessary. Eqital Opportunity Empl.,.Yer MANPOWER IS HIRING JOBS EVERYDAY. Work the days you want. Dally cash, Cash bonuses. $1.60 per hour and up Monday thru Friday, Appl y 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. MANPOWER, INC. 416 W. KENNEDY BLVD, Acro s s from University of Tampa AVAILABLE MALE FEMALE BABYSITTERS C o n v a I escent Nu r ses Nurses Assistance Li c e nsed Practical Nurses, a n d Registered Nw-ses for -hame or ho s pital assignmelit11. 10 county wide on call Z4 hours a day! 7 I day s a week emergency nursing service. I B A BY SISTERS OF AMER., INC. ASSOC. of Nurses and Aides. I Working together for Proieslllon al Recognition and Fair Wages. 5407 N. FLORIDA AVE, (At Hillsborough) 238-7215 If no answer call ZH-5933 I'LL HElP YOU!! 18-CBEDIT? -SRAIEY CREDIT? LOW 011 BOWl PAYMEIT? : IBilt anil iiro SALES FLA.lfE. EMPLOYMENT LADY WANTED for li ght bou se work and i r onin g 1 day a week or 2 half days. Mus t ha v e o w n transportation. Town N Country area. 884-7845. WANTED CAR WASHING $1.85 AN HOUR M UST BE ABLE TO WORK EVENINGS MORN INGS AND SOME WEEK ENDS. 677-.9508 SECURITY OFFICERS SECURITY OFFICE R S n e eded Immediately for FULL a nd PART time work. Openings on all shi fts Includ i ng WEEKE N D w ork in TAMPA, ST PETE R S BU RG, and sur rounding areas. E x cellent wa ge s p a id v aca ti on and full c ompan y b e ne fi t s. N o experience nec essary. We train and furni s h uni forms, APPLY TO BURNS INTERNA TliONAL SECURITY SERV I C ES, INC. 406 REO ST. Executive Square Office Park, Tampa, just off 1-75-exit Clear water airport, thru fint trafifc ligh t west. Between 9 a m. and FOR SALE WANT A NEW ROME? $200 DOWN, GOO:D C .REDIT. Call Equal Opportunity Development l Corp. CaD 257-3201, flO DOWN I MODE!Uf CEM.t:NT !!LOCK 3 B EDROOMS, CARPE'f, stove, I refrigerator. $10,650 P. & I. $70.54 for 300 months at 7% mortgage. DON TAAfFE BROKER 872-2729 or 839-1422 LIS'l'INGS NEEDED DON'T HURT YOU R CREDIT BY LETT IN G YOUR HOU SE BE REPOSSES S ED. LET U S BUY O

n -Item An Simiiar lo 11JaStra1ion UP A TREE ABOUt CIIBISTMAS? LET US HELP YOU WITH : OUR ST SEi.EcTIOif OF-HOM. LOVnf' .GJFTS! .. t Elegance plus con venience In a 3-dr. bachelor c b e s t that's 30x10x30" h. A mlriw colleetton that reflects t h e good taste of those very good friend s. FREE TURKEY 911TH $69.95 CHASE OR MORE. Jazz up the decor ol party loving people with bar and 2 stools In black vinyl, Choose t h e oval, shaggy .rug or plush lookiqg trilevel pile. 5x8' size. For study or bust. ness, a rich pecan finish desk is a most welcome gift. Give oldfashion charm with this gold decorated B o s t o D. styled rocker. Contemporary pat. tern on 45-pe. servIce for eight, a great homemaker tift. Sleek Modern eel larette with spill prOof plastic top and walnut finish. Cla$slo wing-back Jilt of elegance. Easy. gliding on cas ten In this pedest.lil table, 4 s b a p e d chairs. Secretary desk with rich p I n e finish ma. kes a truly spec ial holiday present. Young parents or Be a tttoughtful San parents-to-be w I 11. ta b y giving this appreciate the con handoy walnut finish venience of this wall unit. crib. For the music buff, h e r e s handsome space to hold a stereo, r e c o r d s tapes. Good hostesses preciate this deluxe serving cart. Your choice of colors. Full or twin mattress and box spring set. ARMONi Pull-up chair has Gift of comfort .. cane arms. recliner, your HANKAMER ICARD welcome here .. ---* -> Plump diamOnd tufted plHow back sofa. Rich Mediterranean ),)edroom inciudilig a triple dresser, mir. ror, chest and open panel headboard. Warm pecan llnish plus bold styling on a 42x60-70" table, arm chair and 3 side chairs. The lighted china extra. 1324 30 E. Broadway o PHON 247 4711 PLEHTY OF FREE PARKIHG OR LOT 1M BEAR OF STORE Italian Provincial group with cherry finish. Square com mode, cocktail table and hexagonal com mocle. 1


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