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Forget To Set Your Clock Back 1 Hour ca: c a: Q ...1 u. SEE PAGE 2-A VOL. 68 NO. 22 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2. 2012 52 PAGES 75c Ill TT' 'larch FroiD Park To Polls' Set For SatlirdaJ Arrested Cab Driver savs He Wants Justice TIIDPI lao's BodvFoundln Parking lot SEE ELECTION STORIES THROUGHOUT PAPER SEE PAGE 3-8 SEE PAGE 11-A HillSBOROUGH COUNTY HEAD START HOSTS PROGRAM AT lOCKHART ElEMENTARY Hillsborough County Public School Head Start hosted a program at Lockhart Elementary School featuring a group of men and women. The men discussed troubling statistics and the effects when men are not present in children's lives. The women, B. L. 0. S. S. 0. M.S. (Beautiful Ladies of Strength Seeking Opportunities to Move and Shake) discussed ways to be self-sufficient, how to move forward and the importance of voting. The ladies in attendance were: front row: Marina Alemar, Lymary Alvarez, Linda MosleyDunbar, Lorraine Aponte, and Margaret Jimenez. Second row: Deana Lunch, Jennifer Herbert, Joycelyn Tims, Cynthia SpannBooth, LaShawn Huff, Sylvia Sirmons, Brenda Mount, Tamika Mathis, Yvonne Long, and Johnie Williams. (Photograph by Toby Scott of Chow and Scott Keepsakes)


Np---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------iij Features N a: w m ::::E w > 0 z Mom Calls Binh on Interstate amazingln d Blessed' BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor ember 15th. However, as the labor pains began to come closer together, Mrs. we all had a part to play, Mrs. Crossley said. Once Mrs. Candace o Crossley went into labor at ii: her Wesley Chapel home, u. things happened quickly. Crossley realized they weren't going to make it to the hospital. Her husband pulled the car over to the side of the road and she said, Ms. Bussey went around to the front passenger side as the 9-1-1 dispatcher gave instructions over the phone. Within five minutes, Catelyn Crossley made her debut into the world. She weighs 5 pounds, 13 ounces and is a healthy addition to the family 0 a: u. 0 z c( 0 Ul w :: .... w ii:i 0 w ::r:: Ul ::l m :: a.. z _, _, :: m Within a very short time, she, her husband, Clenton Crossley, her 2-year-old daughter, Cayla, and older sister, Ms. Chrystal Bussey, were in the car en route to the hospital. Her due date was Nov-"I'm glad my sister was there. We stayed calm and Once emergency personnel arrived, mother and daughter were transported to St. Joseph's Women's Hospital. Both are doing well. Of the birth that is unique News Alert: The Florida Law States That You May Be EntiUed To $1 0,000 service Support and Help from the beglming to the. end. Spinal Injuries Neck Pain Back Pain Hip Pain Leg eain For Loss Wages And Medical Care (PIP Insurance Needed) Ti'ansportatlon Available Au1o Repair Body Shop Medical care Provided sg::_::: In: Pedeslrien Incidents Motorcycle Accidents 1iuck Accidents Slipendfeh Bicycle Bua Don't be vlcUmlzed twice for an accklent that wasn't your fault"' Call Michelle B. Pattv Local: 813-495-3702 Toll Free 1-aa&-352-4200 Go To YouTube and punch The Patty Shuffle Available 24 Hours A I 7 Days A Week Our 6rm is rated "AV" by MartindaJe.HubbeN, the highest rating for legalabDity and ethical standard The f1i!i19 of a lawyer is an lmportalt decision that should not be based solely upon advertisments Befote 100 decide, ask the lawyer to send you lt9e wrften lrlormation about thei" qualticatfons and experience. Ms. Candace Crossley gave birth to her second daughter, Catelyn, early Wednesday morning. The infant was delivered on the side of the Interstate while en route to the hospital. Catelyn arrived two weeks earlier than expected. is more than one way, Mrs. Crossley said, "It was amazing and I feel blessed because so many things could have gone wrong. But it didn t and she's just per fect." A Tampa native, Mrs. Crossley graduated from Hillsborough High School in 2004. She s a stay-at-home wife and mother. When asked if she plans on having more children, she said no, and that her husband is "fine with two girls As far as her daughter being born on Halloween Mrs. Crossley said, "It's just something freaky that happened on Halloween. Pastor, Organization Focus On Child Welfare BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor This weekend, two events will take place to focus on children in the foster care system. On Saturday morning, Mrs. Lolita Shirley, Executive director of Eckerd Youth Alternatives will host a Community Breakfast and Child Welfare Forum. The event will take place Saturday, November 3rd, from 10 a.m. until noon. It will be held at Shekinah Glory Cathedral, 1301 W. 78th Street The breakfast is free and members of the community who are concerned about children in state custody are encouraged to come. Mrs. Shirley is hosting the breakfast to draw atten tion to the number of children in foster care. "If you care about children and giving them a much needed second chance they deserve you should attend. Together, we can make a difference for children and families in our community," she said. Elder Charles Davis, pastor of College Hill Church of God in Christ, sent an open letter to pastors and ministers of the gospel. In the letter he said, On any given day, eight to ten chil dren are removed from their homes. Of those children, over so% are being placed MRS. WLITA SHIRLEY Executive Director of Eckerd Youth Alternatives with relatives with the remainder ending up in foster care. As people of faith, we have to do something to help. I prayerfully invite you to join me in identifying at least two families in your congregation that would answer the call to become a licensed foster parent." Elder Davis invites mem bers of the clergy to join him from the pulpit on Sunday, November 4th, "in encour aging your congregation to answer one of the greatest calls God has given us, to help the fatherless' by becoming a fost-er parent. Elder Davis said expedit ed training classes will take place on Monday, November sth and Saturday, November 10th, at the Family Enrichment Center.


Last Saturday, members of the Hillsborough County Coalition of Concerned Citizens, in conjunction with other organizations held a day of activities to kick off Early Voting. Now, the organization plans to con tinue the effort to draw attention to voting this Saturday, November 3rd. Marvin Knight, founder of the organization, said, "I would like to thank everyone who participated in any of the events last week. We are coming together and realizing that the reasons why we 're voting is bigger than any one segment of the population. It was such a joy to see so many people. So many died and paved the way so that we could vote. "People came out in great num-. hers last weekend and we are hop ing for the same this weekend. We are trying to spread the word throughout Tampa. We are going to walk in the areas of West Tampa, Carver City, and Lincoln Gardens and knock on doors. We plan to be all over Tampa. So, we are asking that everyone come out and partic ipate in any of the activities going on. It doesn't matter who is doing it, what matters is that we are all pushing for the satne goal." Knight said there will be an Event at the Belmont Heights Little MARVIN KNIGHT Community Activist League on Saturday. On Sunday af ternoon, Bob Henriquez and Ori ental Fish Market are sponsoring a Fish Fry. He is encouraging every one to attend the Rally at the Park. "I'm asking all segments of the community, especially churches to look at the bigger picture. We must get everyone who can to exercise his or her right to vote. "As a community, we are going to continue to pray to keep our President in office, we are going to keep our President in our prayers, and pray for the victims of the storm. We must come together to bring this county to a unified front." Knight further said we must continue to work more closely to identify problems, we can progress, create jobs, and boost economic de velopment. We are hurting in a lot of areas, but many positive goals are in our reach." BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor A Tampa clergyman is in the final stages of a program he began twenty-six years ago. Pastor Moses Brown will once again host his Annual events celebrating the Thanksgiv ing holiday. Once again, he will host the Annual Tri City Family Day (Tri-City area is Tampa, Lakeland, and Plant City). It will take place Tuesday, November 13th, at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Recreation Center, 1601 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd. On that day, families will sit down and enjoy the hol-idaymeal. Brown said this year, entertainment will be provided by Casio Jones, of the 3 a.b.n. Action 65 Exercise 'IV Show. "This year, our focus is getting kids active and we are taking our initiative from First Lady Michelle Obama. Families who would like to receive a turkey must register on line. One turkey will be given per family, and the deadline to reg ister is Friday, November gth. To register visit the website at www.FeedQurChildren.oq;. Senior citizens who are home bound and without computer access can call (813) 784-1021 to register. The second event will take place on Thursday, November tsth at the-Mount Cal vary Seventh Day Adventist Fellowship Cen ter, 4902 N. 40th Street. During this event, food baskets with a turkey will be distributed to those families who registered on line. The S3,600 21,912 45,520 2,200,000 7,000,000 President Obama cut taxes for every working American, putting $3,600 back In the pockets of the typical family making $50,000 a year Low-Income students In Florida who received support services to get Into college and graduate Florida children who have been able to take part in Head Start and Early Head Start programs MITT ROMNEY : African American families who would lose key tax cuts President Obarna signed and pay an average of $900 more, while millionaires and billionaires receive a tax cut African Americans who would be left without health Insurance If Obamacare were repealed


FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202-140) 2207 21st Avenue, Tampa Florida 33605 (813) 248-1921 Published Every Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Member of National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa, FL C. Blythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 1930-2010 (19n) S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER ALLISON WELLS.CLEBERT, CFO GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER Subscrlptlona-$44.CJ0-6 Months Both Editions: $87.00-Per Year Both Editions. Opinlona expreued on editorial of thle newepeper by Columnist. or Gueet Wrlterl, do not .-...n1y reflect the editort.l ... nee of The Florlde SenUnel BulleUn or the Publisher. Black Voters can Put President Obama over. The Top g: c ongratulations to the Black Community for the pheu.. nomenal success of last Sunday's "Souls to the Polls" 0 campaign. Indeed, Black voters showed up and showed out, z nearly doubling their 2008 election numbers in some c( precincts. We encourage all voters to show up again for early voting tomorrow, Saturday, November 3rd, the last day to cast your vote early. Listen and pass it on. Every eligible voter should make W certain he or she votes early, if at all possible. Either that or :::: request late arrival or early departure from your employers in order to vote on Election Day. Remember in October, we a: reported on a church marquee sign, which read, "Democrats are stupid. They don't vote." It stung like a wasp. So, let's w prove that sign grossly incorrect where Black voters are con e cerned. w And to .those of you who continue to sing the song, "My ::Z::: Vote Doesn't Count," we beg you to remember that in tn Florida, Democrats outnumber Republicans. W. :::l Bush won our state dining the 2000 election by a razor-thin 537 votes. Furthermore, Bush earned 2o,ooo more votes Q. than registered Republicans not because of voters, but be Z cause of non-voters. WtIn other words; literally one vote turned the tide in Bush's favor, and the history of our nation was sealed by :::t those voters who stayed home. Black folks, don't let the fol:::: lowing become our political epitaph: "WHEN YOU SNOOZE, a:l YOU LOSE!" ..J History will speak. And when it does, it will prove that President Barack Obama overcame unbelievable obstacles t= to become one of the greatest presidents America has ever Z produced. But, history will not speak true if we voters don't m speak first. Help our President return to the House to c( finish the task of recovering America. c 9 ...-1 M-_ in-Ro_m_n_ev-, -Jo-bs-, An_d_H_ou_d_in____,i I I.L p op-Quiz: What do Mitt Romney and magician Harry Houdini have in common? Give up? They are both illu Sionists, and they both talk awful fast. For instance, a Massachusetts business foundation ex pert stated, "Romney's economic record was uninspired. They never d .eveloped an economic strategy nor implemented an economic strategy; nor did they implement a co herent set of initiatives that would improve that state's business climate." That's not what Romney the illusionist said who declared that his was the economy that cured Massachusetts' near miss from economic melt-down. Poof! Another exercise in smoke and mirrors! Another Massachusetts business executive stated, "Rom ney seemed to be more concerned with his presidential am bitions than with the nitty-gritty of local economic development. People had high hopes for him as governor. [However,] he showed no loyalty to the state he was elected to run." Nevertheless, to hear Mitt tell it, he was.the Simon Magus of the Massachusetts' scene. But perhaps, one of the most telling comments about Mitt-the-=Magician was the statement, "Romney's approval rating during his last term in office was 37 percent." Romney touted his business expertise as an antidote for Massachusetts' deep recession. He promised to create jobs. Yet, when Romney left office, only 31,000 jobs had been added, which c( was less than one percent. Now he wants to pull a rabbit out ofa hat. Though Rom W ney tries, a Houdini he isn't. And although he would love to CJ try, America's next president he isn't, either. Keep your eyes on the prize and VOTE TODAY. I have a news flash for everyone who may be missing the obvious. Presi dent Barack Obama is Black. This means that he's going to garner a lot of support from those who classify them selves under the same cate gory. It should really come as no surprise. This is normal human behavior. We rally be hind individuals who we feel represent us, especially when that person is perceived to be in a position to break down barriers and make history. happened in hip-hop when white kids and the main stream media proclaimed rap per Eminem as the greatest lyricist ever And, more re cently, this type of pride was on full display last season when Asians across the coun try celebrated after Jeremy Un became the first Chinese American to start at point guard for the New York Knicks basketball team. These are just two exam ples of how hard-wired people are to stand behind their own. And when it comes to recog nizing over-achievers, Black people are no exception. The problem comes when it is inferred that Blacks can't look past the color of skin in the process of making sound and rational judgment calls. That issue came to the fore front last week after Colin Powell, a well-respected African American member of the Republican Party, ep. dorsed President Obama for the second time. Critics seized on the opportunity to trivialize Powell's endorsement by claiming that his decision was based solely on his desire to see another Black man hold on to the presidency. In other words, in a subtle attempt to imply a long held, racist stereotype of Blacks, their be lief is that Powell acted out of emotion rather than reason. The truth of the matter is that Powell sees in Presi dent Obama the same thing a lot of people see --a confi dent, intelligent leader who just happens to own a wave cap. Even though it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Colin Powell probably enjoys the idea of seeing a mirror image of himself in the Oval Office, I think that it's an insult to his character to suggest that other factors didn't play a part in his decision as well. Here is a man who became a Black Republican before it was fashionable, never pub licly attached himself to Black causes and who served inside of two of the most unpopular presidential administrations among Blacks in history (George Bush and Bush 2.0 ). To say that he's now mo tivated by some obligation to his race just doesn't fit the I The Magic II Propaganda I I 'm beginning to think that an election year is the worst time to watch the news and expect to really be in formed. There is only a little news in the "news" and if pos sible, they find ways to plug bits of the election into that. For instance, Hurricane 'Sandy' has been all about how it will affect the campaign. I even read a heading online that stated: How Romney Und Obama are handling Hurri cane Sandy. Are they kidding? Romney and Obama? Who cares how Romney is han dling the hurricane, he is not the president so why should it matter. It is statements like this one that reinforces the slyness of the media that we need to be aware of. They have already begun to paint the picture for us. How Romney is handling the storm places him in the same position as the President. This is an old trick in a new era. For two hundred years the presidential elections have used propaganda as a means to' sway the voter from one side to the next. In the 18oos they used posters with simple illus trations and catchphrases to get the voters' attention. But today, with the key to media in everyone's hands, ears and laps, the Internet has given the elections and all of its propa ganda many new disguises, as well as, more power. The irony seems to be that in an age of information, no one is really informed. We take in what we've been told and what we hear and see from outside sources. Are you really researching the candidates for yourself? I think most people really do not. We are biased in our deci sions and choices. For example: President Barack Obama is Black, so Blacks should vote for script. Powell, like a large num ber of people in the Black com munity, had plenty of opportunities to get behind Black presidential candidates like Jesse Jackson, AI Sharpton and Herman Cain. The fact that he, and many other Black people who now support President Obama, didn't speaks volumes about the ability of Black voters to look past a shared taste in food, high in cholesterol, when deciding on who should as cend to positions ofleadership. The Republican Party wants to place the focus on race because it, not only, takes attention away from the fact that one of their own has de fected to the other side, but be cause they also hope to send a message to white undecided voters that says, "look, they're voting for Obama because he's Black. Why not vote for our guy because he's not?" Unfortunately, this situa tion continues to show how big of a factor race still is in every aspect of our lives. And, re gardless of what anyone says in public, there's no doubt that it will continue to play a role in the voting booths next week. There is no way of knowing how well this most recent at tempt at flaming racial ten sions will work. But the fact that people are actually listen ing means that, .for them, half of the battle is already won. Anyone wanting to contact Clarence Barr can reach him at: Clarence Barr, II, 43110-018; P. 0. Box 7007; Marianna, FL 32447-7007. Reality On Ice is by the Florida Sentinel Bulletin Publishing Company. him ... this is how we think. We're not looking into a candi date's history, what office did he hold before the elections and how well did he do in that position. The media will further per petuate this, along with any other false notions that are fly ing through cyberspace that will make one person appear to have all of the solutions. If you really think about it, since the 18oos every cam paign has been a tug of war over taxes, wealth and govern ment. It's been the same is sues with a new face plastered on its cover every four years. We the people hold the power. We choose a president to exe cute on our behalf. When it comes to casting your vote, put what you've seen and heard aside, and trust your own ex periences, values and realities, before you rely on someone else's image of to work its magic on you. [Propaganda is a form of one-sided comm-p.nication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community of people.] Chambee Smith can be reached at www.chambeesmith.com, or The1author.me@ptai}.com.


E_lection J nformation :c ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'March From Tile Park To ----------------------------------The Pons Event Planned Sentinel Picks For lhe 2012 Election : BY IRIS B HOLTON Sentinel City Editor The Hillsboroug h County Democratic B lack Cauc u s (HC DBC) is b eing joine d by some e lec t ed officia ls t o ho s t an eve nt a t th e B el mont H e i g h ts L ittle Leagu e Park Complex 2101 E. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd Saturday, Novembe r 3r<1, at 10:30 a m. Kathy Castor, U. S Con gresswoman, and State Repre sentative Betty Reed, will s ponsor the Early Voting Rally At 11:45 a.m. the March From The Park To The Polls will leave the park and walk to the C Blythe Andrews, Jr. Branch Publi c Library, corner ofN. 26th Street and E. Dr. M. L. King Jr. Dr. H. Bruce Miles, Pres ident of the State Democratic Black Caucus, said, The Hills borough County Democratic Black Caucu s is working with local elected officials for the purpose of getting out the vote. We want to get President Barack Obama, Senator Bill Nelson, Congresswoman Kathy Castor, and all D e mocrats running for pub lic office elected. We are encouraging every one to vote early and we hope to be in the park throughout th e da y until the polls close. We' re going to have an old fashioned march for Democ rats Rep. Reed said, is t h e las t day of Earl y V ot ing W e are doing a very hard p u s h to reach t h ose wh o have not v ot ed. It i s so ext r e m ely i mpor tant t ha t e v e ry on e who can, vote Th e lines may be long now but the y will be extremely long on Election Day." Ms. Dianne Hart, Presi dent of the Hillsborough County Democratic Black Cau cus said, This is a critical time in our lives and this country, It is crucial that we re-elect President Barack Obama so that he can continue to move for ward. We must also vote toretain all three Florida Supreme Court Judges on the ballot. Ms. Hart further stated that representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have been in vited to help with the applica tion process. Others slated to attend in clude Hillsborough County Commissioner Leslie "Les" Miller, Jr., Otis Anthony, Mason Caine, J anesia Kelly, Macknum, Romantic Expressions the Revealing Truth Ministries Drumline Omar Davis, D. J. & Keyboardist and Shemida J., of Sir Pass Events. For more in formation, call (813) 748-0952. P r esident and Vice Pre sident Barack Obama JoeBiden Congressional U.S. Senator Bill Nelson U.S. Representative District 12 Jonathan Snow U.S. Representative District 11 Kathy Castor U.S. Representative District 17 William Bronson STATE RACES State Senator District 24 Elizabeth Belcher District 26 Paula House State Representative I I Dis t r ict 5 7 Bruce Barnett District 58 Jose Vazquez District 59 Gail Gottieb District 62 Janet Cruz District 63 Mark Danish Sheriff David Gee Property Appraiser Bob Henriquez Supervisor Of Elections Craig Latimer County Commission District 4 AI Higginbotham County Commission District 6 No Recommendation 13: Vote YES 1 To Retain ALL the1 :c Justices of the: !'l Supreme Court and 1 g District Court of ApN peal Judges School Board Carol Kurdell Mayor Temple Terrace Joe Cbillura Amendments Amendment 1 NO Amendment 2 YES Amendment 3 NO Amendment 4 NO Amendment 5 NO Amendment 6 NO Amendment 8 NO Amendment 9 YES Amendment 10 YES Amendment 11 YES Amendment12YES County Amendments Amendment 1 YES Amendment 2 YES Amendment 3 NO r-0 en m z :i z m r----------------------------------------aJ c: r rz ., c: m c en ::::t m c m < m -4 c: m en c )> z c 0 ;g C) m U'l I )>


__ S_J_X ______________________________________________________________________ Flarida Earlv Vote Totals Revised, Raising Questians w ; In Florida, counting votes z has been controversi al for > some time; particularl y since Larkins Community Center, located on Martin Luther King a: Blvd. in Pompano Beach, the u. revised totals showed 1,003 c fewer votes. The initial tally reported from the polling > place in the heavily black vote totals revised, mostly by a: w > w c w %: (/) ::::i CD ;::) Q. z j::: w ..J ..J ;::) minute amounts of between 1 and 7 votes. But the three more significant changes, including the addition of 398 votes in Tamarac (a racially mixed community) and adding 99 votes to the totals from Pompano Beach City Hall, whose demographic is majority white. The revisions mean that 536 fewer total votes were reported in Broward a reduction from 28,330 votes to 27, 794 votes. That could be significant in a close election in a state where the presiden. tial contest was decided by just 538 votes in 2000. There could be a very simple explanation. I have no idea, said David Br.own, a political consultant who is working for three Broward candidates, and who down loaded the Sunday early vote totals Sunday morning, only to be asked later by a colleague for the numbers which he retrieved from his phone. When he looked at the revised totals, the Pat Larkins number stood out. "Almost every one of the precincts changed," Brown said. "Some by two or three, one by about 100 But the Pat Larkins Center, that's more than a thousand votes. I'm curious why." CD ..J w z j::: z w (/) c( c a: 0 ..J u. "She embraced change and is the most op. en-minded. She justifies another term -Recommended by The Tampo Triblllle September 19, 2012 Whars On Pres. Obama's lpod Plavllstil Jav-z. Emlnem And More Pres. Barack. Obama, Beyonce and Jay-Z, WASHINGTON President Barack Obama's iPod could pass for a voter out reach tool. Pres. Obama ran through his musical tastes Monday during an interview on Cincinnati radio station. The list is eclectic and all-encom passing and reflects the varied coalition of voters he is seek ing to attract Pres. Obama said old school artists include Stevie Wonder, James Brown, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. More recent tracks are from Jay-Z, Eminem, and the Fugees: Jazz artists John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Gil ScoU-Heron are also represented. Pres. Obama said there probably isn't a group the interviewer plays that isn't on the president's iPod. NJ Gov. ChrisUe Slams Atlantic Citv Mavor, Praises President Obama For leadershiP During Superstorm Sandv A somber and visibly angry Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) held a press conference during which he Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford and praised President Barack Obama for their handling of the ferocious superstorm devastating the East Coast. Despite Christie's warnings to evacuate the state to a v o i d Hurricane Sandy, Langford advised Atlantic City residents to stay and ride GOV. CHRIS out the CRISTIE storm. They are now trapped with no rescue in sight until possibly morning. 108-Year-Oid Woman Casts Her 1st Vote Ever For Pres. Obama SOUTH CAROLINA A 108-year-old South Carolina native, Joanna Jenkins has never voted before and does n t have an official state ID, but she didn't let that stop her from participating for the first time in a presidential election. "She's just excited, she wants to vote this year, we were looking at the election, and as the debates were going on she decided she wants to vote all of a sudden. She just wants to vote, she wants to vote and is excited to vote," her cousin Shirley Lee said. Jenkins read or write so she needed the help of her family doctor and the Beaufort County Board of Elections to get an absentee ballot Please Vote Nov 6th! Arttlerlia L .lit 8. Wilds, Jr. Sol Davis It's incredible, she grew up in a time when Jim Crow laws were fully in effect, and minority voter sup-JOANNA JENKINS pression was the norm, and to vote was a fight not a tight. She is a great example to others that it's never too late to vote and you should always exercise your right," Director of Elections Scott Marshall said. Jenkins isn t ashamed to tell the world who she voted for either. "Pres. Obama!" she eagerl y said. www.Craiglatimer.com


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N N' a: w a:l :::IE w > East Tampa Resident Named OHicial President Obama Team leader BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Bill Sims has always been >=' fortunate enough to be in a po4( sition to serve his community C As head of security at Belmont il: Heights Estates, he made sure u.. all of the residents enjoyed a safe environment, and that their" children would be able to play outside. Since leaving that post, Sims has sought other ways to make a difference in his community, and as a member of the Board of Directors for the Cen tral City YMCA, Sims got an opportunity. I was at the YMCA, and a lady approached me, asking ifl wanted to get involved with the campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama. I put my name and number on a list to be contacted, and I really wasn t expecting to be contacted so quickly." Sims said on Monday, he met with a group at a home on BILL SIMS River Grove, and now he's an official "President Obama Entertainer Feels Pres. Obama's Re-Election Would Be 'God's Will' BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Jessie "Jet Set" Hudson said he's never been this active for an election, but everyone has a responsibility to not allow this country to fall into the > wronghands CC As far as I'm concerned, C and the people I've come across ft in Hollywood, it's God's Will' 0 that President Barack z Obama be re-elected. of character he has, and how he a: w > w JET SET HUDSON feels about the hardworking people ofth.is country." Jet Set said not a day goes by in Hollywood when he s not seen wearing Obama para phernalia, and encouraging people to vote. "This is the most important election in the history of this country especially for African Americans I'm not saying that because President Obama is Black, but because he cares about us, and he s an honest man." "But, we must keep going. We've got to do our part. We have to go like we 've never gone before. I want to wake up next week, pick up my paper, and see that the people have spoken from their hearts and souls, and kept President Obama in the White House." c w ::z: en :J a:l Please Vote November 6th. ::::) Q. z tu .... .... ::::) a:l .... w z t= z w en

Coming To Lakeland: Hit Gospel Plav, A Mission' The #L.hit gospel play, On A Mission" is coming to Lake land this weekend. "On A Mission" was writ ten and produced by Mary Upshaw, who hails from Clayton, Alabama. She is the only child of Rosie Ross and Harvey Ross (deceased). "Mary relocated to Tampa in 1959, and has since been ac tively involved in church and the community. She accepted Christ as her personal savior in early childhood and has al ways felt an anointing to moti vate, inspire, and help people of all races, creed, and color. Mary was first inspired at a family reunion celebration, which she founded, to display her playwright talent by pre senting the forerunner of her first play, "I Know I've Been Changed." The reception was so overwhelming that the ever burning desire to write, pro duce, and direct plays was rekindled She then went on to write several other skits and plays. On A Mission" is about real life experiences, a pur pose, and a spiritual journey. This play is a two-act drama with seven scenes, a finale, and grand-finale. It is set in a tra ditional environment and fo cuses on the behavior and values of a family of five: a re cently retired, beer-drinking, stubborn, and funny dad, who is anti-church; his wife, an avid Christian and churchgoer, who lets nothing move her off her MISSION; a teenage MARY ROSS UPSHAW daughter who is daddy's little girl; a son who is an upscale police officer and married to a school teacher; another son who left his wife and children because of an addiction, causing their oldest son to be militant and raised by the grand parents. "Of course, this is fuel for two church ladies who found this story 'amusing' and a gos sip piece. You can only imag ine what happens next! Mary is the mother of Tommy Upshaw, Jr., Jacquelyn Upshaw Hines (Michael), and the grand mother of Shawana Up shaw, Michael II, Mylo, and Mario Hines, which all have active and/or leading roles in On A Mission." Na tional recording artist, Nate Mitchell is the guest artist. "On A Mission," is a family, religious, and community-ori ented gospel play that is suit able for all ages and is an uplifting and inspiring theatre experience. aJ On A Mission" is prem sented in conjunction with ::C Shawn Brown Entertainment _N and will be held at New Mt. ...... Zion M. B. Church, 1321 North N Webster Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33805, Dr. Kendrix J. Gardner, Sr., Pastor, Satur day, November 3, 2012 at 7 P. M.-doors open 6:30P.M. Tickets: Adult $20/ad vance $25/door; children (ages 6-11) $10/advance $12/door; age 5 and underFree. (See ad on Polk County News Page) For more contact Mary Upshaw (813) 431-3437 or Michael Hines, Manager (813) 245-1007. Third Concert Features Gospel Entenainers BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Saturday, November 10th, The Alternative Christian Entertainment (TACE) will present its final concert of the year. The event will take place at the 34th Street Church of God, 3001 N. 34th Street, at 6 p.m The concert will feature James Fortune, FIYA, Tribe of Judah, Alma Ver tical, and Tampa Bay s own R.Anthony. Greg Brown, founder of TACE, said this is their third and final concert of this calen dar year. "We are providing Christian entertainment to bring different churches in the bay area together. The concert will also provide an opportu nity for businesses to show case their products and services." The concert will headline James Fortune. Fortune is the Choir Director at Higher GREG BROWN ... Founder ofT ACE Dimension Church in Hous ton, Texas. Under the guid ance of Pastor Terrance Johnson, the church grew from 29 members in 1999 when founded to 12,000 mem bers with 10 operative lead ministries. In September 2004, Fortune & FIYA released their first CD entitled "You Survived. "The CD peaked as the #2 most played gospel song in the country and remained in the Top 7 for three years. In JAMES FORTUNE ... Featured at concert 2006, Fortune received the ASCAP Writers Award. FIYA has opened for artists such as John P. Kee, Kim Burrell, Stevie Wonder, Mary Mary, Donald Lawrence, Albertina Walker, Fred Hammond, Tye Hammond, and others. On the first Friday of each month, TACE hosts its "First Friday Mixers" at various locaBISHOP Q.AYTON FERGUSON, JR. And PASTOR & ELDER DOROTHY FERGUSON Adutt Sunday School.-..10 A.M. Youth Sunday SchooLlQ-30 A.M. Sunday Worship..p --11 A.M. Wednesday Bible Qass,__6 P.M. 1st & 3rd Fri-EvangeHst Svc 7P.M. 2nd & 4th Fri-Youth Svc 6P.M. R.ANTHONY .. Gospel Singer tions throughout the city. These events are also designed to bring people of different faiths together in a social envi ronment. Brown said the goal of TACE is to provide alternative entertainment to Christians. "We want to prove that Chris tians can have fun without re;:!! lying on the secular 0 community. This is an event ::C suitable for the entire family." C He further said the organization is planning their first m gospel festival in the spring of Z next year. TACE will host its Christian Music Festival & m Free Health Fair on March 23, r 2013. It will take place at the Curtis Hixon Park, in down r town Tampa. Radio Station WRXB, of St. :::! Petersburg, is co-sponsoring the Z concert. For additional informa"'U tion about TACE or the concert, i contact Brown at (813) 664r 1419; or visit the website at cn www.TaceEntertainment.com. ffi c Abundant Life Non-Denominational Church m < m 4125 Nassau Street W .Tampa. Flonda. 83807(813)875 www.abundantllfeonllne com ... Sunday School: 9:30A.M. Morning Worship: 11:00A.M. Bible Institute: Wednesday, 7:30P.M. Intercessory Prayer: Monday Friday 6:00A.M. Corporate Prayer: 181 & 3rd Friday Peetor Karen Ba.mH, 7:30 P.M. Sr. Pastor "I have come that they might have life ... more ABUNDANTLY" St. John 10 : 10 Je'MJm..Wb.oae Sin Brouaht ............. ......... hiD ... LMir tiPta s.r.oo C) -t c: m en c )::lo z c c


ffi Celebration: The Leuacv m Alive' 01 Dr. Harriet Brvant Bovd Dr. Harriet B. Boyd is being remembered and hone( ored by family, friends, and fel9 low co-laborers in the Gospel, fE constituents in the educational realms and all who knew and loved her. Dr. Boyd was born No vember 11, 1955 in Quincy, Florida to the late Mr. Carl A and Mother Annie P. Bryant. She attended school in the Gadsden County School System and in 1983 she relo cated to Tampa. Dr. Harriet was married to Dr. David A. Boyd on No vember 20 1982. A marriage of 30 years was a gift and a bless ing to all who embraced their teachings in marriage counsel ing, and seminars To this union was born 3 daughters : Joiada Blyden, (Kennard), Haryjoivid E) Psalms Boyd and Joscelyn Hope Radiance Boyd; four 0 granddaughters Keziah, a: Kayden, Jada and Ella u. Rhaine Blyden. Q As a graduate from Florida Z A&M University in Tallahassee, c( Dr. Harriet obtained herBS degree graduating Magna Cum Laude from the School of Busi W ness and Industry. She ob tained her Master s degree > graduating Summa Cum Laude a: from the College of Education with an emphasis in Mathe W matics, and is recognized as Q Who s Who Among American Colleges and Universities en Dr. Harriet continued her :::::i higher education and earned a Doctoral Degree in Christian Q. Education from Tampa Bay z tu ..J ..... ::::: m ..J w z i= z w en c( Q a: 0 ..J u. DR. HARRIEr B. BOYD Bible College Dr. Harriet; a 28-year ex perienced profess i onal veteran in the Hillsborough County Public School System Adjunct Professor at Hillsborough Community College (HCC), As sistant Administrator at Har vest Time Christian Academy of Excellence earned numer ous accolades during her pro fessional career Dr. Boyd impacted the fives of thousands through her ministry for 30 years as a global-minded preacher, teacher, moti v ational speaker professional educator and trainer, and was a recipient of numerous awards and honors. At the age of 21, she became the youngest pastor in the Christian Methodist Church. Dr. H;arriet Boyd, Co Founder of Harvest Time Ministries International Inc., served with her husband, Apostle David A. Boyd for P.O. Box n36 I Tampa, Fl 33619 Or Call For Pick-Ups More Information: (813) 7 40 16 years the church is cur rently located at 15115 North 19th St. 33549 in the Tampa Bay/Lutz Area She embraced the vision of the ministry, "a place where souls come first." She used a God-giveQ vision to form the "Women's Develop ment Ministry." A journey to "Keep Dr. Harriet B. Boyd's legacy alive"! will be celebrated next week. On November 10-11, 2012 a "Memorial Celebration Of Life" for Dr. Harriet Bryant Boyd will be held at 15115 North 19th Street, Lutz 33549 The 1st Annual "Day o f E m powerment for the PurposeDriven Woman, is Saturday, November 10, 2012 10 a. m. -4 p. m. This event was begun by Dr. Harriet B. Boyd and is being carried out through her daughters and Harvest Tim e Ministrie s' Int'l. Women s Ministry "Alpha Abba Omega Forever." Early registration of $25 is available at www.htminterna tional.org/event. The event culminates on Sunday November 11th 2012 at 5 p. m. with Celebration of Life" Commemorative Services. Dr. Tommy Patterson from Lenoir City, Tennessee will be welcomed to the city as the guest speaker of the hour Nu J!lerous special guest clergy, vo Calists and praise worshipers to celebrate with people from all walks of life to "KEEP the LEGACY of Dr. Harriet B. Boyd. UNITY M.B. CHURCH 3111 Ybor St., Tampa,FL 33605 (813) ELDER H. H. HUNT, PASTOR Sunday School 9:30A.M. Morning Worship 11 A.M. Bible Study Tues. 7 P.M. 1HE PUBLIC IS INVITLD NOTICE OF POLICY AS TO STUDENTS c( I 0 "'"" King's Kids Christian Academy of Tampa, Inc. admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs; and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic ong1n in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. Organization To Host Foreclosure Workshop On Saturday, November 3 'd, the Allen Temple Neighborhood Development Corporation of Tampa will sponsor a workshop for homeowners who may be facing foreclosure. The event will take place at Allen Temple A. M. E. Church 2101 N. Lowe Street. The workshop which is free, will begin at 10 a.m. During the workshop, presenters will provide helpful informa tion on making a decision about selling or keeping your home in today's economic environment, when it's worth less than what you owe. Lenders from a local bank and a real estate professional will be present to offer advice and assistance. For additional information, call Daniel Lee at (813) 690-2857 for additional information. GIS Gospel Music Award Program Delaved Until2014 GSH Gospel Music Awards is being delayed in 2013 due to health reasons. The Awards will return in 2014 bigger and better. "This hiatus will allow time for more planning and being able to reach out and recognize more gospel artists and musi cians in the State of Florida. This time will also allow us to lend a helping hand to our y outh that are college bound b y giving book stipends, n stated founder, Gloria Hines. Any groups or individuals that would like to showcase their talents please send promo CDs to: GLORIA HINES GSH Gospel P 0. 311702, Tampa, FL 33680. For more info r mation call Gloria Hines @ (813 ) 4427499 or email at sicawards @ gmail.com Two Insurance Companies Ordered To Pav b-Commissioner's Anornevs In 2009, a sexual harass ment lawsuit was filed against then County Commissioner Kevin White. At the time, White was told he would have to retain his own legal counsel, and he did White claimed be termi nated his former Administra tive Aide, Alyssa Ogden because she was incompetent. Ogden alleged she was fired because she refused his sexual advances. A federal jury ruled in favor of Ogden, and she 26 Years Of Service r.d Our Children Minisbies, Inc. P.O. Box 290415 Tampa, Fl33687 784--1021 KEVIN WHITE was paid $75,000. Her attor ney was paid nearly $2oo,ooo. State National Insurance Company and Star Insurance Company represent Hillsbor ough County. Both companies rejected White's request to have his attorneys fees paid. The companies refused and White filed a lawsuit, and won. Last year, a federal judge ruled that White was entitled to coverage and ordered the companies to pay White's legal bill of $157,730. Last week, U S. Magis trate Thomas B. McCoun, III, ordered both companies to pay an additional $ 1 93 867 in the counter Jawsuit A U. S. Judge must now ap p rove the order. White is cu r ren tly s e rvi ng a three -y ear s enten c e in a fed eral prison in conn e c ti on with a bribery case in wh i ch he was convicted.


I BodV Found In St. Petersburg Compound ldentnied As Tampa Man The body of a man found at the City of St. Petersburg's Water Resources Compound has been identified as 62-year old Leroy Fowler, Jr. Fowler had been reported missing to the St. Petersburg Police Department by his wife on October 29th. Police later learned that Fowler had driven from his home in Tampa to visit a rela tive in South St. Petersburg on October 27th. That relative later reported that Fowler had ar rived at her home and left about 3:30 p. m in his vehicle. Mrs. Sharon Fowler re ported that when her husband had not returned home, she be came concerned and drove to St. Petersburg to see if she could find him. Mrs. Fowler spotted her husband's vehicle parked on the side of the highway of north bound I-275. It was not occu pied, but did have a flat tire. She had the vehicle towed and later called police to report her hus band missing According to detectives, i t LEROY FOWLER, JR. appears Fowler left the car after it developed the flat tire, walked along the Interstate, and apparently fell off the overpass into a secluded area of the Water Resources Compound. Detectives said it appears this happened sometime on Sat urday, October 27th, during a period when no one was work ing at the compound. Investigators said there was no evidence Fowler was the victim of foul play, was struck by a vehicle, or was trying to harm himself. Detectives sai d there was an oak tree near where Fowler Help Needed In locating Missing Teenager A Florida missing child alert has been iss ued for 13-year-old Jayonna Fields, a Black female who has been missing since October 17th. Fields was last seen in the area of the 720 block of South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. If anyone has information on the where abouts of Jayonna Fields, contact the Orlando Police Department at (407) 246-2470. was found, and they speculate he may have been trying to get off the overpass by climbing down the tree when he fell. A Endorsed by: La Gaceta Florida Sentinel Bulletin Tampa Bay Times The Tampa Tribune Florida Gulfcoast Commercial Association of Realtors Tampa Bay Builders Association Greater Tampa Association of Realtors Hillsborough County Firefighters City of Tampa Firefighters Here are the facts: broken tree branch was found near his body. 50 million dollars assigned to Congressional District 11 (new 14) was given to Lending Company in West Tampa to help North Pinellas and Pasco Counties help low to moderate families help with a second mortgage. Hillsborough Urban Core: 0 dollars I Source: www.Recovery. aov You decide. r 0 :!! c )> en m z ;:j z m r m c: r r z c: m r en :J: m c


' N About You! ...J w z MRS. MARTHA H. KENNEDY And Son, ATIY. HEWITI E. SMITH November 3, 2012 \ Happy 88th birthday to my mother, a breast cancer survivor, and 37 years retired educator. From, her son, Atty. Hewitt E. Smith. May God grant you a wonderful birthday. From, all your family and friends! Swearingin Ceremonv, October 21, 2012 MR. And MRS. JOSEPH (NICHELLE) ROLFE With Niece, ATIY. RECIE GULLEY And JUDGE RAYMOND D. GROSS !Z On October 27, 2012, our wonderful niece, Recie Gulley, w who we love and admire dearly, was sworn in as an attorney. CIJ Congratulations on your big day of being sworn-in as an Attorney by the Honorable Judge Raymond D. Gross. Love, your uncle and auntie, Joseph and Nichelle Rolfe. 0 ...J ... FYI I NCNW Meeunu I The National Council of Negro Women Tampa Metropolitan Section meet ing will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2012 10 a.m. at the HOPE Center, 4902 N. 22nd St. (33610), across from Middleton High School. Ans Festival The 2012 Temple Terrace Community Arts Festival is planned for Riverhills Park November 10-11, 10 a. m. -4 p. m. each day. On Saturday, November 10, residents can bring their kayak, canoe or paddleboard for the Hillsborough River Challenge, beginning at 8 a. m. For the first time, the city's Veterans Day celebration will take place on arts festival weekend, Sunday, Nov. 11, 1 p. m. at Riverhills Park. Blake Class 011958 The Howard W. Blake High School Class of 1958 extends and open invitation to class members of the 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1960 classes (the first classes to attend H. W. Blake) to join them for their November monthly Breakfast Gathering. The November meeting will represent the Thanksgiving Breakfast Gathering (Dutch treat) and will be held on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 9 a. m. at the Open Cafe, 3202 N, 34th St. (at 25th Ave.). Downtown Holidav Parade The City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department is seeking entrants for this year's Downtown Tampa Holiday Parade. The parade is presented by the Rough Riders and will be held on December 1, 2012. The parade begins at 11 a. m. and will feature floats, marching bands, dance troops and a special appear ance by Santa Claus. Parade applications can be downloaded at www.friend softamparec.org or by calling (813) 966-ssos. DEE DEE This week's Spotlight feature is so nice, you have to say her name twice. Dee Dee says her favorite star is First Lady Michelle Obama, and her hobbies are shopping, watching movies, and going for long walks. In the future, Dee Dee wants to graduate from college with a degree in psychology. Her phi losophy of life is: "Life is what you make out of jt." The man in Dee Dee's life must be a man that can make her laugh. Congratulations to Dee Dee as this week's Spotlight feature, and if you demand it, you may see her again. KINKY TWIST CORNROWS RAT TWIST DREADLOCKS SBIIEGAI BE TWIST MICROS BODY PlAI1S BOBS WEAVE SEW-IllS INVISIBLE BRAIDS Open At 9 a.m. -7 p.m. 7 Days A Week 47r11 E. Busch Blvd. Sutte 103 Tampa, Fl33817 4811tsttr41111


Cloud Atlas (2012) Tom Hanks and Halle Berry star in this 3 hour epic film about how the actions of people throughout the past, present and future impact one another. Sounds confus ing, but you have to check it out, if you have time. Made only $9M. (BudgetN/A).**** Paranormal Activity 4 There's nothing new in this fourth version of a ghost haunting anther family. The ending was pretty good, but the story needed more ac tion Made $42M. (Budget $sM). *** Alex Cross Tyler Perry plays a cop on the hunt for a hired killer called "The Butcher." It's hard seeing Perry go from comedy to ac tion. "The Butcher" (Matthew Fox) saved this movie with the way he was killing his victims. Made $19M. (Budget $35M).*** Argo -Ben Affleck stars in and directed this true story about six U. S. workers trapped in Tehran after the militants seized control of the U. S. Embassy. Affleck had to figure out a way to get them out. A 2nd winner for Affleck (he directed The Town). No. 1 at Box Office. Made $6oM. (Budget $44M). **** Sinister A father (Ethan Hawke) comes across a gruesome home movie in h is attic and realizes when he plays the move, the mon ster comes from the movie into his house The monster wants the kids. Very creepy and disturbing. Definitely, not for kids. Made $39M. (Budget $3M). ***1/2 Seven PsychopathsA writer/director (Colin Fer rell) sets out to audition seven psychopaths for his movie. He soon realizes the psychos are closer to him than he thinks. A well-writ ten, Pulp-Fiction-type movie. Made $9M. (Budget $15M).**** Pitch Perfect A fresh man college student (Anna Kendrick) is forced by her dad to join the acappella team on campus. The semi musical was very good. Made $51M. (Budget $17M). **** Taken 2 Brian Mills (Liam Neeson), the retired CIA agent and his ex-wife are taken by the father of the kidnapper he killed rescuing his daughter. The first Taken film was a classic, but this movie was still good. Good spy scenes with daughter. Must-see! Made $117M. (Budget $45M). **** EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION WORKERS' COMPENSATION CIVIL SERVICE/ UNION GRIEVANCE BANKRUPTCY --Ch..,ter 7 ($500 a. Up) 220 E. Madison Ste #1110 Tampa, Fl 33602 www.fordlawfmn .or g (813) 223-1200 Criminal Defense, Family Law & Personal Injury Cypress Point Office Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 101 Tampa, Florida 33618 (813) 386-5730 Fonner HiJlsborough Prosecutor-DepuTy Chief For your eecurtty needs, call ua today; 2417 Watchman Security Firm at (813) 443-5613 S ment; Steffy and Liam fano. :< oaps spend some quality time toGENERAL HOSPITAL BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Thomas calls a staff meeting to an nounce major changes he is making as CEO; Caroline accepts her new position within company ; Stephanie attributes her charitable ways to Dayzee and makes a decision to spread her wealth. Taylor defends Thomas and re minds others to respect his new role in the company; Brooke, Liam and Steffy worry about how Bill is handling Katie's abandon-Horoscopes Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)-You're quite attractive now. Love hits when you least expect it. You can travel easily now. Keep your objec tive clear, and call if you'll be late. You have support. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) You find just the right antique for the job. Think about what's best for your family. Let them speak their minds. Attend a social event together. Heed roman tic urges. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Good news comes from far away. A loved one provides valuable information. You look good. Dig deeper. A fascinating ro mantic moment allows free dom to share. Communicate priorities. Aquarius (Jan. 20Feb. 18) Friends act as mediators. Discover the treasure you've been seek ing. Draw upon hidden re sources, and think of more gether. -Michael has a strange, un -< DAYS OF OUR LIVES settling run-in with a Brad y warns Kristen to masked man. Will Todd and tD m stay away from his father Carly make love? Some-lJ and Marlena; EJ informs thing keeps Michael from ]') Nicole that he will avenge taking the next step in his his baby s death; Sonny rerelationship with Starr. veals to Will that he and Connie has a run in with Lucas had words; Jennifer Sonny and Alexis. turns to Maggie to help YOUNG AND THE keep Daniel in town. Will RESTLESS Adam takes and Sonny get into a fight; drastic measures to protect Nick and Gabi make love; Sharon, while Chloe and Nicole pleads with Sami to Chelsea strike up an unhelp her; Daniel finds Jikely partnership. Jill resomething suspicious at the turns to Genoa City, while hospital; Kristen delivers a Tucker and Genevieve share message to Kate from Stea heartbreaking goodbye. ways to save. Don't spend the money before you get it. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) burst onto the scene. Accept construc tive criticism, and reaffirm a commitment. A female helps organize. You're an inspira tion to others, and a secret idea pays off. Aries (March 21-April 19)-Your work s impres sive and is building your reputation. A partner offers excellent support now so take a much-needed break. Love strikes someone at work for a lovely moment. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Be patient with a loved one who's hard to un derstand. Continue generat ing income. Celebrate later with delicious treats. It'll be easier to make household changes soon. Gemini (May 21-June 20) Use the emotional undercurrent 'to feed your art. Romance is as close as your own backyard. An older, somewhat eccentric person can help. Learning with friends grows the love. Cancer (June 21-July 22) Make a highly moti vated promise. Pick up a nice gift for a loved one ... it's a good time to express your feelings. Animal magnetism plays a part. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) -You're stuck on someone, big time. Your intuition is right on. Play the ace you've been holding. Organize ac cordingly, and stash away any surplus. Contemplate your future. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)Listen carefully. De spite temporary confusion, there's a happy ending. Con sider everything, but stay practical. You can afford it now. Listen to your friends. Love sparks fly! Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) There s more work coming in, and eyerything falls into place. Gather and store important papers. Friends help you make a connection ... the more the merrier. Upgrade home technology. Ebone, Shirlene, Ken, Connie, Maya AFFINITY INSURANCE 8010 N. S6m STREET TAMPA, FL 33617 (813) 989-7844 www.affinitYinsurancetam.pa.com AUTO HOME BUSINESS LIFE r 0 CJ) m z -t z m r tD c r r m ::f z "'0 c tD r c;; :::z:: m c m < m -t c m CJ) c )> z c c


N a: w m =: w > Bankrupt Toni Braxton Accused 11 Credit Fraud 0 Toni Braxton has been Z accused of illegally transfer ring money to her estranged C husband in an effort to avoid ii: paying creditors in her ongo u.. ing bankruptcy case. The trustee of Toni's bankruptcy estate says the R&B singer fraudulently transferred $53.490 to Keri Lewis after the mone y had already been designat e d for creditor repayment. The truste e is now suing Lewis to get the money back. A r e p from th e Braxton camp s aid "All of the pa y m e nt s mad e to Lewis prio r to Toni's ba n krup tcy filing were appropriate transfers for reason able and necessary personal and busi ness ex penses in the ordi nary course of her business." Braxton filed for bank ruptcy in 2010, and she owes anywhere from $10 to $50 million. This also isn't the first time the singer has faced financial i ss ues. She also filed for b a nkruptc y i n 1998 Halle Berrv wams To Take On Angela DaVis Role In BIOPIC HALLE BERRY In the latest issue of In Style, which features Halle Berry on the cover the ac tress shares her desire to pla y activist Angela Davis on the big screen. Her story is so fascinating. I would love to bring it to the screen. I would pick her b r ain to h ave a b ette r underst andin g of h e r affili a tion with t h e Black Panth e r s a nd t h a t pe riod fr om th e 1960s." Berry is intere sted i n mak ing a film exploring Davis' Communist beliefs The Cloud Atlas actress has m a de her wish known b e fore. In January 2011, Berry said, I'll probabl y never get to play it in my life and I am going to be sad until the da y I die, but I really want to play Angela Davis badly So badly. Bobbi Kristina's Inheritance Dispute Settled Earlier this month the Houston family was in dis pute over Bobbi Kristina's inheritance after the death of her mother, Whitney Houston. Bobbi Kristina and her grandmother Cissy Houston have dropped the case and come to an agreement. Bobbi Kristina, 19, is set to receive an estimated $20 million from her mother's es tate 10 percent ($2 mil) of which she would receive when she turns 21. At age 25, she is to get 20 percent ( $4 mil) and the rest of the money, $16 mil she is suppose to get when she turns 30. Cissy thought the a mount to be too much too soon. She wanted to withhold the mone y because she felt that if Bobbi Kristina received the money, n e gative influ e nc e s currently in her life would threaten the inheritance. Dralle DeliVers High School Graduauon Speech After finally receiving his high school diploma earlier this month, Drake cele brated by delivering a gradu ation speech to students at Toronto's Jarvis Collegiate Institute last Friday. "It s not necessaiily about the books that you'll read or the science or math equations that you ll do because you may end up taking a path in life where a lot of the things that you lllearn you can t nec essarily fully apply, Drake said to students in a video of DRAKE the speech. What this is about today, for all of you is about the art of following through. Will-Smith Freestvle Raps At Gabrielle Union's 40th Birthdav Bash Is the Fresh Prince ready to r e gain his throne? A t actress Gabrielle Union's 40th b i rthda y party A-list movie star Will Smith took the stage alongside hip hop icon Doug E. Fresh to fr eestyle rap and do rendi tions of his classic songs like Summertime. Smith, who co-starred in Bad Boys II with Union, ap pears loose and confident as Doug E. Fresh supplies his signature beat-boxing as a WILL SMITH a.k.a. 'FRESH PRINCE' background for the former Fresh Prince. Chris Brown And Rihanna Reponedlv Photographed At Same Record Studio Chris Brown and Rihanna have already ap peared on remixes together, and now, according to reports, the pair may be record ing a new song together. "Chris was all happy, act ing like he was just headed to work or something, but we knew he was visiting Ri hanna. We even asked him, 'Hey, you going to see Ri hanna?' and he just kind of laughed. You kinda get the feeling he likes sneaking around," claims an unidenti fied source. Long rumored to have ro mantically reconciled, the in famous duo was photographed exiting sepa-RIHANNAAnd CHRIS BROWN rately from the same music studio last Thursday. Brown recently broke up with his model girlfriend Karrueche Tran, and his ongoing relationship with Rihanna was cited as the cause. NOVEMBER 4 AT 2:DD A.M. DON'T FORGET TO SET YO R CLOCK BACKI


Entertainment 6 Cee lo Green Accused 01 Judge scolds The Game san: I'm Gone Beat Yo ass Sexual Banerv, Denies Charges lil wavne For Allain' In Respone To40 Glace's Lawsuit Cee Lo Green, R&B singer and star of NBC The Voice, has allegedly been ac cused of sexual battery, ac cording to reports. The incident is said to have occurred at a downtown restaurant in Los Angeles, and the LAPD are reportedly in vestigating. Details about exactly what took place have yet to be revealed but Green says he did nothing wrong and he hasn't been to the restaurant in question for over three CEE-LO months. "Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else, Green said. 3 Months After Death SheriDan Hemslev SUIIIIot Buried On July 24th, Sherman Hemsley passed away from what the coroner describes as lung cancer. But as of today, the late Jeffersons star is still not buried and his body re mains refrigerated at the Eastside location of the San Jose Funeral Home in El Paso, Texas His will continues to be c ontested with everything from the naming of benefici aries to the cause of death up for dispute. Sources previously re ported on the estate battled between Flora Enchinton, 56, who was described as a beloved partner" of Hemsley's and a man that claims to be the deceased actor s es tranged brother. SHERMAN HEMSLEY Richard Thornton of Philadelphia, claims to be Hemsley's half-brother He argues that the will may not have been written by the late actor and suggests that it may be a forgery. Hemsley's $so,ooo estate lists Enchinton, his manager for over 20 years and live-in friend, as his sole beneficiary ; Missing Coon Dale Compton rapper The Game always speaks and m tweets, his mind, even if his LILWAYNE Lil Wayne's reported medical problems weren't enough to earn him sympathy from the judge in his case against Quincy Jones, Ill. Weezy is suing Jones for what he saw to be a scan dalous portrayal" of him in the film, The Carter, but his fail ure to go to court isn't going over too well. lawyer would probably advise him to chill. In response to the lawsuit G-Unit rapper, 40 Glocc re cently filed against him for al legedly beating him up at gunpoint, the "Hig her"' rapper responded in kind with a threat, via Twitter. The Game tweeted, "@40glocc I'm gone beat yo @ss again & again you p--y THE GAME vs. 40 GLOCC !!!"' He also added, Called police and a lawyer cuz I beat yo azz. SuperCrip got his cape snatched!!! Nicki Minai launches MAC Viva Glam liPUiass In london Nicki Minaj is one busy Barbie. Already overseas on the in ternationalleg of her tour, the Queens native took a little time out to launch her new MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lip Glass in London, Monday. Rocking a colorful coat, and magenta leggings, Minaj headed to Selfridges Depart., r 0 :::D c )> en m z ::! Appearing in court on his behalf Monday, Wayne's lawyer informed the judge that he will play the rapper's hilariously bizarre deposition video to the jury, in replacement of him physically show ing up. In the recording the 30year-old refused to act coher..: ent, while fending off questions from Jones' attor ney, Pete Ross. ment Store where she greeted fans, and judging by her tweets, things went pretty well. NICKI MINAJ ifj "TJ?,ank you to SELF RIDGES in London!!! We Hennessy YS Goose, Oroc -All FlmrsGrey Goose, Ciroc Courvoisier YS 54999 1.75 Seagram Gin/Vodka -r launched my new MAC VIVA m GLAM Lip Glass today. ?. Thanks for coming out barbz!!l ::! _Kinky S1599 Hypnotiq S1899 Courvoisier S22 99 YS S2299 z New Amsterdam Gin/Vodka Grey Goose 2 of 200 ML Hennessy 2 of 200 ML ..... Cl1 I )>


Nr---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 S arts N N a: w m :E w > 0 z c a: LL Bucs Travel To Oakland Minus Staning len Guard CARL NICKS On Sunday at 4 p. m., the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take the field at the Oakland Coliseum to face the Raiders without a key offensive player. Starting left guard Carl Nicks has been lost for the season with a toe injury. Another starter, Davin Joseph, was also lost for the season with an injury. The Bucs are coming off a thrilling victory over the Minnesota Vik i ngs and are now 3-4 i n the lethargic NFC South At the beginning of the season, the Buccaneer offensive line was considered the strength of the team, and the factor behind their selection of running back Doug Martin with their first pick. The offensive line has seen the benching of Jeremy Trueblood, who was replaced by Demar Dotson. That was followed by the benching of Joseph's replacement, Ted Larsen, who was replaced by journey man, Jamon Meredith. On Sunday, two of the Bucs' five projected offensive line starters will line up Oeft tackle Donald Penn and center, Jeremy Zuttah). Both quarterback Josh Freeman and running back Doug Martin are corning off record-setting performances last week, and are expected to put up big numbers against a suspect Raider defense. The Buccaneers also announced that the NFL may suspend cornerback Eric Wright for his alleged use of the banned substance, Adderall. lxpeiSM Cm & low-Pir-t, Great Can, lktiiWIIItory-WLIOWI Contad: Tony Jones Office: 813-870..3333 Dired Una: 813-965-31 OS Pre-hned Blow-Out Sale WORK IY APPOIITMEm OILY WSAS LOW AS 2,887.00 $500 DISCOUNT ON ALL MODHS WII H I HIS AU C!J I ---------------lues Readling DE Bowers For Expanded Duties DA'QUAN BOWERS The Bucs are preparing DE Da'Quan Bowers for increased playing time in Week Nine coming off his 2012 season debut. Bowers was activated from the PUP list last week and played 12 snaps (all on third downs) in Tampa Bay's Week Eight win over the Vikings. He had been out since May after undergoing surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon. world Series Averages Record low Television Rating NEW YORK -The San Francisco Giants sweep of the Detroit Tigers set a record low for the World Series television ratings. The four games on Fox aver aged a 7.6 rating and 12 share, Nielsen Media Research said Monday. The previous low was an 8.4 for the 2008 Phillies Rays and 2010 Giants-Rangers series, which each went five games. Last year's CardinalsRangers World Series went the full seven games and built momentum to average a 10.0/16. Omar Davis, OJ & Keyboardist Andv Raid Confirms That Michael Vick Will Remain The Eagles' Staninu Quanarback ;philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid released a statement on Wednesday con firming that Michael Vick will remain the team s starting quarterback. The Eagles visit the New Orleans Saints next Monday night, so the team will not be practicing or meeting with the media to discuss the deci sion to remain with Vick at quarterback until Thursday. The Saints have the NFL's worst defense, one that is on pace to set an NFL record for allowed in a season, so it makes some MICHAEL VICK sense for Reid to maintain the statUs quo at the quarter back position and hope for a win to pull even at 4-4. Giants Found Similar Winning Formula To Win Again SAN FRANCISCO The San Francisco Giants champi onship formula is a familiar one, just with new faces all over the diamond two years later: stellar starting pitching backed by a shut-down bullpen, a late-season surge and a manager making all the right moves. San Francisco captured its second World Series title in three seasons with a stunning sweep of the Tigers, and only catcher Buster Posey was in the lineup for the Game 5 clincher in 2010 at Texas and also the finale at Comerica Park in 2012. "We're just happy right now, "Posey said. "It's an unbelievable feeling." SATURDAY NOVEMBER 3RD, 2012 BElMONT HEIGIITS LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBAlL PARK CO:MPLEX PARK 2 POLL RALLY Hillsborough County Democratic Black Caucus (HCDBC) & Kathy Castor I State Representative Betty Reed will sponsor an EARLY VOTING RAUYl Join us for a MARCH from the PARK to the POLLS. Come out on November 3rd, 2012 to .Cyrus Greene Recreation Complex, 2101 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. 33610 (813-748-0952) for the Park 2 Poll Rally. Enjoy perfromances by Shemida J., Sir Pass Events, Omar Davis, Mason Caine, Janesia Kelly, Macknum, Romantic Expressions, and Revealing Truth Ministries Drumline. The event will begin at 1 0:30am & we will march at 11:30am.


Sugar Rav Leonard Proves Himself A Beacon Of Strength In The Fight Against Child Sex Abuse Only a few years before he won a gold medal and became a national hero at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Sugar Ray Leonard was sexually abused by an unnamed coach in a car in his hometown of Palmer Park, Md. For more tha n 30 years, Leonard kept the secret to himself. He li ved with the the pain and the a n g st E v en when he finally opted to reveal the secret in his won derfully written 2011 autobi ography, Leonard couldn't bring himself to tell writer Michael Arkush the entire story at first. Few know as well as Leonard the long-term consequences of sexual abuse. He's now 56, a boxing Hall of Farner and celebrity icon who still carries the pain of crimes committed so long ago. Leonard offered himself Monday as the poster child and encouraged those who have been abused to speak out and s e ek help while speaking at a conference on child sex abuse at Penn State in State College, Pa warriors And Stephen Currv Agree To Contract Extension The Golden State Warriors and point guard Stephen Curry reached an agreement on a contract exten STEPHEN sion Wednesday. CURRY The deal is for four years for $44 million and Curry is expected to sign the deal before the team's season opener Wednesday night in Phoenix. Curry would have become a restricted free agent at the end of the season if he and the Warriors did not come to an agreement. "Excited I got it done. Now I can move forward and focus on basketball," Curry said. "My ankle was a big factor with the number. They had to protect themselves a little bit." Sixers' Holidav Signs Four-Year, $41M Extension PHILADELPHIA -Jrue Holiday is set to run the show for the Philadelphia 76ers for years JRUE to come. HOLIDAY Holiday signed an extension with the Sixers just before the mi.d night deadline and hours after he led them to an 84 -75 victory over the Denver Nuggets. A person familiar with the deal said that the extension was for four years and worth at least $41 million. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because it is team policy not to disclose contract terms. The Sixers had until midnight to strike a deal or risk Holiday becoming a restricted free agent at the end of the season Auto Rentals "FREE UPGRADE PLUS EXTRA 50 MILES" $19.99* A Day subject To Availability With Coupon Tal Gibson, Bulls Agree To Four-Year, $38M Extension Taj Gibson has reversed course and agreed to an extension with the Chicago Bulls. Gibson exten.... ..o...;;._ ......... ...sion is $38 mil-TAJ lion over 4 years. GIBSON "I looked at the numbers and that's a lot of money, especially the securi ty," Gibson said. lakers Drop 2nd Straight Fall To Blazers 116-106 PORTLAND Ore This was not the start the Los Angeles Lakers envisioned. The talent-laden Lakers have dropped two straightto open the season their opener at home against the Dallas Mavericks followed by a 116106 thumping by the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday night. To make matters worse, two-time MVP Steve Nash, brought in by the Lakers in the offseason along with six-time All-Star Dwight Howard, was injured late in the first half against Portland. :::D 6 Cam Newton Keeps Emotions In Check After m Panthers suner Another ,!') last-Minute loss N 0 -4 CHICAGO The Carolina Panthers suffered yet another frustrating loss and, given the events leading up to it, may have opened wounds that run all the way to the top of the organization. But the one thing that may have come out of the latest letdown is that their most important player hit rock bot tom and seemed to cope with it. In the aftermath of a 23-22 loss to the 6-1 Chicago Bears on a game-winning field goal as time expired, there were plenty of guesses about which emotional state Cam Newton might put on dis play. Newton responded with determination in the face of his team falling to 1-6, five of the losses by six points or less On display was a leader who hinted at his emotions, but never put them on display. And make no mistake, he showed himself to be a leader. "There are a lot of emotions I have right now, but I'm not N CAMNEWfON going to get into that, Newton said following Carolina s fifth-straight loss. r" 1 could care less what they decide to do. My job is to be 0 the best player that I can be, > whatever they put in. I't:n just en going to go back doing the things they coach up on. ::::! Whether it is [offensive coor-Z dinator Rob] Chudzinski, J!! [head] coach [Ron] Rivera, 03 [quarterbacks] coach [Mike] Shula, and get prepared for Washington." FRONT-END ALIGNMENT FREE WITH THE PURCHASE OF 4NEWOR USEDnRES z G') m


funerals/Memoriams N' a: w m w z c a: I.L c a: I.L c z ct c tJ) w :::) .... iX: w > w c w tJ) ::::i m :::) D.. z t= w ...J ...J :::) m ...J w z t= z w tJ) a: 0 ...J I.L ct I CX) T"" Aikens MR. KEITH MITCHELL Homegoing services for Mr. Keith Mitchell of Tampa, who passed away on Tuesday, October 23, 2012, will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 10 a. m. at Exciting Faith Alive Church, 5705 N. 32"d Ave., Rev. Antonio Hawkins, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Keith was born January 22, 1970, in Tampa, to the late Nellie Benton Smith. He was preceded in death by: his mother; and uncle, Eddie Benton. He enjoyed attending church at Revealing Truth Ministries. He leaves to cherish his memory: wife, Tonya AikensMitchell; 2 step-children, Shayna Mora and Keith Madison; grandchildren, Christopher Lee, Jr., Josiah Lee, Cameron Robinson and Lola Mora; father, Robert Baltman; brothers, Garrick Mitchell and Alphonso Adams (Theresa); sister, Sherrell Shedrick (Alton); aunts, Linda Mcin tyre, Valerie Atkins and Julie Dennis; uncle, Manuel "Too Smooth" Benton; nieces, Ashley Mitchell, Kandace Shedrick, Gitara Mitchell and Daajzia Aikens; nephews, Timothy Adams, Jamarcus Mitchell, Alton Shedrick, Jr., Paul Garvin, Jr., Charles Moore and Adrian Lasing, II; cousins, Kevin Hodge, Ernest Burns, Gail Gued (Kevin), Jessica Mcintyre, Jason Mcintyre, Michael Branker, Melvin, Barry and Barron Davis, Kevin Atkins, Marion Mitchell (Andre), Patricia Williams (Willie), Alex and Dana Williams and Pam Atkins; special friends, Richie and Grace Ackbar, Cheryl Dukes, Dave, Diane, Alex and Susan Miller; and a host of other relatives and friends. The viewing will be held at Aikens Funeral Home on Friday, November 2, 2012, from 58 p. m. The family will receive friends from 67 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church for the service on Saturday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME I r uncr, ll t lome 2708 E Dr. Marti n Luther King Jr. Blvd. Tampa, FL 3361 o : Phorw (813) 232-8725 Fax (813 ) 231 0521 W Let Our Family Take Care Of Your Famil y (!) "We Are The Key To A F ine And Quality Service* Homegoingservices for Ms. Beverly Moncur of Tampa, who passed away, Thursday, October 25, 2012, will be held Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 2 p. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Rev. James Andrews, officiating. Beverly was a native of Tampa, born July 4 1953, to the late Joseph and Malissa Moncur. She was preceded in death by:' her parents; sister, Veronica White; brother, Joseph Moncur, Jr.; and 2 grandsons, Trillian and Anthony Williams. She leaves to cherish her memories: 4 children, Clifton A. Williams, III of Georgia, Clifftette A. Williams of Tampa, Bomani A. Moncur of Tampa, and Biota Moncur of Texas; 9 grandchildren, Cherish Williams, Imani Rouse, Giani Cruickshank, Aaliyah Johnson, Bomani Moncur, Jr., Keziah Moncur, Nia Jobson, Darryle Dixon and Darius Dixon; 5 sisters, Linda Olson (Ronald) of Tampa, Brenda Epps of Tampa, Renita Brewer (Lorenzo) of Palatine, IL;Latefah Lewis (Gerald) of Georgia, and Glenitha Bolton of Tampa; brother, Rudolph Moncur of Tampa; 12 nieces and nephews, Lawanda Reed, Eldridge Reed, Nafeesah Ali, Robert Henry (Kaylene), Malissa Price (Earl), Tammy Moncur, Randolph Chavez, Angela Moncur, Sabrina Moncur, Tamika Moncur, Adrian Valentine (Wilfredo) and Rashad Cade; a host of other relatives and friends; special acknowledgement to Kaylene Henry, Tammy Moncur and Kevin Jobson, for all the extra help and support during this transition. The visitation will be held at Aikens Funeral Home on Friday, November 2, 2012, from 58 p. m. The family will receive friends from 5-6 p. m The family and friends are asked to meet at the chapel on Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MR. GEORGE L. WADE 6/15/28-11/1/07 Your memory is our keep sa.ke with which we'll never part. Your wife, Alice V. Wade; the Carter, Threatt, Wheeler and Wade families. MRS. APRIL ROBERTS Homegoing services for Mrs. April Michelle Roberts of Tampa, who passed away on Monday, October 29, 2012, will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 11:30 a. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. M.L.K., Jr. Blvd. Rev. George Barnhill, officiating, with Pastor Teaira Williams as eulogist. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. April was born on November 28, 1966, in Tampa, to John and Mary Barnhill. She was preceded in death by relatives: Bishop Barnhill, Jr., Velt Barnhill, Bishop Barnhill, Sr., Rosa Lee Barnhill, Samuel Hawkins, Sr., and Samuel Hawkins, Jr. She leaves to cherish fond and loving memories with: husband, Willie Roberts; children, Amell and Jarell Roberts; parents, John and Mary Barnhill; brothers, Christopher, Jonathan, and Clint Barnhill; sisters, Caro' Reeder and Angel Harmon; aunt, Laura Duncan; uncles, George and Freddie Barnhill and Melvin Duncan; nieces, Ramia and Sarah Barnhill; nephews, Cameron and Colin Barnhill, and Garrett and Grant Harmon; cousins, Lisa Braxton, Jackie Braxton, Minnie Barnhill, Louise Barnhill, Stacy Barnhill, Jimmy Wallace, Rhonda Daniels and Rose Wallace; a host of other relatives and friends; Pastor Teaira Williams; church family, Leslie Daniel and Shirley Longley; friend and co-workers, Cena Domingas, Elda Cabrera, Kathy Cowart and Diane Chancey. The visitation will be held at Aikens Funeral Home on Sat urday, November 3, 2012, from 9-11a. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the chapel on Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM PEARLIEMAE SIMMONS Happy birthday wishes to our sweet, loving mother who celebrates her 76th d .ay on Nov.4. Your sons miss you and always will love you. Tyrone, Lindsey and goddaughter, San dra DeBose. MS. EVELYN LOUISE SCOTT Graveside service for Ms. Evelyn Louise Scott of 1461 S. W. 67"' Terrace, Plantation, FL, who was called to rest on Sun day, October 21 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, will be held on Saturday morning November 3, 2012, at 11 a. m. at Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery, 4615 East Hanna Avenue, with the Rev. John D. Anderson, Jr. officiating. Evelyn was born on May 7, 1951, to the union of Mrs. Sarah Mae Scott and the late Mr. John Henry Scott, Sr. She was the 5'h blessing to this union born in Florida City, FL. She was educated in the public. school system in Dade County, where she attended A. L. Lewis Elementary School and graduated in 1969 from Mays High School in Gould, FL Evelyn was baptized in 1967, under the leadership of the Rev. I. H. Readon of the William Chapel Freewill Baptist Church of Homestead, FL. She wasemployed with various private companies as a bus driver for 23 years. Evelyn was preceded in death by: her father, John Henry Scott, Sr.; brother, John Henry Scott, Jr.; and sisters, Mamie Lee Grier and Diana Louise Scott. Evelyn leaves to cherish fond memories: son, Marcus Antonio Scott, Belle Glade, FL; mother, Sarah M. Scott, Plantation, FL; 3 sisters, Carrie L. Adams and Gwendolyn Scott, both of Miami, FL, and Rosie L. Lee, Tampa; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. THERE WILL BE NO PUBLIC VIEWING FOR THE RE MAINS OF MS. EVELYN LOUISE SCOTT. Family and friends are asked to meet at Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery, 4615 East Hanna Avenue on Saturday morning at 10:45 a. m. "EVERETT-DERR &ANDERSON FUNERAL HOME" Garden 01 Memories MR. RAYMOND B. COY Raymond B. Coy, widower, 87, passed away on Thursday, October 18, 2012, at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa Raymond was born in Sul phur Springs, to the late Evan H. Coy and Susie B. Yeoman Coy. Raymond was a veteran of World War II. After his discharge from the United States Army, he started building homes in the Tampa area. Later, he attended BethuneCookman College, earning a degree in Electronics. While living in Tampa, he met and married the love ofhis life, Lillian. They lived in Tampa for a number of years before moving to Chicago, Illinois. Later, they moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They finally settled in Middletown, Pennsylvania in 1954 To this union of love was born a daughter, Sondra. During his working career, he was employed by the Federal Government at the Navy Depot SPCC in Mechanisburg, Pennsylvania. He was also an Electronics Technician. He owned his own electronics business in Middletown. After retiring from government services and his electronic business, he and his wife moved to Seffner, FL. His wife, Lillian of 64 years preceded him in death; along with his two brothers, Nathaniel Coy and John E. Coy, Jr.; and his sister, Leontyne (Tean) Coy Meade. He leaves to celebrate his life and cherish precious memories: daughter, Sondra of Seffner, FL; brother, Kermit (Cookie) Coy and his wife, Jeanne of Chicago, Illinois; and a host of other relatives and friends that includes the Coy's family of beloved pet cats. The viewing will be held at the Garden of Memories on November 2 2012, from 6-8 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the Garden of Memories on November 5, 2012, at 12:30 p. m. for the funeral service. GARDEN OF MEMORIES FUNERAL HOME


funerals/Memoriams Harmon MR. CORNELIUS REVEREDIX Homegoing services for Mr. Cornelius Revere Dix, who passed away on October 29, 2012, will be held Saturday, November 3 2012, at 11:30 a. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th Street, Tampa, 33610, phone: 813-626-8600, with Rev. Dwayne Sanders, of ficiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Cornelius was employed through his agency by the City of Tampa. He was preceded in death by: grandparents, Helen Dix Julius Dix and Noah Clayton, Sr.; great grandparents, Laura Jackson, Roosevelt Jackson and Hattie Owens; and uncles; Henry Jackson and Robert Dix. Cornelius leaves to cherish his memory: parents, mother, Mary Dix and father, Dwight Dix; sisters, Shautae Dix (Rod ney), and Narjia Brown; broth ers, Dontae Dix and Antoine Brown; grandparents, Eliza beth Grider and Truman Grif fin; aunts, Peggy Broadnax (Ray), Mary Bynum (Donnie), Shauntel Jefferson (Mark), Delvetta Beverly Nelson (Larry), and Aquila Dix; un cles, Samuel Dix, Anthony Dix, Julius Dix, Gary Grider, Michael Grider, Theotis Grider and wife, Nikki, and Noah Clayton (Jennifer); niece, Eu pheria Stokes; very devoted and loving friend, Jessica Baucham; a host of cousins; and friends, Laveetriss Broadnax, Nisha Grider, Ray Broad nax, Jr., Marcus "Champ" Broadnax, Samuel Dix Jr., Michael Grider, Jr., and Trav ius Broadnax. Wake services for Mr. Cor nelius Revere Dix will be held Friday evening, November 2 2012, at Harmon Funeral Home, from 7-8 p. m. Friends attending the home going service are asked to as semble at the funeral home chapel at 11:15 a.m. A HARMON BURIAL MY BIG SISTER, SYLVIA CAMPBEll OCTOBER 3D Those we loved don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear. Love always, your sister, Harriett McNealy and family. MS.QUANDA IASHEA HENRY Homegoing services for Ms. Quanda Lashea Henry, who passed away on October 25, 2012, will be held Satur day November 3, 2012, at 2 p. m. at Northside M. B Church, 5706 N. 40th Street, Tampa, 33610, Rev. Ricardo Robinson, pastor, Rev. Michael Woodard, Pastor of United Apostolic Church of Jesus, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Me morial Park. MS. Quanda Lashea Henry was a native of Panama City, FL. Quanda was a highly edu cated woman who graduated from Mosley High School in Lynn Haven, FL. She at tended college at Edward Waters in Jacksonville, FL. Quanda enjoyed shopping and spending time with her beloved son, her family and friends. She was preceded in death by: her father, the late William Henry; and grandmother, Lot tie Mae Washington. She leaves to cherish her fond memories with: her son Wayne Hamm, ill; fiance, Je remy McCall; her loving and devoted mother, Lorene Smith; three brothers, Mau rice, Maltius and Breon; five sisters, Ameera (Kevin), Markita, Synedra, Deanna and Akima; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, un cles and friends; a best friend, Laretha Flowers; and special cousin/sister, Latisha Washington;, Quanda, was very kind and caring to others, she will be missed. Wake services for Ms. Quanda Henry will be held Fri day evening from 6-7 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N 40th Street, Tampa, 33610. Friends attending the homego ing service are asked.to assem ble at the church at 1:45 p. m. A HARMON BURIAL REMEMBERING MOMON HER BIRTHDAY SARAH CARLEY October 31st Sweet are the memories we silently keep of one we loved so dearly and will never forget. Missing you on your birth day. Sadly missed by: Flossie, John, James, Louis, Leroy and Clarence. MR. ALVIN B. MCDANIELS A celebration of life service for Mr. Alvin B. McDaniels, who went home to be with the Lord on Monday night, Octo ber 22, 2012, will be held Sat urday, November 3, 2012, at 1:30 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th St, Tampa. Alvin was a member of King dom Worship Center with Pas tors Robert and Brenda Fruster. Pastor Cleveland Lane, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Highland Pines, offi ciating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Alvin was a twin to his brother, Melvin McDaniels, both born February 12, 1947, to parents, Willie B. and Marie McDaniels. He was educated in the pub lic schools of Hillsborough County. He was preceded in death by: parents, Willie B. and Marie McDaniels; brothers, Willie 'Bud/ Tyrone and Wayne McDaniels; and sisters, Willie Mae Davis and Leola Sherman. He leaves to cherish his fond memories with: brothers, Nor man (Shirley), Elton (Bettie), and Melvin (Pat), all from Tampa; sister, Maggrie Davis from Miami, FL; as well as a host of relatives and friends. Special acknowledgement to all the people who were 'an gels' in our lives in the time of need (you know who you are). Friends attending the home going service are asked to as semble at the funeral home at 1:15 p. m. on Saturday. A HARMON BURIAL BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM RALPH (BUBBADEE) WILUAMS, SR. 11-03-32 to 07-30-95 Remembering when you slipped away and no one knew you were leaving us so soon. We miss you dearly. Your children, Barbara, Jeffery, Ralph, Jr., S/MSgt. Randal, Sr., Rodney, Roslyn, Everett, Sr., and Renita; and other family members and friends. MRS.MARYL. WOODS HITCHMAN Mrs. Mary L. Woods Hitch man of Tampa, departed this life on Monday, October 29, 2012. Funeral services will be con ducted Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 2 p. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 North Howard Avenue, with Pastor Ray Johnson, officiating. In terment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Mrs. Mary L. Woods Hitch man was born on February 16, 1942, in Swainsboro, GA, to the late Jeanette Powell and Lon nie Woods. Mary attended Blake High School and was a faithful mem ber of Faith United Christian Church. She was preceded in death by: her parents, Jeanette Pow ell and LonRie Woods; daughter, Ronda M. Tate; grandson, Ronald Vereen, Jr.; grandmother, Nettie Jenkins; and brother, Jessie Woods. She leaves to cherish her memories: five daughters, Brenda Woods Thomas, Sonia Jackson (John), Gail Jackson (Tony), Paula Hunter and Pa tricia Hunter, all of Tampa; 3 sisters, Arlene McZell of Largo FL, Carolyn Kyle of Pensacola, FL, and Barbara Cummins of Tampa; 2 brothers, Alex Woods and Horace Lewis of Largo, FL; step-mom, Jeanette Woods of Largo, FL; 15 grand children, Michael Harris (Brandi) of Orlando, FL, Ebboni Madry, Leticia Ander son-Baker of Fort Worth, TX, Earl Mann, Jr., Brandi Tate, Walter Madry, Jr., QuaNeisha Williams, Nycole Harris, Rashad Anderson, Maurice Hunter, Syn'tria Morris, Anto nio Harris, Joseph Tolliver, Jr., Tyrone Burroughs, Jr. and Jeanette Perry; 26 great grand children, Amyiah, Thomas, Hakim, Ronald, Dariyan, El lyce, A'mani, Samorah, Ny' Aziah, Davion, Donovan, Julanei, Janiya, Freddie, Jr., Fre'Nyla, Fre' Jhon, Fre'Zion, Xavier, Daijah, Skyla, Pierre, Logan, J'Nyria, Mekhi, Maleah and Za'Den; a host of other family and friends; special sup porting friends, Sam Hunter, the staff of St. Joseph's ICU, LifePath Hospice House Sun City Center, the residents and staff of Epiphany Arms and Palm Garden Rehabilitation and Retirement Center. The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, November 2, 2012, at Ray Williams Fu neral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralhome.com Stone's MR. FREDDIE RAWLS A celebration of life for Mr. Freddie Rawls will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 1 p. m. at Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 3325 E. Emma Street, Tampa, Rev. Madison Murray, pastor, eulogist. Interment will be held at Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery, 4615 E. Hanna Avenue, Tampa. Freddie was a native of Tampa. He was born on Sep tember 1 1927, to the late Melton and Viola Rawls. He. attended the public schools of Hillsborough County in Tampa. He worked z m s::: aJ m ::c N 0 ...... N as a Longshoreman for the International Longshoremen's b Association Local #1402 of :U Tampa, for over 40 years, and -he was a Porter for the Vera g Cruz and the Seascape. Mr. Rawls also served in the United States Navy during Z WorldWarll. -f Mr. Rawls was a devoted Z member of Greater Friendship m Missionary Baptist Church, r Reverend Madison Murray, aJ pastor. ? He was preceded in death r by: his loving and devoted wife, Mary; sister, Helen Roffman Rawls; and brother-in-law, Z Charlie Daniels, Jr. "0 Freddie leaves cherished C: aJ r and fond memories with: sis ter, Dorothy (Majid) Daniels; devoted son, Luther Pratt Rawls, Jr.; devoted nieces, Ann Jackson (Charles), Sandy Reed (Johnnie), Peggy Wright, Pamela Thomas, Tammy Jenk ins (Reuben), Sonya Pratt, Aretha Johnson, Angel Rawls and Sylvia Castillo (Jorge); sis ter-in-law, Pearlie Raines; nephews, Keith Austin, Henry Hannah, Cloris Grimes and wife of Houston, TX, Charles Gibson, Polete Buard, IV, Isaac Rawls and Charlie Rawls; grandsons, Michael "Big Mike" Berry, Ronnie Berry and Fred Berry; loving cousins, Gy wanne Leonard, Cawanis Leonard and wife, Nisse, Rufus and Ruby Rawls of Vidalia, Georgia, Willie and Louise Rawls of Flint, Michigan, Ken neth "Snow Jay" and Francis Boyer of New York, New York, Sonny Rawls and wife of Miami, FL, Andrea McDaniel of Atlanta, Georgia, William Cross of Tampa, and the Met eye family; special friendS, Johnny and Carolyn Banks and Joseph E. Lowe, all of Tampa; and a host of other sorrowing great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. The remains will on Friday, November 2, 2012, from 6-8 p. m. at Stone's Me morial Funeral Home, 5016 N. 22D<1 Street, Tampa. The family will receive friends from 7-8 p. m. Friends are asked to assem ble at Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 3325 Emma Street, Tampa, on Saturday, November3,2012. Arrangements entrusted to Stone's Memorial Funeral Home, Edward W. Stone, Jr., L .F.D. "EXCELLENT SERVICES IN OUR BUSINESS" Ci) :I: m c m < m ::c -< -f c: m C/) c )> z c ::c c


funerals/Memoriams N law, Puliston Kirksey, Jr. of a: Tampa; 6 sisters-in-law and 3 W brothers-in-law, Ruth Saffore m of Tampa, Irene Saffore of Ocala, FL, Vicki Saffore of 0> Grand Rapids, Ml, Cecelia Saffore of Panama City, FL, Carrie Z (Donald) McClarty, Barbara (Jacob) Hunt and Marvin Kirksey, all of Tampa; a host of C nieces, nephews and cousins; fE and the 83rd Street neighbors; MR. ANDREW A. FLOYD, JR. Homegoing services for Mr. Andrew A. Floyd, Jr., who passed away on October 26, 2012, will be held Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 2 p. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel, 3000 N. 29th Street, Tampa, with Rev. Wallace Bowers, of ficiating. The interment will follow in Memorial Park Ceme tery. Andy, as he was affection ately ealled, was born in Jack son County, FL, to Mr. Andrew A. Floyd, Sr. and Victoria Floyd. He was the fourth of 8 children. Mr. Floyd was educated in c the Hillsborough County a: School System and was a grad"uate of Middleton Senior High C School, Class of 1961. Z He worked for the City of < Tampa Recreation Depart ment for a number of years. C Andy also worked for lnterna(J) tional Brotherhood of Team W sters Local #79 He was preceded in death > by: his parents Andrew A. and a: Victoria Floyd; sister, Alma W Johnson; and brother, William R.Floyd. Mr. Floyd leaves to cherish memories of him with: his sis:::1: ters, Geraldine McCollin, Val(/) rico, FL, Beatrice Vines ::J (Eugene), Suitland, Maryland, m and Joyce Floyd, Valrico, FL; brothers, Harold Floyd z (Gwen), Tampa, Joe Floyd, Sr. j:: (Liz), Tampa; aunts, Betty w Hearn, Evelyn Jenkins and ...J Aletha Lawson; uncles, Oscar S Hearn (Minnie Pearl), and m James Hearn (Maxine); ...J w z j:: z w (/) a: 0 ...J u.. < I 0 N w CJ cousins, Emma Jean McK night, Barbara Sorey, Arthur Brinson, Tampa, and Delores Smith, Washington, DC; a host of loving nieces, nephews and cousins; brother-in-law, Robert T. Johnson, Sr.; and other relatives. Some of Andy's special friends were: Oscar Johnson, Eugene, Tee, Betty White, Stella, Agnes McDonald, Blos-som, Geri and Brooks. The visitation will be held Friday, November 2, 2012, from 5 p. m. with the family receiving friends from 7-8 p. m. in the Chapel. Friends are asked to assem ble at the funeral home at ap proximately 1:45 p. m., Saturday. A WILSON SERVICE www.wilson-funeralbome.com SUNDAY, NOV. 4tt MR. EUGENE JAMES JORDAN A celebration of life for Mr. Eugene James Jordan, will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 2 p. m. at Brown's Me morial Church Of God In Christ, 2313 E. 27th Avenue, Tampa, where Bishop Matthew Williams is Pastor, with Pastor Cheryl R. Green, officiating, and Pastor Raymond Jenkins, eulogist, both of Rainbow Min istries. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery, 4900 East Chelsea Street, Tampa. Mr. Eugene James Jordan was born on February 27, 1941, in Fort White, FL, to the parentage of Lee Hughes and Rebecca Jordan. He was edu cated in the public schools sys tem of Columbia County. He accepted Christ at an early age, strayed away until December 7, 2003, when he accepted Him back into his heart at Rainbow Ministries Church of God in Christ.._under the late Pastor Joseph Green. On June 15, 1961, he was united in holy matrimony to Gloria Randall and to this union five children were born. He later united in holy matri mony to Roberta Lynch on June 7, 1993 On Monday, October 22, 2012, God reached down from heaven and plucked one of His precious flowers from the gar den and took him home to be with Him. We take comfort in knowing that he is resting. He was preceded in death by: his parents, Lee Hughes and Rebecca Jordan; brothers, Charles Jordan, Jefferson (Simmie) Jordan and Henry Jordan; sisters, Helen (John) Scott and Elouise (Carlton) Cushion; daughter, Sonya Burns; sister-in-law, Patricia Coleman; and granddaughter, Allison Jordan. Mr. Jordan leaves to cherish memories of him with: a loving and devoted wife, Roberta Jor dan; daughters, Equilla Collins and Althea Gena (DiAngelo) Douglas; sons, Anthony (Cyn thia) Jordan and Dwayne (Shawnda) Jordan; sisters, Mary Francis Howard, Annie Lee Aarons, Grace Merricks, Vernell (LC) Johnson and Quincey Ann (Ronald) Durr; grandchildren, Temika, Ros alyn, Curtis, Anthony, Jr., Lamar, Keith, Demetrius, Jenay, Diangelo, Jr., Vincent, Cardaryl, Lativia, Brittany, Di amond, Dion and Trey; 19 great grandchildren; god daughter/niece, Ruby Lynch; sister-in-law, Gwen (Horace) Garrison; brothers-in-law, Tommy and Kenneth Lynch; godparents, Shirlene (Walter) Thompson; and a host of sor rowing nieces, nephews, cousins, great friends and other relatives. A viewing will be held at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street, Tampa, from 5 9 p.m. on Friday, November 2, 2012. Friends are asked to assem ble at the church on Saturday at1:45p. m. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wilson-funeralhome.com MR. CURTIS CALVIN MOORE, SR. A celebration of life for Mr. Curtis CalVin Moore, Sr., of Tampa, who passed from this life to eternal reward on Sun day, October 28, 2012, will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 2 p. m. at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 3005 East Ellicott Street, Tampa, with Pastor, Rev. Dr T. W. Jenkins, officiating, and As sociate Minister James E. Richardson, eulogist. Mr. Moore was born in Don alsonville, Georgia, on Septem ber 8, 1946, to the parentage of Mr. and Mrs. Collie (Addie Williams) Moore. He was a resident of Tampa for over 40 years. He was the proprietor and operator of Moore Lawn Services for over 35years. He was preceded in death by: his parents, Collie Moore and Addie Mae Williams; sib lings, Collie Moore, Dosia Stewart, Louisa Stewart and Patricia Moore. Memories will be cherished by his loving family: children, Sabrina Moore and Sheila Moore, both of Donalsonville, GA, Curtis C. Moore, Jr., Seat tle, WA, and Jimmie J. Moore, Toledo, OH; 4 grandchildren and 4 grandchildren; sib lings, Charlie (Marie) Moore, Fort Pierce, FL, Loretta Gar rett, Tampa, Betty Jean John son, Donalsonville, GA Lillian Swinton, Flint, Ml, Ruby Williams, Macon, GA, Betty (Leroy) Worth, Tampa, and Lester Moore, Donalsonville, GA; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, un cles, friends and extended fam ily. The remains will be viewed on Saturday, November 3, 2012, from 1-2 p. m. at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, one hour prior to the service. THERE WILL BE NO VIEW ING AFTER THE EUWGY. Friends are requested to as semble at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday November 3, 2012, by 1:45 p. m. for the service. "A WILSON SERVICE www.wilson-funeralhome.com ALLEN B. KENDRICK 'BIG DADDY' 11/4/192110/17/2003 MR.WAYMON SAFFORE A homegoing celebration for Mr. Waymon Saffore will be held on Saturday November 3, 2012, at u a.m. at St. James A. M. E. Church, 5202 86th Street, Tampa, with the pastor, Rev. Michael B. Price, officiating. Interment will follow in Garden Of Memories. Waymon Saffore was born on April 15, 1934, in Jackson County, FL, to Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt (Mary Lou) Saffore, Sr. He attended the public schools in Jackson County, lastly attending Rosenwald High School. Brother Saffore accepted Christ at an early age and was a faithful member of Greater Bethel AME Church in Panama City, FL. Upon leaving and moving to Bradenton, then to Grand Rapids, MI, he relo cated back to Florida, and to the Progress Village Community in 1967. He re dedicated his life to Christ and joined St. James AME Church, where he faithfully served for many years on various min istries until his untimely death. He was employed at GAF Corporation. Mr. Saffore be came well-known in the Progress Village community. He was preceded in death by: his parents, Roosevelt,. Sr. and Mary Lou Saffore; and brothers, James, George, Roo sevelt, Jr. and William Lee; sis ter, Ira Mae Johnson. Waymon leaves to cherish precious memories of him with: a devoted and loving wife, Shirley "Ann" Saffore; 5 sons, Waymon Saffore, Jr. of Panama City, FL, Charles (Temeka) Saffore, Sr. and Dar rell Saffore of Bradenton, FL, Brian (Katrina) Scott, Sr. and (Carla) Saffore, Sr. of Tampa; 3 daughters, Shirley (Albert) Arenas, Shaunette (Willie) Luke of Tampa, and Kalicia (Nabil) Sarah of Ocala FL; 30 wonderful grandchildren and 21 adorable great grandchildren; sUl"VIvmg brother, Mathis Saffore of Tampa; surviving aunt; Mable Stanley (99 years old) of Panama City, FL; father-inIN MEMORIAM CHARLIE GILMORE, JR 'STUMP' 11/14/194711/5/2010 St. James A. M. E. Church fam ily and friends of the Progress Village Community. There will be a viewing from 5-9 p.m., Friday on November 2, 2012, at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street, Tampa, and the family will re ceive friends from 6-7 p. m. in the chapel. Friends are asked to assem ble at the church at 10:45 a. m., Saturday for the service. "A WILSON SERVICE" www. wilson-funeralhome.com IN lOVING MEMORY OF DORA HEARD JACKSON Sunrise: December 12, 1933 Sunset: November 4, 2011 One year ago you slept away. With tearful eyes we watched you transition, not understanding God' s plan. Since you left, we have shed many tears, then the realization came that you only stepped into the "Next Room." The best room of the mansion that God prepares for those who love Him. Sleep on our angel, take your rest, and when our ap pointment time is near, have our room ready! We love you, but God loved you best. Sonny, Wilma and Diane. ELIZABETH KENDRICK 'BIGMA' 2/2/1924 -4/23/12 Truly loved, sorely missed. Gone, but not forgotten. The family.


Cards OfThanks/Memoriams CARD OF THANKS Words cannot express how much we thank you for the expressions of sympathy and au the help you provided us during our moment of sorrow. We are truly grateful for your friendship and support. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM MATriE HARRIS u//3/28 -8/15/88 Although it's been 24 years, it seems as if it were only yester day that I last heard your voice. My angel, my heart, my every thing. Love, your son, Pettie. 813 626 8600 HOME GOING CELEBRATION Cemetery Space Luxwy Lil:nousine Metal 20ga. Casket Shopper's Discount Cremation Funeral Luxl.ly Lirnousme Ncni'a:ftDBEamllk Shopper's Discount 301 North Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 Early Voting General Election Oct. 27 -Nov. 3 Only 1 Week In Florida .. }< LAT DR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE SHEEHY, SR. WE MISS YOU DR. AND MRS. PAUL LAWRENCE SHEEHY, .JR. AND PAUL LAWRENCE, Ill, PAULA SHEEHY SNOW AND PAUL SNOW, .JOY LAWE ARMSTRONG AND THEADORE LAWE, AND LILLIAN ANDREWS PONQUINETTE. CARD OF THANKS REV. FOSTER GARVIN, SR. The family of the late Rev. Foster Garvin, Sr. acknowl edges with great appreciation for the cards, flowers, food and phone calls. Special thanks to: New Mount Zion and Mt. Pleasant Masonic Lodge #13, PHA and Rev. Dr. C. P. Epps. May God continue to bless you all. IN MEMORIAM MAXINE CHISHOLM February 1, 1944 -October 29, 2001 It still feels like only yesterday God decided your earthly work was finished. We will always remember "only what you do for Christ will last." You are gone, but never forgotten. Love always, the Chisholm family. z 0 < m s:: m m lJ 1\) 1\) 0 ..... 1\) r 0 :!! C/) m z ::! z m r m c: r r !:!l z "tJ c: m r Cii :::z:: m 0 m < m -i c: m C/) 0 The Garvin family. MEMORIES OF THE SERVICE FADE OVER TIME, BLIT SPECIAL MOMENTS WfTI-1 YOUR LOVID ONE ARE CAP1URED FOREVER ON DVD. servia ts a day to nmUnfsa and cdtbmte a life ltwd. But sharmg. doesnt haw to md at the servfa. With a DVD your Zifelong mtmorfes at and to your hettforever. FUNERAL HOME :nJO N 29th St. Tampa, FL 33605 (800) 605-3350 (813) 248-6125 vvww wilson -funeralhome com )> z 0 lJ 0 )i G) m N ..... General Election -Nov. 6


-------------------------------------a: w m ::!!: w > 0 z Saturdav Is Final oav For Earlv Voting. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor c a: On Saturday, November u. 3rd is the final day of Early Voting in Hillsborough County. Residents can cast ballots at any one of the fol lowing fifteen locations from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Anyone wishing to vote during the election must have identification with a photograph. The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office listS the fol lowing as forms of acceptable identification: Florida Driver's license; Debit or Credit Card; Military identi fication; Retirement Center Identification; Florida Identification Card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles: c United States Passport; ii: Public Assistance u. Identification; Student Identification; or c( Neighborhood Association Identification. The form of C identification used must be en w 1w > w c w ::t: en ::J m ::::: current The libraries are: Bloomingdale Regional, 1906 Bloomingdale Avenue, Valrico; C. Blythe Andrews Library, 2607 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Jan Kaminis Platt Regional,. 3910 S. Manhattan Avenue; Jimmie B. Keel Regional, 2902 W. Bearss Avenue; and New Tampa Regional, 10001 Cross Creek Blvd. Other libraries are: North Tampa Branch, 8916 North Blvd.; Bruton Memorial Library, 302 W. McLendon Btreet, Plant City; Riverview Branch Library, 10509 Riverview Dr., Riverview; and SouthShore Regional, 15816 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin. Registered voters can also cast ballots at the: Temple Terrace Library, 202 Bullard Parkway, Temple Terrace; Town N' Country Regional, 7606 Paula Drive; Upper Tampa Bay Regional, 11211 Countryway Blvd., and West Tampa Library, 2313 W. Union Street. Voters can also cast ballots at the Fred B. Karl County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., and the Robert L. Gilder Elections Service Center, 2514 N. Falkensburg Road, between the hours of 7 a.m., and 7 p.m., through Saturday, November 3rd. D. z i= BARBARA 1. PITTMAN w -1 -1 ::::: m Practicing Law In: Criminal Defense Family Law Personal Injury -1 Attorney & Counselor At Law Cypress Point Office Park i= 10014 N Dale Mabry, Suite 101 ffi Tampa, Florida 33618 en (813)269-9706 Fax: (813)960-0641 c( 0 -1 u. c( I N N w Specializing In The Followng Areas: Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 &13 Child Support Probate & Wills Guardianship Personal Injury !migration REASONABLE RATES & PAYMENT PLAN. .. ... Bcfot ,ou ciKkMcl, k .aelo MM 'fC* ......__,. qw.utklltioM Mf Early Voting General Election Oct. 27-Nov. 3 only 1 Week In Florida __ National Pres.lllama: 'IIDDW Black America wants To Keep Michelle As First ladJ' President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greet supporters in Portsmouth, N.H. Asked if African-Americans should be as excited about voting for him as in 2008, President Obama said, "I know Black America wants to keep Michelle as the First Lady," in an interview. The interview, part of a pre-election media blitz, was one of the few the president did with a representative from a Black news outlet. He broke little ground, but tailored some of his remarks to an African-American audience. Talking about his education agenda, Pres. Obama said, "If we don't have Black and Hispanic kids who can compete, that's the fastgrowing population, that's our future workforce." He strongly objected to any notion his support among women is dipping. Asked about the high job less rate among Blacks and Latinos he said, we know these problems didn't happen overnight, they've been building up for decades in some cases. He added; ''I'm going to spend all my waking hours" making sure more Americans can find work if elected to a second term. Pres. Obama To New Jersev Residents: we Are Here For You President Obama consoles some of the victims affected by Hurricane Sandy. BRIGANTINE, NJ President Barack Obama, swooping in for a somber look at Sandy's storm-whipped destruction, pledged to the hurting people of New Jersey and beyond on Wednesday that "we are here for you and we will not forget." Not forgotten, either, were the unspoken political implications of Pres. Obama's tour just six days from the election Commanding the federal response to the disaster, Pres. Obama spent a day doling out hugs, handshakes and promises of military might to help. And he soaked in the praise of one of Republican challenger Mitt Romney's top surrogates, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. I cannot thank the presi dent enough for his personal concern and compassion," Christie said with Pres. Obama at his side. SII...,.Liaves 111.111155 lad NEW YORK The misery of superstorm Sandy's devastation grew Tuesday as mil lions along the U.S. East Coast faced life without power or mass transit for days, and huge swaths of New York City remained eerily quiet. The U.S. death toll climbed to at least 55, many of the victims killed by falling trees, and res cue work continued. The storm that made landfall in New Jersey on Monday evening with hurricane force cut power to more than 8.2 million across the East and put the presidential campaign on hold just one week before Election Day. 9 Men In Florida Arrested For Running Youth Football Gambling Ring Nine people were arrested in an operation into illegal gambling in Broward County. DEERFIELD BEACH, FL Broward County authorities arrested nine men including several coaches, in connection with an extensive youth foot ball gambling ring in South Florida. The high stakes bets included a $1oo,ooo wager on the South Florida Youth Football League championship game. "It's about kids being exploited unfortunately by greedy parents and greedy grown-ups andcoaches who were basically nothing more than criminals," Broward County Sheriff AI Lamberti said. The investigation started when ESPN investigative reporter Paula Lavigne brought officials surveillance video showing parents openly exchanging money in the stands. The league, which has existed since 1986, has 22 teams and 6,ooo players -ranging from pee wee to teenagers in three counties. Many of the kids come from low income homes and poor neighborhoods. The league's website explicitly prohibits gambling, warning that if any one is caught gambling they will be asked to leave parks.


Crime Suspects Sought In Countn Shooting ROBERTO ANDERSON .. be and his wife were shot by armed gunmen outside his Town 'N Country home. At 2 a. m. Wednesday, Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies were called to the 9100 block of Baymeadow Court on a report of a shooting. The homeowner, Roberto Anderson, 39, had just returned home from a night on the town when he decid ed to take his dog for a walk. When he went outside, deputies said Anderson reported seeing someone standing by his front door. The armed suspect was pointing a rifle at Anderson, and he got into a struggle with the suspect over the rifle, deputies said. During the scuffle, the rifle went off striking Anderson in the finger, thigh, and groin area. Anderson reportedly told deputies while he was struggling with the suspect, he heard several shots bein. g fired. Anderson fled on foot from his residence in an attempt to get away from the suspect and said he heard shots being fired as he fled. Anderson told deputies he also saw a second armed suspect standing by a vehicle outside his home. His wife, Christi Anderson, 38, was inside and when she heard the shots fired, she walked outside to see what was going on. Deputies said as she exited her home, she saw a man armed with a sliotgun. The suspect fired at Christi Anderson, striking her in the leg with buckshot. The Andersons were transported to a local hospi tal with non-life threatening injuries. They told deputies they had never seen either of the suspects before. The suspects are described as Black males, one armed with a shotgun and the other with a rifle. They both wore hoodies, and fled the scene. Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call (813) 247-8200. Mother 01 Drowned Riveniew Girl Blames School Jennifer Caballero's mom is blaming Rodgers Middle School in Riverview for the death of her u-yearold daughter. Jennifer, who has Downs Syndrome, UNCLE SANDY A broom is steadily sweeping 4, 9, 12, 14 up the broken pieces 19, 25, 29, 30 of yesterday's life 33, 35, 39, 40 so prepare yourself for change 42, 44, 48, st. drowned last week afte r walking out of a crowded school gym. Jennifer's mother, Elizabeth Rosas, said she blames the teachers and aides at the school for her daughter's death. Ms. Rosas wants investigators to find. out exactly what happened at the school on October 22nd. Jennifer was in a gymna sium when a student alerted teachers she had slipped out of the gym. Several hours later, her body was found in a pond near the school. Sheriff's detectives are continuing their investigation into how the girl was able to walk away unnoticed by adults from a gymnasium packed with 140 students. About 20 of those students were special-needs students. The class was supervised by a teacher and six aides Sheriff David Gee has met with School Superintendent MaryEllen Elia and members of the Hillsborough County School System. Armed Robbers -Strlla Burger King Tampa Police report that the Burger King at 4103 West Hillsborough Avenue was robbed Thursday morning. Police said at 3 a. m., two Black males wearing all dark clothing and black ski masks threw a large piece of concrete against the entrance door of the restaurant, and shattered the glass. Two females were working the drive-thru window at the time, the interior had been closed. Police said two men entered the restaurant, approached the two employ ees, and told them to hand over the money. One of the suspects was ailegedly wav ing a gun at the employees. The suspects took the cash and fled on foot. No one was injured. DNA Evidence Continues To Cracll Cases On October 18th, a 70-year old woman was raped inside a Sulphur Springs church. Tampa Police arrested 26-year-old Demetreius Morris 5 days later. Morris's arrest came thanks to DNA that linked him to tlie crime. His arrest was the latest example of how the marriage of medical technology and database management is giving law enforcement tools they never had a few years ago. In the arrest of Morris, a crime scene technician had take swab samples from the victim. They were submitted to the florida Department of Law Enforcement, who ran them through their database. The result was the arrest of Morris less than a week after the crime was commit ted. "" ::u 6 Authorities Ask For Help In Locating Double Murder suspect CLEARWATER Clearwater Police Homicide Detectives are asking for help in locating the suspect in a 2003 double murder. Gilberto JuarezHernandez, 32, was identi fied as a suspect. Petra Martin, 31, and her 2-year-old son, Uriel, were found dead in their apartment from stab wounds on July 19, 2003. Detectives said Juarez-Hernandez is responsible for both murders. PETRA MARTIN URIEL MARTIN local arrest history. Anyone with information about Juarez-Hernandez The last known address for Juarez-Hernandez was in Des Moines, Iowa in 2008, where he was arrested for driving with a suspended license and fraud. He has no is asked to contact the "'0 Clearwater Police 5j Department Tip Line at r (727) 562-4422. lore Than Cast Earlv vounu Ballots m c m < m More than 92,000 people cast ballots during the first five days -1 of Early Voting. The Hillsborough County Supervisor of fii Elections has also received an additional117,595 Vote By Mail tn ballots. C Although Early Voting will continue until 7 p.m., Saturday, November 3rd, the Supervisor of. Elections said the preliminary :a> election turnout is already more than 28 percent. So far, the highest turnout took place on Saturday, October 27th, the first ., day of Early Voting when 20,742 people cast votes. ::U WARREN DAWSON 221-1800 1461 Tampa Park Plaza @ Nebraaa Ave. & scott St. "'"c"' '"; J J,', !c s -p: !.:"' ::: s. on ""'at .. c b: :)J)C:! s: : .. ;::"' Jd.c: !C Sef:: c ,: .. cc: :c JS ... s :: )C"': ]c ... !tc .. r'J "'"Jtl:'" :::o ... : .. : f :J" :""5 c :c 6


KENNY RUSHING 10 E BiiYIRS GROIP I I Sellars Whelet cash In 3 oavs tar their Housel We Agree on Price Check for Liens & J ements P ick Up Your Check we Pav $500 Referral Fees tor lnv Real Estate Home Leads we Buv 813-675-7040 x22 ww.kennvrushinghomebuvers.com lnr\811111 .. 1& 111111111111 Tl II IIJII'IIIIICI IIIISI.


FLORIDA SENTINEL FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2 2012 B Hillsborough Countv Branch NAACP Holds Freedom Fund Dinner On Thursday, October 18th, the Hillsborough County Branch NAACP held its 2012 Freedom Fund Dinner. The event took place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Airport. The theme for the dinner was "Civic Engagement -There is POWER in Numbers." This year the organization offered two keynote speakers. It also recognized two clergymen and five members from the community. The Dinner began with the Presentation of Colors by the Gulf Ridge Council of the Boy Scouts. Ms. Aminta Voyce and Geovonnie Justice were the Mistress and Master of Ceremonies. U. S Congresswoman Kathy Castor, Senator Arthenia Joyner, Representative Betty Reed, and Hillsborough County School Board member April Griffin all delivered greet ings. Ms. Griffin represented Hillsborough County School District Superintendent MaryEllen Elia. Cory Person, Esq., President of the George Edgecomb Bar Association introduced Attorney Daryl Parks, the first guest speak-Mrs. Carolyn Collins, center, of the Hillsborough County Branch NAACP, is shown with the two guest. speakers Attorney Daryl D. Parks, left, and Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III., at the 2012 Freedom Fund Dinner. Wildens Cajuste, left, and Ross Anderson attended the banquet. Anderson, who founded the Men of Vision Service organization, was also the recipient of the Living Bridges Award. MS. EVANGELINE "VAN" BEST MRS. BETIY REED State Representative er. Reverend Reginald Franklin introduced Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III. Both speakers delivered inspiring messages and encouraged those in attendance to take an active role in society. Ms. Pat Spencer presided over the Reception Program. The Living Bridges Awards were presented to Ross Anderson, founder of Men of Vision, Inc.; Robert "Pete" Edwards, Community Activist; Mrs. Sonia Franklin, Sisters Network, Tampa Bay Chapter; Dr. Dexter Frederick, of the B.E.S.T. Attorney Cordel Batchelor attended the dinner. Alex Jordann Darby, left, and Bobby G. Summers attended the dinner. RONNIE MOORER Program;_and Ms. Candy Lowe, Community Activist. The Spiritual Leader Awards were presented to Rev. Dr. Earl B. Mason, Senior Pastor of BibleBased Fellowship Church of Temple Terrace, and Rev. W. D. Sims, of St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church The entertainment was provided by Pastor Antonio Miranda, of the Center of Manifestations; Maurice Jackson; Bobby G. Summers; and Vision of Harmony. Rashard Wyatt, runner up in the 2012 ACT -SO Competition sang "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" as well. Several members of the USF College Chapter NAACP, the NAACP Youth Work Council; and others volunteered to make the dinner a success. Mrs. Carolyn Collins, President of the Hillsborough County Branch NAACP, Ms. Linda Green, Ms. Yvette Lewis, Alex Massey, Debra Taylor and Ms. Alveda Vernon were honored as members who went "above and beyond." (Photography by David Winston and BRUNSON). Among those attending the 2012 NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner were from left to right: Mrs. Mary Alice Dorsett, Mrs. Lucille Scott, and Ms. Harriet Scott. Ms. Kathy Browne, left, was presented the Freedom Fund Award and Ms. Yvette Lewis, was presented the President' s Special Award at the dinner. Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Shafter (Evalina) Scott attended. Rev. Dr. Scott is the an Executive Committee At-Large member of the Hillsborough County Branch NAACP.


Nr---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------iij Features a: w ID :IE w > 0 z College Hill Crime Watch To Celebrate 26th AnniVersarv ).:' On Wednesday, October icC 24th, the District 5 and Col Hill Criffie Watch Asso I.L ciation celebrated their 26th anniversary. A special town hall meet ing was held at the Lee Davis Center, 3402 North 22nd Street, from 6 p. m. until 8 p. m. Speaking at the meeting were Middleton High School principal, Owen Young; State Representative Betty Reed, and Ms. Alva Sim mons. David Denson, Chairof the District 5 Advisory Com ..... said he's been a part the group the entire 26 and says there is still a need to get more area busi nesses and other partner0 developed. 0: "We also need to get more I.L serious involvement by the people. Some of them just c( don't have that commitQ f3 irl: w > ment." Denson said some of the problem areas identified 26 years ago are still there. "When College Hill and De Leon complexes DAVID DENSON were still around, we had worked hard to deal with the crime in the area. Citizens began to feel safer, and there were foot and bicycle patrols. "When Belmont Heights Estates came along, some of those things disappeared." Cynthia Few, President of the College Hill Neighborhood Association and Crime Watch, said she's heen a part of the organization for 5 years, and they've addressed a lot of issues. One thing I'm really proud of is how we've helped some of our seniors with home repairs and other serv ices. We've also been very ac tive with voter registration, and we teamed up with Clean City on a couple of occasions to keep our streets and prop erties clean." Ms. Few said they are happy to see a reduction in crime in the area, and they are trying to get more young people involved. "We'd like for them to attend some of our meetings, and see what's going on. "We try all the time to connect to the young people through our partnership with the Lee Davis Service Cen ter." As part of the 26th anniversary celebration, several people were recognized for their hard work and presented awards. Q w l: 0 ::J ID ;:::) A. z ffi .... .... ;:::) ID .... w z w 0 c( Q a: 0 .... I.L ID N w CJ BLICKLAWFIRM Accidents Injury Criminal DUI 813-703-4147 FORMER PROSECUTOR. FORMER MARINE. Neighborhood Associadon Adopts Pond Mr. Sam Mobley stands next to one of the trees they've planted, and in front of one of the benches they've installed at the pond. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Sta:ffWriter Mr. Sam Mobley, Presi dent of the Eastern Heights Neighborhood Association and Crime Watch, is proud to an nounce his group has adopted the pond at 44th Street and Chelsea. In adopting the pond, the group has agreed to release the "Keep Tampa Beautiful" team from any and all liability for the upkeep and safety of the pond. "We are responsible for keeping the pond and sur rounding area clean at all times, and maintaining the landscape," said Mr. Mobley. "We've also planted 11 trees and 64 plants, as well as some spice plants and some benches. We want to make this a great gathering place for people in the community, and collec tively, keep it a family park and free of any criminal activity." Mr. Mobley said he con tinues to battle the flow of drugs and drug users in his community, and hopes this park will be a safety zone where families can gather, and a great place for activities involving the group and events spon sored by residents in the area. "We are proud of the work we've done, and we realize the responsibility we've taken on. We are ready to fulfill that re sponsibility, because it's vital to this community, and we want the pond to be a focal point of beauty for the Eastern Heights community." Arrested and Coocemed About Your LepJ Rlgbts? Call 'Dmya Dugree (813) 418-5253 Payment Plans Available Wltb NO CREDIT CHECK w. CoL ....... ,, ... Certified by State University All Job-Related In uries Change Treating ysidans Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C./ Race Discrimination FREE CONSULTATION! (Except For Pure Tide VII Cses) 220 E. Madison Street Suite 1207, Tampa, FL 33602 Vitlt Vt On-lin At: -.FOitOLAWFIRM.OIIG (Fo....,.r U S Anny JACC AttorMJ} dl


Local Cab Dr-1ver Seeks Justice Federal anemev Alloointed ; To oversee Voting Process BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Early last Saturday morning, Ary Jean was behind the wheel of his Checker Cab when he got a call for a pick up. "I picked up a fare in Ybor City and he wanted to go to Harbour Island. When we arrived, he got out of the cab, gave me a $20, and asked for $2.oo back." Jean said as that transac tion was taking place, he was hit in the face and on the leg with raw eggs. "The customer pointed at who threw the eggs, and I saw two people. I called 9-1-1, and when the officer arrived, he asked me what happened. When he asked me who did it, I pointed to the building." Jean said when the officer went to the building and to the apartment, the people inside refused to open the door. "The officer came back and asked me what did I want him to do. He said he couldn't force them to come to the door. "I asked him what would happen if I threw a rock into the window, and he said I'd go to jail." Jean said he described what they were wearing, and he saw one of them at the rear of the building making obscene gestures at him. "The officer had left, so I tried calling him again. When he came back, he again asked Ary Jean points" to a place on his door splattered with egg yoke. me what I wanted him to do. He also cursed me, and refused to give me his badge number. "I called 9-1-1 a third time and requested to see a super visor. Another officer told me I could go to jail for using 9-1-1 for this purpose. I was eventually arrested and charged with misuse of the 9-1-1 sys tem." Jean said as a victim, he doesn't think it was fair for him to be arrested, and the people who hit him with the eggs were never arrested. "The officer handcuffed me, took my cell phone, and put me in his cruiser. "To make matters worse, 505 East Jackson St. Suite aarrtsten Building Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 387-7724 BANKRUPTCY Stop Foreclosure & CNdltor"s REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW when my brother came out to get my taxi, the officer told him if he tried, they would arrest him. They told him my taxi would be impounded. This whole thing cost me the money to be bonded out of jail and the impound fee to get my taxi back." Jean, a Haitian citizen, said he tried to explain to the offi cer, he didn't understand the law regarding the use of the 9-1-1 system, and if he had, he would have handled the situation another way. "It didn't make any differ ence to the officer, because I was jailed anyway. This is not the way the law is supposed to work. They are not sup posed to lock up victims of crimes, and let the perpetra tors go free, but that's exactly what happened to me." Police spokesperson, Andrea Davis, said when the officers arrived at the scene, Jean wanted them to kick the door in at the apartment where the eggs were allegedly thrown from, and arrest everyone inside. "When the officer told him he couldn't do that, Jean threatened to throw eggs at the apartment. The officer told him if he did that, he would be arrested, and that didn't set well with Jean." Recently, Attorney Robert E. O'Neill, of the Middle District of Florida said that Assistant U. S. Attorney Robert Mosakowski has been appointed to serve as the District Election Officer for the Middle District of Florida. His duties will entail overseeing complaints of election fraud and voting rights abuses in connection with the 2012 General Election. Attorney O'Neill said, "Every citizen must be able to vote without interference or discrimination and to have that vote counted without it being stolen because of fraud. The Department of Justice will act promptly and aggres sively to protect the integrity of the election process." The Department of Justice has an important role in deterring election fraud and discrimination at the polls, and combating these viola tions whenever and wherever they occur. Federal law protects against such crimes as intimidating or bribing voters, buying and selling votes, altering vote tal lies, stuffing ballot boxes, and marking ballots for voters against their wishes or with out their input. Federal law also contains special protections for the rights qf voters and providers m that they can vote free from ::D acts that intimidate or harass 1'1) them. Attorney O'Neill further N stated, "Ensuring free and fair elections depends in large part on the cooperation of the American electorate. It is imperative that those who have specific information about discrimination or elec tion fraud make that informa tion available immediately to my office, the FBI, or the Civil Rights Division." In addition, the FBI will have special agents available in each field office and resident agency throughout the country to receive allegations r of election fraud and other 0 election abuses on Election ::D c Day. )>o The Tampa Division FBI en Field Office can be reached at 1-866-838::::! 1153; or the Jacksonville Z Division can be reached p! at 1-904-248-7ooo. m Complaints about ballot C: r access problems or disr crimination can be made !!J directly to the Civil z Rights Division's Voting_ "'D Section in Washington, at C: 1-800-253-3931 or 1-202307-2767. c;; % m m FREE CAS E EVALUATION CALL U S TODAY! (813) 471-4444 < m -t c: m C/) c )>o z c ., ::D c


a: w m :::E w > 0 z 0 a: LL. 0 a: LL. 0 z <( >Greetin Happy Binhdav NITA JAMES 11/3 We love and adore you, mom. Grandma, we love you!!! Sta y beautiful, Mrs Nita. From: Women of Grace. NIQUA And NITA "Mom, you are all the Margarita I need." 8pul ... ltl: HM11111HIIrIM ... IIIMCt M ...... Rod ....... ................. lll RB.AXERS ---$39.18 & UP SEW-INS ------------MI & UP WASH & SET ------... $14.18 & UP KID STYLES $12.11 & UP m BLOW OUT ---------$12.18 & UP CJ f LADYREDD Happy birthday mommy!!! Love. Maurian and A'Lisa. TRINAAnd LADYREDD Special birthday shout out to my friend, Lady Redd. Love you and wish you many more. Love, Katrina. EARLY OCT. 27NOV. 3 ELECTION DAY NOV. 6 Happy Binhdav JAHZEL SINCERE PIERRE And CHARAI GRANT Happy birthday to my first daughter, Jahzel Pierre, my angel. I want you to know I love you with all my heart. Also, belated birthday to my little princess, Charai. You two are truly God's angels in my life Love always, mom (Shay) and daddy, (Big Ron). And The aest Grandma In The World' Award Goes To TIFF, REGGIE And MAMA COOKIE DOBY Whether it's the hugs, the visits and the late night phone chats ... the birthday cakes, home-cooked meals or the seafood snacks .. Because of the prayers, your love and all of the motherly things you do the Best Grandma In The World Award goes to you! Happy 55th birthday! Hauuv Binhdav Zodiac Twins THE MING FAMILY A very special belated birthday blessing is being sent to Ms. Muffin on Oct. 25th. And happy Halloween hugs and kisses are also being sent to Randell on Nov. 1st. We thank God for bringing us through another year together and for all the blessings He has bestowed upon our entire family! A special message to my kids ... From babies to teens over the years, we have watched you grow so big When you get older one day we will look back and laugh at the things you did. Sometimes in life, it may seem tough to keep on the path you re going. But, just remember to keep God in your heart for all understanding and knowing. "May God continue to guide you throughout life's journey and never let go of His unchanging hands. Happy Birthday. Love always, Mama-Tiff.


DEACON WILLIE And BE'ITY LEWIS Happy anniversary wishes go out to Deacon Willie and Betty Lewis. They will be celebrating their 46th anniversary on Nov. sth. They are members of First M. B. Church of Highland Pines and are the parents of 4 children. Happy anniversary, mom and dad We love you. JAMES 'CUJO' HAYES Accept your own and be you r self." (What is self?) Do or can you understand? I thank Allah in sincerity I am humbled. (Get at a brother: Black-Pop) 15 years later, still I stand! James Hayes, #22726-018, P 0. Box 779800, Miami, FL, 33177. IBPPV Blnhdav RONNIE J. HAMPTON Ronnie J. Hampton has had an article published in the newsletter, The Facili(ating Tutor. This newsletter is the of ficial publication for the Associ ation for the Tutoring Profession (ATP). The ATP is a professional and scholarly asso ciation which seekS to bring to gether all those with an interest in tutoring. Hampton's article enti tled: "Improving Y our Reading Ability For Comprehension, In terpretation _and Speed, is a topic outline which emphasizes that the academic process of reading is the fundamental yenue for academic success and becoming an independent learner To read is to under stand; to understand is to learn; to learn is to know; and to know is knowledge. If we know how to read what we read, our compre hension and interpretation will improve tremendously. Also, Hampton is a mem ber of the Diversity Committee, which is a group of profession als who seek to collaborate with many people, races, cultures, ethnicities, and groups as possi ble to promote the growth of the ATP community and tutoring. Hampton is a 2010 retiree of the Hillsborough County Public School System IBPPV Binhdav From: Dee-Jay, Darrell, Toya, Judon and Londa. 'Till they set you free, I shall stand post, you are never alone; 'cause God and me ride with you. Happy birth day, Wank. We love you! JAMES HAYES, JR. Love, your Iii' brother, Mr. Darrell Hayes, Sr., Blood in Blood out. Family and friends, 11/1/12. THE FAM: DADDY, BLAC, J.P., MOMMA, CHRISSY, MZ. JA And MELLY r0 c )lo en m Z :::::t z m r-aJ r-!!l z "a c: m r-c;; % m c m < m -4 c: m en c It' s about that time everybody. Scream Free JPE. Keep your head up, it's nothing but some time, minor setback )lo for a major comeback. It s on when he gets back, please don't Z forget that. C Love, the Ave! Welcome


N' t w Ill ::E w Z e: Preaching To Power God has given each and every one of His children a message to be delivered to the world and those they meet. The message is not limited to a specific group of people or an individual. The believer must be willing to share the message God has given, regardless of the audi ence. Acts .26:19-3.2 shares Paul's experience as he had to testify or speak the mes sage God gave him before people of power and author ity. This was not a welcomed opportunity for Paul because he is on trial and his life is in your mouth. Paul informs King Agrippa that he was disobedient to the heavenly vision (vs. 19). His message was preached to several regions that they should repent and turn to God, and do the works that proves repentance (vs .20). In verse 19 Paul makes reference to his conversion experience and mission he received from Jesus Paul knows and understands at this point in his life what is at stake and the danger of his message. However, he stands firm and obeys the vi sion and assignment danger. His own testimon y c can be used against him and a: prove his accusers to be right. 1L In spite of what you think the } outcome will be, God expects cc you to say what He has put in The world needs more people who will be obedient to the mission and vision of heaven and not bow down or cave into the pressures of so ciety and the world c en w ::::: .... ii: w > w c w :t: en :J Ill z i= w ..J ..J ::::: Ill ..J w z i= z w en a: g IL SERVI C E TIME S Sunday School 1 0 A. M Morning Service11:30 A. M. Evening Service7:30 P. M Bibl e Studv Tu<:..'Sday Evening-Bibl e Band -7:30 P M. n1ursday Evening YPVIIVV7:30 P. M. 1st A n d 3rd Friday E vening W omen s O u t reac h M inistry -7:30 P. M uNT PLEASANT M. B. CHURCH 2002 N Rome Avenue (Comer of Rome Ave. and Spruce St.) P.O. Box 4724 Tampa Dr c. t Klltdand, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 *Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail: MtPieasantMB@aol.com Devotion By Ml Pleasant Praise Team EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7 : 45A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL* 9:30AM ..---MORNING WORSHIP A. M. 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PMFamily Series Hour (B.T.U.) 6 PM-L.ord's Supper (Commooion) TUESDAYS 6 PM -Prayer Service 7 PM General Bible Study 7 PM Youth Bl>le Study ._ C.T. ........ TAPE MINISTRY Order On Une At Web Site Or Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch.org Paul's me ss age was simple and clear to all he preached: repent turn to God, and do the works o f repentance (vs. .20). For this reason he was arrested accu s ed and the y tried to kill him (vs .21). One would think this is a good message to preach to a group of people who are not in communion with God. Those who heard this mes sage felt that their kingdom was in jeopardy. When your message does not sit well with people who do not believe in the power and resurrection of Jesus Christ they will do the same to you. People today may not go to the extreme of trying to kill you physically but they will use other modern day methods of an assassination. In spite of all the obstacles he faced Paul testified that he received help from God witnessing to everyone he en countered (vs .2.2). The church must believe that no matter what threats or intimidating tactics are used to prohibit the mission, God will provide help. God will not give you an assignSunday School 9 :45a. m Morning Worshi p 11 a m Evening Worshi p 5 p m Prayer Meeting T uesday 7 : 30 p.m. Visitors Are Wef comel aACEIIARY .SSIOU.RY BAPI1ST CIUICH 3001 N 37th St 248-3779 ELDER.,_.. J. .. Pastor Early Morning Worship 8 A M Sunday School 9 : 30 A .M. Morning. Worship10 :50 A M Bible Study Wed. 7 P.M. THE PUBLI C IS INVITED m ent and then abandon y ou when times get tough. God will deliver from whatever situation you are in to help y ou further the cause One thing to keep in mind is sometimes God allows one group of enemies to push y ou to another place or level to preach to a new group. No tice Paul's track record and the places he went. Each time he was sent away, his audience became more pow erful and had more power. Perhaps God is using some of the situations of your life to make a way for y ou to minis t e r and witness to those in power. Paul was interrupted by the Governor and called crazy" (vs .24) because he believed and preached Jesus was raised from the dead (vs .23). Oftentimes people will think you to be crazy when you testify about things of God that do not make sense to them. You must be confident in what you believe or people will make you think you are crazy. It is important for every believer to believe the mesIIPTISTC II 12tll........_ll. t-R.JIIU (811) 229-1198 sage they speak. You never know whose life you will touch o r impact. For Paul his message was affecting the King. His audience is a gov ernor and a king. God has put you in a position to min ister to people who may not have an opportunity to hear the word. Upon hearing Paul's mes sage, Agrippa responded you almost persuaded me to be a Christian (vs .28). Although he says ALMOST does not mean that Paul was not successful at his mission. Almost is not a denial of the truth or the belief that he needs what Paul is preach ing. In time and another in stance, he might full y convert. Do not be dismayed be cause the person or people you witness to do not gi v e themselves to be converted at the conclusion of the mes sage. Sometimes God uses you to sow the seed. You may have touched them more than you know. At least you made them con sider or ponder the thought of being converted. SllldiV SChill 1:151.11. llrRIDI Wersllfp ..... -. -----1 1 .... PI'IYr service, TUndaV----1 llniJIIIblt Sllldi.TIIsdaJ 1 :11 11.11. 111111 111111, TUISIIIJ-------10. ... = 'lllnllllt Cllrllllllllcll .. _._ ... ,.., ... a BROWN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E 27th AVE. (813) 248 (813) 2416902 WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday School ..... Sunday Morning Worship .. .. 11 A.M. Sunday Evening Worship .... 7:3() P.M. Morning Prayer (Tuesday-Friday) .... A.M. Wednesday Night Worship ..... 7:3() '-------BISHOP MAnHEW WILLIAMS Pastor "A Church Where The Love Of &od Flows And The Holy 6bost Is In Full Collbol."


f rogress Village News Reminders Daylight Saving Time goes into effect on November 4th, so don't forget to turn your clocks back 1 hour Don t forget to vote on Tuesday November 6, 2012. November Birthday Celebrants The Birthstone this month is the Topaz and the flower is the Chrysanthemum. Happy birthday is extended to Mrs. Martha H. Kennedy, who celebrates her 88th birthday on November 3 2012. What a blessing! May the Lord continue to bless you with many, many more won derful years! More birthday celebrants: Donald "Bobby" Nappier, Michael Lies, Jayla Liv-ingston, Stephanie Livingston, Laura Robinson (mem.), Christopher Livingston, Jade Biggs (Litho nia, GA), Althenia Jackson, Barbara Hammond, Bar bara Jean Little, Bernice Johnson, Daisy Ulmer and Earnest-Kitchen. Mrs. Mozelle Debose turned 86 on November 2, 2012. She will celebrate her special wonderful day at home with family and friends. Spe cial wishes are sent to you from your loved ones Belated Birthdays Happy belated birthday wishes are extended to Mrs. Alfreda Ross, who cele brated another year of life on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. May God be with you for many more years! ST. JOHN CATHEDRAL 3401 E. 25th Avenue, Tampa, FL (Comer Of 34th St. & 25th Ave. ) Phone: (813) 248-3737 Or (813) 248-3651 Fax: 242-8076 Careline: 248-HELP Bisllop Eddllllllllcik, Sr. Pastor WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE 8:00 A. M. Spiritual Enrichment 9:45 A.M. Sunday School/ Orientation 10:45 Worship Service (Youth Church 2nd And 3rd Sundays) 12:00 Noon Intercessory Prayer w/Bible Study IWtMDidaY: 5:ro P. M. Free Tutorial 6:45 P. M. Aduft & Youth Mid Week Service Email Us At: stjministries@aol.com Mission Statement: "A Churdl of the inner city readrir{Jout to the oomrrully by nnsteri'Jg to the whole man. Ministry: OOAH COMMUNITY, tc./ l-OUSE OF LYDIA SickAiid Shut-Ins If it wasn't for God on our side, where would we be Please keep the following folks in your prayers: Phyllis Akes, Ralph Williams, the Philon family, Sis. Carol Pierce, the Rodgers family, Archie Mae Wright and Sis. Evelyn Mobley. Get Well Wishes Get well wishes go out to Mrs. Barbara Donaldson, the Florida Sentinel lady. Get well soon, we miss you!! A get well wish is coming from Barbara Felder for her relative, Ms. Leila FelderMoss. She is not able to visit her at this time and wants to make sure that she knows she is thought about in a special way. Thought For Today "Always bear in mind your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." NEW FRIENDSHIP M.B. CHURCH 3107 E. Lake Ave.* 2484127 -na..-.. Pastor Weekly Activities SI.Klday Cluch School 9 :30 A M Moming Worship 10:45 A M Btlle Class 4 : 30P M EYE!Iing Wship 5 P M WEmesday Prayer Meeting 7 P M BIJie Slucly 7:30 p EWMT.a.aa. CHURCH,IC. 2511 e Columbu$ Dr. (813) 248-8101 or 247-3899 ............. WIIJ.MMI Pator ementua Eal1y Morning 'Worship-7 :56A.M. SIM'lday Morning W

Haitian People Devastated Again These are scenes from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy on Haiti. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter c ffi Pastor James Diem Duverlus left Pinellas > County last month to visit ffi his native Haiti and get some perspective on what progress has been made since the 2010 earthquake. After returning from Haiti, Pastor James began the process of working on a third year anniversary recognition event for the victims of the earthquake. Before he could complete his plans, on October 26th, _. the Caribbean island was devastated by Hurricane i= Sandy. ifj According to some reports, en 200,000 people were left homel.ess, and at least 52 a: were killed. 0 "Most of the people left homeless had been living under tents; so now they are really homeless," said Pastor James. "I am having difficulty getting information from many of the villages, but I know the people devas .tated the most were living in tents. Things have definitely gotten worse, and the people can only pray and hope. Pastor James said the Haitian people know they don't have many options, so they just try to deal with it. "The earthquake and hur r.icane have made a lot of the people stronger, and at the same time the problems have gotten beyond being tolerable. "We have a big problem now where the people who are supposed to be helping the Haitian people are using them and not doing a thing. There is a lot of corruption and criminal activity going on, and in some ways, the government is a part of it." Pastor James said the young people continue to suffer from a lack of schools and protection, and most of them are doing whatever they have to for the welfare of their families. "I will say very little progress has been made, and we can't say where we WE NEED FOSTER PARENTS NOWI WE NEED YOU! WHEN YOU THINK OF FOSTERING THINK FAMILY ENRICHMENT CENTERI SATURDAY CLASSES BEGIN ON NOVEMBER 10TH EVENING CLASSES BEGIN ON NOVEMBER 5TH CALL (813) 237-2530 X26 FOR DETAILS GIVE A CHILD THE SAFE HOME THEY NEED TODAY! are right now. The majority of the resources that were collected to help the people are going somewhere else. "As a matter of fact, the people don't talk about resources, because they don't expect to get anything. They keep hearing about Haitian Relief, but they haven't seen it." Pastor James said the people are being exploited by members of their own country and outsiders who are supposed to be helping to rebuild the country. "It's important for the world to know the truth about what's going on in Haiti. "A little girl, not even 8 years old, was kidnapped, gang raped, then let go the next day. This happens all the time, because the people living in the tents have no protection. The message they are getting is that they are on their own." Pastor James said he is working with some organi zations in Tampa to estab lish a clear line of relief for the people, and provide safety for the children. 3000 34th St. Tampa, FL 5:00p.m Bryant Family -Tampa, FL Dedicated -Quincy, FL Word of God Praise Team Orlando, FL At the door TALK'' pur>IB With real C!"9a9i"9 ;, and 4dff!!lins CbtiVCMatk)" ac; a tMaM t>P lfnfns up the! way wall(, talk, and Uve wif:tt the! WMd t>P &d. -*" What c;haU we c;ay f:hen? <;hall we Cbltti"ue i" qfn, that srace may &d c;hall we, that are dead c;i", live therei"? ';1-2 Aft wJU be KEEPIN(i IT REAl I Pittd thett a law, that, whett I evil prec;ent with me. 1:21 1>, 2>12 12 until 2:() p .. m .. College Hill Center / -------------------1()>2 Sac;t MLK


., Promoter Brings 3-Dav weekend To The Bav Area z 0 < BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer For several years, Tampa has been described as one of America's greatest cities. After observing the lack oflive adult entertainment and a market ripe for change, a Tampa na tive decided to do something about it. He created the stage name of Too Smooth, and set about the business oflearning the entertainment industry. On November 4th at the Straz Center, Too Smooth En tertainment will present the Gospel stage play, "Holding On To What You Never Had." Too Smooth has joined with director, Donald Gray, and writer, Carlos Davis, for a combined 50 years of experi ence in presenting stage pro ductions and the craft of entertainment. "Over the years, I started off doing comedy shows, beUSFToHost Inaugural Women's Collegiate Tennis Championships Beginning on Friday, No vember 2, at 9 a.m., until Sun day afternoon, 64 collegiate women tennis players, repre senting several colleges and universities in the State of Florida, will converge on the campus of the University of South Florida. They will participate in the Inaugural Bed ford Cup Championships. Danielle Collins, who is from the Tampa area and is likely to have much support from her hometown fans, along with top players from the University of South Florida are hoping to walk away with the top prize. The USF players are Loreto Alonso and Katerina V asenina. Those who are expected to receive high seeds for the tour nament inclu de Sophie lyen and Danielle Collins, of the Univer sity of Florida, the de fen ding NCAA champions, as well as Malisa Bolivar, of the University of Miami, and Daneika Borthwick and Francesca Segarelli, of Florida State University. Players from the University of Florida, Florida State Uni versity, the University of Miami, the University of Cen tral Florida, Gulf Coast Uni versity, Stetson College, Florida A & M, North Florida and Florida International Uni versity will join players from USF and compete for the title of Division I Women 's Cham pion in the State of Florida. The winner will have her name inscribed on the Bedford Cup, named after Edward T. Bedford. For further information, please visit the website at cause I felt comedy was a res olution for stress. I was fortu nate enough to showcase comedians from BET. After that, I promoted R&B concerts. I got into the ater after traveling through Alabama and meeting Donald Gray. He was putting on a col lege phiy, and I was introduced to him." Too Smooth said Gray stood out and he likes his pas sion. The two 1ater talked over the phone, then collaborated on their first joint venture, Lord, There s A Stranger In My House. That play was at the Straz Center. He said he found Gray to be humble, a quality he s found in himself. "Donald introduced me to Carlos Davis, who is a pastor TOO SMOOTH and playwright. We met and did "When Loving You Is Hurting Me," and that completed a childhood dream of mine of B.M.U.T. (Black Men United Together). "Our future goal is to go on a national tour, but one of my priorities is to have a casting call in Tampa, because there is so much talent around, and God has put me in a position to bless others." Too Smooth said early in his career, he remembers so many doors bejng slammed in his face, and that's why he wants to help anyone serious about a career in entertain ment. "I was raised by my grand mother, Eunice Golden, who passed away when she was 99. I'm from a big family and I have 10 brothers and a sister. My greatest motivation has been to carry on for her, m and reflect those qualities she i!j instilled in me. m "I also have an 82-year-old ::D mother and she s still mctvirtl! strong. These are the women I look up to." Too Smooth said through life, you get burned out some times, and want to quit, but because of the passion he has for Tampa, he kept going. The 3-day weekend will kickoff with a comedy show on Friday, the 2nd; an old school party with a new school twist on Saturday, the 3rd, and on Sunday will be the finale at the Straz Center. To learn more about the play on the 4th, visit www.toosmoothent.com, or call (813) 244-7474 ., r 0 2012 General Election Dates to Remember: 6 en m z :::! Z m r Tuesday, October 9 ................ Last Day to Register to Vote in the General Election Saturday, October 27 .............. Early Voting Begins i n Hillsborough County Wednesday, October 31.. ...... 5 p.m. Deadline to Request a Vote By Mail Ballot to be Mailed to You Saturday, November 3 .......... Early Voting Ends in Hillsborough County Tuesday, November 6 ........... E iection Day 3 Ways to Vote: 1. Vote By Mail-Allows all registered voters to receive and cast their ballot from the comfort of 2. Early Vote-All registered voters can vote at any of the designated Early Vote sites in Hillsborough County. 3. Election Day-Registered voters must vote in their assi gned precinct. Remember to bring a valid and current photo and signature 10 when you head to the polls! General Election Reminders: If you've moved or changed your name, please update your voter information before head ing to the polls! You do not have to vote on every race/issue for you r ballot to count. You are allowed to bring your sample ballot with you in the polling room. But, you must vote and subm i t the ballot given to you by the poll worker. ALL marked ballots must be received in any of the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections four Acceptable Valid and Current Forms of Photo and Signature ID Include: Florida Driver's license 2 Debit or Credit Car d 3. Military Identification Retirement Center Identification 5. United States Passport 6. Public Assistance Identification 7. Student Identification 8 Neighborhood Association Identification 9. Florida Identification Card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Veh icles m c: r r gJ z


Loca N a: My nam e 1s Derma E. Day, author of the book, "Love One Another: How to Grow Spiritually." I participate in some loc81 outreaches in the community with :E Revival Ministries International and we give food, gift cards, W clothes and meet the needs of low income families Lives are transformed and lost souls are saved z Q a: &&. I have a question : can you love the unlovable? My book will give you precious jewels on how to love the unlovable I explain how to eliminate the struggle and wor1< together in harmony. My plan is to spread the goodness of God thorough testimonies written in ""Love One Another: How to Grow Spiritually .. to churches, radio stations local newspapers. Order copies of book from Westbow Press Bookstore I am available for sanl'111'l!AI"Anr_, Accept All Major Credit ATII and Debit See Jay For Hook Uplll Only The Worthy MasonieAnd GretiApparel (813) 8o2'"'3902 IDterDatioDal Fla.lubt Gate Tampa, PL 33612 YoarSameForC..... JdraidaWAIJplnl Obama Tees Alld CapsAvaifaDie supernatural Praver Conference The Women's Ministry at New Dimensions of Faith Fellowship presented Supernatural Prayer Conference, "Fresh Fire Manifestation." The event was held at a local hotel. Speakers were Lady Maddaline Norfleet, Faith Center Church, Meriden, CT; Prophetess Sabrina Russell, Harvest Church International, Jamaica, NY; and Dr. Myrtle Newbold, Greater Anointing Deliverance Ministry, West Palm Beach. Minister Rosetta Lofton is President of the Women's Ministry. Menyan Adams is the pastor. (Photos by Julia Jackson) One of the guest speakers, Lady Maddaline Norfleet. Sandra Jones was at the Supernatural Conference. Prayer Charlie Cook was one of the men participants. Barber Closes Shop To -Pa.nicipate In Breast Cancer Awareness Event From left, James Pabon, Fonzo, Ray Demoulin and E. Brown with some of the ladies who participated in the Walk. Hundreds gathered at the Tampa Times Forum on Saturday, October 20, 2012 to participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. Renado Demoulin, of Whoo's :Nexxt Barber Shop, closed the shop So that he and his staff could participate in the walk. "It wasn't about mak ing money, it was about saving lives, making people aware," he said when asked about closing the shop on the busiest day of the week for barbers. "This event brought the staff together to unify for such a cause as this. We were honored to participate in this event," he said. Staff members that participated in the walk were: Ray and Chai Demoulin were among the staffer from Whoo's Nexxt Barber Shop to participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk at the Tampa Times Forum. Ray and Chai Demoulin, James Pabon, E. Brown, Alvin Patterson, Keith Hill and Ron Davis.


r residential R.ecipe nt s Favorite Recipe... B He Not Only Loves H ... He -Makes H! From Tonia Turner Okay folks ... the weather is getting' chili' and the battle for our President is at hand! It's time for us to take a stand. Let's do our part ... Let's start by getting our family and friends warmed up with a hearty bowl of chili. Now ... let's go to the polls and cast our votes (BEFORE NOVEMBER 6, 2012) to continue to help our Presi dent move this country forward. For those of you that didn't know, one of President Barack Obama's favorite foods to both cook and to eat is chili. Wondering what the secre t ingredients are? Well, check out the recipe for yourself! "I've been using this chili recipe since college and would bring it to any potluck. I can't reveal all the se crets, but if you make it right, it's just got the right amount of bite, the right amount of oomph in it, and it will clear your sinuses. Enjoy'' PRFSIDENf BARACK OBAMA 1large onion, chopped m 1/4 tsp ground basil m 1 green pepper, chopped !B i tbsp chilli powder 3 tbsp red wine vinegar 1 tbsp olive oil N 1 can red kidney beans pound ground turkey or beef (your choice) 1/4 tsp ground cumin 1/4 tsp ground turmeric 1/4 tsp ground oregano Several tomatoes, depending on size, chopped Several cloves of garlic, chopped Shredded cheddar cheese (for garnish) ................. cream (for garnish) K .... ,., ... ,...,. Rice or Whole Wheat Pasta ., ,... DIRECTIONS: Saute onions, green pepper, and garlic in olive oil until soft. 0 ground meat and brown. c Combine spices together into a mixture, then add to ground meat. )It en Add red-wine vinegar. Add tomatoes and let simmer until the tomatoes cook m down. Add kidney beans and cook for a few more minutes. Serve over brown rice or whole wheat pasta, if preferred. Garnish with grated cheddar cheese, onions, and sour cream. .r-m Enjoy! c rr-!!l z C) m I m


Nutritional)nformation Eat HeahhV-Without Going Broke Eating healthy, delicious meals is more expensive than eating junk (or eating the same boring thing every single day), right? Not necessarily! Did you know that, with a little organization and cre ativity, you can save money and still eat healthy, tasty, high-quality foods? Step 1. Plan your meals. Set aside regular blocks of time for planning meal and making your grocery list. Try looking for recipes on the In ternet. Step 2. Shop smart. Con > sider the time of day, day of week, and even week in the ii: month that you shop. Gener u. ally, the grocery is the least C busy early in the morning, in z c( the middle of the week, and on any day but the first day c or two of the month (when m many people get paid). ::::: ii: w > w Q w ::t C/) ::J m ::::: a.. z tu Food Choices That Will Save You Money Here are some healthy foods to add to your grocery list: Beans. Can be used to make nutritious, hearty soups, and can be a main course with the addition of fresh vegetables or rice. Brown Rice. Great ad ...1 ...1 ::::: m dition to leftover meat and ..J w veggies. Although brown rice is slightly more expensive z than white, the nutritional W payoff is well worth it. An cn C:C other inexpensive, easy-to-e fix grain, millet, is best when a: bought fresh. Simply rinse 9 and toast before using it in u. recipes. Whole-Wheat Pasta. Quick and easy to prepare, and can be paired with veg gies, meat, or a fresh salad. Get creative by adding differ ent vegetables, spices and herbs. Fresh Vegetables And Fruit. These are essen tials that should always be on your list. Buy when they're in season, to ensure optimal taste and nutrition. You can also rely on frozen varieties. Veggies make great stir-fries while fruit is good for a quick nutritious snack. Meat And Fish. Try the newer tuna and salmon pouches, and shop for inex pensive cuts of meat that work well in stews and w e, casseroles. If Condiments. These add flavor and interest to your dishes. Keep a selection of dried herbs, spices, curry powder, marinades, vine gars, tomato and soy sauces, along with stock cubes, in. your cupboard. Try experi menting with the new flavors as well. Money-Saving Cooking Tips When cooking, make extra portions. Then, either freeze them, or use them later in the week for lunches or quick suppers. Save your vegetable trimmings to make your own vegetable stock. Not only do you save money, but veg etable stock also makes a nu tritious base for casseroles, soups, and Crockpot cook ing. Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper; you can freeze perishable items (such as meat, milk, and even bread) in smaller portions to use as needed. It's always a good idea to buy non-perishable items in bulk (canned foods, dried beans and grains, etc.). Use less expensive cuts of meat for casseroles that you slow cook; add extra vegetables and beans to make the meal go further. Capitalize on one-pot dishes, which generally save p rep time, money, and dish washing, and often make great leftovers. Limit your dining out, especially when it comes to fast food, since you1l find yourself spending unneces sarily on items that are high in fat, salt, and calories, which short-change you in the nutrition department. Don't Forget Your Daily Healthy Eating Goals Limit your intake of junk food Drink lots of water (at least 8 cups a day) Limit salty and sugary foods Avoid eating foods high in saturated fats Though it takes a little planning, creativity, and work, the rewards of healthy, smart shopping can be a happier body ... and wallet. Are Brown Foods Anv Bener Than Other -Foodsil So which brown foods mat ter the most? Brown Sugar: No. The major differences between "raw" sugar, and white sugar are the size of crystals and the presence of molasses, which gives darker sugar its color. They have about the same amount of calories and carbs. Brown Rice: Yes. The nu trients in white rice are stripped away, and brown rice still has the whole grain in one piece, so it's full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Brown Bread: Not Neces sarily. The first word in the list of ingredients should be whole, signifying that the grain is still intact. Any whole grain oat, com or rye is rich in fiber and antioxidants. Brown Eggs: No. The only difference between a white and a brown egg is the color of the shell. Some farmers fortify chicken feed with omega-3 fatty acids or vitamins, which makes a truly good egg: GREAT LOW PRICES Fresh 315 Down PORK TURKEY SPARE RIBS 6 L& Leg Qllllt8rs I LB. 6 L& Dnlmstlc*s 6 LB. 'lllbr Wings S24'-' FREE 1 Dozen Eggs FREE II II 11 1 Gallon II Fnlit Punch .... of II -.,_ .... of $30. _.. II $30. ..... IIDIIIIN .. FMIJ ...... 11 ........ ...., ...... MEATlAND WAREHOUSE 813-238-2089 II MEATLAND WAREHOUSE 8132382089 GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES! TAMPA'S ONLY MEAT WARBIOUSE SPECIALS BY THE BOX SAVINGS We ....... the -tolmit .-uu.& cornet pricing 111'01'1. BABY BACI SPARE RIBS 11LAPIA RSH RLLET 2LB.BOX CUT PER BAG


FYI With millions of Florida vot-need to provide a second ID ers expected to turn out this that has both your name and year, the stakes are high. It is signature. This second, signa-especially important for cititure-only ID is used for com-zens to .understand the proce-parison only. The Clerk will dure for voting and how the compare your signature on the new voter ID requirements ID to your signature after you will affect their ability to vote. sign the voting register. There are many ways that a Note, that if you don' t have person may properly identify the required identification at themselves at the polls. the polling site, you may still Although a driver's license or cast a provisional ballot. Also, other government issued ID if the address on your ID does may be used as identification, not match your current resi-you do not need to have a dence, this cannot be used state-issued lD to vote. to stop you from voting. Requirement #1: A If you have recently moved Picture ID and do not appear on the reg-When you arrive at the polls ister, the Clerk will assist you. on November 6, you will be Voters who moved within the asked to present current and same county or who are active valid photo identification, and military can change their it can be any of the following: address the day of the election Florida Driver's License, and still cast a regular ballot. Florida DHSMV ID Card, U. Otherwise, you11 still be eligiS. passport, Debit or Credit ble to vote provisionally. Card, Military ID, Student ID, Polls will be open from 7 a. Retirement Center ID, -m.until7p.m.onearlyvoting Neighborhood Association ID, days and on Election Day, Public Assistance ID. November 6. Whether you Requirement #2: A vote early, vote regular, or Signature ID _vote a provisional ballot, it's If your photo ID does not important to always remem-have a signature on it, you will her: every vote counts. PART I Believe it or not, legally speaking the words of one witness or a confidential informant alone can be enough to convict someone in the weakest of criminal cases. That being said, the government will rarely prosecute someone based upon the word of only one witness, unless that one witness is a police officer. These types of cases are extremely rare at the federal level, but rather common at the state level. The good news is that a skilled attorney should know how to attack a case that involves the word of one witness as the prosecution's only way of meeting its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Two of the most important issues that should be analyzed are: inconsistent statements by the witness and the witness's motive to lie. In state court, inconsistent statements can be easily uncovered because an attorney ,has the right to take the deposition of a state witness. In federal court, the right to take depositions does not exist, however, witness statements must be produce4 at some point in the proceeding. In either case, an attorney will have prior witness statements and will be able to compare those prior statements to the statements made on the stand during a trial. At the end of the trial, the court will instruct the jury that it is entitled to simply not believe or disregard the witness entirely if important or numerous inconsistencies are uncovered. Criminal defense attorney Tim Bower Rodriguez is a former Miami prosecutor, and handles exclu$ively fed eral and select state criminal defense trials, appeals and post-conviction relief matters. Abogado Bower Rodriguez habla espaiiol. Bower Rodriguez, PA, invites your criminal law questions by submitting an online inquiry on their website at www.bowerrodriguez.com or contacting Bower Rodriguez, PA at 511 W. Bay St. #330, Tampa, FL 336o6 (813-384 7555). NOTICE OF PROPOSED DESIGNATION OF A BROWNFIELD AREA FOR REHABILITATION AND REDEVELOPMENT IN THE CITY OF PLANT CITY The City of Plant City, Florida proposes to adopt the following resolution designating a Brownfield area pursuant to Chapter 376 Florida Statutes the Brownfields Redevelopment Act: A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF PLANT CITY, FLORIDA DESIGNATING A BROWNFIELD AREA TO BE CALLED LINCOLN PARK BROWNFIELD AREA WITHIN THE CITY FOR PROPERTY GENERALLY LOCATED IN EAST OF CSX RAILROAD, SOUTH OF EAST LAURA STREET, NORTH OF EAST ALSOBROOK STREET, WEST OF SOUTH LAKE STREET FOR THE PORTION NORTH OF EAST ALABAMA STREET AND WEST OF A DRAINAGE CANAL FOR THE PORTION SOUTH OF EAST ALABAMA STREET, ALL LYING IN SECTIONS 28, 29 & 33, TOWNSHIP 28 SOUTH, RANGE 22 EAST, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA, CONSISTING OF APPROXIMATELY 37.00 ACRES FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENVIRONMENTAL SITE REHABILITATION AND ECONOMIC REDEVELOPMENT ; AND PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE. Brownfields are real property, the expansion redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination The Brownfields Redevelopment Act seeks to assist interested parties with the rehabilitation of environmental contamination so that the property can be appropriately redeveloped. The City will hold an advertised community meeting in order to provide an opportunity for public input on the size of the brownfield area, the ob j ectives for rehabilitation job opportunities and economic developments anticipated, neighborhood residents' considerations other relevant local concerns and any and all matters pertinent to the proposed resOlution. The community meeting shall be held in the Sadye Gibbs Martin Auditorium of the Nettie Berry Draughon Munici pal Building (City Hall), 302 West Reynolds Plant City, FL 33563 on Thursday November 15 2012 at 6 :00p. m The City Commission will hold two advertised public hearings on the proposed resolution At the public hearings interested parties and citizens may appear and be heard as to any and all matters pertinent to a proposed resolution designating a Brownfield area for rehabilitation and redevelopment. The first public hearing shall be held at the Sadye Gibbs Martin Auditorium of the Nett i e Berry Draughon Munici pal Building (City Hall), 302 West Reynolds Street, Plant City, FL 33563, on Monday November 26, 2012 at 7 :30p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard in order to provide an opportunity for public input on the size of the area, objectives for rehabilitation, job opportunities and economic developments anticipated, neighborhood residents' considerations other relevant loca l concerns and any and all matters pertinent to the proposed resolution The second public hearing will be held in the Sadye Gibbs Martin Auditorium of the Nettie Berry Draughon Municipal Building (City Hall), 302 West Reynolds Street Plant City, FL 33563, on Monday, December 10, 2012 at 7 :30p. m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard in order to provide an opportunity for public input on the size of the area, the objectives for rehabilitation, job opportunities and economic developments anticipated, neighborhood residents' considerations other relevant local and any and all matters pertinent to the proposed resolution All persons are advised that if a person decides to appeal any decision made by the City Commiss i on with respect to any matter considered at such meeting he will need a record of the proceedings and for such purpose he may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal i s to be based In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, any person with a disability requiring reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this meeting should call the City Clerk at (813) 659-4200 at least 48 hours prior to the public hearing The proposed resolution, and other cop ies of the City' s records on this project may be inspected by the public at the offices of the City Clerk at the Nettie Berry Draughon Municipal Building, 302 West Reynolds Street, Plant City, Florida Provided below is a geographic location map indicating the area covered by the Resolution Kerri J Miller City Clerk ., :! c z m 3::: m m ::D N N C) -N ., r-0 ::D 6 ,., (/) m z -f z m r-m c: rr. 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Nr-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Health N' a: w m :::E w z > g a: LL. c a: LL. c z < c en w ::::) t-ii: w > w c w ::z::: en :::i m ::::) Q. z t= w ..J ..J ::::) m I ..J w z t= z w en a: 0 ..J LL. Confidence Begins With A Beautiful Smile! . Fnendly Personal Care Most Insurance Plans Accepted Zero Down Payment P l ans Available Flexible and Affordable Monthly Payments Family D i scounts BRACES FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN ANGEL.LA TOMUNSON, DOS, PA GAIL C MCDONAl..D, DOS, MPH Accepting New Patients, Including Children Exams, Cleaning & Fillings Cosmetic (Bonding, Veneers) Crowns (Caps) & Bridges Partials & Dentwes Extlaction Implant Restorations & Emergencies Welcome Most Insurance Accepted Senior Citizen Discounts Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N. Boulevard (1 Blk South Of W. Dr. MLK Blvd ) www. tomlinsondentalcare.com Prevention & Educati Extractions Crowns & Bridges Dentures Partials Root Canal Therapy Repair & Relines Gold Crown {Real) Available Pat i ent Relaxation Preventive Hesllh C8te -ctJt0n1c lfne6s Tteetment PrfttiBiry Cale Sporls Physicals -F.,;Jy HeBIIh Health 4>ecwlcs -Geriatrics Two Locations 701 W. MLK BLVD. SUITE 6 TAMPA, FL 33603 OFFICE: 813 FAX: 813 HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 8 : 30AM PM 4941 E. BUSCH BLVD. SUITE 140 TAMPA, FL 33617 m OFFICE: 813-985-2333 FAX : 813-989-8746 HOURS: MONDAY FRIDAY 8 AM-5 PM .,... ACCEPTING: MEDICARE, HUMANA, UNITED HEALTH AND MOST MAJOR CARRIERS, INCLUDING HEATHEASE, WEllCARE AND STAYWELL 111aalth Benefits Of Cinnamon Once upon a time, cinnamon was more valuable than gold. And while these days I'm betting most of us would rather get our hands on 24 karats over 24 ounces a bar over a stick-this spice has just as much bite as it does bark. The potential health benefits attributable to cinnamon could be stated as nothing short of astonish ing. It's possible we're just brushing the surface here, for Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have long revered cinnamon as a superpower used to treat things such as colds, indigestion and cramps and also believed to improve energy, vitality and circulation. The following are ten health benefits associated with this beloved spice that studies have suggested: 1. 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower your bad cholesterol (or LDL). 2. Cinnamon may help treat Type 2 Diabetes by low ering blood sugar levels and increasing the amount of in sulin production in the body. 3. Cinnamon has antifun gal properties, and it's been said that candida cannot live in a cinnamon environment. 4. Cinnamon can reduce the proliferation ofleukemia and lymphoma cancer cells. 5. Cinnamon has an anti clotting effect on the blood. 6. Honey and Cinnamon combined has been found to relieve arthritis pain. 7. When added to food, cinnamon inhibits bacterial groWth and food spoilage, making it a natural food pre servative. 8. Just smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive function and memory. 9. Cinnamon fights the E. coli bacteria in unpasteur ized juices. 10. Cinnamon has been found to be an effective nat ural remedy for eliminating headaches and migraine re lief 11. Cinnamon can also help stablize blood sugar (which is great for weight loss). A couple of dashes in your morning tea or cereal is all it takes! Now, this said, we are ab solutely not advocating you start guzzling the cinnamon as it has been found to be toxic in large doses. We are, however, wholeheartedly couraging a little pinch (or stick) here and there in places you might otherwise have overlooked (in your tea or coffee, added to savory dishes, etc.) -if not for your overall health, for its undeni ably enchanting aroma and flavor. And while we have all fell victim to the irresistible smells wafting through an otherwise bleak airport expe rience, this does not make Cinnabon a free for all. We're just saying ... No Bauer Time Than The Present To Exercise As one of the simplest ex ercises, walking req1,1ires no equipment aside from a good, supportive pair of walking shoes. But what's the best way to start your program? Starting A Walking Program Check with your doctor before starting any new exer cise program if you've been inactive for a while. 5 Foods That Boost Your Workout It turns out that the food you eat can do more than re plenish the stores of energy and fluid you lose while exer cising some can help you get more from your workout, as well as aid your endurance and recovery. Here are five foods to make your workout easier: 1. Coffee: Runners love a cup of prerace joe for the pep it puts in their step. Research shows that the caffeine in coffee can en hance physical endurance and stamina, making a long run or ride feel easier Iced or hot green tea works too. Feel free to add milk, but skip the sugar, which can negate the caffeine kick. 2. Ginger: Sore muscles often feel reward ing after a hard workout, but in tense aches just plain hurt. The fix? Ginger. Con suming half a teaspoon of the raw root or ground herb lessened next-day muscle sore ness by 25%, likely because ginger contains pungent pain-relieving chemicals such as gingerol, shogaol, and zingerone. 3 Apples: Eating an apple is a great way to boost ex ercise en durance. Apples are a good source of an antioxidant called quercetin. Quercetin when taken in supplement form helped people bike longer Quercetin aids en durance by making oxygen more available to the lungs Grapes are another quercetin rich fruit. 4 Tart Cherry Juice: Inflammation is the scourge of muscles, causing pain and swelling and hindering performance in your next workout. Ease that affliction with cherries. They're rich in polyphenolic compounds namely flavanoids and an thyocyanins-that are shown to decrease inflammation. In fact, when you consume a cherry concentrate daily for seven days before and two days after a strength-training workout, your muscles re covered faster. Find tart cherry juice at your local gro cer and drink it in place of your morning OJ. 5 Beets: Naturally occur ring nitrates help deliver more OXy gen to your mus thereby reducing fatigue during high-inten sity exercise. A new study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that eating a 7-ounce serving of baked beets just 75 minutes before exercise helped runners run 3% faster during a 5k-run and in the last mile, they ran 5% faster. Being able to up the inten sity like that means you torch both your opponents and major calories.


Health Tips For Young Men The New Flu: lore Sleep -Bener You Are You AI RISkil pletely dark. Curtains should There are a few healthy living tips that young men everywhere should consider following in order to be healthy not only while they're still young, but as they get older as well. Read on for a few of these basic guidelines. Exercise Regularly -While many young men al ready participate in sports or other activities, it's essential that y ou continue to practice these things. Plan to get a good workout of some kind on four to six days per week. Don't Push Yourself Too Hard -Because many young men are in excellent shape, it can be difficult for those who are not quite as fit to engage in exercise programs. Always keep in mind your own fitness level and do not push yourself beyond your capacity. This will only lead to discouragement and, even worse, to potential injury. Eat Right Eating healthily is an important way of maintaining your overall health, regardless of your age. Because many young men have strong metabolisms and seem to be able to eat a lot of food without gaining weight, it's easy to take this as an excuse to eat what ever you want. Keep in mind, however, that the food that you eat may have a bearing on a lot more than just your weight. Your exercise levels fitness, stamina and long term health are all affected. Avoid Drinking and Smoking -Many young men smoke or drink alcohol. Abstain from drinking and smoking if at all possible. At the very least, you ll be healthier if you do not smoke or drink to excess at any time. Because these habits are expensive to maintain, you ll find that you11 be able to save money 5 VISit the Dr.-It's im portant to get a regular phys ical exam and to have any medical issues checked out by a doctor. eauJames H. Adger licensed Agent a t 813-458-6218 NAME OF JANE DOE $EX So, what do you need to know about the flu season? Flu typically starts to appear in October or November, and peaks in January or February. The traditional flu shot is for all ages and people with high-riskhealth conditions. FluMist, the squirt-upthe-nose version, is for healthy people ages 2 to 49 who aren' t pregnant. A high-dose shot is avail able for people 65 and older. The intradermal shot -a skin-deep prick instead of the usual inch-long needle is available for 18-to 64-year olds. The vaccine is covered by insurance, and Medicare and some plans don't require a co-pay. People can be vaccinated anytime, but it takes about two weeks for protection to kick in. Seniors are at especially high risk of severe illness or death if they catch the flu. The only ones who should not get vaccinated: babies younger than 6 months and people with severe allergies to the vaccine. M E DICARE C L AIM NUMBS.R 000..00-0000-A IS NTITt.E O T O HOSPITAL (PART A) MEDICAL (PART B) FEMALE F.FF'iC nvfF. PATE 08..012012 0&-01-2012 t ) SIGN HER E --===-=--=== A lack of sleep can give your body a one-two punch: More Eating: Some research has shown that a lack of adequate sleep may cause you to eat more high calorie, high carb, and/or high fat foods the following day. Less Lean Muscle Mass: Muscle plays an important role in burning calo ries If you are not getting adequate sleep, your body isn't producing the optimal amount of growth hormone. This can lead to less than op timal muscle mass. The of muscle mass can effect your body's ability to burn calories. So, to assist in getting more high quality sleep, sleep like a vampire! Whether Bram Stoker's Dracula," The Lost Boys, "True Blood," or Blacula, they all: Sleep The Dark: Your room should be com-be drawn shut. 1Vs, cell 1: phones, laptops should be shut off to reduce the ::U amount oflight (and sounds) ,!\) in the room. The light from an analog clock could also disrupt your sleep. I've gone back to using the traditional alarm clock to reduce the amount of light in the room during sleep. The glow from 1Vs, cell phones, laptops, analog clocks and other similar items can disrupt mela tonin, a hormone that helps control your sleep and wake cycles. Sleep In Cool Temperatures: Keep your room at a cool temperature. Ap proximately -60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. This lowers your core body temperature and can assist in better sleep. Too cOol for you? Wearing socks to bed may help. There also may be medical reasons for inadequate sleep. I would suggest checking with your doctor to test for sleep apnea, a chronic sleeping disorder. So get some shut-eye. It can assist with weight loss, muscle growth, and give you the energy you desire. 'TI 0 ::u tn m z m r-m c r rz "a c m c tn X m c m c! m -c ,. z c 'TI ::u a 1-855-431-1609 e (TTY/TDD) 1-800-955-8! !. .. ................. 7 days a week 8:00 a m. 8 :00 Monday Friday 8 :00 a .m. 8 :00 p m Outside dates mentioned www.flondaheatthcareplus.com A Health Plan with a Medicare contract. The benefit information provided herein is a brief su'!'mary. not a For more information please contact the plan. Benefits, Formulary, Pharmacy network, premiUm and/or r drug on January 1st 2014. You must continue to pay your Part 8 premium. You 24 premiums and costs. To see if you qualify for getting extra help, call l-SOOMonda thr h Friday nv user should call hours a day, 7 days a week; The Office at 1 800-772121 Aorida3 Department at 1-866-98. 81-800-325-0778 or Ybur State Medcaid Office. You can also contact e 8pm (TJY /TOO 221 o we are ope'0 7 days a week Sam to 8pm October 1 5, 2012 until February 14, 201 3 then Monday th.rough Friday Sam to 1 fo matlon users' should call 1 -800-955-8770). This info Is available for free in other languages, contact Rorida Healthcare Plus for additional n r Umitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. H4199_MKT FlY 148_FILE&USE 081 62012


Salute to Veterans A reminder to our read ers that Veterans Day is on Sunday, Nov. nth. ShawNv.f Talk extends a salute to all Veterans who have served our country in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and/or National Guard. Thank you for the service that you have given to the families of the United States of America. May the Lord richly bless each of you. Let' s remember to give thanks and props to our vet erans, not just on November nth, but everyday! 0 Remember.To Vote a: I.L Every American citizen who is qualified to vote c( should vote in every ele c..: tion. The General Election is Q November 6, 2012. The ffi Polk County Voters ;::, League is an organization of common citizens with the mission to help educate and to assist in the electing of W the very best candidates. Lakeland' s Attorney ::J: Larry Hardaway is the President of this organizam tion Polk County voters :::l -you are encouraged to vote D. z on all candidate races, all i= judges and all constitutional amendments. Polk County ..J voters -If you have any ffi questions or are uncertain ..J about the matters that relate to the upcoming election, i= contact Attorney Z Hardaway at (863) 688-W en c( c a: 0 ..J I.L 7777 On A Mission Comes To Lakeland On Saturday, Nov. 3rd, beginning at 7:00 p.m., the Mary Ross Upshaw Production, aka Mary Katherine, and Shawn Brown Entertainment will present the number one hit gospel play 'On a Mission' The host-site of this event will be New Mt. Zion M. B. Church, 1321 N. Webster Avenue, Lakeland, Dr. Kendrix J. Gardner, Sr., pastor. Special guest will be national recording artist, Nate Mitchell. The reality will make you cry, the humor will bring on much and the story line is sure to captivate your attention. For further infor mation, call Shawn Brown at (813) 924-8943 or Lynne Simpkins at (863) 513-2712. Happy Birthday To You Special wishes for a happy birthday are extended to my mom, Marion Johnson-Zorn, who will celebrate another year of life on Nov 4th and my granddaughter, Kristasia Co by, who will celebrate her birthday on Nov. 6th. Wishes for a happy birth day are also extended to: Lakeland lady Evangelist Juanita Jones, who cele-brated her special day on Nov. 2nd; Tampa lady, Karen Brown, (Nov. 3rd); Mother Saretha Ragins, of Plant City, and Orlando gentleman, Elton Pelt, (Nov 4th). May the Lord continue to bless each of you with many years oflife. Shaw-Nu.fShout-Out This week's Shaw-Nv.f Shout-Out goes out to Dr. B. J. Relefourd, the founder and visionary of Women of Power (WOP), an organization that is reaching out to instill, inspire and illuminate women to their God given power within. Dr. B. J. is the host of an international radio show that features innovative guests and thought-provok ing topics. She and her hus band, Reverend Marion K. Relefourd, are the co founders of Vision of Life Ministries, Inc., a non denominational multi-cul tural ministry. Dr. B. J. share s that her greatest accomplishment is After dedicating my life to Christ I am most honored being the wife, mother and Nana of the Relefourd household. She and Rev. Relefourd have been mar ried for more than 32 years. They are the proud par ents of a son, Keith (Karisha) Relefourd, and a daughter, Kia Relefourd; and the grand parents of KaShayla, Kadin, and Kelin Relefourd. Her mother-in-law is Mother Frances Relefourd, of Lakeland Dr. B. J. Relefourd, a woman, walking in the anointing and power of God, fulfilling His will for her life. Talk To Shaw-Nv.f Shaw-Nv.f Talk wants to hear from you. Share news and/or photos of your celebrations, special events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family reunions, civic groups, social clubs, religious organizations,-and community news, etc., with the readership 'of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin by sending an e mail to: shawnuftalk@yaboo.com or calling (863) 513.,.8437 local Church Gats Involved To Register Voters In 2012 On Saturday, September 15th, Petula Williams and Sonya Miller of the Polk County Supervisor of Elections Office pitched their registration table at Britt Chapel COGBF in Polk City. As a part of the churchis monthly Community Day of Giving, Minister Gary Hird, pastor and the mem bers welcomed the opportu nity to encourage unregis tered citizens in the commu-nity to become registered voters. Although he is 16 and unable to vote in this year's election, Michael Shaw, II, was excited to complete his registration card and is looking forward to voting in future elections Along with registering to vote, a wealth of informative literature about voting was made available to the com munity. (Photos by Shaw Nuf) Caroline Hird is shown seated. Shown standing left to right: Petula Williams, Michael Shaw, I, Pastor Gary Hird, and Sonya Miller. Petula Williams, of the Polk County Supervisor of Elections Office, assisted Michael Shaw, II. Ja'Darian Hird, 14, attended the voteris registration drive with his parents, Pastor Gary and Caroline Hird.


National :.u Super Storm Sandy Pastor Beaten To Death leaves 11 oead; 11cums Fa1111v With Guitar Bv Man Who ; MilliOns Without Power crashed car Into His Church NEW YORK As super storm Sandy marched slowly inland, millions along the East Coast awoke Tuesday without power or mass tran sit, with huge swaths of the nation's largest city unusu ally vacant and dark. New York was among the hardest hit, with its financial heart in Lower Manhattan shuttered for a second day and seawater cascading into the still-gaping construction pit at the World Trade Cen ter. President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in the city and Long Island making federal fund ing available to residents of the area. The storm that made land fall in New Jersey on M on day evening with So mph sustained winds killed at least 17 people in seven states, cut power to more than 7 million homes and businesses from the Caroli nas to Ohio, caused scares at two nuclear power plants and stopped the presidential campaign cold. Authorities launched an effort to evacuate about Soo people in the town of Moonachie in northern New Jersey early Tuesday after a berm overflowed, authorities said. The massive storm reached well into the Mid west: Chicago officials warned residents to stay away from the Lake Michigan shore as the city pre pares for winds of up to 6o mph and waves exceeding 24 feet well.into Wednesday. High Court To Rule On lev Voting Rights Act Provision WASHINGTON Three years ago, the Supreme Court warned there could be consti tutional problems with a landmark Civil Rights Law that has opened voting booths to millions of African Americans. Now, opponents of a key part of the Voting Rights Act are asking the high court to finish off that provi sion. The basic question is whether state and local governments that once boasted of their racial discrimination still can be forced in the 21st century to get federal permis sion before making changes in the way they hold elec tions. Some of the governments covered most of them are in the South argue they have turned away from racial dis crimination over the years. But, Congress and lower courts that have looked at re cent challenges to the law concluded that a history of discrimination and more re cent efforts to harm minority voters justify continuing federal oversight. The Supreme Court could say as early as Monday whether it will consider end ing the Voting Rights Act's advance approval require ment that has been held up as a crown jewel of the civil rights era. The justices sidestepped this very issue in a case from Texas in 2009. In an opinion joined by eight justices, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote then that the issue of advance approval "is a difficult constitutional question we do not answer today." Since then, Congress has not addressed potential prob lems identified by the court Meanwhile, the law's oppo nents sensed its vulnerability and filed several new law suits. The advance approval, or preclearance reqUirement, was adopted in the Voting Rights Act in 1965 to give fed eral officials a potent tool to defeat persistent efforts to keep Blacks from voting. L-R: (Victim) GREGORY MCDOWELL and (Shooter) FWYDPALMER GEORGIA-Pastor Cretlo Dollar wants to show the world "the power of a mega. church." He took up a $234,000 offering from World Changers Church International members to clear all the debt held by the family of Greg McDowell, the man gunned down by former church em ployee, Floyd Palmer, while leading a prayer service in the church. "In my book, he's a hero," Dollar told his congregation of the 39-year old husband and father. "If those bullets hadn't been turned on him, there would've been more people that would've died." Etnhorn FDundadon connnns h Paid For 11oter Fraud' Billboards Wisconsin voter fraud billboards, 2012. WISCONSIN -An obscure family foundation has con firmed that it paid for a bill board advertising campaign warning of the legal penalties for voter fraud. A joint investigation re vealed that the Einhorn Family Foundation, led by Steven Einhorn, was behind the bill boards, which began appearing in minority-heavy parts ofMil waukee, Wisconsin with just weeks to go before the presi dential election. The boards were bought anonymously from Clear Channel Outdoor advertising by a "priva te family foundation," and eventually taken down after weeks of protests. FOREST HILL, TEXAS -Derrick The Rev. Danny Kirk, Sr. Bird ow greeted everyone walking w h o into his Texas church on Sunrammed a days with a big hug and an "I car into a love you." His weekdays were wall at his spent visiting folks in the hosG r e at e r pital or mowing lawns and S w e e t doing household repairs for home Mis:members in need. s i o n a r y REV. DANNY Parishioners, who deB a p t i s t KIRK, SR. scribed Kirk as a dedicated C h u r c h minister with a bubbly perthen chased Kirk and fatally sonality and a knack for rebeat him with an electric gui-membering the names of his tar. church's Soo members, are Investigators said they now looking for answers fol-don't know the motive or i lowing his violent death. Kirk knew Birdow, who poPolice in the Fort Worth lice subdued by using a taser, suburb of Forest Hill said but who died after being Kirk was killed Monday by taken into custody Misleading Billboard: MlK was A Republican. Vote Republicanl Martin Luther Kin J was a Repubr g, r. lean. 10'11 IPtJBLIC.-a.' MLK Bilboard 0 :D 0 m z m r-m c r rz ., c m r-c;; % m c TEXAS This is not the first time we have heard ru mors over Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. being a member of the GOP espe cially around election time. an icon in the community, we m feel would be most effective. This go-around, a Black Republican group called Raging Elephants is leading the charge with billboards in Dallas that read, "Martin Luther King, Jr. was aRe publican. Vote Republican." The man behind the bill boards is Claver KamauImani, head of Raging Elephants. "The use of Dr. King, because of him being That's why we used it," says Kamau-Imani. "We have the documentation to back the claims we're making on the billboard." m 0 c ,.. One of the billboards is z strategically placed. It looks C. down on that :B bears that clVll nghts Icon's 6 name. There are others mostly located in Black communities in Dallas, Houston and Austin. The hope is that the billboards will .get some Blacks to consider voting Republican this November. PERSONAL INJURY & AUTO ACCIDENTS Jimmie Butler BARBAS Numz SANDERS Bt.m..ER&HovsEPIAN ..n"IOIINEYS AND COI.INSIILOIIS llr LAW Katherine Agllno Automobile Accidents Boat/Jet Ski Accidents Ci) m ..... m


'1"" 0 N N' a: w m w z >c a; LL c z c( c UJ w :::) .... w > w c w ::1: U) ::J m :::) a.. z _, _, :::) m _, w z t= z w UJ C a: 0 _, LL m I 00 'I"" w HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY (AUTHORITY) RFP Purchase of Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle No. 12-534-054 Sealed proposals for Purchase of Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle will be received from firms by the Authority at Tampa International Airport Offices located at 4160 George J. Bean Parkway, Suite 2400, Administration Building 2nd Level Red Side, Tampa, Florida 33607 Solicitation documents and detailed requirements will be available on the Tampa International Airport website at www tampaairport com, About TPA, Airport Business, Notice of Solicitations on November 2, 2012. TAMPA PORT AUTHORITY REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS NO. P-Q03-13 PORT SECURITY SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR The Tampa Port Authority (TPA) i s soliciting Requests for Proposals (RFP) from Firms with commercial I industrial experience to perform all maintenance and repair services necessary to maintain the TPA security systems performing in peak operating condit ion. All interested firms will obtain a copy of the RFP Instructions and Submittal Documents and submit a completed response to the Tampa Port Authority 1101 Channelside Drive, 4th Floor Tampa, FL 33602 Submittals are due by 1 :00 p m Wednesday November 21, 2012 and TPA will open Submittals at the same date and time. TPA will hold A MANDATORY PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 9:00a.m. TPA will only accept proposals submitted by firms participating in the pre-proposal conference and tour. See Section A, Paragraph 1.1 of the RFP for details. RFP shall include a letter indicating the Firm's inter est and completion of the RFP Documents, including a Vendor's Questionnaire. Firms failing to submit the required RFP Documents may be deemed non-responsive The RFP is available through the DemandStar System (www demandstar.com) or through a link on the TPA web site (www tampaport.com). TPA encourages the use of registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firms to the greatest extent possible on projects and has a goal of nine percent (9%) SBE participation. TPA will consider SBE participation when evaluating the Submittals Questions concerning this RFP should be directed Donna Casey, TPA Procurement Department, at (813) 905-5044, e-mail at dcasey@tampaport com or faxed to (813) 905-5050. WWW.FLSENTINEL.COM www.focebook.com/Asen6nel www.twiHer.com/flsentinelb Summons/Ryan Franklin JacksonWhite, Attorneys At Law, A Professional Corporation, 40 North Center, Suite 200, Mesa, Arizona 85201, T: (480) 464-1111, F: (480) 464-5692, E-mail: centraldocket@ jacksonwhltelaw.com, Attorneys for BMO Harris Bank N.A., By: Scott L. Bar No. 025157 In The Superior Court Of The State Of Arizona In And For The County Of Maricopa BMO Harris Bank N.A., as successor to M&l Marshall & llsley Bank, Plalntlff, vs. Ryan Franklin, an Individual, Defendant. Case No.: CV2012-o94343 Summons The State Of Arizona To The Defendant: Ryan Franklin, an individual. You Are Hereby Summoned and required to appear and defend, within the time applicable in this action in this Court. If served within Arizona, you shall appear and defend within twenty (20) days after the service of the Summons and Complaint upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If served out of the State of Arizona--whether by direct service by registered or cert i fied mail or by publicationyou shall appear and defend within thirty (30) days after the service of the Summons and Complaint upon you is complete, exclusive of the day of service. Where process is served upon the Ar i zona Director of Insurance as an insurer's attorney to receive service of legal process against it in this state the insurer shall not be required to appear, answer or plead until expiration of 40 days after date of such service upon the Director Service by registered or certified mail without the State of Arizona is complete thirty (30) days after receipt of service. Service by publication is completed thirty (30) days after the date of first publication. Direct service i s complete when made. Service upon the Arizona Motor Vehicle Superintendent is complete thirty (30) days after filing the Affidavit of Compliance and return receipt or Officer's Return. RCP 4 ARS -222, 28-502, 28-503. You Are Hereby Notified that in case of your failure to appear and defend within the time applicable, judgment by default may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. You Are Cautioned that in order to appear and defend, you must file an Answer or proper response in writing with the Clerk of this Court, accompanied by the necessary filing fee, within the time required You are required to serve a copy of any response upon the Plaintiff's attorney. RCP 10(d), ARS -311, RCP 5. The name, address and phone number of Plaintiff's attorney is: Scott L. Potter, Jackson White, P.C., 40 N. Center Street, Suite 200, Mesa, AZ. 85201, (480) 464-1111 Requests For Reasonable Accommodation For Persons With Disabilities Must Be Made To The Division Assigned To The Case By Parties At Least 3 Judicial Days In Advance Of A Scheduled Court Proceeding. Signed And Sealed this date: Jun 20 2012 Clerk /s/ Michael K. Jeanes, Clerk By: Deputy Clerk /s/ S Szakacs Deputy Clerk If You Want The Advise Of A Lawyer, You May Wish To Contact The Lawyer Referral Service At 602-257-4434 Or Online At www.lawyersfinders.org LAS Is Sponsored By The Maricopa County Bar Association. A copy of this and its accompanying Complaint may be obtained by contacting counsel for the Plaintiff at the address shown on the Summons. INVITAnON ,TO BID Pursuant to Chapter 69-1119 Special Acts Laws of Flor i da sealed Bids will be received by the Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, in his off i ce until : 3:00PM ON 11112112 ODOR CONTROL CARBON MEDIA (RE-BID) then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read. Bid documents are available at the Purchasing Department (Phone No. 8131274-8351) It is hereby made a part of this Invitation to Bid that the submission of any Bid in response to lhis advertised request shall constitute a Bid made under the same conditions for the same contract price and for the seme effective period as this Bid to all p!Jblic entities in Hillsborough County Dated: 1112112 Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO, FCCM Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Tampa, FL 33602 II EMPLOYMENT Fast Growing Company Is Expanding Looking For A Select Few Individuals Who Are Willing To Learn How They Can Make An Extra $5,000 .00-$10,000. 00 Monthly Part-Time By Living Life On Their Terms And Also EARN An Additional $15,300.00 Yearly In Lifestyle Bonuses! II Interviews Are Being Scheduled So Call To Schedule Yours Today! (813) 758-5386 Or (727) 455-1537


, c I I LEGAL NOTICES II II EMPLOYMENT II NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code, notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on November 21,2012 at 9:00p.m. to hear the below listed cases. Which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code Information listed below describes the case number, property owner(s), violation address code section violated, and legal description of subject property in that order. The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers 3rd Floor, City Hall, 315 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida. Affected property owners will be g i ven the opportunity to d i scuss the alleged violations. Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases, please call the Office of th e C i ty Clerk at (813) 274-7286. CASE t FERNANDEZ, MARIA D 2410 DURHAM ST., TAMPA FL SECTION : 19 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 TO 42 LOT 17 BLOCK 6 190442 .0000 CASE t 12-o543ll MC KINLAY DAVID M 3215 W. DE LEON ST., TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-56 LICATA AND NUCCIO LOT5BLOCK2 1 16750. 0000 HOF,DENNIS 2202 CORRINE ST. TAMPA FL SECTION : 19-49 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 TO 42 LOTS 13 AND 14 BLOCK 20 190666 0000 CASE I# 12-o5864 ORTIZ, MARIA 2218 CHAPIN ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-49 19-231 AND 19 232 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 TO 42 LOT 21 BLOCK 37 190952 0000 CASE I# 12 KREMER, JOHN T. AND KREMER JULIE KO 909 W. CYPRESS ST., TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19 26 AND 19 231 KNOWLES SUBDIVISION TO WEST TAMPA LOTS BLOCK 1 179805 0000 CASE t 12 TIMOTHY A. ZINK 1701 BAYSHORE BLVD. TAMPA, FL SECTION : 1!1 ADAMS ADDITION TO RICHARDSON PLACE LOT1 186218 0012 CASE 112 HO, SAMUEL C AND HO, BICHNGA N. 5111 MARINER ST. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19 59 MARINER ESTATES LOT35 112622 .0000 CASE I 12 KOCSIS, JOSEPH AND KOCSIS, USA 5123 E BROADWAY AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-49, 19 55 AND19-231 SCHLEY LOTS 1, 2 3 4 AND LOTS 6 TO 10 INCL BLOCK 4 AND LOTS 1 TO 5 I NCL BLOCK 5 AND CLOSED STREETS ABUTIING THERE ON 160083 0000 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code, notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on November 21, 2012 at 1 :00 p.m. to hear the below listed cases Which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code. Information listed below describes the case number, property owner(s), violat ion address code section violated and legal description of subject property in that order The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor City Hall 315 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations Should any one have any questions regarding these cases, please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274-7286. CASE 112 14501 JOHNSON CONRAD D AND JOHNSON GISELLE C 3818 W WISCONSIN AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS : 5-104 3 5 108. 4 AND 5-105 1 INTERBAY LOT 10 BLOCK 25 133218 0000 CASE t 12 LEE, HYO KEUN AND LEE, KYUNG SOOK 3300W COLUMBUS OA., -3304 TAMPA, FL C00E SECTIONS : 5-104 3 5-108 4 AND 5-105 1 MICHIGAN HEIGHTS LOTS 17 TO 28 INCL BLOCK 2 110427 0000 Please note that if any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing, they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286.26 FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING. INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING. SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code, notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on November 14, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. to hear the below listed cases Which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code Information listed below describes the case number, property owner(s), violation address, code section violated, and legal description of subject property in that order. The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall 315 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida. Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations. Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274-7286 CASE I# 12-o2442 EXCELSIOR ENTERPRISES USA INC. 8822 N. FLORIDA AVE ., TAMW., FL CODE SECTION : 20 5 MANOA HILLS SUBDIVISION LOTS 20 AND 21 LESS HWY BLOCK 2 99944.0000 CASE t 12.()6841 TRUST 1708 DATED 02-2000 C/0 B. L MILLER TUSTEE 701 E SENECA AVE. TAMPA FL CODE SECTION : 19 CENTRAL HE I GHTS LO T S 13 & 14 AND E ALLEY ABUTTING ON W BLOCKB 95978 0000 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on November 14, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. to hear the below listed cases. Which are in v i olation of the City of Tampa Code. Information listed below describes the case number, property owner(s), violation address, code sect ion violated, and legal descr i pt ion of subject property in that order. The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers 3rd Floor City Hall, 315 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations. Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases please call the Office of the City Clerk at.(813) 274-7286 CASE t 12 14284 JIMMY TREE SERVICE (NON-OWNER) 242!1 W. PROSPECT RD TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS : 13-45 ( A ) (2), 13-45 (A) (3) 13-43 NEW SUBURB BEAUTIFUL W OF LOT 75 AND LOT 76 117589.0000 Please note that if any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing, they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286.26, FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING. SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK For Your Convenience The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Accepts DEBIT v-.. .v. .. atere .. rc:l .A-IITlterle .. n e xpre-a Arac:l Debit Crc:le.,.t VI-Phcne Daycare Workers/Driver Wanted Apply At: Kldz Cove II Learning Center Inc. 813 East 1 09th Avenue Call (813) 507-6000 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST II (CONSERVATION SERVICES) $40,768.00 FLEET MECHANIC TECHNICIAN TRAINEE $29,744.00 GENERAL MANAGER Ill EBS (ENTERPRISE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS) $61,110.00 HEAD START TEACHER $31,512.00 HEAD START/EARLY HEAD START TEACHER ASSISTANT $24,752 00 LEAD HEAD START/EARLY HEAD START TEACHER $35,838.00 LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE (LIMITED DURATION) $27 830 00 MASTER CONTROL OPERATOR $30,576.00 PARATRANSIT MINIBUS OPERATOR (REDUCED HOURS) $10.64/HR 'PUBLIC RELATIONS I INFORMATION SPECIALIST $26,332.00 SENIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE $27,830 00 SENIOR LIBRARIAN YOUTH SERVICES $40,768 00 SENIOR SUPERVISOR (CUSTOMER RESPONSE TEAM) (NSH) $35 838.00 STOREKEEPER II $24,710.00 See our web site at http://www.hccsb org or visit our office at: 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor, Tampa, FL. Preference in initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & elig ible spouses of vets. AAIEEO Employer m 3: m m lJ N 0 .-N 6 lJ UJ m z m r m c: r r !!I z ., c: m r u; :::z:: m c m < m lJ < -1 c: m UJ -< c lJ -< .-cp m


N .... 0 N II II II II II II II II a: EMPLOYMENT FOR RENT HOMES FOR RENT APTS. FOR RENT w m :E .w z $250,000 Per Year Condo -Pond VIew On Section 8? Ybor City 7919 Lake Shore Drive ).;' Near Busch 36061f.t North 15th Street a: Working From Home We Have The Houses 1f.t Off First Month Rent 2 Bedroom/1 Bath, WDH u. Don't Believe It 1 Bedroorn/1 Bath For You $650.00/Monthly Don't Call!!! $600 00/Monthly 3 Bedroom Plus Deposit Gated Community Call Now At Upstairs Apartment Small Pets OK Call Andre Swimming Pool, Laundry 813.309.9988 $595.00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome (813} 395-5272 Water And Sewer Included And Ask For Myra $600.00/Depos i t CHAAndWSG (813} 340-3085 TL Parks Financial (813} 39o-4169 218 East Cayuga Street http :// assuredpropertycare web.com 3 Bedroom/-1 Bath (813) 506-3603 1411 & 1413 E. Mohawk Is Seeking Present/Former USF Area Townhouse Loan Officers And Section 8 Accepted Newly Remodeled Newly Remodeled Mortgage Brokers Only $795.00/Monthly Busch Gardens Courtyard Apartments For Credit Correction 2 Bedroom/2% Bath Available Now USF Areas 1 And 2 Bedrooms Company Includes: Washer Dryer Bad Credit? OK! Quiet And Peaceful Call 813-376-8787 Unlimited Income Potential Dishwasher And Water Free Application No Application Fee $850.00/Monthly NO DEPOSIT! Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 405-7205 Plus Deposit 8605 Tidewater Trail 4 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath 1 Bedroom Tile Floors (813) n4-1044 Drivers: (813) 379-1000 Central Air, Ceiling Fans 7435 Dragon Fly Loop $525 00/Monthly Local, Great Pay 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Water/Trash Included!!! University Area And Benefits Apartment/Room 12301 North 11th Street c WDH, CHA a: Home Every Day 1 Bedroom Apartment Call 813-244-4551 u. Section 8 Wel come 2 Bedroom/1 Bath c Paid Holidays/Vacation $550.00/Monthly $550 00 / Monthly z 401K Plus Depos i t (813) 727-6782 Now Leasing Includes Water c( COL A w/X End Cinnamon Cove Room $120.00/Weekly Apartments Two Months FREE c School Grads Accepted Includes Util i ties 3/1 -West Tampa With $600.00 / Security tn w 866-358-3937 Age 55 And Up Preferred Cable Ready Tile $299 00 Move-In Special ::;) 1 And 2 Bedrooms 813-971-0341 1Family Room, Fenced (813) 241-4158 Avai lable Now II II Plant High/Blake Magnet w FOR RENT For Immediate Move Move In Special > School District w I I I I Sect i on 8 Welcome 1 st Month 1f.t Off c HOMES FOR RENT $895 00/Monthly Se Hab l a Espai'iol w Apartment Plus Deposit Very Spacious :J: tn 2 Bedroorn/1 Bath Contact Us At 2 Bedroorn/2 Bath :::l (813) 879-5959 (813) 971-5254 $625.00/Month l y m 3 Bedroorn/1 Bath Sulphur Springs ::;) $300.00 Movrl n Fee Q. Home 50th/Columbus Area z Large First Months A/C, New Tile / Carpet 4 Bedroorn/1 Bath 3 And 4 Bedroorn/2 Bath Rent FREE CAIH, 3 Bedroorn/1 Bath $50.00 Moves You In Call (813) 298-2499 _, Fenced CHA _, Deposit Central H/A ::;) $850.00/Monthly m Section 8 Accepted Or $1 000.00/Monthly WID Hook-up Excellent Rental History _, $750.00/Monthly Required North Tampa And w {813) 453-0123 Section 8 Accepted z $500.00/Deposit Good Neighbors Temple Terrace I= z {813) 503-5321 Section 8 Welcome 2 Bedroorn/1 Bath 2 And 3 Bedrooms w tn USF Area Apartment From $750.00 13050 N. 20th Street Call (813) 526-6099 Central A/C WDH 0 Deposit 2230 East Emma Street a: 2 Story 2 Bedroom Section 8 Ok 4005 North 34th St. #A No Application Fee 0 Bungalow $550 00/Monthly Section 8 _, Town home u. 5 Bedroorn/2 Bath Including Water Vouchers Welcome Free Water 3 Bedroorn/1 Ba t h Optional Washer/Dryer New Home, Custom Tile CHA WDH (813) 238-6353 813-915-9787 Section 8 Ok Ceiling Fans, Fenced Refr i gerator Stove Free One Month Laundry Room $850 00/Monthly Only $685 00 WDH ; CHA $500.00 / Deposit Stainless Steel Appliances Call 813-22Q-3633 (813) 758-2289 Call Dave {813) 61Q-0444 PUBLICATION DEADLINES (813) 936-8810 7008 N. Palmetto Lane Thursday@ 12:00 P.M. -------------II II Check U a Out APTS. FOR RENT On Like New Friday EdHion .. Monday @ 12:00 P.M. Face book 4 Bedroorn/2 Bath -Block House Studio Apartment Central A/C T i le Floors, For Rent CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE & Refrigerator, Range Follow Us WID Hook -Up Water, Electr i c 0"' Twitter At And Cable Included $10.00 1 Words And 60$ For Each t:: ....... i'=:'=: ,.., Fenced Yard $1, 1 75.00/Monthly 1 Month Rent ID Word Over 20 0 Section 8 Welcomed Plus Deposit N www.twitter.com/ Section 8 Welcome This Price Is Each Time You Publish Your Ad w FLSENTINELB Call Harold 813-293-26n Call (&13) 236-2395 a.:


., :::D c II APTS. FOR RENT II a.=ll 11!;;;;;;;;1 ; II MAKE YOUR HOME AT TAMPA N.A.P.F.E. TOWERS AFFORDABLE, INDEPENDENT SENIOR APARTMENTS APPLICATIONS CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED 11113 N. NEBRASKA AVENUE TAMAPA, FL 33612 813-sn-1663 CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, GROCERY STORES, SHOPPING CENTERS, FLEA MARKETS, RESTAURANTS PLEASE CONTACT OUR LEASING CENTER 813-977-1663 TIYfTDD: 711 OR VISIT 11113 N. NEBRASKA AVENUE TAMPA, FL 33612 DUPLEXES West Tampa Area 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Central AIC And More 2336 West Spruce Street $800.00/Monthly Call 813 610-4518 0 Deposit Required Section 8 Only Newly Remodeled Duplex 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Ready Immediately Clean And Beautiful Call (813) 917-4386 Nice And Quiet 2/1 Duplex Off Nebraska Avenue North Of Busch Central Air And Heat Ceramic Tile, Fenced Yard Section 8 And SSI Welcome Rent $575.00 Deposit $350 00 (954) 30Q-1002 East Tampa Large 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Concrete Block Duplex Laundry Hook-Up $600 00/Monthly Water, Sewage Garbage Included Call (813) 967-6168 New Duplex For Rent 3215Y2 North 49th Street Apartment #D 2/1 Highland Pines Only $595 00 WID Hook-up Includes Water 813-695-8718 Belmont Heights Section 8 Only 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Burglar Bars Fenced-In Yard $650.00/Rent Deposit Required (813) 886-6397 II II North Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex $600.00/Monthly $500.00/Security Each Call (813) 363-8094 Large 1 Bedroom Duplex AIC All Appliances Included $450 00/Monthly Drive By 2707 27th Street For More Information 1807 East 139th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Owner Pays Water, Sewage Garbage $600.00/Monthly $400.00/Deposit Call (813) 385-2298 First Month Rent Free $50.00 Moves You In Excellent Rental History Required 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Burglar Bars 3023-B North 48th Street $575.00/Monthly (813) 238-6353 EFFICIENCY Furnished, TV Refrigerator, Microwave A/C, Cable, Private Bath Free Wi-Fi Utilities Included $125.00/Weekly $125.00/Deposit Must Be Employed Contact Cheryl (813) 532-9697 (813) 965-5561 I I II ROOMS FOR RENT II Furnished SSI Or Fixed Income Older Person Preferred Cable WID Full Kitchen $400.00/Monthly All Utilities Included No Drugs (813) 516-1811 1 Week FREE Rooms For Rent In Qui et Build ing At 2913 North 15th Street Tampa Stop By Or Call Henry (813) 727-Q151 8511 N. Seminole Ave. Must Seell Nice Room For Rent Older Male Preferred All Utilities And Cable Included Call (813) 217-2462 Room For Rent Ybor Area A/C, Cable Phone Queen Beds Kitchen Ceiling Fans $75.00/Deposit $100.00 And Up Weekly (813) 317-9872 Belmont Heights Estate Area Private Home Fenced Yard All Utilities Paid Monthly Income Only $400 00/Monthly $200 00/Deposit Tony (813) 476-8496 USF Area Large Rooms $400 00 $500.00/Monthly Includes All Utilities Large Fenced Yard Must Have Verifiable Income No Drugs/Smoking Background Check Required Call (813) 932-Q696 University Area Room Furnished CHA, Cable Washer!pryer Must Be Drug Free And Employed $100 00/Deposit Call (813) 293-1090 Furnished Rooms For Rent Males Preferred Cable Central Air Strictly No Drug Activity Allowed Must Be Employed Call (813) 965-5931 A Quiet Place To Come Home To Comfortable, Secure CH/A Ceramic Tile Cable And Telephone 5 Minutes From Downtown Available Now (813) 245-7009 1516 Columbus Drive 1010 East 22nd Avenue Furnished Room AIC And Cable $350 00/Monthly New Wood Floors Includes Utilities And Cable (813) 209-3289 Room For Rent Sulphur Springs Area Very Clean Close To Transportation $450.00/Monthly Plus Security Suitable For One Includes Utilities/Cable Avai lable Immediately Call (813) 842-7902 ... Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora @ (813) 248 Fax To: (813) 248 or Emrul: ledwards@flsentinel.com m 3: aJ m :::D ,!') N 0 N ., r 0 :::D c > en m z ::! z m r aJ c: r r m ::! z ., c: aJ r c;; l: m c m < m -4 c: m en c > z c ., Ci) m N I aJ


N .... fa N' I Ll;;;;;;;;ll ll;;;;;;;ll ;;;i;;;;i;;OPS;;;;ii;;i;;;;. ;;;;;;;;;!,Ill II CLEANING SERVICE II ll;;;;;;;ll w z it IL Q a: IL Q z c Q tn w :: .... w > w Q w ::z:: tn ::::; m :;:) Q, z ffi :: m w z w tn it 0 IL m I w a.; Room For Rent Electric, Water And Cable Included Call (813) 433-3290 For Detailed Information Ybor Heights Large Furnished Rooms $120.00-$140.00/Weekly Deposit Plus Security Plus 1 Week Rent Cable TV, Laundry Single, Drug Free Must Be Employed Call {813) 247-4724 West Tampa South Of 1-275 Near Armenia Furnished $400.00 $500 00/Monthly Includes All Utilities Cable & Personal Fridge Income/Employment Verification Call {813) 545-8074 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Years Of Age & Older Must Have Steady Income $100.00/Weekly $100.00/Deposit Jim (813) 237-1810 Beverly (813) 235-7934 Tyrone (813) 784-2000 Busch Gardens Large $125.00 Small $1.10.00 Weekly Plus Deposit Furnished Must Be Employed Or Receiving Benefits No Drugs/Smokers Christian Woman Preferred (813) 466-5003 (727) 709-2789 CONTACT LAVORA @ {813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT II Seffner Room For Rent No Drugs CHA, Share Kitchen And Bath $130.00/Weekly Mr. Austin (813) 362-7618 Miss Sarah (813) 270-4047 APPLIANCE REPAIRS A Country Boy's Consultation 3809 North 29th Street Eugene (813) 85Q-1643 Appointment Only Servicing: Ice Machines A/C, Heat And Refrigerators Stoves Washers Dryers $45 00 Service Call All Work Guaranteed ATTORNEY I I African American Workers Compensation Attorney Job Injury? Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawflrm.org Filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Or 13? $500 00 And Up Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawflrm.org II BEDS FOR SALE II Beds Bunk Beds $150.00 Twin $60.00 Full $65.00 Queen $ 75 00 King $100 00 & Up Call (813) $250,000 Per Year Working From Home Don t Believe It Don t Call!!! Call Andre {813) 395-5272 Nalls, Braids Or Hair Salon Elegant And Beautiful Busch Boulevard Area Utilities With Electric. Included $795.00/Monthly Call (813) 932-0516 TL Parks Financial Is Seeking PresenVFormer Loan Officers And Mortgage Brokers For Credit Correction Company Unlimited Income Potential Call (813) 405-7205 Fast Growing Company Is Expanding Looking For A Select Few Individuals Who Are Willing To Learn How They Can Make -An Extra $5,000.00 $10,000.00 Monthly PartTime By Living Life On Their Terms And Also EARN An Additional $15,300 00 Yearly In Lifestyle Bonuses! Interviews Are Being Scheduled So Call To Schedule Yours Today! (813) 758-5386 Or (727) 455-1537 II CARPET CLEANING II Affordable Carpet Cleaning Deep Scrub $55.00 Flat Rate Ca$h ASAP (813) 484-6757 Sunrise Carpet Cleaning Any 3 Rooms Only $69.00 1 Hour Dry Time Call (813) 38Q-3837 To Schedule An Appointment Veiga Cleaning Services 4202 Rlchmere Street Tampa, Fl 33617 Reasonable Rates For Residential And Commercial Properties Phone (813) 401-1213 Gloria Gass Director of Operations And Owner Gloriagss@gmall.com II DNA TESTING II Paternity Test We Come To You! Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 www.dlmservlcesusa.com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-5777 II DONATION .REQUEST II I Am Sam Holmes 88Years Old The Spirit Is Leading Me To Start A Church ln Atlanta, GA To Save Souls. Any Donation Is Appreciated And May God Bless You (813) 359-3890 P.O. Box 311654 Tampa, FL 33680 I I Covenant Electric Video Cameras Alarm System And All Electrical Needs Licensed Electrical Contractor Lie II ER0015461 Call (813) 520-9234 FOR SALE II Used Items Home Building Blocks Yard Stepping Stones PVC Pipe Truck Tool Box Small Tent Call (813) 359-3890 For Detailed Information II FORECLOSURE II Is Your Horne In Foreclosure? Are You Or Someone You Know Facing The Threat Of Foreclosure? No Equity Or. Value In Your Home? Unable To Refinance? I Can Help Contact Me Today (813) 28Q-0588 'II HAULING II All Junk Removal Furniture, Tree Debris Construction, Garbage Or Anything Else No Job Too Big Or Small Fast And Reasonable (813) 285-4674 uThe Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself,,


.,.. :rJ II II II II II II II II :< JUNK CARS MORTGAGE NAIL SALON SALONS z m 3: m m We Buy Junk ars Are You Facing Foreclosure Miss Angel Nail Tech Rochelle Ms. Dee s :rJ And Trucks And Want To Know How Creative Designs 5810 North 40th Street World Of Beauty Licensed And Professional N To Save Your Home (813) 965-0485 37201h Dr. MLK Blvd. 0 CALL J.R. (813) 966-3501 ..... N Call 24fT (813) 280-G588 Acrylics, Nail Art $Invisible/3-D Part Weave $5 00 Off Any Service Junk Cars For A FREE 3-D, Freestyle $55.00 30 Minute Consultation And More With Feather Humps Walk-Ins Wel come We Buy Junk Cars With A Lawyer And Layers Trucks And Vans (813) 703-4713 Call (813) 247-4368 Who Cares Walk-Ins Welcome Relaxers $45 00 For An Appointment Princess Parties & More Call (813) 784-8339 Is Your Home Monday -Saturday Walk-Ins Welcome 8:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. Angellque's African I BUY JUNK CARS. COM In Foreclosure? Expressions Hair Studio Hair Braiding Top Dollar For Are You Or Someone II II 4707 East Busch Blvd. Trucks, Vans And Cars You Know Facing REPAIRS Quick Weave $40 00 Between 46th And 48th With Or Without Title The Threat Of Foreclosure? Full Sew-In $85.00 (813) 988-7037 Running Or Not 24/7 No Equity Or Value Basic Sew -In $50.00 In Your Home? S & H Painting Micros Corn Rows Call (813) 344-4444 Unable To Refinance? Comp l ete Home Repairs Now Offering Sew-Ins Dread Locs Experienced Brazilian Fusion And K i nky Twi st I Can Help .,.. Need Money? rWe Pay Top Dollar Contact Me Today Carpenters Roofers (813) 3()()-()404 0 Hauling :rJ (813) 280-G588 Michelle Stylist All Micros $85.00 g For All Cars We Pay More Harvey (813) 463-6492 tn For V8 s Trucks And Vans Fabulous Natural Hair Body Plaits $65.00 m II II Insured/Lie# 199701 z Call (813) n0-7188 MOVERS Braiding Shop K i nky Twists $65.00 :::1 z Now!! II II m Micros $99 00 Box Plaits $40.00-$55 00 r-REPAIRS m CASH Moving You Anywhere Kinky Twist $85 00 Sew-In Weaves $45 00 c: rCheap rFor Cars, Trucks And Vans Woodard Brothers Sew Ins $55 00 Call For Appointment Free Hauling (813) 531-2603 Residential Remodeling Corn Rows $35.00/Up (813) 567-1429 z Lost Title OK Or (813) 765-8299 ., Carpentry c: Or (813) 270-8299 Stuff Twist $40 00 m Call (813) 626-5733 Room Addit i ons Nails, Braids !: Or (813) 924-6255 Or (352) 807-0901 Roof i ng Drywall Braiders Needed Or Hair Salon tn :::1: God Bless Or (813) 765-8299 Plumbing Ceramic Tile Call Kina 813 359-3098 m c Don't Rent A U-Haul Sidewalks Pat i os Elegant Beautifu l m < Call Victory Moving And Hauling Lorraine Busch Boulevard Area m 12909 North 56th Street Utilities With Electric Call Ell #301 Included -t (813) 325-4643 c: For Cars Trucks II II m Vans, Motorcycles PEST CONTROL ue: to22&so Specials $795 00 / Monthly tn Running Or Not M i cro s $99.00 & Up Call (813) 932-G516 -< With Or Without Title Sew-In Weave ,.. II II z 24/7 Reasonable Rates SALONS $80 00 & Up Braids By Serina c (813) 381-2105 .,.. (813) 695-2438 Lawn, Termite We Accept Major :rJ 6 And Rodent Treatments Credit Cards Senegalese Twi s t s Styles By Meisha We Buy Pest Control Hair Specials (813) 817-8063 $100 .00 Unwanted Vehicles Free Inspections www.facebook com /l orraine.ma1 M i c ros $ 1 15 00 W i th Or W ith o u t T it le Payment Plans Available Qu i ck Weaves $30.00 Box Plaits $85.00 Any Condit ion, Make Call Marvin Braid Styles Or Model $25 00 $50.00 SUPPORT THE K i nky Twists $85 00 (813) 549-2993 FLORIDA SENTINEL We Pay Up To $20 000 00 For An Appointment ADVERTISERS Bobs $70 00 And Offer Free Towing Box Plaits, Kinky Twist Sew Ins $75 00 And Micros $65.00 Omar (813) 516-0847 II I I Senegalese Twist (813) 703-7297 PLUMBING Long Plaits $85.00 I I II And More LAWN SERVICE Woodard's Plumbing Call (813) 770-2509 We Specialize In "We Do BesfFor Less" Faucets Leaks MAC DADDY Lawn Service Drain Stoppage c:::h ... "k .... c::t-..'C' Cabinets < : > ... ...._c.heoetk Complete Clean-Up Sink Installation -=We Haul : Debris, Limbs And All Plumbing Needs -...... ......., ......... c:::>... ...... """' C) And Furn i ture Call (813) 325-4643 Sen1:lnel Bulletin m Phone (813) 245-9761 WWW-e' ....,..,ltt:t.-.r-Cc: ...... / N Uc1022650 ........ .,....., ...... ,......._,.__ w AMl"!RtCA'S l"ORr>MC>ST S HMl-"WE'(IKLY I m


Nr------------------.-----------------------------------------------------------il -=1 ;;;;;;;; 1.!;;;;;;11 II WE BUY HOUSES II w z >-"' a: u. c a: u. c z c( c 0 w :: .... w > w II I Will Buy Your Trade -Ins Or Any Vehicle Honda, Toyota Nissan Lexus, lnfiniti, Acura Or Any Model If You Still Owe The Bank No Problem Paying Up To $25,000 (813) 335-3794 SELL YOUR HOME I Am A Real Investor Looking To Buy Between 5 And 7 Houses This Month Offers Within 24 Hours (813) 506-0946 I Buy Houses CASH! Quick Sale Fair Price Guaranteed Offer Call 813-999-4594 (24 Hours) II MOTHER GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayers And Gives Luck! Don't be discouraged if others have failed. I can help you overcome bad luck, evil influences, spells, unatural conditions surrounding you. Has your loved one changed? Are you in distress? Whatever the problem I can help in one vrsit. Satisfcation CALL ME TODAY! 813-sn-2971 4927 83rd Street MS. ABBY Crossed Up Stumbling Blocks, Enemies, Evil All Around You? Health, Finance Problems? Out Of A Job? God Said It Is Time For A New Transformation Of Your Spirit. Thru The Lord I Can Help You. He Will Take What Your Enemies Has Meant For Your Harm And Turn It Around Into A Victory!The Battle Is The Lords And Not Yours m :: D.. z ffi _, _, :: m _, w z i= z w 0 !i a: 0 _, u. Spiritualist Healer Advisor True Woman Of God Can Help You On Love Marriage, Business Sister Maya Can Remove Bad Luck, Evil Spirits (813) 379-1151 7512 N: Armenia Avenue Do ... tt!l ... Prob'erY\5 Lc. e Pe latl ons'lt :JS qan Dr. Cross Now. 1 -800 557 7767Toll Free Appointments By Phone Only (813) 374-4295 2388 Cedar Trace Circle Tampa, Fl 33613 When The Devil Has A Plan To Take You Out. God Always Has A Plan To Take You ln. Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27 The Lord will curse your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before your face. They shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways. Deuteronomy 28:7 Much Love Ms. Abby are there is help_foryou.lossofa loved one, sickness, iobprOblems.Youcanbehelped. =-: :-1 J C I :.:. .. t I t Ot. Cr988 can he_, you Wier& all others have failed. Sister -Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm Card Reader Spiritual Cleansing Rer:noves Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores Lost Nature Advise On Love/Marriage Health And Business Special Readings $5.00 II WE BUY CARS II I Will Buy Your Trade -Ins Or Any Vehicle Honda, .Toyota, Nissan Lexus, lnfiniti Acura Or Any Model If You Still Owe The Bank No Problem Paying Up To $25,000 (813) 335-3794 II WE BUY HOUSES II I ,Am A Real Investor Looking To Buy Between 5 And 7 Houses This Month Offers Within 24 Hours (813) 506-0946 We Buy Houses! Can't Refinance? Foreclosure ; Divorce? Costly Repairs? Behind On Payments? Save Your Credit NOW! Call 813-999-4594 (24 Hours) CONTACT LAVORA @ {813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS .ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT I Pay Cash In 3 Days For Your House Before I Buy Your House I Can Provide You With: 1. Proof Of Funds: Prov ing I Have The Cash To Buy Your House 2. References: Phone Numbers Of People I've Bought Houses From Recently Occupational License: That 1 Am A Legitimate Business Owner Before You Sell Your House To Some Scrupulous Person Make Sure They Can Offer You The Same Credentials. Some Investors Make False Claims That They Have The Money To Buy Your House But Really Do Not. I Also Encourage You to Consult With Your Attorney Before Selling Me Your House Qr Anyone Else. We Value Our Relationship With The Community And Appreciate The Continued Suppo rt Over The Years. I 've Helped Hundreds Of People Get Cash Fast For Their House Since August 2000 I'm Here To Help You And Will Not Let You Down. Call Me For A Free Consultation: Kenny Rushing, President Rehabber's Superstore, Inc. 813 675 7040 Ext. 11 WORD PROCESSING Angel Ferguson's Word Processing Tools For Your Business Needs Business Cards, Brochures Business Forms And More Call 813-516-4916 YARD SALE FLEA MARKET Bob's Fashion Jewelry Rosaries And Crucifixes Carolyn's Place Toys, Balls Bikes Fishing Rods And Tackle House Wares Used Furniture n30 Palm River Rd. Space Available n30 Palm River Road Yard Sale Saturday And Sunday 8:00 a.m. Until Flea Market Thursday Sunday 10 :00 a m.-6:00p. m Call (813) 630-1600


G.E.M.S. Hosts Masquerade Ball Glamorous Elegant Magnifi cent Sisters (G. E. M.S. ) hosted a Masquerade Ball on Saturday October 19th at Zendah Grotto. The ladies and gentlemen had a fun time in their favorite masks, dancing to the music of DJ Godfather. There were plenty of free refreshments for the party crowd. (Photos by Frederick Harris) .. Tara Everett and Stephanie Finlayson at tended the Masquerade Ball. Greg and Barbara Hardin, Cedric Gilbert and Rick Lopez attended the ball These Glamorous Elegant Magnificent Sisters (G. E. Alnong the guests were: . M. S.) are: Kathy Green, Tiffaney Brown, Pat Moore, Barbara Robinson, Sabrina Lanier, Tia Jacko, Wanda DeBose, Shaquila Walden, Tina Jones, Cynthia Brown, Letitia West and Danielle Millner. Lafe' Thomas, Gwen Houston, Selecia Watson and Angela Harrison. BJ Moore, Alex Jordann, Annette Williams, Carol Price and Shelby Williams. beNe. There is no better tim e to become a member of JSA MEDICAL GROUP! JSA Medical Group is the area's largest provider of primary health care services to the Medicare population and we have convenient locations right in your community! age we BERNITA SANDS, M.D. Board Certified Internal Medicin JSA MEDICAL GROUP-9 STREET (727) 5276719 7601 Dr. ML Jr. St. N, Ste. E, St. Petersburg, FL 33702 HOURS: M nd y Friday: 8 m to 5 pm SERY : me Day Appom tmenb for Urgent C If, 24 Hour n t IM il bihty,WdiWom.!nSmices,AmchDrugPhJtnl.lcy 0 bctJC ndCOPOEd hOlt, ndroo I Visit our website www.JSAMedicaiGroup.com to see all of our JSA Medical Group and Affiliate locations in your areal


w 0 w X (/) :::::i m D.. z j:::: w ..J ..J m ...:. w z j:::: z w U) c( 0 0 N w CJ Church Celebrates 11th Anniversarv Mt. Ver non Primitive Baptist Church celebrated its 17th Anniversary on October 21, 2012. After worship service the group dined at EVE Catering. (Photos by Julia JackSon) Deacon Gamble and Renard Gamble were in attendance at the dinner for Mt. Vernon Primitive Baptist Church 17th Anniversary. Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman and Nathaniel and Jennifer Hordge at dinner. Deacon L. Hordge and Mother Maggie Hordge were among the dinner guests. Lawrence Johnson and Clark and LeeAona Wesley attended the dinner. OFFER YOUR EMPLOYEES REAL FROM HEAVEN) Wou ldn' t i t be nice t o give those who are so f aithful. h a r d -worl<.ing and loyal the kind o f retirement they deserve? Now you can. In fact. when you add soc ial security to the equation career members can enjoy the i r go l den years with as much as 86% of their pre-r etirement income. Others can retire quite handsomel y too. And no one w ill have to worry about where their next n i c kel i s coming from. To learn mor e send for our free guide Faith in Numbers." or download it now at: M M BB.org/numbers. Or calll-800-986-6222. MBB REAL PLANNING, REAL SOLUTIONS. THAT'S OUR CALLING. / '"Source 2010 Retrement Income Study Bdsed on 1 5 years of par t cpahon


NEW PLANS AVAILABLE for 2013 OVER 30 YEARS OF MEDICARE EXPERIENCE** $0 MONTHLY HEALTH PLAN PREMIUM for medical and Part' D coverage UnitedHealthcare is here for you. Our local sales agents are in your neighborhood helping Medicare members understand their Medicare Advantage health plan choices, including AARP MedicareComplete plans, insured through UnitedHealthcare. From neighborhood meetings to one-on-one consultations, our sales agents are here to support you every step of the way: Attend a neighborhood meeting to learn more about your Medicare Advantage and Part D options. Nov 13, 9am Best Western 9331 E Adamo Dr Tampa, FL 33619 flt) 0 E S DECE BER 7 Nov 14 & _28, 2pm Capdevila at La Teresita 3246 W Columbus Dr Tampa, FL 33607 Nov 16, 10am & 2:30pm Perkins 5002 E Fowler Ave Tampa, FL 33617 One-call starts it all. Call UnitedHealthcare to schedule a home visit, RSVP for a meeting or enroll today. 1-877-603-0984, TTY 711 8 a.m. 8 p.m. local time, 7 days a week www.HelloUnitedMedicare.com A UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solution ...... ... 1 MedicareComplete insured through United.Healthcare **www.UnitedHealthGroup.com, June 15, 2012. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description For more information contact the plan. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, premium and/or co-payments/co-insurance may change on January 1 of each year. A sales person will he present with information and applications. For accommodation of persons with special needs at sale meetings, calll-877-556-2215, TTY 7Jl. The AARP MedicareComplete plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company and its affiliated companies, a M_edicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company pays royalty fees to AARP for the use of its intellectual property. These fees are used for the general purposes of AARP. AARP and its affiliates are not insurers. You do not need to.be an AARP member to enroll. AARP encourages you to consider your needs when selecting products and does not make specific product recommendations for individuals. AARP does not employ or endorse agents, producers or brokers. ., r-0 :::0 0 > (J) m z z m r-ttl c:: r r m z c:: ttl c (J) :I: m 0 m < m :::0 -< -t c:: m (J) 0 > z 0 ., :::0 0 C) m Y0066 _120822 _115900 _FL _FSB _11 02 ROP CMS Accepted 282661


9 a: I.L c z II( c en w The Tampa L i ons took on the Lakeland Saints in a game at the T e mple Crest Park. (Photos by Frederick Harris) Player Tony Frazier, with Sementha Riley and Jordon Riley at the game. Up and coming football 'superstars' playing a game of fumbles and tumbles. j: Members of the Lions Pee Wee team are: Jacoby ii: Burn, Derrick Coley, Nikko, Karl Small, Aaron KirkW land, Calvin Cornelius, Nosa Rigsby, Jaden Jones, Gj Tony Frasier, Larry Mitchell, James Johnson, Quon C zale Redfield and Johanez Simmons. w %: en ::; m ::: Q. z ..J ..J ::: m ..J w z t= z w en t Representing the Lakeland Saints are team mem hers: Isaiah Robinson, Matthew Denney, Elierer 0 Munoz, Brandon Lovelace, Timothy Young, James ...J I.L Zoffinger, Carlibe Johnson, Jr., Calvin Twitty, Oscar Argenal-Socio, Q. Green, Xavier Clark-Rudolph, Logan Finley, Jaden Cancel, Stephan Woods, A. Brown and Mikail Peron. Troy Smith is the Head Coach and Dee is the Assistant. 0 Cheerleaders for the Lions included: Christina, Lilw lian, Fornicia, Ayrianna, Cheyene, Ashyahm, Jada, <.:J Jala, Leonohdra, Ralani, Daejh, Mahogany, Loryiana, Jeniyah, Jean and Coaches Blanca and Zhajake. Faith Felder, M.D. Board Certified Internal Medicine Call for an appointment today! (813) 231-5107


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